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 j'/i'   " :.-'"."^'v., j/;-'-":/"'.''v-'f-.'   '-"'
, - *.*■•.' .- *y*s*Ayi<* ,.•;.- *•■,-■■•- • *■■ • •   ,-     . -  *_.
*.-- f** - **X   t..-S-. "' * *'        i' + -  i     "f"     . -'   ,.   *-, ' * -,    '
\ 't'iA.'A    '~*X.A:-    '. ...-■'■    *    ' ■■' -.'"•   ■-  '■Xi*-*'
"'.^tAxs-i *AeWA---;j^yi-^-9--..~7.7y.     '-■• .'     ''-->">
'5--   --- '#, "* mivinM^'^^^^^^i^-^*- ._ *,
InduiWal Unity » Strength
\wSm '"v""" '
■   ..<■'. A.A   ' AxXXVt^AJ^&X';*'* *-!-*T"X
'■j^ttfimim «.""<*..?* Nelwm. haa strands was ^
.-  '  _',"■>
,u v -j -I**;, i
„. wer-Oeart-V'-ta?
I i"***       <Hf -"* " **   * ^
, -VJl'
.-h^^Oopaged.fl^^ oni
.; behalf'of toe Minister ot^toes ohaj^-
' jMg'T. ..Wilson, siit boas at Coal CreOki
-V^'oe«^igi«iibe In -W* discharge of
^hte.'datiaai. Tbe case occupied two
days,* end ths< derision of ^ oommite-
stonier wt& not he reosived tor O'day"
or two*.   Under these eiwrastoxtoee?
It /wwiuM be hardly fair to make "any
ooanriwn upon (tis mar-Ms or dernier*-
Its of Ihe casa, it_,1''.
,   The case arcwo out of tto death, jof
a UMH who waa hUted last December
'st N0.:^>cUn*JO ^
•'.Oy <lhe re^ breaking ei^rthO'''*"''
«ur rtrildr^'decme^t ;J> 3.
,•• **»wo»;-;o*ta»e	
thpfp-roseeattpt^ Hereto
•imiar -"aic*(id';'«Sr.' 4b^'^«^|iua^; and
' TbcniwTaiabai^
mines, bad chaagejof tber g>wseOTttoo.
..That^'wete": *^^(ptvBee^'^id^\',to.*.'
,'OpOOtOrs T.-W<INbuw.'^;-B.;Byaak'
'V/|lho'«see oan^MA'?uouoi4 the-gues-
,tta;of whif^.lo^.*tmaldi»g stasia, of
a. rope; mother''itoe •midtor'ft guaratt-
tee «snj*te.;'*4^nt',-Jtb-a rope'after
same hae 'beien ossdt and what was tbe
-ooadMtbo.-df tho rape on'the incline st
the time lot toeac&denl One other
" Interesting jwtot 'raised wes-whtether
tha removal ot Owo strands ftxwn a
sdMtiand -'iepe"'-iiBdooed its etrongth
oolr ooetMnL A great deal of -teth-
mnl7mtoaoo own oflter&d, Tbe to-
apaator dahnad that (by removing two
sbnaode the a-fifltatty of  the ottwnr
o£ the roi» would; Iso prac*lcail5r on©-
bal^'^Us.^S WoeWtw c9»imi^d that
'-ttofrooei;^^^i^:ajBPao-^ tbe-iO.
-morai ot ^.w'tiwo of Its otreadav ^-,
.{Anqther.; initeTeettos.' ipolnt Wi-^bit
out Sny' the ito InOpeotiw was tho tact
>that;wtieO(a'*wh» ropo, after hoing nm
oiu a dicum (Kf tsh leet l^eircuintei«.
(swe, was plaoed upon a dium of throe
fleet lo diraiiimCareQ^ the same'tree
ddbrinwatei to tb© life o« rope. He
Wted tliis Scatmtoo iltotiboote on Mini,
ing to .auppcnt .hla^aae.' >'"'' ';. .;,
|,lThe dafienc© ralaod tb© point'that
the ahsipos in the Jnapeotor'a oaport
of i.:;a«y« nwctiori of .the ooodttloo of
tbejTOpe, iwblch ^"waaclahno* bad
«0o V**h flow, strands out for tiireeor
four monthawas euOtoleot tssskki (or
oowthMiiliig to use same.   ~  7
Tlio P^^ Ocwiperatlye report the
r^pt('o«;a;'shlp^iAVtWe week of
cmtt^p'hom^ Biscuits. Those
aire dietkilouB icream and lemon1 'v«tfe,
arid are the fashionable delicacy- far
aifl-feroocd" teaa. The store bas been
busy-jhahdlng out'samples ot PaM*ol<
tv©eoaa> this wwk. TWs*ls a new line
tn toilet eoaip that -this store 1s band-
ling; and Is one of the finest sUa and
ocmmpiloxloo gpreseciratlvee am thn mar.
Met, ;A sampte oah be'' seouired upon
aopldoatltoa.■",';-.  .'-' *'.-
Gladstone Local \ 8|ck Bansflt
'. A.^peoial unoetog ot the Siojc'^eoe-
m, Commdttee iviM ie ield In iSwo&o-
letasT'a office at 7 pjm. AM ootniito-
tee' inea are wjueBbed to Ibe do, attend-
•Boa,,-' -AX.TU - .-.*.'
K.S        'A- i   NOTICE
AU   mmmm-ot Gladstone IjocsI
^Olon tahen eich or -being tojurod
OHMt nepoii same to the secretory or
stok*<viett»r not later than one -week
after- each slokaese or tojwy. No
benefits -will be'paid -uoiese Ibis xuM
is ooaapUed iwhh.
TJ»,oonHUtuWoni has hem amended
Banettte far sto*kness..f6.00 per .week
s DBNVER, Ook).,  Mtoch 16.~-CS«)«-
dai)—If th® cangreeslonal lovesttgat-
dai; oomaakibee aKxsomjiiliishos''nothing
mm, ,lk hnP driro-,tfae people o< fCo|o:.
-'-A7 Asfvt&'*-isr<>^^''m
""r      ■w^my'^mb'ih^ coni operalfOria|
- -hawfe-rOoUiaaa on' tba coal ralhern' ear'
"   •- They\: etaed" awriofeed   ot  evew
•^. - - '-■«» tmeatf *^»rs^ Miese vulture* of
'     ; greed b«r«pWcedi*t^
ooal. digeien whom tbey drove Into
tibwh 'mttt' inkiee'Hks eobOo.   tht
■ twenty years thOjr'hatie "fixed" -oorMb>
r onr jomm wnaon sosoiTea tuem i|0Qi
oM htenw far the staw-Sfrter of hun>
dtwihi <ot their worinwai.',
Wi-tnesses told
the committee, ho^.-the-y- were given
•inBfcaoWone bom .-to|vote. If they did
*^.Ml^i^^4^dntenJ£ents state
NcaJiffl^^lli*1™^ tor the op«>
oba^<-^Rtt^,*mla;-»ra*» shown lhy a
apa^,^,^e^-LMnB*r.in.)912. At
that th*w he told his 'widiaoce tbat, thai
haaane one of the
thaw* -todostrtes of the state, the ooal
dtgftia hane been rebtwd of 600 to 800
pounds ot ooal on every oar they en-
' duiceoad thoir Uvea to ptoduoa, Law*
were oaaesd gtvleg tho i men the tight
to, anaptoor o ahoeknrehAmao to prevent the bJcbway lohhery, hut whan
tho nan aoatfht to tafes advantage of
1 tihis Ism, <hey wore yronvtly diachaiv-
, od or #va0i eudb a peer room la tho
mino that tbey worn faroed to Quit
noelawbed—"said the opeffstor*
"We are greater than tha hm% far are
own the Otter-to,"
BohbeA et thalr ooal end «ald otaiw
ottoo wages tor that with which thoy
were credited, ttm tnloers taoad oven
o mora grave otoMen, halog able to
gat nothing tot ecrtp, good only at
Iho enamaaT atorso for thsir work,
Stats-wlds Indignation ht this fcft*
tke hroMcfat Into halog aaotlnr etot-
ota OboUahing the sortp ^robaot lAnd
tho opMotors, owning too fworuuiem
ot tb* stato. sneered attfalaattoftto
Kvo tbo miners their rights aod kspt
oo osloff aorlo. Thay pot oo o ploua
ttooogh IMr
that thay iweraobaj*
tm, m tm deception want tor
oaoght wtsa ortfiaaai baton tho to
tosttgaUng committee swore thot they
hone heeo daoiod o iiha<itiaalitMB0w
and mmm*} whso they aakad tor
whao thay ood aopaftatandanta
yaam la oow
aad ntrnnrn haa horn «*ed hy tho «o»
took oath to
i* j.1^
ed «at (he oaa ha rohhad of SOO to
m pooodo of eeat oo eaeb ear.
* la ta mm if toe eeal
■ *'r.**ji^5f
no poUfaal rights,, The committee
pm'it^A:mot of NOitboiitt'a state-
oOnt'hy -M'ba^'-iilio-'ahowod how
they W»ve hew "vJcttoa. oC polittcal
riaiimrsf' sfawo.they boosm employees
of the "Big ,tfcree" coal operetore.
Itor jmn thtf good cittsenship of
tba state haa beeni kept Ignonat ot
the terrible whale ooodtttoos of the
tahws, hy. ^owtpii eborieo, printed in
tho '■fcept" :^apei*-concerning the
targo asniMOit of .hwoey apeot lor -safety -devtoea. WhUe theee tying stories
were being spread. broadcast, hun-
drede ot poor nlnero enere hetog
eluighlbaMd in tho tntaee, ond again
tho iwritno far the proStttuted papen,
(hair eyes bulging <rat with the Mood
money ot (ho epentotat W* In their
work. Thle timev thay told the people
hoar the ntnera had -wflflally wtwrntt-
ted eaietde by being oareleaa,
. Few eeosUrieperaooebellavad these
tylog atoriao and tho ooogreastonal to
veatlfatlon plaoed tba raapoaalbUlty
far tho tminler of theao man on the
Shoulchm of the vultures ot groa&
Of these and amy other eutngas
the coal operators otand eoRvtoted be>
fare the people ot the nation, Revs-
katoao ot their lowtosaoaoa haira proved bsyood a doubt that In their oampa,
or where their wm la eopmne, the
eonetMBtton has been aet aatda, and o
tarreriatof rolfa of aoarohy eiiata.
Tha VOrale hwfosaa team will give
a daoce In the Victoria flail ea Thora.
day, (Much l«th. the prooaada of
whkh wiH go te the club's fund In
ortar to glvo (hem a start far tho «om.
log ooaooR. The manairsaeot hove
totroduesd a new feature in tha abopa
of Movooir cosbloos. aod It la tha
Inteotteo to ash theee on tbe occaaion.
The llaitlB Harvey Oooipaay Mail
ed their emMOBMOt ot thia thoolra
laat Sloodoiv tho olay wlmn Oeieg
"Tho Bread of the TrsSbaa*" Aetart
afeoot MO, ood from mob
So doay ahooMO thalr
,"_:.. to"%Haog te o	
lUfelHl^l > ttm^m ^^^^^ __,^^^_i  __^__\j____
■utmwmmi .mmw wwm passwa pmaang
tor Chla right ani ths OMaUtatsd
lag thai tho mm <
right  Wttaaseea ttMy mm oqoaioly
got the He to thia
wtinamt^ma nr mm ^mm ai*^amar
tamrawr atam ow*o twviwsb <oa
to oaad oaaaoaot or ealegy flem eat
to aay the play waa oooA the
adlog opteadM aod tho
Bsneflte tor Aoddemts.-f3.00 pe«- week
v     POZER
■- t
' WeeoU Brado (Udi) oo natau do
Gladatohe Local Union Skoro. sacteor-
vtn. nhpo soetar-nn pobity w Matoi
to imiisia dat znat (sameldowat) do
Sekrefem elebo Kotnltet od Chorich
ute dlugessyi Jak }©dea tlzden, Ghto nan*-
hOTttte mho sdstanie pobltej a nie da
snlat to nfie dostanle jpodporeo od joo-
Ttm i ''M-fmfcrt deUa Gladstone Lo-
icaie,Chei;|kpoi^MatoiU:e che si fanno
'Hete^';:idowi^;raip^ al Segro-
tarto. o0b^mia»» el Oosoltnto do
Maitajti, ,hoh;pea tardi dluna sattimar
oa... -,-•,.,,' ' *v'.. '*-
\tmam fmmM Beneittck) ee -questo
Regolla non ai eeiQoa.
".'-! '''^T. UPHILL,
'     ;• *   •;-"' Seoretaiy.
An.ala-nfrof'-are waa turned in to
the^fflre'iu^|..ait. about five antoutee
past eievi^ »n: -Thursday, the oonfto
grat^;h^Cin'' Erier'e restaurent.
Th© t|M'br*I^UIe>f;t*uraed out with oom-
miendalto^^M^t^udie, and 'were on
the 'Spct'j hefare;,the first atorm had
Ceased ^"rlog.* :,,*rho cause of the fire
was the burathag'of a small gasoUne
reOennoir'i^jtoi^ioaiee -tun, and white
It teated^'tnaiid^-vttidn-go pretty lively.
Howelvar; \jfmtwi Chink appeared
oa the poene ..ii^th, a ■bucket of .water
and jraoeaedei^ln extinguishing the
totoae, after a yOry slight daimage had
been ddoeJ^enohe and' the breaking
of a;*fa?is-.eniioikB^-*.--
W«<wiah to f^mind our readers that
;HoeBneris'.; Ajnaweur Martin Harreye
whl appear at^the Grand on Friday,
March. 20th. .>'-;'
The features tor this week end and
Monday at this excitative picture
fooose are as fallows:—
A OwxMeei Kerrigan popular universal etar «lm, "Back to Me." This pio-
tore giWea a fine character study to
new Victor drama. The synopefe of
the plot in as toitows: Scene, Western
mining camp, in which deserted wtte
of gaonfoler -retornw outcast It is a
strong -character picture, depleting
sacrifice and tragedy. On Saturday,
matinee aad evening, a three-reel Bison animal picture, "The ieid of the
human tiger," Is the fourth of the Bison animal series, end If you have
seen the others, you will have, some
Idea of what thle one Is. Chuck full
of original incidents ahd,exciting adventures that give thrilte that never
before were experienced, this picture
win eaaa-yi prove to be the best yet
The action is laid in India, and the
large caste and surroundings aire true
to Oriental Betting. "Who killed Olga
Crew?" to tiwo ireels,' is the feature
tor Monday. This picture illustrates
one of the latest and most sdentlfiic
methods of detecting crime, and
shows how an Innocent girl iwas saved
trom thie chair,. The management "report «reat buatoess tor tbe past week,
and promise all star features tor next
week's show.
The BullRiyer Tragedy
The coroner's Inquest, which -wt^ln"*
-BuU Blver last week, to ascertain the
means whereby Surbian Singh and
Paktw Singh met their death, the
Jury returned a verdict to the efifect
that both men had been shot dead by
some person or persons unknown. The
police, however, are still 'holding Mohammed Khan on the capital charge,
Independent Chairman's Decision
In the Matter of Dispute Respecting
Prices to be Fixed for Various Class-*
ss of Work Inthe Georgetown Collieries of the Canmore Navigation
Coal Company, Limited.
This question came before'the com-
mtttee tonslslthig ot Mr. Smith, representing the miners-, IMr, McNeil, nep-
tieeeoling the company,' and myself, as
chahrman, on the 7th of January, 1914.
After Qonsidsttable discussion and con-
or*att;partl^ .adjourned) until a far-
ther date, and the same came tip again
oh'the 2nd' Inst, when; after discus-
slook by was agreed to again addouin
tmtil, the jth lost., ta.oa^W' that Mir,  ~«.
sen* vxtrnm-jinm:*^^iMm)^^.^^&o tawif th«'t^ otm
w ^mn TSmWPf aViffaw, eavw eever heeo
mm to tm ooifc omso thot thsaij ^_     	
**4im thter pr&m thnt uur wan bo- J -^^ ttattnOsy the
leoghw to the        "  ~ '
piovoi oy taawtag opeo o
faeto aUegeJ%y Mr." McNeil -At (he
vaitous meetog«(tt''*was admitted:—
1. f^hahthe Question of these prices iwas to ha determined by the agreement of November 17,1W1.
3. That the section governing auch
prices came under the,beadle* of
"Ntm n^hHWheowver any hew wow
arises, • price tor which has not been
raqwaob ot Ihe company or the miners,
tho OotMntaetoner of tbe Western
Goal Operators' Association aad tho
President of Distriot 18, United Mine
Workera of Amettoa, ahaU meet within tfaMy days after tbe said nooeat
and armoge a price. Failing to agree
upon o price, an independent chainasn
shalt bo oalled in, aa provided far in
ctaaee 6 ef VeUlsaent of Local and
Oeoeral Disputes/ and their decision
shah he final..
In making the prices for new woric,
the oommhtoe shall ha ■ovemed hy
existing prtoes hi lbs suns mlns or
other mime In the neJgMwrbood."
3. That tha mine whioh wooW sow-
wan snob prices waa the mine ef tho
Canmore Ooal Co., Limited, aod thot
the eeata which moat nearly rspm-
omtad tbe conditiona exlatlog la the
CWHeriea ia what le
known as tha Carey aeaok
In, maMnv M« «s«m1*fiM», Mr. Mo-
Nell took an average of all the prices
ef the five saana Inthe Oamnore com*
fSMty, hot It wai afterwards agreed
that tho Carey seam should bo taken
oa the basis, and thnt ths rato in that
4Sc air. garitb, en behalf
of the mlneta, darned thot this rate
ahoald he lo oddHleo to whot la known
oo thabar aod bnttloa wortc, Mr. *M»
Nell's eontenthm halog that the rate
oanad lododad (Imher ood hrstilee
^wm   mmmtm   w^mn^mp     mt^^mwpmp   mmmm    wm^^p
until tho Mi fash, whan Mr.
that oftar MaMog ho
OOlriaa ho waa aot prepared to een>
MeMMTO alatsmsig. ood
wan prapaiod oo
lhat haata. t nay aay that ahhot«b
Mr. tntth agraod that tha prioaa to
00 -Boaa owe gotorsod hy tbo
I«m«m*. tmmtmt *«^ emn as mn
appro** pt Ihe raotta thos arrive* at,
hat ao tbaaw am Iho eolr gaMaohy
Mi^kfc Aih mfa^** AWh ^_*_-_, _^___^_m .-
mmrnt m mmm laogisoio tooanoo ta^
1 ha/ao aagoevea of the opettflerittone
.,t»*,»9.9.y«, mtttt-i itt *am*llkt.,
dated Novemtrer 17«», 1911,'be in effect at these loWerles during the Mfe
of toat.agreement ,'"
ContractiJlates No. 3 Seam
PUlars.--^lirilng rate 43c per gross
ton. This price to Include the hsmdi-
Jtog of coalf 'timbering, gobbing dirt
end reck; putting dawn and taking up
nails and tteo'v* . *    *■ -
. G^n«^ays.-4'2 feet wide. -Mining
rate «c per gross ton. Yardage .12^90
per yard.   Itiis price taictades the
MMBfag J0il1aU^jri^-'^inieilii»''iM^ a.^
rook, laying, .trick;' making dit^ and
all timbering other than' set- timbering.
- Brushtogs;--76c per/foot thick per
Ihiesl ya^' Thnhering where;square
sets are reauilrad muot s*ve J fast 6
rattjto the bottom of -the oqlter. The
sets to he framed W«th a™6 faot dear-
awoe between Use notches of the colter end 10 foot spread from the bottom.
Counter Gaagjw-ay.*—12 feet -wide
Mtaimg rato 13c per gross ton. Yaodr
age $1.12 per yard. Thte price to*
dudes handling of coal, timbering
other than apt limbering, gobbing dirt
and laying treck.
MoOtoty Roads.—12 faot wide. MM*
lag rato 43c per gross totu Yardage
$U2 per yard. This price includes
same as counter gangway.
BriMhinft-HWhere It la neceaauny
to brush in either the MoOtoty roada
or tbe dips to he paid for at the fol-
towing rate: fie per Inch par lineal
yard far 6 feet in width and 10c per
inch per lineal yard far It feat In
width. Brushing is either reck which
overitos or underlies the ooal aeam.
Where miners ara requeoted to lay
the rails In iMoOtoty roada, thay abah
he paid for same ot ths rats of lBo
per yard far single tracks, and a rets
of SOo per lineal yard far double
traoko, using not heavier than Id lb.
Breasts.—Not under 18 feet wide.
Alining rats 48c psr grose toft Yardage fi.Sl per yard. This price toehidee
handling of coal, poet timbering, gob-
Mag dirt and rock and track laying,
Ohotss and Crosscuts. — is feet
wide, mining lets 41c per yard, Yard*
age $141 per yard,  game aa breasto
Rock In -ths seam In excess of I
thickness and np to 10 leches to be paid fer at the rate of 50c par
Uoaol yard extra lo all places aseapt
Ohoto Bunding.—Orate building to
he poht far et the rate nt suo per Hn.
yard where Ihe holding Is does
fraai tbe roof to the floor to act a* a
oiaauee wr vaMHaHao.
Ginty is (moved, and properly set, the
company wli, ipay $3.00; $1.60 tor each
than the Jig or smaller McGinty is
moved andi property set The -maximum distance that any of these shall
be moved at theee figures is 12' feet.
'ihe company reserves to Itself the
right to ntove the bull wheel with labor, other than that of the contract
Local Conditions*"
Penality far loading impurltte^The
pot to lbs pries to he paid tor at SAc
aad If he Jotoei whOa he
ho eooi
teife of the United Wee
Wortsrs that the sstssrs have been
<taofa! theft couatfcuitiuuftt aad wU&
Oraao OMWooeao that lo
totore he «tt aaaeoooa hia
to advaaaa, having mode
aMOSa wltk aivaral huge gfta hooasa
for ths ,o«st and tous* ptotnria, Thsrs
lo a gfirauiaaa proamai tor tcaloM
• for ths latter dsy betog "The load Owlesiere,"
fsatottag Wgllsai Benia, lbs grist de-
teetivs. This Is owe of ths toast sa*.
■atlooal pktoras ever projsctsd, ead
consists of three reals.
uOo^nwitfea.—In ereaato where gob
teettMBg ia dan* to ha paid f or at Me
per lineal yard.
•*Mrita»*~to on hoilsoolol
over Miwteaaaa
Si-lf tot* * UMi»mpn oilonotm wi 4 i-A*
■or too ahsfl ho olloood far tho aalra
tflaOMMsa of tnaakat. it Oatoe mmbm-
■ipws'iswMPw   mm*     wmmewwaaawa^fga    w^v    **^ssm|     sVHSi
stood Hot aOluaaui pttoaa to tMe
Hit lixchiAm Ifwrtnt cliwjwi tip to
jj_p_n imm±. kkammnik m " *• ***•*'■  LtoMk kjtm-^h.
Rntry Thnberiaev—MaitaMni to ha
11 laches diataatarV hoth aod height
of own hot not exceeding H feet hi
laogth, $100 per set wilh hMKlar TMe
nfjfwMd f-O n*wvy moWfweewtt nwf fhmmw
•oaaglaatleiie tot hm Oiirgstswe Oe^ithahsriag. if timbsred with eaoiH ttai>
H«0aa af ths OOMOsrs Hiavlpstlnn 'hm- hy a****** ent pnate Vb* mt* to*
room Umtaring io apply.
•free Ctxwn rock.or other impurities as
it,is-practicable, end In -gaae of a
mataen toiling to do so, he shall be
warned far the first offence, far the
second oflBeoce or arewvated capae he
haiy^jjfi^tge^' •-:^l4^-,;;,:--
Suppldee, etc.—The ,toUowing deduo-
ttoos' iwitt. apply generally; Waah
house. $t.50O per month per men; tool
shsupenlng, 50c per month per man
tor aU contract mea. *
Tools.—All contractom will tind
their own tools. Company men will
furnish their own tools, abd tt bought
from the company money will he refunded on their leairing if the tools are
returned in good cider, subject to ordinary (wear and tear.
Dynamite, 20c per pound. Monobel,
80o per pound. Detonators, ie per
Ooal.—To workmen will be aoflptted
at Ihe rets of $2,50 per ton far mine
run and $3.00 per ton far soreen ooal,
delivered at houses on the collhvy
property, but not otherwise.
House rent.—The rent for four roomed house, including eleotrio light,
water and sanitation, $14.00 psr
month; ths rent for a torse roomed
house, including electric light, watof
and sanitations $13.00 per mouth.
.March 10th, 1914.
Approved  JAMBS MUIR,
I concur.
Oommlsitoner Western Coal
Operators' Association.
It wtu he noticed thst In ths shove
contract for the Georgetown Collieries
that the baaing rate Is fixed on the pti-
lara Instead of oa tho breasts, as her*
totore, aod yardage is added to the
breasts to moke up far ths differential
-which. In thia oaae, Is 14c per too—
between pillars and breasts, so that
tho actual baaing rate Is 57c per toa,
and not 43c as would appear from
reeding ths ewtoaet.
This is a mm tasters la the ftitng
of prioaa, the reason advanced far the
change hslng that where thsrs are two
tonnage rates, oraeb eoofa.
town the toot that vary
iMt ooal from breasts la hooked oa
the gtftar rate and rice reran.
The flstog ot pitoaa far tola eel*
Uary bring* out one very regmttahto
to eaaosiHoa wMh
by to* tanas <*
and he will be given a prellmtoairy
hearing at Wardner on Monday next.
■As Ib usual with press reports, several Inaccurate accounts were given
the public of the murder, and no nm
had to rely co outside sources far to
tommatioo our own aooount -was not
strictly correct
■Mohammed Khan Is an Arghan and
served for some fourteen years in tbe
British Armyv retiring with petty officer rank, and is well known over the
whole of the province.
. 'Both men iwere thot. dead by a rifle
of 32 <»libre, soft-nosed bullets being
used* and the murderer evidently
etood.Just inside the shack to shoot.
Suihato Singh and Pakhar Singh occupied the one shack; sleeping side by
sldie, with a window at their heed and
too door at their feet Tbe Hint shot
was evidently flred at Suifoaia Singh,
and, striking Mm on the right evbaw,
shattered the bone to atoms. The neat
shot to toke effect 'was received' in
the right breast, passing clean through
the body* while the third shot struck
him in the groin and also passed dean
through the body; Pakhar Singh, upon hearing the shots, made a dash far
tho door, but the assailant fired at
does range, and the bullet striking
him in toe right side, passed clean
through bite lunge and heart, shatter-
ing them completely.
The murder is without doubt one of
the most sanguine'and deliberate that
has ever been known to occur in thte
country, and the i$llce era using ev-
sry QJBB-Lto tngj^toe murderer and
dor was committed.
WhrwtSch toe mur-
A meeting of thoee Interested to
tootoall and wftih enfttcient eothusi-
asm to consider the resurrection of
this dub iwas held on< Sunday fr"**-,
and ee a -result it was unanlimousty
decided to secure a team for the city
this.seascak (Those present dfisptagwd
considerable optimism, and if tbey
continue in the same strain, the sue
cess of the teem tor the coming sear
son is assured, and one may raenoiv-
ahiy expect to see several of ths
"pots" Hirive to Fernie. Four cf tbe
leading cftteens iwere selected tor
honorary presidents, and a strong
bunch of oMcere and committee elected    '
Tbe ofttcers elected' were as fat-
tows: Hon. presidents, Messrs. W. IL
Wilson, J. Gales; A. B. Trites and Du-
ber; presMeint, T. Biggs; vtoe president, y. D. Carrie; eecretory-tnssur-
er, Waa Gregory; oammAttee, Messrs.
Sherwood, Stewart, Brown, -Muirhead,
Comrigan and Pines.
An entertainment iwiil be' given at
the Methodist Church on Tuesday, er-
entog, (March 31st. The entertstoment
will he xepreeentaittve cf "An old t-frna
ladies' aid business imeetlag at (Mohawk cross road." Those taking part
will wear costumes of tbe early Victorian period. Start at 8 p.m. TJok-
ets 50c
Tbe provincial poUce bane arrerted
a man named WiUam Oofenma to cos
of toe fagging camps Just outside of
the tolwn, and he ia beto upon a mm?
serious charge of Immorality. A pre-
Uminary hearing was given hint today
Comrade Richard PMJttps wH de.
ltver an address on "NO Oompromase
—No FcUtical Trading/' to the ww
Soctojtot HaSI on Sunday evwiAjg.' jat
7.45 pm
AU Interested are invited to
fyquQst Held on
.•±r +!\*>i*ifh**s*im*>     **■'*,     _v      .   ^.^fc^,^
Humphrey nvans
A faua aoddent occurred in Michel
mlnea on Thursday, (March 12th, when
Humphrey Evans, a miner, wae caught
by a runaway timber truck in No, 8
mine, tt appears that the deceased
had a cave ia hia nroridng place and
wns looking far the fire boss to let
hhn know about thta, While Evans
was going dowa the Iodine, a truck
fall of timber broke away aod mn
down toe Incline. Tbe unfortunate
man wae usable to avoid the truck,
which knocked hhn down and caused
aoaveialhetadine. Tbe timber piled
on top of Evens ia each a way that it
took his rescuers over two hours to
get him free.
