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 pVn" y^yi^^ "-yy;:j^^s^ms- '
ll  :::"y"y^>*^' ^'-'v?!'-?' r^ '"■'' ^-V -r T\h'-y .---"\-«r'-*V '• ' ■
I?   -*'-..   v y •'-- yy- *;. ">'< /.y,- - - *   :   >,-.y. •■«-'   ■-"-=•   -
fl '
• V<i7 7 -, *•"
., -*.*
•- 77-. 7 .•;,-*■ ■"**"-V^'1?' *"■-*"£ -':;7- -7. .'*   7/7 -,v'    7*7-'y7-*> y:"'-;/ --;*7
•   ,.-7 :*?, Industrial Unity *is.Strength.
r-t    - 7^
^ X- /wS
• 0
"     -,
■■ *A^
:■•*■ *■«-*,-
-£-.*. *-*
;^f*i^e Official Organ of District No, 18, U7M, W. of A.
*" -. |,f *"'  . '.'y-j'"-*.-!-- •-  , " - "-'  ':     \ ','-■[.   "• '    '-r' ■'['    •;•,        ..    .►.„  „■
Political Unity is Victory.
v^^V^X,^^^ .7, "<&'-'i'-\ l(f&V7-:".
" * " •* J S-V-" .-■-.,*■        . .7        ■  . ■   -, """""*
$1.00  A YEAR.
^iii   *-1 ■*"■»<..,-$•*, j-"'
U.S. Postmaster Springs
* '•y*.,-'i'--'.\' *7V'* .--•'?-''•■,' t^:*. >■
,In;Hel8'on'vs.7M.'F.|a'jid M. RaiSway
Company ..which was ..'triedli here"..last
May* and resultail "ln''aWetf Ict-'for th»
defendants, '.the .Court;bt'TA-Ppeal has
ordered.a'n«w triaKj?.-,Thei;'Appellate
Court holdsilhat.the,trial.Judge was
wroh's'in. having refused to'charge the
jury.relative to section-100 of the.Railway, Act,"' which' requires' 'a man to be
^tibn«d on tha last' car 'when.'*; trains
are moring WrerMly. in towns' and -tH-
ifgea. '• The'a'ew trial'will Ukely tako
place ' heri'.in: May., '
.7: ■-.
*.*(, •<
. -WASHINGTON, ».C./:Jan. l«:-rTh*»
.* UidM*States. '-was*''astqnlihed'; last
'.night by'an.'anneuncemeat from Poat-
-Master General^ Hitchcock7that .he
''would'make an effort to nationalize all
'•telegraph,lines.- ^" yy..^ \J  ."*,*■ "'-,
'; - H-e^was -"summoned to the... White
■House"by'President Taft shortly'after
'. eleven o'clock this morning. The' prb-
- riounoement., in favor, of goyerninent
? ownership and operation of.telegraph
lines, as an' adjunct of the* post office
department,'- stirred official Washington, today as few, acts" have In-'recent
■ years.,*- The.postmastervgeneral's state-
■ftment,was news to*;the,White1 House*
!> 'and is'said to-have caused'the great-
','  est surprise.,- There was" evldentry an
1 .* effort'*made last, night" to- recall the
* -       ^   , , .-> i     > -> -
;-'   announcement." 4- This effort, however,
-7" did not come from Mr. Hitch'cbck. Sen-
" : ators and representatives •! generally
v ;-did not learn of the?proposed"recom-
i - • mendation until they, read the papers
i  .> this morning... When theyvreached the
'■>.-    capltol all were discussing-the matter
• ''  and7many - different  views were ex-'
, .* pressed.- 7'.      ',. •    7
7*. No-,Disagreement  Between Taft and
*■-   ' 7!;7n   U Hitchcock, ••-     7,;   7
7 .:WASPINGTONr*'D. ,C; Jan.--17.—.
7 '. After , Postmaste'r-Gerieral   Hitchcock
Z- had,  'been,'.yin''' -conference"   with
i ■'**'" President Taft' for more than an hour
y->. yesterday- an -authorative^ statement
y   was- made >t-""the. White Htjuse* that
'' 'tliere'' -had * been * "no ' friction,ibetyeen:
'ft „   ,7V the pjesident.andthe ..postmaster-gene^
V ', "mendation/that "the.i government, ac-
<- ,-*'Quire"^ai*d.operate7all telegraph.lines
' *"' - 7 as an iadiurict to^the* postal. 'uenr-lceX''
i ..., -, -,-•   -    —    -' -   '"
Members Sworn In—Committee*
*■   '77' v*' /Formed- "'7"  ,-,',
•.-The first meeting of the newly elected' council of-the City of* Fernie met
on Monday eyeningjlast.""..Before taking their seats', Mayor' Bleasdell, an'd
Alifermen" Brown, ;Dicken,"- Brbley and.
Morrison were swornin,by Magistrate
Whimster.,,-Aids. Robichaud and Gra-
ham^were" absent. s -- '-',   .*'
».After'this ceremony had been gone
through "City Clerk: Barclay ,read the
minutes of the last'.meeting of the old
Council,' which- were - adopted, j**. He
then read a letter from Lawe'and Fisher, acting' on'".behalf of 'Lasalle; who
was Injured whilst at wprk' for the city
last October.'-.claiming,damages .under
the Compensation Act.,;
- The City Cleric stated-that the advice
of the-city's attorney was that'Lasalle
had-no ground fdrjictlbn. The council, however, took a lenient view of
the. matter'and decided to.see Lasalle
and "come to- an amicable settlement
with him. ■*'/'-* „- v7'..7'- ' 7 ;'     ; K c"
■ The date ".of." Council meetings was
agerd'upon" as, the,2nd7 and^h ^Thursdays, in the,-months After other matters of routine and, slight business was
disposed of-the .following^ Committees
were .agreed' upon",1- the- fir'sVnamed of
'".*-■-■'.-■■-..,-\A/^wi.V--*g;^ln.^.>i.*r     ■ .i
White' sMajorify
Arraiflne -Provincial - Government - on
*    Practically;*II.Mattet-i''bf1Much   '
7-"", .'7'*; ^rr^'ortahce'  '    *-,•..
y."VICTORIA," B. Crtijra-a'-17.--T0(lay in
;'' the" legislature was "devoted tb a char-^
acteristjcally pessimistic speech from
. Parker WHIams.-.the" Socialist,:' member for Newcastle, who" In his cbiitrlbu-
"   tion to the, debate took.bc'caslon to'arraign the"'government's" attitude'.on
pr.acttcal'ly every question^of outstand;
ing Interest,.' '■ He suggested no nbw^ie^
"' glslatlori his address being entirely de-
•' structlvb.its only feature being tlio an-
*   nouncemont that his colloaguo J.-H.
■"HawlhorntUwaito. woiildbd In at'ton-
>i dance nt tlie house; during tho next
.few days.     ' ""■''/ '."   f-
'■»'St, ^>;      ■at.aw'f™*" ,*■ i^   =>r-
-': 8.. Graham; ^ W^R'obiphaud.y. /'" =' *
*)\. r ywin,} Water*and'' (jjght.t'^1"''' ;=
^^Wm.-Dicken,*,W.:w. Bjown. .-* 7;.|
..]■<■■ ;7-*'*Heiilth:W!tiReHe*':5fcs)'!-t'i- ''
; "-'W.-rJ^3•"M^^•lsbn;:Wm'.?b^c!feI^7, :'"y •
-■'.: ~ &*. v*«! >>.i *, K Finance';,?* j4 -•" £■ V * ■''K's
,37 a, Broley, .W.'.J; J..MbrrlBon.' ,-• i -
'*■'-.,.., *-., *. < ;- i_*■.'7m-k-■,
- WDIANAPOLIS./lBdiana, Jan.'W:-^,
On Tuiiday.^la-si."eTcrj'isoO delegates
asieskbleA )n annual convention'of-the
U.' Ml* W. 'of A.-, 'inj Indianapolis',-', ind.
The'fact.-that.the Trfag*,a»rre«menti7of
the coal miners in' t!wa United.' State*.
expires at midnight on March 31st,.and
that from all appearances, the opera-;
tors, will*not be.wlliiig to concede ,titb
the', miners'" demands, when 'a* new*
agreement;; will Ve di"scussedf, makes
this convention.fraugtit with,much import to the country at large. ' Another
matter*, bf1^'interest"to'-come .up* ,is**the
question* placed- before'John Mitchell
the, alter native of giving up his union'
card, or.'.resighing from the National
Civic Federation.", Mr ".Mitchell, itffw'illc
be ,recalled,. recently made charges
that the last miners' convention was
"pabked" 'and"to"that fact was'due the
adoption of the resolution.    ,
-{. --The Miners'^ Demands • '
*' Atthe-s'ame'-time the miners'.organization, never',,.in * a better"- Condition
throughout its*'longhand ^brilliant
career, stands determined io demand
big concessions .from the exploiters ot
labor in- the* coal pits of the land. •
The anthracite miners have already,,
practically .decided on the demands
that", they wlll^nake. * They want a
20 per cent inc*erase!in wages, recognition of the.uflion'witn the coalcom-
panles collecting.the union- dues by the
chack-off /"system,-., and.. an ' eight-hour
day instead bf a;!ni*i"e bour^day without
loss of, pay, payment. by*'weight instead
of by^carload fbrihelc^'alVthaLlsTnina
tuminouimlneri.wil', practically be de-
tormiend at tb»conT«ntioa aext w«ek.*'
Both tbe' -miners itai%ht bpbratofa are
now" busily, prepariag* for a coming
struggle;-. ■'•:•" 7, .*■■ ■;; >7y *:•'' * 7*" - \, ■*
/-Although\the".object and the desire'
of all-the- xneVare tip-maintain' industrial peac*. ,itj i. .felt i'hat ihe time - has
arrived; when^thb.-ybjee and rights .of
labor should be^better,^recognized and
a firm'atand taken.',1.?. '< • 7.
ed ln,,the?uppe'rr>BectIoii of "the region*,*
the/abolition of "the conciliation board
which ..was' created by7Tthe strike com-.
mlsslOn'in: 1903,; and'has-been in 'exfs-
tenqe'"since .then, 7and^iieVefal jinin'or.
cbWessioB.--' 7-V- V' JJy :**% v *, S>~
,^'The demands to be made by the. hi-
"ASTRAKHAN, Russia,"Jan7i6.—By
an" ice,*, floe -.breaking > away 40' or 50
fishermen havo been driven.out to sea
the neighborhood' of the village'of1
Ganjuscelau. , It is believed they have
been'drowned, ln tho Caspian' Sea. 7\
,    *•,      *"'■ <!,!■ -      ' ■-"*■*•■■"      ■ ■    * '   i
' S. M.,BrewBteri the Af-slstant Attor-
ney-Geenral of Oklahoma,,who formerly-served 'two terms as- State. Senator, and who has been.denounced,In
the past- as a stand-pa^' conservative,
haB announced his conversion to So-
clall8m;"77'^,,"-y*""."V.-,   '
" ";'(Spec'lar to'the,District Ledger) ,
''VINpiANAPOMS| Iiid., Jan. 18.—Convention opened/i'6th ?with' the usual
preliminaries, .^f. welcome, etc. The
printing of thejcr.edential committee's
report obviated"* the" necessity .of reading the-names, of delegates, and pro-
oeeded-with the.transaction of Its business more speedily than at any previous ' convention.-1 ' The committees
on Grievances,/ Resolutions and Constitution '.we're'-also sitting,before"tho.
convention opened." Resolutions have
been-sent'ln,in/accordance with the decision of the.last^conventibn and committees were all ready to proceed. The
afternoon1, session,of'the first, day was
occupied-with" the reports of the, officers. * In.jtheBe ,a strong note'was
sounded for.political solidarity.- The
second'daywas-taken up with a resolution dealing with, industrial organization and ^condemning" the^A.' F. of L.,
•which-wasf-referred back tb;*thb cdrh'-
Soclalist^Party-'as the only working,
class partyy^as also brought forward-
While ,the.:latter, resolution was not adopted thaifeelfng of the convention can':
■for years
''*    "- ">', THIRTEEN MILLIONS'
it from, those1 who opposed this movement, but this .time *• the position waa
'reversed and he could riot-'say be wa's
iorry' for th«m." : y The'-committee's
substitute, /which was - adopted/ suggests industrial and' political solidarity
for the, workers., -,-:/-"' ., '' •■"' ■;•'.
'On the third day;the committees introduced - a - substitute" for •' resolutions
dealing with industrial organization'to
the end that the delegates to the'A* F.
of L. * should vote for/ industrial solidarity. The convention was clearly disposed y.oi go further than this, hut realized that It must get'other organizations into line if anything Is to be accomplished. An attempt was made at
10.25 p.'m. to introduce the matter of
the conduct of the delegates to the last
convention of the A. F. of L. and the
Civic Federation; but this was offset
by motion'to'Invite Mitchell and Wilson to attend the convention,'and the
matter would be taken up-when their
report is made." ^During the afternoon
the.-tellers' report was received showing White, Hays and Perry re-elected
with majorities for .White of 45,424,
arid Hayes 64.824. ° -' „ „
-'President White addressed the dele-k
gates upon his installation, after which
Lewis was called- to the platform by
Chairman: Green," and his meeting with
President W^iite,. was' an incident- of
the'proceedings.-,/ In speaking to the
neIpat"eB^he:-«o'urise]led solidarity aand
harmony,' an'dCalsb expressed the hope
that".President/White .would not.-flnd
national'difficulties as.m'arked his.own
term of'offio&vjj-This'being the scale,
year the""conTOiitlon/wIll probably,-be,
of"Jbngef.duration^-thaii< would;other-1
..*■*■— -      ' .    ,    ,t„ \l. "T -*)■''   •*» f l .
NELSON, B. ,C, JSn. 10.~Over thirteen mllliondollara of gold, silver,' copper, Iead.sln*-!, coal and coke was produced "in the mines.of Koote'nay-and
the" Boundary, ast year. ;J There were-
1,585,570 tons of ore smelted and mill-,
«d,-producing.ralues on gold, $5,001,-
•27; ailter,'|!>g7.541;"copper J3.570.196;
lead,, |715>89; coal'|2.134,426;; coke,
1422,124; • tine, $813,711. This compares with'117,000,000 in> 1910.7 The reduction* is; due", to the strike In1 the
.Crow's- Nest Pass" coal .fields,- which
caused a/failing off ln'thie coal output
and the closing dowa and curtailing of-
.operations, of tbe'smelters.'    '' '*'
Last Year's Receipts Were |5,093,140
'.,'Where the HomesteadenrCorne
""- -From'- - '   *- ,
;-'■" ?..
Over Half a Million Are
lnvolved--Big Majority
Favors Cessation:/
. .BIRMINGHAM, Eng., Jan. 18.—The
result of the ballot on the question of
whether or not- the -coal miners- of
Great Britain would go,on strike-Mar./
1 was announced today, and.the strike-
declared for by an overwhelming ma- .
Jority.    .The'figures were aaJollows;
For Strike . .7 7..... 7.    445,801 / .
Against'strike     113,921 7,
Petition For Fort-
Rounds iwAlberid
The following petition Is lioln'g circulated and extensively Signed through
out the Province of Alberta:
Jan. 8tli, 1(12.
ti t
Tho Legislative Assembly of tho Province of Alberta:   •
THEJ PETITION of the undoralgnod
oltlEons nnd minors of the City of —
and dlstrlot HUMBLY 8HOWJWH:—
That we are all miners and mine-
workers at or near the City of •7—
That the chief Industry ot thia City
Is coal mining, and that thero le con*
Mtdorable trade and business .carried
on by the miners and other wago
earnors In this dlstrlot with tho neve-
' ral tradesmen In tho said City'of ——
- nnd district, -
Tlint owing to tho present 'system
of pny adopted by the sovornl coal
\\orr we nre- con1lniin"llj; Inborlai'" wider
a disadvantage In being compollc*d to
' ask for, and attempt to obtain, oxten-
1 slve credit from the several worohnnte
,ln this dlstrlot
the bill, which, wo understand, Is at
present before tho house, and which
provides for tho semi-monthly or fortnightly pny'to all coul minors; and
we believe that should tho said bill'
bocomo law It would operato to the mutual advantago of tho merchants of
this city,and neighborhood, and to
ypur petitioners and all othor'minora
In tho abovo district.
PRAY that the snld bill receive the
full support of the Loglslatlvo Assembly for tho Province of Alberta, and
tha"; Itn provisions bo mado to embrace all wage earners.
duty bound will ever pray ,etc, otc,
C. STUBBS, Vice-President Dt«t. 18,
U, M*. W.' b> Ai, Delegate to International "Convention.
Lawrence,' Mass., Has Taste of Warfare Over Stride
Recent Election Held in
Germany Give Them 62
7 Per Cent, of Vote
-*,1 OTTAWA, Jan. 12.—The report of
the labor department, for the* past fiscal pear presented .to parliament today show's that the .total cash" revenue"
from "all sources ^amounted, to.the unprecedented" figure - of 85,093,146145'/
which Is an' increase' of' $384,126.02
over.the revenue for'the previous 12
months. This total is four times as
large' as the revenue,.,for the year
1901-2 and ten times" greater than It
was twenty years ago, in"'1891-92. "it
is interesting tb note also' that the
gross revenue' of"the department during the past ten years has been' $28,-
071,944.76 as compared with a revenue
bf ?7,109,700.51 W, the'-previous decade. -,        , l°   fV '.. ' /•'.'   7     ,    ;i
Where Farmers are From '
.A comparative-statement showing
the nationality of'.homesteaders who
made entries'during the year, Includes
the,following*interesting "figures: •
. panadianortrom Ontario, 4438;. Canadians from-Quebec,--'1101; /Canadians
from Nova* Scotia, 237;' 'Canadians
from- Ne-w^Brunflwlck, ,140;'" 'Canadians'
"toba.1493; Canadians'from Saskatchewan, 1061:    Canadians from'/Alberta;
980; Canadians from British Columbia
,138; Persona,-who/had made previous
entries, i834;'- : Newfoundlanders,-^;'
.rCa'nhdians^returned rfrom, the'IT; ;S.-;
550; Americans, 12,485;.English, 6161;
Scotch, .1291;' Irish, 492; "■'" French'375;
Belgians 153;   Swiss, 74; Italians, 68;
Roumanians, 175;    Syrians, 64;' Ger'-'
mnns, 845;   Austro-Hungarlana, 2804;
Poles 201';,Icelanders; 96; Swedes, 937;-
Norwegians,. 1092 •. Russians, ■ other
than   Mennpmltes   -and   'Dukhobors,
1858.        -.,--'"•'        ' '''    '•
NEW ORLEANS, Jnn. 12.>-Reports
renchlng hero-today state that .thirty
persons-were;killed nnil fifty wounded
In a race war at Port .L'lmori, Costa
Rica. Troops were called out to stop
the,fighting.     '* .,,'■'■
It Is stated that.he trouble occurred
at the Abangnrcs g'oid mlnoB. Henry
Keith, nn American of Now York, Is
manager of tho mines.
»,    .       *} ..."Ml.
»_...,.„l'.       n. 1
in hardship and privation to your petitioners, and the miners In (his district with families who, coming lo tho
cliy destitute or abort of ready money,
often havo to work', a consldorablo
time in the mines and other climes of
employment, o,wlng to tho present system, before they can draw sny'pay:
and In tbe meantime, being strsngers,
they frequently experience difficulty
in obtaining extensive credit from the
loeal tradespeople for the ordlosry ne-
ecsurles ot life.	
We are In full accord and f»vor with
hbituiiUUijti, Alta., Jen. lo.-nJohn
Buuilvi'kiii1, & <txjal UlIms %.iuy}o)%\i b)
the Diamond Cosl company, *om«
eight miles from here, was IntUntly
lclllod whllo riding from the mouth of
tho coal shaft to the top ot a ibjll
Uvd.ki>j,        iTu-J CUri)>i>U«; \Ml Ut tolM    ill
the cars broke and Bumbeskey attempted to Jump, but was caught by
, tho cars and bis body frightfully
mangled, He waa 2-i years old, A
companion jumped a few seconds before and was sorlously Injur**!.
____.        -*
EMRDEN, Germany, iwi. 16.—At
least *7 persona were drowned as the
result of the Ice la tbe river Ems
breaking! while hundreds ef yevtfea
were skating yesterday.
' IvVWRENCH-Mass., Jan. 15.--Elght
companies of stato mllltla, Including
ono flold battery, commanded by Col,
Lorcy. Bweltser of the' Rlghth regl-
niont, placed the mill district of this
city undor martial law to-night nftor a
day of rioting, due to 'tho. strlko of
16,000 oporatlvos in tho big cotton and
woollen mills. At lenst 15,000 other
hands were thrown out of work by the
stopping of machinery nnd by tho attacks on tho mills by tho strikers.
In ono Instance a company of mllltla
had to charge a mob -with fixed bayonets, one boy bolng. probably fatally
hurt. Tblrty-flvo arreats of ormoil
rlotora wero made during the dny, nnd
a fow strikers and mill employees, who
wore defending th* mill pr*t/»* woiv.
troatod for bullet-wounds, A juniority
ef the mills nre expected to ro-opon
In the morning and, tho mlHtlnmon
have been Instructed lb. use drastic
measures to prevent a repetition of today's outbreak,
Although tho strike was originally
Instituted In protest of a reduction of
the new 5"J-hbur law, which makes the
working week two hours shorter, tho
strikers now declare that they will not
return to work without a IR per cent
Increase tn wnges and other concessions, Including double pay for over- „ , „ , ,.
time work and th„ -Abolition of tbe lV*!!!^_wJ;:'.
premium or bonus system.
RBRLIN, Germany, Jan. I6.--TI10
grontoBt and most Important struggle
In tho history of tho Socialist movement and tho most ominous political
conlost since tho establishment of the
German empire In 1871 will be decided
todny ln the election of the now mombors of tho German relchstng.    •   ■
■Probably no gonoral election in any
country hns nroused so much enthusiasm and hns been marked by such gigantic demonstrations and so groat a
fervour as the present ono.
Tlio kaiser, the chancellor and the
ontlro government forcos nre fighting
ns they' hnvo never fought beforo to
stavo off tho "red peril," as tho Socialists from all present indications, will
control the next relchstng in conjunction with tho Liberals,
What will follow If tills happonn Is
hard to toll. - nebol, Kautsky, Llob-
knooht, nnd other well-known German
Soolnllflts have predicted that If the
Socialists aro nblo lo control the relcli-
stnR vast numbers of tho working peo-
pro will bo disfranchised by tho government. Ililu Ih nol acting ns a de-
torrent In the campaign, howover, nnd
i-iut 1110 election will result in a sweep-
inn Sv/v.'.*.'.',*>' i.V'u.-)- h AdtuliU-ii 0}
RERUN, Jan. 17.—At daybreak to-,
day with roturns from yesterday's elections practically complete It was ap-
jmH'Mt thin ro-tmllots must be m/ido
before tho character of tbo new rrich-
stam would be definitely known, Ro-
sulti with only 47 districts missing
ore aa follows:
Socialists 62, a net gain of 24, re-
balloti It?
Conservative-** won 32, ft net low ct
A. J. CARTER, 8soretary-Tr«as Dlst-18
U. M. W. of A., Delegate tolntsr-
natlonal Convsntlon.
Ists' galns.lt appears nre mainly "at,
the expense of the Radicals who''are
greatly disappointed nt their showing.
Thoy will roturn to, the relchstng wjth
hardly more than" three-fifths of their*
former strength,'
DI5RLIN, Jan. 17.—The Jmmonso rally to the Socialist flag during the elections to the Rolchstng is Indicated by
the flguros of tho number of voters'In
50 constituencies taken nt random.
Theso show thnt nearly 62 por cent
of tho voters wore Socialists and foreshadow an nggregata Socialist vote at
tho conclusion of tho polling of 4,400,-
Tho standing of the pnrtles In Germany at dissolution were;
Conservatives    113
Centrists    105
J OlflHt >-*   mm   ft**   »• •»   nn        e*U
Soda) Democrats  4.1
National Liberals     G5
Progressives  51
Alsatians, ttuolphs, Dunes etc 10
Majority, in favor ....   331,880     •
Strenuous efforts will be made'by 7
the government to effect' a settlement P-'
between the masters and their employees between  now  and  the' first -of-
March. ".     >      ' *       " ■   ■,
' England now faces the greatest, labor crisis in its history, in the announcement bf the balloting among the coal
miners today declaring in favor" of a
wakout.  ' *",''"
.The ballots were sent out a week
ago'Monday and have all been returned to the union headquarters. ■ The" •
final counting was done .this morning
and at its, -conclusion the announcement was made-proclaiming that all- •
of the 650,000 miners in the island will
go ron strike.*       '', 7       "   y
No intimation has previously been   ...
received as' to how the vote stood in"
the ballots already'counted, but "the
action of .the government was looked.
upon as, significant.   The, admiralty of-"
fice, ,showing. the apprehension bf a
colliery, strike, has "chartered, a num.-
ber of steamships with a view tqje-    *
plenishing the _cpaiiBUPDls_Qt,thQ_Brlt^r,„
ish.naval stations'all ,.over the world -7
before a strike order, could- go: Into5;'
force,-* which would be March 1. •'{ '
. .Negotiations'   between the - miners y-
organiza'tlon.a'nd the employers were,i7
broken, joft ten" days .ago', ''-when It was'/ *
declaredimpossible!*!of the" two sides'"''
^0'come to■ an* agreement.     At that
titne an announcement   waB'   mride,  "
which was reiterated today^hatth^re
wos„ complete  solidarity  amontr' the]
mine owners, and since their efforts to
a makeshift'compromise bad: boon; ro- , ,
jected or ignored, thoy would fight, to , ■
a finishr','   ', '7',,,',     ..      "'
- /The "Board oMrado is, in"closo touch
with the situation,, and , will do its
utmost to, forestall disastrous develop-,
ments, according to offlplal statements
lBsued yesterday. . ■-„     ,'   7 ,
A fcellng'of uneasiness",pervades big
businesses, not only because of the mln .,
ers' trouble, but because of the general
unsettled, conditions, of labor and industry in the country. Among tho
brunches of union labor Involved in
other*serious embroilments aro, the
shipbuilders, hosiery, wool combers
and cotton workers.   - -
■ ■* - - i *     *    -
Agreement Complete
All Disputed Matters
Are Now Settled
Illustrated songs nl tbe Isle en Friday, 8at«rday «.a*J Sunday.   Doo*t for-
g»f If.
Centerists seats won 33, a net loss of
0, re-balots 35.
