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I,'?£."->•*v^v'V;. if*' *v* i,,'-if"-? i*j;,' * .v.. ',„
J Piyvtogtel^brary^OiJuno^gj
.tm DiflTmoy TLipoiE, roLmE^Wjo^^x^'im
cV;y- "■> -
Spite of Threatening Weatfieir--
-aa sNq Mishaps to Record      a
'y. ' The"greatest, and' most- successful
A celebration ever.'* held'In Fernie was
carried off oa.Wednesday,1^ May. 1st,
.v when May Day was* celebrated,under
A (the auspiceo of-Distrlct 18,:"U.'M.""'*W.,of
y A.7,v .Serious doubts were entertained
- , the .-.dayi previous'asto; whether the
, sports could be carried through owing
■ 7 tot the• Inclemency <of^ the.'. weather?
■ • Starting 'wltfi" Moiiday'i.,.rain.and 'hail
-" was coming dbwn'incessently^ana <Sld
; -not let'up till late on• Wednesday.,'A,It
',. was "tlieir.decided that the programme'
.''; would .be gone through.,'-,The'grounds'
^..^■weroVnbVlii good Ashape, ?*,bu_.r .the?
Iv *•-*" strong?;sun - on '.Wednesday ' morning
a1;'   ^helped to make it possible to success-
|.A'0fully run .the/events off.y'The "day-
',; , started,'off with^giorlous weather and
Ayby*the?time .the"special,train 'arrived'
77- from Burmls aiid intermediate'stations"
>',   Victoria. Avenue' and arounil 7 the - sta*?
«->-tlon,presentedra lively and' cheerful
*'appearance."*-, V \* " 7y--- *_"-' ■*.'•  v"
A" yThe, special poured out [ hundreds of
visitors who wended'their, way, through
'.the,.streets 'and- up" to,the,bandstand
•^^wbe'w^the"speakingtodkplace.   There
ii}",;-],. were ,two 'bands; In*?.attendance,".?the
_~~.r4_ie' and -Belleviie, who gave" some
{■" .excellent'selections.. S'y.yh t
|,-y-;-   -'",.'-'jhV SPEAKING >;7'v.,   A
,7The "chair was taken:"bj>. J.'K^Smith.
7'6f Coal-Creek;,President of Gladstone
-Local, "about. 10.30 .fa.m.y,The ctialr-
,;,ma_y,ln\ opening the proceedings, re-
7 ferred''to Hhe". significance of tho day
'I ; that; was*, being  celebrated,.-jahd ;ey-
^..plnfoViV.'It A nrlgln ?7', TTnA">in£vgr.'ll^
, "When Act. President" Stubbs' started
to speak It was perfectly'•evIdenOhat
he would.have some.difficulty as^hls
voice was in bad shape, aridhe quickly
decided it .wiiuld ;be .best to leave the
speaking tp Jas Simpson A - A
* The Chairman'next'introduced Jas.
Simpson,7vex-vice-Presldent -; of • the
/Trades and Labor Congress'of Canada,
who had come all the way from Toronto ', to^.partlclpate. in" Fernie's celebra-'
tipn's."'.,'-/;-"' A   -A* y,-    -y *';-
''.Mr^ Simpson started out,by pointing
out^;the,7difference between, the 'May
Day ^celebration; and the'one heid.in
September.-,;. The former comes spontaneously, "from -they working; classr
whilst the latter Is one granted by, tbe
capitalist-legislatures just as a "plum'.'
to-labor.;,, May Day Was An? international holiday,'and was .being kept,by
overmen million la^or men throughout
the-world/ He thei_,'went;ori-to show?,
how the capitalists wer crying against"
international "unlonlsnvbut. never, saying a word against; the "internationalism pf capitalism. .jBynational unions
we could.hope,.,tplgaln- liitle, • but
as an" international organization many
,6t our? problems.,could? be solved. As,
an,'instance he illustrated thej strike In
Great Britain when the; coal■; operators
'of that country ^made strenuous efforts
to"* get' men^froin-'Germany, ?bu_*> with
little result?? a's'-*'the German .miners
would/not'scab." ."• This"'is a'direct result' of international unionism.' "Here
jjj; upon' 'Acting-President? Stubbs' to'.iad-
* y'dress the'"audience. '<-' j?y 7ySiiS'%
■*.. -y >' Acting-President \ Stubbs I, started'. by
pointing ^out" tlie difference'-between
p,' the September J_abbr,' Day,ari_l*"th_tt of
'^May 7l8tr""Two: yehrs-'ag^he- said.
.;" when"*.,Labor.';Day,"0was^celebrated Jn.
. Pemle.'in" Septemberr.lt was made'a
ytradesmen'si* processiony'and-1" tbo ad-
■'.jertlslng' ouershadbwed the Jbuslness
-,Vf the" day?   .In addition we had on
that occasion'representatives of bust-
,, ness Interests who prated ..on tjie dignity of labor and the Identity of Inter-
1 •; estsof capital-and labor, and tbe ne-
■   cessity for harmony' between the .two.
On this1 occasion 'these particular fea-i
turesarfe lacking,' and it Ws,1 more or
leBB, significant of the changing,attitude of tbe" workorB bf the district* that*
^•thpy wero'falling into- line with' the
world labor movement ' by,, selectlngC
May 1 as their particular one day, and
taking, that", opportunity, pf .discussing
their position In society.'   He   then
dlscuBBod, shortly,' the efforts of'the
workers tb Improve their condition by
the means at hand, viz,, the trado union, "movement.- - President   Stubbs
went on- to say that if we "aro to improve our conditions wo must act In
accord with tho changes In economic
conditions, we must change our methods of fighting and adopt new weapons and now means,    Continuing, bo
said that we had depended In the paBt
largely upon our ability to onforce concessions by means of striking, and ln
this connection Instanced tbo strike in
this country and the rocont one ln
Great Britain, emphasizing tho faot
that tho tlmo was ripe for the better
understanding as to tho workers' class
position aiid tho uso of'tho new weapons referred to.  Wo had roallzod tho
necessity for somotlme, tho spoakor
said, of attacking tho legislating balls
that wero mod for the purpoio of protecting tlie Interests of proporty ns against the Interests   of   tho working
class,    In ordor to bo successful In
tbla direction, an understanding ns to
tbo naturo of tho commodity that wo
sell, vl*., Labor Power, Is essential,
and an effort must bo put forward by
the working class to romovo labor pow
«r iron, thnt particular category by
tbo abolition of the wago systoai.
eluding British) wasjiivepted.. Cap 1-,
tallsts'ln the. old country .were feeling
their insecurjty, and^were consequent
ly looklngto.thls country tbf continue"
the eipioitatlon 'of Iaiwn^lTlie^bndl-"
tlon"pf J.be; wori_er"_B 'the ■ same' in every.
>c-?.u'?*.ry. 7 },Tho average wage in-Gef*.
mantis;|4.5o7a week.' Railroad ein-
Irtoyeea in"-England work for i4s.,u'p to
,26b? ,a week;:and.iri the dockyards' the
skilled'mechanic works for anything,
from Us. to "28s. a week., Here in
Canada, and more especially in , tbe
Beat,- hundreds of families live ln one
and two,rooms. In the West, where
wages' are higher, the cost" of living, is
likewise lri-proportion. f ,Men earning"
•.20.00 a week aro paying M0.00 a
month for a house. • This he had seen)
iri Medicine Hat on his way to Pernio.
This problem, be'said, can only., be
solved by .the working chW themselves, by controlling tbe means pi pro-
ductloh. In touching upon the, high
coBt of living ho'referred"to''a statement made by Torn Lawson, who, showed that ten thousand of the one hundred milliob population of the Unltod
StateB own three-quarters . of the
wealth of that ■ country, and- that the
rkh wore rapidly' getting* rIchor,.nnd
the poor poorer. , Thus the workcri.
wore'bolng forced Into degradation by
capitalist exploitation. Ho then described tho condition of tho working class
In Germany, and what is being dono
to educate them along class conscious
lines. In Germany thoro are 87 Socialist dally newspapers with a dally circulation of throo and a half million,
and a hundred weekly and monthly
niagwlno*. with a clra ilatton of a million snd a half, You do not soo tlirNo
workingmen reading capitalist now*
papers. ,,Thoy bavo tholr own papers
and you pan see them coming homo
from their work with ono or othor of
bis own papers. In that country tho
workingman is taking bold of tho
school boards and children aro now
being oducoted In political economy on
tho linos of Karl Marx, Kngels etc,
Investigations among tbo children of
Liverpool, Manchester nnd Glasgow
havo shown that children living In tho
poorest quarters aro soven InchcB shop
ter and 23 lbs, lighter than ehlldren
of tho samo age of bettor quarters, and
9PMP9 UsKstsVV  ivjLvn&rs
thaj.only 30 per,cent of them were of
normal Intelligence., The speaker'* interspersed his remarks - with, -'anecei-
dotes which kept,his siu'dlence'in'good
humor throughout. • On concluding bis
address, which lasted close, upon an
hour, he was.accorded loud applause.
"•  '. .THE,SPORTS        ' y*'A
' The first c'onslderationbf the judges
after the speechmaking was the tradesmen's turnouts. '. ,These entries** were
not as large as previously., and', the
work of Judging was not so'difficult
The District, Ledger^ had a "large rig
and double teaman'which was placed
a printing press and 7 other "sundry
printers' supplies.*, The ^/'devil', waB
in traditional costume, whilst1 the two
girls; members *of" the, staff, Miss Lottie :(Jray and Miss Lilian Carter, Were
daintily arrayed in' costumes of pale,
green and pinksllk trimmed with various colored ribbon* streamers, these in
turn being printed In bronze with names : pf: several * enterprizlng. tradesmen
—King Edward;,Hotei;*.M. A,*, Kastner,
W./TA.. Ingram, isis Theatre, and Waldorf Hotel.- i. However, as'1the prize
was to be given for the'best team, of
horses, the Ledger "was not In the running,for'honors; ,l\ ' *,,'
The* entries throughoutHhe afternoon'
were not good, and it is surprising that
the big prize?,money offered was not
sufficient inducement to "bring , out
more aspirants.* The^ .'events were
kept pertty well on time,-and every
thing passed off without a hitch. The
football heatsAand- finals were hotly
contested and brought out some good
play,- whilst the Jadies', the band, and
the bicycle -races were' perhaps the
most.interesting. The tug-of-war lasted
for half an ,hour. The programme
had a fitting termination*? with two
horseraces. '."*>','A* ,7"- , ■?"-, i.
- Whilst, the "sprinters, footballers, cy-
cllsts, etc., wew having it out on the
football grounds, ,the*7 local' gun'jelub
yA A. y:   ..-•  * 'AT* *
'-: LONDON; May js.-r-Tlj© first day of
May'arrived in a glorious burst of sun-
shine,which" caused a'general" rush for
new.Spring suits;, but"the tailor's have
been seised with, the* May Day strike
fever" arid; at "the present moment' it
seemB upllkely.that a.single suit or
costume .-will ,be, made for * weeks - to
come.. Lendonera,-., therefore, are faced with.the prospects' of?wearing,their
winter or last-year's garments, how
ever brightly'the. sun. may! shine". ' t
'. Six. thousand tailors,,, men-and wo1
men who make the'clothes for west
end tailoring 'firms, Btruck yesterday
to,enforce the demand framed by the
London Society of Tailors'and Tailor-
esses. ' 7 ThVleft unfinished in the
workrooms some 8,000' suits and costumes. The principal firms are In
the middle pf the spring rush and the
strike came at the wonit possible moment fo> them '7 .."  •■Vf-'S'   "
♦i.W A TK_1E.
'.NEW YORK, '.May 2.—Negotiations
looking, to a settlement-of the' anthracite'labor, trouble, that,'has caused"a'
suspension'of work In'that district for
several weeks,'may be satisfactorily,
conducted' this afternoon;-"when the
full commissions of operators and .United MineT.-Workers" bf •' America meet
to'consider,,the'formal'agreement that
has been-'reached between sub-committees a'ppbinted^by both sides. That
this agreement will *be: formally rati-
fled, with possibly --one/pr 'twov chan-.
ges, ls a; foregone, conclusion.    1   ■■
All free miners'certificates, without
which no mining operations, can-legally be carried-ori In.'this', province, expire on the last day;pVtikis' month. ■' -'
They may"be renewed' at any time
before May 31.,";'* f*    *-y"  -     , ,  " ;
To Meet May 7th
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April *5.~
Confirmation of tbo report that tho an-
thraclto miners and operators had
reached an agreement in settlement i.f
their dispute as to wages and' hours
of tabor waa bad today, -when the office of President Daer, in this city,
gave out tbe following.
"Geo. V, Biwr, chairman of opora*
tors' committee, haa Issued a call for
a meeting of the general committees
■     of operator!' and minors' represent*-
lives in Now York, May 7, at 7 p.m.,
to rocolvo and act upon tho roport of
the anb-eoiBrolttee appointed by the
general commltteo to suggest method
of settling differences, the sub-corn-
mHtoo having, unanimously submitted
a recommendation of terns and conditions looking le thn adjust merit of
all differences.*
^ "The terms and conditions of tbis
report, however, will not be made
publlo until after tbe meeting of tbe
general commltfe*.
enthusiasts were banging away, at clay
plgebnslii "close vicinity.^ - r      ." . -^
y, , i     , THE.RESULTS A A   , X
"..,'.Tradesmen's Turnout^Double'',*, Geo.
?»r^n, y, ;i;'y'y;y >■ •: '■■>:..
I Tradesman's   -Turnout—Single, ,P.
Burns.^ 'A J •--#■£&.■.X S'*«S*S- --<
, Boys' Race.-under lfl'years'(bpen)—
i;;Alber_'PaBi;'2; N. 'Olddings. »', \.
Boys' Race, under 12 years (open)—
l",.'B.Dunlap; 2, B. Davis.,, A
,  Girls' Race, under. 14 years (opeii)—
l.Mary.Dragon. 2, Mary Griff.
100. Yards'Race (open)—1, J. W Skll-
ling;-2, J. Penman; 8,-Benny Smith.
,Veterans'*,Race.—1, J, .Weaver.
^Mile.Race—l^J. Bingham; 2, G. H.
Shaw;,2, P.-Henderson.   ,
100 Yards Race (for members Dis.
18).—1,,J. Penman; 2, R. Robinson; 3;
J. Dodd.  *  ■
440 Yards (open)—1, J W. Skllling;
2, J.,Dodd; 3, Tom Ridge. , v.
One Mile Cycle Race—1, Cecil Min-
ton;- 2, H. Mlnton.
^Hlgh   Jump?—1,   W.   Walborg';   2,
Benny Smith.    ,
Married Ladies' Race.—1, Mrs. Pair-
clough; 2, Mrs. KublncBB.
Single Ladles' Race.—1st, Miss M,
Minton; 2, Miss A. Zalonski.
• Band Rnco (100 yards)—1, A. Goodwin;^; Wm'Rochester; 3, Mike Bollon-
Motor Cycle Race.—1, H. Mlnton; 2,
J. Bingham.
. Tug-of-War-^-Scratoh Tcnm vs Aus
trains.    Won by the Austrian Toam,
Football (juniors)--Pernio vs. Coal
Creek, won by Pernio, 1—0.
•Baseball (juniors)—Pernio vs. Hosmer.    Won by Pernio 8—3,
* Bellevue bent Coal Creek.
Michel beat Coleman.
. Bollovuo bent Nonmer.
Michel bent Pernio.
Bollovuo wins tbo final.
Climbing tbo Greasy Pole—Wm,
The pig was won by — Griffiths.
Tag compotltlon—1st, Miss Lottie
Qrny; Snd, Miss Kent. 3rd, Miss Lilian
HorBe Raco—J, p«t© McDougall; 2,
R, S. Gourlay.
Pony Race—1st, Goo. Plsbor; 2, ,T.
Mlnton. x •
Clay Dlrd Shoot
The following events wero shot off
at Recreation Grounds:
mem »\o l — loam Bhoot, — (..5
birHs), 5 ___<?.. to <._._... u&m; «_«cii m_.ii
to shoot at & birds, then allow competing teams to sheet at (. birds, (otJ>l
birds to count. Merch«hdIj;o prises of
IB0.00 to winners.'   1st Team: NIcol,
_*_*, Swv_^_,w., W, OinMii, \t, li.hTUi . r
Gould, 1«.  Total, »3,
Bvent No. 2.—(16 birds). 1st prize,
$8, divided Suddaby and March, 12
birds; Snd prise, 15.00, divided Murray,
(Jould, NIcol. Dulhlo, Jl birds; 3rd
prlie|9, H.THnes, lObirdn.
Event No. 8.—(15 birds).—1st prize,
•10. .Trnder-mn, 1.1 bird*; and, $7,".o,
Olsen, U birds.; 3rd. ||, Dulhlc, 11
birds; 4th, I2J10. Murray, 10 birds.
Bvent No. i-Cnosolatlon gboot -io
birds. 1st prize, l&, Young, 7 birds;
2nd. W. Klauer. « birds; 3rd. |5, Jsck-
son and Pit* divider!, R hrnfw.
■ ■«.
Conference Called?witK Employers
A   ""    v .*- ',77' ^---    .   "   '    •;
.t 'z
1 LIVERPOOL,'May ,1.—A committee
of the bhip owners and representatives
o£ the Seamen>, and -.Firemen's Union
and'. Transport '..Workert.'.'."" Federation
h'aye.agreed to bold a joint conference
In May.fOrJa discussion of conditions
which caused lihe recent trouble with
the seamen and firemen. In,the meantime all. the men will return, to the
ships. Monday the Seamen's and
Flremen's-*Unlon passed a resolution
declaring tbat Ub members would refuse tb . sail -^on-any vessel unless a
union. official was present! when the
men signed,for the voyage. •
SMYRNA; Asiatic Turkey, April 30.
—The steamer Texas, belonging to the
Archipelago American steamship company, Btruclc a mine at the entrance
to tho Gulf of Smyrna and sank. - One
hundred and forty persons on board
. Tomorrow the real.contest starts,
with a journey;to Michel and, the first
League, game. , 'The: following will
represent-Pernle:   -A .  ,. ,'"        ,
, Cooper." '
'K Shields,-,, (      **Wardrop
SweneyA,   "Mills,1    . Barr
Thornton",    Manning,    Watson
Booth, - 7 -  ;    'Hartwell.
ThlB bunch should give a good account of, itself, and'lt is up to them
to start.with nothing short of victory.
* * * *
. The team Journeyed, to the Creek
fora practice game laBt Saturday,,and
went down." Of the game Itself little
can be* said than that tho Creek boys
made rings around their opponents ln
the first half, but the second half was
certainly in favor of Fernie. We would
rather not mention the score aB there
was considerable dispute as to what It
really was., '       -   ,„
A> y      • '*  » ■
It Is to be regretted that Coal Creek
sports could not make better arrangements for the accommodation of the
team, for' those unfortunate individual's, who had not partaken of,supper
before leavlng-Fernle were forced to
go hungry '.until- they'reached "Fernie
at "12.10 midnight. -' There .was, of
course, ,the Inevitable Mutzerine to be
had at the.Club, but0this proved anything but-"sustaining" to some of the
boys, and, is,v in'my opinion a bad diet
to train upon! The "gate" receipts
were very slender," and one wonders
why the'Creek team persisted in playing the game at hoirie when they might
have secured a ten spot* by coming to
Fernie. '
■ '''      .'•*-"*•• '•■,   ■
However,.I have sufficient faith in
the Creek sports to think that in future ;they wilf be prepared to waive
their.'.claim to7ground, and.both for
tlieir own'pocket-and,the convenience
,pf spectators and'enthusiasts, play all
games1 lri "the?, !futiire on Fernie's
ground.-".   ',--   b   ,?. 7.?
->' 7. /  •>'%,* - ■?   -   ,  '
The Juniors are .feeling proud of
their performance ^ pj£.Wednesday.^ I-
must .'certainly say they played a good
that,.thelr combination .was certainly
very weak,-and'should riot have been'
a bit .surprised. If tbev Creek kids-had;
won... The Juniors' $.111.have to'cut
out tbey.'buncblng", game, and while
the efforts pf tlw^forwards-to relieve
the halves, whenthp latter are pressed;
may';be'very obllgirig,.,they .must get
it into their he&dfl that,the forward
line Is the attacking, force. But you
did well," boys, so get what encouragement you can from that. „
Jock Corrigan, who is taking a short
vacation from. town, will bo greatly
missed, and' I hear It expressed ori
all sides the wlBh„ that Jock will cut
his vacation,short and thus favor the
team with i-hla, very useful support
again.    Ob, let it be soon, Jock!
P. H..N.
Bill   Found   Against   Socialist
Leader by Grand Jury
VANCOUVER, April 27.—Tho grand
Jury In the AbbIzos yesterday afternoon returned n truo bill indicting R.
Parm Pettipiece, tho local Socialist
loader, on a clmrgo of having taken
part In an unlawful asembly.
Sovoral othors of tbo men arrested
on tho Powoll Street grounds during
tho recont labor troubles wore also Indicted by tho grand Jury. The date of
tholi' trial has not yet been set.
ON MAY 14.
Tlio principal case to bo tried at tho
Macieod Asslxes on May 14, and tbo
first to be put on, Is for nnotlior murdor, also at Prank, Samuel Wlllln-
sky, a Slav minor, Is charged with
shooting George Lakatoscs, a fellow
workmen), noar tbe mouth of tbo mine
on February 18th last. Colin Macieod will dofend Wllllnsky.
Economic CIsbs will be hold ln the
Library Room of tho Miners' Hall on
Sunday afternon nt 2.30. - It Is spool-
ally desired tfiift all members ot the
Propaganda Committee attend this
,     •   »   *
Tho regular monthly business mooting of tho Pernio Local will be hold
In tho same placo on Monday ovenlng
next, May 0th, commencing promptly
at 7,30, All members are particular*
ly requostod to bo on band.
Objection Raised to U, S. Railway-
men Working in Cariada--C.N.
Rl Scene of Difficulties
WINNIPSG, Man., May 1.—All Hill
line trains came in from tho south today operated by American crews?
Thirty Canadian crews, who formerly
operated these trains from the border,
under tbe old arrangement with the
C. N. R. bave been transferred by "the
company to other? positions.
Committees of the men In conference today are discussing, the advisability of applying for a, board of arbl
tratlon. They object to allowing American crews to b6 employed In Canada
and also the losing of their position of
seniority In the company's , service,
caused by,the change,   y ,
'■'This ain't" no international trouble.
They are wanting to put the Canadians
off the earth. *   That's all," said a pro
minent Canadian Northern railway- union committee man, this morning, after
coming from the session of the federated boards of the Canadian Northern
and Great Northern railway..
"The Canadian Northern men'have
applied to the labor department at Ottawa for a conciliation,board, but no
reply has been' received' yetr\ In' the
meantime the men are trying to come
to1 a satisfactory agreement"''with representatives of the Great Northern \
union men. ,, If ,such is reached it will
be submitted to the two railroads for
edorsation, failing -which the men Bay
they will strike. '.   .'
While nothing was given but it is
understood that the Aemrlcan men are
meeting their Canadian" co-unionists
ln a friendly spirit. ■
Explosion Entombso
Three Hundred
TOKIO, April .29.—The- Hokkaide
company's colliery at Yubarl' on the
island of Yezo, has been wrecked by'an
explosion and two hundred and eighty-
three miners are entombed with little
possibility, it Is feared, of their rescue.
It is a*great pity that the,Western
Branch of Jhe. Canadian Mining Institute 'should allow Its meetings' to be
made the medium bf misleading information at the bands of its'secretary,
NEW YORK, April 30-The threat-
ened tlrlke of engineers ef fifty three
railroads of the United States was
averted -todny by tho acceptance by
v/oui iian.(-r> (it n Mi-bum ot nvultrfl-
A Court of Revision for tbe ptirpow.
of hMrfi.*. am! rf^cirnifnlii?nny and alt
objections to the retention of any
n-.m*1' or i.i.nv»f. on the Wi.li.tcr of V3t-
<trn tor the Fernie Electoral District,
will bo held at the Court House, Pet nh,
on Monday, May 20th, at 10 «,m,
BlUlngs of the Supreme Court will
be !*M la Use Cowrl House, Fernie, on
Mi*v Mr«f, at It a.m..
(Late Fernie Opera House)
Mr. Wm, Card, late of Edmonton,
announces thnt he will re-open thb
Fornlo Opera House, which ho has
named theOrphoum, as n moving pic-
turo house o*n Saturday, May 11. Mr
Card has bad considerable experience
In this lino of buslnoss, and Is, himself, a first-class operator. Ilo is tak
Ing much pains In renovating the theatre, nnd promises bis patrons n good
selection of plcturos, having mado arrangements with tho boBt film bouHfts
In tbo country.
Mr. Card took somo excellent views
of tho recent celebrations hero, which
will bu seen on tho Orphcum screen
within tho noxt throo wooki. Tho
music, we understand, will be a special
attraction, as he Is spriirlmr nm* cood
musicians from Calgary and Winnipeg.
