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East Kootenay Miner 1898-01-13

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Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEJIAY.
Vol. 1, No. 25.
Golden,   B. C,   Thursday   January 13th,   1898.
$2.00 Per Year
Ani)��ias:-1K)X 40 UOLDKX. D.O.
Al.KVAStlKR  liLOCK,        ���        GOIiDEN,  B.C.
Fins Life, Real Kstate.��� EToutto Agent*,
Auctioneers and Customs Brokers
Plro Agencies:
Queen, LaticaHRIrc, Union, Hartford.
European HteaniHlitp Ticket Ofllee.
Tin'Sun Life IttKtirancQComJniny.
Tim Outtirlo Accident Insurance Co'y.
Thu Birbuuk Investment and Louti Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fonr Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Kotury I'll bile.
I'ftiit ofllca addrc.-tfi :
Af'SHy OfliccK and
Chemical Laborator.v,
' (KstahliKlu'd ISiK),)
For several yenrs with Vlvlim A Kons, Swan-
fpn, and loeal representative fur them.
For '*i years manager for the imsnyers to the
Hfn TluloCo., London.
Canadian p.-jireseiitittive of the Cassol (InM
Extracting Co. 1,'td, Utusgow (Cyanide proeusa.)
N.B.���All work [iur��onattV superintended. Only
eumpeteui  men eiuployeU.    No pupils   ro
Jas. Henderson,
I'Iau. Prppsrod..'
1'roiu-H wi*ullon given to orders.
A .upplyol Building l.ini** fi-r anl-..
.   GOLDEN, B.C.
The Golden
TOfjSOfpii PflHliORS
Newly lloflttdl & Refurnished.
The liest of the kiwi west ol
MvcrytliiiiK* Complete.
AH Moili'i-n Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
& Embalming     |
Telegraph ordersrneeiveprompt attention T
J. SMART,     |
��� CALGARY, Alta.  *
Frrah ��n*l Suit Moats.
I'lsli mul ilrt'nc iu .t'liMon.
tiu-iler*. in I'titilr, tilit.'-|- und Ilor*.!**.,
Mall orders r-.--.uiv--* -.rump! ultcntioii.
Livery and
Feed Stables
��*od Snrl-.ll* Horaea and Riga of All Kinds for
Ulr�� at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Golden, B. C.
The Providence par Go
Providence, R.I.
wants nil kinds (if run* film, skins, sin-
sting, Seneca, etc. I'l'lcos for next sixty
dnvH nre us follow*!:
Silver Fox I) 15.011 to $180.00.
Hear tj 5.00 to f. 25.00.
Otter t 1.00 to $   0.00.
Mnrlin T 2.00 to S   0.00.
Denver (per pound)...If H.OO to $   3.50.
Wolf. tf 1.00 to %   2.00.
lied Fox if 1.00 lo $   2.00.
Mink *,   .75 to If   2.00.
Skunk  *   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox ���   .50 to $     .75
Bat, *   .20 to t    .25.
rrii'e list on all other furs nnd fkins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, and immediate re-pittance on
all consignments. JJP
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Tack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Our x
Good Time
By every man who has a watch.
��� f. ALEXANDER��
C.P.K. Watch Inspector wiil ho
Weilnewlny to Friday ___�����>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can tie left at
*���*������&, and-***
Wedding Kings
Calgary, - Alberta.
arc very interesting. Send
us a post card and wo will
mail one to you,
Hudson's   Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Wong See,
Urt        Jewollor,
Optician and
Watotiei cleaned, Jewellecv mounted, (Masses
mended and (JuiiK repaired. Klrst elans work
In every department. A trial solicited, so eome
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,  ��
has tho best restaurant in Golden. It in open nt nil hours,
Kvery delicacy and fruit in its
Benson. A good selection of
Chincso Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere thoy
go to
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day and Night.
Tremayno Loctures on the Klondike
to a Winnipeg Audience.
During the course of his lecture beforo
an appreciative audience assembled in
tlu- Winnipeg thontro on Tuesday night
lust, Mr. Tremayne, who has recently
returned from the great gold fields of
tlie  North went Territories,   said  that
leaving Winnipeg with tho party whicli
started in June last he had made the
journey nnd spent six months out there,
lie described  the trip by steamer to
Juneau, thou by small boat to Dyea.
His account of the rivers and lakes, tlie
rapids which luul to be run and the
pprtages which luul to be crossed, served
to prepare his hearers fur crossing tlie
summit proper, which in (-00 feet high
and its steep up tlie roof of a limine, so
that ascending it was like climbing a
ladder,   lie described the'packing over
the Chilkoot pass, the packs being of
forty to sixty pounds each, carried to
Sheep camp, iiftuen miles from Dyea^
j It seemed almost incredible, yet it wasa
fact, that four men had taken a Grand
piano over the summit;  and horses and
cattle were able to climb tlie height.
Tlie process of coUKtructlng boats at
the foot nf Lake Linerman interested
eyorbody. The logs were cut and floated
down and then whip-sawn.    Tiiere is a
saw mill at the point, but tho cost of a
boat having run up from $80 to $00 to
over  $000  when   the   rush   came    in
September mude-it necessary to economize.   Tho lecturer told about the Ilulf-
Mile rapid connecting Lake Lindermun
with hake Bennett, where Dr. Norquay
nearly lost his life through the breaking
of n rope cable, with which the boat in
whicli he wus was attached ton tree.
Another exciting locality wus the Miles
canyon,   when*   the   Lewis    river    iB
narrowed from 800 yards to 80 or 00
yards across and runs between walls 150
feet with a current of eighteen miles an
hour. He went down this three times iu
safety, but one party of Winnipeggers
11 funked" and tho rest had to help them
over  tho  portage.   Tho  White  Dorse
rapids were po named from the white
appearance of the waves, nnd the Five
Finger rapids from the Five big masses
of rock, each about as big as a four-story
house.   At one place a small store and
a vegetable garden were passed, from
whicli the gardener took a hundred of
his potatoes to Dawson and sold them
for $1 apiece; if he had waited a little
longer he might huvc got (2 or $3 each.
Mr. Tremayne illustrated his lecture
by means of a couple* of maps, one oi
whicli showed very distinctly the rivers
in the gold district.   Pointing to Dawson
City, Mr.Tremayne stated that when ho
went there it hud only about 200 cabins
nearly everybody living in tents. Everybody got $15 a day, whether he carried
water from the river, washed dishes or
worked at mining or anything else.   On
arriving the first thing to downs to build
a cache on four poles, eight or ten feet
high, to protect his provisions from the
great robbers of that country, the dogs.
The next thing was to go out and look at
the diggings.   The claims wero numbered up and down from the first, or discovery claim.     An interesting account
was given  of the discovery of  the Kl
Dorado.     The  claims are each 500 feet
long.   The hod rook from which the gold
is obtained is tWOlltV feet below the surface.     The mining has to be done when
the ground is frozen, otherwise the operation  would   be  shipped   by inflow of
water.     A   fire is built over night und
thaws about a font in depth, the dirt is
thrown  out  in the day time and it is
washed   iu   tho    summer.     Forty-live
cords of wood are required for each 0X041*
vation.     When the bed rock is only one
to seven or eight feet down, trenches
euu   be  dug  and   mining carried ou in
summer.     The Honauza was discovered
by George Cowmuck, who was married
to  a squaw and had a brother-in-law
called Si wash George.     In a short time
tho Bonanza ereek claims were all located, and those who came afterwards were
forced to go up the Kl Dorado.     Ono of
the richest of these was sold for $150.
and  another  for  a lack of buiUiBjthe
latter afterwards brought 13,000,000.    A
number of striking instances of rich finds
were given.     A gulch claim bought by
one Fergusson was mentioned ; his wife
used to go out with a tin cup nnd pack it
full of nuggets, after whicli she would go
iu and have tea.
The lecturer entered pretty fully into
the question of wagea und the prices of I
articles  of  food and other necessaries.!
The ordinary rate has fallen to (10 a day j
but some of the more fortunate still get j
$15.   As to the danger of a lack of provisions, he  shewed how this bad been
been averted by 1,200 men being induced
to move down to Fort Yukon; 800 moro'
I would follow. Coal oil, ho said, sells for
;-fiO a gallon, moccasins for $12 a pair.
! Speaking of dogs he said only two kinds,
the native dogs, were of general use.
The feet of the outside dogs crack and
they have to be fed in summer.
The climate is a little hotter in summer and colder iu winter than that of
Winnipeg. Mosquitoes nre no worse
thun in Manitoba. Suiidflu'S are really
bad. Snow begins to full by the first of
September, but the weather continues
mild. There is absolutely no wind. The
cold reaches 72 to 75 degrees befow zero.
