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East Kootenay Miner 1898-12-23

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Devoted to the Mining Interests and Development of the District of East Kootenay.
Vol. 2, No. 22.
Golden, B. C, Friday, December 23, 1898.
$2.00 Per Year.
From Golden to the Boundary, Via Fort Steele, and
Out by Crow's Nest Pass.
By Basil, G. Hamilton.
In addition to this there is a never-
failing supply of water In the St. Mary's
Kiver, four miles distant, which can
easily lie tapped and its waters
brought in. Cranbrook has an altitude
of 2,500 teet���a mild climate in winter
-and cool in summer. A sure evidence of
the standing of the town is its financial
institutions. Head amongst concerns of
this nature in tho Dominion of Canada,
in the way of being most conservative
-with the public, are' the banks. Rarely
does one open a branch in a new town
without being satisfied as to the certainty
of its advancement; yet, in the case of
Cranbrook, the Canadian Bank of Commerce, one of the most wide-a-wake
institutions of our country, has opened
up; this it did on the very day that the
railroad entered the town. The enterprise was rewarded: for, in tho course of
a short business day, within a few hours,
it took in tlie round sum of twenty-five
thousand dollars in deposits. Every
���Ither class of business suitable for a
(Bod-sized place has been established;
���ojurches are also represented. The
railway company will establish a round
house with accompanying shops for.
repairs and supplies. Their crews running east and west will find it to their
advantage to reside here, and no small
revenue will be derived from the other
employees who will find Cranbrook
the most suitable place for their homes.
Altogether, its prosperity may be looked
upon as an assured fact.
As one travels on towards the boundary of Canada, the, river valley becomes
���slightly wider and more settlers' dwellings are passed. At Tobacco l'lains, just
neur to the line, is quite a prairie occupied by manj* who ore well-to-do.
Leaving the road and branching off by
train uloni; the Crow's Xest Pass line
Irom Cranbrook (Beautiful Cranbrook)
through Wardner, lying on the Kootenay
River, with all its shipping facilities, the
passenger reaches another place whicli
, is fast coming to tlie front; it is tlie
town of Elko, on Elk River. Its situation is on a high level plateau above the
river, a spot from whicli vieweof peculiar
beauty may be obtained. There are
three falls all lying within the townsite,
making a total descent of 136 feet, furnishing a water power for manufacturing
purposes which cannot be beaten ii the
district. The immense coal beds are not
above twelve miles away, and the mines
of Fernie, twenty miles off, are already
shipping. The town will be benefited by
the opening up of copper mines, for it is
the one furthest selected for the mining
and shipping of the coal that lies in the
tremendous beds in its district for the
making sf coke. Elk River enters the
townsite at the west and furnishes
facilities for water power. As in the
case of Cranbrook, so here: the Canadian
Bank of Commerce has opened a branch;
all other businesses are represented.
The chief Industry of the placo is receiv-
ing attention from tlie Crow's Nest Coal
Company, who are much interested in
ths opening of thom and of the building
-of a place for the turning of coal into
coke; they have pat up fifty ovens as a
starter. The company's mines are situated about five miles out and are connected with the main line of railway by
a wagon road and spur track. Many
neat and and comfortable dwellings have
boon erected in ths town for tbe convenience of their workmen.
The tremendous coal fields so often
spoken of lie near to ths eastern side of
the Province of British Columbia, and
continue on into Alberta. Between the
eastern side of the Rocky Mountains and
the valley of the Elk River is an area of
144 square miles, Impregnated with coal,
destined to bocome one of the most
productive parts in all the coal fields of
Canada, According to tho report of Dr.
Selwyn, C.M.G., the director of the
Canadian Geological Survey, made in
1800, a rough calculation would give
about 40,052,000 tons por square mile
their avorage elevation is betweeu four
and five thousand feet. The coal has
lieei' analyzed by Mr. G. C. Hoffman,
V.I.e., chemist and mineralogist of the
*oftgical Survey, the gist of whose
xirtis: " It yields by slow coking a
liulky, coherent, highly vesicular coke;
by fast coking, a firm and lustrous coke
In-concentric layers, in which the form
fff tho parliclc.s pf coal from which it has
been derived is entirely obliterated, and
about the same, or if anything, less, bulk
than the original coal. When heated in
the covered crucible, it produces a large
amount of gases which burn with a
yellow, luminous, very smoky flame;
tho color of the ash, pale reddish white;
when exposed to a bright red heat it
remains unaffected; at a more intense
heat it bocomes very sintered. This
material constitutes an excellent gas
coal, not only by reason of large volatile
combustible matter it is capable of
affording, in wliich respect it is superior
to a very large number of cannel coals
which are employed for gasmaking; but
also from the fact that this would appear
to be a superior quality for illuminating
The report of the Geological Survey of
Canada states regarding this district,
which the articles have covered, that,
" The whole of British Columbia south
of latitude 52 degrees and east of the
Cascades is really a grazing country up
to an altitude of 3,500 feet, and a farming
country up to 2,500, if water can be conveyed to it for irrigating purposes." It
will demand not a little faith by those
living in the same parallels of latitude in
Europe to believe that wheat will ripen
anywhere at all in altitude from 250 to
3,500 feet, and other grain at even more.
Nevertheless such is the fact.
[To be Continued.
Tha Province Gives Away 30,000
Acres of Land, and Receives
Nothing;  In Return.
As referred to in another column, thc
land of which the public domain was
plundered for the construction of a canal
between the Upper Columbia Lake aud
the Kootenay River, and which was
never accomplished, extends from Canal
Flat almost to the boundary. This laud
is now lield by the Kootenay Valleys
Land Company, who nre endeavoring to
dispose of the same; but intending purchasers should go slow until the result of
tlie investigation���which will lie made���
is known. Tho land hits all been surveyed, and laid out in lots.
Between Canal Flat and Mud Creek
the company holds Lets Nob. 10'.), 110,
111, 112,113-and 114. Out of Lot So. UO
it has disposed of 60 acres to Hon. Mr.
Lascelles, who has built a residence on
the same. On Bummers' Flat are Lots
Xos. 116,129,130 and 131 in Group 1.
The next land is on Bull Rivor, where
are Lots Nos. 117 and 118 of Group 1,
while north of Bull River are Lots Nos.
123 and 127. The next land going'south-
ward is on Sand Creek, where there are
Lots Nos. 120,121 and 122, and on Gold
Creek ia Lot No. 124. At the mouth of
Elk River, where the company haB surveyed and laid out the town of Elko, is
Lot No. 132. Opposite Elk River is Lot No.
133, and south of the river is Lot No. 123.
Between Canal Flat and Mud Creek the
company hold between 4,000 and 5,000
acres; on Bummers' Flat about 4,000
acres; on Bull River 1,500; in Sand
Creek about the same quantity, and over
12,000 acres in the vicinity of Elk River.
The company is charging a good prico
for the laud, and as soon as the assessment roll is completed wo will publish
lull returns of the value of these lands
as given up by tlie company to be
assessed for public revenue, as also the
prices the company is demanding for the
different portions of the land. The contrast will be rather startling. Should
the result of the Inquiry be that the
land does not revert back to the public
domain, the company' should by legislation be compelled to sell the land to the
Government at the value it is assessed
for taxation, or otherwise pay taxes
upon the price it demands from Intending purchasers. Either of the two
courses would be mure equitable than
the present mode the company adopts of
one value for taxation and another value
for sale.
Church Services.
On Christmas Day thore will be Matins
and Celebration of the Holy Communion
nt 11 n.m. at St. Peter's Church, Gulden.
