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The District Ledger Mar 14, 1914

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Array ■     *   -•Vl'oi'-'        ■***'
I   . 7*:&9.i.<tfi£r
,--«..       *.   r      . I"*"',1!        *    ■£
»-' . • ' v -.   ■
V ."i
F    "»        .A->i-   ■*-      V-1— *      /   H*rqry   j,.  ■       ,
K *!**a^^Tir,-*»*1 " F "     —    ■
' t'y
* a    ^|
~-V^duirtrW,,VB4ty;ia-J5treiigth  .
-    J*'.   "    -    ' '"  V * l   .     >     . *•
 .99—9^..,     I ,. ,W*.WM**« ■  I.     ■
*        "I
IP    *%-*■ m**ia-\ii*o
*_ m ~-^ r    kw_wm Jla__ _~. __. __J *   •*   _ T£-  ■ .
-0 -    -»      *V - *      - ^»**W' j"** - * s.      \'A
- "- ^',. •. f*ri!*;-' •*   .   "
- i its*j.w -,~ > t» -, ■ ■ -    'X-
. ,*r * *^fji5f iu -**-  •-     v > -i
^^ x Foliteal
-*>. ^-l     %e'.,*V. *f.   * *I14- * ^	
v ■>  ' , •*'   x y av
>&, , -,  '*&..v  frsiaiV-
"§*;x <f vX*;*^V
V.*,'   ,'
A'   ,''„
^jaitjr ia Vi^
J8!WMfTjgS8ffij^^^^ w    • ■ i,.-|i^fe}'v ,, /t
$1.00 AYBAB
^ ^the q. P.. B. hinder mill.' >
.;-, not.been.afaii>..1x> m^vA&r PW
"$:  •o^.>aHlQtaNa«ed^wo;at(
' •' emeMBad-on die k^ae*,-',wB6h.J
.:.«.or W4»BW.«i^oWuW-at vnantarl
..* '"* vovMf avpcer ttat.tke.ninn/wH%
,'','-OTjjimnafl'.^tbe'C.: P.- R.'4coM
t ;,*.df«»vei«!l;*9itOeaid tbroegh'
- -X mm'tm'mmai^^'t&nm
*    - 'anilmf fan
Indtam' Mfwr aa a,-petty ofQoerJ
5,j*b*4 and
'^tbeluoldifcy mitts, whldh be interpreted
tbevevMettoeLy .'   7   ■'/      J|^
Upon «iqulrsi ovwr 4h-;a phone? ""..,
leant thai tha',men -v-eire Hholi.s^Aes
ttaj'at about 32 calibre, but that triefr
namea are; not taoflTJu   They ew&ar.
to>.be'({f a^dttSorent caste to tlxo &
under eraea^-^bd have bean Wwldplg"
during llw-Wl&tbr tor tbe above nitonW
ouUlt wtiMcT'Kbui Iirb been contitaoti
' ins tar ebbWdog ttea. IfMII
'      ',     Tha ipenjwry oaaa heard lairt'^W
-'        tbe.eaa^tea ahmred (bat ooni
^    t/wtaim va&tmm existed
various ODiitoe of Hindus
'   -. '   tha'eaiws In \Mn district, and'Ktoi,
,;   *     ^*oaM>e«ratobe*leartier.of
ttcaUar 'eaate, bas boon'
.,  4. ■ -the pditoa oh sovoral oooaatone|-tottuot
'    A    aa totapretor. ■"     M$&
»■   -   'ur -•■     ■'  .■      •■  ■   Plitf
:•".-&.--   FERNIE FOOT6ALL CLUll
- -.'«!" -. T3*0 J«*aont*as»aSl xnf,f.n»'
- '^i *, i'txm *8gBBarac*«d ;tbe foritiisk't
''-'-' ■ aata, anA 'we' aim Inffawaed'-'i"
- %F«nia FiootfceH CStft -w« Sold
:.,.' -danee ta, tbe Vleborfa HalU'
' t tAjpril SOttb. 4*to twya In oha-
/.,' - ittmpmmltp MgjfWteirnilned
"   :'  "tbe1 ««ne Dopolfcr.'and ave oHertn*
-•-"■r .ertaM'ttel^titaenf
(bmi m^iptp^tmm. mm
QQQBB'-na^nnH aoBoeeo-nimrei^
.' -i
&,*V*.'?fiV"Vf .h*.&<J -
arch "14, ■ Ijopaa vNo,
_,—,...-*,—^rfi m.^^ yj^, ^cti^j.
;#tb>efteaa abho buncb
,tbw>u«ii lind It^wip-np
vmm^^\Mm!& 'The '*aWr!*8
-^-^-'•i««Oi>!wdtulaaU, --heated amd
? mptiante] rpoias.'-- It ia" of
4*Wr w     \<g$° ItX* *~bx^k
%mmmm.:*fmr^: f^}m
•^.^•■x^fT^i-M^i^h»,i*f- - *;
■•'\,x, lATm* Tw^A&mmx* ■
"•J*.    " \ f ' ; 'n>T*^tt-fiif S~'' >- i
4t -j;; vA, MAXWw^Sewetary,'',
ee ^ aJao bwcu^'^ means ot#u^
x~ ;••>■. "<*-l«&»«i  ,<**m-j,%--^ /*i!/*tvi-'
)(«*rs OQ^itb^^Q^Ci^p^/jp0t
'Tu^w aiift, AW; ^^^#}I«M'
wonoi Hue icbali^, "As t&e aooSlo pno-'
^«j of* tiie .hall a«j exceUeot^and
t^ #e5»a.lpera *thp«>u-g:lt]y -.oonT^imt
;w4t^%»e * ptmow^-f' <tf sodaUfai^a,
gwd'ttaie 'is;^i»r|9d. cbniie'-ailo^
^noe^la ^weil\known as a»'§&-
,1*ni^tWo^V^r^^(iW«d .any^auS^*
iicjity; Budicteb hae aleo created a'.-NiP^
Wtton/bw^. ^Turneir, It will bo j»r
anomtoered, ;ep^e\*ilW -% - R. Roaa^
plamirm pn eeivwal ocwslons during
Mwiaet ^e^ft and.evV thfiee who
'|HMgBee, ooittoaMyfwete mmm.to
aidinit tbat the pwty 'tad In htm a: atu-
d^nit wid an ojatxH", Rugged a^'tWrce-
tul, Jatok ie onie rt tbe.bofat apeakew
an^ exponndoiw ;of \eopnoiniic: eoJenice
ovbt tumeidk o^^-f^m^lhlB^lpart^iM. tito
countoy-^..y«o$^^ have
4toeov^;blm:^f:*!4>-" ^, sJ\,
' ^'\ *'.'v,. ''-'''v 'r'*'* ''"'vf'J'' ' --' '-
. Tbe eole'of seate of Mr. Martin Har-
ve^B^ensagement' at tb« ,C*swod opened
*H^;fboi|dng^'40 o'oiloclt  Tb^ to
"—      ^V^yA'w»,,li!»?'r«y tbefwel-
bei&qf b|s profee^ wid,.it Je not too
i "Lift*  i ^ tW'. •■ i i.t->5.,  *■*#*#* ^iS*» I  "ji»***     t   * jv *   "\i
'„.**!B*l;<   ■%     jtf^ f *JjS-"   i i   1»   »LT' i-Mimm-^.   Mm.  'Jlfj     *.    "
n^^iwt^'-ibO' wa*f as8«aB|*e4 for
:mio^; -itfliBn' fiflteBn'* yteaxs prfor. to' Ma
going s,'tototnumflgenvact* *or'.himself,
Tto IWXll^ Of 5^10?!^
X%WoX)X<£if:n A: >-,
:     ~  * j.- *•[
* ^ t* t*-*yi
t-'H    V.'** *t
frwlEN TrtE COKE L0A0ER8 ©H
^Q|,BMAN  ANO  THE ,,|riTkR^At
b    -s
,e i« contained in ih? fol-
Ig anemorandnm: "Tbo coke loadr
ceM|fttvOcl«nan having made
ptoln^ that they wero being paid .1
iper ^ orfy ba' tonnage over 200
tafflbead of on tb©:total tonnago jveil
n»onO>,-in case tbey loaded over 200,*
tpni'N-'?,-"      \.\. *x\7A$
T^iis aueetion having com© 'h««ore
•nw'aB-chairinaji aovobted by the'Min-
dater of the Labor Dewartnwnt of th©
•GoTOnmeoit, and after having,h-aird
Mr.^to*»rf PapMai*iol,-«ia \Uoifce0
■Mine'(Woi*iei»v of^^oaodca, kand (Mr.
.MioNWU, A'fnwmaiins"- ^» '^Weatem ■
Coal 0i>eaiatoM' Aaoocfation, add on
iU«**ii^' the, tepna of .the- 'aowe-
tog ito thto tai^^
, v<„„.-'C0kaJ6v«^ ^Doadtog^taito
■6ox^op "ojA;*icM» - (ovw 200 *toofl par
* j) 'pef twi" 17c. ; ■Loafing into' box
or wen caro (less 200 tone pw thontb)
perv*ob'i,6«.;;f _  ■'   ',.'* '-y\*ix*
i t lind that whenever the coke loadott
■to?AU»y' mibsMtb""«j;ceed8 200 tons/the
men should be paid .17 for tbe total
iMiiii^',li^|raa*onkaidieid during tbo
-moi^ ;and^not tbat this higher rate
should Sie.-paid only on tbe excess over
200 tons; aik I 80 direct I may Just
add tkBt.4.%ieammni that in *6ther
rain*' iU^i*<»n^^tion/i« put upon
tbe clause wti&nffijm.;'' A
Dated imsUwSiB^ i>. 1914-     '
I concur.
ftwident Dlk*if |€sMi W. of A.
Ail,* y,j......^Att^k^t'-;/,*!,*    '
fttit an&Hintdue to ham, tbe company
'fev. ksoh a -oaae would have to col-feet
mm amUm   iv«4%r    l^aaK^^
inta^^iO^ wre^ternlng «now"ilii»
i^^'pa^Ua amount toa*!-
^^Hm> -wafe,';^^ I
* r*' " .was MtotenMon, of tbe
It tt7-te«lflr «mm\
TOinei^ ^ou» aivotnb.a
_ >wr> hfcri -or .the
IheBald'it> bim tbe conpaay
1hat thn <^otnjy/g>y
- :»N^
,  't.f "
•* *.
- wfl
' .•*^W^»*,«"*'   Ohalrmanv
addittcmal cbarge,
deducted t feom flie,
"*L'-1^ and tbat,
_ ^ a   statute relSwred toy and tba
aigreemien!*^ the.compe^ lawfuUy
■deduct -timpjitfym' n|bbi^iw;;-|wi^'';4|ds
amount vniyqMe to*;tbe~l-cbeokiwighibr
and I eo tind and d»rebt.l«""" ^X,
Dotod 10th ,March;'1A:iT).%l»l^";x?
''*"•''■- V ^^abiw Mumr"',^'
I^<oq«wiHV? •" A A ;""*'- Cbairnmn.
^iF.MtHmUj,      '   • . c7
'.."     ^   v m
v ■-•*%* City Council
'*-**-**■ 'H^'i^^-^fMtliato^.kii^fate
auTa to tbelr own
•' Ito haMtjUUi meetiogf of the ..
Oota**Mt»ttla«he Ooondi Cbaav
Ibmmhmr.nifmibm lait,  Braaaht:
^**m« *>
Ifiviwr^r.tfcowr"" "~"'     * "     * "
If'f-tiijji'"-*-, •»,,i
I '     .nfr *    *S„
J ■>.. a '.  •'.
bt»-i.^j,i.i x *
►r oinaiiiMN mm'S'Rim
j'.0t'*l^a hall aie not
p><bat Hie W<wttpv«paa
•"tttjltgj'»t;.-*!|-'!?*«fi"  "
■ f*     ^     __ $ ^mrnmt-Wi    Pa gW   ai^PwlOaWWW^|^^p    a^^pj/^wnnm,   wmmw&    f^^mmn
I     $. .: , i. ute tr«m the VmikvConl Orwnk m
.xsxy-s- "aifttf' naa*A'wmmrNtm the eKf'
I,,- -yi -^-rs^gggn UDMgnttfoa in ^atomRfor om>
wy*9* vittm Tba anrunant oatcnp by tba
Hiia o^Oliwiiftn of the b«nln-ftitf,
***tha'<€oOMtt oouidatad In aooniimlttee
of tha whole tbe hand qu«tfoa, VOd
wbUe ri&^w doii^ndtog a
»rna***.^^f ■\m^w^mmw^f^\"t:wtt^m^ ^ mmpmwty\*iHmmmn*^t    ■•
WlWlB^^O     ^^•^^p   t|O^W^i A^mr-^f, af w^jN^N^mm^mP
Qrm BaaiS, •te'le-.to^ bapad thbb m
Oounott iwitt aMNteea Uttla dlaore-
loo and:^ ttb:'to aoMbwoabbth
'(banda of," laittt ,0SWWm' tb" mp*
*wmwpta w wmmm^^m^w^^^. w^p^mn*^mnmfmwPmaPP^iaim*^P wmmm^^n •
em«sis»as»sw «8r»a aa»
w i^-^puppiOPWiigp   ^T***wowi-, ***^^^a
f ()ni<nhtlgl*|:-tfl*!-
of their owfc and
ia a Biimh OftlODT
Htu nncb elaim at
open HieCoifr
***'*ijaoi laar nm-wtm
fM-lftl t   #ffr*   ,-p *,^*j^
,    *
1 .1*-*-
ei aem mw
P^pppiMM ^^OOae   mwrn^w *pmw^^^^ntfWm*wfw ^^W^^^^*W
wM lia" lilmhiir dia>
■ selftO ^^w^p al^ t^^*   ^^^Jh T^i^^^^a^'^a^oaw
Aa f,m|A MlA Ajy^ggyM mM'^pgJLMmphi. mn&
MSlaifil end If aoobla Ubeaaa.
«la aMtaialr UM* that a
w^w 9^wmm^m^m n n^wwiPm   mmr^^^mm^mn       w n^mi   w^w "OOi^^w,^af
fww#'fiiHflkit'"it wnfttirr
^mw* ^fm^^m^wmpm' -^^^^wr ^ffwv.
A^-^*n*^**j|,*jfik*^ ^|i|^^y| -j^iy^ j|^^{H|h|^^ ^j*.
1) tit*\. n  *   > a-s^ .^.j-^^
ateauaaloii owirred fn eeo»
Wttft ttilaii Al Wifttto oaoeab
W-Owee T>aia«aaf" njP*a« *wiaiaa*w^r  a^^r^^^^
■iww^wt^^f ^®yi f w W *^W*I^^V5^^^^w    tfl^W    ********************w.
'•Boaia*»*wW's glee iMa vgwrjr oaioaiaio*
w-.*.**., **-«*.,', *, •
* f^OANiiiNiaiW'THi ^a|4';.^ ,
,1tie Bditor, DKtrtct Ledger, -'.rh'*
"T3BT'8ir,-Mw 11» - iwaitted to
oae a «We apaoe in yow coluinna to
make a fow wmarka w«Hef««nM
to too potttiual aifd eMijatlOQal owe-
oaotaMttuouaboot' tba Oraw'a Kak
tion at LatUbrtdva, a feeokitloQ. waa
n-ocgnen anaonnng two wooiB-nei rwty
of Oaoada and' (ta txMttoal eidareaalon.
Quite -a' illi iiaaion ,,woa iwnartfltwrt1 by
tbfa. tout Ita aeontaooa waa otaotleal.
ty, naaafmoiia, Thia waa tba'enra»
aion el tba deiaaataa. aad wo annat
ipiwioie nnvt tne oontatea -ware wp-
rnaiaitiir mi mitto 'iramfO-ini^ei'
orawlaw tfeaar ooinlon. Snob belaar thn
^ewa^^^m^^m    ami^l^nw   w^g^mam^^i^wwe   aw ^a^oem  ^m*m*^9^gj   'w^ama*
e^e*. pattaltme to rawwrk tbat daring
nny trip tbroogb 'Ibo Pael» J,;tM find
oo traoea of organlaatkm ff tbt If tbe
SootaMat IWty of Canada tewooem*
'nil tpfap iwdnrrtaitd tbe aitoa'Uoo.
What la -neadhw! la orgea-iiatloo, and
tbto badly. 'x'']*'
[\ Pa*pi^^mi tmp ampm* eoi,^oi a*^* *^aoa oe'^'oeiwg'iwww ^aoa'
defftaodloo tbo le^Hcaoohy of fooM*
tam* W tal la not oratwad to pm mom
goaWi-p ^^mpnpm^mwtm wm^tt^^mi^*n      aai^aw -wo™ p^P^^^w
JlAaM^ Mtam^b jaiwMb ieaa ^^^^ ~mti____ tVl^^Plm ' Htmbto
mpHUtm* wmm^m "l'v  wpr n^^pm mmmm wm^^mmp -g^wat
ti^^Alk aui^ ^m^^^a^^^^^MMj^. ^^^4gjfa^m^^^£p^^9 ^jas.^^^bjta
^g*iiW,'gw oov ^wgw^^^O'O.i'^^*'^' e^a gpggaHw**^.****^w^waa^ wpe***^^^^
bava te ba hllWIIart bar ttaaa toortg
jb___n__ aaM ^^-.u^aj^adu^jjk       ffMHUb jum^u nmF nHaua
wa am wfgan™wi. iiw twwni. w en
la tbat whan anillibii thaa to be 'ae*
^-^^^^^^^J^^J^^^Ng     HJL.       ^---^^^^^fa    gHkAjUb.   ttgAA     ^|y^^^^j|^^
^WP.|^^|^^*-^^^^^^W ^P^W w^l^^^n^ w^^p^n ^^P^wa i^w^g^^p^
tam woaia., j» pa, aHgaia mm ■»
pK^mWKtfmm^^   W*Jr*l^^^^B   w*-**^^wwp   ^...^^^^   "w
woo awtlyHy etui iwai tatoieet dl*"
alaiwt to tbaae wba nobtO tke oar*
wniy *pn   w*0    ^nn^F^-iMir     ^w^^^e*    mm^l^***^mwe    iww    ^r^^»*
%$m *Wmw9Bfa mW ff0$990MtfY W tiW WOfH*
" L ..*   *R*J«i ¥mtn* ********
..< '■■«,
^^t^jVM^WltN^ ^V***"**"*'*
Bditor, 0«i|BC'WliartI'S4,,
Ferole, "B. <X» ^V'&Wt.
n Dour Wr,—I wn inrtrocted.by (Michel Local Unl« to <xww5!ii eUte
■MngMOl   VUMIw v "Wp     mm**p     P^ p m^^^ 1 K^mPi nWOWV
Lood Union eotea in taattwaikfaiaaua
of tbe Udter, la;*^-;*^^^
^mnAA. ntaio^i ppnm*fmi^ Ut OMkfiW^biiiitfUrt'inlv aMWMUb
99* aUM. -   .-■■«-'*-'-.-.'-*..- 1^9 'j^Ei&_±_s____
oc our memoeni oa* ink aee -toe naeia*
aMiyifer thia eoaOtkotiooU -aiaaodoiant
whldi provide, lor the iu**iak>n of
work by ear Loeal Uolob Uibaitr ttdnk
tbat the violation of tbe Ooal iMi nee
Regulation Act by tba ooal eotnpanlee
(Would endaater tbe km of'their
toaaioara. /
If the writer ef Mtohel ootee had
atated that "he" eoald.not oaa tba oa*
eaaalty for Wueh ao autaodtomt,, no-
badar woold bare raleod put"obieeUooa
VMnaig   anpnmmm waBwi aa m wear mm mn^m jm^*-fi/m ^-mem^
^88x11 atobanaat oa tbaaa aroaevaiv
eawwaaa •m^^m^mnwm^m*^*-*^  a^^   ^m^awmm  wa^r  ~aaww^w
al other peogreaatva matboda  tor
he to evldenUyeuffering titan the
Identity ot InteMat bOo, aad la aft
lwwml***.**^T^i^       wrm      wmam^ntrmr^^m      w-^mpp      ^^^^T* J m^m     ^w^m
{M-abehtltty oonaMem It tba hlnhnit
Uaiowatar natafdleaa'ef tbe »afaty of
mm ueii ana.
' ittoartag lo oiled tbat Iho aOtrwoan
%WiW.^gwo *^wa^owwawaa^™eaf  ^v^aw ^^av^Hi^'ao ^^w nm^**
eeaveetlon bf 'Mlebel Ixxal Unkm. it
WmpmtWwmmimwnw     **m      PfieW    ffW*n»     tywttmwar^an    -^m
taoal aaam ra titer ludlctoua ta the
rtadm ef tbe I*dgw to wo tt mm-
etaal la tke Looal tfolao kotaa ef tbe
w9^^mmqa   i*m   mimm   m^mawammt    "^r^v-w^Fwp   -fw^f^hif**^   wow  ^o^m^
Leaai who offered It. and wbo to*
nu_m___t aam, J^ii___Ua tat __* all te ^M
nmwtm tto aaL It Abated by tha nom
g^wr-m w** ^t^r nm**^ ^ ^^i^F^^nF'^ ^wgy am*^* ^^eam
^_t^_^_^_b_^_^_, tfn_^a^_^_m   mi^&db-^b A_^_}_^_%   Pit___\_n   i^^^mjm___ma
waa tellr dlaaaaaad te lba Lai^ Union
" aaaF w^pw^ ***^w*wpwp^f ma^ m*wma am^nmaiw wwatnjmatmo
H^tagttjbuH   AteJkwMk     i|m|    ^y^y|*j||y&|uy|yu|     nyuju
*ww*^^.^a.***w^o   ^^^^^ooo^'   ppmmm   ■a^pm^W't^w^ppmm^^m    ^at^^n
^±^^9 -.^^^L^^iHf^^i^fc dflb*^^b xm ^tt^t^^P^^ j^t^^^^^^i^^*
y%rm    ewafte*T»wror   ww^r   w   mwmmntm  Wtf^lfWft^^
iWeabern Ooa} Operaton^ Aaeooiatiori.
A  .       - v       '    '     "        t" !   , "V    *
* * _ . . '   \   l
Tbeae oompanies carry on tbelr.iato-
Ing <hu«toeB8 at Pasebung and Maple
Leaf, AJtel, In whitbi tbeee ootnpenlea
anatoe a deductton ot 50c -per OTanth
ftxra^tbe»«mnot (payable to miiwJnJ
doing a»tract Wb, the nedu<*ioo me-
farred tobetaf madte for aharp-piiiig
the toote of t^ «mtmct nteefa *w
tng the wonth for vhkh tteie charge
baa bera> deducted In dteouedt* me
queetlon and ugjon beasrtag what -nu
atatedhy iMr. Smith ani Mr. McN«iU
reapseottvely, repre^^ ^tliie.i^ii||ni,
and 'imine opetratoea, the floUtawbig
ftete-were adnjl^ed^-^^^a^, ■*.. .-, 1(i .
' it
MtclMi, B. <X, 10 March. lWi. Woridnga'V of tbe, «^.no\m*ool«
_. . „. ^,_ ...,. ..t-t^ , ^y<|W ^jp^*,^ ^^ -.mjfotwea
•ufttdaot Do Wow the too of the moun^
tain ott; ail thay cooM do ta to ad*-
R»e their findinga krtp a book foroleh.
ed ter thai wn»ae and woott It to
the mtoalnepwtor. .That tblanathod
Aoao mt, eafeguard the Urea of the
odneni waa akowo elaarireoua ttrae
reare av> to tba BeDeroe attte dieaa-
hei tm briefly point out ibwt nnder
tbo pwaeot eyetem eoal tninaa are
^t^wpI00t™Wo   w&j    nmmm    w^^p^na^wmn^^t ^ wtw^^^^m v-ptfw
lba cmflta wbleh accrue eat of each
operations, and tt la tbeiefore th^r
obiact to gat aa nuicb oraQte out of
tfame op«*t*x» aa poaattie. late
te avoMancaa ooat money, etttteee
io IMa of a wage alave le m cheap-
Oot ooonodlty on tbo market. ifo
Chink that our maatera weald talo
any ragwnfe for our nafety ao loot aa
ate dont abOw my reearda tor it onr-
mttrm -wouM be rWicuknw, and only
iwbao tbe workera refute to oraate
wealth tot tbe oaptoltera of labor na-
m wnafe cooditknii will aafetf ep>
pltaneao bo fNtboomlng,
IM oa alwoya bear in mind tbat lba
wortdng elate aad the employ loo da«
bava aotbtai la eooMaoa, and tint
tbe Inteveot ot tbe one olaaa ta Mnmi<
KoaQf oopoaad te ibe Iftteteit ef the
other, ffo ftedeea for a alna of tm
mlbm tp bad aooagb under any dr,
^^^^^^^p^^^^^^^^   ^^i^^l   iki^   il^^^^  tfaoa   mtm^PbmtmP^m
^papOa.^-***^a^RHpa^^^ter mtrntm1  wmp   ^m-n^mfft wmw  it twvw^
waalft for Own ta tbo tete ef a««aal
. ,xA'f"\-M^m^ tyxTE0'
olaim*^^lm*e»''^^^ te
tbe tnlntanuin rate oa pnmdwl by thn
agroetaent of Novwnbor i7, 1911, tb»
made by the wwanj-1»
By (be agrailpo^ttfwnd to, -wben
a Jnnere iwyramg ,g>iaoe aoaiHWijao oo*
WOWWBwl   wrmeaamfjmm^  '^^fijr    n|N|PMil^i   mVwmP^r
tioiw preventii^g bin irom -pambig tbo
oimtarou iwaaja -of $100 par rtilft, tbo
company tMU pay him a attttMaat
amount te eaOOre Wm the eaid mini*
mnm, providtet- be baa dono a fair
day'i worfc,^'
ed to,tbe,miwn|,\j "'*''"" *""' '""i""'!"
iuftm. <bo>,
woro.at ]ttberty
mi, \
At, tbo taaattog' hehOean Mr. Mo-
•W^teaw   *v^^pHi^n.^^PI^OOTO^fg    wl*te     nnn^m^***m   w^^^^**i^^^
eel, Wr. Boltb, tepteeetefog tbe oda*
ew, and myeatf oo ebatemao, It wna
admitted: " *" \ •
1, That abnormal condtltene extet-
ed wd tbat tba mlnen twaro thereby
prevented boat earning tbe nlalanun
wigaof IS.M par abut, havinn dene a
(air dey*e iworit.   .
t, That theea minew aro wbat la
known aa conboot own.
