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The District Ledger 1911-05-06

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■•7    '-A
4^ Lt_•^S^''* ■■'; :;*/f;*l
i ,,   .-./
■v Industrial Unity, is Strf_«cth »7- ••*--.     - •-„.-- •_
■^^■^^"^^"^■"^^^■^^ —p _____*-**-__» '■"•I-—
,   7 The Official Organ of, District- No. 18. U. M. W.. of A.
Political Unity is Strength   ,;'
$1.00 A YEAR
M§fc fee ;R(&
iimeffs- C®innip@ii_§mflE©ir_ Case to
Ba HteaurdLlby Frwj Gimadl
1   **■ ""ci
Prominent Lumber
■*   ',   ** .-* , J     i.
Merchant's Views
■'-..j&nii.the Situation
7    P.„Lund, of'the Crow's Nest Pass
Lumber Co., who-is an old timer in the
Canadian and American West, arrived
• in Winnipeg recently. Mr. Lund camo
to Fargo, North* Dalcota. from Sweden;
when he was about six years old, and
.    was. .raised in.: the Red River Valley.
,.   HO, remembers the Custer * massacre
-    and the first and second Riel, rebel-
**•   lions, both vividly.    Mr. Lund was ro-
, ^ Bldent'in Montana at.the.time of the
f flrst'Rlol rebellion;, and at the*,time of
the tragedy In the Little-Big Horn Val-
y  ley he was .living at a point. ,only_ fifty
'  . miles, away, along the Yellowstone. ''I
.    have,"- said Mr. Lund,; af ter 'describing
j.    incidents of his western career, "spent
- .my life in the'country between the Red
7 River-• and .the Pacific? coast,-on both
"sides of.the line.*'    *  .        , .'■   •'
". ; -   Mr. P. Lund helped in the building of
'.-,-the .Crow's,.Nest' Pass'*railroad;  and
■7previous,to*,the time he embarked.in
'   the lumber business about nine .years
-,' ago, he was identified' with railway
construction work.  .; Besides his connection *-.with  the - Crow's. Nest Pass
, Lumber Company, he is,also president
■^of. tlie .Western Canada" Lumber, Com-
..'. .'"pany.     Mr. Lund thinks that" the reciprocal agreement-will have very lit;
-'-'*■"■" tie "-effect on the lumber market.*____
. Coal Miners' Strike Serious  .
-As tothe'present strike of the British Columbia coar'miners, Mr. Lund
said: I'That strike will affect the public pretty soon,'1 if it is not adjusted.
I think both sides are determined to
hold out,until matters are adjusted lh
a tsatisfactory • manner.' Still," it ls
plain; that neither the men nor' the
managers, of the" mines can afford to
continue the strike" any longer than Is
absolutely necessary.1 The men cannot stand .being., out' of; employment
very long without suffering great hardship, and the ■ mine operators cannot
stand a long strike, as the mines are
yet In the expensive -development
period. '-• ' ■ V.   * •' -     * ''
. "A project i of some" interest * upon
which the C. P. R. has embarked is the
building of "the-Kootenay Central,
which runs 208 miles, from Wardner
to Golden, on ' the main line of - the
C. P. R. Contracts are let for about
30 miles at each end of the line, which
it is expected will be'finished in two
years.-7 It taps a fine country, rich
in such minerals as leadj' silver, and
some "gold.' "Speaking of gold," tliere
is considerable'quartz mining done yet
Jn__the_JKootena y»"
,     r     'y_*K-..t..t**TO__'- ■'
J, N. Squires, sales manager with
the Evely Sales ,Co., Calgary, is conducting an absolutely genuine lock-
stock-'and-barrel sale bf stock, fixtures
on behalf of Miss L. Euler, who has
decided to retire from' the millinery
business- In   the city'of' Fernie.   .
Unparalleled bargains -offered that"
cannot'fall to.appeal toi the economically inclined, as well as to those of
artistic taste.
This sale begins at 8 o'clock, Saturday, morning and will continued until
every ntrlcle, is disposed, of. ■ The
earlier attendants .will have the great
est .choice to. ■ select from, therefore
the advice is„to remember that "Procrastination is the thief of time," and'
be on'hand promptly "at ,8.      ',   ''.c"
".7*h7 ■ f * ■.,*■_.   ,'**---
, 7*. LATROBE,'April 2*—That tW'great
■ - ^ifldustriar conflict-Jjd . W^tmoreland'
county,,which has raged fof'inore than
- .a year, Is being renewed .with Increas-
';  ed, enthusiaBm'. was ''demonstrated "by'
. tho greatIcelebratlon*, that took place
here., '_.',..        .    j;. .
■„'-■  '..    :. .Spectacle Imposing,
• ,   Five thousand mlnerB fro*m, this soc-
- *. tion of the strike field and over two
thousand women and children were .in
-line when the * parade started from
' McCheBnoytown.  The procession waa
headed by the United Mine Workers'
military band bf Loyalhanna, and. five
"other hands from 'different towns followed. ''•'■' It was an Imposing specta;
'  cle .to Bee'these men, women and chi.
>    dren who havo stood, to loyally by
„ their union abow so much enthusiasm
' and they surely demonstrated that'the
Btrlko Ib oii'the renewed vigor.;
»    Aftor marching ovor the principal
streeta of Latrobe' a large mass meeting was held in Showalter's Thoatro.
Tho Chambor of Commcrco, tho clergy
and. all public spirited citizens wero
aokod to nttond tlio mooting and many
responded' to  .ho request.,   Cleorgo
Thonipspn, president" of Local Union
No. 405, was temporary chairman of
tho mooting.
Bittner and Feehan 8peak
VIco-ProBldont Blttnor was then In-
Introduced txt tho pormnnont chairman
who.nftor a short nddross, Introduced
President Feehan of District No. (5
Prosldont Pcohan mado nn lntoroBtlns?
Ho dwelt uport tho trials of tho min-
,   ors, their wIvob nnd fnmllloB, nnd tho
awful Buffering endured by Ihem.    Ho
niBiirod lho mon nnd womon thnt tho
organization wiib wllh thom If It took
flvo yonr» lo win the Btrlko,  HI* address wna ..rooted with Ihunderoufl np*
, pinnae.
Vlco-ProBlilont Hayco wna tho noxt
Bpciikor. This wnn tho first lnrgo moot*
Ing of this kind slnco the Innugnrn
tion of (ho Btrlko that ono of tho International offleora attondod. Vice-
Pronldmit IlnyoA nasured tho atrlkora
Hint tho Intornntlonnl orgnnlznllon waa
with them to tho lnnt ditch nnd would
oxcrt till tho powor and Influonco at
tliolr command lo bring victory about
and Bccuro a honornblo'tofMoment of
(no atnao.
ent churches were present as well as
the committee representihgthe'Cbam-
ber of. Commerce, and al} deplored the
conditions brought about by the.'strlke.
All Promise Aid :';;'*. >f-
, The business " nien and clergymen
gave assurance that they were going to
get, busy and,do all In. their power to
bring about an amicable adjustment of
the. trouble existing between tbe min
era1 and opei-fttors.       . .   „
This ls the first meeting of this kind
that has ever been held and all parties
concerned are hopeful that something
wll be 'done''tending to *brlngr about a
settlement bf the strike. ■
;-In Copenhagen the Danish capital,
provision Is made for the safe conveyance home* of inebriated "revellers.
When a policeman finds ah intoxicated
man wandering, at large he places him
in a cab and" takes him to the nearest
police station, where he is .examined
by a doctor and then sent home. The
following morning'the bill for the doctor and the cab is sent to the publican
who served him with his' last drink.
(Ed.—Imitation is the.sincerest form
of flattery, saysthe copybook, so what's
to. prevent Fernie becoming a flatterer? ■ • We have].'the doctors, we have
the policeman and we have.,the saloon
keepers, but "no cabs. Who, who, will
■be the first- 'orrible example?)   ■'  ■"*"
♦ ♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦♦
♦ All workingmen are cordial-, ♦
♦ "ly invited to make the head-  ♦
♦ quarters of the Workingmen's, ♦
•»>•   Club and. Institute a place of   •#>
♦ resort so" lorjg ae the-present   ♦
♦ suspension continues and feel   ♦
♦ * themselves ^quite   at   home.    ♦
♦ By order of The Management   ♦
♦ . '- '   ♦
♦ ♦'♦'♦ ■*%♦_♦'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
. VICTORIA. — Qualifying ' examinations for positions as third-class clerks;
junior clerks and stenographers in the
provincial service are announced 'to be
held in*the following places beginning
Monday, July 3:" Armstrong, Chilliwadk
Cumbefland, * Golden, ■ Grand Forks,
Kamloops, Kaslo, Kelowna, Ladysmlth,
Nanamio, Nelson arid New. Westminst-.
er, North Vancouver, Peachland,' Revel;
stoke, Rossland, Salmon," Arm,'Summerland, Vancouver, Vernon' and Victoria. ' '     ■._ .7;
Candidates must be British subjects,
between the ages of, 21 and 30, If,, for
third-class clerks; and between 16 and
21, iffof junior clerks oi* stenographers. , _,*     t      -„ '   ;:
Applications will not be accepted if
received later'than.JunelS next. ■
., * •*- *•       -        ,      •
Tho weekly' meetings In, the, base-
merit of tho Miners' Union Hall evory
Sunday evening are arousing great
interest among the citizens of Fernie,
and as -is customary at all Socialist
meetings questions are asked, nnd answered, and lively debates are quite
frequently, Indulged in, thereby adding great zest to these gatherings.'
On Sunday evening next James Lancaster will,speak on 'The All-absorbing Theme,' wben a "very interesting
time is assured "and opponents of Socialist philosophy are particularly'Invited to attend and" participate in the
discussions.' Every courtesy will be
extended to them, aud the'fullest opportunity , afforded to "point out.'the
"fallacies','of the Marxian schooKof
economies.   . ->.
■ FARMINGTON, 111.—Local 1213,
United Mine Workers of America, passed', a resolution of protest at" their
meeting here against' the arrest and
kidnapping Of John J. McNamara and
his companions and.request an investigation of .'the same. '
Now Famous Kzruz
« „
Case Decision is to
Be Appealed at Once
Mr. McTaggart, of the" firm of Eckstein..and McTaggart, who is at pre-
sept at the coast, will make application
to the court at Victoria for leave of
appeal cto, have the Krzuz case vs.
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., affecting
the interpretation, of the Compensation Act,' brought up' before^ the Privy
Council of Great Britain.
FEfti-te CITY   BAND
Remember 'jthat '. hello ' girls   have
nerves'— ' *"t\"t -7*.,.     ""7   	
' "That hello girls* are kept going'at a
fastrate'-dlirlilg' tKe,"rush:iioiirs,'  ]■
'.That hello"girls make connections
as qiilckV as'.they'can for you.
'" Keep your temper ovei; the phone..
* Be courteous to the girls at central.
'       TO.GO TO BISLEY       •     -7
., of -Die- three Calgary--men seleaod
A. R. Cs'rmichael of the 103rd Ilegi-
men _ 'is',quite .well known loyally as
he'was" for'some time associated v.it!_
Mr.'Bell as lessee "of the Ota id ■Thoa-
tre.*.'an' also, quite, a..favorite, wllh
many' of our rifle range experts.*they
.wi'l follow^ closely the'rep"*-**;^' lrij-va
tha ()id Country regarding the s-ores
made and all will be glad If'A. R.'s
name is-n-.entioned high-up ainou-*. tho
top notchers. '   • ■ •'**-"
" The baseball, team of the Intermediates is practising diligently and hope
soon to be In good' form to "meet all
comers.,'   '   *    -      -    -        •-',   7
„The ,v»regular ^monthly, tea of the
will be held at ftlrs. C. E. Lyons, Tuesday 'next,-May 9th. v     '
Conservative Chief Coming in August
; The" full itinerary of the British
Columbia tour of R.' L. Borden,, K.C,
leader of the Conservative party in
the Dominion has been received by J
A. Irving, president of the Nelson Conservative Association, in a personal
letter'from A'. S. Goodeve, M. P., for
Kootenay/' Mr. Goodeve states'that it
Is,possible some slight change may be
made in the dates but for the present
the schedule as given, by him. stands
According to* thednformation given
by Mr. Goodeve the"Conservative leader and his party of lieutenants will
reach the border of the province on
August 14 and in*a tour of,just,,a fort-
_nigl__.v_l- co_ye£_,as__majiy_of,the7pf incU »-^-
♦ '♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ -, , '  ' ♦
♦ The attention of every wage   ♦
♦ worker Is especially called to' ♦'
♦ the   Editorial. onJ the   Krzuz' ♦
♦ Case.   This affects   Y O U I ■   ♦
♦ .'',"'      „-,'"♦
♦ •ft--*-*-*.*..*..*.*.*.*.,*..*.
or headquarters, and an Innocent man
could easily be railroaded to-the" gallows with such evidence. ' ' "
I could have planted any _ind of
evidence I wished in the offices of. the
union in this city, if I had been a
crook instead of being a Socialist.
. In February,-1903, work on the.Wil-
liamburg-BrJdge slackened and-I was
laid off. ' There was a'considerable
number of strikes on at that* time,
and work in my trade was very scarce.
' An ad. in the help wanted columns
of The World caught my eye one
morning early in March, 1903, .but after reading, it I gave no further thought
to' It.. The next day, however, ■- when"
it appeared again I decided to answer
it. -    ','      '        -,.   .Vi ,
The Newspaper Lure "
That harmless. looking    ad,
; He was happy'as a mud-lark in June
with^his' willow, rod. cm'itbd Jovor*.trie
left shoulder and a.nlc^ mess.,of;rainbow trout in the rlgljt hand... In reply
to; our' query '"Wl^ere . are you going
with the fish, sonny?" hefeplled: "I'm
going to win that prize that Suddaby Is
offering."   ' .'■
Hayes Leavea I'mpr-mion
Tho appearance of an international
official upon the »cen*> of conflict has
left n very good Impression upon tho
public, nnd nil concerned now realign
XbhX Ulll lilllUlO MlTlB V-rOIK. Ift UB lllltt
grand nolld body \* now behind tho
«trIko nnd nro bound to bring It to a
aucccBRfuI termination,'
After tho speaking n meeting wns
held between the offlcor* or the United
.\ffn-" WorJr-»ri» nnd tho hnlrnho Chnnx-
inr of Commerce In tho rooms of the
Inttor. Thonn nrotont roprt*'*i-*vntlnc
the mJnerji were^-lco-Prt'jil'lt'nt llaj**,
President Francia Peehan, and VI-mi-
Proaldent IlKtner of the Pltubnrg dia-
tittt. MU« tkrtha Walter and William
Tho Fornio, City. Bard i will roi dor
the following program ou Saturday nl
7.30 p,m, undor tho direction of Professor Zaccaro, on Victoria Avonuo!
.1   March*~Flr«t Brigade (Weldon).
2    Overture—Original' (Geinmo).
■ 3   IntormosBO—Mlgnonotto
4 Cornet boIo—Cornot Solo (Llch-
nor)       ,
C   MaViirka—La Czarina (Ganno),
,'C   Soronndo (Mexican)—La Palomn
7 Mnrch—Mt. St. Louis Cndota
' On  Sundny evening at tho samo
tlmo nnd plnco:
1 Grnnd Mnrch—Theodora (Mnr-
2 Overture—Holiday (Itlccl).
.1   Mnrch—Grnnd    Symphony    (O.
1 4   Ovorturo:~-Ii'xcolBlor   (Mnrongo).
By spoclnl roquost.
5 Tho Colored 400 Cnko Wnllt
0   Mnrch—FlornmoBcn (I _lii«o).
7 Mnrch—Victory of Amorlcnn Wnr
nlilp (Angnroln),
An nn ovidoneo ot npproclntlon from
the Imml It Ib thoir Intonllon to glvo
you two concorln wookly, one on Snturdny ovoning nnd llio othor on Hundny ovoning ho long as tho ausponslon
nt tho mlnos continue*. *
Tlio now uniforms hnvo boen ordorod nnd It Ib expected thnt tho musi-
olnnn wll) hnvo Iholr first opportunity
lo don thoir continues on May 2-Jlh,
when they Journey to Crnnbrook to
iiiike pan In (liocelobratioiut on that
Arrangements are under way to map
o«t «n Klnf-my for a tour throiighout
the rrovlnroB of 11. C. nnd Alhorln, nnd
llkowlBo will visit some of tho west-
i-in i.aiiih oi i-fio x't, V,, *ii lh iho in-
tcntion of this organization (o keep
tho namo of Fornio prominently In
lho publio oyo.
An Invitation has been received from
Lothbrldgo to enter Into tho mimical
rontont which t-iJrci pf-ire* ftrr» ilth
Aiignnt. when the Pernio Ilar.d l« de
Actuated by a desire tha.t.theRro-
sent proceedings should he thoroughly
ventilated througn iho medium,of ^ho
press lh order that not only the members .-of District '.18, U. M. W. of .A.
should be informed of all that was
being dono by the Conciliation Board
but that tho public could bo' also apprised, the following telegram was forwarded on Saturday afternoon:
"Hon. MacKenzlo King, Minister of
Lnbor, Ottawa:
"RoproBontntivcB of District No. 18
have registered protost against tho con
ducting of tho enquiry by tho board In
camera. Wo would llko to know tho
position of the dopartmont of lnbor nnd
nlso lho Govornmont In this mattor as
our undorstnndlng wns "Making the application, thnt tho Govornmont desired
tho public to bo mndo fully nwaro of
tho facts In connection with tho dlHputo and tho exclusion of tho public
nnd thc press Is, in our opinion, not
conducive to thin end.
(Signed) W. II. POWKM* President,
O. STUDB8, Vlce-Prcs,, District 18,
V. M. W, of A,"
To Mils tho reply below wnB received:
"Oltnwn, Ont, April 30:
"W, 11. Powoll, Prosldont DlHtrlct 18,
V. M. W. of A„ Lethbridge:—Itcply-
Ing to wlro signed by Mr. Stubbu nnd
yoursolf, Industrial DlsputOB InvonlJ*
gntlon Act atntob thnt. prncpodliwfl
Bhnll bo hold In public, but nllows
tho bonrd discretion of directing tliat
proceedings ahnll bo conducted In prlvnto. The position of the dopmlmont
and govornment a* respects bonrd Ib
not to Interfere with their proceedings
bnt tft B«-nr«» tttPrf* fn orr-rotar, txt nit
powers and prlvlloROB nrnnted hy 1ho
law. The practice of having proceeding* conducted In prlvnto has, by the
expressed desire and mutual conRiiit
of tho partlos, boon followed to ndvnn*
tftgo by mnnv bonrds and donbilckfi
the bonrd in tho present Instance hns
believed it io be in (he bout Interests
of tho parties and conciliation to proceed In this mnnnt-r, nt tho outset nt
least. No doubt ropreRf-ntntlona made
Iby miners' representatives a* to dea-
I'rahlUty ot *j»HH«-*j\U(in»v bo\nit, V\*.*Vi \n
public frill bo received and considered
. Tbe .above-motion/Which "woo cafrl-1 present'tno most absorbing topic for
ed unanimously at a' -special meeting discussion, nnd it will havo to bo de*
of Michel,-Local, Is proof of tho fact
that,the,Executive Board of tbe mine
workers ls acting in strict accord with
the wishes of thoso whom they nr.e representing.
. Tho otntements previously made by
tbe operators that they "courted the
fullest-.enquiry" by no means harmonise with their present notions, and to
advance, as an excuse that thoy do not
wish their private affnlrs to bocomo
public knowledge, while doubtlesss a
very valid ono,, Is not cnlculntod,, If
persisted in, to' hnston lho settlement
of tho questions Involvod.
On. Mondny tho principals In thla
enquiry paid a' visit to tho mlnos nt
I- rnnk nnd Colomnn.
Tiiesdny's doings woro not of a vory
exhaustive rlinrar-'pr. Aftor pencork
lind finished giving bin testimony, Logan, chockwolghmnn was ■ sworn nnd
Ills oxnmlnntion bognn. Tlio <iuos-
tlon of full publicity being slvcn lo
tho dollborntlons of tho bonrd Is ni
termlneb^what action Ib to' be followed
or an Impasse Is very likely to enauo,
It Is oxpoctod that the noxt placo
where' sessions will bo held will bo
in' this city flhortly,
, The Cnlgnry Dnlly Hornld, In its Issue of tho 2nd evidently made a typographical in Btntlng that,tho Michel
Union ropresontfl IB mombors, nnd no
doubt, two ciphers wore Inadvertently
omitted. This wns In their roforonco to tho resolution thnt no further
ovidoneo bo given bohlnd closod doors
nt tho sosBlonn of the Bonrd of Investigation by tliolr momborH,
pal towns and-cities * as'can be reached
in that period: 7 -Mr. Borden will, an-     That harmless * looking    ad.    re^d:
parently address two meetings In Van- "Wantgfrstructural iron ""workers, un-
coiiver while'single meetings will be|ion wages; no strikes"
held at Revelstoke, Vernon, Kamloops,
New .Westminster, Sydney (Nanamlo
All members whose wive* and (nm-
Ilie* are In the Old Country to kind*
ly obtain proof regarding the detnll*
In connection with such dependant*.,
If they ask the mayor of the town,
or some other public official to sign
a memorandum verifying the Information given It will be taken at sufficient authority In the matter
Tutti mombrl che abblano le loro
moglle'l flgll nel paese native ehe In-
uenxie into nr pe'vem. .e il m*oesimo
IrMammlD Jl _,'ut'in* J.e livx'-tntl In
codento distretto. A tal caso II rich-
ledente dovra farsl pervcnlre un cer.
tlflcate dl Idenelta dalle autorlta dove
enl rliledono.
Wszystkich crlenkow ktorych xony
I famlelle aa w starym kraju areby
doitaretyll dawody ( axeiaguty w
j-wlaiku utrzymanla <|owody mega
bye wydane prztz mltjecowych.
tomtnnd tn rom-^ bnclt whh "hnrrijuy ultt \MM{\ }n thft >flme >pirit
craw tied,' in plain parlance, tho inoticy
and • gold medal.
W. fl. P-woon, of Fernio, has been
nppolntod offlclnl Btonogrnphcr of Iho
Bonrd for llio Imlnnce nf Uh Hniison.
Dr. Gordon In cnlllng attention to
tho odltoiinl In llio Twothbrldga Hornld
rolnllvo to (lio ubo of "miiBt'-'', nnd
"mny," rovlvod n quoHtlon thnt litis
boon widely (IIiiciihhpiI by tho lognl
frntornlly'nnonl llm Intcrprolntlon of
Uioho two wonls, nnd wlillo to lho
lny mind ono In Hiibjunrllvo nnd .tlin
olhor Imporntlvp, novorth .can, boiihi
of tlio Iniglit luinlnnt'lcH of (ho law
lio],I Ing thnt. llioy nro Inlcrrhnngo-
nblo regnrdloBH of tliolr nccoplnnrr*
without cnvll by thnHo wIioho odii _i-
tion Ih obtained outRldo of tlio BChool
of monlnl gyinnasllra—I. o„ llio Hur.
Chnlrman Gonlmi on W*"dn«sdny
aniioiiiuted tlmt tlm press nnd thn
public will bo nditltted to the moot*
ttifB nt thn fXtxinX tn X,r, tint* (.. ■;*■'.-.,;..
but <1i1h Is not tn hn rnnsldornil n«
nt-coBunrlly flnnl, bcrnuno If It bo
fount! to bo to tlio best IntoroBtH of
llio pnrtk-fl foncprm-il tho cIohciI bob-
Klnns will bo resumed.
TftVi-i   1 irt,ti„   1,,,'i   nr-.1.....!   .-ti     -.   -,.^^
ors were exnmlncd nnd ovidoneo given
regarding work performed, wngos
pnld, dockage system, (Imbrting, et-**.,
On Thursday nmong tbo*o who
wore on the stnnd wore Hit •■hie nnd
Pit Hoss Livingston, and to-dny (Frl
riding), Victoria, Nelson and JFernJe,
r.        -        -- • ' ' '   ,
■A.    . Itinerary' In Detail     t, ■
The-*following   Is  "the provisional
schedule in detail:      ' • •■'-*•
* Monday,1 August 14.—Leavo Calgary
at 9.25 a.m., arrive Revelstoke 6,15
?'m>"     '"'     '.  '.'\     :    ',
' Tuesday, Aug. 1(5.—Leave Revelstoko
7.0B ,a.m.,' arrive Slcamous 9.17 a.m.;
leave Slcamous 9,30 a.m.;, arrlvo Vernon; 11.49 a.m.,
Wednesday, Aug, 16—Leave Vernon,
.(special englno required" to' connect
at Slcamous), arrlvo Slcamous 9.17
a.m.; arrlvo* Kamloops, 12,55 p.m,
Thursday, Aug, 17—Leave Kamloops
1.2C a.m., arrive Vancouver" (Wost
End) 12.15 p.m. • '
Frldny, Aug. 18,—Lonvo Vancouver
10 a.m., or 1 p.m., arrlvo Victoria 2.30
p.m. or 0,30 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 19.—Annual picnic at
Sydney (Nanamlo riding),  .
Sunday, Aug, 20.—At Vancouver or
Victoria as dofllred,
Mondny, Aug. 21.—Lonvo Victoria
1.00 a.m., rirrlvo Vnncouvor 8.00 n.m.;
nrrlvo nt New WoBtmlnfltor nny tlmo
during tho dny.
TuoBdny, Aug, 2.—Vnncouvor (Rant
WodnoBdny, Aug. 2.'!—Lonvo Vnncou*
ver 3.05 p.m.
Tliurflilny, Aug, 24—Arrlvo N-r-Inon nt
11.00 p.m.
Friday, Aug. 25.—NoIboii mooting.
Snturdny,  Aug; 20.—Leavo   \v1boii
fl n.m., nrrlvo Fcrnic,,fl,10 p.m.
Sundny, Aug, 27.--Lonvo Fornio C10
p.m., nrrlvo Colomnn 1.41 n.m, on Mondny, Aug. 28.
