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A ;?Ai*\gtswtoi.CMe Improvements^ *fi*^t
4* :V,*CPsrnuinont Pavement, Etc^sw
'itt ^T*1IleBdBJ^tnlseitogv-:be'' teiea'iia
;;ind»c»ttve ot t^fetilog; tbat jailat«
* among tt^:v0M6^^(f«iiiiJb«.CiSBl^
dents' of-V4cAoria;A^ebiie) ,wlto;»i.
.panto h^pej^usj^
tonjsto'$^ J-fu«rf 8houte^fvv»'««|
-Ten, ctt-
a,h^$W»t-w$o to^
._,.__... -a^aWI^
\'' ' V^^May^'w^li^'oompxIsed"-^-^^
lfetiJUrjaotfto *guerre-byjTtOTei5«i»l^
^^■^ti^.oo^B^WB^t* at. the" toM?
»" f.
; * "■'
1 r \ \ i
It* I .    '     * -
,_, r     4 __     .. ?were distributed
; sHxn&m^N^-V
, / ttto'&'BAWtiae opened the ptnoeed-,
i^^'ptattag toSjdUeet at tine meet-
'.Jpg, -ami - eanptfosod yjegret . at the
.*ag«|^ WMvt-JO^^-tiw tradesman*.
!|w»;  -
, .?The jfreg^'tfcifesieiietou of time on
:.-^te€tfpnf^^Mw patgaary aud'iFeniie'
,* Rairosd-wsis, tdao'mentioned. He then
il^m^'^mtttag open and asked*
.- tor expnasfoes of opinion.
. •■ sATtm'Mnjtk, rtotoe, did not feel ttot
"thB *ndt«>»»"'waB sufiBdeoUy rept^
" :b> ttapreas, an oplnioa Ujpon
question of pecpjensot
dhrk'taproremsa^ hut'
 „ the liaeiaeer tbJwjmlK
:«B^e^twt+he'tniii gafabered'beatfog
uoon'Mrs^t -pavtag.    ? '*•   y.
^Ihigiwwr Rs-msay-abated thai hehiad
•Bfegft tvunefltod by. the Mngur to con-
ysss tktb'Moia. et^eet' and ,aJl promto
*■" ^ efiftoBsemi wtmwtnM be/affected by
-itm 'jmopoeWoo,1 and aaoertoia'ftftwlr*
«pte*m;ot>oii 4bJs^uestlo*n,^wh}di htf
.iAftmvrehqulty toain
  tawpto-tvit^aa d
■*5?T^^*i*W.^*^^TSTWffFiSLTF^ *™
■^smmj, ^-gplpt^^tOjinwrcode .with
Jha; «o^jnaot ;Md4M»»'*lf; thedr^:aa-
:^%^,«naii*oS£aiy^ could; no^ *>&■*£
'e^nsftaey ^^llr^oiffltt- tb ^waite; al
i4eMwwrem- 'JnBtok*Jnig''H#(^er, t $-
•;:;;iIr^nA. .MawieH' alw; flpoto abwit
the'diegraoefat coadltiOa of the etaeets
«jjnd jCampaiied jtliefmltwith* Maclebdv* a"
that ^ e«tort ^W l» made to hoW^
* ,*.     "a*      ^*t*'i*>1. ■_ t*      *\-*'%   t\i*.'?2'    \ \   --.tf   . v.,      I*
a further meeitog ajwat was evemtutU-
,4y/deoMed^J'i(i«c>^, vtmm\to^»
jtewtce'7o77we)ei^ Meircbi
iah,iai-;8'5^^^f|?1- /^;,;.-:- v
faaldipattlir Amo;
. Sa»ti6n>,cM*e* to im& ihiwed at the
^<tand<j«loa;tliai..tlie,,liM£ftofm,«rf paig^^
,; togcbr TM«to sb^^otfldiboekslx-fiiSffrl
-vQoS£$te baatt'a^^fltuUeBib,'^IdJB£:,
- ^TMsT k'-snae-jmmossd, should extend
7tTtm-ytm Cenfcril rfotri to the.Ferofe
''Uvaryr'hndin thefioiM. Baok.ootiwrito
'.   'tiw'Cto^sUa^fttm^iaigEa.
-   ^wtolHotitotheC. P*R-ti«»tTt*
-\;<ii*nat«;<o*t'tor''th^i4whfi^ ^
i*finiB*t',ag»tdlMWMOB' of.«delMnt|MJ^
ho, ipanre; J^nVet^'^tjiwe'aMSi'tO
Roomy., dittf'e^^ aptatv
ed/,hta^"opjiw^;,^,:^'the velry!
heeit.. amd «xuoet ;frOhibile^Mo*ni»ttei^
©^Wer&v»icip^v*what would- he
tn^^^ddb^^^avoltyi ^t this- aixd^
'. pbe fflJOT^e^-^ayiaa ,wM0h. would
would ;*cb*i>28,609,-;.wWie 2,650, ttoeat
feet W,cotWMSnBad.,«^ter>iould cx»t
•»2>650^^>t*^^•»BeotitoIl8! wbuldi
«wt',a^k\'$T;^;40.%31»e -whole""of
the la*to;jtfe*Jto .^-lAw^ by the city;
\4«tiiiln«t|^tifo\'<d^>«re to qpay
fflfty p«^J^J^|«SoBt, and the
ov?^!^3j(wloen0pi would work
^aft'ftTOgiitf \mmm*W9«r thoro-
ai# M^fpH^N&^-ggiii^ to
^s^2«ip^^m^:area. WMle
much;d^^»}«ad|inlfhvw of a peas
aminmi^iMwpaen^ not the
aibt-aat.:r^e the ctfa-^to
ins ■ <*)*i-.^>«-^
>ft¥»fattoh;w^ tf^^^l^ewi^ *u ^"Cbni^^ip4#1i^ry diffl
itt thkt a v^ ^a iiprt^^      be
«eramjmn#-'iii^«d wh^**the other
po>^::iiM')ii^p7«iioiBffy &«■
Vm^'to-hover'thls ttseJ. fOu} ■*$&
Submitted by
i -i >j *?V  ,*^-    * > - ^
0«iow»l. Circular ^.
-^ -k   -Indianapolis, 'Indi-,.iWbWl«14. -
'To the Officers and Members .of Loqal^-^pnB -of
, v>HBe United Mino WorMWs of. America;'   ^ vr
-.-;.oDea^-^jra ^andJ-BVothers^By di^tioj^o^tbe
^^nty-fogrth <^^"e«utm
.A^ion|,the Jater^atjbnaLoJffi^
toi^Wit.%.ia J^erendniatiot^tho followi^l^i
 j -j,—^y_ »_^.i..Tm Xntern-itiohal'Mwi-
pqsed amendnieiit ito Article
»ti$utid»; ;"■ . -A y:' ■v  ' -   .yS£-t'       ',"v. ■,*,*"" -.
: "8^2: Bachdifitriet shall'.eleotitg ownvMo-,
gates to tlie International convention find shall^ave
one delegate for each -one thousand members or^ma-
gbrity fra^tion'thereof/ 6nd"no\delegate#^^
inor^ than ime'Vote in the convention^-tTK^mj^lu^
of electing and'-'paying the d*^ega,tes sh^^Mft
v |»\||ie;re^poc|ivo .tU^tricte to de^ermine.;J.i^ei|ete
haVirig;lees .^thaitone thousand .members *sh»1^3?e
; entitled*to,:tmei.;delegate. ""
Boarded International organizers shall not.be ty
tgtbletw carididates for election as delegates to -i
,conye4tipiii;hut district.presidents, vice.presidenfei
aiid, secretariS, *and members of the T~*"-~-^"i~1
J!x«cutiye BBardj #iall be delegates at.ilarge^and
/*%ye;ill righto 'jiiid privilegespfithecipn^entic^ojc-
eept that they shall not have-the'rightjtovi^te i>n
- any ^ueation-^ming .before the, icoiivention. -x -' ''■-
}\ :"itS6mf.4s7'':>Np"member shall be eiigible*to.'ri
run as
.^elO^teiwh-^fe loc^l union^is^iii ;afredp f^»'pW
, t'apite fix bi/iais^essmdnl and-which has ngi ih^yfery
«Mik crusher
s|reeit, and
be keptio
Uttie &&•
L hy *cm».
hea a ^er-
iputln, and
tiing ,«feat,
jB^.1^1^ ^ 1»
rp^i^c^W:eo^dlied ^with .the ■oo'nfttitutao^. oI'tHe
;±l|tepiationali:llnion alad p%theHdi8tw«jt%nds sufc
;dwir»tet-tiib which it JBattacfetl.- > ' * »*j,-i' " : 4-
t .^4 *,\;
RsaLDaRB*r that th* Iritlsh Coalition
-OsViriinisnt Mav Calling    '  '
XUSfiSBS "TSsS?.^-
■* '*'
j* Mui fk io uf tbfi otiilijin alwluisl
dii*MMa% til. Ito wMtbttth #htwHgijf
aua. |n .noolnol  f___tl____ ihS*. Qalltf
»wf^^F TpiF-jV**w^-^w^^^^w    *^^ap^***^v^^pw**»f    ^wi-w^      •■^^w^
Mall asfca, how oan' the fovemmsot
>iSi»e to fares Horns  Rols  a|ton
tto risk of dvtt wrm
rsplflo that UHh and tto
 jyHHkiktf *a1m-..^m a  **^^feAiMrittw M^
"IWF3S^^^**^r- ™ ™*^F ™' *ww*y, *^p
, ^^^Jmm*&M*, i,'.;-^:
•' *■* ^SE^-ffS^M^^'jS^m^^^-     ■-*■
„, .JilU^.*^.   B-11-fc-.te-^A^-^i^^* jnt^u^^a^j^M*-^ „ iMieiM m
Utap" MHki -* hn**'< Mfcr*' is'
4 i
a^^ a^* ^^^±^^m**h nt^^jk^^^a^^^)'^a^&  tj^____ -nmantU^
-m*t* ■****■
free trip to 8wKssriaod> aad w»er-
taktag to wpwiso the sw«vst»tos
oo the LtooohtaWr* Ha&dk»0 aad the
Doityv which ar* bold to Switsertaod
tn order to wttU tto mwtos of tto
Mngllshlaw. Tto syndtoats pmnisss
to give £1J50 to tb* trade troton
««* tym Mann,,wrtt«a th* may
Ad!l and Etpr^oildng Ihh of ths
iniritsnlcaS ophrtoos of tto iMttt M.
V.n. Uo sa»* tto wotting eta»
lanj* to soom th* pusrtHtls* of thom
»l>xt*e Bwttot" staadarto, Tto wwrk-
Ingtnkn tm well say, to «Ms» that M
tto hri chief JdsUcc and ths ohaiical-
ir AC tto aichedusr aiaor wkm to
WitOclcBxchstngs, why not moM*
'4pjp«i^g^n^ ^e' eligible as
delegate ;urital- the local union' has complied witli
^ionHs^rticleJxiV; and.has been in gtfed
statfdingsfor four nionths 'previous to the month in
, 'V-3?«; 6.VJNo petson who is not a bona fide tnem-l
Jjl^fliE^Jl^cal tuiionj jsmpioyed *in or around a co^J
^" •;!*wittfe; ooa^TvaiherWcoke oven or by ttiOorgani^
tbf^^O^^^Wn^'& angular ^tendanWf
t^ tttlrtings of hH local uMbh, ohall be eligible to
act a« delegate,   l^iis spctibti shall not apply U
diitlrict of aub^iiiWofOffioe«f> /
"The term 'regular attendant* shall mean a member who attends at least ono-balf of the meetings of
his lobfl union for aix months jtut previous to the
electJoto of delegate. It traniferred mOmbera oan
Aow they have at%3ed tiie required number of
meetings of the local union from which they transfer, this section shall nbt prevent their running for
election.        - •    ; aa;?\a\     ^ "
tffiec. 7. Any moittber a^jHtibg a position otfiw
than that of a mine worker ihall not be eligible to
act as a ddegato tp tbe Intoraational convention
whilo holding suoh posltkm, United Mine Workers
of America or any other affiliated organisation
•hall not be construed as maWtfg a member ineligible. " „•".•
"See. 8. The Intornatipijal gecrotary-trcunnr>r
shall furnish the distriot secretary witb the reqnlr-
ed number of credentials In duplicate, and the din-
triot secretajy-troasurer shall see that they aro pr»»-
periy filled out and atteiit«|-.;|i» required on th*
blanks, and tho duplicate shall be retained by the
delegate and the original forwarded to the International secretary-treasurer, hut no tredenthtl*
shall to accepted by the International secretary-
treasure* later than fifteen days prior to the date
for convening the convention.
ention to Membership      :'
"S-^c. ,9. The -credential eoininittee shall not,
transfer votes to any delegare unless authorized by
the proper district secretary to do so.   ,
"Sec. 10.   When any:,delegate's credential is to
be contested, notice of 8uch(contest shall be, sent to
the International secretary-treasurer not later than'
•Jen days prior to the date for convening tho eonven-'
tion, but any delegate whose credential is contested
may be unseated any time during the convention.
*. "Sec. 11.   All resolutions, grievances and constitutional amendments to be considered' by the convention shall be sent to the .International secretary'-
treasurer not less than ten days prior to the dato.
set. for convening the. convention, and Ithe International secretary-treasurer will sort and distribut)
them among the chairmen of the various and pro-
sper gommittees.
'■■J "Sec. 12. Resolutions,bearing on different sub-
jects must not be written,on the same paper.
"Sec. 13. International conventioriis sfliall not
-consider internal appeals or grievances unless they
'have been previously considered by the lower tribunals of the organization.
"Sec., 14.1 The -intjernationai organization shall
pay the transportation of delegates who have been
elected in accordance herewith, to and from the
International conventions:"
r ,As ybu will o6serye4this amendment has:for its
object a change in the basis of representation, and
if approved, will alter the method of^seledbing delegates tot future conventions of the International
Union. ;y V
>,"The organisation has grown to such proportions
that jvith\th~o pi^sents;basis of representatitm our
'coipventions are an enormous drain, ^locally „ and
otherwise, upon, the financial resources;, of the or-
-ftanization:'->Ttie;rriailofl/Qarlkmentary procedure
^d the ordinary decorum that should' gbvernfiae^
Inquest at Hosmer
Coroner Wilkefc, of Petnie, held an
Inquiry into the death of Alec Tuesto*,
winch occurred ai Hosmer imtoee too.
Peh. 24. The jury coneteted «l the
follcwiag sentiemen: Thoe. Colo (tore-
mJan.), IT. A. Cornett, B. Kterntuu- J.
Kuido, B. Cox aad B.'B. MHls. -The
ftnsb evidence taken was that of Dr.
tfaj^1' who certiQed that death wiaa due
tovfugphysiatioth R. Hancock, "iwtth
whom deceased wae working ait the
ttoie of tbe aooideut, stated that ahout
7 o'clock in the evening in question
they/wei^e forepoUi-ng when the ooal
begani to stun. He called out to de-
cealsed to look out, at the same -time
nmnfiog'"' doww the man way. .He
thought, deceased went down the
chute, aa he, would have no time to
come across to the -manway, (After
arrinring in a plane of safety Hancock
stated he shouted to deoeaeed but
got(mo reedy. Getting help, he oomr
ouenced ho nm the coal off from the
chute, tiDdtogdecetased about 10 minutes attar the accident, had occurred;
Jammed against a'Stringer ahout 60
feat fatten the face, hut owing to the
oonetauMy munnlng coal It <waa Imipos-
An Importast mJeetlsg of the Board* ^
of Tthdein the.Ctty Hell, at S pan., iia
FWda^ -Hnrob 13, when queeUootf -at-'
tecting <*r*c toproveaneote iwfli  be'
imCTION OF MRNII ■ X ty 7,
Mote^^^k^w^^fatf *Y-^Jm\&\'*^'i\ikiM*■' ^a*iA^if   ±i.^n j^m    .*        ■"
SeBS?J-jSmP^*^-^ '__m"___t
lMwSf^^N^p   "WHWII    •HMHHNnWI    w^HT    WBWP
ttMHMMtttt i'' IftJIV-*^^ mMmjb*M^^^M mm^^^m a
•^"t^^^^^w 'i t^w^W^^H) ffMHr ^WNHHI^W ^flw mt&9m w
eaeW latfw
delHt Is l*iltti «aa At
^'^^Myk'- gauii.   M$T MkM.
^ynmkmmfab   a^ i   ^i^^ImIi _^_it_^___^nn_^jn^_aj_jm
wBH^m    ww    WBW"|[^'TwW»llfl§
'OTVrV   fffPPHPPWP   ffl   WNPnPm
* ft *ijff&wiWF'**'ttt^mipmB*^wmnNbQt0^
t-fWA rio »%« *A^«*Vr „»•-»».
tttt ftMBdVOMIgi ,
fetm*. Mj^m d*__i im^m aj^ft^ a, meti^m t&
l^iorato bodies nre very difficult to maintain, and
there isuo question but what better and larger re-
suits will be accomplwflied and more improved legislation enacted if you approve of (his amendment.
Bven if it"is adopted, our conventions wlllstillbo
«e- :■   - •--  '; , x:' \: *
*' jJndo^ ihe prt^osed amendment no olficiai of ^
^^>i^n«ttrKonttit^rto ^oe^^w^te^^edv
to a ypice in the convention. This wiil.forey»r.pre;
elttdejmy man or set of men from in any ^ay pack-:
ing the conventions to advance personal, or other
selfish interests. .    - *
The plan is an advanoed step in real and pro-
gwesive economy, every fundamental rigb.t of the
membership Is fully safeguarded, and In submitting
it to the membership, in accordance with ,<rar recommendation to the convention, vie most sincerely
urge its adoption.
Upon receipt of this circular, the looal secretaries mutt read all the provision* of this proposed
amendment to the local unions and post notices ai
leant one week in advance of tb« date on which ttoo
vote will \>o oast Members must vote to accept or
reject the proposition as a whole.
Each local union will see that ite officers record
the number of votos for and against the proposition. Th* enclosed Wank must be filled out, signed
and the seal of tho local nnion attached, and tihe
returns must be in the hands of the International
secretary-treasurer, William Green, 1106 State Uh
Bid?.. Indianapolis, Tnd.. not later than March 16.
Respectfully submitted,
JOHN V. WHITE, President.
FRANK 3. HAYK8, View Pre*.
tWM. GRKBK, Rec.-Treaa.
sSMe to extricate htm,
, Inepecnor Williams asked the wilt-
mesa a few queetons relative to the
timbering arid sumend conditions existing in the place previous to the ac-
cSdent, '.Witness save U as Ma opinion
that the condltyou ot the place appeared e&fth
Bvaa Joaeia, lire hoes in charge ttt'
the time of the aoeldeot, hi peply to
queoUbna by, the. coroner aud the
mtoe iaepedtor, ^ave 4t as ids opinion
that the accident was caused by a run.
The evideneo of; the pit iboss and
BniperiMteade^-yrof^ of a similar mature to thla-fc of PireJjBoea Jones, a matter of theoriring BB-to the iprobable
cause of the aoddeot.
The Jury throughout the proceedings remained pBeai?*$, evidently pw-
foctly fattefied that tt» safety of the
men Is the c»npanyc<irat oo-nfiM-era-
Uon, their verdJot -being the usual
"Accidental." These:; accident* will
continue Juet so loosr^tte we aire «m-
teut to pi^uce.'t^^jNO^f inateod of
       ,*>'-*M*Tl* ■??.f*l5i/1i*fJ'I'^'T*>V*>w' **"**
IMiADRID,  JV*>.  27.—Rc5»rtB  were
to ctnutahloa hoe tonight to the et-'
feet Omi tba «nevohitlooary iwdaUete,
.weie inaeterai of the situatfaa in Ite-J
bam, hut  inteirruptiooi ot  the  tel*-
graph eenvifco prevented oonfirmatftoav.
■TraveHers who arrived here today hy .
autxwuobile from   Lisbon   said   thp „,
strike ot the ifi&road employeee took ,
the goveRttmeot iby -aurpnae. \Lanse
numtoera ct the strikers, tmdading several -anarchSste, had  been' aweatofit' ;
ithey enSd; hut the-moat  -daoeeroas"
anamchisto were still tttWbertyv \. '
ivnten  the 4*aveU«rB (eft Uthoo.,7
Thuraday night troops oecmded 4Arat- %
egic poeitidpB In the streets ami from* -
the outer quartern of the eity frequent
sounds of firing 'were heard. Hie toe»r-<
lata assentled homhe .were Wtog ex-
ptoded throushout the cuy aad.that, ■
dynamite had heen ao freely used that ,'
the public services -were paralyzedv   .
They teprnted also that they witness- -.'
edo cairaihy chaise upon a. <nob.'    -   «
*- A-^Sm
, '..T-i 'I'M
4*   .**.
9.    **.<■'
^T** * ioA*^r a
* xxi
'   is*.
Opera House in London ia Packed to
-  Doors When Monster of Protest la
Held—Best LegalAdvice Haa Pan-,
ed Opinion.
.with *noTTMy,gw»t?*e3tpendlture tiie
plaoe ni^epai^b^p^)tha«9e*ned
could hs«y»wo Tm^b'Sir^pnitmr than
it w-asJ'^fl^^inflrpblhto-tt >would
be possU^loliwiiwse Iwiukies in a
more eulthhle epot thaa the. court
house, which seems only able hc> hoM
tin* prhwipalai. tbe intere*b#4 vdotoc
haivtaf -^noialh on the ooteUe look-
in* lm' *»*** •**? *" '■£''•-- ' 4
LONDON, F«b.  27.—A demeosatm-
tion by the tobor party to wefexmre th»
tehor Jeaders , deported from South
Africa a month ago because of their ~
oonocKthm .with the general.strike,
-wae, held In the opera-house tonight .
The htouee iwae a»acked. althootih .ait.
adndeadon fm ot $1.86 w|s <Aaqsed*i,
her- of partieanent for Durham, ;,i?t»>,",
prerided, amttWDoed thai1 the 4Sbhr-,
party had decided, after ohtwtnlng the
beat le«Bl advice, to test the Infj^tgy
of the dqpmta-tfous of the men in jbttth"
the EnaMsb sod Sooth Atrtosh oobrta.*
ReeotatioM pledftog saqvort to ths»,,
deported men were chwiedM^th' *fr.
■ jl
1   ^^
'X^'-^^f^ '■
■KV        -MBrtJSSwi'
n ten"i
Elects New
■St     ■•
.Board of
I   »*l
Subpoena Scorned by
Colorado Militia
V49. r tun ,«-.-*«».
' .'X
■W*mi^mMja ^p^w^^^nS i ^^^wmnf^/j   mf ym^^   *^m^w     ,^^^   ^^^^r
"   » mm br
tto^^^^JLmt   sv^uk||j^uyK^ j, jMb^hA^k   __^m_n______mm    n_____t_
w^Bimf    RieB^WWPB|   **HHP**Ww   *wflPw"^Wni   w^Ws
j^^^^^^m^^jjl jl^.  jNL-H-^tt     as^jaL|<*^   dS|^^^^^^   ____i i ^^m^^w-k.
«ay|^    ^_^^^^^^^^.^^    4^^*g^^*^*^    ^^^^     M^fcJBt_
4k    W     *«* * p mum*** *m *   * *»*«*•»# i> *■   <mt m
<fn*^W WPP Wmm  ^WWWIWPW   fir   Tifwf^-^W  TrW 1
ir ta
 m im in ths jes*, ll rfmlt
at 1te CMamat «mI Ummx Mine tater,
ia*iMStoai*tae fSsni*-
iinss'^P--**'**'*^^^.|^^^-^^^ap  w^^m^*
''   kiM«tada» ef
^^wWi wwssbs w^mumm^wr^wwnm^   ^w   ^we™<*
9i^9g^9    ^^^^^^^^^     f.^^^     ttt        ^^^^^^^^^M^^^^    ^^^
1WP» tK^mtm  MWWVt a",   IPrrl^Tiwfry wt
a sSMipMPtiAHHfd lv, the tMdoa UUL
hoth sMw sew giant eoseessleMi to
W^5? jmii^BSsaSJmSTiLfi im
I it to srii hsplksr lis
ftsat to # i^flw tof *
fm mmm'
*    P  •~**lW
iivocate of th« Kstlonal
kiiUii^ uuuti^^^i^ jiMh^Uk*, UUl a*^^HHhMia|k|S^k. u^
swwtw ^^^w^^p ^*^^#3^mm^^^^^^^m**^^m m^m '^w^^f ^i^^^mw^
*W^^m^ 'l^yl^^^l  ^^-^^Jt^-y^-    ^^^*^---^^----*^^Jh^^   tfl^A
today.   TW
"W 9^^^ ^^o/^ft~^^^^^m w w^^^*
n*ir isjif iwiiiuuea.
liSrtls, UMar Mm llf 9f 1^*) Altfwai
OsiMr, the M«r at, «N|* sf the
^^.^^^^.^^ ^yp jj^^^^^yi^^ ^^--^^a*.   -^^at^i   rtl^^fc  tt ^btt
Pf* •ffN*! hi %(, (ftifs totoHNwif
at wihto
"*    •PSWS'   e|F*W *wa"W
tanas sc eaanigiesBM wwfs
..  .    ^Li^^^^^^1." w^m m^ii  SWHH Blflwni MM tflHIIWSfS SltSMfS
Wt% USato ShSSittf SSt VMS SV Mb -m -__^_* .mA aM ta n^^ t^rtaiM^
■HhRH£ t^^^^nfa^jt jyb,^ ^iJLjuk   m^iJI gww j^tjLtm^H^ fbum tm
to to «S««os let tos« twr(
.^       ^***^te.-MH^Ug^KM^|Wj^        ASH ^L        ^^^u-f!|-£ ^Mf   L
■^^     ^^^^W^'-^ff'^^wSII^StoS'i^ moff  , nm  - m^m^-Wr lV J'?ltoPF p
tw «i«MMd «f|stoair nipt  .
IWWWTWW   1W   IJNP   mRKBr , fHK   W1PP   l^lHr    ItTHPIPIi  'WFIWlJr-.
tto toe swest Sf 1 —
fWe eentmm   Wi» t*%» ♦**» ww**** *e» *.,r   .%» ...   —»   * --• *..*»-»*.
■mm. w pim^i--.^MnsBS|], "^igitol1™^.. , ,_     ...
