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VOL.1   NO. 35
FERNIE, B. 0., APRIL 11, 1919
Printed by Union Labor
AU Ratepayers whose taxes
are still unpaid for the year 1918
are hereby reminded that inter-
est is being charged at the rate
of 8 per cent per annum.
A tax sale will be held on October 8,1919.
O.    Ba    U«     Or    Uo    Be
One Big Union or United Big Organizations
The Following Lines Will Be Cleared Out'.Re-'
gardless Of Cost As We Will Not
Carry Them Again
Service Trays, Wood; Chinaware, Consisting of
Plates, Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, Chocolate
Sets, Nut Bowls, Bonbons and Vases. Carving
Sets, Dolls, Electric Fixtures and Table Lamps.
Headquarters for the Brunswick Phonograph
JRjST '  Store Opens A£ Noon    "^X
n^ixiri\*n\\v\7TrtTnv.i^-iy^ '. ■
Put your money in an established business in
your own town.
Sums as low as $25.00 will give you a full
share in the establishment.
f ' *
People are gradually realizing that by united
action they can get what they want.
Come in with the others and get what profit
there is in the food business. Don't delay. Do
it to-day.
Incorporated 1907
Alberta readers of The District Ledger will find it to their
advantage when visiting; Fernie to stop at the Northern?  Tlir*-
will find it cosy and homelike.
By Dave Rees
Vice-President Trades and Labor Congress of Canada.
Those too narrow to credit an In.
ternational Organizer with possessing an honest opinion ahould not road
Those anxious to baltinee all skies of
a question before acting thereon are
invited to read on and reason for themselves; for our emancipation can not
be attained by an "acting lighting mi.
hority"—much though they are desired
—but can be attained and thereafter
held, whcjn the workers generaly become too independent to allow others
to do their thinking for theni.
I shall endeavor, in my humble way,
to review some of the happenings of
the past twelve yeara in connection
with tho workers and their spokesmen
in the economic and political movement in the West.
j In the years 1907.1913 inclusive, the
member of the pure and slMplist, industrial, national or international organization was treated to something
like the following:—Your ideas nre
fossilized or antiquated, you are dead
and don't know it. The industrial un.
ionist would stoutly defend his position and would optimistically portray
the great possibilities which lay in the
womb of the future by building up the
industrial organizations. The scientific speaker would reply with mingled
pity and contempt—mostly the latter
—to the poor boob who had respect for
his trade union:—Why your organiz.,
ations have reached the zenith of
their power, they have outlived their
usefulness, they are merely a bulwark
of the capitalist system. ;
The trado unionist would then speak
of the difference,, in organized and unorganized ileitis, would *<*1te the advantages of the opportunity whero organ,
ized to say something regarding conditions   of  employment,  of  enforcing
agreements,   of   having   eheckweigh-
nien on  mining  tipples, of enforcing
i statutory legislation, regarding hours
| of   labor,   mine   regulations,   factory
i acts,   sanitary   regulations   and   con.
! pensation laws.   Our scientific lecturer
j would reply, Bah!  merely palliatives,
'ameliorative measures, reforms, don't
you Know those reforms are iho ruin-
^t*Lg;i -ijf-Ctr\rtt£it-\L- -^.-rs\lj-_tt3*lfi3^tiir_u.rng]*rjlilAl
is a joke. What you should do is
abandon aU idea of reforms or palliatives, give over bothering any" further
with the commodity struggle organization. Don't, you know that the more
the worker is ground down the better
it will be. How stupid you are that
you cannot understand that as the
'stomach of lhe plug draws nearer his
backbone, so does he become keener
intellectually; our salvation lies in
empty stomachs.
The trade unionist, would feel -sore
toward the man who scabbed on tho
job whilst a strike for reforms was in
progress. Our lecturer would broadly
smile and tell him how silly he waa
for being sore at the scab, In fact, in
some scientific circles scabbing was
condoned. Wo of the non-sclentlilc
turn of mind were ridiculed for thinking horo, would any good accrue from
"boring from within" tattles, wo wero
told It was absolutely unsound procedure, Tho thine to do was, stay outtslcle
thoso reactionary organizations—allegedly dead—and build up a strong
political organization entirely independent of the economic organization.
Instead of strklng on the Job, wo muat
strike Intelligently, by using our vote
ln the ballot box. This wan In con-
trad 1*1: taction to another brand of
soap-boxer, the I.W.W. who would not
havo their names on Iho voters IM.
They nald "tako tho axo to their bal.
lot box.
Ono of the duties of tho O'llri'in-
Hawlhoruwaitho. McGinnis. William*
school was, to hnvo as many comradem
na possible aworn Into authority an
cojumlmdoners   for  taking  alildavlU.
Said  commlHslonors  and  their  hah*.
males In turn diligently scour'd the
I camps  In  order that  overy  eligible
{worker  might be placed upon the vol.
j ers list,    Aliens were advised to bo
\etmie   muuralizt'd,   tliorehy   mi cm tug
I franchise.   All this so that tho polltl.
i cai   til>;!iiiu**ilu>ii   HUH"'   ■"'   nll'triirfili.
I eiied,   Itcjft'i'Hentatlv'i'H wliem-wr pm-
Let us now see where our scieiuillc
lecturers of twelve to live or six years
are this past few years. We discover
an absolute reversal of policy. Boring
from within, wliy, yes to bo sure, nowhere and everywhere where the ;:-riv.
liege'of the lloor could le obtained cm-
ergtwhile , very-much-aloof cxpoit mu
was to bo found an active niomlKT cf
craft, industrial or any economic move,
ment. •■Wo note that offices wliich
were now cherished by ineh who had
told us, wo had reached the ;;en::h of
International Board
Member Attacks The
One Big Union
Robt. Livett, International Board Member, District 18, United Mine Workers of America, Explains his Posl.
tion and Reasons for Opposing the
So-called "One Big Union."
Calgary, Alta., April :ird, 1919*
Dear Sir and Brother:
,   In taking the stand of opposing the
so-called "One Big .Union" movement,
,,    , . . as launched at the Western Confer.
our power and outlived onr usetumess j ence ot Labor, held in Calgary recem-
many years past.   Tho^utt-^rat piiil., jy, jet me distinctly state tliat I am
osophy, of the plifg having to uave his . ,10(. opposed to Industrial unionism,-or
the ideals and aims of labor iw set
forth at the conference. I have been
a member of the greaetost industrial
labor organization on this canilln.'iit
for many years, therefore could jiot
logically oppose any rejl or sincere
movement that had for its object the
consolidation of ail labor foree.-s.
I am setting forth some of my reasons for opposing this 'so.called* "One
Big Union" movement, which, while it
Frank Wheatley And O4B. U.
stomach clamor foi proxim-ty ,10 his
backbone'in order that his wits mi;;ht
be sharpened was dropped. Kvidjntly
our new office holders—not seekers
—feared they might he told that ex.
ample was better than precept, ancl
not being desirous of owning emaciated carcasses.the old theory-is dropped.!
We find the men who formerly condoned scabbing, administering as!
beautiful a lin£   of   epitaphs to   this!
creature as he was wont to adminis. j may acompijSi,. a certain amount of
ter to the trade unionists of bygone good in arousing the membershio a-id
days who'complained of the scab. impressing upon our international t.f-
Today having men in .parliament is flcial^ llle ner*essitv of broadening
nonsensical procedure, our emanciija.. u,pir views p.wm certainly never KUC.
tion can only come through the   Oue 1 ceed in   uniting labor    jn    Western
Big Union.":
Phenomenal times and conditions
unquestionably warrant close study
in order that v;e may definitely determine the course to pursue. I have
in mind, that our advocates of the
O.B.U. who today "are decrying pres.
ont organizations, stating how rotten
and corrupt they are, will be in the not
very distant future, again attacking
the then existing form of organization, whether economic, political or
When, the Western conference met
Canada under "One Big Union.'
1. I regard it as tho acme of ab.
surdity to talk of "One Big 'Union"
with a secession of our international
2. , I cannot regard the present,
movement as anything morn r.lian a
most, deliberate attempt at DISI'N.'OX,
and at a time when every 'nerve'ami
effort, should .bo extended to consolidate our forces; You will notice that
practically no machinery has been
created to. carry out the so.called
"One Big Union" beyond tiro "Central
Editor, District Ledger:— \
Seeing your reference lo myself in
your editorial of April -ith, in wh>h
'you state I am against the ,)n<; Um
Union, and at which you are uot sur-
prised, allow me to say, that. I h-ul
not expected such a compliment irom
you. Mr. Editor. --Goldsmith, the po-t,
said of his father,
"Kor all he.did he had a rea.;o:i,
And for everyone, a wurd in ;><■;'..
i regret, that the close proximit .■ of
our wage agreements pn-JuiJe man-.
matters tliat 1 would like u touch up-
compliment, .Mr. Editor:
"Consistency, thou art a jev.t'. "
N'o'.-, there is not thc same feeling to.
ward the International Unions of oth.
er trades as it is possible -to have with
j ours;  and knowing tliis, i am doubtful if >ou can get a favorable vote for
j breaking away;   another  bad   feature
j is the fact that no plan of organiza-
] tion has been outlined for the guid.
'mite of an)one    And  while thu substance  is not  all  'Ae would like,  the
shadow i.s not very tempting bait.    I
v;.s    abli' 10    ;u». ml    the    iir;-.t day
of  the   Confi rt nc e,  and   I   asked   for
on, so will deal with the .ni'.A;-.'. u, "uj-sueh a plan, this was to havo been
general way. 1 have noticf-d ho.\■■ver,'1 brought--in by the Committee, but I
during   the   lii   years  of  my   ss - >«-:.i-' fall lo liml It.
tion with District IS. thai some Mi.-hj     ;i -u \v , .* Oat .' v.,mid like to point
out to our membership, that those who
trouble ;js this coined along wimu wo
are about to negotiate -wage-, seal.;,,
and the one feature that h.i-s sa\ed ii
is the fact that we are an industrial
Uniou; .miners, blacksmiths, machin.
ists, engineers, teamsters, laborers,
etc.; all make one big union. That is
why wo miners are a progressive power in the Trade Union moum-eni, con
ha\ e chargo of affaire at present havo
ki'.M in jjv com'trjied witb political
action in tho past than industrial notion, Por j cars I have llateno'l to them
denounce <mr industrial method,!,
point inj; out that cur salvation lay in
politic ai act i.m. Why this change of
rout?    Jii.-.t   this.   Mr.   Kdiior,   these
soquently 1 am an ardent uipporter of j ,„..,-;,!,. recognizing the changing order
in Calgary J made'the position very' Com,mirlec"of five, the ."ollreiion of a
clear as to the: purport of said confer-!- !n'r ('°'!l- l!"r c:a»:i.i from tho varum*
ence. .Vo one could deny tho correct.! '"n-ons, and Vic (akin-; of what is
ness ot my siatenieniH. The W'o-iTer;, term* i* a "r< t'eiir* '.ruin 1-alhn."
coiift-rence was promulgated with a I ■■• The method of taking this ballot
vit-.v,- 10 launching a progressive pol-'and the absolute ;iov.v-rs ajv»;t il\i
'.i.y for the Dominion Trades Con- i "Central Committee" in counth;; and
girss and after having launched tho I tabulating sam" arc something that
policy giving it the best possible"liUb.j Unds uo parallel ;n the annals of his-
a view to its adoption at : toi"v or intlu'-trial unionism.
