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East Kootenay Miner 1898-05-13

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Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the District of EUST ROOTEJIflY.
VoL 1, No. 42.
Golden, B. C,  Friday  May 13tla 1898.
$2.00 Per Year
Admh��*:-BOX -19 GOLDEN, B.C.
if. 8. McCautrr. Jas. A. IIaiukv.
Harvey & McCarter,
SAEUI8TKB8,    EH.'.
)hr��, Lite, Real Eslato, House Amenta,
AuiHionecrs and Custom. Iirol*,?rs
Fir. Agencies;
Queeu, Lancashire, Union, Hartford,
Europoan Steamship Ticket Office.
The Sun Life Insurance Company.
The Ontario Ai.ct.l.Mit Insurance Co'y.
Tba Oirlicck Investment aud Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engluecr.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
���feral ofllee address;
Assay Offlecs and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1890.)
For imral yearn with Vivian it Sons, Swan-
tea, and local representative for them.
For & yean manager fur thc assayer* tu the
Rio Tluto Co., London,
Canadluu representative of the CassoUloJd
Kxtrat*tin< Co. f.'td, Glacjjniv (Cyanide proeens.)
N.B.���Ml work personally nil perl Mended, Only
competent men employed.    No  pupils   k
Jas. Henderson,
I'lans Prepared.
Prompt attention given to orders.
A supply ol Building Lime for sale,
The Golden
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Fish ai)d Game in season,
I)ealers In Cattle, Sheep and Horse.*.*,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Worsen and Rigs of All Kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of All Kinds a Specialty.
Golden, B. C.
Good Time
By overy man who has a watch.
��� W. fltiEXflptt, ���
C.P.R. Watch Inspector will bo
HTcdinwidtty to Friday ___�����>
each week. Satisfaction Guaranteed, Work can lie left at
Newly Refitted k Refurnished.
The beet of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
All Modern Convenience,,.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop,
& Embalming     ���
J Telegraph ordcrsrecelvcpromptattcntion t
��� J. SMART,     |
| CALQARY, Alt*. ���
Wedding Rings
A Specialty.
Calgary, - Alberta,
The Ppovidenee Far Go
Providence, B.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, seneca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox -J15.00 to $150.00.
Bear ? 5.00 to ( 25.00.
Otter M.00 to *.   9.00.
Martin * 2.00 to $   9.00.
Heaver (per pound).. .f 3.00 to ���   3.50.
Wolf *. 1.00 to *���   2.00.
Red Fox ��� 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink %   .75 to %   2.00.
Skunk  ���   .25 to ��   1.00.
Gray Fox %   .60 to $     .75.-
Rat %   .20 to %     .25.
Prico list on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful scloction, courteous
treatment, ami immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's   Bay
Wong See,
Watch maker,
Optician and
Watches cleaned, Jawellooy mounted, Glasses
mended awl Guns repaired, first class work
In every department. A trlalsoliclted.soconio
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,  ��
ha* the best restaurant in Golden. It is open at all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once Ior the Choicest ere they
go to
<D Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Pay and Night,
Spain's lack of financial preparation
for the conflict she has invoked ia bearing
its natural consequences iu the form of a
general disturbance of business in the
peninsula. A semi-panic has reigned at
Madrid and Barcelona, when the crash
in the government obligations has been
seve'ely felt. There have been mercantile failures and runs upon banks, the
Bank ot Spain lust week showing a loss
of some *.7,500,000 of its reserves, so
that they aro only 4 per cent, above the
legal minimum in amount. At the same
time, the premium on gold ut Madrid is
higher than ever before, and another
ominous sign is the drop in the exchange
value of the pesta in London, which has
added to the weakness of the market for
Spanish -I per cent, bonds in spite of the
fact that the speculative liquidation in
those securities both iu London and Paris
seoms to have exhausted itself.
News has reached the navy department at Washington that tho Spanish
Cupe de Verde fleet has arrived at Cadiz.
Now the U. S. authorities are considering the advisability of sending over a few*,
warships to give them battle at their
own doorstep. This appears to be the
only alternative, and Uncle Sam will
have to carry his own coal with him, in
order to make things interesting.
It is hard to tell whether the naval
officials aro relieved or disappointed by
the news that the Spanish fleet had gone
home. The safety of the Oregon from
their attack is now completely assured
and the way is c!*ar for military opera
tions in Cuba without running the risk
of having the occupying army's line of
communication cut of. On tho other
hand it believed that no enduring peace
can bo secured until the Spanish navy is
destroyed, and consequently tlie Yankee
sailors must make up their minds to
go alter it, a task very much more difficult than meeting them near the
American shore. It is suggested by
some that there is a possibility of the
Spanish squadron making a quick pats-
age into the Pacific through th* Suez
canal and attack Admiral Dewey at
Manila, but this is hardly likely.
Further particulars from Manila say
that Admiral Montejo, of the Spanish
fleet at the Philippines, escaped from
Cavite by running nlong tho shore to
Manila with his two sons. He was killed
by the populace at Manila. It is added
that the hospital at San Roque, filled
with Spanish soldiers, was set on fire by
shells from the U. 8. warship Boston,
and the Sisters of Charity were killed
while removing tlie wounded. Massacres
are reported to have occurred outside of
Manila, the insurgents butchering even
Spanish women and children.
General Blanco has sent an urgent
request to Madrid for more provisions
for the forces at Havana.
A special from Washington says that
after a conference the naval board ha*
decided that Admiral Sampson should
not sieze Porto Rico, but will return to
Key West to begin operations against
Havana. After the island of Cuba has
surrendered, should Spain desire to
continue the war, a strong fleet will be
sent to Porto Rico. The invasion of
Cuba will begin in earnest on Tuesday
next. Samson will begin tho attack on
Havana and General Shatters will land
forces to assist in the attack, and it is
expected that in 43 hours the city
will be in the hands of the Americans.
As a result of the Spanish reverse nt
Manila leading members of tho diplomatic corps at Washington, representing
some of the most influential of the great
powers of Europe, have unofficially
exchanged views on the opportuneness
of a movement dictated by tlie most
friendly spirit and in the interest of
peace, towards urging upon Spain the
futility of further prosecuting tlio war
nnd Inducing her to sue for peace on the
basis of the relinquishment of Cuba, the
proiniso of war indemnity and tlie occupation of Manila by Admiral Dewey
until the war indemnity is paid. It was
stated by ono of the most influential
members of the diplomatic corps that
such a step by Spain herself was tho
logical result of tho crushing Spanish
defeat at Manila and that Spain herself
should be tho first to recognize it is a
measure for her own self-protection und
sell-preservation. Her best friends in
the family of nations ought to urge it
upon Spain, this ambassador said, and
if it wor* not for the chaotic condition of
affairs nt Madrid he felt that such peace
overtures would bo welcomed there.
The Washington military authorities
connected with foreign establishments
say that Admiral Montejo and his entire
staff of officers ought to be court-
martiallcd for allowing themselves to be
surprised by Admiral Dewey's fleet.
Oue nf those officials said:   " There is
not a single power in Europe which
would not immediately order a court-
martiul after Biich a humiliating surprise, followed by such terrible results of
negligence. The court-martial should
havo been ordered instantly, and if
Spain has not already ordered it, it
discloses the inability to appreciate the
seriousness of such a naval blunder. To
be taken by surprise is unpardonable.
