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The District Ledger 1914-03-28

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BSfv1*?"' wl"
■o*i^.1pftt-> -j -s*. aw}. 3?i55;'sy®ii*$i^i}*K
-■ t-'sS
^Vt "*.
fbf District; No, 18, U. M. W. of A.,
Political Unity is Victory
r*"^-- raS-- 5V.y?V™yferi,'i: XA -'"X*-2£'v XXX- -X .,.-:- .-:*.?*; ""=.--•  l
K-f','~T  --W     vmmammmmmmmmZEmSmm^^^waw^e^^^^^^^mmmt^^
r^A-A-.^&¥A*7&'   ' ^■T^<X^AX^mt.A'r^^A-4s.^ V$V vj*.>V. • .
S, B. C, MARCH 28, 1914.
$1.00 A YEAR
,v. r * V*<
, ^.fft* -1
" -v*^' -
:-. -,iJ*--' '
I*; •*&*;> ■.*.•■!
•*>  -^Ji.*."V", '
■  -* '^.-r   ~~^--
• w-s .**
V-> *'-',»:
.it?'*' '
''-.yV^V, „ -'.
.) \..*
. ■£•• ■»'
-V <?•
DHNVBR, Coloi MaroU T24;r-(*8po- talce'<*H»*e,, moiiey,-aaytog*. Wfl unaanimfi
claL)^Mie- OploraSbp;'^tla^bss\;*s*d;>' ;wo*dd <wWp ibiim. ,^ Ho^^i^wond
4T^i  *.
I^B ■*-
V -
1'" *, ^ ^
. ~\ / ;■ ' „
• *   'a
- mi<bted that tol^n^ ^military;.,prii;,
oneta tnoomwntialcaido te jliegal iy^the
release aiid^depcwtfttico of :T''Mo^e^r
-Jones on. -tbe eTe.oif,a petition Jor'ia
writ of bohm • corpaa' beiiig, hekrjl in
rth*9, oto«o/sii!piranie,«ott^i,ft, - '„ .-.^,i
STte 8-^yoa^oW ' w\gel; of; tbo.' j^oai
^^aoo^B.baia jbei-en; Md^noopninidcado;
^?in-s ^;fjk^l*a,T3ri.>a>uUA pjwfj'.*or '• j^o
A j^^.:'The*re;\w*M^:'cha^e ja«ain»t
-. )i^3r^^w^^5*^^^'^o1*,
"«-- <,   -   ' ||n«,'^;'e^el4^t]^'*r«"!''^' bon«
i^'T-f-V^.ftnd-ifrWibiwi^snd^ bo-
?. *^A>r||u^;**eSleldt'i^^ exer-
., --?1---   ■, 2*'-£-jtoaa- cona*&lt*^^i^rJil)*tet s"1 ''
^'-Mo^.\'d^^ldn,-.'tbs "militia' .re-
"""""^""'aod de^Ont^id,ber'tn^Peni*-
ij^p|*9dj^see '.b-er.-ATWhon .eho.
^tiV^'ta|l)|6atw,fbfi:-aaicl, be bad not
0 ..i^i^iof. im^UA-me*: a^'palpeWo
,- &am^^;;tbe^tllti6a'to prevent a
,   ■to^^t;i4^*^%ome,*<!OUTt-ia»'to,
- * S^d^^PWtoill^W
1 ..^n^*itei^^b*^«on9BtaUondl;rteht8
.,''-Moebe^'' iTonea, iiavi'ever, will .re-'
- turn to'Trinidad aad givethe imill*I*tf
ftootfier.OPB>oi»tunity to'taJte o>wesyhor,
' -eonotMtaipnal, ligbts.       , , , , -s, "-*\
. ;:.Tbo^eoal"operators admitted)ytm
' Budoeaa of Ibe'Strike when* ithey an-
nojunoedtbait tbey would' oue;:indfy&-
-  ual anembeirs and officers of £ti£ Vm*
ed HUM Workers for-14.00^00*0.^^
. >H»ei^rs,.»eemvto^hare^^
'•.-'doubt tbat.a half * dba*^V*oi^.)nino]fii
•• will he able' to pay the ^4,000,000 so
■aey.will aaklOr, body;jud«»«^«-   "„-x
.The coal operators wp^>;&'at**ilie:
strike haa oansed-.tbei£t'|jraflt. fioan-
,olal 'hen1 ^d,.a^Vdown,'tbelr coal
mlnea.;.: li -in'^&Si lnteiiklrife edmbn*
^ tm *wben. one^Mitsiderai that ...wiay
-i. 7; v\ - -V *'*i|*Sek -Jla 4 Decenitooi^theae, aaine opera*
•s^W •?
ionr. ^JuiuuBweo-aiwpTBBT%4ike"-'wes'
HTheyJsald^tbot wtofle'50 perVent 'had
gono out, suany bad returned and tbe
intooa were .-tbim running at full ca-
.paeK?,^:. Ayx. ;v;,' r V
;' Tberatae said that they hid raised
- W,O0^0W to tlstot tba-; etrike.* ^The
. ^»vJeide^ t»UeTe^tbli fund bas
f-.Tlcibua Wck.;, '^..other^ywile
^ildreaijjegsirn *o cry wlien.tJiey ;saw
th«4r iljroWier* hurt, pod the bell-hound,
ylciou^ attacked them', kicking^ the
smalieet <*iild' in the nose wtd' ibreaikr
Ing^Jt^^Her nose hied for days and
^pt^tt^h^ti^:h^mjMr biory
to:-^e;-:-cbBgwe9ional «Hnrotetee at
;Tplnid«d..v, :-•;,-; 7Ar^xx- .;.
J -JShe coal op^ratjors'ban' usurped
the;-functions of -tihe United Statee.
.post' office;,deiparjtineei-t ..iby; tomiing
money ordors 6zt] its own blanks and
keeping -the charges usually inade iby
the"lEioterMnettt/'aooordimg ito*kestl-
<mony,' nought .but - $;t^vtihe ■ Trinida-d
^ea-Ping.rtod iadimJif^,,;b^ the 'Obrlpra-
dOj'M^VaiidvI^^'CooqMiny,..' It jiivaa
thef'Quatoin.ito iasae:'thero, orders'"dn
^e "notorious cottiipaijy estbrea'. wiv&re
JJnited -States ,pos*i~clW<»a aw ioceied;
Thq -pom'pa^ea-tysueii these' orders
to ae-mtaeis, ^o.^Jgnoiunt-^ postal
re^laraons.^-thouighC 4^ -weire^n>ak>
jih^depjpistol^^Uwle^jSaim.__.*/- •
^^e /W-endaBh^ke,- plt^ed'^'by the
«caib4ierdilttg, miUitiaxn-ai upom Andrew
C^f^ made § 'd^'-impreeeionl;^ <tji>e
oohgi;efismen and'-tiu?>M-ed on-Q of ithe
.taany,; ip-roofe thai, the .militia were
seat to, Southern,Colorado to tyrannize tihe-'krik^ra, ;kiiok;apd;ibe®t*theJx
wives and ^Hd^nUitnorisonthem by
the ■soore^\^-,Ah?-^.OTej7iifi^-,to
break,^i»7j0^.:J77A.,.,.'" 'V*'.'■ •
(%lW^r^W'm arre^tefi ;for,
the tembl^%ffrtea^',offaiklng a'focaib.'to
Join <tjie Uj^ted'-^lSne^'Workeri Hp
was;^laied^i2^ljh.:i'^laf of a house
thail' '-tnhi spruit -'vrith'- vennitt'"and:
h^ld there ^W9''j>ciys.^ .On the second
'day foe'-^was talren^i^side by two ml-
liameh.: ,Ajp&ce ^the'^ze of a grave
wae -markeo^f 'and h<rwa-s told'tofdlg
ti iholol^^oetsAm^i .'■' While roijitte*
raen^'ft'aik^^-^u-ti'him, making .eoch
remairks as .''Shall wo-bury him in',a'
blaiUcet?yw^y)np„u hear what timo j»;
\b--tt 'V'
'^WwSP^r m&m- to ^foHioF'ii.
.-" ■,mb,mtnm % ■tt'lkeira.and ottiolals
t ■-'-*' CJtlaena of the United states who
/*-Uts Inmates wbere a irapnblleantorn
*    of fowmnaent exlsta, and ifbo know
-the rights of a citiwn under the eon*
emotion can never renHxe tbe <yran-
lies,- tbe op-pnsaloneHteuttei'ed by tbe
strlhtng eeej miners-it the hand* of
the Ooiorihlo NaUohll duard-a buneh
' vbf bsrrel house buns and imported
assassins ot tba operators "wbo hate
been brought to Colorado to murdtr
their ensured brothers.   f-'J' * 1 rhX
•Tbess «n4Iltiameir were sent to. the
Iks. sono hftbb oofpomtloao#nea
[We shaH be -gteid to receive and i*-
eert notes from s6cre*arlea of frataf^
nal societies tii^t ,may 'be of in'teirest
generaHy,]1..',>•'"-'/' - "  '    '\'r    •*\*
tn ,«o oejfflwt!j^^t&;,,Ooliiar was prod
%d ^t%;^yotife|£%;-others of these'
o^-io^a ;oif^x»pkaV and urged to
dii^ faaten* Pjra^c at tbe thought ot
<Mdren\*fl««n end-tearful for tiheir
future, "this -; oHken of - the United
8tatea fihaUyifell unconacioue into bie
own' grave. 'ATRf, 'Im.leinored to tiie
crtiaf^l^anja on;we following moving rrteaaedi«|Hhotit atiy further oom-
ment       " *'•,. x'Z"" ; '"'*'
v ' ^' ''-The:K, P.'a-'' -j :;; -'
..J'Tbe -; Knlg^Ui -hjtvev beea^ 'busy' fcrr-
some 'time^'p-tf&^putting on,'d^gr^e'
work'and'report great oroereas.' .Th-fc
offloera eeteoted^or,-the tejro are'ouv
tor records and'if taey continue will'
succeed. In -making, history for. the
lodge in Fernie. ■
,   . •-     A-~"yl~ Oi. 0.-M..        .    '.""
All momtoers are requested to take
note that dues .can be paid to socre-
taiy G. F. Moses* next Monday night
at; the K., P. Hall; and to aneet tne
convenience of:brbrthera-the secretary
\v4UW in attendance from 7 pirn. ■'
It^i^:intend-ed-shortly; to select' .'a
degree tefiim^andaiU-brothers'^.-requested'to 'be oh hand next iM<iniday
jmhen"; some, veiyj,lmportant. <ma|teris
'dealing -with'the society's future-will
^e,.dlseu8sed. '    >;    ■ ■'
V,  ' '> ,■■     ' * ;     : si
-A.   X.,A   The I. O. 0. F. !
'^>The'*'above; order assembled in,j>Hie
Knig^tft 'of Pjthias Haliy Fiwniei^bn
^^eJ^^;eYening,,.M?W!h\'25t!h,(, -ti^e
oocaalon -,'bedng -the- official', visit, of
BrasiyI*L-;i)udiey,-of\Pranbrpok, Grand
Master7tor.'ihn province,,B.'.MaoFalr.
iane.sOranferoofc and Hltjihard• .Russell,
of.'Yorktosi., Sesk^,..'al80 beinfe .'present.
A'Tiie Ciianibjook ;JbrotK'erB, .-who. had',
•■come,, to talk of end. boost, the E^-
■<salmpment, Degree ;of the order, were
succeesftrt iln eecurln^ qulfe a-numlber
of .applicants,-and it;,was sU'ggieoted
Uwit -.Pe^er'faiffitJngent" ,vrsit. '.-Graa-
hxook on. ,-Gopd,: Friday,; w-h-m the bro-'
thers there ^■Jl.'^put-them through.';"""-
.The Qxan4^as^fgaver.-a,-vej;><{|Fi.
j^'etin-g* epoifffi '.'ji|fon the' iprogreps' oC!
Odd. JF^Uowship,- end' «tmpha6ize<l! his;
■tt^r^%M«i-*figiire^;; ."Tfce* 'brfithew
present' llstwied-.vjery] atteiilively.. .to.
wb^{fa^;Du*aiey bad, to say,"'and'foj-
the-'-benefit'.or those who .failed" to attend we bave^'eecuredJ-the.-folloMng
data^&ojn ^^and ^faster. A- \ s
'- Tfie-Dbondiatioh: oity of' Odd- Fdiow-
ehip was Baltimore,- ahd 'the date
AprjT-aQtfa. I819.'-Thua it wlU ,be seen
:♦'♦"♦ «►.,♦'♦'♦♦'
o Mine Workers 7
"x^Ufi^pro requested to stay''
. eiw^^Cnxm Vancouver Island.
T^OiWrike is not settled.
Ix **&•**.'*'
'-' '     *3^'-„.' »«•-
"   ^toScorrespondents ,
.",r a$ 1 -" —7-' ■'■'•■
To'f^&crlber,—Once again!
fact:lUwutf-'you,aie a subscriber does
notvperaDlfc|.you to use these colomna
to ridtoul^a, 'brother' or cast reflec-
^jono^opto^hle •character; while the
ah§ence?of>naane and address.is but
an*otbor.*4eason tor disregarding your
*7' •.; t$jit :,~\  '	
.We^wtf^ld call tiie atitentilon of our
readere'Sb' ,fthe advertisement of the
Crow'6:*JSI^t Business. Ck>llege and
'A-c^demyio^ languages In which' the
suggestions -made that the space the
•watohedffi#e do not know the'reason
Stolen Property Charge Aflalnat John
A Place, M. P. P^-la t*^ be Dropped  ;
. soveroor under ,ttoe gulae of "preeerv.
{ng tbS Mace." ibut in reality to break
tbo'striVe. may bsvele«tv no«hln*
undone to aoeomiplteh tWs nwii«i*oa«.
In their efforts to perpetuate tbe
rslgn of tottw in thia district tbe
Utt)s'|btld.r«n bavf sot been .over.
looked Little n4i».y«irold Jastos
YeoMssM wa» one of the u»w ebll-
dren <w*o bare suffered almost onbe>
llnmblo crutfltloa at the bands of theee
milMis tfcotw. 'A' •  .".,* ■■   •
His nratber bad only left tbe benle
for town when two mtMftamen drove
up to tbe door In a bogsr. While tbe
captain lay drunk In tbe boggy tba
other entered tbo bones... Trunks
w*m ■Mm!!*'**! «tm! the hotiw *tm-
tlHMtt wrecked In Ms eear-dt ter leet.
Ho ttnailr diacovwred 9900- In tbs
,-aieove of sn old ooat^aiid stuek h. In
v bio peeket, Tbe flood Uwq, want to
Ibo Mteben. ato'sarem} egns, and
threw lbs rest on the door,
Little Jnstss pleaded witb tbe thug
to stop destroying tbtega and not to
t^..F*Sbij»\a!*ew. yeaio.we shall he"
celebrating the an'niversay, of the;
greateA fraternal order on" thi£ con-'
tinent There are at present 18,230
subordinate Jodges, -wltha memtber-
ship of 1.700,000; there, are 990 Robe-
ksb" lodges, iwitb a total membership
pt' 713400, -which' maltes the .membership of. brothers, and statera
reach", the   grand   total   of   2,123,-
fgr t^lj^b the principal Intonate us
that-the-, e>®lana.tion -wfU be forthcoming dn-tiielriear future.    " >
; » xyht'7   "'•' - '      ' -•
'- •sA^-yM'y* <"■ -•'-'» -  '
A DilfttlON AVE.
.  ,■'*--*_$- ■*■ * -     .- --
s'A-UnlocmA&M. on Thursday evening,
just to the'.Council, was getting inter-
tested1 in-;th* toustness of the meeting,
an'%tenn;'o*f'*fire* was;,rung in, and- as
a' conseq^nce an exodus from the
-build^ijf'.^flre^iefi pre^s,.jrtc., w»ok
'placiivf ;,y.n j:':; "'- ;.• -.-,-1 _ .
'^■Tl]««iflr}e, ww,--located in a email
thiouee^awnsid by parrj" Show, on Dal-
spite,of a
■^^ ttie'opot,,
flames .*e^^-•^QbOng^^^^;i,■the
io^.^ti'-^i. oraiTOl, however; 'it' *aa'
only, vljuc^on-' of; three ^njjtea *or:
ionn Wo^tbe:j^',waS'exti*n'bu^a^.
• 'and"a|l;dp^r passiW
'"'" rlWiowipi^dseei W smaUMou^^m'
hc^iej is1 tteVe^f^'by.r"8MUrhin<»Xto
ths. oxt^f dt.-^SOp;' r>Just' l|ow.-.th».
tjiip"-^tajfe^Tls '•m, known^. but('tt 'in
ponwoiejjior-flwaie..-. j»re, onww nwo ,be-«fliown Thursday evening.
&oae out mm*, some fiends and left, ;™Mh.     , Xx^ *--*3
OOp^TbeJimda in»atodk»]
,J*> ^r*n «i"
sa good fir^on tor-her husband upon
his return.from,the mine. No one
was in the houseiat time-of tlre^, ' -
-   .    ..  H-'-t- .    -
The ,'bepeflt concert In aid of B. Cart-
Hdge -caone oft last evening (Wednesday) and tbe people of Fernie expressed their sympathy in a material way
by-.turoing out In full force. < Dr. Bonnell occupied Tthe chair, and -must -be
congratulated -upon, the able manner
in which he handled same. The -pro:
gram, In which Fernle-Coal Creek Excelsior Band, .Messrs. Biggs, Quinney,
Prentice, Nelson, Blackburn, Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Baker and others took ipant,
was. excellent, and to judge from the
enthusiasm displayed by those (present ver^ much appreciated.
At the conclusion of the program,
W. L, Phillips addressed the audience
and congratulated the co-mmfttee who
managed-the affair upon their success.
A vote of thanks to the said committee and Dr. Bonnell was'then moved
and carried unanimously!
On Monday last the Grand was
packed with a highly appreciative audience to witness the presentation of
Cleopatra. 'Miss Helen Gardner as
Cleopatra was all that could be desired as a, finished - actress ln that
faunoua role, and tally deserves her
title of "The Sarah Bernhardt" of picture p4ays:v As"it was impossible to
accommodate the crowds oh Monday
night, a special performance of this
great'production hae ibeen arranged
tor by the (management for Saturday
night -Two performance® will he given, one at T^d'arid^-the other at 9 -p.
nu, This wift.poaittveay(be'the.last
Qhance of. seeing tpdsVgrfeatesV of ail
photoplays and a,. *re*qowi_ attendance
"' "looked"for.;'-'•■-i.-fj:',-.    ','   *
On Thursday' th$re,iwiil-be two big
teabttree shawiis '{Tb§ ^crdbart'a Dauglv-
"tier,? .featuring iheVi^eiBt.Gohman. ac'
j^obats known e*&-T*"ni*e fF<«if Eiare-de-
•^IIib.' ■> -Whait tmm.'-. top'r.t'*doc-.hot;rdo' 4ft
]B)je.'<a<hx>baitic'-ihe.«ai»i^;.ib .done.
This,, pfothre'Is beia^irfiowja, liere tor
the.'ftfet tinje In Canada. '„ ^Masked
Love" ,1s tie other.'feature,and although, of a totally 'difltetoni order, it
oompaiies *&vwabIy,-wtUi some of, the
^.^-~*)9 1. .—. .**-''.   V  .     . . SI
(and Others)
itanrf.Mc-     -.u.
',-The Csfty Council (and others who
Claim that tiiey are entitled to seats
thereon) assennbled in the -Cquncll
Obamher on Thursday last
.- Previous to the meeting, a caucus
gathering .was held (no doubt to <U»
cuss the band proposition) at -whioh
moet of the Council were present
Rizzuto, however, was content to
gracefully recline in his chair and
smoke, apparently showing his dtata;
terestedness in the discuss*
was, however, ably r
when the matter was disi
Bean had a very useful am|
,T. Uphill's motion, with w
played a true spirit bf
We were at a loss to undei
Bean's proclamation of
the fact that he works for
next him in the Council, and
knack of agreeing -with him iuvaria^l
may be true, hut still—merely coincidental!
The ibandomen and 'representatives
of the School Board were 'present nan
oocupied practically every vacant seat
in the hall. The (band question was
first considered and William Dickenson spoke on .behalf of the Fernie-
Coal Creek Excelsior Band. ■ "Dad"
Bleasdell, honorary president of-the
CMty Band, championed their cause,
and-while stating that they had no
objection to the city supporting the
other band (sweet charity!) they wet#
entitled to, and wanted, the ilon-'e
We must admit that we -almost-wept
when "Dad" -reminded ~us of the sacrifices made 'by tihe .band on - previous
occasions. .Unfortunately,' first -hand
knowledge of how' the city has ibeea
treated'in tbe^paat >by the band prevented the threatened deluge.
Thomas Uphill "made a motion, and
AV. Jackson- apcoiwjed, that $300.00 he.
given; to eaoh hand tor '6-er-vices -rendered1. The moitojp was an exceedis-g-
ly fair one, and'^wbuld; have-insured
WINNIPEG, .March 24.—Western
railway mail clerks are to receive a
large Increase ' in -their aaStries.
Thomas J. Kn-eebone, secretary of tbe
Manitoba Railway Mail Cleric's ;asio-
ciatioa, today -received a' wire from
Hon. L. H. Pelletier, posinmster-geu-
^counoll was passed on
e western railway
derksTfcp. eafc^e living allowance
given to iS^er'postal employees
This giW!f'iw*Esterjyjmail  -clerks ,a
•Sitral-ght  living  allowance  of  |15  a
l^^d^uj^iptheir satariea...,
. • ■*■»,]
■  *■?$  I
'-• '\ ■%
-'"■ Kl'l
v> a *,
- '^!
', -■%■"■
At [
- ,-"^;l
t*  t-'rr-
m FUEL CO. MEN ' ■-
three off iota-Is of tihe Western- Fuel
Ootnpawy .w-ho were recently convtoted
of conspbncy to defraud- the' federal
government were given gaol sentences
tonight by Judge -Maurice T. Doting,
of the United States Distriot OourtCln
the city. James B. Smith, vtoe pK*K
dent and general manager, wa^eee-
benced to serve one and a hat* yean
in' San QuernUu and to pa,y a fine "of
$5000; Fred C. Mills, ms]»rinteaMjeni.
was also serjlenced to oue snd a l^alf
yeara in Sum Quenfln; EJdward H.
Meyer, a weighea", was ^veo a year ln
ohe Alameda county gaol. *~.
Cbiepn'-'and his merry huntings are
9m.- .--j*   ■*.- j-   .ji-.,,.-^ .   ...,-_ mojclng--mattes* Uv-eiy for the AsviHb
Slft^^^-i&Wii*0 8W^'«OTwijni«t in the OU Coaatry.  /Dp
-baad^ fbc.the.w^leof .-the .season vth-  J^S-
'';* memmwl tho,ea9ya 'Uagua. was
held at mttS^Kihg Bdiward-^Uotoi; *W
a« souroes" W.OOO.OOO. .Thew ls an «1«. oa Satarday laat Tho following
annual expenditure of ?6,000,000. while SS^^^-iZT1*1*! tfft!^i Vv«-J
tho amount expended on relief for ^art'„, ^f?i?L*J' ^oorei- °S£
ZZmZZZX*a aZZZaLJ? JmZXaZI Creek; W. Balderstone, Hosmor Bd.
■member and dependents, only since Barnes, Coloman; WM*. Porter, Wi-
J880, feaoh the magnificent total of ,chel; S. Patton, Frank; F. Bostock,
it*^the ex'cepHon-of-passing ae»
teneof, wWeh will, oocur next Monday
a* -noon, tiba «M«1 assise tor -the Nat
nalmo riot eato .concluded today, The
only-.ceie ^'was *,thei ot RiObatd
Crlffiilia. who 'agi^d to>nrter a plea
ot guilty, to.-haviot ,tak«t part in an
unlawful aseemhly; He will ha sen*
tenoed on Monday., j.    -.,
There'Wil ranalnod ,a cburge of
having reoolvod stolen property pre-
fewod ecainet John Place, a. Soctaliat
motnlber of tbe legislaMipe. This waa
the fiuffitwe.soonsotion that Mr. Plaoo
had in hie "pocket b pan taken from a
poUoewsn,' Mfc Placs always aaaertcd
thnt he hod tntondod to tako 4t to Vi«-
totta, and hand It to the attotney-e^i'
erai.wteh Ms ooApllmeoits, and appa^
*<nMy Mr. tmm airesilto'tnlce him
af Wc mm, tot 'Mt. PUeo bas*m>w
ni»w4ift MMeTer the shootlnc.iron,
and. he <wltt iheaS* nothdng more of the
tttntto esstnnt Kto.
R, W. Simtjt and Jaime* HodgUnaon,
who had refused to Jote with tha oth-
fra la « plea of K-ttlKy, mto yastorday
ftwnd snlMy.     •*'
11(4,000,000; Needleas to aay, evory
(mo present was greatly Impressed
with the figures, and at the oooojluaion
of his speech the Grand. Maater received a great ovation,
' Several ot the brothers from Cranbrook spoke upon the •benefits of the
Encampment, while Bro, MocFarlane
proved not only a oompotent booster
tier Odd Fellowship, out expressed an
eppreclatlon of his home town, and
promised that should the Fertile two-
then visit Crattbrook, they would be
rogtjod with sunshine, and that luxurious, prodwt for which the banana
belt ia. renowned. Song* hy members
and tho atngtng of "Auld Lang Syne"
ended a. moat enjoyable evening,' Mr.
Ratollffe, of pie - fame, .■provided ths
DIED A     ■
March Slat, at Hlko. Dr. HOfb Watt,
aged tl years. Remains were *Mp-
tied to Fort Steele tor .Istonuent.
Thomaon snd Morrison had ohane of
Cbeyewie, WygmiBf, Uutih SUk, 1W4.
Td »D district afflltated witti the Eoeky M<mnUin
AseocUtlon <rf the tJ. H W. i,
A. 9. Osrter, lecly,
MMOOt ib,u.m,*t.A*
.    etnm,*.Q.
Tint htnbr MttfM tint ths tUrd aiuraii
ooBfiotlon of tht Kooky ttotmtito AnoolAtioo of
Mt u»», w. oi A.wm ptrnptrntm monHy, Migr
Wdih.. A notion mt odoftod al the lm conm.
tutfae ftyt dtitHet wfO ho teptttented hy ot
lout ttwto ddOfttoo. Old • ooMooMioi fnllv riwv>
^^mmp**^mmmmm wmw wm^p phomiov wrm mmme *bh.^^w.i^f i^bwuhwbsm •W^
Iom, tnmmtuif ym^i
' mPtnlf. mOtPtJ IBS. tum. Of QM u. ML W. m.
Mr: Charles .Williams,' ttfth -poor
tournament champion; *Ne# York City,
will, give an exhibitton <m Friday
night; 7 o^eloek.Jn, Ingrain's pool hall.
Mr. Williams is crippled in tiia.'right
nnii; but neveritaeleas'dtji^ksrs 'mar-
vrlnvu i'»'*t<'!'!ty ir. tho jwrfantmric? of
over twenly-*ive fancy shots. He will
also play Mr. Jamea McDousal one
hundred -point gams pocket WHlaida.
Mr. Williams la playin* tonight at
Coal Creek. He haa been touring
■uanada Irom Nova Bcoiia to tMs
-point, anil so tw romalne undefeated
in -his own partioular Use.
Tbs above hand has arrangad as
open sir coneatt tot next fnnday st
4 aaa. oa Victoria Av*., wwetittr per-
March forward ,.,, p. rirtro
ftehwMoit .... MtrUtM *.*<* Wallw^
BWWfiOlt MitHMiiiuM  ye a RiflMBW*
AfHRfMH nMMW Witli YAfMlffOflfl
March DeUaVieU ... T. CUrk
Valsa Touiouf* Tmwu^lo C. Dwdogal
sfsteii,,...,. Wsae vp«,. H, Roswl
.*,.,.* ...
. l»*Hrt.***.»    -WWH|,      ...........a.       tffc.   ^.9*9t
The Mn-rtl* T*«»r for f!»w
Hillcrest; RobL Levitt, Bellevue, and
A. J. Carter, secretary of the Leegua
The secretary roportod that tbe
past season fiom. a financial point had
been a successful one.; there hedng a
(balance to conunence tho year of
A lengthy discussion, In which all
the delegates took part, taigatdimg the
Mure policy of, conducting the affairs of the League was most initareat-
ing. and a drastic change in the ruiea
•was the reault of tha deliberation*. A
committee consisting of the Preal-
dent. Vice Fresidont and Secretary-
Treosurw were elected wUh the power to cc-uulder all disputes and «i4ve-
ancee, whose decision will be final
It wa» the unanimowi opinion of the
meeting that the arrangooWmt. of Moving tbo oontentlout - matter* which
may ariae betw-^eir tho ctobe of Uie
League in Unt JiQtitfs of nn Inot^pcnd-
ent coianvl-U-eo.' rather than to a com-
roHtea momprlalug one from each < i»di
as heretofore, .wtl) 'be Cho means of
carrying on tfep Uagua more amicably and suocessfnlly.tOsn has been
the -pxp-crlen*** In the past.
•Mr. W. A. MarDonald, Fernie, was
p!*9""i'piI pri-nMi-nt*   Af*   W-v   nnv«om.
Coleman, vk-e prcaldenti and A. J.
Carter a■ccretary-llrc■luturer., The fol-
lowing ct-i,t!emcn t*i:re p!«cicd: Hon.
preeitient, T, Crahan, B»«|.. Michel',
hon. -vice urcMdent*. W, R. Wilaon,
Esq., Fernie; J. I*, dates. Esq.. Ter-
nie; A. Muts, Keq., Fernie; K. W.
Wood, Baq.. Pernie; A. B. Trites, Ifisq..
Fernie; W. 8h«w, Kwi- Hosmer; a
Catifleld, Esq.. Coal Creek; Q, Pater,
NaQ„ Mldiel; P. Lurrsul. thn., Ml-
rhel; (I. Clair, Baa.. Coleman; O. Kellock, Ka<|.. Coleman; i. H. McltonsMd,
Bar|., Frank; J. D. Qoigley, Raq., fHll-
oreat; 0. Cruickshank. Kmi.. UlDcr^*::
T. Burnett. Keg,, Bellevue.
•Massif. EMhfmrtOBe and I. John-
atone ware appointed to draw up a list
ef the fixtures which will be for consideration m the n«xt m**Mn« to he
halil In Coleman on tatatday, April
Who is there in-this city'who has
not-read or does not,tawT^-cfStory
of -"D'Artagnani and the Three Musket-
eeiy" written, iby Alexander.Dumas?
<&wMnai RkAltea figure**very oon-
•picuoinly In these stories. The feature film, "Cardinal Riehlieu," ia taken from history and fully carries ont
different incidents to, tbo great Cardinal's *ttfe. it i«i atoo«*hwnd -colored
and this impart* to tire picture a reality .-. rarely seen In photoplays,
"Humaity Dumptyl". What; pleasurable memories those two words bring
back! As children everyone has tried
to enact iho part, and sea .how many
Umea they could faH ott a wall iwith-
out breaking theraaolve*. During this
week the audiences and,habitues or
the Grand have had a special musical
treat in listening to tiie wonderful
voice of Mr. Blackburn. Ho ta receiv.
ing encores nightly, and there Is every
indication that he win prove himself
the most, popular singer Fernie has
had. Reme-mfcer thia 'la aH tut the
Grand Theatre where .popular prices
prevail. •   •
Instead of part as-heretofore. The
an<rttan -brou&t','a'br*aate-adaient from
McBean to tiie effect that the six hundred doNara be -given*.'to. the  beet
the -former, the law, the army, and ._
even the King, are puppets tmt -qpa'-hej
osed or abused ot their leisure. 'Their'..
act*lont,ot the leet tew daje coneJa-^
Coming illtv«t from a ton weeks'
engagement at iMoose Jaw, Mias Verna Felton and tbe Allan Players will
open a short Hwugewent lu Fernie.
April SOth. Tlwae players are too
woid known to nwd anv introduction.
It being HUffident -to say that their
praaent ri"()i-nolr« and conmmny ixqv*
attained a degree of excellence aur-
passing all previous utfort*.
. The flr^t play to hn procemed will
be "Jitf; Woiuar.." Tl.li la ,i huw pU>.
but Teoeuvtly ralpased for stock, and
ta .considered ono of Uir tinem. proiNic
Uon* ever ,ataa««l u> .tlw Allan Play-
nH, The Work, Jn full of the moet
drateatle aitaatlona, It la brilliantly
wriitefi and from twinning to *rA
trip* tba audience In a waj' th* few
modern plays hnve don«».
