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7 ' "'**
Censures }ffi
y*.'y*^7"   ::;i"7;v  , -*77-v.-   '-*^>- ,. .--.    ,,ry "7 .
v       Defeated'of% Course^ >S
"*, ■£"
EDMONTON, "Fob.-, 12.-i-;C.f- M.* MrSHea\hcote,"was an*old;man;'' and
, •; O'Brien, Socialist mombor.for* Rocky
* '- Mountain, establlshe'd-a-new record in
-.' 7 the":provincial legislature TTtoday... He
* -wrested frbm.R. B."Bennett thecham-
.    ; pionshlpMie latterJba's.held for;the
last *. two' .years,"** any the "'.'longest
, winded -"" orator,' of: - the" •> local, house;
•,, • Qn7 the.'  occasion yi-,bf yBonnet's
3 memorable . ,speech,7:h-e7 addressed
» 7, the house,, for "five->and~ a7 half hours'
, .(af the time of the A^and'G. W: \dls-
',. cus'slony-yy* ']yy'.\~yyr^'\.   * -"7,
_ £-'V. Today.O'Brlen-started speaking,at
...  T'half past four.-, Hehad the floor at six
'/7'and resumed-at eight* and wassstill
*"";;- speaking :when7JMr.'*-Sifton,'moved .ttio'
-"^adjournment- of- the^house , at-*half-
7--. parvt twelve". ..Tomorrow,, he will con"-"-
7 ' tinue.' *'. / -><*-' '.y,: ;.       .', i y^r Sr;~.~~..s
; -'<-y  The- subject of "hls'spee'ciy Is tho
*  *"*"*.>resolution..he" has;moved7 censuring
*'-ythe' government- for" not' havlng.^pro;
'. - secuted-in:,the,case of-the Bellevue
,   ^mlne disaster, December 9, 1910rtWlien
.   y 31 men. lost,their lives., 7 'yy j; •>.'"
y'". OlBrieii .has, his '"de"sk.'cover&i; with
,f documents'; and .'a' large" part\of;! his
7*> remarks, consist.In the reading,.of -re-
v   . ports of Dominion ExpertsiIodso'n,'Pfb-
i,.vinclal .Mine Inspector. Heathcote and
. 7 "other-officials ln-connectlori*>vith'the
* ■ Bellevue mine.*-,- He Is/also delving
' -into'the evidence, given-, at-.the core-'
„ ner's, Inquest, held shortly, after .the
tragedy.   -" '*   \y: - ,<„-.-•' j :\   -y >.   .
,'' \ Shortly before midnight O'Brien suggested the adjournment of the debate,
.-. -*-but the premier, hoping- lo finish^ at
.."" the'sItting*swould-not consent until it
* ^'appeared that"it might require an all
,<'-'night session,.the.houso rose, y •„
-   .."O'Brien's motion,* of'censure is sec-
ondedyby-Johh Kemmls of. Plncher
7  .Creek. •*-,■);>y,\ -:" ,.-\*--i *,y    ^-%
■ *.-    Mr. -'O'BrlenJirral'gned ,the' premier
'""■-.•who he, said'prophesied a coal mine
7 'commission" in ■ December,' 1910,* and
7 had,, not'yet appointed .that    board.
: * *, There. -was, no' reason why;, ttils' com-
'"-''■mission;should,' not have* been.',ready
• vj-to report'to. the'house before„the .pre-
7 vsent time. -"."Then the jiew mining" law
could --**be • passed*. In- conformity > with'
Jt-   i    "i—      j  ^<**m - -■     ■     ■      .     __. ..      7.   .    •
■■"■'    ;;,-'-. Death.Rate in Albertav       --,.;•
■ *   He'quoted' f'lgrues to "show"'that "the
■ death.'rato for'underground* workers
. "Ih Alberta'-"was greater .than' In B.-' C,
, t-Nova"^'Scotia, -the .United'Statesyor,
;"" Great Brltajij^whilft modernjnacblnox'y
was belng'BecuVed for,th'c'm6al1nlrit!'s;
** of AlbertaA modern, safety*- appllancos
,; were being'.-"neglected.;.yHe>; claimed"
* .that the,,Crow's Nest,mine Inspector,
-while competent," should not have been
placed on the hardest Inspectorate ln
tho province,* when younger men were
available.-* - He "claimed that -, the
amendments which he had offered to
the "house in 1910, In. connection* with
the'eoal, mine ach would have, remedied conditions, which he-alleged were
the' cause'of'disaster. ,-. ** 7, ' - .-
.*,. EDMONTON,*;,.Alta.; Feb. '13.—The
legislature' this.afternoon' defeated the
resolution of O'Brien,* the .Socialist
member,- condemning the government
for hot having "prosecuted the offenders (iu" connection with Bellevue mine
"disaster/ -/.All the Conservatives'voted
with the government, and the Socialist
member *for -Rocky-Mountain "'was' the
lone supporter pf tho motloln.' "7;
'■ :'■ Tills' afternoon \O'Brien''concluded
his;speech of over seven hours', dura-
' tlpn;*:.'-'-In-hls* closing, remarks he
said he did not accuse the. government
of.-.falling to "prosecute -on account of
politics, because' the ^mlne niariage-
ments which he criticised .were Conservatives,-both in federal-and'provincial politics.- y a 7 -~ • • -,y
•, Mr. Sifton replled^brlefly congratulating Mr. O'Brien,on the comprehensive presentation and work of research
he had* done qn behalf, of his constituents. He could not agree, however,
•with many of ,^his Conclusions. His
speech had; unintentionally' proved
that th,e inspectors-,were: doing their
best to have the law-carried out, ,as
, voluminous "correspondence showed.