Evans wa* conscious all ihe time
while Un fallow workers were trying
to get htm /nun underneath ths truck
and timber ond must have suffered
untold agootes. He waa carried to
ths hospital after the men got him
face, whero bo died shortly after his
Tbe funeral took place oo Saturday,
March 14 th, from ths Methodist
Ohuroh. /The Michel Football GhUh
aad the members of ths Local Union
wwre In attendant*.
Ths Inquest was held hy Coroner A.
Murry on Wednesday. March 1Mb, In
ths -Michel pottos station at t.so pjn.
The jury constated of ths following?
W. C. McKeown (foreman), J. Turney,
W. Porter, 11. Oregon', R. Btaoey and
A. AUtoheH. Ths ftrat witness tailed
was Dr. Weldon, wbo testified thaf
deceseed, when brought to the he*
pltal, was suffering from a compound
praetors of both bones of M* left t*f.
fracture of left feature, compound
fmature of hoove of right foot, shock
and coMapsa. Rvana wss suffering
pataa to his stomach aad died three
quartern of an bow aftsr hia admit.
tones to ths bespttat.
In the meantime thu mlns Inspector.
Mr. WHHane* had arrived, and Che
aast witness waa Dan Waridtegton,
who wis siwplswiil es a wasridsr In
run ahead after the signal to stop had
bepn given, he answered yes; hut that
he had never thought toe book eonM
come oat It was brought out In the
erideooe at this potot that the hooks
used on these thaber tracfea on ef a
wry afanple nstore, no aaMy deltas
to keep tosan to plane hslng gsovidhA
The nest witness waa J. Oreenop,
iho hoi itman whose evUenoa waa to
the ettect that no efejale were givwo
to Mm whether a truck of tiufecr Of
empty oars were oo tbe rope.
H. Brown was tho next witness tatted, whose evidence showed that he
wae working below Brans' pfcuea mn
the day of toe accident Us was wot
amure of toe runaway truck tiH a IS-
foot -crtringer came ftytog past hhn He
heard somebody groaning; went doom
the toolne aod toond Evans lying m*
denmath tbe truck.   He took aeaaa
use rook from Evans' body aad
started to oentreprop the plaos. Dvaos
was fastened la by ths thahsr and his
legs were Und of doubled up, About
flvo or six tnm were helping to got
him Iran underneath ths raw
•Hie wxt wttnNMv, J, Havcy, wos
wortctog stiovo the woritiag ptoee ot
Evans and dMnt know vsry moth wt
how the enoidcot happened, aa he 4M
aot ess ths truck nm awoy.
A. Proe, the night afaift fire bow.
waa the nest wttoewi and did not
know anything ahout ths esridee*.
Asked if there waa o cave In Evans*
working place when he esanlned ft
tho nWit bofore, be suswemi m*
IL BpniMton, Am boas oa the abut
IQvaas w woridcig, -eras the nest trtt-
asaa eaHad and had to oodarfie a oMIt
crasMnaoOsatlon by Wins
Wimaaaa sod W. Ports* Us
thot hn waa In/onucd ty ths rapartdnr
that thsrs wes a eavs ia ths imtmm,
that be w«u down and found a <•«•*»
a bogy of a
wVNI  ww M«| QiV
Qstod 1Mb mm, IMI.
W. F. MeNhlU
Ceet Ce, Ltd, tf Cssmsre, Alberta.
!. That to* sees*] yrevMoaa. <**
sMe utt toaHs toy wage scale that
are new le effect, totweso the IMtsd
Mia* Werharaaf hmmrtm. Wmtttnt tto
Ream Thaberleav—Metiamie te ho
10 laches ia dlaasstsr at holt ead oot
more thsa it tost la length. |I.to psr
ntt.   tt tmytttt*4 ts sst tlstosr sf lare-
IS. aod Tho Wsstsm Osal tlpwpotmm'i** m-memnttmt to b* paM tor Is sre>
A^ocftttoe. oi tecotgaiieo with « f«-jportloa or hi set hy lha ootspaoy.
tain etreemaot tocwoeo theaa perils*    McfflnHM •> mt sarh time fhe Mc-
wwt&n^efrmmiJL wb&w waw cChmmhi te^ wm
mmm aoM orioea eoofhna with the
to otter mtaes lo the
I nas trass
rit, ths price
which Is not last wttot
It ought to b*~*ul. ths foniiltloo* of
b thst the men san»
Mtohnoaa talo ot toe prtrs fixed.
tbe* bwrn wn hixra or-* f*r*w"r ti
where the faeletos Is praciit «il> la so
eeriaaes with the \nu*t et the nmren-
OMAN, eoi yH la le im<rts<> fair ts to*
I fSpwsuit. snd for tMs
I hare refssH '*> at^ti4 my
tn tb* m****"-*
I. K. HMirii.
Pwa. IHst. ts, it. m. vr of a
tola by losMag tor Mm (I
Asked by to* ccrener II
thlah that a safety ring la the hank
scold haw prevented tha oooMeni,
be answered yew, mm. hn ihanm h
TMs connludHl ton svtdenee,
tary retired and sfler
breaght In their verdict "That Horn-
phrey Evans cane to Ml death in S
Ram -incite* 3 sains, Mtobst by bring
caught  In  cars caused  hy
ttaeonagum tssuiwu coat at to* uaw
ef the sectOwt ba waa toktag a truck
cf timber ap the iochae, He hod gtrea
tbo hoist maa toe signal to atop, aa
be was going to unload aoaa* Hotter
see of Mvasa
TMs placs was more or less nn-LpHeb-
about ll per cent Ths track must
have ran ahead aftor the hotstman
got the aignal to atop, toareby eaurioa
ths rope to stadten, wbae the trwk
tnteb mnx*** to run h»w»k; tli*. h.wl.jtri'.t..    W.\  (h.«  lut'j, *nm!4  rmua*
V*'* mar etnle In ronelsdlst tbal If
a wif-ntr hook had heen need co toe
timftrr trnrk ths arrtdent nHlht hovw
taau Atoidod. Vntotttmatmly we are
'.£■■ A,: 'ti'.'-Vr a aiUtiu ^Ul.^ LtUiMU
Itfc is held Hieapsr thaa ssfety ap^l.
•mat hare coma eat ef the ring, 1st. Urnd thst tbe Oraw'a Nfast rose
'"^♦ng «V fnr:!. rr  '.'.-mi iln IulV.u x\>. mi m^.;, U*>k»«*, ai* lu it
Tbs ftret that Waddtogtoa knew to*
track was roaa-teg town was when
a* hart somsbodv ■bosttitg took ont,
as h* wss st ths eta** tMe nt tb* nwt-
th* nt tost psrtkwlar Ueor.
t»lrwf hf ttii* rti'nt. 'i-»p*«**or a,ti<f
«*v*nM «f tb* jary it b« had ever tm*
titeA that th* car or lh« tnirk would
.  I'X .
• A*H*t„
,  .•/■■'•-fi
. ^1
• •'••a
. -i,i
■ m
- ->#
• \r*n
h' J Hut*
pmmmm *. '..y -^-w^fc«^a*£^aj.
' • ^A'
£ -j
1 iy" s
t* ,      - .,.-.*»      -,., j,
ls -\-iwm ?M  • ■■  W—M~-i *«.     •    ■       a-
• *.*-.>, *,     ^
< By Maxim Gork.  Translated by Maurice Magnus
<»»»»»¥,¥ V¥¥V¥V¥¥VV¥¥»»¥¥¥¥¥»»»V»44»»»VVVVVy.jyv<i»v.»»vi|iv.*»y»VVlfVVVVVVVy»¥¥¥¥¥»»»VV»*
, Once upon a time theme was 4 sage
Tvtoo uiiideratoad! the mystery of life.
It filled his hearit wii'bh a heavy gloom
•and terror, and in the shadow of 4t aM
■happtoess amid joy died sadly .within
him. -With .the clear eye of reason hie
gazed into -the -depths of itime arud
saw only darkness there. He wander-
ed .through its .towns and villages. His
wise head <was ibowed in loneliness,
awl in the midst of the turmoil and
glamour of life his imessage rang out
like the imehmCholy souna ot a -aeaim
Men! You live between darkness
and darkness, You have been -born of
the depths of igrtoranee. You aire
spending yoar lives In the mists of ig-
i norance. And the .terrible darkness
of Ignorance awaits you!
The .-people Iteten-ed Co his sad mes-
eage and understood its bitter itruth.
They sighed, and looked silently Into
•Uhe iflaoe of tite sage. But -after they
had seen hilm depajt, -setting forth on
that lonely .path of .wisdom, they re-
-turned to their -bUBlniess owl to ttfoeir
banqinetis. And in eating and (Making
merrily, and dn the happiness of seeing ithietr Children at play, ithey forgot
the distress «md miser}- of which tfliey
had Just h-cawi. They fought -with
each other for iri-chee and possesstonis,
and 'While their 'hands were sblll red
with (Mood they listened and iwere
roovacl by ■seroaoas of love! rPhose
who ware -fair to .them, -tliey caineisSedi,
and their iflrlends they 'betrayed with
traitors' kisses.
They nobbed each other, and -then
passionately defended the riches they
•had thus acquired. They .betrayed and
defrauded each other unscrupulously,
hut ithey all said: that Truth wias the
master of Ufa There were some, (however, wlhio ..believed iln' the charitable
power of truth,.and 'who suffered' for
tfais 'belief. And the ipeople loved <mu-
slc, and .fWieire..aaoved to teams by It;
the)* (were .ennaoxtiured by its .beauty,
and yet* ithey' allowed uglin-eas and
depraivftiy tto exist In their lives. iHhey
iutadfc -Slaves of each other, and yet
they cried -jout that they longed for
f reedtomk flThey treated with contempt
- all itlhase iWfoo were .beneath them, and
yeit like cowed amimalg they secretly
' hated .tlhaltr mdera. (They imaeln-ed
must he created tnm .wslthdn," EV>r they
were -comoerai-ed ahout the peltty,. cares
amd ctomltoiits of"il4feu;
They wastjod: their. IxufadUiebt with
'luaitrad and dietoeiit and wdith -cfauosy
ouKning dn oider'thM'tibey aniighlt sait-
iafiy ith«lr dnsaltlalble desire ifor luxury
and -good living.    - -
<Thus these strange ipeopie lived in a
-world of their own, like -unclean animals, though ithey .believed themselves
to Ibe Uttle less than deities. Their
lives -resembled a volcano, an inex-
luaiustitible volcano, and the cries and
dampHaiinita iwere like Its -pestilent
fumes rising a-gatost the sJcy, iwhile
the suffering and the sorrow were like
its ctln-ukng^aaiheis and the animal desires like dts suCfooating stenches.
Anid Khe solitary sage .wandered over
the 'wide iworW and siwke with the
voice of Infinite knowledge. What la
your illdte? Ybu do not tell: Why are
you there? Even this you do mot know.
Look!   This Is your misfortune!  '
<When he gaw a lover embrace his
.beloved he aaiid unto them sadly:
Death awaits thee and thine. When
he saiw the .people ereot magnifHoent
dwielliiiug iplatoes he said reproachfully:
A.H this is ready for dlestniotfon. When
he saw M>btle cMldren plajlng like
flowers in a meadow—-little children
who iwe're themselves like -flowers, he
sigihedi, and staid unto himself: My
eyes mee d-eathV harrest. And -when
he heard one of the wise midn iteoch
the youth of the tenHple of sciences,
one of' those wise anien who could not
comprehend the sknul of the saige, who
could not comprehend' that .the sage
bad realized .the dark trutli of death,
he said to Mm -contemptuously: Nar-
rowneesiis the naime of thy wisdom.
Por ithe eaiith 'will come to an end, and
flill iita templeis and all its sciences and
their itmitha and their lives will, end,
aind ithcu dloat not even Iuiqw the day
and thje hour of thine own destruction.
•   *   *
But one day on the outskirts of a
great town, in a dark narrow street
Hull' of filth and poverty and the
stenches of decay, the sage saw a
great number of workmen gaithered
around one of -their number who
■Spotoe.' And it astonished him to see
their rapt attention. Never had the
{xeuivue listened to-hils ivui'dtt-wfthrsu.cnr
■out, and dtd not understand that tt ealgemess, and a .pang of envy entered
Me heart. "Oomrades," said 'the speak-*
er ito ithe workmeai, "we aire like stones
lying at the' bottom of a jidyer/,wlhUe'.
afoove wis Iflows the Hfe'of our oppness^
ors. AVe tare only a aneaiiB to -them,
and they titcp over 'ub a^ they do over
d©ad (bodies, Theyj go onward inltoa
briWiamit exd^benee, to still ifuiltihar, enslave our souls.. They know, everything and we know nothdnig.^ They -M*ve
and we haive not yet lived. .They aa»
wiise while iwe aire in darkness. Enlightenment ia in their hands while
we 2nave -nothing. We hove motW-ntg,
not even enough" 'bread ito eat. They
have enslaved us, and ithey are satiated. iBut see, our hunger iwdll defeat
tliose iwho ana overfed and who have
enslaved us. For their spirit is -weak,
and our spirit ds strong, and we Uve
hy the fervency of our -spirit We ovuet
Mm iWie must have knowledge. We
-must he Mim&n (beings. We must fttl
our hungry, souls'with the wisdom of
the --eta-nth., Wle anuSt.be the possessors
of ail ithat /whioh already .exists, apd
we wiill work for that which does not
yet exist."
\fon, EaM the sage, with a oondds-
cenddng smile, error is the name of
thy words. Narrow is thy understanding af anankind.- It will never grasp
more ithan It is capable of grasping.
And will it not be 'the (same to thee
when <thk>u haist ceased ito exist, wtoe-
ther thou art hungry or overfed like
those against whom thou art now tittering the weirds of thy wisdom? And
is it .not the isame whether thou liest
down in thy grave in ignorance, or
whether thou art wrapped to the
shroud of useless teachings of thy op-
ipreasons? Think of It, everything on
earth, and even the earth Itself, will
disappear into the' immeasurable
depths of oblivion, into the bottomless
whirlpool of death!
, The workman gazed at him in si-
ilemce, and mMtonlessly they listened
•to his wise speech. Coiklly, lunfeefling-
ly and Indifferently they rejeotedi his
words. Th-m said ooe of them ito his
comrade: "Ma&vel, miy hand hunts me.
atrikie itMs oM toll!"
That is all! Yes, of -course, I eigree.
They -aire a little rude-, these workmen,
but. it Je not their fault. Has anyone
"eTer'taJugm: ^■em^ranaa«rets;fKie^f©w
-    ..*. i,*>_j,5,is*.*,,H.8*2*.   i '   iv:K.-K .     ....
Good. Places   Go
To,. Young-Lookihg
iyiw< ;- A^'X:,f <x
—■—-■■      r.'i'h- ]
* "A- penny -saved ^a a penny earned,"
aidmonlishes the wwiient adaget And if
we aire to -favor Marse 'Rockefeller
with the oourtea^ of credulity, a penny invested is a -million made.
It's "-iip ibo .you'tri ibeoheC'': \.**A$7:-\-:}
S' iGx<&y''l^:^7^\ij^^i.^^li^ji
but. it's .afeo 'ihe "Ions" youv can ;.*moist
eaiaili>' escaipe.- v    • ■/ \""■*'.'-r- •*-* "* v
.';Hiaj'|\pa^^'Hfl^th.' aesbowt'OTpy"
hairrto,dtsi;nJaituriaJ oo*or^and\Trt^Ss K
Is <not a fiye, dt is'a toni-ceasy-and IsaiCe
(to use,~ attimoitoting and -now)shlne^ie
-soa'lp nmd hair roots, impaxtding Tp^ft
life and"vdgor'and giving ithat haai^jf
natural Jx»k'{whioh-is soiessejl^^itiofa"
youthful apip^aimnce. It removes^daii.
druff." ■    ■ ■' ■
Your money iwill he Tefunded 'if it
fails after a ifair trial. '   /
$1.00, 50c, 25c   Get it at our'sltore.
Sold <and recommended hy MoL-eJaiila
Drug Store, Fernie, B. C.
vs. Socialism
Editor District Ledger,   .   '
Dear Sir, ' •
Permit, me space In jour vaiuaible
paper for a few remarks addressed ito
the members of Gladstone and other
1-ooais (throughout the Pass.
•During the perusal of -these . few
words, I would ask any fellow workers
to endeavor ito cast off the hypnotic"'
influence which haa hound both ibheir
predecessors and ithem*, to <the capltal-
istiic stake since the human race left
the tree tops to hibernate in ithe.cavei,
and ultimately to reach the miuniH
floent and palatial homes(often a two
iby four shack) of j whioh we hiave
many samples ln this Pass. Home!
You've not as good a 'home as a jack-
rabhlt! Clear the scales from your
eyes, ithe cohwelbs from your -brain;
set that igrey matter working inside
your think hox. At the -present time
a' great deal is ibeing said of Socialism
vs. Unlonisi^. Comrade Budden. ls
speaking on this subject on the igtb
inst, and it Is my one regret .that I
shall not have an opportunity ito hear
It is "necessary tbat we occasionally
■get a thorough definition of words we
use, and I would, suggest -that the
■word solidarity offers splendid food
tor mental reflection. Turn over your
Webster, and find the meaning of this
m'\ ■ ■ ^
The Tragedy of the Ages
■ i
• t
m. m, JULW       JL M. 1/VM ^#^L  W      \FM,      VUV    A.M._m__ WJ^
.': ^^ ■«
l A***»llii»A»l>*»l>»i»»*»»*»**»^)»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ir¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥t
The promt (tragedy of the
wftdobart, Mtenaiture sad reUgkn faave
touahed their hJghest podats to sotid-
twUsIng, Is the «ruatfixioa of Jofoor.
TMs toagedy ls oktor than written him
hay ot the tales thsit run hack Initio
the tnvUdghit of the wee. When history wws saratiohed upon unorushed
txmca to NeaaJdwtbal oaves, or out
Into tho vochn ot HgMpt, lahor mui
even (then naflad to the cross of en-
slaved and exploited toil. This ts the
Ano great -Iwski -fact in the ttte if the
race. Know (this and all it msam* a<nd
you lunow all .that is worth knowing lu
htstory. Only insofar as -this flaot Is
Kittspnd and reckoned with dose the
chaos ot events, past nnd present, re-
solve into order.
The kings snd emperors and gsn«^
atlons of hotltlod parimltes, (quarrelling
and dirtying -their skms to battle,
overturned, enthroned, trilled, lifted up
or itosssd ssbks by the tolling wares
of >rasl evants, oro (but ths comedy,
the tinsel deddugs and tmpptng on
ths odes Pt tool hMorr.
ttho -crast, tsrriMs truth thro«*h n»
tbo mo obmrn Phm nil* began tmt
Iwss those <w1m> fed sod clothed snd
m*^*m^^^^*^mw     am^^m    •^j^^n^gp^^p    w^tt-     *W*gW|g    wWl^dl    WWW
hon tapon tbslr hsoks ths itiling laid
or tMtatsd mmm mom mmmm
■rnommp roaaows, inve swvsyt iDssa
ttmm pt mo mm of tmt tou.
Ia the fcrteiwwdn of Rshyloiib us to
«9is wtssd rnlHs ot dnt% wotkm bum
o4 gsUsicss Into which they ooold
nevsr sotar, cnmttnl bouiiUtaw «cnltli
they could mme enjoy.
lit* fMI of man cams when class
voto wmmwA l»to Um ssnh. .Um wm
man drlrati out of th*» sevagw flankm
of ndstt, wbcwi rntory man's pradwtt
small though ll night lw, wim Ms own
to enjoy. In the folk taJles of Ahe mos
this time when man and woman stood
together to tribe and clan aod foughit
the Ihavd .tltfht with mature haa been ail-
wayta looked -tack to as a Golden Age.
Then when * tow of nature's eeorets
had iheeo. sought out and lt <wias ipo».
sible lor man to wrest from water and
Soil more then enoujflx to sustain Hfe,
there aaoss a. class that took away this
added fruit of hland and ibnatn.
Then came the sin of robbery and
human slavery Into' the world. (Then
wm that primal curse laid upon tho
workera. Another shall live by tihe
sweat of thy, brow. Then wore tho
workens driven Into that outer <terk>
ness of poverty and nrtsery and ignorance, iwtKM-e they have dwelt even onto this dsy, while their labor furnishes luxury and happiness and culture
for the Idle oppressors.
Laibor has had no time to write, its
cbTonfoltv Books have been dlcWUed
by Chose who tuavs fed Irom tbe Idle
hands of rulers. So these vert writ,
tw to glorify the Idle and the useless.
fn tbsos boofes the spoil was ail; the
toll -who nothing, A robber's KgM for
plunder baoanw a glorious wor, «
thieves' supper to divide tlw toot wm
oooseraoos Of tMfPtif Mnwn,
TTio -Mgbest booors wont to thefts -wbo
could tomsat rtds lbs boot bscks of
toiling alffrts. Tbsss bscsow rakM
by dlvtos right.
Hilt It is wrlttsn tbat "The swrd of
woman shall bruise ths hssd of tbe
secpout." and out of the toll and tor.
tnm a»d sts-tong orooWltloa of labor
mm dwww tho ipMlosophy, tbe Htera-
two sad tba lores that shall fros lbs
When Labor <bsln«d atoan and
eVwtHolty to tflnnt arms or steel he
ocnrtd mot hulid and tend theise oomplir
oatod craatlona without some mefaa-
ore of the divine sparks of Jearotog
tbat had hitherto been so oaroftlH/
guairded. But a thinWag slaw ts a
contradiction which cannot endure.
Slaw irevdlta are no now thing.
Whispers of them have creipt down
tlhrough tbe caste written ohronloles
wo call historj\ ahd no pages of tbsss
cbronlolea are so ibioody as tbooe that
toll how the mostwo of tbo bread
scourged -rebellious worhem back to
their tasks.
New and .psouii&r towns of torture
wars Involuted for thoso wbo commit'
tod tbe unpardonable itar-raiNtthm
against class nils*. Law and monalHy
and Justice wore for tbo rulsrs alone.
Beyond the toe that divided the robber cuts from tbo workers there waa
no law tbo master nood mbssrvs.
It -4s this treat ooaodc faot that
made tho SUNT of Oolfotb* of auch
univotaal appsM, Tba cross waa the
forttoular Inatrmnsot of torture re-
served tor tho scseatlon of itio %lnva
No patriohw over ondursd Ma horror.
Only tbs ttelbs that toiWd were oalM
to Ita outotretobad anna.
Vfbm tm treat Labor Mltator
■kAAMMMMj       O^h^      dMMj*-MArfa_a        ______ ^^_____mt        Sk*Mk
soowvso ana fnuosy ensngsrs uooi
tba tmmm mm sifptoted .Hit -Mvolt
aaatast tbo mon ot His
Hia Mia mm this symbol of
MhMwyv tbars <woa something la tm
event ao unarvelously aymbollml of
thia agalcng oructflxkm of tho «orh>
ew tbat tta algMflosaoe was stdsad by
tbt toilers of His ttats and tha
tha badge of tha
■SoUdarity.—An entire union or consolidation of tta-berest, and responslbd^
Ities. ., . A word wWch we owe to
•the French Communists, and which
signifies a community In gain and
toss, . . .
A continuai 'bickering prevails
amongst our meafhwa; a mistrust, an
unfriendly feeling. Why tibia feeling,
ls it .prejudice? or ts It .because we oo
not understand things as thoy aoo?
Standing half way, not daring to-so
tonword, fearing to go back. Or It It
that two have readied the bigbeat
point to sectional organiaatlonf
We realise how much, and yet bow
little, bas been gained by previous
struggles, but this should not debar
ua from solidarity. Ths tendency
should be rather to draw ue together,
and write ua in (bonds of communal Interest stronger than ever. No tuattor
.Whether the labor be mental or manual, which brinks in our Aaat tloket,
we all belong to yte same class, and
a« auch our interests must be Wsntl-
Have we accomplished anything in
the hundred of years of agitation, ed>
oc^tton, and unification? Nothing!
Thon 'what bops have ws lo lbs future?
(Ws are not IneUosd to favor or
accept tlie ipeestailstn of tha writer,
aod do not think that ha Intends to
suggest tbat no progress haa beon
made, but what ha hrtands to convey
is that the varying conditions or ays-
torn have always been antagonistic to
tho'workers' f stores*, TM*, of mtirts.
Is to, but any ooodttton through wbtch
we have -passed has been absolutely
necessary, and can .be regarded as
nothing more or less than the process
of evolution.—Ed.) f   :.
We anust ithrust aside all *p«Bttyfiog>-
ging differences and oonfin© ounselves
to the epieutliflc. Let us taike our
cue from the materialist,, conception
of history, ahd knowing man .to ibe
what the system or conditions have
made him, tbe -solution must lay in
changing,. -not" man, ibut 'the system
that pit present igoverms soaeity. The
union le ibut en eipreselon of condi-.
Wens as they exist I have heard men
slay '1 iwou-ld not pay into' the union,
only I am afraid: of being called a
j." Is -this correct? I do not'
think it, is;- rather it Is the* fear of
ibeing in an unorganized rabble of
roan's inherent dread of ibeing alone.
It is -nothing more or less than an expression of the early communal interest that governed' society ln ther
cave-man's age.
It is plain to most of us that sectional or craft organization Ws reached
its highest .point; therefore, some other method must take its place,- and the
only thing left tor the worker ta the
sodaliztog of the means or method
of production. ...I will qualify.my re-
marks iby quoting those of the editor of the-Rip Saw, who sftys iwe need
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Th* Natural Way to Hwlth
tWWMwt %e ft flfllfcMNNMt wWmm)*
Ejo'.'FmkflyJt- praam** ooi^fslrns hvNotmvl Mmm
m*___*^____t^^X?>* J^__it__]y£SS!!mf C""*
P^w*" mp g*^w ***^w t^^m ^^^^m ^^pjm^w^^mmrwm* wmtwt^^w    „_^_^__m^^*^
fll^^ PP^, -Hpf^ww ^m pm^^p ■^m^^^^m^mmpt ■smm&     *j^ m      g\
^_t_____\ wf mm m *^^aJ^^» tt^A wMm^U^m
^^^^m^^o  ^^w   ^^m ^m ^^-^^^^^^^^p •^^o^^o pptppmmtmttmm.
bawataga, ae*t gaottf atimtihtta witium
|MWf4s" wfeo bsd "heanl lliw fU«r"
when He came to praacti deUronuios.!
Alwtajr* ss Ladwr tat hung trpem tto
cmss of -rttssa atsrsrr li* hss caoght
glimpses of a freedom that migVit bn,
Ones thst vision wss the floldcn Agn
behind Mat.  Then lor igss mors tho
. . •*«« .«.«• ««•, «m *i*M4tM** ***m*maM,
'■;   'i'l'i^ii   iiii'2  -iijiiiui,'.    3,'-w.'  *iij..i
mircewdlng one of pnlo hroughl sow
l-oopsratif to dNMS atfsstgtii firasa
ihaft WMsenM the wwws e/teif no HHls
•HT waekenltig »fi«r-eff«m».
,....*»»■*.   *9^^*9..•**t..*4    ttm****.
nmuth oot tlw rosd tint mm to th*
kingdom of Hbsfty,
Todsr the vMm Is dsar, ths wsr
Is itositsd, tbo oMOM^osfMbls strsBgch
ttet Is tom dt iMBri-wrs aaUsd is
WHkIS   0*   ONRfeSWOOa    IS   -mdv   10
mMwvo mpttmmtp'
Th* eld %Odv of tnbttr tha* Vrt**'
entity wnffsdnf sod mhery n&t *Hmt*ry\
tod mmttlbtm m dying. The r*w|
spMt of tPbtttm mot eeUfothy and,
tmsmmmteommmmm. mmmtm^ ppwrna^ppm   wm   mfn*m*wtppr |
Th* mhs Is tnm* t» » mm t*mnwe*l
(ton wte* ths «M*sorfJi sinI th* t*i*
mm mm minr am » mm -mub j
Jmrnhmo Pltat. «
Xtm-tom k km tm «**•
4m'$ ttjirltt aii ikla
iffVMiif Mcmti
It 4s h-wrhwl—«m rmtsnnoww
■ minetil mimm§,' ■•t-*-^ • ■
'    fg Mm -9.    ^m9-tJLM-m,^9^M9.JaM4*. j^M^49m^^^*^^lp9a*
it it tuiiiipuo' pfwwinit
cuts and burns laktof tht
wtonj wty.
It it toothiin—<iwt ptin
It heals cvtfy ttet.
