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The District Ledger 1913-02-24

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BM^y-t^-Xx-AXtik-yX'f-'-. X*-  'xy-yXx^yxA,'^ ^iA-^^AAA 'A A    ".•<"*,""" ^W,'''     --*--';< ;:fe^^-/(':~5AnT-tr^^J^g^^..; ^ jA-MTy^^A
M*" ,v "lr-,   'i; V ;     • t      - -    - - " .<'i  '4 '■ V /*"•'   "";v ;-. •'*   .      A '" ;:'."• ;\?-,>- r,'"^£&^ '*?, ■ • -^^l^    •' • ,s,%:;-^^;-
h   ■>■'■-:   7.     . -x     *     -■.....'*•••     fi '. ■        \/.. w-T.>..-;:l7syA-' -" -  -■^•#l^.^   ^•.'^'"vV-'^t-
ri >PAGETY70 '...   ;       * ::■    '.        '      .'- . '        . .'v.'.THEDismiCT, LEDGER.* MlWTTP.    fc; n ^lrinroiT.
1r '
ItiborJMeri Discuss
•\. .J, *■    ■; >.-
f--f     ''.Cr   ,!--*i   .*■ 9*r,\
2)n Sunday SirighAddresses Them
m Tororito—0<p4>ositionDe-
T    u    i1   '   '       ** •    4
{    a   vetoes at Meeting ^^^^^ :^--\
Il      »'
*     Pr. Sundar J3ingh, the Sikh represeh-
"tatlve,-> delivered -,arf address before-a
representative' ^gathering  of, Toronto'
, labor men in the Temple Building on
the ^question  of allowing  the   Sikhs
\at present In Canada to bring in their
.wives.   J. W. Bruce "introduced him,
assuring him he could have as long
as he needed to state liis case, and- a
1 courteous hearing.     ,   .
Dr. Singh reviewed the-maner to,
which the Sikhs at present in British
Cohnnbia^came there. They had been
there six years, they had money when
they landed, and they were allowed in
- legally.;   '" •    '
"T,hes$ people," he said, "come over
here and actually try.to'cheapen'tho
cost of living.   They are farmers, and
"also work in the forest' They do the
. work'that you and I would not do,,' -
"Our interests are your interests.
we should co-operate for economic'reasons. The workingmen are exploited
in India just as much as you ark here.
This-country is a big one; These men
were allowed here and - * they * have
bought' land." ( I ask you to give'the
other, fellow1 a chance.1, _   "'   \>   '•
."The Doukobor, and every.other, can
« bring their, wives ■ in.''   .Why' should
there be/a. difference'shown toward
the  Sikh"?"1" ' '    f  "- '77,   ,.,-*, /. J"
t     * , • Mr. Simpson,Replies
"You have emphasized the fact that
tfyclmen you represent* are not entering into,.industry," >jflid Mr.-, James
Simpson in erply. "Now, Mr. Hutch-
eson-points o'ut-"throughvt;hetpress that
"many are engaged in the lumber in-
- dustry,-.and' \heri J .went through the
, lumber mills out there very little white
labor was'employed.   '    .    '<<," >■■"•
"  "Tbe Orientals stand as a great bar-
- rier.'to ay&tan'dard'of living.such^ as is
desired'in Canada, .• We not only have
to fight'those who exploit'labor, but
. - , j ■, i ~i
good.'tu'm^noe/^and I'd'Hke^fdjpui: a
little;, business S.{_ this • way-jilt's '".a,
Ral&Bof|itf;fix -the pripe*^feltiuyer:
Yotfd^m^'talk it over^ithf htm.
He expkecfs*'lii's commisslon;;y'ouj.kn6w
and :th?~atiem !-'■ labow.f jis-ii^wortliy'
of his'SMre^V-"'?'! X^y^y^-'x
■ ^v.l-i^lii"..name , your;ynri"ce;.t;t'il
make frightI'.Vifii 'the^agentrVit^i
those who would by immigration lower
the standard,ot living. ', -■ \
; "In my opinion' the Englisb^capltal-
ist who has exploited the Hindoos in
India by' filling- his granaries with
grain while tho Hindoos starved 'would'
be'pleased to see Hindoos coming to
Canada, to save himself from the1 con-
demnation that ♦. is', being heaped on,
him, and-will be, as the truth is learned. , It. is lhat element that will en-
cburag'e'you to bring in Hindoos into
Canada,       ■   ,   ,
"There1 Is not a-single man who is
supporting you today, i who has said
you should "'demand tlie- same wages
for work as'tlie white worker." - ' ,-'''
' Dr. Singh:'" "I1 tell you our intere'sts
and yours aro identical. Ther* are
exploiters" in India. •' ■ Why not give us
a'chance?'""The Sikhs will follow the
farming trade In Britifeh Columbia, and
helpHo'cheapeii' the cost of living."; ■'
; "The'point is." said J. "W/Bruce,
'/that if the wives" of'the Sikhs resident 'in. Brltisli Columbia are • brought
in, the children will be.domiciled'Cana-
'dlans, and cannot be removed. • It is
that which tested the'constitutionality
of the Natal Act.' ' The most inhuman
thing-that can be done in fa country
is'segregation ^of any particular' portion. There is a racial distinction? a
difference of social life and different,
ideals; To allow them-in means"a'
lowering of 'the standard of living.