Nutlonal Liberals won 4 a net loss
of tf, re-ballots 59,
71ie Radicals' seats won mean*, a net
losa of 12. ccballaU Cl.    TU UoclaV
At the' signing of the Agreement,
Novombor 17111,1911, botwoon tho
"Western Coal Operators' Assorlntlon
and tho United Mine Workers of America, District 18,; tlie following throb
points concernnlg tho Crow's Nost
Pass Coal Company woro loft to bo
settled'within 00 days nfter tho resumption of work;
Longwall rato for No. 1 Mlno South.
Longwall rato,for No. 2 Mlno.
i   Dockngo Clause,
We have agreed upon the following:
No. 1 Mine South;
Longwall System, r>S conts per gross
ton, which Includes tho mining out and
casting back band of slate.
No. 2 Mine:
Longwall Bystem, G2'/j conls por
gross ton.
Thc'illrt, or i*bk; t>r t>!J-4." iiuvuil-
tics picked from conl going over picking tables or screens shall be weighed
for a porlod of 12 working days. Prom
this method of wolghlng 1ho average
mine car will bo determined, and form
a bnsls of deductions per enr in favor
of Company or, In othor words, presuming that the average dirt taken from
each car ciiuals 17 lbs., then the
Company will havo the right tn deduct
from the wolght of each pit car 12 lbs,
Member for Kootsnsy Is Strong Runner Up for the Position
OTTAWA, Ont., Jnn. 1.I-Within this
next' fow days there will be a new
commissioner for tha Yukon and the
choice is said to lie botweon A, S.
Goodeve, M.P,,for Kootenny, and Jns.
A, MnKlnnon, of Dawson City. George
Rl«fk, a lawyer, of Vancouver, being t to compenaate them for haullnir and
howover it third applicant for the position. Mr. Goodeve Is a British Columbia man having been mayor of Hot-stand from 1880 till 1G0O, ant) was also
connected In (be capacity of provincial secretary with the McRrlde government In i»02.
handling of waate. If the average
ef waste In each car does not exceed
5 lbs, per car, being considered a reasonable allowance per car for slate
or waste, the miner or loader cannot
consistently pick out from tbe dlff«r<
*nt kinds of ocal.
If the avorago wolght of dirt In
each car oxcoods 17 lbs,, or runs below 17 lbB„ tho difference between tho
nctual avorago weight of dirt In ench
car nnd tho fi lbs, por car allowance
shall form tho basis' of allowance for
waste, '
It Ih further understood that this system of weighing llw* avorago dirt sent
out In each car may bo checked, at
either the request of tho minors or
tlio Company nt uny tlmo during the
llfo of this ngreomont,
Further, should tho dirty conl or
Hla In sent out by tho minors exceed
tho allowance specified, tho following
system of fines to prevail:
Plrst offenro—50 lbs, of rock    or"
stole—warning and flno of 100 ||bs. ot
Alter (his first offonso, Of. IIib, rock
■at hlidu niiiill tm (iiK'tl i'l'il itiH, of conl;
Ht, Vis. of rock or slate shnll ho fined
400 lbs,, ?enlj nnd ISO lbs, rock or
over nlmll bo fined nil tho conl In tlio
car, and liable to discharge.
Tuu •nV.iKlUliHIi titii-ll Kivu n>n first
wnrnlng nnd'keep record of offenses,
nnd report thorn dally to tho mine
Tlio money coming from this s)*ccln)
liar of fines (after deducting the nctual weight of rock) sh/ill h** npplfM to
providing prlres for minors" sports or
io tlio ^ntprtnlnlnc n? minors' children.
Chairman W. C. Opr, Amo.
President Dis, tn, T'.M.W nt A
Dated at Fernie, Jan. 13, 1012.
II.L *"*»""
'•V. '':-.Ji-BfJ>,**Kv-
r*2lV**ifc    V*ftV
ii\V v
\" !\ V\<*-*• -^"-'-^i. - "*
-■A Js-"-?
•£« v.'.<> v>v*.<'-t~jy;!-'. -'>:)*S
■ "*■"■ -^' J*'-*>
1-   '--"v-i
. ->.>v
- - .*-*-
.*-{-*■- I"f-«;"""r'
i7\T t4
Ciiy Accourits AudiiedyafidFound
Correct-Public Utilities Pay
**■£ ' ' 7 * .*
Well—BullStatements        V
His .Worship the .Mayor, and.the
'  " •- Aldermen of the City of Ferrjie:
*. 7 "!   *   Gentlemen: In accordance, with
• ""-.y   ' your instructions I have audited
, *,-y7* .^e accounts-pHhe* Cilyior the
-■ ''"'. -year igu, and beg to report' as
:7f allows: •   ', "     ',-  *     ,,    ,  , ,
' Cash—  ' '-
' .' '    I have   checked   the, receipts,
'     vouchers and cash book, 'and find
•   that the whole of the casly.re-
"-"   „ .ceived has   been   accounted for,
' ■    -the -.total "amount, of, receipts ,bo
•ihg regiilarly'paid into the bank-
'  ing account of the city and payments have '-only been made by
.'     cheque.'Properly certified vouchers have been produced'for   all
■payments', and after allowing  for
" outstanding cheques • the- balance
in the bank   pass   book ' agrees
with the bank balance in the-City
y ': '. 'Ledger.-   . 7
* The . improvement   that com-
' menced in the City Clerk's office
in the   latter   part of 1910  has
V    '    been maintained throughout 1911.
The new system of book-keeping
,    '      ,,a'nd vouchers that was,installed
• ■      .at the commencement of the year
has„  worked,    admirably,   and
*    ■" every, care seems now to be taken
,  *       in verifying the accuracy of  accounts before.payment is made.
,    ,   *"TUc tax rolls,   license records,
consumers' ledger, etc., have been
.kcpi and balanced regularly dur-
-'   ine; the year, and   the   amounts
shown' ' as " receivable in   these
'-;-     in-oks agree with the balances in
,.'    '   the ledger.'
- " '        '.I have,  checked   over   the receipts and books\of the   Police
■-'•■    ' , Magistrate'and find that the full
""*■ amount , of," fines and costs  has
/■been paid into-the City treasury
..to Dec. 31st, 1911.^
Sinking Fund—'   '
-   ' - ■ The full amount   required   by
"the variousby-laws'has been paid
7',   * "   into the Sinking'Fund;  but    as
* ' "   "' some of the earlier by-laws nairi-
.    ..   '7"ed a. lower amount than was ye-
., ' quisite to,provide for the liquida-^
.Ttion of the'debentures at the rate
of interest.obtained, a cheque for-
$459.02, dated.January 8th, 1912,
- has -been paid into,   the ^Sinking
''• Fund,to cover the interest differ-
'ence. ■       •     , .    -,.
■:. As the rate of interest,-earned
by the-Sinking  Fund   has :now
-■-   ■ ■'■*-■■'' -y-
been increased,.to 4 per cent per/
annum,., if'the present rate" of
principal' payments is continued
the' fund,*~after a time will show
more than the amount needed.
Real Estate Record—'
I .find that work has been commenced in respect to my recommendation of, last year, "That a
full record should be made of the
real estate held by the City, and
that it- should be-verified; that the
City, hold" registered titles of. all
land on that, record."
I'would recommend that* this
record be completed at the earliest possible'date:   ,"■'
*  The amount shown in the City
Ledger" for' real estate seems to
be a conservative valuation,   and
the fact that   some of   the .. land-
held should increase considerably
in value' makes'" it* even more important that a complete   record
should be made, and titles veri-
fied.o so -that - tio   difficulty may
arise in the future*. -
Revenue— '
1 DespiteNihe strike troubles the
water and light' receipts of the
city and its revenue from other,
sources kept up wonderfully well.
In the revenue of 1910 an
amount of $9729.25 was included
owing to the', carrying over, of
School Board accounts from 1909
to 1910. Apart from this amount
the revenue of 1911 was larger
than that of 19/0^
Outstanding, Accounts Payable.,
The balance of 1910 contained
a large amount of accounts payable for supplies. In the present
balance only $336.06.is carried
for outstanding,accounts .of - this
character. The prompter settlement is of advantage to*the traders) • and „minimizes 'the*'fisk,,- of
error."        •      l    . >'"'"*  * " yy  v
Expenditure— ■';<,", "7,;" -:-
' The-expenditure;on debenture
interest and sinking fund \\yas
very considerably 'iricreased,"/bw-
ing to "provision.'-.haying *.tb 77.be"
beiitures issued "in" 1910,* ', /.7. .''
• The School Board /expenditure
shows a very large increase/but
as the 1909 and 1910 accounts' of
the School Board-'were vnot"pro^
perly separated no' fair7cbmpari-;
son'can be made. *'   '  ' "*'■'•■ *.:■'
The other litems'of 'expenditure-
taken together, -were/ about"".the
same'in both-years.   ..*, ,,7>".y 7/.
Waterworks and Electric Light--r-
The water/'plant maintained .its
previous years' \ profit put'7 the'
electric light" department did "not
show* "so large a net result; -' this
.being .explained/partly ,by, the increased, cost, of fuel, and . partly
by- a- very large/'erpenditure •- on
repairs which was .charged-to.ex-
penses for, the. year.  .     -., - -; x  .
No' depreciation has been written ,off the Electric light plant, as
it was "considered that the repairs
made and ,charged to'expenses'
were sufficient to keep the plant
intact; but it is emphatically necessary that the question of making provision for renewal in both'
plants should receive your attention." "    „  , ' „    *
•'-I would- suggest that-you, take
into" consideration setting aside
each-year from the profits of the.
two- undertakings , a-fund for
needed- renovations.1* It may happen that the-needof,considerable
renewal might^occur at a" time
ofcommercial'depression-and it
would be' better * that   each" year'
". v*
should take!_jts" share rather/than
that a--heavy*burden   shouldf-Jie
laidbri/aiiy; particular- period.--v7
Collectibns-s- 7-- -t -,   '   . <S7yS
'-;, During ,1911; there- was ,<*:onsi4-
erably. more/cash collected on*be1-"
half of "the'city ,thah in-;the-previous-year^arid the arrearsof-taxes
and" 'licenses; ~ - although /r.very
heavy,"-were less than'at -'the/end
of - 191a. Considering ftlieTdiffir
cult>commerciaf period the ',t!City
has passed'through'this is highly
creditable-''whether it be"' due3o.
greate'r'energy ;on "the" part ot the
officials or .'to'interest-in the City
affairs'on thepart/of the ratepayers/'5, y . ■ *,''   ,* ., 7;  -     -   ,-
,   With a prosperous year in your
district, /which we may hope,-the
present w.ill'be/it'would be-; desirable to make a special-effort to
cut dovvn, the arrears, and .reduce
the bank overdraft as it would be
advantageous tothe'eity in .every
way,    ',"."'•., *!
" .Respectfullysubmitted, 7.;:
R. W. McDonald.
.. Attached, are statements show-
ingi the Assets and Liabilities of.
the City, Revenue Account, <-Pro-
fit and Loss, oh Electric Light
and Waterworks departments..
-"*■-, P
1    ■ 1 •    *",;",**>,*• h '- - - - ■       ' - -    , -    * *    -•-*■" *-t. *''
Receipts and Expenditures'for the.year ending'December 31st, 1911. --•"
,-* r.  ' '. ,   ".   ;,- Vi.' -'■ , - - • -, .'•**•■.. •*.      --'       .".'.-"
To -Provincial Go'verameidt:
Grant .-_• •;,•;•
"Clt*y- of Fernie .-.v..
Sale octrees' *."!..
> Provincial vgrant (West7 ; .V.; .1 *. /"
Fernie Schoof grounds) .-y ,> ,600'. 00
'City of, Fernie ^(amount/--7. i; "*"
'■;   over expended) ./..."J.   '. :22*.41
y\ t j- s*    -
v   '•            1 •*   -^
-       ^       ,'''             O
*•       '-.1
' $21481.46
By-Scno'.,! repairs
,-. Coal and"w6od /-.:.."."....,'
.•^Teachers salarie*3-'...-..'.."
' Secretary salary.-..'.;.;..".-
,-'. Janitors salaries 7. -„•.,-*■•■
-7Inclden*;al expenses :.....
. Rent" of buildings'"'.7. .7."
-, Teaching - supplies-' *.\7..';,
-, Drayihg expenses''."*..'.t;
■ Insurance  ...'...-*. ....*;/.';
*** Cleaning Material-..;.'-...'
School Material ....:.!..
■ Publication-' bf statement
•Sidewalk expense .......
• Water and light .*.-.".
West Fernie School gr'nds
" School equipment .,-.-. .*. .*
% 129i.*l'4
', "'894727
[ 13806!32
- ^150.00
'"•"" 43O.'0O''
,"! 321f65'
'.*-'   29.50'
, 7 165.00
- :.133.86
- 50.00
,'-* 165.65
■ "n- 600.00
'."Aarcnt -. Fernie"'
i Pellatt y AveV
•«'-*- *,- *•"/ ■ yv*-!,7>
BrEtnieb-  ■■>'.
•'r-y ■"...'<.*". ■>'
Morth J
-' , ,;• -;"ii >•
CITY, OF  FERNIE,  REVENUE     ACCOUNT, December 31st, 1911'
Dr. -*-*,,;    ,    .        a ,. -   -
Rebate taxes .\.,.'....'.'.*.. $ 2046.35
Insurance   ..*..." .'.-.-    814.00
Sinking-fund' :..-...-?...,*.." 7421'! 24
School Equipment ........     1191.63'
School Board Expense ....
General Expense Misc '
Stationery -and Printing .-.. /
Saiaries(City Clerk's office)'
Engineer's salary .. v..:....
Fire Dep't. Expense1 .-
Police Dept.•Expense"'-......
Police/Dept. Expense (Riot(|
Account) .■.'-.'. ''.. o  1340,97
■p. E,:Electric Light Plant 21819.26
O. E. Water Works Plant.. "' 11947.18
Street.Lighting account .-.. ' 847.00
Health Dept. ■ Expense r 1240.02
- 4^.35
,v 6166.11
Interest and' Discount 	
Legal*,'Expense .'.'•.'	
Donation account  •
Interest- on debentures ....
Sanitary, Sewers'; mainten-
;  ance' ..;..'...."	
Poor _and- destitute	
Noxious weeds  ,
Election; expenses	
'. 714.50
Cr.     ,'    , ; -,     . * ,"\-*\ ■     ."-   .
Taxes -..:.\S...*'...'.'.'..].:   30773.44;-
Traders, Licenses . / .'., ■ 2610.00
Sewer, rental,,'.'..-'..-,..;".".'...   , 1623.00
' .145.00
■      421.00
Sewer connections
Dog-and Pound,' Taxes*,
Sinking.fund taxes charged
"- to/electric-.light' plant (..
Sinking fund taxes charged
to' water work's' plant, ..
Interest     on     outstanding
taxes' ....7... ...' ,.
Interest"   outstanding     on
sinking, fund .account....
Interest Local Improvement
account;/..'..- .r
Interest jinking fund	
Electric' • Light" earnings ..
Water Works!! earnings .;
Elecetric light inspe«tion re-
, ceipts' ......■-	
Miscellaneous,earnings .....
Liquor licenses  /.
9567.50 I Police /Court* Fines ...*...'.
■ Road,Tax'-vT.!'*'..I".'..' 7.  226.00
464.20 ) Keep' of ^Prisoners .......'.   ' \. 21.66
" .43:75,
Fernie -Annex School  .
Central-School Grounds
$ 60.15 ,
7482/40 "''
'    '■'-•'     ^ -. _*,-   *.' ",".       ,'  '.        ,   , ", ?542.55-*./_     ,.'"-. •,      .
'.*    ;  ->rv .; (This expenditure was paid by debenture funds.)',   *
.' Certified"'correct—,,-    y"S'-„.'   '.y y  ,   S: W.-.BARCIAY,    /,  /'
*, "    7- v '  ■' - :R. W. McDONALD,   ""- 7 - /'• >'}  ■ City .Treasurer/'
Janiiary 8th, 1912/ •■'  '   7"   ■ ,        A; C. LIPHARDT, Chairman ,
,_ 70.20
'" 363.15
17735 ".71
*-,• ''/, •
. > ;r.y<? I
, .4700.00,
" Real • Estate and'.Buildings:—
-Central''  School -•"'. - .'. .7
Building .... ?'49636.75 "•
iFire'Hall'Build-.- ";-
1   ing:..*;.'•..;.■ -10000.00*7
•!' City' Hall' Build-
■*■ '-'"lng;'."..'?-,:■;.v
Fernie     Annex
*■''■<' -'Scho'ol'h^Vi.'"
• Real Estate ',:
"Isolation Hospital ..:. ;/'.'.
Public* Park ,.. •
Nulsnnco Gr'nd
•  ,     l ■   >   -■     ,
' 5982.02
.    980.65
Electric   Light''
Plant 50000.00
Elcc. Light Plant
Extensions ..... 6894.01
Motor account ... 3803.12
Water WUb. Plant 99063.92
Wator Wits. Plant '    '•
Extensions .;..; 18104.83
Wator Wits. Tools     348.45
, Eloc. Light Tools      92,95
Incinerator  ......     361,25
Home "flank.Sink-,,- 77,
lng Fund Ac. .. 21055.76
Taxes and Rates Out- ;,   7'
.,, .standing:-—    7 ;',.*.;'•
WOJI-'Taxe's  *.
1907 Taxes ......
1908 Taxes- ';';;..;"
1909 Taxes'.'......
1910'Taxes .....'.
1911, Taxes .".....
Intorest" ' on   outstanding taxes..,
■ Lodger   ■<
Balance' 9709,94
Loss ostlma- -
,tcd  dls'ct 720,00
1910 Sowor Rental
1911. Sower Rental
Dog Tax  	
■ ■y.x--.,
R^Brf"t6Zsid-ewa"lkTyr77""" 16279"6"
Streets- (clearing snow)....... 501.88
Street sprinkling - '  53.25
Storm"sewer maintenance ••. ,- 27.50
Aldermen's"Balaries[ 1 742.50
Repairs, CityciHail and,Gaol 7 *,
• building ..... .7........ J
Stable.expenses ,\...'."...'.:.,
Piling' Bang, ;Elk' -River
Mayor Salary *..,.,	
Dog and Pound Expense,..
Heating City, Hall and^Gaol
„ building.', y,j\.'. y ;Y.,.....
Baianrie; to' (Olty: of-. Fernl©! ■'-.   -■' ' 'V.;
';;. ■Proflt/l-Vndt^.M.l^ccoiiiit ' ;'' 9K '^
2058". 07' '
4839;i3  '
,6772.34 *
, 25.00.;
7 '40.08
/ ;'.869U5
'«      ■"* -
-.-'•-,'! .-.-
-.-».'      *•>
;"7 *}-:'T- V
■•. r
."''•'', .Certified correct—' ;"
;-;',';■ •.  7 ,', -..Rr/W. .mcdo'nald,-
January,8th, 1012; ,-, .     ,-    x-; ,
:■ j '
+, ♦■♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦/♦ ♦,♦ ♦ ♦ "ft
Beware of;
Sold on the
Merits of
-.fresh; MILK1
"delivered -to .all
parts of the town
Sanders & Verhaest  Brothers
1   , Proprietors
sret.'  »
*--<„ •.
f i. l1    v J*
, - "to-*
•    '4.   '
; s. "fV;';BARCi;A.y,,
,  "*■ ■--• .   City Treasurer.
Express and Delivery Wagons a
""' Speciality.    '' ' ■
* I.     • . •     * >. .  '", . -
Femie-For-r Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
v -,
Ci  P»  R«
"7 '  '".'; ' , "",   .
\r4?/■ Annual"-. :y
?    ,   •-    1 ,-• >-,■■       -,.■**""
Trip Rates
Ontario, Quebec &
Maritime Provinces
Tickets issuod in connection with Atlantic
Stcjimnhl-w will bo on salo from Nov. 10th
to Dee. 3l6t inclusive and limited to flvo
months from dnto of issue.
- w
equipment, Standard First Clnss and-
Tourist Sleenins Cars,.   Dining Cars -
all - ■-■•■-
lHKtSliion...,,     -
through trains
-   - '    '       , '- • '.   '     s
Compartment, Library, Observation Car on
■*•     "Imperial Limited""       *-.-  ■_-
', 'Dee. 1 st to 31 st inclusive'   ,
* Return limit 3 months "7.
Apply .nearest C. I'.R. aigoiitfor particulars
or wito It. G. MoNEILLIE,    '. ...   -
* - Dist. Passenger Agent, Cclgary
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Electric! Restprer tor Men
Phbsnhonor-,"estores ev**ry nerve in the body
r,aua»p»yiiu*- t(J.ltg propei. tension ; restore*.
vim and \itallty. Premature decay nnd all sexual
weakness • averted at once. - Fhoiphonol will
make you a new man.' -'Price S3 a box; or two Jot
»5. Mailed to any address, % he fSooboll Br«r
Co., Bt. C»»u»rlnes, Onto*   .*;■ i,*.-.
For .Sale at Bleasdell'*, Drug Store,
It will Pay: in The, Ledger
■♦*5s>;^$♦"»''V♦'*¥♦»*•♦;,¥ '4i -¥"'♦**♦:*'♦ * ♦> ♦"'*•>>*♦'••*♦ ¥'*•¥;♦ .*;•>.*•♦ *-*^
•' - *
-,* ■■.»■
7 Profit arid,i-'ois'Account; 1911.:
WaBCB'.y...,.....,'. .,,,,,.$ 3045.20
Stump Puller nlid
Sprinkler      tlCOO
Iaolntlon Ilospltnl
Kqulpment .....
Stroot Griulor ....
Pollco Equipment
Flro   Dopnrtmont
Kqulpmont  ....
WiUor WIcb Equip-
Flro Hull furnUur©
nnd flxturoB.,,.
HnrncBH & wiifionfl
EnRlnoor'H InBtru-
Office Fuvnlturo &
City Hull F'rnlturo
Outstanding Accounts
Sundry Accounts.   2310.50
Unexpired    Insurance      523.80
Seworfl    40000.00
11008' SidowalliB',,   2700.00
Btorm Bowors ,,. 20700.37
StrootB.  ,...  ....   0080.05
Sanitary Bowors.. 25010.10
Flro Alarm Sj'Htom 4751.43
OrndltiR     Control
School Grdfl.  .,     407.40
1000 Local Impro-
vomontn   14020.78
19 JO Local Tin pro-
vcmontH     4501.05
1011 Local Impro-    *
vomonts       000.00
- 2310.30
■    22.40
Telephone .,.,....,. ".<..,..
■   45,05
jjisnt ..........  *..........
uruyinu ,..,,.,,.  *•«•.».«.
InBuranco  '.  ........
Intorest on Debentures ....
Net profit year 1011 .,,.,,
rijiou* ?Uav ....
Hjiow Plow 	
i'     ..■    $17735.71
Cortlflod correct—
January 8lli, 1012.
RocoIptB ....;:...'  ...:...'. $17735.71
Not profit year 1011
iii*    i
9 5788,53
City Troasuror.
Profit and Lois Account, 1011
n-scolptft ..,,,  $25012.24
1057-1.4 C
DeDttnurt-i' —
DobcnturoR Gctio-       II
ml $183500.00
Eloc, Unlit Plant
,    "0«l*cntur«B ...    GOOOO.OO
Wntor Wks. Plant
tiohfjititrf*  ...  MOOOO.OO
Local     Improve-
Hi-Hi 1M)U, ...      JOBS.55
Water   $   240.00
Conl  0507.64
Matorlnl    1042.30
Tooting Hollers    00,85
Tolophono   14,00
WflB«8    8501.63.
Draylng   25,50
Intorest on DobonturoB  2950.00
fllnkln-sr Fund   1240,13
Insurance  238.35
Not profit yonr 1011   3702.08
Ne Profit year 1011
■    i * i t
$ 3702.08
Tl. v,\ Mt*DO.\ALI.\
January 8tb. 1012.
">'. W. UMiVLAi',
CUy Treasurer.
Ortlftad cornel-- ,
n. W. McDQKAI-D,
January Sili, 1912.
llV-Ul***     W•»>K»*•«"" ""
Genornl   Account
Locnl '   Improvo-
OutBtandlnR   Ac-
ronnCs  pnrnMn
Unlnnro    surplus
Afin*-'"-! ov*r Hn-
City Treasurer.
Tlio cost of ropalro to Powor Houso nnd Plant amounted to $1833.26.
and snmo havo boon charged ngnlnst wngos and material ns por th« above.
Owing to tho labor troubles tho city had to purchase coal from Corbln and
Lundbrcck for a period of seven months, tho increased cost per ton of conl
nmoun'lnR to $1.15 to $1.45, In addition to on oxtra consumptlon-.of 26 per
tout over what is requisite when usIiik Crow's Nest Pns« Coal Co."* coal,
I,   ,   , *,
"JO Persons Killed In Clash Between
Federal and State Pactions
MJEN03 AYIIES, Jam 16.—Twenty
persons "were WSJ*.} und'at Uoutl IM
wom wotrnif^il at Thlita. Dnutt, ycj-
terday, when that city wu shelled by
tho fc.ieviit tfoopa. TUe cliati vctiult-
ed from n conflict between tbe federal
Kuvc'-i-at-ul uitd tlie »UUs» *>£ tU> '«-
public, prompted by the refusal of (be
Uahia authorities to ae«rfa lo habeas
corpus ordors Issued by a federal Jndge
In favor of tho democracy of the le-
HlhUtDM. a battle luting tore* ImrM
of'-tu'.ed tiud Lu-Auy guv villi niuat bulld-
tngs, it is reported, were destroyed.
* ■
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• ♦•i
01 y?
s -_v_.
•-i   '•*
*■ •""*■ Lunatics'never-organize.  \-V   ,
,;' y* yy'-sy*'"* *l y-y7-\ ' )7
7 '7'Constantinople'masons, and v. bouse
" carpenters'haye formed a union.   \*
,   ■:"   -.'" .   1 - -* -*•'* ---.'.■-'- ,,.-■*-"'
*•»   *-■    ., *   ,   -*.,    -'" -- "i •- •:., ' -',  ^*
;,'   - The production of ore in ten prluci:
' pal -cities'ln',19<)9' exceeded 125,000;600.
/* 7 .' &,,-ri;::-''',,:*,«*7 • ,. 7-*'.   ! '-'y
;. A general sWke'of workers engaged
,  In the' fcakery., trade. Is" Jan.; at' Lisbon.
..-, 7   .'■'.', -. *>*:'•* 'i'/,""", 7,7 7
-'-, . Bindery - Women's-TJnlon"^ of .Raleigh',
,   ,N.C;, has gained 10 per cent Increase
. without StrlkeY>*\...:;;*"■ *y   ",-• .:.-'i.-
'-* * ' '7-7 - *• *'.,= • , * ."