Jut as good ior
Sold mt wil tUmm mmd
ter mutual understanding, hut above
all, we need the REAL Socialist spirit
—lhat boundless enthusiasm, energy
and courage to do and- daire b& things
in.the service of the cause. Ootb the
amtI<polltical uuloaists end the snitl*-
union Socialist are *Hke IHogkal lo
their ressoning, and unscientific In
their economics. One thinks that iwe
can. destroy onnies sod oa-ries hy Jetting politics sione, aod tbe other
thtoko wo can take ovor the -machinery of (production without Ibeing Indus-
totally organised. If either of these
he oorreot, then I am'iwdlHng to he
taught, but to the .present I have tailed to reach that point of thought. Aa
Individual tony withdraw from a union, hut a community cannot. So cease
your kicking, and let us hoar a MMte
moro of you'at the meetings. Deer do
not all travel on the same trail to the
lick, hut they get there, tfbe union
is imgiregnated, libs society, with
Crsalss, Ibut I do not think it ls necessary to give a description of the idtas-
yncracles of these individuals. Socialism aolves the social iproWetn, aad
I* so eypianation of the l*w» of soda]
development tn general and of existing society in twrUcolar.
By oonooleDttoualy arranging the
■octal and economic organisations
which so taflvtir offset our «vst, in
bswnony with thsss law*, iwe shall
cease to he the stavss of suoh a Wlnl
necessity on emit organisation must
ba. Bngolt tat -weO aald: "Man'a ao-
ctet organlaatlon, hkhorto ooatroaUog
Mm a* tx neeevAly, lm|po»td by aatttw
and history, oow hsoomss 4m result
of hi* own free action." Tb* sstraos-
oot objective «orc«s that hav* tmm-
to gororotd bittery bar* yttnJ on*
dsr tbs oootral of man himself. Os'y
from that tlmsirWI nao hlmsslf ners
aad nova oonackntiottlr. nak* Mi
own Mi hlstom Oaly trom tlut Urn*
wilt th* social caosss Mt la antlon by
Mm. hav* in Um main, «ad to a co*
stawtly tiwrtat tmmn, m nmlu !■*•
t*ndod hy hhn. k Is tbo sscsat of
.man from «bo Maftoaa of meoaslty to
thc kingdom of freedom. AAsr the
gsrasal of tbat* ttm Mas*. I sln«*r*ly
btQO yon -will ass the mveaajy of
wIVUHty aod 1st aa one ytm n l!ttlt
ofuner than w* here In ths twst. The
ilmm h fnm drawing tear wbwi yoa
ulll i.'««<|. all, yttw mlf-ecuiUb'iiiikenit
aad sotlriartly to'coaahat this nyotmn
|«s ucsiroeWM. {
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Tbt srorWag dhus is Juatlfkd te
ftwotan trom thn m
iisr* ono, was saass cwtHcgpao <wtt
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•wm ito bm mmm «*." !*• mtmtm mtmi
How on tho sesiaaaa punt Wi*
^j^^a ^^^9 ^^ j^^9
mm mmm • mm
tmt nmmb
wwp ^m*^ ^mI .fl^a,....   .,J,,„*jifcMI wLMmt,. m^g,^   mpm Wm nwtfHNk
toWUTft   ^fflwfffW l*Pi  nl UnVt mm  WW WW1W
If oaly lh
^juy*^  ^^^  mm*   j^_
to osst a
ommmimmm tm
tw mm tm object lo
!  CWlsitam
iP    ^„
\*i -j X'^A'A^^SW^.
■ .;   ,i'j>y*if -g'-ySi,* .t
"\ '■^i'.*?^^^
^l^Bipeotopyi Dist. ilO^yiA
' *; sffi^fetoy-Wa^ ^^^.j^ft^^.^i -^aatn> \;
le ■ t«»urth.s)Prid*ya, Club 13WI, Coal
I^VOreeltJr «ek Benefit attached.-.
If.^'•:.;*' 7,-' W->■ *"i?i%'jomu, Sew
■ t-MPaajolo ,'H,-C,v, ' S: ■££. V '    -"-■"■.
I '^-A
; «,;yjtsat erery eiiipday.at *?.S0 ln K.
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: y Meet ;"awy :Sunday. afternoon
St-1 o'olocltlh Crthiiih'a HalL
8|ck Benefit Society attached.   ,.
...H. Elmer, See.
NO. 1817
Meet every Sunday. 'Sick ant
Accident Benefit Society attacU-
's* .     •   ..      .
Michael Warren; See.
Canmore. Alta.
, N0.106S     v'*
Most asoond and fourth Sunday
**ln month. .Slok.and Be|ietlt go«l»
' o,tjr Mnmt,?7X*Ad,,'XAt,   «
■ J. Gorton, Bee,
Meet eVsry alternate Sunday at
Ltt p.m. la. the Opera Home,
Oolemaa. ,• *'■» ;«" ■;'■' ■■-■ < ■■
■*'.*,-■■ ■ I •'-.«; •;.' -,- j. Mitchell, Sec
Bex IM, Ooleoan.   ;
7-y^.Hp.i»AA _i,-
. Meet every Tueaday evening at
T o'olock lu thf^Bankhciad Hall.
Slok and Accident Benefit Fund
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•No. 481 ;
i a Meet every first and third Sun-
1 day at Lyric Hall, 8 p.m.
John Loughran, Sec
,, v. J COLEMAN LOCAL ' -.'■
'v'^^lr^NWiSfW^ -'^!-.■'■;;'.
Meet jsvery alternate Sunday £t,
2.S0  j».m. in  the Opera" HoueeV '
.Coleman,..       • -._ ^   -.--,$$,vj-,v
-7X7.: 'AHniSmA'AX:;*.
.Meet every second and fourth*
Sunday of each month at:2 p.m.
in Slovak HalL.Sick Benefit So*
xlety attached. , -.v^j *,>,.: ;^^.. ,,
- J;1" -Thoa. O, Harrlee>8ec
Passburg, Alta. -.' v : A'> '1 ? '.
.„■. \   ":„: No, 849
-. Meet every second and fourth
Sunday of each month at 10 a.m.
In 8ohoql House,'Burmis. Mo Sick
Society.    V X ,    ,
. Thos. G; Harries, Sec
Passhurg, Alta.
. >••■    . • '
No. 2828
<   Meet every tint and third Sun*
day of. each month at 1« aaa. lo
Union,Hail, Maple Leat Mo Slok.
Society. .
.Thos. G, Harries. Sec
Passburg, Alta.
No. 481
Meet every Wednesday evening
at IM in Miners' Hail, tlth Ave-
nue North. ■ . V      ,
L. Moore, Sec-Treas.
... : No, 481
Meat every 8unday at >.<0 p.m.
In the Socialist Halt; A,\
Somen Burke, Sec
Bo* IS, Bellevue, Alta.
TBX DISntlCT IBDOKB, FBUHE,    B. 0., MAEOH 81, 1W4.
:f*?^™**™m^^  ^mmmlmtmmtmtmym^^ri^
'f " no mao can, do more.  So our ifcteod
«** -Aad oonoolsttoQ and "^fftiitloB
to knowing that thle dlscoura«enMot
Asaowoiaignthaltlie.too, has*
chance of mating biswdt .worthy of a
Sfcwe among ithe brave, among ttwoe
«*o 'were, just and felr in eu tf^g
ait aU tlmeo, w-hcee stendCaatniess to
tae Stand they took could not he Shaken hy tinomm or threats or enowa Be
**a«Te of heart, your work in the labor
«n°v*meut da a noble mat. fiot youi^
n Economic
By W. Eo HardenlMirg
A n«reat change, has taken piaco
mftivltt the last twelve months- in the
Dominion ot Canada, JTho yajrld doviei-
CCTuwit talcing .place a yieer.agp.hlao
otadkened' to^'a oonsAdorahle extend
Cue -dwibtless to the wortd-^rfde -tloon--
icdai obrtagemcy, that haa atteotcd moot
ITho result of this marked docreaoe
ia construction work thzoughoult the
ooontryi .was, of course, to render .Idle
a vast army,of.aii,kinds o£ workiatw,
faittoulaily in the West. This ocndl-
tloa* grave as it.-was throughout tho
surname* (months of 1913, has'*eadiUy
hecoono acceo-tuatcd, and the coudiittoQ
^ ^ *iV^^^ftft^f^VW\/yft/\/^j'
LOCAL No. 3028 *
Max Hutter. SeoreUry.
-Georgetown, Canmore, Alta
No.2877 \   ' A
Meet every second Sunday at 2
o'clock in the Club Hall.   Sick
Benefit Society attached.
~v .      John Jones, Sec
Corbin, B. CL
No. 8026
Meet every > Sunday afternoon,
2.30. at Boarding House. Sick
and Accident Fund attached.
"Max Hutter, Secretary.
at tho (present moment ot a very targe
•action of tho working claaa is aibeo-
taWy desperate. Were h, not tor continual aastaltaaoe hy charttalMe aoso-
datioao throughout the -winter, there
te no douht that many would haive
tperish-ed from destitution.
Yet.lu aplte.of those facts, the usual
imkmlgraitloa . propaganda has heen
| .wwilntalned*,- and the numher. oS inianib
grants for IMS shows a considerable
inoreaso over tho previous year, tlve
total 4or the year anproaching 100,000.
Untoos dJerreioisnent work io reoumed
oo tho scale iprenriouely eet, whUch* ta
view of the statements of numerous
d*nawelBa authorities hoth hore and
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fes2AJf?l~ * ***** mmm tmt mIX
^J^^*~**Pm*• JM»<ir>alA Mooo. W
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J. ». QUAIZ**,      F«ral«, g.c
Sails from. Halifax, X.S. March 21st
^-^HWW v (T# IWIillWl
aBxraadt osemo highly dmprobahte, aor
othw .period of ectmomic -stress tor
btip iworkers appears to be inevitalbJe.
rn» entorced idlcaneas and destlitu-
Wco aojpwivaaeht in the Dominion, par-
Uculeriyi throughout the West, % ap-
pairently aiwakening many ot the .workers. Both the Socialist .party and) the
Soda!. Democratic party have ibeen
waging .what la {probably the most era-
engetic campaign In the history of Oam-
ada. 'At the -present moment, no lees
than eight organizers of the SocMiOt
pairty are at work in Aiherta alone,
while the Social Democrats are also
-The I. W. W. has also been very,
active dm the West, the locale in the
various cities being the nucleus
around which the numerous unemployed haive itormed. While hut corapara-
Wveiy dittle iu the wny of -relief, other
than cheap charity, -was obtained! by
these (leagues, it eeeoio indisipuitatoW
that the contact of these revolMtinn.
ists Mm the uneanDloyed hais been
pnoduattve of a great deal <rf,good.
, (Another iphenomenoo that haa
doubtless exercised a salutary effect
u-pon tho unemployed has been the attitude ot the city authorities generally. In Calgary ma»B onostinga ot the
workers wore repeatedly disponed' hy
ansae* ot mounted police and the more
revoiutiooary spirits have in almost
overy cake been arrested and' frequently aentonced on more or less tnJtoped
up charges.
These encounters bare had tbe further eOect ot making tho lines of conflict deer and staaip between the two
o*a«sea, ao far aa tho industrial urate-
era attached are concern*! At the
trials 08 the unemployed leaden,
throughout the Weot teoersUy. tho
cbM question ot importance to the
Judgea seemed to bo whether or aot
the meo In queatioa woro Socialists or
members of the I. W. W.
Tho attitude taken, up by tho daMy
(pari Has also been UtanlaaUaK.
With hardly ao exception thay hnm
uMitftMiatl to about prosperity mm,
m loudly aa In the balojon daya of
1WWI. Unfavorable bolldioc (MonMa
aad bank deatloga have boon sap*
pressed rapaaisdly and tbo parade* of
the unemployed have been evcfrwhwre
underestimated by several hundrod
percent Tbe result of theee u«llc«
baa bssn to sap still farther the confidence ot many ot tbe worksra ia tho
As to tbo fotara, thsrs aeone to be
Hrtls doubt, that a -*MMid«rslM# p-sHod
will slapoa bsfow tho boom period! ot
tbe past again becomes a rsaMty. Tbo
nol ooxtm bobble la dead end pre*
tically ne iwwauisot ef iwalty H pot*
csvtfU* to aay of tbo western eUlea.
Oa tfce other band, tenn huafa have
WA iraatiy dtnUUsbed In pdos, aad
the Caaadlso Pacific i« ettM ssMpf a
eenrtfcrebla aawhar ot sen* te raid-
die dees taanliraMe.
DsspU* tbs ***t ham*, May of
ths farmers aro aald lobs In tlamaoi
able atoto.   Daring th* winter, bmsv
bars ct tbsn wsrs rwpoitsd as Urlag
"^ ^ wmpmmm^Ktmmm mmrmm^tm ww^l^^k (POpNMIV
aad nhbhn.   As aoo* as the crops
*aa.o^^ cwt But 485, or over
» iw oen^ carried a rate ot lm per
««*■,«: 6*gbw, Some ,were even
Chwwdl;a5'per oeat'
' Bomairtdhg that >paymeiDto oa prin-
dpiaj are.ieredy preseedi tor arid that
remepaha.iol! mortgages are BeneraWy
made ea»yv tho.commission states: "la
«atet,ithe present sydtean of payments
seemo dCBigued to reader renewal ne-
ceoaary and debt perpetuaa. With the
ttaal payment so larger the horrawer
can seldom meet it out of the current
-yieatrti tooome. ^The mortgage is mot
only rauawed; the amount of the loan
ts very Jtnequently increased*.
'JThlere lis no doubt that the largest
factor to the Indehtedneas ct Sadffiut-
chienvam ttannera is tho amount which
ia due to mortgage companies.  Acon-
sorva-tfvo osttmate would place thia in
tha nellBhboiQiood of $5,000,000.   ¥hr
the- nert-lareeet amount implement
cotapamites are reepooslble.   It la not
ta^roibahle that at present 4Mbween
-136,000,000 and $40,000,000 is outetasut
top tor -machinery.   Tbo amount owing oo agreements of sale ot land i*
very oonaddlereble.   Ho one company
tho fSntmemB ot thle province owe $5,-
770,000 and to another $3,622,920.  -Tho
almtounib idue for pre^emptlana, &jr hocw
m, tor, Store credit, lumber, bank credit and itor mi-sceiiaineoua debts, together with tbat* due tor this purchaee ot
tend, is mot. tees than.$50,000,000.
'mho torowre of Saskatchewan are
pajdng totehest on at leaet $150,000,-
000. If thia do the case, then thieirag-
■riculKural credit is costing them $12,-
000,000'anonaUy. If tormere couMi secure money at a rate of as much ab
two per cent cheaper than at preeent,
ithey boulft byi making their paiymenta
on the ataMMtlzatioa plan, discharge
their total indebtedness in about 24
-yeara* titnto.
"Prom the above estimate it can be
clearfy; perceived' that the average in*-
■debtedtasBS of our 'fSrauere le, peihSpo,
$1,500. The average farm ot the pro-
vonce consists of about 295 ecrea
-Thns the dndebtediueee ot the termers
is slightly in excess of $5 per acre ot
land under occupation at the present
The average farm has gaithered
albout it assets tp the shape of build-,.
Inge, stock, implements and grain."
aivenage Alberta farm Is $7,960. Yet
the gross returns on this irveottoeoit
and the tomnieir's labor aivotaesd anty
$78L 'After deducting firom tMs sum
the (wages earned by tho farmer and
his family*, the cost of bio soeds^ tbe
food tor his animals, the deprea!a*tani
la his buildings and farm implements
and the taxes he pays, it win readily
he Been that the farmer'e return oa bis
toveetnpient is not such as to excite
envjt ■
.Tho marked tendency taiwoids coo-
cemtraltlion ct capital is nowhere more
dieajhliy ehoiwni than' In oomypartng iwoio
these miserable returns ot the Canadian -termers the large and rapidly
■growing increase in the -profita'af
Canadian banks. Deeplte the ftuct that
1013 was a year ot refcucatioi* in comi-
nuerce and Industry, the latest returns
ahow that out of -fifteen banika which
haive reported aU but two ebow tajger
eairndaee te 1013 than lor the previous
year, rrho total net earnings tor 1913
of the fflOeen amount to $14,926,666 as
During tbo year the earnings 00 the
paid-up capital varied tram 20,8 per
cent to 10.24 per cent Por tbo most
IPart the larger and stronger ibsnfea
eBrnttl a higher rate of interest on
their paldwp capital than tbe smaller
institutions. In thia connection it Is
■worthy of note that the Mg raSfauwy
and -industrial -kings aro auooet un*
variabiyi large sfaareholders la tho Car
nadlan bulks.
Thus the .wheels of evolution can-
tlniuo slowly to revolve. With the al-
reedji m^ld ccbcentratloo of capital
that has taH-sen place and1 the prospects
ct ani acceleration In this direction',
revolutionists can look forwa/ixi iwith
aattsfiactlon to the future. Whom the
process has reached a certain stage,
certain effects twill moke their appear-
amce, as bas -been the case in the United States during the last decade*, fThe
result will he a corresponding growth
and devetopment of the ceil of revolu-
tiion that is quietly expanding, some
day itoibreakthe shell that hems it in.
—The New Review.
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Ignorance ie the mother of capital-
are very similar .to those revealed, im
this Saskatchewan report Prom statistics taken, from the recently issued
census returns of 1011, the value of
the land '^owned" and the -buildln-gst
farm Implements and live stock on an
Capitalism injures the worker
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Never Give Up
hanseled, anales tf tstptsowot
ooltartors eoterwtf the africol-
mm districts and practically «a»kbsd
Uio tmtttpf.
A keen, energetic, reliable, steady
and staunch worker in labor's causo
has written us recently that he baa
become "discouraged" In tbe movoment and feels like "giving up." The
question arises: What to It that "dis-
couroged" him? What dampened bla
ardor, stayed Ua eneitfea and depressed his xeai? It cannot be the
pcfwtsr of the enemy or tbe (magnitude
ot Ma task. On inquiry wo find It Is
the "carelessness and Indifference,"
"tho Jealousy and apathy," and
"knocking and -tauit-ftadtng" that exist la tbe mnks ot labor itself, anal ao
alitor isUuvdlne tho ''gatf" aa long aa
he could lis Is compelled to acknowledge mat be Is weary and sk* st
heart of Ihe work and la rsady to resign his "thankless Job" and tako a
'towric ssat"
There aro tow in any walk ot lite
arte are fortunate anough to seoaps
audi moments of "dsprasstoo." It Is
easy to be contented with ooe'a salt
and tbo world as wa find tt, If car
only object In lite Is lo secure a good
posKtmt, appear wen drasssd, Main tne
applause of the crowd and be a "good
IsHow," oot for a "good time," but set
youiwalf to do any really front aad
MMo (work and yoa will Inevftably
taeet wtth opposMlon', darMoo. took*
ttwWog and dateat.  This hi Itself ia
wtfh to dtsoeorage anyone, wren
tbcos of boOdog dlsposHkMis.   Krerf
time your friend betray*, you, every
time your fellowman pom hweb on
you, every time you are left to "paddle your own canoe," ovary time sup.
port* satotance, eocomagetnent and
advtoe) ar6 denied you, yoa will bs
tempted to 'became dtooounwed and
disheartened In the work ood to com-
mit tho aln of turning your back on
the thorny path, the path Oat yoa
know ia ths right one, to shut your
eyes to everything araaad 90a, and la
your cowardice give tip. In tho labor
movement there Is no giving up, no
standing still, no going backward; wn
must go toriward, onward aod upward;
wo must fliht for Justice and right
and bettor things. It wo know our
friend, sad we think we do, whosd
mint caused us to writs thia artlds,
ha is not made of tho stuff that sosiiy
lives up, that succumbs at tho first
trial or goee down at tbo Hn* dateat.
Fading aa he does Is tho beat proof
that ho la Wtsd to do the work before
Wm which, as he knows, moat ha dons
bysDUOono. He must rememfcer that
tor sJhnoa* entry tiT»i.«fn*r th* wotriA
now enjoys we hairs to thank nam
who telt as tm feels acorns and srorm
of times biters auccsas crowned their
eftorte; ho -awat rsmsmber that ban-
■■rods iweot down aanaascnlwifvd. tut-
maitsd aad to unkaown graves,
thinking that their whole life was a
fcttwre  aad  chosrsd only  by  the
» Mi* JawttW-t
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vent or expression, ''law is beneficence acting b^
rule,",although the mtetisuperficial acq-^i^tanci
with"Ijhis writer qiiibkiy disillusionizes one, *ana
even Bjirke is unable to conceal the fact that cowardice, and this of a most material kind, is responsible for the creation of law; and Burke can never
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_V, T~*n>?'-
When the worker objects to the professional^ gunmen and thugs employed by ooal operators and other corporations for protecting (?) their property,
and very accurately describes these desperadoes as
the scum of society, his judgment is questioned. Mr.
Alphonse Verville, speaking in the Federal House,
Ottawa, to the bill amending the Criminal Code,
had the following to say about armed gunmen:
"The first clause aims at preventing employers of
labor, either in person or through their agents, from
employing on their works or premises any man or
men who carry arms. ... As general principles are
more easily understood wfoen illustrated by concrete cases, I will take us an example the riots and
bloodshed that marked the troubles in Buckingham
a few years ago. There were find a man armed arid
employed by a company to protect its property apparently, but really to enforce its inquisitions on*
the discontented workmen. That armed man fired
and killed one of those connected witb the strike.
What has been the sequel? That same man only a
few weeks ago, in Montreal, broke into a house, shot
at a woman, killed -a child, fled from justice, and,
when about to be arrested, shot himself dead. Imagine, now, the arniingof a character of .that kind,
and employing- him to move about, revolver in
pocket, amongst unarmed and unoffending citizens." You imagine, Mr. Reader, aud when you
have glutted your imagination, spare, a little time
tc read what John Walker has to say about Calumet, and the Congressional Committee about Colorado. Tou will not 'have to tax your imagination,
(however, for wthat they tell you are absolute and
positive facts. ''   - g
The gunman mentioned in Mr. Verville's incident certainly did the moot decent thing he ever
~di^wBmlie^put"a*nond~toTns mlseroWexist-SceT
And yet why should we blame him? Why should
we blame those who employ hhn? Why should we
blame the system that permits it Is it not more
logical to blame t!he individuals.who tolerate this
system? To accuse individuals with being the victims of their environment takes you mowhere, but
to blame those who are making no effort to get out
of the slough is the only possible means whereby we
can anrtise the apathy of the worker, Too much
time is often lost in explaining "WHY";.this time
might be more profitably employed in explaining
How often do we hoar the expression "law ami
order" used by apologists for the master class,
when excusing the excesses of tite controlling powers. Tliey echo it wHfli an unctiousness that savors
strongly of piety; they regard it as a fetish, but
thoy always use il to excuse tlie actions of those
intoxicated with power. Should the worker protest, he is piously reminded tliat under any condition of government tho peace must bo kept, nnd law
snd order must prevail.
It cannot be considered a waste of time if wc stop
occasionally to aualyxo tho meaning of these two
very terrible (t) but at the same time synonymous
expressions—law and order-Hind in so doing ex*
plain to the reader briefly the worth of same and
thoir origin.
Taking Uie wonk of seriatim, we will give their
definition according t» Webster •
"Law. A rule; particularly an established or
permanent rate prescribed by the supremo power of
a state to Ms subjects, for regulating their actions,
particularly their social actions."
"Order. Rogular disposition or methodical ar»
rangoment of things."
lite reader will particularly observe tho words
"prescribed by the supreme power."
Burke, we beHove, it responsible for the state*
Man niade laws because he needed them, but %o
did notj'need them unfrl he began to acquire more
than he. could conveniently consume. As soox^ais
the "supreme powers" realized the necessity o£ acquiring-more than they actually needed, so soon
didthes^supreme powers make law.' And one of
the first laws made was for the protection of property.. It was much more convenient to tell a man
"thou shalt not steal" than.it was to recover from
the thief the stolen property. The barons could not
employ their slaves on their land if they were engaged in warfare with their neighbor, and the idea
of protecting their property by various rules or
laws appealed to'them," arid they instituted "what
we today know as the law. They did not worry a
great deal about law-making for the slave, and
why? Simply because the baron considered himself above the law in his relations with his glave.
The latter did not require laws while he had no
freedom. Most of the laiws applying to the Chattel
slave had reference to punishment to be meted out
should he disobey bis master. Law-making is not a
question of beneficence; it would be described .today as the result of cowardice or a "blue funk."
The law makers were afraid that they would lose
their property and not be strong enough to recover
it, hence it "may be claimed -without fear of logical
contradiction that law is the result df cowardice or
terror. \
We have laws governing moral conditions, but
they are the same in many respects as those governing social conditions, and their creation was the
result of the same fear. Woman was the weaker
creature, and as such was regarded more or less as
a chattel, and as it was necessary that her lord and
master should retain possession of her, he consequently created certain moral laws or codes to ensure this.
The Mosaic law required all men to be cir-
curasized, and this may be considered .as the
first hygienic, law. for it was necessary and in the
interests of society. As a matter of fact, the Jews
showed a much keener appreciation of cleanliness
than does the Christian of today. They realized
that health was the greatest asset, and disease their
worst foe.
Law sprung,'from a purely ecQpomic' dread or
terror, and the claim that it is beneficence acting
by rule may be regarded as the most arrant non
sense, During periods of famine and disaster it
arbitrary laws, while during periods of. so-called
prosperity most of thc emancipatory legislation has
been passed.
Now the object of our remarks was to show that
the possession of wealth means the retention of law,
and not only the retention but the severity of same.
Law, order, terror and power are synonyms! and
inseparable. So long as we possess, so long
shall we fear loss, and fearing loss, create laws to
avoid same. Power is begot of terror,/ and those
today who so ardently champion law and order do
so from a dread of dispossession. Let. the reader
consider then what this means, namely, how much
law should we require were.we producing for use,
and not for profit. Under such a system the retention of property would be impossible and unnecessary. Get it into your 'head: The law is not for the
dispossessed but the possessor.
.' 'A-tiro kri$aile 'iwsttog -was held In
fhe iP^^.-T&rt^^Bj^le rooms 90
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ia .full -fonoe 'ntni, i stashing ev-ealag's
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'rThn■^s^m\ttf^lt^ we .-have hem
expwteiM^'ilat^ has -started  tihe
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figured as ibeinig tfhls season's nesting
place tor some' of the numerous tno-
phtes kicking about.
j This season: the Athletic Oltib aire
umflertaMiiig to .run -things, and* at a
Wett^w-^^ meeting held  Sunday
laat -things 'wore /put In shape -tor making a start.  The -following oommlttee,
Messrs. Rankin, Lynch, Pruett, Jainte-
son, WWey, Kendall and Pratt, undertook to -rtek itihelr reputation hy noting as -selectors, -guides, etc. H. Lymcfo
ytno appointedi trainer.   W. * Balder-
stone  was delegated to -attend  thia
League meeting., ' Ntow If wo eau only
get ithe -beam evetyUhlitg wUl be plain
salHog." • ;    f-\.     '"'A
ASt. Buddon addressedt on audience
of about Kitty In Che interests of the
Soatallst 'Panty ot Canada on Sunday
afts-raMon., Jaat. AM gave uo some
straight (from -tihe shoulder stuff, ths
kind *w« .mould Hike to see 'handed' out
to eome of Ross* or'aoama other, .guy's
auddeooes. when ithe next etoottom
cornea. round. Alf Is rounding into
quite a speHAtoder, wiih the ability
to drive bis points home. It was to
bo re»re*ted the meeting iwas not bettor attended.
Oon'-t forget the (basket social and
dance to. add of -the FootflmU Olub om
-Tuesday -next, The ladies havo -responded splendidly to the appeal tor
.baskets. The rest is up to the (men,
A ohort -and weU-oeilected musical! -program wll$ ibe Slendered-, cood music tor
ithe dance'-iis assured and itAue atfaiir
should ibe -a ouoeess.
The. Hosmer Athletic Club intends
(iprotfdiiig enough entries are xeceiy
od) to stage anatnatbeur iboximg conir
•petition, rphore ■will ibe tour -welglhito,
(bantam, 116 -lbs. ttraK; feather,-126
Obs. Itatt; Hght, 153 -lba -UmWi- and'
(heavy, anfjtMng up to 600 Ibo. Entries to toe -made ito, secretary, -Hosmer
♦ ♦"♦ ♦ ♦ .* ♦ ♦-'♦:,♦ ♦"■
,     -^- <fe^y->&ii>";. vj&-sy -;
'. ^'-,COAl»G*R'EEK'- N0T.E8 \
&o$ib. '*>*%
"nj^roac   AeeocJatiUIl**,
Commenting on tho unemployed of Now Tor1!,
the Montreal Gazette states: "It ii estimated that
in New York and its immediate vicinity, fifty thousand men were engaged in shovelling snow ... It
is curious to note that some men refuse to work at
snow removal, preferring to depend on charity for
their sustenance." Curious I It is singular, too,
tliat tho correspondent never discovered before uow
how many peoplo are willing to live upon the labor
of others, not their charity. It is not a question of
charity when tlie worker is exploited for the bene*
fit of shareholders or stockholders; it is a question
of niwwwHy. The writer foes on to say "they were
the unworthy members of the unemployed, who
have been so numerous this winter, ter a variety of
wasona." It is not neoeaalry to give many mt the
"variety of reasons," Imt ons will he sufficient.