The premier quoted figures to show
that in one year B.'C.'had many more
mining disasters than -Alberta, despite
Mr. O'Brien's,statement.'-'-The duty
of the government was to ,take every
precaution ta. safeguard the" lives, and
this was done. • The Attorney-General's5 department had made' the .fullest
Investigation ajj'd ,-had ■ even -held 'a
secondytaquesl at-the request- of' the"
miners.' -. • The premier .said he personally'had gone over all,the.correspon-,
dence' and evidence and thereJwas nothing on,which tho Attorney-General's
;deB_a-*4tment^ould_*i'asftiaifi-harfee ~	
british;mine owners^
\, - challengeTa: fight
., Dry Stewart,. Lethbridge, eald .the
premier's-replyiTyasr'salisfactory/!* He
would like, to'kndw,-, however.7. why'a
commissionvwas' not, appointed. - /*"
<; The'premier replied that ^'dolay -was
owing-,to -the strike*- last,;* summer."
"Wftenever^he -house .rose -.th©/ appoints
ments-would be*m'ado.,-'",7 V? -v***A' •'
f. After Riley and.Tweodle had asked
soveral questions,the vote.'was..taken
and tho* resolution' was defeated. .,'-•'
Favorable ! Labor
-    - Sought-
.-' Recently ^a ■ dolegaMon from tho B.
C. Federation of, Labor .called-upon
'Premier McBrido in Victoria.   Among
,.tho questions tnkon-up' with Premlor'
McBrldo'and his 'cabinet colleagues
woro:   -, Bottor fncSllties' for placing
" electors on municipal voters' list; abo-
'lltlon'i of-property   qualification,  for
'founlolpal office; nclult suffrage In nil
elections , and abolition of .provincial
oloctlon deposit; abolition of poll tax;
. increase-In" remuneration of jurymen
, to ?5 por day; a law making compul-
«. sory payment of wngos ln legal.ton-
dor; fortnightly^ pay day ln all lndus-
trlos; compbnsatlon-for <tlrao lost In
. waiting for wagos duo; eight hour day
;"nnd six day wook In "all Industries;'
> complaint ro long hours ot omployo'os
on Intorurban lines of B, 0. E. Railway; law providing for examination
for plumbers!  raising exemption of
- Incomo tax to $2,000;  extension of
froo text, books; amendment to school
act to prevent minora soiling,pupors;
-, Roparato schools for' Asiatics;  commission for lnvostlgatlon-of working
conditions ln mines andjjrlco of .coal;
taking ovor of B. C, tolophono system;
extension of health act providing for
Inspection ot all foods; examination
•for. electrical ond compressod. nlr on-
glnoorn; uniformity lu construction of
nil hoists; bottor safoty appllancos for
foundries and' smelters; stricter enforcement of tho Boiler    Inspection
Act; protest against subsidised Imml-
, oration,   particularly   tho   Salvation
Army; rules nnd regulations for - tlio
.distribution ot electrical onorgy; redistribution boforo oloctlon; re-enact-
mont of Natal Act;  amendment to
Inhoritnnco Act securing to widows n
rightful portion of tholr deceased husband's ostnto; ondorsaUon of amond-
montB proposed by District 28, United
Mlno Workers mlno Inspectors to bo
elected by tho minors; glory holes and
open cuts to bo brought undor tho
Mlnos* Inspection   Aol. complaint of
employment of Asiatics on Canadian
Northern Railway construction; bettor
enforcement of tinnUnry regulations In
lumbor and construction camps; unemployed problem In British- Calun-w
bin; extension of provisions of Work*
i.   r>.        ...   ii i , i   i.      m  i    .
' frlfls and to all building* roKardlnaa nf I
case of'death from $1,500 to.$3,000'and
weekly -Indemnity from maximum of
$10 tomlnlmum of $10. .Jn tho course
of a two-hour Interview with the'exe-
cutlvo council. the members of tho
Federation -executive spok'o \ to " tho
questions alloted. ■- In reply to President. Wilkinson, Premier McBrido "stated* that tho representations would bo"
dealt with at a special meeting of "the
government^ executive,, council and n'
reply tendered ln writing In tho^courBo
of n;weok.       '   '   M
height; Incroaso of compensation In j tlmo,
Socialists Welcome and Feed. Children'
■ From Lawrence, Mass.—Crowds "
,   .   "'Frighten Llttlo Tots ,       ,'
-NEW YORK,. Feb'. 13.—An Innovation In labor war tactics was tried last
night by thb" distribution horo of 119
children whoso patents aro engaged In
tho toxtllo' strike at Lawrcnco, Mass.
Tho arrival of tho llttlo totB had been
hornldod as duo early. In tho afternoon
but, owing to the failure to mako train
connections at noston tlio children did
not arrive until five hours lator, and
during that tlmo a crowd of soveral
hun'dred Socialists stood shivering (n
tho Grand Central Station awaiting
their arrival. t %
' Rod bannorH and ft-largo' tjumbor of
Socialistic ombloms wero borne by tho
crowd and when at last tho train arrived a band blared forth "Tho Mnrso-
lllals," nnd mighty olioers wero glvon,
A Uno-up of 20 policemen wns brushed
nsldo llko so mnny chips as tho crowd
surged forward to greet tho children.