-* - * imii i iiBg I, mim *Mtm^k. ttomto^9^^:^utat? l'i.,iiii.m.^   ■■•..■■■9^.  ............... ^ ^- - — jt^Ha^-w
meieonewxawa*«f ■twiHnpt'm. nOWtob WSH* wswwas s sbbb mmag
theieftwu. so toe it tor *tna tolsm, the   -><*bea«i*r
lato wannma mbj sdMt to Che sv-.«Mhto^ «M he aede ths i
we avM^i*^ y^ wifSHH  wtmm SS SBw we
tmm -maw ■aauii i^ww»f twynwr" «f
iiOMmr's (paMioHar departmenL ton
Boa»d of Trader told what was por-
poebsd to he aa Important neettag on
Monday, the fesl la the PSdtie sample non. A IMr sited crowd had
somgwd ttsstftocsther when the <*•!*•
nsut emote ths tohto a mighty blow
sad deeisMd to* toeetlag open for
bushiest-. Tbemtaatesoftheprertous
BWrtJag irore aduvtod as read with a
few amandpxpfr for eolarsemeat*. ss
the chatnnaa ealtod tkssa). A Imndh
of ooH^aspowdsiieo vsrytag tnex com
■mutton of rssoaress te the sals -at
massaiaae wm dealt -with next la
quick etyto, met of It fladhur a rtm>
Ing ybxm to some old nwty Me. Ths
new twalaaas twntoted ef a gaoeral
•'J round dSecnaeion on pure ndlk,
water pwaaore, good roada and one
or two leas Important Itisns. a soto*
tkw of whlth ft Is hoped some cood
•ill rteolL was found tor each psiUca-
kr ax-. Ti* CJjxum. ur pa*.d*.T.^
,V. P. Xeadsll. Own aaaosaeed tt
MwnM he neeaesery to eleet efltrwv
tor Om eoatfsg year. The mmmbnen
ptwat www anrMeatly aot hanUaf
with itohsslssna aa thay msrhswhslly
iwvnmB wn imp m wiwnniw  win
^ajtfusiftMMlS ntn  ^_t_^_^_^_m.mm—^—^b    h**^^u        IVVb^^   -^J^^^k.
nwRuj m vnaaeDiNaK »ww.   ine eaeo-
H^i ni tn ssassH did cnato a NHto
mora stiff It totocusshtottir ssssssht
tSght pmMoaa, Aftsr afl thn sbk>1m
of hsrtle hed stoais4 sway, tta fattow-
log AMtot ttHMNifiM Is oostnl of the
____*____. 9_t _tU*m W^9****M—{  tOt  -etalfc-Ah,    Am.
eflmemem* 9m mm m^ww ea 1 iwee- nw
totoak, m. f, IMaHi vfcs wiHIi««»
•HNHI wH^JfJ •9(^fWn0U^Wi-W0^Kt'^# Jt%, Wt*
tilMtet **mi^M  m_b_^_^em Wt
■mtwmmWi wwi^HKmmmb w^NKtmmm*.   •»*
6RU8aBL8.  BetohSD,   March  3-
8«rao conl atom mm drowned to-
ds«r Ut a mtoe st Bneqaegtoes hy the
hunMng to two of ths fsHsrisa ef tos
nsl was rroDtptly sounded throughcot
the ssas and hmdmds af asa bsfcy
hantod to ths •nitooe, ftsvss sf toeSs
working « long dfeftuMw fran tigi
ataA warn oaught to the rash of wstar
• ¥J
i I
HsM January UM, Club Hall, Ctol
fviji^b '--stotm^ 1 aodyuas    ^|a^   i^m^^   Mto4bJ^to#  *ftA)iltotf      ^MbttW
ijpp *wbf . fHH   m-^m   vlmY  WWrn^Wb 'WFiWljr-     iwy
"to»^.^toj t^^K^^^f   ^^KHf^j^f    mHN^m$     ^*^^^^m*^^m     _^^    *w*wss|i
sf *** to Uwshteg 'SNA «to, sad sssr tost tws
tmamtoM  9.0* m. .-    ..t    ...      .     *   .1   •*..».*.	
tlM wnjn alio adopted pttfthnlng the
soverwMto to anfagiSBfit twatdeairtal
proparty In hloek SI dram high water
fcjf toriHtog srMtog slsag toe shsr
| 9*99,,,. 9 944.   *M^4MM%  MWMiHAK 999.9.99^)   «M««4   |
\nwi*n* meweem* wwtbte* «M%,it»i«,ivl
nr mm mwmw.   nm wn xxw* iwTwmni
at tos stoedsss wim to ssur siisr
too swstlss.
Otolt has (toss %ssy IS Hosmer
Wifk Iho Islast* lam to eomrn tmtmt
-.'ta.,. ■*
Ttefesto sold for
Jem Intend M I W.M
"   R. JohtwihMie      IS M.flP
"  W. K, Pw*sy   13     I.O
"   Frank Kee    I     l.fl»
- o. Y. AtorkhMMl    4     l.DP
- O. Crahhe    8     l.tt
"  J.ltostam    S     l.N
- Ws^ sSlay     3     LSI
Soto throHgh payml—
"   lBastmtae ....Ub lltjft
l MoHli snse ....... tm Is. ip
"  NaSmtee If U.8»
"   n Morthwlae  U.6S
"   1 AMSh Miea SS II SS
■* it jHSstossi........ ti  n.m
nPMi  * • * *   W9       m% n-^nf
lti»H>»M   IH
Ma ftf Hflmfi mM in Mt^tm
IWssitoAmr.... iT.Jf
^travtt   4WI*   ott     i
,. ..        t.ss
1X7-3. MP
mbmf^K^mfWtr ,
s*mPwnpw» *pM^m*mr ™   *p*«^w
^-^aw ^^^^^^sn^SP ^^m   i^nm|p ^PS^mT^^^^ W
'^s>v^*ii     "
we an ftopami
Hn<o wfipsr IW/flsp IFTws  miy  ln|"jRPP* ]
Hfl| ^tStt WMIf W*t UVIWfWl. fVUfl^raniVMHi
-Tot •-« fciHwr «l«n^i*(4 to
eome wiafeoat we**os* of hay sha^
_^_m_^_i_m   mm* it^^m iMfeVsi^UHHUtoH aiaV j^^^^ab, ^—^-^^-b
■cter, is m emnnwow ei am weep-
«ns »01»« regsitol to SS est «t hss*-
jmm^ tm ii in. ■ _Vtmti\A       to-atohmWiiiiii iimi        iHiiJWto
^^rn^f:     Tmm**rwrw  wm\}ijA"rj*   "TIM
OAUr/MKT,  MIA,  ras,  m«-ti»-
IV '
yenr.   (My
st toe
■*oofc: pbme    Mr,
■Rar wWdl
aad s-wMtait toast
aa! Mrs. Tluiii'-^.*
Tfee ate** aufiety tMand
Worrto  •»fi»jft-r»'», on,  f^iilj.., iiMti*.
tfctar trittrt-ai
itopartyad>dn«dttot|lWt ss lis swatot Mtos tar Omit j «*»• ««»«tosit«t2totowrs Mslitoslk
aftor lit  wseiawwqr
<bt DStnem t*sr ••^w *««»|WBtoi
ty Mine laepentoe *»»wa of H«wshW»
Ctosaty aad Tt+nn U«. wrw*t-
la» tos stittosa u« etahusMi toto
OS pas* ftwrl
<sa# of toe
i'i*1'"!- aotft *t PW-JH--W** to *i<!** ,jfv f^c
j tw, ib* *k M-*} wm he sMe to do toto
_>»*ry *eni«*»rt*aMy.   Ur. KeaSaM. wbtt
to tt» SeitoiM mmemwu to *• -«••»*»• tor tot hhsmk «f
l^Mto, «pW toitwm hi ftshars Itoll. ***m*nm. Is as Mntosr wIr» w«t
tmm. Hani toi. at ito,   ttmry- «*m*« tototoMy sti mm mm
* i» mmwtoi %t •■ V4» tow
■—       ■—-m.       —   ■*-   '■ '*' ^       *^W      ^^i      ^*^*^w^     m^mt'mttm
(Owliawl ss pats toss)
tod the
• Jt"'
5 ^ ^o. \%
4*   -
< ,Tfoe faot that mine openatons to
. AJWbigaai: dieclaire 'that the Western
"jFadema^on of/Minare wAU-not he to-
':_ cagnto&d w that/dh^ mine Ofperators
"h»",Coto«kdo'*a4«ft>unic» tliat ;toe United ..Mine -Wtorkors -ofl^marWiwiiU not
-.■im ^Veo TCcoigjjJtton, ^wttl not settle
. "TJbie ^esta^Pedera-Moa'ci Mtoers
did aot <a^te ooaiditiana in (MtoWgan,
nor did ttae United juine Workers es-
tabOifih cxwuiiitions In the s»al <HeW» of
Ocdonado, 4ihaC. oaiQai^efdt the alaras of
-the antaee ibo She neoeasifcy of striking
a totow at camwpabe oppr^^ioii.' The
oondtitiioQs -froin wiliioh boith strikes
were bora wwe we^adby cajpltatoHf,
and iwitBa snmera oouM. «o longer sub-
mat to luaiibeaataible^ooud'itions^or «up-
, ,pixht themseiveB anil families on star-
vuxtion -wlagei'iib^lr complaints weire
filed -with "th» 'i»Jne operators, .hut
tiixeir grievances w&»ignored or tow-
l-tiaalT rejects, aud -rfs a result, Mieh-
-fgam ami Colorado -became .battlefields
(ratiwsean taouioyer* eja-k employees.
Had the imfa«4(>wai«m tn hoth states
*•* tim-mx sam inelinoUou to -coinslde-r
their oanptoyeua -as "human beings,
there Would have been no strikes, but
wh-en ^sploitena become insane for
dividends and nettise to'recognize the
,     «w^.^vA.:w*™.-ww~mw«^. -     „a> t^Bjgg&^L„d, aod    *
'^'«»Q^^K#ha Labor,
rSe*le^at;piiffali::H®r« Report*  '*
I ^^'^^P,^ll.W«i^ Report* -f,
From; Many ;R^rt»ofwCountry on j'
.CondltioW^s-^i' iff??*? ■>.
Jji^S*i'-L^-'tXA^AAS^£vX\   X J'.
2 >  •*   o%\     a \, i       *    i '   f  t*\     1   * t   > ' *   >i   ■'"■"a11-    vs       * j.v   -fM_t« j,,' f^1* -*•' iW«Ktf\-.   ■*. j *
♦'♦':"•♦' ♦« '♦':♦" MS^'S^X'X
A xxt~^^*KMM,x<Ti$*
Unless soinfijpli^ils -<|oii& |n«nedt
aJteflfy to j«ltev»-!^^EU«tei^g>\9t. the
unemployed; <Gh«^^tibeirne^'.;wiu pne-
jciipHa.tie a «ondli^^,t^^^1^«afliBe
Shettn take *1^^^ ti^.Jo^i;hands
and setrtile aftaiili^.ithtir O'Bro.isvay. waa
rthe opinion expressed ( ^''vr-giut -H.
Walker, praaldeilt, of 4he„Jl'liroofa State
F«J«raiiMoa\ of l&bdr, ^vfoiio, Nktiionai
Confenenc-e on , Unemploj-aaen't, toeld
-at tihe Qlty HalJ yJEfiiwdW,"'Wnd6r1,*lie
auspices of «the" AtagxtocoiR ^ssooktion
for Labor Legi^ttoji, WhI6h i9 affiliated with-thtt Ijateroa-aosial Association on Un-ecwployjnent ,
Walker ■said^thj&tithe^insar to an
emplajTmenft S^^y twm thn anassing
of the unemtployied .at certain places
iwtere itheqr. could be drawn upon hy
employers and used to (beat down tbe
>i»nice of Wbbr;''    7
His suggestion iwas thai the cities
. , 4   -v .     v .   , ,       ... estaiblisb Oabor^bureaiua, the Stato es-
rV* of an employee to Join a tebor ^^  ^ A-^ mr ^^ tu
X  o^ganteatioiw Aad througli that collect-
X   Ive .bQd|y) endeavor to Imipwye the coo-
] C,;di>tioV8j,uai^°wMoh he works, then
■,;^tai^'i^r«BKithiii(5 iefit for him to do
.7j7^^-_09c^rbe,mrien^r'tx>4iie anan-
',",'']."4»t«K*of ,£'"mastior or.a'revolt against
taw^Qoq^omi-c slavery thait hoMs dabor
, .:*;.in me titttafas of industrial ibondage.
,!.'l.!.r"'Pw.aaiao opeiia.tori with his, hired
?£-\\ ^'t|?»ig"an*di' -^ogf^t iha«ked by'the uni-
%i''i'--^ptorined .Oe^ifcfts^of Ln'state, win:not
*^/;> ''.^^eeitete Ijl^dilJleTCn-ces,* 4hait exist be-.
.V'    V»V iw^..<»B*ta|j"o»d1 labor;   Legalized
HJr'? -^*^t wfence execwt^l.by tittidals, ololthed
,m wWi «Bhe eeenites airthortty of la/W. will
,pot, bridge <the -chasm that ttea he-
swesn eaoplolteT1 and exploited, for as
long Bs\oond4tian8 exist'that are re-
vx»Jttn« to aniem with red: blood ia their
veins, Just so tong wttl men came to-
gefther'-*€o'lirembve the conditions that
-degrade lth» -.working class.
T^e^latoOT.jnovenwinit cannot be an-
nihifattod or destroyed by all the pow-
ea* of oa«p«eUato, -<tor es long as tbe
corse of •wa«e Slavery"-Fontaine, men
who yieaiM'tor. liberty n-W. Join hoods
to etrikw ci ibtow agatoat the wrongs
thn*:affliiOt 4fl»0 atruggtUng mttlkmB ot
th6 eoi^—The Miners Magazine.     '
-gov-ernmeoiC x- A -, shortaige of laibor ta
, any -seistuni of. the .country -could then
be met Jiram -the^auiiplus in any other.
If ithe bureau was unable to -find
work the mowa- unemployed should he
liatd, not as a matteo- of charity, but
of might and the anoney ooll^ed
<1Shsd fadustiry. This natlon-al -agenwj*
^hoU^.ndt he altowed ,*o ,ebip a ton-
fib^ma toto territory yhere, 4h«t«
wiaa rtolbw tmoubte.' ■"I ' i '< I- ■', ''• "r,
,\...; s" Opposes Labor Immigration ^
, ^"AS ikons m there is ^man out of
a Jofo," Walken1 cojicltwlodi, "no funther
iaibor.immiigra.tion Should - he ailiow-ed."
* The confereaoe (Wai®, TWsided over
hy Prof. He-ory R, Seager, president
of th» Ajnericaa Assodationi, and was
opened1 ia ibetolf of the city by. Majpr
John, Pmraiby. *M*ibchi«.
There Is more Catarrh in this section
j   of the country than all other diseases
i   But together, and until tbe last few
*•**;   years was supposed to be,Incurable,
;   For a great taai)y years doctors-pro-;
ar*; nounced  It a  local disease and lire-,
-5 ■ scribed  local. r remedies,  and, by., «otf«»
**., t, ,A -stantly failing to cure with looal'treat?-
i£t4i\-V' menti pronounced It incurable.   -Science.
!&<,,,_,^Cl v hiaus prqx^n Otitarrh to Jae n eonettt-fl-
W   *
This is taken Internally lo doses from
-. 16 drops to a tesapoonful,   It acts di-
*TectIy on the blood and mucous surfac-
ee ot the system. .,They offer one hundred dollars for any cut It falls to
r cure. Send for circulars and testimonials.
.Address: F. J. CHSNBV & C0„ Toie-
' patlon.
Hall's Family Pills for eonstl.
Free denMnrtnUion Un our
Cams and learn how to am
snd sww ywr hslr.
Suddabys - Rexall
Drag Md Book Store
FERNIE      -;•       B. C.
■I ^B   ISaII uJisa ^_t__^_*_-_. .. ... *  - * - - 4. t-i^., *■ -   .
**•#. «-a
"took, part    Most of
argued ,*hat -it is thgt-dwy ;of, tl^e ^ifajte
and Federal ©ov^nanietfB,to <pn>^de'
for ,tbe iui*emiployo^,'W0rkM»..;-, 't, '■*. x,*'1
lAMesr weksocraing the delegatfes;
jiiwor Mitohe^l^klj/-'! v-' -  ■ v>;. '",''''
'This year "^e^York was confronted by a fluosi uoupuaTcondition.of^'ua-
ennploysnierat. • Vtmloua ©9ttma)fce8 were
miad© of "(tlieirii*mhier;Of inen out of
work hsewg,-A\ understand iherejtsfee
am Bipprojeimiaiie -HgUre of 300,000,' ai--
though I ibeHieve .that was aa exaggeir^j
attloo., Buib/we aH n£ leaat agree that
theme wqs -an' abttarmaH conditiooi .The
city^ <nefllhdn*g the seriousness of (toe
"conditions -confronting it, sought a
litera of-MMef, and it was suggesrtea
thai an a^eapy be established.       <-, »'
'"Rhe othjec^t was to bMog together
the unempaoiied and .the employer
through tho cooperation of private
agieoalea '. Whether me shall go lair-*
ther io tblat.direction is a question we
are ,etud|yiii«, Id "order that iwo may*
have rtibe Ibest Mormaitlon .possible oa
fjie quoaHon orhandling the ipraMem
of the' unlemlplo'yied^he^e', we bioye- Invited! Mop, Leisanson, head of the Wis-
cousin State 'Labor Deparbmenft, to
look'ov^1 oonditi!dinB,"iin»New;f'Yot4t;
Be,has, done so, wnd,"*li*e report of
hia" olbeeiiwwtions,' AogeMier with h$s
eu^SKistionsl da mow in our hamds; ,.,
T'tf'-.May Be Permanent Bureau
■• '^"daa state.now that11 .believe the
em^08*TOant' a©emcy--jot .the Caty:,of
New York ds going to heoomie iw-
macient dnstdtiittiion. .Since the beginning of th«;ddsouffeion; of the iproblem
of |he; mneanpkxj-ed: various euggee-
■MonB have'.been mmde to me tor its
-A ®eraema*» discussian foHo^^,fta^^o4?i*Ej^^^ come for-
oonferemce, in ^htoh .inany , vjajfaw u u§.take, the
%y^-W^!#^^^|^'la,an!d dole
ft; «^;fe^e^huhYg^..|3M'tidiie. ■ OUwre'
^v^nW^mjmS^^^ mm>.
1»;**^fi«iew?^*si^,;vwiQmk • iyhi*Ch;
wou^d> n^oewiti^te^Jti^f pxpendituie?;
;of,'moaej-- aaid I consequent distaibrution
~g$Mxn ^ty**arf<iHi£ids".ov^r"i iairge i«jiMt».
^* •tyZitf^-ji^tomryy of Jemj7
4don«, d^"-$irol]a^^i' <thl^ ";imainB.^r.
Bainkinip^^^jj^vfOd; 'New "York
Cftty/'SiJiaM iM xwra^iteeW to •$ *CdtUor*
of ^Muijmillinj^^pfxn -M^y^
,%"PnoSes^i,S*9ai^fhia:ted ittof-the,'
entire wiuitor ^iJioused ovet' the"
gpttut •nui)^er'6f\<ralera.pioyed'«t the
iprSfe&i; USaM 'an«^ils^'looklng to th4
jjiweant gaithwainig ^Cor 'a, ^ractioal't*solu-s
tloo iof'jihe wliiefjiro^lem. .Prof.t;B,'
'C- HendensoniVf^ttoet^lTOi^^.'
Ohi-oag4.%dieote(red>-ihat.^after; aii- -W
yesttg^-lto.Ihe'Jws'fouhd' oo^KHrtdonsc
|K)t to iw'phnoiiifliai^'' ^ &,. -,   "t ;<;*! „
», "We. hcfllave tQak\.V&^' i^'-^othihcr
in this,%-Bttu^i^.^(^^dlJtfeteni'fwyn.
premam .■yeamS'.-tyf, ^&X\Tb6ffisQlol
■po*t!ed,rthia%i^-i|^esiiot( an\.iwiiu-».
Bueonibens.'l.    ' ^A^ ^'V'-"^ ,1
-  - \$&f'
*t^wot'<>(tn^vwie-ilM!ve 'ft^ind .Ip'du^ to
m*,im^i'y(^ivtfB^^rt 7^». :faot'
ocmhnon^ito"'', ^^xjewwis^ of industry
Jdhat thore. m^ ibo.laot. of emmaoy-
nmeot -at -tin^-aj^;,o^n swho aie
easeajtiall ito ind«atr}\ inust .be "out. of
wifct OMs Ie not is(xmethlng piooullair
^ thle year or due to amy chango of
a»toillinisliraJfi<».M^Ne:wiYo^ \7
i X^s^W%^#fe
,4s a
^Therfflatti haa gone forth AMit Fernlo
'■4s$j$ibh/v« an amnory.
^mjatm asks:   "What
<-aj*0njbr\  ,     ° ,  , ,,.
$$iLtmt, my dear tovestJ^Jor, W^^
""   "'fi greater miue'tlmn a1"yaw
fl^ie value of this Orieutad obolo &a£ 'there are tootball, baseball, .flying,
Realty Go.
Uiubv iviw-Jivuiy
|«il;'!fiehce well step a few1 paoeafl(«^
'jwwft. " \   \
There are varfous grades and sixes
of ^^Clats," there's the cheaper fand
'Awb&n in Germany," ot greart. uee fbr
British consumptton. when an aitoack'
|s«o8»e«»adeoo Mr. Tajcpajer'a jnwse
tor *he purpose of increasing the Brinish "oavee" by the constiructlWf of *u-
perdreatoaughtt or -when ainpeaHng to
JoMow Giles growin lightheaded due
to "an aching void" in <tfae bread hw-
ket to accept tthe Kin**« sbtMta*.
Then, again, there'e tbe higher dollar
marked brand that brings the beaded
hubbies ho tbe ibotfaered brow of ithe
-business man vhen mr. Comwrate-In-
tarest (caro with the - pleaM) informs
his employees that unless they we
"reasonable" in their demands (tor
dfUhriitibn of "reasonable" consult onHy
oewtpany authorttiea) he will be oh-
Jlged to transfer hia capital io some
fiatsrff country where there «ie no labor troubles. Putde: Find thle Ifl
, Dorado sod receive a life pension €rom
the nwmiflBOtui««|' asaoclaOo& (Note:
Australia not hawed.)
The "flat" referred to in the Orst
llm h uot dlrootly (bmu-Ic iSbn reservs
in "dlnoctij") uith thtue m^ntlosied.
rernis's "flst" la to bn bricttaced
(told Wok In faw), steel jtotnted imi
sun ffiatal furnlehinga of so edition ds
lure variety. Price 180,000.
What is the armory to he ns*l 4brf
•'ThafB easy,* dear Inqulrsr. Us
outside nwpoee, that Is to the «■!!•>
lew -youth. Is to develop museh*, to
n»ke ihe yonof men straof hi llw
bsoW, even ^xmfh titer bn ««sk sa
the head: to tasks then twidwat—d
f ti<« full nwsnifw of dleatoUne. that is,
] rnady obedlemoe to the orders of some
I vanity beamltten epsuleUed lmnvld-
iul ewn-twbllml tb the fact thnt be fa
merely « more elaborately garbed po-
HemtiMti armed «dth « sword instead
of n hnm »«l«f «t tse neafst of f»
pnraiion dlctaiora whilst Ishoriis on-
il*r 'Am delation thst he Is symbohsint
*1*w and order" or "iKrtriciitliiiss.**
Now all ye would < spell tt MwoaM,n
not "-aood," plwme Mr. O-p.1 be wat*-
ttera do not «urt to lent off ow »celj>
ftnrthwHi. hut -pame n mmnettt <whie
< Ua.ve those deairouBof .devedopling
themselves ph)isica9ljrJdeoty ot opipor-
.tikidtlea for so -doing in .the winter, by
indulgtag in hocken wMOwishoelng, skiing, elcating (not to nwrii^on-curUng)*
whilst   during the euanriier t mbnthe
■© looioau.,,Bwseo»*v mmy* haiM naw* gsraxnaaium of[mmm-wtalm.
tloes (thai w4il iitaln»^e; ipreeumed
'dbjeotofeaiianttwy?^ r-   a- '\,.xy-
it jx)u aiooapt tba. above >as oonew.
is it not proof poaWiye that it to not
the ,phj*Btoal weH-being of <he jvung'
Wen'lot Fernie that.Jwompta'those
•responsible itor the armory T
l^iaitte ail 'right enough, but tell Ua
"What<is the amnory toOwhuitt. tor?"
It will "provide work hnd, that's a
food thing, we are *oW. Thle ako*
Sashes' depends upon/whot is mount
by "ia good thing." If 4t is to provide
emptoyroent to bricfcSaiyeje, masons
jUastorera. .piumbera et al and that end
it we might keep a discreet mamnmm
but we know that it-to oot. so wn sny
thnt these usdtol members of the
hulking trades could he fsr Mtter
emptoyed building a libmry or *
school rather than expend th«*r mm-
gles tox the construction of sn InsUt-s-
•tion whose real purpose can tie told
best by cuffing It sn a«j*nn tor assa*
sinaitdon aocording to law* ■ "
"MaaaelnatJon" Is a hard w»rd to
isie, may retort onr Iwiulrer. Oranted,
m in view of ths reoent happenings
not In Ruasia or .Meiteo, hot on Van-
couver Islaud. hi Colorado and South
Afrit* Is It a trutbfirt word to uss or
ed the aMttlsoMni of Vancouver, who
wvre oompelled todossrrke on Van-
courer ishmw wnommw thsy old not
knoMr, when jotniof. ths eisct por>
«rnm tor twmb tm were inveigled
or induced to Jsto this m«*sry orgaii-
lastloa Xow, «s the ssgrst end dts-
iiHt -bt •wmbty -of Hkw« Ifcsjr tis*s
foamed by bitter eiperisnee the cause
and -ttmrn their skjm-Hinkss the yonnn
, 'TMierels-not:to reason why,'!^,
h«yoin)eitavM /Hoed," "ifiw," ym*:m
;^\the «tf^;^st a&.:- :^XiX
The bofy a^ ..useM'^uiTp^-ti»t;;
an wJHiwii^^iiBOiuld^seiye would pn ■"*"
^gw$e^;.to"he uM^e n.
intent to;th*e awakened taWBi«6«oe
Fternte saw through, ^Hwi motivee-that
promipted ite construction and a«e"Mv-'
img modUiBng to dk> ^h tSxo -Scheme of
becoming puppet* tor the iptoteotton
of -propentiy,, and the deatruotton of
humah Hte.—N- M. T.   •'   ^   '   AA
ForiUneteen hundred > ears <we hay*
ttved under a Christian olrttliatkM*.