3. That tha taeckweigbar ta «t»-
polntad by tbo man and net by tbe
I, By a atatote in B. C, known ao
tho Mlnea (Ooal) RegnlaalOBa of R C.
ehifter U. IOH. lbortly It 1« provided
lint where tbe minora ara paid aeetff*
la« to mctgbu that \bvj w*y at ***«*
own «oat «tatkM a rh«ckwel#ier lor tbe
weighing of th* witM-mU tn order tn
ta|Mi «i aceooat of tbe weigbt thereof,'
on bctaalf of tba peraoaa by whom -ho
iaappotWH. «»« that vkara tea ante-
^—*  .•■-~.~     ^JM _MI|  m  j9,^^tJt~m.£ji*&_^. mmULy
en nave engagea a tmewwmantmm aav
Mo majority of than* have raoueatod
tlie owaw of tba ialn« that tha wagoe
at nob -tbeckweiaber ba WM direoi
from tba offlua of the mine, wch w4g-
■M^te^   -^te^^tejI^WP^^T it**
6.  Tbte ttee dtoiwte te iwr nan-
by wkMn dgtaf eoatn*. wfcrt^ aa te ' ■,
tea him if adiiiia #mlM#.ad Mf7 '
fer tke toda ahofoonod.    "A    7
1. TtattUaetena'fer ahaiMoaMg
we        m^^^^^   ^e^^^n  w^^^^m^g^w  m*wm   a^^^^^w^/^^i^atm^^gg
ww* tint opiate*   "*y '^fr;, A
I Md that tela daiaetlao ef B#a »ar
mmuimnot torn wmmpammpmmptwpw * .
one te be mada.br tbe wmgaaOea *» -"' -
ttk and 1 ao Oboat* .
noted toth Marcb. a. 0, imi.
jamwb mutk,
' (Ibalmift "
.*,.,** I
W, P. if eMULU
Wa-^mO^^^^^   e%mw^b   AiuumlmMil
NRani vtm* upnaiiaw
VeNtet le Oaaa el WlHlam ComoHop
ef Naniime-fte*tteet ef Oeteate
Ctetett la RateM#
mm WHBTMI.NHTKH, Man* »-
i t ;. I
,jjgy^^^L^i|L^|fc|^^^a|^u\ tj^g|amj^^^|^^ ^|^^j^^^^^^-*.^^k ^   .jn   oi^^^-a.
ttki*j# ^Agn^^^^ 'MdQM * *&m^ML a^^.,*w^^^femhmi m^m-^m
*:-,*     1-     'a^»wtM— i, liiMiimni ii ni        ■ ...
ii*jWMf)^»r«"H»«wf»» >-*4nnN9|Wiaoi<0^%Ote.sr#tNO-^ ftSteessm*****. 99.9,1,
|.*Sft I*
l<fK*tf. #*
| .Kf **n'.k^*,i«i
-^S. *})J   h J
X    i' -** -
>-     :   , ,
* t      st*
, 7i\[ umifJLPp ^j^pti^^Mm^m ^t^^Uk^P^m rJb^^mt^^^^   -^l^K gg^^^
« -pp;pf-pwmim~mmwp oi*aawa omfv
i   |i        , j^^^tk^^t^^s,^ jjm^^,   JtP_^_^f_^_^P_m_W^_^i ^^^^^^^^p. 4^**m^^JP   JuUgb.
**^   a^teHOgggHg^ ^m^m ^^mm^^^m^^^^^m ^^^mmtm-^mm« ^^oo * w^or^o
*j   ^r#s  ^W^lP*     **r « *"
,   ^^ ^-JflH^^^.    Jg.^UH^^|L|udh     ___tt     gFP^^^^^^m^k      -mm^^uJL&gyg^     gHb
l^^_^b    ^■**--*-.*-'^^^**^^    ^^^^^<<|      uaj|^^^    ^^^^wA^^i
TwNf ll-MWH HMD WWjPtWmWWp  ^m  %Wmm
'•ij^^t   aa^^iL ^^^; a^^^^^^^yi   *^  g^&   >^g^u^
..., .r ,  _ * * .. . te waia
*.^o.^tebteW.iBo    ^^^^o^hp-   wnwaai.^^.^01   mm*   mt   a^^^mt^gwmmPmm
atattegi .tbat Mo failwr waa anfenilg
IHi ^VK wflQR ifwWGlIoKp Ww WWRIiNI
Une a flat tate fer Vghtlag ttmbno- fiMfd teat Ida tetlwe bad died tke m
^f^^A,     ^^AU^yigjte   ^^^^^9    Vtel^^l       gL^a-^-^^^te
^^^-*.*^     aga^^^^^^^jglt      _________     jm^^^^     aL^^i^h     l^^^^^^^u|^
IflWt    »«^ww    iRMHk    aBPBy    W   ^WW**^^^w
OfovoMMk aiooooars aaay MwOo ooot
^wamw    ipwte^iW"^^'^'     ^wi^*^    w^*.^*^*'***^^ •^,*^     m mne^nw-amw^^fp
m^ff^^fpmm   mWmw^^r^w^^m^^^m  a^r   -m^^^t  ^^^m^^w^mwWt^m^^m'
*nt# i%* wm*0w*% m **m* vm p*m mm*
ma mmv h* witr wt aa> aatmmm
ii, m.Mifl,
-,.* 9.9 9..,,9. 9.k.i <i>»w»-t# imnwet amaoat el an *o«m •■*»•*-*•.i*•• wwwmi «*- —
due tba adame. tela aawuM «w> 4*
dnetad teteg appoftioaad amoot tee
J|J||f^^^^M#   ^^A*g^^^
QnxtfpTmX UMHUiV*
By tba ograaaaant et Nuninr II,
UU, voter tea iM*ailte« t^whMMriik**
om, It le profited tbat "Tha eae*
Dtny wiU grant ttie right te the miner*
in mmtoy abaekwolobate, and *IU
g.,r,..,r, M___m'lMl Maioa.llW'1* **• "•Wl ekacfewiriglwri *v»ry
sn^nrr wnn •««« vm",i,jbi|mr to aoolla tbew te tea*tr n
mWWWK m-4 WW WfUPr fn ^Pw UFt
eel Dnkm wetea taaiotaaV lb etatetj
ben aooli oot aoo lie mtmWml   tie abme band im rnnm* *»> i«^tly tm*** mm mm m nm*.
■acb aa aanadmaat la kamUite tbaioma air coaoert for nait innd»y.|«Brt wWdrtate «rem ilia waoea ef all
ttwth nnhtm enmmutt, te aay tee! abea a atwgaMa af aeaio aovan KagMltestrait mtoera aurh amnosft* aa mny
WW be gone tbraagfc ea vtMeNeAvwtte
aaa, et'abaat tear p« . weather p^
naRmg, too mmn mm wwnm op^aan*
able progma daiteg te* *iat.*r eaiar
tho dHaotloa «f Mr. Aaten Tatea. ami
QJte riMliiaia af rwtee may laefc tor*
«*»iS \*9 4 firs' '"ti*8 w^rt fHr Pm*.
tm tart.  FoUewlM to the ftepamt
MwOk  CoiliiiiilAii ..       1 WW>
taAraia A-Adum
^^a  ^^g^jbaa^u..^   ^^^^m   gL^aatau^jgg*. \
pan In eu onteoteA aaaaoHir lo Hm
aatem ao Aagoat H. tho $Ptf OHog
^U.     ____,   m    .mmtm.    _____.__, .^100^991^.,  J-^.
oat omji a few aannwa.  ^-raaaim io
tbe *mmm wtdwwd, Otnuaiaaw loOfc
mw pjmwJBNm^mtnt ^wmm   Mb  owWO awwPWW^^^i  m^^m^
aegaliig aad argwlcg from tf) newt*"!
Mr. Jeailea Marvinw tela *
mmm__________\ AA  .bbbEl^tfkA  j&nflHI   Sflf    KG.
b^-^^^^j^*   *>*«.^M^^if  -Itfuy fM^te ^wdEllIb^ gLggg. ^
Uj^     tU^bjh  ^^n^^    g^   MgllgneHlite  AfeWk gmapmmggm^
mmmn wWIH «aP*|PPt fo» UIMimi1 1WP ■^■■■w^
<a -^   ^^0p*______ _g|^>iukateay^a   a^Bib^k. ^o  (^n*^dg^|j'|^te^^||
io -wmaai •pwwmi ww ■■« ^ttwemaw
Mmm and dNurty «ke!^A<Ml fKOKf,
to tm aporlaffy m«*n(bwi«l In tee te
jpiLim^m^^& ^o _^__w_^ ^^^^^^9^04 __pm_ _p_m
WHRM   mm   Ml*   pflW^^^»   iW   »W
tVMII *tef|fc-afc   MMAiMIW**   wHH ppwmKm   ^mmt   %mbm   nM   *«•*<    ••*»fl' *
'tmitmiemi"*M'iJt""i a^tm li'te UnuuiMliamat
ailte wvakaattlak, aad Jootet ptea! laaolkr ae Ibe Cbol Ulaoa IMfOte-
ent there m n fc w Hake la our ajre- Uoa Art, OpecW Rtttaa and iMpeetlon
tem of lawaiaittea Hoi, i amii» wm Oomadttaaa are warned, whkh cot-
lug WHO a m 0» onmniiaani anaier mm uaiwi lanr w mm opmmm am
*j,*Mirt*.m*i w e*ma a ,_9L^_m_.   ___,.*.  _Jt  *»■  - -.- 1 ..*...-.   ^^Ijr^i,,   ^(ft   l^r.   mHil^^    W   9rk^m   _§_MJ9
mwwtenpir A etwog caaia or foaaiejwe wtwm m ^m aaw^ i nay.naaa
•bould ba onmdaei light terongb te*< i *b*t »•» «5*««ia viwtm *»* »*«»* ckuae*
ttate. aad tMO'tewM fwre of laaa-fia tea Aet whir*. If eatened, woeM
tlaateie yatee te aartat tbafawpMpnte \ te mnmtbmk w iw uiiHM*>«t. vv« U*»*.
aaiidl   l^m   Pjj^jpt g^gfoggi^m   ^xm   aglW\±,m__P _, a ai       MMkA^ i Lj^aHMa   #lMHUguMki
aaa m an araiBf wi eiaaaRna.   Tani aowarw, uiun*
tW pay erar tba aaaM to ilia ek*ek-
Voter tha otetote tmt tea aaa*-
wot It ta dear tmt ibe «tewb*«if{V»-
«r*iaakwy te te ha paid hy tee a»«*»r#
wwif fwfr an.iMnia    »iajmnit writ
om Irylag lo *0o Hot tt« ocwono
teu. ji g^*^^^ a^. n|^^ ^^^i^gK^ mt %____,    t
MM WW lw WPP wmWWm Wt lw I
^a *ga^^ ^^^j   ^^ n**^^tet tt___mm _b_^k i
Vn wPH nW** ww mlMK MPPy mn '
* * * »*   i* ,    *.
,m#   wlmLm   tfM**MHHM|*ttJ| duj. Ab^^ jtnotfiiite
tWF#   mWJmXW-, fm^WKmm vw ^^m www,
grwtnvfM* mi AM w*tfc *^
d&     MlteC     A|h|ada      J^gk    jn^j^f      g^teWttOO~
•m   WWjraBMp    -w^MBI    m^m   WMM    -BPOttW
b«MMd «f eutiha raqoaat to Wa nwwy
TWBni in i»npsn*w^w*i    m hmmmbm wmw
f1iLJ-   mMmm_e3t£ WWW* wt^m*1 ^wm& '^Mttflftttl W-WKfc^'WNA 'ItoP'^hW
■|i   i1 -«tes s^ i'   ftn*fe^*ri *i^w   i-^ii  -it,     at'   s   ^w*,t
WWfjLgyy^til jjL «|ST^ j>^ i-i^i-g*
tend etelekatewOI-lmte toe
■ftiawa wbkb tefcwlawi with tee pro-1 Mawb ...... AdT^**      W
flu of tbe eiM OBtegaotea Cte na-jbetePttee , -CWttfxrr '><•" - f.ltePae
gianiiy ?aitum ay mam. ni laparaai wnmooa mmmwtmmim* m.tm^^ma
bn tba apeteal fataa kabte tteoiad la!Witb ...... PlNt gfn» -     ■ l.Iaib
tette* teua««4 U LU wi&w.*. a It.laa^iytfiBnaltoig T.y V"s'- t,r*tp»**r*e
to aadmteooi bow any wofftteoMabiyfT*'V A.Mob
la aatte Or tea «eai»aa> '« invprntUm Mr. Jujkxw Menteoa mm
fie *-*n>?*,**rto*H*r *hte ia e**tv \a iNr ftOMwwitw wnn eafctai kba to t*r>
Metu* of txmvmkm* and peaMUy' p»«rolw the ate«w«fy *r fteatoa <
Mta aa a anawtty te tbe *mmtmw*lttim j tee cwoo te teskrti* laalteaoa,
(bat ba w«l fmMi-ra kle aekry aad tf j
■fflPff VW
.tiaii   Aaalaatl
■WpI* * itt   iMM  mWWWmWWm   Wt   wmfm   MMMMMMNI
UNI WMMHini WMPfc M*€^mW9m IMI   wWX&tWKf'  W^WWtfSm  W*   #
moat "la aoU tt" o'f met
,- **
9 Jbmdfal  D.   .    U ..
■ #|^;:K^
f  ^3'*,"' m&s 'syA'^^^m^^m
SmLj*^*        it ""       \*i j-"    V^   Vi   ..' uJlStj"'    *ffl53i$8££!£Sy]?
k'S* V .*>••. ST**, .Jv,.V,-.Wi?W^
& COLDS  — -  l'\
of TAR   a.
- Aooonjtog ,1o the report ot tlie state
1 tinarap'toymeat inspector tor i&ho year
•rdl2-lftl3. 63 uaenxployment funds
with i 1*1,187 memibensi were official
rooognbsod on the Slat Of March, 1912.
-On tee same day in 1013 the number
of- reoognked funds Amounted1 to 55
wWb<» 120,289 mairibers- including 12,-
, 852' feanfetea, < Tho income lor 4hg year
•WaA---2.69M31 kronen, Including a
■SHUd-of 822.535-by tee1 atate -and 374,-
114-4tron«n'iby itlne-'munteipaHtiles. Tha
>xjten<Mtarra •amounted to 1,888.706 kronen.- Cftae oost of'-adniinlstratton was
9 ;*por cant of tho total The tfunxrs
rose by 15,881 kroawnrtX)-2,382,411 kro-
- non.  The Aot'onlne flubo force on^Au-
.  guat lot, 1907. j During ite five yeara
•ofojctetence, the tnembens -haveipafcr
- 6,197,097 kronen,theiaate bas wanted
3;060,987 krt>nen> and 'tihe munlclpali
,tiee 1,360,812'kiTOftea. The expenditure
in cowsecttan with..benefits.wae 7,&&,<
.812 anni ^mbaa^-ea^enS; 972,255 kronen,
•The .HJeveHoipnien^ of. -the unemlpiloy.-
ment Insurance (ibased- on -the Ghent
princdotes) to ,a brilliant one, tor
though oataMi^hied only five years
ago, aearty ail th© workers in fhe
.oowafery are insured "a®ato#t umelm-
ytoytwem, .tbewlfy.
«   -*,"'„< ;'.' ," 7 7.	
» , SooWHaoi'-Wouad not take away yolir
**• town1. i .RaKhor, It would so use the
, ^land ,tta*^ aH may have access to tbe
°«m Jaa'-all have not now.    '    •**
v"   '•-' -x~ 'AASTii$-Z'AK"*7*—""-'... \—-V: AhX S'K4
■t      '^■aVSa^Sr   *J '    ■!£.$&'•* ^-Cm   a v>   *'■
■t -s ^^&£=&e*' ' ■ J<j|^».'aOJ   te ,-Jj£A«r»j
5? b, o*,**m'wmmmKm
xa^MXjx 77Am¥'t J ;*i£t!frtfaffft
\k -f '*
, (. , A,«coidilng toa Washington dtaj&tch
*;n8««*Qa-*aiteto^ of ivtosas voted $&•
.,;$* *wat,of'*thai <neawttonaiPtea to'rejport
M'^AiiW'm*?*'0***' to.tbe'pdattf p^mv>i-
&X* ■ XMto%7-¥4 PiWlng the. JmOcee .on .the
l|M*ael f»oat and etjjg^pgany ■tartftiar
-.*>,, ,P9&, wp "wWwwe endjonpha**" 'Who
tary ** \ a '»!« *•, «*>™1» «»d*atock of .tbo ex-
f  "JW!!" «w«pMde8'o»u»t he' profceotea,
: yookaow. -      "V- *. ' AA
SocM^m^^si^Wo^hiin^nmMto two
grealtest" antfviei^gfb1 of "tod-jty/* Th«
one alma to n^^^t^eiriy^^xn othtar
to deetroy «H^fc^'l'-aiiK>iiig'5wqin^enl
Both ame -worldf^vW'^te^No, una*-
■ter how btekwa^,i^.natj^
bhat you viiatt; SW^W-W lind^wWo-
4attontot th«ro (preat^ing t^t-poyerty
is xmm&oesaB.ry, o,vA -Vhast a ,:great or-
■ganizaiUon Is '-working ;te deWtnoy private -capttal and to .twlW^a^operative coramioiiniiiWkhC! And^%oughout
weateirn oivillaaitjloOj-^ind fimni Jin itbe
heart of the Orient, you «!*> And the
woman revotaitiontet) tolling. ,ber en*
slaved sisfters of ttoe effort it^ong ,wo-
onen to a'titaiu -taiolr tfreedoin, to gam
thie „ri»bt to live, not aopotdilng to
-man's, hut according to their own,
conception of happiness and right,
Ideas fty ewiftiy about thB-g-Wbe, and
we ore learning to think on -the lines
not of famiily or nation or race tout of
common hiterasts and common auffer-
ing. .        , ,- \A,
But iwihii-e Socialism and t'endidain
are M*orld tnovemenits tbey, present an
.ttmmense •tliEfei'eivce iu tAiat Socialism
lias a well defined ■policy carried c|it-
by. a roarvetousliy -coherent intern^-
tional orgajilznitdou, while Peminiam
has an. itvd<e£lnite {KJllcy and' Uttle or-
ganiizationi. The -feralniat who creeps
into the harem and whte'pere Into the
ear. of the Turkish wife- that there1 are
women winking to-life-the yell, from'
hea-tooe cannot at the aaime tlmie.dn-,
vtte <h-er to .the feminist locail inhe'rl
nearest jpreclnct.; Nw I»b' ishe any
m'wrld •progr.^niby whWk salvation is
to -he gained",She la Only voicing a
discontent witt woman% ■suhserviency''
to iman.,,' .     _       \''' " ' -      '   '
Npw^the relation1 of Feminism to
Soolailism is a matter of profound' im?
(Portanoo t-q^namy iwowen Socialiste.
Th»)-ir^-i!t!he j*airty platfonm, domajnui1-
lug' thM&iiramlBn shall 'have equal;
irlghto,'^j^;an*«n,vithey attend ibhe So^
olaBk^kKO^and find -equal.rights me-
oognd»pd' toy their comrades; and •this
fitoiSll^^tops.assure th-em that S<f
oialilelm^^nd 'F-emindsm are ono. ' 'But '
^^k^^i'P0^ eat^ted- Tb-^rlknow,
i^t in any b^ (movement certain ipror
ipagwpa*:'|s. pushed to the foreground,
*bi|bgi 8^*von tor without cesaatioC^
^j^pikaSn 6ther is Mtt behind, oky
ito,ho considered wheu mono Important
onatteirB are diepoaed of.' Where, th-ey
tb^ipsk, does Feminism stand /with
tbe Sodaliet iranty?- lalt forward or,
Km,' *"
1 ->!-<> '
fH|BMM>fll afl^fl |U^u   t^^^^g    j^^^^^,
8L!>yjy mmm agl
g>a'iM» ftcotm <te
mmm ortm o laaoa ai am.
mmm/SSL UumZ **
le;4tHn a dueky background fiom
wthttA..|lt Is rarely .brought.to llgbt?
, {x^Kfttlng this queetion I revise1
my tocapacity adequately to answer
'fc- (This ■would require a knowiedge
of (both Sodaliam and Fern-totem far
ibeyond anythtag I pb'iacat. lean only
■give a few auggeabtoaa that may pr^
voke Inteiosit among ortberi mote com-
ipetent to'diecuaa the matter than I.
Tke femjlnlat dnowmont aa we have
noted, ia dlffloiiK of deacrljrtlon W,
oune it deaSa wilth women under all
abwgee ot anaaoolloe rate;' but, hroad-
ly opoaklnc, It te o revolt. Aa Maiy
8. OOpcobetmer toraaljr eut It In tbe
New Ranrlewt It la "a reaotion -trom
tbe loot rale of nan and the ooneo-
m*^^^ma^^^wPPm yp^*^mmgf      ^PO $- -flipgOgOi^aa^l^1   ^n^P    mtma^^F
whan pjmya ^aeoipifaaa Ma pollttoal
aaoeot whon tn ihi nlattonn It de-
^^mfpww^^^*       wa mmmmm f\,WWW  j,m*^^     jp^^mawmmmewww      mw     wm^p
monda a ontvotoel francWae floe Ohio
and women attko, aod when to ita m>
ty eiabolaatkMt it otvoo wOnoo ao
w0       wrwpp^^m***^^^***mani^m      wm      -^paamrwa       wamtammmmm      -mnm
aqoaS vote wbh me& Thk la a graot
deal, but tbe. Pnogreailva party haa
done aa moob. la tha'AooWHOt paitgr
oootlnualtf coanrlng on a awaartW auf-
bag* grropagamOat la It abewoag wo>
■mvnmnt,am  ^ajtaufaO^^aoiJua   aMaahtfUAtj^aa   Ala^a ftka^Ha^(*A
lea aha aufftw md tmli tunanaa aba la
war^a www  ■■F^.^^w^ppt'BF  w^atom wiett^mm   T^wr^**t^^^^e -mm^^tt 9*w
poor but -bacauoe Oka la o wemanf
Th-wt la, la It laying awohaala oo the
men today era eMH eiteralalat extra-
ordinary power onr ooe-hOH tbo pop*
option, tint fto Upm. watyng 4to«eo
taoy a JaaoaJ la It dotag thaaa <bUna?
IndlrMoal 8oeurtlOto,aiw ooowoM#4-
■-M att^^iu^m i0jk.i^^^n tmAtrnm g/^mk^mm nummdHiuu
Op    "VOH(a   WgBBWBb    fOlf    lWW-^W^(   ^^mjptPmr-^^^mp
f-^s^aai^eea   m^p^n^mpm^mnmnn      p^mt^P ^mwo^mmwem/g   ea.*^waey
mm j"pwnk»mrt to Amrtci m 8ocW*
«xlat« a atranaa apathy oo the wootan
,mmfm, 'Wca^^p^v^TOit^te;
.Swi* jhhey, tare -ow^- Jn*ep?esit#d ;-Jut?Lsee®u8r
.-^^o.eeeu^ iw^-miciq^^%i|#
They -subsoribe^ the>p^y;ti^te^*;
Wthey,do not.itMnk^h© -TOMnatfa
si^i^g«; plant of IvJtA, intoreis^:^^
where he fB3p^t^m^pt{^pM
-jpusb bshwlim'i sufiff^e »^itton; ibi*t
ibe aw«airdi^"wi^%'ith)8Vv^^
wax,»»;«w«!h mn hnportant ^aw o^
tam^^^m.m -^BlonN^iV^wil^h;
bp«M^«%>;|piitkioaaead 'Into t3&;Houo&
That ■JK&V&mmWm of*<heilCf^
ffowt, QOpvaaitton of -tkefioountiry jwmf
toelginaCkairt conipared to 'providto*
•Peral^^^;W thetpemstons to
*e^g^e«iiih(y.rA;;c8ipttaillst sovommewL
^l,0«i^t*clJsimipidushipi'of wonwm^'
rtetib^' i7A7   7.x  , / ,     ' ^O-
, s Ai^u^ gitamw 4^ugh our Sooinlist
^!^W.wa*nd tjwx^find. nnfaetoniffl^g
'ahSMioe^of any,, ospresilon «rpg?uBlMng
woWan^aad SOdalkHtt. ] ft-h^Vefftotjy
<b^n^■^^aidli!nlg, Ail^lB^j^^^-adn^Mii
tile Mttfe" .pamlphiot* ')TH^ Tpa^Wotii
Socte^aiin," ■^«j^;^^>«j*mior^^
<U oa'Woman and':'ber tobekies;- and
^ir. - Beneon^ le, Jhut' one *of in«ny", wo?%
era of whoni tMa' "te',<tr ue,"" , i-i... -x, ]''-
I Berthages, *he iwhi^w .^attorrim^y,;*]^
esplaliied V^wtag ^*the;ma^>r«y!
0^'the m-eri dn Wo SooiaUet',p««ty #ec^
olgnl|ze, no, division ibut'*W*",dttv^on\of
olaBs,.'^ on 'jphru^e.'k^^f^t'^aba
etruggle;,, fl^hite jmany.i ^hntj: iroyr^ntf
means "all, .women" So^allsts'rechife&e
also a; woman^s struggle, the struggle
of/a, 40«x (tor ithe 'Ml^-dov^f^ment-ot,
li^ipowiwa jand flar the rlghtito^tho. WU
•«s|^-Of ttoos© pawere. ^An'drwihile ,the
^osjsx- undoubtedly sees ^that ;,',suOh
'-iiov^loptoient is sadly Inoompleto for
^.majority ln a capttailsUc'socloty,
^.ojknowis,, as.th© man Jdoo|;^tfti;«eBjtt
'^am*.*Vm men-ha'^5'Igne^fong
v^ay bwaird «reedoim. efe^beloiitiOal
i^Sfes-'-Of SoaiiU4sto-w«ld",''not^liBive
^atf*orn. Amfm.Wffi^&k
ff&Wiaing of Sotol^-^^t'pureiy
ijl^^teit, a does n^*finjei^ifa^pty;-;a
•JfidfOtomach----t!hat i«w'%^t^litta^l
^pffer;^»tjfc©l elayel3^|l£t:jfta(!^e;
fclalHet soelefcy A^Mifllw^oH-^
"bfllnesaVof Ufa' mi.mt^S,m'mp;
i$Wmm Bi^iBh-^a»||f!W.afid
that tbe differonbe >l*^^4;«bnoer*-
aftiv© and a radical le'e'dtowwefk
time. Both eee thte wrok-Woes» ot
oondkiiona and (both want a ohanee;
but one Ja •wUling totwalt wtotte tbe
Otheriwanto-thechaoge NOW. 7Uie
Mn ^nvtvm ppmm-jmapmmh.