['" '•' - La Grande,  Ore.; /Socialists  came
..within 12 votes of'electing their candidate for mayor. They secured two
cbuncilmen.. «■   ,   ■',•'
y     * * .* ; ." ■ -7- y
-; * During thefirst nine months of 1911
.910,949 men and 286^94' womenrdr a
total of-1,197,843 applied- at.the '.labor
r exchanges'iVdreat Britain for"work7 ""
' There-is-'a-pow-erful'-movement in
Germany ""to" 'require' *all 'girls; regard-.
.' less,.of Etatlon;.,to-do,sompulsory domestic service,"'justtas1-the* young men
'.-are 'required'under'thejaw'to'do com-
' .pulsory'military service".    *  7"'-,.
S  ' ' '■  .,,•*,*'■ *.*»,,'.- -. "'   *'•-,.
'' -i.tb're'than. $3,d6o,000 was '"spenl. in
the last two 'years' by the Uni'ted Mine
Workers of -America in ' out-of-work
-..'benefits. <■ Nova Scotia received'the'
•', largest amount" of "the" strike * benefits,
- the total reaching well over $1,000,000.'
-7'-    77' "'7-,>- ♦ y y<. "7
The, tide-of - Socialism continues to
rise'ln Spain. .7 In,thei riacentmiiriicl-
*" pal elections the Socialists ,*ga'in>d 36
0 .seats In the""city.-councils,"!bringing
their total up from 52-to.87. 7As a
result'the government Is becoming! coercive  ln7 oppressing Socialist', clubs
7 and 'labor unions.-- " ".. ,y ■
, -     -.',•*'».*    '   "'
',   Of special'interest to.the unionists'
t of the coast is the" announcement from
f'ji*   w\,.Secretary Shill'and of.the miners' de-
i'-J,"..  - cislori to affiliate with "the B. (L-Pro*-
B'*■■'    * ' vincial Federation of Labor, paying per
1 capita tax upon the entire membership
for" the *, pi-Went',,term. thus* entitling
them to representation at the second..
- annual convention, on Jan. 22.       '--' <
'-., <        .,-.--' -♦   • 7**-'   -
' .- ■ - •■>•, *     ,    --.**.
.. Manitoba* Free Press, January 3rd,
-(. We: - - '.'The! 15,000 workers '• In ;"Wmni-
7 peg's factorUB\prodhcM^|2,'^l6'  per
head last "yeai-; and got $600 per head
Tea.i'Wnf";,f2.0$6 per ..bead: aarplas
yalu*i 7. No -wonder, that Batter saya
th* most ilnpbrtant a*"^etlbn lfl"bow
are%oflta.inad«r "    "   "7   ;'   ,
*i        .*.,-'*.** -
.... ,.* .* ,-;^i .'.,..*    # ^ * . %.? ,./. .      -     -.-.•:
,-•---'      -     /..-'    ,,,-(«      .,,'..    -   -
. 'Ja-Germany 9;400,000, France *8,800,-
000. Austria 5,600,000- and. ;,England
,6,800,000 women are employed In man«
-fiicturers.'and tra'd-ai: -7'To -:eV«ry 100
workmen in .Austria'there are 42. women, -France 32,i Germany'30,;Swltzer-(
land 29,-England '24,"and. Sweden72L
According to" a consular report the amount of vw6rk-;by ,woinen;is steadily
increasing,1 especially in- sm'alll,ven-
'tureB."",7*",",'■;""-' .*-"-,7'"'' \"\V7~ -''S,,
■--"*••-•"';;,   *;,'•   w.'  -*----y-jt-"-
-,poyerty,';i8. *the chief cause of7 the
present divorce evil/ according \b W.
W. .Wright, divorce proctor, -who Epoke
recently at .the Socialists' Educational
Society.7 The*,fact that the average
workingman seldom is free from.debt
causes' more marital-'unhapplnessthan
any. other one*influence,-,."*Mr.7Wrlght
'sald7 , The"peace" and quiet" necessary.
,to the],home Vdisappears. withr' the
home's financial security.- \. There'are'
comparatlvely's.'few "diyorceB ■ among
the rich in this* section.' -,' '•'*,..
■ s;i* ',.7- -■*■ 7*v"?'-.*♦ ■«', '•'      *-
• Winnipeg unionists, ■ through the
centrarbody, are-hot-footed after the
city council for squanderingnioneyentertaining celebrities of more or less
account,* after refusing to raise the paltry wages of the civic employees, who
have had no change^of wage scale In
ten years past. It seems like'. irony
,tp. be; making such a protest, about
twenty-four hours after -an election,
where the workers had an opportunity
to' elect" their" own" law-makers'. " "The'
slaves "are a "stupid" lot!—Worl'd7   ,'
'     T     - -
'Our Letter Box'
Tho District.Lcdgor accept**'no responsibility for the vIowk expressed by itfi, correspondent*!. Comniunlcii.Uons.will bo inserted
■whether signed by tho rotil name of-the
■writer or a nom do plumo, but the writer's
-namoWind address must bo (riven to the
Kditorasovidenco-ofpood faith. In no case
.will it bo divulged withqut consent.-'   -
.■-■,-',',  -"B.,S..M.V *,     "  '•'"*'   ,
To the.- Editor, District Ledger:
Dear "Sir,—Will you kindly oblige by
inserting this "letter in your*valuable
columns in answer to the article by
"B.S.. M."'on "How-the Englisa Cotton Mill-Grinds Up "the" Lives of Its
Workers.'   *" .       - -"    ..7 -
I am sorry to say that he makes a
very bad comparison when he classes
the American'shop' girl" wth* the Lancashire - mill ■ girl, for - he , might aa
well compare a farmer" to a coal min-
er-"-aiT a'farmer looks more healthy
and more robust. He goes,on,tp say
that. the women are. huddled up in
shawls and their clogs might be chains
on their poor tired feet/ VI-think he
niuet never* hare'-worn clogs or, else
he. "would have, found them a' blessing
ln^damp,-sloppy weather,-,as,'w-***"'term
it^ln'L&ncasnlre, for one's feel*, never
get wtar^tM'*«rhetl you have clogs on
ualesBvtW^are; dofecUve, In some
place. Continuing he eaya that.they
appear*1 with b&tt: back • ahd ■ natfjj*
chests.- But I dare aay if one'would
only watch the mills loose In the;Stat-
es he would find the same class there,
with, pale. faces and, weary,; and - warn
out, looks.    I dare say
chests are . narrow,""if* they;..did.' not,
wear these bust form3to"make'tbem
look a little aboves size*.,*!**' He then'goes
dn.to say that the Ne'w'7Yprfc glrl'trip^'
off gaily to:work-with-bright>yea.jirid
her very step irifonns*. usftbat^Bhe'i3
off to business,' not'to-ilH tiihe.yand.
she means doing something when she
gets-there. - In answer*to^this I must
say that they have to do their business
In Lancashire, and their-' Vorlc: must
suit their .employer, 'or.-elW^tbe-y;. will
get told that their - ser'.vipes"" are^no
longer required.    With,regard to the
New York' girl's hair,belng7smartly
dressed, and .'would be tiae envy of our
Lancashire-mill girls; I'dareSay.they
haveto go to their, places ..behind the
counter as smartly dressed.as possibles
or else.'they would get fired-for. com-,
lng to work untidy",' and I am* sure*'the
Lancashire shop -gtrl\ would- receive
like treatment were she'to.comejuntidy. , 'As for her dress-, suggesting
comfort;-- with • short sleeves"' and. low,
neck, that she uses more "sense in her
dress matters.thanthe Lancashire girl,
the writer might have included hobble
andvharein*skirt's%to match the-short
sleeves.and-.ljiw.neck.,   I don't think*
theyJooK at all well, and I am sure I-
have'-Volced the opinion.of all-,Lancashire-- \\-omeh'-'out here, '.who-have
been brought' up -in the mills.' '. A'sT
read further, down there" .are , some
things  that *arev right about* womeiY-
working and leaving their'children to
to nursed' but you can't condemn them
all;  as  some are forced    to''worW
through* haying an invalid husband, or
through--short' time. '   B.- S. M.-says'
something ". about -, cripples' 'through
measles because ,the ' mother. ..had ■' to"
put them out to,be nursed so, that she'
could' work - to, help? keep, - the house"
door.bpen.> ' I for. one7vould like,-to
ask the'writer, which' of the two evils'
is worse:-Working-to buy bread,,or
starving at home arid' seeing the* children* starve?-••";-' .j,; y_"'7      '",'     , "-"
, He also" speaks "about drunkenness.
I dare" say if he looked about the States he would come across similar cases
and would also find'the same reason
why the tailors trade haye to make
small-sizes. ' - .*,•■--<*
'"B. S. M. has evidently been in. the
States a*few years' arid'is booming, it
up and trying to run his own country
down, if "he chances* to be an'Englishman; as I take him"to"*be. 7 ,'. 7 •'
. I have a magazine in front of me in
which there'Is an, article in it about
child labor ".in "the" States: (and "r will
send him same, if he wants it), and I
see theyrare-trying to do,, something
with^child labor there:    I-think that
It-wll take England all her time to beat
the States in-figures, for -when   tbe
bus, 577,649 children, between'-tlie age
of ten aud^ fourteen- were 'totally 'illiterate. Can thie"-writer, say that ot
England?" -i'think not. I will.now'
close. Thanking you for your, valuable
'space, "- ""**•-> ," a 7 - ' 7" * ,'"' '-'
I remain^- a'Laincashlre Lad," who is
not ashamed of- clogs andshawlB, ;,'
,..; ." „JAMES FISHER, 1
Fernie, B. C. '' 7',,-- '.:--,* -
that, 'their
To the JWltor.-Dlstrict Ledger: 7 '-■
Deaf;, Sir,—Economy; is' the- secret
of success these7 da£s. In Bellevue
there are a certain bunch of people
who have not bfeen, very productive
since the, 9th "of December, 1910. The
managers In this' district seem to have
a warm, side for them, although their
productive"-power is Just as large,as
the ordinary slaves,'they can't find a
mas<er;'thelf•human,energy )g hot required.-', .„ •>■ -,'/ .-> - -.-.-,'
.Now what are these slaves going to
do? , I understand there 'is a list of
names hung"up in each of-those companies', offices, "known, as the black
list, and.anyone that answers to these
names-'are among the "Nothing doings." .'It would be much easier for
most of these managers to hang the
list in"a' conspicuous' place so" that
it would save'them the'trouble of being annoyed at times. These slaves
must-find •a-'-master;" they have to
live, "or I should say exist,0, on"- the
paltry^s'umoLthree dollars"per week.,
If.weccan put in a .year.at'this, well
we" m,u"st, have used.up most of, our
economizing- powers. ' District 18 is
sliow'ijjg", a good • example'.*' We all
kifowVchat the cheaper we can live the
"cheaper we will have to work. Some
people will say" "Why don't you puJl
out;and -hunt a master in some other
field?". Well,, some of them have
tried,it,'but as soon as the'company
has,found-their names have been upon
the black list of the Crow's" Nest Passj
they1"' tell 'them "to'1 go to the office
and get their" time. Still, we have
such pulp; grinding machines as the
Blairmore "* Bladder' preaching editorially about the Socialist Anarchists of
the Crow's',Nest Pass. Why, to have
one's., bread and' butter taken away
by such -peopWythat operate these
mines';, is'."enough, to turn even the-
humblest * Christian towards- the actions of.the Black Hand Society7
"When-your wife;and little children'
need clothing aiid food you are a fool
to see'them want; even the lowest
kind of 'aid" animal, will not let its
young Btar"ve.y ;Yet" these people*ex-
pect human beings to see their children want. 7 V"' ' -"- *-"
t)The man'.who starves to death shall
To the* Editor, District Ledger: , - ,
,-.;Dear Sir,—I read with'considerable
interest a letter by "Old' Timer" onv
the" above subject Kindly permit' me
a?little spa^ in your valuable paper
to. comment upon the above subject.
"Old, Timer" is' gradually being disabused of his former ideas. He thirifta
that a' manager of a vast business enterprise .'"can afford to be generously
disposed to his slaves' I sympathize
with; him in his, disappointment, for'it
is a. painful process of education.
: Manager Wilson is" 'a capital hire-
HngV'h'e, has "sold his intellectual or
brain power on the same common mar-,
ket as the slaves that sell directly to
him their-physical labor power. Manager WH.son ,is. In the same ,category
as ,'the bOBest bf. slaves, Can "Old
Timer"' expect a man who has sold
his intelWctual power to-be' capable of
igeherous Impulses ?"-•;,The fact of selling your Intellectual power as a commodity which ranks Itself with spuds
and cabbages Is degrading in the extreme.' ' Fancyo associating Manager
Wilson's Intellect with cabbages!
Manager-Wilson's so-called benevo-"
lence 'is a characteristic dope that en-
'slaves the slaves. It is a part of his
services to the master class to administer' a' op'oriflc in the form of*■ religious'
seemliness and unquestionable genero-
Bity'i- "Old'Timer," if you were placed
in the same position you would be as
tyrannical, to .the slaves 7. on .the one
hand,*,and as benevolenton the other,
to the children-of slaves.' It is'the
Capitalist system "that makes these incongruities in human conduct. "Old
Timer" it is yo*j-an'd your kind that
prop up the system which degrades the
homo genus. Manager Wilson is an
rinconscious" educational factor to the
proletariat class'- - By discriminating
against certain,workmen he is quickening their intelligence to their position. In society.
' The Capitalist hirelings that seek by
such methods to back up the system
are, ,in truth, sowing the seed to its
ultimate destruction. ,You have no
rights or "privileges "Old Timer," the
sobner the, better'' you realize your
economic-dependence. '*. Perhaps you
will,then be more generous in your criticism. of „. the Master* Chief Slave
Driver.    '7   '.     .
v Yours sympathetically,
- ;• -.-••    ;   ANTHROPOS.
no* less than 875,342 boys, and 391,982
girlfi between the age of ten and fourteen rdudgingaway ln factories, mines
and sweat shops." -How "many tots
under that age It Is not possible'to
ascertain, but the number Is admittedly large. That, however, was a few
years-ago, what, must the army of
juveniles - sacrificed b« - now? - And
then again, in 1900, according" to cen<
The man'-who steals shall go to
gaol.,'   -■"!■"*-17'"''. -o      * -
The .'man -who" kills another shall
half,-.-'•',-    .,-'',-,     .
Yet tbe man who cuts away the
bread and butter of another shall receive the glad hand of justice:
I remain, yours for fair play,
•'"'■-•—' -;; y; BLUEBELL.
Bellevue,'Jan; 10,1912.
If there is money owing to you by any
person,  or firm; in  Canada, or   the   Untited.;
* States, make out a* draft against them and entrust ' it to the Home Bank' for,* Collection.
The* draft will be promptly presented for pay-
x - riient and the amount collected will be' paid ■
to you without delay.   The Home Bank has"
Branches and Connections throughout Canada
and correspondents' everywhere in * the United *
States. *
J. F. MACDONALD, Manager.
Branches and connections'
throughout Canada
Fernie Branch.
Capital* Paid   Up   .- $2,750,000,
Reserve & Undivided Profits   3,250,000
Total. Assets   40,000,000
. The* Bank nf Hamilton - has made
saving,simple—by eliminatln gall unnecessary Bank formality. b"
An account may be' opened with the
deposit of-one dollar—even so small
■ an, amount will act as an incentive to.
steady saving and .will quickly grow
to a sum worth while.
Head Office:
FLORENCE, 7 Italy, Jan. 16.—Henry
Labouchore,:"editor.of London Truths
hail only been ill a shortHime. ,,'.La-
bouchere was one of the most brilliant
writers of bls~tlm« and.waB an equally
brilliant parliamentarian when he oat
In the-house of commons.
• :'' ::'-;.f,;■•••  ■■■ -      -•  :-
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Spoon, actual size.
Genuine Rojjcrs and of
the latest style. Sent
you on receipt of 12
"SunkiBt" wrappers
and 12c to help pay
charges, packinc, etc.
For each additional
spoon send 12 "Sunkist" wrappers and 12c.
Head carefully directions at right.
Send for full dencrip-
tion, number of -wrappers
and amount of cash necessary (0 occurs each
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Dessert Spoon
Child')! Knife
Bouillop Spooo
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Salad Fork
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Fruit Knife    Teaspoon
Butter Spreader
Thia Fruit
Knife Yours
Made of special
tempered steel heavily silver-plated, same
high quality na the,,
other ;'Sui)klst"' Premiums. Sent on receipt of 24 "Sunkist"
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For each additional
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Read This
On all raml'tunco-* up
(0 2d ceiil** plfflto fit.MHl
ijisIi; on tunuunU nbovo
','Q cento wo prufcr postiil
note, monoy order, tf
pre.* order or ban I* drnrt.
Mnko monoy orilor or
droit payable to tho
Cftlllornlft Fruit Groweri'
Uxclianc**, And address
your letters to the Call-
fornla I'm It flrowors'
Kxchange, 105 Kind* St.
Y*.wt       r       .  ■        .    f» •      '      '-'
Tnrnn'o, Ont.
Vou can secura tltew
prerolumi- with "Una.
5i'»t'' oracle wuppers,
"Sunltlst" lemon wrap-
pert, "Red Hnll" oranga
t I I ll        V     *M      til I
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have enough wrappers Ira
sreura • enmpteta ut ol
the beautiful labia »t!w**
California Fruit Growers* Exchange, &\*'"c\suiTk*"! Toronto, Ont. V
1 . »■*-'
A .
Wfr Mtiti&t &ib%tx
Published; eveiy Saturday morning at iteooffic«y
Peilat Avenue,-.Fernie', B.70i;*Saliscription $1}00
per, year-in'advance. An?, excellent adyertiaing
medium. Largest circulation in the District. Ad-
rertising rates on application.. Up„-to-<late facilities
for the execution of all kinds of book,* job aiid
color work. Mail orders, receive special attention.
Address all communications to,The District Ledger.
77 "- ''' ' ' H. pfNERWlbH, Editor!:
Telephone No. 48.      , ,    Postoffice Box No. 380
THE mining men—the big bugs, not the* common wage slaves—are booked for a convention
to be held in Spokane next month under the aus-,
pices of the'Mining'Men's Club. * The convention
is being well advertised,* and over a thousand delegates and visitors are' expected to be "present.
Prom the numerous circulars to hand in connection with" this great affair we are able to judge its
raisqn d'etre. It explicitly, gives the objects-and
purposes for which it has been called:' At the
outset it says: - * , .*'...,..
• "The importance" of this meeting extends to"
every community,-in which mining-is carried, on,
and the invitation'' is general to those who desire
to encourage the industry, its development and"'
operation along lines which shall safeguard investment, secure greatest co-operation among
those engaged in the business, to the- end that
profit may be won at least cost.", ••>•.-,
■ The subjects to be discussed are also varied, and
no doubt to.;.those interested/important.**' In a list
of thirteen of those mentioned we have failed   to
see*a topic of interest or" beneficial to the miner-as
a wage slave. 'The master class presumably think
it> infra dig. to discuss anything appertaining to
his welfare.     The" fact that theminer is at all
times running .the risk of-losing his life is'not even
;of secondary consideration to'him.    That Canadian
mines, in proportion, have the largest death rate
.in the world,.and that there are more people killed
-in mines in the United States than in all'the rest
of the world besides; is likewise' of no importance to
.him. ] "To safeguard investments,'' and"tkat.pro-
jfits may.be won at least-cost," is all that HV is interested in.;"'The. irony of.lt is that the wageslaye.
■is blind to the selfishness of his master.   .'Now and
;then he-is thrown an^xtra.bone and he is satisfied.-*
f ■ * Ofttimes, however,, he;, gets   a' • kick-7 instead.-
."When it-comes to a. .ballot" he plumps solidly.-fori-a
industrial education is-devoted. Perhaps ..their
.teachers over-looked their lesson on VALUE, and
'especially„ the process,-of riextrabtmg,STOPJDU§;.
VALUE. * This is a most'important lesson Itoo, a^tr^
can you understand'why'this'wds:omitted)* 'CWhen
you do it' is no flattery to say-you have-at least
;the,<"end"_ in view for-which your organization-
must be devoted—the abolition of your exploitation
—the wage system. ', .*. y,; ".'' , """• 'y [-r'""'*'
The craft unions, therefore,"'which will not co-,
-operate with one another,, must be.-composed of
members who'have not yet "realized the" full signify
cance of their industrial "training;-their "united
action to one end" is limited td'their own "craft"organization, js this. Organized ^Labor'in the 'full
meaning of the term?. .'Although "we cannot say-;
that it is. still we must not neglect the fact, that
even   capitalist   organization   was   accomplished'
i B Oranges Cost No
i. The finest oranges in the world-
, crop of,5,000 CaUfon^groyes--are
against diffioulties, and that Organized Labor will
overcome the obstacles which, hinder its eventual
solidarity, we*.have no doubt, whatever. * This .is
being borne outby the growing class consciousness,
in Great-Britain and-the United-States,-and-is almost an accomplished'fact in Germany.' -.- The workers have at last begun, toTfealize ''the end" for
Which^they must.stfive, and this,necessitates,their
■ thorough organization.'* Some have fully realized*
this fact.    -Have you? '',"'"
'"■ Below wV reproduce a cutting'from "a Catholic
organ,    tip you see the'fprce of.it? ■':"  .'..-,.
"It is hardly necessary-to .-suggest-the profit-
' making advantages of- an- organization, * all'" of
•  whose- members"„are working all of their time to
one" common end,' in* which each' sees'his future
-     -  -     *      - '. -    ,r  •        •*. ,i '•    -      • v--,.*'- -a-
assured."       ,.        ;.,.,.
f&$*yi% ■.
-*«,K v-t,.Ox-i.
^•i 'Ti
■>\"'w'*i\X **■*:'
^ .■v.jr-nti
yiInsist on .eacHorange coming to -.fr^iii
•you iri a,wrapper marked'. Sun-..
.Mst.'*''VFor such.are genuine;,*!,.;
^continuation of tbis expioitation^r^wnere^tnere
'j-shotild'bje union "there-is-dissension, and until the_
-workers;realize that in,union there is.strength;so
long wity they be downtrodden and oppressed. *We"
'cab^take a leaf out'of.the'b'dok" of.the oapitals't.
They have unity .and cooperation down- to a fine
t^ySWiS-i;^ y\- ' \   -    -^  j..- •"'    .'7:
' :,#iit^"'''J -'    '    '-'      . 7
Most Healthfulof AH Fruit
.'' Children's "sweet tooth" la satisfied
' by this wholfaomo fruit. Healthful and.
economical "SnnkistV, oranges now.
take the place'of gweets In many Uonieav
BesntlM Oranga Spoon Yours tZt
,  . 8aye.l2,^BunkUt',orenge.os^«*i
1 lemon wrappers, or tredemarks*****
cutfrom wrappers, andflendthein.
[to ni, with 12c in stamps to help
pay charges, packing, etc.. and we -
-srillsendyonthisgennineRogers' /■
j silver orange spoon.'"   *,•.   ",\.
FrmtKnife f or24Wrapper8
, and»o..!*t **"*=- -1 Bxeellent aaai>V
ttr-ceanlna KoJtn'-aUTer. Zb m* '
nltttat.olMae miA oaati.wh«B t»».
, uaoaat u lea wan Mo.; on amooBte
aboT* JOo., w« pwfor aortal pote.-;
, monsr o»d«r. express anur w bank
draft.     " ..,, -    -  '  '   .  -"'■•"•"
a 4 "Stmkbr Preauums
| DaMwtJiMM   OrudeSp
- Tmixw ■<><.] .
T«kl«SMM ,,
' ■ JnUmAtt^mmM '
- 1 *- * .* t   °>~> j-- -.'     *''*,
: Cconossicd .
' 'TbIa-'s'EliuMd.'ei'tra'
> jnlcr. aad each comes la
a.T.alnsble "Bnnklit'**
wrapp«r. I&sitt on them.
as ttwrso farther than
;.PGANIZEI) labor is^.a common enpughexpre:*-
f'sipi^iliesg days',;and suggests the question.as
whether" ifefebr /is ireally'.' organized in the, full
meaning^fef'th'e^rml/^'Wh^^ do jou mean by the
wbrS^/^fganinhg"f.V According to the dictionary
it;isfto-'-'/rftducing,to;systerasin.order to produce
imited aq^ioh,'tp,6*ne,end;,V^y.^en you, Uniop Man';
attend y,6ur'meetings^ is this the spirit you adopt; or
have-you not yet fully grasped the significance of
organization? ;■-,-Your1 opinions,may differ on various points, but if you aro inclined to dispute the
benefits of'organization," we would ask you to consider iri yojir palmer, moments the outcome of"unit-
od action 'to '6no'ond""in tho enso of tho Trusts in
the United States. - They are the existing triumphs'
of organization, : Capitalism has produced this
splendid systematizing, at what cost wo .are not
at present concerned.
Take a mon tal glance, if you can, over all the in-
dusti'ics with which you arc acquainted, and in spite
of your prejudices you must admit that organized
capital is a fact,     Tho capitalists aro increasing
their solidarity day by dny, weeding out the indiv-1
idnnliflt horo nnd tho weakling thero with an almost
ruthless precision.     Tins is tho ideal organizing
of cnpital, nnd tho cnpitnlists nre working with
"united action   to   ono   end," extracting surplus
valuo from you but partly organized workers. This
is your school.    Aro you apt pupils, nnd learning
your lesson wcH?    Tho capitalists   havo   export
Icaolioi-H nnd thoir discipline is excellent to tlinHo
who can comprehend it.
AVliat do thoy touch you? First of nil thoy
Ion«ih you to lio good workmen, or failing this they
hnvo no nood of you, Thoy teach you to co-oporato
with ono nnotlior in tho producing of jominoditics,
If you don't thoy linvo no nocd of you. Aftor you
hnvo exhausted your education along industrial
linos nnd nro worn out with exhaustion you go on
llio Ni'mp head, Thoy hnvo no further, need of
you.     Have you It-anied this lesson thoroughly?
Tlno nmY-"*iln*h«- thr> w*v*l nnnvco nf llui f»rndiin1r> -in
the un'wvn! (\\<A Mntv-'f-ity'* "chool of indn'-try
under the supervision of ji oonipelrnt staff of trained industrial professors with n duly qualified owner
of tlio iiioims of pi'oduuUon (lho onpilnlist) ns priileum 1.
Now let uh tnko n gltuiec at Organized Lnbor, nnd
enn we eonsuientiously sny thnt Hh members hnvo
fully gnispml tho lessons of capitalist organization?
