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East Kootenay Miner 1898-07-08

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ll ill
^'^   <$.
Devoted to the Pining Interests and toelopment of the Ustniet of EUST KOOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 50.
Address:-1!0X 4!) GOLDEN, B.C.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  July  8th 1898.
$3.00 Per Year
**M wim>KXB.vte*a is* vm a
WB MTAT1 -ni*A*.-rt-i_a --
Harvey & McCarter,
Fire, Life, Real Estate, Houhu Agents,
Auctioneers and Custonm Brokers
Plra Agencies :
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
European Steamship Tided Office.
The Sun Life Iu.turauee Compuny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The BIrbeuk Investment and Loan Co.
H, L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Font Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Conveyancer
and Notary Public.
Post office address:
A-n-aay OHIccm and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established WX.)
For several years with Vivian A Horn, Swan*
l*t, and local representative for them.
For o years manager for tho assayers to tjie
RioTintoCo., London.
Canadian representative of tlie CasselGola
Extracting Co. L'td, Qhtsgow (Cyanide process.)
If.B.���AU work personally superintended. Only
competent men employed.    No pupils  re
Jas, Henderson,
I'lana I'roparcd.
l'nini|it Hllentlon Riven to orders.
A sii[.j.ly ol Ilulldin-f Mine lor snlo.
The Golden
Fresh and Salt Mctits.
I'ifh ami Otimo in season.
ltealers in Cattle, Sheep and Horses,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Hood Saddle Horse, and Rig. ol All Kinds (or
Hire at KeHsollahla itnles.
Teaming ol All Kinds a Specialty.
(iolden, 11. C
Good Time
By ovory man who has a watch.
��� tt. flltEXRflDEi?. ��
C.P.R. Watch Inspector will ho
Wwilnwwlny to Friday ___<?���
each week. Satisfaction (imtr-
ailtoeil. Work can las lull tit
It I Bell
Wedding %iu��s
A Sp3sialty.
Calgary,   -   Alberta.
TOjSOffmL PfililiOlJS
Newly Uclitteu* k ReturnlBhod.
Thc host of the kind went of
Everything Cum pinto.
All Modern ConvenlenecH.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
��� * *>
|     & Embalming     |
X Tdegraph orders receive prompt attention t
I J. SMART,     ���
| CALGARY, Alta. f
The Providence Fof Co
Providence, R.I.
wants all kinds of raw furs, skins, ginseng, senoca, etc. Prices for next sixty
days are as follows:
Silver Fox $16.00 to ?1">0.00.
Hear $ 5.00 to $ 25.00.
Otter * 4*00 to $   0.00.
Martin $ 2.00 to $   9.00.
Beaver (per pound).. .** 3.00 to if   3.50.
Wolf ? 1.00 to $   2.00.
Red Fox It 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink *   .v"5 to $   2.00.
Skunk  if   .25 to $   1.00.
Gray Fox *.   .50 to $    .75.
lint t   .20 to $    .25.
Price list on till other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection, courteous
treatment, ami immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Livery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Port Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Pack Trains for mines supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken.
Hudson's  Bay
Wong See,
Optician nnd
Watches cle'itned, Juwclluov mounted, Classes
mended anil fliina repaired.    Klral htaim work
111 every department.   A trial solicited, mi conic
Wong See, Golden.
Tom Lee,  ��
has the best restaurant in Oolden. It is open lit all hours.
Every delicacy nnd fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily flower routs apply
nt once for the Choicest ere thoy
go to I
�� Tom Lee, Bakery, @
Meals Day and Night.
Varieties of Gold.
Naturally, it might he Biipposcd that
there is only one kind of gold, a.'id it is
true that there ia only ouo metal of
that name; hut it is found iu many
shapes, some of which are decidedly
curious. For example, there is moss
gold, which is occasionally discovered in
masses nearly a foot iu diameter. If n
hit of rock he thickly interlaced witli
gold veins und the rocky substances be
dissolved nwiiy, the iiiotnl is apt to ho
loft behind in this strange form. What
is called " wire gold " is formed in much
the same manner, ln the famous Cripple Creek region gold often occurs in
little crystals composing fcrnlikc pieces.
Once In a long while a gold crystal of
considerable size, say half au Inch in
diameter, and it perfect octahedron, is
picked up. In the Snake river, Idaho,
regular mining is done for " Hour gold,"
so called because it occurs as a very fine
powder mixed with the sands at the
bottom of the stream. These sands arc
attacked by stern-wheel flat-boats,
whicli are floating dredges propelled by
steam. The flat-boat anchors in a suit-
ablo place, anil the gravel is hauled
aboard with buckets attached to an endless chain. The gold is caught on copper
plates with the aid of quicksilver, nod
tho refuse is carried overboard by a
stream of water. The beach sands of the
Oregon sea coast are quite rich in gold,
whicli is very pure, though iinely (livid
ed. There has been a good d-.*a
Baid lately about tlie gold in ordinary
sea water, on which The Ml.vmi shall
have an article noxt week. There is
actually gold in sea water and amounts
to about a cent and a half per ton but its
characteristic as to quality is yet undetermined.
There is line gold and coarse gold, ns
different as the difference is between
winter whoatand spring wheat, although
the inexperienced eye could not distinguish tho difference; and thu Hour
gold, grain gold and nugget gold may be
either coarse or line. There is also a
great diilereuce in tho variety of hue or
tinge somo of the gold being deeper in
color. An experienced miner can 'ell by
the color ni the gold whether itMs Australian, African or Canadian, tho hue of
tho gold from each of these regions
varies, the Australian being deeper ill
hue and the Canadian lighter.
Dominion Day at Donald.
Tho sports at Donald last Friday wore
well attended by Goldenitea who went
down in the morning per C.P.R. special.
Space will not permit ns to go into particulars, suffice it to say that everything
passed off pleasantly with lhe exception
of the football tournament which did
not pass oil as satisfactorily ns it might
have done. The dance in the Oddfellows'
Hall in the evening was enjoyed by nil
nnd formed a suitable wind-up to the
day's sport.'; Tho visitors wero well
treated by the Donaldites and it is
hoped that Golden will return the compliment and invito Donald to a day's
sport here at no distant date.
gfoM Ng***.
Mill Mar, ism.
Ills nOKOUII Hie Lleiitonant-flovwnot has
1 ���* lieen pli-nt-cil lo npptihit the unili-riiieii-
ll.nii-d pcrsuits iu ho Collo-lor*. of Voles, under
tho provisions Of neoHon IS ol tile "KeilbtriUll-
liotl Act, It.'.lS," liaiucl**;
Joiiaii ktiiihi'tt,ol 1'oiuld, lor tho North
Hi.lint:, Kni.1 Kooleu-iv llluctntul l.istriil.
I'llAlll.ss M. Kiiwaiiii*., ill Fort Steele, lor the
Sunlit lllillll-*, Kust Kootenny lllo-li.r.il Iihtrict.
And Ills Honour thc Ueuli'iiiuit-Covcrnur htm
l.i-elt pleased to appoint the uiulerincntliiiii'.l
pcr.-on lo hoe. tllslrflii.linu '.'ullcclnr, under Hie
provisions of secilou 17 oi tho said Act, namely]
In the former Bloeloral liislricl el Kast Kootenay, JAMKS 1*'. Alt.MSTUON'0, of iforl Steele.
rSitttiito in tlio Golden Mining Division of
Kant Kootonay District-. Wlievo lo-
cut-Oil���On BpfUemuuliQOn Mountain.
Tnko notice tlmt I, John McKrto, Froo
Miuur'u, Certificate Nn. Bttono* intend,
sixty cIiivh from tlie (Into lie roof, to apply
to tfio Mining Recorder for a covtincute
of improveinentsi for tlio purpose of
"ibtnlnlng a Crown grunt of the ubove
Ami further tako nottco that action,
under section 87. must bu commenced
before thotasuahco of Biich certificate of
Dated this 18th day of January, 1808.
Joux McRab,
By his ngent Ceo. f?. .McCarter.
The Kootenay Exploration Company
LlmltGd, of London.
Capital, ��400,000 fully paid.
(' The Capitalist" statea: Tlie above
has appeared in thc advertisements of
this concern for eome considerable time.