Mr. II. L. Thompson and Mia* Ruby
Yiir.i.01 nre milking a tour of the Pans
with moving pictures, snd playing to
d.inres after tho show. Mr, Thomp-
son is the trap drummer nt tho I«ls
and Is well known to tho Fernie public, whilst Miss Yarnnll Ih nn **-.•
client pianist. The .Unary, oo far
Is—Bellevue, Monday, May 6; IHIIrwst
Tue.i.!;..-, May 7, aud Bl-Urutuu, Wtul-
ne_day, May 8.
reau of Mines: This .'official of the
branph had the audacity to tell the
Vancouver meeting that the official
records in regard to mine accidents as
set forth by the Conservation.Commission of Canada and Insurance journals
-were, unfair because tbey Included two",
of; the -v?orst yeani, nnd - did 'not in4
elude 1911. By what means, we should
like to know, are averages to bo arrived at unless a complete series of
years ls taken? Why should tbe
worst years bo left out, and 1911, a
year admittedly low in accidents, be
substituted? ■
Why doeB 1911 show an exceptionally low accident' ratio? It was simply
because tbe largest mines were idle
two' thirds of' the year owing to tbe
Crows Nest Pass labor trouble. * Why
did the secretary go to all this trouble
to mislead tbe meeting? He answered tho question by Insisting that tbe
Provincial Government wns entitled to
great credit and tbo adulation of tho
minors for the improved results' which
ho told us*bad been achieved, ln defiance of tho facts to tbe contrary.
Ho made tho further statement that
the improved conditions wore duo to
tho "painstaking and efficient work ot
Thomas Graham, Chlof Inspector of
Mines." Considering that Mr. Graham wns not-appointed till December,
1911, and did not actively enter on his
duties till tbo beginning or 1912, we
should like to know what bo had to
do with tho shutting down of tho mlnos and tho consequently lower nccldent ratio of 1911? Mr Graham him-
solf m.ust havo bliiBhed at the absurdity of Mr, Jacobs' claims.
Tbo business of an aggregation ot
mining men Is to get at cold-blooded
facts. * Mining mon aro poor politicians, and facts aro more Imporinnt to
thorn than misrepresentation for party
purposes' on the eve of an election.
Tho Govornmont, itself ling admitted
tha bad record of the province In respect to mine acldai_ts. Here Is what
appeared in the nnntiul report of Hon.
R. Mcllrldo, Minister of Mines, publish,
ed In 1910;
"Why Is tbo loss of life In tho ronl
mines of British Columbia »o much
larger In proportion to tho ratio of
tho number of persons omployoil, than
In most other countries, and tlio quostlon has nover been satisfactorily answered ?"
it Mr, Jacob*' .ti.wiii.uiod uu uiimi
mining matters Is no mort* reliable
tlt»n that displayed In hU ft.'omp. to
correct tlio alallstlcs of thc Conservation Commission, tho Minister of Mln-
(bit,   (.lit.  tbe   .r'tfUM_.lC_.   j Out hiur.,  tt   .1.
mevements"exi8t.ng"oMy~J.n the"imagi.FT
atlon of  political  party backs;   and
will be quite' content to be judged by
the record of his term- of off ice.—B. C,
Mining and Engineering Record.    ,
not worth' much? .   „-
As to Mr. Graham's position as Inspector of Mines, we have said before
and say now, tbat in our opinion no *
better' appointment could have been
made, and look for good results from
his work. Further, he Is too genuine v
a man to wish to take credit for ac-*
A THE ISIS . „    ,.
•' .*•'.*._.' "■, ',v-  *; "7       * '   ,      *
'' Many .visitors to town on-WedBesday....
last took the opportunity "of calling- lri'
at the popular picture house.'and from'*
all' accounts were exceedingly well
satisfied with the good program which;
was shown.     Tho Mormans, a three- •
reel feature, Is a beautiful production',
and was woll received.    For lo-nlght'
(Friday) and to-morrow,seven pictures .■•
will be shown, two comedies, one educational, one scenic, and throe dramatic,    Mr. Miller lids completed negotiations with tho .Canadian Film Exchange which will enable him to give
his patrons tho very best In tho line.
Future bookings for the Isis nro, "Wnr
on;tho PlaliiB," "The Cry of the Chil: .
dren," "Tho Sewer,"   "Tho   Ravon,"
"Tho   Power   Behind   tho   Throne,' \
"Llout. Roso and  tbo Stolen  Battleship."
RBOINA, Sask., April 30.—Robert
Potter, B,Sc„ of Fornlo, was at tonight's meeting or the city council appointed city engineer in succession to
L A," Thornton, recently appointed n
city commissioner.
At a meeting of thc Fcrt.te Conservative Association, held on Thursday last, Dr, Bonnoll, was selected ns
tho uomlneo tor tho forthcoming Dominion election In this riding.
Mr. It. W. Clarke, who Is nttarhrd
to tlio staff of tlio local branch of the
Canadian Hank of Commerce, lonvoH
on Saturday night on a vacation to
A mt^tltiB of thtf A th lot lo Assorla-*
tlon was hold In H. \v*. IlerrlunerV
offlf'o on Monday afternoon to"cjlort
officers and road nniiiml financial ro-
pori, H. W. Ilorrhnwr and J, flntos
wore elected Presldont and vlce-pror.1"-
dont rosportlvoly for tho onsulng yonr.
Sir Richard Cartwright, wmalor, lift**
boon denouncing old avo pensions for
working peoplo. Ho ought to know
...«i ijaiwCu' u..oa of Huuft iau'riirti
Icglhlatlon, for he Ib tbe victim of
slate b«novol<"r,<«<. to .be tune of , *.r^ >
per year.
j    hi* lAiU>kii_i(ii riMiing'thf si".
Mm. D. A Ferguson, of this city, «•<••
t*lv«vi a wire on -Tuesday evening last
Inft. m.lng ker of tb# death of In/r graud
non, ne*. ft, fn Truro, Jfova Ccottd.
Young Desperadoes
Draw Five Years
< v-  -*
On Mondiy Joili..* Thompson «;..• apiece In tbf reformatory.     This it
Ibe maximum tftrm for boys on charges of theft.     Tony George, who wns
fenced the two boys who had been
lusty fit 111* wtlfc  glt-fog ttl'M- tin
(ilamu*. pHfcrfnir. •_fc., to five years e..arKC.t,
tlmrnfA un mu ac_-of_i_*l'.«  »•**.  ,_(.. "> ■■ i A
Ty'iA."^ ylf\". "-
i 7, y^Vvy
:'-* v*/ AA'"?--.~*
s.HsUis^iS; ;.*£ -
7- -yr-%v. ■-;'•. -?--'■;..■---.." - .  ...   .   ... ,...,
A7* AA:. ' •'"•■ THE."DISTRICT-,IJ_SDGERt;/gERNIE,;B."-C^MAY 4, 1912
v .*; y y S^^y§i;^y-i.yry7\y<i *; 7; '.'ft • yAA.;Ay
> •"<-"■" 7
Tliis paper or its Editor will not be re .pon. ible for the -written views of correspondents
!    ' 77 ■ "--Cbleman, April 28th, 1913.
•To-the Editor, - District Ledger.
Dear 'Sir,—Will you please publish
the following letter in your next.issue
of the District Ledger.    *' •   -   ;  ,    •
*■  About, two years ago the Internation-
\al Coal and Coke .Co.,- Coleman,
thought'it advisable to lay. off a number of/mehVorkirig in the' pillars, ow-
11 ing to not !>eing able to keep all ;of
them working more' han. half time.
When tlie.men. were working half time
the Pit Committee took the matter up
with the Company to see if they could
not make some arrangements so that
the men could. have steadier work,
with the result that they laid oft half
offthc men to give the rest full time,
although that -was not the desire of
thc men nor the Pit Committee in interviewing thb management. The Pit
Committee met the management again
on behalf of those thrown out" of employment to see if tliey would not re?
"'- consider tlieir action, as half a, loaf
was better than none, until such times
ns they could put them all on full time
again,    Tliey refused to alter their de*-
,  cislon.     Not being satisfied with the
, result of the meeting, the' Pit Committee put the matter up to__the DIs-
1 trlct President, W. B. Powell. President, Powell, T. ?fames (then International Organizer) and, myself, met the
' General,Manager of the Company," Mr.
- Whiteside. ' Mr. Whiteside expressed
his sympathy, for the men who had to,
be laid off, especially, for those that
were,married, and promised'faithfully
to President.Powell that the men who
were laid'off would be "given-tho first
chance of work, married .men,to have
the preference., I ' then asked Mr.
Whiteside if he had any idea how long
, it would be before any oMhem' could
.   be reinstated again,, and he answered
that he couldn't tell, .but,that, things
didn't look bright for. the,* immediate
future.     I then said that-that being
the case the men could hardly afford
to lay around^ for an indefinite time;
especially the married men, aiid that it
' would ,better for them to try to get
*   work elsewhere.-    - ' -  "
"Would it in any way prejudice their
,"*  chance of work, when it came if they
- had wor elsewherke and* wished to
come back?.'M asked.'   He"answered,
- "Not in the least," and advised that
the men take that step.    As that was
'.the best that'cou_ldJ)_ejloneJn_tlie-.matjL
ter, it stopped ,with that understanding. . I reported to tho men what had
i been doner with the result that som«
of them went out to try to get work at
other camps, and in. some cases suc-
■   ceeded.     In a very short time after
that all tbe married men, with-one
exception, ,and some of the single men,
were put back to work, the exception
(I won't'mention his namo for fear he
gets into further trouble) who succeeded in getting work at Coal Creek, with
the understanding that he could be employed by the International again os
soon as possible.    He asked me to let
him know as soon as they were starting the. men who woro laid off again,
as he would like to como back to Coleman to work.   I promised that I would
let him know.    As soon ns I know that"
the mon were being replaced I spoke
to Mr, DavldBon, tho superintendent,
about this brother, and told him I
would send for him as soon ns he
could placo him.     I-le told mo very
plainly that ho wasn't going to send
for anyone, as ho had lots of mon who
hud boon laying around for weeks waiting for work ond if ho wanted work
ho would havo to como to Coloman
and tako his chnnco with the rest of
them.     I pointed out to blm tho Injustice of that after tho understanding
given by Mr. Whltesldes to. the Pre-
sldent, James ond myself, but ho refused to lot. me know when he could
glvo" him any work.    So I decided to
write to tho brother and toll him   the
circumstances, at the samo tlmo ank
Ing him to como down to Coleman and
hoo If he could got work himself.  He
did so, nnd stayed three days, but fall,
od to get work.    I did everything In
my powor to mako Mr. Davidson de
what was right with this brothor, ac-
cording to what was agreed to, but
ho vory plainly told mo that I had
misunderstood Mr. Whltesldes In what
bo had said, that Mr. Whltesldes hsft
told htm If the pillars startod on dou«
bio shift again thnt theso men had to
bo started, nnd- that Is what ho told
tlio brother on tho laBt occasion when
ho asked for work,
Understanding No. 2
Satiinln'y, April 27th, It nnno to my
knowledge thot the Intornotlonal had
derided to start some plllarH on double
Hhtft, .'iiuhIii.. to bo employed somo-
thing llko 20 moro mon. I Immediate*-
lysaw Mr. Davidson, and said that as
uu. i.ni.i.h w«_r« starling double shift
{,,. ,1!ut, !>.} I tiu.n'u M.uii _ui Uiu b.u-.i-
*-r ubo ii ah laid off, as ho had promised I-**, plw him r. .tnr. rt* fj./»a n«. .h*y
startort Hip double shift again. Mr.
navldBon was very indignant, nnd snld
»   .,i ;,v. iri iri  ».'«M. inn u(   nun liitil   ,i;|.
ilfrMaiKilng (which I want lo say right
hf*r<. Is a He), nnd anyway thero had
lK-in rt ctrlk.t nlnro thon, and things
hft.I .-hani'dl, nnd (lint be had «uir.uxb
mt-n coming to blm to work without
Ff-irtfrn. tor tht-m. I foM Mm thnt T
-would do (he sending If hr- would do
Ml-"it ?.• >,-"■'? pwml«/>f) tr. .-.-ifir.t rrt «k-
ti-i; hlJii »<•...., but I..- rcfu«f_l polnl-
Wank. I tbrn w.lt<-rl wlint ho bad
...■aim,, ./to mat). Had bo donr* the
u»t-..,.ari>- *.u-.._ ft.i.in«_i. Injury. Ob,
• ')• 'fiiHtp, »t*4t _** t-r*w af, o»,jir ♦*
v*..',.!.'. irrtlne In at nrt htm, thit w,i«t
fill.     A_f< i I (ai.ifi out of tl... of/lit* |
noticed .'another man waiting outside
as if ".he was'looking for work,- and'I
was surprised as I noticed that the
same man reported for work at York
Creek International Coal-and Coke (Jo.
on the afternoon shift'two days'-, be-,
fore.' I "asked him if, he had quit, 'arid
he said'J no;"that Mr. Davidson liad
l given him a start and told him' to report at York Creek, but when he went
and reported for work he was refused
on the grounds that he had,got work
under false pretences. On asking him
what the. falserpretences were, .he said
that Mr.'Davidson asked him where he
worked last, and he ,;told , him'at a
mine up at Edmonton District, but it
so happened that he got a start- up at
the McGlllIvray Coal and "Coke Co.,
Carbondalo, but, only worked 2 or 3
hours owing-to'the place* being wet,
and never thought of stating that was
the last place he worked at. On these
grounds this man was given work, but
neveri allowed to start, because" he
worked two or three hours and didn't
say so. ""' And further, he was, told
never to ask for, a start again, from
the International Coal and- Coke Co.
(Britons.never, never/never shall'be
slaves!) ,.;'*_ /.'_ ' • 'A
What about the discrimination clause
in our agreement', I would like to
know. What does" it amount' to "as
far as the men are concerned? These
two above-mentioned men have' been
discriminated against by the-Interna-
tional Coal and Coke Co., and I defy
contradiction from anyone with regard
to'the treatment "of these two men as
slated' in this letter,' ,,-' ?, c, ' , ;
*\ ' Yours truly,     .: -• '„.   *; t
. • - ,      .WM. GllAHAM.
it is a" - shame - t-_at,-they "should-, go 'to
Work when.' th'e';,mines xare^ldleVaud
other poor men at home. * I think" tbe
company! "could"'do , without this "work
on; idle .days * if „ they _ put 3' shifty, on
the working days, y •• ', "'A\""_t
7      '.Yours'truly, *„ -\„j--'.
.' y . . y-7 . A A, a FRIEND, jf),"S^-
.'..".•' ,-pathy with the Miners.
"     ' • Fernie, B. C, May 2, 1912
To the Editor, District Ledger.
According to the published reports of
the doings of our school trustees' there
would seem tobe a nigger in the woodpile somewhere", and as a resident taxpayer, I think that if these gentlemen'
cannot agree among themselves as, to'
what to dp with regard to the building
required, it might.be as well to air the
matter before those, most, concerned
and. ta,have a referendum-.vote.
- Personally I am of'the opinion that
when a thing is in an unfinished condition it is best to replace it with a permanent structure, and when vehtila-
and on these' three reasons I' base
my opinion, that, an addition "'to the
present-school building is, required.
'First, the blank unfinished appearance facing our principal street should
bo completed in a manner that would
be a credit to the city,and also take
up the least space from the playground, _ Second ,tho roof, if built on
the Mansard style, will add the necessary room for manual training and othor purposes, and there will be no heed
of ah extensive basement under tho
addition, but just sufficient for fiirnac?
es and lavatories, Third, the present
system of ventilation is reported unsatisfactory, and ln building an addition provision for ventilating stacks
can no- doubt be mado at small addi-y
tlonal cosl, tho old system In the present building readjusted to meet its requirements and the ventilation of the
new school bo placed ln ono. Lastly,
anil not tlie least, tho cost of tho new
building materially decreased by the
use of tho wall of tho present building
taking the place of an entire sldo of
a soparate building.
As to tho feasibility (of tho third
storey In tho roof, a glance at tho
plans of tho schools of the city of
Winnipeg would show the practicability of this scheme,
While not wishing to bo a buttor-ln
on those .gentlemen who have those
matters in hand, I think, as 1 havo
said, that It Is a matter for mature deliberations for all concorned.
Yours etc.,
To thc Editor, District Ledger.
Don> Sir,—fiver slncouI was elected
to tho loglRlathe assembly of Alberta,
comrades In almost every camp In tho
CrowB Nest Pass havo said to mo we
should try to ralso a fund for tbo pup
poso of keeping a Socialist organlsor
and lecturer In the Pass, ho to also
sell lltorature ami take subscriptions
for the Westorn Clnlron. At first It
was difficult to get anyono suited for
tho work. Then came tho big strlko.
Tho fund has not yot been raised,
but I fool confident that we have the
proper man, I refer lo Comrade Alf
midden, who In organizing and lecturing for tho Socialist Party of Canada.
In n few weoks lie will be In tho Pass.
j Comrades, givo film nil the nssls-
I.i.i.i... .on tail. . -.ii; ,.iruu..i. his
, dates.
Yours fraternally,
C. Jl .O-nniKN.
Pox 58. Colcmnn, Altn.
?£A\   'f ._"*&.'■
'•••.-'-j&*¥>■:'.    li -.->.._-«'.V ''.V.-
Send Name and Address Today
.Strong and vrgordus
■ 'j--- .
Re Contract in. Hillcrest Mine, July,
A' %■ V",. \ 1909, '* " ,.. ?.\,-
-y... /•;' Bellevue,,Alta, April 24,1912
Dear Sir,—I address' - you .from-* a
Christian point of view. .When, you
reduced the price at Hillcrest Mine, as
one of the reasons for the reduction
you "said, "It ought to be, as far • as
mines go, a most desirable r one" in
which to work in. The,evidence shows
that there have been no fatal accidents
ih it." ■
•'Since you made the above statement
in your report of July 7th,-1909, many
accidents have occurred, of which' a
big-percentage proved fatal. Is not
this a direct proof that the men are
obliged to neglect their own safety as
a consequence of the reduction, and
Who is responslblef-
, ; . Yours, etc., '* „
(Ed.—We do-not doubt but that the
Rev. Hugh Grant realizes by this time'
that the Hillcrest decision was^not a
just one towards the men.)   .*.'.
A'society.lady while bn a .visit-longed', to, have a conversation, with, her
parrot, and concluded to use the long
distance telephone to converse with
her feathered darling. The interview
with her parrot over the long distance
telephone'to converse with the parrot
cost somev$30," but as her husband had
gathered' millions from the; labor' of.
children in. the, cotton mills," this sum
was a mere trifle to the "plutocratic
lady, whose sympathetic heart yearned
to, talk to her parrot. • .A system that
imprisons children in the. mills and
permits ladies to spend $30 for a heart-
to-heart talk with a,bird,'should*.be
relegated to the lowest depths of per-'
dition'.--Miners' Magazine.
Sallow Complexion,
Iniflicates,'indigestion, constipation or
liver; trouble; FIG PILLS will/regi.--
late your system and build, up 'the
nerve'forces-that you can sleep and en?'
joy life.,/ 0    , '' ■* - "
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The;Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, .Ont.
Sold'in .Fernie tit McLean's Drug and
A working class that will silently
consent to starve deserves no better
fate. - -'• •
■,* T - V        l ,**■■.■ ,;  ,^ -   ~
• I have In ray possession^ prescription
for norvous debility, ± lack of -vlgViv,
weakened . manhood, failing = memory
and lame back, brought on .-by- excesses, unnatural drains, or the, follies'of
youth,'"that-has cured so many-worn
and .nervous* men-right in their own
homes—-without any additional help oV
medicine—that I think every .nan ivho
wishes .to regain his manly .power and
virility, quickly and* quietly, should
have a-copy.. So I.have determined to
send a copy.* So I have determined to
charge,, in a plain, ordinary sealed en'vo
lope to any man who will write me for
It.   -   '    ,   . ",*-..
This.prescription comes from a physician who has made-a special study of
men and I am convlnced-lt is,tlui surest-acting combination for tlm, euro of
deficient .manhood and vigor failure
ever1 put together! >(
1 think I owe it to my fellow man to
send them a copy in confidence so tlmt
any man anywhere who ls weak nnd
discouraged with repeated' failures
may stop, drugging himself with harmful patent medicines, secure what I
believe Is the quickest-acting restorative, upbuilding. SPCD-TOUCHING remedy ever devised, and so cure himself
at home quietly,and quickly. Just drop
me a lino like tliis: Dr. A. 13. l.obln-
son, 490. Luck BuildlrfgpDetroit, Mich.,
and I .will send you,,,a copv of this
splendid recipe in a plain, ordinary envelope free of charge. A great many
doctors would charge $3.00 to $5.1)0 for
merely'writing out a prescription! like
this—but I "send. It entirely free.   "
.-.*      .     ,    .    KEGULATIONS
COAL' mining" rights of the Domln
Ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the .Yukon Territory, the North
West Territories and ln a portion of
•the Province of British Columbia,-may
be leased for a term ,of twenty-one
.years at an annual rental of Jl an acre.
Not more than 2,500 acres wll be leased
to one applicant,   .
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to ■ the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in
which the rights applied for aro situated.-, • „ ■ " " > , '
' In surveyed.territory the land must be
described\by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections,* and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied .for shall be-
staked out by the applicant himself. *'
•'Each apllcation must be accompanied
by a fee of S5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for aro not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on th'e merchantable output of the
mine.at the rata of five,cents per ton.
-The.person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined' an dpay the royalty thereon., If the coal-mining
rights'are- not being-operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.,   -         ,    ■ , . , ,
The lease will Include the coal mising
rights only, but the lessee maybe permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered ne-'
cessary for the working of the mine
at the,rate of $10.00 an-acre.
For ' full- information application
should lie made to the Secretary of the
Department o^_the_Inte_rIgr._Ottn.w«7 or
to~any. Agent or Sub-Agent of Domln^
Ion Lands.   ,-/■.
7'.   •     • * *   ■    " "W. W. Cory,   * ' •   .,
Deputy Minister of the Interim'*.
N.B—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not "be,paid for.   "
Fornlo, April sr-tli. mi
To Hit- l-iHtor, ni»trl<*t  I^-dgrr.  !
1*>nr Sir,—rnr. m^n li,*- ••.r,pn.w from
j working wlwn lho mlnt*n am idlo?
T.XT,-  mrrt   pion   Vi..?.'";;  fi  dlL; j  a
, '...-..J. tlltmmit conl, uii'l I think if this
1 was sloppr-d It would ntakf* ?. days or
mo.** to other (...or irun onlv Rftdtlng
about ISO fi month t!,r,t bnv« n wife
'Sii.il th* <r *'.r c\.\\ittTt ifs li.-fp and
■ rutvtntt rtint
[    liv.. «an tUy llw.. I think that
W'-iw*. ;,iy'i,"ii,'
.".■Mill''"_,.'.    '    ".
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characterize every Fit-Reform garment.        »7
The Crows Nest Trading Co.
AA-*i^AA^"AA - ? A".- 7-
'"■ y
*:   -      ''-',,£;/• S"*\l   "•-..'i     -
■ ",*    • x^yy-^-y  *•.. ,
Wholesale arid 'Retail "S .
Barber. Shop *
■l ■'   " { Baths" '■ ,"'  A
Shoe Shine     , -
- Billiards and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
Counterv* ,
£ *• Hazvilwooci Buttermilk.,'
•   |        , - \  '
^ ' ^ - u :
;   Victoria Avenue ,
FERNIE, B. C.       Phone 34
-*   >\ _ , '-
* '•-. .-^''vyjTyyy •^•"Sryy^yr^ \s r.^y .'.v.y-**'--'^,.
s'-'^T^-^A"''*"^:f:%AA7   _' l^'S ~7£\ .-\-»'lf! -v 77 -   AAA
*; ^'W*'X: '•' -?; :G6nerai'' Dealeris $--$l
y--s. ,v -.-,,'- '",?"■ Sy-- S7i
?     *    >l,
iDry /Goods, Boots,. Shoes A
^{ Men's,Furnishings JS-y-
" ' **.''*ii.' i'.-^-'r-' ''K;',*-- '* ''-H' :,s   "y».*-v-.-.
.-,   -    ^,^-     .    '   , -.,     , ^      -,,,     --.      .^      -a    -^ .-     ^ .
A   ^Groceries, fruits andy.y
y':"..    '' • Provisions 'yS '-•■'.■,
■«.'. ■■-*- ---'•'•- .;'*- .■ ? /*."   --14- -"   **   >••
<\' MHMlmi Tl*^
""" *lj.      " * 0* '.   - * ,    ,' \ 1 * " '_,.*'''
..  •        ■--.       *• .. ■*»-■_ ",   .:    - ;.     y .
Bellevue, Alta.
' Al
Fernle-Fort Steele
Brewing Co,, Ltd.
Bottled Goods a Specialty
A Flash of    °
Light h ing
"Is just as likely to 'strlko,
tho houso of tho uninsured
man aB that of his moro prudent neighbor. No building
,Is' Immune.
Better Have
Us Insure
you and have a lightning
clause attached to tho policy.
Then you needn't worry every
tlmo thoro Id n thunderstorm.
Solo A front for Fornio
A Stephen T. Humble
7   y    ;   -    ,    Dealer 7in   *  '    =, a-'   7?^'.--,:
•--    - • , A     /?",."    A-   .-...- 17     '   .        "•  -•
-.     '       f      -7- ..       ', ;. ■   • .-.,.,
Hardware,  Stoves,, * Ranges
Fancy Goods a.nd Stationery     -
BELLEVUE   y ',"y ." .^ I'-'■ X  t, Alberta
Hillcriest, Alta.
Clean arid Gomfprtable
;y.VvV';-^TaL^']Vteals;^ ;"* ":'
-'  , y y ,""-'7*A''■ _________•    .-'"   "",    7l 'n"' ;„*   •
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars;;
7   H. J/pUNNINGHAM/ Proprietor    *  7 V,
Electrlc Restorer for Men
vim nnd vitality, I'r.mnturo dfeny and nil texuil
wtakneni •vnted at enca, rhoiphoao) will
mtki)yon niiowmin, I'rlcojli Itox.nrtw*. foi
il.. Mtlliel to nny iildreii, tha HooiMiUnruf
Ct>„ It. CKllmriiiM. Onl.