Tha worker ia rapidly acquiring tastes which at <me
time wara regarded by toeietjr m* the axelotivt right
of tha exploiting etama; in other words, the worker is imitating his master, and in this case the latter
doea not rapnl it aa flattering. Curious!
Lost tmm af*N*eM *** mm
tbml Omsk RxasWor nand sod tlio
Pernio Town flaiad ooespM the
tmomm noi tmmA mWemmm.  A mto
rtmkf obmm hot wwiy^io wyfy
flWIW* iff WH* lWW^ wfm m Wm^Mw*^WT%m^mmmw
ThoVmnmtm sitH-ks tmmoPwpm tnm*mo&t erwhx.
omm bmtm mm mmm ihtp mwl —1 ;—
uU «aih nm* to the tela, sal THI ORPHtUM
whrni mtppott. tt mt, is lo Im titan. __
mo mm m *mmm bawmm. Um! v^^, -w.^.m  ^ «m f^M
otty ora om m om -m**-* mm
mmm mmm nm om*-mm mm fs
%WWlt fW Wfwmmmm
Ta «0ts of Um mm sssmaaum *»•
my pm orar  whaS is
m tm ttm mm mm ««
«tvwiU hum s tmtmm taawl ami
  _._  SBSHW
pl*r is the following sprint for Dm mm mmmmmy* The asUnt ts
n^iwrto* tttheriiMT oa May 1st. and hy an* Hi» Mtllat sapsrt. Oa talordsr.
« aotet pwtly m*y t*# AssodaUoo. ono of tlwso «eHttMHit rasUstte Worn*
thn majority flatly r*tnt*4. Thn mmm mm fesmno, "Breseo W»r pntM
ttotm bnppmmA tm lair W. It was «iaani,M la «o« rs^ «•«» **}***>
miy nttot muoh cowing thst they!Tills ptotuio -portray* fl. Jl. Anderson
deetitad «o frtsr tar ISO. Tfco urssent lo ono of his most |»l«tHfN)B» thnno-
wmPim* may nw* b# ifsapawstblsk -kutlisea. Wm flsitiwutoy tmswi nto mvntm
mntirn ot ih*m u 1mm Vtnw eii dbotm)other tamtnrtn. eonie nni dmoMlUc
tt doss sot nAsMIUm pnwmm mmm mmm taiaaany
AiMMd «tlmbSi,".»w« *ii 9ttf*mt i*vi inmif
m tnmoo. fsotoHsg Usriss U^nrla
ns^ Islsaltsiws .twmtottmntmtmm tymm
-  9 9^^ u^^^, ±ta I-* 9^^9^,^^
OM vfBTSO tOO VSnP"* ■■■ •■ VWKmt^a*
Tba wanstameiH report a traat ht*
AiprW 23rd. .yahiable -gold mediate twill
ho given iQie wlmners. it's to toe hoped tho exponents of the manly art In
Iho Bass rom oot lbs backward kx coming toirwwd.
Andmaw Kyblez vnas, committed tor
total on a charge of obtaining goods
hy tnino pretences, 'itis tidal comes
off to Fernie' ln the near future.
Bob Luksawaylea, bptjer known-as
"Skookuav" took a nottth to mro m
toonirt end oooie Mil,' amouotinc to
oquis 78 plunks, wUch bo owed to tbs
Hosmer Hotel, (behind him. He boarded «he irain In regular Jesse James
ftuhdon. Bob thought If he got out of
Hosmer he was «U right Ho was
nslbbed at IMsoleod. bronffht teck and
soaked three months or $76. He paid
the floe and is now finishing bfai Journey eastward somewhat sadder, poorer and wdssr,
It seems Hosmer Looal's hopes of
having 8uMlstrkt l May Day demos'
•tiutlon in Hosmer this year bans
bstrn rudely dispelled. Ths htttir
•soma do ihsvs -resolved itssU iloto so
annual evwut *t FVrois. Tbe members
ot Hosmer Local sre oonvlncsd tbat
the standard est by previous oelebro-
4lons In Wrnio wouldn't be oartioatar.
ly ham 40 boot. However, «U thet
aside, we 4hou#bt ithmt as am educo-
ttonal festuro. from a ttOk» and tto*
ckkHatle staiulpoltt alooo, 4t -wss 4s>
«mMs to Imve tbe dsaaonotmtkm
bare. 11m osnlbsrs of Michel Loot!
seem, from <*» tone of their esore-
hmfo mm So onr oemnMmkotion, to
bars trsoesd «be matter mors In the
meaner of a Joke than aaxhtog. The
tss from the eoke ovsoo essjned to
^^^^^^e   ^■^^^.^s    ^^^^Mrss^^oasweotr   sp^oe^.*^^   mt   wmmbn
ftemr ear tenMent ef that -kssutlfal.
w *t*,w^^^^     -^^^mj      m .m^^*^ a^^^m    mn     ^m^^^^     •arw^W^mt vav «*Wf
ha^tatoL alsmalatf mislsl eUsr fill*
■^*m^^m^^aw^^*n     wiw w ^m^m^^p    mww      *^^o^       -^ wmwr
«M) tonm to a dirty* kMeoos, «ts-
eoos, eoaMosty mm '"»• leaner.
Wo *wmtwh*. wrote Wthbt to partake
to a 'May Day dsmonetmion. iThe
Tbe local footballers were sbocksd
to bear of Heataferoy Braas* and
mm m^mWWo     mtmK^mfm^f   mt%m%  m
of How
morw tmm but yoar sod onr sympathies oo oot <o ths feenevwd mm
You want 40 weteh oot. Hsro, Harry
mmm having «liM baskst
NHbua     mtk^p/^^jPJfa^    iil-^^     ^t^*a^t^^    _b___o__t
IUI   %7mmWmm&   %mWWW   mmWW   WmW
dfeee 4* th* Opera Hoes* aad
SkwM oaloyea oy tke
■ N^^;Si«id^*'l>eli^'Ai^
watii, -the iM-^^^^^^j-ipia^c .'-Sfpiee
wftl jbe'.laBld ^y.'a»;.p<^»r^-a^'-4,'pJBai,
aowAytoe»BOT;'D,-M-.-^oy, B.'-A;,'Of
Feruie,.*at 7.30>.m. Special <Me$m&
miH ibe Kafeeu'^.Cburoh.Am^.', \ A
Tho-. 'aanlv^i^^oani^
jneetdiiiig' mrtir axe'.on Ttaeoday evening;
vdsi-t of the'ch^ri^.^ito'<as^ri^;
t>rd-ef a,dctresses'iby ■the.T^AT$.MiV*&
ley and idte paartor,a beairtiferxsmtalta
dtdendMly'reiadered. .by ttoe 'Ohuroh
dhoSr,' ibb^i burning oft he pontes ffli^t
to.ve stood atgatost the Qburdh (property and a*-first 41ass tea at.-the ctose
will make Up. onie ot Ooal Oreek'e great
evenlm-gs; Everybody , ^ incited „to
ooroe.''- "  l' ' ',' '- -
Bey, 'Mr. Bhdlp'fi. ajbjeot 'at Ooal
Creek to tfae aftMnoani and In Fernie
■ait right ivttll be "The Model -ChuiK&."
Aflteiog out of festivttites to oonmeo-
titon Tviltlh a mutnlber of SJavomtooe tn
•tMs Oaoiip ia, ease of entering the -house
of Wa»eQ Tymcihuck with lnrtent to
cause tawible was tolod (before R. Flair-
ctougib*, J. P., on Thursday last, tor
whkh ithe traulble seeker was mulcted
in ei ittno bf $10 and boats -wltih a-watmi;
Ins tfranr (the inagi^raite not to Oauae
any' anote trouble .after leaving oourl
AfteraUoonoemed-had leflt c&urit, the
aiooused, iMtice TopoiecMe, otn*ik one
of *he "witnesseB -named 9am Rome-
now.' (The saM Sam Romeniaiw limine-
dioiteAy oottOed/our local' oonoteMe,
wtoo caused *he renainest of eocused,
and at the aubsequent (heattog -Topty
leofcie iwas' -Dined- a Airtther sum of. |20
and coots or 14 days imprisonnnent,*
wdiUi ithe motiflcation that If he. ap-
pieared again he iirould receive the*
utmost' eenibenoe without the option of
a fine. *' '•   '    ' .
The many students of history wlQ
!be ipleeoed to know -that -St .Patrick
was born st Whitehaven, Cumberland,1
and hia nephew still! resides at -Coal
Creek, Canada.   Oh you Billyi
-That the efforts oi ithe dance conv
uniititee are appreciated Iby ithe residents was fully evidenced on Tuesday
evieptog ait the St Patrick's dlay dance.
The floor waa Hilled to its utmost capacity, the duties of M. C. 'being ably
•perflommed by Bd. Coughlan. Dancing
wi38 kept up Wil the -wee sma' -houra
to Ahe -stratae of anuslc -provided iby A.
Morrtson and our local Kubelik..
A -Weweil gathering of -the .boye at
the OraWbe raiich took irface on Friday
Opening of the new
Socialist Hall
' ft*"'
■  The' -new Ocwk^-HiaM -on^Pdftaibt'
Avenue ~-"-^^-i*" '-^.^-^.-^a*-.**"
was upeoed. as
■with a graihd d^<» on;Siaituiitoy ^
'4he I4*tlbt'*a^a ui^^
otkb" «"^;'<J$oinJi^;oit. 'itAoo.'^n
-tollb'wting Sunday.ev^wng.^-The.dance
was aliltiliait'c^M 'be"d^fa^\^£^^
some (bLthlie'' ccnidlu^o^.occniiXtrad;" ip< the
omitting^ Qjfo
log system iwill^ni) doubt fee\in ^ba*Qcr.
dng order neat tiine,' .About 80 wupijes
aitteoded -and as Ihe floor was all 'that;
had Ibeen xnbniilBe^L, tilings "Iwe^^ioi^tm-
aningliyv.-he mathS?? )*wJfltsb«ay.^*E||io
pi^ WQisgood.; We might also anon*
tdou for ihe foeaneflt ot Ooal Cre^ cbsiu'
wJes'iehat'iUie danoes in 'ftitws-'wlll
start at 7,30 Instead of 8 p.m., as -here-
totore. _ ."
The -meeUng ,on Sunday was wiell
attended, a full -house assemftnllng. to
•hear once again the story of Che Com.
mune end there was a -rea$ Commune
air albout -the hall -that night
J. W, -Bennett held down- the chair
in bin tosesy. manner -Ind'the jtpeak-
ere were 4here,w4th tihe goods. J. C.
TuTOOT.epoko,first; and otrad^rt trom
ithe -ihoulder,, .Thsre.is an edge about
Jaok ithat 'statkes home, Ws-Doroefti^
omphalUe,1 (homely styile,; ahom- of;ptn_
itorkal telmminga, falls''llie a hariraer
IbQow upon.his *heareie.\ He drove the
etory of„■^'.•'o(wimunard|.' toti^ >4fae
minds of those present lu a manner
not likely ,40 jibe .forgotten.; ^Turnet
gave iwtlth -tense "-brevity the eaUent
^teit^ot-ahe.revolt of !7i;'!and,ss4
down amid applause.
I Then followed a violin seleotkm iby
tllie woU^known Hutziniger, ,a choice
dhtog, -rare and lovely, enrapturing the
music lovers present
Otiwl,ranan Bennett (then called Alf
Budden to ithe platform. Budden iper-
Doriued'to the satisfaction of those
present <He weni^'over the hiabonloail
antecedents, of the Commune and
showed itho mistakes and follies of
thto firet attempt to establish the Industrial-republic, holding up a- warning finger to those who disorganize
the 'laibor movement with egotlstkal
DHvnderlngs. He -drew a vivid, picture
of -the deatihof Blamcqi and the struggle around die Pere La Ofanise."' Bud-
den's style lis as different as day snd
night to Turner and as a reoul* the
meetlug -was well txatenoed. ;.,Both'
opeetoeio'were in deadly 'ear-nast and
"mJ» Ae horn.   I
^ HghNr, iaor« ;*1
JbenvtUnl kwiBIl
w«DHk« Ul»-'
; InuM,". fSScauMf'^ I
part ol tha waH)
[•aftt mtm^m
^evtoiaK"T59(n»5-aijn -wattadsmB^wingTaipokeTwaih^Bancer.^^
the order of the gathering.
Dudley Michel has' severed his connection as timekeeper to the oomipany
to take up a more restioneiliblo position
at South WeSMngtonv B, C. Good luck
to you, Dudley-,
Jim haagdon returned to caimp ou
Saturday after hds trtp to ithe Old
Oouatay. Pleased to see you looking
•oiweH, Jim. !
The Advwee (band was atouod '*he
Teepee -boarding -bouse lo large numbers on •Thursday morning -last, tbs
occasion toeing the -weddtaf of Gomvs
Anderson and Miss Lisste «*!!, which
took phwe la Fernie. Tbe happy oou-
pie havo ithe good iwlSbss of the real-
Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson have
taken the house lately vacated by
Mir. and Mrs. G. CnUbe, Coyote SU
8atorday tost was -pay dsy Is this
eamp and the rseidonts partook of tbe
arousemento of Fernlo In large aura-
The mines iwers idle from 3 p.m.
Saturday until Monday at 3 P4n„ alee
Wednesday afternoon and midnight
Will the -person who found thn gold
watdi on or around ihe Baptecftsr
sports Wndty oommonloate with Mr.
Wm. Nomberry; Riverside Aveaae?
Jimmy Ystoe bas pulled hie Hue te
•eek fortune and lame ta fields and
Diek BuUsr aad wife bare Ml osap
tor fields and postures new. We Uriah
ibsm luok.
lone of tbe loeal leather etawera
bare bim eeea porsotot the eloalve
Isathsr.   Ctaal Oraak lutMiite
m**^^mi^^w^^a w rwmm^^mi       warwa^^rm*      wvvppw
strong ler boaers «Ns eeadoc
_,. .. -. ;*fsP^w"       ^
_ ^lf&-Afmmnm wall esss
|.be jT*coatad wid>eutramov>'
r;iu Ut«, old coat:. - Ali^HtirM;
.wdlpwrs Aa moat aaaiUiyi Thay i
ara hyiinic. No inaacl or -toman {
MnacuKvaiaan AlabatiiMwalL'
Alahatda* oas room, and; youT.
want. tbsss. aH Alabaariaad-;    A
Church'a Cold Water
a—        \     , S -• \~    *
r'»Lat.«s alww kow to tm^a—mfsl
Alabutia* Stondla aUolvtetr tmn.
eompliA any dadiad-
' - aim, yowr boom
Hardware. Paints and House
Cleaning Utensils
FERNIE       :-:       B. C.
tog. "Tollers arise," %»[p&m
toloe" and "Tho Red Flag" w^rs rendered by the whole'crowd. wUh vim
and'eothUBiasin. *
SE3ALBD THNDB3R8 marked "Ambulance 'tender'-'Will he received by
tho undersigned, on behalf of the Cor-
.poratlon of vibe City of Fernie*, np to
five o'clock' pjn., Wednesday, (March
4th, 1914, for the opanitkm tof the,
Oity Ambulance for a period of one
year. - >*.-', '...•■ ,- •". .- >.- '•*!,..*
•' \ Full particular* as to tender may he
obtained at the ofttce of the undeiv
signed. ,•*•**.
13teJoWeat or' any tender, BQ^J
xiessairfly accepted.; 1
•   " .   o. w.¥Boee,   -'-. -
v    -    , \.r, atyqsrkr
DA/TBD at Feo^to, B. C. the tweott-
eth day of February, A. D. 1914.
Crow's Nest Business College and
Academy of Languages
P. 0. Box Sff4 Johnson FoktMer.BUick'A  '-       Pimm $9*
Classes Day or Evening to Suit Difftront Shifts
by the Msntteateae to toter-
the {Setnios wkb solos, hos
flsaalBt tofte awdlsoese tbls
Miss Shepanl has a rssoirtf
addy Has voteo. aad her toebaleao Is
frnPett, sibe mss* sen a tstse pmsrssi
ot onlnchaoo, aad iHil be bsaid tMs
armb *t*JI and t»*tt ■»•*■*% In enmm et
the atom, fattens ballads snd oparaiie
■were   comcomeii
sitor Jely tot.
Tbo oity serf Oto AtMeUe
•mmhpm-wmmmm wmm pttm mm    Tbe lantwo tor esoJabt <Ttows4ayl
<toe!e liy tm mm we de aot weaae. Is a *MaJastie la tm parts, "Keats-sea
Isilitlisils  aril we baBarri tho pmm^omt 4mty,m mmmtm be* they ltf*st*
_.* _i__t_£ mi ou tha etfarmtrta of tbmlbn ****? mwm'n Hfa   fVir WrUny there
Tjaqj |, mini- — r —I"*^**■**m*ai*1 *-**"l'
tmmZabnmvn imbmm   tbejuarta. -TH Dep«« «F mtor ~
ftoveral rctttisflwit have tontrtbut-
ad item els to tea doVon tonrardt m
dty teeoowy iee eseesaif
of wWKt aad aa lacttastloa to
mora wdetore tban  «ao  n*tea«ar/
■Wl wlvw Wm^l^^'W^** ^ T^^mmw^m^^'^mpm mm
g****j*^A   ^^g|^y^ m__\  mommammmph     mmm  -*toto|rfH|
nmtpmmm ttm tb* my Is the Chr*t
ifc.fl Aa a nwott, tlw ctada mm
he* teeeWH tewil rd.lttNusf **»tili«
■wt aiaa. wm
Wt a^^** ^^m
tnm BmBtd ay tbe
""'*"-Vll ll-li 111* *, ■* „ nin.iiiiiM.i,,
mmmn  mwpwr*     ,^,^^^%^_j^^_______^S^^Sm    •^p^< te|#«. *^^|  **^^^k.
too una* St1 whs s*» **j*n- nnnmm
wm tow-P'w oatp motw ^s^^***^Mth ot omPmmm* a m* wmm^^^m
w# em vei ansae mm (fee sdbMl
trmiBss Itors mtthm to da wttk Ike
■•» wa^^^memmwm   -x^na* ^*   w^mtn*amtt^atm    ^mt    m^m   *"^^^»    ^^^r^
H's tke MtDrtde outfit mm
' mtkaaiianaeka
work ovsrOmo to got tke Mila up «*•
a tos
AfeMMhJ|A| jag *#|*gMJhgur
^.^^wh^^b m^P w^mi^m^^mi
a Melt of
"Yoiky," of laaip eieaa faaw*. waa
aatatfy* united io tho heir bonds m
wp *m*m **ap       wMPMO    WOO     W**^m     OOw-P^      Waa^mWI^    Wtmt
naManay to 'Miss ThoaMeoat af Oa»
tarte, Say Jiaaay. .why, ab wh& did
jtmrnt Pmwmt ^wtwwe^w fmm^w  *\^^mmmmi-mpim^t wmt mtm-m
oetobfottoof Goosey says obey eaa aH
ao etieo bis wdls eonsa ooft tola wosb.
Be a sport) 010 waa*
A baaMv apMt ef Hvaliy esbie
betwimi tbe rsmle sad Coal Croak
***********.**.w***..   m,   ■ m t^^   *m*^l    WflH     wV www
dubst srielacoat of wMeb a estlee et
fiisodly tsmes have been arranged
rtHislstint of Wlberda, poel» ,wMR aint
rrlfhhaiMa   Ttoi dsSssi ef iho amamm ono
^^m*m ^m^^^^gj*^ m ^mma   w^^^antmm   m^B    wiBr^   wpmnwon^m  W*W wt
m follower PmnH* vs. ftePt tltmh nt
no(«arale, lleeeh tltbt Goal desk es.ll
tmmm m tieai mm mm nta.
HeeH' MeMiHaa aad Jha Haddoa at*
toar of Oaooda,
wfO OSStT-0 tw aW* tSTS WSn ttW* ffllte
tigt mm* m meal store ar timer
*IHLuJ| _f_^p tftMtt )Iw-u^^a.^^^4Sj^k ,*^»^ mp^mmJIi
wwmm^m m^m* mmm mmmmmtmt^/mmmmm wwwp pmmamem
■Wt^^pdk IKbtfh -fUHtfaih m&mkJI^momt-^mM IbsaJk ^Jt^^^gm
"\-^^*^mf tw awwwaw  e|e^.iNH^e<tnHp  mmmm mthmmmm
birth to a bsokhr tamHy. fay Jsek,
mm fm beet a Maeb 000 wbleh atal
Slioaas Utds migrate to Coot Ormak
bwftktot heew -^arnm to eeaam.
*w»» anapp www ommmtwo omw wmmmmnwma
Web •sets is
•nww    ai^mawm^nt    warn
ammam     fttMlfe      m_bj_       -to^-y^ _ftm____a       w«a     f*^__g_m
^m  amm mm   ma     IMSO   WKyo \mm
Crask still tooka seed to bhs.
«howto« bow tbey Heursd 1n one awe's Ufa
■eaestmiial  ross^d Qomlnrtnt  "
mp   m^mm^   j^g^g. -WWW   W
"W^Hf Wt JW$ TvnMfr ^Sf^BmwWmm^b
steal far thn Ocean Ouamntoe and
,_ it mt^i^m__t
wttmt -mm^^m^^^^*^^^
A oato ot tnoMHBMde cuady wtit be
itosba|k    dtto^a*^^k   41   A-^h te    *|^a  jge^^  -^^^^^w^^^^^^l  ^pm
wtop psos-^to • mmf m§ ^w »*^bp mnm^mm^^m^mt mm
the BnslMi Chareb. the rsottpto to be
mtmrntn   Pm mtbimtmb^
Mi; il, tii', Xititermi iu' V liiAJ.ti| aint *'rt*nWrmtiS 'WwKr.fn "tertitt
■ A aoiei'Ma
•    nonornra mm nuiKmoo nwH-nu
ttpt mtt%i^m ^p^^api^mp t mgtmPpmmemmp wmmlWh Wmmkwp WW mmm
_____________m_r W*^VH^Ba ^nHPVERWH.^b PtPWFmm^m *^^^^v^w   ^^m sawi
'  ^Hoo <bet boa wwea *e Woe* bit to ptotowe
TMI •!•♦« Of THE WIN«tO OLOCK      I      »      •      it      t
I      ,      j      1      1       t      MVmiAL MOVIM MAKE TIME «.V
WnAimmm 9mt%uf4mymt %9Qm&mnaxoe
him, 10 ft 20c -:- ORPHEUM ORCHESTRA
aesasR:-. ."^.^rasaffl is/;
■^ifhS. -^iB^^tbun^
v^^S-eHe^ which- iwas
, ;fd«s^S(fofc^jltfeto ^l: TOom' on; Wed-.
: ,|ge^;.^*r!^a®'*: ■Sj^"*W^ese]i?',
- ^irvffi^^'njift T^lftvua" team1 wSre'
A-ihe^rftancre'hy eome 73 points.   The
;.*ioctoff;:tonB wish io thank IMr. Cole
/jjjjl-r bis genienwity liigiviiigHhe use'ctf*
'* Ma .'itaWee Hoc the night.     - .•- .\   A -.
■Pete tMoGovern,. who has ibeen;in
caaup tor some time, left this week
-foo^ Michel, -where he has secured! a
poettion.   -•
-Tlie htaicfcey toam went to BtoirmOTe
onTuesday night - and played the
"..BlBjbtnore boys, a game of hookey on
1 'Talter.fllaitoK  The game ended 54,ln
-•"dSiitppot BeBeyiw/;* v. • \- ".,,1- -.'• X^
■ •&. fr&yupjm^ 'wbo: bm:'*m. &
-'l<aMP' m eiipwtoten'dent nfor .some
tonei 'towed'; his- family "to  Frank,
7$j>m^ ho' haa' Secured -ml-' ©osittoo -Q
- ■ijpkmm'*wwm^.*'tt;s£^^>:'. ^
. ifiww'eoow^li^jM^of.,^ hooto^
1 ^'k^J^7j^i^i^%rhUtTO on Thuie-
.^daiy^nlaht^wna" a'.grand. success and
-: j-enMmd je lidos sk,' The pnooeede 'eo
:; ttcnmrda paying, off' some "dehto; that
■- tbev fcp-ckep club hadi.x The euncent
' >oss*&^«pt class '«baia^,..e!voi^
■*tem toeing a gem./Tlie toUowtog no*
8lsto4^i);-'I)av^i^«^8i)n, 'iMrs. 'Ec-?
-oleoteo, Btom^enid:i^amt, Dave HuV
ton,, P. \ Padgett/ pictures, Professor
,' R^-nWaat, TtomMnscm. and Tucker, 'Mrs.
Wbrntiimh iBaai-i' Paton, John'Hutton,
Goodwin Brothers,  Mrs.  W.   Miller,
Mrs. -F. Wohrtenhome, the Traimip Car-
tobutet (J. Sylvest). The committee in
<lharge wish to thank-all 'who hetpied
in amy .way to make the -oonoert a
' -Mr. James Naylor' left camp on Saturday tor sCalgary to visit his family.
'When .he returns his family iwill be
's -wiMJi. Mm,
"""    Mr. Geo. Canlatine, one ot the men
- ^employed at the-Bellevue wholesale
aiquor store, was lawked/and otefcbed
-wihOo en his .way home from Frank.
; -one Puyt.test weefc' .The doctor fixed
Tiirn and ihe "te doing well at Wa home.
..Tbe OettOTue ^Athletic AssqeteuUon
yXheii a gfegftng W^fanday-gi^ring.!at
•the. a^rwment .he jti^^^m^rntk'io
tftfmffim {mfmmff ,vto^;e«jj|,
imtobjaR^fuu of;pjtoe:<wpl .ebein po
^^^,to-.w^a^'^i-fi.-60 pSf'^iin,,
'^toeirw';-'W-'"^ye^.wor]^ea ,,'iws*?t
18.50 JffaJm;'pt-*% ftei^/ooi^pany.,oaa*,
not see',|beir;.wiy clear -to;^Mer^g'it,[
iwe have moalternBiWv© -buit,!to"hiand;"it
up to-our Jmx^pttfoeio'm adie-
ipute,' y ■ ;', v A 'A'J,. -'■» "v 77
.-We i^'a'jfoirther^ eonres-
poadenioe toom^the same source deal-
tog -wiitih iptooea 41^iaTe leas than 10
feet -hiigllii-jbufcwe/will, reserve, oom-
ment at itm tome sis we are going'to
try avnew;-method,;of -handling at
Reports of Committee* .
1 The measuring committee from
ibothmitoeo reported ddffleWRy In per-
ifpmiing: thefar* task and If the- hi-
monthJy pajy has done nothdng else*, tt.
has given'us iplenty of work along the
measuring Hue.
■ 'TTbe'ieHef ootnmibtee gave an 'itemised- nocount of thteir doings,^ which
shows " ft steady deoiease in our
treaeury. But as our men*are etOBiM-
ly getting back 'to ;waric,'and -with no
droetto .change in eight,' <we ehall just
be ahto to weather the .ixresent dapres^
slon. -i ^'a ■ t7$fy Ai -" ' • *"" -/'•*"'- " •!>
The^ptt^OMumM^ 'the
amwuiit of'wwk doiw^ aupeo>
Ikendehit,1, tho^'imoet; imipcontiant' Wetag
the TCin^aitenileDi 'bf it^tworthera who
had,-tajen',fired;.^thns tlw'week tor
gas being1 repurtod: ini thirir;ptoee owing to toe -brattice -being too 'far be-[
Mud.' i^Vhat etunto ■can.ibe' worked,
wM *he present depression?
We' were also informed of an accident that occurred, about nine days
ago,, to a chute leader, "who was struck
bji a piece of timber an the lett eye.
