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The District Ledger 1911-04-29

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 -.c"10*; **■-.
'__,  _""-*•     V■.^i_*-*■h■^>Wi^=r-^1.■'■'
V. ~ _ "7 -i _*..  '-'~ ,*•-.
~1 ■s*.-*-^. *-_■
as,'.?   '-
•s    0 - - '""
"""' _• * *,      '"
•   >V"
*.V"N ".
"=_ *
-_'    -
'_'    /
,-■•4,;-'  in'- v ^;?'^--■-':'.       :* t- ■yK''X'yyyy~<y:\yy-:>y\ry .-■[ , "'
.'.^-I'l- "■i^ii,,'-^i'k*l.*»:i:\'ri*i"   Jit.''-'' ' """,."*   -"'"■ C'~"   """ 7 -""-•*' -■ ""' "\ "'"v" *'V - *
**,;:■ Industrial Unity is Strength
'_-.■.*■_*•-_. - _ -'■ "7**' V ./.'**■*' '*-;■•'•-- -
v*       J^*
Woi''#;fe-$^ ;;;/7 'iy
••„"*-_, -.-
The Official Organ, of District No. 18. U.-BDL W_,of A;
■<""      • ,   ''.'    .,-."■'■-■.-iy..  -.        --.,'.•"'.'-'-
•» ' - >
.   _■         --:
--■-.•. -
• /   j
f ■     Jr i
-' •'''- \ :
■_- 6^>'
Political Unity, is Strength
- I.
$1,00 A TEAR
-:*:.j ;;
-'■-''."••'-'' *  *  •'  - -   .-••**.-    ,' -   **--**   - ,> *-  %   "i ■-'yy    ,       .**,■'•    - ,,.,*■'"
F-PMHJlg; l_€®pl
Important CaseiDecided
-7*7 The',*:applicant, a workman In the
-employ'of the respondents, was injured In,the course'of his employment
The injury and' the necessary facts
• * leading un,;to a claim for, compensa-
. *■ tion are *. admitted-* and, compensation
"' wm-paid;until ,Seb*'i^'\1910;'   ,,""'
- * .«The applicant *-^V pilfering from a
broken'leg .receivfea^bn.Nov. '24th,
'     1909, and was confined to the hospital
° at Michel. His leg,-which had receiv-
, ,. ed a. very bad .break,' was properly ,at-
, tended. to and bound up Hn splints.
"., 6ne7day,-. somo time .between Jany.
■ ' .*28th(and;Feby.,7th,;19i0, the appll-
-/ cant 'unfastened the straps on his leg
Sopening.up the splints and,them put
* ^ls log down straight--on" the" bed;
-< , When*'the"nurse, discovered*'this1 she
put the splints back' ln, position and
'-called In the doctor;who attended to
'''[, the leg. . Takingroff the'splints, according to the doctor,-."affected- the
" .union; the-union, was not,u destroyed
but the good results, were knocked to
.. pieces; .   _f ,he, had. followed ' Instructions and* not removed splints It would
7 .not, have, been necessary to .perform
the second operatiofr^with the^ best
'- results and no Interference there would
, • always have been'.V- permanent limp.
^Hemdyln-^ , splints  deferred  recovery
or rather spoiled.results.', He chang-
-' ed results. Positioh,"of fragments was
r . not aB favorable' as,before.   "It would
■■■-"; have .been in pretty good; position if
he had-Jeft In. position.*;; ^ ■   7"'   ,...;
Now, the "patient had been warned
by the doctor* through an-Interpreter
■ -aB to the "results-of'. .nt^ertng with
accident and originated by the accl;
dent which he has .met with." ■ *;'.
In that caso the,, reason of a delay ln reaching home occasioned by the injury took cold, and
chest trouble -and pneumonia intervened.,,     -•'*;"-'■       .   ,    r
. In this case .the applicant received
medical attention forthwith and'the
delay lh recovery was caused by.his
own'act." The new condition was.not
caused by "anything arising out of the
accident It Vas'caused by his own
act. - If-he had not'removed the splints
on his legt it* would not have been in
the - condition it now • is. . He did
something that he'was warned not to
do/ That ho "was told "was daifger-
ouo results. . I do*not think he.fully
appreciated the extreme gravity of
the consequences of'what he did but
I- think he fully; appreciated,1 that, lt
was dangerous to do" .what he did and
that he should not. do1 It. ' ,- „"-.
. I therefore find that' the. Increased
Incapacity" for, work* does'* not result
from the. In jury but from the. claimant's own act, As^Farewell. L.J.. says
,ln Forest v.'Greyti'.Brlt. 424. .The
real question, was ^whether, this workman's1 incapacity was due-to his accident or to-some act* or'omission on
the'part of the workman. which he
ought to have performed, or ought not
to have failed In."''i*. ' 77   ,
"-Apart "from,that "Increase-d injury,"
however, the claimant In. any case received ah Injury, which would, impair
his earning ■ power.' He-was a lame
man/or, a cripple* in any tease atThlB
-the bandages,'splints, etc.;" on"his leg.
He had, also been warned several times
by. the .'nurse. ;. ^Tliere -was' always;*'*
doctor or nurseiln,iialh!'^A"s'.t_4^^
V « v      '"■»\-»"»"*^*-     t, ,^iaf^y*t ^j     *.-*, *     ^
tor say's, the'leg may have heon'palp-
;ful, but th. patient:B*d'.boe_,':*warnod
and business to interfere. The
patient*waa'neYe. dolirfoW.^^-rK-S ia-
':tl9nf^-Wnsielf v oi-^iyjl'SoWt' "ohya
that he never took-'tlie' 'splints off, but
, fixed thom-when'the leg was painful.
,, While tlie: bed was being tnad. it up-,
set him aiid he fixe, it (the leg), Bee-
IngMt was'so'painful.' .'';■ Only moved
It oveVln bod.'Now, the man says
he only mOyod his leg ovor-In bed;
"but on the doctor's and nurse's'evi-
.denoe I,'find he'did as they, oay,   I
"think from their evidence that he must
have'boen'awar-i'of the'dangor If ho
interfered with, the bandages and
splints and, that-he was quito conscious when he did lt, even according
to bin own;evidence. Ab he.says
'he wili iii {pain, and was trying to re*'
Heve bis leg, * ;* \ ■
Now, what thO'Patlent did noccssl*
tat'ed the second operation. . If he
had loft his'leg would only
havo boon shorter and would not havo
had the bow In It which necessitated
tho second operation.
Now, Ystraddori 'Colliery Co. v. Grlf-
fltbo, 3 Brit. 357 lays down a test.
"But I thlnlt we aro bound to glvo him
this direction, that the, test Is not
whothor tho present conditions of tho
workman Is tho natural result of tho
Injury but ho must consider tho result.   Tho question   Is   whother   tho
. workman's presort! condition Is tho
rosult of, tho nccldont In this sonno
that his. proRont condition was oc-
caslonod by tho dobllltatod stato ot
the workman - Immediately after, tho
' Now tliat winter's chilly blasts are
over and vernal'sprlng is merging Into
summer'with Its* glow-and warmth,'
the fleeting sands are in fitting state
of receptivity for those searchers after', wisdom who fain' would drink, at
the fount of knowledge, and so let all
prospective pilgrims prepare'to Journey to'the oasis by\the falling waters
called. Spokane-by theJ unf egene'rate
on Saturday, May 6th, when the, guardians of the Ship.of the Desert of Bl
Mahbarraz Temple will throw wide the
portals' to' all presenting the necessary
preliminary credentials. Those desiring further Information are" request;
ed to write'.'J.-S. Brlce, of Banana'
Burg (yclept"Cranbrook), as I. ie" intended to charter a special car and get
a 'single fare rate for the round trip   '
Jack 'McCaullife, * aged 68, died on
Monday, "April 24th, and waB interred
:pn April 28th from the Roman Catholic
Church.'   ■ *    •,..■'. >   " '
", The late Mr.-McCaullife was a very
popular figure in Waldo, where he was
employed' as cook by the Baker-Lumber Co.3, for quite a number of;years.
He was" well; known in Fernie also,
whero .* he—was * popularly known' as
"Johnnie Mac'. < .7
All members whose wives and families are in the Old .Country, to kindly obtain proof regarding the details
in connection with'such dependants.
If they ask, the mayor;of the town,
or some other public offjclal to sign
a memorandum verifying the. Information glven>it vylll be taken as sufficient authority Iri the matter    i
7 .. AVV180 , ;*.
Tutti membri: che abblano le loro
moglie i figll, nel .paese nativo che in-
dende loro'far pervenlrl<s':i| medeslmo
trattamento di quelle che t'rovansl In
codeato dittrettp;*-. ".'A tat caso il rich-
iedente-dovra farsi peryerllre un certificato di Idonelta d-ille autorita dove
essi rloledono.~ y"',-. •>?•!-*.--,..
■'7;-'Z/\wl*Afp0MI^NiE'   "
'° WKyttklc'h'f-alohkoW, icto'rych • roriy
I famielle [ea'-^f- •tary^/kraju czeby
doatarc'zyli.daWody, i'\izczeguly w
zwlazku. utrj^y'rhinla ilbwody moga
bye wydano^pri-tz mie^ecowych7    ,
^ iurmi«trio*W;'7lub . wojtow ktorych
podplay beda ^dostatecznymi dowoda-
ml wtych sprawach..
At a regular meeting of the Teams-
ters Union1 it was '"
. Resolved,
That- because the Fernie Steam
Laundry, operated by Mr. Moulthorp
has been-Btated repeatediy,,to be run
on union principles, we take this opportunity of bringing notice to tbe
public of the fact that" regardless of
repeated requests made to Mr. Moulthorp and likewise to teamsters in his
employ that the,latter become members of our organization, so far they
have failed to comply with said requests. ' ' ' ;
; We submit these facts bo that the
public may, be duly informed on the
subject and take such action as they
deem fit.'*' "{\ 'A ,, , "' '.
•' This to be spread on the minutes
and copies of same to be sent to local
press  for, publication. .   '     -    "
General Mining Outlook
' The .forego|n**j_lB ari .order, from .the
District. ExccutWe Board, therefore all
member.^ of; .Gladstone" Local -Union
will kindly conform with said request.
'/'"'. *,V-.r ' ■'i!''   david'rees,-
**•■!«,'-.- * v- ,y-y        f   -■-    secretary.
One of, the principal films at the
Fernie Opera House on Thursday night
depicts scenes of the Canadian Rockies
showing some of the magnificent scenery for which this province is noted
in this northern extremity. ;™
, Thtere ls like wise a number of colored, pictures of, a' decidedly educative
character Mn natural history, taken
from Buffons Garden In Paris.-
% ■'
leg.*..'*w6n$^Y$V-.^ .... His
earning-power w-p''diminished:. JThat
tfOfi rdlmlnlshed; ;by ,-*hlB..'phyMcal ''corv
dltion/* 'jAs^r:,Shaw"a^Id;.his.,'log
■Would' under; the- best conditions have
been-; from TaniUnch: tdiani Inch iand- -a
half short, .that surely .must^ffect
t^earnl-og'^pbwer^of'a^y"man- whp
Is Only"'a'common labored' 7 He would,-
nbt be'a man'that-an employer would;
choosei _p/oompe(llion iwith..othert. men
physically fit, ■' In tho open, market hjs*
earning capacit*/ would_ be. Iobb .aa
th. rosplt of'the accident, y'-.,.,, .'{
He waB .earning $2,36* per day ai|d
I think-by reason of his' lamonesB ho
undoubtedly "at" leas,, dropped Sack into
the $2.26 class.*1 On that' basis he
should in any event receive "the sum
of .11 cents per day' from Sept. 10,
1910.- That Is'based on the present
evidence before'me/ fI wish to Idave
him the'benefit of such cases'as rind-
cliff v. O^aclflfe Steata N. Co.     '""?
I think the -feuportflents' should' pay
tho costs, -v ■       •",,      *,   -      *:
P. H. WILSON. ■"
(Ed.—Inasmuch an we think this
caso of special Interest to a large
numbor of our, readors we give tho
arbitration findings ln full and wo see
that human beings like inantmato mechanism aro subject to depreciation
of valuo, as an earning factor and the
porcontago In this-Instance Is about
tho avorago that Is doductod yearly on
buildings, soworago. etc., viz. 4 por
cent. Such Illustrations as tbis ought
to convince any sceptically inclined
that labor-powor Ib subject to depreciation equally with ovory other commodity rogardlQis of "the rights of
man," "bolng ondowed with dlvUio af»
flatus" or any othor Utopian, humanitarian or metaphysical phraseologies.
selected as the. point for the Board bf
Conciliation under the Industrial Disputes Act to investigate all, matters
concerning thW'cess'aUoh'**'.*)!' .wor*.
Grizzly Comes to Grief
On Wodnosday morning Inst, on tho
LUard Range, Hplondld spoclmon of tho
grimly spocloH foil a prey to tho marks-
' mnnililp nnd coal of C,'(Holmos arid J.
Dickinson. Thp bear slnyors loft
homo about 7 o'cloolc In tho morning,
nntl mado a fiomewhnt unconventional
call ou Mastor Bruin aomo two liourn
lator, A shot from tho gun of C
i.oimes at a ouianco o( liny yarut*,
hlli,\- hliiii' iti lliti iH,l)*'t i**iJ ilttU'.'l
wenl lho Monarch of (lio llocklcs wllh
a roar. The parly cautiously approached to within thirty foot of their
woundod qtarry, and' no vigorous at-
'i-Wt-u.'...   ll-ClXi,   i^ikife   lU*Jt   XI'J   Ci_*   \l1iri.X
to retrieve tho Ignominy of his position, two moro shot* were pluc»ed Into
his hide, which settled his account
once and for.all tlmo,,
"Ho Is a-flno epeclmeh,' said C.
Holmr-. In eonversailon with our re-
, prouenialive. "Weighs around GOO
pminds, nnd hns « hesutlful head, Tho
sldn and bond together weigh PO
pounds, which Is not a trlflo to pack
into town. The shots, three of 'em,
wero only six Inches spurt,"
The tarty were ai-o-mpsnled by Joe
♦rail of a black 'bonr, and with nppo-
tllos wholtnd by thoir onrly siiccosb,
tho couplo of onthuslnstlc sportsmen
followed hurriedly in their wakt,
though without success attending their
Full of soal, and flrod with tho success of tho day boforo, tho party woro
out, nnd nbout nffnln In good tlmo on
Thursday morning, again nccompnnlod
.    *   ...... , ,,,i, i,    ' ,
Uf   Mill  _.MJ_._IU_   uut,i>, tutti   n»...  ua*
flitlonn. nrtdKlnnrp of T-lrVer, rniolhrr
locnl aspirant. On this occasion, how-
ovor, Mr, Bruin ovldontly docldod that
discretion was tho hotter pnrt ot valor, and mode himself senrco.    During
il   plif „.,.,., 1 ft.. ,_f.    T^l aIi -km   t^AHntvn _   lp It m
lit*    .It       *V'-»«.*-W.-.*»_^^'-     *./*    mtm -*>-    *^i   -    - t .    -
como separated form tho rest of the
parly, and as be had Imposed tho burden of his lunch on ono of thom earlier
In the day, he arrived homo some
hours aftor his companions, aftor satisfying the demands ot the stomach with
a somewhat unconventional menu in
the shape of n* chunk ot state bear
meat and a pot td rolled oats and rice,
lo which providence had guided him
In his lotK'ly rsinbllngs.
"We will have tbat black -bear yot,"
said Holmes,    "You bet we will!" and
throughout Bhstern -British" Columbia
and Southern^ib^).ai__"»iJh,e'sLre--"
suited,.In jits _ helng^ .th*^JMeeca* ,fOr the
visitation. pt" a large number of'indM.
duAlilf closely!'connected*with the predominating' industry of Cho 'district.
Consequent upon the inability of tho
two principal parties to the issue to
determine 'upon-a-sultable** chairman';
the [choice.of appointing Same1*-necessarily devolved*, upon tho Minister of
Labor, Wr L. MacKenzie King, hnd his'
choice Is the Rev. C.W.. Oordonrof
Winnipeg, -doubtless Tar better knoWw
In his capacity of a writer; than a4- a
Minister of tho GoBpel.under the noni
de plume'of Ralph Connor, author of
"The Dootor," "The Prospector," "Sky
Pllot;*!-t'Tho Man from Glengarry," and
several ".other .works depleting Canadian life, and- conditions. This Kontlo-
man having'accepted the position,
reached Lethbridge early on Tuesday
morning last. •
Tho principals ln this gathering aro
as follows:., Rev. C. W. Cordon, chairman. Secretary-Treasurer \. J. Carter,
representing tho mon; and Colin McLeod, representing the ooeratorfl; Fair-
Wngo Offlcor J. D. Nlvon, of uio Govornment Dopartmont, officiating ln
tho capacity of secretary to the bonrd.
Prosldont Powoll, Vlco Prosldont
Stubbs, International Botird Mombor
Garner, Moran and Diamond, nnd
Board Mombors Jones, Smith, MoNnb,
and Loes aro. In attendance on bohalf
of the minors, Tho roprosontatlvco pf
tho operators are: Lowls Stockott, W,
R. Wilson, R. W, Coilthnrd, II. Mu.
lor, J. Plnlay, W. B. Hamilton, 0. H,
S. WhltosldoB, R. II, McNeil nml
Tho first mooting, Tuesday, wns
rnoroly for tho purposo of nrrnnglng
At tho tlmo of writing (Thursday)
ono might say thnt n deafening (I) st*
lonco provnlls regarding whnt Is transpiring at.tho sessions of tho Conciliation Bonrd. Thoro wore some bur-
gosllons ndvnncod on tho question of
the men going bnck to work ponding
deliberations, but thoso aro not seriously ontortnlnod, arid bo far ns tho
minors are concerned, thoy -prefer to
ilUlU Wl*-*, ill . l!tt.)(_,tUioil ud   .t_uU_ll Siu,.-.
iii! Jt hi •p-X'-.iSMc rc^nrdlprt- of Ihr- Wwo
consumed so that to uso one ot thc
slogans, "No affair Is proporly settled
unless settled right," nnd with thnt ond
Ih vlow aro dot-nrmlnod thnt ono of
ii . .......   i,    . it,*. n,i„ i„
employment with'' corresponding ■ increase, in the pay envelope.-' -There is
another, item whlchiwould likewise be
wiell. fqr, ,the operators to'■ make' note
pf andvthafci^.ihvarlably'Woraecondi-
tion. obtain' Ih'nort-unlon camps than
in; union oneBf and that the'-'average
\aW of 'difference Ib over ,15;, per cent
higher,In,the latter, and they.likewise
possess .certain elements bf effective
resistance -to the petty exactions t^eo
commonplace where bargainings done
individually. •"■-. -y '■-"'■'"
miDAYr-tipeclal to The, Ledger from
; our Own Correspondent. •/.* > <
; Thursday the question of resump-
jtlon -Jot--work, was .again-/.raised -by
Chairman. Gordon' who*' acting >,on,-. Instructions from tbo Minister of Labor
wab.most anxious to get the miners to
resume-work. Our position bolng tbe
samo as on the preceding day, no such
arrangements were made." •",.
- The operators and minors then woht
Into Joint conforonco, to try to negotiate an agreement, tho Idea being to
leavo -such clauses as no agreement
upon could bo reached be hold in abeyance It was vory soon evident, how*
Over, that tho oporators wore going' to
adopt like tactics as those that obtained * nt Calgary, so we broke on tho
tho clause which reads: "Employoos
not undor the jurisdiction of tho U. M.
of A.," notwithstanding the 'fact that
lt had;boon previously agreed that
such clauses as wo wero unablo to
agroo upon bo loft In abeyanco, -ThU
(Friday) morning wo mot and reported to tho chatrmnn that as,no progress could bo offected wo would ask
thnt tho Investigation proceed,
Stockott, for oporators, namod Wilson, -Whiteside and hlmsolf ns thoir
commlttoo to conduct tho enquiry,
Powoll named Stubbs, Jonos and ,hlm-
Holf for minors, Stockott stated that
tho oporntors woro willing to hn bound
by tho doclslon of tho Board. Tho
minors' reproHontfitlvos rofimod al this
tlmo to bu hound by any donlBlon the
Board might make,
' Tho'Board then adjourned to enable
tho full board nu opportunity to In*
spool Nos. O'nnd 3 mines at Loth*
bridge, nnd thn enquiry will begin In
earnest to-morrow whon tho board Is
ro-convened to-morrow (Saturday).
ofj-the-CompensatloniActT-but^ Judge
Macdonald and Gallagher take the opposite stand. --,;.' * '
7:The,;case alluded to above has been
quite, frequently "mentioned ln "these
columns but-"as soi*de'"of our-readers
.....  ,,, ,.      .-,_,.*>....-  r .'       '   * - V*-,-'
may not'he acquainted'-with the de-
■'■._-" ' i '"'"•7i: ''.,-.* *. '■,'.''*'.'*,'.•,'-'%'
tails' Will again state that In "April,
1909,,,there, vyas a workman killed -in
Michel named Krzuz. and;-compensation I wen not paid because ot the read-
lngjnto the* Act tbat lt waB not operative j*where>ihe dependents wer.-residing-, in-foreign land, and* after this
lengthy wait, meantime tho,woman in
que«tion> >may havo starved to death,
but-.that^is a detail, .the decision has
been-( reached that if .a man comes to
this country to better hU; condition
and circumstances compel him,- to
leave * his loved ones In another country, that ,lf the breadwinner' ln' tho
.ordinary* courso, of his occupation-is
killed there Ib no compensation;''
This waB a tost case and not nn individual one, and upon this decision
quite a numbor are affected,
All of the twnddlo that'may bo ox-
ponded on this mattor about Us not
being right Is so much energy wasted
as long as those who mako and interpret, the laws aro sent to tho legislative halls by tho votes of those who
'fall to grasp, tho fact that "Govern-
monts aro rnoroly commlltoeB ■ representing tho Interests of tho ruling
Anthracite Region
Press reports indicate an unusual
depression In the anthracite r-iglon,
The prices' on tho New York market
have been reduced ln order to stimulate the' demand." Prospects or improvement, however, as poor ns summer is always a dull season in this
region, due largely to the dropping off
of home consumption.
District 2, Pennsylvania
The situation in District two, Central Pennsylvania, is-bad," the mines
operating'only about half-time.1 There
is a perceptible improvement, which
ho doubt ..will continue as manufacturers in New England states are increasing which will create a greater
deipand for the product from this district. ' '"' -,    ■
District 5, Western Pennsylvania
Work has been very poor, in.District No. 5 all winter, more so than ih
former years. ' The opening of the
lake season in a few weeks will change
the situation to one of unusual ■ activity.' '" The lake,shipments from this
district this season promise to be the
largest ever made". > ." , *   -, ■
,■*■> " ." District 6,, Ohio ■ ,. ;
Nation*-"-!.. Board' Member Watklns
says that situatlo'n'jin District' 6, Ohio,
is worse than it has been* for years,
which has been considerably aggravated by the Tuscarawas ■ and other local
strikes.. But the possible settlement
of the strikes and the resumption of
shipments "to the lakes lh a few weeks
will no doubt make work plentiful in
District" 10, ..Washington.
In this district work has been poor
all winter, but-the indications point
to an early'lmprovement, as the Alaska steamship trade Is'about to,open,
international Board Member. Russel re-t
j>prta that'the mines injhe.lRiosly^cie
•Eliim field have again resumed operations after a":'stop bf-a few'days over
a'dlspute In regard to,employment of,
non-union' mlnei-B. The1 companies hiivq
agreed'to resume operations pending
an investigation by a" committee of
international Bo'ard members, .*- .' ,
- ,x   . i,  ■* ,.     - *,     ,*■'-'
;,,District.a-1.1. Indians *.'
. Jlust now tbe miners In District -8
and, 11, Indiana, aro not averaging
half time. For several' months past
many mines havo been closod down entirely. National Board. Momber Rd*
magp does not hold out much hope for
Improvement. Ho sayBtthat tho busy
season 'In this district la always in
tho wlntor. , This yoar, howovor, It
has boon poor.    *.
District 12, Illinois
Thoro ls not much activity at tho
mines in District 12,* IlllnolB, Aitor
tho settlement of the striko laBt year
thore was steady work for several
months, but It gradually sottlod down
to about half*tlmo. Tho prospects
for Improvement aro not promising,
unlo88 something unforeseen occurs
to Btlmulato tho Iron and stool market,
Dickinsons doftK which enjoy some (wound'tip his remarks with the ex
local renown for their prowess In thej pressed deiortnlnatlon of going off
chrtiio,," Immediately the grimly was j again on Sunday to run Bruin mimbrr
dbftpitUhe-d the dogs set off on the'two to earth. ,
a searching Inquiry, and whon a definite conclusion Is rencbod It will bo
(hon tlmo enough for tljom to go bnck
to work, provided, of courso, It suits
tho ownors of tho mlnos to resume
active operations, Somo of tho opera**,
tors aro roportod to be extremely solicitous nbout'thn hoavy assessments
the mm nro compelled to pay for tho
up koop of tlieir organization being
such a drain upon (heir earnings,
It Is true that where, ns Is the caso
for nesrly a y*sr past, Dw mlsorAblnl^
amounts received have been so small j ♦
thnt any deductions on same teem]**
proportlonntely   lnr-sre.'    But If (hero 4»
Tclesram Just tccclvcd from Vancouver that tho Kraiz,ciiso hns boon
lost. Judge Irving contending that
tho dependents of men working In Oils
country should enjoy   tho   privileges
woro nny merit In thc crlllclsm of (hn
Large Forces of Laborers  Probably
Will be 8eeured Prom this
ICmploymont will ho nvnllnblo to up*
wards of 100 mon on a hugo Irrigation projoct that tho Cnnndlan l'nclfio
Rnllrond compnny lum undor way In
tho country between Brooks nnd Bas*
snno, Albortn. A lnrgo number of
tho men will bo furnlulioil from Hpo-
Twonly-flvo million ruble yards of
onrth will bo movod lt^ lho construction of tho mnln portion of the Irrigation system, which will Iln almost
direct nlong tho lino ot lho Canndlnn
.,        >,' M 1 , i     „     , I
I  4  U^*l*.<    J M4.I t_r>*.4,    U    «>_»._ _t   U«,**.....•, i     ..»,.*»
' ni Cnlc.-ry.
Cnlgnry Ib hcndqunrtcrR for Jpiiho Se
MncDonnlil, n Cnnndlnn firm which
hns tho contrnct for tho construction
of tho Irrigation ditches,    Associated
.fUli     el-Ifi-     fl*'»*r*     Iir*!. (fli'rn*1     nI**"•*■"*■■     f^i* _?.♦
Hmlth ft Comp-yty, Kornwcll building,
Rpoknnc, and Boomer ft HurIkih with
gent-nil offices In tho Zloglor block, cily.
Contractor Fred Hopo, well known
In Bpoknno nnd throughout tho northwost  .hnn    secured    a   suh-conirnct
amounting to 780,000 yards of (hn con-
utriiftlon   and  Is  now -pr**-paring  to
ship nn equipment conolstlng or a
_Morion modej ""SO" sl^a_n shovel; (wo
!nr thr*-. donkey engine* and upwards
suspension continues and feel   ♦[of 30 teams to Brooks, Alberta.     It
th«ms*lv«» quits   at  horns,    ♦jls fl*. fi*-. that nearly Ififi own will \w
hlroix in th* Happ rampi nm\ work
will begin In tto noar ftii*ir.\ -Hpokano
riit-niih l<*.
District 13, Iowa '
District 13, Town, tins oxporloncod
nn extremely dull winter. Many
mlnos hnvo boon closed down nil winter, Tho proHpoctB nro «omi*whnt
bright for improvement. Hut tho situation Is vory unstondy,
•District 14, Ksmai
In DlHtrlct 14, Knnsnn, nml pnrt of
Missouri, tho work thin wlntor hnn
boon worse thnn during nny yonr In lho
hint doendo, Thoro nrn nn hIi*II*«*-i on
but mnny of tho mlnos lmvo HohoiI
down and probably will romnin In*
iirtlve all summer, Nntlonnl Bonrd
momber from thnt district .'.dw, Kltj.-
glhhnns, snys thnt mnny iiilnns uro
out i of work, lio lioliln vory llitl-*}
hopo for Improvement, nml express
fonr thal.tho sltuiitlon mny riow worHo.
The mines of the Southwestern Development Company are expected to operate fairly well during the summer.
The company consumes Its own product. ■ , '
District 18, East' British Columbia and
.In this"district, a suspension took
place on the first of April {"owing to '
failure of the representatives, of the
miners-and operators to agree upon
the renewal of the agreement.' .'.The',
strike affects    about    ten    thousand
miners.  , At the meeting of the International Executive Board last week
a committee was appointed to visit '-.
this district and possibly hold a conference with .the operators/The Dominion "government  ls  urging a Bettle- ,
ment under the Lemieux Act
District   19,   Southeastern- Kentucky'
International Board ;Member   John
Jeffrey from this district reports that-
work is very, dull, mines running from *
one to three days per - week.*'   The
prospects are not,very"promising for
the future'.'     The feeling manifested' ,
by the miners ih that "district concerning the United Mine Workers' organization Is very promising.     Kentucky
is poorly organized,, but someday lt ,
will   rank  among  the  foremost -lis-"
trlcts of our union.  '  , 7.-
.District 20, Alabama      -","■-
International   Board7.Member, ...Vm.-,
Harrison states tbat coal,business has'
been dull for several mon^s.-^ Many
mines are entirely closed.-- *• The Tennessee Coal and Iron Company, sub-v  '
sidiary concern of the-.United-States-i>t
half-time.     There Is, a [ rumor inclr-*
culation'that the operators are starving .the miners in, an anticipation of ,
a strike., this, summer. '. Dull , Iron
market is partial .cause. of. dullness.
The^^l.tuatlon^a;unsteady., y,'{„,Ji- '
District;;!''}, 'Oklahoma,,, Arkansas and
". -' .-*-■■>"* \-.rt;'I »,'•.-.i'^**11-.   ''4'- '    **"'•' "v'.!