All of the reports show that the Spanish
officers hud no proper lookouts, had no
search-lights, no safeguarus against surprises. They invited their own defeat
and a speedy court-martial should
determine the penalty of their negligence. They thould bo dismissed in
disgrace, if not something worse."
Ogilvie Criticised.
The Westminster Gnzette, London, of
May 10th says that without meaning any
offence it might be stated that it confesses to be getting rather tired of Mr.
Ogilvic's Klondike lectures. He seems,
it adds, to be doing more harm than
good. He excites cupidity with his wonderful stories, and yet says that no importance is to be attached to them. An
extract from his speeches is given in
which reference is made to thc prospectuses of mining companies, and the
Gazette concludes by suggesting that
Mr. Ogilvie express a definite opinion of
some of tho schemes now beforo the
Britisli investor, or forever after hold his
Football Notes.
Practice game to-night, a full turn out
is requested.
The secretary has received n reply
from tho C. P. R. authorities at Winnipeg through the agent here, granting thc
request of the clnb for n Bingle fare rate
for thc round trip, good to leave here on
tho 22nd, returning from Calgary on the
The football suits have arrived this
week and are very neat. When the boys
don tlieir colors they will make a very
lormidable looking, whether they prove
to be as good as they look will be known
better after the 24th.
Arrangements are being made for a
match between the Donald Juniors and
tlie Golden Juniors. A match of this
kind would no doubt prove quite interesting as there aro some likely young
players both here and in Donnld.
What Foolish Men Should Do.
The man who does not ndvertise
simply because his grandfather did not,
ought to wear knee breeches and a
The man who does not advertise
because it costs money, should quit paying rent for the same reason.
The man who does not advertise
because he tried it once and failed,should
throw away his cigar because tlie light
went out.
Tlio man who does not advertise
because lie does not know how himself,
ought to stop outing because lie can't
The man who does not advertise
because some man said it did not pay
ought not to believe tlie world is round,
because thc ancients said it was flat.
Asked the other day as to his reasons
for returning from Ottawa before the
close of thc session of tlie Dominion
parliament, Mr. W. W. B. Meliine*, M.
P., stated that he hud definitely decided
to retire from federul politics and to enter the political arena. His formal
resignation lias not yet been sent, in but
it will be shortly. Asked as to which
sido he wotld tako in the coming provincial campaign Mr. Mclnne. intimated
that for the present be did not wish to
make his intention known. He, however, emphatically denied tho rumor
published ill some newspapers that he
hud declared that he was about to enter
the Provincial Cabinet. Ho will call a
public meeting of his constituents at
Nunaimo shortly, at which ho will state
his reasons for relinquishing bis scat iu
An Irishman's Letter.
My Darm.v Pbogy��� I met you last
night, and you never came! I'll meet
you again to-night whether you come or
whether you stop away. If I'm there
first, sure I'll write my name on thc
gate to tell you of it, and if it's you that's
first, why, rub it out, darlin, and no one
will be the wiser. I'll never fail to be
at the trystin place, Peggy, lor, faith, I
can't keep away from the spot wliere
you are, whetheryou're there or whether
Sir Julian Pauncefote
Sir Julian Pauncefote, the British
ambassador at Washington, is ... well
liked in official and social circles thut bis
expected withdrawal under the age limit
has elicited n widespread expression of
regret. Tlie rule is supposed to be compulsory, and Sir Julian's time would be
up next September. A Washington
despatch to the New York Herald says:
" It is known that the president und
secretary of state would regret Sir Julian
Pauncefote'* disappearance from Washington. Both of them recognize the fact
that there has been no time when it was
more essential to tlie interests of both
countries that Great Britain should continue to be. represented here by an
ambassador who has both authority and
" England is now regarded as our best
friend in Europe. The part she may yet
have to play in our contest with Spain is
one likely to be of grave moment.
" Sir Julian has tlie confidence both of
his own government anil of ours. He
has in his hands all the threads of recent
negotiations, lie lias proved his ability,
tuct and resource in many trying moments. Ho conducted the Venezuela
business. He framed, in conjunction
witli Mr. Olney, the best working treaty
of general arbitration which tlie wit of
man lias yet devised. He is trusted hy
Lord Salisbury, lie is the envoy of the
English people, and has made for himself a place apart in tliis country. No
Britisli ambassador or minister was ever
more popular, or better understood the
government and people with whom he
litis to deal.
" It will be felt as a misfortune to his
own country aud to ours if he Bliould
have to abandon bis post in the autumn.
He ia in tho fuii vigor of his extraordinary powers. He is tiie doyen of the
diplomatic corp. His successor would
come last among the ambassadors, aud
diplomatic precedence is an important
matter. He would���and this also is
important���leave vacant iu Washington
a social place not easily mode good.
Social forces are diplomatic forces the
world over, and not less so in Washington than elsewhere. The Britisli cm*
Dussy has long been a social headquarters.
" Altogether, the political and official
and diplomatic worlds fn Washington
ase inclined to believe, and certainly to
hope, that some arrangement will be
made by which Sir Julian may continue
British ambassador even after tho limit
of age iB reached in September."
and robbery has blighted them ever
j since they fell under Spanish rule iu
j HitiO. Whatever disposition the United
States shall make of the Philippines a
, new era for them began en Sunday
��� morning, the 1st of Muy, when Commodore Dewey wiped out the.Spanish fleet
in Manila harbor.
your not.  Your own
Wanted to Learn English.
A Hindoo was caught recently in
Calcutta climbing tlie wall of some
business premises dressed in a complete
suit of European clothes. Thc man had
the evening previous concealed himself
inside a shop and had employed himself
until morning fitting bis person with a
complete suit of clothes, including a
white shirt, with studs and links, a red
tie carefully put on, black socks, a pair
of boots, a watch and' chain, handkerchief, ami even a pocket-knife, with
straw hat and stick. He even went the
length of writing his name inside tlie
hat. On being caught be said he wanted
to learn English, and as a preliminary
step thought it best to dress himself in
s .hill's clothes.
Resources of the Philippines.
In area, population and resources the
Philippines are greater and richer than
Cuba and Puerto Rico together, but the
commerce of the islands has been almost
entirely in the hands of Great Britain,
hence Spain has not been able to wring
quite as large revenues from the Philippines as from Cuba. The fact that it has
gotten *,10,000,000 annually from personal taxes alone in those islands, however, shows the nature of the blow that
baa been doalt to tlio Spanish govern-
by Commodore Dewey. The combined
area of tbo islands is 114,320 square
miles���about two and a half times the
area of Cuba. The population is said to
be 7,030,000, as against only 1,031,000 in
Cuba. As in Cuba, there are unexplored tracts in tho interior, said to be
inhabited by unknown and unaccounted
tribes of natives. The soil and climate
aro bo varied that the islands produce
everything, florae cotton und sugar-cane
to wheat and corn. The principal product of export is hemp, through whicli
Manila has given its namo to the rope
and thc brown paper familiar to commerce. Sugar, tobacco and certain
valuable woods are also among the
exports. The islands are richer in
natural resources than Cuba itself, but
the same, old story of. Spanish cruelty
Le Roi Mine Sold,
There seems to be good authority for
stating that the oft-rumored sole of the
famous Le Roi mine tit Rossland has
actually taken place. At least, negotiations which have been carried on for
sometime havo resulted iu tin offer lieing
made and accepted, by which this great
dividend earner will puss into control in'
the Britisli American Corporation. This
company, represented in this Provinco
by lion. C. II. Mackintosh, is coin posed
of British capitalists, and has within tlie
past year purchased many of the innst
profitable mines of southern Kootenay.
