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The District Ledger 1914-05-09

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 ■y^y*X4% Y?fT ^ A
**. .*-•.-        > ^ '.vv*    *-'*.* S    -ttiZ3Az* *-i *.   , **-.
■-,    „ ■•   -      .    j..'.,^'.'       ';"■---, *' INT i^»S;'-^<'*i.-
.'.-■{.'■'.r-r^: --S-i'
XyA^-TAX.X^^x-X'X y[£-i
3,f"-    |T*
;,rndust^>ymiy4s.;Streagthi,\,/ .    '.-.-' :;>
■?.' "'■'• -XA%^y7':7X.A ':■'• .;■•.,*■■("> "'t -- :•'V"-; v
The OfficW..Orga»..<)tPistrict^fo. 18, U.M, W. of A.
;No. 37, VolantX-
:     ' . -\ * ■. Tx'.\
•; "*9j .** v*--,,'      * •**-*--m
<uAY , r   • ■ \>A'J-':-pmm
olitical Unity is Victory ^rfe^I
>, With "Old Sol'^at his Best Large Crowds Enjoyed
'I'Afrr xa  .. the Piiiest Celebration yeiTHeld ,
- - "Never before In -ihe memory of the
'< .oldest of old timers did we enjoy such
ftfavors fifo-m ths weather-man'*» our
.:   -celebration.   Those who .travelled1' to'
this -town from Sunny Alberta ,to' tbe
East, an^ the -Banana^belt to the West,
all enviously,agreed ithat.Fernle possessed a clime second to none, .jit ia
anticipated' that -rn$- a resistv el the
■•    boost, -toe ' oMauute, has", received, this
eumraeir" iwili; see'■, the introduction ■ of
.».   several;syndicates.intent upon sellin-g
., .-fruit .ranches either" on .the Jandi ad*-
jaceat • to ,the_:CIty • Park; or -the foot-
. .,"hills of tiie -Umwi"-Range, vi Several
'were unkind ..enough to*-," suggest, that
' "the- latter 6-fferei-i '-splendid prospects
for a^pacHing plant,' tout it is presumed
- - ;_ that these individuals -were interested
•in CuriOreaHj!1. .vaJues'to the East ano
,\. West. ," .'      '..„;',        „
-   "But,we had,a good time—we cele-
•' br&ted,' and  ye bave to  thank' the
weather, to * very largo extent for
'   the -success' of- the jday."
Visitors began to aMve from' the
\yeston the 6. o'clock' train on Thursday, aad oopitinued to arrive until six
o'olock en Friday night.    Very few
_'. virions left on the East, 'bound, the
majority <atchlng the 'midnight train,
for .fhe .West, and  the - six' o'olock
;   East -bound -Saturday -morning.
, ,     Gladstone Local may well be proud
-   "of their. effltorts.Jn.caterJng forfhe vie*
" V.itors and the tradespeople ot Fernie
were not, behind tn their efforts. There
was fibsslbly one regrett^e; feature
about, the catering^, ahd. that la con-
nection with arrangements for refreah-
"'oienits on the grouhd.;- (Most of "the
. ".^caterers were^shy -whpb.'iettfwn tor
-A. refisehmentsjwere^caliedvfor|:and as
■" ' .a tresuli" HvrWas---exclus4veiy "lii the
hands of one-young-man who liad s«f.
..     | , l-       1   . .." ... -,-.*-*    ',       *.■-*—  ^9Yf.t499'm.      ,99^*9, M.,,.1-17   «,. «**,    *fcv   ^/UU-    d^
Xlolent pluck and oonflden-ee to -mttkp.MiWn-nnte-nf «■>>■ t» _aiaxM,M.a^os^^i
''    "4-jj -i-=—r\—— ■"—■—-  -*., Li:v ■ r^~ '   "   1 * "—"  "    ir~" ■"     *fm—.^w»«^»—ttuvvcbovii     VI
a bid.  He deserves, all ii« got for his
courage and enterprise. ■_   .
'•W'Uh the arrival of tihe: W«* touod"
t«^1n in ihe diorhtogf.ait 10.30, the juro-
graan11 opened. Tba-hand 1-^d a, rather
lean pro-cess-top to.,pobsipn and W«-
Hngham'e Jot, where a wagon was re-
. quiadtloncd, as a platform H->> «wak
' -from;^^t«ftae wo^ did^Wlow^ oj^t Df'
the hand, they got *here, and -wh^n-. -■
Huiriy.vMattio,  graaid niawhaH  and
ohalrrimti tor the oocaalon, introduced
the first speaker, John Loughran* of
Beaver Creek, there wer-p between- five
nnd six hundred assembled to digest
the speaker's remarks.1
In opening bis .remarks the .chairman referred in sympathetic' term* to
the terrible disaster ln West Virginia,
and stated that it was feared some
two hundred Jives had been sacrificed.
John Loughran, on rising to spealc,
stated that owing to the limited time
(20 -minutes to half an hour) al&onral
htm It would be Impossible to'do more
than touch upon the fringe of any Important subject, therefore he hoped
they would eicuseWm if he dispensed
with   unnecessary   preliminaries   or
lengthy  references  to the benefits
which trades unionism tins ooufeiwd
upon tho people of this and all other
oommerclAi oountrles where employers had had sufficient business acumen to recognise Ks leaders and adopt
-the principle of eolleotlve tauvaitilnf.
The crudest industrial conflicts the
. world bos ever been cursed. Vith were
caused   through  t«lf<ouceite<t  cads
who call themselves "captains of industry." but whose environment and
early twining* taught them Uf look
upon their wage slaves as machines
specially invented by an aH-wtse cre
ed in, especially the nation that has
planted the Statue of Liberty in tlie'
Atlantic,' ocean in order to Impress
u^on strangers and iminigr-ants about
to tenter the country the ■idea' that
slavery or .injustice would not be toi-
erated.In any form, beneath the star
spangled, or the Stars "and Stripes of
'America, The speaker then went on
tojpoint out the objectlvelesson to be
learned from Colorado .if the ^miners
and other., workers are ,to hold their
own in future against tlie 'en-qrbach-
ments of tiMsts, and combines headed
by the R<Klefel!ers snd o-ther.mjllion-
aires wiho^e millions have bee,n ac-'
cumulated through skinning,'sweating
and bleeding the wage w"or«$rs ot the
oountry. 'We must-not only amalgamate with other associations* whose
alms and objects are; similar to-our
owl*, 'but we must federate,with other
unions wh^re amalgamation is' not
practicable," land- when we have consolidate all the available industrial
forces In this and other countries.into
one solid phlanx, we will then be ln a
position- to create a condition that
will-hasten the social revolution and
will-,put,-the. Rockefellers and their'
coHpartnens. out dt,-business for all
time. That sectional strikers have
■proved to be failures In the past all
wtll agree; and that strikes in the future, if they are to-succeed, must be
fewer but more elaborate most think-
ing men will' admit;. ibut whether «he
generad strike -win'end in success or
■foilure, much, will depend,, u-pon the
preparedness or otherwise of the . Socialist Party, "for it |s upon the political .rathe^ thah. upon the Industrial
orgarilsafio'^ of *thj> workers that the
future "successes ofVtrades' unionism"
Y^l^'tod'."L%iBa-lif,1we,sre to plaj- an
the future we >inust-get rid of tlie
party ;tycke-ritt|« that.at present are
threatening^~a$it our organization
into factions, aiid above all we must
place, more confidence in our District
ofHiciats- and "make; their positions
more /permanent and secure. He then
compared the leadewrof trade union-
thaf the men incarcerated for the dis-'♦'
•turbances on the Island last wr, sufc "♦
feredso terribly from gaaitric.and dl-'^t
gestiv'e disorders in ^aiL'The atmos-i*
iphere of the mine* had'rjMned their !♦"
constitution, and the*sliebitest change J ♦
in the^,r, surroundings affeoteii their -*•
•physical condition-immediately.
What, asketT-r the speaker, is tho
cause of this terrible death rate? Gas
and coal dust explosions, falls of roof
and coal, are' among the many causes.
I presume the Creek waters still rush
down to the Elk; and scientists says
that -there' is over a mile of water in
the air, but how much do the employers use'to wet the airways? The em-
.ployers bave no conscience; they have
a gizzard, and nothing else. The
risks; men take are great. Tliey
are, so '-familiar with the dangers
around them'that such risks are taken
in order to make a wage. A satisfactory wage scale; would, throw the responsibility upon the miner himself. It
would then make it as safe as ranching. jQwo.' ithe various companies1 pay
interest and secure a maximum of
safety to-ihelr employees? I say they
can. The owners had no difficulty in
the discovering of the,coal measures
for they commenced operations on; the
surface. I claim that all thewmlnes
at Nanaimo paid from the grass rootfe.
■What of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co,? The geological survey in the
(Continued on pag^ two)
. Chas. "Vernetti, lnternation-   ♦
♦ al Organizer, will address a  ♦
♦ meeting of Italian brothers in   ♦
♦ - the Miners* Hall, on Sunday,   ♦
♦ at 1.30 prompt. . -**+-
♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦, ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦"> ♦ ♦ ♦
• • i * ■
- .i;%-5'
About two hundred and fifty fans
turned up to witness the bout between
Joe Uvanni and Sailor Jones. Most of
them expected to see a real fight—but
they didn't Most of-them were dlsap-
•pointed at seeing both men ow their
feet at the close of the lifteenth round
—tout they had to he .content with
what the contestants put up and quit
the rink, explaining to one another
^J. D. Harrington addressed a fairly
large meeting at the Socialist Party
Hall on Sunday evening, Many old
timers of the party turned up to hear
their comrade and friend. Comrade
.Harrington, referred to the strike now
(being" waged , ,in Colorado and the
brutal attitude of the coal barons towards the* strikers. The capitalists
are shipping arms from one slate to
another ia" contravention of the law,
and they -do so in the name of law and
order.   Humanity was paralyzed dur-
The City Council worked a shift
and a half last night and -this monr-
ing jn their effort? to decide upon a
power roller and crusher to pave our
boulevards and streets. The Council1
will hold'an adjourned meeting, to;
night to consider tenders in connection with the street lighting material,
as they were unable to finish that portion of ihe business last night As a
result of their deliberations,, (proyided
the toy-law passes) the citj' -fill purchase a twelve-ton Waterous steam
roller and a Champion rock crusher
with a capacity of sixty to one hundred tons a day. The wish of most
citizens is: Oh! let it be soon. Our
roads could certainly do with a little
attention before the snais* again con-
eels the many defected
The scliool board trustees asked for
$20,000 to erect an eight-roomed brick
building In the Annex. From the fig-
ures given by, the chairman, this will
not only be tlie most economical
method of coiplng with the school
question, ibut will be absolutely necessary for' next year.
The new City Clerk filled his >of-
fico with  the confidence of an old
Ing the Paris Commune when ft was
made known that' bodies -were being iimer>' and appears to have a good
ibUrned before death had taken place, srilr oi the y,"or'k'
History is repeating itself at Colorado.
Dum .dum bullets are debarred from
modern warfare, nevertheless they
are used to shoot down tlie miners
who are op strike.. A bullet .that was
extracted from the limb Of a little
child .waa found to be a poisoned one.
A bullet of this description makes tt
impossible for anyone to survive or
escape the effects of blood poisoning.
This Is being done to the workers
who are trying to gain a little within
their slavery. The men who are employed to do. this work are amongsf
the most, unscrupulous. Formerly
tbey were clad in rags, their whole
outfit did not amount to ten dollars.
To shoot at members of their class,
they must toe well clothed and catered
for, tlieir outfit now amounts to one
hundred.and fifty dollars. You are of
•more worth .to your master when em
what might have happened if Sailor ployed driving the slaves" back to the
Jones or^Uvanni. had done what he mines than. when you are producing
ought to have done. Philosophers values. - The fight in the Oolorado coal
could-be heard, soliloquizing upon the fields is tx rtehit against Rockefeller by
evils of meal ticket stunts and the.'the mlners."-"ln Mexico the stn»P« gm-.
ator for their tue. Ueuco ibalr dread
of having to reoogciie what thpy. am
pleased to term the "paid sfi&ttor."
•ad one upon whom they looked with
pious howorf Out when we -corns to
look -amucd this magnificent crowd
of holiday makers*, young and old who
are sfppawnity out for a good time and
determined to «*»*• this .celebration
a day of fun and frolic, ws can scarcely Mfrain from asking ourselves the
question: "What about our brother*
la Colorado? How are tbey snd their
wives and families spetuUiiK what
should bo to them sn annual holiday,
and a day of gsnsral rejoicing sod
ths»fe»gjv1n«!" Rut what Co no «»4T
Affording <o iho press this noralag
wo read that within a Simile radius
of Trinidad no less than 100 persons,
men. women and children, have been
butchered -within the past few mouths
whom .are In office for .the past twen
ty, thirty..or more ye$rs, with the of-
ficlals of District 18, who. as a rule,
have to fight for their official lives an-
Atially.' He also pointed out tbat human nature had not yet reached that
state of perfection, when loyalty to an
officials might be expected from the
candidate that hoped to defeat him at
the next election, and* also that the
average would be offlpiai takes so un-
kindly to defeat that he does not read.
Uy forgive the official that defeated
him. Hence, the Wackballing. and
mud slinging which generally (pllowa
every District election And whfth, «f
allowed to continue, must eventually
split the association Into fragments
nesldes, no mattor how Intellectual a
man may be, it requires at least 12
months to roaster all the deUlli and
Intricacies connected with the various
mines in tho District, hence an official must be mole valuable and com-
potent the second aad each succeeding
year than what he was when elected.
He wound up with an appeal to all
members to actively identify themselves with ths Socialist Party, r*
minding them that the great and In-
spiring motive of Socialism today I*
the fact tbat Its Ideals, with lovo for
humanity, an inspiration tor a better
condition of things, and Justice for all.
that it Is which Is inspiring the beit
men snd women of every coup try In
the world. We hare also taken up tbs
task, sod confident in the rlghtwu*
ness of our cause, ws matt not turn
o«r hacks, but march forwards, mt*
tain that thn dsy li coming when Justice, righteousness'and iBtsrnattonal
amity wtll universally prevail. (Ap-
plaute),   .
Parker Williams. M. P. p., wsi next
Introduced *y ths chairman, and spoke
for some fifty minutes. Ths speaker
«»Mr Ths woririMt class are csUbrat.
fog May Dsy * he woHd over, in Colors-do tbey are celebrating It at tbe
mouth of the gntllng gun. In neelen.
PsansfUsafs. wbers tbs rsesnt sxpkh
•ion occurred, they sr* <-»ifftr»Mn*
around ths mine head or In tbs
monroe. it is thos bow the working
else* -celebrate May Day, The mrthor
Ulss would bars use eetebntte in flrr>-
number"or,times they had been sti)ri&forament ia .fighting tbe people for
before. * However, It was a most gen- j Uockefell*.. Verily be is king. The
tlemanly encounter and Reminded one '/people- of .Mexico are living and prac-
of■ en- affaire d'honne.ur between Pa- jtislng oommunlsm, theretore they
rlstan Journalists, There waa certain- \ must of necessity be crushed, for is It
ly not enbugh gore about the exhibi- not a menace to capitalism?
tion to.satisfy the sanguine,tempera-. Political action is an attempt to cap-
mejit of -those present, and no doubt ture the powers of Btate. Much of
.jtbe fistic art in Fernie will suffer as,our time is spent'ln discussing polltl-
a consequence. ml action and d!*ect action,«nd:whilst
The preliminary was not very excn- we are discussing the restive merits
ing, and the substitute for Mcprlde, (cf each question, the movement for
while doing his best, was very'-niuchlUie overthrow of capitalism is .becom-
out of condition and qutyat thysixthilng stagnant. We bave time and en-
round. He provided a teit, punching J ergy to .spend in various (pursuits, but
ball for McDonald, and we a^feed with' we .seem to spend but little'time to
tho advice given to the latter by^k think out close problems that concern
sympathetic member of the audlarice-'oiir emancipation, rin the overthrow
"to go easy." |or the capitalist system, however, you
The main bout was the next item, have to exjiend more energy than in
nnd Joe~ Uvanni appeared in the ring
and was kept waiting some twenty
minutes (bythe ex-nautlcal gentleman.
Prom the first round to the last it was
evident to all tliat Jones could beat
his man did bo wish. The Sailor,
however, appeared content to hluff the
Italian and allow him to do all the
leading, the result being that Uvanni
did all the work and Jones all the
thrwiteming. At no porlod did It look
like a boxing contest. A suggestion
that it was representative of a game
of checkers, entitled "Your movo
next," Is possibly to the point
Con Whelsn, who refereed the bout,
declared It a draw. Jones appeared
to be the fresher of the two men at
the finish.
producing wealth.
Several questions were asked' the
lecturer anil satisfactorily answered,
Harrington will speak at several of
the camps before leaving for Vancouver.
"HT clubs desiring of entering the
junior competition are requested to
notify the secretary .without delay.
■ Referees will kindly take notice
they are to be governed 'by the official, schedule and take up their duties
accordingly, without waiting for further Instructions.
A. J.-CARTER, Sec.
Played at HUlcrest, May lst. Hlllcrest, 0; Prank, 0. Referee, R. Ten-
Played' at Hosmer, May 2nd. aii-
chel, 2; Hosnuer, 0. Referee, Jas. Wilson.
Played at Coal Creek, May 2nd.
Coal Creek, 6; Fernie, 1. Referee, A.
9   Coleman
Secretary,    W.
Green and White,
h   Walsh
Gregory.     ColorB,
Datp Referee
9   Prank a   Moore
Secretary, A. J. Pratt. Colors, Black
and Amber Stripes; Black Pants.
9   Coal'Creek   h   Tennant
Secretary. J. Hardman. Colors, Dlue
and White Stripes; Black Knickers.
This was a game of football (la
esse tbe question should bo asked),
and the score board read »-t In favor
of "The Crows" (who bave been crowing ever since).
It has been suggested that a return
match be played, but whether this will
be on the Ico or on the football
ground we do not know. The clerks
were out to enjoy themselves—snd
thry did It. and thoso who pUyed did
Voted by all as the Jolllest evening
ever spent, lusting Just long enough
and providing enough to eat, drink
and smoke to make a fellow comfort-
um /KJVi*? "ft t1 thr. <*?'«* whl"y8iripeJ;
Hall (Ingram's) described by all who 	
COLEMAN      *
Date Referee
3   Pcnue a   Walsh
Secretary, W. Ctowan.   Colors, Red
and White Stripes; Black'Knickers.
Date Referee
9   Hosmor        h   Mooro
Secretary.   Kvaa.. Morgan.    Colors,
Ked and Hlack Stripes; White Pants.
Date Referee
9   Hillcrest       h   Wilson
Socretary. W. J. Cole. Colors. Oreon
9   Bellevue       a   Wilson
Secretary, J. Urehlcr.  Colors, Green
and White.
D»te Referee
0   Michel a   Tennant
Secretary,   lt.   ,Iohnt*tnne.    rotor*.
and wilt travel to Michel to play.
In  tbo match  b*-!w#>oii Frank and
DENVER, Colo., May 4.—(Special)
—After a week of fighting, in which
at least twenty-one funocent women
and children and six men are known
to have been murdered and cremated
by the hired gunmen of the coal operators wearing the uniform of the national guard of Colorado, tihe armed
forces of striking coal miners and
militiamen are holding their positions
tonight under an armed truce while
prominent men of the state are meeting day and night at the state house
'trying to relieve the terrible situation.
Never before in tbe history of the
world has there heen a slaughter or
innocents whioh aroused such horror
as that at Lud-iow, Colorado.
There were 406 women and children
in the tent colony. Of these 200 have
arrived at Trinidad, twenty-one are
known lo 'be dead and the others are
Probably the most terrible and sickening phase of this inhuman slaughter
of the wives and children of the striking coal miners wais the burning bythe gunmen militiamen of twenty to
thirty bodies In a huge funeral pyre.
Por -three days these murderous assassins 'prevented red cross nurses
from going to the scene of the massacre. ' It is believed that many of 'the
wonw.il an-d babes died from suffocation who could have been saved had
'«ilie nviK'tia allowed them relief. One
doctor who went from Aguilar to the
scene of tho wholesale murder to ad*-
*m*inJster relief was driven back by
the bullets of these same gunmen militiamen.
In one ditch alone were found the
distorted bodies of eleven small children and two women showing t^at
they had died suffering great agony.
From every section of the country
have comeioffers of anmed assistance
and checks wltih which to buy arms
and food that the striking coaJ miners
may continue their,fight against, tlie
coal operators. Union of ficlals-hope
that the thirst of Sunday school teacher J&hn D. Rockefeller Jr.. for the
blood of Innocent weaken aDd children
has heen satisfied and that these guns!
Rockefeller, as during  the prist iwo
Since Monday owo weeks a so wheu
150 assassins of the operators hi' ml-
IKiaaucn's uniform attacked the Lud-
low tent colony with machine gun-H
and explosive bullets slaughtering and
cremating '£\ women and children who
havo been found and probably 100
more who are missing, the struggle
has continued without cessation.
Proof has been established by eye
witnesses before coroners' Juries that
-Xiculs Tikas, leader of the Greeks, was
beaten to death with a revolver, then
kicked In the face and finally «hot to
cover up the heinous crime; slain women ami children were not only
thrown into/a huge funeral pyre and
bunied, but living mothers and babes
were burned to doath according "to
the testimony of 'Witnesses whtf havo"
usctuped from the horrible disaster at
I.ud'low. '
And with all of this John D. Rocke:
feller calmly announces that he will
never conifer with hie mt-n, thut ho
will lose overy cent in his war by machine guns and torches on dffanseless
women and children, and that his
Sun-Jay School teaching conscience is
.clear. The position lie takes should
arouse Uie laboring people of the
country to the peril that confronts
(hem. v
Prominent society women of Denver have organized relief committees
to receive conti lbutions of money and
clothing. Relief Is coming into the
headquarters of the United Mine
Workers from all over the country.
Since hundreds have been made honw.
less and lost everything they had,
these contributions, ao matter how
small, have .been greatly aprreciated.
Strike leaders are hopitfg that the
federal troops in the strike, districts
will restore peace. Tliey iuue always
been maintained that there would be
"Tumw. na wee-awr: mcy nave announced, however, that they will fight
until overy ono lias gone the way of
the slaughtered ,27 bef-ora they will
surrender their constitutional rights
to the coal operators and tbe corporation owned staite militia.
Indication's are that the long-henaid-
ed industrial revolution has started.
Men in every walk of- life are organizing themselves Into volunteer companies, armin« themselves., and awaiting
the caM to arms to prevent the further
slaughter of their brothers and sisters.
The typographical union, one of the
most conservative in the country, bas
contributed |500 "to buy arms and am.
munition." ,
Saturday 1.000 women stormed Hip
state capitol at 10 o'clock In the morning and demanded that Governor Elins
>I. Ammons call for federal troops. He
refused but the women remained at
thoir post un-lil 8 o'clock in the evening and forced lilm to Issue the call.
Today in a pouring rain storm 10,.
000 iiersons crowded the state house
lawn In a monster protest meeting
againvt the murder ot helplegs women
and children. They demanded tba*
the governor resign at onco, that the
coal operators' state mllltla be withdrawn, and tliat 'Major Hamrock and
Lieutenant Linderfelt be arrested for
tbe murdt-r of the Innocents at Ludlow.
"trouTOTaii iong~as the state militia
mx;!o up of IlaldiwlnPt-li-s a-aaasslns
and barrel house bums and command-
id by willing tools of the coal corporations remained in the field.
• « ,
These militiaaien who draw salary
from the state and the coal companion
havo always assisted the murderous
mine guards tn their work of carnage.
Kor six months they robbed and plundered strikers' homes, insulted their
women and children and in evwy way
jwswible tried to break the strlko
■wh!lt» the guards were carrying out
their itart by murdurlna the oppressed
miners' leaders. The state government made up of corporation Jlcksplt-
■lies ins approve*! 0f ail these outrages.
Socretary of War Garrison has Issued au order "nailing for the disarming of every one. If this Is carried out
to the letter, peuce may result.
1'hcry mine guard is a deputy sheriff.   There is a question a« to whether
the)  will Insist on carr) Ing urate as •
deputy sheriff!..
Tho striking vtxil miner* fuel that
If tlie mine guards and deputy slier.
Iffs arc disirnw-d th«>re will be no
nee I for their having guns.    Hut If
were fortunate enough to participate.
The smoker waa promoted by tbe
new VMy Uaseball League, of which
Mr. M. A. Kastner is president and
Charles Claridge secrets ry.
Speeches were delivered by the president. "Dad" Hleasdell, Chas Claridge, the captians of the four teams
which comprise the league—J, *M«c-
IX»u»l   (Sluuuj,   Klikpalitok   (Conl  Hed and White. .
Company), n. Smith (Ihrtender) and     „   L1 !
Miilhondnt  iCIerku).    Alt mm thoir'    forW» °P*«" the season next week
opinion* of the merit* of their own
"Dad" IMcasdill delivered n very ,,,.,
nest and helpful little speech, pointing|I,U'WU,J "• *■* >•»■ «•*«■-- »-Trt"
out that while financial anslstance w«»jnanf on,,B/^ "» "u"on and M- »"*-
very necessary to the life of the1""80" °" lhw "*w ,nr n«hHng. and
league, a real enthusiasm for sport!!""1'0'1^ T* *" tlw ^l***** Con,«»»-
must prevail If thr-y wotiM bn surress- VT' *h° h«w "■P™** """« «««|
ful. II*. Mt sure lhat ll vioulA not b^,,,!,y"'" "' " Mn? »««
through lark of material If they f.illrd.
but throuah l«<k of -tohenlon and a
{th-n-Ho two bodies of uf-saiwlns aro al-
a»^SS!ll*JS!SL *»S? ^T tt m0B,ihww> lo k*e*> tMr suanWv there is
ster demonstration. When ah* appear-1 t.„riaii, to u» iruulAt*
ed nfter making a hurried trip from' v™n ,0 l,H ,rou*>1<'
W-nshingtcii every umbrella went) And while alt of thene n-egoiiations
down, every hat went off and thn men j nre going on, hundreds af women and
sUiod tlK-re In a pouring rain for twoa-j child run. llit'lr 1k»uu*s aud ail their
ty minutes whilo she assailed the lick, j effects destroyed, are huddling in
spittle esornilyeB of theistste a.r«l tii«Miolls iu Trlnlda-l grimly waiting to
Rockefeller Interasts who are ruspon., „„, wbp(h„r t|„, horrlbl„ w,r of JahB
!>. llorkcffiler is to be continued and
wmcd-rrlni; wh*'tli«<r thov are it*** n»\t
sibie for the Ludlow slaughter.
-Tbe horrors of the Ludlow massacre I
aru tuo tiuint ruus to mention.   Ono >,   ,       , ,     ,     , ,   .
child.  William  Hny«W, Jr..   II.  -»„>•« »"'mwHtivd and i-mia'pd a« aw
V-.t a:.I Wlii lo -luoMklui h1h>u  ""-I" »"•■»"■• -   f 1   •''■'"     \X
he ran out of a cellar to ««* a flrlnk '•»*' ma«rticn«.
for his mother.   Wlien tftn mllltla hnd      At 8:m IL'tfiH HHir-it** !n Innlf'H-l
mi tie* to th* torn «.iuii>  uiH«t ur- tmny & lh(, „„.„ haw> ^t«wi#h«i %
ders of ..Major Hamrock and Mraiton*
s«u Linderfelt, two lltt'w tots, aa-wl
tu*\i*n and n4n«» rati fr*«>i ?n«ir fmt *r.p,
hmn* only to he drtvi-n Iwi-r-k by bul-
Vu into the tnnt to be cremated.
Hut of all th« naijtt-t-n-Ung twws of
th<» inaMAMv. tbe murder of Louis
Tike* *na tb<» t«o*t h<iur-ibi-t». itnui*
was tl'*. t«<ni1f-r of th». <',r**t*k*    Wb*n
••amp. Tbere \h**) wait on ih«»lr arms
not knoAiiuj "*tnn lUn-kef-Mlor's hlnid
assassins m»v kw<« p down on 'h-Htn
X-PU'tirvH  nr.'   |ii.i-.t.i'i'i,- i   (rn
£!■£"!"* f?t!-    l'1^" *M. "^     The «*mmlttee wish sll iho^ »ho
In order to gratify tb# bloodthirsty i tarobtr.   Celebrate   wkmtr   I   Amt
crartnis of ths Rockefellsrs aad other! know.  Oorftiwftith^Tk^T^
not trouble about scoring so much as
^ior^tlJ^t;;^ — «>>™™«<*l tkt.lt*** art** en* U — «' ^».    A ^^
*h« ten' «>lony was attacked b/ the nttUy. Mow'sy «!•<! T«<»**4-   .-*  this
jrunnitMi iiitllfianK ii 1:p r* tna*i u,'«*•**- *'m'*.    Coiiilr   f. ,t(ur*r»   bi*:i,rl.    tt*.
imiil cvfr** woTO«!n ei*A rktld •«• *•*«.••   «')*«•■»   »»■ 1 .♦*■•*  "v.- f. ,<•>'■    >,*• ,•   >,'}
HKj*l»hji,nf.i|,{ tJwwitm, r« J**- ;,* «,H*n nnd -fti}oyt>d af  iiii* i««i>ulsr
-.,..-*-_.     .. ^^^^
ability of ihose responsible for  the Pi»»Jdod herould have*  sub' to run.|w t|ln( thP rjllt) rMn
sooie, hat JadgiRg from the painful    """ —'  ......
M»mn nrrtiitK^rn.-fif with th* nwr^irv • lr<< kc-t t-n »hr
^^.-ti^tunm v*,mat*«m vt Me mm | esisOiMsd is the springUms of hod
ana bodlw and souls of the w»fOftsa*-It)ay. beeootm it Ihis ths
limp whl^h several players dcvel(«ied
later in the day we are inclined to
believe that some coiisl<J*raliI« Uiwi-
mtttt hare elapsed sines thejf obtain-
.    *. *■»*...    -.9.,919.      y«m utttmit fttvualf i'"* -'
\t*n nert-ntt *ht* --Vn'i   ir.-itiV    n.i, '   i.lMV't-
the players belnr tno tlr*d ftfter H<» )*«*•» « ^fver Pthfhltlo-n
-Ote m^Ulem ill. A. Kn.,n,r, »*•«^S^««^i«l?V " "*
.«.«kt. and  promised tb« boy* »v»ry ,    ^ foi,n„1rn, „,ir„N m „„,,.,.„,,
ssst. an.:, to carry on the leatue dur!,0 „)(,y „, ^n^ .^^ mmnn m
The feafoi* of ths evening was ai,,.,„♦»   »w^  ci-i****,,,   ♦,,».■*..•- »♦•«*..