After consulittog the, doctor,, he acted
upon Ms advice and' left for Calgary
to consult Dr. Blow, the.noted specialist, who iwe. trust wdititoe able to save
•the unfoiitunato-hroMier's sight
1 We also 'had another case of one
■who claimed he was Buffering -from an
old injury -received.*ihere, hut whom
the doctor saye la suffering from sciatica, •which* can ibe cured if the -brother wdll flutomtt,|o tototment. Wh<£Lat
uhdengioing';*iesfin^it. W,-wiH fulfil
our -dM^I)!^:. i„     .,,
We, had a.few.yersonal appeala tor
,«tho Soutttero Hotel to make anrangw
-mettfa tor the'oeason's eporto The
-prinoipal -business iwae the election of
-tho toBqwtog oftlceto: Hon. president,
Ur.   Obasfctoov;  iweeWent, Supenln-
-tendeot W-flHoans; vice preeMent, Jos iMUM. ___<__._x__: MMfa(t at
tmttim ,«w*wj\ W. Oole; twseur- ^ A«?^,;»S*g, ,ff. T0*!* *
■or, CMshtoin; fflnaace and managing
lodal deaJt ..with as ithey saw best,
iVb-sotoe future time <we will set ihVm
ofi^airtght, realizing t&at ananunitdnn
■brought to the -fMng-Une^hkih cannot be. uaed ls not going toi ad^noo
the-iworklog cOaes movement very we.
torJaiiy.- « • .- t,-A ..." .
/^he mining camps in tbto ooramun-
ity' have not improved any since last'
reported' and iwe are not % a ipoaStaou
to say whether the adverse is permanent or otherwiss., .
■ \Mr.- Nat Evaoa, of -Passburg, itoift on
Saturday tor. Saskatoon, whsre -he to
interested in a land deal. We are ex-
peigtiog him hack -within a few weeks.
v; <Mies Annie -mahian iwas entertaining
CrlendB and relatives at the -home of
-Mrs. RoweU on the 9th iuqt
On Sunday morning the Rev. T,
•Stevenson, .the Presbyterian minister,
announced from the.pulpit that the
.Busy .Bee -Society would meet on Tuesday, the. 10th' dust,' at the home of
iMdsa M. A. Garrcw. Everybody, kn-
,v«ed.^ --'    iv> :
It seems ttoat during the week, a
resideint. of- Passhurg undertook to
make tatty, end-in order to ocwl toe
tong-ei^edted. she placed, two iplatos
outside -on.-ohe vsran^flh. WMle the
■cooljng. procees, ■wae on, somehody
Ibnave. came, along and. borrowed -half
of thetwo plates. Guess that the Ob*
server swill haye to observe from his
observatory -who the individual was
toat.!olbeerve$ the cooling taffy.
A Piaesbuiig miner, wiho possesses
the aepiratioiie, -for hedoming the
wonld'is oeaiiwhlte hope,, went into
training the other*od-ghit, -with one of
his feUaw. countrymen, and the decision iwas handed to Mm at Bellevue
the tolloiwing day. The oourse only
cost him $14.50. It seems that some
of these ■whisky champions are dangerous, especially at night
,Mr. Arthur Waring, an old timer tit
the Pass, blow" into the oity on Thursday last direct from the North.
A grand dance wUl he -held in Slovak -Hall on the 17th tost eoonmenging
20 o'clock.' Everybody invited-, good
time assured.
A wand) dance took .place' Friday
night at Herchel ranch under the auspices of the' North Fork cowiboys, and
wanwp& attended. \An enjoyable time
was ihad with one exception, .that of a
young mnn iwho returned home early
but At ww^d be totoreeting to know,
from same pitojfle .the^r.idea of what
ipunpoeeiwe ars organtosd. It will be
gratMytog to this Local-when the Sick
n^Aphammt,*,. Prderv.oti -Geod-
* --(w *s*»*irPc*J,^*5^a,--- *   _; L.
eg^l^^«i^':,eirranging for a big. so-
ciai a^d'cowe^'wiMcih will be held'on
w^tmw^pth, \:
i J; ;R.^Whj^i«ier -was up from. Fin-
cher Creek cm..Thur6dtty tost .
Rev.'F, C*MWn,, grand organizer of
the -I, O. ■&)' T^, delivered a very tato^
eattog lecture In the Baptist Chunclh'
oh Wednesday "night iaot   ,
Word came from Cardston on Tuesday of the death of' Mr. Frank Hands,
ooiportour tor the Canadian Bible Society. .IMr,, Dai?ia spent several days
In BlairmoraWd dtotiict a few creeks
ago and Ws many Mends are grieved
to (hear ot;'-ftis sudden doath.
Tho chaJrotan of the Bkdrmore.pub-
lie eohool bboipd, reoelved toe resignation 'thle -wobtcMMt. J. W. Verge, the
•pitooipal,'. .JWe'^understwnd that -Mr.
Verge iwUl leave Blatanore in thn near
.The Blairmore hockey team twittl .put
on a grand entwrtalnment at the toteal
Oipem.Housetop Friday next; March
20th, ■when ag xwd time is es-peoteaV,
The annual business meettnig of the
Central -Baptist Church wns heldi on
Monday, evenlng^w hen' the year's hue-
•toass wae gone through and the report* of tbe various departments iwere
■heanxL- , ,The following -members wore
elected to hold offltee for the coming
year: Deacons, J, W. Gresham, F. <M,
Ptokney and J. J. Thomas; reelected
■treasurer, (Mrs.' F. M. Ptolcney; secre-
taryv J. B. Harmer; (reelected buper-
intendent of. Sunday School, A. iMo-
Lean; TO-elected secrebary-tireaflumr of
Sunday School, Miss A. Patton. 'After
the IbuelnesB a social time was spent
during which the ladies served re-
A grand' danoe ■was given in the
Opera House on St Patrick's night,
which proved a most enjoyable time
and "was very largely attended. Lunch
was served at'midnight aitlter which
dancing 'was resumed and) continued
until the wee man' hours.
Deibert Inbds has gone to Burmis
where he will take charge of Bill
Rohtoson'e ranch until his return from
the Old Country, Bill io expected
back nest month.
<OTwmWoeai" Boh Levitt land ,Frank
Bnoooky; sefeotton oommilttee. Longs
■worth Cans end OBphant; trainer,
Jmm impmtHb. Bdb Levitt was tho
Ohcdos tor detogate to the meertdng at
Femto oolMoroh 21st
-Mantod.~-At the home of the
trooant edater, Mrs, Robert Duolop,
llUkseat, on the evening of March
1Mb, 'Mr. Wim. K. McCulloch to Miss
BUatfbetb Speed, both of BeUevue,
Ber. mtn. H. Irwin performed the
Mn Um Ooueeos iwas totd tip for a
oouple <tf idem tSito week by a hurt to
hie eObow received In the mine.
IMr. A. OeoAwto, tbe SodaUst or-
tenMr, Mt' tbr Lsthbrldgs on Tuesday.
iTiba tWMren's concert la the Workers* Hstt on Tuesday night will com.
monoe e* IM U .Is reqnestod tbat
potnans be on hand early so so not to
be* the ooaeetC kto. Tleheto may
he bod from the ShUdren for 60c. All
cbttdren w« be admitted free.
Bellevue Leeal Union Netee
Id the obalr, hot only a
ndsnoe. Tbe sdoptton
ot Ibe mintttes irae eeepen4Ml tor a
mm ttwm m awsptlonUlnt token
■to the leeatoMnn eeadsmalat tbo aa.
<Uoa of *e patttpmm n iwbettat die-
mm OWsoUoo nrao bwn » bwther
wtetoMred too lets Isetwtok to take
pm ia lha illeciiieelmi bat wbo, at
this tmm, mm m po fsaeoa toi oem
desmlaf tbe aetlaa af «be er aveatlea
Ha mm Um ea*y iMaamtUm, m
mtoutosof theprsvtousmssttog.wsre
pttppm aa lead.
_________      ___________     ~m    _^_mM^_^_i_9M_t_^_^_t_m_tmg_g_t
mtm fssoe or conospoaasm*
the oonvenAion is te working order.
Not realising thO'.wonbh bf^-May Day
cektoratlon, iwe dodided. to table suggestion re .same.', • ,■■ ^ At
NomtootkHM to the Rocky Mouptoln
and the" Wades end Lslbdr congreas
were given ito Bros. Qtaham (Coleman) and H. plmer (Michel).
MeeUng ad>ourned at 6.10 p>m.
♦ ♦♦,♦♦,♦#•♦♦♦♦♦♦
By Obeervsr
At * ipeblal tisetiDi'W PaoSburg
Looal Union, iwtobh {ook piece to 81ov-
oik HaU on <the 15th toot, tt was de-
otded to sabot a committee of six
nwtobors to take a ceoajs oi all <nem*
ben, .women aad -duUdren*, and en-
dea\w to adopt <«aye aad -means
whereby wo out oops with Iho ettus<
Won here, We are on the point of in-
solveoey and foroed to appeal to our
fellow men tor assistance, tot we re-
slice that the majortty of, our feitow
men to whom weswisel oaanot very
well assist they themselves worklug
dsy alter day for a mere exleteoee.
However mo ere plaoed la a poeition
lust et present for all workers to aes
sad ba eoasfnoed how teneroua Ubar>
el and Mod tbe master ie toward tm
to edverae titaee. Hew enany
«the taaatar class have even offered
yoa ooBMthtoc to sett Neoel iWln^f
Bsoaosa vour labor oowsr Is aot tm
oi^mwmmwm^m   ^vw   mpmmtw   yvwoi   ^ar   wmum   w^r
tfimni by toer aawteee ouly
mv ma areata sufadeot
■uosIim   O^AOi   _^__j_.    _±i_^_t_hm^*t^A dtwn^   ^^^^^^
naofoy sney con esonsngo ws wor
eaodMea oreoead br toe workera.
tMHnt tbe seat week we raoe-Ured
v*^^v h^|    ^m^wm   mw^SV     ^^^^^*m     m am   m ^^^pf* ^^mm
tnm mm Dletrtet Beeiataiy ibe thai'
shu ef ble toeleblp Jaaiee Muir, taoe*
<«MBsy wastfnff
that the cowboys had 'played- a Jotoe on'
him and .when he seated bimself In the
houso the oat Immediately' insisted! on
searching his coat pockets. The young
man, preferred searching -hie awi}
pockets Snd presently drew out two
feet of pig's hide and that wae shout
long enough. v
The etork iwas seen hovering around
Hiaiaad Doaslfffs home on Sunday
morning and left a beautiful parcel
containing a tfee Scotch lassie. .Moth*
er and child,doing weH and Hietond
afl smiles..   ,
Miss J. Howe left the Passhurg Hotel' on 8unday last tor her homo at
Something like thirteen havo ul-
read}' cancelled their member-Stop
with the United Mine Workers ot
America at Passburg. How many
more we cannot say,
~~     TT»Ein«>TE$"~
' -j- .   •- -FRAWK^NOTEa^    ■-"*"♦
>m*p> ■+..*. ♦-^.«. +■#> '-?* mm
Mr, S. Ronton left for Macleod on
iTuesday, wh-are he expects-to talcs, a
position -with the C. P. R.
One of the ewitohiing crews running
out of Frank *was laid off during tbe
week on' account of slackness of work,
■Dr. McKay has rented the house at
the smelter, whioh -was formerly oo
cupled hy therR. N. W. M. P., and Is
using it as an office.
Mr. Vysfab-ftda and eon Jos and Mr,
-Sternberg left on -Monday pight's passenger for Endeslby, B. C, t^ take up
rtoidenoe on their homesteads.
The subject of the address in the
Methodist Church next Sunday will he
the work of Dr. Sun Yot Seo, the first
president of the Chinese republic,'.;
Born—(to .March \7*b, to .Mr. and
Mao. Jean Furneau, of Frank, a bouncing baby girl.'
Mr. J. R. McDonald, of Bellevue, has
taken over the management of toe
Frank mino, and moved his -family
into the Gtetoo house last -week.
.Mrs. J. Finlayson and, family returned home from Blairmore laat
-week and1 have taken up residence in
the house formerly occupied .by Ur.
•Mr. A. I. Blais has men at work pre-
■pairing for the building of his new
A very Interesting mock parliament
■was held! in the Method-lot Church on
Friday night In the aheence of Premier Borden, Hon, E. P. Baker acted
as premier. The speakers of the even
tag were Hon. E._ Donkin and Hon. A.
E. Farmer, -who moved and seconded
the ibill proposing to • give England
135,000,000 to -build tlie three greatest
Dreadnoughts ever known. Hon. W.
Simpson, -leader of the opposition, and
Hon. W. J. iMcGowan, moved and seconded on amendment to the toil "That
we throw the hiU Into the waste paper
basket" Unfortunately for the people of Canada, the house adjourned .before the Vote was ■taken', ao that tibe
naval policy still hangs in the (balance.
On Saturday last the men received
their pay for work done a year and a
half ago. Ail the old tamers weire hack
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
Carl Petti lato electriotan at the
cement .works, but now of Edmonton,
Is spending a few days In Blairmore
renewing old acquaintances.
The stork visited the home of Mr,
and Mra Fred Rapier, on Saturday
morning leet, leaving behind a bonole
J, Ksever removed to Frank tMs
.week, where be will reside.
Larry ftyan returned (ton BaStoro
points on Wednesday and ts now
apsndint a few days et tbe Benetort*
^ ^_   •wmittmm.** ,      w-ww      iwmf    wwmnmm
oonspeny, rspejwtt to ear mmu mm ttgg mm topi tm ttt tkp mrnVm ^
Katiw Picture Md
Vaudwille   r
If yon are mMiif aovra of
llw pktaree wa ara aho#iuf
mav don't Mama w.
Ootoe aad be eonvlneed Umt
we are sbowinf the best pie*
a«MM^HM   mm   j-^jfQ^j^u^   ______ ttm _m_mwm
txttm ta azpeiT inaoner.
lyric mm. co,
VV    WW      ^^^mmw^et *Wf
tbs Local   Hue' 4eebMI to
M wae
ia ftosebert we bare beea
cnsivsd nfty mm a swath lor tools
only, iwfibeat httm eaeatleaa*
(.•t  ta,rt   »*»«,«*»    A*   **»|k*)' ti-h9r-r.it
I   ' ** * '
l-^L^^I   ^^^^^^^Jn   dtahduuk   itt a   ttdu   Afkk   ^M_9_^_m_^M_m_a_m n
amptft ^irfe^i TTywrn mtm tt^ *nw fT^w^^rf^i,
m__._±_m__^m__^___ _±_± a a _*__j__i__\a__^__\ mp^aeP  p^^^^^^^^^i
noranno tie it tnoitmi inaa rmwomww
Xtpm   iwateet   tipottm-f
etm mimmt^na^ hm-ntm^l ^*amm tm
vmtt «r m*w* isit tm.
Im th tta tttil tfetf. tta ***tre#ft pea-
■Mad Mt toHHrtadn Pt ISfssa
■^mp^mmm   star „mmwm -m^^mw^^  wwm   iwwre
tiacte aad' tta aadaieiaadteg.
Tbs Dhdnnors (Hende of the tato
Bstouei Btobee, wbo died la Oolenaa
laat Wednssday, teles this opportunity
of saoNsslac their staoere aratoatby
SMI tboee wbo are se sadly bereaved.
1). A. Maelalr, vader tta totovttlp
of A W, Rebttoa le fast beeoetlac a
eweU ebaafNar.
asprsss, eerivse In melnaore at II.M
-tov.^at    -i^^^p   mPtmwmmmw--^rr #v*^^^v^ o.h   ^rAf^e^s^Ht   ^o^
IJS. Tbo rerder trains raa aa anuu.
•Mra, J. B. Rodd was in frost BsHe-
vue oa I^Msy.
J. II. Gbrier eoadoeted a hugs aee>
Hon sale on Mday at tbe eenwr of
State attest and Ssvati-ui Avenus, Tbe
by a Mats owed
o fsWy teed mfees
9y*t*,mtl       9t9ttt*9^rt 09.,99>t*t       V,, I. tr* m..        .• 9  *f
■       W .-    -
wwviMa maw* titpp aa wwl sa a wvfjs
Quantity ot ratiUluee, mostly beloiit'
mp to Wis, Mef-St mm leet tor tlie
w«h hto tartly.
The concert given in the Palm Theatre on •Monday, night .iwas a very successful aUtair, financially end otfher-
iwlse. <Mr. J. R. Howard, manager of
the Canada West Cbbl Oo., was chair*
man tor the occasion, and filled tne
buR to penfeotton1.   Among the performers on the tilatlorra the sdo«ing
of Miss Beck sin& readings -ot (Miss
Sliepard iwere very mu*?h appreciated
hy the audience.   "Mr. W.Rudd and
Proteesor Bligh, -both weU-toown sing-
ers, performed their share «t the even,
tog's entertainment in a vory ante
manner, while too clufe swinging of
Wt  Black -was,.an  Inovmttao that
braughit down the house, The proffnam
as (presented in full wae: Selection by
the bond, "II Trbvetore"; sons, Miss
Book; leading, Mies Sheppard; violin
solo, John Johanson; song, W. Rodd;
ctoufoet ooto, T. A, Sundal; songi 6tbsx9
toy -Bllgh; selection, the bond; ovw-
tune, tho band; eong, W. Rudd; rebd^
Ing, Miss SUepiMrd; brass quartette,
Max SbulU, John Appleton, Albort Ap*
tAeton, Jss. Aippleton; dust, W. Rudd
and Stanley Bllgh; club swlngluf ex-
WWtioo  by W.   Black;   sont, tMiss
Deck; song, Stanley IHlgh; setootlon,
the hand* with sn enoors brought tbe
osrtormanoe to a ctase*.  TheootMnlt-
tee la obarts of the oonoert aro to be
cone-Ktulaied on ths fine perfomMooe
and tto thanks of tto committee are
extended to tboes who helped to make
tto affair a success.  The profits wiil
par aa tastalkeeat ea tbe bead inettu-
The moettot held Friday night, by
(be Conservative Association area Mr
ly wall attended. Tbo priiwtpel epeafc*
er tm yrovtaalal attain waa Nateei
Speaesr, im, P. P« of Msdk»ns Het,
while HMIjrerd Leeeh, K. 0„ of Wlnoi-
^|^v.^pe   -o.^v^w   ■^^■t^^w   T^aa   a^^rss^av^vs^ss   wov^^.*^ovr
Both apeakem ef eeeiee, denoaaead
tta wtoked UberMe aad 'Mr, Lsooh
fiOMteo out tho iwuiuerful surplus tbs
Uordea gnrenuaont bad lest >*or of
flftyols aeHHea dolkre, bat fortot to
toeattoa Ibe thousands ef people
throughout tbe country tree* *wnaia It
sreeetolsa wbo today were pnwttaaUr
oa the verge cf starvwttoa. Ob, ite,
potK'-owitis of thet •tamp srs Ttnry
osienii net so toinsi snyumt or tmm
nature. Tbo aisstlac eloeed wkb "Uod
«.... 11., *?*i„..■»„•,* #» ?„ **,..-....».t.... t,
«<* the mwnVf of wn-HWwf T*«f* wlm'Hw
falsa tbslr voir* to tits MaMeaal Ah.
ttsaa.   i Tbs R«d Hor for ours.)
Rov. Arthur BM»ee» ef Caltery, eo»
pertateadeat of Mettaous Weeua^
******* t*S wr\r*M*X  ittwtimtmwit* amm*!*.
cdebraAed in the morning by-the Bohemian Band parading «ne streets ana
at night hy a smoker which rwas'hcld
in the Old Miners' HaU, at 'which a
large orowdi was present The chief
items of the menu were cheese, crackers audi beer, and many of the partakers ot the mixture wore too fuM tor
tentPooommn tost ttsos fttssal obSNM
wwmmwi^^'W wwm^wt m^n^ wmwe^^m  -f-w^^^^o wj^^^^pw^
ods Adopted by toe opotomtn, and be
Ktartftar resolved tbet a «opy of
pratost be sent te tos Uistrtct
far pafbHeettea."
Qassods £ Qasdsiia*. orsaslssr af
mm^^^ma ^a^r^     flat     ^wt^^^wt-^mm^g    ^me •^ga^eam-'^^^     ^Fm
e%m  WmgM^t^mA   jBkuptw   m__   -fbuu
dears bere beat Mooday frwa BeHeves,
leeWac tor wort. Uatoitaaately ble
MsrwUee eouhl noi be aesaptod, -h*
eftalrs Is tMs seetloa ef tho ouontry.
|faFP^»W(i ■■ wWet W^WWWttiJ W wiWWmw
llth.toMr.eadUis.gHvoOiHASon.|sa la ths Mstoodist Obaieh oa Ion
Several oM Praak lataen w*o ere
now reakBag lo DleilfaMre. ante tbe
Journey to tbe torawrttene on Sstor
dey Her tbs pomose af yeeairtnt tteir
teetMeokoMer pay ebavaea'^wbea *tbs
OaowMaa CoMottdetod Coal Ca osto-
^Uggg^M^igjn iLjJp auWuuJUb||iU tthafr ^^^^^ht^^
^^ ^^^^""   w 9wmv *^^^v^^m**^mm™  -^m-g    emn*mama*efp
a poy dsy.
TbePreSbTtortaa Oaatt aet #vist
a ewen eeaesit oa PHday algbt
Week baa BDswsMnad oa ttoi«aM>v-
al of the skattog rtnk frosa Vletorla
anmimt nw^wao nan naasvii, ssasvo
tbey sMsnded tto owetiug ttt tta
Dave Ryan In potnp out of tpmm tot
pwmo, ble ebJeotivopelsA belsff Balto
ros, nrbare be to soisg t» mm m Haa
asm tor Lloyd.
Tbe Oeneda W«a Ce. have lst eon-
ts-srtbs tot* tbo fomotos et aataa m mmt
Iiuiiwo to a Socattoo uaswr town. U
la owooted tMKsK titait la tta
toriVMne* bsfnt toaaatof ibe y«ar
Arabia MttchsH. hortleuJMMal ex
part, leotered la tbe school riMHtoriam
on Pttoey i^ebt.
%%* tatoss are antes aloe* tta
old way, ons dsy laat week and m
. Coleman Local Union, Notss
The ^regular meeting was held on
Sundays the 5th, the president, J. R;
Mooro, presiding. iThe minutee of the
previous meeting were read and adopt,
ed. iThe correspondence received was
read and accepted, and the correspondence -which was left ovor from
the last meeting eome up tor discussion at this -meeting.
Before the correspondence wus
brought up the Local was three hours
debating some eharges which iwere
brought up against the manager of the
hospital, who, It appeared from tho in-
vestttation, had exceeded his duty on
several oooaslons. After tho whole
matter had1 ibeen thrashed out, It was
moved awl seconded that he restsn,
and on a voto being taken the motion
lost iby three votes.
Owing to the lateness of the hour.
which was now about 6.15, the corres-
poiidenee. did not, I may say, receive
tho whole attention It ought to havo
tot. ea many of our members had tone
away. It was a very reprsssatotlve
mssttot on this occasion.
Tba first piece ot correspondence to
oslve attention was a letter reed
toon PrssWent Smith ennounoint Om
award la tta eoke oven dispute, wbtoh
baa been In tbe hands of the oommie-
etoner tor some Une. Tbe meeting sn-
toned tbe eottoe ef the neutral chair
stan oo tola occasion.
A letter of appeal was road ftom the
Maple Lsaf Local eeklot eome esslsU
appeal eras handed up to ths District,
ea we have at least efcoot eighty ot
juajH  ^ju-k     *b^*^^^»^*L^^mm   .^kftftO    ^tt   ^gmm^^a^W    m 0    a^m^-^^l
our own iiiviiiiwia mil oi woni nn preo-
A letter wae read from our Inter
national Hoard 'M-mbsr. Uro, liavld
Rase*, strantly advMng tbs IjocsI to
sadorae tho action of the litterosttonai
In sdeptfag tbs prineUde of ono d*to
pnto Ttw every wit iiiuuraii-ii rnewmertt,
Obtn mm wwftlinouily esrrisd.
'Tbo sppofottag of two dstotstM to
•tt.. *n«*.i„. •**»,..,i.i-
i^r*v»«*WM with T%r*a,
nomUnstod, Wes Prvwldsnt Gmtonn,]
Jh*4lstHct ltosid Member PbAUps|
aaa UiesMsnt Sortth. On the vote be*
tat token Bros, Geebsm (vies prssl-
AmttX an/t Vrrm^naai-t Oartt*>i vi*ra tOtna.
ea to -rspwssot tos District
Moved and aaeoedol tbat Bra. Umbo appointed delegate to tbs
•Tradsa aad Uttor Congress to be bold
ki Ner Brunswick this year. The too
Una iwas earrted.
Tbe qneettoe of the May Day demon.
-A^am     Jil . . wn .iii-i .a SjMMA  9lM
wmn oimmaweo.  wwem -bi
ttMMRht (iMt trnkm tn
Our president pointed out that madjy
of our,-mieml>erB in various camipe,.,wefe
notin¥ very good financial pestt&ri 'at"
preseut and1 if -work was not any (better tho money that would be -eqjent'in
sports and kindred anattere would be
•we-Ii spent in dieoributiiig it amon« the.
memlbers who are out of work through
no fault of their own.
- -Moved BBd seconded that toe matter
he tohledb—Carried,
Our delegate once moro bad to hold
oyer hia report of the convention until a special meeting is called to hear
the, report from him.
The westing adjourned until March
♦ ♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
(Too late for pubHcatton last week)
,'i-he mines being idle, a nottoeehle
increase in, the numlbar of Job seekers
on the etoeete iwaa cibeerved. (Many
men are looking for employment during the summer months, hut it is to-
ther early In the spring tor ibuildtog
operations, atiil there are -rumore that
the hudldtog trade will be ibusy thia
.The Roman Catholic separate school
trustees have adopted plane tor a
school on 12th <C. N. to coot about $50,-
000. Some little time must elapse,
how-over. Ibefore the final. arrange-
menta are made. The location of the
school ls ideal.
'Drank Brandle, of John Street. Staf-
tordvilie, bad his home (burned down>
on Thursday of last week. -The hwee
and contents iwere burned to the
ground^ but fortunately no one iwas
hurt. The origin of the fire Ib not
known. The building -was covered by
insurance, but not the .household effects.
'The death occurred on Monday of
Annie, daughter of Mr. and :Mirs. M.
Mis-kulin, of StaffordvlHe. The child
wns only three months old, snd was
Interred at the Catholic cemetery on
Tuesday. ,
The city employees have undergone
a further pruning process, and their
hours ere now eight per day, with a
is tho munificent sum of 28 cents per
hour. Those steadily employed will
receive the tremendous, "Carnegial"
salary of $13.44 per week. t How would
tt have -been had the gentlemen re*-
ponalWe tor this economy received a
cut -in their own salary? It would ibe
iwelll if we plucked a little from the
gentry with tho big fat falariee, and
left the worker alone. Few latopayv
ers, we footsore, favor this system of
cutting down" expsnsss. •"     ,
Oleenlinass and eytitem la a Jeweler
shop are just as essential as in a bakery. The smallest speck of dust 'will
eorrade any watch and the careful
Jeweler pays particular attention to
eurupulous cleanliness. B. P. McBm-
to, who has recently taken over A.
•Oanneron's ebop in Coleman, tiioiraugb-
•ly appreciatee ithe necessity of <dean-
Unees, and his shop is an example of
of what an uptodate jeweler's eetaih-
Uehanent Should he. Mr. McBwin hoc
the advantage of many years' experience with" one of the finest wwtoh
makers in Westeni Oanada, and is applying same to good advantage in
Ooteman.: Beaidea the usual acttofee
of iewelry, ring^ pins, wetcbea,
docks, etc., the store exhibits a splendid range of cut ggaas^ platennwo^and
-M !l
Realty Go.
insurance Agents
Now is the time
for protection
You cannot afford
*    ' *   ;^
, -.      I**,'
euisKiv srocs couons. euscs cows,
state vms vnsoav aaa > unos. se suits
to lose when  we
can protect  you
Agents for Ollwsr Typswritsr
Co. Msehlnss st 17 cents psr
H. 6, GOODEVE CO. Ltd.
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furniture
Wa will furnish your home from cellar to tsrrst end at bot»
torn prlcea.  Call, writs, phono or wire.   All orders eivsn
prompt attention.
If you sre astlafUd, tall others.   If net aatlsflsd, tall ua.
,. ,i..<->„„«,,
Or«nawOfui4I«WRief Alberts. w*leb tor this w^ sea*.
pat years tost Lethbridge snd Fsvale
bad tbo hoeor of bsrtos tb* Mty nay
relabnatloa te tbalr aatdst. It would ba
vary sdvtoabto to bavs scene of opera-
Meas flbaatad tbla year,  t'orinataam
iMummn in wae thoasnt, ***»*- he e t
veef eaatml pises snd ap to dste in)
aH way* to areommodato ih* pw>pl»i
be vMtors oa thai day
Whenever you buy and wherever you buy
For the bett Shoes and clothing go to the
P. M. THOMPSON Co. Blairmore
They «ro solo agents for dm. A. Sinter1*, FnvMtis
and Regal Fine Shoes. Also for tht* genulm* TeeVU*
Mino Hhocs and the relelirat^d K make Shoes.
-1mlAi'rUi-iX u .,)j'hmjii'iA. ■ t lh<- ll'.-u-*.- :■■! lh,-).-h:i)7t
Clothing. Tlmie n*rett no moinmftiilslion to those
who know good etothing. They sre the latest ami
brail In stylus nnd material*.
