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East Kootenay Miner 1897-07-29

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 Devoted to the Jllining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEJ1AY.
Vol. 1, No. 1.
Golden,   B.   0.,   Thursday  July   29th,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year.
Sonera/ 7/ferchant
Carries a complete stock of:   :
:  i 1
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
Stoves, Paints, Oils and Window Class*
Flour and Feed, Hay and Oats.
Miners Supplies including Ore Sacks,
jigent for ~ ~ *
Phasnix of London �� othBr fire insurance C's
ConfadEration Life Rssociatian, Toronto.
Canadian Railway BgcidEnt Insurancs Co,
P.EliancE Loan / Savings Company,
<��) GOOD ��
Suits to measure^
JHT From  $15.00 Up.
Dry Goods
�� �� ��
Value In unit thing
Satisfaction In another
f'Vou get Iiotli by buying (our DIIY (loons
Price Lists atlfl Sanation forwarded on siirdlra-
��    ��    ��
ffiail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention
Hudson's  Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
Prwpcvtom hiuI Miiifru Imvinie I'lnfmri or inti-r-
fntn   til   Halms   fur   suit-, fniiM not ill) MliT
tlmn (���(imiuuiilvaU1 with
Mining Rrokt-r and FinativUI Aiti-nt.
(ioLiiK.v ami Fort Htekj.k.
Mr. Jnliii BiiUiiihii, Wlniiclil fork, Tliiiii.l.rhlll
'  will hit tit He frelKlit between AduU, Mud biki'
mid Kurt Hlt-i-lv mnl return, Uou-iIh Wsm-ltuuff-
I'd ttt both end".   For rite* ���W��ly tu
Jas. Henderson,
J'lrtiin l>rt-|i*ru<1.
1'nniij.t utit'iilloit given toordiTH.
A Mi|i|i|y u( UlllkllliK Mine Inr ..ale.
& Embalming
* Ti'li'Kriiplifirduriiriri'iveiiriiiHiitiitiL'iitioii <
Watch, Clock,
Jewellery Repairing
in Hiiiisline- promptlydone,   cuiui
my ni'w uliopopiioslti' iIk: I'iihI uirtii'
Golden, B.C.
John McMillan,
���i Watchmaker.
Assay Oftlccs and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established ion.)
For Mvcral year* with Vivian ASon!., Swan*
rioii, and l<H-n] rfpri'Mi'iitHilvi' (or them.
Fur it yt-HM iriiinuKi-r tiir the awiayorrl to the
ItloTllltn Co., Loudon.
Cutiiiillaii rcpn'r-cntatlvi* nl llio Carvel lltihl
FxtracttllK Co. I.'rd, (llns-ro**- (Cyanide ptftH't'lM.)
N'.II.���All work personally Hiiiicrlnlendcd. only
coiii|ieu-nt mt'ii i-iiiidnycil.    No pupil* re*
eel veil,
Senator Loughecd and A. P. Patrick,
P.L.H., of Calgary, have gone to the Arrow
Lake* on mining business.
John Hondortnn has begun development
work on hii claim* io Cariboo Basin and
loft lait week with a gang of men and
Manuel Daiaard hat gone to the Copper
Creek country on a projecting trip in the
interest! of hie company���The Alberta and
A rich itrike ii reported from Vermont
Creek. Messrs. Upton and Johns on are
the lucky ones. The ore is gold and
copper bearing.
If the reported finds of n iaeral on the
eastern elope of the Rookies turn out satis
faatorily Alberta will get a no w start on
the road to greater prosperity.
M��nn*. Abel, Brown, Lake and McCarter
have given Geo. B. Kirk, of Loudon, a bond
on the Swansea oopper claim at Win or*
dermere for $5,000 ce.h within sixty days.
Alex Maclean and Teddy Busk returned
on Saturday from a Io daye prospecting
tour near Oitertail. They report tome
valuable finds from which we may expec*
lo hear later.
Mr. A. MoKlanon, late of the firm of
Paul * ilcKinuon, Winnipeg, baa gone up
io Fort Steele on mining buiinna. He is
interested in a large mining property in the
States south of Grand Forks.
The Great Western Mines, L'.'d, a company in which Calgory and Raveleteke men
are interested, have sold all the treaior)
s'ook on the market. Their mines are on
(he Ann of the Arrow Like, near Thoinp
aim's Landing.
The) Standby and Maud S. claims adjoining the International io the McMurdo distract have been sold by Mr, H. K. Footer to
Messrs. Stecey ai.'l JoliOe for Sj.OuO and it
it understood they will bo immediately
Mr. P. Watelet hat a gang of 6 men at
work on the Surprint claim at the head ol
Bugaboo Creek. He hat almost completed
arrangements to ship 75 tons of high grede
galena taken from the Surprise during the
course of development work up to date.
Mr. J. Dohaon hat begun work for Messrs
Deinard and Starke on the Favorite an extension of the International. This claim
Ilea lower down than the International and
it it claimed that the veins fonud on the
latter are traceable through the Favorite.
Major Clohecy returned Thursday from
the Boston and D-innlaoa mines on the mid
die Fork of the Spillimacheen River. The
trail hae been completed and arrangements
are being perfected with a view to beginning work at once to further develop those
Mr. W. G. Mltohell-Iiirree returned this
week from the old couulry where he epent
'he put few months. Mr. Harry Mitchell
lonet also returned firm Banff. The Messrs.
Innea have several claims in the Prairie
Mountain country upon which work will be
comnienotd at an early dale.
Mr. Geo. B. Kirk, representing the
Mineral King syndicate oporating on W.
B. Abel's claim on Toby Creek, has goue
east after tpeuding a few days ex ���mining
the property which is reported to be a
promising one. A 60 foot luuuel is being
driven to oross cut the lead. Mr. Kitk
while here M cured bonds on some othei
valuable properties in the district.
Mr. Frank Bathune returned to Tinbaaket
Lake lost week with several more men to
push the work on the claims bonded.to I lie
Golden and Fort Steele Development Co.
The ehaft is now down about (JO feet and lain mineral ell the way. While in Golden
Mr. Betbune purchased several horns for
��� he Oonip.ny, to pack the supplies over
Surprise K-ipidt in the Columbia.
Moa-xs. S. Barber, T. Mercinr and 0. S.
.McCarter returned Thursday night frmn the
, bead  of  Bugaboo Creek   having vrailed a
i croup of four alaims on the summit between
' Keat and Watt Kootenay, Lt-ly bonded by
i Mr. Meroior ti the Golden and Fort Steele
Development Company.     They    brought
down a bag of  beautiful  samples of gold
i|U��nz and galena.   Assays from the galena
gave returns of over '200 ounces eilvrr aud
7.3 per cent lead, or a total value of $17.1 lo
the ton, while the quart/ hae shown values
in  gold   running   from ?!) to 812 per ton.
Development work  will be bogun by I Ik
Company within the next two weeks.
There appears to groatdiflioultyingetting
miners in this noighirorhood at the proaont
time ow i nc to the unusual amount of work
going on in the district at present. Every
available man teems to have been picked
up and i heio are several claims not being
developed owing to the impossibility to pro-
ouro men with sufficient experience in lulu-
iug to uudertake the work.
The same dillloulty in getting gnod men
presents Itse'f to the lumber manufacturers
iu this district who are now getting in
r.nlere for moro timber than they cr n supply
The building of the Crow's Nc-nt. Road hss
doubtless drawn away a great many men
i v-bo saw a possibility of securing stc-dy
��� woik tht-rc during the g'oxt'r part of the
Mr. Thomas Stnart of St. Thomas, Out.,
who has been paying a visit to East Kootenay during the pact month returned eaal
last week. After taking s trip to Fort
Steele Mr. Stuart visited i. number of
claims in the McMurdo ditiriot aud waa
greatly pleased with what he saw there. He
visited the group of four claims on Carbonate Mountain, recently bonded by hit company the Silvor Crescent Syndicate Lt'd.,
with a view to giving direction! at to the
work to be done in developing the claims.
The samples brought down by Mr. Stuart
cousltted of gold quartz, galena and carbon-
>tet and were ae fine looking samples rv.
have been aeen in this district. It will be
remembered that a sample weighing about
'.'.'10 pounds waa taken from thete claims by
John Heuderaon while collecting samples
for K -at Kootenay'a mineral exhibit at the
World't Fair and an aaaay from it gave over
!<2U otnoea of nilvtr alont. On tie claims
there a<e three largo, well define 1 i-uarli-
veins carrying galena, gold and carbouatae.
It it inteuded to commence active develop
mtnt work at an early date.
One Hundred Men now nutting Road
To Kootenay Lake near
Fort  Steele.
(From our-own t'orrespondent.)
Work hot at lost started in earnest on the
constructiou of the Crow't Nest Past Rtil-
wsy. The grading hat been completed on
100 miles, from Luihbridge lo a point on
Summit Like. The work of laying the rails
to commeoeo at onee. The work it being
pushed ahead rapidly and it Is the intention
to continue all-sinter. Over 40.000 tier
have already gone forward aud 1*2.1 miles is
to bo completed before it freezes up. Alt
the material is to Ire furniilmd by Urirish
Columbia milla. 1'2.1 men now engaged io
cutting road to point on Kootenay Like,
near Fort Steele.
The following contractor! have each got a
alios of the work : Ih-ney, Strove!, Mc-
Ctrther, McCrimmon, Egan, Buchanan,
Major Boyle, Keith, Hugh Mann, McUill-
vray, Cameron aud others.