Willi difficulty tho children woro
led to on elevated station and whisked
nway to tho labor tomplo up town. On
tho wny "many porsonB runliod forwnrd
nnd seised thorn nnd carried them on
their shoulders and tho olovntod sla-
tloiis nnd trains wero packed almost
to suffocation by tlio crowd, By tho
tlmo tho children reached tho labor
lomplo (ho majority of them woro na-
tired and hungry and so frightened at
tho nolfio of tho big olty and tho fusi
that hnd boon mado ovor them that
they wore all In tears,
At nrooklyn, N. Y„ tho Ilutchor
Workmen's unions havo won tho strug-
glo for tlio nlno and a half-hour work-
MM/,   ii.feiit   knot*   unit  uitu  UWtl   UU'.V
nwny -with bv wnOsMnp tbo MnrMnp;
To Allow Free Speech?
Another 'Report Denies that, Thero Is
'  Deadlock, Although Situation Is   :.
^y -7   7 Complicated-*.,.'- ' 7 v,
,..**,  ,--   ;>_^_ yy _y ..-.,;•,
-;-LONDON,Feb. 13,—The" coal strike,'
which many people had-thought'was
definitely off,- became a-live factor today, followlng;thes.wlthdrawaj"'6f thb
South Wales operators from the conference between the national workers
and owners representatives;™'.'.--'","
This action by^the South "Wales owners followed, their realization of the
fact'that the workers propose'to cancel all existing agreements;and-to
conclude- -another -agreement ^wlth
torms Identical, throughout the entire
industry.   , -    ,*' - .-    .- -   .**. -,
\ There is'doubt that the conference
will be resumed, In which event, if the
government fails tb pull off a trick
similar to the textile agreement or the
railroad .cheat,- there" will ."be a strike.
-Apart from tho action,of "the South
Wales mine'.owners' In , withdrawing,
tho conference today was without re-,
suit.,; The. other mine owners "refused to grant the universal ".minimum
rate of-wages demanded by the miners
and. the latter refused-to.accept any
other, solution'of the'present differ--
ence, *' ■ ■• ■ ■„; - ,-\ -•,"'■ ,»^
;" LONDON,, Feb. 13.—Despite gloomy
prognostications -in' the newspapers
that a national coal .strike is.'now in-
evltable,7hopes are stlU > entertained
among.those directtyJnterefcted. The
leader^df the-miners-said to-day:'   ,
; 'The-,less -said '-.'about the "dispute
just now; the, better.'.-It-, is not true
that there' is a' deadlock, though 'certainly tlie. situation'Is'complicated by
the - withdrawal of the.,South Wales
owners from the National conference.
The conciliation board has yet tb meet
and right down to "the last we shall be
pleased, and willing* to meet'the!owners."  ' .* •'--'   .      .     ,   -.- ;
According to the Calgary Eye-Opener
Fernie has sent In a.bid"for--the Joim-
son-Flynn fight.-.; The'amount as stated by that authority is* $51,000; $10Q,
cash, balance- 60,* 100,'ahd 1,000 years.
(While -we hear a local journalist sport
has thrown;;, iny a, couple .-,'of pups,'
thoroughbred.. Na'styhaganbots.) ^ '
„ Among other offers are:- - \-        -
Saskatoon:^ ;T«n dollars:(cash) and
A-{\f,r\-l*.t.rt-lJ.—-C\~—~Z T* 1-^ mi    —j.
^,uvu ivtp iu-i-«nawnj-i-urii^,*.viLma~ine
50 mile circle.- .7-  "y-..    - -..-'. * •
t- Edmonton:   , Optional off or. of* thirty
cents or,a seat in Sift'o'n's cabinet'to
winner. '   -. .r .   ,       _ '-'.-*"'    (.' -, •
V„Bassano:   New offer'.' .One million
dollars.     One'hundredv dollars' veal-
mon©y+^'^ce''''stagiKmoi*©y at eight"
per '.cent!, per "annum,"'' *'*' ,-°..":;- ,^..1.
Calgary:' $60,000 In Bryden"ibafes.*
Vancouver.:    $75,000"; -, on • condition
that Instead of fighting,"each.other,
Messrs Johnson' and Flynn turn loose
and belt hell out of some otthe coward
ly ruffians on thoipollco force.
;A number of letters have pou'vud
Into the off I-,'-*'of ine Vancouver newspapers tolling of tho high-handed methods ot tho police,' especially of the
mounted Cossacks, Others have gone
to tho pollco department and' many
BuitB are- threatened against the city.
J. T„ Ewlng, a well, known Minneapolis capitalist, who wns severely beaten, by-a-whlp ,in the hands of,,tho
mounted constnbulory and whoso
shoulder was • nea«ly**broken by being
orushed against a .building by ono of
therhorses, is contemplating such action. Othors. roport similar occurrences and,tho feeling Is running high.
Tho> pollco evidently wero no respecters of,,persons.' . Tho chief of -the
slugging commltteo ls trying to lay all
tho blamo upon tho I, W. W„ but tho
citizens of Vancouver know that tho
attackiS woro unprovoked.
• -V-
Strenuous-Objection to Clause of insurance  Act  Affoctlng  Them
LONDON, Fob, 12,—Tho ministerial
organ, tho Dally News, admits, tho
roallty of the crisis which has ovor-
tnkon tlio working of tho natlonnl Insuranco Act, owing to tho attitude of
tho doctors. Tho noxt fortnight will
docldo whothor thoro will bo a strlko
of doctors against tho schemes and
all partlos aro looking forward with
great Intorest to tho mooting of tho
British-Medical Association at' tho
Guildhall on Fob. 21,
About 31.000 doctors out of 37,000
havo signed a declaration saying thoy
will work under tho act only at torms
to bo approved by tho association,
Tho Insurance Act requires doctors
to attend persona carrying stato Insuranco at a roducod rato,
INDIANAPOLIS, Fob. 13—It Is ru-
morod In anthracite cool circles that
a surprise awaits tho repersentsllv<-s
of tho minors whon thoy go Into confer-
onco with tho operators In New York,
Fob, 27.  It Unclaimed that tlio opera-
of 10 per contf In wageV, thValYdTngj
aeu'e to roiuam aa at present.    It Is
nlm- stated thai the big coal companies aro roticlent about dlscu«ilng
tho patter,
Lsitcli Colirll
•     .*    '  -      .""■iH-,:*i"   3
AGREEMENT, entered?ll.alBetween
...District 18 of th! United^'line Work-'
ers of America, of the'flri impart, and
The  Leltch Collieries,"^l d.}" of the'
'second-part.   7 >*■.-■, *!!% ~4'
7 , *'""   „.    •.:1-r>'\.',£i 7'S*..