Evensong und Sermon at 7.30 p.m. at
St. Paul's Church, Goldeu.
Service will be held in connection with
tlie Methodist church on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at 11 a.m.; (Iolden,
at 7.30 p.m. Everybody is welcome at
these services.
Prayor mooting on Tuesday nt 8 p.m
Services will be held thu first, third
nnd fourth Sundays of ench month during the winter ut 7 30 p.m,
Sunditv School and Bible Class at
2.30 p-ty.
Presentation to Mr. Hobbs���A
Birthday Party���Masonic
(From our own Correspondent.)
A most enjoyable time was spent at tlie
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs on
Tuesday night' the occasion being the
presentation of a gold watch to Mr. T. E.
Hobbs by the boys in tho shop, as a token
of tlieir esteem and friendship. About
twenty were present, and the proceedings opened with a speech by Al. Vye,
who expressed his regret at having to
lose T. E., but pointed out that railroad
life wns one of continual changes, and he
felt that when he said Mr. Hobbs was
held in high esteem by the men, both
for his fair and impartial treatment and
his earnest desire to see that everybody
got his just dues, he voiced the sentiments of the shop boys generally. Mr.
Vye then read the following address:
Donald, B. C, Dec. 20,1898.
T. E. Hobbs, Esq.
Dhak Sir,���Wo, the undersigned, on
behalf of the Mechanical Department,
who have been associated with you for
the past ten years, learn with deep regret that you have severed your connection with us, having been promoted to
Vancouver shops. We felt that we could
not allow you to leave us without expressing to you our esteem and high appreciation of your sterling qualities as a
foreman and a friend. We also tender
you our greatest respect as an official of
the C. P. R. for your fair and impartial
dealings with us���true to us, yet loyal to
the company. We also feel, in expres-
lingour regrets, we voice the sentiments
of your many friends in the mountains
who join with us in wishing you every
success in your new position. We feel
it a just and well-earned promotion, nnd
hope ynu will be as successful in your
now position as you wero for ten years
hero. We have yet to learn nf anything
you have undertaken proving a failure.
AVe beg leave to present you with this
gold watch as a token of our esteem on
the eve of your removing your family to
Vancouver, and we pray that the giver
of ull good will blesB you and yours with
happinesB and prosperity.
Signed on behalf of the shop boys: J.
Mathie, Al. Vye, B. Williams, E. Trimble, W. Arroworth, J. McLeod, W. Chapman.
John McLeod then presented the watch
with a speech suitable for the occasion.
Mr. Hobbs responded, thanking the boys
for their presentation, and hoped that in
his new position he would be fortunate
enough to have such a steady and industrious let of mon as he had when leaving
Donald; for when a foreman enjoys the
confidence of ids men the somewhat
onerous duties of the position are considerably lightened. Refreshments were
then passed around, after which James
Mathie favored the company with a well-
rendered song, followed by a comical recitation by Pete llooley. T. E. Hobbs
then gave the boys the latest story from
Vancouver, whicli keptovoryone iu roars
of laughter, after wliich Win. Chapman
gave a song, followed by Messrs. Palmer,
lteckley, Williams, Mathie and Trimble.
Just at this point Jack Match came in,
causing much merriment with au Italian
song, which was rendered in a rather
spirited manner, Closing remarks were
then made by Al. Vye, and responded
to by Mr. Hobbs, the affair closing with
threo ringing cheers and a tiger for the
host and his family, "Auld Lang Syne"
completing a very interesting and pleasant evening.
Wo regret to report the sudden death
of Ab. Stirrett, brother of onr popular
-mining recorder, Joseph Stirrett. The
lutter went to Sandon, whoro the body
was interred.
Tho following officers have been elected
for Donald Lodge, A. F. & A. M., tor tho
coming year: Ed. Trimblo, W. M.j Jos.
Stirrott, S.W. | R. W. Patmoro, J, W.j
Vic. Anderson, Tyler. Elaborate arrangements are being made by the committee appointed for St. John'B night,
when all squaro men aro cordially invited to bo present.
A birthday party was given by Mr.
Thomas Johnston. Turkeys and geese,
together with a w-ee drop, received ample
Wo noticed a wail from a "Donald
Girl" in the columns of your contemporary Inst week, Wo beg to submit another wa.ll, from a. "Donald Boy." \{ this
town docB not move pretty soon, wc are
very likely to discover a poet laureate;
and then, oh, ye shades of Shakespeare,
look out!
How oft I have poudorcd, the same I have
At the 0. P. R. o[ renown.
They have dinned in our ear, and made
it quite clear
The workshops will leave the old town.
Sir William Van Home says, "Since I
was bom
I never saw a placo like this."
And yet lie ill-treats us, and says ho must
leave us
To ourselves and our hapDiness.
One day he did say, "My plans I did lay
To give your fair Donald a park;
The streams from the mountains, will
supply the fountains
That I'll erect for you some day."
But we've waited and waited, and now,
left belated,
We see not the park nor the land;
We see the mountains, but not C. P. R.
So suppose he was giving us "sand."
Although it's our wish, we cannot help
AVe would if we could have our way���
But we'll all give a cheer for Donald bo
AVith a ringing Hip, hip, hurrah I
Capital Needed In British Columbia
Mr. Hartley H. Dewart, County Crown
Attorney for York County, who has been
on an extensive trip through British Columbia, has returned to the city, says the
Toronto Mail and Empire. He is vory
much of the opinion that the country has
not at present enough capital to develop
its resources.. That it has unlimited resources he is quite confident, and he believes that there is no part of the Dominion that offers sueh inducements for
young men. There are numbers of mining
cit-iiis wliich, if properly developed,
would grow into flourishing towns like
Rossland. The difficulty with the country up to the present time has been that
nil representatives of capital, and particularly the representatives of British
capital, havo been anxious to realise on
their investments. -They went ahead
and erected stamp mills without properly
developing their properties. As a consequence claims were abandoned before
their values were determined. There
wero many such properties in the mining
Matters Muchly Mixed.
Just as wo expected would be the case,
the olla podrida at Victoria, called a
Government, is already at loggerheads,
and so likewise aro its followers in all
parts of tho country, says the Vancouver
AVorld. AA'ith such spirits as Semlin,
Martin and Cotton, it is a cat-and-dog
life from morning till night, and from
one week's end to the other. Amongst
the party heelers in Victoria the fiat has
gone forth that Premier Semlin must go.
On the other hand, the Conservative
wing of tho Government's supporters
vow vengeance against Joseph Martin, J.
Fred. Hume and Dr. McKochriie. What
a happy family, to be sure, the Provincial
Government is at present I The ship of
State Is amidst tho breakers, and ere it
can reach a haven ol safety, it will become a total wreck. Unholy combinations, such as now exist at Victoria, have
never prospered, nor is it possible for
them to do so. The end, therefore, is
near at hand.
Tho following pupils have been promoted as a result at the semi-annual examinations hold on Friday last:
Promoted to Class V.���Ernest Sutherland, 622; Mary Connor, 538; Charlie
Bubar, 508) Malle Anderson, 500; Minnie Woodley, 435.   Required marks, 425.
Promoted to Class IV.���Willie Houston, 403; Ida Bookhout, 4SS; Maggie
Archer, 428; Ella May Lovo, 381; Emily
Kenny, 375; Arthur Jaynoa, 375. Required marks, 375.
Promoted to Class III. (Senior).���Lottie Woodley, 299; George Lovo, 207;
\'iolotPugho,273; LilaLovo, 275; Bort
Hanna, 275.   Required marks, 275.