Plainly it-means,cheap labor. ■       •;;*  "
"Lift the harrier as you suggest,
and it means that'you cannot keep the
Hindoo race out. They are as'much;
entitled to-admission as the-Sikhs,'atl-'
though I admit the Sikh is superior to
the general Hindu. I am emphatically opposed, because I believe that-fpr
the Hindu aa well as 'the white-race
absolute exclusion is in the interests
of both."   X  ' ,   - ,' V '7y,; -. .-„;
WORD-«QBEY'< MAY BE      } ;       '
7 '-' V";''.    CUT OUT OF SERVICE
Church,of jEhglamf MayiMake Drastic
■   «'.,..;"» .Changes In porms    >     A
* ' LONDON,5 Feb.'IS.'—As' a„ resu\t*\-of
the" recent . suffragette wedding " at
which the bride refused to promise to
obey her'.hiisband,,there is .a prospect
that the word "obey" will be struck
out from the Church of.England marriage service. *'   .^        '
"' The matter came 'up at a meeting of
thc lower house, of convocationlof th<j
province of. Canterbury and a resolu-'
lion'waa adopted recommending Unit
tlio ■'sculptural  form ,of tho ltist ex
Iiortatloji, Jn 'the marringe ceromony ho
revlsod^.tiTlio-Dean, of Canterbury.objected 'strohgly"to 'altering "an exhortation, wljicl^cp'jitnli']'^ passages from- St
ijclfti',," a;j(j|1^t)„1PmiJ s oii, tho grounds
lhnt-'tlios»/apostles wore wrong."
Intdptcd'qn.ilip,recommendation a'nil It
wan adopted!:with n ,slight modified-,
tloli!" -" Tlio holifio also nfereed to revise
t,h<t followlWg cpllect' ln 'tho' marriage
Boi'vlco, n'slflng for, children for tho
couple. '   Por  this > collect tho  com
mittee'proposes to substitute' the'following .words: .-, ' ' A~." ' ,'_ '"-,/',
.' "Bestow, we < beseech-Thee, -.upou
these two - persons.- t^ie' heritage '"arid
gift-.of children." - XA-S \
': .lri" the consideration bf> unionism-tlie
tendency of its well-wishers'pfi'ould-be
to-point'out-i^s common errors .'and
misconceptions'* and to bring-forward
principles:for its guidance, to .throw'
as much; light on its"actlons*and'the
ideas/ right or wrong, which' should
or may-be''the Ijasla/of its action.'
While one'^ would like,,to! get down to
a' discussion of .practical unionism,-it
is very difficult, to do so until the
great fundamental errors'in the cred-
ennce of Its members have 'been made
plain. - ," " '.* //- - > ■,-'. >"
: Upon-the, success of the'union in accomplishing 'its real object'-'depends
the; value.of its success' to. its* members. 'And the measure .of this success
depends.upon the intelligence used in
the' attempt.,.,.,. , A'..'X..7A ' -.'
Union (men, are as much men and
members'of'the'working'clasB" as if
they did not belong the union!. - What
men as-a,whole are striving"fdr is'the"
real'object bf the union,"whethe'rthey
are aware'of that fact or not."-:Men's
endeavors,consist'' in - getting those
things, useful or necessary to'ftjiem,
wliich',\yei |) hot provided' for'^hem by
nature.;'.' Their-- efluipment {towarhs
these'1 things'' from 'nature were1 .mind*
and "muscle.' • It is a well-known fact,
thaj; ingenuity saves labor." (6n the
other;hahd, ''to- what/extent nle'tf neg-*'
leet the iise'"of .tiie mind they can audi
will,make .up ,for it; by.excessive use
of'^th<s, muscles; ■ '..The great'et-ror of'
humanity.from the^ beginning'was tlie
undervaluation of their mental equipment*. ;J? A's- a 'result the attainment, of,
the1 necessaries and comforts of» life
hayecoine to be accompanied by hard
labor".',.' *   ., .' '      '        -" ,
\Th'0 object then of human endeavors
is^the getting'of'ihose things, and the
escaping, as much as may be, the drudgery, of production.- This is the:object, of" the, reason for the union.;.,' '
^•iThaf'is'not to" say' that'Hs members
are" fully, aii'ye to, the fact. A It* is a
peculiar^ thing in connection-with humanity;-that'to what ex'tent it loses
sight obit's rear aim.-it takes'up other"
notions "that  are   detrimental   to-It.