TOTAL LOSS $45,000.
S.  8.  7/fc'Dermot,
Don't Forget These Facts:
MeDERMOT is showing the nnost Mining Boot on earth
pdKwasftasa bicyci.es rs
From $40 to $65 Spot Cash.
���       ���       #       *
sTs/>tlCt)i'nnT ''As just received n large consignment of the
\U\jUCt\\WJl Kicktipoo Rempdies. If you feel down in
the mouth purchase n bottle of Stigwn. it will make you ;i
new mail or woman (rijjltt up to date).
Rodpatli's Granulated Sugar is the best for preserving
Preserve .lars-allsi.es at    EASTER     PRICES.
New Jains and .Marmalades just received.
Commencing to arrive.   "Direct Import."'
If you intend buying any    tinjicn     Crfffftichirtrtc
.���t will pay you to inspect oi.v -nOuse  ruFnisiiings
stock. We can* qiiote prices that will astonish even the
closest buyer,
General Dealer.
minim; BltOKKIlK.
Kin-.v l.ilc Imturnnce Agents.���LOAN'S.
McNaumton Burnt, Cau-akv, Aim.
W. Hamilton Merritt,
Annitms:���BOX 40 (J0LDE.V, 11,0,
The  Fire   Originated   In  a Pile of
Waste by the Spark from a Torch
in the Hands of an Employee.
Revelstoke round house was re-1 need to .
allies and engines No. .174. 4.17, oil*.' ami ihe 1
rotary "C" pat-aed tin-* ugh the tiery oideal
about 0 o'clock on Sunday evening last.
The liio was caused by the spark from a
torch in the hand of a wiper. Su-.t. Duch-
esnay aspects to have two of the niginw
fixed up uud running in a few days, hut the
delay is very vexatious as lliev havjal e dv
be-in using their full leu- motive power. A
lot of pipers containing the iii-iub' lime and
other accouuta were deatrnved. The estimated loss is about $4.3,000,
Yukon Miners must Pay a  Hoavy
Royalty--Government Takes
Alternate   Claims.
Ottawa, Oof., July 27.���At the close of
the second sit'iug of the oohinet this evo-
ning it was announced that Ihe gWerument
decided to impose a royalty ou all placer
diggings on the Yukon, in addition to the
So registration fee and $100 annual assessment.
The Royalty will be 10 per cent, etch on
claims with ��n output ol JotlO or less
monthly, and 20 per cent, on every claim
yielding above that amount yearly.
Besides this royalty, it has been do ided
io regird to oil fir'uro claims staked out nn
nlliei streams ""-r rivers, 1 hut every alternate
claim rliouiil be the property of the government and should he reserved for public
purposes mil sold or worked by the govern-'
meut for the benefit of tbo revenue of the
AsnrrlStc llnynl School of Mini*.
Member IrntliC-Klecl llistitllle. Knc. .
Mi-inln-r Alncrienti Inst. Mill. Istigllliioytr,
I Mining Engineer and   Metallurgist,
|.". Toronto street. TOIIONTO.
Tonsorial Artist
ICtfi'.vtliini; Sltictl.v  First Cluss.
fjpjr m|,|.m-u.- tin- Knotcnay House.
Muir &, Dean,
Siffll Writer* ��V House  Painfcis
Kslliniitcn irlvi-n ol nil work
The Golden
rri'pih Hti'l S-ili Mi-iitr-.
I'l-li hikI (ihiih' in rU'HWtn.
lli*Hlt>rit in RnttU', HIiiHjp Bttd Horn'H.
Mallurilt'Mrii-i'lv.' |��rtiiti|��l uttcnlloii.
k H. Del
Adcnorol Meeting of the tiohlcn llonrrlln
socletv tor llio ulciitlini of Tnisti-is will ho belli
at Ihe rktliool llooin, Unlilon, on
Miiixlay  AtiKtist  Silltl  lit 8 |i.m.
Hlinllnr meeting* will ol��> l��' held ni Donald,
(leaver, I'lilllricr, Held, tVeso, l-'ori Steele mm
WinrloruiitTu nt tfjbsuniu Unto auif hour. ,
."���'"'���"'���'��� r. it. -pAiifos,
Repairing    mm
Hoots, Shot'* and Ilitriu-ss
ltrimlred promptly.
Wedding Rings
A Specialty.
se,'i)",��toti,oK-ot.n.)ii.u.o       Calgary, - Alberta.
' The East Kootenay Miner, Thursday July 38th, 1897.
A Weekly Journal, published every Thursday
in the Interest 0/the Bast tymteiiay District,
juiikiuw etoscut ivjunerlioiis \\itit nil miiii- und
iiinil routes.
SUBKCRirTJON RATKS : By mall or carrier,
fJ.oo iwr year i:t advaure.
ADVIGtTISIN.'i KATES : Display ads. H/flper
/'���dtimn inrh.fj.tiu per column Inch wnui) In-
ijbrtuilon Urn title imgo j legal ada. Iflceumper
funnnnrull) Ijnr lor first Inttcrljoii, 11 cents |>cr
Jim- for rath additional Insertion; reudjni;
uutll't H l"'rr:i(s per linr eiuii iiunthm.
(Ihanjpw "1 'ids. must ne in ofilco not later than
plrlli, marriage and death notices Inserted
JOB ORHABTUKNTi Our Job Prpartuinit
iathubtwl utiulpped   prtntlnk dflleo in  Kui
H, >nay ami Is propnred Id flo nunt. article
printing at a reasonable price, our iirlw, loail.
>lull owers rocujva pr pi atlonllon.
L'OliltKSPONDBXTS: Wr invito porreipon-
dcticooti hiiv subjecl ol Interest to llio neinr.il
public aud desire a regular i-arreapiuiuuni al
evury point In tlio plstriut. In all easel ihe
bona |jdeIW1H0ul Writer must sreimiininy the
uiannscrlpl, nol necessarily for pnbliealion.
J.utnsa KUaranterof good lulll).
r.irrrspomlriirr with roforctlOfl to nny initller
(hat has appottreil In another pauor pitiHl llrsl
be offorud to tlml paper for publication be ion-
jt can appear in "Tin: Minkh."
AiPiresunJl communications
Golden, It. il
Tim East Kootesav Minimi this.week
nmkes its b-w to the public ami hereaftei
will be issui-rl from the olli-o at Goldon on
Tliurtilay of ear li week. Tho paper will l��
uondiuted on Hues wholly independent ot
nny political party and it will bo the aim ol
Tlir. Misku to treat all political pitticr
��ith fair and reasonable rrUloism, wber
uritiuism is thought desiis-Ms in tho public
It is intended to moke the poper one ol
tho best sources of inhumation as to the
development that is going on not only ir
t ho immediate vicinity of Oolden but io lh>
v hole of East Kootenay, a district whicl,
will io our belief, ere long rival ths other
rich porliout of thie exceedingly riili province in mineral production'and progrost.
lo order that the latest newt from the
Fort Steele distii-t may bo placed befor.
our readers, srraogemonts have been mail-
Willi a representative of the psper, resident
at Fort Btosle, to furnish full information
from wsek to week rrg.r.ling the rapid development thst is going ou there as well a*
the general news that will prove of interest
la our readers.
A glance at our oilvertising columns will
lit onoo assure tho reader of the hearty
support that' has already been extended to
us and this support wo l.o-io to merit 1��)
publishing a clean, newsy and up-to-date
paper. The plant and slock are entire.)
new and some work has beon entailed ir,
getting everything into shape for our first
issue. We hope however by next week to
Jisve things iitauing more smoothly.
The jib department will be found complete in every .ljtn.il aid we have eveiy facility for turning out first class work at
living prices.
As au advertising n-clinm Tin: 111 Mill
will be second to nooo in tho Province, is
the oiioulatlon whioh we havsulieady been
ussurred of will plsce the paper in the
bauds of many readers at home and abroad
where information at to'ftho progress ol
the distriot is oagetly looked for by intend
log investors.
Our columns will at all times be open lo
subscribers for the discussion of any matter
of public interest and wo invite correspoaVt
denoe on all such matters.
We propose from time to time to publish
articles descriptive of the mines in the
IJistrict that hsvs bsen partially developed
and we invite mioo owners to furnish accurate details of tho development work done
on their claims as ths work progresses.
And lastly we ask the public to extend to
ut tuch support at we may unserve in our
eff-rrts to forward the material interests of
Erst Kootrn-iy.
Cut This Out
And Forward to_-����>
East Kootenay Pub. Go
n- Golden, U.G.
Find spolosed ?2 00, for which send me
for ons year.
Senator MeTnnes on April 7th Tool: Purlin r.
nisciissiui in The Keimtu on the Address
in Keplj to the Speech From the Throne
���ml During ihe Course of His Komarks
Made the Following lloforcnucfi to the
Wealth   oi   British   Columbia.
From the time you leave Let bin frig* and
piisa throuyli the Crow's iS't-st you willuiiu-i
upon tho coiil Inula which, from reports ot
enmt-otunt. geologists nud others who have
examined them, are pronounced to be tin
riuhcstcoul deposits ou the globe, 'I'm
Canadian l'acitic lUilway Company, a ihntl
lime ago, is*tied a report, a copy vt wilt b I
have hero, iu. which ttitV d*#i��jbe the enoi-
moos body oKo *A which lie* just beyond
��� he Crow's Nbstl'au io British Columbia,
This ii what they say:       ���
A most, phenomenal diiwoyety of coal Im*
hcen made in the Crow's Nest Pass of tin
Kooky MounUius. Here no fiwcr thai*
twenty seamsaro seen to out.orop with u
total thickntu of I'M feot to fljS.,
Home of those seamv I stn informed are
;!') feet thick, and I understand oo the mont
r��liable daU that I gati ^efc, "furnished by
our own geotugtbts, that this coal atea f-x
tends from a quarter to half a million acres
[ am also h-ippy tr> sny that from tests mad*
in thu country and i Nowhere, the coil i.