-The Socialist* tolla her to wo* tor So-
cdelftam'ant! tbe will then roceivo aU
ahe deairaa; but the woman tntooda
myr tn m imi equalty with nwK
the vote, equal pay Air eooal #ortc,
•nd^l tke edncational prlTltog« op«
tb man.   She haa no moreItt^ot
W#^'i^"l^' wh»
•woinah who
^ty*/:-1"***^^^:' oqnvipce-'evory
/W.ll^ipea* toom maOcu-"
,    7l!'Wn-»l#.4f, i'lf't-        '     i    -..."'■■'«
*^1, -.-3i *i; f **-v'i.'*sSSt^,t*   r>*. M
■^mnenitaa^lylaB^im       pt^-
;erw^n|f a«JSU^A^Sji we nx^'in
danger of *hiinklnig of thw as'iacpeas^
|^'*t^1,.t/TO|s,-;aiMi.of refr^Uig
tom,«nfrii&^^4^ not
^j^.-^,8^allk<T)apty? vjlbtfo
^q^.q^ttf<«ian^^n%oa whw»;w©
"^^ w* *  ""*"   ' MAsmJ1
yJotx»ry *^m«y mMmm ilWW
a^rent, to gii^&Ss& td'lwwSen
even ttou^jlbyWd^f :ip» $£fe&
.Ian' vote '^W)#S?ij^rSii?ed,tIt; qiay
character of th©
'woman:, .ptoleta^fis^shie' n»t mtyet?
m»bimi^*ibm^tS^p^at ■■•ie7a4
A$ ^Rftfttflg^ed. *by-:tbe'Priests?
.^-.IJ^ttorrpwjatfJeaet, to*wsV
^W ^.#^^^''%pencheii,a"4he
paxflwhaadaai* in,l,ii^^..;A\ ■%*<' -^^ ^ *■***,
'.'■■"i1.'''* *" ^fVjfe"!,.'i*"•.v • ■-' ij
; Si^>eaflonlngras*tlil8 aeams \««»y
daagienwis toreo$e; 6f ■«» women -wno
beU-eve.In^deano^y^.'It is "a fai<1
aiway,©^; ^;oC;^e;l)eqlaratlon' o£
Jnd^pend«mfce,^}||(ftf ^bvemmenlto dV
v*M»'*Knj.i\*i..,»i •-.iiiii. _'i *-*i3*_.  49.*    * ' ■
r rbajohM
does" 4t"^
'Unionism >f
f *.«. -*'• **-t
, ,   ^yho^aTOVmode
at a i^
efullyjpicked nnd jpacked by gloy^Hi
-Thin-skinned.?f Tbe Mdaa^^estlamtmatcrrowtirfi^
>Vc We offer.Wv4iffj»ent1#wwMe pre:
J V"*!""
take ^^^anlfetinllW ,$&$&&
•titon isij^"'ith^^u|^?!UiiB qfliega<Hi
qa^a .centnryiijigoj and^are iMpw'to*
r^h ^a^e^isj^'^ V ^
R^^sfolWaln' it^jwtth*
■nAwe^eaae ithan tie ooSe"=.who tfTOBiin
tm ba eotera upon bla toade or <Mte
htovote. ThiaietheuMantatoftbO
mtttant auttrtge agUatlon In
ly anfttoio mm bo,
mHkante want U now, and i_
not bnook MOfthw wWi nketditi
(Tbe maao ot mee dooliabeta «• t
have aa*J, MoognU* no stngnts Dat
Ibe etaaa atengglo. aod thm logically
they baT« no totaeast In tnftanchlelng
ony women bat ,mi^a>4et*^f ,worW«f
eUm HMOdoro Rotheteln, wtWog In
tba Now Rwrlaw. ahaeew oethat wo.
man ara adaquatoly ugawaaotad hy
Vtm tnthmm aad hittbeie aad boo
banda haoanaa thaaa npieoaet ttoelr
arwiamlo Hghte, M te tha loolal-
Democrat of England mm anlferwrf
nmnm'n auUniga, *•*«* oo^gaaoral
wruntwm ik avvwNMi.^aiMmamNO, jam
kw and tke tort, li locanog It will
add to the pollUoaf power of Ibe po>
Uarhi1* '   *<
tm mmm are rapraataud bf
mtt umm, tbi*r trothara a«d their
kwbonSa tp eawaly navaiy oom to
^y$fcm\,wbpa hmim
maios ;*oidd voto.'; A; heiaited* ntoW
,m^^-^ 94SbR4K
menrts. to which to Intewat ianmHW
. 1^ ftof that, my lamlul*Hj «w«oent
haa centred about the suffrage mwo-
■meat But I ibeMew that women for
a long timo to: oomo, whether ti
^>^:«iValktf'ocibat c^"' '
ifpl^op a werkv to^do to
ooontriee aa educator* ue phyaWaoa,
mW&QF* *«* <^a« *&0&m
w4t DmlbUeM 8octaMit wmwn will
be to tbe -forefront of the battK and
tbelr SooiaUam .will gtve them ooura««
ta^m «nm<A. %nt they wiH
reoognlw that aa.wonm ««&_„._
msmmmtp -Und with allotfam-
wwaeo vfco am UgWtof lor iM?4A>
tmdtton of anaaculkio dewtlam and
tar Um aim iof wonuundod-VTha
■waf, ui»
t- /The, .qu|^r?never won a atrlke, nor,
W8albl^h«d\^^gW, nor a"unlon;Cmo(r
oansed^; p*Wl%,to%;'he''adoptoft.'"l. ' -
? TW^qi^ter-^ks^toUvpitf irxtvfoitti,
•OT-en'-h^^iWWwender/';: xZ7 ':;A
,,_ «^.,—w~ w JiOTighte'
If .In" ic-4-1--"—»-* i--'-j
^«*i^6r848ij^matt«a»r whenvhie
groni>a;ffi*,, wteka; tamo tndddle, bitbooh
■jiLl.**'?*?*'-'-'!'* "K~^.'**&"»£ h■".*.-* .,.'«,'J'^     .
m^bmslm^bMiaE^boitb aWe8.'aind
I'lhoth aides,; and
•^4^^   i*j.* >^M>" -i*    -■       • *****&.■<&•$•   \\*s f-Jif^-r-i ^>«i*f <**i^,^.t     i
' ' * S 1     ,',"
, Wmtti Ooxey Is going to lead an
wrny; of half a muikxt unamptoyod
(wmbhuinien to WaOMnftoni wto Xpjx
im[o dorn Soclajlat oongrMKien
to WkjWmrtoo g jrear horn na»t
month will accomplish owwa,     ^
Grand   Opera
^eulS':4iftidy, nm$^t£ffl&
$&&''.*&** ^^!^.%jpio
intereste 'flQ&fpnpbtm .otifc'^W
•paod^woadeiOi^y, ^ VV* - i $&>*>- ''"•.•
«wr *o bw no «ento^;^hiaf1^n
apeeifc aod^toHe\,irlIiw«%leaiwi
miisht tell him ho had a convlcttOT
and ought to ittgbt for It,: W* le«« w«
nm away -with hdmft^ter than he can
,tWnlk.'i. »'    ^ y7t^AySsxM*7^
It It ia a atrike he is liable to oqime
in the «beok door before tb»U»t'of W»
Miaodatw have gone out by toe ftoat
In a oooteoveray among hia' aaao-
otatoa h» oan perform tta acrobat*
atunt of dkttog on a feoce an* tuu^
log over ibotto sidfes at one and the
•une timet ■ :r \« :^:p,'   4
He ta not of the eto^kwlOeti
owMtyoa awi made. ■        ''"*, Y*i''
tho btPtory of the -whola world. ■
Mw of oonviotton, of 4Mmpb^ of
rowkKlon, detonnlnatloo and unulty
aro tba ooaa wbo make hlatory.
fib quitter la of Tory, little iwe ear
whar* and kaat of all in trade nnton
mmamm. tm raefftaUag vtawa aad
oan trfmmlng ntetboda win tor Mm
tba oontentit of hi* aaaooi«t«a.
booMona haa ortd, "Tha Almighty
bailee o Qultu,"~«boa Worker.
,r ' i
;,*.;/> i.xrz
^w A^fff1'.' .*"* 4^ >i-
p-j nrf       '■S^B,  r -ft*-?!
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, '.SSSWiifpw*'1"!-*    ♦ *9fK*i *4 f   «-WMW*-W<fR(SS«f^^*?l5^»CT
«•tb»4t!"JL""3»«' »**'Vi"•   • '**"' i   "!l1* i^fe^'^'wgw.-ifesiifr; sj^i
"■* WWi?,.,1!! ", "* ;*     xX,   ' .L ' Jsl!!1!111™^'^
Promot DeUverv iff
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^^*Winmmmm!mmmSBBBBm*mmmmmmoimmmmmmmy h .*!i&,^:;-;*.. ^.:.
^t'ttj/t.^m***.*.--   -.,*, ■'.afjf».'\»W-'.W-«'t» -■*■ ■'■   ivimiyi.iU*;) »li*«,«»
V«.'t ;**.,*
*.,'.- ."   "%' .it
Best o/Accommodai
i ■'. *^v?^! J-.**..-    .'.   .  . .. ,j>-B^,'*^y^-^4vj»g,i "wsw-Cif. ;yr*>','
The editor received thia Utter from
«4^^99^^^m.4   M , tl 4 . , t^ If. H    U      ^ -,
"KtoOty toit ftW *«Ay * girt iQWtjup
doaaa m nymwtmao fellow kkbea
OOf.* n '   '*■*•    '"
nu| *a_H__m *mMim<
***mW  4,,.m9***999   «-«|^|H,
"K joe WM eat*1*
oo may ba aMa to
llo «iltornpuaa:   ^.'vTf:^
-It joo %m mmymymot ^A*****
ifS il
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-^j^y^ -_4§___^m'j^^f yj^Jf^l^,'--iM-^^;
gJ__^A _^|^ ^gu^^  *gyu| ^J^^    **^*-^^»j^ , ^^^^^.^^ ^A^^^
^PIP^^i|WW WP^PWil f-waf *wlWPP WS|I
Ibi fOORf aad iaata lula i» pMe mp
| tbe Makk th*« far yea <e «* ae
I jut   Mu|U|   ftuyU.  j^m^-J^i^^   mtm,M  aM^MM,M-.
matblaa fa« m aatok aa iwm I
A ai X'm^K
*AX< 7,;i" Ti i*csyii}-.«A^tyArs; f,
|'*,SS.">* nr&i *¥,?** "^SCiJ* jg#g|l*-»v
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•H  jttiMj;*
*- ■>---— —*.--.-,10-stoo *paaa*» *t    "* ■   •<
UHa>Oate *- tvary   Oeoveelaoaa^- * "** *
a*^,*wii*im -* wpiweai
< i  ,<;-."•   i,   ii'
J. A. OALLAN, *•*
^■^   -J-^slMf" ,     ' ll ." 1
Vft'-W"' '>, ? •»,
""'" ' "lf '   ' *"u"m"""""   "        .    ■ ■maaammmaaaaaaaam	
' ■iixevuiTAtta.
'>',;•* i*-?'
Bstftblished AMI im
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T ' Afr
Wholesale and Retail   TobaCCOHtSt
 n      i i   • * in iliuiii i in  ,       im wm ww w^wmwmwm ww mem w
■ Baths and Shoe Shine
'*., :,"A0%f;
*S,| • • »,i
Supported by MISS N. DeSILVA and Full London
Comoanv " »..*.;;
**The Breed of the Treslia.ww^
With All the Original ScMtiy, Prop-crtiu, Muiic and EfKUi aa.aaai in tlw London Production-
i    "'**"**'"*' "     -ttht-t-1  ---fin iiiiiaiiimr'rr i iiiiriniiii'inwuiinii ■   i     i nm      i i    ii i., jiii'.,)jiiiiiij,|iiiii.iiiiiiiii.imi)iiinni i —  .-«^r«ify.t,, j^i.m m-}lu	
Seats Now on Sals •> Prices: $!.00?1Q0,2-Stf
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nh*iieibaA iii -^Iiua" *ltiwat w^t'Of nniiimti   toll
w*m^^pmpppmm mmm* mmemmw^mm   mmmmmmv   aaww^   w*m   -^i^^wa^w^^      w mv'-m
•mmm fiaiooir ot tbo oowo %m* 1Mb mm
nam -m ibknmm* wtip % "***
H, m 'tMNHRP^ W*iP»o ▼!•»
WWm t%*Wnm* t-mnim, f** %*,
1 1 fit 1     «'     1 '.av^i*'*, ^*j        *  «.     '
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^o'ao*|ffl^tHCVBankhead*-Hall. j
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,      af CORBIN LOCAL
• tA7.:^AMmm7j'f-"*. .   _ (
•> vileettem^/cbtfdjuhday at i; /j
A*X^A--Ho^sm, * 4:<     ?    -."
, „ meismem&W&M} afternoon,, ,,-,*,
:8.jo;;kt"M^I^*?We-  'Stak^w
.'and AcCW,ent«Tiihd attached.   -    ;
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,■"*■■_.*'-, ■>-.'■■.. jS J
' X:iAAA'i^
^pbp^ ^ff^TO/f^n^Btrlf
ci^ ^*nip4^n,t,; hut>\ve understand, in-
ttii-tHigta *^iese c^ies have heen iaocept:
ei" Vi!iMef-naM^diefton8%^-9^
tMiml^lmiix)i Jh»X' i k»ve;, h'ee*Ey «iip-1
J     ■■!*    ,*^
ileimWe^nd quite unprepeoeoiteoiun-
derffthel»t«tlsh* flag ^endtconst^utlooV
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v-»il%e'i*stfe,\Tvhteh ■'.hae •heaniaawdU'
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' ^-'iliihitilr," c«*DJd^iiaJt*@e> ^ ihi ;'the
^|^TOvinaai;*cottipiw etec-
themselves' ptt^l^y
oppoaed. std;"xvtolen|c^', -
*fj^-*^'flpec^a hav<§ ^^-'affecte^
^lit^Wif^^wrge iWg, laid; or kini
h'^n-g^ho^'i^iie Imjirt'soiinjent hae
,ti|6tii^lD!CHoted;for an indefMte:teirm
'hhd'j^iniie^ we prieoners' are'apK^al-
|ow,«*i :pfy(*!p% tbefr wlieiiore.' Tlio'e^
y,elp^ "jj&tencea are anifcloipated'and
fhoVd^wtatd-on of jthe "leaden? isbe-
Igc^^^b"^]^^^^ -fw^Mrttd^^rOrur^cmJly l*n>^; ^tn^WfiS^O. aay;0«*fOQ tostiHc^ to
■wjSwK»i«i^r4^^^ c^Jniuei|6j1eWfce; or tb.'topisfc'aifitolk.
now the but»odng nadl.. t„v,#f*i At,••,A,' '"•'-"■" fci^fc'imMw'jii ■■»«>•*. m,* n*.
«y*dl?W8t;' irevoluiiohv' le" eriiEW^xJw-,
jshtoQnOTM^^^i^ parUy;|oi\enlia5
,i ;Th^^oip»elj«ontraiy; the.gshv^
eetj^esssoo\Wibellove ,-th-at ithoorteie'
h,l.,H'J   j3-'iti'-*J1i*"Jlli}l-*   v   -^V»    '     -'.'     *^       ^    -.  '     i
.^ ,.- ,      if.,,   J*,*-4   P        *•• ,'\i <*.,     v, * .*..,."■■■# unWt   i? -H.
;ISlll%*,W&*l^~**LV*.*l-***"rf ,t>^. J^^-stUfJsv^.. ^ oi,i, ^.^.-.^ii^^j^^^i*^^,
,. \\*.',h'
■j^»jvi-a«^^ja*a-feg«^ jfe»*teW^-jina, >i-jto *Ae^**a&^imnm!MiV8ez..
. y i^,.  ".',*'"j5!-?.,;'?"""".,>-c*'"■"!■•; ."•••^••■•••^•-."••?-5|^-«-»|"*e*"«,-.".-"»-;*<™ ••
-i^c^fAssf^WiSire'rand 'wat,  teilegrab^ v't^epiw^e^aasd ■ tho
puMic preasrw© '^ing.Wn^irfied under the \»retwt'-<< "roart^;i%^,-4not
'merely so as to prevent in<^eme«i^ toi
yioleiice'hut -toiipreven-t ^y^cjt^ain
of the;"gcTOrmneint and. tot#4^^;^KK'
^formation) .helng* madel im-miift^e
"heire w in'-Engl^nd which 4a5;^!dm^
meht |nds inconvenient; thlrdly/^ia^
ffie^«itog811are,*hel*5g done f*6r^«(pr;
poM-a^vE^psies; PWU> In'obn^o^'
tion ,ii^*(|hefdomesWc teeue ih^bweftf
BaiUhn ejod'^Hertzog, 0>iit ;chieffty o^
acco«int ot 'fthe'i&eit comWnaltlon/of;
Botha amd.the cajpltailste to sbeii^ the
nlsfcg.f&ioee of.the Loihor Ppjrty, ln;
purmainoo;;^Boiiha,'a. puibllc and" re-
peat*^ oaseitions that "Soolaldsni can-
luot hS nJtow«3-' lri South AMen." i, o ,-
General de^a.JMf stated yoeterdny
that ''•these iinen**j(thet<hurgher8),had
reBJ^oitto,4■^^IIik•T^EaR■ PAil-
TY,- which 'wae:,reprp«eint'ed *y the
govewnaont In'pow^r. and,had aurived
on ithe Rand to'help to 'maintain laV
aaui order.'f 7/7■; 'iff A ^
"t Owing to thy' exc-^ttonal Isolatiori
of Sou&i Africa we are;<iuite ^elpliees
to putthew&J facta ;k«i-we t^o ^it-
tah puhlie. 'Tho gxnferaunent'a actlona,
,d4<^ted^hyvi»rty;eoh^der^^ yill
undoubtedly li^ endore*e4 itiy *he U^on
,P^tein^iiad;onr only hope>'Ini the
Iiid)e«nnlfyfiBlllj;!l>e4n!g* vetoed',<by, thie
kto|g»/i/. s7**X,'a \'-S 7 -yy ....SS..,,
.«''^O^nllsni-.wlll destroy thrift," tran-
(HcaMy he&owe'the bosahunk-eiquiWier
oni LefiMe'e iWeekty.- We heig to 'job-
paobfully suggest tliat th-e aald' b. ,b. s.
got Ida tenuis twisted, He should have
He^j^be lnunlneot.,:*Rall'way,,,and
mine workero aro (being evicted every-
. - ,        '1 s *5V5 ^ if-l -    . 1,     "     *     I ^
•wfiei^jy../,;,.^.; (| (-   '-,-..'     '
itU-^'b^t'P^lmm.iii^ tlie martial
^;*or ^leypaknily^n mn^mv*}. iT^n vo-
l^"aiao| hooted' <Wi;^ctt^ "'dliitieee
«?inant^fe'# food Bug^ftooJWwtoipi^a,'
4.A^eadnjE:t.f«ilKW ^wt^ oOteh^ I'Oport-
tlng"*a red'tfiag,uilng thewonae t'poeJb;*
'«"»,.*' HMJtjbiSZt,!! a*pe puniahaiiWe off^Or
./&2 or ifourteen jiaya
f^v4ifflok^ign?,$ne6-ringiy^ at',0 "ipplice'
?mn-r-ff«eicalHng the Z&h@rn aiflair.' -
*;"T^Bv^B^e Uploo.ofifiices.jhaveibwn
rajSediinWv;a,l80xit!he LaSbori Party's
■^  >a*Am^vA-*T -,"        .    ,.       ■.y -
head^«pice^.,K.fi-f»?v >■! . .i   -   '-\- . u,
an ssse^iaiw .,*<K>i»stltutioniaa' aind law
iaibddlnsr > eijgfc^n^iaj^x11^***? 5*«m»** oidy, be
$Bte$fe^?&i[0 ' the, ■■ leadens,
a^ jteirraftri^^Wi-raak and Me, and
at jthe \aaijie: tinM^^, i»wamp HenteBog-
iA^4^1«K^^,;\i^i*ch / racialisiin
.    Tha.whote^^r toa been, on our
).*, .***■ jaw .%.:**'*•$'t ■**-9f9*-^** J'*. jv» -i*, Jl'i.   .
odd©. «.ineaoefuluindu6triai' disipute;
™* y^^*   s    *C9t?**pt^?Srpt$Tf??    ,*? ,tyt^  ,f*9it~*'
|^l^in*4«Un^'tOtrs.San!dayI January
tMssS*^S^t'*W **<3S:'A*'• ■>*■'   "At1  •   s     IS
ITmAiik the anatfcet- square,. was mot
■Sh^%it.tJ    *   ** I    2*k&£-*l*"    -        k        "****■    I'm   ^J* **• *-.'
^ti^m^taA^-, ipamtihletB—whta^i
J^e^lwn./lwueid ^from-day to day ad-
tv^3^*|j^w*anVto(, etand"!!^' and1 -to
'r<6*Aln - 'frtofv'" ytolence^--Tha've"*,".b^n'' aa>
restedv ;:anld' the ipriruttEg eateibltoh-
Bnenite; .where tlieao ,iippeale;.(were
printed have heen raided and the ma-
liMtwryjdi^tioyed.,, *.y ;- , - ,
' iA-W'newia has heen cenaured and aiiy
crttiiciBm'of 'the authoaities ie penafllz-
i.,        » »'-£,    «,..,;      ■     .   .        ...     >
to. • *    .jA-.-ii   - « -        >,*.*;     iv,      h
S , *,I   , .    *      ,  ,   *?, t\  • ll   „        *
^|ldj^0tin«|l',of- '6lx* perabris,".",oyen'i ;fh
iprlvnte totoees, afe forWdden and oiti-
z&ns are llaibl^ to thie ^ud-il^lntrudon
'ofdeiteotlveo at '^!houre 'of Me Sartor
aald "ithetf'
night.' 'AA   •', ;
■•' l       ^-
\,' »i|
i- 'jJw-5-.-w*1 -sViVT.^" -i-^..1 ■"->.■'--..--.-,**-*Li-
ta^ufengMe/orowd.'. • A^ff <<
nor eoldier was to be aeen. and tkbujh
to»a ;4ie» ■^rrtot,>-.,M»a \orowd wao
'mi&bkkmiti^ tod
'-OolfcJltoft^^^i^tlk'',;;,, .; rjjfr.. ** ;
-'|, iNoltlwc.on the oocaalon of thia ma«
imeetlng, nor Oetoirei4 nor einne, ;hae
thetreiheett ^kw^-vlotoo^^^lM
^..-jiwao woji^aiil^tliat'.iHialrFlie-
(bavlour rwaa ppfflfqjmtr£&&&*,
tmbmA. The fow hwlated acta of al-
teged attemjAed -Wmo whioh have
and harek It' le oleai', been ,oogto
_^_hyienamleof ,,],*►  ,    .i,**^^;
j&utiei taw, <wftioli catoe Into OPeao*
tlan at mhlnlgfat on 'ntaa^ay* Janoary
uml fa of a atiiOMtteir .oooaraMolOd
w^paaaa   ii-w   ^*»    ^*    ^^^™^^^^|0,'^^^'^    ^.■*-*^^p»|^,-*^^'**^^^T*^»^r^
in "tua Watery o( aoeh dlaootea
^^w   ""IWPT^F   ww*^*m^mrw gp     ^^m*  ^m^mm^m  f^^^^w^^^*w^*^i™
Umimn ami mm allka have &bb
aneetad and -Unprtaooad la a-^wbokK
mUhiiw». inoludlM the ^ttra or*
ennmye ef 4h# Afn^'ay^fi*^ flA^Mr *>f
■a^wwat -a^ ■■• *^^^^f *»**^^^^^^^|^^^^^iw.^"^r^p.^^^r-^f^^p^w    ^^
SiMtti^aML 'lha AinalikitiaHait ttotibtrr
•W^PP^waf    *^n^     '■'^.^^.^^■^pff|.^^^.^■^^^'^J^^^^F^w,■■^^^^**
a^v p^mt^^^m^mp wmtmm *wa*.*^ww^o  flowo e'-.wn.^^j^p a^pa^a^
tha eaoouUvea that himpt tltm).
ud aoeh erotttaNt oamwi^oo wa
PorilaiaMOtary iakor Voidac,, Ml1. F, H,
Ortjfliie, Dufoao, air. t. ■ 90foan,
:-No <^4)B.'l«llp^edjco 'n^ii^ngon*^,
fflgl^t^ali ddetrict to another .wjtiout
denied w e^kaiaoa -j^#»y^ *>,s j; >ir
. 'PerimitOltoe r^utPad foKali^whee^
edvehlctie»;taie^rateo have been re-
,i -■*•   t      r-i—7-7^7-:—    -i
•No^^Ohin, -Socialists :do not Relieve
to "ditliWng up." Uinden fiociallami we
•wdll all enjoy the sunshine coHectlre>
ly andilikeiwtee*alllj'Jhe^ln*g8 "the mn
ohdnes upon that are neceeaary to our
extotonce,. \.'  A^Ofo   ''
".1 vt*,)i        '    ■  '"■"-■fit,£__yt -
|rd^7^'^"*4wy **a deaii Te*
dtown the keettte. lliereie nothing to
fear, s No one can save you hut ymn>-
nelt., -No one .cam hainm you 4wt' yons!-
lm.J Be^freei-r- l*v»i Jove,- <Um&
Ptery.'-'        -l    - .-xsX
V|"W« ,-     t    ,' '.     -,-,  ,**n
^;iWe are hieiro bf the ages. ' AK^*^
^,:'??,?,s** *** ,tile «w>iiie .,who^|e
ijtoipit, aW tho people -wlho h^ye *|0M^
^{itiaive -made this time. ^"ji^M^
'tunfiby; this anoment, poastbte torna—
>*; 77*}'X
--■■ 1 — ■■■   *! *   _  p     j
!Rbc Dangers of
ndigestion r
ORbO Ledgei
5? v.