Promoted to Class III. (Junior),���
Minnie Sutherland, 411; Jack Parsons,
274; Blanche Lpve, 257; Addio Antoya,
222; Mabel Archer, 204. Required
marks, 200.
Promoted to Primor II.���Charlie Dal-
quist, Arnold Hanna, John Soles, Bevor-
ley Nattrcss, Harold Tom, Joe Sutherland, Albert Solos,
Monthly standing oi First Class, without examination.���Allan Hanna, Kova
Nicholson, Owonn Sturfiirlli,
Many Promising Properties���A
Miners'  Association Organized���Newspaper
to lie Started,
Mr. C. A. AVatt, AVinderraero, has, on
behalf ofhimsolf and his partners, bonded
the Red Line Group on Horse Thief
Creek to Messrs. Stoddart, Collins and
Robertson, on behalf of a Spokane syndicate, for $50,000. The group consists of
No. 1 and No. 2 Red Line and another
claim. It is situated six miles up McDonald Creek, a tributary whicli joius
Horse Thief Creek thirteen miles from
the Columbia River. There is a fine
showing, the main ledge being twenty
feet wide. It is a copper property, carrying gold, and has assayed f 12 in gold,
with 12 per cent, of copper. The claims
were staked late in the fall, and the bond
will be taken up in the spring, if the engineer's report ou tho property is satisfactory.
The Sitting Bull and the Mary G., on
Boulder Creek, n tributary of Horse Thief
Creek, have been bonded to Mr. R. B.
Bruce, for flO.OOO. The first payment uf
(1,000 has been made. The owners are'
Messrs. C. T. Johnston, B. Morigenu, AV.
Kenny and George Starke, Windermere.
The mineral is galena, and assays show
800 ounces of silver to the ton. There is
a vein of eighteen inches of solid oro.
Messrs. Kimpton k Starke have put in
a winter camp on their property ou the
North Fork of Toby Creek, and have a
force of five men working. After tho
shaft had been sunk 40 feet the character
of the ore changed, and appears to be
richer, but no assays of this ore havo yet
been made. Previous assays made iu
Rossland gave 1,200 ounces of silver. The
shaft is now down more than 50 feet.
Upwards of 800 mineral claims have
beon recorded in AVindermero Mining
Division during the past season.
Three townsites, in addition to Windermero townsite, have already been
staked out. Mr. Mulholland, of Ross-
laud, has staked out and surveyed on
C. T. Johnston's ranch on the west side
of the lake, which he recently purchased,
tho townsite oi Copper City.
The Hon. Mr. Aylmer, Golden, has
acquired the pre-emption at Salmon
Beds, belonging to Jim McKay, on which
a townsite will bo shortly surveyed.
Messrs. Ncavcs, Brnce nn.l Gilbert
Mitchell-Innes have staked out a town-
site, Columbia City, on the west side of
the Columbia Rivor, midway between
Toby Creek and Horso Thief Creek.
Mr. C. A. AVatt, AVindermere, has left
for a well-earned holiday, which he will
spend nt Tacoma. ,.
A Miners' Association has been formed
at AVindermere, and at the meeting, iu
the Public Hall, last AA'ednesday, upwards of 50 miners were present, Mr. C.
T. Johnston in the chair. Tlie following
nlhcors were elected: President, Mr. AV.
B. Abel; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. H.
Mitchell-Innes, C. T. Johnston and Snm.
Brewer; Secretary, Mr. O. A, Brown;
Treasurer, Mr. AV. Taynton; Executive
Commltteo, Messrs. Hugh liordon, J. R.
McLeod, AV. Kenny. The ofllcers and
w-mmlttoe wore instructed to frame a
constitution and pvepare by-laws, and
submit them to a tuture meeting.
Keepyouroyeson',AVindermere lor next
season. Thore is going to be a 'jig camp,
with many rich properties.
A public meeting of tho inhabitants in
and around Windermere w as held in tlie
schoolhouse last AA'ednesday to piomnte
the appointment ol a resident doctor for
AVindermere. Mr. C. T. Johnston occupied the choir, and a committee was appointed to draw up a petition and forward the same to tho Provincial Government for a grant of $500 a year as an annual allowance to a doctor who might
be induced to settle und practice in AVindermere Mining Division.
AVindermere is to havo a newspaper,
and arrangements have boon made, to
start its publication on April 1st, so says
a certain informant. AVo hope this is
not an April tool's joke, but a reality, for
this would be a sure sign of the advancement of tlie prosperity of AVindermere.
AVill tho party who found a white-
handled pockot knife ou tlu. sidewalk, bo-
Tim Mixkr wishes its rendorsaMorry,
Merry Christmas.
The C. P. R. ball will be held at Field
on January 15th.
Sheriff Redgrave, of Donald, was In
town ou Monday and Tuesday.
This is the season ot the year when
the small boy logins to be good.
Mrs. J. Carlin, of Kualt, who lias been
visiting Mrs. M. Carlin, left for her home
ou Monday.
Mr. J. A. Bates left on Monday for a
two weeks' visit at Vancouver and other
Coast cities.
Mr. AVhitney and family of Donald,
arrived in town ou Thursday.���
Revclstroke Herald.
Mr. Harry Gale left on Thursday to
spend the holidays at his former home
at Lacombe, K. AV. T.
The merchnntBof Victorinnre planning
to capture a large share of next year's
Klondike outfitting business.
Mrs. M. Carlin and children left for
the Easton Thursday, and will spend tho
winter with relatives in Toronto.
Mr. G. B. Mi'Dennot lias decorated his
store premises in an artistic manner with
evergreens, Chinese lanterns, otc.
Dr. J. Cross, of Donald, was in town
AA'ednesday. He came with a patient
for tlie Hospital.- Kamloops Sentiuel.
AA'e have receivod from the Barber A
ElliB Company, paper manufacturers, of
Toronto, an exceptionally handsome
Final returns from Albcrni place A. W.
Neill's majority nt 3(1. The vote pulled
was practically the same as at the general
election iu July last.
The Civil Service List of Canada for
1898 and thc Report of the Department
of Trade and Commerce for October have
been received from Ottawa.
As usual, there will be a Christmas
dance at Mr. Henry Atkinson's, Shorty's
Ranch, on Monday night, when a number of Goldenitea will attend.
Mr. G. H. Mitchell, late of the Big
Store, Golden, has taken a permanent
position with D. AV. Marsh, wholesale
and retail merchant, Calgary.
AVe are informed that a rink will
accompany the Revelstoke hockey team
on their trip to Golden, and that games
will be arranged on their arrival.
Mr. R. Jellcy, who has been operator
at the Golden station for the past few
months, left on Thursday for Lathom to.
relievo the operator there for a short
Hull Brothers have decided to erect a
shop at Field and will carry on tho
meat business there. Mr. Riley will
commence tho erection of the building
A meeting of the Golden Curling Club
will bo held at the rink on Tuesday
evening next for the purpose of selecting
rinks to represont Golden at the.Calgary
bonspiel. A lull attendance isrequoatcd.
Mr. AV. R. Hull, of Calgary, spent two
or three days in Golden this week on a
tour of inspection of his extensive meat
business in East Kootenay. Mr. Hull
reports trade as being brisk.
On Tuesday next Mr. J. I*nmontagne
will leave tor k lot* weeks' visit to his
former home in Montreal, nnd during
his absence his barber establishment
will bo attended to by Mr. AV. Dupeil, of
The Spokane Spokesman-Review on
Saturday issued averyartistioChristinas
number, tho cover being in colors and
containing half-tones of sovernl hundred
of the prettiest babies in British Columbia and Washington.