Some, exciting games hilVobeon '
this week iu the llrynn & Lee eo
tion the result of which is yerv un<
Bank Extension.
That the business communities in the
.laved e**'s"t have now become thoroughly eon-
.ipeti-  vincetl of tho promising future in storo
Wain  for  this  province  aud   the northwest
At tho present  stage of the game how- n    ��� i i    .     ��� i ii
.'. ...    . ,   .        h ,  ,    ,    generally is nurlmrm best evidenced bv
ever McNuish's rink havo a little the1 *       '       '
| best of it, having played all their games!tho fllcl timl '" ,mml)er'"' ll'" ri'iwtereil
I with only one loss,     Wan-en and   lino  bunks,   with  head  offices  In   Kasteni
'  engaged just  now in au
exciting race to get opened u\* first iu
aro on  about  uu   equal   footing,  and  Cunad
one  of these two rinks   may   yot  til
with  McXeish for first place.   The following is the present standing of tin
various rinks in tho competition:
Oriffln of Klondike Placers.
| W. J. .Jones of Tort Townsend. Wash.,
I who has just arrived at Seattle frum
J Alaska on the steamer City of Topeka,
brings Intelligence of the dlsfcoyory of
what is said to be the mother lode aud
quartz origin of the placers of the
Klondike. The discovery wus mude
within four hours at fonr different points,
one of them at Dome, a high mountain
nt the source of Kl Dorado creek, by
Frank Slavlh; the second ut No. 81, Kl
Dorado, by A. II. .lose and his partner;
the third one in Nugget gulch at No. 30,
and the fourth somewhere in the Twenties on Bonanza creek. The trend of tho
vein is northwest by west -nnd westerly
from Dome, It is found about thirty
feet below the surface und under the
much ami alluvial deposit. Tue lode is
about eighteen inches wide and makes u
uniform width; It is generously sprinkled
with free gold. Mr. Jones brings down
samples uf the ore and everyone who has
seen them say the rock is precisely tlu
same iu character us thut found in the
southeastern part of Alaska.
About Advertising.
A business man can not daub his
name and business on a fence or rock
without getting some good out of it;
neither can he run a stereotyped ad in it
paper for a solid year without some
returns. Even if he does not think he
sees any benefit, it comes, nevertheless!
What then must b" the results from a
real live advortrsement? If a business
man will simply give to his advertising
the same thought and care and the same
application of business experience that
he gives to buying his stock, the selection and training of his clerks and the
miscellaneous details of bin business,
there is nothing more sure under the
sun than that he will then uo longer
complain of rates, or " that tiiere is
nothing iu it," but will be an enthusiastic and thoroughly convinced advocate
of the ti*tttcocy of printer's ink.���Kx.
many ol the most  promising towns of
the  west.     The   Merchants   Hank  of
Canada, the Merchants Dunk of Halifax,
the  Imperial   Lank of Canada and the
��� Motsons Hank have all announced quite
j recently their intention to open brunches
I at different points throughout the North-
Installation of Officers.
Tho officers-elect of Rooky Mountain
Lodge, No. 34, I.O.O.F., for tlie current
term, were duly installed  by U.D.G.M,
II. G. Parson, at tho regular weekly
meeting  of  the  lodge  on  Wednesday
Bro. C. A. Warren, X.G.
"   Chaa. Pearce, Y.G.
"    Di M. Rao, Secy.
"   .las. Henderson, Treas.
"   Alex. Murray) W.
"   .1. McHattle, C.
"   .1. Noble. O.G.
11   C. W. Miller, K.S.N.G.
"   .1. A. Good, L.S.N.G.
"   W. L. Houston, n.s.v.c.
"   li.Lovo, L.S.V.G.
"    W. A. Skelton, lt.S.S.
*'    D. A. Good, L.S.S.
 ��� i����11       ���
Mr. II. B. Wilson, manager of the
Molsons bank, Calgary, arrived in town
this week und was about to proceed  to
the Fort Steele district with a view to
investigating the prospects in that district for a chartered bank. He was
accompanied by Mr. W. ('. Rhodes of
Woodstock, Out., who is to lake the
management of one of the new branches
about to Im established in the west by
the Molsons. Mr. Wilson while here
received instructions to proceed to the
const ond Mr. Khodes returned to Calgary for the present.
The British Columbia board of health
have issued and circulated broadcast a
printed circular dealing with tuboreu-
losis, which shows tho various ways in
whjeh the disease which it calls the
"great white plague'' may bo contracted, and also how it may to a great
extent Ik* avoided. This circular should
prove a Valuable means of educating Ihe
people of this country bow to protect I
theiuBolvo-*! against this dread dtscaso,
thus preventing serious loss of life nnd
property. The startling announcement
is made that 10,000 people die every 24
hours in this world from tul'erculosis
in some form,
Rao  SI        I ]
Warren  2        1 2
Henderson .2       *j l
Parson  I       ;t I
Houston  .. 1       -I        0
The games in this competition which
were drawn for the afternoons had to be
postponed us it was Impossible for hall
the players toget away. The postponed
games will be played off as sunn as possible. The Upper Columbia Co.'s eo.npe-1 _., . , - .*, ���
...,'', ' carrvingon tlio Hnancutl part ol their
Iition will be brought on aa soon hs the
Bryan & Lee is- finished.                          business.
A draw has been made in the 13 point I ll is to !l" hoped that the business
competition for tho Calgary Ure wing, men of Hold,-!), and Kast Kootenny
Co.'s stones. The players have been generally, will take advantage of the
divided into two classes: The first and present inclination of tho bank author!-
second players in each rink being known j ties and use their best efforts to indui
i west uud British Columbia. TIiIb will
bo glad news to many business*) men in
who heretofore by reason of the
between their i laces of business
'.tanking centres have been put
annoyance and inconvenience
��� the we-
and |!h
to mu -I
class '
the third and fourth men : a bank, or two banks for that mailer, to
Todd i
C.l'arson s
McNeish (
IlendVn i"
being class ���' A'."     The following is the  open branches in the district.   That a
draw: paying branch uf any chartered bunk
could bo established in < iolden goes
without question. It may at lirst strike
the ordinary outside observer that this
place is too small to support such an
Institution, but wo venture to say that if
any of those who entertain such doubts
would tako the trouble to figure up tho
afiiount of business transacted here und
in the Itn mediate vicinity they would
not only be surprised nt the magnitude
of the business but would al once be
tonvlneed that a bank would earn a
handsome profit ou tlie investment.
We.nuderHtauil.tbat there are at least
two gentlemen in Golden who are prepared to erect at once Btiit.iblo accommodation for a bank office and residence if
the assurance will be given that a bank
will open here. While we are Ratified
that the venture would pay from the
'���auks point of view, wo do not overlook
the tact that the establishment nf a
branch here would play an important
part in building up still larger business
interests in this district and further
developing those which we already* luivi*
���.,    ,   . We have here the natural resources IU
The Points Competition for the Ogvc    t     i i    n ��i   <* ���   ..    ,;... 11*
,   .    . t\        u -,      . [f       |iihundnnce, and all that is reqnirwIJs
the advent of the necessary capital to
develop thOUl.
Brown      )
McDennt \
Dainnrd   /
Griffith    f
J. Winn heat W. L, Houston In tho 13
point competition to the tune of 18 to 4.
The British American   Corporation.
When the work of the I.e. Itoi comes M
bo renewed next year, it will bo us part
Beware  ye  Golden  curlers
Buttons lust night resulted us follow;
D. M. Rao,gold; 11. O. Parson,silver
(!. II. Brock, bronze.
The Sandon club are very much pleas1
ed at the decision of tlie (iolden club l<
competo for the Bostock trophy.    ICasli
and Netawill   also be   presented.     Ih(, ;|..M,,a ... .,,.  .. ^  ^|(.:-..|.|
und a hot time is expected.     Toe com-1 mtirtIIt    j, (j) limv rtfttw, |H>Bitivitly
petition   Will   probably   tako   place   .nj.,^  tli(. mim. m i!riv ,,,;l,,(l mifI(,.
'option to Mr. Whltaker Wrighl of tbe
or the London and Globe Finance corporation.