Thu consideration named is $'J,tll)i ,K.M,
or at lhe rate of ?tl per share; half a
million paid down and the balance ia
monthly instalments of $500,000each.
This gigantic deal is expected to greatly
stimulate the London market, which
means a good deal to Rossland in particular and to Kootonay and British
Columbia in general.
Burglary at Fort Steele.
I'rospeetoi: The wholesale liquor
warehouse of II. G. Parson in this city
was entered by burglars on Monday
night. A. L. Mc-Dermott, manager, waa
out Unit evening at tlie band concert,
and did not return till abont twelve.
Evidently his movements hud lieen
watched. Un his return lie found tbe
front door burst open. It is a strong
double door, and great force must havo
been used, for an extra-heavy lock wus
completely smashed. Entering his
sleeping apartment Mr. McDermott
found things in great disorder. A
leather valise had been ripped open and
thc contents were Uttered about. His
trunk, bureau and desk bud all been
gone through, the burglars being evidently in search of money. Fortunately
Mr. McDermott, as usual, had bis cash
under lock in a down-town safe, and the
enterprising visitors got not a nickle.
They took a collide of boxes of cigars,
however, of the " Osear Y. Amanda "
brand, besides six bottles of Plymouth
gin and some other liquors.
 ���*��.���������� ���	
For Our Business Men.
Here is what Peter Cooper, who died
worth millions, said of a newspaper:
" In all the towns where a newspaper is
published, every mini should advertise
in it, if nothing mote than a card stating
his name and the business be is in. It
not only pays the advertiser, but it lets
people at a distance know that the town
in which you reside is a prosperous community of business men. As the seeds
are sown so the seed recompenses. Never
pull down your sign while you expect to
do business."
Among the many inspired writers of
war poetry, be, or perhaps she, who
composed the following masterpiece for
the Kansas City Journal will tako a
foremost place:
O Dewey was tlu. morning
Upon the lirst of May ;
And Dewey was ihe admiral
Down iu Manila bay;
And Dewev were th-. regent's eves���
Them orbs of Royal blue;
And Dewuy (eel discouraged?
1 Dew not think wu Dew.
��� ���*���*..-������������..����������� ���
Church   Serviced.
Sunday���Service at Donald, Morning,
8 o'clock Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 o'clock. Morning Prayer ami
sermon. Evening, 7:30 o'clock, evening
prayer and sermon.
No service at Golden.
Tuesday���Evening prayer and sermon
at Ottertail at 7:80 o'clock.
Wednesday���Evening prayer and sermon at Field, 7:30 o'clock.
Thursday,Ascension Day���Celebration,
of Holy Communion at Field, 7:45 a.m..
Ou the same day evening prayer and
sermon at Golden, 7:30 o'clock.
Rov, 11. I'.. Turner, Pastor.
nr.K8BYTi:aiAs* church.
Sunday���Service ut 11 a.m. and 7.:uLV*
p.m.   Sunday school 2:30 p.m.
Thursday��� Choir practice 8 p.m.
Friday���Prayer meeting 8 p.m.
Rev. W. S. '.Vright, l'iuttDt�� i��** i     OT2*
One ///iner.
al, mil.il.
Ilu   K...-I   i
,U*,-li,>ti*i V.
Iie.t every Friday
Cootenay District
un all trains an.t
�����j..st |,--r .vutir
I U*,* lit!
ell) Ilu.
in advitiicu.
:::; UATE8
pet .*.:
Uy mail or carrier,
Display ads. *>l,&0per
i..:i,���  lull   wliell til-
l-j-,-,.1 ikIs. lll,*elit�� per
iiddltlniial   insertion;   rua'tln**
. pel- line .tl'.-h lllM-rliull.
Js. must uu 111 onlee not later than
marriage and .I.-ntli notice inserted
���Kill liKI'AKTMKXT: Our Joli Deparlineut
I. the beat a-iiupl.uu priming office iu Kust
Km. i-ii-iv *ui,I Is prepared to .1" neat, iinistie
printing nt a rousonabloprice, On. price toutl.
>l-iiI orders reeeiv.* prompt attention.
'.en,-.-nn any aubjuet dl Int
,ii;,ii,- aud .K-tir..* u reguli
ivei-y fn.iiu In Mil* Dlstriut.
.tin li.l.; inline ol writ
Invito i-i.rresp..li-
���st tn llle general
,*iirrt*..piinUeiit ul
In all i-tises tl..*
must accompany tin
.ii.ir.r->*TJiit, not iiopeitsHrlly f..r i
i ���'iiar-tiiU'e Of good nihil.
iii.aiiy the
to anv matter
,,-r must lirst
icatten before
Correepondonoe witli reforanri
tli.ii liasiippearad tn another p.
bu ,.if.-r.-,i!,, tlmt paper lor pi.o
ii .-.in appear m "Tub SIihhii,"
Address all I'.iiiii.iiiiii'-ittinns
(iolden, li. 0.
FRIDAY, MAV 13, 181)8.
Tlie Winnipeg l-'ree Press of Saturday
last bus the followingedltorialon politics
iii this Province*:
Tiie present is the last session of the
���e isting British Columbia Legislature.
I'i* .rogation is c> ported within a feu-
weeks, and in due course this will be
followed by dissolution und n general
i lection. The newspapers are devoting
a good d al of attention to tho procecd-
i il's of tlie session, tiB is natural and
proper; but theso are considered more
in ilu. light of their Influence in the
next campaign, They, and the members
und the politicians generally are taking
���such advantage as they can get out of the
session to strengthen tlieir cause in the
impending battle of Hie ballots. What
that cause is, iheyonfl the usual and
inevitable struggle between the Ins and
thc Outs, would puzzle the wit of man
to discover. Tlie most dilligent study of
tho situation falls to afford us the least
enlightenment on ibis point.
Parties are not divided, as in the other
Provinces. In thc Legislature members
are nut distinguished aB Liberals and
Conservatives; they are simply Ministerial on one side and Opposition on tbe
other. But why a member should be a
Ministerialist rather than the other is
not apparent, ut least on this side of the
Koekies. Doubtless there is a.rcason,
and possibly to Ihoso who have to make
the choice it is a very good one���a sufficient one, at any rate. Some of the
leaders on the outer edge nre agitating
for a party division on Dominion lines.
Perhaps it is because they do not see
much hope of their own advancement
under the present condition ol tilings.
Tlie Victoria Colonist is itself opposed to
this suggestion, and it furnishes the information that the recognized leaders
of both existing parties discourage it.
In Dominion polities thc Colonist is
ConsoJViitlyo; at home it is Ministerial.
Tlio Times, its rival, is Liberal and
Opposition. In Vancouver the World is
Liberal and Ministerial, and tlie Nows-
Advertiscr Conservative and Opposition.