GROWING* SUBS^flt,UTibN'^ ?f ^. •'"
,^ ~    ':*■■? ?0KtOlL-cnB mai
''VVLiii' •*">•;
For just about;|a.y^ar.nhe",oirttrade^
has' beeu dfVelo'ping^.under^thisi-new
conviction*' df'*.a^u^
which'has especiaHy'affectVa,the~*cot£
sumer. . -The nendenpy^~to/subsvltute
oil for coal in^manyjndusjrrares'lab-
lishmerits is. growing,"ripfdlj\:{'It1,is
further enc^urag^by-theip^ssiWUtlea
of - still gr«a^;econ6mies>^iljurnlng
oil iu intertill^ cbipbusjtlon-eijglues," Its'
„J.ro^to™0"lA«i''lA^^ij*-^i.'-i.^'_b_.     '
British Coal Workers Appeal .'for!Pre-
**_ 01, i *    > '.
,yentibn; of Export / In •• Case -of '
"^       ',   / Strike'    ,''' 'A'
LONDON,   Feb.    35.—The   British
i       , * i
Miners' Federation has decided to appeal to jthe minors of,Europe to boycott all efforts to "export coal to the
United '.Kingdom In the event of'a
coiil strike being declared by the fed-
oration. - No douDt ' a similar re-'
quest will bo mado t otho American
minors and an international strike
may bo Inaugurated.
clasp"payerska'nd the rents aretfine.
JsyAWpat^w® fbtiini rk'amount
tot'N 'v r.i.""*4%t.- ' -    .; "i'\;V!*,
. -T   ,.  / -»'.\,v,;t\r*v I'..,t,.-., ;i=*i.   .'/
U. ^'i'i^haven't'the figures' handy;'
buti'lt must)total "at'-leastV^OOO/a
year-altogettiefM -■" ' • \\ ,A .,*> »!." (s-»
'■' S.V,' Isn't" J125.00' !>ather,,stiff' Jor
such a ^small;Ndivid6nd?N' Consider the
risk!',;. Vi * 7hy.t\.r Ax ■'".
k'":U. F.tr'NorsirV^XI-cleared ?8,110
last yean ' £he'tenants;are'all Bt^adj?;
conservative'; working ^ people;1*'Vhp
don't, fool- with1,, strikes,!; and-lock—
ahem I—strlkesr'and. all • thl8=,'Sdci'aiist
foolishness,,'. I'd b<j*wllling"to GTJAR-'
antee i8",oqO at ae^^Thcr'aiVall'
good payers.' - -V•;"!■•! *,''"'-.*it~U' : • ■
S.: JVell, shall^.we say $100,000 ?;-1
suppose you'd 'be prepared to,.certify
to at least'$8,0,00, annual-'rentfoll.V'a'
' ,U. F.: 'I'll.S^VEAR that W year's'
rent-roll, came to $8,110,. and'IT1 not
take a CENT.less than $10,000!,''''",'",
Stranger:' Thank you! I'canjswear
fyou myself, -is\I*'am a' commissioner
to^administej»,oaths".,'i,\JAlso I'm the In-;
come Tax Co'mmis's'iorier. You. returned'' your'\incotoe- from'.the' Explqlilai
property last'.year'at $4,900;,, I'll-make
the necessary correction' and s'end^you
the statemen|'vof account' Good inorn-
'/iigt       «-"■- iW':"1'
. Tho mnchlno rpp'resents .the soclnllz-,
Ing of labors power. • This throbbing,
continuously pulsing thing ls not only,
a continuous motqr, but it is a re:
sorvolr of social value and storage of
energy for moro .social vnluc.' At^tlio
machine,' If lie ■ rightly understands,''
overy man ls baptized'Into Soclnlism,
Unite Industrially ;
and Politically
Tho strike now In progroBB In Law-
ronec, Miihh,, Ih but nnotlicr chuptor
In tho procoHH of civilization Wc nuiht
bo thankful for the fact that Iho howb
of the actual hnppoiiliiKB got boforo
Iho peoplo mid that through that tho
wont mnHH of pooplo who know nothing of orgnnlzod labor tiro lonrnltm
thut thoro nro two Rldon to ovory In-
diiHtrlnl dlsputo. Tliolr cool jud«-
mont will nld uh In nocurlnK IokIhIiiMoii
tlmt will stop tlio hrutnl nctH or hired
recruited Into tha mllltln for tho pur-
poKo of hchiK iihck] nguli'iHt HtriHcrH,
Wo romornbfsr tho timo of tho A. II, II.