The story of "Tlie Woman" centres
about tbe effort* of a number,of Am-
ttrican polRldana to force n railway
bill throitth tha llouw of Rnpreettnt.
ativf*. depending for Oielr aoecess
upon a scandal In which tbe leader of
the oppoaMion 4a Involved. Joet bow
the IMtte trtephone gtrl»Wanda Kel-
ly—bohla up tbs ontlro sebeme ere-
»>»t a M>ri*f>« of wirpricea abvolotely
tomitelHng In their IntaraaL Aa Wan-
dn Kelly. «h»» phone opprator, Mlna
Frtton will he a<wn In one of the mow
nnosaal and Snoaallns rolea nf h#r
■NMi^e pppertolre*
*tmi**—w*-~nsw-vw—mT:muv~wu.afiv,  uot-u
-Mac found staunch'support-right and
left. A further amendment-"was moved
by Graham, seconded -by .RofUOhaud,
that 1*00.00 toe given .iho City Band
and $200^0 -the1 Fernle-Oonl Creek
Band. -Theaoreodment to tlie amendment was first inn fend declared lost
Tho amendeieat to the original motion
was then put and McBean,.'Graham
and Rdxiuto; (Rol^haud semaphored
until the •3Jaj<^J«twrply enquired whether ho waa Voting or noti. tour event-
naily the latter decided toWn and
<maka a majority. Aftor -this, the
(Mayor announced iihat'tbe question of
tho fbamda would be decided later, although what there waa to decide after the amendment had been carried,
wo do not know. The amendment was
the poorest apology for fairness over
introduced, aod handicaps the new
baa$ seriously. The CHy Band have
uniforms end Instruments, while the
now .band will haw to watt some con-
aWerahle time before they secure their
.the question of the subway on Cox
Street came up for discussion, and the
City Engineer .roportod that a twenty-
four foot twufyvay and aidowalk would
coait approximately t4<>00.00. A foot
mibwoy, with sktowaik alone, would
cost about 1800.00. Tlio sewering of
the Annex would co«t about $14000,00,
und to conneat tiie Annex school alone
would com 93000.00.
Serai-tlo Urothers wrote anklns for
liermisslon to kwp open nfter six
o'clock, claiming tha-i their clients
wero'all working <men and <ould not
shop liefore. The Council dw-lltwd to
rciiNld< i' smile.
The Fire Chief secured a i»i-ra.anc*nt
man for his Waff, aod it this Individual »uc<'ctda In <'olns half .the Jobs it
wua suggested he could do. will require qutte n permanent amff himself.
mn -oiy—pivrw ~mH
become, one, moA ot religion or J^clal
feeling, hut a question of wheSher tihe
depaying artatoeracy «r tlbe-wiR/'of
(the people prevail. . '*,'• i'.. - #1
"Thin worken ef Oreat Britain afeOold
toy.i»w have tt hideMWy fixed da 4liet»
think *ox that tftey are lne<ekgw?r
liietnselve*. aawl if they Wofld^n
tmwt be pirqporert to adop^jl
vigorous tadlca and puV'.',*lli^^Sa«(a.
«am*f at blot! nn Kenan \^7*tmpt;,"
al Qoog-b,      ..,, ,,„., X   _ ..*,,-.) ix*.
Major Sealey, Minister of. War. turn*
■been motto ihe WApe-goet, and will ro--
sign. He baa mode seveml had broalw;
and allowed himself to be oot-bHkM;
proving once again that a," weak mdn'
la InoapaMe ol atrong action.. Haditiie
Asqnlth government requisitioned' tjip,
aervlres of Botha, it Is possible mt"*
by now we should be writ-fog the m.
sequlea of a few doaen mafisoos am*
cere and traitorous legal'gescry, but
Asenltii and his party have tried the.
"fenea" taotles too often, cooaKiiiljgmJy
neHher the worker nor the lebnt'rod
claas -have any use for him.
Tho Dally Citlxen (Ialwr) oppnly
nttriimtes Ibe crisis to tho Interference of the King and the Court, and
"Tbe King has Interfered. Us bas
bepti Interfering- for montfis. The
•court haa been n conservative commit-
tee, tn the activities of «1itcb titled
women have heen pitting a leudlus
iwri. lu-artid by Lady Londonderry,
and whoever knows an army ofttonr
htmwH hl« tm*c«j>tiblllty to fornhdne
lnflu«m:e. Fortunately. (Wetlrmulnhefl
officers Uk« Field Mnnatiol Sir John
French, aod Can, Vtuxet, have no purt
- 'd\
='-; :-4l
tbo pstreOs ot tm Oooporstlva
storo are requested ie note that tee
WWft     if 111     %#*      rtr»*<rrtfl      a«     m*t* n^iv
MSttA Hat. tor the qiurt.rly atotl-
takist, ttero wilt be roopen^ w««-
^u^uor __n_________u *tm
newsy morning,.
The stotetat this week vnt s large
eoaelgnaeM of emekerr and siaaa.
woro ta steekjWOle* 4s ef tlw ffsest
Anyone bavbifl peisi Olive post
tmm et« ts «Mr pomtiMwIon aro
kisdiy reesested to tors same in at
mm** -wmanw -narveowwes as too woes
of THtai Olive t*i» ts rapidly dlsifa-
mmt and tbe frot ofTar holds good
jgl_m_b*_m  m_t_tm m   mjk^mmgtb   *IH^^Mdk
wwiy iwr ■■ woot% aroxto.
t *. ... i i n
I -WMroroetinwnt or •o^'tt men aa -Proai. i
iieal WHamn aod. HteoOore Hooaavea
qaust hav* a sabataatial ebarsctar
well ont of tbo ordinary. Tbrauth
•the amiisw ef tlm press both tbess
groat leader* fcave aspeilaai their
opiuUut that "The Woaaaa" ia a play
to\w$e  AlllWll'aH •*HW#*k -VIOMMWM^-
In, a vlrUa, fssiiaes ssaaser It deals
wtth Urn grastsst aril tbs Aanerleae
public bas to fees today, eormntion
In potlUra. ft syiMhronlsM tbe trim
tight thot Is now waging Imtween tbe
powrrfu) "machine" aad these younger roproeantatlvsa of n pnblte thst tt
]uaX  dAakfJ^lbK  tO  iU   (Uh'.*.
Hie uMwaal astsro of die ftsv
i**rt*ta tmm  fh* f«i*nH»»*i' *H n IW-ft*
t.tli>*j*one ofmmtwt., Wanda Krtly, win
•Ms at bar awKebbesid Is tbs csfHoi
r"v of W*«HlB«toa. D. C. and fcnlds
Amttfig tlu* work tmgKcvicd wa» repair,,   .. , . ,    _j»_.
aidowalk*. kaltomliTc chivf's quartet* '* *» ooe^drary and ran Imi roiled
r«p»|r Hor t'i hv'! r, I i .j-mVI'ij',.'upon to do n ■trtMIrr'''dn-tv "tnonM tw
of other jobs that should make him
the buftieM. man ln FeruJ* for mthe
time. Wo preaumu hu a ill nUm be required to attftwt flri-». IIS* renmrtcr-
ation wilt be $90.0o p«r month.
It wnn decided to -buy.two liun^ttMl
temi ot bono, alto to flotbe Utteo per-
ntanent ta-wnbeni of tho staff In uniforms, at a groan coat of IM.00.
Tbe school trnsteaa *'*rn present,
and the chairman pointed oot that the
Mayor's action In petitioning tho Min-
Iw*t of Mdneotim for psrmiaskm to
um part ef the laat provincial irr.-i.nt
foi bulldins an addition to tbe Anu-ft
w-hool waa ahaoluteiy uaneLt«s«r>.
Tbe City Clerk snd itm Mayor, of
course, thought othwwt»*». txit rb#> A'-4
tvery diffaroat rrom other Acta of
the provb-t-r-H is very j»l*irt upon this
point, and tbs chairman appears to
have good grounds for bla poHM.
Tbe City Clerk **» ««k4b apf>ot*M«<d
Aasemor and vxilleoior of mien.
u-memlty arls<>. Tin- KOV(trnjiw>nt -haa'
displayed w-wiknt-**, a<ppi»rontly, be-
cauae il m iryiiio, to ">ver up M-mie-
■body** blonder."
T« Drill Railwayman
Jamea Henry Thomas, 14bor timm*
b«r tor Derity, and organising nonrotary for tha Amalgamated Society of
Railway Servants; epeaktag in tt*
OMnnwna on tbe Ulster crisis, aaW
lhat the notices nlvwi by 400.000 rail
wttymen would esplro In NovmhInw
If tho docUrlA4>« pronounced by tho «o
poaiuon wero allowed to orevall. it
misbt be Ma duty In tba Interval to
Nlj-it tlw Industrial c-r&tr-K-i and trtl lb*
nlWromieB to drill and orgaalta ta
order to «aforc« lht4r demand*. WoaM
th« opposlUon memh-bw be conteal to
ill i|ui«il> In their vfiita and p<*u*tt
him io-proirb surh dortrisaaT
*m.l9.9flll9*9*l9UIII  f   Il'l
PP. owe
a|gng.-^^ii<gi   gtm_pti_mem4^m,  ^,«*i«   ___,
mwmmmeEmmwm>   m*mWpnmV%WW   fl^FTP   III
f»«H s< » p.m. Htreday, fk« Beonotntc
j Class ilt S paa. "fropsgsida HMetlno
[nt T,« mb. ebatf. -     ''
tfl ft<M* IWWWN" flNI 1WWIW fn  %  WOflMlf
UMi b*cn>!a#«a sf tare families aod tbs
ter* ft »»o sroat poiRieal aartlaa^
T*e Wflmme" wt'l be or»«*a»*l far
***r Mina Frf os asd tbs Allan Platers,
The r/iattafwrnM* U*»a plwatire Is
rtxomm-KidltMc "Tbs Woman" as ess
of t*-e moa' f«tem*'ac efoftogs evsr
■sde Or «Us vepslsr eoaapaay-
of the raJU'l Mlna Workors of Am<-rl.
co to aoeapt the terms offered by the
Mtsattsovs ooal mine owners of -waat»
ers Penssylvsata, CMjIo, Indiana and
!IHwe4», hwneht <a ee *»«d h*r* to4*r
tjm Jotnt irags atsle ronferonro. All
wags eestrseta expire one week tnm
today snd there la no understanding
st present under which tbs Stan bare
agroed te continue work. 1'nion leaders said tbat a *'rike was Imminent.
UM volley committee of tbe tfnileJ
Mine Workera ot Am<r.<.« *n«» t«"*ni
SMBMwmS-M to nw>#>t b*rr tomorrow and j
Uie irsdera a«n<nin««» *'***■■ *>*t*!t *•**•
pwtm It «o dM-M* oa a line ef ssUos
mm mmU erotfflt s labor trials la
tbe mhtea, Th*- ofwratoni ttntei that
the seat fropotnu.n nut i»a« froa
MM «ww —Nelsm N'*wa
Tbe voters1 Uifcloaei on Toaadav April 7th, and
if by this dttd yonr name has not htm regbtered
you will bo robbod of the chance ttf protottifif
f»(jsfnit pretent eendftfin* Tf vr>" ttntt'*, jjfve s
d— for younolf remember the other fellow does
end yoa will look to him to m thr Jiphttng .t<^
get on and lend a band yourself Tht ballot laths
workers' lnUlll|ent protest—ftt tm; list cloaee
Tnssdxy, April Tth.
Itoi, t toigrt th* -mMttm* ieOx** *tm
bmtnnm mttmn at Mabawk mm
rosds n#xt Tn-Midsv < vmln* m daht
Is tio 0l«bcid-M Chsrob. Ad-
"* t *-,;.,. l-5*»-
■ •'*•:.-'*)&& ' ■ -'A*.' ' •   X
Heoent dbaarwatlons witMn the
Amal-aaiTiwitiedi Aaaociatiom w-hLe engaged in aaslsbiag -street and electric
rajiway empjoyans to organize, leads
to ithe queataon as to how feur the spirit
of -thuggery and*1 lawlessness infects
ihe mamageinaat ot -uuwgaiUzed street
amd aleotrio rattway systems throughout che Oouatiy,. How general has it
become of tihxt Juw-wi&oa. employing
maAargememts of street ood eteotric
railways regiaavl the ability of a tiaug
and outlaw aaa neoesaaiiy quattflicar
tion of a supertatendina ofifidal? In
Binnta-gUam, Ala., the Infternattoiiail
nepreaantartiVva of -this Association .was
set upon, assaulted, aod deported from
tine town. Ito. no less .than, tour -towns
fiiooe <then onaaudzems and offici'iilia of
chia Association ihare -been <ohreatened,
and, in insiaiaoes, seriously assaulted.
The laat and <ma9t impressive exhibition of this obaiMWrteriatic of later day
non-union managere -acmes to light in
Tanre Haute, Ind.
In (Tenro Haute, dumtag a rooenit in-
vesUsaitiion. ovideaoe was brought out
thaX ohe geoemal manager designed oo
equip the cans with, what was termed
a "man-teHter." TMe was an eleotric
wiring otpptiamcs to he inatadfed to the
oatr to iho operated by the nwtanmam
or ooaduatnr, ao the case tx-ipbt bo,
whenever a passenger should make
bkaaalf known o> tha oar operative aa
a ropreaaartaUive of the aOgmnahm.
iThe lever -was to he pulled thai-would
toning ithe ubaugod wires la ooxutact
wkh tbevtotlm with at least suttlfcdeat
totals to ooader bim unoonoalous or
Otaow- ttm off ohe car. However, •none
fail vtobkn to 4Mb ingenious design.
Further eridaooe oabra out that! the
■tmmpov, tm a maano of perauaddng a
motawnan. to -raAmkn iron* JotndiDg tho
ongaolzatton, explained to hisa that ho
tnd osceiMled to tola present high. pool,
plan boasuae of the mettle ho had
shown ao a cnrike (breaker tn various
That Shis general manner In Terre
Haute would atop oi. nothing in dads
purpose to proven* eonployees Oram
onea-Bizing io ahow by -tthe Terre Houte
Saturday Spectator. The Spectator
gives itho dm-formattou that the company engaged! theseanioes of ithe "In-
tarnaitilKHial Bureau of Laibor," a Chicago strike jbroakfrig agency, to add
in tihe aitKaaupt to keep down ithe or-
g»ni2zadon hi Tarre Haute. It further
discloses i&h&it the general manager
marked itoea -men tor "apecdal ven-
geaiaoe." They were Doan M. Robanfcs,
etaoe eieoted to tbe oifl'i-ce of mayor, G.
EL B. IMemJbar J., C. Oolgan and Don tt,
, Tho ©peatatar disclcsss the roM>3ry
of Hratilier Oolsam's room ait the Bader
Hold, in iwMch the names of tho men
afiQIiaited with the' new organization
at ithe thns were otoien and handed
over to -the tetc-tioa ccanpaay, u-aead
mah Jbalnp Jto-rtar «W«mHn,r*ttfl tnr "ntwvr*
ragflstier" owl upon other charges,' It
Chen gives in dotadl the amangemeut
with tihe "International Bureau of La-
bar" to pface tho work it was carrying
out under ithe supervision, of one J. D,
Piegoe, a 4,dtat*riot superintendent,"
•caroling tbe otury to the than when
"Kghiting Jaok" Martin appeared on
tike scone.
Martin la doaarlbod as a young man
24 jnaarooto** baring participated ta
serosal ring exWi&VtloCa, Oik tkna&y
being shot by gaosstero fa Now Yortc,
and, as a rasott, tamed from the Oft*
•aiae dor fear tbat "during tho Jno-
■nas of a ttm ooe of tho tHiMots
inlgdM shift sad iflroduoe daseh, orith
Obe resale ttsit vrsiodioe would fee oro-
sosd ofBlnst dxwinc oxhUrittoaa" Ihh
MtMartto out of ttte fight game as •
naooeor imekigr, and, "twesuse of Ms
nerve, eojgtouteut ss a strike mm
me came te Mm or various Jobs vwytap
Onon 16.00 to 110.00 a day and «spsn»
m mom. It m mmm, however, «tMHt
m wm stsagte <tet ho ever did te
m eeeagaafia that hired Um tetoro
be ohms so Tmm Haute was 'Wbeo to
mm attacked Mnt, .1*0 akwsinc W)
dSd sot vasMr agipwl to MBbtot tfaaro
was aoooy m tt. m wss afcono by pm
Ptemtltotme. Martin ss puibMshed to
tho Ssfcnda* apootator. Tba sOBOM
rit Is aaOotfueai
ttlZWtylJwh" «««rtln's Affldavlt
"Btato of AdMoa. Oounty of Vlgo-aa:
"John 'Unrtto. botag duly swora, up-
oo hia oath, aays: That I arrtrod tn
tho tttpttTonw Haute, Indian* oa
mp 30*. day ct November, 1010, aad
Shortly «har«aJter r met Dat (Master*
son, wfaott I tad known for seroral
rasm I sated Mm what was doint
»t mmil to a.seesst car strike sod
m tm would jpaetoMy tearo town ta
a few mm tot that old -man Ororsr
hsd made a mwpoeitkm to him to beat
m» tbo odtlnr H a «WoaWf paper -by tbe
name of Nixon, end ■thajt-iHriire would
be a nke piece of change hx It He
satld It was too cloee to ihome lor htm
tj> handle, and sis -I waa ;brok» h» suggested itbait I caill on Graver amd volua-
-ooer to do -the Job, and1 that If Grover
waoted aaji raferoiioe to have him call
thiim ,up. Beforo I got to gee -firover
peoTsonally I anot J. D. Plew^i, wiho was
heo-e aoti>ng aa District Suipetrtntendemt
tor the tot-eraational Bureau "of Labor
of CMcago, and who -was emiployed (by
che Traction Company to get contain
private Imtormaition, >and who at 'the
same itime was seeking a ouatra-ot to
furnidh strike .breakers to th© Traction Company should the strike 'occur.
"Pierce -aaiM I iwas just -the man.'he
iwas looking tor; that he (had a big
Job for me. The editor of The Spectator was raising hell withftbe Traction
Company, and they wanted -me to get
him. I asked him how much waa in
lit, and he-eaid one (hundred dollars
dear money. • He gave me .ten dollars
to ibtod 'the 'bargain at that time. We
later got out a South Seventh street
car and- iwomt to Nixon's home on
South Centre street This was about
one o'clock In -the afternoon. He elbowed one a -fence hi the rear of the house
that I oould jump over and -make my
get-away If I got'him at the houee. He
told me at ithis time .that he, himself,
■had ibeen to ithe house previouely end
ihtad fatoaded io call Nixon to tihe door
aod get hdm hdimself . We then retnum-
odito Main street and Pierce -aaid«hait
Nixon oanried a gun and rode a -bicycle
aod would ibe hard to -get, and tan ine
to came over to *he hotel and he
■would give me a gun. I todd him. I
didn't iwaot a gun and he aald, 'Well,
111 give you a pair of kauoka anyiway
for>Mxondflatou»h—: . .'
"I took the kuu-bks and>we aepanatod
and he told me to meet 'him.again at
imyt past (three in the afternoon. I
met him tat Duncan'e saloon, and we
went and eat on the Uttto stone wall
across 'from .The Spectator office. We
waited -there -until about seven, o'clock
thait night, iwihen Nixon went home on
a htoyide and -tt .was impoa&ible ito get
bim, and we -gave it up tor the ni^vt.
"At noon the next day I met Pierce
ait the fiibeok hotel and he gave pie
another ten dol'taaw and told <me to
meet Mm in *ront of the Star office at
tour o\jlock that afiternoon. I met hdm
•there and -we waited until about six
o'clock tthait evening, when Nixon
oaane out and went to a email ibakery
•shop on the same street .with 'his office, aiid got some bread'. He twent
from -there to Main street and attempt,
ed'to.gat on a street car, but was too
laite. Pierce aa-ld* 'Go and get "him.'
I handed Pierce ihe knucks'und told
him 1 wouldn't Tilt anyone with ithem.
I then -went and struck Nixon hack of
'tflie "ear and he fell He got up and I
struckhim again and was then arrest-
ett.toy idie .police officers,
"Flayed In jail five hours, when
Pi-wce and two other 'anen caane"'to
see we. I told tbem. to get me outoi
■there quick. -Pierce eaid, 'I havai't
loeen ailme to tocate 4he oid.OMin yet
out wall go and find him. night, away,'
He returned later,amd put up ffitOty dod-
tetra caab ibond. .Afiber helng*-released
Pieroe .told <me he put the. tovueks in
a dnailn pipe at ithe HeaMi Office oor-
ner. AVe then had a, few drinks aud
he told me to meet him in ifiront of toe
.Oity Hall the next -morning.. I met
ihlm there and just about *$hat (time
.N'ixon walked In and -Pierce said, 'Heto
.diisfigured, you ibad'better <beat it' He
handed me /twenty dollars and told me
to go to Indianapolis or Chicago.
"I took an imterunban car tor Sulli-
\tan aadiweat from there to Oh'Idago.
Two daiys later I went to the Chicago
office of the Imternational on LaSalle
street and received forty«ix dollara
more. They told me that on account
of the fifty dollar cash <bond they had
■•.est -that that was all they oould -give
me. I got It pretty straight that tthe
totternatto-nal Labor Bureau, which Is
also known, ae tihe Railway Audit and
Inspection Company, received two
hundred and fifty dollara for tho Job.
"Witness my iband this 21et day of
Januaoiy, 1914. ;     ,
.  "Subscribed and sworn to "before ane
this 21st day of January, 1914.   •My
commission expires-January 30, 1917.
Notary ,-PUWie."
Fortunately tor Brother OoHgam tho
•mpMity of events to the Tenro Haute
organising movement saved bim from
being a victim.
. It is reported that atooe the exciting
events of organising work in Terre
Haute, 'Manager T. F. Grover, of the
traction company, waa^ arrested and
thrown into tho detention cell, without
hood, on January 26th, charged with
violating a city ordioaaoe Iby making
a cut-in a street pavement without ob-
talnlng a permit His roleaoe from
jail was obtained upon a wit of ha-
ibeas corpus. Throe of his workmen,
amrested et -the same time, wero al-
Cowed to remain in the detention cell
It seems, that -previous to the movement to arga&iise, tho manager had
•been running things his own -way In
Terre Haute. However, tbat is a maic*-
■ter more of civile impontanoe than of
amy TrarticuIaT concern' to the street
railway e!nQ>loyees. But 4t leads with
tospinaticn to the question < as to -whe-
«tfKT, now, as the seoret.of the employ-
ment of Mr. Grover has <been exuxxsed,
amd his utility as a bulldozer, and coih-
mandfer of sluggers has .heen rendered
of no account to the ".'•company, how
long he <wlH yet be Jetained on the
j«ib. ~ Will te be employed on 'his mext
job through respect tor his qualifiica-
.ttonis as a union buster?. It 'will Ibe i&-
teresUng to watohthe. firture.move-
. m^ts^JMrT-Grover^-^e IMowmiitig ■
; What- a ftxdlsftiiqru^stton! Why, of
course, the tjnen -^jd yomen -who sign
the checks that go |& the tax collector:
..LThat ,&'~paifeat&r,£ple*i though dlt
'*Wr^^/%4&feore'of the queo-
t*m>--.waiat.^^*^it»"-consider _le
ithe eowce fjorn'mihtoh the money is
mfavmm-]m&imm&' <*&*.to *%*
pe^*^.*,%t«gato::'ena8gh to tie in the
cHase <Siot; anust; ,9>ay' JJhe tax.
,. ?Ilhaiit<jli8fl84ey*9ry:'8mail, even In our
®^4<rity,.,4S»Vlow*ro.*-af immeinse
weiaiWh. XMHcial eecreoy hedges around
Joys largei|iiooimB8:.!tJh1'e aotire -men at
«he'~he«d*?)bf-;our «reot' ftoaii^ial'-aad'
industrial oouceama, the jueadf .a-hJUtk
'hlgh*«Bde,--s?tya^» ,of-tae-xwl; pjas**
iters.;., Tbrtr i.r#^sisp&p • partly. rooiroit,i
ed dkom. the ''TtiifiOnas Ih^ow/. - They 'era
aho»w^^'i^-|jjr^B^" prizes 4a tite ip**A
aott^:i|airuo, ^ fa$mh>g; jn mtr
o\m-ymjM^^o.mm-no *mtmm
*»oe^ • 7^nmvetusp:m mm; &&
as iiwteadio-f ^he, maotero,,i Ay: .*,-,-' ^
pec.ewt^.'pay no; tnocme-tax ibeoause
their dpoOaao .Is ;tbelaw;!a*e' -Hndt" (But
iUbo (wtoqte.proceadtog. We are not told they, «wbrk jwar■'to* and VewTotit in
dfi*aJte of ithe amowts taxahK nor of produce the VeaWi^ngbWhtinaiH^SowB
liho. awimes.1ofejito-;&w*pew of the in- into the ;^nsitti^v fteawwy, ^^
awl Conductor*
An Awakening Giant
While the organized workers of America aro seeking to marshal every in-
iNuonoe to socuro the enactment of a
lap which shall limit launlgnutdoa to
restricted classes, so ss to keep down
tho number of competitors tor the
jobs. American capitalists are quietly
tounaferotolg the jobs to the countries
from wttenoe the undesirable lmmigra^
Por a number of yeara past Amort-
oan as wett as Buropsan eatjftalists
-faavo aougbt So axploH the rasouroes
of CWna. a country almost •wtoolly undeveloped by oagiMai. China offen
iboundloasoppoieunltMs tor tba Invest
ssant of tho surplus iwesfttb Sbotas
Urom Mboriby «bo esptoWnc daaa of
tto ospitallst nations of tbe world.
Mr. J. B. Araenaatt. a Jniilee of the
fence and station maater at Welling.
tea. ea tbe P.B.I. Ry« aaya: MPesr
years ago I fall oa a freight truck. aus>
laialai a sad est ea tbs front of mt
Itpt I ttosgbt tbla would baai, bat
leateed It dtraloped Into a bad sleer,
aad toter lato a fern ef tesatsewbleb
spread very rapidly snd slao started
ea tbe other teg. Both legs seesate
ao swollen aad aere lhat ! could eel*
ft mm m mote br savtag tbaM ^^
•rt»r*wM«n*»d twn Hiwtttrn. *n4 itteH j"nuw*'   iw»1-*m
sll tbe mHwb, llaliMBts sad leUoes 1
ieari et, bat laatesd ef gittiag better
Tbo vast aatecMl resouroM ot Ghtaa
aro osoeeded iby ao nation la tho
•wortd and tor letor market tea toef
boen looked upon with yearndnc iby
'She oatd-taUst mm
It is reported ttot tbo Staodaid OU
Ootopany feeeoHr tortnad a ipartnar-
Ship a-ith tto Oblnaae govoroaaeot, tto
former, of oourae, aaaumlng tto role
of "senior" partner by retaining tto
eootrotltag tetoreot, tor the pur-pose
of developing tbo petroleum IMds 4a
tto 'land of Oonfnolue.
China is entortng upon sa InduatrMI
revolution which wiM he felt In every
ciriWsed oountry oa tiie earth, but
acore pantteutarly ttosa aatlono •where
tto eaqpftaUst syaten H tums3ty devel-
oped, and Instead of sending over a
faw tondrad Ghdoka, ship toads of th*
isbed prodoets mlit to ttndsd on our
aboraa. Ca»Kaliiain now anoiroks tto
earth, ito Occident aad Orient ta*s
met Western oivWsatien. tbo «MM
of «bo ospnaJIst ttmm, already toooe
abovo tto flowarr Klsfdma aad eaata
Us eftmneat cays upoo tto staaabsslaig
siantr-a giant wMdb tos loot toaai
<he«prey of oomoiereeaad ttodrssd
of «bo ospHaHst oattass of tbs wortdt
Cbtaa, a recluse aattoo. whlob lor
centuries has stood Isolated asdalea*,
taktac ao beed of tbe -march of pro-
grass, ioart aad eoatsated wmh tor
anoleat Mess sad Idesta, ctogtag eo
oostoMS that eame down throu^i tto
sweep of osMwtes, walled In, aot only
apaicoflr, but Industrially aad mUh
Jly as wsM, wtoh ber wyoBStod eaH.
lUNMk at last finds bsrseif ssnoaadi
by steel<lad sbtaa of war. those hot*
-bMasrs of eanHaltsai. norsaantlsar tto
eapltaiiat essMns of tto sank wbo
flag ia their atast sad wboon patriot
ism IsstassoMd by psr east sad po*
leglstottoa that would dose the gates
of this country to that horde of tamd-
gration that was looted upon by laibor
officials as detrimental to 'tto standard of living tint has been, entahHahod
dn this country liy tho foroe of the la-
tor movement Almost every oouren-
0km of organised labor bas'adopted
resolutions of protest against such lm.
mferaitton aad urged Congress to paaa
sucb .measures as would pnoteot. tto
latoor of America. However, It Is to
oomtog appareut tbat snob MfWattoo
aa mm close (to doors of *M* eooatay
to. ttot foreign tomMmtlon ttot Is
said to tower tto ataodard of lii** lo
tbim oountry irilt do tot UttJo good,
so «ar as tha urortdng psnpte ot (to
■United States sre ooocarned
If espMal la Amerka oatoot Mac
choap tabor hero, tbeo capital wiU
iplaoe to msmtfeetoriat plaata wtoro
etoap labor osa to seoorod. Io other
words, If tto exploiter of Amartca M
prevented by tlaw to hrtnf the dlooto-
Mao to Aanortca. ttoa tto oaploHsr of
this country •w«i «o to-China irtth Oils
plattt of maohlnerr aad use tbs saber
of «ho <MoogoHsa la tto enaaafcoture
of wsres tbat to srUl ship eo this earn.
try or any other oountry wtore to oao
find a market Oapltai aa aotanatteo.
ni »ad tto working; etaM srM soon discover ttot capitalism owes gtogtooo
to no country sad to Aaf.   ,
PROFIT to CAPITAL 4s to mors
priceless ttoa patriotism. (Ito later
movement must to <worid«rMe end In-
torasttenal In/Hs soUtorttr to meet
-she emocfiaolee of tto future.—Tbs
I wsot yoa to ass jay lovsly new
efaopofaf bag." said m certain lady to
a eaW tbe otter attemoooT^My
huabaad gavo It to oa for myM
day, sad^s stopte- trend! Aad It's
eo eeoaoawall Yoa ono, yon opea
tMe, ami ttere-are too eompartaaeaisi
aad yon opea tto oompartaeote oa
this sMs, aad ttore Is a little pookst
la that, aad moo opea tto little poobst
aad ttors la a cute ilttte poetotbooli
tor ttoaaa. witb oss sld* partltlooed
off for street csr ttakets."
"1 ase/ eaid Ito esNsr, -Out wfcy
do wu call It eceooaatcair
"Wbr. It takes so loeg to oars all
tto tblofs sad get to your street car
tlefests ttot, by ito tiaae roe do, wto
mret la witb yes hss paid your fbro"
—OforoUuid,'PHtln OsaMr.
her   jilnrf
^mtm.Mmmje^^n    **^- -^     .^■■JSAllaS     kAalsaa     ta W    a
aaaonast saw wuihwhw. iMmnns wt t
arovadi op, rsfaaaag, as orsrnts bw mm
bar-jap or eaptoHe>_e sow tying oa bar
tortoM^ toeosM mwy to tasss fadaa*
trial piiaSss, tml by Mem dlswiawbar*'
aii, waMsvj*rv*i*S to ita* imTi arm* a*™
tK !7ffifffc   n5LS?«ifi*5? « iMi sagalfal oMsr nstlena.  Tbem
m aa%«aLTmm «T«fiJ V«lT Maasanspa. CtotollMi mast seek sa
■•ff*,"1?.^!*.*"!" m* mUOt. m Item*   mm, mtmmAttm nmaWat-    tWrniim «»«■
of tto past
OspHallsm will -wgolf CTilns Joel as
«Tt li www ww • j*ar sfnea Ze-e-Qeb
btsar eaaa, sal tbtttn baa
■*»*■»-» «-«i_
rww*y ana ai _       —
tl a mm sere for sit aMs
*» .^gMjaass^ygi^ ,fja^arsa,
mpmt^^m^^m ^^m^m^^^mp mn^^m m^n^^m ^^^m ^^w^m^^mm
*Ekii*mmm aaiaaews eaUaaMa baa,er
mmemtmmemmm as, *mbi% to
over aspandhw maitot OMaa offers
saeb a eaarttst—tTWss eirsrs vas: op-
pontwnfttiM for [ovMt-uuKkta an4 ito
aaptousM of tbo wort! sea aiM eats^
IMt SPOO thutlr woth et in/lnwrtalta
twopoorum the former dolMla of tto
Mssnbsa, Tto ftaadsitf Oil Oe. fe
oMag tto anacHssrf wMe* wiU brtop
stoat tb* NfaisMss.—Tto litorwtor.