Visitors'Trophy is liable to go to Pish j The exact situation is as fellows: An
Creek this year. The curlers from that j option was given tn Mr. Wliitakor
vicinity wero in Calgary the otlier day I Wright in London hy Senator Turner
and didn't do a thing but defeat the and Colonel 1'eyton about 1st November.
crack Calgary rinks. ! This option was taken on the strength of
The appearance of the Stipomtinry | reports mnd^ by Mr. Hamilton Morritt
agistrato on the ice during tho past ��* Toronto and Mr. Ihithbone, Into
week, reminds us of the story of au old Inspector of mines for Iho Transvaol.
law breaker who was skipping a rink on j Tito second examination wus mude more
one occasion in which the judge of the recently, and the report can only have
district, before whom Jie old offender Ju8t K0* ,0 London. Tho condition of
had appeared many times, was plaving. I the option is that tho owners of the
When the judgo went down to play, the \ property shall continue- the shaft from
opposing rink were lying shot. The old ' w l,0�� l0 i!"' "M-f����o1 level, If thingH
culprit, Inplng his broom on-tho shot Uro found nil right on the 700-foot level,
and grinning from ear to oar shouted tl10" ll,�� l>rlcc "':lVt',,, un is to b? paid,
out: "Noo Judge, gie this ane wlxty ��ud the property goes to London. Tho
days," Needless to my the judge per ��'������� Isbolug suukas rapidly ospossible,
formed his duty the same as whoti on i�� HUle over 50 feet being already uccom-
tho bench. plished, mul everything is looking well
! up to date.   The new smelter at North-
I port goes with the mine. Should the
ileal be successfully closed���and there is
>'\vvy   reason   to   believe   it   will���the
[ aggregate purchases mode by the Mack
The following is a copy of the menu
of a supper given by the Kaslo curlers
to visiting curlers from Sandon :
" We're a' Jock Tamson'i Balms."
Oyster Stow.
"Iu tnau
HCattiiy, wg'llsoop 'or In." j the American continent
I   The tyudlcate has also purchased tl
i in tosh syndicate will  be the largest of
Jimt on the Front Ring." \ the kind ever mode in Canada, if not on
Halibut, OUtleta In cream-
"liniw to the Wlnher."
������ Ii*a a brow xtftno
Pork chopli
"(let n at r Iur on't."
"It'sa Ilogl   it'.-in Ho,;
Bruit ol chicken.
"crack an can on thia nn-i."
������It's wool laid tloou.    Hring Im
'' Noo swing ha owcr."
.laiiy. Icecream.
"Tnk'n1 that lee,"
"A (echlglishot."
������ You've the li>t ilfttie
' Surprise claim, at Rossland, for f80)000,
r paying cash for the same, and has
obtained a bond on tho Red mountain
claim  for $100,000 and  made the first
! payment of (50,000 on the Great
I'lans have been prepared for the now
C.P.R. shopg here, which are of a mb-
stantlal nnd commodious nature and
whicli will soon be erected for the
nceomniodsttio'ti of the 1-miuld plant.
The last engine has  been jacked up'lit
     ^ i ea i gii      ���- I Donald, and until the llevelstoke shops
... ,    ,    litre opened everything will have to go
A   pair of curling shuns for sale, for. t0  Vancouver   for>.- -HoYi'kUuu*
particular* apply ut this office. ' Herald. 0
��� A WeeMr Journal, published every Thursday
bv iii'.-ine n-st ol the Bait Kootenay District
making closest cunnectlouS with ull train* and
mail routed,
, RUBSCttll'TION UATf&i Uy mail or carrier,
jM-tu pur year in advance.
ADVKltTISIMCl RATES: Display ads. flJO nor
cniumii Iticlitfi.uO per eolumii inoh ivncii in-
( nonpareil) linu for Pm Insertion* i; cents per
liiiu ior each uddltiiiiial Insertion* ruaiiiiig
notices l tecuta per title cacli luacrttuu.
Cbttiige-i ol adi, imui uo In ofllee not later thau
Birth, utarrUgo ami death liotlcoi Inaertcd
JOn ORPAUTMKNT: Our Job Department
Is the WM equipped printing ofllee in Kul
K-ttiK-ni-iviimllsprep-ired to do neat. urtlnlle
printing alii reasonable price. Oue price to all.
Mall uruerj receive prompt altuntlou.
ClUtHRHt'OXOKNTK!   We Invite forreapon-
rhitn i vHUiiJci im Inturcdi m thu general
public and dualrw �� regular corrcsponaviil m
iimiiuscrlpi, not ,iiff;(.-i���u[| fur putilicutluii
im! uj ii gu&rtntMO nf guuil irtllb.
Correapondrnce with reference to auy matter
t ;,**., uatapp.'iirod in ut.otlier paptr must tlrM
be offered tu that paper I.��r publication OeitMO
It v..,i appear in "Thk Mimes."
Goltlcit, it. ('.
TliriiSDAY, .IAN'. 13,  1808.
The North Kast Kootenuy Minors' As-
eoiuution have petitioned the lion. Col.
linker to oppose any amendment to the
.Mineral Act which would make it
incumbent on prespoetora to do development work before recording their claims.
The ttH8ooiation hold that legislation in
this direction would be a detriment to
the country, especially North- Kast
Kootenuy, -and would have a strong
���tendency to cheek prospecting, und thus
retard mining dovolopment. There Is,
lio doubt, much in this contention, but
tha; the mineral aet needs amendment,
so as to prevent a few prospectors from
tying up a whole section of country for
���an indefinite period, will be conceded.
wo believe, even by the association.
How to get over this difficulty without
injuring the vocation of tho honest pros-
ju'ctor, is a point upon which tiiere is
great diversity of opinion, even among
food practical men. While nil admit
that upon the prospector primarily de-
"ponds the prosperity of the mining
industry, fair will deny that he bus not
f,bused his privileges in very many
instances by staking off a far greater
Number of claims than he has any hope
of disposing of or any intention of working. Uy u partnership arrangement
with somo unprincipled man, he can
prevent others from touching these properties as long as he likes to hang on to
them, dog-in'the-manger style, as the
claims are simply transferred from one
loan to the other year after year. In
(his way large tracts of country have
been practically tied up for years, undoubtedly to the detriment of tho community. To remedy this evil several
valuable suggestions have been made.
Provincial Mineralogist Carlylo favors
such an amendment to the mineral net
to*- wilt render it necessary for the locator of a claim to do a certain amount of
work upon it before he can record the
properly. This opinion is endorsed by
\i-ry many, but it has its opponents, who
re think, very fairly claim that such ll
.provision would practically do away with
the professional prospector, to whom the
discovery of Home of the best properties
iu the country are due. Thore are men
who live In the mountains and make it a
business io explore for mineral deposits.
They do not calculate upon working
them themselves, but hope to sell their
information to others. Thin is perfectly
legitimate, and sueh hardy pioneers
deserve every encouragement. On the
other hand there are men���and as a rule
they know lit tie or nothing about tuin-
vralsor mineral Indications���who band
themselves together and stake out a
whole mountain side; they wont work
it themselves, nor will they allow anybody else to do so, but simply keep
transferring the properly one to the
other as lung as tiiere is any hope of
selling a piece of il. This is the type of
prospector that Is objectionable.   .Some
months ago we suggested a remedy for
this evil, which we have no* yet heard
disputed. It was this: That an extra
ehaige, say of $1, be made  for recording
ii claim, if tiie assessment work be duly
performed within the prescribed time
(twelve months) then another year's
grace should be allowed iur further operations, hut should nothing be done on
the claim, tho fact should be reported
ni least n fortnight beforo tho expiration
of the term, and the extra dollar paid
for recording might be applied to advertising the fact that no work bud heon
done on the particular claim. This
would give any person (he right of
relocating the property, but no person
should be allowed to do so twice. Thus
the combines now operating so detrimentally, would be broken up, nnd one
. great point achieved.--Nelson Kcouo-
CAST   V3.   W��ST.
Can it he that Kastern t.'anuiia is jealous of the great strides uf progress that
���. the Western portion of the Dominion is
j mukin;',  which  might be interred from
] the tone of certain of the newspapers in
the older portions of Canada?    Ii it it
; true that u sectional feeling is beginning
to its foul head in one section of the
'country against the other it should be
stopped, for If  it  i-i not it Is certain to
| bring forth as its legitimate children a
j long train mi evils.     It should be maul-
��� fost to these papersawhicli are harping
] against our interests, that if we prosper
so will  they.     If we take gold, silver,
j copper, lead and other valuable minerals
. from  tho boaum of   Mother Earth we
: cannot, while doing so, stop to construct
machinery, to  grow   wheat,   to  make
' flour, to tend Hocks and herds, to weave
���cloth?; and  to  pioduce the many staple
articles we must have.     We get those
tilings from the provinces nnd territories
to the east of us, uud In return for them
I we pay thom with the gold that we wrest
from the rugged ribs of the mountain,
It iii apparent, therefore, that, thero is
no room for any sectional differences; on
tho contrary, only the best of footings
should exist between all parts of  the
great Dominion.