«,(•« i'
».tll   #•<    iti'itf   llll.t   ««<l   |l'»»lt"*«   I'. *.j   »!j».
who ae» forced Utrotuh eooaooio cir moot   When those p«op)« who wish
ewanUaco* to kottme their slaves,<m ♦„ r<N>v«ti> «.»• t^Vt,....T Z
^fjgtJMff--w>> <**S*»»*timltt»wni gtre «. «me.htag to«**'» """** *"* <a *** wo**
tlw J00 wags esrners or their d«- ersspftw opon us.
thocsond  women  and  children ars'twwi, tot, hot t hsv* mt.^uMTsm not
woaasrir.**    i.v*n.*-lt*»,   i'mmIWm
^."*Zf,^ *,*»»"»i«»*« i Atklmsoti  and   Rlb-v,  ImIvm
' >: '"   __      ■'i-'||-,U4»w», BtMif.a, turiwt-ii end Wsuwin, t
#ihi» >hm«*^ ..a .. v    ... («*«—   9,r.t~„A   .fc.t-  _______TlV *"." i'<"'»»riii Isbwrwooj and Corriaan, r»-i
nm tisartsr of oa boor to become !*"«**  voiced  their aopreriatlon  byl^^^, I
**g/ie*sivs. ttoMadlyapi.lsu.ling. .   ,n  hte. m*mmu*im. «r u» n un«.« I
(oubdly ap|>l«u«ling. ^^
"Crows." |   Among those *ho eontrUmted vocal | ^^ walTs^'r of"th* rml"*mnny.
-OO..H W0OO..N or AM...C. «*- i-"*. -»- « »|55 Zj&S.'S SST" "* I
- -. jeiceptlon of warn, who finished ani __
*»        rT- twovnielal camp ly nnd wl»h n comment which the ma- , j
SfrSn*,»lu!»l<TJ*n *nWB* **W* *IH' • *trHr **' 'h" ******** M)M *° "f1**-1    Th* ^*n»^ »Wk-k Cimminv nnA nor-1
W**    nml likaia ia   Th, «jju um M^  .* i-7-' _—._AX.-    .l™^- ^ V't'-'-: A"-"**  ■' -,.'».-..<..,m,Mi,iM , «.Pai rcsidcou of  West  1-Vr»k have.
!?S»^Tr^ls^,,Wl»W!,„^                                                                                                                 M tk* csMtata Cbnttm Cl*rt«**Utpert*o*t«   ********   nttboynrml
Ihe o.ncr awe of Uc lUicklw, «UU4;he oilers hts life for hts countr* t*nt V»w-, .« f>^.«. #*. .*., """   '•'•-■'-' ■*--.*-* n,** ..«« ♦«^v.»,..,  r-n«^i«l  »»»».('* tirr   **.•,<.-.. -.^n
Vt^n boom ntntdJOi tot tbm by ^{tito^bno^ fh**r frtr ihM* Ml,ft M ^Tbo-^Xtto bote terete m*MU'.^
United Mlao Worfcmof Avsri^ hot \onS!rST   tZ m S Jtji T^ill^ ^X* *!.?!**• Q*f*>i»*->* '■.*■•"»* *** ^*»*"* ™<* *\*»* *»*> m*r**d*d tn tm-m »«oh|
a wi-ty loAIr "fn tl. *V An* atna *\ A.J\ *r*»te*t   Dtntltr'   ba*   'wn   ■,»»:#■   *n
htdor* k* wna «h«t.   Mmitcnant 15. If. «"rr,wd *f»*" i**Mr vnt?tr*fl<)>    (>n s***.
lAn&ttitAt   nhfirn tbt* t*. I »pf'*),. p-iv wrdar. m-ntttn'^ nnit iiin'?i/   '''•   ti '#'
•rnor  sttll   m1,'o**u  it*  t *m;,ittnA   Hit* ftrroritttliitt ot rnmrAie*   ' Wtt.-ti   i'r-
'i'i,t'{w. m IjitUtiw. U *i»td to hnvo w toa tbr«» the ttttit.' in tw«» nt-la, *\tt
«wrk*n»|:    I attiiXt'd a A     koo! *tw, " lw, .■»„■,»*    T*.** *\** *» - .»--.i   *—«.
i^,„^a ;; w., T<t::rLT...u «"* t"■*, ?i»«»» •** ««•"«. «nd i«
nn<l thn h»* al*> m»-lp h'« »■.-"*•♦• '**■*■*   "«">1'ut'1  *»  w»»   t«"»»* «'   » »»   ^>*«-
b« wtrt»!.« <~i«*ri imt tba,«»«( etdmy.    .•i,'"**J   «aio   *i*o,     iii«'   n.«*iu**M»i«-iH
1>c »'«*"**d W**a Win*h*we hi*.*. ■**,. f'<fi"i *h»* '*>* *»«v-»n** ■.■'" «•.♦ ~+iKhi
swerrd .«!l t*4fvrainui offer*nt ."»mM»»t ef huneirf-d* of dollars n« » tt*mlt ot
tiaatatiimtn* t,v tt*'.Vne them tt rrttit'n* fM* showing and an t<tr r* ti^i»n*-»*tv
tf*»'A   ,t-\t9.r't4.r l,mt     ■^•■■•■^     -V-n'^    -l-fif*     ,* ' l .        ,,»,'•
beieg driven from tbo toots and t«m- the ooal wbter la wen * n*»*w  .1      \t. n. «. -.      	
mmw hrtmam ****** ttt. ♦«.— u- ■ta^lJTX^V. v^r ™ **?..* ******* «* J    Mr. IUrm«, who ot*Wf*m the voat-,rm*>rx thft-r tt*r tho»n %ho had «» * T*# |»o?l<* bor* netntr**
oztd muniner tot tits VerMe IVmumu-.I m m'm «»•♦• ^ventnif mrh ninod ateo oo*r*ed*d In
^dtbwovewnebod,bomt4nMt^\mtnnrninKfrM^^ later (* io.-.m -wpsny ««»««.». satUj**!   tmtHemttte   m   «ik*r   penim.
enA 11
do.   What
.   ,         M   ,    ■   '*b*ntt'ni^mi**rrb-ii'MW*itWln\bndUnn hotdlar tha *nt«^ ill.
T     ' tt "k^ 0ew,^,«, «wit»«ssj oemmted with thn rodwmma*%!rt» 5^?^' rJUPv    2? - "        '	
iSUta aUtM tulU-vkik ut m metkm X*m eeVrn tmaet thai *« »»*»?«,» f« »i.» ku   ftJ.     _/    "*'.      .    Lu***mA ■»V«*«k#»fr«. «*.    *- - .«—-«• -<» m»h * a
that i.'.*»• had -MiWiwM rmt* ot 'ho'Tbt*** ptrtt<*a em* M%< <Mr"'*:«r "b*t '
tr***t, t\*r km io r«ra!f»      |ual<M» tht*r lasm^f'At^r rt*»u*r* '*>* i
■ww»*»irr tn ttra^atttiiirm property.
n*! n."-x
emr If foond )**t*vm pmvtdtd  w?'»i   !*nrd sw!  Ae* \
;?«'n'lon hi 'he lv..'!-■•■ r !'--!Hce* '■
tfamy lor i» r»»H in »t»*> p-wif nf «•>-
ti»hfr *»!to*«#M«-r. whMi a*ema !r,»v!f.
e'd*' ea k'.ne em tbo atate wllit'-■» fi»::-
m«a unA**r(Urn-mi Chas*. Msjor »f«m.
rwk ind Htfriicr Llndorfch r«m*tui !».
t'i" s'r'.fce iEon«».
IWWWI   '*r»»rt    Vtf  I      ,«;. •'  "
■Ai U-atU oi,** UirxtrM mm. wttmtti
tied tbtArrfi -nn* r*\'iv*f*rfA nr i-tv"--i-
«■<! iM nm r**9+ n:. m'-vf-fop tia -n v-
«utt td thn two wi*]!**' war of »if>lo-
**v." bnt'-t-a ■** A *■■>•»-h tr******* >iv ?,i,*ti
U   nt>(.Xr,'f't*v,*r  n»  th'  s''r'\i.li'*)  ctil
tt-rVrtA     t9**>)rt*     »*-■"*      *.*:. 9*9. .,      ..,.*•,.. •
0 futj«*on. s.-iij-nSlf.-wl t«» *»ti»i<?«
*h* rt'A r*-rA*' Vn»-T •»t'i-s» of *•■■■■
*:-.,'' ■■;«.    jl.t     . .;„ < -.A',,     Jtjjjj,    \\
,-\',H  It IMl  vl»!*  :lii'. Wn o;   S*"inl..y        -^
for M«!i.|;»>. ,t ihrllj'i««t •]o',**ti*e
':::«. 1'. flv.> tfl-. "Pi.uu.ai**. Ths
Mali ot \ln!*r\-." !n ' Tt»«- W,r»<#>rtmi«
r!»«^r Print;" ,% Jiortkfi *», \ *\\\\ atw
*.*-.'.     . , ,*   ,t   9i     i   , '       e   .     ■    t.i
"* rvcft an I lh<- *t»!0-f».
. ,     T'.-  » - ••     -v.-    1 i-i.      ■  ■    . .-,
: " •■' ■•"t .i t..« ry. ,*. -' ■
t:,\*f »ji,ry t**rr tttmed. *r,".'itd.
H    -    ■'     -     !»■,-»*. -      Tti.    j,;,
f " |: •        l*t  il trr tutt*.  iif;**»  rt9t-ft*t
\t*>i**tr<(     d'KrrtVi.risi.     ,:      , ,xi%    It**
..'■••'   .*. •".! ■:?ui.'rI*..* {,!..*, ft  eltKk
Sius.    Tbs* w *»tfetw!t  atmt-'
i*nt.f. ^
W'W^fflW'Vi'%'"1 t*t99) 9*]£"99'W**tX!4-.*"9*i.-mii ifcrwn'
^'■t"y§^f ' H'Jf^S~t'
apwccmiammBrijli^ii^\j.v.*eyiAmlajf4f-jiY >-»}'"'•S^a!^-Sr"rx^f T-T> i i".li >*i ' • '■'•^wMii—        ■'■^■^k. TTriB^^^^M-M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MSW***y',WF:***cffil'SSff ■■' ki^B('>p^npTwy^w|wy»^awa^»w^iT^wtnp»iiwwp*wiW',"^y"^ win|^^*»**wT-;™***H ' *>i..-  "Ty^TTT.. r*-.l?^.Z—^-jr^JZA-^^MM^^M^^^^M^^^MSl^^^^^^M
it lbdqbb^erhib, , b; c, may 9, i9i4:::.-<" '\ . :"" x:" V*--^ ,-•• *:- '-^r-, ^    ■^•^^^^'l^^'ir 1
*»^MHHMMM^¥^HMHMMf»*f¥»»*» V ¥ ¥¥¥ V ¥¥»¥¥»»»»*»»<
,*¥■¥ ■¥¥»¥¥»
W*t£ib Jt JL JL jflL JLs#- •• •
Let us finally suppose that the
money price of labor remains the
same, while in consequence of t^e
employment of new 'machinery or on
account of a good season, or for some
similar reason, .there iB a fall -in the
price of all agricultural and manufactured goods. iFor the same amount of
money the 'laborers can now buy more
■commod'ijties of all lands. Their wages
have therefore risen, just because
their money price has not changed.
The money price of .labor, the nominal amount of wages, does not -there-
.fore fall together with the real wages,
that is, with 'the" amount of commodities that may" practically be obtained
in exchange for the wages. Therefore
if we speak "of the rise and fall of
wages ihe money-1 .price of labor or
Uie nominal wxge is not the only
thing which we must-keep in view.
But neither the nominal wages, that
is, *tthe amount of money for which the
laborer sells 'himself to tlie employer,
nor yet the real wages, that is, the
amount of convmoditle-s which he can
buy for this money, exhaust tlie relations which are comprehended in tiie
term wages.
For the .meaning of tihe word ls
chiefly determined by its relation to
■(.he gain or profit of the employer-
it is ;t proportionate and relative expression,
The rc-ai wage expresses the price
of .labor in relation to the price of
other commodities; the relative wage,
on tlie contrary, expresses tlie iprioe
of direct labor in relation to tliat of
stored-up labor, the relative value of
wage-labor and capital, the proportion-
ate value of capital and laborer.
Real wages may remain the same,
or they may rise, and yet the relative
wages may none the les® liave fallen.
Lrt us assume, for example, that tihe
price of all the means of subsistence
has fallen by two-thirds, while a day's
wages have only fallen one-third, as,
for instance, from three shillings to
two. Although the laborer bas a larger amount of commodities at his dis-
■posal for bis two shiHing.s.than he bad
before for three, yet hi& wages are
nevertheless diminished In proportion
to the capitalist's gain. The capitalist's profit—the -manufacturer's, for instance—'has been augmented by a shilling, since "the smaller sum of exchange value which he pays to the la-
•borer, the laborer has to produce a
(larger sum of exchange, value than he
dhl before. The value of capital ia
raised in proportion to the vailue of
labor. The division of social wealth
between capital and labor has become
more disproportionate. The capitalist
commands a larger amount of labor
with the same amount of capital. The
power of the capitalist class over the
(laboring class is increased; -the soaial
position of the laborer has dotorlorat-
ed, and is depresSa another degree
below that ot the capitalist
What then is the general law
which determines the rise ond fall of
wages and profit in their reciprocal
reflation? —
They stand In inverse proportion to
one another. Capital's exchange value,
profit, rises in the same proportion in
which .the exchange value of labor,
wages, sinks; and conversely. The
rise in 'profit is exactly measured by
the fall In wages, and the fall ln iproflt
by the rise in wage?.
The objection may perhaps be made
that ihe capitalist may have gained a
profit by adventurous exchange of his
(Products with other capitalists, or by
a rise lu the demand for his goods,
whether in consequence of the open
ine of new markets, or of a greater
demand In tiie old markets; that the
profit of the capitalist may thus increase by mians of over-reaching another capitalist, Independently of the
rise and fall of wages and the exchange value of labor; or that dio
profk of the capitalist may also rise
through an improvement In the implements of labor, a new application of
natural forces, and so on.
Hut it must nevertheless be admitted that the roatik remains the same,
.although it i» brought about In' a dlf-
fonmt way, The capitalist has ac-
tjuirt-d a larger amount of exclMMfio
value with the iwune amount of labor,
w-Hheut having had to pay a higher
l»riee for the labor on that account;
that is to Miy, a lower price has been
liaid for tlm labor lu proportion to the
net profit. wli Mi It vUAAh »o tht» cap!
Besides we must remember that In
splt-e of th* fluctuations In the price
of commodities, th* avwniie price of
oach eomaiodIty—-tlie proportion In
Which lt exchanges for otlnnr eommoA.
Ities—is determined by Its con? td pro-
diiretlon. Thi» ovem,noMn.ir and trt.M<«i*
that go on within the capitalist class
thwfow necessarily cancel oue an-
otht-r Improvement■» !n machinery
aim! new applications of natural forces
to the service of production enable
them to turn oui In a given time with
the wtnw amount of labor and capital
a larger quantity of products, but hy
no means a larger quantity of ex
change value. If by the application of
the spinn-tog-jenny L can turn out twice
as muoli thread in as hour as I could
before its invention; for instance, a
hundred pounds instead of fifty,, that
is, because the cost of production has
been halved, or because at the -same
cost I can turn out double the amount
of products.
Finally in wnatsoerer 'proportion the
capi-tal'lst classes—the bourgeoisie—
whether of one oountry or of the mar-
ke' af the w-hole worid—share among
themselves the net, profits,of production, the total amount of those net profits always consists merely of the
amount by which, -taking all In all, direct labor has been increased' by
means of stored up labor. The sum
total increases, therefore, in the proportion la which iabor augments capital; 'that is, in the proportion in which
profit arises as compared with wages.
Thus we see that even it we confine
ourselves to the relation between capital -and wage-labor, the interests of
capital are in direct antagonism to the
interests of wage-labor.
A rapid increase of capital is equal
'to a -rapid Increase of .profits. Profits
can only make a rapid Increase, if the
exoliange value of labor—the relative
wage—makes an equally rapid decline.
The relative wage may decline, although the actual wage rises along
with the nominal waige, or money
■price of laibor; if only it does not rise
in the sarnie proportion as profit. Por
instasice, if when trcide is good, wages
rise five per ceiK, and .profits on the
other hand thirty per cent, then the
proportional or relative wage has not
increased but declined.
Thus if 'the receipts of the laborer
increase with 'tihe rapid advance of
capital, yet at the same time 'there is
a widening of thfe social gulf which
separates the laborer from the capitalist, nnd also an increase in the
power of capital over labor and in .the
dependence of labor upon capital.
The 'meaning of the statement that
the 'Laborer has an Interest ln the
rapid increase of capital is merely
ithis: tibo-faster the laborer increases
his master's dominion, the richer will
■be the crumbs that he will get from
his table; and the greater the ti umber
the laborers that can be employed and
called into existence, the greater wiH
be ithe number of slaves of whioh capital .will >be the owner.
We have seen that even the most
fortunate" event for the working glass,
the speediest possible increase of capital, however much it may improve the
•material condition of the (laborer, cannot abolish the opposition between his
interests and those of the 'bourgeois or
capitalist class. Profit and wages remain Just as much as ever in Inverse
When   capital   ia  increasing  fast,
means of a more complete suMivisigca
of labor, or 'by the more extended use
•and cominual improvement of maohln-
ory. The 'more numerous 'She departments Into which labor is divided', and
the more gigantic the seal© in .which
machinery is introduced, in ao much
tine greater 'proportion does the cost
of .production decline, and so munch the
more fmiiitfiuMs^-tihe labor. Thus arises
a manifold rivalry,among ca-pd-fcaliste
with itbe object of increasing the subdivision of laibor and 'machinery, and
keeping up the utanost,■possible progressive raifce of exploitation.
Now, if by -meanis of a greater subdivision of laibor, 'by the employment
and impravomenit ot new machines, or
by -the more skilful and profitable use
of the forces of-nature, a capitalist has
discovered the means ot 'producing a
larger amount of oommodiitios than
hiis competitors with the same amount
of labor, whether 4-t be st»red-up labor or ddredt—if he can, for instance,
spin a complete yard of cotton in tho
time that *hl&oo*m<petitor8 take ito spin
half a yard—how will this captbaiMst
proceed to aot?
'He miighit go oa selling 'half a yard
at its fonmer market price, but tliat
would not have the effect of driving
his opponents out of the field and increasing his own sale. But the need
of Increasing his sale has increased
in 'the same proportion as his production. Tlie mor© effective and amoro ex-.
■pensive means of production whioh he
'lias called into existence enable -Hunt
of course, to sell his wares cheaper,
but they also compel him -to sell imore
wares and to secure a much larger
market tor them. Our capitalist will
'therefore proceed bo sell bds half yard
of cotton cheaper than his competitors. ■ '
The -capitalist will not, however, sell
his complete yard so cheaply as his
competitors se-ll the half, although its
emtire production does not cost Mm
more -than the production of half costs
the others. For in this caste be would
gain nothing, but would only get (back
the cost of its production. The contingent increase in his receipts iwould
result from his baring set in motion a
•larger capital, but not from ta/vtag
made his capital more profitable than
that of <the others. Besides, the gains
the end he ls aiming at lt he prices Ms
goode a slight percentage -Kiwer (thorn
Ms competitors. He drives thom off
the field, and 'wrests from them, at
any rate, a .portion of their aale, if
only he undersells them. And Sultrily,
■we must remember that the price current always stands either above or bellow, the cost of production*, according
as the sale ot a commodity is transacted at a favorable,or unfavorable
period of business. Ajcoon&ng as the
market price of a yard of dotto. is
abovo or below *ta fawner coot of pro-
tal will rise much Caster. The actual
position of the laborer has Improved,
but it ds cut the expense of his socks
poeition. The soolal gulf wWcfo separates him from the capitalist has widened.
Finally, the meaning ot fortunate
conditions for wage-labor, and of tbe
quickest possible increase of productive capital, is merely this. The Coster
the working classes enlarge and extend the hostile power that dominates
over thom 'the better will be tho condi-
tion under which they will -he allowed
to tobor -for the further increase of
bourgeois dominion and for the widen
extension of the power of capital, and
thus contentedly to forge for themselves the golden chains by which the
bourgeois drags them In its train.
But are the Increase of productive
capital and ithe rise of wages so India-
sotubly connected as the bourgeois
economists assert t We can hardly ibe.
Ileve thot the fatter capital beoomes
the more will its slave be pampered,
The bourgeois Is too much enlighten-
ed. and keeps Its accounts much too
carefully, to care for that privilege of
the feudal nobility,, the ostentation of
splendor In its retinue. The very con.
d'.tions of bourgeois existence compel
it to keep careful accounts,
W© must therefore Inquire mare
closely Into the effect which tiie incroaso of productive capital Ima upon
With the general Increase of the
prodHctive'capital of a,bourgeois so-
cleiy a manifold accumulation of labor
force takt;8 place. The (capitalists in-
rri'iinf* fn number and In power. The
Increase In the number of capitalists
increase* the competition between
capitalists. Their increased power
gives them the means of leading into
the industrial battlefield mightier
armies of laborers furnished with gl-
entitle implements ot war.
Th«* nnti *-i".il';\Itp,': can OTib auii.ctd
In driving the other off the field and
takltijj ftosseaalon of his capital by
w.:?;i.;g his waivn at a i heap** mt«. In
order «o sell mor-e cheaply without
ruining himself he must produce mors
cheaply; that Is, be must helght-ra aa
much as possible the protltictlvwwws
of labor. But Ute most effelctlvo way
of making labor more productive Is by
'bor and replacing'the old macitnes by-
new ones, .wivicii.ithougli more expensive, pi^wa rafogio. cheaply, instead -of
V&tttag ;itill -competition has rendered
them obsolete.".    ';•;"• c
,. Let us now look at this feverish agitation as & a«feats -the market of .the
•wihole iWortdi; and wer'tihall understand
how tihe increase,' accumulation, and
'Oocenltration :of oapi-taH bring iln their
train an ' uninterrupted and extreme
subdivision of lafeer,.always advancing
With glganlhic strides otprogresis^anid
9' looabinual employment of neiw ma-
<fliifieiry,'*ogetfcher with improvement of
the old.- .
But how d-d 'these "circumstances, to
Reparable as they are from tibe dn-'
crease of productive capital, affedfc tho
deteraitoaition of the amount of wages?
The greater division of labor enables on© fabarer to do Uie work of £lv©,
■tenv twenty; if-'therefore mul*tipM©8
itihe campaWtion.' among laborers, five,
ten, or twenty times. The Jaborers
do not only compete when one sells
himself cheaper than another, they
also compete when one does the work
ot five, ten, or. twenty; and the.division ot laibor* wMch capital introduces
aud •oohitiuairy increases, compete #.e
•laborer to enter into .this kind of competition with ono another,
-, Further, in tho same proportion, in
which, tihe -dlvislonot laibor is Increased
the labor Itself is etmpMed. Th© »p©-"
cial skdll of *the laborer becomes
iwonthless. It is changed into a monotonous and uniform power production,
which can give play neither to bodily
nor initellectual elasticity. Ita tabor
becomes, accessible to evoryibody.
Compeltltorsp therefore, throng initio it
from all sides; and (besides, we *mus|t
remember that tho more single and,
easily learnt the labor is, and the 'less
it costs a man to make hlmsolf (mooter of 'St, eo much the low©r must its
wages sink, since itohoy are determined,
dike th© price of every other commodity*, by 'its cost of production.
Therefore, exactly as tha labor be-
com-es -more satisfactory and unpteas-
amt, in that very proportion camipati-
iflon Increases and wages deollne. Th©
laborer does Ms best to 'maintain;the
itate of wages by performing laor© laibor, (whether by working for a greaiter
■numiber of hours, or by working harder
in th© same time. 'Thus driven by
necessity, h© himself increases **he
evil of the subdivision of labor. < So
the result is this: itho anore he labors
th© lees reward he .receives for it; and
that for this simple reason—that he
competes against his fellow workmen,
and ithus compels th-em to .compete
against Mm, and tto offer their labor
on as .wretched' conditions as lie does;
and Chat he thus, In the laat (result,
■oompetbea against himself as a anom-
bei; of th© working class.
Machinery has the same eftecJT 'but
in a •much greater -degree, It supplants
skilled lalborers by unskilled, men by
women, adults by. cMldren; where &
is newly introduced it throws the
hand laborers upon, the -street in
crowds; and where it is perfected or
■replaced toy later improvements amd
more' invendons, discards them' .by
sllghtty slower degrees. We have
ekdtcbed above, in hasty outlines, -th©
industrial .war of capitalists with,one
oinoither; and'th© war has this peeuli-
pao}aweji*;..of- smaoMpepy-. extend," so' ^The?l0OJ0O for.-football ^was*-secured
m(!*&,4^qi$0!%^ to-
^C^iatse * aassoinfii:; flue jWwecs,,*ifl^a^-so
mueh^nftre^-i^; thoir- ayeragoYwiagea
dwamdl-e;.'-!-' AA-^      '' -:~' TS'-ft ■ X
And, • besl<|esv.|he - laboring i'iofcns ■ is
recruited .from the.jhigitpr stpata pt bo.
c^ety, or. ©]$» "there' ftftls headlong- tnfto
it "a crowd'ot smaflrmaniufestareira apd
small  proprietore,. :w*o''theflbeKHith
have moithing \ bettor' ito"' do^tBSJh.-; to
strebdhoiit their a-inns by-tho- old© of
those of tho-laibprera;;'And.*tljiU3,th©
forest; >9f ■ alrms^xwtsti5eltl0hled^by'''^
wtio are entreating for worKJ'beoom-es
denser ancl' the aanns, thi^mselv-ts' gnaw
ever.-leaner.    v .., \- , A.--V ".'   '■'•-
That .-tbe ismaill mawifajcrturer oannbt
survive in a contest, wibose first .conidi-
tion is prodiuotion oo a contanuaiiy 35-
creasdiiig ^calor-that is ^hat he xjannbt
bi© at once both a large and. ,a lamoM
mianufaictjirer—Is seif-evi'dent: '_..'. \
' "Pliait tlie interest on capital d^Ui|.*os
in the sarnie proportion as th© amount
of -captbal increases and'extemda, anid
thtat therefore, the small -capitaliat 10a©
no longer live on hislnterost, but rnius^
Join' th© ranks of the <workera*&nd ink
creas© Ith© number of the prol-atemi&t—->
all this requires no further exemplifi'
fllnally, in, the proportion in which
th© oaplttaliSts are compelled by th©
causes hore sketched out to exploit on
an ever inoreaslng scale yet more •gigantic means of production, amd with
.•bat object tq set in motion the mainsprings of. credit, in th© saan© prOpiof-
tionls thero an Increase of tboee
eanthtiuakes .wherein * the business
world can only secure Sits-own existence by ithe sacrifice of a 'portion of
its wealth, its products, ond even lbs
powers ot production to the gode of
the world "below—in a word, orises increase. They become at. once, more-
frequent amd more violent; toe-cause in
the same proportion which theamtouait
of production, and -therefore tite demand for the extension of the market,'
increases, tihe market of the world' coo-
itdnua-My contracts, and ovor fewer
markets,remiain to be exploited; since
every previous crisis has added to' th©
com-mence of th© world a market
which was not known before*, or h-ad
before been only superficially esplolt-
ed by oomimerce. But capital hpt only
lives up labor. Llkje'thie lord at one©
dilstlinguished ,and barbarous, lt drags
with tt. to tlie girave-th© corpses of its
slaves and the whole -nocatomios ot ia-'
•borers who perish in the crisis. Thus
we seeythat Af capital'increases -fast,
comipeltiitlon among the -laborers increases still faster, that is, the melanB
of employiment amd- subsistence decMne
In proportion at a still more rapid rate
and yet, none the less the moat for-
tunalte icondltions for wage-labor lie in
the speedy Increase of capital.
■* a   >    l
(Continued from, page one)
^>y(Jtaal CSreek aifter^several eJrtra,pe-::
i*ods" had ibeen play^>-^r*g(al^ Tirope'
©cored,- and the wmer^l^ured weir^
counted as poiaits.. At one"" (hn^it '-looked as though^j^nievyi^d'.^ke-tlxe'
rwmine,' I^t.^jcombina^on5"on- - iboth
sides was .^.-conspicuous.by its ajb-
oence that-aaiy, accident mfebt hav©
happened, -The Fernie Juniors beat
the Creek, '2-0.- „ - .-/ }■■ -'. .;^V
' The ilactoew gatoe was by'^atrjth^
heat and oio^-ejooitoi^t-^YeiA^of^Wie'
day, and-, although.1 Oj^brwlj^ieocured
itp "dowgh" they irere/.certainly*-far
from Ibeing tihe better team/ rn.-the
opening ■ pealod' Buriand>'.oif - Pernio;
made repeated rushes an^Lscoredytwo
goals Ibefore.the Cranlbrook'boys iwoke
Oip; amd; -when they * did ^waiteT ithey'
gaV©. several ©xhlbitl-cms "of", temper
that, to say the least,.was n«fi only
unsportslpiianlike, but distinctly, cowardly. Th© referee and Judge of play
had Ite put players off for striking
v Single l^ies\"race::^a«rgio Mitchell,
*^at;'.;ij!l.fKennedy>-;%a4. - >-X   i- 'J- .
;„ li^h^vim^Nat^aiaSi^t; R, Mc- \
DtS^iZt^^^t^^^^yyi-i:'^*-.   '
j«.Ixffl^'.1 Juio^J^Skiilslg;' 20\ttJ- i-in,\   ,,
ietr N*^.Byiah-^-;2nd;v.^tK.'.-': I'V" .'"""V \s-.'
