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 industrial Unity li Strength
The Official Organ of District No. 18, TJ. M, W. of A.
V- 7\
V-t t
Political Unity Is Victory
■J-   c
■ ■ >.-x
Ko. 44, Vol. Vin.
Nanaimo Explosion
rury's Verdict
No Blame Attached to Anyone for Explosion at Reserve Mine in which
Marty Lives Were.Lost.
NANAIMO, B. C, June 18.—The inquiry conducted ' by Coroner Jeffs of
Vancouver into the circumstances con-
nected with the explos-on at Reserve
Mine concluded this afternoon with
tho jury returning the following verdict: "We, tlve jury empanelled to inquire Into the cause of the death ot
William -Ball, Robort Klrkbrlde and
twenty others, find that the deceased
camo to an accidental death on the
27th of May by an explosion of gas In
the Reserve (Mine,of the Western Fuel
Co., Nanaimo, and after hearing the
evidence of thirty-three witnesses we
cannot attach blame to any person.
We also find that every precaution
and care has been fully exercised by
the management of the said company."
In accepting the verdict Coroner
Jeffs thanked the jurymen for their
services and .expressed the belief they
had come to the only verdict possible
according to ^ the evidence submltte.1.
He congratulated the jurymen on the
harmonious proceedings and also on
the high Intelligence shown by all the
witnesses, lt not bein? necessary to
Imve an Interpreter, which was generally found necessa:;.- In mining communities.
Thomas Graham, Chief Inspector of
Mines, residing at Victoria, was the
most Important witness of the morning, and his evidence concluded the in-
inquiry. John Newton, inspector of
mines, who resides here, was the other,
witness. Both these witnesses sup
ported the theory that the initial ex-
plosion took place in No. 5 crosscut,
Mr. Hudson Recalled
At the opening of the morning ses
sion, Mr. Ashworth, who formulated
the theory that the explosion occurred
In the slope and was caused by the explosion of a detonator, asked leave, ass
an appointee of the Provincial Government, to .question the 'witnesses.
Immediately Coroner Jeffs granted the
request, he asked to have Jlr. Hudson,
the Ottawa expert, recalled. Kor near-
carry brattice all the way down the
center of the slope. Par down the
slope they found the bodies of the
young 'Mazs, Guffogg 'and Williams.
Masts' body was badly burned, but
from the condition of the other two
bodies the witness concluded that
there was but little flame Jn this section of the mine. At the face of the
counterslope there was a cave. When
(the party arrived at this point they
were relieved by another crew.
"J. cannot conclude that the Initial
explosion occurred in the slope," stated thd witness.- He then.proceeded
to give his reasons for holding to the
No. 5 crosscut. He proved his point
by the process of elimination. The
eastern section of the mine was practically Intact. There was not enough
evidence of flame in the slope to warrant an explosion of such proportion
as to. wreck the mine. Similarly in
N'o. 6 cross cut there were but little
signs of a disruptive force having acted. There was then only.one other
place \yhere the explosion could have
taken place, that being in No. 5 crosscut, where there was much evidence of
flame and where the miners were killed in their trabks.
Were There Two Explosions?
Here there was a very heavy cave.
Thomas Suter's lamp was .found broken. Just how it was shattered will
probably never be known, but it probably was struck by a light fall of coal.
This fall liberated a quantity of gas
which exploded. Then came the heavy
cave which liberating an enormous
quantity of gas which exploded with
terrific force. Witness thought that
there was not enough oxygen to accomplish a complete combustion and
some of the gas was probably driven
ahead of the force. Running along
the level this gas, seeking escape, probably shot up the slope where there
was much oxygen, Therefore a secondary, explosion probably occurred
near young .Mazs and Crew*. Mazs
was probably driven to the face of the
slope by the force. Guffogg and Williams, who were working near the face
of the slope, probably ran about 100
and   ro   perplexing were
seme of the u\it*su<-,na thin niauy went
Ml. Hudson oxpuliul thut he was
not a representative of the Dominion
Government in the strict sense of the
word,.but that he was sent in an advisory capacity, <Mr. Ashworth dwelt
at length do the question of the door
In the west level, which had been tem-
1 potwily otfeoed, but-tho moet that the
A well-known Michellte writes to his
friend James Mercer: ''
"Somewhere in France,"
. June 2, 1915.
Dear Friend,—Just a few lines to let
you all know that I am well and hearty
and hope when this arrives it will find
you the same.
.1 have been looking for a reply to
the last letter I wrote, but maybe you
did not receive it, or if you did your
letter to me lias got lost
Well, Jim, I've a bit of bad news to
tell you but this is what we must expect in such a job as this. Tom Lyons
was killed on Sunday, May 81 st. Poor
chap! one consolation ho did not suffer, as he was killed instantaneously
and never.knew what did it, Ted
Armstrong and I were standing close
together when the big shell struck the
top of the dug-out-in which Lyons was
with several other chaps, but he was
the only ono knocked out. Armstrong
and I were both burled by the earth
that this shell gouged out, but neither
of us was the worse for the experience.
I expect by the time this reaches you
the sad news will have been received
by his wife.
Tommy Bailey was slightly injured
but it Is expected that he'll be back
ln the firing line in a day or two as
fit as ever. I have not seen George
Gregory since we left England, although I heard he-was on the same
firing line as us and had gone to the
hospital sick. Tim Weaver, too, was
taken sick, but I don't think It was
anything serious at all.
Well, Jim, this war job is a big, hard
scrap, and no mistake, and I don't
think anybody has ever seen Its like
before, but we'll win before long.
We've just come out of the trenches after a 9 day's stay tn them. Some
Whitsuntide, eh?
Give regards to everybody and write
Your sincere friend,
C3772 A. Co., -Ith  Platoon, 4th  Batt
1st Div., C. B. F., France.   .
A' competition in First Aid aud Ambulance work will be held on Thursday, July lst, 1915, on the lawn of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.'s Offices,
commencing at 2.30 in the afternoon.
It is expected that 12 teams will
compete and this Bhould prove a very
interesting event, inasmuch as' it is
tlie first competition of this kind ever
held in the city.,
Before the competition commences
an address will be given on the principles of first aid and ambulance work
by three graduate members of Michel,
Coal Creek and Fernie ambulance
classes. The first prize? for the competition will be $50 ; second prize,
?H0; third prize; $?0.
After this competition there will
be a competition for boys' teams, when
substantial prizes will be given.
In tho evening at 7,30 there will be
a dinner given by .Mr. Wilson, general
manager C. N. P. Coal Co., in tho basement of the Methodist Church.
All members of the ambulance
classes of Michel, Coal Creek and
Fernie are cordially Invited to partake
of this dinner.
Only diggers are entitled t> vote for
clieckweighmen and only members of
the Local Union are entitled to vote
to- Financial Secretary.
The votiug will take place ou Friday,
Juno 25th at Coal Creek between the
lirji'rs of C.30 a.m. irJ 5.30 p.m , and at
th-} Miners' ll.il!, I-Vni'e, from 10 a.m.
to (i 'JO p.m.
The following teams only will compete at the First-Aid and Ambulance
Competition July lst, 1915.
Coal Creek
Xo. 1 Team—K. Harrison (capt.l, I.
Uaile.   J.   Millburn,   W.   Branch,   J.
No. 2 Team—J. Caufield (capt.), J.
Hall, J. H. Parker, R. Alstead, J. W.
N'o. 3 Team—R. Johnson (capt.), G.
Lamont, T. Reid, T. Branch, G. Michel.
,        Fernie
No. 1 Team—John Monks (capt.), J.
Oharonck, J. Yates, W. G. Clarke, W.
A. Brown.
Xo. •£ Team—J. Hamer (capt.), C.
McNny. A. Bunch, \V*. Whalley. R. D.
No. 3 Team-^-James Taylor (Capt.),
Edward   Taylor,. Joseph   Leyland,  R.
-WWVI -S7-VII-C j-
Questioned by a juror witness did
not think thd shot ln No. 6 crosscut
had anything, to do with the explosion.
He thought that the distance (about
,55 feet) was too great to communicate
the force. He also expressed the opinion that the door referred to by Mr,
Ashworth had nothing to do with the
explosion. "Even If this door wero
open," stated the witness, "there waB
•rr* prpvpnt war   Stephens, Harrison Foster.
TO PREV.ENT WAR        ^^ T<jam__W(i
French Organization Approves Scheme
of American Federation
PA IMS, Juno 18.—The confederation
General du Travail, the central labor
organization, of France, has officially
approved a proposal from the Ameri-
Since tii* beginning of the lio.s'.iii-
t'cs in the early spring our Hed Cross
Commission's writes that the warehouses In Kngland have been almost
depleted by the tremendous strain on
their supplies. ln view of this report we make an appeal to tlie men
and women of Fernie to give tlieir best
help and support to aid In the work of
lvsiewinj?; these supplies. At present
there are two means of helping: i'cr
tho women there are sewing meetings
every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon
in the basement of Knox, Presbyterian
Church; every woman In town who can
bew should gome and help; for the
mo:, there is tXe Drawing of Gold, the
proceeds of which are to go to the
Pr iridic and Red Cross. The Drawing Is to bo hettl in the Isis Theatre on
the evening of July 1st. All thos? who
have books of tickets to sell are earnestly desired to, do their utmost to sell
as many as possible at once and turn
in the stubs and money. Anyone may
buy a ticket at Liphardt's. If you
haven't yet bought a ticket buy one
sow; if you have one—get another.
■More supplies are needed In summer
than in winter, as'th£ fighting is more
severe. We must make greater efforts.
The appeals in the Dutka vs. Bank-
head Mines Ltd,, and Staucel vs. Can-
more Coal Co,, compensation cases,
! have been heard in the Supreme Court
| in Calgary during this last week.
| In the Dutka case Mr. lt. B. Bennett.
J K.C., and Mr. W. V. T. Lathwell repre-
j son ted District 18, .and Jlr. Gray, of
; Macleod, the company.   Judgment was
j reserved.
!     In  the  Stancel  case   Mr.  W.  T.  D.
L;>tlnve!l represented  I)is:*i-:ct  IS an.'.
Mr. Clarke, K.C., the company.     Appeal allowed with costs.
(Fuller report next week.)
138   OF   THE   MINES   ACT,
witness would sa? wad that all venUla- a booster fan near the face of the level
tion In the western part ot the level which would produce 10,000 cubic feet
would -he cut ott If the door was left
open, but Just how 'long lt was open
was purely a matter of conjecture. In
reply to Mr. Ashworth's question, wltnoss stated that It was an Impossibility to tell how -Suter's lamp was
smashed. Witness would not state
from memory at what percentage gas
would explode He thought tbat when
gas caused an elongated or blue flame
In a lamp it should be reported In the
■ mine.
Had Examined Mino
John Newton, who has been an In-
spector for five years, -stated that he
was at the scene ot the explosion a
tew minutes «fter It occurred. Ho
found tho fanning apparatus running
strong. He accompanied Mr. Hunt and
others on the rescue crew, and related the story of the recovery of some of
the bodies, which evidence was similar to thst of Mr. Hunt. Wltnoss was
called to Britannia shortly afterwards,
and did not take part In tho later operations.
Witness stated thit on May 8th ko
made an examination o( tbo mino, He
bad made a rogular report. The ventilation was good but there bad been a
• small amount of explosive gas In tbo
west levels. He took samples ot air
and lent tbem to Ottawa tor examine-
tion. The returns showed tbat tbe
sample contained no carbon monoxide
but .0* parts of carbon dioxide hnd
78,6 part* otnituttfrb and other Ingrt-
dlents In fairly normal proportions.
To Mr. Pisco witness stated tbat lt
was practically an Impossibility^ to
place two doors where tbo one bad
been blown away In tho wost level.
Witness had been satisfied with tbe
mine and never bad hsd an occasion
to report anything wrong to the chief
Do you consider It ssfe to nro shots
therer eabed Mr. Pisco. Tbo witness
replied In tbe afftrmattve.
Somewhat boated words took place
between tbe witness and Mr. #»****
representing tbo tl. St.W.ot A. "Old
you ever giant tbo company permission to flro extra shots tn tbt miner
"Vo," *ae the reply,
-Ilea'thoro ever bton a gaa committee appointed r Again tbo wltnoss
replied In tbo negative. Witness id-
mltted that b* had bed something to
do with tho sobpooftalog of wl»u****o.
"Do you think, thai anything could
uoiMtibtV have been doin tra m*k» that
mine soferr (pwried Mr. Potter.
per minute. To the coroner witness
stated that but a small cave would be
sufficient to break the lamp. At this
point the morning session concluded.