Utliwing that by i ■   -■    Sn far as I ant sibb; to gather this
Industrial Unionism
But let us get back to the Issue of
the One Big Unftm, as presented to
us through the Western Conference,
and to do so, 1 will refer you to my
visit to the Trades and Labor Con.
gress and later to a letter of miiu- to
The Ledger showing the necessity of
the Western provinces getting together as an industrial unit to bring about
those things whi.eb. we wore unabK'
to. obtain by ■ our "affiliation with ibe
The Alberta Federation 01 Labor, in
suport of this idea, have outlined ;■.
plan whereby a central committee
shall be responsible for, the gcn-T.*]
conduct of symp.K!K'tii; strike-i ia Alberta; and as one of the Coinnilitc
on the calling of the Western Comer,
ence, I had in mind that wc might
i.;:tii:i'' a plan that v. oui.! provide for
similar action on broader liins *o cov-
<-r   the   four   western   provinc-v,   and
lie ity with
the next Congress
v<»ntioi\.  vo  could  in  tliis
man;.   lOasiorn   delegat
make the injur} ot jr.e the eenccrn o
;'.e.t  lei us se-?  what i'-iW t'litliusia.-.
tic 7i-herin.: in.ally    niicrod1 u.;.
comprises two cpiestions lhat we
asked to voto on:
The breaking aw:i>  from our inter,
national  unions   and  the   fi-hour   d
outlining   .mr   programme t "Central  L'ommittee-'  canmanipnlatei      . liV(,.(,.n: v-.fH>k afu,r ilunft lsti       ' I tae hed as a
and the quickened industrial spirit,
' that   prevails   amongst   the   working
cias.-, lime packed the ret ent labor
; convention^ for the purple of ftir.
1 thering thrnr political aspirations,
1 and I feel that they are not sincere.
1 Tako the six-hour clay proposition,
! wh'ch wc have fa wired and had in
I our constitution for }ears and whlcn
iwe aro abou' to accomplish ri spile
I of th'ir ff.nn-T pro-estiuions. In talk.
I ing '() the r-'jircsi i>tative« of iS,\^ Cen-
;tral Committee from Alberi;., ne .i'.r.
j o.l it w;^ not the,: f-luiion nf any trou.
jblc: it would merely tend 'o rducao
1 the workers to a realization of thoir
1 ;io*--ifion in socii!>   -it is merely a ntiit.
ter ot propaganda }<m sei; alter ill
I    I want to  say  to our membership.
1 that   1   believe   w>   :i!is!l   aceomph *'i
1 much in the near future by lh'.- miss
1 ai.-ltr.n  of the    I'sdu-strbl  I'niouist of
j this continent, but 1 warn you against
■ tin se   slippery   politicia.is,   a>id   -.hjj
i new move i^ dominated by them nnd
^.'consistent  witli  all  other p,;-;t;< iavn,
i'i" ithey aro je.st niuddlin'; thiii.'.js u;>.      I
1 believe-   tin-  eonser\at;\f!  dement     of
I Trade unionists will oppo*-! it, x<* it is
{too vague, and lo peopl". liko oiirs-l-'cs*
lit should have had a pr;!!'■;':in:.  :it-
n alternate   o the Ono i>im
;irv I
tire- Cc)llrl"i"TTO_voTp-sn-ns -m-crenTn"7i TnTrjonty
way have! minority;  which it regards ns oxped
agreu   with  lent,
our point of view and thereby enhance
the possibility of building up a more
I virile Congress.
When   presiding
ovor   the   caucus
',. That we have nnt exhausted the
possibilities of international iudustri.
a! unlonii-m. nnd that all future organization-, wbcther conceived in ("anada
J t
Licence No. 10-1770
HigL C\k£t Day and Night Cat a in ConuecUou
Suropwui and Aratnctn S»ias.        8ee Ui for Iptdal Rat«
[f j-slble were t'lectot! t'i p-<rl! inuuir, not
-& j merely for tlio ptirpo»o of cnunrlatlug
!#,' our vlewn ntt the lloor of the houi,M.
I* 1 but   nlMt   that   tho   mcniber  elc»ci<>,l
ti: j might utiHzc all poanlblv ?par<   'line
li*] i In tourltiK the country H|>»v.'»illit« the
gospel of produc ticin f:ir ti ;e pot prntlt.
Hero I would Interject, I am convinced
tlmt tho iivcrvveliitlng majority of tin?
workers who clo a Utile studying, ln.«.
Hove in the Hle-.m:       I'r. inc-fl' n for
me,  not   fyr  proltt.    I'nfortuu.utdy,
bowover. th" method of obtainttiK nwiio-
or the ta-tlcn to be r-miitoy-)-'!! in mrr-
throwing tlic» »y*»«in hn* crt>tH<*d un.
told dloHcntlfin within our rank*.   Our
illUlll'.i ■<;•   <il»Jt*v!   i»   Utt*   Mull,   b.iJ    >i«.
niH>nr.*»nMy in«l"t on trnvi'HIriP! differ-
♦mi roaclrt to rt'«« l» «ur goal.
Tht'ro w«* n wtntlon of this workern
wl)<i. whll'i! ti(»-ridfn*Ktl) clt'icudiiii', lhe
IHiiH.ijiU-a of Ti'«hI« Ciiloriimn, nnd hop.
Ing to hnvo fhem Htendlly Increnie !n
{Kiwer- If only a* a weapon of (l«fctt»n
.-■-n-hrt ni-tn firtlCnt'rt'l O win *. *nit w.l'«"
tu baM
I*,* 1
re|»r«>ici»ntativeii of tha work me
v »»*.vt it,  ititiut   ,(t  ,it*i,ta*te...i» uv un,,. i
that the demand's might be put for
ward In tmrllamfrtit bv our ac< r>ditctl
ri'iirt«H«'iii.«<tki'», ruUit-r ihmt It) annujl
pIlRrifnatren of labor delegation* to Urn
Dominion  or Provincial parliament*.
uieetiiiB which'decided to brin^ abou! i or tho St-ilos.  must bo Intenntional
the Western conference I very dofm. Iin character and scope- not nation-
Holy stati cl that no secessionist move- al.
ment was conlcw.plated nnd my •'., Thnt absolutely 'no solid or losi.
statement was accepted by all pies- cal argument, has ever beon adduced
ent. To my mind we should have to prove the effectiveness of the In-
worked along the following lines:— ternational union. All arguments
Carried into effect the avowed intent have been directed at the officialdom
of the Queboc caucus. Gone to the of same. And It is neither stranse nor
next congress and put forward our woiidrous that tho officials (or "Con-
programme. With the sentiment as trnl Committee") of th? so.called
we liml it. In somo of the large Eastern ."One Tlir? Union" aro already receiv-
Induatrial centres, we could have rea. ins their share of critlesm.
sonably well expected to have carried 7. That Industrial TradcH Unionism
n very progrensive constructive policy must first start with the organization
through the Hamilton convention. Wc of the various crafts and trades In
would not have sat Idly by. but havo each Industry,
petitioned all our International Unions s. The "One Rig Union" movement
to take up for consideration and act- is not now; it hns been trlod on this
Ion the policy outlined. Let us as. continent before, and failed. It Is at
surne that our policy had contained present In force in Australia, ancl I
such essentials as a six-hour day, have yet to discover fancVtho Austral-
substantial wago Increases and Na. jnn worker, too) lhat It has secured
tlonallzatlon of essential Industries for him "tho full product of his toll,"
and transportation systems. With 0r even n greater share thnn his Cnn.
such a policy I could hope for marked a,nnn brother enjoys, Further, It
changes speedily taking place. But would be well to remember that Aus-
I sincerely cjuosilou tho merit of tralla has no Unltod States adjoining
comparatively speaking—■?» handful of 0. Thnt the nutocrntlc dictatorship
mm on this side of an Imaginary H""- relo-eated to thnt body known as Iho
ndvislnB that wo secede from our In- "Control Committee" l» »»(,lt that they
ternational Unions and form the O.n.U. mnv mvor be called to account for
ancl strike on June 1st, tor tho six. tv„,jr actions funds spent or ballots
hour day.   I favor (ho maintenance of Mubmittod,
our International Unions and an active | rj0 1)0| wish to mnko nny pors-mil
campaign for ulhllatlons of as many altn(>i{ Upf,n tho Individuals comprii*-
Internationa! Unions as possible Into !ns! *|j„, "Ontrn! Commltteo" or tho:■••
cunimcts such as we Hnd existing with wj,0 display ho much zeal tn promoi,
the "Triple Alliance" In Britain. No |,,K this movement, but most nf thee
one can deny but what they have Ju- mel, („„tn quite recently) reirnrdod
illclcusly tind constructively wielded t|,0 tri„|(, „„(„„ movement nnd ind'::-
their eeonomlenl and political stren«th trial nnlon movement ns icomethln;? vo
to the decided Milvnntiige of the work. (mUfom'ed nnd obioilt-to rhnt tbc-v re.
er. The Snnkoy nwiird would li« un- nerved tlieir niost srathtng snrcnsni to
thln'.ablc without the "Tr|j>l«" AMI- condemn If Tl-cy n^ver necleetrd an
rter." '.te! H-j tl-'tlnl'e <|i>mnnds nnd Ms r,n*i>orto«ltv to nloi-e and dl«cr<.<!it
strike vet" endorslnit snid demands. I tiV attlcSaN of tuiv trado firgnnlzntl-.n.
Tlereforo, I idi.cerely believe tbat theXVhlli< lionoKtv and slnet-rlty tbey n\
work't;*   of   (!'•■'   American   continent j j-anb-d ;i« mo isokIi *^e'i*linent 'Uld tiniv
wu-ilil  be  wo'.l  ,o!\i..ed   If tliey  1 mil*, j K.eiiwi ,>\,-, pi,  i.t tH.ir,.-..,   when  tbm.
lnted the example net forth by oiir!fr„n,| th,.m-e|veH Involved. Aft'-r
r.rhlHlt c'l'ir-iidu'. j vcir:'. nf tln'sc tactics w find litem eu:
To the niiner.'i of t'nnada ospeclally, 1 \n H-)Ve die worker Ihroucjh tin1 nn-iti
I would say you are Hl-a<lvised In se. ,1m of "One Hie? 1'nion," re.adv to tt*'-.*-
eedlnt; from yonr Internntloiinl t'nlnn j Hn- fine's nf i|if*> unions in prop""at'
if thi-1 tini.'.   Onr l,n'*l>h,nt. with t.ur! u.,-!r el.-wh.
Actlnj.'.S.'erc'ars   I* now  <-n  rmite toi    ! nm of ili-n opinion thnl  the hist
Kurope.    Tl. r    b"   -wil   ninl.r   with j ihlni; tlie*   wp-h t-i d" f. ■" form ;-n*
Hniiiln- iimi t-ili.    Iil'or !.'.itl'-r*    1 5 ■•■•■k ' nni-.n, h.n :l».tt 'It*', d" ->    " *','■■'""'
for the reh;tbllltitHc>ii of tho World'* | h'-p*' tn ilUni|>t our present on-.m!/:'
MililH"   C'efitsl'tu'i■,     which     If     neco'n. : !|,it-;t   di■«rtir»t   'Hot   (le-Toe   Iti Lire   tlif"*
;>'!,*hed wcuild tonn it ^ptt'CHlnl lj.is" or 1 Hon lo tin* I'mii.ttt oe.ot'1 uh: •«»•■>
-tnr.in*.; i-.o;*; fi.i tio, r. Imibltiin of ','., ', 1.,:, Unii!." 1''.n eM :■:•- "r ' "• A'''
Interti'iMoiinli*. A:c I'rcNidcnt Hiiyc.*. j e-ophv of tlio <lirm»lif! 'Ihei nm
natcl  recently  "No  IcuKtie  ot   n»»lon» jdjtion*   inii-st  be  loud'-   *vor>.e   hi >»r<'
(■Ull CUluji.ir.'  v.ilil il t'e,ili>  ! ill!    re !''a. i ;l,i*v i;.ll he made be*<.r"^
glie ol  liilmr." 1     I'.Tixituillv    I   bavo   .ii!n<ii:i*    ..■•*.■
I, thi'ref.,re, rcii'-l "if ; < «-(•■. J-lif ! :' *i. *io -,* In Hie .•••orin'.n»en-e >>f 'be
jiripaRand.i.   I *HII ndh^ro to my f.'Sth  uorlo'c, who will not 1»» stamticde-il pi
t.      <l *'.  ,,     1     lit,,    r><... ■  •  »*.*  11   .   .     1,.   li , „l»i -*.      ,ln.i 11     lift     **>*S«lf>V'      lf"»Vit»f*
stt»,id of th* new fiiimlod panicca. tho ■ hinifodf at ih    iii<n'. „i !<ie «.cotio..;
Otie   i.ti   I ;oon,      -.-.i:   U-t>««   m.l   .(if   iM j ft .im'MU.     ..tie.t      >i
ti.ofl.tl.tif.?> i-l \ir„i',r'*.ni .iini lurMculiir, jh'.-n-i
iV nlentt broad Intemntlonnl iinm In-1
ntdm onr prepeitt orRiint/stions.   Onr
name one lhat
It is common knowledge how your
!0!T policy committee told the inter
na'.icnal ollicers to keep their r.t,:-t :■
out of our affairs; it is a matter of
rec-ord that ninny of us foii'/ht hard
against reconciliation of the two hod
les at the 11)18 Convention, where jnat-
'ers were finally cleared up tend cr.ir
afiiliatious again renewed, Ihis j-cntl.
ment wns agaiti predmuinant at our
recent convention in Calgary, ami any
feature of co-operation with our International Union in attaining our ends
was readily approved by all delegates
and when I suggested that we go
ahead ou our own and make an auree.
ment, they preferred rather to stay
with the International policy. It was
from this Convention that I received
my instructions*n» one of iho present
policy committee, nnd am going to
stay with them till asked to clo otherwise, that is why I appreciate your
TUTnn-;—roi- Triinr-
i thnt this scheme will nol -matur--, w.;
find ourselves on record v.i ndoislng
tlio rotten officialdom of our por capi.
ta 1\"1 international officers, a"d '-heir
ardi-traitor tlompcrs, who hy their
cunning methods arc wilholdlng tho
two million of our workers from pr.i.