Manifestations of this sectional, narrow and bigoted feeling is noticeable in
recent editorials of the Globe of Toronto
j and other papers in that vicinity, which
j are now busily engaged in throwing cold
j water on the progressiva policy that the
\ Dominion government is pursuing in the
j West.     This is a most peminlous spirit
; and the worst advice that could be given
to the j lowers   that he.     It   is obvious
that these papers do not understand the
situation.     They do not realize that the
! government,   by   the   appropriation   ul
j funds for mnch needed public works and
| tlie granting of subsidies in the construction of railways, will open up a country
j that will pour its wonderful metalliferous wealth  into the lap of Canada for
! generations to come.    The sum so ex-
'��� ponded will not he a tithe of that which
I will   be returned.     They do not realize
that theso appropriations and subsidies
would open up the very richest section
of British North America.     Either this
j is the case or they arc inspired by simply
; a  narrow, bigoted, sectional  feeling.���
; Kossliiud Sillier.
j.w- ~s.iv-niuar,*uni*at ,:iv
Goldon to Foil Stoelc.
olden to Carbonate    17 miles
Uojt Itanehe     22    "
'*      SpIUimnchene	
"      Shorty's	
"       McKay's	
"       Windermere	
"       Urcwer's	
"       Canal Flat	
"       Wasa (Hanson's).
"      l'ort ,'teelo	
��jfcv waiwMwm >��������"
- ~*-Mfm ����������*������. Mimw <���
Tho  Discovery of   PromliilncProi-
pect9 Causes a Rush for
Fort Steele promises to have Its own
Klondike on Ih'Oivery creek next i-prin^
Recently there has been a rush foi
claims ou the creek named, which empties into the Wild HoTSU about three
miles from this city. A few days ago il.
0. Jennings brought in some splendid
specimens of coarse gold, and now every
bit of tlie ground on the creek hae been
taken up.
Mr. Jennings, in company with Alex.
Poison, K. I,, [lore, M. A. Parsons, and
J. E. Uyan have during tlie past summer
been doing some extensive prospecting
near the mouth of the creek on two
leases of eighty acres each running up
thu stream for one mile from its confluence with the Wild IIor*e. In the early
days, ns ia well known, some twenty
millions wus taken out of the Wild
Horse in a distance of about four miles
above and below the point where Brewery Creek flows into it, ami considerable
gold lias i\Uu been washed from the
gravels of rhe latter creek. It was
thought that if bedrock could be reached gold in highly paying quantities
would be found. Mr. Jennings and his
partners started iu last eummer to get
down to bedrock, with a shaft 7x9 feet.
At. 20 feet depth the water came in on
them pretty freely, and a water wheel
and pump were installed to carry off the
How, but after going IR inches further
they found their pump insufficient to
cope with tho water.
Another shaft was started about 200
feet further down the stream, but here
again at about 20 feet depth the water
forced them to put in a steam pump,
and this proving insufficient a second
steam pump wns put in. This allowed
them to get about 10 feet further down
when they were again stopped by the
inflow. At their lowest level the specimens of coarse gold mentioned above
were taken out of a single pan, two of
the colors going 15 cents. The gravel is
loose. Mr. Jennings believes that the
appearance of such course gold indicates
that they are now very close to bedrock,
and ho went to Spokane this week to
procure a pumping plant targe enough
to cope with nny possibl-j inflow of
water. The plant is to he brought in nt
once, aud will probably be installed and
at work within a month. The prospect
cortiilnly seems very tine.
On a lease just above thoKO of Jennings A Co., but removed to rising
ground about -100 feet from the creek,
j Col. George Dohorty hns been ut work
during tbe summer putting down u
shaft, and at a depth of 22 feet found
sonic rich pay dirt. He is not yet sure
that ho has got to bedrock, or whether
the rocks exposed at the bottom of the
shaft are fragments. In this shaft thero
is no How of water on account of the
elevation above the creek level. Tho
gravel runs from 5 to 10 cents to tho pan
and Mr. Dohorty, who is one of the
veterniiB of tho Wild Horse excitement
of tlie sixties, thinks it possible that a
second Wild Horse will be developed on
Brewery Creek this coming summer.���
Fort Steele Prospector.
VICTORIA, hy tbcUracoofClod ,oftbo rnlU'il
ICInydoui oi Ureal Hrituinaml Ireland tiuoeu
Defender nt tin) Faith ,*c.. &v,, A>!
To our fiiitliful ihe Mombera elected lo nerve In
thu Legislative Aiweuibly of "ur Province m
llritisli Columbia ut Our City ot Vletorlu-
DeputyAllornej'.Oencral. I *' an* dutdroni
and t'exolvcd, oa suon iu may he,to meet Our
people <>i our Province ol British Columbia,
and i" 11live their advice In Our legislature:
Now know V.K. that for diveracaiueu and
considerations, and taking into consideration
the ease uud convenience of our loving sub-
JeeW, We havo tboUKhi Ut by and with the ad-
vice of uur Executive Council of the Province
uf British Columbia, do hereby eohvQjte,and by
tii*-��u presents enjoin vou, ami euch of you.lhut
on Thursday, the Tenth day ot tli�� mouth oi
February, one thousand eight hundred and
ninety-flight, you meet Us In Our Hiild Legialn-
tore ur Parliament of Our tuid Province at
i iur eitv -nf Viemrla, 1*011 THK I> EH PATCH OK
nrsiNKSB, totreut, do, act und conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature ol the
Province of British Columbia, by the Common council of Our sold Province mayi by the
favour of tiiv,', bu ordained.
In Tej.ti.monv Whi-'jixop,   Wc have caused
these Our letters to be mnd�� Patent, ami
the Orcat Seal of the saiil Province to be
hereunto aiHxod:   Witnkss, thu Honour*
able Thomas R. McInnkh, Lieuteiiaiit-irov-
truor oi our said Province of British Columbia, Our City of Victoria In Our aaid
Province . this thirtieth day of Deuombai
in the year ol Our Lord one thousand
i'ii-li( hundred and ninety-.-.even nnd In
the sixty-first year of Our Reign.
Bv Command.
���JeSO Provincial Secretary
���t SITTING ot the County Cnitrt of Kootenai
* * will be held &t the Court House, on Thtir*.
day the Utith day of January 1893 ut 12 o'clock in
tbe afternoon,
Bv order.
Donald,R.t'��� January 7th 1808,
v SPECIAL MEKTINO of Ihe shareholders ol
���"���   the (iolden Lumber Company,  Mmitci-
f.tability, will he held nt Ute llftlei
jf (Ue r-jmmiiy hi (iolden, Briti.-d*
Columbia, on FUIUA V, 2lnt JANUARY, law. u;
Ifl o'clock a.m., for the purpose of Manciionlu-t
a sale of prupcrty of the Company,
Golden, D.C., Pec. 90th. 1397.        ilSOJR-13-SO
MOTK'Y li . Tt-hy riven that I shall apply foi
-' a api-eia. timber licence to cut timber m.
the followlinr described Und.-J :-Cninmenel:tj.
.it h post Ml Middle Fork of Flnley Creek,pom
situated Um feet to the north of lUrnieV
Corral, N. K.; thence run��Iin; 1Mchainsiiouth;
thence70chains west; thence 1<JUchains north;
thence 70 chains oast to the post of commence*
men: [containing 1,000 acres about.
Golden. B.C.,  October 20th, U97-
vOTICEIs hereby given that 1! apply for
" a special timber licence to cut tlmucr on
the following described lands:���Commencing
at u post on the North Fork of Finlty Creek, �����
rrons the creek from the head of Brady's Pitch,
north-east peat; thence running south lfio
chains; thence west 70 chains ; thence north
li;o chainsi thence cast 7U chains to post ol coin-
Fort Steele, October S0tb,18V7,
"COWASlltH ACT, !SB7."
No. 11/117.
rpHIH is TU CERTIFY that ihe "(iolden BrI-
1 Columbia, Liinitcil," is authorised ana
licensed tu carry ou buslucss within the Province of British Columbia, aud to carry out or
effect nil or envoi the objects hereinafter* set
lorth to which tue leglshufyo authority ol the
l.egisluturu of British Columbia extends.
Tlio head olllee of Hid Company la situate at
No. il, Queen Street Place, City oi London, England.
