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'// •
n? 7 •
>oi3 n
Political UEfy'is^iQtory.
$1.00 A YEAB.
Rising: tide of Public' Sentiment, Again;t.Condition of Workers Stirs Magnates tb Actbn
• y     - PHI^AGO,   March "12.—Hoping to *S-
. "."'   prevent-the paasage of^a minimum
-v.'wnge'Iaw in Illinois as .the result ot
„- x tb« starvation "wages and white slave
,   '- revelations bf teh state senate - comTi
-- mittee,,tho big merchants'of• Chicago
-    may voluntarily., raise the;wages of
;   -',the girls thoy employ.;!-,.;.;..       ,    -*-
";.V:^..Tha, State ; Retailers'-- Association,
"-'. *   which' includes all. the 'big!department
.-,,■ ^stores,-made.overtures-today fora. con-
„ .vferenpe with' the state probers-to thii
.:". \-£"sd'i'_Th?y- tWnk a satisfactory scale
of wages for' women may be adjusted
'by agreement.    .'.,;, '!. '■;
'    „   •     ,   Many States Will Join T V
'-,     -    SPRINGFIELD,.. Ill, -March, 12.—
•   .- 'Stacks of telegrams and' letters' confronted ,tho Illinois state senate-com-
,-.^,!. alttee. probing the 'starvation wages'
■r'-'''a?d white slavery problems when'they.
-':'  ,;,rHurn!3.d;'lle're today,-to"'resume ,-their
-. ^.-deliberations."' Communications""from
•'gL"ernors'of fourteen state's;"'in':'r*
- /_ sp6.;so -.to letters   from'. Lieutenant-
>  Governor!' Barrett ■, O'Hara;.'- promised,
. -.immediate  recommendations, looking
*)'\*° wl»)'e slave .probes'.'-These, states
-'are-Oregon, Utah, Arizona,_Colorado,
•'-4^ma'*Ii)wa' Michigan,'Ohio, Minne-
'-;; sota;-.'Mississippi,': New.^Mexico,.'New
"- '"'^?r^>iVIrelnla;"and'Wisconsin.''",    -
"";, ■ ;In addition.toithe-promises by these
,  -\governors, - unsolicited ^pffersfof aid
;:r*fiayo. poured'. In from legislators all ov-
Building Plana of Company for this
Year Announced at Winnipeg
__CHIUTIANA,' March. '14.—Fifteen
persons were killed ,by avalanches at
two places on the northern side of Uie
Jostediil glacier yesterday. The slides
",vcre caused by au abnormal quantity
ef snow.. The .bodies of the dead were
dug out today and seven'other* persons who were living on the same
farms when'the avalanches, occurred,
were rescued alive.     *    ,
"Are you in'favor,of giving motiee
lo terminate'contract with Drs." Bon-;
nelljand. Corsan?"
That great interest was evinced'in
the matter'is evidenced d>y .the- fact
fhat   11-12  men  cast   their "voteS  on
| Thursday, the resultbeing as follows:
•No'  67-1    .
Yes  .179
. LONDON, . March IL—Sixty-eight
women were drowned today in' the
swamping of a boat on Lake Scutari,
according to a Vienna despatch to the
London "Express.    ' ~
the niountrjTT7
>r=;^'rTt has~_al§o beeiilearned- by the pro-
■:-'] beran ttiat*-' President Wilson    sy mpa-
•VV-'thlzes wlth'the'principle of a minimum
'^  fcili^feP aiidVvvilL be glad to receive' them
.-- YjjJ^Vashingwn 'ahd"hear,.sumTmary;re-
'•'-"-*■:• ports'of -.what lias"! Wen.,done'ih the
- -'_' Illinois probe.- The" senate'.committee
S*S probably-will decide .tomorrow :when
.'. ;Vtiiey'will, go cast-to visit .Washlng-
V-.ton, Now. York,,."Philadelphia, Balti-
■ -.-moro,,Albany aiid Pittsburg.-  ,.   '7
'■'.   -..After returning-.from thoir eastern'
'•,,"' trip the Illinois committee expects to
7'. delve into,conditions existing in.sweat-
. t   shops n\d factories in, Illinois.   They
• -■ also probably'will probe,the "conditions'
:> under which"'chorus-girls pre forced
,•   to ivorki especially regarding tho dan-
''  ger'to their lionith and morals from
,"  Improper'dressing rooms in'the theatres whoro they are'emploved.
- WINNIPEG, March 15.—The Grand
Trunk Pacific ' building plans -In -, the
wast for this .year were announced this
morning. Operations' to be" conducted
along the various Hrieij of the company
will involve the employment of at least
10,000. men/ The-plan "'includes the
completion of^the Tof ield "branch into
Calgary,'which will necessitate the
employment of ,600, men;- the completion of the.Tete Ja'une.'B. C., and
Hazelton, B. "C.,. lines upon which
7^000 men will be employed and the
completion of the -Moose"Jaw:nbrth-
western branch line to Riverside on
the .Saskatchewan river,, employing
about 400 men. .'
LONDON, Ont., March 17.—On the
advice of Dr. *,Hugli Stevenson, -the
Women's Canadian club and the Union Mothers' club of the city will petition- the'Dominion government rto
grant a per. 'capita , pension to widowed mothers with families. . At a
meeting held at the .Normal school,
the ' doctor "called, the attention of
Canadian   ' club   - members    to   .'the
A matter which has beeii agitating
the minds of the C.N.P. Coal company's employees In Fernie and Coal
Creek for the pastt few .'weeks- was
brought to a close yesterday when a
referendum vote was taken as to'
whether notice, of discontinuance of
the present contract'with Drs. Bonnell
and Corsan,should be given, or not.
The question-arose over the fact that
Dr.- Bonnell Intended leaving Fernie,
and als'6,-Dr. "Asselsjtine/who has up
till recently '.been thfeir assistant, having severed his connection with- them.
There were-many-who'contended .that
as they pay the'fiddler they should
call the'time, or in other words, have
the' right to "nominate Dr. Bonnell's
successor.   Dr. - Asselstiue's    friends-
favor of continuing
contract   175
Spoilt ballots ...     0
Switchmen and Switch.;Tenders of 19
Eastern Roads Demand Reforms .
number of mothers who were'being", also claimed that/ais.he had been with
left without means of support in the  them fo;- some years lie had the right
city.       He   "urged that the question j to', succeed Dr. Boiiimll
receive prompt attention.'
Action will be taken    before
"'    ''';,,. ON SINKING SHIP
CbNSTANTlNOPLE, March 8.—Two
hundred passengers mid tho members
otlho crow of tho Hiuall British stenin-
cr Calvados woro drowned March 1,
whoh Uio" stoumor foundered In tho
Son of Marmora lir a-blizzard.  .
,Tho,CnlvadoB, which wns of 350 tons
piled, between ConslaiUlno]i|,u and rundown, 00 miles to tho southwest ot
Constantinople. The \*gbbo1 whb owned by-tUp Patriotic Steamship company of London,
Fifty Cents por Day More Asked by
Some Workem—Want Satur-
,    day Half Holiday
.VKLKO.V, .March 18.-- Douiimilliu?
'inciTtweil wages for navi-ml cliwunB of
'Iftliflr nnd Sninnluy naif hojldny for
thoin uniiloyotl-ln Home oacuiuMuuh
a now Hciiln wiih offcnul hy llui S'olmiii
trnilitii mid labor council nm! rofmiw!
by the cH) coinit'll at llu mvotliiK ln»t
n!|:lit to a commit ton uf tho wliolo for
Thn iiropoKcil now Hcnln Is td bo-
conui utfiHthu on April 1:
i.   Tlif tirr-nnnt rnln of u»r"io» n»v! tlfii
(Inmnndi'il undor tli« nropn««l m*n\(*
fnijiuntorii—From ll.fifl to $C
■raliiioru—From fl to fl.ii0.-
I'ijHilnyurii-rFrfliii *H.f>0 lo Jl.
T«<nniHtor«—-Krom   *)Wl in  *0O  pur
_ Jiiwilf! unci ilp.lit JioiiiH liiHtond ol' nine.
Lnborftra— Kronj p nnd $J.2» to |3,H0
Tlio c|«»ctrlcliiti8 In n lonBtliy propou*
rn!   tifroomont   mibmlttcd t\%\m\ for
iloiiblo pay for SiimlityH and holiday*.
A-fororann, under tho Hiiggostod ngroo-
nitnf. [,< t, v.ovUm.in ht dw»rnu ut onu
or more men, nnd Iiii wajjob nro to bo
Jir.O luu' moitlli.   iiu U not Iif btt nl-
lowcti to uio tpoln   or   perform   a
Jo«mi>ymAn'f work.   The rate ot p»f
for nfhnr worVrn*n Jit set out an follows: I.lnownn, Irmlde wlrorton, motor
rntui, unit Innpeclor*. 1*5 por day; h««d
dpmMr. tUO occ.iuuulU; »UUou oir
«r«tor«, tIIO par month: tUtlon oilers,
"lioo per month. 'H
» CHlCAGGJi- March 18.—It "became
known; today"-that-1 switchmen,, and
switch/tendersl;-of "nineteen railroads
ehl^fii^'Chicago'havp voted a!uthori-
zatipn to. their, leaders-to.call a strike
>-■ ' * j**-r-s:f .",,-'-•     .
if their demands are'.not met, though
not be1"announced until late this after-,
noon-after the official,count has bei?n
tho. formal result of the mall Vote will
made.    <■ '■    < '    ■ . .      ', -"
.The men, numbering about 5,000, ask
for, sliorbr, hours and'time and a iia'lf
for overtime.' The employers do not
expect, a strike.despite- the' vote, a-.
probably."mediation under tho.Brdnmn,
net will be sought. '
. Such an appeal,'it is stated, would
clear.,up a question, whether tho Ercl-
nma act was not wiped out by U>o law
'which created1 tlio-department of labor
Two Hundred Akron Citizens Meet I-
W. W. Organlzei; at Station on
His Arrlvnl'ftt Scene Of Strike
AKRON, Ohio, Mar, IS.—Moro tl'im
200'A.kron "oltlssunu," ivrmcd with clubs
mot William D. Haywood, au orfiiini'/tr
for tlio I.W.W,, when ho atoppoil from
ii train' horo today. Police Captain
Onlllot then iiddi*os«od Ilnywood as
"You probably liavo hoard, liny-
wood,- that a- strlko In In progruHH
auioiiff the omployoou of Akron rublior
I'.onciM'iiH, 1 mui'oly wIhIi to Inform you
that any attempt on your part lo Incite tliu Klrlkoi'u to ncu.of vlolunco
will ln» mot with your linmoillntd ur-
rout and iloporlnllon. Do you under-
Htiindt" Hay wood -mild tlmt ho did,
und IIioti ncconipiiiiliMl a coinniltteo .of
Htrlko londpi'H to union liond(jiiiii't(,'i'H,
I'p lo .'I o'clock,this nrtnriinnii no
iiortoiiM illnonlci'8 lind boon ropm'tort,
Moffn t lm ji 1000 Akron "citizen ii" woro
Hworii In loiluy us iluimty Hhorlffn iiiul
urn nlillnf Um police In kccpluii; the
nii'onln nbout tho rubber . fni'torUH,
wilh ■im««f,n,'',v«*,-uw,M" ».•<>•»i>n   r	
In;r Into tlio city fur thnlr wnrlt, mv
Xo. 2',*;, a Tuxodo park siict'lal, ono nf
tli« dinky type, broke awny from Mol-
ormnn W. .1, Fiihoii whilo duxccwllmr
lltf> «lrp»( f*r'ifli> 'it *l«i> tint it t *..... 11-
.ittuot ciist thin iut»nilii(j nt alwut H..'1't,
and niRhliiR twenty ^illos an hour
ground tho 8lmrp curve nl tlm Imi loin
of tlio «lopo, left tlio tvftt'UH about 10
ipc» beyond the turn, and flmnMilnr;
ill.,; a tolopliono polo, turned on Its
miR InJuiliiK ut lififst thirty pi'nionii.
Luckily, thn Injur!** worn In moat
itmry liiHlunrn of n minor /'harnrter,
nnd with tlio exception of Ponnlil Mc-
'wrley, 242; Nineteenth avenue nortfi-
w«8t, who la tylriR nt th» (U'lioral lio«-
pltnl eufforlnK Willi what mny bo in-
tornal Injurlen, most of the, vlcllmn
wisui tiUlmr able lo contlnuo ^)ti tn
their work or to proceed to their homo
| l»i ronvoyflnpm fiirnl»hfld by thn city,
present -workmens' compensation act
is considered by the provincial par-
Two meetings were held 'to thrash
this question out, at;the first of which
the' three doctors ln question were
given a hearing..' Both' meetings were
liament.   It is expected  that1 strong-] very largely attended;' As a resultof
deputations from many cities of the
province will wait upon the legislature within "a short time.
these it-was decided'to put the'matter
up for "a referendum vote. The men
were asked to" vote .on: ■
MEDICINE HAT, March, 19.—Five
are dead and ten known to have been
injured in a gas explosion here tonight
The fire department called' to attend
a fire in the Canadian Canners build-
ing, were working at the fire when the
building, full of escaping gas, was
Hundreds of curious people, drawn
by the fire,-'flocked.to the scene aiid
they were in close proximity to the
building when the calamity occurred
The three walls,' two sides and the
front, were blown out and the roof
raised high.in the air.
Those in the pathway of the flying
debris were buried- alive.' ■ The dead
were fleeing for safety when death
overtook them. They were just
getting out of the door, or were out
and running away when the avalanche
of bricks, timbers and debris overtook
them and they were mowed down in
their "tracks.
That the list of dead and injured
ib so small is miraculous when one"
views the scene of the wreckage.
Aie 227 Feet Below Surface ot the Ground—
Given a Shamrock the 17th
Passedfwlth J^ifB'^liRtJ^^Ilp porkers Representatives—'
Payr-lntlepeijdent lnspection--Election of Glieclweighmen
LONDON.March 18.—A narrow pipe.18-
227 feet long, forms the sole communication between tho outside world
and Jobn Cairns and James Ward, two
miners who have been entombed for
five days In the Town.Head Ironstone
mine, Premont, Cumberland, where,
they were; trapped by a rush of water.
The men's relatives and friends chat
with them and shout the local hews
through the pipe, daily. They have
plenty of air, food and light, room for
exercises and newspapers to read. Interviewed by a reporter through the
pipe the men said:
."We are quite well and the air- is
good, as we have rigged up a special
fan to keep it fresh. We have all we
want to eat and drink, and, except it is
a bit dull, we have nothing to com-
fplain of."
Both men -being Irish, the local priest
sent each a sprig of shamrock to<:cele-
brate St. Patrick's day.
It is hoj)ed that the men will be released by tonight. There is still twenty feet of water in the shaft which
must be pumped out.- '
Member   for   Kootenay   Said   to.
Operators' Choice for
Portfolio t
Firemen  on   Eastern .'Railways. Haye
Received Little Advance
„' , (Special, to the District Ledger)  -   the Act,'notwithstanding* any existing
EDMONTON, March 20.—Important^ agreement between, tho mine operas
Items'in connection with the amend- tors^incl the miners, The amendment
ments asked for, by tl^e'Mino Workers is provided by the addition' ol the. foi-
have been put through, nnd include j lowing sub-sr-ctlon to clause a-!, which
election of checkweighmon by employ-1 «tuto» how wanes sluill be paid:
ces, independent inspection,-nnd wvo- j "Al"1 -wapes earned by any person oi
weekly pny.        '      ,"   -.       - i m raous employed in ur ,'ibout ii.Tiifii*
, The amendments asked for by the! tram, the' 1'ir.si any io Uu- fiiicomn
reproseutiilivcs of'the Mine Workers'' <i:iy of p.-u-Ii inouih, hmli. dayc. inclu-
were favorably considered.' (A de-j .ivo, ,pha:l be iui.1 hi U.c lu-at Pa.u,-
lulled report will bo publjshod in our-diy »-' tbu following inonlli, unci all
next Isuo.) '   '     ' , I w-meu eunud  irom Uio bWlonlli dnv
The following  is" taken  from   thn-!"> Uie 'Iiim dny f' (iiu-h montli, both
Lethbridge,, Ilornld of March 20:        ;  uss hiL-.m-lw, '.r.li he imid uu the
Tlio House went into committee of'Uiinl Hiiiur. ,;.v o! nn. iu-lowiuii jnumii
tlio wliolo on  tlio Mines Act, which I • •inuvid-'d, hovivci
was reported, with fimenilmoiits,   An , (,i'  i-lilid iUiMi'..-
nnieniliiiont, moved by Hon, A. .1. Me- yy.iyi'iilviiy.'V" < i. •"
l.cnn, pi'ovldliin for pnynifiiil, or' \va«^'? | *■'" *"">d nn i1"' '-'i'm!
Ill-monthly was agreed, some members  mtch Hutiirdny."
of thn Opposition opposing. |    AviMh* <■ ;ii>> -.i.r n
Tho Act will como Into forco lm- <'-■ Utr bv tlw n-im"
mcdlntnly ^t has rocelvod tho aaseiil , Uie lil.il on moileii nf Hon. A. .!. Ale-
of tho Lloutonnnt-Oovornoi', and nil; l-i'iin. Tliln Ih in regard lo limpuction
wages must bo liald ns provided in | of Um inlnos perloillcnlly, nnd thu o.\
(lint ir thp flu:!
n   ln'iiiiay,  ttic I
i fl.'iliivday, slmll'
- 'Af-x| pr.'todintt |
'.lUumdmt-nt n^-
was Jnscrtod In
amlnation of a mineraftor an accident.
Clauses 90 aud 91  of% the act, a's' H
,.iocdr-provided that the men who un-
i'.i nook, thi.s iiif-in'cciou must bo work-
i'l ii'iiH-ih c-.ccicd from Vorklim imju
i1  mines,   The iunondnic-nt lnakes ii
. u.".|i.Io   ('oi   minors   to   appoint  i'ur
y.K'h pui'posos of thi.s inupoction, mi..
.,■[> '|k t'boiih residing In iho proiliu'e
,lio are  practical -minei'H,  nnd hav>-
,-.. 1 not li-.-sh ihan ii\o years' exporl-
, nee iiiiueiground work,
Four cliinsns in tlio net relating lo
(iirlii-a of oin'iiicerB and lirenion and
iiu'cLaiiieiii vs'orkcni wove struck ini',
1'iid Uic_ ciniiMj HUbHlliulod, wlilrh
s.iilch llmr no porBon hhall stop any
■ -n, or niter the siiecil of any, veutll-
ailiiii inn until tlio mniiaiifr has lia.l
•he'oiipoilunily lo wlllidinw tiie .liicTi
.'rom Iho mino,
Tho provision relating to stonm
boilers wim defeated In tho act, Imt It
i:i ]>i'ob:iblo tlmt nmemlniento will be
mndu to the steam hollers act to cov-
ei" necossury provlsloiiB.
In'our last Ibbuo wo puhllHhod tx lint
of coiimilHsloiiors for registration purposes. TIipro were, wc iiiid,.'r..!,uii1,
wli'od to tho locnl povoriimont nyt.nt
by our very Ilonorablo \V. H. Hosa,
who, of, course, limdvorleiilly omltteil
u ccrlulit iiumber of mnn cmiHldercd
to bn Hjieclul frlmulH of his. Ho far
uh wu van ft at hid' tlio iiiiilUlomil lint
of conimlsHloiioni nI'm
Win. DIckoiiRon, i\lli,srt Unit, l.evl
Alton,   .los. Loyliind.   iiscar Wi icsnii.
W; I.. I'hllllpa, Win, W'lnnlaiilcy, nnd
OlIVKI'   W'lllHtllllli'J'.
Ctal CrecA
.1. II. tjmltli. Tho.i. I-'rnui'i', lieonn'
M, llnnvll, T. \V. Ilrown, li. -linn
fULONIKI, Mrurh ifi,- -King ric<w
of ftn'ennnwnH udHnurliintPil whl'.p walk-
i.     •    i> '
tnriiiinii, Tlm nsKnnt)l)i wns a lUm-U
of low incntitllty, who imvu li'u nt'im
nn Aluko KchlnaH. lie uliol tin1 kiun
tliiofltth Mm hr.'irt.
lIKHN'i:, Swllycil.'iiid, Munli 11.—
At t\ incotlng hold bent today, which
tvas ntlcrnkd by dolcKnlos for world's
peare soclcllon find prcHldoil over by
M, do Kontalne, tt mimiliT of tb<* H<>r-
lln nonnte. It won di»rld**I tn li«uf> n
inniiifesto protesting u'lcihiHt prol«ctud
lnrr«»niiM of nrmnmoiitfi by tlm European powjers.
Cavn-in Clop Shaft at Big
Goal Go's, Mine In Kentucky
JII'JN'JJHJiaOX, Ky„ ,\liir.:li IS,- -One
huiii.'i'ci] uniti ilili'.ty mliiei'M nre Iin-
I'll-iin'd toJny in .i cuul inliit' <if i!,i">
itt'lilig CiUiI cuiiiji.iuy al  U.'itik<>tt»,
'Ml (
iK.ii' lii'i'c, lit'uuiwi of a c-ave-ln which
in,, i  < u-^huI   lliii  lUOUtll  Of  |llp  ftlillft
I Ke, t*t'f l!'(>!il •!)'( !) ' i'} ,'t;.ii 0 Uin!
umiii'li I lie uicii i, mo bci.'ii iiimbio to
Wn i> llmlr i*'.t\ i,oti I'lTfMi)!). tlm"nlv
I .ii.ili Muri'" Ii'ivk h ""i
j .->., i i Apectcd lh ■ io. i
I jt .IM-ti hOOII,
Ontario's New Dill
TORONTO, March \1 ■ -Tlm dnift
hill, under which tho wmkmr.ii's r(,m
lioiihiillou coinmlHHlon Hliall op.ir.ito
i.'iis dliicu-H'j'jd today in*.''tire Ulr William Moiwlith, Pon. I. ii, I.iicu
NEW'YORK, March 17.—Some'" of
the eastern railroads have increased
their, tractive capacity of§ their locomotives 100 per cent and more during tbo past 11 years, but tho "firemen doing some times as much as
fifty per cent, moro work than formerly, have' received but slender Increases in pay. ' Win. L. Lauck, an
exepcrl. statistician,'so testified in be-
| half of tlio Brotherhood of Firemen
and lifnginoers nt today's hoaring in
Ihe arbitration proceedings over the
coni rovorsy over the firemen and 5<1
eastern railroads.
Mr, Lauck took up tbo cuses of the
X.Y., NUI. & II. railroad, the Lako
Shore and Michigan Southern railroad
and the Krlo railroad in detail and
filed with tho arbitration board typewrit ten statements, showing hlR findings In other railroad^.
Tlio  New York, Now  Haven  road,
he said, had paid out $8,000 In dividends for every ?I,000 paid In wages,,
to Its firemen during the eleven years,
Tlio capacity' of thn locomotives lind
increased (11.10 per conl,, tho efficiency of Its firemen 2S,(i per cent., Ita
gnlu In vcvfiiiio exceeding $10,000,000,
but It paid tlm riremen an lnermiHo of
only $520,000. This ho thought, was
Insufficient. Tlm Uako Rhoro, he continued, lind Increased ltd locomotive
power U'iS.0 per cent, and its total
train miles nearly ri.r> per emit,, bui
had liiwwihul the niimlinr of iln firemen only III per cenl. Much fireman
wan thin, I'ciiiilri'd lo hamlln mom thun
•10 per cent, more con! Ihnii formerly,
Tlm flreiiien, he thought, Hhould have
OTTAWA, March. 18.—The Canadian Institute of Mining Engineers,'Ih
session in this city," has passed a resolution strongly urging- the government to etsablish a department' of
mines. In view of the remarkable d^
velopment of the mining industry to
tlie Dominion, It is pointed out that
the time is come when a separate department should be created for its
benefit, and in this connection the
name of It. F. Green, M. P. for Kootenay,' is generally mentioned.'
OTTAWA, March 13.—Canadian rail-
.ways generally may adopt the' system r
of using crude oil for the generation
of their locomotive power in place of
coal. Clyde Levitt, chief fire Inspector for the railway commission and"forester for the commission of conservation, is now preparing a statement
showing how tho installation" of this
system may_ prove, more^advantageous^
'.th of tho legislature, h^e,," 1 ™*™* M »"p l™ lm»'" ™» '"""
"»»»"'""■ «"»»»«^t«n.rB.   Tlu. hill I    m, j'iucl, preHemcMUa dl,,,, tc-
•| IM   IIIIi.U.
moi.Ji'  lie
"lilt .MAi,  I'OKMS A
I ',\[n)\. Mm, h r,,- |,'(n,,• . -„,,
U.! li M ,.! n.!ii( , .a wliich David Ai-
tud TIidi I.' , »ii-'i. ,■ inemlvr of tlm
flrnr iif Tliuir:" i i J>.'ilfy,'Iiiih a pr*-
diuiiiniuln"; li'i'i'i-t, and whose annual (Ml put 1. '! :".n,iiil(| tons, wlii be
merged •O.iu-'In :'i'ii « n'nf'n cn'!ii""i''
•Will a  i-apli.il ui  >Ii*,tHM.},0(Hl.
nuMOK or CLECTJOS    ,
Iii itii prni'imt form Ih I'egiii'.ii'd ir-
a fnlr one. It provides u conipcii'a-
lloii ('(iiiimlR'ilim of thi'iM. nieiiiiici ,
appointed for (en yeuiii by llie llciii.-
",ow miii'.
Tn i-vi'iy wiikmini out of hlt> eni
plo.MiH'iit, Hliellici- jt in from ni'cldeiil
nr i'i mi- c lii'ii dl- <• tKi-.,, i,uiii].(<ii,t,i
linn U In 'e. |. !,-! cm* nf Uir iii'iicral
I'nnl, a 'mini lei'i'il by Iim (oiiunl'i
slon i.r by the i "iiplm lm; coinp'iiiy.iil
llie   c'Iii-k tldll     e'      Uie     i'Omil|l.l!',loll.
Woi'klngiiieii are In hare llie clmlce
nl'  (Oicciltiff  v,Imilier  Uiny   will  lake
llie  ,*tt*ti i'  (ili |
or im a  iiereiMii'i",   ','' ,1>
I'ompt'iinnllnn h tu he i'ab'r ..-In'r.
jii'.i'lliil di'iiibllliy la Ihe rcHiilt of wll-
in) iH'nii'Lt, (i.\ecpt In rtt"i**i '-"In iv
tlie (llimlilllty Is [icrmnmmi m
|i   vi'Sillls   In   ilo-itl, Tl.