For Sala ot DUaidall'i Drug Stora
''_,-"   °'".. -'. .We-carry, a full "line,; of   ' ""  -?   ■,,',, '..
Red Feather & Tartan Canned Goods
Pnees Right
Satisfaction guaranteed or money back A
Phone 103 "    :*:       [ Frank, Alta.
' .ti
Special Sale of Flatware
Bone-handlod Tea' or Dinner Knives, at $1.26 per,half doz. "
1835 Wallace Bros. -Tea or Dinner knives,1 $2,00 per'half doz,
'yi'Doz. only Dlnnor Knives, beat plate, $1.76  ,  *■»
% Doz, only. Toronto Sllvor Plato Tea Knives, $2.26.
1847 Rogers' Bros, Dinner Knives, $2.00 por half doz, ,
Rogors' Bost'Plated Tablo Spoons at 46c. each.
Wm. Rogcro and Son Table Spoons' $1.75 per half doz,
1847 Rogere,' -Bros. Table Spoons, $2.75 per half doz, -.
1847 RogoraVBroB. Pesuort Spoons $2.50 por half'doz.'
Tea and' Dinner- Porks, best plate, • $1.76. per half doz.
Wm. Rogers' and Son Dlnnor Porks, $1.60 por half doz,
Wm, Rogoi'B' and Son Al Tea Forks, $1.75 por half doz.' ■
And Nothing: but tho Best In Freeh
and Smokod Moats, Frosh and
Smokod Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
Etc. Etc., go to
i *   ■       *
8AM ORAHAM, Msnifler
£__£-. Co-pperative, Coleman gfa
■^The store that is owned by the people" •
Von don't bavft"'t.o livo in Ooloman to sharo
fclic ttdvttiiUg'es of Luying' undor the Co-Operative
plan.    Mombors of District 18,  living anywhere
Mn tho Pass can buy
Dry Goods & Shoes at Cost
with only tho cost of handling added.   Tho best of
everything, made and sold under good conditions.
You can save 20 cents on each Dollar
nan* ws%
■*'_ •■Sfyy *t;-,'y.      \        ".,.'.-     .,   *  y   ■-. y       y ■   _
THE DISTRICT ^QEB,.;-J__^mji-,_g:.O.r.tMAYH. 1912
*"" ^"'^rt?'l.7-f--'|-'y''-'"® *^''A'.A\!
■___.   ___■"''--'''____ ________ - ___*"'_____)' v __F  _■_____> /*!__i_*''____.  __■■_ ________ ^tt'
A'Coyld'I run,a'grocery store under
Sociali[sm?:*.You .would; "be permitted
' to'do, sg. if you*wished; that,is" there
would be no, law> against it. yBut the
stpre run .by the «whoiei people would-
.   sell things at c6st. and.?you might find
"it hard* to'iaeet the.competition.;  If,
you'found customers who'would rathar
pay ,you.„a.tribute"of .profits?than■ to
save their own money, though", .itwould
",be'righi;.'A7lAAv^AAs7-,.; ?A
"Would persons of unusuaP.ability.^be
.paid, if.Socialism prevailed, the, same
as* others?,;? Nobody" knows? " Social-
'".Ism is a"method wherebyAhe people
shall be given powers over .their own
1 lives, and it will remain for. the people
"to say what shall be,done in the matter. *""However,»tho>diffefence ln tlie
. productive power of - men - is not so
" .greafas ls made to appear now. There
: -. Is not a foot diference in the height of
'• people^ and thero Is not enough differ-
?ence, In the,earning' power., of men to
; make if,so- that any one could earn
a decent living,or* so the ablest could
..of his' own efforts become a million-
, -aire?,"..'  •"   " -      ' „    ,<■'■■'      .
,  . i,      * ■ ,-,    .  .     *•
.-,.,»        , -   *-' ** - * - *        .,-.,-..,.
,        * ,-',*,*•,'
,' '*'. What would"Socialism do relative to
—foreign immigration? "Make It so foreign Immigration would Injure, no. one
, "It is the, wages profit system'- that
makes the foreigner a menace to the
native .worker, j He fears the* lossvbf a
job through the advent of'a'cheaper
1' worker.     If '.Socialism .'prevailed? and
."each "one secured .his full social pro-.
,,'duct. foreigners could neither prevent
••Canadians from working?or, decrease
,.the income of'those., who--did > work**'
■ since every new.,worker'would require
more food and ..'clothes.''  -Therefore,'
7/'foreigners", would  no*,longer, be  a
^menace, and -the. spirit of brotherhood
-; .would have a chance to develop.',
.',   - *   •   * - v.'
.'Will heads of "extremely, large fam:
ilies, under Socialism,-."be given allow--
ance'over and above,1 the returns, of
' "their owri'work?-- That is another raat-
",ter.,thatwill,,be adjusted by the people
., aslCording to their will, and riot *accord-
" ing to" any mail's theory., The present
tendency,'hojvever, is" to aid tne   man
'-of a family in many .ways:. .First, his
. children -'are,., 'given, free; .schooling;?
./some advocate tree text book's and
,?.free lunches at>• school;?.free "medical.
.and, dental service also .are* advocated,
.even now. "A If the same idea that-is
■'beginning to develop prevails, tlie man.
.7 of large family will receive sufficient
:state'aid in these matters * tp enable
.■him' toibring.?up his children in com-
'.tort. and even luxury. , '    -.   ■
-;,'■ ','■"'"*   "• '' *S** '•*''" • ""'    *   "-"
""•' If I should Improve" a farm.25 miles
'"from a railroad,and In course of time
the government should build a railroad
ynear-lt and'a, town should springup,'
"' '""would ' It enhance  the" value  of my
'" farm?     Answer It yourself:  Would
i  you be able to raise .any more on, it
',, than before?     The proximity of peo-
" plo would bring you ' neighbors,.. maY-
. ko'ts and'comforts, and • why, fshould
, yon wish enhanced value of land at
' "'their expense?  * The.presonco of land
■" .held lind used by the' government in
.  thonolghborhood would probably make
., It so tlio unemployed • could havo the
Also of land cheapor thnn they could
"by paying you a high price for "tin-
...oarncd increment," and   they   would
, 'not havo to ho skinned as now.In order
.„ to got a chance lo-llvo und produce.
,i       +   ♦   +        ,,
Whore a man has several houses to
, ront, what will bo .dono about'that un-
-  dor Soclnllsm?    The nmi} will fnco ox-
■; nctly tho same proposition ho does
now when thoro Is no market 'for'his
■ houses.,   Tho value of tho property
,; will depreciate until It comos to tho
point whoro someone would buy lt
,,   .rather than build a now houso for him-
Ji     Bolf,   It Is said 'that somo of the biggest offlco buildings In,Now York aro
pl-actlcally idle'today, not-paying, ex-?
penses.- The same'problem will probably- prevail ■ under Socialism,"-.until'
we come to.an "adjustment .-where ,'pri-.
svate'".rental .is Jcompletely ended.... .
?       ■x-,-*^*' *-'*.-' *^,'   .'':- -'■
" How ?"wiir'manufacturing - plantsJl be
run under Socialism?-''There will pro'-"
bably.be.a department of manufacture,
in'the federal1 government-"which will
have^general oversight of this-branch
of^industryy 'The', impression, seems
to be'strongest'.with Socialists that
this" department will assign to.the different factories the output that is ex--
pected and'ithe, nature, of the output.
In the management1 of1 these factories
the workers" will be, supreme. ' ,They
will elect their own foremen and'regulate to a large extent the conditions
of labor. The product of the different factories .will be, disposed of through, either the.manufacturing department or7a department'of.distribution,
probably, the, latter.", ; It will better
conditions, and In a measure, equalize
matters, so that, the'workers will receive their full social;product," and, as
the product will be'.sold^at'cost, the
price paid for It by the consumer*! will
be much less than noyfy   ' ;       '-**''
••"yy. '* A" - *y*':*i *  * « -
."A poor, man can't get a home, now?'
How can he get It.under. Socialism?
Tho poor mancan'tget a'home new,
because he, is exploited "from .half a
dozen "^ sources? .,When -'he works ;for
anbther'he'.Is not'given his full product. * ' When' he buys' any kinds of
goods he pays a number of profits'on
them, for--you must count the,-profi'-
to the'wholesaler,,the jobber,'the re-
taller, the carrier and the manu-.
facturery ' When he,-goes,"to build "a,
house he must pay*,.a,'profit oh-the lum-.'
ber and other 'materials'* used. 'Under,
Socialism he will get, his full social-
product. He will-buy? everything at
cost., , He will get the material for his
house at cost. 'A's'a re'sult'the house
will not,cost hlni-nearly'so much as
now.'and he'wiiyhave an income three
or four times greater than'he has now.
Don't you see how he would be able
then toxowh a home?'
..v *
rE/^ ai% now haying pOk New Spring, and "
^yy-x; Summer  Catalogue .'-distributed  in   and*
around; Fernie.     ^Ve want'every home  to haVe' <
a • copy,: vahd . so if you do: not get it please drop"
us a line and "we'will mail one to you.
/      -*
*'\iy A-fei^
-* ,--*
?'*• -
•If,- as Socialists propose,*.the government conduct/all business and does so
without interest or profit can't you see
tliat" money would soon go'below par?,
Not in the'least? 7, Money, is merely a
measure"bf value. \lf the government
had' a monopoly-bf the money'making
aslt should have, and dldall'the;busi
riess,'it„would simply be?handling its
owrf,, and it would be impossible for it
to go.under par.'    -r y '. '••'
,'-    '•     "'        * *,* ■'*   "*-'.' *". ''•*, ' ,
'■ flow would a shoe-and harness repairer get his money or pay for his
labor ■ under Socialism? If-the public .did not employ, ^11 and pay, them,'
equitably In large shops that used the.
best machinery, as would doubtless be
the case ..in larger,; places, then the
small repairer, in , the small * ,town,'
would-get what he could, as he does?to-
day, ,hls patrons paying, him."' But
when'did'other labor become-'.'his"?'
It is nQt "his," und would doubtless
go to tho public shop whero It could
got the best remuneration undor .'the'
best ■ conditions of. labor.* ' Besides,'
when people aro nblo to" afford good
now "things, there will be iess wearing'
of patched clothes or shoos than there
ls now. n Aud, as tho auto truck comas
In, harness, tho innnncio of lho boost,
will gradually go out,'
• „-«•'
Whnt Is tho single tax, and' how'
would It boneflt farmers? Tho slnglo
tax ls a proposition to have" no taxation/ except that upon land values..
Land in the city would bo taxed vory
much moro than farm land, of courso.
Unused land would bo.tnxod as high
as usoil laiid ot llko' valuo,., tho ' Improvements not holng taxed. It would
bonoflt tlio .farmer, ln that lt would
Flaky Biscuits
Delicious Cake
Healthful Food
made with
Dr Prices
The product of
No        \
LixnoPliosphatf ;
a }     ■
Covers everything we sell
and if the goods are not
satisfactory we will ex-
change them and pay the
transportation charges
both ways;
i ■'
, ^ ,
ORDER-We guarantee
satisfaction        .'
IVBa.il Order Department
provide a tax that could bo always
localod, not an lnslduous, indirect tax;
It ■ would cause many holding lands
out "of uso for speculation, to disposo
of them, and,so enable tlio> dispossessed to get land, Socialists hold ihat
lt ls not tho full.remedy, becauso lt
would leavo lho profit system In existence, yet woro lt Ib to go to a referendum, as lri Orogon, nearly all Socialists will volo for lt, believing It to bef u
groat advance over, tlio present tax
systom. A' A
*'**•* ,
, If It, bo doclrtbd to purchase tho Industries, whoro will wo got tlio monoy
with which lo do lt? At tlio Hiinio
placo lho prosont owners got It—from
tho people. This might como from
profits on goods sold, until mioli tlmo
ns thoso profits had pnld for, tho Iiuluu-
trios, Did you ovor reflect that, who-
llioi" wo nui'-liuuo tho Industries or not,
wo will within tho noxt fifteen years
pay Interest on' all llio InvoHtmont,
keep up tho planlti, and IjosIiIoh alll
".hat, actually pay trio full value of
thoso Industrie-.?' Why Hhoi'ild wo not
own'thorn tho noxt tlmo ,wo pay for
thorn T
, * * *
What Ib tlio dllferonco hotweot. govornmont ownership and collective ownership? Thoy may bo proolHoly tho
snino, and thoy mny not bn. Whoro
tlio .govornmont In purely dumocj-aUc
nnd tltlofl nro vested In llio Rovevnmont
It moans collective ownorslilp,   Wll'oro
;_.<_- ^i/it!iiiin.it iia tl iiiuliaU.il, u< I1IIKIU
lio rlinnrfcil Into *. juwj.ij*(3ir .h'ovl-Dl-
mont ownership would monn the own-
crchlp liy tho potion In niithorlly. A
wre-At mnny do not rocoRnl^o lho dts-
Unction, but It Ir bottor to linvo tho
INI/**«'■%./m,i a i  r,,   ii   ,   .   t  -i t     it
(o te veelod lri a Btnto .whic,!! ml«'.it
po.-inps clmngc ovor night.
o  •   *
How will wo provldo for nnturnl
londors undor Socialism, enpoclally In-
vontor«, men llko Edition who upon)
twolvo yearn, twenty hours a day, io
produce tho aonnd of "a" on lho phono-
graph? Thut story nbout Kdlnon Is
largely npocryphnl. nut under Bo-
-clallim tho Inventor and discoverer
will rocolvo recognition of his work,
either In the way of (tendons of pay-
olt'nor In tlio wny of pension or pny-
dance.. Edison himself Is 'authority
f6r the statement that under the present system a majority of*tho Inventors practically'Htarvo to death, Thero
Is now no one to whom appeal can he
made for means for exploitation or Investigation of an Invention. Under
Socialism It will *o posslblo for any
ono who can demonstrate Hint ho has
a good thing to got lt tried.
•   *   *
Under .Socialism wl|o Is to ho the
judge ot Horvlces I render to society?
'".vory well regulated shop at protiont
prudes tho output of cicl. Indjvldunl.
There Js nothing <llfU-". nbout tlau.v-
lu'.wliiK that, Au (or the renjunc-ru-
lion of teachers mid others, whore tho
product Is nol so easily determined, It
is probable that tlio returns' would bo
fully equal lo tho avorago of tho oilier
workers, ""Undor Socialism tho full
product would go to the workorn thorn-
hoIvob, Under tho pi'csont 'Bj'Btom
much of lho product goes lo tho iuuh-
tern pf IndtiHtrtoH, who, as Individuals,
(Uiloi'inino nil tiling.), > Which Ih bed-
tor, govornmont of olio's solf and lijn
full product, or government by others
and nbout one-fifth of his product?
8core8 of Young Men Are to De Sont
Out on 8tate* 8peaklng Touro
MBMIOUHNB, April SS.—Tlio Federal (lOveriimeut'H compulsory military
drill scheme Id hampered by tho violent opposition of somo mnull oxtretn-
.ft-  illlil  ri_l..(.iilot Olhuiili/.tltl'JIIll,       l;I'.
Kent njipcals nro made lo Uio executive lo remit lho flno of f300 recently
Inflicted ou the Soifallst father of u
boy who wiih refused permission to
Ministers doploro tlio Socialista tno-
IIob, hut express tholr dotormlnatton
lo vindicate the law regardless of
class dlHtlnctloiiH.
Tho National Corps, Including tho
Sco'fl.h rcglmcnti', will mcrnc tbla
year Into lho Australian battalions, tho
latter lui-i.ii. th.Ir UHta a;i wull ut. [UvW
Shiloh's Cure
ouickiv «tops eoooHt. eunc« coiot.
H»t1 THB THtldAr flNO WUCtl. aft (. Uil i,
" INDIANAPOLIS, Ind,, April 2n,—
Coincident with tho preparations for
their national convention, which will
moot in this city on May 12, tho In-
illnn^. Socialists aro arranging for nn
nggroHHlvo campaign. They havo
nominated a state ticket, with Stephen
M. Reynolds, of Turre Ifnulo us tlie
nomlnoo for govornor, and Mr. Ilsy-
noldn Is taking a r.ry optimistic: vlow
of the ul(uatIon. ' lie hat. been a Ro-
(Hullst for fourteon yonrs, and has
been tho candldato of hln party for
congroHH In the firth district and once
mndo ' the men for mayor of Terro
Ilnuto ns tho nomlnoo of tho same
party. IIo Is a lawyer, n mnn of unimpeachable cl|uriu*t..r mid a goad
speaker, Undor his direction the Bo-
daunts are jamlilng tholr propaganda
night and dny. Thoy havo 20(1 or-
(.utily.iilloiiH tn thn stnto nnd lu u limn-
bor of tho Bmnllor towim, espoclnlly
lu the mining district!., they elected
the local officers.
Are Well Organised
Four yourn ngo thorn wan neither
orgiinlzotlon nor money;   today thoy
.ill-.!. ,111 UlhtUU/.i_.IO.i UI1U UK! (III. IIM'l'l
Ol >\'U.i -V'.'  JJ.'CJ_;_N,'. .*.   ,',.'.w*,V.'.l,.   .,.   $~li&
per mont I). In addition llio meiiiberx
Htilimlt to siwelftl a««pi<?mcntH nnd.
though theso rarely exceed 2*» cents
p<«r mcinher, thoy i»wcl1 Hit* cnmpnlgn
_^..» _     kU„„. A ,,«.wg ,     &1.1.     ».V*'|»     «(*     V.Ai
supply of lltcrotuiro a» well nn pny
Hponkcrfl, '
Mr, llcynoldfl heartily lndor«cs the
platform on which ho was nominated,
oven to (ho abolition of tlio United
Slritc.-. Supremo Court nnrl .In** I'nlfcrl
Kintoi ricna'e. "Wo ndvocnt<> collcp-
t)v.- oivnornhlp of nil fioclnl proi'ertj','"
Bftlil Mr. noynold*. "and tlio dcrnofni-
tit- tuniiiipement thereof, lly bocIsI
j.l-oirt'rty f mean railroads, UdcphoncM
ami t(.-U:graph line*, toxprenn compr.n-
Ifs, *U*plng <*«r «otnp«nttf, *lr**l and
fnlcriirlMi- rnllrrMKf*, wftf^nrorVt, p.1*.
companies and the llko. in fnct. all
public utilities, to bo operated by tlio
peoplo nnd for the benefit,1 of tho pep.,
plo and not by tho capitalist for the
bonoflt of tliocapitnllHt."
To 8end Out Spcnkero
Mr. Reynolds added that Uio party
Intended to Bend from fifty to 100
young men out, In tlio stale thiH mini,
mor making speeches. "Wo scut n
spoclnl trnln through,thirty-five states
four yeiii-H ago," he snld, "nnd when
wo started wo did not have a cont,
When, wo finished tho tour wo hnd $'),-
000. Kvery rent of oxpoiihoh was con-
trllmtod by porsens In th<> hIiiIch whoro
the "red .-inn-lal' went.
RooIiiIIkIh contend flint tliey lin\'o
linide it rent pi-ogrcm. tlirough (lie education of tho ih>0])|.. by'menus of municipal-owned lighting plants nnd water-
work-., and that theae. where the
miwitigonient imn boon H(*pnrated from
riolltleji, linvo boon In lho tlm main hiic.
coMsrul, thnt Ih, that thn people have
gollon chenper wator nml light.
Take Opposite Vlow
Tho opponents of govormnont own-
crHhlp, while denying (lint this In trin*-
ovon of miinlcliml.'owned plnuts, see n
groat, dlfforonco between operal In u' n
little HkIH, plant or n wnlnrworks
lilnnt, In which not more than ten or a
dozen persons nrp employed, nml oper-
ntlng a syBlcm of railroad IIik'k c-x-
londliiff across tho cnmlnont and em-
ploying mnny thousand men. They
Knld tlmt the cnpnhllllleq for mnchlno
polltlCH In the first nro reduced to the
imniiiiuiii, while llio iiOKHihilltiuH or ilH.«
bCi'ond ore at u maximum,
Mr. Reynold!! I-* a d<:k«.-il« lo tl«.
nntloiinl convent Ion and Ih pledged to
urge his vloww upon' Hint body. In
cx'ii.itia.ion of IiIh iiiivdciicy of the
abolishment of tho United amies Su-
promo Court, lio declares that there
arc 201 doefoToni. by that body In
which tho rlghtH of tho people have
been usurped.
vale tlio bitter social conflict now rng-
ing'In England. Tlio hocIuI fabric Is
tottering In all Industrial countries.'
Cnpltnl ennnot. mnko monopolies wllh
Impunity, nor build them up with wages withheld fi-oni millions of work-
Ingmcn. "*"" >
"Tho dny when the masses of tho
peoplo decline to accept tholj. luird lot,,
llio dny when they,bollevo iu the possibility or n bettor existence ,a JuBtor
order or tilings, tho dny when thoy
apply for their self.protcctlon tho over
liicrcriHliu; force of their rogaulzntlon,
thut day oligarchial property will bo
shaken to Ilo foundation. When tho
piilai-H ifiipporiliiK this cdifloo imalio,
fiocloty nuiHt trausforni ItKelf or perUh.
If a new bitliiitci) bo not. found, thorn
will bo unlversiil ruin,
"This In the Immense problem thin
in lho qiu.htiuit of llfo or denili to
which nnllouti imisl apply lheir enor-
gles and 1'osimrven of tlinuglit and action. They trifle lu n dronm of rapine, pride mid, niiink-i*; \\u-\- apply
torchon to the explosive fojciis of ko-
t'llll  OVOllltltlll."
.lean Jnurcs has the following ,o aay
f'tx th? mluei..' i.'.i'il.c In KuuLnd;
"The KiihIIhIi .'apKalim in lillial if
he Itollevcg he has finished with the
problem: Iho EnwllMh prolotfirlrtt
ftWfUtK and will oxint mit)«tnntln| 5nt-
"To roftr-.A rf)|.r wmtht b<i to n££M.
KDMOXTOX, April _»il.—Jtllno mnifti.
gei-H from n(ht>r prov|iie<'s mid other
limdc, who have pnsHctl ovninlnnllim .
i.ntlHfiK.liuy to tin- Alberta iiuthoriile-.
will not Iks'reipili-oil to undergo re-
oMiiiiliintloii tihuuld 'they deuldi: to re-
iit-jic to Allien*.,   t-iiL-ti nt lo.ua is ono
* > * x.iiini iitiiMtuiio In.mi: u>   tlio
i(,,*il .oiiuiil',sluii .'ijiprilmcd i.j IK, jno-
vlnclnl .'ovornmottt to inv^^tl-J-nt" tl.o
workings of Hup Alberta Conl Mine-.
Act, nnd to recommend mieli _-bitii.;.-t„
WK_.l_INC.Tn>., N. 7.. April 2«.~
Labor mnyors have ben oloctod for
Wellington mid Ciirietcliurch llirough
ppllt voted.
The retlrlriR m-yor of AnUnml bus
boon ro•f.l.-c.od by n majority or nearly
throe to one o. or the npreiientatlto of
tho   Socldliiit   rederntlon  of  Uibor.
'_>\ .-"<■*'
i-- *;'
IPoblisked every B»tnrd»T merniiir « it8>.offic«,
Pellat Avenue,. Finds. B. C. SuVjfcriptioa $1.00
per. year ia adtMice. 7 An excellent^ advertiiring
medium. Largest circulaUen in the District.; Ai-
' rertiaing rates en application. TJp-t^-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of took, job and
color work. Mail orders? receive special attention.
, Address all communications to The District Ledger.
^   ■•„' >   H.;P. NERWICH, Editor.
Telephone No; 48. Post Office Box No. 380
fm jta^or jmjhm^»^;b. ']tC:mki]j. iui
'; -.f- v.*•■- '• A v'V.7£"•*yy *•'. M9-'^'^ ^JS"'^**.*} A *;-'A;*7%?-"?<-": A"V--':-..?-.?, '   , '.-*'"'- .
: -"..j'-„;y, i<i—"j..\.\i-'y -t.*-."*'•-. • ".-.-"•*■? 7->y-,-"■->'; ;•"  vr. >y*.r--_."      •"■
A .    .^'-,-ftAA ■ *»: SS"  --fcv *A ~7-v. t- - -• -A"_A77 "■ A.- A^
per day will be-as-follows—5 percent t)brinka'ge
has already been provided for in.tonnaige under
item of cost, and tb.erefo.re rcosts here;. trea*t 0f
total sale of output of 3,000.toins.t'o'be-produced
in three years' time A, y 7- '.". £"y'-." \) ■ '^ '".
Sale of 2,000 tons of run of mine at;$3:5o*' $7,000
Less cost $2.14 f.o.b.'.,... -.'; A..-.-._:.; ,-4 280
11 ,,r    ''*~ y^ ■/*,._ yX^V_ „    \ r , t O*
Per diem profit :.:."......-'.'.71 ,J.':.V ^$2,720
* Sale of 1,000 tons screened at'$4,-less cost..* l860
.,"."'•   7. .,:■'     .
,,.  ,'~-v..