Blnee tto Perteat Man wss orowaed
with thorns and hanged on Oalyary,
■churobea hare thundered with the
touobinci ot the Nawrena, and .yet,
-human hearts are still barren of byw
jwthy and indifferent to ths saJfiBrtogs
of humanltu-. The promttod haauatons
on the rticrea of Eternity have tolled
to estahUsli .the brotherhood, of man
on earth, ffhoussnds sad ^sw, f0<
■thouwinda of pulpits tote thundered
■gainst wrout snd crime tbe huadrsds
at ymm, sad >«t, ho one csn hoqs*iy
■af thwt this eld earth Is growing baiter ea a place upon which to IlYS. * „
" l%e great Ilook of iKMks oomouiiids
men to "Jove they neigfctar an *h»>-
to* fmm tbe supposed Word ot God
Is8s to halt us in ******** the* moit
modern u aaiaine nt MiuAariA ttnhahl
mo^^^™ bi m mm    ^ ***^^jF**wa^^m mmm   mmrnnemmemem *tP^w   ^*SrWi^'^^^
^•^^    ^WepS# -WS^Wlf     nmb    wW     WWWW^ySlpW i ^w^*^
bum that moefra (he sgenlss bt the
stmmBag ndRftM hi -svwy Mtiss on
SMEVtii*. ,
Thtt sannon, Mw fstftsvctfl ssd the
■e ths <w|ss|job« of gowsswhsnt
thst ss* nssd fo -wsntwint sttBrtBdv*
ohsilesee, -rsnudMss of dMlset that
_>■ ...I.      -       ......--.. i 9.. f   slstoat nenry find Is flnsdl wMl lass*
men of other iitscea snewid oenwW »y )pj4g dsdlcetsd t-ottts iwiBWflfT of Htot
1J|:   1    1«
As* i'i 'X *
t^V *H"» j
-nwnon 21, king on 5.   Black^tojjlay.
sjwui^s^^. -.;- v;t 7xm?m
%m<-flW«tni)m'0m ihe%Ms Ib'the!
tn^M^':(wittjoir, '0f ^jjees'-.C^Wtf;
%rt. ^tti'*,wfySa^gi ^iti%i*alwayi
been jkipiitoir with all classes of friayv
m*j] ae;iit|*aavtt'.ta*e foccea very. *venr>
ly 4*ipino^ ah^^^l       to nmny • *tne
,-thl^ «re.;imt^\ 1^ ,in *-'H .which
. .r *?jdimM s»jwiB«^M^«fl^
■auawS.*-22{ »tttf .<M?to$U< Is"- then,
Mk»r«jw^,4S;r^" * f\77
- a The piece > invarinbly taken
iM9' ^N?» slfhouth U^kt'tb »rtooat^,
safe. •';?>  :,;  ;  S'yXlyAl  v.y
"«it"'hy;iflr-i8. iitUft't-Vrtfr: -\
« mm ^ &\j*gni si-it,-
10—17. wontd leave <ths MMek «a£a on
•owns 11 open to capture.   % :": -'
I If t9~ll. 17-K. 11—2t, Mack
•mm eMHjrhyt-JO. 8ftf25.>-<» mt
"" ■ m (to Drsrertt ths hlsek msn on it
getting toto ithe "crown bead,"
ft A trap; for if Mack ssehs to
gain the "crown bead" wfcfc-tfae man
on utiu&irf ft, wMto wouJd ^hjr%t—iO,
whioh move would pUc»*l»ek to a
quamdnry, '     <->Vt, ,    -_;-'
i -Tmaplw'fs-mads tatwlsf togst
the M«««ipwdtton.".   , ':,$ ',, " . \:
. i  J* is n^ safe to bring up the wsu
frcan souare 30, y**- ,  ,'     '
' It  Oompela the msn t?«K io mors
■pt be <%iwwed.,     . -n.t -tiiff ■; j
I Fcrms an Msiptfaf sodto».
Flrwfe iwMhdied hf mm,- tl-W, mi
tawfcn a» the' flret position" (eee-di*
anmy, the solution Of *hkh w« he
glvso next week,
oat nwHot thcsnsf! v^w the monkwys
to ^of the tftdsfwot* oot of the fire.
Ohf esys the uHrapstrlot. young
men ought to Ite trained to defend
their -wanttr. Bt the l*»iwsg# «f the
dey. "wait It a*" Tbtn ta so much
biinoovhe to thftily »-enured tttt tlm
tiritlsh authoritl*-* bate reeentty »<?at-
totedrtnssggws Nafiett to whteh tbey
nre st fesst <Trnd!«l Ths stipeol Is
mnde not to "pstrimJwn," ss these
have  *MOtB#  m<«h-«rt«m  villi S#s»
a "> Uke a snulnt *rtw*«vi#h ib* i*btm * lfMtt* enm**4 vn*l* ee^fslsesa. tlsat to
I eem fcrtwled   Common Senas.'"
;    Ite ron will** ami ffnH Mlei* tWt * ftmHi-n, me.
Ahe ymm men of Feral* seed thai    Htnrta
who to laudsd ss the "Pttacs of
OOUO< ha* heessss GOO mA MM>
MT hasberoms the MNJK1IQN Of er*
wtGif    limsnt«f.M   ^|^P^|^F*»   -^iBgW -^((HWI^Wp Mil™
ewus teto*<to -fwsst. Mood ssst tssm
BflMlrWi-i w0*^NRbjr^^m-1n[ *wWgp»wfle   ssy    WW J^VW^wt
of Prt^legs, snClNit fhw uvftnld tlM
mves Ss tm mmm St. the penury «t
swSM^A^f-^^Mj^^^^^H ^av^^^  -^^^^^^^ A^a &A^a.  ^_^_t nL_^_ii_^_m
TimwnnwLmy fS|R TWWw ill W» WMfHmHp
mt«ht sad Ms Itototse tkst ntrtntk*
212?-?°* <W"1MW"'5^ *^ j!!^^.^!WaTOl*!!i?
#ht»e dicta l«ni! HDlls aw* eonsrtta-
for pmtwHon
Vou wh&iisut afford
to loso when we
cm  protect  y°u
; pfaj^cul culture thtt cwnw** from
] stair vt the "IISBsal of .**»•"*
' gist of tbmn
•    A* « •ttrh'iottmati d«Hi»fll#nt upon. w^ ^4^ ««trWw IwwMmfwi ■ trsf>
' waswe tor s IhefUraed fm must re-1 ^ ^^ rtiOllaslIji,  *••• ^t»
? tmt* mit shsw^hejHgty *PMIHImi 1 hmmtnA Inflmsira. tss'tollNr to sl^t
pm mn mvpeet to iwtsw to niii «fe*^ mormmam tils hutott. lUttt"--
Idww MM wr mow then fwwatytfiffe MlMVJMMtf »"'■«- ^* *
i sMWsge s wwek; -Umn Is sftmtfs ■». '
th* 4mmt 1 »vmmmmmmmmmmm»ma!*wmmm
WSt^W^P     mKtfl^^QQjp     ^Mv      fW
nn you know
1 Hiistoie mbr mm total
j%5j! * 4 HiJ
j... As Asstt Ts tvsrjr Wsmse
* 9.
•I *resi»to»er
vn*mk4 tm er* »*)■*-.
Wmli"   WnW.    TfraS  fiipirWIimp    ■WWwBl|r   WBfpPwl*
meet, pmi enHMw nmt srtostmral'r <
-pmw toed ss wsw se s tsmwierstton 1
to Uy asHs ssst* li • r>sr man «s»n {
Brmtr wtmm wUhee to toM »ea«« «v <*<m*w »y lie arsrsg* ess* earner. •
■Mmnn.  amy hnWs mean the pearfn*  ll'« vanity IS stoo afnwaW to hv tn.1
nl imth's (hsito. Th«y we the mmre, Mint to the fSBSfMNttos of *mm»t
mt nmwy « twertacbe to sum)  -»d Uc» to the rssM sto. •
■ssay * w-eman.   Bet shey need set    tVMMtor, towwifsr. hss sot »«<t*mf
*i.   fP«r** ttxtr ttnnWt ******* tmm" th* pntm ni mmm listoly *rd e-Uwe- <
iMsir to Ms ssuhmI estor.  It 4. net a iy|wa«toghewsrluive ie0o. Hue.
jtti** • Wm oust gif* up  »sa™ saw   sue!
"|hr its t«sdf ffaattttss, h? imamettog hwrmsi • mmmtbm wm* nm f«w tam 1
>a*w »i*o*ww,fcaalrtu ^wwth ef ths ■ tog Ml Ks4 PIHI» ssmt^ed er to ths (
Mr, by rmsseftog Aaeifwfr >> tor- **•**# ttt Mutoauss fesne • Unto *#».T
nUMtw in the teem mA tti« tntrraets * eofs Mi to fgf *Wf«M» «w •"« ef *
♦ *•» Uto • IH** »■* «*►■*«««*, tor*** ■MSMlgi »W te tow.lato.di
L JK. *ff.u .1 faff **»^ #.-r*rf*».* -^ n^r^l^fweri^a^sKtiaMMtii be«»«t>
*M«tos«v It tolls *e de thle. •• »I8 em mi MfMHI.mmmtSm nbtytmt
mmymttmmf.  • s«wr *tf«■*'*«« «tot Itowst}
f 1.** m. mn. Ostltsisu***^»..-iisll',iMlH*l.iir«»**»«rH««i«r^r
^jfe  j^^*^*g**^*^ t .j.ki    IS ^.^^^^n^j^yig  w|
>W ••••IF ••J^TB*.fif ■»•*
*"ilrtMii''M imiM 1^1 -^lmi4M_,____    _____ itt
HMglf «
jt^^^o^mgfa ma^h^A^S. a-^ei M-SIIA^.    aiu^.^^^
^mi^^^p (PMpwv**BP mwNwfp wmmwRm    W^*mw
Jt______t__fW__ _______m___m *Kua^~ ^^^j^*^^ _n_W   tt______
■mmmiwmbmwtrwtntf ti IM
105 D^ 8t.vE«t, or.CWcfciTwaat.,Oak.M«5(H»V. ,^,,-.. „ -. .^ ■„«.■
,-  ,'4 .ft-Hr; ».'.'f-^ -y--v;,y*,to, rf*-J-U-.'-^fefe^^r^l^L^^V^<r4^^ 4 »?,v1A-»i|
''ft'--''i! X   "A
■Xli.Xl,r{\- i
,    «!>*.   u' m jam"*
-,-t*      fr'tj "fXl* \, -i i<."<fT*»w<.".fM»*^M&t »*-*i>.' *>i.,   < >.  ...
\ ' '. -Tyxfi,!
1111II m 11 11 in ll
'^>7*y"'x'-" 7-
■ ■fjuiiy   k*A,i.H     aW
- 'HA-i"r;e_\
X;: m-.ii
V , *■)    <    ••'■
*X-*X,** ,-Wl
i*1 * ,*»-1* \ ■>.-■
'■''   '*$$*&[
X, (."■1*41
.(""■H"WT»» ■" -ywnw"
■ lyw^Blilwmiy
IP fi%"*,y
% .
■ ■ :s,r
.-*„1i5.^^ ^ J
'■A A'A*
'A' 'jCOL^jM^Mt^AM**''"
Best of AccQmmodation
a a. cum x'.'%" - • /..•     '; -* mpm*
A-4 *
- 1 4      1 ■
\'Ji ]■%*•$*.-
™  Bellevue Hotel
"       tsat AaMmmsdsilen Is ths rssfc-
-   • '.l*H»0»tt tm Ivsry   Osursstouss^-
, " .,,. StNntitfit fiMihiit,, *•      ,!-.*,   * *+. .
•L A* BALA.ANL Pvfe^»
1 V I *        -( a' i. ▼ W      "\     ',
tf   H
'.». «!
» fIMt. tor. Itov Ost*stsu**b^-}-tollrtilptiJBr«»**ft<
•*»; h#-
4     ,   %.*■
■Si'^fe ft-
Bitabliited April 1999
- iimi ■ iim«, 1 .Iwnni.iimi, 1, 11 ,»h»S7m im 1 i.ii,iHM«iiiiiii 1   . „   .... «.*,»,   ,,    , ,,
• wwt *^v ",^_W_fSi_9'^!^KiF"
-* "Vm-v Mp :iimmwt%^m%Mmm^ >„ *
■*   *lX%<^j»  «»^)fl^K*-^(.p  ^lf**B
Bdjm* mop
•WPPrPP   WPPwWr     iPrHrw    liPrVWr»»
Cqff** is Good
mutm i&»S-*SSjT-,1
"8*3    "'
^^^P-^^H^H^^^^K.-' ^   '-**-*W"*,{*iv«*-*^t*£fcl-**M»!J^^
^'^^^^^S^I^Stir-      «' V* * l-XtiA-My ■•XgsAlysXy<h?*?mSm
..    .  -    -' -x.- *"„- "JfkXt v-XXX£' '&iJ£tJ'*K cA-Xhi-X1
Tl'fUiV^ '.!»"?"'"?*"T"
%^,4*tt*r*^sisi^i!fet^ v *    >       , _    ; •-•-J'it-c-^    >     ...     i   '    :.&t
■ tmrnm ^^mmm     .m^^mmmSSm-MM^Wff m______A'* *____W__\   _______* mrnrn^ r JK   flBW  ^mat HWk -WWW '"-a f
x. WKH1< ^B<i*. .K^B€**vVm - m k,m t% *A. 1. ■ ■■.■il,rl,A'i»HII,, v
Ay '
^n;-ftx»n,,ti«( ten^^g^
m rth»fw$t vt hato^r^pras^toui-*
ife qm»bia&"- Hawl#Bi ^dfyW?
Xanana^ mmm:iti^*W&%%M
A., to_ which' i^.jhe^^hst >*^«»j*^i
i^>as1,M'w«?w>prtth AkHvD^ftoi.
ftfoyer" qri^jSOTwetigpa; SlNDaJfa:
(remanded ith^ jptdaoin-OTs to the -ci'"""" '
;d-«»ftr<i*rjr% .,?«•-*-" -.      .    '-*~tr%0%*'}t
.. Jfoa^trff^w ca»-,be,»ooqunC;tor
^ehnaled"' ^ysr.»«ise^ gipwir-ont ^of
l^Cr«WtoWawis ■ atrike»'|^'i903-04;
During -Ma etrike ma.T*tialjtefWf <waB
4«p?0%i?nedf iby Govjamor Peabody,
jMoyier 'Ttjps!ipls-fed und^ari^st^iqr
■^ nrfM-tarj'auttoirttd«t aa^helCwtoh;
■Qut;V*tWi:(torlonelh^r«>ahd five
'^Bjja.^'tHtla n*U»^,^ghi'torseciwe
Mb; ;^iek|a»e through 'habeasr coxyua
of ttiie atate,took the ,; poaitdon, - thni
toiomuch as the^yetnor-of the etate
had 5iaaued' a de^amitiaii o'f -njaatiai
tow; it was not. within the JuiiiaMctiipin
^ *the,,|upT&me ,<Jttwt, of ;4hto 'etato;*^o;
go heMndthia.a^^l^ew^Ti^^the
eiH^of lnqiriring.toto,ttelotoiptonB
\MiJf.A XM
Slit-****   * -,   -,' tJ^
^*\ ^C^SjaaaSatoyswesaswiMS
5fito|dleictoiqtt was] concmred *in:by
m^Swni^V'^ouit V of, .the' vy-BKed'
V^m^MXA:?: ;' «t'Kif'
\l«J^^jHe^*vMtoHtolB the.«aee
dwd^ by Jndge MoHendrle with
♦Sfvt^^toir^iSs^v In,the tor^
nmr-«aiw, there had "beeai a' ipnooteanar
^ thdeViuiocIaam,tion of nwitSat
ttg>C:lim f^bety^mm1, handed dayn
' e^ng optokms:;. In titm tetter
oalse, (^vennOT'AmimoQe has reipeatodr
ly fsjcitostediQttt he haa made no do-
I0aratito^;niart^ and that the
mlliltiift .has ehnpiy J>een called out to
ato tbe civil authortties to maintain
lsL<w:^asva ^omdiec< -rAiciooaaddacr Jto'. ti^a tlio
nflU^jranhnv^ no excuse {or hntddng
the |hItoiw«», aiid they shttuld have
jjcu.^-yjjjj'^it.-' -it)-* r''.-vi   ,'"*, *',x -*a      '
<$j^)SQ0$Ake, in" which" the men
s^m'0^mhit^r arrest by the miU-
^^|^i^4^di\c^nriBed with.centato
ep»e^^j^m^At^i,-penmy "tor
whrobS-SBfluay eovered' by,, stntobory
. >nwmlthese men 'have not been itmra-
the state. -Wins* right,
h|i? (Seneral Chase, to.hold thfon
las qjnisphiera in the nape of the state?
:f)|f>«&h^judicial .deoidons «re ai-
tow^Vto.'si^ind, then any or aU citi-
z^inraajiSbe'seized at any time by the
ntota^TWer and helcl indefinitejy, a
month, a J'*ear, or forever amd .the day
afitej, aflthe ease may -be, and as in
the'^tidginaiub, of-^the commandeHn-
'd^t^^Bu^.ima^ inei^t. ,   "' [
We wArait that this is a very loose
vx& dangettoua doctrine, tor ih its' last
ainailinie,;.? tt eiinjAy ineans that the
ai/ves and ilibefrtlos of every citizen aire
^ ithe merey of (the man who hnnpen-
fdto'iM'tossol'Into powerby" a nnyo-
}lTihto'%]hsidiy a oaee of history rre-
peatio«'itoe4£, but tea caeeiof-htotory
gt^.towkwBiniB a -thoueemd years.
This .^Itaobfine, bf NefCewWy" ' upon
yMt^^^bxAk' .miooedure Ito .baeea;
la m oJ^as-the to«t tjor power, and is
ttwjntostghloody doctrino that, bas
ever, cni^tllthe human tace. There
never (W^;.*n:typm* drunk with .pibwer;
SimbiittoUB -innd,' tend, bent upon ttos 'Sx-
eredse art)ita^.^rth*^ iwho has not
'^'h^fto^^oowfoiclilyi anidi dee-
potic croeKteB b^iind this "doctaine
ofoec^stty^ ".  '-        .   -a   ■    ,;
-*Defc W^stete the case Jua* once
miore to'rhrfetf. ' By this deoMon the
Soivernior, may deoJare that a ata*e of
taeuirreet^ ecrintS. - -He ,dpee not have
to ia9ue;a deda«^oo of maatlai law,
yet .he maor set aJside the ■dooatilutioo
aald towe'of the atate and nation atnd
hn^^^wjv^.'li^^onal, erratic arid
toBame'thipiugh he,"jnay .he,''to,*their,
rteadi l^'ne *^thto Oaae, the govarav
or has, nio^rwiH'of fij^own, he may then
cbnfer hte mBltary power on a eobor-
'  fi-A^m   '•'.'"'     •-      ' ":i'v,N AS--   ••>*•
he onay pflaoe under arreet tany or,,aM
of the citlzene of .the state; aad diepy,
to eaich and^ ^mpmBm^tif)r ^^f3b
iveiy, the tigUt W a^*iWr'h««*»>liiftte
Qourta of law, '.-   -J;AiXS'-J*X
'   *        .      , • y -i* **■*• i ***,, <£ < r_ ii.
Thto ia'cemtainly a damnahle janjlvre-,
aio^binairy dootrin-a. it skwly^nwalnsi
.that cOt-teens, oooe in' the'ciutK^wM
the <Jeepotic and1 uncwtettjto^oinil'
-jK>wer/«awot in any court to-ta^'lpf
halve their case reyienyedv to say noting of'a chain-ce to prove their, Annich"
oemoe., >Th4a doctrine Ja destructive to
add tow, -aiM juetioe, all free wvwnok
■anent.eind, eS',rights.,ot tman, '      ,    '.-
•The -M-oyer case wae based on Uno
declairaitipin of jnasrtlal law. (This, in
dteeM, wae bad enough^ but in (tlie case
•before ua now, there has notvevon
ibeen a declaration of martial tow. .The
governor of thk state .has straps set
up a aniiitaryi deepoWsm. This miii-
tauy despotianis governed by, mo code
of Haws nbr, mllitory rul-ee,, but over-
rldee and mipmnesses ail existing civil
lawa, oivil omoere and civil authorities, and the entire "population of the
oountay de subject to the mere will
or caprice nf the comihanderdn-iohdef
Who holds, tixin Mven, and .libertiea of
the,people ini the palm of Ms hand, a
htund tlud.' has iiow become a malted
,4   * ,,-r -        it     i*
W© submit that this la a dectoration
of deepotieni.anid between despotlam.
sod 'Mherhy,v *hwe! can' be, no' toWdle.
end^.i^BianBrs' -Advocate. "A'', '^-,"
' »,AA\x,„, w' „,, rTTr\:l *: ;;,, ■
' EVi» and easy access to the ?iain^
as -neoeeeairy to, man'e exlatance as to
acoesa ito the air., ■ Vtby ehouM one be
toe«Jy given and the obher'dented?
demonstrate toCongrees
thofc" "a-aovenifnent! of the peopae^-*y
the people and for the people" cftoU
not be supplanted by profeeeionai as-
Baeslos t^-bo are recruited by> strike
iweftkins agencies and hired out, to
oorporajtions to suppress labor ht its
-sttuggleh against industrial tyranny,
,.,,ITha ooijpwaite inte^eete'';, of - thto
■countiny -wiU unite their forces to.de-
tmt thto nueaeura and will have tjbeir
paid tohhyteta at Washington '* to
howl against the passage of rtbte bill.
Mm* *"- grttwn out of the ^^-^	
and amrcbjy -estoWished h^the^oop-
per kings of Michigan.and^the cost
J«K>na of Coiorado. 'A >
"The wheels at toueiaess ere chokett
with a grain; of dust," acHtorfi^My ob-
Benvee a Mi9«wi]dhily, TIm eyee of
voteraare o«tame« bUnded iwjth the
^ Wtth dubs andnsabree J500 poidce
changed » mah in ToUo;! wounding a
targei mun/ber of working tpeoBfle. "WaKt-
ern'civffltoaltUm is making -great piro-
grass in Japan.
' Every inbor organization. framTifche
AtlaiUlc to ihetPacMlc, an^^weryieo-
citety that is In s&inpadty with-the
lahor smovBinent should ;immedto*eliif
draft resolutions urging their respect--
ive congressmen and senators to give
Ihefr support to the bill introduced by
RepresentativejBaltz of, Biitaollst,, The
Jltaiei to act) ia now, far the enemy is
stoeadly, oooicentratiog its forces to
kill the measure that has tor ito oh-
jeHtheabolltion of a GOV-BRNAfElNT
•by tSUNMBN.—The Miners Magazine.
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houstsworit-^she takes pleasure in heepjr^^l?
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ft SS*¥
.i   14
mV■•mr^*. w%e!}»-■%;((>'» \s.9, x + ■   *.a»s ■i-^*.S:.\A,,iSs^c6iH^o . ^y? yswss
,    ijii     U£*. ^^
m^vt^ ~<'7- fr\t
,-x<W xX
t7m~ iX^Vw'ti
■}&4'MAXt * V
i.?5»c'**wli'' 't'\ n**
w*M, .A' *>*•**
w*'    •    ;..
■^.-.a ■("; fm
.ifrA' ,\j ;j;;
.    i Sv *-/ 'ji
t'X"rAXyt,s-i x "
,* -^•.*#!5,"- 7"■•*■■>.'At'i-A'-H?. , * ,-, -..,.,
ik.n l.ni.mifii.i.i .Lt li  n
hf^^miiX     -   ti
(By Carl D
, *    AssxpipX  <
'*.» Jf
*5*i   .^*
*> .-.■ife^,^
i, »
.,» 'fc* "',j,rt
j **%
HIS store is headquartew.   You
, will always find here everything
x, w ^ilw^b*rAia 'ww^^'1—^
Wl%iW^te;o9 #*"'of ,f«»»^^«*t'?"AIWeg
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*/"      „     '    i
ft.     J
I -    '
*•   -K
S',U' '
iVv .*.
nioi ,
■Wsele   Si^WweWS   ^nss^Mnwysf^l^Ha We   sW^Wi^**^r^l^S
t^^~^^^^^ ^^**^^k j^^**^*-!^^    ^-J^*^*--^h  ,**^^^J  ^^-.^AseM   Si   ■^■^^ul^*--'*-.-^^^^^!  jB^m^^ ^^JS^lL
W_^Z_i____y^__^___tS ^HuLiiibumT^"^^^^^*^^
,hv to da.- Vea caa do k ndahaK mtmtmm ^ hslias ahh ihs
™. i^^^^r e^.^.^w TI^v t^^" 1^-,-^W--™ ^^^^P^^W *»^W ^^^^^^m ^.^P w^W*^
1 fa Wm^mfb__  ^^N^^A^m^^^&wmt jj^-^^^g ^^^^J^^^ ^^^ J^» ^^*^-^^.
aJi mmBm   ■g^ttfiMal^ diuiLugu   ^^^^ *MiMaiUw4        HK4
*iiMrsMSSu u«*mI
D, QUAIL,       rMttl«tB.Ce
gimottt^foiuie&u ".
^ *$i$*\^wti$t,- Mick, *the "other "day-,
theee :!*$£ $&, 'ppMnlnehtly die-
pSnyo4 on the front ot la. rather pre-
tenttous hufUding, aireated my atten-
tton. ,, A ., »■, i,, - ,~A\ ,'• *"",
r It struck ine as rather «M|io6a 'that
ah institution ehould advertise that it
iwas an employment bureau without
emi*»TOent for anyht^y. Bht being
aocuftomed to aW "sorts ot frank fear
tures ia cflpibaUam, 1 let R ptas.   . „
A little later, howwer, I niade some
interasUiiv dJecoveries concerning this
particular fres emj^oymtrnt buresui l
nolhoid of a copy of-the "First Ate
dual Report of tihe Lansing Mhnufao-
tuwrs* and Jobbers' ,CluiH-«*es Er-
mmmat Bureau," mud, Judging tram
this wport, \iSa psrttcular tmpioyf
tomtit hureau has qidte s. ditferent
f^^ttwftwn w^'WiS W^Sfl bb *\e&
& 1$vm* trm mv0fc, '.'" ,
fior example, Ihe rsport fnmkly
stttsisthst '^the sending of men to the
toctorisS for emiAoytnent is not our
main object" What this rasih object
really in, one la left to Judge from
cMhsrpMtaof the report    ,
FVir example, at tm Discs lt states:
"We taroon file to date. January 1.