Don't forget our hard time
Grocery prices
Ma Thompson Go.
mnm QusUlty mmmmt*
Phone 25      Victoria St       Blairmore, Alta.
iv ^SjBSBSiiiSS&SS
*9'\ tU*9l.i^.
■4 ■■ f m. .  . ., ■
.H W t',t
■ WW ■■ ■ #w
um.. mi?
wsuw-y "— '"p*
. ^"f i
s%K|^' -If
. ,*-' -■     *. ^
',, <*■
,f^XXAA M-s&mMzMtf®
,   *;•'.-j,*-
™w r^ I V# ill 19.w
yve honestly believey^e ha^e^the best remedy in the^worl^iforiiiniSi
You w ,....._,...,-. -  ,. .„„.,.,
know about, nor dare to bc^'^p^nilk-^Tbevefb^
we believe it to be better than any o&er to relieve the ailment for-which it is in^tflfdiirben we
J wove our faith in it and our sincerity toward you by promising to give h^V^m^j^ietti.fk:*.
oesn't relieve you and in ©my .way satisfy you, you have no possible excuse for doubt or hesitation.
,■*?>■.    a   -t n i A ,    l * *i     i'i-      VV    . * *  ,      ' ,   '   A      ■.*   *■ &      t    „*4 '    *1-£DS*5*£-V-v V '
•**£** «£.-*** '
I^i«^ to te beld to Fomie on Mawh
o-iJL. iii nl >--"'l*^  «"■ -"--^ * ^Mr""?""^5'•   >-"\n,ii*^^*.-^.*-.«r**n^.
\ 's^^emoooci^^i^toeil -- nwkichee
and other meetings can Ibe -don© by
.the •Dtetr^Ml^^l>,<%s;i-i« ton
ara, wa honastly baHava, tha tot ramady tttada for Indlgattlon, Dyspapsla and all
"  w*ii*r, -w»ioni«tm iii* ..^
We Know They're Good
BosQ Dyapepals TaUeto Issddkiua
to other fngrediesto ^tutain Ptptio awl
Blawrth. too great digtrtiwaida need by
the catin medical pwleaaigs, Tbey
aootke.tba inffipmH' ""Tift*^ ebetk tbe
bearoitm -and dtatiaaa, atiaralate •
bealtl^r aecntioa of the natric islce,
aid in rapid and comfortable difclitif
al the food and help to <juiddy eoorect
it into rich red blood, awl thereby into
flesh, bone and' muscle. Ihey relieve
stomach distress promptly, and. used
regularly for a short time, tend to restore -the stomach to a comfortable;
easy-acting, healthy atate. They aid
greatly to promote regular bowel action.
Deal tofbel iadfetstioa. tor it fo-
qacatiy beds to ott aorta bt th sod sesa-
pllraHowai Tbe pais aad 'iHoosifnl ia
not the swat taafoctanate parV Tba tact
that wboa the atomaeb {a aot aetiag
right, tbo material needed to repair the
wwtea tbat are oooataatiy *nlnrg place
inthe body is not being given to tbe Hood
either ia the ptopc oooditioa or fait"
enough ia far more aerigua. • Nothing
will cause more tnmMe than an unhealthy
■toinadi. The Uoea, debility, lack of
strength, and energy, constipation, biliousness, headaches and soorea of other
serious ailmenta remit from the failure
ot the stomach to property do tto work.
Yob Risk No Honey
Oar oHUagaoa to have ywi nae RenB
Dyipepea TableU catiitjy at em risk
prowa onr faith to Uwmu^ We always
adl them thia way. sad H Is beawa
we know that thtgr have greatly benefited soons of, anfbrera «to vAom
wo hav* aoU .ihtmWThere'a ao ••red-
tape about oar guarantee. It antaaa
jurt what it aaya. ,WeTl ask yn> as.
qoetbona. You needn't- wga aaytiung.
Your word ia enough for da. We kaov
that when tbey hdp yon yon will ooe*
aider it money writ spent «vea if thew
had cost you ten times, as mu«3u Htbey
'don't help you, the money yoa'paid for
them la yours, and we want yoo to haveii.
iM. 'J*^yNwasA.,i|W8-
aa^^i^nt^^j^^ii^ibt sa
the taaxiinee ot W« atoter, MIbb B.
"*^t^ '^ ^
:,'„ "-5LiSv &^t^*-^t^^P^s-Vi.'ifvtS'r
bee ebasited to thefestoeto'ot peAtttog
•sap ,oow. .TBistosrlthso ****«*£
OoJemeoiCawj o«utnere to a fetottag
.-. fl%e*rjpasejed-ftwi**^
West: Ootonao, oo Wodototoy after-
noooi aifiten a short tth^
t«ooi^^r/8ftii^:m^a»oi^»* "
■mp^t^^-pm^j^'^A m
bymm! .(Mra Ottv« Oil aad the Hypo-
phoriphitoe, htitos looig ■ ibeen eodoroed
|5y »Kxr«etfW idvyafctoiie, 4>nt hierek'.tor
m -i^'-til^xthi^.^Qosih^T'la^o.
and alboiMer ol atreo«th:
we (beOevo. lias no equal.'-;  y
-,u_--,^,*_kl..._*.<v-.'*.-:...i.,^'. j*  .**..
Sold only st the more torn 7,000 Bead Storee-the World'* Qrestest Dna Store*. In convenient boxeeHhree mm: On, etc, $1Jt
Fernif, B. C.
[exaJlZ Means'KINIj OF ALL'— Ours i*$ Th e ~$,£yKatt, 3 to _- <.- in this toiVr?,
be retnemlbered that m®$mRmm
,w*tfli a» ecokteat l^ Juno to -«**cto
he 6U8rtad»ed'"a-.OMnp,^^
ooe'ot*hi8*i^ which ^'ainawtoitedi
toom the 'shuck' ol whim ne never tot
ly irewwewd, Mr.-fltotoes-'iitovas-**
.wd^^^vOii^,«taUdtoa' to rooum
hto toea -Tho tooerel took plaoe on
Fridsiy afternoon; the Oolemsia town
bond ptoiyifflB th© Dead March. ; The
jemainis iwere toUowed to tho oemiei
tery by the. members of the^CairtxiO!-
dUe<I«Qel.^ A-y .,AA :  y:f: A
The Ootaniao Qpew' House- tetgefr
ting uptoHdbite Just ww, hovtosr sot
theee <ed tight* tostaHed toslde sbow«-
log the people to case of tho a w»y
of setting oot mmi;7Sy.,.~ "i;S^:
Mrs. Iboiaaa -afulr sod dst^htot'^m
«a Satotidayi o^ht^ passeneer-''to
sveB4'tbe outotoer o»n*!» 'witfc her
people to Weaifc Haaitkpool, BJogto^;-
■OtkWtUmy vim, the lJth, tt» tooaj
mpojot tt» I, O. O. F.hkM a moat
eodoyahto daooein. the CWeman Opiertt
Hoooa, -wbeo about elxty eouples [tttpk
ped *he H«tt tontastlc till the amall
bourns of[m^momltog,-,,   ])y~ A{,!tr7l
. J.aM-k>Kdcto nwt with a eH-ght aocip
dent on 'BWday to MoGilUvimy Csi^ellc
Coal Ooo««iny'-8 mine, He had been
otondfaig on a plank when* a -tonee
stone •come-down and broke it, oane-
bg'-bte to tumble down the -chubs,
BVMtunately he was more friphte-oed
■than httrt.^
Mr. Rdheirt Horn left out Thtnedoy
marntog, the 12th, tor Mountain. *Paric,
to take dip the .posftioa of Hrs boon
under, IMr. James' Crow-dor, late of
Cotomapi. ,    .     , '      ,
Ok-IWday*. the lath, the.opetotors
of *he inoivlng picture, machine to the
Coletamn Opera House and the Bex
ptotoro boose were -brougdit np before
Inspector Jungetrt for operating' with-
out a license end nw let ott by pay-
Ittg th« coste of the court and lnetruot-
onto got out e ltoemse ot onoa. "-f" v,
;o who haa
mm*^K wo dida^ have ^ utmost
teithi li^^^|P
to you.   IWo are toto coat ooos you
M^,jM|ft.|^9CNi^H marameosi k to
yww |i*raid^;^;«tofus^hsivlni
reoamnneoded it to yoo.  SoW oniy at
the imorethaa 7,000 Rexail Qtoam
to thte.towa o^lyrhy os, f t.po.
Sadidatoy, »?Oroi^"^'YI«*ode "kyewisv
Ferato^-jC, 7 A''\ AS A* XXy '
There is oo inao. od bad hut bits' *
*eopat"««peoti;tor Sodsttsm.        ■'
That .to 'the ptote^s but' a hasty sot^
wbfcb to toe worker to flat aoSi«fay.
(*   Ju     "   *T*r.**\ .i    J ^        ■"   *     a    i'j      .   J tSt \ \      »b .-       r*     **^«r
■i_vi.nl 5j,£-*-;g
"Fwie demcfflatrattaa ia our
.  " Come end ieem how to sare'
and gmow your hair.      ,   j •
^Sjiddaby's - Rexall
^." vffDrn-fc and Book Store "'''•,s,
VFERNIE      -:-       B.C;
N.B.ItfaU orders receive prompt atteotioa •
Directory of Fraternal
'^ -*.'. ht,yi' •
.S       ,    . * s.i,v-,\V*.
K^^mets.; -everyfeWedwtodsyt
IaeyeBln»t*t' 8 o'clock M*K,\p.-»
Is'.Bftil^rAAts?- A. 'V^sS ".>;■
giijy f£_'^,--J,*^r »• ifj'Xl
\i jj^&.^tm^m4v.+ ^--v#mMF-ttwvp *ii*w*P**i   - *
|>aeh^nth.-f^-h/. ^fft!i|
l^v- J<*nM. Woods, Secretary.
1-iTFernle,^ Bbk '^i&xlX'X'"
^m. in;toei^own,H*u;r
- ^,-v. v„ a. juunoo. „v,.*^,,.r.,w.-'<^|
, - AX.<ot &,-D..1J.-Btoefc3ir#i
- M. oTF., Jas. Madtooo.
^ u • .,',    '  ,     *•- ,1,' ?. 'i, j*'*
* Y<*\*^***'fiiff*i^i^>****^y^m^*"j
• .''A "*     ' ,."    *.■ v-v"- ,-?V   .
*•*;  \   MOOW5      .,
->.:^ ■'AcXaAA^-: a-.'-: •x-.«
•r'yum srory Monday et 8
|fP.m.-,ta;<K.f>ot"p; HslL-.V 7. A ■■;
,'S-iDil'etiitor;T.,UphHt'',; .,"•
■;.' ,-Seowtory, O. Mooes, v A
,K,   W* McPheraon AVeaue. ¥
al   ^
A^-fAX. s
320 acres in Sunny
;tyBeSw&' 1 i ".W*e*--ofv
; 5th Meridian. Fencsd
and SO acre* broken.
'!-•* i
Apply to
  '        " */-• l        ' ll St "       -     9   * I
fci-a-OJ***. !
Wews of the District Canifis
(Continuedjrom Page 5)
The golden wedding cetebratfo© of
Mr, aad Mm Wm, McCulloch took
piaee at Bearer oo Friday, the ,13th
test, sod the guests who attended the
nuptials voted it to he one of the most
eitfoyable  evenings that tbey ever
spent  The uniratace ceremony was
aooounood to take ptaee to tbe Vtx&v
wee Hall at 7.30 pa»« sod puoctoaay
to *ltne the Rev. Mr. Hamilton, Bee*-
ver, ascended tbe rastiwn whero the
brtde end toridecraom wore already in
■waning.   Ait the conohuton of tbe
oeromooy the whole ot tbe guests
shook hands with the hsle end happy
eoupto end wdsh*id then Joy. The bett
■wm taetotaUy decorated snd no expense wss eparsd by the oomsnktee to
place httfore the guests a feast iwen
worthy of tho oooaatoik   Mr. John
Pmeotkc^ Are boos, presided^ snd he-
tore oalUng upon tbe goesto to drink
suooess to the retintted couple ex*
tented e hearty welcome to all pros-
sot sad reminded them that U wm tbe
privlleve of «lifetime to have the op*
portooky ot taWng part In tbe celebrating of a ifoWen wedding, ss tow
married eooptos wsrs wp«.nvf to we*
the BOth anotvorsary of their wedding
dsy.  He did not wiso to owain teem,
hot be would give them a brief history
of toe host ent hoetoes, "Mr. MoCM*
kch wes ham In «UrUngsblre, fteot*
bnd, 71 ysara age, end wee one of ihe
Woneeni of tbe roopsraMvo aoveriMot
wbtab has done so much for the work-
tag ekes ef evory country mhon m
wu adopted by the people,   ffa was
en ecUrs menbsr le tbe trsde onion
Hwweeteiw, end helped to organise ths
miners of bis netive country.  He
eise a nrualelan of seme topoto
P wwrwibcic of tbs Lartwat braaa
^m    w^w^-^^w**^*-.,!!^     -mm     ^^m**^    v^^pi^i^^.^p*w    m^i meemm
baud for too yearns. As a young men
he was a noted athlete end managed
the Lnatoert gymnasium for several
years. He also held the middleweight
ohsmptonshiip ot SttoUngsUre aa a
boxer, and (wes etM uadetostod.
IM-m MoOuHoeh -was hom tot Seo*-
toad 70 yoaw a»o, end baa always
been tooked opon as one of the kkad-
est hearted ladies who ever lived. She
has been * noted nurse, and iwas present et more births perhaps than any
metttoel man in this provtoos^ The
chdidren aU like to call her granny,
and she Ie toved end reepeoted Ay alt
who know ber. Mr. end Mrs. MtCat
loch iwere married BO yews ago todem
end ers thoasweots of norm sooe.snd
five danghtore, 21 grandchMdran and
two «reat«mndchHdirftn, a total ot 85
direct dsooeedento. They have always
lived etoan, Utonorshle lives, and Judg*-
lag from apiDeanmcea (bay are «ood
enough to ooMbrato their diamond end
supeivdhumMid jufMlse on the 60tfc snd
66th aanirawsry of their flret wedding. OTwy aro both e»W iwortdng to
malntoln themselves, which Is n credit
to thom, toot • dlegraoe to oar soosll-
ed (dvmnitton tbet tbey should have
to do so. llie Corty mWloo dollars
sqisuidered reesntty on tbe O. T. R.
would mors than torn a And to sup.
port in comfort alt person* over ou
years of ego ta Canada." (Apphraes,)
ftatfh Mr. snd Mra MtfMoch still on-
Joy wonderfolly food health, end BWy
is open to box nny wen In Csnsde or
ih« stntos whst has telebratod bla
soldf a wadding. If a art of boxing
gloves eould be found tbe toasts
mold no doobt hare vrttnessad* good
exhibition of boxing, eM style eem»
the sew, between the veteran sud a
weal ■sUetev  After suppir tboy .wars
tmm imai/mwmM oi a pnrssot pw, ana
tbs ra—Iwder of the evening wns
aouHHtt   tmn   P^j/^Hnnin^^g^im^       sn^n.^*^   ^^,. m t.    ^.....^,
wwm> ir vmiiuuuy*   ■mpi iram nn*
dsrsd by um T. i. Mmm mm H.
Hai^,J3«otV;end the, host.
For making quickly anil perfectly. (WWww hurt Wscistte;
, hot breads, coke and pamlry
there Is no substitute tor
whose rendertng^oti^^tbe^f'Csnwcon
Men" was per exoeilence. MuskoH
seieottons wore aaeo given by .Mrs,
Oamenon, Mm Moore ead John Owww-
tord, iwhilst dancing,wes kept up uotffl
5 o'ctock meat toorntog. A list o< the
guests -would oocupy too much Ppajoe,
hot suffike it to say that evory oarao
in the Base (babween. Orow'e Neat smd
Letofbridge was *epreeentea, and ail
nnire unanimous tn dooiaring it to tie
tho beet do tfliey over attonded. - -;,
AWwugh toe now Bsaver Hotel wee
opened tor hoarders to the earty <past
of the -prosont month, the bar waa not
open tor the sate of liquid i^fceSh-
mento until the 10th tost' Needless to
ssyv a large orowd were to etoeodsoee
to give the now venture their blessing
end to drink eooces* to tbe propriet-
ere, tho maohgoment end the betel
staff. As iree drtoke, eupper end
daooe were ftroislsed to all oomera,
menAere .of both eesss tor miles
good time end thoy were not dissp-
•polntod.  Itato « o'elook to tho oven*
although several ba4 bat one free
dttok, others bed no snny that they
the ttywiHwif ^Hwtfiwg loom was elenred
lor dawrtof. tad Aom I eUock nnttt
tho sum' boom ibe strength of tbe
now flooring wu eeverdy tested by
tbe amv trlbBsrs.
w/wimn  omwowmp   wmim^p/mmmtt
Wm Toonat snd old did eM serve
m w^e    gr^veai**^g   mm&mm   w^^atn   w^mm   ^^^m   ^mgg^mtwr
Th epenil the Upvt (n mtrth and glee
And dtBM from eight till heUf past
Vtham mm team hnbtk <WSS mmamA
awmamm^   wtwn^w   a^^mww    ^^r^r^^^m    •• •^•^mw   *m^p^ma^t^me
TO-sonils mldulils sn oitsHmt pop*
m^g^m   gj^^gg   ^M||J|^*^   eimtm  eaM   _^mt_*_±    i^*hLmJ
■■-w wtm fsviispi sor su woo wesson
to partoks eC It, end if there wem eny
wbo did net enjoy the oigbtW entsr-
tointosnt, see say tbe ftwH was tbehr
torn aad not that of tha
b..^ —~~_^^^.^9 ..... _a__t^^^ f**^^,^^.
■■n v*wm*m am awe rwneim wvosk
laallea leet tlbsesday, end trass
ene eM.leern be wss oaeeeesAa Used
■»▼ w*ma^ma-wn^^mam   www   wiwr ^^T^mwmtwmmwmmo   nmmrawwt
mmugAp t^m im*^mt   tmtmmm
WWm We eWmt  wfWbt
m^hmm dHMh 1 mptm gmatma jAbiuK i^m^a m_9 ___n_m tAm*.
^^mm ^m^m p-^^mw ^av^a m-^^m wmm^mtrnwr mm -wPwrp   wetl*
«*^yjg      ^|tf^^a     iVhtotok     If _^tp_^_J_^_m       t/tk^pLi^m^^l,      J^^k    Ab**.
Wg mWet Wl tmewWJf ISBPrWf IB* WW
psst fortnight.
After being idle tor three weska, toe
mtoa wooIhnI eio llmt three dure ef
f^**^|jL    9^^^^a^i   g^g^jn    uLj^   j^^^^^^^a    ^S^*--^^    _______
tdiiai eewasg at use alega lor weieb a|-. *.   «*
mmiimi ttmo hpt^m h*> wesasssy ^ ^^mooo
Wmm- mwmWm *1W
■rtraighiteoed out, it M^ pirt-hetoe
tbo moettog end dtoonssed. Branbtot-
ly n. rseotatton thst It he signed and
adoptod <wem unaadmoasly agreed to.
The -retporti of tihe distress oommit*
tee woe neont dealt .with, an* some piW-
ablo tales of distrtoo were unfolded.
OMng to the mine not having worked
hBM ttote tor tbe past six month,
seven! psrsnta -with * f^mtiies. iwere on-
able to ©sy their debts st tbe stoios,
benoe their credit wss stopped. Un-
fortunately tbo balance a*, tbs hank la
pnwtioaMy nit, sa toe mm book only
rtwiwed $6.06 to onr credit, aod an too
10.00 to condemned tor bail rant the
oommttoe, like OM Motiwr HidAard.
tound "the cuptooajd wan Wo." The
retention' of the 15 o«ats from the
defence f|indi tor Februaiy did not
promise easlstsiWB, whilst owing to
tbe mine being idle nothing is torth-
oomlng lor Merab, After sH try Ing to
w«eve distress tmt tbtJMm~mmp
there ere no duss—ta Mke trying to
feed a dog with tm htm:<a«, eiWeh Is
a dWWoult proposition, sspectaMy If
the btywmpm flapper is dooksd to
start with. An sppeai to ths Dtotrtot
Bxecmtive <per A, J, Ca^artfor some
ssslslaaos to provlds tood tor (lw SO
fetnlllee that are ta dtalnisa seemed
to be the only hope, and * rseototioo
tastntcting tbe aseretory to tasks an
^^e   ap^wawa*   w-   ^BdW  mmtnn^mm
A young Atnerteon,,
jaiteam  «m  i*h*at>i* — ""
wero oh their, way to Spokane to have
their first child bom on'American soil
but the oW stork overtook them at
OoSenwn snd tihe young, lady had to
leave «s© trato here and toteat reports
sre thst another snd daughter are do-'
tog weU. in the .Miners'Hospital v
IThe young son of Mr, Pelietier of
the Pelletier Lumber camp, underwent
an eperatfeni ln the MtoeW Hospital
tor .appondlpltis.' He 'is ^progressing:
tovorably, ■ *
Joseph Mensles wes' on the 1Mb
brought up before A. M. Montoonv 7.
f„ oo a charge ot being ln a state of
intoxfoatfoo end oommhttog a tml'
guilty and wna lined $3 end costo '',
Mrs. Mogea, who underwent an op-
eratloa ln Dr. Rom' ^etvato hoepttal
last weok, is doing w«H,
Ths married stifle of Coleman toacy
tootball and would Jost Wee to fat
tbem know where ttm on getting off
♦ '♦♦♦♦♦♦.<►♦♦♦,♦♦
On l^tesiley nigMt tbe 1Mb* a mast
leer of febe CMaaaaa bevs waa bald la
mm mmn cbaadtsrs fer ibe putveee
of organising a knimsse tsstii itor tm
^m^^mmtPme   ™g<WaBegWpa    ■HMnSaWb      t^mmoam  mm*w^
wsdsra mm be gw-ai' wiofi, afftea a
p_m___o_%Mit_a_m   l^mttb     _____    _^^mP____\    __m_   AAaiMAtt    dllkiak
menang "wan tm tonsu w oatoDSS wa
^o*w*^o^p^f   mm w^p/^opmm*^mmmn
liltw tVflilan vwiit* **a __m_p___t
Pt Weal Oolecnan, gaQed eat oa ettb
Sbsfflsld* Keg* me a taag laaslleik
Oa Wsdassasp alibi, the I ito. toe
jiL~jg^g. ^tafc, e^it^ui^ m^me j^^^^mm_____i M^m^. S&u.
9i^0tW ^»™a wmw a^^^^^g w wpm* essH^a tggavpg^ysrag ^astrar mti^*
eefs In a seriee ot gsaws la a MMaid
toornsntont. Tba Colenuui boya iwere
S^to  tfla^a  tb^eei^^mtmpm  o^^tot
Joseph Krego hss <iult lba International nnd gone ea Ms ranch In lha
Peace River ittsttfet.
Jeweller & Optician
wWt_^k_o tsa dlsisa mJn±4^g99 jmJ^_^—^ ^*^^^|
iwtm m torn owop totmn yam
*mnn toum imiiis <naSA aad
w^m^w   t^^^w m    -fwewm   t m wrweaia    ^m^^m
ganatasd with oxoett SHU.'
m ■■■■^^^■■^ ^^m&    wa -umpv  metm^aanan^w  awmtwwmw
SemkfnWmf Rtpalrtd
Eygsif hi Uakei wi
pmmphm__\_mm   scSSAfll
Coleman :: Alberta
•eaver Mlnea Uesi Ualea Melee
% wnettemi met**** *** attUfy -..* (
mwm^ww*^^m^^me   gPV    *sgpgr   ■^a^^^™****.^^waeag    gffeeMv   aiw
v 1Mb lest, at 1
w* HwWH i«'
t   \-naWfqWwp
II* HyHH^«t» Mf
J. ThMSSS .. 1l»
n wai **..*, te
_ ' ■*-''* -■*,* itmgt
1 ^wi*'*)'   ■"**
%   '
■»*,-"< "*
*    .   -*_Vv5.i-i.   "" ; ■«-,<-. ■U.i.»1^m( , • ,<><■ i.;.*■- V*;/•*'■■'J,X
Ur- ,   ,,„..    ...Jft-.v-'
'    i
**.* ,;,BV' »■■%'•,•-wi^^MyAXAysyi-y/
■• Th our eyeetosees aind ie^eic-
tades, becBJuro wo knoiw that
every pair is superior in mt-
ity, flmsh and St^asth of
.laito,' Ba^MieP^g^bjIiMi^'.
' seK imd oome here tt you
need awtbing Sn the opttoal
line.   We 'ere'.; expette St
mewsuring the eye's require- -
mpnto tor glasses. * We are »
also expert Ottota et leneea, ,•*,
.eo that are give fcnmodtoto
and^onnansotreUsf tolhow. <•
troubled with weak eyesight   :
Wie grind .oer own
A.C. Liphardt
JBWBLLER O OPTICUS        ,*.* fiBKJflB, B. C,
tf :
Imperial Bank of Canada
CaplUIAuthorliad ..   tlOjHQP*     ^p>ltllPiMU|i
Reeerve and Undlvld- < Tlrt.,	
ed Preflte ....,.„     1,1004)00   •m'r*'*
P. n. WILKIg, Pntim*        HON. IIOtT JAPPRAY,
Anewbes4 eranbfeek,5 Pmh, OeMen, Kamioopa, Mlehal. Nelson,..
Rsvtlstoks, Vsneesver and VletoHs.
Interest ellewed andegeelta ateerreat rata freia dete el dsoesH.
FIRNIggRANOH , A. M, OWgN, Meneger
If iTsitifa tn send «■*****■*»»a1iaialnflsiia<Isi'M'b*
mm tm we^m ^^^mwm*   amw **VIW tm-^W^I^Wmj  mottW^t *^»Oi^^aWP W^l W^^^^W^^^^mm mmmm*^*^^^J
tkb rewlttaace by g Money Order through tlie Home
Bank, Tbsss money orders sre for sale stall Branches!
tbey eoet only a few cents, snd tbey prseent any peeel-
bUityefmtstoke, m
ji^^-gi g^*^*^^ ,.^„L weed^^.w^w^.i^Lilk'Wl^^t^   jyy^g^ g^j^^^^
pt&^^^*Lh*m    I fjHllW I IJ   ]^^BSffi^^S5
!' ^P -^^^^^^^wmmmmt  ^mt     m  ^eim m m ^mir w we  m   mi^r     m^wwrnp^m^m tmmwmhhv
w^^^^-^m^mmt^^mp ^^P'^e^ mmtmt^^mmttw^w^^mm   wpww^w^m^^^^^^^^^mw. wi^^^^^^nm^m
4o Fe MAODONALD, Manager
jgjpmgmm_mtbJpu^ b    _btm_mh -ja a
VRIIURM KWmi0 aba apt
body-builoiib Mamie
Mixty YmumUrn
a.sa, to
ad lato iaaeaoa lba IMstHet Vies Pr»
mmm mow w^wasvi^iROp faaw w^w^***mtmmw   » awww   ■ s^^
Ajubd-*teA   j|S^^ p-tee ^^b^ugigijfaui^^k _n_e_9 SU^mi, ■■>■ - —
la «to*eet to a slops to ba
"Ha bast braak una aat an by Sf.
* mn m    wrww*   vamm    awmnwr   gpesw   ^wm*   ^*W    ^*mm
ttywmp, wwtm wmo ft, tmn wiaaiBg ,a,
15 pair of sboM pat ap by Mr. T. Bar-
mt mm_t____mmm     ^im.^  ^m^mm   ^mmwuL
mm (pmmp m m^^^m    omnpp ym'm^^mMp j wmt^^m* -e^m^^m wee mmK§ mewweee/t  wemi-^^m^m *^mm^
mtm fMiiiat, psu % hot-imm mmm m mt-eAmmter *»«♦* *b*
m mm in haw 1*1*1, wIm the Obtomm bm •* *
Wo mmm Ream OHv» og teal-
elea Is Ibe beet rwsiedy sisds tot tua
lag tbe aereasy snrltliiBg ibe Miwd»
vmaRHap mp aoawa ussssak imswina
strength aad saerw^^be best
ytm ess tmn if yew sirs wist*
daiss, ^rsoat, aervose aad debHtat
el. tm «w^f*r whrtt, ttte owse. it
deeeari devwnd for Its geed sftoct ar
oa alcohol nr hafefetonotag dnga, be-
a> costsaee noas^ It May aet
yea toel bettor la a tow boar*
ft wfli asttw yea «t*t bsttor, wa
gtouag  mm  _*_e_^^.   ■— —■  hthxat   »—j*jjI*». mma-JI
mm mm eeww Ifw tfw fWHTT "TrT
K. *, feed gfopeeOes It esatetos bsvo a
' mi weeKem wktxmx ct.o. ulb« h.c.l. ruaiiiai
mrwmwt  ^^mmm* w* t* w    -r* m wmammmmar^i  ^a a * ^*m mwo*-m w^g sipw ^^i>w^ no mmt^^wmmwo
i»gv.i\'gw! s.trxo.   u ^  „,,.,,    hmtrt fttftir      •■>• ■******> •<*. •,»-■•
„ „ij. ^mpmm^rWmm!Pm'itimpms.^t^^^^^^^,iiff' " *■-, i-v*^ *»««*   *- ^' <   vw^tj*^^™'       l^ j...„.
