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East Kootenay Miner 1898-05-06

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 Devoted to the ping Interests and Develop
Vol. 1, No. 41.
Golden, B. C,  Friday  May 6th 1898
aVMoac-BOX 49 GOLDEN, B.C.
1  I. M.Cait... J... A. HlKVIV.
Harvey A McCarter,
WkH, Life, fteal Estate, House A|ents,
Auctioneers and Customs Brokers
fit* iftaclti:
Q-itu, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
������rspean Steamship Tleket Office.
Ths Sun Life Insurance Compuny.
Tbe Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
Th�� Blrbeck Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
Aad Civil Engineer.
F��rt Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
-fining Br.ker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
... K.tary Public.
**������.< .���.. .ddree. 1
\ (F.CJ.)
Aim/ Offlec* and
Chemical Laboratory.
(Established 1830.)
f�� several years with Vivian A Sons, Swan-
Ma, and local representative for them.
For S years manager for the OKMaycrs to the
Hi* Tiuto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cat-sol <jold
Extracting Co. L'td, UIshkow (Cyanide pror-wit.}
M.E.���AU work personally superintended. Only
competent men eiaployerf.    No pupils   re
Newly Refitted k Unfurnished.
Tlio liest of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
*>������>������������������>*>*������������-����������� �����->*���������������
I     & Embalming
T Telegraph orders receive prompt attention
I d. SMART,     *
f CALGARY, Alta.  i
*������*>*>�����������������*����� �����<> �����*���������������������><>����������������*
Jas. Henderson,
��U*a�� rreperert.   "���*.	
frasaat attcjitlon given to order..
A .ujiply 0/ BullUIng Lime for'..!..
Fresh and Halt Moats.
Fish and Came in season.
Dealer* in Cattle, tiheep and Hows,
Mall ardors receive prompt attuntlon.
Livery and
Feed Stables
...1 B.ddl�� Hon.. and III*, ol All Kind, for
���It. .1 K.a��.nabla Rale..
Twain (f All Kind, a Specially.
Golden, B. C.
Qood Time
By every m��n who has a watch.
w ��. JUtEXAflDEH, ��
C.P.R. W��tch Iniipector will he
Tednomlay to Friday ___��>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can ho loft at
Wedding Rings
ft Specialty.
-vts����**-      *
Calgary, -*>Albertav
The Providence pM Go
Providence, H.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, sencen, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox $15.00 to $150.00.
Hear $ 5.00 to f 25.00.
Otter f 4.00 to $   0.00.
Martin ( 2.00 to $   fl.00.
Beaver (per pound).. ,'| ,1.00 to *,   3.50.
Wolf ;.j 1.00 to f.   2-00.
Red Fox $ 1.00 to If   2.00.
Mink if   .75 to $   2.00.
Skunk  %   .25 to j   1.00.
Gray Fox $   .50 to f.    .75.
Rat *.   .20 to f     .25.
Price list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Iiiyefy, feed ��
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pick Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician and
Watches cleaned, Jewellery mounted, OIaa.es
nien.ledaiid (IiiiiH ri'i.alreil. First clans work
In every department. A trial solicited, aoeouic
Wong Seo, Goldon.
Tom Lee, ��
has the best restaurant in (iolden. It is open nt all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A. good selection of
Chinese Lily Rower roots apply
at once for tlie Choicest ore they
go to
�� Tom Loe, Bakery, ��
1 "M-Jhls l*.-*y and -Nf**lit.
The week has witiiessed many changes
iu tlie state of affairs both at home and
abroad. The Spaniard, arc staring do-
font in tho face and must bow to tlio
inevitable, for there is apparently no
alternative. They have been practically
chased from sea to sea, so that a Stand
would lie taken by birth sid*s and
thus demonstrata their riglit to supremacy ; but Undo Sam hud eventually to
sail for the Phillippines, whero Manilla
was bombarded and laid in aeheo, and
tho U. S. government has decided to
retain possession of the islands, which it
is now, naturally enough, entitled to.
Of course it is utterly impossiblo to
procure details or even authentic news,
mring to tlie cable bavin*; been cut
off between Manilla and Hong Kong,
Nevertheless Manilla has fallen.
The U. S. naval authorities are prepared to resist an attack on tlio Atlantic
coast cities, whicli the Spaniards hav*
been threatening for some time.
A report is current that tho garrison
of Manzanillo is starving.
A dispatch from Key West says that
Commodore Sampson's Ileet is steaming
(nil speed to Porto Rico, either to destroy or occupy that coaling station as a
naval base beforo the Spanish squadron
arrives, then put to sea and try to engage
the Cape ^erde fleet.
A Madrid correspondent says the
government is aware that it cannot rely
on tho army. It is an open secret that
a society has been formed within it
ranks to put an end to the humiliations
Spain has suffered at tlio hands of
incompetent ministers. Judging from
what wc hear very terrible thing* may
happen shortly.
No news can be hnd from Admiral
Pewey officially on account ef the cut-
ling of the Manilla cable.
A dispatch from off Cuba says deep
draught and shallow water on one side
antl it disposition for flight on the other
prevented the torpedo boat Porter from
destroying three gunboats of thc enemy.
Scouting -along tho coast ou a roving
coiumiasim:, the Porter carried her
investigations to La Boca, a small port
near Sagua La Grande in Santa Clara
province and on the north coast of
Cnba. The hay is darted with small
islands, and as the Porter came in thero
her commander, Lieut. J. C. Fremont,
discoverned two small gunboats and an
armed steam launch patrolling in the
bay. Tlio porter made a dash at her
foes thc moment they were discovered.
The Spanish boat promptly lied and
Lieut. Fremont, great to his disgust,
found that tiie water was too shallow for
him to follow at the speed of the fugitives. The Porter can go about 30 miles
an hour, hut as soon as he had rung
" full steam ahead," he felt n hump,
bump, bump, as the vessels stem settled
in lhe water from the increase in the
impetus of her powerful engines, not
wishing to jeopardize his vessel for such
small game, the engines were slowed
and tho crews of tho rapid firing guns
were sent to quarters and shot after shot
sent after tho flying Spaniards. Tlio
distance was too great and it is not
known whether any of tho gunboats
w*re hit or not. Thoy were too busily
engaged in getting away to return the
Trouble of the most s.rioui nature to
British interests is said to have occurred
at Santiago de Cuba. Three llritisli
warships have arrived on tlie scene ami
consequently everything ha�� taken a
quloter turn. It appears tho llritisli
consul at Santiago de Cuba had been
attacked by n mob and in the struggle
he killed a Spaniard.
Wit In a Barn.
Th* hired man had evidently used the
wagon for a clothing rack and somehow
it caused the hayrake considerable merriment.
" I see the wagon isn't feeling very
woll this morning," laughed the hay-
rak*, addressing the harrow.
" Oh, I don't know," retorted tbe
wagon, " I'm feeling fine."
" But you'v* got luch a coat on your
tongue," said tlie hayrake.
Life is dull in a barn, so molt every
old thing laughed.
Enter Molnnes Exit -������?
An Ottawa despatch of Apj-il 30, says:
Mr. Mclnncs leaves for horns to-night,
lie says that he goes to enter provincial
politics ns a supprter of the Turner
government, and that his resignation
will follow ill duo course. lie would not
say what position ho is to get Irom Turner, but it-is said hois tp be attorucy-
**. dfot&
nent of the District of EAST ROOTEM
$2.00 Per Year
A'e aro not inking direct or positive
frum Kngland and hoi* celonics in
th|i present emergency, but it is highly
gratifying to know that in the worst
possible event���a combination of two or
noire of the European powers on the
sub of Spain���the United States might
coint on tlio friendship and probably
th. assistance of tlie greatest Ben power
on the globe. . An Anglo-American
alliance, should tiiere ever bo any necei
sity for it, would mark an epoch iu tlie
history ol tho world.-���Rochester Democrat.
