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•':   :\?i-A*~*--v;§?>£}-*<Vv-','7
X 7-r -■•■
Industrial Unity ia Strength.
m:i7, vol. vn.
The Official Organ of. District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory.
$1.00 A YEAR
S&eH'dfthe'- Island
Striker s Acquitted
* '-.NEW WESTMLV.STER, B.'C./bec.
19,—-At .the assizes .-.yesterday," "Big"
Louis Neunthal was -convicted of riot
ejBd, unlawful assembly; John D. Ross
^nd. Herbert Robertson, guilty of unlawful assembly. John -uartrlght, John
<jopeland, Walter Head,' Lambert Columbia,; Henry ,0'Connell, Mike^Preh-
4?rga«t and .Cha'sl' Rice,1 were found
q$t guilty.    :", ';' r. '';■'-   "; ;
•yi*lT,- Justice Morrisons-spoke'for 40
^nutef and the jury, took al?pu1, four;
ud a '.h^houra to-reach- their verdict.   "Big Louie" NeuihaVis a miner
of gigantloypfoportlona and -was president o^'the* South Wellington Local,
•^-{•vonr-'•fitort waaimade toj aecure
: ^corivi-ctioa, in spite of. the'fact that
.toinea'Bpyan, formerly a special con-
"■-•table da strike duty at South.Wei.
■^aigton,-testified that Louis had been
mn advocate of peace and a discounag-
w of violence during the trouble.     ,
VANCOUVER, • Dec.   15. — George
Hannay,,' provincial, police constable,
fho ia'thtf atar "witness for the erown
i^i the .jNanalmo riot, trials at New
. IVestmikater,  haa disappeared  from
'■■ tbe city "and the police are now seeking: hliri high and low, all over the
continent  Hannay has left a wif.3 and
three young children and run off with
,- tr'lm^year-old stenographer. Kate Dai-
■ley, from Nanaimo. There is no clue
- as yet as to his,whereabouts, but Jt it
'thought'he is with the girl in Port-.
■ 'Und, Ore.''-1' •,     .
■;. Orders have been Issued for his ar-
'-,   rest. to~all the chiefs'of, police on the
- continent, and he" will bebrought -hack
here to face a charge of abduction.
'■ Hannay: has been- three, years on the
•iMroyincial force and before-that was a
ed was employed as a pump man at
Coal Creek, i •' 'X
• At Corbin, B. C„ on Dec. 11, Mrs. M.
Redhead, wife of R.'Redhead. The remains were, brought to Fernie on Monday and taken to the undertaking parlors. The interment took, place on
Tuesday-. Worn the Roman Catholic
Church.-     ,
8. P, OF C.
The regular business meeting will
be^held'on Sunday, Dec/21, at 8 p.m.
Appointment ,o)t officers for ^the new
year; ahd other important matters will
be Ae&li, .with.. All Comrades are earnestly rjequested to attend.  -
Tftq >>copomlc claaa. will, he held 19
tho afternoon at 3, p.ip...
Vancouver, Island, strikers,and 'strike
breakers," and no me "-did. more to
■tuell the troubles on ihe Island in
August than he.'
•Wm. Powell, aged'55 years,^passed
^way at.Mkihoi'.on Dec. 10. .Messrs..
"ThooiBonft Morrison were in oharqe
of* the, arrangements and" Interment
iook place on the 12th.  *'"s'
' In Fernie Hospital, on Dec. 19th,
1 ■ yrank McNeill, aged about 30, died of
typbWld • fever.   His' parents'. in Nova
The management of the Fernie Cooperative Society are doing things on
a big scale this year and the improvement in quality of goods and tasteful
display is most pronounced. The two
windows have been handsomely decorated with Christmas- provisions and
seasonable provender. - The provision
window contains a stock of fresh killed turkeys,-geese, ducks and chickens,
and the. choicest of hams,- sausage
and potted meats,,, while cranberries
have, of course, been Included. In the
other window, which has been artistically arranged pyramidically, will be
four" ip'ples from ashington and the
Ok n, also choice^ "Sunkist"
>Wi=vai'ngton navel'oranges (which are
now at their .'cheapest'and best), Big;
gareau's crystallzed," fruits, Chiver's
imported puddings; grapes' from Malaga (Spain) ^and California; nuts, raia-
ing surmounted by several bottles of
cherry-Vine;. -       ;"        -! -
The Interior of the store'ls tastefully
festooned', and replete,with all those
delicacies which appeal-to the epicure
at this season.-. Handsome jewel cases
filled with- chocolates and bon-bons,
imported biscuits, dried" fruits, etc.,
are here In an abundance never before
attempted in the store.. There has
been 'an unprecedented demand for
Crosse & Blackwell's almond cake icing, and we would advise Xmas shoppers to make their purchases early
and avoid the disappointment consequent upon the-information that the
$cotla havo been communicated with
•fhd arrangements will be made ac-j particular stock you wished to buy
cording to their instructions,   Deceas-! has been sold out
Another Fatality at
Coal Creek Mines
On Friday ovonlng last, about'9.15,
■word was received that thore Imd boon
an accident In 1 North mine. On investigation it was found that a rope
had broken on No. 1 lnclino. causing ti
runaway, throwing Tom Mazzo (hotter
known ns C. P, R.) under tlio trip, and
when extricated he was found to,ho
dead, tho body bolng terribly mutilated,   The deccoBod wnB woll known,
hn vim? worked in and around these
mines for a numbor of years as track-
layer, otc.  Uo loaves a widow and one
ch'Irl. roBldin« In Fornle,   When tho
10,30 p.m. train arrived up hero and
tliu mon liounl of tho sad fatality, thoy
doeldod to ko hack homo, tho rnlnos
being Itllo on Friday midnight nnd Saturday.   Tho Intormont took place'on
Sunday.   W. n. Wilson roprosontod
tho company ot tho fmioral and Rov.
Father Mlchol offlolatod,
A mooting will be hold In the
Grand Theatre, Fernie, B. C, at 2.30
p.m., Sunday, Doa 21, ■-1913, for all
thoso who uro lntorestod in raising a
sum of money for tho relict fund in
aid of tho widows nnd orphans of tho
rocont Songhenydd coll lory disaster,
South- WnloB, whoro our four hundred
minors lost, thoir lives,
Mr, Shoemtiko, tho Icbsco of tho
thoatro, has kindly glvon tho uso ot
tho theatre froo of charge and thero
should ho a well-attended mooting for
this charitable purpose.
Mr. Tom Biggs has kindly offered
to organko and conduct a male voloo
party aiid will highly approclato tho
services of all thoso. who will volun
A'"jury'composed of tho following! toor to tako part In snmo. Thoro Is a
gontlcmon was ompanollod to onqulro J plethora of talont In tho district and'
Into tho doath of Torn Mftzio: Robort  " '
Falrclough, C, J, Uuhrcr, Wm. Hughes,
Stovo" Hall, Wm; Tinkler. Bd Partridge. Tho adjourned enquiry took
plnco on Thiin^'v «f♦■»•••• ♦><•". «• S
o'clock, in the Coal Crook Club HfclL
After a hoorlnm \v%v,i\<i *o■ * ■ - nlv
ov**r three hours, the Jury returnod a
verdict of "Aooldontnl Death," tho accldont bolng caused through the break-
».. ~ 9I1 ^ nnHi**,*!. vifint* nr* tht* \tn\nt'     Tt
■vi-m hrrmpM nut in thn nvldftnee that
tho usual stronitth of the ropo-«lx
strands—had boen roduc«d to four.
It had been inipoctod rogulnrly overy
dsy by the 4re boss, And no blamo ap*
t-irflr* lo nttnrh tto nnvnnn.
The butchers, llko the provision and
drv goods monj'aru determined to glvo
thoir customers bargains at this season, and the 41 Market Co. aro making
• cut in the prices of pork roasts—
Jo'na bolng down to 2<fc ajvd sW.-Jer
chops to 18c. Finnan haddle has alto
rrrpived n cut, (he price uow Muk
\%V*t, kippers 16c Tbe 41 has a mag-
nJRceut supply of Ruirant-fed fresh-
killed turkeys, ireese and chickens,
snd have Just received n largo con-
•timment of crabs, shrimp* sud oysters tor tb* ChiUluua Uadu-
thoro should ho no troublo In organ-
ixlng ono of tho bout mala volco par-
llos In tho West. All those who know
Mr. Dlgge' musical ability will anticipate a first-class musical organization
and entertainment.
This being a mining community,
thoro should he no troublo in raising
a substantial sum, oipocltOly as thoro
aro a largo number of miners residing
in thlm fllBtHrt wlin nt oni* llvno lived
In Walftn, and who thoroughly under-
stand tho conditions and suffering
which necessarily follows ono ot thoso
terrible mining disasters,
This Is a splendid opportunity for
ttin Tntn^rn nf IMr fltntrlrt (p*nr>plnllv
tho Welsh minors) (0 show their sympathy In a substantial manner. Don't
forget tho tlmo and dato, and If you
have a prior engagement, try and post-
pono It so that you will be able to
assist tbls nfost charitable cause,
Pwftsry, pro tem.
The Male Voice Choir ts to make a
tour of Ferule houses at Christmas.
Watch out for them; tbey will likely
bt at yonr bouse, and tbey *■«■» «»•
tafnly well worth kf-nring. *
~ *
Our Grand Concert
Don't Jorget tq be at the Grand next Monday evening for the Distribution of Prizes in our Heading Com-
■ petition and ike concert.   It is for a worthy object and
should appeal to you.    Concert starts at 8 p.m.    Admission $1.00 and 50c.
Late Train for Creekites
A - A   -
n HSjajglE^glSlSEIBISM
I B. C. Federation of Labor I
\ 1 ^     ., \t
CONVENTION CALL        ■ • ■ |
,      , * „ •    -      *.   \,
Si   1 - .*•-•"' , [
To Ml Organized Labor in British Columbia:           \   - c
,.   ' .Pursuant to the eonstitution^a call is hereby issued for the Fourth Annual- -j
Convention of the B. C. Federation of Labor, to convene in New Westminster,5 |
at 10 a.m. Monday, January 26th, 1914.                                       '  '               ' *|
Each organization affiliated^yyithttheNFederation shall be entitled to iwo_[
delegates for the first hundred' members or less, an^ one del^tFfor'eacirad-^"!
ditional hundred-members or major fraction thereof. .   ■ *..• t
Central labor bodies, district boards, building trades councils, allied coun-.   [
cils and., similar bodies shall be-entitled to two delegates each.   Delegates from     j
centrar bodies'must be members'of unions affiliated with the Federation. j
•    No proxies shall be allowed. v'.'  y,. ''' _ >
Delegates.shall receive tiiei^er-pdentials from their local unions in dupli-
cate.arid send one'.'copy to the-secretary of. the Federation at least two weeks
previous''to the date of the convfintioa-and deliver the other to the committee
on credentials. - ■' '
. . No. credential, shall be considered valid bearing more than the name of
delegate and alternate.   Provided tliat if alternate presents credentials and is
seated he "shall be the only recognized representative throughout the sessions'
of the convention.
*■'   The'Executive Board will meet prior to the date of convention fqr the
purpose of preparing reports, appointing committees, etc.
You should therefore elect your delegates at once, as affiliated orgaiiiza- "
tions who leave the-selection of delegates, to-the last moment have very little
chance of representation on tho committees.v
.     . REVENUE
Any union or central body that has not lj,een previously affiliated may become affiliated by paying six months dues for the term they make application.
The revenue of thc Federation shall'be derived as follows: A per capita
tax of two cents per member per month from all local unions. From centra'
bo.lics,,district boards, building trades councils, allied trades councils, nnd
similar bodies, one dollar per month. All moneys slmll be payable in advance
to the secretary of the Federation in two half-yearly instalments due and pny-
aole in January and July of each year.      ,n
li your organization is not yd affiliated, you may bepome nlnhnled and
entitled to representation at tho convention by paying the per capita tax for
tho Jumifiry to Juno 19U term, at the rato of two cents por member per montl.
Reduced rates on the certificate plnn for the round trip to New Westminster from.all pointB within the province (except Prince Rupert) coverin<! ihe
dates of tho convention—Jan. 20 to ,11—three dnys (Sundays excluded) before
the opening dny and good for tlu'eo days (Sundays excluded) after- the cIosmil'
dny—hnvo been secured from tho Canadian 'Pacific Railway,
' Delegates must purchase first-class full-rate dnc-wny tickots to Now A\ ps*.
minstov and obtain certificates no that effect on standard c«rtlficalfl fm-n
Ticket ngont"! aro supplied with standard certificates and aro instructed to is
suo thorn on application. , „ ,
These certificates must nil be turned over to Iho socrctnry of the convection for signature by that officer ond by tho agent of the railway, in order to
make them valid in securing reduced rates returninc home.,
A list of tho hotels nnd lodging houses will lie published Inter, and a cony
forwarded to each dologato nB soon ns duplicate credentials nro received, alon-r
with any othor information that mny ho necessary.
Many matters of vital importance to tlio future welfare of tho worltuv*
claBS of Iho province will bo brought beforo the convention for discussion nn'
oetion. Tho coal miners on Vancouver Island nro still on strike, Tho nirht />>
tho worker* to organize, to peacefully picket, and thc right, of the fiwhw
itself hns beon threatened hy tho actions of tho provinclnl government during
tlio Inst yoar.
J.J. T "
a 8ontcnco
on behalf 0
havo boon Hontoncod. ,4t
If tho minora' organization can bo destroyed by thc mine nw«ratwn: \*'i<
•\ho omWitinoo nf \\to irnvernmentnl authorities, thon no labor orgnnfontion -
thn provinco is secure.   It, is necessary, therefore, lhat ovcry orgamzaiHui n;<;' .
Rond its full number ot doieunteH ut oroiur that i'tirffacr iiJaii^ nn-.- .'•».(>»< • >
for tho assistance of tho miners, nml the general advancement of U«' mt<( ■-'•
of the working class.
Tours fraternally,
Secret»it>- 1 ti"<iMn>'
list yoar. .   ,        .,.„,..     .
f. J. Taylor, ono of thc vice presidents of this Federation, m now seryi-f
tonco of two years in tho provincial penitentiary, hecausp of his nctivitrw
dialf of tho strikers, and a number 0' other member* of the miners uni<>*>
Twenty Miners
Killed in Colorado
NEWCASTLE, Colo., Dec. 16. —
Thlrby-«ight men were killed in the(
Vulcan mine of tho Rocky Mountain
Fuel Company, today, hy an explosion
of coal duet. Two miners were rescued after the underground" workings
had caught tire. All the victims were
married and alt hut six or eight -were
Americans.- ,;
Men in charge of the rescue -work,
asserted tonight that it prol
would be a day or two befoj
bodies could be recovered.^BMOre
sundown the mine had been-.cnteared ot
the gas apd a thorough e»loratior*
of the wrecked workings wa©. made.
Many of the' bodies were fr!
mangled and burned.
Father J. P. Carrlgan, of Glenwood
Springs, near here,"hurried to Newcastle at the first news of the explosion. The priest Tushed into the
■smoking pit among the firBt rescuers
in search of the "dying, to whom he
might administer the last rites of the
The Vulcan mine was only about a
year old and was "equipped with modern safety devices.
It is believed that the explosion was
caiised by an accumulation of dust, in
ti'e west portion of the tulne, where
work had been practically abandoned.
Most of the dead Were foun.ii ln tht
east workings,'to which the explosion
was communicated.  - ,
Tin, men were called out on strike
by the United Mine Workers of America, but some of. them had gone back
Lo work. . I' o
NEWCASTLE,, Colo;, Dec. 17. —
Twenty-five bodies of'the'thirty-seven
men killed  in • yesterday's, explosion
had been' removed from the workings
of the Vulcan mine of the Rock Moun-l
tain Fuel Company early today. Three
.more bodies had been located in the "
rooms of the west entry. After a Test
of an hour, wearied rescuers started
into the mine with pick and shovel to
release the corpses imprisoned >y
broken timbers, stone and coal.
ing of day, Newcastle,
i ffeeterday, W yj^B-tarlnning to realize the ;full meaning-nTf *«e catastrophe.
^ng*ngan*P*li*ldrenilhron«ed fte'
fe»-.gue for a -glimpse df husband, lather or father. 2^pwllve j>lan« mewo
■Imade today <f»5j^fenentU funeral at
^QRV^^«&*f yeeteniaj'fl «•>-
aSttr Vould he baried ,in the save
cemetery where relatives oi ibe T*«-
tlme of the explosion o*,189*J still g»
to mourn for loved ones.
-All mine rescue work hae bee* «je-
■? ■
. i- %
': $.'f
- i"
We are pleased to announce that tke
Dominion meteorological *erviee feufe
established at Fernie a statics for tho
recording of rain, snow, weather tern*
peratures and -miscellaneous »hen»-
mena. The securing of this statloii,
which hs located on the coal contpaiy
lawn, was made possible through Ihe
efforts of Mr. Chas. J. -Mnrphy, rtlel
engineer, and the kindness ef the present management in arranglag ior ite
keeping of daily records.
- t
■ t
Do you want to get a fine fat tnrtcey
for- Christmas for 25 cents? Call tn
at Nthe Waldorf and get a ticket tor
this raffle. Drawing will conttm»e
right up to Chrletmaa Day.
Refuse id Surrender
Mother Jones Will Return to 8trlke
, Fiefd In Spite of Threat of Dlotator
Chase — Unprecedented "Snowfall
1 Adds to Hardships of Strikers.' "
DENVER, Colo.—Tbe striking, miners unanimous.ly" rejected the proposition advanced by Governor .Ammons,
which contained absolutely no.prcM-
s'.rn by which grievances ot the men
could be presented to the employers.
The promisee of the operators "to livo
up to the State laws In tho futuro"
did not appeal to the miners, In the
light of thoir twenty years' experience,
without protection of an organization.
It waB pointed out by tho miners
thnt without the protection of a union
It had been tha custom to discharge
nny man who dared to point out tho
fact that the laws woro being violated, Tlint the more pronilso to live
up to the laws In tho futuro meant
no'l'lni? while men wore not In a position lo pro'ret ent'li other from summary dlHchnrgo for demanding their
lcRnl rights.
To return under old conditions
would mean to onco moro bo robbed
nf thdr every right as tree citizens
by Htrcncr-iirm nii-n ln tlio employ of
tl'c com-piuiv; would mean tl*o samo
po'ltlcel sliuntlon tlm hes so liuw oh-
tfi'nni in I.ns Animas nml Hunrfnno
counties, where tlio pay rolls woro
voted In favor of such county nnd lo
cal officials ns the opornlors favored
domflndinif In ..return the IIcotibo to
nbroirnto evory hw on the statutes ot
tlio Stnto or nation.
Oonornl Chase Ib still busy arrest-
Ing ovcry minor ho considers actlvo
In tho on uso of unlonUm, holrtlnj? thorn
in solitary confinement, Mibjcetlni?
them to "third tlouroo" methods In
tno hopoB of BOOiirliiK ovldoiico favorable to hi* rent omptoyerB, tho opor-
ntorB; and with "Jirlfrn Advocnto"
i llcurhton, another military harlot ot
ll'p opprntor*, 'b cofnlnK fnke confer i
The following wrvlceB will be held
Ijx the above'Church on Sunday iiexf.
Morning Prayer, Ante-CommunIoaran{|
sermon at 11.00 ,-a.m,; Evening Prayer'
and sermon at 7.30 p.m.
On Christmas Day the services win
bo as follows: Holy Communion ak
8.00 a.m.; morning Prayer, sermon iind
Holy Communion at 11.00 a.m.; special Christmas music , at the 11.00
o'clock sorvlco. Tho rector would request overy "communicant to bo pre-.
Bont at ono or both of these services.
The two celebrations give each ono
an opportunity lo make his or hor communion.
Tho following pleasant llttlo function took placo nt tho rcsldonco of Ur.
W. R. Wilson, Saturday night, the 12th
inst., whon a deputation representative
of Michel and Coal Creek colllorlos,
underground officials, presented Mr.
Wilson with ii reading lamp and smoking outfit and Mrs. Wilson with somo
Hllverwnro. »
In tho cour«o of tho presentation Mr.
Wilson wns aBSiired of tho respect, esteem and whole-henrtod support ot all
officials ut both collieries,
Tbo pwpla of Fsmis are having an, low prices and excellent quality, we
the opening
Tho wlutcr han K.mi m u   sent e
bIcrr nnd  Riving them out to the
press, In tho hope of dlnrmdltliiR tho
V* utr'.klng mlnorB,
Tli* n,',,'-'',, .''-•' '>"'t r f ".(•>" to
rIvo nny evidence, or to plead bofore
this llleitnl court. j
t>tn r^ .ir.   ol   i„iuur   i*,',   ii.   l\ ti*.,!. | it.
f't*mp'< ' to rcopea rc-solla.'.'in* m-lib   *o:^iIoij
ih-s cr»"",-"!"1 ^*»' *v*'' m<t* *''** *^^
t'o »•:■»(■ <1 !U Irit-ftit'on in ri'iiim la(
W'oshlrR'ni -tnU nflvicr wnn the frc*-   ' ■»
h'otit.   Ur stated that h*.' considered
tic Bltuatlnn 'n rotorsfio n* mr»»t »<*rl-
i pus. nnd wmii 1 advise a cf»n*firfl«»!onsl
, lnv«BtUat!cn
Gallant Soldier ThrtaUnt Mother
, Jgntt
nnneral rha«*> ha limed an "edict"
Thoro will lm a chunco for you to
sociiro a fine fat turkey for 2ftc at
tho Napnnee Hotel, nB Mr. L. T. Smith
In holding a prize drawing, stiirllns
on Saturday, Dec. 20, until Xrnns Bvo.