■-I- '' No. 'U8eama 3* "•- *,
11 --Angles, to- be driveniasfl -Ji^present
system, 12.feet .*lde,-p'rlc760 cents
ner mihln vnrii.   -     .** -y;"^   -?i.
per cublq yard.
- Pillars, 53. cents, ner. oubi'-- ^ard.   '
-The above price to'jtnclf'de^tlmbe
lng,'and chute buldjtng.'^j
Counter tunnel a i per'^pf iseht practice, - 6 ft: - by. 6: f' .J"t$3.'5nj per,' lineal
yard.     .*;    *.'   y ir^M *%'.      .
Cross-cuts, G ft.'b/s6 f0(k\tibe level,
$3.50, perineal. yard,"fSi-W  •<    *
- Cross-cuts,,6 ft. by.sfltf^M\i the' angle,
$3.00 "per lineal yafd7Ai .-'7"
-," 7f , **No:,f.f^@/>^-
- Angles to'be 'd*ft>#*s1"'|ffl|.\e'j[--present
system, .14 feet widefp-eUo'52% cents
per cubic yard.,, vKH&p,-W% cents
per- cubic yard., j ^hel/above • prices
to include tlmbei?qg£an*fl j^ate build-
" '""      ''*"   "**:present
_,.,,„..^., „er lineal
yard; -■ .;• ■- • 77^:-$ tfifajjl  .     ■
y Cross-cuts, on tlioilevfl, -^Ift1 by 6 ft,
$3.5Q^per lineal- yarflMI "i^"1'
;- Cross-cuts on they
ft:,, $3.00 ;per-llhbatf*ird"^7|-.
*.-It is,understoort4p|d*vagreed that
the.above agreeme***''"^",f";"*- ,1lT—"*"-
31,-1915.'- " '    *. \l
, In, witness, when
to have hereunto
their proper offlceflSSJthiB 'twelfth day
of February, • 19] 2iim ~."'&'AA,
The^nlted^Mi^IWorkero' of America, District NoYm-^V^lX'f -   '
".    *      , 7'-''''.-""'*W#.*P0'WELL,
w»„™'.' - ""l*''#P^?-^resident***l
Witnesses: "Mt-•77.'i"* - ,       *>
.•.T.;-srMPSON,%?t.,- y-*;,*        -•
,T.:KLUCSARl^Zf.   ' "   '^   - -   ;
The Leitch Collieries, Ltd.:>- "    '
*•     ,,-.','      ,'.W.'iL. HAMITON,
c;r, - '      ' .'"^"..-''^lOeneral,Manager.
Witness:.-'.' ■■   ^7*■V   .    -  ,
"  -J. D." THOMAS"!! '      . .
*      ■   - ~     ■ ,f'	
oMft. by 6
1 expires March
i mm
jhe^pdrties here-
the^ands of
* * --""^ -       *
Loss Estimated at[$3.000—Will Close
." Downv,the7 Mines ■        ,   -.,'
. CAMROSE,,;Feb.,712—The huge tip-,
pie of^the Rourid^IJiil collieries,-.from
II IJJIVU-U«*UJr-VVUD_VV>U»'.'r,'T'Cl ^""Q'C^lY'd ""
ed in.the cars every day was destroyed
by fire;'on Tuesdayimorning. -As far
as, ckn;be ""'ascertained .the fire began
in.the .weighlngi-roo-T-! and when discovered- it l-has.;galn?'d ■ such headway
thar;notb|ne;;cbuldi'Kj„done .to cbecic
Jtr^Cr-iVbeij loss,;w"njSpls-*i?stl-ma'ted «t:
$3-,000 ls*falrly^cov,ered by insurance',"
but .the'more serious .loss is the closing down* of ^he-mine,- which will be
nece-jsary for" some time.. As soon1
as-the, froat Is out'df the ground a"
largor* plant", will be erected \by the
company., * Some eighty men are temporary, put*'of em'pJoyraent.
* .:V\.—^ -~ ■
Onb'.of.tho features of the election
contest jUBt cdncluclert"was the circulation' anonymously of .the ..first of Osgood's" cartoons ridiculing tho Kalsor
as a descendant of n mediaeval barber.
Tho Kaiser's pedigree reveals as one
bf his distant forbears an humble barber who did business In a back' street
In Paris some flvo hundred yoars ago.
This historic fact was exploited to rid-
Iculo tho Kaiser's "dlvlno right" to
ulo absolutely without • parliamentary .control over. sixty, million , Germans and'thus to promote tho oloctlon of> tho Socialists, who demand tho
abolition of autocracy., Whenever
found the .cartoons aro confiscated by
tho police authorities. The authors
andt'publlshers of tho documents have
not boon detected, but thoro Is little
doubt that tho Socialists printed It
socrotly—thoro aro several dozen ,8o-
ctallc'dallioft In Germany—and distributed It with Blmllnr caution.