CAPITAL, $15,000,000        REST, $12^00^)00
AaouuU a^y Im wmd bi tmttf branch ot i he Cangilm
Hnl Of vowmgnw ro oppmttttmt oy ttmu, tmm win nonvw nit
ll^_m^^^_m_.    jmj^49)^je__je    ^9m^___m_JU_M^_t_,     pt_jgg    I*     ^gP^^m^^.     jLn^   <|J|   ^f-JtBuaugfe ^fljM_mB-Jg_JL_-^j^^kJM^  ____\ ________
Hint CHwMi augmioii w m pvm wttioingrfitptniDgBttotilw
Bgnk*»\\mWW. Hem we U dcpoalUd or erlthdrawg ta ttig
jtau-Ab^K^g j^^^k  ^^g^jOj/^m_________________tm tmm ^^^w ^^   ~^^^^^^<yg|y^u j. ■  -gH^igg a^ik JB^mi^k ^Bt^^^^!^^
WW at aMmoBf^r tf njr a pwamwi mmm m mp tJlttlK. ,     pp
mW We wt ePPRPWe wwBW^^Ww r afWfiwi  -...^wewe^BW
„    Ut,
k4%lv- w&Jiii*
M ^vcyt\ ^
.   *       +gn r J'Caye^-U-irftA^''j1i',l    '
~,.- .,v rp**.'?*$&te*%%^ntb'-
,XA  '* j-^yif*SS£A$i".M'%iA''£•
* M.?*
V "-^ ■- *&* -*■
-     • -, .,." *   ie... ..*„^ ,  rr.. , -.i-.t.rZli'-liiitJfri^l.it'-t,*^- , , ,.   , . ,     ,-^.. ,,
,f *v
^-"t:^ f ♦■$■ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦♦:♦---#;
P5"^& I**Ssr;bMloe, Msmi$;ij$i?
-.•^^iniia^^tateiided.-foj- pi»i>U*Kutd«m
^£%;*?lulnm tto™** 'be ritifrsj^tf
ithe Oh*ecber'Edit)or, aitd should iiea^
th*s.'x>«floe not taiter than -fi-rgtl-poet on
THieBda^of oaoh;week.    './-'•'-■
^Comreepomiden'tB sending wrreottons
jpCg^^ahHgg-by qaotoglthe'ipost-
tlon,. of the pieces at" th«% stage- mbm.
thoir ptay comes ia.-   ■
^'"'ObiDitiriibutons will 'ofo-lise* iy wtthn^.
ing'their play in toJtmlair town, ifouir
oaSuiinina' to itho sheet.'"."The first three
■adiMras'li^ld .he, of 'equal length.,
Ri^.paipor^o.dieolred. ... 7'
sfcvjri*-* jffi \*;*t»nri'£?>.
i   #.hrt*l*ft,\J£-'-V^\'*<^i\<"
. %*ȣ,     T(*
pjir ForeigwMybtkkm
.A-       . X-t..    ,A,^^   . .-A--V      L-*Kfi  -.   iii,i 't*p5jf \;*'t.
•0 s^JM
"I'?   ' iJ* A   *H i
ifelwioRian- part
:"-*w-**-**.2j»rovy z Franku  ,
v ".^ro^|\raiifciLpO£a Notes)
. Na. "pUjai'Vjbodgto sa ©eroibi u2 hod-
■no v-y^ao-ba^, TunaiJfii mojnert-preto
■hiufaand aii;> okallt^cii "kempaich" vy-
doto'^vaJt'sl "kaModehnJ- ohlieh, Mxxry
itwo svoje rodtoy potrehuju.   Behom
kraitfcehio CasuPrasiik oa tak' zmensH a
pre&iei 6ez itakiuf podlvnu -penodu,' 2e
-teed' iby -tam- riei|fibo-:prl§tel, kto pied
tjim tam -hjyal, ^otva' hy ho pozraal
Zvia&te loh-chodneu Cast" tohet-o mosteS
".'"'  ;"'siovaht\a itnii '-a^
. -\,;,(Slayoni^*^;iih*ton) <. >y7\\
Vfeude, lodie or^nlsovan^, irobotaiJofc-
vo ezistujei a jwfe alaviansky nairwl
•medzl .naim prelbyya, patri on skoro ibess-
4K>dmlen«6ni8 do tohoto telega, VSade
sia hl'adli niaS i'ud. za prJk3adom' inJcK
wa«xtnosti epolCovaifa.italcto bu-va»-
joran^mu dohmi a n&poamahSo.i'u saiin-
y«h oediai prispievaf. Ze ie toto .pmv-
dte,,'rtoho.aiiajleipStm doleazom su stavky,
ktortv a Sasu na 6as ipodiujhna unia.
Snad' e&te aoi jeden Strajk sa meodiby-i
v Spojeiny-oli Statooh a v CamuJe, lode
by nafi slaviansky oarod o-ebol.su-fiastr
" " Advjokat,   , ,
Verejoy Notar A
.     ft    ** - 'n
.    fit   ■-  -• ;.    -f
MACLEOD .,      Bex 7,        ALBERTA
Naotiv'Uje- E^ellevue na 14 kaSdy meaac
^Wj?0 S E P H     H I C K S
.     :: Barrlater-^and-Solicitor -     ,^.-'
,    ■    Notary Public
Visits ^Bellevue on the 14th of each
"' •   'month
fl Grow Hair, J Do"
:-WMrtiM\ea ot;Pr^A,;Garlbw.^
-< t.
Dry Goode, Groceries, Boots and
' Shoos, Genta' FVrnlsWnga:    :;
■; f t.?-?fi■*-■<'!&< "-yf..-" ' ;*  Ay*'*
-J&. "v.
J *i . A j* » ^ .    *Att -^i^Jl ,
Liquor Co.
Wholosalo Dealers in
Mail Orders receive
; prompt attention
m Fall supply sf fsllewlnf
tm ewappstlilwt mesl ta
eaeeee freai»
Beef, Pork, Mattes
Poultry, Batter
Try esr OembrMfe tsse*
im/e____   _\^m |4^*..^^|*|ju   -^^toA-fe.
^P*^p   1W»   mMflfwl   BfWH*
dimy Cittti Gi,
riRNII, ■. c.
Large Airy Rooms &
Good Board ~
Ross & Mackay P^ei
_ ■—*  .    *.'-».   -—""   ■    -"   "•arms.1-,   - . T.	
'*■ ->:.'
ii *       "       '
A. MeDoectll, Mgi
Minuftwturen of and Deti-
m Id ill kinds of Rough
and Dreteed lumber
Send us yoar orders
- Our resworn- mm recognize tihe toot
ttoftit * oheclcer oolimwi .cannot1 he Tuit
eiKxx»s*uMy'a>y tbe oonitrtbu-tioiw ofr
any one anam, (but muot: deipead-, to a
veiy* great eactomt, upon <»ntitou!tion*B
hom davoteee of the game. .« it 1s
red to raiake tflils checker column
a eaaniditog fiaature of this ipaiper, we
nw*st w-ge u^on our renders' the no-
cesity jof, eehdliis ln 'iproMoms and
tplwy\,_:,vrtjiB^i Willi (receive duo scfcnow-
lodgment jandi-puWlcaitiion If itound eiidit-
aibl& Grigtoai -maiiter'-an-d correottons
of ipuMdiahed gl^y ore preferred,-hut
donlt heibsif&«uil,'seind -In any matter,
you think suitaiMei and It WiUil ,be "carefully oAfibod.   ,
■je k nepozna^lu. v Vyzera W-tamr^'1046^ ^PenHahel ku tomu, ahy
»ipo zemotrftWBJii; hol-6 stenji muro- Ba -P08^!" *nabotn*«w) Tudu, Ictort ou
il**nli    ^A*m*rvir,'mil,X-n<4*a<»*l..     A~     ..AX,...     VOTU   diOSt'   'tKled'lKt   fl.   nnl'llllrivainlfl    hnj.
8olution to Problem No. 2
Oredilibed to" R. E. 'Bowen •
Blritek annn on. id; Wngs on 23 and
29.   Whiite -m«n;*OD^ and 30;' king on
2.   Blaiok ito iplay^-aW iwin.-'
23-18  ' 9—14;  17--21
2—6 A 27—23 r . 28—18
18—14 A"V&—12 " 29—25
6—1 15—11 18—23
14—10     < 14—17       25—22
1—5 ' 23—i9 . 23—27
19—23 17—22 21—17
28-i24 19—15- 27—31
23—27 22-^26 17—14
24—19 16—10 31-27
27-31 26-23 14-18
19—16 10—14 2?—32
10—15       23—26       18—23
6—9        14-47       32—28
31—27       26—23       28—27
(a)   The forced exchange at* this
of the ending la tbe domfoant
idea of the "seomd portttioo.—CSh, Bd.
16—23 '
Problem No. 3
. .v.. jraiTB      ,.""*,       .    -^
Black nan on 5, 6 snd 12. White
<msn on 8; Unt on 19.  White to pfey
snd draw.
There w-u a mestlnt bi checker oa-
thuslsets ss the Wdpram to Fsmle, ob
Wednesday, the 1th Inst, the oooeekm
heloc a checker toumamsnt (neJtgne*
sted by ths cental proprtator of the
W4gwun, Mr. J. Wood. Thero wore
sMcht entimntsk out we vsntore to state
thst had tho tournstnenit been adrs^-
Used, thers would hsvs heen oonoklk
etahly more prsssnt, tor there ans
quite n, number of checker pUsyees ta
Feral*, who knew nothing of (Mn
tournament. However, wo hops la aee
mors entrants en the nsxt vsa-tw*
and. If possible, a checker ctob tonm
Tbo diaiw tor, sad the result ot, tho
Out round iwas ss follows:
«4ns draws **ns
!l    \1. normsni     ft    T. Connor      0
0 J. Wood.'jr.    l    r. W. Bros* S
8   T. rrsocs      0   j. Robsetsaa 1
1 «l. Wood; sr.   0   J. Mttohsl     1
-Oeaw lor eeooad round. <0iuwn to.
Oommtti rvaace m iMHSbel or Wood,
«sy bstweea Brawn sad Oonaaa
eo Wood** tbs 1Mb last,
la furor ef Browa by
wtso The ronad between
MMM! aad Weed. sr. wss sot eoa-
rtodsd at the Usm Pt pbm ta piesa
store ea nacWadSaJuoemu sdeleni6 -boJo,
aJby sa vyat^hovai V nnhwadma arity
kde holo raesto vyotaven^, komi-
peanio vyanerola v loom tnleste laxito-
iy, m ktert prefitahovali -mnobd dre-
vend domy, a Utord holy murovnd, z
tych eobinU So sa daJo a dnes ul len
oostd atony sved«a 0 byvalom, dost*
petoqe trladenom mssbeSku. r
Medsitym tola kampsata ssstavils
vrototeoie nwdy delnikom a tak to
vysemio. ie js v opadku, le ohlssl bom-
knot A ekutofine, oajoa -priite, k od-
ipredsjo, ale ponevafi Ju takner nttoto
noohcel kupft', sastupUa to esse item
feotnpnnla a teras to ul v mejne "tlx-
«JuM, aby roohM Onekor s dUovaobn
nh«a sspofiat'. Pravda, prr nel aepo^
nn etslv, praou, kompsala muei vyhto-
tit' nwjnerom, te lm eostela sa (oh
praou dims, ked* ta v msjne tam ««««™ wsieonu ao*u mnm. oa ano,
kstt v rukach » ti neporoHa konnaao "*rt,nut' "** to ,eo ta«,itolu *» **
List of Looalfi District 18
•pamfch domOT* .V^ftnlevaju do v^Sky,
kdo itu zhoimy'Mevenf dorn, z totor6-
ho mlaiterisi'eBtelv neporladku poroz-
hedzovBiny-.leSl po zeml; otrhantidro-
ty, to v&etko avedftl o -torn, Se ea z
-meabeCkom t^notto Coal neabydajii^ho
roihUo. ■
A 60 Je toho ylaebne (priftlna?  -Po-
vdem -vaim ta v kraitkostii.''
Asl pred deaiaittml rokaanii, nad
Pramkoim vyeoko vyCdlevajuci sa vrohj
'bo! ea aklzol idolu a hmota jeho roay-
jxaila, v -torn Case pod ntm sa rozpres-
'tlemjucu totnmi 1 s farm-erom, <ba 1 so
vfiotk^m na nej sa naichatfzajucim a k
Cainaie itej priltelhaluiclm. Udajne pdSlt
taon a fcivot 1 mnohl Ihi-dla, ale ie kto
a koiko? o torn sa nikto nedozvedel a
ainl, ea nedbzv&e,, 1-efbo dnes na toto
-mleastte naxshodl «ei ohiromin*3 nmoistvo
skaH'o, takavan-Sho vapenca, z kbordho
leU ipodnftkavil l'udia, vaipno ^alla, ro-
Mac tok d*ybrf obohod po Oanade. Pod
vwdhom ty*mto maichodl *sa vel'mi dohr-S
uMle, ktor6 .TVankovska komipanilai u2
od davmyicih -Slas doluje a vrch ten, a
nastedkom podkopanla anal oa sosut'.
Ked* vnctti ten padal^ tak sa zda, t'ahal
so sebou e*te ipostol' etojacl vrch, io*
ho dokaz ie vel'ml klboka trhltoo na
hrehenl toholto rrchu, ale poneviaC .no-
dost' sily, zootala Ciaatka' taito
staf a e£te 1 'dbswslal' stojl a stat' .bude, -kto vie do kedy.' NIekomu ale inaipp
adOio, 2e l^ita, iteraz e&te otejaca fitostka
vrohu by mnohila epadnut' a tak' novu
pohromu onesteiku tomiuto prtprav*.*,
oznamena hola'.vea tato guveruerovl,
ktory dol ves ibuto ,-vyetirovait'; vyslal
do Pramku koialslu, ktora ipo dlhoim
uvflJovaml a' radenl eo uznala, Se vent
vix* tea* je ndbespeSn^, oznafitla alee-1
to> fctordhy m$uA jt&illahnut'/lBed'Jhy nfJw^wo* ?aee id
vera doot' Mediie a pol'utovania hod-
no, aspon ako-tak ipoIepSHy^ A 4e je
rdbotmilk dinea .na storak? sposoh utaai-
oovony, ltd mai snad* ani oetreha podo-
tyteait', je to vidua nad- alnko jaanejSle.
Ved' v mnohtom ,pade za evoju praou,
kitoru z nebezpe€enetvomi Mvota ipodo-
hem, je tak piano odmlenany, bo si
Caeto nema ami na do kuptt' uhia, toho
ulhl'la, ktor6 on sam kope nedostaiva aa
mu a tak ©in-tan? }e 1 zo svojou «>dl-
rtou, -pri vSotkom nedostatku e&to'aj
v obtoidinej l^be oediet'! Ze je toto nde
aavidemla hodny Mvot, to heMy veru
uzna. A J&ka je prlftina toho, ie nAob-
nik takto -musi tnpet' tak^to prikorie
roznoho dmihu, kde&to jeho naaneatk-
navatei: sedii mi, v teplej chySt, boduje
kiaidy den skvostne n na Jeho ukor
bohaitne a eSte ho pritom i prenasledu-
Toho' .prifilna je ta, ie;«ibotnilctivo
dinea je 'e&te nSe tak eomgandeovain-S,
ako hy malo 'byt', kaplitaillstil'poznaju
tmto jeho elabu .stranlni i vykoriafuju
ho ako len najvlac ino2u a kde sa to
len da. -NaSou povlninost'ou je tedyv
aby erne 1 my ku tomu M'adeli, aby
kafeiy jeden z nas .bol v umi a 1 ku
tomni ihyadell itlei, -by smie 1 Inych,
ktori eSte v nej «ide su, *aia teh iprtvl-
edli, .po pripade vj-ovetllll lm <u6el a
potrebu toho, 2e nam je to neabjitnej
potreiba-S, ahy sme vfietcl Iboli takto
zdwiSenl, alby «ra*e v pade potrebiy, <tyim
uspe£nejgie ibojovait' moblC-bojom boo*
itmjim, ktory aa anenuje "otavha", iprott
na&tm utlafiaiberom a vykoriefiovatea'-
con. Vfiak inoj zhrane .bledny lobotnlk
ami noma, ha e&te 1 takto fteStoe loedf
hojujeme pozdvlhuju kapttallotlcky
baironi a tmajgna&l na neho .pufiky ay
najnov&om 6aee i dieHa, len «iby tua 'nee-
Office: Abovo Bleasdell's Drug Store
,   , •    "       Phone 121
- Residence: 21 Victoria Avenue
B. C.
Ban-later, Solicitor, Notary, etc.
Offices: Eckstein Building,
Fernie, B.C.
C. Lsws \ , ■ Alex. I. Fleher
Fernie, B, C.
Bald at 26. Fine hair at 65.',
I POSITIVELY Cure all hair and
scalp DISEASES; Prevent BALDNBS8
and premature graynesa.. GROW* ladles* and children's hair rapidly.
positively cure all 1 do take. Hair
can .be fully restored on all heads
that still show fine hair or fuzz to
provs that the roots or CAPILLIARY
glands are not dead.
ttJL1^® A PERFECT system Of
HOME TREATMENT for out-ot-the-
CITY people who cannot come to me
for personal treatment WRITE TODAY for Question Blank and PAR.
TICULARS. Enclose stamp and mention-this paper.
•MY PRICES are reasonable My
cures are POSITIVE and PERMA1&
ENT. x
The World's Most Scientific Hair snd
-  Scalp Specialist
Room 1, Weldon Block, WINNIPEG.
MAN.   ,
Bar supplied with the best Wines,
Liquors and Cigare
»  HftHlwiH     ".TaTBTMjA
e&te v ttvej tpamatfl, <iunob?m cbarifrn
CJtatol'Om hrusonrlada po-Cao ntavky v
Ctatorade, vo W. VtogtoO, vo Vaniaou-
ver a tomu podobne; s skou l»sohl%«S-
nou eurovostVwi »ipokojne etavlcu»jucl"
ml rolbicitnlkmS nichadsall, ako vonho-
vail a pufikaml bsbtojovall nn nieh
svojtoh 4Mhan5jtoh. ktorl <bex vietkej
prtWny do pokojndbo I'udu etrWaM,
ku v$*trtoatlaim ho nshadsll, do fade-
rov ho zatvaraH; jedn^m stovom: takd
ukruthoatl s ndm vyadsall, le sa lm y
torn nml ftmsk? oisar Neron oer>nov-
ns, oktoiom sa -tvrdl, lo bol naj tiros-
nejttm a naJukrutneJUm <psnovt4kom,
skAo ten hlstoria poena a ktory I
stoju <vilestntt matku del zavra*dtt'. A
tak^ohto zverov v I'udskej koW Jo
dnes e&te vel'ml mnoho, ktorl hy s
dbudobndho a hssSbranneho vobotnlka
e&te 4 tn poslednu kotu -sUshll, ha ano,
praou sleorsj satet*. pok^ro ss s rohot<
nMon! nevyrovna. V^plata hols ul i
osnsmena aSloe na sdbotu dna 14 tost-
ca s jesttt sa to stsne, tak praos ss
bned' poetl. Co tunaJH nmjnerl ul dar-
mo nepokojne Uadsju a s radost'ou
ooakanaju. A Js ul 1 Css, shy po toi'*
kfch Hravscladi, Word vohotn^ i'ud
nastsla nl kftena dotie
twaosapokoM. by si to dslnletvo mohlo tmaely ▼yoshradsst', na tem hole
tsk dlhu dobu sferaeovsnd s oftkodm>
Xpravy s Hlllsrest
(IIHIerast Local Notes)
Jeattt sa o nkktora) os^ne nolo po-
vedat' is roW, o tejto aa*.to nolo or
Mt* iwtvrdlt'. Je to slo I samotrejins
ve»! 111401 tato fatit Messttaej
epoMeoail 0. P. R.~akeJ, «teto ea ta
* aepfewiwe ttmt, woo konaeols ssasl
see fldy hodae aedoaM,
stssorat' aa eM Issy; aaataaeje ea de
k oddyehs ss ka essltf
dostsys a ssto sa I lapMe smJu. eke
Mi spoMfersihi sa oaolM^rh "pte^
-MinS^k  tl       SKA   Jkui^Bk   a4*^JI    k^.^^-..^*..^      ~|*^
m^m*     ***^m wnw %ewi Npitip* wen
Ms laaa, Iste sAll^as ta eaM{ tedy
te msjwsr vykops, nsstrfsTs s na*«n'-
jsjs, ss eo smK ssaleteal. Atslsokr
to swlo aye' ss vttikfth laajasek. aby
m ahk* fame, ay aajaor ss
Yob kno» os—snd. wfcsn ws goer- krvopotn* nsnwbsnte. dostsl 1 stains
,    «
WWiWWr % iwmwi.
*tn W*p-*,*_.
•t^m^m emme rt^m ^mmi^^eeHe
WkKs Ash Mine....,...Wm. nans,TaSsr.AKa.
.............. j^. Wksetley. Wwekssd, Alta,
,T    f WfVWtWiit
„tjmm*g-<mgAg. »»*- *r' WLMtti^g- gt£_
m m m ^waw*^*^mm* #^^so^^^ji m^^nm m^^ mmimmmmwwmpp mpmrnem
^.   *.      ««t ********* m. tx OhHsteflwts, Weifs>a
WW*"'* ......tt. O^naiflia, J^sehart, Alts.
wB-tsssseie. .*»..»#*«.»» j.
)*.***.*..,...,% Whhm Wknea, OsaeMne, ANs.
•  J. Iilaetus. Ostsaam, Aha.
emm , j, joimm, -tmm-h m. c.
*&mm tmm:  js* Hen* cumsk. am emmmM mt, htm.
IT*wrtol#,, ..k'Ooa uptm, Voimm, K,e
W««w W. WsHieataaa, ttoomm, R, c.
WWewm..-. Jfsa Qsciea. HtBc-wst, Mm
immm L Moore, 1711 Mxt* Atwos. K. Lethhrtdse
ummm cmu*t ■**....m*b mm-mm. conibwnt, *m
H*UU L-SU: .....X, U. Ikktt4^ Vam'mmo, AHu.
IBiiMa.*..*»»•*»»»*»*»• H. aftnaf* mehel, A CL*'
Passbonr... ...T. O. Harrtsa, Pwsibone, Ales.
tw^m..............».-»«-a,, twmmmmWm naaer, awe.
satso HeiwU OnAerMee to satisfy yoa
er jwir money hank, mt know Vt la
toeaaae va have CUth Ja tksak   WW
H*om twn io mmm no sjs saa sat sjvyraas • ktotf
yt.-.i.tiio,*, -* *-tUitUk    lata ** k»# *at tmn^twenp**
fotiiohos.' Tims, Ummmmhoh mh
ssfHotMoe, by ho osnssytoe kompsnls
tmtkbmim.Hi i n ecu 'postalu? wtu,
m n
mu pasuje
-81 toto smutnd, tio pravdlvd pom*
ery, te dokasuje l vytetrujucl koncrss.
ny vjfbor ftpojenych Ststov, ktory sso-
edn a 'vj'AetruJo ukrutnosU iiaoband oa
msjneraoh potes «tovky v Denver, Col*
orsdo. Dl'a svedectvs tohoto vfhoru 1
vojaok ktorl,iboU povolan-l iiorledok
udrtovaf. dopoM'sM sa tak^oh uknut-
nosU 1 aa ne?tnn?ch det'och le aa to
snl nu -papier pok»4R' tieda. lie ano,
Jeden vojsk rniknul do h>tu Jadndbo
aajnsra, nwtrtl mo knfre i nloh vlet.
ho poroshsdsovsl. tam uajdeno penal-
snku < sdvsseo doUsrsml si iMtvJsstntl
a doti majnsrova kedc mu r torn ckeeU
•prskask.*, «Mo pritom wirove SMIf Ts*
Wko halevetwe uplae ss vyfovna
strsdovekn, hs molsaie nrMte povs-
dst', la v terajiom ovrletsoots stolott
deje ea horMo vsel, ako ss oooho dor-
Ksd* sa alete v Reeka
ea sbbHoIm. tnmsHstiiia
hoeiy se svatdajseka ektoin vldJ. roi-
plsais as o earhsntve, Jskd um elte
vaaajei ak ksd* seta v ABMrlfcs take
nlsto <wbl. Is sa oslf videtsnf svet od
ta bm mtmt soeavrtealn od-na-
mn, ttedf amertrks no^neevtro kite*
ko nm, vtedy nsnedndl nal slova po-
tSMftes-ts. ha aaoask. sMo vlalte *****
avail as as raketalkof-pristVAwtatof*.
takto peaedseje sawrkk* novtos-r
otmo vsel fobotaMm l>Ms, takto a«|^
rsvdlvo lateesMUs otofkb thwtefm.
■Wort ho svojHnt -rwitsnil mfrtajw!
M (aftfwMo prww-wwh n««mt sf»ton
poHsaost'oo -ms «yi'. shy erne a tin-
We Are Heady to Scratch
6ft yonr hill say Item ot lumber aot
found Jest as wo represented.
Is no hoous poous ln
This Lumber Business
When you vast spruce we do sot
und you hemlock. Whon you bur
flrstclsss lumber we don't slip -la e
tot ot culls. Those who buy enoe from
ui slwsys eome sgsln. Thoss who
have not yet msds our acquaintance
are taking oneness they wouldn't es*
oounter If they bought their lumber
— Deelere In —
Uumbar,  Lath,  Shingles*.  Sash snd
Doors.    SPECIALTIES-MouldlnflS,
Turnings, Brscksts, snd OsUII Work
Opposite Q, N. Depot. P.O. ton U,
Phoss M.
R 0 Y h 1
Bap Unexcelled
All White Help
Gall in and
* ^
see os once
MojiIh tliat tanto liko
mother used to cook
• nwyi ~"'ii
Best in the Pass
Jos. Qrsfton, Preprleter
Stsssi Hosted Thtesgbest
Slsettle Lighted
J. L. 0ATB8, Proprtstsr
Fernie, EC
The Leading Commercial Hotel of the City
\om* takto nksimlf svojo
'    Vift
,99.91. *.
Wa Miaee Ressk oiieftee am tbe
wsnw  -e^m^^^w    HWW«|eai wmmmm WmtW' nee WW
ttea, t*«y do not ceass grtptai^a*
sHmp vWMMHE4n VwlMNNRVft li|iM|i i^m
^w^w ^^Nfw^^e ^m    WiW™   "MwerPWW
i'eem* '*** m m pm gNujiK^r +*k t*«y ****** mmm ISi^JtSlISJi'.i^
ymer mmm,  tm mmm noth- redo, ktoryf neenitojs sits sal wrtnl \ZS ~ m!SaaA.a!!t T^f^lS
•eg, elge aMMng.   We «««* jourIdvs my n m t#n kretky tee ssaAol!^ ^.TT^vA^',   •   * T!?
mm m mmmmwmmwwem w ^^^Mtjw jj_\mMLmmm jkww I M^Lsfw^jh^
s ^*^^j^~ p____\ ^u^mti^^^^ jlm^^^^^ mmrnempi^m mgpem m temmpememti
  |NWI|if IV! ■■!# 0MIWM %f te1
Wl wmW wWt tWm  WS €IWwWNPi|w et wmWWm wNlemmto*
skysi aatodom. eby bmII I v ofeckods
ememei^m ^i^^p*!w.^w^   a^w^   mj   tmm^^Wn  pw™
tibt * fn%«   rett
Km* teirkMHs*
J. K. MAtOVfMKf.
S&sxstsasseiam*, ■ w    w    ^m ^m ^^^m ^m^      *^^r    ^m ^m ^m
Mr*,S. Jeoninga, Prop,
L. A. MUts, Mtaifcr
pammPP* b******* b       bw ###-*r »## **p otO>4a\.t  t •*, ** * ■       **»»*.
tUiii^.eUi  Tlaii*       Zli.Ui'k   tlghi
Hot i Cold W*tcr  Sample Rooms
Phonet- Special Rates bf the month
Amu'Mi flu Sum
HOI pir in
et the hnarata wo* prmpttf a »tl*rftrrtt!n f J*V» irr*t%t1»ftn. ttti;
'"""     "~" "~ 1^^ jMiggtm**  -mimpp Jkl*  i|UHJ|m    lyw|||^  mm/m________t
imp mmmtwm^tt w^mr wm-p ^^^^^^ ^mmwup  mmmwpmpt^mwm
Thsio a«a.asM to bs ZJSM npokm
*pfmf m Moaaaaas sad emmm fan tbs mrtd
te dearei**4^^"-SssilelkeU, »H *d them,
nt.*** eomifmittH. Mpisc'io
eai 'WMieet ead at tke
immtmvmbk'-bmbm wmmmmtfm tumpmmmauatl 11amtw
ll wa sssaahsesfc tetaskiasaal kstt o\'^VISN™*WgimpuamK*>
. l, _  ^ *.  .. M   mmmmWtm W VMMIL Wa0 mm -la Witt**- *™ i
to tfm aiwe. be muOkH mm rwhn tnaP |OMlli*inilRiS"i«Ml*<*wrl
" * tt ntmt Of***
m oenstkiy • ttswe
■fta-'s-rtwdotet" tmtM immo « Popumthn.