Tlicro will hn an extra attraction In
Mutt nnd .Icff—tho largOBt und finest
turkey and boobo In tVrnlo.
M-rLonti'n storo is ropleto with a
hiiKo collection of miltablo Xmas and
Naw Yoar «lft«. Toy*,for hoys and
vtlrlH, boxes of chocolate, ffrootln*
-cards, atatlonory, etc., aro all very
much In evidence.   Tho prlrwi will b«»
found to compare with any ouurido
oftlnWIfllundit, whilo tho quality Is
KiinrrtiilMxl by "Mhc'h" |tre»onM> h<«n<.
Tlioio soeklnB glfui for thoir main
friends wjouiu not forget Uiai •***, a.
of  smolter*'  ri nuhllos  be-
(w-f^n htr«*t\ nd Calgary. Only ths very
brat eniilc of goods Is stocked, all of
which  enrry tho Rvmrnnteo of  woll-
(next door
kst). Mr.
form* nt
etlve tfc« twtt«fK of all *M--»K*>m(*t »(•
toolttf, and If h» maintains lilt prMtat
hat t'r^ady made blmxlf famoui h«r«
for thete luccoUat datntlM.
toon b» rnurili.-d if y*u nil «p phoni-I «fti be ptrml'tcil to make speeches
Ko. 67. J. J. HUon. 'nm hn toll "
Thu abovo store baa on band tho
Nntftt and  freaheat stock of Xma«
fruits ami cheer that haa' over boen
9* tm hi  Homini.r.    Thn toy and dry
good* departments are w*ll fumlah«d
the needs of younK and ota,
bona antiout to aecure gtftt
da abottld not delay vtaiUs*
aa there baa Uw aa «apr«-
(tj.nMti demand on lha stock, wbkh
. wiil Im «ntlr«ly dearftd by Xsmm.
*****. F^-;
District 1
1 Miss Josephine Nee, Coal Creek  10464191
2 Mrs. Skilling, Fernie  9680328
3 J. H. Lane, Fernie  9509471
4 Katie McLachlan, Fernie  - -.'... 9307410
5 Margaret Sherwood, Fernie   7655979
6 Miss Lily Hall, Coal Creek  7643652
7 Peter Atkinson, Fernie  7469004
8 J. Hamer, Fernie :..:  7163311
9 Margaret McLachlan, Fernie  5666264
10   John Puckey, Fernie  5048949
.11   Fred Beal, Fernie '.  4163279
12 Mrs. T. Parsons, Michel .'.:  4137149
13 Mrs. W. Atherton, Coal Creek    3781697
14. .Mrs. W. Parker, Coal Creek  3516913
Arthur Willington, Hosmer ;..'  351092a,-
Mrs. R. Garbebt, Corbin .'  1950699
J.\T. Mawson, Coal Creek ...: * .'  414592
Mrs. C. J. Tyler, Michel :  453548
Miss Anuie Brown, Michel '.'  1630950
Mrs. A. C. Newton, Michel '  1046353
W. R. Puckey, Coal Creek ...'  '1712333
Clifford Stoekwell, Fernie   1756695
Miss Ruth Knowles, Coal Creek '.'  2412223 ,
ThomasJJaskell, Coal Creek ■ ' .' 3223312
Mrs. Cain Williams, Fernie .' '  209567"
Mrs. Joshua Boardman, Fernie  400601 v
Joe Somen, Port Alberni  97899
Miss Florence Townsend, Fernie  2881369
Willie Whitehouse, Michel 1  459945
Miss Jessie Shaw, Hosmer ., '.  214176
W. Clapham, Fernie  211247
W. Newberry, Coal Creek ....' -  396436
Mrs. E. Spruston, Michel  740672
R. Bunt,- New Michel- -........'  442208
Mrs. Pollard, Fernie .:  412729
Bessie Lynn, Fernie P  1141588
J. Culterton, Fernie ".  ,  212712
A. E. Barton, Fernie : \ .:... .V..' '... - 726376
Mrs. A. Dick, Fernie - -.....'  1017440
Mrs. J. S. Greenop, Michel ......:  771396
J: Blakemore, Fernie '•••••;   125152
Miss Bessie Williams, Fernie ..., • 312430
R. Fairhurst, Arrowhead • ■ 217837
Mrs. A. Walls, Coal Creek ......  560081
JL H. Davies. Trail ........ 7A '.  -545576 -
' A."7"S. Lees, Fernie'....-.777771.7  • • " 412539
R. Draper, Cokato  '.    .412636
Miss Doris Fisher, Fernie ,. -7 2000723
' D. Grundy, Port Alberni .'.;.'. •'    110373
A. Arrowsmith, Coal Creek v  354737
' Chrissie Bunch, Fernie  '.'  725900
Mrs. Joe Yates, Fernie ..:. v  419209 ■
Mrs. A. Waddington, Michel ,.  525824
NoName  748252.
District No. 1
Order for $25.00 Range or Heater on Trites-Wood Coi Store.
Hat (valued $20.00), supplied by Mrs. Todd, Fernie.
Dressing Case (valued $12.00) supplied by McLean's Drug &
Book Store.
Ladies' Tailor-Made Skirt (valued $12.00) supplied by DeBurle
& Birkkepk, Fernie.
Hamper of Xmas Cheer (valued $10.00) supplied by Fernie Co-
»Operative. v
Hamper of Xmas Cheer (valued $10.00) supplied by Fernie Co-
Operative. .&...,-■
7 Order for $10.00 on Fernie-Fort Steele Brewery.
8 400 Day Clock, supplied by A. C. Liphardt,' Fernie.   ' -
9 Pair Boots (valued at $6.00) supplied by Messrs. Muirhead &•
Son, Fernie. *
$5.00.Gold Piece by District Ledger.
Roast bf Beef, supplied by 41-Market Co. v -
Fat Turkey, supplied.by P. Burns & Co.
Box of Cigars, supplied by/W. A. Ingram, Fernie. ,    \
Box of Cigars, supplied by W. A.Ingram, Fernie.
District No. 2    v   .
1 Power Washing Machine (valued at $18.00) supplied by Good-
eve & Co.; Coleman.
2 Four Bottle Hamper, given by Coleman Wine & Liquor .Co.,
Coleman. __,'        , • "-,-,'
3 Special Prize $5.00 Gold Piece, given by District Ledger. . .
District No. 3    , __'■■-'
1 Order for $20.00 on T. Burnett's Store, Bellevue.
2 Suit (valued $20.00) supplied by J. Naylor, Bellevue.    ...
3 Tea Set (valued $16.00) supplied by A. I. Blais, Frank and Belle
vue.      ' ' . ..... A
4 Heater (valued $15.00.) supplied by S..Humble, Bellevue.
5 - Splendid $15.00 Gold Waltham Watch given by Management of
-  " Lyric Theatre, Bellevue." ,'-'".
6   Order for $10.00 on Frank Wine & Spirit Co.
For District No. 3 prizes will be distributed at the Lyric Theatre,
Bellevue, Tuesday, December 23.    ,       ",'--- ;"   ■ "
'Candidates whose Names appear in heavy type
will all receive a prize.      The prizes will be handed
out to the successful contestanis-at-our Concert in-
Fernie on Monday Dec. 22nd, for District No- 1. .
: For District No. 2, prizes will be distributed at the
Miners' Opera House, Coleman, Saturday Dec. 2oth.
For District No. 3, prizes will be distributed at the
Lyric Theatre, Bellevue, Tuesday Dec. 23rd.
Mrs. E. Stowe; Coal Creek ..*.:,: ......'....,'-,. y:*..., '   410172 ; y.
Miss Hilda Young, Coal Creek :• . .,. „.', A.{. .....;,...."  ' 437862  \
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J. Jackson, Michel; '.,.:.-,,'.-:............ w.: 1?: .7-    837097 " :
J. A. Tupper, New MicKel .... .7....  7.7.77.-..,    326903 ; -;,
Mrs. M*Jenkins, Michel . 6 ,.:.' ; ;.'/.}...*.-' 1457507.  A
Mrs. Sloggett, Hosmer' :....... ....' -.iV-.7:..7.   : 442573>
R. Billsborough, Coal Creek '. 7. * : 317357   '
Jim Davidson, Fernie A. i.:.....:  -■' 607466b -
District 2
^ * >■       '      ' •   > ■,
1 Jack Rushton, Coleman :,
2 Alex Derbyshire, Coleman .■ ;.,
3 Mrs. R. Gaskell, Coleman ;...,..
James Cramp, Coleman ..;..-....; '...'.,..'   116169
Miss Nellie Murray,- Blairmore - .-. *.".....;. . 222344
Jno. Denney, Coleman . 7.- -...;'.-.* >.. ■• 7 ..:. 7 . 324242
Mrs. J. Patterson, Blairmore,. 7..."..."..- ..A.....     431223 ■
Mrs: T. Waklem, Coleman ...'.. :.; '.»...-.,....   ' 226903
Mrs. J. McDicken;" Coleman  7....... 7 ..... '*. 309060.
Mrs. J: Larrigan, Coleman ......... v:  -;....... 7 7 304327.-
Mrs.' P. Baron, Coleman ...;-.. -. .*...';... .'7....."....., 956083'
Tom Haines, Coleman .;.. 7'.;;.'.."-.. .77..'..... >: .-..*. 7...,.  355085
District- 3
1 Miss Florence Hallworth, Bellevue A   8050955,;
2 J. H. Robertson, Bellevue,.7....7..7......... ....   5199076
3 Tom Chambers, Pocahontas7..........!...    4465250
4 J. H. Cousins, Bellevue ........7.7.7......'   . 1729683
5., Mrs. David Ryan, Taber ....,:..;......  / 1156882
6 Miss Annie Wilson, Bankhead;..'-."....:...7.7."...... 7 608539
W. Brown,. Beaver Mines ..'-.;.,
Chris W. Thomson, Bankhead
RobertTLittler, Bankhead ..77
Geo. Hope, Lethbridge ........
Mrs. H. Hiiish, Passburg". 7. 7
R. Peacock, Lethbridge .... 7
A. Sanderson;-- Taber ..-. -. „,
Jliles.Isitt, Passburg ...-.;..,
Miss Lilly Blais,' F:qank 7 ...-,
John .Williams, Passburg ... 7
"Dan^on"e"s~Brcker"dike .....A,
W. T. Young, "Frank
 :.....  560115
...'..-..:.-   .^315311
.........s- 321659
 A. A,    316887
 :'7A-   334716..
..7....s..\ 125777 s. r
• ••»••••• ' -  OXDaOu
..:.7"..'; - 206540 -
 ..:,..  224986.':-
... .y....." - 330622'.,{'■-
Geo; Wilde, Hillcrest ...	
T. Faram, Pocahontas	
Mrs. .T. Tully, Maple Leaf-..
J. McGeough,,Bellevue .....
Mrs.T. Home, Diamond City
A. Jordan, Taber	
John Gerrard, Passburg
•    ••*••■•••!
„...._ 2167287,
.....7 340416\
.....: 348450 •*
..... -240248'
...:> 351274 *
.,,.., 336606"'"1
.f'" 224154...
. : ,303299. .,
.... n„,m,„rwvmmg^gi^
Grand Theatre, Fernie, Monday Dec. 22nd
Prizes for the Fernie District will be Distributed on this Occasion
Special Entertainment in the
Lyric Theatre, Bellevue
Prizes for District No. 3 will be distributed on
this occasion-Be on Hand!
Tuesday Dec. 23rd - - District Ledger Night
. - v
Coleman Safarcky
When our Competition Prizes will be
Don't Forget the Date
Saturday 20th
fill-     *-%       «/       OIIAC     CUAD
Oath Prlcos
MEN'S HALF SOLES, nailed on IBe pair
MEN'S HEELS, nailed on  40e pair
WOMEN'S HALF SOLES, nailed on  60e pair
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Tha militia ecarchod all tho private
paper* of Mr. flermer wi<hou*l wa^
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Tha Fernie 8h*o Speeiitllttt iW-
■ -Sr. - -
yrtttimiipectb^ Disk l^OJbWiA
THE DB1MOT IM^ ^^,; k C, DECEMBER ?0_ jM3i
.-Jkx'rv^ -
rj£ -
f    -i.     :
f;. - ■'■
:( kyAyXNo. 231*:V   '   ' ""^
- ■.r.Meetvflrot; arid;-third • Fridays,^
Miners', Hail, Fernie; sebond~and'
'fourth, Fridays, Clp>".Hall,-. Coal
^Creek.-. Sick" Benefit" attached.,
- "• ;'      ' .   T. Uphlli; Sec,
Fernie, B. C.  . x - ■  -   -
'   ,.   . .; Noi 2497 .   .,
, Meet every Tuesday evening in
the'"Athletic Hall at 7.30.    Sick
; ■Belief it Society; in "connection.
v.  "' . .     '    .   W.iBaldersto'ne, Sec.
■' Box 68, Hosmer, B. <V
No. 2334 .
Meet every Sunday afternoon
at 2 o'clock "in Crahan's Hall.
Sick Benefit Society attached.
H. Elmer, Sec.
No. 1387v
Meet every Sunday. Sick and
Accident Benefit Society attached. •*
Michael Warren, See.
Canmore, Alta,
No. 1058
Meet second and fourth Sunday
in month. Sick and Benefit Society attached.     ,
J. Gorton, Sec.
■<■'.,' •.,-'■ 'la  *N6. 2683 --'-m:* > v?'X'
■y Meet 'every other Sunday} geri-
erally second and fourth Sundays
in'the-'month.' ,;''"-*,„
J, Johnstone,' Sec.
^y,   . "''"(lNo;2352-,fj:'
. Meet every second and ! f our tb - .*
Sunday-of each month at'2 p m.
in Slovak Hall. .SIcK. Benefit Society attached.,'   >'- -   •■
- '*' ,- Thos. G~. Harries.,Sec.
Passburg, Alta.
-   '     BURMIS LOCAL
No. 849-
J Meet every second and fourth
Sunday of each month at 10 a.m
■to School House, Burmis. No Sick
Society.       "■-.'.
„,   , Thos. G, Harries, Sec.
Passburg, Alta.
No. 2829
Meet every first and third Sunday of each month at io a.m. in
Union Hall, Maple Leaf. No Sick
Society.   • ■
• ' ' .Thos. G, Harries, Sec.
Passburg, Alta, i
+ *    ■:
'  "'•--■      ', "No. 2227.
>• Meet every alternate Sunday at
' 2.30 p.rn.' In the Opera, House,
■"    , " '' .     J- Mitchell, Sec.
Box. 105, Coleman. t
\   '   No: 29 '   -
. Meet every Tuesday evening at'
-yi o'clock' in the Bankhead Hall.
S: Sick .and Accident Benefit Fund
-"".' Frank Wheatley,- Fin. Sec.
^ankhead. Alta.
... No. 1189 «
.    Meet'Wry  Sunday  afternoon
in Miners' Hall, 2.30.
",      ^ Frank Barrlngham, Sec?
Box 112,,Coalhurst P. O.
lethbridge Local
I'       No. 431
Meet every Wednesday evening
at 7.30 In Miners' Hall, 12th Ave-
'nue North.
I* Moore, Sec-Tr-Sas. "
No. 431
! Meet every Sunday at 2.30 p.m
in the Socialist Hall., ,  •
James Burke, Sec.
Box 36, Bellevue, Alta.
.   " No. 481    '
-  Meet every Sunday at 3 o'clock
P.m.     o , j
John Loughran, Sei.,
No. 2877
.   Meet every second Sunday at 2
, o'clock  in the  Club  Hall.    Sick
Benefit Socloty attached.    '-
John Joned, Sec.
Corbin, B. C.
Read before the -Marx-DietzgenCla^,
November 1, 1913     .., <;'
'fliiVr?aviDS tti8 sub-'6Ct' "Scienbe,
and Socialism," I will necessarily have
,to limit and confine myself to one
aspect pt-thls question, for It,is of
complex nature and may be approached from many viewpoints. I will deal
.with- the relationship :that modern
scientific discoveries bear to modern
scientific Socialism. .%.
,-Ut'anay also serve to facilitate the
presentation and -elucidate-the points
at question,, to formulate a method*of
procedure to which I will adhere.
The formulation, firstly,- of a brief
sketch of the scientific methods of
reasoning; secondly,. the theory of
©volution; thirdly, the relationship of
Socialism to the theory of evolution
fourthly, the scientific objection^
against Socialism- and,their answer.
Now to proceed:
Science, has for its' aim and purpose the discovery and Identity amid
diversity; that is, it subjects itself toward acquiring a method or inference
inherent in the identity, similarity'and
likeness of phenomena. A resent
blance is discerned in the most di-
•"4,,ization:/ He -had studied man.as a
'brute in."dai*ly conflict to hold his own
against .his ferocious competitorsMn
the cruel struggle for the means of
Iife.-if His-wants were low and beastly; his habitation was a cave.: Thousands of .years of progress followed,
during,*which tlmo man gradually acquired more.-strength and .power in
the struggle for ■ existence.   He "had
^made/from things he had on hand,
weapons with which he gained the
supremacy, over his enemies., Despite
this,'man could still compare himself
with the" beasts>e had conquered, in
instinct and desires.    Following this
in a comparatively i&ort time! a stupendous -transformation   had   taken
place.   This man, who had lived with
and^like beasts, who had barely held
his own against ferocious beasts of
the jungle; who had fought .without
the aid*of his fellow brutes; this man
had' now secured the mastery over
the earth, subjecting its resources to
serve his will.   He organized into na-
tions and lis now master over those
• secret subtle forces of nature before
which, in the days of yore, he humbly
prostrated  himself,  and   which  now
are his tireless servants in mine, mill
and factory.     - <•*
Spencer  viewed   this  development
•G .A :^ ■
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 .„ u«™UCu m me,most dt-   , spencer  viewed   this   develomnenl
fri6 £bje0ts* and the knowledge de-) of society from savagery to civlllza-
med rrom-one branch oif-studv mav tion. and .with itt .ii,*. „... n.... ,,._
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ti«,   k,»i,i i,y mi urusaimu.      p*r lu'
pj*m* """'' V*mi}y p"u f°r M«t|.
rived from-one branch of. study may
;be applied in gaining a glimpse 'of the
fundamental relationship it bears to
another.    A' method of reasoning is
necessary, or, better, indispensable, in
the search of identity which' science
pursues.   And it ds this method which
characterizes modern science, placing
it on the impregnable foundation it
now possesses.   The proletarian philosopher, Dietzgen, expresses the importance of adopting a scientific method of reasoning when he/says, in
his "Positive Outcome of Philosophy":
"If we could place this general work
of thinking on a scientific basis, if
we  could  find; a'theory of  general
toowledge,'.-.:• then  we  should  acquire,' for science in general and for
our. individual judgment; the\same certainty of success which-we already
ipossess in'special fields of science."
What are the successful methods we
already" possess iiii; special fields of
science? ■ . .
.There are  six 'stages of scientific
thought: '  observation,'.  experiment,
classification,.recordal, reflection and
generalization, the last named being
the c highest  and  deepest grade, for
only the .profound minds'attain to it
These factors form the indispensable
gradations of scientific procedure in
reasoning.. Wo caln Illustrate the use
of this method',by turning our attention to two,of the greatest,.if-not tho
greatest, minds of the nineteenth cen«
■tury, Charles Darmin and Karl Marx,
_andiexaininft_tli-*nir—Tn**°*M"v* °-<*n - «"W»r- -
ing to the- theory of "Natural Sel'ec-
tion and .the.Materialistic Conception
of History." ' , -
.Darwi^ spent about thirty yeaw,
in,voyages and at home, observing
and experimenting upon plants and
animals, before he announced his dis-'
coveryj . The results of these observations'and experiments he classified
and recorded.- Upon the former four
grades, he reflected, and'as the result
and culmination of the process, ho
Marx - pursued the same method,
only he- subjected to change the subordinate forms .necessitated' by the
change from'biology to the.field of
-sociology. ".The -biologists' may experiment'on more concrete .phenomena,
whereas the sociologist draws his ex."
pertinents from the expe'rlence and
history of society. After Marx read
and studied tho experiments of so.
cioty, observing history and Its vari-
ous systems, such aB chattel slavery
and feudalism, as woll as tho present
wago system, and other social manl-
Testations, aftor this, Mnrx classified,
recorded, reflected, nnd finally generalized. '   ■
To forestall any criticism that the
Comrades may press for stating tho
method pursued by two, though groat,
thinkers, and making It a general
rulo, which is undoubtedly unscientific, I could go on and point out that
this method was pursued and adoptod
by Bolontlsta In tho respootlvo *loldB
of research from tho dlsoovory of
oxygon by Dr. ^Mostly In 1744, which
Inaugurated tho scientific' ovolutlon
witnessed in the .pro-coding contury,
down to tho most reoont aclentlatB,
Including thoso of today. Certain diverging tondonclos may porliapo bo
noticed, but thoy nro of llttlo impor-
innco, nnd may bo duo to tlio dlCfor-
onco In tliolr flolds of roBearch. In
oBBonco, tho stagoB of thought enumerated nbovo nro followod by modern scIontlBtB. Wo can, thoroforo, without tho Impairment of our fundamental thesis accept tho two liiBtnnoos na
oxompllflcallona of tho aclonllflo method of procoduro.'