Tto abovo sdtoaMl la Tto Mbnr-
aMr M worthy of (to isost nartsae eon.
aMsratioa on tto psii of tto laboring
P%4ijilfr vt -U*le esaaaiy*.
Oegaaisad later Mr sassy yaara baa
beao befer* Congress snppUeatlnx for
Cwj^isj scatters pras
—Step (t
CrngMaft iauasste Um
inttetisa a the sffeadjr In-
flamed wistwMS swaitifwm*
#ws ft *tte*moe*t ew* io -mh-w
Owmm teeabtfab
Cod U ror Oil sraaiplly Mam
eossblsc, and snea, (bask*
to Ita loife p*roptrtto,tficu
s ssrssMMwd ewie»
Tto waa>lsriW assaisnty
si wmm*n ttmpetTot
and Coil 1,h-#v Oil i* «|«rct«U}
das ts Ra groat wise na •
p*rmi»n-*rit Tunjf ami fuuu
rblal todff. _
mm ptmmhtm, sm utp*
mm*. **,Kmm.
come to fl» teaed^viBut we can. venture a close,guess~«a to the eouroes
finoan. mhifh the';moqey^ flows. .
-•* There arerljifc-'*lt»e' owners of oneal
estate., Not ifflue •ama'll fry thot awin
jhieaivily mortgaged-^ tonement ihouaeeh
ibut the old tKulc&erlMwker -familiies,
whose forefflait-honi happened to acquire
land on Mafltoaittaii Islaud'and in other
nearby places.,; The.Increase of population also increased the value of than
land. Ttois, faralHes like *e Goelets,
ithe -R!Wneian*dors,.v*he'' Aators, the
ScQK«me>rii6ra9,,; ithe Spinglers, the
Genrys, hecame "wMh and formed the
oiid and-exclusive arl-Stocracy. Tbey
aire oolleatoro of rent .
> Some of tho realty, that produces
■nioh Isoome is --lert, to people engaged
In "Mrs. Warram'o Profession." iTbat
■money does uot smell; It -peases
through tbe hands of reliable ageos
totoro it reaches the iilttmatejbeneffl-
ckurfes,- The totter may well pose as
tonocenrt* parties; -may-hold hd^h places In roilgtous and partJaathiroiplc, bod-
■lea. None the -Jess, it ia not money
earnedi.,, R is tto wages ot
The ottor elements ^merely: 'coMeotr
the-.mpsBea.eaTO^aud pay,—New-York
CaM.*>.?-: s:X:tX7-s?:?t,:*X*-A., „., ■■-
\. Ay*JOHN (WeCREARYf-./v.';^
poor jki&jS^ th?' wiiiM^uiiite
fused^tb..Persecute Brothers  ;
Another, and prdbalWy hy 'tor Kto
largest, percentage of tlie taxable to-
ooimie is ottiained to the form of divt-
deodn or of. Interest on bonds. - Thero
wtoro tto -husband,, tto wife, and each
of tho oWWrea onjoy eooh an incomes
left to ttom under our inheritance
kwa v Itoao--. incomes are not tto
eojulvBleoit of service rendered. Quito
the contrary.? Inveetigatiou would
•bow that the fortune waa origtoafity
amassed by tricking aod robbing; the
oonnnUnity. The second and (hind
genemtions enjoy tto fkuito In oppar-
eoit -roapecfeaibEUgr, Th^r livo tto Uvea
of aoKlal pararttes. The names 0C
some of them iwilll occur to any intelM-
geot reader.
Obvdoira-ty, neither the land ownera
nor iho, ooupoiKsHppera produce Iby
their own lnhor any particle of tthe
■wealth they hold and enjoy. It comes
Hiram elsewhere, front'the toil and
sweat of ithe masses, the real producers. -The .present system of society
makes possible tihe existence of a privileged minority that enjoys -wealth and
luxury without useful laibor.' Tbat
system, ln its effects. Is more subtile
.than: the system of feudalism, which
it superseded. It is also -more -hypo-
■crKiicM, for it .pretends to recognize a
•nonexieHng equality. . V
There is dtill another class that en-
r There ismotMng albout Joho' Mc-
Oreary that is remartaiibiei. t John lives
to IMianapoHa, works hard for" a living,, and (being single-wanted to'have
a few imoro,of tto.pleasures of life
-than his income oould afford. It-happens that the' fm&litfefof Indijainiipolis
aro well (housed, and snemhership in it
ipeans ,«& oanual outing, a good physical training and' plenty of partnere
at-; the occastopal, <lanceft This aod
nothing more it uneantto Jobn, exocipt
a Ihasy idea that, at some future date
totalgih* get 0 "Cree" blip to Mextoa,
But times of trouble came to Indten-
eipoMs, toroett o» the city t^r certain
greedy oewporottoos. ttot, (refused to
meet their wwkanem tofely, aad as Is
uaual iwtore these ooodWooa prevail,
tbo, "mdtoh;'' was called out,'aod <*e
company John tetongod to, at" ttot
John hadalt ooubtod to aottngto tto
role of an. joppreasor to Ids own people, and to met the sihwttou tite tost
to -ktow how, forgetfui of tto atter-
clap, - aod refused to 'act' Ro was
prompttrarrosfod^andtriod before the
ofoH ooualto, so totod «5y:tto military;
and sentenced to atat%mon<to In tto
■county jau and to pay, a flno of $90,
aoootdfoc to the TndtenapoMs aua.':'-.,.
But Johffi >was the sole airport;of aa
aged another. • tto had always toea a
steady /boy*, had stayed away stom'-tto
dgaretlte ambkiagtong around: tto
oorner bunidh, and hia friends "-fronted" for htak, They went -Urst to tto
miiUtia offidais, hut his crime was eo
-heinous that they oould not or would
not help dear ihlm. So as a Anal effort theyi have appealed to Governor
Raldto-n/Jto pardon/ him, and restore
•Mm to the job of caring for his another. The governor now has John's
case .under advisement, end- every effort is ibeing made to haive. fihe governor free our hero. We said, in starting,
•that there was "notihipg out of tho or-
dinainy albbut John -McCreary, bult
don't you tiMnk hettneasures up pirrtfty
(well as a anan? If .we had imoro John
•McCreary®, 'We would have less of the
horroro that teecd Industrial struggles.—Wyoming-LBhor Journal; • 'l*
The Iron Workers
Lost Last Appeal
Supreme Court Refuses Review of
Cases of Frank Ryan, et al, In Now
Celebrated Structural Iron Workera1
Nothing flhort of executive Clemen-
oy can now sare President .Prank
Ryan and twenty-three other,mwnbers
of tto Structural Iron Workers Croup
being: oompeHed to serve their prison
sentences. On Monday of last woek
ithe Supremo Court of tto United
States refused to review their oases,
which action closed their last hopes,
of eeoape*. Unions ta tto various
odttaai "Where tto oouvioted men ttcn,
are actively drculatinc psttttoaa na*-
tag -ProsMent Wilson to esteod eier
flMtioy to tto ooovfotad psKles. Ito
dmo who hid lair th sstts ttolr aaa*
. - The oourt has also held that aoous-
ei iparsona whose papera have heen
unlawfully seized must appeal to It
BBPORB TRIAL to obtain protootion
of their rights,' As the Iron Worksro
had toen tried* convicted and santono*
ed, .and had not made audi appeal to-
fore their trlai, the oourt will «ot tako
precedence in tto case, regardless of
tto means omployod to secure theCr
oonivicUmi. There can to no roasoo-
ahlo doubt of «to rights of tto ooovtat-
od to a retrial in view of the oafauro
of letters snd -papers wttboot proceea
of law, tot tbs high tribunal tea
Front M. Ryan, Chicago sad lodtan-
. sentenced to setaa rears. ;
John T. Butler. Buffalo, N. T.i alx
  A. Olsaey**, ton FVsoolsoo
six years.
Mm H.
rrook c,
Heaiy w. Lsalaltasr, Indiaaspoto,
fonaartr of Pittsburgh; three yearn
Mlcbasl J. Young, Boston; sixysaro.
fMilp A. Cooley. Now Orleans; six
St  Louis;
Webb, Now Torkj Mi
Ctortes N. Banat, Mlaaeapelle;
three yoara,
Olletorl J. Cuaaana, Philadelphia;
threo years.
Aral J. MorriiK threo reerK
W. Bert Brown, Haosas OUn.'Mo.;
three years.
Bdwwd Smyths, Feorla, IlLr
Fraok K. Fainter, hmaerir wt 0n»
bn,ttm.', too rosea.
J. Bomb. Osrolaiid. O.t four
Manor L pMMeH, tpHaafleli IE;
six years,
J. S. Monoay, SaH tato City, Oub;
alx yaara
■it. J. Haanoa, Seraatoa. H,i three
'Fred J, Mooasy, DaMta* Maaxi aaa
year aad oaa day.
WOHaai Stope, CMeego; ooe yasr
aadotMdsy*. _
Itoaa <!• THggtM, Doetosi two
■raeot 0. W, Baaay* ladlaaspeMe;
thtoe rrors.
Oeorgs Aaderasa. Cisfeisad, O.;
Tto sent step ta tto
wiil com #om Um Cireutt Qoaat of
Appeals,   Ms
hadi to tto Dissiet Court ef Jaitoaa
There mare fact that
fittest d^eotiVe." Buraa, troitod op
the orideaos la tto oaroa, -wooM to
suftteMat, ia viow of his asttodo of
"•"••p* •5J"P» ■■jmmwwi m mm
25** ji?-* *• *^ * ***** ♦» J««^
fyareviowor tto cases Irom mm
eprnt of fair tooted man. dtatHE
ftSS»?* J»SP*5« «Hh tto sthfos arid
mmv of tho* tody «to Btmtwm
Court oouM hardly do oo>erwlaa ebon
ttoy have doos, "
Ito .rocrnit tdptmn ot tto metto-
eda smplpysd hy atrik«hr«akiJ« agafr
eiaa ea giroa beforo tbo Cooareeeloasl
eM^to^nroeilnttBf tta JffchtoM
•trite, imlgbt lesdoas to tttokttte
the nrbolo hoo worker^ eplsods
«• work of tWe dass of trouble mak-
ara Tbero has grown up an organfted
aytesm of crime, for tht purpose of
tottering tto rods of whoever tares
to avail etomsslves of their ssrdees,
If it Is possible for these agwedea tt
wospire s#alnet tta peaee af a cow-
awoHy In order to omhrotl atiitoir
workmen, what Is ttare te Matfsr tta
oeme gsasral Idea being PM Jnto tores
i°..^ * -Powerful onsMitaattm tos tta
huHdlec Interests eTaa adrewaij Ifto
the guuetoroi tres Woftor»r~Tb«
Wyontoff Weekly Later Jeatast
We want to get Ito newe to all eM
people stout Reull OUve OS Bmsf
stoLa roaartoNassw feodmedtolss
which ers nrmly belter* is tto beat
rosMdy orer made «o pvereoaae tto
waakaelsg, dasllltstfBt stoets si is-
eraaring old ag* It helps la rebatM
wasted tissass. stnatttoa tto aema
sad glee aew energy and a lively foe*,
lag to 4h* body, Iteaatainiaaaleatof
or dangerous drug, tt may sat tanks
yea feel totter far a towPnjn, mm tt
, Enjoyihe rich,deiicious meat apd sweet, t*ngy juice of
ruddy, thin-skinned, wcdlc8r<<SunkistVprangci..   ; ,/
Have" this golden "fruit for b if e akfa it ^dessert and
V between' meals.^C|^fn®tt of ailirui#?fnever touched
by ba^e.hsinds.,; All the pickers'"*;x,\
^nd |»acktfrr;bf .^i^^Sunkist'^\^*l,
prahgesi; atnd lemons wear   -m*,,
\cjean, white cottongloves./;
v- j,f;l;"StmMs>M;'otanees .'are^the-fin-^.
v :■ est, juiciest oranges in the wbr%-r,
;,'■ Tree-rJpened, fiberless. Not a seed^
:' in *$unlrist. /Buy, them by the"Jbtoa^
•;' or half-box.   That ia[cheaper thjm.fioj^J
ing by the dozen;. They keep for weeks,
, *v. Ask for "Sunkist" lemons —■ so'.fuU.of julco
y that they go farther than other lemons. Try Sunkist" lemonade—hot or cold.  Lemons add flavor
to fish, meats and salads.   .    \    ," ^; ■ -     : ^
Rogers Silrer with wSunlrist*Wrmppe»
T Cut the.trademarks.from "Snnidst" orange and
. lemon wrappers and send tbem tons. We offer 27dif-
ferent premiums, all Rogers A-l Standard Gtiaraa>
food SUverware. Exclusive "Sunkist" design.
■ '■ Porthla orange spoon send 13 "Sunkbt** Orange or
' Lemon Wrappers and IS cents.  "Red Ball" orange and
lemon wrappers count same aa ','Snakiat.f! A .
. In ramltdnr, send amounts of 20 centsorevsrby Ftstal
Note, IHMtQfice or Bzpnsa Monty Order- ^
- ,\   •
at Yoar Dealer's
.' 8end your name Md foil addroaa tor
toe pramlam atott aad Pmlom Clob
PUa. •» Address all eiden for prtalam*
and an Inqairiaf to
Cafifarofa fhil
We Handle only Fresh Killed
Alberta:'lijeats ",:' ■ 1; • -x■
A trial order will convince you ti&at they are the best and
*"i*'-X" o'ur prices the lowest s   *        >.!    .»
21bs Creamery Butter 65 Cents
to Any Part
Turner Block, Wood St
■it Si  ti   ri     ,"*-V-
Phone 52
Grand Union Hotel
•     Best of Accommodation
We cater to the workingman's trad*
G. A. CLAlh ;-; Proprietor
Bellevue Hotel
■eel Aeeemmedfetien la lbs
tlptmmo mm gvery  0eavealeaee>-
Ixeelleat Calelae.
J. A. OAUAM, Prmp*
tor nom tttnln, bat in three «. w^,.
Metrtst dmaay Caller bee ssaal .     ^	
UMM the etttm tttmie eawUw ahe marts**   em  «* *»*   **■*   ~ . „   nt^
i Taoss mm brnn bass alwee aaa *»» I stressor balara yns bavs tabim n m**--
4- -..-4-.U*** JL Mm,jw*fm.utm,^om fmmmptbmtmm*omotbmmm
law avdjM* day; W, J. Ut&lp. thm Waee that kate set selpsd yea, aa
yeans; IM ■blrsmss. InBieSS
t»»i«a Tfcesspaata"
bateraese ssoteaeevtlM ___^,	
bus been asked to raits*, are: Okf JL
*m4b. mmimmfm,
*kiSE2ii ^£^m
are: CUsfJL
tmn rom tm eao day.
JoaaslsataeairattlaatrtsL Wmttt
trials «W seen* ap at       ..
"■» those nbo ware araatsd uso «Mhala
hTtbsCeanof Apgaalsi maWjjia
Con sa pr*atfi*nt tffl hn tpptt hf ftlWt
Vkm-Pmmmt I. K. mdtotr, Pt-tSmm
mm. ou saw sov ontomareeliaied
at tbo eaavontlso at rmm. OLM
l^vfVL wm Wt
.  » was caoagM MM
i tbt mptwm Com aai laat kali em
lUuon aad popnmtmmmi mmb
,anr .wUojw «kbsak wotttmA Pt km*
.ess sat ao empwyao as sefSSBse
;sesins( ooeaaed parsons, woafl anass
i 'hem to pant a new trial
Established April 1899
Wholesale and Retail   TobOCCOHtSt
Baths and Shoe Shine
tnfft r»r.*   JPAftif
*i**r* t.ndnn*  dbttissm
afll gladly give asrk yasr
' ResaU OMte on laraM.	
fw*OMvaOH aad tba HypoebespMtsa
WW** tlMNI||ll ill#y MWft wwet ftewfi e>ft
^mmmtm^ tmm  |mu^m^b| -^kw^HiM
femRlsarast sedr, sorressd	
tmUdlBgtoodWtelas that vabsHera
Iseapertorto aaytbbg else Uimm
ftmmWMta. aeskasss aaf llaMty
ftjWaai. sad is teas aad stmgtbss
4bo aims sad ssrteb tk* Wesd^Tw
«bo ars *«ak aad ru»dewa—yse pm
mmmjmmm by taHeSs aeMl
iwafbwr sllmenti. mc ftuuti OUv* Oil
JewWas » tet jm beep wplt om
Mp ml samo aad Ml ss aad ws wm
tint Is saw aawb Caitb as bass Is "l. I
*¥2*1^ *** "•** **m Mm    "*** mjmtt bat and mmrjm
•?*r,,-<¥f.ttMr* tmtf htm. lies ea* n ««aaaf ttoai aaaay, mTt
■Our Gqfifat *9 Good*
fcotabe wea
tn* ttrtffy
Wm   mmtmmtmmwj,
Vl«lorla Awtmno. Tot*
ess see tbat ysa are tired Haveysa
"TTstsc nvUwi. ttiiUa
st "Hoo mmth m pm
iiiimn '.pWs;*
.'  -J'*/f
THE DI&TOICT tKDGEB^JnSEMIE,     B. 0, MABCH 28, 1914.
:^;.^i^^on£. local • ;'\^
'-, ^ •: - -*"" ;Nor>-23i4 ■ - ■"- ,^'~-*--
..:   -Meet first and third Fridays;
-^•^•^ Hall,, Pernie; second and
^ fourth Fridays, Club HaU, Coal
Creek; , Slok Benefit attached.   i
X X, <.,   , t. UphUi:'Se«.s
fernie, a a ..-     '
'"   " ■   : Nb: 2497"    >    -•:,,
Meet every^Spnday at 2.30 In K.",
fAlkail^Vidn^treeU Sick Benefit 8'oolety attached, '      "
. v-   "    < •      W. Balderstone, -Sec.
Bqjt«3, Hosmer. B, a, -        V
', '   --     '■<    No.-2334 .
Meet every Sunday afternoon
at'■ 2" o*cIock:4n Crahan^a HalU
. Sick Benefit Society attached. * •'
H. Elmer, Sec.
'    ' i i - *     *
X*.,   COLEMAN' LOCAL' ■ sr. ■»' ■
T" '■ ;'*•,'"■ M 26^*3 .,. * -",; . . ^.
.;^Meet every,alteinate Sunday at'
x8,3Q,:p,m.■ .la^the-'Qperar- House,'
-'Coleman;-   "'**   , -V--'"^,>*'"•- A
- T-'r,\ 1     '   - J. Johnstone, jec
■7 '-' .    a.', n    «■>.    ...   ,    -''a.V.
. No. 1387 \ ,   ".
Meet every Sumjay,   flick a-^J
Acoldsai. Benefit Society attach-
ad. ■■', -1'  '•':■-■ \
1 ]     ,   Michael Warren,-Sec,
.Canmore, Alta.....
■:   .   ■,        .- •- '        -1   '   •
, :n* int    f:5  :.
",' Meet second and fourth Sunday
In month. Sibk and Benefit Society attached,      ..-;'-•   ^ .,    ' '
■f>ij~jf   ^r-isi    .^J.Oorton. s«e.
yx'■'•■•" "-A.Hv.^PtZt'fV
'7 'Meet every alternate Sunday at
lie  p.m.  In  the  Opera House,
•XX. J. Mitchell, Sec.
"Boa- 111, Coleman.  "■'
:';.v, -r;,i no. 2352,., - ;■-..'■..
' Meet1' every second \ and":' fourth
Sunday of each month'at 2 p.p.
-In Slovak Hall, Sick Benefit Society attached. - v"   "
...-" ;     .     Thos. G. Harries, Sec
Passbursr, Alta,". *       ',.  -,v-
.    No. 949; .,
*'• Meet- every second4 and' fourth
Sunday of each month at 10 a.m.
in School House, Burmis., No Sick
Society.' " ;-,
Thos. G. Harries, Sec
Passburg, Alta.
No. 2829
Meet evory tint and third Sunday of each montk a* 10 a.m- 2»
Union Hall, Maple Leaf. Ko 81ek
..  Thos. G. Harriet, Sec
Pasaburg, Alta.
No.; 431   .
Meet every Wednesday evening
at 7.S0 in Miners' Hall, lith Ave-
nue North.    >
L. Moore, Sec-Treas.
****^^^^***^*l**9^*4*l^*^^*^,    .
ii^^>* * ' ■'J-'A «-. -~ r'*'-.!! -   _ ,{
v^^^ -(^B.   -^t^tjtiii,    -~ m    _m . .&
By Dr.?Abrani Lljwky, In the Popular 8clence Monthly : - '
.   Psychoiaiieira.pnr may iook-'lik© a dto-' 'ft^h-an^t -t^e 'List—shows that the par-
coveiy of the ibw-entiaUi century.'hut ■•■'—->,-,-:"rai"	
the truly reuwurkabJe thing about "it"
to the extent toiwhtoh it,.has heen
practlsedi iwithout -being scd-emittfi'c&l-iy
imderetoodi It ha» <b«eu iu the worid
sainca the ranobest antKiulty,' oor has
it ever leet the'ipneoinots of' civdilza;
.:-^ ,   ,.'-'.; vNs.;29   •
," Meet every Tuesday evening at
.-7, o'clock in the Bankhead Hall.
Sick aad Accident Benefit Fund
attacbfd.'  -•   "'"
Frank Wheatley, Fin. Sec
Bankhead. Alta.
'■"     No. 1189   ,
Meet every Friday,, evenina at
7.J0 in Miners' Hall.   81ck and
Accident Benefit Society attached.
Frank Barrlngham, Sea
Box lit. Coalhurst P. O.
•No. 481 , , .
Meet every ftnit and third Sunday at Lyric Hall, S.pjn. ' v
John Loushran, Sea
',■*'•/■ -y '   No. 431}   .-^'   _ ".
Meet every Sunday at I.S0 p.m.
In the Socialist Hall,'
-,',.-       -,       .   -   , t
-    >   "-■, ' James Burke, Sec >
Box SC, Bellevue,' Alta. *,
,i     ', '  *      a -,       *. r
LOCAL No. 3026
Max Hutter, Secretary.
Georgetown, Canmore, Alta
%^^-9*^^>^*lf^*^*^*^^*^t^i^^^999^m99^l^ .
, JU\ ",N,o. 2877,    •
M^it every'second Sunday at I
o'clock' Jn, the'. Club; HaU.   Sick
Benefit ^Society attached.
"'.-'.-;"      John Jones. Sec
Corbin, B. C. *■   -     \
No. 3026
Meet every Sunday. afternoon,
2.30, at .Boarding House,    sick
and Accident, Fund attached.
,   Max Hutter, Secretary.
But you can protect your earning capacity byjnsuring with
r "OCEAN,f
The Largest Casualty guarantee Company in
the world
peim AcGldmt & 6oarantM Corp. Ltd. of London %
A. B. CAMPPBLU Dist Agent
Miners* Union Hall Block ,    -      Pernie, B. C.
* ' ..*    a *
■t'ioiii   A scholar speUimg out an Assy-
>rian insortption'ddscovem a cure'for
rheumatism,  es  foltows:   "Surrwud
the patient with a circle ot leavened
meal, -place Ms foot upon a .jreed-lbeaip-
ins dou4fh,* flhea .put away <tho refuse
itood. Jnaioe -Mm- seven, timee- acroes
tho aurpoundiliig cdrolo, saying,  "Ea
haith.loose, tree the evil,  Ea hath
creatod,  eAM the ■wmth, undo  the
knots ot evi}, tor £)a to .with thee!
O Fhyalciaitt ot <the Worldl . O Ninnls-
«to!   Thou aat the gracious another of
the nroiML the leader of the underworld*, the mtetresa of Ekluhiw," etc!
What to thus but phytotherapy?   A
New England cure for iheuanitiami ia
tio toko a oat along to hed.  That too
*te psy-chotfaenw aad reeta on eanent-
tiei'ly the name principle,
(The Bcd-fotiflc peraon mm aay that
lean era, iotereeting  exannpiea > of
heathen superetttion, -but that, no one
■waa ever cured' hy auch mean*. That
to Juet the question,   {a the light of
oar present knowledge, the proband
ity ia that fcoth the Aaeyrian and the
New Englaad anethode have worked
—at ieaat aometimea.  Bott* are Miue-
tmtions of the inaaenoe of thought
uj>cm the ibodiy.J la the one oaae, tnhh
ot a reUgtoue -nature dispels the physical aiyimiptoaM; ia the other, fear of
*tibe vat to iptcflwiNy the therapeaUc
^Bhnmm^w, an.the peychnrfogteta
caU 4t, the "dteaoclatten."     w*w°™"
(Popular  ipeyicbotherapy   haa   long
known iwtrait -scieoce ls only now funding oot. •' -The beet known example of
mtadHOtire is  prolbalblly that of the
toothache that oeaeea when the dental
afiffice is approached. . If a man may
oaxo bin toothache by- walking ln the
direction of a dentiefa office, why
may he not cqre it by spitting into a
frog's imoutb, or ecratchlag hie gum
witlh a oPSl aad driving the nali into
ao oak tree, or -pitHing out with hie
owia teeth the teeth of a dead -maa-'e
skull?  -Why should it be more dlftl-
oxM to beUeve that toothaches have
•been cured by. each aad every one of
these methods as promptly as by the
eight of a dentist's forceps?  The the-
n-weatic agent,fn each case is the
name,   ft ie physical, and we ceil h
But if tx Aootimiche can be cured by
psychotherapy, why not the ague?
That too Ima often been: done. Can
modern p«x&oitherapy produce a preto
tier HJustf&tfoa of the method of au.
twajaaT^-differences between them are
of'nov\<o6i)sequencel but that amy <te-
v^ce;toa*ed upon the iWth of the patient aoay .be employed to utilize the
■oomtwljwih&ch the anind, under certain
ciWHUnsfcuioee, may exercise over tbe ,  ^ ^.^ ^ ,
WMsaHed-vegetailave processes of the cuTaiUve si«g^5oft for* enUeofflr'"'^
hmanan, syistem.  That the most mnwier. dimnhflhia  «na  «»»«,J-1   >.   AL
hand aa another excellent
agaunsi no8e4>ieed.
The .'horrible was <reiiedr upon by the
Romans to give ;them. 'the jiequls-ite
psychic «hock. They drank the blood
of -gladiators for epilepsy, and today
-in Denmark, China and Sffirttzertandi
That the most power-
ftti suggestion may fail of its' ttajtct
is, of oouiree, perfectiyi weU knewm A
caise ia'^reiportod of a German peaeant,
uonpieaeaintly endowed with too many
■waits, iwho stood on his head in a
nfiiwfy ,anade grasve. To a -superstitious
yokel this was an extremely powerful
suggestion, but the warta remained.
Any one who Is of the opinion that
theee -remedies for waits cannot Ibe
effective.because they are so Katie
countenanced by scientific medical authority, wall see the -matter in a new
light if he trill take the trouble to
look up the remedies that are recommended by the medical authorities
tfaeapetvea. A standard medical work
('Foster's "Reference Handbook of the
•Medical .Sciences") names a few of
t-hem and dismisses the rest with the
remark that they are too numerous to
mention," as every physician has hia
fanrortte remedy. The diversity among
these remedies being as  great aa
among the popular cures, the inference seems justified) that there ia
nothing Jnherentiy curative jn the one
I       '    J ■   '*
I        TmSZ 2Z3S2E2l3
■    ,   »    ^ -w^^^w ^mmemp\wmmteeemr
Or Richard McRrlde, Premier o»
BrtUsh ColomWa, {• the kalght«nant
of modern poiltica. No one la tho pro-
v aoo ai .tb* Um* hu ^orgoOMi that
pfcMma-ro wri apKtacvlar, but not
remartably product!^ iootxxny which
he made to <he l>oot of the Thtwia,
and eywrpna to awart that be It Me-
tag him to Ottawa to add Hit «lo>
qtmiea to the ftm» of Uio arfumanu
praasntad on behalf, of th^giMting of
•w^tlanrsaabslfty to the Canadian
Xwthsm ttthm ownpany,
The stataaeat that Sag
Amm h.\bmm. ammu^MaJhm-^mm^mm    —*   iL-.    __„_	
mtmptpftmm of its* nmtmom on
m-TtoBthbt'o vfanr that "» to MgMy
S5?2t S£ & iSSrS%«SSX
■iMMMil loportaaea of ttta gnat wm
mnrnmii Tnimeonmnmi nttwwy
mmtmfmmtm itottinpp tottwm
■■hhju BMtffli e_____t___tm *wVM0*v m_^_^_^_^_^im_m
■ftrihi et^k ^_^_+_m m_^m_emmmme%__^_^mS^_^__t.
SKi^^^t    ^^^^^ m^mJWmi^^m mmmm* mW mW
mam fhmt ii btfft* m em
ezZUaJSBiJ**!mSp^ W¥r* ^
m^^^m^p ^^m^mWt^^mP mmp^mm mm -H^P
^ of mm tmmm
^^  ^eaw m*wr-mi^mm - __ ,
ftoa HmkS^rA?***
^^a inram vawwitr m
_tm_J_t    »_*-_,*__    H_~^mm
^mammo i»ssifsa   aiasi
■waga    a^J     a*^^^ — ...
g/metimptimm^^^S^^mm/ei^mmm ^ZZ*m*h«^?^^ ^__^^
mnmrnCSSret mtmmm
mt m
...    tmviMHl ty tm _
■JUt M— P__n __m mim lii
WnS   tttlttmirSSi^am TFifllff
it^fttt     mwa   '■'W   fwwwiff    raw    a^^wmw t
an. old Saxon medical book?   We are ~
toML that the <ck man wrote tbe
wwda'Webna Fuge" (fly »way, flfrer)
m? 5?00? ot ^P6' an* beginniog
whh tbo but letter,,out off a letter
each day. The ferer abated day by
day and when the tetter E finally fell,
«he ague^ disappeared. Fifty otttera,
besides the narrator, wera cured the
aawte >iear by this method!'
Aa the virtue of a d-oee of medldne
does not depend upon th* Und of
•pooo te which it ia conveyed to tho
mm** tm, mi'memt war of
administering suggestion for the ague
prove* in Naw England today ot eaual
potency with that described by tbo
early EngUsh writer. The patfmt
goes out -with a Mend and looks on
wtoie the Mend cuts down' wiHow
rod* corresponding In number to the
torn of tha m Each rod must
then ho burnt singly aad as the laat
on* turns to aahet the dittraniog
ayaptomai dtoappaar.
Aopng the country neap]* of modern. England a rariatr of devices tor
dNouvanting the aguo uo kowwn.
K you peg a lock of yonr hair Into
an oak add glv* a audden ierk with
yaw lM*d. aga» will be transferred
to th* oak. or, to mention only on*
odwr, yon may (ak* nine or *i*v*n
tmiln, ehtop them on a thread, aay-
inig with each slimy bead, "Hew 1
iaav* my ague."  ftteaia than ov«r a
*i«i XL?J?* tMU* «mpnr, no
•wiu yoor agoe.
OJuwmjwiw che last metuiooed ac
tmm with modern sdrnttfle ptftm
therapy.   The pmcttUoMm of the
class any more than In the other, but
that,they all depend upon that prln-
ctypte which, ie oommon to them aH—
ttm principle of suggestion.
/The", strange, the mysterious, and
the wierd have great suggestive potency,- and hence drugs culled at um-
earthly hours, during li-nueuai coo-
Junctions of the moon and planets, on
St. Job-ate or St Agnes' Eve, have unusual curative properties. .The tare
atone beooar, or bezar—a concretion
found to the imtestines of certain,animal* like goats—was believed in colonial New-England to have magical
powers. Any mysterious nlte mayi be
efiEkaidoua <if itohed iwith & vague but
strong aupeq&tlous belief. In 1884,
two children in Suffolk, England; be-
tttmepi Needham and Barking, were reported cured of Infantile hernia by
mean* of the, deft-ash rite. The pro-
cedure was es follows: A sapling was
split upward, beginning a few feet
from the ground and tied at the top
to,prevent the cleft from extending
aU th* way up. Tbe cleft waa held
open and the child passed through
ibhree times, head downward, ouch
time'by a different person.' The sap-
ling ..was rthen bound up securely at
■short intervals. It grew- together again
—wfcich „wa» supposed to be the rea-,
eon why; the rtiUdrrai recovered.
^sa-eMastes-dae to -ui-qj-aired iuq chiid -rteep*vtaere'at nighCi'SS-^.*10^'' gooaw^eowca colds.