Tlie smaller newspapers are similarly
divided. It might be possiblo to bring
order out of dittos, and compel a division
that would range all Liberals on one
side and all Conservatives on the other.
But it does not seem nt all likely just at
Failing a division on Dominion lines,
theso outer-edge lenders, who must do
-something ii they are themselves to be
brought into notice, suggest a oo.llltion.
Who arc to coalesce, or what they are to
coalesce about, however, is left to the
imagination i and one speedily realizes
that the imagination is unequal to the
task. A coalition implies a compromise
when there are no political principles
involved, and when the whole difference
js one between Ins and Outs? An Out
Amy strike his colors and go over to the
.enemy; but there is no compromise in
.that, and it is open to him without a
(Coalition, and it is tlio only one that is
���possible.. Present Ministerialists say
they are supporters of progress and good
government; that is the dividing line
.between them and tho Opposition. Tlio!
.Oppositiob claim that they are the supporters of progress and good government. |
Dominion lines in Provinciiil j
affairs, Men who take tlie same view of
progress nnd good government will unito
to advance them, and do the best (hey
cu:i, other men will think their methods
mistaken, and they will unite to advance
them on other IfneB. That is division
enough, und party enough. There are
no differences at Ottawa that could possibly be made to apply to local affairs in
Britisli Columbia. In the Territories
they wisely avoid this old party division.
Wc did it for a time in Manitoba, to our
great advantage; but unfortunately Mr.
Norquay permitted himself to be forced
into dividing the people on Dominion
lines, to Ids own ultimate undoing, as the
event proved. That division has been
maintained since, but what has been
gained by it its most ardent advocate
could not tell if his life were slaked on
Bad Yankee money is reported to be
in circulation in Vancouver in the form
of one dollar silver certificates, whicli
liuve been raised to ten dollars. Several
of these were received on deposit by one
of tlie Vancouver banks the other day.
The onmmissionors appointed to investigate tbe charges made by laborers
against contractors on tlie Crow's Xest
railway construction have completed
and presented their report to the government. The finding is that the men havo
good reason for tlieir complaints. This
finding will be bailed witli delight by
the laborers and other workmen on tlie
Crow's Xest construction, and it is to be
hoped that justice will take its couise.
An American pnper, commenting on
tlie Manila fight, remarks:
Commodore Dewey's courage is demonstrated by the fact that lie boldly
ontered a harbor which be knew was
planted with mines and torpedoes, and
the escape of some of his ships from
destruction is perhaps remarkable."
It was very well as it turned out, but
if the commodore's ships had been blown
up by the mineB which ho knew wer
planted there, but did not know the
location of, those who now applaud his
bravery would have accused him of
recklessness and a total disregard for the
lives of his men. Dewey's bravery is an
unquestionable factor in the events at
.Manila, but it is not to bo forgotten that
he was forced by tlie circumstances of
his position to " do or die." Tbere was
nothing for it but Jo proceed to the
ut tack, at whatever cost or consequences.
But it says little for Spanish foresight
that the Amorican squadron was able to
enter the bay and manoeuvre at will.
Either tbere were no " mines and torpedoes" as reported, or Dewey's movements were attended bv abnormal luck.
For the first time in our history a* n
nation, says the Detroit Evening News,
wo are conducting a world-wide war. The
conflict witli Spain is a war of magnificent distances. Manilla is over 7,000
miles from San Francisco. From Manilla to Key West the sailing distance is
over l(i,000 miles by way of the Horn,
and from Key West to the city of Cadiz
the nearest port of Spain, the distance
is 4,000 miles. Between Key West and
Porto Rico, the distance is 1,000 miles,
and the Capo Verde and Canary Islands
are 2,300 miles further east. Thus,
while tbe earth is less than 25,000 miles
in circumference, our rather meager
navy must carry on a war with a dis
tance of 20,000 iniles between its right
and left wings. We cau now appreciate
in some measure what Great Britain is
doing ull tbe time. She is carrying on a
war at tlie foot of the Himalayas; she is
carrying on another in tlio heart of the
Soudan ; she is opposing French aggression in Western Africa; she iB preparing
for a contest in tlio Transvaal, und at
tho same time she is watching tho great
grab game over in China and getting
her share of the spoils. It is iter navy
that makes Britain great; lior navy and
her valiant people, who are guided by
wisdom and resolution.
An Irishman's Letter.
My Daru.v Pkckiy���I met you last
night, and you never came! I'll meet
you again to-night whether you come or
whether you stop away. If I'm there
lirst, sure I'll write my name on lhe
gate to tell you of it, and if it's you tliut'B
first, why, rub it out, darlin, and no one
will lie the wiser, I'll never fail to be
at the trystin place, Peggy, for, fuith, I
Tliis is the hour of Great Britain's
revenge upon tlio allied powers of
Europe which laughed at her efforts to
help the suffering Armenians. The
organizers of the European concert took
advantage of Great Britain's pre-oceupa-
tion with the cares of a world-wide
empire, and united to deprive her
majesty's government of influence in
the Council of the Nations. The policy
of ignoring the Armenian atrocities was
adopted without reference to Great
Britain's humane desires, and the European concert overlooked Great Britain
in its attempt to settle the destinies of
mankind. And now the power* of
Europe which, measure greatness by
military strength can enjoy the experience of being laughed at by the United
States. Great Britain was excludod
from the European concert whicli refused to protect the Armenians against
the Turk, and Great Britain excludes
herself from the European concert which
would like to protect Spain against the
United States.
The drama of " Th* White Squadron "
now on at the Star theatre, New York,
introduces representative seamen of
different nations as is done during the
military spectacle at the wild west show.
The effect is thus described by tho New-
York Sun: " The Russian admiral first
entered with his marines and his
national hymn. The spectators welcomed him. The Germans followed, and
they, too, met with cordiality. After
thorn followed the marines of the French
republic, with their tri-color, the " Marseillaise" and their admiral. They were
soundly hissed. It took tlie appearance
of the English delegation to arouse an
outbreak of favor, second only to that
which tlie national representative called
Professor John Fiske, tho historian, in
n recent sketch of the early history of
Cuba, relates the following: Hatuey, it
should be said, was u native Indian
chief. In the year 1511 came Diego
Velasquez, and it was not long before
poor Hatuey was tied to a stake and
fagots piled about him. While tlie
flames were licking tlie flesh from his
bones, a black-robed priest held up a
crucifix, and begged of him to repent of
his sins and secure a place in Heaven.
"Where is Heaven'.'" cried Hatuey;
" nre there any Spaniard* there?"
" Yea, many," quoth tho priest.
"Then," said tlie writhing victim,
" pray let me go somewhere else."
In taking tlie Philippine islands, the
United States has got " a wolf by the
ears," apparently. A Washington despatch . to the New York Herald says thc
United States is responsible for the
future of the islands, but the question is
what to do with them? " Restoration
to Spain is regarded as out of the question, even though a large war indemnity
might be paid for them. Spain's power
in the Philippines having once been
broken and her navy having been d*-
Btloyed it is doubtful if, under the circumstances, she could again establish
her authority over the rebellious inhabitants of tlie islands."