Thomas Leo, proprietor of the AA'ost-
crn Cigar factory, Winnipeg, has favored
his patrons with copies of a very handsome hanger calendar showing Ellen
Terry, the famous actress, iu oue ot_ her
finest stage costumes.
The annual Christmas tree entertain-
ment oi the Golden Methodist Sjjpday
School will be held in tlie oliliron this
evening, and besides the pm-untiition of
gifts irom the tree to the children, there
will be a programme of instrumental and
vocal music, carols, recitations-, otc. The
church has lieen artistically decorated
with evergreens, teslopiis, uuittoes, etc.
twoenthepostolhcoatid the, bridge, on 1 n(, ,,��� % vcry ro��� mA i���viti���gap,H.,ir-
Thursday, kindly return tho same to L^ Everybody Iseordlallv Ihvltal U,
The Miser office, as the knife was a, ,,,���,,,,_������,.,, swUWl(
Christinas present,'   Incidentally it mav |"', ' ' * ���     *
be stated that you'll got your reward In | evening. A
liver collection ��ill In lukciv,
up at Ilie door. VAST   KOOTENAI*   ST1XEP,  .QOLDEX,   11. <'., .FISIHAY.   DMCIC.AI Bi:i:   2}1,  W#.
7st Kootenay JWiner.
A Weekly Journal, published every Friday
ill IHeintert-styf-ll-'i .K.a*..! J>ootel|_iy Dislri.-l
, -.jmkliiB i-losest-ioiiiieeUgiis Willi all trains and
. luHil routes. .;:'
'' SUBSCRIPTION rates: By mall or carrier
}2.W |.er year in advance.
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column Inch, fj.uu per column tngh when in-
��� sertiid on Ilu. title page ;  legal ails. 10 eenls per
, n.ni-..-..r-,i! line for Hrst Insertion*!*, cents per
line'for each additional   Insertion;   reading
,.notices 18 cents j.c.1 line each insertion.
' (lliangesof ads.^uusl ueluollicc|;ollalertban
Ilirtli. insrriag. and death notices Inilfrtcd
Jtiee. . . . .
' JOII IIKI'AHTV.'.NT: Our Jol, llcpsrlment
is the best equipped printing ollice :i;i Kast
.Kuotellay and I,.prepared to do ileal, artistic
.printing al a re-U'.nablc price. One price tuall
-llall orders receive prompt attention,'
COHUK8POKZ)ENT8: Wo liivlls eorrespon
deuce ou any ipbjoot ol Interest lu lhe genera
J-iUbllO and dci-Jre a regular correspondent at
overy point lu fho Distriot.   In all oases the
'bona lido naioje o[ writer must accompany the
. nuinusoril.t, not necessarily Ipr publleatlon
l.u I as a guarantee ol good iaith,
1 <!orroBiir.;.*jeneo with reference to any matter
that lias appeared ln another paper must Hrst
..tie offered to that paper Ior pablioatton belore
,il ean appear in " Thk Ml.vKIl.j'
'   Address all communication
Golden, 11. V,
readily accepted. Sow that there is a
new* Goveriiinent in office, there should
be a searching inquiry, since it lias promised to rectify all wrongs and remedy
al) evils done by its predecessors. Let it
Wi up to its promises, and at least have
���iu investigation into this land swindle.
Because here stands the matter now���
J,he public domain has been plundered
of 30,000 acres ol its most valuable land,
and in exchange is n ditch wliich is not
lit for even irrigation purposes,
Every Canadian, for his country's tako,
lias reason to pray that a cipher may
truly represent tho final result of the
deliberations of tho Joint High Commission at AVashington. Canada docs not
want any bargaining with the United
States. A bitter experience has taught
Canadians that a treaty always means
loss to the Dominion and profit to the
Republic. There is only one way for
Canada to deal with tho United States,
and that is for Canadian statesmen to
cease worrying about what tho United
States will do or will not do. Canada
need not hopo to control the actions of
the United States, and there never was
a time when Canadians folt moro secure
in their own resources and more con*
fldent of a glorious futuro for Canada
without regard to the United States, its
policies, or its markets.
Mr. AV. A. Bjtillie (iroham was an
astute Englishman who persuaded the
jtlien Provincial Goveriiinent existing in
���1888 that it was possible to connect the
���Upper Columbia lake with the Kootenay
Jtiver bymcaiis of�� canal, nnd thus secure a freo waterway for navigation bo-
'tween Golden and Jenning's Landing.
The scheme looked very nice on paper,
but it was hopelessly absurd. Tho distance betwoen tho river and tho lake is
'not much more than a mile, but tbe river
is twelve1 feet, higher than the surface of
the lake, while portions of the river are
not navigable, owing to rapids and rocks.
Another serious drawback to free and
uninterrupted navigation is tho heavy
fall in the Columbia River between the
Upper Lake and Mud Lake, rendering
navigation impossible in that portion of
lhe river,
1 Notwithstanding the hopelessness of
the scheme, the Government was in-
Huced to enter into an agreement for
tho constructing of this canal, in consideration .of which Mr. Baillie Graham
Mas to receive 30,000 acres of the choicest
land ih East Kootenay. The substance
bf the agreement was that a canal should
���bo constructed whereby vessels of a certain tonnage andjearrying capacity would
lie able to pass through and onward to
lhe International boundary. A syndicate called the Kootenay Syndicate, Limited (afterwards merged in thc Kootenay
Valleys Land Company), was formed.
The canal was to be kept up for a certain
Jime and bo It for its purpose; but there
Was uo reservation lis to the lands reverting to tlie Government in thc event
bf the canal being unlit for its purpose,
" Tlio mad scheme went on���the work
of Construction commenced, the Government took over the canal, two boats were
dragged through, and that ended its navigation. How the Government oame to
take over tbe canal is a matter that demands investigation, But the curious
part Is that the Government had tq expend <2,500 on repairs even befqre tho
two boats were dragged through. Tho
Agreement with tho Government was
never fulfilled, and yet tho lands were
given away. Thc canal was unfit for
navigation wheji'it was taken, over, in
J880. -The Kerolo work of dragging the
boats through' was not accomplished
fentil the Upper* Columbia Navigation
Pdmpany came into existence, in 1801,
ind who inducpd the Government to repair the canal. A flood came the following >-ear and washed it out.aud another
12,500" was voted for: its repair. It then
occurred to the Government' to send a
competent person to inspect it, and ho
pronounced* the scheme'as hope Ipse; and
thus ended the canal, no more1 money
being spent *on this foolhardy scheme.
A few hundred dollars were judiciously
expended in filling in a portion of it to
prevent the y/aters of tho Kootenay
River, in high -flood, from flowing into
the Columbia I^ver and doing damage
to the ranches fA* the Upper Columbia
> H is a matter of surprise tliatrio public
inquiry has been made into this most extraordinary transaction. There is some-
thing wrong somewhere. Someone has
blundered whereby the country has been
Wandered, is an excuse which cannot be
*������ ���     * '   '	
There are several subscribers indebted
to this paper. AVe would like to get the
money nt once. Fact is, we have in
contemplation the purchase of an Xmas
present for Joe Martin.
Recruiting stations for the British
regular army are to bo established in
every military district in Canada, thus
affording the young men of this country
better facilities for entering the service.
There are said to be 500 women who
practice law in the United States and
10,000,000 who practice the piano, which,
says tho cheerful philosopher, proves
that there is more music than discord in
East and AA'est Kootenay furnish a
greater opportunity for acquiring wealth
than any other country on the face of
(ho globe at the present time. Their
ruining resources are unequalled, and
their development has virtually just begun.