.leolured, ^o be 14u.il to tha-bei-t Welsh
eolieinfeVoal. Immediately (iter passing
he enaiVIt, you enter into one of the most
highly mineralized countries on tho globe,,
extending* from there to'within a few mile>
>( the Kraser Ltlver, at Hop1, a distance of
tboul IJ'JO mihs. U ���sslatid is at tho present time the coutro of tho mining interest*
in West KooUmay, hut from development i-
that hive gone on, ami are bU>igmade wes
-f that noma ,'!!)0 miles, 1 believe thst H>8--
lnnd will be of scuoudary considcrat loo
within tho next year and it-half. I do be
-icve that every mile of that country from
the time you leavo (ho coal belt that I have
mentioned, until you f_;et down to Hope,
will ha pouring in i'a wealth at itationi
located every four or five mil's.
I have uo hesitation in saying, from tltt
developments that have taken place in
British Columbia from ooe end to the other,
extending over an area of 400,001) square
miltP, that there is scarcely 10 iquare
miles iu that Province hut contains gold-
beating and bilver-bcarii-g mur z, copper,
lead, icon and other metals iu immeutie
bodies. The output of our mines, during
the last year, was not up to the expecta
t.ions of �� great number of ui, hut it c.*n )v
very easily explained. In lliitibh Columbi i
is iu all other gold-bearing countries where
< hey first discover gold in the una and in
; ho gravel beds of extinct river channels,
guld could bo got out very easily and re-
turns wire obtuined almost in a fiw diye
or a few montls work. Like California,
Nevada, Australia and South Africa we
have been iu a tratisittou state from the
primitive way of mining gold in the gravel
benches and iu tho old stn urns theie. \Y��
have ut lant turned our attention to quartz
niiiing, vchtc!) is of a permnneut. clinrjcter
uid will go on l-.r gencratiouti, but it requires a great deal of tiino and capital to
levelop those quartz miuej. tjiartz ledgc--
li-ive to bo followed dowo 15, 2U or perhapt
100 feet in some instances, before a infQcien'
bud of paying on is re-tubed, aud as a geu-
t-nd thiog the further down they are driven
the richer tho lodes become. A great dual
of the ore is refractory. The precious metal
ts found in combination with iron, I al and
copper. It Is not free milling ore. Smelters
have to be creeled at a vory great cost, and
[ am happy to say that, while most of out
ores are not free milling, they carry euch u
large percentage of copper aud lead that it
pays for the mining and smelting aud other
expenses connected with it and the miner*
have the gold free for their pruflt. That
U why I say that as Urge a rtturu hat-
not been made as many of us expected
Juiingla*t year from Ihe amount of development and tho amount if attention that
has been called to that poittou of the
Dominion. I hold in my hand here the
report hrmiffht down by tho .Mini-iter of
Mines in the province of TjritUh Columbia, ' Vf gives one an idea of the ecnr>
inuus strides that are being made in the
mining of precious metal* in that proviuce.
The returni are Ur the year 18115 and
1811(1. la point jTltf&r mining, i>i 1805
there was $4S1,033, worth of gold pro-
duced; last year the production hod
increased to $o-!3,02G In quarz mining, in lM!l."i wo producod ?7M,'J71
worth, and last year tho output had increased to$I.!M4 ISO. In silver the output
in l.Sll.-i waa-8117Vs'-i-JK, la��t year It was ?.��,-
100 000. In copper in 1SU.1 the output was
flT.ol-'. last year the output was
$190,101. . Our total output for lasl
y-ar was withiu a few dollars of ?fi,000
000 in gold, silver, coppor and lead, and
that ii merely tho hegiontr-gof in enormou-.
output in the ii'iar future. I would draw
the attention of the House to a peculiar
tact; you rarely hear anything about our
rich silver minen. It is all about o<ir gold
mines, Up to the piesent time, during the
last two years, from ��1 to %'\ worth of tAvisc
bus been producod in that provinc. for
every dollar that hat been produced in gold
People are bewitched bv go'd. Demonstrate to investors that you can make $100
per day for 20 yeari in a silver mine, and
take a gold mine and demonstrate with
equal certainty that you cm mafeo $50 per
day, and you will find that 19 out of 20
will take the gold proposition in preference
to the silver one. What I wish to call
attention to with referouco to silver mining
li that the lead mined in connection with it
last year amounted to ��743,000. Our silver
bearing ore is argentiferous galena. Nearly
one-third of (ho total value of our lilvet
oroi is in the lead they carry. In the past
nearly all the silver ore has been hhippea to
the United States. The duty on
the lead was T of a oent per pound and I am
sorrv to boo the proposed amendment to the
tariff iu tho United Statu will raise it to
l.J cents per pound. Notwithstanding
that, I believe our silvi r mines are so rich
that they can afford to pay that ex*
Inordinary duty. I am satisfied alio that
the raising of the'duty on our lead will
result in inducing British capitalists to go
in there and establish smelters to do all the
smelting in our own country. A few years
ego when advocating the eatabM��hment of a
Dominion miut here, I remember making a
statement, and I think hon. gentlemen will
find it recorded in the official report 11 then
predicted that within five or six yean, in
all probability, the province that I have tho
honor to teureient wculd ho producing pro-
hilily four or five trillion dollars in gold and
silver. I rometi l'tr dial Inotly that my hon.
friend the Svoia'ary of B'-ate, now iu front
of me. thought lUt tout was a very bold
atatt?nleril ; t>'��*o are the very words he
uiiile }1M) of. He thought, doubtioF?, (hot 1
was drawing on my imagltia i'-n, I ut I am
liMppy to e-y that that, prediction has been
more than,realized, ami I know there is no
Inn. genuemnn io tU-t chamber better
pleased with 1 he result than my hon. friend
n*. That progress hss taken place in ihe
l.\-t few ypiiia ; fudtoieut develnpniVSt hss
gone'*n tliere within the h.it year "r two,
and Rng'ish capltil hat poured In theie, t'j
'i��)\>!"p our miuM, aud 1 predict tliitlntside
iif five years the province of llriti-h
Uolumhia alone will be pouring into the
nukOUof tho world from thit ty to fifty
millions a year. You tnlk of Africa j you
H,'k of Aui*r��lU, hut I believe that they
will not he in the raee iu the next ten years
with our province. Wo have everything
therein our favor. We have ton times the
area of mineralized rock, bearing gold and
silver ami copper and lead, that they have
in Auntrutia or in Afiioj. And the oondi-
��� i-t.s art: f.ivnhtl.le to u* in British Columbia���n ore favorahle, I believe, than in any
oihor portion of Ihe glnbe. Wo have one of
the healthiest climates in tho world. Io
Australia one of the great, drawbicki ii the
want of the prime necescitv of lifp, water,
tn Urttish Co'umbii we a--e supplied from
i ho eternally snow-capped mountain* the
whole year rouud. Timber oan only be got
at au eunrmoui coir. In Australia aod
Africa. In Rritish Cotumhin you tind, right
over thosn mine*, as finn timber as can he
had in any market-of the world. And tuk-
Ing that into onnsidtrai in, and the favorable climute where men cm wntk lull time
the year roucd, the outlook could not be
Therefore I nay, the outlook in that Province is hiigtVar 'o-day than In any portion
of the British Emj ire. In tho p.��tt, until
���* year or a year and a half ago, from the
fact that our ores were not free milling
ores, wu could not get an Rnglish capitalist
to Invest one dollar. He w< utd invest his
capital in Central America, and South America, iu every two-penny-half-penny
oiUDtry, hnt not in llritish Columbia. Hut
when one or two of our mines were developed by British Columbia and United States
capitalists, they then took hold of it, end
that fl'ream of gold that was pnurlng into
Australia in tho past, and to Africa later
for the development of their qu-irlz mine*,
is now pouring into our country and I believe vuch development wilt take place io the
near future ob will place us in the high and
proud position of being one of the greatest,
if not the greatest, gold and silver producing
country in the world. I am not drawing
on my imagination. The development that
hivo taken place wnrrnnt every statement
I have made on the floor of this House.
Some Fro3poctor's Luck.
Tho prospector who fails to strike it rich
this summer can take a crumh of oomfort
in the old superstition that the finders of
honanz* mines always come to violent eo^f.
tn the minds of many old-time hunters this
idea is accepted as an undeniable f.iot, and
they will be intensted In the number of instances confirming the idea whioh somebody
has dug np, According to this search**
after truth, tho finders of no less than forty
of the richest mines in the world have died
by violent m-��ins. Of these two were shot,
three we' c- engulfed iu their mines, and the
others disappeared never to be hoard of
again. Dutch William, who discovered the
Cariboo gold field, died a pauper, Marshall,
who found the C>1if>rnia placer gold, depended upon public charity for some tiiw
before his death. Montana Plummer, who
found one of the richest mines in the world,
win hnngu 1. " Doughnut Hill," *' O'd
tiurelu '���' and " Nine-mile Olarks " were all
hilled in dr.inken rows. Johnny Horner of
the Horner mine went Hit broke and shot
himself. The owner if the Homea'akc
mini turned highwayman. Bill F��ir-
weather of tho Aider Huloh mines killed
himself through his dissipation aud execs-
ei. The Indians killed Colonel .Storey. An
avals ���cbo finished the discoverer of toe
���Standard mine in California. And si on
throughout tho list. Yet most of us would
take our chances on dying similar death1*,
if we could only make similar finds.���U. C.