It is less than two weeks since Dewey
achieved fame, butulready the American
papers have interviewed half the male
population of the United States about
tlieir " dear old schoolmate, the commodore." In fact, the citizen* who clain
to have gone to school with Dewey
greatly outnumber the lighting strength
of Uncle Sum's standing army.
;. ,iii**...ii.i.ain*.-ii*ai...i rn-.ia.iia**-*��� i
Goldon to Fort ttte-ule.
Golden to Carbonate  17 milet
"      HojiKanche  22 "
"      SiiilUmnckeiie  42 "
"      Shorty's  50 "
"      McKiiy'a  titf ���'
"      Windermere  84 "
14      Brcwer'H  97 "
44       Cnusil Flat  120 "
"       Wasa (Hanson's).. 150 "
Fort Steele  168 4'
" COMMNIES ACT, 1597,"
Canada: J
No. 11/97.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the "(iolden Bri
*��� lull Columbia, Limited," is authorised am.
licensed to carry on business withiu the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out oi
erfect all or any of the objects hereinafter si.-'
lorth to which the legislative authority ot th*
I.euiiliiturf of British Columbia extends.
Tlif head itfliiT of the Company is situate a*
No. <i, Cjueeu Street Place, City ol London, England.
Tlie amount of the eapltal ol the Company i
ffi.000; divided Into six thousand shares of �����*���
Tho head office of tbe Company In this Pro
vince is situate at (iolden, un.! William (illber
Mitchell-Innes, whose address is Golden, Urli
ish Columbia, is the Attorney for the Company
The objects for which the Company has bvei
established aud so licensed are :������ v
[a.] To purchase, take on lease, or otherwisi
acquire, milieu, mining rights, and metalliferous land and auy interest therein, and to explore, work, exercise, develop and turn I-
account the same:
[h] To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, ealcim
refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate,purchas-
aud prepare for market, ore, metal, and miner
al sub-nances of all kinds, and to carry ou
either upon or iuconneetion with the premise;
or elsewhere, the business of miners, rulllen-
smelters, aud workers of nny processes lu tin
production, reduction and making merchant
able, of minerals.metals and metallic products
supplies of water, merchants, and manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, metals, arti-
cles aiid'tiiiuus used lu or in connection will-
mining, milliug, smelting, and othor prouesse.
aforesaid, or auy of them:
[c] To search for mines and minerals cithei
on land known to contain such mini's and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lens
or take up the rights of search or other miuer*-
rights or claims uuder auy mining statutes oi
regulations of anyplace where the Compan>
carries on operatious, and any other rights respecting the same:
[dj To acquire options, or enter into contract!
for the purchase of any grants, concessions
leases or setts, easemeuts or interests in lauds
waters, MiUsitcs, towusites, mines, mineral*,,
and other hereditaments, aud any plant, ma
chinery, implements, conveniences, provision.'
and things, and any other property, real o
personal, movable or immovable, for purpose-
incidental thereto or to any other objects of tht
Company, or capablo of being used In connection with metallurgical operations or require,:
by workmen or others employed by tbe Company, aud to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[ol To acquire any Inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable of buing used for the pur
poses of the Company, or any of them, and n
work, transfer, let, or suolet the same:
f. To acquire and undertake thc whole or am
part of thu business, property aud liabilities, o
any person or company carrying on any busi
uckh which this Company is authorised lo earn
ou; and to acquire ami hold any shares, stocks
bonds, obligations, debentures, secur'ties, negotiable or otherwise, of or other interests h,
any English, colouiul or other companies, associations or undertakings capable oi being managed or conducted so as directly or ludireetl\
to benefit the business o; tbu Company. AIm
to advance money on any such shares, stocks
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of <>,
other interest in such companies, association.'
or undertakings, and to accept such shurcs oi
HAS located permanently opposite the Columbia House,
Golden, where ho will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it be Tailok-Maue or Keady-Madk
Oi.otiiinti. A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
^    CONTRACTORS    TO   THE   C.P.R.     ^
Gf-old-enn. and Beavei, B.G-
can't keep away from the spot where
Xo doubt both are right according to I you nre, Whether you're there or whether
.their  light! ���' "���" doponds upon what your not.   Your own Paddy.
.one's view of progress and good govern-
jnent is.
British Columbians will make no mis-
���tako    in    refusing     to     divide*   on
According to ex-Postmaster-Gcneral
Waneinuker, Pennsylvania politically
is almost as bad as Cuba. So strong
and unscrupulous is tlie Republican
machine that it ruins any ordinary party
man who ventures to oppose it. If an
independent Republican, he says, is the
employee of a corporation, he is threatened witli discharge; if he is a merchant,
he is boycotted; if ho is a clerk, the
head of llio firm is notified that he must
be suppressed; if lie is interested in a
corporation, the company's interests are
threatened; if he is a director or a stockholder in u bank, customers nre found to
threaten the withdrawal of their business; if lie is a physician, good patrons
object; if he is a lawyer, his clients are
given orders and threaten to leave him;
if he is n preacher, members of his
congregation protest.
ur   itiiutt iuhiu^-i| ..in.   *u  uti-i]'. Q.a-uii diiui *. j .*������
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures or secur
ties as partial or full "   ' '   '"
to the Company
ties as partial or full security ior payments dm
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or loin nit!,
others in acquiring, constructing or hiring anj
mills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roads
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, matters or thing.-
whieh may be necessary or convenient for tin.
purposes of the Compauy, or any of them, an-.
io tue working of the same or any part thereof;
h. To Improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal
with, In auy manner whatsoever, the undertaking or any part or parts of the property o
the Company, or any rights, wuy-leuvos oi
easemeuts iu or over the same, and to accept a*
pavment therefor either cash or shares, oi
partly cash and partly shares, in any othei
company purchasing the same:
i, To establish and maintain agencies of tin
Company ln any colony, dominion, foreigi.
country or state, and to procure the Companj
to be registered or incorporated In any such
colony, uominion, foreign country or state:
. To amalgamate with any other company
having objects altogether or in part similar tithe objects of this Company, and to enter ink
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with auy company oi
person or firm engaged or about to engage ir
any business or transaction which this Company is authorized to engage In, or capable o:
bulng conducted so as directly or indirectly tt.
benefit this Company:
k, To hold, in thc names of others, any property which the Company ia authorised tt
acquire, and to carry on ut* do any of tin-
businesses und acts and things aforesaid, eilhei
as principal or.agcnt, and either by the agenej
of or as agents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange aud other Instruments, negotiable or otherwise.and to borrow money cithei
-with or without security, aud cither upon negotiable instruments ur otherwise, including
the Issue of debentures charged upou all or any
of thu Company's property (both present and
future), including its uncalled capital:
m. To promote and form other companies for
any of tho objects mentioned in this Memorandum :
u. To invest and deal with tho moneys of the
Company not immediately required upon such
securities and in such manner as from time tt.
time be determined
Ullook & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN     -    -    *   B.
- Fl Ht-Class in every particular.   Convenient to Railway Depot and Steamboat Landiag.
Kates Reasonable.   Free Sample Rooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele e-f-My
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts e
Modern Conveniences 9
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Kooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia jrfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Advertise in
NOTICE Is hereby given that thc annual examination of candidates for certificates of
qualification to teach in the Public Schools of
tue Province will be held as follows, commencing on .Monday, July 4th, 1808, at 8:45
Victoria....In Sonth Park School nuildinp.