'' ~ X'xXy^y
Am evangelist was e^rtirir^s
bearers to fleie from tj»e> "^rauOi/jOo
ysm*. "I wairn you." Wr-thuai-tett^,
"ifibBt there will <he weeplngand "yog*
>&£ amft gnashing cf .jbeetfo'." " ' \<
^ AAti <hi9 mooient an old wamM*, tii
^•gaiHteay stood up. "Sir," ahe $v$&
^i,- "I iwe no teeth." i'^"
5^*M«dam," returned  the evangrftet
WTJopely, "they .will be provided."   A
$100 REWARD, $100
;TU«-readers of this paper will "in
pleased to learn v that there In at leu
one dreaded disease that science fo«u-
been*able to cure in all Its staires, and
,that I* Catarrh. Hftll'8 CatarrFCureP6
the pnly positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh Won
a constitutional disease, requires R^con"
stltutonal .treatment. 'Hall's Catarrh
Cqre ts taken Internally, actlna direct-
lrupon the, Wood and mucous surfaces
Of the.-system, thereby destroying, the
foundaUon of the disease, and givlnK
tl»e patient strength by building up the
constltuUdn and asslsttnsr nature InA***-
ing Its work.   The proprietors have so
A:-, A'
'% *,**(""
Ak -,
I    "**
Arion. aln«>iy. can't .be weU-^-ftat',-k^' *
really _well—« your digestion Is had, *.***% t.
lor you* very iood may polaon jrojn1 Xt
unlees tt is, digested.  That ,ia why <ia? »,"."/_
digestion (Imperfect digestion) Ja. tbe ;v   - '.
root cause of   nearly all  our snJjwi'^.* *'•
ailments and ot many serious ones too;   *•'*     .-  ,5
Food should nourish .your body, rand'Us j.    'v ' J
make -good the daily waste which nevwvV,       %l
stops, but It can't do that unless your.f<>s/     "■ 'tt
stomach digests It-. Ncwonder dysi»p«*vM .^/||
tic men and women are 'always »weak Vj&&T«\l *
and ailins—they're starved' and et ten AptmsX:
poisoned too.   Starved, mind you,'1 not*,*t?*$s&
tut lack of   food, but betsause tbfy-» - '•risjk.'a
don*t.dige8t the food they eaC Poiaolft- V-.t*>,^ii-S
"edi.o'ot by easing bad food, but because  l f >$,^f-
theh -stomachs, a*e weak   and , tbeir '.A/A'**."
bowels' inacUve, and so the food Wy.%fe
eat ferments and gives off poisonous;,r, Am
gasee which are carried by the blood   „ \7*£
stream to every part of the .body, -,It t ^^I*'
is because Mother Seigel's  Curative',*,,&
Syrup pos««|S08 in a remarkaMe de^ *. V-Vgs
sree thejpower to tone, strengthen aipdi, *,,-*-^
regulaVtbe action of   the digortiye, • Xt ;s
organs—the atomaoh, liver and bowels tv*>i«M
V-thatltJi sUH,'after forty yea^test-- irMl
ing, the"best'known and most -success-* v ^l^M
ful remedy tor Indigestion, constipation,, T^Jf^m"
Mllo-uaneaa and .the maaiy distressing, l#5r XM
allm^nte which are tmcea-ble to a weak, < k{ - -&,
or disordered condition of, these tn»*rr , ,,; ,,kfi
portant organs. Success breeds ImU . t7"iAW7
tatorB, and thoro are many so-^Jalledy \}7SA"I <*%•
substitutes for Mother Seigel's Cum*; ,     %-■
Uve Syrup, but none of them contain   i« "S
K Uie .combination   of, more than ten.       ,  ,^-*
■ herbal  eottracts upon which Sie rea- ^,.„    -xw
h torattveand ouraMve value of Mother     ,  yA}s4
Selgers iCurattve Syrup depends.   A*/*. * m*v
yoa-attffer from indigestion; and'wlBh•". U\rUi<ss
to give Mother Seigel's Curative Syrta^ \ X%'M
a trial, be sure you 'get the senuinft', ■: X%'Xm
■^tlde, .'  ",    •, ',, -^ v. •-, y\iXWi
%7 7\  7t '■>i*-\AA0?i
iVfJ^1 tt'alia to>ure,  Send for HsF
Of testimonials, i >  -
-Address^ F.J. CHENEY & CO., Tole
do, Ohio. '   ■ '   ;,
, 'Take hall's Family Alls foi° con*tl.
pation, , - 1 .
Price fl.00.   Trial sixe 50cj
For'sale by  "  ',
1   ' .>x"A." f "its!
.    1   •      it, 'i,..,,., fi
,   , A A **'.,
1 • '   1   ■*•!,      *,js -m *4pi
■ fylii' ,. *
.?'iy -.,   ,1,     ht "-'$■<*
^S^rty yenre ago there.caine a brilliant, etoqnent ca-uroer-into public
VIlKfk * dUSt**   *n«k«M*^.   - -   ■ -^IsHfc k-ibJ*^ ±a.hw-L  _■-..-.    aa
*Ai' A-fi-^'11
■ff9 .x 1*1 Sti i '   . -       )l* A -       w-...,
tmssim -would -hftVe^SwovMlliton'a
deaire^ttoe.    -   • y7XT^A-r<
mMbifna not afraidotthofcUnknawn.
ft?Ji,*i*i.      ***'  tt ^r*        -■      \ r l_9.i-4.9m   .-.*e.*9**t £ft*ftW^ S   ti tv
He^iiiui tho ant-bur
* **■ -,4*.     ,   -
„. wyiQffliiffiw*
Wo toart of pity put out tie fires
«M,v.'. • , -'\>-f'tf:fA0AtAX'- .-
^,I^liwktvtip to hdlcute.baitaric
tny$0*aha the tpmti^tmfam
main, ao ttiat ere» theoiost ocmaerva.
tiv««mUed. .The .warmth otW*'heart
andthe generortty ofMt wlodiolaxod
m^ttmm M^^&Kp
the itwnde of orthodox imlnd*. ^ ',
"live, end tat ottera live!" mid Io-
feraoU. it l> more rlghteoca to i/tro,
lay; than to ipuninh skmehi, .The oaat
-A'tmnAX'    '
;/and .peaceful secnrRy as wt$l.\l
u, "VWtli a policy in our oM Kne ,|
ooropany, you can gooff on your
vacation or visit the ends of tho
earth and yon,know youVe' ee- V
ennew The heat in
is always cheapeaf. end eeped- 7
«&y ao jwhen it doeent ousts;
higher. *, I^t detay, about that
renewal or about that extra In- ,
eurance you want bnt oome right :
in at one© and have It attended * -
to.      ■        *.-->*..*.",
r * ;1#M..'KASTlfEit:-:
.*',., ^i%v:-jm&&t<kta_it±'*i'.) 1 ~*"~ "'TTiK^* . *»,
"■ t„ ,   ihMmp^'Mttm for F6RHiE^v0;';.,^a;,.,;r.
*9~1*.    nr     . 9J*r~9 .•*t~^9^--.-.
■S-* "       2*.
l'i r x^   -fjf&yVK*.
II****       -/ •)v .f'
t,*5 'ft ,V*\"W ,->  NAfliJ-'
ire.*-'!"** j'i*4t,1,
(\ti *: , . <'
I, **^*. , 1.1 v," **,   S
[-i-***tnr *m -** *'« -f^*;
.^^     ^   ,    ,. ,•
$%<nA".   * ■
{♦."V^ -il,i       *
i*y*- *•*■'''"   '
I r^'.vi'Tf,!«
|*f ,   .,  ,Vi
»^tHV^'^» "•-'•\*^^^.\XrS*i&' *.*>■
J   «   - * -j *ai^Jt •*• Wm4* .•tt***' * 1444 **m
$tA%K*"l\,ity'*'&fmm*Fmmmm ' ^M'-x-AX
Hlo store is neaaquartew..  1 o^j
»-,.',*. >.»»fii.vif "*■   "~*m'     11* "<- "«-'(«:.ivl  •'.
will always find here everything
fueed intfalatgeinumbofc-trf)instances,,
- It is topoeetole for atriker* to coma-
raiuiicate with each other, and «3me
bf the anpro inmSimt wen have heen
confined to their;hotwes.li-The thoive-
a«e of Martin Lutl^, jthe, ,enthu»iaHn
^te.   Kwas BalVJhto Ch^ h.
of ta
,'.'•*'* A    .       * AA-l'^^h? aAm'V A \
^Wb -•Itaitji1' -MiMiiil ** klyt
^ ^pOO   dai^ooo t o^awoFwa   woeaw
roaod and indone.
■     -Wooddourownguarantaetotlurt^tUmaiioto
- i-Atf.
■'   « '   , * *   *!'    iJ * h5,,^ .
it      Pxif   41-**^ U^v -*?3^ri   m-J
*,i;m-;,..   '     .-»•*,%''• ' ■
-   -, ^' -"*t"  tjtf.*--*-'--)*-^-"--!.,,*,
'..     'I",*.,' ft  tll'7      ,*>*
,y> t(,Hi,^*';yti^i»ijr,'*V'
h «. ^.j-, rtv'.V-- 1-' -*!"
*.      -  * $*,        'v
*,  *    $*< * '\'
•, r''! 'vl'",1!-",'*'«•''", <*!**'
1 ,     '"/!'„% l«n.
», , ***"i^oi -    c •■-j.-^'iv
, v-
V   B ■"' I
f *
,■***,*.. *
,.     Ia'
pW%y*9 s- •*-«* .in •
i,*. ^*\
"A   '
1%** '«• uts,    W;*,*
*■■ ,?.*'..*•,.'  \*   >t
.. ■*. ,'h,'»
K'^tK* '
''',  '**Sk**i1,' • "    .
|?-'U.' *i,
Ilao te tka (M3oiir fen* Mia^
^m^w    wm      »■■ w      ****^*    ^^^'-w-'^^^v    ■■" --^w^^--^    ^^^^m__W
I   ^^J^*^L   iu   ^^^|JL|^^^J ''jf^^m^  ^jpL_
i jmm^-^m m^^^mm^Pn^^v mm^m m*mpi^
UC^^ 'Aato-^BaasfewM^liaA *mhmmi££n *
 , ,^       ,       1'    M  '    \    '
m w/mb pmmm ^^i^^o m^^^^^m w^^m^^^**^^mi i^^^m* ma^^^^m w^^^wwm o^^m^i^m^^w^e ^mwo^mm^m
B?9'II*^L^PPfi&QSfE5^MHS\tfH^Si ■
",-*^?f!fJ.^**^'.f    \'-"jE?."iiJSJE l1 ___,_ ..     '""jf-* '
' __r^^^^^ ^^^^i. ^^^^^^^^tmpmt i^-^^^^^^^mw ^^mmjx^^^^m ^mP
t ^m^^m wmm^r*ppmm wwf vhhhhm^b v *^»^e w^w^^o ^^
, '';iJf f^y* i:,t
™* ■■ *«f Imom aa -loo
'■a jftiMtiaa
, H«'1*1 '' •   ,     , iiT4'* ***   • ^ ..' ..,*.. A..f*i"iti^*^±7."..^. '     '
. _ ^ Shadowing of -pwtow, -by-* detectWee
and police ep-i-ea 1» quite ctBhinon, and
<0to«e eeplooage' lir' hrtng0ex«f«lwBd on
jnivate tol^onM and Jettwa ' * ■ •l<
All contreoare »wn^aiin« .with hur-
ghem wbo are to ^e al^edto retata
their ainna^.^jleo*!^^^,;^
iwmenttr»'-J\p.' * >4^S^x'1" >:
RadteaMkji haa heea dlifctiy revived hy the'^wn«awi,|Sto«jh thii
neaoa and haa :ree»h^ 'great looatua.
On tie othar band ♦ very, large pro-
pontic of m ahrltoaw atf BWch and
mambera of the Iomo *P||uty.
The -puhHo ie fneoajoad^everywhero
hy the police, trorghere and civilian
Coroaa. wbh pxttA bayoooto Unoffend.
(ogt people .walUag la'tog. poaeta, an
ohai«o offloa under "polloa goitd.
of tba oouotry aro being aea* not to
•uppraw violence *{£^«Mlo tha
aaabme awnioig'nf iBg 00000; lllf/h aa
Mpnw wmmiwmwnm* nmt ymwm wm*nm'immjf wj g""a**a ^^
ES5  -Or#if'
*»!*(•■« <M*srt»i*^^»*^wr*-Wfl«^#»«i»^^
yr, t
■in ifa^'
1   S   Wl«tfJ^pi!Whv X     i.'r
mZMJ^ttttmtSl flsuEnsflft
-i^mitl^nWJWWWk^m^^^r ^^^$n^^n^^^m „mwm^mp^^m*\^wt^   o-^^wo^»
■ailly Oerreotad If Veil Only Will
No (woman noaradaya need loae the
<ban& of her riofc Kmuou* hair witb
advancing yeara." dor aod fad*l hair
dwtooya a iromaofa chaps aa nothing
Oloa wMI do. t ,.,' '„',«,
tt aaemaa abane that aogr •woman
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hair whet it la ao eaay to footofo It to
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that no woman oan atttttf to overlook
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aoatoeaa.tbo ortglnai. natortl color ol
Otehalr.  It temorea dandruff.
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tf ttftAa aftor a fair titeL
mm'  wr j^^^^^am i^m^ywew   ^m  *mmtWw     fVfaVi
•1.00, Wo, Mo. oet It at oor itom
ai ipobohbipOmI by McUan^i
Dreg 8ieo* ferala, % C,
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!*yN-«' ?* -rt".*t,,( '
'    ■ it"'- \iX*f ;.'.
If     I
$30.00 up
jtfitufe to Measure &
order on the premises
***!*,,    ,
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11   '"*   **) ij
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'<\ 1    ^ll
,       '' f a
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y^„\ 1 \ ,. v,   v
<%>-1' V* ^    .    . . ..   *•*     ,
s   *    * 'ft***.
, Jt^l^ed: eveiy^tiurclay morning at4$|fl|fiee;
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- ,
V   >
u       *v
. i,      J !—Li—r-U!  „ „.,.
>              s
-\ A
f'T-o   i'
Last week as we were going to press, we received
a telegram from a Local in Alberta'asking,us to
review -the speeches made in the Ottawa House on
March 3rd in tho debate on the vote off censure
moved by, the Opposition on tlie Minister of Labor,
Hon. T, \V. Crothers. The motion, which was mov-
■ ed by our Alphonse Verville, tlie Libera^ representative .of Maissoneuve, accused the Minister of negligence and indifference in connection with his
' dealing with the strike in the mines at Nanaimo.
The vote was (very properly, of course) resented
and rejected. _-     -'
During the. course of the de-bate several of the
Opposition speakers declared that the correspond*
, enco,showed tliftt no action was ityken because,of
,what appeared iffi be more or less sympathetic cooperation between Sir Richard McBride, the C. N;
,R. and the Minister1 of Labor. Sir Wilfrid Laurier'
tempered his criticism by. saying that he would
not go so far as to say that the C, N. R*. has
prevented action on the part of the Minister) but
it was clear that all correspondence plating to the
strike was >\;itli the officials of that,company. He
said-fthe men had been driven to acts-of -violence
- by the inaction of the department,*: andi4hat the
people"responsible for this were to'^ blamed more
so, tban those wiw committed of feticSs Against tlie
Ibwx "•' ,.-■-"*$<**  ■   ■ i
'  ,4.   4-
m.<. m,
All of w<hieh goes to prove, that-memory is a very
*    1*u'j» *.*    e iZ- *     -"  X'-M*ti;V. *   ,     i(   *
\» om asset so far as politicians are egnc&rned, other-
t,y'1 mm, % venerable leader of;tho *Sf|^osition might
/^haVV recalled what happened dttnn^'his^ctwn ad
ministration in-Nova Sootia. ^*- ^ f *
1 xf
W\.^X'^Jsa ^uldbaveidoneif which had been ||ft undone, and,
P. S n   If' of course, used the usual poUt&aratag and refer-
,,%. redtotbetenceBwhere'theWtfgefyfi^inehtliadde.
^cUued to raterfere in labor diapu*$i,\ In fa<?t, hia
^ , wtole energies a^eared to have been centred
ii!  ;  ^ • around an attempt to prove thot he was nd worse
71 J; .Hhan the other fellow, and candidly we do i^ot
gljtlimkto io.   The Premier, Mr. Borden, also de-
* ^ >, fended, and adopted the same line of argument.
The debate neVerthdeas brought out many in-
I torartin-g features, and the principal one was the
j fact that McKenne and Mann seemed to have bad
{ • ro small interest in preventing or diverting the at-
; J tentkm of the government from interfering dn be-
< 'hall of ihe striking miners.
[   Mr. Murphy, Mocth Perth, proved an able chain-
r jpion of the Miuiatcr of Labor, and defonded
' I MoKouie mid Mann, who he doaeribed aa mon 'who
, j had built alx thousand milea of railway in Canada,
' Und that hiutory would i*ut them down as great
IfaUroad ploneeni,.  Few, mid Mr. Murphy, would
'.approve of Old iUtem^ thai they could not be
trusted to give their eniploye«i fair treatment.  So
{foi aa we Imve Oeon ablo to loom, McKomie and
'Miinn Imve provqd bettor financial onginocrs than
£' lilroad conatructow, and any two men who can
utld aix thousand miloo of railroad on a shoe
^trjng tnd oelleot * fow million from tbo government can afford, wo think, to bo generous.
,' .ln«t exactly what Mr. Murphy meana whan he
International Union, a#5fe!tfM1»i ^ounttQMundi
paidior Canadian strik^s^nd disPMt^!jb^1tl^e;J|\.
ternational would excee'^fwe'believe,' thyee million
dollars,     « r I'r^&Y?' *"k 't V^ wf;
Mr, Carvel, of Ow^^jj/N. B,\ $aid;that he^had
come tb the.conclusiQji.'^ter a.study or^t^e reoo)cd|
in this case, ^hat^herejbad existed an unholy: aliV;
auce between Sjr^lSiohard JiIcBriHe, th^ Canaan
Northern Railroid!and tb| Minister "of Jjabor^ A
telegram sent'to Sir ^iuWvMcKenisiq!by*his s««t
retary, and whi'chrfor k«nc J unexplained, reasons,
appeared in the' rte<?-ord,, tlvrew ayery significant
light on the aff^ir.^ Tlie message concluded XQ$j(
these wordsr^'If they. (theMnersJ^il'at Qtti^
ilie Union is d^d,' and* the tobor;trpubleVendcdlA'i
, From that -It^e on;,"said Mr,", .Q^ryeli :tho men
had (o;faii|it:Ottawatf ,    ^"^^\v,>lS|^,.
The; debate ,*. >vas useful inasmuch 'fts? it *|h*tiug3it
out tiie fact the* tho'C^N. R., thleMoBride ^oy|rla-
ment and, the Fefteral.House •w^Uffery mjich' in-'
;;terested, in defeasing *he men and preyenting^any
action on^the pattiof iihe Imbof' Depar^-^tlbut
so fa!r aslbemgbenefici^l p)MtS striking jai!n^re'*a\l
the Coast* or^prbving the; deep .epnsideratio)i:1tKa,t
the Oiiposition ias'-foriabor-rwelli ,th<J Jiiberal8"fl.re
hot in power—t,bat's all!
o, t>*
, -*, I ■ ■        '   1,1, '' ,  '     ' ,
The press*., ha-§fe,beeu busy during, the; past Ayefek
settling the Nahaimok,strike. and signing;upjjall,the
striking miners iwjth an increase of, ten; per^cent,
and a mortuary; benefit:to ithe relatives^of-those ^unfortunate enojagji to ife killed, -of jsomev$3,000; plus,
of course,.the compensation that the company musi
pay. On the^Wc*^ of these allege|. -ajg|eomente,:it
is hard to belife^that vim £an eyep! b|'persuaded
to join a labbr organization, and if ^lith^ndvan--
•tages ^(ospe«i(^f'rpoat mortem) ^^yJiV^obtaihed.
♦ii "   '**'9*' ' *.'J&tfi'i.- '^       j. x-i     TT_^JS!x$s>!i.*-"—jifi'-±--±. is*
internataonalftmftb)unionism, willfdie-a^naturai
"death... myA^ld :men be $$y^*$M$fy
iuUi- a 'hirade^lga'nimtroa-^ea|^^^?|6t4s^
u ' •..•*,      tjiiWi-'".,-).-'  ,-.3 .y *^^%-^Jv'9r#"'-ta iJ
much byi reinaimng''outside! :vBe<Sffial,the ■mit'ktit
is getting beltiraeauainted with?ffit&a«^Bryme|h-
ods and thl&tlrfinds it more diifmf($%heeal
.   '*        „     *•**. -*"i -      ,      •       ;,ii'i'H«-':,t  V-Vwi
same.,~Howe^or^ we have a ^le|^n^f]roin,.Chr«5
Pa^inson iKal canles doubts.to.arisel,withinTonr
mindo a« <tbfthe veradtjr of .thes^ philanthropic
' *   ' rt      X l    m- '   ....   ._    r».*a.   :f'A{r_ _X-d'*'V
agreements.  ^Te publish the telegram beloWt®-.x
•  '.*«     \'r$i*, *'"■t.4** ,..-»■»-   , -' '^rvti'^fnVrfj'^VA'"* \
NANAIMO, B. A, March 9.—Agreement a fake
with few wabt; itrike • till on; circulate Locals.—
Ohrii Pattinion.
"A - • .i,
,J   i- f'
We are publishing on our front page <»He"of Oie"
most gratifying pieces of intelligence'_«[ far^'at^tbe
people affected.aire concerned, namely>/the payment by the Ca«l4!an Coal Consolidated, Lftnltedi
of the wages di$ their employed f$r theYniohthlof
Octobor, Nove»|ber and December, 1912,-.«meh>^Ul
bo made at tho^iompany's offibe ot Miik on Sa*-
uwloy; March^lith, beginning at0a.ini)t)The,eo»h.
pany, wM<& haa feen reeently reo>gani«ea, intend
starting work; fttihe mines at an feMy date. Thia
will be wolooBJia Intelligence to aoveral of jphc wwnpR
in the Pass at present working uhort time.. It may
be woll to mention bare ibai tho. Union officials
have neve* |>oot flight of thii bwineoi, bnt it waa
impoaiible to collect thii money before-and had the
off icon takon the matter fnri*or,Jt hism*»tionaWe
whether the men would ovor have received their,
wages in full, tm they will <to ijriiJor thf preaent «r
^/^ai!Oi^i^Ute;S^ndad-aB "airev
te$^MJs*& ^sw*»?w*?:w*
^PrW^^e-fe^nd; tulflM Its,-WPfr*
Only^Mm M T^prty.AUait ls ^wliio^l
by ^iman, ^-%VV^'*■ '' ■"' '/' -N ,',
I'Thls ji^'i^' jslwiri^leoleiiiHfio.,-jnat;
aary \iBni4t- n^n-m^ttsy; n?TBniUJ.--iwO'
^U!^au<*'ja>,l^t^w^baail %m>i»">»
•^ oonfrioinibed --^M|-pi«fwWnly'#<tet
* * *     I *S1j" Midi's 'i-i*' il--*1'   T« i    \        '••   -
liKjipejit^ ^Mf^W'mnm'O.^Henr^!
'H-.'/Hajr^^^^Pje^s, Mteror^{§t;
Jjaula)''rD^i^eir.''f9i*3:* :' xf ,X\
"'    ;•.'•' ;■' f j,i>A'X*-''Ss. 77'    "■* " , AX
t,      >   .»-,,v',, „.%     j,    „''\^. •»■*    '       1   j..
J.. ,."•*>  t ..Ai" 'V-i-'f ,iJ....,,,.„fi ' "*   AiA.i
.it -tt, i,. -5*,te:v' " '   »;4.--       j        >,        '■
j •». - -"" - '*'* v, ■ -\--nyw ' -j •'*?• - >-:-. >
Jg^l^^m^^i^ SaiurdB.^;are;
"**'Pamnem"«and^'Jia*ck nMl me7^n.
i W%       '*   A i *    ™      •   i*,   v ■   i      * **    i *r
Stalk" rasppC'tty'elyjVl*© tom«t'4s-la
^ibhireie^e«l version'.oi'-taio iftpip-ons isiage
^^p^niotlon^'il !M*ar^ufe.*s*te Snow apipea*s
as Oa^^'Jl^SHWsGar^oiaa Joae
-^ "%*Ud^"'Rji&aeB as'it'he toreaaor.'
,AilV _4ihi€»sni9U«| scenes' aa^e giivon,'ita-
filni^^4t^*«te>^,*M«ii^, smuggUa-g.-r*;,
■IfKiatS cfear iSa^iy, ibuU" UgibV et^Tfies
<stimiixtii%J& Wih^
production is^a oredit to .th©, ^hab-
•houser -oocupany!;:. "jiaclc audi .the B-eaii
Stai'k" iam^mhtMin the olfl' laOhion
tetry^aie^i^-48 of^p^clal •}niterwtt::to
c^j&nem ^MO,*iv^to^i)ihy_;^v-!^i.
tW'n^ll^^^vte"'|t^'aidnlit~'> Tlhte la
Tainbttiw^'^|m4iMii&?;p lot
i, . *...**. *,   t    *-. i.»i<v W*V* ,,v.'< *.,.'  'tip* •*
two reels; and 1« quotedi 'by tbo oom-
ry,      lfi.,.\       5 /•MV*K-**,*#**-}i3*f--.. l*    .)**lt,4K,ini4tJ   '
• ij A.A i}-. >-.-i-'<ig*.''-"g?'*.yv'.   'xj__}2 ■**!
3tam hae tot^u^-^ring the-^^
&-,pmmm0w'tieai& In mboim,
wiho tod fl»en ^<leli#*lng large audi-
fl»en <leli#*lng .T?l,x„r.r^
enoos iwftJh operatic seteotlona and
oodqar"-     r«s'- h    vTTftVPM.A-Y
"""" ' -iy 4.1*. a    X&, fik-z
i A  ■ **|   , iiP'.. H   ii   . t i  ■ , ,     M    ' >
' r«     ^   '    ■     '■    .■ ■    -v ~■ ^ '     .      v
r.Sep«lttoy/rreasu-iw A.';Jn,paitar,
leovea ,*onli»A^ifor H*Ww»o^,C-H<f*Jjf
aOso wWt lifithtorMge bo^ 1» reWnia
fto'PewiSe, "" "    ' I'"'    '''yXAjiits^:
9* ^    ' '      -    '" in*'*&1*'K\\£
■> • •     '   ' * ,j    i \   *j    *sn ^*
totarnodonal Boaird Meiii!%"-Re«M
•has <been called nmvy bo /tafce-upjocin.
(&gtttee' wo«fc at (Weone, In .ebooao«
Mon with the InUwurtlooaJ,-'';::''*' • -■'
'&-*-*    '  A'      ,      '      '   ''■"    „■ •"•$};  A   .