Tlie iimotiui of the capital of. tho Company Is
jC8,O00; divided imo six thousand sharesoi-CI
Tho head office of the Company In this Province In nltuate si 'iolden. and Wiiliiim Gilbert
Mitchell-lnuuSj whose address is Golden, British Columbia, is the Attorney for thu Company,
The Objects iur which tlie COIIlpauy  lifts been
established and so licensed are:���
[a.J Tu purchase, take on lease, or otherwise
acquire, mines, mining rights, and mutalllfer-
me imui and any interest thurelu, and to explore, work, exercise, develop and urn to
account the sames
[bj TocriMli, win, got, quarry, smolt, calcine,
reliiio, dress, uinalgumaiu, iiittiiipiilttte.purehase
ami prepare for murkel, ore. metal, nn<i mineral snbstaiiues ot nil kinds, nnd to carry ou,
eithor upon or In connection with tha premises
or olsBwhere, the IiihUicsb of miners, millers,
.smelters, and workers ol any processes In tbe
production, reduction and making merchantable, of minerals,metals and metallic products,
supplies of water, merchants, and monufiiBtur-
era, aud workers ul auv uiiuorals, ifletals, nrti-
eies and things used in or tu connection with
mining, mllUligi smelting, aud uthei processes
nlores.iul, or any ol tnem ;
[i'l To search for miaes and minerals either
on land known toeouitiu audi mines and minerals or otherwise, aud to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rigtih of seureb or other miners1
rights or claims uuder nny mining statutes or
regulations of anyplace where the Company
carries on opuratlons, and auy other rights n-
SUeutlllg the sume:
[ill To acquire options, or outer Into contraoti
for the puruhase of any grants, concessions,
leases of-setts, easements or interests in lanos,
waters, uiillsiies, lownsltes, mines, minerals,
and oihur hereditaments, aud any [ilailt, machinery, Implemeut*), conveniences, provisions
and things, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or Immovable, ior purposes
incidental tlieroto or to uuy other objects or the
Company, or capable of being used in connection witn metallurgical optnuionsur required
uy workmen or others employed by the Company, and to work, transfer, let or sublet tbe
[e) To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, eapable of being used ior tlie purposes of the Company, or any of them, anu to
work, transfer, let, or sublet tue same:
f. To acquire ami undertake the whole or any
pttrt of the business, property and liabilities, oi
any person or company carrying on any business which this Company is authorised to carry
on; uud to acquire and hold any shares, utoeks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, ue-
jotfubteor otherwise, of or other interests In
auy English, colonial or other companies, as&e-
Clutldlls or unucrtiikingseiipiLbleoi Oeiug ueu.-
.tged or conducted so as directly or indirectly
to beneHt the business oi the Company. Also
to advance money on any sueh shares, stocks,
oonds, obligations, debentures, securities oi or
other interest in such companies, association*
or undertakings, uud to accept auch shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures orsuour-
ties as partial or lull security ior puymeuts due
to the Company:
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or join wills
outers in acquiring, consmietiag or hiring uny
mills, canals, waterworks, inacLinery, roaiie
ortages, tramways, railways, engines, plant
stocks, buiidiuK", wonts, matters or tiling*
-vhleh may be necessary or convenient iorin*
purposes of the Company, or uny ct tiitm, auu
io tue working ot the sume or auy part tbereoi;
h. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
jr sell, or orherwise dlsposo of, marge or deal
with, in anv manner whatsoever, tne undt-r-
.akiugor any part or parts ol the property ol
.lie Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
euseineUM in or over me same, and to ueeept u
.mvuiciit thereior either cash or shares, or
i��artiy cash und partly shares, in any oilier
jomuunv purchasing theuaine:
i. To establish auu maintain agencies of tie
Company in any colony, dominion, ttn\:iBi.
country or state, and to procure the Compauy
io be registerru or incorporated In auy suci.
coluuy, dominion, foreign country ur state:
j.'l'o amalgamate with any other company
nuving u-ijevtii aitogellK-i' or In purt aimiur in
the objects of this Company, aud to enter into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal ton-
jessiou or oiuerwise, v.itn any company or
I'trsou or firm eugn^ed or about tonngakein
*uy business or transaction wnlch this company is authorized to engage In, or eapable oi
adug conducted so as directly or indirectly to
oeueiit this Company:
k. To hold, in the names ol others, any,property winch the Company is authoiiseii to
Acquire, aud to cany on or do any ui tin
businesses und aewanu things aforesaid, either
-ii principal or ugeut, an j eitner oy the ugebcy
���ji or as agents or trustees lor others:
1. To liinke, purchase, soil, accept or Indnrsi-
oills of exchange ami other Instruments, negotiable or r.ttierwiscund to borrow money either
.villi or without K-i'tiuiy, uud either upon nt-
joiluhle liistrumeuts or otherwise, inciuuiut.
the issue ol uebentures charged upon all or ait)
ul the Company's properly (nol.l present uhu
.uturei, including us itlicalled eupital:
m. To promute and lorni ot tier companies for
auy ot the objects uK-utioued in this Mentor-
ii. To Invest and deal with the moneys of the
Company not Immediately required upon sueh
securities und iu such umunerus from time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of the property of the
Company uinong the members in specie:
p. To carry ou binding in any part uf the
world and to do all audi things aa ure incidental or conducive tothe attainment of the uhove
Uiveii under my hand aud seal of ofllee at
Victoria, Province of Britisli CoUimbiu, this duy of Ot tober, one thousand eight hundred aud ninety-seven,
mOTK'E I* hereby given that I shall apply
*' ior a special timber licence to cut timber
on the following rimt-ribed lauds :���Commencing at a inilnt on Flnley Creek, at thu head oi
tbe canyon, north-east corner post; running
\rn\ 2tm chains; thence 40chains south ; thence
200 chains east; thence 40 chains north to point
of c.iriiir.ciii'tuiMxt ; CUIitalldng abullt 1,000
J.   C.   DURICK,
Fort 8l��elt,October 21 ��t, |8W,
VOTICK IN HRREBTrUVKIf thatapplfeatloa
4' win be made to iho Parliament o* Canada
and to tbe Legislative Assembly utthePrbvinco
of BrltUb Columbia at their respective setsioni
to incorporate a Company to construe; a railway to be operated by steam or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, in K-iSt Kootonay,
British Columbia���tbe mosl northerly point on
the crow's Nest Railway,���thence running in a
northerly direction up tbe Kootenay River to
Canal Flat; thence to the Columhia Lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
River to the Canoe Kiver; tlienee up the Canoe
River and across Ihe Portage lo the headwaters
of ihe Fraswr River; thence down tho Fraser
River to QUcoma Portage; thence across the
Portage to Parsnip River; thence down the
Parsnip River to Findlay River, and up the
Findlay River and across the divide to Frances
take, and thenue to the Yukon, with power to
divert the route of tho line north of (ilscotne
Portage either by way of DttOSO hake or as may
be found most suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch tines
not exceeding sixty miles in length und all
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone Hues for
the transmission of messages for the public; to
build, acquire and steam and other
ves.*����ls and all necessary ferries, wharves und
aonknj to tske and use water for generating
electricity, and to transmit and dispose of tho
power therefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to cuirv on
the business of n general trading company, of
anoxproHooompanyi shoti*. own, manage and
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits uud operate saw mills, for the production
and sale of lumber, and to mine, explore ami
develop mineral lands and to carry on a general
mining and ore smelting business, including
the erection and operation of smelters and
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa 5th November, 1807.     lln-tt
8. Y. W00TT0K,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Merchant  Tailor.
Scotch,  English,   Irish  and  Canadian
Tweed Suitings.
���3-old.esi, - . 23. C.
S. ADLER, Proprietor.
GOLDEN,    -    -    -   B.  C.
First-Claw In every particular.   Convenient lo Railway Depot and Itaasbeat LandlBg.
Rules Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with fHeamcr for 7ert Steele evary
Houdav and Friday aflcr arrival of train from tbe west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts       ��� ��� ���
'Modern Conveniences   ��� ��� ���
liest Cuisine in the West ��� ���
Commodious Sample Rooms ��� ��
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigar* ���
Go to the
Columbia JPouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
zssa��^Golden, B.C.
���*��.H"?utlqu**.rters For-q***
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
��3a/tGS $1-00 I?��r Da3T-
Board k Lodging $5 Pkk Wkek.    First Class Bah.