- Before submitting to cross-examination witness pointed out that the explosion was primarily a gas explosion.
Dust played but a small part. He then
presented to the jury a barometer
reading, which be had taken Jn tlie
mine after tbe explosion. These four
readings showed an average of 88 per
cent, ot saturation, showing that the
mine as a whole was a wet one.
In response to a Juror, witness stated that the Wolfe safety lamp, such as
was used by the deceased miners, was
the best and safest style of lamp In
use today. There was no lamp, with
the exception, perhaps, of some of our
electrlo ones, whioh would not Ignlto
Government Inquiry.
"Will thore be a Government Inquiry
after this?" was tbe abrupt query of
Mr. Foster, But bofore tbo witness
could answer both Coroner Jeffs and
Mr. Yarwood objected to toe qeusUon,
which wont unanswered,      .
"Would not tho working of two
shifts Instead ot three In this mine
make conditions safer?" asked Mr.
Poster. ,
"That would depend," answered tho
witness, "on tho character of the mine
snd the ventilation. Personally, I
would work no mine, except In development work, the full 24 hours." (Reserve Mine Is in course of develop
ment.) -
Mr. 4sbwortb then cross-examined
the witness at length ln sn effort to
ahow that the primary and not the se*
condsry explosion took place In the
slope. Witness held that there woro
many freaks of nature and strange vagaries lii connection with ooal mine
explosions which eould not be accounted for when asked why one man was
burned more than another when not so
near the point of Ignition. He slated
tbat right in Nanaimo. somo time ago,
sn explosion took place in a stable
can Federation of Labor for a confer-
once of labor representatives of tlie
world to bo held at the samo time and
tit the same place as the peacq conference.
The purpose of this labor conference
shall be to facilitate permanent peace
ou this bns-Is:
First—Tho suppression of secret
Second-kAbsolutc respect for nationalities;   V
Third—Tlio Immediate limitation
und tlio eventual suppression of armaments, and
'Fourth—Obligatory arbitration.
W.illiam Hunter (capt),
Charles Gillett. Peter Lancaster, Richard Phillips, Harry Haydock.
J. BIGGS, Sec.
Kdmonton, Tuesday, June S, 1915.
Pursuant to the provisions of the
Mines Act, being Chapter 4 of the
Statutes of Alberta, 1913. His Honor
the Lieutenant Governor by and with
the advice of the Executive Council,
has been pleased to make the following additional Regulations regarding
Plans, the same to become effective
on and after the First day of Julv,
Charlos Huhror, who has been manager at coal Creek for Trites-Wood Co.
Ltd., left on Tuesday morning for St.
Louis, Mo., where he has obtained a
position as manager for a largo wholesale firm. 'Charlie has made a host
of friends during his stay In the com;
iiuuilty who wish him the best Of good
luck In his new post
Messrs. G. II. Barnard, of Victoria,
and R. 'P. Green, of Kootenay, are on
their way to Ottawa to lay beforo Premier borden several matters of interest to (British Columbia, chief of
which is tbe question ot. tho contemplated release, by Dominion authorl.
ties or Oerman and Austrian miners
now interned at Fernie. Tboy held a
conference with Acting Premier
Bowser at Victoria before leaving, end
expect on reaching Ottawa to meet
Premier 8lr Richard McBride on his
way home from England,
tn response to tho call from the Brit
Ish government for volunteers to be
To the Rditor, District Ledger.
Dear Sir,—At a recent meeting of
the Local Committee of the Canadian
Patriotic Fund, It was suggested that
a service could be rendered to the dependants of some of the soldiers who
havo left for thu front, if you could
"arrange to draw attention to the necessity for meeting premiums due on
life policies held by such*soldiers. It
was thought that ihe following would
answer the purpose:
Attention has been directed to the
.fact that many men who enlist nre
policy holders In life Insurance companies and, owing to enlistment, a tew
neglect to pay their premiums until
they are overdue, and the 30 da*-*'
grace 1'us expired. A few compiinles
ure only too glad to be rid of "war
risks" end once tho days of grac? havo
expired tt Is sometimes quite impossible to persuade such companies to
re-instate the policy holder. It Is,
therefore necessary that the wives of
soldiers should meet Insurance premiums as they" fall due.
Your* very truly,
To the Bditor, District Ledger.
Doar Sir,—Under the above caption
in* last week's issue of the District
Ledger there appeared what we consider one of the fairest and most un*
biased expositions of tho Liquor Question that has yet appeared In the public press. Por, although the pros and
cons ot the question aro being discussed In almost every paper circulating In
tbe west, yet most of the stuff appearing for or against is purely advertising matter, while the articles appearing aro mostly "written to order.1'
The writer certainly touches the
Owing to the character of threats
alleged to have been uttered by Germans or Austrians, a number of citizens of ISritlsh nationality felt that
their safety was menaced if they continued to work with these alien enemies. A committee was appointed and
after a conference with Manager Drinnau and other officials of Die Hlllcrest
Mines Coal Co., it was decided by the
management that no "alien enemies"
should be allowed to work until these
charges had been investigated, and the
truth or falsity determined. A com-
jnittee also of the Austrians and Germans was formed who waited upon the
liritish speaking citizens committee
and asked for information touching the
alleged charges. After niaking enquiries regarding certain utterances it
was discovered that they were not of
the highly Inflammable tone which had
boen ascribed to them. The citizen's
committee of British stock upon calling upon the management were asked
whether they thought thc charge made
was a correct one or not, and replied
that they were satisfied they had been
inaccurately reported.
Thn Vtnlstnr nf Mllili-i   a-aa nnn-nrm.
t^lerk of Executive Council.
Regulation's Passed Under Section 138
of the Mines Act Regarding Plans.
Order No. 4
1, After tho First day of July, 1015,
all plans required to be kept in aceor-
danco with the provisions of the Mints
Act shall be made of durable materia!
and shall bo prepared by or under the
supervision of a person holding a certificate as Mine Surveyor granted und-
er. The Miucs Act.
2, No person shall prepare or be allowed to prepare any such plan unless
ho is the holder of a certificate as
Mino Surveyor granted under The
.Mines Act or unless he is acting under
tho supervision of some person who is
the holder of a certificafe as Mine Surveyor granted under the Mines Act.
3, in no case shall a certificate be
granted to any applicant until he has
satisfied the Board of Examiners that
(I) He has had at least two years'
practical experience in the surveying
of mlnea or is the holder or a diploma
in scientific and mining training after
a course of study of at least two years
at an educational Institute approved by
tho Minister, or has taken a degree In
scientific and mining subjects at a
university so approved;
(il) He Is competent:
(a) To make an accurate survey of
the workings of a coal mine and to
connect such survey with a surfaco
(b) To mako accurate levolllngs;
(c> To plot accurately surveys nnd
(Illl He has given satisfactory evidence of his sobriety and general good
4, Where the workings of any mine
have approached within two thousand
feet of any borehole drilled or Utdng
nicated with and a wire was received
by Secretary J. Dudley of the Citizen's
committee that a representative would
tfe sent from Calgary at once to investigate. This telegram was received
on Monday, but up to Thursday morning no sucli representative has made
lm  appearance at  Hillcrest.   In  the
The Patriotic Committee, which is
engaged in raising money-; for the
Dominion Patriotic Fund, has decided
to give a largo garden ■partv on the
iMst of July. Mr. A. H. Trites has very
l>ind)y offered his grounds for the occasion and in addition has agreed to
uiipiuy all the necessary provisions.
Last Fall, after the formation of the
Patriotic Committee in this district,
it was estimated that the fund would ■
not be required to pay out to the wiv-
csand children of those who bid gone
lo the front a sum greater ihan $2."j-J,00
.t month, .nul it was agretd that the
Fornio District would raise $:!<.n.0.j tor
the year ending October, P.il.'i. Owing
to the large number of recrui.a goin".?
from this district, a great n:.uiy of
wiioni arc married, the f'uiri is "now
failed upon to pay over JTiK'.ou per
n;o:):h. and it is felt from tiuii io time
Liut this monthly payment mn*.>. be in-
L.ei.Fed. To date k-ss than $2000.00
nas been raised and it will a-, once be'
that great efforts must Vie made by
the committee and liberal donation's
made by the public if this district
hoiics to iven in a measure hold up its
obliguiiJiis. It is felt by the committee ih.it if iim matter is pi-opii.-l.»
brought home to the peopk'.thoy wiil
rise to the occasion and make certain
that the wives and children of those
who have volunteered will be properly
Later .oil full information will be
given to the public as to the attractions to be furnished for tho 21st bf
July, and in the meantime it is hoped thai all the citizens of Fernie and
thc district will lend their assistance
lo help the good cause.
Owing to July 1st falling on Thursday (our day of publication) next
week's issue will be printed on Wednesday. Correspondents and advertisers please take due notice and govern yourselves accirdingly.
♦ *♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦<►<?<«> p* <> p P p*
Saturday last was pay day up here.
The mines were idle on Saturday and
That the local snap association ara
attached to tbo hospital and atnhu- ipot whCB j,e 8tyt -thait, behind the drilled for the. purpose of developing
lance service a largo representation cf-ag-j-jj-t agslnst the liquor traffic tin- ■»<*»?»•-»•-"i '•■■■■■ ••* ,<tt ■>"• '"' <v,<< miMmru
tatlve has made his report,
meantime arrangements have been | some live wires is evidenced by the
made between committee and company j progress made since the inception. We
tliat the aliens be suspended until de- are Informed that certain offers have
finite-action be taken by the govern-(been made for-the-fixing up of a per-
ment. I maiient snap   and    quolting ground.
Everything is quiet In the camp, al- thereby adding to the many beauty
though somo curiosity  Is felt as to spots this camp possesses.
whHt action will be taken by tho au-      Mrs. Tom Michel returned to camp
thorltles after the looked-for reprcscn- j utter bc-lng on a prolonged  visit to
her daughters at the coast.
.luck Worthington returned on Monday from Spokane where he has been
under the care of a specialist for deafness with beneficial effect.
The stork paid a visit to the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Newberry during
the week-end, leaving a daughter.
Kvcrybody well."
All local Moose aro requested to at«
tend lodge meeting on Monday evening rex?.    Business V«iry important,
Tho ceremony of naming the lnfanv*
son of Mr and Mrs. John Hewitt wes
celebrated in royal style.
Mr. White of the C. X. P. Coal Co.
staff has been around tho camp taking
a hoiiKc to house census of the inhabitants.
The school girls who recently gnvo
the flag drill at the concert held here
wero entnrtalned to a picnic by their
instruct rem, Miss Townsend. Tho
party left camp on Wednesday after^
noon and made tho second creek the
rendezvous, where games and refresh-
The Habeas Corpus proceedings taken for the purpose of testing the validity of tho Internment of the Austrians
and Germans held In the Skating Itink,
with the expectation that the writs
would be returnable last Monday, bas
been deferred until next Monday, at
which time it In expectwd some action
will be taken leading to a decision regarding the disposition of those detained.
There have been a few additions
during this week aud Individual ones
claiming at the time of their arrest
that they had naturalisation papers,
whu have ulitce produced these and
have been liberated.
Perffot tranquility prevails, and to !">««*» *«re Indulged in,    A return to
> the irksomeness of doing no-iomp wa* made about "
will be sont from B. C. Fernie's ropro
sentattvea In this branch or tbe service arc IV.«. Bonnell, George Pedlar
(editor of tho Pros Press) and Robt
Falrclough of Goal Crook. Dr. Bonnell asked for and obtained a year's
leave or absence from Gladstone Local,
or which body he was ono of thoir
medical attendants. Dr. Nay, former-
ly of Ifosmor, will act as locum tenons
for Dr. Bonnell and co-operato with Dr,
Corsan In furnishing medical and sur
gical attention to tho members of the
miner's organisation. II Is expected
that another physician will also bo attached lo the staff.
Previously aeknowl-tNtged
Mr. Miller, Isis Theatre ..
where ev#ry toeoad horse w»s kilted
Witness claimed that  Suter's   lamp
any h.te been struck twice, makln*
tbo iwo damaged spots, to which Mr. -.^.w,
Ashworth wtortod, 'Tm sorry, bat It •»• «• wwosoy
eao't son* with yon." JJ* £ »»rnes .
, "tio you think." asked tho coroner. JI'i™!"" {.••••
"tikati tf the tm had 1mm sptodod up £.flJ™"Ls "I!"1'
Hvm would bato boon saved r 5» ".Si'-'*^'
«wvii  fhmo* mm Vt !*»«♦#*, "ti"twn-i«d W*hiwfl«l»w%*"rp«t«wd M"**- wadiaiid
•    R.ftO
1 en
bettor chsneo. I nlgbth my that tl
tbooo two men had stayed right whoro
tlwiy w#wif *w#y wfinwi Thwww jpmmb ifciw»
od.   Thoy ran tight Into danger."