IN the, last-issue of the-Ledger we published an
address* delivered before the'Coal Mining Institute of America by "E. N. Zern, assistant professor of coal mining in the Pittsburg University
School of Mines; in which he says that of seventy
minerals mined,in thc United States, coal ranks
lowest in tlie scale of value. From this he goes to
infer that thc coal operators are poor, and are
driving themselves to- bankruptcy by over-production. In .fact, the operators have become so accustomed to this plea of poverty that they cannot
help.themselves but take every opportunity oi repeating it, in the hope that a certain portion of the
public \yill some day believe it to be true.- Only
the other day, when the'operators, in the. States
and the men were negotiating a'wage scale, George
_P. 'Baer, 'forgetting.his' surroundings, remarked;
"Our operations are earned on at a loss." "What
a pity," replied PresidentAVhite; "and all of you
millionaires'! Look at this Reading Railroad* terminal, and at the building and rolling stock-.of the
other coal roads and coal .companies. AlL'-this"
.wealth out of an unprofitable business."'
Here, in British Columbia; far from coal fining
- being carried on at a loss, the price of coal in cer-~
tan parts is soeshorbitant that there is commonly
believed to be a'coal combine. On Vancouver Island the outcry, against coal prices had-become, so
great a few years ago' that a resolution was brought
forward in the legislature .calling upon,.the government to take action, and it was passed."? The resolution reads:.- ■*      ;'.',*?*'     *     --.*--'
"Whereas it would appear that the 1 cost of
" coal to the' consumer in the Province of British
- Columbia is but of, all proportion to .the cost of
production; and    "' ..,   '..   ,     .       ...
-\ -y    "Whereas, owing to the abundance of the coal
/. deposits'in this, province,' and the, proximity of
■■ the source's' of supply to the market, the cos{ of
vvui -iiO=vuC=w Jwlla^AV^I^AiA==J3_w*ulOil='Ov**Ail*iJl£*'=kJ**Ol*l
' be much less than at present.is the case; "aud .
"Whereas the excessive price of coal in British
Columbia has the effect of retarding and preventing the establishment'in' this province of industries depending,upon a fuel,: supply, and'-. '
"Whereas much-of the product of the eaol
mines of the province is being exported, to foreign markets and sold at a price that enables it to
compete with coal from other countries in. such
foreign markets; and - y v '
"Whereas a belief exists that there'is an un-
. derstandin'g between the persons.br'"corporations
•  controlling,or owning such coal:mines-to niain-
,   tain the high prices now being charged to consumers in this province;   .        . ■      ,   '      *   A
"Therefore, be it resolved, that an humble ad-
7 dress be presented to His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor by this -Houpo, praying him to consider
the advisability of appointing a royal commission
to inquire into the following questions:
"_L Whether or not a combine or understanding exists among the coal producers, or any of
them, of .this province to establish and maintain
prices charged for coal?
"2. Whether or not coal is being sold by producers, or any of thorn, for consumption outside
British Columbia for a less price than that sold
J'or consumption in tho province?  ■
"3. Whothor or not the prices charged by tho
producers, or any of them, for conl consumed in
British Columbia is excessive.
"4. Whether or not the prices charged by the
producers, or nny of them, of coal in British Columbia bear a reasonable proportion to tbo cost of
Tlio nbovo resolution still stands, and, of course,
nothing further Iiiir been done in tho Timttcr by
either llio Dominion or Provincial governments.
Even Hiieh men ns A. S. Goodovo, recently member
in the Dominion Houso for this riding, could not
holp but admit tlmt there is something rndcnlly
wrong in tho prino of coal. Tn n loiter on tho sub-
jet, ho Hitys, inter alia: "I ngroo thnt tho price of
coal is too high, and it in a Horious item in thn cost
of living nnd a hnndionp in thc establishment, of in-
(lustries in our province."
Men living within n mile from lho coal mines
around Merritt arc said lo lm pnying ifiO.SO a Ion
of coal, nnd in oilier purls of Iho province lho prices
vo right up lo $7,r>0, .
A ...._•_.*.■....11 mining fiigineer, .vho Ikih ..com
»iuni.i..r .vil/i ..in cnai ininoH in litis province, has
suppled somu valuable information on this question
10 iho ouiHidt! publii', He goes into tho matter
thoroughly and hIiowh that the mine owners on Van-
> ,-«,.'„_   _i.n_..\. .viv.i.nu ,\ J....11Y tn  ,*)>..no jut UUi Ol
2.2-10 His. which, ho says, if, of eournc, a very big
margin. Ah further proof of whal profits nro be-
ing made by tho coal compjiuieH it is interesting to
read a report of a firm of engineers who have esti-
mated on .1 con] proprmifmn for 11 pro<!{i<><-.ivo coal
eompimy. Tho selling price of ihe run of tho mino
U Kiv.-ii al ifW.'AS, mid the ..est J'.o.h. tho mine bunkers it. "42.14.    The rcprot run,, as follows:
"After carefully toimidering Hie prior* which
ean awiiiredly lie realized, Ihe net result, of mining ami *.-.K»g th,. product of an output of 3,000
, c-Total ..,;-.'.' • v v    •'••": $4,580
"Total profits for Ahe. year of 300 working*'
• days, $1,374,000/ or 20 per cent per -annum* ori
" $6,870,000.'.     V   .- " , " /      '   ''7'rA;;
Judging from the above it does not appear'ag jf
the coal operators are getting a "bad dea^"* "^he
working plug who produces the coal mnytakis.'a'
chance on it and change places with'then.,    ' '
' .yv-
Employers of labor have'a stock argument or
plea,, whenever they,aro up against"a d(.man(];for
higher wages, shorter hours,, safety appliances< 0l.
any alteration in their methods that wo^ia entail
ah apparent diminution in their income, it js \\i^
they run heavy risks in their business, and their
profits ■ are really' so small, you know, that thev
really cannot accede to the extravagant demands
that are put forward. They have" invented their
capital in.their business, an/i the "risk'Vthev run
oif losing it must betaken into account' \vhen these
things are discussed, or they will be.mad^ to suffer
from grave injustice. Continual harras$jng along
these lines .will .ultimately compel-,then, to1 withdraw their ..capital from the business affecte(j'' ar[(|
thus" the-goose that lays the golden eggs will "go on
strike', take'wing to other pastures,* .or be laid to'
rest in" the country churchyard. .'All oj "which- is
very gravely, put forward by-aforesaid employers
and as'gravely discussed,by the "learned,economists. " ■ In 'thej meantime, ,while" the discussion is
going on,, the prists..being'*run by-the real geese
(yerbum sap) are very real,* and they sho*w no ^\o\y
of'leaving- the country,.unless they take an involuntary departure by-the ,-'air;route.'1 These remarks
are called forth by the following press'r<5sport 0f an
accident' that happened' a. few. days ago. at' Lytton
in that occupation."most prolific .of fear{uitr;s]jS	
railroad*" construction:' '/«.- ' v-    -> '   ,':,;"-
" "LYTTON, . April" "22.\--* "With his, i6ft< hand
blown off at the wrist,1 the thumb and two,'fingers
gone'from his right'hand, both eyes blown, out and
a number of, ghastly;wounds in liis abdomen Godfrey Rugg, pbwderman for J. S/Washtock was
brought,in to Cisco-Saturday night', and taken to
Eamloops"Hospital) where, he died o'n.Su;ciday;i_£or_i-
ing:*''.' Just before quitting-time,he started to* open*
a. box' containing *? 100 *. dynamite detonators ■ in the'
rock cut where Washtock's steam shovel is'operat-
.exploded, r y.y He was a German and n^arried. his
family living at Hartford*-Wis. He had,the reputa■
tion of being,a very careful man..-' H*. .Avas con.
scious and able-tb converse1 after, the ekpiosibri but
was unable to assign a. reason;for it." ' '
" These are" the' actual' risks run'by thoSe \vnQ acJ
tually produce the golden eggs, and which are carefully avoided in discussion by,-the afores{.ici '!learned economists.", ■* ;, ; - y 'v "".-«> „ , '■'
"The ox knoweth his stall; and the'a$'s hjs mas:
ter'scrjb." 7lf tbey we're toinsist on COnsidera-'
tion being giyenj,to this.phase.of thb matter, they
would quickly find themselves in cold storage and
left there .until they had-come to a ''reagonaDie"
frame of mind.' The,prospects of that chilly environment is usually sufficient tb keep tUom «<8a|e'
sane, and conservative."   _
7 '"«    "
The Conservative Tanpany organization of Victoria, B.C.1, through its, tools on the city Council has
rushed to" the aid of tho Canadian-Minoval Jtubbor
Co., whose employees are on,striko for nn -advance
iu wages of 25c. per day, to correspond witJlJ tIl0
wago paid by tho city for similar work, • ■]•!._(_
mounted police are fulfilling thoir, function'as Cossacks with zest, and tho manner in which'' thoy aro
being used is, along the same linos as thc example
sot by Mayor Findlay in Vancouver last February,
with tho actual clubbing and whipping omitted!
That will probably1 como later, as tho strikers 'con--
tinuo to pursuo tho peaceful tactics thnt tho methods of- tho auhoritios aro designed, by deliberate
provocation, to induoo them lo forsake, Poucoful
and lawful picketing is prohibited i»i<Vtho, pickets
arrested on the most flimsy excuse, 1)Wo' itftijft„
strikers woro arrested by ono policeman 0„ ft 0imP»fl
of intimidation, but had lo be released, tllc cop bo-
ing forced to confess that ho did hot understand a
word that ho was saying! Pickett. wl.0 s.,oko to
thoso who continued to work, during tho ,,000 |,om,
wero charged by the Cossacks. In Hl)jto of* t,J(J
tactics which aro now tho accepted poljoy 0j tll0
CoiiHorvnlivo municipalities ns tho hnl\.mnrk of
thoir loyalty to tho.prcHont monthploco ilmi loo] o£
the large capitalist—Premier McBride, pj„]{otjnB
wiih enrricd on and on Thursday, Apbn -jg ^
pickets were nrrostcd for speaking to t),0 ,„'eu nt
work, refused an opportunity to get legnl advieo or
to see ■tlieir friondn. Thoy woro nliitvgcd. with
obstructing traffic on n street which wnH ,»i,.onfi ♦,.
1..   rr    1      ii       •, • -.t-. n i,iUHLU 10
"*" v  <«.v Ktv u_H--_i.(,_.       una!   .. iij] tho result
.?! I.,., |...i,.cci._tii.i u.ii' il.i-JJ'iiiaOi oiuits *)0 Hnv   u..i
it is m»/ likely that they were allowed to «0i i'ft'w or
I'jo law.
-*,; aUkit* Use «8WiiphM,
. For taricioe _wre_s,ka<l leg. or elircalc
vltvn, Zani-Buk la vwU_uiut tvtal an a
h8_aer.y_ti proof it t__J_» is Jest totoo*
from Montw-al. 7Mr__;,T. IMwarts, ti
H4 AulMnt St. wrttat:; "Soim U*aw
«*« __. bad tore' __r«ka - avi ;■«__> my. Uft
leg B«kr tka uUt, ,<-F*r,ja week or im
I did.inot iced it. "But it tot-m b«d
that I ebold hardly t_-«J__:.7;I jurat? Sot
our dpetor, - ud? he',.-toW;*__»"ttuit -1
."would'tar*,to lay n» wlU_ t_u,,vo«____l
I did bo for tkreo weeka. 7At't__e.«__d
•t tbat time the nicer healed a little,
hat.I ccnld only Joara abemt by mlag
crutches.'7',. ". -/*' , y - :"■ .*.. rA~7"
- " The sore then broke out badly,'and
the doctor .told mo that the only thins
that -would euro it -would be »__. operation, and,that I Bhould have to lay up
for a year/:,This, I-knew,'.waa irapoa-
•Ible, as I had a family to attend to. ~ --
'• " My son had cured a bad cot on his
linger by uathg SEam-Buk, and he advised xne to giTO this balm a trial, I
did so,' and in less than a .-week's time
it gave me wonderful TeUet. It stopped
the pain, which had been so bad that
many nights I,did not get,a wink of
sleep. In a very short time the,wound
was so much better that I had no more
ileepleas nlghta, and' was also able to
move about and do my work. I.persevered .with Zam-Buk, with the result
that the wound is now. perfectly cured,
and the limb ls as sound and strong as
ever., To any' person suffering from,
ulcerated sores I would say,' try Zam-
* Zam-Buk is just as good for piles,
abscesses, bolls, scalp, sores,- blood
poison, festering wounds, cuts,.burns,
scalds, bruises, eczema, eruptions, and
all other injuries and diseases. All
drugijistB and stores 50c. box, or Zam-
Buk Co.,- Toronto, for price.", Refuse
harmful substitutes, and, imitations. -
Have you tried Zam-Buk Soap? 25c
tablet"/ ,
' 'WA8HINQTON;;D,O.rAprll-30.-^n.
der a proceedin^in,?ther'Admi_ralty
Court here today, J.-jBruce Ismay, managing ' director -. of?"/the" International
Merchantil« Marine, was summoned .to
appear this afternoon before a commis
sidn to _.lve:.testimony.to-;be'-used.ln
a^suit of Mrsr.'Louise'Robbins.'.ot
New York, - against;,.toe7,*W__ite: Star
line. Mrs. RobbinB* husband. George
Bobbins,.'was'lost?!*}, the'.Titanfc 'disaster? gubpoenas also* were issued-by
the admiralty court -for ~th« surviving
officers of the Titanic, ,"\, yy: -.-y ,7
The attorneys .,forA'Mrs.. Rbbblns
made the application'in. the^Admiralty
Court, when they learned that Mr' Is
ma.y and the officers "of the.Tltanlc
were about to be released by the" Senate,, investigation committee;- ;* A -
In additions to Mr.' Ismay, • those for
whom subpoenas were issued are sec.'
ond Officer J.G. Boxall;, Quartermaster Frederick Fleet,.and Wireless' Op,
erator Harold F. Brld*..*"1'    a 7' "     t
Classified Ads.-Gent a Word
, FOR SALE—Baker's snop complete;
Four-roomed. Cottage;' clothes closet:
water;",newly painted; near school:
Cbipman Avenue, Annex. . Cheap for
cash; - Offers... Frank Earp, Hillcrest,
Alberta.-   ; "    _- ' - " • '. '
'■ FOR•'SALE—Two; plastered three-
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.tached ?and .water; a great snap-with
very easy,terms-" ■ 'Apply. R/Wrlght,
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. LETHBRIDGE,-,Alta,, May. 1,—Sunday night',at .Taber,. theiRev. H H.
Crags,-who haslieen pastor of the Methodist ,'Church' there for nearly' a
year, informed his congregation .that
his'resignation as a Methodist, minister would be-in the hands of the chair-
man "of. the district in 'a few'days. *'•
-' He stated that he had decided on"
this cpurse-'after much thought, and
was-led.'to.take, this action because he
found,it impossible to live on the sa.
ary which he was getting, and support
his wife and 'family, y
, He'stated that in conversation with'
ministers oif'the church in'lethbridge
and Calgary, he'found that in many im
stances^ the salaries paid were not suf-
flcieiT to-unable the ministers to give
FOR ,RE1*{T—House, "4., rooms with
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McLachlan, Box 3_!4i Prince Rupert, B.
C ;    , :  '   •" v '
by others.l7.f-He; said that'he"was going to enter business life, and that the
pulpit at TaWyrould be filled in due
course by. the .chairman of the district;
.;-"_■'...)-%■■■..-'-.     v.    - -   . •
, -" That "c6ndltl'oh8-;in" the' labor' - world
will b<Ei worse-'before they'are better,
is the.bpll_lori held by those who have
given time to,the study of the causes
that have led "up to-, the unrest through
out the globe,?;'! These students point
out that tho believers. In Syndicalism
are Increasing ,{n'.;numbers and .are
thus being enabled,,to carry out the
principles by the. founder of this new
movement. ,.This was demonstrated
during the recent strike of coal miners
In England?, ,*, Tlie "minors of the Old
Country havo struck ..seventeen times
in tio last forty-eight* years and ex-"
perlenco has shown them that' the Isolated Btrlko is without much force.
Therefore they have taken kindly to
tbe Syndicalism^ Idea" and employod
It In their late clash with tho mine operators. It now soems probablo that
tho Syndicalists'' methods will como
Into moro constant ubo as they provide
for general strikes as opposed to strikes restricted to'.ono section of an Industry or to ono .district. Tho labor
element ls recognizing that It controls
a powerful weapon and hence tho students of .labor conditions consider It
likely that bitter struggles., betwoon
cnpltnl and labor' aro certain to bo wag
•d In the hear future.
FOR SALE—House,-,.7 rooms, .bath
and-, pantry,, connected,grange;,, block
47. McAvoy Street "^CentKjlly located.'
All fenced andpalnted. - $2500,' terms.
Cheap^ for\cash. ' Apply,? L.' G?" Evan,.
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Block;'* .'Apply,.Cre'e'and Moffatt.'-
>  t>   *.»^W»V   *k*
„ ,  ,        ,   m ,   """'/A"*''' k" »'*"'^(.i Mi may
well feel proud of its achievement.     **\juc^ 0» ,'
HueccKH, however.Miuiflt, be given credit |n jj|0 ^ •
nm men of Fornio who no Konurmisly oontribntcil
towards tho fund which ennblcd the SporjB f.0;n.
mittee lo ffive mioh vftlunble prizes. Tt Nv.A ,•"
fyin« to nee the large number of visitors "in'our
mid;.t and wc l.opu thut the. ItiihinehH m0n rrfftrrp-|
to hnvo matcrinlly beuefiited by the cr»lPi,rationii
No doubt hnd the wither not been m t|»rvnfonin«r
the day before still greater crowds would i,n_.__ ™Jl
in.    nere'Mon«tMi.yDi.y! "«^.Pome
Furniture'.for Sale.._:?-.Can';be seeii at'
any-time.^.' Apply, Mrs.- Aldrlch; cor.
McPherso'll-Ave, and'McEvoy.'1 St. •,
.' EGGS * for*" Hatching from - selected
laying*,.strain; Buff;'Orpington, fl.BO
por 13. Albert Davies;.Annex'Extension,'. Fernie,--B.C.-: .'■ - S V     ■ *• 3t
. WANTED-rA. ■ couple Of furnl.hei
Rooms-for light .housekeeping,* Apply
Qualn Electric. Co.   -.'j *■■   ' ■     -
' FOR SALE—EGGS for Hatching.—
From Pure, S.CW. .Leghorns, No. 1
pen, ?1.G0 por doz., or $10.50 per 100.
No. 2 pen, $1.00 per doz., or $7.60 per
100. Apply, S.J. Harrison, Wardner,
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Book Storo, Pucham's famous Chocolates,    Best on the Coast,
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(Formerly Fernie Opera House)
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Moving Pictures
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:'•'--,,*;.",**.;«*?-<i•■ • "^yivy.-.::,,**... -yy,h viJ*-^i;*«'--,->'j'y. !■•'-<■ ^ifr^yyiJ -•< --.
?>-A^.^.AAf 7 S.m*y~S7.SyiS-;. -y7^^^y~m~r ryy^yy y 'y
■•■'■ >jvi^__^_^i^^v; -ysys; ■ S^y-~MS¥+S$Sy^
•^\j_J_MB^m^m\WBmmiim^&S X      T   '    '*"*      .       "  * • "" ^'i."'-      "<   < ■*'   * / ■ fl     -■    TV B    ' - ^
jto^AAA?*.5-ry.wi7.f,*M ■:f.\G?'.5*<y. -"A-.^:
■I   ; ,     *-.,,,-1   (-■ -.,
.:. . AA|yiy'A^;'!'"'
-   ,5
. *■ ^*-
■**.    '
."' ,1
■*« .   r\'i..:i •'•
... .   ._.
Get a Water Motor Washer
y ..-
►5 *
■, \.
ii, *,, fr
-.'.*' i -■
Pii^ureMace of tn<e^ Passr
■ -'■'   7"   ■ ■   A -The program for "'*; A ;*;  *- -' ;'f7-
1 I '•'
, I '.. -J
■.■■*:, will consist'of\* * "*"!
Reelsy 5
'..iricluding: 2 Comedies—1*Educational—1, Scenic and: *
.7 ..•'-... i   ,*-  ;?., 7 3 Dramatic,*,,, 7\~\.-- A '"*„-•*. A
to-      '■''.'.'':  7-V '  - '-*"-• -'- -'-. *' -.     %   '■   A'-
*h A Program of^; Quality:;and Quantity
., Our new^booking' contract''- withvthe/.Canadian,-Film''.
: Exchange will place, before oiir'patrons;the best selectA?
Aed7*pj?ogramsAe.xhibi_ted7ah^ Wafchq?-
s this* paper for'&nnouhcepehj"s~bf:ithe [comihgXbig^attrac- r
-'tions the next'.bfiwhich,will appear?.; V?: -S-S- ,., A? .fA'.
," Wednesday';i?rTHursday,"Ma;y :A5*1'6'P
i     ' '',.>. "ifV  f.Jri" l''t, :IQ'. ,"*''' -;H'.' '.-•'.■-.".V   -.•:>.''-.■'A'f"r)"* ?>->■} to' ,i"*.'1,vr."-
v    ■-.;.,-.'
In Two Reels.    A Stirring
story of the early West
A firo scone greater than "The Fall of Troy"~A battle;,
scene greater than vThe Golden Wedding"-~A '' (",.
\yhble tribe of Sibiix Indians—A wliole
- v      wagon train jof Immigrants
-_■■..■—--■-■ —'. ii"""""' ■—■■■■-■ ..n'll■.'>_■■.i-!—L ""i"i7*"i^ ■■—...I   hi       hi   i i       ii»' iw.»i.^.ii_i.i„_.Mr.i i    ii     i *
Our orchestra plays all the latest hits
Free to Lady Patrons-Beautiful Silver Spoon
For two coupons, issuod Tuds., Tliurs,, & Sat. Matineo.
Don't Forget Saturdays Matinee
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
Jewelery Repairing a Specialty
Hig-h class selection of
Watches, Clocks and Novelties
Try The Ledger For Job Work «S'.v
r y
- _,  ._
i:vv_ii4____ Vh.- syi^xyMyXry^ ■; Ay ^r,*:; -A' -■- ...■/, "v yA-'A:/v^^:''-::■'-- -'. i y'-y^y    "Ja     ^
4/>■.*" ■■a-J-HBBi ■;-■  y   ;...- \« .->./■;'.'?^p,,v .?.y*- -\, s \ ^yy-: S ■y:*^^^.-. '-.    •;______________. " ,7___> „V"YVt~v ,■'--*■-    *   ..-v.   ■>.•-.'-,      -'..-..3"-' ■ .-*  .-■
_r->'* mM..-.**.rjjjg.?:,   > S*A ■.'•-      „■?'}.•' 17' *'-iA if'" yy.y..y^i\S.-__^  - -   _fcB__W_^-___AA;;4^'.i -...     ' (_______^.-*  __.•.,-.,. , _,
T    "'-. _■_-------_----_ ''-^__H__-_-_---_'_-_-_-----■ _-_------_i----------l*.-_-_-----------L'r"''' ""-.7."~v'.>~"--^aB^b-.v:"a__BS-B--i ▼    ■T^HLl?'-*;>,o'-l___£'• '•' *, '"  -^_____Fr5^_____. ■• am%- .-'■■"' ,_■
^^^.^^^■.■..^^■iirifir.. i.' \mmiiiLXixuin
rj-KV...   _
"a,;-':-:. *> &.V
* -----'-..»    .
•■       ,,.',-- \'l,    n»-\r?S4".'l1-'-  - ."''iS^.-S "J-,   -j-T "^   " *• *■*  '•
.   """-;- V-V ' "•*'''-.'.rVfV_^^(-ii?,-'-?f^-w-.V:.'•^.-'.-v,-'.-,     ,
_■*-' -;*•?"■     ■>"^^*^a^Jv.\'-^^'ft-.^^iJ-:".-! .;),,
,-♦♦ "♦?<*?♦ ♦" *-♦ '♦' ♦ ♦-♦"♦■
7 y*A'AA'HOSMER NdT__sJri-"-?;*•«.
,' '.♦ ■'"- 7 A?- ."Looker-on."   " A;\ '"".«."
, T^y- A.s >*7)y;riv.,^---.'-:; -, ♦:
?• ♦("♦?♦ "» ♦;■«►' _♦:*♦'■«►;♦' ♦'♦♦
^; -, The (Hosmer 'Pootbali Club selected
.two .teams? for _a;'practicev.matcb; on
, Saturday;-la8tr(..PosBibies-yersui., Pro-
. babies. *: *7*"An ''exciting ''game - was the
'-' result.,? -The Probables scored." one in
■?, ,the first bait through "Br'ownrigg, and
"" 'twlcein'theBecond.half throughJame-
, „ son and" Wyatt7 '' The' boys aro, settl-
- ingdown totralnlng-in earnest, under
' the supervision of. W.-Fowler, .the outcome of which was very apparent on
Saturday.,    They   play . their'* first
match with',Bellevue, on   May   4th.'
White knickers, have been" sent "them,
from the makers by, mistake,*, and .'as
there is no time to get the matter recti-
fled.'they will play, in same.    League'
"clubs please" note..'   - A ■. --' ,      v  ,
"A "smart well-dressed fellow, mouht-
7-ed'on a fresh and'fiery cayiise, rode
;' out off/Fernie, one7tay^last week,to
'. keep an'appointment with a lady.  Tlie
day being .-fine, the said young lady
■took-a'stroll In" the direction of Camp
-1VT"   3, and' was"? surprised to see a
i^nr^^ifM:ofer ■ • At *■ i *■,
„r.?^;iDay:^s:iqulet, lierevf,v,- Every,
bod^gone ^: wpfts^at-Femle • was %6
general: talk?"*,-^*-';""' -"" *? TV" -"••' A "v ?- ■
' Michel 'Angleri. Association areY3tart":'
ing up. good," doing lots of-good'booking.; \>They- intend putting a Btop jto
the unsportsnianllke-flslilng which has
been,done_in;t_io past,', Look:out,for,
Anglers'". Smoking Concert in Martin's
Hall,?-New Michel, on.May 20th.':-V .
y The-baseball team had a'*practice
match on Sunday afternoon. - We* noticed "one "fellow seated .on .the*Grand
Stand who acted as: impire , for the
Sunday previous; and as he got aVoast-
ing then he did not desire to give his*
services ori Sundayj but was content
with trying 'to .take.lt out of some of
the other fellowp. -  We would not advise him to do raucli umpiring, as we
think, "the-fan's'job-would suit him
much better: ,-Nuff-sed.'-' '■.'- \'y
'♦'♦♦♦ *♦;♦.>'„•♦"♦.♦
tremendous speed.     She " recognized
.   yher beau, who hadlpst all* control of
- s   tlie horse," and she "boldly."stepped out
*'   ,in,?n'^MPt to catch?, the"bridle rein.