Vancouver Iu High School Iluildlug.
Kamloops In Public School Building.
Eai'h applicant must forward a notice, thirty
days befiire the examination, stating the class
ami grade of certificate for whicli he will be a
candidate, the optional subjects selected, ami
at which of tbe above-named places he will
Every notice of intention to be nn applicant
must he accompanied with satisfactory testimonial of iihjim! character.
Candidates nre notftlad tlint all of thc above
requirements must be fulfilled before thoir
applications can be tiled.
All candidates for First Class, Grade A, Certl-
Jiciitfs. including Graduates, must attend in
Yictut-ia to take thc subjects prescribed for July
Huh and 14th instants, and to undergo requjrad
oral examination,
Superintendentof .Education.
Education office,
Victoria, M.iy Uli, 1898* n.m
To distribute any of the property of tht
pany among the members fn specie:
p. To carry on business lu any part of tht
world and to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the abovv
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of Britisli Columbia, thit,
19th day of October, one thousand eight hundred aud niin-iy-seven. u
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that application
will he made to tho Parliament oi Cauadu
and to thc Legislative Assembly of the Provinct
of British Columbia at their respective sessions
to Incorporate a Compauy to construct a railway to be operated by steam or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, in East Kno'tcnay,
British Columbia���the most northerly point o'u
the Crow's Nest Railway,���thence running in a
northerly direction up the Kootenay River tt
Canal Flat; thence to the Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
River to the Canoe River; thence up the Canoe
Kiver and across the Portage to the headwaters
ofthe Fraser River; thence down thc Fraser
Kiver to Giscome Portage; thenco across tin
Portage to Parsnip Hiver; thenco down the
Parsnip River to Findlay River, and up tht
Findlay River and across tlie divide to France**
Luke, and thence to the Yukou, with power to
divert the route of the line north of Giscome
Portage cither by way of Pease Lake or as may
be found most suitable ou further exploration,
with power to build and operate branch line**
not exceeding sixty miles in length aud all
necessary bridges ami roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone lines foi
the transmission ot messages for the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam and other
vessels and all neccssury ferries, wharves and
drniks; to take und use water for generating
electricity, and to transmit and dispose of the
power therefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to carry on
the business of a general trading company, of
an express company; also to own, manage und
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits and operate saw mills, for the production
and sale of lumber, And to mine, explore anil
develop mineral lawlgand to carry on a general
mining and ore smelting business, Including
the erection and operation of smelters nnd
Solicitors for Applicants.
DnM at Ottawa fitliHovcmbor, 1807,     Ilu 91
Headquarters for Mining Men.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry Goods <fe General Merchandise.   Mineri1-
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
���.���J. A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Wine*, Liquors nnd Cigars.   First class accommodation.
East Kootenay.
Mining Stock List.
Kasih of-Company.
The Gold Hills 0. k 1). Co	
Kootenay, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Golden k Fort Steele D. Co	
Alberta & Kootenny I). Co ���
Bast Kootenay and Klk Kiver Development k Kxplurution Co	
* 750,000
* 000,000
* 75,000
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern  Division   of  East
Kootonay Distriot.
NOTICE is HEREBY CIVEN* In accordance
with the Statutes that Provincial Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment
Act are-now dim for the year nm.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Kootenay
District arc payable at ruy ofllee, the Court
House, Golden.
Assessed taxes nru collectable at the following
rates, viz.:
If paid on or before June BOth, 1898.
Three-lifths of one per cent, on Real Property.
Two and onu-half per cent, on aSeeawitl value
of wild land.
One-half of oue per cent, on Personal
On so much of the incomes of any ptrf-onas
exceeds One Thousand Dollar*! the following
rates, namely: Cpon such excess of income
when the sum Is not more than Ten Thousand
Dollars, oue per cent.; when audi excess is
over Ten Thousand Dollars and not mow than
Twenty Thoii'iiiii'l Dollars, one nnd one-quarter
of one per cent.; when such excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, ouo and one-half of
oue per cent.
If paid on or after the Int July, 1898.
Four-flfthfl of one per cent, ou Real Property.
Three per cent, on tho assetuwd value ot wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On so much of the incomes of auy person as
exceeds One Thousand Dollar* the following
rates, namely: Upon such execs* when tlie
name is not more than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per cent.; when
Mich excess is over Ten Ttiousaiid Dollar* and
not more than Twenty Thousand XtuLlars, one
and one-half of one per cent; when tmch excess
[s over Twentv Thousand Dollars, one and
lhree-querters of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tax, $\W per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January loth, 1808.
OURTS OF ASSIZE and Nisi Prlus, ami of
Oyer and Terminer and (ieneral Gaol Delivery, will be holden at the places and on the
dates following, viz.:���
City of Nelson, on Monday, the "20th day of
June, 1898.
Town of Donald, ou Monday, the 27th day of
June, 1898-
By Command.
Provincial Secretary-.
Provincial Secretary's Oflke.
Wh March, KM*. ISmU
NOTICE la hereby given that on the 14th day
of January, 1��*8, it was ordered hv the
Honourable 3. A, Fortn. Judge uf the County
Court, that James F. Armstrong, official Ad-
miniHtratur of thu County of Kootenay, be
Administrator of all und singular the goods,
chattels and credit of Ernest Cirp-tvood of Gold*
en, labourer, deceased, intestate.
Every person Indebted to tlie said deceased,
is required to make payment forthwith :o the
Kvery perron having in poesesttton effects
belonging to the deceased, is required forthwith
to uutlfv thu undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having anv
claim upon or interest iu the distribution of
the personal estate of the said deceased, Is
required within thirty daya of this date, to
mud by registered letter addressed to thc
undersigned, his name and address, and thc
full particulars uf his claim or interest, and a
statement of his account, aud thc nature of the
leeurity (if any) held by him. After the expiration of the said thirty day's, thc Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of the estate,
having regard to those claims only of which he
shall have had notice.
Dated at Fort Steele, this 27th dav of January.
Official Administrator.
NOTICE Is heroby given thai application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia,at Its next session, for n Private Bill to incorporate a Coin-
Baity to build, equip, maintain and operate a
no or lines of railway from a point at or neav
Cranbrook, In East Kootonay, thence hy rhe
most feasible route to thu St. Mary's River;
thence lu a westerly direction to the headwaters of st .Mary's River: and also iu nn easterly and northerly direction from some point on
tlie said line u branch line up the Kust Koote-
juiv Valley to tho neighbourhood of Horse
Thief und No. 2 creeks and tho uiiuesin that
vicinity; with power to the said Company to
construct a line from the Bull River Group of
Mines, in East Kootenay, to tbe most convenient point ou the main Hue of lhe
Crow's Nest Pass Railway; aud also
to authorize and empower the Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
groups of mines and concentrators from any of
the three above-mentioned Hues of railways,
such branch Hues not to exceed twenty (2U)
miles In i��ii*:tli; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and to ouulp and operate
the said railway and lis branches, and to erect
ami maintain all necessary works for the gen-
���������cation and transmission of electricity or
power within the area of thc operations of the
���aid Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saw'-mllls, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for Improving and
increanltif; the water privilege**, ami to make
traffic or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or oi her com panics, and for all other
usual and ueceimry powers, rights or
Solicitors for the Applicants,
Victoria, B.C., 25th October, 1897. 4u fit
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McKao, Free
Miner's CertiHc��te No. 8(i!>.10, intend,
sixty davs Irom the dato hereot, to apply
to the .Alining Recorder for a certilieate
ol improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
claim located on Spillinincheen Mountain, situate in the (iolden Mining
Division nf East Kootenny District.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such certilieate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1RS8.