A mooting of tho NoIboii .otwr-
vnllvo iiKKO-'liillon will bn ln-ld Hlmilly
to rnnalder tho mnttor of cstoinMng n
filling wolconm to the CnnRmrvntlw
:   The morning, after I .replied to the
ad-.-.a^man. call.ed.at any house. and
^sked.'if I.was the, man-who had answered the adi.  When -I told him that
I was, the fellow asked mo If, I had
any objection to travelling.
*  I wanted to know what the Job .was,
and was told that lt was to gather
some.information about the plans of
tho Brldgemon's Union  with regard.
to the strike against   the   American
Bridgo Company. ,  I was thon asked
if I could get the information, and an-* ,
swerod that I could if-thoro was anything in It.
I was told that money was no objoct -
and asked for references. This was
on Saturday, and on Sunday morning
tho follow camo'back nnd told me to
bo ready to go downtown Monday
Locked In Room
I wnB taken to tho offlco or tho Pinkerton, Detective Agency, and kept
locked In a room an hour waiting for
n Mr. Donl, nnd nftor that a man
nnmod Lnwlor npponrod nnd cross-
examined mo ns to my ncqunlntnnco
with tho officers of tho union.
I told Lnwlor I could got nny Information ho iloslrod. I wns offorod
J20 n week for doing the dirty work,
hut rofiiHod to nccopt tbo offer, nnd
willi finally glvon |0 ti duy.
Lnwlor told mo to lonvo tho Pinkerton office through tlio alley, not by
wny of Urandwuy, nnd iirIiimI mo to
bring a report lho noxt mnrnlng, nnd
overy morning 'thoronflor.
I looked tip tho nddrohHon of n num*
bor of officials of tlm llrldKi-m-pn'H
l.iilcm. flnn.lv deriding to go lo thc
Iioiibi- nf tlio iii'cKlileiil of Locnl Union
No. li, ot which I iviim n nii'iiilirr, imd
ropoit to lilm jiml wbnt Imd hnpiw-iieil,
IhU Hint offlclnl wna nufof town, After
IninipliiK niniiml tlin HlreelH In search
nf othei- offlrliiN, I iiiet n itnleunlo
nnnied M«-rnrthy, wbo ndvlHed mo to
lny tin- nintter boforo tlio I-_\««iuJ*.o
I km i«l of tlie union Mint iiIkIiI.
Spy by Union's Con«ont
I wiih (old by llio Kvc'-ullve Ito'iir.
to i5o ahem! mid act an u spy for tbo
'ii.u mtn-Jilii 111 iiiiui,   xxun _.«-._....-_  (Uj I'iliM'MOIlH,     Ull'l   (III*)'   UOIllfl     (llinlKtl
:i r*:il*l njiojtri ;mi,'jOj )j ,-. .':.;.i/y.i ii'.:!. ,-.„.,. ,.'.i. i,,, iii) u'.in'y tvfullii,
who wim on tho Pinkerton payroll' TJ <*j* ;ijsi. it.,),] mo to iu). for my pay
nlno year« ngo nt tho time of Iho'evrry day. | <!• _ to, mnklnf. n domnnd
Htrlko* of tho nrldgemoii ngnliiBt lliojfor more money, and tvim glu-n p) a
'Amerlenn Hrldgo Co,   Mo wnn n mem-J dny,
',   .-•,.' !,,., .  .Vi.    2 a'll..  ..'.*-.' '. '.'** .      i..»in.,   ni.ii   i.niihtini-il   HI)  tlllhlllCBB
nnd Hrldgi'incn'a Union nud n Soelnl-jbetween rim Plnkortons and me, told
l«t. In thin Btiidciiit'iit hi* expoHOB llu'J mo thnt llio PlnkrrtniiK hnd mnny men
melhodB of lnbor Imtem nnd allows iln tho field for tho American Urliliro
how rnBy It Is in 'plnnt" ■evIddieoU-onipiiny. nnd hnd to not Dwm as
ngninst iiulnnx.) jrlionply an poKslblr,
By n Former Plnkorlon Detect Ive
No. 27.
Card* giving location of fin* alarmn
"That the mamhara ef this Local request the Executive Board of DUtrlct
J know John .1. MeN'nmnrn  per«nn-"    For eliM-nn wef>kM I m .r'*> n d'tlly vo-
Ouritifitri-jw  lub  waj'.'iw  ktorych',jny) ,llf) j)onrij wjjj paf-j. t]l(,lr trnp»\all)' vory well, nml l do not think be l«spoit to tho Pinkerton offlro.    I drew
podplay beds tfestataesnyml doworia*J „n,| jm,rnoy went to Fernie, where it | guilty of blnwlnir un il.e ];>« Mmi-ln*] mv p*»v unii) iho vi,,'-*". •■ ' !;
ml w tych jprawach, ,ls ^.y,.^,^ fn<.y wm ^j,^ „T, thrlr] Tlmr-s or r.f hnVliDf Ud nny iuul .liijr-f lhe ir-purlH tiuiud in bj .,
j Inborn on Rfittirilny morning, Inelud- any surh work. |   Now. If Thr.il b en. an I said lu-tniv,
The foreseing It an erdir frem the fl(* Jn  KU,*i wj]] j.^. H <fip tQ (}je     jjl(l | ^0 j,now Uiai jf |„ i^niilbk'n rrook, I rould hnio planted any kind
District Executive Board, therefore all
mtmbera ef Oladitont Local  Unlnn
mlncn nt Toal Crook tor lh-» purpoie
of obtaining data eaaentla] tn a bet
Qrafctn rerwwiMftf tht !*t**1 TO-I-en\iM tvitwentr hoitit tan ho practsrod, 18 to tjlva no «vl<f*«<« .afore the Con-,v>'" Wm,,/ **1•fa'n, ^,h **id ^""''jter undr.rntnndlngol.tho slmatlon Inuo-
..   •..._.<_._. I _._    _._._,(._..(.._.     .*     *»»_._. ...i„!i».     n rLtir.ir...   n. ....   _.   >    ..   ._   t.  v...... DAVID (*M__I__S___, i <_._._>_> tV.* _t_>lu»l wlnnla. m,t »»,n fnll ta
nl l^lrab**,
Many of tho clergymen of Ihe differ- j Store or at the Fire Halt.
[fin   fipcilfcntf-in   nf,   nT.rti-i-lcU.   Dnig clUiUon Q-mhI »» icntj ae U .e \>e\t\9
{held b«hlnd closed doon."
DAVID t\£ti?,&,        j{ftr ** *bo aetuiil wlnnlg of the eonl l«
taertlai-y. ronr**rned.
for plana to lw laid and ctrrumstan-'of ilynantUi* 1«>i..1h or other Irifrrnnl
tlnl fvblouro plied un to eontlft uny'na-rWiM--*. W»*?t I tirnb, bHit Aortf,
man. tt I* n very f-a'»v matter t«*»i what nnv Plnlrr-rt-in run dn ronld *1*'
pl.int dynnmll . bombs or an*. j*oiI »f j Iy Lave Wn done In the ca*o'of Mc-
Infernnl mnrblor-* In nny unfon offlre(Nnmnrn. 1, ..
*'.'. -' ■:.•>'■?..,.?-7.7.-".
_. » v       i ■
you w«, ■ •
:m!ke yous MONEY :
' b. PEPO_rrj_.ft Voua xivipigs
\. ITH US THEV \Mt_mil *
our Business is
fl P05Tr1L,C-IVinfl
- VflliGOUVER-'VICirilTX
United States Court of Appeals {Reverse Decision in the United y
Hatters' Union Case
M tanbit ■■Street,
.Vancouver BX.c-.
, Al the tlmo of Going to, press a dispatch from New York states that the
United States Circuit Court of Appeals
has rendered n decision in the caso of
D. 1-!. Loowe & Co., of Dinibury, Conn.,
against the United Hatters of _ North
America, reversing a judgment of
$232,240,given by the lower court. The
article states that this decision "blasts'
the hopes of the American Anti-Boycott Association and the- plaintiffs of
recovering and enforcing judgment against members of labor organizations.
In commenting on the decision, Alton
B. Parker, former., candidate for President of the United Stales; and' counsel for'the Hatters'-Union in this case,
says, "It is a very important and helpful decision for organized labor. Wlii.'o
the suit was brought by Loewe & Co.
and doubtless for their benefit, still
the-real prosecutors,-as appears from
the records, was the American Anti-
Boycott Association.
"That Association promised the
plaintiff to' furnish lawyers and pay
expenses. ' ',    ,    ,
"There were more than nine' thou-
• _
sand members of -the Hatters' Union
anil only a little more than two hundred of them aro defendants. Of these
more than lS(7were not .members of
the union which went on strike and
had no knowledge either of the origi-i
or the-details of tho controversy,    '
"The basis of selection 'was a property' one solely. .If* a member* of.
'some Hatters' Union could be found
who owned his little home or possessed a bank", account, or both, he was
made" defendant and his property attached. . The. end .aimed* at \v,as far
beyond tlie recovery' in this; action.*
*- 'A--recovery and enforcement of
Ju_dgm_int_a_zai]is1__rn_embgrs. of l_ab_oi*_or_
accumulation of a fund for support'of
those who feel that the wages offered
nre bqlow the market price is one of
the legitimate objects of such an or-
ganziatlon. They have the right to
appoint officers, who shall advise them
as to the course taken by them in
their relation to their employers. The
officers thoy appoint, or any other person to whom they choose to'listen may
advise them as to the proper course \o
be taken by them in regard to ther
employment, or if they choose to,repose such authority in .any one* may
order them on pain of expulsion from
their union, peeacefully to leave the
employ, of their employer because
any of the terms of their employment
are unsatisfactory.
."It has also been Jield that the
right to join into unions has -been
raised to the dignity of a constitutional right by Stale constitutional provisions, that .ill men. are born free and
equal and have certain natural, essential, and inalienable rights, among
which is the right, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property.'        " r
.llartin, Law of Labor Unions, p. 11,
Pickett 4s. Walsh, 192 Mass.,' 572.)
But aside from* constitutional or
statutory provision, the better.view is
that the right of laborers to organize-
into unions,is an exercise*of the com-
mon-ljiw, right,of every citizen to pursue
his calling, whether labor or business,
as he in his judgment lhink3 fit, ami
the law not only permits but encourages combinations of this character
(Southern R. Co., vs. Machinists, 111
Fed. '49.      •„''"'
• ' U.S.-A'S."Moore," 129.,Fed. G30.
-State vs. Glidden.-55 Conn., 4G.)
An underlying law-of 'socivty, as is
saLd_jmoves.mcnJ.Q-Unite_foi* the __e__te__.
It Iscbtlmntccl tlmt
(lio uvcrnne mon is
worth $2 a day fioru
tlio neck dawn—what
Is lio worth from tlio
tied, npf   -
Tliat ilopenils entirely upon Irninlnir.
If you nro trnlni-il so
that.you ninn nnd
direct work you aro
worth ten Union ns
much ns tlio mini
who cnn woi). only
undor on.loi'8.
Tho Internationa
Coireipoi.di.ti School!
* .ro.lo tl.o mnn who lu
Klrui.'f.linir nlunir on
smnllnny nml sny to
him, ••Wo will trnln
you fnr promotion
rlirhl whoro you nro,
or wo will qtinlKy
Vnn to I nice np n
moro coni.t'iilnl lino
ot work nt n much
lii_.ln.-r snlnry,"
l-.vory month oev-
jrrit hun ilro (I mu-
donta voluntarily
report ft.lviiticc-incnt
nn lho illr.'Rt result
of I. C. K. trnlnir.tr.
your preK-nt v.nrU,
or your own homo.
Mirk Ihiu coupon at
once unii mill it.
* !NTEBNATlONUConRt:sroNDr.;-C!- SCI100IS
J Dot 709, Scranton, I'a, *y
4 t'Uaif ttpltln.   without  luilhrr, ,>I,||.m"ih\ .,** my
^        .tail, liuw I run .URlllylur * In.it. .,,,„, >.i,.|
•itvunrrm. nl  lu Un |.i.»lti.,n   Limo
whicli   I   h«v« iiuihr.l X,
* /,'iimt .	
* Slrtrl a*J A'*)..
* CU,.
A. Willi.
tni-fClid Willi.
Wn-.__w f,i,nir<t.
Cltll anvil, turn,,
Untimir-UI n .iiqi*. r
MioinAieil f nan,*ir
Mi .i,ii.i.il i),iiii>nm
F.riimn M_.i.j.,ii.
r.*.i,iGii r.^ii'tir
Arehit.Glunl Drilliinin
Rlrb.Iuul Ipqi'in.
Mfgltllltt lUmMlllll'i.
r,ii>liitl.i mil Huiiilir
rn.imi,, f*l>.»tit,_.
f.-ll t«(|.rll«
M. fl. Ci.»il.ur,|.|>'i Ci,)),
On   'll t-i„,n„i
I hll^'ll
(l«o..*i|,f »p
lit. ftrj*_i, |, nr
• •*>•*.•«•••••.>»•»*,..<_««.
* '
I* ♦
ganizations based-solely, on the fact
that they were members , it was naturally assumed would drive out every
economical and saving' member.' That
hope of the American Anti-Boycott Association and of the plaintiff is blasted
by this decision."
In 1902 a'strike was called by the
United Hatters of North America ag-
ainst"T.oewo & Co., hat manufacturers
of Danhury, Conn,, and the fight between the union,and that concern was
waged with more or less bitterness
for nnumber of yenrs. In 1.003 Loe-
wo & Co. brought suit against something like two hundred members of tho
-United Hnll ors of North America,
choosing those who owned ,property,
charging them with violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Law by 'conspiracy" In
restraint of Interstate Commerce. The
Further on in the opinion in. the
last cited case It ls said that they (the
members of the association)
"Could have gone upon strike -without offering any explanation until the
contractors should liave come In distress to the officers of the association
asking ihe reason for the strike. Then
after explanation, the non-members
would have been discharged and the
men of defendant association sent
back to work. Instead of taking that
course; they cliose to inform the contractors* of their determination and
the reason for it. It is' the giving
of this information,* a simple notification of their determination, which it
was right and proper and reasonable
to give, that has been characterized
as .'tin-eats' by," the special term and
which has led to iio inconsiderable
amount of misunderstanding since.' -"
In the case of Commonwealth vs.
Hunt (4 Metcalf, 111) it was recognizeef
that a man, or .a number of men, for
ainy reason,'or for no reason, could
refuse-to work for a given employer
or with a given concern: Chief Justice
Shaw ,said:  ,.
_. "Suppose a class of workmen, impressed with the manifold evils of in-
temperauc.* should agree with each
other not to work vin a shop in which
ardent spirit was furnished.or not'to
work in a shop with anyone who used
II, or riot to work for an employer who'
should, after notice, employ a journeyman who habitually used it. The consequence might be the same. * A -\york-
maiuwho; should.still persist in the use
of ai-dent. spirits would find it more
difficult to get employment;-a master
employing such an one might, at times
experience inconvenience in his work,
in losing the,service of skilful, but in-
August 6-11,
achievement of common aim, and this
social principle justifies organized action, Organziation or combination is
a law of human society. It is open
lo all orders of men' who desire'to accomplish some lawful purpose through
the greater strength and effectiveness
which organization offers over individual effort. * In an age when vast com:
binatioris of capital are common and,
in, consequence,..competition for labor
is an absolute necessity if tho wage-
earner Is. to- obtain-.Ills fair share' in
the distribution ofllho.'earnlngs which
aro the joint product of capital, and
labor. -As was said- by Attorney-
General Olney: "To-day, the' mass of
wngo earners can no* longer'ho "dealt
with'by cnpltnl-as so ninny'Isolated
unite.' ,l'ho time ls past when tho
Individual workman is called -upon .to
caso was tried In Uio United States* pit. his feeble strength'  against    tho
Circuit Court for tho District of Connecticut, and tho trlnl judge directed
tho jury,to return n verdict for tho
plnlnUff ngalnst nil of the dofondnnts,
might of organized capital,"
'   (Plntt vs. Ii. Qo., Fed., GGO.     Seo S3
Fed., 1)33.) , _    "
In the nWot'Ciirow v. Rutherford
and judgment wns  entered     iigaliiat i sw.n-u, It wns snld (10G Mass.-, 1),   '
thom for $232,2*10,12.     Tho caso was)    "IL Is no crlmo for nny number of
nppcnlod to tho United Stntes Court of persons without nn unlawful objoct In
Appeals nnd tho rondoi-lng of a do-: \n*\v, to nssocloto tliomc-rlvos togetlioi*
clslon by thnt tribunal reversing 1110:1111! I'gi-eo that thnv will w.iik or deni
im- 1 1 Mrni
Judgment of tho lower court Is of the
greatest lm port nnc-o to organized lnbor,
us It Is very npnnronl that tlio Antl*
Iloycott Association, which Is supposed
to hi. compoHcil of omployors who hnvo
renson to fear tho boycott, wore Rocking the club of Intimidation to bo unod
iignltiHt tho Individual members of unions If thoy could have but been sue-
coHflftil In making the indlvldunl members llnblo for the nctlon of his union
but tliolr efforts In UiIh direction hnvo
boon knocked Into n cocked hut. by tho
decision JiibI ri*i)d-.)*et! by llio United
■fourt of A]iponlH. which Is second only
to tlio Riipi-omo Court of lho United
BtntOH niul undoubtedly llio court of
lust r-pRort for OiIn enso. Tho brlof
prc-seutc-il by tlm con nnr-1 for tlio Union
Ilnttci'H In this ciiho Ih voi-y nxliiuiHilvn
nnd covers 111 pni.r*K of Intorost Ing
nifiltor from wliich Uio following Ih
I niton:
Let.nlIty of Strike
It will not bo contended that n
Htrilio, thnt pciicefnl withdrawal of om*
ployi-H of lliolr lnbor from n -,-innloyur
Is In Itself unlawful, A long lino of
doclRlons hnvo hold almost uniformly
tlmt   Mini.Mntrwoti   mnv   ..nllo  ind  cr>l-
with certain men or classes of men
or work undor a cortnln prlco, or without cortnln conditions.'
In tho enfio, of Dnvls vs. Engineers,
Hiiprn Alii  N. Y., Supp., 180.)
"It, Is not tlicrcforo lllogal for nn employer to Insist upon employing mombors of ono orgnnlzntlon only, nor for
Uiu employes of one* employer to re-fuse
lo work for lilm unless nil his employ-
oh nr<» members of oiio orgnnlzntlon nr
Cfjiporiitloii. So long nu nn employer
t)( labor violated no contrnct In tils*
clmrglng n person employed by hlm,
or !n declining to omploy 11 cortnln i.i-
dlvldiinl wltli whom ho wns undor no
cntitiiict obligation, be wns doing nothing wrongful or Illegal; nnd for until hoi-, merely to Induce lilm in tako
this coin's**? would constitute no IllPgnl
wrong, I'spoclnlly whon tlio Inducement
for the purposo of procuring employment for others."
In tbo cimo of Tho Nntlonnl l'ratec-
Y„ 315), supra, nfter demonstrating
tlio right of 11 number of workmen to
tofuHu to work with others not mam-
Iters of bis orgnnl'/ntlon, tho court snys
".Vlionovor llio rnurts run soo flint n
lloi-ttvolv hnrunln tnr ofindllloim uhdor irofiisnl of tlto members of nn orgnnl-
ovn rcnllstn como 0 nrtlstlcn.
Si-trio rlrhloMl nt'f-nM Mn«rbl 0 Fern*
mine. I'd- l-jfonniiKlonl 0 campion!
grftUs rlvolxofovl dnl
P. O. Ilox KB, Fernio, K.C.
1'nn Pn'loRrnfln ill te'dl ino nmlro 0! wW'* thojr will soil their lnbor, nnd
pure dolla tun liitinmorntii sopra In i ••»•>'■ by concerted notion, endonvor to
covert Inn dol *nuitnrlnle, una ensa nu* l secure tlto_e condition* by a withdraw-
nl of tliolr nervlct'B from nn omployor.
I lii'-lpo Tnfi   In  n  rnno o.tofl  In  fl!!
Foil. Hop., SI", said:
'Workingmen bate the right to or-
gtiiilzo into or 10 Join a lnbor union
which Hhould take joint nctlon as to
tliolr tonus of omploymont. It I* n
honour-to thom nnd to tbo public, nnd
Inbnrt-r-t should iinl'o In Uu-ir coin-
.hotORrrtf nn znhlavku *ebn, prlatela, jmtm Intercut nnd for lawful purpowa.
zntlon to work with non-members mny
bo In-tbo InteroHi* of tbo severnl
niiiiuburN, it will not atititutie lu tbo nbsonco of n finding to tbo contrary, tliut
the object of -such refusal was sololy
lo gr/illfy nwllofl and to Inflict Injury
on such non-member*.'
In the ense of Mayer vs. Journeyman
Stonecutters' Association. 47 N. .T.
Kmilty. nut; 2>» Atlantic. 403, it In mid:
'They havo agroo not to work with
Htiy Ua ifftf ii*.l>*. •> »{ thi.lr ui'iocbit'oi*.,
and not work for any employer wbo ♦
leT^iTFi*afe^wofSnTei"_7r STill it seems
to. us that, as the object would lie
lawful,, and the .means not "unlawful,
such an agreement could,not .e pronounced a criminal conspiracy," -•     '
Plaintiffs contend thaflhis was not
a voluntary, quitting of iheir employment, .by ,tho makers ■ and finishers,
but'that they "were coerced and intimidated into withdrawing their services
from Loewe & Co.
Considerable time iri the trial of this
cause was taken in an endeavor to"
show that defendants by the use of
duress.or intimidation .forced tho finishers'and makers to withdraw then-
services from plaintiff, nttond tho
meetings of the union nt White Hull
in tho city of Danhury, nnd contlnuo
tho strike." '    .,
Judgo.Nortonln, ln Ilie case of St*uo
vs. Dalton, I. S. W. h„ 1132'snld:
"It Is certainly true that ,lf the
parties, aro not( undor. contract their
associates nnd friends' may counsol nnd
ndvlso thom either to qult-or coniinuo
a particular service-—not to re-urn
thereto except upon i-onBonnblo nntl
proper conditions.'
Wo submit Hint If tho alleged coercion nnd intlmldntlon charged In the
conipliilnt In securing tho withdrawal
of plaintiff's employes Is Important,
then It was an Issuo of fnct and the
Jury should hnvo hnd the opportunity
to wolgh tlio ovidoneo nnd decide Uiu
rinlntlffs clnlm tlmt tills withdrawn!
of employes from tlieir factory was
for tho purpose of restraining plaintiffs
nnd their customers from engaging !n
Inlorstnto commerce nnd ho attempt to
bring tho striko ut Danbiiry within
(bo lnngungo of tbo Supreme Court
horelnnbovo quoted, Thon the question of ihe 'purpose" of (ho .strike In
ti quostion of fnct, Many wllne-wos
woro oxnnilnod aH to lliclr "purpoBo"
in quitting tho employ of plaintiff,
nnd wn contend that tho finding upon
this Ihhuo, of fact should lmvo boon lon
to lho jury.
Wo pmiKo to Inqulro wln-tbor a
stilke, the concerted, volun'.nry, peaceful withdrawal of employ*•» >A their
sorvlcos from an omployor, wlioro lucre
Is no contract for continued sorvlco,
cnn ovor bo unlawful.
If thont dofondnnts • nrn nnioimblo
to tlio provisions of the fllioniinn Act
for inn Hole reason that tlioy by con
11        ,t ,   1*1    n 1    ,       ti   1 ,   '
tiff, ibovoliv j>rrvp-ntlnr' lb*-* -mnnnfiic.
turo of hnts. wblcb If manufactured
would bo shipped Into oilier Htaios,
thon thoy nnd tbelr associates nro
amenable lo the penal provision of
IX. I.    ■•!., (.,!_,
Section!, Article 13 of Uie Amendments to the Constitution of the Unii.-
od Stales provides:
"Sec. 1." Neither slavery noi- Involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall
have been duly convicted, shall exist
within the United States, or any place
subject to their jurisdiction."
"If it be true that workmen who,
knowing their employer to be engaged in'the manufacture of goods, which,
if manufactured will be shipped into
other states-or territories, in order lo
embarrass this employer by the concerted withdrawal of tlieir services , and
thereby* force .him to grant' theii* demand?, are liable to fine and imprisonment under the provisions of-the"
Sherman "Act-, which protection is
granted to the citizen under Section
a ot Article-13 of the Amendments io
the Constitution of the United Slates.
If the employe who' is a pavly to a
contract of service can not bo enjoined
from striking because of tho> constitutional prohibition, as was dreided ir.
tlie- case of Arthur vs. Oakes, is 'il
nut absurd to insist that this employe
may, be fined .and imprisoned after
he had withdrawn from his employment?
.. The attempt to deny freemen, singly
or in1 association, tho right to'withhold
their labor power, whether or nol these
men are engaged.in an industrial dispute with employors, is an invasion of
man's ownership of himself ancl of his
labor power and is a claim, of some
form" of property right..iii workmen. ,
, The freeman's ownership' °of himself and his labor power implies* .hat
.he'may sell it lo another or withhold
it; that he and, lho others similarly
situated may.* sell their* labor power 01-
IviTlTlIora'Tin Hurt-no^initir.rtts-•evev't
an implied properly right in the labor j
of another; that freemen may sell their
labor power under stress of their needs
or7 they may -withhold it' to obtain
more advantageous, returns,..