All nations have in turn lieen our
friendii and enemies. ]u our civil war,
Russia, though a depotisui, was tlie only
country that Stood by us. When we
bought Alaska, it was a return for tlie
friendliness of the Russia* government
in our hour ol need. Vet if, as now
probable, a European war over the eastern question should arise, the sympathies
of tlie mass of American people would
be witli.Great Britain iu tlie great
struggle to decide whether tlio world
shall be governed by Anglo-Savon civilization, or shall relapse into the control
of thc despotism which, despite its
friendliness to us, Russia stands for as a
nation.���American Cultivator.
Th* Russian government is about to
begin to run express trains to tlie eastern
end of that part of the Siberian railroad
whicli hit. been completed, but they will
start only twice a month. Tbe trains
will be composed ��f a dining car and
sleeping cars, a library car ond ordinary
passenger cars, and the tlm* required for
tho trip will be six days. This is railroad travel of a new kind, because tiie
usual daily service, where express trains
do not run several times every day,
gives place to a system more like that
by which steamships sail than tho ordinary methods of railways. It is the
natural consequences of building tbe
longest railroad in tlie world through a
region most of whicli is very sparsely
Bottled and in whicli there is littlo
present opportunity for travel to points
beyond tho terminus ofthe line.
The hero of the hoar in England ia
General Sir Herbert Kitchener, whose
splendid services on th* Nil* have wen
the highest admiration. Ho ha* risen in
his profession by groat industry rather
than by brilliance, and tliis quslity was
never more conspicuously shown than in
the Soudan. Since attaining to tho
position of sirdar, General Kitchener
has continued to manifest the qualities
by which he rose. His reckless courage
in battle has hardly been noticed;
much less important ia it than his
executive intelligence and his endless
perseverance in the face of obstacles
apparently insuperable. His Soudan
campaign hits been a marvel of great
accomplishment with small resources
and nt small expense. His admirers
admit that lie has thc faults of strength.
" Untiring himself," says one of them,
"heexpects others to have tho same
power of endurance, rising early and
going lo bed lato, yet always about and
always ready for action."
An influential American paper, the
Cleveland Leader, cites tho attitude of
Canadians in regard to the war on Spain
as a proof tint it is a just war, and that
the European press misrepresents the
United Stales. European critics picture
the war as a wanton attack by a great
power upou a weak and small one. The
States are accused of deliberately undertaking to wrest from 17,000,000 people
one of thoir earliest and most cherished
possessions for the sake of further enriching 72,000,000 already well endowed.
The Leader points to lhe fact that
Canadians are enlisting in tlie s.rvii-o of
the United States to fight against Spain
as an indication that th* cause iea righteous one, und says : " Th* Canadians
are very loyal to England, ns all lh*
world knows. Their country is the oot
part of America that is now uuder any
European flag. It would be far more
valuable to the United States than any
er all of the other European possessions
in this hemisphere. The Canadians
know this perfectly, and if they hud the
least fear that tho war with Spain
already begun meant thut the United
Slates would interfere witli Canadian
relations with Great Britain the whole
Dominion would be on fire with anger
against everything American."
THE minsral wealth Or" THE connected with the Yivfnns, of Swansea,
province. ore bus  been shipped direct Irom the)
 _ I coaBt to Wiiii"., and tin* cost of this long
The British Columbia Review: For!1,
via  tl
en .-na,"
treatment, is
some w< ,.ks past mention haa been made j you see what
, , , * i   i       ,       i intoreatiiiK p.
of  a great company winch haa  beon! ���
i in Lou.Ion ti.de
resources of Brili-.li Columbia on :t hi.*i
Horn,   tos
Iv between *���!
iit-r with
nil *!>; so
ie proi!Is are!    Another
it Is that wo find wo can
ut certain of uur ore. with cyanide at
formed iu London to develop tho miueral | the on*! ..!' �����'���.:.''��� per ton, nml 'much of
this class of ore assays over *,jti per ion.
The profit you cm (igtiro out for your-
scalc.  So large that it is said to possess self I'
upward, of ono hundred speclallv-solodt- Co'mAp����� ,��* "J?"*"* -tot **t
ed properties in thc best known camps I claims'."1
throughout the Provinco. I   '" Yes; and, moroov* *, the 'leads, titlo*
Hearing that,ourrcpresentatlvecalled!'',''v"7 ".",'"'. \f\"t ���'���'"'ln Loudon nt
on  Mr. T   R. Hardin,,,,, win. is well 8:^^^^^^^
known in the coast cities, and hits been I within u month."
associated for some years past with Mr. |
Pellew-Harvoy, one of tho foremost min-
.'.,,,. .   . , OUUiary.
ing men  m  B.C.,  in  examining and
acquiring claims,    Mr.  Hardiman wus
able to giro many facts concerning'the
big enterprise  relerred to above, am!
with which he is now associated.
"Yes; it is tlie Associated Gold Mines
��f B.C. whicli holds all these properties
of which yon have heard rumors.     Tl.is
Province is, I believe, th* most widely
mineralised of any region yet discovered;
and so great are the deposits of gold
imont, which be conducted up
to tin* lime of his Illness. About two
weeks ago he was stricken down with
txphold foyer, which, combined with
heart failure, caused Ida death about 9
o'clock yesterday nicrniug. Ho leaves a
widow, t*,vo infant children and a married daughter to mourn his loss. Tbe
deceased was a member of tlie Masonic1
order, uud u Dumber of Golden gentle-
mon who also belong to this Order have
undertaken all tho arrangetnonts in.con--
n tion witli the funeral. The funeral
will lake place from St. Paul's Church
on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs.
Alger, daughter of the deceased, accompanied by her husband, arrived on today'a express  from   IViHnipeg.    Much
the Slocan we possess a group of galena; ���,ympl,-|.v ������ e*prosocd for the family in
properties on Lemon creek.   It is iropos-; * bdr _������ bereavement.
sible  to exaggerate the great, vain* of j 	
this unique  district; within a space ot " *.
40 by 17 miles we find such mines as the] Monthly School R*port.
Slocan Star, the   Paynu,   Ifhltewator,     ���,    , ��� 7   _, ,.        ...
Ktrth, Queen Bess, Keco, Idaho, Mount     The f0"OW,nB ,H "'*   P'��",c   "cho01
Adams, Wonderful, and other*; which ���U,"K,! relwt '��r *��������� m���"' ��WpHl.
have been developed,  in  many cases,! The pupils are taking great interest ia
from the immediate profits of tho surface  th.-ir   work,  judging  from   the rapid
ore.    Tlie average net profits from Hi
ores found in this district vary from JEW
to ��\b per ton.     Why, the lead values
alone pay for the cost of  working and
" ln East Kootenny wo have the Robert 15, Bums. Thi* properly is exceptionally favorably  situated, lieing only
about 25 miles from Golden, on the C.l'.
It.    Assays average somo foO in gold,
und this is a free-milling proposition,
and a 5-Stamp   mill is already on the
ground.     On   White Grouse Mountain
one of our groups shows*beautiful veins
of grey copper and also silver-copper���
these  also  will   concentrate.     Recent
assays have shown ns 210 oz. silver and
$1K  gold, bo  without  the  value of the
copper we  have  au ore oi g-eat value.
Going  from   Hope, through the Nicola
Valley,  yon  como  to some promising
claims of ores.     In   the Kamloops dis-l
trict wo own properties near tho famous |
Coal  Hill,  wliere recent developments
have  proved  so  satisfactory.     Tliis is
within sight of  tlie  main trunk of the
C.P.R.  and should n smeltor be constructed  at   Vancouver shipping and
treatment   facilities  would   he all that
could he desired.     Going  down again
Woregretto chronicle this week ilu
deutii of one of our respected follow1
cltlzJns, Mr. J. F. Pugh. An Kngli*��!i-
nian by birth, lie came to Canada some
years a,;o. residing in Winnipeg and
Calgary, in the latttr place be was employed in the tailoring department o!
tho Hudson's Bay Stores, On leaving
Calgary he came to Golden, about 18
.���, ! month,  ago and   opened  a  tailoring
copper, silver-lead, (rea-milling qtiat't?:, | -.stublielii
and   other  ore  bodies  (but  the word
'permanence'  is stamped across tin-
entire face of the country.