(-..   li-  in he  ailju'led
ilnmiiy at todiiy's luailiiK.
lie i rn.H'i'Xiimliioil Imnormw.
fie will
fo~raihvays from a finaticial point ot
view.   The C!tnadia"n Pacific railway
is now using oil burning engines oh"
its main line between Kamloops and
Field, B.C.   The Grand Trunk Pacific
and some of the Pacific Coast Steamship companies use oil, while tho new
system ls now in use on many of tlie
railroads in tho United States, '-'Tho '
economy particularly iu intermittent"
servico, and the fact that three boilers
heated by oil will give tho'samo amount of slcam as the Bamo number
heated by .'coal., all tend to make this,
new system popular.   Tho oil is obtained from the oil fields cf California,
and if further discoveries In Alberta
and  British  Columbia  make this-oil
moro plentiful its uso will bo largely
extended on tho railways.   Tlio uso of
tills now fuel would greatly lesson tho
necessity for forest protection  from
flying sparks and  clndors;  It would
also greatly docrensn tho loss experienced annually by the country from
this cause.
Last  Month's  Industrial  Dioputes Involve  Smaller  Number of
OTTAWA, March l",- A continued
Improvement was reported to the department of labor during I'V'briiiiry, In
regard lo the condition 'from lh*>'
Hiumlpuiiu of indiifiirlnl dlaputcH, Tlm
number of 'uniiihiyoc'* Involved In
i.liilvi'H iliiiln).', I'lijiimiry woiu over ,'IOU
)i"m ihan Ihe number during tlu* pre-
\ ItniM mouth fdnilhu'Ij affected, wlillo
Um number ol worklm' ila.vss leal wnu
Ii-m than the iiiunbir loi.i duiln,':,.faii-
iiai".- bv over I'l.nod. I'llevmi dlnpnten
aciuiil'y friiiiiiieiicml diirlni; l-Vbrinry,
mil', er.e (it which iiffin'ted moi'.' ilia*
The imly Kel'loilll ilil'pilte of
l"u ni»n.
|!!'i' iiiniillr wim that nf the coal tni'icrn
|/i!- V in- inner I .Intnl. -..hUh n-mhiui'il
<%«•    niwMiMK   ... ••«,.»*»' r»-< itii hist iiiuiilii wlthoiil a Milleiimnt
ST, PATRICK BUNQIIFT1'-"-'»«•••■ '»•»"•■■•' '-"an..,
 ' I Reach. 11, a
"'   i.  full   rcon  Law of  Land lJro-,    'l'il'' I""1 r involved upwaiil* of :itm
!     phecici, John  Rfidmond-Statcs      |-»'I'I*'*'1',« '""' »'"« '"" <">''ulaa1ed al
I lliu  i lul  nf  the  mimlll.     A   il'-'liDte  ''e-
1 ftcnt,s  Fu,,da .tWi-eli llie IliKM'imlllilllll  Mtlfllie Slfm<»
 ~ jtdinp.iav   ami  Iheir employcei', nl Ot
j     l,i)\|Kl.\\   Mnri'li   17.   Till'  wnlli-fii 'inwn    ■«••• •""'   - ■"   " f
|,H Iho iiuiei I'ecil mnli ndvaiiiiiKe f»f inr-«*>ii»cil lw'"", A "--■ ,"••' •
,, ,, .,.,,,,,,*,i u..i.i|»i i  to iu.iuhu- jili'inirtiimm  nf lnhor,
,   '   •    Ml1 ' ' !■* 'In  ii:h!i'i|,i n.i n,i iMj.i..    Tlm ilepni'tinoni's inilex ii'imb u  'if
■ i.i>il.'»| th*-1!- ili'ifan ' i ai.d Tf" fL.tiiutu ,11.1- nliuli-iviln pnui-a Hlood nt l.'.'i I I'or
' IrJuJinteii i-nju.\ril lliclr fiani.   In inn- j Kehiuary, na coin pn red with  I.'.-J.f! I.i
j lioi'llig  Ihe Imi'it, "Irclalul a  Nailuii."   .laiuinrv   niel    I'SII In l-Vln-n-n     ' •'"
'tin .-.n I ii ih \ c Um !n M uir | U'l ci in i'!i ,.
nf llie nverafe prld'.l of "^0 vonmi. 'li
llel ilurliig the diT.uli'.
1'iirlns' the mniitli of IVIniiiiiy  i1--
ibe , Imlinlrliil nri'lilrn'M wer" i-eecfit *■), i'
uiiimi- of lords still had Uir- power li>;ihesii S,ri fatal nnd 400 mjii-futiil.    I'nu-
' "       '     piiMs-lii" tr' 'In, in.' i' nr.. !!.:■  ''    '" f  ,,*ii   f.il.il .ind Hum in
i,..   mn .mui i'    mul   itn-a-ci   pecullni- j J.nv,
lo mlnlnjt onlv. j    "imt,"  inl'^d   i?.-.t».-.-»t.r,   "H •    |,,;,,
< (iiin>i-»',atitin    to n  w'-lieV    c < iii.er j <inl>  to pi»HHi',is oui  houl» III piilleine
whi'ii hJii'i manha ue.iJn, but. a bulk I for u fow nioritlm and liome rnlf wl'l
ii wlii, ■' ,i.-e i i'' me in ,'i j. ii
ncfirdlii" io t Iiuiei nlnry purty, nald llmi opimslilo'i
the   niii. r   i.'(iiiiviiicitli   of   the   ih-iio  'lome  nil •   !,!>   flri-nl   HrUiiln   wn -
lll'jlllleilt,*..       The    ilI'dllMi'H    for     Which    (!i-ill, lUlll  IllO l.'elll-1'lll  feelllll' Wfi'l om   ,
roiiipi'ii'iuilon    mav   bo imciirod iuv; 'or hnimlleuec and i"'i.rei    Unt    Un-,1
uiifiiriix,   mefiiiiy  poisoning,   nrnciili
iiujhnnliiij,   lead   piilnonlni;,   iihoaplmr. j tMnv the paw-ln--- n" 'I
'i' :.
MpeCiiil   III  fl.e
"Wm'I  •
•i^ri'tilci- ti* •
Mnrdi 17.--An Ottawa
.■^lar todny Hays:
'Hill  for II   OeiliiUl   ,„.,i,(|,|  „..(y   Ui ,M||
to her wllhln a month iii'ler tK.tlcr h.i^
been ,,rerclv<Hl by iln> i-oinmli.s|on nt
■ r forth to Ui.j foii.jliftr niiurlflKc. „Th(. ('oiniiii!i»!oii Klitill
h M^iu-rni •'!' i Uoi).
Tho Bovernmeiit
'(In now uin\ lm ed thnt fiti itppoai to
tho iwojile rn i> he forcfld nt «ny hour."
•uitu  (nu   *»t»•*»*i*  til     Supreme     fMirf
lii'tR^B to rnH( wltnfii(iH mil mato
nxamlnnflni ainl cvnrt primltle.' for
'ho contravention of Itu*. art.
be Iho law of tlm hint) with tlm good
will.nnd sympathy of tlm wholn etn-
Loud flrn^rn rrt-to,.,) th* r-Mdln-j of
n eabloftram from Um United Irlt'i
Icnfriin of Anmrlcn, unmmiirliii; I lie ib*.
Hpalch of «nother iio.ouo for tli<>
came, '
te i.
than wan leconlerj in !'i»i\, i
ni mil toi I'i'iii u:ii-\, I'll',' "i" ■ ,i
t'hlalllliifi, and VI nmi fatal ntvidi nt •
Tlm greatest uuu^pr or i'i--- :*-i"i ,i
rldents occurred In the rallwav con In.
nnd In (lm mining ami liiiluutii.il luui-
bcrlnN iiidiiDtrli'ii,
TIlC l,UC,lU,»t liUlliln-l o, innelMltii nc-
cldontd oiTUrrnd lm tlm tm.tnl IradMi.
Iliftrti Imliig NO worhiiin'i lolureil. tn'*
lowed by ulenm rnllwmy ,ii>rvlc<> w'th
S.1 Injured. 1    ■! lo
«& *,.. „', ,.,-
1 i ■ f'\i 4 .',
,   i, ,
."-'"' -. ,' '""^lo**";'\:'x7AA.\ "-■"£ * CssA'^.ty^'i's-'ijX^'X ' xa' i 'AAA CVi"'-
,. - \, *
'-4, l ^
Ancient'Guild of Co-operators Claims
Freedom from Industrial
England, according to authorities
■who' profess to know, is on'the eve of
another series of big strikes,; It is
gratifying to know that there is at
least one industry in the old country
which can claim that it is free from
lock-outs, disputes and industrial warfare- in general. This particular Industry is the marble quarrying carried
on in the isle of Purbeck, a peninsular
district of Dorsetshire; and the happy
impiunity from strikes v and such like
thihgs is due to the pacifying fact that
the mon are the masters and the masters are the men. The district was at
one time a royal deer forest. Thero
are nearly 100 quarries in it, and the
■whole of the industry is managed by
a curious kind of trades guild, entitled
"The Ancient Guild of Purbeck Mar-
AH the marblo Is held to belong to
the guild," which has been in existence
for hundreds of years, probably before
the Norman Conquest, and only des-
cendants ofthe original Purbeck quar-
rymen'are admitted-as members, no
other person being allowed Ho -work"
the quarries.... As soon as '&' quarry-,
man's son reaches'the.age of fourteen'
he is admitted to the guild, being api
prenticed under, some "member, usually his father-^until he is of age.'When,
he reaches the age of twenty-one he is
entitled to become'"a freeman' of the
guild. Every Shrove Tuesday a meziS-'
'ng is htJd in the town hall at Corfe
castle, where thbse eniit'ed to "ther
freedom pay the price, ;«vhich consists
of $1.60, a large tankard of,ale and a
penny loaf. When once the man becomes free-In "this manner'he has the
right to take marble or stone from
anywhere he wishes in the Isle—
though, of course, he has to pay a fixed royalty.
If the quarrymen wish to open a
quarry on any man's land, they simply set to work, without bothering to
ask leave. Many a time the land owners have .tried to put an end to this
state of affairs, but have failed. If a
quarryman wishes to construct a private road, so as to be able to carry his
stono through to the main turnpike, he
does it. Without question, he is entitled to drive his road over any private estate.
Yon will And it a great satisfaction to do
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powders, which are too frequently found
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Bellevue Hotel
Best   Accommodation   Jn  the   Pass.— i
Up-to-Date — Every    Convenience-
Excellent Culslnc.
J. A. CALL AIM, Prop.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Subscribed
Reserve Fund
6,000,000      Capital Paid Up .,,.       6,460,000 '
6,460,000       Total Assets      72,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, Prealdent HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vlce-Prss. v
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Qblden, Kamloops, Michel*.Moyie, Nelson.
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., Preiildent
Gonornl Moniiuer AinUtunt General Mnnutffr
CAPITAL, $13,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
The Canadian Dank of Commerce, by roason of Its largo numbor of bronchos In
every Provlnco of Cunndn, with direct roprojontstlon In London, Knn,', New York,
San Francisco, Sonttlo, Portland, Ore., Moxlco and St. John's Nlld., with Agents and
Correspondents In evorv part ol ths world, is able to offer uniurpanned facilities to ths
travelling public, enabling them to obtain monoy In tho Amplest way at any point on
their lournoy the world ovor, The Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued
by this Dank overcome the annoying difficulties of obtaining funds abroad, especially
In plncis whore Identification l» difficult,
CI aquas and Drafts on all iho countries of ths world, drawn In sterling, francs,
marks, tire, kronon, etc., can bo cashed or purchased at reasonable ratea. %.*,
L,  A,  8.  DACK,  Manaoor. FERNIE  BRANCH
n^x. ■
■'?7l    ¥„<&"*'
£ \*rjf ?yi
^^ ■>'.,.. *. *
si'-p..iy* *t
(Courtesy of the National Socialist)"
 j_   •• .-,y y
It is often said that Marx would be
a' syndicalist if .he lived today.'His
advocacy of political action is ".-due?
the, syndicalists "declare, to the fact
that Marx lived before the time of
great industrial organization. He was
for political action because he did,not
know the power of direct action. Now
nothing could be more absurd than
that. Marx was a politiacl actionlst
because he was convinced of the Ineffectiveness of direct action.. Beforo
Marx the sole action known to tho
working class was direct action. He1
was familiar with Robert Owen's one
big union idea, the direct action of
the chartist, the general strike, and
all the direct action methods of the
early labor movement. Strikes, riots,
sabotage, lockouts, blacklists, .boycotts, one big union, low dues, every
method "and policy known to modern
syndicalism, Marx had seen worked
out almost under "his very eyes.' Never
■since have theomethods of syndicalism
undergone._such a" test. Yet in the
face of it all—or probably because of
it all—Marx came to the definite' conclusion' that the one hope of working
claBS emancipation lay in the capture
of public" powers. "Every class war,",
says Plechanoff, '-'is a political, war.
In order to do away with feudal
society, the rising capitalist had to
seize upon political power. Tn order
to do"away.with the capitalist society,
the working class must do the same
Its political- task Is, therefore, traced
out, for if beforehand by the force' of
events themselves and not by any abstract conditions." I quote this striking statement not" only because it
comes from a particularly gifted
Marxian, but also because it presents
admirably the very foundation principle of the modern Socialist mbv>
ment. There is not an organized
body of, Socialists in the world that
Would not subscribe ter that view,
nor a single leader of" prominence
that would not declare tbat since the
days-of "The Communist Manifesto,"
that thought has been the chief guiding-principle of Socialism. Marxian
Socialism, in so far as it involves
pylitical action, is a result'of the failure jof^yndjcalism.^ -'   .""" \      -j
Lumber fur aii
hero at any timo and In auy
qunnlty. You' cannot swamp
us with a large order, or give
us so small a one that wo will
not attend1 to It.
for any hind of building you
may be at work upon. Hnvo
ua tend you what you want
wUitu you want IU
©WOl WOtl VAND, MtPHIMO* AVI, tiPtt, O. N. Of POT, FtftMII
, Of course,. many will declare'that
v.hllfi- the capture of t public powers
may be the chief object of the Socialist parties, it should not^concern the
industrial organizations. They will
uige what'to them appears'more important, the use of the general strike
to capture the .-tools pf production.
This matter has been fully dealt with
elsewhere and I shall not attempt to
rehearse conclusions that were clearly
developed Jn earlier " papers. Tho
point to be made hore ls this,, that
wherever any great, strike, properly
organized and carried out, has beon
lost, tho failure has been due to Hid
Interference of public powers. ' ;Tho
English government played a big pact
In breaking tho magnificent geper.il
strikes of the tlilrtles, and all down
through the nineteenth century ovory
groat, strlko that failed after propor
preparations had "boon made,; failed
through tho aid glvon by government
to tho capitalists,
The history of the American Rail-
way union in this country furnishes
us with a Btriklng example of a superb attempt to carry out some of
tho doctrines of syndicalism. It was
an nttoinpt to form a great Industrial
union of all railroad oinployeoa. Mr.
Dobs nnd his associates thon know
llttlo of Socialism and not ono of thorn
placod any' particular rGllaneo on political action. Tfi'o forco of actual
conditions ami thcoxamplo sot beforo
thorn by tho Joalousy and craft spirit
of tho oldor .brotherhoods mado thorn
Industrial unionists, Thoir theories
wore born out of tho uocorhIUoh of tho
Hit nation .And wo all know what an
Immonso organization tho A, R, U.
built up In a fow iiioiHIih. Almost nt
Its birth It wn» tho terror of tbo railroad kings, Unfortunately, howovor,
tbo members could not ho controlled,
and Mr. Doha mid IiIr riBHorliito offl-
com worn forwil ngnliiRt tliolr vlll
lo ontor upon iho giviit strlko'of 1801,
Although nol propiirmj for a utrllto of
siiPh magnitude, thnt Htrlko would
probnlily iiiivuriholoHH havo boon won
had It, not beon for tho Unltod Stii'toa
It wns not tho sold lorn thnt ended
tlio Htrlko, toHtlflod Mr. Doha, boforo
thn United fltntoa Strlko Commlslon,
npiiolniod by the'Prosldont, July 28,
IRfil, "II, was not, tho old brotherhoods
thnt ondod-tho atrlko; It was Hlmply
n    t * , i  * i*, i . ,     ,
.>,.*   t,,..h.i..4   Obuti*,   t,WM<i<.i>   iuai   u*i4Ut;U
tbo <\\y\\'tt our men wprr In ;i jkO
Hon that' nftver would havo been
sliakon undor any elrcumatancoa If wo
lind boon pnrmltted to remain upon
tho flold, remain among thorn;  but
rmtpn    lllll    ll'tt     <i'f9n    >,;1;*^.-     !'"*;•     ","
Hcono or fiction and restrained from
sanding lologrnma or Issuing tho orders nocoHsnryJor answering question*
tho headquarters woro demoralized
and abandoned, Tho men wont back
to work, nnd tho rank* were broken,
iiud tho strlko was broken up by the
ftxloral courts of the United 8tatc»,
nnd not by the army, and not by any
other power .but almply and solely by
the action of the United States courta
In restraining us from discharging onr
duties tit officers and representatives
of ths, employees, At the tine that I
waa «rr**tAd, on ,Jnly 1, n* I remember It, rspreaentatlrea of certain offlcors of the law, noting under tho ail-
': t'
thority' or tfif federal Courts, raided
our1 headquarters "and seized our
books and papers arid my""private unopened correspondence. .The clerks
remonstrated witlTthe authorities,-but
they, listened to "nothing; but" in'siste 1
upon bundling ' up Teverything Vthere
was about the office^ and', taking 'It
away out'of the'place to* the office of
the federarprosecutor."    -*■ y- ' "
For "the purpose 'of "this-discussion:
the point-In ;,wliat'Mr. Debs says is
this:. When the.people have lose all
control of public powers, .when those
powers remain at the disposal' of a
monarch or of aclique, or of a class,
when the laws, the courts,"-the armies,
and the press are" owned' and controlled by the""ciapitall8ts*."the general
Urike has not the'sllgb-.est possibility
of success.' To bellevo that a majority
of,,the workers' will In the Immediate
future be sufficiently disciplined, .organized, and educated tn act ln unison
and to carry on a strike for months
without leaders,! or the direction of a
single leader or Socialist committee, is
to my mind the essence bf dreamland.
Experience certainly leads to this
conclusion. . "The general strike has
attained whole i or 'partial success
only," says Vandervelde, "when it has
taken the governmentby surprise, and
when the bourgeoisie have not taken
a solid stand-against the strikers. ThiB
was the case, for - example," with the
first Belgian strike in Aprils 1893, and
the first'Russian general strike in October, 1904...., On'the other hand, the
Dutch general', strike (1903)' t}ie second ^Belgian general strike (1902), the
second- and ..'third Russian general
strikes,' which'-did not take-the "government by surprise and which found
little support-among the bourgeoisie,
have ended in checks which have exercised, long after the defeat,- a'depressing Influence onthe proletariat."
What Vandervelde says here concern-,
ing the recent' great strikes is no les9
true concerning the- great American
strikes and the great English strike's.
There is immense'significance in'the
fact, that the greatest' strike 'in our       ,
history taught Mr. Debs the necessity^ ™       °rganl-d — effective.' st.rikes.
of .capturing publicfpowers,', and that
the great ,generafStrikes, of England*
the middle of last „ century, .taught
Marx --and Engels".' the' same" lesson.
And - is -it not true that nearly every
theVsame conclusion? The-growth of
our movement is the .best'evidence of
that 'fact.' ,■ ^ _ ■ - -j \ -j
. During -the last few years the
European governments have adopted
a -more conciliatory;'attitude"toward'
strikes than has ever been known b&*
fore. In nearly all the great -industrial countries, except America," strikes
have been allowedmore scope and the
unions have been allowed more privileges than ever before. In many countries the right to ^strike, to boycott,,
ijnd to picket has been^granted to the
unions by; law.' .The governments,
however hostile In,reality,, have more
and morij been forced to' adopt "at
least the pretensions of Impartiality.
They have not dnred'to deny all rights
to tho strikers or, to uso the more
savage forms of repression, which
wore'.formorly thoir.,regular, practice.
We oven-see Instances jiowndays of
tho governments votlng^funda.-to jup-
port strikers nnd o'f tho pbllco being
authorized to feed.the families o'f
strikers. Tho English government In
nearly all tho rocont great -strikes has
fed tho children, and In Franco the
govornmont has voted funds, after
Btrlkos havo beon concluded, to assist
tho families of those who havo suffered. Now thoro is only ono posslblo
oxplanatlon of this-marked change In
tho attitude of tho"governments of
Europe toward strlkos and that .explanation lies In the Increasing, political power of tho working class.
Whenever tho workers are''strong po-
Htlcnlly. thn government Is Increasingly caroful not to tako any act which
will forco tho working daflRon moro
and moro into tho ranks of their ad-
vorfiarlos, Indood, several groat Eur-
oponn striken of rocont yours would
havo boon considered failures had It
not boon for tho coiicohhIoiih mado by
Iho «ovornmontn--.eonceH«lonfl which
tho BtrlkorH would not havo boon nblo
to forco from tho employers. If, however, tho governments know thnt tho
breaking of strlkoa and the cruahlnir
of union mon would havo no effect
upon tho growth of tho working class
veto, If thoy woro convlncod that no
matter how much thoy fought the
Industrial organ I znt Ions, It would not
add strength lo tho working, class
political orgatilsintloni*, doos anyone
doubt tlmt ovory power of govornmont
would bo used today, aH thoy have
U««» u«cu nt mo iuul, to crush tho
inilwm .ind kiwi Utlkv*,' Hiv
working class of Knropo knows woll
that It hn* two poworful won pons In
Itft hands and tho governments of
Europe lmvo boon mado Uoonly «onni.
..   ..... .,,,.,. *ti,(,Y.   (u,Vifc,C(   A »UlKrt)
Is broken tho Socialists voto grows,
Por the working clasi, thoreforo, the
antl-polltlcnl action policy of the
syndicalist Is well nljth suicidal, N'o
working class political action simply
menns to rellove the rnpltallst rlasn
from all fear of political ruin. It
monna to 1miv« tha* 'til*** nntram-
melftd In Ita anion, of crnihlhf the
ono and only form of molt'that ths
working class had chosen .to employ,
The attempt made to crush the unions
through the Tafi-Vale decision was
largely responsible for ths birth of
the nritlsh Labor nuif, ;:*ad if tho
working eisss of America wtn«, not
Imbued wilh this samo fftUi syntficsl-
:'*A70m^^^^^riAr ^rr£k<^^^ Ji: .
• ^.**:f'- ':-!
1st doctrine' ot fao ^laW^poiitics,', 'ijhV-
hatiers' decisionrjtheliiijv^ctloiis, '■ the"
use of the pollcetwiil Uie'army idtlmes
of' strike wouldio5|^ol-hav^ .meant
that every unionjist'in^mCTicCwouW
ha.ve been an actaye and'.enthusiastic
Socialist. ". »':'XX xi&A'A *,' SA "
'The precedlngvartrcrosfare"noVto ti'e
considered in ariyVs.ense a criticism .of
industrial unionism.;1'Tlie''-fQrm;- of
unionism which Vho^Wtb^ado^te^'by
the working',class"-fin- order-most vef-
fectually to gain .its';ends' is av'matter
that economic, conditionsl'wlll' largely
determine f9^us.''^nd4t{must-beun-.
derstood that exclusively dire'et action,
including sabofage^andlth'e' .general-
strike as the,-^ole^means~of emancipating the working ."class, lasVno inherent connection with anyl-particular
form of organization..:'The.unions in
France adopted: these. policies 'mainly
because they .were"'captured ,by_ the
anarchists ■ vifho 'grafted., bn to the
French,' movement {some,, of. tlieir old
and most cherished, ideas. .And this
waB m'ade> possible because? as I have
said before,/ trade , unionism , is , still
young lb. the. Latin, countrdes and is
therefore peculiarly -susceptible to tho
same infantile .dlseaises that afflicted
in the early days-the American ahd
the English trade unions.   x.,'."
Nor have-I any desire to overemphasize the conclusions of Guesde that
the industrial movement'Is by. its'Very
nature a reformatory movement in the
best ' sense' of the ..'Word., "No' other
claim^has, J think, .been.'made 'for
trade unionism, by any of the responsible leaders in England, "America, and
Germany, where-it is" most'powerfully
developed.-'' The 'matter - which' ,co^
cerns me'here Is"the effort being made
lnN the name of "revolutionary'union-,
ism" to. turn" the working' class from
political unityi"and action back to'; the'
old methods" of~ riot, Insurrection, sabotage, and crime. Since .the^ early
days or^arx and,, wholly because of
his .teaching,' a multitude of capable
and' tireless .leaders have arisen in
every / country to - build , up" political
unions of the workers for tho purpose
of capturing'public., powers. Fpr half
a century tliey have"labored.unceas-
ingly.tc}'teach the workers that if they
will'but exercise their political powers
jthey^can win vast reforms now and
ultimately" emancipate , the working'
class from wage slavery. Indeed;'they
have repeatedly warned,the workers,:
that tosave the unions themselves and
Why Union Men Object
possible, in the.future,.they must'exer-,
else as' a class their "political-'power,
\After a" half century of such teaching
and of'gigantic;labor-in building up
vast organizations , of the-working
class, the "revolutionary.unions" ap-'
p^ear upon the' scene^o'"destroy'^the
"present trade unions, to annihilate the
Socialist party and tb discredit political action.""' 'And -well then' may- we
ask,' "Ismail this'teaching of the'.So^,
ciallst'movement'false?" 'Ts political action' useless?'? ."Are' the methods,
advocated'by'7Marx'"and later by the
entire"'International - Socialist - movement the fraudulent teachings of-selfish 'ambitious, politicians?',' , f -~
A An answer tb these questions Vhave
"attempted' to give In the 'preceding
papers'but I think it'falr^o .conclude
that It we'-admlt that,political action
is uselo'ss,;th§n ,we are forced to agree
that the general strike Is tho sole sub-
stltute, If wo forego legal'and peaceful means; then wo must turn to "Illegal and violent means. If wo nre to
discard the methods ot Marx as valueless, thon wo aro forced to return to
the methods used before Marx—methods that political action "was Intended
to displace. ' Are theso our conclu-'
"kilns? Surely thero is no1 man living
who"bollovQs that vlolonco—tho sole
wonpon of tho workers,for so, many
long conturlos—ever lifted them on to
tho same plane of offectlvo combat
that fifty years of political action "has
placod them. Yet wo have not tested
Indeed, we havo hardly yot tried, tho,
mothodB of political action.. The
masses aro only beginning to 000 glim-
morlngs of tliolr (imaging poBnlbllltloB.
Nevertheless wo find those who, already condemn theso methods and ask
ub to return to tho rlotB, .Insurrections,
and vlolonco of tho onrllor days.
" I' frankly admit thnt I vlow such
tonchlng with .Infinite alarm. To my
mind it Ib a tonchlng whioh loads'
from any poBBlblllty of working class
emancipation. Vlolonco Is the product
of woaknoBs, ignorance nnd dospnlr.
It aaps tho vory foundation of organ-
Izntlon. It rondorB mnn Incapable of
education, And tho harm lhat vin;
loneo 1I00B roaches ItH ollmnx In tho reactions thnt follow,, paralysing nnd 1i-
stroylng whntevor organisation oxmia,
Moro nnd moro one hocoinns 'impressed with iho motto of tho early Social-
l«t movfment, "Agitate, Kducato, Oi.
ganlM." Not ono of tliouo la sufficient
nlonoj not even two of thorn nro adequate To arouse tho workers by n'ttl-
tntlon is tho flri-it duty of tho Socialist.
