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The District Ledger 1914-08-15

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Industrial Unity Is Strength
The Official Organ of Distr ict No. 18, U. M. W. bf A.
Political Unity Is Victory
No. 51f Vol. vn.
Wkat the District
Officials are Doing
Diet. .Pres. W. L. Phillips and Inter.
■Board Member D. Rees were, at Hill-
■crest oa Thursday, and attended a
meeting of the Local Union tbat evening. ■
Vice President Graham and President Phillips left for Chinook on Friday, and on Friday evening attended
a meeting of Coalhurst Local Union.
Secretary IA. J. Carter left on Friday
evening to attend a special meeting ot
Bankhead Local, on' Sunday evening.
Mr. Carter had1 an interview with Premier Sifton on -his way, for the purpose of inquiring whether tbe Premier was prepared to make any move
with reference to the Hillcrest relief
situation, inasmuch as the U. .M. W.
of A. 'bas no representative at present on tbe board that ls handling ibis
fund. We got our usual—the Premier, would "do nothing."
Secretary Carter will visit Can-
more and Georgetown while up in tbat
President Phillips and Board .Member Reeo attended a meeting of Hillcrest Local-Sunday afternoon, also one
in the evening. The men ot Hlllcrest
decided they, would wait until tbey had
an agreement to work under before resuming work. They were prepared to
follow out the terme of the agreement,
and work on the wage scale whilst negotiating a new price, but the coal
compaay would not allow the men to
do to. Whon the regular business waa
through, President Phillips got up
and very clearly advanced the policy
of the organization with regard to the
present war. Incidentally he paid an
excellent tribute to the large number
of Germane who are members ot the
Fernie -Miner*' Union, also the Socialist Looal. international Board ibi*An-
ber Rees followed 'President Phillips,
and he also dealt with the calibre' of
t>e Oerman comrades at Fernie.
Iboth speakers' remarks were very
well received.
Phillips and Rees left for Coleman
on Sunday evening,
Vice President Graham attended the
Carbondale Local meeting on Sunday.
William took the opportunity of giving
them 'his views .on the present war.
saite belhg fully appreciated .by those
Vice President Graham left for
Nordegg on Monday morning, where
trouble was reported.
Graham wired trom Red Deer that
■tli' Ndrdegg men nre working, pend-
iii", - ttlcment.
Oraham also settled a point re the
Jockage scale for the Nordegg miner*
which has been pending for a few
District President Phillips left Fernie on Tuesday morning to meet Com'
missioner MoNelll. However, we find
McNeill was unable lo meet htm be
fore Wednesday..
International Board .Member Rees
leHvea on Thursday to -attend a meeting of the International Board, which
convenes at headquarters on the 17th.
Sixty Houses Are Completely Destroy.
ed—-Miners' Families Lose Nearly
All Their Belongings
NIAjN'AIMO, B. C. Aug. ll.--South
Wellington, three miles from here,
was wiped out hy fire this afternoon.
Tbe fire started from the bush. A
light wind swept the flames down on
the dwellings of the striking miners.
Sixty houses were completely destroyed, also the Alexandra Hotel, a
■three-story building valued at 310,000.
The total loss will be $50,000, with
less than $10,000 Insurance.
The fire spread eo quickly that it
was Impossible to save much furniture, and the people lost nearly all
their belongings.
As a result ot the Rugby football
game played between Coal Creek and
Fernie on July 20th, $110.05 has
been handed us for the Hillcrest disaster fund. This Is one of the largest
gates on record for a local football
game, and the committee desire to
thank Uio -Fernie Athletic Association
and teams for the use of the grounds
and loan ot uniforms. They also tender
their thanka to the public, who were so
generous with their patronage.
L. O. O. M.
I ♦'<•*>■
A dastardly murder was committed
at a ranch a short distance from Cranbrook aibout 9 o'clock on Sunday night,
when S. -Sassomata (Japanese) owner of the Tanch, went out of the shack
to finish his chores before retiring for
the night. He had only. been.out a
very short time when his wife, who
was in the shack, heard the report ot
a gun nearby, and rushing out found
her husband lying on the ground with
part of his face blown off, resulting
from receiving a charge of shot at
short range. He expired In about five
Acting Chief Provincial Constable
Welsby made a hurried trip to Cranbrook iMonday afternoon and took
charge of the case. The guilty party
or parties were clever enough not to
leave any tangible clues' behind, but
on Wednesday Chief Welsby had procured sufficient evidence to warrant
the placing under arrest of another
Japanese resident of Cranbrook, -by*
the name of Katsura.
SasBomata, the deceased, had apparently some deadly and cowardly
enemy or enemies, as some ten
months ago he was attacked one
night and brutally beaten up, and
presumably left for dead. He recovered, however, after being treated In
the hospital at Cranbrook for some
considerable time. The perpetrators
of this crime were never discovered.
The will be a meeting of the above
lodge at the K: P. Hall on (Monday
next, at 8 p. m„_w.hen all brethern are
requested to attend. The secretary will
be in attendance trom 7 p. m. to receive dues. All.members should take
note that If they have not paid third
jBlirt^^dngik_Ae)r_are..ln bad stand-
Qf, K. Davidson, wbo may be described as the pioneer of cash meat
markets in Fernie, will open a retail
cash meat market In the Beck block
(next Ingram's) on Saturday, August
16th. Mr. Davidson will operate on a
cash basis; no delivery, no phone, hut
at cash -prices. By keeping expenses
at an Irreducible minimum, he hopes
to give his patrons the benefit of every
cent saved on establishment charges.
A first data and up-to-date equipment
has .been installed, and the establishment is replete with cold storage, sausage machines, bone crusher, etc.
The plant Is electrically driven.
Tfie replay, which was caused by
Coleman drawing with Frank last
Saturday at Coleman, took .place op.
Wednesday at Frank. Both teams
were very evenly matched and the
play was of a give and take order until near the end of the tint half, when
from, a corner Ike Hutton placed a
fine centre that the Coleman cuBto-
dian nad tome difficulty in clearing.
Ho gathered tho ball, lowered and
cleared, but Hutton managed to rsacti
villi his head and placed the first and
only goal on record for Frank.
Tho aeoond half was very evuniy
couUited but was not altogether
clean. No further iwe was secured,
nnd Frank won by 1-0. They will meet
Coal Creek on Saturday at Fernie, in
tho .Municipal park.
You ought to save. How is the
master to know how little he need
let you have unlets you show him?
(Miners, stay away from Taber, as the mines are not working1 and no prospects of work.
Hundreds of men idle.
Pres. Local 102.
"S. P. OF C."
Oscar Brickson will give an address
on Sunday evening, August 16th, at
7:30-p. m., on "The Present European
War; its Cause."
A business meeting will be held
later in? the evening.
A dance will be held in the Socialist
Hall on Monday evening, August 17th.
Usual .price of admission will prevail.
Addt, Schofield, 31st B. C. Horse,
was in the city Friday.
A. Macnell, barrister, left on Friday
evening for a two weeks' motor tour
in Alberta.
these days. On Sunday afternoon the
Fernie Italian band gave an excellent
concert and in the evening the Coal
Creek-Fernie Excelsior band also gave
an excellent concert.
The officials of <the Government Forest Branch are having a very busy
time of it these days. In the early
part of last week the fire situation
kept them working night and day,
while on Saturday they started paying
off the fire fighters.
The absurdities and inconsistency
of modern civilization could not possibly have been better expressed than
by the fact that on Tuesday we had
the Daughters of the Empire collecting for a hospital ship to succor the
wounded, while on the other side of
the street the recruiting authorities
were busy' enlisting men to wound and
kill. And this great Christian country
sends missionaries to convert the
heathen! Verily Is our civilization
Hillcrest Disaster
Relief Fund
Amount already received and
promised  $5,035.60
Received per T. Uhphill, gate
at Rugby match      110.05
Sale of badges by F. H. X. at
Coal Creek          2.70
Michel Band        12.00
All contributions should be sent to
A. J. Carter, Sec.-Treas.  District 18,
U. Oil. W. of A., Fernie, B. C.
Wbat the management describe as
the "biggest treat they have ever offered" will be shown on Friday next,
August 21st, at this theatre. This ls a
"movie serial," and something altogether p*ew in the picture world. There
are-fifteen Installments, of two reels
each, and each installment is a feature in itself. The name of the film Is
"Lucile Love, the Girl of Mystery,'1
and is one ot the moat masterly and
awe-inspiring. romances ever produced. Love, adventure and intrigue
run through every foot Of the film, but
the plot Is not of the usual mushy
novelette kind; from start to finish
it Is strong, health^, vigorous and
clean. If you see the first Installment,
we have no fear of you not teeing the
other fourteen. It it a Universal production, which Is a sufficient guarantee of Its quality.
All Safe in Bull River
From Monday Midnight, Augutt 3rd, to
Thurtday tvtnlng, Augutt Oth
A report waa handed ut lato Thurtday of last week tbat two men bad
perished In fire nt Bull Rlvor, but thit,
we learn, la not correct, llie men in
queatlon bad a team of horses with
them, hut the horsei broke loose and
ran up Iron Creek, where thoy woro
overtaken by flro and burnt, thoir
carcasses being discovered on Sunday
by a tetrch party.
We havt Mkod H. Martin who, with
M. Oorrie, waa In chargo of party, to
give ut a true version of tbo affair,
and wt publish ble roport:
•Monday ovonlng Acting Chief ot
ITovlacUl Police Welsby asked me to
guide a party of flre-flghtert into the
Bull mm district, at thoro waa
matter of from 800 to 400 peoplo eat
of* thoro by flro. I wat to lako from
twaaty to twenty-flvt men- Netdlaat
to tay. I aimed to got man who wow
and to woods, whoa .pottiue. Whilo
I waa goiuag Uie pany *u»«at-fc«r» ihe
agtat od theC. P. R. gamo dowa with
a telegram from Ctaabrook, Uflltg
htm to toad fifty men Into tht Boll
Hlvor. aad be tdkni mo If t would
tako Umm. I took tMrtata tattoo* ot
fifty, aad twooty Mr the Government
mattag a total of thirty-three all UM,
Oorrte tad alyoelf being tn charge.
We Itfl Jtrnle at midnight oa  tlw
Holy communion, 8:30 a. m.; mat-
ins, followed by communion services,
1-1:00 a. m.i Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.;
evensong and sermon, 7:80 p. m.
there for the pack train. We set off
again, arriving at Brown Cnmp, on tho
Fork ot Bull River and Sulphur Creek
at 2:30 p. ni., Tuesday, August 4th.
Finding Brown's Camp deserted arnf
no food there except a few dried frultt,
we tet out again, About three mtlea
down the river we came to another deserted camp, where the majority ot
the party wanted to stay. Being out
of food, several of the party, myself
Included, volunteered to go on until
we found food and istek It back to
them. Wo aet off, and in two and one-
half mllet came upon the C. I». R.
mtln oamp No. «. Getting hold of
the foreman wo got air tbe particular!
Irom Mm wo oould, and had supper.
The foreman alto tent a man oa horseback to letch up tho root of tho
-crowd, and thoy alao bad topper, but
unfortunately all steeping aeeommoda*
tlona woro occupied, ao Oorrie and I
camo to the eoncluelon that tbe boat
thing to do would be to hit tho trail at
S o'otock aext moralag, which wo did,
atktag tho foroama to give at
hoar* atari hatore ho tm
to baatofliw, which ho promised aad
did. Wo etartod oa ear return trip
with tiro loaves of bread tnd about
tis -fNMta-de ol choose. Oa nothing Bui
lt Is ko much easier to force n wsr
and kill off tho agitators and the unemployed than It is to furnish Jobs
or answer the questions they are asking.
pbw tprtaga, whore wo expected tw
moot tito gaek trata. wt flatted oar
rations and tkroe of ut started la for
Fernie, hat en rounding a hand ta the
trail wo mtt tha pack (rata, wMah pat
Ird. making WeDoagatTt mat camp a dlffereat comptextoa oa thlaga Aflef
ta Itattky ©wa* two towra later.
Reotlag then tor abeat toto MM,
we started tot tfu* ituiuutU. **,
daybreak. Oa arriving there, oar
treaties tmetntmtei, wltdfellt Mag
encountered at every yard. Cutting
Wt tit trowt, ao tttt tht pat* trato
coaM fStOtw, tm parted oa to UA-
phai Aptinn, mlmo Un» U*i of *&»
IMI wat dhfooid of. leevtag ward
having a UtU* refirtahmtat, wa atarUd
hi aad eteeaod eat the trail of all
deadfall*, ap tw wtthlw CMtoea wiaaU***
of the trapper aback oagelpkor Creek,
f mny state tbm trail acoit a tot of
work. A gnat deal of time U lott In
meting mi iwcrotttni the creek by
the eM of lenea noo*. whkh a HtUe
<M»Utog i*M da away *Uk A mm*
to he aa oaptit wlrt-walber  tto
get over some of them, and I feel
sure when It It brought to tbo notice
of the Government this fact will be
A great deal of credit thould attach
Itself to W. Baldry and bit colleagues
In getting to where thoy did. After
reaching oamp at night W. Baldry
volunteered to return to Fornle and
bring In the report. The following It
the report which wat tent by me mul
timed by Al. Oorrie and myaolf.
Sulphur Creek. August r.. 1011.
To Chief of Polk*, Province:
All camps maatod at Ko. e\ Xo eat-
aaiilee reported at protect. Fire raging top end ot Iron Creek, alto on
Wott Fork of Bull Rlvor. Will probably back-fire tomorrow. Do not
think thoro la immediate danger. Fifteen mon started up Iron Creek, six
loan aktad of flra. Try to ateortaid
•tgitt taey aavo amroa ia casep. i
mUiy i%tminmi*9
nr. martix
A word of advice to aay who are'
atkod to go ea theee trrpt to future:
Alwaya tofea at leant aaa day*a tatkma:
never go tn a pair of dandng ahoet:
ntvtr gromblt It you tee one man tit-
lag aad yoa have nothing, thlp man
hat paekod kto foal for that pvrpoao.
IO*tag to several not packing ix,
tbere waa araeh dltaaatlea). Alwaya
reme-mbof yoar (tret dai? it to «et
there." Alao, thirty-three llvws eaa-
■mtmtt tem e&efretdt *k«Mifeii« itt^ tm*-,^.*-. t__
men    OV    ralHMMI    wfCSHI   %mm    mmnsW    av
too great for one, grta aad bear It.
Taken tt a whole, tht crowd waa a
good aaa, aad wwrttol very bard  oa
toatuatt. Yaarovoto**
-     HY. »A*TIN.
.Marriage license wa6 issued here on
the lith to Frank Ingam and Delia La-
londe, both of Hosmer.
W..F. -Stewart, master mechanic of
the iM. F. & 31. Railway shops here,
bas resigned.       ,
The Fernie Dancing Assembly will
hold a dance on Thursday, August
20th, in the Victoria Hall.
The Loyal True Blue Lodge announce a dance • in Victoria Hall on
Labor. Pay, September 7th.
Xat Jenko met with an accident at
Coal Creek this morning, resulting in
his collar bone ibeing broken.
J. W. tMann, wife an'd family, came
in from Hillyard on Friday. Mr, 'Mann
has been appointed agent of the Great
Lt. Col. Jos. Mackay received instructions from the military department on Saturday to prepare for active
Walter Harwood, accountant of the
Pojlook -Wbo Company, left on Saturday fot^Montreal, to visit his parents, who reside at that place.   .
The Daughters ot the Empire collected $560 from Fernie citizens during the fund raising campaign for the
Canadian hospital ship.
A sale of home cooking will be held
In the school room of.'the*.Methodist
church on Saturday, August l-Sili. Tea
ylll be served from 3 to 0.
Lt. Col. Jos. Mackay of this city received a wire today (Thursday) from
Colonel Hughes, OttaWa, appointing
him recruiting officer for East nnd
West Kootenay.
Garrett Sullivan, Bull'River, wnn
sent up for thirty days for being Intoxicated while Interdicted. At the
uxplratlon of his sentence he will he
sont to the Old Men's Home.
Chief of Provincial Police Ueorge
VV«lsby made a hurried automobile
trip to Cranbrook on Sunday, to In-
viiHtlgate Uio murder of u Jupuiictie
at that place.
On Augdit lltb to Mr. and Mrs.
Enoch Buddaley, a son.   (Still born.)
J. K. Oreen, Chief Provincial Detective. Vancouver, was   In   tho eity
Thursih;. on official bvialr»i?s.
iMlss Dunn, of the hospital staff, hat
teniUrtd her services ou behalf of
the Brltlth Empire, Two N'aval Reserve* left on Sunday evening in re-
spouse to orders from headquarters.
Thomas Corsan, ton of Dr. and Mrs.
Corsan. received a telotram yesterday
ordering him to report with his reg-
imont, the 88th Vancouver, at once.
He left on the midnight train on
Wednesday for the coaat.
R. J. Moloney, who waa reported
mliMlBf some time ago, it at III unne
r-nunted for. An audit of hia books
ahow thtt ho haa defaulted. Moloney
waa agent for th# Oreat Northern at
W. R. Wilton* pn#ral manager of
the Crow'a Neat Past Coal Company,
bat notified   au   employee  ot   that;
At the last meeting of the City
Council, at which the tenders for material and labor for the new sidewalks
were to have been opened, it was decided to defer this until next meeting, in order that the financial problem at the present time could be gone
into thoroughly. Like measures were
adopted with reference to petitions
for water ■works extensions. Of the
twenty-four properties in this city remaining to be connected up with the
city sewers, eight only had taken out
permits to have this done, and with
regard to the sixteen delinquents, the
city fathers instructed the City Engineer to prepare an estimate of tbe
cost of connecting these properties
and report at the next meeting.
Lt. Col. Joseph Mackay received a
telegram from the Mllltla Department
on Tuesday evening. Instructing him
to enlist 100 men and officers frori
Kootenay to accompany the first contingent abroad. Orders were immedi
ately dispatched to Xelson and Cran
brook to supply their quota of this
JbfidXt _flnd_iL_^MnUting__station wag.
opened up here on Wednesday, where
forty-eight had passed the medical
examination when the office closed at
9 o'clock. The names of the volunteers are as follows:
William Price, Robert Snowden.
Wm. Sween Grant, P. X. Kennedy*
Robert Crichton, James H&ggau. Harold iMlnton, J. Caine, Gilbert Sawyer,
Frederic Mltcbard, Chas. Worsley, J.
Beattie, Thos, G. Chedgey, John Reid,
R. Stewart (Cpl.) Henry Dyer, Wm.
II. Bromley (Sgt), Harold Emson,
John Corrlgan, A. C. Clark, A. .Mac
Mlllan (Cpl.) Wm. McArthur, Francis
Annon, D. McCosh,*Frank Townsend
(Cpl.), Donald M. Mitchell, Wm. J.
Claridge, R, S. Herring, John G,
Robertson, Thomas..Lapralk, James
Riley, G. G. Brewster, Edward Mc
Cord. Joseph Longden, John Anderson,
Robert Connell, Ernest K. Hunt, Thos.
Horner, Dome XlgKs, Douglas Towns-
end, W. E. Wilkinson, R. H. Cunning-
hnm, 8. J. McNnlly, J. S. Joule.
Twenty-five additional first-class
men are being supplied by Cranbrook
ami the remainder of Bast Kootenay's
hundred men will be made up from
Hosmer, Michel and Oateway districts.
A telegram wns dispatched to the Hon.
Colonel Hughes that the orders hnd
been carried out and requesting Instructions re sending thp men to
Quebec. Servlcp rolls were forwarded
by mail.
Coalhurst, Alta., Aug. 10,1914.
A. J. Carter, District Secretary:
Dear Sir and Brother:—Please acknowledge a check to the amount of
$197.50 collected through the company
offices from employes of the Coal Company here, to the Hillcrest relief fundi
Also a check ot $14.00, which was collected from the following names,
which I ask be published in the District Ledger as a receipt to these people for their money, tbe otbers have
their statements from the office,
which, I believe, Is sufficient. Xames
and amounts follow:
Wing Lee $ .5u
F. 03. Reiuter      .25
W. -Folrters  „ 26
W. Hopkins   l.OO
Joe Lynn  l.OO
Wm. Maxwell   5.00
R. M.-Mahoney   1.00
(Mike Ross   l.OO
E. J, iMinett   1.00
Wong Wing    l.OO
R. S. Gammon   1.00
Xeil J. McLeod  1.00
Total $14.00
I might say that I think there will
be some more come from Coalhurst in
the near future. The picture man has
promised to put on a show for the
benefit of Hillcrest as soon as he
opens tin.    Xnnr truly,  „	
'♦Sep. 1189 U. IM. W. of A.
iMany people In   tbls   district hnvo
come to regard the fire warden at a
a-Jit  ul   .i.ai.'.. J.t...  .i.i.}  ii  iu.   ful'ia  tu
control n flr<» of mm* three or four
mlk'S nqunrf Insl'k- ot .ip many hours
he Is generally regarded by those wbo
"know all about flro-flabtlng" (and
wltt po*itt>ly know inert- when dead)
as a "no good ton ot tx gun." We
have, however, tn Fernie a warden
whme efforts to extinguish fire ttop
nt nothing, not even the astronomical
bodies, and the otb-r evening he was
overheard making arrangement for extinguishing tbe nearest heavenly bftdy,
whose luminous and mystic rays have
ranted poett to rtv* *w! lovers to
Just aliout fifteen mtU* a*4>, and
la the Flathead: a doth gone good job
I don't lo«* my head, Hay! sln't tbla
tome country for flreT I'm sure having my share!"
<   .'itlrn r+9m t%* ..ttti*   atfrniXritt t. »«
tm tbm t«rtw,'t lament r "Wbr i»'«
the moon'" snd lost   then   the   old
Large  Subscriptions   Not   Yet   Paid.
Total Cath Received for oittrlbu-
tlon  It Nearly $30,000
The following report has been Issued
by the'Hlllcrest relief commission, appointed by the Provincial Government
to receive and disburse the grunt made
by Alberta, and sucb other contributions as might be made from other
sources for the relief of dependants of
victims of the Hlllcrest miue disaster.
In connection with the i*llef work
thc Herald was cuatodin x tor subscriptions from'Calgary people totaling
?E97. This amount, with the exception
of $10 not yet forwarded, was sijiii to
'.he manager of the Union Bank, Hill-
frost, for the use of the local relief
committee before thc Provincial re'.Uf
commission was appointed, for whlcit
acknowledgement has  bei>n   recciv-d,
(A wibficrlptlon list totalling i'i'*>,-
5M.15 ls here given.)
Other Contributors
U has been noted from statement* l;i
various newspapers that other corporation:.. orgaul/.utlons aud lndIvWl'u.,a
have announced Intention to contrili-
u; j but no othor monies thnn m n.bo\e
lave a» yet come to the hands of the
Inquiry diaclotHd that a local con'.-
nil'fff nf relief win fnlthfullv af -.v-irk,
and that a large supply of fool forward by the city of Lethbridge was
ia course of distribution, and thn P.
Burns & Co., Ltd., had been for a
considerable period donating free
meat. It was also noted that cut of
the unpaid wages earned by tbo deceased workmen prior to the disas or
tbr. company had paid to tbe several
widews each $25, being tbe amount
exem<pt -from claims of creditors, the
balance being withheld until administration to the several estates was
taken out, so that valid receipts for
the amounts could be obtained. Such
cases as were drawn to the commission's attention as requiring immediate consideration were received, and
the President and Secretary of the
local iMlnere' Union were asked to
procure precise particulars of the
names and ages of the widows and
children and information respecting
their means of support (If any). This
information in thirty-four cases has
ibeen furnished to date.
Many Checks Issued
Pending the receipt of the information desired with respect to the other
widows and children and noting that
the Btock of goods being distributed
by local committee of relief is now
greatly reduced, and also noting that
no applications for administration bave
yet been made witb reepect to any of
th*^ estates eo as to make available
to the families tbe balance of wages or
other similar funds, tbe commission
has today Issued cheques to widows
(resident in Alberta and whose husbands were killed in this disaster) on
the basis of $25 to each widow and $!>
to each child under the age of 16
years in all cases In which the information asked> for bas been furnished
and in all other known cases $25.
Fund Too Small
$1,765.00. A very large number of accounts of most varied description have
been presented to tbls commlss*o-i
with requests for payment, bnt It is
not deemed the duty or this commit:-
si on to pay any of these save such &&
clearly represent food or other neces-
biiies actually supplied ta the widows
.*r children of the deceased miners.
Big Siibtcriptlont Mating
At the lime of the lamentable dis-
nAer, public mention was made ■"
newspapers nnd otherwlfe of various
subscription*, notably JjO.OOO fron
the DomiJi'on Govprmi.tnt, $20,000
Km the Canadian . Pavi'l; Railwav,
between whom probabi/ most of t-u>
profits of thc. mining country are dl-
v'.led, and *10,000 eac'i from the dtrec-
I•;*•«( of tho Hillcrest Mining Compatn.
,\pntrently lone of tl»>.-vj' amounts
■h'.ive yet been paid, although au Item
O'' $2,000 has boen pi'd by tlio Natural
Rp-iources branch of tins railway com-
lUMiy, probably on Ui.» r*ti«pou*:b-iliy
'iif the local officials.
If theso nr other a'Vnouww which
wero openly mentioned nt the tlmo nr<-
to b« paid, they should bc paid
promptly, so that the committee would
be In a position to make It* permanent
and equitable appropriations--Calgary
(It should be noted that tlio V. IM.'
W. of A. have nothing to do with the
disposal of above fund. So far they
are not represented on the commission
and th«lr advice him not li«*-n MtMght
with  wifereiiee to disposition.)
cotuiMtftj' ii***. **%t nbo *i»*& to attittd
tot active terrko may do oo aad tbatj^ wl8ktd „„ Hter #yt ^nttf.
tha trees, lilted hit Bote aver tho top
'Mr fwoWeat will be optm tee tht«
on tbjlr return.