. The .work, in . this, district, .Ib' - esc- -
tremely.poor,, the mines rupnlngonly
two and three 'dayB. per .week.. • Many
of the /mines'"are closed down., * In-''
te.rnatlooal Board Momber. Mullen
holds out no, hope of Improvement at
prosont.   .   1(
District 23," Western Kentucky .,*,.,,
.International. Board Member 'Dakpr
roporte .that work ln this district; la ,
dull.  ' Some, of the mlnos hiivo been
Closed down Indefinitely.     ProepectB ,
for improvoment ore not bright.   Tho
organization ls flourishing and on the
Increase.    Tho contract relations bo-(1
tween tho district and the oporators.
aro mutually satisfactory ahd-'obsorv-
cd by both pnrtleB, but thoro In unbounded room for Improvement as to
prices nnd conditions,
District24,, Michigan
International Board Mombor Dia-
mond roports that tho work,Is -worse
than it has boon In olght years, Mines
nro prnctlcnlly Idle In tho ontlro district. Indications point to oxtromo-
ly poor work this summer. Now offlcors oloctod nro: Joo Smith, pro-
aldont, and Harry Klllot, vlcoprosl-,
District 2K, Missouri
, Tho Hltuatlon in this dinli'1*. U
nnythlng but good. Tho mines nro
operating on tho average of two dnys
por wnok. International Board-Member Frnmpton snys thnt prospects for
tho futuro aro not bright,
District 27, Montnns
Tho sltuntlon In this district Ih about
thn Hnmo nH olsowhoro. All wlntor
tho mines hnvo boon working about
hnlf llrno. Thoro Ih no prnspocls for
Improvement, iih the oommorelnl trndo
In lho bout diirln**- the wlntor months.
Tho principal buyers of conl In this
illntrlr-t during tlio suinmor nro mil-
rnndH, who tnko only nbout onnhurtli
ot Dw pioductlon.—U. M. W, A. Jour-
«f*»W   * */ w arw * *f VV      mm mm <*ntf W> **** # ** *mf   _* #   «/      W It
All workingmen are cordially Invited to make the head-
qusrtsrs of the Workingmen's
Club and InttKute a place of
rssort so long as tht present
By ortsr ef "Trt-s Management
Before thn check-off wiin obtained In
Montana thu idIiuth had to iiiulio qutio
ii fight, (o Ht-ciiro it, (ho niiinlKumntod
ronl InioroutH flglillng It ImrdoHt on
the wound thnt lt rnlKlit lie extended
(o tho minors of Butte, nml the mill
Kin! M-Kilt'Tin'-n lu tho unit., i'i.,I ,n
kiicIi ovont It would inoiin tho employ.
mont of oxtrn olorkH, which tho com-
\l,\lll     *.*!>,....     _.\>_    MMiti     »>»    lli,)llUj,       i_
tlio ohork-flff system could ho secured universally by nil tho unions In
tho country, thu uiiIohh would lmvo a
Holld orKiinlzntlon nnd hundreds of
thnuxmids of dollnrs thnt now nro
spent In organising could bo wed to
Utter iutvuuUKt'. Wxi bopu Una Dm
miners of HrllUh Columbia nnd Al*
KI.K (1AUDKN. W. V«„ April 21--*
T«n minors nro roportod to lmvo boon
klllod in n -i;nn or diiHt oxploxlon In
Oit Mine, No. 20 of tho Dnvls Coal,
and Coke l_mp.*-ny, ftt-out n mile from! bt-tla •.-xuro thc -rheck-off nj'Ktcm, as
thUplari>, at ll n'rlorkiblsforf-noon. a Ik the  first Ihlng that  makes r.
The  ex plosion  wr-w-kcil lho n>lno.,uftjon.     ,h(>r<w
norordlng (o (ho laiont rci*ort«.     As'
ar<* too ramy fh-fap
(nr nn can bo loarn-nl nil tho n.|l.o^•4^'r'^",',   Ux   t]u'  w,,»,r3-*   tIiat'  !«•«   to
cot out except lho 10 men who nre
ifportrd to bo dend.
(nko all (he benefits nnd pay for no-
fhltiK    Moniann N.-wt. --'T-*;
_»_„ „,_.^^Mfr^ewca«__tit^g^^tjaa^
... -'j-y-^n- ;r'X.'i"*ism'Hir~-\~r
"** '■''«_.    v-''y*1'^'.1'.--L. r*Pc    n
"Af'IT HEM SmCE 1<)00.'
^SiTiraence How!
WevM eveiyoneto few
%t wearepaYil$-••■•
peramuroi cre3\teB ni tftlf,
on savihA5 5cposita(^1°-2
& upwar^jsubjcct ToWith-
dfawa. V cheque & *
^5.T Interest^'
We invest money for clients
in first mortgages 5& do a
'^eneial IfnantiaUuota.
% want .far saving accnt
&ifyou are not saving •
- c-ysTcmaticaflY"*. ■* * ■**• *
Deposits \ff mail s^*^
+ ■*•■+ easil-zlianilleS —
- _ou~?aii send .7Draff, ■
Post Office •*■ Cypress :;
Order or Re&istereS^^ '
Letter & "wift^rawati ,
• can. be rnaSF-***-*-•*■■*■'"?'■» -~
f *<*_}. W youwisfr. ■' ■
Doit now!!! I!«:
321 fiamhie Streel;,
pVai\ccAiver B.G.^
I The Import and
+ '   -_'„__„      1 •_____-J_.w«_--_
j.¥¥_^_MM__<L¥»¥¥*y yy ************* *********** * * ****.*.*,*.******* *** **ifj*j*ifr*w***++ifo+$*l\
•   *'      By B. 0. .Fiower  .' - -.
♦Import and Outlook of Socialism,   By
Newton " Mann. „, Cloth.     Pp. ; 336.
Price $1.50 net.     Boston:    James H
West and Company1'
This work is one of the most important recent .contributions to the rapidly growing literature of Socialism
from the -scholarly pens. It is a volume of great value for the general
reader,- because of the clear; concise
yet thoroughly comprehensive manner
in which the history, philosophy, aim,
aspirations and practical purposes of
Socialism are set forth.
', In the opening chapter the author
briefly but lucidly sketches the social
unrest that found expression In the
Revolutionary War, and which even
prior to the opening of the struggle
had for yeara been growing ln France
and to, some extent In other European
nations. After the French Revolution
gave way to the imperialism of Bona-
aparte, social unrest,again became rife
largely through the Introduction of
machinery and replacing of adult labor with child labor. The sufferings
of the*' poor and the unrest- of the
hour were followed by various plans
on the part of philanthropists to meet
the evil economic conditions ,of the
day. The author gives. a. brief and
Interesting description of the Utopian
Socialists, Saint-Simon, Robert Owen,
Fourier and, Louis. Blanc;. and.-this
leads , to the consideration - of. Ferdinand Lassalle, who might be terrtied
the John tlie Baptist of modern Socialism, and .Karl Marx, the founder
,or greatest apostle.' of. international
scientific   Socialism. »
The author shows how capitalism
has uccome more'ahd more aggressive,'
lawless and law-controlling, especially
In the New World;"aiid then he passes
lio a consideration ,of "An Unconscious
Socialism Making Its Way ih Law and
Custom.'"" 7  •*
' "Tlie two' fundamental purposes of
Socialism," he ob'ser'ves,"a're collective
ownership of utensil's, 'machinery-
lifting labor" out of bondage to capital
and the abolition, s,r great restriction
of, inheritance, . so * that every*' per*:
son, may (except in so far "as natural
endowments differ) have* approximately an equal chance in the world.' -
•' The time.was when men looked.for
this transformation to be-wrought by
forcible revolution, ■ but "at 'present,"
our author holds, "Socialists generally
are coming to doubt that the substitution or.anew social order for'the "old
y from .
tlio nude tf«*..''.-Wll.__''
Is lio wortii f. Qiiiitho ,
neck >..*_     ''■ "
Thru dopoiirti en-
lircly upon tralnliisr.
If you nro (i-nlnod'ao
direct work j'tui nro
.■wortl. toil lliiios iir
much ns thu mnn
who cnn wnik only
under owlets.
Tlio Inlornnlloiinl
Coneioondent. S clio oil
(.oto tl.u mun who Is
ntrunirlli.K nlontr on
small pny nnd sny lo
him, '■we will trnln
you for promotion whoro you nro,
or wo will quulNy
you to tnlto up n
moro coni.'cnlnl lino
of work nt n much
hlirlinr milfiry,"
Ivvery momli no.
jrnl hu nd roil km.
clunlit voluntarily
roport nitvnncoiiipnt
ns tho direct result
of I.C,8. trnlnlntr,
Youneoilnot li.-nva
your present wii-lc,
or your own hnino.
M«rk 111 Ib coupon nt
once nnd mail il.
J Uox Iti, Screilloii, i'a. .   ♦
* I'limia fiplnln,  without   lurlll. r i.IjII*. .'I,ni on my J
parti licw I cnn fjtinlIfv Iui n \nm*t *,i\ ity imi.I
•.Jvancarunnl  l» llio   In lum
wliich  I  have imikr.l X.
M Willi.
•liiiwUai'l Wrllir
Wlrxluw Irlimnir
CUII  lumi,
Miolnrtluil Lruirtir
M_..l._. i.<t Orulfimin
fi.-mun Mt*.i,ii>Ji*
IMi.l>h_l ll glr,„,
l**_*.r,HI..._. tipl,
ft.tllll. tl
♦ A.
. All»(/■__,	
♦ Strtf/ ,1,1,1
Arehll. Glunl On Mifflin
Slriiglurll Cnalrimr
Htruliluill (...llirriin
Cunlrifltflf *nrl lliul.ltr
f nr.rnlir, flttrrtlrtr
I', n, Coiitii'iullai (*"_,
Vntirg (nrjlntrr
I liiinitl
tlnfiM Krtl'wr ,
ftUmtpr. Irlirrl
*************** **.. .,*'*, . * * * *
r.t-1   I   f »r-p •
*m — — w. V   —11. ,
1 .in rotofrrnfla dl Ip (11 tyw :im|co n
tmro ilollu hut limnintinilii KO|ii*a In
rovfrtlnn rlid (lutinclnlo, 111m conn nuovo rohllHln romo 0 iirtlnllci,
rtottn rirhloml nnenll Mnsr-lil 0 Vom-
mlno, I'or liil'onn/iclmil 0 ciiinplonl
Ki-iillH rlvolKOlovl dnl
P. O. Ilox li,"., Koiilio, ll.C.
PlioloRrnf na znliliwlui «clm, prlaloln,
nbo millrnky. NiV.vo novlo, iirnBiio, a
podobrto ninjslornkle,
T)ohrl*ho tlvlrho nconfft polrohno
rbol Worlobo pohlavln, Pro cello vin-
vfltlnnlir n ponkanka Hdnrnia hlnalt sa
P. 0. Ilox 65. rernlo, 1). C.
is to be brought about by', a^ sudden
overturning, to think rather.- that the
end is to bo reached by the gradual
processes -of evolution" now going on
under their eyes—processes whose beginning is hidden in a* far distant past,
which' have .been -accelerated in our
day, hut not so^as to bring the consummation within sight." o
■ Mr. Mann points out how the social
Instinct has manifested itself* in the
nobler aspects of society, even'in Its
more primitive stalo. Ho quotes as
follows, from Commander Pqary, in regard to the Eskimos*.      ,'' ,'
•"I hope,' says tho 'discoverer of tho
North Polo, In speaking of these chlldron of the Arctic Circle, ,"no efforts
will over be made lo clylllzo thom.
Such efforts, is successful \yould destroy tliolr primitive communism, which
ls nocessni-y , to preaorvo lliolr existence,, On-jo glvo lliom an lden,,of
ronl-osialo Interest and personal proporty rights in houses nnd food, and
, thoy would bocomo as selfish ns
civilized beings; whorons, now 'any
..'iinio Ini'A'er thnn a soul In the common
proporty of the trlbo, nnd no man
Blurvos.while his neighbors nro gorging IhomsolvoR,' If u man hns 'two
sots of hunting implements, ho gives
ono of thom lo, llio mnn who lind nono,
It "is UiIh fooling of good fellowship
which nlono proBoi-voB lho rnco."
lint It Is In llio moro highly clvlllzod
nations of our dny that, prosont studont b of Racial proRi-osB nro ospoclnlly
concerned, nnd horo, tho nuthor shows
llioro hns boon golnp. on a constant
but largely unconscious movomonl
along 'Socialistic IIiioh. ITo cites n
numbor of typical llliistrntlons ns found
In various nations. Tlnm, for oxnm*
pio tho Uniled SlntoH hns 'establish*.d
nnd conducts great nyHloim. of public
oducntlon, In which lino nf work Am*
orlcii Ioiik slnco (I'lmotiRti'iilod lho su-
pcrlorlty of- Stnto nianiigoiiionl ovor
any olhor tried nr roncnlviiblo mol hnd
of prncoilni'f), lu our iidnilrnhli* frco-
lu-liool fiyslcni, wliich In tlio moro ad*
vanooil ntul mi IncliidoH ldndorifiirt'on
and • niilvorsliy, wllh books nnd nil
otiiilpmi'iit, wn lmvo 11 sol of iiurfoctly
Rui-lnllstlc limlltullnnH oslnbllshiid nnd
wocklng wllh omlnont huitchr, lho
prldo nnd chlof glory of thn nnt Inn,,..
lUiipUi of 11 public Burvli-Q, linuuiiiHoly
linpoi'liuil nnd nf vant dlmonsjoiis,
cii-ilptl on Infill cnuntrlcfl by Ihontnlo
UUU iU H lllOru .'itlloUlCLOl; 111.1111101 Ut.llk
J' .unlil .A).11 iii..' 1 1 /.('.ji, hi i-iJJ*
(oiiiiti-y ll N one of the* Inrgosl bual-
iif!*sr*H. probably llm Ini'iicst. nucnsiir-
r-il by thn iiumbnr of pcrson'R employ-
od, which niUHl now bo not fnr from
1    ' r 1 mii t»**i     » t It
*•**-,        t   ', *   *t-S.       \ i.l>\  ■»**. in*.   J       In.    tt      i»*   . ■■* IM.^II
of the nyHtPin'ln all of Its iqnny rami-
fU-ittloiiH nrn mutters of nittoiilHliiiiont
when (K'counl is takon of tho iiuiiib(.'r
plpcns of mnll hnndlod and tho ox-
tout of territory covered. Dono nl
coHt, oven far bolow cohI, lho worlc
hi clr.-iiily Horl'illHtl.*, as iiuloiil II. wuh
hf-forc ever Ihfi whnl 'Kor-lnllHiM' wnn
friliifd. With so Rtrllilng nn IIIukIration of the ndvnntngoH of stnto man*
fiKcmont nt hnnd. tho wonder Ih thut
telegraph nnd tolophono llm. und
rnllwny «ty»trniii hnvo nol been (nkr*n
ovor, ns hnn so Inrtroly boon dono in
other romitrloa."
- After consideringV'at -. length Bis-,
march's many, socialistic laws,' which
that* statesman'intro'duced because bf
the rising tidefbf .popular' discontent,
the author' passes', tor other lands, observing that:■""    '-'•*'    .    •  ' t     '•
V'ln Belgium/where Socialism has'
'reached its,hest developmeht, the' department of agriculture long since commenced taking over the*distribution-of
milk in cities, the' need of a" more,
thorough inspection and' sterilization
than could*otherwse be reached making
the step imperative. ", It has resulted
beyond a saving the lives
of thousands of children. "Railways,
telegraphs and telephone lines, have
now been built or purchased by the
state, .until lt has now a-practical
monopoly — a procedure which has
proved highly advantageous both to
the Belgium public-and. to the state
'Tn .Switzerland,-'the state has expropriated , the distilleries, and purchased at great cost the railways; at
the same time reorganizing the much
"extended civil,service In such a manner as'to-disconnect it.from politics,
so that the fall of a party produces no
disturbance in state industries'. " The
government, of meii and the administration of things are'so separated as
not to Interfere with eacli other." No
intelligent traveller In that country
can liave, failed to admire tho working Of the system, thoroughly demo-
'cratic, and, as far as' it goes, socialistic. - n * ,-' - . •
*.' "In 'Sweden "and Norway? "the manufacture and sale of liquors were long
since taken under'rigorous state'control, with .results in! the lessening of
drunkardne'ss 'eminently gratifying.
The complete socialization of production and trade made it possible for tlie
reformers to' hit upon the happy idea
of depriving the vendor of intoxicants
of all Interest in swelling" his sales,
lurnng him' In fact into a practical
advocate "of temperance, .and holding
him by the' strongest of "bonds under
the capitalist order of,* things • (the
money he can make), fast to that role
—an Idea which, avoiding any shadow
of fanaticism, strikes straight at the
taproot of^tjhe drink evil—personal
profit in the sale of the ...drink—fed
and stimulated. Inordinately, by licensing, and in direct proportion-to the
In England, as he points out "an
Old Age Pension law ls -well in opera-
tion.*"   The, problem of_lhe__unemploy_.
ed Is forcing home the socialistic idea
of opening up literally new fields of
industry by the' expropratibn - of great
deer-parks, sequestered now for the
amusement of another type.of Idlers,
To lift a little the burden from the
rest of the nation-the tax-gatherer now
reaches'over with additional, demands
upon the landed gentry. . The doctrine of Henry Qeorge, already' fruitful
In some oij - the colonies, get..ah Incipient avowal in,, the budget of Parliament, shaking the United Kingdom
from centre to .'.circumference.'
lie shows how .widely diffused nre
these socialistic activities being undertaken by. nations,'States nnd cities,
In England nnd other ntitons the mu-,
niclpal utilities nro bolng rapidly nnd
successfully tnken ovor by the' cities
and operated to lho Immense benefit of
the. citizens, In some municipalities,
Hlco London, tho local govornmont has
built numorous'model .npnrtmonl hou-
sos wlich havo greatly benofllod'the
condition of tho peoplo and lessened'
Ihe-.monnpo of disease,
Among nnlioiiR Hungnry enjoys with
New Hoaland lho distinction „of having successfully Introduced public
housing, ns will bo seen In the following: !
"Hungary, which bonoalh nn nrls*
tocriiilc surfneo, nn 'upper crust," Is
nrdontly socinllstlo, finds Its govornmont ocnnfilonnlly doing tilings which
sot thn world Hlni-lng. For Instnnco,
lu lludnpost n combination of landlordfl
having pushed tho rent of houses for
common peoplo nxcoRslvely high, life
pilnio minister, Ur, Wolcorlo, nel Ing
I'or tho Rovorninont, Iiob. Just built on
tho oui nld i-l h of tho city n modol
vlllngo consisting of 000 Iioubqh—11100
flntR—nll of tnHlofnl construction nnd
wltli -modorn linprovomonts, dr-Hlgnod
to nnronunndnlo 2I.,000 porsoiiH, and
runllng nt, only J10 por cont of whnt,
Inndlnrds woro chni'glnff for rosldoncoR
fnsB iIohI ni bio,'
in rniichidliiK.pnrt of thlH highly
hiikobIIvo and vnlunblo chaplt'i', lho
mil hor, nftor showing that thono great,
-snctnllHtlo movnniontH hnvo hoon
liroiiKhl about, not, by any coiiHclouHly
KoclitllHt prnpngiiuila ,bul. by nnosenp-
ahlo inoial and economic nocosHltlot."
points out Ihnl lho wholo nwoo\, of
modorn life \n In geiic-rnl alignment
wllh llio hopImIIhIIp theory: thnl, thn
gront polit Ipo-ocoiiouiIp I honry belongs
iiirii'imiuwi) mi lite Hi.tun ui 1 iM,iu.t(lon
Ui< :,ht!\\'x ln.'w Ui V.ay.itii'] ,'.__d Vi'uii
of the pld sbhooli considered ;them and
the French^ ministry !whose* budget,
based- on'' the isame;*principles,' was
pending, more'temerarious ;than are
recognized- and "confessed ' Socialists-
'God, save "us,' -he" wrote-'from mln-s-
ters" - who have "passed for , c'onserva-,
five!. *'" A minister originally radical or
Socialist; would' show less precipat*-
an'cy in projects of this sbrt.'7 But.thV
English -"ministry; stood the • test",of'Van
election,:, and the French' was put -to
no .'-.test,' but in the' regular election
has been-amply sustained;"the policy
of'each, Socialistic as it'is. • prevails;
Th. world moves and! there is noroom
to doubt which* way it moves.".,"   .
"All the considerable .class of legislation out' of ^which.the examples
enumerated in' this chapter have .een
drawn, has* been the work, be. It observed, not of Socialist ministers' arid
law-makers, but of men belonging,to
the old political parties, who were constrained by the Imperative necessities
of the situation to, make thesex conces-
sons to a doctrine they are'-supposed
riot to- approve, and to a "party altogether Inconsiderable, .which they stoutly
oppose.'       ■ '     ■  ' ,        - •'
The third' chapter deals with-'the
"Recent Development of- Socialism."
In this discussion Mr.' Mann cites .'Jer-
many, where,-after securing manhood
suffrage in 1871, the". Socialist - Party
has steadily-*and rapidly risen in'the
face of • all kinds of" discouragement
and opposition.''-      "   - ,„7-'.'
,*At tlie. election in 1871 the Soiial
Democrats polled 124,655 .votes.'From
that, date its-advance, was rapid. -At
the election"of. 1877..the count was
493,288; in 1887 It-attained to 763,1^
In the "next, six ,'years* the party .had
a*phenomenal.growth,, polling in. 1893
1,786,738* votes; in 1898,.2,107,076; in
1907 3,258,968". . ' As . early as 1S93
the Social' Democracy became by far
the largest party. In-Germany, and so
it steadily'remains.'.',
- "Since,* 1891- the*,Social* Democracy
has stood -- ou .the Declaration then
made-at Erfurt,'-'a statement which
should be.'carefully examined by all
who know, what exactly the doctrines
of "Socialism in our'day ..are." .And
this declaration is thus briefly summarized .by "the author: ,**
"i.: Universal,'equal and direct suffrage for ,all "men and .women of the.
Empire over twenty years of age. <-.,-
"2! Direct, legislation through ■ the
people, by means of'the right of pror
of'the people-in Empire, State, Province - and Commune.     *
"3. Universal1 training In military
duty,, with abolition of standing arm-
es. Settlement of all International difficulties by arbitration.
, "4. Abolition of all laws which suppress or restrict the free -expression
of opinion .and the right of union
and meeting..    ,  ,7 --
'"5. Abolition' of all laws which, In
public*, pr private matters, place women at a disadvantage as compared
with men.     v
- "0, '.Religion a private' matter, No
public funds to be applied to ecclesiastical ' or sectarian purposes. ■
',"7. 'Secularization of schools. Compulsory' nttondnnco nt tlio public people's schools. ," Free opportunity Tor
highor'educntlon to the irioro talented.
"8. Administration of jusclcO, nnd
legal ndvlco'free. Abolition of ''capital'punlshmont,   ' -
"I)' Froo rhodlcnl nttoridhnco," Free
burial.    '   '      ,   *    '* "       '-''
''10. Progressive Incomo, property
nml Inheritance tnvo-3, •' Abolition of
.nil li'dlroct. tnxbs, cuafonui anil other
fliificlnl measuroH w'lilih s.-crlfiro the
collective Inlorcsts lo tho Interests of
a privileged  monopoly
'■I x rthoi* domnn.l If mnde Tor effoc-
Uvo nntlonnl nnl IntorniUlonnl roguln-
'ions In protection of workmon nn
Bi'cdfio linos .Ritch ns 11 nonnnl work,
ic-* dft> of not 'n oxiiiv-d eight Ii'mi-h:
prohibition of tho employment cl
chlldron undor fourtoon yenrs of ago
ln money-making labor; . thlrty-slx
hours of weekly roiiplto; nnd thorough
suporvlHlon of nil industrial ostnbllBh-
montB by tha Stnto.
"II Is a groat thing for tho Ger-
mnn Social Domocrncy jto hnvo' ronch*
oil n doflnlk- progrnm whicli rulos out
nnnroby on ono sldo and any puttering Bohomo of phllnnlhropy on tho
othor," ,i
In llko mnnnoi*, lho aullior coiiHid-
orH tho mnrch of Soclnlism In Franco,
(li-onl llrltnln, Holglum and olsowhorp.
This Ronornl historical roylow occup-
los lho fli-Bl, 108 pngos nftor which wo
hnvo a mnstorly phlloBophlcnl ooimld-
orntlon of tho Biibjcct, which Ih treated under tho following gononil head-
lngn: Socialism Intornnllonnl. Pi*oh-
podH of Hoclnllmn on Mntorlnllsllc
(IroiindH; Huporflultlos nnd Kxc.rotir.en-
pph; PrnRiipelH of RncliillNirt on Mm-nl
August 6-11.
Sold on* the
Merit! >f _
■ i
Linpent .
•      -r_r     *    '
7-' '
wth a. moral purpose.. Itsj supreme
watchword is Justice, Soclijj Justice.
II,works for the, equal rights of;all
without regard to class. )' Its advo-;
cate is not-thinking, of the benefit ho
may personally derive frorii-lts adoption,* he' is thinking of all his fellows
up and down the earth.'and of them
in the degree of their need. -.Indeed
'it is hardly the living.tliat he expects
wiU enter upon the' full realization! of
his hopes,.but a generation as yet unborn; & fact' which gives to his earnestness and bis devotion a high spiritual signlficanse, .Hard "to
disinterestedness. * iri, generous "ardor,
in self-effacing* toil for a remote end,
are the people.'plajn "arid -homespun'
for the most-part,7'of ten-chivalrous"
youth, who, have taken up this propaganda.'     ;.;'-,     -'   ,,7 m   '"       .      • -.
Space prevents our giving, a more
extended notice to1" this work, which j<5
one of the most important and significant, volumes, on Socialism, that has
appeared—a book that all students ot
.,*>**. „     -
social, economic problems should carefully fead.;     •      , y ,.
,45. Steam-Heated
- .• •'*.   .
Hot'and,Cold Baths
*>r .
,*,       •-* - ° •" * ^"^'*■" -","-.■•'*-*•-"-"",'■).''"■ ".*'-', <>
r-_ Fernie's   Leading , Gommercial- Hotel
The Finest Hotel In'East" Kootenay''
J.'LV. GATES, Prop.
Bank of Gihadi
HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO        ;    '       ,;\7   •-*-l'
?10,000,00O.OO..CapItal Subscribed:... $5,575,000 ''7
795,575,000       Reserve Fund ..77. ...$5,575,000
WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, yice-Prea.    '
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson; \
,"! . ' <   Revelstoke, Vancouver and .Mctorla.'' '■
'i ...      .        , .        . .      ,. *.       ., - .       *  * •  \   *--**
'   Interest allowed on'deposlts at current rate from date of deposit. 7
Capital Authorised"
Capital  Paid  Up  .
d; r.
.  and  so * are  we.     That's  why.
builders and'others who'  want
luriiber always'come ^ere .to buy.'
They know that this
'.,**-'•'   ■   , '     .-.'.-*
■1    '        i- , -: X ,'.
' deals strictly in Al lumber and
,    that what is bought''here Is-de*'
pendable.    *•   -*     ■'*-•'   -   -V-*.
,    .-   -    ,,      ii-,, .  ',      -     , ,, ■ -
*7   Get; lumber.'here—It's' season-
,ed and correct in price.. '"*
.-Last month a negro student won a
medal* at Columbia University! for excellence in-public speaking.   '
This medal was won five years ago
by'Pkalsaka SImi, the son of a Hottentot chief. , A .few years ago the
son 'of ari African* chief made an ex-,
cellent all'.round record as. a student
at- Oberlin College., .   '      *    - '
*- It, ls not very 'flattering to members
zatlori at the back of them and* who regard" themselves as the very elect5 of
the, earth to find tliat .the son-of an
African chief can compete on even
.terms if he is given a chance.
it upsets sonic precious theories and
throws' lighf. upon factors'of progress.
Anthropology Is laying less arid less
stress upon' inherited 'tendencies' 'arid
more upon physical and social environ-,
ment"." '      '   '        ',." '     .  . " ,
'■Similarly lt Is found that loo much
stress was laid upon comparative brain
weight, Investigation has-shown' that
tho Eskimo hnve, for Instance, a bi-nln
wolght well above tiint.of the average,
white mnn, Hindus/ have, smallor
brains tlinii Palhgonlnns,    -.-,        ,"
,It Js coming to be believed tlmt the
mentnl gup bdtwoen sayngo nnd civil-'
izod mnn Is duo-to pxporlence, trnlti-
lug ■ and physical environment ■ rnlhor
tlmn to innate -factor's,' . ,
If ono .could tnko n bnby from n sav-'
ngo trlbo nnd placi) It Into n civilized
homo, without tho foster pnrontB knowing lis origin, anthropologists'nro disposed to believe thai, lt would grow
Into nn adult thnt could,not bo distinguished from nny ot Its civilized
•A child born In bnrbiiroits Africa,
will grow Inlo n bnrbnrlnn unload 11
hns tho luck of Pica Isnlm Sim!, although It mny bo endowed with grent
nnllvo nblllly.
Tho child of llio slums Is apt lo turn
out n vngnbond nnd tlilof not bocnuso
bis parents stole nnd trnmpcd, but bocnuso Its environment foslors stonllng
nnd broods criminal habits,
Tlio humnn rnco Is nol clinlnoil down
by horodltnry llmllntlons, nt lonst not
to tho oxtont formerly bollovod, It
lms n clinnco for Immodlnto nnd gront
Socloty cnn nbollHli crlnio nnd vlco
by abolishing slums, It cnn lncronso
tlio light of Intolllfl-onor- nnd tbo
wnrmth of tho lionrt by ronrlnn Us
clilldron undor proper coiiilltloiiH.
Tbo honllhy humnn being soems to
bo about tbo tinmo llio world ovor,, All
ho ncods Is n clmiice, „
—Chlrngo Socialist,
Hip (.'iirr.-nl of ovciiIh hns lur-ii clcnrly
nnd iiiimlHlnknbly RnclnllHtlc in spirit.