At certain Socialistic meetings Held
In celebration ef the olectorlal victory
It ls bolng* asserted thnt tho Kaiser
contributed n million marks (or $2500%
000) to nntl-Soolallst leaguos to help
ln defeating the Socialist candidates
throughout tho country.
mine operators of    ,
. ; ;alberta likely to
appoint a commissioner
, Instead "of.* having, their .business
affairs conducted by, the president and
executive of the association,as In years
past, "the -Mine Operators' Association
of Alberta and British Columbia, whose
mines are situated ln the district con-'
trolled by the officials of District 18,
United Mine Workers of America, have
decided upon a new plan, and have appointed a permanent commissioner to
look after tholr affairs, and meet with
the union officials to settle all matters
that may be the cause of dispute between the two bodies.
It ls understood that'W. H." McNeill,
formerly general manager of the Can-
more mines at Canmore, Alta.,-, and
one of the best informed mine managers-in the country, is tb be the commissioner appointed, and that he will
make his headquarters in Calgary, this
city being the most centrally located
and, the most advantageous for carrying-on his work.,
•President Lewis'-Stockett, of the
operators' association, is in the city
from Hosmer,**" B.C.; and it is understood that-while he ls here, he will confer ,wlth -.Mr. McNeill regarding 'the
matter of the latter becoming the. permanent commissioner of the .association, y   y ,. *- ,      •
The secretary, of the School Board is
in receipt*of a "communication from
the Minister*. bf Education notifying
him that the Provincial Government
has-agreed.to pay 50 per cent of the
cost of the new .school building, the
amount not-.to ^exceed $25,000.
12   KILLED   IN
s -
FORT FRANCES, Ont., Feb. 14.—It
is reported here" that 12'men were--
killed" and,a.number more injured bV
the premature explosion of a'"dynamite
charge-in-blasting, operations at the
construction -camp of Johnson and
.Carey",'" railway-contractors, who have
a contract for, thb Canadian' Northern.
There are fifteen' men now taking
being heid7m-*-ernie~today~(Fri(lay>^
the. examine^ being'- Boiler Inspector
Sutherland.', y,The; "results will ' be'
knowtf-about--Monday."" The candidates are: yy*';i.y ' , *  -,
-*■-, ^'-.y'FEltlNIEr        7, -, £   '*
Robert Grl§g,*.W.f* W.*, Brown,- James-
•Stertingr<Anth'ony PoBey,*'Henr£*Mu'n"k*-!
witzyj.' Multhorp^eo7:,Vicker8, "Ttios.
Barnes, Bernard Fairclough.
.*.:   *       ;"HOSMER: ■
A."J, Thompson;.TfiR. Avre.'
Ralph-Palmer, Wm. Park,
',-   .'\GALLOWAY
, John BaraowsY
The Reason for the Slack Times in
District 18-f hey Even Blame
■ <- y ' The Weather
LETHBRIDGE, Feb. 14.—"Tho talk
of holding an Investigation to look into
the present situation ls nonsense," said
P. L. Nalsmlth, general manager of
the A. R. & I. Co., when asked his
opinion of the cause of the closing
down of so many mines in this district.     - -
"The partial closing down of the,
mines is a yearly occurrence., It did
not happen last year because the slack
season did not come before the strike.'
But it has happened every other year,
when the mines were working regularly..   *- ,      v
No Market—The Cry
"It, is unfortunate that' the mines
are suffering this setback, but we regret It just as, much as the men. It
is beyond our control for, It is entirely a„ matter of market. ■ There is no
use, in running the mines when there
are no orders. ,That is exactly the
"But "what is the reason of this poor
market 'this.- year?" he was asked.
"It seems to.be the general Impression "that,, after the strike there would
be such, a ..demand Jor coal* that the'
mines- would be rushed• for a long
time." *     . *'-   7-
"This comes every spring. -This
year it has happened earlier than usual
but that is because of the unusually
mild winter.     It has been mild all
over , the  three ' western provinces— ,
our market.
"With mild weather, the supply of
coal   for   domestic  consumption  has
.been small.    .That ls one reason.
'Foreign Coal the Reason  * , T
"Another reason Is that the country
was stocked with American coal when
the strike ended.- That was a direct
result of the strike. You cannot
blamo' thc»coal dealers for stocking up
while the strike was 5n. They de- .
sorvo credit for' their action. (Of
"But It has left us In a peculiar position.,, 'The dealers in Manitoba and
-Saskatchewan  have  large  stocks of
American coal which they wish to dispose of this winter. .'They.cannot be
blamed for' selling it in preference to -
the  coal,, from  the  Western  Canada'
mines.     Every one of our dealers all
through the country has a large sup- ,
ply of Gait coal on hand, but, so long,
as there Is this surplus of foreign coal •'*
to sell, our coal must wait.   The deal--
ers are willing to sacrifice the foreign
coal to' rid themselves of it*   Therefore the foreign coal is controlling the
market at1 the present time., and our '
mines are suffering as a result." -
To Control Natural
i * -
Resources in Alta.
Amendments to Master and
,     Servants' Act
the ««I»S^«^tio^^
.EDMONTON.'Fob. 14.—Alberta's demand for the provincial control of her
natural resources is to be studied in
concrete form in a resolution of the
legislature  on  Thursday',next.      Dr.-
C.    J.
BERLIN, Fob.-2,--August Rebel, tho
vetoran Socialist lender, wns today defeated, for the presidency of, tlio Relchstng, by -Hcrr Spohn, a Catholic-Centrist, by n majority of ten votes.
AMADOR CITY, Cnl...Fol>. 14,—The
Rlxly-fivo minors who wero entombed
In tho Bunker Hill mlno near horo
wero rescued alive.