A eorrexpomU'nt onquli'CS from us to
knoiv tlie date the company was formed
in London. On inquiry at Somerset
House, wo find that the compuny is not
registered in'this country although it
.puts " of London " after its titlo. Further inquiries lead us to believe that it is
distinctly an American concern, and is
engaged in unloading tlie shares of
another Yankee undertaking on tho
Uritish public, viz., the Yukon Trading,
Mining aud Fxploration Company, Ltd.
Although the capital ia giyen in sterling
wc think tliis can only be tho equivalent
of $1,000,000.
Tin: Miner, whon in London in tbo
spring thc present year, called at the
offices of thifl company at 7 Great Win
Chester street, London (T. B. Barry
secretary, to obtain some information
about this company and its operations
The offices were in one room, up two
fli rhta of stairs, along a passage, iu a
budding several stories in height which
was a warren of offices. The staff of
officials���board of directors���were like
the crew of the Nancy Bell and embodied in tho personality of the individual who responded to tlio name of Mr.
T. B. Barry. There were two lady typewriters with the corresponding of typewriting machines. Thb Miner introduced himself and explained tho object
of his call, that, being interested in the
lCoptennys,he,w(ia naturally interested in
all companies that had for their object
the exploration and development of
these districts and their mineral wealth,
and would be pleased to see a copy of
the prospectus of the company, so that
he might gleam some information without the necessity of interviewing. Xo
proBpoctus was forthcoming; it had not
been issued yet. Tiiij Misku then proceeded to interview in his blandest aud
most insinuating manner: " Who arc
tho directors?" Threo names wore
given, which wero utterly unknown to
The Mixer, There may be individuals
bearing such names, but they had a less
tangible existence to Tn:-: Mixer than
Matthew, Mark and Luke. The Mixer
would havc]recogni:'.cd these names, and
theso would have suited the purpose
equally as well so far as information
was concerned as to thojiumes and
status of the directorate,
Tho next inquiry was directed to
where the properties wero situated in
the Kootenays. >'ono as yet had been
acquired. Tlie operations of the company were not confined to British
Columbia. Tue Mi.vbii had no interest
in its operations anywhere else and bo
did not pursue that theme any further,
but next directed his attention to the
shareholders and how tho shares were
soiling: woro there many shareholders?
There wero a great many shareholders
and they were all over tho country, hut
the shares had not yot been quoted on
the market. There were a great number
of -shareholders iu Scotland and there
were to bo a heard of ���directors there.
On inquiring who was to compose this
board, tho matter was private and had
not been arranged but would bo so Boon,
Not much Information having been
extracted by these general inquiries,
Tin: MiNiiU became more inquisitorial
and tho replies became moro unsatisfactory, so that Tun Mixkii, ore ho took
his departure, was convinced ho wan in
the ofHco of a " baloon " company. Investors cannot he too careful in making
inquiries into the antecedents of mining
companies with high -sounding names
beforo risking their money, aa thero are
wildcats and over-capitalized companies
existing for the unwary; then when
trouble comes the investors blame every
cause but thc true ono. Ho blames tho
country, decriesits mining resources and
abuses its people; whereas it is his own
foolhardinesn and stupidity he should
curse for, fly-like, walking into tbe
pretty littlo parlor of unrealized dividends and lost capital.
Advertisa in
On the Rich Mountains of British
Columbia and the Abundant
Wealth In the Province of Minerals.
Evory traveller through thu mineral
regions of Britisli (.'oliiniliiii, whether
expert or novice, Is Impressed tvilli tiie
extent of tlio territory over whicli thin
wctiltlt is distributed. Nowhere in the
world hove mineral deposits of sucll
richness been shown to exist over so
great an area. In a necessarily brief
visit one cannot do more than look in nt
a few of the more interesting camps and
best known mines, and the work of the
prospector through this great rich " sen
of mountains " is jet as inadequate as
the inspection of the hurrying transient.
Along the watercourses and in the vicinity of the railways and trails the mountains havo been prospected and many
outcroppings of oro developed, a considerable number being already profitable mines. But ni03t of this has
occurred within the past few years, and
it extends over a comparatively small
section of the country virtually known
to bo gold-producing. The rivers and
streams draining litis great area are et ill
yioldintt placer gold, some after having
been worked for thirty years, aud it is
reasonable to conclude that the lodes
from which this gold has ccirnc are
distributed through tho unexplored
peaks, valleys aud gulches. Most of this
country is as yet known only to tlio
Indians, and it ifi it safe assumption that
the interesting history of past discoveries
will be repeated again and again as the
work of exploration advances. There
are many natural obstacles in the'way of
establishing railway communication in
such a country. The Kootenays have
been fortunate In that regard, foi several
tortuous valleys running north and south
have been so formed by nature that they
retain sulHclent water of tlie inotinlnin
streams to make long, navigable lakes.
These are lite highways by which prospectors lirst reached the mountains, und
it is only in their vicinity that any
degree of thoroughness has been reached
in the work of exploration. Through
every camp tho milling laws arc a
favorite theme for criticism, and it is
liard to avoid the uncharitable conviction
that the average man's interest as p.
prospector, a broker, a miner or a merchant determines in a great measure his
attitudes on tlie points at issue. Tiiere
aro many ways in which the mineral
wealth of the country may be locked up
in idleness. It may be left neglected
under nature's seal, as the great bull: of
it seems to be at present. It may be
guarded by tlio stakes of a prospector
who lias no knowledge as to its value
and no moans of gaining such. There
are many claims thus held year after
year by re-locating in collusion with
friends. It may be tho property of a
joint stock company with many shareholders and no money in the treasury
for development work. It may be tied
up by the eagerness for dividends and iu
tbo bunds of a company strnnded for
want of a reserve to meet some comptira
tively trilling contingency. Thero arc'
few mines that have not passed through
periods of inactivity on account of faulty
management, legislative, Financial engineering, and in the efforts to remedy
matters the prospector is now receiving
most attention. It is complained that
he rushes through the country, stalling
out claims wherever lie finds an outcropping of ore and that lie often stakes a
(lout that may havo travelled for miles.
These claims he sells to brokers, who
have heretofore found ready sale, for
thorn in tlie form of capital stock. The
evil of stocking uncertain claims seems
to have cured itself, for such stock is no
longer a marketable commodity. It is
proposed to roqutro of tlie prospector a
certain amount of development work
within ninety days of the date of staking
his claim. A shaft ton foot deep or an
open cut exposing a (ace of ten feet on a
vein would bo regarded as suilicieut to
prove tlio existence of " rock iu place,"
aud it is sought to establish some such
requirement iu securing a claim. The
prospector, like every other metnbor of
the community,* is not adverse to laws!
regulating oilier people, but lie does not
see the necessity of thom for liinisell.
He wants logo where he pleases, drive
his stakes wherever ho makes a find and
secure Ids claim with the mildest possible
stipulations.  The prospector Influence
i? Strong, for not only the working
miners, but. the mechanics of evory
trade, this clerks, bartenders, and many
other classes of the mountain community, do sufficient prospecting to fancy
their Interests lie in tlmt direction. It
Is generally regarded as an unfavorable
symptom when an industry has timo 11
devote to thu reviling o( its laws and
regulations, but it is not in accordance
with Ilu. ordering of things Industrial
thai Hi.; mineral wealth of tliis region
should Ik- developed ail ntonce. Whether
the proposed change would in- beneficial
otherwise to that Indelinito entity known
as " the country " depends upon tbu pail,
of class of country under considerate n.
Concluded .Next Week.
The candidate) have been busy, like n
certain personality, in going to and fro,
up and down certain portions of litis
earth's surface embraced in the riding of
North Kast Kootenay, and have now
covered the whole of Hint area where the
freo and enlightened electorate dwell.
Meetings, speeches, canvassing at,.I
treating have nil been employe.! to win
the suffrages. The following lias ben
the programme for this past week: l'ul -
lie mauling ou Monday night at Donald,
addressed by both candidates and their
orators. .Meeting at Beaver on Tuesday
night in Hie interests oi Mr. Neilson,
when both he und Mr. Wells were
present. Mooting ut the same place on
Wednesday night in the interests o( .Mr.