-*! ■ Tlie.horse swerved and, threw, its,rid-
:■  -er, J)utth6 young lady stuck to"the
_j    rein' and "finally conquered- the steed.*~
[ :. But it was enough to make the.''Rider'.'
i.   look "Hag-^r-"   ;'(Oh,7cut**"".ItAout!)"
y.'She said, "You got off the wrong way
;\ .that tlme,>H_irry!"f'y'r: ^ry 7? AA...
y ■   On Thursday'lasly'.graW'bairwas
*:-   held at the Queen's Hotel in celebra-
;    tion of the "wedding of'Mr-and Mrs.
i '. W. -Kuleskl. ■ *A.; , large,, number - of
y friends came ifrom^Fernle'and Michel
. ^ amongst whom 'yrere7noticed" Mr.,<*M.
|   Chomas -and,'--Wi_^, |lr U^Kosoldsuski
7. ;,and wife, Mr. W.-Jesson'.'Mr. A Palsat,"
'W.Mr,P(Makar. ,7, The Bohemian Band.ot
,; v.Michel supplied the music and the fun
..-. waxed fast and furious, until the early
-j   hours -'' -. .
|iV ■ Some of "tbelboy's are^greatly-elated.
■ -'at Barnsley'ssu'cces ,in winning the
y English Cup.'-;" They must bo "Tykes!"'
'! v -About - 3.15 on - Monday morning the.
.7*.watchman on the tipple"noticed a fire
tY'-A'-in.ttie direction,of Hosmer Hotel', and
;>   „•< •' ot'.'.'i,'. .-.-ii.' <-.,v    ' ij__. :•_.-'- j.jL
—yi—">"7lv"^v,° e>".»"7<.i«3-marin7-T_Tne~mnaDl-r
T* .• \tahts* were1 aroused1 from* tlielr slum?
i y bers by the blowingof the.whiBtle aiid'
^ S. the pinging of the fire"alarm.'*   .The
*-•' fire ?brigade at -once'turned?out"1 and'
rushed for the^scene w.here an empty
dwelling, house ani* the blacksmith's
shop behind ;.;the .Op'ej'a." Housp';?were,
ablazef" .Theyat onco.turned theIr:aV
tejUon'to ,the-:house*of 'Mrs Leadbeati
,.J   er, which waB Just'llghtl'ng.    Thefam-
7yily wero asleep, at the time and-un-
.; .aware of the proximity of .danger unti}
y;  they were awakened.by tip hose play-1
■'/.;, lng on the building.    InCten minutes"
' i  tho brigade had the fire under control.
1 J No praise is too great for the expedl-
'j' tious manner "iirwhjlc].. the fire brigade
7; got the,fire under control, practically
v -y saving Hosmer,-from a, great conflag-,
I ration. The adjoining properties, Ho_v>
: mer Plotel, Philip Carosella'B Store,
■ > and the Opera House Block; had a nar-
row 'escape.    Thd'damago is eatlmat
7 : ed nt, $1000; partly covered by Insuranco. * • '   '"'•■"
; Taylors" poolrooin'and bowling alley
is haying* a' busy time? lately.'. 7   ,-'
"A" certain, business nian in New Mic:
Kel insists .on keeping his shop open
everyda'K arid'.'does'"not obserye. the
early closing - day.'*'. "This, of' course,
and; rider .coming\ along_ at7a is verjr_;annoyIng.W the clerks'"oMhe
rlnma   QTuu-irl       . *3\%^ *■ ».AA«_t^^_j    irofiAiic.. _.f/.Mn_<  A/.  *v_A—i.!_."*._.-.   n ■
various- stores, as ...they think this may
do. them some harm."" 'We do not wish
to publish,his na_ae;-"but we do"hope
he ^lU-toe"'tlie ,llne;'and put'the other'
fellows at ease.'<7 ■-''."'-    ,-   - v.-
v.   .*j,- ,, '". ■  .      -
_ A-good*,crowd.of people were,".attracted to the" Football ground' on Sunday .'evening, ,   Ttie Italian, Band was
In attendance and gave.a? few selec?"
tions.'-   It .was'^the'intention of .Mr?
Thomas Crabarinb:'send .a.few small
balloons up;.arid as"the weather>,was
fairly calni' a* good .opportunity presented Itself.    As each-balloon was started up, the'band played a lively time.
The balloonB rose, to'a good height and
lt was'onljv.poss^ble to follow* them-by
the.'light- which Jwas '^placed... inside;"
They were observed "to'.' travel  over
New? Michel. > -.- A' ,tew.; fellows were
ready withyheir'blkes'in the hope'of
being able'to follow them, but this was
riot possible, as, they became-enveloped,,iri?- a" cloud.i'/One o'f the balloons
contained a' note',signed 'by .Mr. Crahan' which entitled the finder ,to a plot
of landliri.C'olem'anl', ,Joe Morris says
oneJ>alloon"7dropped,close^-to"the Saw
Mlirat.New'-Mlcliel, but.the note was
"Sfl7in,.it.L • He.?Myasf however,' lucky
«nou*gh' to".find t'He right' bailoon early
on Mo'nii'ay"' morning in*, the Erickson"
-Valley, where It,had caught at,the top
of a'fflgti.treeA".;'ThiB lsla.bit/of good'
luck for Joe and swlll'help to set liim
on tIs feet again. ..'■     ,   "-   ', --;■ *,
""'      CLUB AT MICHEL-
.♦ MICHEL NOTE8       '   >
:■- ♦'   '/  . ByX.Y. Z.    7 ft     ' +.
The mlnos woro Idlo horg on Friday
;-. last owing to a scarcity or cars..?
Tho football team hnd a prnctlco
, match qn Saturday, getting In trim, for
, Saturday, 4th, whon Fornlo will ,bo
tholr opponents.    Wo hopo for n fine
day m a good match Is anticipated.
A banquet was held at Michel Hotel
on Saturday last, April 27th, nt 8 p.m.,
by lho members of tho St. John's Am-
'* bulaneo clnsB.    The catering waa dono
■ by tho hotel manager, Mr. A. J. FolBoy,
nnd wo wish to congratulate him on
lho oxcollent manner In which ovory.
thing wn« carrlod out.    A toast waa
BlVen by Dr. Woldoi. to tho King, and
. lio explained that Iho ronnon for thia
was bocauflo tho King was tho head of
the organization, and Wjeauao It was
i orlglnnlly founded by royalty.    Tho
toast was well renponoded to by all
prOBOnt,   A presentation was mndo by
the mombora ot.tho elnaa to the doc-
tors.    Mr,;0. H. Lockhart waa chnlp
innn.    Ho gave some good points on
nmbnlnneo work ' Mr. B. Cauflold nlao
Kavo good viowa of tho nocesBltyof
nmbulanco work, and Raid h© hoped to
buo'Uio claaaoa advance nnd mnr.. tw,.
plo lako InteroBt in thia good work A
tv* »outi_i v.«re Riven by membora of
tho claaa.    Mr, B. Ryal waa accom-
panlat at Ihe piano.     Tho preaontn-
' tlon of cerllflcatos to first yonr mom-
born wiib mndo by Mr, 11. Cauflold.
*«..-._u ...bug... io ii close a vary on-
Joynblo evening,
Mr. Thoa, Crahan 1ms again taken
ovor the Michel Hotel. No doubt
oulto a fow will welcome him bnck.
J; Kccleaton and J. Oakley pulled
Hif>lr Mm* nnd nrv. giving Ikllcvuft a
♦rial. They my n0. 3 Mine la not
nnr.it rnmtsh to,, hold them. , T, l\
MO a h,0 baa lout two good pala, but
will drtnk their hcMlb.
A boxing con>«at took plnrw nt Mnr-
. tln'a Hall. Now >|l«»iel, on 'TtiMdny
k*.w«+n C, Carr«T. of _.!Jt!w.I, and
TF, Kittar, nf fnnl Ovofc.
;-, A ineetlng was called In the Opera
'House.-./Mlchel, kindly .lorit by. Mr.
tockhar., when ovor 50 members were
present to'form a Civilian Rifle Club.*
It was, moved by -Dr. Weldon,; and
seconded;, by „;R.r Board, that',W.. S.
Branch act as chairman, which was
unanimously ..agreed1 upon, and Vfter
a' few 're_n'ark8 by,tho chairman, lt
waB decided to got'to business. Tho
flrBt- duty; was to piok a captain for
the team, the samo to act-as chairman
for the Benson. It vms moved by Dr.
Weldon, and soconded by Dr, Shaw,
that Mr. W; S. Branoli fill that position,
which was unanimously agreed upon.
It was thon movoil.by schooImaBtor
McCool, and seconded by J. Ferguson,
that Mf.'Lockhart net-us hon. secretary, which was nlso unanimously
ng-'ocd upon. Dr, Weldon then moved, and J, Dnvpy Hocondod, that Mr.
Harry Northwootl net as hon.'treasurer, which was MiowIbo agreed upon.
Moved by W. 8.-Brunch, nnd soeonded
by Tom Cunllffo, that Mr." n., Beard
and Dr. Sh'nw net ub commlttoo men;
agreed, Moved by Mr. Lockhart, and
-seconded by Mr. Snm Burgess,' that
T. Wilson not ns rringo officer; agreed;
Moved by W. Abraham and nocondod
by H, Northwood, tlmt Messrs Board
and Purgoson act w nrmororB; agreed.
This closed a veryploasant nnd successful mooting, .and, moreover tho
boys expect In tho noitr future to •be
Bllnglngtho load about pretty slick
and to hold tholr own nBalnat nny
tonra In tho Pan,
♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦?♦ ♦?,*♦;•♦ ^:
-The tennis court was well "occupied
ori- Sunday last, airiorigt's the'players
were Mr?' Wilson,.. manager"' "of .the
Crows Nest branch of the .Union _3aril_;
A. P.'Hughes (manager at-Passburg),
and T. L' Ferguson, who fills a similar'
position at Bellevue. ', ""' ' '
/ A big ball was given-at the Sanatorium last Friday .night"' tb. mark the
opening of tho summer season of that
institution. ,      .". .       •"',''.    "
W. W. Scott moved to'Bellevue on
Wednesday last, where he is wgrking
as manager for A. S. Blals.-  .,
Several of the,clergy of the Hoirian
Catholic Church were In town on Tries?
day in company with Father Summot
of Blairmore! All were registered at
the Sanatorium. '   \
Mr.* E.-Acheson spent last week-end
in Lethbridge, where';he went to consult a'doctor about his injured knee. 7
-The Crows Nest Hardware have taken, over, ,■ Bennetts Hardware Store at
Bellevue,; arid, are.now doing business
therey-iR.'-McGowan,is looking after
the 'store' there.      "    '. ; *.,.",,
. 'Mr.-Norman, Editor of the Pincher
Creek Echo, was iri town on Friday. ."*
? A. "S. Blals,moved his business .on
Wednesday from the old stand to'the
store .lately vacated by A." Boriomlca,"
where he expects-to carry on his business. 7 ' '^"y -*,_ \      ..       i ^
\ "Doomed*, has ,been the word 7 in
large letters over A. V. Lang's door for
the last' 10"days of. April.; On .Tues-
day^nlght?he closed his store not to
open It again In Frank.
Mrs.and" Miss"Lang, wife'and daughter, ot A. .V.^Lang, who reside In
Calgary, spent Sunday in'town.
'MlsB Huglies, of "Lille-,was a visitor
ih town ira Monday, y"
The Odd Fellows Society held their
anniversary 6riv Sunday last. ' Led by
the Belleviie Band the' long procession
marched from the I.O.O. F.'Hall to
the Baptist'.Church.- where a service
was held, arid an'address on "Fraternity" was delivered byRev. A. S. Tod,
of Blairmore/after which'a luncheon
was served- to the meiribers, their wives-and ?ladr friends.' 7'"The "members
.oL-theLlndep'-ln^lTraiiVito^^-nin "t. il
—     —*—w--r«--—->Mu.k- ..-un; -_jDu-iu"ai-
tendance.'- - 7 ,_,. '" -', «
7 'The delegation'apjpolnted some, time
ago ...by, the ratepaye'rV ,to'A. al t k?upon
Premier' Slftori,arid'.'present the case
of; the town to,'him;-left.on .Tuesday
night for 'Calgaryywhere -they-'are to
meet the- Premier: -""-The"people., of
BVank are. anxiously waiting to hear
what the government will do for them
in-the matter moving thelr-houseB to
the .new townsite,' which, has-- been
chosen to the west of the old'situation, and far enough* away from Turtle
Mountain so that there cannot, be another slide scare to :hlnder the development of tlie town, or to bring need-
less terror to tho hearts of Its1 residents The committee appointed Ib
composed of Messrs. Harvey. "Murphy,
Jiike Wheeler and W. J. McQowan,
tho throe Councillors of tho town.
It has-brought'now life to tho town
to hear that tho Coal Co. has aBked for
tenders for the moving of thirty-throe
of- their houses outside' tho dnngfir
zone, 1 As soon ns thnt Is dono Frank
will boom-agnia.
A largo numbor,of Frank People'at-
tended tho "workingmnn'B celobratlon"
Fernie on Wednesday. Amongst them
were Mr nnd Mrs. Jolly, Messrs.- JnB.
Kennedy, F. Davis, Wm. RobortB and
Dolanoy, also MIbbob Whlto and L.
Norrls.    All roport nn onjoyablo tlmo.
did not drink was sprinkled about to
damp the surrouhdln1..!. so that the fire
might' be* kept, unaei; -'control.',, The
riien were,.' treated,. tb "refreshments
afterwards. *       7 A        ,  . ■ .
,-^A baseball-match-was played oa the
old football field between'Bellevue and
Coleman. The resui. was 8—7 in fa-
yor. bf Coleman. 7
-.' The-Belleyuo Band- visited Blairmore on= Sunday.'-and .were' in Fernie
at the May Day.; Demonstration on
Wednesday., .,    A >
~ Bellevue - was, well'. represented Jn
Fernie on the station at .Bellevue. It
reminded -some ' of the Old Country
Band.of Hope trips to Cleethorpes and
Grimsby. .
< At "tlie, Court,House on Tuesday, D.
Macdouald ..was sentenced'' to " two
months at1 Macieod " for putting- his
foot through the sitting room window
of the Southern'Hotel. Another man
by the name, of Maddison is In the coop
now for breaking the "window, of the
Hardware Store. "■,"•
'A gasket social was., held In the Socialist Hall, Bellevue,'bn Wednesday
last fort the benefit of the band. About
,40" baskets werecbroi_ght by the ladies
of Bellevue,-and one'or two" from Hillcrest -The prlze'Vlnners were 7 For
the prettiest basket,' Mlss'Fyfe, and
for the most original', Mr. J. T. Ray-
norh. ( There' was 'much adverse criticism upon "the judges'- decisions:^ The
auctioneer, was Mr.>W-.- H7 Chappell.
The prize for the one which fetched
the" most money-was" won.by. Miss Ir?
win. A'dance followed "the social arid
the "band rendered-the iriusic. The
pleasant time'finished about four(a.m.
, The'memorial, service for, the'.lati
William s Baucham?" was held in the
Methodist bhu'rcli) conducted by the
Rev.""|W.i HAlrwin. - "A " "   '   ;
The Methodist'Church preacher for
next Sunday will be. E. W Christie..
Mr. Chas.-; O'Brien;, M.P.P., ,-was in
town bn Tuesday night.
Two' lots^ have,been bought by the
L«thbrldgetBrewirig'Cb. at Maple Leaf,
where they, expect'lto put up, a-new
hotel.in the near future. '■ A
- Mr. John'"Ml!nes;.of Denaby, Yorkshire,-England, landed in town* on Fri-i
day last,; and*" is'staying with his, old-
friend Luther-Goodwin. .Mr. Milnes
came ori the "'White Star liner La'ureri-
ict,_ and'sailed; from'Liverpool on "the
13tb-nf_Anr!l *-?r_'M'j;_'aT) «'__•»«■•«-;-/•«" j »_-
sailed-on'the'sam^'boat' and stayed
down East-for;a.'few'hays' They are
expected west some.time'this week.'
The new7'turke^-trot" darice is the
latest fad—Detroit,Jflree.Press.
The^"dogtrot",.is.the old-time dance
set to "chin", music for .wage earners.
Now,-If the "Hon." W.'\R.' Ross
would only tell land-seekers 7,'WHERE
the FREE LAND Is located, in spgclflc
terms, several Inquirers would tako a
chance on going "back to' theland."
- Tlie Federal Labor union at Fort
George, B.C., is Increasing ln membership and preparing for further organi-
zation Work during the* coming months
In tho northern Interior metropolis.
Tho mines are working Btendy h<vo
nt i| .-verythlng runnlnc Bmooth.
Sovornl now bulldlngH are going up
In lown.
Hl-iff* f, 1,n*r.  I«i»',./-1   f,   l   f ,      ,, ,
*    ,    .. ,.._.. ....^..i.^. ... .m_.c«_ nt iiiiA,
lown thfwn rtnyrt In tlir. ff.rflrT.ln47 line-.
Amongfit' tlio moot prbftreBBlve are
John Dudloy, Harry Tamrnnt, H Lloyd.
Mr. Dudley Is mnklnir aneclnl atudy
of It, he wont to Fornlo tho othor day
♦0 hitv RAntlo nml riynnMn ♦«  y.„  *j;»„
season ,abJo to aupply all In tho vege.
table line.
Mi. Kolly nnd Mian Porry, of Hollo-
vue. wore tho gueila of Mis* McLean
Inut Sundny,
Mr. P. i_ong, nmnager of lho Co-
oiternllvo Ktore, t. biny gelling It Into
ahapo to do bualnoita thow dnya.
John Kccloiton nnd J. pnV>y, old-
tlmera of Michel, hnvo atartod to work
at r-4l.e-.ue, but are staying h*ro a«
nitlcreat looka g^oil «o them.
Qurti, a number of lho fair a«x an, the «,. «• Zt V»7Ufw"
Wttlng to be flenria for   pork   plea      "
K prove*. lUirt* d**.»,    0h, yon aore too.
► BELLEVUE '   '   ♦
► • ■      ^
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
MrS. J. ICltlson. of Monarch, was In
town for a few days and stayed with
Mra. Humblo,
Mr. Sundal, of Taber.' was visiting
hero on Saturday and Sunday, and
stayed at tho Bellevuo Hotel.
Barrett and Jlnr.lot, of tho Blalrnioro
Entorprlae, were In town on Sunday
and attended aorvlco at tho MethodlBt
Mr nnd Mra. Callnn, of the nollovuo
Hotel, nro vUltlng Red Door, wliore
thoy aro expecting to tako up their
nbodo In the courso of a few woolcs.
Tho nov. W. II, Irwin wont up to
Blairmoro on Sunday morning lnat and
preached In the Baptist Church. Ho
will pronch In tho MethodlBt Church,
Tabor, on Sunday noxt.
Tho result of tho voto on Church
union, Inkcn^t tho Methodist Church
un 4-.rtt.it-r uundtty, wna: Cl for union
uui ono**,..';._..,
An fnllrf. block of bueincaa lota \.a«
aold laat Saturday by the Wc«t Cans-
dlnn Conl Co. Thrco of tho iiurclia*.
era wero tho Union Bank bf Canada.
w.w-.., .\'v.«,. fABB .....aware Co., and
J. Grotlmm.
Mr. J. It, Macdonaid, aurtorlntondont
of tho Bollovuo Mlnea, re.lgnod hln
poat laat wook. Mr. Macdonaid wan
a good aport and will be greally mln*
ed by tho ppopte of rMitovrw..
A nre broke our on the mountain*
5nat oumi.1*. TWWn.. fat Qamrilay ami
Uio pollt« wero noon around "in tlio,
Ktng'a N«tn«» t0 Rot nS, ,he Mp ^^
*lble to fight tho flro. The lmah wna
ektNd away fprr % good dlatanr* nnd
..  -    it  Mfn
under control, on* hity ^9rrM -vi'
er to drink (not _M»r> and what ti*r
" Stories have, been, current' In tho
papers that thirty thousand, dollars
wore spent In tlio South' Ronfrow bye-
election for tho House;of Commons.
Tho capitalists renllzethat a bought
voter'Ib,a mighty good Investment for
Tenders are asked by the Canadian
Coal Consolidated ltd.", Frank, Altn.,
for romovnl of thirty-three buildings
from prosont location to new tow':.-
Blto. Full particulars given at" tfl e
of abovo company.
Last Saturday evening the return
practice^ match1 between Coal Creek
and Fernie look1 place up'here. The
home team were very slow In turning
out, it oeing fifteen minutes after, six
before the game got started, and Fernie winning the toss decided on down-
bill grade. 1 Johnstone and Myers
Played In place of Parnell ,and -Thornton, so It. was a full Creek team again.
The result was a wing for the Creek
by 2—0 .Both teams badly need some
practice in shooting throught the
sticks instead of over the top.
On Wednesday morning Coal Creek
was.all .early astir .to take part In
the May Day celebrations at Fernie.
The regular 7.45 train being held back
till 8.15 by courtesy of the M.F. and
M. Railway Company.    The local foot-'
ball six were defeatedby Bellevue, and
after a keen struggle they had the
satisfaction of _seeing .Bellevue, cap-
ture the greenbacks  v Then the' Juniors lost all control of themselves and
allowed.the Fernie team to beat them
for the'prize. • The only, prize money
coming upi here  was  won  by Wm.
March and Thos.; Waklem In, the'clay
pigeon shooting.. 7 Quite" a bunch of
the boys stayed down for the dance lri
the evening,- and had a real enjoyable
time.-rrThe weather held out splendid
ly '_,, Old Sol-shining "all dayin all'his"
glory,' which was certainly very pleasing' tb;the committee-in charge of'the
sports.y*       •',. .j.*
■Mr. Robert-Strachan, Inspector■ of
Mines, was,shaking hands' with numerous 'friends.-up hfere-last.week-end.
The,monthly-,exaininatiori for coal
miners "St*, ill* take*" place/on' Monday,
May 6th; at No. 9 Office, to commence
at 2 p.m.* - All candidates must give
at least two days' notice to the secretary, Jas. M. Stewart, accompanied .by
the fee of ,brie?"donar and reference
fromi late' employer.' ■
TMrs Thos Beattie and two. children
left hereilast Saturday night for an ex-,
tended trip^ to.her, old' home in Cumberland, England./*'? .'''■ '      .      .A
"The-;meeting'betwen Carver ■ and
Baker did, not la'st'very long,'and quite
a bunch/of.Bp'orts.-v-rere greatly disap:'
nolntftd- nfJ!-+^4i-.tt«viJ»_-_.»'_«^_f__.i *,=_ »-  .-
they thought, was going to be the best
bout of the "evening. -However, Harry,
took'; his-medicine in good part and
hopes to give-a'bette'r* account of himself-In the future.;.,- ■ yy. •. • ♦,
, Thos,.Lipt^ejt,.sen., left here.on Jfrl-,
day morrilng'for Calgary.,?      x- ,: Wn
Te C. C. L^and.AA.have.just received 'another fIne", assortment ' of
books for their 'lending library.'- All
meiribers Kavlrig books out of the lib-'
rary are requested to return them at*
once,as .the committee wish to revise
their Hsfo^ books now on hand.- ..,*
The home football team-will open
their I_eagiie fixtures on Saturday with
a visit*.-, from • Coloman. This team
always puts up a great game, so turn
out and boost for tho homo team.
The' Club Is undergoing a course of
.spring'cleaning which Ib much needed.
Frank Vesak has taken a contract to
do the Bame in a stylo that will sur-
prlso tho mombora. , "*   .
The Rocky Mountain
* ■^^"^"■■a__BBB_a_B^»
, At the Famous Sulphur Springs
:■,'."    .-   FRANK, Alta.
Fitted throughout with every modern convenience
The Frank Wine & Spirit Co.
*     . .Wholesale Dealers,.in
Wines, Liquors and
7     CIGARS
Phone 83, Frank, Alta.
and Furniture
.,   We have the largest and most up-to-date
Hardware and Furniture Stock
•• y " -' y in the Pass? • ^Everything in :' *   " '*•
Stoves and Ranges ~.      furniture,   7
Granite & Enamelware      Carpetsand Rugs
Plumbing and Heating.   , Special Attention to Mail Orders
Crow's Nest:Pass jfardware Co;, Limited
Phone 7      FRANK,!;;AltaV-   P.O.Box90
Importers of,
;   and Dealers in
: Domestic; Groceries
Agentsfor Steamship Companies. New Michel, B.C.
Tho Pernio Steam Laundry nnd
Dye Works report business im-
proving all tlio lime. Thoy aro
mnldng a reduction in prices on
Dyoini? and French Dry Cleaning
for the.spring trade. Also a
.cheap monthly laundry rnto for all
bachelors will bo given, A trial
is nil tbey nsk to convince you
thoy nro O.K. .   ,   '   .