VOTICE is hereby given that application will
*���' be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia, at Its noxtiMM*
lion, lor a Private lii'.l to Incorporate a Com-
pany to build, equip, maintain mid operate a
line or Hues of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, In Kar>t KoutcuaV, thence by the
most feasible route to the SI. Mary's Hiver;
theuce In a westerly dtrecttou to the beau-
vat 'I'xot St.Mary's River: and t.lno In nn easterly and northerly direction from some point on
tne said linen branch lineup the Kami Koote-
'itiv Valley to tlie neighbourhood ol Horse
Thief and No. '1 creeks and the mlnc<dn that
vicinity; with power to the said Companylo
construct u Him from the Dull Rlvei tirotip of
Mlli'is, ill Kast Kooleuay, to the most con-
veuiiMit ptdnt on the main \\\w of tbe
Crow's Kent Pass Railway; and al��o
to authorize and empower the Company, lo
build, irom time to time, brunch linen to
group* of mines and couceutralors from any ol
the three above-mentioned Hues of rullways,
mich branch lines not to exceed twenty (iW)
miles In length) with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, mid to equip mid operate
the said railwuy and lis branches, and to erect
slid maintain nil necessary works for the generation nnd transmission of electricity or
power within the urea of the operations ol the
said Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
tiaw-imlla, and acquire water privileges to con-
���truct dams, tinmen, etc., for Improving nnd
increasing the water privileges, und to mukfl
tea file or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other companies,and lor all otbtr
usual and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for Ihe Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 25lb Oclober, RUT. 4n Ct
pUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that rtpnll-
1 catiol) Will be made to the Parliament ol
Canada, at the next session thereof, for an Act
changing ihe name of The Iiominiou nulldluit
and Loan Association to that of The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company,
Dated at Toronto, this 17th day ol November,
2 Toronto Htroet, Toronto,
n3i-9t Solicitors for Appllcoats.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents* Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
WINDERMERE,    Tt fi     ���*^r\
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandiw.   Minm'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
��� James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choie. TViiics. Liquors and Cigars.   First diss ��ccoi��m��l��tio��.
East Kootenay^.^^
Mining Stock List.
Name of Company.
mt. fiicx.
Tho Gold Hills 0. ft ft Co	
Kootenay, Cwlboo M. ft I. Co	
Golden ft Kort Stoolu 1). Co	
$ -50,000
%  600,000
t    75,000
Kast Kootonay ami Elk Hiver Development & Exploration Co	
^P-u-r��   Fxseli   3Dr"U.g:s   at   ID.  2&.   CALDES3    &>   Go's.,   Q-old.erL, WWWjIJSjjlg.._  _ ������.�����������.__��� ii iiiJ   m i��ii��_ _
Report of  Minerals and Mlnee for
The annual report ol mineral atatiflticp
and mines lor 1800, just published, contains the following by way ot' introduction :
In ISSrt the total mineral production
oi the country, as pet* direct returns,
Fiippleincnted by close estimates where
complete returns could not be obtained,
was valcud at a little ovor ten million
.lobars. In 1890 the value of Canada'**
mineral production bad increased 125
percent., or to over twenty-two and n
half million dollars. Talcing the data,
given for tho United States in tin.
volume of "The Miueral Industry,1
i-a-sucd by " The Engineering and Mining
Journal" of New York, we find that in
a similar period the increase thero has
been only about .10 per cent. The
mineral production of the United States,
however, is of course vastly greater than
that of Canada���the latter III lS'JIi
amounting to about l|i_ par cent, ol the
former. The relative per capita production of miiH'rals for the two countries
is as follows, viz.: for Canada about
$4.50, aud for the I'nitcd'States about
ifS. The rapid growth noted above is,
however, a most encouraging feature,
and the present outlook for mineral
discovery and development in Canada
would seem to promise a rapid rate of
increase for many years to conic. The
main part of this increase must of course
bo ill those minerals which permit of
being exported and sold in foreign
markets, as tbe home market in necessarily limited and grows slowly in a
country with so small a population and
in which the population is scattered
over eo large an extent of territory. This
also influences in an important way the
question ol distribution, enhancing considerably the cost of carriage from the
producer to the consumer, and even
rendering many of our deposits of
the lower priced minerals unworkable at
a profit at present. Great improvements
have been made in this respect of late
years, and others are contemplated in
the near future which will bring some
ol the most promising mineral districts
within economically reachable distance
of extensive markets and help considerably toward the expected general growth
of the industry.
Itisinterssting to note the proportions
���contributed by the various minerals
towards the grand total, and their
arrangement, according to importance,
as io the following table, brings out
some instructive points:
Coal, 21.94 rer cent, j gold, 12.30 per
cent.; silver, 9.50 per cent.; bricks, 7.10
per cent. | nickel, 5.25 por cent.; petroleum, 5.11 per cent.; coppor, 4.52 per
cent.; building stone, 4.43 per cent.;
lead, 3.20 percent.; limo, 2.88 por cent.;
asbestos, 1.90 per cent.; salt, 1.50 per
cent.; natural gas, 1.22 per cent.; gypsum, 0.76 per cent.; iron, 0.05 per cent.
It will be observed from this that coal
contributes nearly one third of the
Dominion, while gold comes next with
one-eighth. If the figures for 1897 were
available, it is likely that gold would be
found in the lead, as, according to
I'nited States statistics for 1897, the
Canadian production of gold increased
over M,000,000 last year.
The total mineral production (or 1890,
with value, is ns follows:
Minerals���Coppor, 9,393,012 pounds
���1,021,1X10; gold, 134,498ozs.,$2,780,080
iron, 91,900 tons, $191,557; lead, 24,199,
977 pounds, $721,159; mercurv, 4,435
pounds, $1,940; nickel, 3,397,113,'$!,18.8,-
1190; platinum, $750; Bilver, 3,2115,343
ozs., $2,149,503.   Total value, $8,055,945.
The non-metallic minerals, including
coal, structural materials, clay products,
natural gas, petroleum, mineral waters,
etc., were produced to tbe value of
$14,303,880, of which coal contributed
$7,220,402, a little over half. The grand
total of mineral production for 18911 was
thsielore $22,009,825.
C jod for Ten Years.
.lames Dibble, discoverer of the Dibble
group in .South East Kootenay, was
recently interviewed by the Spokesman-
Keview on the conditions of this district
nnd gave thut journal the following
" While there is considerable activity
there it consists chiefly in many small
deals being made rather than in a few
big ones. Nevertheless the district is
attracting capital, and when the Crow's
Nest I'ass road gets in there I look for n
rapid development and Ihe investment
ol large capital.
" The Dibble group, which has now
passed into other hands, is showing up
well and is proving that the ore goes
down. One tunnel is in 400 feet and
another tunnel, which is in ore, is in 160
feet. In this tunnel there is two and
one-half feet of solid ore. A shaft has
also been sunk. It started on nn inch of
oro and had teu inches when work was
shut down for the. season.
" The Keystone, about one and one-
quarter miles from the Dibble group, on
the head of Maus creek, has a vein that
varies frum two and one-half feet to an
wide as thirty feet in places. This runs
from $5 tn as high us $52 in gold uud the
assays rary from fifteen to fifty ounces
of silver. Little development has been
done bo far ou the property.
" Many good discoveries wero made in
this district this year and several hundred locations filed. Dovolopment work
is being doue iu a small way on some of
them, although the weather prevents
much being done except assessment
work. On Tracy and Wild Horse creeks
are most of the locations, but many line
looking properties have baon located on
the St. Mary's. Bull river and Elk river
have also some claims that show up
exceptionally well. I understand that
they have struck it rich on the extension
'of the Corouado group on Wild Horse
" Despite the large amount of prospecting done in the district this year
there is-still a wide field for prospecting
for the next ton years."
Colonial  Ministers  as  Company
According to intelligence Irom British
Columbia, the protests made in the
English lliiiinclul press against colonial
ninisters "booming" Klondike and
ither companies by allowing their names
,o appear on the list of directors have
met with a responsive echo in public
" out west." So strong is the feeling iu
the colony against llritisli Columbian
cabinet ministers i-onm-cling themselves
with speculative companies that their
doing so is likely to have startling
political consequences to them. Attention is to lie called to the matter iu the
legislature, and il will be inailc a party
question at Ihe general election next
year. If there is au agitation against
tlie practice in llritisli Colundita it ought
to extend to Western Australia ami
other ol our colonics, whose ministers
also lend their name and fame Io the
company promoter, Hut there is gome
excuse for British Columbian ministers
adopting Iho profession of the "guinea
pig." They are, after all, persons of no
great social importance. Their salaries
only average ��800 per annum, with nn
allowance for tra\e'ling, whicli seems
very poor remuneration for administering the affairs of an important colony.
If British Columbians do not want their
ministers to dabble in speculative companies they shuuld pay them better.���
Money, December 25, '97.
Now is the Time.
It will pay anyone seeking a new
location to investigate the merits of
South ICast Kootonay and Wardner; and
if you contemplate anything of the kind,
it would be well not to delay the matter.