To Mr, Yarwood witaes* stated tbat
tb* mtii* ws« mn in a »»"▼ net* into-
nor. ibo oosspooy of lords* bm ovory
rscflltv while bo wot msWog an examination.
An Ooe* Witness lox
Whon tho witness bid resumed bis
teat. Coroner Jeff * Invited anyone wbo
Might throw any light on tbo subject
tolako ibo stand.  A voleo froos tto
Plosion thor«y altor u |*d ^^H-tl^^LJi^^.^*1 •*&* fteroW
not nrrlret m tbo mom tnm Vtetoftt 11 florettl wss tbt asan wbo was rnco
that cvctttae-    After *wf»ff an** lo-'erf br two of his comrades, ana who
* was nearly ovm&mt om gas.) ft
wt« etptabod if Mr. Placo and .Mr.
Atfcworlh tkat till mm was lo tbe
soppooo if two shifts woro worked lo
that wlio Inotoad of throo conditions
"Tot. I beiiots tbat wwslt make H
safer," sdmltted tbo wltnsos.
-Then," eooeiodtd Mr Vemtrr, "every
pi-oeaoiMw woo wot toto* <• mono too
mto totot,*
Tbst tto initial tgfAMAM oecorrod
in So. S crottcut and tttt o tMMdary
sxploiion occurredjg the slops wit
iho opinion ot Ar. Thos. Orsha*, wbo
took tto stool* shortly before oooo.
WItlNMM hsd its* notified of tbo m-
». tt. ,Stmttfi»iM
W. T. Walsoo ...
R. IWI-W-WI   ******
11. I), Wilson ...
W. If. Muirhead .
&HW Pel* 	
lerial Interests are very dominating
fsetora." In tact if thero wss not a
material side m prohibition It is <|u«h-
tlonsblo If so called moral reformers
would over be heard or. lint the
truth Is that prohibition and similar
«»nnts that tre being pulled off in
lhe name of Moral Reform, are finding work for an army of itinerant
piwschera snd other* who would bo
otherwise unemployed, as miny of
them were finding It very difficult to
earn a living expounding the Gosper.
Atsln. the writer's explanation of the
abolition nf the distillation of vodka
by the Ritwiian governmont is the
most feasible we hare road, for It was
imlfi-n* a d«>«lr«> fnr tMnw'i""", nor ■*
inti* for morality that fauaod the l.lttle
lecher to l«*»e hl» nk«»e, wMl» tfi"
fact thot over ItflO HUH* slllls were
n*it*4 and their owners flne-1 or lm-
wanned In in** than thw month*
afterwards, would go to show that the
wave of t-#i»i*)#raB,r«> wkfch w* nt* toldi
Is swooping over Rossis had not then
A...,^»,,    .W,       ,**"*.     99,..*     rr.Ar.rn,    t.-l. ,*tt, 99,
. nrt irti vnrv <n«*i4 it* *b*l* -n^-n***!'!* «♦
J***itho Ct*r lor sqppr-Mtln* lh* vodk*«.
•■™|tti»v sre ■f*iB*iiic«otisl> silent on his
• •""' *mm*w*»Ii!Wi iftf tw**** mittitmtim tit Om*.
J -*• sis. which he did at tbo samo tlmo.
•♦™|»nd almost In sho same hw«th. whilst U.,^
•"•* ■ TS tn*4* on-kto i*m4*r* werm. with M« * ,.,
■M»e«l#»*i, mit to ittrvmtm lur umn t*rm«
natural huh ui uii, ur tm lliu iiuipune
of producing natural gas or oil, the
thing, squads, tinder escort, have been
put to work clearing land.
30 p.m., every,
one voting having had a xood time.
Mr. J-VC, Ruthless of Greenwod,
!U\, arrived in camp on a vUit to hi*
daughter and son-in-law..Jlr, and Mrs,
Mr, a. Scott, of Michel, is occupying
w. v............, ............ »„„ „. ..... ,„,*,,    Wonderful films have b<»en produc, ,        , , .    _--.
owner, agent or manager of such mln*| ed and the great productions ot last \ «»«♦ van tion at manager at the Trites-
shall keep InHlie office at the mine a month »r». eclipsed by those of this, j » f»[ "^ «»» "ere.
correct plan of the mine or copy there- but If there ever Is an exception to     ■>  ™> <»ra> Is a w-weekly visitor In
or on the same scale aa fhe plan then this rule It t« In the film that will b*;«wp. «wt In a new capacity.
need at the mine ahowlnu the position  shown here at the Orpheiim Theatr*
of said borehole or boreholes In rela-1 Tuesday and Wednesday. June 29 and
tion to the workings of the mine and' -I".    This l» tt»*» patriotic Ilritlsh film.
said plan'Shali also show the projected entitled "Sixty Y«»ar» s Queen," which
workings and a copy of said plan shall shows a serins of events In tho lifo of j
be forwarded to the Chief Inspector 'b«' late Queen Vlctorls, who honort'd j
of Mines nnt later than the Thirty first I the thron*« of England from June 1Mb,
day of January In each year. ; '*•?* until January 21, l»«l.
5. V,nrb plan rwpilrod «o be kept In ,l u *" M«U»J'™J '»«* "*»'■ »««' »'»»•,
aceotdanf* with |hV provisions oi th<> *"*• **" m»f ^rlne her r*tc» In ;
Mine. Act aha,, have inserted on » the* ^JX HiSSSfet'^ j
Atl^nt'on I* 'vii't "y '%l\ n* •**.«'•.•«. ■■-!>.-. *   *
! of life, and aa an *x»mpfe th*» v»#l* nf
[t":-irttt*   tHi<k<-n*   and   Davit   I.h'inK ;
| it-one t<i b«>r -sriiftflU'- maj^stj miRbt tw.'
Mnw-fiver mm-h *»i« dlftltkwf fo bti\f -
dat* on whlrh th* lanf survey waa
tn*.5i- „i,«(l Ut*: 9ittti.tint*' ot ti**- iwrMrit *
■wak'nit ->»ti-*b >«rv*y. ff n-u^h p<*non Is;
the bold" r,,( n ccrtlfU aU» i*n ,Miiu« Am- \
xeyor, and If not, th*n t»> tho c<-«lf|««t-j
r-d p*f»r(wm under whoa* *iip*rv!*!on j
the plan I* pri'iwred.
rrni*tt*4 i* "nr-h »*r»«« wl»h*»ir »nr*»n
A owl fleii* authorising nny per-! hf l»>'a,1 Midlers,In »»r. som* of tb*
,o nn a* Min* Surveyor may b*\ ,^±^ **Z*,J? ^L^ftf^
Mlnsr Claims Comp-tnsation for Permanent Injury Which Is Gllsptitstt
hy Ceal Company
\ <**t i'ti**, ,iiid one of i>oin,il*Nli,i»
li,,i*,.*,.t to th* It'k'.i frau^'jii'v of tM*
j.ritv air,*, i,t*rt*\yif4 tht* 'H'tl'-R*! »,« nf -t|t
J." i).<»- .-UnHiitiaM i' *.ipn»ftt'* ("nor*
i'i. I'rldsy.    A* tins In b*b>il? *»r frank
c*..,*.. ,»,.,.... *%j. -j a t.'.-.:«w,K.<*.,
apneaJ*il In m ««■* -*.t«t*.-| «-i«* -<i nut
■**.,!„ **),. nnng or .i-iifK, r:.i,-mmm (tt
l-'irn'i- tn m ar'titntinn !♦. %}>]rb the
'filtt'T a*t»H  «uh r«>>»;iM t*y  *,*,  Injur)-
*ii.»,**i;fii-*t ,,.- t«on-,»n «»•?)",> ?>. ♦?).. ,,.){
ui«y of th" l"r«w'« Wttf |»*.»** <*oji1 t'o.
VIr    %    M-uru'll  of  t'*n.k- *.*,ir4  for
during her Men.     Sterne* from tit* i PosHf on ihat m.-r»«iot).
%>i ine*
e-nr* and prov'd*it tuppVcatlo-n 1* wvV
for sneh ccrttflctt* bofor* the pimMI
4ji of S* pit-Uiber, 1*31,
1.   Krerj* person who vli'-ste* tiny
nt   rertilntlwi  tsnle* Tbt   Mtor**.]
%m '.'*
uianitt on ifew bin*** motuhn
vnt with otbm lato tho Mm
tttfs** }ie I shall.    He t«W of tbe
twing «r Mt*m or tbo mm wt
trteod tho twvoMtfo «f tto roocwe
mmt. Tbttr mob swtan*. iHflndt
as thoy wer. ferwd to Mokt stopping*
oil tbo woy ihremtw to MoHMoto tmm
hoipltat, snd that fa anr ev*nt his
mind was to soeb n state that ho eoaM
MF nothing turn If tho Pm *Mt«i
1o«f  October, »nd l»*oI Adanwiteh
*dl»or of Ibo Ubor Journal, wa* s*rtt
to Slboria for llf*.   Tb* editor's crlm*
wi* th* tiiiMlahlnt of sn article against tb* war and tho t«*«tng of monies
wlfhmii th* c-onaodt of tbs ronton
"tVer*f and cost of living bav* a
9. -^  9   ,    ^t.    , r"M* slim'Hv." nav* thr- «nt*r. and tb*
mannor lo which tb* Imebos h,,>tlirT „f th* rlM snd fsll of warm
■V*d thai wer* glvtt, In f f>*» r ?Iirou*-?!U'it  tin'   cfvllix ■!   ■'■■.)'.■"     '■'"
~ '"'"" ti*«r bim "Ht-    for mnerniltni* tJic
*tnol* food of tho Irish o**suntry wsa
IKW*0#* *«d  laHltrMilh.    *!Bd    thHt
wagos wer* n»taslfed sccordlne to th*
wrfc* of Ht**- srtlrlwi. whilst a«w*«-
ttm IsinHoiiIo net *mpi****o mmtia.4***'
mt tb* ssoi^r thoy woro robbwd of.
Tbo Regent and members of tbt f.
O D. R. wl»h to thank tho Stan of tbo
result Co-OiwtAttot SkwiUty for th-j
w*re pttr-s   .  ... .
niMltm ot tb* Mlh Battsllon «pfl*i
thoir Nwott dopavMi* fer tho train.
log cswp st Vernon
inalirm it ih* Hoar*! ot Kxsmmr-r* ro-i li"™7A7,,*;<",. Tw- r-»^.- .-**-.  .**
• film  noil  *itt*r\nl  m*ntton  n!N««t«l  h* * on* nt  h»« *v*-<  t»v  t*  tit.--r* (,t r/*,i
i mad* of manv rwf th* nren*".. Um il»*; *if>k*.i>K hint.     Hint** tl»*tt i*owv>|| ha*
■♦(('(s.*-***:**."*;**1 ' atfe.*"-!   1it,iiiti1iJli4   ttti   t*. *''"*' *l:><" *'"•*'• 1 'ii*. **■--'•■ '.'.}'!?- * ,y*>1.r, jisid
„; *r*n*tt Its th* ho*fiit-il *howlng flor-H* ***ki«K to :r*r*«v*r tnmanei tor j»*r***
''enco N'lghtlnsal* and th* r*turn of t monent Injury
>|v« (*f<r!»(i*4»^ rri""-'*f  w.*l t* lh*"*) -it-i— '     Th* *'*-**f.''i v, ■«.- t»*.,t '" , " fr....* ,* -
a.t,t9,.t itit* «!«*. an ».,4 it»M« in t!,« * *•»*«"*»»"» 11"»«» *r»**»*r<t th* root**.-..in imi   hn4
^malttJ* «4 mme* 1^« tm^a*A D     ^^ U «'»r,,,'* * »r*8,> in th* r>»m « »'*»*^ft Injur* r*^*lv*d     h*   m*.|l*al
iCJIm an mpoup oy*t%Mt it n(J, 9mh9 of „„,„,_ »j,4,;ou*ot|on it *tt»«M h*v.- r.*civ*<l. p*r-
saw /in. , ihot* who bat* not »lr*ady s#*n It   riiaticot injury ponild not hnv* r**olt-
ikontil stall <1i*ins('Iv*« of flic oj»|>ur j •'<!   I? ia »tlll mainUiu. J in i** halt mt
itril'v *t film* tit*- pkintiff that not ont>  >i;4 b* rm-
Tb* bleb cost of rental of thl* pirn  r*iv*  proper medical ar^n-jon, bat
dur tion  mitt** It  n***»Mr« tn nl»*»tb* fact that hi* Intwrr f* -»*^inin*iTr
After a dot* observation ol tbo mino
lateriM- tho wttaoos eosoo to tho coo-
rbtAoo that tho llots of fere* www op
tto slopo. tit petty «■* foresd to
bad briefly tafonosd thoa m to thoir
Qoostioitod by "Tbo News-Adror-
tlsoT" regarding tho Iwiotry, -Mr. Ptoo.
tor, reproswtlng   tho   minor*, sold:
"Too Moy stato thot tsovor bar* I at*
toed** a wm* thofoogh and mtMnr-
tory laqolry. f tblnh that ovorytblng
thot *e«M bo doo* »• bring *m ott Us*  ■*♦*-**•«*, b*m**me. «■***• ptawOe h*r*
fsets was dono.   Tho foot tbat Core*-
at Mtn Invited anyone to g'.v* *vt-
d**oo ooovtoooo no that no stoo* has
lostotoi m havfot raabors -ml hum sod
*«ss. with fc**f steak of,i%too*lly nn*\
a tmnolt ol Asian*****' Moot to wash
Petm loft ontomod to bring oot ail lb*(It down snd th* mnlt Is that wstos
facts.*—3C*ws-AivortI«»r, sr* now p*g«l*t*d setoerdlBtty.*  Th*
was* slav*s In Turke)' do not one al-
*oholi-f b*v*ra**t of any hind, h*n(*
ih*v do not mtulr* a wago that woald
irifiniV* iW<-»* in mm**. tto* r**«'it
Is that wbll* th* worher* roeolvo JNtt
lilt1 t-tfTi* '■*» fi'if*'*.!'** tl.tf'*1 !T'1'''';1*'f?>'■'.