Any legislation or court construction dealing with tho subject of combinations, corporations or trusts which
"deal in, control, curtail or corner, thc
products,,of labor, can have no truo
application to the' association of freemen in the disposition, or withholding
of their labor-power. -,.,'
The,cases which apply tlie doctrine
ihat an net lawful-If done by one becomes unlawful if done by many, because the, mere fnct of numbers con-
■".Mtutes unlawful Intimidation or poor-
eion, or because the injury Inflicted Is
groator and ,bence a 'conspiracy, not
only assort* a doctrine thnl will not
stand comparison with the gonornl lnw
of conspiracies, but nssert a doctrlno
Hint Is Illogical ns woll. In substnncc
ll amounts to, un nssortlon that concerted action Is lllogal because it, ,ls
concortod action, thus completely Ignoring tlio well-settled doctrine that
tho foundation of ovory nctlon of tort,
hpart from lho cause of mnllco, ls on
net. unlawful nnd which may bo qualified legnlly as injury,
'An Indlvldunl bus the undoubted
right to bestow his pntronngo upon
whomnoovcr ho plcnacn nnd refuse to
bestow his pntronngo for nny reason,
or for 110 ronson, ns suits Ills interests
caprice, judgment or fancy, This
mny bo Bnld to bo n posltlvo right
which ho may exorcise without bolng
cnllod upon to nccount for bis motive
or ronson iu bostowlng IiIh pntronngo
upon ono Indlvldunl or refraining from
patronizing another. In addition to
this posltlvo right, ho has the common
right to enjoy tho, boncfltu or IiIh occupation, trndo or business without
Interference from othors, A union
linttor hns UiIh common right to ban-
tow patronage and to solicit IiIh filontls
to bestow tliolr patronage upon tbo
person or poihoiih who further tbo lint-
tor,   trndo, businoss or occupation,
The union l.nttcr bas tbe right lo
roBort to all lawful means to bettor hi*
condition, and to tbnt ond bo bn* tbo
right to buy the products manufactured by H10R0 nniployorfl who glvo omploymont to union hntloi'fl nnd who
pay wogoH, work tbo hours and grant
. ,, , 1 <i     . ,, ,   ,     .
11,.:   l\it.tittiv.ti,   tu«ii,itii,u   tun   .if   **,*a
but torn' imlo'i "
If tbo hnttcru' union hns this right
ns nn Individual, there I* no lawful
ronson why ho can not oxcrelso thin
right In concert with other* oqunlly
, 45 Steam-Heated. Room* • 7-;,.-„fi"
•■      .",      *"'o.-. 7 'J.   *7" ,--.■■•  ■-_.'.
*•--■ Hot and Cold Baths
,   ,. -1       * *      -
•yyy' ' -\\<l    ,{:'■'
Tide King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial  Hotel,
.. "*. ' - '..
the Finest Hotel in East kootenay.  . J. L.:-"GATES," Prop.-.
Imperial Bank of Cariaia
■.I'-''-.'- . :    HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO       ' "• ,
Capital Authorised $10,000,000.00. .Capital Subscribed .... $5,575,000
Capital  Paid  Up,., $5,575,000      Reserve FuncT...........$5,575,000
-   D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and,Victoria..      '  '' "*  . >,-
.  Ir.terest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
■'. and so . are we. That's why
builders and others who    want
'* lumber always come here to buy.
Tliey'know that this
lumberyard'1       ',
, deals strictly in Al lumber and
, , that what is bought here .is* dependable,       .'  -"■• ■•'       - ■ *,*' c-   ,
Gel- lumber liere—it's seasoned and correct in price.-*     .,   •>
Fernie Opera House
A, Pizzocolo, Mgr,
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
Large Airy Rooms 8c
GonrlTRna t_H_;
V* -irju__. v_- ._«, ji= ^*—
Hur Hii(i|illc-il wllh  Iho IiohI WIiioh.
Lli|iiot*ri nml (71*411 i-N
I)IN!N« noOM   IN CONNl{(7W)N
I FRrniR-Fnrt Steele
Brewing Co,, Ud,
& Snow
& Builders
Opon ftii-' all klnils of ImsinoHH
•-   in.tlieii- lino '
Addrosa Box 07 Fornio,
Wm, Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
abo mlllrnky.    Nt^rvo novle. krnniiu. ft Tl-.<*y hav.-- lalwr to i-i'll.    If ihov  .and I Innlht ni»o», ilt.iii« wi. Uy ■wUh«Ui***lii'*i ♦
podobno niftJ»tomkl<*. J l0^-f>thT-r ihey aro oHm nl>l«l in, nil of
IWrtlAo llvteho   »Ktnla   ^"^.^n,, io command U-xu-r ,,rl,«- for
<r^u (rich trmnloyrrH. lx-<aii»e (li** nccpsNlly
'        Ityf.Al. NftVKLTV CO,,       i0*" 'h'* *lnR''* ♦rnployft maj- t-o-miM-l him
P. O. Ho** 65. romlo, B. C.| to nrrrpi nnr tomrn oiterexi htm.   Hi#- -i-ourU,
from hi* -pmidnymrnt; no lonn a* they
fonfln« tlwrntrUi-t 10 p*-a-M**-_iblo m-f-anii! ♦
lo effect thoro oiid» thoy are within
tlio vplrlt nml Mtcr of the fnw nnd
not •iibJ-Ki to iht? intertertnce ol xhtt
Tout   ouvrier  mfntur   eit
WU d« ne p<i» venli* 4 U pi*u*
vlnce d'Albtrti ou au biiiln
du Kcotenay (Colombia An-
gi.ilse) puilctn'll y a plot de
6000 tiint emplef.
KiiKctl In an lnilu»trlal -JUputo with an
omployor, lio h'ai tho uiulouhtotl right
to refrain from hrutowlnR nny of his
patronaso upon auch omploytor. and,
In ordor to bring to n auccossful end
auch controvoray, ho haa tho conimon
right of Inteiferln-*. with hUomployor'a
bnalnpaa lo tho nxtfiil of Imltirlnf. oth*
or* to rf-frnln from iiatronfulns such
Wo aro, of eonrM. «1i-tcu«altnff thla
rjineatlon apart from any theory of
*♦*♦*♦ *•>*!*••♦<<►♦'♦■♦•♦•*♦'■♦-•!► ♦,♦♦
fi*?*.nffnn-,i*? on  print;   .]
j Bottled Goods a Specialty
Nowhere In the Paaa oan be
found In auch a display of
We have the beat money
can buy of Beet, Pork, Mutton, Venl, Poultry, Dutter,
Eflfl», Fl«h, "Imperator Ham*
and Bacon" Lard, Sauaagiia,
Women and Bauer Kraut.
Calgary Cattle Go,
I Phone 66 I
run "LPDrtfW" port job work
In IU iaaue or the Oth we nolo that
Tho Ploonn jiorord rrnifnlm. t\ otxra-
graph culled from thla Journal, but
a« no comment la mado then _n -wo
nro at a loia to know whether onr
aentiment* aro approved of or con-
I >*_*
--_       **.
Union Bodies the World Over
Protest Against Actions
of Labor Haters
■ J     '" •-    By J.- C. Carroll
INDIANAPOLIS,' Ind—International
_ Vice-President Frank J. Hayes, of the
United Mine workers of America,,wlio
reached this city after a tour,in the
strike-hound Westmoreland coal fields
of Pennsylvania, has assured International President Frank M. Ryan of'the
.uternationiU- Association of '"Brid-je
and Structural Iron Workers, Jthe assistance of the miners. '
Support" of Coal Miners,
• -.  This offer was made when Hayes
' shol-tly after "his return, went to the
/headquarters, of the iron' workers' In
' tlie  American Central Life Building.
Hayes lizard the'story from the lips of
President Ryan and,then said:    ■   »■
.    'You may be s;ure, Ryan,.'that'you
have the "support of the "coal miners In
this fight."  ■      -> .-'.-,
: ,The fight which has one of ils,focal
points ih this city is only11 one of many
being wages against organized* labor
. by powerful combines of capital _ri -.he
United" States. -
. Hnyes Jias- returned "from *,the ..coal
.■fields--ot Westmoreland   County;* rii..
,* "We will engage the best .lawyers 1:1
tho United States to fight this case,
but we will not tell their nanies because they would" be shadowed ,,and
subjected*'to numerous petty annoyances. '"" -'"■''       •'    ■      -' -   -.'  •
- . Congressman, Gets Busy
1 .WASHINGTON. - Telegraphic 'requests for all available facts in the Mc-'paper s,tarte(*-
*;.   been'ni.'-rdered by  .lie mine owners',
" - thugs since the beginning of the sli*ii**e
•  a'.year oi.o.      '••  ,    "" * '     ~   - ■"
.-      '      ' 1' -    ' '
'■ How About Pennsylvania?    ,
■_   "I did not find," said Hayes, ".that
nny  powerful  detective  agency  had
-' made   any attempt to'kidnap any of
,   thoso at whoso door tho killings In
Pennsylvania could, bo laid.
"In   Colorado . our  organization  is
fighting against the chargo 'of having
pnld $3,000 to malto*'evldem-o" fo. Impeach tho character of Judge   Whit*,
ford.'who sentenced clxleen miners H.
, jnll for a year for contempt ot court* .
"I, tell you, Ryan," said, Hayes, turn-
.,  Ing to tho veteran structural Iron worker, "this fight that you.fellows nre in
'   Is only'-port oftho bnttlo of. cnpltal
ngalnst labor.     Aa labor has grown
stronger politically and in Its unions,
moro dospm-nto efforts nro being mndo
to combat it.
Nothing Can Break"Labor .
Previously, In an intoi-vle'v with lliu
Btc.ll rppreaeiilntivi! of 'lio* SoclnllHt
pi-ess In" this _ Ity ho sulci:
"Thoro sccir-.:* 10 be notlilns'i.tnt can
br.'f.k tho spli-'t of labor. ■ Wlillo on my
trip I iipoko til (liueiiBliui-K,   rounty
, seat'of Wostmoro'and Oonnty,   iiGflii
minors siood lu tho rnin nnd llHtonod
-""Womon with 'onnlo'i In thoir inns
walked for mlloH, MoUrni-u hold thoir
babies In ono hnnd nud nn Amorhvm
fl,it{ In lho oilier, shi-wi-i,-* whist, titty
feu It wnn the ilv_'« duty to slimil
for nml Htnnd by' them."
Gnllngher Makes Sacrifice
RAN . ItANClSCO-Cllvliu-* up IiIh
chiuicu lo boconiii tho San Franoluco
limyoinlly piindldnto of tho lulio-' iin-
Ioiih, Andrew flnlhiglioi-, Hocrotnry of
lho lnbor round!, Ih noirotly engaged
In iiuonrlhlnK ovidoneo which, ho hopes
will prove tho 'linioci-nra of tlio Mo*
Nnmnrn brothers nnd Ortlo MoMnnlmil
ncciiHoil of complicity In lho Lou An*
Kolos dynnmltlwi,
lloyond thn admission thnt ho would
•eventually rench Lob Angeles, Onl*
Intthor, In lonvltiB the city, refused to
any whoro ho wns riolng.
Ho anld ho Imd ovidoneo lo provo tho
I*os Annoles Time* wronkliiR wnn not
lho work of lnbor unions and lio proposed to ferret tlio mnttor out,
Wont Be Cowarda
"I nm going to turn dotocllvo to
,11*1. u   LL,   .   141;   »,l.u, IV Oitt   ll   101   01
eow-ii-di' j)jj|] ImiU'i'.', ir. »i*i-j.-J,'J )_«,- &
allow our brothers lo bo Jed io the
alntighW on tlin word of privato d.
Namai-a case,has been made" on ,tbe
Indianapolis authorities by Representative Koi-bly (Dem., Ind.), as the result of messages received by him from
labor leaders in Indianapolis..     * *
"If there is any denial of the constitutional rights in the hasty removal'of
McNamara from Indianapolis without
granting his a hearing.!' Korbly said,
"I propose td see that the matter is investigated. I have! asked for all available information;' "    _     -' "
.- ,    Peoria Protests
PEORIA,' 111.—The .Socialists, here
have passed a resolution-denouncing
the , kidnapping* of J,' C.-.-McNamara,
placing it on a level-"with the deportation of. Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone.
They also denounced the; attitude'
of the capitalist press In trying.to incite the-public against the' kidnapped
men-andrexprcssing .ireiHaittnirffie'
Innocence ,of ^McNamafa until" proven
guilty by a-, court- of justice.'   *..
Burns Has No Defence .
" WASHINGTON—Lawyer ' 'senators
declare, that court precedents are well
established in'such cases as the "kidnapping" .of. John. j. • McNamara, and
that the Supreme Court of tho United
States'has'held repeatedly as follows:'
. First, that, a mnn cannot legally-bo
arrested and qxlradlted as a fugitive
from,justice unless he was In the Btate
whero the crimo was committed at the
timo It was committed. * '
' Second, If he is transported—no mat-
tor by what menns—to tho jurisdiction
of tho court, tho judgo may not' inquire Into tho means of his presentn-
tion, but must try him.
Thoy .contend thnt no technical legal
dofonco cnn bo mndo for Burns In kidnapping McNnmnra, but that. McNh-
morn will have, no rocourso except possibly through n civil suit for dnmngos.
First Movo In Fight •■ -
' ' LOS ' ANO ELKS, Cnl.-Tlio , first,
movo ln the logal fight ovor the arrest,
of John ,T, nnd Jnmes B, McNnmnra
nnd Ortlo McMnnlgnl, In connoctlon
with tho Los Angeles Times explosion
will bo ilolormhied at n conference to
bo hold by tho prlsonorH, Judgo 0, N,
riilton nntl Job TInrrlmnn. "
" Whether (ho establishment of tho
guilt or iiinocf-neo of tho prisoners will
ho loft to tho rogiilnr trlnl or will bo
fought out boforo thon In habeas cor-
pus proooodlngfl will bo determined nt
thla conference,
Aftor coiiHldornblo misnndci'Htnndliw
tho retention of Hilton nnd TInrrlmnn
ns couiiHol for tho nee.usnd wns flnnlly
confirmed nt n mooting nt tended hy tho
ntlornoy nnd Mossrs. 1 inwsnn, Crough,
TlmtnniiH. Tint lor, nnd olhor loenl labor
lender.*. TIiiIIpi* la n momber of lho
Btniplnral Iron WorkorH- orgnnlzntlon.
TIiIh gnlliorlng Ih' believed tn ludl-
enlo Ihnt hn.*k of the nconaod will ho
not only tlio Iron WorkorH' union, hut
nil tho Wr-Htern Fodorntlon of Minora,
through Hilton, nlrondy formnlly In*
1250,000 From Minera
Proaldent Moyer, of tlio WcBtorn
Fodorntlon of'Minora, hnH lologrnphod
Hilton Ihnl hia oigiinliinllon nlonn
would uiitlorlnko to raise n fund of
$2.10,000 for tho defonao ot tho throo
.m-c.in.mI men.
Ailo.in.it, iiiituu ami ilnrnman havo
both IksiicnJ statement declaring their
belief In the entire Innocence of tho
It is not often we* can'get a" truthful
opinion,upon editors',from the outside
public, but'the following sent, lis-from
Calgary, was labelled' "A- Schoolboy's
Essay on Editors'-':    *-"   -.'   '••.".*,■
"'Tne editor, is /one of the happiest
beggars in the world. He can go to
tlie.'clrcuB in the afternoon and evening
without , paying a cent; .also inquests
and hangings.. He has free tickets' lo
the theatres,,, get. wedding cake* (?)
sent to'-hini and sometimes gets licked',
hue not.often, as he can take'it "back
in the next issue, v'hich-he "generally
.does. While othor folks' hiivo "to go
to bed early, the -editor cnn sit up
every night and see all that'is, going
on, " ' '_ ' .
.-'I don't know how tho newspapers
come to be in the, world, and j don't
think,God do.es, for he's got nothing
i'a say about them' in tbe,'Bible.',. I
think tho editor's one of the .missing
links we read about, 'and stayed hi
tho bushes until'after'the flood, ancl
then came' out and -wrote the thing
up, and has been here over since. I
don't think lie ever died. I never saw
a dead one and never heard' of one
getting <■ licked. • Our paper * is- "", a
mighty good one; but the editor goes
without underclothes all winter,and
don't wear any" socks, and pa ain't
paid liis subscription since tho day the
I asked pa If'that-was
This Genuine Rogers'
Orange Spoon FREE;
Stive' 12 "Sunkist" Oratife (or
.Lemon) wrappers and send tliem
to us, with lie to'paycharees,-
etc., and we will present you willi
a eenuine'Ro_rersOran_f eSpoon,
of beautiful desisn and highest '
.Quality. Begin,saving wrap-
pars today. Send 12.'Sunkist" i
wrappers, and 12c 'for each
additional spoon.
' InrointttlnR, pleuvonpnilcTiiJi
-ffliun tlio nmoant ts less tlmn
Vlo; mi amounts ubo to Mo wo
• prefer iiostul noto, moiinv
ordor, exjiret-s order or bimlc
Wo will bo (.'Ind to torn!
yon compk'to li_t, o£ \nlu-
alilo [iromluniH,   Wo
honor both "S_iiikl__
amt "Itoil Hall" whip-
IHjru for proiuiuLUD.-
The prantje is the most
luscious -and" healthful
fruit..  California excels ia
quality of oranges. The
' Lest of the California
'.orange's are now
packed in individual
wrappers labeled "Sunkist."      "       *   *
e thousand orange farmers in California do their own
. packing," shipping and selling.    ,
>, They grade and select their crop '
into "firsts," "seconds,'; etc.   The
firsts are fancy, tree-ripened, hand-picked, seed-
less,* fibrelcss,  thin-skinned oranges—every individual orange a perfect specimen of the finest variety
of oranges.   They nre.not only more healthful and
more palatable than other oranges, but thoy aro actually^cheaper, for theyare nearly all meat and nourishment.
\o-jr dealer sells "Sunkist" Oranges.   Ask for them.'
\ ou will know them by the tissue paper wrap-
[ per in which each "Sunkist" Orange js '7s
packed.  On the wrapper noto the label.
"Sunkist."    Keep nil the wrappers. .
They are-worth money to ytm. *}L__r*^_
•Best California Lemons _£sf.
ial Excursion
inr Date .vill be AimouiicecL
Tfiateiv^so  watch" 'fov ;it:
Come in "Sunkist" Wrappers vS||&|
You can jiulir-a lemons hy tho "clothe-." tlioy wear.  If   *v>*fi A
they wear   .Sunkist" wrappers they aro juicy nml good,    v'//1/?'
for they are not thick-skinnetl or pithy. Thoy nro lust ns lino       V -*
as   iunklst   Oransos, and their wrappers are equally valuable *
why the editor had to suck the juse
but of snowballs in winter and go to
hed when he had a shirt washed in
summer, about then pa took me-out
in ,the woodshed and,licked me good
and hard.' If the editor makes a
mistake folks say he ought to be hung*;
but, if a doctor .makes any mistakes
he buries them and people dassent
say nothing-because doctors* can read
or write Latin. '' When the editor
makes mistakes there is lawsuits and
swearing and a big fuss; biit if the doctor makes one-there is a funeral, cut
flowers and a perfect, silence. , A
doctor*, can use a word a* yard long
without him ,or. anybody ^knowing what
it means;-biit if the editor uses one
he has'to-spell it.. If the doctor-goes
to see another, man's wife he charges
foi- the visit; but if the- editor goes
he gets a, charge bf buckshot:    When
the* doctor gets drunk' it's' a case .of
heart, and if he dies It's a caso of
heart trouble. ^ When an editor gets
drunk it's.a case of too much' booze
and if he, dies its the, jim-jams. Any
college can make a doctor, but an
editor has to bo born."—Exchange.
"After the police' had taken McXa-
mara away detectives made a'thorough
search of the headquarters of tho organization. They inspected all rorres*
pondenco, letters, papers, records,
books, and.everything else, they could
find, but no 0110 would say anything
about tho work, Tho board members
were dotalned while this Investigation
was In progress.'
■Workers ,hnve no rights. Unions
have not tho right to preserve their records tho samo ns other-bodies hnve.
Policemen or" members of prlvnto do.
tectlve bureaus may Intrudo on' any
union meeting, may solzo any records
they doslro, nntl can scrutinize all records, lottors; minutes and other pap*
tjrs. Tho workers con only pro!osi.
Thoyy cannot provent II, Thoy cm
obtain no vodross when it Is dono.
If lho bookH of'n corporation,nro desired n long legal fight Is usually necessary to obtain Ihem, nnd thon they
aro In lho custody of Mho courts,
•liidges protect lho corporations' rights
to hold tliolr records socrot, and un-
mlslnliahlo ovldoncos of wrongdoings
must bo glvon boforo thn K>i-nrdn f-nn
bo obtained,
, Dul labor uiiloim cannot Hlilold tlieui-
soIvpb bohlnd nny hucIi right or privilege nti this. Tho records of iho unions nro looked upon iih opon to lho
police whon nnd whoro thoy flinosb to
Investigate them. ' Union lioHil'-unrt-
oi'H may ho entered nt ony tlmo, Union
officials mny ho dotnliiod M slispeelH,
rnoroly honnusa llioy nro union offl*
rliils. In tho IiiviihIoii of tho hood-
(liinrleni of tho Hrldgo nnd fllruelnrnl
Iron Workers lit rnillnnnpolls, In tho
dotnlnlng nnd quonllonlnff of (ho national bonrd, and Itt the oxnnilnniloii of
tho rocords nnd nruiips of nrgnnlymlttn,
tlioro wns committed n crltnn wond
In magnitude only to tho kldniipiiliig
of tlio socrotnry of the orgnnlzntlon.
Still this vlolnllon Is chnrni'tfrlNtlr*
of the -wholo.conduct of ensns ngninst
AH xvoHroro ht,„r, „n .-IM..., n,
Inllsts nrn hound to rptmrr-t;
Al workors nro criminals In tlio oyc-H
of tho cnpltnllst clnss nnd of the tools
of lho cnpltnllst clnss, tho pollr-?.— ..
Y. Cnll, *     '
Railway Commission
Digging Into G.N.W.
Telegraph Co.
TORONTO, _.prii-29—That the Great
Nortli.West Telegraph Company*has
not paid'a dividend for nearly twenty-
four years-;-in the fac,e •of apparent
large profits', and that the Western
Union .has ,nol only a controlling in-
terest in the, stock of the former com
pany, but also a co-joint business arrangement with tliat company whereby
the Western Union gets nearly 50 per
cent; of'the tolls collected by, the
Great North West Company, were facts
brought oiit at any enquiry before the
Dominion' Board of Railway Commissioner in ,the City Hall yesterday In
reference to tolls. -
- Following' up the Information adduced at the'morning sitting in'which
It ls shown that in some years during
the past- twenty-four years the Great
North .West, by reason of large earnings was In a position to pay nearly
130 per cent, on*the paicj-jip capital
Mr. Plthlado, on behalf ot tho com-
mlssioners got from Mr, Perry additional admissions.'     ' i  n
Tho Great North West It Is stated
Is endeavoring to satisfy,tho Railway
Commission thnt through, a complicated, financial arrangement it hns
bocomo bankrupt, although Its books
might show largo profits, and that It
is thoroforo minblo to reduce Its present tariff, •
Ed.—SlnllHllcs don't He, but. stntic-
liitis do, Is the epigrammatic utterance
of an unknown wit. Quito frequently
wo hoar persons remark that such and
such a firm Is not making nny profit,
and 0110 who gives tho subject nny
consideration Is forced to ronch the
conclusion thnt "All men nro llnrs,"
mid cspoolnlly I hoso eoniif-f-tcd with
largo corporations, although (hoy hnvo
no monopoly of thin peculiarity.')
The distribution of hides was different
Of the 9,000,000 of hides of meat
cattle1,exported from India the United
States took only a few more 'than
300,000 and ' about 500,000 of bufffalo
hides." ' ,   ; * ,H-
- How the railroads of England in
India find their tei;minus in America
is thus graphically described: -
. "Every strong country that contributes to the _trade-growth of a country-
backward iii the points mentioned, is
a benefactor tb the backward country
—in fact, is a" potential means of-uplift which tends lb greater and grander .national' life. This result is better
than the mere profit -in money. Just
think for a 'moment what a stimulus
,to Indian national growth is the building and operation;of 30.000 miles of
railway .within her borders'. But- for
this mileage of steel railroad my country' could not take from India more
than 15,000,000 .skins, annually, and
more than $50,0-00,000 or 150,000,000
rupees' worth of commodities, consisting of cotton,' chicken, embroideries,
drugs, jute and jute -products, gunny-
bags^ gunny-cloth,-jute, and jute; butts,
skins',"' linseed, 'mica',   saltnct.nr.   raw
Visiting' the entire district
See* before'you buy.   Write ■
me for full particulars.
Dig" in" the  ground  for  a
livelihood,, you'll be under
soon enough!    Five acres
cultivated7v.ni prolong life g
and provide'a  competence §
for old ai>'e. . f
Tho Unitod Stoles Is odutiiitlng hullo
both In agriculture nnd In onglnenr-
luff, besides buying froni tlio Hindus
n'vast nmount, of rnw mntorlnl fnr
ninnufiictilre. This mnttor Is trcm-id
nl. somo length In tlio Hindustan Hi-
vlow l.Mlnlif'id) by Ci' \V, j|, vie
honl, our ConHiilfleuornl In Cnlnntn,
Tho ti-tuln r*-|i:lloii'i 'iMw.-in Amorli'ii
ii'id Indln ero liffornlu,*- pR-nor nnd
(Jobc-i*, wo i-io (old
nro fnclllintod by tho oxcolicnt mentis
of trnnsportntlon which ririilsh and
Amorlcnn r-npitnl lum provldod llirough
out the pmilHiilnr. Mow Dw Untied
Htntcs nlmost monopolizes 0110 branch
of trndo In Indln Is iliua dotnl.od:
"Tlio Unlti-d Slnlcs Insl' your took
from'India. In round flKuros SO por i-onl
silk, tea,. wool and , other miscellaneous items. These commodities are
made accessible by the lines of railway tributary to the port of Calcutta.