P'Wt^iiiB  ^hpwwk     sr   mmw   ^pffffP^  tW  ffll? ftw*  frw* Wt tmmm iweWWw      rf™imfT
]tmm; Itt, 25c, S4c   '" ' [m mMMt.mt is mt". ksrsH ssss sem
ton ran fsry Retail Onlsrtlss tmby |»d'«. % *mo by •{ mala t sttravs i*A.
im Tke Hosall Ikna tmt tethtotoo* laobo mmm nmnmo pwrttmnm'. tm*
iedyofas.  W. a tilhlj. Dw^ajwtal
hi-^^^*_^^_   gl^*^,^y^^   4om i mh
eeewmmm, wmwWmp mm„,mm
■^9., .*»,* *-■*■ "■ *mr*
V tm »«*l |
I tnteOmOPm
fm tm m
•iMiiieni orwt ttsfe
Furniture, Hardware, China,
Stationery, etc.
.'   !•& al
i ' Till
'it- I
'Id*.!1.,* •* A\,XQfX^X
sy, Vp".^ \
A. ' X, '*.-..
f '>
WE MggMOT UDQEB, TONES, B; 0^-WWmil^^^4^^^W:.'   - ^SI^llfef^iM
"^ v "vur-
■- -rfl     ■tAf'" fefai fc WV '-rt
«„; <yX?^fk&
•*,'   .1 A "f*X'*<T*
?    'XhpMx^^^A^$^^4^^     Xl^'dX^,  • .    7,fX ---y *•-::', ,y   „x
7Ayx7iAX7'>   < yA-sSAr        ^r^tA'yX-Axs-XX'X    . .   .', '    T'-*  *  ■'•
■■   -X    "  "•-"•*     •-■'•'• -■   - .AA^^iAtiLA!AxA" * j>r •-„ ^w#_v^ <,•-■- '■ •-
>J*"''V ■*'
■•'MasS, •i,i^-<iiXA'AA&^ty-iM^\
. We. are showings
, an exceptionally
large range of Ik-
dies', new, and up.-
to-datei Footwear
for Spring. It will^
be our pleasure to
show you our
stock of many
pretty,: new and,
, stylish, lastsi „
Button Boots
are still in great
demand for this
season. fWe have,*
vi good range to
show in Tan Calf and Chocolate Kid, as well as
Gun Metal and Patent Colt leathers. Visit our Ladies' Shoe Department and see the'many different
styles on display.
1 i     -
Big Bath Towels 20 cents
A big serviceable Towel, good washer and wear,
er, dark and light colors, in big sizes for strong and
steady use.   Special 20c each. .
2nd, 3rd and 4th, 1914.      :      :      :      :      :
An unrivalled assortment of the newest and most
aspproved, fashions for, season 1914, in Women's
High-grade Suits, Coats and Trimmed Hats.' In
making this announcement we are satisfied that the
showing in Ladies' Ready-to-wear Garments and
Millinery far surpasses anything yet attempted in
The styles are identical to those shown in the
larger fashion centres throughout the, country, and
are exact reproductions of Paris and New York
styles, bringing to the people > of Fernie and the
surrounding country^* "style" show" of Women's
Suits, Coats and Millinery unequalled in its varied
selection and approved style combinations.
Watch for further notice in next week's paper.
Special shopping inducements will be given to
out of town customers.   uv ,
'' •*' 7s r\ A"7-i^)f$m i X^-^Al^t^^^A I'* XiyX-?-"
Our special^ten^jprings are*;sa^5ni^p^||^^i|li
number of people each yeek;^ yOOhere is such^an^^ajwte
you will be sure to see something you used ftiour Satu<da|l|Sieciafer
"   ^v -   .. . '- -.       i    \"     " ■*.*;.  .A~ ■* . -AAA,     --, i     ,   "xi   *■■#    T *. <?-fe. sn^ri" ^ ■!*■*'»**,*.      ,A t «%• <■
■ii.AssimX'Xx'A, \ ■:•!
' T r~VC   *>.-
,   ^ t „. t, x i - A*
JS^ Preparedsy
The rainy season is close at hand. Have"'you Unnecessary Raincoat, suit of Slickers, orTJmbrelli:^
keep you dryt We will make; a.display of"'Ihe*
greatest variety of high-grade waterproof clothing.,
you ever saw in Fernie.    ; 'A    '      \    ;
OU Clothing yy
.   We are Western Agents for the famous TowefcsiV'
Slickers and carry all their lines including Short
Ooeits, Long Coats/. Three-quarter Coats, Pantsit\
Leggings and Hate, in Yellow, Blackor Green. EV>r <:
men or boys.' Boys'sizes from age 4 to age. 15..*
Men's sizee 36 to 48.   Theae will appeal to every
man working outside. •'   '    \l*,l
Men's or Boys'Raincoats, in best English Pare-*
mitta, Gaberdine, Cravenette or Black Rubber.
Bach line is on display in. a dozen different prices
ranging tram $2.60 each up to $25.00 each, in sizes
boys, 22 to 34; men, 36 to 48. Come in and look
them over, ,
DISPLAY     -V,   <     n
A   R-.
V'!. ;-    '»"i*l-.>^ ixx^ AAl%t-f4', vi tt*1? \-.X
•j    %   A.     » '     -Vil^^'^^^VA.U'',-'
i-1^ xa~'S .. 'lyx-.   - yy ,X{itX'-'-r^SA
*• X'^'i"'*, ■       ""• '• 'm^m^^'shS^'hA'"',
t§^^IbA^9^J'J^{{rp' t$iiWl*
l   l. v,: ts',-- -„ -   ---•» I.--
^i '%    , i,. v-. *.t ti-*" >" >i
wA--S- -"*,- : %' -X^'.A
S-Af   • J*'
Here's where we shhie. We can stipp^r-ybu.with{ I;
every kind o|-UnibreUft thet w made/? From $1.W^^
to $6^00 pm%:''jfa£fi^^
' take down Uiji*blreUM?ffe
i««.  (hit variety is w large to^mentjon'eabt JineV-';,
Call and see our range.
,\'   .   o
wn,    I, *■-»,   ,*J.   *   *      ,
''t\*.   ,y ■■",7'K v
f~A}A   .•'>. \XAA
Xyy i*.*\<*j} A:*
73X -*
Jtr  ll.
: . ?„■> '■; n -t \.'v*A'
Al*AA^ -s..?-'; 'Kf
*9 9,'-U}£
',       -^1;*
i-^,   *,  V.I
' ;H-   -V
i- ' t •
, -,'i''.\'
Women's Parasols &
'X y .' -'A'A'7A
A range and variety big enough to please every
intending purchaser. Shown in new handles aiid
strong,durable tops. Umbrellas that are sure built
for service and wear;  Prices from BOc to $8.60. V ,*
-C -vS* 'y*^,^'.' ».-*:t A feA^fi'^AS^AyAlfAAxy.-    ','.".,        ,.,
,«t Weston ib Cream tmm^i^'iA^i .*.. ^per.tmr *->4?».>'.'
• »V     -,;.-/-..-   ■,  .  .&..-"--»Kt%.v*)*M*!*(%«.*i'- %,.if'y.'i.yy-:9:ti-tyii"i'ff
7?>,Parlor3woms ;\-^,^^^'666!a^^^^
; '/Bobin'Hood Porridge pa^s 4:. .\6;-lb/car^n; /?J|||
tfJ,"^b&iood'ltoUed-pa^:J,V^. 8-lb;p««ket: ''^i-'i
^'yi^fo«t^\'..y. J.^.^y;.:.i>.:pi^s::;^5
:4>; •*; HeinzfI)ni,Pickle8 [.... ^. .xA-Vi. "pjw.dosen1?1 iJO;-'
y^^^Allenbury's Infant Food,. No, 1 and 2 largeff .86,?
?yi; JUlenbi»ry'« Infant -Food ....;,. No. 3 laroo / .46 >y
^"iNe^estlofaht'Food." .;,...;."..'/...'.>.*.i."'•.. - .461"'
i „
Peaches . ;,*.,,;........;. 2 lbs. y;M]'
h. .^/BVaporafed'feies^'i.«.'".'/.; 70^80'10 lb', box ' 126° \
fv?Krieappl<2;lb;tins';:'.";.,%... Ay.i;'... 2 for;   55 a
v .\$m*^g$$lW^^ My'
• .?•'. Table ^gii;;'. .^^v:-;^ „-,'.;' .^.,-. .\,^per-tt;#^16r'
NaveljOranges .......* ,.■,.', per ease * 3^0
. Navel, 0imgesn.^k.>v; v.i..f.I per,half case 188,i
-   N*vel Or«nges,;per dozen;; ;^>v' 1...% ,25c to    .80
Jerse^. (^r8JQbe|ries I ;fe,.... ^.;.... per lb. .15l'%
. Imported Kippered Herring .......... 2 tins    -36
Red Seat Jam :.. I. A..... r..».... 5 lb. pail J50 ;
^yalBs^id Canned Chicken".,."...,.pw tin    J85_.
, Shncoe Pork and Beans, family size ... 2 for    ^5
Sauer*Kwit. ;".]•;.....;...... 10 gallon keg 5.00
Simmers' Garden Seeds ........ 2 packages ,05.'.
Heinz Tomato Soup .......,..>. sma|l size    10
Special BleiBji Bulk Tea »..;.....:.;; ,3 lbs. 100
LiquidY<m«ser ;,...;, .large.bottle    .40
Okanegaii'WMte Pdtatoes . SU ?pw 100 lbs^ 166
Money Saving Prices
0*34 *s-*-
•y-  a-,-,,t',.., -
.4   ,r.
 m .-«-*	
"•t   '   %jy='«i.r', .*,^?^rf      '.    *;    *-    '    I       ,-t.f..1* I .1 ■      t. ~      ,1-
saov i Ks-jjXa XtA "     i-* *   " ""   --■  *■--.-■.   -
T,!'y'' v• Xi.'"'><-a*-. ■   *.,!,*,•   • *.,'«. -,fe **t,-^   >
"44*^B W >-*-'*|
ThiB Stored
-*'W>Xt* J   ..     - -<-\ "''--?%;
*-, f"!
•s.    '
SA   *
A ssd scoideot ooounred Itounday
la oU, No. 3 odno to Hunuibrey Brans*,
mbteh pnmA tn/bnl ia « (ew hou» e^>
Jtarwsudo. Tbe eouse of the aeoldeae
•was ft losdoA ear of Umber toesttof
•iwmr Inom too ropo down, so ionUn*
osustat * eSTo. A ooosUeniUo tkno
mw (atoo to estrieato Win from <ho
fiUen roof and *ttnber, sad when- tm
•essod * iwsa sew that tiie uitfortuni-
stte uso •wss erusbed vory badly. Dr.
Weldoo beta* warned of the soottent
moo wnbiot to flvo tamedlsto stteo>
man. Mr. tbm WUUama, taspeetor,
ban-tag been muued of tbo seeMenfc
trss deem ben vtettlat the seeos of
tbo aoctidsot. Tbo Inquest was s*
Jourasd uottt Wednsedajr. Tho aloes
wses Uie on «staidar, Wirlap erory-
ons an opportunity of tabtag part In
tf» fonetal. Tho body was tsksa m*
to tbo Molbedlst Chureh, wbsrs *
obott strvioa iwao bald, Ths prases*
steft tben suited for tbs eenMtery,
tmoOoi hy tho Michel band. Mr. Ruo-
MM (sap*rtntondwit) and oUwr mino
oCBoMs took f»K In the ptwewtoo.
-Attboogh rain and snow fell twavtly, a
burge number completed, tbo Journey
to tbo oeawtary.   Wo kto InAmned
biotbw and sister,, tbo brother being
•mt bannm bent, having met wttfe en
eooUeot some years ego hx No. 4 ndoo
and losing aa aim,
Tbe eoaaiioetade boll took ptaee eo
ftldey night and a Wg crowd atteo^
ed. Ibo diesses sad' variety of ooo-
tnmeo were brilliant Tho suacessftil
prise wtaaan were ss {oUaens: Mn.
Batch as Olariha Washtaftoo, lot
prise fan* dressed; Mrs. Matt Ltttkr
ss best wpwoentsttve isdyj Roberti
Stowut ss best reoMSOntsttre. not:
Arthur NWwton, beet cocnie. Tbe band
turned oot tn ooetume In tbo altar-
noon to compete tor a prise. "WBUsm
Porter was tbo sisiuesatiul -"iwm*^
-Frank Newman was down Cram Cor-
m rhtmm tm parents f or • torn days,
On -Sunday nlgbt sn tapnsalve
antanorial oerrioe was bsM at iho
MeUwdlat Church, whan a Isrso 00^
^^m ^a^^ma^mam^^a   w/rmtamw ama^o    ■• 0*^^*m nm  WW   mw*9 p^w   ^^^i»^
craaatloo cstharad to show tbatr nm
oeet Dor tbo daoasaad bnlbsr. Hnas>
^r^^^^m   a^*^m     wm^mj    w^mmmw^mmm^tw   -memw^mmi^wep    m**^^m^mmw
pfarer Erans, aad espren tbebr sym-
patby toward tbe bereaved ftsnUgv
RepieeeatottV'M ef tbe ftiMftwliig ta
very  appropriate   words  espeassed
ttwtr eyinpatby toward tbe family ana
relsiblveo: Tbe Ixwal Unloay iho coal
ooopeny, fbobfaall ,<duA> and -MoUsodiat
Oburofa, Mr. R. Jones representing tbe
Local Untoo, Mr, Ruswllv tbo new su-
perintendent, mpnseniUng itho ooei
company, and Mr., Bastian on behalf
of tbe football <W> end iMotbodist
Obureh.   Tbe pastor's remarios wen
tbey wtatah oomo out of greet tributa-
tton." |( ■' x •..*»-.'.
Appreciation   '
Mm Jeaktasoo and family with to
aokaiaiwtodge thanks lt«r tbe nwne«ous
tokens ot kindness expressed end messages ef wwdo-lenoe received from
Irlends oa bebsM «f,tbe sad beraave>
ment experieneed lelt week by tho
death ot Hwnphwy Bvsns, whose
dtath nsntted finom sn accident ta
tbo mines 00 Merefe 1Mb.
Michel Leeal Union Notes
Ibo nguiar meeting was held et 8
p.m, bnt pocrty rapteeeated. If pay
dam won a IJtftie ottenor an laar
mt, thon would be no neettaa*
OorrascRXHlmee wae lead out by tbe
eeonury, 000 of tbs moet Important
Items Mag tlw ftodto»» otihohxim
pendent -mktmm M the mtaimam
AtJl«3   M M^mMStW. JL JRk,JSe   at,wj
Wmrptmm BsMlbMiivei Ftotut^ TlMMSts**
Special Friday
<(BACIC flll,*d TLTWflS"
Two RetU
Il Is 1 peenlfsr story of «erif!es tnd twir trsg edy Jsid in s Western mining camp in wMeb
deserted wife of ffsmbier promotes refonnation wt Western ottteast
•Tfi« ftmfd of Tht Human Tlgirs"
Tans Beets
Foarib of tlie Wmm Animsl tlerim   Tkms haw ai«R llit onn lint Iivt gwe befort.   1\\tj
were efcoek-fnll of oriftoal ineHenU end ««U inf sdrenlores tliat gate wrills nerer before
paralW^I by snhnet pHnrw, Tlie ad ion i« Iild In India, and wiib tbe large east and cur-
4«**-* i»k*M***i aw»»»w»» ia wut |*fo*e M» wo mo h*mk Itat
mam mmnm uem on thb latwt unootui
two Reels
Monkey pkotofrsphed 1st *A*o<\ imman's sores saves pttxmtA ffrt ttm f*»**r. At "Itav" wftb
Jans (Ml and Matt Moon
weec* tor tbs Pommm Pmpmw sad All ttsr Fesnne
Hom«ofTh« "Unlwrtai Programm*" Bt«t III Tli# World
rate question, tor eonuaot mlnem; at
so choofe money ss^NPOwd of those wbo
anontbomako^tvr,',J...,":,v  *   1?
Tbe elck committee gave tbofr re-
pout, two oaaeo being diaeussed at
rood leogtb. Tbe doctor ooosidored
tbem sa maitliigeriog oases end-one
of tbem heo.tahen atusnfcto to it end
gone to wow. Ttoeother "dont es.^
vy" yat
•Tbe local Uniim instructed the
secretary to srrito1to tbe niatiTW of
tbo deceased Bio. Brans sad eatprese
tbe aympstby of tiie members. He
iwbs well known to Mkbel and Hoo-
mer and wett reapeoted by omvone
wbo know Um.    -
Tbs took deekam, in booming «on*
eidenbly In MIcbM and tbe mloera
an hoping to strike a aeam of aH
dean ooal. We admit tbat tben ie
a certain awwmt ot eanteasMsa^ but
often it Je a vory dWIwdt Job to keep
itdeam -Umbommdltfmntdoeksse
m ■    aaamwmmma       ma w^ ma^^gmt   ^m  wOWWmw^imwm/m   m^rata-^-ma-i^wm
clause would make some amendment
► ♦♦♦<
Thtaoa an nratty atriet In Ooalburst
m mmm^^^^m WIW   PrW ^Wmpf > WB*0*^Wr  WOO   warwrwownmoow amW
Just st tbn pnsent Tbsmlnenwbo
an stfll suppossd io be In tbs employ*
nt ibo Oftte*1^ Ooel aad Coke Oo
oeMmted Mi Pstslek's dsy by wit.
■^iw^owifp^ip   pervv   «• taeaawaauwo *m   m^wmg    wtpa     w^^ower"
tag In tbo mtaSk sinking time daye**
™ atm w mom tmimm^mmt   w&m mmmmmm a^^r w^hk emer
llm daaos si Beeeotfa nletnn hm
■w ^mmr    ^^^^^m^ram    wan    mrmtmnwntFWW Wr    .^wwfwf wa   vew^VW
WTaeadar nlabt wss tohbt mm m*
tm nH bmtfn bad aa enjoyable mm
• w,^^f   ww-^^^^i^^p wa*^^w*^e  ^n  -tan^w wap^p  w tommPM
thm mm mxm wvtllaa vn now br*
^"w«^^»     W»^WW    -^m^mf^     n*nMM||     mtgm     OO^Wa*      m*p
ee tbo dtf*
law* etc.   Qafte * number of doge
*((■«» *fcgg« Ant an •Mmmmmtmmtit
**^^.*r *w-*^^» ********m^t w, ■*****^wmmmm am aam warn
l-1* fWtJ^..W>.?)Wt * ******
■•^■m ea pe^RW i^mmg SOSy ICOVy
ww Wm wmm «R
«^ ■ mm motw ^mssso msoe oars
ootttm vmm m tmn sns tno msan
tnmg .10 nas ee oosiy#
mi*** tt, *.i   9.    ...<*   a*<*    i<*.^
5* *     om*wtm    m*ww     *>>*#4*i*» g *
iJu^min mt^^gm^JL dll^aa  jakj-nuHA'aiuKttaiiaJfMil  ^^SiLmin  ^LJl^&^x. I **»».*»        &.
*m*am amwww aim i*»i-i(i|Wfljr*B Tim iihiiijji is/,\M'Ut-m tn 'H'UA llit' tVtUHmMl trnmntW
-',-,;= il *J .    ,    *r     ,*• ti-,1
baa seound oocupatlon tor aM banda
on one of tbe Jomon plantations octott
efiUthtorMgek - y -, ,,*■,/,^v*^
John Byron -loft Ooofljuist on Wis*.
seeder tor Ookmon, taen.we be>
Move bo bas secured si position as Hn
bom We an nocry to ton you, Joek,
bui no wieh you suceen tal your now
suneuodtaca,, We expect to see you
onee in a w-hflo In Ooslhnnt.
partoemand Is now doing toed week
punching tbe bag and getting'ta sbepe
to cbaieago any green bom wbo amy
bappen to drop ta unexpected like.
H*ny Black is tearing next, sralek
tor s vacation in the OU Oountry,
taking tbo wito end mmlly atone,
Hany eays timos an good now ta tba
old lond at homo, Bon voynpo, Harry.
BUiy Ooidon Is busy tbese dan
■hJiMjtag toroiitnra to town. lid's an ua
wind tbat Ween nobody good; aunty
tbe wind blown tben days ta Ooal.
The Local Union nt their meeting
lest seek decided to bold May Dsy
■flefflffliHrtimitloft \m % aninU way at noma
this year and gin wbatonr tbe band
caa aland to non and
tbo Wddke of Coalhurst, Wo know
tbe kids wtfl anJor tba fan bstter thai
•^^m-m  *^w-^^m    wa mmw  ^a^^g^pgj    .^mttm*  t.^^** eww^tltn^w   ame^^^W
will Uie
Conridenble, alteratloas an being
made ta tba ofttn ot tba Waldorf Ho.
ttL A orivato oohnaneii lemllsai iram
•*■■     ww  ■yowommmn iW"**wswpr w/^mimwmw^p mwn
the Mau eiieet dlnet to' tbo iMntitg
nam sad hotel is tains added vfekfe
■ mmmma   m^m^m    a* f  awn    W^F    T^W**^p    WPmi^PW^mt      "SSMWnn
will aaabla shIIm and dtamo as sour
tbe betel witboot nerinn tbnasb tbs
^mwm  waw p^p    -mm^^^mw^^m*  ^^vepw.^p^p  ^^pp^f^^p«»   ^^^ma
oflloe, Tbls sbtarntlen bas nseessMa*
tad tke oenitnetlen ot 0 toty band*
mppf a-wniie*** stalrosse en tbe Norifc
^giMg^ mA -Mk^fc *^^j|^^a ^SktfA  *hkum*^^s ^^^^^^^^ -H^b
ierier Impra? aanentn Wkan oeatalsto
04 tbe IViMMf wm bn« urtajji
^^mt ^mmp  ^^pj^*^w^w wmt mm^^w sWr^ewap mPwHft SHeiw wm
im ilAti. # eisjan Ptpm tp mmm  mmm mm+mmmee
J. Ot Tuner left on *m O N. M«v>
day moratag bound tor:Vk*ori».V    I,
1 •*»»*., *,*:
(J* ■-> 7
< AA Ae Methodist
16, Fred CMaHeo and
Tuesdaiyv March 17, James Itawh
and Ada Blows, botb of tbh oity,
'^'''W'W.liii'g^'wajl*?-'   ,t!-
Rstepemn ape hereby notifled to
onsent oetltlona tor tba oonaMioUon
1^^ ■ **** ** ***** ■   y ^r^^r^^t^r^^^   «^^v   *^mi^WF    wnra*m^wm a^i^^^wem
Of etd«waiks«ot Mar tban Aprtl 1Mb,
mt. '
Mnde, B. 0., March 11th, 1914,
O. W. ROW,
110 OtyCtarfe.
Any panon er persons posting MMe
or adrerttaemeata of soy Had oa tbe
nie wiii ho proseootoil to tbe full ss.
o^wn*e w^n mm^r summit
0, w, ]tOSI»
dWmm A1m4f
FSaroie, a C, Mawb 1W». Ilil.     IM
arroRB tot "
.  j.   *^t   k-^Sf,-*.   -^. f,"V ^,       1.
Atildta# -»of psritantei 'apply, to
•.•Local.'1 " T%"-' ^-'"'"ili
p»—I, ban, n
i-^nd oedlciMk
grown Dog Av
anlej-wrttie at cooe.  W. Paiwll, P.
aFan^^EcT^"    ■ a    m
torn fine,
TOR 8ALB~6p»«o«d R. C Rbede U-
land Red Oockerela, 1176 each; also R. C. Rhode lalaad ||gs lor
batching, 11.75 par settla* 11 ehleta
•earantoed; tttfng neorde, mm*
> be bent tor tbie Weston clUaate.
Apply Joe, Btepbeasos. Bei li, Oole.
FOR «alb-Ohs IM In Mow Mkbel.
Btook 4, Lot ii wtu sell at naaon*
able pries. Apply cr write to John
Rosbtoo, Box 47, Odsrnnn, Alta. Ill
FOR 8 ALB—Obtain saoaUed ior
Oreiooets, 8uMa, Peat* and Vests;
on sfseo. PSntorium TaOon onr
McLean^ Drag Store, UT
FOR BALJfr-^ThrnroosBod Mens and
tbno lots ta West inaraMi MM. Ap.
ply Wlta AtMnoon, Want Fanta t«
wis baPbrm ft ma belped to keep i
mLmggug   m&   ei-^L^m   ^^^^^^^mgjt_______je   tf^^"4^^    jn^jeL'
<etntle*a* wf aa** -tnmitr wmim tm »«*•*<•
0 lain tobla -aa^ta'f^n' ttotaa. tta
*^r "^m^^p ^^r ^^^^m -^^^n^^^Fij^^g wi^mtmmt ttmm^mt^wrwpp mwmtt
^n    ^^^^^m    w^p^mmm^tttmtg^  ^"ttmtmtmptmwm^mmt^^-^mm    ^^m
_wmetutp   safe|U|^||<g-^i|y<|^    dStafttak iMuaaHb  J^kttd   K-yuwuk
^^^w*-**n ws^w ^p ^emm^wtn mmmmm m^m mmttm mm^mi^m wswi^Hm
•^.•^ ^^^    11^ .^^^m t_&m__p mppeebk t^m^^ jtt
was™ m^^mt      -tw^f wn^lw  mmamte  ^.WPmMl --^^n^^p^^n
iftmAAtmmmt^m ^^ ^^^m t^^ ^^hj*^e___A t_m %^m^^
mrwm^^^^mwmgf mmw ^taFi^Wp timm m^m^^^w^^^m wm ewrw
KmukAub iilL*^   ^^^^^_J^jP__lb _______ _n_w ^hetmt    sSmh
nnnar ins wnaeisei gps o» jar. *#m
tar Wtitmam* «**    9*9     m*
Is •
onta wen ssalebid to tan
t\.m Tbo
oi nub tan Only wan (ton. ani ta
evaty ease tie colprtt oame tbnagb,,
w^m nmr, • wmtm aaan* a parami
mi aam wear, wen Ow psaaosen, WSWS
■nun     1Bg|tJBJj^---.'^&      *n^-^^*^^     ^^^^^^^^^m^^^Wt    g^^    ^^ujj^^^
^^^w   -^w^^^^p    w^w^w   iwm^^^mww   wmt  mrmpmsr
mhn m tm ^mu^m <m *^
9Mm^U\m      iliM   Ml
^mamy,  inatw at.
tbeeaterisg ta
aaaotaa eiaetaj'ad by
ip^Hgmtdk_____ m__i ^a> ^^^^^•a ^j^^m^jp^^*
wiauimu •«» wwr Biwiwyy womassii
ThurBdayf Man 19th
"AT CR038 PURP08E8"
AS-roelKleiiM^iaeofentwe. A dake nuuries a poor gM. Soo
■OU^'llMn *g  |u^^_^|^gL   ^^|^|A   ljj^^^g*'^jk   ^Jyf^^^a^^*-****^^   ^^J^yl^*-.^^^^^^
^ ^^W^P^^^^W   wF* c^^^W^^W  Jp^FO ^^^^^mPm^^e      'F^-^M^^nl   -JWi^PwWHIwWP
TUt Kit* of ffetrtbutlon
m^mm   m m^^^^jftmmj^-'^^m*impmrnf ^^w^^^^^^p ■HH'^"^    ^^^m^w ^jf^^^p ^mp  mtmtmmmm mmmt^mt     -**1 ■
Hit Flrtt Auto - A Rod Hot Courtship
ine i**ra eeesedMO en siwsys food. Hphtreet
OrStturd-ty, Much Utt
Thtt Land Swindlero
^ftjftttt^^j^^* Slat \ht£ fittt lo rn (be Uig- (italun,
ton, "THI lAJTO fWIMBUDtl," tad two other food nela.
uenT nil n ns un mm win mono nown we rfffWiTHl JMrii*
nMin BfoUwn nt uso Anfwio uwinf the (rent dytigtnito tmm
Trlmfwu ' IHtMMitoa


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