'' HOi^, •.raoe-*-^'^^^^ "„'
1st; ^,l'X\.M-du8tois;^)\2ad*5>>';v^ ''-■ '-
■ ■ i^nK^ce^.lMi-aton-Si,Jennie,'1st;. .-.
AfcGovern's' Joey, -2nd:-" •>,-'\   .-",. -'    '-,>^' \
;,-■-• •-h■!• ■   v ''■?. ..-* '.••.'■i» K*~~.   -'•■"
'-::■.""*■..""-"-■■*. game:act ;:«; AAxx. x
! Order.i
Cl5he vlljitish .t^luniibJa, Ga'aefibe,^ No.
v >ij^:,yoi'fly., ^rivi«t^-;i"9i*)i-: *>■
r-lwAnopen'Season-ia do^aredi"-1" ":'",
; . tefly.tipat.'tixei'kill'Ng, anfli ?selMng of..',.L
ibe«rivfor:a,iperiod;o* two"years txwx /;
'-Aiprfl-'lsU'lOMJ-j •" v-v,- '\. r" ' ;". v '-
*(b)'>iPof,"th©/klWtog of, mountain '
goat from Sept'embw"i«t. to--December \
.^    15th,'-both dotes inclusive, in .the -yea/re
•with stick: and ftst,.and in this Oran^isii and lIXhiiAX. .      '",-■ .i-4   "„
brook iwere the offenders. Bent Black
played - splendid, laoroese," and' it was
rather amusing, to watch the visiting
lads cannon off'Bert when attempting
to dheck. ' The 'most discouraging
thing to Crawbroolc was Bert's smile,
whioh ithey could not rub ott. If Friday's game is to bfr taken as a sample
of what we -may expect In the shape
of lacrosse -games, there id >ot the
slightest doubt that the pastime will
mako progress in this town,
Bill "Mazey, of Coal Creek, captained
the winning team ln the tug-of-war.
.Following; is a. list of events and
Successful contestants;.'
- iBoysf race- under 16—J. IMcDougal,
lat;'lt,Corton, 2nd.     '      * '*'   ' ^
Undfcr, 12—John 'Gibson, 1st; ArcWe
Dunlopr 2nd, - :  " •
-Girts' irace under 14—Rachel Suple,
list; MS Griff, 2nd. -
•Members-Of District 18, United Mine
Workers of America, over 45 years—
W. Kami-, 1st;'
, Oije   hundred   yards   race — John
Skilllne, lst; A. .Mouste, 2nd.
•" Married ladies' race—Mrs. Houston,
, it&t\ ''Mrs. <Bella, 2nd.
f'lMHe foot race—George Young, lst;
George. Show, 2nd; R. Stephens, 3rd.
' (c) -For <the-'killing, of cairibou at - __
the male,eex ^nd over one y-Oar.ofC
age, from September'lst to December^
15th; (both dates inclusive, ln the yeara'- ,
1914 and 1916.        .--,';- -'/
(4)   For the killing of.moose ofl*UJ^" •
male sex-and-over onojyeair in ageri'Q.V'
the Caribbo,?Atfln, „&keeha-and Colum- **
bla Districts, from September 1st to <
DeeeimberlStti, both dates incTusiye,
ln the years "1914 ond' 1915r
(e)- -For the -killing of ..mountain
sheep bf the imle sex,and' over:one
year in ago throughout'the Prowtace,
except lii the, Yale,' 'Sftnilkameeiu and
Okanagan . Bleotoral ' Districts," irom
September lot to November 15th, both -
dat©6,ln*ckisive,'to'{he y-ewa.1914 and"
1915V. ."•"   'V-' ""'"
2.—Indians living north of the 51st
Parallel are, for two years' from, the
1st day ott April, 1914, exempt from .the
provisions, of the "Game Aiot," relating todiucbs knpwaas-"Scoters^'^com-
moniy called' "Black" and "'Sdwash" ■
ducke.     "''.."    "■' X .   .  *
3.—These -regulations shall-not aiP-,
ply to any game "reserve in -the • P«k
vino© or to Cariboo, except "as.aibore1
mentioned*, or theAQueen> Charlotte Islands. '
•tal will rise much tataitvr    The, «r*im1   _T?"r ,'. wv Kr..7***?   .    . B,"uo?. "" mtum-a, «f «Ual<liu> Mian «f A»Ow.*««.
which ithe capitalist, who toad employ
ed the new and profitable means of
production, exceeds to Its sale the
'actual coat of its production, to him.
But our capitalist does not find his
privilege very lasting; - Other rival
capitalists introduce with more or less
rapidity, tlie some machines and the
same subdivision of labor; and this introduction ibeoames general, until tbe
price of the yard, of doth in reduced,
not only below its oW. but below Its
new, cost of production.
Thus the capitalists find themselves
relatively in the same position' in
wBich they stood before tbe' introduction of the new means ot production,
and if they are by these mean* enabled to offer twice the product for ithe
same price, they now find themselves
compelled to offer the doubled amount
tor less than the old price. Prom tiie
standpoint of (these new means of production the old game begins smew.
There is greater subdivision of labor,
more machinery, and more rapid pro-
«ress in the exploitation of both.
Whereupon competition 'brings ahout
the aame reaction against this reeu*.
Thus we seo how the -manner and
mcams of production are conUnualiy
means of enHotlng than of discharging its todutrtrial reenrtte. Tho senor-
ais, or capitalists, vie with one another
as to who «so dispense with the great
est number of his eoWlere.-
The economists repeatedly assure us
that the 'laborers wbo ore rendered superfluous hy the machines find new
branches of employment.
Thoy have not the hardihood direct-
ly >to assent that the laborers who are
discharged enter upon the new'branches of labor. The facts cry out too tend
against such a lie as tbls. They only
declare that for other divtslono of the
laboring class, as, for instance, for (his
rising generation of laborers who .wetoe
Just ready <to enter upon the deftindt
branch of industry, now <meoai of employment twill open out. Of course
that is a great satisfaction for tbo dis.
missed laborers. The worshipful owp-
(ballets will not find their-fresh supply of exploitable flesh and blood run
-short, and will let the dead bury their
dead. Thia Is Indeed a consolation
with which the bourgeois awn-tort
themselves rather than the lutoorers.
If the <whole class of wago laborers
were annihilated by tho machines, how
fthocklns -that .would he for capital
i^^^^i^l! I'Sf* 5SSVaiT ^ m***to
the lntrod«#3on of lua^lnery *|.pt0ymI)t4 machinery, and also Ml
etui larger Introduction; and the rapidity of progresji In tbo efHclency
of labor a still greater rapidity (^progress.
Tliat Is the law which «ontin«oHy
drives bourgeois proiluctlon out of its
old track, and compels capital to Intensify the productive powers of labor for the very reason that it has
already intensified them—the law that
early «eveaties'reported: "As far as
our. knowledge of that particular district Is concerned, there is the great-
est. jpossibUlti-ee.of the largest coal
fielde on the American continent" .
The people of B, C. cao be -bought
and void iby a promise of a railroad si
any time. After the railway had heen
lajdi-^!^"-a^ied-iforHhe-osai fteld-as-s-
grant. The owners not only received
tbdo on a gift, but ten thousand dollars
as well. If the mines at Ooal Creek
therefore did not pay from the grass
roots, then someone came in between
the ©ow and the milking time. Th©
reason for the sfrike at Nuslmio l»
because the Dunsmuir Co. have been
Juggling in finance. They have capitalized thoir mines to tbe extent of
$15,000,000. .We know It ts tut water
ed stock; nevertheless, interest tnnst
be paid on tbat stipulated amount,
watered or not ■
"Mine safety lies not on your bocks,
for you cannot ibear It It lies on the
hack of tbs government of B. C." So
says iMoBride. He (McBride) has got
tho fiction to bis head, that he has got
to look after -the safoty of minesj
Why? The owners have got a darned
sight better men to look after their
property. Sir Dick McBride was a
•party responsible for the over-capital-
Icatlon of the Dunsmuir mine, which
has caused this strike at Nanaimo, and
which nude it necessary for the company to liave a strike.
The Mines Department does not ex*
1st for the sufety of the mon at the
mines. The average Juryman bas
warm blood running tnrougn his arte*
rial system, hut the average Judge has
cold blood, much liks ths snake and
other reptiles. We can look lor noy
assistance to the Judiciary, nor to ths
Established. April 1899.
w. a. ma$Mx
Wholesale and Retail   TobctCCOHistl
Baths and Shoe Shine
Our Cojjfee is Good-
those of the rising generation who
wero expecting employment in  ths
M'liic line, find some new employment.
Does any ono tmagtae this will b« as ........... w ,,,„ „,,„„, , „W1 w ,„„
W*My laid as that which iht»f have vinc8 "nonartmoiit**toT^iilfo uratM-ilaii
lost?  8u«h an idoa would too In direct '   nes "Ri)a'uno,ll« wr uio protewwu
contrarfkrtteo to all the -laws of ©con
mnr, W# have nlWMly sWw iluA the
modern form of Industry always trade
to the displacement of the more com-
allows it no rest, but toyvsr whispers y*)ex and the hteber kinds of om^oy-
and subordinate.
CHtArl   ^
b a protection and guarantiee
against alum which U found in
tbe low priced baking powders.
To be on Um mitt wde when boyinf
Mdng powdtr» «x*min« ti* hbtA td
tak* otiy m bnnl shown to tm mmk
from CrMm ofTtfUr.
In Us ear the words "Quick march!
This I* no other law than that
.iliStili, laucuUlug thu -nnttuiiiiinl flu-v.-
tuailoiia of business. uecMsurily Identifies -ilw pries of a commodity with
its cost of production.
However poworful are the means of
production wbfofe a particular capita!-
1st may bring into the Held, competition will mako their adoption csnOrsI;
and ths moment tt becomes gsnsnrt
ths sols tomb ot the gmter fruitful-
nsss of Ms capital Is that he must now,
for times as much as liefore. But as
be must now, for the twmo »>rlc«j. offer
ten. toweitty,« humlrt'l times as much
n» before. Itilt «* h» nnim dlw,wse of,
l*ertuipi, a Usousssi) ilmtm on tooth la
order lo outweigh thn deermss la ths
seHtftf Wt*t> by the Isrger proportion
IW.v, Owii, tsouU -tx u\i**\ ut Wmhv
em, who aro thrown out of one brawn
of indtwtry by machinery, find rsmvs
In another without having to oontont
ihoroselves <wlth a lower position tad
worse pay?     ,.. "
Ths wmnsra who are employed in
the monufsetare of mwhinsn Itself
have been instanced nn an eweption.
As soon sc a desire arises and a d^
mand (wglBS in in liwlnstry for mom
maehlosry tt Is said thst thsrs -OHist
n*M»«afity bs an Increase In tits wtw
her of .machines, aad therefor* in ths
«n»ploy«n«tt of iahomw In thii tnano*
terttm*: ami th* lshnren who nre em-
| ptoj-ed In this branch of Indtnlry wtH
be skHlfld. and, Indeed, even edooMsd
Krer star* the year Ilift this onatstt*
ot our lives. Your only hops ts in tbe
trade union movement H Trill nsrsr
be faultless. The,,-policy and action of
the United Mine Workers on ths Island hsve been.as efficient as any organisation on the American continent.
(let yonr women Into jwr orgnnltita-
tions. Io the majority of coses, whers
men had turned sway from ths Union,
ll was caused by ths women, oat hs
knew of cases whers men had been
held tn ths Union by the women. Vou
people would not have any complaint
If you wars disfranchised tomorrow.
Wither you aro at fauK. or ths psopls
of Udysmhh bars blundsrsd for my
presence in ths UgisUUrs Assembly.
You oannot better your position for
voting for either of the old political
l»rtlss. Neither can yon hotter yoar
poslt-hm by sllylng yxmirseircs with
ths UberaMabor er ths nssrly-flsunt.
ed Oonssrvatlve-Ubor, Ths Llbeml-
tstoor «wn ts liks a little Un god, sad
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Alberta Meats
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our prices the lowestN
21bs Creamery Butter 65 Cents
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of th« i>rodut)t« mild, «inos • lormr ^^ __*._
■mn tmt now Ih^mm neesssirr, *»!*,^^Mir^^HLL,,!rZMiZrSZI »w»tr»cbi Ms supporters.   Hat ta ths
o«# to mnn « larasr VH&.M•«•»j<X£!»&JSTs^^J%lStSi«MlrtlM tootommd, hs Is aadsr teh
tsnwHons of his party and thst Is
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and since thl.**) lanior tndn hnn'tm*m$i I tdAnery hare besn nnlt* as nnnMiraas .«*... ».**..„
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.THS AmietK Association had wt|
v»* yt+tl a**.*, *uai iwtiittii lmvo iftU>
miy m» pun « «w»r pram nm otoo i "-:•;,-Ji'Tjsw£, ~\Z* m i«y* ^Lim. 8c
to rapist the #as» of producUoa. and! S* MlJ^^^;" ^,5?*^! Z
the Implement* of production, as •» i 22LJX *• T,^iJ!?^3 «? Jn
have sosti. al*^» »et mors e*pen^v»: ^JSTLJL Ff.^"'1".^6^.^ _"* ,n
cotton; sod the fsboivra sfce ir* sm*.
tmm, wi*stl'tlis't^nnm'rmomm.is»'^XT ^,*'^..?!!?T%.-T!X'
1^-i.iyti,..'... 4-til   -4,1   i-JtiJu.   *JiH!'*l'* il.W;    *inJ*J*:H-|i   ,. *. „    mlh9m   ,„   _,^_   ..,-,   «_—   nf l.Hi-li.rlT I
ed mmm or production at* mow fruit' gg|?.*™* *?_??*.th* T"",.!^ ttW*,"y!
tort, nm tbo saMfftnon m tatwr ana \ ^^^.MSI???, S?22!*L* s...'
tsUe a troth mn nnd pwwosd *wt 252 ?!*?*"£.& *** &*****
I still rr»««r rspidlty
Ike wssns of prodnwtioa M»|4oyed,
t compstlth* Amis IM bn* to rob ospl-
tnl of tihe vM*o tmH whlcfi ft praftoe-
Iss by rodmdm i^b0jtl0O tri twomom*
tttss no tlisir cost of fswawtioni and,
| ss tost as tfefftr prodoeilon M rhsapen-
|ed toMpsfflmt. by * iMpotlo law. the
..«w a*tt^ of ■«,*!Wap*r nro',»i'." v u
1 he offered at tlw fnosor pr**.   'that
th* -midtnthd WW hsw» ttdtdnt bt' ttt*
j«**n*kmn bwyond tbdtddtw-ywi to pm*
'■^nmmmiA bl Hn» «f»rslty of essnior-
> Ins liis tmyHml to •drsntma*.    Whfl*
\eombwmm   ocmXttm^y   (wwut»
htm iPdth Us isw td wssast of ii»*««.
, tion. -tmd bttm own** Massif «f*ry
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1 rivnta^ ths «wpt»»-tJst ossthMHiUr trt**
to rftmt Himbidftbm br fneA#««n'ir
i'ltrailaitt* tuttbt-'r *uMIvi«',>*tin of |».
«pl«adld coodklon. sad a marked ii»
pravssssst atss sofl*rsil #liw# Ustusss-
bor is*. Tbs tnutlng of ths tiaek Is
now notrly psrtsrt, wMIs the toottetl
tlr^d  ha*  ;»'«1 bt*<**n   tr-rrtr,* r.nfl  rJ1e+i9
ed. AH that was heeiled on frlday
last was ths addition sf a few seats
srownd ths football enriosara to se*
onwmoiMs visitors who, afcsr w»l*«
tag awond all ths morning, wars md*
ly te nssd of a mils sopport to mb
tMr wssry llaAs. Vo dmtbt mnny
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I ths sImrw of sunftsry arrannrmrats
haps three ohIUfsn and on* woman
at* ntevtn*r*A in am*\ tt     S-nfl atem W
itm tt^a^emrr uphw u rotw tea
wntmt alnoM ssffles for ttbb
of Ms wife and cMMrwn? Was wl tbs
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■dent for Um nMlatsesB«s sad umpsgi
'on of the roes of Isbofwst IWsIs
tm dutntwmm. sietft thnt nm Vbb
ttvwt -of teat* tfow*"* on moot bdtttnnw
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pow of oss^ bdketrtarn fntnwy.
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prodsetivs ospKai iMrMsssMi• mm w mnreiss s liitl* patlsncs wts« ws
doe* the «risie« of h*MrM^lw-tMn*>ir*lMnM u^
Aiixtttamn td tmtHtlmry estsni   TlSj__fc ,•„, hM ^ ^^^ „. -^ —^i
™» *» •*"-ft,1Sflr «■*tte - \Em£ oZ'Z&JrtSi SS!
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«^Ut it tkttim     #t^te^dk     ^^^ucm^^u___n______m_
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[wbo, we prrsiiiup. srs not so pwfsot
 ,. mm mv ar* nhnr* ndrtr* ttt tfttt*
,0. liHli»tt
LadiesVand Gent's
.00 up
Med* to Measure &
order on th* premises
DeBurle & Company
N«st Calgary Meat Market
P. O. Box 544    ••     Ferine, E.C.
TELEPHONE NO. iU ...^*>r.&Z^-*s.-"&&'.':,_.^^*.3^'^
""••.*: 4'. v-
-•*-.-rt-'j i*< ys-•--.', •* *-.
:'a-:^-'- -: -
■ ■".   "-■' -    *-•"■^'r i*."- ~.y ?:■-.<*,4,-.j* •£&■?■'
7*\*pv>**. -!*.*■"*/<
i)ipecto% Pist, 18,UOT.A
\* •-. 'Z ■ . -.No.;;23i*j:       j r
,J-iM«^*-«rsi and' third-. Fridays,"
Mfitersf. Brail*; penile; second snd
.. toittthS* Fridays. Cluht Hall,- * Coal -
,..Cr«efc Sick' $en-?«t attached.—T.
.'Uphill, Sec.1; Pernio/ B. C,   - • r-'-
A >^   HOSMER LOCAL    \
-.;■ :;• \":;_No."aw. -_ -"...- •
Meet eTery.'8unday?'at 2.30 in K.
P, HaU, %aln Street.,-: Sick Benefit Society; fcttaqhed.^V. Balder*"
' stone, 8ec,x, Box, 63, Hosmer, B. C
a : ' v michel.local-
' ' ;.'*-.   \\. No. 2334' .'-„■-
Meet- every.Sunday' afternoon
at 2 o'clock .-IfuCrah-iui's'Halk-
Slck Benefit iSoclefy; attached.—
H,"Elmer, &c,, .
'  l   -» •   -
, "J'—*  i *^ '      ■        ii n	
.    Ne. 1387
Meet, eyery Sunday. SlcV and
Accident Benefit Society attached.—Michael vwamjnv" gee. Carf-
more* Alta. <**-v r,
No. 1058
•Meet second and fourth Sun-day
'in' month.  Sick and Benefit Socl-
' ety attached,—J. Gortop. Sec.
, No. 2227-
Me4t every Alternate Sunday at
2.30   p.m. ■ ln   the  Opera  House,
Coleman,—J, Mitchell, Sec,,. Box
. 105, Coleman,
,'   Meet every,Tuesday evening at
; 7 o'clock in tho Bankhead Hall.
Sick and Accident Benefit Fund
' attached;—Frank Wheatley, Fin.
. Sec., Bankh&d, Alta.
No.'1^89 ■ -..
M$et every Friday evening at
7.30 In Miners' Hall. Sick and
'Accident Benefit Society,attached.—Frank Barrlngham, Sec, Box
112, Coalhurst P. O.
-="-,  No. 481     -
Meet every first and third Sunday at Lyric Hall, 3 p.m.—John
Loughran, Sec.
• •''"■ -''-d,*0? 2^33 - ';~A'-A ■'•''
-; -Meet eyery alternate Sunday ja.tr
2.10 "p,m, ia the Opera^^ousje,"
•QotfjmtHi^J- ■Tohnstone/'Sec?"*'"'." '
passburg local -
■ A. .. No, 2352 -.;'..
.. Meet'"every second and fourth
-Sunday of each roontJiT at 2 p.m.
In Slovak Halll- Sick" Benefit So-,
ctety attached,—Tlios, G. Harries;
7£Jec. Passburgr, Alta. _:■,.. „    ,>:'<-'.-
^ ".'   ■ "'    Npr'9!49   *•"■-' -V '
'. '   -i   "•*.» -> '■ .
, Meet every second and fourth
Sunday ofeaclf morithra't 10 a.m.
In School House, Burmis. No Sick
Society.—Thos... G. -Harries, -Sec,
Passburg, Alta,   /
, '       No. 2829
Meet every first and third Sunday of each month at 10 a.m. ln
Union Hall, Maple Leaf. No Sick
Society.—Thos. O. Harries, Sec.
Passburg, Alta.
No. 574
Meet every Wednesday evening
at 7.30 ln Miners' Hall, 12th Avenue North.—L. Moore, Sec.-Treas.
No. 431
Meet every Sunday at 2.30 p.m.
In   the   Socialist   Hall. —James
Burke,   Sec,   Box. 36,   Bellevue,
No. 2877
Meet every second Sunday at 2
o'clock ln the Club Hall. Sick
Benefit Society attached.—Geo.
Elms, Sec, Corbin, JB, a
No. 3026
Meet every Sunday afternoon,
2.30, at Boarding House, sick
and Accident "Fund attached.-
Max Hutter. Sec
'.*■-■ "        ,       .--'-<  ,'."•>' AX'". - - *
§Pl Mines in B.C.
jfjffcf*       Jt^W^S^ ^^ ' ''tklk'Wx'   \ C^l *\      [By Thomas Graham, Chief Inspector
^^: ^;^T^*»*iywmA'      A ^A\2 of Mines for British Columbia]
»''""-'- 7' 'X -A A- . - 4
»*XAAAAA»AA^»AM**»»*^^^»AAAAA^AAAAAA**»»i»AA»-*-»» ¥¥»¥yV¥V¥Vy¥y»vVVVyVV¥¥^¥j
News of the World
Here are a-few claims we have paid of late
'The "OCEAN" is the Largest ACCIDENT Company in the
The "OCEAN" PATS DAILY over $16,000 for ACCIDENTS
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp. Ltd. of London Eng.
A. B. CAMPBELL, Dist Agent
Miners' Union HaU Block      -      Fernie, B.C.
Realty Co.
fljj^^^Lfc^**^-.^S*|^^^^ J^^^_^*^^_ j^^^^_
1**WHH^*MW iwrmh J-^nl
i_ $mb**mms
Now ig the time
for protection
Von mtwnt nffnwl
to lo6ij whvu wc
onn  protect  you
' Coal Mines
, - There were 27 fatal accidents In, the
coal mines of tie proviuce during -tiie
past year., This is one fataJ aocidewt
less than Iji 1912. - .
The' pwjdiKrtipn in tons in 454,949
tons less-thaii'dn 1912, and the number
o£v«m'p8<>yiees is 459 less than. 1912;
these decreases (being due to the labor
troubles om Vancouver Island,   '
The -ratio of -faitaJ atocidents per 1,000
■persons era-plo-yed iwas 4.05, as against
3.93 for 1912. • The average for tiie -ten*-
year (period' waa -M3. The. coM-eriea
at which these accidents occurred
Comox,  Canadian.  CoJJierlea  (D),
•Limited .' ",,   6
Ertemrionv Oanadian Colldwies (D),
Limited , ,",,    4
Nanaimo, Western Fuel Company . 1
MMd'le*sboM>,   Nicola   Valley   Coal
and Coke Co. ,3
Howroar, C. P. R. Natural Retwuroes
Coal Dept.    3
Michel*, Crow's Nest Pass Coal and
Coke Company, Limited    1
Coal Creok, Crow's Nest Pass Coal
and Ooke Company, Limited- ...*-, 9
Total  -: k 27
Causes and Percentage to Whole
flail* of roof and rock   11    40.74
B^aJl* of Coal ........     7     25.93
■Mine caro and haulage- 5    18.52 ■-■
Shaft sinking       2      7.405.
Surface miscellaneous 2 7.405
•Palle of roof and coal again account
for~the,largest number of -accidents,
■being 66 2-3 per cent of the whole,.as
against 33 1.3 per cent last year. iMlne
cars and', haulage accounts for. 18.62
per cent. This is a decrease compared
iwith 1912, when the percentage was
33 1-3 of the whole. The other items
aire: Shaft sinking, 7.405, and mlscel-
•laneouB, 7.405.
There ie a very marked increase in
the fatalities from faals of roof and
coal. Of the 18 fcriaJities from this
cause 6 (or one-thlrd)'-were suffocated'
In Hne coal. All three of the fatal' accidents . at Hosmer were Dram 'this
cause, audi at Coal' Creek three were
These accidents were from fato ot
coal to friable seams, on a pitch <#
6& degrees as at Hostmier, and from
suddea pressure or -bumi-ps; as at Coal
Q*eek, torfeaking down a* nuinber of
sets without warning *md. burying the
unfortunate men in fine coal.
'Recogjitzing early in- the year that
the fa-taHt!te8 from' falls of roof and
Coal at the W<vrjd"g faw«'wim> tmt-ncr
R-egulatio'ii "Act, and proposes in writ-
tog", to the; managers of,the various
oolUeries a-'^peoial Rule "covering reh
question''Of" "Systematic Timbering
and' Spiaggtog" at the Avorking face.
. J,|R*eo6go4zin'g that, owing- to the
wid%; varying conditions in the dtf-
fereot cbMierles' in the provinces-even
■in. the; sarnie field and often in the
same amine—a hard and fast rule on
systematic timbering would render
such rule often impracticable, making
the same itwaild, and even often tending to bring about the very conditions
that we.are aiming to prevent; there*
-fore, before formulating amy such rule,
the ■milnlster.Mn keeping with his for-
'mer policy, would like to avail him-
eeM of your assistance and cooperation In this very important matter, and
iwe beg to submit the following for
your -consideration:
"(1) The manager shall submit to
the Minister of Mines a systematic
method of timbering for the mine, division or subdivision of the mine. This
shall indicate the average height of
the seam*, the kind of timber used, the
rolttlmumdiameter of such timber, the
maximum distance that shall exist between the props, timoers and other
roof supports, aad -between such props,
ttenibeirs and other roof supports and
the Slides and face of the working
place or face,
"Should the minister approve of
such 'Systematic Method of Timbering'- a notice or notices of such method
sliaill be kept posted in a legible manner at the entrance to such mine, di-
vis-iori or subdivision of the same.
"(2) It shall be the duty of the
workman In charge of a working place
which shall include such-working; place
and for a d-Istance of fifteen feet back
from the face to keep the props, timbers or ottoer roof supports as designated' in the 'Notice of Systematic
^Imiberlng"- .governing the mine, division or B-uibdivisdon of such time in
which he Is employed.
. /'Nothing in such notice shall preclude or prevent the use of onore
•props, timbers or other roof supports,
or the erection of the same, should, the
workman or any of the officials deem
sucb necessary for safety."
"(3) In addition to the requirements of Rule 2, as to timbering, every
workman -in charge of a place shall
set suWicieint sprags or other; supports
for the uniJfcnnined coal, provided
that before, commieuclng to mine he
shall set one sprag or other support
andr not less then one for every six
feet of su^undermln-lng.	
to ho larg-e the following
'       Circular Letter
was sent to all mine managers in the
province: *  y _-.  '
"Sir,—For a! number of years past
the percentage of total accidents from
falls (>t root and coal at thejworking
faces has ran-getf from 35 to 60 per
cent of the total accidents <tye to the
industry. I regret to say tbat during
the,first five mouths of the present
year there have been twelve total ac-
eddeflts from theee causes, or three
more than during the 'whole ot last
"Owing to the large Increase 1n thin
class of accidents, the honorable -the
Minister of .Mines deems It necessary
to avail himself of the powers given
him in 8ection 101 of the Coal 'Mines
"(4) Temporary props Bhall only
be -withdrawn- iby use of a dog and
chain, or other type of timber-drawing
machine, unless permanent timber has
been set before such -withdrawal, a-nd
no permanent iprop, timber, or other
roof supports shall be finally wltn-
drawa wlthout«the use of such ^miber-
drawing device.
.""Trusting to,'liave your hearty cooperation in this,- we await your sug-
I am pleased to say that a large
majority of the managers In the province heartily endorsed the suggestion
and all, with the exception of two or
thrt-e who have since complied, wore
In a position to start ths present year
■under a method of systematic timbering.
Great Britain
An official blue book just published
affords an interesting Insight info the
conditions of olbtailniing in the Irish
capital. According to the report of
sanitary authorities the housing ooa-
dfltdons are so deplorable that at least
14,000 miust at once be built in -order
to meet the most meagre requirement* Over 20,000 families have oro-
ly one room whilst 1500 families-live
in single cellars which have been converged into living room*. 33.9 pel" cent
of all ,the dwellings in Dublin have
only one room. In the case of 12000
auch dwellings an average of 6.1 'pei^
■sons live to the one room. There are
98 persons living in one house,, in
anmrher 74, etc. The sanitary oondi-
ttons are everywhere In an indescribable condition, whilst the general conditions are most degrading. The -report further emphasizes the fact tfhat
of the owners of these houses 14 are
town counsellors. As regards *he
wages, 5,600 fathers of faiinlMes receive
not more than 15s. 2d. per week, 900
15s. to 20s. per week.
The British Federation of Wbrkera
In the -paper mills Is lAie third union
to Introduce the trades union stamp
for protection aga-inst «th« production
of non-union wares. Up to the present
time onUy the hatters and the boot and
shoe makers have had a special tradias
union stamp.
. The .British Labor Party introduced
a motion into Parliament last year for
the establishing of a Labor Ministry.
The discussion ln connection with this
motion led to the Government's a^>-
.poinjtilng a commission to
The Special Rule as finally adopted
Is uniform throughout the province;
the method of Umbering under the
rule is drawn, up to suit the looal -conditions of each mine:
Special Rule, Systematic Timbering
"(a) The manager of the mine
shall cause to be posted at a conspicuous 'place near the mouth of the
■mine, a notice stating the minimum
size of the diifferent types of Umber to
be used in such mine, and the maximum distance ibetween the timbers
and between the timbers and the toce
and sides of the working pla«e.