It requires a large .number of freight
wagons to haul 150,000,000 rupees'
worth of products to that, port" for
shipment to" the United States. * Besides that it requires the 'services' of
thousands of men "to handle the commodities in loading and *. unloading
them, and yet other thousands of men
women and children In the production
of tliem. ' In addition tq this it requires *53 steamships to carry tho direct exports from Calcutta to tho United States, and the thousands of tons
that went to the United States by
transhipment at Liverpool and London, together with tho exports direct
nnd* Indirect from Bombay, Mr-drna,
Karachi, Chlttagong' nnd Rangoon,
would swell the nggregnlo enormously.
By fnr-tho larger part of oxports from
India to tho United Stales pass
through tho port of Calcutta,"
Of Imports from''the United Slates
lo India wo rood.
"Tho . total valuo of imports from
the United Statos Into Indln during
1000*10, according to the figures furnished by tho offlco of tho Director-
Gonornl of Commercial Intelligence,
Is :ti,7r-0,000 rupoos, or $12,_.r.0,000,
which Is a trlflo ovor 3 per cent of
Iho tolnl Iniiiorls of merchniidlso Irom
foreign count i-Ioh, 2-1 In numb ov llio
United Kingdom excluded, Tlius tho
morchnndlso supplied to India by tho
United States during Inst y.n- nm.
ountod lo loss ilum, oiio-thlrd of tho
vnluo or f.-nii]!iio(lilli*B pur.-liii.ied by the
United Stat oh of India, and phlppoil
through the port of Calcutta nlono,"
—•Literary Digest.
1 <• - ,
Eight 10-Acre Tracts $300
each, easily cleared, Burton
;""'.   _ City, well located and,water
Joe Grafton
9 ^
f Fernie
JLJ*    v>/*
General Banking busi-*
ness transacted. Notes
discounted, Loans advanced, Money, Orders,
Drafts   ond ■ Letters  of
Credit, issued.
■'   f:
fBtanch Office of iht Home Bank
•of Canada, Cimtch Slteel,
British     and     Foreign
correspondents    in   all
the principal   cities  of
lhe   world.
JOHN ADAIR, Manager- Fernie
Hy    Di-iini**)
fu mnny vlllngn-s and towns through-
out   the  United   Htnit-s  and   Cnnndn
ilcli lolnlloiiH ,]tol.0 ,lro no pu|j,|0 ]|,,rni.I(,flp j.,., 11|0
peoplo of thoso little plitt-cH nnt Just ns
fond of rending ns lh«*-tt< who llvo In
tho f-ltlos, prohnlily nioro ho, for ihey
Imv*.! not so many niiitiHuiiionlH 10 tnlte
the plnco of literature. Hut hccniiKo
tlw-fi* nie no puldlc HlirnrloH within
onsy I't'iuh Is no reason why nny ono
kIioiiIiI nut have hooks and niiii:nidiii*s
tilnntv        Wliorovn-c   «t   hnlf   di>-»n.i
Df nil rnw skltiH, mostly gont, fronu,,,
■ ■ , »,.u, ,„« ,,„«,( i-„,oiM una Kiflce kl.l j fninlllM who ll(lVf, ,tto,.m, im-
JI-i'lJJC.     Ill    J.ii.i.1, i„u    Mttnl,.,-    ,il    ,lirnwti   ,n„nlhnr   n,|   Mln^  „„„,,.
sIiIiih Font from Indln lu 1'jhH-W lo the
United Slaton In round nt)ml>«r# •).n«
nbout in.Oflrt.noo, wlillo all oilier cou.i-
trios look n'fow over 2,000,000 Hliln:*.
^R _r_Wrv^rn_r5f rui^rvivi nri-?_?r?_ir\ni
'™^____*_l"'"'!'■"__.'''"''""' "*" ■^•c^**' -rJ'
_•■'-** <jy'^ • ^-^^-^^^fj^vf^
-■_-,.__-.-.,.«*. - -^~^:^.
Cnpltnl   Pnld   Up    $2,750,000
Reserve & Undivided Profits   3,250,000
Total AssctG   40,000,000
.Many 11 fortuno cnn he trneod huck
to iho dny Iui owner deposited tlio
firm dollar In 11 SiiyIiikk Account.
Tin- ono' dollar affords nu hwow
. xo 10 dppnsli mi»ri!--nnil1 ns Inlot*-
est Is'iidtlctl to in-liu-liml, tho small
sum crows moio nml moru rniililly,
unlil II finally liccnmi-H u ciiiiiiit-iciicc,
Ono  Dollnr will' sinrt  mi  iifioiint
with the Hunk 01 Hamilton, .,
J. R. LAWRY, Agent, Pernfe Brnnch
mi. 1
Hend Office:
n puroly hcrba! -Oalm; bost^1
thing for tho tandor* skins of
ohlldron, yot po-vorful onough
to honl an ntfult'i oJironlo tore;
highly nntlstptij; oaeos pain
nnd smarting:so.n ao applied -
that is Zam*Buk. Romombsr
It lo purely horbal no mineral
poisons, no animal fat&. Power
and purity oomblnod I
AMntum* **4 iturrt»_»;/ art.r/»<-, „ j0,
on nro
thrown loKolhor nil Hint needs 10 lie
done Is for some out) to siiRBost thnt
Ui'-y club toRcihur nntl stnrt n littlo
('Irriiliitlni? llbrnry of tliolr own.
How *-nn It hh dnno mri«it ndvan-
InKCOiisly? Woll. first of nil, got four
of five of your nc-qunlnlnnrcn Intcrosi-
hd In the Idrn nnd then proceed to or-
ttiinlzi' thein Into, nny, tho Mtidtown
Hook Club, with beiidqunrt-r-rs nt one
of the members' houses, this member
tut (oii> 1 iiliiiic'rt asko, In-lni. in,nl«>
both llhrnrlnn nnd secretary of the ro-
i-icly. Tit. 11 ii duly Anpolntcd rommit*
too shnuM draw up tho club's nil. k
and rrKdlntlons', tpe .fylng; wbat foon
ahull Im chnrRcd for mcrotieralilp liirct-
Inpr, fltntlnr,' how Ionic a book mny bo
rel-ifii'-'d and what reparation nhenld
l>o UU-.U-- lu xiimii uf loss, or loiury. -Abo
tnajr Join. etc.   At each bunlnc«» moox-
Ihr 11 clinlrniim ouulit in bo uppolntttl
n report hnd from lho si-<-ii*tiiry nhoul
tlm club's fliiiiiift-M, books nnd'pi-rlodl*
ciils 10 be piirrluiHcd il-.li'i'inln-d ttpcin,
nnd, If time permits, nn iill-rouml din.
(iihsioti nbout books tnke plin-e.
The llbrnry mny bo hulli up In two
>*•»>», lutHH-ly, by duniiilnits rrnm
mtinbt-iM niul otiiiilditit) nud by pill-
i-liiise. In Hubscrllitnit to miiKiulucs
und weekly |mix>rH It In w«-ll to do no
liiroiiBli nn tiRoncy, tor by hiili..erlb|iiK
to three or four publications m tlio
snmo llrno, iind inkliw. ndvnntiino of
tho clubblnK offers, consldernlilt!
money cnn thereby bo saved. Whetlier
tho snme Is true of books, I do not
t-.UOW, but t_tf_.M- l„t;,_i.„ i!,»s hM.ei.Hj
miRht write various ptihlfiibcrs nml
bnuk ilt-tlU-U fut* lii*>-ti  liirtei.1 leritts.
Wherever there nre 110 public lib-
rarl-M, or wh-t-ro *uch Ubmrlea do not
meel the roqnlrements of any pr-MUti-
Inr group of people, private lendliiu
i/brar(«s might bo ai'aried by thono
*ln> bunker alter ««_>. Itifrnmro but
are unnblo to obtain It.
Burton City
Fruit Lands
w-,v -...__,« .ti, ^^ic tiiotft*, one ano
a half miles from town.
Good terms: $95 per acre,
lVinner resident of ..•rule
Electric Restorer for Men
PhO«phonol »«*«**• •"'ft n#rv« In th« ti<i.|»
■'■■■;-'       * «* »» t'ftir**** tenilfm i r-nlnttt
• itkarm  tti-iKiJ 4t «,w«,    rtuxphoaal *n\\
•ittcrvMi • new mitt,    i'rlrr ft * t '* „rt»- f;
V    -***»-.Ml.tiin»»iHtr.i|    Thi»Srr,Tn-|l Um/
*»..•!.1 ■llukrlnra, «.t>,|, '
For Sale at Bleaarfeii'i  Orutj 8tore, •**.--"
■_.. «
& i# •J$i&t\sl.*£ib%&
' ,. Published every Saturday morning at its office,
Pellat Avenue, Fernie, B. C.   Subscription $1,00
per-year.in .advance. ,.An excellent,advertising
*-. medium.. Largest circulation in the District.   Advertising rates on-application. Up-to-date facilities
-for the execution,of all kinds of book, job and
color work.. Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all communications to The District Ledger.
.  „  .-' . V    J..;W. BENNETT, Editbi.    _
Telephone No. 48. ..,„ 7.   Postoffice Box No. 380
t. ( T - NEVER had aud never can; have any respect
**■ for men who are so dense as to pay money
into a union and help,to pay the expenses of delegations'to interview the government and humbly
, pray for'consideration they have no right to expect.
and wlio.invariabiy get turned down, aud who then.
.at the first opportunity, vote for the very politicians
wlio give them the cold'shoulder.    If the Canadian
wage-earner ever sees the light he won't continue
. very-long to do his business in the old fool way.
There never was a time in the history of the world
when the producers were so heartlessly exploited
■ as they are to-day, and when they have such ef?ec-
, tive means at hand to end that exploitation.   They
constitute an overwhelming majority of the electorate, and let them once unite and; act intelligently
together "at the ballot box and the roign of the politi-
■ cal tricksters would.be ended, forever. . . . .Industrial emancipation must be achieved at the ballot
box. , Tlie working cjlass must unite and assert its
political independence and power. Education will
accomplish more than all the strike's in history, and
the hope of labor must ancl will Vet be centered at
the ballot box."—Jos Marks, London, Ont., editor
Industrial Banner. *'   *
"' The above criticism of'the stupidity of working-
men paying out .their hard earned money for the
■purpose of supporting an industrial organization
and at the same,time casting a vote for the representative pf\a party .whose interests are diametrically
opposite to their own is especially applicable at this
juncture.    . . ■.   ..      ■ -..'* •'" .*.*";    _ {*_
* '-It is 6ur intention to .present;the case so simply
- that even tKose with but a'limited knowledgeof the
English   language may grasp its full significance
* and realize that they themselves are to blame if
those Avho are'dependent upon theiii. are deprived
- of're.eiv_ng ari'y'beriefit under''The-Compensation
Act" should death-result from an accident while
' following'their daily, tasks jn "mine,,mill,"factpry or
*.    A • '     .    " *" *    '      ', ."""'-I ' " 'I"..'. -*-.,.'.
"—oth"eT*^^nQnst^ial~eslabl^SIlrnentr^t***,—    . ., -
,. W. R. .Ross was eleeted-by the votes of the working men of this constituency-to-a seat:in tbe legislative'assembly of British Columbia. .This .s a. fact
that none can dispute..
TV. R. Ross was.the duly employed lawyer of,the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. and in receipt-of. wages
■ for'work performed just the same as any other em
ployee of the aforesaid corporation.     This statement likewisc'cannot be contradicted.
TV. R. Ross, loyal to tlie welfare of his clients, dc-
- monstrates his usefulness not only to them lmt incidentally, to many other firms, by advancing the
argument that the provisions of the Compensation
Act* should be interpreted ns not to be applicable to
foreign dependents.
.   ITis zeal (on behalf of those who retained his
'  services   is   highly   commendable.    TVo honestly
.mean this and wish it to be understood that this is
not n veiled sarcasm, but a candid expression nf
■ opiniop, and consider that he is entitled to bo re-
' garded by his masters as a true and faithful servant
whose duties have been well done,
A disinterested reader picking np his paper in
the morning and turning tho pages .over might nc-
,cidently note among tho legal items: Krzw/i vn
Crow's Nest Pnss Coal Co.; Question on Appeal
Allowed," and ho may havo given thc matter no
further attention, but back of il, there nro tragedies
affecting thc liven of many that to'-describo thom
adequately would require volumes, and furthermore
overy single workingman .throughout tbo Dominion of Cnnada ,is vitally'affected, bccniiBo'.tho decision rendered is not only national in its scope
but extends across the ocean.
JCrzu*. b widow is only ono of many whoso lifo
and well-being is involved, boonuso this was merely
a t<*yl (.'uso to servo as nn example for mnny olhors
of a liko character. To censure Mr. Ross fov thin is
not, just, but 'Uioho who wore iimtniinontnl in giving him tho POWER to mlvn-.iln on biOiiilf of tht-.
wim;m.iii'K to tho .■.■trillion, of momborH of tin- wnr)'.-
ing olasH should accept tlm nmpoiwibility for depriving widows and orplmnn of tho nllowimoo of $1500
as i.ompimHiitinn provldod that, thoso dopondnnlH nro
rosiding outside tlie Province of Rritiiih Columbia.
It wiih nt first thought that if this Act should bo
interpreted to exclude foreign dependenth that it
would*menn only those who wore not. llrllihIi subjects, ilumh, however" is not the enso, ns not, only
dooH it mean if an Englmh speaking minor Iiiih coiho
to thin country and meets hi» doatli whilo nt work
but may evon nffee.t — Hny n man unnblo to
.obtnin work who, leaving his wife nnd family in
• Colemnn, Altn., nnd working in Michel, R. 0,, to
Wiled,-then thoso living only a few miles away nro
wjunlly affected wiih thoso residing iri tho Old
This is not all, ho sweeping ns is.tlin decision
thnt the dependents in order to he entitled to re-
eeive oomponmitinn must lie resident in tho Pro-
vim-, when the. fatality happen-., and the. fact, that
they mny come bnck into lhe Province to ehiim
the enrnpensntinn does not nvnil them one, single
jot. Ah an additional illuHlrntion of the, workings
of tlim Aet, nnd it fa by no monns nn oxnggernted
possibility: A man hns Rent for wife nnd children to
join him in British Columbia* he meets with-an accident and death supervenes when the train bearing
them is within a mile of the -boundary line, they
■are consequently non -suited, or fn other words they
find themselves in a strange land arid if without
funds or friends are fit subjects.for charity.' Such
lessons as these are dearly ..bought-by'4he;.w6rkers
and they.ought to-lay the blame where it belongs—
viz., at their own door: r-   -. -;,,.'"       '■ ,_   **;.
It is" the intention of the mineworkers, both quartz
iind coal to take this ease and present to the Privy
Council of Great Britain, as it is a' matter that is
,not only affecting those engaged in the "mining inr.
dustry, but also those in every other wage earning
occupation. - All workers, both organized- and unorganized should co-operate'in supplying the sinews
of war necessary torfight this case in the highest
court of jurisdiction. • Every worker with friends
in the Old Country should communicate this decision to them. . ' .,-'-,*A
immigration .agents, when soliciting prospective
business, tell glowing stories of tlie spleudid oppor-l
tunitics afforded tho worker in Canada, but will
carefuly avoid using any such argument as the
•following as an inducement; 'Go to Canndn yourself; leave your -\yifr_*'and children hore until you
are settled,* but if you havo the bad luck to got
killed while at work they can go into the workhouse
or starve to death, because there will be no- compensation paid to them," Oh", no! However we
will do our part to acquaint, them witli thi*; fact
through thc medium,of the press iu England. Scotland, France,t Belgium, Holland, Italy, Finland. Bohemia, Austria and, in fact, in every country-which
has any. of .its natives' in British Columbia.
W<j know that this -will be published by the labor
and Socialist newspapers to whom we send the particulars in all of the countries mentioned, and, even
some dailies in those countries outside of'working-
class publications will gladly reproduce, as then-
is. a1, erusaiie in some countries against emigration
and they'naturally will -not object-to make-known'
some' of tlio "conditions'that prevail in'thc.muchr
heralded El Dorado of'the TVqst ' .. / 7 "; '•
; .Not only are'we determined.to give this question
the widest. publicity possible; through tbe newspapers, but likewise will have the parliamentary representatives of the workers in foreign countries
brine: up the subject for discussion .in iheir respec-
tive legislative assemblies, and also."-notify the different ' emb assies* lo cat ed in London to take such ac-
:tio__an,the*;premises as they deem to the best in-
..,* .*. '-■-■' ,i ■»•*■        -   '.-. .*       , .- •■    . * .
terest of their countrymen. °       a]
To do this wilL-require time and money, and- nb
^doubt„TOight be brought up ,.for^ discussion in the
'British; Isles -next .month 'during • the- visit, of
British Columbia's, Premier"and'the Hon. Bowser
attending the coronation.. - These two • gentlemen
might expatiate oh* the, glories of British'Columbia*
and the,fact -that its mining'industry holds the
taiitiesand that now even the'small compensation
•istobe'forbidden tp\a very large number of'those
who have been induced to'come but to. the most
westerly province of Canada. .,,.,'
This decision is a. blow at representative government, and if to be accepted as'^a precedent all'of
the'timc. labor, energy and wordmohgering at Victoria-is so .much waste and the 42'members .night
lis well turn their attention to some more useful
occupation, delegating the administration of affairs
to a couple of members of thc Supremo B'onch, as it,
seems* that tlieir opinions outweigh the opinions of
tho vast majority of the B. C. electorate and, legislation becomes farcical if two individuals can stultify the expressed wishes of nn entiro.province....
There is another feature which .'must not be. lost
sight of and that is tho importance of concerted
action in order to combat these attempts at stultifying thc benefits accruing under the terms of,the
"Compensation Act." TVo would ui'go that every
member, of District No.'.,18 who may bo advised unofficially to'consider the question of returning to
work ponding a settlement to ask those proffering
such advice "If I should be foolish enough to accept
your suggestion and act contrary to the expressed
intention of tho majority,of my,brother unionists
to whom should I look.for componsntioji in ciiho of
jnjshop.T/-If I break.my obligation I.'*could not ox-
poet'thVunion to fight my battles."
In our notft issuo wo will givo tho ovidoneo in
thin caso 'at longth,
i\    -iyj-  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General- Manager, - 7, . 7
CAPITAL, - :$io,odo;ooo,
REST, - $7,666,000
of The. Canadian. Bank of Commerce'will receive deposits of. $.:Tand
upwards, ori which interest is allowed at current rates. ..There is no
delay in withdrawing* tHe whole or; ahy portion ofthe deposit.", Small
deposits are welcomed. _ "' -    ., '7 -.234
' Accounts may.bs opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any bhe .of the number or by the survivor.   A joint account *
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when'a man"desires'to-provide for,
bis wife, or for others depending upon him, in ths event qf his death.'.
FERNIE BRANCH , * L. A. 8,' DACK./Manager.
AS a roHiilt nf a mooting botwoon a disputation
of touchers and tlio bonrd ot! trustees tho latter
lmvo docide.d to recommend to the full board that the
wages of tho ludy timolien. bo increased ij»f»0.00 n
year and tho 'mnlo teneliors iflOO.OO a yoar. Tho
renson unsigned for this advance is thnt tho enhanced fostof living nocoHsitatoH more pay in order
to keep up tho standard of living.
Tho valuo of tho momborH of tho teai'liing fraternity to fiooiety is given but soant attention by tho
gonornl public Inrgoly bocauso thoy fail to soo nny
v1hII)1o material return for thc outlay, although
as factors of impnrtnnco in tho upbuilding of future
citizens teneliors nro pre-eminently foremost and
should be ho well compensated for,their lnbiirs thnt
tlioy may regard thoir profession as a g-onuino avo.
cation and not booauso of its relative mtaigrn rn-
munenftion treat tho science of tenoning ns only n
handmaid to somo othor profession whoro the returns for effort nro greater than even tho highest
paid pedagogue would over premium to expect,
An elevation of lho standard Mould attract those
best qualified to tench to become experts in all that
npportnim-i to thc duticsof thoir offico, thus greatly
enhancing thoir vnluo ns molders of futuro citizens,
Anothor foaturo bf tho wngo r-uoHtinn in its re*'
lation to tlie tciti-hiiig profi-Khinu is ilml \\\ them- diiyt-*
of the growth nmong womon of n spirit of deter*
minntion to agitato for pox orjwility ivo cun see no
valid rennon why n female toncli.-r, other things
being orpinl, of course, should not ivooivo remuneration just ft* high oh lljftt paid Ut n m.-ro miin.
AlrtightSj  Coal   Burners,. Coal
or Wood Burners, and
Wood Burners
and book Stoves
. ( *■' - ,-e   -   .-.
tonal {ffdiue-ih
While on Strike
Buy a Fruit Ranch
arid Own Your Job ■
We can sell you 10 and 20 acre tracts on the, East'
shore of Kootenay Lake whiclrif you take care of
for five years it will take care of you for the rest, of
■■-, your days. .We have two excellent sub-divisions ou
the-East'side of the Kootenay Lake, one haltmile
\ from post-office, storeand steamboat landing, ex.-..
celent land and easily cleared "and well watered;
■v'easy tfernis;' special inducement. .to families wit.h
- "schpol children. . -.. ';   '
'■ '*    ^     '"*':{  - Apply'    __    '  /./.      *   \
.  a-, iri. .,-•"■.it*-.. j. ■>•-. *    * - 7" ;,,*•'       -.
*     , ,-..'. ,
Lindsay Launch & Bostt? Co.
, °; Rodm;8, Griffin Block,"Nelson, B. C;.
$1.4$ until May 12th
Touel up the Walls
*    * ' r,n; * -'       . M. '■ .        -' ' '   ' -     .      ■,
of Yoiir Home      ;
Now-that Easter lias passed and you,"have had '
your hew, coat and hat, give your walls a' coat' of '
Wall Paper
Ovor 25 new styles and colors to choose from.
Borddrs'and Ceilings to match. •' Designs most
attraptivo and suro to please.   Just have a look
Come in and inspect our new stock
Harctware  J,  D.   Q U AI L   Furniture
To the
Is ur policy of doing liuatnoas.
Doforo tlio Nro occur..
PROTECTS nnd Bftfommrda
you from Ions In cimou ot flro
Sprliii.,tlmo alwayu brlngu   au
IncT-oatio of flroB,
;»_Oi_.|-vit.f-iC'c lb CHiMih/sL
Your homo Is nt atnko.    *
Insurance     Real Estate
Cigar Store
LEDGER ADS.  For Businoss
WIioIosrIo and Rolail
Shoe Shine
Bowling Alleys
Billiards and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
Hazelwood Buttermilk
eemmmmm   hi iaiphmi
Victoria Avenue
PERNIE, B.C.       Phone 34
Over "one hundred different designs in handsome- '.' *
ts . I /
.***'   ly embroidered Nainsook Waists.     Embroidered
Allover   or   Front   only*     three - quarter   or *-'
, long sleeves..   Sizes from 32.to 44"bust measure.
This lot includes, values up to $2.75 that are more ■
• -. than ordinarily good.     Sale price until May 12th'. *
*'     ' ' ,,*,■*" .»:.'**' ' *-,
See Window Display .
Other lines of very dainty Waist's,''finely embroid-   ,
;' ° dered, ivith low necks, Dutch- collars and tailored  ' -
effects,    prices up to v "■ *
'  ',.      "       7 '' '   '      *'
0»      '   ;   -      .    $6,00    ' ■ ;, - "
° '•    :  * ;    '        *' 7    .."'■.      ''..->' 7'*"'" •
.Aiiew lot of Linen and Poplin I)usV Coat's.    Goat . "
and Skirt'Syash Suits, _from        -. '
Olio-Piece,. Chambray Dresses 'for women;1 very    .
nicely made from reliable Scotch cloths   iii   fine *
stripes with plain strappings..    Prices        ' ,
$4.00 up
Another lot of those Chambray Dresses So***-**Children. 7 ' Sizes, 4 to 16 years.       '   .     ,-   .   '     ;    •
And Nothing but the Best in Fresh
and Smoked Meats, Fresh and.
Smoked Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
Etc.  Etc., go to
THE 41    MARKET   CO.
3AM GRAHAM, Manager
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
.i       '■ ,i        ,.,;,.      .,
tl ■
Money, to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
The Jeweler—That's All
Right on the corner
r'_   - *    i * ■ '_- t
_»J«r_f bl IW     ^,lHll|__
dU*ni _ .eiitiij
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class1 Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold W*t«r L. A. Mllla. Manager
!~— {-
wHi»^HMt<uUclt'1(y ¥¥y YYY Vy '     ;r y - Y' ¥VVW¥*Vv "■■",,, ,       ' . ■     ,*7'%-    /"'"'.•,;.; •— '     -   ' "' •   *   PAGE   FIVE/
*_ * - TT" **"'"*' •"HMttf-.f'.ynnyiiviiyifYH-t kit* +*riri&£.**xi'LiiiLAiii:iii.*txm**,*,*,*.*.'j~J*.  - 7T7 .
i**' * TmLIIbP" -   - .'-■'-*. *___N___ * ________■' __r.*'-- '■,■-■  .- *     *
7   _ .
'TT.. _¥y^"y*fo
. *>
■ .<>
: o;
.. .<>.
7 o;
' ■•■ O;
- o,
■ o.
- o
.. o;
'0 5
. o,.,
O -.
o .
.O   _
o .;■
O* .
O :
$?.Y^'? $&*'**& ♦'$'$£%♦"•♦ '£-$'^4.
^w^s Nest
« limited
Th^ Store of Good Values
,-' ,°.   .     ■ .."NUMBER
We endeavor at'all times to place within your
reach the highest quality-of..food products at'the*
lowest possible cost to you.   . Appreciating to. the
fullest extent the need at this time of doing all in oiir '
power to reduce the cost .of living, we append here-   -.
with» a few of the special prices quoted the United
- Mine Workers, and fo ..Saturday and Monday will *
' sell to,one' and all at tlie same figures.
Beckett's* Washing Blut, per pkt. ....-     -3c.
White Beans, 5.lbs ■..;,...:'.    25cj
* Split Peas, 5 lbs. .. ii.....'.■.'.....;:......-,.--...   25c; , -'
Rolled Oats, 20 lb. sacks   ....._.......;..   7(jc ;
, Standard' Oatmeal, 10 lb. sacks 77    4tfc.