In what districts have wc selected
our properties? Well, commencing from
tlie east,  soon  aiter you have passed
through tho Rockies, thore is the Uig
P.end  district.     Mines here have been
worked  since  tlie  timo of tho Cariboo
exciteraent, and good placer gronnd is J
still found,    (iur best claims In this district, however, show rich quartz.   Lower'
town we  come to the Lardenu, where.
the I.XX. has proved Itself to be a mine
of great possibilities.   This i:*. quite ncir j
the  Silver Cup, which seems likely to
retrieve the fortunes of its owners.    In
strides tho most of them are making,
while Hi. average attendance is increas-
i ing gradually.
5th Jnr.���1st, Gertie Fields; 2nd, R.
4th���1st, M.tlie Anderson ; 2nd, Minnie
Woo'.ley; 3rd, Firnest Sutherland.
3rd   Snr.���1st,   Ida  Bookhout;   Snd,
Willie Houston; 3rd, Ella May Lov��.
3rd ,Iar.���1st Lottie   Woodley) 2nd,
l.iia Love; 3i-.l. Bert Hanna.
2nd.���1st, Fiiinia Leveque; 2nd, Adelaide Leveque; 3rd, Addle Antoyi.
11. Primer.���1st, Kova Nicholson; 2nd,
Percy l.aki.; 3rd, Lawrence DalcuBt.
5th to Snr.  5th���Walter
Tiie average attendance was 40,
I. Primer lo II. Primer���Thos.
Goldsn Gun Club.
Tho annual general meeting of tho
Golden Gun Club was held on Thursday
i afternoon at the Columbia House. Tlio
secretary's  report showed a balance on
towards Ihe coast we havo near Lytton
somo claims containing gold-copper ores,
nnd at  Lillooet tlie Mabel Group,  on! pre-siclont
I huiul of $;-;::.   The following officers wore
| elected ior this year:     C.A.Warren,
!>r. Taylor, vice-president; E.
Sunday  Services,
St. Paul's Cimit-ii,Hev. 11. B. Turner,
Pastor.���Morning Prayer and celebration
of Holy Communion, 11 o'clock. Evening Prayer and Sermon, 7180 o'clock, jjj
Pitcsni'TEIUAN Church, Itov. W. S.
Wright, Pastor.���Morning Service, 11
o'clock.    Evening Service, 7 ;30 o'tlock.
Bridge  river, haB proved a very happy I
selection.     This  is only 75 ft. from tin. |
well-known  Ida  May, whloh  Is one oil
the most satisfactory showing* to be met ]
witli in tl'.e entire Province     This is a
froo-mllling district, and it is no rood
telling  you of  tho assays we have received ; they run into many thousands
of pounds l>er ton.   Near Fire Mountain,
in the Harrison  lake district, we hold
Interests���this is where Trethewey made
his well-known discoveries last  year-
ami tho shipment and transport facilities
could hardly lie improved upon.    Then
on the coast, at Phillips Arm and elsewhere,   we    again    have   gold-copper
" You seem to have a finger in ail the
most promising districts?"
"That we certainly have; but this has
only been achieved after very considerable time ond labor, together with, of
course, a largo outlay. Many of our
groups aro proved properties; the indications in the others aro so highly satis-
facsory that wo are carefully considering
on which to first commence active developments, The question of ore treatment? We have facilities for transportation and cheaper treatment rates Ihan
Plow/right, secy .-treasurer. Committee}!
W. McXoisli, c. 1'.. McDorroot, F. 11.
Bacon, 1*'. C, Lanj, 11, i,. Low. The
secretary was instructed to buy a new
trap and to see about moving th* club
shed ou to the new ground.
The medal presented by Mr. Duncan
McFwen ot Montreal for the best average was won by Dr, Taylor. The second
prize of a pair of pants also presented by
Mr. McEwen was won by C. A. Warren.
It was decided to gel a medal for this
year and to commence shooting on Sab-
urdiiy, 7th .Muy, at *l p.m.
Th* Jolly Jnelc Tar at Home.
A strange scene was recently witnessed
in the streets of Hong Kong (one which
may ho a forerunner of coming political
events, says au exebage)���strange not
because it was a street brawl, but because
the combatant, were sailors from th*
Russian-Genuaii-French nien-of-war on
the one side, and, contrary to the old
custom, British and American meu-ot-
wursmen united in fighting th* others.
An officer oi an Ku'-li.di tloatnship bee
reported in Victoria that he was an' eyewitness of tl;t. combat, and that 169
Anglo-Saxons " knocked seven bells out
of'100 of their opponents." The battle
continued until the officers of the Frauoh-
Qerman-Russian contingent reached the
you are probably awaro *f.    Owing to * ,llore aml hiv^ for quarters for the*
Mr. Pellew-Harvoy, wheat one time, was uilon in erder to vrolevl tbei mr.
)/w nfincr*
L Wf-jily Journnl, puUhha-J ci^ry Frl !a>
Jj Ui-tnu-r-'At 11 [in.- >:.*.(,: Kdoier.rt) PUiricl
'lii'ikiit/ clubD*.! L*onOil'tlio��ii v, .tu u.1t :���*.!*..�� ai.u
hi ail routci,
rffS.lXi per yoa
in u.lvrHii
��S mall
.J-uUuni. infli, *fUAO (IO.*
VrBifWil t'H the Lltlb i^tH*
*tf ttDHimroil) lino (ur Br
.iuo (or vaoh additional
Pigpla* h in. llaGOper
.inn iiifii whfii In*
L*K*a] u<i4. lttcfcnu (ior
iwrtlun. * CBUt* nor
hiwriioti;   rtietduig
$1.COO-.030,OOQ iii golfl, roo.^aniw-U ti new
army, ix-i'urnUltud her nnvy, and could
afford tn throw away $250,000,000 on the
l'ttiiuma canal as u mere pastime.
It ia not to b% iufurrud from tha foregoing lh*t tli�� United Slietw ltavo uvor
paid their war debt ot four years' duration; tWu bonds atill be&t* ia to rest, aud
in addition to tlio paper money ���I-^-it
thore i�� the terrible legacy of tho ftunual
pension fund of $H0,0Q0,00Q payable to
ovor 'M),000 persons consequent upon
GulJtfH to Fort Si����l��.
itotleei) Ij cents por Hti'treaeh in-tortloa*
Ohrngr**. nf adi. mint t>e in ofl.��it! nut Uur than
blr'.h, marrlige mul dc*tk notteM inicrui!
JOB nri'A'.lTMSMT: our Ji>b Dopartratnt
In tin- beat Biiuippcil priiitliii aJflee |n l*;.-,.*,i
���j^ootunay and is propareil to ilu neat, artistic
jprlntluff at a rcanonablo price. One price to nil.
"Jain orders roceire prompt attemion.
COKHESWNDKNTS: We Invito corretpon*
deuce on aaj* subjoin of lutcrcm to the general
������public and dcair'e t rejtulKr eorreapoitilciil a:
Miary point In tho Plslrict. in all caaet the
pons odename o( writer must accor.tpany Mm
waauicript, not uccertatily (ur puulicatlon
imi as a juaraiitee ol b-oqc! faith.
Corrcapoudoaco wi-*J rafereneo to sny natter
���jthatjiai appeared in anothur -jptper inuat flrit
���tie offered to thai paper (or pi-olication bfcforc
li ran appear la "Tar. MiKra."