Htr I ko (ho dlffw-ut roKliminlH of tlio
Btnto mllltln of Illinois woro room I tod
In two weeks to their full number,
nml that It wns tho new recruits nnd
not tho regular monitors who wpn> w>nt
to tlio front to »hoot down Innocent
men nnd women on the HtreotH n» thoy
nro now . doing in Lnwronco. Tlio
butchery In tho nam© ot law uliould
l>o stopped.    It Hhould bo so that nol.
tho brutality that Ib usually porpotrnt-
«d in ovory conflict .between motors
and BlavoB, Tho crlmos that havo
boon 'committed In tho namo of laV at
Lnwronco, mubb., have nroupod lilfl In-
dlgiiatlon ,.*4Uiil In IiIh Journal ho him
filed his proUmt agnlnHt tho outr'agoB
that havo boon Inflicted on mon nnd
womon, struggling for conditions that'
will mnko It pnssllilo for thorn to live.
TIiIb editor dooH.not Koom to ronllxo
Unit nlmoBt ovory law tliat grnc^ts tlio
Blaluto booltR 1ms boon enacted In
tho IntoroHi of n clnsB of, prlvllogo.
Tho Bi'ont iniiHB of tho people hnvo
boon blind In tho foot that n olnss
hU'ukkIo Ib nigliiK tliroiiKhoiit ovory
nation on onitli, nnd that tho compnrn--
livoly fow who nro clothed with economic power hnvo boon Ohio to ontict
legislation Hint holdH tho mnny In sub.
Jugallon. ,. ;,
Tho vast majority of tho people labor under tho ikdiiHlon thnt becnuso
tliey am equipped wilh biillota and
havo boon jiormltted   to   cnHt   thoir
(her tlio ntnto mtlttlii nor the regulnr^voLPs for cnndldntog   for   legislative
ami) toufii Ihi t'tUfcii uiio uctivu u«u
only In tho une ot rioting of euch a
n&lure that the regular ptarts offkfr*
(innnot bundle it, nnd If It Is loft o
ou'utilia'd labor to koIvo tho problem
there wid no no iiniing OtiiitiK me
strike periods, Hired ngllntors are
p!n«('d In the ranks who commit the
ovffrt acts for which the men who wont
on strlko are hold responsible, Tlio
private detectives ndvlso the breaking
offnw«; th*t> prlvqfo iM'vflt'*! titvlne*,
by Inflammatory talk, disregard of
tJioycitj and liuiiuu ulirtlitii, aud (ticn
the privs(.f detective turns state's etj-
denre sp.alnst the momtors ot t^e union who foolishly full Into Dm trap.
**or the private deteetlve must make
Kooa or )o»e hi* itfti.~-1b*iiikHKt.
The above tn rt fnfior Jo'ini-if In the
expression of na editor who condemns
600'fcft, KiiK tdb) iuiio tl voke Itt tlio
«'nadm<int o( laws which they are com-
TOsnded to w*p«t. II',U «h<* wMoillY
of tho pcopltj have been duped by tho
cunning political Ingenuity of the hire-
'llllKli O)   11 TllhWIfer Cltlhti  Hlll'l  1(|H Klfrttl
dais havo been using their political
power to clothe with authority representatives ol capitalism, who through
iho enactment of laws, have plnrel
property above the llbeHy and hnppl-
nfti of hnntiinffy."
The tnllltls waa created end has
be-n aappoftetf to mi»fn»ftln prVvlVj**
oii the ttiroiia of authority, and tf tie
laboring people yearn* to escape the
ou'ragea of which thin editor now com*
plains ther must unit* industitaHy
jtiTid j»rfitlf*l!y, *ad -ov-ftrtliTtvir » *y»-
fent thnt ff^niftrnf* nrrtiptl mltht tn ^np»
port It,—Tho Miners' Magatlne.
The. human.-head must be'filled with
ideas,' right or. wrong, or ■ it will^ collapse, i'i"'" "-,. H '        %   ' ''    'X i
ftt***   - - ' ' ',
Many'.of men^s ideas are obtained
from their'surroundings unaduUerated
with simple common sense, ajid clung
to with aJtenaci|y worthy of a* better
cause: One.of these is.that '.since a"
portion of humanity-hns settled down"
to' the part -of production, 'witli all
Its drudgeryj'and 'another portion to'
tho part o'f accumulation without it,,
that such- is'" tho natural and,proper]
conBtructlpri^'of, society.