"In tho r-finvnnii for Ibn Pnrllnmont-
nry clccllon  nf -1010,"  ho  ohfinrvoa,
,,,, , mm .....     *.,        .
•...-_      .....^,..1,    I-,.     ^,.i_     **.,,._.V>*|     *r,vk*,.h)V4H>.«.
lind It forced homo to them by tlio opposition ornloi'H that tlio LlbornlH woro
mnrclilng nt might toward Soclnlism,
Hint tlie builgot propoHod by thorn nnd
dlsnllowod by tho Lords must, sane
llnnnil by tbo voto of lho pooplo, open
tlio wny to tho rintil expropriation of
lnnd nml cnpltnl. Wnrnlmr voices
woro lirnrd frnyi ncrnsH tbo sen nnd
from across tho chnnnol. Tho from-
or of tlio l-U'Ig-.-t and tbo mlnlsiry
whoso OKlilonce whh stnkcd on It wero
roundly donnunrcd ns Boclollsla. littlo
ns thoy so re-wml Ihninsplvo*. Thoj
most dlHtlniriilfllirii Vi-tmvh economist!
""ininundti; KorliiliHrn Unlvorsnl Poaco;
"-' 'fiiimiiliHin tho Applied Ethics of .loam**;
Soclnllain and tho Church, nnd Tho
Xew WorM In tbo Making.
In thu illiH'iiHHlon of lho Prospects
of SocliillKiti on Moral Grounds, Mr.
"A tlilor distinction of Soclnlism
Ib Hint It U nn othlcnl Bystom, a systom through   nnd   through suffused
Tout ouvrier mlneur est
prte de ne pne venlr a la province d'Alberta ou au bauln
du Kootenay (Colomblo An*
Qlaiie) puBlqn'il y a plus efe *
6000 tant emplol.
Fjernie Opera House
*u     , "   1i   ~ ''    , '      ' '■
■*"        t'r* -     *■ '*
A, Pizzccolo,  Mgr.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
..'"ll. ■*") |HU"I"WI"".*U' i...l J   '— JJ
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
ll.U-Jia'.U'jail.WB.W'H.'l 11 IIIJ.    I—■***wmmmmm
Large Airy Rooms &
Ross & Mackay ?»
Ihu- Hii[i))ll(,'tl with tho IipnI, WIiioh,
1jIi|1ii)|-h iiiii] (.'Igni'H
ffnloon Imcpprfl hnvo no right to permit flnlvntlon nrmy womon, or nny
U.'Ak     *..',....'v..,   kh*.    ..k*Ui.      _,_.V0*Ot4e.,    ^cMrtM'
Ing to nn opinion by'Cojporntlon Coun*-
ani A M Craven
Tho city commlRBlonort!, nftor hnvlng
rocolvod potltlon* to atop tho soliciting
of womon momborH of rc-Uglou* organ-
Iznllniis In Hnloonn, ntkpd lho corporation countel for,an opinion,
Mr Crnvpn fllndii thnt Ihprp I* no
ordlnnnre covering lho c-iibc>, but tho
atntii law It plain and prohibit! anloon
mon from allowing women of any kind
In tho e-Hoona Tho violation would
bo mibjpct to a flno upon Hip saloon
keeper, but not with a fine upon the
nornir_.Cf.rf Cfnnln
Brewing Co., Ltd.
H**-. Ik
Mcintosh, McDonald
& Snow   7
** •   >*■'
& Builders
Opon l'oi* all kinds of .IjusiniiHH
iif UjoIi* liiio ',"' . •
Add roes Box 07
HOTEL    .
Wm, Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
S Bottled Goods a Specialty
Nowhere In the Pan can be
found In auch a display of
We hove the bent money
can buy of Beef, ?orl. Mutton, Venl, Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Flth, "Imperator Hami
«i(iu crfcon udrui oaueagei,
V/flnrrr, nnd Cnuc-j- Kmub
LCalgary Cattla Go.
Phone 5$* i
pozor;   .
In Un innxxti of lho 6th wo nolo thnt
Tho fllotan llopord rontnlne u para-
sraph -cnllod from this Journal, but
na no comment ]n mado thereon wo
nro nt a lonn to know whothor our
awiUmcnta ar* approved of or condemned.
... _
- -jt
. _-» _     ■*-*   *       ** ^^
',; - Since • the. famous Moyer, -Haywood;
.. Pettibone kidnaping.from;'"the ^atato
-,.'of Colorado, there haa,boen no incident
.' that' has* created  so  much ' stir  as
,  the', arrest! of John J. Mcls'amara; sec-
,. treasurers the International' Bridge
and-Structural Iron' Workers' Union,
his brother James and Ortle McMani-
"gal charged-'with, the blowing up of
■the  Lbs, Angeles   Times-.'-Office.    -
• The last mentioned two were taken
,',on the 13tlf'of April and for ten days
v .were  held  in  durance  vile  without
being allowed to call for an attorney.
' '• *  Recently .there was .some .-press" re-
,. ports published regarding the man of
*.,vfmany murders (according to his own
statement) Harry Orchard and a visit
".*-■ to j.him in gaol by tlie* widow of the
.. late .Governor  Steunenberg  who  in
..formed"the wretch that she felt'im-,
--pelled ,tp come and tell him that' she
forgave him • for' his, horrible . crime.
-V Until this recent' incident the piib-
, lie.   memory had practically allowed
'   into forgetfulness, but now-we shall
have'another case' of. a-similar" cast
';   to"'--fill the newspapers and.there will
he the usual condemnation qf-the.un-
- .thinking minds who prejudge men just
■"'" .as soon* as the'naked'charge is made.
■ The Los*'Angeles Times, whose pro-,
1   prletor the. notorious* General Otis? in
his "sweeping condemnation of trades-
unionism reaches a point In vlrulency
tliat justly'entitles iiim to the com-'
- mlseratiohof the world hs;parana'oic,
■"■*' whose obsession .is'that, every-man
, who*'is .a.member bf a labor, organlsa-'
;.* tion'is'necessarily .a criminal, .is,-a
"'"fitting subject for the'machinations'* of
;'  that'.'prlhco of'crinie* creating.agencies;
** 11. - r__T,1r_^i*f cnl T__ r,r,li,.r. A D*J**H_V_**.
'— w.C-..—I-- »».»"*-*,* iu.i^ ...%._v-..u» . vr?—-j.~e.~mv,.  ,-
■'■which' has become such* a stench in
i   ,-jthe  nostrils-of'the  peoplo in  some
* *6f 'tho" United States that laws, have
■<vbeen passed to prohibit them from op-
'" .rating,,..within  tlielr.,J.puiularies,. -■'
The methods adopted lathis Instance
are   quite a In   lino "With, tlie   Moyer,
7: Haywood* outrage and Irrespective of
'  "tho'Innocence or,guilt of tlioparltes
Involved clearly demonstrate that the
vampires masquerading as crime detectors positively Ignore all semblance
of conformity with tho law's decrees
..•and aro entitled to bo placo In a cato-
'   '''gory  by. themselves  as  Ideal  Anarchists...        "   • 7
■-Chicago Tribune  Admlto that  Labor
",   -.'Officials Were Kidnapped   ,
The Chicago Tribune, which,is not
a lnbor publication, acknowledges that
..-    tlieso mon were kidnapped, nnd b'Olow,
wo glvo extracts from last Sunday's
■ and Monday's Issues on tho Rubject,
■ "Tho' Indianapolis prlsonor wns literally kidnapped In nn automobllo and
', "rushed nwny from tho city'to' a waiting train beforo mombors of his union
'. could obtain a fight his extradition."
• 'Moro than a hour had elapsed aftor
McNnmnra was spirited from tho city
beforo his companions in tho mooting
woro aware thnt ho hnd beon taken
from Indlnnnpolls.
''When told thnt ho had boon arrested as^bolng rosponslblo for tho dynamiting Of tho Times building nnd tho
• I.lowollyn foundry at Los Angeles,
tlioy gasped with astonishment, declaring thaoy could not bollovo tho
roport to bo truo. *
"Thoir siirprtBO wnB Increased whon
tlioy bognn to plnn to procuro IiIb ro*
Ioiiho nnd woro told Hint ho had boon
takon from tho city.
"McNnmnrn wiib cnllod out of n,
mooting of tho exocutlvo board of Iho
union nnd hlirrlotl to nn milomobllo
and tnkon by trnln out of tho city of
Indlnnnpolls nnd plncod on routo,to
Los AngoloB,
"Intei-iintlonnl Prc.lilont Frank M.
Ryan of tho llrldRO nnd Htnictural
Iron Workora' Minion don'onnced lho
nrroat a* tho result of n frnmo up
"l.on M. Ilnppnport. local allornoy
for tho Structural Iron WorkorH, In-
dlfjnnntly protested against tho nctlon
of (hn polico In rinthlwt McNnmnra
out ot llio statu without; giving him
'tlmo to conduit with counsel.
"Kappnport Mated unit, gucn procc-
i(!t»ufw ha* - '(i-i..ii--u,i' t,i,i,},,vcii\l hy
enemies of organized labor.    Tbo nt-
'" to'rncy pvotctl-ixl u *•***•• (nut overy movo
mndo by tho officers nnd almost como
to blow, with Superintendent-of Vo-
i.ui ii',,
Tho molliodfl used to procuro lho
alleged co'nfesslon-.of McManigal are
thus described by the Chicago Tribune
page.2, April 24:*-' i*,y
1 "The detectives arrived in, Chicago
with' McNamara and' McManigal,, on
the morning of April 13. They took
the,men to'Reed's, home," 9034 Commercial Avenue. ' * They were Immediately "separated. *' From; that' time
until .after midnight they'were incessantly sweated.., Captain Wood and
Detective1,' Burns tried every means
in their power to make them tell all
they. knew.    , "•'      * .
* "McNamara was defiant and answered questions in monosyllables. . 'I
knew .you" bulls- had something tip
your sleeves when you pinched us in
.Detroit.' said he. -'I won't talk.'You
might; as' well--give up.' •
^ According tb the Tribune. McManigal ."talked," making'a. confession lasting'seven hours. ''7 ', - , '"'
. ■ Let us endeavor to look into this
case with as' little' prejudice • as ^-is
humanly .possible. - -   ' •■''."
The Lbs ■ Angeles Times building
•was destroyed by an'explosion October
1st,' 1910."    . ' ' ' 7
There -were twenty lives lost. Before any investigation'had been made
the labor unions were charged *\yiih
the crime. Dynamite was used said
the' labor haters. . It. was a gas explosion stated the unions!* .An investigation* ' was '.instituted^ during
which several witnesses testi.fieJ that
they.had'smelled gas anil. others-li-ul
been compelled to go home because of
sickness brought **bn* by Inhaling?tlio
gas fumes. - Telegraph operators .who
made the -'statement that they believed
i_lie_7.explosion_____tQ7_be ca_used__ y__ga_s,
were*" discharged.,.-   Fire-broke   but
DETECTIVE   BURNS       . ♦,
***-. •"■■ :■■ -, ARRESTED -V'" '"     • . ♦
;      ,   .. .;—:- -y 'y ■'  <"♦
..NDIANAPOLIS.-Jnd.! April - •*
'26.—Detective'Burns was ser- "♦
ved with- aW-warrant". 6  '♦
o'clock last evening ^charged: ♦
with complicity, in the; alleg-   ♦
ed kidnapping ,of J. J. McNa-"  ,•*•*>
• mara. secretary .'treasurer, of,.'**
the** International  Association,, *,*_*.
of Bridge and StructuraUlron   ,♦
Workers, and three attorneys   '♦
,'that'vyer-B arraigned yesterday," ,♦
morning oti the 'same charge   ♦
spent, two  hours  in Jail,,be-. ♦
cause of the delay In obtain-   ■♦
ing bonds for them.",      '• *'   '*•**>
♦ ♦:■
any of the officers of the union 'aro
guilty of any complicity in, the, outrage. - - This  is ,'a" private  detective
conspiracy.''    7 •        ,.'
Hugh "Frayne, General 6rganizef___\.m-
erican Federation of Labor: ' .
. "I have known-McNamara for many
years and he is not the kind of man
to countenance such thing as this
outrage. ( He would condemn them in
stead and his arrest 4s plainly a conspiracy against organized labor.", ■ '
W. J. Kelly, President Pittsburg Iron
City Trades Council:       ' '
*»     *   *-    ,.,-,«■
^ '"This, is an* attack upon organised
labor, and every -union man ■ in the*
country must take up the fight to clear
McNamara- from  a private detective
conspiracy."   "
A.  L.  Collins,    Secretary    Pittsburg
■'   Structural Iron-Workers:
.'Charges -have been frequently made
that members of our organization have
bee_n guilty of dynamiting, but only in
one case where an arrest was followed by conviction; .the man wa's shown
to be'a private detective who tried lo
blow-up a building.,and put the Mame
on union men. '. ', • ;'
•■ "McNamara.',. 1b^ innocent .and his
kidnaping will redct on those respon-
sible.' ,*". .„ , , * -
Leo   M.   Rappaoort   Counsel,' for tho
.Bridge and Structural Iron WorkPis.'
-■ "McNamara's" Kidnaplhg' was' highhanded -and indefensible"• under any
circumstances. '^Already there, is* evi-
LusciousTree-Ripened Fruit;
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you complete list of valuable premiums. We honor both "Sunklit"
and "Red Ball" wrappers for premiums. , (50)
.   California Fruit Growers' Exchange
105 King Street East Toronto, Ont.
Death in the Mine
* The' fact that tliere are 1,049,0,00
persons employed in mining in the United Kingdom, and,that no fewer than
1,620 persons were killed in mining
disasters last year, is the main reason
for the" enthusiastic reception which
was accorded Mr. Winston Churchill's
Coal Mines Bill on- its second reading
in the House of. Common's. That', a
large number of the fatal' accidents
in mines are due to ignorance or carelessness' is uiiquesiioned, and there are
well-founded hopes that the Home. Secretary's comprehensive measure will
go a long way,to icduce this alarming
mortality in future, to lessen the..risk
of accidents, and to improve tiie health
o.r'.minors-generally. ,   /,-
.fn,,the fight'aga-nsr. death in tbe
mint's America is n long way- ahead
of Rri'ai'n. ; The Unile.l "States _ ni-eau
'of* Jl-iiirg'r is" doing battle with many
.iirl-V-en dangers in Miu Dowels of tlio
'•jarih. Vu1: none of,its Investigations
hi-.-.*;..-.i) 'important* a*..ils- .'".ns 'to
cvercoiiiP the ignora .ico ,-if the miners
cuii^evuir-; the dangers, whit h cucom«»
'i)lik'*i__.tl_]n_.iiL-Jh_Lr  dilfy  toil...Foi'
HOWRIy fUwordrrn qulrldv ctir-frt by
At all doaler*. 2Sc. por box, or Tho
Flu Pit! o., St. Thomat, Ont.
immediately subsequent fo the'crash
hnd .this fact was pointed out as substantiating1 the theory tliat - it. was
not dynamite as this explosive demcil-
ishes but fire'would *iiot_iave'-followed
practically simultaneously in.its wake,
Tho above' practically presents-the
findings of the labor" enquiry .aiid^ tho
California union organizations have a
standing of for "of $7,500 reward for tbo
apprehension ! of,; the bomb throwers
should it be proven that the building
and plant had beon destroyed bynltro-
glycerlno or dynnnilto.",
ThiSj.of courso ilid not altar the opinion of thoso who adhered lo.tho bo-
llof that lt was the work of unionists
aM - thoy'have called to tliolr assls' an ally an organization, that
Is tho possessor of a record" of tbo
most unsavory flavor. ,
Below wo glvo tho opinions of prominent mon In'the labor movement which
although thoy may bo rognrdod as prejudiced bocauso of,thoir affiliations,
aro. ontltled to equal consideration
with thoso of contrary views.
Views on Capital's Latest Conspiracy
Against Labor
By Samuel Gompers
"Now long aro 'tho American pooplo
going to Rtnnd for kldnnplng? McNamara was uplrltod nway without
giving hlm tho sllghtcfll chanco -jo
glvo prima facie ovidoneo of his In*
"Tlio atngo M'as nil not, tbo properties arranged carefully anil then up
wont tlio curtain with u blare- of
trumpets upon tho first act of a
tragedy contemplating tho assassination of organized lnbor.
"Tho MntoroBls' hnvo boon trying to
fusion guilt on nrgniil/.od labor. Tlio
wholo nffnlr smacks of woll-lnlil pro-
Uy John Mitchell
"I liopo nnd bollovo tho mon arrostcil
aro not guilty.    I bollovo McNnmnra
Ih u docont, Inw-abldlng citizen."
Frnnk Morrlion, Socrotnry of lho Am*
orlrnn Federation of Lnbor:
"It It) an Infamous outrage.   There
Is nothing to ahow that Secretary McNnmnra had over hoon to Los Angolos.
And by whom Is ho ehargod?     Ily
a prlvnlo detective who wantB to re*
cnlvo tbo big rownrd."
Frank Ryan, I»rcald.nt of tho Xrdot-
,    IIUllUllil.    AblMJtii*,*..*...!   Ut    ..m__,*C   rf.tu
rij-uMuwl  Imu  Worltrrn:
•PiiWIp opinion Blioiilil bo withhold
until nil tho facts nro known.    Tim
attempt of tho r-npltnllntln press to
hang McNnmnra on tlio' work of a
t      ,|,     'l,,            .     Ml     ..    I   mimI     r.fy«lH/'V
-yH.k.VM.SW     U it. **_-*•_.*•■> WW* lw      ** i   *,_,*.     _■   . I .V*"1'    •'
those responsible.     McNnmam. tn
.norenco will be concluslvoly provon."
William Spencer, Secretary   of   tho
Building Trades Depart mont ot th«
American Fodorntlon of Laj-or:
"Dyttnmlto ami Infernal   mnchinos
mlftlit onsily havo boon placed in tbo
iRolnted hnrn and In thn union office
by opponents of of-Ranir.-***. labor.  I
believe they were placed there by the
Eme-it Bohsm, Secretary of th** N*1*
York Central Federated Union
also sixteen hinged doors" which cover
the-portholes." These doors and the
drumhead save, the.entire plant from
being wrecked by the. explosion. This
test gives the miners-their first demonstration, of the fact that coal dust
is highly explosive, and teaches, them
much of Lthe explosiven'ess of fire-'
damp. At'the same time the apparatus i demonstrates ,"the ° comparative
safety of different explosives purposely used as blasts, Charges of dynamite, black' powder, and various
."safety" explosives are fired off-from
the mortar in the presence of coal dust
and fire damp for,,, miners to watch
their comparative. effects, and learn
the strength of the charge of each that
can' be used without- danger from the
explosion. s It is the aim of the American Bureau of Mines to standardize
explosives,t'fand it hopes in time to.
have, .only those..used all'over the
country .which these tests prove are
comparative safe.- -* Similar . demonstrations "arpflgiven to'show that* some
of.- the ;■ safe -explosives are also • the
most powerful. .*-        _*_    *'        '-.' "
^TrDat. will be announced
^||_ later—so watch for it.
. Visiting "the entire ■ district
See before you. buy: Write
me for full particulars.
Dig "in.: the ground for a
livelihood, you'll be under
soon enough! ', Five acres
cultivated, will prolong life
and provide a competence
for old age.    '
Eight 10-Acre Tracts $300
each, easily cleared' Burton 7
City, well located and water
1 i»      ■        r*      i
Joe Grafton
Bo Co
dence in our possession to the effect
that**   strangers   had access   tq   the
.vault in which, the 'dynamite is euld
to'have been found,"
.Resolution   Boston  Typographical
.:. Union:. , ,
■ 'The methods employed in spiriting
..fcNaiiiara away to unknown quarters are sueh« as'to'cause suspicion
tliat'another outrage hasibeen perpetrated against organized labor similar to the kidnaping of Moyer, Haywood ancLPettlbone.
"Wo insist that Secretary McNamara be given a full and fair trial
without third degree.or sweatbdx ino-
thods.' 7*     7
Any individual guilty of* murdering
peoplo should be punished goes with-,
out Baying, no matter whether It bo by
blowing up by dynnnilto, falling to put
flro-oscnpes on 'his building, under-,
mining tho health of littlo children by
compelling thom to worlc In cotton
mills, match factories or glass works
or by transmitting contagious dlsoasss
Tho luetics used In this caso,are of
no liigh-nniiiled a character- ihat tlioy
constitute In themselves a condemnation of the parties porpotratlng thom,
Irrespective of the merits or demerits
of tho suppositious crime, and ought
(to bo bo regarded by tho gonoral public, who aro merely onlookers and
without tho remotest connoctlon with
olthor parties to the controversy.,
I Word comos fiom W-uflhlngton, D. C.
that Victor Borgjr, ihu lono Socialist
CongroBBman from Mllwaukoo, introduced a roBolutlon in tho houso on
April 25th cnliins for an invest (Ration
Into tho arroHt of John J. McNamara
In Indianapolis. <
m-ii'-'i effthe havoc-amoug miners is
'.li..   to .,-clCof knowii-ilse of Uie ex-
plosjvo powers bf coal dust * and ^firedamp,, arid to incompetence in'selecting  safe  explosives" for  the  blasts.
So ,the ■•-Americans hiive    established
free mining schools and travelling instruction cars In ail the.mining dis-,
trlcts to' enlighten the ignorapt.
' Sham mining cxploslons-aro created
for the.Instruction of miners attending
the schools. " The apparatus provided
for this purpose is a,great horizontal
tube  of'.boiler plate,  100  feot  long
and,wide enough for a men to walk
through, without   striking   his   head
against the ceiling.     Along the open
end of tho tube is  placed a drumhead of heavy paper, and the Inside
Is,then' filled with fire damp or coal
dust, which Is thoroughly mixed until
It is of tho same constituency as Is
ordinarily found In mines, Tho drum-,
held keeps the mixture from escaping
and at tho other end of tho big tube
is a 12 foot cubo of reinforced concrete
holding a mortar aimed down tho tube
and loaded with ono of Iho explosives
used In mines.    A wlro connects UiIh
mortar with a key In an observation
houso about 00 foot away.    Thoro Is
a  peep-hole nlong tho rear of this
houso, and a row of minors lino up inside with tliolr faces , lo ,lt.     Plato
glass half nn inch thick protects thoir
oyos.    With tho pressing of tho key
llio mortar Is fired, and tho flro damp
or coal dust explodes with a terrific
report.    .Thoro aro sluloon portholes,
nlong tho cylinders, anil the minors
ore (old to note by thoso how tho
blnzo of tho explosion progrcsKos nlong
tho tubo from tho mortar to tho oml
covered with   tlio   papor drumlufad,
7A. gallery-30 feet long and 109 feet
in'diameter is used-to show how a
mine may be-blown up by .sparks from
defective wiring, in the mines..- The
gas. and "dust puinped into this* tube
are fired'by a simple electric spar!,
flashing'between the two ends of wire
As many explosions are due to 'lei'oo-
tlve "safety lamps," simple methods
of testing form part of the course of
,   Accidents will happen notwithstanding all efforts to prevent them, and so
miners aro taught ln a mimic soal
mine what to do in dread times of* a
flro and explosion..    Thero Is a largo
glass-encased   airtight   room,   which
contains dlfforont passages, such ' as
are found In disrupted   co:il    mlnos.
Dummies * representing   asphyxiated
minors aro provided,     This room In
actually filled with sulphur gas, and
the rescue corps of mon, who aro long
trained to tho work, enter dally, wearing oxygen helmets, and remain two
hours removing obstructions, ploklng
up dummies, giving thom emergency I
treatment, placing lliom on slrolehors
mid carrying thom  nwny, *,  In this
way tho miners nro mado thoroughly
acquainted 'with tho uso of thr-, helmets,   Ih tho perfect  mechanism of
the helmet science and Invention have
como lo tho rescue of tlio mon who
toll underground.
It Is porhaps too much to hopo thnt
measures such as thoso doscrlbo'l will
ontlrely eliminate tho dangers attendant ou mining, but now that science
bna como to tho holp of thoso who are
educating Uio minor to fight*doath in
tlio bowelh or tho earth thero should
bo a Htilklng diminution lu thu animal
hnvoo which tnkos toll of ho many
- Original
1854  ,
Head Office of the Home Branch
'.  of Canada,- 8 King '
Street Weil,
Qenr.tal   Manageh-'
General  Banking business transacted. ' Special-
-*-;*•"■■""--• .     '   J-*-
attenliori    to ,; sayings-.
accounts".' -   '",f'*''
• *    ■ '.Jinn.'*
Full compound'.hlercbt1
paid   on   savings   ac-'
counts*  of   one   dJlar'
or  more.
• JOHN ADAIR, Manager- Fernie,
Tho explosion blows tbo paper out and | bravo liven.
LONDON, April 10—I-'nlhnr lior-
nnnl Vaughan, tho noted Jcoult, tu a
Hormon nt Ninionton, In Warwickshire,
last nlglil, roforrod In strong Utiiih to
tbo work of tho Mormon missionaries
In England in sending women and
young girls to tho colonics of the
sod, tltnli and othor Amorlcnn stntos.
Among other IhlngR Father Vnughan
Bali!: "Fancy a country like this -'nil-
lug Knolf ClirlHtlnn nnd tnlonitlim
Ihese Mormons,    Tliey should bo Ink-
ll.    U)     I..V    _>!_._._    Kit    titil«»    lw,!,".'*.
.irrci.*,-,* our Ji'huid 'it'll I'licijijit'i', Into thr--
(VA.—As corollary to lho nbovn wo]
have lho report of nn nttnrk upon j
Mormon mtsnlonnrlos  In  Birkenhead,
it,       II.. **    ...      r. - . I, II, .     , .  ... I. a a
^_ ._.'.,..,.,.,_,, _,.    >.,,.» _      ..... .....   . *    "       •
or writer had suKRCSled that employers of child labor contrary lo law.
proprietors of establishments In which
their employees nre paid such ml«er-
ablo pittance that they nre forced
to adopt other means in order to gain
a livelihood, should ho treated as per
the my. Kentlcmsn's twnrcstton. srarr*
htsd-ltnes to -dftnonnf-p wtxth Inrit*?-
tnent to liifractioni of the law would
t-Uson forth thro-ufibf/ut the {>r<-t,s ot
the continent And tbe probjih!Htl«fl sre-
that those   responilble. mi-thl   find
"1 am sure neither McNsmam northerns .ree behind tbe bars.)
Since its foundation,
it has been the policy
of this Company to
embody in the
in perfected form, tho. hear, typewriter idens hy
whomsoever advanced.
For our latest manifestation of this policy, inspect the
new Visible \Vritlno. Remingtons Nos. 10 and ll, which
emlxxly every desirable feature extant—PLUS an Adding
andSttbtractingMcchanism which constitutes an innovation.
Thc voice that cried in thc wilderness 30 years ago:.
"You cannot afford to write in thc
old way;" nowacclaims with equal
conviction: "You cannot afford to
calculate in thc old way,"
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender 8tr*«t
Vancouver. B. 0.
Capital   Paid   Up    $ 2,760,000
Reserve & Undivided Profits   3,250,000
Total Assets   40,000,000
Mnny n fortune cnn be traced back
to tho day Its ownor ilopoultod tbo
firm dollnr In a Savings Account,
Tho one ilolliu- nffonlB' nn liu-on*
. vo to dopoiilt more-—and, oh lntor-
ohI. IA iiil'loil to principal, thn Himill
mini kiowh moro nnd moro rnpldly,
until it, finally hocnmcR a competence.
Ono  nollin* will  Htnrt nn  account
with thu llniilt of Hnmllton.
J. R, LAWRY, Anent, Pernio Dranch
Head Office:
Burton City
One choice ten acre DIock; one and
a half milts from town.
Good terms; }85 per acre.
at!*)      I 11 I Ml 1JJJ*
*\e   l_m    UVIIk.
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j    from uh >ou Ret tho lowest whole*
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Electric Restorer for Men;
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iim »n<l vtul'.tv. I'rfmMuir. rlrct* sn.-i »ll frxtiul'
AC4Vllt..i    iHlll'l   ml  Ukl,      I'Uut(.l_UUul   V..U ',
in-ikti )i.u ii iicn iniiii, }-. srv VRm 1- ■«. nr I*v> l"i i
t\ Mj|)«1 tt any *-l lr»«« ThoHMbrll Una i
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per bottle mi If you bought It in
tlif onllnnry way. Ordt-r a vnno.
rnulw the MivliiK, nnd ist-t better
lifjiiom benld-ra.
lr«rnl#, O. C. TT
\ •'-'
-:$>& 9i$ft id £ti>^tx
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Pellat Avenue, Fernie, B. 0.   Subscription $1.00
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per year; in advance.   An excellent advertising
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... r, >' -. >'. '„.'
1    '
,                     ■*■      «•   .
_,** «-.t__._r *•■••>'                                                                   ,
v,:;    HIGH-HANI)£D TA0TIC8
'■*f...            ,,      • *-             .■'
A- ,*7a
.,« j. -- *i
NEVER'sincef the' iflem6raT5re~'occasion when' the
Moyer,' Haywood, Pettibone .trial was in pro-
, gress, growing put. of tho, assassination of ex-Governor Steunenberg'by being blown up by a bpmb; in
the State of*Idaho,-has there.been so much-wonder
ment iii the labor world as has been occasioned by
the arrest, under similar conditions of John J
McNamara, Secretary-Treasurer of the Structural
.Ironworkers Union, his brother James ,and an in-,
dividual of the name of McGonigal, and tactics
have been indulged in similar to those that characterized the,previous incident. " This grows out of
the explosion of the,Los Angeles Times Building
* on October lst, 1910, when twenty-one lives were
lost.    Tlie facts in this.later case, so far'as known
,. are, that General Ilarriscon .Grey Otis, the proprietor of the publication in' questibn, one of the rabid
union haters on the continent of America, came out
boldly stating that this was the'work of-the or
ganization, and-attributed to them all kinds of ue
farious deeds.