Tint thnt ovnlls nothing If it In not fol-
lowed hy enroful and thoroughgoing
r,r1il*ft,iHr>n       1*  *     t,       i    ,* r      '
 *■•    *4t/*lt   lUtMUft    (410
worVW nrrnnl7«t(nn Wr- nro jii |Jn.
earliest atngns of thnt final Inbor. Wo
nro only at tho birth of labor** renl
power ns a foroo In the moulding of tho
Oo-operatlvo Common wealth, nut ns
nur hnnrxn urine  nm v.*™,. .,,,. ,        ,
to tho old spirit of tho mob-sabotngo,
riot, Insurrection. Thoy aro nil for tho
world like the cry of lynch 'em! lynch
•em J And If that spirit prevnils tho
hope of working class emancipation Is
gono: for with that madness ngltAtlon
becomes tx crime, educatlton Incoti-
celvablo, and organisation an utter impossibility.
. Jt.is "'ofi^en'said by the^ignorant and.
the" thoughtless :V"Why should' union
men; object -thi work'with non-union
men?, Jf a man does not choose to join
a union,' surely rhoUs -only * exercising
the?. liberty : of [ the -'subject,; and;' hia
union>omrades ;haye no~Tight to object;
to" hiin.'(, But they'^ have^every? right
that reason arid", justice caggive for
their Objection. ;"The ; union'-< man* is
making great -sacrifices In" 'order/to
obtain- what'-he-\corisiders his";'rights:
The non-union man"' is reaping ail Jthe
advantages; without any-o'f the'trouble.
The* union man banded • himself .with
hls;fellowB agalnat-tlie aggressive
greed of the empioyersot labor, arid Is
giving. both time and moriey\'td' the
cause he'has at heart. Hie unlpii has
to be. maintained and kept working,by
the subscriptions of tbe-members, aiid
each of the members'gives his tlmeto
the meetings, somet;!tneB to a great extent by serving on committees, etc.* He
Is struggling hard, no matter what it'
costs, Jo' secure to himself, - arid not
only to hlmself.'jbut'to his .fellow" work-
menia just remuneration for their toll]-
and, i,Cgoaded'jby.,r injustices ,'and oppressed withfwrong.'.he,- in-agreement
with this' combination-,"of-hlB fellow
workmen,,refuses to work at-the terms
otfered by^his employer, he suffers arid'
Btarves,1 that^all may reap the benefit?-
Non>unloniBt8jwor!c,qiiietljr pn," openly*^;'.^'^ ,
§eceptihg.";all* "advantages 'edniedv. b'y;-, .-.v '- *-•"
♦l,«>i.*JX-.ir^-?£.'j*'-l'.'i»i.:!.i'. _i.^iu,^ --'Sv,
The^efforts xof j o'rganlzatlon-iare'.'ren-.IJ" X;J
dered^ruitless, "the otoll and suffering. y.'S ,'j'\r,
of ^therworkmen' futUe^by^the^^^'^^v
ness 'and? cowardlco.,of ;the {non-unlorir.;.)/, 7-X
isC iAllItriie'union'o^en,;. are prepare^^" *•:"'"'
andciwhen;; ^rcums^ce^demMdy^.'-Avfi.;
must'be .-their'.
and^familles.-''; What'
feeling^when they 'see-their-families',
8tarvlng;becau3e\they*:*do' not^ebbose* \*
to" 'submitJto" an" injustice^ and then,, ^,*.'
when;,in spite>f (theBe';black'7sheepiy,]
the'-vlctory' Iei woriatthe cdstCof the-|r, ,
linlonlstBrrarid '. what!'a.fearful;^cost.."'; ::
sometimes!—the men.wlio have ;been; \\"
working along all the time,* as well off 7 ,\
ai ever they, were,1 acceptTtho.Improve-^ *•
irient In '.their olrcumstances with a'.' '"
smiling face and easy, conscience as If '
they were,* forJall their mean and cow- '■
ardly conduct, honest meu.*-,Tho nou-  , '
unionist Is a traitor to' his fellow-work *, "
men, and the betrayer, of the interest- , *-;
of his class.- Cari.Ilt.be wondered at ■i,-"
that the unionist dislikes hlm?i .Wero '..^
the .world'to*.reflecVjipon, the matter,^*f'v ,•'"".'
it;wo'uid .treat them'with contempt.--'''
-Amalgamated Journal. ■■ .,.- „
X'blll legalizing a 44-hour week-forv
labor haB been, introduced lri ,the "New, ■■_
South ;Wales assembly,."''. -'• '"^ ;V, ;■ \ X'
. ;A
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Trust ^otf^ny^^        Biiyis:
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-:-.?•.■- .       ■ .* •• .--'v   ■ y,a *." -   .i' *■ •'■* **-y-r - iv
',^"> V1;^-:', Negotiations towards thecoiisixuthiatioh of'this' J" >'" j--
■'; ;-'deal were brought;tb S successful end 'oritMbnday)'* -'-"■'"'y
^'^"".■^KarcH^rcl..'--;; " A[ ^[^A^XA^'CIa   ' 'A Sy''' AAs\
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.,-•• - y^wg shares in .the ratter-company^in^xchange.for "*.„it.
-'-.''    TTsKaref^^lM~foFinrtlTOom^M
r^. ■ ' •- '''" The ?Anglp, Can'adjantSavingsJand -Trust ,'Co;.1,'-'-^Ji*
.'", ^■■-Iitd., which' is an older "company than-, thV"^^^^''''^!'^
■building here, at Cranbrook and later at.-ColeVnan,'*
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Alberta..-       ■   -    "    -..--■        •   -"   -,■*.-. .-,
Isj &\XX
E, WILLIAMS, Managing Director
F. V. PEACOCK,jSecy-Tmsurbr
. ' i \,_      r        '     ** ' V i   . ,   , *    i li
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>x' -.s
rf*X T.i
A *,T'V
Pupils proparod for Acail>micExam,;mtion;"' ■
,   at reasoiiablo terms.  /
Miss M. ,K Williams, I,. A. B.
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hit him In tbe vlcinliy of tha pocVw-
It ti vum didn't have a wlft, ho pn*
haMy' -roolda't know that W had
H■'.'*}. PODEVE nn ua
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1SSB 1S%XP&fiX&
*wf J'.
THE DimiiC|flOTGK^?E^ini^;B;c.,MAMH22r1913.
■** -*vCl*<
^;r*"-.^'-"5H^^^"-^*'-'v".^'.'.'V<'**-, f,As.v-.,">..»-/-T i— »-r v "-.;':i-r%-rrs-»',v'i
77 * #■ ; ^^n&^ri^
"U4,^?!?!Bt.8;raB^BifienrBudderi;; Knight;
, v ::'?nJ* :.Stllier;B;7„ Tb^ letters\iri question
:.r>"are,as"follows:^:'f ,yr.txXAs.-,X' ,'
AA~Wxf]'^ %^?;^®Uey^^%a^'
-'\AA'-f:7%^ysZr--'AAj March''10, *i$iz.
. .,ftEditor,; District Ledger, ■ ,"A '
•. v";»' ^'vi'eniie/B.-C.',. - i   '"-    . 5!
;;, ViT)ear Sir:— .!;' .;• '":■;,'.- '- : ;-.:.    _  /
'A * '••^! "?',•*?■ j deputy 'returning oflcer
''  /'during the'last"-Dominion .election", I
'.\y^i*.received threVdifferent"requests
"T" i„froP1- _C* M. Goddard,-secretary, ot .'the
\\;}:liberal party at"Ottawa, for;a list of
-'; -'■; ^berarjiiuBtlerB' - and; also '-those', that
;-;--;. were >: not,workers ^but"■ slnipiy. voted
: vw lathis ^poli;-.'I' might'-eay' we'had".a
•I:] ylBltfrom;;Mr. C.'-M/0,Brlen;.M.:pr,P.,.
,.'.".^n^this' 'district. Ani' .delivered-two
,: ..lec'tiiPesfbete,; with\the4resuit/tfiat I
■V ^aVe" Answered ' Mr*-," Goddard'a" three
i.'\. letters....;.,', VrN-'*, v '.'•-";• -: AA7-'-.
\- ?1'I.enclose^a copy which'ybii are |at'
•, ■ --liberty'tp;publish if you think It'worth1
■- •-•'■ while/ -. /.', yA -:;;,- 7, i -y ™tA - „:,_,;. ~-
':X ".• -.':'" -'1- £ '.""" ■". \ ;\ v"w/WILEY;"
Paradiae, YaUey,vAlta.r;
V"V- V''■.*■'': ""'•"; S X^eii^i7,,'mi's
CrM^Goddard/^^r^;-^' ^'.i/;.,-
'y Sec'y,' Canadian ^Liberal PaW,'-- -i
/^.■.■.Ottawa.,,;.:'/ -A'l^-ro:.:-.
Sir:—"-.:■'. -'-'x ■ '7 X sXfA "
Your three" letters to hand; request-,
Uig information regarding -theVnumber
of Liberals in. thispartand the degree
of'their, activity.' There-are few,, If
any; either Liberals or "Conservatives
around, here now; Those ■ variatlona
of the species known aa; the" genuu
homo are'about extinct jn'thls community, even .a. slight knowledge-of
the-new science^ of. society—Socialism
—Is sufficient ftb .enable us farmers
"to, see ihat.neither' the'c3g.R!-Borden
nor" the" O,T".Pl^:N.R\;Laurler„ nav-
al.BchemeB are'needed torprote'ot sixteen,, oehtL bats. <;We', have ceased tb
quarrel .among ourselves ;as' to" which
thiei. shall .have the'plunder "taken
from'uB,-' We are" now" uniting" to'put
a" stop ■ to' the thieving.' ",- A
•'C  JS , •    v  * , ,      *4     . ,      - v ,
s " ,Yours;;.' ■
''"'"'.'       / '-;':'W.' WILEY. "'
'"At-;the".recent meeting-btj"Uie'Cat'
gary-, Trades7 and Labor Council i'the
,telegraphi<? despatch whlch^as:'pu>-
liahe'd^in-the western paperejecently,
announcing the organization of a'coin-
blnatlon'.-^of the Bulldlng^Exchangea
J™j»'Wlnnipeg to Vancouver,^ai^tak-:
Vn jap^'and fully discuBsedj: With "the
re8UltTtbat';,action to offset the" same
wlli;be' taken by the tra,deB''unionIsts'
of the'same district.''"' ^\ ',• -£7:'Xy
y The." bricklayers andr6ther bliilding
tradeflVrepresentatiyes asked for -quick"
and .effective action. " The "-'concensus
of .opinion was to the effect.that.the'
exchanges were determinedfto attack"
the ^stronger, unions of the west this
season and were preparing to do even,
more in the way of flooding'them but
With-stranded immigrants than in pre^"
vlous seasons."-" "' ■"   7 AS
, On" motion' the' executive was in-,
structed'to immediately communicate
with; the Ministers of the Interior and
of Labor, and the member for- Winnipeg, and to Becure the publication' of
this despatch'In the Daily Citizen'of
London and British   Labor papers.  '
C&Mrsdde Budden
IfTTSqqkiied by t^o Catholic Priests
Ay-Guess wkoSgpt the Worst ofSip'
- No matter "what happens,'-the suspenders a -. man wears are never' entirely free from;'-responsibility.'
' The man who frequently repeats that
he will never do ra[ certain; thing will
Invariably do it if given time enough.
,• It's easy for'ajman to resist temptation'if < he has'something better'in
sight! .. "_'   ;.7~ '.'.;'-       .     ""' ,,x
i t-^if^ ff Wv**>
tM Pall Tax
,   ; -' ; -.'"='"''' Lethbridge. Alta.-- '.t.
' :■'.. .."'.'.   *-   \  ;      March 11,-1913.
Editor, District Ledger,     , .
; Fernie, B. C..   -'-
Dear Sir:— '     .
"; I would request a" little space in your
paper,"and/if you see fit to allow It,'
let the comrades know tbat we are
still alive at Lethbridge ln spite of the
high'cost of living and the number of
our local—13, etc. , X
, .We have upon rdifferent, occasions
"inuring the winter been addressed by
Comrades Knight, O'Brien, ■ Smith,
Budden, and others, These meetings
have, as a rule, been quite interesting,
especially was this true of the last one.
i, ThiB particular meeting was held In
the I^abor temple"oh March 4. Comrade-Budden delivered an address on
Direct   • Legislation    and    Other
Matters [iH the Alberta House
In -his speech he contrasted the education to be obtained
in the. Socialist movement with .that
dealt'out by the maBter class through
their'schools and colleges and stuffed
into us by their ever:wlillng servants,
the press and "pulpit. , To cut a, long
story short,- he handed out the Btralght
goods in his usual clear and uncompromising manner. ' <• X. • i *
t When, at the "-close'of Comrade Bud-
den's* address, the,meting was'thrown
sopen- for" questions,; someone wanted
to know if Soclalismhad ever beenes-
tabllshod In France. In reply, Budden
gave a recapitulation of the main facts
concerning the Paris Commune,, and
took advantage of this opportunity to
show-how the bourgeoisie of France
and Germany, co-operated to stifle this
attempt towards freedom' by. a .part of
the working: class." He also showed
how little-the masters were actuated
When you can.own
-your own home?
i   •    .,,'.,,' ,".*..''     -.. •
*   „       \      * i   -1   »f •»■      ''» f
...VVe have Tor sale
■" Lots in town and Lots
in subdivision in Coleman at all prices. We
can suit your income.
Call and see us,
* \    ■   , . -. '
Realty Co*
Fire Insurance and .
Oliver Typewriters
„ In the neighborhood of one hundred
bills, some of'them "bo" large that It
costs twelve hundJed dollars to print
aXslngle" blll,'».it:Js: Impossible during
the' few,'weeks that tfie-house is in
session'for.any;member to1 famllirlze
himself with all-the details of all the
bills. '•Whilei'C.'iM.. O'Brien," the 'Socialist member' for: the"Rocky. .Mounj-1
Sln^RvlBlon; was busy' with- the new
minesjact.the minister of municipalities introduced a new. .village act, also
a bill to.amend tho fowns'act and the
rural districts act.'",; The village act
had passed the stageof the committee'
of the whole house and was up for the
third and last reading when one.member on the government side asked to
have it re-committed to'the committee
of the, whole house as, he wished to
Introduce, a Blight amendment. About
thia. time the-''miners' delegates,' 0.
Stubbs7|J. "0; Jo'nesi'ahd a; J, Carter;
had the government asking for- time
to reconsider amendments to the mine
act.   This enabled the Socialist member to-roylew several of the other bills,;
Including the above named three.   He
soon detected' that each bf them had
a clause re-establishing-the poll tax
and lie mado a vigorous attack on this
antiquated method of fleecing slaves
out of their miserable earnings." Ho"
and,unscientific...In' some places leg-
IsiatorSvhave 'discovered the valuable
services that they render to the .capitalist class and where they" have insisted on being paid accordingly the capitalists who are interested in thit part
cause, an , agitation-, favoring'"direct
legislation" because under', such' clr
buy.the electors than it is to buy the
legislators. Oregon ,is a striking example/. - Most legislation and .the* literature, that goes with it .deals with the
quarrels among the capitalists^ as to
v/hlch shall have the legal right to the
plunder taken. from the slaves and
"direct legislation"" is'aii-attempt to
keep  the slaves interested1 in ' their
masters' business.   "Direct legislation
cannot'benefit the slaves while they
have- the capitalist class "conception.
What the slaves need'most iSithe modern or working class, conception that
ls a consciousness' of the Blavlsh class
position they occupy ln capitalist society.    To cram  into their already
overcrowded miserable, little shacks a
lot of capitalist class literature on "direct legislation" is to retard, rathor
than advance human progress.   Anyhow tho bill ls misnamed.   If put into
operation it will be "Indirect" and not
"direct legislation".-   In addltlori to
the referendum, the bill, If it becomes
by any Ideals of "eternal justlce,"cetc„"
in their dealings with the workers In
Introduced an amendment to havo the
clauBOR referlnB,to,.tlie.ppJl tax Btruok |]aw, provides that ton per'cent In each
constituency (of the electors who vot
ed at the last provincial election) may
Initiate legislation, provided that such
legislation"*does not, call for tbo expenditure of money. This bill Ib in-,
troduced at this timo to catch -votea,
tho last clauso being its only redoom-
_ Ing feature. It provides that tho lleut-
| ennnt-govornor In council shall determine when "direct legislation" shall
bo put ln forco, which means that H
may nover bo used,
Or, 0, FAU8ETT,
COLEMAN, Alberta.
Offlea In Cameron Block
All Work Qunrantaod
Office: Johnttone and Palooner Block
(Abovo Bloaadair* Drug Btoro)
Phono 121    "
'     Hour*! 8.30 tO 1; 2 to 5,
u»»ta«HC«; u, ..Victoria Avenue.
out of' tho bills.  Tho deputy speaker
called for a voto on tho amendment;
tho yeas woro so many that the minister In charge of the bill jumpod up and
asked to havo It remain ovor, until ho
could consult with tho other members
of tho government with tho foguty that
as tho village, town and municipalities
bills-again camo up fbr consideration
tho.minister asked to havo tho poll tax
struck out,    He explained that, tho
poll,tax had boon put in each bill at
tho ro4ucst'of certain individuals from
tho Grows Nest Pass who bad said
that without a poll tax thoy could not
ralso sufficient taxes to pay for tho
administration of schools, etc, that
his department had sont a man to Investigate "and ho roportod thai'thoro
was not enough rovonuo, but.ho also
found that tho lands livtcnglng to tho
conl companies woro not nssossod ot
thoir full value, that It npponrcid as If
tlio local authorities v/oro timid nbout
taxing tho conl companies.  Tho mlr.-
Istor said thnt tlio Crows Nest towns
woro tho only pnrt of tho province
thnt had asked for this tax, but ns tho
honorable member for tbat constituency opposed It and as It did not, nppoar
to meet with much favor among tho
other honorablo roembors ho had decided to withdraw the clause referring
to snmo   and that   his deportment
would make somo special ruling for j
t!l«' Tl'n«">«<  in  tttt*  frnwa  Vnnt     11  It* l
Tho Minors' Federation of Croat
Britain has recently mado public tho
report of tho International Minors'
Congress, which wns hold nt Amsterdam, Holland, July 12,, to formulate
If possible, an International rulo to
rogulnto Uio world's output of coal,
Tho British minors nro now voting
on tho quostlon of only working flvo
eight-hour days' onch wook, which Is
so fur, roportod ns follows:   For, Si.tl,-
741: pgalnst, 1T1.ST0.
Tho American report did not mnliu
nny recommendations, merely giving
statistics of American production. Af-
♦nr'tbo voto of tho Mngllsh minors hns
beon carefully consldorbd, tho International Commlttoo will probably drntt
t,   ml^w     «.Mi»t,     »v.   II  ...    I    * i      ,, l"
this instance.' -" It was clearly pointed
out,.however,-that the Socialist movement is world-wide, and that the cooperative .commonwealth wlll.be International, as capitalism is today, and
that all such local and premature at-'
however heroic theymay be, must fail.
At this stage things began to take
on.a livelier aspect—something doing
as < we are wont -. to' say,, One of"' the
pair of sky pilots present, advocates
of the Roman Catholic route," announced tliat he had a few'remarks to make,
"and'thought it better <to go up to the
front."    Accordingly, with an air of
complacent self-assurance, he .strode
triumphantly   forward,   took' off his
coat, and, like Casey Jones, "mounted
to the platform with hlsforders in his
hand," .His "orders"? in this case consisted of a note book containing a list
of imagined vulnerable points ln Comrade   Biiddon's   speech—imagined,   I
say, for Comrade Budden had been a-
ware of his-would-be critic's presence
and had been careful to leave no loophole '
However, our friend," the enomy, got
up on his hind legs and'preceded to
annihilate Budden, together with Marx,
Engels.Kautsky, et al.   He produced
a long series of clinching anti-Social-
1st arguments (In his way of thinking)
First of all, bocnuso Comrado Budden
had not confined himself to monosyllables, tho priest dealt Socialism a
stunning blow   by referring   to tho
youthful Alf. as a young man with
"leotle" brains, who used many ,blg
words which ho did nol 'indnrti.md,
and whoso moaning, wo, of courso,
could not comprohond.   Tho rovorond
ono wont on to Impress upon un how
loarnod he was; how ho spoke <><<firnl
"lanqulshos," and how ho had tikon
lengthy courses In th* different ~os-
ophlcs,  —otogles,  etc.,"metaphysics
Included.   Ho montlonod motnphyslcn
especially because Buddon understood
not tho word "metaphysical"—so tho
prlost assured us; ho didn't soo fit
to onllghton us ns to thnt word's monn-
Ing, howovor,   After having Instilled
propbr rospoot for his superior wisdom, ho oxprossod his astonishment
nt finding Mnrxlnn Rnclntlntn horo In
tho west; Mnrx wns glvon up nnd forgotten,nlmost tho world ovor, ho ns-
siirod us, nnd ho comforted himself
with, thnt whon Knutsky ntid n • fow
others lind dlod off, thero would no
longer exist nny who nccoptod Mnrx
ns nn authority on economics nnd sociology.   But wnll, T hnd nlmbflt1 forgotten to mention It, ho drovo nnotlior
nnll Into tho coffin of Socialism by
criticising tho previous speaker for
|/.ll UUjMKlU    III    Ull)
the sanctimonious, one tried a;' few
more * stray shots' as ridiculous, as the
previous ones, and descended from the
rostrum—tout the bouquets were not
forthcoming, except In the shape of a
little ironical hand-clapping.'
' When Comrade Budden took the
floor again, he calmly pointed out that
his opponent had not disproved, nor
oven attempted, to disprove any of the
fundamentals upon which the Socialists rest - their case. Our youthful
champion politely informed the rev;
orend Father that we were not concerned with beliefs'or articles of faith;
wo wanted facts, of whieh he had not
produced any. Continuing, Comrade
Budden readily pointed out the fallacy
of the priest's plainly -ridiculous statements, and brought forward a number
of pertinent facts' in contradiction to
his opponent's assertion that the,working-man's only hope was the Roman
Catholic church.
The priestly pair showed, however,
that they were wise to the game of
attacking without arguments. When
they saw that their youthful antagonist, despite . the alleged minuteness
of his brain,,'had "them" cinched at ov-
ery point, they adopted the tactics of
incessant interruptions, They failed
however, to get their adversary rattled
arid It-was noticeable■ that they refused to tackle him "upon such subjects as the murder of' Ferrer, etc.
, But ..hearken to their words of inspired wisdom on the subject of economics.'    They- and their order," so
they said,' are very generous hearted
towards  the worker.   They ,jvant to
give us the full product of our labor
and half the profit; as soon as I find
out how It Is going to be'done, I'll go
in for their scheme! sure.   But, I, like
the rest of us, am from Missouri.
,  And wait, they, also, discovered a
glaring c'ontradiction.Jp the stand we
took.   "'"You  say,"' they' • said, - "that
labor Is the source of all wealth and
yet you.say.that we labor too much;
If you are not as well off as_y_oujypuidj
be, why" don'F you gorlght aEead and
labor?"-,- Just as if the workers had
not tried that plan of*-tolling- with Intensified diligence,.   Yoii bet they have
but now they are beginning to see that
performing the act of laboring and enjoying the, product (of that labor do
not go together under the present system,       "     ' '    ' v     ,"
, It might have been expected that
the Holy men would have been lenient
with Comrade Budden in consideration
of his'youth; but, not" much!., With
relentless severity they" trotted forth
the old, reliable argument.   "If you
had a thousand' dollars would you,"
etc, etc.?    i. x"'^'
Even upon' the field of psychology
we wore instructed. , The priests
claimed that thought was not a social
product, and tlmt their thoughts were
entirely their own. It Is oyldent that
they wore in error, but, oven had thoy,
beon correct, I would venture tjie opinion that; no one envied them tho
Just as the' meeting broke up, a
challenge- was issued, at tho suggestion of ono of tho comrodos, to either
of tho two learnod critics ^to dobate
with Comrado Buddon on any subject
pertaining to Socialism thoy might
chooBO to name, tho debate to take
plnco any evening thoy wished to so-
loot upln which Budden was not previously ongagod, Thoy wisely do-
dined to. accept tho challenge,
Hoping'thero Is more Hpaco In the
Lodger than, thero Is In tho waste
paper basket, I remain,
Yours In rovolt,
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, etc,
Ottic»s: Eckstein Building,
Pernio, B.C.
worthy of noW that If thn Rorlnllut |ht»b*«t nrtn^o'rt \o r*>nrtM'1 \\io vintW* \Vnrl« PmnmiuiP Vj- llu* h'ijm vl" Ca'..
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On Account of Bonspiel, March 17th
Easter Holidays Fare and One-Thir
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Returning up to April 7th
J. S. Thompson, Agt.
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Grand Union Hotel
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B?st of Accommodation
We cater to the.workingman's trade ..
CLAIR ;-; Proprietor
Stephen L. Humble
Dealer  in
Hardware, Stoves & Ranges
Fancy Goods and Stationery
BELLEVUE ... Alberta
On a Five Acre Farm
That's Where Yoii Really Live
0. Lewi Alex, i, Pi»ho>
'laws a fmhitr
. Pernle, 9, C,
inombor hnd not protostod tho honor
ahle minister would have mado legal
this tax without opposition from any
of Uio other momhors nnd If tho eloc<
tion Is ns TiMir nn torn* folks think It
Is thon tho slnros would bo burdened
with tbls tax, nnd but for tho Socialist
member thoy would not know It until
the election wns ovor..
Tlio Rovernmcnt Introduced n bill
to mnko loitni direct leirlslntlon which
output of conl.
It should bo remomborcd, howovor,
thnt oven If a flvo-day-wnok' working
policy wero adopted ln nil coal-pro-
ilnMin^ ponntrl*>« Mia mi»«i,* if ii.«i>*nii
nt nil, would bo so only temporarily.
Such ft plsn could nol pormnnontly
rogulnto tho supply of conl. N'nw
mines would bo oponed" as fast ns
If, however, the miners should np<
i point, mo Iniornatlonnl committee hav-
munnrds; tho rovorond Fnlhrr did not
oxplnln tlio word, but I supposo It wnn •    t llCJU a|((I foo(J
for our Bond not to know.   As to thn j
onoBtlon of tho Purls Cnmmun«, bn'
,„„„„„,., ,f .j.** •;•:•.: — ;:.', I. ____...
Ior that thoy. tho~d»ro 1 uso th*
tormT—Communnrds, woro rovolut'oti.
IrIh who hnd to bo punished.   Nuff
sod: no mention nwoHwry of tbo str*
rifles pnrnotrnted, of course.
nV J. 0, nWNTALL
Cnptnln Robert V, fleott went out. to
look for tho South Polo. Ho fouml tlm
spot nnd wns rondy to return.