'Cornmeal, 10 lb. sacks ... t..'.'. '.'.. ■{..',.-,.....   33c]
Royal Household Flour 100 lb..sack.. $3.25
Royal Honseold; Flour'.  50 lb. sack.:''-1.& "
Ogilvie's Glenora Flour,;100 lb. sack ..   3.15
Fry's Breakfast Cocoa," % lb. tins-'. .7     25c.
Finest. Seeded Raisins,'" 12 oz. pkts. i  7i/2c.
■Finest Seeded Raisins, .16 oz. pkts
8 lb. pkts Washing Powder	
Quart Bottle .White" Star Vinegar ......
White Swan Laundry Soap,* carton. 6 bars
* 1 .lb. pkts. Imported Macaroni . :'{.... 7..
Pure Leaf Lard 3 lb tins ..
pure. Leaf Lard,.. 5. lb. .tins.
Ture Leaf Lard, 10 lb tins.
, 52c.
---   85c.::
Assorted Cake' Icings'; per pkt!:......';.-......   -9c/.
-.Fancy Table and Cooking Apples," per bbx$1.85 ^
-"—*«.—tm—xauuuuiulu—i ea—t.  ...*....   ^80c :
\.   43c.
..   80c.
- -Barrington Hall.Coffee, 1 lb. .tins-..--_......
,     1 gal. Stone Crocks Miied'PJcldes''-!■.''.....'.
■     .Flavoring Essences, -highest quality:' * -
2 oz. Bottles-.	
, ,   '   .,-_•■   ''....,*•'   ■ tf'<--n ~_l.i*>  """ ,""'-*'*-' >  •   •  ,'       '''•'
4 oz. Bottles	
., Hartley's ___lb."Crocks, Jain	
"Cross and Blackwell's and Robertson's 1 lb
Marmalade ...     20c.
Wagstiiffe's 5 lb. tins.M'armalade ',.'...' 70c!
Sapolio .-    .........,._..    10c.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦"♦ v +-,**. ♦> ♦+&
♦    "   COAL  CREEK  BV  174 7
^-^VyyVy¥vy¥¥V¥JW^^                                                                                .„    _-.v                               ;*.                 I
~^~- : *                          •■-■-.-.           -  ^^^**-**--**-***T^-'.**»'T¥¥y¥¥y¥¥¥■¥» '_'___ - •            *
AA-.A      .       '                        , ~ : ; ■ :  T.TTTTT¥¥ 1111*+******+************<HMHHHt
*_»  *_P **__>  **__»    r»iTa + r_rtTi    Aft*  ,_««._. t»  ..___.*. ^ ~   ,-. ,
♦ ♦■¥♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ^
.' Mr-,,.*James Ashworth -and -his" daughter 'were paying & farewell* "visit
up here, bn Wednesday, afternoon. -
Another a batch of mine horseis -were
taken-down to Morrissey last week by
the head stable boss,"Ed. Coughlin.
' _ James '= • Maddison -,'*Was ",-r' visiting
friends at Hosmer last Sunday.'1,,
. District' Board Member*J.,B.''Smith
returned . from Lethbridge'last Saturday evening and we-qt ,,to the meeting at Hosmer on Monday. - ■ ,
- A; carload of provisions were distributed by the Union Committee up
here on Thursday.   .    ,   ,,
• The trout season Is now.open and
some nice specimens are .being
caught in the creek, the'river at
rernle being too muddy at present.
• Some of our boys are having a fine
old.time down at Morrissey, having
been"; there since the mine stopped, so
fishing must be good' around there. ■-
; Everything, comes to them that
have patience to wait. * A start has
been made this week to-repair side
}valks  of our quiet little borough.
A pleasant social and dance was
held, in the Club Hall last, Friday
evening, about twenty-six couples
tripping the light fantastic' till about
1 .a.m. v   '
A* small land' slide occurred last
Saturday morning on the north side
the; debris coming; down arid completely blocking th'e'road'for a while.
No damage was done, biit a seam of
coal/was disclosed • where the slide
started, from which a stream of water
has.been running all the week.
■vA' pleasant smoking concert was
held, in rthe-Club Hall last Saturday
evening. The Port Steele. Brewery
Co. ■supplied the refreshments.gratis.
A" good program of vocal talent was
gone through. . "Are. we downhearted?'- No!"-
citation, Mr.-Harry Ryan; duet, Sweet
Genieve, Mr.^'W: -Valentine and .-Mr;
A. Williams;-comic.song, John Willie,
Come on, Mr. Jack[■ Mullen; "encore,"
"What; a Funny Place to-Have.One;
song, Sweet Adaline, -Mr., Dave -Sudworth; selection, concertina and piano,'
Mr; H. Valentine- and F% Newman;
solo, Let me.Like a*.Soldier Fall, Mr,
Alf „Wil_lams;_ comic song, * I have
Never Been in Lodgings Before, Mr.
Jack Mullen. Speech'by Comrade J. D.
Houston'on Socialism finished tlie con-1
cert,,after .which came the dance,that
wasralso.a great*success.
We know of a certain^ young man
who made a wager with a friend that
he-woud give a particular young lady
a dance. Seeing that he failed to do
so he had to dig, down for drinks for
the boys.*._ He wants to remember the
old proverb: A faint heart ne'er won
fair lady. - ;•.;_£
A  special  meeting of' the  Michel
Football Club was_.__.eld at Crahan's
Hall on Monday to organize a team for
the coming season.-    The- following
were the officers elected :    President,
Mr. Thos. Crahan; Vice-President, Mr
Tom Spruston: Secretary. Joe Morris;
•T-.-easurer, John Briscoe;  Committee:
J.   Sharp,   W.  Ray,  F.  Pollett,  Fred
Jones, T. Colauhburi,'"Humphrey Evans,
William, Whitehouse.
VA practice match' is 'arranged   for
Thursday, the following are the teams:
Michel B—J. Ryan, goal; S. Moores
and-H. Evans, backs; W. Savage, W.
Whitehouse, AV.* Jenkins, half hacks;
Jess-Briscoe, F.  Pollett, T. Jackson,
Sam  Hampton,  Tom  Hampton, ..forwards.* ' .■
* Michel'A—J.'"Littler,'goal;* T. Guest
and J.- Watson, backs; W. Grant,- S.
Weaver, J., Ferguson; .half-'backs; J_
Morris, F. Beddington, John Briscoe,
Harry Brown,'Wl. Ray, forwards
are-.well lined these days and these
finny morsels;* are appreciated "as"a
nieansof, keeping'the meat bill down
tq -lowest possible  figure.
Lettish  Comrade  Arrested
The Lettish National ' Committee
sends word from- Boston that one of
their countrymen, named Jacoo Peter
has been arrested in London charged
;with' havlrig taken part in the "bat-
tie" ,that' occurred" last winW between alleged anarchists and the London police.     *     .
. It appears that' a mannamed Peters
was one of these that fought the Loudon police, and the similarity --.[.names,
led to the f.iiest of Jacob Peter, the
Lettish comrade..: The, Russian, go-
vernment, having once set iU'claws'on
him,, now :efuses to let go and hopes
to drag him .backito Russia., Tunds
are necessity tc wage the fight necessary to secure'Peter's release an.*i,
those desiring to* contribute should
send .direct to, Lettish National Committee, ■ 28 Proadway, South Boston,
Fernie to
by Rail and Boat FirstClas's
account of   ;.
Full particulars at Local Office
T. W. Davies
* \ [and   ,'
-> v
Bi 0. Pure.Oane Sugar; we handle no
other, although it costB : us' considerably
more than beet and Chinese Sugars
201b. Sacks $1.20.
1001b, Sacks    6.00  ,
10 lh Tins,Table Syrup ." '  50Ci
-Fine Ontario Potatoes, per sack "... $1.85 ' '
Parsnips, 8 lbs    25c'.
Turnips, 7 Iba ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.',   25o'.
Onions, 5 Iba    25o!'
Colgate's Toilet Soaps, por box    25o.
Colgate's Talcum Powder, por tin ........  '20c.'
Combination fyoot Polish—Black, Tan, Ox
Blood and Whilo '.;    18c,
Common Clothes Pins, "per. doz      2c.
Spring Clothes Pins, per doz         50.
-. o
By "Krimea."' ' "
"♦ ♦♦ V** «►.♦♦♦♦ ♦
Hiffh   Class   Boarding   House
Electrically Lighted.and Steam
Heated Throughout
- T ♦ ♦ ,♦ ♦ .♦ .♦ ♦•♦' ♦'♦ ♦
-. The members,of the I.' O..G.-T. went
for a buggy "ride, on Friday night last.
.CWho. said_nn_>*___^ri____.9\ ytt-,i	
—-- -.— --—_.^ooj^.mv,,..iv^vvao""-..lithe-.umber wagon they went to W.
Weaver's ranch - and* had a most enjoyable time.- • "y'yj',
, Those that witnessed" the 1 picture
show, on Saturday got their money's
worth. .They'were tho best films
shown In Michel for sometime. The
holders or the lucky numbers were
Miss M. Jenklnson and Mr. Sam Stephenson,
'Who was the young lady that made
a, bet with a certain young man of this
camp that he was not game enough to
take her to the dance. 'Neither was
he-     She won tho bet!
Monday,* May lst, brought tho trout
fishing in season, so'Evan Jones is
gone for a week to seo what kind of
a catch he can make. Lot's hope he
won't1 fall'In the Elk, as he lias not
got Frank Campbell to come to his
rescue this time.    ,
Mr. Joseph Littler and family arriv-
ed horo on Thursday from Lancashire,
England. ' * .
, Clgarotte .Too Is taking n deal of
pains In learning Bomo_.of the boys
at Jonklnson's Boarding Houbo how to
oanco. Joo Is quite an export at this
oxcollont pastime, and I would not bo
surprised to seo some of his pupils
provo as good as ho at tho noxt boll.
An Italian was killed at Hazel Lino
spur near Crow's Nest on Saturday
evening, a, party of workmon woro
engaged In blasting rook, and ol
though; being 150 yards from the
scone of tho explosion nnd wearing a
heavy wnttor cap, tho Italian was
struck by a falling rock nntl Instantly
'killed. A coronor'g Jury wati formed
at Coloman, nnd despatched on lho
ovoning locnl to lho plnco of tho accl-
donl, tho verdict bolng ono of accldon*
tal (loath,.
Tho funornl took plnco on Monday
aftornoon, tho Itnllnn bnml bolng In
attondnnco. Tho ceremony wns of nn
ImprosBlvo nntiiro. Agront donl of
sympathy wnH Bliown for tho decon-rod
brothor by tho Itallnn community.
. Mr. J. W. UlcflB returned hero Inst
Saturday from Conl Crook, whoro ho
hns boon sponillng a weok'a holiday
with IiIb frlondB. Whilst up at tlm
Creok ho spent on excellent tlmo, and
whfit with gardening and white-wash*
Ing ho onjoyod hlniBolf thoroughly,
Undo Ilonny Is spending UiIh wcok
In repairing and redecorating hi* rivor
slrtA i-nnnnlo-n
Mr. Thos. Crahnn  ■n-nturlnlnM1!  the'
Dr.. Weldon, of Michel, is relieving
Dr. Higgiiis..this"week.-1) .7.*.•..;,
Mr. Mick Quinn and family left Friday-week to take .up'tlieir new homes
on the fruit farm near Nelson.     ,
A very-sad accident happened last
Friday night when a-Slav, homeward
Fernie Home Bakery
and Lunch Rooms
^ *
Give us a call
Luncheons Served
every day.from 9 a.mi to 11 p.m.
Pork and Beans Saturday
; sloro Phono liS ,        House Phone IS)
-    I am agent for
"Tlie PridB of Albarta"
• -t       -. ^, ,
A Flour of which one
trial is; all that is needed
to prove its worth.,' ° '
Try "CREMO" a breakfast food that is a food
W. G. Warn
General Merchant'
Hillcrest ' -     Alfa,
pooplo of Mlchol with nn open nlr
gramophono concort on Sunday night.
Tlio Boclalltt members of Mlchol
gavo a free concort nnd dnnco on Monday nlfcht, which -nrnvpii * ffrr,m „,,*
cotm and wns onjoyod by a crowded
house. Tho following program wa*
Bono through and rendered In great
"tylo, Mr. Tom Colquhoun officiated a*
chairman, and delivered a few remarks to opmi proceedings. Socialist
jaonu Uy C-nmnitta floywood; aclociion.
concertina aad pUnflt, Mr. W. Vnlcn
■ooura"from^a^dance_"Ke_iad "been at
tending at. the Queenls Hotel, was
struck -by a train and-,pne foot completely cut off-while tlie other" was so
badly smashed' tliat amputation was
found necessary, which operation, was
performed by Drs. Corsan and Weldon
on Saturday morning.: '.The shock to'
the system, .however, was so great
that the unfortunate failed' to rally and
on Sunday death came to relieve him
of his sufferings. Coroner Bleasdell
held an inquest upon the body on Monday, when' a Verdict of accidental
death waS returned.
The funoral was held, under the auspices of the Miners' Union, of which
the deceased was a momber.
An additional regrettable feature of
this case is that ho leaves, a widow
nnd ono child in the old country who
are deprived of their mainstay.
Mr. James Miller, P.- "Burn's hustling
district- manager, was In town this
week on business connofited with ttils
.well known firm. . Sid Horton, form*
©rly with" Trites Wood Co. at Coal
Crock Is tho local wloldor of the cleav-
or arid guardian of tho block for Can-
nda's Cattlo King.
' Mr. II. Otis and District 'Board Mombor Jack Smith, of Coal Creok, woro In
our midst rocontly and registered at
the .Iloyal,
Joo Elliot and ■■ Mike Johnston do-
tormlnod that owing to tho high coBt
of living that thoy would ondoavor to
got somo Juicy boar stoak, and Btartod
on their quest with a do-or-dlo dolor*
mlnntlon, but nfter four days on thn
trail thoy oaplod a hugo spcclmon of
tho nruln family nnd doslrlng to gain
ft point of vnntngo, concluded thnt Ihls
could bo/offoetod from tho higher
hronchos of a troo. This thoy mndo In
record tllnio, but forlimaloly for Mr.
Honr, ho took n monii ndvnntngo of
thom by mnklng his getaway boforo
thoy woro rondy and so'thoy cnmo
On Tuesday Inst n mcotlng wns hold
In tho Hchoolhoimo for lho purpose of
mnklng nocosHnry urrnngomonti for
nupplylng tlio mlnorH with tho ruqulr-
cd provisions during tho layoff, Thono
who hnvo received the contrnct for sup.
Plying nro fltovo Lawson, -Sahara Brothers, Fletcher nml Lnmon,
Mm. Paddcn. of niiilrnioro_,1wM In
town on Tuesday calling upon frlondw.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mathieson wore tho
tt-tiU vi j,ij». ,,|« luiHUvr in t-ernlfl
tin •flimflnj- bad.
'« ■_■ -_ *, -
, .Through buying your wines and li-
. *quors! at. retail' when "by ordering
-".from us you get the lowest whole-
V-". sale price.'. .    ..-*..        ',„    <■
. \Vill' cost you about- half'as .n.,,0i,
per. bottle-as if you. bought it in
the,ordinary way. .  Order a case.
make-the  saving,  and  get  better
liquors besides. '■
. ■•
■\ .. Fernie. B. C.
SINGE R    |
Special arrangements for" -
Parties,   etc ,   , -.
Order your Cbrlatmn* Cake earlr
* * *,   ' -
...     Apply   for  Price   List
Bread and Cakes shipped- on the ,
■_, Ci^.'or E,as*.rn/Camps'
WM.     BARTON (
Anrcnt   Fernie   Branch    J
Pellatt    Ave.    North J
¥ J
Chimney   Blocks
Get Our Pricei
About that Drain 7
New Michel
& Blairmore
Mrs. I>. O. Wllpon spent Sunday last
wllh friend* In Klko
Amonir iho notables who vtaltcd our
neluthborlnR city thin week wero Ml»
r. ....m .     .....      r.      . .
..-*.,...,. w.t*,_,  ^__,  *i_„._w_.CU,
Mr. John1 IIorhIo Ik now bu«||y en*
MKcd a* an flfrrlnilturallut,. havlnn
fenced two of hin lot*, and has boon
Ukowino bmy wllh the hoo, needlnf;
next In order.
We reuret lo report ihaf fffrf. r,oitfrt
.Ihi* vin hit a boon (.olaicd becauge of
ntt  nttnek  nf  s«-_.rli-i'r»»       Wn  iTnj{.
^mm •■■  ^amW   a*W   Imi Ai      ^j^^ ^nj
!i. uTi.    ' K*^Dwm,"5 **»«. ni .w>ni ll in tm)y In Dw mlMi-si torn arid
;on My Unmn. Dav. Woberl*: rnrore.ithn. moviry may V,e ,Pe«dy
; -nan. tola, CArollaa note, miu Ki|)(.:    T,6„, !itiit,K lg ww n taVotiu. .....
ll'.)'","": »!!°.r.°' T.1 *.!"* M,Bf ^^■iD.v.o  nnt already  »otr.i>  v*ry     n\co
M>   Heart;  whlgillns; smiIo   Klllar-l .irinr*   -nve !>*..«_  wn turnip mrlx
n>. Jlr. J«w Uatp*-r, \V>J»h romlc r_ ! win-!.I***.    Th» b*ok* of ifc.» »)wm,
A first class Program will  be shown
tonight    Come and enjoy yourself
EMM •..*. •"* V . •>. 4."-"
,   -J-     ; -"!;'• .,.t"TT=' """-<y'Z   ..■■-.    -?•'<
Important ancl Far
(Continued from page 2)
malice and upon'the theory that the'
efforts of such of these defendants as
endeavored to divert the trade from
plaintiffs, was for the purpose of securing for themselves, and their fellows
what they considered improved conditions in plaintlffs'.'.plant.' -' l,f it bo
contended that the effort, purpose and
intent was^to'restrain-Interstate com-
* merce, we still insist that then the
purpose of intent of dlwrilng this patronage should have been submitted to
tho jury, that they might weight the
evidence and find the fact.  ,
-"' Tn determining the question of the
in view.     Mere numbers do not ordinarily affect the cause of the. act.'
In Lindsay & Co. vs. -Montana 'federation of Labor, 37'Mont., 3C»,.the.
'court said:     4 *   7
"There can be found running throu-iil
our legal literature many remarkable
statements -that an act perfectly lawful when, done -by ono person' becomes
by some sort of. legerdemain, criminal
when done by two or more persons act
ing in concert, and this upon the the
ory   that "the   concerted   action  am-
. ounts to a conspiracy.     But with this
jdoctnn; wo do not .agree:     Tf a.i in-
| dividual is clothed with "a right when
■ a- tin,*,- iiloi'e-, be does not lose su *h
right   merely hy acting witli  others,
*. lawfulness,pf tlu. f-xercise   of   thesei en(,). of whom ,s dothecl wl(h t))e ^m,,
rights by a collection or combination j ^^     inl.e ae( (lonQ is lawful (heil
of individuals acting in concen. tho'a ,.ombi,mti0n 0f several persons to
same test should Apply as is applicable;cnn,mU_ it (1(j0B not render it unlawful
( in' determining  the   exercise  of   t^'],,, 0,i1PI. woniSi the met. combination*
,' same right  by. an individual, and   -t | of actora is not an element which gives
liiay be snid thai the weight of •••■lt**0<'-jci,nracter to the act.     It Is au Illegality of (he purposo to be accomplish-
! ed or the illegal means used, in further-
ity in tliis eountr>\ and thc seulert ■*..
rule in K.island, is to apply ihcse principles iu dcterminiirr the lawfulness;
.of the pxeivisc of tlu- same rigln by
a labor union as applies to a combination of traders. It has l.ecn held (hat
what oue trader mny do in respect, to
competition, a body or set of traders
can lawfully do.    ~"
In a leading Kiigllsh case Involving
this question, Mogul S. S. Go.-ys.''McGregor US.I2) A. C, 25, Lord .Morris so
declared-,thc-rule and said:   ,
"A body of traders, whose motive
object is to promote their own trade
can combine to acquire and thereby
in so far to injure the trade of competitors, provided they do no more
than is incident to such motive object
and use no unlawful means,"
' If the logic' of this decisionals admitted, but it is claimed that \yhlle that
is the proper rule as between tradesmen in active competition, it has no relation to a "diverting o trade" from
a manufacturer by striking laborers,
then we answer that the- United Hatters' of North America, to which organization the individual defendants belong, owns, controls and has registered
in many States their trade-mark or-unr
ion label. ' As we have, said,'this trade
mark* or label signifies that the hat in
' which, it is" found was .manufactured
by members of the Unite. Hatters of
North   America;   - We"  contend   that
*   - r
nn.ee of the'purpose which makes the
act illegal." -   . • ' *
,The defendants,   by   and   through
their."membership iii the .United Hatters of North America, have an interest
and  ownership' in Hh.  trade-mark' or
label of that organization.    The wider
the use and the greater, tbe demand
for hats bearingthatolabel, thc greater
the prosperity of these defendants and
those associated.; with;* thein in their
'organization, because 'of' the greater
demand for. the services of union hatters.     Biit beyond the question of the
trade-mark or label it should be remembered that laborers engaged in at least
the same character of labor, as are
all of tliese defendants,- although for
different employers and at different
localities, are directly' interested yi the
general establishment of wages,-hours
chasing the products of any employers
which shall not   fall below a certain
standard, and hence .are'entitled    by
concerted action tp' refrain from pur-
chrasing the products" of aiiy employers
not complying with such regulations.
To a less- degree-but'with equal certainty, "all-laborers  are* likewise interested in the general maintenance of
such conditions and are therefore entitled by concerted action .to'refrain
withholding of patronage from thcern-
ployers not complying -with such re-
_rnl._H.n-iB.      _n_.  having    the    same
condition to the bestowal which-'" they
see fit. The* wholesale dealers" were
free to comply -with' the conditions or
not, as they saw fit. . If they valued ■
the patronage of the members of the
association more than that of the
non-members, they .would', doubtless
comply, otherwise they., would not. . . .
What a person .may lawfully do, a
number of person!; may unite with him
in doing without rendering"themselves
liable to the charge of conspiracy, provided the means employed be not u'n
lawful. Tho object of the members of
(he association was to free themselves
from tho competition* of those not
members, which, as we have .seen,,is
not unlawful. The means-, taken to
accomplish that object were the agreement , ainong themselves nol to deal
with, wholes-ale dealers who sold to
those not members of the associations
and the sending of notices to that end
to" the wholesalers. ' This, as we have
also seen, was npt unlawful."- .  *.
In tho'case of Cote vs. Murphy, (lii!)
Pa., 1201, slipru, it was said:     '   •*   •
"The members eif  the associations
refused to furnish supplies (o those engaged in the construction of any buildings where the contractor had conceded* the,, eight-hour" day.     This,'* as individual dealers, they had a clear right
to do.'     Tliey could  sell and deliver
their material to whom they pleased:
.   .   7 .    To have said they would in-*
flict bodily'harm on other dealers, or
vilify them in the newspapers, or bring
on them social ostracism,' or ■ similar
declarations, these'tlie law would have
deemed  threats,, for- they may deter
a'man of ordinary courage from the
prosecution of, his business in a way
which accords with liis own notions,
but to say-,' and even,that is inferential from'the correspondence, that„if
they, continued to sell to plaintiff, the
members of the association would not
buy from them, is,not a'threat-    It
does not interfere  with  the dealers
free* choice;   it  may have, prompted
him to a somewhat sordid calculation;
he may have considered which custom
was most profitable and have acted
accordingly, but this'was not such coercion and threats, as constituted the
acts of the combination, unlawful."
"Again, in the case of Macaulcy vs.
Tierney,;;]!) R. I„ 255),    supra,   the
court said:
"The object of the members.of the
the custom
■ ■" - *-.. ■*.-.,* ,_.,    . .-
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Mahufacturers" of and Deal-
.ers in all kinds of Rough
. * „ and Dressed Lumber, *
i i
ively, have the, same rights' in competition for "emiiloyment.'and in'securing
a market of their labor by advertising
their trade-mark or label, persuading
\fholesale and retail dealers as well as
private individuals to purchase hats lo
i "which it is attached, as has the, tradesman who advertises his trade-marl-:,
cautions'against substitutes and coun
terfeits, and calls upon the public to
purchase only such products as.exhibit
his mark of Identification,
In Glamorgan'Coal Co, vs. South
Wales Coal Mining Federation (l!)0;i),
1 K. B„ 166, Judge Blgliam said.
"An actual conspiracy exists when n
number of men combino either to do
an unlawful act. or to do .a .awiuJ n--t
by unlawful means,- I lmvo nlrnuly
said thnt. In niy opinion, ihe nets of
tho indlvldunl defendants wore not i-.n.
lawful and there Is good tuthorliy for
saying a combination ontorod into for
tho mere purpose of, (loin-*; n lawful
net cannot conslltuto nn iictlonnblo
conspiracy. Tn order to give a c.hibo
of action, the combination to do tho un
lawful not. nuiHt bo. entered Into .vi'li
u malicious intention of daniagliig the
plaintiff, and must cuimo lilm dnmago,
Hora no such coiiHplniey Iiiih In fact
pxIrio-I, for thero never was any mn*
1 felonr Intention."
" In Mnciiulcy Brothers ys. Tlorney,
10 It. I„ '1",, iho unlit snld;
"To iiinlii'uln it bill on Die ground
of coiiHplriicy I. In nprr-BMiry'tlmt It
Hhould iipi'i-iu- Hint tbo olilcct relied
oil as llio Ims'.U of tlm itiiiKplracy, or
the uii*:iii.i i;.**i;il In ;hit)!,i|*H.,.ih,^ It,
woor unlawful, Tlmt a peri-nn mnv
Jnwfulh* do n numb r nf persons, mny
iiiilli* willi lilm In dolui-; wllliniii ivn*
" dorliiff lliomwlvi a llnblo tli ihe cbiii'ge
of coiiKpIntty.'