Union meh^tft'a very largo extent-
hold in with .'this beliof, in'spite of'
fhe fact-that* tho division is against
thorn In every way. Fir'st.-.tho'inter-'
eBts of the masters, very plainly consist b in "getting as much work out of
them ao possible, and lu giving as'llttle,
ub possible for it , Second, there are
bo' many^'tlie servant porsunRlon that
they i^ro,a'drug tin tho iparkot and a
nulsnn'co.to'uoth'tbomselvos'nnd. their
mnBtera, Theconsequcnco Is thnt thoir
poBltloria as servants'nro'insecui'o; "Under Bin very-dependent porsons know
exactly on whom thoy woro dopendent-
The masters on their part, recognized
the fact-and thoir own responsibility
toward thorn. Wo, oq the contrary,'
nro dependent upon 'masters to the
oxtont that no slnvo'ovor desired to
bo, and-further upon those, we'don't
know, nnd who don't know" wo
nro dependent-upon-'them, 'or that
wo are nllvo In fact t' nnd 'as-far aB that
goes, would Just na soon wo wero dead.
This is tho wildest state of dependence
it In possible lo Imagine,
Cnn tho upholding ot It on thc part
of the union result In the accomplish.
Ing of that which we said Is their real
object? When In history did nnycon.
dlllon of dopondonco roBtilt In tho hap-'
pIiiobh of tho dependents?
The union can make somo renl pro-
grcsH whon It right about Moos wltlp
regard to Its own I'ntoronts, It cannot act right In accordance with wrong
prluclplus. Knowlodga Ib Increasing.
Many at. present bcllove that no mnn
can sorvo two mastors—tliomBolves
and those whoso intorosts nro oppos.
cd to thoir own. In order that their
position may bo secure society ns a
whole nnd Its Ideas should bo reor-
ganixed. Hut ll is not nccoimary thut
wo nlioiilil' wait milII 1 lion. Tho'
trouble so far ns wo nro concerned cnn
no nuuiiii-u wieucver mo arrive At the
iit,..l <ivli,}v» it hi, ii-Arttij it) ii, Wn
tun lurn back or go farther and faro
"ft M l1 ***_
..'•'.-•■ l    -
-'''■--■ 1. S\t"
: Uncle Fatpodket:-.,
-X • --r .■,- i.X _ ,'• ( / "XA-A  [J
^Beneat^'this,stone there..lies.'at rest
a-mah' who "'always did' his\best -..The
gpds u ordained-'. that'^.heVBhould ■; mbve_,
along a 'foyiyj? humble; groove.'-'v'^oV
him there was'no. wealth'or'famei'^he
bore -no,<proud ancestral name,.,no-
palace' doors ^for him swung widfejlbut
'in.'hi-3^hiit;ihe' lived-and- died.* .''"Hts'
years were'many' and"hls.tQil bro'ugb't
riches, from, the stubborn soj.1,. but- all
lhat-* wealth '-to.- them 'tvas' brought'
whoV^owned ""the land whereon^'he
wrough't.^He! fashioned lumber, and
tlie' boards,Wade shelter,., for "the 'Ian-;
giiid lords:- ^ He fed .the cows;- atid
herded swine-that other" me^-^might
nobly .'dine.."".' From break,of dawn .till
close, of, day-^e tolled along, his^wieary
way,-and'took his earnings In,his hand
to fatten'thbsevwho owned tlie*^land.
His feet^were'seamed with"*.'bramble;
cars>v. This"'*strip of gi-ound.is' his' reward ;- 'twas.given by'his.overlordj.lt's
six feet long-and two feet ,\ylde|Vand
here-they' brought- hlra -when'he dledV
To labor har'4'for 50 years endure the
burdens -and'fthe' tears; 'to-'have^Vn^
grateful hour's'of rest; to toll and bend'
and, do your/best to grind .and: mioll.
and delve and .save, and at", the,"last
tb get—a'grave J.^. Poor souls,'-.tliat;in
the , darkness,'.'grope' and, weaye ;,,and
spin and have no'hope."—Ex. ' -■-.': ',*;*'
,   LIVEDf'IOb.OOb VEARs'i" ,'."'''
Walter P. Harris. Tlergc^ Alia.
Stronger: Good morning, Undo
Patpockct. Mr. Hnkeoff, the real estate
ng^nt, told mo you had some property
for sale."
TT, V.: Ah! Yoii'm In Uh» mnrkef.
air, are you? -.* ..