1914, thsteoords of ».8M SMMh appro*
iuately *-J00 of whom wars wortdng
In our Haetorles Feh 1,1911. We also
have |C«st Pt -persons 'iini' sis' said
to hato been viniftSr In their urbtas
for oompMUSition, ss wdi Ss:s iutn
amount of other valuable Information
of * prtvwui nstnrs. sll of which hi
wvsdsfels to our suhscKberw. tntonn'
stlm of tits Matt It dssirsd on 4»5i
■VHMSB    W*e     i^ttmm    ■W'Wi****^     PWW     WTFW mt^m     WW    ^^^ie»*W
Mitikirf a* oof flomntiflalton t*at*e
mmiFfm^m   mm  wmnm    mm sss-ja waa»w »■•*•?#  .ip^wmw?
tabor ssittdors. tMstesry. illitiisisglii.
mtmwrnn -w^ei-iwpwi tmn ^^^m^ w mm w y ^■■■•■vw'^peii n
^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^ ^^^^jn j|^ja^^^^|^u _n_W \ Hk*uM«| udBtf^yk
^psipg *m^mwi*^^m^w ^^mmw  ym'wep^wwm 4*    m-w   ^*mmf   -^-^pepwf
If (-6   tsij
n   r
l (/V *;
Itfitt '
I*   "
Are You ,. Going to*}
Members are requested coreport cases
ot the ohajacter above indicated to the
bureau at the^lme of the ocourrenoe.
Proper tsoUm!b'>w|}H be "made ahd *»
-tofownatJon keplt tor future use."
P!«rhai«'thte+« the "main" purpose
of this particular emptoyjnent hureau.
That this bureau antftcijiaites troubie
tram tbe direction ot organised labor,
and is preparing to organise ite forces
to iwithetnad thoir demands, Is evidenced by the ■taftowiog" statements
from tho resport: "WbHe these is a
plentiful supply of'unemployed lahor
at the prea^m tiime and the yalue of a
meroibBrahip In our ahsooiiUion may
not iww be apparent, It Is neoesaory
that we continue to «mdu«t the work
of this bureau actively stod sg»«e-
alvely, thst ire maiy he prwurod to
furnish efficient ssrv*os In the tature.
In the light of (mst expSrtsiK*, we little know where llghtwiug wttl strike
Oust, and tro must tlQ ** ibsnided io-
gether tx> fight, if nweeshr compehR"
Prspsrsd io Fight Uher
Furthermore, this remarMMe liwU-
tutton Is evidently prepiurf off to take a
hand tn future atnigglea bt onpnlsed
labor. It serves notice thht It Hss el-
rsady effootiveiy Irtocked nt Issst one
of the phum of the ut0ons,
libs report aayat "nurihf the progress of the Detroit itrlke Sttoog the
autooioblle workers. 1$, waa thought
thnt nn effort wns being iwpl*s to stir
& ewefu! ittTtsstlxati-on wc discoTcred
nothing which Indicated sny prospects
Of a disturlMMM!*.
On November it. tht eity newsim-
pewsnnouncwd that a mssUaf would
he held la esotrei h*or hail tor the
•pmpmm Pt orgaolting ■ 'fsdsrel ishor
aefoa,' Is te oomphsed of skJUsd sad
uaatdllsd 9slK>rlni men. This tnasthig
was addraased by1 Richard L. Dwlce, of
the InduHbrfal Aocddewt,Board.  .
"Three subsequent meeting* were
held, jbut no orgaJUznU0n-wae eftectei
-A -ceftoln bbokto^^l^d;!ib,|be oji«
of ,th« sgHaitora ^ -jlM-jarec^l* jowisst
imakene' strike in Kalamazoo, was ito
have addressed these <n*sefcingB, but
was prevented from putting in an ap-
peairanoe through our efforts. We also
ascertained the naime of the 'looal agl»
tstor,' ttnd of Ma movetoents.''   ,
80 there you have It—a free em-
ploymmt bureau, ii also a private detective agency for the mainufaoturers
and jobbsra ' ;   '
Thslr Estimate of ths Workingmen
In another {Mist of ttie report, it goes
on to ttate thst sll good workingmen
regard tite bureau with great lavor.
AH had workingmen. of oourss, regard
tt otherwhw. But it imakes tt tbmx
that those who look with dtafavor upon the huroau ore workln«men who
sre Shsftne»», who drink, or ttfn titter-
wise wortMeas,  To quote;
"Most of them know thdr records
sre hetng kept, and if they are good
men, ths bureau will give thsm n
boost, Tlwse who know th«r record
Is hail either stay awssy or do not come
the eeoond time.   Occasionaily a man
has an offenelve attitude, but he l»
steeps ahown thst he Is ott record for
about what he i« worth. Ths moat of
the latter «>lass are inebrisies who sre
not anrake to the fact that drunken-
mm does not l.c'.tl a jjb in * Lna*k4
Vacfly, the ways of tfra "free em<
phmresnt buresu" are devious aad
stmnge: sieoalgnlfir.w.-r, M. W. A.
%l. JS    WL 9 WLM WmSl  lEL
^sif        mS9*   wigBgF   h tn   mnsi
$30.00 up
Made to Measure &
order on the premises
DeBurle & Company
Next Cilg»ry Mut Market
P. O. Box 544    :      Fernie, B.C.
*"«, s *
»   \'-h\
1. 11
*•     tg,*
& COLDS »-
" •• - •• a ,:' *' e
ifmttii* ne
m *t ■sPw^^.^'-'V    www ww.^-****^^^ w ^^^w
ifl-Wfi      m^Wmmmfm   mlmwn-wm.       I'FIVPfP
•wwliP.|^HPs^ PWw www^»•'^IWpWWPWf W "
rthMjjt t.-nie ia Utta
*MWi^P   m^KkWW      wjkWm^Bwmmmmm^^T ^^mmmmmWB    mmmmmmit-^m-mb   -memmmmmw ^
1    '    "      < * X^JZ*^* ^"    '   irf$r'££j£W'£* rtUpa     'ffi*L        «**r^d< ti   "A__
mm mm*mmw*^^mti^m- shf *? *, ^Hw mpmmt^^^^-m^m t^mmm^tmimmmb mtt^rm^mm^mmt^^^^m
I    not onljr ttoM a cough btttj
[  4  \t     ft»   ftvnlf   nnh    *n*fr**
r; h ■
tpri JA
t,    *fe*r**^rtv*
propcrticg enable the •jntem to
permanently throw off ■ cold.
||i (bf Urge bottle.
V?h*)?  Soto every where.
i.^mgtmM_in____a^.   amsssoeut
fm 2
- 2
m entry
OLT      TT" A   (J       M.
m IBB      s^^^^^Bfci    tBs   ^H ^Ii*^^fc
•(■W-' \^Jf 4«#      tk-u m   ▼   wZm wwi       \tJf tk   Wham
Rifrasaatatlvas Halts of llllsol* haa
lawetmit * KB la the House of Hap-
mmmhm to prohibit srmad stiflre
lifialasis b—g wed la labor troobke.
Tbm MH hae bean drnfted Is coofnre-
Ity with tta rocuinaiwanhKioaa of Use-
wrery WAmn of the Uibor Dnpwt-
nwmt, sum bs* made hfs report on
nsBdMleBs that pnretilsd In MleWfan.
Tire HI srorldss **m» *w mmm m
m *^^m    m^m^    p»*»r»»w**-^    m*^^mf       mm   DHIM    *mm
n&,v*<-m*,*1  *+„****»**> t «*
1 * * *   »"-v*     *■*++ «|
I m^amm^mu^titM^    m^.    ^m.^t    *^^^^^^^~     Ak*^_     ^^    § V
^ nmiMIrT    *mr    Utry    ■■HIP1WPII    f^T^^PT    Wfv* * si
tn leontati
mo a*]*
aay mm Mt%4 or,stamped or
t» he so hired tr sntsgeti ss
sm, io-talled. for ths pur-
•Mp laharlraaMs or euika,"
Itm Wt also srovMes that "It shsli
•das #• unlawful for sny railway,
nbmmm «Hnre*y or aay eommon
aaNiai' tm lasewsate business to mmm
pert. haaaYe or rerry arms or ammsnl.
tion lutn axki «U'.e ut ■..•.-.sus, (ut U><-
PWpMMraf atsstog or sraisting in am*
ttig or cjufpplns yv.h ., .AAxl itriLt
A tm naM tniptitmmot.t are prov! 1-
•d fer ihe xtotavim* ot this set Th*
118 las been r.-ivm»l n, the Houm*
«■ lw<r««»t». and l**»r»i*n
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
iLlfr w'"nr-ff-nrilft4fiTli<
^^TOKn wifsin j"
' ^KWEiSK^SSW?Siw?!
Money to Loan on first class Busi-
ness and R#«ir9#»ntm! property
- wntw.' « » *««B3B5^^!!
'i .4^la'*
8, ,„4i * ".•f.liiiii
It ww becoau'* ttcceiinry ror every
e« this mntltteRt
•«Kf mm aadflti that it agslnsi thu
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, '&..
<t,  Pe»AveBi^F«me, B. o:   Snbsciiptiou^llOQ
per your' in advance.   An excellent advertising
'..■tfytom'.: lau^dronlation in the District^ \~Jfc,
: vertisiinr rates^o^apiflicatioi Up-to-daW facilities
y*^M&8^tfw tad* of book, job?»
Address aU communications to the District'iMgt>t>
Xi^^^^f^i^^ Etftor-Mana^:
- >Vv»* v.,.**-"  •,.;■.   ~.., ,.<,&,
Post Office Box No; 380
. ?"
,". 7it'. * ,
,'  u - ,'.   >
f "- f    '	
• ,„■" ■?*/'• -is
*i *,
w .*!
*. ^    * V      *Wwt    *
' * *'   " t~  % ' i *•"*    '„* i v   !. Xi
Our esteemed contemporary—as the edi-^r-says
when waxing aaroa-sltie at the rival's expense-^The
Mining, Engineering and Electrical Record; has
bejmagitated quite a little about the closing down
of the mines in British Columbia, "and. the be-
Ijrayal of the public trust by Government^officials
-enmeshed in corrupting and rotten influences; proving themselves traitors to the public trust." No,
this latter has no reference to the Vancouver Island
eossack rule of the eoai companies, but deals with a
puck more painful thing, decline in trade and consequent failure of one ot tyo of these companies.
The n^ial deep insight/into; matters pertaining to
economics coupled with tite frantic desire to hoo*t
values, VJth which the public press has become affected 4>f latej-thfis developed the 'art of obscurity in
a fearful ^andwdndejM'raaibrierr Any excuse rather ^hap" a correct statement of the case seCms'to
be the..guiding rule in nowspapcrdonu      „   ^ ''V~
ItWould appear from the article in questioji that
the introduction of oil fiiel as a means of ppwer
dey^%mentin transportation is playing;'ducki$rod
drakes^with ffour prosperity." Mines ate closing
dowri^ antl men stand idle because of ,tfi|,ai^reaiid
' taflSfrvrfl * ■with   til a   aoo-Lo+OTinr.  nf  +V>r.   KunAMnnnliu,.
**, . \   --I,        .J
olfdreiguagitators, while the infUettoafoff a $10,
flOOfpenalty upon those benevolenti^| and prder
loving directors of the yTme^A^^gql ,may hare
, had Quite an influence; one never can tell
}%H VrR^0^ *— ^irie PTOV^c«;WF^wing from
e&etly the same dosing do^ll-industries, al-
transportation through-the adop^ph;of oil fuett
fe lv" v ^e **»* goy* overbore say it is l>fe<»use the torn*
1;   ** VC ers have.3Bnkiadea,tiieir wlbeat;too,soon; others,
that the wortoert will ttot take to oatmeal with the
, en*huaia«Bi workers should. Other schools * of
^ thought ^i^ki^twi^.equa^ vj^.and.quitesea
much reason that fmiitic'taniWin|;in'-otttilMS,1'ealT
misstate has brought this* evil thing, ^U>relti#t'
about asnear Dhe acttiad ifaeta & "aciewtisW"..jl
* their type need be.       ,   ° y
;     ^e coal iadurtiy in British Columbia is developed upon the same baris as tray other capitalist
industry, the object being not to produce ooal as a
use value, but simply as one of the% channels through
s      * which profit can be wrung from the wage workers.
|i,j } "The investow in the Niooia Ooal and Coke Com-
^pany, or the Crow'f Nert Pass Company, would
just as soon have their capital invested in the man-
ufacture of Ungo skirts -or sowing maohlnos, no
long as the average rate of profit waa the i»nw.
This being the ease, the effort of the manager will
tie directed towards the most speedy realisation of
the misons for their exigtence—increiie to the output, and consequent accumulation of profit. Now
it is one of the grim jokes of tiie capitalist method
of production that this very cardinal point of tin
treed should also bo ita nemesis. Tt eannot well
be otherwise, founded aa It is upon the exploitation
of the worker, and the spoliation of hia product;
seeking to reduce hia wtges, and increase ita share
by every means known to expert bnslnew men, what
other remits than total stagnation of production
f«ji U «xpe<Aed! Tlw output of commodities, or
to other words the total product^! labor eannot in
Ihe nature of things be consumed aa fast as It hi
producod. Nay, since the worker's share in tht*
"(House) mtm of wffltft on the average remains at
Ills cost of subsistence, it follows that the major por-
Hon of the daily output remains in the bands of the
owners, and must be marketed elsewhere. The
worker can only consume as much m bis wage*
will buy, and the grant maas of tbe people are of
this "MttrMa] consumer" class.
British Columbia Is not the only wml producing
province iu existence. In marly every portion of
the globe, where smtwhile markets gape to bd supplied, have sprang up home industries, supplying
them, and welting lo turn to roach towfgn commit-
era. The result fa overproduction* with the consB.
nwnt breakdown nf indnatrv. during which ttntaa
nay/they, must of; necessity! assist -in'^tbe * proc^s;
however-much they may qppe$r to "fail in .their
duty" Wthe *'le^tim-fli%-in|*arfs!;" of this province:?;
a** ymc^r$m
\ "".     . tt*
t *7sr.
representative. „ The object of ,4he\me^ingiwasM
getatf.expression of pinion on*pai?iM^«e^*ain'
*street^from-the Cen^rH^eifw
liiVefy corner, and also^He^^ts^a|ngfto tiSe;
C; Pi R.'deptft and thfelCity-JfySL 'Thelcsfcimated,
eostof making the.road and gutter was appro^im-
ajt^ly$40,000. This di-^not include sidewalks,_From
the Vemarks of the city'engineer we gaW®^ '^t-
t^e residents on .tkese thoroughfares haid, bee^ can--
vassed and only teni per cenV'objested, <;How|many
will object w*hen they discover that th^y hiave'to
nay-for sidewalks as well, we do not'know. -The
suggestion Avas that the.residenits'pay,50 per;cent
"of tlie total by frontage and fifty per cent bejai^e'd
by general taxation., ~.„7^        '',V; ' ,'{')]/,{
Perkmally we have n§ bb/ection tothissebj^ie^
but. we question very-muJch the wisdom o&incur^g;
but.the city has not the money; debentu^sHioir
this work will have to be spid, at^a ridiculous
figure, and yre shall find.ourselves* in alt,bigge»
jackpot4 than; isj the ;,oase today ..In "1910;fjjro ere
given to . understand. *he bylaws?, for"; raising
inpi^ey to build sidewalks were n^ver*- made
law/aridjas a reaultthe cfty hasneveybeen ablejto
collect a cent of taxjes. on the, sidewalks laid do^n
under that bylavt^ And the bylaw is "still invalid.*
in"spite of th? jnoney spent in attempting to,:ratify
s^me::^methingi,li^e'$ie00.' Hjbw^y^, the legal
gentry have.theinatterin hand, and if, when they
are finish!^ there is a balance left of the original
sum which the bylaw,^^raiged-^^SOttr-vrc stall be-
exceedingly lucky; One hks to g<> tqtfiotibn Wfirid
a'parallel.- " \;' /•' ' > , , , *v»- ■> , ' '*-■
, However^ *6e worker does not feel H.incumbent
to take a very, deepinterest in civic-affairs and .we
suppose that even the paving df Main'street will
not greatly^distorb Jhis equanimity;1 .When one
considers the^ackpot that tSiose withf capitalistic
pretentions1 haVe succeeded, in get|ing^into, ;rwe
are of opinion/that the workers'attitude is"a very
correct one.}.1;!;,,! \ ; _ ^xyS^X, I*,  'x*
ThevMayorMtJ certain other indmduak ;ihter-
ested nave taken exceptwn to ourrremarKS with
reference 'to'^.councillor 'Wh^?itia^?jfe"enr elected
h i
Is    'i Ir *
|i„ Aj ift t
Kl %i    vt, i
■  'I '
V* I
t\t !
♦ ' !
do not question the qiwuficationolapy,councillor
on the J9i3"J0ottncil, but state thaW&owW hav'e,
occupied his seat illegally, considerable embarrassment will ba experienced in validaMgJhe various
actions of the Council tat 1913.V''[ Iittfis^ouncilior,
did nptpc^upy hisgeat illegally, au«l>w« hiWneVer
stated, that he did, then we see nothing in.oiirpoiii-
ments to arouse the ire of either the Mayor or the,
^Iderriijin inqteasti^if." T?be inforitfaticn; we/iifvls,
received frwin tiie Mayor is that theValderman M
question' {Al. Riwuto) qualified last year on Lot 2,
Block 22; arid tSwt it was purely a c)crl§ai-iirrbt
that he this, year qualified en Lot 1, Block 22.. The
assessed value ot Lot 1, Block 22, is $9,800, while
the encumbrancesjregisteired again«t«|iII(*Ri«wili0
amount to $W$Bfo,' "We publish tha»e '*igS|c»;'v^tJ»-
out any animus, and do not know, what other prop*
orty Rizzuto may have. The Ledger is a newspaper
without strings, eo far aa the municipal affairs of
Pernie are ©puccrned, but we are interested ty seeing that not only the worker obeys the law, but
those who are so willing, around about election
time, tb hand out gratuitous advice upon investing
in Fernie ml wtfte. Clerical, wn?, *»»y H ▼«?
unfortunate, aad most of ua have, at aome time or
other, suffered aa a result of same, but from the
evidence before ua, it is very evident thtt an elec-
tion should take plaee for the seats of boa Alder*
men Rlixuito and Jackson. '    *y *'* ',•
■tr.^^mmXsAmff¥'y'    -■,;.,-      ,    - -
sugge«tion:that the wealth producers
-.'»  ..,, X*>iv^'S.iJf>s^,£ -      ,     i 't-'S-i
to^aot^wOT^^tteve the governments
-•- »*j--,;*<T<?*^!a?*',--'*.3?' ,    .   ' , - *Xx SW_-
^nfusion wpi%#
^'. the wealth»
■MS,fj&tmm» .. .   Xj-flKtii
:i^jf<jlo1;|ed^p[^nmded with bg|^
'fttion, while tey^jare stawngcouttf^
■•■Ll'*^ia\,A.mi'i'^^Qa    '**i ■'*" &*0*&*ld
r-r    ....   •** ., ■>'-«, .,*■ T-* '.   *y *
"*«s© to'^ct'«st^wep
*:mm7mmm^- W>J^M, ,^m,w^
fondly imagines tenure 'for the ifTitatihg?prg»ence
T>f the <labor,leld-lra, that he^wamt*ic uxte"*-*-—'
*™.1'Txr, Jvt"*8*'!'. ■£*.   -.-J-1 aH .-.A'i**Ji-iX^*f^^.-tfijt-i,-^h
? >T|§£,piost^^i»cral ^ei^^Uflt.^m©f^#^
,t'onetusfon*th«t*fhe; co^iafeitioiij ofl*i13^Mbreler\
plac*, livetf ^y-sucking
and lw^ng^hen^rttmate8,;deadf;*
be deafcribed^as1^^cc^perationlbC^^n^we'^
then tlus edjtor"man is coxi^.^d'^jr^^Hn'
c-ommoB fairne^, should crtainly delist from at-
anythmg,%w0-rkii»g :t6gethor forflie;.jhuroaltiidvau
"justified; ngyf co^elled||g,<i^t
The followers of the cult of journalese, those un*
fortuimtes condemned to eever a apeeiiie space ol
white paper with more t* UM pertinent scribble,
have fallen upon brave day*. The time was when
editorial writen ana scribee In general racked their
poor overdriven ntfndl l&? new copy, bttt.iwir
Providence haa hastened to their aid snd the
"fourth wtate" need never Uck material for thoae
bUck-facM headllnee aO dear to their inky aonk
The labor lender wid hh mlln nro prime melt
tor the Hunter ttt tlie elusive •*»!». They fete te
paint in livid #kwi tlie dceda at thia fmteroftyi
thay haaten to ventilate with the widest poaalWe
|.«blicit> Uie sedittens uttonneea of the chsmplon*
of dbordsr. This strvsa a double purpoaet etrrmle-
tion ia Incroaaed )yy pandering to tke love of the
dramatist tiutt taate "tor all the horrid details" ao
neMetMly piwfmfteri by our yellow jonmsls, und
incidentally the ndnd «f the worker is polwned
«fi*«asiwiimlli^w(«iaeiwi»hMedii|»brtheiiM^ (
poiwftol. tlid Uie wotkew., jotileaa, tn danger of    At pieaa* fl^Jta i^^ititoMjn «J»
Erring to ds^b. , «l«^^«tl^^^ff^
|i^l.l«rt*I^H**H«l|l»*ftt»ar.B.«wdii »*»■ ******mam.*********^ *..*
Hosmer Board of Trade
(Continued f forn -pace one)
tsodsd, although a sosixritr ot oHtoan
waa cotlcsd, tihe seoraukry bavtac to
PUtttb Into thn chair, Buslossi waa
ISdrty heavy, 11 not ot a very strsnoons
haitua*. Th* oorroipondenos trom thb
'Uatrtot Mfssdtag votfng hy -prslsrsa-
tm «aHot ana May <iay ortsbmtlons
oonnng In for ths most atwraatlon, It
rWas aosanstsd thst ws eaMatthe mt>
*»^s^ ^^^^mmi^mmawn -i^w^am    v*wn ***^mim^^ww tw*   wr-^t
io ssptahi Mia workhic ot th* nanr
hatloMtag snstMh. W* twist the mmm
mr^wi^^wwwmm^^f ^^ibv^^mv       ■• * mr   ^m^^amw i^prw wwaaat^maa
bar ht ottssttoo-wjH act 4taae|olni ea,
.tba aoorouiT was instMiolad to jat
tato ffwiiiiwartwwtftn with QtsMton*
nm$ Miohsl Uooal Unions with % tbnw
to twvtflff a Job* solMllatrist oato
tMaUoa ta itoattsr oa Mar let. and to
mmmfw^rwn   ***   ntawrwmmwv*   w**   #"*^j^    sr-wwj  *^»»^i   w*r
lbs rapost et the ittfsiate to tha
ttKfr^Aj.^j|jj|.. ^^9mMmt^atftJLtj*M±   ^^^sa   1l^.*^ \^J^^^j.tej   _mim
mm^^&mt&t^t Pimmm* wima^bWwaw   ^e*awa   effw (jis^mw wwi-P
^^^^m^^^    jjk^^^^    *a^^    bmm^a^m^jt ^  ^^^^^^^^^^
^mHmmmw    mwmmm*    mmm    p^JwWiw^hp    ^w^m-w&^^myf
bmmW he stated net
WBWF  tmmW^^H^lwmwi  *eew e^^w   ww   ^^^^nwm^mt mfb
▼swag, iwe ■mmm. w, rmm,j   mmmm
^^m ift^^^S gj|**^^UAjH^j^*|^d||Ug^kJ| ^U^IH-^^-*^^^^*-^^
A^^^^^   ^^j|yl  ^-^^^^^^ _\_m   lk^   --^^^^^kJL   ^^k    -d^k jAfr^^ jl^fc
T^WBpgp i^pvw m*^m^wir wmw m^ nw*w^mm m^^p wey^ ew ^^ ^mw
^^-m* ^^wfli^^wa "ewiwia mnmrnnpm^mp^w   ^w_*t^t wb^P^mmmm ^^wn
• tn Wm^w -m^wnm^^p-m^mB ^*wi sms v mmmmm ^m p*w   p -p mm*m
tbk m^^mb ____________ ^UM&ghMih min^k Iijh^uum
^^tlLrZ^Ze ^Z'^bklL^^tlink" ^,w*m^A%}$xx,yp7 ,r*%^wmw&m
Hvei of the worker. -They eteike we bargain, and- ^,f.^*;*. " vv^(W>- '^ .-{,-•• - ?i-&?;X.-! nXXAi
nU.mm art 'tfftk"W«will bfe your to&wer ^W^W^^A^
tor as many houra as we can compel you V deliver   agroe that it is certainly both original and mriqne
in return, we will give you wfiges, the coat of *$>.,[ i^l'
'alitence. •• v'-     \       v   „'-"-; j-^ifment,
■^V" "" ■,IIIIK'*W
\fMss, aoros tlvn yeMv ago and toon
*V his; g^rist^qo<» nstysd p*wo»»-
■^^^'   wnm^^m^*m SiP^aa^^-^.*^^*^ -UF^Ml^^Wj
haaiiNQ herTslno* ** opsqlaiot
•ba tow«i*tu,^men-;Wiw»-aa(fc''Silil
■wwf»*^|i ViHiHi fl^iwv „wwPp  **^yt^w ew^^w ^^>
nvsMia -siy nsTjaaawT;! tmnoaaar * * v*,-ve*
M 1.10 nm. an -totanml      .
wm iwu which tmimSi Ia"ii
,  . .- ■   $''-,'iV-* \' • *    "    4   ' '-*««**>,-.«*.;„c,j*j
• «V ,i*v'^tf'I.i-•,     « '   '»       ,   *.'• i »v..-j»y.Hi -"y* ■»*!■>
ajjllllT""""  '     ■ '' ■|l"i'!'k"1.