Wells, wlto addressed tin* meeting. Canvassing on the Stunt* day al llogers I'ass
by Mr. Neilson, aiid the return of Mr.
tiordon Hunter lo the coast. Thursday
night there was n meeting at Pallisor i i
the interests of Mr. Wells, where he and
his orator addressed the meeting. On
Kridny night a public meeting at Uoldcn.
in the Columbia llr.ll in the Interests of
Mr. Wells, nnd canvassing ut Rogers
I'ass by Mr. Wells and his'agent, Mr.
Joseph hake, is up ut Windermere canvassing for ltini. (in Saturday Mr. Wells
returns tu (iolden. The balloting takes
place on that day, when Mr. Wells will
be returned by a majority of about sixty
over his opponent. Mr. .Neilson. Both
candidates have niiido a good fight, but
Wells litis gained the victory. Kvou
although Xellson was fighting in n bad
cause, ho being the more popular candidate of the two should havo made u
better light. Wells had his forces better
organized and his plan of campaign well
arranged, whereas Xellson bad great
difficulties to contend lUainst in the form
of disorganization nnd the absence of a
proper plan of campaign. Tito great
surprise lo many of Neilson's friends is
that he should have made such a good
A Croat Success,
Tlie Lash-Hamilton conceit, tinder tho
auspices of the football club was, as
anticipated, a great success. Tut- entertainment took plncii in llio Columbia
House ball, which was packed loth,.
door, Every number ou the programme
wits heartily applauded an.I the u,embers of tbe company proved themselves
to be artists of first class grade, A dnncj
was held at the conclusion of tlie concert which was well attended. Arrangements have been made for another
entertainment by litis talented company
on their return from the west. III aid of
the liospltttl.    We predict for them a
bumper house.
North liasi;  .-ooicnr.y
Mining Association.
President���Hon. 1". W. Aylmer.
1st Vice-Pros.--W. li. Mitchell-Innes.
2nd Vlco-l'ros,���*tV. (i. Seilson, .1.1'.
3rd Vice-Pros.���E.'Johuson.
Secretary-Treasurer��� !*'������ A. Haggen.
Tbe regular meetings of tlie Association
are held on tlie first Tuesday of each
tnon th at the Columbia House, Golden.
���J      tj)JL
.Sixteen lj^lb.   Loaves  for  One
Dollar Cash,
At Mack Joe's. \'-.-T:n';*-n"*-^#-\U*,-^^:-v"*T.^'-'",VTTr-'��l:' *-*
A Weoklv Journal, pnt-lUlicd .very i'ri.luy
Jn ilieliitT.Kst.tl Hie Eilsl Kiiotenay liisiri.t
In iltlnft ellit-'SI ...un.-. lions wttii nil trains nn.l
S11..1I ruiiii-..
SUIiatlttlllTION ItATXS : l:y inal] nr c.irrii-r.
3.1.1*11 j,,*r ye ir in tt.lviui.-i-.
APVEKTISISU iivr-Em Display ad��. Visa per
cnliintn Incli, *4.0S per'(.(iliiiiiu Itieli Ivlluu in-
..-���!���;.- 11,11 llif till.- i-iis-- ; l.-|.'iil ails. 1" eeius per
'; uunpnrell) Ilu-- i.ir tirst [ii.urli.ni, 11 eulilsiier
'litii. i,,r e.*i.li u.liitl..ii.il Insul-limi; ruuillliy
"ii,,lii',*s 1,1 ceatirper liiii' lifteli li'surUtin.
IMianges 01 <i-'.-. must nt* in niHco in.*, lalurtlian
lll*.|li, marriage anil ilealli notices insortoil
JOI1 DEI'.VllTMKXTt Our J.1I1 licparlmciil
Is ilu- I,,--.-, i-iii.ipi.t-.l |irlnllii|i oil!-, in K,i-1
K,.,,t-.iu nml Is prepared �������� .1" limit, artistic
u.'iiitlug'atti renson.ilile price. One prlcatuall.
'Mall order, receive prumpl .iltciiliiui.
t'.OKKEHl'OXDISNTS: We Invite eorrespon.
deti -coil liny subject ul Interest 10 tlie Kenenil
intblleand .l.*-ir<* n reguliir eurr-uiponilent ,n
,-v-rv piilnl i.i He.. Iil-irl.-i.    Iii .01 >*..*-< tlie
buna litii1 iiauiv of writer imi^.t .1 iipiiuy Ilie
���i.oiiii. ��� riiii, mil n.*..-���...ill. '..- 1. "li .ui''"
but ns n guarantee ol n I faltli.
Oorresiinndence witli rclen n .- 1 ij- matter
llu-Uias.ipi'uarcil In another |iapor hum: llrsl
 iiVn-i n.iliii i��.|...i- for p.ii.li.-iiiioii belore
it ran appear i I'm: Mimiii."
.Vidros uH-'iuiiinuiiln.li-.in
Goldou, 15. C.
r;:ii!AV,.:i'i.v 8, isns.
On Saturday, the Oth day oil .Inly, 1RHS,
Ihe future goveriiinent of the province
will-bo determined by the vote that wiil
he cast at the various polls throughout
lite different coiistiluen'cies in the province. Those who thus determine are
llio|�� individual electors. Citizenship
confers rights and privileges, nut these
carry wilit.it certain; duties and responsibilities One of these duties and ro-
sponBibllitloaJJfalls t.. l��- discharged on
that day. No elector who values the
welfare of his country or who desires
her material advancement or prosperity
will fail in the duty or shrink tho responsibility of going to the polling booth
and recording bis vote.
The responsibility rests on lhe con-
sti'.uencii-s _to oli-d the members from
whom will lie selected the cabinet which
in to govern this province, but the greater responsibility rests on the individual
elector lo elect the propar'jnenil-ors.
According as lhe members are returned
bo will the goveriiinent stand or fall.
In North East Kootenny aro two candidates, both honest men and true who
aspire for lhe great privilege and high
honor of becoming the public servant
and chosen representative of the electors
of that important constituency. Whom
are tbe electors then to choose to serve?
Both cailliot be returned. One must be
.chosen am! lhe oilier left. Both men
have material interests in this dlrtricl
but both men are devoid of principals,���
political principals. One is for the Opposition and the other is for the Govern-:
uieiit. A cynic has remarked: "The
Lord knows what tl c Govern nent bus
done, but the devil only knows_whnt the
I Ipposition may do.'' The electors must
lake their chances of this great unknown
uncertainty it they elect the opposition
candidate. From the past they have
bitter experience bow the (lovernilient
has conducted I he affairs of this province
witli such dire results to liust Kootenay.
Aro they willing to continue such a
government in ollice rather than take
chances of being worse misgoverned?
The (ask of duty ami responsibility
may be a heavy one undo:* these circumstance) but it should bo performed.
There should be no shirking. Lot each
Individual elector go to tho polling booth
like a man, none daring to make him
afraid, and cast his vole lor lhe candidate whom lie thinks will hotter serve
the interests of this important district
in the Provincial Parliament. The elector who shrinks this duly and responsibility is undeserving of lhe rights und
privileges of citizenship.
Discovery of an Alcoholic Deposit
Near Beaver Similar to Those
Found In tho Kicking* Horse
Rlvor   Near  Palliser.
The productiveness of thu Upper Columbia is now proverbial. Nowhere is
there such a variety of fish, animal, vegetable and other wealth. The lirst three
varieties are now well ascertained, but
in the mineral fresh discoveries are. being mude every day. I-'roin time lo time
Tut*: Minkii has chronicled discoveries in
all lhe known metals and minerals, both
lluid and solidi it is now our duty to
chronicle another remarkable discovery
that has boon recently made.
While some lumbermon wore ongnged
in adjusting the logs al a boom near
Beaver, they ciimo upon a remarkable
substance jammed in among the logs, It
was spherical in shape, oblong, and
possessed considerable buoyancy. On ils
removal  bom the wilier it wits found
this   woody  fibre tiiere   was   found   a
liquid substance, which on first inspection appeared to be colbat.   but it was
' nut.   Il lnul neither the density nor tlie
weight of quicksilver; besides it issued
I an odor not offensive to the nostrils, which
I is absent from that liquid mineral. This
odor induced one of the finders to insert
his forefinger into the liquid substance
! and then transfer it to his mouth.    The
look of joyful surprise that came over his
countenance  was  only  equal  to that
which came over tbe face of Wong lb.
when he first accidentally discovered tbe
! nutritious morils of roast pork by his
} lingers coming into contact with tlie pig
j that had been burnt in its sly and his
hastily transferring his scorched digits
i into his mouth to cool thom.