• From, Los Angeles came the news by wire that
John J. McNamara, the Secretary-Treasurer of the
Structural Ironworkers gave out a statement from
the jail to-day ,in which he declares his innocence
' and asks the public to suspend judgment until an
opportunity for a full and fair defense liad been
".afforded. . This is the only logical course that can
be pursued' and yet there are many "when once a,
trade, unionists is, involved that, are unfortunately
too prone to accept the naked charge's as proof:of
' guilt, as they pass'judgment of va purblind mind;
■ and:a'll tlie.pld.suggestions.relative- to" a man being
considered innocent until,proven guilty, are scatter
ed-to the'four'winds of 'heaven.... The simple fact
that he may have been one 'who-was joined with
his fellow 'workers for the purpose* p_ attempting to
better , in his judgment, his own as w_ell as..the con-
ditions of his* colleagues, is accepted" as' sufficient
guarantee that any-crime itt" the "wholes "category
may be expected of him. The celebrated Colorado
Idaho case which lias already been.alluded to, after
months of wearisome legal battling, and the iniquitous treatment riieted <>ut to many innocent, women
women finally culniinated.hi the-acquitt&l of-, the
men whom it* was-evidently tlie" intention of "'"the
mine ownwp to" railroad .to the gallows'; and, further more, ns additional evidence of *thc fact that
they were by no means connected'with the terrible
outrage, thc Stato of Colorado was compelled'to
award- over #60,000 damages for injuries* caused.,
This latter fact, however, wns given but scant
notice' throughout tho press, nnd thereon ro many
who still labor under the mistaken apprehension
that,' nllliongh acquitted, were guilty;
yet tho faut* that the stato was compelled to, pay
damages, coupled with tho circumstances
that was obtained of base trickery that the detective agency would resort to in order, to gain tlieir
ends should have convinced them 'of, the futility, of
a: repetition of such-methods. * Orf th£ orie„side we
have a very large number of citizens recognized'to
lielqien of character.and reputation—men'wbp.gairi
nothing for their;.cause1"byi'deeds/ 'of stjyiblerice4—
charged with infamous projects, andlielcl _ri-prison
with a total disregard of any legal formula.- They
are'kept without allowance of. either attorney,or
i * -. **j$,»     i  \r f {   ' ', - v     '* t  •      •   '• * '      f-y ■-*.*■     '  ■     "t^"**     ;
'pther'.meahs of defense,' subject-.to7>the- infamous
sweat box methods;* kidnapped f'acrbss 'the" contiri-
.ent upon -the evidence of those who are merely pro^
.tQtypes .of the agents provocative,, which ai*e -part
and parcel of Russian'poliee^tacties./*"1 However,
let us ask the public toJshpWthat cautibh aiid prudence.-before reaching "a-judgment .that'McNamara
asks for, that is let him be considered innocent uutil
the, whole details-, are made public*- ",, -.
"'There is one feature *ofrthis- caxise ■ toTwiiich we
will call .attention, and'thai, is, that,in the attempts
'to" "■throw' odiom'up6h'' labor* organizations, "it - will
necessarily force tfre latter, who are still of the con-
- -*•* •      J»_ -.     '-V'" *       *■ ,1   /'I    .    "., ■_      **-.     , i  *  flF -  •   , - * J
s^vatiy-^5 frame of mind; to"1 decide that the most
et'ffcetim-weapon^tliey can use is to obtain the reins
of government, and see:that laws made'shall be.
strictly complied with, and not as in the present
jnjstance ruthlessly disregarded'-when it' suits' the
puppets b. the steel trust. -,-„• ■•■-.)..' * . ..;-.
The remedy is in the hands of the working class
just so soon as they have sense enough to realize
it by" ceasing to follow the suggestion of the.ultra-
conseryatiye*.' 'Assist your"friends and punish your
DF commerce;:^:
*;:*IR -BJiJiOnD. WALKER, C,V.O.-; LL.D., D.C._., Pbesipent -  -     .
S'v., m& ALixANDER-l__AiRD.''" Genera^ Manager   ' K',-, '-.}.'     • .
7"*      -• '   .._...*.. -"--'-  -       .,*•-.-1. '-*•--.■■ - y -■: .•:••   ;'
of TheCanadian,. 9ank. of .Commerce, will, receive deposits'of $i* anil"
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. , There is no
delay in withdrawing* the whole or any portioa of the deposit   Small-
deposits are welcomed. ,-*■_.,.>    <-m '     m .*■* '"-234,
. •    * .■; -jv i" «.»;,* ^ j,_     ■':-'»    .- ,.        -  .- ' ' -    '   '      * "' •***""
-.'Accounts may be opened in the names'of two or more persons, to be
. operated by sny oae.of the number or by the survivor. -A joint' Account*
of this kind saves expense in .establishing* the ownership, of. the money.
* after death,-and is e^cciaHy^usefuliwheo a man' deiirts -i+ provide 'for''
his wife« c_ for others depending: upon him, in the event ojfhbde#tbrff>f
FERNIE'BRANCH"  **.-   '.   "; *-«"" ■. ..I''"-'^^^^L^k...©^
rf>) !.
.. ■ .,/ ""  'THE '  JEWS'. .'-■ ,.-  -   •••
NEWS has just been-received-that, an outburst
..-has occurred among the Turks, and that a
number of the long-suffering members' of the He-
braic'religion have been slaughtered as a result of
tlie.frenzied religious zeal.. , ;,"''"' - ." * ,
This unfortunate class* from times immemorial,
have; been compel ed to submit to indignities'' and
•shameful treatment, and.the*apathy-,shown,by,the
so-called great - nations, when they .are being butchered, whether it be in Russia or Turkey, proves
conclusively that the protestations of humanitarian
feelings are the veriest hypocritical humbug. ' -..Just
so soon as the sacred rights of property are involved, national or international sboundaries can be
readily leapt, but. when the lives* of human --beings
who have-no fixed country and consequently no
representative body to-defend* them, are" involved,'
the paltry excuses ar'e.adva'nced that there must be
- •. *-.j, ■'--..• -
no interference' with the' international relations, of
foreign powers, anii caseof-Pouren, Fedo-
■ _ W**""- • *■•{,   v.     *■.    ,   ^ • ,
renkbj'-ahd others who, having reached that mental
conditioji when they have determined 'to do something to aid in their escape 'from.thraldom,- succeed
in" eluding their ■;pursuers,[,the/.whole .machinery
of capitalistic; government is> brought into requisi- order to punish' them.- *-' .;•;'.-     '      ...'.'
.Airtiffhts, > Coal  Burners, Coal
or Wood Burners, and
-   v sv:('■()"'Wdoid' Burners    %*iJ.,;"r*:"'
' and  Cook Stoves
J. M*   AQNEW & CO., ELKO     t
T" These lessons, tauf|htT'i"n _lbod7_arelilowly arousing the'worker of all countries i*rthe knowledge
that upon themselves, and. themselves alone, lies
thoir/salvation;.andf,his can only be effected by
following the policy of {heir opponents, and uniting'f national;boundnries-.op.the other fac^
i\op splitting tricks of^those whose motto is "Divid-
cdW'Bule.'' .   ■        ■■   '  "•"'   7
IT is'tho earnest hojfce of ])ractically every indivi-
, dual involved that a full and thorough investi
gation will bb made by the Conciliation Board at
present sitting in the City of Lethbridge. ■
Te correct any misapprehension that may obtain
in-the minds of people, let it be clearly understood
that the findings oil this board are by no monns
that, binding upon the men and the operators, who are,
Harry Orchard, the pliant tool of this party of in the last analysis, the best arbitrators as to the
onpiliilislie conspirators, is still in jail, where, nn-l conditions under wliich they can .exist. ' To have
dei* ordinary conditions, ho would most assuredly returned to work whilo the investigation .was pend-
hnyo paid the penalty of his nefarious .deed upon ing would simply have afforded nn opportunity for
tho scaffold, should bo 'tho most convincing evi-' prolonging the misery, as then tho entire provisions
donee of the lack of! foundation for the damnable of the Lemieux Act would have obtained, whereas,
treatment these innocent men were subject to, par-[such is not tho case at the present juncture, and'
ticulnrly whon it is homo in mind thnt having, tho Lemieux Act is incidental to, and not binding
failed to achieve thc,object desired of him,'his in its application to thc present dispute,
incnrcernlinn is the veriest matter of form, and ho;    Tho onhanced cost of living and tho 'miserable
does not appear,to be attended with any of the discomforts which wo arc wont, to associate with prison life,
Tt is nn old story that "Whom lho Gods wish to
dostroy Ihey first mnko blind," and tho knowledge
pittance at which tho majority of thc miners havo
boon compelled to subsist upon, had reached tho
point when forbearance ceased to bo a virtue, and
it was suicidal lo continue without nttompt being
mndo for a sensible improvement, "-""
4» ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
l Letter Box!
_»♦♦♦•»♦♦♦•#•♦♦•♦ ♦•*.♦♦♦
The oilltor Ih not roflponulblo for tho
opIniniiH  of rnrrOflponilonlH:
To tho Killlor, DlHtrlct I.ortRcr, 1 .rnlo:
Denr Hlv,—I \w,; to draw to your
n Mont Inn tlio cvlHto-iro of tlto Ilortio
Urn-ilnn**.' Men Act, (ihnptor 21, 1007,
mul Clinplor 21, 1011, which rnqnlroH
(1)' Rvory pornon, firm or .-oi-ipnny
rIiiikIIuk or <rnv. HIiib nny Hlnlllon for
.-, t     i      m      *n    '   f i* i,   i,
\\X\ fMunihln -\\n\X onwo Dw iinni",
«lpRf'i'l)it1oii nml pc-ilIt*.!*"*"""* of mir-h Htnl-
llon to ho onrolU'il In tlio Doinirtmciit.
nnd Rlinll procuio n portlflonto of hiic-Ii
onroliiu'iil iib linr-pllinftor provided.
.-r,-,      rn  .   t, „   r, „  ,.„„X,   „„,.,,1,„nnl   .m.1
tertlfkntff ulinll lio flvo dollni-H.
(3) Upon tho trntiKfor of tlio own-
ornlilp of nny ntnlllon onrn|lc<il nndi-r
inlo nortloii, tho rorllflrnlo of enrol-
ment mny lio Irnnnforrcil to tlio triinn*
toroo hy tlm Mlnlntrr. npon proof to
liln Katurjirlloii td mich tniiKffci* nntl
upon pnymrnl of Dw too of two dollara.
dl Tht* own-r-r of nnv ftilllon
Btnndtnt; or (rnv_IUhk tor profit or
mio *lw.l pf"''  «l* ,fn*d Ui-p iifflx.'l
(lurliiR tho wholo of tho hoiihoii copIoh
nf tlm cortlflcnto of mich Hlnlllon, In*
hikkI under tho noxt, prncoilliiK noctinn
In n aiiiHplcuoiiH plnco both within
and upon the ontHlilo of tho, mr.ln
door lcndlnu Into ovory Btnblo or
hnlhlltiK wlioro (hii,nnld million ntnndH
roftnlnrly for public Rcrvlrn,
I mn om-loHltiK tho orlRlnnl Ant of
1!ift" and tlm imiciidod Art of 11)11,
nnd IniHl thnt thlH.innttcr mny ho
mndo ptibll'* In onlor tlmt nil HtnlIloiiB
pliindliiR for norvlcp In tho Provlnro
of Hiitlfih Coluinhlii mny hocomn r-r-Kln*
trrod In thlH ilopnrttnnnt.
.**-ipl!f"itlo!i for rflRlntrntlon Bhould
ho   mndo   to'  llio Llvo Slooh   (.'oni*
inlfHlonor, Dopiu-tmont of Affrlonltm-o,
i*i i    ,     ..lti.i .  i
  ,i.   ... „...,...     i
Xo' w -ji(*i"tt>l  ordf-r for f.ROO to  .•..v.-*.-
i-f-ltlHti-ntlon  foo
 .Yours vory truly,
M. A. .TULL.
Llvo fltnek (.oinnilHHl.i'ior
Dour Sir,—
Tho flro nhirni tiiniod In hy tho
nioiiiboni of lho Cily Council Inst nlRht
wnn a criinl prnrllrnl joko, nnd not nt
nil iippr-H-lnfi-il. Tho men who voluii-
t'-or ilo not object to do Horvlru, hut
whin tliry were oji«.*iKod In ft pluiiKiuit
n-crontlon nnd Hvlni? ri nrnd off to n
■'.-pn-rllti... rlty nfflrlnl It uliov,-. 1 very
poor Jiid-rnicni on tho pnrt of thoso
u*t<)-(irii>lhl_     for    Dw fronkUh trl*"kh
Tlioro In not n mnn nmonu hh would
hnvo n kick onrtilng If tlioro. hnd boon
n renl cnuHoJf tho nnnwor hnd monnt
dn minion to our clolliliiK which tho
city would not hnvo folt Uionmolvoi.
enllod tiiion to pny for, hut lo Holoct
Htieh n tlmn for n tout In onotmli to
nlvo nny num n Broiicli nnd Incline
hlm to fool lllto nulUInd tho dopiul*
iiunl when ho In lo ho fooled to Ki'ntlfy
lho whlniH for tertH which could bo
Jim! uh well modo nt other tlm<-s,
If at. JIiihI? Hiiid: "Tho rich mini Ih
n ihlof,'
Tl*    r,,       n,  ,               ,                     , ,        tf,., ,   .
, •-     '      -     '■-..-     -    --.»         t ....     ,__.»•
' nvo rn*l\bfi'*i-. Ivtti-v nil IVln;-" 1**, r-otn-
| mnn.'
i    If Ht. Cloinont Hnld: "(nliiulty nlono
hnn orontod prlvnto proporty."
If at. I'nul -anlii: "If nny will not
l.-ni'V      ,,r"   1»,1    1.I..1    .,..<  •
If HI. AmhroHo nnld: "II Ih tlio
bread of the huniiry thou koopcHt; It
l» Iho elothlnn of tho nnkoil thou lock*
(•Kt up; tlm monoy thnu linnt burled In
the lodf-uiptlon of the poor.'
If Kt. Amhroao nnld: "..nkuro crcnt-
cd ijomnnuilty. prlvnto propfity hs tho
f>ff»*,*)rlnp; of Hmirpntlnn."
If Ivnlnh pftl''. "Wn- unto thorn
' , „ , tint turn n«li!o ftin -needy  jiu!.:ir.*rnt   rud   inl,i>  away lho
*, '•*>•'■•
To the ?
is ur policy "of doing business.
Before the fire occurs . .-
i   -   -■ .   \ *-* ,   - * - •
. -    '       *- i
P R OT ECTS;'. and *;; safeguards .
■you froni' loss 'jih cases of fire
Spring time 'ai-frsfy's brings'' air'
Increase'■'of fires. ;i-*i   »' ■  ■4', - -'
.' •''     •- '- \   7    '        •*', ' ■
Your,home Is', at stake. *     '_ '•'
.'.,.M. A; KASTNER
Insurance /■;, ^al Estate •
:   .*'' *v'  - -. ■_ ''"• '■ -'. ,■'"
Wholesale and Retail ,
*-"-.     ,; ^ :      •'.'"• "  :■".
A . .- f^
*,* I r-
-*;"    Barber Shop
w-r -> *• *.  v	
'^'"•;." -'"Batfis", •"■•.'"*.'.'
,--,.   ■>■ *** -• •' ,* -*-  ■•
"; 7. Shoe; Shine
.,*-,--    '   -  **  *   . ,
:';' | Bowling Alleys > •
':: 'Billiards'arid Pool   )
'. .''.■! y .'■■<: • <.-•■'■'   '"•'
Coffee; arid Sandwich
^"o *        -       ■     -
■yy-       Counter -r--,v-"-'
Hazelwoqd Buttermilk,. .
r"^; :•-... <';sv, ■.  ■'?•>■- '•?'** ~r""":
''-, '■""• ..y-..  ;;,--.V-*-,;-'"'- -;-l  :■•> u."--*-',1'*'
.;   , Victoria Avenue ,,.. .
FERNIE;giC,,"« jhonie34
Trade Marks
O     DE8I0N8
Copvriqhto _c.
"(uniartaln pur opinion froo wliotlior an
" *.?L'?_P*MPI-«_llfi__._Fq»!.l9»n>M;
Invention Is prohnbly pntqnJnliLQ_._Pt"ni'">nloi>. onWton(
•ont froa. OlrtOBt Beoncyforrjoourrnepatont*!.
Anyono tending a Bketcb and doscrlptlnn mar
 . _._.._,.(!!...	
_nt froa. oidott nponcy ror rjoourlri'ir paton  .
I'ntonta takon tfirouuh iluim A U). rooolw
Wjei-tolnotlMi without oharuo, In tno
Scientific fltticricnti.
jlhondiomalr UluBtratod weokly. Lnrcoiit o_-
cnlatloD of any Btilouilllo Journal. TormH for
Oannda. $,!._ ft yoar, postaxo prepaid, Bold by
11 notrtdantorj!.
I SQ1Bro>d__y, fJSW Ylirk
"Drinch Ottoo, 8J6 H* BU Waiblnuton, D. O.
right from tho poor ppoplo, that widows may bo tliolr proy, and thnt they
may rob tho fathorleaa."
It Job aald: "Yet he. (the rich rob-
bor) Bhall pqrlah llko Ills own dung;
'Wlioro is lio?' Ho snll fly away as
a dream and not bo found; yon, ho
iilin.ll bo ohnaod nwny as n vision of
tho night.,"
If Iimlnli nnld. "Woo unto them
tlmt join houso to Iioubo, and lay flold
to flold, till llioro ho" no plnro thnt
llioy mny ho pin-red nlono In tho midst.
of tho onrtli.'
If St. Joromo mild: "Opiilonco Ih nl-
wnyu tho pi-ortuol or.thoft commlliod
If lint by tlio ii< .mil ponflOHHor, tlion
by IiIh nncosloi'H,"
If ho will iii'e'icli from (Iioho toxm
for (ho ni'xl tow Sundnyfl.—Horlnl
Dpinor-rnt, Aiisli-nlln,
Tho fli-Ht hntlory of colio ovoiih, r,f,
In niinilipi', or tlio I,nho Superior Cor-
porntlon, Iiiih Btnrtpd operntlonH, nud
lit workliiB numl luiccousfully, Tho
<r>n1r<> Ih lu'lnc uuc-il In"lho lilnmt fnv.
iinr-OH. Tho oolto ovrim, whloh nro
of tlio mont modorn pnltorn, will
offoct Inrjio iroiioniloH, not only In tho
(.•ost of llm coko, but nlso hy roimon
of tho flirt Mint tho by-products, nnmo*
li.     to  I <   ' ,1
•..     •-   ■-. -  ,..»_.   r.*».. w.....  ^.A^u._ •
IttKly viilunliht, a conlrnct for tho
unit- of tlm totnl output of tnr for tho
noxt ton yenrH Iiiih nlromly hoon -nutcr-
od Into with Mm Dominion Tnr nnd
Cliomlrnl Cfuupniiy, nt n prlco mlvan-*
tiVr',io«,-. lo Mm ('iiiiiiiihI.iiii. Thn output of (immonln ImR hemn «old for thin
vrnr, nml tli" miiplun fifl« will ho UBOd
lu Mio hIi-i-I lilimt for powor nnd
otln-r jiiiij»(.(,i.,
:j.-   - ;■' ...
Aecnt   Fcrnic   Branch
Pellatt    Ave.    North
'-These are'the designers [very latest ideas for the -*,r-V*
-■'',■-''" Summer Waist.   ' We, are showing some-25 differ- •'••■.
" -    ont styles'; many of the better* qualities in one:only 77
-**■,')■,[.- -*:-,..*■»* - **'        .,, , . ..    - * :0
. -of, each;,,positively no two alike!!'    Real han'd-em-   "7.
.   broidered, with low;* high ,or. Dutch collars:' but-,.'    .
.toned front or '* back/ 7 '-.,..     --     ---  • r-
MIDDY WAISTS.—Nothing more -suitable   for,   ,
young girls.   Made in White Duck, and Natural 77
^      Linen, with pretty collar combinations.  -       .     ,-. .'. ■-•
r.One-Piece ,Wash Dresses in dainty embroidered
'.  Muslins and'Nainsooks.   '.   '."'','<-•. ; "• ^   '*
"   ' ' *• "       ,' '-'"',''      *     '.
One-Piece Chambray Dresses'; just the dress for
tlie mornings.' , -- ' '7 ' % ,    *\
..Coat Suits in plain cplors and .stripes. '■>-.
,'*,-,..**  0        ,' ,,,..-1-       -    *
'., Dressy Dust Coats, made from the best all-linen -
• crash <*arid-poplines.*.   Prices ranging from $4.75
.   " '•to$9.75/;- ..- •*;;'   '*   ' •      . " -V •'  , : .■■:. ."■';■"'
* V   *  ' ,    -        '   * .        '_        7       , 7'   7-,*; . ;   ■
-s   Children ..Washing Dresses, at, prices _ess tlian   7.
- •   . they can be mad'e^r at'shome. ,'       ;  „, ;• ,-..   ,-'\.
- Romper Suits.for the smaller on«s.'. .' „  ^
...    ' Muslin Bonnets and Sun Hats.     '"• ;
". f\
' Hi
*. ~-t/,>\
,-*;-• r',
'And  lybthlng: but the Best lii Fresh   7
and   Smoked   Meats,    Fresh    and,
••, Smoked FBsh, Dairy Produce, Poultry.
Etc.  Etc., gro to
THE 411    MARKET   CO.
Chimney   Dlocks
4 In. 8EWER piPES
Get Our Pr-lces
W,       M,    D IC K E N,
How About thnt Drain?.
14 Corner Victoria Avenue and Prior
15 Corner Victoria Avenue and Gnm.
mil 8treet
16 Corner  Victoria  iind  Cox Street
17 Corner Victoria Avenue nnd  Ro.
gere Street
24 Cnrnnr V.r.tnrl*. Av*»nui« ntxti n*<*.ili*
25 Corner Fire Hall
20   Corner   Pellat  Avenue  and   McEvoy Street -
32   Cornor    Howlnnd    Avenue    and
Vl7vU   Cil-btti.
34 Corner Howland Avenue and Jaffray 8treot
35 Corner Howland and Drlnnan St,
36 Corner McPherson Avenue    and
Thompson Street
43   Corner  Dalton  Avenue  and Cox
43   Corner Chlpman Avenue and Cox
45   Corner   Chlpman    Avenue    and
Thompson Street
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans.
*>. ■ ,
Money to Loan on first class Business arid Residential property
The Jeweler-That's All
Right on the corner
Steam Heated
Electric Lighted
CENTRALLY. LOCATED        .    _„
The Waldorf Hotel.
First Class ^Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water L. A, Mills. Manager
_ '1
I' 1,
t 1 .,
1 .
^'-Ar^, ___i_.-_____; ^-_-A.^_ ____*___'-■*_ ■     ' . ^V,*.®;.l_-Pv ■:. ,-S W- VU-J,, k ft: •   P     ~       : r:——'" ' — - .	
-' ♦-<♦ ♦*:♦ *^4ir&&r+\al\ V'-*
•i***         "" ' '	
►|7'---*C0Ag CREEK jaV~M74^ W-**-.
*'.''" ''-A-'*- Si   V*"**''''-"*'?-•' ''^vs* « .fi 'i*,?-,'***.1
*- '       ,' >'      ,.  -.'    - y, :\\     *T,      . ,
,    >■ .-r-.'H.e Coal Creek corre.pd__le_t of the
.-,     Pr*e Press last,week was certainly go-
7*.. 7  tartar, from the truth when he irtated
■;      that people have been insult^^Jfaoioif.
of'the members from the olub veraW   ,*,*, »,-*_.-- •■«*- ■  _, *,      -
- ' . d4* also that complaints' ,&d O £^H£** *&*?* t0 tOWn °'1 Tue*
*. / m^e/against the c!ub.■?4SJ^ff^J3^fb?.*,?M-''? «***
...:7-e4irles:being-made wef&th_  nl ^tli^'ilc,flc>H^*    ■ ■ '    ' ■
.... .-^.'-W'yx-:*^t-s. *-***•>** H &fc
-.**?_.«__*, _..!f-*-W*'*i■■***■■.
coi^plaints have been made whatever,
. aa(% as.for the; general conduct of "tha
„cl" . taVW.^old residents up here stale
-v.tha^.* the club premises'are certainly
, kepjt in order as well as they possibly
•* can'ib?* and if the' corFespondent of
;, the^Free,Press thinks he Is going to
do somebody a* good 'turn by-such afr-
cusations and deprive members of the
club^of their privileges,.'we would.urge
that:he first get 'facts" to'prove hia
V v, . * , -   -
f . One or two chicken houses have" been
broken into week and the
,   heads have been cut off and left be-
• hind;*" These "are the' only clues'left
;   from: the midnight; ravages.-..   '■7-
- James Bushel,:.Ire.boss in -No7_
mine; got his foot severely crushed be-
• tween -a. switch and a car last Saturday
-which has forced
,this week. *,- 7 - ."■ •    ,.*., ,
James McPherson, returned from his
* two weeks'   vacation'  last .Saturday,
.- having had a very enjoyable,
'• the Edmonton district.' ■      '"...-,,'
-*  A large'force of men are. now re-
pairing the:,Government road., from
hei-e to,Fernie. "'.What is the reason"
we, can't have the sidewalks repaired,
they, certainly need it,."very,'badly?
The finals > for .the different games
in. the club have resulted as-follows:
.'Billiards':ist,'W.'R/P'uckey; 2nd, W.
Walsall; 3rd, Jno. Combes;'4th, Jno:
Myers; , Pool: lst," Dan Oliver; '2nd
Jno Profizee.   Whist: lst William paf-
J ker and W. V. Bell; >nd, £teve Hall
and Jno, Caulfield..' Seven-up: Jno.
Drew 1st;. Harry Cartnell'2nd. Crib-
bage: '1st. Chas. Percy;'2n,d Ben Drew.
.. Dominoes: lst [ Mark Hugall; 2nd,
William .Agne>..,.( .Checker/.; isUTom
France;; 2n'dr Joe 'Mitchell.-,*- ^-^- '--
Mr. and Mrs.* John*-Shanks;-and'Mr.
and M^s. David: Martin drove "down as
far ,as JiMorris'sey jast 'Saturday.-'.*'-*.. .->
• Mr. R. Potter,' tie '.City>JB_nj?I*dWr-'o'f'■
Fernie,;;paid"'a*shorrvisit up'fierefast
..Sunday). He'cycled up the govern-
ment, road and' never even eot-a-tv*-^
■i—.—tt ■      ■   j—j-—t—tt : ^     - — «■***__-v,, _. „-
?♦-♦.'♦♦♦"♦,♦ ♦ ♦ **•;♦;♦ ♦
; ^Mr_Mark.Gu^ St.   John . Sampson
spent ser#rai.;da^s in town this weak
im{%m y ■ -" -
rMr^o^n returned to ti
>^f***^**** y *'* y> ¥ V ¥ * *****$fam.4 y yjy y ft), y y yy i*^**\% ^ y Y Y *f Y ¥
;- ,We.a^e pleased to report that J:oseph
Buchanan was able to leave the Hospital last Saturday, and-is at present
resIding''with*Jfriends"up'*dereT,*,'r *:""''
Dr. Corsan-paid-a-shbi-TvTsrrup here
on~Monday afternoon.■, .y*;..,.*vj!V ii? _*..*.,• ■
'   Thomas "Spruston, pit boss at.Michel,
, was-visiting friends on-Wed-
.'liesday..;.-; * - *." '^'* •;;*•.' J'y-    yr"--
Albcrt'Mbrga'n, foe Dobds and Harry
Sharp returned from their trip to Spo-
kane last week.    What-they'vo lost Iri
. hard*cash,,they must have.gained In
knowledge!'  . ' , • ,
- bam Sai.ll was under the profeKs.'or.-
al care of Dr.. Wriglesworth for.three
'In-rH this week. . ' - T
,. Mr. Alec. O, Wateon,. and Miss £;
Oourley were married last. Frldiy in
the Presbyterian Chuich at Ferme. the
Rev.jiugh Grant performing the r.e-.-e-
mony.;of;tying, the ;uupUar;knot' and
Mr. and Mrs. 'John ■aWylie,,acting ob
grbomBman and'bridesmaid, with Mlss-
e"s Peggy and Agnes Wylle as fnaids of
honor.;* .They left "foi* "'a' honeymoon
trfp and .will visit Spokane,, Seattle
and other coast cities, before returning.    Their many friends both in .Hosmer and',elsewhere wish ,them "bon
Voyage"', and Ja happy and prosperous
journey through life. ■   '"
;   Mr.'EccIeston and family removed
to Aiichel-on, Monday*.  .  ■•■ '-.  „
- Dr]' and Mrs. Asselstine" and Miss
Kelly were the'hosts at a very enjoy-
.able, gathering- held.' in  the " hospital
Thursday week.    Among  those 'present .were, in addition to the aforementioned, , Misses Marx,  Smith and
White, and Messrs White,* Marx, Drum-
■mond, Kelly; Stockett and Watson. -
Mrs. K. J. Millar made a business
trip to Fernie'on Friday: 7 '
Mr. Fran£ Burgess has been appointed station agent' during the absence
on a holiday-, of .Mr.- W: T. Watson for
three, months during which -period, in-
addition-to visiting,'the.;effete" East,
jyill journey acrossjhe' Herring -Pond
to England and u^onhis "return will be
numbered with the ever-growing army
of "Suffrage-Hims.",     '-
.Mesdames. .Stockett,:. Dunbar, and
Winter, accompanied by Mr. Stockett,
drove to Fernie Friday, last and received a bad the approach
of va'; motorcar- affecting-''the "nerve's
of their horse.
Mrs. Williamson, of Corbin,,was" the
guest of Mrs. Robert Strachan on
•Monday.,. I '.yih'i.'i^'fi'y <'«?.'"