Now York savings banks aro reducing
the rate of interest to i% and some to 3
por cent. Money is so plentiful it cuts
down its own earnings by competition
Thus does this accursed gold standard
comer money and make it impossible for
tho poor man to borrow, says an American contemporary.
Ottawa Citizen: " ' AA'o hold a vaster
Empire than has been.' Suoh is the
luminous and highly grammatical observation engraved on Hon. Mr. Mulock's
new Imperial penny postage. If Mr.
Mulock must have an original imprint,
he might substitute on the nest issue
something like: ' This is the only thing
about thc British Empire you can lick
with impunity,'"
..According to the lOtli annual report of
the British Columbia Board of Trade
British. Columbia is paying three times
aa inuoh per capita to the Dominion
Government as does the next highest
Province���Manitoba, This should be
urged When asking tar required improvements. As a rule, Western townsare
not asking for buildings and other artificial expenditures; they nre urging the
improvement of natural resources and
developments of tributary country, by
means of navigation aids, mail services,
surveys and the like.���Revelstoke Mail.
There seems to be no use of news
papers advising miners to be careful in
tho use of dynamite. Every little while
some man' or a number of men are blown
to pieces and. usually It is tlieir own fault.
Dynamite is a dangerous thing to be
around because what is done with it oue
day withoutim explosion will set it off
the next, and therein lies the explanation
of so niipff ab'crdepts. 'A miner wllldo
exactly the same thing witli giant; powder for twenty years and at last go'up in
he smoke doing it.
"pw vow wop,"
Best Paper, Lowest Price.
1/J6 Papers a Yenr.
One Dollar Fer Annum.
During the Spanish-American War The Thrice-a-Week
World proved its great value
by the promptness, thoroughness and accuracy of its reports from all the scenes of
important events. It Avas as
useful as a daily to its readers,
and it will be of as great
value in reporting tho important and complicated questions Avhich are always before
the American people.
It prints the news from all
the Avorld, having eorrespon
dence from all the important
neAvs points on the globe. It
has brilliant illustrations, a
capital humor page, stories
by great authors, departments
for household and Avomen's
work, complete markets, and
other special departments of
unusual interest.
We offer this unequalled
neAvspaper and "The Miner"
together one year for $3.00
The regular subscription
price of these tAvo papers is
$4.50 per year,
To Buy Good
Huch as
Seeleys,   Millots,
Roger & Gallets.
Golden, Ii. C.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B. C.
We Avish to inform tho
public that Ave are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties:
Situated on Perry Creek
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kotenay,
$75 to $150 Each according to
������������ ���������������������������������
One-third down, balance in three anil six
months, without Interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Mo moral ul urns
Note Heads
Letter Heads
Hill Hcadi!
Hand Rills
Calling Cards
_ Business Cards
�� Law Briefs
_\ Lumber Books
��� Bonk Work
�� Promisory Notes
L Receipt Forms
*? Bhare Certificates
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The Golden
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Fish and Game fu season.
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Muil orders reeolvc prompt attention,
& Embalming
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The Best Hotel in Reveistokb for Tourists and Commercial Mon.
A. E. BROWN, Proprietor.
The Quickest & Most Comfortabe Route.
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Intend spending
the winter in a
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. AV. Aylmer.
1st Vice-I'res.���AV, G. Mitchell-Innos.
2nd Vice-Pres.���AV. G. Neilson, J.P.
3rd Vice-Pres.���E. Johnson.
Secretary-Treasurer���E. A. Haggen.
The regular meetings of tho Association
aro hold on the first Tuesday of every
month at the Columbia Houso, Goldon.
In this Avide world
Auld Acquaintance,
Write or call for particulars of Rates, Routes, etc.
-=���*-. FORT STEELE, B: 0.
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Hawaiian Islands,
Bermuda and
West India Islands,
Old Country.
Reduced Bate.
Excursion Tickets.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
���>���-���*   , Winnipeg, Man,
BalgaMns *:Mel
IForfc Steele, 2^m CL
R. D. MATHER, J>rop.ri��i;or
Fine** Health
Resort on  the Continent.
���    . "ifrftfttc Hospital under medical superinn-w
. '.iien'c6f>(th  a Trained, Staff-of   Nurses.
Complete Bystom of Baflis.'nf every kind
and description.
Medical Director���DR. R. G. BRETT, Ba.vff.
Resident Physician 4 Surgeon���DB. SPANK1E.
If You  Get   "THE  MINER,"
If You Do Not Get It,
l y.'.tx.
Times are changed since wo were young,
There's much o' good and much o' folly,
I long to take a backyard glance,
When we were boys, and life waa jelly.
Along tlie snow-white country road
AVe sped in Christmas times so merry
To where the little gray-spired chureh
In festive trim and lights so cheery.
And vousg and old in Chriatmistide
Alike i�� happy, heartfelt pleasure
Made warm and brightonChristinasnight
The old-gray church in gospel measure.
Tlie country swain a new found hope
His robust heart confessing
When eom,e fair, buxom Polly Ann
His life assails with blessing.
Or, fairer still, the aged pair,
With hands and hearts united,
JSit side by side and murmur low-
Again their vows are plighted.
Ah, me, the times-are changed and past,
Are cannot livo them over,
But yet can make the future yield
Tho wealth of past endeavor.
So lives in memory green and fair
That part of life the brightest,
Aod God shall untie the darker parts
Of all tho best and rightcst.
WHAT, are you ready so soon, Mr.
Thornton?" came in a clear,
musical voice from  the dark
-shadow of the creeper-shaped porch.
"Ready?" laughed the man. "Aren't
you ashamed of yourself, Miss Anderson ?
Here I've been kicking my heels these
���twenty minutes, waiting for you to get
.that hat of yours on. Are you sure it's
-straight at last? There's a tearing breeze
up tine river and I'm afraid it won't stay
long at the correct angle."
"You're rude," returned the girl, with
a. merry smile, as she ran down the steps
on the lawn. " Well, come along, now;
you shan't accuse me of wasting any
taoro time. I'll race you down to the
bests." And she flew ahead of him so
lurnt that he, laden as he was with rugs
and cushions, was left hopelessly iu the
" Not fair," he gasped,.as, coming out
through a belt of rose-hung trellises,
they arrived on the low wooden landing
���stage that edged the gleamy waters of
the sunny stream.
A sailing dinghy of fair size lay off the
wharf tugging at its painter as the
���curreat caught it. A piping breeze
hummed in tho great oaks and elms
whioh lined the shore, and curled the
clear waters into crispy wavelets.
Carefully the young fellow arranged a
���eozy nest amidships for his companion
��nd gave her a hand in. Then, slipping
tho knot of the painter and himself
jumping in, in a minute hchad got up
the main nnd tiny foresail, and heeling
slightly over, they were away, tho sharp
bow slapping through the short ripple.
" Isn't this perfect? " cried the girl,
as, reaching the middle of the stream a
strong puff filled the sail and sent them
spinning along before it at a glorious
rate. The excitement hail Unshed her
cheeks and made her dark eyes shine.
Gerald Thornton's glance betrayed the
admiration he had so'long striven to
" What an ass I am," he said to himself far about the hundredth time,
" fluttering around the candle like some
wretched moth. I shall get singed in
the end. Yet���yet���sometimes I almost
think she does care. 0, if only I wasn't
such a wretched pauper, I vow I'd try
my luck���get out of my misery anyhow."