Emmaiiuai nwvauwnt toil ua, ia
Ukm> wm Msdlch^" thst ohm
tag ooe* tMif a va
e!on, u j* wall to aocpowaay
fling om mmm tm ommtt of th*
thmgloltslavor. ror axaapi* wfcea
vn««ajr to ywmlf; "I wt »,»? aii
om of sight aad tkink of yow worry
asaULiing with u#rt»*  Tbesaail
«*»y_.l»» mmm mmtptm
mnomm  UtakaaadTaMaga
■ **•** «naa*ag way *f
hneotic taAwMes al ma*
btmmmwmm. mmmmmmm
» Is aaiinii^ilf saaMag.   No*.
_A      *^*^^^£^_      ^^^     ^^^^
^m  ^www»w  ^Wp J^Pi^
*   j^l*^A^^y^uy|    ^^^ jj^^-^******-*.
*m ^^^^*t^^^^^mim^^mb mtm^ wbee^
*^ti W"^.*w   t^^^m_  mmrnteemm^mTm
me jemtmm e^mm   _m_^_i   _m_*   _tp____
^_ _  _. m m saw mm tin m iw
■BHI^HA fldHA ^Mfefll   iuM^uK*a^bA tp^  t_a_\_^_t_t_J_Jbm
ymt wmw^fS^mOm
z.-mZrL. gBL ^.yggyg... mmk
■^^bMMM|^^       m^^^^^^g^^^^^^^^      -m 7 ...       ^^
relmfoicconent of euggeetion by the
■fascinatingly horrible, and hence the
«Mattve;property. erf things associated
witb corpses. eteuHs. gallows, graveyard*, and so on. One ot tlie many
remedies for ague in England ia to
wear chips Irom a gallows around
one1* neck; tor a wen one should go
alone at night to the spot where a
traeh corpse lies—preferably that of
an executed criminal—and pas* its
band over tb* wen. A iwor woman
Mving in the nelghbortwod of Hartlepool, England, *ome yean ago iwas im
duced by a "wis* woman"* to go home
atone at nigbt to aa outhouse whero
a suicide 4ay awaiting Ub* coroner1*
inquest aad to hold «b* -hand bf the
corpse on tor wen««,night She died
shortly after from nmatei *hock. An-
o^mt w*atn*iK at Cuddeaden, Oxford-
ahlr*, asked for th* hand1 of a corpae
to order to cora a goiter., Hor father,
ah* aaid, bad been onrtd by th* sain*
means, the arweaing having dtodnlsh*.
«d a* tba hand moMarsd away. Ia
1850, it wa* oommon tor nwnb*nt of
lnval!^s ln eertate cart* of. England
to congregate round tii* gaUowa in
order to receive th* "death attoke"—
tb* touch of an execrated .eriminal1*
tmoO. Tho onotm melbm hoovmm
ot the tilth toon fee bangn^o cam* to
chanpe for awilring tb* ramady.
There waa a dim* when powdered
mummy waa a -highly nfcnd o*dl>
dn* throQuhoot Europe. Ctrbotrised
and powdered animal* ar* ttltt uwd
in CMm and Japan, aa enNb*6 ton**
on** were lo Enftand. Th* cetebrstrd
ctonist. Robwt Boyi*. relato*, to U*
eway on "The Potoumumm of Animal
BoMm," tmm. -having too* Mt awn-
mmt trtqasoUy mbjsct to M*ed at
tb* nose add reduced to employ sev-
eral mnedle* to «be«k th* dl*t*mper.
tm mm \ mm mmm mmmmt
to *taarh ito Mood wtm wpm nos*
off * pni man's skull (sent far a
oremnt from trebrnd when tt t« far
to* tmo mm la most otter em*
triM) tbouun h dtd b«t mm wn
till tto btrt mu * utti*
M*r* oootaet witb tb*
Ot-Jtot art* WwmmpPL
ft •• OPjtCtM ihft UOfmm WM
f^mk ei_bm§ _h_m mWtmmJm^^A -mmmaeA
> ftUMi ettmwA *■ to mm tt
■  ^ --»■ ' ""Tf   ■ww*eFm*m*  mm mm. Ml wm
waaT  Ut K to nissMliisii ttot tto
m^^gmamim m§ _m^mmtltimm _b____t_emmihmmmm
y***-**^,^tof^,,^^,jp ^M ^--^^^W^WHWB -wwmmm^^Wme/WWw
ew* .mmuji____W^WM %MM ^m^w ^a**^M|A|
'^^•^•r  mre W»JWfwBII^-Wto M MPMPfwP
^r^r^*mw ^*w yowamoa^twttm m -mmm
drophebiia  and  consumption   is   db-
tatoed ifrom the blood of decapitated
■criminals.    The Egyptian kings took
baths of Wood' to cure elephantiasis,
and the Vikings* drank from, the 6*aulls
of their conquered foemea at solemn
festivals.   Next to the hon-iM* the
loathsome and nauseating have fbeeo
iitiulzed.   .The bitter  medicines tbat
used to ibe prescribed by the old*-fiu&-
toned doctors, and the vile compounds
made firom the excreta of goats, cats,
dogs, mice and other animals owed
their curative properties to the same
principles.   Nor have the  worst of
these (medicines passed away from
civilised  lands,  as a little inquiry
among some of the latest arrivals
from rural .Europe has demonstrated.
'Belief in the curative power of the
means employed is the most important dement ln its success.  Wekmiow
now that it does not so much matter
upon whet the belief lis -based so long
as the belief   is   strongly   present
Faith, in former ages; was almost entirely at the command ot religious
ideas.   Today, faith in' Bclentdfflc conceptions and scientific authority haa
largely token the place of religious
teith.   Let a man feel that a certain
mode of procedure rests upon scdea-
tMe  principles,   and   ithe   method,
whetbeir right or .wrong,  wdM ■ have
therapeutic value.  Cures recommend-
edfey papular tradition are oontemptn.
oualy dismissed as mere relics of ancient euperatition, but any remedy ao-
mihtiotered with a show of scientific
reasoning and authority is sure to produce results.  A slight examination- of
the scientific remedies for whooping
oou-gfo will show how true are these
The number of approved remedies
for wlhooplng cough is about as large
as tor warta Only a few will be
mentioned here: Sdblief used a bath
o* corn-pressed eir'anidfreported 85 per.
cent cured ln fifteen seances. Gay,
supposing that "the subungual ulcer
waa the .initial specific of whooping
cough, cauterized it with nitrate of
silver and reports several cases cured
in, a ahort time I", Mcdur haa reported
cases cf -whooping cough "cured as if
hy enc9iantment".by. Uio use of sulphur ■fumigators. The cbiid ia dressed
in dean clothes and sent from the
icoffli iwhich ia closed and fumigated
part cf science has been brought
about-by the rise of two or three new
oonoepte-euggestion, subconscious,
ness, (multiple personalc-ty. That -wtoidh
formerly, seemed absurd now seems
perfectey reasonable. It seems as t*»-
sonabie .that healers of the sick
•should make use of the immense sug-
ge-SiHve reinforcement of -reilgion as
of the aid lent by the newer authority
of science.
Unenlightened members of the
medical profession in their desire to
discount the achievements of paycho-
iSherapy declare that all that is of
value dn the new methods has long
been known and usedi by regular prec7
Otion«rs. A large part of this claim
to perfectly true. We aii knew thait
■the success of many a prosperous
pnysccten ie not due to Ws superior
scientaHc equipment—in whdeh he often Is notoriously lacking—but to the
fauth inspired iby his "eprscnalilty,''
In some instances, gentle, soothing
tones; in others, brusqueness and pre.
emptoriness of manner, convey the
very usefuj suggestion of great abiK-ty
jusnned in ltsa assumption of author
•Ity. The ipairtioular remedy prescribed after that is of no consequence.
But two must go a step farther. We
must admit not only that Tegular
medical practitioners have been making use of the principles of sugge»
tion. but that the people at large
the common people, the Ignorant and
the superstitious, have had an- intuition into their nature and have been
practising peychotherapeutic*, .with
more or less success, from the dawn
of history down to our own day. The
practice of medicine Is, even, today,
en art largely based upon empirical
nues learned from the experience of
toe common peopje. Scientific med*-
cine bas in the past adopted into its
phaimaoopoeia a great mnny of tbe
atopies" cherished by ithe people,
but bas discarded their inonmerabL*
mate aa to .the value of psyohotbe^
apy. it is now beginning to turn to
this neglected .wisdom, to make use
« the spiritual "simples," to lesra
what curative powers reside in the
Why Shouldn't   !
You Feel Good?
' Tbo many of us OVERLOOK health
happiness ln this world.
We grow careless about tbe MINOR
Ills of life and rarely experience tbe
JOY of llvlny. *■■
The average man or woman cannot
conscientiously say that be or . she
feels FIT and WELL every day in
the year. Modern methods of living '
are against good health—and render,
peculiarly susceptible to Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and Biliousness.
Conn. fL <W&lker -reports that while
red* in Oumberland are not tired of
the strike, they are Mred of paying
rent, and many of them have settled
<uwn ohtolde tiie town-, taking their
idea* with then* As a consequence
she rural population in their neighborhood hwvo received some Ja*» which
have potted them out of their mental
mita A discussion takes place in a
school house every Wednesday night,
avadlalbte to a mixed population of
farmer* halif-fiuine-rs. engineers, carpenters, roadma&ersi etc., many of
whom helped to defeat the S. V c
eand-idBte in the last provincial eW
ttona. An application for a charter
'"Ml ehortiy be. received, and they are
taking time by-tiie forelock by secur-
Ing a lot and lumber for a Socialist
how all things
Our stomachs are always bothering „
us.     We grow accustomed to feeling
•vretched—but not sufficiently wretched to bother the doctor.
But there IS a cure for this wretched feeling. Tako IS drops of Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup. This
great English remedy brings QUICK
relief  to tho disordered stomach.
it restores tbe digestive organs to
normal action and keeps them lit a
healthy condition. It Is almost purely
herbal—Nature's own remedy for sick
Oct Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup.
Take it regularly—then note tbe im-    .
provement In your health.
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Mclean drug ahd book oo, *
< —i I
- -*)M
. ,*^>t,l
i ',?i
with burning sulphur tor five hours
in the morolngv;   After the room is
One triat ds generally' sufficient for a
cure! Theee observation* have been
enthusiastically confirmed by Manly
Another physician oared 101 c**e* out
of 169 by letting them inhale aDumixv-
attng gas. Still another cured 219
ont of 341 by the same method. Pow.
dered ibensoia cured 75 per cent of
on* physician's cases. Seventeen pa-
ttanta .wore cured by anothor with
boric add and roasted' coffee, and so
on ad infinitum.
There la, of oouroa, no intention
■ m *^^^w  w^mwm^pp  wmppmmtwtm -*mr
autoHMi of
«s*«» «|-*e*t*
liditfiiL    -ftt^**!   a£anmwm^&*^mm   imm^^wimatlmi^^^^**^^m    -- * * *- *     ■■■,  ■, a* *. j,
mtt^y&XAmmm.       ^^
^^^m. i ^^^^.t^^^^^m^m mmttmmmm ^*i^bb   'W^HI
^m ^    ^^^m- w      ^m^L  ^er ^* ^m mp mmm
HtrtNftft. Pates aad
emmhm \ji_____iM
^mm-m^m-^'^m^mee^ ^^ m^e^^ms^mmp
reiw ii   x   a c
. M^mjg| Kg*^L|ug| hm __h_^_^_m___v
i mpm*^ wTtmrmmtTi jft yp'tfA! JflT
to tb* tM» «r
^^mw ^™» mmmmmm^m m
wnmm mm mmmm
mtmtmme tm wm.m
em mot pm
tho mmmm caia^Ate ^^_a_^_\.~^ _^_,
*■*£       Wb*MkMdUU*t b      *-*- idL-ukAiim-     l^u^.
iflHI MMi   ettmmammi ^____T
^^W> ^tWt w^m mt
t^^mt^mma mmw mimr
tppptmnm^ ttm
**»»•* wmtumm mt mmmm tmm mm waa !*.»■—* -* *«- s-3k-. — Tr* ?** *^
i iMMrsaga ttt
i PmtmmSmmtit, M
aflwriaf t* a ptoomm mm
*ri^M a_± mm a MM ^me h^
Ia£ ~'-*^Lm--w^m ■■ w%7^
•w mmmm m^^m mei^m mmnmtm^mtPe -wem^^ee
IHllii mmmm Wmmf mtf tm teimmmttm
wmWWWm wWmm Wew* mm W fWWtm
aad *li!*Bi mmSm^mt teisaSald
'apj^mn^gmmi^^m     -h-m.     ^^^^pLg^^^        .9. .....    . .,..
#dL^ i^ilblb^^ mt m t^^^^mem %b^mlh
hw* of disputing th* oomotne** of
these statistic* They have been
quoted only to show th* similarity be-
tween tbe curative prittcb&o und\ry»
ing them and tbat relied upom by a
woman, probsbly ot, CKrman deiwtwt.
Schuj«kUI Wver. hoidteg a Vv* fish
head toraooft in th* mwtfa of h*r
<WMIte order ih relieve the child of
th* /rtiooptaf cough, th* principle
4s phint}- brought out agnia in the in-
junction to on* seeking a mnedy for
Ws disease "to follow th* diwetion*
given (by a man riding on a jdebatd
ReMaious emotion haa undouhte.'lv
been the moat powerful agency known
for energising curative wttsatfon. We
usuatly call it impotent superstition
wwn it appwirs ittnowt Icwly cr prlaj-
Hiv* people*. The Matey ia -patently
and grossly supervti-ttoafl when -he reeves: ".Not mine ara tii* materials,
they are the material* of Ksmah-ul-
hakim. Not to me belongs «M« neu-
traMrtng charm. It la aot I wiw ap>
ptrlh It is Malta Karlnim wbo ap-
plies it." Hut if be beUaves in Kw
tnahatWnkira and MaNn Kartnlm
aad I* tremendously Impriassd by td*
ftwnula te recites. «* u«d Mt m*>
Mat* to belle,* that-eom^imsr-be
-Tb* Bngihtonan of Elisabeth's day
•a* a* doobt Immeasely rapwrlor ta
mwtal power to the poor .Malay sho
hss Jut b**n quoted. Ills r*llgtoa
wa* mors logkisl and mora efflcadous
tbaaJtet of the Malay aad psitaM
hi* cbotsm iworksd ofteoer. To tb*
eoM aad nf**Hng aye of artenea
hanvnr. th* than-pso-tic priaeM* ta
t*a c*am. *pobs* by the Malay aad
by m ftngUrtman is Ute
m^m^w*.^m^^m^ m^. WWW WW WpWPl
. .rnhmZmm^mps mm era* to
and iliaflr said
avomn \mttm torn mm eras*, *•
htsmmm tm tmm tad they «*M
tohhiMiMIfeMtt*tgacf lad be
■Ud «M* mm, I havTaaithM- mm
wmtonmiomimmpommbimn ihtm
■W^m.  m -ww^^p*mm  lw   W
bm*.   tmtmlpmt Sfrveata *io>k
««*U THC THHO*T *J»o7uw*7« _££&
good of the movement. As Com; Walker says, "by driving these men from
the lands of their torth to the fuiihcsa
possible point; by forcing thorn to
take as eighteen months' holiday, thus
flffonttng them time to take a oousee
in eoclotogj-; tben scattering ithem
again to aH directions—-the capitaUats
ai* sot only producing their own
grave diggers, but are providing tbem .
with tbe picks and. spades (i. e., tlie
knowledge). Then tbey are condnt*-
ed to tbe exact spot where tbey can
do the moet good. "Ish ka bibbfe*"
—Western Clarion.
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and peaoeful a-tcurity u ,-wett,
WWi a policy in our oid Use
company, you can go off on your
vacation or visit Ut* ends of tbt*
earth and yon know you're secure.  Tbe best in
to always cfeMpeei and e^eoi-
nily so when tt doesn't owt
hJgber. Dont deday about that
Noewal or about tbat eatm ln-
suraoce yon want but coma right
in a* once and hav* it attentat
j    «        rmmttim. m. e
Wt   iWeHk tmmmm  ^^^^  *^^^m^^^^   ________   ___J
wmm _... <s**^^mb mmt wim; er, woo
mm * mmWmm teh tha, mar
tmpppm mm
«_. * „■.*,...t**,*-, tmty.tvwuL
Ht laSursv botpooo ot tkmm mo
mt   "*" ,~*""' ■" '■
r**m omnttrnt
mmmmtmatiWmm mmSSmStSsiTlli"mmm*
t^fpmmmr'Wpme^^^ ^m ^S ^^m- WWL t
rtcKsd. ta
**wr      *■■ : - *—*-r -t.*****^ .    ^ ^^rmm-^'^mm      mm*
m mm • iiiwiwlapi
«tn*sttstaeEoaefnoil »>
mmr*tj*wjm www* «f tm
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Made to Measure &
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v «*«m»»*« pmamw*m**%im mm mmm mms a
m|^^ a^^l^^^g^^^ 1^^ jn^^^^ -99..am jj^"^ 1
mmm* mmm^mtprm^, ^Wf •f^f^' ^^f p *ff*p i
wtth            ,_^
*mmmte*'*ai^ek wee eeei eee eeetmm
DeBurle & Company
Neat t«lf*ry Meat Mtikct
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bp bmhn tmt ot tbo
OmmmPmr kits
wpT^^^mttt^mt^miim      emm wwe
hav* fakm phm ta
•w wm day almost before our very
tftw,   ftm ta tb* powvr of a sap-
BSf*'***£* P^^mttiy has «Mft
-^^m^^^^p    ^^-^^^mm^m^^m       m^w    ai-^^mt    mtmmtwpmom    wmi
mmm'mm ttttm tm mm -mmm
m $*»«•» k..'.* |i(t»i,nWi Siu- an«U-».
Wtmtp tm mwny a wrf^MBs*s en-1
•Pa*******   i" - .    -. <   t   ... »,.,-
WIT*    thlS   '■•   *,it.-C   1« « Ii '
M'.ra^mt, *me*&y ttt
thn   K r.g'a Vs* 1     Jam**:
.    It r*frr**ti tn tiat* W»«iJ
tm ttt mm mmm em* 4 sr**- in *4» *•«* - j
'" * emwmtt *s antam tmet tmatw*. *
s»r 'futif te tba <**c-1
-vigni am
S-^aar—' l»*'*« «»♦*« *9pttmp j
dWiita* ftati lb* r.,' f -if rh<priLt*»tt.
.^jjpppm bthm ■*>*   .» ■**■*•»* *»**«..,
_ ^. mtw.*, tkat it mm.
wboHemt* t***-*mt,»-l
*-, -^.-r, m I* tt¥*'. 1. Sa Wmm. \
mm mm mmpm tt *t .mi* on th*
9m wttwwmtltt. iii i
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
r -..ix-sxJS •xjjnarjt. 4.S.2™* .sysss
Money io Loan on first class
ness and Residential property W-
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^ijc Si&triri: ftftgig
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We learn tliat no dividend will be paid on tbe
slock of this company, and that the prospects for
tho future ave not rosy, wliich fact no doubt will
l«j used at some future date ns a reason why the
niiiKi workers must be content; lo economize, or accept a stationary standard of wages. Three years
ago, the historic statement was made that coal was
being sold to the G-. N. for one cent less than it
eost to mine. In spite of tliis, however, the company has miucd'l,166,378 tons of coal, or about one
hundred thousand tons more than last' year, and
still made a profit. However, the delightfully optimistic statement is made that "the company will
soon be on it good financial basis," and having regard to this, there swens to be no,> reason why the
mine workers should regard the absence of dividend too seriously. It must be understood, TIIERK
IS NO ABSENCE OP PROFITS, and the aequatio
state of the company stock may reasonably be. held
responsible for.absence of dividends.*--
Considerable interest centres! at present around
the Interstate Joint Conference of Coal Operators
and the United Mine Workers of America;Qfficials,
now being held iii Chicago, and to which District
President J. E. Smith has been called to .-take part.
The object of this conference is to,.endeavor to
arrive at an agreement on wages aud other conditions affecting practically the whole of the membership of the United Mine Workers of America.
In the meantime,'however, it is interesting to observe the literary and mental gymnastics of certain,
scribes, who espouse the operators' cause,   To be
generous, some of their arguments are remarkable
for their lugubrious contradictions.   The Coal and
Coke Operator and Fuel Magazine has an article
with the caption1 "The Situation as Wo Sec It
And it certainly is as ''thoy see it.**   In the course
of this article, the journal has the following:
"Among those arc, first nnd foremost, a four-
year period  of  agreement,  principally for. Iho
reason that this -would bring about the ending
o? the term in a non-presidential election year;
but also becaiiKw it would assure a fixed wage
cost, insofar as actual wage payments enter into
mining cost, for that period, nud this would lead
to tho. making of fueling contracts for at least
that long a time.
"Second, the omission from the articliwi of
agreement of the choek^nff provision. This is
essential, it is right, and it ih technically unlnw-
. ful to include it. Moreover, it suggests litigation
by those upon whom strikes have been enforced
to recover dftinrigoR from those operntors who
assent to this, inasmuch as thc money derived
by the union by the. withholding of earnings for
union purposes from employees is largely wed
for the pur(mno of fomenting strikes jind of i-aus-
ing trouble, annoyance and loss to those upon
whom auch war is made. Regarding this prac-
' tiee, but one thing need* to bc ha id, which in thnt
any organization that cannot rely upon its constituent* to support it is unworthy of support,
and should tlio of the inanition which would certainly follow refusal on the part of the employ*
era to act aa a collector for the union from which
lh«y all ttt van-Mis and fivipteni time** miffer.
They furnish the finances of warfare upon them*
Th* last sentence of the above ia certainly the
"miuch piquant©" ot th* article, and i« •*» ludif*mu*
an to nearccly warrant notice, but is there ai* many
tndividtwla who never attempt to analyw the «itn«-
ttoti and will only view It through master claaa
gla**c*, we will, for their Iwnefit, endeavor to t»x-
Reverting to the first quoted paragraph, and tht
contention "that a four-year period of agreement
would assure a fixed,,wage .cost, and lead to thq
making of; fuel contraiJtsi for at least that long a
"time," we have little to say other than if the operators can succeed in fixing up food contracts,fpr
a like»period, the worker might be persuaded to
take « chance. Granted,-of^course, that food'is not
the <mly:-necewsi>ty of life, as the residents of "Fer*
,nie wilPhave experienced within the last few days.
-But-for,argument sake, we will presume that if the
operator can control the wheat and provision. Markets, and,secure for the worker fixed prices for
these commodities, that an agreement for an extended period might bc considered.' We do not,
however, think that the coal operators would be so
presumptive as td offer this, and just so long as
labor ranks as other commodities, so long will the
worker have to safeguard.his interests, and very
■varefuilly consider 4he length of any contract
agreed upon. .
Referring to -the second paragraph of fhe quotation which deals with the check-off, it is here where
thc editor, brings up the sauce. The suggbstion
that litigation by those upon whom strikes have
been enforced to recover damages froni Vhosc op-*,
(-rotors wh-o assent t& the check-off may be law",
but at the same time is a most puerile quibble. \Vith
equal force it may be said that the miner, by digging coal aud permitting the accumulation of coal,
so placing in thc operators' hand a weapon whereby he can control the markets and dictate to tlie
worker, is technically guilty and responsible. In
fact: further on in his article, the writer points out
that, those operators who have laid up a store, of
coal in anticipation of a severe winter (and we
might add in event of labor troubles) hre the element of danger to an amicable agreement.
"They furnish finance," etc. This is one of the
most deliberate distortions of truth that the e3itor;
could hftve been guilty of. The operators no more
furnish i the finance.of warfare upon themselves
than do the mules employed to haul the coal supply
the steam to work the hoist. The funds collected
by the coal companies are deducted from the men's
wages. This is lU'oney earned by the worker, and
when the worker ceases to work, the company ceases to collect; and what' is more important still,
ceases to' earn dividends. . When the men strike,
the mines furnish' nothing—and the operators as
much.' - „",;,,.       .   , v '       .       , c,
The check-off sytsem is peculiar to the mine
worker for -many reasons, the principal one being
that owing to the number of foreign speaking brothers, and the difficult in collecting from them individually, the system of deducting their dues from
their.wages offers the readiest and easiest method
for  collection.   Another  point that the worthy
ais family .can. gg-ipliimp to .hell. ..No, this'is-iiot
harsh language^w-f^iave the records of ^est-Vuv
ginia,;M^higa|i/^i(^olora4o for bur^|ji!rd^%e.,^
;i^!n;'t!he Mn'eiu^g|p^rti!on of this.aTtiele t%'j^^
er speaks of the;poliWcal undertow.and,its; effect;'
x .. *     ■   -9.  *      ■», ■- ■  i. ' •-   *■■*--(* . y  -1 ''■■-•y
upon, the" International officers, bust.the printesc;
with.ah ij'ricbhscmujj"Vein of satirical, h'toor;plac«^
the fol%Ting;two^ine '.'filler" at the fpot'of the
article an-doyery; neatly summarized~the: writer's
detractory remarks:'""Some people's;only-ajin/itf
seems to bejto lihraw mud." - 1 "•'.'" '-\'->^:.: -■?;•>:
Since'swriting';'the above we learn'from,■ a.dregs'
report that tlie'mine workers have 'refused, to "ai-ts
cept the offers pf.the operators,, but whether this,
is strictly correct'*; ;or Whether it means that. a.,strike,
is imminent; .we. -are .not at this time able to definitely state; but there'V no question about1 thV sen
ousnoss ofthe situation. " ".-,    .   1;- -."
• I1"-    .
■»*-9    ~
- Magisterial 'decisions are always more, or less
subject to critiatem, but it is only fair to 'fldiqit.
that the person av9io is not iji'.ft habit of attending
court'can have little idea of the difficulties in thje
■Shape of conflicting 'evidence aiid- petty squabbles
tliat a iriagiBtratevi8 constantly called upon to*hear
and adjudicate*. However, decisions are. often
handed out by our local justice tliat, appear, to say
the least and be as generous as possible, ludiciwis
and disproportionate in the extreme/   .     .. .."
Last Saturday a Hindoo wa^ dmrgedvfith beiiig
in possession of -a, concealed weapon^ aiid fined
ijifiQ.OO, at the local police court. At the same court
an Italian charged, with common assault (in-which
it is alleged a knife played a very prominent'part)
was fined $20.00. If it is .a crime to. carry a knife,
surely the individual who carries a knife and draws
th^c^o^hea^d "ai.the ldc)»|: ppfic& cb^t wai
mon^hsfor seUing/liqiior to an! interdicjtiid1' perspifc
^^i^^^^P^estwn. cjaiins ,th#"heVdidL.not.
knoWhe, ^^iet' from V'Adas^'f .^ox:,''.;;and
haff to .cP^fehd^tlvf^
■pvWi' flS^'^^iovide'.'liotel', keepers1 p^*bart^hders
>vith photographs pr'cut?, of"interdi^tM^mns^
they, ,a^e supposed;to..bevsi^liciently-ac^umtM
with, $h*?«e^individuals to reeognwe .ihern: uninedv
ately they.pntervtheir, premises. .t. No doubt-^bartend*
ers will be -comp"eligd/in future,--ib %plby<,-their
spare time iri'snapfhotting the various?'Indians,t
taking Bertillpu ,mea«furerafints and.fiiigefc prills
and jprejierving a complete record if they -wUih to
escape the penalty.; "We hold no br'jefjdr hotel
keepers, but we consider bartendevs to heiiu the
same category as other workers. „ They are entitled
to tlie protection of the law As much m any other
individual who, is endep<jring to obtain a' livelihood. True, their occupation may be regarded by.
'some in a yeify different light, but so long as society
tolerates licensed premises so long must .society
protect then). This is no attempt to whitewash
the.h,%! people,, who, wc haye Hot "thia'slightest
hesitation in saying, arc not. in 'some -qaf&s^ conduct-,
ing their houses in the best interests of the towin,
but if the police and license authorities are anxious
to improve the tone and condition of some of the
hotels in Fernie,, ihey can do so, and the -sopserit of.
the,City Council should, not be! necessarj'...'  ,
c ■* ' A"   ' <      "    -   ^ J >V      ' ^      *
can sous <» iluis
;Col4v,*fows; diappad kiida* aSBew, ,..
and >winter .'r;aqsiMna\;;-ar*:, common
troubles just nowi an« 6>r.> aU thnnn
Zam-Buk TrtU be found tfee taxnwc aadv '-'
mmmi'i remedy.    abmeUniea tcold
a*^;MlMr6*ajiacfcUUala* on^ke too*.
,*r, flaf«rs,*mAsM ^m'-tmme. ^tmo,   '
wh^r* -Mloi^dabcks are: wont;* thai*    ■
Jaa mm, ot Wood-poiioniag; tumr
tt*»,djre. .-;Zud-3uk:oi)«I^.'*6 power*
tally aa^wptic ,«aabve* -^ danger at   .
aoon as applied and qi#dy heals. T:
;: Mr./W., J. HaWdey. of Aah-arore,'
Ont; says: x^l'boAtm UtOe.flnier y-,
frosen, and - tt> ciaeked 7 at the thwi A
Joint, causing a bad ton, which die*
aharged freely and woold net heal.
The pain waa vwy bad, and the whole
•I, my hand keeaoe awollea and la'-"
bad shape. ' ,y»'v^, 'i .-i:vi      : -*'
**A friend adTlaed.ma to UyZaB*.
Buk,.and I soon found that Zam-BuH
was altogether! dtfter«t to any pr*^
paratlon I had aver tried. In a very.,-
•bortiame lt healed the; •ore." ->;?;'
,jyuss LJUI* May,-of SUiaey Oreex.:,
Ont, says:   "A fewiweeki ulnoi   ',
aeverU nkity^dlsf^niri^, oold eorea   >
suddenly broke out on my llpei whjch ,
bcicame much swollen.    Seeing my ,,-
eohdltlon, a friend advised-me to try A;
Zam-Buk and leave all other proparja-
ttona aside; This X did, and waa much.
8leased, atter a few applications ol
lis balm,- to ae* every sore healwL"'
Zam-Buk will*also be found a sure
cure for eczema Wood-poison, vart
cose sores, piles,, scalp aorea,  rlog--
worm, Inflamed patches, babies' efup>   ,
tions and chapped places, cuts, burns,,
bruises, and skin injuries generally,.
-All druggists and; stores sell at 60c. -
box, or post tree from Zam-Buk Oo.,
Toronto, .'upon. receipt' ot price. H*   ,
tuse harmful Imitations and eubati- -
.tutes. %t'A   ' ■'. *■'..- ■   ' '.'
■Van also, Zam-Buk Soap, 26c, tablet
•est Xor-baby's Vender skint
■ Y-.
writes should bear in mind is tliat the. coal operators are not in the habit of working for charity, and
thousands of dollars have been collected in the
shape of commission. Let the reader look at it
from either end, he will readily see that thc worker
furnishes the sinews of war for both parties.
The operators' associations have thpir own
method of collecting dues, andthese are uo less arbitrary than the mine workers. Let any company
break faith with the association, and the management of such company will speedily become aware
of their position. Right here, locally, we.have had
this demonstrated to us. when thc largest anfl
strongest company in the Pass broke away from the
fold, but was only too glad to be reinstated in .the
Western Coal Operators' Association. Under ex«
isting conditions no association or union can afford
to neglect the financial end of tl»e.".inain,w*4 nnd
thc method of collecting hns nothing nt nil to *h
with the principles of the United Mine Workers of
America, " ■
(,On the operators' side there is not entire unan.
iniity of opinion," which statement doe* not sur-
I>rine us. However, it is rather a hardy admission
on tlie part of this journal, wbo, state* that the
miners arc so anxious to cffwtnnte peace, But the
worker is rapidly eduenting himself to understand
the various phase* of capitalistic production, und is
in * mui'h better positron to review the operators'
side thnn many of those gentlemen are themselves,
The most pathetic portion of thia effusion is thc
usual sympathetic chord struck by the witor when
he reviews the pomibility of suffering among thc
wives and families of thu mlnetforkew should they
strike. Did wc not know these philanthropists
and the consideration and regard they have for the
mine worker's family (note fleneral Chase's recent
action in Colorado in destroying the strikers' tent*
and robbing them and their families of shelter) we
might be tempted to regard them in the light of
benefactors. It ia bat another move to instill fear
ami dread in the heart of the mine worker*, and
ho far no the coal operators are ".im^rned. he awl
*m J'UMB'.
Local Secretaries, Football Sacretarios
$*9 That Vrrnr Printing *<?* this "Joker" on
It means that fair wages are paid and Union
condition prevail in the shop
District Ledger Print
♦ Hi LieREST NOTE8 . ♦
♦ ' V ♦
Ed. Royal, an old Michelite, has
severed this connection with the Hillcrest and token a fire boss's position
at the Hosmer mines.
A little courte&y.and discretion will
often go a long .'way to'promote bar-
atony and good feeling in our camp.