Tn those countries in which capitalist product ion
has reached its full development can wo find a solidly organized lahor body "united in action to one
''M']"7 Tf nnf wo p/m cjindidly any Ilie wnrkerw
have not yet shown that thoy am apt pupils, in
•njiite nf the rigid training under capitalist tear-h-
What w the reason for this?   Wc hav» seen
LINCOLN STEFFENS, writing in a New York
,   daily declares that'during a,conversation'he.
had with J. B. MeNamara before he was "removed
to San Quentin; the latter said, among other things:
"You don't want us. to strike, you donVwant
us to go into, politics,-as we, are doing here in Los
"Angeles; you don't want us to-organize; we can-
, not afford individually to go to the1 law, and we'
can't get justice in the courts! ' And yet .the employers of labor say .they-cannot raise our pay.
■ What are'we to dot , If my act today brings,this
' * question fairly, before the world'and leads to any
answer Jexcept the-war we-have waged, I shall
feel that, though" I'may be iii prison. I shall be
^ serving my- cause.'.'  -.yy.v*-'■•..    •        .'.**,-
" "What MeNamara is quoted as,saying to Steffens
is^absolutely4rue.    'The Capitalists, their hired;
'i'jeess. -'politician?-and preachers ^continually lecture
therwprl*:irig^.men .on'th'eir'niany' sins of "omission
their satellite^the, proletariat should do nothing but.
listen to his master-'}} :voice"; .^jThey ^ayV'D.bn't ■ or",
ganize, don't strike; "doh'f boycott dori't 'g'6 into
politics,.-and if-you^do^yote'thfi Capitalist; ticket,
don't ask us for more" of the wealth you produce."
What they DO ask''us'to-do'js.'to7w6rk harder than
ever .for-.'ihem, '.ahd*•t6.■•bV^grateful';', humble;;.an'd
thankful ;fof the crumb's"off tfte'^ich men's"table'!
Th^ strange-and unfortunate thing about it is -'that'
the majority of unorganized .workers' obey these
"i^'-.^Ja^.--. -     »  ■ ■ •   --.A -r...- -7 ■     -
Salad F«tk <     Battir _,.._..
' Sand tot taUdaaerlptton, number etbarfemona. TOeycost
otwrappars end amount ot cash no. mora and the wrap-
* naosssanr to aecnie eaoh artlela.' pert an rateable. ■
' Calif ornia Frail Growera' Exchange
108 Bat 8tr«rt. East, C«raar tharch StrMli Tanato, Oat
On February the'2nd the'Canadian*
Northern will start their regular sclie-v
dule, trains,to Athabasca Landing,*-Alberta. „ v'-. • ,".*■• -<_      •     **.'-.-r
.Athabasca'. Landing is, -105ij: miles:
north of'Edmonton and -within.25;mil--
es of the■ geographical centre of.the-
Province of"Sunny Alberta. It-Is'«lt-<
uated on' the Aihabasca River^yhere'.
thatNmighty,'stream of navigation-*iof
the North swings ."southward for oven
over - sixty - mlles'fand. thereafter northeastward..*'; It -Ib;located at thevpolnt;
of apex .of I; the "V"-* that is ■ formed j
by t the"«- "V"'. shaped - course taken >, by
that river. .-"It-is here-that '"Rail and-
Here ii is, Waiting for U
WANTEEH'Housekeeper- for ..workingman; widower with two children.',
Apply, P. 0. Box;"102,-City.'*   ' *
7TO "RENT-^rCon'crete block:-House;
6 irooms". *,, s Ajiply "W^m. „Minton,Lihd-
say; 'Ave.,-*: Annex,,,-   ,.  .   7-'-:"*r, >V-■
; -SHACK.—Apply^ Wm.- Mlnton, -Lind:
say. Aye.'," Annex.;-';.'.,,'.     .*-r ,; -->i '-
y-FOR. RENT-^-EIght-rpomed-modern
House on.Macphersoil Avenue, -120 per
month. A Apply, Cree and-Moffatt."7
Sail"umeet.;75 i.There. ^re ■ oyer  3000
miles of-.navigable water tributary-to
tbis towp.y-Tliere'are many steamern"
making .weekly trips to the different
points reached.'frvmi'Athabasca Land-;
fag*.;;   It Js,. hprejtlie. fur-trader, of'the ■
North has*b'rbught his furs'and bought
hla-Bupplles-for'Jyesrb.'Past.' (.The,-6,7
T. P'; railroad, and'the C, P. R...railroad^
.With" Jits two", lines are', pushing ' their'
'roads'.to Athabasca Landing as fast;-as
money^and, men c'an^ take them'.' These-'
great companles;reallze -that this town
is -the." Gateway* of-. ''.The/.Last-'Great
West'.'---the'i-PeacefRiver "DlBtrlct.'.and.
*'-"P,OR SALE^-House bnLot 9J-Block
62,*^Ann-ex. v,-Apply-- Rlj'Corner/y'Box
27f(Nanafmo, B. C.;.or-482 Fernie.,-'-"
Sale., ■ Apply, Mrs; Howard .Marshall;-"
iDalton' Avenue. -    ...-   .)'>.,   ".y'.ja-y
*V ■FOR4EXCH^NGE^Two,Houfle,B and;
£6t8 in* West*: Pdpl^fbi;; bulldloig ;Iots-
in or near, Ne.w".. We'sjmInBter. .Alsp*
Pjano'-for Sale. -"'.Apply;/PJ-Iti-Lundfe,-
64,'Rowland'Avenue..,...-,,v'.,..*',   y ' ■
■ '  ' ™-«,       ■      -7 '* •"• '- •' "   ">■
"P LSEWHERB. in our columns, will be found a:
■" 'r'eDort pf :the 'discussion*at1'Ottawa on this
question and the fear expressed by one of the Cabinet Ministers of tho effect it would' havo on immigration if it should happen that,such a.system of
relief,was established in this country for tho work-;
ing class. So far lis relieving tlio distress of the aged
the Hon. "W. T. White pointed"out tliat "thero were*
other organizations upon which tho burden of sup--'
porting old peoplo had been placed,-and which was
ably filling such duty."
"Wlmt have theso old peoplo boen doing in this
country that thoy should havo reached a position
in which they need relief ?   For further on .wo read
that "Wages are high, employment easily obtained,
and wi.th such conditions„of prosperity tho old ago
pension system was hardly required." "Yet there
nro old people in this country once prosperous needing assistance.- That all theso pooplo aro in such a
position through sicknoss and intomporanco wo do
not believe, nnd in fact wo wish to point out it is
not prevented'by this bonst of high wages, and tho
readily obtainable   employment   throughout   tho
country,    Tlio supporters of tho capitalist system
fear to lot t bo known abroad that tho, working
class discontent is a fact ovor horo, and evidently
overlook tho fnct thnt it is thoy who havo tho powor
to bring immigrants in hero.-   Tho workers do not
agitato for the flooding of tho lnbor mnrkot in this
country.    Trnbor is now in tho position of having
to follow enpitnl, in ordor to Roll tho commodity
of lnhor-power to tho exploiter.    If tho worker in
England hnow there'wero old ngo pension schemes
working over here, do you imagine for a moment
!l "-Ai'tild pc'-vont him oi-Jkinvoing to hp1' his only
commodity (labor power) on the .Canadian market?
Tf he- onnno"- -?r>ll It in Tinclnrul he hnp In lnr»L" In
nn-rno othor fiolrt, nnd Cnnndn ho-hyr tho nonroM
nt the present time it is more than likely he will
compete with tho Cnnndinn wage slave.
This disennHion in tlio parliament of Cannda
should show tho workers thnt tho ronrosontfltivr-*
of capital aro not so well posted on the development
of their own system ns lho claRS-pons-iions worker.
We ngreo with the ITon. W. T. Whito that the
workers do not require any assistance in lho way
of relief. What thoy do want is to hoc that such
n calamity should never bo the lot of nny man or
woman who lini 1/iborod faithfully, nnd thnt n mem
Grand Prairie' Qojmtryv.';;,7 r •**-
,,-The .Peace Rlyef-District won tlie
flrstj?rlze for. tbe best tyushel.of <wheat-
and pther'farm'product's at- tlie fairs
at, Edmonton 'and";Cdlgary, last fall;
Theso dlsricts, owlng'to' their low altitude have a milder'climate, and are
surer of -thoir crops than moot of the
Prairie Provinces., '..-'-,.-
' There ls an abundapce of high-grade
coal ready to bo.mined. 7 'y
■ To tho north aro large tracts of
virgin foreRts, whllo nt .Athabasca
Lundinir there aro two saw mills., anil
another one undor construction, Abnjr
thb rivers ihoR-.aro millions of feet
of cottonwood timber, 'which - Is- absolutely essential Jn the mnnufacturo of
wood-pulp and papor. The town has
Its own natural gaB for heating) lighting and manufacturing purposes.
Within a year* or eighteen months,
It Ib eatd, Athabasca Landing will have
four railroads from tho south and'at
least three others tapping' tho rich
country to tho North and West.
In summary—With hor Btratagotlcal
location, 300 miles of nnvlgablo wator,
her many rnllron-IsT tlio great deposits
of asphalt and tar Bands, hor coal, natural bop, and tlmbor, Athabasca Landing l» conRldorod one of tho vory rich-
cot cltlon In Canada In natural roBour*
cos and will probably bocomo a great
manufacturing no well as a distributing centre.
'7 8T0RE FOR RENT  .
i -'. \ '■•-.■*-.-'-' ■,-"'•.- -v*-;,' * ■ - * i>
* Finest'bullalng;;het,Wn'-t-ethbi-Idg-j
and' Fernie, iocated1 at^ Hillcrest, Alta.,
the property, of-Local*. 1,658. \ Building
80ix""3,3V,"wit*h' concrete foundation;
basement," 40Hi'33'.' A'cash otoro preferred. Thl^lB'a'oplondld opportunity for any one." •' The'"coal compnny.
here aro how1'.spending a big surn'on
development- -jirork..' ,7- ' '' ' 7 ' '
' Full' particulars from' tho secretary,
 - (,, ' Rocordlng Socy,
Hillcrest, Alta.,        '.        .        < S
Hint o-jpitnlisl<i know just whnt end I hoy have in
Vfon*—tho ovlrnolinn  of ••mrpliiq vnlno  frfti>»  fho
havo nol
James Taylor Killed Initantly by Falling Tree In Lardeau — Warning
>Too' Late *
pittance in lho shape of nn Old Age Pension is ri<>
reward to snob. It is n stigma to tho workors of
this country that they mny event unity arrive nt
snoh n position in their old ntro. ThU should be
tho iron ontoring tho sonl nnd nrnuoinn* tho rim**-
It would npponr tlien thnt the workers i consciousness of every member of the working
yd ronlizod tlio ideal ohjoel, to which thoir S oIjijk*.
D02EN8 8UFFOCATED IN        "
1108TON, Mnna,,'Jan. 10.—fioBton's
famous liostelry, tho Rovero Hon ho, in
nowdnn Squnro, took flro shortly boforo 2 o'clock thin mornliiff. Tlio flro
Btnrlod In lho Grotto, a dining room
r.-   M I.        I    (.(      ,.      .,   I   ...I   II,.,.,    Jl
Mp thvmirh lho oT-tlro nlr nloroy \i\\M-
Inir, Mnny nucBtfl wore carried down
by ladders by firemen, and otliors
riiHliod from the building throimh
smoko Bcnntlly clad.    From tlio Re-
hnll of tho National Lancers, on Hul-
finch Htreot, and then to tlio houso of
nn onf-lno company. The Koto') llox-
ford wan In xlnngnr and tlio Rueats
Vfcro onlorod ou*. Onoflromnn wns
Police offlcorH who wont Into tho
hotol to roi>rii#i thn Riiosts woro drtvwi
bncl; by 11s<» iUmo fim'oho. Thoy de-
clnro that dozen** of peoplo worn bMII
In tho "Jjiiiliiing nnd thnt mnny mniil bfl
KA8LO, n, -c, Jan. 10.—Jnmos Taylor, a' minor,: was klllod by n falling
trco at Nino Mile, near Ferguson.
Four men were with him at the Hmo,
and scolng the troo fall thoy tried to
warn him.    ' ,, '
"Ho .was killed Instanly," Bald Goo.
Fordrod, ono of tho cyo-wltncsBOs, "and
he novor know wlmt Btruck him, 1
do not bollovo lio oven hoard us call
to him," Decenaod was ngod 40
years and had lived In the vicinity of
ForgiiBon for four yearn.
Esther Rebekah Lodge, Fernie, I.O.O,F<
G, MnrBlml—-Uro. Lundy.
G. Warden—Sla. G. Vnnco.'-
0, Booty.—81b, ll.-Lotohor.
G. Chaplin—Sis. A. Duthlo.
G, Gunrdlan—Sla, L. Ferugson.
U, l>. I'roHKlent—aiB. M, McLood.
N', U,—-s'le. t'i\), IjuldrtC
,V G.—Sl». jr. Ross.
Chaplin—Sl«. P Letcher
P N. G.—SIb. N. Covert.
1 llocorillng Socty,—SIb. G. Vnnco.
"ruitmunk buiiy,—torn. ii. tucnuur.
Tronsiiror.—SIb, A. Dutble.
R. S. N. 0.—SIb. M. Hock.
.  L, fl. N. G.—Sis. PlRRB.
. L, S. V, a,T-A. Slunroe.     '
Conductor—BIb Illnck,   ' - •
Wnrdon.—Sf«. .Tnhn«r»n.
SMM& Cure
quickly sToon couant, cuncn como.
- r
,To,cleanse the «y«tcm of undigested
jfoorf" foul "gnneB, exocuB bllo- In this
j liver and wn'«te matter In the bowel*
I will Impair your l-wiltl*. Tlie haul
"ayiitiiiii veKulalov Ia Via TILLS.  At all
-toners 2& nnd 50 cents, or Tho Fig
Ml Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
y ; We desire to td^e this opportunity 7 y
I  -iowish'our manylcttAtomerst&ndy^
7; 'mends: a hvery] Merry Christmas S\
> and to return Cur hearty thanksy
■•■  • ,-, -*! v.;;  -^  -.-■   h. -."->■*.*•  •     ..   \*,-- -1.-.   •     .;•   '
for the liberal'patronage extendedy. t
to us during the year.   , S~\    •'■;;'-
^yS;CyEsXtONS7y S-
■ '    -  . '       ."''','"' *".*   /* -•* ,;     "-.■--   »•'-.'   **'V'
* ,K .... - ,        -   '    t   ' ,  -    - - - f
Iitsu^ahce* RealEstate
• ,,rJ      _ ..... w_ ..,., •--,.,•.- .       •-,'■--*,
and Loans
M6tiey^tdr!>fl^an.on first dlass: Busi-
7, ness and^ResidentiM property
r    "'•..-'    SIR EDMUND -WALKER, CV.-O, UiD., D.C.L., PlOilDEiiT '      !.   ,
- Vl,--
GAPITAU - $10,000,000
Ercry bnnch cTTIn CmhUHm iMkW Cwif-i to equipped to brae drafts m
the principfd ailiM to tha f
"Anhk  -  "
, Soirfam-'
-. SptM
. XJnrmtj   ,
' $2 ladw-^atc*   "
Theamwat i/tkeu dnfta tostated, to tM.MMj* rftlwcei^'wh^tW.^paj^
*blc; (bat istharare dimtw to otcritor, Immi, anrttB,- tin, krooen, fiorins, yta, L
tacUi, roubles,etc.,'utiMeessmrbe.>Thto sums tint thsM-jres »lww«l *■;
lecetvethe.scfslnnwwttottnded,' ;',„y. . -*'- ' .*»*. •«-.'".-*C-*. ■ • *A [•****1
FERNIE' BRANCH' ,     a *'"\      *;t:'"7        .    L. A. 8. DACK,'MansgeK'
• Capital Subscribed
, Reserve. Fund '<;'.."...
-** *,
HEAT3 OFFlCfe,>fbR6MfO,
, 6,000,00077 Capital Paid Up
'*• 5,996,900;-    Total *Asuts
■ • s • • s
D. Ri WILKIE, President,  ,     HON. ROBT, J AFFRAY, Vlce-Prss.
'.; i/:.\-:*,;BRANCHE8'''IN,j;BRITI8H:C-plu^       ,     "■;*''' ,.;.- ,
Arrowhead, .Crapbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamjpops, Michel, Moyle, Nelson,
• .'•'., 7 Revelstoke, Vancouvor:and Victoria.,.   7 ;       ■
•■■■ ".'-.-■J(,'V ..;''..'.', ^ SAVrNW.DEPARTMENT.;. . „ ,', , .' -.- >;
j ., Interest alloweti on deposits' at current rate from, date of .deposit. '
;. FERNIE BRANCH    , t,   , GEO.' \. B, BELL, Manager   ,
•,■•. y''''.•'  '      ',.-,.
And Nothing but the Best ln Fresh
and   Smoked   Moats,    Fresh   and
Smoked Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
.   Etc. Etc., ffo to
8AM GRAHAM, Manager
Your Old Friend
0, Itiulliiml bogH to Infovin IiIh
old and now filomlH thnt In* hns
op'onoil up IiIh Uiirhor IliiHlnctia
iiKiiln nt tlio old stand (Quocno
Hotol) nnd hopou to got tholr,
Rontlnupil pntronnRO,
6. Had land    Fernie
Uprising in IttfAtsUji, r\.!J>j#niki 2*-
elaratlon of Republic, Respomlbte
for Holocnuit,
BiCi v
' On the G.T.P.
Tho Olty bom In a Sllvor
Bswl.  Tho Qpokano u
of Oanada
ST. PlCTMllSnURO, Jnn. 15.—A dos-
patch from Koldjn, in Chinese TurkoB-'
tan. states thnt thero hnn hfnn n republican uprtalng there which la bead-
till hjr a Chinese genornl. The roholu
sol-tod tho' nraoual and detnollslied
the fortress. All the officials -were
killed. A, school waa bnrnod and G7
children, -who wore In It at tho time
lost their JlTf-s. A republic ir»« de-
cldCC'l »n<! ft prrtdrtmitflon fimtz-d,
which guarantees that thero will be
nn orderly government.
Tho "Funnel Olty" Of D. O.
TTiikoHoii Iiiih it'lrlhutnvy hocIIoii
viclior tliuii yonrhlglioHt
$75 up to
Sole Agent for Fernio "y^-7#
;-^-i ji.,-,4
7/     y^i****™*^
i5 :'*'   '  ''£S?~S>yS\y:..-S-7y    7   'j 77,  *7   y y ';7(''   \   7 ;-;.y ■;"7>^7^7111^f^v*^|y- *y*7;    7- 7^y*yft^ . y 7,77'"*.-.   ' -'■       •   -'     '    7*   ^-  ■"**■".-* 7.   -.■'.'■ '      '  ■■.--« -'-,-* *    " ,-..-7,  --7.   ,    ■„   . ,.
i... -3- '*'->. ■Um^^mmU.-'-.^^m^. ■—imraii^B (Tm • ~:^n^^- *•• t^H*^a.'. »>•-: ^- §■' ^i^BEi^^-*---' ^^^. -- -   ^■■../^Bm'---'^E." 'T^^lk ,^BJL_ *w      - - Am. Amr^^k '"
v   jit-
' '^.^'r*.'^."^   *LrJ^    ^    ^ . ^ ' ^     ^     ^   *   *        .'^'■^" •c^j'^*v*jt^*'-*-«^ri' »-i .*A«f     Vn      'y   .      ^'"v _ .  *»i' "■■ .'  »   *.      tlS3   i-   V*1**. -r "I -  '  " j-,.''      • -      S ' '-,     r=- a »*.-"    ^ "' "-"" , I        '   ■" - ■* ■     ■  ■'   — ■ ■■■- ~1T,  ...i    ,,..r—,1   —,—■,„■,. ■■■
7*7-, COAL CREEK,, BY .174 -/-♦
- ** ^''^",^"4♦"^^^^^^1M^.
*" {;■ y~i '--,-", ."*'-■ *-7 -, .    -v.----.'-.
* *... - N"-*-. .Wm^Maz^late plt-bp-js-at-No.
-'.,* l'SoJuth la)it presentIn'Seattle, where
he jntenda taklhg-va^-short'college,
; course.    We .wish him.'success!-,   "  ".
7 ' 3i(r7A^m>'v7at8WhMVeeKappolnt*
'■ ed pit boss at No. 1 South,' -Mr. Da$e
;/" Martin is ln charge of tfb.~lKMand"
"' No. "9,'mine's, "and James Stewart-has
charge,of No. 5 Mine.'" -.7 ''"'"*: *.' V/'J
Asocial'dance will be held in the
" Club Hall on Thursday, Jan. 25 .(Burns'
Nicht).    Dancing to commence at'9v30
Admission: gents, 50; ladles free*-"*""
'We noticed a little man up here on
., Thursday dressed ln a light dust coat,
dark colored pants,- straw colored hair,
patent, leather,'Toots  and;' a .-bowler
hat;, ..We.jeem to know the voice, but
the foatureB~Oh,.whajt,a: change,, Mac).
, Miss Dorothy Mitchell ls In charge
orthe'sewing department .of the -SlrlsV
-Club, and under her tuition some.real-.
ly heauUful and useful work will.be
seen at the bazaar.
7 ■ Mr..."EM.rCouglln.-is'at;'present.on-.a
',-vacation -.visiting "Tils frlenda.Jnland.
- around Edmonton! •-  -,.; " ,
;„ -, Mrs Greenwood,'of Fernie, ^*as yisit-7
- ing friends' up heV.> on'-rtpedWy afternoon.   •*,'-'     ■ j,- -7Y-.1.' 7 '-s'-
a,.. Mr. E. L. Stewart, general-manager
of "the Trltes-Wood rCompany, paid" a
^- business trlp'!u]p h^re on" Monday after-
v* noon, 77" ""* .7"r7v-"    '. ,\*   " "'
;   "Airthe miners werelagaln Idle up
; here, on ("riursday- and ^Friday, owing
"to^ shortage.,of, box cars.   „y\ V
'" Mr a^d, Mrs. Wm. Wlnstanley and
'..famlly'^flioYed'T.to their nouse which
,..they have purchasedjin Fernie"^   ■' ,;*
Mr.-Harold-and Jjewls Str^le-'wero
shaking hands with old frlexfuVup Here
.on Monday.1 ,        , .   .-
.... Owing to th^ soft" weather last week,
end two or .three, small snow slides
;'cane'down-oiftbe north'^de."but, for-
*' tanatelyMlttle-or.no'ldamage was'done.'
■';;''.■-The following"Is,'the''list.bf prize'
^winners In the recent tournament held
at.the Glub:.4y*.";:'-   7.).';"^" "".-
-"' •-. WhiBt~J.:A;ppleby and" H^Latham/
7 1st; Bill Sloan and I.,France;-*2nd.   '* '
V ■-. Cribbagef-Gebrge -Evans,-- 1st; Bob',
■ *•" Forsyth,"2nd.:?'•"•'"" ;■ *-■■ " -;   *■'-'V '•   -f*-
•: Seven*:UD^^Q7Fearbn.7iHt;yTTv'
; Dominbes—W. Kirk/ist;' Wni: Sloan."
: Checkers—Joe'
'.V"*V   I'
-Joe"v Mitchell,   -1st;  ,F,
•\I*B0i8jcfc<aBd,,i,.,?Aa "*«?.« ..j7.7 *■
Wilson; 2nd; -J.' Chester;,. 3rd..."
■   l(ool—•^m.,McFegan'lBt;''Jaek Mc-.
■-♦-♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ v <► ♦ ^+> ^.
..♦j*,.., hillcrest notes :''   ♦
♦ I   •• 7By>Con'c?rtlna lJoe>'"  ""!j|>'
; .♦' #! ^>^ * ♦ ♦ •♦ ^ ♦'*'♦
^.We.are^pleased'that Mrs. buprosne
- found her little dog; It was Jhst amis'-
take that Slim"* kept It in"''hla possession. . >    ^   - - 1 , 4   * - ' '. * '
'■ Mr.' Bailey "anilf family .arrived herb
this week-from'Lethbridge. Mr.
,, Bally has been appointed by the H'll.
croat ColllorleB -Ltd.' to-take charge
of the-'mechanical departmont.as,',;a
BucceBsqrto'Mr, It."Lotchor,   ,'.,
Mr/D. Thomas undertook, qulto' tv
task on Sunday laBtto show Bomo ot
tho weaker, sex of tlie burg the Interior
■ of tho mine, and give thorn p.-actlcal
knowlodgo" of how to lay track hnd
Bwltolioa, ob one of tho party hadlaarn-
- ed and heard bo muoh about the theory
of track laying. Wo would *hdvlB0
tho somo party tho noxt tlmo to 'wash
tho dinner dishes, as Billy Is getting
tlrod of washing dlshoB. for ..pooplo
that can do It better tl*^,himself, I
would,not do it either,>lily, as you
won't get a gold watch even nftor you
havo dono It
. JnmcB McPhall has aoYcrcd bis connection with tho'gloBS factory horo,
and Ib working nt Bollovuo! 90 has
Alphonno Bort, only ho Ib working for
the Coal Co. horo.
„Mrfl. JomcB. Patterson and Mrs. A.
McUai^wor-o renewing old acquaintances horo this wook,
J, Brown, gonoral manager, paid a
flying visit to Fernio last wook,
Toddy CJouRh haa assumed a conciliatory mood ngnln with tho weaker
box, as ho Is soon qulto often with
tho llttlo silver tray, Good for old
MIbb Edith Taylor lu compotlng for
tho Wlnnlpog Tolcgram prluo of horso
and buggy, and we hope that sho will
ho Bucconuftil, She Ib heading the
list so far by a big majority.
13. Htralton has taken a, now partnor
In this wook, nnd ho thinks hn will
, bo ablo to aeo Stnffordbhiro boforo
Hillcrest li promising to bo very
mineworkers/ which;enables'7Bome of
u'sito' live '"ui luxury/and;,aii of.us Vn
cbmfbrtj and.''',7,.' ' -    7' -"^ _-*- y S .