*'f. ,
eoLonnr cm tr in colobaoo
'  lflm^|MsMj| #kWm" tMM JMttJhV^'y
* mN&mmmm^mm* ■"■Pe^^ae "e^tpW *"^^*    , .'2kW
- Tonmeow th* oowmittsa «« I*
mitts et Uh* Uod« uad Hdheen.
Oa wtoBBaf * ilia*oai^efeiicna, wuiiUMia
HaH iaotdrrwttlMthiIMwIlI'id*
til |kt tevtitliiklkii ^rWir iMMlviMk
aw wp wwrwphww wWWWf ia e^WMWn^pew *waT^p^»)
Aatel m&^^m M^kmmittom %_m__m__i A ~ ' ~
^pflna wtpwm^^^n mwimmmm^mnMm&m Sw^H-^sw*
Wa(WHHWH^W  wl^^wwP   wspw   iB
Sr^^asiwsa*P^!ww^F sihp es^v*t, ^^aws-w^u^^^^ ,. ^
p/^^jk Mm ^|^ jp^^ ^^^^^ ^ASk^m^c w j
HMv "** WmBi ^Wr JjeiWP mtm^^w'mr
taatity motp the eumnHtee
rmalMi Htsdaaaar ot sirnist
«^y|l^^ ^^^^^^*-*^|| ^i^|^^^tf aj***^^ |y|
(ante fa* M4te CUMfnoi
»    , ■« ■ i, .^v r fl[    ,( 4i
'niHB^a^Mittt Af*4hS iMtw'i*im3&t'
wi'MM'miviaiyitin .aiul^Mi^jAwir jilf*pMSStb*
were so tocwiawti'iwwi-
jjjwt, |fev ;pftpjjOep5il|TMl
..not of Jiosiid.jlv'Mr.. Jpttrnf.-
^mimtn-t w^m^wmi ■-* wma^^^^mt^pm^m   en^^p^i * —-^t
ta AfcWP 5" *
'HHWiaiiim/ !,w.j,*fei.U «Hujg./.alc...»-,,. •«tiji»,-i„-faiimL'*  k^|h|;
Jit^mmli' ^tU   '^^^   ITWr       -irn^^*^   •T-n-nTW^i   two *
v   j(,   %i wik ,rf
•a,*! fjaj,^^
7 ,,:^r,    fO tS#Kf "'>'*• v^v,!
>KAuat riM<*rauilirTwo iunlui#.*
AssHtfrbstssSlim-'Slasv hnmmmm iiMam-Jbmnmmn
XA^XiXX'AT    1.1 >'*'ll^?'1f?^V*W^'H*M?tt.,.i
*?* "
1>1WW ,-Sti # •""'i'
ff"»»^*%&^fc#.,>-.* •,^,>»#^.'|l
'■ii«itiJAwit,' 'wmiitiiimm'iti'btttb m^fr.i Mf"^*'l^*4-**'*,A**i'
*i*' «r 4, ,*,*^,';%
Il the Clutches of the Paris ApMhes
aLjy-TVg cgi-'iiaCTKhS^ nt-n mwh -su th« bk naiaeae-1
isa tfaaawaapi seas.1* g-MB^NRai waw ^w ***^w»*,ww ^s ^ss mmmnm nmm^m i
»  *       "tJS-l
'■^■» t ,• ijf
V;i'i*--   ;, t,,.f«***|
Wi' ,    1
?.,   i'-Vf*".-'
i** *4
.■it*, i •**.
•Sk.***,. •*
for a little "aavvy," So tar aa the writer Is a ware,
thta gkM eorpoietkm to not te tie habit of doing
snieMtt thlnp to Itealf, ganatelly Keaaning thia
ptoaanre tor rival eooeetm. and If their totrodne-
tion ef oil fiwl "apfieiieiiuiciilil" to the jmiiwsl in
tpertim mt* mmpmmH tlmt t**T btt a ftoaef
srratiny of the wetter. VmCf.% end O. T. P.
arw fwnt tmwKwitlneotai rowll, mm bnaincea
for profit, and the fre«tl|f Wt ef • hw *m\ com-
Ihe ranway wrporuttona. la by no ■msm
•aaitappaan. Thetoatettemathoaiof
nxtortion; the eonllnwtf wnpentnat«n
mtttrimiv eea^Mil m^ujPf dkif
•W-^^m m>m*m ww ^^mmpttm p
H&&t'r** -oW. 1
minor kay, |g li asrtooa daa«er of tbtol »t»enrHy SWemoTttc
It Ihose new Mcolo^M of the hbor world eon* Wcw,*ffg.J^
ilnne to make eejiy for our gieei deillce. eawaaonlsu" 'smtmmm, tmrn'mtimm
thwn en eteellent opportnelty to todnlgs In pm- %^ii^fi»?oUSJi J^
tound nenamae opon en^eeta karetotora *i r«ngc
to the arfitorfal aanetenl; There la no mm aedoe-
tite, and at the aame ttoto ewrfeateg. pursuit than
tmmfone into tht *«tf» «NmM nia***.   No
ft», ,%^mf* **«f ;T2tt !^j|^|fWlMT^ n/iisw
b^UropportonhytodhphiyarwIf Ignorsn^in
all tlw range ot setenttffe thewpM*
The e«tor of (le B^i^faeef^f. tme to
tba hMtineto of hto tftK hf^ to give proof ot
thia phenomena.   Weeptfii lpw» Tom Mann's
Man, MLwItfie.
jy|iwk|u^^^^^     ^m   jm^^^^a^   mtim^^mte    ag^^9^j^t^mr
■imGnm^mWk -MM %Mm^^f *^PPf wWPBBPWi
.. _, _ iswepi^**m^^^^ff' *w^^.*w
71WPI IPPBBmwi tOi MPim*i mH**\^m w^w
«fftMW!f  thl
^^^l_    _^*^*.*^^H|^   o|L<M|
AHift "J
Sh* «sjHMisa «l lb* -esMsa wetata'a
s*^r mf T^rpm^mmim m^p ^piw
^Ul ^  MMil^^^s ^W|..^^^u^i*m^ A   -**^^^^^|
m^t     an^j/tummmmm   eet^mk
t__t_^m ____________ ^b ^ m^m^L^^fJt mm^^^^^^ ua*^^^^^^^
m^m --^^^Wmwp    w ^^--^f^B mWHHm wmH^^KmW
'aaarwawa - ■ *«• * a
.*&&&' i-iiXmr X
Ni fmil
F»r '" ».li-^*"       ^'\^^!^^*'   -"^Tr i,n^7»# "^    ",'     !,,*, T*,' jr^j VT
•t-s  i-- *:.■ t:"\-*' 1^'reimttHtoig-^iMMbe'"vf'Vam**#mabi WtHinm^x'n-<   ,*■ ■-
y^j:y^ Am^W^^^^M^'pri,^ '4'
A      • 'M*J
f if.', y 'Jam
p*   '   t   1 n ■*•*•*■>- il
IffP^PpP^ifi * i   ^„ ,^.
THMiHOvetn rtATvwe m mutt ntnj
"■ - ft-Tf*"1 ,-miiiiiiifiiimtiiiMatiW--'-^wrTi -"rrt'^wffmfr
. f.
'•!••(■» "J1   1
'Hi -*»*
,)"        tJ ..■Zi.n.i'aa.^l.tir**. *"*u       ,,   _,   _ ,      ' ■"'~- f-~. .'* S^t     . .   rXTj?,'"   ;      -_ ' '""*,''
4 -> ^%*.v^v^
^  -*
tTyv- -Br:
,1  -
. rf^^jgJ^^Jjg^W^jSS^WS
♦ ♦♦
B. 0., MARQ^Wli^
♦ ♦,♦ ♦ ♦>♦ ♦ * ♦♦^♦^.^♦I* ♦♦♦♦.♦ ♦♦ ♦
._.  . j^^c^m
W§t7$;         ^^
ggU,.  i?tJ«Sjp,ln' J'«*,. yv^ aS**| *>'.Vl , VV   " '       '       A'l-'f       "      ;'"■     ■■ V',**.&S^,v**i>■-
^K'»si#.#i#i*#--*£m-#iefe#e!i.#ja ♦ ***■ ^'a ^ .*>**. •*-*. .**.-.*. jfc^^.^.^.'^.'.^s*.--:,*-**;;.
i i^i^v
K^?.i**>*W;     3kE,T*j t""     -    —    ■-■»■
f -  - Wtmtm'me>eiAap**,^
|j;     -{%'^^^f*^-^l*!^'^-y.Tr,
*»-'.scBi»'«hne1.l«It tMa^^
' town ot flbowart. Atonfc^i^M:
, .,*   ^ ^i^hM'HOBne otetaas and IntaodS'Troa*.
^'^•sj^ttamtMemmBMr.' ■ ^m#5
V' ■' rt* ^^,e bwll,l0ir <rf.*e-«*ooiiEI|ek-
•X ; toTing a ho^ tfane lai^^mm
. ■*4Baat rt lha aohool bw-lngiiir5®3^
,; .«d iwMb weAee <rcwn^roeUinig
' ft-y tt.ia lumnmi'llhat Jim
■ K;*}^»a4s:<nDTliig to' Frank.''
''."- ^'^il^mh<A' MOndw.'
„, -at BaHevuft Mike Fawn to'
s" :*totoertis'B«iiiitoUne, "ths
t .'
'" ''■
'- '„ ,:3MHwdlat;and>r. 'School
•A^A&xmr, AatXia -*&*
^Mb^i Bery," J.\P, ~
will to a
^ whether ow
tion to, th©
f1 etatana5,*',*> ,
W* fr^'vS'.wA-J TLlSL^ja *i ^ArjTX^ V1T   tf^jft'^^* ^^S^. .
*' *W^kh^X ..-:.' y.*J.V>"<
8£3ggA»^""'/ 'k'^**VW£A7'y '^
•JWMjiea thoaa «o4ohed ttn^  MMaata
:lnhnanaindibv- tnl im^m^»'&iM»,
iJteM&qmwgu a. "
* "•&$<*
^^I1?,1^ ^«l|i«^todstto
*-mm7xmm' '     ■  - ~- •
fct&mtm^m&ma^V^-KmJSJZlmmi-        A      199,-^^---^,
SSwff' '>.-"V »*1".i''"w*'!.*|K':''~.i*'>F""7'7^,i-'" > - *i-
■-WJ^M» toe ,hrte to dtocuas
■rt .O/-,^. and ami & W.-Obrfttoio-sie'
STL   'vl"ir,
f«  -
, 1 *' *
—'-try. m m,*y    **w j»mv ^wywww, ^uu •$ 'A,*n*tjmi nmupm-Jf
.ft^Hltf r***""1"^'   »fss_i_ .^j*__* ■*	
11_5??. -j*--*'! ^;^^i,, vT37
Onr i
<<nMtoe njNQomhilBnded,   after"-*--   '
i,..,jt: ■■   '»»WBrtoTtt«;w*ho?h«m"
' J.- ° •-Worthr«i^M aJ^Ctdl^S
!h "■ ; '"dT^J^^eSure; that
fat- -J v^tSifAaaiv^^Mj^miB^^
a» i    " •"    2*
since j^ie haw^ir-
J Sozne -tfeoae ttso
v ftolsMxt' <h»
After the
•ustoess ot asp
""" tor,*tbe,«to
^^*WB gea-
Chatonan, Mr;
'Mr.1 R. Mor-
tayoom, Mr.
,^o«l .Unieii-;H|etMV4 ■"
-j... ss^^W^tog was;heil*->n'
Suirfay,'^if^ let, Bro, Rtohord Jonfe
twhkh wiW he
a^s^-MIK^V^'w*^ ine^
gl^pm^Jtthtr wlwm a. good aa.-
MsATknomznyNQTESA-t. .   ^
,«iy>^%^^x.„,.., ii„,v,,.(„*„
A^Ma^DgjQi^qff tedtefl of «»'
WMfM^-^i^Baoa,  Maodonafld,
-Bsfraft^'1*?^; :!^*te'
,_„ ,« , .^•;1^ta«,^
■toto/'S, —_
t^mms^SMs^^ ««^«^i
ollftib' i
^HjpFefc,-27.. The
HfWV^ttSit™ Hpamerla
— .S^fet
f -»■■
r .V
'<    *
and -dto
.11*^4 pm
We ttsn d^usssd th. qu,*^ et
»s^wwal^ef ^irtftiflnaianns toeirH-
mm>y^nM mmtoh tiMieAaa'ajliA aititim
ylee wtfbt be mm ht
Wfj^mmj^^a^^j*^^ -i  mmte^^ ?mwm^
_V_____to dHMLmtot.^   |J un jj_
-' ^m  te^L^ha*^|d^y|l im' Mg^g^jms^^
iff llf ^^^^P H nlMVfM1
lll^l^lg^ fwk jlpA 4mM
^^w^j^^^^^as^^waa.^W     w^*Ma i ^i^^^i    ew^^^
>,':*aaaaatota-<aiM etonits UMi-
-flnftBraiMiS'? UmEmL phi
mf mtmm nPentnlty '
vsua„,|hat chi
nto^-MMaton ef the
-** '   mtl«t,...........-.-	
w*r Tnwmi a
ij >jmwL danoe
, ^;i«eat;
Ifsr., ganre
y.of honr
;»; vioOto
SK '^rili, ^
Dabs and
""""*"" 'aft p\>
oo fiuadaor,
-Man* M*««^ttMnr 'flopllafc
Dso ls;««wissli« nlosly.       ,
■-viiProftisior.vZsiai.' s^?,0ojn|jaajr ooou*
^fijfi58»»R t»n* wiettof ,to,,tt»
ot*. sftw * rsry short tttai. De-
osaaae ««ee rsry wil koOra through
•toe ne* hstsg a msmh^ oljb* Or
iter of Baatoa ani ito *rte pHSm*
Dob Joosa, an oM tfeiat In OdsoMk,
took to <^Au»* on Mow^oSS*
worn -ii^sK ,, „,,, -_,^ v,v
Sorry to rstmt laat wsek Unt Ur.
Bob BMtwood mmimm to take -up
Ma fetor* hooai to Idibe. "Bt tk A
■*^- 'S^^i^SmSmC^m.^bJTaSn
ill Hi lli lm.- >*-**1-'      '   l—* :     '
llaiiiia*iMsl las aims in ****>»> **-
a sta months' iuudaff.,   ..,.,.,   ,
■■Tbmmttpl et m a.*"*-*** hiiwmhi
w   v tJJT t iiLiii»*Fm« w* n^mrn ***^^^^^^iw •^e»*sBa«a^ai^aaapni!
ter a hahesomo silver cap I«t Upto
<e«a woo Bf.'JWpl
Wflnt ortsai  aaaond
"    »,J**fl,l
- Ai-.**, # *    x    p
I .gyu^ij^^t    w   **m    mm .^^^
^immfSSffwSn^ JMt
^xlHI 4MlfMfMMlAHMM ^H*iU <f^^l  l^rt. iiML
?mm^nmmn^mmmmmm^mf gmf^^ MWW*t sWWa If
tag to Cha prsasaas ef nAir fcudniw
sm h
60H-T   Miii
■- flfHfHMHHI
wpp wwp wpnppp jpr iff ffMP.
#i eoeiftotfto ik i*ii il mm, of
nsrwwoec ev man one
vntfe > nptoeas ;'«i«unen and organteiiwr
*^^;,rfDviwyflW^!>eown\to the
i»aii^i.*dttS(K^*ei»^B*J'to handtog' .the
www^rpnaidi at|to,^elhg-giwo at-
tonttaniwiilh a'Mtww -that shouW
#aua ^t*«^^f^^:cbhiinltt»es^
SJSKSSfW ^SE5*Mp»«ttpaat
y$iwmmym¥^^ Ak
mm^m^^m»^m' to -*he
^'^WWPPiSHJgtoil*^* "oa «n
pw .jmioTOtogSSJS^>'i|^H(Feirole) or-
<a>e«tra SMPS^ltol the anualc. "■  '
^^Ito^t^iMttUhi'.ott' -^Wte
V^<J!5^^|«»;nrioSe,,,a' toog
?^«^xilnir<in -hiis^-swaator
£P4p tohwj^^toto Alec Sufl9bo
^:*|to^^M>,;S5rii|ay- Oaat ajwi, to» nb*
iiti«wtt«»y*oc i
ttss gotertkhic and th* governed ohns.
Tb**^^ p&l%ffi8SSm
tho n**wlty -of united *«ion on We
gSgSdyy to een^/iiismtoM-et-
qowlato^natod a iSTSSS-
hy^s maateriy maniar, to *wtocl^fh*
hsadWiilaeebJtot >: •     ,   ^x'x
llth, Gt  Joseph*  Ohnrwh  deoos;
*™*m*t^ Wlos*of Ho««r
AihMto ^A*s»etetton  *wt   jtootoMt
Paste dm eatea tnioer tot*, ^
11^'?!!!^ ^ ^ A*hialtoA!iao.
ctooaewaatioto, huttaaofllMMr
to turn m> ia ftm foaoe at a* bmm
toto to toato the s^akTtoaiMW
•oocsaa" Itnmooofn omnM it ,w«
ss**™*******. A^rtaa
toil to mw to toe lady stow toa>
tot rstobtotoe htghaatwtoT^ f^
*^JJ?^I «h* Mat amwal
Mletobe to h* rstoraod to Jaoas
•toieaotoeaeli, Tie utontok ««►
•w am Naftal napoitor, •
' I .The final tor the MHato mtmmm
!5»> Ihefltiaeetf aaawadato
°g»™<>* *gh *w PtoHW sw a
•^^mmmmm 4aga.
«r. ItoNaaaQmhaa boatoai 4h* to
y..»Sgf.«»niNt «er aTS
ivH^S^JSISlitho -chair-   AD^r*.-the
pa^ «^'WOT«a',^e eick'ooimnlitbpe
Bfav ttaaPtijfiei^ whtoh' mns •sattelac.
fl^ito:i|%d^«^"a*« grtevsaceodni;1
,iai«!tiee';eJs^^e)«l»e!lr Tepbut, whjoh
fitm^^-mt'-m'^y^minn had heesi
#lto^to^''<4^^wiUi> ' ' VaN-"-
r^The dotogfttos' report iwss.nest, and
sWwugh:^J|ook a toner ittme ho read
out iw/tfooM >« please^ to^kno^
thiat^HiiiiMbcJtoelr .anwnidtnenits to &«
Constflt«tdq|ifOtt|rJ0d. - Ths <paieifor©D)tilaa
$nfttat' waa^aicuaoed; nnd. w« ane of
nptaton toatllt wtt* talcs quite a tot of
talktag to-OTBifce the majority of men
to uadorrtania it:- < - 'V ,
. >■<&*!neatibneintos(that *cam».up for
dhsousafion xtritf-wlm toe LocaS Union
fou^nwn.wwk^^.imiinejfaate dais-
gw;to suankepil -wonk amtiaijthe dbneer
is;romovied.^Some ot&our>a»end>ors
ooutd nkft; toe' ttwfthto he of'nnicli
toieftt bavioi; reeaM to- «fe' fitottoelt
flp^clsi.fulesj^ould be otoerved sod
mm; tm&mMQyby sU;.imde^Minld
Takers; aSto "lonviecitiloin * totundi*ttoee
•v^rkg*m?n-m» twice""'iaoo«My
tyip^iin^ft'eppear to the mtods of
gjm^^J^JnetnlwslJhait'lt confHota
w«h'ithbto-jriilos':iha!t-are,<l*aJd down
by the'OcM Mtaw Regulation Aot, -aiJao
c^tal.-r*^b^AWel'*^\«tvf^ aaxkxls
to j^ eooniiWji«ithait\^a^ to
•the generad tofdty hf tfae mine, wortoww
«i*tlbc^h rthwwahay be"«boikhdnB-to
^:-mit'}0Qtm-7«o. %nt. ■mm.S't-im QO»
l^m^gmmtmmm, m* mdat
hot toTK-trt to toeiMton our awetingB
ore ^e«to2a^^z«^a^ Ibehhei^ a^besMhedi.'
The ttoance' <ywnimttt*ee wais ariWcfa-
ed d?re^,^>o*i^^ They'hawing
fMte»^.«Bi^:'obt^ihielr duty iwpanly
was cOnudistod bylhe Loca} to abolish
*t and the hdUs wju how be jelgmad -by
tho_SooaJ mjmtiis.; '• • - ■ . ; \
' A 'Sooiaffitotf-meeting .was.held--on
Sunldhy might, Orghhteer Goodwin;
trom Cumtoerfand; hetag tbe.vttoclipaJl
speaker., Goodwin ha» a goodgrasp
■oti -ooonamlici biHi lbture does not,
oetoi to |1» tl» tttore-st Aakert in Mi-
jofi^thafc'usedito'he.   .. '  'Ay /J, .,-)
S ♦ ^>t^> ♦ ♦ ,♦***;»
►  *»A88BUI?a AND, yiCINITYT^
►r *;.: ■   '3r.;Phiisrsts>,: 7.TTJ t:4.
ef asastt, ■ttmpmtmipml'mmmimt m
wmm,^im»fmm^m. -A*T2
>toMi>ann cas/veaMea»ensit'-*iiMi ana
B^S833j^Mi ^g-tfKYjiSff aM
ifr. wrt ««. Maa Ttwtor amv>
ei le oss* lm»)Mi«ar. hft laaso
line tolma mi a poatHoa as sbaillgtoar
tosswr tto, lartaa.
JuaLJk    _M    A,iafAtd*at.m*    j^   Ma-
lifffthfeffP^ "
l«i toi
«r ma «m
Jw irffal
ff **aTl^flWir
^g^|**i a_, ^«| *^K|
cms*aawaa wil to Co**-
_mP/^tmm f m^^ a& Ato^ au^^^^^^
■"•"^ tmtwm m tnm j^KtKy.
-mffSm jfSSFtitt^^mS te ^S
Wo had a.hwwhr.of^ConservnttTOa
Una erf huabWwas to haw thS post
ottloa *ieda*wrt'f«MStt,!Mr; 'tt'K:^Jtosv
tol's atone to ftfav J. Kenr* «toto, but
tooas <at» uiw^ptook to to-toajoh
flailed In *fi^diliMit(w. To thosie w4a>
'am not in- fhe Wiiw, wouM'toy 41 Is
P(otWo«i>Ut apsHOcsl jpult vr«totnla^
hwito *ame.tlto*tago .dnring.tt^ last'
^l**- .y^WBwnpa^S.;*
mate to this tati«>ttant»'Dt Pstobai^
wjbethsir toe {Mdlttoil mMtone Is In
cotton to Raw*** w Kssfe'etioia?
ft, sraouots to -^e «une <htog.' ;our
oontontlon Is tint^'eveifjr. pitodto tosti-
totton ebonld bo govornod'Indepeiid-
sut of sod outaCfa of thato:«naM bul
paUusL W* ctmoot -Had pattcace to
pen down in detail the iwiwnghng,
bedding, and condemnation of the
pmssot vo« oCHto of Faaabws;^
, A grand mssqaerade bail?was,h4d
at the fUmont Hotof, MScto Lsaf.'on
toa Mad ult,. and -was wall «*ttoofs*d
byltoeoutaldscNnws. Theprtsewwa
awarded Mr. J. tva«fcnsn sod; Atoa
Dtfay FtoiUeea. The decision of tto
Jwlgsa aoosMd to h* oopolar, Light
wtosehm*ats wars aarvstf, and the
dsoohw oootlmwd antil toe eeriy
banns ot Oa tolontar toy.
" A fraad danoe will h* h*M to to*
Vtoranat Hotel; Maple hewt, ppjtm
ph. tost., «nder tb* ausplaa* pfm
Vaiple Imt orcheairs. Cotqa and
hnvo a good tons,' *s-" ■
Burmis eoHlsry has bom UUnntnon
toa toajtatoag of toa year wttfe tb*
ssotottoo of six eajra aad th* ooal
oorapuv ofMcMe sua not ki e^fnii.
(tea to aagr when wortt.wlM h*toboa>
aisaesdt Amy war ssst* who'to wt
to immTuu of a ** wlH may pn+
paoto am had sroond beta.
A lanaral onaas mssatoa of Bunats
Uooal Uatoa was he*d In Marphy's
Hall, Wadnsadaqr. IW» wit. sad altar
ear secretary, who ma tolijatad to
attMd to* Dtatrtot eoaraaHoa at Lato
mm. pm* bin report Tha «aaUag
etoval to *dopt toa lapcrt, hat did not
eaacor to toe aaMoa tohaa tor tlie eaa>
mmm etatatia* tbat tt waa uiwwv
atttatioaal and to ffroet coafKto with
oar eWaaUoa wtor* it atat*s tkat a
toatosr sfeaN aaHet alt brothers la al-
mimy. ftamaetttttafcaaaeaiato
too ftaaM ot omehlna tmtoarty iovs,
aaKdaator aad m toito, th* Meat that
ooeld to aapaataft ia seastsi—cy. Bwt
fMMtoaaaay, taotoaHy tola, aoMsHiy,
swstoaaaetor. to left mJOtm eat et
th* ijwsritos aad ear sspfwaloea ate
■■l^b ^^n^.  m_t_m ^^.^gjL—^Wt^^^p ^_^_^ _^9_jm_,_^m   _^
"Wi mim mm wiMini* nr RMR^T IB
It not to toto yuaato aa taw*
adyawan, rsasraaii at.*aaaa asatoa
aalttaat -Whaa «• sas toa aoato toe
'-'wi-'.'-il 4'*^
.-hte, PfwPur.*om^^^m__m'm
;.t*W   IP0^l^>OQ^5^^^&|,y
-all "of-'thieiinto^ro^tlliS-Mto"
«*w» Jtmmxyi • mt?* WfRLWHip. this
■ oaoKP n^^oaniyd^;^:^^^^.
.TheJMiwte imniom^.^i^^ix
datys daat -week!' And the Obsenvw js
ooanpelQad to. use (the -aaim^e^pi^stoh
^Bift?natt.;:'God*oniy knows*;,"•whea
-<hiey toit««d storting np again.' '^l -%.