John McRae,
By his agent Geo. S. McCarter.
Is the best advertising medium in East
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Is  only   $2.00 per
year ;
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, balance iu three aud nIx
months, without interest.
Tempest &]Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
Navigation & Tramway Co. Ld.
International Transportation Go.
Connecting with the C.P.R. nt'Golden.(]U'., nml 1
Great Northern nt Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday nnd Friday at -!��� a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Kort Steele nnd Wardner. j f
Consignor* will he clmrgod with nil way freight between Golden and Windermere at whicli point n Company's agent wifl be stationed.
Baggage allowance on Sleamer 15011)8.Tper adult; allowance on Stage IKlhs.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can he forwarded Uy express team at exprets
rates (10 ccntsjper pound).
Address all cxprcss'carc of Upper Columbla'Companj,'.JGoldcn*.
C.   H. IPARSON, ^Manager.
General Merchants
��- FORT STEELE, B. 0.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Coinpay.
Balgardne * Hetel
Fort Steele, DB. C
Choice Winks, Liquors aud Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot spring
The Finest Health Resort on the Continent.
Prirate Hospital under medical superintendence with a Trained Staff of Nurses.
Complete System of baths, of every kind
and description.
Medical Director���HE. R. fi. BRITT, Baotf.
Resident Physician k Snrgcon���DR. SI'AXKIB.
Subscribe for �� THE MINERS i      I I    n-aa**********:.**.
n ii .in i nn I.
iiiiY.ii iii,
A fill supply nv ���m
Drugs,  Chemicals, Patent   Medicines,   Toilet
Articles and Stationery,
_, PIIM insl'l,   FOB   THE
You are Cordially Invited to call and inspect
our Stock. Prescriptions and Private
ICeeipcH carefully compounded.
J. F. PXJGH'S Canadian
Pacific Ry,
C.   W.   Jield,
Football priicli.-c to-morrow evening at
7 o'clock sharp.
. Mr. \V. II. Mitchell-Innes is expected
to arrive in Goldon from England about
.May 18th.
Jlr. Ilany Woodley of the Columbia
House lias had a new stocl range put in
this woek.
Mrs. Sternaman has beon acquitted on
her second trial, of the charge of poisoning her husbaHd.
Major T. E. Clohecy, manager ot the
Kootenay Consolidated Mining Co.,
arrived from Everett on Wednesday.
PIMr. anil Mrs. Tom Robson who left
Golden for England some four years ago,
returned last week and will again make
their lioibe here.
It is reported that the Halcyon Hot
.Springs lias been sold to the British-
America Corporation, of which tlie Hon.
C. H. Mackintosh is resident director.
Architect Johnson of Calgary is at
present in Banff superintending the
strengthening of the Bow river bridge
which was damaged by tlie floods last
Extensive improvements are being
made I.. tho Held Hotel, which when
completed will almost double the capacity of the dining room and lunch
Tin. proport on of killed to the number ol railway travelers is in France one
ill nineteen million, England ono in
twenty-eight million, and in tho United
States one in two million four hundred
A special general meeting of the shareholders of lhe Alberta & Kootenay Development Co., will be held at the head
office of tlio company, (Iolden, to-morrow
���afternoon at 1 o'clock.
A. W. U. Markley, manager for the
North West and British Columbia of the
Confederation Life Insurance Co., left
for Fort Steele on Tuesday in tlie inter-
.csts of his company.
The government has amended the redistribution bill so lar as to give West
Kootenay nil additional representative
in thc legislature. This will mean four
members for West Kootenay and two for
East Kootenay.
The enclosure for the herd of buffalo
now at Silver Heights near Winnipeg is
nearly completed aud thc herd is expected to arrive in about three weeks. The
three animals that were shipped to
Banff last fall have wintered splendidly.
W. 0. Wells of Pallisor wub the unanimous choice ol the Opposition convention which was held in Golden last
.Monday evening, for tlie purpose of
selecting a candidate for North East
Kootenny  for the approaching election.
Great clearing sale of boots, shoes and
clothing. Have decided to clear out the
above lines, Prices to suit everyone.
Men's strong boots from f 1,00 up. Men's
tweed suits $-1.00 up. A large, lot of
boys and youths suits from $1.30 up at
11. G. Parson's.
Mr. J. C. Crome, manager ol tbe Van-
��ouvor branch of the Toronto Type
Foundry, was in town this week en
route to Winnipeg. Mr. Ci'opio will in
future manage both the Vancouver and
Winnipeg branch of his firm, with headquarters at tho latter place.
JameB Oronin, one of the owners of the
St. Eugene mine, is expected from Spokane about the luili of .May, when active
work will he commenced on the wagon
road between the mine and this place,
preparatory to building tlio aerial tramway.���Moyie City Leader.
Tlie funeral of the late J. F. Pugh took
place from St. Paul's Church Sunday
ufternoon, Rev. II. B. Turner officiating.
The funeral was largely attended by
friends and fellowcltlzonsof tliedeeensjd
The pall bearers were Messrs. II. G.
Parson, II. W. Harrison, C. BubBr, J. A.
(Iood, l.'lloek and Devlin.
A special conveying tlie Yukon detachment of the Canadian regular corps
passed through Golden Tuesday afternoon on its way to the const. Thore
were 225 on board altogether with Lieut.
Colonel Evans in command. The detachment carried with them some
maxims and quickllring Hotchkiss guns.
The C. P. H. hotel at Banff is being
prepared for tho opening which takes
pluce on May 16th. For two weeks past
a largo staff has lieen engaged making
evervthing ready for the reception oi
guests. Tho coming season, it i. expected, will be by far the busiest experienced
since the hotel opened.
At the Bank of England last Saturday
morning the Chinese minister handed
over a cheque covoring tlie amount of
the Japanese indemnity. The cheque
was drawn for nearly jC13,00O,0OO, and is
the largest cheque ever drawn on the
Hank of England.
Mr. L. A. Hamilton, land commissioner of the C.P.R., Winuipog, will shortly
visit tho East Kootenay district along
the Crow's Nest I'ass railway, lie will
start out three survey parties to lay out
farms from tho summit of the Koekies
through to the Kootenay lakes and east
through the Kootenay valloy.
The railway bridge across the Dovil's
Head creek which was carried out last
summer during the high water, was
replaced by a temporary structure which
is in its turn being replaced by a steel
bridge of two spans, each 100 feet long,
resting on cut stone peirs. A largo force
of men are employed on the work which
will be completed beforo high water this
Tho members of the local lodge of
tho Independent Order of Oddfellows
celebrated the 70tb anniversary, of the
Order by attending St. Paul's Church
in n body last Sunday even ing. Kcv. H.