"Whereas, none bt us tradesmen
<with".the exception-of;a;few) -In"Hillcrest, Frank, Lille, Bellevue andPasB-
huf&- pat'rb-ijlie'tWpebpIe that we.'get
qffr Hying fyom.by BUbBcriblng'to their
paper 'the'pistrict Ledger,^' * ." ,;■"*' "'
., "Be It J^erefore^resqlved that; we,'
tradesman, "take a tumbletCo ourseives
an^..thatiln,<f9tlure,1-.w? .will all' subscribe to the official organ of the miners and also get our, job-printing done
there;    '_ : • '  _.   -•'"   ^ 7,r.   7    "
"And belt further Resolved that-we
advise, all*other tradesmen of this dis-
'tHct who are practically living on 'the
mineworkers' trade to take the same
tumble.".,'.'?" /'•-•*"*•';■"•-.•**"'>*^     > ; „-,
James Turnbull and.R. McVlcar of"
Frank were'ln'towifthis week'lobklng
for -work, and quite surprized to learn
that- there ;"wa» ~-aothlng7*doing"-for
awhile','aBBOme "of the 'f lrefbOBBes-are*
holding sbme-of the places, practising
digging coaL'i-7 There's i nothing fike
learrilng^yaB'.ybu .know not the day.
nor the hour they will put, you to earn
your; living by. the swing of the pick,
and then';*--mat"p Cthere^wjll^hejcuriu
lng'and'swearing,^and' wbVstf tif^all
starvation staring you In the face.' So
be iivlse and.learntbefore yoii are confronted .with" a-ich-.-a sad plight.
',. MlssEthel Whyte, of the hotel staff,
fell downstairs - the ■ other "May and"
sprained her ankle;; hut- Is "recovering
fine." *' Better "fall5 that way than'' in
love.as some do.- _„-.'* '.
•VThbmas Bradley has been "appointed
driver ^boBs/at. Bellevue 'successor to
Ned Sutherland.^ ,*He1 must have been
better at pulling men dn -than pulling'
coal out. • We/hope" that Tom will'be*
able to dc vice versa. *»' *
■Jam'es-.Garton is staging pretty well
at home. .7Too bad, Jimmy; I suppose
It's an,off.nbwia .Cheer 'up''old scout.
There's a Bllver**llning to most clouds.
Ar""pleasant;,'change.'-in", the -climate,
was '' experienced.- here last Sunday,
Monday- and 'Tuesday,-.,■'■7-One -could-al-
m"oBtVfancy''PPrl*0g had7cbme.'71*:'*-••_
•superintendent, of. the mines-here to'
allow-, those'fworking,Jn ,the mlncB to
travel*" th^retiirL ,alwaXs.'7iThis\' he,
readlly.agreed to doVflnd^'Csatux^y*
those who* were;, working on the morn-',
lng-shlf t^ere taken, out'by'the "re-*
)urn by, Spbmpiny offlplal.;, rWejl«'arn*!
,that Bbm;e£of the-men' kicked :"on':tiii;
vrind  it*' certainly BurprlseB  us7' ' It'.'
.^ouldcbe,a good thing If this were embodied- In*'the Coal, MIneB - Regulation
Act .-.making' it necessary for all .cm-
ployees tb travel the return overy once
In a while. 7 " '■', '• ','7 '   l,
.Oaturday'lasta miner'hy the name
of John' Volpattl whilst working'In' a
room in N0V8 South met with a nasty
accident! 7 It appears that, he and his
partner "were making room' for a set
of- timbers, whon BO«ne side-coal"fell,
catching-and crushing him'against a
oar: V, He now.laya Inthe hospital and
his in juries, will neoossitato him being
there Bomo time.
.,  ,(,   ...,.     .,.,  ■,  1 «•    ...    . >, >. .
•A-debate which* should prove "to be
vory",lntoresting to those who havo tho
interests of the working class at heart
tfibreforo' their own—will take placo
In ■ Mutz's; -Hall ■ on-- Sunday evening,
the. 1st inst. Tho subject Ib "Social-
Ism vs. Industrialism," \ T, W, ,Brown
and H7"Elmer are" the d'obatbrB.
A Bohemian dnnco will bo hold In
tho hall of tho Venezla Hotel on Monday night, tho 22nd.
The Italian Orchestra Ib also holding
a danco ln Lookhart's Hall tho Bame
oVonlng. ''        . • •  . •
Tod Royle, who loft horo tho commencement of tho Btrlko, returned to
camp this week, but not alone, Tod
haB taren unto himself a wlfo, anil wo
wlBlrblii- and Mrs. Royle much hap-
Somo cf tho comrades of tho S. P.
of 0, aro trying to rovlvo things a
llttlo by arranging a sorloB of Sunday
night entertainments, Thoro Is also,
so wo ,10am, a danco coming oft In
tho notii future. >
Dick pfl.ml has had tho mlsfortuno
to loso hl« famous stood, which succumbed to Injuries rocolved from the
East bound Flyer at the railroad cross-
ing opposite tho Now Michel sawmill.
Tho poor horso was faithful to tho
last, at least that Ib what Dick says,
who, when ho hoard of the accident,
took bin rlflA to put tlio-tinnr hnitn rmt
of misery, but It jimt died nn ho Arrived, nnd thoroby caved Richard sovon
<•» ^*;.7>"^'';;„;'  ••:"'!'>'• V.I:Wi-
#f,'%'' "'^'LETHBRIDGE^-j *'*7/"*;
^ -y7/-y. ■ "7y>-:'>-"?,7 j.y~7n
•".       •lIl'-rT»-        *-*^ii.L ..A        -tap-*i       -. J'-.J-v* *^ -t *■ '
A   ;=rv •  , ,"     >   -- ;i    .iL--^       ' •-„   .->.*•,■
'.l$'SSy\ Loca- WlfK- ySi7
■';Saturday "was;pay'-*day! "h"ere,''whlch
creafeVquite/aatlr'ln tiii'dty;-'sit
came*as*aj-<leasant surpHstftb the*'men'
of the;Ai'R.*and L Co.*whe-$,lt was an-
nounped'.ttey-woujd- pay on' the 13th,
and they' * fully. .«pprec!atev the little
relaxaUbn, the cqinpany-madeb'y not
holding to &e letter Of the-law as laid
down porV-Bgreement;1 •* '-f.^vy «*^"'
;.[Traffic BeemBVto1 haye'Teached its
norma*!' again, as"tlie"mineB are "going
full swing,- and'-tbe-output'[ls" dally increasing 'at^both'/mjne's, having gone"
up! fr(^;i'400''tb1tfBl.to^l^00'-per day
slnce..tt*Jbeginn"ige'p^the year. '
",A qiieBtioin. of;vital-importance, es"-
-peciali^7toHto','loader8 lntrbbms^'has
l,lM*en mutually Agreed to between, the
m-4chlneortnners^and, loaders, that.ls
regarding cross-cuts. In rooms, wtfere^
by. In fatiire'they-.wlll be* cut,by nm-
chineB'andtaken'aCTbss fdU; height of
opal, .thereby..glvlpg better'"oppdrtunl-
ties for ventilation./ Formerly the men
cut through,'; the;bottom* part'of-the
cpal,vahd- in ia great .m'apy Jc'asesl the
Inside jolnij" would; not have a foot of
space? and :iw.as'easily blocked',up'.7""i
cpnsider/.thla,?.,step.in the'rigbt'direc-
t^on!'ap'^7one' which"/will^bj-> beneficial
to all., ;,*,i^;..*'„ ,*'.' "'.V„. 7 .?,*4, "„   , . y*
■   'v.-4.*.-i-i-ff);'-u.,.-. :-;,t* h'-;*.;;.>-i~ *,'.;. *\
iThe -members" of; EocaljST^app'olritied
the":follbS"^g*.tdeleg^teBlv(9. "represent
thein at.the.Trades..and-Labor Council
of this city: John Larson, Donald Mc-
Nab',; -L.fJMbo"re, j J. t- M<?taggert!- J.* "a.-
Foster.-F.Plichaic.'john Trbfanenko!" -
• .Mr.'j.• D.'Thompson.aid'd1 family left
on Sunday "for.San Hose.;'-''Tbey will
be greatly missed .by'"the .people, of
Hosmer," as "they are. both'general'! favorites arid they have[thV'goo'd wish-,
es,..of all.,l7.■''"'■"■'fi?"™"?-   *    .
,.*.. - --^.*.*.(->^>yy.^uy.-n .> ..-,
Mrs. Gelo,,of,B^lairmbre»-Is",visiting
her sister. Mrs.'W.. T,"Watson. - '" '7'
-   -'   ..-.■• ,'--,?.'.., .-i'-, 'vi.'ii,....       . «
-.Miss L..White Ishomie. bn a.vislt to
*"-t* -  ,."-''-*^.;<:^
• The following officers; of K. P.s were
Instaled '.on ?• Thursday /night, last*, for
the'incoming-terin:7-.-.."-.'       ' 7
* ;C.-'C—3"!'Dbuhach'le. Si'1 "•"*' ■:■'' >%-
,.. 'Vl-'C^-Wm.--*'-- White: •* :•-• 7;--' • *.'-'.'   ^
-, "Prel.—T. A."JCbrhett' '^':y '-* 7'-'r
j M; of w;—W;'j." Slmmonds.
," K.'R.—s. W/'Balderstdne!"• '"   ',' ''
\ M*of Ex.^cyKi}iityy^ '-'"■'
I M.bf P.—A;' i*:"Fbrtleiv "  "    ' .
: M.bf'A.—k'Nobdle.'     ■*"-'"  •*;"'''■
[TV.' G.—C Stowe '''.-'-■•
\ O..G.—H. McDonald.- - ;* ..
-■."¥'•.    7.   EIQHTUNC'0N8CI0U8
7 ■ "   -*   .V'(,7       *•■   ■
i.-' WADENA, Sask., Jan! 1C—At noon
on Saturday H, H. MoNlcoll broke,into
he-house of his.brother, jpuncan Mc-
Nicoll,Aand- found, the family unconscious from the effects of coal gas,
iThb lumates were Mrs. MoNlcoll,and
six children and a young \ady named
.MJsb Otter.',"     ^ ■■
-, Doctors were' summoned from Quill
•Lake nnd* Elfra, which took several'
hours, and ln tho meantime citizens
'.worked ovor tho sufferers. One,by
.one thoy regained consciousness during the afternoon "and all'aro out of
1 Tho gas had apparently .boon long
accumulating and tho family wore sick
oarly dh Friday ovenlng. Tho gas
was caused by tho Btoppago of tho
chimney. Dr. McCutehoon of Quill
Lake was brought to tho assistance of
tho BtifforerB by special train. There
1b gonoral rejoicing hero over tho
happy outcomo of the cloesly avortod
tragedy,  . ,,,
*A Democrat^Whois^Nbt Also a C*'-.
' ' .ciillit'r-Nb'Gentleman." V -Vi
; 'LONDpN.-^k/pubilc battle-of .'wits
lntb'\^r"rl"ngdbn}Street crowded rthe
Memorial Halltthe^ other night. „ The
combatantBi^^'were/jBefnard" Shaw .arid
G.^"K. VChesterton;'1 than whom.'.two
more -perfectly, matched and" dtametrl--
acally opposite* geniuses could -hardly
have been' brbught/together. Their
subject; was" Socialism, and, the'audience; the Fabian'Society or*" Friends.
•--"That a democrat who Is not also a
Sbcl"ailBt'ris'no''geitieman";.— so ran
the resqlutlbn'whfch' Mr. Shaw was to
uphold in this dueljof debate. Hllalr>
"Belico, ""/worthily'- In', the chair, ,'gave
each half an hour, then twenty nijniites
then 'ted minutes, and then—but even
Shaw-Chesterton,brains could not.be
asked-fbr more! W -.'. - .. .'
7In'."tils'- opening;-speech"" -Mr.!'Shaw
rather" underrated'" Mr. Ches"»rton'"by
devoting, a good deal of lt'to explaining/Socialism-—tie, did':, not mean'only
couectlvlpm—but 7he':; sbbri *' afforded
•plenty of material for Mr. Chesterton
.to4;dlg his teeth into" hffiis definitions
of the, two'all Important .words. -
7:'So'clailsm," said Mr/1 Shaw. In'his
opening7speech, "is-an equal division
of' a, country's-Income between every
perBOrT In that "country. Irrespective of
age, "sexr'cbaarcter or.:class.". '.
.'*'.Gentleman .he'.-.deflned !first' of all
as^ 'jttie; dpposlte bt*cad',;| and 'finally!:
In'"a"burst of eloquence!"to which he
seemed in "a curious way to "be stimulated by'Mr: ^Uoc's bell. "Suppose
•i soldier demanded more money for
being longer under fire'than his comrades, you-would .describe blm as 'no*
gentleman.'.- That" is thy spirit I-
mean—honor, .the. honor of manhood,
national honor, the honor that makes
a* man demand ja/just reward for his
services ib-his-country/ and no more
than, a-* just-reward."- 7
"Collectivism- is a necessary- condition of. Socialism;.." but collectivism
.without Socialism7 might-be', a* tyranny,
so infernali'ittiatflI fcan. conceive .of
only-one thlngiwbrse, and that is'the
exis'ting-state "bf things. -• -7*7-
"ThepanaceaTldeais-no good." . --I
believe ih the necessity of a'dailyout-
7 _7   "'7;      XOMPEN8ATION ACT
Ontario LeglslaturV' to' Meet Three
■'"!;•     '   Weeks Hence *:'
. TORONTO, Jan.-17.—The provincial
legislature will,meet for the despatch
of business on Wednesday, Feb: 7, just
three weeks hence. Announcement to
this effect -was' made tonight by Sir
Jamee-.Whltney. ' It ls probable this
session will be several«weeks longer
than last year's on account of the new
business to be considered;
One of the most Important bills to
come before the house will be- the
Workmen's' Compensation '■ act, upon
which Sir. William' Meredith . Is how
gathering data. It Is ■ almost a foregone conclusion that 20 per cent oif the
members will have something to say
on.this'new bill.       ,■,!'-.'   .       -
CENTRAL CITY, Ky., Jan. 17—Four
persons are known to have,been.killed
arid .another is believed to be dead, as
a result* of an explosion In a mine of
the 'Central City, tJoal arid Iron Co.,
about 5 O'clock this afternoon. Four
bbdles;have,been recovered. The explosion occurred JustaTter the day.men
itiad come oj"t!-,<..The cause is unknown.
The; mine is .not\.badly' damaged.
womon are Inclined that way. Acouplo
ot them were practising pretty hard
last week over iho wmor tap. (Joofl
for yoiil You might nflor n while bo
nblo to attract tbo ntlontlon of tho
proper party to fix thlngn.
Billy Want lias oponed up tho now
pool room and is kept busy supplying
f,hfl hoys with petn*.si atrV balls.'
A private meeting or the Hillcrest
twdenmen wnn held at tL« store Tuc-t-
dny, when all of them were represented. Tho outeome,' which Is rumored
from good authority, rerulted In tho
following resolution being pnsM:
wWhere«is# the rtikf indnitry of the
P.itb fi ronl, nnd whi-wne n-o r<:.ijfj;<!
practically all our trade from tho
prominent in the pugilistic lino, an tfra     Jai. Davy haa arrived back In camp
after spending somo weeks on his
wneh at !t>d Deer. Jim looks well
ond his many frlonds nrt' delighted lo
havo him back.''
During tho laBt twenty yonrs 30,000
minors woro killed and 80,000 Injured
In tho United States. Thin makes all
tho Amorlcan wars during that period
look Oko Sunday school plcnlcfl, Andrew Corncglo still has tlio nerve to
ubo 110,000,000 of tho monoy whloh
tho miners baptised In tlidr blood, for
tho promotion of "peaco." Mining
Ib closely allied with the Btoel dub!-
noBfl. Rollnblo statistics of the number killed In tho actual manufacture of
Btoel nro not avnllnblo. The Bteol
trust has no tlmo to wnsto on keep-
\v\ «■    ♦*•*! p-lr     f
' . *■ j,      1*  ■• "v   • V      L
M.' W, WIUUOWMON, A-mnayor nnd
Chemist. Ilox 0,1108, NoIhoii,. II. (J,
nhniwui—nnl-l, HIIvpv, t.onil nr Conpf-r,
11 rftfh, Onlil-Hllvcr, nr Kllvrr-T i-nrl
^i.u,i, vnci-H iitr uHii-r iiitiiiiiM! I'tifti,
c-amont, I'lrticloy nnft,lyii«iH on ap-ilkr--
J'0"' . Tlio Inrfffnt custom nmny uttlt-o
In Urltfwli Cn nmlila.
put of virtue. Salvation is a dally
necessity. *-;;.7It; ls; like* breathing. * If
ybii stop saving-youfself-for ten minutes': you;are,'damned.!^t:    ,..-,' -',...
"Mr.* iChesterton; quarrelled • iwlth Mr..
Shaw's •'definition-'of^'gehtleman" as
the-opposlte'of '?bad," Whlch^was like
saying* that 87-,-Ballor'was the opposite
thing to'a pirate. "" I i-■"'.-.,' '
■ • As for the" equal division !of property-
did" Mr. Shaw'mean that the1 Infant in
armo -was tb have aB much as the full-
grown-man? ;,' He compared Socialism
ta a state of'affairs in which Instead
of haying legs of our'own,'we lived
In a sort of * hospital-where'the authorities distributed wobdOnlegs each
morning! which had to be glvon back
in* the "ovenlng to—say—the cloakroom.:.^ ; ■;■ -1. ,.
In-the-recent railway strike what
was it" that the men; were striking
against? It wns against the concilia-
Mori boards—stato boards—which wero
jtist the sort of things'that'would* bo
provided under Socialism. They woro
striking for the ono llttlo bit of property left them, the right to have
themselves the management an J possession of tholr own bodies. Their attitude' was that' of Naboth, who answered' King Ahab—that Blblcnl So-
ciallBt who deBlred that the- stnto
should absorb a certain vineyard-
"Lord forbid that I should give up tho
Inheritance of my father.",
Just as Mr. Chesterton had got to
King Ahab, Mr. Bollco'B boll Btopped
tlio flow ot picturesque Imagery, and
Mr. Shaw sprang to his foot. Ho
procopdod Instantly to' demolish Mr.
Chostorton'B baby with tho remark
that If a baby could bo prosontod today
with an Inherltanco of millions, what
wnB thoro so bizarre about tho suggestion that those millions should bo reduced to tlio avorago workman'u pay?
As to tho strlko, Mr, Shaw con ton i-
od that the men struck, not against
tho conciliation hoard, 'but ngnlnst
tholr own loadors In parllamont, who
wero not Socialists enough.
lie flouted Mr Chostorton'B Idea that
tho peasant proprietor was stimulated
by owning hla bit of land, It wnn
moroly n dream on Mr, ChoBterton's
part—who had no fields and no
Btreitm«—ond as a matter of fact tho
p-MiHnnt proprietor' would glvo anything to bo able to self IiIb land woll
and como up to town.
she? ; I" guess*Jf,",the" Editor of the
Daily Mail;(says a contemporary) had
to board 'himseltpn 75,cents a weey he
would notjiasBJ ltj>ver so, lightly. - He
might* even be a "wicked. revolutionary.
Socialist,' or, brie ■ bf^Hhe. subrnorged
^enthy',->!:. ,y7'*-"y --"■.'■  "''.-.,
25,000; TO 8TARVE
NEW YORK, Jan. 17.—By the'decision of the Havenmeyer Refineries,'
Brooklyn, to.close down £,000 men
have been suddenly [thrown- out .of
work. The announcement stuplfled
the employees, the majority of whom
are penniless. It ls estimated that
the closing down of the refineries will
mean hardship * and^p/lvation for no
less than 25,000 men, women and children.   .-
Kentucky  Mine  Scene  of. Disaster—
* Cause Unknown — More Bodies
' May be Recovered ^   *
The-London,-.Daily-, Mail (Overseas
Edition),,says:*.."How does a .woman
live-with* board and lodging for three
shlijlrigs a7week'?"J" .Yes. nbw/dne'«;
•  -. ,■ ■ >.y.\.the isis y .-   '
Judging ■ from future, bookings, patrons .of the Isis are In for a'long run
of high "class interesting, educational
and Instructive pictures. Manager
Miller has' made arrangements with
the various film companies to supply
him* with, nothing but the best, and,he
Is determined "to seo that they carir
his, orders out. Saturday,■ matinee
and. evening,'' will ibe shown what' Is
reputed ,to,bo one bf the most thrilling
and pathetic pictures ever soon. It Is,
entitled, "IJost'tn the Jungle," and tho
scene" takes placo ln the Transvaal,
Another picture to be shown shortly,
and which' should' prove attractlvo ls
"From tho Bottom of tho Sea." The
sceno Ib laid ln tho U. S. Navy and a
genuine submarine boat was placed at
the disposal of the directors In the
filming of this picture. - Tho orchestra at the IbIb, consisting of a piano
and violin, renders, beautiful and' appropriate muslo at ovory show.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this"
wook Luke Taylor will sing Illustrated
songs of Ills oWh composition. This,
togethor with "Tho Dolbl Durbar," of
which we havo hoard and road bo
muoh about, and which will bo shown
on Sunday night, will prove nn eventful tlmo at the Isle,
Wo aro Informed that G. H, John-
stono, nn old tlmo Conl Crookllo, Iiob
successfully passed tho Mining EIoc-
trlplariB' Examination, hold at Now-
castlo, Now South Wales, AuBtralla,
on Ootobor 31, 1011. Ills many
friends will doubtless bo pleased to
hoar of his iucmm.
An ncldent, lari outrage, which occurred at Melville, Sask., on the-2nd
Inst, again shows very plainly to,,what
length'the G.TJVhas gone in bringing
in lawless desperadoes as - strikebreakers ln. order , to. terrorize *Jhe,
Inhabitants of the. various towns along
its line and* the men who, are. on
■' On the evening of January 2nd a
gang of about twenty strike-breakers
sallied forth from the bull pen, where ■
they are housed and fed',on the company's property, to do up the town.
Ab • Ib the custom with the • strike-'
breakerB'on the G. T. P. all along the
Une, they were all provided with flrt-
arms, one man being conspicuous wltti
a rifle. They opened fire on the Melville hotel, emaBhing the wlndowB and
drove the Inmates to shelter lnstanter.
The town police -were assisted by
members of the Northwest Mounted
Police force in driving back tbe mob
of ruffians. One arrest was made on
the scene of the conflict,, arid this
proved to ,be the boss bollermaker.
It Is.claimed by thosje on- the spot
that the bosses were the-ringleaders
in the lawlessness. In all' fourteen
arrests were" iriade ln connection with
the sortie, all strike-breakers. ■
: Suspiciously little news concerning
the outrage has appeared In the public press.. .The public are not inflamed
with large headlines suctic as, would
appear* over' lurid' messages If any of
the strikers,were implicated In the
fracas, even only tb the extent of defending themselves.' ' "•
.... Committed for.Trial
On January 8th the. fourteen men
were committed, for trial at the spring
assizes on 'charges' of unlawful assembly and riot' It Is significant that
the prisoners were. defended by .the
company's solicitors. *"' After the committal application was made for bail,
arid it was granted at $50 each!' 'r- it
is said that the company- put up enough money to secure the,release of all
the men.   ,*>.''        ,, -,-.-' -7  '
'*■, Minister 8aya Little Poverty in"
OTTAWA, Ont, Jan. 17. — The
house today spent a,couple of hours
upon-a discussion of a motion made
by Mr. Burhara of Peterborough for
a committee to investigate the advisability of establishing a 'system of old
age pensions in Canada.' Mr, . Burn-
ham made an' eloquent plea In favor
of this system, which lip said was already successful'In' Britain, France,
Germany and other countries. Mr.
Burnham was ably seconded by Mr.
Nickle, Kingston, who delivered hla
maiden speech to a well-filled house,
which gave him groat applause. Mr.
Nickle showed a great knowledge of
his subject.' '
Tho minister of flnanco, Hon. W. T.
Whlto, took tho position that Canada
hardly hooded the old ago pension
system and that there wero other organizations upon which tlio burden of
supporting old pooplo had been placod
and which was ably filling such duty.
IIo thought that It would bo a poor
advertlBomont for a new country such
as Canada ,to havo It reported that
Biich devices woro nocesHary,
Wages wore high, omploymont was
oatdly obtalnod and with such conditions of proflporlty the old ago pon-
Bion system was ' hardly required.
However, he had no objection to a
commltteo bolng appolntod to Invent!-
gate tho matter and on bohnlf of tho
ministry gavo his assent to tho motion,
Tho First tlmo In Fornlo, "The Delhi
Durbar" to be nan ut tho IbIi on Sunday night,
Wat dor.
Mrs, S.-Jennings, Proprietress
Rates $1.50 and up
Hot and Cold Wator
Electric Lighted
Steam' Heated.   -
'Phone in every room.
8ample Rooms on Main
Business 8treet
Meal Tickets, $6.00
Special Rates by the week and
the month and to Theatrical parties.   Try our ■
Special Sunday
Dinner 50c
The finest of. Wines, Liquors
and Cigars served by competent
and obliging wine clerks.
o*'    ,
Nowhere In the Pass can be
found In such a display'of
' We' have the best money,
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
*Egfl6, Fish, "Imperator Hams
and Bacon" Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer Kraut.-   -
Calpn* Catilo Co.
,-, -.-. ? •  -■ , „.t  ■": y
—^— Phone'SS"*" - , ■     ,.'•'.
Wholesale and Retail
Barber Shop
Shoe Shine
Billiards and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
Hazelwood Buttermilk
Viotoria Avenue
FERNIE, B. C.       Phone 34
*V     *■**!**      4**J
Mr, fhontortnn pmirlnf nrHntlr- !<rorri
upon tlio ''imlvornnl offlco" with '"Socialism" ovor tho door, Mr, Shaw denouncing the "outrago of n human
baby being worth nothing nnd a mil-
dlnmoiuU and motor cars being put
before tho food of tho people.*'
Men are urged to stay away from Eastern British
Columbia and Alberta. There are hundreds who have
not yet commenced work since the strike settlement
City Lots, $400 and $450
Payments   Easy
For full particulars apply to
Union Land Company, Ltd.
NATAL, B.C. V,'v-"-*..-**'-s-
V'     t     '
.    ^-'l-    ..    ^  I? -1   *. -    -       >777."    , ■ .•>*,*>   -:>  .
■*■ 1 ^^-J-***!^*"-   -On       ««i- "1   -*-    *    *.v -. m^    J \--**^        J-C --**■   "W J • *'      --  *    s^"*  * r *      * "*'      t-*.-** 7      **     •.**-**, "*/  V" -^ j.      "*.- *" *j t        "j-»i l^^*>,^-i """ *.^
,-■*-. Vjj* •-   - -'■-,'        .*■-,   .     ,\, •     --.)••*■•-'. ;-•&■,   .* .  ---- * .-*«-  '.-.'. -. .'-*    *•'"*," "**■" ;',!-'■' "'-. .. <*V    ; ,■'--' '"-• -. "•
-v yi -,,.-;-* -.-  *    .    '-     *,-*v "*   -- -*>     . > "      .- '---   *■  ',-\ ,* v ;*■.    - '-,' -' ---       ^-   "v.*-*-!-?   >■-
■V  '^7 7 •"
x <■ .< *.