Comploto aHBortmont,„o_ Sporting
Goods; Knso Dulls, IlatH; Football--.;
Tennis goods, otc.
C6«««, -who «re .nllnr_« In llfo-yoti nre the
Ibetparkofenermr ind Tltnilty. Don't gUa
unlnOMpnlrlMCAUM you Hit> tretM with
othrr dootori, u*.d •ft.eirla txlU and tried
T»rioui druirttore ooitnunn,
i.9.^!'f.J!l',,.!.'»,,iTr.-»tali".* fc" »n»t«he«J
liuiidredi _rom Uio t-rink 0. deipalr, Iiu «..
ftwtd bjpplnen to hundrttds ot liomei nnd
iu made lueeMiful men of thooe wlio were
•■down and out." We prworlhs «p. cilia r«m.
edlei (or each Indlvldiml eaiw aooonllntr to tbe
lyinptomi and oomnlleatlons-we .m.o uo
patent medlelnei. Thli li one nf tlie nncmta ot
°M wonderful aucceMM our treatment ran*
rotfBll.forwenrHcrll>eremedlei adopted to.
each lndlvldunl cate, Only ouroble eiann ao*
wpleil. W. hete -Jen* butlaue '
Canada f.roverSOYea...    "I
<Mt .10 TA.Y
I how*. Are you IntendliiiTto marry F
i9ff.W,.w Metlied Tr.ilm.nt wlft
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 how*. Are
**youri>     '
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do for .on. Csniututlen Free. Vo matter
«aIio  lm. irtalM you, wrlt<t Tor «n hnniwt
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Let us know your wants.
All Orders Receive Our Careful
^^_xfeTln, ^^'^ Q**rtnu*x iSFcXili T««JSS? f&ti
Cor. Michigan Av«. and Orlswold St., Detroit. Mich.
l!_______________^NOTICI_'     .A11 hni:a frf,m C«»^«iUtutl>ea(.<]rct_««l
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A.   MILLS   6V   SON
Grand Union Hotel
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We cater to thc workingman's trade
G. A, CLAIR ..... Proprietor -" -■'-  ■ ;c    7  s-'.-.l   -
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* - -.    ," \? *. -; ■ .'-<
• ""-,  ^-,:-- -'^*".; *.-*- *. '.-...    . ?:,:'--. -   -r .o   -.,- H'^yy^. **■"_•*-. .\."u,T*-'      -.   . ~y ~$.'."yT-'-*i-' v--^ -,**-.-• - 77 ,r7 **"    1-,- ,,
. , ,      "      r *"-»„. "'"■ .;«•'"'-'   " '      --*    1.    *" -'f:"i    -'v.'-; _.'■■'' -*-     ,. ?   " -'— -"»'•',«./' -."". x yy-     - •'."-. -'*---''" <
!-.Jl-'V.s. S7 Jennings, Proprietress
Rates $L50 and up
Hot and Cold Water
Electric Lighted'
■   Steam Heated.
-        'Phone in every .room.
*"■; Sample Rooms on Main'
Business Street.
Meal, tickets, $6.00
Special Rates by the week and
the month and to Theatrical parties.   Try our     .-  ;_ *-,
Special Sunday
Dinner 50c
The finest of Wines, litquora
and Cigars served by compe_e"ht
and obliging wine clerks.   .
Cigar Store
,   fi '
Is\Now Opened
Clean, Cosy and very
,  '- Inviting      7  \
just the place after the
show or from the rink.
■ Proprietor
V,   A...   DENTIST .
Office: Henderson.Block, Fernie, B.C.
Hours: 8?30 to *1 • 2 to 5?
.   Residence:. 21,,-Victoria Avenue.,
•   ECKSTEIN & MacNEIL1  .
Barristers & Solicitors, Notaries, &c.
Offices:  Eckstein Building,
,  . Fernie, B.C.
F„ C.. Lawe "'*   , . Alex. 1. Fishei
' >   .   ' *   ATTORNEYS,
-<■■■'      * Fernie, B. C
'     L. , H.    PUTNAM
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, etc.
A. McDougall, Mgr
, \
Manufacturers of and peak
: ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber .
'    -"       _i ' ' , \ 1       *■
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One of the
C, J.,ECKSTORM    . Prop.
Lethbridge, -Alta.
Bar supplied with  tho  best Wines,
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Good Board
Ross & Mackay Ei»
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Al) White Help
.. Everything
Call in and
see us once
, -_aBiKg_i_-___tt-^^
Liquor Co.
t-   Wholesale Dealers in
'    *■ A .
"     \ tf
Mail Orders receive
"prompt attention
.attention  , ,
' -la, their, struggle against the capital-'
ist.employer the Industrial ?Syorl.ers bf
World have found.a-'n-qw field 'on* the
Pacific Coast and-liave been presented
with' a new„*issue by the citizen's-of
San. Diego A The contest, aa .the New
York World, points . out- editorially,
while still" in progress in New England
and New Jersy, now extends fro___-Brit>
ish, Columbia to . Souther;!. California,-
on the other edge of the continent.
Arid it, has become centered * at San
Diego, "where, ordinances- have been
enacted against street speaking where
numbers'  of    workers - have- Jbeen'
forced lo leave the county, where an
editor has been kidnapped for advocating freedom of speech, and where certain bodies of patriotic citizens thave
been giving spectacular,exhibitions of
loyalty by forcing- 'anarchists', to' kiss
the flag and to sing 'The Star-Spangled  Banner', while  marching  out  of
town."  ,,The "compulsory osculation"
was amusing, admits' the -New York
Times, but it hardly thinks it a promising experiment, and, "perhaps, rather
an illustration of anarchy than a cure
for, it."     Other papers siteak of this
incident ■ in- much - the   same   tone,
though the .Philadelphia Record and
Fort Worth  Record  suggest that.it
may have a wholesome effect.
But the. suppression of free speech in
San,Diego is looked upon as a serious
matter by many who are far from,sympathizing with the alms and purposes
of the Industrial Workers.. If the citizens and officials of the California city*
thought they were thus putting an end
to the 'agitation, they are- finding
themselves quite mistaken* The radi:
cal labor element In the city has now
organized itself as a "Free Speech League,' which is carrying on the' fight for
the "closed shop. > An army of workers
1,000,strong; is said to be mobilizing at
Sari Francisco, Stockton, ;and Sacramento? preparatory to a descent upon
San Diego. A certain section.of the
conservative daily press.Mncluding the
Boston Advertiser, praise the "plucky
little city" for having "taught the-lawbreakers some lessons," and for keeping up the fight against "anarchy" and
"terrorism." .-But-the Chicago Daily
Socialist'doe's not go beyond some'of
the,, supposedly"'."capitalist" "-papers
when1 it says that;    * ■".,
,?' "The violence~?a'nd"disi'egai'd of .the
Meals that* taste like
- mother used to cook
Best in the Pass
WllJiam Evans, Proprietor
' -.   «-      -    .-„ -     -r -.
The "Coal Age/'j'a magazihe.publish-,
ed'in New .York; in ^-recent issue; had
the followlny'Bl_^fic_mt-''e®torial':->-i
The' bitter fight of*theVSopialisX'eie--
ment "of tbe "United. Mine-^Work-ers, to?
have > the Indianapolis' cohven'tioW; In"*
dorse government'o^ership'or'in'dus-'
tries, arid declarei .for;(Po^itical'as.-well'
>as/industrial union.'-cbmpel^atteiition.
of ^thoughtful men to'the|rec,erit ama_:'-"*
ing spread bf Socialistic ^sentiment?"'A ,
,"No intelligent', person-any'-longer
believes that the 'indust'rial/wqrid.will-
go back to an uuorganizecl'.in^iyiduaiis-
tic''' production and'' distribution "of
wealth. In fact, the most* radical utterances, or what-'is* termed? "advance
thought,', concerning 'tne: regulation of
big business, were .expected to" cham-.
pion-'individualism in, its' highest' de1
gree.-, -  -        ",,' ',■ '^ .   y..  -
V'A glance at the "reco'rd of-events
leading up'to the advent of the present
social and industrial situation shows
there/is jittle .occasion for 'surprise.
With ,an ' insistence" no less certain"
than the" laws of gravity, social evolution has ^pursued its - steadfast ■ way.
The advance has been of necessity,
born, and. arguments;as well* as pleas
have failed to retard Its ^progress.
"A couple of centuries ago, the lighting of streets ' was ya .matter *bf
individual enterprise • every householder was supposed' to have a lantern before his door. ' The system failed
through selfish neglect of; the Individual-arid It-was necessary" to create
la\ys compelling the display of a street
light at each, house. Soon it became
apparent that ,the lighting of 'th«
streets was for the common-good,,and
therefore* was "a colnmunal function;
immediately, the householdei;, was* relieved of individual duty? and who of
us would care to "return to the early
practice?/,   *.•,*'      -'A     * 7        '■'
"In like manner, every house onco
had Its.own well, ,. But it was perceived that water .was' a comriibn necessity,-and the*'community- undertook
to furnish the supply." Latterly, many
people want,to know, 'why.the supply,
of water, arid'light is any more a cbrri-
munal function than the supply of artificial heat or the provision of trans-1
portation in our streets?"* Probably
in the future, as in" the' ibast, the' science of one" age will be. the .common
sense'of the-next.     ■- .   ,'
.'The .cry-has .always been saised,
'Don't deprive the world .of the iricen-
tive that lies in individual effort.' .However,, the early malcontents have been
hushed, and -we. are today wrestling
with' ,the * greater' throes of' excessive
cbn_peti.ion,,'the certain, outgrowth of
which .is excessive coalition. The pro?
posed'remedy, for the'latter may he
one thing; or it may be another—what-
humanity.but appeals from politicians
and exhortations from? sky-pilots, - will
fail,, to^mesmerize the- thinking ■ men
and wofnen of,' the .earth who*, know
that' the brutal system' under, which
we llVe Is loaded with wrong and injustice, and leaves to the;multitude a
heritage of misery "and wretchedness.
. The class whose shoulders bear the
scars of centuries of 'despotism is recognizing its powers, arid as that class
becomes intelligent, and tinited the
closer"comes,the dawn of,that glad
morning when men,- women and children shall be free -" , , ,-> '".
.There"is no question but that capitalism'will use every .'agency to^ prolong the reign of exploitation, but capitalism with all its allies is doomed, for
man, wearing the' chains of servitude
in every nation on earth, is demanding
('life, liberty arid the-pursuit of happiness."—Miners' Magazine. ' > ■•
Nowhere In the Paso can be
found  In eueh a display of
We luwe.the beat money
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Von., Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Finn, "Imporaior Hania
and Bacon"'Lnrri, 8nuiage_,
V/elners and Snuer Kraut.
Calgary Cattle Go,
Phone 56
ciiomut, iiu* c hor, .vouwi,   n,   c.!
Oli(.r(.fl(i:~«Jnl«1. Hllvur, I.t'nil or Copprr,
»1  f-nch.      (.old-HllVi-r, «r »JHv<-r-rrf.a.l. |
t.itfb. t't.Vt.A    -t>.    Uli.t,     '.,,...i..*.   '.''i,   ,
c.mtm., Kiri'day iinuly*o>. ou ap.illcu- I
tlon. Thft lnrK*-Ht custom aoi.iv offlia \
In Ilrltlih Columbt*.
Momhorfl of ih* Vlrtftri.n H*-_l
Estate Exchange
Write tu for information about
homes and investment* ia victoria
V. O. Box 900
Cor, Fort nnrl Quadra flstreeta .
The New and
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forliihle, AVe hnvo tlx. IntoBt
dcHlgn of Htoam hcntliiK niipn-
main In every room. Our menu
Ib the bom. Wo gnarnriteo Hat-
tofncllon. Two lilochs from C,
J\ It, Depot, Old aud now fi.ueti
New Michel, B. C.
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Hair Dressing
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Bowling* Alloy
Drop In
Michel, B.C.
LlQhtod with Tungiten Lump*
Oitermoor Mattreiiei
CUiin Linen
Pure Food
R*tt*  f2.50 pet day
W. L. F0ISY   -   Manager
law by the capitalists of San" Diego is"
a hundredfold more dangerous to the
preservation- of society aud American'
institutions than all the acts of violence which the working-people ever
may havo committed in the heat of a
strike.' ■' *• *
As an organization, the Dallas.News
does' not fird^'tho'Industrial Workers
of tho World to be "altogether an admirable institution" nor'the presence
of, those who proselyte in Its "behalf
very .desirable,-, "since their 'mission
18,-0 engender strife"; but it declares
'their.presence and their agitations nre
preferable to any immunity that can
be obtained by terrorism clothed with'
legal- authority." ' So, too, we read In
tbe New York World: ,
"In all Issues of this kind tho original cause of controversy ls small in
comparison with tho larger quostlon of
tho mainteimnco unlmparcd of the
rights.of men, whether they belong
to minorities or to majorities, Thoro
Is a manifest tondonoy on tho part of
some extreme conservatives to silence
both tho prosB.and tho orators that
give ullornnco to, popular discontQiit.
Thctjo efforts nro not InfroquenllyXricl.
ed by what. Is sometimes 'called 'tlio
moral sentiment"of Uio community.'
When that happens, vnrloim officials
shorlffB or constables or policemen, are
eoL to work to dupprcBH tho abators,
We havo hnd examples of this kind ,of
thing qulto recontly in MiibbroIiuboUb
nnd In Now .lersey, and wo shnll pro-
bnbly linvo moro of tlioin boforo an
'end comet,
"Hut lho FHipi.ro.-i.lon of freedom of
spcH'h Ib nlwnyfl tin' ontrngo, no mntlor
In whnt cause or undor what form It
bn dono, Tlio slave powor triad It
of old, CiipltallHin may profit by
HtiHlyln.-. lho resultr,"
Herent iiowh dl-i_.ntcl.ef. front Piikb-
alt- rovc-iled a Bpllt in tlio Industrlnl
\VorUcin of tho World, ThnHtrll.o In
the tostllo mlllti thoro Is being lod by
Mr. Dor In I...!ti8l*,-li., of tho more n.ti.l-
t-'iate faction. Tlio Haywood, or "direct lutlon," orKanlznllon linvo boon
Uylnir uiiiniri'OfBfiilly tin fur, lo wroHl.
from him tho lendornhlp, depending In
liui.0- purl upon tho .ircHtlgo fialncd
by tholr huccchh nl. Lawrei.ro nnd otli-
or N<»w Kn.;lnnd mill tentroB,
On the Pnplflo' slopo, tho "free
hikh'-'Ii" cry l» snld to hflivo united tho
mt./ii-ni   V\i\ni.  fnritinn-.   tn   o.nn   Oloro
The'city ;clerk of Hoquiam; Wash.,
has"'been' discharged.by the city, commission for taking an active' part ih
the, mill-workers', strike.,- -,-,   ,
-—a—:  -.-.   .-   7-—- .
. \
CALGARY, April; 29.~Sejirer'al'; ln:
creases in he pay of city/ employees' -
were granted, by the commissioners
this year, but owing possibly' to var-  -
lous delays In getting the estimates '
passed the great majority have."so far'"
looked in vain for, any fattening of thev
monthly checks     * : A' .
,"Usually_.l.t_ha3 been the custom for
the back pay envelope to come at the-""
first of.the ^present'month', but this 7
year l£ has'been an'exception, so,the
various increase s will no doubt 'come  ■
later:, ,-.,,"- A  *• '    ''.■>.-        j
.  There is not any kicking on the part',
of employees,;* but there is one .'rath- -'
er peculiar fact—the mayor "and'com-
mlpslonerB are, getting their increased
remuneration. -.  y'} 7«'. -'.-«<-•'. -   , .
•■jlf there Is money, to'glve these three'
city employees their advance, why are
the .others, who are also on^the' city,
pay rolls,' though. In less "remunerative
capacities,1-jnot getting theirs? * • • •; _
That-is the question that Is being ■
asked In city hall circles,   y - ;    ■  \
Say He Declined to Strike Onr« When
Driving a Milk Wagon
HAN' F.-ANCISf'O April 3ft.—Wlmt
la supposed to hnvo hr-en Mm flrHt ciihi'
on record of a labor union boycoltlriB
n prize flghl npponrcd lioro Wodnoa*
dny nlRlit wlien nn *'in»»nrKo wiih placed Upon tin. Kid (leorKMlownrd ^fo^
row match, bcr-nuao Oeorgo, lt wnH do
x..... K ...   •?" .       -' .      . ,
.Iv.V enl! vih-n h*1 wnn drlvlnr n milk IVnrlb<>r t.nrtl->«u«v<>r-il Hioimand linn,
wncon. When tlio nont nnlo oponod I bonnet, in WnshlnKton, nnd nearly tta
Wednesday nlRht nl tho arena picket* | mnny railroad lnliorcra In Ihltlsh Col-
were atntloned near the box office, juiril-iit or.- on strike, Thlrt, colli'
"Unfair flubter—Kl.l (.corice, unfair inenta Uio lionton Advortlaor, "lenvoH
fi,.v»„.i" <»,m» ottfintr,. r.Pi i>ic t-rnwd ' n rrc-nt nrw- nf unrmnlovw'l, r*ndv for
tiled In.    Promoter AL Mo...*l declnr- (rouble, nnd rutlior nnxloiis to bring it
i<d lio loat cpnaMerftble money m a rc-
itult of tho boycott.
Toronto haa own Hiifferlnj. from n
■triko of frrave dlKgr-ru, Tito claaa
atruBRlo ta tvolng lough, nil along lh«
nhout,,,~-Literary Illeeat.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rr.J_M«TtrWU r«ifuliic-r;utiw!_..«. Tiniit
•pill* irt etawitlnglr pntrftrfnt in frgnUHnf tha
ftM-Ml.«(K»tl<va c{% (.mi!*. .y»t«R.. RitiiKS
M chop ImlUUrmi.  Dr, Aa Tu'i art l^ttl *t
Vh »t#r*. «* tVlw Ift V>fi.   "k,lM 1& l%f ti** •.«!.
Xh» HahaVI limy €«,, at. r«._b__rU.M. Ottt.
fi.a i-i.Ho.1 of .*,«'•' lOii'ltid with font
occupy one of tho .double tracka of tho
IVuiu.......... i;.ui|Utul   buiwcca   Red
Itank t.ml lilmi-rton, It being neceaidry
for .he All< ch«tiy dlfUion lo u» lho
trflrk for sforapo hornnso tho rww_
aro unable to handle tho Increawh! coal
unA *._u. r/M-igbt ttaslnt-ss.
ever'the cure, ItlJas.yetTto De"proved?
"We of the-coal industry have little
to fear and perhaps much to gain* from
the-application of newer theories jind
the, more-restricted regulation of our
business.'. .When Prussia'wanted'cbal
mines she went into thertnarket and
boaglit enough stock to give* her control. ' New Zealand followed the same
plan ■ and' the fuel Industry In :both
countries was helped rather than, hurt
by? the movo.   '■'"•."
."Wlhtout holding any brief for Socialism, or entering into d discussion
as '"to ' whehter tlie principles of , the
\:rced can be safely applied wo aro secure In saying that, such" outbursts
as occurred at tho .miners' convention
aro prophetic -rather than, ominous.
Many coal men with much at stake
now invito reasonable government regulation, and if,the will of the people
goes further and demands government
ownership, thoro is' no doubt but that
Undo Sam can' buy one mlno, or many
all are for sale; sentiment won't in-
torforo. "   ■ '
'The principal danger lo society, today Is from tho Inability or refusal of
many pooplo to distinguish .'communism and nationalism from Socialism.
Tho motto of tho latter Is, 'Every'man
according to his doods"; that's not-so
bad. What we havo to fear are the
disciples of tho other two forms of
nodal faith; Uiobo men too often foi-
Ioav tho red flag of Industrial death and
physical vlolonco Flrodnmp In the
mlno Is no less deadly when called by
n different namo, nnd hydrogen sulphide Is Just as foul when corkori.in
a bottlo labelled "Attar of IIoboh." It's
tho man beiilnd tho music ,wo dlsllko
most—tho pIralo-*who strives to loot
under tho kiiIko of n putrlotlo support
of a plauslblo prlnclplo."
Tho Coal Ago In n publication dovol*
od lo tlio InlorostB of u muster rlium,
It Is nn on,nn thai HncfimpromUlngly
defend-, tho InterofltH of mlno operatora and all otlufr**, exploiter., whoso
dividends nro reaped from tho awont
of toll, And yot lho Conl Ako aces
"Iho luindwriting on tho wall," sees tho
tremd of _>i.iitlnu>!.t that must ultimately bring about lite collective ownership
of nil tho material Ultima that nro «o-
cliilly iisoil ln tho maintenance of human lire.
Tho Conl Ago Is not cnrrlod nwny
by any delusion, nor la It ontoitiilnliif.
';i.-l..- Hint n-lU'rh-m \he tide Ihnl In
rapidly diiftlng towards nn IndiiBlrlal
Tho Conl A..*> lina Its oyos open nnd
bw!h tho Mtubbom facta that cannot
.... ;■ :., ,'-,\ "."!.".." V'* .'!"; };-"",*;?*''*'
oratory of spellbinders on tho political
rostrum or nanotlmonloua auppllca-
tloiiB from prostituted pulpits,
Polltlclana And prenchors fed upon
liicio taken from tho coffers of copl-
tallam. may b«'j nhlo to delay nnd retard tho KiowUi of thut ecntlmcnt that
I* dcmandlnj. onual opportunity for
'7 a BeaTstly Bore 7
''. don't you know, to • be'. coo* ■
pellevd to work with? some iiim-.
., ,'ber." .;'tl .Is"-full.of knots*iir?
.  knot" holes, the grain'doesn't ,,
-   run,straight and there are ail 7
' • kinds of trouble.
It Isn't Our lumber
Ahat. works that way.'  -*GUe os
your next order, and*, you'l).'
*  - ' find it.an actual.'.pleasure' to"
v."    work even'in .the hottest wea-
i"      SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.aL., President
, ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $_O.ri0b,600 ,.'.-■     :,  REST,,-   $8,000,000
Every branch of Tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce, la equipped to Usue drafla w .
tbe principal cities In the following countries without delay i
Africa , Cr_t_ ' •   Green New Zealud   .
Arabia •        C-_b* • .        Hollanl        ,.       Norway .
Argentine Republic Denmark '    loelaad,        *-   .   Panama
Auatralia   -    ■      Kfypt ,   " ladia. PenU -   ,
Auttria-lIunraiT   ParMldaaoa        Irelaad Peru   ...
lielirium Flnlaiul Italy PbiUpplna Maaia
Brazil        .    ,    PornoM, '. Japaa Portugal
'  Bulgaria FraAc* . '   jar* Roumaala
Cevfoa Pr"eh Ceefala China Malta Ruaals
Chill Germany, ' Manchufta Sertla
Cliiim   ,. Great Britain   •     Mexico Slam .
The amount of these drafta U itated in tha _M__ey of the country where they are pay-
able. tlmt is they aro drawn in -sterling,, francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, yen,
tads,' roubles, etc., ao the case may be. This ensures tbat the payee abroad will
receive the actual amount Intended. A21S ,.
FERNIE BRANCH   • "*•■*.' L, A. 8. DACK, Manager.
Soudan  ■
South Africa
Spain -
Strait. Sett-anaats.
Swilfexla-ta     -
United StaUa,
Wwt laSm, ate
Tho wimiiutf of tho iramo doponils n wholo lot on the "too..."
the plnycrfl mt).    Out* Spovlini? OootlH DupriWineul .h ninply
, equipped with the vory hoHt oi! nil hi win of -.porting gooilw for
out-door sportR—for ovory gnmo for old nnd young—for iuiiii-
► tour or i.rof<_H8iomil. It is very much to your lulvuntagi. lo
buyollui.,    Spoeinl priees lo oluhBfttidoi'gnnizutioTiH.
Bleasdell's Drug Store
Shilohs Gum
oukrlv aropa cot-ana. cuacs cows.
HUtM THt Trt..9_.T HMD I VHHt. M (Ii.fl
CAi't'lAi. I'MH h\' , 3 _.VS(''./',.,a?,
I.cacrve and Undivided ProlUa  S.FOO.flOO
Totnl Aaaeti....,  4-1,000,000
It la not In Ha powor lo purchaao that tho
KWttfliit vnluo ot money Hob.    Tho foollnn
clfccta of adverao fortuno, that a reatrve fund
Blvos you, la In.lnltoly moro anturyltiK than
tho pnaalng sratlflcatlon which you would
obtain by tpondlnff It/ -   <
Small omountt—which you will hardly
miss—deposited regularly, will Kradually, hut
auroly accumulate to a sum lar«o enough to
Insure ftRRlnst lh<. of fed a of bualnc«a rover-
sea or loss of ctnplo.Tm-.nl,
-   J, St* Stout*. Aff«ni
A ,..*«> .yf^^.-l.-^-',*^.^-^^
"(Av ,:
Sold; on "the
Merits of
__■_■■. Li
■+       i   .   _. % *
! \*v  .j. '> **     »■**
v-HJ?/f"'J'<c"""-'B-,,",s',,"fc"''"** v"""
'>..V--V ..,*.-•-;•-_.*;> :   -.  '   .      -   '<    %f
: and
' * .""A" .-;>..-77 .---?■''- . \ A"AA: v
" Express and" Delivery Wagons/a.
: .   j- .--; ■->•-•. ■- ■■     v.*..-
;.-.Speciality '\J,.*y7A" *>
*'**■.** A A* ****** A A^AMA**!