\tr and -Mra f* 11 tlertidiaar nt Vtte-
couver, who ara motoring through
tho Province taking views aad loctar-
lag la tho InteretU of tbo DaaghUn
of tho Bmpltw, arrived in the eity fat.
nrdey, aad will addreot a meeting of
tho Baughttrt oa Moaday atteraooa
of tha hilt, and nodded a rood evening
\elto-ti'. WHrri'irttnatta  pi-ra* *t*ti  flti
taare of the moon from thetarth at
SSM40 mllee. so the flro hat still
J3M3S mtlea to travel, and we may
roaslder the Flathead tolerably safe
for tho pretont. When the doet «*'
hero, aa doaht. tho present officials
.Mrt. Roaaaef* la la  tha  BoapMal,|*,H »*ve **** V™mm* lettttr abara
W»»   IMIMPWIP   tm   •*»      *mm     eeoew^ewmep t m^^eJmJtmm\   ^m^A   at.*.    -,■ m ■»  *.|   mi ami a aim
*,.*„ *rv*r*1r Wten bv n *vff     Th#'w •*l<m> *** *** fT**t *M *|0T1OT"
ft*** meet ettemei Mtn. Ho* SSTL^SLr^.  **  **
thora'a pet aai aim aadoavared to heat
K off with aa aatarolla aad waa aa*.
coeofat la this, rat? ta he attacked herself, wtth tha aha** -mmtt.
The eMaeae at Viet* mtm
ta Ma af   patriotic
tlafea af tho "White B CS
it will h% aottc#4 tbat tho conflicting
aatloai af Burope art aaklag tba AI-
mighty ta aid thorn fa dtatraytag each
othor.   They »r* »*ry ptooe  ovtry
_n_f AuaH
ttkia up. H ''»'•'»» poliite-l out that
tome of the merchants carry quite a
stock and that whon the prices *«re
rni»»»'.l by tli<* milter*. Um Immediately rained the. price on whnt they h«>ld.
The jiri«s comnilM.- was Instructed
to show thow people «1» in the proms
and (tip »ecret»)y wis intruded to
wrtte the (lovernnn-nt at Ottawa and
inform them ot the working conditions
In town and to protest agtlntt the
rals« In price of food without any rem*
■son for »»m"
War 1» the burning qurntlon of th-e
hour. The Taber Times issues an *%•
trn every dsy. and areordlng to thw
number of flormaut reported killed every day, there cannot be mnny left
tltve now.
A mruum* ott iter (torn L-tHU"
£inud>-   taa m vj*»u uu .>n*.u4..*i, ***-
liotlng men. There were fit* valuo-
tH.r* offmd Ihtlr wrvktt, tt ftrtn*
that the retponte to the call to anna
ban not heen as great at the pre**
repretantatlTWi of the Alberta and ffeiwaaM »«•»* P^m io believe, ae tne
minion Oovernraente, who »r* etpoot- time. for enlisting haa beta extended
ed in towa tbla week, to tae If any to Tueaday evening,
assistance caa bo tecared for people! Th* lethbridge Callles will try
who aro deetltate aad without worajconclutlona with the Taber boys oa
In the meantime, men ar« pouring | W«dneaday. Thit loam beat Tabor at
Into .mitp even day, tokina tot %*,tb,,l**t*ibrUm by ! is t la the hakt game
and the mine la practical* filed iu>.|rf *<***» oooa at that town thit aaa-
and onlv working two day* i»rr at***. ,■**»' TU buut«. xetux. **'*■> U> Im«4 i«
The Local hat taken tba matter ap.|*™»» ap with the league ebaaHdoae
aad the **er»ttry lattraefed t» h«*** tomorrow nltbt.
a aaUra »«at to ihe Ledger eapkiu- »«« lemnt* Paterton tt eosflned
tag the conditions la iho camp. te hw homo with ftrtr.
At the moHtag of the Local on Mn\   Pete Daao is one of tho oM tlmera
doy the taewato ha the pike* el tttmt 11" **■* <* *Uit lb 0*. ••-*»..
bf mm* ot tha dealers In town   was! tcoattaatd ea raat reati
The same old story 'telle the tale o(
working conditions In this camp, During the spring and early summer reports wero circulating that then
w*ould he an early openlmt of flu* t:itr»*»*
this season. At* n fontequVtiw mv-ery-
one remained in town, and all are
pretty well up against It Thl* Is the
worst season Taber han -experienced
for a number cf year* The stores
have carried people all summer, but
the crop failure* have caused the
wholesale houtet to cut off credit and
tht storekeepers la town have had to
do llkwwlfte If the mines dnn'f start
pretty noon there will be m md con-1
dktlon of allatra ta Taber. As it it.
quite a numbor of people ara practically starilog. aad the Local tnioa
It unable to give any help. A commit-
te* hut b**o wnwHM-M to interview
;•'■! v> .*•■ j^^- ;,s
Workmen's Gompensatiog
in British G
By Jas. H. McVety
lectins: such amounts as are legally
due, the British Columbia act is about
as obsoleteTa "measure as then?
force in anj^-prape forty-two ci
r,whf^l^ave ji^tey passed legi*.
bas4<s§jn tha Majie principle.
R^MWtiMgjgi^ the present1
of c-Si^nsKwng worKers   injur!
industry was considered in 1S37,
r=rr=   ~Tgg~^j;jfer^Eas already ^showirtha't
as long as industry was conducied on
a small scale, ancLthe.BauilaxaEJUttlfc. ^lecailtiJMmaa«»Joggora-an4->piM*. jgggl^LJLMl^-^j^iffll^fflq?:^
ed" with his men, or was himself the
manager, his pjxsonal neg^iagSc'e
could in m^l^^^^-^bpk^
thus making it possible to recover
_ damages for ^jjijuries *risins,j4irough
YV tsSs^-t^^igeii-^5 **S lJtiUaih^ff% com-
With the development of the factory
system, between, 1S70, and 1S80, and
the 'ever ^growing expansion of, the
scale on w^ich^all in;lus,tries were
, 'bi-came    iucrpasingly
difficult to 'briiijr'home individual re-
,..•..■*.    ..,''.».
sponsjbijity to the enijilo.\ ct. As .industry passed largely into the hinds or
*. *.   i'..     - >■-;  ■    i
corporations, where, the actual owners' took' Wo 'part ' in ,the industry,
the diificu't.N bot-.uu'e almcs1 an impossibility" Tu? i-'mjiloyer was i:ot liable
to a"se'rvan];'for th'o'ncglljeiice of a
fellow' -s'tn'aiit,' oni epnsetiueiitly. in
tlie majority of injuries, wjs pot liable
at all.  'As'lia sal ready 'been stati-d, the
used'for Sonstfuction; repair or deni-"
olition ^-^felcal workers, except on
other change has fgr%dwo<S!PHFd({ OTWRtf' $«&>«$ AV*«»14j*Sftl»
iaa       ft       \*\mm *r»1 h f\***m     r\ e     04 si T n n » nt-A  r,l *..      WYm-. 9-\. 1.    aL -      ^.    1 a     . a ^ * *«      .
In a number of States, notably Wash- to the advantage of "the workman to do
THSl'SSF^e-admlnlstration^ as may
bntlonymb*UnT!'Sgi9b\bTt&d&^W. SS&leeffiSDa&i ffi9I$T&a%i$gt31t
"Industry being taxed according
A s' li a $ 'al reri dy Vje»
Employers'*'hiaii:)ity'/(ct of 1SS0 was
tiie'result'of'gravp'discontent and inability 't'o"rei-bve'r 'lihik-r the common
•*•.■*>; ,■", ,;.,/,' i i,:)t.T,l I-. i • . ■ '.
law. , ... ..   ,
•>k, liy-    '*•;.■''jrf
engaged in land clearing, and a.largp,
prtaortion gt Jfeetl&fldlKSrad^s ,<io.
no^*^^'i%i*q)l4^-*q»i)gv3t.tUe, aft,
Fancy anything more ridiculous thai)
to pay compensation to a workman
who breaks a finger on a building
forty-one feet in height and pay nothing to the dependants of the man who
falls fronj the,,top,■, of ,a , /building
thirty-nine feet" high aad.-breaks his
nlick!     .,'■'.       ..;   ',-,.      ...*.'' "'
An injured .workman .receive-? "notli
ing for the; first two. weeks - of dis*
ablemenr. and half-wages,.-hot to exceed $10, per week, afterwards. .*£}ie
person injured pays all doctor and
hospital bills out of the $S or $10 allowance per week.,' in case of death,
the. dependant*-receive- three y^rs'
earn ings*,,but.aoUless than $1,00)), pr
more ihan $1,500, the allowance,., fpr,,
death.heing almost, the same as th&L o^
EngJan*d,->wl-ierp*aidQllar Roes as far,a$,
tP'9 ori-Uiroeidii, this.Province. If, the,
.iv-p.rkeciis partially iditabled,-->and .a-ftyx*,.
?.. Unie,*1b-^able ito; earn a:&uall wage C\ Act, will be found esG^tygly'gei?
39. Where tem
'W'th'e number'of tilled Vi" ^u&d*5tf'r?suite^rom
workers it produc'e^'tW^ilile cmlect- 	
■fog-tift' taxes* 'arid j)h'j*in,gJt^!4' coi&pen-
sariori direct,' Vitlibiit' ' legai process*
and the varictis" expensive :entlBigle-
monte such, processes"invoke., 'ftnta?
rio bas,just. passed-legislation flong'
.similar lines, -witli,!.- however, *8Sany
improvements* aver ,the Washington
systea», , .. ■. ., ■_ .. ■ > *
In, a subsequent* i&suet the •■• salient
"j features of-Uie, Ontario and AValfeing-
ton acts will be d-ealt with.       *
j-     <&* w*
'"'■"'•^lenU X
j«i; .
O voeM ^ -.nu
, aiTil numerous amend-
., ii.i-i.i-vi ->nJ xp'.mii.'ft    1      ,,
  aa\6 since beeii made, mostly
toward the extension of tlie .scope or
'Mon, b;it rj-nbiid') biiii *a«'.bi/*. i >-
the jeglsiatloh. . , i   .
■•l.'.o'.'iJ-^li afil-jd   «nooa lo   tfwltt. -ui J -■-.
lii-Sse jicts were a complete .revolu-
tion m the law or employers liability.
-■iiSMk ^^^'fM!|& scope
^pllpwii):--..^ jf-cale. flf.^conjpensatjon
q£ (tilu1 Qwraxio. ^Vflrltnj^n'si fiqmp'^ns-a-'
;t,ipi} A?!, which, -cppipar(?4HiK|th tie'k.
suitable employme-nt or business after
the accident and   the   compensation
()'4ble during^^'lifetlme of
acity Hthe Wp^t
10 'HfiMenfe^j|ii|
ead^ffSuch" weekl"
ment the board shall, unless   in
shall,, \$ m\ik ,to*.tl>e.^mrtoaft.
employed in the same class of   em-
ploymen^mand in the same locality
workman has   ea-
current   contj-acts
or more
worked at
and at an
m,\his avera!!
be computed on the basis of what fie*
jfpjild probably have been earning if
he had been employed solely in   the
'employment of the "employer tor whom"
he was working at the time of the>j
the injury, Ihe com- ployer  shall   mean  employment    by
i/iiri i
qt isoin)ej,-o;hei:;(;oc-cuiiation.',. :the   em- j erou
BMltlfld to aarevifion ofitbej,riS3.'1.(l).i-Wh«rQ
payment.* After sis,nioritliaiof.J.'nu ii»uwr.v -*he taaioniwi.
DMimeais.   and; regardle-ssi of'|>aationi.shall hei
jyiq,ith-allcoj»li^ioni of"tlU3 lipjarert .peis
^gjj,,^ie;fauHoyej-.,("<uti(d'iiftiand the-jaKfi
l<f£il)taiiCH'of'-*i,feed,-*auniscflnd:'ii) .case
ot.iiiabi|j-t,s"ito*ig«e#fti.pDr» tbe.dmeuiti,
■^it >ifi\pd|.by?'av*^catlDn..ii-.ii  ''■>!>//
Although, .fliiiw-n •,wlfc'hf--:the!'ffbject,^T
reducing  the   cost- of-1 MltSg&tfoiV'-th-g'
i liniiiations*. as. to hfcbpe*llia-Ve iecfefcsl-'
. ti jed many expensive1'fc-irffe tor'•''■iii f
puiiio»e of .;.;■»ventia'g'i^i^ i-^ibltslfJ'
-i!.-it. of Adverse declsiohf-lhe'ViiS'i o
T01,be the same asjhat.p-r-g-.
■y. section 37, but sjiall^be
payable only so long as the disability
.!.."n; -i.'tt^ ,'i;'*-\ .i-Jt . • -9-1 '*-."*
lasts. '
•'' *i\!' it-i --'''"iii "ii   ■   • •> df ,  ;:''
40.   Where temporary partial di$a-
bility Results ffom. the _ .injury. ,j:th,e
compsWa^n sTial^be' the sanjg a^ t-^at
prescribed 'bj;' section 3S, but shall ,be
paya^'^ni^'so.lppg as the ^sa(b(ilit>;,
last's a^d subsection 2 of tha* sedftipji
shall" apply; ''"'"■ ',,.'.
n *'VU ive£a^ S?r^in4s Jhal,i"-V
roniputea In such a manner as i&*be^,
calculated;cJo.«gixe the rate per .>veek
or month at which the workman was
remunerated, but«'iwt! so as iii.-aa^:
icaser.tp .exceetl'the rate of $2,000,,per
annum..ri   >.<T   m- , «,  .. ;,'... , .^.t,
(2) Where, owing;-to -tli«:sJiorpiess
of tkoaimadunlng-which tlie-,wo,rkpi*j,^.
was in the-.eiajiloy-ment of.-.his ., ^mv
pJoyeriOriitbe cdsual, nature bt hi^em--,
Dloyiuenfa.or .'the.it-eirnle of. is...it, ii-^jiifl-,
numeration as of .the date of tn^ac/
tye ^me,.^jnjpi;oyer,'J._iii,,i,t^e/- grade ia
,\\;bic^,,tjift;>VO-C^a*li ^...eppjoyeii at
^y.,a.^i\ce, frpjp ■jyork^e.^p '^^^-ftAA At
jffi a,ny,pth^r..jina\;Qidal})*e c^usp: o o-i^say5ngT*,Be
n!-^| ii;ij.il'ln'.-EisiagJ,the.anipi}j}t of a
yjj^kly p/* .{ppnJJily payment, regard
shall^be bad t^i .any. p^yment, j allowance pr.^enefit ,}v}iic,h , the. .workmaa
founder was not Jesus Christ, but the
Roman emperor, Constantino.
At., -.-irj-^w^jkr-^
i'e**tWSBJ9B£i8^ .brotherhood,    peace,
^Qmm'unism   (or   near
was a workingman,
the rich- exploiters
red with the poor' for
om Hft^fiaB great sympathy.     He
sent -no Cossacks to   run   bayonets
through, their hearts and cleave opeis|j
their skuiis    with   broadswords, b-tft
said: "Come tinto me, all ye who labor
and are heavy -laden and I will give
^aj:e*St^'.. ,H%A-£nt.a boatjoing-goodT
and in all his teachings he emphasized the Stoj^l^k ^pLit-
soever a ma^>§|%,^ad-4al«uWJ^a
reap," and "that every one shall be
reward^giccording to deeds dpn-e ia
Be not deceived. "Men do
not gather grapes-from, thorns,  nor
figs from  thistles."   For   about .,.30p
years his followers lived according.to,
,,  .. ....      asfem&y°Th3f',,Mai?he ko.
fli.ay. receive,, f^on^, his .emplo^er^ftPpi'oiii^of^IAl^1 and other public .ne:'
cessities, opposed the taking of Inter-
'estVtel&nSfld*&ftffliu'ftifci? tlie jn'our
Kidney Trouble?
Look for this Trade-Mark
in*g„tJie ,pe^ad,.9f 4i}s,(disa^ijity,   lit
c-ludUig anyi,peesl9n,;gra;-;pityb,pr 6'tlift'
ailpwanqe .p,ro,vidfid wholly at .the %l*>
,pease qf ,tbe .employer.    (.0r;, ■
< 2) Where the cont^-gn^lo'n ' 15
payable, put ,o/ UiftiUccid-fn-t^fund'atiy
ftimi dedijcteil f?'oni,(-;*t\e cpny^nss'tM'
lUPder, g.ujxsect[on 1, ip^j^be .p^ t6 the1
v. .-in.
f# fe^^Uoo^'MrVe^ectiv*, of
Titflfi^e,"'mu(jfi" Hiore'1liihi/ed iii" its'scope
than uie'acT m force in lsnelana today,
"1(i  '•bW^b^^o'-^lli'Ms^f'Sn.Vv^e'
"" '' 'iPiJ&cti&lft i»l'fe<1'vtl?r<|;mploy(
.'? biiuj-vbi'tiliL^JilAi^Ju-.t-tt-'t *'iil.""-t
Siu-*^ ftl?n?'a'2ffi1n"1nii?ry.
'Shic-e;iiie yfo'r ISlff IKf'growth,and^
deyeVo'iS&en't" Vf"'" le^islHtioiV''1 df.'aiiiig'
;:with"t1i'e' c6'riipeiisatioh''6f'workmen, in-
'"'-jWiY%,l'l&rf<?strj' ;'haS'  ''been   inpst
raplrf.'SlTfa^IoiSS'ftrty-tw-o countries
haVp'no-w passwl'lt^'i'siiitioTi which, al-
" t'tiOll'gh''dlftlSAn'i?: Vr/a11 y'as'Vrt''^lAtA-fui.
principle al-
!ait*h',amoiin,f'.! follows 'th
fe^'dy "otitlin'ed *' "' " '""
"' The Britlsli' Columbia' (ioveriiment
" passed an aet lh 1002' which' became effective Hi May' 1903. It was patterned
generally after tlie English act, but'
many of the better points'were omi'.tert
nnd they havo not since been Inserted.
Credit is'(Iii(?".Tit3'. Hawthoniwaito for
securing its passag", although its
provisions were far from satisfactory
to lilm
It applies to railways, fnftorles.
mines, quarries, ciisijieerlnfi work and
buildings which exceed forty feet In
height and are being constructed or
repaired by moans of a scaffolding or
bolng demolished, or on wliich machinery driven hy   merhanlcal   power   Is
; ideate results  froTnftftMHfL^ttdttt       ' 7.T
,mm*. or.-U.or.^mpeiiAJiJttrfub* ^BB J1°unt.|^1licli
4        ^ftteWtVelrt'HMda previWfe
,^|(-i     jr   . , ,'     "the same \vork bi~ the same emijlp^er.
li' '  ^f° 'I! ^'I-L ^'.'•1rfo^»iP*t6ei^3«''BH»lpi'!»«b'n'so ^mployed-
// Ui)l'Um .r-scesfary>:«x}ie»s&9' of'--Thri
■ftifi.'iiiiir: ->n•
„i |.|»).)-\Vhere
:(>uaband iai.tlie ,.,'aqlaj-i.«flei»ntl^n
n^ontibly jpajr-ment (jfliWiXviJ.iyti.:'
)   (.e/!'.*Wfl«re*i thfemdepemitantsobre0
w«ltfr.' inr -aitu -daiwliri -ibuibjind 'a-nJ'tAit*
.•or ijioijeij.'ii-U<ireji.Mfl oJontiil(!?i;pni.-meiit j
.af,$30,iwith'aiiid-dU.iti-onn/! -monthly:
awnt..ofl>$A;for oanh <ttii*ldir«iidcr
thj> ^ci^efliF ^l(^ag ^pedjfe', a
person in^e,^i^j #gj;^e ,-fu^Jp^fi^t
tWfl Mu-p'ers'tfft in'Wi'e'«WW'e**|§ua'4ft
aler'tAAiaiffl^ fSjJtdrecT *lne chucch
arfd^WMd^Wi'V^nea and .pSatx
tices. ':t4e forbid iii'e'lira^ice of Sp:
c'ialist'nliet'liods, ifekor&fi'nterest, r-effts
'and iirbffrs,'_ Vagecl bloody \4rs„Viv
teriddd'siSVery;1 YbrfdreS'' the '.private,
'dwh-^^i'p "6Y latSfa 'a.na' an 1iiHliirai'!.re:.
^3,' .)Vhpi:? fhfi^omp^asatlo^is Up ^ottrcbsra^DHslVed "'aiitipT-d
,-^^lp, qu^jflf ,t,^<Mac<,ld1?P'-,)^jii ■ ,{fhe ■Vd?ililp<,',ari,d ^ub'stlttiUd • 'PifeanJ«lc
tjoa^^i^y ,\ylje;-e\;er. i^^-^e^d ad-^reinto^i^s^antf.1 fustoii^,-"]iiaiiy,.c,pf
isabl^^pyj(|e ,ttiairliiie ^9yyin;^itli,"(Jf:?whlcii"<aV-b' iiihtitffa -'lf}'"tiie!l-sb.oaHa4
/co»pj)en^lpnI..^-"l}g..fjOptn^t|ji,,'br TrtristlaW Jin/j-ch^id'dy^ 'vjT      '-./   ,
matitoi 'w^Plr^r.rj-.i; srfrt,hi!h,fltf,Bift5af*,y&i8S,,W6,fc' :gW
44.   Whe^ftjjj-ijr^aiR^j^flbitefcf tihWti1 'Hri*eM'ip^fl gy'Pagahism, {iiis.
aat ^..^..^fa^jU^grj^h^-sge; tif'il [Sfh'-lfr^Sfe-hai^iiy^il-t&^fe Wen rw-ii
i uni
Kruz v-. Crow's Mest-5»dss Co'al f'wv 'OgoiofUB yeara.-iiot'ieac^dinsil
pany, where the company refuse 1 to
peusstion .bc-cause. the •■fWijeriil-ants're
sided outside the Piwi-ii-ee,•■befog' t\ir-\
ried by 'Jie itiiiiers."'*a4fsist«?d''-''by organized labor genoRtlly.i'to^tl!*^ Privy
Council. . ii..s.Iji    ; i. •"/.   ,, f.«
Employers quite naturally pr6te'e¥
themselves aaalnst clalm^'fey IiisbV-
te-g flieli- enLifloyes-in- insurance com-
liatii^.'a'ntf flitt pbliej-"'rfieatfs that
claiiAkiils-, with little'bY'nb 'experience
■in Shclr matters, tir*^ fd^ced^'to ffgfit'
thi*h' claims With the expeiieiic'ed'lawyers employed by 'the insurance companies'/1 lf^b_ciaim^OisbiiJiJ^i)jm
ivho!6.!?4e.-t ui-}r:,i  '-njiiti'i  r.i-i
... (dj:'Where,!tiie>de;>ai,-d»nts a-re.
lesii a -moathlii.pawineiut <& Sl-Oito
oJiilrt. ujxioruthe^ayfi rrfi>i.-8; yenrs. not
exceeding in the .whole. $10. -i',;
l,-Ml -yft-m tJijf.,JVArH»»«n.*>ias ^^j-yus^vvwho
..Brfti^.i'arjflW W  /HW-Hfl* •!*»«»■* »hhveia^4»'o:-'veaw «^go:
hattie, he Invariably'loses some or all
of the compensation to which he is
entitled'SiTd' If Mle"''pIrfploys, a"iawyer
tbe tost1 Is iletihicte'd from whatever is
received from the Insurance company.
First, Hip injured one .receives
nothing for the 'first two weeks, pays
his own medical and hospital fees and
receives no compensation often for
weeks afterwards, or until he fights
it ont with tho Insurance compnny.
Kven If su<—esftful the rates nf compensation are based on those prevail-
IiiK in England and entirely inade-
quale to meet the cost of living In
western Canada,
•netween the ridiculous limitations,
the absurdly low scale of payments
ami tlie difficulty and expense of col-
Beck Block, Fernie, B. C.
,'yiteMgftj-EV -UaeiWWshJej&jofj j&tyitffl. .vJ99!ft>ffW'.'Vig&ff&afea'he M-
lately, dice, was c
Ul I n'lf.  ,=,-.'1   'OiJi,,.
farm in Somerset flqiuj^y,
......   . -'years i>a"go.: '!|H'e waa^r^,
joflu^U-ftaymc-qji of,42<Vm^:«-S-^:?^.n.|,jrinter^editon; al4hlllier, >a dattyor.ift
•tft« ^rl?^i.:wovid,lJia>-ftIatttto«|d the j^,.^^^, a.fi^-llroad'Mi»e,sl4pat.
.«.*<> tf,2\wn oxiptrmftMSt Period j. lose .^ pt hjajit^ Sh0ws,tbe
a»^hellboRrd may^^iJusti,,^ '•' ; L^t^?jils..»»WW to,.be.'aa; open
„ if,) .\Vhere.tbe.WlA'tUpeq4a)\t8 are I -_^ w m;*m<x a 'minute, bf his
pe^o.n? ptiier tli,an,{h*^ft,nieatipned iii! ■" ' '"   •'
the>; foregoing cla«g.?s(,^ ;s^n), reason-
M. K Davidson
The Pioneer of Cash Meat Markets
in Fernie, will open an up-to-
date Retail Meat Store
¥bTe"W3*15fopof!|9nafpji to, thft pecu
niary Loss to   %uch  (.d<y)^uUa)its • oc-
cas'on<j;l by the death,! ,to -be deter- j thjjyiring
mined by the board, tyut.not.exceeding
in the whole $10 per month,
(2) In the case provided for "by
clause (f) of f-ubsectlpn 1, the pay-
mf'ifts shall continue only so Jong as
in the opinion of the- board it 'mieht
reasonably have been expected had
the workman lived he would have
continued to contribute) to the support
of the dependants.
(3) Where there are both total and
par tin 1 depifiidants the compensation
may be allotted partly to tha total
and partly to the partial dependants.
M)Where the board Is of opinion
that for nny reason it is necessary or
desirable that a payment in reaped
of a child should not be made directly
to Its parent, the board may direct
that the payment be made to such person or be applied in such manner as
the board may deem for the advantage j
of the child,
(5) The compensation payable as
provided by sub*ection 1, shall not In
any caHe exceed 55 per cent of (he average monthly earnings of the workman mentioned In section 37, and It
the compensation payable under that
subsection would In any ease «xeeed
that percentage It shall be reduced accordingly. an-J where several paraon*
an» entitled to monthly payments the
payments ahad-be reduced propo*r-
t Innately
til,   n* If a dependant widow mar-
tiire. It (\v;tf ag,,q ja/.v;.ei\ i-bji^ he at-
.Morgan, who'li'lred'hini nt a''salary of
^(V)^'A" year $_'"belp hi iii"'do *ls
Mr. ' l&er knew' ttie cb'al'
fields of Pennsylvania, and it was not
long until he became in effect a coal
trust. It was Ills legal mind that conceived the scheme 8j which the constitution was beaten and the entire
ti'jide placed ifn the hanus of a few
men. In the great coal miners' strike
of 1002, In which 140,000 men were
but, 'Mr. Baer was the recognized tfhlef
of the anthracite operating Interests."