^■Mr..-sMike>BpM8a)|Iy vboiigh^ the ies:
tate of Mr. Sam Snell arid Is moving
bis stock' from building latelyVoccupI
..":,rt;,J7^^^--^^^ -■   - '"■•-■•-
, ":,'*,: ^iHM8 m *MW$-. M & accept i&iiplbyu_eht':
[i^PyoConsfcmc tion .work at any of the;^esterii 5Coal Opera- •
^Exec^tives^Bo^rd/;" ";*x vr-^v^^Mv*--^'* yy^-^^yr^ ^ *...-
I. i;-\:
-^m ^S^P^^%giunta esse^tivfe.
'f;i.    Vsetcy udbya, su uporedomeny stat od prace
Ktqta, sa^tika;^apadnich uhelucL spolocnosty pokim
[zvolenia odtabule prace.
predstavenicb/abo yVc,asppise..\,^;^ClC:.^.V-., .
Salad, _ "Flotcherlzed; Haggis".; ,"Cal-
gary^'Aiello"; Cold'roast "Bos&io",
Hosmer; Roast Chicken a la'Boudoiri
•Spud Murphies; canned - tomatoes
(special Trophy brand). Col(e)dPunch;
Pudding (Franks special); Jelly'(King
David's.delight). Ice .ream (a la cooler); coffee, etc.    ,'.
Toast list: The "King;. Canada; Sis-
ter:.Nations;. Our Guest;t Bankirig;fra-
ternity; Canada's."Pittsburg; * "The
roarln'** game," > etc., t.
. The - citizens presented Mr. Winter
with a charming silver rose bowl, the
firemen's gift .a brape:;of pipe's/ *• ' .
The visitors frpm"out* of town were
Messrs, De-Bois, Olson,.Reading, Alexander,-from' Fernie,"'"and'Mr! Brown
from Hillcrest.
.About 25 years man in
Mattawa, OntJ.^was '.heard to" remark
tfiatf horseback riding' and other juvenile-pursuits were.unbecoming to him,
but only last'week.we'noticed that he
indulged in all the'gaieties arid'would
smuggest'e'utting it out, as its a shame
for .'& :ole'* maniv^o'-'be. so* kittenish.1.
On" Wednesday "quite a number, of
our male citizens jour^yed,;to Fernie'
to attend the, comic opera production
,of "The Moulin.Rouged 7*  "... ,.-
_D __ ___K TT___TV,f _• _ _ A .
 j r-4*i_. I. r*_7&
■-'J.*-Murphyf'*hephew* of' Mr." John
J'urpby; has arrived in town-and Is
disposing of the stock belonging to
SI? ■ MPPle/ 4. __.- ■ l v. --.^..-_' nxCi^^ -x
ff.rB_0.r-.yW--fo_en. illi'very. sudden*
Amount previously ncltnowled-   .,
M*  '•••     ■' .$4203.18
SlMirton.'B. C, Minors' Union   40.66,
Locnl 2314, Fornio, uI'M.'W."*'     ■• y
°f 'a ;.:..'....*	
■ Greenwood, B.' C, Minors' Union, second donation ........
A. "Jlnimy, ivry, Selno, Franco
Locnl Gibson's Landing S. P,'
Qt- **■**- _' '...
    .,*.' ',,,    20.00
'Total rocoipts up to April 20 4Si..!')S
Disbursements ,.   ,,-.,,,' 1715,45
.Bnlnnco ..,:.. ,*.J3182.n3
Soc. Rollof. Fund
ly and had to be removed to the hos-.
pital*a*tVFerriie;*' 'We
speedy recovery.
', Mrs."Cole, .of Camp 8,'spent a'fow
days ln town the'guest of'Mr. "and Mrs
R. .Gourlay.    ^ .'■'•>    \-,,
-.. Mr. Lake,. of Cokato,\has accepted
a position with 'the Hosmer Llvory
and Transfer Company." ,"T""
.-■Mrs. Marlatt.,visited Fernie friends
Frldny inst. .., ■..'",•
; Mr. and Mrs. Frank' lilckle* left" for
Spokane on Saturday, '7    ,
A/grand fflrowell .banquet was held
In, tho, Pacific,Hotel lats Saturday in
honor of Mr. C. B. Winter, manager
of tho Bank of. Montreal,, who departed
for othor pastures this wook. ■ There
wore, fifty-seven members of tho "no-
blor box'", prosont, arid a rollicking
tlmo ^yas Indulsod .in until 4 a,m.
The dining-room was tastefully doco*
rated with flags nnd bunting* with
profusion of rod and white, carnntlons.
Cnrrlo Nation's prlnclploB wore oslor*
Ised; Bomo of lho (.pooches were "t«
ed.' An oplcurcnn faddist could not
linvb plokoil nny flaws In tho bill of
fnro ns lt was docldocily roohereho.
Cocktail, "Dnnk of Montreal",' Oystors
"Elk Rivor"; "Ponsoup ala Lauthlor";
WORKiON VAST AR^A8,       *-
Company has 8320 Acres of Rich'Coal
Land jori Graham Island—Will Soon
■ -^       ||       _-ll (  *-   _•■»__ *«■!■>-»       ■l.C»i,'*4'.*'-«*"*   r.*"*   *,
.^.Install Plant.
Hte-h   C)a.«q
BonHft.'v   House
1 __'
Electrically Lighted and Steam
Heated Throughout
R. FAIRCLOUGH, Pr°i>rl^9l
The .British Pacific'" Coar Company
•Limltedi of this city* will commence
development', work'early next _ionth'
on its 'coal areas, comprising 8320
acres "on the" shore's of' Skldegate" is-'
let, at the south end of Graham island
of the Queen Charlotte group.' It is
expected that-by October' next tho
mine; In condition tov maintain
daily' shipments of'200* tons/- whicli
will be increased gradually until the
output roaches 1000 tons dnlly.
■The property has * been favorably
rdported upon ,by Mr. Alox,' Faulds.
M.1 E., a well-known coal expert, with
a wido experience In Scotlnnd, Canada .and the United States. Upon the
advice of Mr. Faulds development'operations will bo concontrntcd on a
twelve foot seam of nnthrnclto, running from 88 to 93 por cont in fixed
carbon with a low percentage of ash.
Later In tho yonr tho management
will nlso open up ono or two adjacent
soams of tho snmo character. A plant
to suit tho requirements of tho early
dovolopmont stages will bo Instnllod
this summer, nnd Inter It will bo ro-
placed by a permanent plant capnblo
of handling a much Inr'gor tonnage
Tho outlook for tho company Is
promising in view, of. llio, fact that
tho conl Is of oxjfopllonnl quality,
bolng equally ndiiptod for stonmlng
and coking purpocca,
Proximity to tidewater nnd llio uniformity wllh which tho HPiimR hnvo
boon Inid down will ho largo factom
In Rocurlng^a lnrgo output nt minimum cost. Tho enormous growth of
Uio niorclinnt mnrlno In,tho Pacific
npni-t from otlior coimliloi-ntloiiH, on*
Hiiro a pormnnent mnrkot, This Is
nlHo ovidoncoil by tlio proHont Inability nf -l-o Vnncouvor IhIiiikI coIIIoi-Ioh
to wipply tho domnnd. Tho coinpnny'H
mlno will hnvo tho nddoil ikIviuUiiko
of beliif. In n poRlllon lo mipply jiiihh*
Inu Htcntnorfl with Inmkor conl n« woll
hh L-oiniHitiug In tlio Vnncouvor, Vic-
toiln nnd lMijfot Hound markets, nml
nl«o In Hnn !■-MhiIhpo, The Inttor city
Ih mild lo nbHorb 200,000 tons of Hill-
lull Coliimliln taiil niiiiiinlly.
RlddoCTln Inlol, n limil-loekcd luu**
bor, on which tho conl bunkom will
• t« t-ioii ih only oifiiity   mllBH   from
Vi'l.iin.' 3_i.j_x,. :, .;,^ (uiiiiiium  oi   uio
finmd Triinlt Pacific Hallway.'    The
roqiilromenls of ihnt -rlty, nnd thoso
\ of lho Ornnd Trunk Pacific Rnllwny,
j will bo very onnnldorttblo In tlio near
, "-sw.ik,.     »'_,« ttitnu in oti.y iinii iiiiioh
from  Vancouvor, with  cbonp Irnns-
pnrtatlon chnrgcn by wntor.
Mr. If. A. Spiers, fuel ngont of tlio
1C V. n„ oxnrnlncd tho conl from lho
! < oiupnny's nr.A» nml nfier prononnc-
inn It flrH|.rln«« nnld ho would lw jn-o
* ♦ ♦ •♦.^♦.^>■=♦.♦♦
;   .  ' - CORbY^I-NOTES''''' X
-, '   By "Sweet -lb."  • '*p
' '-*   ' 't'*'' '■*'••'!..■' '■*.''♦
♦ ♦-♦ ♦•«*■♦•'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Mr. Gus .Smith'has gone out for a
few days on important business." *"-,
,' Thtt .■•.B..'. Railway .has .been block-'
edfor a few days by-, a land slide.'
As* a '"consequence Jtliere; hav-TbeeiTno
train's..*;;* 'yy - 'iM*'*_.•;;.   '-77';-
- Billy'Ball, is now stoking on the E.
B. .* ,i This "gives Billy.a better show.
Jimmy Redhead is.filling Billy's place
in the' boiler house at least.
Charlie Dawson, is, determined to
leave ,Corbin .the first*'time1 he can
catch 'the train. 7 .As Charlie, is so
popular among the ladies the song of
the moment is "Bonnie Charlie's hoo
awa'; will come .back, again?" ,:
Parses are.the .order of. the
Corbin'. ■ First it was'the mine,staff,
then; the '.office "'staff,'' and now the
Odd^ljows figure'on having a parade
service  oh - Sunday; the
Ferri ie to
',':•■: _.-,<,;:■_ _ <,;■'■-.?. ■       _*    :
X:\Z t" London
by'Bail and 3pat-First"Cla.s
account of
1 _• ■,     ' ',       ■   ■•    ■      *      _    -..   ■    ^
Cor qriation
full particulare at Local. Office
and !,church
30th -April:'
.- We had a church-service lkst week.
Some of the'ladies.'.'bn'tbeihg'hotified,
^werfe; very, *anxious-;to-. know If-there
was a dance after it.  "        _____•'
. There was a mass' meeting of the
miners ihe're last Friday. Bill'Powell,
Charlie. Garner* and JTapk'Smith' 'addressed!.the* meeting.* .  *  - .<
''**.* * ''* -    *   "C7
BUly. Hassamfcame'u'-iJHfrom Coleman
on Tuesday.--*.-He reports thlngs'yery
quiet down there. ,	
J.. R. Hill's new rooster ha's*.,llcked
everything in town, we* don't 'think.
It couldn't.,lick a brooding henyi;.' '
" What "a*rp those noises,the coal inspector hears down (he -track''e-irer-y
morning. . "Johnny; get^you'r Bun.'n,'
LONDON, April 22—There is talk in
South' Wales of a national, strike of
miners to ,end, the dispute in Mid
Rhondda, which has kept 12,000 men
idle since _a'st September.' The men
have decided almost unanimously that
they would' not-, accept the terms offered by their employers. Hopes are
entertained. that the board of trade
will be able to obtain such a modification of ."the •■ term's as will make it
possible for the men to resume work
In the event ofthat'hope being falsified' it. is stated that the leaders will
urge that, a national "stoppage should /•'.,' ,
, ,A: feeling in favor of. approaching
the Mih'era| Federation, of Great Britain" with' thb object of effecting, a national''1'stoppage was manifested at
the annual.conference:of the South
Walej3 Miners' Federation at.Cardiff
Jhis -week., it was jointed out that
it seemed to-be the oniy weapon left
with1-.;which the' Cambrian ' combine
could' besought -frith'hope of' success.
This*;■ course, has been.*frequently recommended by the men, but this is the
first'time it" has "met with recognition
atVthe .hand's ofnthe. men's leaders.
Sailure'Yo settle,the dispute- will.' re-
sult'finHhe worst'-riots; ever seen in
South'.Wales. . ,■*/•.-.  .       *-.      , .   •
Fernie Home "Bakery
and Lunch Booms
Give us a can
Luncheons Served
every day, fromO a.m. to 11:p.m..
Pork anc**! Beans Saturday
Store Phono 123'
Houro Phono 180 -
The Portland Cement Co. and other
coiriont manufacturers of. the United
State's/, Is stated, have recently
adopted tlio six-day week.' '     ' ■ '•'
Thomas A. Edison domonslrnted lo
thom' that It .'would bo a {fnlnand not
a loss to give thoir 30,000 workmen
a freo,Sunday, ilo argued that tho
workmen would bo more effective on
six days for rest on the seventh, .and
that tho kilns could ho moro advantageously handled with a six-day woek
tlmn a soveiwlny week., In tlio. caso
of his own cement works ho'.provod
the argument by actual practice, find-
Ing that by discontinuing Sunday operations ho materially Increased his
daily output,   '
JSmployecB In stool mllln should nlso
hnvo IholrnHnnday mat .especially so
slnco llioy labor In hot nnd dnngorniiH
condlHoiiH. An InvestIgntlon hnn been
mndo the pnnt yonr In llio stool mills
of South nothlohom, Pn,, wlioro tlio
men woro working bovcii dayB In tho
wook nnd twelvo hours In tho dny,
Tills ling boon proved to be not only
vlcloim nnd Injurious, but 11 Iho absolutely iinnocnuHiivy, At McKoosport,
Ph., iuul novoriil othor of tho gi-oni,
iitool works (lio six iliiyH-work-wtok Iiiih
licon recently nilopt-ml with oxcollont,
tliousnndH of cmploym-**,
Thin snmo prlnclplo iipdIIob (0 mil-
wny trnln men, piiflw't..'.*., telcplioiio
niul tologrnpli ojibinlore.- -Tlio ))of«j|.
(Hil—Lot It bo (.-leiii'ly provon Hint,
In hIx dnys workt-M can produco moro
tllflll liv wnrlMni' sovon nnd Ihl.i tm,,
vlcllon thorniiRlily'ki-iihikmI bv *»mplov-'
ei'R. n "mornl" wave will i-wnop ovor
the continent of n iniiKiiltiulo hereto*
foi-u nnt drcntnoil of. To work utoadl-
ly Hoven dnya n wcok hiiiis ('iiorg'y nnd
IrHfifiiH iho .>rniliiftlv|iv r,r i*..., j„ 11,.1
dual: In like mnniior twelve lionrH a
day ox on ihough curried on hut mix
days a wcok Is Injurious to,
conseqiifiitly di-rn-nfes the vnluo of
tlin worker ns a profit maker unlosa ho
or iho rnn ho ppm.l_-._i up fov a limit-
pure! in,(linens.*, the question of iie-j*01* lwrlod nml when Jnded llirown upon
t-ntlnHnf! 0 contract sin noun   »>w   Uic, U.u x,i.l,l\, till,* lo im n-jdiici-d by mioOi-
'/i'.Vrxl^ "nrkC<-   A HOnt•,,' ^i" l'"»«"«*-ln«r n «loek of e„or«y that
ator ha« ...bmllK-d a propoMtfon .nUi,| P,l..w a ilw* ,-rune ,,,oc*«f ,* w
ho company to ,«ko ton, ,v,,Wy I ,nll ,„,„„,„.,,„,„„.»   •       ""' 'V'0
for a term of >_ar». j ..." »     •*
Four principal stockholders of the
Masslllon-Mlnglewood' Coal "Company
were held prisoners for sevoral hours
In the company's mine, west of North'
Latwrence by a balky mule. George
T.fOdbert and Charles IC, Gi-ut'o of
Cleveland, Nahum Cruto of New York,
and C. A.' Ko'uth of this city,' started
on' an inspection of' the'mine In a,pulled by a mule. *
, When in tlie middle of a low, narrow passageway"* tlio mulo 'suddenly
baulked.\ 'All of the men woro so
large that thoy wore unable to" crawl
out of the" car and thoy wero feced
to sit in'painfully cramped positions
until minors relensod them, It Is 'inid
that tho mule never bulks oxcept whc:_
pulling a enr containing stookholdorii.
—Industrial  Index, Columbus,
(Ed.—Whoever coined tlio phraso
"stupid ns a miilo" owes n liumblo
apology to this rohollious mombor of
the long enrod fraternity. Evidently
his "crass Ignornnco" did not onnl.lo
hlm* to roiiH/e tho Identity of Intereot
botwoon his labor, In tho slinfts and
iho concentrated cnpltal crumped In
tho enr. Howovor, ho know thnt the
mlddlo of n low, rinrrow papsngeway
wns,an oxcollont plnco to bnlk sud*
donly, nnd ilomouxtrated hin r.-Ulli In
dlroct action, undeterred by four ot
•icing depilvod of his outs,)
I am agent, for
"The Pride of Alberta"
A Flour of which • one
trial is all that is needed
to prove its worth.   '
Try "CREMO" a breakfast food that is a food
W.G. Warn
General Merchant
.Hillcrest' -.-■■.  Alta.
Special arrangements for
• Parties,   «to
Order your CbrUtraHM Cake earl/
■    * .' (1 ' * " ,,
Apply   for  Price; List      .
Bread and Cakes shipped on the
- Local for Eastern Camps
Ledger Ms Pay
New Michel
& Blairmore
Four Nights
onday May 1st
i H6 Great
mental uo.
A Good .time
All the Time
Prices 75 and SOc.
Children 25c
■J_WB_yp.i_.wj. i ■■'"<*~?r^ .-.?■.
. **!:>*■"--•
* t
The following essay, hy Miss Anne
Herendeen, of Wolls College, won the
prize offere'd by^he New York State
Woman Suffrage '..Association: -
Each time that a movement for the
further extension -of. the. suffrage'is
distinctly felt, we are* forced to ask
ourselves what the state  of- enfranchisement .really means,' and why. and
for whom - it is desirable.
.   The   Revolutionary   Precedent
Here in the United States, hack in
the'-dnys when tea-parties .were conducted on a scale which has made all
sucfi functions   before* or since insignificant, a group of resolute-persons
signed papers and shed blood and did
other grown-up.things lo indicate that
they felt determinedly capable of managing their .own affairs.   . They had
come from' land where   resoluteness
and intelligence had *won many battles, and to their inheritance had been
added an environment'   ,as ■ rich    in
hardships  as in  promises.     Circumstances like-these had certain inevitable results.' ^ "* ' ,
Some of these ancestors of    ours
,   framed,*' as well as they knew how, a
constitution for the guidance, of the
valiant craft that they had launched
upon the sea of independence.   Others
of them, filled with tho same spirit
and capable in a different way, wove
pieces of cloth of red and blue and
■white  and  made  a  flag  of thirteen
stripes   and   stars   which ■ should he
,, forever the emblem of that Glorious
Discontent which,* they   ,had   known.
Shortly, some very remarkable things
came to pass, the outward signs of
which were "that those qualities which
had   formerly   gone   to   designate   a
"rebel"  now constituted  a "patriot,"
.and the verb "to govern" was hence-
' forth to be used in the active rather
than (he passive voice.
Is Democracy a Success?
In the years since 1776 tlie question
has  often,  and   not  without  reason,
been asked, "Is this much-desird democracy a success?"     From a mate'r-
iaiistic standpoint, certainly there are
many who have fallen behind,.in the
race.     Throughout our broad" country
'    with   all   its   opportunities,   we. find
thousands whose * condition-* is vastly
different  from   what  our  Fourth  of
July orators ..would  have us believe.
' But   the  basis  of democracy   is   an
equal chance for everyone, and, -where
want'and'-misery exist, cannot they be
front us as a nation, just increased
ihe   country's   chances   of moral  or
material prosperity, and has derived
personal benefit from the effort. Thus,
in spite of the sad discrepancy between the ideal democracy and: that
iwhich exists',' we Americans still stand
by the'decision'of '76 in _'our belief
in the ultimate superiority of a ""government by the people to be made pos-^
sible'and carriea* oh-oy means of enfranchising* it's  citizens.      To     our
minds, equal gain' conies to the nation from the' stimulus given to tlie
thinking  and  acting  powers  of ,the
citiztyi and from the co-operation and
representation of all elements of the
state.   .- •    •'"' 7 .'
Half of'the People Left Out,
- From this' standpoint of the value
of equality of opportunity comes the
slogan ot the woman suffragist, who
answers alarmists and reactionaries
with the' assurance that' "the cure
for the "evils of democracy is more democracy." Now we,come to an exceedingly curious piece of inconsistency In Lhe working out of this wonderful-spirit of freedom of-ours. Wei
have left entirely out of account one
entire-half of our population.*
Women Unfit and a Peril?"
- There are only two reasons for withholding the franchise from the citizen of a republic. \ Either personal
unfitness must be "alleged, or peril
from giving them the* ballot must be
proved. In this case, one, allegation
serves to cover both charges. . Its
extreme age saves'it from utter ridicule, and it is solemnly asserted'that
these people in question cannot be
given "the vote because they are women. Are women personally unfit
and a public peril? It, is au extraordinary kind of "chivalry" on tlie
part of men. and of .self-respect on the
part of women that allows this course
of reasoning to,stand approved.
'* Where Women Vote
John Stuart Mill; nearly fifty years
ago- said:. '.'Neither birth, nor merit,
nor exertion, nor intellect, nor fortune:
nor even that great 'disposer of human
affairs .accident, can'enable any woman to have her voice counted, in
those common concerns which;touch
her and hers as nearly as any. other
person in tlie nation." 7This*, is" no
longer, literally, true, -as in-New" Zealand;- Norway, Finland and,Australia,
Wyoming,, Colorado, "Utah■; and Jdaho,
leon rebuked-Madame" de. Stael for concerning _erself with statecraft. "Sire,"
she replied, "when women have their
heads cut off-Tlt is but just that'they
should kiio.w .he'reason!',\ „,'
information have  been  consulted  in
vain the !fianl 'explanation'.'is usually
to be discovered in "we sentiment of
society.".  Some of society's most for-,
midable sentiment's will .be found to
have taken  rise, from  entirely  outgrown conditions.-.    And yet, simply
because they, are sentiments,     they
have" all • the force "and weight' bf the
mightiest axioms.     Even after their
falsity * of    principle is   established,
effects linger with astonishing persistency.     It has been some time 'since
women- who -were • usual  burned * for
witchcraft, yet fifty years ago, when
Susan  B.  Anthony  wished to  speak
before  a  teachers   convention,   two-
thirds of .whose members w.ere women,
she was said to" "seek to uproot the
theory   and   practice  of   tho    whole
world, and to "introduce a vast social
evil."     We no longer profess to believe' in the right, of one human being ' to dispose of another oi; of another's possessions, yet only 13. put'
of ,-lG'states give to mothers any of
the   guardianship   rights,, over their
children whicli fathers" have.    We no
longer   agree • with    Rousseau * that
"every daughter ought to be''of the
same  religion  as  her mother, *  and
every wife lo be, of the,same religion
as her husband; ror, though such religion  should be .false,  that docility
which' induces tho mother and daughter torsubmit"to'the order of nature"
(i, e., of the father) "takes away in
the sight of God  the  criminality of
their error.'     However,-, cartoons  in
which the mother of a family Is represented, as "talking politics"   with
the father? and "telling him' how she
has decided to vote, are regarded as
Religion and
Intrinsically ludicrous.
politics, politics and religion, where is
traced to lack'-, of the application of
this very principle?. Surely,- there
is more incentive',to labor when, thej
"producer is master bf the profits, and
as a nation, there can be no denial
of the tremendous economic pre-eminence that  we  have  attained.   '.
Similarly, in the'system of representative government which we,have
evolved, where thoso chosen to manage affairs are supposed to he merely
tho agents of their fellow-citizens, instances 'come thick and fast upon us
. of.rnisplucctl trust and power turned
to illegitimate ends. ' ,,   *
Not Fault of Democracy .
Yet. deep within us, some things in-
' slst' tlmt this is not tho fault of democracy, but of the human errors that
creep into our ways of handling it.
"In a despotism there is al most ono
patriot, Iho despot himself." Wo caro
about what wo can servo. Wq;sooji
lose Interest ln. whatever can got on
well enough without, us. So every
porson who, touched by a sen ho of individual reBponslblllty tries to solve
somo ono of tho probloms that con-
woinen^how"HaveTfuir suffrage .rigHtSTT
and the municipal suffrage in England,
Scotland,- Ireland;""" Wales,' British America, Iceland,' Sweden and thc State
of Kansas. , The evidence gained from
these sources' goes- to show that some
women have beco'mo extremely capable 'politicians, just as- some womeni
have , made exceptionally good .doctors, lawyers, health officers, bankers,
school superintendents or deputy
sheriffs, while-most o£i tho new citizens have shown decided interest in
and aptitude for public affairs.' Now,
Uio wonder is why,' since actual exporlonco hns shown that the principles
of democracy apply In exnetly the
name way to ono sex ns to the other,
has the woman's struggle for recognition been such a 'tedious, wearisome
affair .and still .without culmination
in tho greater' part of tho civilized
, -'Sentiments of Society."
Whon' ono comes across a condition
of affairs that seems diametrically opposed to logic—utterly without reason
or rhyme—nflor all oilier boutcob of
the difference in principle? If women
are deemed capable of serious thought
on the same subject, why, in all logic,
should they be, tacitly forbidden the
other by being prevented from effectively registering'their opinions?
It _s remarkable that any won]en do
take an interest in public affairs,
since their,steps in that direction has
"met witli opposition and ridicule. It
would seem that society had selected
all the admirable traits of human na-
ture'and labelled them "manly," and,
not knowing what to do with the rest
called them "womanish." ,, The standing of* woman* has surely advanced,
and civilization along with it, and'yet
—if a man longs for fuller, freer life
-and. gQ£s_to_5ce__Lt.Jie_J__.an_ad_e_r_
Woman's Sphere ,- ■*■ >
The state'bears'the same relation
to the family-thiht the family "does to
the.individual.-;.The interests of one
are inextricably bound up-in. the other
and it" is Impossible to work, for the
best, good bf one without^understand-
ing'the conditions and needs'of the
other.     It is-generally conceded -that
the -welfare0btvher .children,' mental,
physical and moral, the'cleanliness of
her    house,   and'  neighborhood, the
healthfiilness of the food,in hei- home
and of the'social atmosphere of her
vicinity, should >e . a woman's ffrst
care... /.If these things are,.true, .woman
has certainly been accorded her share
of responsibility; in. the.welfare of society'! ''' But *w_ Md that in our present methods of community lifo, there
is "an interdependence among the '.human  family- which, can only' bo regulated by' municipal 'legislation. TVet,
whilo wet'contlnue to look, as bur fa.
thers and, their fathers,havo looked,
to women for the smooth running'of
domestic affairs, we'entirely disregard
the radical'change in our" habits ,of
life.     Where formerly a,woman could
sweep the waste into a nearby stream,
now  it  must be attended  to • a city
refuse collector. Where she' could formerly be use that.her children had
good milk by looking1 after the cow
herself, now - she must rely upoii "the
judgment  of. food -inspectors.',' Her
primitive field, of activity, has broadened, and changed in aspect, if not in
nature, and her weapons for fighting
disease and,'dirt must be modernized
accordingly. , She must have,the municipal franchise.       *,      *,,
Laws pf Suffrage States  ,
We have 'only to' look at some of
the recent.laws on the statute'books
of the equal, suffrage states to find
in what direction woman has turned
her use of the ballot.     In. Wyoming
equal pay for women and' men teachers * when, equally  qualified; .age* of
protection of girls raised to eighteen;
child neglect, abuse or cruelty made
illegal;   employment in mines forbidden,  or. of .children  under  fourteen
,in public,exhibitions; selling.of cigarettes, "liquor   or  tobacco   to  persons
under sixteen made unlawful; adulter-,
ation of candy^forbidden; free kinder*--,
gartens   established.      In  Colorado:,
care of the feebleminded provided.foi';
lessons on the'humane treatment'1 of
animals required in the public schools;
juvenile courts' established; education
of children, between eight- and. sixteen
made compulsory; mother* and'father
made joint heirs of a. deceased "child;
join, "signature'of wife and-husband "required for-every chattel br;hbmcstead
mortgage.' These are only'a few of
the>representative laws^ passed/and,enforced with equai ', suffrage_47*Many
more of the same nature obtain in .the
other two,"pioneer"■■•states; the'bills'
relating to women arid children generally being presented by some womans
organization.l Forbidding; expectora-,
tion in -public places, placing, drinking fountains'in.the'streets, waste receptacles at the corners-.and sea'ts* at
transfer stations and,in^retail"stores,
are typical ordinances'under the.joint'
regime of women\. and tfno.i'.J^. .rhe
fears of Mr. Doo'iey. are-fully/realized:.
.'•If Molly Donahue wint * to' voto*.i'i a
livery stable, "the" firsCthing she''d - do
would be' to get a broom, sweep up,
thb floors,'take the'harness from th'
walls and hang up a picture iv Nlagery
be moonlight;, chase out the .watchers
an' polls, remove the seegars,- make
the judges get" a shave, an'p'raps in-
valydate the .ilectloii. " It's no job
fr her, an* I told her so.", .^ ,.
Woman Suffrage a Benefit
Tho Australian parliament has "recently passed- unanimous resolutions
to the. effect. that , -woman suffrage
has brought, unqualified benefit to the
community.' The*''■women'*of* equal
suffrage countries, testify to having
gained-a broader and deeper outlook
upon life, and a keener civic j conscience.      *      ' ,
There is  a  certain .kind" of ^expediency called'justice;  but-it is not
expedient, in any sense of the word," to
exclude woman longer from  participation in public' affairs. •-, .Whether she
be in .business or a home-keeper,.the
average woman has just as much time
that can" be put at her country's'disposal as has a mau. and her record,
wherever' she has been .enfranchised
compares.. very favorably ,in  intelligence and morality with that of tlie
preceding' electorate.   ' The interests
.of'the home and the state "are identical.     The home where the mother
alone  is  consulted  upon  every  problem,  the  government    where'   men
make , all the laws, 'are both of them'
imperfect:and one-. Ided affairs.     Society has many problems, and day by
day "they do, not grow more simple.