You're always welcome here.
5 Clean Rooms, Best, of,
Food arid every; A ;
,,A    attention^      .,,
. THOS.vDUKCAN  . Passburg
■ *  '.?*-'■ - "A ■    y. .-.I
Agent   Fertile   Branch,   .
- * ~ .  ', '*" A 7    '
5 Pellatt Ave.    North .
I  ,          --" . * -           j.
S -,..,-      . ,: .■
A ••- ! y'y  <    ."    'V. "
7   Hbtely__
W; H.. Miirr   - ..Prop.
and Sale Stables
First class Horses, for Sale.
Buys Horses'on Commlolon,
2                   ■   '■"
•'   •'"    -    '   >(i
_.                                                                if1
J George Barton    Phone 78 jj
■    -                 - -
I Carosella
Wholesale Liquor-Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
The Cash
1 -   '   .. •■*_;" f
Hosmer B.C.
^ay Day Specials
Apples',,per box A .-. ?.,..-;$2.15--
Maecaronl. per box *..-,. . .$1.50
Spuds,' 'cwt.;...... $2.25
'Lemons, per* doz  ",30
■' Oranges, regular7-75 for .'.    .60
"A regular .,50",.for 7.7.    .40
"     regulars'.4 0, for, *.. v', 7.30
, Bulk Tea;.regular .50,'now..25
. Tomatoes,-6 cans for„;.;'.$l:00'
TPeasT*?Beans Corn,  mixed
-. , 9 cans for ....... '. .$1.00-
ThijS Sale applies jpr Cash only,
E. Fa  RAHAt
<-»♦♦ V ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «►
Fernie Dairy j
delivered to all
parts of tho town
_-_.„.-„„,««-. »     ■      I        mi
8and«rs d. Verhneit Brother*.
Just received,   a
Hundreds of latest * Records,
Violins, ' Guitars, . Aceordeons,
Sheet Music, etc., etc. -       <
New Michel
a ■, 'Frericf|f:|^
.'., .SOCIALISME;__T.?REL1GI0N'C?. ?
,-y * ■ y  - -y a Xi-'S'^y^;- "■
% "Dans iin recent"No. L'Echd;"de -New
Bedford, reproduit un "resume""'de notre'
article "Socialisme et-Religionfetpro-'
me.'d'etudier avec toute I'attenthra ne-
cessalre les idees prihcipalesvqu'jll''con-
tient et termlne'par.'c"3'qui suit:^.- ? •
y'Pour traiter cette.; questloji{?comme
il corivient' et comme' ,elle','*ni"erlt« ,'de
l'etre, il faut d'abord bien?pr*eci'ser le
sens* des mots surMesquela.,' toute"?la
discussion va se derouler.! Soclallsme,-
capitalisme.i. droit de propriete.", (1);;,
Le socialisme est la doctrine de ceux
qui thesaurisenfaux detriment? aux
biens corporels etexterieurs,; ef'pla-
cant'le bonheur de rhomme'dans la
recherche et la jouissance de ces biens
voudraieht que dank l'Etat ie'pouvolr
appartint au peuple. Ainsi,1 les classes sociales disparaissant,, et les cito"--
yens etant; tous reduits.au meme niveau d'egallte,, ce serait ra'cheniine-
ment vers-l'eijallte des biens., Le droit
de propriete seralt aboli, et-toutes les
fortunes' qui app^.rtiennent aux parti-
culiers, les instruments de production
eux-memes seraient regardes comme
des biens communs. • i(2) - *y
Lie capitallsme, seralt la doctrine de
ceux "qui thesaurisent au detriments
des droits du' proletaire.   (3)    •   ', ,
Le droit de propriete.est le droit
d'ac'qiierlr etde posseder les choses
exterieures ou les biens naturels Dans
l'homme, le droit est relatif;_ il n'est
abgol'u qu"ep Dieu; La terre, en eff-dt'r
n'a pas. ete faite par l'homme, mais?
pour.l'homme. En consequence,'ceux
que nous appelons. proprletalres sont'
plutot a'proprement parler des usufrui-
tie'rs. "(4) ..* :"     *-"■*'..    -
, • Qu'il y ait dans le~monde un'malaise
,qui-va grandissant, cela ne fait, pas
de.doute. ' Que; cet antagonisme d'une
partie de Phumanite contre l'autre ait
toiijoiurs existe, cela est facile a con-
statef: il" n'y' a' qu'a'lire l'histoire du
monde ^our s'en convaincre. Bien-des
tentatives • ont ete faites de part et
d'autre pour,faire disp'araitre ce mal-
eritendu seculaire si.c'etait'possible, ou
du moins pour le recrire a son minimum d'intensUe. - II y a eu, au cours
des sieoles; des fluctuations entre le
mieux et le pis. • 'Au XVIIIe side,, la
Revolution'a pris.la cause en main et
elle y travaille encore sans succes, ,au
XXe._ ?,Le socialisme, le communisnie
leAihilisme,, 1'anarchisme, ,l'utilitar-
smel'fils batards de l'autorite mal com-
prise,;tentont de retablir la paix et
le trouble aug'mente.'.et tous les'peu-
ples sont,tarmes jusqu'aux dents prets
a"1 s'entre-devorer malgre toutes les
conferences de la* Paix.et toute*s les
ententes cordiales"'*-(5. .    >' •    ..    -
Ledger Ads pay
Titer* In morn Catarrh In thl* nei'tlnn nt tlio
cuuutr/ ttiuii all ottiur diuuimuii put totiulhur, und
until tlio lait fow yonr* wim iupiumuiI tu lm
Incurable, l-'oc a grunt uunr j/urn Ooctui'H
pmnouncod It n lno«l illm-nHn ami prl-tcrllM-. iwul
roiuodlun, uutl ty comtiintly fullln_r tu euro wltli
loril trcatmunt, tiruiioiinoml It liic-iiriilili-, H.Ioiicd
Iibi proven Catarrh to be a coiutltuiloiml iIIhubiid,
nnd tlicrofaro require,' cnuatltutloiin] tri-utwcnt,
trail's Catarrh Cure, mmiufat'lurcil liy V. J.
Cli.ncy ft Co., Toledo, Olilo, It tli« only Coii_tltu<
tlftnnl euro on tlio innrkct. It la taken liilcrnnlly
In iloniti from 10 <!roi« to n ti-aaponurul. It aola
dlroctlr on tlio blond and mitcoim (wrfucci of
the i.Yit.m, Thoy offor ono liunilri'il dollari for
any ca.o It fain to euro. Hond for elr.tilara and
AdAroam 1'. J, C..I.NI.V ft CO., IVIuJo, Ohio.
Hold by Pnigjlita, 7_c,
Tak. lltll'i Family IMIli tor cou-.tlp_.tlon.
""OFdoc e's'Tla solution,du probleme?
Tout a ete'mis-en oeu'vre, 11 semble;
promesses, hiensbnges, "guerres, assas-
sinats, abus do pouvolr, alms de lib'-*
erte, ruses .de toutes cortes. .Tusqu'ici
les deux factions ont lutte l'une contre
l'autre et le resultat a ete justement Ie
contralre de ce. qu'elles esperaint. Bt
il en sera ainsi' jusqu'a- la fin des
temps. Jamais une moitie de l'hu-
manite ne pourra reduire ou detruire
l'autre.   (6)'  - .      '
II est un moyen pourtant qu'on a
neglige, c'est celul-ci: La lutte contre "sbl-mcmo.^ „ C'est' lo moven pro-
poBO par rEgllse,. qui;n'est nl capitalisto, nl proletaire, mals catholique ,«t
dont la mission est uns mission do
paix. Tant quo Thomme, partant de
ce' prlnclpo—don^'Ia faussote so prou-
vo'par ses consequences—qu'il, est lo
maitro nbsolu de ses destlnccs et qu'!>
no rolovo qiio de lul-meme, n'ecourti?ra
que son esprit de domination sur len
faiblos ou son esprit do rovolto contw
los pulssants, aupuno entente no sera
posslblo. ■ La prouvo en est falto depute longtorhps, Rt lo Soclalisino pent
on fnlro son deull; 11 no roallsora pns
pine son Ideal quo lo capitallsme no
roal'Eo.a lo, slon.   (7)
La paix no cnurnlt exislci sans la
justice, Or lo cnpitnl a bob droits
commo lo proletariat, Done pour quo
la juatlco' no solt pns les'eo, il faut quo
Iob droits dos patrons ou dea capital!*
toB Bolont roconniis par los prolotalros
ot quo los droits dos prolotalros Bolont
rcconnus par les patrons, Cost co
quo nl les uns nl Iob nutros no font nl
no voulont falro. Los bocIqIIbIob von-
lent tout prendre ot Iob capltnllBtos no
rl«n cedor; nialB los tibUH doa -tins nc
Jnolifcnt paa la r;ovoHo dos autre*.
\dln 1'oxposo do la quostlon ot In
tl.«t<n quo nous nvoiifl ontroprla do do<
fondro. Cost co quo nous tachorona
db, falro dans Iob articles subBoqnonti),
List of Locals District 18
nnnhliend ......... F. Whontloy, Rnnltlioad, AUa.
"Ronvor Cr^ek,...,. P, OniiBhlon, Dortvor Croolr, via Plnchor
Dollevuo..,,..,.... J. Uurko, Bollovuo, Frnnlt, AHn,
•ninlrmnro V. 7, CV.-=_, S'.-J.u-m.*,. A.U.,
'IhirmlH .Toh.  TVirbynhlrp. T.urrnln,'J__ln.
Cfirbondnlo J. T_onshorry, Carbondalo, Coloman, Altn.
Cnnmoro  N, p, Thnohuk, Cnnmoro, Alln.
Colomnn..,, W. Graham, Coleman, Altn,
Corbln .,..,,..,,,.   It. Jonon, Corhln, n, O,
Chinook Mln««(t ..?*. f» "Koi-iy, t.in«?.... c.'.r, .'J..7.
Diamond'CUy Albert 5_nk, Diamond City, Lotlibrldgo,
rcrnk- Tboii. Uphill, Fornle, ». C.
Frank  Q, NIcol, Frank, Altn.
.Honmor ,..,,.,. A. W. TJaldorntono, Hoiraor, D. C.
IHUero-it ,. J, O, Jonco, HUlcrost, AUa.
I/Othbrld(.o.,,,,... I_, Mooro,   tbi, Blvtoon'ih St, North '.othbrld.ro,
lA-U.l.ildi.0 CoUlorloa Krnnk liarlnxlinm, ecc, via., Klpp, Alta.
Lille • W. I*. Bv»n», l_i||«, Fitink. Alta
AiHidct L«it ,. H. Pnrker, Maplo l^ar, ncllcmt., Alln. ,
Mlchol,,, .' M. nurroll, Michel, B. C. '>
Monnrph Itfnn 8. Moorcrof*, Monflrth Mine, Taber, Alta.
PaaaburR ,T. Kluacnrilt, PARKburg, Alta.
lloynl Vlow Thos. n. FUlor, lloynl Colllerlen. Utlihridiro. AU«
T»)Hif,.... A. Psttmon, Tabor, Alta.
TifcUii.  J. "i-.rf.i«.r, Tnb^r, Alta.
1, S'll ost nocoRsnlro, dann uno dlB-
cusBlon, do prcclser lo sons dos mots,
II ost tolu annul nccoHsal'o do dorinir
oxactomciit Iob Idoos on prlnclpofl que
Pi-ii ronilmt Ton to nrf.urnontnMoii
I'nsoo nur*ino faiiaao do?!ii('!u'i tombo
d'ollo-momo, I^os Joiirnniix fintlioll-
quos n'ont quopou do buccob dans lour
'.-L.v, _u..Ut, leu 3u_i_iiiii--j*» iioitr in tiiiii*
plr- rnlnoT. quo leur;' m&idmiAi, t>,uil
bnnoB niir do faiiBBos doflnllloiiN. Uh
no comhatlont pan If. floclallnmo main
un opoiivnnlall do lonir propro construction qu'ils fl'amtiBnnt i» rtochlror o(
cons, ganB avoir lo molndromont touclio
lo Hoclnllsmo.
1/jb2o ot ,1o p^iraitraphos do rnrtklo
do I'licho sont un oxcollont oxowplo tl«
1'hommo do pnlllo confiollonno par
tnnt do nos ndversnlrog pour In nl-n-
plo pltilBlr do lo dotrulro en nrlnnl a
•iitR lo flaclnll.mo. AiiihI, nuilrro ton*
-"/-» hommcti do pnlllo ul souvorit tt «I
vnlllnmmcnt dotn.lt*. lo floelnllnmo so
dresse devaht.ses-ennemis "plus;fort
que jamais... -,.'i-i?'.-=■ ,.,v-^   -"*
■ 2. ■ v sf vous vqiilez; disc'uter. honriete-
m^nt le Socialisme,1 yous aurez besoin
d'en chercher une" def'nitio_i-plus"claire
et plus juste." A - *' ,?" ' ■-"
- 3. Votve i definition du capitalisme
e3^ tout simpleinent ridicule'v pour ne
pas dire .bete,'' A    *"' A *** -* "
, -4. Le' systeme- que vous defeiidez
empeohe 75 pour cent de notre population de jouir. du droit de propriete.
;5. Vous admettez qu'il y a un malaise grandissant.-- Alors pour quoi ne
pas etu'dier serieusement et loyalemeht
les causes de co malaise pour y appor-
ter un remede, ',, S'il y a des "Revolutions n'est-ee pas-, parce qu'en tout
temps il y a' eu des gens qui, cumme
.l^s" redacteurs 'de l'Echo, ont jete la
plerre aux" partisans de l'Evolutibii.Aii
lieu d'etudier les problems qui confron-
tent l'humanite, vous essayez de bar-
rer la'route au progres et vous vous
etonnez quand vos barrages sont ,de-
tr'uits.        ' *    - s' y
C. On ne peut certainement pas
vous - accuser' d'optimisme quand vous
parlez de promesses, m'ensonges, guerres assassinats? etc., et dites qu'il en
sera ainsi -jusqu'a la .fin des temps.
Qiioique vouspuissWz-croire et dire il
y a eu des changements * continuels
dans le developpement de notre pauv-
re humanite etnous sommes d'avis
que nous progressons,. II y a moins
de' guerres entre, nations aujourd'hui
quo,par-le passe etil'y en aura encore molns demain.-' Et une moitie de
l'humanite n'a jamais vbulu detruire
l'autre moitie.' Les tfocialistes ne veu-
lent * detruire personne, , lis . veulent
simplement detruire un systeme econ-
omique-et'politique'qui n'est plus en
rapport avec la -methode de production, un systeme economiquc qui cause
la misere'en pleinepbondance.
->7. Le';moyen,propose, par l'Eglise
est le moyen qui doit faire son deuil.
Ce 'moyen a ete" 'perche et essaye pendant des Steele et plus nous avoncons',
moins il donne de.resultats. - Et cela'
pour .une tres simple raison.economi-
que'-que hos ennemis ne veulent pas
. "Autrefois", quand la production etait
individuelle,* il he'"dependait que de
l'iridividu de pratiquer les moyens proposes par l'Eglise. - •
Le seigneur des. temps passes -pou-
yait 'pratiquer envers ses employe's
toutes les cha'rites chretiennes. - L'es-
clavagiste du, sud pouvait etre charitable envers ses esclaves, sans risquer
de faire failite. " IlAonnaissait d'ail-
leurs-personnellement tous ses esclav-
es, ""qu'il avait peu't-etre lierites de'son
pere. *,. Le' petit; patron travaillant* a
cote- de ses employes etait souvent leur
ami et les traitait.humainement. Mais
e'est le passe. Et ce sont les .pro-
blemes du present qui nous confront;-
ent. II n'y a pas de comparasiqn'pos-
sible, entre le seigneur, le proprietaire
d'esclKves, le.petit industriel d'autre
fols, et les trusts immenses d'aujourd'-
hul.      •■ '    " '  ,'~ •
Tous les cures do la Nouvelle Angleterre auraient pu precher la charite
au "Wool-Trust," sans jamais' le decider a payer une augmentation de" salair
cs a ses employes. ' Us auraient recu
quelques centaincs de dollars pour'
leurs "pauvres' 'et volla tout. Les ac-
tlorinalres - de nos immense compng-
nies, no connaisscnt pas lours ouvriers.
lis' ne connalssont que les dividendes.
Et Bl par hasard quolquoB directours et
contre-maitros essayaient do pra-tlq'uer
la religion dans 1'establiBSoment ot do
traitor les autres commo Us voudrni-
ent etro traltoa eim memos^B'ilB essay-
filont do payor a I'ouvrior la judts vn-
leur'deflon"trnvall, lis tforalont Dl.»ntnt
romplacos par d'nutrcs qul^'n'.aiiraloni
en vuo quo leur prop"o intorot ofr.ol-
ul des actionnaires ot. foralont inoiirlr
los ciyrlors a la iiojonno poifr mon-
ti*Gi' de gros profits au bout do I'annco
I_o ChrlstlnnlBmo ot lo Capltallsmo
no so molangent pas mldiix qiio 1'oau ot
riiullo. La ou 1'un flouiit 1'nutro no
pout oxlsler, ,1.1 voila pourquol aujourd'hui nous nvons dos gons d'oglUo,
roals blon pou do clirotlens.
Sous co roglmo si chor a l'Echo, tout
manufncturlor qui voutlrnlt pratlquor
lo ChrlstlnnlBmo dans bob otablli.BC-
monts no tardornlt pns a fnlro banqiio-
routo, Sous co regime, si chor a l'Echo, Iob gons Bans con so Ion co nmas-
Bent, doo millions, Iob gons consclon-
clonx vlvotont a polno. Sous co io-
glmo b1 chor a 1'ISelio,' on couvro do
solo ot do bljo'ux los fommos do muu-
valso vlo ot Ton couvro do bullion, los
filloB vorluotiBOH. Et cola dans Iob
vIIIoh ou Iob oatliolIqiiOR aont on mn-
Jorlto commo dana cellos on lis aont
on mlnorlto,
Contrnlromont n co quo dlt 1'Kcho,
lq capltallsmo n ronllBo son Idoal. II
n on Bon titlllto ot a proparo Io terrain
pour lo roglmo qui va lo romplacor, lo
8. C'est do tout coour quo noun dis-
ona "amon" a, cob parolos do I'l'.clio:
"La paix no- eaurult oxlator ibuuh la
Juntlco," Kt c'ciit pour quo la paix
puluBO exlstcr quo Ich soclnllstoH voulont olab'llr un rn«lmo do ]\i*t\co tnnrtli
quo 1'Kcho Boutlont tin roglmo d'lnjiiH-
lice ot en uionio temps noiiB ncouna
d'etre rosponaabloa s'll n'y n paH do
paix, ,    „
L'JJcho out aimiHiml quand 11 noun
dlt quo low alniN d«a en|)ltallp,tcH no Wf-
11 ion juib hi rrtvoiio tlon onvriors.    ll
y a uno llinlto a In patience ot quand
on n nf fnlro n doB robb qui no voitlf.nl
j)r,R oTitendro rp'flnn Jl'fnnt blon no nor-
\u d'auroB tnrinniK'nta,    Celul    qui
ccrlt cl'h IIriiob, a pntllclpo a pliml
rt-'c (imv., a pl>t.-!«:ur.-. dc- n^ ,",()',■ ,
ton condnmnooB pnr l'Kclio, ct nnlt i|ih* j
i*c n'cLt \nir. incc: iiluUlr i\\h< |<>« ouv- '
rlipri. font grovo mniH-qunnd 11b onl I
Kouf.or loutf-ji lf-H avfliil/'H. quand H« co '
m>«( vti rofinlor ln moimlro conccsHltm,
quel nutro moy<>n 1-wr roato-Mi.   N'?iif
M-; dix do» (-o»Jii.-j).'nIfa n'ont pi*, do
'«nrfin',!t'!. hmualii.., cite* u« uhiiuhi*,
sent quo lo dollar, ot co n'cit qu'en nor
tant prejudice a leur porte monnale
qu'on peut leur faire entendre raison.
Les compagnies de Lavrr^rice, par ex-
emple, auraient pu offrir une augnien,-
tation a leurs' ouvriers avant la greve
et prevenlr cette lutte et les miseres
qui en ont resulte." ■ Mais'il a faliu que
les ouvriers' mo'ntrent' leur solidarite,
leur force": pour faire entendre. raison
aux rapaces exploiteui-s de cette viile.*'
..'Si les ouvriers avaientattendu que
i'Englise leur obtienne~une augmentation de salairO ils auraient , atteudu
lontgemps. r * Le • clerge de Lawrence
etait ,du.cote des patrons, qui soudii-
ent d'ailleurs des precheurs coinme 11a
suo'doient la presse.  --*'- ■     .
, 9. Nous esperons que dans'les'articles subsequents l'Echd attaquera vrai-
irient le Socialisme et non ce qu'il croit
le Socialisme?—L'Union des Travail-
leurs,, •   ,-'
rial Balk o^Canada
Capital -Subscribed
Reserve-Fund ...:
• j.- i
y-D. r.
HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO    ,;,        e.7 »    "
6,000,000   -   Capital  Paid  Upi'..'..;' 5,996,900 ""
,  5,998,900.,,   Total Assets ........' -- ,72,000,000  ;
WILKIE, PresWent  .       HON.-ROBT J AFFRAY, VIce-Pres.
.",*.  '      ,   BRANCHES   IN   BRITISH COLUMBIA ,7
Arrowhead,' Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloopsi Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
•-      ;,   A       * Revelstoke, Vancouver and.Victoria?  .   ,   '-? -     -   7 ■
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT "■■ ■ '*'   y   7      7
Ir.terest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.   <■
FERNIE-BRANCH u.. GEO. I. B. BELL, Manager   ;
La ferrovia Harriman ha' ordinato
alio Steel "Work di Pueblo la prontu
costritzione di tanti binarii per un valore di 900 mila dollari.'
* »,  *   *
*- ^ . . - '
Fra giorni si dara prlnclplo alia cos-
truzione dl'una grande galleria sotto
il monte Cascade, nei dintornl di Seattle, Wash. '•
•■ .*   *   *
Questo colossale lavoro verra a cos-
tare circa 5 milioni di dollari,   ,   \~
E' scioppiato il 'fuoco nella miniera
No. 302, situata nei dintorni di Congo,
Ohio, dove usualmente. lavorano   '400
persone.    Per fortunanon si ebbero a
lamentare vittime umahe.
,  *   * '»
L,minatori della Spagna, dopo uno
sciopero di breve durata, son tornati a
lavoro, avendoi ottenuto au aumento di
paga-del dleci'per cento," -       "
,"      /■       *   *' *
All lavoro continua a scarseggiare nelle coste del Pacifico.     Migliaia di on-,
erai si trovano disoccupati.
,erai si trovano disoccupati. ,-,
.7 * i *' *
II Parlam'ento Francese? ad unani-
mita^dl voti.'ha passato la legge che
rende obbligatorie Ie otto ore di lavoro.
"I' ventimila' falegnami di-Buffalo, N.
Y., hanno dichiarato.che il primp del
prossimo Maggio proclameranno lo
sciopero generale" se i contratlori non
concederanno- loro au aumento di paga
inragion'e del cinque per cento.
7 *''' -• A * ■*• *s - *, '
* Continuanel Washington lo scioperp
degli operal impiegati nelle segherie
di quello Stato.  '-'.Gil scioDe_ranti--_ZQ8__-
liono tiii aumento di salario e migliori
condizioni di lavoro.   • , ,
' ? ', ,"    '    *"*\*   * '
II 20 corrente "e .stato ■ inaugurata
1'apertura a Lethbridge, Alta., un
grande negozio coroperativo.
,". "*.      ,-* '■  "'-' * \* "*
Le verie- uniqni operaie di Pueblo,
Colo., stanho preparahdo 1 -piani per
fabbrlcareuri'grande palazzo, che verra cor_,osciuto/8otto il nome di "Labor
Temple." ,'_ Tale fabbricato costora ol-
tre 50 .mila- dollarl.
Fernie Academy of Shorthand
and typewriting; '■'■■X,
Two  Classes Weekly.    Tuesdays  and  Fridays
- from 7.30 to 9.30 in* the evening
Private lessons and select classes by arrangement
Tel. 179 Evenings ----       : v48A. Days
Just   Arrived
A large assortment of
New   Victor   Records
Come in1 and hear them
McLean's Drus1 & Book Store
Day Tel. 142
Night  "26
Con 109,709 voti contro 32,139, 1
membri della United Mlno Worlrera of
America che lavorano nolle miniero del
carbbn'o bitumlnoBo hanno npprovato il
concordato dl Cleveland, rlguardnnto
11 salarlo, o conseguentemento nilsJialn
o migliaia di quoi fortl lavoratori sono
tornati, a lavoro.   ,'
II respoiiso dollo locall di nlcunl Dls-
trottl non © porvenuto aucora al Comi-
tato Centralo doll'unlono del niTnntorl,
pel, motivo clio vl o qunlclio dlsqro-
pnnzn; mn o ormal nHslcurnto sho In
maggior parte dof mlnnlorl o fnvoro-
vole alia rlprosa doi lavorl, dopo l'ac-
cordo dl Cleveland.
Ln rntiflcazlono dell'accordo signl-
flca pace por duo anni ancora nollo
region! del enrbono hltuminoso, cioo
flno al 31 Marzo dol 1014.