To request a n«wjy;marrleti couple to
vacate a house in the early hours of
the morning does not strike one as
being very courteous.
The Standard OU Can orchestra is
practising for an important nuptial
event, .which will take place early
next month. The location is within
a hundred miles Of Cruickshank's
stores.,    i*._,      , • -    .'■/-   _   •■. -'■' ""' .
Rumor; .that fickle 'jad<£ hasjt that
a Dominion election will take iplace
shortly.   Why not let Ckarlle [he. thq
Standawl lmai-ar -attVl  H-A n Htf1<>- ■gplal-
lng in.the Federal .House.
. A serious accident occurred in No.
3 on Ahe 14th inst., when Mr. George
Balnea slipped off a trip of cars which
ran over him and broke an arm and
leg. He was-conveyed to the hospital
and ih ayite of Wb Injuries Is reported
as progressing; favorably. '
Jack Wilde, an ol'd timer in the
Pas*,' spent Sunday last with his brother here. Jack's opinion of Coal
Creek was not very flattering ani he
has heat it for his homestead.
The writer has occasion to warn
early risers, and all other would-be
worm catchers, tbat 4 a- m. is arather
dangerous time to he around. Owing
to vocal abilities of certain numerals,
<the early riser is likely to meet a -Un
can or any other domestic utensil (in*
tended for the mongrel) of ^course).
The fair sex hare never qualified "for
the King's price at nisley, ro bewftro.
ea/rly riser.
Quite a bunch of Hlllcrest boy* attended the smoker at Frank Ia»i Saturday. The opinion of all if that the
next cun not arrive too ao-pn.,
'We leant that Mra. J. Taylor, of the
boarding house, Is leaving for the Bia-
teau, and Intends opening a -Similar
establishment tn that part of Vtin
Q, Wilde seoured the nomination
here as delegate to the Kocky Mown*
tain convention.
Comnrfo Alf. ttuddon. organiser for
the Socialist Party of Canada, will deliver a lecture oa Socialism io the
wane earner* of HUlavet on Sunday,
March 2i>tb. ln tbo Union HaU. at },S0
p. m.   All ara Invited to attend.
Mr. Kendall and hl» Hegmer eoi*
paar «nade a daoMad hit iMfott a
teg* andltnoe la Ptornle Grand on
rridey teat, what ibof praetntad
"rneting your wmtborhmw.n Tbe
prampi tor the eveaiag'e eoUrtaia*
mm*, waa a laagthy one bnt waa stag.
ed la Ua aatlrety by tha Iblkrwtac
Hoamaritea to ihelr dittinrt credit:
Mr. Kendall, Mra tenet, n, n. Mllla.
Mho Pithnlto aad T. Mritalvfa. Mr.
W, ttbnw, Mr. AW MeRrivta. -MIm
Kaahtt aad Mr. 1. Greanl**.
IV htinktn aerial Ir aid ef the tandf
ef Pto toothnft -tion took fdeee ott
Tnettm*. ihe Sltti. In the Oprrn llottee
and proved to b» & decMed auocaaa
l^nifjefallj* nn^ nfhfnvfiw.   fir, Sny
ioetwptetS ibe Hialr and ht OfWRtag «b#
i ,,*»■*.. r. *>      ...» •' ♦» i
lr»«««K*lv eovwi th* ****** **** Vrt.|aBHi»a n**m."
sl-de-klcloers' were very , dtsaipipolu-ted'
in--not receiving a visit from their
chief. ' '  .;'-        "       "   - •*."
4 -splendid program is announced by
the management for next week, including, Vitagraph, Aoijerlmn. Edison,, Se-
lig and Keystone features. These faan-
ous. -makers have produced positively
the >best films ever shown, while "Uie
Sellg people have won considerable
reputation ior their jungle and animal
itilma.'       ,,'
The feature for Thursday nigiht is
'IThe Mystery of the Silyer^kull," to
two -parts. ' The plot is one of those
dramatic "features' that portray,, th^e
triumph ot good over evil, an* thev victory of love. Ap.. American drama;
"The Drtimimer's Honeymoon,"' will ai-
Bo.he shown, white .Miss 'Marie Shep-.
ard will be.heard In "Cdme.Back to
Erin." •■ ' :■*■ ■ ■- , ':. ' '"-
. Por Friday, a Western feature in
two-parts; entitled-"Conscience," em>
noajing adi tneTnifgett virility, 01 <taw
^Vest, and ** «plisniU*}#tory which conveys a sound mot^l, will he screened.
An ISdison -comedy, entitled ...-."Seth
Wood,," and Miss Marie Shepaird, wiH
also form jurt of "it3ie program.   -
For Saturday, Bellas animal" feature, ."-\yamba, the Child c4 the Jungle," in two 'parts, has ibeen secured.
The «yuopa!& of the story is a* follows: Wamba, a hatf-foreed iwioman,
aud her Portuguese husband, Pete,
live near a jungle In British Ghat Africa. One day Wamba.% cUld1 fall*
sick and ahe a.sks her Inebriated hus-*
band to get Dr. Rice, the surgeon at
the .British trading poet, some mile*
distant. Pete turns a deaf ear to his
wife's pleadings and finally, when he
is in a drunken etupor, the sympathetic mother love of Wnwba asserts
itself and she deserts him. - She reach
es tihti doctor's home, whete sho is
!:!ndly reeelrpd. nnd nfte^ liearlnj of
•V.» brittrtlity inflicted upon ber by he
."lirbniul. nr. and Mrs. Ittee decide to
pntect lier by retaining her In their
household. The doctor ia unable to
save Wauiba'a child and It paasea
Pete, in the meantime, disoovom
that hit wife and chttd have disappeared and tracks them through the
Jungle to 0a doctor'* home. He attempt* to drag Wantba away, but the
doctor intercedes, thus Incurring tne
everlasting enmity ot tha treachems
draakaixl. Pete laavea tbo bouse vowing vengeance, but lingers la Ua vicinity, and one day when Or. and Mra
Rice vlwlt a neighboring, aettlanmt he
cmwls behind Uie nnnepoetinf Wamba. htta her on the head, knocking
her uuconseloui. and abdnclathe docv
tor'» chiM, Ultlan, The story m »
dramatic flnlah tn the fUMmpe of WaO>-
'ba and bttllaa from lloaa and ttoa
death of tba lied man Pete,
"A atarvlnf man -who eaaaot otbot*
wtsaoWala food nay walk lato atek>
efa shop aad Mp Mnactf to aa mmm
brood at la necemary to suppoK life.
He may do m ofwalr or eaereUy aat
la aolther «aa* wlH ht* aetton be one
of theft." What ta were, the baker haa
no right io pmm Ma^ fer tm ■mn*
ing man ia taking what h« has a flaiht
to; to 9t«fwt Me actkm would m aaj
•«•! of ln)iwM»** It may ba ifafal aad
Mr wtgbt he takan «p fer doing aa, m
tbmrb it might tie a deed against the
inw, ft would not be a *Ia against Ood.!
•Man, men, Use n r?«fif fo Mre. fl* tin*'
a right to pracora tke neeewrttlee oft
ttttt      ftn  *»>i»   .   •»»*».•   »*   ».,4>-.*f..  -wr     ,*   I
J..c- THURSDAY .v.   }:1*    . -*r. .'■
Mystery of the Silver Skull
: It layatMire a wicked plot to'roforw^eawrria^ of a.' viBainouo *^6d'.
" ..     reprobato'and a lovely >,wi^^rl* It -challenge belief'"^ "
"'. Featuring Winnifred Greeawood-ife'i&:gitriking. -comedy AiKtimn. -  ■*■
'",:' ■S'.RID.Ay   " ■: " '  •     ..'
A Broncho two-part Western offering, -wribteflf -by RJchard V, Spencer.
The rugged scenery avd pleasing photography help this, splendid ptory
whioh oonveya a strong moral !
—w—m. j.»i.i)iuin;uiiiiiiw,smw)«i mm t i'i ivmamwmmmmmemmmatatm
SATURD AY—Matinee andEvenlng
An astounding picture of Jungle terrors.  Tbe moet startling animal
■photodm-mtt yet (produced
Mabel Normand asslated hy> the lamoua Keyatone Stock Co. ta a nrt*
tllng good oooMKly   t
t       t't 1       MUTUAL MOVIES MAKE TIME PLY
Matlnve Saturdiiy at 2.30^-9c and 10c
Prices, 10 & 20c. -:• ORPHEUM ORCHESTRA
Crow's Nest Business College and
Academy of Languages
/ IT. Bennett Principal
Watch This
(taHjr awl oMwwrtso tarmgMvt IM
laeasoe. llie foMmrtnc ImBwi tad pom
ttttotm. Mr. W. 8bair, Alt* ScXdile,
T. iMeKelrte, It. Brwtei. T. Whittle
and Ml** Rankin, presented a fine
Astir rnpommm, their ottotto bthm
wa<r-k appnwtattKJ by tlio and-ianee aa
'he jwretafftt enoorWg protoA. TSe
tUairman next ctUed oa iho aaoUoa-
**r. S. t. Kendall, to byptumn tbo
tm*o neetlon and lead llmi mp, mitb
h'oi-f**!. <r*"VR ft4 <tf*jf ag ff -j-j nx-xm
i'ift* ate** pa-marafiti ia aot taaaa*
from eat ot my editiorfala oa confine*
«*«•. T«w wVI th.* ft en Jung*.' JS* cf
a keek catted "ftoriaNam from a Clirt*
«»■» fNandtrntnt.*" The anther ef tlie
*   ■    1.   I      t*   .. r, ... .   '
-. •«•,.»   *    ' **H»*ilWb4b«  ti* a.
Tba book ta fwiMWbtd by th* perfactlr
reepwtabte a«4 coaMrratita Me-nall-
Um Oa, New Tort. The dktlogalabed
ftUthcr-prlMt mme to tMa coaatm ao
E waa earrawty reported la tho mmm
tmtmn, to *h th* Awnfem pmmo
ttm m th* enea^-n ot thtlttnm    T
bent, tbe saw ef $!M.» bdtf m^i***4 ***** ««etatioa la Um Appwnt of i
%*,4 *,a *»v« rmtnii f4 hie tfurmttntUr*.'hnt* ft^t   t*m»   -*»nV»->*wr p  t^-m  *>Im»i
!*:.>k Th,-iritt tw thn hi&m ptte-
| r* hnhtiwam rn Mim «. Raaltta. f|»
(Asmm tam tettn to tbaait a» «b«
• i1 imifHwi'il to tsako tbo affair eofw a
I *o<-e«aa
.   Tba teveniflMifa to to nlart mm_
\ 'As&ti, Ulu. %9.*x Ubk *»U* Cm, UUlit-
' m tmm T»* Beam of Trade ia •» be
oowawend*-! for thetr ymtMtH. et-
i torn tp una sn*tt«r.
I      W^k tmpttdt^upimtmi^ue  eseeitm* mm^^^^i um^^^nm^^^m
«w ^^^w»waw^HBw^a v^h^ji   mmtmem" mWwmm^^mJw
K<mt Yertt Ttmca" j»«vn»t tt me of
father Vaaibaat letioren.   borne ti
my Madera qwenf.kan-i tbe trnwrney
of fte dUteawiu, It tn lb**-**** wW»
wme ptm*** ef pienmn on* ntxutnr-
mt that I a&uomttce thnt fm mm tmm
*+* *» r^"" ■'•- «v-.t noes V-m\-
*»'• fti«Mi»r«. um ator* wwla. YtK.
"PmatMi. may find IU boob ta %tm poh-
tta library et ynm
The Metal utetf fm eettrypa fir thit
Great Western Smelting &
Refining Co*
IT1 lain St       *       Vancouver, B.C,
i,t,m<m9mm ^^t-^^g^fM^^^f^W,
'T\* •
-*^t A.
THE DKTRICT 1EDGER, F35£imE,:B. C, MARCH 28, 1914.
^L^9 T^^t'^.*tf^^*»^'i*J^*-     -.
* -   i-i-t^y*-**-!**.'*' .• j,y** *-%^4^r: "- ^^ ^-^ ^w ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^•'■^ ^^,*^^ ■-'■f --^a* -i*^^ ...^^ *^, -^bt ^_t ^_, ^_. ^_,^_. __■ ^_.
^h.       9^^ —■ ■*" ^. *? f
V?^' '        BpIUEVUE NOTES ♦
^i.'  -V-^****-   '^* -***■*.'   1.   '.1.   ^"-^ .V- - ^
,'.%<',-.;'   ,.i;7y -■-■, Ay,yx'.7*j1y *■
. / Jtfi\'a^lM-rer Job^
vPranJt,x'w«i'ie.lia oaiap v'W'Uitg'Sunday.
;''' Mr.^aawt;. Mas.,. "Jlhomas Bredioy,' of
- -WrsucHr/weire vadfctog <fi&. cifinp-on Suit
;, tiSLyAXXx^lA .A. - A     ■    AA  -
--'::*.  A^k^D&naiW -McMillan, and-her two
; .-soa»«:4eCt oaoi®;^ Saturday night fer
v <a eftiont viisit to her parents, in Now
■ h Alberdoen, O. B., heforo leaving for her
.>:ihoino.lp'Scotland.      ..,
'.'..  The mtoes at Beltevne were ItUe on
•FujWoy of this weok.-Tlie management
were 'Wiring to run the n«w,fan at .125.
Roto Levitt was at Pernie this week
attemlAng ithe football 'mee-tinfe,'
•   > IMr. WiJH&im Galfanore jnovo4 his
"feumdly io Hillcrest thia week, where
ho haa secured « iw&Jtlon. •, \-       *
.-. Mr. W&tta Goodwin la now occupy.
r*lnig -Ms'new house. ' S*& -. ;:-.
Mwu jFos, Cftllam; uwd-4 a* tri© 'to-Plft-.
■ ohor. Creek thte-free^ oh business. >'i,
; ' V-J-pfca KaUca anot ^th an occMeiit
ijbyfe. tak o£ took -On-tho -*raiw,©n Thilra-
,,'day.V % ie doing nicely at Mme..-;, •-.'
';. • A a^iesition-waa caused' In camp-on
., Sund^-nSBtoEJiY jtho';loa» bf th^JoUft
z- ■ ye^-owl child, "of* "Mr: and M-ra^ Yar-hy.
^seaircto/pftrtiy was instituted anil, .ike
'*$oiu>ta$£ eeodrea*. tor the- little one
jjwithout fcuoo^, yThe tnlno/^ras:* do-
., 'SjeJaxod «b«i' d^wn ~on - vMon<lay, raiorn*
. rin«g,:-uji*H-ta^ "efelW*wasVl<*ated- A^out
..• Jea'^'eloek Mx. Gilbert C*0*u^n<s,wor-]c-
■ ;.,lh*gJ!,U!rWto.;a, seawh party among the
1 A<Kmh6''ot.:tho Fwink slide, :■ found lthe
■. *, <iMld little *h« worse for .-her expert-
.. ":otkrQ.7 As ahoiit thiree loches of anew
7;;,te^s-lftwuig!h-,*Wi^ ihave
\ '■been a trying time. ; \
.- » .,Tbo,*cWMr©n,e'jameerUtn th* Work-
ors*. Hall jopi Tuoedky; eveajing was d
' ubig exsaootk. Everybody iprea-entt aippfo-
-, -claitedr'*he ^nplemUdii^ performance,
~ .TMhltih «dk>wed' thoroughness and ■' care
; In tnaindng. .■■     -.'"-
Bellevue, Local Union Note*
, Our meeting conyeuod as usual.with
j the president lri the chair.   The m-
- 4her obclan -was on hia 'best behavior
'/and, -tanto hadhthe effect of making our
attendance wry small Indeed arid, waa
lateo, reapowllble tor placing on our
..-miiuite books two notices of -motion
,, with respect -to  changing tlmee of
.. sneotlng. . /Tbo motives of the movers
■>,' -were iplalniiy understood by,the scribe,
. who boa passed thxoug-h a almUar ex-
'.  perienc© iprtor to attending JUiemeet-
'';ini§;IbatIs, t^e weatior was veryiap-
.'' proiwtaitie to taking oot t|ie, Xaa^ilyv
AiHtaA^ Sunday,1 -how-eyer*/ ,<w1U.''-dedda
- - -w&loh of the two "are •$ tie aSost lm-'
.-'-portaiwse.       •  ■'   •'-v '1,-*!''-',A'
* - Tho imln-wtea of ithe prevloro aneet-
^ ing iWjwrg. adOPt-aa' .without ^comment.
;r- ^ cwraflair - r«»n Prejddont^ •'Wjiifte
•and' eoUeagu-e^ oirldontiy addresaed, to
, t^tr Ibrotbeto on the ofhor^ide,. calling
upoa-Wioir deferent Coi'i^essmen.'to
protest, against the trearoaienft 'aneted
oat v>.» itijo ^Colcffado" mfaipre~*fin4t^i)Wo-
iheij",, Jones In parfetcular, was read.
The orifitnlberb of tMe Local axe aware
of th'e.ifii'tiUty of -protesting"by #en«^'
inig/cirwlars. to'different repro^nta'
tires against' such ttrealimenit a?"me*ed
out "by tixe .powors- that, be.;.":    " ,-v
}mfo'hn4 a fut«her1-*l'ece of tx&m
{rpan a lawyer demonstaratlng, the
amount of tlmo. it takes to handlw
maAfcera of "law."" As* " ''- ' ■
- The pit committee reported ha-ving
a very strenuous week with the superintendent over. our . little trouble*,
some .of'which fwore settled and the
remainder,, haadedi" .up ae disputes.
Suoh ddaputee are alarming.here. The
suiperlntendent craves our Indulgence
a little -longer over the quality of our
'bouse -coai as they aire moving as fast
aa Unfo will permit to -remedy it.. AJl
■menito'ere -Wndly .note and ,t©t ttot
question sleesp for at'ntMle.     '
.Ttoe. relief «omiinittee re^oiUed 'having received <inaoy.' ap-pilcatlons for
.relief dunlng the week, ""but thejr
decided' to -refer oil -claims back to the
Local, whose inj»tru-otlons were to adhere 'to the rules already laid dtyvn.
*', It wjli- ibe opportune w> state* jihftt
^e" situation' -steonMiy,: improves here,
anxi >bhat all diggers lire f e^ila<iedi M;
"the company anfrn.are not quRe -Sto'-foav
'tunate. ^\> h • ■     '
.-'The <pit coaittnilttee were In-stxUfeted
•to nee ithe superintendent, and emtea/v-.
or to get. <three - brothers reinstated
Who,  In. the  Local's opinion,1' were
' The" -nitae superintendent (Mr. J.
Thomas, of, Ledtch' Oollierles; tias
Agreed to give the men. frith femilles
-so equal shaire of the work., There is
only? a leiwrnen employed and' dtotrio-.
uting ahe work cam be wade without
any inoanvenience to the officials oi
the company.. - s"
. .Tbe National *&la,von4k Society) of
Passhurg imeets every- first Sunday
atter the 16th of eaeb month at, 2
o'clock, in Slovak Hail. All members
bake notice. ■ _ *
4 .
♦ * *      ♦
(wrongfully,  dlecha^ged; "also   to ear J erf. babit"   Everybody Is .welOome;
Miss Chrlstlam Is visiung ner sister, Mrs, a J. Tompkina.
:   Bora—To iir. and Mrs. C. Porfcor-
ney, on Batturday, Maw* ^ist, a haiby
girl.''    •
'^The 41 .Market Co.. closed "down
their /butcher shop here' on Saturday
ntgto-t, so (hat Prank is 'ivithout a meat
supply and are at the mercy of Blair-
•more for "the time ibedng/'but many are
expecting ■ one *:tor step in and meet
•the need heow. -'/.'-•"
Conductor' 'Fltzsimmansi wiho has
ibeen away on a holiday, returned last
.week and is now at -work'on the C.
P. IV switch, crew.. f \,   ''<■„     .   -
An tateresting-pirogra-m is'jirepared
tor 'next J^lday -night at .the meeting
of iihe ©ielaJC;league.,'Mr. B.P.'Baker
ik to give aj>aper~on the "Psychology
«•"* "Xi?*}'SS':X\'' .;-'••
•. Carbpnfale Local Union Notes
-The *i^tev-meeting of ,the above'
namu=)d, iwae^H'in their -new hall on
Suniday\ jM-mh 22nd, and was fairly
iweH-attended, ■ The president, J, O.
C.'Mc^nald,<preeided. =Tlhe andnutes
ot the, Previous xneeting weie adopted
nit -KoAjfA-1.*-:'-- '
, The ooreo-spondence, which was of
"a- t-kji i local -nature, was read*- and
placed on'flle.v
A grievance haa cropped up in ihe
mine and it is the intention, of the
, Local ito hare the matter ipushed io
Hhe u*moat according to agreement
^. and to look after the Interests of our
♦ members.". . • v
*a. . We dmbend diatribuitlng defence fund
to tihe various Locals ln Uie -best interests of our organization.
Our delegate -read the latter part
of ibis report,re the convention and
the Local'adopted the whole of tbe
report. • -
Since ;tosf report the mine is not,
running, eo Steadily, having befen idle
on BV-lday, Saturday and 'Monday'. '
deavor to get a suitable job. for a brother, 'whose .oorajpensatlon claim is
pending the «ouit's\4eclsion. •. „ -
The delegate to the Di&briet ooavenp
tion twas asked just wihat the convention did adopt-as. rega'rds'iperialtaes to
be imposed) upon members forking on
idle 'days and just what an- idle-day
meant. We-had, a dittes-ent opinion
from each of the brothers present at
the convention,, hut are anxiously
awaiting the arrival ot our new constitution.
o We concluded our \ usual lengthy
session iby endeavoring to .select a
measuring committee and the -paying
of our Mils.
♦ '-Members kindly note 4hat it is of
the utmost Importance" that all be
present next Sunday at JiaH «past two.
♦ ■ \By Observer +
♦ ♦♦'♦."'"'" '"V ''•'"' *
" Acknowledgement     "
' Passburg',. Alta., l»th March, 1014.
Thos. JptWb Vm.7    A. A'
Fernie. B.'fi. ..
Motion Pictures and
Doming to this theatre fioon'
that ia taking the puhlie by
utorm, Wateh for amall hilU
announcing the date,   :   :   :
DON'T MISd IT      *
C.WJOMSTM,        Muifer
Messrs. RJ Griffiths-,aad J.'Murphy
have moved from' Blairmore to reside
in, Prank In future.
„ 'Mr. 'and Mrs. T. Davis have taken
up residence io tne.house next to bbe
post office.
iMra.' ,WlIfred Wolstenholme and
children ace spending a tew diys on
the Wolstenholme ranch at Buirmisi
Tlm Murphy, ot the G. P. R., ha® removed to Prank.   .
Doo't forget the I, 0. G. T. concert
on Friday night, in the, new bdidfel-
lows* Hall,        .-',--
Mr. and Mra J. F. Leak, late of the
Crystal Dairy*, were!.to'town on Thursday laat: ■ vThey have" nosw taken up
their residence, on their ranoh at the
Xorth. Fork.
RaC. Green, of Blairmore, has been
appointed district deputy of the I, O.
O, P. for thi» district:
The concert held fe, the Pres-byterl-
an Ohuroh on .Thursday night hist)
«vTov«4,a complete succeea ,
jP^va4   tyt,ttn'+9  Titvjw *_»*«■*>*» -ifa^.M.1.
.peairrSte and 'Br6'„—Your communl.
oatii^n dated1 the JSth iuat., in which
wb$ eacfioaei a chequfe upon the Home
Bank of "Canada'- for-.the) eum of one
hundred    and'   seventy-five    dollars
I (.117*5,00) ■■)&.. herewith acknowledged
'with thaakfil Kjndl-7 extend by heartfelt <tfia.D-k8 -to the *meuii}ers of Glad-
atone 'lUx-Al' for- "the liberal - support
given -nawnrds   tholrfsfilB&wuulen   In
time* or 'adversity.-" ?- -'. - v,
FrateaaiaUy >oura,» XX-
THOS. G. HAiftRIES, Secretary.
Passburg Aita., ltfth March. 1911
A. J, Carter, Bsq.,
Perale, B. C., .
Dear Sir eM Bro.,—-Your communication dated the 17th in»t., iu which
waa enclosed o cheque tnaoo out to T.
U. Hufiries to* tha sum of one hundred
aod twenty-five dollars (|126,00) for
relief ptarpoaea it herewith acknowledged with thank*.
Fraternally yours,
THOS. G. HARUIK3, Secretary.
Tho mining campa around -hero are
atlll very dull to my tha least, with
poor prqfnecti of opening up.- On
tJaturdanfthe fire* worn wlthdrawu
from tho'oolleri at tha Passburg col-
■llery. JJurmla haa done nothing alnce
thu oonuueucamaut of this year,
■whH-e-t Maple Leaf ia working one or
two daya about every two weeks. If
the advene conditioa* ara to continue
uMic-li longer ihe Obaarrer will not to*
In a petition to ootthra many of tba
once aturdy. mine** (only fnunet).
The Observer haa heen requested
to extend, throu*h tba oolumna of the
Metrtct Ledger, on hebaltM iho mmm*
tert, their heartfelt thanks to thoae
Liootl Union* who responded ao tea-
•rooaly to their appeal for itaanelal
Oa Wadnaaday laat the nHlaFcom-
«i!'«.to tsnruffd r»lW to all mprw^ra
wbo bav# bean Idle sinoe tba Slat of
ioxmty. 19U. The anwuat gtraa oan
waa |3«,00, The ix-awm alu- taliat
•waa not glvaa out at Quraii waa ot-
OMtaa aH tM money In tb* tweaory
bad baat uatd aod wa canaot aay
£b*n wo thm m te a portion to I*
vn thn attoMloa to tbat camp.
1 Mr, mk Howalla arrived t» oanfi
on PMdar cram Midial. Il C nmtu-
huHhw wmm atealmr witb proapeots
of obtalnlni awployinoiu »h> the Klk
5eE*^»uertr*inu pouu
■a brief .visit to Blairmore last- week
end.     • , - _-    •   - ■- -
Sir. C. fiansom, school inspector of
'Macleod, visited Blatrmore on Thore-
day last -and inspected the 'local
Rev. A.--R Reekie, missionary, of"|
*5oUv3a, South Ameirica,- gave a very ■
iiHerestdng nddrese to a fairly large1
3uddetice In  the Baptist Otorch on
Tuesdniiy night last.
Rev, W. H. Munearter 'vms flibllged j
to go into hospital laat week.  We un-
ilcrstand he will be obliged, to under-
-to a rather critical operation.
The dam-e jdven in : the Oipera
ii<mi»b on St. Patrick's night iproved
a isreat succeas.
Several men wfere laid off at the
W. C. C. mine on Saturday*,
Chaa. Williams, a crack noo) and
(billiard player, save an exhibition to
Baker and Smith's pool room on Friday night las£ Olio Olaon, of .Blairmore, played IMr. WHMama two icaimea.
Olcon to get 75 and Williams 100, Olio
Olson won both gurnet.
J. M. Carter conducted another auction sale on Saturday, aeiling out a
large quantity of furniture, the -property of tha Pioneer Furniture Co.   1-
.Mrs. Walter Hobktrk, wife of Walter Bobklrk. of F. M. Thomtwon's
store, ealle from Gnidand on FrMay,
April and.
♦ , '♦
*p-         LETHBRIDGE NOTES'        ♦
♦ .."."•'" **      •♦
' * 4> \
\yaia-tever Httle.outside..working go-'
Jog on In the ~<Aly is entirely .suspended today j(TUesday) owing to the sud-*.1
dfen change in'the weather, a northeasterly wind blowing with a whistling, snow storm, and one which may
delay any outside work on hand,, but
which at' .present is mighty scarce.
The pro&pects for.'many families here,
is anything but. envious
(Monday .th^re "were signs of a little
activity, as quite a number of men
were, at iwo'rk on the new hotel on
13th Street and'on" basements for a
few diwelling ' houses' on north side
of the track.   .
A. J. Carter, District secretary, was
in the city latter part of last week,
and left Friday afternoon for Diamond
City, Chinook and Kipp -collieries.
Saturday iwas. pay day at the Gait
mines. It -was still a full time' pay,
■but unfortunately ln all probability it
will - .be some time before we ibave
another. The last two' weeks we have
had <the usual.stampede for (pastures
new.- In No. 6 mine alone there wiM-e
} about' ISO men qrAt It fa ontnoft
topic the (mines- are to run ,*hree daya
a week, *    iA. .     :
A very enthusiastic meeting of *he
members of the new band was held in
Miners'.Hall, Sunday afternoon, at
which a. commlttpe was elected to go.
.through the several catalogues, and
report at a meeting io be held -Tuesday evening. iMr; Frank Llameefeld
was engaged as instructor.
♦ ♦*+-♦♦ + ♦ ♦ *- * ♦ ■*>
Now in- thq timo
tor jwtf *>t»tf on
You oauuot aflbitl
to Ioho wh«n wo
cnn  protect
A cfcdateoliMI took <pkie« at tba
homo of Mr. i. Karr oa Sunday, and
many Meade gathered for tbt «aea>
•Ion, iadwHac Ht. aad Mra. T. If.
ftuecan. Mis* itaete Dokaa end Min,
F. Biowa, of Hlllefiwt.  After tba ****-
That a achocl wae badly needed for
„tho jh i-oma»odatWm of the chHdren of
Uraver (Mines (few people will dlepute
swing that tbe ncareat school waa
two mllee off and that tbe road bo-
twem tienvnr and the edtool ie In
auch bad shape that faw, if any. ohll-
lrtr«»n «mld nwkf th# Jwirnry u b\$
wmtlier. Seelnc, however, tbat Ito*
ver la or tnuebroom f rowth, and only
timing inio existence after the Coal-
OeMe and OUdatone Valley school
dlatriota were formed, and tbat (I Ilea
almoet midway between both, tbe for
meikm of a naw edioot dlrniet at
Heaver would of neoeaeHy encroach
upon what wae fonaarty tbe preaorvee
of both the older dletrlcta. 4lmea an
airengement bad to ba fixed np re tba
taking over of tlabllltlee. ete. Warty
In tbe {Mweent year a public im-wtln*
of tbe retfMyece and dtlietn of nearer wae b«d to coualiler mattara per
Mining to tbe tonontUm ot a naw
ertool diatifot, aad et tble meatlmi a
eemmittee ot rntppavm wi»ir* *t**t*t
with Mt, Norma Itorrleoa eeerwtary
jand Tom Moore. !»*>*< bant. inmld-Hii
Tho mine has not' worked since
March 17th, and things are,very quiet
Just now. *.Mo»t all the old timers
have $ull-ed out nxx4 those who are
left are feeling undecided ar to what
to do, whether to pull out or stay here
and run chances of things to brighten
©Ig Al«c McDonald pulled out for
the Xorth this week, where wa hope
Alec will strike something --better than
a bee's nest, like he did up tho -Crow's
Nest last time he pulled out;
Quite a number took in the .benefit
concert and danco at Weet Lethbridge
on -the 20th and about two hundred
dollars was realised for Robert Allen,
a young man who belonged in title
vicinity nil.] who lost both U«» and
one arm somo time ago whilst work
tag for the C. P. R. aa a brakmnatn
down in Ontario. Quite a number of
ithe Coaihura: boys took In the time
and enjoyed tbe fun until about noon
next day. Wo are p1«ahkI to know
their money was well epent.
Thomas Pearson and famll)' are
moving out this w*pk for Perm*, Tom
asy* he tat had enough of tbe praMo
played for. Games ooneist of ibilliardis,
.pool. 'Crlbbage, dominoes and'&even-
iiip. .'    .    • '    '
Who -was tbe individual wearing
white gloves seen escorting a-lemge
nuantoer of the gentler eex on -Tuesday
■nig-bt. Say, boy, quit the evite afci-
garet'te smoking.
Coal Creel* Methodist Church
Burning of Papers of Debt on Church
Tuesday evening marked a very important dste in the history of Ooal
Creek -Methodists, a tea party ahd
concert being held before a very large
audience.. The choir tendered a (beautiful cantata entitled * "Crossing the
line," Rev. D. M. Perley taking the
consecutive .readings. Rev, Mr. Den-
ham, chairman of the district, gave an
eloquent address dealing mainly with
•t&e. amalgamation of the churches.