An analysis was made by such means
[ as could be improvised on tlie spot with
the result that the substance was pro
nounccil  lo be a clienrioal lluid with r
: large percentage of u Stimulant  useful
for medicinal purposes nsa pallatlvu ttntl
curative.     The finders tried some of the
lluid for tlieir stomachs' sake and were
j soon in an oxhiluroted condition; but
this passed away,  leaving no delirious
off eels,
No such Blmilar substance was ever
found near ilea vet* before, but last winter
similar deposits were found iu the
Kicking Horse river near 1'iillisor. Some
of thom however bad a different formation and on lhe woody fibre being
removed the liquid was found encrusted
in sectional layers of a non-metallic
nature ill form oblong and rotund, bill
easily detachable. Several of these
deposits were staked out, but were soon
exhausted by the ox tensive dovelopmont
work done on thom. There is a supposition that this deposit found at Heaver
must havo drifted from the Palliser
deposits down the Kicking llorso into
tbe Columbia, We were unable to
obtain samples from either deposits for
our collection ami none, wc understand,
were sent to the government collection.
This was a great oversight.
To tho Craw's Koot  Pass Railway
When Canada stood indignant at the
disgrace brought upon tho country und
the injury done lo its interests by the
shameful maltreatment oi labourers in
tho Crow's Nest I'ass, Vice-President
Sliaughnessy rose to remark that the C.
P. it. had a complete answer, which
would be put in at tlie proper time.
Tlie public was allowed to infer that
(lie proper time for tlie publication ol
the " complete defence" would be the
occasion oi Kir William Van Home's
return from* tlio old country.
Sir William Van Ilorne has returned
and the " complcto answer" of tbo 0. P.
It. to the Crow's Nest Pass charges is
embodied in these words:
" The men can't expect feather beds.'
Sir William Van Ilorne evidently
imagines that he can remove the indignation aroused by the Crow's Nest I'ass
revelations with the sneer of a true
Yankee plutocrat. Sir William's merry
jest at the wrong) done to Canadians,
ami the sufferings endured by Canadians
in tbo Crow's Nest Pass, may satisfy the
government ut Ottawa and its organs in
Ontario. Canadians generally cannot
exactly see whore tho C. }'. K, is vindicated by the following interview, which
includes bis laugh, at a shameful record
of human guilt on one sido and human
suffering on tin. other:
" When Sir William was asked if he
bad anything to say in regard to the
Crow's Ncsl Pass revelations, bo said:
11 have not yet bud tin opportunity to
speak to Mr. Sliaughnessy regarding
them, and have not yet road the report
Hut you will find tiiut there is always a
scarcity of feather beds on construction
work. We had tin. same trouble when
wo wore building the main line in the
west and along the north shore. The
trouble is that the men who go out do
not appreciate what it mentis to build a
railway throutjlr a now. country. We
cannot build big bomtthlg bouses al
overy few miles, nnd cannot supply
downy mattresses for Ihe men. I nm
sure the ollicials did all thoy could for
lhe men, mul you will Ibid this lo bo Ihe
case when all the (acts are known.' "���*
Toronto Telegram.
The following story is told as having
occurred at a district school recently.
Wo shall not say wliere this district
school wins however. It was Friday, the
day of exhibition and recitation. Knob
scholar bad to memorize Ids or her, production, A littlo girl with bine eyes and
sandy hair lisped:
'��� Tho dawning shafts of light came out,
To greet the lark's refrain,
And over gladdened heart sang out���"
Then she stopped. A bluo-shjrted
urchin raised his hand and snapped his
" What is it, Bobby?" asked the
" I know it."
'* Know what'.'"
"The line she's forgot."
"Ou you'.'" said the teacher in surprise.   " What is it'."'
Promplly ns a rifle shot, came tlio
answer that completed the verse;
"To Hell with Spain'"
HAS located permanently opposite tho Columbia House,
Golden, where* he will attend to all requirements in
his lino, whether it be Tailor-Made or Ready-Made
Clothing, A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and he has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
.___    CONTRACTORS   TO   THU   C.P.R.     *,
Or-olciein. and Sea/ver, 33.C.
Ullcwk & Barrie, Props.
* " m        Bo      C.
Fi Ht-f'lnss iii every jmriii ulitr.   Convenient to Railway "Depot ami Steamboat L-andiug,
Hates KcsHonablo.  Free Sample ttoonm.
Tlie Tram Cur leavea Kootonay House, itomiccttng witli Steamer for Fort Steele uvesy
Monday nml Friday after arrival ol train from the wat.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining  Men.
For Home Comforts       e
Modern Conveniences   ��
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
East Kootenay
.  .  Supply Store,
tuated on Perry Creek,
From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
TSTTfl f=i "   0l"-'-tIll'<l ilown, balance in three and six
mm <=�����- -LJ.O.U -      months, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Is tlutt of tlie
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation Go ;
Connecting with the C.I'.U. atJGpltlon, B.C., and
(it-eat Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers leave Golden Tuesday and Friday at 4 a.m.
Connecting ut Windermere with Royal Mail Stage for Fort Steele anil Wardner   "
Consignors, will be chnrgod with nil way freight between Uolden and Windermere at which point a Company's agent wifl be stationed.
Baggage allowance mi Steamer 15'Olbs.; per adult; allowance on Stage 251b.*..
per adult*, If desired extra baggage can be forwarded bv express team at -rcpretm
rates (10 cents,per pound). '
Address nil express care of Upper Columbia Company.flGohlcn.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for tho California Giant Powder Compay.
Groceries, Dry Goods it General Merchandise.   Miners
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
jm, J. A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Vi'incs, Liquors nnd Cigars,   First class accommodation.
WINDERMERE,   B.C._���-aratt.
East Kootenay.
ining Stock List.
tf auk op Company.
The Gold Hills C. & D. Co	
Kootenny, Cariboo M. k I. Co	
Golden & Fort Steele I). Co	
Albertn iSc Kootenny I). Co	
East Kootenay and Elk Kiver Development k Exploration ('*>	
If 750,1100
$  500,000
$    73,000
If 1.00
, ZETozt Steele, B. C
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
t springs
The Finest Health Retort on tho Continent.
1'rivato Hospital under medical superintendence with a Trained Staff of Nursn.
Complete System of Hatha, of every kind
and descriplion,
Medical Director���TII!. R, fl. BRTCTT, B.\svr.
Resident Physician k SurgDon���DE. SI'AXKIE.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." WMmmtamxmttt Hf ir'Ti^ir**1 *���*"*��� *'r*itr*,irrr
i iT--i^-*JyKU .c
\5^t>  ^kalsra ��5 V&*�� fcuk
-.J**.1-!*- *i�� i? fattfjV ���
Tn coining forward as a candidate for your suffrages
at the coming election, I think it proper at this time to
briefly outline the policy that 1 propose to advocate if
I believe in and will persistently urge thc continua
tion of the presant policy of the Government. It goes
without saying that the future of the mining and farming
interests of this Province is absolutely dependent upon a
vigorous railway development in all parts of the country,
and in this connection I am of the opinion that preference
ought- to be given to English and Canadian capitalists who
come here seeking to invest their money in these enterprises, as by this cour.se wc would be more likely to secure
the building of smelters within our own borders and thereby prevent our ore from being taken away to be smelted in
a foreign country by foreign labor.
Liberal expenditures of public money on public, works
such as roads, trails, bridges, etc., are, in my opinion, at
this stage both necessary and proper, in order to more
rapidly open up tho vast mineral and farming resources of
tho Province as a whole and East Kootenay in particular,
and the returns which reward tho large expenditures of
money in West Kootenay will be easily duplicated in East
Kootenay under the policy of expansion which I will, if
elected, warmly support.