-rr-s, and mass action, and on tho
other band, wn havo about thirty thousand trying to do what the two million
should do, and w<\ who have been
building the movement for years aro
anxious lhat we lw not crushed be.
tween thn upper and neither mill-
■■tumps. This H my "tand, sir, and 1 do
not have to go back to the pick and
shovel to advocate it. I have not left,
the pick and if anyone wants to get mo
further back than that, they have got
to go some, and I beg to remain,
Yours, for Industrial Unity,
Fernie Sporting Notes
Th" foot brill boys withered together
on Tucuday last, our old time football
star. Mr. Wilson, was placed in the
chair ancl the foHowing ollicers were
Honorary rresidciit: W. H. Wilson;
Honorary Vlccl'rosittci.ts, .Major -Moffatt, A. Watson. Uev. lUitxold, II. Mar.
tin, Tom Cttmu.li, ;i. Iiei't'liuier, I).
Cutllleld iCuiil Crecki a ml V. F- Law-
son. The president* was led ov«-r, to
b*  appointed   b,.   Hi<   executive,    A.
Campbell   WHS  elerled  bveretary.triHl.'-
"iiii-. ii. i ivt.il.. '..,.,. i.r.Ttutcd !.u csil
Illl   executive   lilf'tllig   tor   In Xt   Til«v-
,1   *    ..* ,>*,.     1   ■'    ■'    ' ' '    '     **'■   1     t    ,
U.*,*   *..^tlv ».l.   *'•   *.,.*»*.. *     *•"' .*    *    ■   •-    1 ,
8 o'clock, to draw mi u schedule ana
to iisK uny cbP) uf .my io i.ocintion to
hi nil    lili-ir   tit I".,:,,..: >   lit   HI"   lil'-liHh
><i as tu (tiller tls-ii' ie»uns 10 the 1 ■'«>
'Inert'' were r' jir* ■"■ni;t*)ve■• iftiin (it *
There is to be a practico of the
K.A.A.C. football players at 2:30 on
Sunday afternoon al the golf links.
All players wishing to play for tho
t'.A.A.C. are asked on time.
Tnm had bin stick handleri. out l<i*t
Sunday morning and all the boys are
beginning to Ret their wind now and
in a fow weeks will all be going stronK.
Kvcn the pop' editor was out with
stick find found out that, n lacrosse
stick in sonic.whni. harder than his
head as lie «ot 'iim tho way of some.
one « slick and has beta KportliiK a
bl.ek.eve fnr a v.'ck,
The 'p. p" editor likes Ihe spirit of
the Fertile; boys.    Two Iim rosse boy*
!'»'*'•»> end if
n hour liter w
:!:tt*-.v the!;- :->,
liM.c and half
... .. _■  tj   ■   ,   :*.*:.*   '"    ■»
•lu-'t keep that Hpirit
; world will aH be ItA.-ty,
,.l uij,       1, .. lull       .It I" Si      'i\.
'1 practice and thinks that th
I their
•re seen
liny!., nnd (hn
ItiercHH" players are ^.bo; to *hw
il'indt  tt'-m thi'* ><'nr.
v n tinker
teamsters, Coal Crook nn*1 F.A.A.c
.*! !     C
lid li
Ins' lie
1; W.V
UtH  '-bou
Tin. 1
,.,..*., r
vie ;i
ful'  ;*(ill;t    r  a!
"fit.*   '|1«'4»"  e*
Iillb'   li'.Ot   mi
|.ttbll;',h   xalin
I Jl*
il .t ;
11 *   .'
1  1,..
■.un In.j.1
V I 11 nm
.1 piiiifl:
•;i'u; to.
nil   t !-•'
;t   i:',e
fk  fonttinll  j>!:i;vtr«
itiitti *■  (.*•:
!7th.  to  '
to   MIl-pl-,
Co- <*
•U, I'
art- to
.  Vs.rll
'1 with
h 't
II iiil-ll!. 1 ■■*■
I'lMitball lh'., -
• ,,r Mill ;ino«-'*'
•>t.!l...l!   (.1 d    -,'■
if   H-h»   io   tlv
*:!,  !i< *
:       I   *
in '■
It    »-   .:|t*
1..-I,  fl
\\* ml,, r
■ti .(•
Oiiilp .'
,l<«i roil.,. ■
.   i .''IV
'■.-I   thi'i
:t ti .(■»■■»:■
(tiff,'   ;, ill
nil /Hlin-
wIttR». Industrial and politic*!. Thc
*rtt»r htlti thl* vl*w in 1907, In lOtT.
[and hold* it todny.
H'tumlnK to onr tW»7 to 1913 ielen.
#2,00 jwr month providm yon »win«t any aceident inil
•very ni^ktiCTHi, nnd poyn %4HM 0 month from th# doy you oro
lakl »|».
rarii-nlaini from
B«nkof HudHraBldf. Ftrntt,B 0
ClaioM promjUly adjvwttd from thi* offlee
I itm a worker a «-oal nr-lro-r: 1
hav« worked' bnttde iwiny of the men
In thl* lHHtrlet, and ein do i»o uuufn.
....I am  not  a  sllf i '•tiiiiii'-d  or;>(->r
t,l  >t«ttA*^tt tntHt*-g--Ok*Hei'". .***. i.t.,,,,, ,*i.t,
1 am as ulnren* in my efforts f»»r l»lH»r
7*n the promoter* nf *h'- «o.r-*ll<*-1
"One Ilk T'nlon." 1 hnvo pin ceil mv
replication In th^ htindts of the Kko<m-
tlv<» Hoard nnd f nm wit to -eombat
tbl« "One Hl« Disruption" tm>vetn*t|.n?
anil detttt the effort* of wtaln li*dl-
. idiliiU   *hn  no-Hi  •'.<■*. ■ VliiU',  it   Ui   !    ■
onlv drawtmck, tm tht
we li.'ive always had wl'h nu: dl«itm-e.
w-ttt  •»•*   »-»  til'    tUU»v imtlKIl   tdl ,»;...
I tonnot help but thii k of what wonderful profre«» rotiM havo been made
hacl the parties who are today cUmounc-
.,„    , ,. ,   .       Int «ho vatrlonci Intomntlonal oftlwrn
tlflc hNtaivni. whra they worked »t H|»mM the mm Pnf.m. fn „„ en#
tftelr trado If th»y were memb*r» of .drtvor to notour/ our prewnt organ!*
the onion, thajf were generally in ono »tlon«; and almullanaonaly ombarklnit
or t'lM enu'c."'. .•ttft'.'r drnp*:. «tu"-! pa;   iHHo,..,^i,i,-*in, *l;h»m .-*..li t,tn*nUt*.
ing non-«ttend«nt» at meetingi or at.; tion for the thing* thtt wo bellev* we I troy onr or**n!*iitifui
tfncllnir   with   n   view   of  rrltlelrtnir'*«»-> foe-),. #tn*»ffVd tn !*** nhtt**, or.. • nn** .-nrrttrtn*. r-t hir■»=.•>,
overy move matt* hy thote who <v>n-fpn*siWi» of nrrornpllnhmenl. Unit to von and yonm.
ueientlonMy b*lleverl In their onion, of. |    \n con^ntion I may *tat« I am not    r   Vonr» fwtemnllv.
tMitlmM   adding  enrni  ar  vitrtotte • «,i,t to fight th# On*» nig i'nlon    !' nonr UVCTT
ahatM at t. tpeeltl MMwIng. j hart* n^ngnlted for  nomo time   Pbm I I.M.H.. Mai H. V MW. of A
Thare were men In tho««t itaya who,ibut tho workinii els** eannot >w«i»tii i
folly r«coaniM<l Iho futility of aspect.< by ptttfmrm ihwrlrlng or nhiimNtphH-\
ing   tba   woDomic   orsanltauon—a*; mf, hat txnie to pro™ th« otlllty or bolldlng op.   I <"omm««rt for yoar eon
tbcti furtucd   Uu.iWtttt* tte coauut   |rtiUi# ml »ny *'>»n Vtmy**x by *.,i*\    "
f(r!lk?*,?,tt^?^,it,.i*1 *'S i1*'; oMponoooo or In othar word*, irylag
tho*«r>it fn mhrt tfld torno "ti.irtng tho thing out
£2"-?ll5*5iLf,,*-2ft25alf* *** St?.'M5 »,0**»w. «>•'«"• dwroytat your
UL"!L« ,h* *w*h« ***** ptiatalipwgaw ttraetotv, whlei ha* m*.nt
organtcatkni. | tae|, nn,oM WIT«Hng and taerlfiea la
9  9*
11*1  Mn OT''TM^ ^T   rttrr»ir  t»r*r-m-rM
i •  »     ..JO'     W i - ,1  -   ■      9*<   1    ,      < .   I,*   I..'  . ,  i 1   4„ ■     „   .^ .     9    .    .; 9 i..
€ Auditorium Theatre,Cranbrook,B.C.
The Event of The Season
Tickets:- $2.00 per person    Refreshments
»UU>f»>)MO.> *>Ij-» > »i»'.wli.«ta*s> \iStt*.***** *..
th* VM.ll, an unggmtH herein a*
•r,«Uut tl-e tiroponed (IMV. •
(la careful laat yoo aturaU lo..**. hold '
of ih»- *nb«ianc« In reaching oat for,
the ihadow. I
i»avb nnm.
1 tckcts may be had from L. P. Sullivan
at Thc District Ledger Office, Fernie
«V«v«V'*«,wiiKVV«iVt»v«,*M''M*y I4'-' - PAGE TWO
Lack of space ihis week prevents us
from making some comments on the
contributions we have in this -assue
of The District Ledger .from International Board Member Levitt, International Organizer Dave Rees and Dis.
trict Board Member Frank Wheatley.
All three of these mnn are opposed to
the ONE BIG UNION idea and each I is
of influenza. Mr. Hawkey's estate
was valued at 40 millions, half of
which goes to his nephew, Thomas
Austin, a boy of 16 who was adopted
by Mr. Yawkey in September 20th
last. Mr. Yawkey's widow received
half of the estate md $750,000 in cash,
"to relieve any possible embarrassment or inconvenience."
Thomas Austin was not-born with
a silver sppon in his mouth, but at
16 he has it, gold washed anjl studded
with jewels. Twenty million dollars
worth cf the United States belongs
to Thomas Austin—because he was
adopted by Wm. 11. Yawkey.