Mining Critic.
Through Solid Rock to Pay Oro.
We can conceive of no more honorable
way of securing money than to get it from a
natural sourco Our mountains are full of
mineral wealth, gold, sliver, copper, coal,
iron and lead. The values heretofore mined
are hut a drop compared with the va-t
amount still remaining. Capital is required
to open theee mines ; once open and productive, year after year tboy will enrich
their owners, and us a profitable investment
thoy are incomparable with any other to be
found. Select something which has a reasonable showing, something worth the expense of development, and instead of scat*
tering your means in three, four or a dozen
placci��� unless tbey are ample to develop all
���confine them to the development of one
I property. The mnro spent In proper development the gtotter tho vuluo of the
Investors should bear in mind that however flattering tho proenoot, it is generally
a long road from tho discovery of a vein,
and the bottom of a 10-foot shaft, down
through tho solid rook to pay ore, and this
road has to bo out with steel, inch hy inch
requiring months and even years of uuceac-
ing toil.
hen, other things belnst equal, those
properties showing tho greatest amount of
development should command tho attention
of the investor in preference to those having
less development, as they an thu most likely tn briug earlier returns. Again we say,
mining investments judiciously mado are
the moat profitable of any lo be found, and
we are glad to note from the Increasing demand for such Investments that they are
rapidly gaining tho attention and confidence
of capitalists who are noted for their careful
oon'lderai ion of every proposition in which
they risk their money.
1st. See that the Titlo offered to yon is
clean, clear and legal.
Snd. Study what the lease (If any) calls
for; it's provisions, it's future payments,
it's demands.
.3rd. Note carefully the work done; the
depth, the width of vein, the amount of
ore in sight, the grading of the quartz, the
kind of machinery necessary for the  work.
4th, Develop nntil yon have enough
paying oro iu sight to justify the putting in
of machinery. More money has been
wasted by the premature ptaolngof valuable
machinery on poor claims than profits have
beon made on good developed properties in
tho first year of mining,
5th. There are plenty of rioh claims In
the market. Goon imestments in sound
companies, undor first class managemoot.
There are other companies whose success Is
most problematical.
Spillimacheen �� Hotel
���Si-iLr.r.M.u-irr*EN, East Kootex.iv, B.C.
clinli-i- WirK-K, Llr-rrinb * rltrars.
l'a.-k UorsiM tor Sale ot Kite, ���
Every atteution puld w Uuusts.
FRANK DEACON, Proprietor.
Golden Restaurant,
Mack Joe, Prop.
Mt-nls tit All Hoiirx.
Till' Hi-si Door 111 I'liuailii Is init.lt- bj- the
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Mnnrrtsrliiri'rs of Boer, Alo and go-la Wstci
Insist on Ki-itlnjt Calgary Uwr tvurj- tine. Tlnr*
nil lisvo It. Tin.- l'oui|i��iiy'�� agent lor Earn
Kootenay Is
H.  O. PAItSON, Oolihm,  H.C.
We can-
Sail Tea?
��� * *
Our motto is :   Bust Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Stylo
Reasonable Price.
*  *  *
jfi. C. Ttonij
Merchant Tailor,
Canadian Pacific By
Direct rail rorrto to
Montreal & Toronto
and nil Kust��-rn Points
Lake Iloute to the East���Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor
Athabasca....Every Thursday tn Owen Bound
Miuilii.hu Every Sunday to Owen Bound
Connecting tains from Golden at lfirio ever)
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Pally and direct service to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon,
aud all points In the far famed Kootenay
and Silvery Sloven.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Km press Irrilla 2nd August.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Mlowora B*u August
Apply lor Particulars to
V. E; WEUB, Agent, Golden,
or ROBERT K Kit It,
Trillin: Manager, Winnipeg.
Brinting 1
Wo wish to inform the
public tbat we are prepared
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The Trum riiV loaves Kootenay House, connecting with steamer lor Fort Steele every
Monday aud Friday after arrival ol train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
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Glives perfect satisfaction to his customers
A BOTCH-Well he does not.
Watch Inspector for the O.F.B. guarantees the
work done by him.
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������*������!���   *' ��r-
"\��I2jTBK.' Tho East Kootenay Miner, Thursday July 29th, 1897.
From Our Own Correspondent.
Indignation Meeting at Fort Steele.
Committee of Investigation
The Important mining district of Eat1
Kootenay, whoso aiei It about two-thirds
the site of the Kingdom of Oreeoe, it now to
be tub-divided soda OoldCommissioner and
Assessor and Collector appointed for each
divition. The northern dittriot will contain the Donald and Golden miniog divi-
lions and the southern distriofwill contain
the mining divisions of Windermere aw)
Fort Steele. . The present Oold Copume-
aioner, Mr. J.'F. Armstrong, who had his
heed office at Donald but resided at Golden
will be moved to tho toothern dittriot, and
hit head office and residence will be at th��
City of Cranbrook. The new Commissioner
for the northern division will be Mr. Orif
fith of Donald, tut it has not yet been decided whether kit residenos will be st
Donald w Golden. Mr. Frink Lang will
remain Assessor and Collector for the northern district and 0. M. Edwards the present.
mining recorder at Fort Steele will be the
new assessor and coUeotor for the southern
divition snd will alio reside at Cranbrook,
where the offices of the Administrator Ann
Coiumiailoner of ths Southern District will
be, Chit will create a vacancy in tho office
of Mining Recorder at Fort Steels. Ths
southern distriot of Esse Kootenay hat be-
earns so important that in all probability
there will bo a mining recorder's office established st Moyie City, which with the
mining recorders offices st Tobacco Plains
snd Windermere will give four rscording
divisions for ths southern distriot.
Tho most central point in southern Easl
Kootenay for these offices Is undoubtedly
Cranbrook. It la ths ohisf divlsionsl sta-
tlon on the asw railway and a considerab.e
townaite bss been laid out, snd it will in
ths near future be * place of some importance. It is the osntsr of ths radii for such
towns ss Bitten, Moyie City, Perry. Johsn-
twaburg, Kimberly, Dalgarduo, Wett Port
snd Wardner. Many of thess towns have
now a larger population than what Fort
Stasis had sis: mouths ago, snd soms of
them will shortly be vary formidable rivals
to this mining town.
Ins telec'toa of Cranbrook for the seat of
the Gsvsraauat sfBoes has however not
frivsn general satisfaction to tho people of
Fort Steele sod "The Prospector,1' the
organ ol this town has denounced in em-
phstk language ths selection of Crsnbreok.
A meeting of the "select few" snd others
has been held snd a committee sppointsd to
Investigate the nutter, to ssosrtsln from
ths Provincisl Secretary il ths statement it
true snd to invite the Commissioner of
Works to visit East Kootrasy. Ws mutt
confess we cannot see the object of this
committee or why ther- should be any kick
against the selection, unless it be that Fort
Steele arrogates to itself ths similar position
that ths three tailors lu Tooley Street, London, ones arrogated to themselves as representing the inhabitants of Great Britain,
and Fort Steele fancies itself the southern
division of E at Kootenay instead of only
lot SI in an erst of 600,000 squire miles.
Fort Steele is losing nothing by ths change,
but it, along with ths other
ten towns in Southern Estt Kootenay it
gaining something considerable. The seat
of ths Government offices instead of being
170 miles away will be within 12 miles of
Fort Steele snd not much over this dis'anoe
from ths other towns which turround Cranbrook. The visit of the Minister flf Works
will bo a welcome one to E ut Kootenay
and ths people at ths northern end will
have aa opportunity should he come to Kut
Kootenay of pitting In a word to have
Golden made the center of ths judicial
system sf Eist Kooteoay, as it it by far the
most Important town a it.
Fort Steel* Liberal Association.
Ths psraaneot organization of this Association was completed at a meeiir g held oo
the 21th Jans, by tho election of the follow-
lag officers i���Prteldent, F. P, Norbury, J.
P.; Vice President, T. MoNaught j See-
Treasurer, Hagh Watt, M.D ; Advisory
Committee���Messrs. Cummlng, Oraulck,
Durlek, Dempsey and Judson Langlry.
Among other business transacted ths following resolutions were carried unanimously:
" That this Association unrest its etrong
disapproval of ths manner in which the new
mail contraot waa 1st; sftor celling for
tenders for s weekly service, accepting none
of such tenders, but letting ths oontrsct
privately to a different individual under a
different contract."
" That there being now over 3,000 people
receiving mail at ths Fort Steele office, this
Association strongly condemns ths proposal
te give Fort Steele only a fortnightly service for the winter beginning from October;
that in its opinion the service should be
twice a week nntil railway conttruotion it
" That u fifty per osnt of the correspondence going from Fort Steele ie with the
south, thst being the quicker and more
natural roots for tuch correspondence, it
ie the- opinion of this Association that a
subsidy should be piidfor a weekly mail
service to Toososo Plains, Montana, to connect with the semi-weekly pott from thi re
to Ktlltpell; that by to doing there will be
prevented a considerable loss of revenue
now canard by the irregular conveyance of
such oorrcspoudeuce southward.