A Minimi Ib snid to hnvo cnuitli*.
him nnd IiIh pnrty so thoy coulil u»t
Kal bnck to rnmp. Thoy woro within
ton mllftH of tent and provisions but
Cold nnd law nor caused thoir death.
Tho tragedy of tli ono brnvo mon Is
snd. Thoy loft denr ones In hono of
soolilff them nwiln nftor porformlnff n
task thnt would brlnff honor to thorn-
KOlven nml tlieir ennnlr" "ml 7*"^:..; •
add to tho stnrobnime nf nelenee nnd
Hut thoy dlod bncnuso thoy could not
-• British Columbia needs men with ambition,
onorgy,- and backbone today. Men who have grit
in their make-up; men who have faith in themselves.
Are you such a man?
• ' Aro you willing,to work—for yourself?
Aro you willing to make money—-for yourself?
Do you want, to ho healthy, happy, carefree?
Right at your dorr in the Creston District arc
a number of small farmB, wilh the richest and most
fertile soil on this continent. Where crops aro
UIO, whore demand is'steady, where markets are
hnndy, and where success is sure.
These farms nre waiting for men—the right
kind of men. Men who will work nnd mnke good,
tis dozens have done before them.
You cnn do as well ns these mon. Even with*
out prnctical experience you onn start saving from
MfiOO to $2000 nftcr your first year.
Write us for more particulars, it is to your
intercut and ours nnd you are under no obligation
to purchase,
Wu are not philanthropists, neither are w«
bogs, and are willing to share a good thing.
E. Ross Mackenzie
Sales Agent for tho Owners
P.O. Hox 519 - l'liono SO
Fornlo, British Columbia
L.   N.   PUTNAM
•irrteter, t*IUlUr, ttnar. Pufait* *i*.
If put liUo ovulation wm\.\ *u.onUnu
to the Socialist member cause a lot j In* power to recommend at nny time
ut «>wtu»loii. lo wftU-fcettlftd old fe»t«lv a reduction ot working dnys to four,
Ilsbed oountrles It tnlfbt work with three, or even two per week, for a
sons itgjto ot aatlsfaaton, but tn « pr**erJb»d period, tbe produtlton ol
newly' and sparsely settled country' coat might U regulated as desired.
Ilk* thia where tbe few Inhabitants This latter statement, ot courso. as-
were cenpoMfl of folks from all tbe somen that th* tfaftmt In the different j
•ftffatcnt Dirts off the stfotw, Wt&,.a.U -u>vn»Uto* wm\*\ b* mOS* tn woimtw or j
the different ahade* aad fradea off J carry out tbt Hteomnradatton of the
w«lat  4«Mtav«Mi  tt la ttdlciiiUiitta 1 latarnatlonal «oinmltte«.--Bx.
Well, tho worthv nnnolnted launch.
ed forth Into n iMsronnected baranaiuo
sbont wbnt he beil#vw| in retard lo
sntrlinM mitte**. ete., wblcb, of roursij
eoreenn u* not.
After denftmiHit* tho yonng mat)
wiih the nlletred "imtii» brain" ns \
(trusMover and t-rn-xot of tb* worker
because he tthe youthful ttuddenl
ha* wniTitrA ent thejrtuflrdltj of any
s(«etni»< at rellerfnir tha «rt»ressM
tollers by trying to btrtak up the trt-sta 1
Now supposo for n moment thnt
HrIiI at tlio point  where flrntt  nnd
)ilH four companions foil tlicru had
hnd been n big mansion full of Rood
food nnd Hint tho mnstor of the house
, had snid, "You mon bo right out and
! don't romo around hern nnd bother
■ mt."
PI  *m
' And ouppo-Ju anji'iii \\„ti Xlo< maslHr
had kept n hunrh of pollen to keep
CuiU uiul hi* ft.II.i*h .<wny hnd
, these police had trucked the boada
the starring men.
And anpposo that thii master bad.
also bad a court with judges and law- ]
ytrt and bad Issued Injunctions again*- j
nt Scott and ttircat'iu»!il Ului «.LtU Ullt
and the stone pile;
(ConllBued ob Page 6>
•foinla Ai'founts opened itt tin- untiw of two or more persons, each
having tho privilege of making withdrawals or deposits over their
own signature a moat nmusnirni iur.iitgrmriit. between members of
ft family, or between partner* in nn incorporated hnslnew.
Jjjj Toronto 23rd .January, V.lV*i. General Manager.
offict TORONTO B"~ta'"'«—BU"
througtieut Canada
J. V. UACDONAI.!), M mustr, FCRNIK. U.C.
-r"~^r~r-in—majrirn---      ■ilijii      ii        i  isi       - ,  ■■ -    ■ ,    ,, , 	
Ledger Atfvs. Bring Results IV-el-y^-"
liu* •-■"■
M -'
It. ■
ite   -
I hi.        '
$* •
• ?*$....
jr. -
nun fowl
wy'&XtftzA' sTyy-bi
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useful7 class—the producers of ^vcalth—"andto tU(?m
it "should .beloiig, provided ,tliey';have knowledge'
enough-to take it; but so long as they allow, themselves to be sidetracked by red herring'trails thev
deserve no more,consideration than is meted out'to      —   -.   ,-; -.-,*        ,,    , -    ,v , ,*.
tli-pni1--       '• -'"    A7'7--.y-y    '■ \ ,  , •--.■   M- "0JBrien,'.the present member for Rocky Mouu.-;
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Telephone No. 48.
H. P. NERWICH, Editor. .
Post Office BoxVNo. 380
npIIOMAS W. Lawson, the author of "Frenzied
■■" Finance," is now writing for Everybody's
Magazine some red-hot scorching articles along similar lines lo his previous literary productions. This
tunc it is MThc Remedy." The title is intended to
convey the impression that if Lawson's suggestions
be followed the many socialills the world is suffering from will bc cured. The great troublo with
these would-be saviors of human society is that their
"world only comprises a very small percentage of
the sum total of the earth's' dweller^. AYe would
advise all who can do so to.read these articles as
they-are clearly and forcibly'written by one who
ia possessed of an inside knowledge ofthe manipuT
lations of stocks, bonds, debentures, and'other flim-
flamming stationery.' He' (Lawson) knows'what
he is talking about, so that anybody laboring under the delusion that these^money-ftiad magnates
are 'honest' will most assuredly have their faith
.shattered. ■   * , ?
'Honesty' and 'Dishonesty' are relative terms.-
A man whose family is 'suffering all tho pangs of-
ircezing may steal sufficient fuel to keep the life
Wood from congealing, but if caught'may have to
do six months in gaol, the sentence perhaps "being
^imposed upon him by one having a few shares of
stock in tiie company from .which the coal was
stbi'-n. This coal company, very likely, was capitalized for twenty times (or more) its normal value.
Stock is issued at $1.00 par value, even if in reality
five cents would more" nearly represent-the worth,
'therefore through a legal'process" (note this.carefully, you supporters of 'law and order') ninety-
ffvs cents is fictitious and if the same game were
played with a one-dollar bill the first bank receiving the.piece of paper would cut the word "coun-
~terfeiF' onTts surfacoT- TKhY yourself ,the question,
where is the REAL DISHONESTY, in the man
who. "steals"-fuel to" warm himself and'family pr
in,the man who sells five cents for one dollar, rep-'"
resented by a stock certificate? The real difference lies in the legality—the law-making feature.
"   This is not what we started out to discuss par,
■ ticularly; however, there's a little food for reflection offered those who are so obsessed swith paper-
made restrictions that they aro constantly mouthing about "Law," "Law," instead of getting down
td the principle of what is at the back of things.
\Yq do not agree wilh Lawson', but that does not
matter either to him or to us; still, as he is showing
up-the tactics of the corporation interests, his descriptions of them make exceedingly good reading,
and, coming from his pen, may convince those hilh-
firft\firm" believers in the "great and good man"
idea thnt those marvelous.accumulators of capitalism's currency aro afflicted with the common everyday malady of gotting all'thoy can, never mind the
other follpw.   Thoir "altruism" in giving to public institutions, churches, etc., is not for the solo,
purpose of playing   "My Lord Bountiful"   but
largely is so much dust thrown into the eyes of
parts of the public who are already purblind in
thoir ignorance and thus forming a part of the
wholo cnn bo relied upon to comply blindly with
thoir masters' instructions.
Tn tho March issuo of Everybody's, Lawson describes tho stock exchanges of London, Paris and
llorlin, comparing them with Wall Street, to the
detriment of tho latter. Yet as a real "Remedy"
it is without morit, otherwise tho conditions of the
majority of thoso in Kuropo would of necessity be
fnr superior to what obtains on this sido of the
Atlantic. Tt does nothing of tho kind. Capitalism
iiiurdovH its victims tliro' its industrial system by
tlm thousands in England, France and Germany
with tho same impunity ns it docs in tho United
States nnd Canada. That I lie powers thnt, bo dn not
Jipprcfiulo Lawson'h tirades is clearly evidenced by
tho.contempt of silenen Unit is mitieenble by those
MMinllwl "moulders nf public opinion"—llie news-
pii|)ors. Tliey in turn fool tho mailed fist tit
thoir throats should they dure to criticize iho
avlions of tho sources from whieh thoy get their
provender. Still, this contest is not one Hint interests thu workers except as pusslvt* spectators;
what should interest them is the study of how to
throw overboard the whole isvstom nf ennitnlimn
Tn MiV'Oinnlish thii riemnndi n llinvnn«»1i sludv nV
the 'why nnd wherefore,' not merely lo iiludy the
squabbling among Ibe 'jneknlH* over tbe Mioiipm of
tho CJirenss.
As we hsve snid liefore, these imiek-fnkinv
MttiutK ate amusing to the onlooker, min'li in the
name way as the ordinary byNtander enjoys untvlu
ing Iho scrap between two dogs; but it is liitfh time
for the producing class, the world over, to wt wise
to tho fact, thnt thoy are the "bono" tn be picked,
tin matter which noi ot ilisptdants gitin the imcctid-
ancy. We nro told thnt the millions of profits came
from tlio pwjketo of Ibe 'people.' This word 'peo-
pie' hi ft very deceptive quantity, hoeatise by 'people' wo mean the WIIOLK proplo. nnd instead nf
eomlntf from their pockets il does nothing of the j
kind iMMsmao ft nover wm in their pocket*, ft does, i
however, really <*orn« from lh« hides nf the mily |
all along'.'tiieffJirmiTig line has,"Been added and'the
latter "place^^nowVmcrudes Kipp, -Diamond City,'
Coalgate, Roval City; Hardieviilc.', The Sifton gov-
ernm'ent-lias^once more,fallen into a snare,
r;*Obr advice is read Lawson's articles but do
not be content to swallow his ideas/'hblus bolus,'
but masticate, them slowly and, while so'doing", en-
.deavor to size.up tbe situation,'not from* the viewpoint of his "people," the,piffling.reform element,
but, from the-viewpoint ofthe class-consciousr and
revolutionary. 'Then, aiid only then; will you realize that only by, the capture of,the reins of govern-
lrenty the' establishment of industrial" democracy,
is it possible to effect "The.Remedy."       '
ftQtING, rejoice and give thanks" all ye female
• ^ wage slaves! ^ A new prophet has appeared.
a student of domestic economy, whose name is
Thorne. place of residence, Chicago;'occupation,
Vice-president of the mammoth mail order house of
Montgomery, Ward & Co. In his statement made
beforo the vice commission, a report of which appeared in our last issue, he is quoted as showing
that eight dollars per week is sufficient salary for a
girl +o live on, dividing the amount' -as*follows:
Room rent, $3.00; breakfast (coffee and rolls) .40;
luncheons, .90; dinners, $1.40; carfare, .60; clothing
and incidentals, $l.7Q; total, $S.00.       . _
Socialist and Labor organs are often charged
with creating class hatred by the apologists for the
continuance of things as "they are.   They do; not
have to do so; statements lite the above are sufficient to breed discontent.   Socialists only point out
to those who are rebellious the cause of which their
condition is the effect.   Among'the millions working for. a scanty pittance, a mfeagre amount doled
out to them, .there must be many thousands asking
themselves the question, "Why is it that I have td
eke out a miserable existence for a whole year "on a
sum equal to that squandered by a parasite on a
long-haired poodle for one item of apparel worn by
the pampered puppy?"-    Reformers will denounce
the extravagancies of the rich whilst carefully,refraining from touching the real source of the evil.
To the wives, mothers, sisters "of the wage-earning class we would say it is by your efforts that
emancipation can be materially hastened; it is you
who ought to" study the philosophy of Socialism.
Sympathy without understanding will never accomplish permanent benefit. ■"'T^o free yourselves, and
your sisters, get out of your narrowness.   It is often
the case that his most powerful opponents are to be
found within-his :own family circle —- the women
folks—.whose world Js contained within the'four
male'member.frepeatedly telling him that his'duty
is to "guard'tho'se dependent upon him, deaf to the
arguments he.may put forward that no man or woman" lives to himself or "herself alone, is merely a
part of a whole.   He may liken-the social evils to
an outbreak of small-pox or typhoid fever- and ask
if by locking the door of the house they (the women) think that the'family are immuncso long as
the disease creating sources are left untouched.
Probably he may get a reply after this fashion:
"You know what happened to 'So-and'-So,' he lost
his job'because he was foolish (!) enough to speak
his mind and look how his family suffers in consequence."   This may be perfectly correct, but when*
these self-same cowards (they areby no means confined to the feminine gender) talk about the white
slave traffic as "horrible! shameful! monstrous!"
thoy ought to take*their share of blame for its existence if thoy still persist in pursuing their jelly-
backed, hypocritical and cowardly lino of passivity.
Every working man and* woman whovhas^ed
blood coursing through the body and not a red ink
fluid of supineness should determine, when reading
theso cold-blooded statements of the master class,
that every effort shall be put forth to make them
less and less likely to repetition and hasten tho time
when thoy who reap shall not enjoy.   Lip-sympa-
thy nnd denunciation aro Stupid, oven |jrlminnl
when given utterance to by those that think\to save
thoir oAvn precious (?) skins by keeping quiet under all circumstances.   Should the tide of affairs
engulf them or any of their kin then they will "holler" like stuck pi^s.   Let thorn "holler," they nro
only reaping tlie fruits of thoir shortsightedness.
To return to tho statement of Mr. Thorne, wo
would have our renders noto thnt there, is no \1.
lowaneo made for such minor possibilities, 'sick-
tipss,' extra expense of keeping up nn aged mblbcr
or a lied-ridden father, Somo of Ihe superficial*.
i.Hls mny sny "Why don't they pny betler wages?"
tn which tbo answer mny be given, "for the name
reason thai yOu dn nol pny more for what you buy
ll'im what you can gM it for " It's inst tho same
with the omployor of labor; if the tnnrltol price is
such that bo can buy a girl for $3 u weok, then
flint's what he will pny; Imw she exists is none of
his business, but it is the bi|siness of every man nnd
woman of the working chins, ns Ibis woiuiin it* t''c;r
sister, if not by blood Ihen by cbif«. nnd Instead nf
wasting time and enerpv on i»fM!.pssentlnl.i> web as
reluge iiomt"'. Mimi nnt-Mi'M* «"ti viii-fiei -iint'in-
tim'K. leave tuei-e in ne In-.) i . e.tc   ',,   \:n> vcimn,.
iain,"has nothing tt) fear.irbm the-farmers. A-let-:
ter, whiclCappears inanoither column of this issue
on this question,."makes imperfectly clear as-to
which way thts wind .blows. So'far as Letlibrid.ge
is- concerned", :the government, in" their anxiaty to
itireak; up ,av^bnse j vative '-'stednghoi'd,ilias^ thrown \
the riding'mto7the:hands of the Socialists:-;"bread'- "
f"!!' I With;the" coal'-camps'-now. a'dded-'-Lethbridge,','
b'^eo'i^es as certain^for; the" 'Socialist candidate Vas-V
.tlieRdeky 'Mountain-. wThe elections 'in'tliat-prov-'.
mee1 are looked'--forward -to %ke'-place at>any mo-i'-;
ment, arid with^the'faritters coming' into iine7Clhar^ ;
lie' should be :ablevto'musterTquite a healtliyVfbree:--
behind Kim in the next House."i V. " ,.-.•.   "■    - V-V
currence of "the plaintiffs 'that' thes« ed-;- *,.
It-was; givea'-by,'the'-plaintiffs to iiim. sy
r.'find Iin- favor*of-! the plaintiff, with"-'
e6sts:'t;rThe'."idefend"ant'>iri'ay i-b'finjV aa. --'\
acrion',ragaiW-?his-8on." ^'V'? A-'"    -'" .:-
Only Seventeen More Days to Register In.
THE PATONt;1 V'■■■*.
Trites's^Wood.:: vehsus r Marsh
'VANCOUVER,,March 18.—Evidence
compiled,'after' careful and exhaustive
research to the effect that wages as
small as $2.o0''aiid $3 per week were
being paid to women workers of the
city, so small as to -..preclude the
possibility of their living under proper
conditions was submitted" at. the session of the labor commission yesterday afternoon by ..representatives of
the Women's Council. They testified
that the average wage women received in this city wns'$7 per'week.
The witness laid before the commission recommendation for- a general reform In existing conditions among the women "wage earners. "The
most Important-, suggestions ' upon
which they laid1 particular stress, was
a minimum wage of $5 per week for
"women, limiting the hours of.work
each week, the maximum time a woman should work^ during a day, and
urging the appointment of "a woman
inspector.of factories, shops and offices.
- Remedial Legislation  ,
Mr. .1. H. McVety, representing the
By-Q. Federation of Labor, was -the
principal witness "at the morning ses--
sion. He spoke principally about the
Workman's -Compensation Act, and
suggested ' ' remedying'' legislation
which would " overcome weaknesses
which, he said existed-therein. Mr.
McVety showed considerable knowledge of parallel legislation in other
countries. He. declared- that the'present act was-narrower in .scope than'
the British act' upon which, it was
modelled - and 'that the maximum
awards did not take. Into ' considera-'
tion the smaller purchasing power of
money in the west.' •-..-,-
The witness - testified as to' legislation enacted in ■ several' states 6f
the .Union. The best act had been
passed, he said,- in New.York state,
but it had been thrown but by the
courts because-it was.said-to be.un-
constltutionalr Of~tKe enactments
now in-' force the Washington state
legislation, was, he" considered, the
most effective.
- Acknowledgments
Previously - acknowledged ,. .-*,
Matthew.Tully .,/. ;'.,
'' 3.00
- $116.60
HAMBURG, Germany, March 18 —
Eighty ships, mainly.small craft, weie
sunk off this city'early today in-a
southwesterly hurricane. . . Twelve
deaths have already been reported
and it is thought that tho death list
may reach fifty persons.    '
;_   -   - -Text of Judgment: X' ".
.s This case has;attracted .some atten-'
tion, especially in Michel, and "as judgment-was reserved at ihe'time of tho
trial, the judge's decision will be found
of Interest.'.It:reads: •"
''-„; .y-*      UEGVVATlOm ■-■>.,■ j;-,' XS:..\
COAL mining rights of the bomtn-  7.
Ion,'* InManltota; Saskatchewan and - "■**'
Alberta, the yukon Territory, the North ,,f„
Wesr.Terrltorles-"and Unj a' portlon-.of ... -j ,
the.Province, of .British' Columbia. nuiyV^-'"
be;"leased -.for  a. term .of\twenty-on»\;, .
year&at an annual rentalof $l'an acre., '   '
Not more than 2.360 acres wil be leaaeQ' -. -'
to one applicant.;
     ^To    "
Application for a lease must be mad*,,
by the ^applicant, in '*perspn'~to s the=
Agent or Sub-Agent ;of-the-,dlstrtet.,ln^
which-the rights applied'tor are situat-'
ed.  ■-  -     ■-- ■       •    ..-        i   '■•'-.*>■
In surveyed territory the.land must be
descrilMfd by seoilons, or legal sub-dlvl- -
sions ,of  sections,  and   in   unsurveyed '
territory'the tract^applted'for shall b«
itaked out by the.applicant himself.
•   Bach apltcation must be'accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
„m. .     . but not otherwise.     A royalty shall bo,
inls .is an-,action for goods-sold  Pald on ihe,merchantable-output of the
nnd riaitxrai-tttt  - \* .«n^...'<. i.   -.   mine at the rate of-five cents per ton.
ana delivered.   It appears to me that     The person oporating, tho mine'shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
The person oporating, tho 'mine 'shall
son:-woro*ninntnn, n\ »urntsh the Agent with sworn returni
son- «.ere  running ,a\ ftccount|llg.ifor the tuU quantity of mer
■ii )' '*\ •-
Tonight (Friday) will once" niore see
moving pictures at 'this house In full
swing. - An Interesting program has
been aranged and promises"to meet''
with the approval of Grand patrons.
Tlie pictures to be shown nre: "Path-
o's'Animated Weekly,". (Including fun
for kiddles and latest Paris fashions);
"Love and Circumstances," "The Cowboy's Deliverance," "Tbe Ranchman's
Vengeance," "Riding Scliool in Belgl-
um,', and "The Voice of- the Past."
The three reel feature "Tracked by
WlreleBS," which Is considered to bo
ono of the moBt soAaational pictures
ovor shown, will be thrown' on the
scroon nt tho" Grand In the course of
tho next fow days.   '"
Riot Act is Read at
* lie. Porcupine Mines
Strike   Breakers  Sixty   Strong   Start
Out to Obtain Vengeance
TIMMINS, Ont, March 14.—Following the, threats of 60 strike-breakers
working at the Porcupine mines to use
violence towards the strikers, Mayor
Wilson read the riot act here -Thursday.        , "
It appears "to me that
the father and
joint establishment
to the father by the plaintiff.  ,1 do
not think'that any notice respecting
a "not" giving of credit to the father
was given, by him to the plaintiff's
manager until, July or August, 1911
The defendant undoubtedly has a rigftt
of action against his son for one-halt
of amount, or, If he paid board as'ho
alleges, to the son, for the full amount.
So far as the plaintiffs .ire concerned
I believe,with the knowledge andi.cou-
Credit wail clven ^hantable c<ja: mined, an dpaythe royalty   thereon.       If   the ncoal   mining
rights   are   not   being-operated,   such  "
returns   should   be  furnished   at   least „
once a year. - ,
The lenso will include the coal mlslng"
rights only,, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface  rights  may  be considered necessary  for  the  working of  the  mine .
at tho rate of $10.00 ttn acre. ,-   •
, For    full    information     application
Bhould be mado to the Secretary of the •
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion ■ Lands. • ■ k .' ..-'..
.W, W. Oory."
Deputy Minister of the Interim-;    ,
N.B—-Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will  not be i>ald-fr>r. .   -'
John A: McDonald;
■ it   '..-' - Special-Representative   -„'     „ o ' '
Sun Life-Assurance Co. of Canada
-'■"'■   ,    Agent '        '...'.
Singer Sewing: Machine
,   '      ,, --.f 2.00 per 'month-    ,'-'.'""  '/
Phone-120, :' BLAIRMORE ., <    !    Boi'22
' ULYSSES, Pa., March 18.—In the
act pf making an incision In the arm
of the dead body of Henry Belden preparatory .to pumping the embalming
fluid into the arteries,- Undertaker Stephen Long received the fright of his
life when the "corpse" rose to^ a sitting po'sturei and after yawning, asked
for'his breakfast,1 -   - , •
When the'food was.riot forthcoming
Delden swore, roundly.
l'. If Charles Warlaby, brother-
in-law of Wlnounskle (deceas-
.ed) late of Corbin; B. C, will •
. kindly communicate1 with Dis-'
',trict Secretary A. J.'Carter,'
' he will hear" -of - somethlug •
which will be to his Interest."
■; NOtidB^..;..J^:y
Schedule Provincial Elections -Act
; ., , •   Notice li hereby given'that the list of Voters for the-Fernie Elec- ,-
toral District has been, cancelled r.nd thai applications.to be^piacedon^.
the voters' listnvill.be received',at:my. office at ih'e_Provincial Court!'
;House,- Fernie,,  B. C„   where^printedi forms of affidavit to be used '
„   of persons claiming to vote'will be suspended from,arid after the-sev-' ,
erith day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be" heid'on'the,'
,.19th day of May, 1913, and notice of-objections to 'trie^ihse'rfion'. of
., any name on the Register of Voters' must be given to nie'thlrty'clear
days before,-the holding-of the Court'of■ Revision.'"  ■ ~ '  "-.  , ■   ■
-Dated this 3rd day of March,, 1913.   ■'"    *,7".' "       *
/ J. S.T,'ALEXANDER, '..,'.','X's
Registrar of Voters for the-Fernie. Electoral District
Miss Dolly Loltoy, -the, talented
young lady miislcinn with the Hex
Vaudeville company'Iibb decided ,to
remain In Fornlo and has accepted tlio
position of trap-drummer at tho Grand
Theatro. ' ,
■ -        .  ■,   „,        ,
Tho Juvenllo noBtpnlans, ,who aro
on a toiir through tW'waBt,, will,appear nt the Grand for two nlghta, tho
7th nnd 8th of April. The company,
conslBtliiR of young peoplo nround tlio
ngo of Blxtoon, nre erentlnpr quite a
sonBatlon wlnsrovor thoy npponr nnd
tliolr vlBlt to.thlR city Ib looked for-
ward to with much Intorost by tlio
tliontro-golnR pooplo,,
!st (I'cniont mi'l imi* forth ,.. ,-
'•miM'Ttion or tho riHit • iti"."
(.l'frv» IfVliri'." thi»
7?^Dir,,T,I^T"rTr\r tv ,,r~,~Ty\
*   .,...•■
wns hroii"'' ' <
' ml    •'
il.li-t   of   r'ift\-'"
in*? of '•"<■ h- '
(;(.|;1 Ifii, ''l'li
ni i-Vain* 'l'p»-
r»r»rositir<n mi* v'tvo
lio'('s       ''im     •  • i
IV! y Mout   n w ! T
vi-rv mu-It y.t* '•■••nl««T
For Friday and flniunlny tlio pro
cram of plnttiron nt tho t«l« rnrnprlseB
n two ror«l fnntiiro nntlllPd "Tlio Tribal
Lnw," which Ib a Htudy of tlio Indlnim
full of lnimnn lnfnront. Thn pnpulnr
oMlilron of tlio Thanliousor company
will lm M«>n In tlm film "Cross Your
llonrt," nnd tlio^ who dnlleht In tlio
pnyrlioJofry of f|io "fcmnlo of tho spec*
Ioh" Hhould find tlm film. "Tho Wo-
mnn hf-hlnd tho Man." of pnrtleulnr
'mtrrogt, , Yon w'll ho nhlo to Tnuoli nt
"Koiiv on a Tlolit Ifopi'.'.' "Tho Ho.
• • ii* ii * an ' "i i " ',nx(,, s*^-»n)i nnil
"•":>••", A pro'iVni plnv "Through A
"I»V4-f Vwt.9" I* n;50 jicinddd jn tho
.irof-ir, ••*"> tf |, ,,vidoiit, from tlio
fmfrMrir n>n» i],.. ninni'uomout nt tho
ii i ii'-'in>. im ropiitMlinn ot "tf.