Ihe b*}« »i)d j»«*h»» can pnrt-hane girts
;t':*hv;, „:. ::.:,:■::: ili..li
nu a* %t>ndrtt»l pjctarrs ibe mmagi
thi* m*m»**um jtrtf* to »**.*  for sututi'*MUnn--»   into   to   coiuj,'*j;*..jii*»-a   tiad*r
tod IS*, for rltlldren. hot In ord*r tolth* p*ma»*itt l»btry *tv»»**    Tb* V
M    *., . ,). X. ,9 t,.*Utli»|  ,.,t.r,,9   <|y]tttri.
t,i», iitl tlw Milium*- niii t* * a alt t*4
•Ith ronnlderabl* inf*r*«t Mr W.
ft, I An* upitenrt-t tor th«- r."ft,{^oj.
At tIt*' cdi'-rUwIrvii r.f ,r*tnm*tt en
Prl4ny, lir Jitstlr* MacdonaTd r*^rv
*4 **4tm*'r,t,
for lb*Ir harems with th* bslanc*. and! m*nt bav* arrnngod to ran matin***
if tb* wat* *Lw** of AIt*ffs *IH f*r**>**,ih dsy »* nh*r% chiWr*« will lw- ad
to fbofr gl.v»s of b**r and oth*r h*r- m|tf*d nt tb* r*fttl.nr muffne* r»r!c* of
*rng*fl Ot tb* t>W4ll»« of Moral  Ht-it **nla
ttinmare, sod th*r nUerwart* ttot tb*» I  — --	
tb* Mlsorsbl* ptttan*** lh*y ar* r*-|    Acn^dlng to   reports rt-cetvo*   In
«*.*..»■ a* ■»•■*» at* tmtm****k I* arntt- '* i**m   »ii*«*tth  ayntim  am  ot»p***^nW*
ptpoooteo-*-woll,  w*  say. fans yoo
Vouiw traly.
Root** Mt«*«. Altv
o*rf#ntag* of thom who *nltat*4 tt
th* *.tth nattatlftf* wer* r*J**t*d hy
tb*M*4lcal aothoriti** at *%trn€»n.oofy
loo of thtm* frowt FVml* hat* b**n
tsm*d d««n for pbysi-rsl defws.
,-t* th* r**rnt Orand I/iI«i> roave*-
tten A. F. and A. M, IW Aoomn fPr-
»»n wa* *l*rtr*d Orsnd IMnlor Wa«f*n.
whilst Rob*rt Iksthl* wlfl dftthorgo
th* d«ll*« of Urand ftmuivaot. for »h#
*n»ulng term. , *
i   $j '..
Published every Thursday evening at itt office,
Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B.C. Subscription: $1.00
per year, for Dominion of Canada; $1.50 per year
elsewhere (in advance). An excellent advertising
medium. Largest circulation in the District. Advertising rates on application. Up-to-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of book, job and
color work. Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all communications to tht District Ledger,
Telephone No. 48       Post Office Box No. 380
food which cannot be properly digested if the child
be poorly nourished, not remedy this short-coming ?
3. "Why does the Stale impose obligations upon
the parents which thej" eannot adequately fulfil and
leave the deficit to chance ?
4, AY hat explanation (vot what excuse) liave
you to offer why two children bom the same day
with practically like mental qualifications, have not
tin equality of opportunity to receive the same educational facilities?
There arc ti numbor of pertinent questions we
illicit propound upon this subject, but offer the
above four as simple thought starters.   ,
To suggest that one study Socialism is too broad
i. generalization for the ordinary individual with
hide-bound prejudices at the start off, hence our
reason for formulating the foregoing queries which,
being put in more tangible shape, may receive more
consideration than if we advised a study of Social-
imii and left it at that.
One of the many erroneous charges niade againM
the Socialist by opponents is that they believe -ix
making all men and women equal, and then undertake to show the absurdity of the attempt.
The trouble with this class of objectors is they
first build up an argument upon false premises and
then, in their conceit, having pointed out the fallacies, reach the conclusion the opponent should consider himself incontinently and completely
The opponent, if a Socialist, does nothing of the
soit. l;:t culls the attention of the objector'to the
Misrepresentation he makes, and says, ''Your objections would be all right if your first statement were
correct. Imt it isn't."
It is not "equality" that the Socialist believes in
bul is fi»hting thut all men and women should have
an equably of opportunity.
i'lobably the non-Socialist if lie has not made a
study of the subject, will be unable to see wherein
the difference lies. For the sake of all such we will
try lo make it so clear that even those of limited
education may be able to grasp the difference. Bnt
first let us staL-o why we know there can tie no such
a thing as equality amongst mankind. Some are
born lartre. some small, some are born weak physically, others with powerful constitutions; some are
mentally alert, others, wo fully deficient in perception : some have a natural aptitude for music, whilst
othors have none but possesses exceptional meehani-
<al abilities, and so on through the entire list of
The "Crisis in B. C." for the
working class of this province and
elsewhere is not what particular
braud of speculators shall obtain
the profits accruing from speculation, but how is the unemployed
problem and the many other ills
the producing class suffer from
going to be solved? In short, what
what is gbing to be dene to put a
stop to the parent of "Graftitis,"
otherwise known as Capitalism,
New -Brunswick now lias a Work-
men's Compensation Act. It was a
verbatim copy cf tbe Ontar.o Act when
first introduced, but when finally parsed 20 sections had been "scrapped"
entirely and the remainder re-drafted,
and is regarded by tbe manufacturers'
association as the better act of the
two (manufacturers, of course). Under the Ontario Act a beneficiary may
collect as high as eleven hundred dollars a year, whilst In New Brunswick
the limit of compensation is a little
over 600 dollars a year.
There are over 300 men in the Skating Rink temporary wards of thc Provincial Government. They
are nol charged with breaking any law prior to
tlieir isolation, and since tlieir incarceration have
been most exemplary in their behavior, The only
mistake these unfortunates made was they did not
select the particular piece of the earth's surface before their advent upon life's stage, hence are now
suffering for this lack of foresight.
Under the circumstances we feel sure everybody
will recognize that as it has been deemed advisable
to segregate them they are entitled to every consideration in the shape of food, shelter and other
comforts which the exigencies of the case permit.
They are furnished with plain food and shelter;
books, papers, etc.. have beet\ donated to them in
order to aid them in passing away the time, also a
little physical exercise has been furnished. But
(here is one Ihing lacking, and that is bathing facilities, which are very badly needed where so many
men are congregated together. Whilst it may be
inconvenient for the police authorities to fit up the
necessary accommodation, not knowing how long
these men will be held in custody, we are'confident
that as by far the greater majority of these men are
employees of the Coal Company, they could be escorted to Coal Creek and there enjoy the pleasures
of the bath, thereby adding to their comfort as well
us removing a possible menace to their own health
and that, of their associates.
The "Daily Citizen," the exclusive labor publication recently compelled to
close down despite tho fact that its
circulation was over 200,000, will limit,
date all its debts nt 20s. In the .£.
Although its circulation was ttfoat tho
advertisement revenue was disappointing. It is very probable after the war
publication will be resumed.
AVe can never get rid of graft until
we remove the cause of graft—the
cause is Capitalism.
Make a Corner
Collect, the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every <$>\fidti Package
Those Flies
are dangerous as well as
troublesome. It is better ta
keep them out than to kill
them after they are in.
As Sanford Quest
"THE BLACK BOX."   ISIS, June 25
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high grade bicycles. Write for low
"Rough on Rats" clears out Rats,
Mice, etc. Don't die In the House. 15c.
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FOR SALE—A Washing Machine in
first class shape. Apply, 14 Howland
■HiDsr-rrhmnn in»~n]rtinn!Tfflronntman_s55iety".
These simple truths are self-evident to every one.
Socialist included, and still this old bugaboo is
trotted out from time to time by those who, in trotting them out display their ignorance-
Xow then for "the equality of opportunity."
Wo feel .safe iu snying that with but very few exceptions everybody believes that every child is entitled to an education. Strange as it may seem, but
even within our brief lifetime, this was strongly op.
posed. However, let that pass. Today the opposi-
tion to education is practically nil.
Wc often hear boasts made about the glories and
benefits of our educational institutions, open to
everyone. This is only correet in part, and not
'wholly so. The children nt the vast majority of
the members of the working elass do not have the
sn me opportunity as those whose parents possess a
little mrtre of this world's goods.
Statistics without number eould be furnished to
back up the above assertion, hut we do not think
il necessary to tjiinte more than one, as that one
h neither very much better nor very much worse
than the average of any eity on Ihis continent,'nml
y«-t ••oii^i.lcriiiK the fact that it is the home of many
wats of learning it should l»e somewhat better than
the average.
The eity we refer to is the second large."-.!, in the
Dominion of C'mi-kIh, with a population conservatively .-.-itbunted at ovenJIMl.tKNl— Toronto the flood!
The Mmiieipiil Itiircnit of Research lit a bulletin
recently issued shown that hns thun one-third of the
pupils entering the public school* of Toronto un tm
far a* the M-iiioi" fourth grade. Such a large per-
renins*! win, drop mit nt *m **nr\y a stilt?*' is Muted
1» he "either through dtKcouriigcmcitt or the neees-
»*ly of .wUting juir-enU in providing far the up-
Al % Sata
FRIDAV,   JUNE   25th
'Tt is the pleiiientary_diity-nf-j»vAB,y--J-itigfliulii-
place the whole of his strength and resources
at the disposal of his native land in its hour of
need. No state ean exist except on the basis
of a recognition, of a full recognition, of that
duty on the part of every man and every woman in the land,"—Lloyd George, Manchester
speech, June 3rd.
The occasion for this utterance was the plea for
more munitions with which to prosecute the war.
We do not propose to confute the statement, but
believe it would be more fully amplified, by the
introduction of the adjective ''capitalistic" hetween
"N'o" aud "State." The "State" with the qualifying adjective, not expressed but understood, has existed without the recognition of the duty of every
man and eyery woman.
In times of pence, when poverty, nnt Prussianism.
menaces lhe well-being of millions, the recognition
of every man's nnd ijvery woman's responsibilities
one to another have been complacently ignored anil
made subordinate to another "!'"—Profit-
This classic utterance mny serve n.s a landmark
when the wiw is over nnd dispute*) hetween employers nnd employees nre in the limelight, nnd the
clnmors of the poverty-stricken multitudes are
heard throughout the Innd.
The new .Minister of War may not be purticulnrly
well versed in the techni(|ue of his department, hut
as a practical deaionstration of how to grasp the
jmeyehology of the multitude, they who mnde the
selection of tlu former ■Uiaiieelloi' uf the Hxeheipier
reeogtitxed his tireciiiitierif fitness to fulfil the duties
incumbent upon him.