Hereafter, in addition to the "normal" increase in value of these oil
and timber lands, Thomas Austin will
probably have an income of around
$20,000 "a week—a million a year. Me
a  boy.    He has  never  produced
attacks from a different angle. All
three are thoroughly familiar with conditions in-District 18 aud their opinions will be read with interest no
matter whether all of our readers ap.'
prove or disapprove of their conclusions.
The ONE BIG UNION is not going to
be formed without a struggle. It has
a formidable array of opposition but
so far as we have been able to discover the .great majority of the rank
and file In District 18 will vote "YES"
on the cjueiitlon: "Are you In favor of
severing your, affiliation with your
present International Craft and becom.
ing part of One Big Industrial Organization of all workers?" That is the
w*y tlie question on the ballot will
read. ■     *    '
We want all our readers to read
what. MoBsrs. Rees, Livett and Wheat-
ley have written and to use the Dis.
trict Ledger either to approve or disapprove of their policy. The only time
we will use our blue pencil will he
when we read any uncalled for personal abuse. Let us have full and free
discussion. As we stated last week
the ONE BIG UNION has the everlast.
ing truth upon Its side and we iw-sd
not fear the final outcome.
 O-T*^ : !	
Tlie Honorable Senator Robertson,
minister of labor In Canada, is a
little premature' in announcing lhat
he will not recognize the 0.\1<J BIG
UNION. He has not yet been asked
to rocoKnfro it: in* fact there is yet no
hti-li titiioti. The referendum vote
in res.u'd to the withdrawal from the
so.crlled international unions hns not
yet beeu taken and upon' it's result
will depend whether or not the ONK
■mu UNION will come into being. If
ih • vol.' is a small one it is not likely
that the proposed organization will be'
proceeded with tut. should it prove to
hi- a :ar;e vote and show that a snfTi-
citiiit number of. the worker^ are alive
to" the necessity -for a more eliici'-jiit.
lone cf uri^-uiixalion, provisions have
hn:!, mad.'; by tiie Calgary conference
lor iho calling together of a convention
for tie purposes of orsaiuiatibn.
If the vote in favor of seceding from
the intoi'-uatioiial craft organisations
I1? nut l*ir.*;e enough "to justify the go-
in-: [iSiif-.'-tl .with the buUduur up ..of
ONK BIG UNION Senator  Uobenson
""ire'einraTiyno worries auu-jt.- ntuiim.
tie;;." if, on the'other-hand,'thare *ift a
mimif.-st desire expressed by the rank
and file of the workers to i;et together
in nich a way that they will not be
weakened by the craft divisions at
present existing then the ONI0,BIG
UNION need have no w6rry auoat Senator Itobertscin's recognition. Such
au crgat Nation would have to Ir.- "re-
cog-aisod" whothor,,Senator Uo'oerU'in
appro-mi cr disapproved oi it,
wealth to any degree, yet as he en.
ters into life he is met by an income
of $20,000 a week. Whether he is sick
or wen; whether he studies or idles;
whether he keeps the law or breaks
it, he will have an income of a million a year.
.How is this possible?
It is possible because we are living
under a system that permits one man
(or boyl who happens to own the
machinery with which wealth is pro.
dueed. to say to those who work with
the machinery.—"You work and toll
and earn bread, ancl I'll eat it."
A silver spoon? Hardly! Rather
is it a black.jack by the use of which
the owner takes from the worker a
part of the produce of hia labor. The
system of economic brigandage under which lhe black-jacking is done
Is called "capitalism," a word which
will some day stand-in history for the
same thing that Feudalism represents
today.—Scott Xearinfc.
 o—— :
Hercules Powder earned ■$2,3Jii.,(>03'
In 1918. This was the sum remaining
after the deduction of all charges and
of taxes amounting to $;l t'92,000 The
company subscribed for S.i.SyO'OOO in
Liberty Bonds. The report notes fur.
ther that all of the war plants of'the
company have been written down on
the books at a nominal value; that tho
excess working capital and other
funds are being liquidate I and that
the Company has set aside a ''sub.
siantinl amount" for 'the investigation and development of new lines ol
work. In other words, the nook,
keepers have done everyun'ng known
ta bookkeeping science, to safeguard
and protect the investments in Hercules Powder.
The Hercules Powder Co., was incorporated in October, 1H12. The following year its net earnings were a
million dollars... The net earnings for
10H' were a million ami a quarter;
for 191.",*'$4,8Sfl,102; for 1916. $16,638,-
87?. and for 191", $7,092,862. These
figures aro uot illuminating. They
siWplv tell what was left over aftor
the bookkeepers had finished taking
care of the Company's property.
Holders of,stock of the Hercules'
Powder Co. have made money during
the past four years—made it out of
Iho desolation of homes and the st>UI-
in.' if HnnVnn btbrid.    If    war is hell
Policy Committee Waits
On Mp. Armstrong's
Calgary, April 10.—The policy committee of District IS, U. M. W. of A.,
met the Operators on the 9tb instant
but owing to the eight hour law gov.
erning outside employees iu British
Columbia coming into effect on April
first, no agreement was reached. The
conference was adjourned pending application to the Director of Coal Operations to revoke Order No. 123, which
order reduces the wages of the men
porportionate" to the number of hours
worked. The order has been definite,
ly rejected by the district officers and
their action has been endorsed by the
policy committee. The policy committee will be reconvened on receipt of
CMr. Armstrong's decision as to tho
revoking of Order No. 123.
Will meet regularly
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting members
,  cordially welcome.
Pennington, Alfred Baker,
C C. ' K. It. S.
Men should stay away from
Brule owing to lack of sleeping
accommodation, hotel and bunk
houses being over-crowded. Notice will be given when things get
A. McFegan,
Secretary Local Union No. 1054
Letters to the Editor
what word describes war profiteering:
—Scott Nearing.
To "The District Ledger": —
In your issue of April 4th, 1919, you
rant and rave about British Fair Play
and Dritlsh Justlco, and you handle
the G.W.V.A. of Cranbrook very gently, reauesUng them for their side of
the story.; This British Fair Play and
Justice you have not extended to the
poor conductor. You abuse him with,
out consideration and for no reason.
We are deeply grateful to you for your
mean insinuations and the very kind
advice in regard to spotters and others.
Xow for my side of the story: I sim.
ply requested Air. McKenzie, in a very
gentlemanly way, not'to do auy busi.
ness or soliciting on the train as it is
against C.P.R. Co. rules and regulations. Mr. McKenzie complied with
my request.
This statement is for the information of my miner and lumberjack
friends, I am uow and have been for
the last 28 years a member of a labor
union. -„
Yours Very Truly,
P.O. Box 215, Cranbrook, CC.
NOTH—AVe gladly give space , to
Conductor Jackson's side of the story.
It is possible that McKenzie was a
little nervous after his experiences aud
may have thought the conductor's ord.
ers rather harsh. It is' pleasing to see
that Conductor Jackson believes in
carrying out the rules of the company
and "hereafter we hope he will warn
all insurance and ether solicitors that
they must not "peddle their dope" on
his "train. He should uot confine his
attention to a poor working plug of a
lumberjack who is only doing his best
to ef!jaiil?.c"hi*3 fellow .workers so that
thpir^conditions mav  be ■improved.—-
PP-P-Ppvpp-p&^pfrp <a-
♦ * .: ♦
♦ ' .    MICHEL NOTES ♦
♦ ■: -.'.' p*
P-P-PuP P--P-P p. P ippp. p p.
A meeting'of tho Michel Footballers
was held in the .Michel opera house
on Sunday, April 6th, wiih a good
crowd present. It was decided to
circularize the various football clubs,
also Secretary J. Carter, of Wayne,
with the object of getting the organization formed at once. It was further
decided to run a dance on April 25th,
tickets lo be $1.00 per couple, the pro.
ceeds to be devoted to the benefit of
th9 club, when wo expect to receive
all the financial assistance which is
necessary to place the club on a firm
■Work at the mines here Is gradually
getting less as the days roll by. If
this continues it may be logical to
say, and expect, the eats to get less.
However, keep smiling until our face
hurts, then what?
The loggers of (Michel are still idle,
in an attempt to force recognition of
the eight hour law for Outside labor,
which the Coal Company here does
nqt seem willing to grant the men.
Some act, eh? No one seems to
know who it applies too, according to
the company. It only covers about a
dozen men, and those whom tt does
apply to must suffer a reduction in
wages proportionate to the decrease
in the hours of labor. It lias been
stated'on several occasion* chat o
B. C. politicians were br^lner and
further advanced in wjrking-'fcluss Interests than any of the other pn>v.
inces, but tho companies in this part
of the bush say they are not am? we
a.aree with them cm the point: "Why
The  eamp of JPocah.pntas    requires the services    of a doctor
For further particulars write,
Local Union. No. 3170, U. M. W
of A.
Miners are hereby notified   to
stay away from   Greenhill Mine,
Blairmore, Alta.,    un til further
Many niiners on the spare link.
Secretary 2163,
Blprmore, AHa.
Pyorrhoea That
Dread Disease of the
Teeth Can Be Cured
We beg to advise all men to
stay away from Nordegg, Alberta,
as the mines are overcrowded.
Secretary Nordegg   Local Union,
25-9i    No. 1087, U. M, W. of A.
PROPERLY speaking Pyorr-
hoea is not a disease of the
teeth but of the spongy tissues surrounding the roots of the teeth.
If taken in its early stages rt can
be cured. If left unattended to its
certain final result is the low ol I
the teeth affected. And this dread
disease, only too common—is a
deadly menace to health. For a
life time we have specialiied in
the treatment of this malady. If
jour gums are soft, receed- and
bleed easily you have all signs of Pyorrhoea and shoukfoon-
sult us without delay.
20 Per Cent. Off Our Regular Prices This Month
Lethbridge Office: The Ott Block   V
Calgary Office: 115a 8th Avenue East
Edmonton Office: 3 Cristall Block
Tin' Calgary Herald recently repro.
(hied   an   article   from   the   London
v;;u<-.; in regard to the "inlijuiUo?;" of
(.!'. ■. |::e::>*'iit day ttussiant
iiit'i-ii.'  t.i   women.    The
Ahout two-fifths of the money
spent by the' ordinary ivaRO.earner's
family soos for food, which is the
"big necessary" of life. During 20
>e.u.s, food prices have heen -steadily
The "Arinaiist"  (Xow    Yorlc)  pul>
Frank Yates tind /Miss Alice Wad-
uingron were united in the holy bond
of matrimony on Thursday last. Quite
a tew moro to follow according to
report. Nothing.else for it. it was
quite a, fashionable wedding, a host of
friends being present to see that
there waa no mistake made. Congratulations and the best wishes of all
friends were extended to the bride,
groom'ancl bride-eleet
Drs. Garner   and   Asselstine have
Editor, '
To The District,.Ledger: —
Please allow me a small Corner in
your moKt valuable paper in answer to
that resolution by the organized rail-
nad employees of -CranhrecU, I would
like to know if the member who drew
up the .resolution'. eoudenminiK ihe one,
hJ(? union knows what he is saying, or
if he in really a.wage slave. There is
no paper in this country..or in any
other that could convince me that the
idles an index number of food prices, j man thai wrote it is a working man,
itgTOEnvsTim-niiremyioyeesj ol -iuiuuui iu
come »to Michel twice a week, until
such time as there i.s another doctor
secured. The Michel Local Union is
advertising for a doctor and we trust
in the near future the doctors trouble
will be no mere.   (1 wonder),
Eggs for hatching fjrom matings of
pure white, large bone, finely shaped
birds at from $2.00 to°$3.0G per sitting.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
C. GILLETT       Box 501, Fertile, B. C.
Pedigreed, bred to lay. First and
second hen; first and second pullet;
first, second and third cockerel; see.
ond cock; first and special utility pen
at Fernie Poultry Show. Eggs, ?2.00
per sitting. Duck Eggs for sitting.