Homing completed the first pnrt of
our formula, .wo may now prbceod to
ItB «uccoBBor—tlio thoory of evolution,
The thoory of ovolutlon waa sot
forth long boforo tho tlmo of Darwin
and Sponcor, or any of tho naturallata
of rocont timed. HerncllUiB concolvod
nil phonomona to bo In n porpotunl
flux. Jlogol nlso contended boforo
fiponcer thnt "nothing la; everything
Is becoming." Lolbnlt* advanced this
•theory. But whllo.lt Ib truo thnt
Spencer formod tho bnnU nf iho Win.
ory in a field tfcat had boon woll itrn,
vuiicd hy Huvt, in ombryology, the
rnct Tomnlns lhat it waa Sponcor who
wna tho first to formulate and construct thia cosmic conception In Its
present majostlo nnd complex form.
Wo can 'beat. tern*o Mm-* tj„«„„„..!„,.
thoory of evolution by. following hTm
In Ita development.
♦»,? W" T1!0"*' uP°n ontorin«
tho flold as a atudont of nodal aclonco,
was to formulate a thoory of ovolu-
tion, for ho bad loamed from his
prodoceasora In their own Ifmft^
■phoraii that aa all thing, aro subject
o chango thin would bo timionbio
»    ^'"T*""!" of "phenomena
SUE1.- "?ltiy) M undergone
tremendous changes *trtm tho early
daya of auvagery to our prosont civil-
tion,,and .with It the growth of the
individual from an anti-social being
to   the  collective,   pro-social   being;
.rom individual to tribe, and into.nations.   Thus it appeared- to' him. that
this growth did not occur in' a hap^
hazard fashion, but rather in had developed according and in conformity
with 'some natural, law or order, an
order.subject toychange of material
conditions'and, mental enlightenment
Possessed,' as he1 was, 'of a profound
•knowledge   of   botany   and   zoology
and .allied   subjects,' Spencer   was
already prepared for .'the task of in-
vestigation. "   ■
L/ooking around for an object which
might exemplify the process of devel-
opment best, which would not pre-
sent the complications that -sociology
harbors, and devoid of the,immensity
of subject material contained in the
astronomical field/ Spencer seized
.upon the ovum and in it speedily, dis-
corned a wonderful exemplification of
the, evolutionary process,, for it permits a detailed examination of the
growth from the, very minute part of
the yolk to the very death of the matured, being.
It is true that Spencer was noRES
original investigator in this field, and
that to Karl . Ernst vori Baer, the'
celebrated embryologist, is due the
credit for its originality, as I have
pointed out previously. But to Spencer is due the credit for'completing
and perfectilngjhe work .advened *by
B"r   "■—»■" placing" "     -   '"
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-Baer, thereby placing the-basic .research .work bf the evolution theory
upon a firm foundation.   Spencer demonstrated- the development of the
ovum   from   homogeneity,   similarity
and indifferentiatiop'to' a-.state' of
hetefogeneity'and:.compound dissimi-
arity.   That is as far as Baer attained
in his discovery.   Spencer -went further.   He pointed out that this change
ifrom similarity to.compound- dissimilarity was accompanied with ascbrres-
ponding flux.from indefiniteness to de-
flnltenesa;   that  is,   the  process  of
'.change from a structureless mass to
a separation of structure, resulted in
the formation of definite organs. ' Proceeding further, Spencer showed that
along with this flux there is'a growth
from disconnection and Incoherence to
a consistent   connection  and   coher-
ence,   iWlth this advance In' his discovery, Spencer proved tho lack of
Interdependence   characterizing ' the
early stage of the homogeneous "mass
oi; thp ovum, and its growth toward
a stato of Interdepondonco in tlio, da-
volQped form of tho ovum, in which'
each unit Is esBentlnl toward the welfare of onch orgnn, and each definite
organ Js'indispensable toward tho life
of tho ovum.   In substanco, Spencer's
theory  In  this connection is   this:
That from a structureless mass   a
process of differentiation" Into- units
follows, which  units,  in  n  further
process   of   devtVoDmenr,   Integrate
forming  definite organs, composing
tho whole, each with a cortnln function,-tho fulfillment of which is no-
cossnry toward the maintenance of
tbo wliolo bolng.
But what did Sponcor accomplish
n this ontlro search Into the developing procoss o£ tho ovum? Ho moroly
elaborated and described tho dovolop-
mont or tho evolutionary process of
«m Individual orgnivlsm, with Its form
of organisation. It wns nocossnry to
tost the application of this process
on a lnrgor scnlo In tho vogotablo nnd
nn mnl kingdoms. This ho did,, and
with ndmirnblo succoss. Jioro, as tn
tho ovum, ho demonstrated tho tendency to tloflnltonoss, cohoroncy, hoto-
Whon Sponcor came, however, to
tho inorganic world, nnd sought to on.
Dly his theory thoro, Its Inadequacy
prosontod Itself. It la triio that In
tho ossonco of organisation, whothor
m tho organic or inorganlo worlds, tho
5S"l?niiBl forc.° ,8tha 8ftni0' '■••• Hu
■rodlotrlbuUon of mattor rind motion
from  that napoet,  Spencer's  thoory
was appllenblo.   nut ho soon found
that tho Inorganic world prosonts this
Prohlom! till* inti*rmr*nn i*f ^nx... ,
jwcompllshod with a oorrftRpondinrr
■Jte-sruo ot UittporBion ot motion. This
now element (that is, new to Sponcor)
may servo toward InHuenoIng tho In-
tomnl nrrnngomont nnd dovolopniont
of  tho owinlsintlon.   Bponeor  thon
urmn-hf for ti.n **.,t*,.^*  .,,:
.  *•   '**fc»w»**^i.**A-.(ii   kU*
horont In tho organic and Inorganlo
worlds, resulting In his discovery that
tho steady Internal formation of nri organization Is only poaslblo thoro
whero tho atoms of mattor aro sulv
Joct to a forco of nvorago tension, In
tho Inowml* worUl only n nli*\x. resemblance of this law Is apparont,
whereas In thn orirnnlr world It
f/)rm« the I'Hiwnllal element" of <JaveJ.
opmont. In tho former wo nro lm-
proHiPd with tho conc-Mjtratlv© pro-
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• IS
, /
y"n.-.|y«t..>^inf*>-1Mn-w^^r,„,w-w<|*,w, ,.,j*attt^WJ.^»_ZZE5
v ,-■.,--1 -  T* ,     iS -.   - , ',       .^Ey*^ -. .-    - '".'""'i.     .■"'
^ ^AOi.^
""..fT   T       '  >y '' ' y.r*   *-■
t£D .A .5o i'i lo soII-miK-st/a
December 1 st to 31 st
r-.rt, , ..
•*-«!  V.
1X113 i
of k>
lo   :i
sen o
t4>T .'4
y ' \ rxkt' *-\        ' *'S'-■'. ilrr vV $ --'    i-A
xl I
£***«» *i* . tsr't, «Ls'-'
*. -t-.-.-- ■ ,
ja ja bin'd       . _]
r-yiest-ciaes .wund trip fares from Feral© to
•o^Eait Of S -S LJMWW. OTTAWA,,
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.hath ion «-«T„tJpHNfSMONCTON M W
ave   TOM'-UK-m   A   C1VAH   I     'Eg •' *
i;o -u.1  TV.SKT/^lilT' 'tAb'.OlL '&
mum Joi-'irss on'w  j!q<HAL1FAX ;,'.
^..^Tiy/7     .lltoffllKoM   .'GI10r:-r*JM   "Jul '-,.; C?««a 85,^^-a <£
trainsileaVe'TemieP Cori<e(9iKra*-&ih& -fares from otter points, and.
.   aunaay.    inquire .txvt.sI For   booklet   of   information
regarding Sleeping
.-io ni
• f'und full  particulars,  apply  to
■ffiftrii^n oitiiui'i-St'. .<»:.!.■: .-'iifio"*// otiT k«M»y agent of the Canadian Pad:	
*"B™' Atlc railway.  '
iciUrAyir,?, nUitH
 II    ' t,j    iMij; iHivoimJiunryrtJi
mJr%mi• >>n //• >> +y» ^^<•>• >nt/$*/<i     !**/•/* **i,*\<mii9i$JiSa *******   -■   " ■-Iqfe^n'B*™^*!-**--""^"™^
/ij It is a'xiwillyffiffi-iijai Pt|i>lfeni t(> ■
tflcH^trttr.   r.1%'1-1. m tMS^r.Jl'&n-dil&ilbt**   tflA.   '
_.*.*^^j*.*-wyi^,Li.*^jLjii;;j^.-tay-;v.VgJLi,i;.iiJ.»,w,*— ^..^-*. ,._' ,        ^™»   - -V^^tv*    ?3 •     f'^*
^^ '•'■ ^      v^       L--' '   '■*-"■      ■'■   - '■-'■     ethical, and judicial conceptions'.'of
estimate alt^he^«e#w1#*S:S>r-th^
Jbcial Rev^itlto. &*Mlk 6d«idf thg';
AUartlc.  '.-.^
— Th^aBTeccmoSlc^fliiFtfi^
Question'; Ubnt Jthat'they are making re-
volutioikiists there*can be no "question"
at alL'nhrir Iv^lfmw jtrnil Ai    .JKsiiissi
^W^^l !^MSS StrUSglS iS"^
A>BS*fiig^ mep$ Bctearly defined, morfo
raw and bloody. Trustification' pitfg
■ceeds apace, and as capitalism conceit^
"[rates so it gets more entirely undidhl
its control the machinery of governs;
ment.  As a matter of fact the presen^
tfi ^U0® ls X10thing H%
Kept instrument of the trust magg
iscontent Is rife everywhere.   Th6;
>be- continued!)
teutalitgf.iofiitJieiiRgUce,? and) tdieri'fdo«3b
.ship prdvidedfJbjaEnglish tradeiuniori-'
'. ito io nad».tSelpi stalling "Irish .<S0Tri-',
1 fa'ffesi'onlj3« ■ 9if dofriw iAXi Knots!>?//
o-i'/wsCT. ,.89i/n''iio.pJiL 'isvo '(aoma-icina-
lli^iiiraiiufflflB8!^ !;,#Pfe  hffi
??5ftn^iv^?i,';pr*pinig§.a:1 Ty»?;koyPi j-„t«
cppMidejrjithe aueistiQn>jOfi,nioreceffec't-i
iveintetttods ofldttdastrfal lOTganlzatioa
Th-*6Vafna-lgaintttiori'Of, thesvarlftus ektt
t a ShSt e OT^"8 moro,arfosan|
—the workers*nu>re revolutionary.    ^
The main cause of the .prevailing) jqfjfad^ uji|pi» ^arfaje^xe begn ^
-dieeontent has been the Increased costs '.Jpj-nofttlgo^o-rfi "tij-gj^^nj^eigVfl') the;
of living.   According to figures prq*     ' ~* ' '' ''' *"-'•"-'".'"
Office: Abo»evJJfcjfsdill'^rug.Store
•    ' 7-. .*.   - Ph5neF12r" f' ■''■*,,.'   - ■   -
,brd'J ijsasJoiCI-X'iHK aiireiolait ^oil
R.esW«n8f!l2.l.yj^J%^VMue ,
fernie- ;;-,> 7'A^Xy..^ ;;'b.c,
; o'nn.jiaS"' .jualdna- Blilj."\"frMM-i.i siil:
i ';:'
wy ,.,
uv\'X:      W,
COMMERCIAL  ^H&tfS^^18 28
■ Best  AceQiwoWlph^lhW^PlSE^
^ • l|p-t^pkt«&gkv«fy -Gonvenlence.~r-. ~
^fxceflent. Cuisine.   ■,_..,.., Av	
:i,.cji.*ji" .->.-
t'nM ■.cr.m^MniaA.VTi...
rjiwfcijrjd^fiirjr-wf «mm^wMWJ
The Wbrkingf ^y^H»J?k
•nwo J^feWj^Ren-i^nder iN^w Management      c.
".Drnoii nv/o ?j.'oy
1. , -hJ
.•).■■ i>;o/j: i'./i,;
'.-sjR-ho'l a:ic
ftf(vs . ,      Four First Class
sioJ.bnc aw4?aQljo&[iBllhard
'-9lo3 ni nofeiaifedffi Barnes ^==
3W   .ssdho; Ub is mm *m    7 p.a 11 ^ n / ^* f
.su sso3 hn& Ijj£!!f   . _
No fee charged to use Club;- which is open to all
B. Rawson
, <jvj:ii.--i-Ji'iJLfi!j5!)SK iiiwai -..rnaihsiaoss bu,=
j-lo ax 4i ,-aoi.m,0o1moiip_, aitU .'.to. -josyaj;
-it-Barflster^aoHcltciiv^ Nota(ry,-/eto.riioa
lfioI» ^to^,;«e^Q8iW^R7ASfff-»Wo-rt t«
'nisibom "fadJ   qlfenoiiiusi •- oM' slilw
rr'nibojn oi "^f^nfk}'BXfip'i.lh ''Oi\ili\6loti
; •' .mallalopS oHiixrai'j?
fi"'1   *-'i-"'j^r-i ri  i■",*-?-.! int.i -iam-a—
yided hy the Board of Trade during"
WWW • Wn' WM. th'e'-^st 'WhW'
httSSfWdt ift^M thirteen to fifteen pe|
cent,  while <wages: have ■ only—rise^
^MUadiiatrlal i)bange«^the inta>du<£
ilt>2 WwM' ffibfioaa of ModucflBk and';
%^ftMtlfln* Wch la^e   Sim^elled.
workers either to-re-learn their.pai^.
IfttBlSfe^adeCA- ciAllng o^^find,"
new situations^in other departments^
"general feeling tliat no jobJsrfier,ma:,-
r.vri*r;v;",r^^71-'*-^QXr-i.*:;ai^:;T,*^f;,,..l|.   fW^j*^j-i.__
-nent^'have-aK-y^een-'contrlmuory fac-
tor** ' *
* ' «-4a»?s. ■        .rfi-j*sffiJ?«    "
Innumerable"^ stflkes   have  |taken
*pl$je, -{m^Rjrom alltauarteMAconM rut
mo^s .P-wS^eR iWe^ave Aeen passing'
L. tar*** vj&'rZZmf-*    ^**s«^v. %*   „      5iiu5      ..
through aTemarkabletrade boom, and.
mainly to the fact that there has beeif.
a pressure "^fr workrAnd^thQ. mWfient"
thufS* Seini tlierefor-d'- ^onsiier^dMhe-
most'opportune for a demand for ini
•fir^kfied  wages  and better' working!
conditions. How far these strikes hav^
had a revolutionary origin is open to!
iii.'',   afun.HJ'i'iO 'l-Xi  ■milo "'.10'  -i-n.lA     J.
Rinloci ofii aJBbiauIo bna noiJfiJmma'iq
•Io <S-ojk§Mi«B oMufB-tp^^ds^!$•%
\.i'iolibr. Jtiy^.1 ioUf:gHoj &Tijl)9yo-iti
i iohd >i WViTim ,doa«islrinol «rr
'lo sborf},oraA(3fa,fi3M?*PXai 3o iMrAn
'io tjlriawotJBiOTWJ "ibilJj ;noh:itov.->
P/|)0J liAMAO-JI
-.   . viKbtiu8 dl'tuo\ tuiB hn.oo'ji'y.iiif;
-7> I   .03.cS .onojKniiot, X ;■ ;'--
One &£ otne
imm^itiii bwooo'ti •'.
til^s Lp%?Sr.g*if.
k mf-ixyX
rsHKl'.voIf. ti
H    ;.os3 .BohiiiH .O""-.K0rfX/t "^ iA" ':
*Si   ',     '-°       ,' .   ., -jailA .fiimiBafi'
jaooj eiMflua
:——cro .«n '	
^C 'iI'iUECI[STORM"! v',iV'Pfbn1''
^     -.{«.« olTfl ftJitoiii'ilDaa 'Jo ^W"-1*1
i • nr^iii'ri-,1-,'*;,-, vi.infH  r,,-'! r,t  rpn't ,1 i<*^j
"X5 ni^OlG C^l^
/Tf ■rS'
: -E3_J[^i. JSA    ^ V^
E_-Jtf-**-«.-=-*E 1«IM.-«C-W-:
;«Bi»Wnl ffh9*Rftal»&s.j*ftlsoi'}).eeft;,ia0rtiji5
;*peftdousalncreftSftiAn-v,the membenshipj
;ofj<the(trttde£union-s.:.o-io'i A,u};<;'. Joi-jiw
i ''.tTust'ras'the'Jworkers.aire'liUsy'soHdl-
fyiri& tto6frv oiigaiizatloiIsVi s<i,9ife;:tti«i
^filoye^i fi!Th^'-Mnbuh'cemeni(!lirs'
just been made that a gre^'ma'syl^'
sASfa'tHjIiftlail3 witlifii ■ finSnciar st'feiigth
Ufes Ws-»js? ifff'rfertRi^.ft.
.%AflJr»Sltea-«1,l ,fl/Uo9lIo-, oiU oJ
! •JiBhfcS.trlfta-?.,^fiter ^Hi;,ftTev9WHy-ffiiW
jcapltalist; society; j Indlcatioha'-are^nbt i
iwaintlngf, "lib'wev&r;, whlch'(p6int to'-'the
duStrlal'^ctivl^-^s' flo'w "neaifing ''i&7
ete.' '-'tV^ aH'Vundo'ubt'ediy1 "5n '^tii^
eye or a great commercial crisis-—a
period,, of industrial stagnation.-f.Tha
'strike -poU;Qy,vmay;jthen, hay"e;[to be,
'abandoned, /b'u^the. discontent whi: rerl
-main and be greatly added,to-liy.ithe.
increase .in^ .unemployment;.']; "^hat. will
happen then' wilUdepend: to. a large'ex-
,tent; upon the -Teadineiss .of the. Social-
isfniovement-tb >take'advantage bf the
'N'ew 'Review.",IK" •'»'■-"-" J-^idua^i
I ll,-)'* Ui'     'L-jiU.'iKi    ',!),/,(     A. ,ii£l5i:0'i}f,
wi   :r>it ^ij'.'U  ■•! oi,i.  In
Science i,nfl
HHollasldo "■ oiliin^aa    oil)    ^ilriiiral
li'.ttS   'Mi[llWftw^WTOiiJj   0!iJ   BBOlI
j a^eocZrnt&tfiv'Hfjitii "i^tiw'TSotesp
i ^tlojui-iiManftplaft;Suskitohewanand
thb PiOKlnceflofnBrltli»h!>Col-amhia;?may!
^D^WfflyflWSi aplnlna nl FmHijoh yi
I „ .Application tog a; lease mvsi bemad?,
j toiSKr.TOytediterrlt$W3t»eftan.fb.muat hi,
' JEttV ■apilektloii'ttiustJbfevabcompanIed
the, rlelits^iRpJua, for are, noti avatlabl-9.
bUtrn«t'.btS6rwi8feP A royalty •ehalrte
paid: on Ithe ;merohantabW - outputrof; the
9-mS!" •
'jo :roiJC:i^'!((i:iox; !i: V..ae .' A liari'ibi
.e'.'j'np;!.  v.'j;i!i! ii.'o^ii  oil
ji!imiiii'''i   l:A,;.'A.h - isk ^Jh:
i^ii-r^intrfr viov jrli'jiroil'.tiVi'OT
:ff( ^fif to iHfi^ti y<Xr ■ ill oj ;!,ov oni
* *  *   '■■-=-' ■' viir
ac«iOuntln«, for, therf ull .quantity; otmer^
bWanteble'coal' mljifed'ati'dpay the iroy-
! altyaithereonilnoilt: thRdcoal.;inining-
rlghta, are-Anot,.))fltnB. operated,', suoh
returris- shbuld1 be1 iurntahe'd at^leasf
once-a;]year. z*'ir rto.'if . . . .y^ti'iiv/oii-i
, -.The,.lease,will.Include the.coal .mialng,
rikhts^nly1,1 hut th6 lessqe,' may-be'pfer-!
mltted to s-purchiise'whatever: available
eur-facee-TlghtB.jinay be,.,conpidered, .ne-
.te.SBary'tor'the"'working «if' the mlhe
at.the*:rate3or;S10.00 !an'aere-f,: r.aiB^ci
."-For..*,-,-full,,, Information ..rappllcatlon/
should be"made to the "Secretary of the
DepartmehtJOf^the Ititorior, Ottawa,"or'
to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion. I^antls. "■" . '
1 jju^'jfiya ifj i.t-'W. Wi Oory,'-v;■-,,'[
; .tirsmPej»jity MlplBtepfOfi^fie fnterlo^
tltB-j-lbnavthorlBea.publication. of= this
adVertfeefient will "liot'be- Boid'rfnh	
csfri'.-cl' mm,:,  y.ri cv.i ,!i-T:i.S!i'!-;-j2'Jt
'li)l^e'!ilj    Hi  ~4i.11 Lt),rftr^^
cm j ■
! f-,
- it rri
>•? i>V fX
ri I -11
yJi-twoq'dT^f-aviiO &
B .3 .fl ^hnaH '
LASS   3*"»t -51'
{   & *i;-y <J fi ii »•*** i*^ Mo,.i
L'Jl-J—v- .-JL_U-.-
'■   *i '■.'.