Mln^ j.^wittHaiinB, of BeWevne. wae'a
vtoltor.at Onn Psaehnrg Hotel'lato
'Sunday, evening, "     ■;
- iMr. W. G,;Eraser, of. Prank," was
•down hieiroionr" businieas an-Friday teat
, • Wa era soray to «eairn that ourold
itetendk Mr. Joe.Chambers, 1» told up
suf tortag with la grippe. We wish him
a^speediy aiecovw^ beoause>« hflwe
onssed Mm Umm oust mJdst. ,
. Miss Jeam Boutton and Miss Stella,
awwopsntod hy. Mr. Ernie Hougtobon,
were taking lntheplotwre ahowt at
toe Loiric, - BeKevoe,, Saturday woa*
Ing.     s _   .
l»ir. Tony -Ltesa, tea, ItoHam, nwnfc
tag to 4 tnatoe to No. 4 amine, wnn Injured ibiy a Jaill <rf rock on Saturday.
Dr.iBaJl attended the injured and' be
fa .pwsresatag as favorably as nam be
expected. . ■-, -   .>•*•   •
-Mr; Antonio staoclk, t9to onoe goal-
sll mdxofagist of the Pasabuiv-Hobdi,
has tefit ftw DttBtmree new. Wa wtob
■Mm good tock In his new enitenpnkte.
*   ifl<J\*'KW8tft<p!fe* 1
'bt,toatr atouttos to cottnterok:
.■doottcwi,,      . :-y    *      -X^
^On^Monday,- the 23wl ult^in?
^-fcrtted' the 'home of Ttoto^toj^&g-a!.
Loweiy^ dtepoaWng' a id^m^
taintog a, 'bouncing haby "hoy-soadKtf
hlusb&ng. hashtol matoen. Theolicrther
and hahes aire doing well amd'daddft U'
aUjtodles.- The neighfbopa Jota^gba-
^ratolattog -the hajupy. ■parents- and
Vfitehtog the haibes euooeas.
"■^ *,'
tot*-e< 't.
mttre ytofory- l40^e a few-week* npo, '> .'
bpb -been choswi1 Grand CBsf Templar ^
;Q|t.-|iie-arraid-Uodm'<I.V0:j'*'G; T.. of,;?v
^Jbeuja, at Edmonton- Jast^aaertu
k-^JH?001^ deenee of the Order of -'.
.Qwte'iwas oonferred upon J. W, Gw''''*<
abash,, pnealdemt" of the kjcal lodfeei,a'
tost'wieefc, hy the Supreme Lo^pe,
So^fto Bewd, Ind. ■
♦ :*, COAL CREEK NOTE8        ♦
_*-''A-     '>-x,x- -  ■    •  ;    .'J
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦,.♦ ♦to; ♦■♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
>. .Ihamtaas wero'Idto itrom 11'p.ni:
Friday ntghifc to'3 Janr Monday. Short-
age of railroad, cars the cause,
♦ A.^a«nge.niuinher of CreokiteB Jour-
neyod to (Fesoto' on Saturday nlghrt to
toike to tbe cdghits and pleasures the
Oity offena ;, _•   .> ,   .A"    ., .
,-,'AM ipemioins, intorestod dn ioothadl
aaie'requestwi to attend n meeting in
®te Oder Orewk CSub Halt/bn Sunday
eventolg aft 7 o'oJook iprarapt. AM taat
season's -ptayers ipairttoutorlyrequeabed'
to 'attend. '   /-'"' '^y   •
. Btoy ba«tii«4d was ln<oaahp £^an Ml-
chei -renewtog hid ao-guatotaJnaea dur-
tog the week end.   Gladfto see you
toofctog'eo iwelilv Biliyi-    ,^" y -.
•; Su^ertiAendont Caul^'d '«)«at'«i«
•week-end dn IMichei. -   |^i^' ■• 7 • -
■jTho mmp «be -Om^ffijfifat,
drtyje-janaoogat " "" ""'
exponents of. the gsane.^1
th«n tied far'tergest sei
tor aeatai numher sijoire.
;;';Mira.,'Shan!ks and (CaanUyto&^^mp
on (Monday en route to Rbd liear to
Join her hustahd.   We wla^* them
tacit.     -, ,> ■■"-. 1     . -,;-
tYX noWoe iwaa po^ed ott W«dne»day
toa* flosa-Oneek.mines w4M he-toto
miM'tmm nottoa.     • t    7   *X
t. it,, 'f!7v<r5 i't™*.. .in  j.* .(s^-  .9, j 't,
G. 8. Morris, traveling-aapwtt,tor
business hent
(Ths usual weekly pnwttce'dawe
took -place on Wednesday to toa OMb
Ha«, ' ,-*v
Mra. Ton BUkett and tomlly sr-
rived to oamp on Wednsaday dram
Whdtehaven. Ounhartoadt Bk^aod,
Tom to now wearing toe smtte tost
won't come off.   Aooept our beauty
Several of the hoys are quite JnM-
lent over to* result of toe Watettoo
cup, Good chance now, Jaok, to toMM
jour promtos. ,
What wss the matter, George? Yon
mtsssd Vim truiti, -Fernlo soenwy onutfl
have captivated you,
Atac Maokod. from Vaocaater,
Mew into eamp tols week.
Bt Roe and Wm. Thompaoa tok
eamp dorthg toe -weak end for to*
Koctooay dlstrtet Oh, wtat s tato to
ton on their return Good took. boys.
We understand there Is to b* a
"hard to**" dance held up beta oa
too 17th et Maneb. AH lowers ef toe
torpatotmaaa art are requested to at-
tend   PatUouJm later.
'•an itm, Ton were not aw^k
seooeh 40 dodge toe aauowpea that
time, to* missus mast bs nasMfjem
aa a club awta«sr. Ob. >ou Udl
Theaistoodlat era anaattng te hold
«Mr Chon* aaatvarsarjr on Buaday
aad Monday. Msrah nad sod iird.
■etatto sannoaaafW be preached on
tke Sunday aadea eatortatament will
betoldo«tbeMoadaysT*«liMi. The
Itor, W. R. Oaabaa^el Oraabraak. toa
toatosan of toa dlatolet, wW take
fait la toaas exatotoM. It I* also *t>
fatted that to* net* eevwrtne ths debt
oa lb* than* sod paraaaaaja will he
toNy mst at this ttow sssl tom*d is
the prsssae* of to* paeei*.
Wloiik. hBB -recommenced on the'
graxting lor the new cement .worka
Saun-Innds Is smpplying the teams.
The'iputoMc eohool now opeuia at 9
a-m,:dnetead of 9.30.
Tine houae of J. ,Pozzl -la now completed and Is among the Mat at tbe
beet resldeinoeB in town. Mr. Bossl
wM moyie up to Bteiroware In a few
m*. X,
iP. C. AtUn, ot Lethlbrldiee, wdU give
a. tomipOramoe oddresB In -the Bajptdht
Ohuiioh <ffl'.W.etoe«teiy, March 11th,
under .the auspices, of the B. Y. P. U.
The carpenters will he through' iw«h
the new addition to Greahaan'a ibjaiok-
smfith -Shop at the end of the metric
.Otoe stoat;of the Rooky Monateto
Oeanenlt Oo. reaounnvenced ovetratikqm
an IMOmdaiy. ' -k ■ '
flttxe ZeUto Co. appeared in the
Opera "House on ..Monday and Tuesday evondngis and entertained toe peo-
{De of 'Bliatomore wfth .the wonders of
hypnotism and the -rajiaterfeB of antod
'reading as well as some fine nwsioaa
tailent- . . l ' ' ■
, J. Bamingiton RedUy, vdee president
of'itftee Rocky Mountain Oeanenlt G&,
wes hi town on .Thursday last on buai-
neas in ■connection iwtth their plaint
D. R. O'NiaH, representing the Mc-
KQlop Shoe Co, of" Oalgary. won in
town on Tuehdayr "Mr. O'Neil raparta
buelness good to Blairmore and hae
ptooed Ms ew^ustTO*, Bne of Ma4teee
Grose -rubbers w4th'toej.P. M. Thcm*-
.aonOo.tor.toD;l»i4>-.>>;-" .
Another runaway:' oodorrad'' in Blairmore on Tuendaytniioimtog "ft-hen the
butohe^s toaan, owmed.by, T. HetuA-
ger. of to©, Ofm&Jjfailm *ol08e
and made a -home,<Tni^£^Wma passing toie£$toirmeto;'H^^
come in xxmtawt with' another ite, owned by to^tome «ei^a^|^&aNter
ly. Moat ftom toe botito^eiwagoo
was atoawnall oyer 'toeta^setfsod
made good meals for sevomi'hungry
dogs. '. ., , ' :- ' A*-'kX\ ,
R. A Vmm, of Ora«brook,'osn»
to town tost iweek end end -tp "tome
l>owwto;-.to oharjfe ,of'toe Atoorta
Hotel.   ,     -  ,   " - V, «-'- 'XT*
•-.'..    f MACKENZIE A MANN
, VK3TORIA, Pelb. 28,—Mir. Parker
WdHdataie had anany hand words tor-
iMessre; MackensiiB and -Mann, -when
he spolco on an amendment to the mqw
Oaosidian Ntoittheim: Railway toW to the
Houee tbisononitog. He naBed tbem
ifneabootieira^ and pirates, eakd ttwir
sworn tojftoony on mahtere of even
trlvtol trnportaaoe wae vaiuetasa and'
thmt their ..wyittieo word was not worih
m WPW It appeared om .  .
^Tbeee free-bootera wooto antm
Bntoah CfahimWa Just *• quick as look
st l<%" (be said *     / '
The 'Newcastle member ipropoeed sa
aasnoidlmient; to the WH, to Uie eHfeOt
(thott a select ootnmlttoe he spsndated,
iWith bbn two SociaU-at mtanbere on It,
to to-quire Into the iwonktognrtf tbe
Canadian Northern, in Britdah Cbftan*- .
bin aad to report "to the House.  Ibo
slmisndimanlt made the claim the* hy
reason of eUbtetttog.oootnuct* iMaicfcen-
ste and Wan© made toe rattwaiy cam7 <
imimenBe4y ftoavder obllgsttras daas'
the work of oonstrnotkm coat; tbat
eded of tauat held by tho pavwmam*.
did not -permit It to take ovw «s*en>
itiaJe to operaite tbe ,itaHw*y sod Ittatft '
the origidoall agreement had-twoi tlss
dnitdal toctor in enafchng tbe jtochan> -
iie. and Mann intereete **»  •cqoba -
large IndMstrtea dn the pnxyfawe «nd
exploit thiem to do tt to a.way injurious to the Industrial credit of MM*
Ootomhta,, „
Dsived Into History.
R*idtoig'llrom a Toronto dispatch to
Tha Fiovtooe, he eontendod ihat Sir
\Vlttlain ^Daokraole had,made a de-
Mberate fsflsehood In daaytog in Toronto »^n» further «?»ranteea were
to be asked from the Dominion Gor-.
enunieat ior work In ^rWsb Oolam-
hisa and to etating tbat the ori^lnl '
British   Ocdumhla.  guarantee   waa!
ampiJe to  meet;   aH   leooto-esnenKa." :
ago.  (He jsanti  on' to \eeatt from;
the Preani«S» apeech In lbs House,
mbA*   <»l?Maw*    1st,   19J0,    to,
ooaiwotiok^wKh the. eriglMd ,i htUa, >-
aj^^..    1 1^    —****-.*,    *** ***** I I, .-, "*,,*-,••,•■
nimr i vu fnuwirwDO -r-ivuumr' uieu wa^r   Ww_
A. Brown, who has heen epettdlng
aevtoRl'toonths to Detooit end otocr
U.' fl. mm, returned on Tw«k^ to
take «p hia old duties as hbokkeeper
Oomwwha.bestt.wntaeawp.oa     N.-Birl^of Ctott^UtGdM^
Calgary,  was  taWng ' larts  orders
around town on Monday.
F. M. Ptakney was transaoUng bus-
Idsss to Bellevue ,on Thursday last. *
J. F. Wmm, of Lethbridge, who In4.
Matted toa of»ce*» of tbe new Btoto
vj 'i
■** "'i
,    WE"
.. ,> *    **.
■protpami that'this w«l he the
iword to ireepeot to ftoamM Ud."
'Sut," said Mr. WUUsma, "to ash     ¥
other two years earns a tstHtoHhai •
terintoiaJ" «uaian*ee said now we hacre ...
aaotoer .toll tor $5,000,000 aaosa <st
the to^sa,"    -, i s«
-M-rl V^tttoaa* olatoed toto «r« If . *
tha" gostonment' tareiiosod 00 toa-
toue the railway wooM lake coed eas**
to;ke«(Mtbe whip hand hy paytog toa
Interest on toe tonatoal heads snd
tous reamtodng to puawasdim of aH
tbe tenmiosJs. vmbmmnmn, to
dBtaned, toa brtoges on toe Mas woold
be found, as was ths asee ta tMsak
tobs, to be owned not jyy the a N. R,
but by one of tb* iflMsd oosspsnisa
sod tho* exemto from toa jswtaos
deed of trust
. ■; .
- <'"fl
j *    iV-.fl
i: ■'*]
,   Al
jjj^y.^^-^ ,^to^^« ^ —.aT7J"T
m^mt mmmpmp vaM   m^-^mpfm^^l^fp 4,
bmptm tm aeeaitac ia ***-• p^m
^U^.^   j*^   Jjy^    __*__* ^^M_*^*f
ytotat, on mmm  ttm toft *ee
wn wmmrnj m mg
tt m-mmttr tmrnb.
lURWPh -WW 19 mlVtt WMiUHr
hg ^M**H m^^±m a.^toll mB -WfSk m^^kA~''*ti^&
wt wmy vott ^m\ oi wm wvfmm " WU
w-mtb mm. *ik» e« ai WM*ftfti* 9* ■«—.»*m
flfaf toi^Hi..^Mitf   ^^*^^&tatjijA^^ij
mttmtoHreap"        '" ""
lapidaehia   Oar
~ to to»«al lato*maartst
iteaai fm aapptit to glae
wiisf at af toa toMl
laas. Osr tsaswfea ata tnmt aatosd
totsMraad dt is ami—a aby we
tha* fam *b* Waalrt.
A pwwai Man awanadi ac fasa
B^^^^^w    tl j*.*^sl    WJt^aJhmm    tl^m   ^^jp^^^^^^^^^^^ml    ____,,
n^nW to^ma vis> w wwmw^mmi n,
caws pamris ■mwsw nmm, *■ WSSMV
/.«■   tt
9t-tnm.   am*  om w«v. • .mtmiQoi* mm*
wAt*ft ¥ wfN" ertmtnehee flffrtn If tA
a' ejaaaeas easfsaaMor. ' ^n^
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furnijkure
^       ** *.»
maaaaamamaamamaaa^mmamammm amaammaaaaaaaaalmaamammamm
We will famish yonr bouse from cellar te garret aad at feet*
torn prices. Call, write, phase or wire.   All orders itrsa
prompt sttsntlon,.
If you ara aatlsHsdt toll atosra,   If net satisfied, toll as.
I'SJ,]  ?f
efto'ltoritaie ea«
auob toaas ae toll
Whenever you buy and wherever you buy
For the bett Shoei and clothing go to the
P. M. THOMPSON Co. Blairmore
At I
, '#1
DWiict sflfeaas am- aa --^tmrna ahui
a Mm
, Baasar, Jack McDoaaU* M.
It IMr
■w^^^^^mmfwm^mpmm^m ^aae   *^mmi ifrfmaa'w ^^v-wnwQgn     m *^^m
to etol awetuaa tewpsstioa
*km of pnwmn nmb m *tM w*ba»x***. Cut
a Jab af ttt daaartimua.
af Ita site* waa
a naastis ofthe
te Mni   fMflk  fi^MB.
toane mm **• thvovr*i *Ab *
IMaPRSW   tn  ttt*   lanmmmm*.
Tfipy nro sole agents for Oeo. A, HIaterV Itivirtua
end Refal Fine Hhnes. Also for Ihe genuine TWk\e
Mine Shoes and the relebrated K make Wtum.
hl-4 JJT*l*i'i3, ii jth'i'.'Jj) .A ..! l)n  Jl-.-rtw. nt J!lwu«y.ii#tM
Uotblnf.  Theae xm& nn rfrommemJation to these
-      who know good etothfnf. Tliey nm the latest nnd
v     brat ia irtylca ami inatcriaU.
*- + - ,        ■ , *
Don't forget our hard time
Grocery prices
F. H. Thompson Co.
• Qauelttr
■nasi af wm di t-^fitisii *uh 'tta
*w^^^^F  mm^ipjpmm ppmm  Pwrnmrnmrnmnt^**       w^^   -■- -
mr%^mmTm!mmm H   Phon« 25      Victoria Si       Bltirmor*, AJta.
, jum-9-^^9 ^ am n* m^ a^Haa aad aa sia mumm.
•*9$" T-f-flW1 ******** *" **\
tl    '■■    A-'
ksif >- •;&**_'
*j( ." ^- **3C^Kfi&ffr^
■ - .'trmmm^^
t'*CTffi.y" I*?!*?* p 'Sfw.hi>
b. c, wmmafm.
*St^#k;u,r v'       ; XV\^-MM^-$f'X ' 'X$*&*4n:.\' •''*--'-'.■•;> $$5*^
Read Our
p **-,
n   *
auH'ifliniat thiia -ibe*
*. f
«>*«w A,*. *-.*,..
*.-s,.*>a""f-.i -
-**f *      ^*     2    ,
i* ».>*
It Is the Best Remedy
■ < When yon sre rundown, no matter what the cause.
It doesn't merely stimulate you snd make you feel good for a few-
hours, but takes hold of the weakness, and builds you up to s healthy,' •
normal condition. .      .     •> ; '   ,       ■  ,-;      ,-.,  • r-f
It is a real nerve-food tonic, a real1 builder of healthy nerves, rich' ■
blood, strong muscles, good digestion.    .. a '-** ■.   h - v • - 7A
It contains the Hypophoephites, to tone the nerves snd pre energy,,
and pure Olive Oil, to nourish the nerves, the bipod, the entire system* *i
and give vitality, strength and health.r *A    -   '    /*•,, •ySjs,A'-'^
It is pleasant to take, tbe greasy flavor of the, Olive Oil having been r
noved. -A-m*   'jY--:,   x ,       ,   «'  *xt        ■ .,«t,\fu-Vi.
For you who are tired out, neqvous, run-down, debilitatodj weak,
emaciated—for convalescents—for old people— '.,       -','!:."%  ■!,;,
for puny children—tp recoinmend Rexall Olive
Oil Emulsion as the bsst msdiclns ws know sf ts
mik* snd keep you wsll and strong.
>_—j_._......... ,»»*....^^j^a
i» y<
you the best remedy we cmj J
business seise demands tluat i
^i^ft^W^ ^W sBdstwngOi.t%»is mX^tTmiw&?
yeu wsU and strong again, and save you money ind
' - A   '.A. .. ..»• .'.*"> 'S\jyr^tt^^»^:^AA?s
Olive 08"
, - Grssttst Drug Stores—$1M a totUe   ..**'*
Sold In this town only by u« ,  v'«*
weawand^^^m^.ittoyo^rfriends. Read
■ r)  -'", -./dV'
^•yS'XX'.iA'-i^X-'*'^^^ SA-i.'A*'x
M'''?A2£'iAiit-j'xi^ -     X
ai^»BB|to6- awttok; <he,?Jor^«r)lei*p-
j^.'«Ba^im^iat. f^\jttLfm^mSm'
vtotoftMqltoii SwW:#lG«tlwal%
'^ Mtf.". JoeGUJ»ta«botn'-'.waaItoksn to
:.<J. 'PoSUer^aa'teof 4he dtvSi^an*
We Guarantee This Remedy to RelioVe and Satisfy You-or Youp Money Back
•*• ,"V.'^J"' \*° =^:
*<The-!:.iRPall Store*':•;■ m&:
-ws^atste?. * ■•
^ X-'.-tTr*?
---. -*.^*^gsj-ws*"
:*.?iss rfj ,v
- -Si     -
*• \" "'SVQ' * " ' > ,v
'' ' ■•'; "aal K~** " AtsA
'' 7XM >. *' v*V 'sA"r7^
'.ii...'*.&"H"--*"• ' **••!i ••*!***«•'
-   '**-.*^      l  '  - .     U
■J^.'.._    —  ..-,*■»■.'3-3
'• ' -. "•-'=!>  A^A-if<X7 A**!"'{"!},
-.«.*«r- ^k *>t,v " ■
*>    SS iii* *»',t|
tt -j-** ■=   ^l^ft^jj^jilt.-^" -^ '"'^V1' *^rait)f t"5^**>t »   »-^4i|L-c ^Tt.^   **5J|
-  ^'f is*^ si '      TS'H^ i-i?«35fJ**rl
*. *.-*((■..    4.%k,    Tviss^i.   ^|*aS*#^j^,>^^l.
1eons"KIN0 OF ALT       Ours is'Thl- ^<
Ailot-t    //; ////s   foixn,
. i     . 9 Ayiw, *f,'^s ."y,Ki vit t i.
miOiiSr toariy
    , , r„^UStDX.^,,
Ontario. §» *<#8p-.i\ xr   !**•«
' For aale at Bleudsll's^Drua 8teri
aaWri W
„. ®wa.*«il*f- lira jwap^awg,
Xomued one, -bought tlieir cwn-in»tm-
aneottsrfswi - noMorm's; endw -en-gag^a
toaiotosr,- 'Tha;expens^ wa* conefeteN
eiMei ami irtim tbe' pitopoettlon of
<iatoa^s>ytl% ^ <w«h'^« ;oi^:^KwSf
toSf^i^ tout Jt se^na thet Eto^
•pmklng BiHiatelans aux» ajang^nd
«toU|toat#aenta ^^ tlwta. ' Tbere^
,ta|Jfaagrjav»'toMai Wf.».-i|pWaWfttf
tbrougfe tte nwrefcante ef the <ity not:
wtolry Alwre awl two of ti»JMnnbew
o( *t^ (band tatwviawed ttie ctty ^
mkpto^:^-after .;0rtng,s. -guaton-l
.^l^d^^tSilBc^^ai/ suirmjBtr
^"WsteJM»i'aM«*!l«e v<»w4toaM 1
*,*K>,   m3'
.. ?'^fS'^ ■*    VV ! «*f
J t*kkAAk*nnnkkk*k*Akhk*****'*kAAAAAkk-kkAAkkAkAktl*A**A*+ii
The Official War Against
British. Coltinibia, Coal • • »
'• **«.*■ t
Tba dlfWcuibkw with which the Nicola Ooal awl Coke Company finds to
aakf tooe'to tooe sre tbo ftrat evidenw
and Justlfkatton of toe warning we
tarns given oi toe <Hsnstrous etteots
bound to totlow the Insane policy nf
toa -FVKPesitry Depttrtmnent, of toe Pro*
vtaolal (toveroteent aad of ihe Con*
ragard le towing toe «allways,to uae
ell tm instead of coal TWa to toe
Hirst ooal company to find Ito Irastoaaa
tonatoned aa a rssoH of toe poUcy.
The Chow's Nest Pass Coal Ooapsay!
has already oomptalued of toe damaging oMacts of tlie poWcy on tos busl-
In a country ao rich in ooal rosouro-
as aa British Columbia toe development of that natural wealth Should be
cmcwnwod (by svory logttlnioito moans.
Instead of ttat we fhwl Hon \V, R.
Itosa, mtotosr of lands at Vtotorla.
beteaoitog toe public trust reposed to
him as the representative of sn important ooal section of the iwwlnce;
and we Ond toe Conservation Cmmnla
stent imatntalniMl fmm the r»«bWr futiAn
be cut olif, with tbousands of n»eu
tomwn^out of employiment, vatoahie
prapwrty destroyed snd towns dfc-popu*
latad or abandoned. .The" wtyni Wow
ttmi ooirtd toresten indnstrtsl life fn
iim pmoepootilve estaUialunsto ef toe
hon end etael Imtitstry •wiH *ave been
Tha R^d&c Works Department of
4toe Ooratobu Government vto» ?»en
sdsoA witli toe erase to aUbatoiite
CaHtoniia oil tor Brittah CohMnWa
ooal. atoi dredging itonta add tna^
ehlrwry, toa property of toa Canadian
psopto, are now otosed to toe eoal aop-
t>ly of tbe -provtace. snd more <«•«•
usMy enaesed ta toe ell oomhtoes ef
ihe Unltod States «Uan the most sr-
dent smfrertprodty politician cooM
hnve Imagtoed jpossUile.
The railways of BrWsta Ooluutoa
mtiat (tepcod tor tits bvnlaess to op-
«ato tto4r «oada with flnandlsl sue
oeaa on 4b« development of tbe natiw.
Si naawtraai., Akwady toe mad and
atliar mtosrsts form one of their
let-go* sources df revenue. The raH-
'jvaj'i* might rcuiwcablj bt ouwctcxl
^^ P0?*1"^ ??l aMIanee mtoi toe to m^ m ^/^ ^^ ctlinol m
WMAMMMsafOaWorols. In ttuttot-i^ ^tmimmf tojwa mlasral dsvUeif
lw a la a «nm of ootuMU'vatiuu run{mMt m* new resources of trafie.
■^^-P        -—*■»■*■      it.   , -999 -       .*    - .—■-.. ___*_*___._   I w••v•#»," www      ■*«*•        » www     wa      VI*M*MWI
mm. wpp las'same dsnisging effort jrrhelr tooade ato piafaiNsad to toe
to Osasda aa toa been exhibited in perinatal aad Dominion Oovem*
Alaaka by tlie tonserraUoa poltey of mm. «! at a. mmmama m tlw
toaValtsdltotsa.   la Ataaka them* %££»& Z™* ""* "" m
tonprtse se essential to a
aathm, snd to ihe dsv
mmmm^mmm i^Bnw^^^ V^^.^^aTatow fa   _„...,„_
tocsa atoto Chat eountry will aot fa
ootar tor ousy y«oi«. Oooditowa
Shsea ahaaU be a warning to Canada,
aatf »aHfctonfy to nnush tsmmp,
^mwmt^i^w   w^^^ww^e-^ae   -^^PP^^^m    ww^^^es^^F^^^
tonaisa to psavsll.
af toe cost and other mineral woa!U»
la ittyAtbig lass toaa mttooal suliilde.