Fifteen pound Flemish Giant Buck for
stud, .".■"'.
F. STREET, Hand Avenue,
Tony Der ico
Communicate At Once With
908 McLeod Building', Edmonton, Alta.
'"T-cnmwiij nTyr* ■
euvorins 25 articles selected and arranged to represent an average family
budgol. Tho index number for JS'JO
wnn !m».2.".2; for lSUti, 80.0M; for 191*1,
11(1.0-0'.); for .March 8, 101 it. 2S7..JCI.
in their ro-h'h:i! nu;'iii.. thai, the prices of food in
article  wi-w! March   1010  were  twice    what  they
wiiM.t   jv.copled   and   hundreds
Hi ".c uid.i of peoplt* led to believe
in«?; revolting cliu^ea against thes;.*
\\h!.  lir*   iiwicr  tho  i-ovic. form   ui
In Justice to ilK! Canary Herald wo
mii.i ni'aii- Ihat.to a e-'iusiderahle ex-
Uriit that paper li.ct admiUed 1'iat t'torc
were many dlser-.--pariciesr.ln the Btory
w1i!ct1 p-..i ■:■]!,i. , r *\ in !.: ;•,! Norlh,
t'llffe's p:ijit;r.   Lord Vortheli'T's Ihr.u
cla! cr.miccilon wiiii lUm,l.\ r, adilv «'x. I raise prices.
ofi*.-..'re iri If,!*!.*, nnd over three and    a
llu.. | half times! what they were In lKtni.
v.'Ui.i! will thin thin;? stop? Thero
i; ty, I. 'Mux. l^ronomisi.-i announce
thai we arc Ui ior an "upward price
movement," As yet, the end Is not
'» .-lulil. a
The Increase In  prices dtir'.ns i:e
past four yearn was abnormal,     War
,. :;»:!:.:• ;■)' ! the v;rf>t  S-siiO'! ol" pajf.r
.niir.uic;: and Ifi.nd!*!) were lioutiii   to
liut It Is the work of the wasc slaves
etesay, The railroad employees have
always been one of tho jjreatost ene.
mles the striker 1ms had to deal with.
In their selfish wny, ihey havo even
icabbei! on their fellow wor'."r. nl-
w'avs to ho IhoiiKht ii lot ef by hia ev.
ploitors. . Hut now that, thf Mmo hss
comn to throw' off the shueklen wliich
they have riveted on n;, nnd the end of
; in very U In
v ith tlicin    A in
-:;\i{, he I;' Jorli- to pari
wh.it'u-r tho few oi
l   ll:e   Silii
arc:;  lhat
o'l   v.. •!! .
the j i
! .:' lu..
lli..    iXU IfUr,
ri.'-.-r'niiMi:   v.l^cji
mines, Iho for.'st ■. tin- oil v..:!!-., ■„, i! prices
all tt'.)ii*r natural resources belong io; valor,',
the peoplo and ''.iuiif>i* ho i'v(iloit";| l.y j huii*-** :■
■ *':iU*r lioiiK- or fineij^ii cajiital for pro-
in   (H*»  C't1"'irv   M.'i'-'l I   *.i'   Ti'""d;i;,
i.lpl»!;sr»i the    folic,,.Ti;;;
A.   Ifernld   ti.nv.-'M,,,,*.* ht,   ,'t'tnl-(   a
"- tVil'
;   iva;j
'*!   '■•■  V
s over;  wat
i.s arc   df. \i,
leii.ifiu:-, Ir.r
you In Cranbrook resent lhe resolu-
ilon ps"-nd af l'"' i "ivfiitSoii or not
vou will have to put up wiih it If not
;*•:, v-ii| ,,„!! -,iy jj„, ..mv* rt'iu'* ')•; your
Capita!!:'!'' fvl-nd i'V
voars i'!ro av.' Ilia! !'* t
thoy calle;'! cn;v;!:r'r»Hc
r.itli'i.'aiii .-. i-f ('*.*'lia'u;
ve;:   |e,,'i'.h'T  and  ht:
h  :-.\\- f,.M,-.-..'
v, »H'\
ur v
..* 1:1-. V"'! i ■'■•■'
r. \t<->. Ihlt e!i|!>
:?.   So you few
,!i  |ill!l   wur..-..d.
men for once
re. n.
'!•' Yi?Ai't-f!I..KY
!t is reported that the'miners, of
Michel wiil now have an absolute
slr.jrle Hbift. Sevc-ml men w5)o were
working double shift in narrow work
are being sent, on the morning shift
steady. Many a boss has often -said
that the beet information often came
t'rcni the worUlns plus. Apparently
the pustKcstlon of Binglo shift, is now
heinf? admitted by the Coal Company
<<s a real money maker. Oh you work-
ins plus. »lo«e it usjiiln. 'bnt tho other
fellow didn't even thank ub yet.
■S.ira Hall in now in Calgary in boa.*
pltal under the care of Dr. tfpankey
for ncse, ear and head trouble. Having
cum', il-rouith hiri operation we trust
lie will soon ho home, cured of hia
- w^si"Terme7~Brv7
■3333M£:5Ji&pr.£&tE r&JW-S'-i!W&W3i«!Tl^SJ&TCF
Sole Agent for the Pass for
g Lethbridge Brewery Products i
Tomkins' strain.     At Fernie show
won best male, second pullet, flrat pen
and best display eggs.    Two dollars
and live dollars por fifteen.
ALEX. AITKEN, ,.      Box f.*2
West Fernie, B. C.
Best Wholesale Prices to Mui Trade
Top-Notch Prices Paid for 1 Littles
E. PICK, "The Bottle King"
The Alkrtii Hotel Ulairmore. Alberta
copy of Thn Iti!«|i<tndeiit. n
publication, with Ihe repio-
fit  Vor!,
that we
reprint an urtlde from it   hv  .'er■•!!■"
!.::•»'.*, of the   !!|tej',nit!nai,i   V.M.C, \„
'Mnn  t!"h'  en  lft|.--*'l- "     'l'»i,.
ha Bload on ihe Coal
Of lite
to r.-tfutr. tt--. f»
Tl'-e 'l r<»ct*""t
Ml *'*>i*'|, Wl»!i  re.;ri:.c|. |n tho lliiltoptili/.
ntlo'i of wiini.."U In the rlVj uf rt-im'iov
bf tbt* fi'ovlci, B')verin,'-iit there.
h'r,   I ht iin   *■,!., i,  ifl   iii  itrttele,   tli:;'
lt't wiw hi th" eltv c-f Hftniitra. not fir
fff.m Sarflov. rliortly arior the tii--.
j ii"!!»'» f|"Rref« vn* po'-tted In Hie httt-r
«ity. and mnde It hbi lutufiica-i t-,i tail;
If*   1':  .   Iff*..r-i   ff  f»,:»    Aicifrhlrtl    (*ll|l>,
in .'U-.itVit,i, tjii ll»« Hubjeo:.    T•!«'>' nol ■
.Sf-nitiit.it  Hi.ii hi: .- fifvir '
';-.'.    : ■ r (iroj»i»*i.'d Midi u I
•ta <•■!   ■ hit I   (It)*; h,vl  hl'flj!
,-r>'i-n inti'tn it»it;'!Roni«tlr S
nly  V, ht.  i, i r,.   i1„i,|„   *,H   I.t-,
-r to iiisf-r-ut  them.    The;
v.*.h- -.ii\\... :  .y, ;.| t,,,,. «+» opinirot.
immit  tm   fnrth«r  Inveu'lpriMon   and
i|fMr«l»ent« fit record wn Uv h'm ln
tro still at the top notch.    HI--!
im liiir.itin;; v/lth r.n.in; wan-I
i :i aie vtciir!  *..';(h I'tioii;  i.ieti(L> i Kiinlu't'
land  meals products   arc h.*.ap*d up,,1
; ,\ :iit inn lor <-u.?;omerii, lint  the pric,-;*
'do not com" down.    Why?    Boc-iiuse i   '*n
! big  business, which  practically  con.     1
; trek- s !!'pl>. Is going lo bold prices at
, tl:clr . prc-icot   level     until   the   plain
; people of this country h.iv« «p«,r.t the      l.„i"'.':;u,    !n   :i  rciuavUnlilo    arUclc
isui'plua that thay have bid by out of  ,„;<|vr i|1H ,.:piiy,)( "The Idood on   Um
' their war wagci.     When the people   ',-,•■•-," v,   ;■;   >•]-,*(*,*.*.rv., jn th    ii-eru!
jean no longer buy, pricsr. will comcj|(l  \i,u-,h i;,, r.'p.'i'tx Iho liialhiKH   of
i rlnv>'M. * ",'*    •■'        ill    , . '      I'.l* *      '      '*..|    '  ,   ,|:i...
'iho economic* wilt amno laat iwii;-jp}^ RJrtl ()1 (,,„ M,.(t,.|«. jH comaincd ia
ContribH't ionsTo
; Tke O. B. U,
.The District Ledser'B Victory Bond
for lhe OXl'l IM! UNION is being well
suliHcribod. We have advices from
Secretary V". it. .Midgely, Labor Tem.
pie, Vancouver, that every mall is
brlnshiK in tl.'ppiiurn-from Tlie District
Ledger aocoinpanled by cnith. Tho Hrnf
to como in was $8,00 from A. Elcho, of
i'ti'iiti! and tin a camo tho following
u iih one dollar or more each:
KKitxn.:,  nc,-—John  Hoist™,  kh
ll:.rdy, *
There mny be nn Interff-tlnK.lnterna-
tlori'il fi'erlo over tins firis rase which
rccen'iv went tln-oaeh the eourta.   It j
will be'recalled thnt Murine l-rhi died!
on .Itvnuar.v 1 aw', lot'i a I'lHc d«ti!dtn*ri
of i'ct*,v"'*'n i-i>: end   hcvt'ii yi.nrfi    in
Ittity    irefom he did. In the pronev.ee i
of Mr. and Mrs. Ha runs oi the U. X.'
Hold,   Marino  CrLt    Instrttctfid    ni»'|
brother Silvio that  ce wanted lilm toi
'nol'. after whnt inon-y he had, a mat.'
ter of $'*Sl80.i-fi and »ee thnt  it  wan
properly taken ciirt^ of for his little , fc ,
«™?»Zr. »ln]ffiSK! Tcuy Kurplk. Httne Rlchel, Harry Ur..
Three hundred and twenty ucre;:-
wiihin one and a half miles of the
Station of Lundbreck; all fenced and
Improved with n cosey nnd comfortable house and ope of tho flneat barns
in tho district; an ideal barn for dairy
purposes, tho lirst Ktory being .nil
utone and cement; the second atory all
liirished ln grain bins and mow,-*; un
nbuiKlance of water, in nprlnsB and
running streanw.
There are hen housos, two nure.s'os
and other buildings. The implemviut^
ou iliU pluco uro worth nta.iy ii:» »nuch
as we are asking for the Kiui-ch, ,<oveii
ihonannd dnllnrs on easy t-Tini, Thin
a ronl ilnlry ranch and lld.'i U   un
linSBnALK. AUa-Krank Rtreekor.i ,x,n)ti()IUli upiM)rtunUy for a ma-i who
li. I'ubRTtti, A. Kormendy. '
KUMOXTOX, Alta.—K.   Mnyfraldt.
CAlUUFi',     Altu..—Miko     AtovouB,
I'aul  Kuwluh,  Mike Jnewlekl,   Ubrlc
fa«,utli, Wm, Cliurlio, Frank l'olS:;<t,
Kaitplk,   Mike   Woltomanick,
understands tlie dairy biiiine-
A. M. DBNSMOlli:
:!2-:iI Lundbreck, Alberta.
:d it bond of three then«"»!«! ilol-;.'
,„i„ ... ,,m,iv fnr; >:tjk, Cornclul ■Hartommkl, A. Zwndttk,
■rnlo to aI*»"^1J"J | Mlko Seimk, Joo Seuuli, P. Kiwhnwn.