TS~WceKs-30n Reels
Opens with "An Apartment House Case," First Episode of   §
many thrills to come.   Two Reels of Mystery and Suspense,
Mystery .  THrills   -  Suspense
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We have
Screen Doors
In All Standard Sizes from
$1.50 to $2,75
25c. to 60c.
A Howling Domestic Comedy
2 Reels of S die-Split ting Fun.
Papa worries over baby more than mamma does, In fact he Js In
a constant stow day and night about his first born. This makes
mamma very sore, which cause* constant trouble at homo and In
th© office. But mamma gets revenge by presenting papa with three
at once, which was sure somo revenge, as you will admit.
" When Love is Love "
With Pauline Bush and \vn Ham Clifford.   An Intently drnmatic
story of a brother's and a girl's love.
Prize Drawing for Children at Matinee
We Are Ready to Scratch
ott yov bill any item of lumber not
found Just as we represented.  Then
Is uo hocus poena In
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Jt.  *    e
Calgary Cattle Go.
Phone S6   •       Wood Street
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Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc
Offices:   Ground Fleer, Bank of
j Hamilton  Building Fernie, B. C
F. C. Lawe.
Alex. I. Platter
Pernie, A C
U**'\» t'i tilt* tltllllO, "' j -■■—-™•—
Kv<h -t'lMiitiiijf tlmt tln-si- i-liiMivii luiil nn n|ii*jilit,v: Tu timnotv i Friday j niirlit tin* filhu'i-M of l*Vrtii«*
of opportunity in I.H'i(iiiniii|f thfir wlio.il *ttnlif«, j will turn* nn opoprl-iHiity of listening lo n twilal of
two.11iii-.}* of jIh-iii miv <l«-|#riv«**l of it ivli-wi tln»ysthe «*i««1ci«i| thn'tls of thi' nicitihcm of Hip -Ponpn'rvn-
ri'it.ii t!i- M'liior fourth imtih\ It it to rt'iiiotly thUMivo party in .otiiu-.lioti with .••erluiii In ml tlf>il»§,
slut" i'i* -.it'l'iiir. thnt th» SiicjjiHst is tvorltiujt for,    ; iuul if llu- loin) supporter* of tio- -nfoivuninl party
Tin >«.,!-.• my*, to tin' puri-nt; .Yoll must sriul your! wi*li to .•.»titr;ti|i<-t. r.>itH»- or «>v-|»l;«iii full opp.irtiini
rJliM ti. «-•).,.,-:) ill » «<rt«iti .'It'-'* if you tio not tio so   !».  nf doiiitf •»" "i*. in ln> iiffortffil thi'Mi
you will !>.• i*>inii«|*H>t|      Tho X»«t*< ink****, Imt liftf***     lo Iho IVov'onv of M.tuifolin fh**r" f* nn Ito-juiry
i,M*.i *,\ ii'iw ii'.* cimM* iooh  i* iioiirmlie.i ilitrsiitf  ii |»ro»rt'ss toiifliiiif? s<>nttilnls in the jmililif luiiM-
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
l>ry floods, Qroccrlet, Bom* and
Shoes, (hints' Purolsblats
Onr mt|»pilwt with tlif (*« Wlnw
l,l(JIIO|-» MDil ('IgAW
Waldorf Hotel
Mrs. S, Jennings, Prop. L. A. Mills, Msoiger
Menu a Ia Carte
Special Rate Boara And Room by tbe week or month
it* it".
*i*t*tt>' ' ii
, , 11 r ■■        , *
. 1 SI.I  1..
Vi Ij-'l'.
jit  m-Imi»»1   hviv-Hif this ill »i<jmy to-
ll»»- I'.ikiiU aii- iimilili' io «l<» it, In it«'
til*'   »v|l
. ,»t.»; .
I     X *l :
uMiy Mii[ UuimtmUri.tu
.1,.  -1   c, , *.l,   ,. * M't
„     ,.\   ,.*      '..,*:   y.,'.
■mil tll-'i,  tllill   li)''   iif'-' 9.t
*,*'*, <i..-t:,riiiifi,t      In tli.' *yffi*-t«i" East tli.' nn
ifiti (tml ii(i»i»init<l#' t*t*itviiui» tit* Xuvn Sen!in, on.-
i.l    Ift. » . H.Tv.-v  ;*, nth *(»,*,*) ti, iuivt* hiH*n nimlt* ii pay-
*'1   !*
,:  !?.ll" tually th'vi'lojn'il ftiiutv
.   !    :**.•. *ii,.n ...    .«' f *.    *.     ■».,!*
■ *.  .,     -.,    , .,i     \, i > i . . > tn .-»,■ ,
-. vv.'uih, *■,»,!#.>-»«■-, i*,'*nr Itr.'u «.mii« ii*i f»»r yt'itr*. Mtol I'roioj
■mrnl f.iiTAlm- 5* "y:n ■,'!*,.,v faau j>,nl uf |.iil»'n.-.iis,ii*»«.<.M up
iii/.tu.    j tvtry Miitf of tlo» l\ S. .uul t*xt*ry prnvinw of th.-j
Ii>r**"kt. it
1»." :h»* <
.- 'hut i*\*'U th*****' who <itioiil<| Im? moat in-
• t» •Siu- n»hjii**'l jo..jit it a* ihotltfh it must
*t/.Mi*hi-*»1 or»l.»r, mnl likt» 'it- lixvr of thf.
3-»|i*«h<s m**l I'-TSi-tui*. itml with n "It*; t«"».i hn*V *■%* '
pr*t'<stoii. «i!•*■.!its%* il from tlonr tluoiirltt-.
To .»o,i  *.<«'" Ih<«-M-  lilm ixttultl -.itovivU  •|,*-».(if »*«;
,*• 1 :.   -I,     '■'-,, .I**    .1,-   . f ". .,,,- ,Vit   ,.t   .. ... .tt,.
i* . h
ity " its ,* fit-si *t*»j» to tlmt t'tul w«> O'tnilti «»k thftn
t.    tt*\f  It*    t.,\h*ia\n*t 11*1   ,.f  «*j*i.»*th.!i*%.   «it   1*11;
Toi- aihlrt-ts t.i h*. ilthvcr.-il hy Sir- ("ookt* is fully
* fitttliitf.1 hy Mosfk-* t'otswoith in « ptthlifatiou iiml-
r thi- 'fiption of "Tin- Vr'mn in Rf*.," Imi) similarlaf*y  Cortfn".*
Chinook Mines..,..
• .-ritit*" will r-Mtiiimt* to nfw ?n difftrt'itl plm." U2«
pf it»t.*rr»iN mul all fh#» fhwwl of *)tinti*ini* nlt*ri*tt-ttl4
List of Locals District 18
li*. a,'.J .-', i., AiaWvsM
 ...t-'. .1 timilny, liaBklieail, Alts.
 ."....,I. Ijowghmo, tkoxu Cwtk. rl* riaeker, AM*.
...........Ismwi llnrkc. Hot 36, Ikllevus, AIU.
  Wm. Archer. Dklrwtw*. Alu
.......... t. *.t, it«rn«e, k^Mstitirit, AHa
 -I. MMchfll. CeHMnihilt.. CotMssn. Alu.
 Ml<ha«l Warren, OsiiMon, AMa.
 J. Jo-hneton. Col«iMn. Altft-
  R. Oarliilt, Corbin, B.C.
. P. Stranston, Chinook Mints. Comment. AIL
Tho* rrthni rnrtilti, n r.
European nan Ronm tatet
50c k Upwards
American nan Rates
11.60 * Upwards
It#«f*r <**r>Ri
*9*/t* tm.*.......
i8!U*JL«L^*'S^.lil-J^^  i!JI»ll!ii***»ltlLB!!aaiigilMa!!tt-.[^
■To.ili.-t. i otsworth. h nl. will fnil tn *rir*»wii t '*** •!*»B*' •
' t»u   tl tit tie***
............ Ktrta Morfan, lYank. Alta.
*   Vsvk Srftfcr. niUcftwi, Alu
'•llMfiitU" U *«i.U.»t AM^whrni In t^Hattam'J  Wl   ********* •— «- V*****t VOP tl, UUbrUfe. AIU.
tlraftifi*   i« ^itlPttt everywhtro In I aptlnltwn «|,199 i^M^Mts CMUettos...JHom* ntrrti*Ui». CmalbmwL Alt*.
XmAu. -mil is *}ttn*u.m*lt*t* tit tht* iMmom whirh ivtt» ttooto hmJ ,...T. a. Herrue, Pnntfimw, Alu.
^iilftly iiri.1 sfiirjy ,ott th*> ntistr.-fN th-y thud' triff ■ intfnrahle i» lftn« a* tht tmt «vil~-l5i# Pf»fit ftfn-x-tUt
meet *b* -tHtMl-tiMii. '^w   -mnt-hl'im-ft 'm t-'xhilttifi*:   TtretotlitoU Uie t-mti
f       W},.-   ,fr,,*r   *li'-   *Tf .t ft.-   ;•!-.'**!     ? •-!'   ,: 1.S.W     jUitU   kli'ilUlut*   Lt   ViwU't.   -»lv»k*l*«S,   ktt-f'-aiiSWff*
fdn^aliftn? S"irtv«*•*iffa^iom.,',   *M#nnRt•t»»l<wl*,t,   **
?    Why .loo* fho State, havinf proti<!<"<! nt*cu?al,itf.
W^AWtwAwWfi <
, Piebort lleapl, Mfekat, B. C.
.T. «. tinmen, TboOimmAAn.
Jl. l*x*t*ntiTt. tU6or. AIU.
m*>» ^"juii QootoAomo,Cnmmom...Uoo Hottm. Ooormoop. Ctoaara. Alu.
fm»tf»«t.*,      <if*  ytntenp «tn<»»  ton 1A*m*bt*r, SetAet-t. rin ftorby Monn
SeHtpt. rin ttorby Monnf^ln
llomie Albtnn
1300.00  4-rocmed Waawrad Hmm, loi 46 x 1S3 W«t Famla.
176000 *-**£*** ftji«»ii ito»Moi«iiio,fanrfaA^
mx.  Twnw: 1100 caibibalancaM rant.
11*00.00 TwoHowwoBlotOOxUO, WOlmttm Mm* tmt
mptMt CTitrrch   Ttfttsi   p*avt casli p*ym«iit; balsaee
$mw 0 roomed mmimsi titmoMomlopA Avamtt.   WockW
T«rau: put oub; baUnc* u nat
l»0.0fl^ Tttommtpn^mtimpoVitiphAAvtboo.   wm
tM at thtt prtea en mtf tarna
1080.00  lot 00 a 130, Black 1. Vktorta A»t«»
•ou AatHT Ptttt Ptnwt
ttHrrt^tr^9pp,^U.i c
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
oi other valuables in one of these boxes
P. B. Fowler, Manager Fernie Branch
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid Up..$7,000,000       Reserve Fund ....$7,000,000
PELEG HOWLAND, Esq., President   ELIA5 ROGERS, Esq., Vlce-Pres.
Arrowhead, Athalmer, Chase, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Invermere,
Natal, Nelson, Revelstoke, Vancouver, Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Home d ank « Canada
Head Office, Toronto James Mason, General Manager
Branches and connections throughout Canada
There is an increase in small savings accounts with the chartered banks in every part of Canada. Arc you also saving
more closely than usual? One dollar opens an account with
the Home Bank. Full compound interest paid at highest
bank rate.
J. F. MACDONALD, Manager
♦ ' ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦<* ♦-♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.
In Michel Hall, Monday; night last,
a committee of ladies held a sool
dance for brothers fighting for ihe
Kmiiire which was quite a sucioss,
being patronized by all nationalities,
and to both them and tlie musicians
the ladies extend their thanks. Dancing was kept up till the sma' wee lioors
of the mornin' and all who participated
were loud in their praises for the
promoters. Tlie committee was composed of the following ladies: Mrs. M.
Littler, sec, Mrs. M, Jenkins, treasurer. -Mrs. W. Whitehouse. Mrs. S. Stevenson, Mrs. J. Touhey, Mrs. IX Grundy.
The dance realized the following:
Taken at the door, $57.00; 184 pair, of
socks; flowers sold, $11.80; ribbon
sold, $3.90; ice cream, $14.30. The
money -collected will be handed to the
Daughters of the Empire to dispose of
as they think fit.
We regret that lack of space will
not allow us to .publish the names of
all donors, but may mention that 107
ladies'contributed 184 pair of socks.
The mines here are working fair at
present, but we would not advise any
one coming to Michel in search of
work, as there are scores of men here
hanging around looking for jobs, and
cannot get them.