R f W#»ll, \9* Vm InajtAfiilngi «nmt*
ol Ihe Ukrfy property urouod here,
V. V, Well, now. stranger, between
yem and me and in (strict confidence,
dont you know, you tottWa't make a
totter tavMtifflesm ih%.% to tuajr ny
♦state. Rvplnlrla. I Aon't want to
sell It, really, but nakeoft did me atS?^!Ll,f •T*^ eotiawt, eim« eotwj,
>«w nm n« »jllUUlKJtN«Mtt»|llll«l,»l««l
'•LONDON, Feb. 20.—A,human' skeleton which,sqJcntlstB now 'declarefto bb.
the oldest yet discovered, dating back
probably 100,000 years; has boon found
n'ear'lpBwlcli, England. It is. declared
to„bo much older thantho. "Galley Hill'
mon"- nnd to'rjsvenl 4j^yMnillcittlop
of being a much aupdrlof'lypoi^mon:.
tally and physically, to ei,thoV the-'.'Qnli
loy Hill man" or tlie.Neandothal variety; tho .latter of • which'' had many
simian clmraclorlstlcs.'    , ,
••'Tlie "BlTiingo fact Is' this1 mnn wlio
walked tho earth bi thousand centuries'
ngo whon tho polar regions woro In-
habltiiblo and -tlio'martinioth -was still
a modern typo. - Tho thigh bones, and''
bones ot tho forearm-tind liiirfila aro
absolutely the uanjo as In tho modern
Eiigllshmnn'. ^ "The'log bones'nro of
peculiar Jormi'dlfforipg from moderns..
This IpKWlch-111(111 was ft loot 10 ln,
In height. The > skull wnfl smrill in
proportion nnd wns flattened and"olon-,
gnted in tho ronr, but Indicated a high
order of Ititolligonco, Tlio discovery
was mado by workmen excavating In
n brick, yard. ,   • ,    «.   ..
Do'vyou wnnt to* know how ohoap
mon nro? Thon hang ont it sign "Men
wanted." on any street In any ,clty,
and,boo tho swarm of rnggod, hungry
men who will gather around It like
Jackals to a fonst, offorlng thomsolvos
to do.nnyworU. no matter how vile,
dnngorous or dlBhonost—only asking
for enough to keep tbem from starving. - Could any siayeownor have
Hoctired services so'ohoap? Could ho
havo put out sucti a sign and filled
his cotton field?- Did tho black fnnn
hnve tn hop frtr wsntera? ' No! Able-
bodied nlaveii were sought and, bought
at a prices besides tho cont ot house,
rood, clothing and care of family, Even
bnblos were estimated. at $100 each,
and cost and care o( railing, Ih it
so today with -white babies? ' Are
they cared for? Woro over alnvcn
babies murdered because mothers
could not koop thorn? Oh, wogo-eam-
crs of Amorlcn, oan you not wjo thnt'
your condition la worse than chattel-
slavery,!that there must be something
wvoftK wUh ibe sjstem that foi'cca
you to be Vrohte than slaves? Learn
♦iv«ii now that your ouly hop* b*>* lit
otganiuvtlon, agitation end )»ducatloii.
—P. I., fl^ tn tbe CUrtefl,
It has been-adOpteg'by^th©: Navy and
Its use inereasedqi^ tlie;ranroa'ds5 Oil
is "being taken .se'ijiousjy. ^ %?yA '.^.y;,
, During 'the^yea^^&tbcJc'i^h"'; general'
have declined^except^n^'CaiiforniaV8, In
the' Apalacblan--fiel^aijd'f In-.'the!. Mtd-:
Continent field tfie^remained^ statlonX
ary, ,,' In. Illinoiihj*ero]Hare '"about;- 21>
000;000 barrels s{bVag%;fspmparedL'Wlth
Pacific • coast' ls;> estimated -at%; AQfiW;;
000 barrels,'- 'compared5 y 1th'-"only A33,-.
000,000 'barrelB";atUhlBi-close*of' 19WJ-
In'' neither, < year5" ls"yaccbirit\vtakeii, of
such.producers' storedaoiV^as:has',nbt
been'sold or < even carefully ^measured
but .is chiefly contained.in'open' reser-
fVv»*.' s .«' % :*.~-jj,,
>v,  X7AX%}'Af i -X *-' ':ir\i:.
•\ "-'•^>':-i&t!ti*ijj-"j"   :it
^'  1-   ' j.*'-1** t    "••"^*  ^,    •■ tH.      f ,1    '
— *'X'*'K-*Ai:X.'-'V*\i*- a. i-V'-V
(DryVGoods,-^ Bootsf. Shoes;
-'V "•'* *     A~i'*'   'y-S-1' ~t: A 3 A ''i"""fl ***'"' ■'' ' '' '
£'-•--'■'*«'' *£.'.'"'•---*-* S'''*..'•-'<-' ** v.:""'-, 'Vi
.*-%-.v'X ~t ^ -  • y -* •> ...*,-. A^jw-j.
t-:'^Grbtenes>'Ffuits ah'd.^'" (
- %< •-r ^Provisions,"1 *■ ^   ■-
.V^vs ~.