Mr. W. F, Carroll and |Mt» EMWh
Lanodon, of Ooal Oreek, ureire -QtOoUy
anarrtod at ihe Met*»d!l«t vsioooago,
Pernio, on Saturdaiy, March Wh. *   ,
Andrew KOjK^ch -waa ai-nwM.at
Now Jliolwl on Sunday, rooming,
charged with obtadnlmr «ood« by teles
jwetonce* in Houflw. Ho waa l&roufhit
toHoaroef, ond irtll be tiled befttfaJT.
P, Drown today (Tboradajr),
-.i- * ' i i ''
tlaoa la more tnnMe ta the world
of er tho dlvteioa bt orapeity tin*
flooo Unno any olliar oeomat to Ike
ibmwmtm m, mm oa mmeoi -Hum the
mOMirtlAil nleartaa of the atom die-
wewi ao aa wwonJi conn inraoto* w
the wef>flali. It li tlie aroat fooeda-
the oaalal oroMaoi,
SImmm m bmt, two letelt et aron*
iw--**v»tp   ^pww   gfmmtm   ntmmm    wnarnmwam    nt    ^pp^wpp
li fNopwffjr <uwlt by labor,  Tb* fin*
1 owt«bly to oonwtl to nwttflctal r«ir
Mora  Hian belt ot th* ttmmmt    WoaMAi ia wade Or Mor, not law.
waatth ewmiofotod ht tbo etatkU*
ekne, aotaltn* l«0 WHiono. la ooroly
UM  propaity;  tt Ha tMOotaOovylBC
flower tmmmm  hito wrtWnkabl* ooAdbooooHioardlt. TMetattwHg
mum made Oy port «at of taw nnd
Uw-nado oropertjr «»■ not pny tm
aoraoea. 4%era la ao fire rtak. It
doaa not rot and rait and toast awoy
tike loboMaado ffeparty, It Is not
Wlita a -dly la Oeatrayi d bf flea, the
ownera of Isbownad* iiropeiitr loae
pfoperty toal aotMnc,
oo^Pw mmtm^ owsr   ^aa^^w*^   ww^^  tm^mm   *w*p   ooo^o
the law eannot make WOaMi. Tbe law
«att only lake It. Thit la aba oMttf
Oinctton of tbo laws, to flnt take It
thine de InreatmtnU.   Qreai ta tlw
aetar. m» enwtmd I* eattad oenomil yl'y....^*. wr f*1* •gy,to """t^.
tmnmmmganptB  oboo mip WaaoMBo w»ai oiiaet too Iwe aao
fwm.     ^    ^     ,^|(mi ****** ea/naee  **P i*o attti *eAt **m
(tpl^^*Jk   g-^   ^^^^^  ^^^^^^^. mm. JWggg^^Wjgg^ l_^_M_m m^ht^^^
twi mmwrnt wp^mpmi   »ao ^^pmt**^mp'   ^go^o»o*.-**^eiiF   o^^aa^o^o
TaaoWr mt^-'^b^mmt a^wmimw* mFnmmmp www^^m^^mmt *^^^m wmp^
pt m rnpwm. hmt aaO aiora
thmfi. kallt bt tafaav ant of
mmmtpp   mimmmoi    m*§t    pwwpmmt    wwe   we*
Oor -whole etvllliad lodoty revolve*
amend tbo Idea of oonaarvtoi Invoat-
meota iwtOor than oonmrvtno man,
aod (Oboo fba na)or portion of iprop-
mttr hoMhim are law.mado and !«#•
pumm$, M fotlowa In K>alo9l oo-
qnance tlaM, In order to maintain tbe
lotagriur ef JnveaHnaats. ao tbor ore
mm -tf^^tfiObw-fe^Mv   A'tfto-BAim    w^n^n   nwaewmP    ly^   ^m^-a&tmm*,
p mx-mmtmpwww^^^wm  wmm*w*^opi #  aae*^ae  aaaooowr   oai^ *^mmm*w w.
ttm bf tfc* nrtlllon. And ao they are,
and tho -Waaieo aad eMUrM of tbo
uiuyL ^1^ ji^^*^^^_^  Ofc   n^^^fj^v^^^-   et^*^   _^_^_*JP
i*wm wiw inrown in -unwnor ior ion
f^J?^!!^_,,^J^-**l,^_*fT ttmrnrn, Am it nwaf. hn tos % tm*
m____n, ______ ^LjiakjyijM^Lu. ___j__on.-, im*^. *^»~ .  * *-*.   ^^^1^
net ■neotnanwae wniie iiw<ineoe proi*
eitr etMa eo fbo aoale tbat tt Oeao
i. E. Smith, praeldaM tm. 18, V,
M. W. of A., w«l imve tbta weok end
lor C-hlwMto in rwpoiwa lo, a toJaoram
fooalved from tat*rn*t*ooal Proaidoot
VMiP, to aMood emeettnt ofthe pott*
cy commltuw of lha Uniled Mino
Wortoaiw of Ammioa. te-'-iooOoatloo
witb tbe netottatloni ior araga eon*
fcraota In th* nmirU eomp«MWvo Wold.
;wwtoien'«<sairin*tft • Jbargajn--; ori-jj^ei^al,
tapooo^Ulhi,farge*empK)yii^VOf,,'*Jalb^r.:. m\
% mi^^^ina'l^oiie W :thaitl4n1'ileaiiinfe-
^■Xi-i-X.x.X''-' a';" x%.*'■-' V'*«l J*;.fr'SF."^-".'-*1 •""= ~'\   n;''W,»i:'
' %ery,i»afljagra1pih In;n^^'*^^1i^ko!6toea!va- ,method  of -^(eetia|
Own'taildiiir.fer iih<e '*£iri«nnf?%%M-^<'l3i!d.l'*n*^i^ - ' **-/ rA?lAr
own'aijpaip.fef lihio,ty*i^mj>^^M^)^»,
>TOiftew^**olf [npwtfflm •h&y&Sp^ff^,
jedj^Mlh'tloriOer. ttmesf''.W4lei» .were
nooono^d nf9;ri®hit«j ;<h-ey swore^bnit' Uio
nw^jtp*^rll^g^,«|ia| ,*|»e'Jt^MWi8 Of. bva^
mii-yphmMiy>^i ■^attpu^773Mmmi
ymmarawwe    **rggma mm? ^*i**^fm,wm^W9^-iam^''#teioim*na*w' I'mammm** ma*
■^ -fioundaWon; oj m , Uibointj^
1   w*-*V
Som« gooioHcal.tniluf ba« dlecov-
•red thot tbe «tna*»o ef IWnla (by
«» way, where lilt—on the tOp of tt»e
Uuurd Raaoaor MonntFarelat) 4a uot
oniOMt ter road toolMIni, tlo#eoer» tbo
waMfiKo of fonrfo bovo wWelonl oie-
meotaiT   aecdoatoal • bmiotadoe * on1
■wiwwf       pi&n*^ntp(t m^mw       mwamowjwmwmmfy' *    owo
know tbiat oo have mora (ban onouob
load -oaHNad^ owuad fontn. iwbbout
■oaMnc ibe BUMtaMlaa or imi aeidal
traiwpertataon, to -pom tho wbota Of
a. 'Haaoeti, bamaier, kotm tooie*-
raw OMrotof tm Nolaon aad too &oo»
darr eoootin, where ibe beattnt Ot
m foWoiwifnt raaat la wb)0i| fl» %
omwated 'WIN tnJre pYaeer At mtmm
mm JebtaiQO va, Wooaa-!
tm,    ■ «■
BBtlTO awrtts In KMk wniiaiuon of tro
4ba0 the* orgaaidiMtfton jymoSXteA
mt«fbte. (but In onr ^y^ the right of
wago' earnem, to1t^k*>*>'^^
rwkfa one anothor la not'dlractlyV£
nd«l Tho lognl rtgbt U a«oii«l ovi
^wtamn to Jodn ^th ^ f^^ .
aa «<ftrt to (bargain *4tbW*«tnp)bjw;
Of ooiiww,«»tmViaM^y^'mhutii
twt .^s^te-AM ,¥<«' •" ■'
mould; owiilo, ««1 thte rery
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fiuolneaa of all Wndi la organlaad.
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protect «h«n«lv6t by appWng th«
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eMve, tbo fcanem which l« tbe* <Hw,
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*ho«,#if|0,^|i%ia and wooan •«
trr. That thia vnat irotober of toOare
raaHio the >neoMBK7 of «o«Bonaion
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mm be eoooluilm raumant to «be
M MVfpP l|o PVPW   V|MH^|9^pPi*l*^i.^^MII|)l | I^^WoV
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a^Sineail^iriihaa to doiW|«r^j
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,'. 'A. T
^5j5*j.-*   ' A;A-'M
i^_^—     .... _
fjiewK fine/ ^rough*red T^lgtoe
.Sie; wrtto al once: W. Paniiol, P.
Sf^Pt^orolaC B.'<?«   I.,* j" <,'^',\.,tJ|l)
. OOMma-Di.  KHburger,  ey«flght
and'Monday, MaMb 7 and 1.^ Houra •
A.m. to 8 p.m.  Boo notloe on p«4« t
■J.   fl-      l| tt ,    v      , lin'MMi
1,-MiiU. - .„-'■■ —u-^-jsaaaoaggggggag
to C Cao<«r, 14 DaJtoaAv
wJojwtHnK to paynwafd'tar
FOR :8AUB,~CSwaoi   aooaUed tor   .   ,«.,
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-Swj* ,-.»*{. • i   » ,ws,, I" I*., t.  i,    ,.,*,» -.'^v',**]. jf«i#' • « j )«^
Crow'* Nest Buiihew CoUege and
ftinv t. lyjpoifit r
•   '" " t)*l
Academy of Lansuaffes
kOtBnxm   ,;    '7i!)t*^»W^
Grar«f# Aj>» or Bvtninf to Suit Diff*r**t SMfl*
'*  x \ r^,L,xx ■ ;  - .. ..    "i •"" Xx *'?'".
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reilli-3 rtni uViln rMil, hIiti nOlflr Io
tba fwwial fffTifttflft" of p«n>i«, aad
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W-W^yWitHHW»KlftjnntMrt^«^'l»«w» va *• t» ff    SftxWFmm}
hihWrtty 'of ta*Mi!»d* 'property. It em
mmm,  Ttmm Om ailiar «or of
*     *M    t sa***. flWlW, mlWWWrWi, mmfWi fmww   fWwH HHlflf Jttt**otm*tP W *"
*■*    J^P**000'WOWPIO-t /j, ■■ ■ ^a*j^o^p,#^^±^a^bi;a*^^m*^mm^^  ^ju^^   ^^^^, ^g^^^,      *.    *^_^iM      t^j        ,j   wiwj *,*, fumiy '^f^*   t f    "   A-Htf" A      a
^u^^^.   ^^^^^^_^^-^  ^^^^^. |^^^-_^*^^^^^|^^ ^^|^^^^^g^|up   -OMMpom^f m^t^^^t^m^^w wa*.^a**iflp ■■W'^w hvo^o op   o^^^^a ^E^H^P 9B IhIv ^^0^1.^0 flE^^HH^^HHIfll.^a Aa fl^Hfli
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*^^ ^^H*^^^k ^^^^| |^ -i*^^^^.**^*-.^*.^^ ^.^^ g^^^^^_^gj|_gi    oMHMw    mt^^mm '^m o^^w ^w^ w t»^ ow i^rmmi ^^^^^^    IHHHh 4B08w Cm   ■bVRmm VhvQ'  mO flUflf  -tUL*
_^_^_f_. ...         »_   __,   - ■-- aMNf wilJUw by tba low. ataaatlui dttfe-ibn ooaa. te th« *faf« *d
mmru moiw and In lumr eaootl-     Maw, tbo oo» rml wetwi why lew* <be unlaaail aradattlta qhhw ef abe
|ravpFw#a^    *^^i*^*    -wean tw   ^"*w^   ^* ■ -—■■-—-     ^^^j^_ ^^^^.^^-^ j^        Im^I -mmm mm m^m^^^m   *•■■'■ ■   ...^.a  -**   ,.g^^^^_____-        l
i^Z*m*b mam rmi tnPooA      llbaoM It oaobtaa tbaft lo take oo    iWwi tmmmmimmt ot tow.
1^ • —^o^H^iB *^ g^te^ 00*mpam   f^MlfKMM MOVQtK Of litoONWl4© pfOfh   0$
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ofofoiMtf areald ka talatata* lo *|,f^««^ «*8 «^ te ^ «*w««^ aUM inborn** m H a wtebuiiera *» 10 <bo ortNyoaftWot IO0l»MO ffl
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aw wiaf•t^^^iw^tw   <at■■■1T,^
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W^B   ^WP^^/^-..^P^'P^^Pfi^'^ -W-^^^^Bp   Vy  V^ I  jmm_m_^_B_W_^^mW^^WAm^W
tm ow**i *at laumiw* pw-wi mJWMMMfMMW
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ijtki&iMSli^ .Ji. *   1.
^^W ^^^_m ^^W ^^^^m ^rmmmW     wmmwW-^^W wmmmmmW ^^W ^^^    ^^H     ^^M^^0^^^^^ h   mfl£W«.^^J
3' j*^   '» *■>-*.*>■* ^j..» ^ *wAniittWrf Wmiy&y.£tfgk lMta#ftmA Tii^^l'ti^"' *     a v ^*^^^^^^^^^>^*
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v,"- * '  v«-i 't< ' ^t-ei^A^flp^^ "'M.W  •':»;"", ,t^'i.
»'(«•' i      •   I'lf «#^ (')      ",f,» »   t,,  >,fi)*S»*"J«     -    >,    ft    i» »      ">  -»*«#n   •* '  tt.,.)*     I'lflt   *1   i       '- "f,      lit*  ,i't
Levi and McGinnes Running for Offim
Two win,  There am jwlHi^l wMlliii tbat prodnri* tifimarioni lanffbter. There hi tbe hin-
"t njeotkjiriifo ti^% fm.milW&'W'fowmfoJ^ .MtObMhtttri
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it^SV" ^ - dfc* wm^mmmm ,$■ x.Jmr«f, •ipft.^^^^'^'awpF^i^wwr
hsttm victor di%w»a.'i'i%oddJ*iray*^
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mm^*uxh: .y.r, -^ ^y... M<t%*^ ',-,.<w^^^ ;^-a^>'' .,'f" • / ^^ •■     ? '^*>v^:-,v»'/i
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iy. Oi^t vtnboli^ptar orith anodjT^^ *^^ :«^btt*ni>ftt;iri'^p%Ji
F^f Crea^ English Aerial Picture
/ X-t £\iJ w itTmfX   Jt £Z& •• vi#vvX/i)
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A\» if **f;iiif*
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,>■•» ,Xiia0'A;i
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^'« XhJT Smtifich?- r*™ iSri#v-   - ^'? "Si $& *'t*to'S
flbO**W/m*t&i '^otkral '"of-a
to stride
||¥W^0^^We, as broken.
Mm intend m'a$ns Wr'^nN^lbe
future  Jita,8;,njany,m-^8.w^tti^ilioi;
wsa*?'  •   •'   //^'^$fc#
- /fiber© w«re (two m&^-p$jkp£
W^i,-ft>r *s burg on SundaF,%*
w-^.GpqjM,,>nMi laitW was%i;
li^toiaie'.WwKers' Hail onvSu&l*y
"**~ '"T».'-fW gave a very (powerful
i'-t»',a",good'>-awl!l©nce.' ^    ' ■"-
■JSadSy??SEK5,®,*e81 *? *fc ** u^TOomas e»wdlw. who has boon
PMitaF11*'**'*L^T *te»,'fw"«Mne ttme;naife-awc
3gam and f^^Lpf*p,'mt mo -may
W^^^jT^ .ooadittons'con.
/*^S£^^'s^lte''|tert Mmjxd-
&&*v!?W%Q* aHifcean. -praotloaajj!
W°;l^^\*|l!f?»m^«w»m©nt orthio
|^^^%^^W«t» oi "obtaining'
'^■P*^^ horo '-or, -etee-
jwJk^ (>^ovre^;Wliw© a^rekdiy ap.
?*&i!$P** $!?¥#, Bxoputtve Bonk
.^ <WJ*P«!N0^Jr, • -liwwa "l!h«gijTO«d
"—'' "ifirentton of Dtetntot IS,
enad \«8,'pona^ori''witli,-Hie Wost
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odaqwslttontttlfboB^unicndne. '-V
• ^.^3^«xbtb«!5onatIMiftdAiir&ut.
«<<&$ .fctawfc „7«h, „wite not pilled off
anfatfvwtta©*, ,«* of- the uneni not
ahwrtntBTup. >fe t^letaasi Inan,
Fl^idng Mac, was fonHhr groundsDu*
Young lm&toS'pfy'bfft; po tom^
-Th© I^ul.'Rainey'i'Afi'loaia'ihunt pio-
tures were «howna£t-t(he Lyj.jc -xhea-
*», on (Monday, nigh*? ^ # ■ ^y.^
pm\,^^^mi£vr7*j'i. y^^- * -!
&S^-,w?ff^*«e:j«p M^WW&fc* 4thih«rS xootf^Mat£ t^STiSflSJf *
VW.\nnt ,lio*„in*» »,.«i.»f... ji...: : _<„.-• ' .  ^j^ mroatfl^.t'I'i-nr.1 n~v.__ , _: _' * T        TmihJmM*»Sm.-*S,JiJi      ,-**.•        fl»vu, wiww,
r^loe fi^Idon^^ Gnahanv was prep.
,....   *k r* •>>' 4' .^l#'^M'uf«^oif;^i© ucai «Mio-°
-T    i—   -?7^f4'*Sfv*.1'TTr w rv«4*giair8r.
.^?^^W8ji MH'nrBl fee
jn« ,t^'^s>mn»ten*cei"^t 8j^SD.^jwm»0k at
- '-Tho, tlmmt^m* bttttaW ■touwuar'
rawMiit ^won^j^im^ce^jr; Toon
1^'l!»fam^iptii&iinp iprik
tym^avm^:tm!imtmi ,pri%.
.-m-oersdliaunj .jjpe.*-^* ^£| >f,     V
',; *rhe .IMfcto^batfa.!^ a^
iiitibei!>dinK>,weier VroetileaMg ^JKiaarJ^ '
7 ^^fm^^p^a^<m^f Mftfliei
on 'Saturday pbrttlnfe' fewp' few "borae'ln
s^l* y:A^iAAttf,&'iA-''- \ "iti^i
r- S#l-?bal#a-*al>Unlon Notea^M"
ip|n,-sSanda3r,Ja»t^Bro.' R^J^'-to-*
,«ali^iu«*\'**l«,t**».fi*t*i*u"Si£,*^4'^r- "•'j.St     —t*%r
<^,S^PB«e8ion. fBho fiipeaker "i^od lihe"
■1f)!,^,B to ^vote some of stbetr ISmo
«? «^d*tag *hedr position in eo^efcy,'
'^s^^ P^y toawtedge .that te" liaok^
ftS^fr^**".- By asfrtmmalflng'fop
;lwWl^d«.of aclentlia? SoolaMsni; tiie
*$&&■&***•   TMs iwtiben syatein
naj^W aboaitehed and that Is nhn
wo^of anintelMgent on^anlaattonr-.
toO'fljf, of C. It was evident froin
tiio^aw^ion given and «h© intweefc-
tatt,-Ofl£tfap aafcedv«he speaker ithat
^tao\«ju^ a Mi -v/mxt the miners of
Be-ten^X'-wooU lfe a .wise ^^
On tlhe^ of'ibhe S. jP.vof C, if it'le
possible, W have a "immanent organ-
4??er of,tihe'caUibre of Comrade Good-
■win,4n Ddatrlct 18. \A   ■•
W«wn|e!*\«opk- pi^' *t ,^MJbUo
on mmt^*-v ^ AX ~a^7-''a
. \ 'Manfftodr-On 'lThurad'A\r* Mumi," wk-f
they-dare not
IVf'^VdliilW^    * '   ' i       i
Mttordn ijuyBoT
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-fe'^ %^'
-boHier If wa
. -- oCvidba obupobi Inetaad
t^tbe Boy Scoot ««m,
**""'      JaooJaa-i^Oiitarlnf
_^ ,v,rMW«faf
^•tbe^^i^^dlal*^ of
._ ,_ , JSHHP^bo
fcw^ :^Wng n»n^^oiay mw.
T|P?syS'-''- g _y'_ i*... "* --Mas.'<iisa ji'pgs?*"io < J>a^
<bnven^lipn ina 'L-___,_*,_r, «..„„*-.
Jm'!»J» * »«#• «iwt>iiMwe.
The apoeU 'lmo»M^:i^^<'{or
aftar^o deteeabM^had" e^i^nod ti*
action et «» oonvwaon and tn*t tt
wM.ron.r^y undewtwl ,m^2
wa oonawikiiie\»il^^piynyil\to-**' the
■jtorni^d. rthe-o^jn-paiy;\.y-:, '\"A  :X-A
.■■,-,«.,,.„•,„     •■ ,   ,    -, A^^>TObw ^''Beidovuo' people
■..   .^  ',**• yP?AW?\*M aware,Hour. too^Jltt^r-^ibartainni^t^ren toy
SP^^:^»e*^8 solldnrtty'^r ^tt^ ^^ ^tplJ2
-*o^eri;su<5h'lan aggresafclon.-;T!lio
Qefisiha.' glrl8\^ejiifert84nmenii,*:iwiais"Biu-
parib, dlsiplaying' splendid4talent and
tiatoflng and ^lod|ge.ni»akn«loC the
TXy&to? Ord«r of ttoe 6ons of Mate, wss
«nd^jlnt|rft8tin^-nnd e^Mialns^l ;*'
,;i»en«in8^r. the <tUmp^pBi&^t>
'mot l^T^^;-U&ircti■&'^^in
tSolreft now and heUp the Wddias.
of,to©'TOiikln«m^.^ Help is twsentr
ly;- needed, K\fty* time' Do-aM you
©an ^ainid^ aid;^;^ nive, ,throu|li-4h.-eBe
'nulsemalWe exiting oooddtlons. -
Por«^: ^«Snfca".io- A.13, .Carter
^•^~-^^n#'->ernle, a C,   .-*
**» ^ •J.'' *
\ 1tt>os.?<^ iHtontfe^ Seoretar^
«k -barrels an&*a
f» »|^WfelWrp^c»-'
to«r '*b^'«l^f?:tlb&a&S*
4!i$s' - *
t rf* Or   ^.t-^!,    -S,^-
the preetdient In tie cbalr and a Wge
«of ^jr., exoneraUoo, * ^ motion wai
made and xmnted tbat ^edonato $100
to tine noonbera of P«**nj». Tbo of-
Woa-oC <«e«ur« -wae^lao aboltobed.
Tbo tlmiwtel aeoyrtary jivW In <utn«
Mowae 4ba*V'#^V:waa:«ao do-
obfedbr<1»oKindme to enforee
oonrtlt««ion mtniUy wnondod "
-*»r ?v wmis?s yx,. , •   x"x;  , bm Soodaoi work.     •• ** -,, *'  •
•«4«. M,u -^bi»it^ift!* ,-TOttoMS ..tiltt^llilk 8 8. A. level Monday end •avfopaoUlo
.Morilooa aa to A, wortda* «m
W*V»n totamed that thai* ia an^
ottwc weddtat^to take fdaee stortl^
etaif'* tbo nipple on tba taoMOblo,
ao tbo rook quntJon ls one of nnrtoon
inam*aa-*aioio ■■ '" "0
[    <!0«*a «WNil«» looked I6rwwd to wW»
x^-ry ""     -----
Mrtl,    i -fjlei*'.* ^  !►,»♦ -V- ■*(
iffW*" jar
bono ano
wm*,**i<im>mm,',rt *#*?
Vtm Kyrn hni the rain
j_m_mm j|i| tmm imt^h poi'tmiilom b#
HH'* m^^mm mmm mm^m ooo *~vaomm/a^m pmrb
!*-^Vi''l-iao-tOea bor wdaL
^    ewa****.****^.^o i^w^w^e^*e ^waw^oi^B-w^a  aa^aao Toa^oi^..Wir. mtmm
.ao*jo90Roa *iwoaka* v«aM,.to Wnk'-wiM- *»
?Stg4j^^^am^jt ^m^a smam , #^^Ti# M^n»  nm   bp^.
'am^^ fy'XSA t». .St' ' *•        ,   ,        , t.S ',
|m|fct» ■>
^ a«l IM** H. B«^«. of *m
.K'^MWk'ottli-Wnoo WHon
of UiO1 NOrtblaad,
. Jtifflr Mila la o Ho«n«r vwtor.
Harry at«l Om afhotioiMte iwoortH
Mora bard tmde fak bomnMul olf
oofo-lbne tot* |)A| .
'*11'!¥^?.l^,*f<|l^'^WW|l trnatoaa to>
ek ta5 hwrtttf tot feck ouoa paid ui»?
oam!Pa 'IC*^ i»^-|i^H»a.la3«Ba,-*vn»B
port alU^J^,.!!^^^
H lMfoooMm:-cm tbo'jwoonb of
#ebao#^;iftar ;m$m '&$ *ok
to to^i^lwow.^toj W
Tho miineii ar
«ot« of men are ,.,_T^»w,_.yw», __
enable to osoura wtwtf^WXsX7
*od ^nd too mi^ fHpTbf^
,   NVjmlnMionn-weie rioolved tor d<*
Sloau, Trtio severed Ms oonnortion a
Isnr '^.M. 9.999.  r A," X A   )*■'      i -.*. i, 4
owes.   Bro.m;!D. MiMabf;
^t. AJoo the Rocky Mountain oowvw
tion. Bro. H. Eteer wai noralmtod
tbr the lOUer.  ■ ,: ,7, ys
Quite a tow ww ootnplalohig in thia
mp ot not ffcUng reHaf wbo bavo
bwn tew otf tor a oooaMOfalHo tone.
Wa tope to aeeaJmn brtot tbalr «oow
tto (before 4f» Looail nrtaro tbsy wiM
b fOMydaaXottb. «» Looil Unloo
la ever #dae> 4o oooatdar aN daosrrti*
oaaea, Out it's p deUcate uaMer 0
handle and «*ve aatlobMlfoa to evwy.
one; our Nnawdai pooHtoa <wl)l not al*
loir tbat *
♦ Sy Obisrvir +
fOF);*da3W ago, *    .  tfm..^r, ,.