Nono of tho mon had sustained nnv
Injuries and nil assorted that thoy felt
no 111 effects from their long cont'no
mont.  '
- PI5KIN, Fob, 13.—Tlio oldest em-
plro In tho world Is todny tho'world's
youngest republic, Tho signed edict
announcing tho abdication" of tho baby
ornnovor, Ib in tho hands of His Excellency Yuan Shi Kal, who will make
It over to tho republic ns soon as tho
final-, negotiations are closml for tho
provisional govornmont hca'dod . probably by Prosldont. Sun Yat Son. It
Is belloved that tho republicans in
Nnnkln will permit Ytinn Shi Knl to
act JolnUy.wlth Bun Ynt Son In nil-
lng the country undor a temporary govornmont until tho national convention which Ir to bo held, linn had tlmo
to draft a constitution nnd elect a
Forty Thousand Employed In Derby-
•hire Mines Hand In Notices
Socialism Is for a froo world.
Socialism is for equal opportunity
for all.
Socialism Is for tho emancipation of
Socialism Is for free access of nil
ppoplo to a clmnco to work and mako
n living.
Socialism is for tlio realization of
tho droam of tho ncos, for real honesty
and gonulno morality,
Socialism Is for a syslbm which will
onablo t*oplo to llvo Instead of luiv.
Ing to dovoto nil their tlmo to making a living.
Soclnllsm Is for stopping tho robbery of lho worker, and boliovcn that
thia being done, poverty will disappear from earth,
Socialism Is for Industrial domoc
racy, for a rulo hy thn pooplo Instimd
of by tho plutocrats, for property for
all Instead of all for proporty.
Socialism Is ngalnst peonage,
Socialism Is ngalnst tyranny In nil
Itn forms,
Soclnllsm Is^ngnlnst whlto nlnvery
and child slavery.
Socialism Is against tho Incentive
which loads to selling Impure foods
for tho snko of profits.   «
Soel'illHm Is ngalnst tha wicked Men
which nays flint poverty must, afflict
tho rnro of mnn.
flftMnllim   lu   nfnltiat   tht*   nv*tr>m
| which makes almshouses,   Jails   and
j iKiilh-nltAlU A    i,K\.*.bltiii)     lO    'lUilft,:    l.'.-l
1 victims.
Socialism Is ngalnst tho murder of
the workers In, war ni*d,UBiilnnt Miti
uno or the Dcoplo'H money In preparation for this murder.
will move, and .second a resolution-setting . forth the vca*» of the province
for the cession of her rights to control
of the domain.      .',','
Protecting .Wage Earners"    a".
For the protection pf wage earnerB
against .costly- lltlgatlbnV-to" secure redress" for, grievances against his-em-"
ployers,- a""number- of amendmentsito
the ..masters' and* servants' ordinance
were"" effected, -    ' - ■    ■ <-
The-amendments will provide that,
In the event of an- employee bolng
successful in an action beforo a magistrate for wrongful dismissal tho Justice of the peace mayvgrant an ordor
for the payment to the employe of his
wages In full ,of a sum to what he
Shop Employees on All  Roads West
of the Mississippi Being Organized
CHICAGO, Fob. 0.—Labor loaders
aro secretly perfecting tho formation
of a territorial organization of railway shop'employoos that wllllncludo
ovory road operating west of the Mississippi Rlvor according to the Record-
Herald to-day, ■ A mooting to place
the finishing touches on tho organization will bo hold In Kansas City on
March 4.
As soon an the organization Is
launchod domandB aro„to bo mado for
a general advance In wages on every
road. It Is the aim to unlto nil tho
mochnn!rn] triiiles on one rnllrond, ho
that concerted action may bo tnkon
whon wago demands nro mndo. Demands will bo mndo on nil railroads ln
tho samo territory nt the snmo tlmo
so that nil railroads will bo Involved
slmiiltnnoouHly if a strike Is called,
Lnbor loadors say thoy discovered
tho wenknoss of tholr former plana
whllo tho recont disputes with tho
Hnrrlmrin linos nnd Illinois Central
railroad were on. nnd thnt tho nnxt
tlmo they strlko It will bo on n broader scalo,
Tho now- organization, If consummated on tho Hugh plannod, would In-
oludo moro Ibnn 100,000 mon.
VANCOUVER, n.C.7F«b, H.—The
moyor and pollco commissioners today
granted it/i hour's private conference
to J. II. Hawlhornthwalto ond Mosars.
Wilkinson. MoVoty, Mldgloy and McMillan representing tho Trades and
Labor Council. Later the delegates
•tnted that thoy bad asked for a de»
tUuiU-u iii tu uu'-'i!<u-!uu to lio'M uvea
air meeting* on public *r-'--ir<** or not
and tbat the commUsIoncrs had prom-
Iswl «n r*rly njAy. CcimTnl»*lo»er
Txok made an announcement tsaucd
by tho commissioner*.    He snld.
"A id-fJ^fstleTi ns-M ns for the fw-
pose of totting tho privilege of using
thn squsris. ;Tho police commissioners aro "ftfcW mind on tho point that
whon clthwns are Justified In asking
for free speech meetings on tbo city
square* and do ask. thoy will Ret them,
Tho pwwnt lawlew mob* which are
congregating on theso squares preaching sedition and Inciting to riot
tihuutd U, iwul will in*.-lUnt'i-wil, 'i'iu«t
oivter lo (bis effect which has been
given to tbe cblerof pollco still stands.
\\? *Jr*o f«1 that <3(lM>n« wbo \mo
no dealro to meddle*'and g*i Into
tro-ihl* sbonld ttay nway from these
nRUSSEI^, Feb. 12..-Flore« riot-
lng took place today at Mons, Fram-
orles and Bouverlo, where the miners
aro on strike. Shops woro looted
despite tbe efforts of tho soldiers who
fired several volleys at the rioters.