■<?   4
' *- >,-'' "!L
Ak,x* }\
.1-.*    5     **M
i*Y:A v>;
j, ,)
' > - - General, Rise- in" Prices"'/, „x   -,
•; Jn! the!'Appalachian field1'the-pipeline price of ?1.30'a barrel has'prevall-
ed; steadily' -throughout .the* year, at
the'end of which'the"price of oil of
Pennsylvania;grade'twas" raised .from
$1.30^'t6;$1.35 ?fbarrel, , JThisJa the
first-iadyancei- in .'[price'-, since;-March,
1907;*^," Illinois1 the. changesA have
tiepmas foHows: 7] "At;"the beginning of
1911 ft.60rt'pents ;a'" barrel .^as paid, for.,
light'f.on^and-^ B2"*cehtsVfor • heavy.'oil!
Light'-'oil rwas' raised;'on. May '2 ^to' 63
cent's.'and on Jurie-J.l.to'65 cent's.'-" Tlie
heavy"pU*.was,raisedi"to 55 cents on-
May'2.'"'.-"' ' ^'"^••^ v :"■-. >*XX -'" '
^ The' MidCobtinent' field ^bega-h' the
"yeafj^ith" oil-at"42 cents'a barrel and
on'-'Jaiiuary1. 2-'the;price was raised rtb
44 cents.. 'On .May 2, this was "changed
to "46 cent's, bn"_ June.i14'5to"48! cents,
and'on September,i5 to" 50 cents.,' {i"
""In' California the' prices were'held
a^ 30^65 Cents according,to'ipiality;
with* higher .prices for" oils pearer ,the
Los * Angeles jriarket   ■'*.*, ~".X>] .« ;i
'" '"*r-*v- '' ENGLANdV'. '>-','/;
r -i.1.
i^.Report still reach us '.from all • over
,the,country,of-strikes.and rumors .of
strikes!! ;'The'carpenters ahdjolnefs
with;, a~f membership of 67,000,'! have,
glven'Jriotices-in twenty-nine ,'towns "in
pursuance>o't;their demands. .for "lm-,
proyed" conditions/' ^ ;Ttie- ;railwaymen
lEeqdlssatlsfieS^nd",resfiessTa. meef^
ing of-two'.branches of- the'A.. S." R.;S.^
at Sheffield, "on- Sunday," condemned,
the ^recent-,, settlement," Tand a ^a'sB
meeting tat' Stratford 'urged "c'ommon
aqtlotf -,wlth ^the m Iners andv ^yeaver8.
Out !ofSjtbe- brave refusal;o'f. the LonJ
don, men ,to"" return 'to.'a^BS hours'
weekjn- theLship-bulldlng'.Industry^It
is<rprobable] •• tha.t' the,!national' move-
ment',fbr an!elght-hour day'"will' short-
ly!s''taite/practical,' toxroAi S'lh, London'
the. employees/at, "one oL'thb, largest
tioot factories—Franklin's) -of! cbmmer^
,c(al ',Rodd~have-decreased; their hours
fr'oni;'5'4: to";52Vi|.per.'1weok,vtnriti thus
brought th"enisblyeB/.intp,'Hne with
thoir comrades, at'"!Northnmpton .'and
Leicester,.!" Their ■ short',-shnrp Btiiko,
also secured*n,minimum wago'of 30s.
weekly,—Manchester.,Labor Lender, • •
' !* •*'■<:»'";,, ,-, .",'■' *',.'•" '.'.-■
'A-* AX   ,"A   . '•>',     -     "*'"!    '   ' *■
• ,Tlio/,'Hpy.-'B.' IU .Walkor is' leaving,
EnEinnd'wlthlsovyi'n^'bf his parlslilon-
orsio:tni{e''up farming 'In,'British Columbia! , ;Ho Bays thnt Lloyd George
istnxing'.po'ople'out'of exlstSitco nnd
thoy, must got out; Not so, dear par-
soli', not" so,,;*,All .L16yd Goorgo-ls
doing ,1b to 'tnk'o,'a'.little'bit of, tho"
unonrnod wealth■ -away *fr,Qni' pafnslto
gcntlomen for tho- sake "of the useful
many." :'• But! .dear pnrsoji'! ybti bolng
bat, the hangoron of,tho capitalist para*
sllea, think:that, when the plunderers'
mo'made, diogovgo'a'little, tho vory
hodvbns, aro /nlllng.s, 'Comp on- ovor
to, British'Columbia and try and got
work. Tito experloncoi'maydo you
gcotV. ' You will' probabljr join the
Vuncouvor, liungbr' marbhiors;, nnd if
you hnvo the gift of gab nnd are ii mnn,'
you,,will bb orating'from *n'Soolnllst
noopiiox within'n year and having
your head dnnhodjr) by^tho Vancouvor
pollco'bulli,-  , , '• ' . ' -'
Ledger Ads Always Get There
i \
i* r,f,
'-. A'
'v^>V'^r^-V'/;v:V-P^W \^'''iQi(^\\i '!i"':'
; i, >:Har&ware/V Stoves,,.- Ranges;
JjfcPatfcSr ;Xj99ds;andr' Stat:ioher:y
. en]
■ 'AA
•Jl'  \    *
■ji' '..