*ldtlr��a all com mil ulcat ions
Goldon, I!. O.
raiUY, MAY 6,18981
Thy refuel of tha Domlnioi Pjrlia-
inout tu grant Mr. Corbin'a roquea for
permission to build up tbu Kettle liver j ���
Valley, 1ms given tbe Spakesraaa-Ra-iew | Golden W Carbonate
a further opportunity of upholding it*
reputation for unfairness and nacow-
mindeduess. U baa uli:ad nbomtlie
bigotry of Canadiansat.il baacomtared
Canada  to  China,  Cores.  Thibet and
the civil war!   Thia enormous loud is j ,jLll��i" barbaric and uncivilised countries.
considered by many Americans te he  Does the qditor of  thin public spitted
tbe-outeome of a system of fraud liard journal, says
17 miles
to detect, but still fraud. Now oui
neighbors havo, v,ith a light heart, will
no apparent desire to avert it, color
the Spolians  Miner and
Electrician, know that no Canadian or
other alien is legally allowed to holdreal
estate  in   this  s.-Ue?     floes he reiliza
a war with Spain fer th* purifies,- ���'h**'' uoue of our neighbors, from w.iose
In every minis*! section tinre ar* men
vrh* are unable to accomplish anything
thetnrclres, and whoso mission seems to
be to prevent oihers from carrying out
duals that would in tho end be bon*ficis,l
to thecummunit*. They .-ireof Iho d.ig*
in-the-inang�� type and are �� detriment
to the best interests of the community
in which they lit*. When a negotiation
is in progress for ths sale of a property
they soon, t* consider that its accomplishment rrould inlHct * personal hurt
on them and they, therefore, do evsry-
thing in their power to prevent its being
ferried out. In some cases they have
r.�� insane idea if they can prevent a sale
that they will bo alii* to get tlio handling of the property, and in others their
motives ar* simply malicious and a
desire to injure these who might p.r-
haps be more successful O.ian they, lu
milling eump parlancs they are know*
as " knociers," and that they are a universally despised class is uo wonder, for
they succeed occassionally in inflicting
considerable damage iu their misdirected
efforts to shape things so as to suit their
distorted fancies snd desire to get even
on mankind in general. Thev are the
Ishmaelii.s of the mining world, and as
their hands are raised against every
man, and of riglit buth the hands and
feet of every man should be usod against
-thorn.���Rossland Miner.
Ttie wfica'. yield of countries in the
southern hemisphere ban been much
lietter than it was last yen*, and the
indications are that the difference in lb*
same direction will be wry great in somo
ot the principal wheat-growing legions
of the northern half ot the world. The
eoantries In which a decreased yield
inns* be ejj.ectfd are fc,y and unimportant in comparison with those where un
increase seems well assured. In tlie
United SJiltco the condition ��ml acreage
nl winter wheat promise a larger yield
Iban that of IS'.I", but it is too early to
say anything definite about tho spring
wheal belt. The conditions are likely,
it must bo confessed, to render the
maintenance of pricos such as have been
nht'iiued since tlie early autumn of last
year very improbable Un tlio other
littiid, it is not likely that there will bo
a fall to the level known beforo 181)7,
*ik! if the harvest is very good a small
decline will not be much felt.
It may witli truth be affirmed thst,
with the single exception of Groat
llritain, there is no country better
prepared for a financial strain -than the
United States. Tliis remark must of
course bo taken iu connection with the
oxpen.es arising out of tlie Cuban war.
This opinion is fortified by tho example
of recent history. The war of the
rebellion, which endured for four years,
und during which a debt ol over three
thousand millions dollars was incurred,
was hardly felt by thp North. The nation
ros* superior to the damagas inflicted ou
'the Southern States by tho destruction
of its railways, the burning of its towns,
the raiding of its plantations, tint general
havoc caused by a civil war, and in less
than ten years the devastated slave
states were up again and smiling. In
fact, it is notoriously Iho caso that the
tiouth is more prosperous, many times,
than before lhe " Yankee invasion.'
Thc recuperation of tbe States as a
whole after the four years' war ending
in 18(15 is only to be paralleled by the
rise of prostrated France after her con*
jlict with Germany. In a few years she
(tad paid the. French smart-money ol
tion uf Cuba, the release of tha Cubans
from Spanish thraldom, President M��-
Kliiley skilfully evaded overy proposition
mad* to him to.rcl'��r to some arbitration
the astir* question. The Jingo spirit
had infected the entire community, ant!
lie could uo more .lay it than could tlie
celebrated t-frs. Partington eject tho
rising water which, uu uu unusually
high tide, was flowing into thu front
door. To do him complete justice, one
must aBBlime that McKiidey wan hurried
slon;! like a chip on tlie tide of public
Tho enormous resources ot th. forty-
fly* states*and territories of the United
States, the very enthusiasm of the people,
form a guarantee that tlie war debt will
be lightly regarded by the nation. Tlio
war expenses of a million dollars a day-
does hot st.gger the financiers of IVal}
street. Cf course, more taxes must be
heaped up, mors bonds must be issued
for posterity to shoulder at 3 per cent.
interest. "Well," snd "what of it?"
says Brother Jonathan. It is iu just this
light and airy spirit that th. war wss
entered upon and In thc same spirit will
lhe expenses b. met, the debt heaped
up, a new pension list commenced,- the
whole for posterity to shoulder, But,
thero is evidently little sympathy for
posterity. It is but natural to assume
that the indirect cost of the war will le
as large, or larger, than direct cash outlay. The damage to trade and commerce,
the stoppage to general manufacturing,
the financial distrust, tlie loss iu tlie
shipping business alone ii tlie war is
continued can hardly Im estimated.
If indication, mean anything, tiiere is
apparently no reason why Spain should
worry herself prematurely ou account of
Cuba. She hss already fought her rebels
for three years, and now that tho States
have entered the arena she can afford to
tak* her time. Kvcn tlie capture of
Cuba might not end the struggle. The
attack on the Philippine islands is a sort
of side-show to tiie main object. The
American naval and military arms may
not bu driven at thc rapid rate anticipated by the politicians. It may be
remembered by some mcu, when the
civil war broke out, tiie time limit placed
upon the war was threo months, ond yet
it endured for fuiir years. Tlie Spanish
quarrel witli lhe American republic may
last till the snow flies if Spain receives
aid from out powers. In that event the
American war debt of $7,000,000,000
would probably be a low estimate.
We aro not of those who thick that
the war will necessarily lead to what is
termed a '��� financial crisis " for some
time, yet. It muy end in the downfall
of the Republican party and tho oncom
ing of ltryiinism and his silver policy at
thu next presidential election early in
next century. Apparently, unless its
duration is prolonged unduly, the conso-
quences arising will be moro political
than financial. Thut, iu any caso, it is a
bad .business for the United States tho
greatest Jiogo will, iu a coupla of years'
lime, b* willing to confess, But, like all
spendthrifts, tlie Amorican people are
the most inclined to " go it blind"���to
trust to luck and let the future take car.
of itself!���London l'reo Press,
The Practical Prospector.
The practical prospector is rapidly
taking tlie place of tlie ignorant and tlie
inexperienced. He has paid for bis
knowledge, not by years in tlie management of paying properties, but by years
of loss mixed up with bis gains, to indelibly impress his experience upon the
mental faculties. It is a business to
which few are adapted, aud fewer still
are successful. Tbere is nothing in thu
business world that requires such a wide
range of knowledgu as that of milling
and prospecting. The practical prospector of today understands every detail
of the solfactaric, dynamic and chemical
factors most effective in the world's past
periods of universal formation. He has
learned that while heat, water and
vapors have produced deposits in veins
and otherwise, many of which have
proven valuable, that the greater part of
tlie great bonanzas of tho world are
id ways in connection with two of the six
principle divisions of ingneous or ortip-
tive rocks���trachyte and telsyte���tho
former gonoraily lying in groat fields and
truncated masses, the latter iu dikes and
in overflows and older formations. These
again have been divided into various
characteristics, owing to the period of
eruption or subsequent metaraorpliism
all of which have boon instrumental in
mineralizing tiie adjoining country rocks
in veins nnd deposits. The secrets of the
success of tlio modern prospector antl
mine manager lie in his knowledge of
tlie dates and effects of tho porphyry
overflows and Intrusions. Tho advance
from prehistoric mining was slow, but is
now coeval with all other industries and
scientific* attainments-���Mining k Scion
tilic Press.
country we aru reaping such vast tene-
fitB, cau own a homo amongst ub? And
tliis in spite of the fact that Amerhuns
ar* received there with open armsand
are offered every protection and privlogo
accorded tn Canadian citisstlB. If this
great daily would devote its feeble hllu-
e::ce to awakeaing our people to a sens,
of tho unfairness of the alien laws governing tliis portion of tho country, it
might do some good and at least w-mld
not further impair the noighborly spirit
shown in the past by our Canadian
Shot Two Men.