Rev. Joseph Philp then gave a report
of the work in this district and after
■•ipaklnsg'Vfuneral pyre.of the papers
iii connection with the former d-ebt on
.this church, he, called on Tom Redd,
the genial superintendent of the Sunday. School, to consign the papers to
£lwme:'. The' ceremony will long live
in,' the minda 'of thb. younger 'generation '-©.resent.' After the .proceedings
were ov.er, supper was served, provided hy'the"laddes of the church." The
company generously, run a . special
train? for --the convenience of Pernie
participants, some 30 or 40 taking advantage of same., The committee in
charge desire to thank the residents
for the noble response-and all who
assisted in ' any' -way . towards an
enjoyable evening.- TT»e doxology
brought things to a close.       r
The social and dance held In the
Club Hall,oil .Monday, evening under
the auspices of the local members of
the Foresters, was voted a huge success <by all participants. At bhe advertised time (S p.m.) there would *be
around 30 couples assembled. This
number was augmented later toy a
number from Fernie. The duties of
flooi", manager were creditably performed by Harry France, the terpsi-
ichorlan jraus'.c being supplied' -by
Messrs!. Davison and Ramsey. Refreshments were served at 11 v-ifa.,
which were eagerly partaken of/after
which the 'light fantastic w&s. iidiiTr-
e;l in till the wee sma' hours. . Refreshments were kindly provlfled-'-by
4fcBu*um«» rftrami ">ujoE'~Tfie~
committee In charge of'dance desire
to thank the board of management
for tihe festivities and accommodation
provided. * . "
A sitorm of protest is In development in the camp over the decision
of the "city dads" re 'the bands. Wfoat
of tho ..promisee? . .
♦ . -,-   ♦
♦ '     .    COLEMAN NOTE8 ♦
♦ ♦
On Tuesday night, the nth insti
(St. Patrick's Day) a roott enjoyable
dance was held In the Coleman Opera
House, when about thirty couple* a*
seimibled to do honor to Ireland,'* patron saint. Lunch was aerved during
the night and dancing was kept up
until about 6.30.
The return games of. the billiard
tournament were to have .been played
on Wednesday night, tbe 18th. , The
Bellevue .boys evidently took cold feot
or couhi not muster a team. Come
away now, boys, nnd flnith It.
Mr. and Mrs. James Muir arrived
In Coleman from West Hartlepool,
ISngland, on TliunMky morning, to
make their future home In Coleman.
IC D. Black, pit bos* in the York
Creek dlatrict of tbe International
Goal and Coke Company .mine, resigned that position on March 31«t. Mr.
Mack take* up the .poeition of mines
In-Kf-teotor In the Yellowhead Pass.
ttltK'-o oomlni io Coleman he ha* made
quite a boat of fr.'tuds.   Hi* ku
team .for the -season 1913. Mr. O. B.
S. W-hiteside,' hon. president, .was
chairman for the evening.' In a Dew
Kvell-tSiosew remarks be announced
the program, which -began wltlt a concert, the following artists taking pant;
Mrs. Kelly, iMr. Evan Hughes. Mra
W. 'Waitson, W. Haysom, Mies M. Mail-
coimj At the conclusion, of the concert -.the team lined up on the etage,
when Mr. Whiteside presented the
medals, complimenting the boys on
their .meritorious achievements In
winning two such handsome trophies
ae ;the Crahan and Mutz cups. During tlie evening some excellent pictures were shown. A dance followed,
which "was patronized 'by a-bout forty
couples, who tripped' the light fan-
'taeUc until the small hours of the
We find the U6e"bf salts ;tnd other
harah physics is becoming less every
jiear (because more und'more i>eople
are using Rexall .OrderMes, u%ich we
and tUiej? -fiuimly ibelieve, to he the 'best
bowel remedy ever made. They taste.
go anuch like -ctuuLy that even the ohil-i
dxen like ithem. At tfoe mme time they
act eo easily and naturally that there
is no iwrglng, griping or palu. They
promiptly reanove the constipation and,
by soothing and -strengthening the
bowels, make it lees liable to occur
again.-' 'We have the utmost faith in
them. We know what they are made
of and the pleasant, beneficial results
that always follow their use. ■ -
" You needn't take.our word' for it.
If Rexall Orderlies don't "help you—if
they don't entirely relieve all your
bowel troubles—come back and tell us
and we'll give back your money. In
vest pocket-tin boxes; 10c, 25c, 50c.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies only
at The Rexall Stores, and in this town
only of us. N. E. Suddaby, I)ruggist,
Victoria Avenue, Fernie. B. C.
*r*   y\tftt       lt/t;l%
*■      '        I           '    *" ^
Open for Engagements
"-'-_ Ay,*}"**
•*   *.\  'xA'%
■ - X-l
*      i     "i
•A   ' r •*
,*. '•* '■'- ^
Phone 74, ring 2
tJ m? ,.4ijmA.-it
Will come bncfc to yi-i l! *," ■ -i-1
hi'iue. It I gone i-'H-' »: Jl *,***. .«' ii,
the Mail Order H«>\- '•* 'atJ>r„c *.;
our ad-rertisine coi. .i,ii-> ui!l,£l«r \-
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eotebntei, Motslae. etc., btt-nt tbn
bototopn. Toaats wart avnf aad
drank to boat and hoatan*. Th# blood-
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T*f*-    Mt*    *!»,,.«»-.«   *'    .,.-•.■»»   _   » *
comlnic to Coleman, for which be baa
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Alf. Sudden, 80-claliat onunlzer of
i». C, nave a very lntereatliiR and lh-
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22nd, in tbe Optra llou*-, :i sm i
very nttentlve audience, on BoclaHsm
and tha Prenth revolution.
A mwtlnt of th* Coleown football
club was bald In tb* offtcea of C. I*.
WIIMrooM. It waa dccid«d to adopt
the oolora of the famous Hear: of
Midlothian, maroon jwwy and white
ps-nto and bin* skosMnc* . What hot
•Itos IVrtletler left tb* Miner*' Hiatal on Sunday morslBK oMvaltwcent.
William White', reading In \V«*t
Coloman aod In tbo tmiMormnot ol
the latfrnatloiial in tbo No. t teem
ot thnt m-'oe hit the mlti'or'ur.-- :a
m**t witb aa accldant on Monday, the
ajrd, afcout on* o'etoek, whtl* at work
la pillar lil A bria oiaoa of <m»
rark emne i*o«tt and. tKriktftf ti'.itt en
the if* Juat above tht» aakl*. broh* tt.
He waa «en*r*f>y«d to haa,iitj»l wUh all
•fw-fd, anil aHMid<»'l to hy Dr, 11. T.
Hot* 11* in diltijj a* wi'f! tta can Imj
^jwiec^-d. Mr. \\'i*u* Ijfi-I tb* m.nter*
uiiw it&me tUn«r »«« tn matter tb* low
of OttO of bla 1*» » and M* hon*,t* t-mtit.
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mmy bid bntm inly enrtomoi, Um * pptco tben a fair amoant of rom*-
party wen W|Ue*<*d to fa« tbo «ss». J pondMco be* poneon botmewn «b* •*«•
wn. irr<;nr>r and tbo Minister of tCdiu-aikm.
MbM Jean fkmttoo left uu Friday w!;b tb* r?*uH thit h«t w«wk Mr.
oa a visit to Mauds vt Matrnwr*, -rn*»ftnimnrm, Inajipftor ot npiwnia, wnn
.Uitu,ttt U-amiiwy nnusatai, ihh down try lb* fforanmeaK. sad
Ht. Nat Krae* reusMMd fi»» *••»*» I »•*»'«•"-««•'» '•»*i ♦*•" -<-«•.-«
.«. .- **m* ** mm* mm aw** um|*v*ry aaaaraae* tbat tMnaa w««M Kulfawwrtl a.'wrwn tm ttne^a ****,**t«* '-.,.»,.. ,. ,-.
lh* tiama w*** ht*n?  «'»^flr;i-.''i,  .,'..„ Mm^mtd *-**. .*.* ue* »uwul -wMUitI ■*«« *-*"»• M» w» l'»**>»t#rtaa <linrr»i.jtf*dH fo bfm hx Ma mlafowun-n
tu* Uenth wWwt. «__*—_,  v f'J*Rtl CMl a<;*r Ksslw aod aai Will Ui* OkxxHwait-jU b* titer*, J   Cbarlea Wlllkmii,
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*■ ^?*?J5* ^mjjmmtjm. Vim i tmu* fttPbt be mndo for Mwaporary «tor Coal fSraelr at the Lean* nmUtip
tmmtmp mmy Bos sotdsty wm mm Uchool houaa seconunodaUon.             ^d^Vvrnir«n J^tttrtariaaL
\V*d»«^ay afteraooB at tb* homo of     Tb# mine ha* worTetfihTflrat tbr** I   ^ ™,,   ? "**" 1Mt -   .
Mra. W.  i,   tivtttttiKi     s*.  ***i.w**,t.i* ■   • •   —-— -"■  "—
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4ffaa Alio* Marysaelk I* seen agalajtiMR paet «lt wnebn.   Oar Objeet in
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at tb* Paaebarg Hotel dialog room
looking mmvb batter after ber vaea*
aandta* oat buthftbrs rseording ths
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ity aad -prevaat brotfieni flrtWi Inoor*
Coal Crc*k Clnb <oatMBa^et«- laying
wt Vk-'f'-i Purl ae a f^ort and no.
ro-it!on itrounl. Wo nadorataad tbat
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Mr. tnd Oil* u. Morris of Mtwaa. \ ring wiiweaawry tttwblasid^iiiiir"110"* ^'a.^ *-* ^ *-" -**
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,S£J   *^*mt- <* IMisvtM. wa*iiand«tag. W two eoom m wmtnl"** •* •w*"t
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flrand I'nlon billlerd i>aftor« on Mon-1
day night before ft vr-ry Jaw rro*d.
T*f,  V .    « '   ■ ■ .....
(\»t ro. was blown off U.> '!a>* Ui*
r,*n M«!r, \ete\y trr!».d fn n l!::tt-
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tbb Cclwnwn team thia •■ ■- r,*. J'.m
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A tno boato at tb* ralramnt fin.
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'nrth th* boy will he known as n^ir*i
•mmw sad his tirte «btt«r a* MmC.
IIsnM ntt k«tt to tearing
hm, iisroid
tin* won twa»lttd««| ot the Old f^nn-
Matabta dHlatteia* took ptom al tb*llrr ,0, £ 'Jl,J* !? *"*«*«* *+
.... „     »«-Jl       ..'J       '     r ' ,K
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of ««• CV^tsan f<*»***:   ■ -   ■  •
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far w* iu'n-Tn cf th* Clnb ete no* b*> J
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-■■V. '*   *.*.-''     -     *-,t.<J-*y1'    '.-   .      .-       - -.'  ^M,';  ,       •
"i -■*s?£&s««.-'V-'..'
B. P., MARCH 28, 1914.
of Welsh? Miners
At a oo-affarenioe held on February 2
and 3 af the South Wales Miners' Fed-
oration the delegates considered 17
reoomimeiwlations, -aU of them dasignr
ed to insure greater -safety in 'mimes.
Nearly 160,000 mueuxbers ot the Federation weme represented by 255 deHo-
gates. WiUdaim Brace, M. P., the presi-
den-t, imipressed upon- the conference
tbe necessity of the British Govern**
meat taking action to amend tihe law
in order to secure further protective
measures. He said .that during 1912
there hed (been 12 explosions, result-
ing im the --death of 461 persons; 591
■accidents caused Iby falls, which wore
responsible tor 664 deaths; 73 shaft
aoddemts iwitth 96 deaths, and 384 other accidentia with 400 deaths.
The proposals aa to addttdonail safoty tockide the following:
1.—AM .toonis to (be dust-proof, and
not filled--higher .than top-Jevel, so as
to admit of covering.
2.-—Workmen to have the right of
appointing and controlling colliery
tho mem, these to he .prohibited Cram
pemforaaliig othor duties than attending to tho safety of tbe mine.
3.—That -U, 'be compulsory to fill up
or stow all -gob wastes, overhead war
camaies and disused working -places.
4.—-The districts to be asked to appoint fuH-t&me workmen examiners
under section 16 of the Coal IMtnes
6.—-That overhead rollers or sheaves
te prohibited.
6.^-.That ■Chere 'be a total prohibition
, ot Ihe use of ony Inflammable or oom-
buobSbte material in the oonstnwfcloii
ot tatoke airways.
7.—That wo prose for the uso of «lr
eotric. lamps in mines, provided that a
■gao-testtag lamp is available for use
la every working place.
8.—-A considerable increase in the
nomlber ot inspectors, sufficient to enable at -least monthly inspection' of
the ctoMderies. amd the result of thoir
enuniin-aitton to be posted at the pithead. Appotatanemts to ibe made from
MBOtugst ithe workmen.
9.—No small coal -to he kept hi the
mine; all ooal 'produced to be sent out
' 10.—AM -main roads to -be well watered, or other effective moans used
for rendering .harmless the ooal dust
of the .roadways, -roofs and Bides.
11.—AH working places to 'be idfle
for edgh/t boons out of 24.
12.—Emergency safety-doors in -all
main intake airways, as near iwortatog-
ptooea as practicable.
13.—Haulage of coal in return air-
ways -to be prohibited.
14.—Workmen to have the night to
Initiate prosecutions against coUiory
affkriato iter ibreach of rules, in tho
same manner as the .right ie given-of-
floiails to iproseouto workmen. ...
15.—Practical endless rope ha-ulaige
to sopensette main-and-tail rope.
16.—That it he compulsory to provide "waiter rones," i. o., oomplete por--
TSom^ or roadways satiwated wMEiwa?
ter'ta all intakes, returns and tworking districts.
One suggestion was as to proMMt-
ta-g tbe use of electricity in mines;
hut this was deterred Jtor •oonsa^era^
tion at tho annuaj, conference to
March. Restalobion on shot-iffaiiig was
a question) delegated to the exeoutiye
(board. V '   -.
The question of .banksmen's -wages
also came up -for consideration, the
claim of, this section of tihe -men iber
ing -not only for bobber iwaiKs but -a-lso
for shorter 'hours. A joint committee
of ithe Conciliation Board had *Ms
.matter under discussion' for 18
months:, and agreement -was reaOhed
as to -hoars and general wndiMdoinis,
ibut there is a deadlock on the ques-
•tikxn of wages. Twenty meetings of
the joint oommittee were heW, and
the details of about 60 collieries dealt
with. ft was stated that hours .were
tou-nd to ibe 12 per day or 12 iby day
and 14 hy night; and the provisional
agreement arrived at was thet the
■hou-na should' he reduced to nine <vt all
coHderiee. ' Deoielon of ithe conference
was postiponed until a further mee-ttog
of ithe Conciliation Board1.
The refusal of the mine owners to
accede to the new schedule of -rates
for new <work, which marks a -material
advamoe opon 'present rates, was also
'brought before the conference, the opposition of tho owners having prevented new price lists Ibeing signed in several places. It was decided to .bring
.this question again Ibefore the lodges;
and tho executive council recommen*
ed that an additional 6 pence per
month <be paid >hy each member; the
whole -matter to ibe discussed at tho
eooufil conference in March. Tho <re-
-eommendiaiblon iwas accepted subject
to a -ballot upon: the .proposed increase
of -contributions,
The night workmen's demand' for
payment of six turns for flvo was approved, the extra turns to toe divided
end -paid ait the rate of one-fifth for.
•each turn 'worked.
The council will submit to ithe employers a proposal that the period -for
averaging ithe' wage-rate under the
Mintoam Aot be on© week.
The executive council twas asked to
fix a date for general "show cards"
and' tho Minors' Federation of Ureas
Britadtt, H was resolved, sh.ould- he requested to consider tihe advisability
ot'"hot entering into further ' agreements with -employers for regulation
ot wages unless it "be 'made a condition of employment that aiH workmen
shall >be .members of the -contracting
party, namely, the Miners* Federation.
Vernon Hartshorn, as one of, the
aniners' leaders, has taken a leading
■part, in directing particular attention
to the probabilities ef industrial ■6om-
iflM .when the present Oon<aU9atioo
Bda*rd agreement comes to an e*qd. Ho
states (that the first step towards joint
action -between the iMlners' *Pe<Jero-
■t'-on.. the Railwaymen's Union and. the
Transport Workers' Union "has (been
taken, in order that in 1915, iyrtoen all
the agreements ln the mining -industry
*',*<j ,^.'^i,to *Ci*a~-l*4xM ■»««?  Ic'tAAL '<Sl*»
iweek 'thiat forty-eight striking miinems
<bt the Foroes tent colony in the south...
em coal -fields of Colorado .were or
dared iby the' state militia to "gat,cu-.
of ithe state iwitbdn 'forty-eight, Ih-oujs*.';
■ Thirtynelght tents-in -whioh" the sfcnilS
ers made their ihomes were d-astroyeti
by-the nuiMtiia, and the uniformedjouu
laws in their work of destruction,-in^
formed the stalkers thac -tney 'were
obyywig tnis orders ot, General Chase.
Smeea strikers of the i<\>nbes teui.
ooitooy haul heen previously, arrestedv
ohiaoiged with the oeath of a inogiro
wnose mangled oody had been found
oa the tracks ofthe oolorado & Southern naiiwoadi about' a 'mtie -ctotant temi
the tents of the striking miners. '
tint 'the arrest ot sixteen* strikers
amd ithe destaruetion of tlie <tents of, tlbe
Forbes colony ame due to the fact that
ihe stiukng. mmnens at FOroes gave
eome damaging testimony .before.the
■o&ngresauonal committee that'xeffleot-
ed seriously on ithe honor of -tho'Colo-
-raido solcder and the military dignity
of the WOMAN-pHASBR.
The United Mine Workers of Colorado, through their officials, issued
tihe following document, and shows
the temper of the organisation that
has. suffered, from outrages at the
and  Baldnew
'S   r,.'.-» 'ij'
cant afford to
t It reiltoresiiitimtl color fo grey and faded bair. It
eradicate! dandruff, prevents
baldneei.and promotes a thick,
healthy growth' of hair. Jt ii
not a dye. > Ute it.
$l,dU,50cJ8o.'»tan1Ml«ta. libenlbtal
•Uc txttia nnM^Tot iio «o4 yoai
* - v '   ' ,
Sold andv recommended by Me-
.: Lean'8 Drug Store
"i JS; -
-be cailed.The;
■baH, Leagued
ijiV*," .*.,.
f .--*
'  'i:&
hands of lawless thugq and unifonmed Mention, 'but we do-know that whatever
■brutes who call themselves soldiers
"Denver, Colorado,"March 10, 1914.
"The -inreiUotlon ot many of the1 citizens of southern Colorado waa that
when the work of the congressional
committee was finished aad. the congressmen had -returned to Washington
'trouble would' pop in the strike zone,'
and the .people who had the oourage
ito testify against the miMtia audi tihe
ooal companies would pay dearly tor
the privilege of .testifying to tho truth.
The train with the oongression-al com-
•milityee on (board had scarcely crossed
the' .border *M*no of Colorado whoa
-members of the -Colorado .National
Guard, acting under ithe orders Of Adjutant General John Chase, maided the
Forbes tent colony atter thelrteen of
the residents of the colony had been
•placed -under arrest on a trumpednup
'^Members of the militia, twenty-
three in,number, visited the tent ool»
ony and ordered the remaining residents to move their tents. When 'this
order was disobeyed the militia at
once .proceeded to (tear down the tents
and destroy the homes of the striking
.miners. We are advised by our counsel, Honanoe N. Hawkins, tbat tMs is
an unwarranted and illegal aot
"It this means that deportation is
about to take place and the homes of
the -striking miners -are to ibe (thus
wantonly destroyed, as citizens of the
state of Colorado and officials of the
Colorado (Miners' Union, we are going
to advise every mam to arm 'himself to
protect and defend his home, whether
it ibe from the attacks of the imine
owners' hirelings in the guise of BaM-
iwt'dVPe'i'z gunmen, or the Oolorado
state militia. ' - »
"A striking miner's tent is Ws home,
and is as sacred to 'bim as the mansion of the mine owner.
"E.-L. DOYLE."
he -may choose ito speak on, will Ibe
^treated from 'the. ripe experience and
mature <retteotlons ot a generous nature. Darrow is not' one that deals
w&h euperfldals. (The history of the
•progress of peoples has taught him
tthet Industrial injustice is inherent 4n
ithe system, and that in order to overcome these objectionable conditions,
certain radi'xal changes must ibe omide
ta the organic tows of this and other
governments. In this visit to'Rock
Springs on Aipril 1st, tbe workers of
Sweetwater oouniy will bo accorded a
treat If jou want to 'laughs donV go
to hoar Darrow, tor he is neMher a
gjinmast or a ihumoriat,. But If you
want to 'hear one of; the nation's leading thinkers aad orators, and you can
possibly make the trip, be to Bock
Springs oh. that date,—Wyoming Labor Journal..
eome ito an end, also tbe .railway-men's
agreement and the seamen's.,agreements, >there may ibe general action to
enforce better terms.—The .Ooal and
Coke Operator and Fuel Magazine.
Graft at Quebec
A sensation has been sprung in the
province of Quebec .oy the Montreal
Daily Mail, the now morning -paper ot
tbat city. This paper has been hi existence but three months.
'The ipaper, or .parties backing it, has
•pent fifteen or twenty thousand dollars to uncover bribery in ths Quebec
legislature and the Quebec Legislative
Council, which is the upper house of
tbo province.
It has ibeen long considered that
bribery and corruption was rampant
sit Quebec. The Daily Mail, to prove
tt, consulted tho Burua Detective
Agency, which has ibeoonie interna-
ttfonally known with regard to the Mo-
N-ama-ra. -trial and general antiunion
After the plan was hatched, Burns
Operatives came to Montreal and opened a suite of offices in a downtown
buHOhig, at a rental of f 1,200 a year.
These gtnttonen iwacd •* A-tntwlcan
millkmo-ir-es of the sporty type. Inter
eoted tn getting a tchem-e called the
(Montreal FVilr Association incorporated by the Queb« House. The charter
as drawn up would allow ths Asaocbi*
tion to conduct liorscraclng, to sell al-
ooboUc beveragea and to conduct lot-
tories. The bill was a private one and
a most vicious one. It was so made
Dor a (bait to th* legislative members
and legislative councillors upon ths
private *b!l!s committee. It looked
«ood tbt a ircM deal of iratt to these
After opening thn office*, room 369
with tlio two adjoining apartments st
the Chateau ProBtenac, Quebec city,
aims engaged. Room 389 waa the room
wbon thn gmfttm wort to tw fetter*
vtww-cd and bribed, while ths adjoin-
lag nom contained wHmssm snd
mwmopmhon. Tbo Inevitable dicta-
nbens was installed,
^ne*a*^*^m     w**m^m me^^rammtwwmma
3. O. Momwmi, of tbo pHvats bills
mwmbWh of tbe lower house, got, according to tbo Mlil, 11,000, while L P.
ttonri ot Iho private MMs coombIUss
wt iho mmmm tmnm, m noo,
ud «m to get $3,000 moro.
L. p, Dmad waa a Conaervatlrs.
Mwb to tbt chagrin of tbo Ubersla,
Pramtsf Oonift appointed bim to tbe
hnemmtn Ooooell. lit It Hia law
psrtaer of tba Ubnnd Piwulsr.
 ■        i   <     '
Several other members were concerned, but their name* >ha,ve uot j'et
aippeored, as iho Mail is carrying the
exposure as a sort of serial story.
■The iBurns agency will plant a apy
In a union of workingmen to disrupt
the organisation of the tollora. It -will
also plant a dictaphone to catch a
grafting M. L. A. In doing both, lt Is
doing the service of capitalism.
Capitalism depends upon tito robbery of the working class on tlie one
haiid. It depends on the other band
upon tlie control of the government in
order to make ond enforce laws giving
the ownership of ths means of -wealth
production <to tho master class.
It unions grow stronger and revolutionary, tdie domination of the master
class is threatened. Hence deteottves
are -hired to disrupt and betray.
If portanentary henchmen are
gratters, the capitalist class suffer.
They have to 'bribe to get, measures
passed and hence the cost of openst>
ing the government In their Interest*
goes up unduly. Tbe capitalists want
parliamentary repretentativtoe wbo
Will do tiie bidding ot tbe -master class
and g<A no mors returns beyond their
sessional Indemnity.
Bums operatives uncovering tbs
gratters to weed tbetn out is doing a
service. to lbs legalised oapHallst
thieves. '
Before tbe workers can enjoy tbe
benefits of government, before tbey
eati pot any revenues for tb'-MMtiv-M
beyond a bare living slave wage, they
most caviare tbe means of gover*
ment, tbe stats, and expropriats llw
property ofthe master class way
Then, ud only tben. will tbe slave
class of Canada ttm to freedom,—Cotton1*.
When I appear, the lady Utts ber skint,
Although her skirt twill standi but Mt-
'     iHelMtto';
' The'fellah in the flannels starts to
•ehdatdn,'    "     " G
Fer tear thet be wiil git a little dirt..
You'd think thet it was checkers iwe
was playin',
Fer Wry-body) seems to  make a
An' I c'o hear the things thet they 'are
I know « workin'man they -don't approve.
There -has' been no man who, as
counsellor and public speaker, has occupied suoh a lairge space ln the hie-,
tory of the development of organised
labor as Clarence Darrow. In several
of the greatest, trials that have anark-
ed contemporaneous labor history,
Clarence Darrow has been the pilot
that has directed the case for labor.
Not only (has (Mr. Darrow proven himself a peerless champion of the legal
rights ot labor, but on the "public forum One has shown an understanding of
and sympathy with the purposes ot
laibor organisations that has given bim
a rare equipment as a worker for (human ibetteraneht He Is grounded1 in
the law, as few men of the present
generation, and bin presentation of a
case ito the court is aald to ibe a treat
Eloquent, -with a keen knowledge ot
human nature, he Is acknowledged as
one of the leading ipuhlic speakers.
He has known the leading men of the
>bor movement wbo Have lived in recent yeart, and -being by nature a student of men as well aa tactics, be has
profited by his acquaintanceship. We
iwish it were possible tbat every working .man, every business, professional
■nnd firip'oylng man In the itate could
Journey to Rock Springs on April lst
and hear bim apeak.
We don't know the "phase of the labor movement that will engage hia aft-
Fer I'm no parlor ornament, I guess,.
•When. I oottne.ridin' 'home upon tbe
itroliey,"1 "   ' -     *' .""■*"  --
A sawmill carriage may be (Sine, but,
, goHyl
It lent noted for its cleanliness.
There's always mud a-flyta* from the
nigger,   ■ .*. '•'■..
There's always sawdust ttoatln.' in
. ithe,air, "" '
fihere's always;grease—tout you cka't
afcop'Jo flgger" „    ,
.• ftn -^«wg-^Miu3ooiuer-paass^M»i^K
-   -your fcair.l --" ' -\s' ■
iatton* of clubs -' btaiO.
w!«'Nests-Bass ?toot;
' 2^ ^heobJ§^_o*-^e;iJBgiBue khall
be to;prcHDQte w^-e»tendlthe;gaflie',ot
fo^^^and^'gua^'^ of
the oJubs ogmi^riiing.*tho-iL§^oSp,x
',.3.7-Tihe ixague'-^^\ho"sl&en'7io'-M
clubs Ktiie'-Bsink-afea ail;oiai©i»;(wlv«n
the cominl^ee••j^/^rplewsed^adi
VUHtW,^     ■        ^ - i   «.J ^,'«,t*i_      *'*■■*  f*t   - -    - l,
[At'.,'A'mmtm\oi^Stttftai'-'^k *&«
Bi^deiit,l.Vdbe Br«%tent" landSeoie-,
•tary-■Trea8lU^iM, oh«M.'ooneid^ and^ssit-
tie all grievaincesV'aaij' Cisput98t;^wt
may -afrise In conaeotiofii'.'with ^ie'as-
sooiation, and <their^*de«ls*k>n .eitialt^e
Onail., They shalll also be,: empowered
to call meetings of ithe League when
they 'dee*^,; It, necessary.; "■ \' ,',-'■
/ 5. - The office -bearers of -the League
dhall consist of a ^ireeldent, Vice President : and Secretary-Treasurer, -who
shall <be wppo-lnted at tihe aanuat. general -meeting, and to suoh meeting
clubs e-re-entitled, to one .representative. Each club shall 'also -be entitled
to one representative ate the League
meettnga. v
fi. It shall ibe tihe duty of the
League meetinga to transact tho sen-
end business of the League. A quorum shall .consist ot five delegates..
7. Tbe ejwuual subscription, tor each
oluto shall be , twenty dollars. , The
committee may' order 'a, match to be
played each season,; tiie proceeds to
be devoted to tbe League,, or may .call
upon "each ekib to contribute equaily
such sums so anay.ibe deeimed advisa-
We." • -   '',  .. . ■ - .'' ;,*
8. The aatwial IneeOng will be held
not later, than tbe anonth of.M««ih in
eaoh year. .Tbe Secretary, and preai-
dent to notify all- dubs of date of
same.    '/'.*. -■■■; '•'£■>
%. The League will bold a competition each season* "which shall consist
of each <Aub >playing ihome 'and 'home
matches, w*tb ail other chibs in the
League.'. AU matobes to' ibe played
under International .Board Rules, aa
far as aipplicable, and' not Jnconeteteut
with tihe rules and constitution of the
League. Any matoh not completed
may be ordered to stand as a complete
match or ordered to be replayed tor
the pull -period ot ninety minutes. Any
game scheduled as a League game
must (be played as such, and shall
under no circumstances be played as a
friendly match. j
10. At the end of the competition
the club scoring the highest number
of points shall be declared the champion dob and 4haH be presented with
the cup and badges, the value thereof
to be decided at a meeting of.tbe
League.     . •
11. Averages ior the championship,
shall ibe' taken from wins and' draws
(not Cram -the number of goals scored)
to be counted as follows:, Two points
for. a win and one tor a draw. In the
event of. two or more clubs ibeing
equail tor the championship, tbey shaU
play off ln the'manner .which may be
arraanafaA -hy hhA Xrtmtnti* -m-mrm-Rit^-'
tod with>.feei'dt HMO, which-s4»ftH
ibe forfeited it, prot-egt'M not"sustained
'appentananbes j.ots-'tihe; ge
-madl^,ip^•wil)!lMitlg!to,ihe, ntoml^tSiSgffp
the gain»$jstairi&.*s; £v-v;:f*'■--'■■. 'M'^-r
26.   Rertw^^ .a^l forwani/'.iminea
gather wWh^ioiy ^mnp^S^Sff
bare ibeen'made to^bl^^-^e^Sa^e-1
tairy -iqif r.the, Lwgue^wWWn- -t^eeTdays
afitt-ar, imwtcihi, ft-.rt.w>V-- -,f'ii'";:"• V'*'Z•■'*.** »
27., uptt* mm^m/imi -ai»e:df
^cfcotf, load. m&iTimty'Sthe, vj^Ung
ol-nb.Ot saii»eVtlMWj.tlaysi hktOToSdnlbb
This Stomach Remedy
- J"'*-••:■-. :-    ■    ,'ivi':r.»»^
Dipectpp^ of External
9X*- ,»'V-V.« <& < '
■ You "knowus—your homo druggtetl
You Jknow we iwouldnMi guarantee amy
fesnedy to relieve Indigoatton-.or, dy«-.
ipe-psfe^ oi- money* "back, unless ^o-tolt
tihe utmost confidence,In that 'reanedy,
Theretore.^Trtwn we ofter/you Rexajl
Dyspepsia Tablets -with this proof M
our,H«aiitai In th-em," it leaves you no
mom tor -hesitation or doubt.
'The remarkable success of Rexall
Dyspepaia- Tablets, is due to tbe tact
tlhat they contain, among other things,
■Bismuth and Pepsin, two ingredients
endorsed by the medical profession
as Invaluable in the treatment of
aUanacto Ula They Booths tbe inflamed stomach, check heartburn and-die*
tmess, stimulate the secretion of gat*
trie juice, m ln rapid and comtokalble
digestion of .tbe food- .and. he*p to
quickly convert H into rich," red b*ood.
Ina'sbott time tbey tend to -restore
the,stomach.to a'-.naturally' oountat-
bAAo, easy-acting, healthy state. Tbey
atoo beoe«t the bowels.- : -'--'■"-
ReraM Dyapeprta Tablets are sold
only at the mora than: 7,000 Rexall
Stones, and ta tfchr town only .'by ua
Three slsea, ?5c, 60c and |LO0. N, B.
SuddaJby, Druggist,- Victoria Avenue,
Pernie, B. C.   '- " ,*-*'■■ '-
Yes, fancy ipeaple pass me tup of tato;
/But, though tine feathers thnn mo,
I Should worry. .   •"■   »
' It aiat tor tbem at twilight home I
There's eome one sweeter -waitin' at
tho Igate, * * *  y    v  -
'There's some one, when I'm oomin'
ihome, to meet me,   .
Though dud^s ao' dames away from
me may orawl;1
There's some one 'with a smile an' Wes
to greet me—
Per she appears to Hke met, dirt an'
—-Douglas iMaMcch, in Amorlcan Lum-
iberaiaa   '■
'•Wibatr' ottptt thn careful housewife. "You'cbwge me one dollar a
.bushel for these potatoes?"