"(b) In the event of two or more
methods of timbering being used ia
one mine, then In addition to the notice posted at the mouth of the mine,
a notice shall be posted at the entrance to each section or district, stating the method of timbering to be
used in such section or district of such
"(c) It shall be the duty of the
miner In charge of a working place—
which shall Includ-e such working
■place and a distance of fifteen feet
•back from the face—to keep the props,
thnbws or other roof supports erected
as designated in the 'Notice ot Systematic Timbering" governing the
mine, 'division ofsubdlvision of such
mine in which he is employed.
"(d) Nothing in this section shall
prevent a miner from setting supports,
or an official from requiring the miner
to set supports in his workWg place
at more frequent intervals than those
specified dn the notice aforesaid,
rwhere necessary for safety.
"(e) Every miner'in charge of a
working place shall set sufficient
sprags or other supports for the undermined coal, provided that before
commencing to mine he shall set one
sprag or other support, and not less
than one for every,six feet of such
"(f) Temporary props shall only 'be
■withdrawn by use of a dbg and chain
or other type of timber-drawing ma-
-chine, unless permanent timber has        .	
been set before such withdrawal, and j -sent-ed in these dlcte.
no permanent prop, timber or other
roof support shall  be  finally  wlth-
draJwn without the use of such timber-
drawing device."
The  Dangers of
Tou simply can't be well—mat is,.
really well—if your digestion is bad,
for your  very  food  may poison you  ,
unless it is digested.   That is why in- >
digestion  (imperfect digestion)  is the
root  cause ot"   nearly  ail   our minor  .'
ailments and ot many serious ones too.   ,
Food should nourish your body, and  .
make.g'"j'i the daily waste which oevw
stops, but it can't do that unless your.  •
stomach diesis it,   No wonder dyspeji-  -.
tic men and women are always weak./
and ailing—they're starved and often '
poisoned too.    Starved, mind you, not  -
/or lack   of    food,   but  because they   ,-
don't digest the food they eat.  Poison-     '
ed, not;, by eating bad food, but because
tn*eA stomachs    are weak    *nd their
bowels inactive, and so the food they
eat ferments and gives off   poisonous
gases which are carried by  the blood
stream to every part of  the body.   It
13   because   Mother   Seigel's   Curative
Syrup possesses in a remarkable degree the power to tonp, strengthen and
regulate  the action  of   the  digestive
organs—tho stomach, liver and bowels
—chat it is still, after forty years' testing, tho best.known and most successful remedy for Indigestion, constipation,
biliousness  and   the  many distressing
ailments which are traceable to a weak
or disordered  condition  of   those Important organs.     Success breeds Imitators, and thftre are  many so-called
substitutes for   Mother  Seigel's Curative Syrup, but none of  them contain
the  combination    of   more   than  ten
herbal   extracts upon which  the restorative and ourattvo value of ifother
Seigel's Curative Syrup depends.      tf
you suffer from Indigestion, and wish
to give Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup
a trial, be sure you get the   genuine
whether it were (possible to render the - 	
work In the various trades more regu-J ***lcle.
la-r.    The firat of the greater tradt.3    Price $1.00.    Trial size 50c.
unions to voto AGAINST POLITICAL1   For sale by
ACTION, though 1>y.only a small ma-„ ,„,„ ^„„^ ...
jority, was the Federation of Co-opera- McLEAN DRUG AND BOOK CO.
tive  Employees.   An  amendment la*
the rules whereby the Federation mav
levy a special contribution for political =
ipurposes—other funds no longer to be
used for such purpose at all—was rejected.
New Zealand
The most brutal Injustice continues
to be meted out to those who took
part in the last general strike. At the
beginning of I-'ebruary 13 trades union
leaders wero condemned to from thrga
months to two years hard labor or
■penal servitude for "taking part In H-
legal gatherings."
South Africa
The South African Labor -Movement
has scored brilliant results against
■the Government of Martial Law and
dGportationi The various South African States have their own diets wihicii
dispose of the questions of taxation,
education amd public works. Up to
the present, labor was scarcely repre-
' I believe this is a step in the right
direction and expect that results during the .present year will Justify the
nd/vivrlfvn   r,r tltr.   —.l„      iwi..i-- n—=J.
Tor-fining— E?11£1U*»
eerlng and Electrical-Record.
The Labor Party hfcd ouly two seats
out of 45 in the Transvaal for instance.
The recent eteSctton lias, however.
brought them 23 seats, (whilst only two
seats remained in' the hands of the
Conservatives who, up to the present, j cradle and .transformed  the
have constituted the ruling party. The' into a nursery of hell.
Labor Party has nlao been victorious
in. the byvelectton In" the Cape Colony.
It has given us Carnegie libraries
und countless thousands unable to
It has given us universities endowed
by millionaires and their degenerate
It has given us the exclusive Four
Hundred and their sumptuous dinners
•im'. trained monkeys who imitate their
It has given us bursting granaries
utd o\erflowing warehouses and the
starving poor.
' It has given us the gatliug gun and
the gatling gun injunction.
;it has given us silks and flue Hueiis
for thc few rich and shoddy garments
and rags for the Industrious many.
It has given us the palace ot the
drones aud the shack of the toiler.
It has given us free schools and six
million factory slaves of school age
too poor to attend them.
It has supplanted the man at the
machine with .babes, made the .workingman's home desolate,  robbed his
We pride ourselves on having abolished slavery, and refer to the feudal
state as a period of darkness and
despair. The capitalist stato under
which man sells himself on tbe instalment plan is heralded as the Omega
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re-';  .   .„,      .,
ward for any case of Catarrh that can-'of 1?1Tn,,^li6VlI??nt   iM1     _
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.I    J*11 D»"»*» with us still, and—
„ Lazarus lies at the gate of Dives'
F. .I. CHENEY & CO„ Toledo, O.    ! mansion-
j «lic tTAi^^i^SJ^^iI' t    Iteh0,d &* trult* ot Capitalism:
i^mVW^^o^^^^UJ^^ Biveo-ui a Rockefeller and
lms-tness   transaction* and   financially the mlan with the hoe,
abje to carry out any obligations made	
by his firm. i n	
Toledo, O. \
Hall's Catnrt h Cur« Is taken Interna!-'
l.v, actinic dliectly upon the blood and
mucoui »urtaces of the nystem. To»tl-1
monlaU gent fr«e.   Price 78 cents per
boitl*.   Sold by all DrUfrsflsts. 1
Take Hall's Family 1'flls for constl-
patlon. I
It   has   changed   juau'b  allegiance,
f-iy.T.1    I*-J..w»r*.    ...T,rfx   U..IA «..,....._ \...   Al..*~~
rlsht to kings of capital who hold
sway by reason of their economic
It bas enthroned the almighty dollar, made countless -millions mourn,
and outraged labor lies prostrate and
bleeding at the feet of Mammon's god.
•When competition bas given way to
co-operation—when man learns how
to live—then on earth there will be
pe&ee: toward all men, good will.—
The Liberator.
The People Do Not
Own the Flag
Hardware, Patntt nml  Home
CletiHiiff Utwwlli
FERNIE      x      B. C*«
"As a tribute to tbe reoogoltloa of
tho Amcrlfcn Flos, forced upon General Huerta, (dMowing a series of in-
tultt flaunted by the Mexican ftnnern-
itnent against tWt nation, Th* Rocky
Mountain News suggests ihat patriotic societies of Denver ahd Colorado
arrange * celebration to ba bald to
every city in the atate when tbe Mexican leader offers ht» apologies bn n
salute to the Stars aad Stripes,"
"The N«wa lugf-Mta that the inter
national salute of twenty-one guns M
fired from tho oapltol grounds, and
tiial flag* Ui Uol»-,ul ou -wily aud nudw
bulKMngs, ovor .business houawa and
private redbteneon. and that th* national anthem bo aunt tn ovory odboot*
room to awaken tho pride that ovoty
American should fool for tho recor
nttioo anil ootoom that wlH bo attown
Uio American flag on tbat -iny.
"It further aotioato that a parade
of military, fraternal awl patriotic or-
caniMttono form • part of a monatar
patriotic colsbmUoo, In which evory
fMii, womoa an4 «hlW In Donvwr and
Oolorado lako aomo part."
Tho abovo ar-tfclo appoatod In tbo
Rocky Mountain Noana, argtog o otato-
wide Urtb-tto to tbo .Vaotrioa ft**.
T*boro ia an oM aaytn* that *pl?b*
torn U tho toot rofago of • ofio-aMtra-l."
Ia tbo oa«ty otagao of tha coot atrtko
in Colorado tba Rocky Mountain Noara
■ont out M appeal asking tihe odMora
''of Colorado lm nmnnddn Un thmov ta 1.
iivo npfoaofau 10 thoir oemiuont»!
|4*mmm»« *v md* ttutaae/t* -muntmrn wwi,
' rtiHttti!!1 mlticr? ntifl Mv i mA Wi ,••■ .,
Losa'Huw a oHjro or "toeWow «f|
poblle optaloo" ntborod la taw.l
botivlMi ikoy om to ooovonUoo. tbo
Roeky Moootolo Kowa atoorattil tbo
ImoaMrivora   *kb  •   doneeoeo*   it*
mm auMftaraa <uaat wm • tSUKM at t
tbo ati«Mn ni a TftfmjTK to tbo
ptotootola.. Ante, to tbo lato ofeetioo
tm ttmmQtt of Paator. tbo Roeby
nnd mmmm m Vttim Water Com-
poor to Itt ROOD!.* eowtatca to .-
two » frMMAAy Jor to#nijr ytnrn.
it 10 av wooottf wot fBMHWtia of tb*
Upc aaJ duii-kcw *£ a*** ,w^« *-,*
tmm tbo »oebto to booor tbo flag, tm
Wtotmm Now!, umm tdmnre >,-
-mbt bo PArwoTWM to ««a««ot tbeir
iTRmmw to tbo iummu of o»*
b ■^^^^^r**^^ -a^  chkii t^^mt^m*
I   ^HotboT" 3tmm wm kaU >^*^r-
• 1 wumtfwOw 4nvtof tbfi motor nxri •■'
I   A a«a wbo io Mr* tsar alas Uimwd*^ 1*m omWm wmd ftt-^a
)t)stoh.   To atop tboae who rob yoojof rofemdrt *r 'ho military  ai.d
.      ___ v%An   ^^  ^^^  ^  ^^   ^
mhlcli she was .ificarcerated, but tbo
Nous raked uo pratoat against the
PLAO being prootltutod to wave ovor
tho pirUon of a woman who waa h«W
without charge, warrant or other duo
•process of laiw.
The FLAG no longer belong to the
maaaoo of tiie people of this country.
The KLAO la owned ami controlled by
economic master*, Juat tbo same aa
tho machines of production and distribution and tho flag that waa onco
hailed aa tho emblem of Hborty, haa
hnrfume the prn'P*'rfv of ri*pft3it«m . .
Tho Minora >.Macasine.
Tbo nllroada aro not ran In a
WKCkteaa manner. Tba victims are
proof of tbo fact
The following Monday aftor Easter
Sunday, the state of New York placed
four men In the electric chair and uoh-
ered them into eternity.   The toor\	
snt>ii wore cb-uirged and oonWoted of ~":
taking huonon life.  The stato of Naw',
York   x.*.i human lifo and auch act
is legal, but -when Uy<p tho Blood" or!
"SLetty Louie" Imbrue thoir bando ta'
tho Mood of a human being, ouch aa
act  Is visited witb tho penalty of
death.   Tbo state of New York, a* a
collective   body,   has   the    I.BCJAL
RIGHT to do that for which tho Individual Is condemned to death.   The
state ot Now York can commit MUR.',
UKH undor forma ot law, but tba individual who commits murder must pay \
'±t vitilo .niili kit. lite.
It wo lay any claim to a Christian,
cIvliizMion, thon tho S'TliAnrel man
dato, "Tbott obalt not kill," should bo
ao binding 00 tbo state of Now York
aoon "U> p the IHco-l.'
Tbe aioto of Now York has no more
right, morally, to tako human lifo than
Bellevue Hotel
Bost Accommodation In the  Pats.—
Up-to-Date — Every   Convtnltnce.--
Exeallent Culalna,
J. A. OALLAN, Prep.
Capitalism without crime la tinthlnk    , ^ ( w i->(w „„„„„ „     _
!!1*,-!!T \h* *!?r *""U of «*»l,rt,,1 tt^rabMRtaMM ilmmriiit^ *wh* for
blio trom tbo "bigher ui».'* killed a
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
torn, profit, ta a crime,
Nothing good will be dottroyed by
SoclaJlnn ~ttftltmi ft Indian on %*m*
km to !h-» em*, tall of evil.
Offvif TyfawiftWr
Ot 17
iron cant nnderetaitd Roctftliam bv
remaining oot of tho atruggle and try*
teg yowr hanil at orttlrlara, Qnt In tbo
ftgbt tor hum»ala*d oondiUtwa and
R«x"lali«m will toon look mighty good
tu you,
«w row tob
im tho tmiewy ot the lav mu« be
uphtld. and MURDKR. wl.Uh in 0t#
unjority of bnttaumn hm Wn rem*
mluwd througb tttat tw profit, moat
b« ,«inl»h«! by MURDRH perpetrated
hy thtt eieM, tttroogh thn ue* of an
nkcrrk ouu'tiieOb
ilut tbo atete ttt Sow York, In exe-
mtim tho mnmm wbo hillHI 0 tntt*
Uer, iWTomftHmbwt nothliif. Th«««
foor Kunmen wor» hot tbo hired tooio
ol tbo '"higher m»,"* wbo paW tbo pro-
t**tAtm*l n*a»atAe hia attAee
j    KoaeiRinl. ibe rambler, wua klibmt
j tut kllrai w-v UmaM. ue UlllW MH- kUHUVt^T
l-ile vtomiu-tia, mtiuiiKra ot tbe eyodi-
role tben -roWn^iM «'t*kv*a -of (Aa*5*ff»
from vfr«, Tbe four bratal degeoor-
a»«o who werw hln-tl 10 bill R-wmtittnt
Alwavs means more work, make it as light at
possible by using some of these aids to hard work
fM.t- . * »
r t
v*   499***9*.*, wiwvui*  auu  iJtuouca
tbat ttia levied oa K'trr. by tbe "high-'
*r ope." tmt «*r- *h< -vrvlle toola of,
♦be "hlghf-r uiw" who -lecrce-i that
Rneenttm! abtmlA Att*, nubrr than that
be thou! I hof'l un tu ih*, miv ot t.h*-
p*Ofd*   toe   RKdPWTAItLK   HUJH-!
WATMBX wh/w- et~i** phiVm 'hr-m'
j Ut kit* lit** H99tna9t.it,   **,4ti  h.i« si-Mni*-
! Mt'RTtBR a T-n-f.-M'. - '
1    Th*  totnr  'V**.'■■ • .•-->   v.,-,-   •--*•>»
fUMialgaetl to »•»?»<:.»* 'art. • *■ +\r*ttt> *
«i ty '*» •*»'•*   '--,  v.-'.   '.1   >'*'
fnfunwn*   rnum   •' r   u,.L*t,.   «Vm*
eetoitftate e!!!l rtiei *•* »o ''r«-.--*(f m<tr»*
!«rtwl%.»V, »■>,., i,     •"*■*;  '•'•,)'.'dn]
' *»>»l( ■h«i^T.j(f. V- - '  '  - •'      i*t*tt*!.' .*.,.'■
jU {Mid Utr iii ;..•::;. ..... y.x ",'AH'M,\
' Wfff   ht*  r-ftttm''-• '.   J- '   1 ■•   !
A. I. BLAIS, Grocer
Frank, Alta.  x.\* Bellevue, Alta. j
['Lute U VWiV't
Stiff.*.™ 5J44A*
Funeral  Oiroctor
and    Embalmer
Koadaiofittft Supplied and Set up
COLtfWAN   '*""«•?.«/»"• «•*•    ALBERTA
. .V*
. -ft
,    rf'
. *•-*.** j,*i,Mtw»-|&^^
-fvt a■, *,v •, ■$■'   *y'/\Ah .' y
'ai?1'*" if"*'.'>>g:m
^f ^;r4fw ^
jA.^I-Ste-i*" ' -
Jt   ,*£■ '   j '.-J*
', '   ^ ** -     "ts*-*  ?*-?*-'"- A-jipJi'j-'^*;  V*'.*****i.^-?vi»\»*',-.:W'  'I-* "AS"  -" <"* " i'1t<«/,^ "*^~,;***%V*^ -*JT •**•* Tv'ff' iAii' V^*
•'    -   --  ---*'-*■   -   ^..rx-.y.      "t,^. ,'^v.'jH.;«Mir\ i->,.:v '^';'     ^-^i^'-hlP•■•■- "r
I ... ,p.
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Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C. Subscription $1.00
per year in advance. An excellent advertising
medium. Largest circulation in the District. Advertising rates on application. Up-to-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of book,' job and
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Address all communications to the'District Ledger.
F. H. NEWNHAM, Editor-Manager.
Telephone 1-fo. 48       Post Office Box No, 380
Whik* there may be many who disagree, personally we are compelled to admit that so far as KK-
COMMEXDATIONS are concerned, tlie Royal
Commission appointed by the McBride Government
last yoar to enquire into the condition of labor in
H. C. (nnd which lias just issued its report) lias
done its duty fairly well. Let the reader thoroughly understand: We say so far as RECOMMKXDA-
TIOXS arc concerned, realizingSiily too well that
all these commissions and reports mean just so
much extra work for the Government Printing Department, and a few fat jobs for friends, and nothing more
individuals in the enviable position of selecting any
"particular master." So far' as the selection ia
concerned, this is a privilege which the employer
enjoys, and not the worker. The' commissioners
need have no scruples about a workman being forced to work for a particular master.
The commissioners have not made many •discoveries, but tliey have discovered, or fancy they have,
the cause of the present dissatisfaction which, exists
among the working class. Their' contention that
''the dissatisfaction with existing conditions.'.arises
not from a hopeless despair, but from a deferraina-*-
tion to improve social conditions, and from a genu-
ine' spirit of human brotherhood,'" is in part correct, but were the commissioners to make the journey through the Crow's Nest Pass at this particular period, they might discover that the condition
of the worker both in British Columbia aind Alberta
was unsatisfactory in almost every respect, and
the dissatisfaction was caused not so much through
a desire to improve social conditions, as a desire to
secure thc barest means of sustenance. The commissioners appear to have swallowed one of the
great Jim Hill's quibs, namely, that discontent is
Ihe result not of the high cost of living, but of the
cost of high living. ^
Unemployment and employment agencies are also considered, and the report states "the evidence
we have received justifies' the need of^ efficient
public bureau to prevent employment.agencies being conducted solely for profit. The usual palliatives, that municipal employment bureaus and national labor bureau be established is one of their
suggestions. Fortnightly payday and negotiable
time checks are among some of the suggestions:
Xext week wc will publish "certain portions of the
report, but would advise all who are interested to
j write \Y. II. Cullin, King's Printer. Victoria, IB. C.
'the corporation of the city
.   ' oe fernie
if the parties in power make no effort tojagkjng fol. a eopy 0f the report.   Jt will prove very
adopt   tlie   recommendations  suggested.    Still,   in
fairness to the commission, which was limited in
its scope and barred from enquiring in a district
where real trouble existed, we will admit they l^ave
done more than we expected. Their report might
form the basis, with certain additions, of a very
progressive labor platform, and the workers of B.
C. would do well to read this report very carefully.
To review the report thoroughly would occupy
"too much space, but there are several portions with
which we shall deal in this and subsequent issues,
such portions having particular reference to our
own industry.
Commenting upon International Unions and the
objections raised by some, the commission makes
the following comment:—
•'Whilst some employers oppose international
unions on the grounds that the authority exercised
"by the union officials resident,in the United States
dustrial interests, yet we find no definite evidence
of any,such effect; and, on the other hand, it must
be said that many large corporations employ managers and superintendents and are controlled by
directors who arc themselves aliens,"
The last paragraph is rather an unkind rub for
those self-satisfied  patriotic, and  in 'many cases
effective campaign literature, and should be interesting reading to all who appreciate the necessity
of political action.
We were amused the other day when reading ;i
statement credited to Sir Thomas Shaughnessy.
i'resident of the C. P. R.. to the effect that "The
V. P. R. preferred white labor, but if it was hot
obtainable (AT THE PRICE) the company could
hardly be expected to stand back with folded
arms." . X
We introduced, the words between parenthesis.
It is usual to blame the printer for such omissions,
but in this ease we "fear that he is not" to blame.
Only thc other week our Lethbridge correspondent,
C. P. R. had a gang of about sixty men raising tiie
track, and were paying them at the rate of 17%
cents per hour or $1.75 for ten .hours' work." The
correspondent adds: "They are all^ Russians
brought in by the company." There is. of course,
a possibility that the C. P. lt. had lei this work to
A .By-Jaw tp jaise the. sum of Five
thousand dollars-1$5,000.00)   for the
purpose "&f extending the electric light
|jsystem now, in operation in the City
of .Fernie.
•WHEREAS 'tor the purpose aforesaid it will toe necessary to 'borrow the
sum of Five thousand- dollars ($5,-
000.00) and to,,Issue" debentures of the
City of Fernlo fpr the purpose of
raising the said sum;
AND AVHBRBAS the amount of the
whole rat^-blo jaind and hraprovsmeiits
or real property of the said Oity of
PernJe, ace ordlng to the last revised
assessment roll, is Two million, one
hundred " and ninety-four thousand,
foijr hundred and seven dollars $2,194,-
AND WHEREAS It will 'be requisite
to rate© annually iby rate the sum of
Six hundred and ninety-one dollars
aad forty-five cents ($691.45) for pay-
tag the said debt and interest;
■AND WHEREAS this By-law shall
mot ibe altered or repealed except with
the -consent of the Lieutenant-Govern-
NOW THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of   -Fornle,   tn   Council   assembled,
enacts as follows:—
1. It shall and may be lawful tor
the .Mayor of the Corporation of the
Oity of Fernie to borrow upon the
t-redlt of the said Corporation by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any (person, persons,, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
not exceeding the -whole sum of Five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00), and to
cause all such sums so raised or^ received to Ibe paid Into the hands' of
the Treasurer of the.said Corporation
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
. 2. It shall*-be lawful for the 'Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
tbe made, executed or issued, each for
the sum of Five hundred dollars
($500.00) as may ibe required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not ex-
feeding, however, the sum of Five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00), und all
■such debentures shall be sealed witli
•the seal of the Corporation and signed
'by the 'Mayor and City Clerk thereof.
3, The said debentures shall toear
date from the First day of June. A. D.
1914. and shall be made payable ln
Ten (10) years from the said date, dn
lawful money? at 'the office of ,.fche
Home Bank of Canada, in Fernie
aforesaid, or at the office of the Home
Uank of Canada, Toronto, Ontarloi or
at the office of the National Park
■Bank. New York Oity. United States
of America, which said places of* (payment shall be ^designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupons for' the payment of
IntetreKX anA  tbt* ■sitf^ati\raB.-i/y-ihe^4o*'
a contractor, and that the latter, was skinning ev-
alien, humbug*, wbo are forever proclaiming whatjor-v Possible cent out of the worker.   Wejlo not
they will do for a CANADIAN ORGANIZATION.
Under the ln-ading "Discrimination against
Union Employees," the commissioners make the
following admission:—
'• Though some organizers, led astray by the pursuit of visionary aims, may go to the extreme and
would destroy much that is good in our industrial
system, it i-nnnot be doubted that the promotion of
Uie organization of lnbor is doing much tn benefit
the condition of Ihe laboring class an a whole."
The recommendations of thc commission on this
point are of such n nature that no comment is
invfi--is.ilry, but they might have mentioned "what
■is good in our industrial system."
('pon tin' ipiestinn of compulsory arbitral ion. the
comiiiisviion is compelled to admit that this method
of li'jrislation has been tried and found wanting,
nnd state: "The genera) concensus of opinion \h
that it has been tx failure. Tt has not prevented
Mi'iki'o, nnd seem* only to liave succeeded in cr«>.
atiiitf untnffoiiittm between the employer nnd employee. When the State intervene* lo force workmen to work for n particular master, tin well na to
I'tiiiipfl the niMnter to employ particular men. it in
m'niv it* jiftu-cv in u uuuirwr which is not in afford-
once wilh liberty nnd justice." The Inst para-
graph, mi far a» (lie worker i» concerned, im a huge
joke, and doe* not <'jiH for serious critieinm. WHh
the labor market ovoratoek-.wl, there are very f«nr
know, but this wc do know,.and that the C. P. It
always employs white labor wheri the white lafibr-
er fan be obtained al the price,
No one wants to pay the same for'a light team
that he would for a heavy team, and the railway
company will not employ the weak degenerate
Oriental or Chinese when sturdy "Russiaus or
Swedes mn be persuaded to work for 17V.» «ents
per hour. Some may argue that there is no comparison between the horse and the mnn. There iB not.
If a man I my a a heavy team, bin feed bill will be
more thnn with a light team. With the intelligent ( 11 worker, it is very different.   The railroad
assessment roll, ts Two million, oue
hundred ^andyTniaetj<four' thousand*,
four hundred and seven dollars ?2;194,-
407.00);'", ,    -.',;     . . -;    "
AND W,jHEWEAS4t, will he requisite
to "ra-ise ^annually hydrate 'the sum 0-t
Six hundred and ninety-one" dollars
and forty-five c&nts ($691.45) for paying-the "said debt and interest; '■'
AND WHEREAS ^this By-law shall
■not ib*$ altered or repealed except ^ith
the consent of .the Lieutenant-Govern-
or'in-fOoumcU;.' •  "'     ,■   ,
NOW THEIRHPORE, 'the.Municipal
Council of .the Corporation^ the Oity
of   (Fernie,   in   Council   assembled,
enacts as follows:—     " Ji:
1. It shall and may be lawful* for
the iMayor of the Corporation of the
City of Fernie to borrow upon the
credit of the said Corporation by way
of. debentures "hereinafter mentioned,
from any- person, persons, 'body or
bodies corporate, -who <roay *be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
not exceeding the whole sum of Five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00), and to
cause all such -sums so raised or received to be paid" Into tho hands of
the'Treasurer of the said Corporation
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore 'recited,
i 2. It shall be lawful for the 'Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made, executed or Issued, each for
the sum of Five hundred dollars
($500.00) as may be required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the wim of Five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00), and ail
such debentures shall be sealed with
the seal of the Corporation and signed
by the Mayor aud City Clerk thereof.
3. The said debentures shall 'bear
date from the First day of June, A. D.
1914, and shall be made payable ln
Ten (10) years from the said date, in
lawful money, at the office of the
Home Bank of Canada, in Fernie
aforesaid, or at the office of the Home
Bank of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, or
at the office of the National Park
Bank, New York City, United States
of America, which said places of payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupons for the payment of-j
interest and the signatures to the Interest coupons may be either written,
^tamped, .printed or lithographed,
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five and a half
per cent (t,y_ p. c.) per annum, from
the date thereof, which Interest shall
be payable semi-annually at the said
office of the Home Bank of Canada,
in Fernie aforesaid, or'at the'said ot-
tflce of the Home Bank of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, aforesaid, or at the office of the National Park Bank, New
York City, on the First day of -the
•months of June and December, respectively In each year during the currency, of the said debentures, and it shall
be expressed in said debentures and
coupons to be so .payable.
B.   It shall be lawful for the Mayor
* •'    ' '   '   ,•'•-'~',r '*t*-M--.,X'* A.-Aj   i'v? >*-f4XhhX ^•'■'$X,X*A_ ■,'-3fJjjjJ^"r"- ;
W€LL HEATED      „    '-""">?.     ,     ;   ■  WELj!r;VgN^UVT6P"'" ~"
High: Class  P^otcx ^1^
--    ■    " . -.   :! r, *   '      t - "    -   .. -
terest coupons may be either written,
st«.mped, -printed or lithographed.
4„ The said debentures shall bear
interest ot the rate of Five and a half
<per cent (5% p. c.) per annum, from
the date thereof, which interest -shall
be :payable semi-annually at the said
office of the Home Bank of Canada,
in Fernie -aforesaid., or at t.he..satd office of the Home Bank of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, aforesaid, or at the office of the National Park Bank, New
York City. on the First day of the
months of June and December, respectively in each year during the currency of the said debentures, and it shall
be expressed In said debentures and
coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures, or ai)y
of them, at len than par, but in no
.?iiha shall the said debentures or any
of them, ibe negotiated or w>ld for less
than ninety per centum of thoir value.
Including the cost of negotiating thetr
mile, brokerage and all other Incident-
til cxprnsDB.
fi.  There shall tip raised and levied
•Under the cold reserve of her husband,-ter heart*wilts,   Hor younger
son Jnhertts her nature and soon (follows his mother. * Too late busband
and father'realizes the cause of. their doatti .
OLD.1)00 YAK H.      if     /
Sellg.   An animated cartoon of the famous comic supplement ctaara^'
ter.  Drawn by Sydney Smith.  Courtesy Chicago Tribune
Essany.   A beautiful love drama with Francis X. Bushman
Edison.   An excellent picture taken' off the Cornish Coast
May 13th and 14th
The Li on & the Mous,e i
By Charles Klein.   The complete triumph of a clever and beautiful
girl over a powerful money-mad financier, who has Ruined and dis- •
credited her father
Admission 15 cents and 25 cents
Germinal, or the Toll of Labor
By Smile Zola.   Five reels
Selig.  Three reels
Matinee Saturday at 2.30—5c and lpc
Prices, 10 & 20c. -:- ORPHEUM ORCHESTRA
<onipiiiiv (Io-ck not iixrv i\ hoop what he vtiU jnix!*1" °*ch year durln* thn currencv of
,      '     , i       *..,.   4-r     i    i- _ l      i I ""''I debentures the sum of Two hun-
ko lontr ns h.* works.   >\hotW he lives on it lutnd-;dred und Mventyrflve Aom„ (tmm
witli ifor payment of Interest, and the sura
of "tlie said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures, or any
of them, ot lees 'than par, but in no
case shall the said debentures or any
of thom, Ibe negotiated or told for loss
than ninety per centum of their value.