1 ,-?.,.. r„],. ,*,n |,ftf-,i, trr 1f, nn»ronili
'.♦•n'lifp on 3'iturdiv nftornoon nn u»
i-nl. '    .
The World's Best Medium-
Priced Gars
To say that the Studebaker '.'20" arid'"30" models are the best medium-
priced cars in the world may sound like an extravagant statement, but we
mean every word of it.   We know it is true.
More than 100,000 Studebaker owners bear out our statements. So
universal an endorsement is an argument beyond question. When 100,000
people agree you can be absolutely sure.
The time has come when in a Studebaker "20" or "30*? a man can invest his money as confidently as he can in a government bond, He is as
sure of satisfaction as he is in the purchase of a Btandard watch or other
well made machine. You take no chance in buying a Studebaker.
The "30" is a big, roomy car of handsome appearance, fully equipped
and fitted with four-inch tires and electric lights. Now full nickel trimmed,
it has the appearance of cars selling at double the price.
The "20" is a Canadian car whose design exemplifies the best automobile practice the world oyer. In public performance and trials of all kinds
three qualities of this car have been repeatedly demonstrated. These are
Speed, Power, Hill Climbing and Reliability.
,.V..' '.,-.i:».. ;
■■i.HH.   \l,\\   l\l.\W
i t
I.,-?     ttfir't   >.-'   ;■•'       i
,ii(,'n,' ttt y "i»*fi' •*♦)•(.>» 9
' i.j».   *    ". y. ,! i* ?' .-
i"ViT'''»r    r:M.rt-rs !-flV<* 'i"«>ll
Iii tlo former, a thin mH'.'c
Tho rn«o hid roxobir'    n    crltlrftt
"'i"      '->"n   tht*  »nd-»o  noomnd  fn
t.«"W?. ir* ., o*.,, inif-roit'ln the pro«
' ' ''*""•_ f*~ ,l"* ri'—t frrprrtint irll-
-ft*   t-rn   t,9f.  «hn   |ftfl»»t TDKldt"  U»-
i - *iit, ftittintunn ?ji»rrlKtor.
.   "W*  ulr."
Studebaker  %^V
Corporation,     \v
Wolkervilio, Ont   \i
* rn*** f**n rf*rt*r rnm*m^•*^• whnt n
flrl said wfc*n nbt> propotod to bim.'
v Studebaker (E-M-F) "30"-$1375
Studebaker "20" Touring. $ 950
Studebaker "30" Touring  1,37s
Studebaker "20" Delivery  1,000
\ . Local Aire At"
\    FERNIE, B. C.
**^'<^^'ft..Mfiift'<p'i»'%rv*-.**w»'.^. "»'«*,.•** .#«*•.
, ■** HK *ttlta>*'
*«& -^^to't&im&abiiaM* IfaZ-&&&$»
}   \7-Afy7yx7A77lSAX^XAA^iyS'M^ xjjjry .*„ „,"
' .~.l*-.'    r..9.4.   .,,<■   ,      -,.   .,   ,',^,^^*,_wty**jt.*>)f.,      hV>^ in'.^liyfij,
- \**---I    It,*-' ~  *-.
J  ,*•?£      -V'         '      -"     , $&.„'■£>' 1*
*- * % *.
*    *                  *       ""                             * v"*    ">
1 - '.-   -7    /'Vt
*+ .-- - — -^-i^i^-^^gV,^-c jyAsXy^s^)-p0/X"AyxX
9 Ay&zfAAA
.WW^^^^MM.^^.^^^   _ TT-mm„ ,,,,,
l\Ax7^x,y*A;$&7^$:A^X^,h , v:; m4:^x^*x"xxx yAy7y^    : -.
 — — -  -L— _. __"_    '__  - *->.'*        u       X '   *   "   ' "
j.-.' x -w ij.    "j .tr ^   ■.9*-^rr   9*     s't \A .»    -
-- ,9. , '" .      ! ,U   ,*. W%fl \.,s
I    ■M£^,U!Mn^wtbv>hb'has been
*'^cpap-tor some time employed as
',. time keeper,'left Sunday for,Calgary.
,; The Bellevue Football'club held a
; meeting, and elected officers on Sun-
flay, last, with .the\following result:1'
' Mr., Cplghtorij • treasurer;   William
, Cole," secretary; • John R.r McDonald,
•'" president;. Mr. ..Charbonier,- honorary
presidents ,>
\ i Mrs. John R. McDonald and family
arrived In camp1 on Monday last.
- Mr* Fred" Padgett' has • accepted a
position as time keeper at the Bellevue
Mr. John D. McDonald-is now occupying,the house lately vacated by-Mr.
'.Arthur'Sheare'e. , "/'.■
;. v A' very pretty wedding took place in
camp when Mr. James Calderwood was
married to Miss Annie .Vande'rmnlan.
Mr. and-Mrs. Calderwood are going
to live at Hlllcrest. The marrlage'cer-
emony .was..solemnized.by the Rev.'
Mr. Irwin.In the "presence of a large
- circle' of friends.   -*-"■>"
'. -' The Rev. Mr. Irwin attended a con-.
v^ntloh of, Sunday, school and young
.   people's societies at Macleod last week
, Mr. Wallace Rayner received word
this week that'his, brother John Is
. very 111 at Medicine Hat.   He Intends
.visiting,him this week. \
-•-    .The Belfevue brass band had tlieir
- first practice^ of" the season in the
church on Sunday last and a business
.'-meeting after at which Jack Brooks
"and-Fred Beale were appointed as a
'committee to see .the, trades people
. fpr some financial helpl "   '    •
"Hjsating, Engineers >
Tinsmiths and
: The ,Rev" Mr.^.--.P,\Westman vto'tajwhere. the members- of -the -union can
camp on Sunda^;and;occ;upied the-pu$ go' af any time, instead • of -loafing
pit at,the local church.and gave someu around.the hotels j
veryjnterestln^tal^::-^.;-\   '.   1   '^eeting offers ^'heid'in
The Bellevue j Socialist' local; held .a
meeting ih the Union'hall on Suiday
last;---,- A*'A ■ ■ rs -■-■ :•' - -"
; .The entertainment in' the church on
Monday was a good success from start
to .finish.- The children did their parts
well under the direction of Mr. David
Davidson who"" deserves great' credit
for the^ way he;tralned them. •
The P. ;Biirna new -meat market Is
hearing completion and will be open
In a few days for business.
'. Mr. Andrew Wallace"*^ HUlcrest'has
Btarted to work at the prospect,
" Mr. Walter Miller met with a slight
accident while following his occupation
in the Prospect mine this week, . , *
Tel ,1^3      P. O..1063
Fernie, B.C.
Billiard and
Pool Parlor
Two; Billiard Tables
Three Pool Tables
Bowling Alley
,   Cigars
J. Graham, ?£22i
(Received too late for' publication
laBtweek.) ',''"'
', Both of the mines were-idle yesterday'on account of shortage of C.P.R.
cars.      „'    o, *      -    t.' „', a'    -- ■
- Mr. Burton, from Calgary, with his
partner,  Shortjr,. showed; pictures in
the Miners' half oh Monday night. The
hall was packed, full.'-Mr. Burton ls
coming again nest Monday, March 17,
as his pictures were alright.
. We are missing -Mr. John Smith,
who/ went - to,, Hosmer,- as .Mr. Wm.
Shaw is superintendent there.     We
■wish you good luck, Jack.,    /
-,'Mr. Duncan Macdonald has quit the,
Canmore mines as fire boss and gone
to Lethbridge.   where he has taken
charge of the rescue'station.   /
"Mr. J. /A.' McKinnon;- has also quit.'
his position,'As. fire boss and-is going
to the coastr-We wish you good luck,
Mac.   _ "-..-,'    'X-   \ "
Mr. McKinnon used to be a member
of the Socialist party, ahd he was very
active in the movement but lately he
was church manager."There's"a reason.   <   ? s 7 A7 7 •' * ,r,< \.     ' ■ '
The Independent Labor party ought
to progress-now as we. have one man
from Blairmore who is in favor^f that
party. -' -, ■•■-,,,■-■", -. -•- ;-' ';;■ ';'- '"
. The,Canmore Navigatioh.-CQaV-com*
pany. has-started their new mine of
which Mr.'5Bird *is manager. -Bird'*
nest'will be^built'as soon'as the lumber arrives. Mr. and Mrs.- Bird are
stopping, at Canmore hotel at present.
.There ls going to be a lawsuityw.a'
, Thero Is going to bte a-sawirilll started in Canmore as soon as tbe weather
permits.      '-'■■'
Mr. - Rigg, representing the Winnipeg Scenio company, was ln town so-
tlsements for1 the BTAO ETAO.ETA
licltlng advertisements for- the curtain whlch'wilf fee "'installed in,the Miners' hall.. ■ - -
There will be'a special school meeting on the 12th inst. The meeting is
being called for the. purpose of select-
Ini?,n r.v^w trustee who;will take Mr,
McKlnnon's placo. -,'.-"
The ladles of Canmore are.talking
about having a masquerade ball'some
of'these days. ' "•"•"""
The,Bridge club played tliolr Ifi3t
gnmo of thot, season at Mrs. Knot's
homo and the prize was won by Mr*.
J, Tlodloy.
• Mrs. Arthur Wood with his wife and
family Intends leaving for Australia,
thei Pihn theatre ia few days ago.-
There was not a Targe attendance; but
thbsorwho did go heard ft very good
address ^given by Mr. • Woodfcridge,
secretary ef the U. F. A.- The Breaker'told of the work done by their or-
ganieation, and quoted cases, showing
how individual farmers had been benefitted by being members' of the union.
He also touched upon the co-operative
elevator bill, and explained how It was
going to assist the farmers, ^committee from the co-operative society
was present to interest the farmers
in having a co-operative store opened
In Taber. After the "speakers had
finished a branch of the U. F, A. waB
A twenty year franchise was grant-'
ed to the Canada West company on
Monday by a vote of 150 to 27. The
franchise carries with it the privilege
to purchase in ten years at the cost
price at installation. The big majority was a surprise as It'was expected
that the vote would be close. -, One
man wagered four, hundred dollars
that it would' not bo curried, Well,
he is now a poorer but wiser man. -
Everyone "seemed to be Irish in Taber on St. Patrick's day. Those that
didn't have a green ribbon were smoking one of *, Campbell - & Anderson's
clay pipes. This firm has a shipment
of clay-pipes from the Old Sod every
year at.this time .and they are free
to overyone.   -
The Juvenile Bostonians were the
attraction at the Palm theatre on Monday night. -
The Taber co-operative society was
organized two weeks ago. Two public
meetings have been held. A number
of people haye expressedr their willingness to join the movement; A committee has. been appointed to draft'rules
and when these have been.adopted
steps will be taken to have thesoclety
registered under,the new. co-operative
act-'(i "'•'      .- i,      ' '     ' "',* '"
The miners of the Eureka mine will
have a chance of getting theIr?money.;
Lawyer Palmer has notified the director's that they are personally; responsible, and that proceedings will be
_3Irs. Wesnedgo came out of the'bos-,I
pital on Thursday where she has been'
undergoing medical treatment. •    - ;."■
Walter Walley met.yith an accident
on Thursday inorning as he was alighting from the train at Coal Creek! The
engine backed "and. threw^ him oufc--
Mrs.-Chris Wright of Morrisey Villa
Ib spending a two weeks vacation at
Calgary.   Are you batching, Chris?
Voting'on the doctors question took
place.here on Thursday. , -"
"" Negotiations are under way for the
opening If the club bar.. All members
are now wearing an anticipatory
Frank Greco, one of the tipple hands,
met with a serious accident on Sunday last whilst working on the boxcar loader, the stop falling on him,
pinning biin about the thigh and abdomen. Internal complications are
Have you. bought your ticket yet, for
the Linn benefit concort on Wednesday next?- If not, get busy.
directors - have called a meeting for
Wednesday night, when the, miners
Will be present to discuss the matter."
This mine was closed in September.
; T. E.<Smith of Yetwood, Alta.; will
lecture In the. Palih theatre o» Sunday
night under the auspices of the Socialist party,of Canada.' ,-
■i *       •• ''
Harry Brown is Hevidently Haggra:
vated. There are too many working
stiffs getting on the- voters list.
.Our hot-bloods are still on the wav
path. There's a ' gymnasium, boys,
and such a thing as Marquis of Queen-
berry rules'. *
Tliat'good old bird, "the stork," wa3
an early morning caller at tho home
of Mr. and Mrs.'D. Wilson last Sunday and left behind a wee grocer.-
• The social given by, the Ladies' Aid
of the Presbyterian church took place'
jllonday night, the- 17th, and those
present spent an enjoyable time,; but
the inclement weather unfortunately
prevented" it from being the success
it otherwise1 would have .been. The
musical part of the program included
songs by, W. Shaw, H. B. Fuller, Miss
Elsie Rolson; duets by Miss Phyllis
Marlatt and Miss" Benton.-'
'•'The gas. committee. -,, were .--making
their   monthly   inspection   Saturday.
The inhabitants of - Hosmer received
a - shock this .week; at the kind ot
weather being handed put, especially
the.- 'footballers_j*"hoJ_w.ere.Fbeginning.
should fetch results. Anyhow, we will
start boosting right away., Hosmer
mines had a record output Wednesday.;_ We have twice the pay roll and
just as many railroads as Baseano.
An enterprising real estate peddler
could do the rest.
Mr. Martin of the legal firm of
Herchmer and Martin was a Hosmer
visitor Saturday. *    "    ,
The Fernie, papers evidently don't
like giving Hosmer much publicity, or
we would have read more about the
celebrated breach of promise case.
'Tis etrango, but true, that while
the majority of the outside workers
have no use for the union, they certainly like union wages'.
Jack"MihaIcik left hurrlodly for the
coast Thursday noon on receiving a
telegram announcing serious illness
of his father.
Oh, you ladles! What a blessing
we men can quarrel without transgressing. '
But you fair and gentle creatures
another method are trying to teach us.
We are sorry to have to record the
death of the five-days old son of Mr.
and Mrs.'Dan Dorotty, who have "the
sympathy of "the whole community in
their bereavement.,
Mr. Arthur Willington, of New York
and Hosmer, is now the proud possessor of a goat. We didn't hoar yet
whether it is a "nanny" or a "billy,"
so we can't say if there is any milk
for sale.      ■."->'
Mr.' Thomas McKee ris elevating
some. He is now boss timber ;packer
at B level. There's nothing like having-a pull.
. A few of our would-bo miners are
sore because they can't get miners'
papers. It Is pleasing to note that the
examining board are doing their duty.
Keep, the good wbrk_ going.
The./family of our new superinten
dent, Mr. Shaw, have arrived to make
Hosmer their home. They will no
doubt succumb to its charms like the
rest of us.
The1" moving picture show last Friday was .'fairly well attendejd, but .a
few more pictures after the style, of
''Smith's Marmalade," and yoii will
have the show to yourself, Mr. Operator.     '    '-.   ;    -__
seems to be a favorite with lots of
Hosmerites.     Keep 'practising,    you
may be able to sing it by and by.
- Don't be fooled, you all need to be
re-registered to get on the voters list.
No, Mr. Editor, we don't mind too-
ing a separate column of Hosmer bo-:
ciety notes, but you want to get society to report them. We are not
class enough, don'cher know.
A meeting ot the HoBiner Athletic
association was held in the Athletic
club rooms Monday evening with Mr.
J. Carruthers in the chair. Various
matters in connection with the club
were disposed of, such as paying oil
cost of hall, etc., after which tbe following officers were elected: Honorary president, Mr. W. Shaw; honorary vice-prwsldeat, D. Nay; president,
J. Morgaa; vicepresident, J, McKel-
vie;, secretary, A. Linton; executive
committee, W. Balderstone, A. Anderson, G. Steeden, W. White, A, Rice, F.
Newton; instructors, W White, A.
Linton, and F. Newton. Tbe meeting
was in every way a successful one and
if the enthusiasm displayed is not al-
(Continued on Page 6)
.7 ■    Grocer
" *. ■    v   IVo cany a full line of
Red Feather & Tartan Canned. Goods
Prices Right
Satisfaction guaranteed-or money back
Phone 103      /:>•-       Frank, Alta.
Don't forget to try Easton's
When yon want
Coleman Bakery
-   Alex. Easton, Prop.
Ono of the worst BtormB of tho Boa-
son has visited Tabor the last fow days
Tho woathor la well bolow tho toro
mark In tho mornings,,but warms up
a little during tho dny.
,; Tho mines nro doing a brisk locnl
buslnoHR. The big mino is shipping
two oars por day, tho non working
ovory Bocond day," tho cast and woet
Hldofl of the mino working alternately.
Rock Springs mino lu also shipping
conl nnd no Is tho Whlto Ash colllory.
Jim natomnn had n rib hrokon a
fow dnys ago, by a fall of rock,
flnm Dunn nnd Tom Cnn By took out
tliolr tools last wook,   Snm goos to
* Dry Goods
and Oenti' Furnishing!
The. question now .being asked by
the jffub mombors is: "Why was the
notrce calling a special meeting of the
members \for Sunday last taken down
and no meeting held?"1
Jim Sharpies, Jim English nnd Jack
McLetchlo are tho football club subscription commltteo and are authorized
to reccivo donations, otc. Wo hope
tho people will assist, thorn lii thoir,
offorts financially.
WANTED—All' Crcekltes to romom-
bor that, April 7th lu tho Inst day for
registration. Commlslonors for Coal
Crook aro Tom Mitchell, David Martin,
Robert Falrcloug, J, H. Smith, Thos.
France, and Geo. Knox, Do not delay
nny longer, but got busy,
What was tho mattor with thedanco
committee? Couldn't tbey run a danco
on St. Patrick's night!, Thoro tnuBt
bo creator attractions elsewhoro now,-
. \yhat promised to be an interesting
sprint match between our own Professor and a fellow countryman by name
of Tom Davies ended In a fizzle, owing to ono of tho contostants. bolng
Into nnd tlio othor wanting to claim
tho stake, Oh! you boyB from tho
land of tho look!
, Doctor Coifinn Is a froquont visitor
up horo thoso days,
Hilly droon hns got bnok to work
ngnln nftor his soyoro, Illness,    Wo
wish you luck, boy.
Quito a number of, Creokltos took
ndvnntngo, of tho special train   on
Ladies' and Gentlemen*'
Boots and 8)ioo«
Children's ClotliiiiR nnd
tho homostoad and Tom ts looking for Thursday and Saturday last, to wit-
another master. nons tlio porformnncos of tho Allon
John \Vhltolstmoving his fnmlly to iPlnyors
tlio liomostend this woulc.
Harry Brooks has quit tho mine and
is going to work at Qrassjr Lnke, Alta.
Harry has boon recording secretary
ot Local I0!i9 for tlio last throo years
„„ ....„ nnd always attended to his .Job.   Uts
Moots and Shoes choerful countenance will be mlssnd | conspicuous on Bniurdnv ninhi «-wi«
I ot uiu iiicutidKs. '    "~     "
Saturday Inst was pay day up horo,
nnd a largo numbor of Croekltes Journeyed to Fornix for tlio nmusomonts
thn city offers.
Wo woro nearly surprised to m-o
certain people making thomsotvos so
Some of our Exoiusivos Agencies
Cnrlmi'tt Working
Cnlto   Oll(1   flltti-m;
Peabody Working
Suitu and Gloves
If. U. K. ShirtH nnd Gloves
Penmen'h IToho (Ladies',
Gout*'and Children'*)
iiAU'tu* ftiliter SImu'u,
(Udiitt', Gcntft' & Children's)
Hrnmlon Khof* for Men
C. C, Legrnn Corset*
Tooko** Onting Hhirl*
Fit-Reform and Art Clothing
W* *\.\tw 10 p*r wnt nit for;
auh on oil fwdi. ■
| occupying tho "lllnok Marin."    Ttio
A iutxltiu. *tl Um J.o*iAi tolefc auU | tiorsos wore hoaded dun woBt and drow
Arcldent fund was bold or, Sunday
afternoon for the purj*>t* of elwtlng
n werotary, as Hnrry Brooks liad ton-
dorod his resignation.  J, W. Dyers
.-,,*, cJvwvi i.u Hi) tin; li.ttiiViUtl.
The Canada West library Is to bo
rcop'onod. This library waa startod
by tho men of the big mtno a few years
tito In tho school .house at the Canada
West. The Conl company kave tho
frco use 6t Ho* hall nnd tho minor*
people's attention.    Nuff sod,   Com
fortable rldlngT
Owing to tho illnoss of Frank, tho
nlldit watchman, ffooTge Ftnrtltmnn
i* lining tho bill in that enpncUr.
Coal Crook wns well reprosonted al
tho doctors' mooting on Sunday last,
Tbo result of tho bnllot Is anxiously
looked forward to.
A great snowstorm tnteA over the
mmo on Monday mv.I Tuesday can*
furnished It nnd laid In n stork of j Ing the mln<« to lay off on Toesdny.
bond llt^flturr and n numW nf nnwa- ^fit*vtiml Slldca luvu b»'«u rum>rteil but
papers, inaffsstlnps, etc.  Cnrfls, e'locH-
•rs, chess, tnd other games were also
furnished for tbo amusement of all. |
Most of the miners now live downtown
none of much consequence, nor attend
ed *y any Injury.
The stork vi«it«d Morrisey eottancs
on Wodnesdav mornlnir, living a flno
to see visions of* a-clear football pitch.
"Our new copper, Mr.- O'Connor, is
evidently bent, on,laying down .the
strong arm of the law.' A new broom
Bweeps' clean.
It is rumored that thg_ Hon. W. R.
Ross^ Is_sto, have„a .granH" rally of his
supporters in the near future!--,, The
signs of the times are that it wont be
long before he is giving a farewell
party. . , ,
You surely have an efficient post
offlco staff at Fernie, Mr. Editor. It
seems to take about thrqe days for a
letter from Hosmer to ,be delivered
into your P. 0, boxes. Perhaps thoy
are, overworked. r .
(How does our correspondent know
that the blame ls at this end?   Ed.)
There's a movement on'foot in Hosmer to get another day sandwiched
Bomewhore In tho woek. What with
choir practices, gymnasium nights and
lodge meetings, it Is feltv there Is no
time to do anything.   „
The Rox Vaudovlllo company performed ln Hosmor on tho night of the
14th, Tho nttonrinnco was satisfactory! couldn't say If the show was.
Mr. R. Gourlny was n Fornlo visitor
Thero Is a llttlo friction going on
amongst the would-be members of the
board of trado, The gentlemen directly and Indirectly connoctod with
the kog beer peddling business soom
to bo kicking over the traoos.
It Is evident we linveh fow. ladles
In Hosmer who aro in favor of votoB
for women, Wo will have to nond for
Mrs. Pankhurst, „
J. S. T, Alexander of Fornlo was In
Hosmor Monday on official buslnosB.
.Trick Price, manager of tlio Royal
Hotol, Is wearing tho Binllo thnt wont
como pff.   What's tho roason?
A Russlnn backhand with nn un
spollnhlo nnmo got IiIb leg hroko In
No, 0 South on Mondny nlRlit,   Ho I
progressing an well as cnn bn oxpoct-
Mr. Lewis fltockett or thn C.P.R.
naturnl roHotircos dopiirtmont, is at
present In town.
Thn rocont stormy wcatlicr has resulted In' a tompornry suspension of ]
work at II lovol. A Bnowslldn ocrurr- j
od Tuesday and sllphtly (llsnbled thn j
fnn, nlso ontomhlng n fnw men |n thp .
tunnel for a short time. It Is oxpnet- I
od toi hnvo ovorythlng In running or-'
,1t\*i ti^nln In   *i tr**" fi*****.
Hnnmer's   hrenrh   r\t  ,trrcin*,t,,<*   r-*",. '
bids fnlr fn hr«»nk thn rwnrd In tlm
numhor of wltnossoH rntlod to ulvo
ovlriencn.    Wn nlwnvs tliounhl (hii
love nrfnlrs woro kind of wcorot-llkn,
Tlir* mn^ni'PWOTit itn.1 tiMttiWn <***■*-* »«.
Hosmor nro (o ho svmnnthlwl w|Mi
ih's k'nd of wonthi'r. It finre koopi
'cm bUHy.
At ft mooting of thn lornl Iho follow-
Ing motion wss pnnwd: "Alt worn-
bors from this dnlo falling tn tiitf**,!
at least nun regular meeting por mmMt
shnll bo fined ono dnllnr, NVmhon
nre rrquestud to be rovr-rnod nNoH-
] An enjoyable evening was spent at
the home,of Mr. and Mrs. Singleton
by a party of friends last Saturday
evening, dancing being one of the main
features on the program.
Bill Rankin was representing Hosmer .Football club at the league .meeting last, Saturday, and reports prospects good for a dandy league.   .
Sam Paton, who was "representing
Hlllcrest F. C. at the league meeting,
dropped off the train here to tell us
what a great tchm Hlllcrest wore going to have. Time will tell, but Hosmer are going to hana over thnt wooden spoon to someone, of course, wq
don't say Hlllcrest.   '    " /
Miss Annie McDonald of Corbin, B.
C, was a guest of Mrs. J. F. F: Jarvls
for a few days last week.
Mr. Morton, the esteemed Turkish
bath monager at tho mines, evidently
Isn't much Btuck on tho Canadlan-cum-
Scotch way of lotting houses.. You
should havo had nnothor two-bits,
Sir Rlchord McBride's political plum
gathorora nro very busy those dnys
packing registration' Tonus around.1
"Mind ho Isn't a Socialist or a Mhor-
al," Boms to bo thoir slogan. We'll
get thore just the snme.
"Down by   tho old    mill-stream,"
"Tlie Store the People Own"
Robin Hood Flour, 98s.... .$3.45
Robin Hood Flour, ,49s  1.75
Canned Goods
Tomatoes, large, per can 17
Tomatoes, large, per case... 4.20
Corn or, Beans, green or wax ■
per can ■     .12
.per ease .'...,  2.80
1'eaK, per ean  :..•..    .13
Peas, per case   2.05
Canned Fruits
Strawberries, Raspberries,
2s, per can 22%
2s, per caso   5.25
Peaches, Pears, per can....'   .20
Punches, Pears, per case.... 4.CO
Union Brand Tea per lh,.. .35, .40
Specially pnelicil in the gardens of Ceylon for tho store
tlio people own.
Frcsh Gathered Kggs, doz...    .40
Kvery ono warranted
Ripe Oranges, doz.....40, .45, .50
Frco from frost. ' > "
All goods of the highest'standard and warranted fresh from
week to'week.       "•     '   ** ' '
The'largest stotik of wearing
apparel for children, women and-
men (made under fair conditions
of labor) in the Pass.