"Yes, anaton," answered tiie polite
grocer, "Thiyt It the very lowest price
■we can sell <h«n tor,"
"How 4s it '-tm I oan gst thorn Irom
Brown's for ninety «eutt» then?"
"I cannot say; madam. POitsps Mr,
Brown has taken « fancy to you. He
Is a widower aed you aro beautiful.
rntortutQisiilcly, I— Yos'in. one dol*
lar."-<Jlevel*nd PIMb -Prnfior.
$100 REWARD, 1100,    v ,',. •
Tha' readers of this paper will oe
ple&aed to learn that there la at least
one dreaded dliease that aolance haa
been able to,cure In all tta atavea, and
that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrli Cur* Is
the only positive cure now kuown to
tbe medical fraternity. Catarrh being
\SPnJ!utu.tion*! disease, require* a constitutional treatment Hall'a Catarrh.
Cure ls taken internally, acting directly upon tha blood and mucoue surfaces
of the eyatem, thereby destroying the
foundation ct the .disease,, ana- giving
the patient strength by. building up the
constitution and assisting nature In doing its. work. - The proprletora have so
much faith In Ha curative powers that
they offer One Hundred Dollars tor any
cue that It falls to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. ,„.   .
Address: P, 3. CHENEY & CO.. Tole-
do, Ohio. ,
Sold by all Druggists. 76c, ■*'A   ■ A
Take Hall's "Family Ptlla for constipation.   •- ''.'-.
Sii**»--:-*.-i-i*Oft'i^LA'Z' !V   i?;-i '.'•,
■$• MeetsXevery^.^dnesday'
|r^viwing%t?|io,clock';in-'K. P.'"JI
'yNOMe^i^uid/HT K-Barnea.y-.y-l
-: r^re^,?j;-B; VMpll^eJbbi;'
"•*■■ A^ '^^AXA'A'-Pa?,- I? l-h-
"  ^>'V*^*W^»VfV>>0*VVS'^*«WVV**^«l.-f
j     i-.'t-^'^y   '••      *, *,*',.-    -   *-,-.-*,,        £\
~a :^tM*mt6wE&-:' xarfi:
^    P0EB8TSR8
r ■'•"•-. j»S^ ■?'•.. -,' •"' *' ' -/•",
X Meet"; at;, Aiellp's HalVseo*5;
. ond andStblrd^Mondays'ln'"
"\each;month..;'''«*V's,<i-"-:"     - ' A
"-'.-. 'V-'f:x*^'M^^Ti'^*- .'.'i.tv *i
<s*7r-y }T^?X -^-AAA: ;*tv*t|
',. Meet ev»ry Tuesday at fM*
\ p.m. ln,thslr own- Hall, - Vlp-':
'; tori* Avenue.''5';  -'/'. * •' V, -v fiP:
,' ,s0.'C,iXi "Bunch..'" *.''",.':"y
K.ot S., 0. J. Black., v
M. ot P.. Jas.,Madison.  .;,
a.7   M00B»
Meet,-every, Monday at 8
p.m. in K(ot P. Hall; -■•   •
;    ,   DlctaWT.; Uphill.
.   ; Becr^bary, G. Moses.; .,
, *■;l)t, McPherson Avenue.'
320 acres In 8unny
9, Rang* 1, West of
5th Meridian. Fenced
and SO acres broken.
::x        Apply to
Box 48,       Fernie
Chase Afflicted
With Militiaphobia
"Wbat's tlie matter witb four ero,
"eon, to it waeur
"It cntUtlnly 4s <Macs."
"WsH, I saw m altsrcattoo bstwHB
own aad «w*fe yestardsy.'
"And did you mit up la ttt"
"I m"MM. I wm miy m Inaoeoot
bystaadec."—Vonk#re Statsanas.
jmm  jemm. mgm^     4i       919     jat
A Pure Cream ef Tartar Powder
Indispensable to best results—saves
Mrcroy—save) wor1'.—saves money—
mves health ssves complaints at table
There csn be no doubt that Oso-wat
Joho C, CtMse, or ibe Oolotado Hm
tlonal Guard, ls suffering from -tii*
ravish** of aii old dtaewft* in na tp
mmm torn He it ohtmm mtm
the ppbmtpnm Idea of bin poakton
»nd powers as tbs atau's adjutaot
feoeial. Ha has allowed a natoraHy
Ws <Mts«ionate hatred of anytblsc at-
tiwbait to Wbor onaamtioas, for
rtnen he lived la CoJomdo tod wat
km «■ a man of lair totwottonn, dls-
' yinf no particular potbon or aWU-
i, m op tho other baad, dtsfriayinc
no idlosyneraetes thtt fnlfbt arooss
tbe auspicteoa of bis jujMww or a*.
mmm. Dorhiftba taaentable "Pse-
ibody iwftos 4a tbe staU. ba was, of
cowee, ooe of tbose seUre Is carrylBi
oot tho poUdss of Ml, mt tbls was
sttritootsd totptb to tba dlsetollw
wslwiSwd by Bsll.
la thn mumm tbat atopssd becwesn
tbe ««n of Pssbodr ead tbe bfsak-
las out or Ammostass. Obaae was te*
ohm ot wiih «h* boat of etftsrs wiw
<*wRrtOwed to tbs dslltMtoency «f tm
otmta In that aduninisiratloa. Bol
mm m get .sf me.nmmmem bt
•wmi'-Mi*' ratt-t***ti.it   -
ptayod Wi contempt tor <he sstfonsl
regrweotatltres,   retualiif   to  allow
e^WMWIWwSP' p^p m^mm mwp^Pwm^m ^ww a^^^^nmmet -^mwtnm
st tbs ttm mtntrte riftHnm to tjiimr
Is potwoa blmstlt. *»rly" last w«»k
bo tssosd ofters tbat toots te tbo
strikers' -eotoay mmm^mmmmn^
t*w^ibi ewoos #h •wppimmmtm'ttmpmp wmm m^mp^^^p ^m^wv^Vo
twentarolt of Mo tmm dntn mm. wo*
a tw m^enmm ^^p*a    wrm   -hmw   ■■■fvie   maw am w m    ^^^^mwwn     aama
auma ma*A -wtilMfSO fMB 4hO tSStO IB S
mm^e^em  obm*^mp   wom^wammm*^*   ^m^^wow   ^■■■v   m-^tmmai^r mam  m*
saaw obom. aod wtoelnd tfcs tsoo
m*m^^ wv-   -^^-^wiwwwmeo    •mr.^mm*     ™ w ataar^w^mm     ^^^amF     a •m,'^rv^mii
WodMidby or too mmbo week. So
astad no ut so a **tsns*»*'iiite at
Wmwrnn^m   wi^m 'mnm^^m m^w   em      w^^^^wmetm       a^memw  ^bpw
tbo Gsidtsa* fesM IsTrtilibdk
olMsff ds tho "taostf* AifMtliio -Mi*
Ito ood otbsr iwistfoa atrfkort' tmm
.mm *m.^m  tniww.   .mi^gav^^**   IP*. WWIP    *ww
Umo tfcot sod'^OM oast oot of tmttt
tbo aaOt owtmo
vn mmm n
Ua^J^^^     ____,
Vhmo won oootlos VbtLw btolt ItSs
omumi1 m* mnm mm n mmmm m
m^Mummg^i^atmmJ_\_A_i_p_\j_^A    _v_\_______n   e_\b____    n^^^ua
ood -oblMWB sBffsr oo loss visit ss*
wW^FVf'itjf   aWm tpmmmnpmtmtmtmwpt^^mm p    pp^mwr ^™ ^s'P'ihi^owo'
of mm ovsMfy is, imMoi "wilBst
mm rwtv* t* r*fm^w   •*   -^\^T„~r.\    , •* ,    ^ wfom't*    '* -nM ifl- hm* it •* ' "_* "" *     ******   ***   w#m*\b   *<m*m*em   *r»*-mm *4ou
\ mmm oaoooosd hy kmmm, b*m or* ****** the *m*th* mmmm tmml
Imw mo coss* wao^sd is an <bs mmk mmptmn, 4MH. ISO 00050 inm»
Moor* of bis office a* owd as aay •*•» tosor esa *wd pus <w*«S b«t
(Men* baee.tmm &•**«» mpmn. ttm mmmtp
I or 10 ofopyri storo tw tbe otitfco dlo    tImm am na»r etfeM* «o*o am hi
12. In the event, of any <n»tch ho*'
hug unflnlsbed, owing to causes -which
neither olub bas oontrol of, or ibeing
ordered to be replayed, tbe drawings
at tbe unfinlabed or first same shall
be divided aocording to League Rales
and ih the replayed . samo tihe not
draiwio«e shall be divided equally 4>e>
tween tbe oompetta« ckibs.
13. Home teams to ".pay expenses
tor fourteen adults.
14. Any bona fide member shall hn
eligible to play, -providinit be ts not
■registered with another club. If te
k so .registered, bit transfer must be
obtained from tbe okHb lor wbkb be It
reglatored. No transfer to be given
to any player wiho hot played In seven
league games.
16. A bona fido member of a club
It one m*o bas signed a regletiatlon
form i(«w*i signature to be witnessed
by a 1 second portob) tnd hu bom
registered witb tho League Seoretarv
ten days, tbe Lm«uo Secretary to sck.
nowledge receipt of tucb form wltb'ti
ten davt from date of rsoelving tuno.
Any <Mt Infringing thit mit tboU
have two points deducted and bo fined
f 10.00. Any pfovtr Infringing this rule
t^aH he suspended for tbe remainder
of ths season. Any nhyer tionlnw for
more than ont olub shall bt suspended
16. The Secretary of tbt League
ah&U supply tbo loorstaHta of tht
dubs -with rtgltUatkm tnd transfer
fownt at nominal vodue, *nie Leegoe
consnltteo to deckle bow wtttjr to be
17. tto club thtll opwoooh any re>
glstered pltvor of another club without first ohtalnioR tho ptnolttloo of
tbo 8terttorr of «ht ohtb tor wMOh 4M
pltrer It registered. Any efnb vlolat-
Int tltlo role obtU ho ftatd 110.50. Tho
Stercttfy of tho Lttgoo to toss s list
of til iof»H»rtd phytn tor ttm club,
tod to giro toCormsttos rtftrdlng
ptaiytrs «o any RooMttrjr 'whm re*
Ifc-nsob ck* wtU play Mt fu'l
strength tn ill Bwrtthtt, aod nolttt
tftwio tHlgftiftiiff ttnhnwttffl ht lifts
to tho wouaNtoi, tfctjr thsX tm mm
oowortd to goo oho itntyoMhi ll»,00
11. tvs Btersttiy smub Mop s int
ot iwOTWOs womn wommn nmao van
opprovid ht p Lttgoo NNStdSt tod
vsw^H^MP ^^ww^i ^^w mS^mmmmmi wme__mlmm 1000^
atm-mm ss^r wmmmm mmm^mt mt^nmwamw■t^*^^      msssp oiwt^
ONO OhOtttMOODObHtd it Ctr tt MOt>
wn wren   pmn  mnt wnnpfon^v m*wr wnmw   ^*nm '^pe^mer
-•^■•^^J^^Llj^^ J^^H *d|^^y^ W     J^^^^^^^ 999gj^Jt M^_%t ^--^A^^AfK
■w«.^hWNp "ns meme wjm^'npempp sw^w wi vwwi
^^^jm^^^^^^^I      p^^^      t^^^     ^^^^^^^a^^^k^^m      p^^^     t____m
f.iisittt'IsSrMiiT.  iliStll
doty pt ths Ptoritny to *
3Ti2i5iitiS3Bt m tmm %m
pffSf It SKOOf HMSSfc SS# IS
tM   -MMBMllSO   tSSOM  Of
ssss   vmppppfmtpmpwme   mm^mmpm   mtm    — ...      .
Ajp ^^^* M^HS^^ftS -f^^^M^^fe e_^_wm^m mm m___tm^t
AC lk# MpMttt4rf  MUMk   fc#4fc   IMMMI
^^Imms  m  ebmmmm AaO  tmnmm mmetm^u-^e   wmooJL-m-^p .^unm-m
»•* *
To oar eyaglasoss tadoptO'-
tades, becauoe w« know thai
every pair is tuperior In pooh
ity, Ctalthtod atcengthoC
lena. Be?'iauare"wltbyootv
tttf bad ootno here If joo
need anytflslng la thi optkol
itao. Wo \ pn mpwttB nt
inotpntoc tho oytl rtqatas*
otott tor gtMsto. Wt art
Ohio expert fitters tf lentes
so that wo giro ImmeiMato
tad permanent reliet to thou
tjoobled witb weak erwdgbt
Wojgrtnd our own Isntoa
A. C?i Liphardt
et n mmmm mmm inthe strike dlo
Itrtet  WHb tatb tuoeesdlng day thot
bat pttsedi bla pmkIuw for «st«*wt.
Wivhi-tt* inJiw  xitW %'," as.-..
■  - • -*t    »-#      eaw-"**     m*      #or-***
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capita! Autheriiod .. $10^00WO     CaplUI Paid Up	
Rtttrvt tnd UodlvM* Tstal amMi
•dPrtfltt  IIMAOO            ww"w r
0. n. witKti, Sfttiotm      how. worr jaffray, vi^Pm.
Arrowhoii, Crttbr^V, Femlt. Oelden, Ktmleept, Mlthtl,, Nelttn,..
Hevettttkt, Vtiwtuvor not Vlttorlt.
IMtrttt tllowtd os dtpoMt ot twrroot rati from ditt of dtsttH.
FtRNII SRANOH A. M. OWf N, Mtstftf
'   afsTmoim^ mmm*^^ *-— m___^J_\ M^_._7_m_^^ ~^^^^Je__^m_im Mm if^mmmtbmuh <gHttia*HOh
•• 70s ssvs to hoo tnos^j sio sot 10 is vsnsss msof
Us rwslttaaet bf s MosojrOrdtr thresfb Um Moms
Bsnk. TlitMmootyordtriirtlbrioloataUBnstlMti
»ioit ouh a tbm onto, asd thw Slffisl 1ST issii
naww mnag m ^a*m mwrnamf ww^ y^mg y*w»ww» *-**mif j^^m*
tfmMtkt.    ' <'<■ '""*   " *
I^aa'***!** _^ ^Wm£ 1% 'ietL Ikl itJ>^    mmmm WMWtem '
^,   my wi^^^ww^WrWirw  mm     m  mtm m m ^^m m ^w w   ^^m     ^^^^^^^^^m ^^^^^^^^^^w
4oWo MAOOONALO, Man«««f
wWtmmimm    -,m   ■   +
Ho m o«l/ hit set aside all eltfi
law* barked Sy Amnions tod t demy,
od Supreme Cooti decision, bat ht hit
even ororiddos th* tmtnintors of b!i
ohlef, Ml of* *Md mm tor supremacy.
Wttheot til ebeck ottmA by pTbOr
eololoo, «itrt mm be m donst tMt
*Cm*a«e would out'lkt-vu Ha»-tu »iM»-
stir.*;*. By S*eerd*r» strikim bsvo htoo
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note task oetMkw ts ssnt Mi wee
W-m^Wm ttwn   wmwrwamwmmt^m   tfOr    mat^m^m   *■•• wis**»*p
Joristo of tho dusssfS of tto sssjois
of tbo bmtmmmt ttmtnty mmm
embe^m ** ^^^y^ jm^*^g^|g- mm e__m
mmmnmp     WVHS Pw^*^**™ mmm' ^^^
-ml. m_gh_m   Ghost SIS IMt
f   wmi^m   mt^mt^^^^wm      ^w^m^r^m   ^^^»^r   *™™"
ta tbe aosat strolw  *ena.
Ooly p torn dtfS Sii ISfisd Wss*.
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ho has hteooM te stsd to rtiotog
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mmw ts mm ^mmmmmmtmmr mm mm
Colorndo-WrooOag l^ohor
tto      *alki*A  ep^^^mw^m   m^^m^e   ^mm*^p mmmemtimm
w?o    _i__^^^^   wwmmmmjmn   i^b^^^^- . pt^mwom w^mp^wm^p
to ol astoelito, isi..
OMh 'Swot
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p_h!____L    .ass^omm    ^^^-^^^^^^--^j^^^l    j^^i
mm*m^m   ^pm^'^ve    gppm^mmpmp-mi^m   mmm    .. -
gtouod hi a altyohio otodMlso,
u^afa^w^^^u *u i^k^p* ^A^g^g^ tmmem
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ik||ugu*| i^^lM|^ ntL.4*. ^m^^^tt^^jt tm^mm me
TTaSa ..tlfeWmmi   WW IHWUnriPPI  IWMp Wl
mm    wm m%m_^m__j_g_^ _j_±me j^ a^A. tm
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ttepm^mA s^^dk^^M. ^_fm_^_^m_b _hm ht^—m ^^agmtpk^n^tt ^^^^^^tL^
ww raito oaiiopi tt too msMp mmm
k«g called tor thotooiywt oil ooIsm
nwpof'*ed sr »os<tshtti sf tso ttto^
Vra prtasttsA.
■■-ft    V3tfk 0^9jb^^^. ^m^^aa ^^m ^^m meatu,^^^t
ft.  Twas rsWo to so prtowd atd
nt*b t^*> *n meet** *W***m
le imnmo* Pmrrater* ***v^ t**a* *n*mt
of tka taste*, aad ttott ho
( _ , t       -,, ,,   j 91       1      •>   •'   *f   , c tn-1 tp ■    rt '   » 'TP ~   '    '     -i-i   ** t -t    ■   •■ ■■■■      -  "■ *,.     ,
THE CAlfi^
V> V/1TX1TX JLt av w em •
sot |MHgn wto*mtmn.*mmjm.n.e..nk. tmm*..... mmm^m^it
^^^,^,^^f^^^^£*~mS^^XmXA.--X7i^^__A7^^^A^™^^^tESZSj ^SSSB^^?^^^^^^^^
,.-.M..._'!",!  ' ,T^ WtW*^*a wawpmwaajmatw
XNSrtriaa.   ft k spoctolfy t^olfifod fer ths mSLto tod tolt of
ood other Porrifs twchtfigo, drafts sod fsMt Trsntfscs, aod
iK^^m toam-^to j^^^g^^^^a^^^mgm a^^m  ^^j^^^^^^^p^*  ^^^^^h g^^gg^gggim-^  ^___T gpmt^^^^^g^^^^^JP^^^^.
•or tomm^^^f -m tmmmmtmnmmwomtmno womwriimiuiISi
qww m#Jmmm t*CnM mjmi *n4 tmMk h aH pMtaoftW wmUL
mSssM m^DiSTBIOT^EDQEB, FERNIE,. B. p!,; MABOH 28, 1014.
0sx COLUMN      I
J??^*'ed*«r 0«fiw, Ma«!U 28,-WH
.fi*^mm^Sm-,JJootl -Notes)
4»^mJW1, l"S?*^ f«r publication
Jw&C0Jum2iihtw,M be ■*»«*■* 'to
!£L%ker E?1*0''.^ should reaoh
'^^•Mt later than-first .post
on^Tu^sday of each week. \ • -
^Oorr.esponden4s sending- oorrectlone
..:£o&fc«iiyj^^ aa *tejto
^^^a^o'-'oa^neinoiu *naiwaYit\
I*?«WI^Wh^.,|?» «>«to; v tfSdni dva
jJnl,.nelBed,y5.-Jedien;:den,a nicked? aj
n«5|->-j?r*o.',<o"-pre.npidlny tunajSitA'DiaJ-
jjeroy tuha skuSfca Jajta aa xxi od rotoov
neppBldo|ala;.^Jlest^-sa chce, odev a
o-bov-je 'potnebnt; a toto vSetko niet za
bo. onknW'^he&'jte j© takf 6as velW1
nepr^n^-iiiqlb^^m-u l'iidu,   Bolo by
v2 M^ ***? ?***> n^a3to aai>n»Yllo
a* MJiacfan sa jarom i lepgfe Ca$y w,
xhydy,. vytrpveny -irobo-tny I'ud nasta-
ly! *%ti\ y :-"-'-       - - Tj
APnym^ismilnaky pl§em (t. j 21
maJ^ibo^.iriaim-prlpadlo troohu on*
ha,.Mars.ale.sotm,$md* dlho trvaf,
najylac ak den-dva. klbo jarnde stato!
too toras,o« prtpeko, a eSte postal' v
spantou pohruSeou prlrodu eoskoco ku
llvotu twebudl.';.
,    (Frank Notes)
Na den, 14, mairca osnamena vfolata
mJmJZ*Z*S_T&h_™* «»t «hiee vjiplatond.evoie pentose; ale «nl torn
sotasssi ttouM™k*5aTUffi
Ruled vapor to desired. ™    ■ ^^
uv*   15!!i? t0 Correapondtnte
_M  -Bradley,   Springh^,-N.. S.~
2**nhjr «w ootttng, wWh is of tte
h^Thanks also for beat .wishes and
«W*kw..-which -latter tm bom.
iSftLf£?w   «»»• hsidly nooes:
■wy, Wt^^aao was selected as dereJ-
2f°fl!5 f1*'^**!*! matter,ypu caw
«« ~vi.!   WaJme sa k.61nu, pracujme
iPride hoc, a potom nikto nobude moot'
Ptaoovs^ Vzty&nelTto bowiwffi
£% i»nhiHa*°^'ho l «Pta*novat', kde
£&&■?* * ^e ea ku tomu:,vbodna
2S5S?0* 5«*y*ne, lebo. elm vide-
toneJM nanod, ty» lepSia a trvanMve^
Vzdeianoefou ku predm!
 /■•-,-.     Malovesky,
• 2pravy z Paaabura
(Paesbwg Local Notes),
. Na twnto^'plejzl" dopoeial- nifi sa
oezmend-lp, Co sa robotnej stranky tf.
.ka- P™««Ju i«i tt robotnici. ktori
I predit^m -prawviall a- ostatnl su *bez
■prace doposial'. RonevaS tl neaamest-
kpaml nemaju % 6oho 2it' ked'ie nero-
Wa, uanleeli sa na uniovej echodzi lie
a»od8ju prosku k uverejnenlu do bis-
i50t**L?<l^r v ktor*l «adaiu podporu
od tyob kemppv" kde aa S
TOM. Na 'Uverejnenie toto prlspeU to
■Pomocnou rukou viacerd "kempy" a
»a»tal .po par dolJarov, totord rosdele-
nd bol>i medsl udov a t ktor^ch laid*
neauftesUroauy ,(108181 po vnX' dolla/.
fv- Nie je to vel'ka summa, ale 7
tWhto trudnychpomeroch u ka*d#
cent doors side.
Verejny Notar
v AfK°1        B°X 7 ALBERTA
Naotdyuje Bellevue na 14 kafidy meaac
Barrister and Solicitor.
Notary Public
Visit* BeBevue on the lttb <if eaeb
4I Gpow HaiPi I Do"
Pac-slmlleB of Prof. A. Garlow.
A"U 1
panda owaabudia na seba; jeetli nlek*     „
twy robotnlk dlhoval sa loty aleAm sa , P0*1*** sa to, fe tunaiila Tnoata.
Problem Nt, 4
Tho Fourth Poaltlon
r • ,    WHITE
:»iy Ooods, Groceries,' Boots and
^Shoes, Gents' Furnishings' /;
| Vfi* ?.-1.1'. - • • * 7; -.*■- \ s. ■ •. i.     j
.   _S
*' Large AiryioRobms &
Good Board
^■' — m\
WholeBalo Dealers in
t *
*.*- ^
7 Winte
r Liquors
mail Orders receive
prompt attention
■White to play and draw., • ■ "
r* .-.    t, \   ■ -
Solution to Problem No. 3 .
'The Tregasklt Position    >   :
Black men-on R, 6 ana. 12. „Wbite
m*? °j j{-.*WFohi'»."IWhttfl ti* n-■'
^Flill sopply of fttltwUtf
Beef, Pork, Mutton
Poultry, Batter
mo Eggs
iw* mOHOttWtfm
en In all tdndt oftoufti
Send as yoar orders
25—22 "
odtithoutd. Hned' po vypdateiS.
sail » nmiobl robotolol a praou a v
poodeiok dna 16 marca <boio pmvd 0-k
}*r?~e tompsoiokel, uradovne, lebo
k*»J,e*,_» v*etk^*.okolltJcb "&&
w" wctwddM ta nesmnestknani w-
boma x ntdefl. to enad' w im po*ut
nejaky *eo-'Vl«»b" a<mytlt». tie mm
odcfatdtal neuepokjen^a akiaonan* vo
wojich ntdejacb, lebo predbeioe kotn-
Spata nikomu praou noobecala. Vtwsa
rade odaine ptacn dostanu vftetcl atari
robotold, obortaSte tl, ktori nail tak
dlh? fiao tamt svoje peoiaze a len potom pridu oa rid nbvl, prespolnl robot.
nici. Do <prtoe pribroU dopastaa' -vei'-
m malo l'udi; musia to nalprv vietko
prtpravlf a ai <potom <budu moot" ipoa-
topne vidy viae a viae l'udi zameotk-
navat, • .
Za hiavnlho tnana«wa povolan^ bol
oa tfato majnu jk j, ft. MoDonald z
Bellevue, ktory „elu»bu ,tu ui i nastu.
pM a prest'aboval sa.s^m 1 so svojou
rodlnou r ten. t^Men, v ktorom mala
oyt' i vfplata «robotnikov. Pod Jeho
rladlenteni^fianie, fie qnfcjna v kratkom
case do porladku, rprid-o a. robotnici 'bu-
du jnect'-dostoit* praou Co nevldet'.
Vzdelanoat'ou ku predul
Pod tymto zaihlav^m kedysJ uverei-
nen^,bol Clainok v.b^valam "Slovenr
«kam Slove", nopre Jtttio obsatoost' a
vyznomnost' v pozmenenej forme da-
vaan-ho k uvenejneniu zase -asice pre-
*o, alby naS l'nd jpram^fil'al ytrochu 6
'ton, jak© sama vrdelavat", Jako dvl-
'hat' osvetu narodnu, abj" sme. vo v6et-
kom tak 'nesaiostavalK^,.
, , —Z-—7*-t4'-*-'"'. -\    ■<-        . '
,a<tl4    *9     m9l9rumXI.~ ,m~.XX,.. « - . , .
-—-——- .~.. iV.m&ii.v.,,w..9*n.*ia9it&-Ce£H,     Z-ttU"
Jwn^Jn tnedsl. robotnou^trledou;   NaS
1 od, Je pmooviity. etaomn? a -tyaahn
vlastnosWaml vyelskal tl.wctu a usnaa.
Ilvosf i «pedzi tunaJSim obecerisjvoim;
Ved'   pri   tych   naJt'aESich - pracadh
-.—*u vsade najdete zame8tkna«.Sho SJovaka,
14—io » kde Je onv tak Iste Je v praci,vy*t£
23—18 W. usllovny a evedomlt? a za tleto
^112*?' ""* -biV ^WMt'abovana do
obebodu ftratov Kerrovcov. Kol'ko Je
pravdy na tomto cttfi*. ukaie nam to
krethai buduenost'.    .     lT^ ^^
«1K!? *2?den *"»* K*^ hoi oa
HlHoreet oteret' sa aa. pracou a ked*
ea -vracal doosov pri iprecbadnOi eea
2?tI,^BeJ ""^ >««»*oU tot?
i« 15 "oM,*©!!*^ aby tadial' mobol
e1^* tw«Jst' nejako ea uimikwda
P^doldo -vody i dale mu to dost* prao*
pokjia ta s nej sate vy&tmtl a oedt.
watt nabetpedaon mleste.  Kefcyto
6046 V**. ** *V to zabavkatoSeta
so vj*upaf/ale v-teiajfiom etos^f
je to knpel' nem-Jl? a neprijemni*.
Opattaostl nlkdy neBb^va!       **?""**'
Bnt Jotet Fabian presfahovai aa
M ^uS«»tat Kova6a,.kdo rfomo-
slal ibjval, a ubytoval sa v boteli,
wory vlastni nam defore anamy too
Ttom -Qunoan, * ^^
5  ZpravodaJ.
Among other anecdotes of unlves^
my life, Dean Hole tei>!» of an ©oca*
sion «lhen there. ,was isome doubt as
to *he -localit}' ot a city mentioned- in
a Gireek text, and *he lecturer ed*-
dressed a youth who bad Just come'
op Urom tbe famous Shrcwobuny
"Now, Mir. Bentley. jx>u aire a) iwioii
of our groat,-geowaph-M-. i»r *ZA*y-
the antes of the nge, .who carries the
world not on Ws ehouldera, Jbutdn bio
Office: Above Bleaadell'a Drug Store
Phone 121
Residence: 21 Victoria Avenue
FERNIE       •      •   ■   «      -       B. C,
Barrlater, Solicitor, NoUry, ate.
Offlcet: Eekatein Building,
Fernie. B.C.
Said at 26. Pine hair at 66.
*. C Uwe
Alan. |. Flthsi
Fertile, ft C
I POSITIVELY Cure all hair mm*
scalp DISEASES. Prevent iiS^S
and prematuro grayneaa. GROWHo-
<U?8^J:hUi1'ea,fl *»ir rapidly
POslUvely cure aU I do take.   Hair
JE. Vlf re8tored on S hnm
that stih ahow fine hair or fuzTto
prove that the roots or UAPILLIARY
glands are not dead. "*"»*«
I  HAVE A  PERFECT «v*t«m   «,»
wty people who cannot come to me
for personal treatment   WRITE TO,
«I U.^R8, Encl<*<» "tamp and mention thia paper.
M» PRICES are reasonable    Mr
cure! are POSITIVE and PER man-
n*u   JS*?/' QE0- A- GARLOW
Ths World's Most Scientific Hair tnd
Scalp Specialist
Room 1, Weldon Block, WINNIPEG
\) MAN.
Bar supplied wit* the beat WInea,
Liquors and Ciaan
folEtfJ Clttli Cl,
 M Wtotf
riRNII, t. c
ham oo tho not. Two othtr po*
«ooe are hem given for proctioe.
.        Fayne't Petition
Jbckow ii* Meet u and 16,
„I«-M. 14-17, 23-JI, it-10, U—
Mr. J. K. Lytof Petltlto
mm mm t tod ll; ktag oo 2.
2^ mXtfA ■* % »* *
snyrt*. white to dtsar.   tt state tn
Aprs, pity 2I-22, xT-lt. 31-lMi--
11. 10—14, 1-12, 18-22? 11-22* 14Z
J&—21, drawn to to Puotl notltloo
tt Nock to more: n-^Tu^STt^
12, 10-18, l^-lTJS-lj/lt-KftjI
XJ*!^*** *"*** HB» or piay to
tht TfWfMWl potttkA. C"'w
Tho following woo oewrrsd a few
mrs oio hmmom tho editor tad a
•sow ntidtat or Ftfslfi^
Qtmt No. 4
Black. Editor. WMto, Mr. H. B
14-14 _
s The sint Mthttto (us beta play.
•tfttsfiiim Host, sot thttm
wmlm frtOI tt D. P. «Vre 18-ttlt
List of Locals District 18
epptppf p. e.*emm
^"fXm&tiw'tlLm hMs
I   lo tho tonNMoiont now betas oity.
|g*«?.**.yWm* 9bnhx mim\
f^MiRVV  mW   fWWw ^PTffl   vr^Vw    mm
\tmwm mm mmm to «*e ttimotH
■yii-j IM .'ttm h*.imt ox m ooea
*fmm *amt oiot. rtmm
emjmwm mew Nf IM MUHI
- ~r-m a     ■—■—--w . mm?     am    SfVUVUI^/     «fc    fg^   '\lXkTjQ
Jeho dobrd vlaetnoBtl ho 1 v pracl nUU
n»>u.. Su rotate v Amirlke,'kde ob-
svtette leu nafilch Slovakov do praoe
htru a lnej oarodnostl l'udi al vtedy,
kod; ta 4m nailoh ntdostava a toto
vel'kd vytnaCenJe naiho.l'udu,
Kod' sa nal I'ud do Ameriky taCtl
Yorktt o y Peneylvanu, ten mtlo Ich
toto, too* sa odfaodlaU i d'alejM to,
m. , . .
g wlUtt srlchodom ntiba 1'udo 40
t*m smIio i it'ttxmutfe vldy Pf.