Including the cost of negotiating 'their
89le, brokerage and alt other incidental expenses,     p
6. IThere shall be raised and levied
In each year during the currency of
said debentures the jum of Two hundred and seventy-five dollars ($275.00)
for ipayanent of interest, and the sum
of Four hundred and sixteen dollars
and forty-five cents ($416.45) for payment of said debentures, by rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land
or Improvements or real property In
the said Municipality. •
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures on such teiwie
"« mav be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either nt the time of
sale or any subsequent,time or time*,
and all debentures so repurchased
shall forthwith he cancelled and destroyed, and no re-huue of the debentures no repurchased *hall be made In
consequence of suoh repurchase.
8. This By-law shall tako effect on
the First day of June, A. D, 1014.
0,  Thia By-law may .be cited for «H
ful of ri-rc. or pork iimi beans, cut no figun
. —m999utAAttA*tl**'    'ttt*n  mj-hiw   ika? ,ttu %;ii*tTii  **mn  n*tt
thom if thoy can get him for tlio samt> wajp.   The °r ""T ™r«* ■n/a.*,JE^?.do,l8W P«rpos«. ni the Okv of Fernie Hoad
qulr- to 11,, up...  He will „hr..v. «,ptey wbll- "X^S^^'l^^^i*^^' "'^ »-»^ ^
labor (ovon in the compnny s conl mine*) provided i™[ iwproromomo or mi property »t   TAKB xoticf. th%t the abov* Is *
"! *"»>   * « i   i    • i *    *w      *a ■ *«• copy of th» proposed Bylaw up-
Muk'ii?Sii i« ^«hi. ^ i«n wh,'h thB vot* * *h« uautum
HT^Kh^Ii^^^^I^" *• t4ken ,n th* °«"*» <*mmm.
2 «rT?JS3?!lSi?S.taS h^ ""N- Clt>'of r*n,,e- * C" on
n* miy on agrw-M upon <wun tne lewiTnB^nv  \t»r Mth   a   n  iati  it*.
ESS !£%££, ^'«Z^ fi£ *• "»" -^<'«»°™"*- £
•ball forthwith .be cancelled Md de
tin- priM- is whnt the compnny want to pay and not ;the *W Muo,0,i*my-
wlmt Iln* workrr is ciititlnl tn.
One dollnr nnd seventy-five cents a thy for ten
hours" work, is n rcnuiiieratimi thai run scarcely
tm cniiMiintcd to produce stalwart* for the Canadian
militia or navy, hut the Ureal Northern can heat
thia, for the great "Amm" (to prevent gluttony
among tho workers) pays his section men I1..15 per
Regal White Wyandotte;
Dorcas (24 egg) Strain
A few early hatched cockerels for sale in the fall
Writ* ■
Coleman    •   Alberta
Crow's Nest Business
And Academy of Langauftt
J.W. Branttl, Priaclpal
Classes arranged for any time
during day or evening
Writ* Far Piatna*!**
Johnson-Falconer Block
With iht> c*r option ot tlwwe in Ohio,
Ihe mln#r» tn tlm orsanifed flelda
Mluae * tia.rai u ekplrod on March U
are pent-un^ly working whorovor trndo
condition* allow, whll* their repr»>
»#R'»t|w-f, on w*t" contaftt'.tet* or la
'Mother*' itmo, tor Uio lifo of more
Own a generation, haa horn tlgMlng
Oi* battle of lb* working cteas. Hor
home law beon on the firtoa Ito* of In*
riuatrial conflict.
\\*hor*ver tbe bottle he* mnetl tot
jaaUce agaitwt wrong aad OMprewaon,
and wherever tito abm tea* rebated
turulrwt th<* tyranny of tho dMpot,
(Here haa boen foaod tMa dauntlMH
Joint coinwilttwi   ar» ai>«oila«lng tor j '^0^ ralnlnt" bw w*i» foT human
ww mn-Mu-wti.. Ittoftf.
la Indiana i^ftanilnoiwf ibe tmto]   «,« ^ 1^1 mm At ^^^ of
comulUec fall-rd to reaca aay agrow -*aratt* ttnrory and Imwirf th*. tofanrtwa
ment; th# )om ronferenc« roconvmi. jof a pwftt ayatoia.
ml k»»i Tt*Md*y, atwl l» it* mnnim *»,    »ha bu koanl tho noana of ■u»«r-
ire go to pirMt,   tbwn nm mnny dlf-llnw from lha nalM Vim of hnnavir
•tin-,,*,** .w if t,ttfttv,*r*i, tm*, ** wm tto
"'   ' '• , ..It.i.Vli   .#n-i'Uii'Ai..     ^_M -___ . .
tin nt.* t.<- r«-afhi»«t in the near fatmye, j ywtT<yanfw» trom bovtAn ot ydtntif
Tke Jolat eeal* co»«tU«e. ww.|^S!ftk»«»iwpii.«itlll»
"rodHglicH dMrlet wttk aoclal ootoaau,
caaittatod witb all tho powor of kar
Impaaafonod oloqttenea Um ttMKab
wrongs that grow oat of tuoUaas n-
jih»«««oi!, ani tor thia, aha hai faead
ilia lajunofcloaa of our courto, kaaa
•elaed by worbnte aoiiMory. flaag tm>
hind tha walla of tb* bottoao and
«om*«niMi doporteri by ttet 'Tnvtottilo
•troyed, and no re-laane of tht daben-
tnrea w raporchaaed aball lia mado Ih
eonaaqtiaoea of fo<* ropurehaae.
I. Thia By4aw aball Uk* etteet on
tba rtnt day af lone, A, D. 1014.
». ttbln By-law mar ba cited for all
ptmpoasa aa tba City af ramie Hae*
trie Unbt Want Kxtenalon By-1*w,
fkwt* and faaiMd In open Council
H.I. fleveatb dar of Mar, A. D. 1914.
TAKK -mmm that tba above la a
tree eopjr of the {iropoaad Br-law a<^
wbtm oaodau to okay. I on whleb tba veto of lba ai«iM«l|Mtltr
id by tlw apnriom Atdtnbete ot iagal; wtH h* takaa la tln> Cotnwit Cbambar,
Portila. B. C,.
.May Sth. 1»I4.   K.
City Clark.
rktkta aad eonatltotloaal Mbartr.
"Motkar" Jonas ia naarfag lba aad
jof bar Journey.   Ilka iaai -fwaptar ia
tha blttorr of bar llfk arlll soon ba
wrltton; but, wh«n tdin to laid away la
tba tMsaM of Motbar nattb, tba ra*
w, tt *** ■*.*»,,■»*»> *
niy Hall, my bt Pernio, n, C, oa
Tnasday, May tfth, A T>. IDII, hetween lha boars of tan o'otock In tha
foranoon snd alaht ovroet tn tba avan.
ttnm omm m mm o. «aa««f inNBjwnrktna rtet,* win wenvo amwrnd tw**
j   fl^jiMrt-n);  l\t:\ri     ;,tiil   \,\x   vxlh   w,mmm*.   m   nonwmO   of   iwmtwialtw 1
•aai lag tkn tatntra aad opemum af
IMMrkt U. nr* Mill In awaaloft at IV
*ri*. frenta** '» kaAoo mmI* hm nn
portmneet »«^n*fiN«trt ton* Oem met***
no tot.
Tha Wat «wif*ff*aei* ol lh# C*lo
mta-ora aad operators waa aot eble to
effort any »rttN<mon». owing to tba
%faw'alt lie d*w*n of <ap9(allan aod
ttemmende bar Ufa to tho wofM'wWa
nf th* rnra
HuMgb a woman wboaa bajift tea
bond for a Httfllsatlon vkara mnn. wo-
nwui and ebUd •bonld ba frt#. tta
pn>w~tlMrt notd*M- of "pabBr ofdMon"
-~ba* not haoitatod ta kart tta eakna*
tdto and lnvf«t|vwi against tba agad
vkoee tloneto aball a*rar foda,—Tka
Mlaara Magaslaa.
■Mar nth   WH    " «
Awrwtm .t Mmrwvrr.
CttrCtart.il, «,h
(To tha Bditor. Biatrial Udgar,
Sir,-—so maor aad variad ara tba
prananMatloaa gtvan ta tha nana ef
Mett-eo'a MKappolntad praaldant tbat
I thoagkt It mlgbt Intaraat yoar wad*
otn to toarn tba corract praanaelatlon.
la Spantab. with bat faw ateaptlant
and thaaa parmlaslbta only by virtus
of tfsafff. "ha" is nwta wbsn begin-.
Ring a word, Nn" Is rsptaaantad In
ItotlMi *y "ao," "•- ia aoandad Hka
"a" nbnreKr m-mntwnflut "♦** '*« at-vi-**
lia a naanor that woald ttekla tba aarlma
,oi a voaatryaMa ol Hornn, "i" kaa;
lba aaiaa valua aa la HagUak aad "a"
Lacrosse Sticks
50c & $1.00
Get the Kids a Stick - and
watch 'em develop
Bleasdell's Drag Store
managamsat kaa awntrod tha great hi'
««^-»       « .... §**»'*»«"l tntaro, -Tba Uon and
•maartatata," a apaelal twarael Vlt-Itiw Maaaa.**   tbls la a alciarliailon
*?«??!^!^M^1? JIL2S |C-^teK37aaBHb «lw*
,*ty to Uh" fmt>'M*vrt*b'«4 tttllttoiw of tb»
arw OM© operator*.   It waa adjoant'id''
\mm f\T9 f^ Of f\ To,
Victoria Day
' oa ataNia *tnt,***i *9*ttr,99 I**...*...* tu ".^j^
Vaara ton tmljr,      	
•Y-LAW NUMBtft 14S
A B>'4aw to nine tba aaan ot flra
ftaaaaaai Salkm (ISJIM*) »or tba
poipoaa al faiabaaMr read ssaMag
ma*«<Maarjr, «ottatatttm; "of Gas  Road
jHatfer, Om mm Crasksr gad Oa*
> Vvatn*
'ami -iBJ.B>
Tkarafor*. pkaaallfalljr pro-
"llaarta" baeeawa -oo—aw lagrapb fsatnra, Is an* of thos* daw*a*
tie drmnaa, f»!1 of pathos and striking-
r,       t'   t        li-   -r-* I     , '• I      ""    *       1
,t     .   , .,,        •*.    4*^.4*,^,    >, »h>   1^'riM , ''-.ttHl't*   tMl«^
an aaaraapaibatle haabaad form tbo
cblaf cbaraotarsof tba cast*. Ktatb*
old tala ratold, of a husband's lack ot
sympatbjr aad^tbssgradaal dacllna of
bla wlfa and child Tha Wat la apian*
dldlj aetad aad will apptal ta oaiay
t**mtt*mni*ti**     "DM   Tfne  Yak"  la
Crow'a Nasi Buslaaaa Colloga
and Aoadaaay af Laagaagaa,
mnde. a C Mar *, ISH.
Friday. April li.' Muni of the opamt
ara of tba aariaaa tah^tatrieta, wHb!   ivt*j»i,iim ha* t*tt m* wr-wi'-* fn
tlw ne^ttim m a*mem «J*»o, Jure -^.^r,,. flM, prvtaamtoml fwrjtim- nnd
»algalftod a wtntaswtaa to ssaat Ut* t*o mtrory araaOtat* ta asslrefc kar »aM> * 4^ .fci-Ji a,- ^..j MJm» It win ba aaecasanr tofconow tha
t*m*n*mn'irm of ik* aitacfa to afclgaad aaaw. bat tb* waasui aba tea IT* * •■" WM^ror!r,,rair,> «*» of Flt# ibaaasad daOaia <•».•
» W*^t««pt to fwnaalBt* m agraomant tvr\dtmmud bar affaMa mbmmmdtf haajSelltec OttSS. Ml) 2Sfd • 23th «*<*» ami to bum dsbaatana •♦ tba
4^fc^r saaaaastfa iMbdbntmn.   W^^liy^taKS^^SaST    Rtt fO LWtt, Mif 27th WH  !Clt.r oK WsnOa for tba aarposa af
^(NwwaarwiaaaaafMa   We km* ond L^^^L dLSS^^t
exrx: lit I* Me to mpoti mm ^^Sto^bttoK
of Cbartas JOaln'a graat play, aad ts'
mads graatsr by lba amphaata tbat la
mawtit tie ait* *a*H».    iOO MMgW VanMM,
witb it* dlalogaa, M*aM ta ba a po*
Htieal ahoation, witb a lor* atarr t*
aiaka ft raaL la tba platnr*. aa hn*
man natars raallr dBsaaais, tba or*
dar ia ravaraad. Tba paMUaat jrtt««.
tion, haaarar. I* Jost as elaar aa la
the play, nothtivg haa bean lost, anil
/'   (V   )%
j rnittinn tbe aald
tha Warn afiba aiarlaaa faatara.ianwb "imSTi^-^b fa«t"ttetYi5
it ia a fww nm tnn an tnknnted^mnA* 10 t*rr\} the lore story; for, Iu
tam. tba k»v« story iaada'gnsat«r
||, W. A. 1 nrml | tha Bi«»<»raM*: waa* tbat pocmfeiM *'.
Ofitrtet ^ssangsr Agant,
w« .i# ratsaws hum aaa luptaamms g ihckkv
cr ;»*1 pmmiy of tba saW Oity of ' (>r)( ',„ 1J|# n,,^^
*ntT Hall, ramie, a c.
iFurata, at* ardlng ta tba laat rtrtsadj
KaMad Xvndrri for emm* a tewm]****** «* '*• 'Mko«f aupplesaatit
araead Aaaas Scbaal wW ba eoasM {-tbaraetara for wbleb Bydaay Saritb
wwd br tb* Uktidi Traataea. PMrttar la mBMMribfa. "Tba Whip haad" la a
V*«*t*ore *eA *v*ntlcotloo mr b* bsaaUtW Cssaay lava dram*, witb
"^.ft**^a'9- Haadaasaa. Cba^ Irrands X. OnsbOMtt ts prhwlptL A
bm1 er wo worn. apiawlld tUUm aaaato fl!«. "fload
Mbuodmn mum he la hr Mav Mb^Tr****," rfr.pfftfng ffi<« tbt* on the Car
aiab coaat, to otto ot tboaa daltgk'.fal
ptaeaa of photography, for whlrh thU
boaaa la raaowaad. Por WadaaaJay
and Tkaraday. Ulay iStk aad lltb. tba
tba political ritoatkm
palgaan*. ff^aaat H sarsly la, aalll
tba kaafy aadiag, wklek sipaactawr
I* tkdd* to bopa for bat kapt aaaaitsln
ot fiom tba first. Tba laaaagsaNAt
taCtWHl ua UwU. lU«y bote eeeoted 1
ftva^ratl faatara, aatttlad "OamtMl,
or Tha Toll of Ubor," wbleb will bt
aarasasd abonly. Tbtoiaby tbsgrat'
aat af Frta*k aatbara, Rarila Xala. ArfA--AhAyyy}*:y -"^y.s■ _y*>: .,-**   • ■"-   , "-' *Y- ,r    -;" " -  \*;V- ^JS^Aas -;. ss. ■'.'''-"        ■   '   7 ! -x-"-.\.*  -■    -'->:-  >!:-*7AH} ■
/;_ ^ ~' *'■'■'■ THE DISTEIOT LEDGER, FEeNIE,   B. C, MAY 9, 1914.
'*''* )?■*. *'- ■$Kii& 'Srt&^vfe*^
■'   ^',4^
. .1' >'*.\>;
■\ -?iz?m
On Tuesday, the 5th, whUe at work -as they happened to ibe in 'arrears for
\     * *       ^    ■ "        • s *
The Beltevue,-football team did not
.get a *eam to Plays Ooiomaa on Saturday, .-but will iplayjA"'tho'tt«»r future.
Quite, a 'crowd /of Believue sports
•took in the -hall game on Friday -between, HfBcr-eet aha Prank.l
.  Bolb lxnttt and Jas. Burke spent
.Friday eM Saturday. In Fernie,
r   ;M-tas Scott, ot the- teaching etaXt,
..ww to;F«rn4e'taking la.'tbe.aporta'on
. Fri-djay;
iMT.'APtjhur ReHley  and Mr.  Beet
, were *Pera4e visitors on "Friday.
\   Mr. J. Hutton, who.-has boen om-
, ployed aa a, fire bosB for some years,
lias covered Ws connection with the
coal cocsvany and started to work at
Prank,       —       **"   '"
<Mr. aad 'Mto. George Copelaaul iwere
visiting in -Bellevue tbls week, the
guests of .Mr. and Mrs. John Hutton.
a We are pK-aaed to note that tho
Maple Leaf mine has opened up and
Is working fairly steady.
•Mr. Rao-dall Is moving his temdlyi up
from (Mapte .beat thle week,-
Poto Uborttaa has.started a young
farm on Wa -triangular lot noxt to ttoa
old eehool''house.
In" the action In which Airs. Jonathan Graiham ibrought against Dr. R. T.
Ross, ot Oaleiman, for $25,000.00, the
case wbo tried lu .Macleod 'before
Judge AValsh and a jury. A verdict
was "brought In for Dr. Ross -with
On Thursday, the 30th. a disastrous
fire occurred at York Creek In which
Air. Oscar Brlndlej; suffered tthe loss
ol three houses and all his effects.
How the 'fire occurred is not properly
known.. The loss |s estimated at about
11700, and is .partly covered by Insurance.
'  LMlke Brennan has added' an addition to hia property on Third'Street
What's the matter with Bellovue?
For the first tlmejn five yeara failed
to turn out a team to fulfill their
league engagement. Get a move on,
•Oroya; better late than never. Cole-
•Tuaii were quite dteappoitned over the
•matter. ■
last week a "batch of about forty
in roam 93, Albert Cilli met with' an
accident in the (McGillivray Creek
mime at Oolemma, a large piece of top
coal Jailing on Mm, ibruising him rather .severely. He was-taken to tihe
'Mip-erc' -hospital and attended to by
Dr. Obonelly.    ,   =' ,
It iwiU (be remembered' that aome
tiane ago Thomas Kennedy, of Crow's
Neat, (brought, an 'action, against the
C. Pi R. tor 125,000.00 damages for
the toss of an arm at Coleman depot.
(The G. P. R, appealed the case and the
're-trial takes place in Spokane on (May
lath. Sevenal.new; witnesses have been
subpoenaed in connection with it.   "
+ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ . ♦
♦ ♦
♦ *> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦
I. o
Frank visited Hlllcrest on Saturday
and opened the league games tor the
season before a crowd of about 500,
whose enthusiasm: for their respective team was just tremendous. The
home team won the toss .and kicked
off on schedule time, and the game
was fast froj!u!the start and occasionally very rough. The -ball had not
been moving eight minutes ibefore the
inside left of Hlllcrest received a severe injury to his knee, which necessitated his Immediate removal to -the
hospital. The-game, -however, continued fast and exciting, and although
the home team played ten men they
'were able occasionally to take the
offenslvfe. Juat before halt time hostilities broke out In one portion of*
the field, and it looked for the moment as if this end of the American
continent was likely to be engaged in
a conflict ,as sanguine as that to the
south. The belligerents were invited
to leave the field for-the rest of the
game. PJay was resumed* with the
home team playing nine men and
Frank ten. However^ some good football was witnessed, and upon the call
of time the score was 0-0. A surprise
'was sprung upon most people during
the footlball matclL, when a brass
band, hitherto "unknown, struck up
some .lively selections. We are informed, that the band is here to stay,
nnd that its sweet xulcet strains will
gladden our summer- evenings. * So be
it! -v.        ■ .   '   *
■ Quite a number. of the boys here
took advantage of the cheap railway
rates to Fernie. .,They report a good
time and their.opinion of Fernie hoa-
Several of our citizens have decided
taxes an agreement satisfactory to ail
'Parties waa arrived at.
On Tuesday morning a miner employed at the Eureka mine died of
pneumonia. The funeral took place
Wednesday afternoon at 2.30. .
Harry Brooks has been-at Purple
Springs for a few days, planting' spudsT
Pat Vaughan arrived back to town
from -Lethbridge hospital on Saturday.
Pat had his feet badly frozen dilrlng
the winter. . One toe had to be amputated.
IThe mines are gotng along the same
old, gait; worked four days In April,
and we already, (have one day for May.
Work -threatens tor Friday!
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
■May Day celebration was carried
through successfully, to the evident
saifcisflaotion of ail who took part. The
program was made up as follows:
Free dance given <by the Local Union
on -the night of Alp»*il 30bh. This
dance was weli attended and was singular in its cosmopolitan make-up, everybody ibent on having a good time,
while the generous way cake, etc., was
contributed gives ub the conviction
that when Christ fed the 5,000 he must
have adopted this1 systjm of obtaining
•Uie 'food. The dance broke up at 3.3U
iMay 1st. At 1.30 ln the afternoon of
title 1st a free picture show was given
to the children for an hour and a half,
aftei;. which they were served with
anfforange and 'bar of chocolate. 'At
3.30 the hall was well filled, .to hear
J. D. Harrington, of Vancouver, wno
"was tlie -chosen -speaker for the day.
The chair was taken Iby District Vice
President Wm. Graham, who, in his
opening i;ema.rk8, referred to it being
his first visit to Bankhead, and spoke
on matters of interest to the organization, afterwards introducing J. D. Harrington, who was'well received, and
the able way In,; which the speaker
dealt with the industrial problems of
'the hour and the wide range covered
by his discourse proves "Mm to be a
student of the broadest of internationalism. ' His description, of the breat-
ment of tbe miners of Vancouver Island was well -received, as waa also
that of the Colorado miners. .He eloquently Illustrated how the corruption
of the present day courts of justice
was ieadlng the workers into" stronger,
ties of International brotterbood^LMlss.
iMetbodtat -Church between Leonard
Jones and' fttiss Edith Cratchley, of
Jflttdngshall, near Wolverhampton,
England The ceremony was (perform-
eS toy Mr. Curry, -Methodist uninistftr.
The :brlde was dressed in cream .brocade silk, wreathed with orange blossoms and was given away by Mr.. R.
Jones.' She ' was attended by 'Miss
Phoebe Hampton as chief bridesmaid
and (Mioses Rose and Ethel Hampton
as flower girls. Mr. W. Newman acted as best man. After tbe ceremony
was ended a reception was held at the
home of IMr. R. Jones to a large party
ot. friends. IThe music was rendered
iby .Messrs, F. and U. Newman and
others, while dancing and singing was
indulged' in to everyone's satisfaction.
Following ie the list of presents: Mr.
J. Taylor and Miss Alice Newman, set
of oaVvers; Mr. und Mrs. J. Newman,
salad 'bowl and servers; Mr. W. Newman, dinner aejvlce; Mr. J. Robinson,
cut glass tray, decanter and glass; Mr.
W. Talibot, velvet pile rug; .Mr. A.
Mitchell, bed spread; Mr. W. Walkden,
gold tie pin, gold brooch, gold mounted comb and silver chain purse; Mr.
W. Holmes, glass set; .Mrs. E, and
W, Robinson, fancy cushion cover and
tray cloth; ,Mrs. W. Whitehouse, -Bat-
teii'burg ta/ble cloth; Miss P. Hampton,
■bed spread; Mrs. S. Hampton, stand
lampv--Mrs/F. Hampton, fancy table
cloth and linen; Mr. and Jlrs. W. Lord-,
glass'set; Mr. and Mrs. 15. Hayes, silver plated cutlery; Mr. and 'Mrs. A.
Hampton, silver plated coffee pot; Mr.
and IMrs. R. Jones, fancy pillow shams
and sideboard cloth; ;Mr. and Mrs. J.
Cross, set of fancy jugs; Mr, F. Hampton, bed spread; Mr. J. Mack, fancy
'table; (Mr. and Mrs. Zorratti, two velvet pile canpets; Mr. and Mrs. F.
Jones, jewel case; Air. Albert Jones,
set of carvers; Mr. I. Jones, fancy silver cutlery; .Mr. Walter Jones, fancy
flower pot; air. and Mrs. F. Millard,
basket of line cutlery; Mr. and Mrs.
D. M'Hlard-, fancy brass ornament;
Mr. and Jlrs. E. Round, towels; Mrs,
man. weretald ott in the HcSUllvtw to ^^ th<rfr owtf domlc}lary ^1,^
TOlne.   ftoepeots of work took very and ^ save w mMmize one of ^
remote indeed In Coleman, at least for
a time. , -   .    '
On Saturday afternoon an uafortun
ate occurrence happened to a party
ot ladiea and gentleman., ^o -wqre
driving to witness the football match
at Hillcrest. The party was (being
driven by W. Bell w-ben the)' mot a
motor at a very intricate part of the
road. Tbe horses (backed a little out
of tho iway. The reault was that tbo
rig, waa upset and fell on <Mrs. Beli,
causing a dislocation ot tha typ. She
-was taken to hospital at (Blnlnmore,
and later to her own homo ln Cole-
man. -Mrs. iBoll Is rapidly recovering
■ from hor injuries. Tho rest of the
party wore 'badly shaken tout not hurt
-lu any. way.
On Saturday, May Hth. ihe Fraternal
Ordor ot Eagles, Coleman eyrie, will
hold a soolal in thatr hall, whon all
visiting Eagles to Coleman on that
data will ibo made welcome,
On Sunday. Muy 21th, his Lordship
Bishop jMacXftlly (Roman Catholic)
will pay bla. pastoral visit to Colomnn,
when be will administer tlio aaora-
moot of confirmation to Mio Catholic
children between Coleman and Pass-
A whist drive took place lu the hall
of the Anglican Churoh on Thursday
night, of laat weok. Mrs. J, Louabury
waa top scorer for the ladias snd Mr.
tloodave for tha gentlemen.
A miniature circus performance
' took place tn tha streets of Coleman
on Saturday afternoon, a promlnant
official of MoOllllvray staff holn* the
■lona ip^rformw. Aft«*r rarwtng round
tha town Ws horse deposited Mm
eomewbat rudely tn tha rfarintty ot tha
depot. Whan picked up tha only dam*
age waa,* pair ot broken glMees.
Oa .Monday night about 6SQ an ac-
eldest occurred tn room 100 tn No. 1
aeam or the International Coal Company* ataa at Coloman. whereby Paul
Pteronack tot several naaty wounde
an tha bead aad ana ot hia legs badly
bruised, Na was taken to the Miners'
lloepkal aad attended hy Dr. R. *T.
The Rev, Pathar Beaton, ot Cape
tlretao, to tba gueat of tba Rar, Father
• Dslestr# far th* month of M»y,
knight of the-whistle and handled' the
game satisfactOrity. The superb goal
keeping of. Cooper, of Fernie, saved
the result from appearing like a cricket score, Fernie retiring beaten "by ti
goals to 1,
Hosmer and Michel opened the
league season at Hosmer on Saturday
before a fair sized' crowd, Michel sending a good contingent, who were Johnny on tiie spot, especially when lt
came to holierin*. .Michel won by two
goals to none, and won deservedly,
for they (proved themselves the superior side on tho day's play. Hosamer,
however, were -to some extent the victims of misfortune, as they lost McQueen, .who bad his ankle badly Injured after about ten minutes' play. This
was a big enough handicap, but Michel had another, stroke of good fortune in the shape of a strong wind,
which rose about half time and assisted them to press Hosmer's weakened forces almost continuously
through the second half,
Hosmer opened-the game strongly
and did all the attacking up to the
time of 'McQueen's departure. Their
forwards, however, proved to be weak,
Pow being the only one who seemed
to know where the goal lay and. how
to get there. Playing against ten men,
■Michel came'TOore and more into the
picture, their fonwards playing nice
combination. They -were, however,
prevented from scoring by good back
play and -daring goalkeeping. Half
time found the score 0-0. Hampton, of
Michel, also failed to utilize a penalty
kick, his effort to score being ludic-
■rous. ftllchel, aided by a strong wind,
commenced the second half as if they
intended to make a ten cent lunch of
Hosmer, Balderstone being called up-j
on four or five times in quick succefr
S. Jones, colored table cloth and hard-| 6lon,.   ,Playi excei1t for a few occaskm.
ware; Jlr. and Mrs. Albert Orutchley;
ibed linen, trays and hardware'. (Jlr.
and Mrs. C.  Orutchley, tea service;
sources of the high .cost of living.
It is remarkable that some individuals can <be guilty of any crime, including the theft ot tools, and. still get
away with It, 'The Tact that such Individuals may have beeitvtfseful to the
employing class at some time may account fbr -leniency shown. However,
'we have not abandoned all hope of
'bringing the guilty (parties to justice.
What a pity It Is that "William"
does not write a book of travels nnd
experience along the main line. Tnis
would be quite helpful Jn enlightening
many ot those Old Country siaves who
imagine this Sunny Alberta a land
overflowing with niilk ond honey.
W. Robertson has severed his connection with Hlllcrest colliery and left
for his ranch ln Burmis, where he
hopes to raise "tatars," etc. It is our
earnest wish that the raising of crops
will not create a deoUne in his
W. White, rape rider on No. 2 slant,
had fhe misfortune to break his leg
while following his employment on
Wednesday last.
(Had to see you around again, Tipper, and hope you will soon be able
to discard tha props.
Notion Pictures and
Don't forret that what ew
happens the Lyrfe will continue to show tbt bett pie*
Matinee every Saiur.
day at 2 p.m.
The i.May Day celebration at Taber
took tha form of a picnic at the river
for tha children. Tba' band marched
through town to the h-all. nhurs iho
womon and children had -been (old to
tnaet. Tha owners of automobiles tn
tha town -loaned their niaohlnea to
take the women and children to tha
river and the kiddles took the ride aa
part of the day'a enjoyment. On arriving at tlie river each woman and
child was given an orange. A pro.
traro of m*ee and a skipping contest,
tor which oaeji prises wars distributed,
wss. ions through. Coffae was paaaad
found and each youngster was given a
twf of candy and nuta. while ice cream
waa the last on the list of refreshments. At Intervals the band furnlah.
ad dune* nusle and a number of tbe
irrown op fteopla enjoyed themealvee
on tlie dancing stage- At 7 ■», m Dm
t/nnti hack was made end autoraobllee
won* tusy for some time, taking Urod,
hut delighted, youngsters to thatr
Tha epring aeaalon of the Dletrtct
S. Mushkat; *who .was present, Interpreted the speech in Polish, after
which cigars were passed around and
a general smoke and chat was the order. *
In the-evening a free picture show*
was given to a crowded house, It
•should ibe mentioned tftiat all arrange-
mien-is were made for Indoors, ae the
past few May Days have been so un"
settled in this part, usually with enow,
but on this occasion splendid weather
J. D. Harrington left for Fernie on
the night of the 1st. accompanied by
Vice President Graham, Miss iMushkat
travelling with .them as far as Can-
.Mrs. A. Fkliwardeon and children left
for BiiKland on the 1st, accompanied
by Jlr. Bdiwardson as far as Calgary,
w*ho returned the following day.