Avl Clothes
Sinter Shoes
(Union label)
Carliartt's Overalls and Gloves
tram or onio, crrr or Toucno, / „
Lian Countv. ("•
Frank J. Chknky nukei: oMIt thit lir in mmm
Mrtnor of the Arm of l'\ J. ciihnm a t:n,, iiiuim
buHlnrw in tlio city nf Toledo, family u:ul HUta
Hormalil, nml thnt mid nrm will |my tlm mnn of
rvu lll'.VIJItlJD l)OU,AHH lor cnrli nml every
•a** nl CATArutii Hint cannot lm ciirrn uy tliu iimi i'f
.   ,_ , IKANK J.CIII.M.V,
Rworh to boforo nm *nd milwrrllird In my |iri'wnri>,
thl* Uh day of M»combnr, A. 1>„ mnn,
-1- A. W, fll.K-A-fJV,
.Ni.iaiii J 'i HI 10,
King of the Road Overalls and
Smocks, King of the Road Shirt*.
Made for the true sons of labor
who care about the other fellow.
Annual Trade Exceeds One Hundred Thousand Dollars,
Keep the Money lri Coleman
sun >
H».r» C'ltirrn Curo li fM.ni l> irnvillv ml m-
<\tttyt\y uim' 11 ni I,,,nl i-,i| i„H!*,.tii( Miri.um nf Um
ivntnii,  Hmiil fur ln,t|iini ; in, (r o,
., ,      V' ''' i 'I'—'i'*' '*. CO., Tol.ilii. I'
Mil liy nil Pnnc'Ktu, i;,*<,
TnkB llrll" t'umilv l'lll«fni rni'iilncil'n
•nd thu tlbr»ry h« not bttn oihmmmI ' <t«a«tH^r »t the Jinme or Mr. »nd Mr*,
•tnco tbe ttrfto. Tbo Intention no» O. ftmlth. Mother aad cLIU dutnit
H to woro tba properly lo tha Mto«r»' w«lj. Keep imlllni, dtort*, *nd th«n
hall and eontttrt It Into Velob room lamM
(Tl«fptv*'il too tnlfl  fnr isnbUrfltlnn
luat Wfi»k.)
Wto \\tmr U>» nmU<» ol th* «tn*mr«.
HoinJ of Tntilfi. I* to b« "Onilm'«*m "
whlcb bltfhf»d   up with   noma wnrv
Stylish Young Fellows
The niHNlct'l'iil HtyU'.-i nf Uiiti'irriin Madu to Mi-a-
Niiro I'lotliCH appeal to tin* "Stylish Young 1'Vllow"
»ih no oilier kinds can. There is a stylu without
"I'rea Kin cnn" l'i I, and (piulity that mark the wearer
uh a well dressed y«mug num.   Aud they eost no
Our Shoe Department Is Complete
Fine Sheer troto $3.00 to $6.00
Mine Shoes from $2.75 to $0,00
Our ri'gidnr ni'i- (mn'i iuul l.crlue iiiine nhm'H
are Hci'dinl tu iic:.f. ijnidhx mul **iy\*. tihmi]t|f^ly
Blaifmoro, Alta.
Sole Agency The Honce of Hobberlin, Limited *^tm^jta9vmw9vSr^,Tmea^^l^ai/^
r^*r?t?, V** '"**?? i"*^' i'*"1
SMV" ...
i'-iQ "
I' v
Hw  /,
.   - ...     - -   --- -       , "-  - '     /.   ..-'fS--.,    ,.*.'■< 2 ~ ..."   •
.,.".. ' ->* *. -<>"-*:-.■£*•, 't.-yi'*.i,   ■:„._,. .   •■.■
i . i — i--'*      *    ..  -~ -• i y * - - .     ~^,2,4^.v ij-)*.'-- ..*>'. -    t  . -... •* -t
« ■ '"■-   ■j"**-""     ■       "'     >'■,■; j ''.'•'.—   ".-.£ "Si^a   --■■.■        ,      ,   - —<^-
THE DISTRIOT LEDGER,'FERkli B. 6^m$IL^%'_m.'. ; v "*' T
•'-' •j''^jJi}S£JtJ!'Vii'*»**iitL'ii'mi ii-" ■ «ii'ifJ.,:.1;', .    ','.,n».'r. ^^T^^^^^l.7'      ",    v,  jB^i7t^SrSSynF?^iri^^»^^iiiii^L^^y~!S!
- -,'-•* "--• v:_ ''• >   -"r, ;.fe'"''1nir*^V c-u'^-   >  -=■    -.  *-:*yX-AAyX-*:AX<\ -;v--' •*,„-*-„' J"---.-, ,-'..,/. .    --.-'v-**
-■-i"-*>"'*-.■-'■.• ..V~v".v.'.  /    ""•,'  \" ;,X, ".  X'^S-i-.- ,'..■"„   v.:.""-.;' *j\ ,..".?^>"-^' i . \l---..    . ■ •', v s.X, «-.7.
. Steam Heated Throughout                                   -    -
^   Electric Lighted,'
*w        I   *           *
J. L. GATES, Proprietor
Fernie, B. C.
■'V'   ., ^"'* J"
/The/ Leading Commercial Hotel
/of the* City^;
< Rates $2.50 per day
With Private Beth $3.00
v. FireProof Sample
Rooms in Connection'
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
Bottled Goods a Specialty
A Flash of
Is  just  as   likely-  to  strike
the  house  of the  uninsured
man as that of his more pru-"
dent neighbor.     No building
is immune.
Better Have
Us Insure
clause attached to the policy.
Then you needn't worry every
time there is a thunderstorm.
Sole Agent for Fernie
Cigar Store
Wholesale and Retail
BarberShop, .
\'       Baths' "    ;  .
Shoe Shine
Billiards and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
Hazelwooa Buttermilk ,
Victoria Avenue
FERNIE, B.C.      Phone 34
Three Days.
The Neal Treatment at the
Neal Institute Will Quickly Restore Him to Self-Mastery.
' V "'
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B.C.
Box 325.
Phone 273
Why Don't You Take
A Good  Spring Tonic
You need It—Evorybody needs It—\Ye all need a Spring blood
'cleanser, nervo tonic and bracer. Whon you got up ln the morning,
tired, lazy—at tho brealtfaBt table no appetite for food—at your daily
work no ambition or ability—nothing accomplished all day but yawn
and stretch—your system needs bracing, your nerves need settling:
your energies need reconstructing. Let us show you tho best Spring
tonics for all ages and under all conditions, the kind that will cleanse
your blood—restore your appetite—braco you up—glvo you desire and
ability for work, play or study—a treatment ln every roupoct that will
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■    Over McLean's Drug Store
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ImmlHomo twoodu and worsteds, Prop In and Inspect thon),
Latest Now York and Paris Stylos
Genuine French System of Dry Cleaning
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Kin's, (Moves, Ln dies' ,or Men's Hutu clonnod or
dyed and blocked, uny stylo,
At roasonalilo prices.
Out-of-town work nttondml lo promptly
■L'Slnoe mankind was .born men who
were wounded in"the struggle^ of Hfo
haye crawled away^.to.-.nurse their
hurts alone—or.to.die.-\   y.   ...
The hunter in the atone age, mangled by tb© tusks of the wild boar, and
the modern workman; torn by cruel
steel, have-been accorded exactly.-the
same treatment by their fellowmen."
Disabled, they, have been adjudged
to have no right to food, because they
no longer were of service to the tribe;
Dead, they have left their wives and
children to garner the scraps from
other men's tables, or to starve.-
Respectable men, wealthy men, men,
who make up our chambers of • commerce and our boards of trade, are
Nocking Into Columbus now to urge
the' legislature, that this Bavage law
of the wilderness shall be continued
as the law of our land. .—.
A bilLis before the legislature called the Green workmen's compensation
act. , •   0     , ,v    .,
Its purpose lg to provide a certainty of food for'toilers who are injured
and for the families of toilers who are
killed. , ,        "       •   - -,,   ',   :,
It provides that employers of labor.
who use, the services of .'more,.than
five helpers, except farmers,,shall "pay
a small, portion of their earnings to
the state. >   ,   " i   •*   "      ■*     '    ■   .,'
These payments are to,build, up a-
fund'out ot which workingmen or ttfeir
families, in the case of Injuryor death
shall be given money to provide them
food and shelter. "      ','       ,"'
-It seems fair enough, doesn't „it?_
Surely the men who are hurt,In the
battles., of peace -are entitled to the
same rights as those wounded in war.
But the wealthy and respectable
men who are coming before" the legislature to urge that' the Green bill be
defeated say: "It's an interference
with private business, it says an employer shall pay into the.state.insurance fund when,, maybe, , he doesn't
want to do so at'all." ,.',",
Let's see how it interferes with private business.    . .
There are certain companies'doing
business in .this state called "employers' liability t companies." '     ...
They insure manufacturing concerns
and other..big employers against any
loss that may be sustained by a workman   getting   hurt   or killed in the
panies in.the.slsryears-preceding.". _,-.
Something even1 greater tlia,n paying
the employee!ter his injuries is sought
in the "Green lbUl;'r- C '".','-'f " ."'• '
- By reduclng.-the "fate of state .insurance to;"'eaclr-class;of industry;as its
accidents: are ^Tedubed, the bill takes
the only .j3ej:tain, method' of inducing
employers '{to-■ prevent', accidents—by
making it-pay them in dollars.—Cincinnati (OhiQ);Post.   • ■"'. X *
, --Vi" *AS"\ "i-'.**«-Jjit-V-.' ^,* N i--^,Cf-jfS. -*^:*- *",:■ ,i,fi.'..~-..-i^. "■-<- ■".' v i„.-.i, *
.',*.'--,.        *-K
■- • ,.*n!*-S.i s-' «■ i
' X\,    {,i.
I.1"   '.->'. " ,
V   *^ i. .'.      .          .
Hosiher Notes
■V.Ti,';    -.'i-'X-'f-'   AAS'-'ii-
..A   '• .'XSj-^X. i.~."*w
coiifseof "fiis'e'mpIoymentT- -      -   %"T"
They employ lawyers" to fight damage suits brought against the employer in court. If the employe wins, they
pay the judgment. ' Practically every
employer in the state, carries insurance in these companies.      _.        :
It's quite a worry-saver for the employer.       " .       '    '  ',
But how about the employee?
In the State of Washington, where
tho only accurate figures on the subject obtainable in America have been
prepared, it has been shown that out
of $4,088,748.38 ln premiums collected
by those employers' liability companies between 1905 and 1911,- mon and
women Injnred got approximately 24
per cent.
Lawyers got 24 per cent., and the
companies and their agents got 52 per
Practically the same conditions exist
In Ohio today, except that injured por-
sons are (a<d to gr,t loss than 10 pei
cont of tho total these companies collect.   , „ ,>'.-_
Thoir buslnoss ls to koop tho amount received by workmen ln payment
for injuries down to as low a sum as
possible, an.d to fight each claim to
tho last court.
Tbo theory of tho Oreon bill Is that
tho Injured workman and his family
should get tho full bonoflt of those
vast annual promlums—and not glvo
moro than halt to private companion
to make profit of tho pain and poverty
of othor men,
Undor tho proBont stato compensation law tlioao liability Inmiranco com*
pnnloB havo boon going about thoir
buulnoBB practically undisturbed. Tlio
Groon bill, by placing conditions upon
thorn which thoy cannot moot—and
mako a profit—frankly Hooks to drlvo
thorn from tho gtalo.
' Tho,big biiBlnoHfl mon, down nt Columbus to dofont tho bill, want a provision nllpwlng thorn to contribute
oltlior td tho state fund or to ono of
ilicHo private companion., Thoy srty
this "compnUUon" will kooptlw rates
In Wnfihlnctui, whoro a compulsory
componnnMu on Ih In foroo, thn poit
of mlnilnlHtrallon by tho statu 'ln»t
y<w waB only 0 nnd IMO por cont,, to
comparo with tho 52 per cont. profits
and operating coit of tho prlvato com-
,; ,     (Continued from Page 5)'>-''.
lowed to evaporate the association
cannot help but become" permanently
established.- ' ",'-'_,« "-,:1"     ,   ^ >,i •' '-
From remarks made at the meeting
called to organize a board of. trado it
^yas pretty^.evident that an effort was
tp be made to obtain, the old* school
house for a "tire-hall." We thought that
this question had already been settled
once for, all., If-any disposition is to
bo made of tlie building it should1 bo
opened as a" public hall.       .
The meat cutter of the 41 meat market has started work at'the mine. \
The Hosmer fire brigade are' giving
a dance' in the opera .house Friday,
March 28.   Don't forget the date. !
, A couple of foreigners were*arrested
Wednesday!.on a charge, otvgettlng
goods .under false pretenses.' Their
case has not been tried at'the time
of writing.   '    '•* ' r -      .. " „.   'j ,'
The meeting-called by'the fire brigade to organize'a board of trade for
Hosmer "met in' the, old. school house
Monday and \ was- fairly well attended.
N. P. .'Kendalljwas in" the chair and
B. Mills" acting ' secretary. After - it
was explainede ,who .was eligible,, for
membership' a- committee was chosen
to canvas the town- for* enough members to obtain.a'charter. ~The meet-.
ing .was then "adjourned until March
"24, when it is expected to, b'e\able to
get "down to business.       ': ' '  ',
S. 81inn,,who', at one time, fan the
company boarding house, is at'" present-sojourning in Hosmer.	
A meeting of the Hosmer Football
club was held in the Athletic hall on
Wednesday." night' with the president,
A. L. Fortier; in' the chair. It was decided to run a team in the various competitions, after'which the following
officers were'elected:. Honorary president, N. T. Kendall; honorary vice-
president's,1 W. Shaw,1 Hon. W.~ R.'- Ross,
Dr. Nay, B.L: Shone, L.Stockett, and
R.Alderson; .president, R." Gourlay;--
vice-president,'W; Rankin; secretary,-
W. Balderstone; treasurer, A."L.-For-"
tier;1 committee,"',A.-Linton, G.\Steed-
en, T.-McKee,-J.-Robson,.and'B. La-"
key.iJOpljors",' amber_and_blactstrj[p_es^
Judicial cholera.prevails Jn Porcu- rtwo'* agitators,*'and:;ono:"victim^ who
_.»  .      , .- -r .---,-*".•.- - ■   ~       *•-   • - \ •:'-■•,.•*.'-■•  *s&,~*r-*s
Hardware & Furniture
Mail Ortlci-s Promptly Attended to
All intending players' are requested to
sendor'give,their names to the secretary. Home and home dates' have
been fixed with Fernie. The season
opens .at'Hosmer, May 3rd, with Hob-1
mer and Fernie as contestants.
. Mr. Mike; Kudzma j,s home again
from Fernie. Mike looks worried.
Wonder why. "    ■ A-   ■
George Diana, who has been laid up
with,- rheumatism; for the last-few
weeks,' left on Monday'for the Frank
:' J. Mihalclk and ,W. Balderstone wero
Fernie visitors Monday on business ln
connection with the,local. ■'
^We hear on goodi authority that
still another Hosmerite l&Uo go to tho
coast and enter" the government Mr-
vice. . Evidently .another case of
"Well done, thou good and faithful
Bcrvant.-come and get thy reward."
(Continued ^from Page 3)
And Bupposo that this master way
up near" tho South'Pole had kept a
preacher who had-told Scott and his
follow eufferorB tlmr thoy should bo
glad to pass through tribulation, for
a beautiful homo awaiting thorn In
And suppose this same mantor had
arranged for somo charltlos to look
aftor tho-worthy poor' and "iiot found
Scott's compnny worthy. ' "
And Bupposo that way up thoro all
alono, far from tho hypnotizing conflicts of Ideas and thoorloB, this rans-
tor had boon none else than a member of tho expedition who simply hnd
UBiirpod tho power of Scott and who
was roally in possession of wlmt Scott
himself had provided and simply re-
fiiHod to lot Scott have nny of It but
lot him tlio from oold nnd hunger
right on tho threshold of nn nbund-
unco of supply,
Whnt would you say?" What would
Scott's wlfo sny? What would civilisation say?
You call mo propostoroiis. You
say r am a fool for writing suoh fool
I nm not,
Right hore In Chicago and Now
York nnd Boston and .Minneapolis and
Denver and San Francisco nnd all ovor
tlio ronntrv am oold and starving men,
women, children—right upon tho door?
stop of overfilled storehouses—-right
clono to bursting conl bins,
And they die, ,,, (
Thoy die because tho big majtoru
rofimo to lot thorn use the food and
lud Unit thriflo mon, and those women,
mul thoBo rhlldrnn, havo produced.
U'b a wrong,
So wrong that wo must destroy that
wrong. -•*•*
Put this earth with Us machinery
nnd all r^iso'irws Into tho h»nd* ef Mie
people so that they may \iso thoro.
Tiring fur lh thu day .when no vnnn
nnnrt to Htnrvo In the Midst of plonty.
.It's -bud enough to hnvo Scott and
his four rompnlnlons dl« up nesr the
South Polo fur tiwt.y from supplies.
It's » crime to have people die right
fn tho opnn field of ahnn«f«'ffi"*-
8ocl»llsm— Boclsllsm— Socialism
alone will right these wroiagn.
pine. ( The laws of Almighty;Justice
are used on.behalfiof the rich against
the poor. It'is-known-to "the wide
world that a.strike is.on";here'since
November 15th, 1912. ■; It is - known
that all the forces of government were
used' to crush the strike, which means
that the poor workingmah has no right
to demand a little!more of the wealth
he produces, while the_employers enjoy millions in dividends, produced by,
labor, while."tfiey lead Idle llyes.
Many, have-been shot, imprisoned
and Intimidated;-but nothing has been
done bo severe and dangerous to the
community as what has happened ln
recent,^days. The. provincial police
have been recalled;,, thug's;have changed their uniforms and appear as gentlemen, -while' In .their" pockets.! they,
carry arms.-, , ^ . \, v-!' .,..".;
.But..let us, leave, this>and pass to
something that is, probably new, in the
•history, of .this country /in", industrial
conflicts between.labor and" capital—
jjetween rich\and "poor—between -pro*;
tected and* unprotected ' citizens of
this "free country'" of Canada. -. ,y
"What I-lhtend. to.bring .before the^
public is:^ ^The authorities were'kind,
enough to ^withdraw the; police forces
on learning that public opinion would
not stand any.more of their provocative actions'on behalf of the mine owners and therefore'against the peaceable "strikers, 'yes, they learned~that
it would toe impracticable, and a.'lack
of diplomacy ..of; the present,, government;, they'have learned that by con-'
tinuatiori.of such provocation" the people1 may put them out" of/the .offices"
they, occupy, so .they recalled, the police/*;-./" --."* i.   :.'   a-: ,..„ ,/. •:-',:,
" Let us see what is'going on^now:
Wolves  never'; have, any, mercy/on
lambs,  and [ capitalist 'clasB/govern<
ment would not like to draw but its
own  fangs;   therefore- if. they *! "witfr
draw the police force this in,my.opinion is more than certain to result "in
something 'new." Now'-'the(police are
substituted.^ by * untrained. gun-men—
and wlio are they—some of the strike
of murder. ■".-■" '_/!''"-//* -A'*A \'~'
y Now /let us see .the- nature, of the
judicial "policy." The .law /provides that
when any-person gives,sufficient evi-'
"dence that ,his life or property /is in
danger he is erititled,to.carry.arpis .or
appoint some other person or persons
who will protect him. ./The'law also
provides .that no constable' shall be
entitled to" carry a gun unless ,he is
a householder or a resident in the'
Let' us accept" that such a law. ls
just, . Yes, it is just. Strike breakers
are armed, mine owners try to .protect
their lives and property and there' aiid
then ro'quost some persons sworn In
as constables. Then-all that thoy
havo to' do Is to protect their lives
and property; but here, Oh, good Lord,'
have mercy on tho innocent strikers
who are not armed, and who. haye
decided to use the moat peaceable
ways and means ln order, to be buccob
ful, having loamod' from experience
of the past that all the powers bf gov*
ornment will be used. against, them,
Armed strike breakers, sworn' ln con
stablos by a' magistrate, to carry tho
guns of murder and not to protect tho
lives and property of the mine owners. But we find it thoy aro hunting
like birds of Prey aftor tho Innocent
Btrlkers to take their,Uvob,
Between ten nnd twelve o'clouk at
night March 11th, In tho town pf .Tlm
mine, about 00 ai-med strike breakers
made an Invasion on tho Union hall
nnd monacod with clubs and shouts
tho fow stWkors who were sleeping
there, and trlod to get thorn on tho
stroot ln ordor to Bhool thorn, which
Is nothing moro nor loss than provocation; nearly the snmo thing took
plneo at Schumachor tho night boforo
and at South Porcuplno on Saturday,
Mnreh 8th, a similar incident occurred.
. If suoh provocation will continue,
If armed mon will bo allowed to In-
vndo unnrmod nnd ponconblo strikers,
then If nny, disturbance riot or blood-
shod takes place, who Is to blame?
Poacoablo strikers, who stand for
thoir rights, or 'the Judicial authorities represented by a man who Is
no sympathy for, or mercy on «i»lkor»,
known from-past oxporlonce to hnvo
who showed bin fangs whon pnsslng
judgment on Innocent men, under
false evidence for unlawful assembly,
who pnssod eontonca undor tho Indus-1 In Porcuplno,"
trim disputes investigation net against
' f*z~ i .ji,;" v. , --* • ,,-" :.Sr 1J." .
'r' *■*""/•-'-T SA^jst.-islf.-i-.'C'A• i^-r*
■ ISrA'CA *
dared to quit work against the will of
his master; againstxone'. agitator" by
whose .influence 500 strikers on December 2nd^ behaved/like/peaceable
citizens/when'the/.had/'a fiall,'right-
to'^tea.r :to pieces,.the,gun-men; who,-
withoiit any reason shot Into a peaceful parade of/strikers marching on
the public highway. ' "[■■'''■ -       .-
Now let ask' the people of* Canadp
wint,have" the/strikers, t6" do when
they are attacked.by/an armed crowd
of men?   What respect should,they
have for the "powers of government
who arm. untrained men * with "guns?
What have thoy to do while Judicial
cholera la reigning .in the district?
;What liberty have wc left It part of
the people'aro.armed and part unarmed, and,the unarmed group Is attacked
by, the armed, group?   What respect.
.doeB,.the'government deserye.lftuii-
armfed. citizens- .wjio^haye; wlyws and
families irr the 'cbmmunlty>reXs88«ln-;
lated by strangers,; brought "as ^strike'
brealcers'from all'parts'pf the world,
who menace/the llve's\and,property^
of tliose' who have' their homes' andl
families-here and try "to .better 'their,
conditions in order' to 'remain here?'
What-has the government to offer in
order to stop the coming protest of
millions ",of" rebels    against- injustice
and tyranny?4' Oh, no doubt: the'remedy you would apply is the' militia "or
police, "whlch.nsually is applied by you
^yhen the,workers -stand  for-their
rights.'■' '.Oh, thank you .our,Grand'Re-~
deemers! " L know, yoii *'are'.always'
ready, to shed the .blood of those" on
whose "toll you continue--youl-exlst^
ehceZ ■-' However; ^ let me. tell youv all
the remedy "that we want is' that you
8bajl not .wound .us any more,1 that you'
will'not/lead,us,into the valleys'."of
sorrow ■ and. misery.   - Will; you hear
this, Oh/you poor Creatures of.Death?.
All we desire is, that we have real
liberty in a ."free" country'! *here .we
have' free • speech." and' a free' press;
Let us continue sharing oiir'ideas with
those.who are,members of the working clas'si" who have brains and conscience-enough/tb see that our, dV
their', rights; * our enemies are "their.,
enemies.",';'A •/■-'"<,'   ,*    ',!. [
J If we enjoyed this'I. do.not think
that\there would bel any reason for
all'that "happened, here.    We know
that   many , strike - breakers'. were!
brought tiefev under false pretenses.;
We know that there were .many" who
were forced to go to work.. We know
that,there'.are many, jvho are Ignorant
of  their own  rights;  therefore .wo
claim'that If Canada Is a "free'Chrlst-"
Ian country," why do you stop ue from,
fulfilling the Christian doctrine which'
Bays that wo have to enlighten those*
who are walking ln darkness? .Why;
Oh you religious people, do you stop'
us from obeying tho commands of the
Lord?   Why do you stop us from,do-,
ing the duty which"wo.owo'to' omS
selyos, our wives, to our children, to
humanity?..'vfrhy, Oh,.you authorlti*?^
are you so blind ns not to see - that
your mission Is to secure and execute,
'equal rights to all?  Well,,you may;
say, that- their lives ■ are In danger;'••
then' what answer have you to offer
when our lives ore In danger?   WE
nre' those who were working hero bo;
fore tho strike;, wo' aro those  #ho
havo our homes here; we aro those
who came to tho conclusion that If
we contlnuo working for tho snmo
wngos we are going to starve.   T Am
turning to you authorities, not ns If
I would havo any hope pt your good
will.   Oh nol   Addressing you I just
speak to my follow men, to those who
today or tomorrow will fool your Iron
hand, to those that you have jails for,
to thOBO who havo tb lead lives of
drudgery, to thoso thnt oroato all tho
wealth, who are forced to bo satisfied
with ndultoratod food, shoddy cloth*
Ing, and to live In shacks and camps'
that your mnstors would not house
tliolr dogs In,
' Oh, you, whose Hearts are throbbing
to son tho sun of Justlco, of manhood,
stand oroet, speak out your sorrows,
Call nnd tho door will bo open. Your
hope will como If you will net togoth»
or, strlko topothor, vote togothor, and
fight together, *
Then lot us aot and the puppets or
tho capitalist class shall hoar our
volco, and thon those tlmt wo wish to
hear our motto shall lie^r It and so,
not «b to prevent,a wholosnlo butchery
of human beings by "Judicial Cholera
AXAP.: V{: WjKELAN;' /Manager/ //;
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/"'■'. .   Sample' Rooms.on .Maln.>
AX- ~A "'■ Buslnes«\8treefc// ,
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: Me^t Tickets, $7.00
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the 'month and to Theatrical parties.   Try.'our  ,'^,-^   /';,;•>.   .*",.
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V-1  -A'
'AjA-* ,.
; -' - T i.'
J Your ■ Opportunity
IP a,vory, promising pro-   "*
position were submit-
' tod to you tomorrow, one.
that required a little capt-   "
tal,   would you be In a
position, to accept It, or
would you bo forced to
step back and allow.some-.'
, one elso to grasp your one "
ehanoe?        ',,.*•
There aro few opportunities ior the man with
nothing,, but at the door .';
of tho man with 'a bank
account fortune knocks
ofton. „"     ",*■"'
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this bank. Ono dollar Is
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build up a substantial
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Ballovno '.>i,,*,...,.; Jnmns nurko,-Hot 36; llellQrdo'AHn,
Blalrmoro....;.;....; W. L. Evans, nialrtnoro, Alta,   ,:
nnrml*  7.   TVr>"rKVi, Dafu.tf ,U^., "
parbondalo,,.,, J, Mikhail, Carbondsle, Cowman, Alta.    •
Canmore..,,......,,. N.D, Thachuk, Canmoro, Alta,      \
Coloroan' W. Graham, Colonial), Alta.
Corbin................ J. Jones,Corbin, B. C,
Chinook Mines,,.,... W, II. Hnghos, Chinook,Via Diamond City, AIL
Diamond City........ J, B. ThomhlH, Diamond City, Lethbridxa.