Mr. Baer was the man who was widely quoted aB saying In effect, that
God had glvon rich Christian men the
coal mines, and that lt was God'* plan
for thc poor to toll for tbe men to
whom he had given the properties,
Now, I have no unkind feeling, toward
Mr. liner, lie has gone to another
xniiB of existence where I believe he
.•.hull reap as he has sotvn. Tbat he
rendered much aid to the late J. P.
.Morgan     to    put    through    many
U'hady transaction, and that he and
Morgan exploited worklne people out
of   niilllcus   of   dollars unjustly,   is
(Pretty certain. He and Morgan were
soundly orthodox and firmly believed
In the Pagan doctrine that by profo*s-
Ina deep piety and conforming to cor-
lulu church customs, they could, at
death, unload all their etna upon
Jesus, escape merited punishment,
and by one hound land ln the high-
eat courts of heaven. Mr. Morgan pnt
in his last will and testament the fol-
^^(i-^ttiKer^'P is.^piVfi]^,^. wise
and ■j!j«$,jlfl$s,„flpiL.ithati a^m^n who
",eo^1^tl)*9)W-lpd.fln1 eajitlj/ijljall,' some
ittffifli..'iW-Wffi)*ere».i. wa.-. tiifc- "wWi*
of ,re.ijtitw,tiJfin-Trpfi>?8fliprftcitynTrflf %W
,andf,eyaot,.justi-fie^-rpjijs*; apd.idfifS'ijov-'
fir^^l. things frpnji.t^ftigrain of sffntf!
tA-Abs •bla^iiig.aun-^frftmi.lhq.iipictobo
to God himself. . I cannot .believe *w-lt\i
Morgau.cHater^tffl Rockefeller, aiatn
.veav?„ftr u^tilg«^lqtii€;!^sa1l((dis,abii;' ^''liiife'^sii^f'by^ivil^i.l/i^iiy wi
■AW,. th%(com^ep^}pu,(t6 ,^i^i he Is poverty, crime aiiff'%l'#^!"'iris*q.fi<
:n^\ii^ n^j.;rbe,,jaj^.to,^f^,person  petnrve~sys!em~oT~riidividuaIlsp)t^asl
& bMW$eAAMV$M*Mi*'i   the P^^^d 3^'8&aMAJA-sflintine,s. time
AwmfSvd lam; .-.ifimid ,!,-*■!•.»;,.„,  ,°X.Mr9.r "
WheAr^o'# blS:k0>Iciies;
your hands1 and feet rheu-
!   A
short tieatment with this remedy \^yi do wonders to relieve
nation, They purify the
oad^er^e you a good .appetite"waa char, healthy skin.
ll. 7^. D. A. Kidney Pills will
;       rslief or your money will
■i i- '■'■Miided. Guarantee with
■v>\v u^i-.sy pric^ageu-l.*  . ■ >. ''
tSSe,^o\SLytvchiiipelyi-,hQrQ. mSS.
At,, tycljeap 'ajBo,9k ipod ■< Drug  Store,
Fernie, B. C. .^ -,
Ur ',U5iI-r}I   •■»<".!;)    nlW,*1, V, 'h,     '    '
t.-lcs.Of tlie omigle ana not of Jesa*-.ot' "
thelqngaom of heaven. i,bj ■,
■ll-^-i vl tuo 4t -"-.nt .J.iiij: i*\i-i,'*A
!ai)d, internal glprj'.t.':/■:'i,:.: -t-
., No^.uieise wndittans^canpoii.alwnys
cc,il,inue.. ..,,\pt,forever.t.sh,8Jl', selfish
mpii-he ,jiermited tfi privately own all
thUri^ce-^ltiesi Qf.flijifttiou and,pile up.
mountain* ,„of .^woplth-.filched from
■vygrking'people, vlthoat..returning sa
oquivaleat tharefar..'-.jS,ofe for,.ail time
SifiUi.thOi .teafiltiflgfiaofiiBuddali and
jC)gnfy,ci,us.,nitdii*Sp*i'irpt6Sf' aadi Jesus,
au4 vM3r-x,.-a-ii(l) RusMni'lRitd .Stead, a.id
Wtilla.ce, andiRalliunJ, .aaarscther In-
tsjilcedrillumui-qted «ouls;be suppressed,
iindiih^ecanoiaioialidt.lheological doc
trims ioS; Pagan GfliistBlHiiife-.^rlumpli!
N'o, not'fpEex'ejd o8fl(3iaibsm,itlie young'
giant with lofty,'Ideais^'bea-ring aloft
ia,ijediibannfiix'.repies*Jiting a'-universal
brotherhood and kinship -■ofiaJli-eartU's
r^ahe-jon *aWh!fl^()od,'W«ffl torfmen—
hn.-iaJuryitbiojHbta.'tlibrfBodc^rn of all,"
ovlliH coming ldTabolteh*Tv»ro»ig lA-iid er-
< ^thrattfl:.•thB•Ari■sht>'^ If»-4S ImhrcHing on,
■!l«fav»*)>an/i,'!rtiino^*sta»ir flwtcwHlsput'>a stop
,r6tibfii*s:'foT ''ffieiri'b'foflier''i*nanj.4and<}rfounda'(ldtf cdr»4»»9tofife3.-'fjW5,W1':6e j.is-
tt-en at deatlTunload all their siji-s>tfw tiob; I-reolpfAwltyJ"'-'tliilveWal !'4trother-
thelr Sa^oR ^idJby one mightjjaei>:o hfeod<atid'iuni*f%^aJ;|l«ia5§.-ii-'f}.'Y. Cali.
""'    " m« h'kg -ifl vMiilr.-Wn-jiit   -jut* Jj'vw,
■^n^*~^r-antr-i-tm--^-^'-r-h*t-t9~-t4*Vi—i—--—-~_1_ -~l
M t   -* A* ' ra-a s i t*t     i\* ?*-
,y<il'J* ttfll'9','3
igrid 'In ti**ti t.
pr»-' ''ii •
tt;;')Ci('. ^.r. .i-.ii   jH'iu
'^f^.'jiif^kf'rlSft' frbfen Bti&lfciell^Wt
l     (.•lAC-ilC!    '.:-lH
■I t
r',<'*>, the monthly j^>iiit-r*t.-i to   i»tr
shall cease, but »he ahull be entitled I   "I «m>m» my soul into the hands J school
nuau L-an -siM-nd—i5~iifetinie on earth"
grftherliig a""eb*WS8arioriuiie'' through
tMe exploiting Of Worklng-'people, driv-
Ing th'em' like'sifives Into povcrty,°d^
eaise, misery, insanity and1' ^rime In
oi*der to squeeze every dollar'possible
out of tliem—clubbing:, JalHnfr, shpot-
Ing them Into'submission—-I say 1
caanot believe a than can do that,
and then, at death, unloHd his sins on
Jesus, escape all punishment" and go
faultess to the highest coutts of
htaven, be given a halo and harp, and
praise Ood. forever, because he had
given lilm coal mines and all other
natural resources on earth, enabled
him to live a life of elegance and ease
and then blotted out all his sins and
gave him a high sent In glory, while
ho sent to hell the poor wage slaves
who toiled for him on earth.
Mr. Rockefeller was quoted as saying that he had nothing to arbitrage
In the mining strike troubles in Colo-,
rado. He denies to working people
the right to organize into unions, even
though he Insists on capitalists forming trusts. He thinks the unions must
be crushed even if he to to lose all
his millions Invented in Colorado, and
notwithstanding his method of dealing with the miners results in the
brutal murdering of men, women and
children, still he says bis conscience
is clear, Wbat If be does monopolise
lands and mines and oil, and all the
necessities of a nation? Did not Ood
give those great natural resources to
church members, and If he faithfully
proiBotfra lil* t-hurch and tiunday
w||| not him Savior wash hts
In Hon c? tbem to a lump *»m equal'of my Savior In full confidence that
j to tbe monthly payments for two years J having redeemed It and washed it In
(and such lump sum shall be payablejMs most precious blood, he will pre-
throne pt
within one month after tin? day of hei
<2* Subsection t shall not apply to
a widow In respect of a child.
r>, A monthly payment ln respect
uf a child shall tn*o»* when the child
attaint th* ar* of 16 years or dies.
3«.   Wher* a workman leaves no d#-
*«it It fatUtleei before the
my heai'Mily father."
Xo, Jtstfft went about doing good
and said true religion consisted in not
only loving Ood but In "loving our
neighbors as ourselves." lie distinctly
taught that "every one shall be re-
warded according to hit dec! done
In the body, and that faith wllhoot
trtiild clean In hii onn spilled blood
and give hi ma crown and harp he-
fore God's throne! While his prlate
army of es«cpnvlcta and cossscks aro
shooting miners, burning their tents,
and murdering their wives and
babies, can he not, with a clear con*
science, pray three times a day:
"May thy kingdom come and thy will
he done oh earth as It Is in heaven,'*
snd sign that good, old hymn, \ii.:
There is b founts In filled W M«Mdf
PrtvA ttbie ls.at^it*i*i','a ye'tut,
Ktx4 . .im'spr? . plihged' beneath
Lose all ihelr gtiiHjrstslhs.
will give you a new ljafe ojt:life,^r,to thofi«!.whoseiilme-i8 limited, take quickest route east or west, via the -Great Npr^terc
3[f*fl-*M.'9K£ft-:iiw >',i,AfR --,.,. ■    ","'     ■'.   ■
f JHT * 23 Hours Fernie to Seattle   /
26 HouVsto Victoria
29 Hours to Vancouver     .
Direct connections at Rexford for East & West
You will enjoy all the comfort of most modern railroad equipment. Courteous and efficient employes will make your, trip
Before purchasing stesmship tickets, let us talk It over.
For further Information apply to
P.O. Bex 461   . FERNIE, B.C.      Phone No, 1611
; Hesd Offlee ahd Nlite Branches'"W Toronto
Saving, accounts of one dollir and upwards sptdslly lollclttd.
Full compound Interest Paid. Thii Institution wss originally
established as e savings bank, and It now does a stry large
volume of business with thrifty depositors,
"     J. F. MAODONALD, Manager
VIOTORIA AVE,, .|. w. «RNH   B. O.
pendant* auch sum as thc board may
dwm reasonable for tb* expenses of'soo.l works Is dead"
hie medical attendance   audi of his!   Th* Rev. George Chambers Rlc%.
burial shall be f-tid to the person* to;mond, paitor of Mr. Morgans church.
•hon auch tspensee «ro dot,. toon after Morgan's death said of Mat
it. Where iwrmaneat total dlssbll- Mr. Morgan didn't lift his hand td| Jeans pSM It in-all the debts t 'owe,
Ity results from th* Injury th« amount jhelp iho Amu-Iran workingman. ff#l yot^iffig. cltticr great or snialt ^u-
of the coni|>*nsatlott ahali he a »*fl«lyf helped to keep  prices  op.   Hi iwa| mslni for me to do. '
. .** «t **** *a*x t oo pot haw |
.',.*   *!,,'  IA   t,WV«   |»,\l!*|Mrt-»4>,|
mavwtmn* «t«-*ri>»r the "'• ** *t*n a>tit.¥ ^*i»M.«'«iW*»'iM,i,
men e-nml to u per*cent of*W« sv#*''•#**tl, ttbri ttdt*id r** bin H^yw-M*'''
Imperial Bank of Canada
Oaplttafiidtlj»..t7,0«),0W      R*i»rTt Fund ,..,$7,000,000
P. n. WILKIt, PmifMH NOM, ROtr VIAFFRAV, Vtd#4»r00.
Ammtood, Gmtbteebt Ptrntn, OoMon, Kamtoopo, Mkhil, Nslsoa,..
RevHMeke, Vaoeswvof snd VletoHv
' latMrt sRoisod on dopoerts at e»rrent rata ttnm ettn if tfepeeH.
MMgiMKiiiHiiik 'tmWbi'iAbmm^tnm'' * ■**    .^,    -1 *.:....i   ..    '^
FEWfll WAKOH A. M. OWBlf MaMgir
IVi- f-;,.1i.J;
Ittco weekly earnlagtitorlBa the pt*-! h#tp«»l! to fometit Mb»i %f%U"'btck)^ I |%r lh#lr methods aad apurnl
vlous twelve month* tf be haa b*«n | of vltsl Intmtis ln tbeiaeM wbosweatlthW iheoiorr   I »m « ffo<'»lNt $W
fll? PAMIMflf 11 PF
v/jr \^v/jyijviiifivvii>
•0 Jong employed, but if not, then for; for Ms money.   Mr. Morgai hae" not
aay leas period dorian which ht ha* j gone to hoaveo, hut la now#h«glnniatt
barn  to   ib* tmtilnvtwii*  nf bit  rnt.:i +■*«• utt, »» ,. -., - -^m    A^m^. «,
ployer. la commou laborsr.     . t .« ; •
M,  ttt Whore  permanent  partial!   My opinion u that Dr. Rlchmood to
disability results from the lajury  the
<^b>p-wmUob ehsll be * weekly pa*-
ment of.,M i»cr cent of tbe dlfrernienee
betartea the average weekly earnings
*el loe worhwan hfftore tbe »ic»*ent
{and tho average amooat *hkh t<* '■>
ionralnr er te aMi to earn in som*
right, and   that , if. ht *»i» called
opon to esprew htooolf  ahoot   tho
late Mlllloaair* Gterae-ti, Boot, m
would tell aa that be, too,1» not fdty.
ing a haip nt the foot of Cod's tbrooej ptfeoonlly.
snd ;nr«l8lnir thi.   drily
for atlMvloel ftftn*  ft/iat-.
bim to cocape all punishment for so
,Jf molly exploiting  his  poor enM^ofis
£ttM 3B    'WJL^'^m    ___^. '°° wrtil'  **" l** (ewtmrt *• '• ****
XnWm-WMM mm 9gm/A s nbly a' cowinoa lahorer alao  pooelWy
mMUtnmmmT- mrwmm C «mer ««d#r tm e*ti>orttr td, t*t
BMittiin ietrbea a universal brother J
h*p# and trtlvcrtiat pchre. « p|iopos#»|
■n ■m^mirittmitt m -ut^wrauvo •eowwoo-
w*nltb in which every wortwr
totwlv* tho Mil tsId* of Ms
jeettco h# don^to all.
Ill ld«kl* sre aa toftr aa la thi "•er-
bjob ©* th* .Mtwot."      "
*m'ifad>Mtdiiilikt «tn tttt itrfylo^
TNT ttaov Hit fil Mor.
;  (.-j,. *i'.,i*l   -till b-r
I J.
1*11*9.      f»|
or oxiriolttrs, plutocrats aai roltghMU
Wgota. are aot natnrany »ors# tkai
tii avwsgo man, bnt thtt Vbdt em
tbb letttlai.tr froft of a «n»l, Bhjost
rtAAdr tnttrv. id ^StttiUiUm ee* el
% j?,1^! "f " Wtatitxa<f nat*Uwk »ii**e
,     *  -     -       *.        ...;*».-    ,   ,,'   «li»fTT ■*" .     ' ^»Tv--   .-.-"^w
9t*m  *    *, ■»•.*«'   91'*    9,991 ■.Itt.r,   #4
,  trfl-ff      $■**•*
fz&.W&S&b W0I-B9M mu,*, fafWljIl'Mt&llpb
* t**wt<*imm i :*w:*'.-v.
mum-Hi ■ tmrnwitrarww
:-*■   iij   V,tu   bliU.'U   h*   !        IjrV.i t .-,'iil . jfc
THE DISTRICT XJmj^sIgBBE&A &aM£gigflg[lft ,lfi&CL3J T0KT3IQ 3HT
,-; By Emanuel Juljuf
In a death-dealing.-,,; mine, fwlieTfe
l.ibcrc-d- hundreds- -of- - fearless -me »,-
• whose l.i/s, were plaything between
Ti.e tent:, cf the dogs.oj. destruction;,
■whi e J?i«ers wieldjd heavy pjai to
wrest the.ccal frQjn.*he.atroag,.g.-oeriy,
cliuches oi nature, -Jid. plodded, like
ants, in «.eep shafts; in it hat .mi'ie
ihere were two men "better known
than the^rest, because of their bulkier
of   muscles,
and mightier power.'
Had you chanced to stand nearby,
and had~you-peered *throngh-tho"dtm-
ness, you would have seen Jinn Barnes,
the older of the two; somewhere in
his thirties, .he presented -a picture'of
a clothed' prototype4bt the prehistoric'
period   when.^'i^'I'l^'d" -df&ove*&Bd
hlm8elf* „ r -^'m' -Ly* -i^.,i,ci
His muscles were as hard-a« the
handle of bis^ plcjcj .audi yeuaKOUldi
have noticed'abat 8 hfe^faceHwia is
stolid and'bmmterle^^a^7^^
of ore that fell to his feet
Near bim worked Scott Mafone, who
The sight; of i the' food ■ cut ■ Barnes
short, leaving' unuttered airoath that
was on.the.tip of Wa.tongue. i.| -, .,,[■
She sa.t to one side, furtively, watch*-
ing her husband aad. her. ;board-pr;.as
they gulped down«halNcbevyed* month-
fuls of meat, bread and potatoes. By
thlBfttme Jim'hardly ' fcifew of his
wi&s presence, but Scott'gave'her a
slow glance,': which, .after all,;! was
quite meanipglesa. i ,,„;. u\\.*.. "•.••.-t
After the meal < was) finished,, Jim
[Barnes and Scott lighted their .blac!-^
foul-odored pipes and smoked. The
process of digestion and 'the tobacco
smoke placed Irresistible weight, of,
drowsiness over !>Jlm's eyesi' forcing
tbem tovcloset half'asleep;'-he threw:
hfj.fejU'iiito .bed tbe whole hut shook.
Scott' tediitiriufe'd'iiuftihg'atll'li'ts p'ipb.
sending -^louda.iof i smoke j toi .the low.
celling.1 Jim's wife, after looking into
h..,,,.,, ci i*<'iti.iit„-ii.«r -,".>r ■■*-<•■  ..
-thtMSlde room where lay her sleeping
UustfahdJ shid':1''-1' ■■'-' '-' "- '"'-' '»' -■>
.-i.i'iTbftxik Gawd, he's alseep; a-body'll
have.annifi. peaca.o'„ mind, now:,'.'-.	
.was abbut to pass into his thirties.
Llge Bj rnes, h*ww|ed Ml?|ly. s^
ing not ling. excyi^.t$ag£$lgk.giw
vent to his feelings in muttered pro
fanlty.   There was a lump on bis rigM.
cheek, < aused by a large tpxkf. of £hew
ing   tolaoco.     He 3&QV
which  ' run brown-qploi
of its d rt, but which w
the hea y "d^«^t-^,n}iiie, dust that
crusted *tn* "n1""* ?VM Ms Him aftfir
having heen-made.. into.. auui,.through.
contact with tobacco juice and sweat
His -cheek bones ' were higb,"aimost
hiding lis eyes,   and   bis jaws were
The vork did not seem to affect
their bo lies.: They bore' ut> astound-
ingly unier.'the long .'strain. .In this
they wpre unlike the others. who
beneath the severe ' -weight.
were not without'their marks
3i. ~
But they
and seaife,
two,giants,, similar inj many
things, vjereaa'the king* of. the: jungle
~-Jlm Birnes.:a lion, feared^-h}*1 all,
Teady <to strike^doyfln the weakfesf'that
came Int i hia path, and unconscious of
right nr grong,^aJlrad-ag-hig-iagt4.ivets
would hqve him; Scott ^Mjilpn-g. %, Uojp.
ess, also harsh and ma^-Sfleas&bSTjthtt »
bardneasi of tbe lioness who felt^ipr;
stincts of terid^r^fss-gndilqj'^fgr her
own klnLlfiadjLiQ_4Je..that her off- ypft y,,*__ th-ere.y^en fl comg off."
Woman, Scott stepped aside',.but wMn
a curse oh hia. lips, He ,feared»Jim at
that time,, was the!.stronger of the
pair. But he, hated him, and, had 'he
dared, there would have .been a battle.
J}m always lop^^pn, his wife as a
possession, and as tbe years passed
he "came to "feel all the surer of dxio
ownership.' ;'A lew'jyeafs b*ack, Scott
was taken in as !a boarder, jim giving
no thought toi the fact that1'i^cb'tt "had
once.Jio^ tp.qtqpy; bl$ .woman; Scott'
neyer tried to talk .about it. . Though
he'felt much'kn'd thought a great, deal,
still be said nothing.
And, {is he watched her fintyshln^
her' work, Scott felt convinced that
■were the way!clear,!!*ere Jim out" of
thft|Way,,Jbe,,w*pjijil*4,o.^er,hiniself 'lh1 his
place. . But he never tried i to a'tkke
yiltiV'wclraaii'so'long'as'sbei rbalonged
to.another,ifoH'he, 'too,; look^,;f\n.ppr
WuywWwm^t.tx ...,.'.„„„.„:
His anger ,gone, Scott said:
"'•Vuh'kh'ow*' i'ain't'nev'er ^ne'not^-
W-to'yii(A,,ttiff r'if^l''fiihafiiea o\e¥,>
■Jf, o-dldnit- worli ee-leng an1 hard
U*<1 be h'
r mt   I'm glad 'e w(
tfir^hta supper.   I oftan
iie tord'd make him work on
don't mean a word yer a-j
DpV't   I?"  Jim's    wif
"DonT"l? "May'th'e"
strtEe" me
HeacTirrilonT.0 =	
Seott-w-tehod hop oo sho cleansed
yvas at
jjould've ta
■the table and set things in order, no-
that she walked with a limp,
he concluded:.was caused by a
kick from Jim'aomodaye before.
;. 'iTalnPt^Jp-^cinch,*' "Scott said,   in
sympathy,^!*? he aga
was' ageing;- ihougb^ but'SO^^he   was ..
streaked w^h gray,' lineafof toll,^fef*ake!"j
deeply set in-her thin, long face and'
marks of drudgery and Want could
be seen In a sCore of place^ \1, ;'
Jim's wife |atralgtened es"! well as
she 'could auavansw?red: "Oh, I aiu^t
lii'ckln'; all l'maslTln' Is that he'let me
YoB*vi_ciiirnged a whole lot
SeiRlrilrfft thh^he^Xtlnrned
last;imon*£hf^.iiIim'iJwlfe interrupted.
"Yeh well IfMfttdk'dLbnetsaktfkattC-^
spring rnijBht^be^safg^..X1!?!? J^llA1!*?
difference between tbe -pair.
Eaeb knew. no; fear of the other,
.Mm took'.jSeott as a matter of course,
white SetSti, though friendly, ^ha* ^n,
undying hatered for Jim.
At the end of tbe*^^c<^aiCW
emerged from the mlil k«Ph>4t!fo»
to get a final look at the few remaining rays of ifght *tfom I^Vtn fhliSh
had already dlsapMrfer ff^illiirglli
Hut* tliolr Interest waa In another direction—the tumble-down hut at the
stmd of the town—the shack which
served at their home.
liefore entering the three-roomed
shanty, the men, hungry "as hears,
walked around to tbe rear where they
, found a pan of water on a wooden
bench. Aa soon aa Jim's hands
touched thc water It turned black;
heforo both* were finished It waa laky.
Fiercely applying a cloth towel, tbey
rubbed oil what dirt the water let remain.
"Come on in If it's a t|at atippOr
}Uh want," came front within.
"Walt a minute." Jin Barnes Wort-
«d tack.  "What In boll's ynr hurry?"
TTiere n>tb3b,^\g^§ill^^lwoi
man, fir the knew that evenltbough
he had sake* a^q»eotloa,1ii*. didn't
want sn eiswer,
KnterlnE a scowl op his. ff«, Jim
Karate adted:
"You ait trying to
• 3-nhr    I :   *•	
Mt*w o»J|r a«trylB* tor
rami frotf Jim's wife.
know yeh was only a snip of a girl
wheh/"'?yuhT- " fodk>: .'Im^and'^here
Scott's memory recalled the past—"if
'wri-J, iv mhlKtV1*. pfrelfcjr khrlVeh wa s."
Angry, Jim's wife snapped:
the  same  thing  if  I'd
li'd^ benn
a3nSu£v*3Vou, an' ShOi know
the nfilaPktlme
that she had mentioned the
t»Ine if
fact of
^JiA^iluV^biWNn^llPHju nfcidav wentiM
ie got, an' so long aa you waa her ^p^-y.
that I
anothir'-s, pittf* .wqipaJl >;°.u <■ w^n!<
mine, an' I let it   go at that.    Yuh
done   rtfif-'Jfuh''thought'Irni%et.an1
that s
no us
cated that!"he1"wiis •speaking 'ol1* Itfe'
sleepli g'&Utt M'm^hxtS-VtXim;', *lh'e
never vak'dewhi'tVyiih liri'he ■shoved
^jnff^sde'when^ralAiost^had yuljl*' !
ruav juu  uiuugui  waa u-eHi au
ttlei'fti' Wit'lt* him '¥ aln^t goi'
i f^-Vi'-sWVb'ik 'Wi 'lridr-1
my did ynh let him?". Jim's wife"
.   .... t, *,.•".-,. ,i      "■»" i '., >"    >i2ii(i
OTlwtr, hardly able tp suppress a rasp-
"What could'""i
a-done?   Th^e I
a| kid,,'tip   'against ^  pian-^h*^
me in.his left hand ao'
•r": t ~"a. ™i.* •" .* ■!■■ "•* iTi,
.brokerj ■ me  In   t^o^-but'; .and  here
Scott's] eyes, flashed, fire, "he, couldn't
again saw^-how. ahe.]4° " nprt. ,1 bet yuh jf ,we .went to It
I'd give hlra more, than "l 'd have   to
I ain't so sure about, that,*' Jimls
wife answered,fsmUln^wanly,; "I.j-jon't
know, |)u^' t!hat .^ Jae**^, ]be';aW«». to, ,Sive
yuh al^yuh was looWn'^or—Jlm|ajn't
an easy'pne.'', u ' ^ ,',..'.
.. "It iln;t,a". fight! I'm. 'lookin'! for."
Scott cj)rr'e.c^e(i; "j-'oulre .lUs.an,' that's
fn-rw^r^ufTf7j"opiy"had a chance
I'd s'lioKv yuh' want I'm, made pf (ap*.
what kind p/a.nian I'd be to yuu,".   ,
"yer! wise, !^,ke.epjn'„,jfflr plfyuxfe
iFm JJm.,'. .lie'S^n't (the. kind ,to",be
moirkeyed wjth," she; warned Scott, ,
_^j_wouldn't run from him. If it over
come to anything. But what's , the
good ot all thi*( talk, flpyway? You've
been bU for ten years an" you ain't
played- him dirt an' so far as I go you
■Aon't have to play "him dirt."