The Engineers Bu3y wlth-the Rail*
way Survey.
We had a talk last week in Fort Steele
with Donald MoCombes formerly of the
Canadian Northwest Mounted Police, who
has now mads hit future home in British
Columbia, and taken up hie abode in Fori
Steele and who had just arrived from Alberta by the way of the Crow't Nest Pass.
He left Let hbrldge with a companion aimed
Frank Ship, on Friday the 2,'rth day ol
���June Isst and srrived in Fort Steele on
Saturday the 3rd dsy of July being thu
nine days oa the travel. During the whole
of thoir journey they hsd not s single dry
dsy snd the only protection tboy had from
the down-pour of rain was a wagon cover
whloh they utilised st a shelter snd nndei
which they slept at night. Tney came
��� hrough oo horseback end in the course ol
their travel did not see sny game, but lived
on ths provinder thst they brought with
them, obtaining occasional supplies by the
From Lsthbridgs to F"rt McLsod s
distance of about 32 miles there is a good
wagon-road, wbioh is continued from there
right on to the Crow't Nest Lakes, tome
dittance up the Pass, After leaving Mo*
Leod tbere is a good aioppiug-place st
Pincher Creek about 30 miles away. The
next stopping-place Is 30 miles onward at
the Crow's Nest Hotel close to the eastern
month of the Pass, It is, however, nothing
more than a good stopping-place, ss it doss
not possets sny license���being within the
district of Alberta. Some few miles np the
P��ss are sulphur springs possessed of medicinal properties supposed to be good for the
cure of oertain ailments. The hotel is the
most convenient stopping-place nssr there
���nd wat erected chiefly for that purpose.
The party left this hotol on Monday morning ths 2Sth of June snd oo Jnno the 20th
its members were in British Columbia. The
Pass is about 70 miles in length from foot
hill to foothill; its breadth runs from 150
yards to one mile and a half; the scenery
in it wss considered very striking. Fort
Steele is reckoned sbout 12) miles from the
Crow's Nest Pass Hotel. After emeigiog
from ths Pass, the Elk river whloh tuts
doss to its western end was followed down*
wsrds until ths Kootenay was ttruok when
thit river wss followed upwards te Fort
Steele. On their journey tboy saw ths appearance of coal io several placet, their
horses' feet pasting over seams that were
jutting out from the ground. From the
month of the Pats there is sn excellent trail
all the way to Fort Steele. It wss while
thit trail was being constructed thst the
immense measures of coal���supposed to be
the largest in ths world���were discovered.
Coming down ths Elk river, which is s
rapid flowing stream, aud whioh gradually
becomes a magnificent stream of swift rushing waters, widening out in some places
nntil it is nearly 150 ysrds broad, they taw
three or four places admirably adapted for
mining townt. One place that particularly
impressed them was nssr Pack Bridge st
the Elk River Creasing. Here it magnificent water power and a plana most suitable
for a smelter. Ihe wator flows with great
velocity through a canyon over which the
bridge it laid, the width being about 40
feet. Then is abundance of timber for
lumber���while the coal fields are close by.
The mineral properties now located in the
oerghborhood are considerable,
la the course of their nine dsys treval
they taw no trace of suy sotoal conttruotion
work being dene on the rsilwsy, but thsy
corns across three parties of surveyors busy
making turveyt for the new line. There
were from tea to fifteen persons in esoh
porty. The first party waa busy near tbi
Crow's Neet Like. The second party was
encountered after they had entered British
Columbia about 15 miles westward from the
divide or boundary of tbst Province sou
Alberts. Ths third psrty was on the Elk
river. Three psok trams consisting ol
abount fifteen animals eich were engaged
in carrying supplies to the surveyors, Thi-
head packer of the outfit was an ex-othcer
of the British Army. MuCornbei tried to
eitract iuformetiou from the surveyors
when sotnsl work was to corameuco but
could not sliot any newt.
Mining Activity.
There hss been great activity in this mining division during the hurt tin months, at it
hat been the principal division in Kut
Kootenay that has attracts) moat attention
as it waa first mads known during those
recent years to the outside world who are
interested In mines sad mining operations.
The other divisions sn now becoming centers of sttractlon and prospectors and mio
ing men are rapidly going to ths other
divisions in Eist Kootenay where valuable
Aids are now being made. To enable our
outside readers to form somo idea of the
greet activity the/, baa been going on iti
Fort Steele division during the ieittls
monthi ending 30th June, 180", we give tin
following figures whioh wo have obtained
through ths courtesy of Mr. Elward*.
Mining Recorder: Slues let January, 1807
700 prospeotors hsve taken nut liceuses at
ths Fort Steele office, while lt',1 prospeotors
who hsd obtained licenses eltowhers hive
Intimstsd their licenses st this office. This
shows ths large number of prospectors who
have been out exploring for miueral wealth,
730 olslms have been located snd recorded,
while during the whole of last year only
315 claims were located and recorded.
There have been issued 170 certificates foi
assessment work done on claims, while during the whole of list year only 100���or one
short of ths number were Issued. There
hss only beta one payment in lieu of assess
ment work. During ths lix monthi 188
bills of sale have been recorded aud 8 Crowi.
grants applied for. No placer claims have
been recorded, but 3 placer leases have been
applied for, there being pret^nt'y 9 of these
losses in existence, out of which ibortlj
The revenue for lbs pest six months derived from the mining resource has beon
between six and seven thousand dollar i.
One of the Future Towns of East
TVs town is situated on Lower Moyie
Like shout two miles from its southern
end.    It lies cl> s-r to the buse of tho moun-
in on which are located the oelohrated St
Eugene, M yip, Queen nf the Hills, and
l.v.u of Strom mineral properties. The
Movie Likes which are formed by the
will -n ing of llio Moyie River are two of the
driest shee s of water in Southern East
Kootenay. They are from JO to 12 miles
long. Their u-i'lth does uot exceed a mile
and a half. Tney are au ideal body of
-eater for boating, fishing and bathing.
They have rloo r-horrs and -rood beaches.
Fish is plentiful, of excellent quslity and in
��;re,-t variety.
This tnwii which has only come into existence in llio course of this year already
por-sessis two general stores, three hotels,
pack ttslile, assay office and blacksmith's
lorco. Its present poptt'ation 't about 100,
while lli.ie will be shout double that number of a II rating population out on the hills
prospecting and developing the mineral
olafms, Tne town is on tho main trail from
Bonuor's Ferry to Fort Steele, and it distant from the former place sbout 70 miles
ami from the latter pluas about 30
miles. It it also sbout 30 miles from Coat
River. Wardner on the Kootenay River is
about 14 miles away and a good wagon
road it now being conttruoted between the
two townt ami through Wardner all lit
supplies will come until ths Crow's Nest
Pass Railwsy is constructed. The survey
of this line passes direotly through or
rather a little above tho plotted portion of
the town. Cranbrook which is to be main
divieional center on this line and a tnwn of
considerable importance lies about 20 miles
to the north, From there the wagon load
fiom Fort Stoele lesdt down the Movie
River to ths bsad of ths Upper Like,
Boats now ply on the lakes and transit asn
be obtained to and from the town by-
means of these. Io a short time a s'cam
launch whioh is now being built will be on
ths lake, because Moyie City is not to be
the only town on these lakes. It hat already a rival at the head of tho Upper Lake
io Sifton City.
Moyie City will he one of the Important
points in East Kootenay and its site has
beeen well selected. Good timber is plerr
tiful and there will be abundance of cheap
lumber as the whirl uf the taw mill will
toon be heard on the thoret of the Lakes
There it a good day bank within two miles
of tho towo te supply brioks and s Urns
ledge has been discovered a little distance
further amy so there will be so lack oi
building material.
The turvoyed portion of the town whioh
extends over 40 acres it laid out in twelve
blocka. Nine of these contain 20 lots each
which are 30 feet by 120 feet. Its st reels
are 6S feet wide while its lanes or allies, are
It) foet brood. Its four principal streets
are Queen's Avenue, Viott-ria Street, Tavistock S reetsnd Medovs Avenue.
Tne streots hsve been cleared and graded
Tbere is a beautiful mountain close by snd
a reservoir it about to be cons'ruoted into
which p-irt of i-s waters will be diverted,
and an ellicieut snpply obtained for the use
of the inhabitants of tho town. The fall ol
this stream is sufficient to supply power f- r
an electric light and telephonic plant foi
the town.
Ihe best devnloped mine in E ut Koote*
usy���ths S'-. Engeno mine is doss by���on
whioh constant work it being done, as well
on n'her mines in the neighborhood. The
St. Eugene alono has now over 6000 tons of
ore ready for shipment. Considering the
dai'y output that is now going on among
those mines it is no exaggeration to ssy
that by the time the railway reaches Moyie
City iu the beginning it the year there will
be from 16,000 to 20,000 tout of ore ready
for shipment. Good miueral derm, of the
same character of ore as ths St. Eugene
also exist on the opposite tide of the lake.
Chisf among thess it ths Cariboo Marsh
miueral claim, belonging te the Alberta and
Kootenay Development Company, upon
which development work it beiog done and
in all probability this mine will soon become
s shipper.