There will bo an unprecedented rush to
Kast Kootenay in the spring and Wardner will be the objective point. Tlie
boats will he running in a little over two
months and the people will be pouring
into this country from all over Canada
and tlie States. If one desires to be on
the ground lloor, it will be necessary to
move quickly, Wardner is a busy town
now, but within two months' time a
complete transformation will have taken
place. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities to be presented
in South Kast Kootenay, no matter what
town may have your preference. The
early 'bird will catch the commercial
worm in this country, and it promises to
be a most luscious morsel.-International.
How Sad I
A Fort Steele young lady, in a powerful petition to the Prospector, begs foi
the assistance of that paper in securing
a dentist for that town. The young lady
adds strength to her petition by adding
in effect that bad teeth changed her
" romantlcal ideas of the elysium of a
lover's kiss." The lady is entitled tc
sympathy. After waiting, perhaps, for
many weary weeks for some diffident
young man to arrive at that stage of
ecstatic bliss where he musters up sufficient courage to implant upon inviting
lips' a lover's kiss, to have dolusiont
harshly swept away by the keen disappointment of coming in closer contact
with odiferous molars, is sad indeed. II
the young lady will come to Wardner,
she will find many young men with
teeth like precious pearls who arc
anxiouslv waiting for an opportunity to
impart the delightful sensation of "the
elysium of a lover's kiss" In a manner
tluit will prove eminently satisfactory.���
Wardner .International.
No Resignation Yet.
Britisli precedent requires that s
minister, who has been connected with n
company that lias failed shall resign his
Lord Heury Lennox dropped out because of this rule, and so did Mr. I
The doctrine is that n politician who
in private concerns neglects affairs ought
not to be in the service of the crown.
A plea of ignorance may have its effect
ou the public mind; but it does n.H alter
the case, so far us tlie continuation in
public oltice is concerned.
There is a delicacy appertaining to the
ministerial position whicli, it is held,
must be observed.
Mr. Mulock, who was always a sticklor
for the proprieties, nevertheless still
clings to office.���Mail ami Kuipire.
Canadian        IJ. F. PUGHS
Write for pamphlet descriptive) of tlu; routes
to tin1 Yukon country
mul sailing thiU's.
rates, etc.
Cheap Rates to  California and to the
Quickest route to the
East and to tbe Old
via   St.   John, Portland   or
New York.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
An old man Brutally Murdered near
the C. N. Pass.
Word has been received bore that an
old man named Smyth, who owned a
small ranch near Gamett's ranch below
the springs, was brutally murdered a
few days ago. It seems that be was riding in his sleigh when three men insisted
that he should carry them. He refused
and they assaulted him, beating him in
a most ferocious and inhuman manner,
gouging out one eye, kicking his nose off
and otherwise mutilating his body. The
issailants made their escape ami the old
man was found, but nothing could be
done to save him, and he died after lingering two days iu great agony. Tlie
assault took place near the loop, about
ten miles from the Pass. Tlio mounted
police were notified and a vigorous search
was instituted. Monday night word was
received here that three partieB who
answer the description had boen captured and that there existed little doubt but
that they were the riglit men.���International, Wardner.
The most comfortable hotel in South
Kast Kootenny. (Iood Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Torms
Wm.   Eschwig,
Warrlngr     .^--v
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The liest stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
(Jood accommodation A Moderate Term*
'      First dati Feed SUblei.
J   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
Mlnlater of Miaou and Provincial Keerotary���
Hull. Col, Jhiiu's Diiknr.
Provincial Mltwralnjihit   W. A. Carlyle,
public A.*sujt-r* il. Carmlchflcl.
GOLD rullllUitOKUfM.
Por tlie Province���\V, s. Core Victoria
South Dtstfiut comprihins Fori Steele nud Tobacco I'ltiln-   Milling   hlvIslotiH -J.   1'. Arm
strong Cranbrook
Nortii Ulatrlctcomprising Donald, Qolden ami
Windermere Mining Divisions -J. E. Uriffltln
;. Stlrrot Donald
1". C. ljin;; Gol��len
li. Ooldlo Windermere
0. M. Kdwards.. Fort Steele
M. rhillljW Tobacco Plains
Doputy Clerk of the Poncd lor North East Kootenay Josiah r>tlrr*U , Donald
Deputy Clerk of the Peacti Iur South East Kuot-
eiiay   Clmrlei Mostly lidwiirtU... .J/ort Stoele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes i:\plaininjf Fully tho
Value and Necessity of a ** Free
Miners,f Certificate���No Person Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Abv pcrun OTor 18 years of ftyt, nay be
come a free miner by paying f8 U> any gold
couimliiiouer or mineral recorder and obtaining a eurtiflc&tu good for one year.
A true miner may obtain a new certificate for
one lorn on paying |1.
A free miner's certificate in not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, licld a* renl wutatr without license, may
lie fined tT> Mines become roul entatw after
crown grant has been ivuied.
Should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner's
certilieate his interest goes to bis co-owners pro
rata according lo their former Interest*.
A Hhareholder in a Joint stock company need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim 1.100x1500 fpct. But
alt angle* must be right angles and all rugasur-
miint must be horizontally.
A free miner may rut timber on crown lund*.
A Tree miner may kill game for bis own use
at till scniont..
A free minor may obtain five acre millsiteupon crown lands in the form ol a square.
A claim muy be held from year to year by
work being done to tho value of one hundred
Lodca discovered in tunnel may bo held if recorded in 1-3 days.
A free miner may on payment of fuOO, in lien of
expenditure ou claim, obtain a crown grant.
Any miner may, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain nc-cc-ssary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim or interest
shall be enforceable unless in writiug, signed
and recorded.
No minor shall nutter from any art of omfssion
or commission, or delays on the part of ibe
government officials.
No claim shall bo open lo location dnring
last illuesNs of holder, nor within VI months
after bis death, milt** by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within 13
days after location, if within 10 mites of office
of mining recorder. One additional day is al-
owed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
Work on each mining claim to tbe valnt ��f
$100 must be. done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or bis agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done mum ho filed with
the gold corumissionsr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of each year from tho date
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to filing notice
of his intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
sueh claims, all the work required to entitle
him to a certificate of work for ��rcUclaim, The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding adjoining claims In partnership.
In lieu of abov e work the Minor must pay $100
and gut receipt and record tbe nine,
-*��*. 9<$ <-**��*.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its l>raneho��.
Our Specialties:
Note Heads
hotter Heads
Hill IIohiIs
Hand Hills
Calling cards
Itusinvis Cards
f.iuv Uriels
Lumber Hooks
Hank Work
Promisor* Notes
Receipt Forms
Share certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job  too
No Job too
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
$75 to $150 Each according to
PWp,-.*w�� ,__��, _   One-tlilrd down, balnnoc in three and k!x
"��� W^-iiJ-to -      months, without Interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia-
Tf^^gtition & uramway
Co., Limited,   and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the  C. P. R. at Golden, B.  C.  and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of V. C. Co'y, Golden.
General  Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Coinpay.
IFort Steel��, S. C.
Choice Winks, Liquors a*d Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Haleyon Jot springs
The Tlnest Health Ttcnort on the Continent.
Private Hospital under medical snperinten-
dwice with ft Trained Staff_ of Nurses,
rvimpletit System of Unth", of every kind
ami description,
Medfcal Director��� DM. R. 0. BRETT, Baxft.
Resident Phyilcian A Surgeon���DR. SPANK1R.
East Kootenay Pub. Co. Subgcri^e for ��� TjjE MINER;>
Aa/srexti����   in.    "THE     E.A.ST      ICOOTIHIfcTJ*."!?     ^XZfcTEJK. Tl
Mr. S. Harbor is expcctoil back from
bis visit to the coast this week.
_ ., ,:    A silting ol the eonntv court will be
The Fort Steele in��ll stw ou w��.tl UelU ut Dbii��ltl courtliouse oil tho 20th
lionntl nn 1 itoHuay morning, Juki ;i break j   :   t.,
down ii few miles from town, causing a
loniponlry  rteluy  unci  necessitating  n|    11(.,vilt DoBt0ck, M.P., lies beon com-
return to etrteey'a ranch for repairs,
Tiiere ;trt* now nearly 300of tho gentler
Hex in DiiweonCityyariouslv employed at
from $300 to frlODOu month. Thodimate
is not so Bovero ns it ntmnred to bo, and
ii properly outfitted there is uo oxtremo
Hardsliip for women,
Mr. A. .1. Mitquiiv, of tlie C. l\ K.
jirKlt-je and building department is on
his way to the Crow's Neat i'mss with a
feting of 22 mun. Tltey will Hpond the I
whiter building Biiodn and depots along
Uie line pow bein;,' couatrneteit.