K. Violind left for Italy on tha 30th
April, lie being advlned to go home by
the doctor owing to his advanced etate
t 'Milimonary tuberculosis,
The Misses McCnrdell woro week
end visiters from the Mount Royal
College, Calgary.
Quito a number of visitors were in
Rnnkhend from CViuiuore and Georgetown for tho week end.
Some kind ot a panic seems to have
struck our orlpplea slnco the viait of
th* con«patty'» lawyer, as the settlement offeror) to them; was  refused
Their monthly compensation Is stopped, and now the Union loams that
one poor fellow, through the fear °/
tomorrow'a want, is only eating one
meal per day, which he takes at the
hotel.   The Union wW at onoe take
ntcpn to remedy the case of this iwir«
ticular man, who had his loft broken
nnd thc fracture is not properly ml,
on X-ray .photo allowing an over-top ot
the and* abont two Inchaa.   Cwtaln
associates ot the doctor have atated
the leg is alright  Tha oaae waa 'placed Into the handa ot a lawyer with a
view of having the courts decide *he-
thar bis lag should not he reset, hut
no doctors oan ha found to take the
case up ao far, thouth an opinion has
been expressed that It could be reeat
by a surgeon for 1500,00.   The poor
fallow ha* had wns.OO offered to sot-
tio, and haa hud his monthly compensation etopped because ha rsfueod It.
tf common humanity prevailed there
would b* aom« eadaavor to help the
|t«*oB lt» Ita desire to hav* this poor
fellow's leg put right But, nol Thar*
is the medical  men'a  integrity at
slake, and tba lawyers miut ba fed, ao
tho doctor* paw him by Ilka the priest
nnd tlw tavlt** woiild, and tlw lawyer
hovars over blm Ilka tha vulture wait-
assault.   The guilty one was soaked
seven and costs. *
The business .men of Hosmer are to
try and form a mutual benefit association. This seems to ibe an ago ot organization or protection of interest*
For ours we prefer the grand bust up,
when everyone will have to do his lit-
>Ue Mt.
Ami suffragette demonstrations *at
.Pernio Public Schools and anti Socialist lectures by buxz-fuzz at Hosmer
Public Schools are signs of the times.
Even the kids are .beginning to knojw
too much!
At the .last regular meeting the secretary ot the lx>cal reported settlement of most of the compensation
cases on hand, some of them having
been reached ln record time. Jn one
casff -where the company objected it
cost them exactly double to make a
settlement. Evidentiy they like doing
business with tbe legal fraternity.
"The case of Shuska vs C. P. R.
comes up at the forthcoming assizes
at Fernie.
The examining board for miners sat
on Monday. Quite a number received
•p-assports. Up to date about 700 papers have beeu issued at Hosmer.
The wedding came off all right, but
we were asked to keep quiet so mum's
the word! Congratulations all the
Providing the prospecting in No., 9
proves anything, there are prospects
of more work in sight! Seeing that
there is no scarcity of slaves here's
Quite a few of the boys are pulling
out for the Yellow Head Pass. It used
to (be "Go West, young man." .The
scene seems to have on-itched northwards.
John Beadeau's property seems to
have been transferred into a peninsular. A little more intelligent cobbling
is all that is required and you'll have
an island.   Trust the government.
An   individual  at   the   last   Union
meeting asked  what Mr.  Ross had I
ever   done   for   the   working   class.!
FOR SALE—Cheap, Two Pool Tables
and two Bowling AHles (Brunswick-
Balke).   Apply Box 7, Natal, B. C.
FOR SALE CHEAP—4 roomed Plastered House on half lot. Terms to
suit purchaser. Apply J, Beveridge.
79 Lindsay Ave. Also two roomed
Plastered House on half lot. Apply
J. Beveridge, 77 Lindsay Ave.   171
WANTED—First-class Barber; good
opening for steady man. Apply
Grand Union Hotel, Billiard Parlor,
Coleman, AJta, lye
EGGS FOR SALE.—Pure Bred Silver
Spangled Hamburgs; $2.75 per setting.   Jos. Iveo. Allan, West Fernie.
new; "Perfect" make; a bargain.
Apply, Udger Office.
(Miss A. Crutohley; pickle jar and salt
ce-Mars; s.\1t, Wilfred Crutchley, jug
and-glasses;1 Mr. B, Crutchley, cheese
dish; Mr. T. Crutchley, eugar basin
and cream jug; Mr.,,and Mrs. G.
Richards! toed spread; Mrs. S. Fanks,
pair of vases and fruit dish; Miss
Flanks, fancy cover and curtain loop-
ors; IMr. and Mrs. J. Phillips, glasses
sugar basin, tongs and teaspoons;
Mrs. E. Fellows, cloth rug.
The Miohel Football Club are very
well satisfied with tbe result of Saturday's game against Hosmer, the
score being 2 goals to 0. The Football
Club have changed their secretary,
John Briscoe taking the position. John
is well known in the Pass.
The season being ended in connection with the classes of mathematics
/which hive been given by James
.Moores'in the National School, both
senior and adult classes have decided
to show their appreciation of bis untiring labor by presenting him with an
hectograph duplicator suitably inscribed. Both classes thoroughly appreciated the ajble manner In which he has
conducted the classes.
Burglars were busy at the Kootenay
Hotel on Friday last, stealing two
suits and other articles of value, The
matter ts in the hands ot the police.
ai bursts by Hosmer's forwards, was j Everybody seemed stuck for an an-i
•mostly in front of Hosmer's goal, andjswer. Guess that nuff sed circular |
■it oniy seemed e matter of time before {still fills the bill. i
Michel would score, This occurred j The mine inspector has decreed I
when hesitation by the backs allowed j that the pillars on B L shall be work
Opera House
There will ibe a first-class two-
reel feature entitled
The Ghost
This is a startling film from beginning to finish. Don't miss
this feature.    It will be shown
On Saturday May 9th
Also a roarer of a Keystone
comedy. If you want to get a
laugh come and you will go
away holding your sides.
Doors open 8 o'clock; start 8.30
Admission - 25c & 10c
Tli"* summer weather prevailing on
May 1st was Ideal for sporty In consequence of which Coal Creek presented the appearance of a "deserted
village." The special train was tilled
to Its utmost capacity,
Conl Creek entered tx senior and
Junior footlbajt team In ths competition* held in Fernie on May int. Tha
seniors won the prize by the odd corner. The Juniors were not so fortunate, being defeated by Fernie juniors
Onr locnl "dper-foots" mimtiirffl tn
bring some of the prise money hack
to camp.
liirly riser* on Saturday morning
were entitled to witness a wrestllna
bout whioh took place on the depot
between two of our local celebrities.
Who got the first throw, Jack?
Apropos of the draw for sawing machine and refrigerator, tha property
of Ixiwther Morion, wo are requested
to state thst owing to tho Inadequate
number of tickets sold, the sawing
machine will be withdrawn and tha re-
frigarator drawn for alone. Anyone
having purchased tlcltsts and desiring their monoy bnclt In consaqtiwii'ft
nf these srratiKemeats fan do so bv
applying to Lowihw Morton. The
draw for the refrigerator ttkee pl.w
on Tupuday next.   Please note.
T*A Venter nnd funnily arrived lm*
In csmp attar their fow months' s>
jonrn In tiie Old Country.
Oiir nM trtpeA nnt«- 1»<m-ioim;» ..•■•*•    '
Murray to break through to look a certain, scorer.   The Hosmer goalkeeper
'made a big effort to -save the situation
by throwing himself at the oncoming
forward, but, unfortunately for Hos--
mer, be only succeeded in- diverting
die 'bail to Michel's outside righL-Who-
wilh Baiderstone stretched out on tlie
ground, scored) at his leisure.   The Michel boosters were so overjoyed that
they commenced to kiss one another.
Hosmer .made a rush from the kick-off.
but were easily repulsed, and following some good combination, helped by
a mlskick by one of the home backs,
■Michel's outside  right  again  found
himself close In front with only the
goalkeeper to beat, he -imade full use
of the opportunity, crashing the ball
high and' wide of' Balderstone into the
n^t for No. 2.  More kissing nnd dancing exhibitions from the 'Michel section of tbe crowd.   Hosmer were now
a well-boaten team, but their defence
battled bravely to the end and kept
the Invaders out till the finish, Hosmer retiring beaten by two goals to
nil. IMiohol, with a strengthened half-
■back line, will ciwse the best teams In
the lenguo to hustle.   Moore in goal
had nothing to do, but his prowess Is
well known,   Hampton und Partridge
at tyick proved themselves capable of
looking nfter Hosmer's .weak attack,
but the half-back line was poor, Trnv-
ers being the only one to ahow anything.   Michel forwards wero strong
all round, their shooting and passing
bolnijr P8|)P!'i(illy good.
Per Hosmer, While, who was abou:
the boat man on the field, Wardrop
and Balderstone were llm iiick. Pow
and Richard* also workod like Tro-
jnns with varying success, but a big
Improvement la required from the tor-
wards If we aro to cut much figure
in the league tourney,' McQueen's enforced absence, which Is likely to be
prolonged, will uino cuubo a big gap.
But cheer up, Hosmer, thc worst ia
yet to come. Tcnms™lloswier: Goal,
BfiUleratone; biu-k*. Wanlrop and i'iu-
ett; havlos, iUdhtinU, McQueen "and
White; forwards, Iturk, Knmahitw.
Pow, Btirllneon, 'McGovern. Michel:
Goal, Moore; backa, Hampton. Partridge; halves, Waddlnxton, Tnivtm,
Weaver; forwards, Hicks, Chaltlnor,
Sudworth. Murray, Drown. 3. W'llmn,
of Fertile, lefereed satisfactorily.
A large crowd bt Hosmerites took In
the May Day celebration. Hilly Kay
proved himself a oapaWe veteran nnd
walked homo with the first prise. Billy
asked how many tnliee he had won by.
Mr, and Mra. Mor§aa gave an enjoy-
able dance on tha evening of May let.
a large number putting in an attendance.
ed by two minera instead of a 'miner
and backhand, and, as previously was
the case, naturally the miners are
kicking, as they claim lt will reduce
their earning capacity.
Mrs, Rankin, accompanied by .Miss
-GtCtllL -Bankin^Je^-tor—a—visit— *oT
Moose Jaw Wednesday last!
Hosmer journey to Frank on Saturday to fulSlll a league fixture. The
team wili be chosen from the following: Adamson. Wardropp. Pruett.
Lynch, Balderstone. Clark. Watt, Bur-
llnson, Pow, McGovern, Richards,
Burk, Itomstiaw and Kerr. The team
leaves on the 6.20 a. *m„ providing they
can *be persuaded to rise that early.
Classified Ads.- Gent aWord
FOR SALE—$500 takes the lot; 10,-
000 shares International Gold Mining Coy., Stevens Co., Wash. 1.000
shareB Idaho-Minerva Mining Coy.,
Benler Co., Idaho. Terms, Apply
Shareholder, c. o. Editor this paper.
Open or Engagements
Phone 74, ring 2,,
H.G. G00DEVEC0. Ltd.
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furniture
Wc will furnish' your house from cellar to garret snd at bottom prices.  C»1L write, phone or wire.   All orders given
prom pt attention.
if you nrt sstlsflsd, tsll oth«r»,   If not satisfied, tsll us.
Hosmer Board of Trade held a well*
attended aeaalon on Monday last. It
was decided to tackle that autocratic
outfit, MottrklP, Bow-wow-ser and Co,,
regarding the protection of property
end rltth* nt «"•>'• '•• "->*■"» ••"'> «•••"••  ' •••
Phone 25
•The Quality «tor«"
Blairmore, Alt*
. ..-.., ---*«. ««iMi f/KtanJiua, l* Ov
* lar fc»W *b\r wrV
A football fame to-bwaen ihe flro
department aad t*e MMntroelu, of
Lethbridge, will be played on Friday.
Klefc-otf at U0 sharp.    ,
A lecture oo "Irish WU aad Humor'
*aa K**«a w Kara Urareft oa «M©oday
Blfht fcy R#r. J. W. Morrow. A fairly
good audie-ofi* attended.
The toy-law for extension of tba wa*
terworke on Monday last carried by
a rot* of M to 8.
tlw King flaoffe Hotel baa obangod
**,,»* um<M*, «im uie I foe* accompanied liy his wlf# *r..tl*y the look of thins* It wtll «owi m*
* hi" Wj.Vi.-v      , ...   iMm> u,»d io sea you, WHy. |»«* ****»   "«* *'• Mow <?•• •how
•9.p .**tt lUi
yinor fM!e>w \
meriee* bi* erne meal per drlm, and
may the Lord have mercy on bla bod]!
and sou*.
♦ ♦♦
A asd case of drowning occurred
laat week In the creek. Natal.  Owen-
doltna Taylor. Uio t&ttr*r*er*AA dnmb-
haftvU.the Uet (»« day*, Rattty and iter of Hobort Taylor, was seen play-
Tfcmpaoa baring sold to « UtMwtdg* i»« Maar tbo orntlb only a short time
rvnr*m, previous to bar being mlaand hy h*r
At tbs nwotar masting of tbo town
flooaoll laaf week, a motion waa paa»
id flslag a minimum <wa«a of tblity
eems per boar for all laboring work.
<f6e motion 'waa latroduc«d by Ooor*
dltor -JJcRotterU.
TW u»*it bn* «W«sW«l u> bwr Uoag-
tea Uka, wbkh waa fonaed by tba
watt>r from the aa* wtdl. Tbe ownors
of tbo flooded property wero talkftgr
of snlng tha town for damagaa, bnt
Plained to report Mra. A, B. Ha»>-
tham tttffirtwMtjr rtoovered to !eat»
hospital last week end, Albert all
smiles now.
against (be band of horaea whk>h are
allowed to caper unrestrained around
tha graves at the Fernie comotory.
The 3.15 train was held back tn
Wodaeaday laat to convey one of tba
daughters of *»H Ithenfleld to hoaplul
nntttttnt trow neuMt. Wt* irum *h«
air) is doing wy tdooly.
Another oW tlm^r blew In rump
during th* aetek «id In the -pmon of
Oeorg* Waring. George ran still tall
th* wtory,
Our local branch of Tvlu**>Wood
Cto. has fsllMi In with tlw request of
tlM) nor* tirrkn tor half holiday, today
hr'it* tb* ltiMntlott ot *omn.
The ftjotbail ntnmn opened up here
on SnttinJsy." when f!osi Cro-plt nxlev*
lalnMl Prtxil*' Football Club boforo a
parania After aaareblag tb* eroab
far aaweral boars. Harry Prior and
fVanb OsrpMrtar, retwrofnt home from
a day'a flaking and bearing what had
happenMt, eomnrsneed to aesrKfa, and
In a fsrw mimnea loralM r» lop j.im
tVirpimtw forded the croak witb ditfi-
cully aad found thodudlf, Iffa being;
A prettjr and fea-bfcmabta weddtnaj \*rx ittrn<* eroed  Tlw naw atand waa
took ida-te on Saturday last at th-f j**u r^twM«>d.   \. A<tam*on was the
bis approdatfon of llownws favom
Me rote and how arty mndn b« baa
tbt Interest of hts eonstltuonta at
out en mawe at a farewell party given
In honor of Roomer's departing ecout
■master and spiritual advlier, lt«v. J,
I, Greenlee, and from all r*i»ort« a
gushing time waa «p*nt.
Hie Janitor and school gaffer had a
w Woad^y mornlr.it •/** t*> *h.*>i t«»-
aUtotad dual or dirt, with tbe nault)
thm th» JrM* hnd ,i holMx', f-x '■il.ldi,
thay wero tn»l> thaakful.
Tom Cole baa b»#n appointed die-
trict fire ./awden, tt»ngrstulationt.
P, C, O'Couitor ha* l«-ft for paeiar*»«
naw or whare th« arasn i» ar^n iVH-
ma]. III* itlaui U u«W<>k> Uy H. Am-
benmn, late of V*mU*.
A reiKtrtwi hold-up *;i» invin^Ka^'il
by bla honor .ludg* ltr«>«n. si wttch
Ibefw waa iote td -talk but no proof,
tke oaao slmmfrlng down u> on* of
and the Right Thing in Shoes
Our Grocery stock is compete with only the
choicest brands.   A full line of Fresh Fruits
and Vegetables always on hand.
Fresh   Strawberries   and
Pineapples for  Saturday
Sole Agent for "Invictus"  "Regal" and "K"
make Fine Shoes
K*w*i> y«Mir ti«*(t«?ta from otir «*a*ii ■mjrkti'r. Th<»y
■nr** wortb *■> imt **nt fn«rtt w"h',n<,vt*r jjircwhfi*!,
eommrtwinM May 1st.
x . rM
J® I
- t.¥i\
m ■^ XT-?:
■r •*.»*«.
,-c.vi * r.:„-t;.. .*.
List of Registered Players
In Crow's Nest Pass
Football League
News  of TM district
Date of
21st April
1st 'May
Name of Player
1 George Harvey
2 George Young
3 Jas. Yates
4 R. Jones
5 .Thomas Luxmore
6 Joseph Hafrper
7 Mark Norman
8 W. \V. Parnell
9 Peter Armstrong
10 D. Atherton
11 Bert Davis
12 P. Townshend
13 Thos. Bairn
14 Thomas Walker
15 John Manning
16 John -McLetchle
17 Thomas Martin
18 Harry France
19 Thomas Burns
20 Aaron BlacUey
21 R. Johnstone
22 J. D. .Machin
23 J. Myers
24 W. McFegan
25 Wm. Grant
26 R. Thornton
'       "       10
,      «       n
2nd (May   18
John McAulay
Jas. Muir
J.' Bateman
Wm. "Blanks
■Flrederlck Beddlngton
'Mitch-ell iMoLean.    >
Walter Pleasant
Thos. Jackson
Wm, 'MoCauley
Date of
31st April
Date of
21st April
2&th Ajiril
Name of Player
1 William Gregory
2 Joseph Shannon
3 Peter Jolnson
4 W. Reilly
5 John Ma-clean
6 Benjamin Smith
7 Ernest Watson
8 Thos. Thornton
9 William Mc-ConnoH
iO James Lamb
11 Hugh Brown
12 Philip H. Bayley
13 Harry Isherwood
14 Alexander Aitken
15 Thos. Oakley
16 John W. Skilling
17 John Hirst
18 B. Hartwell
19 Robt. D. Win-Stanley
20 Thos. Shields
21 C. L. Cameron
22 J. Gormley
23 Allan J. Smith
24 J. T. Atkinson
25 George Booth
26   G. Cooper
Name of Player
James Cardie
Jas. Fisher
A. Varley
Alfred Sheln
Edward Bosely
H. Varley
J. Longworth
J. Radforth
R. Jorden
W. Miller
Wm. Collins    •
Patrick -Morrison
Ernest -Fisher
E. J. Hughes
A. Tristram
Walter Pleasants
(Continued-fnom ipage five)
■'■' ;r;UTHBRID<^E\NptE^:^: -4>
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦ ♦ ♦«-»«**♦
Date of
21st April
Name of Player
1 Harry Jepson
2 A. Padget -
3 R. Dugda'le
4 J. Moorehouse
5 Matthew Dickson
6 F. M. Bostock
7 William Geo. Miller
8 W. N. Rochester
9 Andrew Ra&b^ck
10 T. Dugdale
11 George Jackson
12 James S. Leigh
13 Jack Grlneshawr
14 Dan Cullinan   	
Date of
Name of Player
21st April
1   Thos. Sloan
2   Isaac Hutton
3   Jack Graham
4. Pobert Petrle
5   Wm. Love
6 Thos. Jackson
7 . John D. Vebnie
8   Robert D. Griffiths
9   Thomas Patterson
10   Samuel Paton
11   John. Richardson
12   E.A. Marples
13   Fred Parker
14 T. Marsh
15 James Watson
28tb April
16   Pat 'Morrison.
17   A. Tristram
2nd May
18   R. Jordan.
19   Walter Miller
20   W. McGraw
21   W. G. Fraser
2lst April
28tb April
1st May
Rth May
"John Clark
William Murray
Robert Murray
J. Dugdale
R. Griffiths
Arthur Watson
Jas. Fisher
Arnold Varley
H. Varley
Date of
21st April
29th April
Name of Player
1 Joe Littler
2 Harry Challinor
3 W. Holmes
4 W. Whltehouse
5 Kd, Partridge
6 Jamos Moores
7 Alec. Waddlngton
8 Alf. Ball
9 Joseph Travla
10 Simeon Weaver
11 William Jenkins
12 Harry Brown
13 P. Roberts
14 R. Sudworth
15 Samuel Hampton
16 A. Moores
17 3. P, Briscoe
18 John W. Barnes
19 James Murray
20 3. Hardmsn
21 J. Kirk
22 las, fluent
23 Bert Travis
24 Jesse Briscoe
Date of
Racist nation
Slat April
Name of Player
William Pines
Frod Odder
Sam Moores
Stephen II, MacDonald
Wm. ll-mittlx-ad
Hanry llolmri
Jam*** K*»lhvk
John Hunter
J. Kmwraon
Thorns Richards
David Pow
Arthur Andrew Pruett
Thos. Whittle
Jas. Wardrop
Andrew Sinclair
Harry H-utson
George McQueen
Clifford Moore   .
J. Clarke
John Burk
D. Brownrigg
John Burlinson
Hugh Lynch
Brn-est Watt
Allan Penman
"Balderstone ~
Wm. White   '
Alec McKelvle-
Two days' .work . -last"_ fortnight!
That's fine and dandy! ' The rat-opaiy-
ers - had plenty oC time to talk shoot'
policemen, tirrkg&uon dltanies,' liad but-,
ter, price of eggs and collar, buttons in
Coalhurst; if lire fighting, village duimips,
etc., (that's saying nothing about '.the
"Issues" mentioned.'In the challenge
that appeared' in the post office. But
we, "the -miners,"'take notice that the
price of chewing came down. Reciprocity (prevails, three legged stoves
oatch sales, sidewalks aiid hoiidovai-dis
•take a .back seat for the 'present.'—
Irrigation. Bud, alias Red, haa only
a few more ten-acre .plots for sale.
He aaya the could dispose of thousands
if he had' them. What about the .Bow
Island tgas line, Red?
.Harry Skidmore has changed his
place of residence from Coalhurst to
Lethbridge for the summer or during
the slack time. ■
Tom -Mtt-ler has been doing some improving on .the hard-ware store, and
post office front in the way of -paint
and new door steps.
Organizer Tully, of the I.'O. O. P.,
•was in Coalhurst on business of the
order last week.
The new slot machine In the tipple
worked dfln*e the first day it commenced its duties. To operate lt right costs
the miner two bits each time. Quite
a number succeeded in getting ac
qualoted with the dock .board1 by this
•May Day in Coalhurst was a day of
history, everything working out. 0. K,
The kids' treat and parade to -the
sports ground from the Miners' Hall
waa the opening of the day's iprograim.
About one hundred and fifty children
sat down to dinner aiid all seamed to
enjoy the feed immense. The children's races were run off first, followed by the old men's race, 'which started the fun for the adults. There were
seven entered 'for this event and' the
first prize went to Reuben Lennard,
with John :McPherson second and John
Gordon third. Next on the list was
100 yards flat, confined to married
men; T. Skelth first, Fred Adamson
second, and F. Barringham third,
One hundred and fifty yards open waa
iwon toy Joe Melllng. Ernest Buchanan
•second, Adam-son third. Obstacle race,
Wm. Clajpham first, Joe Moiling, second, Geo. Burlow third. Mrs. Prescott
won the leg of mutton in the married
ladles' race, and' several other .ladies
won ipriWB In different races. The
baseball  game wna ft ttve.lv nt-m. tha
oou-M' run, up tho.. goal average very
high.- After some..ten minutes of play
they found the Wigan forward' line
doing Vli-ltife- "combo" stdnt up line
field in good' shape, which. resulted
in a goaJ, ■ -Hafotipe came with Wigan
ia the jjead and" down hill to kick. The
rest was..easy for the 'boys from the
suburbs, who, <wo..notice, have an enterprising ibunch-.to choose from, flaying good -f-ootihaU.aU through the game.
The goals ©cored were good ones anil
deserving. .rjWie-*-hope to see- more
games .played during the summer, ,-
Togo Pearson' returned from the
West.this!woek and started to work
again oo Tuesday. "
Fred Grippe -had 'a hard time to get
the proper';.Interpretation of -his. "off
taxes" -last .pay. He says there must
he a mistake somewhere.
•Billy Olaphatn has offered to go $nd
fight for Mexico, He says he dotj't
Hke 'Mexicans, but he does 'like fight-
fog.   We appreciate tils ambitions.
•Reuben Lennard was appointed Janitor of the school last week, and commenced .bis duties the first of Way.
Tbe School. Board are 'busy figuring
out how theyv will raise the -necessary
money to carry on ths school under
the 'present system of taxing land only, and not property as 'before.
Isaac WhitefleldV haa moved his
house onto higher ground and is nov
ready for the next flood.
♦ ♦"♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
labor conditions reraato^unal-teTed,
the mines only (working twp'days last
week ;;;, ■'" '"". -V\ ■"■•; '""'-' "77"".
The uh-emlb^s of Lo<^ 574 w^ine un-
Bible to-organize'^d«moni6tTOUon.--on
fitoy 1st, -hut heW asmofcfear in the "Miners' H-aU'.oi.itih^^v-^^.'Vwh'en. a .pro-.
ity, \yas--gbne tihwyufeh:. The foil-owing
artls-^.'ooiiL'tribU'ted to-theonjoyimoht
of ;the' evenly; ASy Vers, J. JGra&om,
Joe.Peteir .(Hung»irian,,songi),'E.'ie'h'eir-
man, J. Cain, R. Peacock, J: Petxunljav
W. Fife, Carl Byok '(Swedish song),
L. 'Moore, W. Vere, P. PUarllli; (Italian song)," S. F-roman,'A'. Normon
.(■Swodish song). 'A'ooomipani'sts, ?Mr.
A,. Kara" and S. Tromaa All expressed thomsel;ves as -having had'one-of
•the most sociable and enjoyable -etven-
ings -ever held in tho -Miners', Hall. -•
- Aibout forty Knights of Columbus of
Lethibridge journeyed to (Medicine Hat
by special car on -Saturday*, May 2nd,
■where they 'wore instituting another
counoil In that oity. \    , •      ^   .
The tenders for the erection of the
separate school to be built on the
north tide of the city were opened dn
May 4th. Begler and Lee, of Edmonton, .were -the (lowest tenderers -and
therefore wore awarded tho contract.
Building operations will he stance*
in a few days ond will cost, in the
neighborhood of $50,000.
.The mennbere of the Miners' Band
are looking 'forward with great interest to the arrival of a full set of now
instruments, which are expected this
week from C. C. Conn's, U. S.
The ladies of tlie Caledonian Society held'a.most successful bosket social for theibeneflt of the CaMles* Foot-
hall Club. An enjoyable evening was'
spent in',singing and dancing, music
•being furnished hy Miss L. Moore.-
M'lss-L. .Wheelan- arrived -in Loth
Robinson Ramshawr
Andrew McGoveni
2nd May
D. Brown
T. Comm
T. OUerton
Wm. White
J. Scoble
Jas. Clark
Tom Clark
Wai. Walker
R. Garbett
T. (lllm<an
Billy Ball
J. Johnson
W. Robinson
Jimmy Murray
Tom Overton
W. Ltghtfoot
Dave Stobbart
R. Stobbart
Ed. Jeckaon
A. Hayton
Jas. Strom
Wto, Harlin
I    I Lw CL *3,
It miii tin burning, tun**
MIC* PtfltWflfltf| Wiw Zmk>
Buk, rawni curt. Whynolpwi
tMs? ****&&**""
single -men proving themselves victorious over the married mon. Tho tug-
ofwar was won by a team of nine
picked men from Coalhurst, heating a
team of nine from Wigan. The football match waa tbe .wlndup for the
day, Wigan vs. Coalhurst,' whioh resulted in a win for tho Wigan team by
three goals to one. The Coalhurst
eleven were hot favroites 'before the
match, having a good line-up of old
"Internationa!] men" of- past ten-awn,
which looked good. Coalhurst "won
Mie 'tots and kicked down the grade
with the wind. After a fow rushes the
Coalhurst forwards found tbey had a
defence to get through before they
'V-'     ■' ' '"■"'-■'» -1 ^n' '" -';■     ■■:-
Economic determinism Js a W-W-t&v
firi dioooveiy.' - ., V-':;!?:'-1n . AXA^y. ;,,
- The knowtledfeithat: ■mm'O' acfeons
andtjnoraHtyaregoverhed by.the "wby
ithey get Atue^r Mving was a.wvolijtooa-
*^ryT'^oolta«aakb« event-/.-'"r- S. \sX-0i-
-," Porahiei'lyvhitetofy '''waa-.'w-p^te^^-ioi
terms of ithoii£jhtj;in-teni?s of tho^
ffluence of ^J'sa^nylxd i^otd' namws.
Napoleoh". dt$*jliLAjpitfinxiAiK '.ftbitt.
Grant did tt.' '~y7--'f".Xyj;, 77y 'XA
." - Now ; ,-w^- ^w^iv-dUCsl-ienbiy; .-' Yffi
know ihat\(thie""-^w-wAle<i' great'miaii
were.tho product^f th#r*ag*es;. <3Dlv««;
a Napoleon.^ in-a *o6nmiunlty-of. Quakers amd'he .would-sot have amounted
to-shucks.- iPut Gladsboh-^tn ol4 Spaii^'
ta and he would'.have rbaeh.looked
down .mpon as' a .^(fstlleht,. talkaibive
nuisance.     /■   '--^ A' ■" 'X&-Ays '.,'
The economic" condiiions 'shape
men's thoughts syxid actioBS. .The type
that rises .under one syst^m-af production 3s & nuisance or a;orimlSialunder!