T. Conners, the Sociilist standard-
bearer In the coming election, delivered an address at Nata! on Sunday last
before a very well'attended mea*.lug,
and tt goes without sayine thn' his
audlpnce was pleased with his speech.
Furthermore, It was pleasing to hear
some of tlie opposition declare that his
remarks were well founded, and we
have no doubt that the workers will
vet learn that it is them and only
them who can work out their own
We are sorry to report an accident
which occurred to Bd. Stacey In No.
3 Mine last week, the result of which
is thait Bd. is snow nursing a broken
rib and bruise-d shoulder. The accident listened while he was riding a
trip of loads going up the slope, some
Nothing'stops the stinging,
smarting and itching like Zam-
Buk. Don't let the children, or
yourself, suffer longer. Apply
Zam-Buk and be "bite-proof 1"
50c hox. aU Dtutt'tt* *i-i Sttra.
meeting was to ascertain the sentiment of the public with reference to
having the aliens interned, and requested that a vote be taken on the
matter.     The sum and substance of
ence relaive to the doctor question in
this locality, reported that the conference were of the opinion that if five
cents were deducted from the -doctor's
fees per month, per member and placed in a central fund, it would be suffi-
cenT to meet the normal requirements
of consultation and treatment of a
specialist. Some of the doctors in
question are agreeable with this plan,
and it is reasonable to suppose that in
the near future it will be in working
order. The Pit Committee reported
that the superintendent, for business
reasons, found it impossible to agree
to thc committee's request that the
work should be equitably shared up
ns the outlook at present was practically a day to day contract, and as far
as he knew there was no immediate
srgns ot* improvement.
The recommendation of the relief
committee that those working should
be assessed to support those who aie
not did not meet with approval owing
to the fact that they themselves were
unable to make, ends meet, and as our
local is not entirely free from tbe
sentiment that is apparently; so prevalent in this District, this added a fur-
the motion moved toy the Rev. Murray.   ™. '™,'f^k   „ Us success
™oo hi,** -nr, oMInn tta Inkon In tho mar.   tneI    StUniOllIlg   DIOCK   10   US   SUCCBSS
was that no action be taken in the mat
After    considerable    discussion    thc
Are You Going to Europe?
See the Great Northern Ageut. lie can arrange your rail
and steamship booking over any line you wish to travel
cheaply and quickly. Passenger train for main line leaves
Fernie 10.30 a.m. Passenger from main line arrives 9.30 a.m.
Train daily except Sundays. We connect with G.N.P.S.S.
boats. Great-Northern and Northern Pacific at Portland
and San Fraueuco for the Fair.
.   We solicit your EXPRESS
and FREIGHT business to all
Express Delivery in Oity Free
. J, E. COLE, Agent, Fernie
Box 438 Phone 161
The best safeguard against
strong drink is to cultivate a
taste for that harmless and
wholesale beverage—good beer
—we make it.
Mutz  /.   Fernie
B. C. C00PEYE CO. Ltd.
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furniture
%%o nM totohA foot mmn* trom eamtrnpattot not nt bol-
«m tftt-mn.  Cell, wrttt, plowt er otto.   AH wOm ghm
prompt etteftUM.
If   flf   0Wv  SVPWfVPt wl  fWWH.     1? mmm minfSb mmt WW*
low timbers striking Htm and throw- 'lel[ n^un',0"^ pros7on?k'VoYpi-
ing him back over the first load and; «el ^ttW Hadfleld"c
landing, him on the bumpers of the * B°ar$ f-ees T SmUh R M Mori
first and second load. Fortunately he """'f' -Z: ~*,es' ' b '
managed to remain (in this Position ^^ng^'s Nashville'Students. negro
precarious though It was until the mll/stre8,| presented a first class pro-
trip landed on the top of the slope. "'„„ f' ' J, nnnrpclntive audience in
It U painful to see the number of J ^g^^g^^l
ss?,sann»r1,s&' siv^ *&** F°ot*m cm *»w**
that each eamp they .pass through H
ter, the -Mayor requesting au in favor .      .   .    ... , .    annTOVal of allow-
to stand up.    While the motion pass-  U)cal ^"'"ea. us appro\ai ot allowed unanimously, it is a moot question
yet whether the end ?dmed at has been
The regular meeting of Carbondale
Local will be held on Sunday in the
Eagles' Hall, when all members are
requested to be present. -Business:
Nominations and election of office
bearers for the ensuing termi'
A special meeting of Coleman Local
was held in tho Opera House on IMonday afternoon, the business being the
nominations and election of officers
for the ensuing term: The following were elected: President, R. -M.
Morgan; Vice-President, E. Mllley;
Financial Secretary, J. Johnston; Recording Secretary, D, Gillespie; Trea-
surer^ W. iH. Haysom; Pit Committee,
It. M. Morgan, J. Johnston and J. Ku-
blnac; Checkweighman; W, H. Haysom. Checkweigh Committee, F.
Leary. L. Sartori, T. Smith; Finance
Committee, T. Smith, W. Ltfes; auditors; I. Thomas, S. Leoskl, alternative
(i. Thomson;  Hall Trustees, J- Had
ing our present union dues to remain
until the month of August to enable
the relief committee to make one issue
of relief possible.
At this stage of the proceedings the
Rev. F. T. Cook was given the privilege of addressing the Local as to why
tliey should avail themselves of the opportunity to hear one of America's
greatest orator's lecture on Prohibition, as in the speaker's opinion the
question was a vital one to the worker. This concluded the business for
the day.
worse than the previous one, iintll they
Frank last Saturday and defeated the
local team by one goal to nil.  This
Z^ Mfohir-.woh ftw"dato lffi being one win each, they meet again
SU^t^**"tjflS SI - Saturdarat B^rmoi, to.pl.gr the
hand every other statement that vou
see on pay day Is marked on the bot-
tom--<'Nil!" (Michel the Prosperous!)
iFrank Dickie Is now the father of a
bouncing boy. Mother and child doing well.
The employees of Michel Mines aro
wondering when the next meeting trill
lip held to hear the report of the doc-
our present agreement with the doctor,
We are convinced, however, that when
they do report they will have done
th-Air best.
Mike Lalich. who has suffered for
some time past with eye trouble, has
left for Calgary to get the advice of
a specialist. We trust that he will
return benefitted.
We are sorry to hear of tho death
of iMr. Martin Lyons who left Michel
somo time ago for the front. We also
tender to his widow and three little
children our alncerest and most heartfelt sympathy ln their bereavement.
Last Sunday the local baseball team
entertained the Elko team in a friendly game which resulted In an easy win
for the locals.
(leorge Rims, of Corbin, an old timer,
has returned and Intends staying with
us awhile. If luck favors htm in his
search for work. *
Tom Conners arrived In camp last.
Sundav mornltiK after an organising
trip through Alberta.
deciding game.    Kick off at 6.30.
Work Is still much the same here
at both mines—very quiet.
Train Of Thought Inspired By a Letter
About "Fruit-a-tives"
Directory of Fraternal
Meet every Wednesday evening at
8 o'clock in K. P. Hall.
Noble Grand—J. PEARS-OX
Secretary—J. Mc.N'lCHOLAS.
.Meet-first  and  third  Thursday   in
month, at 8 p.m., in K. P. Hall.
■'.'*.    Noble Grand—A. BIGGS.
Meef'every- Tuesday at 7.30 p.'in
K. P. Hall, Victoria Avenue.
K. of S.—D. J. BIACK,
Ottilia, Ont., Nov. 28th, 1914.
"For over two years, I was troubled
with Constipation, Drowsiness, Lack of
Appetite and Headaches. I tried several
medicines, but got no results and my
Headaches became more severe. One
day I saw your sign which read 'Fruit-
a-tives' make you feel like walking on
air. This appealed to me, so I decided
to try a box. In a very short time, I
began to feel better, txn&nowffeel/ine.,.
Now I have a good appetite, relish
even-tliing I eat, and the Headaches,
are gone entirely. I cannot say too
much for 'Fruit-a-tives', and recommend ihis pleasant fruit medicine to all
my friends''. DAN McLEAN.
"FRUIT-A-TIVES* is daily proving
its priceless value in relieving cases of
Stomach, Liver and Kidney Trouble-
General Weakness, and Skin Diseases.
50c, a box, 6 for $2.50, trial size, 25c,
At all dealers or sent postpaid by
Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
Lady Terrace Lodge, Xo. 224, meets
in the K. P." Hall second and fourth
Friday of each month at 8 p.m.
\V. M.-sMrs. J. BROOKS,
j    Secretary—Mrs.  J AXE  TIM.MINGS
i    Sleets every Monday at 7.30 p.m.. in
i K. P. Hall.
j Dictator—J. SWEENEY,
/Secretary—G. MOSES.
140 Howland Ave.
Meet at  Aiello's  Hall  second   and
third Mondays fu each month.
Secretary—J. M. WOODS.
Box C57, Fernie.
$I0C Reward, $100.
'    Tlie readers ot thn paper win be plciaed to lean
i Uut tbere U at least one dreaded disease tbat eelean
1 haa been able to cure In all iu stages, and tbat U
i Catarrh.    lUll'a Catarrh Cure U tbe only positive
cure now known to tbe medical fraternity.   Catarrh
| being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment,    nail's Catarrh Cure Is taken tn-
i teraally. acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surface*   of   the   system,  thereby   destroying   Un
foundaUon ot the disease,  and giving the patient
strength Dy building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work.   The proprietors hsve
to much faith In its curative powers that tbey offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case tbat It tails te
cure.   Sendftor l|sl <'' testimonials.
Address F. 1. CHKNEY & CO.. Toledo. 0.
Sold by all DnmcWs. ;»c.
Take Hall's Family puis tor constipation.
♦ ♦♦♦♦
the Union Bank here, was renewing
old acquaintances this week-end.
Mrs. A. Burcey, who has been attended by Dr. McKenzie for Uie last
three weeks, has been removed to the
hoapital for the purpose of undergoing
an operation.
Jack Shone had the misfortune to
get a nasty blow In the eye whilst following hia occupation as miner In Xo.
Inline, which will leave him hors de
combat for the next few days.
Jack Allanby, of the 13th <M. R., and
Ike Hutton of the 5th. were home for
a brief visit this week-end.
A number"oftE-a West Canadian official* were seeking further honors In
the recent mining examinations.
The annual Indian pow.wow waa
held on Saturday In the skating rink.
The Rev. F. T. Cook held divine service on Sunday morning for tho bone^
fit or the Indians, when some thirty
were preient. Their religious fervor
was most marked.
The restaurant In the MoCutcheon
Block, which hss had many changes In
management during th© last few years,
has this week been token over by that
old-timer Charile Burrows, who In
As Lord Ashlelgh's Daughter in
,"THE BLACK BOX."   ISIS, June 25
When war ciuie Great Biiuln tulzed
every railroad and private enterprise
It saw fit and began to operate them
for the liatninal welfare.
Vou will feed, clothe and shelter
millions or )our citizens that they may
go forth and destroy other men: you
will not feed, clothe and aheltar uny
■»r them that their own llv«w may be
■■'■-..  *      * ■    * .i   •
Do you say that such enterprises me
necessarily taken over In war time: I
say to you that so long as you have
poverty in the world It Is always war
**•    ♦    ♦
What nations can do for tbe sake
of carrying ou war nations ca:i do lor
tho sake of preserving peace. I* tbere
any flaw In that?
• •    •
A thousand peace societies talking
against the horrors of war and get
maintaining tbe system that makes
war inevitable, are but a comedy.
• •    •
Wbat can be done In time of wa<- cau
j iif done 4n time of peace,    ir Btmer.il
Circular Tour thro'
Revelstoke and
A spieinlid vacation trip for teadi-
t'l-s—anil others. 'Very low fares
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To points in Ontario, Quebec. Xow
Urunswiek. , Nova Seotia and
I'rinee Kdward Island at low
fares. Lilieral limits, stop overs
and diverse routintfK.
♦ ♦♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦'
♦ forms us that Jt Is his Intention to put j toojier»tion is good In timo of war it
Dave Held has pom to-Michel where
ho bus found tbat elusive thing tbey
Panama-Pacific &
San Diego Expositions.   Pacific
Coast Bxcnrsions
Reduced fares from all points.
When going, to the Kxpositions or
the l'aeifie Coast, it will profit ymi
to travel through your own won-
derlniid—the Canadian Roekies—
visiting .Banff, I^ke Louise, Field,
(Jltieier, thence via Vancouver.