A despatch from Nelson dated April
28 says: A serious shooting affray
occurred at lloskins' Camp, Crow's Nest
construction, 10 miles east of Kuskonook
on Monday, as a result of which two
Italians are is the hospital at thc latter
place, one of whom is not expected to
Peter Clin*, tlie construction boss,
discharged Angolo Ciriuuni for drunken-
sec. The latter threatened to " do for"
Ciine. Later Cirianni, with other
Italians, attacked Ciine with a knife snd
revolver. He knocked the former down,
seized th* guu and shot Cirianni in the
head twice; then turned and shot another, who carried tlie knile, in tlie hip.
Clin* fled towards Kuskonook, pursued by tlie infuriated Italians.
Police assistance was secured, and he
returned towaids the camp, meeting the
Italians, who threatened to ki.l Ciine,
The police pesso overpowered tho mob.
and C'lino wiu takon into custody for
safety. Tlie wounded men wore brought
to Kuskonook and lodged in the hospital.
Cirlanni's wounds are near the ear.
lie is very low. Government Agont
Dennis, with Dr. Symonds and two constables, went down from hero and instigated. Ciine was brought hero and
lodged in jail on Tuesday night, His
caso comes up for hearing on May 4.
Witnesses of tho affair statu that ihe
.-hooting was perfectly justifiable as the
Crow's Nest road is thronged with tough
Hog ltaiiche	
Spilliiuucliune ....
Canal Flat	
Wasa (Hanson's).
Fort Steele	
"CO-wiMisa Act, ISW,"
Cawba : I
Provixcr ok Hams!! Coi-UXBU. i
rpHM IS TO CERTIFY that the "Golden BrI
-1 Uli Columbia, Limited," li authorised Ma
Iti'eiiH.'il locurrv un bu*ine��i within thc I'rur-
lneeof Drltish ColiiHiUiWi, and to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects hereinafter aet
forth to which Urn tegi-ilatlve authority ol thi
J,L-KMature of Uritish tlyitmiblR uxleutlu.
The head office of ttm Company Is attitato at
No. 6, ijiiiien street Plat**, city ol London, Kug*
The amount of thc capitnt ol the Company ii
iCi.-eO; (iivld-id inli* nix thounaud sharus ol; ft
The head eNctt ot tli�� Company lu this pro*
fltu'e ii situate at iioldttu, Rtul Wiilitvoi Gilbert
Mttebell'Iunee, whosa acldreaa Is Golden, Brit*
isli C-'jli.tul-itt, is* th�� Attorney lor the Company.
The objects for whiuh the Company haa btien
established and so licensed are:���
[a.] To purchase, taXe on lease, or otherwise
acquire, mines, inlhtns rights., and metalliferous land and any iutereHt thertltl, end to explore, wort, exBrcia*, develop and turn to
account thesamu: ,'      , ,
[hi To crush, win, set, quarry, smelt, calcine,
refine, dress, amalgamate, taauipulatc.puKihiwe
and prepare (or market, ore, metal, and mineral substances vi oil kinds, nnd to carry on,
either upon or in connection with thu premises
or elsewhere, the business ol miners, millers,
rnnelters, and workers of auy processes In the
production, reduction aud making merchantable, <��f miucraljJ.mtUls aud inetiiliic products,
supplies of water, merchants, ond manufacturers, and workers of auy minerals, metals, articles and thiiiRs u��ed in oriu connection with
milling, milling, smelting, aud other processes
aforesaid, or any of them:     ,   ,      ,   .,
[c] To search lor mines and minerals either
on land known to contain such mines and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rights of search or other miners
rifilits or claimi*. under any mining statutes or
regulations of anyplace where the Compuny
carries on operations, aud auy other righure-
upectlng the same':
fell To acquire option*, or enter imlo contracts
Ior the purchase of any grants, concessions,
leases or setts, easements or iuterests in lauds,
waters, niillsltes, tuwusitts, mines, minerals,
and other hereditaments, and any plant, ma-
chlnery. implements, conveniences, provisions
and things, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or immovable, for purposes
incidental thereto or to auy other objects of the
Company, or capable of being u-,ed in comic---
lion with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Com-
*       1 ..I.        4....*...'....     1...     A.     a,,..lilt   ,',..
Procr*.3 on the Crow's Nost.
According to tho Cranbrook Herald
latest reports from the eastern end of
the road arc to the effect that every effort
trill be put forth to push tlie construction of tlio road through to Wardner by
Juno 15, or tho first part of July ut the
latest. The question oi supplies ia the
one under consideration, and the company are anxious to get the steel laid to
tlie river at thc earliest possible moment.
It is a significant fact that, although
hundred, of men are going lo work along
the line, none of theni get, us far west as
Wardner. They are all held on the work
cast of this point, and more are being
HAS located permanently opposite the Columbia Home,
Golden, where he will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it be Tailok-Madk or Rbady-Madb
Clothix;;. A call for inspection will be appreciated,
aa it is "no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in al! kinds of
Lumber,  etc.
._.   ' CONTRACTORS    TO   THE  C.P.R.    ___,    '. ���
Grold-eri. and LBea-rrer, S.C.
Ullook & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN      -    -    -   B.
any, and-to work, transfer, let or sublet the
-anu.*: ,
[e) To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable ot being used for the purposes ol the Company, or any of them, and tu
work, transfer, let, or sublet tb�� same:
f. To acquire and uudertaku thu whole or any
part ol the business, property and liabilities, ot
any perkon or company carrying ou any bust*
rirts which thia Compuny is authorised to carry
on; uu��i to acquire and hold auy shares, stoclss,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, ne-
cotiable or otherwise, of or utter interests in
any English, colonial or other companion, aaso*
clatiouBor undertaklnga capable ol being managed or conducted so as directly or indirectly
to benefit the business of tho Company. Also
to advance money on any such ��harcs, stack*,
boiidd, obligations, debentures, securities ui or
other interest in such companies, auoclatloui
or undertakfngi, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bouda, oblii;,itiouH, debentures or Bocur-
tlefl as partial or lull security for payments dut
to the Company:
%, To acquire, construct or hire, or join with
others in acquiring, constructing or hiring any
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, mails,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildiugi, wi,n;:i, matters or things
which may be necessary or convenient for the
purposes uf thc Company, or any of them, and
iu tne working ol the same or any part thereof!
h. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose ol, charge or deal
with, iu any manner whataocver, tiie under-
taking or any part or parts of the property ol
tho Company, or any lights, way-leaves or
easement-) in or over thc same, ami to accept au
payment there tor either cash or shares, or
partly cash aud partly shares, In any other
company purchasing tin* same:
1, To establish ami maintain agencies of the
Company ln any colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, aud to procure it-itCofiipair"
to be registered or Incorporated lu any sue)
colony, dominion, foreign country or state;
. To amalgamato with any other company
having objects altogether or in part similar to
th-: objects of this Company, and to enter into
partnership, Joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or
person or Arm engaged or about toongaucin
any business or transaction which this Company Is authorised to engage iu, or capable ol
tjeiug I'onauneil so as directly or Indirectly to
benellt this Company;
k. To hold, iu tho names of others, any pro-
,.,.���,* , i porty which the Company is authorised lo
put on tmilv.   All the energy of COO* acquire, and to carry on ur do any of the
. ,        .a ^
Btrtictiori iH being concentrated between
Bull Head prairie and Wardner, mdii-
tanco of eighty iniles. It is estimated
that with the tics till iu position, the
track laying can easily progress at the
rate of two und one-half naileB a day.
Within ten days tracklaying will be
resumed, and it is anticipated that there
will be no further delay in tlio work.
Pi st-Clsss in every particular.  Convenient to Kali-ray Depot and Steambtal La��4te^
flates Reasonable.  Free Sample Rooms.
Thc Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, Gouuecting with Steamer fer for* *HMlt *?mmj
Monday and Friday after arrival ol train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts       ���              ��� ���
Modern Conveniences   ���              ���     ' ���
Best Cuisine in the West                o 0
Commodious Sample Rooms         ��� ���
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigari ���
Co to the
Columbia Jfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
Our Inconsistent Uncle.