B. Turner preached a sermon suitable to
the occasion, and in* the course of his
remarks pointed out tho advisability of
connecting one's self with such fraternal
Commissioner Chipnian said tlie other
day at Vancouver that the Hudson's Bay
Co. would build a large store at Nelson,
and in addition' to the large steamers
recently built in Vancouver for tlie
Stickine and Skeena trade the company
was erecting stores atGlenora and Teslin
lake. Extensive improvements are also
being made at Port Simpson. Mr.
Cliipmnn has christened one of the new
steamers th. Strathconn.
Almost every train which comes into
Golden these days brings with it a number of tramps. The majority of thoBe
gentlemen do not lack for gall and what
they do not get by begging they appropriate without consulting tho owner. On
Sunday night las! some members of this
fraternity entered tlie residence of Mrs.
John Pratt, while the inmates of the
house were asleep, and cleared out all
tlio eatables they could lay their hands
The steamer Manuenee, Capt. Edwards, with an expedition of Britishers
bound for Klondike, and heavy consignments of whiskey, beer and general
merchandise, has arrived at Vancouver.
It is said that she brings 14,000 cases and
1,000 barrels of spirits, 3,000 cases of
beer, 70 tons of salt and a large quantity
of plate glass. The liquor is mostly
whisky, nnd with the crockery and glassware is to make up the stock iu trade of
many saloons.
Mr. Hamlin Garland, tho well-known
writer and author, has been spending a
woek or two at Ashcroft, preparing for a
trip through to Teslin lake from Ashcroft, via the old Telegraph trail. Mr.
Garland contributes considerable literature to McClure's Magazine, of New-
York, and is the author of several works,
lie will tako his time going over the
trail, nnd with the best of horses and
outfit will have very little trouble making tlie trip. He will go through to
Dawson City and will probably return
by ono of the coast routes, making the
round trip. He will give an interesting
account of his trip in McClure's.
Mr. K. Jaffray, of tho Toronto Globe
and a director of the Crow's Nest coal Co
is at present in Vancouver. He has just
arrived from the upper country where
he has been examining the work of the
coal limits. He states that they have
now a shaft extending about 1,000 feet
in one of tlie mines. Upon the dump of
tliis mine there are fully 10,000 tons of
coal awaiting shipment. At present the
output will averago 300 tons per day,
with a capacity for increasing it to many
times that quantity. The mine is five
miles from the track of the Crow's Nest
Pass main line, from which a spur line
has been built.
Mr. C. A. Warren received a telegram
on Sunday evening from Fort Steele,
announcing the death, from pneumonia,
of Mr. J. C. Durick of that town. Mr.
Durick was one of thc pioneers of East
Kootenay and well known and greatly
respected throughout the whole district.
The deceased was for a number of years
a resident of Golden during which time
lie, In partnership with .Mr. C. A, Warren, conducted a general merchant
business. Moving to Fort Steele about
five youra ago he started a similar busi-
nessj-jthere and at the time of his dentil
wns one of the principal* iu the well
known firm of Carlin k Durick. The
deceased leaves a widow and throe
young children.
Minister of Mines nnd ProvincialjRecretnry
Hon. Col. Jumps Butter.
Provincial Mineraloglstr���W, A. Carlylc.
I'ublic As-iayer���H. Cunnlchiiel.
For the Province���W. B. Ooro Victoria
South Distriot comprising Fort Steele and To-
baoco Plaina Mining Divisions���J. F. Armstrong Cranbrook
North District com prising Donald, Goldon and
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. K. Grifflths
J. Stirret Donald
F. C.JLang (iolden
(j. (.oldie Windermere
('. M. Edwards Fort Steele
M. Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for North East Kootenay Jontah ritirrot t Donald
Deputy Clerk of the Peace for South East Koot*
���eiiay���Charles Massey Edwards.... Kort Steele
Extracts From Britisli Columbia
Statutes Explaining' Fully the
Value and Necessity of a " Free
Miners" Certificate-No Per.
son Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 years of ape, mnv become a free miner by paying ft to anv fold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtain.
Ing a curtlfieate good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate for
one lost on paying ?1.
A fret; miner's certificate is not transferable.
Auy person or company working a mineral
claim, held as ivul estate without license, may
lie lined li!'-. Mines become real estate after
crown grant lias been issued.
Should co-owner fail to pay up his free miner'
certilieate his interest goes to his co-OWnui's pro
rata according to their former interests.
A shareholder in a joint stock compauy need
not be a free miner.
A free miner may claim l-jOOxlfiOO feet. But
all angles must be right angles and all mcusur
nienl must be horizontally.
A free miner muy out timber ou erowu lands.
A free miner may kill game for his own use
nt all seasons.
A free miner may obtain live acre mills!tc upon erown lands In the form of a square.
A claim may be held from year to year bv
work being done to the value of one hundred
bodes discovered In tunnel may be held if recorded In in days,
A free miner may on payment ot fJOO, in lieu ol
expenditure on claim, obtain tt.erown grant.
Any miner may, at the discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain nceessarv water rights.
No transfer of anv mineral claim or interest
shall be enforceable unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any art of omission
or commission, or delays on the part of tlie
government oliicials.
No claim shall be open to location during
last fllnesss of holder, nor within 12 mont lis
after his death, unless by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within Ifl
days after location, if within 10 miles of office
of mining recorder, One additional day is al-
owed for every additional 10 miles or miction
Work on each mining claim lo ihe value of
?100 must be done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or his agent, setting out a deialled
statement of the work done must bo filed with
tiie gold commlssionsr or mining recorder, and
a certilieate of work obtained, and recorded before the expiration of each year from tlie date
of reeord of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of his Intention with tbe gold commissioner or
mining recorder perforin on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to untitle
him ma certificate of work for each claim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners hniding adjoining claims in partnership,
fu lieu of above work the minor must pay flW)
and get receipt and record tlie same.
Wc wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do  Neat,  Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Note Heads
Letter Heads
BIH Heads
Hand Bills
(.'ailing Cards
Business Cards
Law Briefs
Lumber Books
Bank Work
1'romisory Notes
Receipt Forms
Share Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists Labels
No Job too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, 13. 0.
i ���_ jfcuj*..'.  M
East via tho Luke Routes.
Greatly reduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca, every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Klondike GoldFields
direct via C.P.R. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagway.
S. S. Tarter & Athenian.
The largest steamers engaged
in the Yukon trade, specially
fitted for the passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for May:
Ning Chow May 12
Pakshan    "   15
Islander    "    15-
Danube    "   20
Alki    "   25
Islander    "   2(3
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
The most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootonay. Good Table. Good
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Wardner   ^--v
Transfer Co\
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The best stoppine: place for freighter* in
Columbia Valley is ut
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables.
The Best Beer In Canada 1b made by tbe
Calgary Brewing A
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale and Soda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every tf me. They
all liuve it.   lhe Company's agent for East
Kootenay is
tl. G. PARSON, Golden, B.C.
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Dry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Clothing, Hardware,
fclTC.-,  ritC.  cli
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secur*)
some bona fide bargains. '
Seneral TNercAant
laroaifis Fof Cash.
While taking down stock for one week from date t
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps^Dry Godds, Gsnis Furnishings,
Shirts, Hscktiss, Boats t Shoes,
& Fancy Gauds,
tales I Warren,
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,
CrOl&eXL, -- S.C.


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