Notwithstanding the persistent attempts of certain
members of the Opposition to run down the credit of the
Province, its credit has advanced in the London money
markets 19 per cent, within the last seven years, as against
12 per cent, for British consols, which is as you know the
standard security of the world, and this fact is the best
possible answer to thc malicious charges of dishonesty or of
bad management of our finances made by these persons,
and is at the same time tlie best possible guarantee that the
Government will he able to carry on that vigorous development of our railroads, roads and trails, whicli, as 1 have
said, I will persistently advocate and support.
Dominion politics have nothing to do with this
���dection; it is simply a question of who are the best men
to have in office, and believing that the present Premier is
tlie best suitetl of all those party leaders now before tlie
Electorate to have the direction of public affairs by reason
of his ability, energy and fair-mindedness, 1 intend, if
elected, to give him my hearty support so long as he
pursues the same honest, vigorous and even-handed policy
which has been followed in the past,
Respectfully yours.
Golden, B.C., June 27th, 1898.
I   Plea for a Mineral  School for
British Columbia.
S une oi the richest discoveries of gold
and  other   precious  metals ever made
I were made by men so ignorant of mincr-
I nlogy and the cognate sciences Hint Ihey
! liad to bring the samples to camp to be
told whether they were just plain, every
day rock or chippings from a bonanza.
I, For every 1:1:111 trained in the art of discriminating among the outcropping!* on
the mountain side, and able to tell by
I the appearance of a range whether gold
/ought to be there or  not, there are prn-
j bably a hundred who aro totally ignor-
I nut ol such knowledge, and yet who go
.11 prospecting in the hope of stumbling
fupini sunn-thing rich���some day.   Hy far
[ tho greater numbor of the mon who
I have swarmed norlli lo the Yukon since
last.  July, nnd who uro now scattered
over the face uf that wido region lying
between the l'acilic coast and the Kldn-
Mining and Scientific Press recently
expressed it: " The secrets of the modern prospector and mine manager lie in
their knowledge of tho dates and effects
of porphyry overflows and Intrusions,1
Those Beerets cannot be " picked up " in
" knocking around" mining camps; they
must lie learnt accurately and definitely
through laborious study under specialists.
Now, as the well known fact that
llritisli Columbia Is practically one immense mineral field is likely to attract
hither thousands of men from all parls
of the world eager to try tlieir luck, and
as many of these men will come here
utterly ignorant of even tlio rudiments
of mining knowledge tint would bo glad
enough of an opportunity lo learn if they
could do so without toil much expense,
why should not a lirst class school of
mines lie established in (he province?
Such 1111 Institution would afford a grand
opportunity for young Uritish Columbians to train for the profession that, it
citn hardly be doubted, is to be the lending une in this province in the coming
years.     Not only so, but   hundreds of
W. C. Wells' Address to
tho Electors of this
dike, know nothing at nil about geld , young Canadians Irom the custom and
.mining 01' prospecting upon ascieutill.
basis. Many of them are men who have
'knocked about." a great deal antl
" picked up " a smattering of knowledge
about formations and a dim notion about
testing nnd assaying, but nothing definite, llritisli Goluniliia has many such
men in its milling regions; one here and
thero makes a lucky " strike " whilo the
majority lives no one knows how, but it
always seems to occur lo theni that it.
would be practical common sunse to go
somewhere and take a course iu tl school
1 of mines and so equip themselves thoroughly 'or their  business.    When it is
, romciiibei'cil that the practical pi'ospee-
, tor ought to have a broad, general education upon whicli to lay the necessarily
, exact and speclllc knowledge of geology,
metallurgy, chemistry, bosidos practical
[assaying, whiuii are essential to bis pro-
ffession, the futility of the unskilled
niaii's efforts will be recognized.   As the
middle provinces would be likely to be
attracted by the facilities for study offered by a well appointed mining college in
this province. The mineral deposits of
the province would then ho systematically explored and developed; much more
definite ami abundant information and
more trustworthy reports could then be
placed before the capitalists of the United Kingdom. The mining college could
be started in a modest way, care being
taken, however, to secure (irst-class lecturers'and demonstrators; it would not
be long before the institution would
attract so much notice, antl the demand
I'm* tuition become so great that enlargements would have In be made. It scents
to us the Bchetne is feasible, and that
1 the time is ripe for cutting it tn the test.
At any rate it would bo satisfactory to
have the matter freely discussed in all
its bearings as a preliminary to action.
��� Viutoi'ltt Times,
My nomination as an Opposition Candidate in the approaching General Election for our Legislature, calls on me to
state to you briefly, the course, which in
my opinion, 1 should take if elected us
your Representative
So far us I have been able to measure
the feeling of this Constituency, it If
one of disappointment in the administration of our Provincial affairs. In the
present contest I am glad to say, we are
not so divided on party lines, us to debar
us from taking our choice of men
throughout the Province for tlie ensuing
parliamentary term, and it is to be hoped
that an independent effort will be made
in this direction. Holding the opinion,
as 1 do, that the record of the present
government, in the disposal of public
lands, and their administration of the
Provincial finances, not having been
suCh as to command my support, it is
my plain duty, for tlio present, to claim
your suffrages as an Opposition C'andi-
dnte. Thfs does not necessarily mean
that I must place myself in such anta
gonism to any administration, as to
defeat what should be my primary object
as a Representative, namely, the interest of my own Constituency.
Nor does it mean that I am in full
alliance with tho Opposition party as it
bus stood before the Legislature during
the past four years. For this reason, if
no other, I would ask at the hands of my
constituents, if elected, u free indulgence
of my own judgment as to the course 1
should adopt in this particular respect.
I look for at least a reconstruction as the
result of the general election, and that
we may have nn administration fully
meeting tlie demands of our rising
The largo appropriation of $5,000,000
under the recent Public Works Loan
Amendment Act, while indicating a
generous tendency* in the disposal of
public funds, cannot meet the approval
of interior constituencies, We nru interested in something more than building up our terminal cities, and the
exclusive welfare of districts immediately
tributary to them. It will therefore, be
my lirst contention that substantial
justice should bo given to the eastern
portion of this Province, as compensation for the enormous appropriation
made directly, I consider, in the interest
of Const constituencies, for which we too
have to bear our share of the burthen.
In this connection, I mny say that the
terms subsidizing the Teslin Luke Railway have my approval as a legitimate
business transaction, apart from other
considerations, and which are: First,
whether thore is an urgent necessity to
build, at present, the southern portion
of this line; and secondly, whether wo
have not been too precipitate in snatching from tho Dominion Government, u
responsibility which rightly belongs to it,
in tlie interest of eastern provinces! moio
than to llritisli Columbia, We have,
within ourselves, suiUciently attractive
features in our vast mineral resources, to
fully warrant the Investment of capital
and the influx of population, or in oilier
words, wc have ourown affairs, to whioh
it might be better, ut. present, that we
give our undivided consideration, I
moan hy this that, being so wholly dependent as we are upon the opening up
and energetic development of our mines,
tlie further construction of roads, and
increased facilities of interior transportation, becomes an imperative necessity.
To this I will urge the consideration of
tho Government, and trust that in jus-
tieo to this, llio oxtri'ini* eastern constituency of the Province, further appropriation will be now mado, and that we
may have, at least, what fairly belongs
to us.
My election at your hands, I would
accept us a mark ol confidence and
trust, siitlicient to determine mo in
guarding faithfully the position in which
you shall have placed lhe ns your Representative. In my appreciation of this
trust, anil an earnest endeavour to serve
your interests, 1 sincerely hope that it
will not ho expeetetl thai I tun to defeat,
or risk the opportunity given mo, by
such a thankless allegiance to party
measures as might thwart what I consider my imperative duty towards developing the material resources of the
North Riding of Eust Kootenuy.
Anticipating and thanking you for
your support,
I am nt you:* service,
thos. 11. sicixxes.
province 01' british co! umbia.
VICTORIA, by tho Graoo ol Ood, ofthe United
Kiii-*,i.nn ol Groat   Itrlliiiti iut.1  Ireland.
QUKSK, Defender .if llio Fultb, ���':'���., iSe., Ac.