•l?L***1*^ ttk lodoti ulouod]|
«*. tto fodUn^in spototam ryWad-
avast svoj kaUodenaf obWMBtlt.^^
So sol otrod Je aohopot do ksHdho
mtf mmmm, te k*e Je os vlade ov
mwlsiMMiif, Movoka Btjdtl v sMiotb
&h2E*&&n «»P«m*i ▼ i2S
tmsityoot'Ott do unary onrnjoj r <*>
show sUdHw druhu, Ut troiou aot>
Mteoot^osastOovnottVia vtotakw*
•m.tn r mmm torn ku peknfcno
najtqtu prMt, v—www
Alo toto atniho oenapomoU o nsn*.
tmrnhmmf nti Wtho^toptooi™
■"ft*"! postmnkt dulernej vs*
•^^•J* hy too ttk o 4othw torn
Aaa tidtfevtjnie it!
Vrtilont Ciovek pred fctUfto vytis.
(Mbytmh trttt nie nevla
^NUOtt portnoott'ou jt Udy, aby oao
ts« i «M^i«h Btiwh h^v?"S5
AMW totjt syf piostHedtof
ft»Jjrt! 000404 s saUvni jn&y t
Wks itoW todohwottt ttojl. salatt
motet soiso koih prsitadovaV a tea
olto v44r tt oil. thf t do*
1 ni tolMetvti-
us to to tfce .position of this aoeJenit
t«y, ttipl modern traveMer* ara of
the opinion that the city ou«kt to ton
iP-Q-ced aibouit ten mil«a to the souai.
veast of tbe spot whioh it now occupies
on our map." ™
^AJJ*r. **&*&* the refwiti^jl
tbanks for the InformWion, thn k*
fonner told Dean Hole at thtfiSb
«ie lecture room that be had never
v??p2. r-** veneiaible olty toefona,
•but <aiat fior .the honor of Shrewsbury
JS?f5? m»ta«<m of Dr. Butter t»
■ v^B8Sl^SS?d *° "*y «>m^lWn».
•"^ivenr yotk can.
Bar Dnexeolled
All White Help
Gall in and
see us once
T0U0H 4IA40N
Htm-bot that Rtvtnyo!s7
^Htm-What wt* be dofof tbls tto
Jfair-EHiJhHIa« t troupe of trtined
fimtty tmm • tHaiit' J ttm
V tpothovHtitJ mm to sv gloved y
UJto osditao suioollt vyAvthM o ksd'
!^.^> «• mm «t h Sobrdws «oM,
-.. .—-. ■■ j, -^pkhi,
V      V f*9. tJt. 9.. .        tl     , M «
, «... -™-i.«ei^.-**».wk«*»»i ■».»■*•*, *«» ,
. - n. Jmm pmim, em H, ——
'in ■ii^"J*,, F'iV*"
i*wo  ssWi,,.,,,.,,,,l(„,T, 0,
tSottetAau j
ZZ vt'^SSM31!^**
■■^•...♦*.»JttLilM^«MtaAniWis»tfffif, Jino,
****** '•'•''•1'hmvmat,fmmii,n.c.
i*t«f*fft«*«4tti #. • Wnmi "ItanpuL PVttri_.
■o   e/h^^^mettemmm   m^^^^^^^   ^   mb
■■«■■ in i ■-■-««» «^^^t.^^m, IS^Mttt B. t«
WIB*i* ^ttMMikNMiMII. Mat
-* ' - •*> **m> > wi etm aobsso, ml '-'-niittp
lAsota Imt..... ,...*,..,1. ^, lltnlsi'rttslmn. WBL
I................. H, los, UtabaL ft e
5*!±#" *»**»«.'■•Kiimioiitci  -
■■jo""l,,o T. a. Hwtmtp, ftemmiem.
mmmntb mtmm*.,m^mmm%mmmm^ mmmm em.
V Motsolth Scotosh ooiorithf A to
fsHht tlortotho vodtlMojtMsriikZ
mmmosi v prvots toot prUrois- ot
ni WMto; bo bortis mm ta ttstio to
L&S& 4JWHS4 to nsouunt MaOswj
■MMtmraoJ   sloventlisj   oritoitaals.
"-mjmmmt m odhor Humm
„„.,,  .. JoSottr Hebe Rratnnu M» ia>vl
mor i!^J^JK,aw',^ *• •»•»• 0»»so»h| o
«ftSW tor to t Cootdo iwihfiolod
£222* "•S!* P w**^1 w^ws**
MssttM ts so fodoo npoJU* o ootltOot
«t torn prtoortf. thy mm tl ttMUi
'. ■mmttjaiam »<fr«*wit.ii»s> HMQWMSti
•sptleh. oeke dlt toooJHdi tsosd
—• o to peetoi protevtt'
. S*!?"^*?* *mm**w to tht show?
mi^^r^mfmi tm nm bn tm
&,£**• m**mtn.-Ttmbemmm
»*«stltt. IhthtrwoottohtaoifletL
?*mn a pwttuit of work oomptUtd
Mojo labor tB dorsod> hrtMotSs
♦WBing.   Whoo ho ih i»in«
**• ^JJfooa door, be (buna aTowu
»d odorattf with t leritt «b«,' nf
•wjpgtof paper, oo which s procham.
oooof torno tort seemed to hsve <mco
tm^vmmSiin Ut8# wA *,r**
Ite sot tsmos tho light
Do sot ss*t toy etfitT
We Are Ready to Scratch
oft yonr bill any Item ot lumber toi
round Just ts wt rtprtttnttd.  Then
It so hocus pocus in
This Lumber Business
Whoa yon wtbt sprnct wt do sei
•end yot hemlock. When yot boj
flnholtu lumber wt don't tllp ts t
lotsltnUa ThottwbobuytDcefroai
ut slwtyi coat igtla. Thoot vht
bttro sot yet mtdt oof oofotlttastt
no tiklag ehtaett Uty wtsMat ts
sototor if tbey hosght tbtlr toahtt
— Otiltfo In —
MMihtfv Uth, Sblsfiet, tits om
Ootrt.    MI0IALTll»-MtoMliits
Tortlftfe. BrMktts. tog Oettll With
orriCI ANO VAItO-MtPhtrttn tvt
OOfMtHt 0. N. Depot P.O. bn* It
Muss IS,
-'-■ ii
Maali tbat taste like
mother u«ed to took
Best in the Pass
Jtt. Qrafton, ^rooHtttr
Fir WHk Mn
Yoi Cm Km it Fm ud
Be Straef srt Viprns
9hmm Hasted Thtotghott
Blsettk Ufhtsd
J. L. OATlf, Prtortstsr
Fernie! B. C.
The Leading Commercial Hotel of the City
Hrt Proofing)!
^yTtskytbto krstyoch nlo.
ktltSfe      (Ka^wth^lk   ^
—-ww —^-r ""Wit^ wmtvm^mf at w*.w
mmmentmtn, pmrny to towm nt*
mmm* mmr. mmm mm mm on
■mt; «nt» ot sWlt. Esr* ot oh-
Jwwsm aaibo tuuwta^bo tlveu. ort
■fsiosi it oHMa solo thrttvot' sstot
StSitOitA wi*ibI* nnte mom/hm
hmmr otobmi' oio, tm mmmtm
bomml mmm o SeirMol isis* alo
—r3~s otrote mor.
SO tmm tmm a «lra4tsi, ttoi
' aby StM* owoSt hit ate.
L— ~ vyatovll Jigao vyoah*
*—- *-i.—-w —— ■ --* a wai sfofoo. -SPSS
[fBla *fra,c6,ct. ifiva<rro ao ud imm-
j—*— *..,... sosftfSrfXfiS
ttthsi As tonra. do Jt N4Sfo ssr
H -mw^lm   *-   i__m»  kJf %M ***^sST:.
m e^memmiii ^w ^mmm •* wemmtm wse* mWlWWe^ttr
ttot ber ts t»dy Motia a ttttry tl»
Mrs. S. JenniBfiv Prop.
L. A. Mills, Msnsgtr
EiittJkut Cuiaiuc- American and
European Plan - Electric Light -
Hot dc Cold Water-Sample Rooma
Phones -Special Rates bv tht- month
linen ia
Itm at
» out tout who will writ* «•
- -_-   jwwwwwwi
ftai iiea 14184
HOO per Os;
Stephen T. Humble
■j-awamr iriitfT.m>g
l    ■"'-->■   iipii nmanm wmm*Wt*mm*
Furniture, Hardware, China,
Stationery, etc.
BBLLBVUB • * Albt*« r*,l -•*--,.vV. "i •f-X-*Mi-ifi.^"-- ;-..--*,;„~ -I' ... .*I .' -, c *. \«^?*Jt|W*^-*J$*iyV.        .**\**,.*?K-,.if**th:. ',%« •-•iy>~;f>-.A™-?,;f< ,-;-v^^
>sL". »•" '   ...-■*-'-' ■'- '..."*'' '■■.i'-'t',   > '    ..   •."■'  ,;■'• •'""■?'.■.? ■'•,*:-- !•"•   '-'-.H .i-f8'-   "*.■'   '   •'I. ,*.   ''A' -"AAA": . j,'::-'? •'"'''S?r--r ■?"• '''»•''-.' 'rt:,--i?i-t.V^"^-~,T*.^^^^*^S'@-'
,*,-. u   ',■•;•• --'  -    '.;       ''■" .*        .     ' .,•>"_'\\- ■*-■. \, '        '>   -     "* ' - -•' '.^^'"'v;:'•.:.',.-'"'"'•"■';  ■"»■,.."■'■.-.■".'."-•-■. ,V". 7s ^Jj^i-M.i-A
ii '
m j
-::>-i7Ax'- ,v:
y\ / • v        [Thursdqy^Pridqy^qnd. Sa^urdd^JA^rili^nd^. 3rd, 4th
{jny&'lfc%flfcff *'.*.-•'      the Fashion Modes> ofrNew Yorkj Mqn^^dl:-dfitl. Toronto
brought to the ^diopr of ike^s^pl^d^Perni^..-.
Keep Agoing-Keep Well Dressed
If women did not have a clear notion of What
clothes really mean, what would men look like
nowadays* In the beginning nearly every youth
tries to look his best for the sake of some raembet
of the opposite sex. After he is married his tendency is to revert to type. It is a pretty hard
struggle for same women to keep their husbands
well dressed, even when money isn't the moist serious factor.
Don't get sloppy! Don't have your wife nagging
you to get some decent clothes. You can't afford
to. Hother? It's no bother if you say to us—
% "Here, you've got to dipss me and keep me well
dressed." You say the word, we'll do the rest because we've got 20th Century Brand.
We carry the well known Jefferson lioots; every
pair guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction.
Jefferson, Blrtck French Kip Leather. 10 inch
tope, with or without calks.
Jefferson Black French Kip Leather; 8 inch tops
and inside counters.
Jefferson Tan Boots, 12 inch tops, with straps; a
perfectly waterproof /Boot. ..       ,
ON THE EVENT of moving into oiirnewand
more commodious Ready-to-wear Department, we take this opportunity of inviting
the people of Fernie and surrounding counT.
try to the opening display of our New Spring MiW
linery, Women's Suits and Co&ts, Dess Goods and
Silks, New Linens; etc.; an unequalled showing of
Dame Fashion's Newest Creations for the coming
season, exemplifying tjie very newest models in
Ready-to-Wear, Hats, Suits and Coats for women
and children, as shown in the larger fashion centres throughout the country.
Fashion's dictations that are proving thepbpnlar '
demand in the larger centres are'stiown in an end-;
less variety, particularly noted for their good style"
^features and moderate price quotations'."j.
' • •      • • • - * . .        ».,     -      \   'V
■     *.      .,      '
The foremost fashion trend for the coming season
is offered for your inspection and we cordially invite the shopping public of Fernie and district to
the opening of a fashion show unequalled in its en.
tirety and larger and more varied than anything
yet attempted in Fernie,
The newest models fall in flaring folds from the
shoulders or have rippling flounces, loose kimona
sleeves .with deep arm holes; .fancy trimmings and
bright trimmings.
The Sport's .Coats are made of varied colors,
large checks and over plaided materials. Many are
shown.with belts and pockets, loose and long shoulders and cutaway front with one frog fastener.
Short Donelly Co^ts, flaring, rippling and flounced, Japanese, draped or notched collars, sashes, or
extreme novelties, Kimona, Raglan or drop shoulders, three quarter and full length sleeves; yoke effects and high waist.line; some Calla Lily, collars,
quarter, and full length sleeves; yoke effects and.
high waist lines;'some Calla Lily collars. ;
.   ,"";■-.-•' THE SKIRTS
High, waist lines, deep.inside bands, bustle effects, peg-top draperies, worn very long and averaging from one and one quarter to one and a half
yards wide.
.   Fancy effects in Silk and Wools, Brocades tea:
turing strong.
Bodices are cut low and are very much trimmed.
Sleeves for present are long and are cut along the
Kimona and Raglan lines.
Skirts are worn long with no additional width.
Novelty, Crepes, Voiles,and Ratines and Taffetas
are good; Crepes are more popular.
Colors as Nattier Blue, Copenhagen, Tango, Ma-,
hogany, Wisteria and Rose are all good shades.
A Few
For Saturday
\   •
Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Blue ..." 2 for .88
People's Assorted Sweot Biscuits .... per lb. .  .15,
Government CreaiWry Butter,,fresh churned
\   per lb. ,..,...  v"""; •*•
Robin Hood Breakfast Food .".. .2 lb. package .M
•Robin Hood Porridge Oats  .18.
• Lowney's Cre*am Chocolates ... *. per lb. '.85
Lowney's Cocoa  Vg,lb. tin .29
\-panada First Cream, 20 oz AA. .\. 2 for"; J5
Braid's Best Coff^fresh ground,....". ,2 lbaL .85
■ Puritan Brand Seeded Raisins .. + packages .25
iFillets of fladdie .'. .* ;;  2 lbs, 26>
RObin-Hood Flour ;..... 98 lbl'sack S.Of
. .Grape Juice ,,. ".'.'..: quarts .50
■ 'i     '-■■■;    — .
Tuxedo Jelly Bowder -. -t packages .25
: Raw Sliced Ham v .......".'. per lb. .28  1
Iloinz Baked Beans in sauqe  2 tins .85
Siam,Rke ' ,^9 lbs. .50"
Dutch Onion Sets ...: .2 l\k .35
Bulk Tea  3 lbs. „ .1.09
White Swdn Yeast Oakes .' 6 for .25
White Laundry Soap .............. 12 bare .45
Money Saving Prices
THE 1818
I*!'*-. |
Tbo maoagemenit report.* crowded
houww dUrlng tbo post week in Bpilte
ot tbe tnoiemeat weather. Comfort-
Ohio ond cony, tbls bouse has Bocurod
a premior portion tn Feroie while .the
Dfitaodid feature films and perfea pro.
jeotion te«tlfto» to tbe raanngement's
cout«ntton~"De*t always.'*
FoUowin« ls tbe program for tbe
week end and next Mondny: «
Por Friday ni«bt—".Ipon'A KM-
de".co.° o 2-reel detftcUre otory pro-
duc*d by the Turner T'ilm Co., featuring Florence Turner, the n\oet popular
ol Um.i;»h plcturo artiftts.
I'or Saturday, matinee and evening
—"Tib* Bi-nry ot IVivM *nrHR," in two
reeim. hmxvh-A ou the trren-t orol>l«m of
to«!*8y—4!i« i«truK«!o oetwet»n capital
and tabor.  Th© «tory concerns n ilrl
tbo •cleotist'fl suitcase -for revenue.
Tben eomee tbe gripping climax tbat
Is iwoitb seeing.
"Tbe Cowboy Magnate" ln two reel*
on Wednesday. Better than 8ollg's
"Cowboy IIHlionaire."
On Sunday night some person un*
•fastened tbe hoppers on 18 ears of
Great Northern cool on tbo tracks in
the M. F. & M. yards at Fernie, allowing tbo coal to be dumped on tbe
ground. The -police hare Uio matter
in hand. Tbis Is not --tbe first Instance
of wjtful damage to property in tbeso
Tlie  ln-iernattanal  officials   of  ihe
1'nHwl Mine Workors wired io Prcsl-
wbo worked against her rlrh father to'di-nt WJinon. uuder date of tbe 1Kb.
aid th* n'.rlkcr* aud a man. Grl«>g. wbo!<'«,«!""ln«  *  vigoroos protwt  ftgalnst
with i><*w Idwiii, brings about i»«sce.
Aii unlruut.Sii**; but oi-oiy U iaumd In.
SiwcLnl Monday--1»u!« \V«-tM»r and
Phillip'! ?nia!!i'>- In a "Ilex" t!rama,
"The Ttol-pv-p* tiytd th* Ctom," 'hre*
reels. !!<>lltt, urs^l on by noli*, goes
to an *wlnsl»-A hnt«l *,* r^'i a ■a*i-*i|tl»j-
widow. A Bd-pii'Jct arrives who Ira-
., .  v . »      " ' ,   > ■    -.  > •>*.
*^,« *^-u..VU      Mkl, «'..,..J '.*.*,  ^        MW.4..3      9.*.
apt'ivt wUh hlw, and  »hiii tin- time
«-om»-« to tteol,  IU-11** fnlicrii.    Ho-U*
tho m*tttoicnt aworded "Mother**
tlctnee, *tlcm«n<J!fi-a her retoxtie and n-ott.
fyt'iift Mie preatdont of tbe tearing
down of tbe tents of the ttrlkers at
Frrlx"*. The wlivlx of llu- ^"vern-
ment ar» *o In<«rtw4n«d wMi of Metal
rrd tope, <ho pathway of s»od itwcni-
twnt. m strewn with obstacles placed
'Ncre by lobar crushing int-p-rwrts, tha*
tmntptflnt* netion In any case Involving Nwr can mn ih* to-utwit t«r, Utu
Hi* wlr»» ftH«*d th«** dltwt Information
In ih» ^shiU of <h«*> tixltt ot-Pi'tniv-c of
•tot* th* jab and place* il.** hot luith*- mutton, sa s rranlndt^r of the in-J
justice tbat reigns in -Colorado. Wbat
will -tho president do? Will bo demand of Congress tbe enactment of
law* that wiH amko Impossible sucb a
recurrence or wtli ."he be content to allow tbe tyranny to continue unchecked?
(Copy ot Telegram Sent to Preshtont
Wocdrow WMson,'
Wblte House,
Wasbinvton, p. C.
We again protest again* outrageous
treatment acoo^dod '^Mother" Jonea,
and demand ber release trom Colorado
military prison where she has been
confined for more -tlmn two toto-Iih.
Federal int«*ron*km is sorely needed In CotoradO We ceo 111 afford to
talk about protect*)* rights of American ciUsens in Mexico, as long ss n;i
oM -wwtwo -rtidhly ywitre old oau h*
coflHwed to .-prison .by militsry suthori-
t|p» wWiout a»y chotKS being \treivr-
wi agsitwt ber, d*nl«I trial and re-
ftwed bond, ber frtends pr»vtmt«»;!
trtm conHntuiicatlug with her, her re-
t\iiett for f»«n»er medical attendaixe
denied and every rt«v gtnrsirt«"d ' y
the «KMttttkuiU>u of Ute United SULva
Co torn ito   mHHfcn    ywterday   tore
down   touts of striking   miners  at
Fori**,' ta&ving miners and fimitUes.
witbou* shelter and causing gnr'it «uf-|
UtliM.   US, us h*uir from you.--John.
I».   White.   Prealdt'ist   I'rJtfd    Miiu**;
,,,.      • .'   \     , .' I'•      V   T    1! >.     •
,   II b, Ni,-I <.-   .W.l«.k,,,    *...,.< »
iVi«B-l»r-wi5drat; William -nrwn, B«-f-r^|
: t«Ty-Trfaaurpr.--Th*« Wyoming W«**k-,
ly tjRibor Journal. >
Letters to the Editor
To the Editor, Distriot Ledger.
Dear Sir,—-Perueing tbe notes of
tbe ddstriot camps 1n tbe Ledger, I
notice thst aevem} Locals have a big
grouch oo account of tiie action ot
tbe convention with,reference to tbe
unemployment, ot their members. I
aim surprised to tresr.sucb howls being railed after tbey bad been good
enough to endorse tbe candidate ot
the capitalist class at tbe last provincial election, and thus voted for a
continuance ofthe prosperity (?) tbat
they thw bwl-r-and that th«y still on-
joy! Kb? I'mey,state'tbat ln my
opinion It wss tbe first convention to
ufitly firtr-icnvlpftgp t/tt tnahil'ty to
f!«»al with- th* question of un-emi»loy-
men* n,nong the •membership, ro^g'-
bly it the growl is sustained around
o-buut oluctlon time an unemplu>c(i ln-
.4uram-o !>ill or some other utf/y uny
•>p ii]f»:!o stick. There Is one thing
■certain, however. an4 thst !«: llav'nit
t'kcied the nominee or the capitallM
out by your correspondent, tbat the
boys are going to be trained to aboot
their parents}. Xo sucb thing. Tbe
minds of the boys are going to be oc-
ompted wdth wim subjects a* medical
knowledge-, cfoservence, bow to be of
use, tbe principle* of honor and truth,
etc. I need only add that this is
going to the root, of another matter
wbicb be bring* ut>. Instead of attacking tbe segregated district, where,
Cod knows, those wbo live there are
more sinned egainat than sliming, let
us get the boy» and instil honor an-i
truth ond rightewsne-sa into their
mlnde, tbea there will be no segregated district to do away with.
Your oomspondeut goes fur-'hw
ihmi xhin. Jiowtiver, and lays .a serious
rluirire at. the doors of some wbo live
ln H-o-wner, be, as well as the rest of
th« t-owMiwople, known wlt'th rt-Jisx
in Ho-wii-fr euiJCotta tbls district
hi ronrluiion. If the Obnrrtt tn to he
it'tic I/.ed  Ut It bo deno from sbur'-r
Carpenter, Pumiturs Repairer,
Etc   8aws Sharpened.
Prices Moderate.
139 MePerton Ave, Fernlo, B. 0.
GlassilisdAds.- Cent a Word
Own mMerlal used and nuudo up at
lowest posiible prices. Children's
Hats ond Clothing a spectalt?. Pan-
torium Tailors, over McLean's Drug
Store, Fernie, B. C. 187
MOL'SU FOIt SALiS-J'emie Aauex;
Ix>t a. Ulock ~&; 3 rooms and pantry, waiter and outhouses.   Term*, (
jKirt cash, balance to 'auk -tmrchn* i
cr.    A!jM>ly T. OrtU*ley, Dog 508,
Kernle. H. C. 186'
BTORE TO REST — .Miner** Hall j
Building. For pe-rtteatajs afply to]
T. Uphill, Secretary of Gladstone!
Local. 16lf
few fine, thorough-bred pedlgreel
Airedale Pops aad grown Dog fori
sale; write ait ones, W. PanMU, P.l
O. Peirole, D. C. Hfj
POR SA-LB—Splendid R. C. Rhode Is-]
land Red Cockerels, $1.76 each; al*
■o R. O. Rhode Island Biggs fori
hatching. $2-75 per setting, IS chicks]
guaranteed;   laying reeorde, mutt]
be beat for thii Western climate.
"Apply Jos. Stephenson, Box el. Cole.
mati. ml
FOlt SALB-One Let la New lliehel.
niock 4, Lot 4.; will sell at reaeon-
ablo price.   Apply or write to Johi\|
; Rushton, Box 47, Ooteman, ARa. l(8j
want to kick let 'em plafo samo !ti
UHot box
class, they have no kick.   If thoy do r»r./n trsd si»b some knowledge ef the;
msWfr In band.    I cannot diswurs*,
upon mines because I am not a miner, J
I might copy some information, or mo
my imwrinatlon or some one elWe's—
but tbat is anc-thcr matter.
Thanking* you for your courtesy.     !
Yours, i I
[\tr, <lri*n4e*»'* le**er -w^ems to l»e|
Fcrnlv'a Kxelusive picture Th«»tr« 	
Special Friday
Klonti.*.- Titrnfr. K»irtsiMl*« Popular ••Movie" Hisr in
Jean's Evidence
2 i***ls.   A detwtivi' story ftr<wl««e«l by ibe Turtwr Film Co.
Special Saturday Matinee and Evening
«i»i«; U*ll Otltt M**.*  9*t*H>tt   <*•  •»   %**■*•*   t0*r*»*   «#»#»«**«•    .
The Story of David Creig
2 rmh,   ftmmtal on the grwii pnti>irwi ol' u»ilay~-l|^ Mmmile 1m&w«wm myiUA «u«J Mm;
Tb* filay nhiwiw ■ ftrl who work«l nmimd b*r ri*h father to «kl the *ink«r* aim! a man.
^ (I i*i *j f    ^ i ^", ***"~
Special Monday
li«wti« W#-»(#-r »i»«i Pbillifi* »Hti»#iiIi»y itt « "He*" Dww
.$ iv.4*.   J-W-iii, «rp4 im !i> V:A'.... >;..«* u, mi i-,\- iUMU' iintti lw ri'H « «-»iii..\ **m.i..-w,     * •*,■,
♦-♦.tut **rf:v.-* ^i»» itntirw.-.,. ■* I-. r    \1nnv Hsoov I • ".<■* nr* «t«et»t with 1lh«, »n*l wl»«»** ih** im*
,,.;('!♦■ t'i -?'.'.1. 1'iAl.   t,]*.-       \' <«* ****** "*-•   ,i *    -«-il jilin'i**! the l**»t lit »»!!• ni"i-i'iiv * **n-
**»**« for r*v^itt*.   Tfcen '•.»».- iUr grtppittg rU-> t*\ thnt h wtvtth seeiBf.   Hiory nrri-tt-Mi Uy
Ia*UI*  XHtln-1 . |#J'i«iJj4',«''l .....   , t,I'* ^ttitlliij
■■■■■■■■llliiMiLUIIIIIIIIIiB.mM'lltM-1 ■ 'I  ••-■JVLilXJWmil LWWIi^'ilUI»-.X-JtUIM8MJJl^**^  ~~=r*^--   -~_-%_,.ci=—
In 2 ml» oo Wnlnmky,   t^tt«r titan feti-n** fowfioy Uttllttllfr*'
AH m ttmmm mm mt rimmmm aftfrntr ia Uw   lni«tw»l Pw<»»ai." IW«t itt t^ ■■-. tU.
Again, why won't tbe kickers real-
In* tbat  (heir pmrition  is  not nwrti
worse than those who have a ateadvl
Jnfi    Stirpfv fi'a miiv nn erintforti fori
us ail.   Tbe Job bolder may Join ilu'j
unemployod  ranks tomorrow;  there
!h nolbfrg S3 !ni'"jif a* ^ }et> fbr-sf-
days.   Aod It may be no eon«otaU<m I , . ,^.   .   . „    >
ta know tbat conditions will be wowe * emmwl complsint about our Hon-
be»w> tbey art hetxet. Hcwe\cr. let mm oorreepondeofs style of handling |
• bea« kickor* offer a lew suggestions j but** tiein «3*al eeem. s«4 -»♦• nre '**..
on bow to deal with the unemployed dined to think tbat be takes certain I
question, or let tbem do a liwle read- portions too seriously. He cannot, i
ln*J*n,lJ*!J!?..t* lh,1B,,fjJ'«t «]*!» however, «ske too seriously our op-
atniggles. At present their rto«<^ la :,_,„„ ._,, _^ J«»w m-im \t*
hulbmix* ot ignuiwne* tp«m the** ,1**™' "™ ** *•"" r*™™* Mr.
metiers. Karl Man. Predertek ■a.|£«,,*»l'» ***♦ «*• *•**«■« of "^ w
win, and ovt»u thtdr own newspaper j Wrls for that matter, in a boy scoot
■*'!! j.»*Ii« i*h«m «>n#iil«.r»^>l> If they i ''riradf-, 1« »i«it lb*> onlv menxm vt ln>
read lnteiUg<>wly, A mans -bra!r.i sr* j fusing tlie principles of honor, tro'b
not In hi* stomach, aithougb. granted I ete. sny mor* fhnn rvmna<*»*w or
torn, orcsa may eserdss quite an ln-| ^^t Ao a matrer of toet. averts and j
nswncH oa same. , frnm(litkt witbiKit tbe tinge of m'M-
Years io wefc. tsrtsm thst the boy eroirt wiw*
A WORICRK. I emhndfes  ar*   murti   mon»  hee^fot!
„ ... ,_^„ ipmnwlts tor tbe young that, garbiasl
iboj's In the pHnresqun f?l nttfw of
Uoeeter, n. IX, Uerch IS, l»M , Tkden Powers seot^s." Mf. fl?*eii»*e
«»•.-,.,., •*»,,,-,-» l      ,.,     91     ,       .,    , , i ,     1
Wi******  "ft   I* I H+rmnrti***    fr,r.it**t.rtn+    pnvn*99ttti\0    th*'
»lrr-MI«lit I ta«a «pa«a In Teorl«e«w««*'d turn*** wftieh b* me* *** i
papyr to reply to m etateweBt fWMisl^j-Nye hewKofere fceowp,  ffowerer, we j
-tj  'titihf  7U hmSlm <>f "ilwatifii'.anii* 5«*te tine HiMMer wmihpa»Jif6tI
ymtHT innt wmt  tmm my that to loot after his o»* taorsts *ai reply
! sdmtr# tb* tumt^tmHeti of y»w eo^f tn thit me muni -»«Al 1
.,   „,,,,.,,,,,     «t«f,   ,■,».■»   .%+.   «m19*9,^ -w *—* *w*. mvom.    ano.. i
SUITE OF ROOMS for rent: light
and every conv*nIence. Apply Second Hand Store, Victoria Avenue,
North. 1«5
Coal Creek train at Fernki. Fender
wl'-I be rewarded on returnistK same
to Ledger Ollice. 1«3
FOR   8ALB — Cheap;   unesilsd   forj
Overcoats, Suits..Pamts and Vs^:1
all siies. -Pantortum Tailora, di
- McLean's Drug Store. 157]
Wl|^.ii..Jli^ Bl"
li*nr\ (>\,x,v,-Tfirr*i*-triom**tl lloinm itxiitf,}
thrr* lots to West Ferwe. f«0. Apply Wm. Atklnaon, Wcet Fom»e !<"*
... -..Ji"1
tion is s hentetxmm ftft. *wt, Itlte'
manv otiMW stfte. If aot ased Maasf^'
wewj    vmwt    a**iet   tm    ^^a^m   ^a^^rwn    g^w aapn*a**
ly, can-!** as -bejoed onr def^b.   I; —.—
fcave ao wish ta hart aajwae's feel-;   ptuxtMtt TBVf>KlW merited **Am>
XT^*yft l£m S%li™**<» Ten4«^ will be malted bf
km* ef lasts woaM nlwnyt bo wmtphi the aadenrtgned, en behalf ef the Co*
•Vi»  tit  fS»  t^ttmm  amtmtietteai   ■nf'- ft,-**.,,^ r, ^ f*i,y n? p*,,,^   ir? ■*,. f
*t)*M«v«'*m»v to wftOtts^MiMii ■»*»! iiw ilmtk■ • '*' "<■*''"■   0>   .it..
amyione. ete^ wbteb bad their wsy ««- (>*i Ambulumn for a period ot oast
*,» tbe llataasr Jfetet, ' y*nt. I
Tawr «<ernaaaad«at hmm cam,    r»»» panKslem as te leader mny baf
nwt£4*tl ef pleeias t&t Isttewtag mnt,** yji,MWt^ ^ y^ otthm ef tbe
IWW»a» mtiMm, e,,M
mm ^mnmmH^^em ^mmmw m^m^^^^^m w^m mw^^^m^mmop mew *      nhyak ^dni^^   ^^gg mmm   hmmm^^^mb  *^^a#  ^wa^
ll_   -■ ■■- -j   ui M^m^ .1.^,..,,   T_\t _   ut[     ■*■"«* ia* - -—   am wwy rwnnaw mm wm
mmawm    m ^ea^^^mmttm*   wt^m    at^mom^^   -i^m^^^^^^^a    *^^mmt *a™     w*^m ■ i
imp oairIf a. tur lhaat iMMrftmr roeM cesearfiy *•*—**■*--*
m^^^^A ma ^^m^^^^m* tpt tptgpg
Grand Theatre
Todny Thursday
Acrobas'  Daughtert
la fsur |Mi1«
»    i* t      >* ,   mMw  *<* ttp'WMFt*^ en.
*■■*.■*   e-'i-wm  eptit >-m ,     **    * *» i- *»•*•**
mi min nm iiiim iiiii f nm n i "r"~\— ■—   "' i     "' '"' """ ■"""—■■■■" - ■■- ,—"■——■— -«-—■—*-» ■ - -■, ■ *, ■
•s, *   *,       .   -,
Friday Mian t aad Saturday Matiaee
v^arciinai Kicnoitott
fit  IfWBf?  FWWS f M HfWf fWI I fit Ulf ffl twWl'
Matinee Saturday at 2.30 Alt seats 10 cents
Saturday at 7.30 and 9 o'clock     s.
Helen Gardner in


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