Carrie Anderson's quick glance noted
his momentary abstraction, and she
turned away to hide a smile. It was a
eoft little smile, and would have told
Gerald something if he had seen it.
Only, unfortunately, Gerald was too
busy with the sheet and tiller to notice it.
Gerald Thornton was a young man of
a tyne rare, perhaps, but not so rare as
some novelists would have us believe.
He had a strong sense of honor and
personal pride that though sincerely in
lovo with Carrie Anderson he would not
ask her to marry him simply because
���he had a good fortune of her own, and
he, comparatively speaking, a mere
pittance. He tried, indeed, to keep
away from her, but could not refuse the
kindly invitations of old Mrs. Anderson,
hor aunt. And Gerald had another rare
quality���modesty; another man would
have read a good deal more than lie did
in tbe girl's manner toward him.
They were now rapidly approaching
the " narrows," where a long, low spit
covered with thick shrubbery cut the
stream to half its usual width. The
wind was freshening and full on the
beam, aud the little craft lay over till its
gunwale was rimmed' with a racing
streak of snowy foam.
" We shall Just clear it without tacking," said Gerald, as they neared the
point. The water was fairly deep riglit
up to tho bank, and they slipped by
without touching bottom, though the
long boom rustled against projecting
" Oh, what lovely flowers," cried
Carrie, reaching over In a vain effort to
grasp a great spray of dsad white syringa
wliich hung far out over the water.
"Duck, Miss Anderson, duck I " cried
Merald sharply. As they passed he bad
suddenly noticed that around tho point
it strong slant of wind would take them
right aback. He threw his helm up, but
just too late. The long boom swung
sharply over and struck tho girl full on
the forehead.   AA'ilh  a  littlo  cry  she
slipped back  into the bottom of tlie
To loosen the halyards from the cleats
was with Gerald the work, ol but a single
moment, and as the big sail came flap
ping downwards he tenderly raised in
his arms the tumbled white heap ami
bent over her in perfect agony. An ugly
red mark showed just where the little
rings of hair curled over the forehead,
and a single drop of blood had started
and stood out on the white skin. Her
face was deathly pale and her eyas
tightly closed.
" My darling," cried the poor boy.
"Carrie, speak to me." But she lay
quiet and motionless. AVns she dead?
He could hardly perceive her breathing.
Quickly Gerald pulled out a handkerchief, and soaking it over the boat-side,
began bathing her forehead with tlie
cool water, murmuring nil the time
broken expressions of endearment.
Minute after minute passed, and still
she did not move. Gorald will never
forget the misery of those moments. Ho
was just making up his mind to give it
up and pull ashore for assistance when
suddenly her eyes opened. AVith a wan
tittle smile she looked up, realized what
had happened, where she was, nnd then
���Gerald could never believe his eyes
and senses���sank comfortably back into
his protecting arms.
"Don't worry," she whispered. It
isn't much; 1 shall be all riglit soon."
And she looked up again through long
black lashes. Gerald's resolutions were
like wax under a summer sun. AA'hose
would not be? He stooped and kissed
She blushed a little. " You've been a
long time making up your mind, Gerald,"
she said.
Gerald's head was in a whirl between
ecstacy and a remembrance of his resolutions.   He made another struggle.
" I have always loved you," he said
simply; " you know that. But I can't
ask you to marry me; you niuBt feel
Carrie's lips were wreathed in a little
" Must I ask you, then? " she inquired.
" It isn't usual, you know."'
Gerald stammered something to the
effect that he could not live on his wife.
'" You're a foolish boy," Carrie laughed. " I see I shall have to propose in due
form. And you can't refuse a lady, can
It was a year later. Again a brilliant
day, nnd again Gerald and Carrie were
spinning up the river in the Belf-same
dinghy. The girl, looking distraetingly
pretty, was leaning hack on her cushions
and gazing with undisguised admiration
at her loved husband's skill in managing
tlie boat.
"AVeli, are you tired of 'living on your
wife's money' yet, Gerald?" she said,
Gerald laughed. "I believe I earn my
living," lie replied.
"It's rather a good thing for mo that
you pocketed your pride and condescended to manage my affairs for me.
That colliery is paying for positively the
first timo. Why," she went on, "here
we arc at the narrows once more."
They spin past, neither.of them Bpeak-
ing, and this timo without a jibe.
"Do you think vou would ever have
proposed, Gerald, if it hadn't been for
that accident?" musingly continued Mrs.
Thornton, when they had rounded the
Gerald hauled in the sheet a littlo. "I
don't know, dear," he said. "I never
got such a fright in my life. I believe I
felt guilty of murder when I saw your
face so pale and held your limp little
body in my arms; but for me, at least,
it was the luckiest of accidents."���Tlie
Great Bargains
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W. Wfcyeish, Prop,
Strictly First Class in ovory respect,
Host Sample Rooms West of Winnipeg.
Tourists, Commercial
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G-��ld.en and Beaver,
Golden & Beaver.
Kootenay # Hease,
Ulloek & Barrie, Props.
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Fi Kt-cliiHH in evory particular. Convenient to Railway Depot nnd steamboat Landing,
Rates Reasonable. Kreetfamiile Rooms.
Tlie Tram Car leaves Kootenay ftoutto, connecting with Btcainer for Fort Sloelc every
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the went.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
Good Bread Essential to Health.
The hour was late, the lights burnedjlow,
The fire but half dispelled the gloom;
A youth and maid, with checks aglow,
Sat silent in the room,
'Twas Christmas eve, and half in jest
They would not Bay good-night, because
They'd vowed to watch nnd do their best
To see old Santa Claus.
Slow ticked the clock, they said no word,
The solemn midnight hour drew near,
And still no telltale sound was heard
Of Santa coming near.
Twelve struck, snd then, all suddenly,
A guest came in, surprised tho pair;
It was not Santa Claus, not ho,
But Cupid that stood there!
Some Seasonable Proverbs.
Here are a few seasonable proverbs in*
teresting, perhaps, to those who concern
themselves about the weather:
January warm, the Lord have mercy
The month whicli comes in good will
go out bad.
The first three days of Junuary rule the
coming three months.
If a Christmas ice hangs on the willow,
clovor may be cut at Faster.
If it snows on Christmas night, we ex
pect a good hop crop next year.
December changeable and mild, tbe
whole winter will remain a child.
Tlie Gormans say, "The shepherd
would rather see his wife enter the stable
on Christmas Day than the sun."
If the sun shines through the apple
tree on Christmas Day, thero will be an
abundant crop the following year.
The twelve days, commencing December 25th, and ending January 5th, aro
said to be tlio keys to thc weather of the
Nothing helps a grocer more than a reputation
for good flour. We have never deviated a hairs
breadth in six years, always sticking to but one
The Best
and one brand
Blue Brand
Miners, prospectors and housekeepers bear in
mind that we always fill your orders with Ogil-
vie's Patent Hungarian. We won't send you
some other brand with the excuse���" Justjas
Our flour trade has increased 100 per cent on      ,
account of always handling this brand of flour.
Seo. P. TI/c'Dermot,
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Windermere Hotel,
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Cigars, Etc., Etc.
To tlie Fu-Tolic   -*^r^'
STORE, situated in the Town of Donald, County of East
Kootenay, will receive during the next few days tlm
following Holiday Hoods :
TRUNKS            TRAINS
CLUHS (Children's)
TOPS         CATS         BANKS
TOY BOOKS               SCALES
Etc.         Etc.         Etc,
Mail Orders Receive Best of Attention.,. ������**,
rt Kco'tjs:;at mixer, ooi.dkn, h. c, Friday, pecembek sn.!, JSiis.