Tn nil in whom tln.se Presents shall come.���
I). M. EbP,RTS, I UMIKIlKASIt is advisable
Attorue*Mlolleral, i *' toostablhdi thotollow
im* polling j.lni'i.*.*. iii tin* several mul reajieutivo
Kloctora! Districts horelualtor named.
now know YK that, by virtue of the Btith-
mil,- contained lu tlie ''Provincial Elections
Act," Uu. Uolltciialit-flbveriior hi Council
declares lnul tin* tothnvlua iiolllltu* uldces .hull
lie, on. ii Uev nn- hereby, established Ior the
Hoveral Electoral Districts, iho nameso! which
a[���<��� sol unposite such iiotllng places, respectively, Hint is to say:���
PaliMNQ lMtAURX.            E
Itogora Vwn	
Bftttl KootoiiAy���
'      .lurUi Killing
Culumlitn Valloy	
Canal Flu! J
Our l.i-tU'i**- tn In- iiiiv.il* I'uU'iit mul Hit*
Urt-atStmlof HrltiHli Columbia lobe liery*
unlo tilllxi-il: v.'n'NHfrt, tliu Honouralilo
Turn. It. Ni'Ixnus, Liculi'iiiuu-Gtivi-rni.t* ui
Our sniil I'rovtnce, thin flftwntli tttvyof
J li no, in tlio vi-nr of dm- Lciril ono thousand
oltflit litimlrixt ntul iiiin'ty-iii:lit,ami hi Hit*
Hlxty-llrnl yuaruf OurKolgn.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
All persona having claims agaliist Mr. A. (l.
M. Spraggt;, barrinler. late uf Itcvolatokc, nml
formerly oiDonaltt und Coldeu. arc requuMci!
to send pn.rtirultr.rs oi thelrelalm�� tut lie under-
siiiiu'd in euro ot Molsons Hank, lU'velstoku
Station, B.C.
Solicitor fur Mrsspi-RpRo.
A sjuvifil general mooting of tho shnreholdors
of the Upper fnlumhiu N'avi'/ution nnil Trum-
H'liv Companr, Limited, will lie hold ut tho
Coi'iilcinv's oBifi' nt Uoldon. IU'., on Thnrsduv
tlio imtii day of June, A.I)., 18H8, nt ono o'clock
in tho afternoon, for the election of Directors,
tiutliorialiiK tht' payment of a portion of the
Mortgage Bonds of the Company, a lid for the
onloring of tho lufiilr** of the Company generally.
By order of tho Board.
Uoldon, B.C., June Tth. 1S!W.
Situtitu in tlio Goldon Mining Division of
East Kootenny District. Wliere located���On bpillemtioheen Mountain.
Tuko notice that I, John McKnc, Froo
Miner's Certificate No. 86930, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of tlie above
Aud further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before UioUsurihcQ of sueh certilieate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 18'JS.
Jons McR.u:,
Hy liis agent <ieo. S. MeCurter.
Wc wish to inform the
pub] ic that we are prepared
to do Neat, Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Nolo Hood.
Letter llwttls
UNI Head.
Ilnii.l i-.i.i-
I'lilllint .
l.i.w lli-i.-i.
I.ttlillior llmikH
lliink Work
I'rnnilwirv S'nios
ll. I|.l forms
Assay l-'nriii.
Iiriimtlst. 1..1I10U
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co.
Golden, B.C
Advertise in
Supplementary List
Of Persons  Entitled  to   Voto
North  Riding  of  East Kootenay
Electoral District.
COrn .1
IS.1B, 1��W
Nn.      Name,                    1
���Illl Artnistn.il*-, Uobort
.���,!)".' Armstrong, Jutiiuij
1! I. I'.tri'tittui
61)3 Bortmntl, Willium
6H4 lliirerr, Kincst Uipmurl;
505 Itilli-tt.TiHii Willium
"iDti Drown, flmpfl Willium
597 Brown, George
508 I'tihli-r. William Albert
,r>!i!i Culdwell, .luiuo*. Thoinus
iiUO 1,'iirov, Tliiuiiiis
001 Carlin, Joseph David
1102 Clurkv, Willium
Hotel Clerk
Mini r
(108 Fossncoccu, Clirlatinnln
004 l-'iiliiii-f, 1 mini (in m
005 ryiilmli, Cliristlun
Ijilfitli-i r
000 Glynn, Andy
007 Haygartli, William
008 Huston, George
Donald       T.-
egrapli Opuratur
cm iTuokson, John Thomas
010 KIlby, John Try-n-
(' P It Turner
011 l.tunov, David
012 l.iilili-il, Sydney Albert
018 Lyons, John Henry
Donald                 Freo minor
Heaver                            l'o..k
Donald    Locomotive Engineer
014 Mackintosh, James Ilosa
015 MoGriimnou, Donald
(iiii McNab, Allan
017 Mui-k, Charles
018 Meniinl, Aloxtuider
Dunalil    Ln.:.
Ilea vet'
inoltvo Ktigiuet.i'
010 Phillips, John Wellingtoi
020 Keilly, Isnno Robert
021 Heilly, William Samuel
Ottertail l.uinl
Ottertail l.uiti
n'r manttfaclurcr
022 Sliaugnossy, Patrick
<i2H Skene, James
024 Stalker, OSoorgo Fred
025 Troyer, Christian
020 Ti'iinilty, .John
027 Vincent, Xngoroe
028 Warren, I-Ionrv
020 Wells', Jiuiii's Dottglna
630 Wlxnn, Arthur
l.itlitmri i*
I certify the above to lie u true copy uf tlie Supplementary
List ol persons entitled to vote in the Ninth Hiding of Kust
KootonayElceoloral District.       JOS1A1I STlItliKTT,
Donald, June 80th, 1SUS. Collector of Votes.
Tlio chief town in East Kootenny. on (lie main line nf tint
C.P.R. nml head of navigation of tlie Upper Coltunbiti
Kiver nnil Lakes.
Chief Distributing Centre fer East Kootenay loj Boad, Bail and Elver.
ilcclavo it is the best town to outfit in. Its goods are of
bettor quality, in greater variety, ohoapor in price and
better packed, than in many other towns. z\\rac&T%2.-rzzzz'-J'*rtM?'&r,MCTii<JM'>*ra\
A man works harder trying to get n
political job than ho does after getting
Uev, W. S. Wright of Golden was
ordainud u minister of tho Pvesbytorlun
Church at Ueyelstoko on Wednesday
Miss Bailie of Fort St?ele Public
School arrived in Golden tliis week on
liar way to the coast to spjud her vacation.
Mr. A. Mupormotol H. (i. Parson's
store lins arrival from Fort Steele and
leitvus shortly for Winnipeg to enjoy a
well earned holiday.
Quite n large numboi of visitors was in
Golden tliis week. These Included .Mrs.
Aitchlson nnd family from Shorty's,
Columbia Valley, who reports abundance
of strawberries and lots of fruit.
Mr. Hewitt Bostook,3LP., was mi a
visit to Donulil tliis week, rounding tip
political votes fur Saturday so that no
mistake might he made by thom us to
tho political pen they should enter on
Ih.U .lay.
Tiie steamer Duchess is keeping up her
reputation for record trips. The river
still n-iiiuins in good condition. Last
week the passenger list was forty, Windermero nnd Fort Steele oeing the two
chief paints of destination.
I'. .1. Gallagher and party of seven
men came down the river after completing some embankments near the lied
Hock in order to improve the navigation
it is in be hoped tlio Dominion Government will continue the work of Improving tho navigation of tho river so tiiut
the boats may be able to run hile in tlie
tenson even when the water is low.
The professor of physiology and vertebrate zoology at Cornell University declares that human beings have three
eyes. He admits, however, that only
two are useful, since the third eye,
commonly culled the pinoar gland,
bangs Idly in the skull. He insists,
however, thai it is a true eye, nnd was
once used as such, Here is the explanation of those pun-sllng school inarms
who " see out of the hack of their heads"
Allien Tommy sticks a pin into Jimmy.
Mr. Geo. S. McCarter, recently of
Golilcn nnd formerly a law partner of
Senator Loughoetl iu Calgary, has
o,luneil an ollice in tlie Molsons Hank
block for the practice of' .his profession,
The business will be carried on under
lhe linn name of Harvey & McCarter,
,\lr. .1. A. Harvey of Fort Steele being
tlio other partner. .Mr. McCarter is a
clever lawyer and an able pleader. The
Herald wishes the now firm every success.��� Ilovclstoko Herald.