Scott's * voice lowered, when he
"Rut   tell   nie   one   thing; would
„,^ iyu've taken me If he hadn't a-butted
hlThavlng flf^d tyip^lf tp he^ .f^d J jp<r.'   ''
■fhrworda and emphasis cut him. Jim'a wife thought a moment   and
"It'd been nothing* bf the sort," said jslowlj' answered:
Scott j ,"i K0pm I'd adotle It all right, biit
'fvwopjd. ^Pd yul^kl^|t. t Y^'re ltd been tha same eltlwr way
«.,««.>hfcRflS?A8h»^em Until
that night they had been two equal
forces—men ■ of "equal strength;" and
,whe^ .two.jequal powers meet,there is/
no result, put now.he felt far stronger,
mightier'than Jim—his'woman' had
given bim ..hope;.'had uttered' words
that meant the possibility of change. •
But,Scott,.knew not   what   to   do.
*T .    .    -
Were he a lion of the jungle he would
have- crept upon his, enemy arid -let
teeth settle the difference; .were he a
man of savage .days, he would have
used a club to decide. Scott was bewildered; his niihd could see no road
to his own;-the woman was'here, In
the next room, and still, be could not
take,;her*,,, .ghe belonged to another,
and He had to b°w his.acquiescence. .
' ,, III-. ' i       ",    '    '.
■    iw,l ! ',(■    •; ..i -i,i .     If I    r I'    •   •'.   '   ,   'I I '
t Before dawn, .th^two.-men ,were up,
ready for their day's work in the mine.
Jim's'wife had tb'e coffee boiling, set
fi,'few sllces!of bi'ead before them-and
wrapped two lunches in an old1 news-;
ppper ..while tb.OKrWere.eatins., Theyjl
left.the,sbiac^ln,time tft.see.jthe tit^t,
npss, but   their   Interest   was  in an
i'-ii'i   ij-li" '■,■ lii1-'-  :•  'A  ■•••''.<i  ('■;'.
rays(of the rising sun pierce the dark-
othei'{directibh'-i-the'njln'i'.''' '"'! -';' ''
•'!- 'Sibe^ 'e'^ed' andVaWnlligl'Jlin's Wife
4*flO little!!attent!on Ito the two! men;
and. when .thaidoor.clofefed withiA.banig,
irt^fflii^W^iI ?*M #wpw««i, A
 f- "
had been killed, that she wasT.^ithou}
a provider.   She was alone!
Scott's face flashed into her mind—
he, too waft dead!,. Both goup, forever gone—her husband, Jim, and the
man who wanted to be her husband,
/who even said' so the night before,
who had even offered to take her wer§
Jim out of tlhe way. And now, they
were dead—both of them.
The minutes passed . slowly,. She
awaited the appearance of rescuers
bering the bodies of Jim and" Scott.
She could see their remains, mimgled
and torn.
Suddenly she saw the form of a
veritable gian*. staggering through the
smoke, bent upon reaching' the open.
She saw that he -was moving slowly.
A'second later she learned the.reason
^-he-was dragging the, limp body,of
another.   , ;
She ran'closer, to the mouth of the
mine and, to'her astonishment, it'
seemed to lierthait the person'Ws her
husband.... Far ■ the- .moment she did
not knoy,> [whether ,tp.. lfphappy ,or
sorry. T^p other man-7-she told ,-her-
s-ajf—iflust still be'down'therein the
mjne-J-de'ad;' rnajrbe.1' But" W^etT' tite
man emerfee-ij-from thesnhoke slhe'&aw
that he w,aa.Sco:t;i.and^lli}oking down,
she-realiziefl t|js|t,4lm w,afl,thp unfiqn-,
acious man.      ,    ,
. work
tbat, included
IfA*  .'!'.(.(lit
tasks, drudgery that wore ner to ithe
'if hfa'd atwijte'gbffe?;'
tti fain'and'sordid'a&
evil*.'rShe gave little thougIrt»r'ri^Jttii
^pyvri litthei-mines. nor toSoott 'She
.used/:tt> think'of. ithe danger; they imet
^v-firy,.,minute-,Of^Mie day-phow .their,
llypp mjght/ bei sqaffediodt^butHliatino
lopgflK. Worried, toer.^'She-seemed will-
ing to lbb'tblngait&ke.their course and
Always Wccept'ithe.ifteVliable. >'t
ra Itu^as'd'l,terncWrf'i'th-at>li'shte 'h'fear'd'
something that'aith'O'st paralyzed her'
with drfettd-i|tl,Vfa«,'tf' duli,'"d'e!ep roar.
The but - rodketf. "''A dbz€tt' ■ 'dishes'
slipped off thelkiti»Sen"tabl^iiri'd 'were
shattered"'into* a°hundred plec'e-s.'Wlth'
a> quick step,"!ehb'■fan into"the1 'otfen
air.'i Hundreds oif other women ih the
'hundreds' bf:shanties heaM the sabie
roar-and- felt:'the*safiie horror.' Hundreds of wlvcs'stfot&l w'ltb terrof and
fright, as'-did jjm'i wife/ 'Hunilreds
Of■ women ritfr'biit'of their liuts,1 just
Hke.'Jlm'A Wifei"' "Arid feuhdreds !of
women set','u"p'a''waiHhg'arid a,!h'bwiing
when the tfutfiKSUXawned'tipon'tbem;
Just as' Jiffs' wtffe^Sleked - and cried.
It was the niiue.'    it had blown up!
Mx\\, down
■ i..'... ,     tt—r i.-'l-
;; Reding and'daz^d. Scott mumbled
inherently: ;' "'''' l""' "'" '"'
""•'I't'   hCU«4ielMdo*n "'' there—It's
nUi..gone-^Uiev(re  ia)l
■ ni'i' ->rit Idii,
j-Seeing)J,jy,8yWife, ^e levied tjo.^ard,
her,and panted;    "l'wantedi to leave
,In. a
really   human   and   civilized
nation:   '■"" "" 'i'»«'«':'|3"'T-u.-il.- . >i
.,.T4fffie sboui/i !tfnd nfeed be'ho' sii«h
t^ingj^8 (poverty.'. -wiin!iJ.,-*ii-mi...  •
.There shpuld be aud need be no,such
tliijag 4f.s ignprpce., ,,,.,,,,.7 ,.,:.,
, ,(There should be and need be no such
thing,** crime; '*     '    "''/',1 "   r
„jkn*r*e should'be and n-ee'd be iio such'
thlpg,as idleness.    ■• "•.''in- y.i"i .i .   ■
Tbere should,be aiid need V.no.such
W«ff,W„.    .'-;   ;:   an,.... ,:    r
.  Tlhere should be and need be no such
thing ,as ^favfery.1'"''  "   ""i>'''     ,'  '
, Thp-re should be and'need;iic no'siich
thing,as hatd.   --■  ■-'.'.■   'ii..-/ ';.. *-i..
i-Th^-f shouldibe ai)drnee<l,be'no suoh
^>Ins„*s .^vy. , .'.., „.„, ,„■ ,
. ,-T*h<y,e should be and need be no such
thliigas p'rlde.        ''  -    '.  ,'
try arid collected his grlrii foil)'
>,       .        1     .. .      ■ •    ■jf 1       *,
; Hundreds of wpmon^ran toward the
main sbaH^'', .Ifm^s wife was anions
•them;' She tore'jier'ljalr' nnd' lilt lier
flligerfe 'until the blood.ci me'.     Other
women tore their hair.    They stopped
of the   mine,    terrir-
frenzletlL.    they   were
■-' ' " l!.5-» I l.-l      .
all alike. VoiilvMen; yOuWiffx^of one
and a half dozen of the other; it's
just a toss-up which a girl takes, an'
it don't make no difference In the end.
Yuh know I'm right, ain't IT"
'"That'».*!fi!—V '■ '. -,.V.
Jim's wifd liolnted her finger at
Sijott And exclaimed: "There! Yuh
call me a liar. If I was your woman
Instead of Jim's you wouldn't 'ave hollered that—**
'/V»*: wonty-Ah b\ttmlk* In the
"I wouldn't.   I aay I wouldn't.   1
never beat a woman in all my life—"
"Yuh never had a woman."
"Aw, let's quit this dsmii arguln„"
<4ad   with   that -the oonviwatfoa
stnpperf      l-Vott #moVifd   In
Jim's wife dried tbe dlsljes
" tm y«iarirtM»fofa tSketttk voh^ttbr
mt. *r*\«!j£, J^ ^ed> get thia vrpman;
she, having bor rholce. took Jim, then
shoot-tf itfeBter and ah eortier of
bettor wages.   When Jim took   the
feed   yuh,'
"An *," Scott continued, "it yuh wsb
to be standln' here alone an' I wat
to come to yuh an' ask yuh to be my
woman would yuh turn me down
"I ain't alone," Jim's wife answered;
"I got a husband,*'
"But if jk>u was alone—I said if—"
"Ifs don't mean nothin',"
"Neither will yer answer moan anything: I'm only askln' yuh, a question."
"Weil, If I was by myself an* if T
wasn't Jim's woman l*d think twice
before I turned ynh down."
"Then yuh don't think bad o* «n>f
JW* y)f9Jhmt b« head. „ ...
* "fnerer done that." , ,
.■Mfqmi"-"'''ttekH^eixif." hm^mkkV*
tikneo; >Uh like tne a little even now, d'yer
A'l'-M ^»'|k,Fonian,"- waa,* bop -,en.\
W**i    » ■    .   /-'*   tf
..fUm waeltt-red and ie too Imioor toj -
eonllnue what was io her a meaning-:
loss, Impossible conversation; walking j
Into tho room In which her husband i
was atteping,  she  left  Scott  alone, ■
alone with bis pipe and Ms thootbta |
JMiti's" wife was a woman who   •«.]
pected nothing from him, except pain. ■
and sonww, and harshness; and   all 1
theae »h* a-mpt-ad as k*r lot, as a -
Kart  of w**!*'*'Jnh^rit.nc*   from;
' *t *tf| *& ±Vte—lttt>m* -matt,
f tbem without bitter'
aoss, lost as tht female of tlw primal'
the aoo! enmo mmm
imo:.sr*«uwfc *J*hC and See*** be«
knew he felt, and hnew   he knew."1
«a« lifted hy aa arm atreMor >tlM»t-.
'tttt-mn ttfit tvtvme 10 W*.,
k*t Vrpji, tjm Ms** *<L*£3t .'wvit»i   va,
thr ity* of today she ba* borao bor,
load, ee sowed ov mUovmow In  kev*
Mbtt; 'wiiTlftWcleii and atihtng
breast uh* baa tradged through   tbt
at' tbe mouth
stricken   and
driven back by the de'nftl V&l&iAes
smoke that issued front the mine.
Ml'ner'g wive
bent when tliey hoar thu earth rumble; thoy prepare lor the worst- The
hundreds ,of w^men, sobbing, moaning women, left, that death had, dpn?
his work.
A rescue crew appeared Biuldenl>
and prepared for work. The bravely
entered the mine, heads covered 'with
helmeu. Tbey w*trt> gone ten minutes
before Jim's wife regained her senses'.
■Slowjy it became ujipurcnt to her that
the was a widow, her Jim was dead.
She form I tin' .vear* of pain and
ahguiffh. all her hardships, all the
crweltlen she bad been farced to 'endure,   She   only ttnew that her  Jim
tiling ss greed. ■
.."^ttntn ahonid be.nndneed be po1sucli
;hing,.tie glutpny. . , ,__, ,..,, ,, ,„,,
. .Jl\*sre should, be aiu: need be no ?ucU
tilings-as vice.
-c£fP£e National Educational Association at its recent session adopted res?
oiutions condemning Rockefelle.-, Car-
i>egie and other rich men for seeking
to control and corrupt the'schools1 T>y
their gifts.' When the teachers openly make such a charge, it is time
foi the people to protect their sources
of  information.
And now it is reported that .an
American gunboat without orders from
Washington, opened fire on troops itv
San Domingo. Coming so soon after
tbe invasion of I.Mexico -without orders
from Wilson, it looks like Big Business, is assuming absolute midship of'
America and is ready to set aside the
figurehead of a Government at any
time. ...
8ac supplied with   Vbe   best -Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
.."j .'.'
'IA.) J*
.-■ The 'workers build palaces and the
riph o«?cupy them. , About the only
things the workers build for their own
Use are poor houses and. Jails.
S. Banwell
9rl,ll*       ,'ii]
•-...',      ,i;,.r
Solicltore,   Notaries,
i.'.Oifficesil Ground -Floor, Bank of
Hamilton- Building i,,,. Fernie, B. C.
,:i'   1,1   > n.
tf    ■'.';     I":
P. WLtitlO
1 ;.ui
Alex. I. Fleher
i!< i.    .' r.i!   ii>. y
,t-^vy^(,*.^HH,Eit*i'   '.»■»•■
) 1.'.;
., /   ',i..,'ii;i
Fernie, & C.
:i-   "  ■-.!.  H.-'i
,(13dward was tbe proud possessor of
his first pair of pants, Ca the occasion
of the his wearing them. 11 neighbor
hajipened to copie Ln and was chatting
with his fattysf; hut, much tp Bi)yard's..
do*«ttf'''hoiiib'f«l«t,Hil!'j!dls.'<ust. the all-linportant subject was!
not mentioned. ' 1
" The little fellow stood it as long 11 h <
h*^ could, then, in a.vefy Indifferent ]
man iif r remarked: j
"Tilers ;ire three pairs of pant* Inj
this room."
!|.'.|y  '.^(l)   '..-I    ', I.    ■       ,.    ,
,       ,.;..,, 'j'
ni'ism.) 'if.'o lm.. I •
Bar Unexcelled
A!! White HelD
I.       .'! ,,.   •
Call in and
see us once
W«Arc Ready to Scratch
off your'bill any Item of lumber aot ■
found Just aa wo, represented,, T|ierf
is no hocus pocus In ,    , ,   ,
This Lumber Business
,."' ... -,'■ , -.■■. ,    .''■'•yi  i.  'i     "•'
When you craiit spruce we do not
send you" hemlock'.' ' When you buy
first-class lamber We don't slip In a
lot ot culls. " Those who buy Once'from
UB always come.again. ..Those, who
are taking chances they wouldn't .encounter if they bought their lumber
here. • *     ■■'.■•      ■.:■■••*
,,,,. —.Dealers. In,— -,
Lumber, Lath, Shingles/ • Sash and
Doors. SPECIALTIES—Mouldlnga,
Turnings, Brackets, and Detail Work
OFFICE AND YARD—McPherton ave.
Opposite G. N. Depot P.O. Box 82,
Phone 23.
■uUtlnc 1'Ul (ur Women.  |5 « box or tlirw (ur
fiOtf Sold it nil Unix runts, et nwliH tosny
•ddr€Msn nrolptot i.rlcti.   I'mb fcniuxi. Diiu ;
Vitality; for Serre and »r»In: lncrp«w* "my
msttsrjs"- '          "■'	
1 Tonic—wtll biilW yon up. Ualw.ot
t Ji, at drui ktorr*. or t>r wm on rwvti.t
t. Timtta>iti.u.li*v*><Xr„*l.Ckttnrinaa,
ilissOsM's Drug Store, Fernie, 9, C.
Steam Heated Throughout
Electrir Lighted
J. L. GATES, Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
The Leading Commercial Hotel of tht City
Rates |2.50 per day
With Private Bath f&OO
Fhe Proof Sample
Rooms us Cofioectiofl
Imgttawa t*   h*   Mm,    wiftt ttm. laUtum..
tenant em ronlly omeet VtmtA ft tti
IRHmvi** s«m. *mmm vn^f Hiii viw# WWl,
tm fliMMMh    *^ub m^^t^t^^ms7________tm m___tk_b IhAi^t -|
wt -ewwrnrnp iw ipniir vmir vOmjt hub* \
mm --mmmm-- mm tm » mtn \
^ettk wa*\*m. wmtt tbe* *n*mn.t
ttm -om mmm tdtfrn \u loi nOml
um «Mt« hum tri
piaelott sheeting high, t\m%ed tnbml
mo mmmm who out alow* Mo nmt}
•■"*■ a^i^* '*> ^*,*'^^^'^^^^i*^^r^**r*Jv^^f*ir*v*MSr%rw*rv^r^
Mrs. S. Jennittft, Prop. L, A Mills, Manager
Excellent Cuiaine — American and
European Plan — Electric Light —
Hot fie Cold Water—Sample Room*
Phones- Special Rates by the month
Awtrksa Mm tal«
tt.00 per Day
EttNfMta PIm Inm tottn
50d.tad Opwifii
"" "        ,r      ' * —*..!- ■!■' U.U.S..4
Bellevue Hotel
tfl Mo
tla-tO-Bato — ttttmwt   <^em*ta*ta*¥i '
aaooMefit Oolelno.
aillTAtl.1  FOH  LAOtta ANO OfNTLtMIN
4. A OALLAN, Prop.
wwWWaVBl^ --MfMN
locca, who Maara voumi maxwiu. in f, a. * c auc ta
Napanee Hotel
Stow He*t«I-Hot and CoM Water
Local and Lang Dlatawce Telephone
ia Cfftjr rowB-Saajple Room*-Beat
Braad Lutuur* md Ogara.
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••War!"   ''War!"is talked everywhere.
Whjjlt is it all about? The replies are as varied as
tlie hues of the chameleon.
Individuals take opposite sides according to the
particular piece of laud where they happened to
he born.   Sublime egotism !
At times like these reason is temporarily dethroned and rabid passion governs. •
The brush of a Vevastchagin, the pen of a Fi'tz-
yatrick and the like-like portrayal by the moving
pictures of the stomaeh-skkening horrors of legalized wholesale murder do not stem the rising tide
of blood lust one particle.
The exordium "Thou shalt not kill" is ineffective and they who are supposedly the teachers of
this doctrine are loudest in their appeals to the populace to slay, maim and destroy. All sorts of lame
excuses' are offered in extenuation, but this does riot
alter the fact that the motto of these agitators
should be "Inconsistency, thou art a jewel."
"What is this war about?" We will try to explain, and know that the logic is flawless, still,
reason being badly twisted, it is not to be expected
that this explanation will be accepted by the majority. Xo, the deeply rooted disease,'' Patriotism,''
the product of generation, carefully nourished by
those whose interests are involved is a hardy plant
and its eradication a difficult problem.
There is one thing certain, that this is to be the
most sanguinary conflict known to history.   Who
to do the fighting, both on the battlefield ami in
" industrial occupations. How to make this clear
to those who will not recognize the fact that "labor
produces all wealth" is no easy task, however, as
we know that "constant dropping of water will
wear away the hardest stone," in like manner a
fow drops of logic may penetrate the hard heads of
even the ultra patriotic.
The war is in progress.   Fact No. 3.
The toll of misery cannot be computed. Fad
Xo. 2.
Very few of those out to butcher each other have
any personal grudge.  Fact No. 3.
The working class of all the countries must bear
the bnmt of the fighting.   Fact. No. 4.
The working class of all the countries must pay
Iln-cost of tho struggle.  Fact No. 5.
The fight is between different factions of the
capitalist class for the purpose of grabbing the
surplus values produced by the wage earners. Fact
Xo. 0.
Here are six fuels that ennnot be contradicted,
then why in the name of common sense should the
working class uf different loiuitricx murder each
Opposition to war is considered by the ultra-
"patriot as little short of treason, and if some of
the hot-blooded war boosters ha'd their way, or did
not this toM'n posses a strong leavening of men capable of sane and sober judgment, uv might look
for the excesses that took place at Birmingham ancl
Plymouth thirteen years ago when the present
Chancellor of tlie Exchequer (Lloyd George) and
Sir Edward Clarke dared to oppose the campaign
against the Boers. On those occasions we find the
worker vieing with the bourgeoise in stoning and
abusing two men who dared to hohl views different
from the majority. AVe also see the same men,
three years later occupying positions of great trust
in the British Parliament—honored and respected
by all.   Verily public opinion is a fickle jade.
Think! the very man who had been accused of
treason, treachery and every crime against patriotism (?) occuping a position second only to the Premier three years later! You will observe. Mr.
Header, that the spirit of patriotism prevailing at
such times is largely created and stimulated by
bright uniforms, brass bands, ete. The soul-stirring
strains of "Rule Britannia" sound splendid and
thrill every nerve and fibre of our body—you
lift your head and stick out your chest—"My
county, 'tis for thee!" By 5:50 the next morning
you have donned your pit clothes, grabbed your
bucket and hiked for the train—and the mine. Not
a slave! No! One thousand times no! A free
Briton! You are not a slave to that whistle, perish the thought! You can quit your job any old
time; yes, siree!   And find another—p-e-r-h-a-p-s!
It really does seem ridiculous to question that in
our country (it's always ours when they want you
to fight, dontcherknow!) we should experience any
difficulty in getting a job, doesn't it? Still, we
must not lose sight of our noble traditions, etc., and
when called upon -should he ready to shoulder
rifle in defense of our rights. (You never hail any
rights before, and if you shouldered a rifle and
fought for them, they gave you a few years in jail
or pei'haps kept you busy chasing bullets.)
There is one thing the worker should not lose
sight of—a little military training is very useful,
and who can tell when the question of our rights
and our country might not be a little nearer home?
Don't despise the methods of your masters—they
have been good enough to subdue you, and why
should not such methods be good enough to subdue tbem. The day may be far distant, the suggestion may be regarded by some as treasonable,
■but-it-wil Hheit-be-a-real-f iglt
3 *• »■*_»**•» a 1 _
und in defense of a real country—a country that is
yours. The education of the working class consists
in teaching who are their enemies, but it is poor policy to put philosophy against bullets, aud sooner
or later our strength will have lo be shown.
Fellow Workers: If you feel that you are likely
to have an attack of patriotism, a mental disease
that is affecting many throughout thc land, stop
a minute nud ask yourself n few simple questions.
How many years is it now since I first started
to Work for wages!
Uow much,have 1 put aside for a Vainy day?
How does it happen that J, a member of that class
that produces everything of value in the shape of
commodities, have such hard rustling to make ends
meet ?
Why should I go forth nt the risk of life and
limb and help to butcher Germans and Austrians
when I can stay here, run no risks and work-in
harmony with these foreign-speaking fellow workers?
Why should I go abroad under the mistaken ini-
other for iho gratification of those who batten on j p reunion that I am aiding lo protect home (?) ami
their bodies, both in peac and war? The answer j kindml (?). when right here and now I can barely
i« simple, the international working class, Intel, obtain enough to supply my pwn immediate fit mily
lectually brighl as regards me-elmnieal subjects, is
y<?t wofully ignorant touching social consciousness.
"Accuracy is. jn every case advantageous to
beauty and just reasoning to delicate sentiment. In
vain would we exalt the one by depreciating the
To the average patriotic Britisher, thc action of
Great. Britain in maintaining the neutrality of Belgium 'Jjy engaging; in war with Germany ami* Austria, is nothing short of heroic. They can only see
in such action the beautiful sentiment of defending
the weak against the strong. The fact that Germany has engaged in. this war to maintain the
independence of'Austria against Russia and at the
same time permit them to observe their honorable
obligations towards the former nation is regarded
by the Britisher as absurd. Yet. thc sacredness of
Britain's cause is just as ludicrous to the, German
as the righteousness of Germany's cause is to the
average Britisher.   ,
In the height of passion, or patriotism, call it
what yon will, the calm, deliberate judgment of
man gives place to a sentimental ruling that is
neither logical nor just. Few people stop to- consider what, is meant by the oft printed tale of "Our
country's danger." If it really is ours, we have
reason for alarm. History has a most disconcerting knack of proving that a conquered nation is
often better off under the conqueror than it was
previously. Few would like to state that South
Africa is worse'-off under British rule than was the
ease under the.Boer republic' Neither cah it be
satisfactorily proved that the residents bf the Provinces of Alsace-Lorraine are worse off under
German rule than they were under the French,
The remarkable progress made by Great Britain
during the last hundred years is a striking tribute
to,the Teuton, when we realize that the reigning
powers have been direct descendants of the Guelfs
and Ghibellines, one of the oldest Teutonic families
in the world. It would almost seem that our empire has beeu created during the reign of these
Teutonic kings and queens. These may'seem disagreeable facte to the Britisher who has visions of
fighting for king, country, traditions, etc., but history will verify, and the individual who has such a
deadly hatred of the German might stop to consider
the benefits that have been conferred upon us during thc reign of the Guelf family.
"Nothing, at first, view, may seem more unbounded than the thought of man, which not only
escapes all human power and atuhority, but is not
even restrained within the limits of nature and
reality. To form monsters, and join iucongruous
shapes, and appearances, costs the imagination no
more trouble than to conceive the most natural and
familiar objects."—Mills.
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All persons are warned to keep on:
ot Cedar Valley, under penalty of immediate expluslon and trespass.
. Manager Selpple Lumber Co.
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(Continued from Pace One)
D. L. Miller has gone on a business
trip to the States.
On Sunday afternoon a discussion
took place in the meeting as to the advisability ot starting an agitation for
the formation of a I^abor party. It was
pointed out that these were two Socialist parties in the country, . and
that there was a large labor element
that would not support either. The
idea mentioned at the Local was to
devise a plan whereby there could be
a candidate placed in the field tbat
would be acceptable to all parties,
along the lines of the I. L. P. of Great
Britain. There is no doubt that if
should a party was started, it would
receive suppdVt from a large number
of armers and others who are not yet
ready for the doctrine of Socialism,
but who would support advanced labor legislation. As organized labor is
getting Jt In the neck every time from
the old party politicians, any plan that
might help the situation should be
welcome at this stage. At present the
working class are divided among themselves on the question of tactics, and
whiTeTfily are squai^Tng'ffiS_eapT*aa-
Ists are enjoying the fun, and Incidentally the profits. The, question
will be further discussed in Local 102.
This town had a strong; Socialist vote,
but on th* labor ticket the vote would
be doubled.
To the Editor of the District Ledger:
Dear Sir:—The Ferule-Coal Creek
Excelsior Brass Band gave a concert
on Victoria avenue last Sunday night.
The band had -their new Instruments
out and are certainly beginning to let
the citizens know that they mean business and are going to give only first-
cltM mttaks.