Moyio City msy never be a phenomenal
town of s mushroom growth but it has the
nucleus of a good lively, hustling place ol
four to five thousand inhabitants, and
whars then will be always a good snd
healthy business conducted. Nothing has
bees dons to work np sn excitement by
11 faked" advertisements or boomttert
dodges. There is no need for it. Its mining and natural location, surrounded by
pastoral wealth, is tuch that it is quickly
attracting intending settlers aod butiness
men and iuducing them to make it their
future homo,
The late Conservative government with all
its hardihood would never have attempted
to have carried through Buch a contract.
East Kijotnviy Ins fared badly both io
chnn-jo of goverorrreat act! member. Formerly our service was a weekly one, when
business relations were nob sn great, but
now when there is tuch an increase our
postal facilities have been lessened. Tire
result is a great portion of our mail goes
southward by private communication.
The Americans hero which number about
one half of the population were most euer*
getiu in c-Mrrating the 4th of Ju'y on the
5th. The 4th of July fell this year on a
Sunday, but their enUiuaUim and patriotism were not deterred by that fret for the
stillness of tho early Sabbath morning was
broken by loud reports from exploded
dynamite, as if numerous field pieces were
going off. Tile darknoss of the midnight
had scarcely passed away ere there wus
illumination by fire works. The great celebration was on the following day when
sports and games were held. Sims good
purset were given for horse races which
were held in the main avenue of the towu
and many of the ovents wsre well contested.
There were also foot races, jumping, and
wrestliny on horsi luck. Toe committee
who had charge of the arrangements deserve great credit for the manner io which
the entire programme wss curried out.
There waa a further display of fireworks in
the evening snd the proceedings were dosed
by a dance in the Steele House. Many of
the buildings belonging to American citi*
/.cut were tastefully d>unrated withiltgs
and bunting. The " Proepeotor " office
wat most artistically draped and the proprietor deserves praise for ths effective
manner iu which the flags and bunting
were arranged. It waa the but decorated
building in town.
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
Ilildgct of Interest ins Local mid
General   New*.
The boati o/ the International line ply*
ing on the Kootenay between Jenning.
L Hiding and Wett Port for Fort Steele are
now keeping good time and the aerv'oe I.
now giving sstisflotion. The " North
Star" and " Cwendolioe" arrive and depart with punctuality and it is to be boped
that no further mishaps will interfere with
> ho navigation. Long delayed freight has
now arrived, and all the stores���many of
whioh were on short commons���are now
well stocked,
A telegraph line will immediately con*
neot Fort Steele with Kalisptl on Ihe Crest
Northern Railway. It it now in the o-iurse
of construction. The penplo nf I1 ort Steele
were asked to subscribe $000 towards tho
cost and this sum has been raised and deposited in thu Bank at Kalispel, and will be
p iid over to the company putting In tho
line, aa soon ss ths first message passes ovsr
the wire. Mr. O. F. Vsnosta, the town
agent for Fort Steele, has been most totive
in carrying thit matter through, and getting rapid meom of communication with
the outside world.
Old timers declare (hat thsy never experienced tuch a spell of wet weather.
Some of them have seen a wet month, but
not a continuation of several wet months.
The weather here is worse Ihsn in Scotland
where jit sometimes rains and occar-sionally
snows, but here ws hsvs both snow snd
rain together���rain on the low lauds snd
snow on the high lends. Tho riven aod
oreekt sre swollen with rain, and ths
mountain tops are apriukled with froth
falls of enow. Prospeotors report miserable
times, unable to do auythiog but He io
their tents and consume their grub, deriving occasional consolation from a glimpse of
a rainbow, anticipating fairer wiather
which has not yet arrived. Development
work is else ooasidsraoly rotatdid from
similar causes.
The people In Fort Stee'e are highly dissatisfied will) th* nsw mall arrangements.
After tho Post M utsr General called for
tenders for sn advert Issd oontraot, he has
thrown them all aside, and made a new
contract without, advertising fur teodersl
whereby Fort Stco'e Is to have a weekly
service iu summer uud a fortnightly service
rn wiuur.    Too contract is for four years,
H. L. Cummins, F.L.S.,
And civil Kn-rlncer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent, Convcyuueer
and Notary Public.
Pout ofllee address:
Extracts From British Columbia
.Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value and X-ecesHity of a " Free
Minora" Certificate-No Per-
noii Should Attempt Alining
Without One.
Any jiiTnon over 18 yearn of ngo, or any joint
stock company, or foreign eoin|iauy, may be-
1'iiiiK1 a free miner by paying ?'> to any gold
eomtnlssloner or mineral reeorder and obtaining a eertltleute good for one year.
A free miner may obtain a new certificate for
one lost on paying fl.
A (ree miner's rertlilcate is not transferable,
Any nerson or company working a mineral
claim, hi-l'l as rral estate without license, max
be lined Wi. .Mines been mil- real estate after
erown grant has been issued.
Hlioubl co-owner fail to pay np his free miner's
certificate his Interest goes to tils co-owners pn>
rata according to their former Interests,
a slmri'liuliliT In a Joint slock company need
not be a free holder.
A free miner may claim l.TOOxlJiOO feet. lint
all angles must be right angles and all measnr-
ineut must be horixontally.
A free miner may ent timber on erown lands.
A free miner may kill game for his own use
at ull season*.
A free miner may obtain live acre mills) te tip*
on erown lands in the form of a square.
A claim may be held from year to year by
work being done to the value of one hundred
Two claims In each mining division, not on
the same vein or lode, may be held, and more
than one on the same vein if held by purchaser.
Lode* discovered in tunnel may be held If recorded In i."i day*.
A free miner may on payment of ?���'>, In Hen of
expenditure on claim, obtain n crown grant.
Any miner may, at Ihe discretion of the gold
commissioner, obtain a water right for a term
of JO years.
No transfer of any mineral claim or Interest
shall be enforceable unless lu writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner shall suffer from any net of omission
or commission, or delay* on the part of the
government olllclals.
No claim shall be open to location during
last lllnesss of holder, nor within 1'-' months
after Ids death, unless by permission oi gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within 1J!
days after location, il within lu miles of oilier
of mining recorder. One Additional day Is allowed for every additional It) miles or traction
Work on each mining claim to the value of
|4Q0 must be done each year from date of record of mineral claim. Affidavit marie by the
holder, or his agent, setting out a detailed
statement of the work done must be tiled with
the gold eommissloiisr or mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, ami recorded before tin] expiration of each year from the dale
of record of salil claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to tiling notice
of his intention with the gold commissioner or
mining recorder perform on any one or moreol
such claims, all the work required to entitle
dim to a certificate of work (or each claim. The
same provision applies to two or more free miners holding ildjoiuing claims iu partnership,
In Hen of above work the minor must pay Hue
and get receipt and record the same.
Complete  Directory of the l(c-
Minister of Mines���Hon. Col. .lames linker.
Provincial Mlueraloulst ���\V. A. Carlyle.
Public Aiwavcr���II. t'armlehael.
District.   ' (Mllcr.
nanaimo-M, himv  Nunaimo
1). Krbson New Westminster
BAM kootknay���.1. Ktirrrt Donald
F. (J. utng Golden
O. Goldle Windermere
U. M. Kriwards Fort Steele
M. Phillip* '. .Tobacco Plains
J. D. Graham Itevelstoke
Oory Menheniek iLardeuu
���  NW Denver
      . Kash
...Trout take
John Keen.....	
J. II. Ilashdnll	
J.  Kirkup	
J. O.Rykert	
Thomas Tnvlor	
Walter Heoit	
P. (l. Fauquier	
W. Stephenson	
J, Hnwron	
YAW��� Wt Dodd	
I��� Norrla	
O.A.H. Lambly	
W. MeMynn	
S. R. Almond	
H. Hunter	
MUOOHT-C. A. Plmlr.
p. Holloa	
Ksra Kvaiis Manson Creek Omlneea
Jas. Porter  I^iketon
Al-HKRM���T.  Fletcher Mbernl
VttnoKiA���W. s. (.ore Victoria
(jOI.ll COM.HISsHi.NKHs   IN  11. 0,
For the Province���W. 8. Gore Victoria
AlbCriil-Thos. Fletcher Alburn)
<lariooo���John Rowron Itiehlield
Casslar District���Jas. Porter...Laketou, Oasslar
l.illooet District���Frederick Kouos Clinton
Naualmo���M. Bray Nanalino
Kasi Kootenay District���J. F. Armstrong, Fort
fit eele.
J. K. Griffith Donald
West Kootenay District���N. Fltxlublw...Nelson
.!. D. tiraham Itevelstoke
Vale Disirfct-Chas. Umblv Osoyoos
G. C. Tu 11.1 tall Kaniloop.-i
..Qucsnrlle Porks
 Grand Forks
 Granite Creek
$75 to $150 Each according to
OiK'-tliinl down, liiilmicc In three Mid nIx
iiiiintlis, without interest.
MMHHiL & 110..
Agents, CALGARY.
Upper Columbia.
yfavigation & uramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Commencing with the ('. P. II. at Golden, B. C, and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
48 Hours to Fort Steele.
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday
evening on arrival of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage for Fort Steele and
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Company.
Dalgardne * Hstel
Fort Steel��, 23. C-
CitotoE Winks, Liqjjous and Ckiahs.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor.
The  Steele House.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars o
Headquarters for Mining Men o o
Commodious Sample Rooms o o
Best Cuisine in the West,     o o o
Modern Conveniences o o o
Home Comforts.