The Donald junior football team arrived in Golden Monday afternoon to play
ii return match witli tlie local juniors.
As luck would have it tlie weather was
vory dlsngreouble, and ruin fell during
thu entire game. Owing to unavoidable
jjlrcutnstftucos the Donald boys were nil
able to plneo their full team on the Held
so tho Goldon lutldlos lined up with an
equal number. Norwi'.listaniling the
rain tho gaino wns witnessed by a large
number of spectators uud resulted in a
win for the home team two goals to ml.
Tlie Donald boys feel that had thsy been
dblo to play their full team Ihe result
would have been different. Tlie trophy
was a silver water pitcher which is now
on exhipilion at the Columbia House.
The <..... I Commissioner has again
gone to Windermere. Windermere
seems to commaiid a good deal ot his
time and attention, Wo should
prefer to see him devote somo portion of
Ills time uud attention to other places
tlmt he bus not. yet visited. Possibly it
i*; the epidemic that has recently broken
[n i.tw issue of the 24th Juno appeared
a special article on tho Zymenn Process
for lhe treatment of ores. This arliclo
has furnished extensive ''copy" to
many of our contemporaries, Tue
MiNicit does not object supplying copy so
lung ns proper acknowledgement is made
hut when the " Bostock " or tho ���' Province " witli which Tim JIinku docs not
exchange, coolly reproduces tlie greater
portion of that article as original matter
it ia time to cuter a protest, It may bo
Bostockian manners but it is not honest
. ��� j i-**-***..-*,*
The Swansea mineral claim in Windermere mining division, belonging to
Hen Abel, Joe Lake, Sam Brewer and G,
S. .McCarter has been bonded to Mr. F,
A. Jlnllholantl of Rossland for ifou-'iu.
Tho lirst payment is due on July 29th,
Tlie Dibble group in Fort Steele mining division is now being worked by a
don bio shift. Operations were resumed
aliout lhe middle of May, after a suspension of some months, Some, rich Btl'lllg-
ers nre met with but tints far no large
bodies have been encountered.
jN'o less than four mining men went up
by tho steamer Duchess to Windermere
OU her hist trip for tlio purpose of completing cortain bonds on properties
there uutl we hear of several good deals
on properties up Toby Creek and Horse
Thief Creek the particulars of which we
have not yet ascertained.
Thos. E. Wilson, of Banff, has struck
a streak of copper bearing quartz l1*.
miles from the 0. P. It, track near Leanchoil station. The ledge is from 5 to ft
feet wide. An assay was mado bq Cunningham & Harvey whicli shewed value
of 22.0 per cent cupper. Four claims
have already been located.
The North Star mine is making regular shipments each week from Fort
Steele via tlie boats plying from tho
North Star Landing to Jounings Landing. An effort is made to ship 125 tons
of ore on each bout leaving Fort Steele,
which ordinarily depart thrice a week,
until the unfortunate wreck of the John
Mr. Mitchell-Innes, along with Mr.
Chillies Parker, M.E., Iiossland, went
up on llio Duchess on her last trip to
Windermere. Mr. Parker goes for the
purpose of inspecting the development
work that is proceeding on tlie mineral
claims up Toby Creek, belonging to the
Golden llritisli Columbia Co., of which
Mr. Mitchell limes is manager.
Tlio British American Corporation lias
failed to secure the Le Hot mine near
Rossland after the specious statements
made in the prospectus that it had secured an option on this mine. The deal
is now off, after prolonged negotiations
attended with many dramatic incidents.
In order to keep faith with its shareholders lhe P.. A. C. is now acquiring a
can-trolling interest in the Lo lioi company by buying nil the shares that il can
secure. Those who objected to the de-.t!
have no hostility to tliis course as they
would prefe- to have this big British
company hugely interested iu tlie mine,
but they object to part with the mine
and loose their interest as they recognize that tlie Le Hoi is a valuable property.
The t iolden and Fort Steele Development Company, wo understand, ure
going In do extensive development work
on their valuable mineral claims at tlie
hood of Toby Creek. A party goes up
there next week to commence operations
Altogether Golden Mining Division
promises to he very brisk this season
and some good, solid, permanent wur
,*n ���-rat*****-**.*"--.*"
r.!'"'', .-/-i'-."^"-?*,
[L.8.] TJtOS. K. McINXlSS.
VICTORIA, liv the Draco ol God, of the United
Kingdom'ot drum Britain mul Ireland,
QUEEN, Hefonder ui the Faith, &o,, Ac, Ac.
To Our faithful thc Members elected to nerve in
the Legislative ABsemhly of our Province of
Uritish Columbia., and to ull whom It may
i WHERKAS      We     hnv<*
i >��    thought  fit, by and
n. M. EnEitTa,
Attornoy-Genural,,        ... .
with tbu advicoand consent of our Fxeoutlve
Council ot Our Province ot Britisli Columbia,
to dissolve iho prtis'-Mit l.e*,ri*-l'.itivu Assembly of
our H��iii Province, wliieh utanda prorogued
until summoned tor dispatch ot buslnoea*
NOW KNOW YK that We do, for thbend,
publish this Our Royal Proclamation, ana uo
here!>v dissolve tho U'glflativu Assembly accordingly ami tlio members thereof oro discharged from furtherattendaneo on seme.
Is  testimony  Whereof  Wo hav-1 caused
these our Letters to he mude Patent, ami
tho (ireat 8eal ot Urltlah Columbia to be
hereunto afllxod J Witnkw*, the Honour-
nhli'TniM. K. McInni:*1, Lieiiiimaiit-'tovi.r-
nor of our said Province of Brltisb
Columbia, lu OnrCityof Vlotorla, lu our
said Province, this novonth day of June,
iu ih��> year of Our l.orl one thousand
eight hundred and nlnety-elght, and in
thqsixtydlrst yeur of Our Reign.
By Command.
Renlstrur of the Supreme Court.
VICTOItlA.livlln-Oriiraollloil, ol tho Unite;!
Kfiifi'linn of Ureal Britain nml Ireland,
Qcben, iiofentlor ��>f the Faith, *6o., Ac,, *��*.���.
Tn nil tn wlinin those presents shall come,���
i WHEREAS Vi'o aroiloi
I vV   ���1H ���,���| reaolvcil,
y-Uinii-inl. ,
..ion as nifty be, In meet OUT JiUoplo i.n Oar Pro
of llVilisli ('nltlnll.l'i.tinil to havo tl
n-.lvi,-.. in llnr r.-.*:i*.l!itniv. Wo tin inalni Known
o.n* Royal 'Vill mul [Measure t" cull n nt-v. Log-
l-tllUlv* A-.soinl.lv nf llnr .iitltl rriiyilloo; nnil .In
further ileelaro that hytho ailvleool Our Ex-
o.-niivo Council oi ltrtti.ii Colinnbla, Wo have
t!iis ilnv i*lvon ni-iloi-i. for 1**.��iilii*:Oor Writs in
inrin, for culling n new Legislative Anaeinhlj*
for Our said Province, which Writs aro in bear
.into on llio si'Votilli ilnvof .liino, inslniil, oil.!
to !,o returnable on or beforo llio ilil.-iy-lirnl
day oi August next.
Is Tcstimiinv. Wkkreop Wo have caused
tlu'st. uur tatters tn in. mado Patent, and
liio Public St-slnl tl.i-sili.l l'mvitloo lube
lioreunItf affixed:   Wiixhss, the Honour.
lible Titos. It.   Mi;lNM*;.s,  I.ieuleniilil-Uov-
eriior ol our Haiti Province nf llritisli
Columbia, In Our City ol Victoria, In Oar
s.iiil prolince, thi*. sovotttii any of .111110,
In the vonr or Our Lord onotliom
eight hutidrod mid iilnbly-olght, and in
sixly-lh-.sl yonrofotll* ROlgll.
Hy Command.