In Nntlotiiil l,i-ot«-ct|v<> Assnclntlon
vn, CuiiiinliiKH, ITO N. Y., III.', ,ln<l«c
Parker. H|>*'i*!*-|ii*. for a imijorlty of Dw
court, hii Id:
'Wlii'i***. .- nnn mnn may tlo nlonn lm
may ilo In fonililiiiiiloii willi otheri,
jirnvldlnc tliey hnvo no unlawful ol>J--i-t
E___sfl-dation_3vas    to    f**oe' themselves.
right, the one thereby possesses the
absolute right to request the, other
possessed of the same right-* to unite
with him in concerted action, So, also
is the public at large interested In the
maintenance of those conditions and
are entitled to be Informed relative
lo the merits of any controversy between employer and employe. And, if
the result of such information is the
withholding of patronage fro mthe employer who is unwilling'' to grant such
regulations, IiIb,injury is mot a legal
injury giving him any right of hction
for tho damages' so occasioned.
"Ono may.refuse to deal with a firm
because of a belief that It does not
glvo honest compensation for labor,
and may nsk Ills'"friends or tho public
♦o do tho snme thing;. , . labor
has n right to orgnnlzo; . , . Ia,-
bor has n right to appeal to tlio community, nnd .Ray 'don't patronize this
man becauso ho does not sympathize
with orgnnhod labor.'"
People vs. Uodt. 15 N. Y:, Crlm. Itop.,
17-f: .   '".
fn ,lho case of Mncnuloy Brothers
vs. Tierney (10 11. I. 2r>r.., Huprn, which
was ono whero tho plaintiffs -wore master plumbers and the defendants officers and niPiiiborB of a voluntary iik-
socliitlon affiliated with a nntlonnl nR-
froni the competition "bf those not members, which* as we have seen is not
unlawful. * The means, taken to accomplish that object were th'e agreement
among themselves not "to deal with
wholesale "dealers who'sold to those
not members of the association, and
the sending of notices to that end to
the wholesalers. This, as we have
also seen, was not unlawful. Hence
it* follows .that,* as the object* of the
combination between the members of
the associations was not unlawful, nor
tho means adopted for it's accomplishment unlawful, there Is no ground for
tho- charge of conspiracy, and tho fact
of .combination is wholly Immaterial."
In the case of Montgomery, Ward &
Co., vs. South I)akota Retail Merchants
and Unrdwaro Dealers' Association,
lliO Fed,, 413, the following language
waR used:  0 •
"Tho facts in ovidence on this hearing show that tho retail dealem have
ngrn-A. among' themselves thnt thoy
will not purelinso niorchandlBO from
•wholesalers and jobbers who soil to
cataloguo or mnll order houses, that
tlioy have corresponded with jobbers
nnd wholesalers slnllng that tho rolall
(lonlei'R wero' opposed to sold wholesalers and jobbers selling to catalogue! or-mnll order houses, and   have
F. C* Lawe
-Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B._ C.
On    first      class
„ business and resl.
dential   property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
Tlbe Crow's Nest Trading Co,
' - ■ . -, ■
:   Sole Agents in Fernie ,
| Fernie Dairy *
' "delivered    to ' all"
.- parts of, the town
Sanders  &• Verhaest  Brothers.   .
'   Proprietors •
soclutloii of mnstor plumbors, It wnpj mr-iioRlcil the former not to sell to tho
ulu-tr-sod that tho locnl niul intornnlion-j latter. Aro .tliece acts of Hio retail
nl HHKOi-.latloiiH bad <*oiihj)Iivi1 to |n-.--i doiilci-H unlawful? Do (hoy show un*
veut tho plnlntlff!**, who were not mom-i fnlr trndo coinpotltion? Is poi-HUiislon
bers nf llio nHAncliilloii, from Imyliigi unlawful wlion coiiHldorod'wIHi refor*
supplicH niiywhero In the United Kliilt*-.! onco to tlio fucis of tlilfi cnRO, or, In
iiuk'.-,h llity became :*m*h liionib'TH, nml'"<itln.-r wordu, Ih pcraiiOBlon unfair (om-
Ilml, by i-r-iiHOii of the iiltlludi* of llio: potltlon? Upon tlin iiiih\Voi- to tlinHe
iiMHocliitlon nud iinllcen ffiil by It to' qiio-tloim deponds coiuplnlnnnt's i-lglit
whnlewilerR reqiif-Htlng th(-in nol to iu-11
lo coiuplnliiniit, thn Inttor Iuul rcftim .1
such tninciKtluii. An litjuiictlon he*
Int*. Koinrbt iiKiiliist Dw uhhocIiiIIoii, II
wiih mild ninoiiv; ollii-r UiIiikh:
"It wiih pi'i-f'-Hly cniiipciont for llio
DKinlioiM of tho iinKocliillon In (ho It-
KlUinnio cmmtIkp of lliclr own IiiihIiichm
to bestow their pn iron ago on whoriino-
lo n toinpornry Injunction,
"Thnt llio retnl) donlorn lmvo n
lawful right io iii.i*oo (inioiig HiihohpIvcb
(lint tbey will not purchiiHii innn-linn*
dint* from wholowilorH and joliliorn who
Hell to cntiiloRiin or mail order Iioiiboh
cnn not bo ilonlcd, nnd ll iii .-OHHiirlly
follow**, ilml. llioy lmvo tho rlglit lo
Inform nnrli oiIiqi* iih to, whnt wholn*
ov.>r lliey cIioro  and  io nnuox  nny; hiiIi-i-h and Jobboi-H do sell to cntuloguo
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or mall order houses. The question
in this caso ls:„ What may they do,
in addition, to influenoo the wholesalers and jobbers not to sell to catalogue-houses?
."it must be,conceded that complainant has tho right to transact nnd curry
on Us business free from. Intimidation
or; coercion, that this is a property
right, and that a combination to Interfere with this right otherwise than In
fnir competition must show justification, Tho American' cases, howovor,
when carefully' considered, show that
tho kroat weight of authority ln tho
United States is In'favor of the proponl-
(ion that lt Is no -unfair compelItlon
to Interfere with coercion ior n combination to intorforo with this right
by persuasion or any peaceable- mcr.na.
'Jit tlniH appears Ihat (ho retail
dealers have dono nothing nor throat*
eiiPd to do anything, which In action*
able. Whal over lho dofendniit Man-
nix baH done has boon nH publlshor of
tho Commercial Nows, and not an a
member of nny combination,. Ah such
publisher ho Is entitled lo liivoko th'o
eonntltut.ioniil guaranty contiilnod In
Section li, Artlclo VI.. of iho Constitution of South Dalcolii, which ho fnr an
portinoiit, Is iih follows: ;Kvory person
may frcoly upon.;, write nud pulilish
on nil subjects, being ienpouHlblo for
tho iibimo of thai i-I-slit.' In lho juris*
prudence nf Iho United States llioro
Ih no remedy for tlio nbuwi of tIiIb
light cuiiforrcil by llio CoiiKlRullon, ox*
copt an action ut lnw for danuigoH
nr n cilinliiul proceeding by Indictment
or Information,
"It icmillii, from whnt Iiiih been unlil
in bohnlf of iho rotnll ileiilcrs, tlmt <lt>
feiiiliinl Mnimlx Is not a mombor of un
unlawful lomblnatlon, nnd,,so far an lie
Is roiicornoil ns publisher,, tills court
•r-nn nol. nHHiimo tho duty of ceiiHor
and lny down ritlorf for IiIh guidance.
Ilo hut*, (hu right to publluh. If bo
nliuhnii It, tbo complnlnnnl Iiiih tho
nnmo remedy nn any other cHlnen, no
.uno   .iim   nu   Iik.ii.-.        IL   *>«.<»...*>   *Ll   «-»
■•■v.-.'<*■]■.J I3:.'j_ 13.3:' mini mny tiM ox\-
Join Dw jiubllcnllon of llboln, bill It
U IniluN _ tliat It may enjoin pnlillca*
Hour wblcb nld nn*y combination having for Kh purpoHo nn unlnwful Injury
■ .     i rpl      ,. -   , ,*n   t.-t'  .   cri'i
ll'_    k*-fk|,    A   kl   ..   .lAtVAi fc _.!•-■> ' «    -
Rons why an Injunction riioiild not Ib-
mio to iTHlrnln tlio f»*il>lIcn,Hon of nr*
IIbIob by the defendant Mnnnlx, which,
tliotigli not llboloim, have n tomlonoy
to Injure iho 1>iihIiiohb of complnlnnnt,
nnd Hif-v nro. Plr»t. UiIb court can
not dtitiTinlno In ndvnnco, by any rul-u
which It inii.li. nromiilgftto for tbo RitW*
ilnnc« of ibe dt-fcndAnt Mnnnlx, an to
what would bo mere libel and what
would como within lho jirolilblllon of
tho Injunction; 8*Kond. wUhou-*, re-
fl-pcllon In any way upon the ch*r*ct«r
or Innur-nc** of the CommorcUl Newn,
It may bt> aaW thnt the court can not
find,.that any .article published by it
on Its own behalf alone would unlawfully intimidate "any one or compel any
jobber or wholesaler to refuse to sell
(o catalogue'or mail order houses against their will,"—The Railroad Telegrapher.
,Tho Uomo Office's doclslon on a
point nffecting the question* of Sundny labor in mines, which hns arisen
In connection with an alleged violation of tho Eight Hours Dny at llotli-
woll Park Colliery In iho llellshill district, Is bolng awaited with lnterost.
Reporting oh lho dlsputo to th'o 13xo-
ciillvo Comniltteo of tho Lanarkshire
Minors' Union, Mr. Ollmour, tbo gon-
'eral secretary, stalos that both bIiIoh
have agreed to romlt the point,of difference lo the Homo Offlco, wllh (ho
view of getting nn luilhoiilallvi? d-x'lH-
lon. Tho position Is that (ho men
dropping off worlc nt three o'clock'on
Friday afternoon nro ngnln brought, out
iit, midnight, without having been the
regulation lime out, of tho pit, It is
urgr-il by the mnnnpr-niont llinl n midnight shift Is noccHRnry for clenrlng
purposes nnd lo avoid Snudny labor,
Tlio mon enntond thnt this* clearing
work, liiHtond of bolng loft over till
Krldny night, ho ovorlnkon piecemeal
(luring tho week.
'    *.    FERNIE    -
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shell and flies, away as a moth, to
mate in Its turn and perpetuato the
species,     '*'■■.
If, however, It Is brought in the
bean to a colder climate the* worm
will die In the shell. ' Cut a' small
holo In the end of,a jumping benn
about an olght of an inch in dinmctor,
and In loss'than one hour the worm
will cover -tho break with a white
fiber-like exudation from its Btomoch,
working the mouth round the opening
until the holo In the shell shall bo-'
come, complololy  closed. '   *  *
Kopt in a modorately warm place,
and not packed too tightly, the jumping beans will llvo for flvo or six
months to mystify iind amuso. Tbo
jumping Is caused by thc worm's curl-
lug Itself Into a ball and them springing but to full length ngninst tlio side
of'the shell, thus making tho beau
jump from tbo hand Inlo the nlr,
■_ "-
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during .the last' Hesslbn of tho State
J.eglHliiliiio. A worlttngnien'B com-
lieimniion ltiw wiih rpcured, n lnw ro*
quiring nil conl mines to bo provided
with bath hqimoR, 'with n Hhowor nl-
tnchmc'iU; .Ihat'.'all coal mlnca nmM
ho Ihnroiighly nqulppoil with a tele*
phono HyHtom; a rnllrond HnbllKy lnw
Hlnillnr to lho Kedoral Act; power
licndllghtH for JoeoiuotlvoH, ami nlso
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That oxtnionllnnry product of tho
vegotnblo klngdoin, llio "Jumping
bean" Is derived from a bush, rloHoly
resembling lho coffo biiHli.'lhot grows
In tho Ynqul lUvor country of wcatorn
and northern ,\fexlco. The bimli attains a holght of from throo lo four
foot nnd tho hundreds of bloflfloniH
thnt.lt puts forth "nro of an olive-
groen tint which, nflor ripening, turns
to n buff gray, Within each blossom j
.,,,, i.,.c, fr,.(Mp "f*>(.n :",-1 ':-. IVIi-*!
which In tho horn-** nf n omnll, rycoi-d-1
Ingly nctlvo worm, whono perform-
ancofl nro roopoiiBlblo for tho queer
conduct of tho bonn. When thin worm
emergen from Its prlHon It heeomos a
■hnnntlfiillv rolnrod ninth
The scedfl of tho Jumping bean blon-
Hom lu tho month of Mny, Tlmn the
fomalo moth deposits ono egg on tho
pollen of tlio flower. Ah tho flowor
dovolopa It forms a trliuigiilnr-shnpod
aholl on two sldea, with a convex ahnpo
on tho othor. Within thla tho diry-
HftllB developit Into n grnylBh-brown
worm about ono-lcinlh of -An Inch
In diameter and about half an Inch
In length. This worm Uvea lnul*le
lta coll for a period of nix month*, or
until the middle of November, Then,
climatic condition* being favorable. It
here* n hole throiiRh th-* end of '.»*
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.!iu*!.B0ii, President;   1-..   Mai-flham,
llocoi'dlng Socrolnry,
Bartenders' Looal No, 014! MoutH 2nd
and .Hi SuudnyH at 2,30p.m. Socrolnry J. A. (louplll, Wnldorf Hotol.
QUdstone Local No. 2314 U, M. W, A.
Moota 2nd nnd -Uh Thurmlny Minora
Union hull,    j), Huc-i", Sa\
Typooraphlcal Union No. tSB5- Moots
lam Saturday In oach month nt tho1
Lodgur Offlco, A, J, Uuckloy, Soo-
rotary, '
Local Pernie No. 17 8. P, of C. Moota
in Milium Union Hull evory tiumlay
ut ?. .5 p.m. Everybody welcome. U.
Paton, Rocrotnry-Trcanurer.
Cm for «uc_ -tv«ry<Uy allmMt
Amnln.imrtt^ri ftnr.lnty Cnrnentcra anrt
Joiners:—Moot in Miners Hall ovory
nlt-qrnato Thursday at 8 o'clock. A,
Ward, secretary. P. 0. 307.
United Drotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners.—*Local 1220, D. J. Evans,
PreMdent; V, H. Shaw, Secretary,
Or. de Van's Female Pills
A relnbU Vtttith mruUlormevtr UIU. Thtte
pilii ete e-tc_.lnj-.ly nowrrlul In rcfuUilnir lh*
Ki**)«r_lva portion ol thn lamnlji lyitom. Uthia
all tlvtap tm-ilttloM. Dr. da Tm's ma _wW .1
tB »tm*, or Ihr. a lor 110. Malta! lo any «dil_«»_,
*n»a li-tWII Dt«c C.« »i.CMbikrta*<*, Oat.
For Sala at Ulsaidsll'a Dru» Store. yy-'-' f.
'   . i    -
•p     -*.    **■
The Week's News for ':'}'■
• -   Our Foreign Brothers
.".' **Po'lnikatel*i zase broji.   Trumyslova
.-rada jednala v" t§cho dnech o socialni
1 *- < ,i *
-politice,';di vlastne *o * referatu svgko
^lena.p. barona* Kubinsk(5ho, o'navrhu
"socialne - "demokratickych ,   poslancfi
(Hanusche* a. soudruhu)- ':*, na - pcstupne"
-zkracovani pi-acovui doby* delnictva v
zavodeck ziynostenslcych a prumyslo-
■vych.- ' Skoro soiiSasne vydal „Ustre-
. . .      _.._..,-    -_ .      .   ..
. dni svaz prfimyslnlky... v ' Rakousku"
■'jprovolani _vyzyvajicl k nav5t5ve , valni
hromady, svolan-5 - ria,den 30 rijna, .do
Linee. ^ A aby nir.-Jo i-ebyl v nej.to'-
tach o tonlne, v jak'-S   tam bude jedna-
-ano, udavaji jl pahi z ustredniho, svazu
. JIB v provolanl,' Jest to stejny napSv,
1 jsou to stejna slova.'jaka z'aznSla take
v prflmyslove rade; majlt take, stejn.
ho skladatele. - Dennl poradek schuze
linecke se v, hlavni castl sve" kryje s
* jednanim prflmyslove rady." Prumy-
slova rada nesklada se jako pracovni
-, rada ze zastanci zamSstnan^ch a pod-
nikatelfi) ac rilkdo "nemu2e popritl, Zo
■ inajl dSlnicl na otazkach prumyslu* ne-
. maly zajem; , Pr&myslova rada jest
' vyhradne dom.5nou podnikatelfi,   jlch2
* • zajmflm slouzi.take u'strednf svaz. i Ko*-
bo za tochto" okolnosti prekvapi'souh-
lasn? postup a patrne take stejna usnesenl prumyslove rady s.ustrednlm sva
,  zem?      ._   7" ''        .f ',
-Tentokrate .est cilem postsinu obou
■ korporaci , "socialni politika"' 61 —
, 'presneji a- pripadneji, ' rc5eno'—
^ navrhy ■ socialne demokraticke\ -iei
".jsou jedinj'ini' ^ vaznymi • pokusy
;  parlamentarnhui,     pohnouti*-    ztrnul-
■ym ustrojim socialne poll*'ckvho *_i-
,   konodarslvi.     Jest to pro poijifiry. v
. nicli2' 2ijeme',''nejv^Se priznaCn-i a-pro
dfilnlclvo take" velice "pouSne, ie    se
• •iilkdo .iin-f*- o socialni politi'ku neslara,
nei. , socialni   deriiokrat<_.    ' Nemdne
*. charakteristicke ale jest,'2e. take" pod-
' nlkalele z mozn-fch snad .pbkusfi nek-
, teryoh-jinjch stran, nema ji ani trochu
,'st.rachu, nepovazujice jo zi^dosti va2-
ne.     Pozornost jejich .qbraci se jedine"
lc navrliflm socialii-5-demokralickyni.
'. JV prflmyslove rad-3 byl denni poradek- uprimn.'a poctlvS, oznafen:  pan
-   baron, KuMnsky   mSl   turn   poprayiti
navrhy'. naSicli soudruhu. >• Na valnS
■ hromade* lirieck. stejnou ve*c oznaSuji
* trochu .obaleneji:     ,,'Pro' rostouci zne-
pokojeni'prflmyslu Cetn^mL navrhy y
* -poslcdnlcha Icle'cli v zale2ito"stech di51-
r  vena'byla prednioteni" denniho poradku
,   o      L* •    -•        *       -,---*
. "porada o socialni politlce'v Rakousku
a jejim Vliyu nn prflmysl."   ' Tak .to
stoji v. provolanl...'. '   , '..     ,* t ■:..'
, ...Tak velice*jest ;,prflmysl znepokojeii.".
jodin.-vmi socialne-ijolltlckjnil 'navrhy,**
totirZ socla]nc*clemolmitiek->'mr,..m'o?.|io
se'znati •/. toho,*?.o tvorl.sb'or reforentfl
trojico r'od'llelfl velkoprflmyslov-y-ch za-
yod.il s panora Schastrem.Z'VltltovIo v
Cele.   . To jost,, jistfi rake jl?. predcho-
,*   zim poukazem iui jako'st roforaul, je?,
. tnm budon prodn-asetiy o' socialni politlce.  * ■ Jost ':6strit'he . pozoruhodii'o, • 2o
-' byj reforat o .^n'ani pracovni-' doby"
•scv&ren pnnn'*ScliU8trc.Vl,. .namSmu. a
opovezoninu protlVnlku' zkracenl prac.
doby pro | horniky,      Reforat 6 pra-
.   covnl smlouv'6 prenochnl pnn Schustor
RV<.mu kolegovl'z voslavsk-j priidlar'ny
,; panu Ponzlg-Frnneovl-n reforat o oqli*
.i  rnn^S dfilnictvn rcdltolUstrojirny Rroit-
fold, DnnCk a spol., dru Sclionhachovi.
'lludu (ody'proti (l-51nlctv.il_a protl-so-
clalnj; politico, mluviti z'rlzoiici kapltnl-
Istft arnlkbil*kaiito.ist(. samlr.kterl jiz
I tuto pvoci dnvaji obatnravntl place-
n.-?mi .lidnil, mnjloo patt:n5 .zn lo, ?.o to
tnkov*? Schustor dovedo ldpc, no?, onl
finml, •''•'■',' •■-..*'    •
Jodnn bo tudi?. o uov? ulok na df-
Inletvo n -Jeho zajmy. V dozlrno doh6
so iinrlamoiil aojdo n l_n?,d*f bI mfl?.o uu
Pl'ptooli vypofilHti, io nnSI Houdrnzl neo-
]iomonoii,iial(.l)iul na ryclild vyrizcnl
Hvyoh nnvrhu; Proto orgnnlHiiJI pod-
ttlkntoli., (Ito krntkozrncl nopratold ho-
rlnlnl politiky, .cold avd tiiSonl, 'nby
m'ognd Blind prljoll tdch nnvrhfl zno-
nio?,nlll, Ultiliovi! Co?. Jt'ftt-5 nosoz-
niill 7, dojln Hoclnlno polltlck<.lio za-
ItonodiirsLvl, ?,o mn, dolnlctvp jofitfl Jlini
zhrnnO, Jlml?, Hi mu?,o dobJUI Hoclalnrt
pollllck*ych opa'tronl, zvlnfito zkrocoiil
pracovni doby? Pravo v tomto ohoru
vykonnly odhol*ov5 oi-kiiiiIbiico v Hn-
koiiHltn uClnnntf dlvy, Jon riocht piuiIIiih-
kavfi nahlddnoii do splHft HVjoh organlH-
nel, do kolokllvnlcli iioho 'zavodnliih,
lum zarioHoii^oh Hinluv praco vn Ich.
Tam Homnaji; 2o nl dfllnlctvo dovodo
zKraceni pracovni doby dobyti -tak-S
vlastni silou. -~ ,. 7 " -,- . -
,' Co.p'ani'znemo2iii domri§le sebe us-
pSsngjsI' akci, neni leS, ze .znemolni
vyrovhahi'. pracoyhich'* podnilnek po
cele' risi, t2e tedy pribstri jested ceho
se-nejvice,boji:'konloirencia sice §i-
lenou nerov-fmi-. pra'covnimi', podmin-
lcami..'.' - JI2 proto "jest. po5in jejich* velice neobezretnj*, '* nehled^ ■ k .toniu, 2e
tim jen prlspSji k s'esile'ni snah delnickych, nesoucich se za podporou socialne politicki5ho"zako nodarstvi; Na-
zor-ustredniho 'svazu,'prftmyslnikfl je
zastaral-y. , Jen slabg.-nevyvlnute' organisace spolehajl, jedine. na pomoo
jiri-fch Clnltelfl,' Ale nage odborbvd organisace jsou^silnymi dostl, 2e'mohou
1 v. torn sm6ru podhlknouti - leckter*>*>
boj. "-Ci b5rou snad'podnikateld jiz
nynl zalohu na budoucl, jiml oCeka-
vanou slabost. odborovych organisacl,
Je2, ma nastatl z rozbijenl ustrednich
mezinarodnlch organisacl?, Toho * by
si melo dobre vgimnouti vSechno d§-
nlctvo. . Ta probouzejlcrse chtivost
podnlkateleska jest na ka2d;y pad velice pozbi*uhodn-?m momentem. ' Panl
mysll, 2e nynl treba ziskatl jen parla-
meiit.pro jejich• plany, znejednocend,
oslabenti' svazy odborove nebudou prece "miti; dbsti sily ku odralenl toho
utoku. Coz aby ten predcasny.uSet
byl falegny? • K6Z by poukaz na' toto
nebezpeci vSemu delnlctvu uvedomil
nebezpe5nost rozbijenl a^-Sleni odborovych'organisacl! >*■■. IW2 by prorocl os-
amosfatri-Siii v zajniu d51nictva vSech
narodfl seznali, 2ejest nejvj-se na Case,'
aby upustllijod sveho, neoclflvodDeri^ho
poCinani! Ten dvoji utok na" socialne
politicke zakonodarstvl jest velice,po-
vaSSUva vec.     , ■■    *
Itozumi se, Ze. nelreba precenovati
vj-znam slibu" nejvysSiho nynejsiho
sprevce. r.akouske socialni politiky- mi-
nistra A\ .iskirchnera, jen?. prJ^urCite
slibll, 2e prijde- vyslechnoutl v-fklady
panfl reditelfl; ' Ku vseodborovomu
sjezdu nasemu pan Woiskirchuer jistfi
neprijdo". A tam se prece tak6 bude
jednati o socialni politice. Xepochy-
'bne by si pan minlstr odtam'tud odnesl
vice pokynfl, jak treba povazovati, ne?.
v5c. Ted ale chys'taji se k.tomu, ahy
primSli i parlament k z'amitnuti'nasich
tu2eb. .Delnlctvo protq :riesnii spole-'
hati naparlanientsamotn.. Chystaji-
U poduikatele boj, chystejm-3 so niy k
riejlepSi obranS, k utoku. ;* .V dozirin-5
dobe. bude k tomu-prile2itbst.,b.udou-li
liase organisace dosti'silnymi. Podni-
katele zbroji, budu'jme'a' silme sve ustredni celorissk^ svazy, jimz v'tom boji
pripadne hlavni"ukol:"..'-,' ?, -7 .'
si-jich odnese z Lince. 0- Zda se, ze
ministr pro socialni pblltiku klade hlavni .dflraz na to, aby .byLinformovan
stejne dflkladne jak jednostrannS. dice
patrn6 cerpati z informacl tSch co" iie-
jyice sily lc hajeni nnzorfl a prani pod-
nlkr,telsk*?ch ? ' Co-mu" „ale?,ina nazo-
. A" report on the cost 6f7Hyii_'_. in.