Farnlo  Thos. Uphill,FernUi,a C.
Wank., Bran Morgan, frank, Alta.
Hoaner  W. Balderstone, Hosmer, B. C.
Hlllcrest. Jb............ Jaa. Gordon, Hlllcrest, Alt*.
Uthbridf* I* Moore, 1711 Slith Avenue, N. Utbbtldie.
Lehbridte Collieries.. Frank Sarriatbam, Coalburat, Alt*. *
MapU Lear...  John T. William*, Ma<>1« Leaf, BallWu* AJUt
Michel.....,.,  M. Barrel!, Michel, n. 0.
Monareli Mine...*..,-i Wis. Hyn«l, Wean Trt)st'T%i\9f, AIUL •" *"
lHu*)*m,%i.■*.*..,.. A. Jteskar,■'PHasbttrt. Alt*. '
mynl^'Utw  Qto, Jo dsn, Royal Cofll#rtc«,Utbbrldie,AlU
Tab#r. a Palterwa, Tebar, AIM
Alix TRAVAILLEURS    /        T,.
yX;.y" . ■ DE BEiIgIQUE
Ahi:.9.omite national du suffrage/uni-_
v'ersel et de la grieve g<Sn6rale.--kuni
loh «vrier 1913, confirms.son accord
absolu avec, le„ groupe •parlementiiire
socialiste qui a fait, au cours'du deh^t
aur'la",revision,,tout ce,qul d^pendait
de lul priur^rendre la cbnclliatidnCpas-"
|-sible.'i*-II-constate que l'attitude-'ln-
tra'nsigeante dugovernement'et'de la
drolte^rend' la .greve g^nSrale 'inevitable J;'I1 Invite la classe ouvrlere a
actlver.ies dernlers pr^paratifs de'gre-
ve et a prendre les dispositions neces-
saires' (priSavis, etc.) pour /ceBser le
travail le 14 avrll prochain.
Avant de prendre une decision aussi
grave, nous avons • conscience d'avolr,
poiir n'y etre pas contraints, fait tout
ce qui <§tait compatible avec la dlgnite
de" la-classe ouvrlere "et sa volonte in-
detectable • de conqugrlr, coute, l'^gal-
it6   politique. 'Les- mandataires f au
jParleinent bnt d4c;lar6 qu'ils etalent
rgsclus a d^fendre jusqu'au-bout le
suffrage unlversel a-21 ans, mais que
sr.une majorit-S. ae prononcalt a la
Cons'tituaiite pour. 1'age de"25 ans, ou
le' double /vote des peres de famllle;
ce ne serait pas un motif sufflsant pour
que les travailleurs fassent la greve
g&iirale;'_ ,;',\   '   ,;.!.-"'      "...',.-;
' Demandeurs en revision, lis ont net
tement ■ affirme/qu'ils ne songeaiehf
pas;areclamer*de's flections gen^raies
avant 1914.   Soucleui? d'dpagner a la
classe ouvrlere et au pays une greve
redoutabl'e.^ lis    ont   Immddiatement
acquiesc^'a la' proposition faite par M.
Hyinans -el appuyge par M. Th^odor
de soumettre l'ensemble des questions
61ectoralesva^ 1'exainen d'une commis-'
sion nommee^par-lesChambres'et le
fJouvernemen't Sjfqul-fut rest^e libre
d« conclure pour ou contretla revision.'
De Taveu deses'prits les plus moderns,
cette proposition pduvait etre accueil-
lie ,sans' rien "compromettre -et', sans
rien prdjuger. -",*"-•        )    ?■
L'lntranslgeance   du   Gouvernement
.. Le "gouvernement ne.l'a.pasvoulu;
H a^cSde auxjinjonctions do ceuz qui
le^poussaient-.a-la'resistance et.'a'op-'
posS le memevrefus a''ceuVqui luTde--
m'andaient^ d'etre)'juste 'et a' ceux" qui
lui deinandaient- d'etre conciliants, et
a^rUeure7&u~ll~ pret^d^lmposer' aux
popiillitrons^regalite'devant la caserne
il a repousse sans examen regalite' dfrv
vant'Turne/eiectorale: • ; * *'JfS. "   -
Dans ces' conditions, la classe buv-'
rlere n'avait plus 'qu'un' seul parti 'a
prendre/'elle- n'avait plus qu'un- seul
mbyen'1 legal'li'employer.1/Ce moyeh,'
c'«stAla> greve gtfnSrale.\'''
AHix travailleurs:' ,-
Le 30 juiii ,1912,.a1 la, Malson du
Pouple de" Bruxelles, ies deidgues de
vos organisations ont ddclde unanl-
moment de, faire la greve generate
pour la revision et la'Tsuffrage unlver-
sel au jour et a 1'heurVou les man-
datalros rqconnaitralent l'lmposslblll-
t6 d'aboutlr par d'autres. moyons.'
~ Co-jour eat vonul. ■./
Les PrSparatlfs pour la Grove
Quelquos somalnbs" vous, rosterit
poiir'accroltro votro dpargno'et-prendre vos dernloroB dispositions. Taches:
do ,les mottre a' profit. Rotranchez
plus que Jamais sur vos deponses 'in-
utiles ou nulslblos. Prepnroz-vous a
la grovongoneralo du suffrage unlvor-
sol par la* grove Kenerale' do l'alcool.
Pendtroz-voua do cottb ponada qu'il b'-
nglt pour votro clnsso do montror par
son calmo, par so formontd, par sa
mnltrtso d'ollo-momo quo co serait uno
crimlnollo folio quo do lul rofusor plus
longtomps la consecration do son droit
On ossalora do yous provoquor, md-
floz-vous; on ossalora do vous divisor,
boitoz los rangs ot' qu'a In dato flxdo,
lo momo Jour, dans toutos los industries, dans toutes los regions du pays,
In grove gdndrale commonco ot solt
cc quo vous avcz voulu, co quo nous
voulons qu'ollo solt; pnolflquo, forrnld-
nhlo, Irresistnb'lo.
Aux industrlols ot Commoronnts;
Cotto grovo n'ost pns dlrlgdo contro
vous. l<a clnsso ouyrloro OBt nccul6o
par I'lntranslgonnco'Rouvornomontnlo:
olio ontond la falro dans lo cnlmo ot
la I6nallto(S on rospoctant les drttnls
do pr6nvls fixds pnr la loi ot la cou-
Uiiijo. ISllo ,j'. mottrn fin dos qu'ollo
ntirh obtonu la roconnnlssnnco do sou
droll. Vous pouvoz vous hotor, ol
pour prdvonlr co confllt, oxorcor sur
ooux qui ddtlonnont lo pouvolr uno nt-
tion offlcaco, ■ ■-    .  ■
Dans I'lntdrot do coux qui travail-
lent pour vous commo dans votro In-
tdrot prbpro, nous avons 1'ospolr quo
vous n'y mnnqiioroz pas.
A la llourgooislo!
. Dos mllllors d'hommos von I. nnur
uno idbo, s'imposor des souffrancos at
tiiiAUKur ia iuttu ix>ur uno roformo quo
la majority nfelle du pays accopte et
qui f«t Ufa MtHiitt} ou en vole tie
rdallaaUondans tous les pays vblslns.
Pour,Jos retouir au travail, il sufflntlt
taniotti O'uti awe d'apalsemcnt ot do
Justice, On' Vous » dlt, on vous dim
encore quo si le part^au pouvolr ci-
dalt a la manoeuvre "la grave dovlon-
drall, un systemo d'Intlmldatlon. tm
mode extra ltsal de gouvernement au-
ijurt Ms travailleurs auralcut v«cour»
cbaque fols qu'ils voudralent obtenlr
mo liourctlc r(Jfo^•iU^l;,
Le Meyen Supreme peur la Classe
Celt n'est pas mil hu grew g«n-
tfrnle n'a Jamais 4M et ne pourrn Jamais «4re <(ttm taoytm exceptloiinel,«»
jwwffm snpr«m«j car la, ctaiwui uuvil-we-
ne pe«t r reeocrtr uni.ilmposer a
elle-meme d«* privations, dee sacrifice*, dee rismne* 4* la t>ln» ktate ten-
VIW.   Ell* ««t Heota ee^ndsnt a I'-
heure0 actuelle parce qu'elle est 'lasse
d'attend"re,,parce qu'elle est poussee a
.bout,,.parce,-qu'elle se voit- refuser
jusqu'a - l'esperance d'obtenir 1'aboli-
tlon du,vote plural et la renoriciation
yolontalre des;eius du vote plural.-; ,
V Vq'ulez-vous,/des lors, que dana^l'av-
enirde.pb'uvelles greves politique!^ tie-
vlennent ^inutiles, vvoulez-vbus": 6pars-
ner aii pays la crfse de sept annees
qui, de'1886 a'1893/preceda la premiere revision? Voulez-'vous" montrer
qu'au-dessus des antagonlsmes des
classes,' Uy a' une conscience collective qui' veut' l'apalsement par la justice? - Venez -en aide au' proletariat,
o'uvresfvos malsons aux enfants'dos
grevistes/ songez aux denlers' de la
-. La lutte va s'engager. Co n'est pas
seulement la lutte de la classe ouvrlere contra un regime electoral qui. r-
numllie et. l'obalsse. C'est la lutte
por le droit de toutes les consciences
inquletes de l'avenir.
vSoyez avec nous dans n'otre lutte.
Vive la revision. Vive le suffrage
unlyers'ell—L'Unlon des Travailleun
Da" ben sei mesi e'in vigore lo sciopero nelle*mlnler'e dl Vancouver" Island.      ''/•,-;';•      -   - '    ,—'
Le ragioni che hanno indotto'quei
forti minatori a proclamare tale sciopero, sono: l.b per "ottenre un aumento di -paga; 2.o.'p'er il riconoscimento
dell'unione; 3.o., per mlgliorare Ie loro
- Le compagnie. seguitano ad" arrabai-
tarsi a cercar crumirl, e con ■ false Yr,
serzloni, - con lusingHiere promesse,
coll'esca, di una" lauta paga, inquesf.1
giorni sono/riuscite a trovare circa
206.disgraziati', pero—ivquali accon-
sentirono.^lavorar per esse. Ma'piv
tardi,ssaputo^il vero stato ,delle cose,
la maggior parte df essi sono scappati,
convinti 4d'aver compiutb,, benche forse
involoritariamente, un vero tradimen-
to, ed ora a Iavoro;non si trovanoche
pochi negri,.,gaipppriesi; cinesi.e, pur=
troppo, anche qualche incretinito ital-'
iano! Fra breve sara, pubbllcatb; Pin-,
tiero elenco dei -'vigliaccbi e testardf
crumiri' itallani.^    / ' -      -" '
■Nel mentre che scongluriani'n.i-TfiinV-
atori^l.ribstra'.lingua a, star lontani
da questo Distretto .slno a' che le di-
vertrenze fra capitals .e' lavoro non si-
ano appianater a^coacientLscioperanti
del' British Columbia^mandiamo 11 sa-'
luto-della solldarieta e l'augurio dl un
pronta', strepltosa vittbria.
- ir'l'l    v*.    * . .Y-  * *,     ^       r
Organizzatbre'U". M. W. of A.
William. D. Haywood, capo della
grando brgahlzzazlono oporala Industrial Workers of tho-.World, o stato
rlmosso" dolla carlca ,dl membro ese-
cutlvo del partlto sociallsta amerlcano
per la raglono ch'egll yolova' ad ogni
costo far provnlero—nolle ' question!
oporalo—g liscloperi gonorall, 11 "sabotage" e raslone-diretta, ovvoroBla la
vlolonza, .        '    .
La sua espulsiono obbe lu'ogo In sti-
gulto ad una votaziqno'1 gonoralo di
tutti-l_".membrl dol partlto soclalistn,
nolla quala ogll obba It mlla votl fav-
orevoll o 22,500 contrarli,
La lo2lono o boa morltata, perrhe
non o colla vlolenza e colla cnprbla
cho lo maBSo oporaie dovono corcaro
dl mlgllorar'lo loro condizioni moral!
o social), ma bonsl coU'organlz/,lono
qulota o tranqullla.
Durante 111012.1a United Mino Wor-
kors of America ha olnrglto al suol
mombrl in scloporo la uomma dl V*r,0
Ml la dollarl.
>, Lo npos(f total! incontrato dull'un-
lono, durante lo stosso porlodo tempo
nscondono a $1,108,001.-1!), dl oui $2fl9,-
onO.SC por salarl ngll ufflclall o 22 mlla por sposo dl stnmpn. II bllanclo
notto doll'assoclnslono nl 31 dlcombro
1012 ora dl $221,2fl2.on a crodlto,
BoJ o Mladei
a na Mbrave a^vo.Vledni doslok;2ak-
ladaniu Delnickych telocviCnych' jed-
noL'R--!  ,;'  ' ■ .     .   ,-.,. v.
o-Robotnicvto,, jestli ma jeho^'hnutie
v.prade postupoyaf a. uspesn'ei/mus'i
sa; snazif o zlskanie a vychbVauie -m-
lade2e v duchu socialistickom a' pr^to
od.konca rokov devodesiaty'ch'zaklad-
ane su-takeetne, vlastne/ orgahisade
telocviCne. ' -    -.,'*.-
Pravda, Sokolstvo'bolo tu'd'rieV; ale,
Sokolstvo "nam nevyhovuje, ' pretoie
zaIo2ene bolopred pbl stoletim na zak-
lade narodnom, deniokratlckom *^ce,
ale vsetky vrtsvy, hlavne slr^dnu za-
hrnujucim a preto nemo2e nam vycho-
vavaf, dorost delnicky v duchu socialistickom. -Na veci tej nemeni ani sku-
tofnosf, ze- v Amerike je organishcia
Sokolstva sloiena hlavne~z robotnilc-
ov, lebo ovladana je tyml istyml zasa-
dami, alco Sokolstvo v Cechach. Je
to orgnnisacia, ktora hlavne v rokocn
1897-98 ost're >ystupovala0 proti Ces
kym socialnym d'emokratom, ktora po
dnes rozhodne poplera lebo umensuje
triedne rozdiely a toda nemoie vycho-
vat' dorost delnicky.
Pre^onam Sokolstvo Nestadl?
Je pravda, Ze ked by sa jednalo len
vyluene o telocvik, tak by nam roj-
hodne sta6Ily sbory sokoiske, ano, sna
by po stranke telocvienej stare, bobate
sbory sokoiske vyhbvbvaly lepsie. A.lo
telocvik, aa pre delnlctvo snad dole2i-
tejsl, prl dnesnych methodach pracor-
nych ne21i pre triedy ost'atue, je len
jednou dast'ou ukolu Del. Tel. Jednot.
Druhou Sast'ou je vychova mravna,
tret'ou .vychova rozumova. A tu pra-
ve nam Sokolstvo nestaCI. Je organ!-
saclou narodnou, kdeito, hnutle robot-
alcke je medzinarodne' a .mladeg ro-
botnlcka miisi byt'vychovavana k soll-
darite vsedelnickej, ktora predcliadza
solidarite-vsel'udskej, Co ovsem bude
ovocim • dob buduclch. Je d'a'.ejiste,
Ze" jednoty sokoiske neprispievaju (Iba
len Ho jednotlivci); k triednemu uve-
domeniu fobotnictva,. nemoZu, pone-
vaC neuzn^vaju.-ani len v theorli, £e
rozvrstvenie triedne je faktom v dnes-
nej spoloSnostl a Ze zavlada trledny
b'oj.     b"  ,    '■
My.prave'pokladame triedne' vedo-
mie robotnictva za nutny predpoklad
■vedbmej a ufielnej prace ^v prospech
robbtnej triedy. "A_ same .bratstvo v
Sokole trpl casto^tym, Ze'nie clenstvo
z tejZe triedy, kleZto v Del. Tel. Jed-
notach tato jednorodost' dlenstva, u-
moZnuje bratstvo, sudruZstvo oprav-
dove. *
Je nesporno, Ze robotnictvo ako tri-
eda? ma urCite mravne* zasady—jeho
stanovisko li hospodarskym bojom, k
stavkam, k odbo'rovej organlsacii' ro-
botnictva je vyhradeno? urCite. • To ie 1
One who haB nothing to lose ia gen-
erally willing to take chances.
• Mr. J. E. Arsenault, a Justice of tlie
Peace and station master at 'Wellington, on thc P.E.I. Hy., says: "Jhouj;
years ago 1 fell on a freight truck, sustaining a bail cut on tbe front of my
leg. I thought this'would heal, but
Instead It developed into a bad ulcer,
and later into a form of cczeraa which
spread very rapidly and also started
on the other leg. Boih legs became
so swollen and sore that I could only
go about my work by having them
bandaged. .■
" I consulted two doctors, and tried
all the salves, linii'.ents and lotions 1
heard of, but Instead of getting bettor
I got worse.
nie moZne v'jednotach sokolskych,
.ktore sa nemoZu postavit'.na stranu
robotnictva, raajuce za Clenov 1 zam-
estnnavatelov, velmi-' Casto-1 zamest-
navatel'ov'neustupnych, ktorl rbbtnic-
ke snahy potierajii," .
■Po stranke mravnejteda robotniclw
trieda sa riem'oZe spokbjit' s vy'chbvou
sokolskou, nemoZe sa s* nou spokojlt'
ani po stranke, rozuinovoj. Politlcka
nestranost' uvedora'eiemu robotnlltu
nestaCI, nestaCI ani theoreticky pre-
jav syrapathll vo prospech soclalismu.
On Zladn vzdelnnte mladeZe, ktord
poufil Ju 0 hospodarskom, soclalnom 1
dejinnom postaveni triedy robotnlckej
0 zasadach soclalismu a hunti robot-
Ostatno snahytvzdelavacle v Sokolo
su prills zatlafovand do pozadla, pro-
toZo prnve t'aZko Jo nozaoborat' . sn
tymito otazknml a oato nesnadnojslo
jo "iaujat* k nlm v Sokolo urfilto stanovisko. Pod slroky plast' svobodomys-
InoBtl Bn dnlo mnoho slcryt,' alo Ca-
som prodsa nastaly spory v nazoroch
—1 modzl samotnlml sborml sokolsky-
ml. ftcska .Vnr. Jodnoto Solcolska kla-
dlo v poprodlo s'trnnku svobotlomyslnu
a Cesko-anior. Nnrodna tlo2, Jeduota
Fuognor Tyrs strnnku narodnu a telocvik, Jodnotn Dol. Am. Solcoln nloGo
vacsln vahu kladlo na tsranku social-
nu—Zlal' Zo nanmohu Ion thoorotlcky
a nojaRne.
Proto bolo prlkroCcno lc znloZonln
orgnnlsacll, lttord by provndsaly vych-
ovu robotnlokoj mlndoZe avRilomlto a
vedomo v duchu pokrovo robotnlckom
v pravdo soclnllfitlcltom—a to su Dol-
uicku ToloovKIno Joiluoty.
Pojdomo costou niiHtupunoii, Ul'uduo
doHlciliio a slalo, liuduuu) iirucovul*' 0
zlskmil robotnlokoj mlmlnZo, 0 JnJ vy-
Hpnlost' tolosnu, diisovnti I nimvtuti,
lak aby molila bojovnt1 znpnsy vroI-
IO'pIi utlskovonych, hoja int'ilzhmrml-
noho pi'olotnrlatu.
N'u|irochovnvnmo proto k Hnknlstvn
unl ncchiitl, ani nonnvlstl n trpkoNil.
Nt'Htiifl mini iirosto—tym vsnk ulc Ji-
povcdiiuo,   Zn   MiiHimu   iieprlndH'ml. ;fi
M0Z0 im poll lolosnpj vychovy h iJniJi
IstoJ mlcry v modslnnli danycli Julio'
orifiinlHiicll I niriivtin n kulturno znn-
monat' pro nloktorych  l'udl pokrok.
Ale iiciiioZi: uvodomolcimi robotnlctvu
vychovavnt' mladoC, tu si musl robotnictva vyclmviit' Hiuno.
A U'Jito ultol plnl Pol. Toi. Jodnots.
—novnost ivtlilii.
" This was my condition whan I got my
drab box of Zam-Buk. Greatly to myMe-
light that first box gave me relief. I continued to applv it to the »oren,. and finy by
day they got better. I could aee that at
last I had got hold of something which >,
would cure me, and in, the end it did.
" It is now over a yeor since Zam-Buk
worked a cure in my cas«, and there lias
been no return of the ectema."
Purely herbal in composition, Zam-Buk
is a sure cure for all skin diseases, eold
noroa, chapped bands, ulcers, blood-poison*
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
ing,   varicose   sores.
■ ii'     j * "u'"j   piles.
inflamed patches cuts, bums and'bruises;
All druggist, and stores .ell at 60c. box!£
post-free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto
' Nowhere In the Pass can be
found  in  such  a display of
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can,bu"y of Beef,   Pork, Mutton, Veal,    Poultry,    Butter,
-.Esss, Pish, "Imperator Hams
' and Bacon" Hard, 'Sausages,
Welners and Sauer Kr«ut.
, Through   history's -^ early s' records
right down to the present day] sterling
manhood has commanded first attention from  the fair sex." Every  woman admires the man whose physical
bearing stamps him a Ldisciple of ancient Hercules—aa I a ni&n of'powor
among men.     What handoes not l-iei
IMimd nf a rupged comritutlon—feol
ennobled with the experience of t>er-
fect vigor,in every fibre of his make-,
BATTERY has put scores of men in
this enviable position—endowed them
with virile and full exercise of their1
masculine - powers.      It  will  do  tho
same for you.    It Is 300 per cent easl- -
cr to wear than other apparently similar devices—400 per cent greater in
efficiency—contains electric batteries
not burning acids.   ■ It is sold al  a
low cost—no unnecessary frills to pay
for     Losses cease with its use.   Tts
eneivating, energizing influence cure
Varicocele    and    kindred    aliments -
Phono 56
—Write at once for particulars to
David Building, 326 8th Ave., East
the Best of
1 t
Fine ISeckwear, Sox,. Caps, Underwear, Shirts, Suits,
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Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
Xi\ ctslom flvnto dnos Knvladn boj o
mlndol Mod vlndmicc, trlotla knpl
lalistloltn, kruliy vojpnshrf clrkvo snn-
tin sa o to, aby do Hvnjlch ruk dontall
flilfldnC'nil iltlwli tSlr»*rtV   'it nt* I'.f*,-""'..
To vldlmn nkrt v llnkimku, kd«» wi rn-
Uliiilnno stranou krosfwiskonoplalnmi jmlnlstor to put his mnn to s!«ip.
rozn<> 'Knnbonhorty', ano I o^ganlsa-
do iiiladoZo, tak v Neoiooku, kde rata
voJonuM kruhy organlsuju
It fnVosi ii itnnti pw»m«t  <ir ti ^otir
wnhrv", v Anelll, VA* "«nv f»<w»t""
nlo nu ink iicrlnnou orwnfsaclou sa
aku sa vydava, I Amorlke, lol*s msmo
ako "ttoy Scouts," tak spoioit krwf
nnskych mlndlkov, kdo tiodelnd skoly
i katollckd skoly Jtpraruvarsju mlndoJ
hlnvno robotnlrku.
Vsetky ll« »ii«*»i> mi mlrwnA protl
oritnnlwvanemu robotnlctvu, protl
KlvaiKt MocmlinlUkKj, ako vldlrae na
p. i elnnostl "(toy Soouu," g boju ka-
to)kk<>J a Inyrh rtrkvl, atd.
Je priroffxcn<S Eo uvedomsU robot'
nlctTO sniuf tin. nby rychovalo mladol
v duchu tH.aiotn, v duchu »wxl«|Istlck-
uou. VtuXii .ii'itJ^ti. lw i ^*HHtt*ek«i at
od rokor Je «rit»nltOT*B« a(tn< hnntis
mladelo, v iMkusku, t tlalitU tint, pm-
to r ABflll »'* MkUdaa* **4*ltt. tk*
\f M«UllitKk« a preto tie! t **eb*f ta !
Percho lavoraro per una mis*,
ora Klornnta o sotto 11 giojto al-
trul? Porcho non comparo 10
acr»» dl tfrra o lavoraro por vol
sttiisl <U cut no avote I mlgllori
frnttl *> pot*»ft» trtiamrn In vns-
ti-A famlslla ndsRKiaiamontof
N^lI'Mfflsrlo nWiInwo romn pnr-
ovo lcttoro da purmnoi Al fidutla
Che provono ton fslil I i?randl
proftNMsi cho hsnno sU«nnto
wvllSTftro tml t+mrftl.
P**r friffimottlnrtf, rlrflfci't--'-f
Johtofl-r*lconer Block
VkWrta AvcA0*
woro tho FIRST PRIZE and tho GOLD MEDAL
at the Edmonton Exhibition awardod to
Bocautothoy aro THE BE8T ON THE MARKET, that's why.
Buy thorn all tho timo at
i tie.   a. i    niiiiwici^x
* Cw«tC iVtiw»i£ OYrtbHtt t*AtL
Many fly.t»--nl«ht quark* Bt1vtnln> ,-»ir,.»i uiul Irt-ntrnenu thnt |in»v«
only * (•-numrnry »itmuUni nt,*l ft Im only u rnull^r «if tlme»UII itm «|<|
vymptmnn return. My m-vi-n yi/itu In one l<>o«i|nu $irov» timl my
mMlioiU nr«t g^ntilnc anil my rtir'd JnMlnur, Mnny or my |Mtl«nt« havo
com«* throuffh tho rfrommrndatlnn* «if their frloiuli whom I lt«v« curfil,
My It yearn' «x|)crl»nce enable! inn in dlARitoM your cute properly mui
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1C»IJ m If you r-*w m<-
tmrannallY, Ml totti'.ra
h«ln! enntlttamlal «mt
Itittm my elii*+*i f>*>nin-
i»*l aKanilon,
Wrtto for trwt* IVmhh-t
Dr. Kelly
Expert (Urologist
210 Hownnl SI.
Spokane,       Wftj*h. mmW^Wtttma
mh.4.^.- : -   J  ,
■ ■OA«;*.'
-      "I*,        **.
""   '. --v*J\ " ,    "f       ""    '-'   ■*'
i «> ~-%
t *- - .■--". ■|u .'    . " r-'.
■ '     , •""   J" '■-.--" v; v ".
"A-* ''",,*
BBRixtr Liooiat, mini, b. c, mabch 22, mi
#/e/* 5 High Class ■.[
Tailored Suits
XadiesxNew*' Sfiring'. Su'it-s'y
j-    *• .  : r~ " r „ ,'*> -j -' ■■ "';.,
. Our Suits 1 his-season an\macle-with more style and value thon.I
't;IIESE are selections from the-very finest elolh-
*   ing liuuje and are the new spring models for
1913. , If you are interested in stylish, high-grade
clothes call arid sec these.
W-s£%&$7 />!''' .}v'\:*7
A'^imX-A.^', x • .'■■»>' - .