.The music rendered on Sunday
evening was of a very high order and
very appropriate, having regard to
the 'prevailing patriotic feeling. When
the band .played American airs they
were loudly applauded, but when **Rule
Britannia." "God Save ihe King" and
"The iMarselllalse" were rendered, it
seemed to stir the patriotism of the
crowd, who cheered the band repeatedly, evidently appreciating their efforts.
Tlie thought came to me a few days
ago that if the city would only help
the band along a little and give the
people of Fernie a decent amount of
free music, like most other cities in
the west, they would feel more like
voting for other bond issues.     This
By James P. Warbaate
Patriotism, as It Is generally understood and practiced, means support of
the acts of the'Government This U
the general way "In which patriotism
Is expressed. One who approves of the
constitution, and the things that are
done Jn the name of the flag, is cried
up as patriotic. Thus, 140 yean ago,
the patriots were those who stood by
the flag of their country, their king,
and the Government which he represented. Then* toriea were the so-
called substantial people of the country. There were other* who went ao
far na to criticise the ait* of the Government. They were such men at Pet-
n!<*k Henry, George Washington,
Thomas Paine and Thomae Jefferson,
and these men were branded by the
lovers ot country as unpatriotic fo-
reenters of discontent.     Yet in the
with ever, the «nm«niin*si neeewMtriea of life, and
those, tno, have been increased considerably by thej'ltht of'history, we now iee that tkt
lhal they arc emerging from thin deplorable Htttte^iunfortund patriots! patriolt were the veriest rescUonsriss,
is evidenced by the nt'1* of a t*w wim nr.' Irving f«'    !f . , „. „.,. •   |la-.liui„.. »wi, liai;,tfi ,,r ,i,„ ,ut  MWC,l,Bt **»»Ir patriotism to hamper
timnt ..,,1 th* .nil,- i„ ih. i* i, /, ;..f *,„ i r n «.! ,f ' '*" " ,k '" himmu> w,Ul ,,Ht,u* °r ihi ,,,f'iliuman pragma, end these unpatriotic
IMi.nt .ml the liu.li, to ,|„.,r le«aer informal fellow }fwBnt mfhmWm born {n Hie country that «m»i„,on»e   «,„   *xpr*«**d   tHiniilm
Hiiraircd in alautflitcriiiit: eaeh other, why'ahould ]|a«mlnst what they believed were debet their enemy, because Ihe commercial limtinet*''•<*»,n the flOYerament, later became
imve be,,.,„e je,,!,,,,* of eaeh nlbert jreeognlsad ..the true patriots.
When in the past I've been itrii*gliiiK for a Hv-'   **•«*•*» ««* *»«»•* ^mmmt
wage did  (hone individttitlit who ure
shouTdn^^~greXroppor{unRy foFtlTe
city dads to give expression to their
.patriotism, and support this band. W«
know that there is $600 to be given in
the fall—but to whom? People of Pernie,' stand -by your .band and see that
they get fair play.
I remain your,
Why do not the police work on tbe
theory thet agents of Rockefeller blow
up Coron tn order to stop the agitation In Xew York? The Ha> market
affair at Chicago was such a capitalist
plot, and It might be they are up io
their old tricks.
Grand Union Hote
Best of Accommodation
We cater to the workingman's trade
G. A. CLA1K :-.• Proprietor
and peaceful security as .well.
With a policy In our odd Une
company, you can go off oh your
vacation or visit the -ends of thu
earth and you know you're secure.   The best ln
la always cheapest, and especially so when lt doesn't .cost
higher. Don't d*eleV about tbat
renewal or about thai extra Insurance you want but come right
In at once and have it attended
He South half 0,4) of Lot Eight (8),
Block Seven (7), Fornle City, Map 374.
Whereas proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No, 12922A, to the above.men-
tloned land, Issued in the name of
Alice Gertrude Lyons, has been filed
Id this office, notice Is hereby given
that nt the explrnllon of one month
from the date of first publication hereof, I shall issue a fresh' Certificate ot
Title In lieu thereof, unlets In the
meantime valid objection be made to
me in writing.
Dated at the Land 'Registry Office.
Nelson, thit 24th day ol July. ISH.
Deputy District Registrar.
Established April 1899 ■
Wholesale and Retail    TobaCCOnist
■ r
Baths and Shoe Shine
Our Coffee is Good
hia ves
Ho Iojik have they (the worker* 1 been fed with
Hi.' literature of the tn«*ter e|jt«H thnt it in hnnl
fur their utomnehii to digest a different bill of fare.
Tle-il*   VHIlity   llMN  been  «|i|H'llli-»l   to   fur  eenturiett,!
If lieni in OentiHiiy, he Iihm been lobl *.i riMii'iitt*Hv|U        ... •»        ,
.1,.,      .   .„  A, ,  „ ,   .     „ .      'iiii' to In-mitrintii- come to my * mwiNiiinee;
Hurt hid country {h m the grew lent «n(| j*rr«riile*t **t\ ' '■*
ihem nil.   If bort, in <lre«t Britain, tlmt that i« the |    Why thould I be called upon to mug "(1ml Save
..nly .-,„ii,iiy thnt iipi..* finrt rank, itmt «, .in »ll|,,M' Ki,,«" iUm1 ""'" "*ktM to *n "",l "n,""h M",
<1hwh th* line Imii-le*
tor the »enilin«nu of patriotism eneme
nrftntf j nwrv^ f0r timm 0f wari   w« hsve
living even now la this enlightened ate
those who declare that war le a Meeting, If for no other reason than that
it rwiwakena the spirit ot patriotism,
tn lime* of peace, patHoitam It getter*-
The foei thin ii.. matter win, inilry he in Iniriij    ^ thi' <lfrmau Kuqwror i* tret}: *miM il not hr alb understood to imply approval of
in. the worker* h»ve to do the work when there's,} »i«w enwMr f«.r hia relative* who wear the epowtis "
nny u*»rk i'i do. he constantly on the hunter line i»f
fttflrvMlioit <«vt'r,V few year* mnl notile .if tlietu |iMe-
tienlly nil the time, t* gradually lietntf ree,i*tii*e«l
l.y lh.- «<>i'k«'i'» «.f fV.iy ••Iini*', and llie ivniill of ihe
titivui" *tntggt«' will muff <-uvi>lmtt.:ttlly etapluatze.
♦ Me n-l.."n ♦■hi, »•(»«,><♦»«»■, «•«•*« it* after lh.* «m.»k«» WM.il
•if KtiBMin,  Hntaiii, hpain,  l)«*iiuwrk  and nevrrnl
the present order of things, Thai are
ttnd all em tlw -winity teotlmtntt
e text million mhiuIm mIiohUI suffer untold mineries?
Why did tlie Cit'inuiiH. Auntviautt, Belgians timl
otlwi'* lesiv*- thick watlvie bud*.'
XX'tt.*   IV, f  **,*„,t »l,Wf (-.«♦  ,:t thi* ntdltah.l*,iti* ,****}.
which la to prevent change le our po-
titles! and tndtittrt.il vytdom, and to
hold na -hot to the traflltlons and
nethode of the pott.  Lot sir teette*
iMUII      .9t.4 9l.a9,       Wt        (>. 1*4.^.-1      «*.•»*«       4,,
-1 W mii«* Wt't "f aro we  t,v.u^,  .u..l Um.   , i-mhui Ui nntl nr
d'li of '»nMV. h't'-e idiftirnd ««*-nv t-end l\\* WU of <•*■:| j.,,*;^(. -*),, <«-.-,n;ii1;i   ■,.,,.'
■\9fUti:** hn* l»i W titidfti.  X-n ni-altcr «}»»» whl<-li *h!e ■ l(Ull* fami WK ww<, J0 tl^, wy UmM Jgaslsatloaa at «a-c# mo%* to tmren It
th*- Hrt t4 fi4«in* allffht*. th*1- only m«ef»»l Anm Sw'    *^-»    ^ .)(||rjM|je .-^.i^nmj, uf tU'u* town mi *i»x«,  ** *'w*r* *** m>f* m *•** ****
human amiety-the worklnir dss^-wttst pay the! ^ tboBt the Wfj|tIt ot those thmwiinira of .mul^    ti ,/    ,.   .
i.iii    Fmut nr,*%t*nt nr,r**nrt*nr-t« tb* -mwrr .♦♦' <l.-r- ... . •»   .„'.i.:,,  ;%,. ,,t *x,..x-9l   Fot IW» r**»m vn nm attempting,
i to tnrry oa • eeaaottette tkwtotmmem
I thaxtnbj. t   »<* a**-.
mmi eitteermy *™ ** sbetteml but will tlwt May J |ir|| (|wH|iri|| ^^ who -P(; on , ^ nimi ^m of i ZZZ Z^Mlmtbot mm^temZt
the expkiit«ti»n «f Ihi* workera!   Will tbal U-» l|N|irniliini, ?ap#etfi«tiy to merest the people Uf.
m a*. *\nven ? Xot mr Jot. mt mm tiltii. It •«»»'. m , , fc |f ^ worklnfiiwu al««la a !<"f • ^«««oeratie Ootewiieet. Wtti
texdrnlm it in the h.r,U „f siMitber faetom. hnl, *^ " '"' 11 lTLi and the ,,.»„ who lht *ommi *•* •"wwl * fl<w,,£
that v* all    l»erh*l»*~~and fhfai is III* W«*l hol*ef„l,"7< «rin«"r »'* f* ltt **M* *M™ Tn I .[meat, under the foW. of oot Hag, Is
utai v* an.    itrnRit*   inn mm m *■«- , . * f^if#r-» tht* rtrh*** nf everr  «i»elr  fwif-hlM  ta i»alle»t *
hitfii »»f Ihe whole uretelml huaineaa- <t m«y in *■
1,....,,,,i  .,f ..%■ fisifi„n*n frrtm il4»ieh frtSiiv  t„,\r m.-»i
taily WiimI, may tterhe |»rofil therefivmi.. nhgliU u
ii-.i-'id iwsy *Uwn tipm ih*a* who err tolaliy imfien-
•aur Cotviivea* AU.d UgSaUttve    Ml«t
j enafeeksMe eriioea agalaM IW people
..........™-.——  ,'.,( iWi* imitti   ****■   -*r-tM«Wi.     BaKSlUK'
,  ,    . „. »    i .i    i      -   *!** tm mnt ot tke •tpeedKerse .of
It i« alway« .iefntiraUxtnf tn eXteiul the ikmiai't ■■e9r  1io%§mmm-l tfm for mm.    tte
oatfroarn teteitrts! tr*
n»ponrt*le for enor
to ifipmenta honed  m  written  es(»mIt»on». of netltirBint over questintitt itfoer* H hot m» lefitr- »atnt*lii an oa
mhm* will tell    In tfc» meenlime let*« 'keephweW* jnrmlMtuni siul perhaps tHi? mvemx atritinftem. which la
Tiwiie     — . , ^^
,.rtrtyit n^ j,*,*. f),p arbrxt* nttrntttm t%v*r enrrttitlvAnptm Mr. Unndn waa in nutating « tende»i,j ,*t »oon aggregaitoeo of moita,em em
with s vim to •setrtehriiif emk tm him«elf thr\Un own nupporlera «fei«b ehlemd with Un ^^J^J^^Jf ^-^m
r.»l esuee of war-the privafi* owrierahij. ..f the pAtbib desim, while wbolly opposed to Ms e»mvi■- w Mv^n f||f<f ,BrfB(ltftfl,t <|i»f«i«<f the
of life ami with it tbe *w»tr»l of th*- fwwlwt5 ti*»iw <»f wbn wwmW h* ot-tn* poMey."-—IjOwe'!.. in; fcfeaaags of emUtbmt moI emttM-
•Ahraham Lincoln'a Dewoersey." je4   me  pteltt«sUef
*t*t tbe working elswa.
r^rstl-s's Exelu«lv« Plotut^ Tti««tr«
3PECIAZ,! Wednesday and Thursday, Aits* 19-30
The Celebrated Society Drama
The aensatleflel tfremetie eeeeeSs that turtled metrepeilun eesiety. A pewerfai eeettest ef love
see desire, sham and ilneertty.   gated sn Cariyft'i Immsrtat Ifns, "leelity ts fewmfstf en Cloth."
'  ••■;■ ***i-* *       *       ■■« r
mmm jat^^^^^^. ^^^^^ __b_k____k mm-*^m mttb _ttmt - ^^K**_^_b*& ^^1 ^^^ ^mm      *.^a -md& ^_^_y_a^_, w^o^m   dv dl' -mm^^m--
\m9*VATtXttLwW.w&-V*,ww.Jg   grwrHl.WI.Jr| J^.Tlff*SrAa. Bl.Sf*
Ttte greet nievliii (rtststft t«rt^ ie«N^^
moot eec* weeb, m ttm*y tm.mtem tmem, tmewaiioilng frtiajr, Aogeet fttgk
A tense, oeevogrtppliif, ewe laeglriag roweees n» love, adveittoro eni tntrlfisei wrttten by one ef
tne werwe ie«t lletlen write* so* griiosei by the Universal Ceoisoay, wHA Orsee Cunar4 ami
Prsnefs rent. PM «eww Me gets em mens it e getnt te see tne first Ntstatfmen^ sag yso win wem
te Ml all the elbon.
ie irt miw and oooo. you will m tt at thi nil
mmim irarHHnmmraHHypji
"**~^*>—'"•*-***~i,-^LT'^ln[ThTTrT»iiiiniiii-nimimlrriniiiiiiiiiifii iiiiiiiii.ii»I)Ii»iiiiimiiii|iii»iiii.ii^«VjMjA|>|
Of Tihe  District Camps
-♦ • ♦
♦ ■      ♦
Tlie mines were Idle from 3 p, m.
Saturday until 3 p, m. "Monday. Also
from 3 p. va, Tuesday until 3 p. m.
The usual Monthly convivial gathering; of members took place at the
•club on Saturday night. The usual
local entertainers appeared, several of
Ihe .Hillcrest boys contributing to the
Tbe war bug has got hold of some
•of our young bloods, and we learn of
several volunteers in the -oamp.
Latest -dispatches are eagerly looked
Mutz'a Cup Seml-Flnal Tie
Coal Creek vs. Hlllcrest—Another
page in the history or the 'Mutz cup
was turned over on Victoria park,
Coal Creek, on Saturday last, when
Coal Creek entertained HlHcreet.
Referee John Moore, of Coleman,
.liandled the game In a very creditable
manner. From the commencement,
Hlllcrest proved dangerous, ibut failed
to piece the superb defense of the
two Macs. After some end to. end
play, in which the CreeTt showed good
condition, Yates managed to get hie
"head to the leather and put the ball
Into the net. Hillcrest pressed, but
-could not equalize. Johnstone failed
to add another-by inches, the ball
striking the upright. The whistle
•sounded half time with Coal Creek 1,
Hillcrest 0.
On resumption, Hillcrest had most
of the play for a time, and made sev-
■eral attempts to score. Then the locals rushed down and from a ball j
placed towards the Hlllcrest goal,
which was returned, .Manning met on
the,rebound and drove into the net.
Some good, hard play on both teams
followed, but 'Hlllcrest failed to find
the net. Shortly before time, Armstrong beat the Hillcrest goalie and
notched the third, Coal Creek .winning by three clear goals.
Several of the Hlllcrest boys stayed
to enjoy the hospitality of the club
members, and and thoroughly enjoyed
_Jhgmge1vy«_irltji  tha gnnri  l-htngg  **m.
The final tie in the Mutz cup will
•be played at Kerule on Saturday, August 15th, when contestants will be
Coal Creek vs. winner Coleman-Fraiik
replay match. A grei-t crowd is expected. Get around and boost. 6e
notices as to time, etc.
Our local store manager brought In
some lovely specimens of the "Seel-
velanus fontenalas," caught In the vi-
ciulty of Morrissey during the week
end. Some of them turning the acales
nt four aud one-half pounds. You are
sure some fisherman.
Tbe co-operative team came to
prlef whilst coming down the fan-hall
on Saturday night. Fortunately no
one was injured.
News of the protest lodged by Fernie F. C. at the match played on August l«t was received up here on
Wednesday last, and preparations
had to be made for replay on Thurs-
day nlirtit. A lar-ge crowd gathered,
but Fertile failed to put In an appearance, which necessitated Coal Creek
putting a team on the field and -scor
ing, thus claiming their place ln the
semi-final. Where are the sports of
the old days?
The Coal Creek Junior F. C. journeyed to .Michel on Saturday last, to try
conclusions with iMichgl F, C. The
superb goaling of Martin ot Coal
Creek saved the day. Jenkinson of
.Michel was referee. A hard fought
game resulted ln a win for Coal
Creek by a score of 3 goals to 1.
■We were reminded of a masquerade
night -by seeing several of the "flappers" disporting themselves on Tuesday evening. .
Jim Beueher arrived .back in camp
on Saturday from the Brazeau country. Pleased to see you looking so
well, Jimmy.
'Mrs. John Ferguson was admitted
to hospital on Sunday -night, to undergo medical treatment. We wish
her a speedy recovery.
IMlss Ivy. Puckey was also admitted
to hospital for treatment on Sunday
We , were surprised to learn that
George Xoppenhoeffer intended giving
a selection entitled "Marriage Bells,"
at the Presbyterian church concert on
the .18th.
Coal Creek Methodist Church
Services as follows: 2:30 p. m.,
Sunday school and Bible class; 6:45,
open air service; 7:30; gospel service.
Speaker, Rev. Stoodley. Ohoir practice
every Friday evening, at 7:00 p. m.,
prompt All lovers of music are invited.
A-grand concert in aid of the Presbyterian chruch will be held on -Tuesday evening In the Coal Creek Hall.
Capital program of songs, musical selections, eloclution, etc., has been arranged. Admission: Adults, 25c;
children, 15c. Program commences at
7:30 p. ni. Accompanists, .Messrs.
Ohas, and, Fred Percy.
Apropos of an offer of $500 for a
suitable name for the species of the
finny tribe retportied last week, we
learn that Bob (one of Our lacrosse enthusiasts) is 'preparing^ name. Details later. - - '   '<{
♦ .   . ♦
♦- *r
Harry iMassey, who hae held a position of pit boss here under the
local ooal company for some time
past, left with his family Thursday
morning for London, England, where
he Intends to stay a few weeks before embarking for West Africa,
Miss Frew left for the home*of her
mother, ln Michel, Thursday morning.
Itosle is the genial little waitress who
hae ibeen employed at the Flathead
Hotel for the past six months.
Bush fires again broke out Monday
afternoon and raged all around the
town until It was finally gotten under
control Wednesday evening. As a
consequence the mines were idle from
*J p. m. -Monday until 7 a. m. Thursday.
Mrs. Trelierne made a business trip
to Fernie on Tuesday, returning home
the following day,
Wm. Walker has accepted the position under the Corbin Coal Company
here that waa made vaeant by the
resignation of Harry Mawey.
'Mrs. Lancaster and .Miss Hunter returned the other day from their camping trip to the Flathead.
■Mrs. Garbett and Mrs. Johnston returned from Miohel and Fernie, respectively, on Monday, after spending a week visiting friends.
The stork made a business trip to
the Y, a suburb of Corbin, on Saturday, and presented the Maedue family
with a health, rosy nine-pound Canadian citizen, Mother and baby are
feeling fine and report has It that
father has smashed the altitude record.
The first of a series of dances for
beginners was given in the Club Hall
Saturday evening. R. Stobbart and
Ernest Carter are acting in the role
of instructors, while the Jackson-
White orchestra supply the music.
Upon authority of the officers of
the Miners' Union in District 10,
Washington, It may be stated that the
Washington miners may confidently
look forward to a satisfactory joint
agreement. The committees of both
parties, operators and miners, have
been In session since Monday, July 27.
The critical points ot the agreement
were, encountered during the" beginning of the session, and it was then
that very slow progress was made;
since that time, however, If anything,
the Reverse may be said. The miners
are represented by International
Board 'Members Farrington and Harlin, besides the three District officials.
The operators are represented by
Messrs .Brooks, Jones, Morgan, Johnston and Botting.
Some of the young men ln our fair
city are expressing tbe wish that the
B. C, horse may be called upon for
active service In Europe, so that they
would have the opportunity to fight
for their .flag, their country, and their
King. For our part we commend
them to a careful perusal of Mark
Twain's "War Prayer," which follows:
"O, Lord, help us to tear the soldiers
of the foe to bloody shreds with our
shells;.help us to cover their smiling
fields with the .pale forms of their
patriot dead; help us to lay waste
their humble homes with a hurricane
rt_t\ro; J*gJP us t0 wring the hearts,
of their offending widows with unavailing grief. Blast their hopes,
blight their lives, water their way
with tears.   Amen!"
When Wanting Shoes Think of
it'* net the nnmn that made the sheas good-It*, ths »HOM that
mage the name geeg, end there is nothing In s name unlets QUALITY has maas It good end keeps It geeS.
A Beautiful Dresier and Stand to be Given
Away FREE of Charge
it's tee big te get ft In ths window, but «ems not ttt It in ihe
It's prion Is IM.0O, tttt when yet* ses it yeu'll say It Is wall wsrtb
tne priee. The HeMer ef the tmbf tlsttet en the ittfbt ef Saturday, Oe
toner ire, will ftt It AMOLUTflY mil OF CHAROg.
Fer every eeeh persists ef ene ielisr, yew get ene tieket er ens
alienee ef odmdne the beautiful erttnnr tnd mnt. The mers toilers yew spend bote, ths more ehsness yen draw, You pay no mere
mro tbm eteewftsre-wf* iweny esses nel ee «weH—end In eddltlen yen
»-»*<**"**« >«•»->? s* in.Xo „ 4ii»c ...*;* i*tiA**t9*a*o.t.t mee or
cm awn*.
world, 'had also contributed to    that land
possibility   by   the     elimination   of | ice
plagues, etc,
The doctor w§nt on to say that human progress had expanded until with
our present education we were able
to express ourselves in tlie most delicate shades of meaning. He concluded
an Interesting address with an appeal
on behalf of the children, whose welfare was of more Importance than that,
of the multi-millionaire. The doctor
was listened to by an attentive and
appreciative audience, but there were
other phases of freedom that would
have suited the audience better, viz.:
industrial and economic freedom.
(Mrs. .Myers very ably rendered u
Mr. Wm, Harrington of the Union
bank staff is leaving for pastures new.
An Austrian miner was very fortunate In getting clear of the serious
charge of dynamiting a shack belonging to his successful rival tn love.
Anyone desirous of having a wife,
would do well to consult a matrimonial agency in Illinois. One of Its
'advertisements read: "I have neither
money nor property, but I have a big
heart full of love for you,"
The regular monthly meeting of
the school board was held on Tuesday,
the business being of a routine nature,
1). H. Hyslop has founded a market
for his labor .power.
,Mr. J. Cousens has bought the
house offered for sale by one of the
Wheldon brothers.
To those who are fond of the light
fantastic: There will be a grand ball
tn the Workers' Hall, on Monday, August 17. AdmlBBion, gents, $1.50;
ladles, free.
♦ ♦
The mines were Idle here Friday,
Monday and Wednesday.
.Mr. Tom Williams, Inspector, was
down here this week, making his usual
Inspection of the mines.
The contract miners held a meeting
0,.==J2l>k,.t a... Inn, ... 1,1. rt r./tl.A _^rt I ,a*» rt
ance. Several Important matters were
discussed and 'passed which should be
beneficial to the contract men In tbe
.Mr. Joseph Quail and family arrived
here Tuesday froni Whitehaven, England.
conducted   a  confirmation  serv-
The main excitement this last week
has been football. The Frank team
went up to Coleman on Saturday to
play for the .Mutz cup. To start with,
there were only very few to see the
game, so the "rooting" was a minus
quantity; then Coleman's football field
ls none too level for those who are
not accustomed to its hills and valleys; inthis regard it is like al)
grounds in the Pass. When the play
began It was easily seen tliat Frank
team was not at its best and Coleman
was playing all around them till they
got up near the goal, which they
-couldn't go through, toward the end
of the first half, Coleman kicked a
corner, which was neatly headed into
the net. The first half ended 1-0 ln
favor bf Coleman.
During the second half the play was
very dull. Suddenly Frank came back
to what they usually are, and for
about ten minutes had all the .play,
practically. Pat IMarrison scored for
Frank with a fast shot that the Coleman goalie never saw. Though both
sides worked hard for the remainder
of the time, the score finished 1-1.
Several dirty spots appeared in tbe
game, fighting was seen at intervals
throughout and one Coleman man and
one .Frank man were put, on the fence
for the rest of the time by Referee
Wilson. The tie will be played off in
Frank at 6 o'clock tomorrow Wednesday evening.
A. Perucpi 	
B. Bermixk 	
T.  Kuyuin  	
A. Kaletta  	
J. Scobia   	
J. Strang  	
W.  Harlin  	
T." "'Miller   	
J. Sink ...'   .50
M. Sea van      .50
fi. Chandler 50
Joe '.Matties      .50
J. Samkovlch   50
Steve Skycripter 50
Mike Kropoyuks 60
C. Bossotti 50
Mike Juk  50
J.  Koaline   50
B. Sulcek    50
Pete Suklan   30
A. Frolic   50
J, Trlmchack    50
Toni Butract 50
Joe Truba  .......... — 50
On Wednesday, the 5th, the I. O. O.
A»\b\ hejd their picnic to Crow's Nest
D. Brown   $ 5.00
J. Quinn   5.00
H. -Massey   2.00
..Mrs. 'MacRae     2.00
Wm. Walker   2.00
Ed.  Roberts .". 3.00
D. Stobbart     1.40
R. Stabbart   1.00
G. Elmes   1.00
R. Garbett  1.00
Nick Joy     1.00
J. Smith   1.00
S.'JOy    1.00
E. Schagg    1.00
A. Hayton  1.00
GrTrebearBl"T. ;t   1.00
f*---0  *   «■*»«•
Apr-nd nil ;/mir dnltara h*rr.
Coleman        .        Alberta
ass -lUiL-a... jil"
^mt-mm^im mmm* awawtmemmttionwmioAtmoimiimoomemdom
Funeral Director
mud   BmbalmT
H««tf stout* Onppiioif Ami tot up
OOLIMAN    •-*•,»>!r,,•,    ALMUTA
The .Bellevue band co-operated with
the citizens of Blairmore in celebrating Britain's naval victory on Friday
A contingent of the West Canada
Company official staff left here on
Saturday for France, ln response to
their country's call. Tlie outside men
of the Bellevue mines gave tbem sn
enthusiastic sen doff,
It lius been rumored that the 41
Market Company Intend to close their
business at Bellevue, Mr. H. B. Lowe,
general manager of the company, was
In town this week and sssurei the
patrons of the company and the {ten-
eral public that such Ir not the case.