;. ^ tainM aneotW:kTM^^at
^W„Jp*§, whlcf^:^^;
7tb lnat. adopted uwuilrabu«ly the re-
oommeadaUona of the laat Interna*
*taa|l oonveoUoo. ;ffW ooottnf wm
^eU^wiprwMrted, 98 pot om* attend^
W Bro. J«wph F^bfan, of &3®$;
mmtm inaimer tatwpwt^ to tbo
*0^ Bnellsb apeaktag |>rottw«. ta our
opinion, if thl* -policy waa carded out
rtmmyt tmmm k***vm*o> »^
Yfees could ibe obtained at-& moa'l
mbn\ 4t would tend very oetortjiijy
*».':f«t the membara lnter«btd in
*b«lr woUue. "«  "     /;   - py
IMr. nod Mra. J. l*ompwa of the
<xmmo. mm, w$, %o3mW
4ttn« thetr daughtor, Mrs, T, Dtmaui,
ot4be Pasture Hotel, on Sunday tem.
", flfce ratolng mom oround bom aro
In the same old aUipor'Ea taat report-
ed, «so«c>t maple Leaf, wl** ^
mmm <wo daya during the week
OioaiM of tbO
SP-^- 'la"",      .
▼a^pr iieawpri
w -oroaeM O{0apablo oilaa. for IM
Wo bnnbnl vital bttmm thn bhhnm
to 11m new
%'.*'*.>t»«,^-*.,*4tJiT«.«v*^iw.,^".iifc*{ «»v *;*■.'. i i
,   .l!!j["".l'J U' "J]   'I "1 "iP I*1'  ■"! HUH
|***..'*i>l *^,h(' *
S* I.Ti;
i -##i
mon at ibi
fpi • ■ » ■    amm  "^mmwrn     ..  . ,
tor *t wil! alao
Ia*,-*x':■ %'jM-,ihf%\*\l A^k»■''/
It M l n,m
ii ' "u
•   iMf,,^    I   ., f        , -,4      t,*
» '    4II>*
fVMiJt tjupille lia»Ua4J»4s bwtkTOoK
b«Hi«Wlji reoovatei w: Itofaaon to.
tmek Mttm mwmjum
•mp ora flfen to widon#ad itm
food ai^tbortty tbat tbe ok boaa, Mr.
gjJkM^ boa savewd hU oonbooHoo
wHb the Davemxat Ooal Cbrnpaar.
On VhOMdajr mt, a otioot dbpolo-
tkm vhaud Bumtt from Paeabntv.
eoooMlocef oil dMlraaleaai ohm, In
order to ptnnbtm npotMoo to tbe itn.
«fbf «p«lnund«* of tho Canadian
nwWc ftanw«y on tMbalf of tbo Uv
1w**oi*e. me p^Won wu proaa**
aaioioa, ramieatlni tho abovo nou-
vanr to ptmm aa atiet at too J*a*
mm *m m m coafMHaoeo ot ibo
oianoba ' Ito****. # «w*imr 4*»*ii- m,
itork to tho near future. ;'
.Tho «n«nb«» of tbe Panburf"!^
Ofaa* AU Boolety h«fd their ramtH*
owiWof on Thuwday ot tlw borne' Of
*W* W. ©uijwao, Tbo work done ^
Mb raooM*r 'la very, piofreaalva and
oatlaftw^if o> everyone oonoenied,
howevw mpimniup, iho 'work may bo
On ftwnday nliht a grand daoc*
im.btMf «o Sloiok IUU, .wbiob waa
wfl oatwotied fwn tbo id|ololaf
«ao"W sod a pteuwit timo wi# to to
tocad «« ^dniebt, wtoe **#£
rettm for dreamland altar enjoyiin
a oood ereolnn ontoruuiowot Tba
muAs wee «nopH«> by Wm I Wm
m^im M. Jhabem and Mr, tbaam
Wo 4aab* ae aak through too «*
omoo If tba Uatdet Ladtor the dl*
pooitloo of other i*aia la BvMHw
trb* m I nrkb rafnrde te Miy Day
demooatmtJon, The tjtxex, I*-*****
aad tiipue Usf deeded in faw ef
,«oa^oo^ttSat oa 4bo flrtt ef Mny,
mmm m mm mm m to om
imumtx.   We tolteve (bat tit** mw
«n«W» to oebar eamp* t» SoMXstrtet
Hb> * ore <tboioogblr,«oavofaaiit witb
^toj^^nt4he,of - iWl^fei
'MMM^iiUeii^ma ontered filed, tw.
m^^^mm The.iett^
*ho wwgwted change of our Mny Day
mmmomjwu; ua ,mte>^M
next,week, owlng.to preesure of tooat-'
oem' We;aaoo;had' a 4clfo»laf',ftb$
Bro. D. Rees suggeet^ eoom^eeoou*
rnby; we should m 'nilli
Wttposed X3han«e in our -inuds of rejwy
oemtaMOn. WWtat the advioomay bave
been weU'raeant, posdbly ondenrortng
to guide eome of our !m*pon»l««rtt
iwaa not looelved in the. «pltit toteo*.
0& '   *   "' V, ! "'• '•^\i',\
L^...w?t ,*■«•*•*, ,<«»:i»ii??l^
<*weopoodonce was ooe t«m7r.%ti,
Hnxrko aopeeling tor aid, both tnoiel
and othwwiaa, tor tbe mdnew of Pw*
buof^Bowila a»4 am* Wot5 f * waa
ptolnly pohrted out tbat Wo bad quite
enomh to do to keep tbe woM from
ooe own manbera' doora. Wds Wter
waa Wd over untU the ananoUlito^
mont moaentoi by our oeowatary woo
iHaoueaad. iWe knew bow praerious
worn our poaition, as >we had tmwd
<Sewn many of our own appMts, out
oo oondWons moet be mm night W
UAenbie In tto abor» mentloiwd
\moeo, wo dOold^d to thrown Ir thi
widow's ntte. of $?6, trusting It wW
mrp m tttnc*. ot attaulatini thoM
ono ora tea hpttm poettloa to brio
tfcftoeoiMNm TbU was followed by
anaolotlon oo follows:
"Wtaflsaa .wo, tbe members et to-
wfl m, <wm to po on wcord ss ton
dOmRtm tho convention for tliolr
«Mttnd of fOHavtngtbo diaimc «• 4t
oddabi booor midst kaowteg foH orati
fee utter Impossibility ef theea torn*
to amadou being eble to halo tha*
eelwe, owing to tto (set thst <h^i«
mm& dteow tlgbti aad wboowa * has
isoo a hard task for tba DUarl* ef.
ttoeto te imp thom phoen organUM.
bo-Hnt to t4Me a psrmanont aaoraiary
tbaoa lor that mtraoai, ** tto num.
Mm tt thk Looal, nt* ef the oiAotoo
that ouafi aoMooa aa thaao on foapoo*
mmm mmm mmm of pttohp,
pm H imm IS is to make aay pro-
www It bas mi totMflk In toenm pth
mm   mmi^mmm  -tmimiPmo^Vi
1*e pit fononllils* rf^rarttd that
thalr ml«4on o-t m w«ok bad tonm
very attoosaafut en m whole, snd
vow ajad te raoort ihat om bwtbsr,
ftoo jnlnes -were idif iip bore fronn 3
P^n:' Saturday nn«l <S, p.m. **3ton*day;
al,so<on Wednesday, „.']   '  ; A-A" ' ,
. ;?*?l'.¥9«* o* mBn^ems^Jof',^
Coa^Opeplk Ute^aryand'AtbJotio'.iB.
soc*a*ion eonitotnipiate 'ibUinp'nh hor-
Woulbural ond, flower thow in due sea-
mJ\ »w,b«n -smbBitJuntilal sprizes vski be
,«i*eMid. iiWo.an-ti-alpate a good number of entrl-es. > Further particulars
later. Awaked pe tillers'of tihe eOll!
*.. Our old ^ri«nd. -Jijnmy. Stlrldni; drove
up feoto town on Sundsa,y\ Jimmy was
full of apprectoUon-fat the manner bo
<had ibeen treat^ te^bospital. - The
ibojis ■were(8ure"^iSii^iJ|.'fW see you,
Jim, aad hope you '"n^ay||oon bo able
to dlscaird the m^pzsgyj < *
" - 'Jaok How*siiw|y|^(& in «amp
-aooompanled" by -"Ms$lh]x«H*r from
test ^Pleased to ^«onwqrtyou,»l>oye!
'" with, mp tmm:^^M^'-m
*taww* thougbits Oy'to^CofeitCwok.
Shm ajiti Jimmy Steele    p£a
90a\wu-BMslookto« ttf^frpfflsfit
•ojoora In the old boo»;iai^^;|p^:;..i
• ^Mvn, ,Bera^' 'lCWltteW9"a^^fe',
__A_i        a    _, ** y   f a"l     ■ '"(*
arrived in oarnp on Friday iaat «r(wn
v0ar society ontenteitner, Wm, ip«ok«;v]
,-e,y*.,',«|i|h*eW: soha neipiiltiaition *«fv«Ctoiil^4
(teelcv at thp Grand Theatre on* FV|-; ^
dsy, tost   Good luck, Billy. . ' \r .;
&#£? «f .our iresidents bas, atart»d;,4
^Itog "Oleanittg. Don't forget' tto,>ii
JMn-e next time, ^ob, ,     ,  - jiA;*
■^|#eH "boys.^1 am going to town and *-f:
I "iwi&'txy to get imh <xx tho 10 taaln,^'
Por an  inteiprotatikm of tMs, see"
<3e«wge.   Why get sore? ;:
■'  Prepswttons,^re-being made to W V
■tibmg i7«» of! aiaroh in ."Oils cannp.
Pa^e the dato in your Iwt
Wo- hear wt i very Important peek- '.
age arriving Jn camp. Was dt fiom"',
*b« Queen of Shoba? Oh yoxx Tommy. .^
l^ite" amasked to aoqu^nt the mi-
dents ,ipf ifche caimp i-vvith the -fact <that
«U* x^bP -did not get photo coupons
^Wn -the trnvelldng representative oan
proouno«amo at the Studio, Spalding's.
Wo"ba.reibeen.priv11e^ to eeV*»"
works or'ent toi 4«ie toU-et sets aind oan.,'
MgWy "recommend .same,
, -(The library ownnuittee ol tho tkeb, „
"OroBk'-OJub'have decld-ed to-close m. $&
•libr-ky "tor tw> -weelm, to. nevise ond !,/;'
extend the .'^taiogu'e.^ All roedribers'r •. <
Jm-ing-.book8 ln*heir possesaibn'1 ore ;^!
r^uaste-Tto bring theni in at once in1 -' :
ordeirio -ftollifcate mattes. - > ..." '_-^j
, Jack Cairteeli aiirived Wkiln oaanp t k'
from, "Seattle, Wa«hl, on avislt to Ms'- •» 7*
irwtren'fcs Iri-Prenoh camp.1^, ,'■ ' "",, ," •*
*' Cupid, ihas Ibeen very -bu-sy' around ,'■
hepe teitoly. We would advise itho' a >,
shiveneo fl>and to -keep -tnear eyes ou 1*^1
two'bouses less taiaii a thousand <mH*e3 • '
from Ooyote Stneet, ,  .     »  ,H
Th^ann-ual nreettoij «T theFV)o«baU      ', '
Olob was'iheO-d on Sunday evening ta'!  .X
*ho Olulb Hall, ibefore n large attend-
anoe.    Dr. Workman presided.   The    \v-
ibalanoe -• obeet- > was-.' adopted,   after     •;*'
•wWch Suipertn*^ent,l'Caufi-^d pre-     y
sonted tbe modsJ-s* won?4>y/ the CSoal ..  *
Cresk «ub and totpneperaed Ms sje-     j
amwto iwith bujnbrow'oemmenits; Thn    fi
etectlonof «a«aoer? took^ptooe"later,v ]A,
resuHiiKg as toBOWi.donft^iesldl^,    - >•
Bermard  O^MUr, ^pioaolo^lJlM^ • »?
;M-artto*L ^-tce iwertdwit,- Jcbn Aloore; - 7„;
aecratiaiy.;Bcfl)ertijohBetoW;-gaO^^        ~
*f; ym-m-,tp^ff^SiBm^^'M
o'Baten, a *mmK&jtmmaf#'.i&£j
ohm, J. ilxgan, R, McTegao, jSomi
.   «t;*U
. **>■■&
'I -
- H
t   "jl
■     ^1
Attorton, '.W<Att^n,,,W»TSl»oSr.^v$
J. Graham, ft OauHeld, J.'lt-ilttittb^'*}i
W. Ho«hea,^H;'»lrkott., ' j'^.-f: ^:T$
'   "^«i
.» ^ So
. .^•^*?^,?«niii'S^^,ea»
»^, W*M««taf «*.i|9|W8t daugh,
^.y'ft.htoo-ef Mr, and Mm G«ra-
*«^^-jBl|i|MB.',:*OJ|l,||I0B bkAlb   ',«.',
H The - old' flip *pald out on iMohdsy
ia*t»iwwo.";-0toat wjedotogs. _
* The looal momben'ot aie Anolonti ttdlea,
QnJer «f Honitem aro folding a so-
dai danco In the Cf i* Hall on Mon-
Am (March 23. Tickets, BOc each, oan
he pweheead tocrarHarry Ftaoce or
ffld.itooa R«frashawnt«fw«l to provided Maale hy Messra. Davidson
eodOtutoelL i
Tho Vtmmm mo bony mum
3 3i"
madon 'ter their «nniv«w,ry oooesrt
oad tea" sneetiog toto hMd on tto   Ar  ■
evesitog of iMoodsy, March 23rd.     ''*■*#''„
tttW. Mr. PbHn'« MhtiU *mmi^^au.']4. "i'A
Rov. (Mr. Phflp's subject wot fluo-
day nl«ht wUl to "The Daoobtere of
Ookxpltehad," a eeraon <or young
(For further Oamip Ninro see ps«« «)
WW* WmwiK ewaa wMt, ant Peak
*•■* its
i* ' A ■ ^i
»,   - *v
X's '•
A   n'
A 'Wi
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furnitare
• < We will furnlih your bouse from collar to larrat aad at hot.
ion prices. Call, writs, phone or wire. All orders given
prompt attention. ^ *
If ysu are utlifl.d. till ethers.   If net ..tlifltd, till u».
jgJSffjsfiLfPy •■ ^rE~*b|0* bpr^Q haakat
osdal. 'H* »aot'-oaylBrif«)f'H
«*» to sofaMy tooM ahor.
jdfaHiyM|a|gMMMB    j|Jb|L|gU§       0^     |L*||.^Mg^^*>|tt,    *A«L. *..      .._._J„,J|
ippwn^*™;!, *• awipap fpneoaa
nro*io«ott.la B lenl eooaad mm
im.   ' *»*,,
i^^jMAgi |^|iA|^. j|iu| ipn ju^^-Wy i^^j^
'Mil ,o^^0fp^m;xrmmT'
Mr. L-«h ittSTi^Sti ib*
Ma; I, laov U«sr; 4 Il0ba« taMh.
wa fOMnr; I, uoNa oiuwai K*.BoHfa
iooth: J. cmiort nietords tod tm
nm l, Pkonh Baaom; t, ,tse rv*»- x-
' m\%%tim fa t, mut 'mtim
3. Pwto lylssikl; a> W-HUe Anhmy
ae tew ear oomiOstM%
■■Ob 00-QBan oo fi „^  ._,. ^„
ifeftellt AMWHI^mI bl tUtmom, -» -        -
a-ymr eiwy were *^,oad teiaiMWra
own bare. Koowtaf st tbeauaettea
m ™«r «h <Mtfht '^li&S
wwstolog-dmnpedatBnnnk WM
mm, Whatarsr Ho ontoocse will ta
Tf» Otoemt evarheaiToto Indl-
.f^doal laalteM** m tw aarjiiai "in'i • i •
» «.^m > *^p^^*m w, «v iwiOTBV:wllVieBy
'butt week Qui Um -Pain'jwg co^Swy
*ww f«« oot eeeialaiy wtottor tto
oett^wy iooo asatmg new nt& e^ ^
eraot or aiity per «eat dying tbrmuli
*»t|Winw Wd. ^^0Ry)nuu, wUl ujmm» ««
'♦bo hMaf too onto, *■. ^^ , *„kv, j,
M a geoenil maw mseUoff held #
ss*w» on nt im leet, oor ae***
jimgi^'" ^mm jb^mttimmk&Li * ^ - ^*-*^^^™i*t tw ««™
wmwpr ^"w^m^tWWmw^mmmm
wotoiiwoy «^ww< 1%s-ftuSbun Uacal wmbomrt nmy*tm*™*mm#pihmmib toam r»
ia«a^,te« It is *tth Ho»e Heea, l^nrta, ea <M««ate to tbe i^TiJl^ £l*2Lt.mTw* $. T
dlvhhaali. not ea» Hoaky Mountain AasooletiOB oonvso- ?-m?wf*Tm* ** r*"1 mvm ** m
WWW DC fJiHSMill • ^VlWWWWtf*.
Tto msjos umr TAioi aotttnatad
Vm,.jm 9om aa (toU^t. te.lbo
Rocky Hoontsm AnweisUoo toptm
tion snd Bro. j. E. Saiih os 4ahiata
to Ibo Trad-and Ubor Oonfrwo of
t wt^waewap,^a *^m wmap^mp m^ni^w*amp
, OB J
-¥*"-*,t%0 \
i .
ttmtk ststo «*4 nwmiH ttm tbe.
ItH' fatbt ooimrtWw gave a
■ o*iPPK*4KhlMk%WHMmA9I^NMN', wHilo mWtw ■™-*.,*^,*«w
OM wooo Ohea faaHoallaoa tor tbe
wJ*«new jfou buy and wherever you buy
For (he beit Shoes Mid clothing go to the
F. M. THOMPSON Co. Blairmore
p#»tM* $p*mP*JrtmmMmem
OtLLtVUI NOTtt       . ♦
A ntnsr wss hurt ia No. I Mlae oo
Uaturdsy Io U ohutu. Forluaetidy bo
had ao bones im-lten, tm hae
Iio nmnim«f haalaess ma tmb*t
WmmW'm «» ball b«4n* *r.
aaowl for g iwlail* toc«B«..
Waii#o''aiiWlWiHr *nt* on n hfm
aollailar 4o.e«wtst« wftothor wa d»
imm*«*swa»bt wir prrn.-nt b.is»' ->f,
iwpras-MaMw ead ly p narrow w%- <
>»y»mi iammihai we m.        '
■NBaofcai ew Oeelewsi nw^tf wr »*• |
had O Saetaio Hm» Osmnsd* *nm«m*n, \
ttm smooario -mmimom «f «*f
^^ —  wHb empmrnm* t* *tt*h  1  ,•«^»,^•T,
ooor Jis isprnawwtag aswy n ihej^r^ #^^111^ wi<t^tt >w| ,, t, „,J
«- #«^^^ i^*-^^, aaji -Ljm>" ■■«..*. i**^^^*^o sa*i*.aooi workses In m*w*iw!i
it^v -4SWW iww ^» ww% OWrifMM hasMstar',^SMM*H>i m-.^, t»*^*i^>«.i
MMNot *m* mmm lo thk he*. KT|HHff2SJSJ!2S
mt Meoday for HekMft H «P'o*Jj JfjgjpjffW*P* .***W*ww*»< I
'Ji*        -   aa  j       i-X'-A^AA^-iAjXh^M"'
1, k«epl*fJhe worker*.
, Thoy are note agents for 0««. A. glaler'a, Inwiettao
ami Keg al Fine Hhoea. Alao for the tannine T##»kk»
Mine Hhoea mH tbf i*p!«*f»mtM K malic 8hws,
4ost arnved, a shipmrnt of tbe House of Hobberiin
nothing, These ih'wJ im ri'toiiHiii'Uilstlun t» ih**m>
irho himw gm OlOthtiif. Tbey are tbo lato* ami
fowl In alylea am! materials.
Don't forget our hard time
Grocery prices
F. M. Thompson Go.
"Th« Quality Storm"
Phone 2$      Victoria St       Blairmore, Alta*
. a-
H  1   I
1 ill
MS" * *m^O^JIll
SiTf:. -'v*-SfffP
SsJ jf;
■Nm*w$rf Camps
,      , '   ("ContinuedfromPag&S)
£   —-
1      i
\ 1 *
'J&U i_ ^
!K"" -
L*,( ,
•* '-.
W* .<   t ■<V(-
Wli    '
\h *>
K   th   --
■ LV    ..
. )(f.*
p,.   t
v   i
h: '.
J.v,    -
t *t
i i
ih's iX
♦ 7'i  " ♦
<#. + ♦<-»:*•+•+*.*+ + <#- +
Ww Is to be 4i>.vialjg|4 'byHfoe Conservative pajty on -EWday. night, wthen
five raemfbero of ihe opposition in the
AibertocI^sl*aibu*re wM apeak- in the
FaiLm Theatre, ,Tbe -i^'are Stewart;:
of LetMnidge; :^toa&5VVo*f - Gfcotoks;
K-eomnds, of Pincher O&ekCPatterson,
of Macleod; and Spencer^o-f^M-edlcine
' Haitj " •" *']},~y ^
•The lecture  given   by* ,T, "Edwin
Smith on-.Sunday oight wajs'fairly iroU
attended.'* The ■speaker's snhjeot waa
"Industrial' degressions   aw*   their
I  cause," "and he traced the vantous de-
i   tpreesftdm ,-and financial parate from itibe
■appearance of (tb© fiirst until the present one, end "pointed out "that df the
Dominion Government had not come
to the asstetanics xof thn Canadian
Bank of Commerce a year ago this
ooumtry -would be In' the throes of a
panic ait "tihe jrresent tiiiw).   It was
pointed   out   ithai   depressions   are
brought about iby the market '^elng
ovemstooked owing to the fact that the
i    workers got only a small -part of their
, product; and "that the greater jiart te
left In the bands of those whio t^wn the
macMnery of production, who -can only diiapoee ocf their share by "finding
new -markets*. - Ab the (possibility of
' finding n-Wimarkets Is -rapidiy/becoming less, panics, wdill occiir -toeqiiently
. ,un)t41 itih©*Wiii4keitiS>i6f 'tihe iW<wldvape
IxraottoaiMy   glutted,, Industry "Hat ',&
standstiM,   and „ - militone 7 of .. people
atainving to the' midst of plenty, then
wlU -ctoos reign, iwihtch, as .the speaik-
' ear polluted out,' can only lb© averted' by
the TirorWng •' class  exerclstlng lOnetr
* power and taking over the .means of
pndd-ucjion and distribution and pro*
dnctog for one Instead, of iproflt
'   '. Aft'o meetteg of'Local 102 on &xm-
- -day,' Recording Secretary Staothio-iipe.
(preaenited Ms resignation, as he was
leawing jown.   John Appleton Was el-
1 ?,«oled -to ifiM tbe vacancy,    , ■%,;     ,
>   .   The vWe .taken on the amwwtmipiint
, to itho IntsraaiUonial constttutikio^ire-
\. -.sullied In a unandmoua endoreaUoaclby
W'Lpoal.        ,    , o    v„" "74^1
'       This Local dieoldied not to nominate
anjibne tor tieiiegaite to' the ^'Rociky
;;  'Mountain Aeaoc^M^ib^'sii^liy^
, '"one *or -ttmi TkadeS ,J«nd LaJ^-<"""
Bresa.'"' AJex' ttoflbwte5<;ww-'liwir*
Seaiwtt, the pictiiire'.maii haa ^een
fit tb l^/jn^bfi^ itrap^.'$$& woek ainid
■toavie^iiioy'iwn^e pte-^iwhew ntekefts
aire tmore pieairtii*ul -than in*. OoaHhwrat,
(Mcljeod and-'Qamaraon'^e now goring
quite a ■^}(b^.,lbB^lness!V1l)l, CoaJhunst
■hajultog^o^.^'ahd, wp^j'^o itbe rem*
iploy-ees i nt 'ta&n^ ttoa^epiyA   ,We ■ aate
■pleased, "to n^te ibey^iin ttt' to baa-
die m' to®* *¥*Hk<t !^.%"'
'Uniiott£inieieitt^*lB^'?'S^ aitteinidied;
now a^'thwe pjm^.-jft.'-im quite a tot
,mtoma' ll^*e"^|(»^^'^h*eh',,thie *mtae
dis not working Steady'Ihan in the Ibnsy
season..* .0 V';.''**, 'iXx   ',
Oonai*d..,McNab'br;^e^iEisate to ith©
Diatnksfe /cton^'n-tlonj 7;. g^ve"' Ms report
on JFHcllay^plghit arid after th? repopt
the .raieeitliig'wias ,opei*ed/ for discuss
Sion. {)Tfi©|Hta(po^edchange Inthepire-
amft^7«eieP^d *to ibe quite a ^11 d»
swalio^ tby somie wSo say they -^pn't
lmfc©nid'.to ifcake' in that ipart ,of -the
business in * earnest, amyiway. Of
ooum' mlghit Is -r^ght, acctomldng to
the!faisitriot, -convention, but lb don't
say! $b*-f ihorse alwajis drintoawhen We
led ^'nraiter. ^ ? '-, 7\ ,'- ^ 1"
' The Sick, and Ardent Bsnwat1 So-'
ci«ty,'bas now got'its corner atomeoi
laid and all It .needs mow. la ibuiMiing
tip.' By-totfifs f mm oth^r- S^P6 tmtno
-been diiawn 'Uip and adopted as satds-
feiotory iby th© vm^be^*yrtio <m btoipe
■will attend tho^nioeiang^noxt. Mjondaiy
night, when ibbo .mahiagement codnniit-,
toe. will be oriSy itoto pl*^»^t^tecaplai,n
amjithlng iUiatf'(bas njot^atoej^r been'
made deaayfout, we Bye'in)hopes*of
''brlghtor .prospfictel ^ • A x K \*    , ■ .^
Flrtt of Meyi'DsmojistrntJo^^s
1  A'•tetter signed by our DtotiriQ*"^
iH-oiaas adivlsiln|t tihe Locate'to |iake^fe
TOattor np wWb a view to-wp-""1"""-
*oj£a* -neppesepitaitiv^ d-^monr1-
each. Sife-Dtetroct on . that
and offering to -tind an aWeapeatoer
*b he-lip to noike theoay;a" wfeoefif^fl^ia
oonstdered. *J&m m^ai^i.^Jo^
and conis,;lt;i^'nn«nhi»Si^/^r^^
to cpwcur'la 'ihjn^fo&mmmmK^TiiiSi
*       *   * **'   *    '  -.'.^VH,**. *','
•^^^fceeUag of the PreObyto?