•another system. - ,, ' v, „> • 7
', iMoneover,-.within any givei'system,-
•men's outlook"are shaped' by.£bstx
economic standing. * .-:.'.-     - - -   •
The plute dhinlffi plute thoughts jand,
plute oulfldok and plu*e religion, .tihe
worker thinks^ worker' thoughts, and
worker vuorafldbty mad worker religion,
The -tenant looks upon the landlord
as a gradgrtnd skinflint. The landlord looks upon the tenant as an obstreperous nuisance "who wants re-'
pairs and wants to beat tho landlord
out of tho reotk **
. Tbe SodaDIst,-knowing tho influence
of economic de-tenhlnjsm upon societies -within a particular' society, is
tmefoly armed in argument. He bursts
through the fooliah ignorance of the
antl-Socialisit He knocks the. hypocritical hubbies of the conventtonal
-.moralist Into invieAble -aoCt soap. Ho
is a terror to the orthodox.
'May the economic determinist grow
mighty dn tine land, for through him is
the salvation of the working class as-
snred.—Cotton's.        • •
.Di^ctQpy of Fraternal}
Societies;; „ :
"7x Meets'"*' every--twe'dnesday 7-
Evening at8 o'cloclf.^n K.^P.,.
l-^Hs.ll.^r-i 7XiX.-A~A-.. -:i
>>TCihio Grand, H.<Ef;Ba^s.-, '.
ii ^ ancientI order 6e \
''A ^FORESTERS,;-.-;-;; x
7  M-Mt'''kV'AieUo,s pail sec* "
^oiid and .third  Mnadaya^in r
* each month;: '.„.-     ..'/".'v;" •;
Joh,ii?ij[. WobdB, -Seoretary. ,v
. Fernie, Box -657.*...    .       ■
f-'X..  -■<   ' ., •■ 'e'.~.I, „"--■ -_■'••"• -•. '
^-Moet every Tuesday «.t 7-80
- p.m;'itf'thelr'own Hall, Victoria Avenue."' ,..
L C. Ci A. Bunoh,    ■', .
" K. of S.( D. J. Black.  \
M, of F., Jas. Madison.
Meet every. Monday at 8
p.m< In K: of P, Hall., '„
Dictator, T. Uphill.
•   Secretary, G. 'Moses.
139 McPherson Avenue..
For the past .month the inhabitants 	
of Beaver Mines have been looking J bridge from Scotland on Sunday morn-
forward towards hrjght prospects, and
a ruimoT got fnio circulation that the
mine .would start regular after.-May
lst to supply an order which, although
not large, would employ the tew mon
iwho remained in the camp fairly regu- i
lar. Dame Rumor, however, that fickle
jade, has once more jilted us. The
fact that the mine Worked on. Saturady
and Monday for the purpose of supplying the expected order goes bo show
that the rumor contained the germ of
truth, amd that something must have
gone wrong during the hatching process. Be that as it may, the mine
stopped 'work at 3 p. m. on Monday,
whilst the news that the order was
cancelled fell upon the camp like an
exploded bombshell, and since then
we are treated' to the unpopular music
of the three long whistles for no work.
J. Loughran, secretary, returned
from Fernie on Sunday and reports
having had the pleasantest outing
that -came his way for some years.,
John sara the weather, the sports and
ing- after six months
with ^her
the arrangements left llttlo to be desired, whilst tlie sports committee and
the District officials spared no efforts
In- catering for the visitors, and in
their endeavor to make the day what
it really was—one of genuine sport
and (real'enjoyment. .'       "
Some of the head men of tho firm
visited Beaver ou Tuesday, hut what
the future has In store for tho -oamp
is at present an enigma. It was sad
to see the numbers of man that esiho
Into tho camp during the (week end.
and will, of course, bare to pull out
again, which la an expensive and serious matter for men who are down to
their lost dollar.
Colorado and
Not Mexico
A Call to Action
[By Frank J. Hayes]
Shall we sit Miy by while' our brothers are -being slaughtered hy the
paid gunmen! of the operators In the
coal fields of .Colorado? Shall we see
helpless women and innocent children
sacrificed on the altar of greed without endeavoring to call to account
those who are responsible for this deplorable state of affairs?
If Is our plain duty, unless our uni<
bnism ts confined to our own partucu-
lar state, to spend every cent we can
-raise la supporting and !m*-thw*>f<ing;./-ttir
Grand Union Hotel a
COLEMAN, Alta.        . '.„
■*■."** , y** *
Besi of Accommodation,
We cater tp the workingman's trade
G. A. CLA2R ;-.• Proprietor
Colorado Russianized by
Rockefeller & Company
Thoro iwuo war in tba Southern
Colorado cool fields laat week. After
the state mllltla -was withdrawn, the
imported gunmen were converted in<
to companies of stato mllltla. In
other -words, the profeaakmal assassins, iwho wore hired AMI brought
Into the *tate by the ooal barons, were
sworn lo ae members of the National
Guard of Cotomdo.
Tho thu#s and."-degenemtee waarlug
the uniform of tha soldier waned firs
on dafeoaelesa wan, women and children, and another chapter in labor'a
history Is red <with blood.
The maaaaora, at I<odlow, Colorndo,
-waa ono of the most heartless and
(oV*J-rbtoq4*c*d. *tb*t h&i vtts d^*ro*.«S
the history of any state of oui* union,
and tha Co-esacfcs of Russia are prime-
ae cf peace compared with tito Mete
floods recroJtad hy Rockefeller t
Company to shoot •trtkers tato sob-
nneeiott of death.
Aa a ranHt «f the aUack on ihe teat*
ed homea ot the strikers at Lodtow,
the preaa repontnl the following on
the morning of April 22:
Albert Marin. i<rlva(e. CodajMBy K.
One unidentified Greek.
Two unWentifted women, found iu
•cellar of tent.
Thirteen, wrtdentlfted cMWwsn, found
tn -retlapof tent.
Mrs. William Cham and two ohil-
■Mrs. Kick Mliaaovlche and seven
Two oluldreu of Mrs. Mary Pocruoti.
Mra. Prank Pedrtnono and two children.
Louis Poroelle, Company A.
Twenty strikers.
On the night of April SI the Rocky
Hfoutttiiitn V«tif» wnt th<> follc'lng
telacram to President Wilson:
-Hon. Woodrow WMaon. President
of the United Stotas,
"Washlnfton, D, C;
"In the mm of Ilumantty, tiie
Rocky ifonntain Nowa oppeaie to yon
to nee yonr treat power aa President
of tble nation to atop the wanton murder of Innocent women and cMMiwn
as*?»    ^rii    ^eepwi^aF^.res*ei     ~ nt sniw •■    fwe*w*    •nwfwiw*
with machine guna by urine imania In
tha fltate of Colorado,
"to tba name of Christian fM-riMsa-
\ tion the pecqAa of this commonwealth
*i.j>»<*l to you to set nn pronyrtly and
gallant brothers in Colorado who are
waging a battle to the death against
iRocketeller and associates; including
a thousand or more paid gunmen re-
cruRed from-the alums aad. ham-el
houses of our targe cities.
- Rockefeller says "tt ls a fight ior a
great'principle," aod that he purposes
to spend all his millions rather than
concede tbe miners of Colorado the
right to enjoy the liberties of union
men. N
In view of the position taken by this
distinguished Sunday school teacher,
who daily "pre>Ts" for th* welfare of
Ms people, -there ia but one thing for
laibor to do, not only the United Aline
Workers of -America but every laibor
organization in the United Statea, and
that la to accent' the challenge and
fight to the hitter end. Let no trade
unionist stand idly by or minimise the
■importance of thia great industrial
struggle now going on In Colorado, To
fislter at thia time la to give tope *«£
encouragement to the enemiee of hu-
man progrees,
Let every United Mine Worker give
thia industrial struggle hi* hearty and
unanlmoua support. Let protest meet-
Ijuj* he held hy ail local unions, and
demand tliat the federal government
take eome definite action to compel
John D. Rockefeller imd his aaeoolatea
to rocowlse tho righto and libectlea
of our people" in Colorado.
tf the federal government oan precipitate a war with .Mexico, (because
Huerta failed to apologise for «m overt
act, what about' the federal government ©ompeHlag John D. Rockefeller
tnd hia aaaodatee to do Utevlte, nad
thus bring about an immediate termination of the anarchistic policies they
havo putmknI la OokmuJo for years.
IM no American .worker beoome en-
thneiastle over tba threatened war
with Mesteo until the federal government "eieeoe boose** nt home.—V. M.
W. a. Journal.
and peaceful security aa .well.
With a polioy in our «M tine
company, you can go off op. your
vacation or visit the ends of tho
earth and you know you're secure.  The best in , „
Is always cheapest arid especl-
aMy so when "it. doesn't cost
higher. Dont* delay about that
renewal or. about tbat erttra in-
—ettrajH.-e you want ourcoaSTfglit
iu at once and have'tt attended'
to;..' , ,-,       -.';■ ■'
■ PI*. Ao KA.S jTNEtR -.;
ALBS BECK BLOCfe ' - ;    U FKRNIE, wL C. •
Imperial Bank of Canada
CapiUI Autheritsd ..   $10,000,000     Capital Paid Up .....     bJUbfiOb
"■ffsai"^; %m» Tou,Awu 7Jwowo°
_      D, R. WILKIE, Prtttltttoi HON. HOBT JAFFRAY, Vtoe-Frsa.
Arrowhead, Cranbroek, Fernie, Ooldsn, Kamloops, Michel, Nelson,..
Revelstoke, Vaneeuver and Vlotoria.
Interest allowed en deposits at earrtnt rata from data ef depeaH,
II THE   ft fl S«mi864
mm niww m raaatna
The real science of politieal
omy la that which taaehea natlona to
desire nad labor tor tha things that
lead to life: aod whk* tancbea them
to acorn and destroy the things that
lead to deetra«tion.--Raskta.
Brittah nnd Foreign Gmtapondanu in aH tlw principal
eitiet of tne world.
Utters of Credit issued enabling Cnnndians travelling
abroad to Kawe taady scccm to fund* in any foreign city.
ale We MAODONALD, MaiiAgtl
viotoria avi„       +      ata       ramu •. o.
Infantry. Denver, shot throaih (bead, aa patrlotknUy as yoa have mat the
teg and nock. ■ U*n* In Xt*tt*n
l^oata Tlk-ne. iwtder of Greek eol-i   "Here In Oetoasdo. In place ot tn*
mr. ahot Uttrmtih body end head.       (itrtes to the colors, we aw firing into
KAaanl FjW, Flnsactel Serretary crowds «f wom«« and eMldran-.
of th* l^rtt',w rolony, ahot tbroogh;    "fnder the Rtsrs awl Stripes and in
fa™ ; the uoifonme ot Amt^kaa eoMMera ,we I
Fmnk Rndlno.
<M-oiit*-ia*Hl«  ecriitw!,   * We
tV-«»'aiViti(.t'.Mt,    i'ttkjf ti. Mk*
orih-r yi»w P*ti\\ Utility ttxtm
The Hanson Garage
CRANBROOK      -     •     -      B.C.
mvm \mndnd doll»r» Is the price of a Ford mmhmt;
tfcw toortag rar fa oevno hawdred and fifty, F, o, ll. Cran-
brook   'Write ua tor partlcaiara.
. nre nninrcrliiR peoplo whoso prinolpal
John liaitolMo, striker, shot thrasgh | etttwe la that they are fighting not»!
I ''       * i
Watek devil**   ***,   *"***  o» WWU^'    "W» twm V-»* wwi* alt Ira*******
bexd*t, n Mtrfter. ahot ihiwoih hmdA* ttama and Innwtrtw.   We haHatw tbo-
ronton Unie. eighteen, bystander, i"1"*? *** ***" t0 *m •* *•*«"» I
if voting for what yan  waat  Is!
"throwing yonr voi« away," what do
yoa coll voting tor what yon dont
*hm inroogh head.
Mm. Ansolo Wowhilelrt.
m ..■*   .    r*  ■■*•      v. *■   ■     »     i <
Aaaliar, Ma wife and thie-e rhUdn^a.
Trlmo l*re**. tdtme*n,
Joe (Homer, nineteen.
Two rhitdtaft of Mrs. Marr^nlno il<-
J«JiHWfli v
■%i4ai'-**i'*    •    ■
dti^t «
fy't,  ,
1 * ^»!rt*i«r TW W Woman   I*. a W ... ***
M tt*
ft,.,.,    Ir,.
vote st «l» iwaf fWar%. tit t-w«»«» n *ny
«.»K**i|-tttl t-rU-a.   int in..*tv* i«<*
bb.tti,r»tiwmmiimpoi^r     .. . .    _
I?*.. r™***** ■-*
An Asset Te fvery Weasan
Gray Nam A Seoreo Of Oiaesaaawt
Every woman wish** to look yoooo
*»**#». **»«•> **m* ween ioe yoaasng
of yooth's eaorm. they aro tho eooree
of mnny a heartache to asaay wi
osaay o wom*o. Rot thay seed not he. i^
^ww ™, —, Jlay'a Heir Health reetorea groy hnlr
jrmrml to ntat- {ta voice ogatnet tho to He naiimi color,  ft Is net a dtyo.
aMMby ef mine apewtotm. who oio     »y tta took tiaolttien, bf poitl-lf
h^Uii \.y flu^l-Ajd CW1 Ia thab effort,* M«'. w'^ ':<n*, lU'AUky gto-eth bt the.
to shoot the earMng eta* Into Hs^|hn«r, hy removing daaitOfT, % for<
Willis Thit Dttdi* MottwwM* humac* Mldtt
OX Q&W \iiluulikb lu iitm itl Otbbbtt UiMtb
, Mt'S ne a^jjtul xo joe to w ■—
'    Tho lUxky Vloaaulfl Kawa la not
,** *94m* ** **»• mnotxom n*f*¥*"i
the r*ie« of terror erantad bf
ann«d Uiage of fHanaoid CHI.
in the uniform of the National Oonnf
of CoJorado. hsa foreed
r«rnl« Branoh
P* Ba Fowtor, Man««»r
ntiht*-* •■I •'... _t'_lp ami lu!t.ia»U ^t
' UUK«i hi.it u*t iwtt^et. hoi«3U* I »•» W-Si fc »"•*«** bmM Om mai oatar
Wffi ev*r )*** Ra oatlntc* end felts* testre of the hair.
.„ «w«o tte vteton en the "hWher w*T l   tt, otttt n Wr cn.1 nomditm to »
Vlumt-I***. Haraa, tmA 9**t-»: it.*r~**r*~rrf  wkt* Of* PWOOftfthle tof the aSOtOteO- „ tawtlamo,  tt  f»tte to «0 thls% Wt WlB|
7£Zat7$£55Kn; ». "££.% *™« «rf • wt™«* *"»▼ •< 9**mmm) ****** >»«" »*«»*y- 1
«t *t**,   imi o**uo lt**-*».t '.i*«f.^   v#**»-.»* athn »t*m w he MCRJtSEII i    *'-«•• -"*■■ *S«v   «*t It at OOV ata«O.S
'■**»*» [.. ^iW.    kM.,w m%^ ^ iwmmAMmO- —*•* ■*"• ■."•*tM»i»**«4 try Me4«ooe«
aSSaiMKa-ff ititWitliB.   'or ***« ot WeeedeU's Or«g Intra , 4kdim.~~Tb* Mlo*r* Vntetttun. jlinw a»-S liwfe morn.
To 8ports Committees
Tlie Fei uie CoA Creek ExceUtor Band is now
open for engagtfmentt. Satltfltctiotj Rtiarmiiteetl
For Terms Etc; Apply
THOS* BIOOS, 9*er**mryt  Ftfttft, 9, O,
** ***?
ZiSkM : ■«-. *~-}<*-™A,!-fM'**'¥*.'i:'-->:, r-A^-vfi^W^-ti ^-4. •■•:-:       -., ■   '•->.-• .■-   .- '  .     -A--- .•   ■^■^jpss^xA-
-. '7j:X**'A J^^X? y"'%'^-X-Xs* A '        •     , i  <■ ■' A'r 7 ^'^7-fpA.
■    ' i K
i ". 'v.1'-;-
V- ts-
■' ■*• .r-v
," ^ *i'
* *..*j,- i j
**•.!' »; A^W^ — — *w.mwJB---
.-■*-'~-"",   "' -   -*.-.'•.%'. *i* .'•"£-§.  '-'-"•^S*'S,
■   '•-* -"  -** -' •"•"''■' ■*■>*,  '"•c5""-'"' -i*-.1," J:
' . :■•   . -    -■ *■*-' . :■■> rai ,~^.^j*- -^
■y-.-x^A-.   *
r.'.- ***,- -SS ..* .
One of tlie
C.J. ECKSTORM,     Prop,
J .Leth^ridfee, "Alta,
You're always welcome here
Clean Rooms, Best of
;JFood and every •
.,   attention,
THOS. DUNCAN    Passburg
>.•■ • -
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goode, Groceries, Boota and
w' Stones, Gents' Furnishings .
baker Avenue
Liquor Co.
Wholesale Dealers in
!1 ""
Beware of
Sold on the
Merits of
Femie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd, -
<     »   -
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Large Airy Rooms &
.?    Good 'Board -
Ross & Mackay p»
Mail Orders receive
prompt attention
Fail supply *f fellawlni
fer an appetising meal ta
chooss fram.
Beef, Pork, Mutton
Poultry, Butter
and Eggs
Try enr Camhrid|e •aaa-
•fas fer t*m*mWe brfafc
fast r
Calgary Cattle Ci.
Hens SI Weed bum
riatiii, a. c
A. MeDouciU. Nfi
Manufacturers of and Dealers In all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us vour orders
For our Foreign Brother^
7\     *~y   (Slavonian part)        . .    .
V   ".-.   .       PRVY MAJ
;:" (May let)
A .——— *-   — ■
tsjltano' zavital tu£obne oCakavanJ den
fohotniCtva, dea tx?[ &rv^ho. ma;.*'
VSade/po celom vzdelaBomflveibe, alo,
bo efite lep§ie refieao. vgade kde -robot"
nik procuje,. robotnicky "proletariat"
avail den .tento jako don a svoj svia-
tok, v ktorom uaporia-duje pochody,
manif©s,taoie, zabavy a rednonl-e k ro-
•botn^mu l'u-du, kde sa mu aspon jedon
raz v roku dava a ddstava pr^'«altoelt,
naleate" i>orozmy61ait* o svojom tva2-
kom a ani z d'aleka neodmienauom
stave robotnlckom. Aj tohoto roku
hodla osporladat* unla skoro vSade
tak-Sto elarnoetl, kde jo ku tomu dobra
a.^hodnapri-leatost' a pri tejto oJod-
In-eJej elavnosti robotndchej obyfiajn©
neCula* zaetupcovia vSotk^cb narqdno-
otl-h unli -patrla-oioh, len naSa sloven*
ska narodnost', akoobyfiajno ked.' ea
p nle£o A-aine jedna, nikedy, alebo len
malokedy je pri takejto •prlleiltostl
zaatupena. PreCo Je *o? Ma to takto
•Mnohyjtt nafilm bratom je to I'nhos-
tain-6, in 61 je nagajnarodnost' iprl ta-
k^chto ananlfestaclach robotnl-Gkych
zastu-pena, alebo ale; myslta si, le je
to pro nlch posba6iteln6, ked' idu no
takuto slavnost', po&uju 4am pekn6
redneaxio inonarodnych refinlkor a m-
stupcov a:3ced' sa v torn poko-chaju.
Na§ fud Je u2 jakosl na to navytaiuty,
va&H' si cud-zlo, davat' prednost* tajm,
«Ie sam -seba si uotlf novie a potom i
iny narod, obzvla^te tmiajSi jiarod' a>n-
glick^ ei ho «podl'a toho vail a dl'a toho i cenl s
AJ. tohoto prv^ho maja usporiadana
hude takato nianifeetavia, ale ako z
.predbein*6hor iprogrammu, uverojnon-fi-
ho v tomto ctenom 6asopise bolo vdd-
no, nag nairod nie je ani teraz n*ik?m
ropresentovany. Ako by nas tu and
nebolo a predsa my Slovaoi a Slaviani
vobeo tvorlmo sluSnu -dast' v tejto
novej rlaati;'obzvOafite v* unli, lebo
kaJSdy naS dlovek, jako aiahle je zam-
«stknan^, ked' totii dostane pracu v
ma-jne, uZ patri 1 do tohoto robotnicke-
ho teleea, ktor6 ueiluje *sa vSemoine
napomahat*. Kde vazl tedy pr!6na tejto vel'kej nevglmavoetl naSho Slavian-
oHlstva? Kto ■oesie vlnu tejto nete&
nosti a l'ahofitajnostl?
Poviom vam uprimare, So mi i ka£dy
va2ne na vec toto pozerajuci Clovek
-prlsvedeit' musi, ie vinat.teijto nev&i-
mavo&tl a 1'ajhoatajiwwti leM na nas
vfietkJKch bez rozdielu, ale najva6Sia
vjna spada na naie slavianske obchod.
nictvo tu v Canadel. Na&l obchodnici
poCltaju ea Jakoei za l'udi vyS&le
etojadoh nad obyCajn?m rohotmikom,
tak ie oni <predetavuju akoby IntoMi-
gendu nafiho naroda a haaledkom tohoto mail hy et 1 veci narodnych viae
vfiimat', ako ten robotnlk, ktort Jo od
rana do veCera aapriahn-ut? v t'alkej
piset, tomu malo zoetara fiaeu na -roz-
tn'^firanie o torn, So hy naroduproepelo
a Co by ho v oCiach tunaJ6rabo naroda
I do lepSteho avetfaLJKatarilQ. :
—Ano, Opataijem: nafi obehodntd eu
za tubo .ttevehuavoet' narodnu zod-po-
vedni! Oni oboboduju a naiim i*udOm,
I'ud ioh mupomaba, tedo ten aiuSnm vec
hy hoto, fceby ako InteWgenti, ipodu-
JaH nelaku «kdu k voH dobrej veci
toho naroda, fetor? ich napomaha.
atmdhf obehodnik st snad' toudo my-
shrt', te snad' ja lm aavhUm to, Co ei
evojou ptlnoet'ou a totraost'ou mria>
dill a kde aa dopracondi, ale to iby ea
vei'mi mftil,. Ta kaUdmu naimu
Moreku IKHm, prajem, hn ano, ked'
povaUme tu okohioet', ie kol'krBftiod1
fllavlanaky Je tu v Oaoade, prhtame
ku toma preareddeoiu, ie oa tak?
velk? poCet* iiaducne by holo, aby
sme matt eftte viae nasioh obobodni>
kov a naaf edkom toho nemoie an povo.
dait* a Madnou savidaoL Fakt Je, ie
keby aa ohehodnici dovedna apojilt •
spoloCne ruka v ruke na povxneneni
narodnom praeovall, ie hy ioh munahy
dobifm vyaledkom koronovand holy!
Ale ako to epojenle prevlest'? Svojho
vkatndho Caeopliu nemame, ie hy
sme  ak pomocou tla-Ceneho slows sa
spojemie to'a^tovali, teda 5o robit"?
, - Aj tu vanrttfeeo poviem! Ja som sa
stal dopiajvatel'om tohoto fiasoplsu a
jeptill ;ohcoH)til].na d'ailoj .dopisovaf do
neho, •ma^lT.s^f;"postal^at, o to, aby som
jslskal 1",'proiMatiterou a jostli vy,
ktoi$ tiotb' itedkj' ditate zaujimate 6a
za<pokrok voSho naroda a aie ste od-
toeraj»l'ml"*ohoto Casopisu, ipredplalUe
sa nanv dirgktne na redakoiu tohoto
Casopisu s tou .poznamkou, ie «i £aso-
pisten predplacate k vol! slavianskej
£astl a t^m sposobom zatoezpe&lte do-
-pisovanle. dif' neho a pomocou jeho
btideme sp' most' vzdelavat', poudovat'
a ibratsku dasku medzi sebou ipestovat*.
* Iteda jwedtortme k novemu £lvotu
bratla Slaviansky, nech je den prv6ho
pjaja doom naSho narodn6ho prebude-
«la a povzueeenla, odbod'me tu 1'ahos-
-tajcost' a nevglmavost' narodnu, ktora
nas ui*po tiaiorocie v otroctvo udrfuje
a Mme itvotom ab? nam prinaleil v
rade in?ch narodov!
'     '; Malovesk?.
(Bellevue Notes)
Na Bellevue je stavka!. OkolttS
majny zadnaju pracu a tu zadluame
odpoCivat*. Mrioh? sil .pomyoll, ie sme
sa tii dost' napracovaili, ie sa nam zide
trochu 8l ad .oddyohnuf; ale ked* sa
vec dobre uva2l a zprav£uo otanovlska
rozumaie iposudi, nui ku divnej zavier-
ke by sme prlSH.
Dopoeial' robl'io sa tu ustaviCne, ale
dl'a- tohoto TiemoJe sa povedat', ie toy
robotn-icl spracou boll bjvali spokoj-
ni; rohiU preto, leboroblf museli, ked'
necbceli svojo rodiny nechat' hladovat'
ei I preto robili, jKmevaC talnner vgetky
okolitfi men-file "k-eempy" skoro adC
uepraeovaiy*; tak 2e na. ka2d6 uprazd-
•aen-S miesto Sakalo aj patdeslat, alebo
1 sto robotnikov, a ked* «a niekto do-
ibrovol'ne vzdal prace, tak jej vlacej
ani nedostal, • To je to smutn^ posta-
veiWe robotn-Sho I'udu, Ze trebars sa
mu i zle vedle,"vu vo svojej porobe, vo
svoj^j, chudobe a opustenosti, sue sam
na seba odkazan?, nemoie, si pomoot',
nemoie sa.z tej poroby vysloboddt'. do
ktorej ho kaipitalizmus stroal, strcia a
kto vie do kedy e&te strcat' bude. A
pre-Co Je toto? Pre«o ton robotnik upi
v takej porobe? Ten robotnlk, z ktor*-
ho mozolnatycfa iruk eel? svet je ilv??
Ci'poroba, chudoha, bieda, opustenost'
a kto vie e§te jak6 ine neresti, su tie
odimeny za .jeho dobro, ktori on od
nepamati sveta CJoveCenstvu preuka-,
zovaJ, .preukazuje a preukazovat' 'bude,'
k?m sret evetom bude? JestM aw,
tak to je podivna odmona.
Nafia dneSa stavka je preto, lebo
komipanla nodtioe nam dat' strielaf
uhel' v plMeroch, ale chce aby sme bo
len kopah; aleho lepsle reCeno: kompania neohce nam doprlat', aby erne ai
Tab-Sim aposobom vyrobiil t?ch par
centov, He* nam. aby sme aa za no
poriadne nadwii a tak krvopotne -td
ich zasluiHL Kde sa jedha o nafie
dobro, ioby sme al mohli pracu trochu
obl'ah-git'c tu kompanie hned' su a leh
,iTnl«>kw<m*  e.   ftsl'ami—pohotova,-
nam robUyjprekalky. len ahy ten^ robotnik nevy-robH mnohO) z Hobo by. mo-
hoi evoju rodfan trochu v -topiich, avetu
rovnejfiioh fKMneroch udrtovat'. Pri-
chodl {wsnaly doha,' v ktorej emluva
utile a komipantamt v 18. dWnikto vy-
priH, a tu kompanie nechcu ieby -robot-
niot\-o boto v torn ieee pri nejakom
proM, aby ony hoJy vo vftode. hy tak
skor prinutrty rohota? lHtd ku prad ea
podmlenok takfeh, Jakd im najlepiie
do kramu paaovat* budu.
Ze Co vyhrame s naftou atavkou to
aa ipredheine povedat* neda. ked'le
kompan4o stoji pevne na svojom ata-
norieku; vfiera popohidnl. tojeat r
nedel'u 19. apdl'a, o pol tretej bodine
mail sme achodsu, oa ktorej svoten?
bol vjfhor, zo vilettych narodnostl k
iokalke tejto patrtaclch, ktor? dnes
nojde do Blairmore, kde ma kompania
h"avnu ursdovnu, by tam mohol vee
tirto nejako do poHadku privleet'. Ako
a Co tam vykonaju nemoino vopred
povedat'; ie Jako sa toto vietko akon.
-Ri, nezabudnem sdellt',
Barrister and Solicitor
Notary Public
Visits Bellevue on the
14th of each
District Ledger Office, May 9,-1914.
An Apology
We wish to apologize to the readers
for tj» nonappearance of the column
for uie last week. In extenuation, we wish to state that our checker editor has Just passed' through a
somewhat severe illness, and has been
confined to -Ferale hospital for over
four weeks. However, he is now on
the road to recovery, and Informs us
that with the co-operation of our read-
er-? this column w,m be even better
in the future.—Bditor, District Ledger.
Problem No. 10'
By Mr. J. P. Thomson, Strathcona,
Black men on 6, 7, 10, 12; king on
31. White men on 13, 14, 17 and 19.
White to -move and draw.
An instructive example of end-game
play and well worth careful- study.—
Checker editor.
Solution to 'Problem No. 8
Black men on 2,10,17 and 24. White
men on 9, 30, 31; king on 1.  White to
play and win.
*-« 24—28        14—18        87r-3l
2—9 15—18        13—17        14-5*9
1—«.        28—32        31—26        31—22
9—13        18—14       32—21 9—13
6—15 17—21 18—14 wwine
and the author.—Ed.
The Massacre of
the Innocents
v>     8olutlon to Problem No.' 9
^Black men on 6. 9, 12, IH, 27; king
on 31.   White men on 13, 14, 18, 20
and 30.   White to move and draw.
14-^5 6—10       20—16     ,31—«
15—22       30—26       12—19        9—31
5—1        28—25        1—6       drawn
End game between O. O. WUaon aod
the author.—Bd.
We are Indebted to the Olaagow
Weekly Herald for the following
games played la the second round of
tbe recent Scottish tourney, Tbe
games nre between two well-known
exponents of tbe science of checkers,
and will well repay tUe moat careful
study of our readers. Tha note* are
by -Mr. G. M. Boner, ex-cbamplon of
Scotland. Analysee of the games are
Verejny Notar
Nactlvuje Bellevue na 14 kaSdy meaac
Office: Above Bleasdell's Drug Store
Phone 121   -
Residence: 21 Victoria Avenue
1 Grow Hair, I Do"
Fac-similes of Prof. A. Garlow.