It is to b. hoped our Untie Samuel
will lis 11 little more broad-minded in
dealing with Canadians alter the war is
over. There is in existence a law against
employing Canadians on any United
States Teasel plying on the groat lakes as
well as on fishing vessels on the Atlantic
roust, and nny American shipowner or
capinin employing Canadians in disregard of tliis law is liable to a penalty ef
$1,000 for each case. But our generous
uncle makes a distinction botwesn a
warship and a fishing er trading vessel.
Ho does not put any penalty er Impediment in the way of Canadian sailors
being accepted for service on hoard any
of his fleet of war vessels. That is not
square dealing, U��cle Sain. If the
Canadian sailor is so acceptable in time
of war, is it fair to exclude him in times
of peace?
When the Inman lino of steamers was
sold by the Liverpool firm to the present
owners, all the officers and men who
had been sailing tlie ships for years
under ths British flag were dismissed
and their places filled by Americans.
The offices* of the City of Paris and City
ot New York���now known as tlm Paris
anil New York���we* c offered tiie chance
of retaining tlieir poHitioim by becoming
American citizens. If Uritish officers
volunteered for Uncle Sam's navy now
would they still be required to forswear
tlieir own (lag? Circumstances some-
tiraco alter ciwcs.���Hosslaiid Times,
busim.**.*..;. aud actaauu thing!.loreHiiid, cUlmr
u. {.rlucipul cr.iti:-; 111, aud either by tbu ast-ncy
ol ur u*, h,-<.iits 01- trustees (or othcra:
I. Tu make, *,iir'iina8, H'Jll, accupl or lndorfl.
bill, ol c-c-ihuu*;*! aud oilier iualrumcnt., nt-go-
tiabll* or otherivirio.aiid to borrow rm.ticy oltliur
witli or without auuurily, aud eithar upon n.*
gotl-iblti lustrum-Mils or olti.jrv.lse, lm-ludin*-
the Issue ol dabtilitiires charged upon ull or any
ot tliu Company', p-ropurty (both tiresont and
luiurt), iiirliiiliu*,' ll. uuCHllnil i-apftal:
ni. To promote und.lorru other eoinpAUlcn lor
any ot tlio objecta ruvutioucd in thia Memorandum :
II. To Invest and ileal with tho moneys of the
Company not Imiuedtuiely required upon ��uoti
.feuritlea and ill nucli loauuer aa from lime tu
time l.adetermined:
0. Tu distribute any of tbo proparty ol tha
Compauy amoua the members in specie:
p. To carry on buslucs. ill auy part of th.
world aod to do all sueh things as are incidental or coudllelve to tho attainlueut .1 the abova
objects. * .
i;lven under my hand and acal of office at
Victoria, 1'roviiicu ol Uritish Columbia, till*
19tb day of October, on. thousand eight hundred aud ninety-seven.
Registrar of Joint Stock Cenpanle..
HIS HONOUR lb. Lleuteuant-Uovernor ha.
been pleaaed   to make   tbo   following
3rd March, 1.108.
JlHBR Fsftauasoi* Abmstrono, of Fort Steele,
Esquire, S.M., to be a Deputy Coroner for the
County of Kootenay. !Sm2
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby given that appll-
x cation will t.e made to tlie parliament ol
Canada, at the next session thereof, for an Aet
changing the name ol Tbe Dominion nulldiiig
nnd Loan Association to that ot The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company.
Dated at Toronto, this 17th day of November,
Toronlo tltrect, Toronlo
H���li>'it<'!s for Applicants.
^^^-Golden, B.C.
-^Headquarters iVor**-***,
Miners, Prospectors   and  Lumbwmei.
_E3ates $1.00 3?er IDay.
Board & Lodging $5 Per Week.    First Clas�� Iab.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,   B.C.    ^msQ*
Groceries, Dry Goods & Gonural Merchandise   Miaon'
Supplies a Specialty.
������  ' ' "*���' -V
Windermere Hotel,
mm. J. A. Stoddart, Piwp.
Choic* Wines, Liquors and Cigar*.   First class MteaMserlatUa.
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.
Name or* Company.
The Gold Hills 0. & Di Co	
Kootenay, Civriboo M. A I, Co	
Gulden k Tort Steele D. Co	
Alberta k Kootenay I). Co	
East Kootenay and Elk River Develop-
mont k hxploratiott Oo..._.	
$ 750,CCO
$ 600,000
$    75,000
mu.. rxfc*.
M1HISO MiO.KER. OOU-BK, B-C. Notice to Taxpayers
HortUora   Division   of   Kust
Ko-��t��imy District.
vroTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN lu ���accurrtftnee
ti with tho Statute;, that Provincial He venue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Austins mont
Aot aro now duo for the year lfil>8.
All of tha tib��v�� numud luxes collectable
within tho Northern Division of Knst Kootenay
District aro payable at my olBce, tlm Court
Houne, Cold��u.
Anaeiaod taitfiM or* collectable at the fallow iua
rales, viz.:
If paid oa ot bafora June 30th, 1898.
Three-fifth!! of aue per cent. ��n HqhI Property.
Two and ono-half par cent, an asaessud value
of wild laad.
One-half of ��aa per cant, oa I'enuunl
On ao much of theincamenof any person a��
txceeda One Thousand Dollars tlio followlnc
rates, namely: Upon sueh excess of incom*
whan tho sum U sat more than Ton Thousand
Dollars, one per cent.; when such excess li
over Ton Thousand Hollars und not roorj than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-quarter
of ono per cent.; when such excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, ono and one-half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July, 1898.
Four-fifths of one por cent, on Real Property.
Threo par aant. en tha assessed value of wild
Three-fourths of on* per cent, on Personal
On ao much of th* incomes of any person as
eotcoodi One Thousand Dollars the following
rates, nam��ly: Coon such excesi when the
sanib le not mora than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and ane-quarter of one per cent.; when
���uch excess ia over Teu Thousand Dollars aud
oot more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
and one-half of one per cent j when such execs**
ts over Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and
three-quarters of one per cent.
Provincial Hevenue Tax, 13-00 per capita,
V. C. LANCi,
Assessor and Collector.
������Idea, January luth, 1893.
pOtmTS Or AB81ZI and Nisi Prion, and ef
^ Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery, will beholden at the places and on the
dates following, vis.:���
City of Nelson, *u Monday, the 20th day of
ittne, 1898.
Town of Donald, on Monday, tbe 27th day of
Jane, 1898.
By Command.
Provincial Secrotary.
Pnvlnelal Secretary's Offlc*.
SLh March, 1898. Uatf
NOTICE la hereby fiven that ontbeHth day
���f January, 1898, it waa ordered by the
Honourable J*. A. Porin, Judge of the County
Court, that James J. Armstrong. Official Ad-
talnistrator of th* County of Kootenay, b*
Administrator of all and singular the goodi,
���haltala and eradit of Ernest Orpwood ef Goldon, labourer, docoawd, Intestate.
Every p��raon indebted to the said deceased,
U required to make pavment forthwith :o the
Svery person having in poscension effects
belonging to thedoccasod, is required forthwith
t* notify tho undersigned.
Eviry creditor or oth*r persou having any
olaim upon or Interest ln the distribution of
tho personal estate of the said deceased, is
f**Q"��t within thirty daya of this date, to
toad by registered letter addressed to the
nnderaigned, hia name ond address, and the
fall particular*! of his claim or interest, and a
Statement of his account, aud thc.nature of tbe
���eoority (if any) held by him. After the explr-
at(on of tho said thirty dati, the Administrator
will proceed with tbe distribution of the estato,
having regard to .hose claims only of which he
���hall have Had notice.