The electrical storm which visited
here on Sunday evening put the Bellevue mine   fans   oilt of   commission
long enough to give the midnight an-d;
morning shift* a holiday.
Owing to the footwall giving way in
15 chute (which chute haa been the
main source of supply) the effect hss
been the curtailing of the West Canadian output considerably during the
past week, but thanks to ths many
connections made during the last
tew months, between what waa once
thought to be two mms, tbey now
have two chutes open for the transportation of coal by gravitation.
Will the parents of the children st-
tending the Methodlit Sunday school
note thst the opening of Sunday school;
will be at half past two, Instead of
2 o'clock, owing to It being more ron-!
vcnlent to the teaching staff.
llie adherents ot the Methodist
ehureh hsd the opportunity on Humlay
Inst of listening to l>r, 'Myers, of ed-
catloiial fame, preach from the following test, John «:.1J, "And ye .hall
ktott the truth, *•■*:■* the irath atsail
mnb* y* tree,1"
The doctor atronuly emphasised the
need of ednestlon if we were te sttalrf
fropdotu. Tndttttrlsl aud scientific
development was rintporuinis for
mnny changes; truth was net italic.
ti>    lie    rijcctcfl    lwV;     i-.'im.' iVJ.iy,'
chaofei a&4 'we change, too; even the!
ehsreh had bnen eompellH to adapt1
Itself to change* condition*.  Tbla did
not mesa that hash! troth* had been
*.*..-.•*«■»••■•... n*-» **..'.** >tM»k. t,an w, *
•aperetlttoas esters nt hsd hsd s retarding tnn«en<w btfhom relegated
to the pest.
The dorter hers cited eotee mmsrk
sMe auperstiUoBS tbat hsd cease vaeer
bin aotlee. bath st ktmo snd nbtwod,
bet Usaks te tie urowth ef eer e*>
«Mtlf»Ml «v*fMB, tba fir/tdttrl of tb*
sgre, tttpersiHSofl w»« giving way to
reason. tteUmte, tee, ksd nd waa
Mill stalfttig freedom poaalble. tar w»
bad batraeseed tb* many Knees of ee>
tsi» to aid ns le tbt growth. «**
1 stent and trnneperttiion et tbm rt*n>t
T, Overton   J00
B. Jackson  [ \[qq
•M. Lynch  ,[ i[oo
W. Watson     1.00
J. JMirror   l]oo
! T. Owen   X 00
jN. Odonell ....' [. ^00
iMls« Maggie Carr Is a visitor here \*' gpencer*''''""  j'j|jj
this week to her sister, Mrs. Tyler.     \yt white ..""!!!  150
Miohel Juniors   vs.   Coal   Creek— T, Smith !.'""!!.'"!!!!!!! 100
these two   teams   met  on  Saturday J. Krkosky  !!!!!"! 1,00
last.    The   following   composed   the 11. Monteblettl    1,00
team:     J,   Price    and J,   Jenkins, | D. Cameron   1,00
bucks; Travis, M. Halke, F. Gullett, ]T- BaH    1,00
'If. Owen   1,00
I. Hobnrt
W. Patterson
Billy Malwela
C Pillar .....
J.   Nogi   	
O. Gregg	
T. .Millar ... .
A. Allen  	
J. Overton ...
J. Matt 	
J. Xewrlnge ..
Nick Suklan .
P. Baretteelll
John eastern .
T. Laurella ..
M. Kotyk ....
Dick Martin and D. Gilespie had a
day's fishing at North Fork, and re-
j.ort a good catch.
President Phillips was a Coleman
v'sltor Monday and Tuesday, on business.
International Board Member D.
Itees was also a Colum i visitor uu
Sunday, the 9th.
Vice President Graham returned
from Fernie and left for Brazeau.
Ben Davis (barber in the Grand
Union Billiard parlors) spent Sundny, the mh, In Frank, with his brother
Mr. Joe Hums Iiiih moved into his
newly built house on Fourth Street.
'Mr. Alexander Cameron, wbo left
Coleman some time ago for the benefit
of his health, bae returned to Coleman from Perth, Ontario, where he
spent his holiday with his sister. IMr.
Cameron is accompanied by his two
nieces, who admire the beauties ot
Making a grand total of $81.35
Casket and rough box. $65.00
Freight      1.90
Handed over to 'Mrs. Jones ..... H.45
Total   .
It Is strange patriotism tbat deeme lt
a virtue to kill one's brother and make
his nephews orphans.
If the rulers of Europe want war,
let the go out and kill each other. If
the capitalists want war let them do
tbe fighting.
It was the kings and capitalists who
are now forcing war on Europe that
were so sure Socialism would break
up home and destroy religion.
Stephen T. Humble
Furniture, Hardware, China;
 _Stationery^ etc: '~
half-back-s T. Jenkinson, B, Travis, A,
Yates, A. -McGovern, IS. Porter, forwards. n
Coal Creek--Page, goal; J. Fehran,
Corrlgan, backs; Young, Smith Mulligan, half-backs; Martin, Norman,
Hardy, Marmadukron, fowards. Both
•Ides played a fairly good game, but
missed several good chances of scoring When the whistle blew, the score
wus Coal Creek. Ii; Michel 1, What
surprised Michel boye the most was
thnt they thought lit wna a Coal Creek
team, but found that they were playing some of the Fernie team. However, Michel loat, but they feel sons
consolation in the fact thnt the teuiu
which defeated them was composed of
the pick of two other team*,
The Michel angler* ar« doing pretty
well during some these Idle days, i
Quite a number of fish have been
brought In weighing from two to
three pounds. F. Carpenter I* <;*)
the top acore yet for thn angler*'
Born—To Mr, und «Mr». Torn Phillips, a,non. .Mother aud ■*.t-i> doing
The Michel peopj* rim murmuring
about laver-a! article* lining rain-mi in
the foods stuff line, aa noon as the nn
noiiiiiement of war was uttered.   Let
ut hope that thia Oovernmittit will fall
In Hn* with th* action nf Hip French '
Government and Imprison tlio**'   wlo ■
are entity td   *iiih   nn   offHtiw    A*
Ifltig r« thn portu are opt'ti for transportation, we   fall   to   •#» why t!;s]
raising of pr',<*« !>•» toed ^ho'i'd "en* :
to numbly,   ttowoi-ff, w«* Impp m ««*> [
tb* {lovernment took Into this mnitir j
and do Ita utmoet lo prevent thl* »*»«. {
of thing !mpp*i>nlrif j
Laat lwuii» we nnnomtrmt Mm. Fr-m!
Oallett wa* nolae to tbe old country :
F. Fray   1.00
J. Kublc   1.00
J. Clarke   1.00 ]
II. Bell    :... 1.00
T, Covert   1.00
J. Johnson   1.00
J. Lancaster  i.oo'
A. Truba  1.00
T. Clarke  1.00
J. llobb  1.00
J. Harnp»  l.im
M.   Allen  1.00
A. Goodhall  3.00
l>,   Welch  1.00
J. Andrusk  5«i
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furniture
We will furnish your house from cellar to garret and at bottom prices.   Call, write, phone or wire.    AH orders given
prompt attention.
If you are satisfied, tell others.   If not satisfied, tell ui.
jHhrmrVI  "   -HU'tt-nW »o <vii'»   ;.  VMV>
before malting her trip,
Mr. and Mn. Harry Mass*? boarded
tbe pssienger ee Beturdi) evening,
en route for Ihelr home. London. Kna-
Miiis ... v,r*noty and Mlsi Ball, from
Corbin, art* * (niters down here for ai
abort stay.
^f)l/> \ttft
UM »<-<•■*» lot patter-as new,
Mr V><t fttttberland etartfd wotrk In
tb* min* b«>fw this wonk.
ttorti-to Mr. and Mrs, Rvan Mor
-jgins tm Tbtwday. the bib, twin beys ;
? --I *p,**-m rkft<tr*ri *a •wW <*m«
{aartea ot life, wbkfc a»4e it peestMsUrid te <*# Metbedhit chorrh en tbm
tn teed and cloths th* tnoai ton- day. *U*n the little folks* choir mad*
geated,elii#e todsy, sa ekotdmte tm-\m nm appear»-ac«. t
possibility g   few  yssrs  age.    And!   \rrbWsbep MeNslly *M prwent a» j
as applied to  the mdieal tb* Catholic tknreb m ftunday   h«i
on the purchase of a Suit, a Hat or a Pair of Shoes
Blairmore, Alta.
Are Offering at COST PRICE your choke of their New and up to date
Men's and Boys' Suits   Men's Suits $5.75
Boy's Suits $190
Men's Caps for 45c up, Men's Felt Hats 65c up
Also Men's & Ladies' Shoes, these include Invictus, Regal and K make, and in addition are jiving
away at HALF COST to clear
Ladies' $4.00 Oxfords, small sizes at $1.65
The Store That Saves You Money worn
-   aim Aa**;
THE DISTRICT MOEftcffiifefalM,, K»l«*tt*«|faDQaJ T0MT8IQ 3HT
LocalWMI)lr^Gto% JH&*]^;&Wi&
4   GM
Miters' Hall, Fernie;..ee'cifcrt and     9 ,n   "m
foi;nli  Fridays,  Club  Hall,  Coal
Cieek.  ijicL: Bgneflt attacUed.—X.
Uphill, "Seff.'Pernie," TB/'C."""  "'   l
^ ^hosm eta "Local "," ■'
^ .{4o,2497,   ..
Meet every Sunday'at 2.30 In K.
P. fl&ii. Vain Street. Sick Bene-
fit'Society attaches.—W. Balderstone,. Sec, Box 63, Hosmer, B. C.
No. 2334
Meet  every   Sunday  afternoon
at  -2   o'clock   in   Crahan's   Hall.
Sick  Benefit Society  attached.—
H. Klmer, Sec.
.  i   ' .   •
No. 1387
Meet' every' Sunday.   Sick 'and
Accldeiu Benefit Society attach*
e<l.—-Michael   Warren,  Sec.  Can-
more, Alta.
'"'., No* 1058
Meet second arid 'fourth Sunday
in wro-ritll:   Kick and Benefit Society attached.—J. Gorton, Sec.
It',:     ,,. t,N0.:2ZZ?,:', '   ,•.*■'
-V,ee,t,evefy,alternate Sunday,pA
2.30 ,p,pi.. .In, the( .Opera . H-puae,
0 ,p,m.   In
Colemaii.—J.''Mitchell,  Sec.;' Box
JOS'."-^^^.   .<'i-n'.*"i'   .':ii-'l   .:.
ll/. -'■•',■>.!-    r.ill    |(-- I      .„',,•■
iii '    -ii'   vd   |.-*.i,:i i   :'<.-   .   .     ;
Meet every Tuesday evening af
7 o'clock in the Bankhead' Hall.
Sick' RWd''-Acoid4ri«-Benerit. Fund
atta-jJwd.-friFranK'.WheftU*;-, Fin.:
Pec, Bankhead, Alta.^     ,. „ t
"'I •.' <lif No. .1189 ^ i.; i, ■•, ..
M*S-tri,(ay^ry,,^rtday -eyeping at
".30 in Miners' Hall. Sick and
Accident Benefit. Society attached.—Frank Barrlngham, Sec. Box
112,.Coalhurst P., O. •! ,*.
 1U_! I.. '.""'' '..    ■     '
NO. 481
■^lftst____ry_t U;sul and. third. Sun;,
(lay-at—t.y.ilo .-HaU,.-3~ jMn.—*Johtv--
Loijgln-an, Sec,
2.30   p.m.   in   the   Opera   ;House,
Coleman.—J. Johnstone, Sec.
* PASSB&R& i!bc*Ai? *   '
No. 2352—"	
jJMfet every second and fourth
Sunday of each month' at 2 p.m.
in Slpvak Kail. Sick Benefit So-
cietj^attaehed.—Tlios.G. Harries,
Sec, Passburg, Alta.
. No. 949    ,
Meet every second and fourth
Sunday of each month at 10 a,m.
In.School House. Burmis. No Sick'
Society.—Thos.  G.  Harries,  Sec,
Fassburg, AHa.
No. 2829
Meet every first and third Sun-,
day of each month at 10 a.m. in
Union HaU. Maple Leaf. N'o Sick
Society.—Thos. Q. Harries. Sec.
PaBsburg, Alta.
No. 574
Meet every Wednesday evening i
at 7.30 tn Miners' Halt, 12th Avenue North.—I* Moore, Sec.-Treas.
No. 431
Meet^ every Sunday at 2.30 p.m.
in'"th'e ^Socialist Hall. —James
Burke, i gee, Box 36. Bellevue,
lAlJfc,.   ''■■■
No. 2877
ii-nt'.'o' i
Meet every second.Sunday at 2 '
o'clock In the Club HaU..   Sick
Benefit ..goclety   attached.-rGeo.
Elm's, Sec, Corbin. B. C.
i No.' 3026
Meet every Sunday* afternoons
3.30,' at Boarding House. Sick
and Accident Fund attached.—
Max. Hutleri'£ec. •       ■
"•••■■ FRANK LOQAL'   '
. ii'       No.-1?65iii,-'  ,   ,i
Meet Sundays, after each pay
.-dayr~at~-Mlners~Hall.—slok- and —{
jices ,an<i dba'h'donniih^?'
>.&  'Whgt a'rfe
the aet In'reference'to'hiining'Mi'ma-
j-lne areas* !"",'•,- •" ■'"■•■'■' "•'« -f#
•il: 7'. . What1'- 'arW' th'e1' reqforemien*ts(lo'r
ite a6t 'ifa'-'Vefeifeticle to" the^'dlvislon'
'of'tWmln'e'1 tat*'parts?"0'" '",Mi '"'lb'
■'% .What are1'tbe:requiremeik8'of'
the'geperril rtiles'lh'Stefere'h-fce' to':"'(a)'
W-^tefyig 'dostr tairies;f,'{b)' Water 'and
VreJiolea';"(c>"taaMblfes; Td.)f)6th'er
pjaces, of"refugdV "" u'r* """ ''1!"i_
■ni iWKftt:"4Wj1th'e',,dtftlbs f of'tries: Jfaj
overman,1, <b V f irdbb'ss.'tc)' shot llgliter,
as specified'Iri 'tW special rules? " lQ1
What are the requirements sofc
Cash MeatiJIaffket
j Our Special Prices for Saturday are
Roist Beef ....
Roast-Mutton \
Roast Veal ...
Sirloin Steak  .
..16c to 20c
.16c to 20c
:16c to 28c-
.16c to 22c
.f\  "
TBone Steak
Pork Chops
- MHttoirChoprrr.-r.-.*::;.".'. :\'22fc"
Veal Cutlets". A. S.".'."..."..'.'".2Sc "
""Any-alie"pair Ceaf" Lard; lb'~TSc '
Don't|fprSett;we a-H-^w S| per
O \J
Phone S2,i i H. Northwood Mgfc
To Sports Committees
Thd Fernie Coal Creek Excelsior Band is now,
open for engagements. Satisfaction guaranteed
t   --ti ■*    For Terms Etc. Apply '    i '
THOS. BIQQS, Secretary,   Pernio, B. C.
■* __t ^d *•<*' ■«►■*> ♦
<{j. s* -^ <*. ♦j*> $*•<&■ <* dr *e* -0- -m -tP -Of O* -tp
■   i. ■;. ■» o
Questions.set candidates for- -fcirst'
cla ss ..paper? at the recent 13. C. pv^iiiv
in at ions:
Tuesday, May 194914.   Time, 9'a.' m.
to 12:30 p. ra. Seventy   per   cent required.        - >,••."'
1. What are the duties of the manager as specified in the act and special
rules? '-''"' 12
■ 2. Explain'the following Interpretation terms: '\Mine," "colliery,"^'stiaft,"
"slope or incline," "owner," '"agent;"
"manager,"' "overman," "mine' foreman," oi- "shiftboss,"' "fireman" or;
"fireboss," "shotlifehter," "c'ertlf'catrfd
official,"' ■"•competent' person." ''   ' :'8
2. What does' the act specify' ln reference t wages?1, ' " " " ,|- ij)
1 ' 4. -"What a're'1 the requifemehta'bif
the act ln'referfentie to shaft and outlets?"" " •' ' '"* " " • .'■",: "'!'io
.' 5. ' )Vhat are the requlrem'efi't^'of
tUe act 1n refe^ent'o 'to^r-etuni's, ''"no-"'
....... .»>■ y
th'e" requirement's ^of
<**    *0*  '&-4b>    ity  <<S>
■f^- --s!^ <s- -if.  -jf-   -,-  ■&
to secure ■ the-rbest~possible"~results
troro. a .fan the capacity -of .whicli Is
limited ,RDd■ the: -demands.,* are ap-
approaching dangerously close to the
limit?   .   ,     ,Vj   ,4.   „ ,.. t, ,8
1'. If,two horse,power will produce
10,000, coble feet-of-air. per minute in
a single airway; te». feet-by.ten feet,
what horsei.power will, be required to
produce.the.-same amount; of air In
three 'airways, each airw*y being six
fee^by five feet; and. the same length
as the single airway?.--.■;(.;..m'; • ■--. 115
Explain the difference-In^ctihskru'c
tlon'bf a"force4fan "arid. ah''!exhauat
'fah'.'"1'   Wi:."'    'i'i!'   u:<■!.«<■»•;'   !     .  .  ,-g
';;Wlth tiftV-twd'toVse' '-pJWef 'aVai'r
current of laolOo^cublc'.'fee't' per min-
wte'la,|>rodu*8ei!,0Mowl,',iiiiny cubic
feet per minute .will .be produced with
fortyVfbur'horse'iiower. r!",-i> ;' 10
;"lo:,;;veritllat'ei,tl,e: 'pft'n kWeh,:us'lng
conventional signs'. *■■">'  ■•■"m     .'i-jo
",,"'.,.,.  ■'OBSTEKA.L'!<\'6ltK:) **"'"'-
a Wednesday, Itfpy '0, ,.19lf    Tiflie
.2,tO,.fi;30 n. m.'1 "Fifty/per    "
,qHlr*df ''"*" " *""?'d ""
ve,crosscuts connecting them,
jfpft apart;  tjie pillars ,,J)Cc
cent , re-
rlH-IM if)   'll
. ^ ■,
•   .)!     .     I
the general rules and act 'a reference
tefcr' arrangemett^' nft? f^cd# ^^
' • -f       "" (MINES GASES '    '   ''
.,.Tuesday,' 'May 19, 1914.   Time": 2' to
5:30 p. ni.   Seventy per cent required,
1. Hovy! -far can a pair of entr{qs
ba driven,.wlthout a cap showing on-a
MSOamp, if the air current at the
u^lftastjls..4,000 cubic feet per minute;
•j ^!UFas|umIng that the coal gives off 1-
<?W>S; foot of marsh gas in every ninety'
feet of eadli entry? Give the-proportion of giiB and air ln the mixture'. 12
2. 'A  pair of entries 300 feet Ions
have t
at slxt y
tween thej, entries are thirty .feet
wTdeT""TThepe entrTes~a"u3~cFoiirate"
are all ,fillod with marsh gas (CH4). If.
current of 6,000 cubic feet per
is'aVail-able, what is the least
time  tliat''will   be  required  to  cle^r
out this '^as without fouling the air
current! father than to cause a small
ouja,-gaiety lamp? 'All the places,
tloaediare eight feet wide and five
hl£h.    1 12.1
„..„?: ^hat are the dangers usually en-
cpi-yitened'-on entering a mine after on
!e>|jlo8lini and how would you proceed tb Overcome them? Explain
SISiaiaiSIBJBJBIB fully,        ' 12
4 Isffife damp compressible? What
ffftect ihi a decreased pressure of the
-^tmoapnere on this gaseous mix'
ture?   i 6
.1. 'Nfime the different gases de-
structlvie to life or injurious to health
encountered In coal mines. Give
their combining proportions with air
a* they'relate to mines. 15
Which la the moat difficult gas to
contends with In mining? Explain
fully. 10
7. What precautions would you
adopt to prevent loss of life and
property in mlnea subject to sudden
oufburata of carburet ted hydrogen
gaa. «io
8. ta) What Is a safety (amy.? (b)
Whjr le It eM ^c)$Vhnt are the es-
tthgal featiirtt otatood safety lamp?
:(d)Are there ^ any condition under
which It would not be safe to ute a
safety lamp?   If ao, name, thero..   10
». A mixture ofnanA jb^afid air
at 'Its mn«t «iftt<»|v<? pofnt la 'fvassltft
along an airway four feot by f> feet at
aceraae velocity of fiOA feet per minute: ■ what quantity ot fr«ih air muit;
be added to tbla current so that you
*l!lJ10!...*hf «bie .toj4ete.?t the gna on
a enretrinmpf     *- »
10, How would you proceed lo clear
f ehafi tAat h» fllledviiwrly to the tpi»
#lth carbonic ncld gaet .-,r "
Wednesday, May tk, mt. Time: p
P. nt. ieventjr percent required.
: x,t F!*ii#f,owcr mm iB •n*
Kind deretei? *him gelding 60   per
<-int efftelencr   end   furnlahlne   the
powijr to #lrrc|i\iiif | wm{ wWfe iffet
of afr per minute in 7* mine, egetnat •
water gauge of one Inch? 13
utlllte-a, what enn   von do to 1e***aap
•Jt Ike -ttnoint of air InetreotaUanT     1ft t
3. Tli* downcast ahaft In a certain
oj). m.   illty,
■hJiiiri   H     Hf'.iii,'*   ti    iX'*■   ob
What jfpefttjelll.jfffiejk.a .v^te-
■nelPtftt^,i^lj,..,{ffc}ie8 f^nd tmetHk
'between |l\ippor.tSi?(1Tlhe;,lpadjia,,e«i-^al.lyl
■diatWbuted along thetule^th,,0-f t.-thp
t>Umbter. V) „„„.,.„„    ,tlijfi0iI1    ,i;ini;ji
i'.'l '^tat^.fiifti .detail •) what., ehouldii be.
'^^'to irsduoniiiitie number•„et*aocin
dentS"due to falls of rock and coal,
'ind the ,moYement!.of.'mine-.cars.)'1- '10
l$*\,ftt the bottom of a shaft 3fl0 feet
deep^ a, rooW tuhinjl<Beven--*feet Mgh'^hd
twelve feettwtde^<l8 drlvefrh Addra;is
and act 'i\ reference I built in this tunnel and the shaft ls-ai-
^^l^.^^lllM^ifHli with water* what is the'
c.'^x idktt^»^W pressureTpeMfiiiUbreiricrfSk'nd the'to-
tal.pepsure In'^oUiids'on !th-e dam? 10
■V Ht > Show-by sketches which, In'Vour
dpjnloR, Is the most reliable method
(or hiding cfcrs^a^ ^ei^lo^ v^.-
rloua app^ance8 in use, pointing out
the advantages andMITs&ftvahUgei&Mof
each. ' i <**> io
■' s: (aJ^h^tHrifi'e^tily^trtlt^'aiftl
what by dip: oflacoal seain? (bJ-De-1
scribe,,by diagram, an anticlinal'' dnct
synqlihal.-t.{c). What Is<a.monocline?.8
, <>.■ The distance between a patriot
cr'pss entries is 500 feet",1'from the
,main entry out to.the boundary line te-
1,000 feet;::-.tlfe 'thickness, -of •' the
seam Is slx^and.'One-halF''feet:   .and,
allowing 20 percent for tlie resis'taiac^
of rope and pulleys;1 the grade of {he1
elojie being 10 per cenf?'"-'- l"'' 'V12
'4:' What' lias''tp' be' most'^arefully
observed'in caring tor 'boiler^? 'lQ
o. 'What kind" and size of hoisting
engines .would you^e. to hoist l,2,00r
tons of coal !|i'elghj.fipura fj^om a(aihaft
'400 f'eet.deep? ^Tfie. weight pf.'the coa}
in each caf is 3^ lb.; the s'ieam.pressure' '70 llij. per square in,,, Allow 20 per
cent for, the reslstapc^'. of, engine,
ropes,' pulleys 'and ,gi ve .tin^e £gr caging
cda'i.'1''"     "   "'      15
. f'.)jni?»cP?!"P}.,nSi .t.he .sioiie ,of
.^!f&l8i^ ^Sf JnJenfib ftnd hap,, as,
ey'flpm ^itch^r,,,?^, farwft..., * the
qu*3ftty■$' W*T* focifmulfttlng.. le,
^50^00 gal^s , per.(;dayji;(,.«ivg1,)tbs
slzp of pump,,^ $e requjreji.^i^pd,,
of the same to remove this water, by
pumping eight hours a day.       ,15
v   "Ji;a .01     J'-i!"rj!«T    ,u 'imms I    ^1".
ffiKW**xHimt$r.iJymiti.tf tin.
comprea98ffi,   (,0. „..„„„.  ,   1()  hllW
l)?//<cJ-*1ft»*W?ie-*Wio(-jifti<dyneiiio .At
\tft .^a^e^vwttput, „ 12aS(iO;i watt*,! iis><£2
,^r ^nt:rPetermJj»ei-<he »number.«rof.
-bpr$jJfpoweil(;tonut necessary.: ito; give
,^bi^(,f}(}tpuU'..f. »;(1 •.*,.Hill} lrv.',!!>uo«,
(l,T^?sdayt>.iiMay;"21?''l»jH«*i TlAte:'
X(to,f^:30;>pti.ttiin Fif-tiy 'per"tertt"'*r&
quired.'' ft'i^isiii! ■■ni'i'   .!ii>;.- -'.i -khi ■.;-. i
m.i.o KlnltfrtHb,firn^in Wet if kKHW
of,.'40deg:';33 nifni tH«T&a«tf being 'ii
ifeet/6 inchei!"" "A*X".->'•>«-^ ^5'-
•r-u* ■irttl'**. ,l»:'Jt-X1i HI **\    ,;'H.    ''.-m!;-••!
to)/What U the area Included iii 60
.Uf-'J-i     -ll'"'.    .I'lt^'i'li     s*>l,~~    ,-.~0,T!
lOl'tit    o-     r..n    Qf    a    (.J,.^    th?r^B
■tWwaitas-e 'lh slacW and dirt ls IS' per
cent. :,The'specific gravity of* the
'whole>eam is 1.3: how many tons of
coal can be got from thi* bloek,*-'25-
pei'.'cent belrig left in pillars? '      1-
,7, pescrlbe. ln detail, the plan ot
working, meihod'of' veniliatloto, 'and
the' arrangements and construction of
the ^haulage'roads nt one of the most
successfully'O'pferdted mlnea yoa hive
been employed in.' ■■  <'      10'
'.8..1 Mow •would you develop a'new
mine to obtain the'best results from
machine fining? • •- .:■.-■' 10
, 9V How would you notch the ttm-
bers..fpr the lining of a shaft, and
what advantage'Ib gained by notching
them In this wny? 8
10, Give a concise btit convprehen-
alve 1 explanation of the terni ''aero-
p'hOre." 10
Thursday, iMay 21, 11)14, Time: !»
a. th, to 12:30 p. m. Fifty per cent
1. Give the breaking atralh of a
9-19-ln crucible ateet hoisting rope, hav-
Ing six strand* or 19 wires each, alio
the sare working load. '    10
2. What la piston displacement?
(b) How la It measured? (c) Define
the term "forward pressure**? (d)
What le back frreasui'e? tet What H
meant by effective pressure?'       10
.1. 'How many horae uower will It
uke to haul twenty«flve loaded earn
up an incline 609 feet long In one min.