I mlnatorl banno ottonuto un aumento HI salarlo dl cinque, del quattro
o dl tro soldi por ogni tonnollata dt
carbono, od>un numonto dl ti,20 por
conto un gll altri Ronorl dl lavoro mln-
13'' qiioHta una splondlda vltlorla cho
la storln dol lavoro rogUtrorn nollo
suo pnglno glorlono, o ln bI dovo nlln
formezzn, al co ragglo od nlln coHlnnzn
dol mlnatorl cho focoro comprondoro
In modo ospllclto nl padroni cho bI aa-
robborb nottopoBtl nd or.nl sacrlflclo
plnttoBto cho rltornaro nollo minloro
mnm nvor ottonuto- I mlglloranionil
If you are thinking of getting a Bicyclft'orTMotor Cycle
Sei John Minton, Fernie Bicyle Store
He has high-grade Cycles'to suit any intending purchaser.  -
Thc C. C. M. Wloiov Cycle, nothing better; go as slow as you""
like and as fast as you dare.    Solo agent for following wheels:
►   PERFECT '    ■      ,  MASSY SILVER^ RIBBON,,
B.S. A.  7 ,    DOMINION CYCLES.    "
and any other make of machine supplied 16 order.    Beware of
Cheap Cycles—they are Dear.
Cycles on Hire.    Accessories.-  Repairs neatly executed.
For Sale
RltUMARD nOOTS---'Il.r.O i>or doz.
Cabbngo PlanlB, CO contH por 100
(roady Mny 10th)	
AIbo '/j ucro lot, tlfiO.OO; tcrma.
Apply, John MoLaelilon, WobI Fornlo,
Notico is horohy glvon that a divldond at tho .rato of SBVEN
PEU CENT, por annum upon tho paid-up Capital Stock of this Hani. 1ms
boon rlnolaroil for tho throo monthi. ending '.ltd, May,' 1012, (IjoIiik nn'in>
oroa.o of ono per cent, on tliujirc-c-iIlni.<llv[(loMil), and tho samo will ho payable.
at Its Iloacl OiTlco and IlruuohoM on and nftor Saturday tho 1st of Juno,
1012. ' Tho Transfer Books will bo closod from tho 17th to tlio Slut of.
May, prox., both days inclusive.
By ordor of tho Board,
JAMES MASON, Goncrnl Manngor.
Toronto, April 17th, 1012, _-,_   ■
H ead HT rM3 OIVT HP t~*    Branches and connections
Office . ■*■ U *^^ IN. 1 U throughout Cannda
J. F. MA0D0NALD, Manaccr. Fornio Branch,
60  VBAR8'
Tmadc M*nKo
CorvniaHTo *c.
Anrrnft inndlrj. n it kotoh ir<J <lc««ipH(jn tint
»ciif (,»-«, «i'.!fiit nenfiiff fn*»•     rl- /yll   "'■
I'lilmitt uun Hiri'lH'ti Jllm-U .VO-i^uUI
tpftinliwfl.*,-nlJUout .Infra,In(i,o
mir ntilnlnii
H^flrirtf tiii1 ii
H,ri,iii-ti Mu
. .     houtthiftre,
iMiimuatt til>	
anion of pny >
,1 l,.- ,»i«* ti*. ,
taliil'Ji. of nny K-lonntta .,,uui',l.
' ,!,,.!fl. f S.'j • Jtu,\n<>Uy;H | f(,' I
tu,.. .li nam, sav tt. v./t.'.itu .w.ii, i>...
'.t!..l«   I'll
».t: ki
Dr. Kelley Cures
Diseases of Men
By Modern Methods
„ "606" for Blood Poison
Hp-dM tr<»(itm»)nt for otluir dlniMiHCH of inoix Nrrorti. \Vf«il.ni<NMf«,
Vnrlenai. Vrln«, H)ilr<«.dp, lllond nml PMii DlMiinlcrw, Non*-. Dlci-ri., Utility, Madder mid lln-.nl l>Ui»nlrm, vtc, nml (.'onfrnr.ril AllmrnU,
rro.4n-.tt (Uniul linflaiitniNllnii, (Mil (;hntnli< ('.in,ll.l(in_>,
riw__.cuwi of Anatomy
In I Iii* .ii-rn. Sliiacum In hIkcvd   by  llro  *\ui  iiiuiJuIh,  inoimroftltleci,
.normal nnd nl.nnrmnl cdndliloh.  of lho vftrleu* f-nriM ut Uio body, llliu-.
trntin_r fully Imtli iifiilr nml i-lininlr* itiarnni-N ,,f men,
B*w* Cotiwwltf't'len ntxd Ac£v£c«_.
mv \uiTTui t\v\tt\, i,.\s'n.\f. iaMii.\,<.Ti.i:r> vxmvn at mdi.kii.
l--._i.-r. Mfillrnl l.tninliinlliiii !><><•, I'rtr I.tntiilmiftmi of Drlnr
when iirpcxmiry. <'oii«ii|i .irc~ri.i:r„ lion*. Dcltiyi l»dnj_i nre
_lini«.rr)Mii, Cull or ,»rl.i-, l"rci> ll.uiU, l_vrr>tlilnir toiifhlrndnl, lldiirm
(I n.tn, (» H |i,iii,i Xiiiiilti>n, Ifl p,ni, li» I jnn.
Dr, Kelley's Museum, 210 Howard, Spokane
Tho wftff(-work<T who is Joudcet in
||ii(H-lnlnilnir IiIh fi«'do»i nnd patriot- l„ jliiiW. Coli.mhln hnvo hORiin nn or-
< Ihiu  c'lin.nilly  lov<-»  tin'  hoxn,  hayti
Th(. Wonturn I'odorallon of Mlnr.rn
;.iiiiz_iil.jii <utii|iiilKn   for   a   general
« workern won't »tl<'k tOEOtlior"-
., -       - .    .  iuno would »inrvo to dffith If ont of a '«•'»«">•»«"•' «V»y In nil dlstrlotu of lho
■7 I Ty   el   J-^Cdg'Cr   ACl. |job thirty dnyn. ji»ro\lnff», with n minimum wago ot f'.l. ?Aai moms -
■n >i .
. We are offering some remarkable values in full length Kimonas,
made in Paisley pattern crepes and trimmed in contrasting colors.
Very specially priced for Saturday  $1.75"
Also a few Dressing Sacques, made in, the same material, at .96.
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seen in Fernie. ,   These come in a variety of styles and patterns in .
values up to $2.75, on sale Saturday ..'...-. .'....... .$1.50
o f /
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Just Arrived
A consignment of .ladies Lingerie-Dresses in prices from $3.75. to
$20.00. These are the very, daintiest creations and are well worth"
your inspection.      "A . ' *'        7       •  , ■
Dry Goods
.English Prints, regular .15c. yard, 8 yards for,.. 7.......7 .. $1».00 ■ ,
White embroidered Wash Belts, regular .25 to .35, on sale, each .20. -   -
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Tourist Ruching, in boxes containing three different styles, jSaturyy'/
day per box..* ( •' '• v '•'] '• •   ■ •25.'".-
Silk Dress Girdles, all shades,-* regular, $1.25 to $1.50 for ....    .75 :'
■ ?«y$\yy~~- yj<?■■-\.-y.*.---*. --.-;.^v-vtm^""  ■ *
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*'.:.. v a**7-*a":**-..7 tyyys - .   -?
"*\*S '7,y,-7yr"'A    '- ;V>' V?A*-   -* <■'   "
B.;C^:M_tT,.Cl«« ■ !   "
I'f'T  —•.-•    '.   ...» -
*■,- v o ---,_. -,s     - 0 - -, i*.'-*-.*^; yry
« '--**,*-  ry ' ,. A*-v A ___i
y\..-   >m .. *<yv-vV.>,y ■ r-*.■'■"*: A,.*^^ft-Ti;^
S777     ' ~
. . . -y&tSy y.yy,
"*-- '.;; - ,4 '?(•'• *^»*r"■^*'-S ",•-"-,;'•
-. s. ►  '•„; ,r,:;^Ksy*yryy
'Ontario.!,otatoes,'per sack' . ?'.'.'.'...'.-.. .--V./. .$2.00
. »'__,<!,> ,v "* *      -     -    .    < t '   .** """Ac     i _.      *  i-*"- "*■ *"
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*    ,      i„ - -     ;.      • *•.     - '.'..«;..      ■*'
Tuxedo Baking,Powder, 5 Rutins\.'S.A. ...    .65
Soda Biscuits, 2 lb. tin' .... ::  ~...     25
Graham Wafers, % lb. pkgs., 3 for .....,:...; , ;25
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Quaker Oats, 5 lb? package with china .. .*..,. .25
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Toasted Corn Flakes, 3 for t—-...-."     .25
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Lowney's Cream Chocolates, per lb.'........    .35
Braid's Best Coffee," freshly ground, 2 lbs.for   .85
. Lowney's Cocoa, 1 lb. tins -......-»..' ,..    .,40
E. D. Smith's^Toinato Catsup, pts.,,each .*,._..   '.20"*
Damson Plums, 2 lb. tins, 2- for;>.......... 7.    .25
Gooseberries, 2 lb. tins, 2 for .... .7........    : 35
" Best Lethbridge Flour, 49 lb. sack ..........$1.65;
** Comb Honey,- 2 sections .............. 45
' . Climax Jam', ■ 5 lb. tin1 ........t... 7 ...... 7   .55
' White Swan Lye,\-3"tins' A .7......' /. 25
Sherriff's' Marmalade,?! 11)7tin.............    .80
'   She'rrifi's Marmalade, 2 lb: glass,* , 40.
-,' Small,Hams, per "lb.-....'?: 7. *.'./. -,     -20
Heinz Pork and Beans, small, 2 for 25
; Pares' Unscented Soap, 2 cakes . A*.  .25
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Patterson's .Sauce; .^l^pt.;, each    *.1Q
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> Swede Turnips," 12 lbs? for ...-:..•.?    .25
Emaline Cooking Ba'gs.small size, per "doz. A. ,'. .25
\ Emaline Cooking Bags", large'size, per doz. '.: ,- 40
r. _-tjv>**.,7- j ^~zJ5fz&*$^: AA "^-A :"^-^^i?^s^a^^«i^^i^.*-' &?■ -^y' -w^ ,w. ■:„-,-,*t*^v"j<...'■?*>>^*^.y-_ *■:
•   -y--'-'.!' t -   *---?.?*,;%,. ,',.*v    - v- ,%.»v7\v"i^,'-^'-;^«<S-*>.-?'-  •■ r^.r.-^--<x,#j~Kr.-i '.?i";iyf,'.,-yr,i% v»*-*\(>-,-.
.. *,'-,;■ _a'l-. ->y y.j^-' f\ -•. *   ~-yr.\. ..   ^'--..A-77:71-:,,.*--. ' '.^*- '->s\'z'\?*-'s~'<-''--fo 'j^vV-*.  \7A    .      ;
""^-JAA^^yy^*;"1^.,- yy,^ ;;-<y* y.y ,.--;- Vy i-yy-1.. >,*::•,-■'.".. ;-.?''t..y:'J',.:s.i ;.y-y- ,-._■   .
-i'?;i*'?' A-^»"^fe^''?A^.- A:- AA **-? .A 7^-= v-yi' i'-'S y y, y^yj-^\y^y:^yy7':''yX^XrS'-^S-l''-''
Mi I ill  .■■■^Lll^lJiL v        ' - -^  ^ \    \\,  .   „  ,V;  '\i--i-":,J_       J*    ->Jv^t   ^^l^u-*-':,    _ ,'j^ .A"rtir ^lilLjici1'   Y v., »  A
^ - Ai:9ul. stock ,1s.no^ complete withfall the seasons' new novelties for A"--A
l y tbe approaching.hot weather:;        -,        A'.   -,
A.'A 7A;
'Lounge'Shirts 7 -*. s   _''-'" *'
,' 7     -*' ;*' S   ' \-   -■   -. , '< '
Lounge Collar^ y
; Stock Collar ^4 ^es  ,
;_.AA InyisiWe ,Swenders
,V   , Silk and tdsle Half Hose
Open Mesh Underwear—all styieB   ,
':•'■ -f\ _ -    " -? ^-' ■.'*."■"A   ,   -V''
y Straw and Panama Hats
Widte Duck Pants .  '  ;     .A ,
Corduroy -Outin. Pants   " -.,
>  ? '"• ■   7' ■ -'" ■* i-'  y *
i Bro. Duck Fishing Suits. ;. *
• - - '" - 7r'"      * -, :\ '.*..'      '   7-.
s 2 piieeiB Suits
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y.yy -1..>7-,;y7.;';. ;t ■ w, ■ t- cn>^y   a^^t^v^T^^^
^^?AAv?7**^;^^7iir_T^iri^'T^-rV 7
i* in-
Here and There
Hav« you.boon to the'IslB?
All  tho latest Books
Drug and Book Store.
at McLean'!
Chief Hall was over In Calgary this
Goo, Moikle; Editor, and Manager of
tho Michel Reporter, took ln the •ports
liore on Wednesday.
wero the speaker of-the day, J. Simp-
son, of Toronto, and Chas. M. O'Brien,
M.P.I"., the latter acting as chairman
on this, occasion; During an intermission in tho dancing J Simpson address-
ed the meeting for a'short iwhile to
draw the attention of those present to
tho alms and. objects of the Socialist
Party of Canada and tho desirability
of an active interest being taken In
tills political party of the'working
class. ,      *s
CASTE?     WHAT 18 IT?
Tho regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles Benevolent Society will be held
at tho home of Mrs. A. Klaubr, on 8at.
urday, May 4, at 3.80 p.mi
• *W. It. Wilson loft for tho East on
Friday night last. Word had been re-
colvod that Mrs. WlUon was In very
poor health
Commencing Monday, May Cth, tho
Groat Northern passenger train ,,wlll
arrive In Fernio at 0._0 a.m., leaving
for the Houth uf?a!n nl 12.1H,
Tho regular monthly toa ot tho Lad-
lot.' Guild or Christ Church will bo
glvon by Mrs. Dr. Anderson In her
rooms In tho Napanoo Ilotol on Wed-
nnHdny. May 8, at 3.30 p.m,
A moollng of tho Hod and Gun Club
will be hold In lho offlco of II. W,
Horchmer on Monday ovenlng, May
Otli, nt S o'clock, All momboiH nro
ronuoutod t° ho In attendance, ns lm-
portftnt bUBlnosB In to bo trnnnnctnl,
Denmark Socialism hnvo captured
21 hoi.Ih In tho municipal council, tu
llio CoiiBorvatlvi>H' 1(1, tho Uadlcal«
four, and llio (JhristluiiH' ono, Tho
Social Doniocntilc vote was rio.-nil ,or
about f>() iK>r root nf tlir- total.
A hocIoI ovenlng will bo given by
l.ho Ladlon Guild or (MiiIhI. Church on
Wodticuday, May UUli, in tho baHoment.
of tho church, llofroahmuntfl will bo
Horvcid and a good progrutn rendered.
All tliutve MUurvflWd m Un; cituri.ii are
cordially Invited to be present.
Fol'owlng the day of tiporti* iho so-
clol r.old In tlio Vlcforln Hall proved n
uuccebful and Mijoyablo conclutdon tn
a Kiriit dny, Tlio mippor sorvoil bv
lho IndlCH of tho Socialist Party was
thoiouglily appreciated by the lame
nmnl'Ci whu pariook or tbo ii.'j'cU*.-
bg meal propnrod and laid tho foundn.
Mttn for tho good Hplrltft ot tohso who
pro(V4Kled to imrllclpnto In the dunc>
Inf. that hold mny into tho oaily hair.*
of tho morning. Thn hall waft taxod
- to IU cannrlty nnd nmongRt th7-_;iit;.i»
By C. M. Maxon
Say, pop,,what is "caste?"
Well, my boy, so far as I am able, to
elucidate tho subject "caste" had its
origin' aorons and aorons of ngoB ago
ln tho -jungles of monkey land.   That
owld prlnclplo av, progression waB as
hnrd to get out av a dacent mons bIb-
torn then as It Is today; nobody but
a dougnnhead wants to alt down and
wait for Bomeono olso to bdovo tbo
owld world along for his benefit, bco?
Well, thoro wna dreamers in thlm
tlmofl Just aB thero Ib now.
Yes, pop, but what Is a drenmor?
A drenmor, my boy, Is a man that
has an Idea ln his head that tho owld
world wasn't made ovpressly for the
Morganholms   and   llockyhearta,  but
waB mado for all ot ub, and Ib trying
to flguro tho thing out propor.   Well,
thut mysterious Intcriinl creative force
WaB working In tho brain of tho advanced monkey (nnd tliunk tho good
Lord for thai, mo boy, oIbo ye owld
dad wouldn't bo tho boat mon on tho
job todny) and that, got him to thinking that he nhoulil ntnnd up on hla bind
k*i.H and wnlit, and bn gorry ho wont
out. onto tho boulevard and practiced
till ho got tl'ow.    (Poriivor onla nhma
wlnltot), which manes "Keep n hiking
and you'll got thero if yor wind holds
out.'   Hut JuHt ron.eml.or, mo boy. that
It's the thought olomont that does tho
bizlnoBH,     It was that, that told tho
owld dreamer thnt IiIb caudlo appendage (that's his tail' you know) wan n
nupornurlnrlty and waB only In tho
way, nnd bo gorry j bo l.opt ou a kick-
I. .- ..1....I M rt 4n!t IllffPf ,1„,« I., l,tn
...f,  ,..'\f...   ......   ....I,   ...I  I.   '\     •",,    vt   .».«
cnrrirlpo nnd r.rntlflfntlrm nnd to *V«*
rnw-tornntlon of chlpnnzl^n and mon-
koydoodles, that (nil dropped off nnd
ho then began to usk quoHtlona that
botborod lho owld high browfi and col-
iifv, rili>tit»nrt^<i  -mil wniilf*! yon liMovn
mo, Homo of them owld proffe_)nor»'
think tanks go (o working to that extent that owld John D, hud to can throo
or four of thorn. v Yob, ho wlpod thorn
off tho !.ury-.<uli.n. oI'.IiIb Chicago University. Tboy wttB glttlng on to till
rebate HyBtom, you toe.
Well, nt. tho time that owld dlvel
Of a Btandpat rang-n-tnng, wld hU -wife
nnd dnughterfi, woro tilting In the
shade altlng bananas and drinking
Red ton, and sham punch, nnd laughing at tho owld drenmor when ho pott*
ed't>y,;widout any tail,'and walking
like wHlte folksfand the'women would
blush .and look,do,wn their noses and
say,' "Oh, how shocking!- * Did you-
ever see anything, so. suprelltlvely ce
dlclus?".and "Oh,- Buch bad form!"
and'then they'd pick up their pet poodles and waddle' off on all fores wid the
greatest dignity, and their dresses
were, cut ao'-low in the back that one
could boo below the waist line, and
by that Bame token you would know,
that they''belonged to the fojir hundred
of Jungle town. *'    -
' Well, thlngB kept on a progressing
for sovoral thousand ages and that
samo old get up and huBtle monkey
kept on dreaming, and sawing wood,
and using his head, and hand., and getting up new things, nnd everlastingly
doing thlngB, 'and setting the pace for
tho rest of the world, and all tho time
handicapped by that lazy, louzy,. old
dlvel of a standpatter, who never originated any idea'abovo cocoanutBand
bananas In all his life. And boy. de
you mind, that wholo puBh, had it not
been for the owld dreamer, would to-
day bo hanging by tholr talis in tho
tree tops of.the Jungles, throwing
Btlcks and stones at each other,
Woll, boy, it makes mo want to got
hold av mo shllla whon I'boo them era-
turos, that never did nn honest stroke
of work ln tholr liven, sitting thomsolv-
cb up aa being of a higher caste and
better grndo than an honost working
mon.    Well, that Is enste, me boy!
H the bank.clerkaJn the city of Chicago would break* down the prevailing"
casts which-'exist-jamong those who
make a speciality of-always wearing
clean •• linen it mig^t be .possible for
them to organize a^union of their fellows for their physical and moral betterment, aB today they are getting very,
little of the bankers; swag.
..'However, Intelligence is spreading
in the.n_.ndB of.those who work for
wages nnd It would hot be at all surprising," considering the: unrest which
exlBta in the miridB'of the free born
American of today,' to find that tho
bank clerks would decide to eventually
raiso themselves^to the. level of tho
drlvorB of 'garbage and coal wagons.
—Chicago Daily Socialist.
' 'j_-
Hardships of Shop Assistant In English Bualnett Hou.et .
, ■.-: *. ?.L-;.'c,,v-ir,---?-,i;'',^? *\, •JT,..'-■--'^'-v'"^:v*,'*•"A'■",•," "vl
- ..V
The following Interview with a Chicago bank dork la Intonating, In vlow
ot tho advertised fact that Chicago
hnnlta nre pnylng profit! of from 20 to
.■0 |n.r cent yonrly for tholr ownera.
This nrlBtocratlc wago Blavo has evidently nnnlyzod prcRont dny conditions
and tendencies
Ilo explains hla position, Haying:
"Hut my plight is no worte than
thousands of other hank clerltH working for starvation wug«B ,A bank
clerk must make a nont npponrnnco.
This costs money. He must llvo In n
good neighborhood or ho doos not
coino up to tho nt nnd a rd exacted by
t\tn   rrfir\\r\VK¥n
"Whv, T knew a mnn who wnrV<»rt
for a bank ovor 40 y<»nrH. Thin man
haB n wife and children. Several years
ngo he wab at hit height In the banking world, drawing ovor $100 n month
nnlnrv Tnilnv InMonrt nf -hntni* r/>Mr.
«'d on a pension, ho in bi-lng gradually
pushed down to the bottom of the lad-
dor and In a very few years will bo
where ho started, a bookkeeper.
"The bank In whlrh h« workt employ* over GOO bookkeeper-?. Out of
tfilB iimnbor not more thnn 40 mako
$6S a month; 560 receive from fl.5 to
|80 a month. A Inrgo number ot thono
mon have fnmlllon to support and I do
not wonder that the bank clerk res-
pontlbllo t'or millions of dollars somo-
tlmot falls."
' "Shop aBslstantB" and clerks In retail and wholesale houses and similar
establishments In'.England often on-
dure great hardship on account of the
Burvlval of tho mediaeval ."living ln"
ruleB by which thoy caty sloop and
work all under th'o same roof, A deter-
mined effort is now bolng mado to do
away with tho ovIIh of-tho system. .1,
Mocpher«on, general Boorotary of the
Vi-.lf.j_ of Shop Asslfltivntfl, quotos Dr.
Norman Korr as follows: "It Ib itnpoa.
Bible for mo to find language Btrong
enough to convoy a hundredth parfof
tho mlBclilef which I have soon arlflo
from tho oxccbbIvo hours of,.lnbor of
nhop aBHlBtantu who have boon undor
my piofoBBlonnl care. Tho groat length of hourR at work I have Boon break
down strong constItutlonn, sorlously
aggravated ns tho ovll hnH boon by tho
dyspeptic misery and dlaoasoB inducod
by the noccsaary bolting ot food
through the far too sliort porlod allowed for meals."
Railroad development has built every, city and
town in Canada west of Port Arthur* W-WiIIiatyi
I- .
I ei.n.Ty n\l?vi Tn '•Tow 1 —nAnpntrh-'
on from Tfimnv, Mont., a hustling voung
town on tile Pugot flonntt oxtonalon
or tho 8t Paul Hallway, Bay that ro-sl.
dents nre rontomplatlng stops to ch lingo tho nnmo of the town tlnco tho.
TUnnlr dtunnrnr nnd tbo w»m.Hnnt, crl-
tlcinm lovcllcd at J.'Ilruco Ieniay, managing director of tho Whlto Star Lino.
Tho miijorlty ot tlio roHidonts favor
adopting the namo of somo man who
acted tho hero's part ln tho doomed
vosnel and aro divided between, Astor,
hint, Kmlth nnd HtrauB.
Tho 1. W. W. charter rocontly granted In Xohon has ben rescinded, and
s Federal Lnbqr Union hss been formed, AfrilliM.-d with tbo Tr.ules and
Labor council of that city. *
being'the: oentro of TEN MILLION ACRES of the finest agricultural
lands, including the famous   ■       '
Nechaco, BulWey Valley, Endako, Blackwater, Oosita Lake
1   and pnrt of the groat AD ACE RIVER DISTRICTS, and ou tho direct
line of two railways      -■  " -A
The Grand Trunk Pacific, aiid the
Pacific and Hudson Bay Company
■'   (Jncotyorfttca ioth May. 1911)'.
iH destined to becomo * . „
The Great Metropolis
of tho Northern Interim* of Brltiflh Columbia. •      ,'' •
JjofB which woll at ft-r, m^OCOO nnd upwards now (10 por, cent
,    cash and fi per cont monthly without interest 'oi? taxes) may be worth
♦80,000.00 to $50,000.00 lon yoftrs llono0i ,      ,        , y    ■ /
, •   This is not an extravagant CRtimato,? being actual .experience in
„ many citicB and towns along lines of
New Railway Development in Canada
TranBoontlnontai Railway,, aro not being built in OanndtC ovory yoar
nor ovory twenty yoaw; honco your ffoldondppo'rt'unity for
• <■•,■' invoitmowt *^ow.
A Riiwrnill will bo orop.ip.,1 by tht. w.mpm.y on the townRito witMn
tho noxt Bixty dayn, vhon erection of public buildings, hotel, clubhouse, otc, will bo comttiontfod.
Adequate station facilities nro to bo provided within tho townnito   .
os hiui boon assured by tho Railway CommiMion of Onnndn.
LtoraLuro mailed upon application.
The Dominion ^tock & Bpiid Corporation, Ltd,
Vancouver; b. c.
M. A. KAiSTNE^ Ageiit for Fernie and District
y \
li      ir
. il ^


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