Sated at Part Steele, this 27th day of January,
Oflelal Administrator.
w0TIC3 le hereby given that application will
���" he mad* I* the legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia, at Its next session, for a Private Bill to incorporate a Com-
Ray* to build, equip, maintain and operate a
io or linoe of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, iu East Kootenay, thence by tbe
���eat foaeiblo route to the St. Mary's River;
thence ln a westerly direction to the head-
watersof St.Mary's River: and also in an easterly and northerly direction from Home point on
the said lino a branch line up th* Enst Kootenay Valley ts the neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. 3 creeks and the mtnesfn that
vicinity; with power to tbe said Company to
construct a lino from the Bull River Group of
Mines, is East Kootenay, to tbe most con*
vealent point on the main line of tbe
Crow's Neet Pase Railway; and also
to authorise and empower the Company, te
bnild, from time te time, branch Hues to
groups of mlnos and concentrators from any ot
the three above-mentioned lines of railways,
fuch branch lines not to oxceed twenty (20)
miles in length; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and to equip and operate
the said railway and its. branches, and to erect
and maintain all necessary works for the gen-
���ration and transmission of electricity or
power within the area of the operations oi the
���aid Company; and power to but Id, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saw-mllls, aad acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for Improving and
increasing the wator privileges, and to make
traffic or other arrangemeuta with railways,
���leamboat or other companies, aud for all other
ostial and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for the Applicant*,
TMarla, BiO., Mth October, 1897,        io -ft
���    ,.   NOTICE.
Application   for Certificate, of Im-
Tak* notice that I, John McRae, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 869,'SO, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certilicnto
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
claim located' on Spfllimncheon Mountain, situate in the (iolden Mining
Division of Kast Kootenay District.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of sucli certificate of
Dated this lip day of January, 1808
,**.! JoHH Melt AX,
'I|yllis ngontGeo. S. McCarter.
nn     mmmmmmammmmmtmu������ j..*..**... > .*����i..����,'to^.
.- M-**.*t*-Ma...i
Is the best advertising medium in East
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Is only  $2.00 per
$75 to $150 Each according to
***p ���-��-��.>--. fn _   One-tiiliii down, balaaoe la ttua* nn**-. i'i
���Ja wXXXJaS -      laouths, wltliout lutero***..
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Has the best equip*
ped Job Printing
Office  in  the dis
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
Upper Columbia ._�������������.
Navigation & uramway
Co, Limited,   and
International Transportation Company",
Connecting with tlie C. P. R. st Golden, B. C.  Mid
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express cure of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay.
Balgardne * Betel
.Fort Steelo, S. C
Choick Wihw, Lmuoss aitb Cioaus.
n.  D.  MATHR, Promietor
od Hot springs
The  T)n<*t  Health   R��s��rt on  th* OnHimt.
Private Iloapital nnii.r mgilical stiperintsn*
denes with a Trained Stnff ��f j_jn_j__l.
Complete System of Hatha, of *r*ry kill**,
and .lesi'riptioii.
Medical DirMtor���Dl. S. fi. MSTT, tiwrr.
Besidsnt Pbysiciaa k Bnr|Mn���iDK. RPAXill.
Subscribe for a THE MINER." )ar**ra<.**f*��ta**ar..v aaa. timum.'.mvi^
**.,.m >���.�����****���*.
WJ. *a,.i.*aa**.L Igwj
Drugs,  Chomicals, Patent  Medicines,  Toilet
Articles and Stationery,
���__.       I'UitcuASED roit tiii:
J. F. PUGH'SGanadian
Pacific Ry.
You aro Cordially Invited to fall antl Inspect
our Stock. Prescriptions and Private
Koo1])oh carefully compounded.
LOCAL AND GENERAL    Tll�� ,01'"1 loi,*W ot the Independent
Ordurol Oddfellows will commemorate
tlie 7lith iinnlversnr.v of theOrdorby
Football practice tomorrow .afternoon
at *l o'clock slinrp.
'I h*.' Provincial (iovemmont uro doing
some much needc.l grading to ths streets
of the town.
dipt. Bacon loft on Tuosdtiy morning
with tlio Hyitk, for Windermere, returning Thursday evening,
Now is the time for babies to be born
who want to be riiiincd Fltzhtlgh Lee,
says 1111 American paper.
Uev. G. E. Smith loft on Monday'on a
trip to Vernon, consequently there will
be no service in the Methodist Church
on Sunday.
' Are you insured? II. CI. Parson is
agent fur th... Confederation l.ifo Assoeia-
tnn and the Canadian Hallway Accident
Tlm Harry l.'mdley Comedy Co. who
are .so well and favorably known in
Ornlden will probably play here for a
week next month.
Special opportunities just now to got
boots ami si....'..*., Iittts and caps and
clothius at greatly reduced prices, at II.
G. Parson's great clearing sale.
R��y. IV. S. Wright, the Presbyterian
niini.ter who has been appointed tn tbe
church here for the current year, arrived
from Toronto on Saturday last.
Mr. P. It. White left on Wednesday on
a prospecting trip to the Omiueca and
Caislar districts, lie will go in by way
of Ashcroft, accompanied by his brother
and a Iriond.
Mr. and Mrs. Gee. Ttchder removed to
Windcrmer* on Tuesday, where they
will in future reside. Mr. Kelider was
recently appointed manager of the East
Kootenay Supply Store of that place.
Tho returns to the local legislature
��how tint fully one-lifth of the public
lands disposed of by sale by the government last year are in East Kootenay.
Tliis is an ilnlication of tho rapid development that is taking place in this
The first of the new first class passenger, coaches of the C. P. It. which has
passed over this division, was attached
to Monday's, express from the east. It
is fitted up exactly like the Pullman
ears and will add greatly to the comfort
of tho travelling public.
There is mor* joy in a printing office
over one subscriber who pays ill advance and abuses the editor oa evory
occasion, than over ninety and nine who
borrow tlio paper and sing its praises
without contributing a solitary c.nt
to keep it out of the poor home.
Corporal McN'air of tho N.W.M.P.,
shot himself with a revolver at Wardner,
B.C., last weel: while in a state nf delirium caused by typhoid fever. Corp. Me-
Kair was one of tbe famous Jubilee
contingent and a fine fellow generally
and his death will be heard with universal regret.
We would call the attention of tlie
authorities to some would-be bicyclists
who go scorching up and down the main
streets. Tliis should he put a stop to at
once ns it can only terminate in somo
serious accident. Several cases are
known of this week where ladle,
narrowly escaped being knocked down
by these " smart-alecs."
Thc formal opening of the St. Eugene
hospital, at St. Eugene Mission, took
plac* on Sunday last. May 1st. Rev.
Father Coccolo addressed tho audience
in a v*ry appropriate manner while tho
children indulged in both vocal aud instrumental music suitable on this occasion. There was quite a large gathering
in attendance.
The Government have commenced work ou .the south bank of
the Kicking Ilorse river and will continue tho crib work from opposite the
old printing office down to the bridge,
whicli will be the means of confining the
river to one channel. They also contemplate doing some work on thc same bank
of th* river below the bridge.
At a meeting ol the Opposition elector, on Saturday evening, Messrs. J. C.
Olreone, W. II. Harvey and J. Gibson
were appointed delegates tn attend a
convention for the purpose of nominating a candidate in Ihe Opposition interests, which is callod for Monday, May
Otli at Golden. There nre, we understand, a number of aspirants for political
honors among the Opposition ranks, and
which of thom will receive tlio conron-
lion is the cause of much speculation.
attending divine service in St. I'.iiil's
Church on Sunday evening next, when
liev. 11. P.. Turner will preach a sermon
appropriate to the occasion. The mom
hers oi lhe lodge are requested to meet
in the Oddfellows Hull at 7 p.m. sliiirr
and will march from there in a body to
the church. Visiting brothers arc cor
dlally invited to attend.