Ji'ist. at" presont society  is   weakest
where .women aro strong, biit Dr.L lb-,
sen's V'Lona", was right—neither the
efforts' of men alono nor of women
alone  will  suffice to, solve ,the problems   of   a   commonwealth. , ■ "The
spirits of Truth and Freedom—these
are the Pillars-of Society.",*.-.',, '*, "
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Its purity, wholesomeness and
superior leavening qualities
are never questioned.
turer; if a woman is fired by tlio same
feeling, she is "an .adventuress.' \
*' A Cruel 'Step-Mother
.or. many centuries, "Society    has
been like a cruel,step-mother,'whose From  Tho
family consisted  of  her own * child, I-<-  J.
Man , and    his    half-sister, Woman.
When Man wished to seek his fortune
Society went into her treasure 'and
took Courage and    Lofty    Ambition
and  Independence arid  Candor.   She
told   him  that  with. these  tools  he
must  mako  I _wer-for-Good.     Whon
the same passion "for nchlovoment filled tho Woman's brenst, she was told
to  take  what  remained,  and  found
only Fearfulness and Subjection ancl
Weakness nnd Artifice; and she realized that'with tlibse poor tools sho
was expected to riinko as good a show-
ing for Powor-for-Good ln tho world
ns' Mnn.     Society snld thut Woman
would ho untrue to hor womanhood if
sho used others '   Because sl'f, did
not understand the throat, she feared
to disobey, and for a long lime abode
hy tho command of hor stop-domo.   In
her deft fingers the menu tools lost
much ot their unworthlness, and tho
world forgot tho handicap thai*'was
upon  tho Woman.     Subjection  she
entwined with soft flowers and rare
perfumes, bo that, it seomod a thing
of dollght.     FoarfulnoBB and woak-
ncHs   she ombollishod   with   delicate
traceries, bo that tliolr vory useful-
uohr Boomed charming and desirable,
Sho made a sort ot clmmo.con    of
Artifice so tlmt It would tako on the
appenranco of nny of Man'B tools,   In
tho namo   proportion   that   Woman
mndo hor birthright Bflrvo a worthy
purpoRc, It gained In offlfsloncy, Weakness cnllod out sympathy, Artlflco bo-
cnmo tnot, nnd flnnlly—Mnn grow on-
violin, nud dropped Romo of IiIh own
IooIh (o-try hor,    nut Woman, picking
up tho dlHcnrdod troiiHin'on, saw Instantly how miporlor rnnllly wan lo
Chancellor, Published by
Quiuhy,.'aL  Omaha,    '   *
SlaveJwishedvto purchase his freedom,   .'His master said, "You tire too
valuable to mo; I could not think of
soiling so valuable a property.'; "But
if I am so valuable," said tho slave,
"if is due, to my effort and not to
yours.'   Why, then, should I not, have
tho result of my,,effort?"     Snld the
muster,. "The reason ls that the law
gives that result to mo.'    It Is the
return to mo investment in
you—a property.'   ' It is due to me
because of my 'foresight' In bringing
you up.    If my property earns woalth
Unit wealth logically belongs tb mo."
"But,'  rojoincd  the slavo, "If I  am-
proporly bf value and belong lo you,
tlioro must bo'.'somo flguro In dollars
and 'cents which will roprcsont that
vnluo.   , Namo that flguro and I will
buy niy freedom,",    "Woll," snld the
mnstor, "1 would not think of pai-tlng
with you for loss thnn two thousand
dollars.''   "The   condition Is cruel,"
said the slave, "but slnco lt Is tho only
condition I may hopo to moot, I will
accept It' and buy my liberty."
So tho slave tolled onrly nnd Into.
Ilo performed his sorvlcoa for tho
mnstor according to the usual require*
monlB, wovklng overtlmo that |Aio ox-
eoss of his onrnlngH might bo snvod
to buy IiIh liberty1. In tlio «ourso of
n couplo of yonrs ho again wont to IiIh
miiBtor and said,, "Horo Is tlio prlco
of my liberty—lot mo go." lhit tho
mnstor had soon a now light, nnd Hnld,
"You linvo, during those InBt two yonrs
much Increased your valuo. If you
could oiirn tlio usiinl wonlth for mo,
bnt In ovortlmo'lnbor' hiivo ?2,000 in
two yoni'H, you hnvo only tlio moro
1 proven that you worn not only of
innkomiiftH,.nnd sho hegnn moro and moro value than I thouRlit,butthrouRli
"Alum Is n powerful nnlrlnncnt wllh very
_<»-.i1-*>*1 IrrHnnt q-nnllHcn. nwInt? tn TvMrh. tvh.n
taken lntcmnlly In (.ufflclcnl quantity, 11 In emetic
and purflntlve, ond may noon cause fatnl oos'r-o-
Inlcsllnal lnllaminallon. *—U.S. Dhptniaioty, p. 144.
•'Tli. use ol nlum and stilts ol nlumtna fn food
SbOUld 1)« piohlbIled.,,~/V«/; Weed, UemriVnlt,
Notion ihat all ntlvoHlsamonta
of iho ohoan baking powdota
coiioanl thoproaonco of alum j
'   Thoroforo road (ho lahol.
moro Valiantly to rofuHn to go back
to work with tho nlhoi's,,   ,
°' Time's Revenoe
Nor has Society fulled to bring out
lior fin'orlto llin-nl. l-.iu-h now generation of daughters nrn "unwomanly
In llio slffht of tlio preceding gonnrn-
tton, At ono llrno It wan considered unwomanly lo claim to lmvo a soul,
now we road of stnto conventions of
women mliiiAtoi'8.    At iinoilit-r ttmo u
V-Hir.   lllh>iUiili.ul;    til   h/k'Ji.    cti>)    \U.ti\i\:
for educiitlou; recently tho world's
two mo«t nlgnlflount i»ri7<*e for literature lmvo been won by women.
Not ho long ago It, was thought In-
ill'lll.iiU-i  Hit   rt   Km   Ki  V>o   *|.i.>y>i\A_.*_
vlKorous; yet Cathorino UroskovHky
hnn spent twenty-three yonrs of hor
life In tho rnlnoB of Siberia for the
cause of freedom, nnd lias Just en-
turned to perpotunl oxllo at seventy-
flly, unbrr-kr*') fn body an In spirit.
Just now we aro dubiously shaking our
hond* nl wntnnn'fl ronoomina hornoit
wlfli Iftwmaklns. More exactly, whnt
wo mean by this Inst (■ tho state's
recognition of woman's efficiency. Wo
man haw* alwtys 'meditlod" lit politics In *pH*» of •r-vcry discouragement
fhnf nnrloiv rrti.M Intorpoao. The situation ban noi changed since Napo
your greater effort during Hioho" iwo
yours you havo IncronHod your earning capacity. No; I would not ac-
cupt ?2,000 for you. You nro worth
double that.
Then lho -slavo resinned IiIh blttor
tiiHk or cnrnlng wonlth with which to
buy his own liberty. Ilul Ilia movo
.-oiup'-loiH lio boen mo and llio more
wealth he produced tlio lilglior became
inn jjiK« ior nnn. -.'"J bu ici* mwHB
lo V.i.i HV4.1 lu ihi liwl ihnl lllfi-ujjh lib*
own efforts ho wns mnklng H Uie moro
dlfflrult for him to secure bin liberty.
Whon ho bad ronohod tho point or
dospoi-iuinn, an omnnclpntlon prnola-
I 111       I....    '.!    ,      .
........v.,      .1.1.1.     _C.J.^V.**,    »*'-*v_    -.'.(..      •••»-»      ■-
a froo man. Ills valao Immofllfttfly
bogon to decline, not bocauno lio became leas competent, nor li.cniinft ho
worked Iohh hnrd, but bocntmo there
was no longer n mnrkot where human
tU'ub nnd blood  woro sold."
Now" for the parallel. Through their
effort, tbrlf't nnd entorprlso, the people of Omaha lmvo added Brent vnluo
to a certain spot of earth, say tho
corner of Sixteenth and Farnnm streets
Noboly attempts to thow thot thlt valuo 1* lu« to anything but Ihe thrift
or this .ommunlty. Surely, no ono
Ia abiiiii-d enough to attempt tho proof
that, the, owner, who happens to live
in th'e East, has over'done a thing io
increase the value "of that spot.     On
the contrary, he has not"even shown
enough interest in Omaha, nor onough
regard for his own * Interests, i o put
upon that spot ii decent building.   He
has'  allowed, a   miserable'one-story
shack to remain on that spot. .
tho' valuable, nnd.l'ot- tho pil-
vllego of using this spot, riot tho building'but the'slto.-a druggist Is'Obliged
to pay to this owner the sum of $500
por month.    No; tho druggist doos not
pny it;   he only collects It from   tho
community nnd tui;ns lt over to tho
"owner,' nnd the ciimo of it Is In tho
fact that tlie very people from whom
this  druggist' collects  this' $500  por
month' aro the vory peoplo who are
Increasing this vnluo. yoar after yonr.
And tho moro thoso peoplo strive Iho
moro  ontorprlRliiR  thoy becomo,  tho
moro thoy beautify UiIb city, tho moro
'hoy i'-n-onso th.*- vilueof this spot
of earth, tho moro thoy nro obliged to
pay to tho Idle parasite, ,who lives
in luxury upon tho  results of the toll
of IhonpndB of "slaves" whom ho do-**s
not ovon dolgn to visit.    Tlmo wns
whon that pnrtlculnr spot hnd prnml**.-
ally no vnluo.    That was bocaiiBo entorprlso had not settled thore, nnd Industrious pooplo ha-d not thought of
building n city about that spot.    Thon
this owner, or his forebears, or someone from whom ho obtnlned It, fenced
lt' up, and now JiiHtlflcs taking tho
wealth of UiIh community   on    tho
ground that ho had forcBlght—thnt Ih,
ho know thnt If a city should Homo dny
bo built, upon thin spot of oarth, which
wo cnll Omnhn, thin lnnd would bo
vnlunblo.    II. so chanced that n city
was built horo, nnd thereby tho para-
Hlto bocamv a "phllniiUiroplHt,"  Won*
dorful transformation!
' Therein lies tho pnrnllol; but It will
not nlwnys ho ho,    flomo dny nnotlior
omnnclpntlon proclnmntlon will lio Is*
nuod thnt will so chango tho Klntim of
tho nmRtor nnd the slavo (hat Iho values which lho nlnvo crcntcs will go
io tho slavo, nnd tho master will bocomo n truly worthy citizen nnd hlmsolf go to work,    Yes, wo'll
T*n-,» 1''-*1"i".TT*.  (**■*  Uic  o*"'fl^->'
And fill the Vmr to the Vrlm,
Wbo In  Uio owner?   The fllnvo
And over xvns—Pny him  !
tho owner,     x
delivered    t"o ..all"    >
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sqi o,o\ A^yao, podumd sid iuo;eXs oqi jo
*4no paaoipj oq pfnoqs vp\.\\\ suosjoj
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6_C»u'p|3|   3l*J*»  U{  S3l*}*|3S  S3lUH3m08   'X*(33*l}
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BtlOUBA    U{    S*XVL*9 '6S3U_(B3M    A3Up{H
'ajquqojd uisp-oumaq-a
6{ sm*» op o\ \\a\ Xaqr.  uoqii A\uq
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om ujojj uosiod sjqi ja*»iy ^ladoad o**, «{
BABopj*)); aqi jo uojiounj ja-jqa sip mo*\j ,
•63J_niu pun smpf 3qi u| ppn
x>[jn jo 6*tuaiu3poi uiojj srnnsoj Xji-onsn
''•^3 "ojSmjnaN 'naaM'/u^ 'oSoquini—■
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thoro Is HoniotliliiK now or old In. our
cherished soil upoli which thoy thrive,
thnt thoro Ih n SoclnllHt factory con*
conloil somowhoro In tho Amorlcaii
Whnt'H to bo dono? We should
look Into tho mnttor. Tt this new In-
diititry Is Homothlnji' which our clvlll-
zntlon noods, wo should forrot It out
nnd cover it with iv protective, tariff.
If nol, Iho cnuso should bo found and
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Inst Snturdny In, onch moiuh nt llio
U'llKor Offlco. ■ A, J, lluokloy, Boo-
Whom do tlio SoclallstH como from?
There was-a tlmo whon we thought
thoy nil cnmo from abroad. So lonB
an that wore truo, so Iour as thoy
wero purely oxotlc, thore wob no cnuso
for alarm. Tt was a matter thnt
could bo rcmodlwl at a moment's notice by tho Immlffrntlon authorities.
Hut now the question his tftken on
a new aspect. Not only are tho Ho-
clnllsts Increasing In number, but
thero fs good reason to believe.that
many of them are homo-Brown, thatjMarpora Mtwume.
Tho olBht-yonr-old-son of a Haiti-
nif,rri p-hvileln-n wn« nlnvlnr In hli
father's offlco with a friend durliiff Die
absence of tho doctor, whon suddenly
tbo first Ind throw open a cloBct door
and disclosed to the lorrlflod cage of
his littlo friend an nrllculatod dkelo*
Whon tho visitor Iiiih suffUilenlly recovered from his shock to stand tho
announcement, the doctor's son explained that hU father was extremely
proud of that skeleton.
"1* ho?' asked tho othor.   "Whyr
*I don't know," wno .tho answer,
'"mnybe it was hi* first patient!'—
Local Pernie No. 17 8. P. of C. MootB
in Miners Uiuun Halt evory tiumlay
at 7.-.U p.m. Everybody welcome. U.
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f*e box, nr l]irj« (orlio.  ju*!e.l jo
•The l«UII frr«g Ce... M, -f-Mtikrlniif, Oni,
For &»U at BUatdtll's Drug %iore. f^S^t^ij^^^^f'y y y,yJ-tyt^^^^yy^yyyy^yy^^^^
_' I i ■*. -. * .;
ri ■   .   ***-
The Week's New^s for > ^
_--        *■      ' .     I* !*-  t       *. -. ** ■* £','.. V     _. >   k„       *r ,. _ ^   _, * '.-«''•"_?
,1, , .■"■    ■      "    .        ' - *"■   *r      Ji *.,"■*      ".'     .- <l ° '  , .       \     "   " ... -    A
0#?'Foreign Broihersl
'/"      r-'        --       '   - .**'«'-.,',      —       *^J    '-   J'**-"" '.   '_. .*', ,, I     *-  A
-l—:-___■-_-^ :_ —••_ _ - - _■_ ■ -.--.-.-   * :■ i     0.
*♦    - V statriom sudobnom dome* ♦
♦' vdlilvahom  v .^Pondelek- dna, „♦
;"*^16hl Januara",-1911,-' Pompei"*'♦,
'♦, Cheilll1 bol dosnarii o.krades' ♦
.♦' miner v.Coal Creek a-ods~u; -♦
♦: "dent na 3 mesace zalaru tvldy '♦
♦   pracd*., *.;,,"■ ",,.♦
- Avviso     ;, ' 'y>r
.''7 Nella corte provinolaie.  dl'■
.Fernie Gennalo .16, 1911,'.,fu
1 ^arrestato Pompei^Cheilli, per '
11 latronlgg-io   dei , carrl   del*
- mlnatorl,' a' No. 5* e No. 1
„Nordo.' mlna,. Coal," Creek.   II
quale  f ii   condannatd1 - a . tre s
mesi dl lavoro forsato.     '. ■ '7
•• , , In the Provincial Court held.
* at Fernie on Monday, Jan. 16,
* 1911, Pompei Cheilli was con-'
•► , victed of the theft of. miners'
* cars "at No. 5 and No. 1 north
•,-.. mines!* Coal Creek, and sen-
*► J fenced to three months' imprl-,..
•* "sonment with- hard .labor. 7 ,*
■►"Crow's-. Nest  Pass   Coal. Co.*
."•FRANK, ■,'Alta.,..A'p'riIe  13,   1911.*-^
■La giunta osccutlva e stata in sessioiie
. tutta-.questa mattina. ed'ha sentitb . il
, rapporto del Vice-Presidente,' il quale
era essattnmente, come gia *si aveya
' annunciato.   ", Dopo  avere ■ dato' una
scrupolosa considerazione; 'sulla'. att-
- -unie situazione, noi abbiamo deciso di
fare applicazione per  una*' Giunta ■ dl
, -nyestlg'azione, sotto l'atto dl Dispute
Industrial!, e il seguente telogramma
e. stato ihviato a* MacKenzie- King.";
\ "La-giunta', esecutlya dei "Lavoratori
uniti di miniere Distretto 18, ha deciso
di fare,uiva Giunta
la"quale' sara mandata al.plu presto
'•possibile.;.,- **   ,'.-,-''    '  '    -*.•-,_  * -;-.■'
_-'.'"'. / f.(sigriatq)'V'W. _t.' POWELL,    '
'    ,     ,   *'. -'"     ±  . "'   Presidente.
*-' .,    '.    '   :';'-''''A-.-,J-   CARTER,-'...
'• . \ r:    '*./,:  ,'.•''    ""   -Sec-Tea.
La detta'applicazione ,e inprogresso
nel presente. e nol sp'eriamodl essere
'In posizione dl producere la'st'essa' per
benefltto del nostri lettori - prima .che.
suddette  cbmpajgnie'.  al' -numero  di
circa s'ei mila,- i quali cessarono dl'lavorare alia espiraziorie dei cohtratti in
Marzo 31, 1911.    ' *      ■/, ■ -..--.   ' ' o
',' I lavoratori Uniti.di Miniere sono.
content! di avere un salario pul alto;'
edi far.'cess'are la'inegua'gllanza che
esiste'.-sjii. rate" di contratto, iscala di
salario giornaliercore di lavoro, e con-
dizione,, generale.    -L'attentato* di ar-
riyare. ad. un. accordo elnscritto   hei
pochi minuti della Confernza Riimita
che ebbe luogo in Calgary, Marzo l'ul-
tlnio, 11 gualeeverra   aggiunto- alia
forma" applicazione.     -.-' •    <
,7Se sara accettata; dal DIpartlmento
noi- maiidlamo le" no'stre  raglone ln
pleno, Insieme alia applicazione al piu
persto possibile. onde 'spedirne copie
agli altri partitl,' come che al Dipart-
mento..   It riome della persona scelt'a
da noi come rappresentatlvo e il Sigr.
A. J. Carter di Fernie, Columbio Brit-
annlca. ,
7   - (Slgnatro) , W.  B.   POWELL,
,'*  '    ', '   ■ Presidente.
■y'        *7 A.   J.   CARTER,
'•    .■*.."     .- -     > .   .'-'Sec-Tes.
■''.,..',      p. stubbs; ■ .-
'-.   ,     -''    * .. Vice-Presldente
',' v, „   "'*     J* vo:\t6nes„' '',
■"- . ' ■'■,'-.'    '   w,,lees;'■-; •
7    .    ■;'''.     . J. -E.. SMITH;.
''*    -"- '-   '•    -'      'D. .McNAB. '      '..'
andlamo ln""stampo.
" .'.'Piu tardi—Frank,, Alta;,. ore .4 Gi-
ovedl, .       ' ■'.'',','■ .. " ,'-. .7    '. - _ '.,
(T.elefoiio dal Sec., A. j]. Carter).
- .1 La' seguente e una esatta copla :del
.  "telegraifima, ehe abbiamo '-in'andatb a
W.~ MacKenzie King, Minlstro del La-
-voro,' Ottawa: '* ■.'"' :\   ' '.
■     Alio   on,  W.   L/.MackerizleKing,'
- Minlstro del LavoroT'Ottawa:—Questo
' senza preguidizli. In sequito al nostro
- tologrammti- di ogg,*^ e in accordo al
vostro deslderjo por avere Ie nine-
chlno In mozlorio al momonto plu pos-
- sibllo, onde'establllro' una .Giunta' dl
Dispute Industrial!, sotto l'atto.di.In-
vestIgn-_*,iono.:ilel 190* per rinnovare >i
■' contrattLtra la A'asbelazio'ne dogli Operator! dl Carbone del Ovest, o 11 Dlstrotto il_8, Minatori .Unlil dl Miniero
D'America, fncclamo rippilonzlo'no per
,1a dottn Giunta ill "pssoil-o stnb,ltllta,.e
, nello stosHo tempo crodlamo iii aver.
fatlo tutto cio cho o ih accordo alio,
loggl della domlnlono.* /, .'.,
K'ol crodinnio cho o'.dosidorlo dol
Rovorno dl quosto coso Investigate da
lior tutte, o slnmo dosIdorloBl dl eaten-
„dpro eooporazlono da qucstii parte,
come nol flrmamento crodinnio ill non
-nyere una paco pormanonlo 'n'ollo
Iiidusti-Io mliiorarlo di quoBto paose,
flncho lo quostlonl ill paga Baraiinn i'l-
nlto su basl ill cgtinglianzn, I partitl nella disputa sono. La ossocla-
nlono dogll operatori dol Carbono del
Ovost o comproHo lo soguonto Com-
pngnlos    '
llnnkhcnd mlnos Company, Ltd.; il.
\V. McNeil Co,! ,Tho Wost Canadian
Coal and Colco Co.; Tho International
Coal and Coko Co.; Royal CoIIIoi-Ioh,
Ltd.; Chinook Coal Co.; Loitch Collieries, Ltd.;.Maplo Lonf Coal Co.,
Ltd.; Corhln, Coal, nnd Coko Co.;
Davenport Conl Co,; Crow's Nest Pnss
Coal Co,; Ilosmor Mlnos Ltd,; Diamond Cool.Co.; Cnnndlnn'Coal Con-
solldatod, Ltd.; IIIIIcroBt CoIUoi-Ioh,
M 11 Distretto 18 dof Lnvoralorl Uniti dl Mlnloro d'Amorlca, cho rappre*
scuta I  lavoratori oi*B*uiilzyliitl    dollo
"- M;ke 'Halapy,-3de Finleyville, i?a., un
ex:m'embre - du -Parti Socialiste - du
cointe'.de '.Washington, est ie nouv'eau
redacteur, du 'journal.of'ficiel -de.l'Unlon' des ,r,Iineurs.    "- •
Le camarade Halapy est .un je'une
hoinme tres capable.' II a ob'tenu une
excellehte Education'grace a ses^pro-
pres efforts "malgri. lcs'circonstaiices-
lesplus d-*favorables.' Dans la jeiiries-
so, il, n'a -pas -fitfi'. vlctime^'du "milieu
dans lequel*,', il a- -5t-§ elev6. Au con-
traire e'e milieu ne lui'insplra'que du
dugout s'adonhe a l'etude pour .en
sortir. -'.II y. a quelques ann<5es,que
nous n'ay ohs -* Mike,, et nous ne
savons pas s'il a- sii aussi riislster,. a
l'influence du milieu dans lequel il se
trouve depuis',plusieurs annees. Nous
esp^rons que oui et que .dans',sa nou-
velle position' il servira de* son mieux
les interets des mineurs et des exploits ten g6_6ral.—L'Union* des Travailleurs.,   - '' - ..*y i ■*■   '-''■ "'" -. -
di essere vittima de'Jla-frode delle der-
rate a sempre peggiori .condizioni.
.'■ 9&&1 non". avvi * uomcTche' venchi dal
pases'dalle' belle s"cenerie, dalsoave
panorama e dal dolc'ec'lima non puole
a meno di trovarsf di'.fronted che ad
iuconvenienti miserabili;;'condizioni le
quali era abltuato a" yivere.pensante
che • lasciare ca§a .ed .amici' -sarebbe
stato abile direalizare qualche moneta
A.questo si addeduce laraggion'e che
induce ad emigi-aTe*-con * l'apoteosi', di
un di'-non lontano di vivere',- in meno
triste condizloni non "sara, lungo, che
il sistema attuato' nella sua terra na-
tiva non -troy? largo- campo in queste
cohtrade e. questo sara iin' prosegui-
mento: di un/ brevetto deteriorato
quando la classe lavoratriee sapra"cosa
fare, questo si e ampiamente com-
preso dalla maggioranza-"e 'partlcolar-
mente dal forestlerl, da'oltre Toceano
che'solo pochi .fanno'la parte deltra-
ditore della sua classe'ed ogni uno
di queBti e un nomo -*. che parli cor-
rette l'inglese! ■.  -. -.
\ -Dlstlntl ringraziamentl per51 compagni di Canmore e Bankhead per fa
loro gentile cordialita da me altamente
apprezat'a, nonche il ^civile indendi-"
mento fraterno' di amalgamazione um-
anitaria * specchio dlquel forte, pie-
monte ed(1onoro d'italia, per,* if popolo
che ci,. ospita.   ,  * ' " ,
Avvlslamo I lettori In lingua Italiana
che I rapporti scritti neila- su detta
e piu delle volteplenY di error!. .
y1 Facciamo.n'oto a tal caso che "ia
derivazione di ess! e solo attrib'uita-,al
tipo'grafo ed ao I'asseriza del corrispon-
dente per la retifica. *.
VAN AMERIKA *,* "',: -
'Per il mom.ento"riguardarit'e)'"la*_*re:
sente situazione dei minatori non _ivvi
nulla di importante. ' Si attonte/con
ansia da ambo lopartl 11 risultato della
commlsslcine teste cohgitintas. a" Lethbridge dove prosegulra'a traverso il
Passo* di* Crows'Nest'e altroVe7. Lo
due parti, tanto Carter come*' Colin
Maeleod per gll operator! nori potero-
no trovar'si d'accordo per la scelta del
l'liomo'che dovea p'resiedore ,1a giunta
dl Inyestigazione.       •' ' • ,
II minlstro del lavorf public! elesse
11 rever'endo C. }y. Gordon, dl Winnipeg, prosidentb 'deila sudetta. --La
prima conferenza* oub'e" luogo MnrtodI
mnttina,25 a Lethbrldgo'. Addlzional-
riiente, trovnnsl a tnl*uopo duo ufflclnll
dolla 'Internazlonaie," Slg. Moron dol
Iowa y' Slg. Diamond dal Michigan, 11
primo.detto uomo arrlvo' a, Fornie dal
Montana qualoi a relnlegrato a com-
ponsnzlono' pagata su scnla glornnll-
ora ill $3,80, per'115 giornl. So $11.80
o buono.por'Montana od o ogualo per
la Columbia Brltannlca ed Alberta,
qualo ehe non nyvi molta, dlfforenza
sul \wquo del vlvoro dal dl lap a" quos-
ta parto. Ed o certo 'die. In' Montana
loro hanno otto oro dl lavoro dal sor-
tlro al rltlro dnlla casa n dlfforonto
gulsa dolla Columbia Brltannlca oho
detto oro comlnclnno a l'ontraro dolla
Hilna od al sortlro; non cho nolla-Al-
borta' da tutti t puntl dol dlstrtto
offotto dalla prosonto lotta glungono
hotlzlo cho gll noinlnl. hanno dot-
ormlnntp ill non sottompttorsl- nl dis*
oito dl su vlvoro proporzlonato, o
perlmcntl 1'aumonto polo riomlnalo
porclio con iin dollnro solo si compora
por 85 soldi qunndo si flrmo 11 contratto duo nnnl fa' con un dollaro po*
tovnsl comporaro 11 valoro dl $1.1(1
horn 1'uomo cho lavora nolla mlna ill
enrbouo o diritto a,tutti 1 contoslml
cho II padrone a stonto fa ad osso per
glungorll, vlco versa 11 suo snlnrla
dovra ossoro rogolato dnlla logRo'ilcl
fornltorl dl commostiblll lo qunl suo
ilomnndn stiiiiuo fornio IiihIoiiio Kopru
11 luvoratoro cho non puolo provonlro
Telegram' . . .. '■. ..-'
-INDIANAPOLIS, 5 April,' J.911.—Dp
Internationaal uitvoerings raad'is ten
.vollen tevredeii * met de liouding aan-
genomen bij het afdeelings"1 bestuur.
Er - zullen * terstond afgevaardlgden
gezonden worden om zamen te werk-
en met het'bestuur. '' Geruchten om-"
trent geen steun.geheel'zonder grond'.'
De", Internationaal geeft ,de-meest mo-
gelijke steun.' _''
.    ■•".,, Carrier   en   Stubbs. '
Het  Is  raadzaam  voor  ajle   leden
geen werk aan te nemen "aan bouwerk-
en behborende tot °de Western Coal Operators. Association*, mijrien voor'-ont-
vangen* toestemmlng van de uitvoerings raad.       '    7',v
Be Stand Van Zaken op did OOgenblik
Operators' Association gesloten',' kan
worden, en in den tusschen tijd zouden
niet bedrogen-worden door movie be-
loften van alleen staa'ande werkgevers..
Mr.' McNiven is ' nog steeds' Iri het
veld-.uitlat'en-doet.hij"niets riiaar het
is zeker dat hij alle mogelijke inlich-
tingen tr'acht te*verkrijgen:. 'De-be-'
kend making van Mr. Ashworth in-ver-
band. met de briefwisseling**-pmtren|;
de voorwaarden van de overeenkomst
bij J b"Hurd is niet gemakkelijk te^be-
grijpen.' Als de Companij w'elke hij ver-
tegenwoordigd niet van plan1-was een-
ige voordeelen' te behaleri wa'afom
dan niet. het ^aaribod - der mijners afgevaardlgden aangenomen om alles
te \laten' zoo " ais j-het was." Geen
der partijen heeft een stap gedaan in
de rlchting tot een "overeenkomst se-
dert'afbreking.der zitting in Calgary.
Met het oog- op de verwachte groote
landverhuizlng de C. P. R. doet alles
wat mogelijk is om het verkeer open
te houden, en heeft groote voorraden
kool opgeslagen in alle lading plaat-
sen. De werkgevers hadderi een ver-
gadering in Frank cloch zonden goede
uilslag. 7
-  1. West kool Werkgevers Vereenlg-
ing.     '- .   ' *.
'2. Vereenigde Mijnwerkers van Am-
ercka.   . -   < „   ***
Wie Heeft de Troef Kaart Het Wordt
,. een Belangrljk Spei
List of Locals District 18
Corrected by District Seci-olary up to April 22nd, 1011
20, Ilnnkhnnd  V. WhnnMnv nntiVhflnfi, Min.