\ V ....    ■    <.....„r
^4 '<$ <h
11**-H-***, Kt.lihiv
■I -III lli   'I
'..■i|.'l     1'*
Made, To ;0rder
\n (i,.'i'^j
II fit"!
'i''Kf>. iiirinnT.ttl .iinii'iil
;:.'i!li''II  \,'<'Vii\i\i'.'l li'i
l*-'r,,'t jIII,1;  Il.Ii.H o!(,l.i':      ',-\.\:\>i .I'M'.  i':..v  I-c!'■:''. 'I i,inlo.l
•'»JU.1 i<i!.(i|i[.'iO l>-ilHiM«^V* ii-i)!|lf!,-|ti'i''l  ,llil/.|
Next Calgary MeUV Market   ,
_.      „_ ^      1 " 1.    1 11 liijiiU : -.'.isrl
„ O. Box 544     -      Fernie, BiG.
cess going on with very little force of-
.matter, Wh)la|[rf'**le latter the organicl
lotion )di.ia, VwlcfaMl amount of force.-
We have been carried rapidly ;lnoti
the., deeper -regions jfiif m|tte^|^o-£m6-j
tion, most fuhnamental or cbncepuon,!
>ind!#ojnewih^t{<QBeper than.the nature'
^oOhe .subject, .suggests. rt^Buti,-Yi'e.;,vif 111'
iiow "turn" nearer "'libnie.''"'"'" ^"' ''"■':'-'- "i
TATteTTavIrig thus -promulgated -'ana^
i.i.ia 1 y.ii, 1 /
1 ,'l 1: m
Insurance, Real Estalte
and Loans
•)'i    ''1/
. 1 *   *i,     ,1 , . 1 /1 .[■ j.   1   1.  1,; 1A1
ness &nd"R^i4Qptii8!l;t>top6yt|jr
L,    'yTf^KB"   v '-'"-A1 '■"■ so'tUi'iirlho ,a« ';ior"!'ibm
"''*4 1 HJp a    y i-fl'..'«;B oj ji.,'l    ,<,'''i:io»vvi.!*-jiw' ii^;;(K:
,f   l>Vi CltRtrp*.. Llpr*M>f-H\n^nf__hll.Tn*aTi .unnlof ir_lh*a'n!.uUe.
'tingu^jipuriiSuch ..economic ..sy^ms,:.
^jjjj      ini,
j r. 'S\7T
'pV   .<   .*,.*■,!?   »■>(•..!ntT .'I  .«friT
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^ Clean Rooms, Best-oof^
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Asiati-^op, primitlYejQommunis,Da; chat-
te^^^yiery,, th.e.feiidal,- and $9 ,'pr«Beftt
■ systpm,-,ai;e; ^,1 lnptrum'enttf'cjug^ft;. lri
' $hS I ilJ?R?)?.uc*ioI>J ■) an.^i Aiatr^ylpn^ 4 oi ■
;wea-lth(,and,it ,1? th*9Jceftpeles*fl,*J)tffin&-,
i formation,; of,, .these, • IpstrumB^ts^tJiat
d^r|plnes ,;3o$IaV cjla^goi; t'i>?.hesp;.in-;
;StTOipcjnts,, determining, theoPrevalHng
mod,e, of pro^uctionj.ipi-aw-.epoo^'i.e,,'
ascertaining the analogous'(i'i>6sItlori of  m-^r-o,!!! ,C9Jinplexity..|anvd.;ten4in.g.,'.to-.
4Uto.: 8ooietyv~~T-hlfr-^ii9ri>ermlfl»H)le1- -ward, perf ectloji... .Witli „aacl\. advance
for ltir.l9irqulte.simplei,.to;.compare,in.:
•dlviduals^to •social'-systems'1 and :ic'ivi'i-:
izatlons, both (being organic growths,;
developed according' to natu^l laws.i
Likoithe^ovum, ,sopi§ty presence Itself'
,as cuipulatlve and'.;I'nc'-^*j(&'fi)ik trans-J
'-formatfoTib, which'-iare'-^atufal «Ji<JL, in-J
,„qy.l.t.Uble;«.tlj,a.tiliojj)reBen t dl£f orsTf rom
■tho past, and the futuro will differ;
{rom the present. Ono ^olnt.shouldi
ho'borne fi.r_.mly,In,xj^Ind; "t^ovprocess,
\oi ovoluUonf*Mu .all^K*to9/» a^dmani-!
)w tho staniuml of pro-.
,!d»nllta^'«oyj!eab 0 In!
;s |mI| aphoriB of.
lajnlBMialis ho accroAi
TCstnttlons of aoVdlopmeint, ftiUls - to.
ward a distinct heterogeneity from its:
JnaistiuaU-ludoIlaiU-JuMnogeneHy.    j
This is ns far as Spencer, travelled!
In''his ^heories of soolal science. [The!
questions and modern social problems
he Joayos unanswered, or when lio'j
doot nttom'pt to explain thoir nature;
-and dii cuss their Import, ho relegates'
hlmsolf fnr bolow tlio stnni^if/l of pro-!
fundity and orl
'his -otlor works
sclouco This ma
itod to his limited knowledge ot po^'
■lltlcjxl nconomy, In so farjis^Sponcer]
has foj-mulatoi^LtlLQ U)fijjrj\«if avoluJ
tion to its piwu&d Phc^on, and
hns po ntod oiMHre''(^(fortfcre8 of so-i
clotl' It conformity with his naturalist
dlsovcjrles, sclontldc Socialists ljonorj
lilm for his accuracy and /rftofui dlly.<
nut fiirllxfiT j8lr«f|tir#<f Sliicov'orles'
sdoitliic flWlM SM Mhlnk in
cominon with Spencer, Hut wJ nro
anticlp itlng upon our subject. \,
•Cbm ng to tlio third (jtago ol out,
dlscouise, "Tho nolntlonBlJD o( 8o|
fclal Bm to tlio Theory qfS g^lutlon,"
wo 201 Id define and sot fortYi thto an-
hwop 11 ft fow words of a prom nont
Hclehtllt and BocInll»t: "Soclnlltjin is
thn lorfral applloatloi\.pr Iho JicIp Hlflo
thoory of natural ovofli^lill.td; economic ilhojiomonn." Ilutvlof ns ;'bgo how
litis, (H'jnnomlc phenomena presents lt>
Holfj and In its relation to evolution;
W tho year fiW thoro Iftifioatod it
Mttlb work ^m4«IWo\<Mmm,iinl»t
MnTJIfwfo," vi'lttdh'di^KnVl lfnrf and'
-Prt^ilrlcli Kngels. Tho purpoijo of
thlsl. wbrk wns to formulate a sot of
prlm-Hr/lM for nn r»rrnnl»nttn-n Vtiow-n'
ns (ho! Commujpis lrj>artr,\' But iasldo
in^th? .instruments of OToductl.on,. the
economic,"system, .based uppnthe.-pre-:
iylous ins);ruments,T;becomes ..lntoiera-
'tile;!.and .gives ,\yay ■to,',JliB'Jadyftriced
successor, through ,a, .social revolution,
wjiotlier peaceful pr .yiolent ,}s;-'<lqter-
tmined by, the,stage pf,the Intelligence
•attained by. the,.pe,pple comprising
socloty, but always natijraljy and
gradually, as in,all br(inqUos;of,unl-
vorsal vitality, ..,,:,' ..^..i.M.moj,.,, -,
1 But what ts perhaps'thoimost* revolutionary -'aspect Marxn and/'EngelS
lmvo enst,upon thoijnntorlallBtio.the-
ory/of hlBtoryds thatntlie-.prevalent•
,morte of production ofanyglvxjniiporI>i
od; determines jits- history/and'Ht-Is
from thlsr.nlono that.wor-fiam explain
period. ..This theoryiplacoajtha oco--'
j tion; .os 1 tho fundamental; cahso of', tho
Ing [!,butii;Uie> fliiperstructurQjiirtared'
upon tliftibaslc ooonomlc[fttnlctuto..As'
I   '|,*i    ...un i.'.f.|i.>"i    till    tiiil'.'.'nl    'l'li
elduneg'siOtii od) isriot VioJ-jj;'! eKoii
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Wishes    ,;![
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yageri Adwtre Money Getters
trom 1^ iiurp^j^sm^j^itto organ-
inatjoti, this panjiihfct served (oj pro:,
mulptft for iho flnt tlm« In tiyl^ly'-K
hlHtnrjj a theory of social scloncoifrom
tho materialistic -and scientific {point
pages, .Mnrx and Engols explain the
-AppawnU;*-bidden pr*o««MM of all his*
Hory,'1fro.m' a iioVn? liltTiorfo unknown,
1« *«i «fWOW'j/tt1BfP^';pJ*T*rtn«
nnd relegating to the background, the
hundred* upon hundredt of volumes
lil*f/>rlana h«r« prodiirnd thromh th*
ages, In an -effort to explain th« wh^ro.
fwr «ff *sel»t ^onotnw*.*   In 'nhortl'
UlfA ttiHCrtrtiH-vtif ««e*f tion of hi*!«ry
l*t1i**t^rt*lJh«ntal edttjfotlnn or Marx
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B4S|  Uqrm^rM'^ ****W* U,,)UrHes, Passburg, Alta.
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mt Coloman,..'.,,.,'.".;:'....J. Jobn»tot|o, Coloman, Alu.
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1884   Mlehel ,...,.,;..». Rmor. Ml-chsl, XX C
14  Monarch Ulaes Wm. Kynd, Elc*n P. p, T^r, AU»...,.       .
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w . , :7 +
,♦.♦.♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
't .The following was unavoidably held
over "from last week:
V'Ths third annual -memorial service
-commemorating the Bellevue mine disaster-was held here Dec. 9, under the
auspices of Local 431, U. M. "W. .of "A.,
before a packed hall.
,- Order of. service: "Jerusalem, my
happy 'home," -band; ;'Great God; our
Sovereign Lord," hymn; prayer; "'Beyond tho smiling and the weeping,"
anthem; Scripture reading, Psalm xo;
■address, David Hyslop (Coleman);
Dead March in Saul, Band; sermon,
W. H. Irwin; solo, "Crossing the bar,"
Wm. Gallimore; 'Xead, Kindly Light,"
" 'Mr. Hyslop was introduced by Rev.
Irwin with a few appropriate remarks.
The speaker (Mr. HyBlop) pointed
out that he only represented the miners of District 18 In so far ashe-was
a miner himself. He pointed out that
it was a remarkable thing that miners
did ' not keep account of time' by
years, but by events, such as the one
they were commemorating that night,
strikes, lockouts, etc. At one time
^these catastrophes wqre considered
to be visitations of God, but now we
looked upon them as caused by Ignorance and greed for profits, but the
last was only possible by the presence
of the first. Yet all these catastro.
phes had ibeen the means of our progress. , For instance, it was loss of &
good number of lives; that gave us the
law of two outlets to every mine in
place of one, and so on.. But we were
not here to -mourn forrthose who had
lost^ their . lives, * as no amount of
mourning could help them*, but rather
to consecrate ourselves to the redemption of the human family to a1 higher
standard of living, to create within us
that spirit of .brotherhood wherein we
recognize we are our brothers' keepers, to make possible the kingdom of
God upon earth:        "■-     '
At the close of Mr.- Hyslop's address
the band played the'Dead March in
Saul, followed.directly by Rev. W. H.
Irwin with his sermon, of which we
give the'following excerpt:
"'• Text, Revelation vll., 14, "These are
they who came out of great tribulation.".  v- V*-" ■   ' .''.   *
The congregation tonight is compos-
Some' have made a condescension In
coming to a religious service, others1
ln entering a hall built by a- labor
movement. We have theological differences, philosophical differences,
and many other "differences,'but. on
one thing we stand on common
ground.and that is.that anything that
has the single object of removing the
possi-bility of such an' occurrance" as
that »which we commemorate tonight
Is a good thing. I find,it hard to' be-,
lievo that men at this stage of exist-"
ence consider the lives of their fellows in terms of dollars. The fact is
we are In the throes of a strange'dual-
ism. On one hand the material order,
with Its iron laws and Its uncha'ng-
able goal insists upon.a certain line of
action for men, while on the other
hand there Is that Influence which I
like to call tho rellotious—-our love for
our fellows—insisting on the contra*
diction of tho other with nil the emphasis of our'natures to the .point of
martyrdom. This Is tho old fight between God and mammon being fought
oach day In every human brain and
demanding n decision from lis ono way
or tho other, We usually decide In
that easy but cowardly way, by a
compromise. Wo dotermlno that each
shall havo just so much part and fix
a point in either enso beyond which
wo think wo will not go. But thoro
Is compromise without a struggle, Religion revolts against bolng doprlvod
of anything short of tho dominance or
the wholo of our bolng, though temporarily tho bronrl question nonius to
demand Its share. Tho fight of democracy is not only bolng fought on
tho Industrial flold, but It Is bolng
fought on that higher field, tho flold
of consclouBncBH, and whon wo loast
oxpoct to find lt mon Ho upon unoasy
plllown and pass hIoopImb nights bocauso tho Imtllo of democracy Is Hurg-
Ing In tho brntn.
A rtnlno (llgmttn)* which costs tho
lives of thlrty-ono of our comrados
mny causo pangs of narrow ln thirty-
A a.
Adveptise-It Will Pay You
Dally change of the bt*t motion
pictures monoy can huy.
Matlni* eviry Saturday at 1.30
An ounce of "i&lUfacUori" It
worth » lot of tnlk. Satisfaction
go-ea with evevy \>Sctar«i »hu.*ti
one circles of friends extending around
'the' globe. 'It may cast "a gloom of
.depression/over a community which
=wili lastfor" years. It will be the subject _of widespread newspaper comment,'but'lIt is "more than that' It is
the gatling.gun of democracy driving
everywhere.the conviction that something is wrong. <I think here again, we
in this memorial service stand upon
common ground. We may differ, as
to what i3 wrong, or upon the remedy
to he applied, but we all admit that
something is wrong. It takes not a
mine explosion to show us that fact,
but a mine explosion does show us
that it is.time to act. A man will put
off fire insurance until he wrestles
with a miniature blaze; he will trifle
with an infirmity until he is incapacitated ifor business. Something is
wrong and. we trifle with that fact
until a mine explosion tells us that it
is time toact. Who are these clad in
the white garments of a new order?
.These are they who have passed
through great tribulation and their
decisions have caused their garments
to be washed in the blood of martyrdom.
We don't care to think of this as a
world of tribulation, we deplore the
fact that it is. We urge upon men to
seek joy x and ,wealth and'all that
makes - for (human comfort, ■ but it
must be admitted that the men who
today are bearing the greatest responsibilities, TVho are startling the world
with their-discoveries—and we stand
in awe at their reforms—that these
men are not the products of the mar-
,ble halls of comfort. They oame from
Lyrife Theatre
When prizes will
be distributed in
Coin petition  ,
See You Get There
"Who are these- who are arrayed in
the white,apparel of the new order?
They, who have .passed through great
tribulations and have had' their garments washed in the blood of martyrdom, and they'shall hunger no more,'
neither'thirst any more, for .the tears
have ibeen "wiped from every eye."   .
Mr. Joseph Beaunier, of, Macleod,
has been in camp -for the last few
days looking over the possibilities oi
starting a 'bakery here.    ,
Mr. James Chappell, accompanied
by his son John, of Porcupine Hills,
is in camp .visiting a'few days, the
guest of Mr. C. W. Johustcn, the Lyric
manager. ■ ' '    '
Qhief' Inspector of Mines Jas. Sterling was in cnmp this week accompanied by Mr. Scott, Distlct Inspector
of Mines.
The local erie of the Fraternal Or
der of Eagles held their regular meeting Saturday last, when- the officers
for next year were elected as follows:
W. P.; J. R. McLeod; W. V. P., P. B.
Copeland;' W. C, A. Padgett; W. S„
P. Chappell; W.,T., J. Ellison; J. G„
T. Longworth; trustee, W. Connors.'
The "secretary reports a steady increase in membership, also that they
Intend, in the near future, having a
swell banquet. The meeting was
brought tp a close with a nice concert.
Those present voted it a good time.
Don't forget that Stephen Humble
has the largest assortment of toys and
Xmas presents that he has ever stocked.   A large shipment of chairs.
The Bellevue Band will give a grand
concert on Sunday night, Dec. 2, in
the Lyric Theatre. The following ls
the program:'.March, "Free Lance";
selection, "The Trobadore"; anthem,
"Jerusalem"; fantasia, "Oik Polks at
Home";1 selection, "Southern Melodies"; chorus, "Hallelujah Chorus."
There will be no concert by the
Band on Dec. 28 owing to a large number of the band boys being away from
camp during Xmas.,"
Mr. Isaac Hutton has been laid up
for the past few days with a .bad cold.
Amateur night at the Lyric Theatre
brought out quite a large crowd of
local talent and everyone that entered
got a prize." There was lots bf fun for
young and old alike. ''
"Mrs. William Ford,- of Coleman,
spent-a few days in camp thte week,
the guest of Mr."and Mrs. Geo. Bateman/     • ,.*•'""
tho flHhornian'u shanties, tho mlnersv
■cottngPB, from tho homo of poverty
and tlio pursuit of .danger. "TIicho
aro thoy who havo passod through
groat trlbulntlons."
■Humanity Is in n crucible heated
sovon times hotter tlmn It was wont
to bo hoatod, by tho furious flros or
tribulations, strikes, lockouts, Titanic
disasters, mino explosions, ovory kind
of cUfttross lu fuel for tho flamoH, tho
Intensity of tho heat Is forcing us
from our compromlaos to clour and
doflnlto decisions for tho mnBtory of
Goil or mammon,
H tnkos n lot of tribulation to mnko
a world. Hunger la doplorablo. Ono
would rather commit sulcldo, almont,
thnn facn It, and yot I can only explain
civilization, with Us wisdom, Ita clean-
IInosB, Ur groat Industry. If* MMrnl
ta«tes, ns It la composed of nrnn who
fii'iilH-niiU wnn thu problem of hunger.
If the savage had nflvor felt hungry
wc irculd all jwobsbly le savage. We
have cllmbod to civilisation ovor tho
rough road, paved with (he trlbula-
utms trt iiunju'r. Hut hunger does not
aufflco; It becomca commonplace. One
may abut himself off from Ita exist-
encfl and content hlmielf that nil Ii
well. Out the gloom of a Titanic dl»-
aster, or a mine explosion atrlkca him
m-o ,i Hittniliirbolt Mil the conviction
that all fa not wall, something |i
tvronc. A ccoicrombtt !-„u Won untile
In deciding tha fight, mammon has tba
mastery, man surfers defeat
There ia no rtwatar He than to «ry
"peace, pese«," whan there Is no
pt*t*. All tlrtue conalau In facing
tnftn,   in   gmppffng;   wt&. kwiIUUi*.
"Mr. John Brooks received slight injuries on Friday of this week, while
following his occupation as miner In
No. 1 mine. * . ,
Mr. Thomas Burnett has received
the biggest shipment of apples ever
■received In'this camp.' He haa -.750
boxes to choose from.
iMr. William Shone left Friday en
route for his home ln Lancashire, England, He will be'ahsont about three
months. Bill's many friends wish him
a. pleasant time and *x, sate journey.
A Christmas service will be held ln
the Bellevue Methodist Church on
Xmas day, at 11 .a.m, when special
Christmas music, by the choir will be
rendered under the leadership of Mr.
William Gallmore.
The hockey team had a good practice on tho lake on Sunday. The ice
is In good shape and a largo crowd
aro taking advantage.'
A benefit concort will be held. In
Hlllcrest on Monday evening,noxt, for
Mr. Charles Beavor. Quito a number
of Bellovuo artists aro going ovor to
holp tho ontorprlBO.
A Christmas trco will bo held In tho
Church on Tuesday evening, under
tho auspices of tho local Sunday
Tho mino was shut down on Tuesday; cause, -ovcrproducl Ion.
A double christening took place at
tho homo of Mrs. J. n. Kudd, at Maplo Loaf, on Sunday afternoon, when
tho children of Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Itudd and Mr. and Mrs. Sclimldcl were
glvon the nnmes Barbara Mta and
Harbnrn Julian, respectively. Rev, W,
II. Irwin officiated.
Tho town now lias two livery burns.
Mr. Colo, of Ilenvor Crook, having nr-
rlvod In cnmp and startod In thnt business.
Tho hookoy loam hns boon strong-
thonod this woolt by two now nrrlvnls
rrom Cnlgary. All tho boys want now
is Jack Front lo mnko some Ire nnd
thon, thoro will bo something doing.
(Thoy should havo It by now!}
Mlsa nradley, of tho teaching fitnff
of Ilollovuo School, haa booti laid up
■with a Bnvoro attack of la grlppn.
Don't forgot the' District Ledger
night nt tho Lyric Theatre on Tuesday,
Doc. 23.  Como and havo a gooiUlmo.