American towns which'- contains the
results of investigations made -in this
country by the'-British Board of .Trade
through special agents,: shown* that
while the American worker. gets on
the average a bigger wage than.U.e
English worker, he is. little the gainer
foi* it, as the cost of living" here Is
much higher. **•■".'*_••'
The subject covered by the investigation conducted by the British Board
of Trade were wages, hours of work,
housing and .rent, food, prices and
family expenditures. ■_,
Summarizing the results * of the Investigation, G. R. Askwith, in the pre;
face to the report says: ».     .
"The weekly hours of labor were
found to be 11 per cent shorter In the
building trades in the United States
than in'England and Wales, ,7 per cent
shorter.in'the printing trades, but 6
per ' cent longer in the engineer, ng.
trades, the ratio shown by all tho occupations in those three trades groups
together being' 96'   :■   100. * *'.'-
As regards'1;rents the American
workman pays on the whole a" little
more than twice as much as the English workman. for the same amount
of house accommodation, the actual ration being 207 : 1,00; the minimum of
the predominate range of rents for the
United States towns as a wholo exceeding by from,50 to„77 per cent the
maximum of the range for, towns In
England and Wales for dwellings; containing the same number of,rooms.
"The retail prices of food obtained,
by weighing the •ascertained predominant* prices according to lho consumption show by the British 'Burl-
gets, show, when allowance is made
for the increase ---.which took place in
this country between Octobor, 1905,
and February, ]909', a' ratio of ir.,S :
100 for the United States and England  and  Wales  respectively.
"Thus, according to this ratio thc
money earnings of the workers in Dw.
United States' are rather mora than
21/. times as,great.'as in> England and
Wales,, and,, since there" is.no proof
that employment is more Intormillent
In the United States than in this country, a margin is available, even when
York were, eager volunteers to-take,.a
week's holiday., trip to Chicago, enjoy
everything, that' "was,,, passed around
and. ride back home in style, befitting the occasion., -• * '- '
• It will • never,' be known- jusf how
many, thousands,of good hard.dollars
were spent', by the Chicago garment
manufaclurers-to - entertain their New
York "free and independents."»biit it
is reckoned.,that many thpusand-3 were
put iri circulation.-           . "-- '      ',:'
The* Chicago strike of garment
workers indicates 'that certain angles
of the strike-breaking industry are
becoming popular, and'if the enemies
of labor are bound tq "blow themselves," who can blame union men
for helping them to burn their money?
Cleveland Citizen,
About* 10,000 Men Are at Work
-paring the Buildings and „
Tlte working mutts, for many a day
have laid the steel and forked the hay;
gone down in mine and "glory hole,"
and bahged'the drill and dug the coal;
have mostly lived on'pork and beans;
worn overalls and slop-made- jeans,
and,'barring an-occasional.riot, they
have been humble, good and quiet.
The bosses,oii the other hand, don't
condescend to till the land.' -They
do not work or toil', at all, but simply
live upon their "gall," and stuff their
ugly, useless hides with what .the
working mutt provides. , They smoke
the* black and fine cigar, they travel
off to lands afar; 'there's-is a life of
ease and leisure, "glad rags" and
Mumin and "games , of pleasure."
Now, let it' be remarked that I, am
not a "highly moral" guy; I blame*not
any class or man, that for themselves
get all they can; so long as the fool
working stiffs are well content to take
the .biffs—receive th'e, whacks7and
smacks and cracks, wher the spring
chicken gets the axe—why, then, of
course',* I do not blame the boss, who
hands them out the same.'
But some day—or so, I surmise—
the horny handed will get wise, will
use liis,-brains and come Lo see that
it is .he;* and only he; the "common
one" whom goods produce that In the
world is any use. Tho writer of this
h(b')umble rhyme is longing for the
gladsome timo when every, parasite
and' "plute" will gei the large and
heavy boot;- will have to leave their
hordes of loot and, with the toiler iii
pursuit,"to save their hides will, one
and all, turn trail'to reach the timbers
The Coronation Exhibition at the
White City at Shepherd's Bush; promises to surpass any of its predecessors,
as it'will show for the first tin. not
only the _ products and manufactures
of each country making up'the British
Empire, but will show them as far as
possible ' in their own natural surroundings. How many races and nations' will be 'represented no one
knows yet, but an effort is being made
to havesa thoroughly complete representation. Saxon and Celt, Asiatic
and African, men and women from the
frozen regions'and thetorrid zoije will
be seen at'the exhibition. .It will be a
new. Babel, but one with a harmonious
purpose, that of giving pleasure to its
thousands of visitors. ■ -- .
* In the Indian section, duplicates "of
some of the most magnificent palaces
of the Dependency will be constructed,
such as the Palace at Delhi, built by
Shah Jehan, and ' the Taj, Mahul, at
Agra, Delhi, which is to be the scene
of the Coronation Durbar, and' is famous alike in theA literature of India
aud bf Europe.
About 10,000 men are at work in the
exhibition buildings'and grounds, including 50 clever Italian* modellers of
figures of all kinds, human and animal, graceful and fantastic.
. One of the most intt'resting of tlie
reproductions will be that of Cave of
Elephants, which,'situated on a small
island in the harbor of Bombay, contains some extraordinary mythological
figures and shrines of gods. A s.ries
of great waterfalls will-be constructed, representing those,of, Niagara,'th-e
Zambesi, and"Waiora.'In New Zealand,
and over these 3,000,000 gallons of water will flow every day.
recti (leliiiku?-Projev prflmyslove' rady
jest'veru ji2 dosti- ostrym a** debata
panu ministru poskytne   prece ,. dostl
_,argumentu" proti opravncnyni po2a-
davkflm dSlnlckJ-m. ."No, jemu nest-
a5i,- clico slyj. etl pana Schustrn.   Tato
'touha osvStluje kriklavS celou _ sltuaci
V'nIB'se-dhes nachazi socialni politika*
die prani-a vkusu'gcnerala vyderacil.
.' Ji?. proto jest'-pfo delnlctvo zahodno,
aby. poznalo nrgumenly   podnikatelft;
nbbof nezbytnoii'sqiicnstl boje nnSeho
jest poucoviiiii verejnosti, jest odstran-
ovnnl predsudku.a fiiloSiiJ-ch predstav,
jich? vyklady podnikntolfl   vyvolavojl
colo-Iogle.' . V prilmyslovo rado prlk-
lndnB* pou2ll pan Kublnsk? primo zara-
Xojlclho nrgumontu protl zkraccnl pracovni "doby* *' Z ohledu na drahotu pot-
ravin.nopovn?.uje n'ynSjSl tlobu za'uhod-
nou kopntrenlin tnk hluboko znsahu-
jlclm do vyroby", n konkm-Giiciil, sily
pnlmyalu.   Ilie, hie!   Proto?.o jsou po-
Irnvlny nosl^ohano drahd, proto mnjl
0. Intel pracovnti -dale,' prodavbtl b'voJI
pracovni silu lnclnojl,     Tokova logl-
ka jest noznpliitltolnii,     Co? si koupl
dtSlnlk prnoujlcl 10 lipdln, snnzo nobo
liic'ln*3.1l potravlny, no?. dMnlk, praoujicl
jon S hodin?     IJu.'fi dobro znpnpiato-
vntl si aspon to oflclolnl doznnni dm-
holy ip-'lnlm 7. predated prd-nj*. nikfl;--
Hnnd Inido mo2tio,p*'l nfikto.-i•n r.*:wloi*
ii    boji na v^rok Ion poiknzntl.
1 PolflmlsovntI jlnnk b argument}' panfi
KubliiHkiMio bylo hy fikoro Hinofimi. Ko-
llkralo.bylo JI?, dflklodno odpovldano
na tvrzonl, ?.o mo?.no 0 zkraccnl pracovni doby na 8 hodin, Jon biide-ll voo
vyrlzonn mozlnnrodnlm    zakonndarnl-
vim!     To joHt Jon Bvnlovanl vlnntnl
vlny podnlkaotlfl nn vlodu.    Z tul«i*.o-
ho nrgumontovanl JoRtfi   nynl   hoziui
hnldy, 9,e nomiijl protl naSomu ptiflnd-
avku nrgiimnntu n proro nvfUmo Jon
nv-5 dBlll.
V iohoIiicI Hchvnloiu. pi'flmj'Hlovoii
radon ho ontatno nlovrciio pravi, ?,o
jost I prl mozlnarodnlni liprnvonl protl
nHinihodinnd doh5 prncovnl. Prfimynl-
nlcl Jhoii vdlino proli kaldi-imt zkrn-
cenl dohy prncovnl!     To Jont znnmn
'allowance has been riiade for tho increased expenditure on food and rent.
"The margin is clearly large, making, possible a command of the necessaries and conveniences" nnd ' minor
luxuries,of life-that is both nominally
Government  Will   Study  Actual   Con-
-       .  - - *. **
ditlons ,in   Property   Near   ",'
'   .   .r-.-V-     - Pittsburg       ..   '
' WASHINGTON, April IS—A gov-
ernment0"mine, operated, not for profit, but to; obtain scientific data, will
be' inaugurated about May, when the
new "experimental -coal and mining
and really greater than "that, enjoyed plant at'*Bruceton„Pa., near Pittsburg
by tho corresponding class' in this
country, although the .effective ' margin is itself, 'in practice,' curtailed by
a scale of expenditure to some extent
necessarily nnd to somo extent voluntarily adopted In accordance with a
different, and a higher standard of
material comfort.
It was all very wrong, of courso,
for Now York labor men to tako advantage of tho procurers sont East by
Chicago garment, manufacturers to.se-
euro fitrike-breakers during the recent
■But, ns a strike'Is war and war Is
hell, tho New York unionists can linriV
Iy bo blnniod for trying to* hnvo n
h—lof u good llrno at tho expense ot
tho Chlcngo bassos who plunged
thousands of poor, struggling workors
tnto a living shoo].
At nny rale, lt. Is for moralists
who draw flno distinctions to decide
whothor a good Joko,or horrlhlo crlmo
was committed by ninny Now York-'
ors who wero anxious to soo tlio flights
of Chicago and readily hired out nu
sti'lko-ht-oalioi'H to agents of tho manufacturers.
Among llio niimnroiiH pllgrlnni who
accepted froo paiimigo to and bountiful ontortolnment In tho Windy City
woro 11 group of seven C'U'pontorn who
woro omployod as "cuttorH,' which
thoy uro, hut who rGfiiHod to stnto
whothor limy cut hiiUh with biiws and
sowed thom with hummer nnd iiall'i,
Thoy travelled lo Chicago In flno »tyh*
and, upon nrrlvnl, whon thoy oxprotiH-
od n four of nttnek IT they wont lo
llvo In boiirillng-hotiHEH, thoy woro
tnken to 11 hotel,   Tlioy uctod nn If tlio
will be opened. Scientific men and
mining'experts will experiment under
actual mining conditions, to obtain
for, the United States Bureau of Mines'Information which they hope* will
be useful' lu tho prevention of loss of
The. explosibility of coal dust In
puro air and conl dust when mixed
with firo damp and with natural gas,
will bo determined and a study of explosion waves and methods for preventing nnd limiting explosions will be
Tests of all kinds of mining machinery will be mado to* dotermino tho ro-
Intivo production of inflanimabl-. dust
by different typos of mnchliies in conl
cutting. ■
To combat statements of coal operators thnt conditions surrounding
\.lio tests mndo lu tho oxlorlor gallery
of the bureau of mines testing plant
nt, Pittsburg, wero not tho snmo us
would occur in actual mining operations, wna ono of tho 'purposes in
establishing thin experimental mlno,
Tho lYi ven tor of s_onio of tlio most dead-,
ly'oiifjiiips of war In the. \voilJ, who
resigned.his poMtlcn as 11 dire .or I.i
tho grunt lirr.i of Yluke *'.s To.-s and
Maxim, on his'soveuty-ilrst birtlidi. ,
and Is nov/ In*;.inly enn'.':ircd In por-
l'ectlnij aoi't'il cnglnoK of d(>Mructl*)!i,
whleh, • If the.v moot with thc npt-
Klilne' expectations of his contoiniw-
arios, Claude Graham-White and M.
. Hloi-Iot, will five ICiifjlmid thu supremacy-of tlio air and- relitRiite to
tho Fcrnp liu-ip hllllon.s of dollars
worth of war voh;q1-\ Sir HI uiri will
nlsii, ondoavor 10 perfoct tho flying*
mnchlno to Unit ntn:,_ of- Haf.tv
whero It will appeal to .-port Inyf-rs
tht'ouKhout 'tin- world tin a. convenient and eun.v monns of travel,
List of Locals District 18
Corrected hy District Socrotnry up lo April 22nd, 1011
20 Ilankhead  P. Whontloy, Bankhoad, Alta,
•181 llonvor Crook...... P, nnuirhton, P^.vcv (.;••.■..„ ,.« r»«**_.ii
■J»l Ilollovuo  J. tlurttn, 11 ■.lev-ill., .rank, Min.
i iti., liliurmoro  IJ, .T, Chono, Hlnlrmoro, Alto.
010 Burmis  Wm. Sloan, Durmlu, Alta.
187* Cnnmoro J, Koll], Canmore, Altn.
20.1.1 Coloman  W. (Iraham, Colomnn, AUa.
5227 Cui'bqndale O. M. IIhvIph   Pnrhnntlnln  f-.i-r.-*-;, .».!.'.;,
"i/nxx Ciirdlll  I., Hiicklria, Cardiff, Alta.
2877 Corbin  II. Jonon, Corhln, n. C,
2178 Diamond City Chnrlos Orban, Diamond' City, Lothbrldgo,,
2H14 Fernio , , D. noon, Fornio, 11, C. .,
120.1 Frank  G. Nicol, Frnnk, Altn.
2197 - Hosmer ...., J. Ayro, HoBmer, D, C. <        il
10.1S JNIIorcBt J. O. .TbnuH, HIHcn-hl, Altn,
G74 Uthbrldge 1_. Mooro, V, O. Uox 113, Lothhrldc _
121.1 LIIIc  W. 1.. k_van», Lille, Frank, AUa
tSi-y Maple Lcnf  M. Qllday, Maplo Unt, Tlolloviio, Alta.
2334 Michel  M. Hurrell, Michel, n. C.
£3152 Paaabin;-?.......... Wm. Cooke, raaBhiirfl-, Alia.
2B89 Iloyal Colllerloa ... T. UnRWorth, Royal Colliery, Lothhrldw, Alia.
Ifl* Tahtr William Ru»*ell, Taber. Alta.
:fl.1l Tabor  E.Bnwm,TnUr.AUm.
LONDON ■— UnionlBla four tho
flprond of SofilnllKin In thVllrlllHh
navy. Thla Ih duo to nn article In
tho journal .lustIco, In which appi-iii's**
"It Is poi-hapg ncoilk-Hs to any that hn*
causo tho mon uro hucomliiR more In-
toIllRcnl, throiiKh,moro Inltlallvo and
InlolllHcnco bolim dcmnnilcil of them,
thoy find tho fciiilnliKin of tho acrvlco
rill tho mpi'0 revoltliiK.'
Cnnaervatlve momlu'ra   Hlnto   their
The   Chief   Participants   Were ' Two
Young Lovers
Naples lias'jiiBt boun tho nccno of a
littlo trniicdy, the chief participants
bolus two youiiB lovers, and tho motive one of revenge. A youth or nlns-
teon, named Lomonico, non of nn ndvo-
t-nlo, was madly In lovo with tho four*
teen-yearold dauKhtcr of one ot the
lcndliiK fnmlllea In NaplcH. Tho par-
cntB of the girl, UlnnottnHlo.hy, nnmo,
ohjeclc-il to tho youii*. Lothario'H ad-
vaneoB, nnd Belzed with a frenzied d-i-
Biro for rcveiiKc, tho youth rushed* at
the girl In thc street, .Iashin*. lur face
with mi open razor, aftor thu milliner
of tho Cnmorra, Lomonluo then Dud,
hut wiih soon overtaken and arrested.
'• "I have until now lived for thc Klrl,"
ho exclaimed poHHlounluly, "hut now I
would dio for her," Ho bIho explain,d
that It was the Klrl'a beauty that Imd
Iod hlm on and that he had spoilt It for
hor,. as ho wna determined It shou d
novor belong to nnotlior,
■^ar .* *
Love, Laughter and Life"
that the world doesn't .like too'much
_ *       , DON'T   BE  TO ;
A woman should always rememhe -
sarcasm. 7        ' . .>
It is a good weapon at times, bu: it-often defeats Its   own   purpose.
Moreover, there are times when it dues do its work but-doesn't pay in '
tfre end. " ' :    -   ' *     •
The woman who is inclined to use irony very often might do well to
remember the story of Lord Bowen. *' -    *
In his early- days at the bar, the 1 ite Lord Bow-cn prosecuted a prisoner '
who had been caught in'a house at ni_ht crawling doiynstcirs with his boots
off and carrying portable property. The evidence was so over-whelming
that Mr. Bowen ventured to indulge 11 a little irony, and remarked on the
thoughtfulness of the-prisoner in re ndving his shoes, thus disturbing nobody, and in selecting only solid silv ,-r articles from the plate basket;.so
that the family had enough forks aad spoons left for breakfast. ■
 Tho jury we're so Impressed with' theB.e extenuating circumstances that
they'acqultted„the prisoner.   Mr. Bowen never, employed Irony again when
addressing a jury. ■** - . .'
Advice to   Parents on   Modern'Com-,
plaint of Childhood Which ls-
On Alarming Increase    '.      x
Even doctors do not agree as to the
cause ft,,of adenoids; some attribute'.-'
them to the use .of» "comforters", in
babyhood, whll? others say that they
arise from slackness in matters of
hygiene. •   ■
Whatever may be.the rarse it Is
most certain that' an increasing number .of children suffer .from this dis- '
tressing complaint, which  comes on
gradually, but  which may., b? recog-'
nized by certain* well-marked   symp- ,
toms..  The most,striking symptom is
the heavy breathing which is per orm-
ed through the op.n-moulh instead of „
through the ncstrils.     Snoring   and
night, terrors are the   results   which
are apparent at'night, while by, slow -
degrees a child loses its bright, .active
ways, acfi an expression of vacancy
comes over the fa.-e which fairly rep're- "
ser.ts. a falling off in m:nta|, powers.
JJcafncEs is often a symptom,"and •"
children  arc*  commonly  regarded -.as
stupid when their stupidity is nothing  .-
but the.outcome of their disease.'
The   disease itself consists inthe'<-
fo'rmation of spongy, warty, bodies "on "'
the soft'palate, whicli hang down-and ."_
nr___veii_L_fi*f,'5___bi"',ath ina
iS -nei-"
When ono looks about the shops it
would seem that this is to bo a'coral
aeason, for without a doubt thtft is tho*
color pre-eminent of the moment.
Dresses, lints, sunshades, gloves', all
aro made in this lovely and becoming
shade. One especially good-lo'oklng
summer frock In',this-• color.wub put
together as shown above. Tho upper
part and alcevp .of bodice nnd bottom
of skirt woro all-over ombroidery In a
deep shado of coral.*,. Over this wan a
tunic of plain llnon ■ In same tone,
which 'also made the, lowor part of
bodlco and turned cuffs. The inevitable touch of black was. given In tho
bulto'iiB and braid, loops which wore
used as a trimming.
Needle workors who nre ambitious
to do work that will plnee them in the
front rnnkd of craftsmanship find the
Japanese ombroldcrleu well worth
studying, both for their design nnd
coloring! A pnrtlculnrly' oinbltlous
nocdlcwomni'. has lately begun a
screen, copltd Irom the., JnpnncsQ,
which promlHOK to bs a true work of
nrt. .The screen Ir of heavy dull firoen
silk,, nnd on It a dfflfKn of white pen-
cockH Ib to b_* wrought. Ovur throo
lonvo-?, of the ncreeii tho long tall of
tho pen-rock extends, IiIh body occupy*
.ill. only n Htnall space ou the third
leaf. The pea hen Ih to he embroidered
on tho fourth leaf, facing the peacock.
The dt-HlKii In a uiipcrb one, hut may be
plncod only In a room of great distinction,
A uerloB of iiiysterloiiH inurdorH Iiiih
intention of Intiodu _nK Uio mnttor in l0™!'™1, ,n ,ho vle,,.I,,,>; fjf KnrlBtadt.
., ..... i .   ,i    ,1   .   ri Croatia, apparent y  ho work nf au
tho common* nnd thin uiiIohh tlio find Ior|!nn,xrd   bitncl   of   munlfren.. who
firm wiih kIyIii.*** ii hlrthdny party. Tlioy j*on* of -,l0 ndmlniliy.   McKounii, In j mndo it their speelnlty to fiKKii_ nlnnt.
orileiod ovoryllilni? ou the monii, full* n,,1° '« lMtlt0 »'nt "10 TWrt*  '■ ' --' '■
ed lor fancy ililnkH and inslHlod on * eroSK,>" ewKfc'fcioioJ ffforiw will
being taken to and from the n1ni-»' W^A ,0 mine** Dw Bprend C
tho*. woro to mako n bluff nt ,v„rU|„K|doetrlne.Calg.iry NcwH-leloRram
nhlo to doclnio that tho reportH are j Orotitlnn   emlgranlH   returiilng   w.th
1,„,'nvltmH from North Amim-n.   Mn y
l        i . i    .  ,i     ""'''  *"",'*"',''<i   'ip-'n   n (1<! njy   i'l n .
being taken to nnd from the plnru■u™™ lo^nupiireiis ihujijiromi of tn-o ,,cftrt,i of late; wlillo on Uiontii rlia d
,. (.ui'i iii.i.-ncr i.i a r.pp d b d b umi
hi'Mi lound In ihe lllvtr Kulpn. 'n
mn! wivk nlon. four wen* found,   Al
In ,i tnxlrnh,   Tho lio'**:l lull iilonc, at
tho end of ono wcok, uir.ounk-d io t-x*
nnfly $174.*II5.
Kd—The ahovo Infnrnintloii Ih In*
\dood nppnlllin., mul niiiny i*e«ull In
itliOBo who hnve lipcoim* dlfliruutml with
of tli vin lind llt'ller woi;ndii (u Hi ■ t in*
pits, and Dm lave* wero ho mutilated
io superintendent v-i ..nary (-lent j,1:0 *mkc <(>1 wMvh ,llpro lH„n"lto n]tlmt'tdMitlty eould not In ..-•nwi.*i< ",\
.1,1.   „b,.ii  wj v.ir.   n.t*  m una ■ '•'" "  '•"   !M r,ih,; •""" «"«|»'»« »' '"*•' '■»«"'«■ °< «"- miirdoml
.„,. ,.,, ,...,-,  »i,i.   ._,-• ,    i     i   i  n-pnrtn of thnt- i-.j**i*n1 men) urMlnti ;-i*i-,-'i   tniv u.a .„■• c..v Hi o _■   ail
w thcicu'..;   .......-a   **■"«»'*«■•• |... f ,,     (1,,nnP0 ,    ,1(, lf,,l»hrrd«. whicli   were    found    ii e n
ther ihey rontlik-ral  themsdve-. ' ' m (1. .   ,        .   '.   . .       .    '. (about on the hank.
up,.-which spreads to .the'-"eustachian ";
passages leading to the ears, and thus *
a child  suffering from* adenoids  ap- ,''
pears to he always suffering from cold :
and deafness.»,        ' ■„,
The early stage of adenoids can bo
treated at home, but if it is far advanced a surgeon should remove the
adenoids by operation.*' Although a
comparatively, simple operation, tho
child must be"put under.chloroform.
If the operation is performed at home,
the child should be kept in bed for '
twenty-four hours and should bo kept
warm and quiet for a fow days, If tne
operation .is done* at a, hospital,-tho
parent-should Insist on the child being
kept in .until next day, and not, ns is
so often done, turned,out as soon.aa
the oporation is over.' * -
Whatever" may bo the cause of adenoids it Is cer,taf;i that their prevention
lies in attention to the general health.
Good food, plenty bf exercleo in tho
open nlr, warm clothing, particularly
ovor the lower part of tho-body «ind.
tho uppor, part of tho Tegs,   will   do-
much   to   keep   off tho 'dlaehse.   A
courso of cod liver bll In cold weh'lli-r
will help a child to withstand tho^dis-
case, and will even act as n euro' In '
tho earliest Btagos.      '
Ilrentlilng exercises arc recommended, but. few chlldron euro to'practlso
them. The same result, however, enn
bo achieved thus: let "nil paper bags' '
be saved, teach thp child to gather
up the mouth of tho hag, to Inflnlo It
by blowing Into It, ami the hnng.*-wll!
bo sufficient rownrd.
Sonp hubbies and blowing feathers
Inlo the nlr bring nbout tho-snmo rosult, but whatever simple plnn Is
adopted, hoc that lho breath Is drawn
Into tho body with the lips dosed.
Playing tunes on a comb covered wllh
tissue paper, blowing truinpetB or tin
whistles, nro nil-to bo commended nn
simple oxerclBcs for tho onrournKo
mentof initial breathing, wlillo nil children should ho mndo lo Blng, and any
pootry, or read aloud. .
Nature hnn placed a special arningo*
ment In tho iioho for wnrmlng the air
oh It pnnflcs through It. Thus tho air
drawn In through tho none Ih ivurnmr
when It roiu-lioH Ui0 Iiiiikh Hum thnt
which koob through the inouili, ovon
whon covered with n rcuplnitor, nm!
ho colds nro U-hh fror'ui-tit, Tho biiipo '
nppnrntus also ik-Ih an a niter, and lm*
pnrltlt'H Including i|._. «..i-iiih of consumption nre I Iiiih kept hack.