»«t Renvoi' Creok  V. (laiiRhton. Bnavor Crook, vin T'ln .ior
4 i-*l Hollevuo  j, Iliirko,-nollovuo, Frnnk, Altn.
•VIG3 Hlnlrmoro.  II. J, Chaso, Dlnlrmoro, Altn.
*)W R"rnils i  Wm. Sloan, Ilurmls, Alta.
137« Cnnmoro  J. Nclll, Canmoro, Altn.
203.') Colomnn  W. flrnham, Colemnn. Altn
wtl Unrbotidulo  0, M, Davies, Carbondalo, Colomnn, Alta.
' 2378 Cnrdlff  L. Ilucklns, Cnrdlff, Altn.
2877 Corhln  it. Jones, Corbin, n, C.
' ? 178 Dlnmond City  Chariot Orbnn, Diamond City, Letlibrldfto.
2-314 Pornlo  D. noet, Fornio, n. O.
1 Sfln «','''*n*<  O. Nicol, Frank, AUa.
?m -Totmer J. Ayrc, Hosmor, T\, C.
70S8 Hillcrest J. O. Jonot, Hillcrest, AUa. '
'""' l-etlibrldRo  L. Mooiu, I'. O. Ilox I ill, Lethbrldgo
uaa Lillo ,  w. U Rvant, Lille, Frank, AUa
SMa MnP'o »*««'  M. OUdftj*, Maple l*nt, Pcllevne, Alia,
23.1-1 Mlchol  jf, nurrell, Michel, n. C.
, i-152 lVwabnr/r Wm. Cooko, Passburg, AUa,    .
SUM Uojal Collletln ... T. Lonffwonli. Uoyal Colliery, Lethlvridgo, A!U.
m Tnh*r  WtlUtuw Ruucll. TaW. AlU..
:n.",9 Taber  B. Drown, Taber, AUa.
In^tegensteIllng"_deF .verschillende
geruchten voorkoiiiende in de pers dat
de kool inijiners'in'een- staat van
oproer waren hebben wij berlcht van
de politie dat er nooit-mee'r orde was
als In deze dagen, ■• Een vreemdeling
op bezoek mag hier en daar meer
mensch'en bij elkander zieri,,dan"ge-
woonilijk,' en meer zlen gaan vissc-
hen, -maar dat is dan ook alles, De
bestuurs leden spreken geen w-'oord tot
hun mannon om de prde te handhaven,
alien weten dat het een domme streek
zoupers .z'oude' zijn* als zlj an-
ders handeldon. Depers, is druk
bezlg alle "borlcli'ten machtlg te
wordon .911 het - grootste mlenws
of dit oogenbllck Is de nf keeling
van' Mr. James Ashworth , beharii-
ger' voor do Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Compnny 0111 vcrvongen te worden bij
~W. R,' Wilson' welke was In dienst
der Companij "im-1. Volen stel'len
zich de vraag of dit wel lijden tot nf-
scheidlng dor Compnny van .do ,CW.
C. 0. A.) maar ei- Is niets mot zokor-
held to zeggoii. Hot hovonstaande
telngram wll olkocn gonial stollcn om*
(rent, do lo,ver,wnchton sloun. Twoo
borlchtgevors nit-Alborta waren eon
wolnlg tclourgestolii tint zlj goon In-
zngo van bndoold telegram kondon
krjjgen, om'rodon dat or znkon In ston-
don wolko niot voor hot publlck bos-
tomd wnron. 551 j collier wnron twlj-
felnchtlg omtront do Boloofwnnrdlg-
hold, bordon oonTuiar ochto grappon-
^akors vroosdon on gohcol zonder
grpnd dat hun eon kool gestoofd word.
VrooBaanjiiBoiiilo nrtlkelon zljti gosoh-
rovon omtront hot siondon vnn iroopon
tot nog' too zijn zlj nlot op. komon
dagon. Mr. Lowls Stockott wan irveo
mani /.waar mlshandold maar hot,
laiiHte wat wlj hoordou van d'ozo heer
was, dni hij zlch In oen goorio gnzoud*
hold vorhougdo. Eon ondoraiok In-
Bostold omtront hot schloton vnu ot-n
nachl wneht In PiiHsbiii-if brncht nan
hot. lloht dnt dat nlot minder wain
wnr nln do nmlero borlckton, hot block
iiniiit'lljk dnt 0011 Rclioimuiin m'titnord
In Kljn nncht rust bij ,oen Imlcr. ».•■
hoot, op hem mot hot govolg dnt hij
'/Ich In flon vordrro rustlgc nncht
mom vorheiiKoii. Kr zlj'n gcon ondor*
Hkrulpui-H, do oeiiigun wclko mm hot
work xljn, zijn pltboscn, flrolmHcii,
pmiipoi-H on Htokm-H In do vorschlllon-i
do jihintson liltgozondoi-t Colomnn wnn-
ulIcKgoKloten   In.     Naur   nntiloldlng
<Xov   1\r,fi,,ln-rmit\t,Xt\   -| - 1   '       i
 *   '»   ■ *.-•■ .
wll moododpolon dnl or imdorhrmdo-'
IIokoii zijn wopnnd tiiRRCbcn do ult*1
voerdors cn bet nfdeollng bostimr mnnr i
tot nog too snowier govolg. Hot Is!
hot voornemon vnn hot bostiui'* omj
hlinno   10llr>n   to   llOOflmpmr...   tnn   nil.   , '
J. D. McNiven, welke de belangen
behartigd' '„vari , het Department van
Arbeid in deri tegenwoordige wors'te-
llng. tussehen ;de werkgevers welke
zijn leden ,der W. C. 0. A. en de af-
gevaardigden der.mljn workers* be-
iioorende tot afdeelin'g 18 (U.'M. AV. of
Ai') ■ b'ezocht secretaris Carter van'de
Iaa'st genoemde Vereenigjrig en maak-
te bekend dat hij orders had ontvangori
uli-' Ottawa om belde partijen mede
te deelen "dat* ten' zlj een van, him
vroeg voor een raad van oriderzoek de
Regeering-wi'lde',een navorscning in-
stelien 'wat of de oorzaak in van het
fcgenwoordlge. .-..verschil..; -Dit* bevel
e'envoudig , riieent dat er een hooge
raad zal-worden aangewezen"voor, dit
doel welk ten doel heeft een door en
door onderzoek in te stellen" en report
de Regeeriiig en de'ontwikk'elrlng zal
zich ,.ya'n- zelf 'duidelijk maken. Mr.
McNiven maakte bekend dat hij zijn
taak nu volbracht.^had daar hij Mr.'
Lewis , Stockett. ook met het regeer-
ings telegram In kennis had pesteld.
Een' schrijverr.van," Stubbs en Garner
uit Indianapolis ontvangen een • paar
dagen yoor het* telegram vmaakt bekend dat de houding aangenomen bij
de' voile. goedkeuring van de - Internationaal., weg draagd en dat- na iofg-
vuldig oncierzoek van het verslag van
de afdeelings'afgeyaardigde '(Stubbs.',
de houding-was aangenomen als'be-'
kend , gemaak iri telegram. *', Wlj
werischen nogmaals onze leden uanle-
beveleri de gervichtigheid, om geen ge-
lof teslaan aan vcrslagen niet kom-
ende van  de. uitvoerings  raad.   .»
A,Joke at the Expense of Noah the
•    Milkman—Death of a Famous .
..;'     » -./- Cricketer
Noah was the namo of, a milkman
charged with adulteration at Bangor.
Mr. Thornton' Jones (for the defence):
"The name is'.suggestive of wafc-r"
(laughter).' Mr. Dew (prosecuting):
"And unfortunately excess of water"
(laughter).     ,.
.   Clergyman Dies in the Vestry
As the service was about to begin at
the Coltish'all-Parish Church, Norfolk,
the-Rev.' H. Cbllison fell down in the
vestry and expired.
' Milkmaid and Cow's Tall T '
So brutally did a cow flick a milkmaid in'the face with his tail that h*:r
eyes were. injured.   At Mold. County
Court she was awarded-compensation.
Killed on Errand of Mercy
Comtesse de Villebresene died In a
Paris hospital as the result of being
run over" by a motor-car while she was
on a round of visits to the poor.
Linnets in Court '
Four linnets were twittering loudly
in Woolwich Police Court. A man
named William Owen was fined $2.50
or seven,days, for causing.them unnecessary suffering.'
'. Funeral Extravagance
Judge Hamilton expressed the hope
at Preston. County Court' that at, his
funeral his friends would walk.' The
amount of,money spent on funarals
was perfectly ridiculous.-'--
■- ' Attempted Bomb Outrage
For throwing a. bomb'at Mr. Cowley, a Government engineer, in a Calcutta street, 'a young Bcngalese named
Nonigopal M'pokerja was sentenced at
.Calcutta to fourteen years'; rigorous
imprisonment.     .   - :  ".
■'.   Novel Wedding Procession
Mr. .Harry 'Booth,   a   keen"motor
.cyclist, rode. with, his,bride   to   the
registrar's office at Halifax, England,
to be married.   They" were escorted by
twenty members ot the Motor Cyclists'
Club, with ladies in side cars, o'
A Tudor Building
There • will soon be seen ori Marine-
parade East, a Tudor building, dating
from 1490,* which is to be carefully removed from,its present-site at-Haw-
stead, Bury St. Edmunds, and put up
in its original state.
"   Harem Skirts at St. Stephen's
•' The sanctity of St. Stephen's Hall
was invaded by* harem skirts. , Two
women .wearing these garments"'made
their way into the Central Lobby without attracting more , than a few sur-
prisedglarices.      . -   . ■'-
<*'. ,''-    .Energetic-Old Voter       ~    ,-
■ Refusing all" offers of- a drive, John
.DurantTwho Js in his    102nd'   year,
'waiked-a"mile7to_re_IsteF his votlTat
Shriirps are, greatly improved if
boiling water is'poured over them half
an hour before serving.    ;.
Grease on a Floor can be removed
by scrubbing with a solution of un-
slacked liir.-?. soda" and water.   ■
The Flavor of Salad Dressing is
greatly improved by th-j addition of a
very littlo chopped capers or pickles.
When Peeling'Lemons for cooking
purposes, be sure never to cut any of
the white sklo.-as it has a bitter flavor.   '**
When Cleaning Furniture, wipe it
over with tepid, soapy water, and dry
it before polishing it with beeswax and
turpentine. .",*.,
- Dusters, when bought ready hemmed, should have the ends sewn over
before use. otherwise they soon frev
out and get ragged.
Turpentine is an excellent cleanser
for many things. It will remove the
marks of blacklead from a marble
mantelpiece, amongst other things.
Eggshells should always be carefully
saved, for they are useful for clearing
™wLanlv.Je11 _. and' lf cn,8hed and
mixed with salt, for cleaning enamel
pans.    ° ,
Bread should always be kept ln an
earthenware pan with a wooden cover,
wash the pan out every week, and
dry   thoroughly before'replacing the
Tough Meat should be laid in vinegar a few minutes,before cooking.
This is a particularly, useful hint for
summer, when meat cannot be hung
till tender, as In winter.
♦J*aranflr__°n a CarPet* Very likely
this will disappear In the course of a
few days. If it does riot, rub the stain
i vi. e ^'ater' usll,S Plenty of clean
cloths, and by, degrees theistaln will
I disappear. ■
Posebna komislja, ktera jo veB me-
socev .prelskovnla t, z'v. ""spodnjl svet"
prp'stituclje v Chicngu, jo zadnjo sredo
prcdlo?,lla zbrane fakto*' mestnemu
svetu." Komislja jo prbnasla.' slod-
;  Stovllo  stnlno  nnmoBConlh  prostlt-
utk, 500.
fttovllo nomoralnlh hiS: "]92 •/, 23-13 so-
Stovllo hl§. ktcrc lo dolomu sluJIJo
prostotucljl;   72 v 900 sobaml;
'   Stovllo   nomornlnlh   hotelov:   -12   s
122 sobaml;
Stovllo nomornlnlh hiS v rozidonCnlh
dlslrllfUh   (za mlllonnrje!):   01-1;
Lotnl • profit proslltucljo: $lii,fl99,-
440. •- •    i '
Povprponl t'cdonnkl "znBlu-.ok" pro-
stltko: $25.
Vzrokl prostltucljo: predvsom bor-
nSkn plafin mladlh doklot v prodojnl-
nnh, uradlli In tvornlcnh.; Doklotn
povprofino dobljo ?0 do ?8 ledenHko,
kar niknkor no zikIohUiJo za po.tcno
itlvljuiije v Hlucitjili, UJor ho (Uikluta
prppiififiona snmn sobl. ."Vslodtogn so
doklotn prlslljona, Iskntl "postraiiskc-
gn znHlu?.ka" In nn tn na6ln Jlh vo*
filna zabrodo v prostitucljo v pro-
past, ,   '
Tnko Izjnvlja prolskovalnn Uomlillja,
f/,M'on, krnsnn hIIIiii nodonjoga win-
torn a! Tllnftonu Rllkn ltrftfinnsko civil*
Izncljo! Prostltucljii jo enn nnjvcf-
Jlh In _h obto2b-kit pi till-
Izma.     bo tinmn' pi'oHtltucIJa'/, vboiuI
the Chertsey Urban Council, election.
He is a pensioner of the Metropolitan
Gas Company.   - •
Patient's Legacy to Nurse
,,A young Aberdeen nurse, the daughter of a Corporation ser*.ant, has besn
left on annuity of $1,000 by a patient
whomshe accompanied on several voyages to Brazil.' On his death he left
her certain stocks which will yield this
amount. •'  ' '•        -t.
,. Princesses as Chorlstsrs
• Princess Christian and her da-gh'er,
Princess Victoria of , Sc_il:swig-Ho!-
Holstein, took part as chor.'s ors ln a
performance,of Bach's Mass ln B minor, which was given ln St. George's
Chapel, Windsor, by tha London Symphony Orchestra. ,
Famous. Cricketer's Funeral
The desire of the !n'c Mr. W. h. Murdoch, the famous cricketer, to bo burled In his mother's gravo at' Kcnsal
Green ls being observed. The embalmed body Is now on Its way from
Australia, and the crlekoter's' widow is
coming to England to bo presont at tho
funeral. ,                         , „
D:ath of Noted Transvaaler
Tho' denth Is announced at Capo-
town of Sir Jacobus do Wet, who was
HrlilBli Agent in lhe Transvaal from
1SC0 to 1S90, and-Iator at tho tlmo of
the Jameson Hnld conducted negotiations with tho British Government on
behalf of tho Johannesburg Ultlanders.
He wns sovunty-ono,
Rich and the Hospitals
Sir . redcrlek Trovos, speaking at
tho Mansion House, Bnld thnt tho rich
benefitted the hospitals, because without them tno Klnsen light and X-rays
could novor havo boen mado available.
Yot tho poor who attondod the hospl-
tols derived tho first benefit of ony
how treatment,
Sea Elephant at the Zoo
Drought all tho way from tho Orozot
IsleB,)a small uninhabited group in the
Antnrcllc Ocean, a baby sen-elephant
of ijulto a rare typo Is now to bo sson
In the Pavilion Pond of tho Zoological
Gordons. It is n proBont to tho King
from Dr. Porlnguoy, director of the
Capotown MiiBoum.
,  Postal Official's Sunstroke
It wns urged In defend- of a pstnl
official, on whom scnlum-n wns prist*
ponod nt lho Old llnlley, that ho wnn
a coimumptlvo, and hud nlno suf.'o _-d
Two-tone dresses are still favorod by
many well-dressed women, and the
now silks show such a' variety of
chocked patterns which combine so
well .with plain material that, this
fashion bids fair to havo, long . life.
Tako for oxamplo'tho abtvo cut. It
illustrates how plain and checked
silks nro attractively put together
with a generous supply of leather*
covored butons, a novelty of tho season.
Hero, too, ls Bhown ono of tho now
feather-trimmed sunshndes. Closely
curled small ostrich tips edge tho parasol nil around, and whon it'in closed
they mass together In ono fluffy bunch.
Lemon-Julco ndded to warm wntor
will romove all stains from the fingers
and nails.
A teaspoonful of lomon-jiilco In a
small cup of black coffee will rollovo
a bilious hcndnulic,
A. clash of lomon-juWo nddod to
somo plain water makea an offoctlvo
mouth wtiBh which Ib pleasant to uso.
Lomon-Julco nnd snlt will remove
slaliiH from linen without Injuring tho
fabric Cover the stains with lho mix*
tnro and leave the nitlclo In lho buii,
Lemon-Julco with hot water forms
nn excellent llvor corrective, Stout
pooplo, especially, will find It extremely valuable. It should bo tnkr.-ii before
brcakfoHt overy morning,
A ploco of cotton wool dipped In a
mixture of glycorlno and luinon-jiilci-
ln oiiiml quantities Is tho bost poshIIiI.
moans of moistening tho lips mul
longim of n feverish Invalid.
They Want a  Half-Million  Dollars as
a War Chest for Fjghting
•' Socialism *
r ' . (    .   ■**
' The Anti-Socialist .Union of Great
Britain is issuing an appeal for $500,-
000 as a war chest for. fighting So-'
ciallsm. The appeal for $500,000 Is in
the following terms:—        ■ '
At this* moment of crisis iri our history when, through the Cabinet, So-"
ciallst schemers are foisting on the
nation a single Chamber .Government,
the Anti-Socialist Union appeals to the
loyalty .and patriotism of the British
. The main bulwarks of freedom In
the past have been the conimop sense,
Self-reliance, discipline and probity of
the people. To destroy th^Be, an Incessant and systematic cariip&Ign has
been waged by the Soclajjst leaders.
We would remind the, public of soma
of the features of that campaign*.—
' 1. The Crown has been threatened
arid the" Monarch Insulted.
2. The House of Lords has been misrepresented and ridiculed; judges,'for*
the fearless performance of duty, have
been attacked on the platform and in
the press; efforts have been made to
pack quarter and petty sessions with .
Socialist J. P.'s.   7-
3. Boards of bureaucrats, from whom
there is to be no' appeal, have in some
cases, been substituted for the courts
of justice *
4. Large numbers of civil servants
have been converted to Socialism.
There has been a steady increase in
the number of public officials; .competitive examinations for many of tho
now posts have been dispensed with,
and the number of new off'icia's have
been withheld. ..,  "    ,    -*'•••.
5. There are at least 1.000 Socialists
helping to administer the Local Government and the Poor Law. . Councils
have taken to trading ln opposition to -
private • enterprise; their accounts
have often been Inefficiently audited;
ln thirty years the local dt-bt lias risen
from 193 millions to 58S millions.
,,'6. Socialists'are making strenuous
efforts to capture the' support and
sympathy of those, responsible for the
education of the'country. Socialist .
schoolmasters,, dous, * arid, professors
are busy proselytising. >■ <. .
'7. The funds and administration,of
trade unions-have'-been captured by
the Socialist conspirators, and men
have been expelled from the unions
for opposing thc Socialist policy.   „
8."Attempts have been made to stir-:
up mutiny in our Army and Navy.   '-
- We have already successfully established twenty-five schools In different
parts of tho country.    At   least one_
hundred schools are necessary iri or-"
der to  compete-effectively with the
Socialists, who hold 2,000 meeting's per
". In this country there are seven,or-
ganlzations, backed ,by -, a powerful
Press,.constantly spreading Socialism.
One of these organizations. alone expends over $600,000 a year on its activities. , , .
We ask from the public a contribution of $500,000. ■• That is-not a'large
premium for an Insurance agalnst^a
Unique Specimen to be Placed In the
Museum of British. Columbia-
Tho first nnd only specimen of the
rare caribou of tho Queen' Chrirlotto, *
Islands to be oxhlblted In nny country
of the world will be given n placo of
special distinction In the British Columbia provliiclnl museum,' onb of tho
three animals secured by tho Indians
on Graham Islnnd, not fnr from Virago
Sound, almost threo years ago, havinfe
boon successfully mounted by,Curator
Francis  Kcrmodo—moi-o  successfully ,
than he had dared   hopo could bo accomplished in view of tho atrocious
{Skinning of thu animals by the native
lliiiilorn und  iho condition  In which
thu carciiKPs were ultimately rucolvcd
In Victoria.   The unique specimen Is-1
notably small as contrasted with tho
caribou of the mnlnland,   being   not
largor thnn a fully grown mule door,
and would weigh   approximately  225
poundB or Iosh,   It   Ih   exceptionally
light In color, and carries tho right
horn only, Dw left—ns lu two-thirds of
the BpeclmoiiB socur-jd—bolng an ab-
Bont quantity, a gonornl deterioration   '
or frequent mnlfortnatlou being attrl- ■
butod to prolonged Inbreeding.   Tho
head Is nlijo much shorted tlmn that of
tho   mainland caribou, and the con-
Bplciioim frontal plough In the horn
formation iu missing, all   of   which
stamp the Queen Charlotte Caribou as  -
a dlBtlnct and sopnrnto species.   That
tho Bper-lmens at the miiB-niiin nro fully
grown  lu iiltPBtiid by„tlie teeth, Um
front tooth  being   entirely    missing,
wlillo the back bear ovory oildi-nco of
age—Hod und dun.
stn.ft.ln.1 pa.M_r.m_ doknziiJc'dn J^oZnZX. "tIiouI-'S;" -"v.V..
knpltnllBtlfiul drtiiiiiiiiil rod nko7.liisko8j.hnvo not rood tho sun for„n yenr or
gnjll, nomoriiloii, InidodPlskl, not lm-*<-1 •■'•"■''•" "No, my lord, il wn. m'n i...t.
Ski In da morn pm-il. til milionov do.!1'"11 ,"n,<'1,', Hl ,ne ^rystnl Pnlnco flvo
For dainty   H.Ik   dross  or  rhlffon i W"nder' t^,1 ^CW Qru»™[* ■•*
wnlBtH iih ., limu-nil of ordinary   but-! mrnysrds
fkl In da morn pneil. to milionov do-i ,
larjuv nn leto Iziiu.-.*.. "inint'gi-oha" uj*' U"J„''' A     .   „. „
Inuiconlh   tolo  uboKlh    doklot!      l„     „>,*'    mf'° 8,,,,,,n» Dlnn"
.........  v   Inilni.ii.   iiii.ulll        Kill  m.   4..  v i     q'"" (n'Mn,H DotlSO Of Cjlllllln, H l-hl|-
Mimo \ joiinom im ma.    Knj pn ftc v Ilnir   ,„,„,„,, ,jo|m(    ( '
Now Yorkn, I'ltlHburgu. Phlliulcliililjl hw_ cf. brwid. Imtter, nnd rbeon      '
ltd    "*        "•   * "'■   "     ■■   '
Ht It ltd Jo. i    ;    i    - -i   ■
-1 V-   I'i   Vi    r.. i • ( il   \
Dot s knplliill7.iiiom
clju no bo \o(::
tons, hiaxin lingH uf the proper six-,
buttonholed over In silk or n color to
mnlch the*- or tli. trlmmlii.'s.
Irt white ilirt'iul UiIh Ih \ury nice for a
HiiKi-rti* blou.-ii- iiImj, um) ui.il_.i- to
miiki! tliim .-r-jiihi it d liuiioim,   n y(,u
lui't! wliih, you ii'ny ituni inrcHi! ihr i-ln-vi.
A j»i t niiiiiM'' i« -alii to li,. wnndorlnR
In Ihv ih Iglilii/iluiud of I'litHtur Hock,
N,ll„ ( -mak.ii-. the 11 von ot dogs u
iiil.'i-t-y to th .it, nnyn Ibid am! (tun.
Purliig Uio cliihi* hciihuii, thu'u iiioohi',
n bull, n citxv nnd a cnlf, wandered
aroundJi-cdiiig svltli th<i nittlo and
When »lm nnt*n
bull and cow left
In   .i..n_.ii...  ,        ' .   ''     '*.  _".".'"    '■ ***    ' * * '*   '" '    * >*". i.i n.».   i'.-.itia   ititili.tii   in   mil   ,       ...    '   *'"   ".*"'   '"*   ''"'   '--""k'lu-U
iii pioxittu* mcitibeiH nml thtlr women y <>:■,<-■ fo,* i> tin- «„(( l,;inM>ber_.'rli-j--, nil"   ""' ' Mu'd  vn<-lmm fnrmjnrd..    Tlio
I ibe Hnl<u, nl liK'nt rtfrcBhmciit*. |dn ns well, nnd -rnn be Imiiii.-Iii n-mlv  -"bi'iK'niiri* mid variety of food ovldi-nt-
mil- at uny i.uiliroiik-iy snppjy ui- no ;'•  ■"-''"' lS'-' t*'i*. ainl iiiiutiu n insl-
,        ,,,    ,,.;■.'    ',', V "■""'• »'"i rin-'-Ki - :ui'i; winn, you ii'ny mini in ri'HH Hie i-Iiii-i,  "  """; " ""■   """ '
•Pu so no ilubljo IJndJo, kl za* i''->t liliUriu k-.ii k.tvimI In rooms upm ior (Tomh ibrotdR and inillonlioliB uxor »■""■»•■• •••'-'illiirt wllh
rlnlct Ink Hlninni In n1«r»r,vo in.'*" women visitors, but nt Mr I -v-i.' Mmm* but vn'i'lv Hto ninii. i.iim,,..w,» ,i'iislna llii'lr h«H bn\«>n
,u(i. !"") *'."-<iui-*it u room on tiiu Tiiniiu; i!h>;h nro iuul u* pretty.   Where jo.i  ,"''"'1"' •»"», «» Uio
* ."I'lp'ri'i'iiTlnl', - - ..* --'i,,!
I    _.    I.....II..II......... I __.......   , .       ' *.    ..' . '*     *  '*■ ">     "» '      '''""'"•'I    OiltLIt,    Itltill.tll    III    Hill    . .        ..'.*"     "_•■'     "
V Mllwiiiikc-o ]o kiitollftkn rerlmvi
,„. i„   .*,.  it . ...        ,      ,. , ■
Preparing for War.
I !it'll  islui'.'
'1 .   > > ( Ir    1 I rXJ-, k    bk " ''' " '"  '•"  *      'i'
I'M, ou vnn ditataud punt  do Jiltvoer-j xadnljlli volltvnh tn fohkl svnt   so «->«l»i'tat. h oi ull brtdg.H
Ings   mod   wll   eon   door   d   door knlollRUI dubovi.ilil v koCIJab' vloiiill .' in r!ll"V!.w '{r' !!!y of ,h
Roeilo uibnrhAlii a,.,i ii    , , _ „«.  ..' ... V    " i   thoy   co
Booilo zokorhold omlor   welko   voor-
wanrdon  duzo Iod on  zullen worker.
Wlj willen con vorhooglng van 12'/&
pot com, cn wlj denken dnt wlj gore* 	
Uitlg xljn onze leden nlot nan ociilgoioll&kemu JJuiUtvu vero.
. .     .   _. .     . . .
diipliijitcs ol  ull brtdgiH In  Frn'ii t-.!
' iso brldt-ti.
'fin,I iU,en of oiiu of Km Hpiki hoi'im It
in .nully lili-ntlflitl.   The fiirmi-ni lmvo
  ,    . - ' a       ......   .  »,.,.      4.i..„f,
. mm Units fish maki- ciu- swailo-*  Utr i »»<"fis-ur_ h to i-nsum lis protect.mi from
mac liriiit-tiv! *'■•■' '"Kh* whale.   It miu>t be nb .it en u"> hunter who for fresh xaret
... ,,,,      - i wum  uiBiniji'ii.   uiey*   could  li"  r -' "*' ."'nilve a pet to keep ns nn nera-1 without going to tho woods In search
■JeiiHk-o volllco mi \ollJSfe, da ho RlnBo- pi4Ced In «U boors. " i plane, of the samo.
vnlo za tida. ]     ;
Villo tomu bodo pa (sll duhovnlkl' "*"
lilrnll, da bofejo anrlnllHll i,vc«ftl kni-l_ _,_-,,. . . *
Bt*-.wire (if Ointmcnttt for Catarrh;
toaii   rxc  ,„„„,„;,iri' ,mU,] a* "P'tl-blndor-' and  that
TRAIL   Or   LAURIER _ „I)lirIIJ, Amn BU|, ,1|||(ly ^ ^^
bouwerken to Inten boglnnen tot 7.1J tn!    KntolHkl1 duhovnlkl, hlnfw-l- Ihnt Contain Mercury, !    f>*rr\Wi     \~, , "Tt     v hiiahbratotDnnhxr, \x h i-x^ocxo/l that
«lf*n  -/.ftlrdo  omstnndlgboden  rl,1n  »Ui«mcrlfklh mlll-nnrjev lnbko vortl5o tut*** "■"-''*' *"J ,;,"',•' *«'"* "* *""* " """ .  ' " ' "f U"' «bry ulll tb-d trait.Wnr. in i!.-_•. mit
fanmnn. pompon on atokers. on hot nos did  kntoIlConov. ao mnJn „_.'!«iU" V^rS* Ci^J.^ 1%* I *l™ktlt* "*»«■«*•> l» '^ »»«»* «- I. *»on»-*.ini hsrd.
.. i
IMlVl   tfl    It
U.i- .),.„ . I ,1
'.   * ««i    Trt'l »r«l-,f-» lr-»,
-     It.*- It*, p,fU»(-,<*.
,»   I'.t'* l(.f Hlf.Hlf.lll'ill.
(H. Ames, ihr. CMff Wnlp <»<«, IVrlev. to |_..*ral wiftorn tnimbtm to
I In vie--* of iln-- t:,tt lb/it hum- „t ihern-bi-* a hiir,'i> Julie
■I *___*■: "*'"!
t. ,>
_ "
..J. J? Wood is busy "with a force of
men putting down the necessary storm
sewers at the North end of the city, to
complete his contract, y .        .    ,
'Joe Wood, now representing the W.
J.'poyd Candy Co., of Winnipeg, reached town" on "Thursday night, and re-
," ports general conditions    throughout
his territory as good. -    „
^Alberta Fire Boss' Association will
meet on Saturday night, ' May 20th,
at • 7.30. p.m.,  in the- Imperial Hotel,
'Prank, and* will meet at. the same
place every four weeks thereafter un-
, til further notice.