Dastoay toa paytt»il of toe mml attosa
eai a maiitoailim ef abaet UMMbb
•emaman* ^m ^^tmnwwnmimwm****   wn*   saasw^ww   wwrpwwwvwwm
• it «jyiyi j^gmaiLp^jk u^> >g| ^a^i|u mgg^jt mgm&^n uS(riuatoeae
U^^^^w m^^^m^^^^p aa*^^ **s^p^f laaas i^^p-eap  ^mwn^Pw^w
prated lite Intseaat and
wutoea^w  WW  tot^^^Mi  'mmnm^p   wmW  J^F»aww^
aiaMs nnil nave to males toeei eoad *'
m, %aw iHMnc vxpeiwe. wr*y» hhm*
tontod tovaromeat InatltutUma lia si-
teaed to ase toaar paver to toa d**
Amotion of die eourcea ef wcalin
wWob eanpon toeaf
Tito tX- V. % aiast tow* tha mm to
tta tiaffle ef toa aJaaiw iadasuy at
mm empm tn a Mtafat ptmrnlu mM net tore let tot -eaettal toto
—     ^ i»i _ u%. a       " wwswas  e*w»  ssaasw   gFW* w-w* ^'•epwwassa  wiwwaw
Uy tafote anytoiac else sod ear ei* „»| ntaes at Baaff. Itaaaaw. Uto-
toslr caret ,. * , , - 7'sA X
Sir Richard McBride hae failed In
his duty as roMster of oitoes to tols
matter. He ts .thereto protoct toe in-
tersst ot tihe inisersl Industry, todkidt'
•o-mo w-^'o   -mm    i^^^m   **9mamm^rmewm  ■^•f^e^Pffiwe S | man^nwma^^
log toe toeittattto deYehxpinetm of toe
eosl resources ot toe vrortooe.' iAe
toad of toe Oo\*emnisot tto has jwwad
tnim to toe intetoete ei toa^ttoMnoe
by cooetonsMOnc and.pantoUlnc toa
developed nader alf adnitostiaUon.
"Wrla |a wot toa tihws aar tos eoototon
to naHas sawaswij 'We ase a vaaaHpe
Mtoa dltoat taattto ef toat noMey. and
where one tnltw Is so affaotad Others
wMl *e also. The town of Merrttt is
ttoaafesaad nstth a aeitons est^taek In
'mwn^mmmmmmmm nmwmmp mt enwumw  anssnanmsea ass
oniinKiuonfa and mdnetit In ihat toeal*
My are toto to toad- with loss of e»-
yhn-mta*. a coal distrtot so mar to
aamibitoeaiarkstef that citv staacat,
wa l. *.n■—ji     _, ... Am    n.m-,. *-. ..-..a... a.-* _t.... _      -■»* >•     ..in ... jl ^
rofetpi aass uapoMMsrram tea anta
^!* ^w>lh,9*W* «•'* by nmalee t_§-
ea*' Maaa, to toe rsdn-etom nf wMsh
W9^^j j- fw^pf    mm*   '"■w    *m^mimm^^mieew    atew,    aw wmmnmim
^^mw^^ww^p^^^mmn^p     **^HWaana     wwawap     ^eaato-^Wws
-MntofaiF ^toHaadMtoh     fltow^to m w^^Umtm ^^a^AJ_ wu^
•aai^aea ^I^bw^^w^w    ^as*»'ae Mi tf^PmK^^jf   wPaw^Ma a^P
'ef vaaar neater nraettaU vatoe to
m^m^m tl^^^r   wwwnr^m sawt *^^w^a p^wn^mpH^m^^^i *pmmmwimt
leeNitoltaBi opts* wttok aa ara npww
toahsdlis ttad local nasant aoUtleiana
•w^^mtw^ 3^  wm^wam a tn m ^m ^mmpmrnm yjpnfimmppwmnmp
w^gmMmA mfaflbf Mjaiaasssafc im ■**■ ^ ' -^**- -^ a«a
««li«lil ttmlr Mtar« of AMr fi wtet
~ ^^^^    "'^ ■■»»    *****i*irw   ^*m   mn^wwpf    w    *w (pas^r
woi.t YttsMy concerna toe aritoia of
HHfl Uie admtniarailoa ttt tmt onb*
w*m-*nm jnmw j,^*mng^n* *mnm*^m^Mp iamb  mmmPP   |npF>
Ml aftotok-^MInliM. tastoanrtas aad
~"~  ^^TE***^     rnn-emw^jp   pppm^mmmw**Hi  mmm
seal aatosa at Baaff, Itaaaaar, toato
taitoga aad HHIcseet, tm$ Ha paNsy
,j MhrtHtiHeS r^llwU *U toff Um
n^m   ^mmmmm^mmnmmm^p   w^w^m^^^w^w^^m   ^w^w   w^pw    ^sw
MM| ^ AJI^ii^ iM^ HjUIjIi {W||a|k|a.
awwae aa*   •^.■^^^wi^^a waaaaa mtwmpm-t^mm wi^'m^'-^^^mnmm
a^^ajLgg|^d_l,      _|bgg|^|^_      j|Jhuu|uBdAB      fl|
m* la
■ t*-im%'-'W »i»k<toite#!
afeirsjlgaxe. off 4,000,^ cu&t)?, tost of
per 24 liours, sntttotoab, to
•uppljr. several lairge towns /wlto gsi,
Thto quanilty of gw weighed about49
tons, emdesWng Into oohj&totaitidb; tip
moat complete oombusttan j^osslMe to
1*50 tone of toe beet Wtumtnous coal,
pod If used direct in gas engines, was
equivatent for 1»wor to i>6to 250 tons
Of coal per day. If bf this auxtilary
ventlhutlon. loUowtog Ws-plan .tor re-
oovflng toe Oredump, one;«>uld tor>
ness bui a partton of tola gas, the toi-
ance of toe aaoount would easily lie to
tovorof Ite adoption, to mtoea mtooh
wars l»t and required excessive ven-
tUaltoh to natdtetosBnireiteU^a an*
tent of -coding toe air vonW be -bettsr
In every two? tor toe aafsty and the
wcrMIng of toe pit He d« not adro-
onto a 17 par eeat osygto aUnoopbsrs
lor mines becsose a atos' ao dUflcuit
to get one wish toa largd qoatoiasaw
ventttsttag ourrent reqttlrsd. A19 car
cant onygsn atmoaphatai alto a W We
■mi-ta taba -mam   ■■** -■ *— *-*--^      »iMiai«i   -^aaattHtm. aa^m**Jb wmaeat^tMA*
cmTioon mownie, waa quite goon snonpi
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rent, er tow. to tint It tail.  Ocilsms
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ttoaliy an idSe, ewne of tb<j amall
miiito (prcrfwoinK a iittie, but tihe M«
mitao ooty worked four daya tor tto
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have token their tools out and gone
el»e**ere eeekta*-work, but saraeat
tosm fteep <Mfttag/beck aft«r «wMn«
that toe "alere netor t»*ym%5%'
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A epecw meedn« of Uoto'lOl saa
l«M on Sunday to tear Wie.repOift of
toa «Wewroe to the ocmvenUon. A
tangtoy aaport waa given, and. a ten-
mi dlscusskon was toduiged lm v^
^tkiiAiltfjr on absa -part deatoto -irtto,
tMeoaw, Hoflrsvar, majority mdesi
and ilia rolnosttar has to submit amos-
totly, '    ' ■* • -
ten ta eoaUattoMi wm the obeck-
w*ig«»fu«i    '; - ■/—•
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srrangad tor a grand conceit le gw
J*» -OitolM.tot' Marcb 4%,, Ite
beet takkft. to town ta on too taa-
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f^reverhetolnlUber. tie proceeds
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Thelllnera' ilaU Is ibetog made good
W «f sin« tie stack Um* began. Tto
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lie A number ef good books an* te
toe Mbrafy, aad alae as'saal dmmsb
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tors af-toa liaaal ara laaaaalad is
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^-.-•-^l^—j^^^-^jS ja*^^ sy^a*^ jai^^^|»^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ___^___\,
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tha aatomilna af all tar eaal aa aB
Ms atsaaMia.
♦, .« , , * *       * *
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peltry. Use it come to this, that toa
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•mt* <e op*«ilsiMi m Cw«i», and «n imwstosl torw».   T»»«r» >*na as'
i* mn* niim mm*m *»*** a*******, . ...--•
^ ^^^^^a.    ^^a    jk    imu^a    g^ga     A^a  jk    jAy|*g|*g|g|^u|*|*A      -de«4   dSUtit^nfe
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*w-' TrnTx, vue fwim iiennum *nn seme Tmr.   mm nrn~ "wrTi-pn Tn
■-   toaears  a*
Bank. These mopsy orders are forsslsstsllBrsncbesj t
thsy east only a tow esnts, and thay pievaat any poari* ~
rWHty of nlMto^^. ^A> A *.   ..:: 7,,,. ,. - if*,, *■
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<- ^^ ^ ^g^^^^a ^ ^^' Jm^m l^M   aa ^^    -^fe. -^ta. j&. w^^u j^^^^^^u        ____*__% ____ 7 ^m^^ mm it___t________'
CAPITAL, jm^0»t»»:   ^ J^
MOTLEY. * llft'llJERSj' * <■ •    *s^ ^
l^aei W fka iigA^M *^k Wti^tottw^ato -A iiift. a^wali^ ito 151
■*p*^a^^B^a**.as w*_w   la^^^a ^^.--^.^.^.^.^.^^.^^^a^^ m^^^mpm ^^mhiswpimimpmtppppim^^w^min^m^m *^m l^-^^^^^m ^^^^*^wm.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^n^ i, mi*j
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ive aHiaoa at faawaac aaiMi aape as awaay*   inn vnaa -*;*
m^^m^^W&^^^m   ■^^Wm1   -Wf
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and Prevtodtoa ef K
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mlL^m ^^m^ _tt_^_m ^a^aa^g* imm«_^_^ tt_p Jwtoj^^^^^
plaesa. ^feesa toodlts aeait da asay
atth toaeeaiwiMa -nfvmbm toto*
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aee^R, wr a amaw am aoewiy, er
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wp-^w^w ^mmm ■ -m^^m ^^ww^mp i^F» ^ MHe ^.^^^tof ayw
ij^^^^w^m aww a^^^^^wiwpaiF eeiesi^B™ saaii.^a^ -appt^t^mp*
"     lt'»"
-^r^yr^^^P **W.I.^^^^Wlfe^^^W^^Bmi PWH^M^|e*P|WfW i3t ■
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*Bi:'0., MAECH 7,'1914;
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Mail Orderttectivt *
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, Beef, Pork, Matton
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Try ear Oaiatoldts lose-
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and Dressed Umber
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Send us your orde*
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r^topnt'.:   l'^. ,.        ■     ■
> fY   : *•*■• -Malovesky.
z Maple Leaf *
(Maple Leaf Local Notes)
^j^ ^-vi-;
--   -f- v .. vVr;
ized Army
%\; ,   \77-^!^f^^S^X1A''::i-X A-',
, '-A. <^"l*^eim?Stf -tlhie" '.^aiwtowPeiiiiz
^uribehreaik^j^eQoy,' gonre ^qsnoj.inr
te.-dniefai^ ppniery au rel'mi neaHfW-
dieoi to majl-etpfiie elite majneri iu to-'
mieetikmnk' U2 -viae ako od pol sroka
■sa'-v-ea'ml.-slaibo rotoi, nlekedy diva iehd
■M-idiil do tfbista. a sfekedy anirt«lko^
Pipjjrgia;' jb toto • lem' vn^ta niajna^-kdie
v ftnmto'tose pnacuje asl ^atmuBJt'-.ina-'
JTWroft' a v naJtepSom ftase kedniijna-
a^-Sddlwf joinder" zatnesiknavn. 40-r
BO^tnaatuerov, ate dnes,! t» mala hnftka
tni^n^Rdia(Aio«li to: v 'dost'* povailii
>^ ixrfoieni a -to tjm viae, '2-a.md'kidie
Jnfia tu na olwll, nomoZno. pranui do-
,^'e.jypanaidSMft, padtlcks ielszntCan
t^m^om,Iltm^m^tw.t ■dronriyi'tined"
<3«5Kwiaid«or fra"toltoUtito^.Valiantoa
oonoUaiaive <tWat '^Ysi«e»^d^ntoJn!s'
a privafte ammiy to^;"^t;toto^army. to
ihd'rani out ito iennplo9Te?«, wh-ene^-eMOh,
eanjiloyieiis (reach "the conclnsloai that
•eladkeiB in*ust-, be suppressed. >by- itiie
pfjjfdr at nmnoAjmdtginu, Y -;.'.'.-<
<J.J^^'*e|stliitn!oay,'of Pelts saowed that
his' agency anainitained a gang ot-.ar-',
jlanlged muaidisreirs, and tliat these •prio*-?
fcisaJpnal' aisaassin's are recruitiqd; Crom*.
ttoe^riwwai lepeisJ^nd-degememtes of
t-h-o;. targe" citlCa- ' ^Is testiimnny two?
jtjiw dilacl^d^te -thie wined p«>lW"
tilonail sM'fce ibneiakers are, to a great
extent madie np of ,'crinilnala twho liave
■mrved time, in' penal -inskdtutions and'
ttiwt ,oufta*9nva..«n-d', pbnvloi;ed. fi^ions wis
iho muosit ipnesfe^able <m»terlail .wanted
iby ageacleB' that are (engaged- lii {the
jprofesiiiion of 'bi^aldng «orlkes.. '.-•..,
-"• His teBjimoiiy^aiteeir ravealed -the
fact tat t-ho organised' bands of -bald'
imiurtJ-erera are (taken from one state
to anottneir whenever a conflict 5x>
tween oni'piofjier^ andi em-plojiees reaches a serious magnitude. ■•
iThe question anlsie» as 'to^wtiat wilt
be the ©Meet of -suoh' testimojiy on the
■wpiiteBi-e of the country who have heejii
using- legal, and constitutional miothods
*^4(anito<rtJ:nigKas!trikie? ,'. .*, ■
" ,\W'iitt,'ithe wotlwrs comtdnue to:lie law-
aibiidlog anid etiideaAtpr to be jpenceabtov
wjhen *h» teeU'miaiy of the manager of
a strtka breaking/agency .dfecto-ses the
fact that jhe maln-iadnB a (private anmy
a^,tllmt"'ith© paid 'Hesslana of iDhto
priyntia',*rim*yi mm'•iih'ed''-by em^oymrn
arid oor-poi^t|ons to 'IShoot -to klti"..t *■
. iB.it.not reeaonahle to presume that
the worker aviUI equip ihhnsdf bb a
■rbafttiar of self-defence to proteet' htm*-
self:-tKnn the Oossacke of «. private
airim/y that Se jmatotained by a strilte-
hiiieaMng ageincyi and -hdired; out to ooav
'PCObWoob ito reboot abrlkW Into sub-
ntotoon? . ,
-3Phie VIOLBN'CB of the .-thug wilt be
met «by the DEFENCE of "the wbmker,
who ;#rtU 'be forced -to arm -himself as a
inotter of aslf-preserviaitdon*.
'.' H that ttoie comies In' this country
wi&n. tihe".working clasto n^u«, arm' as
a matter of. defence, thenlt will'tiW: (be
necessary, iter any imeuJBures--tiiJ be
fenaiated'into Jaws prohlb4t^'|«rtrike
breeJkkig agencies Jnom matartatoing a
jpaflvate\aiwny of -thugs '"at-, imftqiijang
such aiimy from <me 8^te .<6o':k3omtoPr.
to (break strikes, but the *ttai6\to?p6w,
wQiem the itedwal .government can .take
auKfoiaiciUdn as iwlll make M'yMwful
, Advokat
' Verejny Notar
%     *■   -   -     I       r      ■       ' 1 ' l I   "    7\#V
Naogiv^e BeJlevue na 14 kaSdy mesa*^
\*n.t    :•  *-
i. -* V','-.
^..■A^iP3 EPH    H IC K S I = *-•
'•;*,. \ ^Barrister and Solicitor
Notary ^Public     ;.-.;M|
Vtete Bellevue on the 14th- of each-
.*-' ';'' ,, -month .-> ?■? x
*~ --^.
m   bmmfgmff mllpmn •• Wis
' Inviptftttftte
Mat of Local* District 18
Wt*f*rsto t«SS,.-,iio1)btnoetyo?;imail
idiuifky yelkc(bB«hbv r«dpykaiwt,.7 Ke--
b&* wni^ tu mJaM'dve dtah}-> ako Je to
na ailchieJ, bolo by tb"o anohb^ile,
laOe ponevafi masne lenr-fa.-P. R^tffc tl
fanl id.w*$a 6o saosi ebcu.   . -<f> .
lAkb ipoout', majnav Staple iAst'
to. BvaiS-Wt, aislce majii bit' nov^ *%top''
€o proapektu ipxi C. P, It. dnahe aHaDrs>^
coy tou udajne n^u tappcat'rlinicd',
ako doatanu ctoj^dnavku na ito^L\;*Aj
V starej mojno stop predlUtt aitf $500
liwhov, a e*te I totos ka^ (Wn v
nom robia, tak to na jbuduoe 4>udn
raoct' tiodne viae toajnerov 'ss^totk*
n*t', ako doposlst1 v. stave 4oH,Y'
r';?Wi41e v slope v starel msJne maju
<feat' -diobrt, ie asl 14 iucbpv hmW
svito (pltdi) at, tak to keA'-stitoaa*
WWf. msilneri budu motst',, vl^1J9lbit,
stos dooV ipeknd penlase na te^Lo mi-
ne, Loo aby to ul eimakor u>'
iNaia lokelka unle fcjntoe
Ul vtao meelacov netnsll etna spe&jse,
iebo Jej Alenstro neaotaadtoiii^.iiia
srtwd-M eo Je vero seiw;3mtt
ukss. Ako ts -to buduot lttoJH-.mm
m (tri takejto vsl'ks] neirlidenottlt
Ci by atne v takomtn poitavemwohti
«0-fittat «na aku—taku dinnoat' v^tero*
toaowrs? Javelmlotomtopoobjinf,
A -Ha le Je toto vlna, ie ndslre je
tak val'ml nevilmavd oprotl unu!iVsMn.
kon ehyibcii Jo to. le nstmune apolpc-
ndbo toaopliu, r Moron by majWrt
atfMI tot* poufiovsnl, to to Je to ta
unis« «k« mvJnnostt kaldj msjoer to-
ft nad wm tmebovMni'*, als toboto tnl
toltai fnatnwlane a tato svojlm toa
om mole n ns una ipetns vypomatH'i
Am. % t*rftvwlmJ«Mn. I# Um vtA*-
;*X       7    * SlA*''
Office: .Above Bleasdell's Drug Stori
'Oj^'V1        Phcne 121 ■ \ ■••■
'-'K;R'esldonee: 21 Victoria Avenue" -
I^fev;.,,, ' ■ *•». ,,
:^f,    •     •     •     •  .^c,
Solicitor, Notary, etc..
Offices: Eckstein Building,
1  '        '   .*. J-1-!
sXA'i-IjA Fernie. B:C.
P. C. L.swt Alex. I. Fl«he»
.   Fernie, B, C.
♦Itpow Hair, I Do''
Fao-sImUes of Prof. A. Gariow.
Fine hair at 55.-
rl\ POSITIVELY Cure all hair sad
and prematura grayness. GROW ladles? and children'e hair rapidly: .
:\ I,TAKE NO DOUBTFUL cases and.
J>08ltlvely; cure all I do take. Hslr
can 'he fully restored on all heads
thst still show fine hair or fuzx to
prove that the roots or -UAPILLIAEY
glands are not dead.
-r HAVE A .PBJRFBOT system of
HOME TREATMENT for out-of-the-
C1TY people who cannot come to me
for personal treatment. WRITE TODAY tor Question Blank and PARTICULARS.' Enclose stamp and mention this paper.
MY PRICES are reasonable Vy
cures are POSITIVE and PERMANENT.    ■•fc4.',\,
■   ..' PROF. GEO. A. GARLOW
The World's Most Scientific Hair and
' ">      -  Scalp Specialist
Room 1, Weldon Block, WINNIPEG,
■.-- „. ;     „ MAN.
Bar supplied with the  best Wines,
.  -  ., l. .Liquors and Cigars
TJraTOyujpun-binfl'tiion to malatalnaBri-
\n^n0a7yot organised ]xmma^mi^-\
^LMlwlto.niot ybl readyt'to^i^t'
UieiT'oonstltutikmal rights sind itfv&un-
der.a.^ed'gn.of terror ewtabliilSed^y.
thugs, ~ sluggers and guomen.r^TWe
Miners Magazine. , ' "t-    • '„
■ ,,      —-: «^ •   a. _..;
•   •' BAMBOOZLED .*'£'. V •"
Did )\>u ever look ow4 etUrens*
aUiancoT •*:-$•■■,*•* A
Tire prime mover ls usually a' 6ot>
pomtion lawj-er or thelhlreilinacof'a
board of trade. He call* Jn the system
trusses; tihey start the ball rOlltag. ;
Lots of folks wbo get toto cUtoena'
atlianoen don't at the time indite
what they're about. If the^d atop to
think, they'd .-perceive that ttoebr Welfare—the amount of goods toey.VHi
tho volume of their professional fee*—
depends not on the enriebed fe*, but.
& [en the toiling mnn. Actually It to to
' their Interest that labor should, be
well psld and ptKmpeNras; that abaeo-
tee stockibotders shouldn't drain so
muoh money out of the community. -,
But because they mix socially with
1140 wpp-ar clsMii bttcaimte obey -have
been aitsaducaltd into liavtng a oon*
tempt for unskilled labor &ftd because
many of tbsm are really stupid, thay
■tot the exploiters' catspaws pull toetn
toto tlie tsbor-baitlng game snd tonf,
to misguided sn'huslasm. plot attacks
on their osm m < setbook.
Soma dar manjr of them will waks
up. Lafe nope it win net be too tots,
—Denver Jtytprau.
fnvsattoatkm hss shown that tlw
We Are Ready to Scratch
oft your bill any Item of lumblir not
found Jest as Mn reprei-ented. *Thw;
lis no -hocus pocus in,
x .'A .• ;•     f, "-.v
This Lumber Business    H
When yon ,«rw»t sprues we do noi
lend you hemlock. When yoa bay
first-claw lumber frs don't slip In s
lot of culls, those Jrtio buy once from
ui always coma" again. Thoie who
bsvs not yot mads our acquaintanM
are taking chsnosi they wouldn't encounter If they bought their lumber
— Dsslsrs In —
Lumber,  Lath,  Shingles, Sssh sns
Doeri.    SPECIALTIie-Mouldlngs
Turnings, Bracksts, and Ostsll Work
Opponts CL N. Depot P.O. las tt
Phens M.
R Q Y A I,
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
-   .   ..   -
Call in and
see us once
Mealn that tanto liko
mother used to cook
"■'»' '/iT'Tg—n—nr—rrs .„,, -aaa
Best in the Pass
Jos. Orsftsn, Preprlstof
casailMjMn dinnoa', v pads po^ujaUa
najshej afcele r prospect* nail
tft9   ' "   4*+     \
*b iH.bi¥ ti i
[MM*, it fcnrit twuk taM^ iwm*
^m*^m^* i^a -*^^*^m^m ^^^^^mmmmm ^wm'^^m^t 9ppR&w^^*m ppa^mr
to^H fc-^MP *g*|^y|n Tmjk ii|a * imiitoisigmM. MmMJ
va^as^   tm^^Wm*    aa wsbbwi^   wmp   aaa   aui^aailsHHaa   -B^aMa!^
wtba mmntmMM sdwieiBa* pm
ansa ito-fato aiy aawi'ia Tatotstot*
■^mmm^m ^m  *WaF"f*^^^^m j^^w^^bitws^ww b^^m^m^ww
* amoott-'iiimm-"'4nMW-*im*W *>#«tf^
■ aua—JUto ^_^_+_^ _imn_^_m jy^bai^ ^^^^^e ^**^^^j ^^^^^p a
^**aW» MWnf UPD WHHI WOrWf pM 1
actual eeat of living tn New York cjy
Is st Isast f UI5i> -per y»>ar for n <W*f,y
IsiMdIlch todl budsms «nef t nalejj0' ftv*  «*• aveiags Income of Um
uaa» tfto akor toidcme moot' po«Hat' | worksia la teas than half that amount.
Btsr nottce how much mors eonakl'
elite nf widows and orphans tha bosa-
m are iwbta It is proposed to reduce
ths pCucktots ef sons private mttpmrn
toto toss atom tkey order out tba
uJUlUa to kill worklninnsn ou sulks
tot mum bread?
If you are a cbeeksr playar you
kioa*>tow mm Is sol* a Hring as sot-
Una nv "asaa** la. sesa a aasttiwa
A'.*, in ■»£■ .* **i.«i way )m jatote
to to todai^K^afanf mmvb mm
*i i^a^a anm ^^amniaam
Vet Ihey tell )ou ii.e vnyi'jiUat »)*■
tem. to exptokatlag the worktr, c*oes
net drive men to crime.
One of tlie objection * uiwnt
s«stowt Socialism Is that It will kill
toa ImwrtKa In men ta work. This
llvlnit man aa toefeMvo to work is
mpHftllsim's long WR; there nr«- now
three mutton men aad women tn tola
■fomwry *ho bars the strongest kind
of im*««lv«' to sort—baagtr. »-*.-i*,-
tm ■doesn't, twtleve In tkat Wnd of ln»
Steam Hatsd Throughout Electric Ufhtsd
J. L. OATBS, ftepislar
Fernie, B. C
The Leading Commercial Hotel of the City
Rates flSO per day FlrsPrsef Saa^ls
With Private Bsth U.00 Rsems m Caaaatllaa
+^m     mt^M   PPk    m    jyggg^g^.
w^^m ^^m^ w' w ^^Pgl^^|^^w^^^»
mt- \^ i
i   ' ''^ttf^if^iSiSS^^
•at  towaw'' fn-mm   - t-tmtmwn m*****r*wnn *** ataitow ■«*
U-Ayifr^SL g£2___^-* ****•*******'tl^tf'B "''
I'^'-i^-^R. TSSr^H***"»**,*,**■**» Jv*^SRff5??^! w!ftt"ahi*p^,.  ,
. ass aafiBMi.••.>••..«••,••••*• v. iiafiaaak^BiaaaaB> Aita.-
■t^m xmmmw p,'i^^^waW|WP.^to*^toa♦*#•#sts?*• w*mwfm^e9mi^K^mf toWWWWWWW^^Wf ws^^^^^P^WPp mmmep
taiMiis  _. HlH-toii ITtofsiL taaiaim Hits.
a'__^Sm^t%      * *^,,^_mm^w3aBTmkx^ ,
'r^^^^^wf w w* w w pf w if a a a a a a w ^we w^^^^^^B^^P;, m-^^K^^f^^^mpt ^^^m^mp *■*'
m mwt^m   mn^^mm^^m^^n ^^m**^^^^^^^p w a sa a w a m mm^wm* m-mit^^PtmPif mt^^m^^mmi^^w wiaw Wt^mtmppmmtti^m mmw^-p ^mpmtpmr
' 9mWW w_b_^_pm_1_t X mt -a mta^^^~ jtva^^^^^^  W^^mfa   A j^^
PWw ywwPPto1* W:mtpww'P''bp a tilftiii HrwwMP HBHP^pii^^ -wbm^^KHf afmtK^m
mmmPr Mjb^^mm^ m*   jmkjm_p________m   *g_^_^g+_p   m   m
m^wm IPPWIPto*<n~* * <f<t a 4 t    ***** i**ti W«  WKRWWWWmn P-W^PPPW*  W# %**
TWTt nfflHssf.    " ..JaAOsitoa.ItakMaL AMa.