+ <* + + .»* + +V4-X***
♦ '  "     ■'•■'♦
♦ Bellevue Local Union Notes    ♦
Our mooting eonvonod as usual, with
tho prosldont In tho chnlr. There being no porrespondenco, we proceeded
to reports of committees,   Ono com-
tho doctor with respect to two brothers. Tho pit committee reported
having seen the superintendent on
various matters, nil of which, with one
exception, woro straightened out to
the satisfaction or all, the exception
bolng tho caso iuuitionc*i last week.
our claim for company work not IxUnR
rorthrflmlnR, as -upwind,
Thtt next Item or note was the old
oli story, tite non-arrival of the I/ed-
I*re on Saturday, Sow, on tbe editorial page wa saw something to the
J. H; Naylo
We are showing an extra large
range of special tailored overcoats. Workmanship and material guaranteed to be the best that
the market can produce. With
both shawl and military collars
prices from
Watch  this Space Next Week
' 11
{Vor further notes ae* l*ag« 8lx>
Humble V Store
is Headquarters for Xmas
Goods of all Descriptions
A Large Assortment
to Choose From
Xmas Cards, Pin Boxes,Writing Cases, Hand Bags, Work
Boxes, Ladies* Dressing Cases,
Shaving Sets, Military Sets, Bill
Cases, Toys of all Kinds and
hundreds of other articles and
novelties to be displayed the
first week in December,
Prices to meet all Purses
Bellevue Hardware Store
Our Ads Get the Business
7.7'L 1" .*
^^ji^'i^S^*;^-^^   1
rp^-S". <-j,'Si^y *;Nf^^\V-si.^V?.J*-^
■X' .^V'-^.'VV*^
- o
r$lj* Mzitid ttb%iz
published every Saturday morning at its office,
'■ Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C.   Subscription $1.00
per year in advance.    An excellent advertising
medium.   Largest circulation in the District.  Advertising rates on application. Up-to-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of book, job and
color work.   Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all communications to the District Ledger.
F. E. NEWNEAM, Editor-Manager
Telephone No. 48      Post Office Box No. 380
Monday evening next all roads' will lead to the
Grand Theatre, and on that occasion we hope to
have a bumper night and several hundred dollars
over to forward to the kiddies on the Island, Those
of us who passed through the last strike here know
that while there were few empty cupboards many
little inconveniences were suffered owing to the absence of ready cash, and knowing this our sympathies go out to the wee ones who may lack those
comforts so essential to childhood. Warm shoes
and warm clothing are needed by the children on
Vancouver Island, in spite "of what the emigration
agent, may tell you in tho Old Country about the
tropical climate enjoyed there, and worn shoes and
threadbare clothing have been responsible for defeat in more than one industrial fight. Parents will
endure all manner of hardship themselves, but when
it comes to seeing their offspring,suffer, then matters assume another aspect, and the sequel we know.
It is to help in avoiding this sequel that we are
holding this concert.
Tbe prizes will also' be handed to the successful
contestants in our heading competition on that
night, and as there will be over,twelve to distribute
we hope to secure a record house.
The night is Manday; the date is December 22;
the time is 8 p.m. There will be a special late
train for the Coal Creek people.
Mr. T. Biggs has offered to organize and conduct
a male voice party lyith a view to raising money
for a relief fund in aid of the-widows and orphans
in the 'Senghedydd colliery__disast_er._and_it_is_in^
tended to arrange a series of concerts in connection
with same. It is to be hoped that the efforts of
Mr. Biggs and the secretary .'pro tem., Mr. G,
O'Brien, will be appreciated in this community and
that a handsome sum may be realized for those deprived of their breadwinners in the disastrous calamity.
A meeting will be held in the Grand Theatre on
Sunday next, at 2.30 p.m., to arrange and organize
the party. •"
for self-protection that through united action they
may safeguard their lives and obtain higher wages.
, The grand jury which indicted the, mine-union
officials, denounced them as very dangerous criminals.' , They are charged with having entered into
a conspiracy in restraintof trade. They are a menace to dividends.—Milwaukee Leader, ,  ,
VOU:.An unotuous.substance; H. . greasy, etc."
The soothing effects of oil upon turbulent waters
have often been demonstrated, but it has been left
to a Sertaiu literary genius in Fernie to- prove the
healing propensities of this unctuous fluid upoh*an
editorial conscience. Possibly this is- another instance of the "Kimona of Charity," although" we
fancy that there are occasions-when this "garment
assumes the transparency bf the diaphanous skirt.
A letter from a woman who appears to be able to
add two and two 'together, to the Indianapolis
News, commenting.on the'strike of teamsters in this
city, deals with the question where the workers are
forced to the industrial battlefield. .
AVe copy the letter,'' To tho Editor of Indianapolis News":
I overheard a member of a large dry goods company of this city hold forth on tlie teamsters' strike
to this effect: "Why do they want to strike? They
have been working fpr us for years, and have .always been treated with fairness. Any man who
proved himself good had every consideration from
the company always. I know four or five of our
men—good men—who are causing themselves and
tlieir families only distress by their walk-out. For
I know for a fact that they haven't a,dollar to go
on until this thing is settled—not a dollar, and I
know it. Now, what good can come to them of this
But it seems to nie that he had very sufficiently
ansvyered his own question, "Why do they strike?"
for if a man must work "for years" and then find
himself "without a dollar to go orr" in case of
exigency, isn't it time he did strike?       ■.
Don't these people have their funerals, weddings,
births, accidents, illnesses and other exigencies just
as may the man who has "a dollar to go on?" The
writer is non-union, has no "occasion to be", but so
amusing an argument is worthy, of some comment.
The lesson is obvious. An employer who does not
pay a sufficient.wage to'tide those who are working for him over the common vicissitudes that are
sure to come, sooner or later, to "feach of us, is himself a beggar of ,the public's bounty. .Common decency should demand that the worker be accorded
a sufficient wage to preclude the necessity of charity at the first mishap.'
But to shame the average employer-into recog-
Two thousand three hundred men wero killed in
the mines of the United States in the year 1912.
No one was arrested, tried or convicted or imprisoned for tho death of tho 2,300 miners who
were killed because of the negligence and greed of
the men who own tho mines in which'they worked.
In Colorado officials of tlio United Mine Workers
of America have been indicted, They didn't kill
anyone.   All they did was to organize the miners
nizing his duty to his employe and to the publiq
may be given up as' a useless task.      c
The worker himself must be wakened to a realization of his right to an equitable share of the
prosperity his work makes possible; must be made
to realize that a fair wage includes a margin for
possible sickness, accident or unemployment.—U.
M. W. of A. Journal.
The Staff of the Dis-
trict L dger Wi*h
News of the District Cdmps
^Continued from Page 5 /
effect bf arrangements being made
for the- handling'-of Hillcrest and
Blalrinore's v copies *■ at one of the
Btores. ,,.<N6w, Mr.' Editor, - Bellevue
could very -.well be included in that
arrangement, as our Ledgers were lying, at the depot from the arrival of
thoexpre&s until one of our members
happened to -come, along, who was asked to carry them up to the post office,
which he did, arriving a few minutes
before the closing of. the post office,
with,the result very few got them .before Monday and some not then. Now,
Mr. Editor, Sunday is a very convenient day, for reading the Ledger, eo it
any arrangement can be made whereby,
that is possible) Bellevue subscribers
-will very much appreciate. Our meeting ended with the selecting ot a
statement collector and the j>aylng of
.bills. (Bellovue will receive their Ledgers on Saturday in future. Last woek
they left Pernie on the 9.23 a.m. train
in charge of the Dominion Express
♦ • . ♦
Last week the, mine here worked
full time, and this week so far, ibut as
the number of men at presept required Ib very much less than was formerly employed several miners, including
many old hands, had to be turned
down and are still hanging around the
camp. ..'Amongst the hunch of former
employees which the management
found it' impossible to place, is Billy
•Munroe, who came here from Bellevue
in the early part of last week. From
what we can learn Billy has had a lot
of very hard luck recently and we hope
the. coming year .will have' brighter
prospects in store for. him than the
present year dealt out to him.   '
Charlie .Heath, wno removed from
the Royal on the townBite to the
boarding house formerly occupied by
E. W. Ballantyne, .three months0 ago,
has gone .back to the first-named restaurant. . During his stay at the board-
Ing house Mr. Heath improved the appearance of his new home very materially. However, in the meantime the
proprietors of the Royal also got busy
and jnade some very much needed alterations" to that institution. Former-
consisted* of one large dormitory,
v,hirh -was originally intended for a
hay loft,'with an out-of-date staircase
erected on the outside. At present the
entrance is from the dining rooms, and
the large room above is divided into
eight snug .bedrooms, -jvhich will prove
a great boon to travellers, boarders',
given-the free use of tie r-ew hall fer
lie'cccssioh. ii:re sccuU'. bo a.'art
'treat in store for cliil-fren'uhi^-u'.-.o;
wtom-dero is ai-preseafla'jpu: CJ'A
the camp,'' ■    ..."   .,,"-"--•,
you   all a
etc. . For the time being the' boarding
house is empty, and seeing that one
tenant is credited with clearing a few
thousand dollars In the course of a
few years in it, an enterprising couple
should be able to make it go' alright
when trade brightens up here.
Owing to the mine being idle so
long, it was at firskconsldered Impossible to raise sufficient funds to purchase toys and otherwise decorate a
Christmas tree for \he kiddles. However a fortnight ago the Local officials
in getting Harry "Drew: to undertake
the collecting,operations, arid this important act was no doubt played with
a vengeance, seeing that $114.00 was
raised ln less than two weeks. , Mr.
Tom Moody, who acted as secretary
pn two previous occasions, again undertook to make himself generally useful, whilst Mrs. H. Drew, Mrs. Bob
Stonhouso and Mrs. T3d. Plckard were
appointed to choose tho presents and
look after decorations, etc The Xmas
tree entertainment,will tako place on
Christmas eve, and as Mr. Beaver has
There -would'be lots less sickness
during cold .weather if folks would only tako ordinary common-sense precautions against it. When .you-hear there,
is small-pox around, • you ^on't lose
much time in getting your family vaccinated. But lots of you do not use the
same good sense In preventing colds
the grippe, bronchitis, pneumonia,'typhoid fever, rheumatism and other diseases, some of them very serious and
dangerous, arid some of which nearly,
every member of your family is almost
certain to suffer from before winter is
over unless some,medicine Is taken to
build up the body and put(lt in perfect
order before Cold weather-sets ln.
,, Vaccination prevents the growth of
germs of small-pox ln the blood, and
puts the system Into a proper healthy
condition to resist small-pox. Rexall
Olive Oil Emulsion Is designed as an
aia to.prevent as well as relieve disease. It strengthens .the body to over-
come the germs and helps to put your
system into the right condition to resist disease. It'cbntahis the four Hypo-
phosphites recommended by physl
clans to tone the nerves and blood, in
combination with purest Olive OH. to
nourish and "strengthen them.
' -You who are .weak and run-down;
and you who are apparently well now,
but are liable to suffer from various
cold weather ailments, use Rexall
Olive Oil Emulsion to get and keep
well and strong. For the tired-out, rundown, nervous, emaciated or .debilitated—the convalescing—growing • children—aged people—it is a sensible aid
to renewed strength, better spirits,
glowing health.   ->•
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion—king of
the celebrated Rexall Remedies—is ifor
freedom from sickness of you and your
family. PJeasant-tasting, containing no
alcohol or dangerous drugs, you'll be
as enthusiastic about it as we .are
•when you have noted its strengthening, invigorating, building-up, disease-
preventing, effeots. If it does not help
you, your'nioney will.be given back to
you without, argument. Sold in this
community only -"at our , store—The
Rexall Store—one of more than 7,000
leading drug stores, in the United
"StatesTCanadiTand *GfeaT"Bf itain?=N:
E.'Suddaby, Victoria Avenue, Fernie,
B. C.
All should make a point
; ^ \-: *'■   >. y. Of hearing •<' ' '*;""" 'y\;
tfe Malfe Voire Choir
They  Miy  Be At Your ^Horne.
■   '  .  . LOOKOUT       .^    •
WANTEEHrSecond hand En»ire Tjrf-a-
-. .writer,'"Apply Box'380. • 11*
.. ."-""Form I.'-"(Section'88.) <    ,'"!
,-.-.--•' *.;.-: J—-.,/ . ,.A7,A- ".
•A' ' /Land Registry Office, e -";
. 20lh November, 1913.
- , &M. Norboe ''■■A,
To     . ,   - . •--     '-    '.,.. •   ' '   ,7;A
John Norboe ~.A-
I hereby give you notice that, unfesa
you show, a good and valid objection
•thereto iii writing, 1 shall at the expiration of 30 days from the first publl-
cation hereof,proceed to the registration of the title of .Mike Bobrovsky
In respect to that piece of land known
as Part (10 acreb) of Lot 4588, notwithstanding the non-production of a
certain instrument namely: Certificate
of Title No. 14527A.
, Registrar,
WANTED—Position by Mine Clerk;
understands mine and coke oven
supplies, ipayrolls and office work;
bookkeeper-stenographer. Address
R., care Ledger, 129
i     <-'£*.■- *    vl t* ' •
MINERS LOOK—EveJ7mM;::whoha,e?r;
,;, hyvlto .should also .bare"*1 home 6m:;'.
•4- "a f niitVfarm'. in=Creston.,/You'can
';,buy jas'good-land,as .there is ItB; ^
■'.,^C,;from. R.~"Lamoriti'.Creston,' B. C./
;,\ Only small payments required." SI
AiNCONAS FOR SALS—Cockerels a^-fl
•pullets- (May hatched, pullets; lky>
,.lng), <bred from, stock-imported direct from Sheppard, of OWo.. A-pply
• *R6i>t.o Jones, J^eet Fernie. ? -   '    124
WANTED—Two  or  three . furnished
roomB' for light, housekeeping by; E,
, B;Shoeinake;'J■,/"'.'   ' ,;- "    IK
SNAP—160 Acres-Farm-,-ln famous
:Pincher Creek" district-with good
' cash market for everything. ...New,
house, barn, granary, all fenced and
cross-fenced;"60 acres', tinder culto-.
;. yation;' splendid water ipring; 8011,-
black clay loam; school earne section; post office 2% miles; 8 miles
if rom town. Cheap, all cash or $800
chaser. - Would like to go East
Owner, A. E. - Pennington, Queen's
iHotiel, Fernie, B. C.    "* ISO
cook.  Apply -Mrs. Corsan, Oity.  131
1 Some Good Things fop
u < Some of the Good Things You Can Get at Our Store     .
' Miuee Meat •.
■    Crabs
Jellied Tongue
Chopped Suet .^
.„ Oysters
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"Shamrock"   and
Cambridge  Pork
Sausages; they are the best oh-the market
Use our Minee Meat and save labor:   Tou cannot make better at home..
PromptT Delivery'
IfflSMBlBlSlij]^^ '
Lessees, The Alberta Theatre Co.
Manager,^ E. B. Shoemaice
Power of the Cross
2 Reels
A Ranch Owner's Love Making
His Life For His Emperor
Vita Drama
Here^ Your Hat
. Comedy <
Evening Prices: lOo and 20c. Matinee: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Admission: 5c and 10c
All prices on Marmot
Furs are slashed in halves.
These are the greatest and
most genuine bargains
ever offered
Mrs. E. ToddlChildren'8C<)at8
Kid Gloves from 60c pair,
Fur trimmed, silk and
wool lined mocha gloves,
nice and cosy Jor the cold
weather $LS0 pair
The only store that car-
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"New Idz%r has secured
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ity and up-to-dateness of
F@to@p§ Fir@inniS®ir MSiSini@iry Purfeir*§
Special Sale of Heavy Seasonable Coats
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These must be cleared at
a price that will appeal to
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of the dandiest little coats
ever seen and there are dozens to select from. THE DISTRICT LEDGER>EBNIE,|b. C, DECEMBER 20, 1913.
VFlREXHRE fc Xlose the Year Right
;.;'• By-'aeeliig that the fire Insurance you have teea talking.about ls'plac-
."■ ed with .ourrampanfes.-''We control a few oi tKestroigeat companicB.
./;ii-th'A woM^^jAy-yAiy..: y -"" ,.- •-•* v^-V.*,- >., - AX\*,\y*yi'A-i-
- *".:,. *j"f ' A   '     .-,'   Ai^iiS'.-ff'-i.X... ,       •,",,.,    .--■,.-"    ,'..-,i;>        ■    ,-   '   J\~'.';~'r ;"
'r;;:s-' .;;Ci, /".^IvJ^^.^^-^-^-v^t ,^ve:Jnade good. - -   ■.,*--. ,V< -. ■,  '
-V -^'V ■   1 /CltiflflWTl 1PC T-H'ab.pay.aU.juat claims prompuk
/5;,jv,r;:,;Vy^^M^^at;eiaAW^^ntBr   -       .-;.;:
•'•■"     .; .*. .-■«-.- x.7 ^t.use:nb;.re<i ink. variations.
7-yfSH m bofore;you" place your Fire'-insui^ce; • 'alsof your Accident"
^Md.SickneBSvInaurabce, as the CfcEANUs tie LARGEST Accident-
v.Coiapaiy In .the WORLD, and our policies are guaranteed by assets
..of over THIRTEEN. MILLION DOLLARS.-    - .        f
News 6f &e |E>istfict Camps
Continuedvfrom Page:6
The Ocean Accident & GUa&ntee Corporatidl
^ ',""■•'   '■V,,MM-<T*Kn, of JU>nabn,.finiE^nd       - „''       '.. _ '
.^"%CAM^WBXA . v District Agent
MINERS' UNION HALL BLOCK : City 0fflce:-65 Vlctbrla Ave.
Established [April 1899
Wholesale and Retail    ToBciCCOnist
Baths and Shoe Shine
-Our Coffee is Good
V  -
Great Northern
Train going South leaves Fernie 9:53 a.m. daily,
except Sunday, making direct connections at Rex-
,  ford for the West and with the ORIENTAL LIM-o
:    ITED East bound, THE CRACK train of the North-
'■west. •',.'",.    \ y A- "■•■■'-' 'A ' ■   'A    ■•'
[ O',        Train from the South .arrives Fernie 7:30 p.m.,
makes direct connections at Rexford from East and
i West'— "'-     " ' ' "-■■■  '   -- ■' . <"■■- - '--
-" Special round trip Canadian Holiday Fares to "
Atlantic Sea Ports in connection with Ocean tick-,
ets now ineffect. ..':.'     .'"'",
Fernie, B. C.
The question Is asked. We
answered: "Look around you
and, see.
Investigation Discloses That
Real Estate Prices Are Advancing '..
Aro you alive to the situation?   If you aro wo can show
you a placo you cau make a
big profit on.    ,  .
As compared tb later on.
Just NovW Houses   Here   Are
Dirt Cheap.
Mrs. S. Jennlngk, Prop.
L. A. Mills, Manager
Excellent Cuisine — American and
European £lan — Electric Light —
Hot & Cold Water—Sample Rooms
Phones—Special Rates by the month
European Plan Room nates
506. and Upwards
American Plan Rates
(2.00 per Day
(Late of Hixon and Perguson)
* *.
Oall up phono No. 67 for repairs to burst pipes and all
plumbing troubles    i    $     :
Shop - Pellat Ave.
Near Hospital     -     Fernie, B. C.
♦ ♦*-♦♦♦-♦♦♦,♦♦.♦>♦
♦. CORBIN NOTES        r   ♦
♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦'.♦♦♦ 4 '♦'*♦
Our old friend William Murray arrived hack in camp on.Saturday from
the Brazeau country, where William
has been working foV the last few
months. » .
Wei are pleased to say that the mines
are working Bteady again.
The presents for the Christmas tree
have .arrived and are. reported very
: /We are sorry to report the death
of'Mrs. Redhead, .who has been sick
for the last two years.   The. service
was   held   in   the   Roman   Catholic
Church here on Sunday and the'remains were taken to Fernie on Monday ■'and  interred  at  the   cemetery
there.  -Mr. Redhead wishes to extend
bis thanks to "his many friends for
their kindness in his sad .bereavement.
We must say that Tony -Smith Is
showing the best pictures in the' Pass.
Tony Millar has returned from the
I Flathead and Btarted to work in No.
3 iif Ine. -    /
Mr. C. Kerr took ln the sights of
Fernie this week.
, Wm. Spouie returned from Fernie
on Wednesday looking sick, as he is
to'go under an operation.
Mrs. Frew, of Michel, is visiting her
daughter who ls staying up here.
David Brown has secured the position as secretary toi the Miners* Examination Board. -
' The boys with the tin cans' had better get together/ as there are at least
two weddings at Xmas.
We are pleased to see our local
hunters back in town, bringing three
fine deer back with them.
The boys are. wondering when the
next smoker Is going to be, as Corbin
is a dry town without a smoker.
Mrs. George Clough was at'Fernie
this week. '" -'
How   About  Your
to the children and their teachers. In
tie lengthy- program gone through
there was not one hitch or error made,
not even with the little tots, who acted their .part to perfection, especially
In "Grandma's Birthday." A .pleasant
surprise awaited the residents of the
North side/who were, I believe, in the
majority, when returning to the street
to see the blue line of the street car
railway lined up right'alongside the
door. This act of courtesy and t{iought-
fulness on the part of the officials is
worthy of commendation.
^ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ .♦ ♦*•> ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ Unfortunately, there ls quite a chapter of accidents' to record at the mines
for the last week,'' On Thursday of
last week, at quitting time, in No. 6,
Andrew Finnie,. an elderly Scotchman, .whilst on his, way to the pit bottom, was in the act of •crossing at the
junction where the cars are collected
for the grippers to go the regular man
way,.when• the cars started off; It
seems, for safety he, threw himself on
a low car, but when coming near .the
grip going down an,incline, the latter
observed that the"loaded cars were
standing half way up the hijl. . He
jumped, and called on' Finnie to do
likewise, -but.'.being, In. an awkward
position was unable to do so and the
result was that when the cars bumped
Into the stationary cars ho was throwa
between them and his'leg broken below the knee. There was a number of
first aid men at hand, and he was at
once attended to, pending the arrival
of the dootor, when he was taken to
Gait hospital, where he is progressing
as favorablyas can be expected.
At No. 3 mine, on Monday, George
Gresojc met with a very painful and
serious accident to liis foot. Whilst In
tho act oif taking down coal,, a stone
from a Blip or roll In the roof fell, on
his flhoulders, and the sharp point
falling on his foot cut it nearly In two.
Ho was conveyed at once to tho top,
where the ambulance was In waiting
to tako him to tho hospital,.l
In No. 6 mine, one of the drivers
had a miraculous escape, Some shiftmen had been at won: repairing iho
main road and left loaded cars on the
track, and the driver going In with
empties ran Into those cars at foot
of car Incline. Ho jumped for safety,
but his horso got tho full force of tho
compact, bo much so that lt was found
necessary to destroy lt at onco,
' A. Stovonson returned on Tuesday's
local, from the Hillcrest mine, Tabor,
whoro ho hnd boon for a wook educating somo of tho mon thoro In tho working of the eleotrlo ooal cutting machine. Ho says Tabor Is not too bad,
but Lothbrldgo scorns somo city In
comparison and Is Rood enough for
J, O. Jones left ou TucBilay's local
for tho northern country, whoro ho
Intends bolnji for a wook.
Tho school children of tho Boparato
School held tliolr annual concert Tuesday ovonlng last, In tlio Knights of
Pythias Hall, Tho sinning, rwltatlnni
and tmblpiuix dotorvo nrrrnt rrfldlt. both
Catarrh Entirely Breathed Away
A manufacturing chomlst on tho
Pacific coast hu perfected it com*
emnd from ihe leaf of the Aus-
nllnn Eucalyptus two, menthol and
other well-known thorapautla agonts,
which In T>rnvVn«r n T»n-nrtnrfnl kik-tpm
In the treatment of catarrh.
The remedy la sold undor tho name
ot Mflntholypttie and It la breathed
by the patient while he aloepi.
Pram the great reaults wo bare,
seen with Montholyptus we are bo
•uro tbat It w|ll help almost any
clue of eatarrh, wH fn tho head, or
bay ferer, tbat we will give your
money back If It does not benefit
We bave secured the exclusive
agoney for Mentholyptna for this
locality and we are proud to Intro*
dace this remedy here.
N. E. Suddaby
•Miss Steves, -from Trites-Wood Co.,
left Michel on Monday for Nova Scotia. She is succeededby Miss McLeod,
from Nova Scotia.
. Dr. Weldon is busy these days mov-
ing his drug store Into his property
■MoRae, the constable of, New Town,
Is taking a.trip to his home'In the Old
Country. His brother from Kelowna
will take up the position during his
absence. A pleasant voyage we wish
you, Mac.
A slight accident occurred on Monday last, in No. 8 South, to Harry -Ferryman, holstman. Ten cars ran down
the slope and the lever of the hoist
striking him on the forehead, knocking
him down. Only for the, prompt attention of Thomas Cunnliffe, pit boss,-a
serious accident may have occurred.
■We 'hope the -superintendent won't
forget the new part of the wash house
, The contract miners have turned the
dockage money to Mr. W. R. Wilson
(general manager) towards the Christmas treat for the children.
The election for a member to act
on the Board of Examiners for miners'
•certificates took i?lace on- Saturday
last, the following being the result:
James Mercer, 17; John Price, 13;
Mike McLean, 6; James Quinn, 2. Poor
.voting for upwards of 300 contract
miners.- v
'We hope to see the electric lighting
fund for New Michel well appreciated.
New sidewalks and no lights will be
too bad on dark nights. Help the
cause, Old Michel!
. Bert Davies arrived in camp again
quite satisfied .with his hunting.season. He says "I haveipretty near'had
the limit of everything." Well done,
Bert. , • . ■ ' '
-   Mrs. J. H. Woods "arrived, back from
Noted doctors have said th'at housework is the best form pf physical
exercise tor T?omen—for it not only
, The healthy woman ENJOYS her
housework—she takes pleasure in keeping things spick' and spaa—and it costs
her practically no effort to do so—because tAe is HEALTHY.'
Are you healthy? Do you find your
housework pleasant aiid invigorating?
Or do you dread it ibecause you don't
feel" "just right"? That "don't feel
just right" sensation * may NOT be
tforth seeing a doctor about—but it 4s
a pretty certain indication that you
are suffering from Indigestion, Con
stipation, Biliousness or Dyspepsia.
Next time you don't (feel "Just right'
Just try 15 drops of Mother Seigel's
Curative Syrup. You'll get relief—
England has TESTED and PROVEN,
for over 40 years, its worth. There it
is recognized as a standard remei?^.
It is almost purely herbal—'Nature's
own remedy cfor disordered ■ stomach.
Price $1.00.   Trial size 50o.
You can get Mother SeigelTs Curative Syrup at
Mclean drugi and book co.
FERNIE, B.C. .    .
Our stock of Leather Novelties is
one ofthe finest and most up-to-date
in the West.
The best assortment we eversiock-
7 ed, Dolls, Cradles, Teasets,  Buggies
for the girls,    Mechanical toys of
every description for the boys.
her trip on WednesflayTmornirig from'
North Dakota, having visited her ,par-
.   ii       -        ,-■
ents: ,        -    '■
We are sorry to.hear'Mrs. Joseph
Trav'ers is not recovering from her
Bickness very satisfactorily.,' A speedy
change for the better ls the wish of
all. .
The carpenters are busy relaying
new floors In the Michel Hotel, which
will Improve .things muchly for the
dancing. Now, Joe, get 'busy; we
ought td have .the first on the new
tloqr. '  ■'
We are informed that B. Stacey will
pay his parents a visit In Seattle this
Christmas. A >pleasant journey to you,
Ed., and a good time.
Rcfoerts Oakes took the position of
fire,boss night shift in the place of
Thomas Phillips, who -was laid .off
sick. Pleased to see you around again,
♦ .We don't hear much of the Michel
Brasa Band lately, but hope to hear
a few of their strains this good festival time.
A happy and joyful Christmas to all.
■*"♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ -♦•»♦--*»
♦ .'-,-♦
♦ Michel Local Union Notes      ♦
♦ ♦
.We are pleased to'see the Local
Union meetings are' much better at
tended than they have ibeen since' the
strike. Now, boys, attend the meetings. ' iWe have some old .voices who
are well worth listening., to, and you
will hear some good arguments on
practical mining and what„shouId be
done according to your agreement.	
The latest and best   authors in
cloth and edition de lux
McLean's Drug & Book
\i ',      •  -- Store^=r=—
- --vs
At'the last regular meeting a-committee was picked to go. through the
supposed special rules tha't are placed j
up at the mine.
The executive have promised to have
the room warm, quite a few complaining of the cold.        „ ,;A
The election, for checkwelglimen
takes place oh Monday next at miiie.
The following are the nominees': John
Marsh, Richard Jones, John Newmain,
Harry Gregory, Ben Ball and Pete Bal-
dassi. Vote for two. The next highest to those elected act as alternate*.
(Continued on Page, Bight)
Is Economical and Efficient^
t ^
The valuable coupons are valuable for valuable
',    premiums ,,"!.,
,*. a        . s ...
The Royal Crown Soaps, Limited
Calgary Alberta -
I   Tn compliance with tho demand of our patrons in tho choice of Liquid Holiday Choor, wo aro again putting up
3    SP6CI&I  Holiday C&SeS contnininp six anlnfit,,.nHsnvtmniit.*a 'nf Wirc-h flvudi* CUnnAa In «ln-i« v,n/-.!»«««« -fv,~
shipment or home delivery.   Onion	
Now Year delivery will bo accepted up to tho nigh
yours early.
Hamper No. 1.   Price $3.00
(Weight 30 lbs,)
1 Shorry 1 Simtorno
1 Marsolla Wino 1 Bordeaux Claret
1 Canadian Ryo 1 Fine Old Port
IJ Bottlos
Hamper No. 2.   Price $4.00
(Weight 30 lbs.)
1 Coadon Brandy 1 Shorry
1 Canadian Ryo 1 Bm-dmu Clar'o
"1 Spocial Roh Scotch      I Old. Port
0 Bottles
Hamper No, 3.  Price $5.00
(Weight 60 Ibi.)
2 Old Port
2 Froneh Claret
0 Boor (Domostic)
1 Old Shorry
1 John Loo Scotch
12 Bottlos
Hamper No. 4.   Price $6,50
(Weight 50 Ibi,)
2 Canadian Ryo
I Coadon Brandy
II Old Port
1 Jamaica Rum
2 Bordeaux Clarot
2 Old Sherry
1 Old Mollow Scotch
12 Bottles
Hamper No. 5.   Price $7.00
tWeignno im,)
1 Oporto
1 Special Scotch
1 Canadian Ryo
(\ Alo or St on t.
1 Shorry
1 Special Bmmly
1 Jamaica Rum
12 Bottles
Hamper No. 6.  Price $12.00
(Weignt ou loi.)
2 pts. Chamnagtio 1 pt. Henodictino
2 nts, Canadian Ryo 1 Tom Gin
1 Oporto    * 1 10 yr old Liqueur Scotch
1 Jamaica Rum 1 Gonzalez Sherry
) Sftutonio M,,). 1 Legmndo Brandy
12 Bottles
• \ ■
**   *,     _
-•j*.' ii
...    .-, v*»-t«2l
Prlcos F.OjBi. Fornlo.     Cash must accompany all ordors*       poolal Attention
to Out-of-Town Ordors. Prices on Special Hampors glvon on application
Our Calendar do Luxe will be encleted with every hamper
Pollock Wine Co., Ltd. Fernie. B.C.
^ m
* ,i*>\
-,' tf
B, C
-wmwmmwmm »''"**-*    **'■'■•      ,V\' -..*•*.-   ,.t..
WITH   the   approaching
cold weather you' heed
.   ' .all the  comforts  and
warmth possible. -You appreciate a nice, warm, comfortable
room, furnished with cosy chairs
and rugs and heated by a good
serviceable heater.
Let us sell you some of these
comforts from our stock, which
is the largest in the Crows Nest
Pass. Remember, we are always here to remedy any complaints arid exchange unsatisfactory goods—no delays—no disappointments.
Our prices will compare with any
Catalog House when you consider
freight rates and the many disappointments you experience
when sending out of town
Coleman Hardware Store
Association, Limited
The Worker's Own  Store
SplewJiJ   assortment   of   Christmas
Fruits, Preserves and Candies.  Everything you requiro in the Grocery line  ■'
' and all* of tho best quality.
Groceries, Provisions,
Dry Goods, etc.
Inspect oui-   selection   of dry goods
All New Stock
S Positivey the finest exhibit
ever seen in Hosmer
Why send away when you can get everything
io gladden   the   kiddies   at   the   Hosmer
Industrial Store
Help Yourself by Helping
us—wc are here to stay
The Peoples' Store
B. C.
News of the Disffiict^Cam^
\- '-A- X    (Continued from,sPage 7)"*y.i*
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦ •**► <►.
♦■ ,-.-*.
♦ ♦
♦'♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦•♦♦♦'♦ ♦
, A grand smoker was held under-tlie'
auspices of the Athletic Club, on. Saturday last, in the Athletic Hall/and'
was well patronized. Mr.- W. Shaw occupied the chair and opened the proceedings with a neat little speech, -'A
good musical program waa rendered
by the following artistes: A. Adamson,
song;' H. Brooks, "song (encore); B.
Cox. recitation; J. McKelvle, song (en-,
core) ;■ C Singleton.. song; W, Shaw,
song (encore); T. Whittle, comic song
(encore); T. McKelvle,-recitation; J.
Morgan, song; three-round boxing exhibition between A. Linton and j. Johnson and the Adamson Brothers. Various gymnastic stunts were also pulled
off. Drjnks and' smokes" were distributed "at frequent intervals'and everybody voted the evening's entertainment an enjoyable one.
As predicted ln last week's notes,
the turkey or billiard tournaments provided some' strenuous struggles) tho
following being some ol the scores:
Second, round—P. Salt, J. Wardrop,
Alec Adamson, Andrew Adamson, -W.
Rankin and H. Brooks, s-byes.
J. McKelvle, 100; W. Balderstone,
99. .J. Morgan, 100; G. Steeden, 82.
Third round — Andrew Adamson,
100; H. Brooks, 99. J. McKelvle, 100;
Alec Adamson, 78. J. Morgan, 100; J.
Wardrop, 67. W. Rankin; P., Salt
scratched. ■*•
The children of tho . Presbyteri-vi
Church are to bo entertained to a
Christmas tree, 'Monday,, Dec. 22.-
Prizes for the best costumes at the'
masquerade dance gives by the K.* P.'s
on New Year's eve are on exhibition in
the windows of I. Zisselman. A-flashlight photo of the dancers will also:be"
taken. The Isis orchestra,' of Fernie,
will supply the music.
The Hosmer correspondent wishes
It to be know that he wasn't responsible for the vulgar phrase appearing ln
last .week's notes referring to the local
telephone service. Whoever contributed that little item should accept the
The election for miners' representatives on the Board of Examiners resulted as follows:-'J. Koszloski, 14; M.
Jasbec, 13; J. Mihalcik, 11. One had
great difficulty locating the names on
the ballots owing' to inaccurate spelling. '  "\ :'   .  ■    •
Charter members"©! the newly-formed Socialist", local are specially requested to attend a'meeting to be held
at the Queen's, Sunday'night, at 7.30.
the perani'bulator. with you, John," was
considered most-appropriate."
A society pow wow, was held1 up' at
the hospital Monday night. We didn't
hear of any mlners;'tnaking their' debut. '       "       '••':.'    . -
Last week's union1 meeting was,'we
are pleased to report," veil attended.
Various Important matters were discussed, tho details of which it .is not
advisable to publish. • It was decided
not to send a delegate to the international .convention. We are running
things very economically here owing
to the tightness of money and* came
to tho conclusion It -would be an unnecessary waste of funds.
Mr, L. Stockett was a business visitor to Hosmer Wednesday.
Hoamer, Is beginning to look llko a
city beautiful, several newly-built residences having greatly added to Ub
, A. MeL. Fletcher, formerly of Hosmer, now of Crow's Nest.'was In town
Monday wearing a vory prosperous
• these tburna-
■ As reported in'; last week's Ledger,
a row'took place.in front of the Coleman Hotel on .Tuesday, Dec. 7, which
was; somewhat a&in'to an Irish donny-
brook .fair, and on Wednesday morning the,pugilists."were brought before
.A..M.'Morrison, who1 tried them and
relieved ;them of a few odd dollars for
creating a disturbance in the street
and' assault John Kobolka was fined
$20,\and a further $20 was put on his
bill for breaking.the window of,the'
Coleman Hotel, while for the assault
he was deprived of-another five spot.
A pretty ; expensive" drink. George
Nickfofao. who took a hand in the
game, was fined $20 for creating a disturbance in the street.
Harry Pollack, a brattice man ln
York Creek, ,wasvalso on the war path
looking for some one's scalp. Harry
thought this a good opportunity and
for' joining in had to stump up $3 and
costs. . I '     ,     ,
•Nik Nickfore had a' little more fun
than Pollack and it cost him $5 for his
part In the now.
Nik Bralonozskl was out son the
same stunt as the other two, and had ' ranged for and. will take, place i» the
J. Ti:-Hopkln's,:78fX Hilling.'ioof.'j;'
Lawrence; 100; W.^Hopkins";'^;^^
cowan, 56;. t. x.' b: Smitt;ioo'.:,^--- ;
First-round of looping bowlfng.tour-
370; J,. Swan, 347; C.*:„Gow6n,-;372;sT.'
Burns, XB'477f Sam'Hadfield/431; L.
Satorie'd behind);, 497; C."Blllle, 437.
Highest number'of .points' in; three
games decides, the'winners of, reaper
tlve ties/-' '   -Ayy^A -'. -„'■'*■'-'-. .'•]
First round of-the V.pinsi 'bowling
tournament—T. " Lloyd,"' '38 'A-OS-am
^Moores," 41;,' G. Stephenson; f 21;" T.
Thomas, 27.   ,,'.'■ -'.-%- -; A: '?;. •'>•"
Some .very valuable prizes are'to" be
given in connection' 'wnk
Coleman '"Football "Club" and commit?,
tee would.like to know from Secretary
A. J. Carter when the medals "are to be
given. They''would also like to - hear
from"'the secretary, "with,reference to
other matters and'.trust' he will shortly be on hand to attend to same,     '
Mr, J. Davi-^is forming a dancing
class for the winter months and' quite
a number of the old stiffs will be seen
in the near future doing to tango. The
secretary and president of the Local
Union are the latest victims" to go
crazy over the tango. Well.'of course,
everybody's doing lt!   Why not?"
An Old Country dance has been ar-
to fork up $3 costs for the little damage he accomplished.
Rene.Frere was brought up before
A. M. Morrison, J. p., on a charge of
being drunk and disorderly'and fined
$2 and |4.50, or fourteen day's hard
labor. .The fine was paid.
IM. H. Utt and rwlfe were Coleman
visitors on Thursday, Dec. 12, from
R. L." Norman was in town from Pincher Creek on business.'
■   0:'B/Smith and.Lorn M*. Campbell,
of the .McGillivray Coal Company, were
guests' at the Coleman Hotel on Sun-' Eagles held the regular., meeting In
Eagles' ^Hall on Hogmanay night, Dec.
31.   Everybody welcome". '   w
•Mrs. Lemall underwent "h serious
operation In the .Miners' Hospital on
Dec. 11, under Drs. Ross and Connolly.
Mrs. Lemall ls"Improving very satisfactorily.       / .    '
Mrs. William Thompson1 is still confined to.hdspital, but expects to return
home this week end.
Pat Burns Is erecting a large stable
at the rear of his meat market in Cole--
man. : ','■''' ','".,
The Coleman Aerie (1140) Order of
day night, Dec. 14,!leaving on Monday
night's passenger for Calgary and-
'points/east " r '-'
A charge of theft was laid against
their hall on Saturday,- Dec. 13. The
following* officers, we.re elected: E.
Barns, W. P.; D.- Roberts, W. V. P.;
W. Banks,'chaplain; H. Gate, secre-
Gordon Fetherston, a teamster in the tary; John Beveridge, treasurer; Fred
employment of the International Coal' Odger, Inside guard; L. Nacharlas, out-
Company, by Mr. ,.Sewell, of Pincher sWe   guard.   Trustees .elected:   W.
See Our Competition on Page 2
♦- COLEMAN NOTES .        ♦
♦ ♦
Joseph niegun, a timber pnek-or om-
jMoyod In tho York .Creole district of
the Intornntlonal Coal & Coke Company, had tho misfortune to moot with
an accldont on Friday, tho 12th. Ho
was packing somo tlmbor In No. 144
pillar when a largo ploco of cap rock
slipped off the aide of the pillar, hitting him and bronldng his log abovo
tho knoo. IIo was taken to tho hospital and attondod to by Dr, n. T,
Ross and Is progrosBlng jilcoly.
Creek.- The defendant made arrangements with ;Mr. Sewell for settlement
and 'Mr. Sewell withdrew the .charge,
and the case was taken' out of-'court,
Sewell paying the costs of*the court,
which were'f'$4.50. '- v   '
The Christmas tournament , at the
Grand Union billiard .parlors is now.
taking place, and some .'fairly good'
scores have been put up. .Some,of the
most fancied cueists only survived the
.first round. The bowling tournament
is also in .progress and some( tall
scoring is being put-on the tally sheet'.
Beloy is the scoring in both tournaments up to* date:-,-.- , .',
"•■"*lfst"round~bIllIIFds^Sam Moores
(40, ibehlndj, 63;' J. J.Barnes' (receives
40), 100; Tom Burns-(20 behind),,100;
Dan Montgomery (receives 20), 80; J.
Falrhurat (recelveaii?), 84.; M. Hyslop
(70 behind), 100; q. Makln (receives
40)> 82; J. Boyce .(receives 10), 100;
J.. Quntilo (.scratch),."75; ,J. Bell
(scratch), 100; W. Bell'(receives 10),
82;..R. Ferguson-(40-behind), 100; H.
Beddlngton (scratch), 73; J. Pollok
(receives 20), lOQ^W.'Steel (receives
15), 86; Archie-Anderson (80 behind),
100.                                  '■    '
Second round billiards-*--!. T. Hopkins (receives 30),'l00;.W. Banks (40
behind), 12; H. Hill (20 behind), 100;
J. Pollok (receives. 20), 71; T, Burns
(20 behind), 32; J. Boyce, (receives
10), 100; T. Jackson,(receives 15), 91;
A. Anderson (80 behind), 100; J. Hop-
king, Jr., (receives 10), 92; V. Hilling
(rocolvos 10), 100; T. Thomas (80 behind), 54; W. Roughead (receives, 10),
100; J. Lawrence (receives 20), 100;
R. Ferguson (40 behind), .79; J.
Barnes (receives 40), 72; W. Hopkins
(recelvos ,15), 300; A. Modlnlsho (rocolvos 25), 88; T, (receives
25), 100; J. Bell (scratch), 88; Sam
Hndflold (IB behind),,,100; J. Makln
(receives 40), 100; M.Hyslop (70 behind), 00; T. Smltch (rocolvos 40),
a byoj J. Solol (receives ,25), a bye;
W. Cowan (scratch),' 100; J. Davison
(5 behind), 00; W, Anderson (rocolvos
10), 100; W[\MnBff8 (rocolvos 30), 72;
Jim Kollook"(10 behind), 07; ID. Barnes
(rocelvos 25), J00; D. Makln (behind
10), 80; J, RubboI (roeolvofl 25), 100.