Peter McLean left on Wednesday
morning to join A. McLean, near
Cranbrook, where they start the first
of a aeries of cottages for the, C.P. R.
"There are lonely hearts to cherish
While,the days are going by."      '    *
, ,.We regret to learn that A.' H. Cree,
of" the firm, of, Cree and Moffatt, was
.„' compelled Tb undergo an operation on
Thursday, but .from latest* reports lio
is progressing as favorably* as can be
expected under the circumstances,
The Socialist, party of Canada is
busy these days." Next Sunday in the
basement of the Miners' Hall, J. D.
Houston, of Winnipeg, late parliamentary candidate for the party, will
, speak. The lecture is entitled:
"Ruled,, Fooled and Robbed," and a
big crowd is expected, as" Mr. Houston
• is. ,a .clear, "convincing, and ^logical
speaker. ,. Meeting at 8 sharp.
To Mr. and Mrs.,A. Lorlmer, a dau-
gther. Mother and child doing splendidly. • This latest addition to . the
family has been .* named, - Elizabeth
Marshall Lorimer.-   7  -
* The music -was faultless Ramfeay s
Orchestra supplied assisted by Prof.
Zaccaro with, a pleasing interlude by"
Prof. Thompson—the floor ideal—the
decorations tasteful—the collation acceptable—the presentation popular,
and the speeches both_ ithy and pertinent—participants pleased. All in all
it was a, most enjoyable event and the
members of theDaricin^, Assembly are and"enjoy great praise for
'the able manner in which this and pre-
vious functions have been so ably carried out. ' .
Dave' Kennedy, retiring Assistant
City Clerk and sec-treas. of the Assembly expressea real surprise and gratification when Chief McDougal presented him with a timely token, of
esteem for services rendered ,ln the
shape1 of a beautiful watch and in a
few well'chosen remarks conveyed the
best wishes*of his colleagues.
Ono feature of the evening's entertainment (?)' was a hurry-up call to a-
fire alarm sent in from box 36 which
created quite' a -consternation among
a number present, as lt was at* first
thought that it was the Hospital, but
but later found that the number was
from Kennedy & Mangan's vicinity and
upon arrival it was discovered that it
was a Dominion Day bonfire celebration on the part of the'Clty Council.'
' When the last whirr was played the
crowd dispersed thoroughly satisfied
with the event and many were the expressions of regret tbat Davie was leav.
ing town, and Whao'the best wishes
of the entire community that he may
prosper wherever he may go.
The musical lovers who attended the,
1    -   *■ '        t r.
concert givenVon- Wednesday in the
Methodist Church* are loud in their
praises of the performers,' and it is re-
grettablethat'in consequence of othei;
events happening on* that night the attendance was-riot large.,.,   . :
Of H." Ruthven McDonald it is needless to say more than that.he,was ih
splendid voice, as his reputation is now
so welf established tbat further com-
^ment than this 'Is'unnecessary;-'',< Miss
Flora Lacdonald is the possessor of
a most charming voice and it is'confidently expected that if she remains in
musical circles she will attain great
prominence therein, as.her notes are
"pure, sweet,'full of volumo and timbre, and accompanied by a'grace of
expression that is simply captivating,
we bespeak for her, a great future.
I. O. 0.k F. 92nd ANNIVER8ARY
On Sunday evening at 7.30, April
'23rd,-- the -members' - of- Mount Fernie
I. O: O. **_., 'No...47, Esther Rebekah
lodge and afew-.vlsltlng brethern from
Hosmer, totalling'84, attended divine
service held in Mount" Olivet'Baptist
Church; commemorative of > the 92nd
anniversary of the organization. 4
'- Tho ROV. D: M. -Thomson preached*
a sermon appropriate to the occasion,
likewise special music was .rendered
hy -the choir. '■".■' - ' ■• -        .,-* - '- •• •
Received at, W. A. Ingram's Cigar
Store: "'-/"*,' • -7-1
...'.  n.  •    - - 'P. H.'E.
Seattle*-;.'..'.'.....'...... '.*.*"•■ -3-U   2
Portland ./.'..- .*".-...'.'..-   0-2,0
Batteries:'Seaton and Shea;'.Garret$.
and Harris.   ■ •••■ '     -' 7    -
'" .  -'       - - ft. TI. E.
Spokane . 7 .,.....:... " -8 Ily **
Victoria"....'..'...... •*,••••• ..7 ■V'-V'S'
-Batteries: Kraft", Strand and.Hasty;,
Thomas," Sage" and Dash-wood.-,■,-■_ ...
• .• r.. ,'.-•• I-.- :,-■-' '•.-*. ...R.>*w.-.E.
Vancouver -.'.'.-.*..... •*-• -'• •>'«•' 2 -_*»"-l
Tacoma:'V.:-.*.;r.v.'.-.:-»V;.*..'...-71 *6.. 3
":BatterieB:rErickBon and Lewis ;-.Sch-
mutz and- Devogt'.',,-'f '   .- -y-   . y/..;.
Did the Moulin "rouge or was the
Moulin '-'rouge," is a grammatical conundrum that has.been propounded and
Its answer we leave to those who were
in attendance at* the performance of
the widely heralded comic opera ,"The
Moulin.Rouge" given In the.Grand Thea
tre on Wednesday night, when, this
well.known .resort was packed,, from
floor to ceiling.. . There' was a wealth
of scenery and the costumes were.gorgeous,. although, some of the. wearing
apparel', was decidedly' "apocapated",'
the-singing was ..mediocre, but    the
comedian was all round decidedly In" a
class by himself..,-. The Apache dances
and the .scenes in the den of these
terrors of Paris where .the conversation..!.!) "wascarled-on exclusively in
sign language, * extremely bizarre. .
'. There were, no, particularly.-noticeable quips or jokes aiid the objections
to Its'presentation must have originated, largely from the perusal of press
.notices,>as-it-Ib*not a whit inore.'.'ris-
iqu-5" than other,, plays of like order.
fear of wounding, vanity, we are not
a whit wiser .than they and should hide
our shame, but "our egotism
.and are ignorance are about on a par
and .we permit ourselves to be"hypnotised into -the belief that -we-&ro°y
chosen people,' while allowing' a condition of .triarchy to prevail throughout civilization, despite the fact that
we.'havo the power within our grasp
to. make an attempt at least for oni-
emancipation. ' .;
...Napoleon-the First is credited.with
having said, ""Let China alone in her
slumbers, because if once'disturbed
she' possesses the force capable of
overwhelming Europe."
Regardless-of the suggestions, heedless'of warning's;..*a,market
found for'the surplus values created
and the Napoleons of finance irresls-
tably compelled to go farther afield
in the pursuit of purchasers were factors " that have released the Oriental
Frankenstein from his age-old slumbers, and once thoroughly aroused the
prophecy of'the'prisoner "of St. Helena
is fulfilled.''.      '      {.    ,
The various.European countries had
invaded South and (Central America,
and India In order to dispose of their
wares, but;w|th the exception of certain concessions granted to the East
India Company China "was a terra incognita,, but,'it' was,not until 1842, because of hei*. governments opposition to
the opium irafflc.that she was taught
a severe .lesson by" "the" British because
of: her heinous _?)" 'crime in attempting to obstruct the'/'Divine Right of
Commerce.'^'and subsequently opened
five^Brltish (Influence.
Rapidly, ,tjie. Oriental, j whose mimicry is proyJBfb'ial', has acquired", knowledge of clvlllzedi;'(!)V tactics and is
making gre%t;-strides towards beating
bis" teachers,.':& 'their • own' game."
Manchuriju*v grown wheat Is ground
at native labor." Steel
rails, are expiofted to' San. Francisco,
Pork to Great Britain, Eggs to Canada,
and.the" trensitipn.-trom an Importing
nation ,to. that, of an exporter, heretofore 'monopolized-b'y, the white race
makes Jhe''iYellow^iPe•rll,' loom up with'
sinister' e*_%t^to~ the ylBlon
into "the'perpetual-slavery of the,in:
dustrial oligarch, is something at which
whole':vpast cries  i_';.protest.. rl The
common "man is worthy of a better, u-
ture.'.or else he is riot worthy'of,tthe
past/'"'"'    '* ',"-""    7** :','JjJ\ ''\[
. The picture thus vividly painted may
appear. pessimistic tb those; who >nly
live~tor to-day, satlsfying.-themselves
with.*an after-me-thVdeluge .-c'omplac--
ency,' yet we would'ask our soi-disanf
economists, strong iri; their espousal
of the ISNESS of-things to.'point out
wherein the deductions are .erroneously .reached.    Though the .present may
befraught with many t*rials>nd'tribulations, as society"mbves'onwa"rd;.har-
assed by conflicting elements;,,  the
.frantic struggles of capital's -votaries
for the retention of power, the apathy
and, ignorance of:" the * great masses',
these all .portend that though  .the
pains of travail may be excruciating,
out of'them will emerge a saner system than ever was. - Not a .finality,
because this°is a synonym of decad*-
once,  but  an  ever  active unfolding
whereby man  may  realize that his
purpose of existence is not a. mere
grovelling to provide himself with the
means to  perform' animal  functions
only, but, the cultivation offhis higher
and better nature to the end that he
may become compared; to what he is
foots Mist !f$ii|m
-r*., . i-vi.^-?. ~»T
,.,*-••   _*7-  . LIMITED  ,;v.*
The Store of Good Values
Increase the purchasing power of your dollar by,1
; trading here,'and .take advantage of.-.the; special
,. grocery- valuesi offered for, Saturday selling.
Sunlight and-Lifebuoy'Soap/'-o bats-/J-l;^'...
. Staon Blaek>nd Tan.Shpe Polish, 4 tins _:-,
Ogilvie.'s'Cream Rolled Oats, 8 lb. bags;....
Flower and Vegetable. Seeds', 12 Jpkts. ....
- Sheriff's Jelly Powders, ,4* pkts.;..... .7.
Noel 's Glass Jars Potted Meats, Fish and Game
.7    15c. each '-'
■•.**     jrv
."-"  ' X
■ li'^i
today an0 hsignificant pygmy — ^
towering mentalglant, enjoying "Freedom", in its widest amplification.
Second Hand
- \W\vni furnish your home.or any* particular .-
room on the Easy Payment plan.,   '"     »,.. * •
-" A cash1 deposit and regular weekly or .monthly
payments'for the balance as best suits your, con- '*
vehience. " >>- • r r ''  /.'       ";v* \; _ ' %.,J '
i tt
" _
ii _■
t     ' n'J
: In1* aimos^everyfcity-visited—by-
"marvelous "Mental" and his company
of eleven * entertainers return dates
have been- the; re quest. *"• The newspapers arid .public -are'-loud in
their praise of the clever work of this
strange man. Many scientific hypnotic tests such as bloodless surgery,
hypnotics statuary, and burying- subjects for days underground, which other hypnotists daro not, will be
seen here, as well as forty-five minutes
of comic hypnotism each night. Prof.
Mental ls also making a great hit with
his mlnd-readlng, some wonderful work
being done ln this line. Flvo weeks
In Vancouver'Is tho record of this company.
Quite ■ recently -, we • received. .a;. com-.
■ munication from jth-e.Cjbina. F«ni?e Relief .Committee1 of .Toronto, sp'liciting .relieve.'thc.famine. stricken
inhabita-rits, of the, provinces, of Anhui
and XrangBU.' r An, awful • picture -of
of the
civilized .'(!) = capltaji^t. . Truly _. they
have sown ttie,wind' and aro reaping'
thotwhirlwlnd, but this/is the'inevitable 'sequel.'^'capftalls'lie developmerit,
and th^iigli )t" Wy te ^temporarily ar'-;
rest-fid", -fpr "a. bi^ef * period. cannot be^
■Btppppd:,.,.^.^- q. ..rJ, .     ;   ,,
Japan provejl, "the excellence of her
European education, by the seizure* of
Cor'ea" and^ with Chiina marching swifts
ly ip he;c.footsteps;'a Monroe' d'oetrlrie-
for the." 6rient'is(-lik.1y,t0 oe,^!!©^!;'
edjn___je. n'ot.'distant^ uture^'"
Highest: Price. Paid;:
For,   Secondhand';-Furniture,   Stoves,
Tools,'etc., -also "Ladles' and Gentle-
rnori'* Cast-off "Clothes'. "*.     ' '"     "_
.*■    -  ■    (.•„ " ._,.-' .:■.*;,• ., :h * ; ■. »"""'
■ Twr. chair. Ba.rbjii: Outfit for Sale..;
_G.'RADLAND. Prop.
,    ,,- .i/.j. '.-. .*•   > r-,.-A
We ;
Do rata
J: ptetttyraax
r dothe* itaada
to euiaef   -
v t
•: * FOR ' RENlVFivo.1 Rooifl'f-Cottage.
Afeply,' -"W.'-'Minton, -Annex.-"*-1 '• .'Jl-B
North-West League
!'  :;<... .•*■** \-
Spokane  a,
Seattle ..._"..   ,7
Vancouver '.  ...... 5
Victoria  ? •
Tacoma    3 .
Portland  , •  2
A rognlar mooting of tho City Council was held in tho City Hall on Thursday night, whon tho principal Items
that wero brought forth woro: The ap*
pointment of Willis Ross to succood
David Konnedy, retiring na Assistant
City Clerk.
It was docldod  to mako  arrangements rolallvo to tho operating of tho
Pornlo Steam Laundry, so that lho best
intorost of tho municipality, could be
•consorvod.   Orants woro mado of $100
to tho Salvation Army Dand, S200 to
tho City Dand, and $200 to tho Udlos*
Ronovolont Socloty.    Tho quostion of
support to tho Doard ot Trade was
considered, but owing to existing conditions It wan docldod to defer sny action until thoro   had boon'a reuump-
' Hon ot work In the mines, and the restoration of business to a normnl basts,
Discussion arose relative lo the Fire
Dopartmont equipment, und the practical tOBts to Bhow tho efficiency was
put Into oporation by starting a flro
noar Howland   nnd  Thompson's  nnd
Bonding nn alarm from Ilox 3(1, which,
as tho arranxomontB  had  all hoon
mado socrotly, camo nn n vory unwol-
como BtirprUo to lho mombors of tho
Flro Dopartmont, who woro In attendance at tho danco at Bruce's Hnll.
'Dr. S.' Bonnell, who was recently
elected a member of the British,Columbia Medical. Association, loft ovor
the Great Northern on TueBday morning for Victoria, whero he'will confer
with Dr. Fagan, Provincial Health Officer relative to the Improvement, of
sanitation ln Michel and othor points
that aro under Dr', Bonnell's.'supervision.    .
-Whilo In tho capital city he will attend the'session of the Medical Association when a number of subjects
of interest to tho profession twlll bo
discussed and a roport of the. proceedings will appear in our columns
lator. '•"   '
*      THEM NOW
Tho Intermediate Baseball Club wan
organlzod on Tuesday ovoning lii tho
Club Cigar Store', nnd with tho following enthusiasts as offlcoro the fans can
bo asHurod of good, clean sport;
Hon. President—W. R.' Wilson'.
President—Dr. Wrlgglosworth. -
Sec.-TroaB.--W. A. Ingram.
Managor—F. W. llrown.
Captain—Jas, McDougall.
The first try-out for this soiiBon call*
ed for April 30, 3 p.m.. when Fntor«
modlatoB vs. Coal Croek will furnlBh
tho play. Everybody welcome, so
como and help oncounigo tho game.
Ilrlng your lungB nlong.
Hnnd will bo In nttr-ndanco,
While on Strike
3 Fruit Ranch
and Own Your Job
Wo cnn ficDyoiilUni-jiJ _»u nwinifiHwiiiio hn-..
hliori*- of Kootonay I.nlc_ wlndi if you take i-nrc. of
for fivo yctm it will lnko curi! of you for Uie vest of
your dnyH. We hnvo two exf-i'llont. sub-diviHioin <>u
tlio Kn«t Hide of the Kootonay Lnke, ono luilf-niile
from jM-.*a iiCl'i*.*.', aUH'ti unii ntcamlioftt liitulinB, •.•*:
coletit him. nn*l <*n«iJy ch-ixrcA nnd woll wntcrcil: Ir-nnsj Kpcr-tnl in*/I*u<*«**i«i-nt lo fnmUii-a with
spIiooT ■flnlilrt'-.n.
Lindsay Launch 8_ Boat Co.
Room 8, Griffin Block, Nelson, B. C.
tottering babies, boys and girls clad in
rags_jf j_iad*-at ail—are,'about'.everywhere; • old men and women hobble
about leaning upon sticks for" support,
or,ilo bj. the.way-jlde, tlieir eyes staring up in mute. appeal. Many thousands have.-.perished, and it* is estl-
piated that.oyer a,million -will die unless help,is Iipmedlately, sent.'
,. "One Dollar, and Fifty Cents wl?l
save , a, human life.", „c6ntributione
may bo sent to S. J. Moore, 445 King
Street, West, Toronto..    ■ ....
Why should, such condltlops exls!;?
Because thoro Js a dearth of natural
resources may rbov.sententlouBly„replied, and Immediately thereafter dismissed from the mind as the Alpha and
Omega of an explanation, This Is
not an explanation, but either nn excuse, tho product* of1 Intellectual laid*
ne«B or an apathy born of a full
stomach that has nover experienced
tho necessity* :of tightening* a belt to
stave • off the inner rumblings. -    *
If tho conditions described ■ wero
limited'-to.-China there would bo n
hotter understanding for.ltB-exUtonoo,
but It Ib common knowlodgo that po'v.
orty, mlsory, degradation, vlco and all
kindred evils aro rampant throughout
tho olvtllWod .(!). world, and tho only
stop-gap—Charity I . TJio hollowneso
of'this .word and Its application as a
panacea*.for, humanity's, needs Is in
Itfiolf-tho most sweeping Indictment
that laid at tho door of nations
that'havo tho offrontry to proon themselves upon their Intellectuality.
Theso poor Btnrvlng dwellers upon
tho earth must Arouuo, sympathy no
matter whero thoy may be locatod, be-
caiiBo ovon to tho Bolfish man II hurts
hia feelings to noto tho suCfni'lngs of
others If ho bo not entirely calloused
mentally, nnd In thnt caso Iin Ih nn
Millions of dollars worth of merchandise nro bolng exported from China nn-
pually and among those wo noto quito
nn appreciable amount Is roprosontod
by food Bluffs, nnd yot llioy who lmvo
produced thoso noccBsnrloH of lifo nro
dying In tho most abject mlsory and
oven tho most smug faced hypoerlny
r-nntiot chnrgo thoir woob to drink,
thrlfllpsflnoRB, to high living, bocauso
tho remuneration (If by Bitch a word
It. may. bo classified) Ib so pitiably
small liml a fow conts dally roiirosoiit
It. Wo may havo some conception of
the mtw-rfliJlo exist-jiito moy tmo oui
vWlt'll    ii.    _       CaJtbi'    ti.lii   i-UiiXlHUiiDlr'U
that ir,0 cents u-l|l save a humnn life
■And Hto--- mmt noco.maDiy ho costs
entailed In tho collocllng nnd disbursing the funds obtained.
iXixitiii 'tiiiXi limi.-i ii.v.<A. A^iwii* i.a,'iv_
not a word to nny about tho nslnlno
stupidity of a peoplo who produco t>o
much that thoy starve to donth nnd
become objects of charity whilo awaiting tho means of succor lo como from
othor Inndn. This lln« of nctlon Is
by no means limited to tho "heathen
Chinon,' hot nrovnlln wherever King
CheapJjibor pperating upon the most"
up;.to;dato rm'-acix^e*ry Is the ideal of
th^.p/om-takeriiregardlossof race or
color.' and'Jalthough those' who hav©
introduced^ tho..nfogresslve spirit may
reap advantages' iri the early stages
of development'^ is not long ere they
are superseded^ by^ native, talent. The
following.!from Jack London: "Question of the Maximum" is'pertinent to
the subject,;un^er'co(n8ideration:
"Japan, whp< but yesterday emerged
from the medieval rulo of the Shogu-
nate and aaized;in one fell swoop the
scientific, kriowjeilge and  culture of
the, Occident, Jb already showing today, .what; wls^pmahe has acquired ln
the, production of surplus value 'anil'lB
preparing'herself, that'she may, tomorrow .play' the part to Asia, that
England dlcl, t^Eurppe 100 yean. ago.
Her Imports, iritp N.owchang" In' 1891
amounted to" but^M.OOO taols. but In
1807  tbey had,. "Increased  to  280,000
taelB..' Jn.manpfactured goodfl, from
marches,' watcheB hnd clocka to the
rilling Htoek'of'railways,''Bho hh' already given !alifi! Bhoclca" to hiircom'-
peti^ors' lii'the^Aslatlo' rinirkots. and
this,whUo,,ph© it Virtually yet'ln the
eauipmenfr'atiigofof production. . V . .
Lord' Clmrloa ",P,oreBford Bfiya:' "But
competitlpn.jB, tei)lnisi adverBoly; the
energy'6^'Uio British morchant Ib bolng! ,oqun|iod by,,othor..nationalities,
,   ., V. '.   .". 'Tlio boinpotltlon of tho
Chlnei^o'a^d tho Introduction of atoam mo.hIbo combining to
produco .changed conditions In China."
' But tar moro 'o'minbufl Ib the plaintive note he squndB whon ho BnyBt
"Now Industries must bo oponod up,
and I would especially direct the attention of tho Chambers of Commerce
(British) to  ,   .".'.  .  the fact that
the moro tho native compotes with tho
DfltlBh manufacturer In cortaln classes
of trado, tho mprb mnchlnory ho will
noed, nnd tho orders for suoh mnchlnory will como to tills country If our
machinery mnnufacturors nro onlor-
prlHlng onough."
An analysis of Lord tyoroBtord'H mes-
cngo to lho Chambers of Commorco
discloses flrut, that the Knot Is beginning to manufacture for Itsolf, and
aocond that thoro Ib promlso of koon
competition In tho WoBt for tho prl-
vllcgc of Belling tho roqulrod rnnoh-
Tho Inexorable query firUoB: WHAT
 , « ^ r- r. -.»»tT-r*»»*- t^. tt * rt
Iim   till.   l.l.O*     i*J  *'\J    ,,....,,   ♦.    ,..-.-
vrnNinniri"! tittg; mahh .f.hy?
And whon riot only tho Bnnt. but
all tho now undeveloped countries confront, with surplus products In their
hands, tlto old" Industrial nations, capl-
i   i.'   if ^i    ,u,«   «»ltt   .iivr**-   n*fiftiAil
!.>* -.-.«'■)'.       y fc1rf'*l__.*'*1   _*_ »k        Jl-.*-
Its maximum developments
Wheli capitalistic production has attained. Its maximum development It
must confront a dividing of tho ways,
and lho strength of capital on the
one band, and tho oducatlon and wisdom, of tho workora on tho other, will
di-termlnf- which path sOdcly Is fo
! -/FOR' RENT—Helnt'zman','Parlora",.
Minfefs' 'Block/either'whole'6r *part'-o<
Fernie7B_,;C,.:;.,. . ..,.■:,-,.., - ,-:-t;-,... .
> Fit-Reform ,. Special
; Order.Scrvlcela^main- ■..'
y talned • fot, .those,. who
?[ demand Individual designing and tailoring.:,,; 7,v .-•**;.',
'..,*..;':   .S,^-v-.-,\ \, .   ^ii.ya   '-';      .* *;
We are able to offer you something
which you cannot obtain in any other
- tailoring establishment in Cwada~*he  '
services', of^this.!,cley<|tejit deslgAe*^, and
f.-f tho most ;«xi«*rt* tailors. ■•*■ ttp^pynUy.
... '» < ,_'ij _,vU'
•"'20; Acres pf" fineLaridjat ^O.pef
acre, covered with tamaracj and* cedar;
Also one1-half-a'cre\ibtr'*|i5()ii-Apply,
J. -McLau^hlan, West Fernie.     38^1
^lyANTED^Glfl "for. general. huscJe-
work for Hosmer Hospital.",' Must he
good, cook; wages satisfactory.'' For
particular's.apply Ledger Office.'
Fernie arid district ] for .the Colonial
Investment Company,-and' Is prepared
to "advance money on business block*,
at a reasonable rate ,of -Interest. *
a p*r J"i'A JWrw.
;v*. ;TOi RENT-^Twb^ Ne^i rrie.wlyp|aster-
'twb-rbomed* Houaes'j/.wbod' shed arid
w.c. for, each; good well^closq by. Apply, Robt Wright, West Fernie.' 32-4tp
- -     ',',•<.,'' <■■■ :  ,'„■.._■ ._»	
Live Man or Woman wanted for
work • at, home, paying, ,|2,00. or; 13.00
per day with opportunity to advance.
Spare'tltnorndy'bo used,, Work not
difficult* and requires no'"experience,
Winston", Limited, >. Spadlna   Avopue,
Toronto. ,, 82-5t
• ■ „■ * f > ■*■"•*•'-1 ■.„:,-■,;.'	
AiOrw.     y^JiZ''
Special Order Department
:.       ;:   ■ '.; J«H^-;:<:^Z\y^psy-'
inUca you to get exactly what you want Vn styl*.
**■*.      -_.ta._.'•-■■        T,"ri> '  if' J,'*'"'*,',".     .•'■''•i.'."(!-- Miti -C "z-
rat andjfit. •,,*>,;   ,,  '„vv \ \ i Ov-.' t\\ **\ Q* v\. *;* -
•'>'•„ ,y <jyyyytiyj. hy \\y} \)*yy*ty-r-
Every''speW 'praer,'''fo«i'' toi, U» Fit-Reform
f designer wid 'ls\nui4e'>p undw'his *f*Msr^onal
^ stip-enrlbloii.  - '"'-!r":'"":. '-
Yon make1 selections ftom hundreds of
choke patterns, _r*m tht leading
mills.'of, England, Scotland *ani$
, Ireland.-1 -.-■ •'.,-.- .,*• <•■ .;.,..-..-..«■
. • .■■,•,■••,'_.... -\yr ,'-*,- -. •'■.'.•.,»,■
W« guarantee the fit-Just
m we guarantwi fabrics'
, and tailoring, f, T.')■"• -< •
F6R''SAL_--'Rhubarb'' R6ots; J|1.B0
por dozen, or $0 por 100", Cabbage
Plants, BOc'.'pcr lOoV ' Caiillflbwor, Jl
per 1007 At *]. MoLaughllnB,, W[oBt
Fornio.* :*"■ -rM >y    •' $ * .'.8Mt '
• WANTEI>—Llve manvof woman fpr
work Rt homo paying J2.00, or $3.00 i>or
day" with7opportunity; to ; ji-lvanco,
Spare tlmo.can* bo usod,- Wprk not
difficult nnd roquiroB 'no oxp6rlonce.
Winston, Limited, -Spadlna Avonuo,
Toronto. 30-4
WANTED TO 8ELL nn Intorent In
Two Conl Mining, Claims adjoining
tho Corbin Conl properties, To . n
mnn who Is n goologUt, 'conl pronpoc-
tor, nlao n qualified coal mlno Btipor-
Intondont, thin Ib a good offer to a
hustler with capital., Tho proporty Is
partly developed; hn« cabins, dump
enr, stool mils, tools nnd trulls cut
over tho property; wagon troll ono
mile long, twenty foot wt(]o from railroad to camp, Open (or Inspection;
comfortnblo cabin; good food; no
trlflnrs or agents, • Wrlto Uox 28li,
Spokano, Wnsh,, TJ. B. A.
.Write fo< stapler
. utdsel*trnieaa_r«*>j
- you Uye at •
distance from
the Wardrobe.
The Crow's Nest Trading G>.
Sole AficnH in Ferme
Capital alts cwlhroncd, holt nionnrrhyjlrnvcl.    Tho proemton of the aros
republic or military despotism.    Wo! has marked not only tho rise ot man,
might extend pity lo these unfortun- ■ but the rise of the fomnion raan.
ate* who *o r-ucently emerged from | From tlm chattel slave, or the serf
fn.di.Hiwi, tM whfn to doing ought j fbalnwl to the soil, to the highest
tn-havo nrtibln-r Imd than ronlompt!seats in modern society he haa risen
for lho*. win* flatter ihcbselvt-s; rung by rung, nmtrt tho cmmWing o«
llioy aro fnicltu'iiinl superiors to fhos. i tho dhlnr- right of king*, and the
"benlghtf-iV almund^yed gentry. .trash of falling sceptres. That, li-**
Though loth to acknowledge U. for j has done ihls,enly In tho end to p**«
1*ni1rp-*»nrt<»nt, flnrree flnrdnns, adjoining lho beautiful now city park
now bolng Boomed by Cnlgary from thc
Government Is tlio finest Market
Garden proposition In Alborln todny.
Vour ti-i'ir't'i-if Ir cXono nt hnnd. Tbe
land has boon thoroughly tostod, and
has plivcn highly satisfactory. Tho
prlcos on' Mnrkot Garden produco hro
high and the occupation Is vory'pro
filnble while tho work ls light;
' You can get no hotter Investment.
•Work yoiirsolt nnd get nil Iho profit.
In ten acre tracts, prlco Is $160.00
p«r acre. Terms: Quarter cash, balance over four years. ,. *
We have only 21 tract* left, ' You
should DO IT NOW.
Ask us' about City property, poultry raising farms in all parts of the
pr-fl .tare and l>u*liifcn» opw-iiiM. Wo
have tbem.
HOR.S'ER CO, Calgary. Alta.    <JWfi
Touch up the Walls
of Your Home
Now flint ViiiRtor hnnprtRKod n\v\ yon hnvo'hnd
your now cont nnd lint, givo your wnlla a cont of
_»i   _»Wi   w    ft^k    P   p PL^-Jr $^%   •w'^ _T^_   _B*"
VV cXIi   JL  CtpCl
* IT
Ovur 25 now stylet imd colors to oIioorg from.
Bordors nud Coilinga to matcli. DoHigriH most
attractive and &urc to please.   Just have a look
Come in and inspect our new stock
Hardware J.  Dt   QUAIL   Furniture
-  *,,.


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