- con'roi ovtr • -imply lc liiipo-.slhle,
I  ;,.,  „ ,..* i^;,»   jj  ,.. \nt .-     Tin* Vo»n:iu
ttarlui will ohj«.v. tint :u(h a m:Iiciii»
will re-nit In •.utYcniiK and tk-.iMi for
j* nn ine!.'-.     i   it"-iw'>-r   th'tt   mil'- r'n;t
.tiktt   iiiJ,4;.   il.t'tt.   ,-.(*l(i<.|ll   lit.ill  .illlrtt:..
t'i ji.titnd in Up   way of prohU.     Tin
atl'mt't'^ i r.\ in' ihai the .\tti<'i'>;ut
l» (i).lo will not iifitid f'.r I'ticli un oni*
rni'i... I hopi* iM>t cut, wo iniiitt v.at?
ii «<l nt'*'.
lhe  li.ts nji.l.a.H  J...ru il-.iJ'li?-.;
■   1 , !,' *       '   , ;,*.,.,.-,-*
,*,   ...   j    ,*    *.l   •'.   .,..n   l.,t,   ..,...*>.*,».,.,.  il. 3.
ttry of KivjLiiol will Ihi cUat!;..",l J.»r*
i«ver by tlio dh»i'lo«'.jrtn nia<l« iK-'.ore
tin* ('•..'.! Ct.i.iiui.*. i»ni, V*>'hui.»»'.<r ovil
ihtiiKH wore I'.oec tn the name of pro-
In rn and cam» to 1
upp<11H^,?1\^Sfm?ulSSd«tntwi<'«''» Mw«wn. WU tlnbne. John Mar
found that the «llei«l i In I Intralw,;;,     |ti>fn. w,ih|,   S()n>), (.,w,       A,PX
yr, 1 cwt,. ) a,   »•«*-'•>   ; ^" l   *,^ \ vbubm, John Stillnycli, Sam 8hku«han,
iiilnlslnulon ti«P-.M thrmiKh «h*'"'W oi, v[!     -n,vm^   p., ,,».-„  r'tr-rl-ii    «'un
,,„,,,.,„,, ,-,.»,f*.   •;-;^;'J:;''-' ^,-;;^;l Kiii'tilk. II. I, noarxue, Jitlluw fllaek.
took th"> mattir up im M.irnio w.i.i «<,a.,
For Bale
nf \** ttvmbcrft ft id ih<-y wanted to
anve th« perrcntaBf that wmiid x'.n «."
tho'otlle'.al »ulmlnl*trat«r bo thnt the
i'.implctc nnionnt    wonld reach    the
hi!-       Th- •""■'• '*'' "t Into court nnd
S KHXIt-;, U.C.—Mr*. Farnor, Chan. \
i itticr, ,1. \s. Aniulti, .1. K. »Sit:»t'ii»i.       (
<'A!tHO.NI»ALK, Altn.—1*. Sudworth.)
.1. Chatnbern. M. tJ. MeAdsuni. .1. Hor-! tTiiii
M.in.   1>.   KoRcrn.   T,    l^-tttle,   W,|     ''
i ■
l.u*. I,. 1
< b
• Itl't
*. lm!
*,! I.*.
• T'sv*
Ford low it new ld*>«.   lit* l.« ph\h*s
jilt In tlif tnhiliiK ludusirj ilurim: th,
jwiir, ii.i.i Juicro it. it ii-- uuihitiiinbi"
uivt; tli.y t'tiu in- dupe with impmiit.*
.'I'ff.'.iit. V.'i* half now leaiHt at wi.at
j i . t,:'. !n Hfo ;*.:;! I.i In. r tl,**. i-oul in udX
jir>*:;i s*:t* I'uno, It the miiiit.owners
H'.ii'"' "it1 I* tfo'tr c;iii;»:il, Uie mfiit'i'.i
lii.i-.«- :M*ok ih.. r iivt-t., ') titct' iti'-n art
j ». i.i-.l i.j (tie h.iiic lor tii rj, d.iy in \lu
|,*«ar. ,\ HUnl of the ininisM nn* in-
' Jur..il cf-cry   yur iiiu.---  <ir  !"-**   >'*r
hi'r'iil' ••M't*"'    I !>'*?•" S* bliMMl tin nil !;»«» eoal
! , _ '.. - t< (•  horn.
Thvj*-- i-t eiorc tinn hUtory In l!i<«
■Hvi Jii'Iki' d«-t lii«"l In favor of the offl. j Wrteht J, Aiklnnon. tl. Stephenson, M.
tdii|'ndm!nl«»rater.   Tlv I'umplel" pro-  Fairhurist.
.I'diutfi* have boun tditci'd before tinn
MulUn RovernuK it :r.\ Marino OrU j
>ti.i« ;,« ituliun rulijce-, hit two broth-,
,r* biir.C !niinritllf«-t t'auttdlnttn. In. ,
tcreitftn*. «l.'Vfl<'i»ni** nt» arc expected.   ;
Olmerver.    :
on *
tll'll   1!
til vo
lt fft*     on-'i'M'' it|ttt»,  an
<'.r ft r workor.;.     -Tl.o. t.t.,"
way*    rc-rd. "will «'.mp- lo   with    !ht .  ».*,.,
ntnH rnlltvAv.**! r.VtKT   than with th->! * r':il    ' eiinitl-o-ion.      fhw  lt» In    It
tif-t I*'*-"•.! i-' ,*r *'   Mr i'or.1 In- !'•"" ]n\ ■ ''•*'■*m* «< thr- tntfiwut, lb«
to thi» d-i-eiiiionlivih.. n-inii Knp'rpim.|'»'•'*''•«■  <!ranu ,«f a million men  who!
■S"»»ttrtrwlUii5*tlikl»con»|i*l*l.Uattiiiu,isV,"»l't "" lllU''1 »l ^ ltv*,,A^,il ^i
tribal it Hi millioiitt o< arcumtilnneii pro. M»k W**   »«»*«« *''•«» one   from   ih«,
... *      ,-t  lur     At»»t ti.itn.a*:tn  VI   100     tm,
United Church •»rv<et»/*-H*V- «'•
llatK'ld,   l*n««or.    Hitnday, April
■stt'itnv'*'*.  , •♦-«'*' «•>*•»»».  'in?*.'--»."*
,ij iv,"   "■"() pm
•Th«« aivlntr** nl th<»
Hi'Kiiia, April IS.—The, wr-stern i
P'stnl worker*' union hae heen sid)
\|s .' thai .!. 11. l.i'*\U, *ho Wi** re (
lettlly reli»»«'«l {inder hnbe«t» corpnt
proeetMllnnn nfter belnn sentenced to!
Htrto >our« itiipMKoiuiii'iit. nml n Hue;
of isriMi for havliiK forbidden books in;
n.»tiM.. i;.mii one   from
.-*.»■•»■-'--"«• -*• «,»,.-«.*—. ,..*.*...»,*. >_•
|"f  t*   t*t ■***   ♦'■f.-rt1*  <!\i*''-.t   •*■<*<]  t'tfim ' l™l
Thtt ww eompnnv will be owned | *"*H •«»«■ >'s «>». he *»«* **•» •»,,tnrt ln*
fitr.-iy  within oar family, nnrt lliit* j "<►*»«»« ***'»»«»«•"   t    ,   - ,w ,„»^.i
i.rriH*;' i* th.. l»n»fu»Ke of Ihe   nn-1f««J«rattoc, nxahen Wh# following taMll
i».'t*.tm.   3:.vi l»n»- tlibtiau School and, t||„ ,HMS„t-»jon wi,t|,. he mn* n railway
lUlliht OI*»it.    A Rpcflal welcome Id, m^\ ,,|,.r|(,   han been   r-e.lnnat-tMl by
wh„(fJ vb I'oM and nir.iti(?en«. , ;hi.s Buvcrnnutil lu the imnlnl ■hervlie.
lhal (ho Hiijoliii tn.Stihcu^i* nr*
etxt«* of tli" ivt'f i"it|-/.|i!i,ii ,.(■ v,
on the «>on'ri»rv, ih-jttr tt**re<*n r.*\e wo.
**•** f.t'^t.*,- ..■■.- -* ■*■■ i*   . i*     *
bftfore i«nJlov«i» In ihttf «^»n«tr* t
A« ttW tnotnn li.tc* .t,it.i iitttttro, liifj
ittily Mii> <'<ri*l/t ib-i.'K jj'toiit ih- .»>t'ii'*-,
tion In ltu<»fi>. it» the inf-nrmail^n I
« raw to n* hv tmhle, Mier, anrt word j
Of mouth ta that *omftwber#. aomebow, J nmt^f;.^r,;tt '7vnMir^ilT«n\n Kwtww!p«""'*» "P0" *'p- 81<M*«»bo
li-onwmnft  In dtdnn. rum* trt*m Iwi^i „n *..-», 'vr^,rl*\n^ ",,,*,  *.* .,„,,„   ,., s* A   "Wht^e h* nwtwh* tx tn en it lh* tn-
m.»mU ^^* *»-.-*»***»« i»t, w»» iti«»>t,i. u . ti., h„ut on j,ts ft_._ ^-.-i,. nr, naji,,, artimtate tntlilona *|»o«i*t throiiffn btm.
in iW» ««mt l»io*. hn. rom«* to pretty l ,.,„„,, (or „nn fottUld^ |Btl!,Sr»iir« " *BK*r tine* in joar thw*t at tin hor.
mm* lh«! nam* mntlnnim.  III* fad*., J |S„ jM f)tH ,olr,ra^ ,mii',-Amertetlnee mT ol P*""*'* ""^w"1^ •»* <*» •u*m*
of reward unpaid.   Ile laitata not oa
with nbutii 'Ml acre*.
iialuijil nieaiittfv.   Alittul
f lUOO ncj'iw t>Hjit'ciull#v luinpti'ti   to
j       taitic ijratiKi'K.   eimly elottre<l,
|       tni(l imt be   irriffutftl; iiever
tailing eiei'K, mnl rntieii bor-
tlt-TH oti  bir-no    inkf;    Hnuill
,uiili!iiij»'«'.  vailronil  m«(.>trnt<l:
on {»lfu-o; pliiily   of mit*nit]«*
ivititff.   I'rifi' *|il,(¥l |M'f iteri"
lprma ttrrtiMtfi'tl,
m'H, ('i.mtiiii'k,
K. A. Htm-*
V. V,   29.41;
Great Clearing Sale
~^'*wapi4r,^i^!8f' ^|"^"'jft
la Mial »h*r»« I« pmlwWf nw>n» frw lore j ruU,r    Sjr   Fori, u |||# |J(|wt d#g
• ftidant of tb*** V.nrepeart nat^mtB
llo propose* to bnlld an   Inda*irf In
whlrb 1h*rt> will h* no lni*rf*r*it*t>   *
,na iitu frum lh* *lut\ihitld*rn.
Tb# w«rl»>ni in tb* ford plant hat*
ut.i «« >itt until nt rf .ml.   in<-> n* vi
and f#wer fo«*ed m*rrlti(te-i than form
nth nnder ftol»bevlW rule. And be
«fi4t fcla alati»ni«nt nn lb« Wnaalan "«.
nation EtjiYrriH* *lth 1\'****** word*.
"W# 4a not Iblnb thai anvbodf ean toll.
•flit,*   twrtttf   th**,*    f»tt*»fl,   h-f-tlO't*    ,ft
tbla ■ma*-—•« |K»T*)»n* Jn all mt"«-
trwtli It w*t aloinilir but pbirtl.  Wliti
•w* bar* tmmo dmfat! In te ntb*r on
nnrb tneta nn we *nn tind *nd wlot
tbo» Irmtn «o*k to week. It tbo 1**>*
Oo wt ft tMwtbor it ■• oot mor ttOlt."