**is£r ■■JV'/'p.. ■.-. v..; J    *,
-!>Jr {/&/•   i'-t/t-'iy
di ttj'.wj*a..  i .;**/x\i     _
\- \ . The' last Avord.iir.Amei;ienin.j3oft,*
\ ever liefore. Tiie- ciotiis ni-e"of,nue £racle.';'The linings-Aiid fain, [^J- £qlt:jfius^ikl tiiiglish ilardlralst'
1 luhr-i-i are 01 ho\\yv -nualUy'.; And- the pi-'u-os aro less.   AU*.11i^nevv'«! ;f AVeja^nv..J»ivt( on display ji -very
i-ciits.in coats and skirl* are s'l>own av^i-J] ;ts till the luV'ulothk '     ' j    !• iijip^W-1"'"'iJu..ot"(ht* newest,lildoiis
.     ,.      ."■       ».   Prices from $15 to $40     \    , -.A  '      .*    I"  j, x^ ^my. ;Soe onr flat display
'   ^ ' -     ' .    • .    - ■,       - *      -, ■ ' 1 !■ j '. -'',       ,1   . i* ••      ...     .■*■,.
\ m the clothing' department." ' ;■'
Mens Fine Blue
Hand-Worsted Suits
-npIIIS is something entirely new and gets away
■*•   from thc old dull blue.   Tliey arc made in the
new light hlue, in'very fine twill worsted and «hcv-
iots.   'All hand tailored in new, spring models.'
Worth $25.00
.mm $
,\t*.,..   i.t. \ r
'Skv-if ".!
The latest in'Men's Neckwear, .new
iii stock. Ulub stripes and the new
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combinations. A very special collection at 65 cents
The famous Cluett Shirt In-all the
new jiatterns are now being-shown in
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How About Your
Boys' Easter Suits
We have not forgotten the'needs of the
In,}"**., We have just received a very large
shipment oi Hoys' uev/ Hpring (Suits in
both . wn iiiec^ajid three jiieee'styles,.also
a .'ompicte. range of Knieker and Hloomei'
Paiits.     '*  ■
Get your boy a new outfit for Easter..
}r specials'
For one  day  wo,will  sell  tlie  Americw   Alarm Clock for 90 cents each:   Be sure you
ge-t one of these.   Every "one guaranteed.   On   Sale in the Grocery Department. -
Grocery Department
, l'Vn'cy Table Raisins, per lb.,  5.    .20
Fancy Table Figs, per lb..,' ;.; 20
Fancy Dates, 2 lbs..... .V. \ 25
Fancy Cream Chocolates, per lb.'. 35-
Mixed:Nuts.'per lb,..., \7 '...    .20
Frcsh Hot-House Lettuce, per lb...' ,.    ,30;
Fresh California Celery, 2 lbs.......'     .25
Fresh 0California Tomatoes, per lb .;, a...    .20
Fresh Killed Chicken) per lb..-.- .-   .30 '
Cranberries, per lb. '.     .10
Honey, 2y2 lb. giass .-'.' :.....-..   ,. 70
Iloney, 16 oz. glass'   -.. /.:..'    .33
jJone.v..l6,oz. comb  ;,.'.'...:     «>0.
Empire Ham, per lb.........'...' •; - .22
Empire Bacon, per lb...:...' '.. 7    "^23-
Kippers, per, lb..:......' ;..'. 17%
Finnan- Haddie," per lb..,....'....!...'. 1.. /   .12y3
AVestou's Rich Fruit and Cherry Cake -..-'   .30'
English Plum Pudding? per lb.'./.1.,. .-• ,  !35
t English Plum Pudding, 2 lbs...':'....".'.. -."..    :65.-
Lowncy's Cocoa,* 14 lb. tin ". :.,'.<-.20
Heinz Tomato Catsup, 'per pt :.:./.;"..    .25
Peaches, 2 lb. tins, 2^'for ; ... 7... x* .35
Apricots. 3 lb. tins,-2 for.'.  '.' *'.65°
'fthcrriff's Grape Juice, per qt..' -.. v .-..    .55,
Sherriff's Crape-Juice, per pt...' ;...    .30 ■
xCrosse & Blaekwell's Pickles, per 20 oz
^Parsnips, 12 lbs. .'.	
Carrots, 14 lbsX..A-A--.7	
Sherriff's Jelly Powder, 4 pkgs
AVishey's Mince'Meat, 1 lb..pkg.......
„ Old Brown AYindsof Soap, per doz..'.'.
*•   -    ■ ~   ;   *    y     •  new dresses,- ", " ■"■' „  -yy \n'y~.  -r;x-
" . Our lino of Spring Dresses Is complete. . Tho assortment1 is the largest we have, over
shown. The siyteSj nre the very .latest und the values the'greatest, , There, are dresses
for overj  occu-alon, lii all colors of silk and  pure wook materials.,,' Prices from $6.50 to $40-
"' New Spring ,Hats for Easter. 100r different
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milliner's of Paris, New York ' and Toronto.
'1-Iat.s for all occasions. The most" complete
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New-Straws and Silk Hats for the kiddies.'
All the now shapes and straws in high' and,
low crowns' for,-children.s'^ Prettily trimmed,
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Dame Fashion has' stamped her'approval-on
Bedford Cords for dresses and suits.- ~\Ve for:
tuiiately prepare! in advance to meet the do-
mniul. Our stock is complete and tho width
and price is exceptional. 54-Inches wide. Tan,
grey, black and white and blue striped Bedford.'
"  '   - .    '.' " 75c per yard.
>'ew Putting's in Tweeds, Diagonals, Worsted
and Serge. All colors and onlv one suit of a
pattern. "''   '.    $1.00 to $2.00 per yard.
.   .   NEW NECKWEAR .   .   ;"
All the newest Easter novelties in coat sets,
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-.   - ? ■>    , 75c to $2.00 per pair.,
Made' from.tlie""finest,prime lamb skins, finished with Paris points and\wb clasp fasteners.'.
In black, tan, brown, grey and navy. •
■'" ' *     - $1^ per pair.,
-. V
.- Extra values in real, linen Torchon Laces and
Insertion.' • There are plenty of patterns to
choose from for all uses.' , 10c per yard.
Shoes for Men
Any "person who wears goo"d, easy-fitting .shoes feels'comfortable.- '  Tho lnvlctus'-'Shoe, made"b'y Geo. A;-Slater, is ac-'
knowledeed by the hard-to-fit men to be the easiest, shoe made
in Canada -"'. - v'     .' ':   "      -.»'-"■   A.\   A"     "'
'   . For spring, wear try the Men's Gun Metal ,-BJucher. "It is
very neat and dressy.   All sizes, 5 4.0 1,1.    a   •'.;.., Price $6.00,
Velour Calf Blucher,, regular, sizes. " "Price $6.00
,*    For the heavy shoe try. our: Giant,Calf Bluchet, leather H11-".
ed, with durable sole and viscolizod.- , $7.50
-Chnanc?r lines in fine shoes are the Box Calf Blucher Cut,
y&^'Fg&iicrisy fitting, all sizes f>M> to '11,-nt $4.00.:   Gun MetaKBlucher
"""^^^J Cut, high toe and medium heel, for $4.50.. -Velour Cjlf;Blucher •
'"'       Cut, a real stylish shoe for $5.00. '-:'.■ . A : A 7     \ ,    •    ,   ".
:Store ofj
•   , < ■ ■ ■ ,     , >      ' ' "    -       -     "V
A. Williams of l.othbridge Is In the
city, a gnost nt the King Edward,
Tlio Socialist party of Victoria arc
making propagations for a May day
snaraKKSS&g&r'' *, ■■
il. J. Stanley, manager of the local
bnuicli of tlio Bank of Hamilton, Is
spending ,the I3aster holidays in Cal-
, II. G. MeNelllli', district pnssengi.!''
agent for llio C. 1>. It., was In the city
011 Thursday.
Vlcii-l'm-hh'iit J. (), .lyiius In In Car-
liomlalo liiWhtliiiitlnn grluvnneuii between tl'o men uml the company at
that earn)),
The Ludlow' Guild dunce Ih bonked
to lake place in Vleloila hull on Knj-rt-
cr Tuufidiiy, .Mardi 2.*ith, Ticket ;i,
lutlles, 51) cenis;   g,,atlenn'ii,   $l.ii0,
A Hpneliil lniHlneiiH nieetlng of tlm
Konild local of llie Hoclrillst party will
fin hold fn |l>.1 liMn-Miwnt nf (-io Miner"'
hall at 7 o'clock on Siuuliiy evcnlnii',
It In repmleil nn criul nnilitn-liy thai
Die men nt Hen ver Mlnei have nrum-
ed woi'f. ile'-refirv C.'iriiM' lelt town
last illicit lu (iMiK-i lion \\\\h ililvi ills-
tl, T. (illl iif tli- liml*. ei lliMiiilimi
Iwih I'ei-n [M-i'in 11 ! • 1 ih- 'Idi.M, J;iv.'
Iimnrli iui-1 wl'; 1 ,u-i   i,. i'ii,4> up hir
liew (llllii-,-, in I In- 1 mu „■ nl" ill,- 1 (,mii>t*!
TonlKlil il-'rlil;i\i ,m 1 Nl.iliitloii «il
local Imekev wn' in- j»111 • -r» i>n, «-i|.i|i
•he i-i '.'iiinr wiih  uMi 1' 1* Uu- vl.-: nf
Fernie, dtn li"i!.i in il In CnliVii III
KOi'll.      II'   jt)tl   \V 11 111    1(1   me   hUllii'   ,<',-. ill
Jioclicy ynii Hlimilil '- • ::l !e- ill. l 1
Word lias been received from Calgary that Bert Wooiihouse underwent
an operation on Sunday last and Is
now Improving slowly.
There worn ovor SOO names on tho
voters list at tho provincial government office, Fornlo; on Thursday afternoon.
Wo urn Informed that J. It. Knigiu
ol' I'Mmonoon ilrow ii largo crowd nt
his mooting In Victoria oh tho Kith Inst
delivering ono of tlio clearest ledums
on the SoolnllHt position that has boon
hi'itnl there for hqiuo timo.
\ Win. Davidson, cx-prniildont of Dis-
I trie' il, Western Fedm-nllon or Mlporn,
j lias been laid up for two woolen, but we
jlicnr lm Ih nhlo to get arnunil ng.-iln.
J I' api'dirrt tlmt lu. hail just ar|\e,l l,i
I V-iiirmiver from the Porcuplno dlslrkt
, Wh-n lie |,.|i luniMell' '('.ll ill," II,. \t,
, i:;nr-tt'(I to^leuve |||e eup.-lt for Hi,. In.
tir'i.i   till.,  wniu-nil.
A jn'eliy, but (|iii< t, we ■illnt. tfK,li
i*'''i" In the l-innll-di ilun-ih (),i Thiirn-
i''1" 'Sdilc; of |]!,.'.'".i,.|. ,-f nvo nieni-
1 i'i*.  Of  fllin (lluIf
ni nil.
Wim.!, 1.1,1.,
I   I   Miii'i'n-.: 1,1 ...„| *t\   j v,,])!,, jj„j.
Ii'i't.iinl. .Mi. i\;,r,u 'i.i;i iH, rn]|| mnn
'ltl'1 I ■' • I'i .1 .1.1!' 1 Iii lonipniiv for
| '-'-1 -••' ' : 'il ■< .f. Willie ,Min;i Mill-
'Ilai.il i , , 1 , , ., nmneclel ,v|tll llin
'•■••'■ 1 1 1 . 1.11 1 .| nelly for Hdlii >
'■ 1    ,1 , ,   , \    iiii'.-e   tinielier   er
lll''ii '■<   .'ml    1  i|'i:i|iii:iu('e.-     fOM'K ith-
' ri  ' '"   "1 •  -'   Moil  Ml   ten  p.lil,  In  ti e
''"   li ■' ,:   ' 1 ii.iii- i I'l on I'lelr ni-i|i|||i|i
Fatality on thaJM.F..&M. Hy.
1 We havo to record a sad fatality
which occurred at thp switch on tho
M. F, & M., which point has been the
scene of no small nilnraer of accidents
within recent years, Tho victim on
this occasion was a young man by tho
name of Frank Ford, who nppears to
have boon acting as n relief brakoman
and was to havo rosliracd his duties
with the Great Nprtliorn on Saturday
last. However, _ -5/11 Friday afternoon
IriRt ho was rldliig on tho footbonrd of
tho englno to save timo In (Sotting to
tho switch anfl as tho englno slowed
up It would appenr he had jumped off
10 run to the switch, but In somo way
ho got caught under tho ongino boforo
tlio engineer was able to stop, Aftor
the Irnln had stopped In orrtnr to ollow
Ford to atlond to tho switch thn owl-
iieer was Biirpvlaod that tho brakoman
did not Hhow up, and fearing somo-
thing hnd happonoil jumped down from
iho cab nml discovered one of Ford's
\<".r.tt projecting from betwpon tlio
wheels,    Nona of Ihe wIiocId had pas-
.il ow.r him uu lliu lioili M.111 not iiiii-
I Hated, but llin'brnltemini'rt upelc was
broken and It wan apparent tlmt dealh
was liiHtiuitnneotiH. ' Tlie ambulance
Wim cnllod (i'i remove Ihe renifilliH to
lh" imderlnklng parltn-H, ami Inter-
ii'ont will tnke pint <! imnorrow (Sal-
unlay. I The ilucmed luavuH belilml
him n widow In Cveit FailN, Mnnt„ to
whom lie Iuul only lt-'t-ii man led nuu'ti
]:>o ;■( 1 it iui,(... The Imiiii nt wan lieid
on Weiliie.-djiy night, the jury bring-
I IUI In n vei'illcl of iiceldentnl ilealh,
'l'li" I'eitim'ng nni'i'i'gi' HceiiBO w:n
l-Miied ;it tin; provincial office iliirlns
I1.-  ,h-,.|.:
lolm ..Uftni .Macilnnnlil uiul ,\'e!)ie
.'.nlliMli-iiui, both uf l-'ernle,
*    .1     ,'.i iH <     ll.l    lAli.S-
'l, • t     ,      .       11
11 -,-    vl   ,1  ; lu.til
I.,   it,   ,' ...i.t.
h'liti an 1 ':■ 1
flro on V '- • • • .', . , '■;; •; ,
fire Iii-ImiIi . .if,., ,, .j„!(k nni, iu.lv. ii
lo find !li.ii ib    Mu. ]i:uj liien esMe
Special l",-i..|er mi-vJoih m-MI Ik; belli
In Un> Kikiv I'i»--ti>tf-i-S.»n <-lntreli,
when the Itev. A. Btui.-i Miutin, 1), I),
will preach the lotlowiui' m>rnionH:
Moriintr t- (ivv.,', "Tr... rn-.r-i »fe*.
tiriwtlon:" fii-iilng, T.;i'i i>,<lock--,*Thn
t'fiitfir yii**ti,t.f "
Thit wifi'i.l iinmiitl fv»f,k»>,t mdnl ti
Iho Fornlo i'ootbnil club will lm liolii
<MI April  'I'iO'l  in   VUtoriH  h.ill,   Mr.
Vtitrt*' f.*t Ih-r ■ftirj'.r.f'i-w.triit ir, ViTil
Tl*nli*t* «'IIF hi* rritffnlty iy-*o|r*"f
from iko laiilmi ^'lio with tm doonte
th* nim for lliu tutor««l» of tin* olufi.
' *      * t . . *99t i * it-9        tmt> .' 9   I    KJ
Don't Forgot to Register Bofore April 7
I".    \n '','!,, :i   ,(,,    il    |.    .i|j,o|llli'l.    IH- .H'V   UiV   yi'M'   OlVII   Wlk:
nnd Hint uf imn- i.,t!o«--A'<rilu'r.< to *■>,* \) y }MI nr» ol, t|n> voters r'.ll,
IXciy \nlor in  llrltl-li roluiiiM.i )i,i , been dlffninclilfied l.y ,i,i
ifi iiM.iiel.i down In the piovlnel-il I.. Matin-,. In the but inom.-iUh , t
Its .     sloll.
Ufn-mbtr, this was r.ot tier., tor year benefit.
*-> „X v.., '.'..b lul ,i iu t.ii.1-i,.,ty uj mM*e an npplicincn in p?r*on
M n ccmmliilcner. notary ouhlic. o^ juitlce of the pesce.   A lltt of
w ii»Mi*i.ti» Imt mw htrnift Hiding will bu found In another column.
t'.wn Hocmllct and labor Ii.oiil f-hottld havo a (ommlttoo to nee
«!.i* ik'- onw.ti .it- vi* ..■. ii.. v.-t9 after\ht «FpHcMlcn9 are rnsds.
for. ni your i <tp<-tli in ,* n i i„,in,,|^ uumia yi»u. >c.ur u.iun- n ;,v titter
rf-a-h »h" Jlnt. Th- c :i,n,' t,,„ f>ho(*l*I iibo Uch Hint Mm lbu art- not
irinlt'f.l .md th.y h.v.ul.i ,,,-f, iv on hand til itt roun of revision.
The commltteo wish to, Inform,"all
purchasers of tickets for. the above
concert that owing to a'typographical
error thoy will find tho tickets dated
Wednesday, March 25." It should roaM
Wednesday, March*26. If supporters
will take notice that It Is tho Wednesday following Raster,Monday,' that will
he sufficient without, tho dato. This
concert will be oncof tho loading feature?, of 19Kt, Wo haVo obtained t|io
Forvicos of tho ,bost amatour talent
In Uio Crows Nest Pass and from start
to finish It will'bo fascinating, Wo
have obtained tho services of thg Conl
Creek Dramatic Society, ^vho will present for tho first tlmb In' Fornlo "Tito
Fortune Humors." All aro lnvltod to
como and talio a lesson, Mr. .1. Hewitt and Mrs, Percy wli glvo a duot entitled "Domestic Rronomy." Mr, fi.
Uamsay, Mrs. Watson, ' Mr. Archie
I'rontlco and aovornl other well known
artists will plvo thoir Hurvlcos, Their
names, will bo announced at a lator
dato. All Information cnn bo obtnlnej
from tho secretary, J. Aju!orn* Ttckots
can bo purcbitHiid irom T. Uphill, II,
Marl In, J, Flslier, T. Mulrhend, W
Cooper, II. ikt'a, II. lialgh, ul'. one
price, r.O contH only. A limited number loft, Ifeop a Kharp look out for
(ioilgi'iH, A Hpucln! tiiilii "Will Ic'ive
for f*oal Crock nfter tho jierfonuance
The eominlnHloiiei'H will meet Uny up-
)illriin|ii foi- rnglntnillon nn the votoi'H
list ut iini Mliiern' hull from 7 to !)
o'clock every evening next'week, and
;',.*!)■  In tu i~ lit tl.e l.ioiMiiii*;.
MnHt of us would rntlxr aecppt another man'H c'lijnr than bin udvlce.
And ninny n woman In no eli.tiiKO-
able I lip t ulie never wears tho linmo
«   \4..*^l*,.\*Wli      *****       ,
*     * -        '
Heavy Increase In Expenditure—Increase In Taxation—Voting on Elec
trie   Light   Extension   By-L^w   on
April 4.    .
•',    .      '    V
--Tho regular meeting ,of tho city
council was held on Thursday oven-
lug, tlio Mayor and all tho aldermen
being present. ' '
Tho various committees wero^nskod
to have their estimates in by April 3,
nud ulho to pare down expenses as
much as posslblo. Tim school board
aro asking for ifl,20u moro this yoar
than tho previous ono. Tho city will
also havo to meet aa lucre;.'sj in
school debentures and Milking fund
over last year of $1,731, and. tlio flro
hall's expenditure Wil bo $(10G. hoavl-i
than last year, In addition lo nil the
ii Iim o tho overdraft at tho bank will
hnvo to bo rodueod by at loast about
$■1,000. All Ihls will niako a total of
aproxlmntoly $l.l,ri00, which will  bo
raised by an increase in tho taxes of
hotivtcn -l and- 5 mills. This may,
hownviu, bo reduced by tho cntt/gig
down cf expenditures generally', by
$2,500. -  -
The city clerk's salary was raised,
to '$100 per month.
Tho works and property .committee
will build a galvanized iron standplpo
cost not to exceed JlfiO, on tho clty'B
vacant lot. This will mean a great
saving In tho city's now paying $1100 a
yoar for tho uso of ono.
The voting on tho by-law to ralso
$10,000 for oloclvlc light oxtonslon.wlll
take place on .April \, If carried, debentures will bo Issued at 0 por cent,
.Tho time for completing thonsHoss-
mont of tho city has been oxtendod to
Wo .havo boon risked by tho local
provincial government .offleo to rn-
quoat all .commissioners to .hand In
their "registrations as often iih«Mh pos-
iilble, and thus fncllitnto tlio work of
tlioso engaged In handling the work,
Trained Mldwlr* and Maternity Nureo:
, McPherson Ave., nr. G.N..Depot ;',
His, Classified-Cent a Word
, ,-t.  - .-;'   , .        ; '-       ,       ■"_'
FOH' SALT2—Ilousohold ^ hirnlturo.
Apply to W. Mlnton, Lindsay "a venue.
Annex. ., .    : >-
FOR SALE—-2-roo'm" shack on quarter acre of Innd. Apply to .1. Chni-
mack, West tWiilo...   \    ," ■      2l).lJl.
TO lUiJNT—Hoiibo of three rooms,
kitchen, two yorundas./ Rental $10,00
per mon tii. Apply Jos. Leonard Allan, Riverside avunuo; W, Fornlo. 30-3
I'hiib. Itoliiii.-ion nntl hiii nianngir
iiniiml Unliij mi thvir way to Criui-
breok fnr his i.Vrntind bout with Mnr-
tiiin-r on i|ii> "Stb nf Virrh, finil nlil
''"' i'i,i< l.r Ii-inonow to fiuMi his (raln-
iii'; at lnci-nnr« gymna^lunl. -Those
who wlnli cnn see lilin In action ovory
This Im tho sntno Chnrteii lloblnnon
who wnn |n>ro somo two yenr* npio, nml
• \,ii ..inn Vi -i (im JhpU lvCKtor mid Hlli
RnrrowM and a fnw oth^ra not no wolf
ItiHiMt. l\i* ttino put the "»leop dope"
to the "fibril of thn Wi»»t." Vrtn\ Par-
lit-r on Mi*, nth of tho prttoit month
In on** minute, »ft »«»roni!«.
Ro1i|n«rin ftvU fine and 1* confident
of lli*> (Miirnnio of hln tonal with Jlortl-
iu«r. Hu U ttiit, nntloo* io.kh «r»-
nther bout with Jim llttrrf)*!, to whom
h" Insf on n foul.
Friday and Saturday Evening, Safurccy \a\m
Coma  and   LauqIi
Thrilling 101 Bleon Photo I'lny of nliMlinc Indian cii«nn'iis,
kIiowlug how ilndr Iiiwh niyi viiliyiied *vtui iinio dealh, An Intel chilug study, rull of action,    /
r|*w»rt   fun tii*    li'itfviftnit    fino'ru^rii'4       \    l*>l»"li    Mt'1r-r»   n    mfnntri
,        i-iSAiiTS iXi t'O' HT *i
Tl.e. ni',-,lni> >, isd ii Miinli.tl eihu'.iitluii   uu   iho   t.iiah   ami
lit;," b.n.il i.in'.i.:,a)> i'U-ii uuidi: thc hur„c. I.iiiiih.
llie    rt,ill|i|M(l<-,i I    lllll I    Jllll^l'IH   illl1   Uld   lii'nl    III   lm'   |i:i-il)li-
|,i|lnlneH-i.   Aii iimitiiinl proiiuetlon, I'liierciiUiig, cilito, iiiiiUHlnr.,
A problem play, tombing upon llf'i'N fionmy slrto, teaching
u i^oiul.   A I'hoto I'i.iy with,a mrtisago,
Iliuiii,, with i woman'* Influence for good and e'.ll, An
Int(n«;cl5 diamtiHe fclnTy, bi,M,ng Inlerowt tloiifly Ihronplirnl
tho play.
Why Aro Our Program
Ilccntue wo nccuro n great or number of reelfi tinn wo
"mily" tue, Uicrtiby shouiiis
I10UB18 KOlt BALE—3 room shack
and skeleton of hotiso of eight, rooimi.
Vernndali. Lot -inxMO. Will' sell
rbenp, f I00f hall' caHh. Apply-'to Jan.
Meok, WnHt Pernio, ' *      2!>-:n.
LOST--A Sorrul-colorod pony, wl.
nbout SOO lbs,, whilo faco and on« lilnil
Inoi. fit) reward, Hraudiid on loft
Hlioulder K, Frod llutcliluhon, Mli'Ji-
ol, II. ('. tit.
VOU flALf*:~"UoiiH(! on Lot ,|, block
HIS, Amiox evlenslon. 'J bedrooniH," 1
liii'gn dlnlnn room, ' kitchen, p-.intvy,
clothes client nml luniher Hhed, Apply
to Win. llaydoek, opposite,        ' IIO-II
AXCO.W VttMlR- ■ -> Por lmielilng.
from Htoek Imporied dlrer't from Hhnp-
paid nf Ohio, owm«r nnd hieei'er <ff the
world'H licit Aliening, Ills birds Imve
a record of '>r,t] tnr entire flock, %'i.ht)
per H(|tlliiK of Ll. Itobt. .Inntm. Wc^t
KeriHo. ' ;ti)-:[
'WWi    FOR    IJATCllIN'ti ~- l-'rmn,
M.imiiinlli   Ti iilou-.je   gt:ei,i\   ((.v|iMiltii|lt
linen  in  Ontario,   1'nlr l|i»t  Aiunititi
won  rii-ni.   k«uh a I  the rate of H'Jc
iwjIi.- Flulllan  IliittorctniH, the Immd ,
mat j.iys big whitn i>k»jh wiih n record
1*11 ,.,kt,i: iiuiuu.,-111 ni mn! jell',    iauy
mv jn ii i,'.nit, bv tl.viu-ichuii.   A i'cv,
^itliii".' ttt %n.o<i rftr ihlrticdi,   I'jvd
Polluilcr, Fii-nie. n. v., iinv io:a.  ;u-»
u-m.i TMti iiAiim.Mt—Mini'art
bind Block, ■ Wli I to Unekfl, - VrUhnl '
atrnlri While Wyandottos, Huff Orping-
tAti*. p.uied Roekn, I2..V) iwv i;i.
Whlfo Orplngtoiifl. $3„',ft per ii, A>lnn-
bury duck eggs. $I2.5(! per 100.   rf|x
^»'»>«bi»ry   ilitrlt*    "ivinntrVrl   I'P'ft ;■„ '
jiS.oti onrli.   OrdoM booked for April
•ir,l   Mny   iWlv^V;  nf   r:!''inilU)t!l   T.J
luuso gqo*o cgum, |.*l,.ri« jmr 7.   Mum
Imolh brown turkey rpgii, $s.S0 per p, ■.
j Clucking lien* for R(tk>,   Mm, Davn,
Korhlo Annex.
Shifohb Gun
tytt*f.f9,9i   , •  *t**t*)f.ll»at.*rit*ftll*lO%
<***..*9. '«w«uuu . iJCS, ii CMS


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