Hurried re!nforrem<«nts w#»ro mvlvr-ii
this Afternoon. The special trains
will rush more troops to tho affected
districts - -    ,    ,
.    . . - A mooting of lho District Hoard.will
r-Mtwtofft ml tuna «• In natatafa' iwM In UihMSett on Sunday-next
lng normal condlUont.-* February Wtt. «««K»»y o««.
LONDON, Fob. H.—A conference of
roproBontntlvcs of ROO.OOO conl miners
, t. T-      »l        1      V.t .. .... w
don today confirmed tho declnlon
reached during the recent ballot to
bring about a natlonnl stoppngo of
work In the roa) mines on Feb. 20, unless tn (be mMinllme (bn mlno owners
accept tho prlndplo of n minimum
wage for nil men and boya employed
Upward-* of 40.A00 follleri employed
In mlTic- In "Oerbvablrr* lhJ» rnomlntr
hRndH in tholr notify* to quit work,
and by >"eb. IR all men employed tn
mine* tbrotiRbout tbe country will
have (olio'A(>d Null.
Thi"r»* ls still, however, a conaW-'Uln ctb«-r?
i>rabl<> body of opinion  Jhot a  way |    1'aj   or rourso we »m
out of il*t» diffunity Hill be found be* i
fori" •■"tfnem* nwitrr*"- /m* fiiftcn.*
At tho lnylng of tho foundation
ot* tie ot the now clmrch of St. Rllna-
(ho-Mnrtyr, nt Konilsii Town, by tho
Prince*- LoiiIhc* of ScliIeiwIw-IIolBtclii.
Dlsbop of Wlllnsdon (Dr. Pocnn, formerly of Victoria) said that In elghtcon
yonrH spent In Ilrltlsh flc-liimljl.i lu-
had novor seen such poverty ns he
bnri mot with since hltt return lo
London. Yonrs ago ho tmnl to think
that nil poverty camo from nlm?i«
drink, Ho knew trulriv Hint It wiih
bocnuso of tho Impossibility nf finding
work for mon fo do that thoy sllppod
Into that mlmrnblo clnsH, the uiif'tn-
Little Girl Goes Through Curious Ceremony-at Coventry
COVRNTItY, Fob, 14.—A curious
baptism took placo horo today whon
a four montliH* old baby of a Socialist
wiih dodlcntcd to tho cause, Tho
ceremony wns carried out In justice
hnll, the meeting plnce of the llrlllHli
Socialist pnrty. It Was conducted by
Julian Taylor, a prominent, Socialist.
Many comrades hnd been Invited to
witness the novel corc-moiiy. and Monn
Street, whero the hnll Ih Hllunted,* hnd
qulto nn animated nppnnrnnco. Insldo thn hall men filled tho plnees
with smoke* nnd merry voices. The
poremony begun with a Soclnllst hymn.
Then Taylor nr«KP nnd Hlgned to the
girl In (he nudlonro to come on lho
plntforni. Sho took the Infant In
her nrmfl nnd I'n eel Ing on enn knee
rwlted some linon to It.
Taylor, taking the Infnnt Hold: "I
name thin child C.Iml)t» Hose-wood, and
I nm clnd to welcome It Into the. ranks
of llhnrty, equality and  fraternity."
TIiIh wiih greeted with cheers.
Thero Ih snlil to bo n great Rcnrclty
of labor at coke operatlona In (he
Klondike roRlon, Ponnsylvnnln. many
(',..«..;>   •/,.»*.ft,   *»,4/j,...M   ,|Ol«l   41,14   i.lUftV.
which robs tho worker of (lm fruit
of IiIh toll and gives It to the owner
of the mnchlno who does not work.
Sorlnllom Is against permitting a
fow men to own tbe lobs nnd hnvlng
Ir In tltelr power to keep tho mn«fieii
from work and a chance to llvo.—Now
Willie:   Pa!
IM:   Yes,
Willi*-:   TeactMlT any* we'r«» hr-n- to
This Means You
■tx> tii*-; ituikv-tB nl L>iMin- \o jut-nil *na* titkKM u lot til oitii'ti ih n ititd.
to eacrlflro ihelr fellow mombern nt j Think this thing over, you men thnt
the bands of a few of tl|piio small-' pretend  to  linvo n  union  prlnclplo.
brained operators? If you nre going to allow them'to enter thn wedgo
thin lime, look out on tbe next oc-
Don't bo too hofflsh bopnuao you havo
n Job yourself. The tmnr-ti that are
dlHcrlmlnnt"] ngaltiHt  lost tholr John
i-.i;    \n <<>.,.m «ii urn.                         in-diitf iiinnifi   in win  iio an *n
Willi*:    W*U, what am the etl.cm tYe». qultn #o!t      If «urh
Iici-t' for?   Cfifoneo jrcwu. (JI'Luj. mc uUu..cil iv> *v*;*L lU
cnslon. Dlmtrkt ].S will find Jtw-lf through flghilng for your rights, along
up against a problem that will tnko Wltb their own, and If this bunch bad
son*.*. iMilvlnji", Wlmt ^SU .ii.. hn.d', i,i,i MVeii i.t.> pionilnent jmrt wbnt
belike without officers? Then, ngaln.j would have b»en the result? I am
whnt will Ir >.e HVe wltbmtt » ImriHi ' nfrnlt] ft unnf" h/i<-»» b<v»i Tone fhriii
of <-rooV.B? And I enn tt-ll r.ou If lit vris; nnd. tlmnV Ood, it was Vad't *•
yon are golrig to allow ibewi opera-}ough! rould the Lord bave looked
toi* to plfk ont a tmnrh nf your .ilown tijrfm il.e R-ork of tb* ltev, tlor-
prlme-*t «oek #>verv time %'ou hnvo nsdon, he- would have cnld "Well tlone.