,-■ -■ ■■"#■ ■■ -■ "■
not *\tti aak«d for n mitt, in deciding
tbo condition* fnimontiiriit tbi>lr own
u-orbluc Hi'***.   Tbat, nt mune, wtmU
b* lloUlevltm    Th*». tno, It wonlr*
iwiatitntt' *n nnwarranted Interference
'«1tfc tbo -Pmd family euterptVie*. Kr tm
mtoerllr ntttfbht*ld*r* 1th* etmr n*1n-
tion ot the roodroB boiires-i world) ar
raok outaMora to lodo«tri#» ep«f»tod
ISariT tn Wat**, WlUlatn II. V*v . U;,d«.r tbo Ford Wen.
key **! Htm Pen*, motor of v*t«*w#i    uipp %tV. «nltr»t««*l.    Hold    b*
tm aM l»w»*r loo*i. moat «f w*»eb Tto| gtato, It l« I."—I«tt NaorlWC-
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tho profit or ton of high waioa, bat
on tb* abanto ot not paying thon; not
on tbo wlndom or unwladom nf good
rendition*, l«t on tbo ctrftno of not
conceding tbem. He doe« not artiuo.
bo atatoa, ond oaeb aUtanwni atobt
i.9* *. »-..i'U ,.-*>-.ut. IU a*'*,* uo uicrc;
am atmwn mine. I Iblnk bin eyes have
al*av» iwforo tbom tbo aordtd ll^oo
ui hian-lirtkUtiii taitor of ibo»e »»*
In tba dark underground who fcreatho
tbo ftjotld atr In wbleb bowoa moy
tmt 11** *«.! »#« WW*."
From ib# r*mrd* prodtmt boforo
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tbe war wire three tlmo* aa groat aa
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tbem, tn «»U. tbo not pro«t had b#on
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Garden Tools
Teteher of
Piano and OigtB
Thoory, Harmony, Counterpoint.
f*rp-.>(iiittlo»i ,\uw oonfinixl to turrajaO
lanii-s unlj.
IJt-f'irti*' vlll ha grantwd oorerlna onlr
usini tiuititliiB for iiKricuittiral purpoaoa
ami wliich l« non-tiiuln>i- Innd.
J'iiriinTBhiit |iio-einiiiitiii8 abolished,
bm t,iii'ii**!< of rot muit tjian four may
itrn.ngt. fur tuljaeftiit; in-.t-eminloiiH, wttb
Joint rt<t."ideric«, but fsuch uiHKtng rt«ce»-
tiwry iini i-ovomoiitii on rns|»*cUva clalrnn.
lrt'-*-'m|>tor;i must, fr'-cupy ctitlmni for
H\f -yt-iim nnd niako imorovainanta to
v;i»m< of pt) ikt ,i<;rt>, t;s: ludiiif cloarlng
rti'l t'li'.thwlon of at U-a-st 5 ucre«, l>«-
ttTr  ivcMvltiB  Crown  Qt'Ullt.
NVliin.' |)i't'-fni|ittii In occupation not
li'ws tJinii I', ypuiti. mul liuw mndn propor-
Hoiinto lir.iiitivotueiitK, ho may, becaufa
of iit-ht'.ih'ii nr txhi-r cmiK*, lie grautei)
ti.i.rnu-itliittt ot-nirti'iite of lnijirovetnent
r.i") tr;»i>sfcr Mh iilnim.
I'.»ttif<i!t wiUiotit |tt'rm%iit>nt raal*d«mi»
niH.v.ttM i*.MH"t itnividoii ttmiliciaut mnkea
i:tiiii*ti'ir,#ti't>i lo exioni m WD per nn-
num nuil rwHiiitu wiitif fuch yew. Fait*
iii'.- in iiviitu iinprovtmieitfi or rw'firtt
nm'** 'fill fiierntf nn forftlture. Tltla
cuiii'ifi l.v iibtiiir.i-il vn ilitt.u Llalni-s In
I**- t»itti> :, yenrs. witli Impi'ivvumenti of
il-) pir tifT*!, fiH*lw<l»]i« »*' lirrta «l«ar«d
ami cuittvnipil, am! rtwtdenrti of at
le;«ttt  ; yt.'U'H,
l,rt.<'ini>it.r hotttSttB frown Urant may
nvnrt itintili.-r prn-omiitlon, If h» ra»
oiiiri"* tiuul In <Hiiiji>n*pUon with l»i»
f'TM. t,M|>t.iii ncttiiti nt'i-iipHtlftn, pro-
vuittt ftiitutorv lin|tn>v*»ni»iiia mad* and
r»' ilfiii'.' nialntuinnl on Crown griiutod
tni;i. ,
l';-.i.i,i-u-y<'-tt rrfiii, nut •S(»w#rtlf'i* 20
»t»rt i, isi.iv In? Ii'iiiti>d H« pnm-UHlt-Mlt
iimi ia In. t.|>!i,i'.ctl itl't<<r fuinuinil r«»»-
d."it   I   <'"t Imprtni-ivit   t conditions
I'.-l' .Mi'.i't' ,i'id iiiitti-.*i!!ii punio-i*M.
tu..>fi i-S' vnttvB tint ittTtK may ua ftnuiiia
l.y  I'M- (.* (■*'■'« t,r r,>tii|'»iny.
-•* I   ..'.'.,'1-.,..,   St.S.i.  C.lANTi ACT.
Tic  M-tiiic nf  ;|hn At l   lit t'lillirBCil to
.i • **'!*' .,'.f itt>.ttnt *it»;ti.fia .uul nerving
«'ti(. W- }' •-.,•*-,'.«• i-'....(.,..« Th* llm#
wiiiiin vhit'ii Ui.t iit*'r« »r itttkvtmtaa n( a
dft ciiHtii fri'-t u,|,t..r muy apply tw
Uil.» uifl i- iHtx ,*\>n It <M«ii,tl,-it from
ni . ■ *vn licnn Mm. •)• it*.h t'tf ft-wrll prfttm,
■■»•' i -iMit-i'iy, ii'tii ■>*,* )...■,- nltar 'He
•etti-.-'ii.M. n rf ih.*) \,r*tnn.t. war. Thia
prtvii, f,.> i'i ~nii tii.'idi*. t'.<tr>titeilvi».
ACT. *
I'n.vijiltiti t» nitittt fur Ut»» grant te
j'.,-|-...<.s    ),<>,.|lf»     UM'-.>i.i|.ttf|<«|    Acraa*.
iii" it** <!■ l'i,,. 'ittt' fn in tin- I'riiwn «>f
i.ut h ;.r„|t..rti..;i dt «iu> bind. If divUittl*.
■h i»it p8.iiiii.iiT-. iilrtMily mid« wtll
f'-iv-f in 14'", <.»,i,>!i i ihe "Jittt »irn.« tit
t: » ■H,***,, v j, :.,' x , ,,T tai'tt* p-H-Mwa
l.i.Kiina tiM'ii Ai.uti i, t,i* may grnap
ttmir mt. i. -t" tml ii|iply f..r a prttiwr-
Tioimut H'.ioin.pt-i lointiv If It lit n»t
*.'.,,.iSf i*n\ .*.,».».«»*«» !•» l.».ii« nm lamt
rn*-* r tX hv tut «ti|*ttiratt*tti fr*r a pmnn-r.
Tlti>,,ttf   Bl»*Htti"'.l.   mtl   TtttiTlWHlt   llf   UtHt
ol tH|i»m ■ntiit* **iatt*d fr»m availaM*
i,'n*»ii lattdii J ii   iii#   htt:aiuy m*» lm
nuittf. Th»»» a!ttilm*itiltt <i«t rr.t tilinnul
utwti laviiutil nt all t*s.-» .1-nt in*
(,.'r<iMti ur tt> iiiiy, mtiTiiciiiKiiir. 'fh#
ratlin nf p<tr»«»ns« in whtmi ttm pur.
ct>M,r»t tt'utvi llw ii'vi.'tivi tm mnta**li %m
nalt »re at«» prmtctrd.   rtte tit* tntm et
\t1t*.l9***r rt Ttnit^ .„ ,.,*„.*,,M  tr.    -
All at cut prices
The Untitle Company
- ,*it rtr rt, ,v* *
*i*r> Xtlp.tttw "rt t ****t**
tmtjmtmtii "■ a t*i*v*imtm*.* allMMtnl
X* ntisT ft I* ittr,. f'«r »r>«Vl'if ;.-in*-(--i
tmt i»r ih«*j itito-uiMnu ta itmitaO ta
ih* IM 4»y c»f Jlajr. J5HI. Am *d*dkm-
Iton mala aftar fhla data wtp imt bo
mmaamatiam. THwitt* »lt*.»itniitii**»m* *ai}ly ito-
Mwa mi ano land* of lb* Crown aaii
MjmMIs auction
fw lamtnatlen »rp<y tn any
Pal OanwiMixiii Aw**i mr %»
Wm. Robson
nmnuot ahd kxtbsior
by tho toy
Solicitor for Dfitttel 18, U. It
W. of A.
MarTVmaM Wtwlr
Bttnftwt, WW,
•* <t
'% I
>   A et^^tnmL*^ ■aS-j^omn^itfr^'sie^si
13)648 RiCf BURROWS
Copyright WU tyWG Cinp
let theni diift "«tn mnl tur week"
Itit- boil I hnd bt. tn tn-.--eil belpltssly
about aii thii wbvfs. 1 lie supplies soon
pave eat. Tlie rlirco sailors Who bad
■jpiiii-iyliti.,tln.'iii -succumbed .tu tbirst
mid hunger' nad tilsci been Len veil overboard.    Non
Irirrcd  i
:  in  the i
Tliey wore reduced to the
ily und death would have eome aa a
welcome relief from the tortures the;
endured. Of the three other boata
there had been Bo .sign.
The week following the tiiductlop oi
Tarzan Into the kiugsbip of the Wszlri
was eceapled in escorting, tiie BJanyn-
ema mt tke Aral) raiders lo the north;
era boundary of Waziri In accordance
with the promise whleb 'Tarzan had
made theui! Before he left them be
«aeted a pledge from them tbat they
would ast lead any eipeditions against
the WUzhi in tbe future, nor was It a
diflk-ult promise to obtain. They bad
bud suSrient experience with the
figiitias toetics of the new Waziri cBiet
out to hare the sll allies t desire to aether [winlory force with-,
ivies ut his domain.
train <'oiwiien<:ed making preparations for lending an expedition i» search of ib-n ruined city of gold
wlilc-b o-i Wuziri had ile.~i.-rilied to him.
lie seleclitl fifty or [he sturdiest warriors of Us tribe, rboosing oaly men
who sweated uiuioiis tn acconoauy him
..n the iirduous; inarch am! share the
dangers-of a new :ii,d bu»tile wimpy.
The fahtiltms ivealtli of the Tabled
cil.v had keen aintosi constantly iu UiS
mini! si*te  Waziri  nuit  rt'i-oNnied  the
tonMaeranie encou raiment ina un.
lui, ou Parana •< part lu fir t'l tut tbe
btuks from abandoning the venture
un the spot and hastening b icL icruss
the valley tonnrd tin. cliffs, thev bad
-.culpa the d jy before Bnt it length
bv dint of com ma nils and threats (but
he would enter tbe city alone, thev
agreed tu accompany bim
For fifteen mi notes, they marched
ilnng tbe face of tbe wall before they
•flisiovered a me-ims of ingress Thtn
thev came to a narrow cleft about
twentv Intbes wide Within a fiisbt
nf concrete -.teps worn hollow bv i^q
juries of use. rose before tbem to dis-
Poonie upon him. But again silence
reigned escept for the faint suggestion
uf the wind, of naked feet morin-;
steolthllv in nearby places.