•* -s,-- *
*. *-' i**-
777'- :*"*.
During the "first half .of the, 'last
"Century the~Anarchists*' and 'Utopian
Socialists, both ind-e&Hsts- though very
"different, wore well recognized movements against the Governments of that
time. Then: Marx, Engels and• Dietz-
gen made some Important discoveries
that made Socialism a Science, which
is th© most "effective weapon extant
for proletarians-in their fight against
the rule of Capital. As- it becomes
"known, there U less need for the Utopians and Anarchists, that is why sci--
entitle Socialism' Is more difficult for
.them to understand,*therefore, more
repulsive to''them than to anyone else.
Formerly rivals, now in their struggle-
for existence friends, misery likes company.- • -      *  *
;-They say they are riot fighting Socialists, but they. never, overlook a
chanee;; lo ^magnify, even tb 'manufacture discord amongst us.     Just now
.tliey are' making "considerable"' trouble
fpr Socialists in Canada, hence, this,
.article. In tlie column and a half
of abuse,: tbat" th^y published in-the
Nanaimo-'Herald,'a' capitalist' paper,
against • comrade--'Hawthorrithwaite,
they ask that hecbe branded as a traitor to Iherrevolulionary working class.
- I: found copies of this- issue almost
everywhere I,stopped on an organizing--trip to ' Glace Bay! Nova ScotiaV
arid back to B. C. It was also widely
copied'in. the Capitalist Press, as Tveri
as In their periodicals. Since then,
in convention, they bad to admit that
the whole affair amounted. to TH. not
doing sufficient organizing. In like
manner such baseless charges are being circulated against the Party Executive. '  - "   * ; '   * -
. . .Most members of the Socialist party
of Canada are familiar,with the" history of other Socialist parties,',parti-
> ciilariy those in the English-speaking
world, but very few Socialists outside
bf. Canada know of us.' ' Tlie best informed of the few comrades who are
among the Immigrants that are -poar-
lng in here, Including even those from
-the U. S. A., are surprised to find a
Socialist movement In thlB new coun-
Party was organized!-   They'made'excellent, head way .even in Canada.--In
the fight between the-"Knights of Labor" and the "'American Federation bf
Labor" the former1' died.    ;Some Socialist Labor Party comrades, desirous
of making their party grow more rap-'
Jelly, organized^ new union, the "So-,
cialist .Trades-and ..Labor   Alliance."
Members,of the S. L. P. who would not
enter into the fight against.the A. F.
of L. either  qults or. were ' expelled,
From their experience we "".earn that
when a.SocIallst party enters Into a
union squabble or tries do dictate to
its members., what union, if any, > thoy
shall belong to, they, are putting ,a
millstone around, their neck -by 4 borrowing j unnecessary' trouble.   ..This,
with other- influences, gave ,■ a   new
lease, of. life   to  Owenite'Utopians:
from their co-operation colonies .they
organized, the Socialist party of America,     It crossed the line and many
Canadian-, Leagues* were   organized.
Government ownership and New Zealand,, the only .near Socialists country
in'the,world, was their chief propaganda.     Many ex S. L.' P. comrades
joined with the hope to clarify it. *    ,
In some of the Eastern provinces,
the-Patron's   of, Industry,   a   movement composed mostly,  of t .farmers,-
had an active, but short life. " Its object
was  to  do  away with the  so-called
middle class by collective buying. .It
died in time to enable tlie Wrlgleys
to turn its paper the "Farmers", Sun"
into tho "Citizens and Country."     To
boost the' Canadian- leagues most of
us who were',victims of this movement
thought our ideals would be realized
as soon as we could make known, tb
the "people": the "truth-'and justice"
of, and the-''joys" to be derived from
Gbvernment   ownership!' ,   So' victim
Fettipiece soon' dropped his five or six
thousand dollars,' together with 'all he
could get from others,'in the'"Western .Socialist," a paper, he started- in
Vancouver.AB. C. ■.;-, About this-.time
friends": and sympathisers of, the'. C.
and C' were all broke,'so G. W:- Wrig-
ley, with th«-remantfl of .the',.piant
try.    Propaganda would be easier for
us and have more effect o nthe other
fellow It all who call themselves Socialists would study, hot only scientific So'dalsm, but also-the history of
. ihe struggle of the scientific Socialists.
Por their struggle Ib not only with the
rulo of Capital, but- also with the Utop-
lana and ■ Anarchists,' particularly the
latter.     Bismarck saw the Scientific
Socialism was dengerous to the rule of
, Capital, hence the Antl;Socjal!8t laws.
Comrades were Imprisoned, others ex-'
lied.     Marx hounded from one country to another, settled   in   London.
y With small print bn "fine paper concealed  In envelopes, be and  Engles
, smuggled tfieir writings through the
German malls.  ; They who received It
woro liable, If caught,,to Bevere punishment.     Passing It to a neighbor
thoy were again,taking great chances
In this propaganda.    Under such circumstances a scientific basis was laid
for thb Gorman Socialist' movement.
When tho restriction laws wero removed thero was a tendency on tho
part of some, particularly new comrades, to substitute parllamontarylanism,
but of late they are dealing moro in
scientific propaganda.     At their last
congress a resolution that In cano of
war the Socialists should call a gonoral Btrlko (nn Issue juBt now qulto
popular, particularly In Franco, owing
to tho now lease of llfo tho Anarchists
have ncqulrbd by tholr uno of tlio unions)  wnB shown to  bo beautifully
plaiiBiiblo but uiiflclentlflc.     it. was
withdrawn,    If wo Uenpflt by tholr experience wo will Htay with scientific
Among the Gorman Immigrants to
tlto.U. S. A. woro some SoclnllutH.
Thoy got English Rpenldng fallen In-
IntoroHtod   In   tho   Socialist   Labor
eame~WOTt;~^BFunitIIgTtEe7"two, he
and Pettiplece Induced new victims to
put up nome money, but it did not last
long. - Several' brave, attempts were
made, but alas! All this slop taugtit
In the name*of. Socialism Annoyed, a
few well, posted comrades-from the
British Isles, who. were working,on
the Pacific Coast. They heard about
comrade E. F. Kingsley, who had been
expelled from'the S. L.. P.- because
he would not .take part iu ,the union
scrap'and he would not join the. Government ownership movement, so
they sent for him and they organized a
Revolutionary Socialist, local In Nanaimo, B. C, Some time after Klngsloy
did great propaganda in a convention
with representatives from all organ'-,
zatlons of workers in the Province.
True, they organized tlio "Provincial
Progressive Party.". Just ono delegate
voted with Klngsloy against'thb finding"* of the commlttoo, convention, but
tho P. P, P. soon dlod'and with it
the Canadian Leagues of tho "Wost.
Capitalist development was dlffor-
ont In tho West to what II was in tho
Bast Tho A. P, of L. did not conform, bo thoro wore Independent unions and fedora'tlons. Nanaimo union had sont J.. H. HaWhorhtliwalte
to represent them In tho leglslatlvo
asBombly. Hearing Kingsley speak
on tho streets startod him to study.
Ou tho floor of tlib assembly ho-declared himself a Socialist. Not'oloctod as such, ho asked the Govornmont
to accopt his roHlgnatlon. Tlioy'urg-
od him not to roBlgn iih thoro would
Boon bo a provincial oloctlon. Ho wae
nominated and elected by tho Social-
iBtH. Soon after corn ratio Parkor
WIlllaniB wnfl elected from tlio noxt
dlBlrlct whoro Klngsloy often iihoiI
to speak.    Since then thoy have both
been returned at every election.
.Leo Engll8h,/a printer, also owner
and  editor. of, a,,union  paper,, the
"Clarion,"'., at, first thought Kingsley
was sincere but_mistaken,.particularly
In.his analysis of unions.,. .The workers of]tiie..U. S. A.,might be wage
slaves, but. such was .not the case in
Canada."     On  several, occasions, he
tried to Bhow the old cripple, the error
ot,his .ways.,.   This had the]reverse-
effect,  so,.It was arranged. that his
"Clarion" be united'with the remnapts
of,the-"W, S.'Vtb "b?, called'the .."Western Clarion,",lie-to be .the mechanic,'
Kingsley, the editor., ", After,- a„ time
English quit, Kingsley goj others jnter-
estedand they soon,,quit (ditto)..   In
some cases Kingsley , had ' to borrow
money to. keep tjiemvfrom taking the
plant: . A coupleof times it-was, .temporarily out. of,,business.,-,,In' order,
to keep it going, a fevf. individual comrades, gave, from $1.00 to,. $300.00. '• '
•Kingsley.'had-.to decipher"; articles
galore, in typical,proletarian scroll.- By
such,- Hl-informed as I was, r most of
them abuse*' fault - finding   and- rag-'
chewing.-1, That is the kind of--*ncour-
agement Utopians always give to those
who do things.     When the articles-
were of such a nature that Kingsley
could riot reply through the Clarion-
he-would write us*-long- personal letters.*;' A, few'of us who became sufficiently interested-to' desirethe facts
used to1 permit him to re-write and correct our articles.     The few who knew-
and could write the proper stuff were
discouraged. -   A    couple ■ of    times
Kingsley went.on.  a   lecturing tour
through-the Province.'    How we hated, and-'feared   him!   -   His * natural
make-up, his experience'and his knowledge of" Scientific Socialism enabled
him to) stay with'such a discouraging-
proposition.*  "With him  meal 'times'
came oftener. than meals. ,The Nanaimo Revolutionary Local grew" to be
the Socialist Party of B. C.    In their
convention* of 1904 they responded to
requests from comrades in most of the
other" province**;' so became the Socialist-Party   of   Canada.     Comrade
18888 HQY&liyEAST
,TPRONf&■ >- O NT.; u-.r^a
be an angel, and sport a golden harp-
but "shucks .t'would- -make :• me', hunt
a "hole totwear.a.. iniig like" that,
;■-" v     things\Wi own.Way
'i \J-M-i.   s-i;
Wrigley moved East. Enthused over
the -knowledge he had acquired' of
Scientific ''Socialism, he resolved v to
capture Ontario' and Quebec. - In a
convention *,-he' with a few others,
though ihthe minority, manoeuvred bo
as to disband the Canadian Leagues'
and proclaimed for the S. P. of C.
Some of the majority, though now well
Informed, stee still sore at Wrigley and
tho S. * P. of ,0:,' hence some of thb
Ontario trouble."  -,-•'• -   -   '
- TheuriionB elected Wm. Ijavldson-to
represent them In the' B, C. 'Assembly.
He joInedf'arid' worked with the Socialists.' Next election he was nominated by, the'Socialists.,'. Though defeated he'remains'a staunch and worthy
comrade. • •' •
Comrade John' Mclnrils was elected
by the S. P. of C. next election. Though
defeated ho got more votos than he
did the time ho was oloctod. Since
then-the S. P. of C. has elected one
member to the Alberta "Legislative Assembly, and on several occasions they,
have como within a fow votos of electing tholr candidates.
The-Bpeedy development of capital-
ii-m so changed the conditions that'
tho Independent unions woro fast lbs-
lnt-, ln Bomo ctiGes notWng bo'ng left
bin tho offl ers'who voro.sool-'ig on
opportunity lo give a respectable burial to thb enrcasBos of thobodleB who
imd bo honored him. After months of
agitation, In tho early part of 1005, n
number of kindred spirits made a call
for a convention of all such, and as
many others, as thoy could ratch (by
protending to bollovo In political action), to bo hold ln July of that yonr,
Tho outcomo was tho "Industrial
Workors' of tho World," It appeared
like a 'abort rond to tho revolution.
They onfllly captured moat of tho So
cialists. They said to thbs'e who we're*
not captured, "Do you think you.have
more brain's than' —~X[ naming most
of. the foremost" Socialists iri the-TJ.^'S.
A.'. \ ..They' grew.;Jike' wlld-flre/ ''Oh,
how, they jeered usi;I "About this time
the. Capitalist' parties secretly 'organized'a Labor Party as a decoy duclc to
head "off the1"!Socialists.",',','jlany. welj:,
meariing Old Country labor men were
•'      ..     i -* ^i'-"- •, ^^ , --* ... - i   \ i
Hfced.    The .Utopians urged us. to favor
and work, with the Labor-'P'artj7'a'nd
tlie-1.,W. "W, .' The's/P._of;b,.refused,
but unri*ercifully'exposed'''and slaugh't;
ered both. r About'this time it looked
as"-though 'the S.: P. 'of, C.'had'to.'die!
The "Utopians' tried to r hit the death
blow by.Js'ecu'ririg  the  assistance' of
■Walter «Tiioma's.^I\lills,, as,   a''' noted
speaker 'arid'.author from! the U. S. A."
They, organizedf a- "Social'' Democratic
Party.",  Jn their circular letter tQ-
'Socialists and Unionists', of. .'.Canada'
they*accused tlie's. P.'of C. with being
autocratic, 7.'anti-union, - anti-religious
and,.all,the'r'est so common from'Utopians.* 7,-''      ■'  7      7'      '   < -
.All this, tirne Kingsley was filling
the columns of the "Western Clarion"-
with excellent articles showing that
the ^Anarchists driven to desperation
are resorting'-to, any and every possible tactic.'.even" to* using Utopians
and others .to carry out their deeds,
showing, that in the older countries,
w'hea, the "Anarchists failed -in their',
efforts ,'to' use the .Socialist" movement
they barnacled on, to,, and in "soine"
parts were.making" liberal use of the
unions.''   That; this I. W. W.* was a
gross  attempt**""to, use not' only 'the
unions but "also,' the Socialists movement bf'this'^ccntinent, and manj.wto
were taking part in the T. W.,W. were
not, conscious of these facts, made "it
all  the,' more' dangerous. -I' Like  all
UtfopIanB [are, full* of hypocrisy and deceit.'     Democracy' is to therii what
religion- Ib to rellgio.UB folks7a" gt^Q.
dard'Mo judg« the conduct of everyone ' but, themselves.. ' They   try   to
knock us jby ,appealing',to bourgeois
mpralB7' Our.scientific analysis ythey
call" 'srieerlrig,' bur outspoken methods
they call tyranny^ !>",,.
Kingsley taught'us the materialist
conception of 'history,/ how to distinguish, between the struggle over the
exchange   of| commodities  and  the
class struggle, how jraposBlble it was
for "both to flourish jp"the one organization, that we •" should not burden the S, P.' "of C.,'with union' squabbles'. , i Unions, no matt*er what thoy
call themselves, are commodity organizations, dealing with, the Bale of tho
commodity   labor, .power,   and   aro
related to scientific Socialism In the
same way as the organizations dealing
.with' thb si-le of Buch commodities na
lumber, 'conl, pork;''otc,     Tho fnct
that unions are composed-of, mombors
of tho working class, some of them
membbrs of* tho S. P. of C, does not
alter the case.     As wage-slaves our
llfo force, brain, brawn and musclo Is
a merchandise—-a commodity called labor power—and wo are but two-legged
packages of tho commodity labor power, peddling ouraolvoB - In tho labor
mnrkot to tho,highest bidder.     Tho,
difference between labor and the pow>
or to labor, the function of a commoal-
tv organization; when property functions na capital, tho difference hot-
wee-n prlvalo property nnd capitalist
property..,,.Farmers, etc., are*, prole-,
tarians.-     Such title deeds as they
have'-are but  certificates, to* steady
jobB.     The. modem .clas'a struggle is
not between .workers and idlers, but
between owners of. capitalist property,
"The" Capitalist Class."', and ,property-
less" human, beings.,;- /The Proletarian, Class'"!: the function bf a .class organization';the difference between use
value-'and' Value. ''. How to measure
value, when^use value becoiries a'com-
mbdlt'y."   ,'We "are  not'exploited  as
buyer's, but'as sellers'/and as we* only
sell ,one, thing; labor' power,' we. are
only exploited,In one1 place under the
guise of the'Svage trick,: not' exploited
as consumers' but as producers:   'This
is the summary .'of his teachings'.    ' .-
'  "\Vhen ""McKerizIe;'"became 'editor Ire
taught"us all this."" Besides he was "a.
deep student of' biologj*'before be "became'a Soclalis't.'so he taught us ihut*
Sociology was but'a subdlviisori'bf-b'lo-
logy, that the solution "to many' difficult-social problems was to, be "found
concealed' , in'" biology."     They both
taught us the" art'of brevity,^   With
such vigorous scientific propaganda in
the country tlie' L: P. and the S. D. P.
soon-died.   "In most places'the I. W.
W. have„dwiridled" down to' a few,individuals whose" only chance of an audience is to,'play, the part,of Jesuits
and bore from within other organizations.,   _, One individual, who claimed
to beiieve in political action, as he
was*a gbod^spe'aker, for-a time-made
use of;a local of the S.P. of Cj,'finally
the comrades had to exposehiin." Then
he publicly-denounced political "actibri,
accused-the Socialists of trying to lead"
the' workers up a blind alley.*' ' They
will do any thing, to .discredit "political
action.  ,-The S. P.,of C. Were-often-
accused of fighting1 the" unions," not.so,
urdons;outside,of.the.S. P.'ot C!' -,The
same, rule waa .applied * to teinperance,
religious and other, "movements.'.-- -
: Some ex-S.;P. of C. * comradee.. got
one McKlnnon, of oiace Eiay", "studying
scientific Socialism,,  "The result is' a
small but clear movement "at* that part
oft'the .Atiaitle".'1' /.Uptli;about ,oT»e
War Has Been Coatly. and New Trea-
•" '■   tiiiry. Issiio fa "Now" Neeeinary   '■'"
. ROME, Jan.,'13;-^^Letters_ ffbin"'Italian bfficers;arid.men serving wlth!,the'
Invading ,army in;.Tripoli,received,.by
their -friend's'-,' In Italy'describe lri'detail 'tlie extremely,' unpleasant ~ position" of. the ItanaiT trbop'B*at tlie front,
\ Fights ■which'have-^en'claimed;;as'
Italian' victories ; "in' ^'official advices*
from the commander-in-chief "pt ""the
Italian expedition)" are said by the'eor-
responderitsyo have been'reveril}es:'--
7 Italy)''has already'spent ?20,0d0,000
,to carry 'on her war?"'an1 average' of
"(ib.OOO.OOO' a "mbrith:*." 'Of' this 'suro
about 'two-thirds' Is-'provlded out^of.
tfie budget'surpluses' 'of the! last "two
fiscal "years." '/The' remainder- and the
future cost are to be'met'by nieans
of treasury bonds.' ' If is. thought 'that
about $160,000,000 canbe reallze'd'b'y
this mean's "without'resorting to' extra.
taxation.' , '" '*' •   ■ ""',•■-'   ''" """ ••
7 JOHN BaVbER',:»!»& tt>3-, ".,
;„•'_. .'•■;■-■',•'•',:dentist ?7y -    \
Office:,Honderwn Blooj<f.F*rnler B-c(
_ '-7,'„"'.Houra: jtM'M ,1;'! ■»• ta-A   '*" 7;'^
'■"> -Re'sidencet^^it- TTlctorla .Avenue. " \
■ * i - -'
- .4-
,-Mj, ■
• '''\y Barrlster-it-Liiw/Sbllcitor;
" ■'. ■**-    .■•; "?'■>  '* „ ""'•     -**j1!-'7.",    *'
F. C. Law*
. Alex".' I - Fiaher,
; - Attorneys'
j Fernie,.B. C, .
Convention Call
For the Ninth Annual Convention
Dist. No. 18, U.M.W. of A.
FFJWNTW. Snl Jnnnnfy 101°,
'io tito Local C/uiuiiH in IJiHtrict No. io, C. i\i. ,\V. of A,
ii A ,i
Yon nro hereby notified thnt tlm Ninth Annual Convention of Dintrict No. 18, TI. M. "W. of
A., will bo liold in the Labor Temple, Lothbridgo, commencing at 10; a.m., Mondny, Pobrunry 10th,
Your delegate or delegates nre "kindly requested to obtain a Hailrond Ccrtificnto in order
that arrangements may bo mado to get reduced  rates,
Yonr attention i« respectfully invited to Art. 7, Sec. 2 and 3, District Constitution, which
explains! matters pertaining to tho convention.
W. B. POWELL, PrcuWcnt
A. J, CARTER, SccTrctts.
year ago every attempt tb dlBriipt the
S. P. ofC. pr to brganiae other LSoclal-
lst or laborpartiea'falied. Since then
we have,had considerable trouble.. Previous to that time the'S^P.fbf C. had
(per population) a larger ■ movement
with more well-Informed .comrades and
more'representatives, Iri ' Parliament
ment' than' any 'ottier Socialist Party
lntheEngllBh speaking world.. Particularly <was this" true-of'tho West.
Koepinmlnd hoW difficult' and expensive It Is todo propaganda among
a population aliout equal to that of tho
City of London' scattered over a country .much, largor than the U. S. A.' If
the object of()a Socialist Party Is to
Impress upon those who are slavos to
tho rulo of Capital tho need bf a knowledge of scientific Socialism and to or-
ganizothem for Its realization, thon
tho S. P. of C. hns dono woll. ,- ' • < ■
e i
a$. :,„.,
*'» » l i l. **■*
; :y'Ltmch-;^
;   , *'    . "i        *,       -    -  ■
Is Now Opened
■    ■
' Clean;' Cosy arid vcry;
•- Inviting"-:"--
& , •    i.     *•'    '.„.*,
.Just the place after the
show or from the rink.*,;
Fred. ArmstrtBg
.-.-?.,«.    . _ <.y,.!>:., :  f,TT.',
■ ■■..- '.Proprietor.."'''.* .,-•' ;i
'•- Li   H7* PUTNAM       ':).-J
Barritter, Solicitor, Notary Public* otc.
You're always welcome here.
*        »   .       .- "   ": j ."   ,   *        - *i
i ' •-, * i
Clean Rooms, Best of
, '. Food and every-
1    attention
'j ■.'    , /' ■.    *--)   ;',,   i • •  ■   ,   ,
THOS. DUNCAN   Passburg
■mwhiii ■«
Did It ovor occur to you to sunnopt your
kidnoys as tlio causo of that dull, aohy
fooling acrot-B tlio small of tho back, that
stiff nook or woro muHoles ?'    ,
It Is a groat mifltnko to dopo yourself
to ouro r. lot of symptomH llko nouralgla
and slight rhoumatio palna, as well as
that gonorally oongoHtod stuffy fooling.
Got at, tho root of tho troublo—tho
kidnoys. ;. *      , ,,.
Tho way wo llvo nowadays your kidneys don't got half a chanoo. Thoy aro
not sonsitivo nnd do not. glvo you pain
thom-iolveR, but whon thoy quit work
for any reason, tho result snows itsolf
in many ways—pain in tho book—utlir
muscles- -llttlo Bhootlng rhoumatio pains
—stiff ncck-ncuralglft ami other th np.
Theso aro not serious in thomselvoB,
I     l    il      . •    V      I      I! , I   IV* MrinniM T\"*?'l
prompt ncln. ,     ,
Tako Nyal's fitono Hoot Compound ana
your kidneys tako on now llfo—lho symptoms disappear and danger or alauotos,
chronto rheumatism and dread Bright a
dlsoaso is promptly averted.
Just test this out for.yoursolf—tliftt b
the only Kure way—-try Ny m'i> SU*«i K***-*.
Compound, untf notice how noon thoso
annoying symptom* will abate,
Nyal Remedies wo the bcstTft1uo6?er
offerod to tho public. The Nyal .people
hod to convince u* of tbla flwt befora wa
would offer them to our customoM, ana
this remedy wo know lo bo all they
claim for It, <
Por fialo In Forme and anaranteed by
Henry M. Tlchonor,, tho poet of tho
National nip-Saw hns 'paid tho follow-
In-? pootlc tribute lo tho "Men and llo-
llRlon Forward Movement"!,
"Ho, nll*yo worn nnd woary.onoa Jn
nil this blosBod land, alnsr QloryHiillclu
jnh, for Salvntjon-lB at hand, ' Your
mlBorloB shnll fado awny, your troubles
nil uhnll hike—Snlnt Plerpont and his
Pious bunch aro marcliln' down the
pike. They're comoin" with tholr chloroform nnd thooloRlc dopo nnd Imndln1
out largo pnekngoB of holy hot nlr
hope; they'll find you full of slobborin'
hymmi nnd llllly Hundny rot nnd tonoh
you how rallglon menus "contontmoiit
wllh your lot." No matter If yonr
tenement Is cold this winter night, no
mutter If your dally broad hns cllmbod
clonr out of night, no tnnttor If your
Blomncb Is a 'tuohln' yonr bnekbono"--
you'll bo n pippin when you dlo nnd Bit
up noxt tho throno. Saint Plorpont
hns his downy couch to rent hla tired
bond: the I^ord takes euro ot Plerpont
NOW—you got yotiro when you'ro
dond. Solnt Plerpont luis IiIb nutoa—
VOU co-i imvo u twir ot wings u you
•plu your fjilth io Vkumd «-'J },'«- ,\«.if
JeriiBnlem tlilngn, Stop ngltatln" for
a cbnnco to live while you're eillvej
just wnlt until yonr Biiinmona to quit
llvln" Bliall arrive! thon you will bo
""•''•*"•   i""'*^*.'*-»'.  iw..   ^tiii  iiii-iu  ,\  \*\sm\^
thon, forever und forever, nnd forever
nnd nmon. Thoro'B ono thing, tlio',
I'm eery ot—I don't know how you
fool—I say this tlio' I'm nomowhat bum
nnd run down nt tho licol—I hopo that
fg'lt.1 htfo lTtik
If they mako a bloomln' cherub out of
me, T won't look 1!to» Rnlnf Plflrponf, or'
Andrew Cnrneglo.    It may bo «w«lll to
*        <i
W. H. Murr   -   Prop,
Unr hupi'II'mI wllh Urn bcHt WIiioh,
Llquorn nnd Clffni'H
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A nllibl* FtttufciT«c«UlMiumfall*. Tk*M
plilt »r« aturilatli pow.fdil (n f t«t>UUo« th«
Htnintlviptirilnitfifth*Until* ijit/im. Rnfttn
•II ehtnp Imiutlvjii. nr. iIiTii'i ir* toM it
9Li,S!i£LJihtt'!lor y*1 lUiL«d 1° »»t titjf**-
tha SmImII nr«f C«„ »t. OallurlflSt, Ont
For Salt at Gltiidill't Drug «tar«,
Large Airy Rooms &
Good Board
Ross & Mackay IE
> *■ v     i     ,       * " y   o *-"*
' ■.-'. 7; .■-■.>■'- 77-7-U,- •;..< ."