Third round billiards—T. Lloyd, 88;
J. Ruesol, 100; Sam Hadflold, 100; Q.
Makln, 90; W. Roughead, 100; W. An-
dorson, 72; Archie Anderson, 100; E,
Darnos, 07; II. Hill, 83; G. Boyce, 100;
a6 a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on tho snfe side wW*»n buying
baking powder, examine the label and
fake only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
Thompson, E. Parish, Joseph Stephenson.     . .      , '.•-■"
'i ,      .      t>          ,        -".-■'
♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
,♦   '•' ♦
C.'J. Palmer has,secured the contract for getting out several thousand
.props for the West Canadian, Collier
ies.       _"v " ~      "    •
- Dr, Bell was In from Passburg on
Friday last...  ,
Jim' Paden, who we "are pleased, tb
see Is able to get around'again after
stead near Grand Fork's, B. G.   ■
The B. Y." P. U. gave a most successful social and entertainment in "the
■Baptist Church on ■. Wednesday"" night
last.' The program, which consisted of
solos', duets, recitations and table
games, was a credit to the ladles of
the social committee, 'as also waB the
sumptuous repast which they provided. The officers of the.B. Y. P. U.
haye decided to hold these socials
once a month as a means of drawing
tne young people of Blairmore together. ' l
Plante and Antel/.ot Coleman! have
added "another auto to their* livery,
purchasing same of A. W. Roblllns, of
the Blairmore garage.
A, J. Johnson, who.went on a hunt»
ing trip" to the South Fork last week,
returned triumphant, on Saturday
night in possession of a flno deer's
Raymond Thorne has" severed his
connection with the Keystone Cement
Co.'s brick plant hore. ,Wo understand
that D. A, Sinclair will act aB sales
asent ln tho future.
Dr, A. II. Bakor Intends to leave
Blalrmoro at tho beginning of thc now
yoar (or Calgary, where ho will make
further studios.,
I*. Denlil, of Calgary, Is superintending the building of a cold storage plant
for tho Cnlgary Browing and Malting
Co,, in Blalrmoro, on Ninth Avonuo 13.
The naw building will bo.of about 30
x 30 dimensions nnd will bo tho distributing worohouBo for'tho Puss,
A ClirlBlnuiB cantata, entitled "Tho
Sign In tho Sky," will bo given In tho
Control Baptist Church on Mom'ny
night, Bee, 22, by the children of tho
Sunday School and mombors of tlio
B. Y, I\ U, This cantnta Iiiih been In
rohoaraal for throo weeks past nnd by
ChrUtmaB, all thouo portormlns tbould
bo In good trim and tlio ploco woll
worth wltnoBBlng. Tho children's
Christmas troo will also be unloaded
on thin night, aftor wMch rofreah'
monts will bo sorvod by tho Indies,
thus ensuring a most pleasant evening
to which all will bo welcomed.
Friday nltrht last wa> a apodal nlRht
•In F, M. Thompson's Co. Btore and
hundrods thronged tho oounton, tho
Inducouiont bolng two thoukond votos
in tho plnno contest to all those who
outcTod tho Btore, whether purchnsing
I or not.  To m«k<-t dhnnnlni*' mori* rt^tn***.
j ant the management, had secured thn i
.services of tho Bohomlsn string bund,
which played several choice selections.
The contest piano was also open for
those who desired to test Ub fine melodious tono, which privilege wan md-
liy taken odvatito/ro of.  It Iv a be«utl-
ful Instrument and w«ll worth striving
for.   Tho arrival of the tlmo for the
final unmmlnv nn of TPt-*«'«•»»• *••«■».•
drawing nearer and everybody Is tu>
lously awaiting,tho re«<i'!
j    Walter Howe haa withdrawn frota
j the management of the Op«ira House.
,        (Coutluuud ou raK<4 Nine)
■'/■'.: .r">J*'V ■AAX'A\i^A^ 'V;;.  . vri XSAili .X7  -., '   ^A"**'''<'""   "y- ' A ','•-"■:•'•
■V :~.'    ,'■ASs&fflSS^GSU^. "•' '" •fUli^C*-. J? -   -A\_t_Ay- I* '-'V,    X-X x
■ -     '   ^gTM.jraim»««v  ■-       »- .■^i.i    .   >■-_*...—-.mm.*.     ,*-   _ u ..      ?,,,„._.
Not a seed in ''Sunkist."
 ^       , ,   ,      ,Julc5rj...ricli; (healthful
orangei^-~tlie finest selected tree-ripened fruit grovra
in'' the world*." ;,,*■•. ^," r, *y '" • ' v .;'  ' - ,l J.' ' , ,■ ;^   "
, "SUNKIST!' oranges are tlie cleanest of all fruit£,
Never touched by "bare hands—all "Sunkist", pickers';,
and packers wear clean cotton gloves .while at worlc. -
Buy a box of "SUNKIST" oranges—much cheaper
by the box "or half-box than by the dozen.'     '
"Sunkist" lemons aire thfc finest, juiciest. fruit —
mostly seedless—thin-skinned, too.
"Sunkist" Oranges and Lemons Bring..
Handsome Rogers Silverware
Send the trademarks cut from "Sunkjst" orange and lemon
wrappers to us. -We offer as premiums, elegant Roger* guar.
anteed A-J Standard silverware.     27 different., magnificent
premiums in'exclusive "Sunkist" design.
'" This handsome oranRe spoon sent to you for 12 "SJuriklstt'
trademarks and 12 cents.    Trademarks from "Red Ball".
orange and lemon wrappers count same as " Sunkist. ^
In remitting:, send amounts of 20 cents or over by Postal
Note., Post .Office or Express Money. Order.
. Buy "Sunkist" Oranges and
, Lemons at Your Dealer's '
Send your name and full address for*,
our complete free premium circular and (
Premium ClahPlan,   Address all-orders,
for premium silverware and all communications to ^  ,
California Fruit Growers Exchange
. JOS King Street, Eut Cor. Church'
'.-";      TORONTO, ONT. uwi
The   Misses  Allen
Dressmakers   a.tid   Costumiers
Ball Dresses a. Speciality*     "
"The Quality Store'
The best of Christmas Cakes and Plum
Puddings can only be made from the best
of ingredients ', •*'*■'.
We have just received a shipment of
Peels, Nuts, Dates and Figs
of the very choicest quality
For your Xmas table we can supply you
with Jap and Navel Oranges, Bananas,k choice
Ontario or Okanagan Valley Apples
Next week we will have Chestnuts. Ripe
Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cekry, Cucumber and
Don't delay until it is too late
Phone 25      Victoria St.        Blairmore, Alta.
Xmas Shopping
Nothing is moro appreciated tlmn a sensible present,
something of somo use.   Our stock is comploto in
SwA9t,M»- Tjas  Unrtarwftfliv *%}(^t^
Shoes, Rubbers, Clothing, Caps
nnd mnny other articles that mako good Xmas gifts, and
ncinemlier our good* are slill under tho hummer and price*
jiuil  in nny  ollmr HrueleH irntl  uuiKe  gooU  Xnuis  giiia,
t *
Open overy night also, Wednesday afternoon, until
n ■
Known thii month u the Bargain Storo
■' -ir *,.jil I  l'l' «••        T* i . t  ( rt '
C, DECEMBER 20; ,1913.x
ti'    'X
V*.' .■'JV>1jf-L6Da.j'A*K*»
Camp News
rWr      \*
**    *w'
'Our Pri<^s?iare^RightXfiS •':
■ I ^'^^emotiey^b^ buying:at?Li'pEaVdt's;; beside    -
,:| ,v. having the assurance that if any thi D^oesf: wrong. '
-I._• Ix'.; j-*' ,'>"we are^ere to maktfbright.r•'-: ^ s '.
7 Jewe   Watham Men's size in nlckePcase;....;;..... $3.50
- - «  .CWC   )^a Iuam~Hen'e 8l2ft ,n 20 year 0°ld fHIed case • $8.50
"     17 iCWe   !""" J^"8 8i» I" ,20 year flo!d filled case   $9.85
<-t ^ewe.1 »»a,ltuh^r,?.MS!,e 8i2e ,n 20 year S°ld «»ed case $11.50
\*  iCWel. ^a£ha.n? badie*' «'« In 25 year case .., $12.00
.  ,; 16 Jewel A. C. Liphardt'movement. Ladles' size In.25
year case '. -...'...     ..      $1400
17 Jewel A. C. Llphardt0movement  Ladles'" size  in '25
year case \,, ,* ; 7.7.........   $16 00
17 Jewel A.-C. Liphardt   movement In "solid' gold ' 14k
case ....'. .....}-. .7.,i. ,'.\.,,.r  ,       $2400
Bracelet Watches In geld.filled cases froni .'.'.'."l6.00 to $12.00
Bracelet Watches in 8olld Gold,cases from ... $25.00 to $35.00
fcft ■
; ;.    ;;, JEWEELER and OPTICIAN ■ .
ll  % 1
quart Peter Dawson's Scotch
quart Hennessy.3-star Brandy
quart \ftry Old Madeira' Wine
Cambination No- 3.;
'-£.25    "/"  '".'' ■
large   bottle : Burke's ' Irish
^Whiskey ,', V^.- ,\">^
large bottle Geneva GlVi
bottle sealed Rye  ■
Combination No. 5
bottle Gordon's Dry Gin
bottle Chlantl Wine    ,
bottle Vin 8t. Michel
Combination No, 2
1 quart Jamaica Rum
1 quart Monopot Brandy Med'l
Reserve     .,
1 quart Invalid Port Wine
Combination No. 4
Rogers'!'      ' -<'      s
1 bottle Blackberry. Brandy i>
2 bottles Parnay Sparkling Wine   |
Combination Noc i
\ Box of (50) Choice Cigars
1   bottle   unfermented' Grape
Remember the are only suggestions. We carry a very complete stock B|
of Imported and native liquors, wines and cigars, andean make ud I
any lote desired.   Mall Orders promptly and carefully attended to.
Agents for the Famous
Fernie-Fort Steele Brewery
Mutz's Extra Beer
Fraiik Wine & Spirit Co.
BLAIRMORE. NOTES^tContinued) '
,^'The MissourrGirl'.'wlll-niake ai-
;other appearance at the'Opera House
on Jan. 3, 1914: -.'-■ ry;
•Tie Presbyterian Sunday School
liave. postponed theirs cantata 'until
some.-time after Christmas. •'
' ;'The "David Harem" Company are
booked to appear in the Opera House
Dec. 23; which makes it-necessary to
postpone the concert which .was to
have been given by. the Blairmore
Brass Band on that date to Wednes-"
day, Dec. 24.
■ Tom Cyr was around town on Tues-"
day. Tom had left Ills automobile with
a scrap iron dealer in 'Calgary and hy
the look on his face one can see' that
he" is much relieved.
Ai W. Bobbins has sold out his interest in the,Alberta Livery and will
now put in all his time at the garage.
R. Patten will run the livery, assisted
by Martin Murr,
Superintendent Moors, of the Alberta Government telephones, was in
town on Tuesday, making his usual
inspection of the local office.
■ The skating rink was opened Tuesday for the purpose of testing the ice,
which was proved to be in'falrly good
♦ '" ♦
Mr. W. J. Fraser and J. Richards,
of .Frank, were visiting Passburg last
Friday evening.' Boys, we, have no objection to meeting,you in the daytime,-
sometimes. „'
Dancing at Passhurg by the mile regardless of whether.! like you or love
you. - "Uow -many miles did you
dance?", is the proper query since they
have taken to wearing the patent tan'
■go pedometer. _'       n
'Remember the 24th, Christmas Eve!
■when a great social and dance will
take place In Slovak Hall, under the
auspices of the Passburg" Dancing
Company. Bring your friends with
you.   Good time assured.
The inhabitants of Maple Leaf are
intending to commence gardening in
a few days. . They say the weather is
all samei California and they have decided to1 set to work, as there is very
little doing around the mine. Only a
few'Switches were-laid last week and
a piece of track onto the rock dump.
They say 'there, was nobody working
except the minev superintendent.
(Track layers not "panted.)
- A large number of homesteaders are
seeking employment in the mines-this
winter. It'seems'a bumper.crop cannot maintain -them very long on 5the
Island ,of Dreams.    It, only permits
r.    .    ,       .1--:     ,
^ut,.'u*.j o -a'ay.
'iSo tuoic
irujx-i at the1
'i."&m-Sulfficieut~tiuie"to transport their"
crop-td; the elevator and say "I will
have to mortgage something else next
year." When the next election comes
round -we shall be easily convinced
what prosperity Is..
The ' long-talked-of wash house is
nearly completed. We can see a little
steam now oozing here aid there
around the building and fifty-six lockers Installed, and'when It is completed
Pretty Wedding at Coal Creek
The .Methodist Church up here was
the scene of a very .pretty wedding on
Wednesday afternoon, the contracting
T>arties'DeIng"CMlPjrHannan (former
Coughing scatters germs
—Stop it
Couching increases thc
irritation of the already inflamed iiiucuous membranes
and is moreover apt to carry
disease to others.
Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and
Cod Liver Oil promptly stops
coughing, ana soon, thanks
to Its tonic properties, effects
a permanent cure,
The wonderful popularity
of Mathieu's Syrup of Tar
and Cod Liver Oil Is specially
due to its great value as a
permanent lung and bronchial healer.
Sold everywhere, 35c large
J. L. MATOIEV CO., Prop,
Shcrbrooke, P.Q.
Fat Umitatlitt uw H,,tMtu't Kttvini
l'ainttrt~tlttu tin utt/til alto lo tha* tht
/tm anil paliM **)Hrh qfttn tutomyatty
wlili. iMatodV/ipowwrt.
0 v ,        -   _ :   111 ■' !U.*mJlUi_IIUJLUUMUIBHnBMBB«a99
Special Saturday Matinee and Evening
■  ttt . .     . ^ Reel Rex Drama
M» Two CMMdlrt, Ono Mitllffy D^TS-Un?. Myor In Crtooi*.        **
■ ■ '-«««—.„'"     ' "~~" "'  ■"■■WJJMlU4imiJLUJ.JUJ.il LJIllBILUUHIJLillW
•mui ••». .       .  ". 2 Reel Boloir Drama
mSZ ZtZls W""""e ""*"? *""*"• >•"'clwk °»lwiu vill»i»'« »*"'» »-
„    ..„    ,    OA     ,   .      3 Roel Imp Feature
Jt.FO.VO. * "* **^'VM^U* *'*>  »'.>'  ^MVhHAAh V1U1
'      ' " "" l"'"B'"i"1  Mill     L   ^      j      _LJ 	
2 Red Victor Drama
W.-S5-2S2 mXX' in*«*yxh™1™ »'ri "«™« to man -he bvM; tomw* w,r.
,-.It seems"^fliat the miners around
^Burmis. a'nd: t Maple Leaf' were idle
'again- on Monday. • It's a hard propose
tion when" yqu'-own a job and cannot
work sufficient time to clear your
.board bill!.'■'/'"-' 0
' The Observer would be .pleased to
hear from anyone through the columns
of the District'Ledger whether it is
legal "for an-'agent representing a liquor" store-; fo solicit his fire brand
'around the'pit heads in this province.
A number qf_ persons have approached
me oii this particular question because
they claim if a' person is desirous of
participating In' a little refreshment
they can obtain this from the licensed
Institutions of Alberta, and if they feel
inclined, to'walk ten or twenty miles
to" quench their thirst they are at perfect'liberty to do so.
^Th£ Observer is desirous of extending, to the membership of District 18
and elsewhere a merry Christmas and
a (prosperous' New Tear, Trusting
that one and all will enjoy themselves
to their hearts' llawenydd mawr.
We are sorry, to learn that the lock-
et and chain which was Jost between
the Slovak Hall and the Passburg Hotel ls not yet found.
The Maple Leaf colliery was idle
four days last week and the Davenport
colliery, Burmis, was idle five days,
It seems that through want of orders
jt  is hard  a proposition for  those
small camps to create a market for
their products, although they worked
steady all along last summer and In
my opinion, if they can obtain a mar-.
ket in -the summer it should be an
easy matter to create one In thtrwiu-
ter.  None of the Observer's business.
The first social and dance held Saturday night under the auspices of the
•Dancing Company proved a huge success.   AVe wish the company a good
patronage -during the .winter.   'Come
from   Cowley  or  Coleman,   you   can
have la good sociafble' time.
Mr. W. Duncan and Allan, were at
Bellevue on. Saturday night-taking in
the show at the Lyric Theatre. A good
time, they say; can be obtained at the
'Mr. A. Seman.dk, of Hillcrest, was
here on Monday renewing acquaintances.   Always welcome in the burg.
Owing to pressure of work and lade
of space, we have been compelled'to
hold over a very interesting Xmas
menu sent us, biithope to be able to
handle this next .week.—Ed.
at the grandconcert held,ln the Grand
\ <yyyx.,Jt.'.*. .\;6i.day," Get your tickets
early; '.Help a'gcod cause;
,;Xo all enquiries as to when the
A-putteur Dramatic Society are to appear again, .we" would advise wait till
he new year, when.Topsy, Little Eva,
Uncle Tom' and., Simon Legree ' will
positively appear.
Watch the notice 'boards for time of
arrival of Santa Claus In connection
with the.Christmas'tree at the Club.
^ The local branch of - Trites-Wood
store is carrying a' good supply of seasonable novelties. < A visit to the toy'
department^will, please:the kiddles.
We-hear tell of a proposed wedding
around.Christmas, not over one hundred-miles from Coyote St Oh you
shiveree band, tune up!
A happy Christmas to you all and
lots of cheer.   Here's to you!
Next Sunday will be observed as
Christmas Sunday at the .Methodist
Church. There will be a special lesson and special address at the Sunday
School and special subject ?,nd suitable music at night. ,
Superintendent Shanks desires to
thank all volunteers who helped to
extinguish the little blaze which started on the tipple at midnight, Friday
the 12th.
Send yourRaw
Sixty Hiouun-i tnppen now irnd »their
BawFnn. Why not tou? We p«y Ugbtrt"
pricea and expreu diorgea. charge no com-
miwioa and lend monrr Mine i.j gowlt are
received. Millions of dollars ara paid trappers each year. Deal with s reliable houae.
We are the largest iu onr line ia Canada.
French and English.
A book of 96 pages, fully illustrated. Camo
Laws revised to date—telle you how, when
•nd where to trap, bail and traps to use, ud
many other valuable facta concerning the
Raw Fur Industry, also our " Up-to-the-
minute " fur quotations, sent ABSOLUTS.
LV FREE for the asking.    Write to-day—
.ddre.. john HALLAM, Limited
4-, if-
•      I t*+
y Every
,, and
v  attention
* ft3.
♦ ♦♦,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦
►        COAL CFVEEK NOTES        ♦
minister' at Coal Creek) and Isabella
'Mary Pinch, daughter of -Mr. and Mrs.
'Pete Finch, Morrissey Cottages. The
duties of groom's man and bridesmaid
were carried out by'Mr. Tom'Hutchinson and Miss Eva Hugall respectively.
The nuptial knot was tied by Rev. Jos.
Philp, assisted'by Rev. i). M. Perley,
of Fernie. Mr. Tonics officiated at the
organ. The church was.teautlfuLly
decorated. After the ceremony' the
invited guests sat down to the wedding breakfast and regaled themselves
with the good things provided, after
which games, etc., were Indulged In.
The happy couple were the recipients
of many useful presents. Wo join in
our congratulations! *
The shlveree band attended in full
force at thq home of AJoter Pinch on
the occasion of the marriage'of his
duughtor Isabella. Cecil had to ,'dlg
down in his Jeans before the "nolslc"
ceased. -n *
Convivial Gathering at the Club Hall
Tho usual monthly gathering ' of
members for a convivial evening took
place on Saturday laBt In tho Club
Hall. Tho mines bolng Idle, thero was
a very large attendance. Wm. Rd.
Puckey controlled tho gathering ln his
own Inlmltftblo way. The following Ib
tho proRrnmmo: Accompnnlst, Mr.
Chas. Percy; song, "Somebody's oyes
aro tflistonlng," J.. McMillan; song,
"Ono touch of nature," J. Dooloy;
song, "droon hills of Virginia," Dan
Oliver; souk, "How nro you" (wnroro),
W. R. Puckey; song, "Somebody olso
getting It," T. Hutchinson; song, "Thorn," Rd. Shlmmon; song, "Chin Chin
Chinaman." 0. Crnbbc; recitation, Jim
Ilaiiffh; whlstllnff solo, Joo Harper;
song, "Foo th" noo," Wm. Drybury;
Italian eonp, Jlr, Wlssack; Trench
comodlnn, Hubert llonnnr: aonp, Krwl
Musiat; gong, "Silver threaiU," (J.