�����t��rrr��rmwu*. HM �����������
"spouts of thu win-feu. NEWS OF THE WEEK
Hockey Games.
There will be a hockey match on the
outdoor rink here on Monday next, com-
. jiiencing at 9 a. m., between the Golden
and Revelstoke teams.   Tho game promises to be fast snd interesting, since
Revolstoko has an exceptionally strong
team, and the locals are a rather fast lot,
the team being chosen from the following: Messrs. Taylor,  llowdon. Grant,
.Knowlton,  Winn,   Field,  Lnmontngnc
anil Harrison, The Revelstoke team will
arrive on Sunday's No. 2.   On Monday,
January 2d, Banff team will piny here.
,    In the annual hockey mutch between
tho Ladies' Clubs ol Vancouver and Victoria, at the hitter place on Tuesday, the
former won hy 2 uoals to 1,   Why don't
(he ladies in Golden organize a team, as
jn Eastern towns?
Skatlnn* Notes,
A pair of hilarious bushnion woro the
cause of much amusement and not a
, little inconvenience to the other skaters
nt tlie rink on Wednesday evening by
I heir schoolboy antics. It's strange how
|iar<l some people can strike the ice, and
apparently foci no 111 effects from it.
In reply to a query, we will state that
J. K. McCulloch's record for a mile, made
at the world's championship races at
Montreal two years ago, was 2 min. 43
sec. on a track a quarter of a mile long.
His record for a covered rink, 12 laps to
the mile, is 2.57, made at St. John's,
N.B., last winter.
John Nilsson, tho Swede champion
skater of Minneapolis, is preparing for
the championship races at Montreal on
February 5th next, when he will, probably meet McCulloch, betwoen whom
there has been much rivalry. Nilsson
claims to hold the following records: Oue
milo, 2.41 1-5; % mile, 1.17 1-5; three
miles, 7.42; five miles, 14.47.
J Harvel Baptie, who holds the skating
championship of North and South Dakota and Minnesota, and is manager of
the Bathgate Rink, is anxious to try conclusions with McCulloch, the Winnipeg
champion skater, ^
j,. ���wiwie jn... i.ii,  I   .ii ��� 11 m iihiij***-**-
Curling- Notes.
The Golden Curling Club has received
invitations from Winnipeg and St. Paul
to be present ut their annual bouspiels.
Friday night last witnessed the opening game of the season���President vs.
Vice-President. On one Bheet Rao and
McNeish did battle, resulting in a bad
beating for McNeish���President���by a
score of 20 to 2; ou tho other sheet
Warren���President���suffered defoat at
the hands of Ullock���Vice-President���
hy a score of 17 to 13, On Saturday the
competition was continued by Henderson
���President--and Groono for the Vice-
President, wliich also resulted iu defeat
for tho President by a score of 13 to 7
The competition resulted in the Presidents scoring a grand total of 22 to the
Vice-Presidents' 50, giving tlie latter a
majority of 28. All the skips were continually on the alert, watching every
move and play closely.
On Tuesday the first games ln tho
Jlryan k Lee competition were played
between Rao vs, Greene and Warren vs.
Ullock, both of whicli wore interesting,
although somewhat one-sided in both
cases. Rae held his opponent down
from start to finish, beating him in the
end by a score of 17 to 0; while on the
other side Ullock and Warren were adding more interest to the scene and were
fighting bard, although, like the other
game, it was also one-sided, Ullock beating his man by 13 to 5. Both games
Attracted a good deal of attention from
tho spectators and skaters, particularly
that betweon Ullock ond Warren, ns
the latter was expected to make a bold
effort to wipe out his defeat at Ullock's
hands last week, but luck was decidedly
against him.
On Wednesday some of the rinks
drawn failed fo put in an appearance, so
there was no competition game.
Thursday night Greene again met de*
(.>at, losing to Ullock with a of 9 to 17.
���        ���        t
A Skating  Masquerade Proposed,
It had been suggested, and almost do*
cided, to hold a masquerade carnival on
the Golden Rink on Monday evening,
January 2d.   The matter having been
discussed, it was agreed that the curlers
-would forego their game for that particular evening, and unite with tho skaters
in making this, the first affair of its kind
In town, asuccess,   Promises were given
by many gentlemen to appear in cos
lume; but in consulting the ladies in regard to their attending, the opinion was
generally expressed that time was too
short to allow thom sufficient opportunity for preparing the necessarily more
elaborate costumes.    In doference to
this, the most-to-be-desired, prospective
attendance, it waa decided to postpone
tho affair for a couple of weeks, or until
some time suitable to tho convenience
of tbs ladies.   It is proposed  to offer
prises for the best costumes, comical,
historical, etc., as well as for best lady,
gentlemen and  couple skaters.   These
masquerades aro very popular .affairs in
the East; tbere is no reason why, under
proper management and if everyone will
'���pull together," they cannot be made
equally popular in Golden. In the moan-
time the matter will be fully considered,
so that when the propor timo arrives
-final arrangements can bo quickly and
aelisfuotorily made.
Mayor Andrews has been re-elected in
Winnipeg by 2,945 majority.
Samuel Gomppers has been re-elected
President of the American Federation of
Australia signifies her willingness to
join with Canada in laying the proposed
Pacific cable.
Spain expects to settle all tho expenses
of the lato war in the course of tho next
eight years.
It is r, - ,scd to bring several thousand
Armenians to Canada for settlement ou
the farm lands.
W. C. McDonald, the Montreal philanthropist and benefactor of McGill University, has been knighted.
A Canadian nnd American syndicate
has purchased the Havana, Cuba, street
railway system for ���1,(100,000.
It Is understood that the governor-
general will start a fund in Canada for
thc Gordon memorial college nt Klinrtoiii.
The scheme for giving Now Y'ork City
a system of underground rapid transit is
being completed. The estimated cost is
The Ontario Pump Works, of Toronto,
the largest business of its kind in Canada,
was conisderably damaged by fire on
Saturday night.
Mr. B. T. A. Bell, editor of the Canadian
Mining Review, estimates that the value
of Canada's ininorul production this year
will be *40,000,000.
C. P. R. company's traffic receipts for
the week ending Docember 4, were
were (560,000; for the same week of lust
year they were (545,000.
Firo did over (1,000,000 damage to business houses near Victoria Square, Montreal, on Tuesday night. The losses ure
fully covered by insurance.
Premier Hardy of Ontario says ho is
not averse to Canadians receiving titles
in recognition of services to the country,
but is opposed to the granting of heridi-
tary titles.
The Canadian-American Joint Commission adjourned on Monday to meet
again in January. Up to the present
time practically no agreement has been
reached, the reciprocity question being
the stumbling block.
Many citisens are mistaken in supposing that tlio two cent stamps will
carry letters to England and other
postal union countries before Christmas. Tho new rate does not go into
effect until Christmas Day. The rate for
Canada remains at three cents.
In the County forRT of Kootenav, Houien
at 1'oht Steele.
OTIflK In hereby j-ivon Hint on the EIGHTH
DAY OF DKCKMBEB.ISM, it ww ordered
by Mr. Justice Forin. County Court Judge,
;liat James Ferguson Armstrong, Official Administrator of tlm County of Kootenuv, be Administrator of all and (lingular the goods, chattels and credit of ALFRED, alias FRED, LE*
BIiA.NO, deceased, intestate.