'" '". A. McDougall;' MgP-,7 7,
:': ';   -*.V  ,'-     ', *■'■   V   '.- - '*   *'     ■".      *"  v
, - .       .      .
Manufacturers1 of and Deal-
,  , ers in all kinds of.Rough ,, *
,      ,■*-.'*  ' *- '*
and Dressed Lumber- i-t-
■* -' '   ' y.t
        "   -'   '    -   ', *
' '.' "     '        ' ■* ,fi
Send us your orders
Bar Unexcelled
All Whit* Help
.   .-,   ' ,.-* y. . -.
Call in and
see us once
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnlshiriffa
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
141, MootB ovory Krldny nlglit nt
8 I>, m, Minors' Union Hnll, W.
A Worthington, Prosldont; III. J.
Good, Secrotnry.
Bartenders' Local No. 614: Mootu 2nd
ond 4th Sundays nt 8.30 p.m. 8i*ai-p
tary J, A. QoupllI, Waldorf Hotol
Gladstone Looal No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Moots 2nd and 4th Thursday Minora
Union ball.    D, Keen. Se-,
Typographical. Union No, 580*   Moota
Inst Rnturrtny 1n t\*\r}\ lyr^fh «,* ♦bt-
Lodger Offlco. A. J, nuckloy, Boe-
Local Pernio No. 17 8. P. of O. Meeta
In Minora Union Hall avory Sunday
at 7,48 p.tn. Everybody welcome. ,D.
P&ton, 8ccre|ary*TroHHUrer.
United Brotherhood of Carpentere and
Joiner**,—Local 1320. », J. Evana,
Pmldent; p. H. ghaw, 8«cr*Ury.
Try a Ledger Ad
_Mmm P;^!S® ? j^ily *Sr7yyS s<Q s yyr^^y^^^^^^^^^^^^Sy^^^
"* '•?•''- "7' 7-"" "-
»■•. i 1* *-.
, ?"
, ^  •'  A.-, t.,   *    T
-. -r-^-'
.!■* '.-,.'"   *.»*
.'y, _!
■ Per' 11 vNovealmo "Annuale*
Conyenzione Del "bistrettb'No."
i8,U.;M7w.-dl"Ai*ierlca7--"   '[
fi\  •"
-7' }*!.r
*•• *
\    '-
<* , .
r* ■
7 7 -;.,'. .Feiiie; Gennalb,, 1912
Saiuti:/ -S7y'y".yy'  "y•
*. Vol-siete avvlsati che 11 No-:
•veslmo "Annuale, Corivenzfone
"del Dlstretto No, 18- *U.;"M. W.;
dl '* America. ' Sara tenuta
nella-sala del7lavoratori, a
Lethbridge, comiriclando alle
ore 10 ajm„ Lunedi/Febb'raib
19,1912.;, y ■' , -7   7-' __
-. iivostro Delegate ho pure"
delegatl Saranno pregatl dl ottenere un" certificate ferrovla-
rio in modo cho el p'otrebbero
arranglar© .le "lord, tlchette-'a
Reduz'zlone*".7 La vostra atten?
-zloneTeara rlspettablliriento In-
vltataair Artlcolq'7, Sezzlbie
V e .3Ihlla Costltulzlbne,del
iSlstrettb la quale, vl.splegara*
tutti.l'af f arl* appartenen'tl alia
Convenzlone. «■'. ! • *,J
'7- W.lB. POWELL,
'    * v -", 'v{-    • Presidents
'y -m', -;a. j:.carter; ,
'.'.,-'* -,   7 ' *Secl-Tres,
.'-i f
, '. - La* polizla lndaga, :ma sembraimpo-
tenta e scoprlre gll autorl dell'audace
7 7£urto, ',- >•>. .-v.- y,7-77' •'-"7..*
,,'■*. *', •  '. *     * * *    "•      ,"-    ;.     ;.
.-'.*" I lavandal di Salt'Lake .City, Utah,
■• - sono riusciti ad ottenere un aumento.
;dl paga.       > , ..,-.,,_
■:;-r," '-■ ■■: *'*V**;--'' *   ' '
• .,. -• L'arclduchessa austrlaca Isabella, si
• *'e"(fldanzata. col' p'rinclpe "Giorgio di
■ .-1 Baviera. v    ' .-*   ,. v  -   • ' . -
*'':y-p     S ;.:>.'* >■' .^'7 * ,- ■
,,' '"■ E',- scoppiato lo sciopero nella mini-
era di Bicknel; Ind. - - In guardla, minatorl Italianl!  " :   ■' \t- ','
Nella Pensilvania' le ferrovie* «' le
fonderie layorano ora a tuttacapaclta,
^*aj[l"perspnale e.-'abbondante.f -
■:*. ,Ua grave incendio ha* distrutto com-
pletamenteAln"Fiume, .Austria,'I'Olelfl-
e{A_TTnDhA1«Aa/-.J!lI±i.T_/1nMnt^nAnAiBl1n«i'Aji   _
»v- Ouauwivirli,—■—^-uaum.-Quuu^i ucvnu*,
-. ■*?
■"7  -y".---^*   ♦ *•', .,....*-..■    ;';
■ ;*,I sartl dl Galesburg, Ills., dopo esser-
sl' 'organlzzatl.'s'bno'rlUBCltr'ad otten-'
ere un conslderevole* aumento dl paga
; dai "pa"droM;r •; 'cr;;.:*?1 **>;:-- r,d.v" "5 '-
«• "■ ■• '      '      n I
I lavorl vanno assal male a Superior,
"Wise, e grand©'■©■ 11. numero del dla-
' bccupatl, che- invano ^attendono lavoro
In quella* cltta.'.' ,;>, • ' '"     '■■ ,7
*' '*■' .*?  ' •' '■
*.' •' Fra, breve si' dara prlnclplo alia cos-
tfuzlono dl una' llnea' ferrovlarla fra
Springfield e Bo'ndvlll.e, nello Stuto dol
- MassachussbttB. „;,, t:' :.
"■''■' ' ",**' *" * ''
7 Noll'OregoD la mano d'opera e ancho
troppoabbondanto e por conseguenza
1 lavoratori sono sconslgllatl dl roc'arsl
por ora In quollo Stato,
* *   •
SI. ha da Porlgl cho la celobro prima
donna. Llna ■ Cayollbri ha ottenuto 11
• dlvorzlo, dnl maflto Robort Wlnthrop
<Jhnndlor,   nolo   mlllonarlo   dl   Now
.York. .
* •   • .,
• " Il'trontatrconno Mnrtlno Cam, na-
. tlvo dl Forrongb Canavoso, Italia, marl-
tato o/pndro dl tro flgll, o rlmnsto ucclso In questl glornl nolla mlnlora No,
« di Coal City, Ills.'   ',
In un convonto dl Mouoa, Russia,
, sono stati Bcoportl dogll orrlblll scan:
dal I.    II numero dollo ragnzzo o dollc
•donno vlolontato nscondo nd una oos-
* , *   *'
A Parlgl, Frnnoln, o state rlnvonuto
iiHHiiBBlnnto 11 note nnnrchlc'o rintnno
Glusoppo, cho fu una dol plu lntlmt
, timlcl di Gnotnno Broscl, ucclsoro dl
Ro Umborto.
. NeirUfficlo,Postal© Generale-degli
Stati * Uniti.. in": quest!' gibr'ril". vennefo
distrutte' 175 mila, cartollne. immoral!
spedite'in-bcc'asione' delle feste-Natall;
zle/ .'■" '-.. '.'-y-j •;.,; *-7 -,''.- ■;.,y -, -'*1'
'•    ,." '-'- 7-',-*"■'• ■»,.'*-'    ' <   -'.'V /'
-. *. -,*. '... •.- ,.,.-"     -- - . --:i.-,--
-'Gli operal implegatl nella fabbrica'dl'
cemento .dl'--Sacramento, Calif.,*sono,"
riusciti^ad ottenere ,un conslderevole
aumento dl salarlo la maniera ainiche-
:vole.-,t: yv.'*7 y';: ,:7.'";"*;,-,.
'--'- 7- ' 7*:'« ,*j-.,.'*■ '*.**>'" 7-'-''
' Gll operl implegati- -negli stabilimenti
del cemento -a Auburn;' N.-Y.,* sbnb
riusciti ad ottenere au 'aumento '' dl'
paga.senza vedersl costretti'a rlcor-;
rere.ad uno sciopero.,
;. ;■ * -   *•'. '"ft-'y* 7 ,-.    ,   y*
7 E' Btata|declsa.la costruzlone dl una
rete ferroviarla.fra Port"Barre; La., e
Memphis, Tenn.,* Tale ferrbvia avra
una lun;ghezza dl 375mlglia,7' I lavorl
verraiino. Inlzlatl fra,breve....* -,
,".' ' ,'-    *   •*'■•'' '" •';■''",'    - '
. SI ha da- Remo, Okla., che l'lngeg-
nere James Potter .'dl Chlckastia, Okla.,
eTstato ucclso e vent!* persone ferlte in
una,'colllsione vicino'*a quella cltta- in
lino scontropferrovlario. 7 7"      ,7
y.'■'," 7- - ""',*"** • • '■    ■*"-'' o
"' Alcunlladri Ianotte dei,pr!mo dell'
anno' penetrarono in Guaymas, * Messi-
co,' nella reBldenza dr Jesus V. "Feu-
carde e rubarbno del gloielli per un
-valore dl.bltre 10 mlla dollarl. ' ,
■- ,"■ -c - 7i~- *\7* •'* ' ' "
*f Durante le feste Natalizie in Chicago
si sorio.riunlti a fraterno banchetto
610 membri dl una "sola famlglia," dis-
cendentl di certo John .Ton, -un bland-
esestabilitosl in Chicago'1 nel 1849.   .
' * *■        *   " . "'       V,        *
, ,1 -   I 1
Nel dintornl di Fowler." Kans., e-
stata rinvenuta morta per assidera-
mento la nioglie di certo W. D. Nifton.
La poveretta aveva attaccatoal, seno
up flgliuoletto di tre annl tuttora vivo.
"**-•'.     ■>
Nella cltta dl Milano sono scoppiati
parecchi casi di peste bubbonica, segui-
tl gia da una qulndiclna^: di morti.
Sono state prese le plu grandl mlsure
sanltarie.per impedire' 11 propagarsi
del terribile flagelo. *, ^
* - .   -'■'*_*,»"    -;•'-
La! miniera dl.La Sale, Mich., situ
ata al sud dl "quella dl Osceola, in'quefc-
tl giorni.ha scontinuato le sue .opera-,
zioni-mlnera'rle in due .ppzzl ,ed • oltre
un - bentlnaib' dl mlnatbril sbnb' rimasti
senza lavoro. ■*- '    "    •',  - ,-    '"  *
,7 7r.','• \ 7:*; * -,".. "v "••■*:-'!   S
martedl quasi per ltleroil 'Commercial
Hotel' dl Colllnsville/llls..   Sette.glo-
vanrdonne.;restarono* ferlte e-due dl
esse 'Versano.'in*' pe'ricolo"'dr-VltaV'-.:I
da'nnl-'Bonb"assal'rlleYantl."7,'.  -',''7 "-,
'Ilquattordlcenne Royold Wollett 'dl
Sedalla,-. Mo.,' martedl mattlha' ucclse
con",una schiloppetta'ta 11 padre ,perch«
costiil lo aveva rlmproverato per, una
mancanza. ' II parrlclda venne sublto
arreatato, ma,po'scla rllasclato in lib-
erta, porche egil rluscl a prqyaro dl-
averaglto ln sua leglttlina dlfesa.   :
' 'Il'.Gdvernb Messlcano ha ebneesso
ad un sindacato dl capltallstl dl Seattle, Wash., 11, permesso dl -cbslrulro'
un tronco dl forrovla'cho mettera'ln
comuulcazlono 11 porto 'dl Acnpulco
colla capltale della ylclna Repubbllca.
Questa ferrovla avra una lungliozza dl
800. mlglla. I lavorl sono gla comln-
clatl. -. . ,.
■Mentro l'opornlo Charlos Blair, d'an-
nl 39, Btava carlcando dolla nltrogllcp'r-
Irm BU-dl un enrro nol dintornl dl Con-
tralia, III., questa bsploao con tremen-
do tragore, rlducondo , a mlnutUalmt
brba-loliljl corpo' dollo avonturato."An-
cho-I dub, cavdlll pttaocntl' al cirro
vonnororldottl ad un Inform'o ammaa-
so dl corn! aangulnolontl.
So la "Consolidated GaB Co." dl Now
York non a! dooldb a" rloonoscoro 1'un-
lono dol buoI opornl, a rlprondoro a
lavoro gll unlonlstl acacclatl ed a con-
codoro un slatomn unlformo dl paga, o
Inovltabllo lo scloporo goncralo o lo
32 mlla porsono lmplcgato od addotto
nlla proparnzlono dol gna dolla gi'ando
Motropoll Innelornnno lo loro occupa-
«•>;*■■♦ *•"♦ if* ♦"^♦^'♦^
♦V/  '"-' °'S ^T^SiS*
ja>^;: ■ Na; dziewi'ata^Roc-im^Kon.""^***!*;
&i\ wencye Dystryktiv'18,' ZJedno-'" ._.♦
♦;■;• crbnych* Gornikow wt<A^.7v.f.r "♦'
.♦.t, - Do mlejscbwycb. unlj *s}r"Dis-" ♦
'&. trykcie . 18 , Zjednbigonych;^
♦^gornikow w Ameryce."^4"' "*'■'""* "^*
♦ ^^"Nihlejszym
♦v'TO-'dzlewiata 'rocisna Konwea--
♦ •'oya Dystryktu 18i';Z.' G.'^W.^-
«♦: A'7 odbedzie. sie,' - w,' ,",Labor\>
%' Temple'," Let"hbridge,:rbzpocz:i' '■<
•»•>,.niefsle o 10 tej,rano7^*Pon.-"'-,
♦ ■ '7 iedzlalelr,*" 19 gb- -Liitego^ '1912 7
♦7,v. WaBZ.delegat lub delega-: ><
♦w cl ppstarac'sie maja kolejne'."'.
♦ .,certyflkaty,.'az'eby-,i)iozna5uzy- "_<
♦ ,tskao' znlzohe., 'ceny^na kole- .<
"•*;jach. *     ' *    -,   7* ".'-.' ;";
♦ " Zwfaca sie- u\vage*na arty-' '<
♦ kol- 7, Paragraf 2 1 3; Dystryk-, •
-♦;.tu IConstytucyl, ktora wyjasni ->
♦ w sprawach odnoszacych.sie" •
♦i , kbnwenyj.' *   ' •
♦ - ;,' r y W. B; POWELL,' ' '"/ ,-
♦'"   ' ' .jv    ,7 Prezydent. -<
♦ . ,"A. J. CARTER,      S
♦ ' -     Sekretarz. - •
--*•"    7} 7-     PRZED NAM!      '     \  ■
'Socya'lizm, jest swiadomem usllowan-
Jem do zaprowadzenia harmonijhej,
uorganizbwariej, kooperatywy^ .wszyst-
ldch obywateli/w mie.isce ob'echej nie-
porzadnej'idzi kiej kbnkurenc'yi, ktora
odbywa zie w ten sposob, ze jednl
staja do walkl doskonale uzbrojeni, a
d"ru'dzy,,sa~ skrepowani gorzej, niz.lan-
cuchami.'       ,,"■*, ,7..-
. Z - tego punktu widzenia socyalizm
jest w drodze do salozenia fundamen-
tow Bocyologil," jako prawdziwej nauki,
ktora pozwoli' ludziom, za pomoca zu-
pelnego zro.zumienia przyszlosci i ter-
a'znejszosci,—przewidziec i tem samem
nagiac-.do. swoich p'otrzeb—przyszlosc,'
—zupelnie'.tak samo jak dzisiaj astro-
nomia. jest w. sti nie, z cala doklad-
noscia przewidziec zjawienie sie kom-
ety.'.albo zacmienie slonca.
■ Zatem -wiec, socyalizm w sze rok-
iem' slowa:'teg'o znaczeniu, -nie jest, jak
tb wielu sadzi, litylke marnem stara-
nlem sie, o^-polepszenie warunkow
pracy-robotnikow, ale'dazy do zniszc-
zenia roznic'kiasowych I -umozliwienia
kaz dej jednoste'e osiagniecia zadowo
lenia swoich potrzeb,';   7.  '  •  7
Obecny socyalizm-p'robuje zba dac i
dostarczyeprawdziwych . wy ja'snien
budo'wy spoleczenstwa iwykazac kaz-
dy stopieii w'diugln lancuchu rozwoju
ludzkosci,—poczawszy od, st-anu," gdy
zemiari "wszysfkoT co'na15fej^naieiaio
Best Cure Fir Skin Sons
\Aa illustration o^the way In which,
Zam-Buk cur*»ieven.t£e|most.BeTipua-
and-chronlc'caees.of ulcfere',-erup'tlbns-
' and- sores"Is ^provided by.,Mr: R.-H."
Barker, of"Glenjcalrn,'Ont. He Baya:-V-
\ '-" I -would not "ti-avebelieved that aoy.;
femody could ;Cure,BO."quickly, and at.
the same 'time so effectively, as Zam-;
"Buk cured'm«.' (- y.
-'-• "My face-became' covered with .a-
kind of Tash," which itched and'irritated. This rash then turned to aorea,-
-whlch discharged!freely'^ and "began^to
"apread. |I .firet 'tried' one 'thing and'
then another, but nothing eeemed to
dome any gbpd.'.a'ndrthe eruption got
worse and 4 worse,- until my face waa
Juwt covered with ."running eorea.'
' "Apart" from the pain (-which,waa.
very bad);"my-'face "waa'auch a terrible sight that. I;,was-not fit .to go
out   This waa my state when eome
one 'advised me" to try Zam-Buk. -1-
got a,eupply, and, "marvellbua as It
may sound,  within * little under; a
month every eore on my face .waa
bealed.   I was so amazed that I* have
told the facta to several persona, and
I have no objection to your stating my
experience ^for' tho benefit ot other
*. z&m-tBuk la purely herbal ln com-
position, and is ithe Ideal balm for
tables and young children, for whoso
tender skin coartwi ointments -are so
dangerous. Zam-Buk.Is a sure euro
for cold sores, chapped hands, frost
bite, fblood-ipolson, varicose*, sores,
plleB, scalp sores, ringworm, Inflamed
patches, babies', eruptions and chapped
places, cuts, burns, bruises and skin
Injuries generally. All druggists and
, stores sell at" BOc. box, or poat fr«e
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon re-
'ceLptof priced Refuse harmful aub-
nie'zmnlejszac, co ,'do czasu,—co przy-
czynisie NIE DO UJARZMIENIA, a do
wyzwolenia indywidualizmu jednostek,
ktore beda posiadaly wlecej srodkow'i
czasu do zajecla sie swojeml osobami.
' ' Nauka przewiduje, ze gdy ludzie raz
zrozumia;*iz"flaleko wygodniej i tapiej
obrocIc!swoja energie na opanowanie
przyrody, zamiast' wydzierac, sobie juz
posiadane dobro, wtedy dojda do prawdziwej ' cywlizacyi. '■ -
, Zlbta epoka nie jest za,-ale przed
nami, Czlowiek nie jest upadlym anio-
lem ale udoskonalona malpa.
Ludzkoscjest j.ii    progu   przewrotu,
ktory- zapowlada lepsza przyszlosc!
List of Locals District 18
,.«J. .    NAME 8EC. and P. O. ADDRB88
29 Dankhoad p,, Wlioatloy, Bnnklioad, Alta.
481 Boavor Crook  p, aauglilon, Boavor Croolt, via Plnchor
431 Bollovuo j, Burke, Bellevue, Frank, Alia.
3103 Blairmoro  B. J. Chauo. Blairmoro, Altn.
049 nurmla Job. . Dorbyslilro, Durmli, AUft.
227 Carbondalo......., J. Lonaborry, Carbondalo, Colomnn, Altn.
a3f)7 Cardiff., ,  J. Poolo,' Cardiff, Alta.
1387 |,Cnnmoro  N. D, Tlinolinlf, Cnnmoro, Alta.
2033 Colomnn W, Grnhnm, Colomnn, Alti.
■ •   ' ' • >        »•>     »W»tJ|     i LIlULLi,   ii,    C.
119,(1' r.hli-onlr Minon ..,,'"Wm, Forp-zlh, Tilnmoni'l   rily, Alt,-).
-   2178   Diamond City Albort Znk, Dlnmond Clly, lethbridge.
2314 , Fornlo Tlioa, Uphill,- Fornlo. B. O.
1263   Frank  O. Nlcol, Frank, Altn.
«4D7..Hoamor W. Baldoratono, Hoamor, n, C.
Iflfift   T1M1rrn*t T n  Tn«m TTi;in..«,j ^j'"
274   Lothbridgo  L. Mooro,  G04, Si>.tc«nth 8t, North r^thbrldgo.
1189  Lothbridgs Colllerloa Frank Barlnghnm, aoc, via.. Klpp, Alta.
1233   Llllo w. L. Evana, Lille, Frank, Alta
' £829   Maplo Loat M. Gllday, Maple Uaf, Hellorue, Alia,
1334   Mlchol  M, Burroll, Michel, B. C.
14   Monarch Mlno.... Horatio Woodlold, Talwr, Alta.
82SJ!   Paaahurg. Robt, Evans, J-naaburg, Alia.
, tm  Royal Vlaw Thoa. fl. Flaher, Royal Colllerlaa. Lethbrtdno, Alta
li)6l>  Tabsr a. Falterwn, Tabor, Alia.
.102  Taber....... J. Cooper, Taber, Alia.
2JM  Lady-ralll*. J, J. Taylor, Ladyamlth, B. C.
2239   Sunwland  Peter M«W Inn, Su'morland, B. C.
872   Wolllngton....... Thoa. Himl, Wolllngton. B. C
2155  Xanlamo ,. Jack Place, Nanaimo, B. C
do wszystkich,—nastepnie, jak skut-
kiem calego.szeregu.gwaltow 1 wojen
(czyli droga rewolucyjna) przeszla we
.wladanie.prywatne, jak jednoczesnie z f
tem^ wyrodzijo'sie niewolnictwo, pan-,
szczyzna,—wolne najemnlctwo;-ri jak
obecne panbw.anio kapltalizmu nie- mo-
zp miec ■ lnnegb, skut ku, Jak tylko
zam Ionic sie - w' socyalizm.
rPrzedmlot,,ktory socyalizm ma na
wldoku, jest ten, aby" przejscle bd kapl-
tallzmu do socyalizmu. odbylo sie za
spraw'a swladomego, zorganlzowanego
,1 lntellgentnego proletaryatu, a nlo
przez luzno grupy nlezadbwolonych, a
clomnych robotnlkow. ,
,' Podbudzanlo przeclw nleBprawIedll-
woscl, obecnego syBtomu produkcyl 1
dystrybucyl jest nlozbodnem, do wy-
Icazanla ludziom, w czem elzy przycz-
yna Ich nodzy 1 do rozwlnlecla w nlcii
godnoscl osoblstej, alo nnjwaznlojsza
rzocza Jost przygotowanlo proletaryatu
aa pomoca organlzacyj zawodowyoh I
polltycznych, do zamlany knpltallzmu
na socyalizm, gdy 1 gdzlo rozwoj okon-
omlczny do togo dojrzown.
Przomlana' tnlc, ,jalt 1 knzda Inna,
odbywa slo przowaznlo droga owo luoyl
nlo wylacznjao tak'zo rowolucyjnych
wybuchow,. potrzebnych tam, gdzlo
owolucya slo, opoznlla,--ponlownz ro-
wolucya tnlc dobrzo w goologll, Jak 1 w'
sooyologll iBtnlnla, Isnlojo 1 Jost nlou'nl-
Przownga JodnoJ, lub drugoj motody
znlozy glownlo od etanu rozwoju dano-
go BpoloczonBtwa I postawy, Jaka zaj.
muja poaladajaco klnsy, wzlodom wy-
mngnn prncujncogo ludu.
Przoz zaprowadzonlo gmlnnych, pro-
wlncyoualnych I iinrodowych Bocyallz-
mow, zwlnennych nnstopnlo mlodJiy.
nnrodowom porozumlo nlom, ludzkoBc
oslngnlo nnroBzelo porzndna budowo,
pozwnlajncn lu dzlom zuzytkownc
Bwoja onorglo na podboj, ?, korzyscla
dla vazystldch boa wyjtalru.
Stnn tnkl flpqloczoiiBtw pozwoli, I
knzda tnjomnlca w ydarja przyrodzlo,
kazdy wynalassok ob'rocl hIo na Itorjiyso
wflyetklch I ulzy JodnostUom obowinz-
kow wzglodora pnnatwn; powrnenjao lm
za kazdym rnzem czaatke Ich Indywid-
iinlnoaol, ktora byla, Jest | bodzlo naj-
wiiziilojBisa rzocza din JodnoBtok.
Ludzkn naturn wyzwolona zo wBtrot-
nyoh jK-t konkuroncyl, przojn znllcnlcclo
JoJ przy Jodnych wnrunkneh, a uregu-
lownnlo w Innych, bozwnrunkowo Btrn-
Znmlnut orrt\-ilo7,<m^ noWtovrlilrJ mi,
rnlnlscl, ro?,umlo nlo nltruhm, nlo'jnko
rzndka cnoln, nlo Jako ogolny Intoros.
takzo I dla Jodnostok.*—zupolnlo tnk
enmo, Jnk w clolo ludzklem wazyatklo
0(1 rlrlf'lno nmnn,' ^linn n i*i .. .      .
Ia ciuguaco aokl, bn dzo malo^konku-
ruja, pomlcdzy aoba, a wlocoj slo ncu-
polnlnja I podtraymuja Jodon druglcgo,
ponlowaz, gdy Jodon nloflomagn, cala
maazyna to odciuwa.