'   I
.lout byHnlmliiR 'o hn doi-trlnnted with!
ompIoyoH or Rueais of *.'•.» firm.   Tor  ,.,,,,
nn npawor thn men demanded theiii"10 ^""/J/,,PI '"P'-Hy «l«v«!oplnB
pny and transportation hack to NowjWrm Blludo.1 to nhovo.    It ta «nrni«t.
y„„l. mi '. . -    , - . ^   'j' •*? V" !'?; *" ■'  'J .' '  '.- -     *' ,*.-."■-.-..-, ..i.* 4 , w
eioth Md wood'SciwsVopo.Ted tiio(*v?y be ^"^.r1 ,,ro?iino1 ?1t,h^?'1?!{J„.^y;„,1fHS ,iiiiM",fr,;
Suit wi. threatened nnd tho mnnufnc "l|a ™Mnl, a,"unc   ,0 f,vl "•"«l«»'« ,,°rtb«11' " dcad'
ttiror, rather thnn go to court, paid «>«volopm«.«  may he .oinowhnt llko
th. «„._.«. »«.i ♦_,„ .._.„ .,_.„»..... the play of "Hamlet" w
Family of Railwayman
Dno of r,o\on  brnthrri**   »'hn   x..y
nrked en the 1'aJhvfly, Afr. Chnrl i
tho wages nnd trnniiporntlon domnnd
od nnd gnvo "each man n bonus of $20
as woll ns pnylnt? tbe lawyer tor hit
timo and troublo,
Tho total oxpennf In brln/jln'** ihoro
s-cven    Mrike-breakers   to   ChJc«j.oj
play of "Hamlet" with tho pnrt
of tho "Prlnco of Donmurk" omitted.
$$00,000 v. SOCIALISM
LOXDlVV—Almprl-r Pn/rot ron*r|t;uf-
od tri.OnO to (he fund or $500,000 _vhl.li
Union    of   lin-ni
Kjitrlimixi!, ihiu shnpe It indeed far
from protty, hut wlion properly handled It develops Into one of ihu best
7'•^-■*!.■.,.•.■.■ I:.': ...' ,'..'... .,.«.v._, it -,» van*
black slrtiw, and fie artistic bow Is
made from a lovely shado ol coral
 y «
Clf'iiiiiiiK iiii oil pnliillug Ih n vory
dollc'ii-' opi'inilon, iit-tulliig n uivnt'
deal of fikll!. If the plituro be nt nil
valuable fi ih tar bottor to send It to
a good picture clciinor nnd hnvo It
properly done.' Tlm homo method I.s
as follows: Mix to-.'ftlier nn ounco of
nplrlt of turpentine and two ounces of
root If led spirit of win'.' tproeimd from
the Hiomleti      xv,.  ■■   ;    ;.'.     ;t ,   ui
cotton wool-In thls'inlx'ur , nnd iiv--.lv
ll in .iit- pauiut, rulibiiiK »lili a light,
nlrculnr mollun. Wry worn . aa- muat
bo taken not to remove the eolor.
When nil Uic din hns beon n-moVnl,
sponge over with HtMilnod rain wnter.
Thomas WllllatiiK, who -mi-mI the liun*
kii-'bniii, )>. uimit* iiiid Hd;ih prop no
to upend hnir n million pounds In
searching for coal mar Port Talbot
Docks, Glamorgan. «
j«<<iiii Mnni.fi>' liiillciile tlmt this ixtlon
a 111 he ink .>.
!     V.*IlliJi'.i*. dl.Md.i>--d A Imi'.I)  -.tlpptfi)
] villi* Inii-rnnl-Injuries which    cnmo
krr HID nnd Rnlllinri Mlnl-i-r rnmj.riiiy ( Lliu *,u.il iliffUull) in hrrathiiiK. Thn
for $?..V,f'0 tor lii,liira-x n-iiln-il liy un.. miniriK »t.niimny, (n defffi«o, produce.1
■iderirlp «hock, wn« Krimifd n verdl _' v.Hi,i-sv*'s t<; show ihai Williams hail
How's This?
W* ftltfr On« XtitixtltrH XtiiUn *nM»«r.l tnr inr I...   ..,,;.. .., .1. ,
.t»m,rutr.      r.JiC„EN.rv*co..To(«to.flL jilrltnln Is rnlnlnR to flRht Hoclnlf-im     .... .  .	
amounted to more than $700 and *h«! Jtu'-i nft!S^ j„ r<fJ*„M, tM ih** otter mndo by aii*i^ U-2.-«W hy a Jurj n> li-loral court}-v™ mnnfnnily wnrnitl how to pro-
other rhlt, m;m tn Klvo $r..(.(iu If mn. I T"fa,,,lif ""wnlni;. ' j**r-r<i tn mnklng repairs on the con-
-_. ,__m , i,,, „ .,. .,'    Ar(riim-Mii on n trnD'-n io *it fiM«^;ilt.li.-, tuitjinr, tlw iwwci* ulres with
I Hip vf-rdlc-t nnd nrdi-r n row irittl wt* ' »f*..,■!-_ ],., wua uuiLtuK *\,x*Xx \\,ixnud.
Immodlntrly   I,.-ku».     .Siai.-rin-nis   at J It wnn rlafm-wltliat Wllllnms neRlert-M
work llioy turned out during tlio week «f»,,<* *•'' •"•'• ****«*, wwi**'"*) n»Mi«»iir
hnd iho Ilarom,skirts thnt are Wing
built bent to a frawtlc for f*Mk*UhnM*.
It Is now    leaklntr oiit thnt nrnron
ot   rnf-fhanlcu   and laborers   In   Sow
H*txit**t, In** bt ftivutvry
i T'-lnta tlhln,
Il*'.*l|.  •f,,*-,ri"ll   -fW   '(»   l_H JLr-Jfl   Xl.ttff Ily.   UUR* i
iitriux .■;"'> "»• t*f*X »•«• "' *f"** *vrtt.e>* d n*   ,   , „    .,
I**.,"., .ii      I    i.'iri.i'llil-      nl  ( *,       I'l!.-.  ;. tj_u _l     IH.IUIV  <.'.,
I tii'll*    "-'I t>r Hit l»fi-:..'«
I    1*U tl,u< tatt-ty t'-U* tut raulipt.IoB.
i '.A uf A..__..     I'ttK.it
fcunh *f,nnll»uior.
federal  Judgo  Frank   II.  Iludktn  In I io follow thesmi lnstrurtlojiK. R_l-»i.     \---V-"*--V-.'j-.1- ><"••£.* A-..      •   .•*..-•■_    '_.      •**■?_...
llV-T       :.        r   ..-- -,     .        • -.'-,. ■-**=(      , „   -■*•      ,;
"'-_."    . '*■'*- '*• i*  _l "-.  '    ,   -il'   *,**  -,'"*. *"■-.'-    '   r--.*  " \ ..^   • ^ -*■■_-/■•' __, '.■*---■ _ ; O-o, .'' ..^ *-' ■  I* •   , ,\ l\ - y ^?\   . .***-r\ i* -.■"
-'    J       ■*__-•■'  *■ "■-.__:* -*-     ^ *-*■•        *      '"'   -i   -_ . i v,i* ^- \- "■*-. "        --'._'•■"-;     -   _    -: ^ **     _.   '        -■"_.-*     -       *r "^' \ *" ' -"
\ -j"    _v>
\  '
,   a,
„*■.*-- -.    -v  *
$1,000.00 a day, in this small store, too. , How
much of the choice stock are you gonig to buy?,
*   Don't say a word, but buy all you can and don't
let the;other,-_—beat you to it.
Announce   ato   Epocal   Event '\>iri'\v!F-Ke
Hdw Many ?. ^Gentlemen '
*.       * *       i ' ■*        i a) ' -   ,   " e   ' ,, ,,
•   ■«■■<;*,"-_       ~\ v ^ - ir:_ -    '- *        '-  vt ^   \ -o
Mow^Mahy^Ladies   :     ;-
Talk Quick. Saturday Morning
Don .apologize because-you. step, oh other peo-
"' pie's toes. 7." • •; '-* j ". .'     " • .'"*' *''''_ -..--, ■ '^   j*
look out for your own?   - .■'--.-'.-. ,-*--.
The City's
and Dry Goods Stock operis Saturday with a Sale
Nevermore in the annals of Fernieand this district
How is Miss Euler
' *
Going to do it---Why
. , ,       " ■ - '■     • '
By cutting prices < of course—Cutting so deeply
that any, man; woman or child with the least bit of
gumption must see the wisdom of leaving his or her
change and roll with the store and, stock that is
going to be out-of business after 5 days of this
sale. -i ' ."':'.-■''•
(X *_     1 r     -* 't ,, " , " *' ' ,_ '" "• '    '
You wonder how we do it—well, just inside on Saturday—we'll
tell you—well show you—every tiling goes. ,;. -'"',,*;_ *- ■-,
Hats, Caps, Millinery CW
7  '*    _ ■ ""       ■ - *        v *"**'' ■      ' * '
Dress Gobds-i Suits, Hair Ornaments
* * ■■ *        &      ' ' ' '■■■ ' __ *- a ■ -* ' 1 i
Everything for the Lady of Fashion.   Eveiything for the mother, wife,
sister and as many other sisters "as you want tq>b.uy for. ... /"■,,*•
Grab the whole stock
' ■*_ - , '
f   *. ■' , • '  - !? i       *."
Everything g"oes.ata Close->
-        put price to you-
Miss JEuler's instructions to the Eyely; Sales Co. are "Everything Must Go'' and go they niust.    Even the Fixtures, Stands,
Safes--"Everything.   No fakes or rriisrepresentatipn---a sale for the people at aprice that will make you buy.     This is fo? you.
" ','' ' -WE HAVE TJEE GOODS','
--'     ,' ■*   i         *        ; •-,   ,     .-   ,r . -*   - •*■ -•   '
TRADE. ,-• '
r I.,-*,'.--'
_;-.•_   .-
; SATURDAY 7 '■e.i' '     '     *        •     ■ ,      '   *   .   '
. Look up. the Crow's Nest Trading
Co.'s ad. on Page Five.
-The Ladies' Aid of - the Baptist
Church will hold ,a sale of many useful household articles in the temporary church building Tuesday, May
16th.    Tea and cake will bo served.
Tho Trites Wood Co. ad. on Pago
Foxir makes Interesting reading,
We aro Informed  that the Moyie
"  Reader, after a long and   honorable
careorcoasos publication with this Issue,     Rogrets.' Fred, but know that
ybu will still have tlio emllo that does
' txo). wear off.
On Monday noxt tho Rev. J, F.
Dlmmlck, of tho Mothodlst Church,
will leavo for Vancouver to attend
the' conforonco that will begin Its sessions on Wednesday morning nnd expects to bo away at leaBt ton days.
J. W. Robertson and' J. Lundie
woro oloctcd representatives to Grand
Lodgo by Ml*. Fornio Lodgo, No. .7,
I. O, O. F„ laRt'Wednesday ovoning.
R. Dudly and J. E. Covert altornatos.
Grnnd Lodge moots nt Crnnbrook in
Juno, Uio first tlmo In EnBt Kootonay.
Dlod at Mlchol. Thursday aftornoon,
May flth, Knthloon May Murphy, rigm.
10 yenrH, (laughtor of Mr. T, is, Murphy, C. P. 11. ngont. l.ody will lonvo
this ovonlni; (Frldny) for Intermont In
Arnprlpr, Ont.. nccompnnled by Mr.
nnd MrB. Murphy (pnronts), Thorn-
hod nnd Morrison hnvo clinrgo of
funornl nrrmiKomontR,
Chnrloy Nunn, who hnH boon omployod for Homo tlmo past an oloottlrilan
with tho firm of IT. II. Dopow and C.oi,
Inft on Thursday morning, locnl for
Cnlpry, wlioro ho hnn accoptod n j>obI-
tlon In IiIh profi^RRlon,
-. Tho boyn nro sorry lo ae© Chnrloy
go nH ho wiih (-ultn populnr, but nt nny
rnto wIhIi him good luck whorov<*r ho
.  mny. is,
y; m. a. a. exhibition
Tuesday evening last the second
gymnastic exhibit by the Fernio' Y.
M, A. A. was given ln the club rooms
in the basement of „tbe Methodist
Church. The affair was well advertised and as the participants have engaged in much practice and hard work
for Borne time, the audience were
treated to a good samplo of the work
that is being carried on by ' this
worthy movement. „Hls Worship,
Mayor Bleasdell, was ln the chair, and
in a few well chosen remarks pressed
the button that set the programme In
motion. Four classes In all participated, Including.Junior, intermediate,
advanced mombors nnd the ladles,
and throughout not a hitch was not-
icoablo, which epeaks volumes not
only for tho Instructor Wos. Owen,
but tho classes as woll. To enumerate is impossible, owing to Ilmlttod
•space this wook, but in passing wo
would spoclally mention, the exorcise
for dovolopipient and Introducing muscle, , Tho bar exorcises by Pnrnoll,
Munkwitz nnd Longdon was also good,
Tho Indies, too, acquitted thoniBclves
In no moan fashion, and convinced
several that tbey nro capable of doing mnny thing Rbbsldes keeping
houso aiul sowing on buttons,
Tho gntherlng wAh In overy wny n
HiicrosH nnd dpsr-vvoR tho hourly oo-
oporation of ovory fnlr minded cltl-
zon, Irrospoctlvo of clnss, oreoil or
nationality. A tidy sum wns rented
on tho orrnHlon, which will go townrds
getting moro now outfit thnt Ih four-d
TiocoBRiiry owing to tbo IncronHlng
domnnd mndo on this young but
honlthy organUntlou, JUy unbound-
od BiipeoHH nttond tho offorlR of tlm
promotors nnd nil ronocniod.
T ■HOTtHnY PUOn.MM tbo 1fllb
dny of May, 1011, iih n public boll-
day to lio known'nn Arbor Dny for tho
moro npeclflr. purpOHc-* of n gonorul
clonn*up of Hin City. T'nrtlculnm of
■wMrb -wlH bo -niih1i--i1ioi1 no\1 wooXt.
f rqquoKt that nil loyal cltizons ob-
«crve the nnmo,
A. W. W.T5A8W2LL,
Th«*r*fi wan no mooting of tbo City
Council on Thursday night, nr© cHcnpn;   A   Htoel Btnlrwny on
~~  j tho exterior of a building, erected aftor
Onmo wnrdona throughout this district hnvo boon notlflod thnt In con*
Boqtionro of tho .fmnll herd of wnpltl
door (oik. nocoRBUntlng thnt tlmy bo
i    .   ..       .  -1 , ii      ,ii    .
,_.-■„    ....    ,,,',..., ......  a    ...i.    ,,t    .., . *,_,,_,
ovM-nrt, ror*.ilntion* hnvo Xw^xx \'<i\xor,
mnklng UiIh' mombor of lho door tribe
Immiinn for nt lonnt another senBon.
Tlio co-opnrntlon to offort tho rloslr-
od end In requested of nil truo nparli-
Tn/i»i f*  _ rvt a    ^IV vflt_>n    T  rx.y\t*     ftn-tfx    I! fl
thU Informntion no'tlmt It mny be
glvon thn wldost ptiblloity poaalblo.
GRASSY LAKE, May 1.—The Pilot
says: A significant event of this week
was a visit from a noted mining engineer from Seattle, Philip Stoess, who
drove over the district with H. A.
Drlggs and looked over a number of
the coal mines. **   .
His visit to GraBsy Lake was the
result of a cablegram from English
capitalists who wanted -expert opinion as to the - oxtent of tho coal area
nnd prospects for working tlio proper:
ties on a large Bcale,
■ Mr. Stoess was vory favorably'Impressed with the quality of the coal,
extent of the field and thickness of
tho coal veins, and it la belloyed will
roport favorably to .tho English eyn-
dlcnto. -
II. T. Chorry, who with Mr. Drlggs
nnd others, is extensively Intorostod
In tho locnl coal mining claims, Is
at, prosont In England, endeavoring to
Intorost capital thero In tho Grassy
Lnko mlnos nnd tbo visit of tho onginoor "would Indicate that his mission
is to bo successful.
English capitalists at tho present
tlmo, aro partial to Investments In
tho Cnnndlnn West, nnd pnrtlculnrly
In Southern Alborta n-hd nro pouring
millions of dollnrs Into tho country.
It RGoniR vory probnblo thnt GniRsy
LnkoH Is to got a uhnro of thoso Invent-
monts nnd havo tho rich conl doposltfl
Hint undorlio tho whool district dovo-
lopod on n lnrgo Rcnlo, which will
menu much to tho town. Further Information from London will bn ongor-
ly looked for.—Lothbrldgo Tlornid.
Wo iindcrnlnnd that tho Imperial
Ifofol hs* tho flro t'orapLH r<*M'ilr _* _ by
Uw warty for Iw-tnllatlon. ■
L. MnrdmiAliI hnn tbe <*ontrn_.t forl-Jol.tiAon. a dmmhtor,
tbo Nnpnnoo Hotel and tbo Central!
Hotol will bo oqnlpprd tbrotighon: bc-t    l,oo!c up tbo Omw'n NMt Trn-llng
for« tbo ond of Mny. f'n.'n nd. nn Pa******* Plro.
Jobrifcton—'On  ThurK-Jay, May  4th.
1011, (it K«rnl*, th« wlfo ot Mr. Frod
All well.
WldoRprond dlsinny wns oecnjilonoil
nl Plnxton. nn Importnnl mining contro
nonr Nottlnuhnm. u now undortnklng
oponod about eighteen montliH ngo to
supplement boido older workings. Somo
tlmbor boenmo Ignited, It U bollovoiL
llirough tbo filing of nn olcctrlc cnblo,
nnd tho pit quickly bocamo enveloped
In nmnVn       Hni-inH*"  hy rnnonri nf 1X\o
froodom of thn worklngR from gn«,
tlioro wnn no rink of nn explosion, but
but tho men, of whom thoro woro ovor
400 working below, wero for a tlmo
blared In ft1 position of tlio gronlost
dnniror.     Tho oMor w-nrklnpn oonncot.
oil with It formed a monng of temporary refuge, nnd parties drawn from tbe
now roaciio station nt Mnn nf lold w.pro
quickly on tho upot with Use necwiRnry
uppnrntiiR for fighting lho oulbronk.
There wna ..rent dangor that tlmbor
nonr Dw p'iin)-.ng ......lon would X,\\m
tiro, but with coploun aupplle* of
wntor nv.t_y.iMo thli waa prfivomcil
nnd Uio flro oxtlngnlRbod. ,, Tho rescue partlos rurct-cded In golilng all
tho men n-ifoly to* tho Riirfnco, and
though ninny of the minors hnd to be
driven homo differing from th# -effect
ol »mf>k<« )>im<**, -no lo* ot U_*i wax*
■j Letters To
The Editor
The editor Is ' not   responsible for
articleB that dre'sent in.
J. W. Bennett'," Editor, District Ledgor
Dear Sir and Brother,—In the last
issue of the .^District .Ledger   there
appeared an article ln column 7, page
1; taken from'tho United Mlno Workors', Journal,,,under caption, "District
18,  East British Columbia and Alborta,' which readB in part as follows.
"At the meeting of the International Executlvo Board last weok a
.committee -was appointed to visit
this district and  possibly hold * a
conforenco with tho operators."
■ Ab wo aro..members of tho commlttoo appointed by the International Executlvo Board to visit this district, and Inasmuch as tho abovo-mon-
ttoned stntemont Ib mlBloading and
doos not clearly reflect tho object of
our mission, wo tako this moans of
corroctln*. any falso Impression that
mny bo Rlonnod by  the  roadorfl of
your vnlunblo journal from tho unof-
ficlal statement alluded to.
Incidentally"wo nvnll bursolves of
tho opportunity afforded us lo mnk-a
known to you nnd to tho rnnk nnd fllo
of this dlRtrlct tho objoct of onr mlR-
sion nml tho position of the International oiRnnlstnlon towards District
18 nnd tlio members thereof nt this
Wo nro horo ne a commltteo to as*
«IM nml ro-bponito with tho DUtrlct
OffloorH |n their efforts to • bring
nbout n mitlsfnctory Hotllemont of lho
wngo wiroomont, In Uio ovont of
there being no Immc-dlntc resumption
of work, becauso of no mutual Bntlfl-
fnrtory nrrnngomont bolng ngrood to
wo Hhnll lond our overy offort to carry
Into effect any policies outlined by tho
Dlfltili-t, Officials for tbo prof-notion of
tho mcmborBhlp Involved whereby tho
I,.*,      i      i» <i «t.      i
H>   ...    ttllLL K.it*-t9    V*    titir    _J»4_,_»__t*_,_..a«_. _     .,_
whlob vr- nro nM jir-i.-ir.rt 1n brlonr Tnny
bo ooiiRorved.
.'*"  National * League. ;__.
At Philadelphia:-  \\  '"'•''    ,
Philadelphia   ....;...{..........   4
Brooklyn .-..   0
At Chicago:
Chicago " 9
Clnclnnattl. ...". ;  ' B
At PlttBburg:
Pittsburg   ' .'..'......; 17
St.  LouIb '.    1
At Boston :     -    •
Now York " ;    7
Boston    2
. i ■-        j. ,
North-WeoUrn  Ltague
■ R H B
Vancouvor   .........i    8 12   3
Portland    5   7   2
Batteries: Jensen and Lewis; Chap
pello and Snooks.
Seattle    , ■
Victoria * : ' ,
Spokano  ..,....!    1   5   2
Tacoma ..',    2   4   2
" Batteries: Bonner and Hasty; ao^
don and Burns.
Cured by
An absolute gunrnnteo goes with ovory box of FIG PILLS. Thoy will euro
nnd DOWEL disorders. At nil donl*
ors, 25c. por box, or Tho Fig Pill Co,,
St. ThornnB, Ont.
. TO RENT—Two New, newlyplnster-
two-roomed,.Houses;" wopil shed.and
w.c. for each; good well'close by.'"Apply, Robt. Wright,* WeBt Fernie.   32-8t
, FOR SALE—Rhubarb Roots, $1.60
per dozen, or $9 per 100. Cabbage
Plants, 50c. per 100. " Cauliflower,* 11
per 100.. At J. McLaughlins, - West
Fornie.  *' 36-41
.WANTED—Live man or woman for
work at home paying $2.00 or $3,00 per
day with opportunity.' to advance.
Spare time can be used.' Work not
difficult and'requires no experience,
Winston, Limited, Spndina Avenue,
Toronto. 36-4
For stumping, grading nnd fencing
of school grounds nt  West Fernio.
Specif lent Ions nt LIpliHrdl's Jewelry
Storo. !!,
Tho lowest oi' nny tondor not no-
■rifinimvll"   loon-ntoil Tft-ndnro   In   hn
oloftoil  Mny 10th.
Chnlrman School Hoard
WANTED TO SELL an interest ln
Two Coal, Mining Claims adjoining
tho Corbtn Coal properties, „• To a
man who Is a geologist, coal prospector, also a qualified coal mine superintendent, this Is a good offer to a
hustler with capital." , Tho proporty Ib
partly developed; has cabins, dump
car, steel rails, tools arid trail**.cut
ovor tho proporty; wagon troll ono
milo long, twenty febt wide from railroad to camp, Opon for Inspection;
comfortable cabin; good food: no
trlflors or ngcntB. Wrlto Box 28B,
Bpoknno, WnRb., U. S. A.
This Ih your opportunity to boenmo
independent. Sarcoo Gnrdcns, nd-
joining Uio beautiful now city park
now bolng soouiod by Cnlgary from the
Govornmont Is tho finest Mnrkot
Gnrdon proposition in Albortn today,
land has been thoroughly tested, and
has*,prpy,e^„higljly! satisfactory. The
prices on'Market-^Garden produce".are
high and the occupation -is very profitable while tho. work ie light. *
--You can get.-00.',better,Investment.'*
Work yourself and get all the profit.,
In ten acre tractsrprlce Is $160.00
per acre. ' To|ms;"'Quarter cash, balance over four years." ,''_.'
Wo have only 21 tracts left.  ' You ,
should DO IT NOW. '    - , ■»
Ask ub ,abo\!t City property, pbul-,*
try raising farms in all parts of tbe
province and business openings.   We
have them.
HORNER CO., Calgary, AUa.    (36-10
Second Hand
Furniture Store
Highest Prices Paid
For   Secondhand   Furniture.   Stoves,
Toole, etc., also Ladles' and  Gentlemen's Cast-off Clothes.
Two-chair Barber Outfit for Salo,.
«• ______._.
„    Q. RADLAND, Prop.
Amerlesn Leigue
At Now Vork:
HtiMdli    ,,,,*' ....,.,.     2
Now York     0
At  SMiRhlngton:
Washlimion  2
At. Ul. IxrtllS.
Dotroll   ,.„  4
8t. Loul»   2
At Cleveland:
_**- • *•*-
*-..»W A_(l     ........ ......       .*.*.....        L
f'lev«la-flil       1
JiBtb i! isf Waiting for U
Since its foundation,
it has been the policy
of this Company to
embody in the
_   I. y
FOJ1 IlBNT—IJolntzmnn Tarlors,
Mlrioro* Block, olther wholo or part of
sloro.—AjipIy, D. noes, P. O. 201.
Fernio, D, C.
20 Acre* or fin--' Lnml at $30 per
arm, _ivf*r_l wllh inmnrn/' nnd oodnr.
Also ono hnlf mro lot, jico. Apply,
J. McUiigblnn, Went Fernie.    36—.t
Fernie and dUtrlct for the Colonial
Inve»tmer.t Company, and is preparwl
to HiUtti.ctj wKJiiby on V»«*.ii«i.n block*
st a r<M»onnbIe rate of Interest.
in perfected form, the best typewriter ideas by
whomsoever advanced.
i   i 'i
Forour latest manifestation of thin policy, inspect thc
new Vibiliic V. litiug Koniiigtons Nos. 10 and ll, which
embody every desirable feature extant—PLUS an Adding
aiidSitbtractingMcchanism\v\\ic\\comthutcs an innovation.
Thc voice that cried in thc wilderness 30 years ago:
_*—_— „you cannot affbrd to write in the
old way;" now acclaims with equal
couvictioiu "Vou cannot afford to  '
calculate in the old way."
Remington Typewriter Company
DacMpotatat) - *
818 Pender Street
Vancouver, B, O.
*fH,t^"^f,^i*i*t-4> ■
*—■**#«»=•*   "».    'I*


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