Kvery person indebted to the deceased is required to mako payment forthwith to thu undersigned. Every pernon having in possession
effects belonging to deceased is required forthwith to notify the undersigned. Every creditor
or other person having uny chum upon or interest in thc distribution of the personal estate of
tha said deceased is required within thirty
days of this date to send hy registered letter,
addressed to the undersigned, his namo and
address, and the full particular:* of bis claim ur
interest, and a statement of Ills account, and
the nature of the security, if any, hold by him.
After the expiration of the said thirty days the
Administrator will proceed with the distribution of thc estate, having regard to those claims
only of which he shall have had notico.
Dated at Fort Steele this 10th day of December,
Official Administrator.
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele,     -     B. C.
Jas. A. Harvey
Harvey & McCarter,
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Finnnclal Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post office address:
Canada Must Say " No."
Canada will not regard the approval of
Lord Herschcll as a reason for accepting
any treaty which opens thiB country's
canals to war vessels built in the United
States, All the information which has
yet come to hand indicates that Lord
Herschcll is far from equal to the greatness of his opportunity. He knows very
little about Canada, aud his ambition to
figure in history as the framer of a treaty
is somewhat less important than the interests which would bo endangered by
any enfranchising a possible enemy with
tlie right to use the canals as a short cut
to Canada's very heart. Any treaty
which permits canals built for purposes
of commerce to become a source ol danger
to this country ought to he rejoctcd, no
matter what advantages it may offer in
return for the privilege Canada is in
no position to bo guided by Uritish advice in a matter of this kind. It is this
country's security which would bo do
stroyed Dy the opening of the canals to
American war vessels; and if Lord Salisbury and Queen Victoria bogged for the
ratification of such a treaty, it would
still be tho duty of every statesman
mindful of Canada's safety and comfort
to say, "No."
Rossland Mining Market.
Tho transfer of the LeRoi to tho B.A.C,
and settlement of the litigation must
eventually have a good effect on the
London markot. Investors will do well
to watch D.A.C. shares, London & B.C.
Goldiiclds and New Goldflclds. The
last is operating the velvet, which is now
a good productive mine. The market
remains dull. A bear raid on Deer Park
has been the feature of the week. It has
been founded on baseless rumors and
some operators nre likely to bo caught
short and the stock to advance sharply.
Coxey, Gertrude and Novelty are all
in demand. The southwest slope of
Red Mountuin is becoming justly popular.
A deal is rumored which will send
Giantboomingngain. Viotory-Triumpli
has been dull, but reports from
Sophie Mountain aro most encouraging.
Thero has been a very largo turnover
in Golden Gate stock. Tho market is
active, and investors who buy now ore
likely to make money. Dealings in
Boundary stocks havo been more
restricted, but pricesnre well maintained.
Lower prices all round ore the
characteristics of the Republic market.
Full information given aa to all stocks
upon application to Thomas McNaught,
Milling Brjkor, Golden, B. C,
The Studio is now complete and the
Public can drop in for a Sitting
21 at any time.
%m vow wow
Best Paper, Lowest Price.
ISO Papers a Year.
One Dollar Fer Annum.
During the Spanish-American War The Thrice-a-Week
World proved its great value
by the promptness, thoroughness and accuracy of its reports from all the scenes of
important events. It was as
useful as a daily to its readers,
and it will be of as great
value in reporting the important and complicated questions which are always before
the American people.
It prints the news from all
the world, having correspondence from all the important
news points on the globe. It
has brilliant illustrations, a
capital humor page, stories
by great authors, departments
for household and women's
work, complete markets, and
other special departments of
unusual interest,
We offer this unoqualled
newspaper and " The Miner "
together ono year for $8.00.
The regular subscription
price of theso two papers is
$4.50 por year,
& Embalming
J Telegraph orders receive prompt attention j
North East Kootenay
Mining Association.
President���Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
1st Vice-Pres.���W. G, Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vice-Pres.���W. O. Neilson, J.P.
3rd Vice-Pres.���E. Johnson.
Socrotary-Treosurer���E. A. Haggen.
The regular meetings of the Association
aro held on the first Tuesday of evory
month at (he Columbia House, Goldcu,
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A suppl)' ol Building I.i uie Ior sale.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, 8. E. Kootenay.
Puck Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Seneral 9/ferchant
Good Saddle Horses and Klgs ol All Kinds Ior
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming ol All Kinds a Specially.
Golden, B. C.
Fire ami Life Insurance Agents.
NOTICE in hereby given that an application
will bu made to tlio Legislative Assembly
of the Province of Britisli Columbia at Its next
Session for an Act to Incorporate a Company,
with power to construct, equip, operate and
maintain a Railway (standard or narrow guage)
for the conveying of passengers and freight
from some point at or near Cranbrook, thence
to (iolden, both in the Kootenay District of
British Columbia, by the shortcut and most
practicable ronte, with power to construct,
euufp.operate and maintain Branch Linen and
all necessary Roads, Bridges, Ways. Ferries,
Wharves, Pocks and Coal Bunkers; also Steam
and other Vessels and Boats, and generally to
carry on the business of transportation; with
power to erect, operate and maintain Telesrauh
aud Telephone Lines in connection with tae
said Hallway and Brandies for the transmission
of messages for the public; and to acquire
Water Bights, to supply water or water power;
and to generate electricity for supplying tight,
heat and power, as well for their own use as to
sell aud supply to the public; and with power
to carry on a business of a Mining, Hmellf ng
and Refilling Company; aud to construct,
equip, operate or to turn to account, to sell or
otherwise dispose of mines, smelters and re*
ll aeries; to acquire, hold ami dispose of mining
lands, mining rights, coal lands, limber lands,
timber claims, surface rights, water rights and
privileges, or other real or personal property;
aud with power to expropriate lands for Ibe
purposes of the proposed Railway; and to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges or other aids
irom auy Government or persons or bodies corporate; and to mako traffic or other arrange*
uenti with Railways, Steamboat* or other
Com-.mules, with power to build wagon roads lo
be used in thu construction of siiuh Railways or
any advance of thu same; nnd to levy and collect tolls from all persons using, and of freight
passing over, any of such roads; with all other
rights, powers or privileges as may be necessary
or Incidental or conducive to the attainment of
the above objects or any uf thuin.
17-ttt Bollelturs for the Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., N-vouiber Oth, IM.
Moots the
First end
o! o o*0 h
month in
Golden, BC,
G. B. McDhrmot, C.R.    J. A. Batrb, R.S.
24 Pages i Weekly t Illustrated.
ei.vi- run sample oorr.
MINING"*scientific PRESS
*.�� rutfOT ST.. MS FRAHCISCO, 0 Al.
A Large Shipment
New  Groceries . . .
Cvaported 3*ruits.   .   .
fetes i Warren,
General Merchant.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder.
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co. of England.
Subscriptions taken for all NewHpnpers,  Foreign Periodicals,
Magazines, Etc.
G-ol&exi, B.C.
_\\<L<2\ ��  ��  ��     ^^
QrtVk&U<a �� ��   ^i|jj|j
Printing  ^
��      ��        ��        ��        ��        ��        ��        ��      ��
Next to a healthy bar.   account the moBt essential *
thing to a business man is to have his writing eta- ��
tionery, business cards, etc., of good quality snd ��
*     ���
*      ��
Printed in Business Style.
* *
Some men are as careless about their stationery as
about thoir business���don't care how it is printed *
so long as it is cheap..
* To    These   We     Want     to     Talk
We can do your Job printing as cheap as the cheap- ���
est, and the quality of the work and the stock is ��
unsurpassed,   Samples of stock and work open to _
your inspection	
*     *
*     ��
" Sta &o.a\ &����teiv��,\i ikii\<&<
* *
�� *
The best equipped printing offioe in East Kootenay.


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