Registrar ol the Supreme Court.
will ho done by this company and the
out there that now demands his presence Alberta und Kootenny Development
Kimpton tbo store keeper and tho Long Company which bus let a contract for
Nosed Kid are two of tlie victims. The - extensive tunnelling on tlie .Mabel group
Kid Is presently In the hospital nt Don- Drown granls are to be obtained Ior
aid and Doctor Cox has gone up to Win- theso nnd tlieir other claims Inqiudlnu
tlcrinerc on professional duties. We do i the JIabol, (I. AV. Willis oi the (Jhanne
not know the niiuio of the epidemic, Mining Company and 1111 ongineer are
probably it may be attributed to political ] ospoctOll in (iolden on the Oth current
fever, whicli is largely prevalent in tlie
Martin vs. Haeel.
Tin-: MlVBn r.'prodiiccd an article mi Joo Martin, antl to give tlio
devil his dues as nn interest iug article
could be written on ids recent detractor,
Mr. N. I', tlagol and Ids antecedents.
An interesting oplsodo in llagel's political career was tho buttling of tlio ballot
hoses ol Hindi whicli was tho funeral
pyre of that man's political career in
Manitoba. If Joe Martin he tweedledum, N, 1'". llagcl is tweedle-tlee. This
is tlie great distinctive difference. When
.Martin wns au annexationist, seventy-
live per cent of the Inhabitants of Manitoba was in a statu of chronic rebellion
against Dominion oppression, The
province of British Columbia lins become such a sink of political corruption,
that it is fust becoming a city of refuge
{or till political adventurers, without any
moral stamina, whicli instead of exalting
the political life of tin.' province will only
further debase it. It will be a snd day
in tho history of tlio Province if mon of
the type of Joe .Martin or N, I''. Ilagel
should become its rulers. But of the
two men Joe Martin is thc least worst,
,t�� his record in all conscience is not a
tuight one.
tn examine tliis coin pan v's claims in
Kust Kootenay and report on them.
Church   Servlcas.
church oi-- uxiu.Axn.
Tlio services- ut  St. Peter's  church,
Donald, 011 Sunday next, July 10th, will
be as follows:
It 11 11.111.��� Morning Prayer and Celebration of the Holy CommUlllctttlpn,
At 7.311 p.m.���Kvening Prayer and
liev. II. II. Turner, Pastor.
SIBTHOUIBT  Clll'llfll.
Service will be held iii connection witli
tin* Methodist church mi Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at 1111.111.; ((olden,
at 7.30 p.m. Everybody is welcome at
these services,
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at.'! p.m.
Sunday Services���11 a.m.
Sunday school k Bible class,at 2:80 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice s p.m.
Priday���I'raver meetings p.m.
Itov, W. s. Wright, Pastor.
Cunningham & Harvey
(liilool Viim-onvor)
Assayt.rs and Chemists,
VICTORIA, bytlioClracoof Clod, of the rutted
Klnydom, of Ureal Britain uud Ireland,
QiWR-X. Defender oi tin- Faith, Ac, .te., Ac,
To tho Returning Officer ot tho North Riding
01 Kast Kootenay Electoral District:
WHEREAS His Honour tho LieuteuonRlov*
' * ernor of MrltMi Columbia has, Ly a Proclamation bcurfntfdato tboTtli day of June, WtW,
Mi'en ple.-iSL'd to dissolve tlm L"t;i.diitivi: A.ss-jm-
bly of tbe said Province; and wberenult is
iii;ce.*--it'.ry to lioldElccthina throughout llmauld
Province to fill the vacancies caused by such
dissolution, We citinni'ind J'OH thut, notice of
tlie time and placo of Election being duly
given, you do eituse Klcellon to be inado,ac-
coniiiiii to law, of One .MciiUht to serve In ihe
Lcjiishitive As-cinhlv of the Proviuei' of liritish
Culninbia for lliOXorth Hiding ol East Koote-
nay Electoral UUtHot, and thut youdoeause
the nomliititioii of Candidates at sueh Election
to be held on thu25tli day of June, WM, und do
coii.ii* the name of such Member, when soolvet-
ed, whether he bo proautit. or 'absent, lo he
[���ertlfiod to Our Supreme Cflurt, nt tiie City of
Victoria, on or buiore the 81st duyof August
next, the ISlectlou so made, dtstlnntly uiul
otionly uuder oiir:--'ai duly Indorsed upon this
Our U'rit.
Ix Trstimonv v.'iiKttEor, Wo huvc theso Onr
Letters to he lll-ule Patent llli:lei* tile
(ireat Seal of Out'said Province of Briii'-h
Columbia: \vir.s*-us, the llouourablo
TitoMAR it. McSNXiw,at Our (iov��riimcui
llouse.nl Victoria, this seventh day of
June, in tiie year of our Lord one thoua-
nml eight huudreil uud ntnety*olgbt.
Hy Command.
Keglntrar of (bu Supreme Court.
Hast via tho Lake Routes.
Greatlyreduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca Svery Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
Klondike GoldKelds
direct via O.P.B. steamers to
Wrangol and Skagway.
S. S. Tarter ct Athenian.
Tlie largest steamer^ engaged
in the. Yukon trade, specially
fitted for tho passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings foi1 June:
Athenian June 2
Tees     "     o
Islander     "   10
Pakshau    "   11
Tees     "    17
Islander    "   24
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Bry Goods, Grocery and
Wholesale Liquor Business
J am selling of my stocks of
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
iothtng, Hardware,
Etc., Etc.. at
The most oomfortoblo liotcl in South
Eust Kootenny. Hood Table. Cloud
Wiiiofi. (looil Attendanco. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to secure
some bona fide bargains.
@ \w*J �� ���& dmr&^&^^A^ a
Seneral merchant
All work done in duplicate nnd Rtiarontced.
��� A portion of each sample la put aside fo;
future reference.
lf,'-X-T ^\\
, {''''iVii'"\
PiioviNcuL SRoitirrARV'a oi'nci:,
Hih June, 180ft
I MS lIONont tbe I.lcu'iciiHtiH'uveruor I in..;
t*    booll   pb.iM'il   to   tij.|  .Jul   BTBl'HBS  ItUU*
(iitAvi:. Bnqulroi to he Kelurnlug Ofileer ior tlu^
North Hiding of Earn Kouteuay li lee torn I District; nnd
(Us Honour the Ltflufoiiant-Oovornor has boon
pleased to appoint anil declare the Court House,
llonahl, to be. the place fur II.e nomination of
uandtdates fnr election to tber>egtslativuAH*
sfinl.lv in lhe North Utdltlg of Kasi Kuoteiuiv
Electoral Di-jtrlet.
IlliniSTIIIIIt'l'IOX   AIT   1808.
I cnl'IIT will In. Imlik'li at tlio Court House,
.1 i-mnlil, nn IVoilnunl-iy llio ItDtli ilnyol
Juno, iw's, nt Ki n'rlni-k In tin* (oronunn. lor Hit*
miri-oH of liuarliiff and ilfliii-Iliig nil objoutloim
hloil iv;lh mo iitiiler mitlinrlty of HUb-HOOtlon2
of loctloll 11 nt tin* llmllslrlljiillnn Acl, 18C3.
Colluotor of Votes,
Xortll Killing Un.l Knolcuny Dl.ti-lcl.
Duiiulil, Juuuilll.il, 1898.
Wardner ^^-\
Transfer Co'.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
General Merchant.
Tlie heft Htonplng plnco for frGightoru in
Colttnibiu Vnlloy iH ut
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good tici'oinniofliition k Mntlorato Ti.rms
First class l-'t'uil Stables.
Tho llcst Boor in Canada in made bv thc
Calgary Browing &
Malting Co., Lt'd
Manufacturers of lleer, Ale und Soda Water
[nsiiit ouKetlliutCalgary Beer every lime. Thoy
all have It. Thu Compiuiy'H Bgcnt for iwist
Kootenay la
U. ��, PARSON, Ccjilca,  J5.C.
����� Lawrence Spectacles.
Arcnl l'or Claitt Powder.
Agontfor Liuiciislilro liisuriiuco Co. of England.
TO  LET,���House Partly Furnished,
Q-old.en7 33-.CL
Uhe Solden jrharmacy
IPujce*, tresis. 3Dx"o.g:s
C. Field, Golden.


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