I'l''-' -3
r     -)
'   I    ',
Bald at.26.
Fine hair at 55.
B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, etc.
Offices: Eckstein Building,
Fernie, B.C.
F, C Lawt Alex. I, Fithe>
Fernie, B. C.
I POSITIVELY Cure all hair and
and premature grayness. GROW ladies' and children's hair rapidly.
positively cure all I do take. Hair
can be fully restored on all heads
that Btili show ftne hair or fuzz to
prove that the roots or CAPILLIART
glands are not dead.
I HAVE A'PERFECT system of
HOME TREATMENT for out-of-the-
CITY people who cannot come to me
for personal treatment. WRITE TODAY for Question Blank and PARTICULARS. Enclose stamp and mention this paper.
MY PRICES are reasonable My
The World's Most Scientific Hair and
Scalp Specialist
Room 1, Weldon Block,  WINNIPEG,
Bar supplied with  the  best Wines,
Liquors and Cigais
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
Black, Geo. Jewett
White, Jas. Ferrie
The horrors of the ehamblos at Ludlow ia overwhelming. Not since the
da>« when pitiless red men wreaked
vengeance upon intruding frontiers.
mai and upon their women and oliU'
dren haa tMe Western oountry been
stained with so foul a deed.
llie details of the inaiaaere are horrible, (Mexico offers no barbarity an
base aa that of the nordar of defence*
lesa wonujn and children by Ute mine
guards in soldiers' oiotmnc    Like
wW''.f..ti Utpuill'iUJi   SU  UuJ»i *.*  Atit-
crican civilisation with this Infamous
thing at onr rory doors, lluerta mw
derwl tMedero. hut even ituerta did
not shoot an Innoesnt little boy seeking water for his sttk mother. Villa is
a barbarian, but In hts m*dtl»»l eaeeet
Villa haa not turned machine guaa
on Imprlaoned woman and oMidran.
Where ta tha outlaw so fer beyoBd tha
pale of human Mad na to wm th*
tent over the heada of muring moth-
em and hotplate little babes?
Out of this tnissmy one fact stands
dear.   Maehine guaa did the sawder.
gentle upbringing. Yet tbey reck not
of human life when trouniaty inter
este are Involved.
Tho blood of the women and chit*
dren, bunted and «hot like rats, eriee
aloud from tbe ground. The great
state of Colorado has failed them. It
bas betrayed thorn. Her militia, which
ehould havo been the impartial pre-! 31—24
tectors of the peace, have acted as j 7—1«
murderous gunmen. The machino guns.    «   »ry
2V 18
i a—ifi
Kbl'di played in the darkneaa upon the
homed ut hua^U, uuu uiul  ko-uwu, .
whoae only crime waa an effort toj
J6-- 20
20- 24
wiiww  vihjt   i-miiu   wan nil   »imn  u>< tg a*
earn an honest living, were bought!»j_# .'
«4td mid for hy agent* ot the mine
owners. Bsploelve ImUe-U have heen
used oa children. Does the Moodiest
nags In tbe French r«volutkm approach thia In hldeousness?
In tho name of humanity, in the
name of civilisation, we have appeeied
to President Wilaon. Hia ear heart
the wall of tha Innotew. outraged and
dying in iMeirtw, Cannot tbe prwrfdenl
give head to the eufferiage of hia own
TMnk. Mr PredUtm. ot tb* raptala
11   7
l<»   6
i>wlinj»->   tlitt
r,.|.|.,,,.i     »!*] T 1   •
11—16,  18—11, 8—Ifi,
25—9,  5—14,   1»-!«,
-i«,»-y». i--s.:;-:.
11—18, 27-fcl. 7-11.
Tlt/» fnllfwipir i*
«—JO j
26—31 i
W wt|1H
■i   ,**t
, h   il,
We Are Ready to Scratch
off yonr bill any item of lumbar aot
found Jost as we represented. Thsrs
Is no hocus pocua la
This Lumber Business
Whan you want sprues wa do noi
send yon hemlock. When you buy
first-class lumber we don't slip In a
tot of culls. Thus* wbo buy once from
us alwaya coma again, Those who
bave not yet made our acquaintance
are taking cbances tbey wouldn't en
counter If tbey bought their lumbar
— Osslsra In —
Lumbar,   Lath,  Shlnglss,  Sssh  snd
Doers.    SPECIALTIES-Mouldlnga
Turnings, Brackets, and Detail Work
:   Opposits 0. N. Dspet   P.O. Sex n. \
Phone 23. j
MoaIn that tiisto liko
mothor usod to cook
Best in the Pass
Jos. Grafton, Proprlater
8—«, 22-lt, IS—«2, 26-17, 3-8, 23
19, 8-12. 31—24, 15—IS. drawn
10—11   24-19
Tbe machino guaa ware ht th* banda 1 nf the etftkent, Unto Tlkaa. whoae
of mino guards, moet of whom wars trom with the aunmen wat ended with
111*0,, 3,
• A "Ledr^r" Miv. it an
I       IfiVMtnwnt.
List of Locals District 18
slm members nf (tae etrnttn militia It
wna private war. with the wealth nf
the riehoet maa in ihe wortd behind
tb* mine guard*.
Onoa and for all time the right no
•»M>k»y *ttn*d nontd* moot be tob*n
a war from private tndtvfetoale aid nor*
iwmlloii*, To i.ii* itftte, mid to the
atate *ts««, belonps tbe right lo «naln-
I9tn     .■.,** «   *        I*   ' <
IVtret* waffsr* It the «etir wnd id et*.' -hi******* *** ***t, ***** xts*" lit- *1
»■»■» »»rder, f&tek af the tittj<**',*&• >z
«ho»e which were vntatd thmnith tha*! II—IS.
etrifce l*aij#r. Think et Ms body, which J 22 17
has lain asttotod «Im* hit Infbmoos; 7- n
killing Then, witb that vast power t7—13
whlrh bat br*m mmnntiad to you a* t fl
(he en^uilvn of a gvwat nation, eittmd! 3»—*'>
i« tlw »l»*ry www,gl*t by a* aaarcbhfc' * •>! '*
tt  Inst  for  dolbura.  wtthont  ymir < 2'»~ 2i
mm xttta tmmttt j **—-*■*
^.^1.        194*11.
il -it
11 -9
« Id
9 *-a
W  Ub
|h—if* -
■fi *       ir.
WWte. <J.
tt- 27
*   ';
1 !
1*   7
yjt- ;'*,
w mu*
Steam Heated Throughout
Electric Lighted
J. L. GATES, Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
The Leading Commercial Hotel of the City
Ratts |2.S0 per day
With Privata Bath |S.O0
Fire Proof Sampls
Rooms in Connect!**
Mrs. S. Jenninga, Prop.
L. A. Mills, Manifer
■Wetw   WWW   W9   *—9t   ^n^^nTWW
WMM* Aah *4U»e...,*.,Wm. Manh, Taber, AM.
flaabh-d js. Who*tier. Baalhearf. Alt*.
Rente* -On*  » trm***** *»»(.» r««>  ..♦. t»»: ■*  ^ ^.^
....,,,,.......Jaiaa* Mttis*. sn **•. ftotaotoo. All*.
 W. C Ckrfst**h*rv, Bbdrmoi*, Alt*.
 ..T.O, Harris*, Fawbnrg. Alt*.
Carbondale.. J. UtUbttt, Oashondala, Cobmno, Alt*.
.,,.......•>,. HNhw watreB, tjansHS*, Alta.
9...,**...99.*.tm. e^taweootm vwmwweu Jtttw.
CwUu. tim, tUmn, (wmn, ik V.
^HSVMf JIhMW*a***oo** +9tk, fWMPttN^ OMMUM^ Vti HwRMMd ff^lt^T, AnA«
Tmkktm.,. b«MMl 1**&K r«f1lftft, II V.
WWMm*wK**t»*MMif*««»*WWMI JNtfVMir PVWHt* AM*
ULmM^W mp   fltoUlmsWi*iaa    IlnmM ■ ■    fl   #*■
I1VMRT. * ,. t . -9 *, t .. . , , ^ i ^t   tWNWWTipW^ ftVNKT#  VI.  »- -
ttmmm Ja*. Oortae. ROkraat, AK*
Leth*f1#g« L, Moot*. 1731 Sliib Arenee. N' LeUbridg*
Ummm C*k*j%oo,..jrtotik Iteiriaghsu*,C*»lhewa. Alta.
lliSlik. Lshf.. "V. U. Uwiba Ifetawwiw. Mt*.
HP1W a at* * a, a      »ltif||t»l   9%m     WSHW*    -JVHVMe    R>   %r *t
r*«j^a»nr T-O. H&trUmt PiUNrborf, AIM.
Oa»rg»t**», Common.. A
Mum u*» wor«* aaa «v*r known
uw4 totvon ettvlaiwi by privet* lo-
taf*n*ts haw tntnodnwidi th* o*lv fnd*
rexe worn ot med*m tiaaa.   TU*
tirartte* mwst b* stofpad. tf th* at***
u«« or**- uoi einmo enough, <h«w th*
.%«.«*«.*• at***********^ tttonn*tiiwfi wt.   M
uny tomu privaa* warfare m*at be
WTMarethesamte*>B»>dsto anlma
itf #m41Mt0v *V^ 1MW9rMffB   ffftbt  tO
eleotfocntad raesMir is New,
Ye*.  Thar mw Om g*ami* tt tb*}
;gr«it '.'Ltlt:». '.k*. (u.t'f»,*./i».*js'» «■! humin-i
j Ht. whoas • Mtter h«v«ta«* tag «md*|
11*» Ow*dtt*m «f tba wwf^    tl'arpri! !»;
!^ha weiHiga td tliMnv sraig tttfbrhdtliit,
Aay hams no Jasric* and thev nre
not fe* asewr.  Ttmf nm hardly bo
mem te inMllyw**, awl «K Ml high ?
hi .th* teats nt          ~
teted to the ta«t omINmr bahe—Hortrr ■
llounukin Xew*,
■.    Tet thay are
not UM g*(Ky
I chlMrw* rest* <** th* h*td* Of tho**
I who tor tho i*m/t ot dofiara *mpVr>> Ml
i *m-k mfs. end bougltt a*c-h wirhlirii
|«f mrd^   TV wwM tm tm tnmn
haul ape* thseo: th«ft« ha* heew a
a   Veiy t'.rontt tor lubitr.
b TMe aeewM k**tt* tor htt'-h- -
t-S, b~% t—II. 1-7, H~l«. 7—14.'
ld-», lf-15, 2#—27. ia- 10, 87-41,1
13-9. 12-16. 14-17. A 27. S5-2S.'
w9 . .*.. *•    .*. »    t, vttm****-
t   lb~-t0 *e«M* to draw.
d   f—I aeam* tn draw mat;
txcciient cuisine — American and
European Plan - Etfctric Light
Hot & Cold Water  Sample Rooms
Phones-Special Rates by the month
4—1 o**m
T-^JL lf-20. 2- 7, II
t-s, 11—15. t ii. ir
II. f—II, dmwrt.
4—g, ■
■l«, f-**C, S—ll,:
19, .11 -IB. 19 J
Isisssss Pits Bsm Hbttft
80s. IMl Ofwsrii
amcfiegs pus bsim
$100 psr 0l|
+bo-iHttdtnlt** ft <<•*-*' i^tn,**<f   ftt*'
) annuity bi never tn danger -tot tnat
*h#i WtWf.t 'ttm* net* *la* '■'• f* ""■* t'*v*--
fbe   graat   rmm*n
W*tt4 nt  floruit*?*.
•^apwssr there wilt w
for »
ifc«   etwit
'■\U*u U
IBWIWW *WMs. ***** tmsttb
mtm tnm *t**i*»r nmo *omo- tt ti.wr*
Stephen T. Humble
jjkciSI Sr ■aa.'?MMiiirrr< .iJisati
Furniture, Hardware, China,
Stationery, etc.
Alberta r
' '.*' y*i^ewip*>Byiniwi
,.. ,w ..wy^nw.■-J..^...> .i.,..*^!.,-.   ..HI.'.-,  vJg!i'imQm+$m«Mt*-~-.i   ^nN^M^wige-yw-—r»i
if., *■■■
Good Values In
Comparative Values in
With thy majority of people, price is the vhief
consideration in purchasing footwear.
That's why there are so many uncomfortable feet
in Canada today and so many dissatisfied shoe purchasers.'"'
For low-priced shoes cannot be good, shoes—the
high cost of good materials-and skilled labor wont
Then why experiment—at the .expense-of your
comfort—with low-priced slices?    Whv uot wear
ami be thoroughly satisfied?
Distinctive and pleasing in appearance, they possess that style individuality that is the hallmark of
fine footwear. Invictus Shoes will outwear ordinary low-priced shoes—yet they cost little more.
The. Straw Hat season is now-on. We advise
you to make your selection without delay, and be
sure of the newest styles and greatest variety of
Children's Straw and Linen Hats
Youths' Linen and Straw Hats
Boys' Straw Sailors and Linen Hats
Men's Straw, Linen and Panama Hats
This season's newest styles in Straw, Linen aud
Panama will be shown in our big window marked
at attractive prices for Satnrdav buyers.
On Saturday we will sell Black Sateen Shirts.
well made and cut on large,   roomy  pat-   TEa
terns: all sizes \A\\. lo IT1/*.   Special each   I jl!
1  Men's working sox in light grey i
I  On sale Saturday 7 pr. for $1.00 |
2 Lines of Women's
High-Grade Suits
At Clearance Prices—$15.00 and $25.00
No. 1-$15.00
A strictly tailored Suit, tailored along the very
newest lines- and showing perfect workmanship,
( Suits that are made to stand plenty of good hard
wear; Goat, liiiecKthrougliOut with satin serge;
Skirt showing small draped effect on knee and two
small slits. These Sttits come in Navy Blue Serge.
of a splendid grade, thoroughly shrunk and sponged and not easily spotted; also shown in a good
line of Gray Tweed and Homespun. Just about 22
of these Suits instoek, so we advise 04 r   AA
"early shopping. . Extra     01 V lUU
Line No. 2—Regular to $40.00
Every Suit in this Hue at $25.00 is a perfectly
tailored garment and shows class and fit in every
line. Shown in every color and every style that is-
popular in the larger centres. The Coats are cutaway styles with the long one-piece shoulder and
Balma^ean sleeves. „The Skirts—semi peg tops,
draped effects and wide effect on hips. . If you
want a Suit that is in everv way the same as $iiowu
in Xew York and Montreal. AT COST PRICE, we
have 50 Suits at	
Regular to $40.00.
G%QCery; $£^4l&; :rV
x        For Saturdayi
Regular to 40c and 50c for 15c yard
Plaiu and Fancy Ribbon from 4Vo to 9 inches
wide; very best qualities; simply a clear-    * t
ance at a very low price.   All one price ..   dOC
Beautiful new patterns and qualities; big
range of new patterns to choose' from, r*-.
Per yard        •   .
15c per pair  .
All sizes from 7 to 91/**; a quality that will give
^best wearing satisfaction.   Extra special," /X"^
Starting Thursday morning, and running for 7
days until Friday night; May 15th, we announce "a
big Smalhvare Sale. Everything, in Smallwares,
Notions aud Xiekuacks at prices that are cut almost in half and in lftauy eases less than half price.
It is a stupendous clearing sale of the best quality
of Smallwares and everyone should tak6 full advantage of it, as the prices indicate money-saving
opportunities. Every day new goods and new
values will be offered.   Our advice—Shop -Early.
Assorted Sweet IJiscuits —..,,..; ,.2 lbs. . .25
Canada First Condensed Milk . ■77'..'. 2 tins   . .25
Canada First Evaporated Milk .,.-., pertiri     .10
Evaporated Peaches,-fancy 10 lb. box . each   1.35 ;'1
Evaporated Prunes^ fancy 101b. box\.. each . 1.35.r.
Dates .>, -...TA.......,v;.,l"\\i.packett*.-10 ,
Robin Hood Flour if 49 Ibi 'sack. 1.60*.:
Robin Hootl Flour  98 lb. sack. .3.10
Colombo Olive Oil *. ;.. Yjt gallon
Colombo Olive Oil  ,1 gallon
Clam Shell for Poultry > 6 lbs.
Heinz Pork and Beans, medium size .. 2 for
White Swan Laundry Soap ... i.... 12 bars
Witch Hazel Toilet Soap per box
Sauer Kraut A....*./.*.: .,.. 6 lbs.
Heinz Tomato Soup .'. '.* *,. per tin
Rogers Pure Cane Syrup .... * , per tin
Lyle's English. Syrup :. 2 tins
Tetley's-Yellow Label Tea  per lb.^ .30
Carrots '.*.  15 lbs: - .25
Panshine Cleanser ; :.•..,;... 4 tins " .26
Lyman's Talcum Powder large size     .25
Hind's Honey Almond Cream ... per bottle   ~.40
ib :
.35 *
Men's Underwear
Men's Fine Balbriggan Underwear in Natural or .Black, sizes
34 to 44. On sale Saturday at
SOc each
It was truly au arbor -day In Fernlo
on Wednesday. The t-plrit with which
the citizens responded lo the call of
the Mayor to clean, plant and -beautify
the city- waB remarkable. On overy
avenue nn<J street men were seen with
various Implements and conveyance*
making short shrift of the unsightly
tilings and tlio winter's accumulation.
About COO trees were provided. Chief
McDougall was In charge of the distribution. Upwards of 12 teams wore requisitioned to bring the trees to the
city. These teams were generouMy
placed al tho disposal of the Mayor by
the business mon of the city, Around
the Provincial Court a number of men
were alto buny planting trees, n consignment of 400 plains arrived from
The Daughters of tbe Umpire have
ulso been busy and are contributing
materially towards the beautifying of
(he city.   It Is their Intention to plant
trees, a number of which have been
shipped ibto town, along McPherson
Ave. We hope that success will art-
tend the efforts of those .who have cx-
p-ttided so much In tills direction.
Tlio Veterans' Association met in
the basement of tlu- Kugltsh Church
on Sundnj evening. Col. McKay presided. Many important matters came
up to he dealt with, of which we shall
mention a few. A communication was
received from Cranbrook. It was an
appeal for aid on behalf ot n fellow
veteran, who was unfortunate enough
to loso both his feci during last winter's oold. He is at present in Cranbrook hospital. It was tbe Intention
of the Cran-hrook association to provide him with artificial leet. /The appeal waa received ahd tx grant ol |25
wa* mado from the funds.
A communication waa read from
Xelson, a call for representatives 1o
atteud the Chako Mika or carnival, to
be held la NeUon on tbe 11th ot July.
Col. McKay and George O'Drleii woro
Sei id/or Five Roses
] Cook Book—
■    COt.TON  '
fan* * te-wi no ****»« ttm €•*•** \
Wfc Vt Wit*
mmm* imteyt \t tm v rn ozwmmirimib
' BnTBiBums-nssmsTB. o.
Western Ciiud* Whole**!* Co.    Tntcs-Wood Co
*»i »wwmfomwommiom)w*wm
J    tXtHm-h'tm  t/r   ,    ..»       .,   .1  t.,, f,^  *v, .%
I   , . „.'. •, „.»   t r    f    . ,-      ■,    i.r
,1 „
awolnted to attend, with alternate T.
Uiphlll and .1. Wood*
It was decided to hold a free social
for .the vt-ieranB and their wives on
May 2Srd In Victoria Hall.
The secretary reported cases of
sickness and affliction of members of
the local association. James Gash,
whose youihful son has .been stricken
•totally blind, every effort proving
fruitless to save his sight, was granted assistance to the amount of 125
from the funds, lieo. Townaend-, who
unfortunately had a broken'les whilst
following his occupation some months
ago, was granted the turn ot $25. A
vote, of sympathy was extended bb D.
P. iMarklaml, whose wife Hot «ick in
hospital, and alto having (but recently
burled an infant child. A vote of sympathy was also forwarded to Chariot
O'Brien, whose son Ilea sick in hospital suffering with tube-railottls.
If there la a society mat 1* sadly
needed lu thin city It Is ono to cultivate and promote good music. The
ragtime music that one hears day in
and day out at the dance hall* and
picture shows Jarrs and nauseates the
man or woman of cultivated musical
tastes. However, the Presbyterian
Church Is making a step in the right
direction for tbo encouragement it
gives to tho -production of good mu-
**'i*.: If religion Is n thing of real
worth to mankind, It could not find n
ua-Xir* omkMuu! to express itself than
through thst of wwisJc. Lust Sunday
<vv*»it!ftf l^wrence HiiV/lnjter r^nitered
Handel's Concertino and Huffs Cava-
tint, selection* from the classical mss-
ters. with fine fell it* and wonderful
!erhlriqa« on the violin, .1. Whltehouiie
necomvonied with n gentle and »y*m-
pathetic touch upon the organ. Whlto-
houso l« stv organist of no mm •Milt y snd w« shall e%imt to hear of hits
again when lovers of *««m1 music will
emt* Into tlieir own,
»»n« ot onr neicMwring raneh-prt*
whilst returning from the city, met
w?th n singular ctperlftico. Wslklng
ovt-r (ib»j c!»<ir nu h sidewalk so goner-
ously pro* ;.|.-.i r.,i iH^leetrlans m th"
«»r*fit Northern bride*, lie absent-
mitMledly ntcpiM in»o spsco nn?i
rum* in •enn'nt-t with Mother Rsrth he-
low. SVe are pleosed io refwrt thnt
he Is none tlio wors« for the mishap.
H«w»»i--*¥ aet* wwiM -wnttv ta>*tilein*h*-**
not to ihinit too Intently of tbo train*
. i ..v..,..*.*., .vnm iui» iuuw aitU pr-wwjt
mir. tinn unit-rail) •come* back to <^arth
On Mlajr oventng the 8«cUllst t».ir-
«y cftehrstea Wny T»ty wttii a w»n«*1
...   :*    ■'■,-,,;        tttti   *, It*    *t   ■■  -    ....'t..    .1     ....
sfcil' with ttt"pi*Htr colors, mi n lar»
•tr«n»*r iNwritif tb* Msnhn •n**
f»ge. "Wortt-wrs of the world unft-^
jwi have nothing to lote bnt ymr
chains; you tdxtn n world to Mu,"
was placed atcrast (tie forefront of the
MH, A tftttnfd*** nf*cbe*tr«i *r** tt
h-'tlmdnmn- 1-^nck was **rv«*l at* 12
p. tn, fhe f«fwm!Me«» ir. rl»nr»e t*t,**-
•#'«*•*! of tbe fonnwinf l*rt«e*r Vm tf,
Martin, Mw. O. Rat11t#r» Mrs Jf Alien
iM tlr*. IM. (lw#e    Mr* It ttrMtf-^
nhiy mtmttotetidtiit txntl so^rtri rv-
rsri-Mf of'i*BO<l thins* f«r the mm*
'at** t-tiletfotoin&rd. Ti:t: lyx-mlttM*
ff-»™*f«w» trt t*ra*b **-fh r*r,$ i«i th.t —«
»rlUa*tS io i&O #»«*,"*'**• *d t'i*. *'.*t*,hli4§.
Thoraas Crltchle>* writes us that he
will -be in the Old Country beforo we
go to press, and that ho wishes to
thank A. B. Campbell (tbe agent ttho I was
ibookenl him and his family through)
for the very kind and courteous attention he received. Mr. Crftcbley suffered some delay in securing his tickets, but exonerates the agent from all
at tho mines.
On Tuesday evening, there passed
away in the person of Mary Podble-
lanclk one ot tbe oldest and moot
respected of Fernie's Inhabitants. Tbe
deceased lady, who won sixty-five
years of age, had been ailing for somo
time, and the end was not unexpect-
In the Ledger Issue of April 25th, tt
not our Intention to cast any
disparagement upon those who had
undertaken a course of training, neither upon the institution, because we
thoroughly understand and appreciate
the necessity of such in minimizing
blame, and seems more than satisfied j-the number of accidents and deaths
with the treatment received.
The monthly tea of the Ladies' Guild
of Christ Church will be bold at the
home of Mrs. Pearson, on Wednesday,
May 13th.
Alias Doris .1, Bennett, of Revelstoke, B. C-, arrived tn town on Tuesday, and is faking a course at the
Crow's Xost Uusinesa College snd
Academy of Languages.
W. ,1. McCaui, or the board of railway commissioners, was In the city
last week taking evidence for and
against the present sct.eouie of the
(J refit Northern local train. A num.
ber of ranchers living In adjoining
towns requested that lt bo changed
so aa to arrive trom tbo wost in the
-morning, returning in tho afternoon,
allowing them tlmo snffldeat In Pernio to do their shopping.
\V. 8. Keay, formerly of tbo Island
revenue department, left for his future
homo at Edmonton on Sunday montr
llie spring assizes will commence
on May 6, when three criminal cases
will be tried before Chief Justice Gordon Hunter, l» B, Wilson, barrister,
of Cranhrook, will be crown prosecutor.  There af? a number of civil eases, j
A. Undley. of Creston. was a visitor
lo IVrnie on Wedneoday,   Mr. Mttdti»y'
*3>a that conditions in tbo far-famed |
fruit district are relatively excellent {
and that all signs point to a goodly
crop this yt»r. ,      1
J. F. Mcintosh, of the local custom* i
department, will make a lour through j
the Flathead district vis n#lton, Men- ]
tan*. Vtmn-lderthl* machinery I* bo*\
lm 'hipped Into tbt oil fUlds. It tt
ejipected that th*- diamond drills will f
soon lw In operstion for tbo purpose j
ot d.-v»-lo|t|ttg the rni.le iliiimlnant. '<
] Two Slavs were fined for aoncow-!
pllance with the Mines Act re Uprag-f
glug whttti uiuhinutting co*l. B, Cs*}
field nnd H, Mnrtfn were tho witness.
nie, and there conducted a dairy bum-
ness, their house and, its surround*
Inga being one of the neatest dni
most' picturesque homes of this tojra.
•The deceased lady waa fcorn at BJell-
POtok. Hungary, and arrived ln this
country on the 2*3rd of Aflril, 1888. ,
The funeral took place on Friday
morning from the Roman Catholic
Church, when some fourteen or fifteen rigs and numerous pedestrians
followed the remains to the cemetery.
The Roman Catholic Church was
heavily draped in mourning, and a
Solemn Requiem Mass was song by
the Rev. Father Missener, assisted
*y Esther O'JJell and Father A. Bwtno
itsckl as deacon and stUwleacoa re-
stfectlvely. The Rev. Father Mlchels
acted as master of ceremonies, and
assisted the choir.   Handsome -floral
Mr; and Mrs. Podhlelanclk camo to-tributes were sent by Messrs. Trites
Fernie In tbe fall of 1902. snd with j aud Wood, W. R. Pollock, A. Hnro-
tbelr sons have succeeded in ae-qulr-j wood and several others. Tbo Ro?.
Ing the confidence and esteem of Father Mlchels assisted at the grave-
•very citizen of this town.   Of a kind- aide.
ly nnd generous though retiring dis-J —'.	
position,   the   deceased   lady   made    win. Dlcken'a now 4S h, p. gasoline
many fronds gad acquaintances, and^or j, nw ,n ^ommltslott.
htr departure will be mourned by an
aged husbsnd and three sobs.    For)   ..     ,,    „.       „,,       ,    .
tbo past four or five years, she bad tw,lMJlr,l"'n,,^n1 *'" ^ *f hw •"
sided1 with htr husband In Wast Far- *«"•«■ ««"*^«i»*. England, on tho
sRtn inst.
WllllSm A. Parrett, Hfth sou of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Parrett, of dtehop-
stone, Salisbury, Bngiand, to Elsie L.
Brooke, youngest daughter ot Air, and
tho late Mrs. T. Brooks, of Tottenham,
Ixmdon. England. A-prll 13tl., at the
Central Cor.*; ajntlonal Church, Win-
nlpeg, by :he i:< .. J. R. Gordon, D. D.
The Rev, and iim. W. MtNeit Wal
ton announce tho tncagetnen^ nf *beli
eldest daughter, Mamie, to Mr. Joho
F. Olil, tnanaier of the Rank of Hamilton, Grenfe«, Bask. Tha marriage will
take place June 16th. at Chrint Churoh,
Fernie, n. C,
On Wednesday evening next base-
baiier* will form up outaMa Ingram's,
at 6.15, and parade to tba 'Municipal
Park, where the opening league game
of baseball will take place*, The Mayor
will try to pitch th* flrat ball, ex-
Mayor TOMsdril will try to swat it.
while the Fire Chief will tua bla best
efforts to catch aame. Thl* promisee
to be one of tbo most exciting events
of tba season, and tbe contesting
toatrfs will be Bartenders vs. Coal
In lovlwi memotf of my
yenra. who wns Wiled Ott bla
rant*. Msy tri. ISIS
Worthy and true, rtoptoted wns
With those be left bebiad;
A hetler mm fierer ffved.
For l,c »'.ti true and kind.
We think of titift fn stY-Mie*,
Ao e>r* nny ar* ns ww»p:
lint trtaanred  la oer tamaat
Hi* mttrittrf we wi«? kw*fy. -
llf htt r«vt«f W«s»>*r Ittw******
and Ulster*
JLi9A%9    * JLM*mU£1L JL -KvJC#    alwj
reirfti-a'a Kxdiuiivc Plcstur* Th«atr«
SPECIAt, SATURDAV^Matittce mnd Evening
The funniest burlesque comedy in distance
When Ursus Threw The Bull
I rntdn. Ureas ead bis bull strike tor their wages. Other* fellosr. To get RMKber bull, a new leadtag
man aad •'supers-* Is tbe question. Firemen from the local station ans neeatred. When the ebow is un-
dt* way Us tire toll -ring**, it U a eoeataat Isaah from h-egta-nta* to ettd, Kwtr n-fH* of fan condaneoi
into two*,
FANTOMA8, Th© Man of Mystery In
Mysterious  Finger
5 Thrilling Reels, Further Adventures ofthe Man in Black
Admission 15 cents and 25 cents
- EXTRA SPECIAX, Thursday May 14      ■
bnern bnwytt nwt House Fstere in •* MtewfNHnt inyetety intreietiog the frwteM marvel ef tlie aft
An Hour Before Dwrnra
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otis Flayers Film Co.  A sequel to Chafes* tttb.  Uonn* PHtwn.


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