'i^VSyniodn^e week. - , -:, "v
E^IiSl^ijAve rentod «w,MR,
OddfeWows'/HaH on Viotoria Strot*
Hw^mmswi mm-vtmm
j^pk\mmmmm«K^ **mJ*i
\. Jl ^H30«itier^ir'<»n-dnct aa a«<Won'
sa^^^aylal^rnoon, Maw^iatJy
^;^5ooro«Rof,'S«veotih A,V«iue^d
\id' ».v 1*.
V. »* '
1 After ibaiftg Idle for the .past thpee
■weeks ithe mine re-starbed on Mondaiy,
(but 'from (wihat we ban 1-earn it la^ only
•tor ttoree days. Owing to-..sWihfc "of
ebni .on Monday' *he ;-tl^^*|id-ijnl»t
work, ibht cars arrlvedi on5lM!o&,y
o1 _ . ^   v,
^Tho opening -of .the new hotoi^w^i
take tptece tonighit (Tuesday) ^a^jt'ae
fine© drinks, supper and.^danceXttre
promleed at -tho .^n^«t^*Sa«tp«S»e,
Ibis lbo}« are tooWng torivtud^ a
good tim©. , ■ *v j*." ■ " >*j5g$ ' i
The golden wediddng of, Btt^y and
Mrs. McCuliloch, late of Oolem&f *bas'
Jbeien arraneed; to^teke p«^eS'|n :the
Pioneer Hall,. Be^Ver, next,,widiay; ev-
entog, the-13th fogty and M^&^hive
ma'ke It a,«uiccess.,'*. A* fTXAsA'fX
X ,y     -       *yu*t^Xji.'^9*t**^t   *,, 1*V*S».»,
After corWideri^g (tM^toien^nen^ibc
the Inter,national couBtltptioin, It^was
regularly a niove^i.is^condea',' and ^c&ar-.
k-eQ, ittfcjjit h6L^o&t^fy7A'y''^'fi
^ra^nbronat|6<n -of a^delieg^tejto-^
Roc^riMountaJn' convention' -w^ 4*^;
dealt'"jvatih', and^n.-tih© jfnotlo^'Jbf'WheJ
wfeiircH^g^ secretary,: 'Wan.' T$$jmj~lj[,
E.''*Smtoi,^ipiie(Slden.t, ,-%nplj^M-m^,^
1 jFior" this Twdoswwl Labor Oon-^e^M
^WeraUon,!the inteethig wep^';'nriisui^;
mous In nomflpatlng^he' District ■$$»■
prfeaiden£,f>Vm. Grahain,'as dal(sg^t
iThie*: question of ti^^'ttoiwiilv«'
cases of: distress,' amongst" oott-ajp-ft
.bers,wih*o are upi*agaln^1l£*-#'l^|o;
the imtoe (being idle, for the pa|t^h»s^
w«S1ib oM^ -many <^j-thern/-'Jffi^w|'
iwiorked viary. Utitlie -tortsevertil ^pOhtlis'
w^s' then^ maise^l. ^Ttx&t W^rafciSiws1'
of "acuto dlslTesB" eidi^;ln,*he^Banjp
Was soton made; maoltot, and ^sufttho
Daot ithait' storekeep^were^^^
to a®(*^*.<aredilt -in^ny\ca^/*^e«l
•ccmsidie^ledilsictisslon It was agnaed
that-President Sam Nicholson; Reawd-^
Ihg^Seisipaiy Wm.;pav|-ea"and,S&«^;
tame Jjohn I%ghran^consi*tute.ai^jgng
radit'tieo -to.Viaa^n^y.rlnveistlgatof ib-i
imhittor, andi'15ap^t"itb a'meetlng'^whic-fr
la called^x^.B^^y^AAt-jX -.A
dressed' -ttejmwtiii^and'^^tsome
sound' axlvii(» ion: topi<s"*a«ec^
Met 18 and the welfeure <^if the max-
poro in -general, "to -the ipast the "witH-k-
ems were c-orabent to organize tor indws-
trial (purposes' only,"-said/ BIH, > "aufli
were saUsfled with being menibirs of
the txade union that oatered tor their
'trad© or industrial.calling, leaving, as
a rule, tbe thlatoing to be aU done n>y
i^^^fp^-of'ae R, ^W,#^
/M^Mfpptia 'few days in town(ww j^SS
i*>3ffcmtpwplmmg carnival..ijwiich-,
w-asil^fa-itho-ppexa Uouso-on#pnr
ggglroye*} a great
" e;rs»Myaid' costum/es an-d^'reiPTe^
*»»£ seen.. Two ipriz^'i^e''
gentilein^i jand.! ladle?
3Bni^u$ get-up., Mna^J^a?
Ithe WWer^of Jt&o tiret
Sdn^'i^d as'a.v
^■%-bgiliig a 'tond-^orae oW]
•^wfcond- lulfnn\^c^^tf»
*"••''-''-   ~''-'---~'L^i4hai
■CKli"™'- ^**31 ,vv«M'«,-''!Vi'-.*s^   . ji *■      ,      '  \   ,'*—., ■*t,
i»r. .-si*. n^sz^^Q ,waft h^o^to,nWily
m'   *.,,,*..        ..... a ..   ~  ■• ■"        r.   *
xfii*%d   •-*>.
si * "
I "rim^*   •
r.i '* i ,r ^
■ «. „ i ' . ^' .'^*ffji*'*'i}tj ■!.?      *     'ii. ,"r». * 4   *.*-   9 i' n
tmatm m&^v^j^ wnn'jns^^.^e^.
BujRn^^XX'flalss and Mike Roase;
^^•Of^,'|I^«a,for tba ■flray In'.vdilcli:
^•b^i^^^was e^t6pc^l*v^J^,'<i'
ai^;:1*^iw<wting,a*Mj eiioyal>le even-
*W-"'-^-^"ft V ' \t . '    ,    V.     '     „.'. 1.
'£ *^;;swtfbf»W.; B.. G«b8rt^,rautoimo-
.■iiite ,n^"postpqned by Deputy-Sheriff
ueca^n^bin. -Tnesday 'afternoon 'tor
The sale will
the officials. ;*i3ut
and latige-comlbtaes'have so altered,
the old srtate tot thtagelthat there Is no
.single undon^n oX-^^r how powerfui
it mOy lbs today, *hat' Is equal ito tiie
task of tolly
Its raetnfoem.
.-*-1,       4 tt
I?!*f*"    ,
h s!  ■
>*i'   ■
** KA
* l,v«-
i'l* i*
' hero at prew^i iwhe^'the ,10^^ _
trate ffln^dO, <man $1 and costsf(*fS^0)
of tweoby days' hard labor. I wca>4Br
has the scarcity bf cash anything *0
00'WWteat?1 ■     ',  ;' 7"*'.-,' :
WiM Bktok Is doing tonne wx«ik for
tbo town tbehwt Oouple.af *m&\
The mtoeo «re aU Idls, having only
iworked one day last week*, and -there
will he no wiork ibetore Thursday, If
tineo.   flRbere la a larger numbor ot
'and Jdbs are sesree.-  Prospects Dor
ootalde work thia seaaon ooe not «ooil.
m-   ' ♦
♦ / ♦
Slardi cams la Vko b lamb do Oont
mmami-*^^* lea ^nMmmttw m* ^oa^^^iwi^ aiHmo w^w^pmp o^b^p
Moi o pot lamb, aa Ihe mlna baa
only works* two day*, floferfclooka
ao Ithoofh the husA) le 00101 to fat a
iprebty alkn thanos at that, rracttfoi
ly oH 4ha Ohsphwds are gwAHni oot for
•reen Halda and pastoroa now,
We are piaaaed to report, the mine
worta evory iMonday doOble abMt and
rmmhrn tm the teat of the weak.
Thomas O'Donnell, oho hae filled
the eafiaeity of manager at the Kipp
a&» ft* Cho vast two years, tas beta
Biovad 00 north to Bt. Albsrt, wbers
•oo one lad to believe the company ara
^-^e? **.^^^^i^l    -we^^piw^^a     aa#a*s^oi       wo-Os   tmPiPPPPr
mm la now noting as manager at
committee baa had the aawttoBeoienta
•In band lor Abe paBt tow week». noth-
*'""" " ^the
Ing tbat wuM,l>e,done* to;;anak
nuptial, celebrations. a -wcooss bas
been ovorioolced.' The lnhiifbltants an
•unanimous In wfahing the poplar and
Dsn rol>«bnk quU tb« imite on Monday snd le loptof 00 Wsdneedsy (tor
Calgary, wbors he «a» ha baa aecnied
ofOaMooMfotarphtar. We ers sor
tf bo ese Dsu taaving oa, aa ha oiovad
o very aapatoaatJe viae prssideoa le
tho l*eal, e«**erhdly to the forslgn
Jolly couple much Joy.
Osaysr Mines Ucal Union Notaa
iTharetone. ww ^i^ not" only federate
with oittier nri4^.wJK^ alms and^^^^
Jeots are stoiijai|to our own, *«t <w6
must oi^anlz* poWtlcaay and enxtoav-
w to^ipl^^a|o«nte^tl^^-
pramnlyJ^o vises' in fa-few''da™*?
^"•^■ei^^^jBsetfof "d,runk an^Jdl8*^rd■fls•,
•ly cftma ^"iwtoto J. W. (h^ablu^^iind
Iospector;Jonget;'_at the v^nJ^mX'
racks. khi -Monday morning, ;*ai!^of
which 'were, seitled- by "the'payment
of/a'anairth^^',/ " 'Ay^y"}:-~;
.;'Aniextia dlidng room Is being added In ttoO: restaurant ot Mar Ppy. Tho
building Is also undergoingra-general
renovation on;,jbe Interior. .*' -, vr *^_,
Roller skating is the >test craze
around Blairmore i^ th© Opwa
House Is crowded' whenever the -floor,
iei!-o^,i,i|!or;?alg|tW. "iOwlhk"to?iher
OCffltton^d deman-1 tor i-skatea^-the
naoasement m^m/^fhrmmm^
wai ««'w»lhw>rg»"eaw)lyj'''41 ^7 '
fiMelc ^lawihall ie In iCTtnJj*'atiNel-'
mtmAW-Lrt   **Mt* to,.mtoiiti-m.*».&.•- Vi.tw.mOL
iA'-»f-4'_'.*-JA_«,:Jt t.t litp-i Y  ^•wTSwis'S^S'f
-|^Biies|w:our|torBlgfi., sprung, toto-;
'tiimttb' nmderetandjt, ^Sht^mmt*
was left over,until some furtbef dato;
^^hopanlne^cl'^ >1*. 1'%^-lS
j-The^iocal wen^nnanimbuoly m>W
yor,,of.one delegate tor^everyvoino,
^oue^d members, as a great amount
b*"^ood 'can«»'d^^thl^'W'-^
-tH'Jflo aw^-'iwlth"*i-|^iik^l,foe^*^^
■N-O^-delegato; was^'apptdotiBdi ^to^
hO|4nc6 rffOndfrtk^Hi-iJi
Tjadesand LaJxxr Congress; and no
■ni^bwa Ti-nsnomflaatod to atte»|
the*^ Rocky Mountain Assodatloa tbls
laa*A\(''- :    ,"-'',   -   XX^j
^5!**», -    * t       if.vvV''<
? <Th«|.1: saqretary- <was * Ins^ruot^di^-toJ
jiWrOlarJMiMot,' Jhoaottoa^iortujj
ei^«a«tion ttmn, tor' 4bo months of*
JP^ii^" Wd'" Slar^Van*l«»klnB;; t^
Dlstk<*;oW<^ toIt^ /those asse«4
mento to give some ;llttle relief In «ie
vartouacaraipa affected by the entow
^   S,*'.,      . "'■ytf   -. i*-^.lVjt        .     -- -'   f     "*-*   ■'
^yiJfftjSrfxiittit^i^ti,. Jm-t   "t ,, -t ^itu/*&*
•The regutar toeeting of tMe Looul
ww toeMJn *ho 1^ Hall oo Son
day, the atb inst, and as Jtioao ao-
oounoOd ht the picture telle on tbe
igF0T|iOTW,^aaoi mmnf/peam wm^^t-p jfc^a^^i  eHF-^s-o-M^^^i-wooesAfv^
D. V. Jp,'jwaa,ln mm.«pA*}wpm **•
draao tho -moating, a -good oomher ol
enAian were In aOtaadaooe. m»
WmgUkMii. fiasn flkiholaoQk eaSod the
g^» wi^mrn^^a^m'^p    wi^i^amm      mw ma^amat-r^m^a*m*W     ^vT^^^^^      **^»»^
lOffrttiH to ordor t$ S p4b. ptoatpt,
and filar tha minubea ol the oiotioua
inseihar'wisn aitonted*. ItaliMOtaRr
^w^mr^^m^^l^B      v.-mm^     ^m^mm■^■•^m^mw    -^^ammrt^- a^^'^^^^'o'-^^m
esad ths eoiteanoodaaNMb, Thn hem
Itttn tnwtw thia heading ttoi a thrtmlar
Wtftw -flratn the Intornattoiil ffbil and
Copper Pkte Prtataw* 'Unton ol
North America, oaUIng attaoUon lo
the laoh of wor money hi ohnuirtloo
gitMng aew monar tn oil .Oholr tfeooo
sotlona with bonks, etc. It <waa moinb
1^Mr*|n^r»W|P     yfW^pw^    1f**^*PWW|    •! ww met      ja^^^   i^wt^^m^
ad out however, that mo oooM not do
muoh to holo Ihan, leeihg there wae
oo baoh lo tho toon, aod that when
view to getting oontrol of means of
produc«<OT s^^oduolng for use wid
not too* pw>f^^ j^ttwro explelwed the
object ot Wsimtofion to theoamp; vu.,
to fix np a contract for the men employed In tdnWnK^itbe new rtope, and
lt was agreed thst the pit committee
accompany hltn to meet the Otah^ge-
men* <wl^ that oh)ect An view nest'
ntoiWn«. So ftu: as we can see ho
bsssuoc««idW to? fixing tip a ooutarset
that wi» glveaMloeaotlon to aH oon-
eeraod, but it teoulrea to he eodbieed
by the men aodt will be oonaldsred ot
a meetlnc to ho*hatd next Bandsy.
i     „       '       ,,'.•   * .    ,'},iii * •*• l->'c-
+ *.+ ++++++++io
f'  v« 1*4 V   V. P*    '^    l,'T>".^
to gat oobaqua tbey were Dad to gat
sny Und el monoy iaehawoe hom the
Alr.'W.P. Williams, who iwas natH
tatolyi -oo^l06cted:wi&^e;w»TC.*!0^•,
«er» at 'Bferinnore, to* token up hi*
abode at iBeMevu*^ whors he haa W
oeptod the xwdtlobrfsuperlntowject
1   7 Ms^^XA'A ,
andi work on the;whole »> yniSA. SXSSj.
njar •.»•-
A ti Ax-
& of fi<»
, 1 * 4 in,.
. U .1    41'
_._._ ,wi ,,the.¥offloil^~-1T^_ r.,—^.,.
;>Tae'lowest or anyyoiMieignot^-ne-
ceWrlly accepted. sU^^&it^
WTt-bfih '•* "'AX*   «^li5«f;u.^-,	
^WM^CPK>'9ln - Slinky
-acre, broken.
A ns*k>aib«lug to ord«c to adjourn,
Oomadtlee aaMag tho l»ooel to prnt*
flhaao iiaiipililala oa tho etrtke Pttom
tion, ao thay hadly osadad money, woa
the next Hem. Agreed that tho eoo
rstory ooAer a aoop>r aojoal to oor
.The Beilevoo "tak cab" spent ssv-
end dajw th tho BtahmoJO garage thia
wwek undeagolng Oioalra.
W, U Brans, ofBvane Bim.' livery.
tOtmm, ana to town oa IMday laat.
Moaero liuoter, Oteabam, Doware,
Boobs end aayoittl other* ailea4o& the
iMesoato*-.hahooet* nt  (lolamaa  oa
tttmmwpmmm^m^hmL tmMM^ttt
TOiRochy Moantsin Cement 0a%
alalia hi amr wailae at foil eoead aod
mfe^^mwm  mm Jpamw^   an^nm^^mmm^p  ^m^  m^amw   m^jow^mwm ^m^m^
fa twnlog oot aavaral hundred harreto
m day,,
m±    j*    aa|iL|uj^|hj^ AukaB eaaoBMlMiAAiA A VlbMwt
o^i ewm off^ggw^aowo oowip gpa^w we^w^^^™o nm m *w*n ^e
Illl oar from the looal agaoi, W, A.
mpA \ 01   •'
The hooae et 3, Handlsy, laanager
el tha efreoeraUvs ators at rmnfc, Is
toatleFBflthle owlne le aba ainlmnee
ot tmp ot Om ehHdfeo with sterlet
imp Kulgbt haa asonrad 0 ooehloo
eo mo night repair gaag at the tm
'< Pr
Ho laige inter far tho BWnaoro
tmmmmtmmtpm mmmAm^^t m^m  Oo>j^j^m
os^oF^oo^apt  *mm n»^ww tpoo nmtmm^mtt^^w^
sblawv ite bttwonm wm te mmph^t
w^^^^^^^w pf    w^^m* ^^m w* ^* mm gy     *^waa    n^m'   wttm^'^mp^^mi
a .^*v<, \*? »*,   „
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦^♦^^♦#
*• » ' i*;A?-sA<S"    '■
A fdMIe enestlol of the-ratopaysrs
0^0   "%AH***^Bgi^aa   ^tw^m ■■'wl^foywii PQJIm^wPl^m    iflAWIW
Chanbart en FWdtyj^olght, the Oth.
tbo mayor. Mr. 0. \VW*btr *raaMing.
The hoaioeea tor which the iro noting
•w*^.^^  w^m^pmn*** 'oe^aae tBt  nm^^wpop^^m ^m^m* ^^oa'e n^w^
mm ol renioviiig o^portioa <* the
bhtfl between t^m** nmoer end
Weat Coiemett   . . .i.-
Thle la along dilaiofl qoeattoa tm
noo that tho ostfUr hae talteo» taatl*
Wo tfaopo tho OouaoB ahould push the
mutter aod got lib owrk -deoe durtng
-who Blotter of putting -doe* oemsot
sd in the Ihot InaMoeo hy wool tha
retaoayeni ■oieeeot»:.i'Oho thootht that
nSMla teA n itMv head assk la
•^^^^w^^^^pt 1^^^^^ w ^wmmf   w^^w wta   *^Owawa^m   tmw
the loteoejwato do aay aooh
thiag ao mm woio hagortoot looh
ownm^mi^mmppi o^HBa^oa^^o aoi ^a^^oo -mm^w^mp^mmWb ^Pgf^^*
tern, mm eom* uttmmtm wnve pm
ia Uio iljaliami tlw nmtlm odJooiO'
ed to he called at aoow totaro dots.
Robert Moiooh;'lelt oo 900410
nlObt'a ooeaoognr lor 9edwtok oa tUtto
m^*ma am m^a tmmaJl tm^matm
bt tie Kelgbto of fiihiM.
aav   jmp^^tL^^^^t^^ mtklt   _________   MHLiJ|mwHk   j^^^^
jM^^^O   Hj^^^u|h'a   u*m^^^^ ^J^iuan^^^   ja   ^Sfcll dt_______b_
I f*« 0* Moeday, Hi Mh. , i< '■'
'y*k*y^L,tyri^iJ.A ■/'•■ •*•■» '*0%f
Walter  HoMtlit,  af the t, M.
fheaapaao Co*, fl dafly emMttfeNg the
ohafe she haa been speeding aavaral
oommmt oaHdayi  upon her arrteii at
• -    ™T» x *
.QtSwiSSriiofi' ibfiWffi1"'
Ooom and ieOio ho# -lo'aoTo
aod ttm mt hair. "":*.-:. .
Suddaby's - Rexall
Drag aod Beak Iteta       M
PBRNIB * ? ,»si*»4>%1
Nia mtt__m^m^^wAm^^^^^^^^^^mmAa
•■•* Wmm PWiw f^WWW^W^Pf m
n  ,,_   .   y ,.„..f.A",. *. -....ji^J-..jjiLMiJ^-J«iSL^liLJ^
■iptmmommmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmem    'q^xiKt < ,nW\AnaVWMk
i^   "«s-"wlyp'l^^^r* *■ ^f^?9   i^ff*^5^»
' V *l ./jiidOfUi!; ifc*!^^ ' • ■
,; , slw 'expert fitoen ^leoaeft   *
iMfmt"'wm klrO hniOadlato ":*::-'
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,  .. ;.■.„**    ,„;   .„ j,f    „ti W..i^ ...i    a       f...i   ?*!to*t.J.x.-n t" i, ,^ ^.^ . A> .7 7^.. ..H...^. .   ,A t'1.  ,n .   ^    ,      ,t    ,^J    .. t J
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thS,*^   ^ -!t **W > i ^
- v*. ,  ,„   ^.y^, y.y4t^Aq-y^j^, „„ • .^^ -^y^ -ml^.v *-'s.g^ " ^ '.; rj
raper a Bank of Caaada
Oepltal Autherlsad ..  110008^00    CapitalOaldUp.....     imm
mumaadUodhfM.      .^j.. ToW-IWaalici,i/..,i* vnMkM7.t
-■.       ,   yMWOMtt IW illlTlhli OOUfhUlA   -   :y:-r *
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aai naasar aas aas^ww ^w**.^^^
^"^~ ^J^M-'^^^^^^S****^^
« ^H» taP.^W^^P *^^^^^^ij^^" ^-.-^^
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aam a    ■ xn      :*i*  * "
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ion cannot sin)
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can pnteet yon
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k g!Wl^^^ '   a    .    p r -^^^^^y|.^^<^u ''I ||jjj^^gii|u   ^ILmMl ^^^^^H^
;000    "  WB^WT, Wt2JB00/!Q0
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»4i^^!ljP^^«»^|!»™"   mm M.    *Bnmm>wm*
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.„, i9i..,M..9. ,fc£    . .~,..,„.,.^.jh-44,.Pn ^^^m________________..  jUb*^ JK^  jgM^^^i^^^  a^^. jdbjHa ^jukju*,*^. ^fl|^^^^^^j^-*j||^i^L^yu^saL^ ,^____[ ttmh^m.
m£-„ ...Am a■L^^OLim^JLiya..^M-^m»u        ■t^y^^|^^^ ^^^^^^^ *i^^^   mt^^^^^M^g^Jt ti^^igMi^l^^j^mmm^jj^^g^^^gjgg^ JHM^dHBdttgoyii
..     .    __*.___.. m.   ...^.. ik  ..   _  m  „ M..mm tmij^m
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S:^*^w*1» 'ftj-'s'^^S
-*. \-lfny ,. -*"*
.    . , 'taw«as..ai»
;C M.Bpnar, ex-
'"aid,   -amai  should
checker payers.'
f^Bucihainani''' W^ito
;f,- - *,- v.;
.^^♦""^ja^^W-i^d'to uswtbs'
msm'^,tmm- 'm^mm^Smi
so .ertheeawtloa^J.'iOTi^^ftyiJ
*®*7 -J* had 'an ,idea?*wB',S»0
-■.->.'»•< , -      'BOX'7 ALBERTA'
jSjf8"» BaHewa. na 14 kaSdy S|
* ^'tw-'^ 1. iiSJ"*S *.       .,   .
#lro# Hair, I #*
I-'^W?1!? 9f Prot A- Gsrlow, ;
1^;Ba",l»ter and Solicitor
Notary Public
  v '    "■"""tW. Visits; BeBevue on the 14th ot#&
.- xAA,   .       ..,montl1 /.-a.
■^■ll'* ■■ 'iA,JBatt:^-ii tuu.
1^V'^M,5 , »HJ ^r *ae
!^;4§^' 20-u.:;^-'- v:
*-5^A*s"?srJ5?,oSo"wh 4
, J»e o«- you «** Sufft£ xSSjgS
^,^rtbnrn,.,dy«pepSia. ^33" ^^-__
rT\*m <pm*m,ct, «wstrlc jutoa
jf* to qnfokiy -mi* tbo «bod mS
«*r«*,tt tato #&,,** Woo* and
^Jf ***>• iSILsdy
made tor image*^ and d^wpopsi/
We certainly tpmbUpft oflarSZS
W sure tooy.-wonidi.db.-you^ mt' of.
££ V"5* ^WP^-Ablets
& ? '^6 yo«r.w#^tton,.check      ,    -
25 *ewt)^urn, and'make it^pdasaae . \ ' ^ -
^,youtoeat^b»tyou>o:whenevlr ^^hooje
mjmt^ come .back W%*W        ''*'
'uSSf^ at^'^.^'7,000
RsxiaJi Stores,' and ia thte tjow oAly
W#   N. E.,,9wid«bj.( Druggtet, Vici
*«*» .Awwak Pernie, b. C,    •   , ,„'
sir, *''»p^
, - **rH?' 4?«w
■ •   ;; i ■ «,-^t'*'»
-   '        ^'-V3 ..    fc,   ^*#^s
'A   :. -V^.;i^*jrt,.'t-'S
gft\. fbove Blea,dell', Drug Store
±t.<0y~*?.    phene 121 - „-
J^vWS?"?8 W v,ctoria Avenue  V
FERiiit;>, -•  .   .   B,c
.;,', ^aW st 26. , .    Pine hair at ^ ;: A<ff|;|g
a,; I POSITIVELY Cur« nil i.:i.-' --^   - 7'AWAitm
»arrle%, Solicitor, Notory/.te.
Wflcee: Eok.t.ln Building,
'  v .••' Fernie, B.C.
^^Wy cure aUhal/ahd   './*Jj
and premature grayness.   GROW^m       X^M*
^f'»^ «h»*en's hair rapidly      ;    - AS. fkm
^LTAKE NO DOUBTFUL mw and <       '^^
POsUvely cure all 1 do take.   Hair
|^at ptUt show flns hair or furTto
-prove that thefts or capii^urt
glands ere not dead. *""«*»»
J HAVE A^PBRPEOT system of
t^ITY, people >jrbo cannot come to toe
J°f-PSW? treatment   WRITE TO-
Trnn?^^"0!1 ?lank «d PA&
TIOIJLARS.. Enclose stamp and motion this paper.
.MT^PRilOIffi are reasonable    My
cures. are'JPOSITlVE and^MAN;
-*. 'siv "i'jjte
Fernie, a c.
The World's Most Scientific Hair and
»     * , ^^l' SWslallstA\   .