*I*elft^c^fee^dlfel*g%lfhihd*tai^;f• ♦ '*± f * ♦ * «? ♦ ♦ * ♦ .♦ *
demeanors of twenty- prostitutes' were*
f in" about as many minutes
';gCj$£%f called
[th*^^o^.^P arranged
ffi^^^strate, a sm<
shaven young loolcing old man, with a
JttaU»nsjl.liLa Jow.jimJtflaB-^-	
^Vhat/s, the cia^ge^ office^?;: j!;.,
'..."Vagrancy.:;,*,..    ...M-yr-   •.---;;■       -..
r:"The magistrate casually turned his
eyefe from the document in band to the
woman". ■>' ■ ^ .i*.'i, •■  '•■"'* ■.■'',■■■!.i.
,'*•''.. '      ■ -,,   .
'■ "What have- yon to sa'i'. for
self?" . ■ ■"'    '•'-'    '■<•■■■'    "■.''   '■
The_- njBrt^i^,:banged .- hie..desk Mr^-^j^-ftf^TWWSrf
' i-Alotith- with the ™ v*i '  ,(ime defsLgeiuent ot stomal,
,'.Zf',J"*1W,-We'Wiv*,-..'-lb''»^  voji   •■.kidueTaWsrifl^,n,i   tJrvXtft
,, ^f3y?^0,i.'t<>-'P«t that.^ugh,talK."'|i   ,-,.,,.. iiallcl Mi.'.vi
,..7"Wk .-,:6-!^"1on,,,yer1'onor.,,i >ehe ^'JlV^ti^fJ j*
degtf Of an arc
br^hich is 50 feet? ,io
;'-«."'; What is'the true meridian?"'fex-'
'plain h'ov?flWidifebtioii Ife 'detei'mlne'd.
3.J"(An 'ehtiiy,!runs'!' paraileVvto "a
'landMine aiid Ytf6' fi(et"froin,'lt';"lf,''the'
^CHpig.tuiicieii tit t'liei'e5i'tfj',:run"'at an:
angle<af i'o'dek'wltii't'he 'eAtryi wlsat,
dlstaafte. can'tHBy be drlve'ni''    ""'^ io'
4. *tat!;*th'e 'fellbiwlng'' survey' and
talftilfte Itfi'^Wr" draw a' line from
•the! terminal' jpblnt'; i6' ;the,! plac^" of
coinmbheeiii'erit1,1 and'give the"l)eafing'
and !dlstah'cy-8ir tiie saniV:	
'ii'Bearing:"'''''  ;■''    ''   ''
N:'13 deg!'33 miii; \v.';"''
■N.;80'degV 42 min: E.'
S    ■JH-tXBtr'lilX  min    VI 1
"'    '49bv>i'
< 4.12
'S.'-^O-deg. W'min,"E;     """''""■   433'""
B.'-eS' deg.'!00 min:w." >'',.,''   512 ""
•Uee-'a scale of 1 chain to 1 'in<&.   15
*-1"!1'' Flll^n^n*4,w^rl».o**t ^a&f»«o\fr.
lii'g leveltff'
1 '■* ™y>» n,)blatAH
Baokislghl!*    Fore-sight       in Chains
•  " Sino * <" **,-& •*■ •* <t> ^t.eB" **
■   "4.10   •;..:• i'J0.85........ ;.,.... 7.S4-"'
'    S.04 .; 9.25       .11.60   .
'' 3.84 . -.fn''*i2i91'i..< i. .'■ 15.20- •''
7.05 In termed, sight
8.92 ;     21.00:
3.03 -  27.00
profile using, any convenient
■■...'. ;., 20
' 6. How .would, you carry a transit
survey down a perpendicular shaft? 10
' "7. If the horizontal anglea and distances of a survey are iU followe:
<■-.'• i Distance,
Course Bearing . In Feet
1-2     N. 37 deg. 13 min. E.    . -413.6
2-3    N. 10deg.50min,R. •-    846.7
3-4    S. 17 deg. 23 min. E.       2S3.0
4-5    8.48 deg. 37 min. B.       216.0
r.-«    fl. 88 deg.'ta mtn. W.       7«fl.O
'How far north or aouth nnd cart or
west of Station 1 la Station 6?  Calculate the course and dlstanoe1 from Sta-
1 tii Station 6. 20
8. The tidal elovatton of the top' of
a slope is 900 feet; that of the foot ta
760 feet: what' if the difference'of
level between the heed end foot or the
slope., If the dope la 1,000 feet long,
wbat la the grade? A
The Things We Do
by Max Endleeff
Thit I felt lo e miserable humor
ithat evening would nave been palpably
evident to the leant observing person.
I straggled along lower Sixth avenue
with the exceedingly glum face of one
who w«« flrprty determine^ to go
M^newhere but hadn't «m illihieat
notion ef where to ga The tbeetre,
the opera, the club, tbe favorite har—
each presented aa eieqeent appeal te
my distracted mind and (rem each !t
hulked <Hlri»'»-'WHi*f*w««* mtr
Ao7wb*n T «ftw  n   stYii-ilv gftfnji "of
tHwpie Hoddted tijuthej* ai \bH Mt
m{*§ L" m *** *"* »«W*» *|t<»)MrMr,'-iil''i«MM forward with   the
m»* ^$mmmtom\»to joy ett child attewdtef
tie first cirrus,   a covert though in-
iN^#e otwMm
caat ahilt In the ealke mine le UM
teei  doep -and   Ha xtwttperntor*   ton
?^!^ri^;?,f,??'! *WIWeiBg%ne«h ultU'twn^biUm
should theae cendltloes produce,   the
feftlve, way of elreulatln-g air throueh
lttfcea.fi>   y<3Wi
'onor will." She paused, then shouted
threateningly, "Rf ye don't lock me
up far doin' nothin', I'll do somethin'
The crowd smiled approvingly, aa
crowds usually do when there Is e
prospect ef a flight In view. The of.
fleer stood Mtlng et his muetsehe.
debating whet coarse of ncUon to take.
»*fl rtghi, Mary;- he finalty W«ft*d,
"Ht jrun ye in.  (feme eleng." „
[f.Jhe',f^wd,lMoht •wer.to m«li» way
for the pair: tb* otti**r ln-Hlv -bnt^nr
|her arm. while ahe kept moving her'
itpa end mekleg lacee as tf prtrately
prepertec her dieconrse, A few of the
men, eyaelf aoroos , th«m, follow^.
On rewhlni the courthouse, where
eight eeeeiem tier* b*int hHd. f ew.
heerd the doorkeeper, s dlmlnuUve
hot stoelv frishoun, say in hie eo»
7'"^Ve g°t -Jo^.-to say," she ,., cried!
barely waiting for the mag'jstrajte ."to
complete ^hls .sentence. . "i wan^ to^
knpy^ what.jer goin' to do, wid nip,'
I'm sick; an''"'}' 'need aUenshun.' 1
*■' i   ' '   A. '      kl '' " Vt' 'l*      ' t    '   V     "* " 'J   *
.Ti  ;
-■i. r. .-fi
dge interrupted, to which, the
officer gave added, emp^asi^/by ppkin?;
hfer!ln the ftbs'with his oiub.' ,
"What s the matter with you?"., (l ,
^•"Syiphiillsr ' "   ■'"■   *'* "    ^A
waBMarllejl ouj,of \fa,fflfe*: *r\di*.nri
■aouhced   his   entrance .in^. ftp /ioj^
.S°Sli W?*i«^ ->J}P s^«r»^««ffli
■yawW'loy&aig p^pl^se^. .'The.m^-;
i8trate;s Interest was manifested by his
eyeWdw^isli^ .ope-plx^e^nth, of ..aa
'[ ^"WM* ^.-tfiAJMUMjAoto*, ,.,,.,,
,?iSr ift^«»»JWW,iTW«*.JIWt1Wt
1  "Thifs what I got, syphlllia, an
Hu^dr^de o|E EeopI^ Have*-
Found "Fruit;a.tive«M Their
o <■»   -if
■ii- -«  <$> •& <- r?-  •».  -1
Superintendent, of, Sunday School in r.
T'c^i>t«;T«tlt How He Cured Himself
..,_   !"ili  i*i  '.•.,'1: ili'i'r.j i ■■ ■■!,.. V.'.
55 DovnacooM Road, Oct., i»t. iow.1
Is'.lt        ' I'U'O,*-.   ',(>   u-'l'lt   K.'M   t l-'l    .Jf*    •'.'.
,. "For % ljwg; Ume, I hfiVe^thonght of .
Writing you regarding what I term a
i mosViemittuble'curedfectedbyyonr
I remedf''Fruit-a-tivM'*.Iauffeiedtrom-l
.Rheutnstism, especially in my hands.,
I have spent a lot of^oney without,,,
'any'goodrauW. thaW^in^WrnFt;^
a-tlvV for 13 mOnthrUow, and ata
plea*fd;ta tell you that. I anacured.
  "     jpy-
the  .
_.      .   --.     -'an'y';
in;i8m9nths;f,r,    i„    ..,-:Uf,i/    v.-.UA.
..'{l'lftl'VjII t i£'i!-.
Rhfntaatismis Uolongerthe dreaded
^iajfase^PUfie Wft.iWieumafisin ,}a
■l. 1
! '»t
,f^:ifaj:M.^r,go out,,>Ylth:™ioa,hS^^^
,- j^fJ^ani^iSciattca,) l*umb«g9^in< fact,
b'feplt'al to.,.4Pudder)and jionNo' dem
wnnt: me."   •*,,,, •*
" Sh-#'pausefl,a, moment, and ibefore
'tbe>mafeistj;ajte could;say anything.jshe
tried1 grlyously;, ,.„„,„ ,., ,..„.,.s .
! !,jEr r ain't^tq -blame, J tink it'# up io
somebO'dy to take care o' me,vi :, - : ■■
ahe^put her.-.sleeye ,to her. eyes and
her"low. .h.}it ;rauc?ua prvlng- rent .Mill
t-ri'rs. ThO/.maglaijratftscwin<id.lostv In
't1llJu^.*, thoug* hU.face remained urn
reti'ilabre. The coiirtroo.uwi.8 .wrapped
i.M'tHat peculiar iiuv«li d'ie to people
holrtluK1 back their breath. Throi-irti
kbr'fll^Je^s^hf ^:^n*petre!r t.
th^hl'.h ^jio held it<!i,d9»t<on.inob;s
hftnd. 'l.n^was baff'el by" ihe expivs .
ritlol.    .'-m1: n;> ■
is soM,hr*U dealers
^■'^ifonger, ;v»x;v«e:. aniffjes, ..he
hirt'.ViSed.).p.8aj!:,.   ., ;    ■,
•lit :'o .don't bt»!J«vo me, caU up>Dr;
,^r^e», of St,,.LiT.vrf!;«e 'os-pital! .'ir>
Pr. l,(<hk'ii.s,ioyfcr M'ar!j> Uland-jiDef.'il
tdl yc-fi),.about.ur' ,.,..-    . ...
The'«hiaglstrate -, drummed > absent-
ihliftleiity oa h|pede?k witli hia fingers,
Finally he^ke.up,, ,-  ;„.(.,,,. ,,
"Nothin,^. pan be done, tonight, you
rorte hore, tomorrow, morning. and I,
will t see what arrangements ,can ,be
made for you."',,
He turned, 'ill's.head in indirection
of the clerk as if awaiting the call'for
■T-     ^    n-^-ij  i~,ii   !—.".rMi  .in.1 j.:iiM
^i.,1}??1 w?e,i~ "^ft f'w.0W' showed
nq, disposition to move, though .the of*-
flcer.i put. out   his arrii^to draw her
hwhji.'i- -'K' ""■ '' ••' ,:' "■''" '
' "But; >er .'onor/;' slie", crff-d."/'^hat'ii
I do "ter nl^ht., i;alp\got. fin, place to
ilefft.", I,- : ,i ;,-'.. s> . .-1 ■;:.;■ -;,■
.• The magistrate1 hesitated, then,5 peeling a dollar froni a roll1 of bills, 'gave
It'to'her.'wlth a reminder that'' ,s\iei.
was ' not I(tq forg?t and,' call, the !«e*st
■*c*hrtg., ,She took .the.'dollar,'*mumbled "jfer -thanks, ^turned.and, stalked
through 'the aisle; glancing beli-jierent-
Lvaty, face- that-aieWier-eycv
Through the corrldor'ehe:passed 'and
ou^.'lnto.Uie, street,v.hut" nobibfefbfe
her; voice .was . heardj again. In -angry:'"
eppos^IaUon'with.some one,"- -> ■■<
:...?:3Cft,.|lttle runt,' I'tn1 rib more cra:# '-'
iixop yifXi are. Fellers the mteso' you
make,.women like us, an" the1 whble
■dajp-n bunch o'ye ought' to" lit' up lh
de cooler."' ;; '••   '■ "•'    ""
- I waited a few mlhutfe4 to avoid aiiy .
suspicion "of "being connected'with the -
case; 'thtn   rose   and :!'weint   away
swonting   viciously    "(beneatht   my),
.breath), at tfie gross Injustice'.pre vail-  '
in our, day.'—.v. y. Call. !
Who is Your
DO you ever consider
the importance of
oo tlie use of stationery
that'is in harmonTwith
the nature of your business? In many cases
your letterhead is considered as an index of
your business character,
hence the necessity of a
food printer.
1%WM ^^W«"^^^^wLanT^S^^ «f ** ^ttcny .nd bl.
Another dfunken br.wV I thought.   I
was abeei Io wedee by wgy ent when
jjar *jt   e
     i imi i ii..,)ii-i«aHB—i
yourwlf   (Mhicea
fully aa yen do ether U»l» yea cooldlgood Ulngs witt %
h I
It you only nsed the ballot ae efc!ll<) build
itmt wiee. lour feet MeWeed m«* tm
long, how many cubic feet of air will j     ' ^L^'^fl^JSll 5 !I^J
th* uno {power prod.ee te three eir-jr^    .      ».     ,      '■*■*•* *"**
wajre or splita: namely, the flrat air-'W)r *'•*"*
I waging «a given above; the sscoe4L,1The mter mu In gently." "IM
'intrwmJnainre¥fM^- «Wf* rtor ** ^m'"
|etgh.9ROa^tf4|^^|gMii*»«8>tarf. ; Heme, iwii,'' tdte replied n-nemem-
w*w j airway hetug tee feel wide, sli feet'I): "I elel cot eohoeie.  I fpef*"—
other'high and t.ton tool long? td|h<>r vilea took on a note of contempt
/   *, What meeaerte e«e)4 fe« use,*  jovtt get ase one or meyhe   his
werd. *«ee. dni rrssy women Is hetej
sgin.  ibe'e slwsya hsngln' round de
conifs end otpiiau.     The men ad-,
dressed, a stout, florid faced indlrid-i
set, with a derny at>nily resting OB one'
eer and e fet p«rfecto belching forth
eleeda  of ematie, tsaiUd knowingly,
He reasoned the clear from the mrser
of hU mouth for a solicitous laspectioe
of the edheelve eeb awl twitched the
wwjght ot kts eody fmrn the rtght t$t|
,,ft^ t^a. ft^M,   ■'v^-flA Wa .aictt*--*.    ii i.„***MiMii« a
ten. ton. ie%.   iwew m eooiry permtltee
a mouthful of tobacco sutood sellva
to rptdf te e e*srhy cwapMer.
xo  ' i.n »'j.5iu >i)
iu.*/l i, 9'i-i
Jf you want reaHy-htgh-
classjnfiqtlj^^^iy  ,W
we always produce-try
«IHftH$our neSkt orde^Bf
"•^M&^gmmmmi^^ *** **»»****?'
Iff District-Ledger
i mm el AQa     -^^^^^i^mrsss^^^'m^*" y>
at, ri.rO /
. !i
■i *,   i
w *J
sal^aBglHH^Mageg^^aiiiMBMliMi 'QsfiSfS
i illlllll iiiiii
THE BIS^ICaskgttftEft, -WBmi. .^aWH^OftpMBr SKT
mmmmmm^^^^^^JJ_^a_i_tm»m_ri, thwihiti r.ir  l»m SMJMll I *»M M      ,„, ,mm77„ ^?,„, 7? -.Tin^r^- i     i	
ForourForeign Brothers
Hist*ya    Stanow     Zjednoczo
poucza, iz kraj   ten   najszybciej   file
byly   bardzo   pomyslne   Hi.  Stanow
i <lei
irado i
pi carbonif
|uall si este
.dEST sulfide diFSnionl <J3 mila
cri, estensione di terreno carbonifero
superiore a quella dell'intero stato   di
na sola organTz-
societies   many.
to talk
nd. there
,gue.   But
has ever
And in
ne   body
■—-■ ■ ■ ■ . fiKt Ina Jl-iiJif .:fi--rJ<i*l
■jf { .r.llU'ir'i*
. ,.   .   . . .ill "i'Mi .^tiihi'iiifi'.i j
Vou re always welcome here
 .ii 'pm .>!)-<>. /i /
s£€lean Room^&e&rdf
W?.   . Food and every •«"
oi.   ..... attention..<n ii-j
Large Airy F >oms &
'■" j; te'd BoRrd
Ross & Mack
setki milinow do kieszeni .imerykan-
Wgl^, slroa
paraVzo^n$& eui&nej&IcS kolkurei!
wszechswlatowym rynku.
Procz -tego, dlugii wojna \f?"^uropT
zwykle powoduje przesiedlafflej. sie
srediiieh kapltalistow do TSfano..
Zjednoczonych, ktorzy tu spodziewaja
sin znalecz lepsza Iokacye dla jwolch
plenieday I fachu
inacliZjMiiCn:miyeii?wa'* zYi!ost
na wojne powszechna,  w   Eurbpie;
jaki wiec tajMjnaj^wrzQj^lyvtn
rozwoj    won&ijosivra Stano^   gje
noczonyeft    S tk   jS   %_ A
-Mozna pn^ldzre^afteTffiut!
Z poczatku wojna w Europie odbije
There are   peace
There are preach
of the blessings
haises against the  threat more
tffifii"a feather weight.
That. Q|jifi,.flMflficnt oi___£sUj^ie
■t tlw workers   of jgl na
bre»i.   In Germaffi, in^
in France, in England, in Austria—
everywhere—the workers, who will be
By Fred D. Warren
War alone can perpetuate Euro
.n capitalism for another gen
taxes are  collected    by
JOJatUAt^tubu^om^^ in ^icipation of war
jR^ra^oiciiMotio>iv«Gt jwa>«. * iSIO
nSiTdenrirsO^fXdls^: "All'ill
"tlma- cynyenalone dj,JLndlanaj)fili^», il
comiw^se.fl&vo81elm nostraNuijone
venne ^utoijpj^^aj^ominare^un
comitato -colFincarico di conferire
coll'organizzazlonedei JjypaJSjy del
m$fejloTS5i ^^e,n&jb0*^WerOno.''
■felllf rahtia ell Eas Animas dove
laiigue.da piu se.tte. niesi senza il ben-
eflcio dl un processo, International
Board Member Uhlidi   insiste    ^lla
>l  slB^zIone dello forze dei   minatori   nelle
contee Las Animas e Huerfano dove,
Ji ope&Uori di minere sojp»«**pst£i**uli
za deicfesuni ael Messico e del Colorado transclnatl    in    conflitti    san-
,a m'Janowicie: ..eur.opejskia   kapltalv,
n?-.M'r   TW-„ z&<??,Ha tOdplywac   do
'Uhpi^lu,i>-\vfcsf-tjttfie/ilfkr4(fj'e   z^t^ef',J,'^/UJ,'}!SUerra pel c°nibustibile, pel
H,in*m,rlJSm..L~...l.   .~''.    k       .    .    L .     ,l* I   COnihlletlhlo    rial     *ntr.nA^     J!._	
Jnosi dai propositi monopolistici
.,f|MtMi^3oli del petrolic   nel Messicc
■.^ely cftTjbp;ie  nel Colorado.
jsilirOTdriioui'aniliiJiiildle^slabs'/yeh !Jjfwn'
W?fcty-fSMft!AniiM.»J .mit  miUi,')
combustible del mondo disse Uhlich
a attuaiinente 11 centro della 1    ""*
'Afel'feb'leJHdo, a Trinidad, coi n
[tf&feilia&'ehti 11 combattimento
ti-^roiriw-vtiinento operaio anierc
.,^0;U)4io^j\jido piu di commette
,          ,          . .      •           '• i   ,    t        J-sonalpignto   assassinii,   di   1
IB Qnifeioi vjujeritio^o ^tAjaiwett^toi!,i,vt,^„^flr,J,    .
and reap no returns except suffering
and djgagter, are ^mp-^UjijLpto njgtest
gerous to protest. As they meet they
are charged on by brutal soldiers.
Kings issue edicts against them. The
press reports them as unpatriotic and
Inciters of the mob. Dut In-spite ot
the danger from the killers, in spite
of the malignity of the defenders of
loot and murder, the Socialists meet
rf-^oj^t. 3&*dp«p*J^Sxtlie thing
is nOan end. Workers—tliey who aiv
expected to do the dying—they whose
])ijjts?t is wftfUi something.
its AffiP" stand for something
tSigifileI|n wgArlsis. Socialists alone
dar8aen^*tlie«iiiurdcrers and robbers
of the people and to wrest the bloody
hand  of war from  it3 grip  on    the
of the   innocent.     Preaching
ts to nothing.    Resolutions    in
of peace  are   merely   stinking
If you    wish    to    stay    the
of   the   world,   you    must
Kcross the borders   of ev-
mai,   I   will   not   kill
is hell,   Let those
d to hell."—Appeal to
is my conclusion after a tour of
Europe covering a period of three
months, studying industrial and political conditions.
The peoples of Europe are chafing
iider the galling weight of war
axes.    The
~    '"  •nta -atl ogiii organizzatore del
zmniejszenie sie handlu zagranlcznego, ^WX^e abhia acqulatato
ze wzgledu. iz podcaae wojny, u'wnosc. no,torieta) di   trucldare   apa
1 ,«ane  jpater^'    0^ome yenne truc,dato
uwaaeAa^-JKitrahBAirV   ,n ^.^ f]. THnm
TzzatOTe     Internationale     L
riyplt^jlptori delle compagni
ttt -
Stau5^«j*ftW*;5irt swo?..,
handlowej prawie, ze nie posia-
■^d^ajT*<t-*oi ibedla'-ii'Aiaiy^Mti'iidnitjny
WXft'^zvWzef wstebuiianryeh wtarowl
lfe-[e. e^, i detectives cercano
re la buona fede dei
prompt attention...
ID       i C0.9^owa.row,.. europejskloh, ■-apowoduje-j
[itOuglJ       listanon Zjednoczonym pare set milion-
ow straty. u___%$0k
W razle gdyby Angit^^mlesKiiIa sie
do wojny, wyzej t^^reS^iliiione,
amerykanskle niewygoj$fj§sn.gg!niie sie
'dere la Viiona fede dei minato
'^fgfeiie ^r''mezzo di false co
~ '.Batto dhr'-iiseudi-minatori  nie
odUe cqit minatori messl nelle
minatorl^j^utentici     -^llo    scopo
breare diffidenza e terrore.    In <i
proporzioni queste cose vengano
e ^tato jrffikdl WW^1   ragione
Rot*t*Wffl<m in^lfW Wtera inviata
Full supply of following
for an appetizing meal to
choose from.
Beef, Pork, Mutton
Poultry, Butter
and Eggs
Try our Cambridge Sausage* for tomorrow's break*,
Calgary Cattle Co,
Phone t^ Wood Street
riRNII, B. c.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquop Dealer
" "P?
Dry Goods, Groceries," IBoott and
Shoes, Genti' Furnishings
zffifflejBza, "a to z. prjjjjjagSj£iiT tylko
z Xlemcami i Ausij^vst-^by handel
amerykanski.^fe i-^y^Mya.
Rosya. Hola%a :b Be'lslaf-n^etiisie
If the worker bad nothing to'do but
make a living for hlmsel? and family
Ue would have a cluch. It's making
a fortune for the boss a|d bit family
that keep* bim fraszled. v:
Morrissey Junction
powlekszyl. ^ -.*.*,-*.   :   ;   t  ,1
Zywnosc -^B,9ry,3^;riska Ji^z" podijozila
(pszenica. ui^ia),',pw napediijnll*lbn*tiw
odpowlednlm tru s(o», a dok'uc?| itwi-
sumentom.', 'IX IsX'- '       7x'.
MJedzlan^'^skomhy trusty, /Jako
bezposrednlo'hrajnee zwlazek z pot*-
rzebaml wojiiy, a talize naftowy'ttugt;
pozbywszy sie naj wickszego swego
konkurenta, Rosy!, prawflopodobijle
oblowla sie ponadnle.
•Fabrykl amunleyl woJenn,pJ tak . ze
grubo zarobla,
Z. druglej znow strony Zmniejszenie
sie przyplywu emigrantow (robotnl-
kow) 7, Austryi i Rosyl, a nawet
j penlen odply.w Ich na wojne. troche
| wplyule na zmnlejazenl slo arinli bez-
robotnych— ale Jednoczeanle dokuczy
Wycofanlp kapltalow europpjskleh,
choclaz na razle bardzo dokuczy wlel-
klm kapltallstom amfrykansktm, to
Jeiliuikze w rezultatio na dlugi dyitans
przjTiie sie lm kowyse, ponlewaz
eurot>eJicy vosladacze auterykansklcb
akcyj I obllgacyj, znniszenl ia tnkowe
odprsedac amerykanom po znncznle
nlxiiej cenle, nia kupowall.