Rowlazanlo kwoatyl koblccol ktora
socyftHttij podjal 1 mual pomynlnlo rot-
wlaaae, praynleet* olbrzymlo. n dobro-
Mjmno ekutkl dla obn pki,
Tnklm ipoaobetn aocyallzra nlo wr-
two«y aowyth elourow I oho wiaikow
pracy, ate je od «jtm«go poczatfcu zm-
ntojixy, roaliladAjao eprawl^ilUI**-. a
nastepnie te obo wiatkl I cletary tact-
*., *
Chicago u'resniSuje misel, da naj bo-
do nage sole obenem tudi' druzabna
sredisCa in javna zbiraliSca. Po Solah
se sedaj prir'ejajo * predavanja' prav
razlicne' vsebirie," ti5o5e se splosnega
ljudskegablago'stanja. V solah "se
prirejajo.igre in.plesi za mladino pod
-dobrim4=!iadzGrstvon*7. Skratka.-^uOla
postaja TsrediSce bkolu katerega*' se
giblje vse dru2abno 2ivljenje.""' In, to
je prav! '"".Zakaj riajnasa stevilna'ln
draga ■ golska poslopja stoje przna- po
18'ur.na, dan "In brez vsake koristl za
skupnost, katerajih -vzdr.iuje "z ogro-
mniml'stroSki?" -""'',
! ,To je ysekakor dobra Ideja, a ne
smemo mlslltl, da se je ta Ideja poro-
dlla.v korumplraneni* Chlcagu, ampak
je vzrastla na bujnlh sbcialisttCnlh tleh
>v" Milwaukee, kjer so zacell"ondotnl
sodrugl to ldejo realizovatl, kakor hlt-
ro so prISll ha krmllo. ' Da pa ta ideja ni tnko sploSna, tlCl vzrok v veli-
kom nasprotovanju toj Idejl od stranl
kapItallstlCnega Cnsoplsja v .Milwaukee
Cudno Be nam zdl, zakaj toj ldejl chl-
kasko 5asoplsjo ne nasprotuje, Brez
dvojbo zato, ker uvldeva vollkl vzgo-
jevalni pomon te idojo ln kor so so
zayzoll za njo nosoclaliatl.
Polcg te akcljo so jo v zadnjom
casu sprejola §o mnrslkatora druga
onako korlstna soclnllstlCna Ideja krl-
item Amorlko, ln prl VBakem taken*
slufinju, jo Ca'soplRjo potuhnjono zamol-
•Jnlo, odkod Ideja Izvlrn, To dojstvo
pa-S ka2e, da soclallstl nlmnjo tako
8laboga programa, kakor trdljo njogovl
The Paper that gets there
/■ ■ -i. ----ii,
Koko nonaBlten In brozobziron Jo
dnnos postal kapltnllzbm v Izkorl&Co-
vnnju dolnvcov, ltn-Xo Jnano nnBlodnjo
nnm poelano p'orofillo:
Search, noobuch ft Co,, Chocngo, III.,
kl Imn zapoBlonlh okrog 8000 dolnvcov,
jo Izdnla Ifltlm propovod, da si noben
dolavoo no smo Itl po plvo opoldudno
v ono aalono, kl so oddnljonl nmiij Icot
osom blokov; knr Jo tollko kakor po-
polnn propovod. Prvl proatopok pon-
nmoznoga dclnvea zonor to "postavo"
knznujo kompnnljn t dpnnrno globo
14.00, nko so la "groh" prl onomlnls-
torn dolnvcu ponovl, iHlogn broz ubidII-
Jonjn odslovljo. Vzrok tomu arcrtn-
Jovofikoniu uknzu jo dojstvo, da Jo oni-
onjona druXbn ustnitovlla Inatno rostav-
rncljo tor hoSo svojo dolavco inornlno
prlsilHI, da pljojo mosto plvo kompnnl-
j«ko knvo, mloko nil PnJ. Kor Jo pol-
en plvo noknk prlboljfiok prl skrom-
nom koollu, Jo voeinn dolnvcov olifiut-
no prlzndotn.
KapUallsttc no pljavko nlso zailovol-
(no t, offrnmhlm dobldkom, kl fttx 11m
donaSnJo tlsofil trplnov a evojlm d-j-
lorn, no, ono liocojo ao voc: a rnznlml
"riki" hocujo iz <U*lavstva prtsllttl fie
iistih p.nr bornh untor, Imttre so do
lavel projoll kot plnco. To jo tlsta
tollko hviMllHaiiu nit4a nvoboilal Iro-
<]f Advertising that advertise^ is the
sort desired by persons seeking
publicity for their wares.,
Cf Selecting- the medium is import-
ant-^the publication that . reaches
the, people —the wage-earners-;—
should appeal to the, discriminate
purchaser of space.
1 ,7 "*1 * .
<a J v '
, Cf Its aii easy .matter to.acquire
space in a paper but its another
point to,get adequate returns from
the outlay. 7 *
„ Cf Advertisements n that sell goods
are the .ads that change often and
^^lULditeTiii. tJKji. c o uing^i caumg "lruiirTimtJ^
to time^ giving facts and figures'. '.
Cf . Any^arrangerheht of type matter.
; andv words, in a .paper is not, adyer-
j tising. A well written and; neatiy
. displayed ad is a source of informal
tion that will not be easily passed-
undiscovered. Discover your business with the use of Printers -Ink,
Cf Get acquainted with your custom
mers, meet them weekly through
the columns of this paper, gain their
confidence through doing as you
advertise to do and when you do
this you have gone a long way towards "being a success.
Cf Let the new-comers know,who
you are and advertise your business.
Cf The District Ledger has the
largest circulation in tho Pass and
should bo your special medium to
tell your weekly story. Just try—
can't tell until you try.
tun er Ohio, mv«» 7M.no.» „
l.iaiCuiMt, fw,
ruAMi J. cm-irr tmltt ostl, that tu> l« trtilo.
porlr.fr nt ihe nrm nt V. J. CtitXRi a fn,, (li.lnt
b'Jilom in IM Oif nl TaMA, CSounlv ».,.) jhut.
i(f.rnai<t, »nd Out ctl.l tin* will u»y tlw Kim <.l
r\r, wsrtni n tuim tiw Mr "JT'ii jh.i .. „.t,/
"«■* jf (.'U4HIIII tlut r^iiiibi lw turcu by lb. tut tf
rnAUK j.riiFNKY.
»«.Hf* In Uluf« I.*- uul »jt«.,|W»i m nif trfrwrn*.
tliM Uli toy titIifn-«iH*r, A. !».. l»«n,
, — •— 1 A. W. OI-KAWN.
-} **»-. ff Nw«l» I'tMi&
ir»ni r»Hn* Cm* M utm friWnnirr »f,rt tm
aii».*«»f n-flii llw ftf.vttl KAit Whlrtun tutfutt l)t tM
*ww».  i***«t J(V trttli!w.m>, tr»r.
.       f. i. VUKKTM m Wu T**i*t,, O
.«i t>* *!l Stnttrnu, J h*.
Complete Job department
A rfr9**/%t*X} riff f*f\wA**A*M4*4f*ff4Jr\+« «>  4/\
The District Ledger
/ ,*■>-*-
i -* •
i * f *-
'■*■-" V
•*                  *■           -.      ,
ff v  '
fy- V.
V- **
1    ■**■*.       s
*■-- ^f"' /Stf> y';]■**"*# ".•*-■*■-„--?' ■-1*,    ; l" 7 v-:.---.v..*-1 * **r-yy7y '    - , ^yy.,y>A'"--"f-7-- ^
*■""77*7;'" '*'"-'7-"'"'    ; yS~- y-.". 7.- "**. - '*■ 77*-"-"'Vy'""., :**y   '■ , -**- 7 .. J~y -i;* "7V"-', I
7*' * _7" 7r ;.,    -■ - _,   i 7 „•   ■'.. y , * ' ■=. i- y-'  , ,- ; *~„, J;-,' * •„. 7 y - -,  **■'"   y_. ]
Dry Goods
\                  T.
, ^
■** ;   - ■" COAT SALE      .
Further reductions have been made on" all ccats
; still on hand. What this means is impossible to con-
' ceive without seeing them.   They include coats of
all sizes for children from two years up; coats for
young ladies and coats for all sizes of women.
o ^    >*     Ct **
' Attractive little Frocks for children from two to
fourteen ■ years. One-piece Dresses in Delaine,
Serge and fancy materials. Sailors and Middy
Suits in plain colors and in combination of plain
and.plaids, all at Sale Price*.     .«
.. $2.75 WOMEN'S BLOUSES    7     $2.75
' Made from figured, striped.and bordered Delaines. , A good assortment of, the right styles.
Sizes up to 42 bust. -   Regular value to $4.00
Sale Price .............."   '$2 75 >
Knitted ,Toques, the* long style, assorted "colors','
.25 each.  , ' ,7 . '.,. .
•rt ■*, v '
i i    * ,        - ' '
' These garments, are actually selling for less than '
-50 per cent'regular prices.     Good,* full sizes'in'";
.White, Pink and Blues. ' *    ,
Sale Prices :..... ■ .75, $1-.00,*.$1.25, $1.50 •
CHILDREN'S GOWNS, all sizes.*..;  .50 and .65,
,**   For either boys or girls, sizes for.childrenTfrom -
'two'to twelve years in; navy with-cardinal trimm-
' ings,  or "cardinal •with navy  trimmings,  billed;"
"Norfolk'and'loose'coat-effects.' " ,
. ■' \; Sale "Price-....'...:...,\,75,\ $1.00,, $1.25. -   ,
Every Section has; rare barings for pay^iis^r that
sure lengthen ypiirfpurse Jstriixgs. f 1^^ i|Jthe
time to make ey&r^ceh^g^
Men's ISeCtiori
■V <■> i.'
Something in Every Line
" 7 ' "7 < '        " '"\['r    ,.y
.Fleece lined Vests and Drawers, ranging from
.25 to .88 a garment.
An extra, heavy Fleeced Teat and Drawers at .50,
either White or gray. ;
r      ..i.l
Union and all-wool knitted Underwear .811» .85.
Combinations at.8,5 and $1.25,
"     ■  <; - •      •     ■' . ' *-"*'
, Children's Vests and Drawers from. .15 to .45
a garment in all sizes.    ,
'   For girls from eight to fourteen yearsit "Colors, J,"
navy/brown, gray and cardinal, **, Regular $2.75
value.-7 7-  -        *      „-.,.-   v.' ; ;,•   •*   ' ■"
'■''ciaii'we* ;...,....*..;;./..;:.r...;; $i.» ;
'  '      WOMEN'I SWEATllfl
BELTED NORFOLK and Loose Coata, with poe-: "
kets;, colors, navy and cardinal. l*     ,7   \  , .
'■'.''.'.Wi. Pricty.,.^:;. ........... $1.W
•*-'•'''-Mbu'inoiAirn* *
Ends of. Dress goods in iengtha suitable lor any. .
' requirements.   Remnants of Wash Dress materials, . --
Flannels, Muslin Wrapperettes,-etc..,,    ' ;-  .
1 >* * r
> ->•>■? - -
...    7     ' > ..'  - '■*•   -'-.-. "*■--'   7,>
In addition to tha Sptcial Pricaa advertised lMt
we^k we hara the f bllowinf, and many othws worth
your consideration. :    ■ .:.
.'•'Men'a Heavy Wool Sox,, seamless feet, whitei toe
and heel.    Ipociftl 0 fr. ftr^.W.  .
" /
Turkeys, per lb.   ..,'.-. ,*-.' 1..... :.
'   Bird Seed, per ,1, lb. package.. *.....' 7:.
[., ,'. Liquid*Bluing; pints, 2-for .'....-.'.'.7.7.
Quaker Oats, 2 lb. package'...'...... .*:.....
,.    Banner Oats,'4 lb. package; 2 for ...	
- ■'Granulated,Oatmeal, 7.*lbs.lfor. ....:. .77
*>' '' Fussel's-Butterfly Milk, per tin ."...'. .y,
Fresh'Ground -Mocha and Java, 2 lbs for
Bacherts;Coffee Essence, per dqz 7....".
v- 'Franks'Coffee'Essence, 2[packages for 7
' Baker's. Cocoa, 1, lb.* tin' ..' "... .7,
"Sterling Brand-Extract, 4 oz. for *.
Lombard PlumbsJ' -2 tins" for .-: '..",
Apples;- evaporated, 3 lbs. for _': ... "y
*   Prunes,:90-100,'per lb .'....'......',
.   ' Cooking ^Figs, 3 lbs. for --.......'.'
" Finnan" Haddie'' '2 'lbs.' for-':.[': IS y. ...
.Salt Herrings,.per lb	
.    .25
.', .10 "
. ', .25.
.• .10"
;•  .25
. - .25
. ' .05
.-   !75*
s .55-:
.    .25  ,
7 .25'
." .25
7 .10
7. .25
.    .10 *
, .   , • y- i\y • * -•*.•"■ **;
*■' Gold Standard JellyTdwders, 4!for7." !-
'-   "Wagstaffs Marmalade',' 5 lb."tins for .."..".
,-   Small* and Medium Hams; per*lb7r-
;-   , Banquet' Bacon; per lbV'.V.-:.'.'. ::-:\";'.\ -.; r.
-,- Ferriie"Maecarpni;-22,lb.T)bx-f6r .'.': .VIS.
":. Fernie Maccaroni; 1 lb;*'packages ......'".
""*   Orange' arid Lemon Peel, 2 lbs. for	
Pork and Beans, 2 lb; tins, 3 for ... .7
,  v Sunlight^and Lifebuoy Sc-ap, 6,bars for    — ,.
,-,;  Pears Uns'eented Toilet Spa'p;-2:for ''.•][;.. ,S.. •"■ .25; •
,•:- Baby's.Own Toilet Sokp, per box'-i... 7 ....   • ".*30.
, ■ Canada Corn Starch, 3" for'...'......'..."... 7    .25   *
Ivory Gloss Laundry-Starch, per -package. 7.-   .10- .;
.' -. Salt,3, lb. packa'ge,..4. for.,-.: ".....-'.. .7,., .25^ >
'," * Lyle's English'jSyrup^4-lb: tin ...'..:. i:.y.y .40: .5
'■"•'' i Tomatoes^2 lb: tins, 2^or'. .'.*.'..... .\ .y... ■"'■;*'.-25;">
- Letitruce,'" per;nb  .. .1..... ...S .' . 7..'.'. .7   .30 -7
*' .65
, .10,,
Celery, 2 lbs,for ...
> [ 'Men's light Grey Puw Wool'Sox, heavy,weight:
t -.'"' 7W   .:  ■■ 7 7-'^ -.    ,   -- -  ■, "-    •- ''■■' *
Men's extra Heavy Ribbed Sox, the best Sox we
- carry, wilf be sold 8 pr. for $100. -^
" '   " ' *■*!. '■*'-   ••■'/ '.   - .- v yy    •*■ '  7 •   ■
Men *s -,f ine * quality Pure Wool' Cashmere „ Sox,
" seamless.*fee't; 'pur^regular, 50c.. Sox, -will be sold    *
Special 3 pair for $1.-00. y '. 7 .   ,7
*   ",'t -, • 7 ' "~,is" *' '*■-*..
7 'v. :y ^ - -    HERE'S A GOOD BUY, '-> ' '- ;■";/*
,- Men's heavy Flannelette'Shirts, collars attached; >
assorted colors and patterns, "all sizes".'Special 75c!
yeach..... ,,     '.>:■..      ;■    '•       7'',    \t    7, r.*,-,
7   y       •     '        "      - -.'.-.    >?"
70ur Entire Stock of Clothing,* including Men's   *
.Youths', Boys5 and Children's Suits and Overcoats,    ,
are marked at very, attractive^prices.  You will find, .*..
WE "carry the best'grade of clothing,^the style and* ;•
workmanship'of our garments is of the best.    Buy , ■
your clothing how and save dollars.   J,.,'        .>
},\§t \ SHOE  DEPARTMENT 7   V   ',
Our last week's offerings are still  on ^sale,  and-
. .also many additional bargains.
Don't'fail tb see "The Delhi Durbar',"
atlhe Isis on Sunday night. -,-•*"- •■'"•
..Messrs Trites and Bleasdell.:.have
left for Victoria on civic business.
S. H.' Truck, timber crusher, for the
coal co., iB laid'up' with;a "sprained
ankle. ,,
THfeSOCIALlst PARTY       ,o .
*"•-•:". ";  '"'IN THE FIEUP
iJ -
Word has been received that a law
library will bo placed in the Court
House here, This will fill a long-felt
,, ..The'.Socialist-,Party of* Pernio 'have*
decided to put'a candidate iu the flold
in the forthcoming Provincial election,
and are la.communlcatlori with' several
auie and prominent /members of tha
party .'with a view to'select'ing a candidate;'-' In the'-'event of Fornlo becoming a'two 'seat constituency at ttie re-'
distribution, a second canmdate will
be solectad.
Frlonds of Mr. and Mrs, Louis Beal
wl|l regret to hear of the death of their
daughter, Maudo, who passed away on
Monday last.   .
Mesdamos Wallace, Kluor, Johnson
and Irvine entertalnoda large gathering of friends on Wednesday night at
Victoria Hall.
♦ A A A.A.A A k Ait \k1rkMt1ilr
3, A, Broloy lias left for a business
trip to Ottawa.
J. Woods, tho well-known cutorer,
will be In charge ot tbo refreshment
cduntor and cigar stand at Victoria
Hall on Burns* Nicht, January, 215.
Mrs. J. Carmlchaol waa a Hosmer
visitor on Thursday last.
Thoa. Robertson, of tho Crow's Nost
Trading Co., has boon lnld up with
an attack of tonsllltUB.
The- throo Hindus, who are' held for
assault and robbery, were sent up for
trial by Magistrate Whlmster. -They
elected to bo tried by jury and will
appear at tho SpMng Assizes.
A Fancy Dross Skating Carnival 'n
aid of tho City Band, will tako plnco
at tho' Rlnlc on Wodnosdny evening
noit. s
The parties' Oulid of Ohrlut Church
(Anglican) will glvo a'danco nt Victoria Hnll, on Tuosilay next, Dane*'
lng will <|on*raence at 9 p.m. Oontlc-
men's tickets $1.50.,  ,.
On Friday night, Jan. 10th,' MIrh
Harriet Hamilton bntortnlncd a pnrly>
of friends nt bor home on Mcl-hornon
Avonuo, tho occasion bolng,the return
of hor brother' Hnns from Vancouver,
Mr. 8nm I-hllllps Jr. (Annox)1 who
wont into tho hospital Inst Monday,
suffering fron*. ,t|*o pffecti" of frostbite,
Ih, wo nre plensM to sa*/, .recovering
rapidly, and bopes 'noon to bo
convalescent,    •'   ■"■
,Tho Royal Moolwyn Male Choir,'the
renowned Welsh singing combination
is to give a recital at tho Presbyterian
Church on Wednesday, Jauunry '24,
at 8 p.m.
< Tho Minneapolis Tribune had thin
to say on tho occasion ot its visit, to
Minneapolis: "The Moelwyn Male
Choir of twenty-six voices, under* the
ablo direction of Mr, Cadwaladlr Roberts sang the inspiring choruses with
a vigor and expression that found a
ready response iu tho applauso of the
listeners," \
Tho choir aro touring Canada under
the direction of Mr. Clarence Robson,-
who waB bo closely Identified with the
World's Tour -of the famous Shofflold
Tho|r appearaijlco horo Is under tho
auspices of the J-resbyt'orlrin Church,
and they nre to bo glvon grant crodlt
for bringing to Pernio at an enormous
oxponBO such a world famous aggregation, '  '   '
^   _..
We nro ploasod to sny'lhnt*Mrs. '8.'
JonhlnjiB, of tho Waldorf Hotel, who
Iiiih' boon Borloimly III for somo .time,
la ranking satisfactory progress, toward
AtchJ McLean, builder nnd rontrnc-
torV Is Jawny again with- hla gang ot
melt nt) Wnldo, putting on the finish-
IntfUouHfls of tho new C. P. U. ntii-
Geo. Muo".Ior, at one tlmo connected
with'tho staff of tho Fornlo Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Fernio, Is visiting friends
In town for a fow days. Ooorgo Is
now in business at Winifred, Alta.,
where he Is successfully conducting-a'
hotel. ••*.      *■   "*
Mr and Mm. I*. Deal wish to express tbelr gratitude for tbe kindly
■ympathlDt shown tunm durln* their
recoot <*.d bercavoraeut.
George V. crowned Emporor of India nt'bolhl' Two hundred princes
of, India and tholr suites, with ono
thousand elephants, Most gorgeous
spectnclo of.the.Inst dcondo,    All to
Cunflny nlghl.
Wrf are reauested to'anhounco'tlmt
mon looking' for work In tho conl
mlMiJ- are advlsod to konp away from
ii      r<-..    >,  Tt*-"'   n~-i  >'!•••   ->   r)-„l-.
more,' as tho minors are only getting
half- time owing to tho fact that It U
overcrowded,   ,   .
At the dance (0 bo given by Fernie
Dnnclng Alterably on tho nbovo data
special rnunle -will b© supplied for the
Scotch Danoe'i, 7 This event will come
off at the Victoria Hall, and Mow balling; from the laud o- the thistle will
not bo slow to take advantage of this
opportunity of commemorating the an*-
nlversary of their native poet
Plremsn Killed—Englnear-s Miraculous
Tho'Westbound Flyor, travelling nt
Bomowhoro about fifty miles aji hour,
camo into collision with a crane on
tho lino nt Sparwood, A wrocklng
crow wns nt "work and it Is evident
tbat a the crane ws, forgotten .to bo
of tho train. Thn cab was r,nmpln*«ly
wronlcod. '<" Thoilflrernnn'wnB thrown
out and fatally^ Injurod., and tho en:
glneer had n miraculous escape-. The
fireman was-tnkon to Mlahpi but bo-
forh r**>(-rhln«r thnt plnco' flrp-lw-d nn
tho way.        , , .
■ RoaiDns pass, n. a, Jan. ic—ex-
port Airman Jackson, of Rovelstoko,
was killed and a bralcomun and throo
foreigners, section men, are reported
"missing since T-.KO Eturjdny morning
when a inowsll^o hit w wracking train
jfrom RoveltU)k» which waa on Ha way
to assist troln "So, 4 from.Vancouver
which was derailed about five mllos
west < of Bear Creek, early Sunday
■ t
■ i
■ t.
■ < .*
• t
■ c-
■ t
■ t"
■ <
• t
■ t
■ (
■ <
• t
• (
• <
• t
■ <
■ (
• (
• <
• t
• (
• <
• (
■ <
• t
• (
• t
• (
• (
• t
■ (
• •"
■ (
■ (
■ (
• t
>•< ,
■ t
• <
■ **■'
■ I
■ <
■ t
• t.
• t
'•,-,,, .^,^,1,, K^.i^-^s'--.*--^. "t-y , rf
«' Ku "fi ';^Vf-.;
* \ \"»*L
V *
..:...**. p..
Western Canada's Great Northern City
11   . Now Cities always mean-new fortunes tovthoso
* , who nro fortunate enough to got in at tho beginning. Tho beginning of things is always tho timo
to mako monoy. In opening'up tho groat Northern
part of Western Canada, knownas tho PoacoRivor
Country, there are moat ccrtaija to be ono or two
largo cities.    Cities aro always placed whoro Na-
•-.. turb And tlio railroad hayoTde'oided"tli'oV location.
y Tho Oaiiadiari Northibrri' Railway witht'their usual
clinrnotoristio foresight   havo   chosen   Athabasca
■ -"Landing as a'central pointMn'tho VifctWork'bE'frail-"
wnj'o oponing up tlio North of-Alborta.' ,; Thoy havo
',1  ,   i*-■."*,■•■ 1      T     "   \   !■> I*
rk*+kirki<irk*irkii*1^ *,A » * A,
- • i--*
••■; *!:
1   !:■;
,, * )■>■
• )•
'** >■
- )■
. >■
. \-<
,* ■"•*
., >.
*■ >■
• i >•
.. ' >•
■ >■
- >•
, )•.
, >•
• >•
. , »•
■It is.located just a quarter of a milo from tho ori-
- ginal townsito .and tho Hudson Bay sold tho lots
ranging as high" as $1,400.00 oaoh'.    Wo aro offer-"
ing thoso lots'at-$200 to $225 each on easy-terms;"
ono quarter cash and tho.balance in 6, 12 and 18
months. "
___ ''     *
The Investment Opportunity
of a Lifetime
i '-.■
' ohoKon this point, because, dwing to itrt stratagotical
position it is tho point whoro''"Rail moots Sail,"     7citicB",    An >vcstor   to-day .is,, gotting   jn. n
ithoro bong 3000 milcs:of,nayigablo water with ad-       "Ground Floor" prices,    Lots 'that woro soil',
u bong
ditional advantages of natural gns and coal, and.
)argo thnb'or limits along, t)io rjvfirs which already
'given employment to large numbfirB.of,mc,n..,  v;;,,,
l      Gateway "Heights
Athabasca  Landing    !'
i' Gateway Hoights is beautifully located, occupy-
"v    ' 'l • ' I • 1     ' '       ' I 1.
Ultf ll uimiiimiuUu£.itutiiuvu,rtiii.Hi juu £\t».<«. »i>n.Lf
iliti view of Ihii -jn^in'4,l,fJH/iiV> Wi^.^'-i rivci'.
At)iabasca Landing possesses all tho combined advantages and, facilities .that tend to. make largo
in Edmonton, Saskatoon, .Lothbridgo and Calu; irv a
fow years ago,at $?P0.00,oaoh aro now worth fronv
$2,000.00 to IH5,000.00 daeh.'' If''you have missod
Ihis jopportunity,, yot; must not fail to. got in on
this ^opportunity, you*'must not fail to got in on
Athabasca Ijan'dihg, ' Further particulars'" 'from""'"'
Mcdutehoon Bros,„r-t-their .Fonyo -Officoi:,.-. Rend-
Office Calgary, Alborta, other branch offices at
Tc-i-iyiilo, Erantfcril, Edwonlon, RcgSn'a, MoLc Ja'lv,
uiu] yf'mtiiffld',
'-■'.V'f.j''' ;"'
TV/rxr* T TTP U JS Cl TVT   RP fYC
\ r  iv
• ' '. .1 < ; -   t < ■ y ' t\. '      il
X^JLH  ,   ,JUI'A^\«>'K./a
I . v i I '      ^
I)K!ATr-On Monday, hn. 15, Maude,
dauxhter of Mr and Mr*7 L. Baal, me
12. Funeral took place bn Wednesday
at 2.80 from Anglletn-Ohnreh.
or Cyphers' Incubators Irt' Rood condition; alio 0 Indian l\annor Ducks.at\d
Drake, and 200 While Orpington Pullets,    Albeit Davit.*-*, Ferule, U, C.
.Don't forget to patronise tbe Fancy
.,    . -f ....,
Dress Carnival at the Rink on the 94th,
. •-V?   '
for the Town Band badly news yeur
auj-uott,..,, »,^,-....,-7 ,
-. We understand. that,-t"hflr»7wH*j.bil
great doings when, a <^rtaW:liidermaa;
returai'to tbe aristofcratlo quarto}*, et-
tlio^towa, ...WfttcU.ouLi^-.y,   ..,,;' £


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