Al.^ i  at h   P^0^ lf W9"^0^. 'WINNIPEG,
Alex,,I, Flehe>        ^:      t^,: M-*y.yf      :|     ,^.
.....».--1 •,*ffj&"
■ tf, - '•,"i#*?«
,,t A - <«*-"m}s* -sa
.      -     i    ,    5.i«<« .•>-!,
v        * .   ' , *.W» ^K-M
'      4      ^ .        i
Jt  s< I'l
J» f»totM Vacant spaced -    ',      '. <f!^on expert) , \
«*Js« witheni, add/bhe.^captaired"' 	
«^hp«r& ;.Any «ianl th&tyttaina the
««^to »xttonie -l|ne*bf ithe .boaad—
JJJJhBjo ^wn^'ikoSed
^JS?*. aDothw'.1p»ioed 'upbn.bim,
and^hon>b« Mbee--**'- «ttV o
A^'^)^''i^sAm^ok~'%n tSm&i
»»    r^MjSi' V™'?S' vOOW twIwIWll*   Vf*-»*^-K.   ■v-taiafas&J   ^^>*
4-.~~ -
,! It'll* ■%/t,l.lI*1Ui«fe»*»-+<*    i 4'.   **n   *
iMWSMAk^-m'A'SA''   -
1 ^^^n^Tw tWr r ™f   ^ . *'
^^Aj-fE^Vk -A+.vi */-»V'?
IX'"AytA XT' '«#-»*'.' '* *
Is      ,  M" •   .   '    *   ..'.I    »,'       >'*   **.»*&  _,*.
fei^*' ^i*^ *i*'»Vi't " i
1 a^nniirkbl' i»iif«»ii.ii. <t.--'-Jlt
Sxamttt, lM«*tour tA** iAl2S&KSi
-      - \ Zpra^'V^iwiburg   ""', ''.
.^     ^PasabtirBzLo'calNotes)
•^'k.ato Iwrn^.-niajny, i tato
SS f^H^ ^owattalam r
S ^to-'#:W M<to len
t^'^nailejStcfe-ktori .totli ma*i
leipSle^',u.lrompante'.1-:,?   ' -...%
.XTtrilrJ^lSSt   '  "* lZ**fi£% '%•' •- rt -J*^'"     I   t'-^
'Kokeov^- veco, *fctoffeh ..kompania
"etoay^lanosti.itkye^ hn°kota^
n«vsvtei»ii*»irk*vi«.!';.^-i-' i_!"ti~-?fj!?
aa bovorl dines' "penteie B^toan.viad-
ja^ip1^u m ^mgjfrZ*
vaCfioi^jpodniku.   *        '    »;V,>v,'
SHftp:^^ tedk-^S%
ZprawdaJ,-" j./^     ,;. •, vi*V^?^
Zpravy z Mapie Leaf-"     J   *
'f Mtoute ^. W m mwmLim$
■p'PvivmAt^tAfa mtmt*$Si&8t
*nst-4o 'jaho ailaldM». to teed^@K
Bar anppliea ^with the  bist ISVines.
Liquors and Cigars
*-\*i   ■
^W^oadoh/toTtbeedltofeV   *
Dlatoict-ljediwr'Otflee,* Maiier.ttrlrti
», ■\-r*^-*iy. v»~T-'   *Ts v* lc *'"
-;, Solutlon^J^v^^^f^ Cs
ana •wen,"- • /-^-..f^, ]g^/ .-''iiV.,,. *
„ v, ***.        Pr" -"r" '^jta ^ v * t» .■*'
>r *. • *9f   • i i* f   -, i "t. v 4'- ••*, jf1. i .«
-"'' *^-TTylf "ff"',fiitdiitiii't'
.,."__ "' •fflH^*
hiii'Hrt3wr; At7fx{ -;
■w^wpvimm^' i
,"*",i*5!?'llj:'*, 'Sftl^t$«\wA i*
'„•h '   f * it 'e<*   "1/
Slid us yoorofde..
" i %A»? i j.        * /i"'!1?*'.:
M 8
■j^~** '
'ii. •
, vim1'   i'*
«-^;.«t ii-if.
•HI..*   "11-4"
»—t      ll—W
»-*    .- 10-d
•'! m
p*^^^_ _______
•!*BP!B®iPwwm"' •
\*i y-|ii**?• ."-v. (., o*
' ?     ' Vaiv l
V<a|t $~i n-^.t bwtna
If«*dl        d-d -"    14—f
mm hm Oolde^ ood aMMHb W
!$&**•»** * ttmmmpmmo
lh Q^ae eehaao^ m Uda pioe la
tt««,#voo oot oo oo newuii ot
* £** ««» ea ao tostraoMoo-to
Hooar, who ia vary eateo m
j--^ , Wp mm has *   "' -   '
hmaiw^ a *** * *     ,v_
K5^^^ * **»^sipi <iae
-tfbwwd, le feed' hy majna ti
■*&?>•,*$ *? oa, I tetoa.jfcaiijjUQe.pQoii
IMl Vnd some potrebovaJ;  W*
JJewlho  i'uoo,   aoskoro   tmxbrni.
f^g Uh P«|iU^t«M
0»Wi|Ju «mt -kraditi nail mai dh
ohojW.M» ta m^^^mmS
Amphnm taaakto poniase sdbondo
ao oaf Odat a. v nai nepn»p(K«*ia W
ghafcujta ked* ale praca len troobn
ggJKo 4do a iMhotoik lOMllS
S^tS****' '^"^wdajoai.;
Jste Acbodov, |« «tOho 1«ndt;| ^
3!L!S!?M,*^,M> nMn,«»«»*»« r Vm
mm*** ao laat, kd« aa tana tambo-
muhmi no mieato toho, aby am *
Wa^Woiahall, takto ah tnn sa in-
m^^mmtmm. Jwtmwptom
mmmtft o naoajvtt chaimMertaU
frt':1*1^ **Mf hy aeoari oataf oo^
•5«5H OMflto ea site mvjfan ««»
¥••*/.,•,      v..   *.        .*4>w.      *„..- .       *--,^_.. ,,-,*, r
Xn^i^^^^jjS,. t|jf • f^,«^iM iiawat« » Mr, cjVlbi
hok«er tyidnav i« nA^-ju.^. ,*ffi?.
1IH.-U  _ . .          _,
1»W f *4lWI*MWari *V1 *»Wi«!»«<•**• toM*»S« #"-4 «H **!*'* 4 #
 %fwii«ife*W^*j||^j|| i tt* n^fe-ji--^-.^",^ .' h ,*,*,-■*■* M -ill-^r   ^.,  *«- ,
H«««l#«>-«FW%*#l4M§*4    9^r^w
.- ,Ji-«l¥»iNi»*.#{'it W»||t *
-^«HMkiiMNMkhili'«b'*ii».,, -i-ff*"
«lp,t!#»t..»tr,jlllllii|»,'   _.
bp*4$;     It—tO      ll-ll
<H» - i<M   • w-»ii
JKJI,"   Wl      tl-4»
»H?      II—U      *|^?
Hi* *■' '•-#   ' »-»
MHtt      »-l»       f_»|
ii-^ii     »-», tr-n
*-**      l»~K     'tl-tf
•1-P      |t-n       i^i,
tMl       lly^i      it-H
»*-W     it—w     n—ie      w«w.
• rtanns |»i Mleatofl mmm m
,0m*m mmm m m	
S*$* * «*>NBha svojo tmmrn
*m*m*tow totnto olsnam iaao>
|^**^PB|    !tf"«. a* \
J^JWIoidaaeoi odelfltwal bol
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^Xi^Amm rin aa aav-iaw.
mmm fdomm Vo&o aal tea nto
m_wm__y__ ^gg_om_n*JmiLa-mtit99L    mm    ^_    -i   o,
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btbxhuaa elto tad* aa dSaha
5g.g! w**+*mm* to* n
z!iii?5' ^J*• «*o otokimab
•«*y»»ooiodn. »«ototohod
™,m^*.imtia *m mmm om
S S?^ .•* *** v h«tfiwn-8iS
do Wtotopegu kn;c. P. R.-ak«|S
^Mlo, a ked16y aa mu to podaailo. tak
rmmta vtm, a ked* ^3mi!Io
2**H" oooovaa ale Oopoelal* 5S
^j^S^w ^ bymmu40ptmt
al, softhoie doto, om # hoMVaS
mm mo mam, ?&*4S2
got  cfw rtcrtmu Ja^-Bpm^
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W   (Mlavua Ueal Netaa)
^jPOid* ae vietky«h tnajnov to V'JU<
*•**•• "wplle aa MU na topt^m
***xA&bmm «tanto Eaa aanM m
£JW«Mo* hdep^j tioailwS5
gJf'.f^g'^V'wifc v mom mo t.
Bar Unexcelled
4Ur White HelD
*    *> v J   i'
Call iii and- *
see us' once
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. -, 'Axtm
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X ''XiAimMA
i-"- a V TrS,tt f SssgB
, *., * u*i?i
*..**'  ..   *-'   .*SJIi"lfe^
1 J.F1*
' '^Cfl
1 J?;;*fcas
This Lumber Buatneaa
mmr v*m mm mmms num. to
Jeho fB«My m ttm wpm-tto.  Km
tpmmmpptmp. umSS.
•0™ey a tafopa
tteeaile Ukal Meteol
mm aye mm, "4mm m
•Hold, lo t pommA* rtokydh pmtpm,
wwoaia^faiiaBoot^ii, pae«,iho»it|«h, bar
'IJIRflGK<« IW- •' < Impend do ee*** tollTTIiI^I*^**^*^1"*.!***^* Uao* dael aeaa
  ' ■    "        ^J^±mm^mommmwmm^mmmhmPmm,m
Wtl$ fltah ,TcMe, at na raalA ^ntohy!
2Sf*^ff I?*8*ikM1 * ** •«*»«•
fyh yjN» W» dra. Ale ato
f!!*mopaaHHOd, je io lea rfninta,
iwo oo ewle kedy ovnbnie, uk te
gj^"*1 Wot oboMt/m swaim m>J-
'- Wooo 1o jeUet v«I'm| tWhofoetal'
Itifefti taao. lehe eMo oai^Sfi
^wJi? wmm v st«ia| msJo*.
ao iMauoaaUaiaati, a at had* mi* *,w.
r.b.dapn^^ pmmmtmm
****** tohcxnkl. 'Tola «*■ prtof
«^« aa proowi. B«d« by eoaiTtod-
JJJ"»«»J0( rabeteo ao vnRaleiHd.
We Are Ready to Scratch
flyo^iW -WJ^jkJ^timn
fW i«»t »• wo represented. Thert
la.Io hocus poena In „      .      *   , .
"uWhen yoa vaat spmce we do oot
send you hemlock. -When yon boy
flrit-ciast lumber we doh*t Hip is a
lotptcnlls. Thoaa who boy onee froo
aa^waya come atate.: Those who
Wire not yet made our acquaintance
ara taking chances thay aroaldat ea
oooator if thoy boutht their lumber t
mi> '
;W X
— Dealere la —
hOmNft  Lath, thlailea, daah ood
Deere.   lOIOIALTIIt-MeoldlnoA
Turnings, Irackete, and Oetall Ward
OFFICt AND VARD^MaOharaeo ovo
Oppeelto 0. H. Depot  0.0. les tt
t  X -i    j i-v
H QTE i!
,V *     Si**W   4*
■     •*!>, ^.,y%-M
MealH that taato like
mothor tisnd to cook
Best in the Pass
Jaa. Orsrten, Oreprteter
', X-l
1 t'll
'1 "t
. Jl"
«t *;i '"J
i -'^
"  i,i  ','
i '   -1
A '^
■     !,          '
**     A
Steam MiatedTbreastieet
^^^^-^mwmwm tMOHMNVOa
J. L. OATBa, Piearietw
Fernie, B. C
Tbe Uidinf Comraercitl Hotel of tbe City
Katie $tJ0 per dai
s»eto ea bolo ts osam
W^iliod oateSierhto^a mmV     mmuu.immmJMM a i jhj.ua jiuj i,,,,, ,,,     ,w»
aMonoio jadaa taiah^ Meat  tuitu*?**"* *»-*■***********»■*■*»       nr •„„*II,UUIUL^
Ri-=H«.-^.**ii TI|g WALDORF
^■jm&ft a*** d^^^i"  ■   'I
"immoTOf. *^,   * jyss. 'fi .'v
twmm *att wit*i*\* r- aSaj.
||A '    I
* *jk**-<m
ff^ »^o>..>;..-d|iL^M»l,,,i,C^>'
.-.*-.*f*»r«#»».,.,jio ^dofoao, Rnfetitt, AWa. '   "
^•"•""'jgmm, m mm Amaa, k. uih»rti„
i*«^,«ipiy oaaum aau
■Si' A^ **» ** * <*a** <*«
^tlfTI T lOlia -Itfitlihini  w^^m*
tatoftea 10 14*^1^1. WehehTtohb
sl«a wnoho, «ie t t«mo (ta i m?*
hdpt^u*. m^h )m______itm Abmu^m p^mM^^^^^^* ^ l*..-*^*--.*-^^-<^^k^
"twS^HPs*^^^*^-^^^^*™^,"WP^^ ••mmmHMWRnm w wWWWttm
^"^^•w JP  *|^^M(H1^HI  HI  HWMPfw'     Ull
•rtloolafiopiMleaa i«tal attht.o
to emM aaMaaH. Mart aaaracvje oi
S£?^' ** y fj»£ «? •»»
■■wi in ■ iif  wt ifmmi
•«* m ibmyntltttmi otnotU nfhm
ho v aoel; oad dooeoi jecbai todlal to
faanHttl farabotlab. t'abaa^ ptoov •+.
»oe dtoioa lehaatotteoal a aooavai r f
JS ***** * «*» »«^to. an^ta>|::
aoei aaaaaMtf aow-wMnmii** ww «*.*.•.,   »'
!'****■*■*» afhlhha. Me sbrty ota#
m* tmm how, podilti aaladoaalli
Iffift*   ttlit Am^u
....^..  #^ *a^a**^n  wmmmp ^^^W'%*mm
 aaas ear %■ mmm rn'M'tM az~—~~ wz—™~ """™~" *"■■
at; oitdli iaia ea mmSm^SS +m»**mmn* btimmt im bw
m*wmtpmYZ__xm*™m**"*mm.' nmbfmtwtfmrmm
,,   ^ ^^Ttmn* mnmnnp SS^T^^
il* toon«m"£Ls SaT!.TL~ !•■*• *T <%*H rwjlt* ««£y .^eeto-
:n^A& v.-; >''•«:,;ll•'-A!?*'A,^•''•«'l,*..^^ ifSfWiiBI'" ** ■• aatiftaj^ M»a oio
2S±9#*!M «***• oaawanr.
*MMTTnrTl| Hiiaiiol tail  bi     i i
!r"^ ..****» «»aaaoito k-0 ni# >
Mro. 8. Jonoiaft, Piop.
L. A. Mill., Ifaaater
% I*-.      i *
Excellent Cuitine - American and
European Plan ~ filuctric Uf ht
Hot It Cold Water- Sample Rooms
AMriau Pki lal«
'mTTx^TTmmir ' ""'"'",*""> "<tf"' '■ "":»:-"".'"il.iijiilLilj_i:
STeafeCiu i» KtMarta ea I to itraa*
■ail 0010 I ^Ueant,
ppmw eh* -mm^ l!^!^*k^0^n-
wam*. wmy mm. 00 OOBHOaH P"nt*im
mmr+** m (f» "V^^^^;   t^1.
\W* »,»»■» dmnZL i
— aoeiasai^-'-^-a—»«™^.»
Stephen T. Humble
For Skates, Hockey Sticks, Heaters
Ranges, Furniture, Stationery etc
fe"'>ll,   n
■ ™,A«»44
Albert* '~!SfSisij§f^
*jr -i     *    * Sr  -t*    '
■\ .'?4w:w^.:r-'   . *' ."■■mMikxAx:. ' A-xXAshA'-im-mmppmpwmmmMtpmpmmmWWpmk^im
■?&?§? '
■ ' ,t- < - ..... * ■> ■>,-&.   ^* ^'«tVfeif*-"*   a*"
, -f.j*-?•--v.r.'"-<■*- -. %  '.-. .. .     X-'- »r;,,.,,,w.j,,.  -...<, • .'r>.»'. ,>-*'i\if%,wx%Mi.j!mmgtf.x,J. ~    .    m^^tf'^!'jjxsTMM:d!m^ssM^iimmw^m^,'S!
7'JJ   it
J*,    s
■xs, „ -i ^^^m/^^^7 'kv^vt i, *. •.„.
.t \t£\*-*A'"-X<y \
^7Ai7;    XX;i ■'   ~
"• '•, I      * t-x-s ,' ,1
1 , J-l'-i* !*•_"      "
•   »'     <M    -j     .   J  V     '1
'',*> '
f&*A* '
i r V
;        ,     ,-■ X AX<7niJ l yA'XX
■m   .,      _f_ 1 >%3.*J^\ J,*? ,*9 vv.
Pav Z)avv Social WiMen's
and Ladies FoQtwear
aji»' j
R-I .   l
:• >-
A 1
' „>.
4'j   if   'i'-      '   «
«  f'    ^ I.-" ^
Ni*i'-'l • <-.
$2.95' paX*
' *      , , ,'   i~;l>-' ' ^~
• Allen's    high-
grade Pat6nt Oolt
°  Bluohiers. Regular
■'   $4,50,.. $5.00   and '
' $5.50. \;. Special
$2.95 pair. \  \
Men'a Taii Coif
Blucher, very
smart style; Reg-' •*
ular $5.00. Special,
$2.96.-  •'_ '   :••••;
Men's Gun Melted Calf Blucher,
$4.50; arid ;$5.00.
Special $2.fi©."
;,   Men's Vici Kid and Box.Oalf Congrees\Shoes.
,'Regular $3.50 to $5.00.  Special $2.95,'pair.   I
,. A    X"-     i      '
A Men's Box CaUi and Crinrie Bluchers, good ser-  ;
viceable Shoes,   Regular $3.50 and $4.00.   Special
** *. ." • *.•>  ' ;
,'-$2.95 pair. ., ^-Aix
Il Men's Pit Bluchers, w^^r^*^011* nails> g°<>d,..;
^reliable Shoes.   Regull||i|25, to $4.00.   Special   \
? $2.95 pair. ,,-illgg; „   \'\y.
Men's Higlt' Cut;Bhi^e%black and tan leathers.   ■*
"* Regular values frdm:$4;50\tb $5,50.   Special $2.95? v:
,   pair.      ,    ,^ ^    \   'AAy.-hy! f^       - *   ;t
;/ Ivies' finefoot^^WleathersfPatent;Cun   J
..Metal, yiorand{Xa¥c,ftCvery neat an§Jdre^y„^
77<^ljit^»^*!^%™ $3175 to ^.Oo/Specialfg
pay day price, ^2,75 fffy
•yj ttj.'-. i
I U"V<>
;. '
*1      V
V ■
m h'
if A'
1*    |
t, "
FofPay Saturday
Between tho Hours of 8.80 and 12 O'clock
To every customer at the Dry Goods counter v
Saturday morning between 8.30 and 12 o'clock, we
, will give owoy free, one card of tho new adjustable Hooks and Eye* Wilton's Famous Dress
Hooks and Byes, on sale in Fernie for 10c per oawL
Made to wear, built for easy adjusting, non-ruiU-
ble. We want you to get acquainted with these
Hooks Ond Eyea ond yon can get one card free of
charge ony time Saturday morning.
I*    f
l*t ,-tmtoii
*n mmt"
These Ladies9 Coats
Go at The Same
Values to $27tSO F6r
About 18 good stylWi
Coots mode in best of ma*
teriala ond, having the
beat of workmanship, At
this email price they ore
tM>low the mat of making.
Theso Coats ate good,
stylish models ond ore
shown in p range of eol
ora and materials to soft
any intending buyer. Aa
this represents a value in
Uoeta quite unusual, we
sdviw eariy ahojipinf on
Saturday am. «ao them
in tho front window for
, Jn *   } *•
L0t  NOs 3       .-" AA^AiX\
Iff   , f.,%    »    ,     *    „ t       l "i-tr*        Of      . *,    "       9 ti* ■
TWs^si&et^teist snap in: ^odftCclot^s
of impcni^^ydljliii^ beautiful newijflesijpa ,9ii
tweeds and 4rot^teds in this season* vm ^!#
ings are shown" liere, the tailoring's the^t
that20tt Ofeiittiry tlilors can turnout, epioh aiid
every suit la guaranteed perfect. IChife lot is the
most wondeffall values ever seen in Fernie
Price $15.00
■ *■ **■* .* ;§*   ,,fi" fiti.'^
/\:.:^m      rLotNo.:4 ;,;
My sjiit in thiB lot will he surc^vto gi?|>
perfeof satisfaction, Every, suit is %tb-the-^
minute in style and material and "the Workman-
ship leaves nothing to he desired,    Big money
saving bargains will be included in this lofc&t >
■•"=>       Sale Price $18.00 -,
Dress Goods at 7Sc. yd.
The former prim mi up to $14» twr yorfl. Styi
ioh tnd aomceabie Suitinga for evening woar} good
■ervieeohle msterisls suitable for early spring and
aummcr wear. Whin and tbtm otottw ffom 10 to
U inches wide. Regnfot W.» to $1.80. Wl*
Yonr ehoiee fof ,»,..,,»,..,-*•..«•«.•»»»    IVV
Pay Day ftargaitu* in goad
Silk for Blouses & Dresses
Pm     t ii ^oob^^u JggKib ________ *_t_m_***—^mm
\ ,     IWiNpirJlfA
, fA.tH,
'   j        * +"'*,i''u^Lj   »^A i   P P.. _j^i%»^*£lL?i*^.-Jfe^'' * ?-t *    "*1**hf
; Copp.r,*tt,-
• 'i *^,'U*?JfV^fta
  _ WWPWSVyiL..  ,. *t ,'. X»AT\i47'W*?-W
.*-,  lk*,»-.„i **rt^V*.^s,«*,^   ,^  • *JV    ^**-' , f -i* *dM^^%^(iJ*****Sl;J*W^»fekJ
■*""■ "~        *->^t^*f
, ** *»,!„,  *.,#/. j|)
i\w*f^^-^?rv^i,_,» ,'iUW, % Ji»f0,^ l,ynk*gWi*.r^ll!iht\t%m
*v«,ii, ., i if.
m   i11   'tt his
. .'-a t   "# >     ' *     •    i**t '**  ,* i .p v   ™" "ii ' -  *      * *   -1 j,'"
Big .Ires, color, of blue, pink and wd    (9 W
•    ii    fringed otyleo. Booh ...........*... \  #4i4v
f   .-if
, i^. W4* Wl**«,  -n, Jl^ £.iHf  *
. <**, lMt*> *!
ilttl    f-'H^Nfr,**!'   4
Final Clearance qf Ladies
UnMninitd Hats
***i     * .v *v   '*    '     j   >% '*»|*i(iii!»-'-"tt*k s|» i9 t      *-ji a
Chtidttttm ImmttMwmMtmtmtm*,,
-V,   xxi      JWtr&eis^sAXA. \vt.>.•*<*.?•
*' \* t '   ' 'Wami-imam pmpmmnmp^ * , * *• i
***j   rtttj* irn -trttti* **w***ra   «nTT*^nio tito -mn-naow aTiTi I tt     it^>   ,     jf^^t --VJ,.   0 - it, r **•* o-rXnti 00« oftnit
e\^__J_t?^_7^SI]j^^X_l__*i_t «t#«i«tt» MnA><1 OtTVa frt aij|-«|>M"*» atafoetfimat too-m mpn-*^W^tO^*^Wi^|l'-MW««^^^W*,i*»i#WW|*lA-'J4%$wt*j'-S<4»v**»'«*.*>
#aLh*^ -^hi^l* -a*w*l*wl«itf« maiIw     fi^^ ili*^^ i-^^ub^   *i   ff« /f W^ * i3'   J^SO|,WlW* «ai W SBSw wWatpiWimW tm^^Wm ••Wiw* w-PW   -
*9!W£Su n*" Icr^ * * .t % J*   il»fi--i^-^J«^^ "^5^ ,4 p, »*? ■4.' '* m tiiimei vttnaa %%% w to WJW h^)4 ISJW' * iMo
fO BW,t «Wt tn/.^ 0«IW»   -eiiHiMn fcn» WmiM nt-til
oowior»Wi»to»wiTln*»^r* JSte*i!,i
JWWItoonliioosletoMes.  Regular 65c,
iSot ol»iW per yard, ior •.....•„...••••..
*,.^*i. ft*,
in   -'MpjPi*tc, **
■Je*-*, atfi*i^4n
7 mtlh** .fgf -4« «»#».»*«»••§ • i #** «r» f • * %» ♦»•»# *„   ^,^7,;
^kaiWdd3Ji>ti #L
P -An "-ofei»orti^#i^W»»iWi'l'
■ " I   An  opportunity   like - thia ■
<-.««wi5P,J-p^nly^.rtf'ttf'V, /   ",, nv^wftSi
:'  - faottttitlty' to^mi?HMM-T o ^ tm»m
'■•m ,tAMriMrm-sa»m'.;i
^^^I'Wieo'Of -,t«ii •
-f * a**1 •«» «*-?" ■f<«n8'A4**l^,Wi»'*^«»,^*,' ."^*#W»«. r*»fcffl»#»i»**«rtK#i!
•       Ton wm WA * Towil on sale hhto ft* poy Bit.
*■,r' wfdhf Hitt SifWA VhtMttf vidttC* Como in bMli ^
^ Hhffl aad hoth towek far good hatd mpttt, - IMl*
'**i.'*  oPOSIal ,0Owi*,,**»**t»*»♦*»•■»*»»•*•»*»#»»♦»*•*.,*,**.**4II*|P'*';*
Crcig'^'k. m*- %>t^;c;„ ^mmm^ ml
Money Sating Prices
■^■barii *sai I-Ubmim*.
•^WMWjr**"** *
»-WS„*«to,    ^,   -ffl.
« 4i« ,   1
eiHamo^tmia •
wl  i id*   * if-
t'i   •»4fiin' MA•&*■•£ ■*. y    *   n"'.'v 't
i    *r ip *>k„  jf   'Aj^»«Tf,( * ,, *
'■'Ar^ftv? ?*<l
^if*'i«»i«.^»4^l%«,„|ir  ^«M|jg#t%»ir^'i4a^^*iS^ii^^ '*»


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