Jednem alowem podcxaa wojny
Stany ZJednoczone na nlektorych
punktach straca, a na drugloh aarobla,
!—•»ia «ara« po wojnle, europejicy ken-
'kuronci oilabna. a Stany Z|ednoc«on
ojiozoatanB, a Stany Zjednoewne pot-
■snu 'c'zs'.t Jult- labloia » »w)»i.Ih «ko
nomlctnym maerenla. J, 8.
McLennan.^     Eccone    qualch
In  Prance,   the  war  fever is  kept
allte by holding up'theapectne-Jif a
V German  inv|^i^-4'^ l|-en
jrg;eois remember Alsace and Lo-
Hal,v     „
.ed'by,-lh'e war lords on the plea
Prance looks with longing'5*s..
he fertile fields and sunny slopes •
he Italian provinces,
lugland and German, like two liogSjjg
.1  In  leash,'  are  lugging at    their]
'ins, each-jealous bf the fcoiniheri'laTj
'ess of the other. !
ussla, like a huge shadow, «ilent i .™^
mnex tjaw territory to i's alreart)
Jllen Jbmintons.
1 it,-   -.',-. .:■• •■'   I'.' '■ ' '.'•     >"i
nd  fo.raAhese reasons the heavilyj,
biMdened people deny themselves a\
reports Europe   on
r that may mean the
s, that may bank-
that may set progress
iries.   The press pictures
things truly.    It even
uses that may be exploited
for  the proposed   slaugh-
reviyt threateiis the very ex-j
orfne present'European 'Gov-j
its,  and    what    liii!i!i&tied.„
Jed  out by  the  Socialistv'oiT ure H
in G©ftiiftiy,- Austria, Kngl-.md,
•efll  cauSts' Is not
ipltallsro—is    the
d German merchants are
in the game of business
an? bi SiMrla; therefore they
'pyci*  Mipir .cnaumtlAft
»""asi' ^t0 ar^s- Besld-e, capitalism
Ufl^itA'dft "tJbllsFI?. .M. \V. of A.fith^o|ld aroihid Is on the verge of
vennero glttati nelle caree ri dcl'j«£|mWE -N'ot \only In 'the United
clt^i«tViii^tfj0J»(dV!ll"\o,Ue-1 e vi sw^^ratM^iut all ^ver Europe, the de-
tenu'tLWe^alHIeMe1 c9me "prlglonHn] presjpR ls niarlcfeil, banlts.are failing,
milltarl." Lo scopo a cui tendono ] unemployment, is growing, the stock
ciuestl sequestri arbitrarl di persone o| market Is stagnant. We are reaping
quello dl costrlngere qu-9§te.M'i|tJnie del] the fruits of#the b^ndi-rlsK-^ejfi and flc
dispotlsmo dl accusa-■»--'■■-' •"
qualche crijnlne o quln
ufflclali della V. Jl, W. of
!*-.■,-.   ...     ..,,„»    mu    woraers   wero
katorl d, questi e^%Z^£^Jfc2i "^
"Ai priglonier. si fa patlr la fame, ou^^ ZZZ^ZZ
«oi» . permesso dl dormlre che una!ro th, Idle and „gIta,Jd   ,o£
olta ogni   cinque   gioml,   Vengono | killing each other.   The a]aughter   o
Pre.1 a, colpl dl. balonetta nel pledi,'.iiIIHoiik will mean that tiore will be
• Pres. dl mtra co. fucl.c a bruetapelo fe«r to employ and con   n enil   t,
nc L.T rllfer6   «to~«wo!,.robtomof   unemp,oyme,u    w
uc-1    8e non confeeeeranno.   Ml mer-jshov,«l on ahead,-  The money Ldl
vigio che non st siano uncora veri-ifor prosecuting the m^rZ !  11BUr
flcat   ceal d   sulcldlo   tra   i   prlglo-jlremwidou* bond issues that in   J
■tort    Quae do a 4u..tl priglenleri • H... banker, of the world In pe     I
■jato etancato.   logorato   11   cervello.l control of the products of tho work
allora     Intervlene    questo    relatoro' era. "* "^
Houghton, o 11   auo lllrgale   sostltuto!    Alrtvi-h
mllltnre, a Intlmar loro dl confessare I are belne
..-third ^loidaj
-.--■-- ~~:  m   fernie, Box 657. ~       Jl
SuMt^-ery T&lsd^' ati
p.m. ln their own  Hall,
toria Avenue.
C. C., T, Ratcllffe.
K. ofS,'D.'J.'Blacrf
; ,     M. of l<;,i Ja& .Madlsf
at 8 p. »i,ln,R. of p, rHI
•hlibit{*tck,y. h: ^ewnllli,
Meets every Wedn
evening at 8 o'clock in
Xoble Grand, J. T. Puck|
Secretary, J. B. Molkle
ond   and
^!HW1M»!H« wA-wHrn^S^
|he taspayer had 'h-iartl-'tlife .cry- of
war-s3ir so many times-Uiat lie<.j„
beginning to doubt the probability I |       lAdy   Terrace i-^>dge.
-nt of revolt, not ele-HWtolftffllM^^r™^Ual
king class, but among the commer-
Inrn,.'.!.:   ..I!.      ,.'.      .,/ .   M I.        '
J).     111.
■UtS..J. IIROOKS. w.
'M'^'rthffi Sebfe'ttfrs-.
iylt.,1,, i.""'4 ,'•::.'.•■
^rl^frd Friday evening; of   ffi
.'i.^bhtS'ftt^i'if'VlHting b l|i
^n ren ooriliall^iiarttiea.-'      r
J. SKIUIXG, Rec.1 4i
is thi^^ifgallst laoy^iufiiii 'tlfat is
ling the jingo crowd desperate.  ',
Inut «-o»   .(t j5 tbe only peace lgftjjj
urope. |
tte poilti/,i;ins,'ii'nd>er:ihevdif-;ctfon !
te great-banking and'indtistriai'in '
i 'd
An ideal week end reiort, with best Ash-
inz and hunting ln the district Pirst
class accommodation, The only hotel
In the district.
List of Locals District |J8
;.*nv» f.'t9.r*ttnnsdtMm
7\_ »   •-'   •*"-'*.i*-<li, ittarn   «...
ft. WhM'^'r, KnMfnfl,, A3!.s.
qualche crimlne e dl accusa re d'latlga
alone a dellnqucre git ufflclali dell'
unione. Caplreto bene die sotto tall
mlnacce qualunque mlnatore e portato
a rlspondere affermativamente
ogni domanda. Se a Louis Zanoanelll
fosse stato chieito: "Hal tu crocl-
flaso Gesu Crlsto e McGary e Carter
tt hanno promesso etuquecento dollar
I?" Egll avrebbe rla]iosto di si ecoal
avrebbe dotruto faro qualunque altra
"■5?iitic,anvvlH t.uu uwcUc H-hIcIi-mi' a
non rlcevette danarn da McGary, da
Carter o da qiialunque altni penona
col mandato ill uertdere Belcher, Louta
King, uno telop-erante nero che e cui-
tode'nella locale d! Trinidad, venne
Ancera la Torture
Trinidad, Colorado.
Alia vlgllla dl un lecondo sciopero,
lo »*lo|M>ro del crumirl (n tutti! eampi
earbonlferl delle contee Us Anlnfss e
Huerfano, 11 Vice Prealde-ttte Interna-
alouale Frank J. Hayes dei Minatori
rmti d'Am#riM arrive mi ll 34 liudto
alto scopo dl ttahtlire perihanente-
mente II auo quartler generale sulla
llnea del fuoco.
ComlUti dl crumirl hanno aetreta-
mtnte avrleinato   degli ufflclali dell'.      —•> •i«»«»» hhi»w.   ner«w»»» i
■fflfae, *immte 4m mime eetU*\teUe earehhe aeeadow, Jlie, 11 growflet for h#r trad*
m ill lor. s rf dollars in gold
»liili|)."! to V'lircijic from
America. Already w|u»,',t lias a<!-
Vance Kt c»;;s* a busht-l. Already
Americans arc looking beyond the
mutilated bodies and the ruined famed j illes to the possibility of European war
reviving Mmfnciis,
We cfll this civilization. We pretend thnt we ar*» Christian anil moral.
The fact ia. barbarism waa never so
eareleea of the lives of the worthy.
We boast of our practical Method*.
Vothlng more clearly shows the utter
liicoinimtency of capitalism. And In
the ruin It lias brought on tlu* world,
It i» utter!) witbout any plan for tbe
future, wholly without
•permitting 'iiot--lieatteil',tniJ.itarlKts,
ay the game of war:   Fllrst,' prove '
e common people that their pre- i
ions  of war  w&e < JusfiT'Ml ;*3 ,iitf<rj!
•t|ud, submerge, if possible, the anti-!
wafjseiitlmoni fostered by the Socialist Ij'arty In a great wave of patriot-
ij^e political miracle that will pr^-
vei^| a gonerhl Kurdppan war' will b^
general uprising on the part of the;
proj^tariat against  war, under    the
direction of the Socialist Party.
It ils a stubbon fight the Socialists
are.i paging. In addition to the cry of
patriotism, which < (hit statesmen are
railing, the politicians are assuring
the people that war will make busmen*
Rood. Property will be destroyed,
which will have to be replaced. This
wtll make work plentiful
Gun factorIe» and ammunition mills
will be worked overtime,   .More work?
Food and supplies will be needed
for the armies.   ..More* work! I
Thousands will be killed and wound-j
td—'iiii* iiiii Imkumii tin* keen compe-;
; Itluu fiir jubn.
TlMiiJ reasons tho capitalist politician und the capitalist newapaper. An-S
it Is surprising how thl« kind of talk
sweti»» j»eople off their feet
ll l* thin sort of false reasoning
which the Socialist Purti™ of Ktirope
niiml •'meet—and combat.
Wera ha»e been prev-enteil liefore
by the organlned Boclallst inovproent.
but tbeae war* did not thr<*at-fn to In-
voire «tic»i t'iff.'" I'vivi. •■- , tl.t
pendlJiK conflict. Nor was the Industrial iltuatlon m l*'nn«> '.'■* :,» »h<» pw»»
ent moment.
Walr alone can pt'rpt-tu.i(* Kurojiean
Crow's Nest BusiJtPs
liS    And "Academy of Langaug£$|
J. W. Bennett, f»i;inclpal
■ . ..     , . > ,     * i • /.
Placcae 't
during; dafcir evftiing
Writs F«r Proipf etui
S"\  Ti J-Pbnwpr Palconer Block!
FERNIE      :-: !
Now is
TIlBfifflBtO      ;'•!'
Boy Utensils for ;
Preserving your Fruit
care for hu ,    „«, „,wv ,»n peril
nKinlty.  All It auks Is profit for if«#lf<.Mtiital!iim fer anoiii.r v;.!ifrs'.!oD.
     ...with malign mdlffewmit to the wM*\   Only a p«IUlr#l iuImcI-can prevent
Invltato   a eonfesnare   d'aver   presojfare of thone It openly piirpom-i   to * that. Mr. «
pkne  a qualche "adunan»a « segreta."! exploit, ' ]   Tlwtt mlrafle can be perfermed a»ly
Rgil nego.   Allora   lloubton   gli dlsae j    We are not through with the shame-1 throe|h   the   International   SoHaJHt
che non at trattara   <|J \ nnf\ prkm \ leashea*. of big hualneas In Mexli-o: ; j«m40j«?at,
parte, nia »! tratiava dl "ronfesiare,"' we itri' nol through our horror nf Co!-!
Bglf ttflnto aucari  e  pwh «-»»1 loiofado and dlafi^t «lt| the^ft* H«v««
d^lenflpro *oHO !»Tar*-^"a?'-:u«a*.!'..»Vt.r,Iftt:tiii-i).«t<»i.<\., ?»«-fore the   bruu* tliiit:
ueclso ll bambino d'uno scab a f^aat-yjbeji;'|ti-» world in ita gr|p, ra^nijy pro--1
Inaa.   dn \'u<rMom <lt #iii«.»t** bhan-*$**s t* h^r! *.'..r nx.he'tnte tke #n.rj*|
blno # un'sllra lnipo»tiir» * Klnj? non 'of   war.     R-ccauie   Qerroani    »hiiu
•! troiMvii ueiniiifiio   cola quando llf trade.   Ilecaiii** Ituaila wants an out-
 „ ,IM for her trade,   fteenuie the bank-    '"'"It' m*r %": hnt ,f •'m *'Uh
(Jr*<*o, »t« mor#ndo lentsmente, Kttrer* want ta Icinl tl.* -money thai
THE SfCftCT or success
Hl4frt tell »#," be aald
ik       T|f,,
('all in and lm»k
ovor our stock, wo
are sure to lmvo
something to
please yon. Both
in priee ( .quill ity
protimiU," 1 i».j,H
,   J-MlTlHTH-mV   AJ1.B, .. ....
. . |Nwv«r Aeek*.... t.... .J. Loggers^ Weaver Creek, tie rilrher, JUL
UelraMr» W, a Chr-Utophere, imtmoto, AtST    '"'''"
■r-Smtmbki.,. tvim.... r^9,4T,,Q.Httttee, Peetberg, Ake,      J]
Ontbondnle... I   vi»,.t,*..^  r?.-V;.;,,-;.,;t ^^u-'il
Oeraere >itci«#i WiurMA, Caanwra, AMa.
■Cdieknnn7.7..s..:!.A.A^7JbSmM. drtenes. Alti.'
Oaf*te.;........,..,.r. Oe«i WMaKCetbtn, B. C . „ ,
-CMaert Mleee lea, Hotm Chinook, via DUowiod ftty, Aite,
fwale .Ttos. Uptitn, Fetvle, B. C. ii       * x
frank Evaa Metwa task, Alu.
 .  . .       pmem
mane,    ehiadendo    uuale    spjwatlo
potrehbero eapetteml   nel* ease   ei,
verilkao^g ^e^y>|4me^e.i
fn tmamwetdem* «»« noma** «*»-' tt*•■,  T ..... ...,...,.-»^,, *.,, ,„# mnttmainw «•,-* ttmmtm ratnei, *•**<"%f* **"■* *»« *r* at tm tq/r./ASmtlJ
gvrahbe deetee dt dlrlew lo •^^Wn' two    at a   **oib nr****     !»r,ii^i!t,i   •.. rv  n.,*,..      ,'/*.*.,„...„.   w«»-»,u*ifi» ,' ' ■' {-t ••" ■'*•*■ v*****'-** ^*mpi
bt,ttmm%'\t^y^A    - jvnole foatrfnrifllo  a C^feViaf*^ ''i'WjwonanJii* nil teUdei h marriage—,   **'Tf*'******" m4 i ****** U*ek '*
Hetloee dslls Convenilone drlla W.jle fewata fal*|| ronfeeilbne   dl «*n-i•!« bnt* or*o**taM *m4 w%h*! thej*** If*'**'** **»*■• * **eto,m. n«\
iK.of M.Hayeaperween tela garan.|«enelU *• rer».tj«lie  ha   meaee ellejneepl* fhroegheet renttirien, and tie-|j'« W* ,hi» a #fat» of mied.  Tt*
r*|e dellg fusions dslla doe ;or»anliaa-jf««« una spla.'kia egUjgen ha an«or»]ret»t»ry. owlullete  ail    ri-iaii-d  t**-.!*<*»&• tof-tot t"m the Uiin vr->..
"XZ77" 7.       7"-"»"»"'   r.fu^r-f want XQ ictul th, money that   ha.; 'WW* >our    »hji*aii»,*i
iliSS ..   I!T  "^^N fwrdlaaotfurniiiiw^d .ig tl.Hr \mlUiiLUfflumi*»''m<'r* • "'»-' »■* )'•'•• io
^S!?15^*   *1fW    ""'f11™ 1^,^****^**1™**^ At    |.rr«H
ttm     .f 7 JoM "nrtnn " ^t^ "C,* '* 'T* *»*4*M-te <*"' «*^» •»'«•» . *""" V* **« *»* *>* *l '*•
»«_,.  „«-.^  -.mtk. ' -i.--M i*i7f'7   ''7.1        '   " u       * ' '■-■-".-' -.--     tttuniiitieiy , ' ' ' ' %"t    "'■ *"''•  r">*>>rv-: i* l..
vnole roarrtneMe  « fdnftVeeW '\*bn mona*hi- nil r*l*t«d b,   marriaaa-     "ri**mt»." aad 1' jeaa*
Irtonf. fn>irt«m# Iwwm niaxt .tr,-..
ai * ffitttt.
 —J*«- ttetme, Hlltenm, Ake.
 I* Meow*. I7*t HiTtti Aemne V td
ttt UKftftrM*Ctfiterfe*...^bk*mt*m.t3ojEmAml
, t.r.,.i,,.
oavarnh cAMwm tvtmt
•Itll IJOO!
««nnnt rwaeh the -"'   *
„ - .,.-..,....«   ».   mwamt» ■naip<ro|ne tnronanont renttirlen, and he»|"* W** *mw * *****
una apls.lfca ntyjpem aporglredltary, wJtaJIsta  aji.. n-Uied b4wnr •*' i]'rU'*A ,nm
■*f,r' " ** ""        A !*,m.V*+mK. *«m* IWttWrtm^- !**€-» OUI ;»t-'»*^*|« ***** **W**I*».
tURTOl^|lKO MI»tlltlCOIUMA.jfe|!miU'inW AtHt In hell mm n«vtr?*M5* *"" *""
! *      mere fhamtfully erlmlnai   Th» w#ak-!»,,w*
est Mbtefte   te the msdhwoiw   wtt l!ma
ttlnuen, with
_ -.*,---  --• i »■■., *m*****m^^^
"^emmts-f*TTs .tjt.t. ... T. o. llentNk -Peeeewg; Alte,
vnem9,.9.99..9,.,.9 99. a. nmeteee, iwhei*, jinii.
OeeepeftBwe, Ouneete...Mex Ifectar. tteetillttime.
After you h
end* make Iila
get wo better
>our brother Ig iter
• i    , "«•,-«•«»   ,-mvwKttw     in   llf
fife a kWow, you vill j „#,w lm «>glpttfllt
-bHtef nor no  richer j   it nnmn atraeg* that !nt*ln»*nt and '»<
i m±**<,i iwBr^taanta
•*«i wiiat l *<**
}i took toromnmemimn ».
■I   .
il*- turn* and ett«ftde4 hi* tt,§
wsr at an
i of tbe
tpet heedl
adlnnH ^»r!v»f<« *t at-ifn
'aft 'Yn'YaA t#»sr«-.it
tlef-V MlWW*ln#'»krr
it yeeire ^ hoth
item tbat, of tmm. mN and M.».ln|i oa m bom.   t -
i TWijyfltr>W> «*««»* tmte*t A wan mho «» M«UiM|, 1
HA apWte, t eee « tratx   awt'tnmm. n Mk wUkn aloH 1
a fntttr* kefnm m,*    VC\* ■-• . . iii
!.f '/,tfl»|
, -btxm'UorM7l«Ti
tfmile» oJLajtJB*
tmt-1 ftrtirr i«» ijuk. to Mi Outer*
m kU th* e-mmyo to mdtr*
a h»rrltt»r.   Vmimmmett,-~.S,t \
leu  in, «'i^WJ#v, 4,!,
It ta en%y eeeggh te   4npa
•Jk*wkp dwejjf,.^|d^i|
CtptS •■Sfi ". 3
Great Pay
-■rf*/.*+A-.i. y
Unexcelled Value
Given in Dry Goods
For Pay Day
The following items represent unusual values and
should Vie taken advantage of by every woman.
We urge early selection.
Shown in colors of tan, black and white; sizes 5%
to 7. A glove that will give splendid wearing satisfaction.   Extra, per pair 75c
Summer weight, no sleeves; a good vest for so
little money.   Special, each  ,, 15c
Heavy ribbed cotton vests and drawers, in an
extra good quality for good wear. Special, per
garment 25c
PAIR FOR $1.00
Shown in sizes 8Vi> to 10 in black and tan. We
emphasize this as a particularly strong value.
Special, three pair for $1.00
About fifteen hats left in the lot; every one a
$10.00, $12.00 or $15.00 hat.  All one prioe... .$1.95
White duck, pique and ratine wash skirts; good
selection left ut a discount of 25 per cent from the
regular price.
The prices quoted are in every instance exceptionally low.and represent great viiTues.-" ""    "
Seldom if ever hns such a value been offered to
the people of Fernie. Everything left in stock in
colored and white wash dresses at cost prices,
Light and dark colors, high and low waist line;
made of a good quality of percale and gingham,
Each 75o
flood soft quality, free from filling and dressing;
good range of patterns lu choose from.   Special,
S yards for $1.00
Kxtf* food mtxtf* in rotiw*, «tne|c«, ete., white
and -colom. Heat *.ty\tm end popular price*. ST» per
**nt ttmtnmt.
YY^ZtZA e^ ty^et w*- j»jrw yatm
The beet end* nt b1|.w<k»I flannel on the market
today, thoroughly sponged tnd shrank, unahrink-
able.   Per yard  , , 78c
Extra Specials Saturday and Monday
$10.00 and $15.00
1, Will be better this Saturday than ever before, the
variety of patterns and styles will be much larger,
the values shown will be snapped up quickly.
These suits will be selected from the best makes-
Twentieth Century, Wm. Leishman, Coppley, Noyes
and Randall, and Kellerts. We guarantee our
clothing to be shape retaining and fast color. The
styles we show are up to the minute. If you need
a suit don't neglect this opportunity to buy at payday prices.
This lot is selected from our best imported tweeds
and worsteds in the new models. Every garment is
hand tailored, the linings and interliniugs are the
best; every suit carries our guarantee of satisfaction. AU Sizes, 34 to 40. Saturday and Monday
only $15.00
See Our
$10 Suits $10
This lot comprise* tweeds and worsteds, in greys,
browns, blues and-mixtures. All sizes in stock, '&■%
to JO.   Special Saturday and Monday $10
Tin* latest, novelties in men's 'headgear are now
open fnr your inspection. See these on display 5h
our Clothing Depart ment.
Made in si rung quality pen-iilo; has blouse and
luiiHterx, made in liest styles; each. $1.15
Tlit' biihuiiH.1 of on j*' i'lj*i!diYu\ summer sweat ora.
in navy and cardinal, will be cleared Saturday
morning at 20 centl. Only u miv few left, so come
We wish to notify everyone who intends ordering
made-to-measure Suits or Overcoats for fall, that we
have the new fall samples now in stock. Early selection
is necessary to ensure good choice, as best patterns go
first* We represent the best tailors in Canada, Twen*
tieth Century, Wm* H* Letshman, Coppley, Noyes and
Randall, and The Hamilton Tailors, Limited* We
guarantee perfect fit*
HX YARDi POR Sft curat
Made on exedlent quality of mualin; food pat*
tenia am! good width*   special, 6 yard* for... .We
Done on a na in took, fine, tbttr quality, edging!
•nd inwertiona, ail widths.   Extra. I yarda for. .Mc
Men's Working
Boots S3.00
Man'a pit boot*, with nailed eolceL good, aoWd
leather, with ontaide counter, made on wide fitting
laat*.   -HfMscial pay-day priee, per pair  MM
Men's high ent nailed boota. In black ami tan,
with S ineh topa, guaranteed solid leather. Hpeeial
payday price, par pair.,,,,,,,»,.......... .$1.00
Grocery Specials
For Saturday
Lima Beans, 3 lbs $ .25
Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Blue, 2 for v     .25 -
Combination Shoe Polish, black and tan 15
Two-iii-One Shoe Polish, 3 for 25
Scrub Brushes, 2 for ,  .25
Shredded Wheat Biscuits, per pkg 10
Mixed Candy, 2 lb. for 25
Robertson's Cream Chocolates, per lb 35
Robertson's Toffey Kisses, per lb 15
Laurentia Milk, 20 oz. size, 3 for 25.
Lowney's Cocoa, y2 lb. tin 29
Evaporated Peaches, per lb 10
Silver Prunes, per lb 15
Little Herring, 1 lb. tins, 2 for 25
Tuxedo Jelly Powder, 4 pa ',    .25
Silver Leaf Lard, 5 lb. pail " 75
Chiver's Marmalade, 4 Ib. tins 65
Gem Jar Pickles, each.    .35
Black Knight Stove Polish, 3 tins     .25
Castoria, per bottle  •$ .25
Seidlitz Powders, per "pa 15
Beeeham Pills, per pa     .20
Beef Iron and Wine, 16 oz '. 50
Allenbury's Infant Food, No. l,.large 85
Allenbury's Infant Pood, No. 2, large 86
■Allenbury's Infant Food. No. 1     .45
Horlick's Malted Milk, large size 85
Hardware Specials
Regular $1.00, for 85c
Regular $1.25, for $1.00
Regular $1.50, for $1.25
Regular 40c, for 30c
Regular 60c, for 50c
Regular $1.40, for $1.10
Regular $1.75. for $1.40
Regular 00c, for 75c
Regular $1.25, for $1.00
Regular $3.50, for $3.00
Regular $2,00, for $1.00
Ladies9 & Children's
Special line of ladiea' Oxford* at $1.05 per pair.
Odd lines in black, patent and tan ealf leather*,
made on good, cany-fitting lasts; plain pttrnpa,
ankle strap or Ince. Regular values to $;i.oO. 8po-
eial pay-day priee, per pair $l.fcl
Any pair of ladiea* white eanvai Oxfonb, for
Sal unlay and Monday only, at, per pair.... .$1.45
Plain puntpa, ankle strap or ties. RegulaMralaea
to $2.00. Payday priee, per pair. .$1.45,
Ankle atnip alippera for the children, in patent
and chocolate leathera, made on wide foot-form
lasts, good quality s ai*«i 4 to 10"... Regular values
to $3.35.  Hpeelal pay-day priee. per pair,., .fl.ll
Bargains in Boys'
and Youths' Boots
Odd lines and aim In boya* every day llmi,
flnod i-mWuMf adwwm thnt will tltnrtA rtmok
w«arf aiaea 1! to 13, and 3a, 4a and Sa in toys'.
Regvlar values to $3.00.   Special pay-day priee.
m dt^M  am^we
TnBt   PW»     ****** •••**• ?*»«w«*t****w#»ft#iwt «^pj|a W w
Money Sav*
tag Prices
-"WML^^h mm__9jj__j__m__t _*__&
t*,sfr.- \pz.


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