A special train, Calgary to Seattle,
July 10th. Knre>'f4.40. C«w«-
piMiding fares from uther points.
up meals that will taste like those; jg K0O(] in time 0f neaee.
which mother used to cook. ; ♦    .    »
The local Odd Fellows were Joined,    KCOnomtc freedom Is tho scarcest
  ...  _      .   by the Dlalrmore aad Coleman coatln-, thins in America—o— r in the world.
call a "Job." He has been hunting Kpnu In this their first annual grave t it (» doubtful if ten iterant* In a hun
this creature for eome oilht month*, i decorating anniversary. More than 1 ,jrprt *havi, it, ami the ninety In the
The $700 granted by tbe District ngunl Interest was shown by the p**> j,nndred arc on so short a tether, so
Board for relief purpow* wa« dlstrl* |.U> ot this vicinity owing to the fart closely bound to tlieir Jobs, tbat won-
buted here on Saturday last Judging that it was the first anniversary oromle freedom 1* to bring eo far away
by the number of nppHennt*. 17,000 that terrible calamity which occurred aM t\w i,al 0f aoltl «t the jaIuIjoa'k
would have been more acceptable.      j m Hlllcrest.    A large concourse or ,„n(j,™cuWon Oardner.
Mrs. Stewart Mllley underwent *; oeojil* were present in thc terovury ,      *    »    *
successful operation In the Miners' j nt Hlllcrest, sympathetically watching when you vote for the republican,
Hospital oh Monday. the various rralernst societies derortt. tor ,he Democratic or for the lkn»8f*»-
. The following were elected orrtce-1 |ng the graves or their departed bre>tV|V0 mny candidate you say in eWect:
bearer at Sentinel Lodge No. 28 K. P.. I thr<"n. The Coleman band was in st- ..| ^jevc In a system of Induttry bas
meeting on Saturday last: C.C.—1. M.{tendance. .    _L< »d ui»n private profit."     After vot-
fViv    Vf—W     MHffy?    Prelate—A.'    Ttri» t*»mn«»r.'tnre pentw of tnf* town   j,^ ^.„*v f,,,.n *ov-n\t ft",.  .*e\'i *<\->w
Scott; M. or \V.-~W. Fraser: K. II. -S.-~.jm* *>n«1envorlnR to get a special train  dtatel)   demand that government  In
I). Cllllesple;   M. or P.—D. aill«iple ■ for -Friday evening to hear one or Am* f(ly< »,»,«, nni\ mnon »h»n concern
torn tern.); M. or K. T. Muir; .M. at  crlca**  fir<-ai<-*<-  orator*,  PVinton   V  im,u tU UitUh Ul t,,^,, tl»K nintti*
A— T. Thornton; 1.0.—<M. MeWcltens; * Howard, lecture on the question or of ,h„ 0»WPr* ai industry.-Allan I*.
I o. O—i. tllendennlng t Pmhlbitton In the Itlalrmore Opera i^mhi.
'    A special meeting oi the Towa Cot»n- |louse. on m»v a*i»». William Holllday ass
           ----,-—     a nomliy nwrniinr of l»a»c W»H«»«» *«.ntencc.| at Itlrmlngbam  »Kng.»  to
«rtbewit« sre «nt!et|.9tlnf with eager. lbm) montbi* hard labor for seditious m
hP»s the «|t<ntiiK ot the fi»blnR seaton utterances,     th* rollowlng Is one or ,r
on July l«i, th# stntencei embodied In the Indict
Arnold Marteil i« now holding down
Particulaw from nearest Agent or from
District PatMng er Agent, OALOARY.
Bellevue Hotel
Best  Aeeommodstion In the Pas*.—
Up-te-Data — Ivery   Convenience.*-
#*estt««tl Cutttea
J. A. OALLAN, Prop.
ell was held in tbe council chambers
on Wednesday morning when tta wa-
Ilon or having lh# aliens Interned was;
dhcussed.    Xotbtng   deflBite. *, however. »as settled., but It was suggest-
, id that nil the Inrormatlon p<»slWe be the barber's«bslr In t'o:*'n fotti ltt***m
I collected ond laid before a public taeet-     t)#r**ant M«i«r Malor has succ«!«d
I Ing for them to determine what actlen ed Sergeani Vent* in roiMn-OTn* t»e
I ahould be lalwu on lhe nuitur. »Cf*ir» of tbe ll. X. W. M. P.   Con*
A putilif meeting *** he*,4 In the  *tablt* V*ir»ih> t-* b.t- ,i**u ,td>n 4 :•
I Opeta House   on   rr»d*>  afternoon, tbe Iletlevite torn*
> Mavor MorrlMiii pr«sldlii«    Tb«' alien     f»n<- of i'u» t*<*t nl <h>  lUWun r
1 question Wia ataln laken «P. and after   .r*t«-« •» !«»»♦ t»'-re ior ttt* trim in*
,.„,inn-(,.t,i,K lh«« .Sill- r.»»l i?*H-** r#U- s-«« ....«».,!. ,S „t, 1 <l t.rr.t .u.fti h,t
1 tlve W the w«ttnn IMt he ba»* l***" further mthiarr m'nlr*. bis ataln tifc
•able to collect  be requested that a
vote U»« laktu ou tUtt mitur. Itm.
i Mr, Murray mored ihst no action h*
' tiilii'n In !ti<- in.'ilhT, .nul Uut all l'i'i»-
1 *tnt pledge themoeieet to mn that no
i the fwt«»» alwmM ***nr     Tta mmor
• i'vi|U«>»iiea ♦»>•» ut !*■»«.!; x** »^u.4 t*n, -alu
, tin- wn llitn n*n ■i*ti***A 4ha*niUiiM''h
'J    Vetet* neetb**' t*m*  »pmtmt*  th"
titrtnn nmtwm will ta ta tail name.
An *rnm*emn »tatea»#«i appenred In
^l-urlm'* **4"l«u    iff    'bf    1';U,ri
i»b up hi* rr*l*'*'i,i* tn !«<• '••toe
i tu-  H'U.il.11   mt «'t.nt <»r  1*1 4J   l-il
ion%ffi-.it *i ii-ml «»ib 'N« Pri*»«l,-'»i
I-i t'H' cluilr *i» ' it mm.'!-  i riMWl It.  -'
f»'tt**a»',-e     tn .orrtrmitt with n-tr in.
.     ,        ,•        ..,•••' f       tttlr., ,       *       t
• »-<■«<  *»erf  it<* w-wtia*   %4ymre**l to
iWi.ou*.>'U« ,mii.*''..**.v.j. ....
'• j.   i.   ■< i'.i i . "' imi* ■
to ta att<*sde*l io.
t'rtrf*itt*' ttt-H<».    H i»i
ihey Winn •1«>*».u»ii* i*t i'<*-
,.f   |i ,.   ! IH  i)     •! »   ll"! i   'I
BJi-0",:  "Tb«"r#» ar» .*»,«on men o«t on
9'tltn* in tb*- nUthrountn ihe> tiavi**
mv sj-mpathtp*. Hill *»' Why t»n>
fi-t Htll «" rme nlfh» and H<«»l 40 on
:*t t*thi*t iiialtt'"
HtwitM)-x   t*t   ibt*   tfiioiii 4l«f» ivt.l
ttflt'**'    »*nt*<'      "1     lii-'ll I''   **\tf •<•••■>,'
who »*«» l». »!r»a»  MrHain. b*- btd
„,i . •    ,• .   -    * H i'    V ,'    t.,»tr-t>    i "1
,.0-„,,. t»f *,.j. •• n i ik« »tnild m-tb-f '' •■)»»
t,Hrit»!*f io tV Ki*ir a tan tt«* a. a* ter)
til tet thr  I    it •• •  "
iloitl<l4) Si**** -4 fjmlly of t*i«h*i eta'
lllrlt    W'tll   JIV   •>•     '    '    ''I.'1'* •)   .ifl*  I'   '<       'l
;*llow eorlri!*
Company • "Thn Quality Storw."
*.< I * 4 ,  . *
tit,' •     \
t,1**  It
tlt'l.l   t
v..- 111.
*n*X ate** nam*'* ■>'».
, * 9   *
* *t  9"
, .»« *» >».,.*.**■*. »..l..*..*•*,   *.«h*k Ji* *   J* i   ■»
* »♦***!»« el tta «st«»f» et r*teas*i» l«
was **Nf*t«l »ot to tt-ttm* truth ta i>.t
patliy with the miner* of IliilereM and
, f...-,>     with t***** eht**t ot t-1**t'et
•,% * •«*» j ntf* «#.Mn« 'tat tta tint*
tut nt b»* In en jo-epted aa "flcfh-l"
t we «i«% It »■■*• efeor to Ita i-etdet*
. I,
'UtU   I'A-i'    '-■**  ■•■  * '*•■
p«Mle one. ecd
.•t <•*•*** tbat it we*
*,,**.«       1*9.,,.*      *). **  f,       *t**1*r **"""'J*       ♦''/■
ottrf'ttr «ftw»»*nr etiih tm mn ib'it
■ or otMsUior »•« o*t*r m**lhm*4 Wh'«e
* *# %** m4 *4**»<ti* tm tatat V?«* *>*-
ffwonfMe to* iwr nrthttt. wtan htatlr
iewUtW I* ta mt*. me *4etM.**<lfl* tfoi**%
imbmm tt t* eakerwtam Tta awor
•ttated Itiai  ita t-4**  in talilt.t tta
*l 'tar 1K.-WJI *«■! *•»*«-
,    ,    -A     V*,.*^*,*^**      *. .-.**.   ,       *-     91,     ,«.**>.      *   .
iW-iIrt*      jtt«-:r>« (*»•   ttt> *Ur i***
,*'**4 t,*i *t *--'••»   th**" --fr  *»*»«   •"*
«-Sd fttl't* *ta'it' bt* •*••»•  t*»*  » 1*»,
»«"y l|»»|„ ,»!*< in..foe *»-*li s»l-«'-»*     M* t*
♦»'«irv tin***• *'<■- lettr-l-iett it* •*■,"■■*-
tt.f*\   10'1  t   t  'fA'tt-t   l'i   W»'   «'"»tlM
i»  *ttb a 4m*'!* tx-f^
u;        '    ■     ,       .       t    !■>      .     ,    ■•   ' (..
imt*tf 1r**o 'ta l*f*tfi»* *ttt *• "t t%e
,n*»i»i».*» »,. tt,',*-*i tt*!r.,f*,'. <"   •   t" ,.
«,,tf"|.,,V''»l    I*'   tt*.   tfWf.I'vt,   t*   t) ,    H
lief     Whilst *tij*r**«tall»* wr frt»ti *n
H tm* Mt >«* ,**'( ?-**.!"<»I,.»!f ttt ttr "*xr
lievlor tatal. a»d ea*   t"*»**'  ■**■  ■,"'^
tif setttoa htl'i fft» that -tawe tai«*
•*•»! tt*lv **tm*nin*4 l» ***0X* Xm <**t
tfwnl tfoatf ** «*** tta W«i aw.tad •*>*
,!i. ". .*; in iai... ,    , .'..;*. -
? it*-*.* ■*$***** *i*  f>*jrt*r-f*f
" '*■** 'ii   ■< J II '.t ti >\ I. •   i'* .i*t*    '
1*   if ttt**'  $tX+l'fa*
n*P*rt*     Ot    ftmm'.t"**- -Hear■,***■
Itaita, wfco ati*n4*4 tta r»c*»* veafef.
fr    -        i    -.1 --.-".. .'     i  '     w * 'K.
el *»t! ***t *',*;, it ' f«*'*rt» ■"it-it
•t Mtatirr* ao nstaral ** to n**4 no
,    ., m.    I )....,'      *.  j   . '.*    *
mt*********      **f imp*-* **.*' i **.*.   <*** *.**
imt la * tUltru-   '.«•<      >»•  I..
«h« *  *Utt,"*i * * » *-'*.»>>    * ■»«" ,
>»«>!«! 'In" * 'i *   *t. »hi v  »!,»". ''i*
an* * *< *»n'* «'"^*
ft« r *t» ♦ t'-.f *** * t,t 1,tm»
•*   X r*r'* ** r-«twr ttt %m
pWttXtra-MtOr tt*»«ii|,»l»'tWKli**««tir<r«M*llt
tut j, k «,   w* *nt»t •■ maUr a-iit'! ih' >ttnt*t«ea
ta*. «*«** *t tta wb'-ir nftn.-m.
t't ft' t rh> 'imn'iTt tt i- <%' •*•" '•* ito-
'. it,      *'  i9»    !■•   **>.*,   it),   I
egf o. itm"
yaml-ntlt*i1'*iltt*Hf Xi*.t k "•' '■ • tf
t't i
f ,     9. ..      *
lmi*.l v   '.  f,» !-*..*   I". - i . * i     -'
<fW«lll    •»»».  *.<»*I»  9**   ft*'    »    ' ' *   >    '    -*"  I
""I'*''.'* • . . y- ■ i
*> rf    ,    f *    •*•       -9    "'    * " ♦*■
rata* 4 <» » »>< ml I w •' v. ? *t!v 11
JUf*'* itt* ahaJPtlK. v-i»-t.'. .'<*.