'J ben   Tarzan wheeled and pans
into tbe depths of tbe. temple. m
room to room he went until he ca
oue Jl nblch n rude barred duo
btuod aud as be pot bis sh
agiinat it to push it in again the
of warning rang ont almost besld im
it was evident that he was being
ed to refrjln frooi desecrating thl
ticular room    Or eould it be tbat
School Attendance
tppear at i sbnrp turnin.
of the pai
it anj  rate, tbe very fact tha
-.am? * few virds ahetd.
stroma.'    invisible  goanliun*  of
weird place had some reason for
ins  wai    turning his ea
it •vboiilders
ing   bim   itot  to enter  teis  parti
.idewirt that lbev iui-.Ul
< nier  it all
chamber was sudlcient to treblt
Behind bim trulltd bl* bl
znn * desire to do so. and thoiis
At tbe turn in tbe • left t;
ed   und   the   path   kjs
eve)    but  il
ki.pt bl* shoulder tu the dour a
i shirp angle
until suddeult
it debouched upon a
iLrosb wbkb lounied un inner wall
etiually as nlgb ua tbe outer This in
ner wall was set with little round tow-
era alternating nlong ils entire summit
witb pointed monoliths. In places these
bad fallen ; and tbe wall wus ruined,
but It was lii .a much better state of
preservation thiin the outer" walk
Another narrow passage led tbrongb
this wall, and at its end Taizuii and bis
warriors found - themselves In a broad
avenue, on the ppiwsite side of whicS
crumbling edifices of hewn granite
loomed dark and forbidding. Upon
ttle crumbled debits along tiie face of
the buildings trees had grown, and
vines wound In and out of tbe hollow,
staring windows, but [he building dl'
rectly opposite tbem semed. less overgrown than the otliers and in a moon
better state of preservation. It was a
massive pile, surmounted by an enormous dome. At either side of its great
entrance stood rows or tall pillars,
each capped by a huge, gf-otesgue oirii
earved from tbe solid rock of the monoliths.
As thc ape-taan and bis companions
stood gazing In vnryius degrees of wonderment at: this, ani-ieni city in the
midst of savage Afrii-n. several of tbem
became aware of movement within tbe
structure at wliich tuny were looting.
Dim. shadowy shapes appeared to.be
moving about iu tbe scialdarkness of
the interior. There was nothing tangible that the eye could grasp—yuly an
uncanny si
seemed tha:
gave wav before bis giant xtr«ufe
swing  open   upon   creating   woo eu
bin pes
tt ithm all  was black as tbe torn
There nas nu  window to let i    tb
faintest ray of tight and us the conl ]
dor upon whleb it opened was Itself In
semldarkness. even the open doo      ed ,
no relieving rays within.   Feeling be-j
fore him upon the floor with th       tt  q
of bis spear. Tarzan entered tb     ty
glnn gloom.  Suddenly tbe door be     d
bim closed and at the same time   auds
clutched bim from every di rec tio
of tbe darkness.
The ape-man fought with all th sa J
ase fury of self preservation backed
tbe herculean strength tbat wa bis
But though be felt his blows Ian and
his teetb sink Into soft Hesb, re,
seemed always to be new hands t tato j
tbe place of those tbat he rung ff.
At last they dragged him down, and
slowly, very slowly., tliay overcam him
by the mere weight of their num ei
And then they honud him.
He bad beard no sound exce     tl
bear; breathing of bis antagonists
the noise of tbe battle.   Se tne
what manner of creatures bad i
ed  bim. bat that they  were b
seemed evident from the fact tha  th
had bound nim. '
Presently they  lifted  lam from
floor, and half dragging. Half p
bim. ihey brought bim out of tbe
chamber through another doorwa     rr
an inner courtyard ot the temple. H
he saw bis captors.   There inns
Tb ii
i-Itb - s
iggestlfii   of  life
where  It
nnd fe'l upon tb
ir bil ivy b
thick,   matted'
place ln
dead city  uf the
ong dead
aod  1
heir   (Kicks-    Th
their tbt
ir  crooked
bort und Iipsivv
and  tl
uscobir.   About
tbelr  loin
A country coai-"mine in guod location: seam 3 ft. 10 inches;
id dry roof and dry mine; newly developed; also storage
i to-hold sixty tons, and blacksmith shop wilh all necessary
lipnient.    For particulars apply to
Wopkersi: Unite I
. Loggers of the Interior Country Take Notice
The I(g"eri ol tie P    st D itri       li    c f rmed an or
nzatonknon    as tl   B C   T o*s   «   I nlustr-d  ■   ts
pe    onp   ,n»   ]]w    Iwnllfl     ! er  nd stn     nd cob
n t   a    amps   jffi    tM      thtlc    \rt er Trades    ani  I
or Coun   hnl   |    li        I   lerat f Lib&r
We        t   iliro- He      e   o   to 3o n 1     ds w th us
*     t i  r  t P      1 nijr b
1       o d a   I       11
nf r     t
i  (   rl  v
\N      IUSI
/ou W nt tbe BEST b -Heat   Phone or Call
J fi E Winch i
lllj\i =.L1 Mf IB Tg6b I
Cu ed s ? li    f o It       D t
b   n      C
kl)    .1     li
A L^ttei5 From Bfule
he       Hi li
ud       n   b
il Im.     J
■J   U li  u      U
Turzi     n Bb d
| foutid   be go d o   fo nil   b    tb r.
af tke upper courses TaDen away It
wa stl ii f o in dab e de ense On
se e a accas ans Tarzan bad tbongb
tiiat be d see ned things uio Ue bell ad tbe u ned portions of tbe wal
sear to tbem as bougb crea es were
watch ng tbem from beb ad tbe ba
wa ten of tbe ancient p e And often
bc fe tbe sensation of nseen ej-es
apon bim bnt nut on e could be be
so e bat t mis mo * tban Imsglns
Tttat n g t they camped onts de tbe
dtj On e at m -3d gbt. tbey were
awuteoed ts a sb scream from beyond tbe grea wall It was ery blgfi
at Srst descend ng gradou ^.e-H-tl It
en ed n series at & emu monne. It
bad utrunge effec upon tbe b acks,
a. mo pi ru "Ing hem wi b terror
wb e t   s ed nnd t wa. an bodr be-
o e   be   amp se    ed du vn to sleep
rn ie     i be morn ns      egutred
nd   i
y fo    be f k ng
of  be unkno vn
expec ed y    b
ed tbe qui*, on
for furtbe
> to tbe     ears
riors sta ■ted to obey
i     ac    y   bnt Buso
>rs Des ta ei   o   eave
and oya
nd   uperstitlons fea
And   ben  qu te un
x a red wh cb der d
tl uu   tbe neoessl y
i on    Ont of tbe si
ned  emp e tbere rang
n bio   n   cm   e
dasbed   n o
end       f    Ue
)-vn e etp    b
ro c t from
:o d  beat bucK
a ad
Af     a mom
no      o tbe g
d off
n kn fo from
r gl d e nnd
n ae
o c   fnrxan
t     e bonds    ri
ui    Is
he ra n s ap ed     ef
dance nnd npp
ou b d slie inotl ned to
bm o     o    P
ng  he   ope  1
been    bou   hts
's a ound  b
ne It
she ed b n a
a a   be eourtyard  tba
sb ek tbey bad
ngbt, ana V b borrlUed ries tie
b a k arriors u ned and lied h aogb
be empty bn s of be age u d ed B e.
Beb pd tbem s mi Tarziia uf tbe
Apes where ey b d eft b m a grim
sm e aouu bis   ps  wa Una fo  tbe en
men fo u ng □ u
1 Tb roii i,li w nd ng orr dors sbe ed.
fOrtbe nnd fa the no be emo er
p ec upta of the eoip e nnti tbey came
o a great chnmbe be     ne   of
whl h stood an a ta Ihen was that
| Tnrzan ma a ed be strange ce emo-
n; tbn bad p eceded bis introducUon
Into this bo y of bo es.
I Be bad fa en no tbe bands of de-
i seendan 3 of tbe nn en ann worshp-
era. His seem ng res ne by a votaress
of the b Sb pries ess of the sun had
been bat a pnrt uf he mimicry of tbeir
beatben ceremony tho son ooklng
down npou bim tb ougb the open ng at
the top of the eoort bad c a ned him
a# bis own and the pr estess had come
from tbe inne emp e to save bim
ttom the pe ntllt' bands of wo d ingst
to save bim as a human offering to
their flam ng deity
I And bad be needed farther assurance
' as to the correctness of bis theory be
hpd ony to cast his eyes apon the
brownt h red eta ns that catted tbe
I stone a tor and covered tbe Doo in ts
i Immediate ylcin ty or to tbe human
aka Is whleb grinned from countless
I nicbes In tbe towering wa a.
Ths priestess ed tbe Tlctlm to tbe
sitae ateos.   Aeqln the ea erlea above
Soldiers Sac       j Ca
MMio*1 to rU"'ttg
f DESPO   DENT   '
he discha sed
th     th
so e y   dependen
ou it bey ge any »a sia .
them Th s o my m nd eo
a grea njus e o the ga o
wbo ba e paid tlie sup erne :
n     tpho d tig    Canad an    tn
Take tbe   ase nf an aged cou. „w   _UJ _   „
have  os   an oo y son who  f h   had aee BE   hat   h    a he    a S
1   ednoudba e been the so e suppo     age and  h   mo Ibe   66 and h
n a -few m   e   ears  do the   do   d      on\y munarrieJ  on
se   e some recompense for him     the
Bo   (
h ofi
h n J
e da
lap a tag   I
io      h n-     —
n     1
n nib e Things
husband wo ked
and the o is s 1
gb The s     i,n
IB     u "i af     j
fou U a cu e     02       S9th
t n     -aho   knows     .Hoping   yoa.
And space n   ou   paper for these
mn fcs    am     ou    fo   the m n.
M s   Lunne   Pa n
Edmon on A ta
■to 1*AGE FOUB
Kesnifs secured dai';::!? the past year -re-affirm tke position of the Son Life of Canada as
the largest life assnranc- organization of the Dominion.
Fair-dealing and progre.-i.iivc business methods have given it leadership in annual Xew
Bu-sini'ss. Total Business in Force. Assets, Surplus Earning, Net Surplus, Total
Income. Premium Income nad Payments to Policyholders.
Saturday Matinee
at 2.30
Saturday Nights
First Show at 7
Friday and Saturday, April 11 and 12
"Rosemary Climbs The H*eigfats*,-5 parts
RUTH ROLAND in the8th chapter of "HandsUp"
"Arc Crooks Dishores*" — '""' ——'-
Tuesda)   Apr 1   5
'Little Miss No Account'
jHight Schools Ih frernk
Monday, April 14
"The Game's Up"
A rollicking comedy-drama id five parts
"Vengeance aiadThe Woman"-fina. Jiapt.
Wednesday and Thursday April 16 and 17      j
'The Wildcat of Paris'
Comes The Casting Aside of Winter Toggery and
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true valne on sight..
5G inch Tweed Coating:.. ......... .$3.50 Yard
An ideal coating for Spring and Slimmer wear.
Light Grey in.eolarl -       -
56 inch Fawn Gabardine ;..... §5.50 Yard
:Foi- Suits or-Capei 'Splendidly finished fabric;
'serviceable yet distinctive in* appearaneeJ - . .
Grocery Special;
Okanagan White lien us, :i 11). ■for. ..T...     ..
Okaiiajjan IJaldwiii Apples, pec-box. .-.-'...     .
Okanagan V**'''*** TiH'«i[W, 10 lh.,....	
-   Oka Haifa ri "Wlsilu Potatoes, pur 100'lbs... y'.y
Whole Cliii-ketiOini. per HII) lbs -
Crushed Chicken Cm, per Kill jhs..-.	
Wagslaff's (Var .lam, 4 lb. Ua ,
I,.rosse & Bla.-kwell's I ted Cabbage, bottle,..'-
Swift's Borax Snap. 7 bars."..'.".....;..../."..
Old Tyme .Maple Syrii[i, 1-2 gal..:.'.;...'..'...
Pure Maple Syrup, i|t.f bottles.	
Special Blend Bulk Tea, lb.... S.7..'.:.. f... ■
Big 4 Tea, 1 lb. pkg...	
Sweet Home Hof.Cake Syrup,! 1*4 gals........
Palm Olive Soap, 5 bars for.'..;...............
Branches at Fernie, Michel, Natal and Coal Creek


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