Knox; gong, Davo Powor; Bong, (lug
IV) Qrundols song, Mvnn Jonea; gon*;
Dixon lionnott; hour, "PIkk," Pole
Dnwgon; gong, Owtn Corrlgan; gong.
T. CoiiRlilan: tinlirlnn gonp. M. Yrow-
rnoro. Everybody voted having had n
good tlmo.
Tho mnny frlendi of Jim fitlrllnK
will bo pleased to Jcurn that he ia to
fnr recovered an to be able to leavo
bin bed. Wo wiih you a speedy recovery, Jim,
The coop l» belnu removed to Ut
now glto above the boardlnir linugo.
McOladrey llroa. being In charpo of I
' itxxi operatioo. 1
Don't  forget  tbe concert  In  the)
(5r»a4 TtfUrt, on Moaiar creniiiR
nejci, when Uio prizes for tbo Lftdjrar
hnadlotc   compotltlon   will   be   vlven'
HHin,    rmiit U(rj(it mn whibd; he«lp
the k!ddl*g.
Ed. Harrlgon cgmp out of fcogpltM
ls«t wpek «nd. Wc arc plented to itatt
you looking «o well. N'cd!
Sow of Jollification eManated from
nn,» homo fn thii fmrir -On fnvtf',,:>3,
Hon we fonnd lhat "baby bad cut •
"""h "   T'Jn.T oft.
Chi-Tllo   Percy   h*«   rc*nAv<Mf   (ntn
ho»»# 1:1.   All eorrttpordtnee it* hi
m^^rpiwl th#T#.
rrti-klt^* will be w»u r*pr»«fmt**1
Beautiful hair has made the.fortuue
of many a woman, by adding a charm
and loveliness to ah otherwise plain
face. (Nothing means more to., good
looks, than beautiful hair. It adds to
the attractiveness of every feature.
Without it you can't be beautiful;
with it you will be at least pretty,
To .have 'beautiful hair, use Harmony Hair Beautifier. It will improve
the beauty of your hair, taking away
the dull harshness and stringiness,
softeningand polishing every hair in
your head, and making it .soft,"silky,
'glossy, easier to put~up and keep in
place, and at the same time "giving it a
rich,and, lasting rose fragrance that
•rwill delight both "you and those
around you.
; Very easy to apply—simply sprinkle
a little on your hair each time before
ibrushing it.' It contains no oil, and
will not darken gray hair.
To keep your hair and scalp dandruff-free and clean, use Harmony
Shampoo. This pure liquid shampoo
gives an Instantaneous rich lather that
immediately penetra'tes'to every part
of,hair and scalp, insuring a quick and
thorough cleansing. Washed off .just
as quickly, the entire operation takes
only a few moments. ,      e
Both preparations come in odd-
shaped, yery ornamental bottles, with
sprinkler tops.   Harmony Hair Beau-
>t-P.AM CUIft TT« — . nt  ' ■-' -~  	
-luwvi,— *fi,w,-'utti luuuy- ouampoo, - over
Both guaranteed to satisfy you in every way. or your money /back. Sold in
this community only at our store—The
■Rexall Store—one of the more than
7,000 leading drug stores of the United'
•States, Canada and Great t Britain,'
which owa the big Harmony' laboratories, Toronto, where the celebrated
Harmony Perfumes and Toilet Preparations are made.—N.' n). Suddaby, Victoria Avenue, Fernie, B. 0.
Shilotib Gure
Directory of Fraternal
Meots ovory Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock ln K. P.
Noblo Grand, A. Prentlco.
Secretary, "J. B, Molklejohn.
Meet at Alello's HaM boc>
ond ond third Mondays In
oach month.
John M. WoodB, Socrotary.
Furnilo, nox 057.
Moot overy Tuogilav at 8
p.m. in thotr own Hall, Victoria Avenue.
C. a, n llnrton,
IC of It. 8„ Cha». Hubmr.
M. of V„ Robt. Dudley.
Moot ovory Mondny at 8
p.m. In K. of P. ll.ill.
Dictator, T. UplillI,
■Socrotnry, \V. V. Vnnco,
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
'* Up-tio-date
Meals that taste like
mother used to cook
Best in the Pass
Joa. Grafton, Proprietor
,  -5
Call in and
see us once
'  il
IA/ e,   E»,R'I-N'.T,
•*:)   Pr>INT   THEM   RIGHT
We Are Ready to Scratch
off your bill any' item of lumber not
found just as we represented. There
Is no hocus pocus in,
i   i
This Lumber Business
When you vraui spruce we do not
send you hemlock. When you buy
tlrst-clasa lumber we don't slip In a
lot of culls. Those who buy once from
us always come again. Thoso who
have not yet made our acquaintance
are taking chances they wouldn't encounter* If they bought their lumber
here. ,", ■
— Dealers 'In -r
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Sash   and
Doors.    SPECIALTIES—Mouldings,
Turnings, Brackets, and Detail Work
OFFICE AND YARD—McPherson ave/
Opposite G. N. Depot   P.O; Box 22.
Steam Heated Throughout    "-'.-.
Electric Lighted
J. L, GATES, Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
1  The Leading Commercial Hotel of the City
Rates $2.50 per day
With Private Bath $3.00
Fire Proof Sample
Rooms in Connection
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized ..   $10,000,000      Capital Paid Up       6,025,000
Reserve and Undlvld. Total Assets      72,000,000
ed Profits ........      8,100,000
D., R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, VloePres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Oolden,   Kamloops,   Michel,   Nelson,..
Revelstoke, Vanoouver and VletorU.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. !.!«DH D.C.U President
Genual Manner AttWtant Central Manager
",   ,  "V *
CAPITAL, $15,000,000        REST, $12,500,000
Thin fiank offers unsurprised facilities lo those tlolnjf buslnen
witli foreign countries. It is specially equipped for the purchnwe and
sale of Sterling nnd other Foreign exchange, drafts nnd Cubic Trtn*.
fersv nnd for the financing of imports nnd exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits, Foreign drafts, Money Orders, Travellers*
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in nil paru of tbe
Collections effected promptly at rcnsonablc rates,
L, A. 8. OACK, Manager- FERNIF  BRANCH
-.*■<*■ I
.■ A**\
~ -, *.
.*,...* I
Mr. J.fartjirjre
Teacher of Piano
Specialist in Tuning
& Pianola Works
Vocri T"-alnln.T
or Hourr
tf r'i,» 'o
1}    •' '
Tktrt vt away MtUf* unwli -,.— «—.■..».-«» m—,-/— -yfnftrft
puipovt*; far hulMM—• liouwboUtr m»jr t» M«t«g up ts wtiiu, HT****
•■aintt 4 m.ntf tt* O" kl* houiw lot low* prtmiuavHi hU Uf* tmiirum ,||
batrzi'.t pt.clttr. «i«linta»r limn*»■—*■ 9t-fm-.'.tm— .-^— Tf1-',|arcMliti
tot luvli r<i'poM*t**< la «rlihJr«» tht motitf tl th« tnj of li* ill
•r -t.t. •*'"*** ii**y b»«* wflk»«t id m.U ih* Mtwwiry ptfrnm. _±
Mtan oinec ■■• TADrtMTrt   JAMM MASON
J. F. MCDONALD, Manager
VICTORIA AVt,, h. 9,. PtftNIE, B. O.
*-.'' >■■
•- * !</
-. ..•■',^m.
ti  .
-    ...
■' c^'^i^^i
',;    .
t r**A?\
x   ■  "      <-     <A
,B   X
t ■■-y|
\ —   i *._,.*«_«-*■&«_•_*? w. *^.'fV*>b^i*U^--K«!i.Aa(lU£. A4.c:<
<.'V*   <~   .!   ■,
From The Trites-Wood Co. Limited
Come To The Christmas Store
Upstairs and downstairs is aglow and aglitter with Christmas gift suggestions.  . Never; were we so
wondrously ready to handle the greatest Christmas business in our history.     Those who can would oblige
Grocery Department
our sales people and themselves if they would shop early,
serve.    Morning shopping we guarantee pleasant shopping.
The morning is the best tiime to. buy—and to
About 200 suits for men in winter weights in rich indigo blue serges tweeds and worsteds.   These suits
aro excellent values at $25.00 We will sell them on Saturday at
Christmas Gift
Gloves for Men
Fine Mocha Gloves, warmly lined, make most sensible and acceptable gifts for Father, Son,-Brother
or Uncle. Buy your Gloves from ua on Saturday
while the sale is on. Gloves worth $1.00 and $1.25
Saturday 75c pair.
Mocha Gloves, fur lined, put up in separate boxes
for mailing, at $3.50, $4.50 and $5.00.
Fine Pure Silk Soar, in Black, Tan, Grey and Maroon.   Saturday  ....' 65c pair
Fine Pure Silk Sox, in Black and Tan only, double feet.   Saturday . /'.  75c pair
Fancy boxed sets of Silk Sox and Silk Garter to
match.   Saturday ..".  $1.00 and $1.50 set
Extra Heavy Pure Silk Sox, in Tan and Black,
guaranteed to wear  $1.50 pair
Give him a
Smoking Jacket
We are showing a great variety in Men's House
Jackets, made in fine imported reversible cloths;
also silk trimmed Coats in plain colors. These Coats
are a luxury every man appreciates... Priced at
$8.00,-$10.00, $13.50 and $20.00.
These Coats, together with Jaeger Dressing
Gowns, on display in Men'3 Furnishing Department.
Gowns priced at $15.00 to $25.00.
Tho style of gifts which men appreciate—useful
gifts—wearables—and in such variety^that everybody can make a satisfactory selection." For example:
Silk Neckties, in attractive designs, in dainty gift
boxes, only , 50c
Knitted Silk Ties, in self or bar effect, in neat
Xmas boxes, at 50c
Pure Silk Ties, in bias stripe or self colors, put up
in fancy boxes at   65c
Imported Neckties, made of best quality Silks, in
box, complete at ,-. 75c
Macclesfield Silk Ties, very special, in boxes,
complete at $1.00, $1,25 and $1.50
Combination Sets, comprising Silk Knitted Tie
and Cuff Links and Tie'Pin, at $1.50
Silk Mufflers, in Greys, Blue, Black,^Maroon and	
Brown, in boxes, at :..■;  $1.50
Silk Knitted Mufflers with fringe, in all shades,
at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50
Silk Padded Mufflers, in new color combinations,
at $1,25 to $2.50
Wool Mufflers, Dr. Jaeger's, at 65c, 75c, 85c and
• up to $2.50 each
Monarch Mufflers, put up in separate boxes at
50c, 65c, 75c and up to $2.00
Fancy Armbands, put up in very attractive boxes, best silk elastic webb, ribbon trimmed, at 35c,
50c, 65c and 75c pair.
Suggestions in Mens
Shoe Dept. for
Men's Fine Mocha Fur Lined Moccasin Slipper,
very comfortable and warm, light and dark brown
colors, in all sizes from 6 to 11.
Men's All Wool House Slippers, with leather
covered soles, in low opera style and high elastic
Men's Plain Black Felt Slippers with leather
Men's All Felt Slippers, felt soles and felt tops,
in low opera style.
]\Ien's Fine Black Vici Kid Pullman Slippers,
clastic sides.
Men's Choc Kid Pullman. Slippers, light turn
soles and elastic sides.
Men's Silk Suspenders, in separate boxes, great
variety, at 65c to $1.50 pair
Men's Braces and Garters, put up in gift box, all
colors, at $1.U0 to $2.00 set
Men's Braces, Garters and Armbands, in box, all
shades, at $1.25 to $2.50 set
Men's Brace Sets, comprising Brace and Garters
<>r Belt and Garters, at $1.00 to $1.75 set
Men's Military Suspenders, in separate boxes/at
$1.00 to $1.75 pair
If you contemplate travelling this Christmas, it
will pay you to buy your baggage here. We are
noted for good quality and low prices.
Saturday Values in Trunks
A well made Trunk with brassed steel fittings,
hardwood slats, strong lock and bolts, tray inside.
Special Christinas prices for 28 and 30 inch sizes at
$4.75 and $5.00. - 	
,_^Other Trunk"values"up to". $75^00; "      '
Club Bags, in genuine walrus leather, plain or
fitted for lady or gent, leather lined. Saturday's
price .". $10.00 to $25.00
Genuine Leather Suit Cases, in Russet or Brown,
leather or linen lined, at $5.00, $8.00, $10,00 and up
lo $25.00
Our new folding Kit Bag, made in pig skin, the
most durable and convenient bag on the market,
can be folded when not in use and put in your
trunk.   Saturday price $12,50 and $25.00
We will be glad to show you through our Trunk
and Bag Department
Christmas Gifts in Our Ladies' Department
Ladies x
Our Stock of Choico Furs Reduced 10 Per Cent
Wo handle only tlio choicest skins, selected by ox-
pcrtH and made into tho latest styles, AVo have a
full'lino of Mink Stoics and Collars, Persian Lnwb
Muit. in bolster stylei ono sot of Alaska Sable
trimmed with tails; Northern Sable Sets in different styles j Marmot, in nil styles; Black Ilaro in
MuffH and Stoics; and Hunn'uui Fitch in sets and
separate pieces, are to bo sold Loss. 10 Por Cont.
We lmvo only five of these high grade garments,
They are in plain and brocades, beautifully lined
with satin and nil hand finished. The .styles aro
tlio latest of this season.
$flf>.00 Brocade Coat <, ",,... $37.50
WO.00 Plain Smilette Coat  $30.00
$35.00 Plain Scnlefle Coot ...........',.., $22.50
M5.00 Velvet Cout  $17.50
♦20.00 Velvet Coat ,.   $12.50
: 'I If ' *  '
•***n f\I**— *-*m      • «•*■»«-..    nm  n iw.1*»-yi'Ih*ii.**^*ii * ■»» •*■*•*,
otitQv*4.u tti-ttJ -i.4\ii,-,-i-j.*iVi/t.ui.
We have on display a vory choico collectio.i of
real Bronzowaro Ornaments from f» incites to 20
inches in height. They come in the form of Statues,
CloekH and Paper" Weighty.   The original Helling
• t*   ,t *     *' •     f 1- r,r\   ,       1,1 a nr,       v      i      '*,
\,..w. *tx  \Uttt *\\t\: .i,  *.s.>,> 1.• <',".»,..j\j \*j <;«»■>»,*i>\»,     .'.nu tiK.sk
Specially for the holiday business at Half Marked
Our line is complete. Wo carry a full lino of the
most interest ing books for both boys and girls.
Boys' Own Annual  '. , $2.00
Girls' Own Annual  $2.00
'Chums  $2.00
Children's Annual  $1.25
Fairyland Series     .85
Our furling ...........  1,00
Swiss Family Robinson     .40
Foxy Grandpa Scries     .50
Buster Brown Series 75*
All the latest, poems, bound in soft pinkled leather covers with gilt edge i»nges, Such titles as
Coleridge, Slmkesjieare, Wordsworth, Browning
and Miller.   Priced at ,,,  $1.50
.Holy Bibles, in soft leather covers, 75c to $2,00
Church of England Prayer Books, 50o to $2,00
* Victor lingo's-Les Misorablcs in two volumes.
Per set  $2.70
A. Dumas' Monte Cristo iu two volumes.   Per
801. ..1.........................I*..,.,,.. tpx.y-J
Justin McCarthy's History of Our Own Times,
.beautifully bound, set of four volumes. Por sot $0.50
Visit our Bonk Department. You will find many
things to interest you and all the latest titles in
All Felt Slippers, low and high cut, folt and
leather covered soles, in Hod, Black and Brown,
Girls' and Boys' Moccasins for snow shooing,
plain and fancy worked toes.
Jlock'ay Skates in several different styles and
Boys' and Girls' Hockey Shoos, in Black and
Krowii, iigntning illicit style,
lli>i .1' mnl Gii"*]*.' Snutv minnts, with red trimming,
small and large sizes.
Hoys' nnd'Girls' Moe<>ashi Slippers, sizes 11 to 2.
Girls' and Boys' Leggings, in leather and cloth,
sizes3 to 7 and 8 to 2. |
Xiortft frews Jut \mw AittWiiViit Hirfciiiu. 'Hi uso are
trimmed with tinsel and ornaments, und wc will
deliver them on Uio ovo of Xmas,
Ladies' High Cut Romeo Slippers, fur trimmed,
leather sole and heel, in Brown, Black, Bluo, Grcon
and Red colors.
Ladies' Low Cut Felt, Slippers, leather solo and
heel, in Brown color ouly,
Ladies' Pom Pom Slippers, in Black, Rod and
Brown, sizes 3 to C.
Ladies* All Folt Slippers, felt solo and upper,
low opera stylo, sizes 3 to 7.
"Jaeger" Folt Slippers for ladies.   These aro
pure wool, leather covered solo, in sovoral different 1
Ladies' Knitted Slippers, with leather solo, in
Bluo, Red and Pink colors.
Ladies' Pocket Slippers, in leather ancl poplin,
in Blue, Red and Brown.
Ladies' Moccasin Slippers, fur lined and trimmed, in Green, Buck ancl Tan.,; Theso aro warm
and serviceable.
Ladies' Snow Shoos. Moccasins. Shoes and Skates
attached, Jijnok and Brown Hockey Shoes.
Christmas is n dead letter without Candies, and
you want the best. Wo havo a wonderful assortment of tho famous Lowney's and Webb's Choco-
laics ami iknt lions, put. up 111 1 aney boxes and
beautiful baskets. Priced from 25c to $5.00 per box.
Nothing could bo nicor for a gift
, This department is stocked complete 'with the
choicest of goods for the holiday trade.  In no other
stove can you. get so great an assortment to choose
from.   The following is a long list to assist you in
preparing your Xmas dinner:
Fresh Killed Turkeys Malaga Grapes
Fresh Killed Ducks    Emperor Grapes
Fresh Killed Geeso     Jap Oranges
Fresh Killed Chicken Navel Oranges
Jersey Cranberries
Crisp Lettuce
Ripe Tomatoes
Green Cucumbers
Premium Ham
Comb Honey
Figs and Dates
Cluster Raisins
Mixed Nuts
Webb's Fancy Chocolates
Lowney's Fancy Chocolates
English Plum Pudding ..  .
English Fruit Cake
Sweet Potatoes
We will have a nice assortment of Cut Flowers
and House Plants. The Plants will be on display
Tuesday 23rd, and Cut Flowers Wednesday 24th.
Visit our Grocery Department and inspect our
displays of Chinaware, Glassware, Crockery, 'Alu-
minumware and Electrical Appliances. You will
be assisted in getting that present you are after
without any worry.
Mixed Nuts 5 lbt. |1.0i
Jap Oranges per box    .78
Navel Oranges per doz.   .35, .40, .50
Navel Oranges per half case   S.QP
Apples A. A.  5. lbs.     J5,
Malaga Grapes per lb.     J|0
Wagstaff 's Plum Pudding  1 lb.
Wagstaff's Plum Pudding 2 Ibi
Robertson Elline 6 Chocolates per lb.
Robertson Ruby Chocolates 1 box
Special Mixed Candy ..'.......; 2 lbs.
Grocery Candy  2 lbt.
Molasses Snaps  2 lbs.
Canada First Hotel Cream, per half case ..
Robin Hood Porridge Oats 5 ib. packet
Lombard Plums 2 tint
Peaches : 2 ting
Apricots 3 lb. tins
Seeded Raisins, 12 oz 4 packages
Golden Dates  2 lba.
Siam Rice  4 lbs.
Pride of Canada Maple Syrup quarts
Special Blend and Bulk Tea 3 lbs.
Tilley's Brown Label Tea 3 lb. tin
Early June Peas 2 tins
Standard Peas ,... per tin
Carrots .. .'.  14 lb.
Turnips  16 lbs.
JParsnips 10 lbs.
This line is one sweet dream to us and will be to
you through the inspection of same. It is in onr
Grocery Department and is well stocked with Lowney's and Webb's famous lines of Fancy Chocolates
and Creams.
The One Thing That Never Fails to Pleaas .
We have just received some very beautiful pieces
for the holiday season, pieces that will solve that
big question, "What will I give?"
'   These are a few suggestions: ■
Morris Chairs '       Sewing Tables
Grass Rockers Parlor Tables ^
Writing Desks Pictures
Shoe Boxes Music Cabinets
Card Tables China Cabinets
Fancy Rockers ,  Cellarcttcs
Den Chairs Library Tables
An up-to-date "Bissels" Sweeper is always appreciated by tlio housewife.
Then for tho kiddies:   Sleds, etc.
Children's Rockers       ' Rooking Horses
Kindergarten Sots Tricycles
(1 table, 2 chairs) Rowing Wagons
,  Doll Carriages Poll Cradles
Wo cordially invito you to como and sec our display of new designs. Wo know it will help you
wonderfully with your Xmas shopping.
Money Sav-
ing Prices
Our assortment of Mesh Bags in Silvor, Gold and
Gun Metal takes in all thc newest shapes and styles.
Wo havo thorn in all sizes at from $2.50 to $10.00
oafch. '
60o per lb. English Linen Notopaper
Notopnpor, put up in lb. packages, per lb, .... .25o
Envelopes to match, per lb ....."............. .26c
Wo have a most comploto range of the now designs in Cut Glass and Silverware. You are invited
to inspect theso lines. Tho prices arc very attractive
'. Ij


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