]tutted for trial charged with criminal
libel in tlie Province ne\vs| iiper on
Premier Turner and lion. Mr. Pooley.
Work on the Maud W. und Standby
claims, in the International basin, i>
being closed down for the rest of ihe
winter months. Mr. .loltl'fe leaves for
the east this wee!:.
������ ~^m> .-tmh+Mm��� *���-
A Glorious Wook at tho Curlln'.
A Scottish oxuliaugo has the following
Verses on the roarin' game:
bun iiie
Th" chief event in mining circles dur- f ���
Ing tho past week has been the sale of n,�� h,lls:i" tho green woodi
the  Whitewater mine iu Sloean.   The to some
purchase price is said tn have been close     In u,��Blwo tho lino rimmer weather
bubal} a million dollars.   The mine has An '"K'ts re,lvto !l" tl,eir lienrt stlrrine
already paid In dividends $100,000. |,|:;in""'
Mr. .1. C Tom, ('nlgary's estoemed
me reliant tailor, has moved his business
headquarters to Golden, recognizing the
position this place will attain in tbe near
future. Thk Mi sun extends its best
wishes to Mr, Tom and hopes that lie
will meet with unbounded success.
John Turner, of tlio Vancouver custom
house, has been appointed by. tho government to attend to the custom collection on tlie Stickine river route tothe
Yulciin. This is the BOCond post tbe
government lias established, tbe other
being al the lakes beyond the White and
Chilcoot passes.
ft looks mightily as though there would
be some fighting between European
powers over tbe China question. It
would do Russia and Germany both
good to got a severe " drubbing," which
they cortainly will, if they go too far with
their nonsense, llritisli Columbia will
furnish the lead if the other fellows will
do the lighting���SllvcrtOnian.
Among the recent news received from
the Klondike is the intelligence that
Archdeacon McKay, along with three
friends from the neighborhood of Winnipeg, have secured claims on Hunker
creek, which has from strikes made upon
it recently become almost the equal of
Bonanza and Kl Dorado. The friends of
the archdeacon will be gratified with
this intelligence to know that he is well
aud doing well.
The inquest into the death of Edward
Luxtoii, one of the victims of the London city hall disaster, which tool; place
on Monday night, January 3rd, has been
concluded. The jury alter being out au
hour returned a verdict declaring that
Luxton's death was due to suffocation,
and concluding as follows: The evidence touching the matter has been
carefully gone into and the jury is unanimously of the opinion that the sad
iH'ciuTeuee was purely accidental.
As a result of the recent tour of
inspection westward the Molsons bank
has resolved tocstablish several branches
���of its business ��� iu British Columbia.
Among the places where a branch will
be immediately established is llevelstoke. The ground for suitable premises
has already been purchased, and its soon
as the building is erected ami completed
banking will commence. Tbe directors
have in contemplation in the near future
the establishing of a branch in Kast
A Toronto dispatch s:iys: Negotiations that were going on here between
tbe Mail newspaper and the World, hy
which tlie former paper was to absorb
the latter, have fallen through, Mr.
McLean was to have become managing
editor of the Mail. The story is that the
debts of tbe World were found to be so
heavy that the Mail refused to assume
them and tin* deal fell through. Mr.
W* F. McLean, it is said, was iu Montreal recently, endeavoring to form a
company to start a one cent morning
paper in thai city.
It is understood that Canadian goods
for Yukon district will be allowed to
pass through the disputed territory without payment of customs charges under
regulations Boon to be put in by tho U.S.
customs authorities at Dyta. (ioods nre
to be entered at the customs at Dyea or
Skagway on a list which will be checked
by the l\ S. officer at the frontier or
possibly at Tagish. If tho goods are
found to correspond with the list they
will then pass without further charge by
the U.S. customs. The intention is on
both sides to remove any unreasonable
impediment in the way of transferring
Tho Hudson's Ray Company are <lis��
trlbuting a very useful, handsome and
attractive folder upon the Yukon (iold
Fields. The outside cover is a brilliant
display of red and gold, while inside is
to be found a very complete map showing the various routes, with tbe Company's many posts clearly distinguished.
In addition to this, the printed mattor
gives much information, both as to
routes and what is necessary to bo taken
by miners and prospectors. This affords
another example of the progressive
nature of the Hudson's Bay Company's
business. The enquiries which they
havo had from all parts of the world from
people seeking information about tho
Yukon, and the other gold fields of Canada, has induced them tu get out this
publication, which will be sent free to
any one who will write for a copy.
1 lilelth-
let   tlu
Iii nmiiy ti rythmi
Bv pastures so gre
thoy will.
An' list to the glad rlvor't
But gie us stern winter, the
An1 a glorious week at the
hard frozon
Keen curlers rejolco when the erapaarc
a' iu,
An'   the  davs  ttirnin'  shorter   and
An' they merrily bmeh  when the frost
king appears,
An' thoir besoms they manfully ehoul-
The highways an' byways are blocked up
wi' snaw,
Owf*r  ditches   an'    dykes  they  are
For hinna they dreamed, the iang simmer through,
O' a glorious week at tho cnrmV?
Tho'  icicles  form   on   moustaches an'
Their hearts nevw sink below zero.
But up the slid rink each true man will
An' soop ower tbe " bog " like a hero.
What music so gran'as the bum o'tbe
As up tbe keen ice it gacs wburlin'?
An' O, how infections the health an' the
O' a glorious week at the curlm11
It swells oot the lungs wi' the purest o'
air,        '
An' the heart wi' the kindest o- feel in'
An' " jolly good fellows " as equals meet
Wae  the  ha',  tbe   manse,  an1   tlie
It smoothes frae the brow the wrinkles
An'   straightens   the   back    of  the
knurl In',
An' naething will lichten the gloom o'
Like a glorious week at tiie enrlin".
Notice to Taxpayers
liol.l.n, January loth. ink.
The Best Doer In Canada Is made by tlie
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Bt-or, Ale and B6da"Water
insist on getting Calgary Beor ovory time. They
all have it.   Tlio company's agent for Kant
Kootenay In
H.   G.  PARSON,  Golden,  B.C.
Northern   Division   of  Kust
Kootenay   District.
VOTirE is HEREBY GIVEN in accordance
L? with tin* Btatutoa that Provincial Revenue
Tux and all taxes levied under the Assessment
Act ur>.! now due for I he year IMS,
All of the above named taxes Collectable
within th* Northern Division of Knit Kootenay
District are payable nt my oilier, Iho Court
Honsr, Ooldon.
Asneiiied tuxes are collectable at the following
rates, vir..:
K t>alil ou or before .lune BOthj IS*.
Three-fifths of om> per cunt, on Real Property.
Two und ono-half per cent, on unseated value
ol wild land.
One-half o[ one per cent, on personal
On so imii'ii of the Incomes of any person as
exceeds One Thousand Pollard ihe following
rates, namely: rpon such excess of Income
when the sum fs not more thiui Tun Thou-uid
Dollars, one per cent.1 when audi excess is
over Ten Thousand Dollars aud not inor.i than
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and one-quarter
of one per cent.] when Mich excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one aud one-half of
one per cent.
If paid ou or after the 1st Inly, IBW.
Four.fifths of ono per ectu. <>n Real Property.
Throe per cent, on the assessed value or wild
Three-foiirths of una per ceni. on Personal
On so much of the incomes of anv portion as
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
rates, namely: I'non such excess when the
same Is not more than Ten Thousand Dollnrs,
one and one-quarter of one per cent.; when
such excess Is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, one
and one-half of ono percent; when such excess
is over Twenty Thousand Dollars, ono nnd
three-querters of one per conl.
Provincial Revenue Tax, $3.uo per capita.
P. 0. LANG,
Assessor and Collector.
Is the best advertising medium in East
is llio next thins on mv programme,    In order lo
uiul to make
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
Has the best equip,
ped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
will bo given on muny articles, particularly on
Glassware & Crockery,
Furniture & Drugs.
These Goods must be Cleared.
i .
Seneral nJerchant
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Print
ing  at   reasonable
Stoek Taking Sale.
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Fancy Goods. .
teles i Warren,
<3-old.e3a., 33-.C
We have just received a largo consignment of superior
stationery and are prepared to do all kinds of first
class job printing at living prices. Call and get oilr
prices before ordering your supplies for 1898. *\Ve
guarantee satisfaction. Mail orders receive prompt
attention. ������..-*."' -,:; ������  ���
East Kootenay Publishing Co.,
Q-old.��EL,   S.C'


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