..    7
r      .#
Important Newt for you
in this space NEXT
VV Ctl\
Phone 25        Blairmore, Alta.
Tho Store That SAVES You Money **»*M*****W^
■■*-)<!■. jf '
'■■ *^9r.:'..:
*hjb v&mxnj^
h   *
June 28
July 6
June 28
July 6
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The Store o   j
Quality     I
Money Saying Prices
First Aid Instructions
For Miners
Uy M. W. Glasgow, W. A, Raudenbusk
and C. O. Roberts
(For tha benefit of our many ruder* Interested in Flrtt Aid wo beflln
this wook tho reproduction of MIntro'
Circular No. 8, published by tho U, ».
Bureau of Mine*. Theee Instructions
aro also appearing in the Unltod Mine
Workers' Journal, to whom we aro Indebted for the loan of the cuts accompanying the text)
Application of tho Opon Triangular
Bandage to tho Head
In applying tbe open triangular
bandage to tie head (Pig. 12), place
the base of the bandage on the forehead, para the trlangue over the head
•nd alio* the apex to hand down the
back toward the neck. Cross tke ead*
at the back of the head, bring then
around to the forehead, and tie; then
bring the apex up on the back of the
head and pin to the bandage on top of
the head.
Application of the Cravat Bandage to
tht Head
In applying the cravat bandage to
the hwifl (Pit, I3». place the center of *. ric
the bandage on the aide of the facet    "'
about in line with the ears,    first br-
out- end hang down tbe back of tbe
neck and the other end hang down
arm sling ig used, the apex of the first
bandage passing under the bandage
used as the arm sling and being pinned in place.
In the second method (Fig 17) the
base of the triangle Is placed on top
Dressing the Arm
In dressing the arm, place the apex
of tbo triangle on the upper part of
tlio arm, fold one end In between the
bandage and tho arm, nnd wrap the
other around the nrm as many times
it.—Cravat bandage  applied to
tha eye.   Flrtt method.
over the uninjured eyp. Then place
tne renter of the cravat on tho Injured
o>o and run the ends around the head
as described in the eye dressing first
mentioned. Return ttje ends actk tie
abote th*. Injured eye. Xow bring the
I wo end* of the roller bandage toge-
ih«»r wn top of ihe head and tie I fig.
t.'ii, Thl* Ira re* thn well eye tineov-
»-r«- i ,m«l enables tbo |Mttl#nt to ***.
Iim of Triangular Bandage fer tho
Th*w nm twa tnttfco-'fa of aj»f»*y'<*?t
: 4 tt-^UKti-Ut t>.»i. Un»: ui the sboiiider.
;    In tbt* Writ Method iVlp Hi tbe bat*
of the tHanalc In pHeeil on th*« ftiiirr
iu'df ot the mm near the shoulder .uul
«ih» »wo end* carried around th* nrm
and IM, Tie apex I* ttronxnt vp
i m** ibe »h««|d#r     In order ti» ht'«f tt
Fig, 17.—Open triangular bandage applied to tho shoulder,  tocond method,
of the shoulder, tbe apex hanging down
over the shoulder on the arm, and the
ends are carried down under the arm,
crossed, brought back around the arm
over the apex, and tied. The apex Is
then turned back over the knot do-
ward the shoulder and pinned.
Dressing tht Elbew
In dressing the elbow with the triangular bandagt trig, ll). place tbe
base o1 tne triangle on the arm below
the i-lhow, the apex pasting tp the arm
above tbe elbow,    Bring tha two ends
Fig. 19—Opon tri- Fig. SO—Opon triangular bandage angular bandage
appllod to tha applied to tho
arm. hand.
as lt will go and tuck tt under or
pin It at its termination with a safety
pt»i (tip. 18).
Hand Dressings
l'i dr»s»!ng tha hand with an open
tiiauKular bandage (fig. 20), place the
base of the triangle on the Inner side
of the wrist. Bring the apex down
over the palm of tha hand and run It
around the tips of the fingers back
over the back of tbe hand to a point
Above tbe wrist. Cross the ends, one
on either side of the hand around tbe
fort) arm and Uo on Ibe outer aide ot
tbe wrltt. Bring the apex down over
the knot, and pin.
In dressing tbe band tlth a cravat
bandage (fig. 21, place tbe center of
iho shoiiltler and fasten to tHe "ends.
If tho apex ls not long enough to allow fastening, lengthen it by adding
Pin- IS—Cravat kt-n-ieajt attOed lo ton
tag one md over the top ef tk* h-mA,\
then pern tbe other end aadtr the
I-kill *B<l Up itlt-i lh* 1*4*.. -,'««•.Il.e ttm
mmm* *m *t*m%. «m *»*• **^*aum»km mmt.  *****
bring os* ot tbm ends arowad the bat k
of th* ktad and tiie otbtr atwsad the
for««hr:»d and ttr 4he baadaga Just
above «f»f* *ar at tb* starting point
lye Dressings
l» 4r*.aint tk* eye. tol4 th# Irian-1
point tfxndagr: jn*o t tra* at sud place •
lb* tenter ml ike fcaadL-it* on ttt* In-!
auk* -ui 'iht Um- )ti.tl Uu wont mroau4,
tlie onprttit* a$4* ttt tke h**4; crass*
at ijrt- hmb *•? :ht' ttt'tb. ua.6 n-xuru tinea-da tt* >h* Itttut main, an*l lie aboita'
♦kw *y* iflg. H). *
\ tiitfid tir*'**ian iui U* *)** Mit4 ono
.**,. T«.f nett** r*mxtn tn (»**. ^*tfr4, nr, Open Manouto AgitdfcOftt gg
lli' travel dearth* :* umi At toi mpo te tlw oMeldor. Flrot mHhid.
•awe- run loom ootp ohom n» wt ami ethrr
Tsii-f a piece of l-I&cb raitor b»ud .f'gures art to bo tuektd In neatly.
•00 al«Kst It tnntUt. but* Mat aim Af
trwwat baa4ag*.    Atom tbo otom Ot, to prnmrn nootbm cravat l—iagt A
turn tbt beot, tmoA ****** lately artwtd tkt tttt, m mt
Fig,-Ate--*Open triangular bandage applied tt tht chest
to it n piece of roller bandage, Thia
dressing oan be applied to the bank
by placing tht bast of the triangle at
the back and carrying out the method
ilesiribod for drenlng the chest.
Bandaging tht Qrtln
In applying the triangular bandage
to <h<? groin (fig, JS), place the base
of tht triangle on tht outtr aidt of
tht thigh below tht groin, carry tkt
two ends around the leg. cross behind,
bring back to tht front of tbt thigh,
the base ot the triangle below the
knee, firing the ends around either
side of the leg, cross them at the back
of the knee, pass them around the leg
to the front, and tie above the knee.
Drlng tbe apex down ovpr the knot,
and pin.
Circular Dressing of the Arm or Log
with the Cravat Bandage
To apply a cravat bandage with circular dressing to the leg- or arm, place
tbo center of the cravat on tbe injured
part; carry the enda around the leg
or arm, one on either side, and tie
where the bandage started.
Apply Cravat Bandage to tht Foot
To apply a cravat bandage to the
foot, place the -center of the bandage
ou tho bottom or sole of the foot. Bring Ute enda up over the Instep and
around tht anklt, crossing tht instep
in front of tht ankle, tbe around the
leg crossing behind the -back of the
anklt. Bring tht tnda back to tbt
front of tht anklt, and tie.
To apply tht open triangular bandage to tht foot, place tht bast of tht
triangle on tht back of tht anklt.  Br-
-.^..'y IOc
'       Packet of
wm Kin mm NIIS THAN
S8'"'woniH Of  ANY
lug tho apex down over the aolo ot the
foot, around the toei, hick over th#
top of the foot, and up tbt Itg to a
Solnt above tht anklt tn front Thtn
ring tht enda around tht ankle to tbt
front, and tie. Fold tbt apex down
ovtr the knot, and pin.
P*p tg^-O-pe* trttngwtar
' tt Ms
to iM fn«Mc nail ctrt-ua *t tlie bead of
ik* olboti. Tben tntmo tbm **4*
armmif the arm, lyUtf them op tkt
back of the arm above tbe elbow and
ntm the tmm ot Ik* tausdag* ffrttf
vm nptm tvwt wvtr im pttM tf ittn
alhow otA ttO.
r.g. at—Cravat appttad tt tine hand,
tt»f» ffsvai nt-rm* tbt* |>-*?m ot »b««
k«n4, *rlng or** .M->d op b*t«r*Mi lb*1
fatwfttfer and tkt tbtmb and tkt
ttker ntotmt the little flnt»r aidt e*
tbt band; then bring ikt ttda tp tt
the. ttttk tf IN mte, ante thtm,
bring tk*-as aro»rt tkt wrist and tit
tr pin U»*e».
mm*m*mtm~. Uj. et,.**
^-*mt^^^^^^f*w^m  om^m  wpiwwt
fn bsnifatfng thn rhmi ttlt* tf),
place tbt* bate of tbt triangle on tkt
fimt nt tho «%pu not pate tkt isro
^jUkJtj.     t^aamnttamn^A    tmmmJAtamm   itlh-A.    -matamtmamn    mammA   ilMBA
isti arewtt <nwtf tat ann bm nt
tt lit hack.   Catty tkt aa#t tp Ptm
Fig. t>—Optn tritAfsltr kandtft np
piled tt Ikt groin
aad tie. Tt fitate* tkt apex, wfcksk
It ptated vp over tke groin 4n front to
* level with tht navel, ptact a cravat
h#»if.ifii» arvwm? the trtlat, hrtnp the
aptx over It, fold it down, tad pta It
to tke body nf the triangle*.
Bandaging ttie Hip
Tkt hip drtwslngls alastst tkt stttt
at Uut tmt th* prtAe. Ptat* Ik* apev
ot the frtant!• m Dm hip noxt mrry
ent tkt aselbtd dtttrlktd in tht grtit
Jbpi^HmmAm.-mi *Wam ^manmmjw -SBshm. feuaBliduaJki'    onMmtmmm
tbt apex tf tkt triangle ta tkt b-ttteek
***4 muiy am. Usw ***-»itiiit 4nmtltbaP
tm im pen t-nseeing.      *
At mmmm   fbpt^mmnttPnPi
f*ffww   pPWWtoWtoWf
In •tflytag lb* trfsitfirtar Imsdtgt
la tit ionm, Haw tit mm ot ttt «*•
a ttt kw iktvt lit
anm aUmtkanm Jl-ItlH UVWR BvlUiinillU UamWMPImaA
Tues. & Wed., June 29-30
Special ftatlncc for C!i!ltSrca
tpoottoy tad WMiMMtoy—Ciuiurtii 6 0«U, AAtAtt, m OtBl*.
mOBf IHOWS-AdBlt.. 98 emit; OfcOdrw 11 etvta-
Wis? 3&% it SSJ-f ffrw*??" *Tht»vi t*ai*wn -j*?,^ »i>
WtatfUttm Qbbm."
Hl am nltattd t» httr ttat too on going tt glvt tlw tohtti etili>
drtw thrttghtut tkt Frwylwtt m opportunity tt tot tkt pHttm "tlxty
Vtart a Quttfi." -ftp* ttt MaadiNiM tr mttratt aai odmatttnai
vatwe this film hta tt anptrftA?*
"I nm mtnmttPt ft loom tttt tkt mttlt# pWwre. *AAtf Vttvt n
ttmnn" A ktk»t •••* •** •<• ***r *kre»§h Um Frovlntto. WkUt Ml
Calgary ft wtppombfoOmftW ot Am takta! ewidrt* at a etttlel
txhikitttfi, tnd grettky tp»rte»t»et.  _ TWt_tt •**J*^}h? If* natert
fefWS wNw ♦INWI tw 9mM Wm Ull ■W^pPBBW'PWWi vMPWWhVMH wtimmtt WW W9*
Mit moooot mnrnty ta await tr tuteruin."
i$Triic  Victimff
V   >■
■ tnmtfattt m-ftom*-


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