Posters for the annual sports of the
Calgary I'iro Brigade have been received
here tliis week. A lirst class programme
of athletic sports anil bicycle races has
been prepared, ln addition to this tbere
is. of course, tho football tournament,
which part of tlio programme will pro*
bablybsof more interest to Goldeiiitea
than any other, In tho evening a grand
calico ball will be held in tho Opera
House. Special arrangements have been
made with the C. P. II. for sinjile fare
for tlie round trip. It is hoped that a
goodly number of our citizens will
accompany the football team on Ibis
A meeting of tho football club was
held in tlie Columbia House on Monday
evening. Tho resignation of Mr. E.
l'lowright as secretary of the club wss
read and accepted. Mr. A. F. Smith
was then elected to the office, Practice
games were fixed for Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 o'clock and Saturday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Tlie proposed
trip to Calgary on the 24th was discussed
und it was finally resolved to enter a
team in tlio football tournament to be
held there on that date. In order to
make as good a showing as possible on
that occasion the boys must avail themselves of every opportunity to practice,
ft is Ihe duty of the citizens to encourage tlio boys in every conceivable way
as a littlo of that sort of thing will
materially assist them in their effort*,
VOTICE IS incitHHYGIVKN that application
���*-"   will Ijc madu to the Parlfairtcot 01 Crtnads
mul tin la* Li'tfi:-liiliv AMi'inlilv of I he i'rovhicf-
tif Uritish Cnlumhum thoir rei*.]ieetiYi-st**>ions
to iiii-'ii-jitx-utp ii Company tu cpiintruct a railway to beopurated by ste-ini or electricity from
a. point nt hi* ncurCr.uihro'.fc.iu ii-ist KontcnfiV,
Uritish ciilumbln--ths mont northerly point on
the Crow's Nest Itathviiy,���tlionee running In it
northerly direction up tho Kootonay Hive* tr>
Canal Flat j thence tothe Columbia Lake ant
in a northerly direct ion down the Coltilftula
River to thoCapoc Kiv.-r; thctiCQ up the Oanoc
Rivor and across the Portage to the ii-aiiivaters
ofthe Fraser, Ulvcrt thenco down the Fraser
Kiver to (ilscamo Portage; thenco across tho
L'ortago to Parsnip Kiver; thence down the
Parsnip Hiver to Findlay Kiver, and up the
Findlay Kiver ami across the divide to Francos
Lake, nnd thenco to tho Yukon, With power to
divert tlie route oi the Hue north of Ulscomo
Portage either by way of Pease Lake or ns may
be found most stiitnUe on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles in length and ull
necessary bridges and roads. Also, fo construct
nnd operate telegraph and telephone lines for
tho transmission of uiessagea for the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam ami other
vessels and all meesssry ferries, wharves and
do.iks; to lake nnd use water for generating
electricity, and to transmit mid dispose of the
power therefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purpose/.; with power iuso to carry on
tho business of a general trading company, of
an express company j also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate sawmills, for the production
and sale of lumber, and to mine, explore ami
develop mineral hinds ami to carry ou a general
mining and ore smelting business, Including
the erection ar.-.l operation ef smokers and
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa 5thNovember. 1897.    lln-tt
fcjOTICH! ii hereby given that T Hhntl apply fer
11 a special timber licence to cnl timber on
the folItiwhiK described lands :--Commencing
at a pqst on Middle .Fork ol Kin ley (jteok.post
Situated I.80O feet to the north of Mantle's
Corral, N. M.\ thence running IBOchaiiw smith;
thence To chains west; theme 100 chains north;
thence 70 chains eust to the post of commence-
mentjeontaining 1,000 acres about.
Golden. 1). C,   October 20tb, 1897-
NOTICE Is hereby given that I shall apply
iy for a special timber licence to cut .timber
on the following described lauds :��� Commencing at a point mi Flnley Crook, at th�� head of
the canyon, north-east corner post; running
west 900 chains ; thence40eh&tns south ; thence
200 chains east; thence 40 chains north to point
of commencement ; containing aliout 1,000
J.  C.   DURICK.
Fort Hfele,October 2tlt, 1897.
All persons indebted to mo aro requested to settlo saino with Mr. C. II.
Parson, who has authority to give
receipts for tiie same.
Golden, I'ohruary ioth, 1898.
Minister of Mines and Provincial Secretary--
Hon. Col. .lames Baker.
Provhieli.1 Mineralogist--W. A. t'arlyle.
Public Assayer -II. Carmlchftol.
For the Province���W, s. Clortt Victoria
South District comprising Kort Steele uud To-
bi.cco Plains Mining Divisions���J. F. Armstrong Cranbrook
North District comprising Donald, Ooldt a and
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. E, Griffiths
-t.Stlrrct Donald
K. C.fLang Golden
(i. t'oldie Windermere.
i.:. M. Edwards., Fort Steele
M. Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of thc Peace for North East ICoot-
enay Josiah tltirrott Donald
Deputy Clerk of Hie Pence for South East K'oot-
euay���Charles Massey Edwards Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value and Necessity of a "Free
Miners " Certificate--Xo Person S!h��u1;1 Attempt Mining-
Without One,
Any person over IH years of ngc, maybe
comuaireo miner hy paying ft to apygold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtaining h certilieate good fur ono year.
A free miner nifty* obtain a new certificate for
one lost oh paying ft.
A free miner's certificate it-* not transferable.
Any person or company working a Mineral
claim, nelil i:u real estate without license, mav
be tilled |2.">.    Mines become real estate alter
crown grant haB been issued.
Should co-owner fall to pay up his free miner's
certilieate his Interest noes to his co-owners pro
rata according lo their former interests.
A shareholder In a joint stock company need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim lfiOOxlGOO feet. Hut
all anglos must be right angles and all measur-
mo'nt must be horizontally.
A free minor may cut timber on crown landir,
A free miner may kill game for his own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain five acre millsite upon crown lands in tho form of a square.
A claim may be held from year to year by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held if recorded inl") days.
A free miner may on payment of ttfiOO, in lieu of
ixpeudituro on claim, obtaifi tt'erown grant.
Any miner mav, m tlsedisiTction of the gold
ouunisslonor, obtain n'ecewiiry water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim or interest
hull be enforceable unless In writing, signed
and recorded.
Xo miner shall suffer from any act of omission
or Commission- or delays on the part of the
ivcrnmcnt ofllal&l*..
Noelaim slinll be open to location during
last llhic'sss ni holder, nor within i-i month;.
after his death, unless by permission of goi.i
A mineral claim must bo recorded within Ifi
days after location, if wifhih It) miles of office
olImiiiing recorder. Olio additional day is al-
owed for every additional ll) miles or fraction
ANSl'.W, l.AROR,
Work on cneh mining claim tn lhe value of
Juki muht bo done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done must be filed with
thc gold coinmisslonsror mining recorder, nnd
a certilieate of work obttt.ned, and recorded before the expiration of each year from tho date
of record ol said claim. A free minor holding
adjoining claims, may subject tu filing notice
of bis Intention witli the (ftild commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or mo-roof
such claims, all tlie work required to untitle
him to a cert ideate of ivorlc lor each claim. The
same provision applies to Pernor more free miners holding adjoining claims in partnership.
In lien of above work the inln,,r must pay Jliw
and get receipt and record tiie name.
Advertise in
We wish to inform the
public that wo aro prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Not., tfeatl.
Loiter Ilea.!,
mil (load.
Illlll.l mil..
I'allini* Card.
BU��liie��a Card,
Law Uriel.
Lumber llixika
Hank Work
l-romlaory Note,
Houclpt Forms
Kl.are l'i-i-tlili*atca
A-.HHV Korins
DruK*!!*.!*. Luliclfl
No Job too
No Job too
East via tho Lake Routes.
Greatly reduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
direct via C.P.R, steamers to
Wrangel and Skagway.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian,
The largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for the passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for May:
Ning Chow May 12
Pakshan    " 15
Islander     " lo
Danube    " 20
Alki    " 25
Islander    " 20
Cottage' City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kprr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Tho moat comfortable hotel in South
Eust Kootenny. Good Table. Good
Wine*.      Good Attendance.      Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The best (.topping plnco lor freighter* in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terms
First clous Feed Stables.
The Best Deer in Canada is made by the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd,
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
Manufacturers of Ileer, Alo and Soda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every time. Thoy
ull have it. Tho Company's agent for Kast
Kootenuy li
II, o. PARSOK, Goldon, B.C.
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Dry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Clothing, Hardware,
in tc��$ tit te * ��� at
in prico for Cash.     This is a good j)ppor6inity , to, ���(^ir^
.,'.. .... -.some bona fide ���bargains.*'   "'��� -'���:'" '���"'''" '*
Seneral vlferchant'
iargains ft Gash.
While taking down stock for ono week from dMMrl
will sell at very low prices for cash:
��� X
Hats, Caps, Cry Goods, Gents Furnishings,
Shirts, NBcktiEs, Boots ���������*�� ShoBS,
& Fancy Gauds.
Varies I Warren,
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing*,


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