JtnmwmJk. i teH^ma^*maag^^tUP*mj^ytM^^nmn
y-'9m^*mmf^ * a,
vmm pmmm aaaaja daaa to v
gttn^^^^tg^ ^ ^   ___\___nn___to ^^^^^^i^Mb*^      mhi^^^^^
wmtfmf^r W ▼  nwHWrTw WvVWWmwWW      TWP1P
#n a H*p$ n* nn* #
m^f ^ imppppppppp a a ™*?ta^^^p|^p sa™a^i**^ai m^n m-^^mpwfn^mmnpp^p
km* Unnimiml ..t. b.Wa»»i*a,»*
'-flHl a^iyay^a HH  lmpmg^^^^jimmmm^giP ■>mm   mm
t^t^efw ■mmp^^^NKr-mP'W'Pmw w wwrnwaraf-pw at w MRP  ^^^M^^R/f%a^m^mm^^b£ii^mtP wmp
**aua*jh t- .—-il...^.^..,_ D||   wp    mp^^^lMm    toyt^^^^^    AiMm
V8ff« HNWPNW« »• * a ***•**•** *« r-t m* ffWffWI* 'WWWWWtmt e^mm*
Kwt ■
*HBI Mtof dtow|w^u^g|g| i^my.|^|a^^ A^M||j|ja  ***j*.
^W WIM to^Mr*T**m»*m 1PPIPB Wwl p Mr
flakJ| jy^|u dbi^fy^|| gg*^*ay^|y^au ^^^^^   n^m ^a^^
^^***^^.*^awi^.^iw ^p^w^^^.^^^!pi a jT        , *^i*rt, Jtrit-iiSM^-*        n
tbn Hwvey #or ivareary has a sato*,
tof cater taaa coasiatlat ef a repro- i
dastlaa ef a ahotaaratitier of a ari^tt
Unto tto pfekla* cotton, •tba'a a
4u»'* n'Miy t^-tUn, worths ».t suy
btm,* mm tb* aunt af tola etold
latoaa pmnm teaawroin wt xttn pern
. M» *Ji>«   ..Ik**.,     *L'l*,,'.» . > .■  u.   I,,.   ...,'   Jwv.
*Mitk Ww*: Ch;os« "   <'«luwe« »'*&
itm pmm aad tail s lot ton.
Mrs. 9. Jennings, Prop. L. A. Milla, Manager
ftm mtmb, pfmtn. irtilrti says It •
m.j)mM*»e* m»mmmi> ■**> w**r-. «*■< «*♦*. ,
IWjed tor aad mm tost tolha Itoet,;
aa aapktoar ef labor, wss taeactty
aaariad a Itotot peeee arlia, bat has
to«ft stoatrierfy aReot stoat toe Isct
F*rHl^nf Culalne — American and
European Wan FJrrtrtr !.<jht —
Hot k Cold Water Sample Rooms
Phones—Special Rates by the month
j J     .'."'Mill
bat trf toe BflCgtsn ecsate. «a e«sn»-;
•la ifafffcir prfn» «■ th* awm* tht»* ■
* J
Tba amtotoal ajtlisral Mm „t eu'
wmmmm tmm aaMwats te rae srapeaa*- ■
aaa aap at totty-two uum dmiere.
tlAali'aata aattea m th* worM th»t
toft pay fta aaUoast ca* and th*** i.
aal aaatom fa toe nom that «x»tm*
Ai tm tu tutSaiu! ilk.v. *"mp' n«
It saw -eases mttonak dobn* ***» mm
ctataad tofia t«M, t*«t f»r »n»« t'Uit»«»
el astaHlaa a pMaatasi tnta/m tnm
Stephen Ta Humble
For Skates, Hockey Sticks, Heaters
Ranges, Furniture, Stationery etc
;ratji*a,*i*..a7.-^,-,-a..ju*..,-.,.- «      ..^.. «4^«„^.,.. ...     ,..*.- :..■„.„ ...., ■ ,nimj,earrtaaat
BELLEVUE - • Alberta
\ ^'i**_
>^J vft
'/M -»   < tabu,--''*' i     *    .      • — ,*,'■■'«. *      ~*      » ■ *8B
'*?■,* ■. *£    i *-,.<-"* -Wi
*£  *      X * X "^ - ™"
c^i- i'i':J,,'---   '
•^B^^wR-aBiy 9 x*
1, B. %
*      -"'",'-?•,.'$  *'**%■ * ,TC,r,"  , *«     '  -St) *- 'z *
.    ,: ,   ,*,•*!> si-t-i2tl',t'i,i-*f, *i, * y *     '        '.'\- ' i    '
"/, 7i^yAm.£^f.-:\ • ; i^Y.,^.-"'';"•;•■•.<•,,
-*f-r t *
.. -• •*0-?*4M&*y
K-r ,?*
\>t f i
J* % i-
L#tr*t ^
lil ■  J1"
¥-**   -^
1.^- -  ,
m.xw Ai
Si"   I ^
Vi*. ,
;, .   -,-   :<;   j*  xs, ;.:^y j,  -f iX^hiSA®Mk.#,, ..xs.s^ l
S31-3 Per Cent Discount From MarL
Steles Throws, Sets w& UM£X$nMbn &o$ySi
three peeks' wear out ,of .^e^;fw^yelltWs^teV4*
and you oan buy them excepttowlJyVi^p>r nextAA
winter's wear.   Come in and,"look them-iiVer 'mti.*i'--
,.. yoall see. the^advantage oi buyi^fe^i-i^- ~*'"   .
;   l -,. _ -    33 per cent discount    "A >',rV! ;,'"
4sk4 to seethe new Spring luHe^beatS'and
Dresses for women.'   „      _ ' ■iIAa^s^^a'^' 'A '"
Reaiy-to-Wear Department—^Qn4#lborl
331-3 Per Cent Prom Regular I»ricto
A big range to choose from in assizes'and every
color. MSnarch Knit garments and ftUfoed fitting
and soryieeple. The regular prieel irun from $1.25
to $8.50.   v por 33 per cent discount .
t-if -1
'    SHAWLS AT $1.50 EA0»
All of them worth a lot more money.% Come in
colors and white.   Oome in and see
them; you'll be surprised at the value.
v r^hown in all'sizes,and-made in good qualities of' x
. Cashmere and Worked, Yams; all;,   &4  ft ft  ;
sizes. 5 pairs fori;.. :&.,.:,,;';....   : QI lUU
" LEFT,WpmpSTORE FOR....:..,,*,..     f JU
Untrimm^i,#apoesmgoddstylesandrgoodcolors.^ _.■.
Not many P?;^e lot so we advise'earlyl 7Rfl
Bhoppin'g^Saturday.  Each.... i 'A....,,,, I J U
-    Waists suitable for every wear £good styles and
7 best n^akes; medium, li^it aiidjdark "colors; in
stripes nnd fancy mixtures. ,J$je$ulir $i;25    "FCft    "
C for each '..:........ ;^,fei1,r.     I ull - <■
'"•- .Si     , -fs*A7        • ^*A.y^j&' * ^T"'1.
,   WE^R- AT<HALF|$RICE . *
A   Broken lines taken fmmfjpufvregular stock*! mA":\
'Vests, Combinations and?vDrawere.   Shown in W ^
diee' and Children's sizegiErQm: 50c to $4.00 per
trorment.        •'   -   '* " t «tf(»Malf Price      '
- garment,
ti**t    ' *• «%,,"'l?   - --.JL.?..*.*W*$!5ra *r^t m
A". -   !'"*_
'''. t ***,
&Mi'Xi X ,n.Qne'-DaWitM0«ir yard
? \(^d*^mi^«^»"   , pale blueVpaie ;!
;, ,,pmk;.qualities free foo^^^g^nd one that^iijs
^W»^%i^^Bffifllw;T5e per;"'if]      ""
yard, for
,?,=,  *>-
... tjt,tSK^Sf, .........
A ,f*WX ' ■
i****.....-,, .*
-'-..-..':X.A ''^A*MfM$$M
i      ,    ,,'        ^ *    l*i\Vj&A)Ji-V',t?hfr,
*   .J     -.     .   i >.JJ, it ^±Jl-*^i* 5 **. -, •= ttXU—
..   *.*Si'*^   J'Ws4^**JV*l*r'
jiri.5^', *ri*-'i3"*'»  "fi  .-rr'^,**''**<r'-5*iw
t^AA^rs^ Xsl •*. • a- ^.^I^Vweek-^otiri *M
.      "-display^ vf'lnewta/-^
„ stylen^m •Sfwrmg-n,
-"/• Ha'ts^te#ipied«t,v
aclded styei^l new, .j.v
„ ^ lines.. This l^ayes-r v>;
■y Ar nothing j-hbe ^de--'r^\
.4 sired, The most particular buyer wiU'firidiin^ur
*!-,: ranges Hat that will please him.     V;      '
$&-' ■'       ''' •^••"•'•y '^ ^ '^'
^K'^S^''*** " " ^l -a^j  h"-.* "■     X<"\. '    "■     ' *,'   * ''|^    >'-, 4 !,    "i^vU
AiffcuXf . . yi-i)it%j*Axijf!'£W'-'X,. i .''A*     X •yAX.^'A *W,5S
%1«*..   ;«*-_ •:!LtA7:yAsXs!sX^'^ ^*> ""'%"■£* t-jiM
Money Saving Prices
> ,7V
ii'  '
' Hoamer Looal most prwy Suaday at
130 In K. P. HaU, Main StrooL
. Another oM tlowr m ratumed to
tmo, aunaly, Poddy Hnqfaea,^  ;
'   tORN".'"
■1V> Mr. and Mm. Jm. Oorblit, on Feb.
Si, a fine eon." Mother and aoo doing
•mnd. wtm Janxa baa « amilo he
«urt wmh off.
'     '       * ! I -I
«» Loyal Order of Mooee meet
uait Monday evealnc at 7.80 bbnrp to
•loot ofTioen for tho enauint term. W
la earnaetty hoped that wary roonrtw
mi ba prnmo, to t>aUow or vote tor
Wa oiwo ■partlcukr obolco and -that tite
feiy tm otQoera poaattde wlM he
alerted. Don't lor«et tbat the meet-
Iflfa am btAbg Held at 7,80, iaataad eT
laMwatotora ao that Ooal Onak
oraOHn may bo able to return on tha
10 pm train.
Harry Amberman, <who waa erapjoy-
ed: on. ithe city polloe to-ce, hae' *e>
(tuned 4o town. .   XyS7is
1   -fit    ' '   U v    ils''?,,*
.ft 9  I I     , „ ,, f,
OeMiepody, oontnetor, umfm
pnpoA oc Ibridye work on <be KKw
tenay Centiml, anived hoaue on a
abort vlait on FViday last, and leavea
fl^nln todny.   : *'" ■■""';'
M fr* ■' *       - *        '   " *' I***'
Herb. 'JAftaott, wte hu been1 tak-
tog & poit eraduftte oomae io optical
kno«iM«a> MootroaJ, retomad te
tt» <4ty oo Prtdty laet        *
A 4  „        ' ' "■' *■ w-^^w^aaaai* ' *,J ti    -,1*
\.o.o:r. • ^*;-
> AU tnowben ihouJd -he on haifld' nert,
Wedneaday evening wtyept ttee reenter
deciee team and ttie 'jpaat tmoda will
m, on ttw ftrat dagrae, ' ff(|ie attalr
ind H Aa the general opinion (of tha
degree tmxnt that ike pait grande
witt receive a aaroraaluddng up. But,
atnnge, the t>aat grande /think thay
have abaoribed tt all.
wmm v w*    ^maa^^meww^^aw    •*•'    ^^»ae
C, E. Lyone, E 0. Olaoo, Dr,
ueUk a K Stiewart, awmwdvt
tner, tanee MlHer. H. J. -Jotonaoo* A.
0. LIphanH ond W. A. Ingnun, W
Cor Veaoouvor to itfike pwt in th^
(bonaoW. ^ ,'"'"  ;l*iI'-v"   v,*/^ *
ni   nt.^ ; tJ4*
"Anything tbat the public waot" la
Manager Otwi't rfoian tor tt<A boom.
Pt^HLdjAk^mtam, -mMmm^m^mjA     H ^Hb-^UI A M^ ^     ^^t *^k«*^iik^ ^«Mk    ^
AuIlBDBUr OUBfC* ffiffrtilftTl- • HMflHl pBBi DKD*
wmww-^^mmatamm     arapfri   idnntwif    mtaw^mw**^^^*f   amagagm
wtia and meiiitaUat*^ etoni*^ the ap-
peatiaaoe of *bejH»«t«at aotor of muBn
^*nwm  mmmi^em jAWw^pmpmwmfi&mwmim *^^^ gn  wmnmam:J^tmp^p
Paae here eM tooked dafc* tor tWe
ihmtp. Next weak «houM indeed tbe
a fpp&!wjtoj**Wimm mam
piibrtc V>«l ^ot he aigoDPointod In the
m typiMptm^yll^lPtit^y nlglit Of
-thu mm, mmmm twin again he
emitted to'perforrt^lheiretunW and
If *a,-#iw'iw> *imfp promiaffd*. It
ami    wmnm-r1* WWprPrWe^w     "•an *•"    mmam w we     iriwiiHwawf, mar
aver attbentttw-l by the houae,
!'i/ t.*
'' ft
;V""^"Wi|f^ l«'j!iy;',F?!i   l^ggg^Mg'
;!>.A'"    "' - nelson Xflkt ipwf.
»i *•>
, *-^,*^  *^v
BEST    '
<    m»Am A JnJHL ~ ,
, . • # -.   'p-Sr   ' ,
Sp«oUU ie** Saturday Matl«t«« attd Kyrmnittbm
' • i , #     11 ,
Eclairs (French) Great Sensational Detective Drama
r««i» a ne   woman   spy rmii
Witli Uu tuu WrttaiiM nkilune iu'li^i^*. MiUa. JuMlin AjmIaIqI ,
ww aaw vw^^F ™ww **^^|iy^nifw jj-^mm^^mw ^a^if    ****^^^w^ra w wwr"™ifa^ppaaw™ ,'
Two nation* are about lo wter into «treat > and tho third nation ia anxioua to loam the
lenna thereof. To aoeure the (l«alred Soformatlon * oJianuiog advonturaaa ja angagetl. She
nndertakea tho ttak, proridinf aha can have the tnktenee of a eertain man wiw fe aerring a
yrninm **iwmi.v»»vv. , -i*** *v«a*v. **.v*wv*yH •«♦■* »mw  »!■»»»», *w**.,*,W«* -.item■ta*0ibih*P't*i*mt^W*i *-<.«.W »*v
•re treated to a meaaakro of ohangio. rapid and aUrtllnf, thrilllnf aaeapea (MU«. Andriot
upent ail wontha in the boepiUl after ono tmt) and 111 tho wat thot go with a modern detee-
tive atory. To thia nrort bo addod conaldorati on for tho good photography and.aplondid get*
Matinee at 2,30 p.m.
Evening at 6.45 p.m.
Admission 5 and 15 cents
Admission IS tend 25 cents
Mem* of The "UNIYCRSAr Program Bett Ihtho World
'llli t'n'-i li 'illl ill illl lrtliiytoil<p«ii|l^       i.iilniiiniiilliii.illiiini.iiimmiii    m.iniinh  m 111,1 nm   n i i,,iilnilW|n|i|||y|IHitlii n n in i	
|iya,H# Will Camp Tfia^JMil^atoh
With CherlU Lucci iliortly   .
Young (MaxweU, of Great F»U«,
loot, tha we*-known UaflitwoWrt
t6reww,' wt» ti ecbtriolod tb meet
Ob&rMo Iittooa, of Ronrtnnd at Nolaon
•boitly, arrived in the city l*at night
from Feralo, aooompeiUod^y hie taaio-
Tpa   -w-p^aa ea*^.^av^wm^va y  <o<Wr%F ■ne*iaWPl''W,ai ^ "i /> i1
.NOTto ;«wtfTi»T »   *; •   <;:/i:
Prof, Zdtta, (who haa' been eebwred
Iby the management of tbe Otaod
Tbaate-e to entartaln ^ere cert week
lor a pertoA of three nlgbia, eonwwoo'
kig Monday, WW give one of the moat
wonderffit bypnotk pertormanoee #ver
eeen 1n tht* city, Hia Work bat Wt
tbe dootom dumMoundad from ooaat
•^wm    •^mm'^wrwmn    a^amnm^^F^m awamnwWrm^    with*  5 fiav
lo owwit, aa, wail' m ,<ha* tym nm-
wuida who kami: witaaaaao Ma nar>
With Mn le'luha ww^Wamod man-
tallat SeaM, Rekrikm. ivHho anaawi
^mmm^^a/n     wjn^mtamt     a-waav* *w,f ue    ivf mv     iwninvia
any qiintton oQiead bafote Mm wW»
aumrielna 'mmimr.*' Tbaae ooeaakmi
ara pertaining to aoorloat attkie or
nerawv, anr dmriaeea timaaatloiL; am.
waeklr*.' All tl^t'ba aaba la ttwt mu
w^^aa^pe i   mpmw ^at**^^w wmi mmmm mp wm^mmr p jw
wSwn you eater tba tbaatrec :
ittk-^HhiAj^^a    AJ^^^ i^^^|i^^    j^an^i^u-^j^^fa     ^*^^^^,
0^aiW.^ai^|Hff    *v*i.*^^F r™^^g|-|WWWi     jpWKIHftwlaOWl    ■^Oa^^
gran, lOaa Ruth ZaUt, * dtilotyt alnr
lam  m*A   daiMllHa  moat-ham-itm.   wObnhn
^myipy    ^^^^m    ^^^^^w^-^mB    ^OWvef^A j *nm^u s ™. W (
anmm^p aaw iBw^pop*^pr^P*^^,,rfOj,
THI Illl
th j • » •
4Ao aatinepeslal fwUpia,
by till* nma«c«nMHiit toe fcluj
totoett. .TMe to "IV^ffi.*.!!
na.^ gnpaier nwTing yniiuia anaR^r
Mlta   Ji^Mft   m-mjl**m>m>mm<im!*<miwawmt
mpi^^mb ^mt^^^nmm* 4p^^n<H^K-^^^ppy**^Ht^^^^^pw^vvj
a*^J^ fHwatt     |ML^ aij^ajt
InMouii tbat aa
a^aa^Bi ^ \ aivwAavv    at op ^ ^ wt mmenmmm *-* **<^oma^^'
^^OtMpBaiaa.v.V   ' ^.'^^
■pea^b iPtm^
t.mmtfump^titi^ mjmmm^^p^^^p^ppjjpmpm'h ^^mwpbWIfmm f^*aK^^
a^J^    ■*   ^ 'T^^x'f* ^XX n       rW^wt^
I e^aof^ttoe^nw^ndatlo^, w;
bar ol our mambari »wbo have fifvan
<UUa rowttar -aiwdy •have tor^eonio yoai*
oaweO oonw to tha eooeloaton Inatllt'
woe abaoluteiy neoaanvy to ebanwe
ttte'lMtfa -'Of j reDjreaantatioo.' .and -' on
iamwm      p^^wi^^bt     ^^w * m wmp^* mmatmwammwwwamen   '^"^^Sf      ^ ■■
two oocmatona f have taken the t*rlvl-
l«>or Of keohi»ittStti ■ leaotiitiiohe' oiMtt'
m~mgnae t   ^p»      w wmwmmmww^W^m f   ^j*jW i1 ■ -^ "V• ^1" 'r ^1 T^WP
tbMa Unai. <hmi tOiaa yaara aab ac
ColumftMfti. uul om ty#ywur
aoona. • • •, w * ■ wo« ';taa amaoooiaai, „m
li" >-i*«Kiibal MmL Ja
-1*-   ,
>.'>if '.rtfiANif-,„,„
pt^T-9'«,-v'T'r i ,f«ffj,'
ux  •     ■■^'
in town
-»l*™. ^pn^« ,.*».—> ay Jtev. A. A^Lytlab ot Woebar, -*.* »,.i
ihe%(iooi< qmS.^"''^ •-•'\•'""«.47^':-^-/^»l•**!#*
'■%',# ,^|
wo -fiiioiNi ia fan oCi'iNIIMV'fiflHi jp?
eWog InrtJaiHi. awl ftla atalai lhat
^' ,,we   ■"••"wwrff   ^w^a jnwsfywtm   m *i-v a i""i     ■'™~ ~
Uita. AJMlnli*# -was *^m^*^a**w^*^m *^uwm4
lo mail all aaiaHa lliiia kiMMial at
"Wl"   ^   mW9*mMm\mmmWtf'1 wI^WIj ''^^^^^l
a Mia, tke ptrtegmaht «•* aota^lil
oattSaiba glra a *a|if>e;*e
th**f   Bfett.'   Wmi»' rtrtffl^St    MB
wv**-*-^-^    ■ w""      mem m-fw*      mfwmama^^m      tpt^awa
^MWSW*^.^Wi  Pi^r  hOHhWI#   wwe^.*****^^^i   W*^W
W^^|   -HMH   ImS   WBBWj^^B^^wwi1 ^Wi
anargMg ao'aiiaji HTi,oaoi*,*orHpa| .t,
bag ,vaty aeaaroaar Yt^«kaat%la a ,'
wort* a Jottsr to ••* ,
^g tBwWP {WfijWF"   wfPi jaw.^w w^^^*-*^w^^w
y»n to euptwrt tbe propoaad
Si-wdfA A'yi  7>   "'   . -"• $>'.
jmi'm bm. dMBberatle. la*
ZJm^Mm^wmm MNMBOC Im
9gll,mimMim,- ^iiuuriw «fc* 'fc^oyiM Mf lh*
laSuaiuM^^L fiiMMyrnl^SM-* ti«S
mwfa^^o  i^^^o wi^ow   ^#^i^aiB tm^m appw^^^^mtmw ea^T.*^^*
*ai^^^^j| ^^^^^w^^m y£g^L\^^wa^m^i_^_^b_^_b_i_i_b''j^M--
IHB-7rT«W *^F-"^Rl",5pBg»»*!p«
■■■ §&*tnp ppp eHM HhnMo the Aaot unit
1,100 -MMaaaa net tae larva a iHMftH*
,||*.^l| . u^^uyy-. -*.^,     *^i-^lttA     -(IlljyttA'  JIM     1^-llllli
iWRHatM 'tMogMOi ifi wi 'iwttinfc
UttttWitk''"-'- *iVatjXui^9%t\i. SjTS'fW'Xr&xSSi)
"•l&nm woaaHee or 'HoaoelnO-'aha
ifwT w:">"j#!
*f»n*     ("»   "#^
msiness Co
!. ut if. v*m ' 9. «-, Vi-Vfel&!i&
*!%f^.y\^k-'MOTTO'- **TtttMOwu*y'^ *l, \
Ciostit JktLV or Bvpninff to Suit Difftrtmt Shift$
-m™fm^wi',h^ s*V7"fnw ,*a;.ojw^»   *RW^Tj^*.wp^
|j*j«    Jwkfli.    inr-*      (fi^j   )■[   !(jii«^l?i
% _\ ,l "^.S^.
'It If, V**
™^W    "^^W   ^-.-^WJf^F   *^W0a^0w   '■■WapWw   ^Wf (H^^WF^WTw
teoor wwrt DlatrM oaovaalfaa. ;;;''
* flita iwMniMr oHim i*Macaui ahat
aneM'-'be aninoaO. bat 1 ,laal >Hnt
r-i^^m w^w^t   mi^wp^/i^-^^mpptwtmpp* ^ wnmBa 'wmppmt^m  0wmm
gfre ie# iwafew yrfjiir aarfwat aawa-fr-
Of ema tin -i^aitaa le nmhm'
am tmSmX" 1C>TT ™"V-flMtW.ig?T^
mp to Tim, ipif Uf wt* etwe* imttaa, t
t IWB itebW'be aotleg wfMlf If JW9
tfiiriafll-*vl^a Jf^a Aa*^^^^^ &m ftBat^. *^*hJ^^^^^^^^^b
»* -*8»,.
w^^,S,    4411
4   "   ' IIn'ifM^'13!»«r' ^Dlitiowy^iiinf' ' ^^.W*'^*
-*w. • ,. ag|#M! * ■'■-■ 1 tm mi
^aai.w   mw^a a^am waa w i we a
tumWuyi^.^iiiim'r -u*»w»4B*«
,«* J* *»
, 11 *)*?*
5 |Ree)« motion pictdrea 5 Reela 1
•■'«f88:*MIK"9tfi,; ttf 3f ffiiMfts
Prof. Zella&Scbtt Reason
*#■■ }.^'* , _    •^m'-x-miVW'-mt.'-m.tmim''''    '  . n  ma    .
Hypnoti6t and Mentalist
if*   ,   "If
w^ieip^miimim a* *V*^*#i«jifi"i#      ■"*# "•«<*«( ra^vw^-^aj
^fwasppK'11*** wfWfp^wwW'5
•>'{ ffiA
* a'   *«
1 *ww#«
■^V'i iff
,iw**» ii
.% A'i
;,* ^**,.w«,**«*rt
'■ *i«.,*5i(f«a|
,. *^pmv^iw*w^^.mf^tf-i
--•* «
'<,*•   "te1**^****^ *»'»^ifi^M^#hi"%<P\**f%*?)«i}.*i^iii**!*!l^^ - ,'* -mitL-t-oMw*** ,i-Am^fj.i!.,..-^m^:*v.
"   "   * '     ''"""'   f ''*■ ' ""    '"'*'" **"       ' ^fr/JiM 4MUrl^r ' °   "'
■\i;# -
(*«*# *****
■ V *l    * , ,


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