D. McNEISH, Proprietor.
UTOsEST   .STEEJjE,    23-   O-
M- C-^LIDBSS ��& Co., ClieE��.If3ts and. JDr-ag^Issts, ��-olden, 3EL C. The East Kootenay Miner, Thursday July 29th, 180T.
Real Estate in Golden now presents one of the best opportunities for investment.
Golden is sure to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay.
The owners of the Townsite are prepared to dispose of the remaining lots at reasonable
prices and on reasonable terms.
will be offered to purchasers erecting buil dings.
Prices    Range   From   $75   to
according to location.
JJiiP For Maps, Prices, Terms and full particulars apply to
. 5.
H. I. Parsefi
G-OLJDE.fcT, aa. c.
Ice Cream
���Call on���
g*sn-  All Kinds ol fruit In Season.
Personal. Local and General News.
\V. G, Neilson of Heaver, was a visitor on
Mr. (.oo, Manuol of Donald waa in town
on Wednesday.
Mr. Harry Wnodloy returned on Sunday
from a trip to Uuulf.
Asst. Sunt, Niblock passed oast on
Thursdsy'a No. ii.
Thos. Alton is having an addition built to
liia blacksmith shop,
1 kJGolri Commissioner  Armstrong returned
from Fort Steele' ou Monday.
Mrs, llinlton of Donald is visiting Mrs.
C. K. Wells tliis week.
Mrs. Newberry, Kamloops, is visiting her
mother Mrs. H. 1.. Muodie.
Hurry Drew of Fort Stssls hss gons to
Oulgtry on a holiday trip.
Over 150 men arrived at Calgary oo Wednesday to go to work ou ths new railway.
Mr. O. B. I-umsden, chief of C.P.R. surveys weut to Fort Steels on Monday's
Mrs. W. C. Wells, Mrs. Curtis snd Mr.
J. D. Wells of l'alliaer, were visitors this
Mrs. C. E. Hamilton returned on Wed*
nsaday from a visit to bsr parents st
Mrs. 0. E. ami Miss Jsnnis Wells returned from a week's visit st Field on
Win, MoNeish Is having a dwelling honss
erected on one of his lots nssr ths Columbia
Robt. Kerr, C.P.R. psssenter snd traffic
.gent  passed f"
dondsy's No. 1
Miss MoMlllsn rsturned on Monday, par
s. s. Duohrss, from, plssasnt trip up ths
Columbia Eivsr,
A General meeting of ths Golden Hospital Soolsty Is celled for Monday next. Rssd
notice la another column.
Mr- Mike Csrlin, ths manager of the
Golden Lumber Co., returnsd from, busi*
ness trip cut on Wednesday.
Hull Bros, 4 Co, imported a oar load of
. cattls and hogs from Calgary this wssk.
j The Duohsss lsft on Monday svsning for
| ths Upper Country with a full list of
tlrest dsmsgs hss bssn dons to th. grain
I and fruit crops throughout Ontario by ths
, heavy raids of ths psst few days,
' 0. P. Hndon Is having a building erected
' immediately below ths bridge to be ussd
i when completed as a boot, shoe sad harness
��� rspalr shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs nf Donald paid
a flying visit to Uoldsn ou Wednesday last,
returning the earns svsning on ths ilslaysd
!Pacific express.
! Mr. Wm. MoNeish has Imported this
. weak a vary handsome mirror I2J x t fset
for the background to the artietiually ar-
. ranged Columbia House bar.
! Ths C.P.R. hsvs op-iied a deepatoher's
oftioe at Field. Mr. Parkhill formerly of
Medicino Hat has been appointed Cnief
Despatcher with Mr. Carman aa assistant.
Mr. Van Home, son of the President ot
ill) CPU. arrived from Fort Steals on
Monday aud went o*et. lie hae been con*
, nected with a survey party engaged in lo-
I eating the Hue in tit. Crow's Neat Pass.
Wm. Fraser, C.P.R. bridge foreman arrived with his crew on Monday and an
rapidly pushing to completion the nsw
bridgs over the Kioking Horss river.
The Golden Lumber Oo, received this
week sn order for several million fast ot
lumber and timber to be ussd for construction purposes on ths Crow's Nest Pass at
Fort MoLeod.
For ths sis months ending Juns ,'IOth last
$11100.07 has bssn oolleoted on dutiable
goods at Golden. The inland revenue receipts for ths same period .mounted to
The Klondyke boom has caused a fsvsr of
sxcitemsnt among some of Golden's citizens
and ws hssr of several advauturoua prospeotors who intend lsaving shortly for tbs
usw Kldorado.
Mr, Jas. Henderson whs hss been on a
visit to Fort Stssls inspecting ths ohorcli
whioh is being erected at St. Eugene Mission, rsturnsd on Monday and rsports tbs
work going absad satisfactorily,
Ws oall attention to lbs Uppsr Columbia
Company's advertisement in another oolumu.
Stsamen will Isavs in ths futurs for Foil
Stssls every Monday and Friday after ths
arrival of tbs seat bound express.
Lethbrldge now has two banks yst Goldsn
has nons. W. vsnturs the opinion that
Goldsn offers ss good an opening for snob
sn institution as any place in the weet and
that a branch  would  " pay from ths grass
agent  pissed  through to   Revelstoks on
Mr. A. Leitoh of Oak L-.ks, Man., arrived in Golds, on Monday with a oar load of
saw mill maohinsry which ha is shipping to
Cranbrook. He will ereot s mill then having sscund ths timber on ths Cranbrook
so tats.
Ths other svsning ths good people of
Golden wen amassu at ths number of
young ladles who suddenly spprared la >
town, bom nobody knows when. It turned Out however to be soma of our young
people out for a frolic, io disguise.
��� "S.Ma" Tea is the beat on ths market
H. O. Parson has it. 1-lf
It is reported that there will he an im*
mouse orop in Alberta this yssr. Ths rscent
wet ssasou has been a boon to ths farmers
i and ranchers.
Then will be about 0,000,000 feet ol timber used in the building of the section of the
; Crow's Neet road between Lethbridge and
Maclaod alone.
It is reported that Superintendent G. A.
Stewart of Banff National Park,has received
' notice if his dismissal from the oilice snd
that Mr, Howard Douitlas of Calgary, has
- reoeived ths appointment.
The Trade and Labor Council is opposed
to tho Minister of the Interior bringing i ut
people from the Old Country to work on the
1 Crow's Neat Pass railway. They eonWud
that then an enough people iu Canada at
present requiring work to build the railway,
The C.P.R. are making arrangements for
the erection of a number of storehouses in
! tbs Fort Steele District whither supplies
i will be taken thie autumn far the use i,f the
contractors who will bo engaged in railway
construction throughout the wintor mouths
ou the west of the divide.
Mr. Walker, the caretaker of the Cave
; and 11 .sin at 11 tuff has also been dismieaed
and Mr. U.ll-itly of Comoro appointed in
his pi.ee. In Mr. Walker's oass there
I was no iuvestigation held nor any charge
; made aud many of the Banff people think he
has not been fairly dealth with.
Sergeant Erig.1, a relumed member of the
Yukon N.W.U.P.detaohmout aaya if  hs
, goosiu for any mors mining  hs will take
Kootenay as the scene of his investments as
hs betievee the aversge man has better and
: safer chances hers than in far away   Klon-
! dyke with its incredible  privations  snd
dangers to health and Ufa.
The local lumbermen, M. Cirlio, W, G,
Neilson, snd W. 0. Wells have bssn visiting Maclsod of lata,    It looks as il ths mill
1 msn in this vicinit) wriild have their hands
full during the nsxt few months supplying
j ths Crow's Nest Pass Road with sufficient
timber for bridge construction.    It is said
', that  87  bridges will be required between
j Medicine Hat and Lethbridge.
Baiill' is crowded with visitors at present.
1 All ths available oottagea an occupied l>y
families from Calgary and o her Eastern
points, and the C.P.R. and Sanitarium
hotels have sll she guests they oan aooomo-
data. Banff is cerUiiuly a delightful spot
particularly tn the aummsr months and it Is
not surprising that people avail themselves
of ths charming surroundings and delightful
climate.     - '
The premises popularly known as ths
"Hog Rsnoh" twenty-five mllos south of
Golds., havs been punbassd tram ths ad-
' mlnlstrator of the Brachard rstata by II. G.
Parson. Mr. snd Mrs. Skully an now in
olisrgs ol ths stopping plans and eucosed la
making thinga comfortable for ths travelling public
Messrs, Ker foot ft Fulmar, owners of the
Goldsn and Fort Steele stage line appear to
be meeting with success in their vsnturs
svsry stags being heavily laden with mail
and express matter aud a goodly share of
passengers. They havo established stables
at Spillimaolieen, Wiudsrmsrs snd'Canal
Flat when honss are ohanged. They
employ four horse teams throughout,
Tho local government under ths direction '(O.JJji.-.     fi-sl- '    Ths "A.M'O." situated near Driftwood
of Mr. Jas. Good havo been making  very WGUQlfiU     b6 IS. Creek, recorded by F. W. Aylmer on July H.
substantial improvements to  ths Gollsn! aaw*��M����s\j     vviui ,    Tne "Glsoisr" situated on  MoMmrd..
and Fort Steele wagon road between Spilli* Creek, reoordod by Horry Muuson on July H.
macheen snd Carbonate. Ths outfit has now ]   J    The " Diadem   situated on west slope ���>(
reached Carbonate and is working northward   Tu-n   YOUNG    COUPLES   ENTER """' '"'' c' !,P'"i|,ll^wl1 "'W, ikuM
' by Harry Richardson on July 10.