I -l'
"4 4
Bellevue ^fiardwareffi^
i'-x^tTJi.:C:^Hti<iidqu^ A S\
"   \\'r*r',*;'    ■'• \   :,'"!,     •*'•.'•■    -''~A '"'.-" -"-!"1-';, '-i;-i* r."'V   ,"' "  J' -' '"")' ".-   *!,
■'.•.'W-A'ii"oex''let*it*t*41flVi-or.'.aVi'H\M'a"r»r1fxrai*pi'"J",'i •'-'':!''. l'■
■ti   ,-ik.,^.,',  j-, i,--''  -*'   '-, .      • jC.\ ;:'."•,'•:-.-     i,*.-', ^ i '■* *i • *~*j • i\ i    -
{A: p6mplete!ljAfi:"of''-'   '''"'    '   .' ..Look'around: firsts
-'A\. ,;; /Every dayaiBargam.Dayt.HeriB,,^,, •Xa.-
i-   ."Av
;.i-',;.; 'ij
i"*   ,*t-
-t.i-    y.~ '.-,-.- , ■-■'7\ ..■ xx. *!,.",v,-:--. ^:'- -1 ■ -«*...'      ■■ •  -'-;■'"'*
v'.;,'•   • :..':/*"-* '-X-    .A-** 'y-ys'Xsy^Xij-AX   •  S<y  >".  - ,-;.£,**.'A
y. \-x --v^i-^Hillcre^^Alta.^ Sll^x^j,
' t-J-'-jr"'   ■   :,/ - .v* '! .V-. -x^X-AXyxxI A7■"' :* ',>•;'■ *X>7X
y^^;    yx^xxj^p^^^
Gleaii ;iand^ ^omfolntabre
*, -   {.lA- '
'• .--ft--r*'
?, C^6ice;^iries^Liqud!^^a:hy^igaf^
'      9 "* i*** " 't'^^^-*ifc      ' * r*t _**     •\'**l',*iJi r *m\        *      r-*    )   m.   9 •ft'Si.y    L       ~*jt        ^*J^        t'l   *^^^ -*      i
:{'V:^:*h::)tcxjNmmk'JCm, p^ietw^;^ f.
*■• p
.**■>, *lt
Coleman: Opera   House
1    ll „.     St*       X  ^ ,  i     *., ,    M*        ' * '       ,„ ''i* ^   .»    (-        *>    - ' n
■   '■ ':y "'■' '}xx ALli-STidl:^6kRAfel'v"^'-x '■ :Xx:-'
:JL±': ^^"''s-:- - ix ''; J^i ;>V • ,vv.'- >&' * WiVi; /
PRICES:  $!.OOv T5c.v a.s»d 50 c.
V ,'
A.: 1. d LA 1 o
AA'yy "aa : :.:;h '•.',- ,   •	
.   s-'-v|' ,
.'     '' ' >, ,' '"
',' l'i' *'l
'- \u   ' ,'i
, t'-n-
- l*\-
- t   *
! Ut.,;,   -A'A'A X' '
•.      li", ''I'
■' Wo carry a full l|no of ".''
.-*■ ■■■'.■•. ' v ,*-
Red Feather &', Tartan Canned Goods
i' i *      ,      u'l     "      , ''••! '' '    '      '.,,'•'
Prices Sight
'   Satisfaction guaranteed or money back ;;
Phohe 103       r: /    Frank, Alta;
Shfloh's Gum
I ((/"H Vj.-.1   I,*..- 'F!W^%     '""'-A--.!-•■ I"' '«'<'
i ne tiw  i nai is
•  ''        ^J      ''  A' '
X ■'' - '      , •        '.'/-'..•• '■-,-.,
, ' i i      *t i « ,
Ifc oflfcrs iii vestment par excellence for thc small
investor with ii certainty of good results. Lots
1 are selling at $300, all cleared,,.33ft x; 133ft.
Call or write -for, our maps and literature,       ;
■*    ■* -j-sIk ■*,   *
The Union Land Cdnifidnp,. Ltd.
i XM jFV. X XlbJLr)    Di Kt*-*'    ^,


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