MATRIMONIAL STATE. '���    The " Minneapolis" situated 2 miles sooth
east of Field, recorded by J. D. Carliu ou
���""*" ; July 10.
Numerous   and  Costly  Present..-     lh"  "Robin Hood"  sltusted  about 2
milee north east of iield, recorded by J. I).
Hearty CongratulatloneTendercd Carlin on July 10.
Ths " Undine " situated on west side of
north fork ot Splllimacheeu Rivar, recorded
, by H. G. Low ou July 12.
The " Dominion " situated on Ottertail
'an and Albert
the Happy Couples.
Ooldea was ths scene el a couple of wed* Ors��k, recorded by Jas. G. Ryai
nge this month.     The first luppy event Taylor on Ju'y 12.
ok  place  on Friday IS h iust. when our,    The " Noon Day " situated t
H. O. Panon has reoeived this week a
consignment ol wagons, etc, from William
1 Gray aud Sons, Chatham, Ont.     Among
others is a stage ooaoh for the Upper Col-
; umbia Navigation and Tramway Company
to run between Adela and Fort Steels.     It
is beyond doubt ths finest rig of the kind
that ever cams into ths oonutry snd weighs
1500 lbs. It ought to snswsr the purpose
i for whioh it was intended admirably.
; With ths earns shipment also oams s light,
covered delivery wagon for the Big Store, dini
and  report eaya  thst   Norman  is quite took place  on * rmay it) n lust, when our I    The " Noon Day " situated on Ottertail
tickled with it. popular fellow townamsn Mr. James Good Creek, recorded by A. Hanson on July 12.
_ '   , ,    , ., was united in the holy bonds ot matrimony     The "Thistle" situated on Pmiri. meuri-
Trmmy  Walker, a brakemaa   on lh. w Uiu Domsnsy. also of Golden.    Th. la- t.i.?n<��rd��l by A uXngbuTd. en"ju y
Mountain Division tunning betwssu Can* MrMt,i|.,- ,��,ot took place at ths rssidwioe 12. ���.������������/
7X �� iu3*?   u.a   ..? V-H    Jfii. ���'t-��W������-��*n.'h-' "'���"''"/.b.'-'g V-     T Rose "situated on Prairie mountain
dent on Sunday    last   at   Field,  wli Ie formed by Rsv. O.H Osborns of Kamloops. noordsd by Chan. Hatch on July 12
coupling    a   oar    hs     hsd   ths    mis- Miss Ida Good  acted as biids's rnaiii and     The'-EveningStar"si u.tetfouKicking
.T"h. *L. i^s^Mkliut; I''    P"! **f .-^^  br0Vh!r Ho�� River a��!rt)��.,tall station. r3"S
��    ,., �� M.gT '?      ,��n    i      s ,nrm,-lh ,he ord",L    Th* 'I.PW-WI'I. byA.MscleanonJuly!2.
Hospital for treatment.     Walkrrisw.il w���, ,b, wc|pi,nt, of a large number ol    'The " Rising Sun "situ.tel on Kicking
I ir��W?i^?a?�� 7 swSXu! iS-Thi! T"?1 tooh"1,"�� ��� *������" "d ������� *"��� *  H����. Wver near Ottertail staUon, molded
Jim  Good in oue of  the Uoldsn Lumber Ubl. lamp,  silvsr  pickls jar,  sic, stc  by E. J. Rush on July 12
Company a camp,.     His many friends hen About 0 p.m. a inrprie. pa*ty look posses-     Tbs " Mountain Oct" situated ��bont 2
: ar. sorry lo hsar of hit misfortuos. tiou 0f the honss and te ths music of   Mr   miles east of Palll-er, rccarded by A- Fipsr
���   A ministerial convention was hsld at D.  Good a few pleasant noun wen spset en July III
; Field on Tuesday laet.     Ths convention tripping Ihe light fantastic Mr. and .   The " Hilly Crews " situated on  Logan
consisted of Revs. Michsnsr (limit), sad Mrs. Good left on Mouday for a short trip Creek, recorded by A. St. George Hammers-
Smith (Goldsn), nf the  Merlrndist persue- up the river. ley na July 10.
sion und Iters. Hamilton (Usui)), and Har*      Ths second event took place on the Mon*      Ths   "Shamrock"   .'looted en  Lngsn
court (Goldsn), of ths Presbyterian belief, dsy following, (Inth) ths  contracting par*   Cr��k, recorded l,y J S.W'Push on July 10
The object of tho convention wae to explore ties being Sir. John MoHallle, the  gsuisl      Ths "Ceutsur" situated near head ol 15-
> ths country in ths neighborhood ol Mount blacksmith of the Golden Lumber Company,   Mile Crick, recorded by Manuel Daiaaid ou
Stepheo, which wss done very thoroughly, ami Miss Ida May Good, eldest daughter of July 24.
Ths  bountiful  senary  produced such a Mr. Jamas Good.    Ths wsdding took place     The " Moltsnm ios Psroo" sltustfd  near
soothing effect on ons of  ths party thst hs in ths Methodist Church at II a.m., king head of l."r-Mllc Cteok, recorded by Win. A.
seemed to bo unooneoious ef  his surround- ths  first osremnoy of ths kind whloh has Allan on July'.'(I.
! ings, so much so that when nturning horns taken place in this chunh.    Ths brids waa     Ths " Gold f " situated about 24 miles
per CP.R. train hs wss carried sevsral supported by Miss C. MoMillaa, while Mr.  from month of No. 2 Creek, neerdulby W.
milos beyond his plans of abode before hs D. Good performtd . similar ssrvles lor the - A. Allan on July til.
realised where he was.     Ha consequently groom, Ike father gave ths bride away,      The " Copper King " situated on Copper
i wae forced to proceed to tbs asst towo Rsv. G. II. Osborne assisted by Rsv. G. E. Creek, recorded by A. W. Upton, en July
| when efter a short daisy hs waa snablsd to Smith patterned    tbs    oenmouy.     The 27.
nturu ou an east bound fnlght. church which was beautifully decorated     Th. " Annoonda"  situated on  Copper
I   with llowers, wae well fllledtsith Iritadt of Creek, l worded by N. F. Johnson oo July
the brids sad groom.     Appropriate  music 27.  -
Handy Proapootora Map. ' ��M rendered Ey the choir and organist  At     Ths ���' Saint Lawrence " situated on Vea-
. the olose el ths servioj many oongratula   mont Crook, recorded by Chas. Vanaes oo
��������� tionswsn extended to the newly manied July 27.
,���,,,.        ,.       ..    .,._    i  couple     On leaving the church the wed*     The  "Enrska"  eltuttsd on  Vnment
W.begte draw th. .tte.Uo. o^��, : d| J��pRr,    ^."t the r��ld.��c. ol th. | Onek, ���,ord.,l b, n! F.jJhn^n 0^
readen to ths advertisement iu another bliss's fathar when a few ol  th. mon iu* 27.
column regarding Mr.   Lang's prospeoton timate frieadsof  ths bride snd groom sal     Ths  "Mother"   situated  on  Veamont
map ot. portion of East  Kootauay.    The Jj*0^ \����#^itST&'ikfESS'S-"' ^"��*--bf-4-* "P*" �� 3��**
���nspshentotoni, use have been most ml.. ,������,�����,,V^Z frnlt l*ek.t, silver pn-     The �� Vsahorn�� on Kicking Hone Rivor
leading and inaccurate and this woik of sarv. dish,-tike dish, silver butter dish,  nenr Ottertail station, recorded by K. W.
Mr. Lang's was designed to furnish prospeo- silvar sugar basin aad silvsr trait set.   Mr. Harrison and Geo. Rshdsr on July 28.
ton and othen with the most aoenrate la- and Mia. McHatlle left en the east hour il     Fort)-eight mining claims bare i-lrtngril
formation obtainable regarding the loostions expreee for a thiw months' visit to Mr.; hands iu this divisiou during the past six
of the different rivers^ streams, trails and MuUattie's horn, la Nova Seotia. months.
There wen twenty eight mora Free Min
mineral olaima. Ths information was
derived largely iron the pabllo records aid
from prospeoton who have many times
travelled over the district and are tally
posted as to ths location of the diffsrsnt
claims, ate.
Mining Claim. Recorded In July.
The ���' Vancouver " situated on branoh of
er'a dsrtlfiimtee  iaaunl   during p-st six
months than for ths ssms psrlud in 1830.
Boat Passenger List.
July-Mill, doing R0111I11-8( i. Walsh, A.l,
   .lllliMlun, A.   I^-lteli, i. Me-
Ths map is printed on good llasa' p��psr,  McMurdo Cisek, nccrded by John Watt on
It of convenient sine ��nd re in .very wsy a July 7th,
most admirable work reflecting grtef
upon its compiler.     Mr. Lang is oh
most energetic mining recordeisin t
viuce and ths local government wol._   ���,  , _. ���   . ,	
made nomlstskein raisng h m te' a gold \ The������ Montreal" sltusted oa left biuk of ,,,��"�� Nor,!}< YtS,*?IWfnflS!!���l0 V";
comm uiouershlp when the la. vacancy%��. No. 2 Cr.sk, recorded by Wm. A. Allan on| ^a,dnS���!,*ftl',M!tttt,jBdSS
cuired. 'July 8.        ' o��o. Iloaort, ransl flat to Uoldi|u,


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