Utile trouble, then It won't b«* longitl.wt k.wI nmi faltMul dog. «h»n ham
l»efor« DUtfiM 1*( will lio all »hot trt»l.roi!K»st   ml«*-ry  ami  ArfrvfaHnn   tn
i*fm-tttse mlncM of the Crone'a K<i*t I'aa"-.-*"
irt*« , -  ULUt'.Hi-'.l.li., IWiU-.M... lr.'»>b.  li*.   Ii».
- ,** L
- • 'I
''\ 7\:
. i|
,t,       I
might have earned had he been re-   ■
tallied .in-employment .between    the
date, when he"was dismissed and the    ,
date of trial.of, action,'but not for a
period of more than two mouths, and
in_jif*rltH/'in_i^/lniY»aor.£,o_^^/i»i«i '. n *	
-■ —~ — -_-..«., -,cm»u..q-\.u — ^,\£uui —iu .ium
weeks" wages.'   > "7  ■
Should an order fail to establish his "
caso in  an  action-,--for wrongful .dis-'"
missal, though still "entitltfd*"to arvears ,
of wages; the magistrate may direct*'
that he. shall have payment, for the.,...
wbole^perlodldurlng which "he has beenr
■ktfpt waiting for the trial of the case. ;*
v Kmployers "are to have the-right to *
put ln a counter claim In hn- action*
before a Justico bf the peace and tho,
magistrate may direct, Hint,the amount'
of such claim,-shall be deducted from
nny- award that moybe ma'do ln favor ,
of an employee.       '   >
If the counter claim is In excess nf
the amount of wni*-,efl shown to be duo,
* employer may sue ln tho' district
court for recovery. •»
O'Brien Scoffa. „
Tho wholo obloet of the bill - Ib to
cheapen law costs tb persons who have
boon, or think thoy have been, wrongfully dismissed,
Mr. O'Hrlen scouted the Idon that tho
bill would ronfor nny real boon on tho
working class. Tho fortnightly pay
bill, snld ho, which ho expected to"
press ton division today, would mako
11 ImpoHRlblo that bo Inrgo a sum as
four weeks' wages should ever bo In
An amendment to the Jndlcnturo
ordinance provldea that tho attornny-
gojuentl may appoint any person to fulfil the dnl Iob hitherto performa*] by
tho inspector of legnl offices, nn offlco
whleh hns, during the past yonr, been
- - >
v* ■-*■>
J T '- -'-'V
;■  *y-Cf^*,,|* PAGE TWO
""* * -o     \ ■» .     	
Hair Dressing
y ,    PoOl >    .;
Billiards,  y   -.
Cigars,'" .- '";/■
Tobaccos   , ' "c
j. *. -^
Bowling Alley
Drop In
$2.50 per day
W. L. FOISY   -   Manager0
-. *■
4 ' '        *■-     .
. BELLEVUE, Alberta     *
■  Every y-,
;  aiid -
The New and
to-date Hotel
Meals that taste like
mother used to cook
Best in the Pass
William  Evans, Proprietor
Every'person likes to be coin-,-
fortable. , We have the,latest
design -of steam heating apparatus in every room. Our menu
is the best. We guarantee sat-'
1 tsfaction. Two blocks from C.
P., R. Depot. Old and new faces
Ne^ Michel, B. C.
P. Zorratti - Prop,
7The /citizens, of • this burg- are -not
wanting-.for- a night's entertainment,
Therey-was'-*" another "show started: in
the" Opera -'"House' .last week, -conse-
quently.'.the prices are lowered and
some nights" free shows are given. It
wilL be free drinks next,,and then we'll
all go. •    *'-       . . •,- ' , -y
"* The'pool rooms seem to-be a place
of,rest just now, and some of the boys
take their "cue" from that, while-others take "the."tip" and go.""',--. ' --
.* A. B. Campbell has been, busy the
past" week building an ice-house-on
the 'lot* adjoining his store.
At -the weekly meeting of Hosmer
Local 2497 a resolution was received
from the Gladstone Local, and the de-,
legates instructed to'vote the wishes
of the meeting,.      -' ...'.:,
•W. - Gray,. Sub-Dlstrict - Board Member paid the boys a visit on Sunday.
He-was pleased to see them and; complimented tbe officers on such,a good
muster. He spoke ably and practically, on a matter ot great importance
connected "with* this-local. -What
was it?- You should have been there.
'.'Can* an" honest man succeed' in
Business," was the subject' for ' de--"
bate'again on Sunday last."   v /
Mr. Steve .Lawson was' once more
iii the affirmative, and A. .Willington
and W. Gray took up the^gativc. Tbe
affirmative was all cut and dried; but
Brother Gray certainly'"damped^ it a*
.bit* '" * : ',.'.•'■ „ 7 S
Mr.' Editor,  your's   was   certainly ' a
fifty .meriv
round,  an<l
for- them
Jack Fit
ittiesea.,has sold' his shack
X is taking up' a.-homestead,
stiir'ls negotiating for; the*"
"Union' Hotel. - -Reilly, the
man,-Is the Intended puf-
Nbthing 'dt*ing\at'*lTaber'* mines*now4'
Thbtininersydre. going to" start .-a*1 foot-
BalU'club -to/givo/themselves- exercise.
and'the homesteaders-.are -leaving for
.their homesteads as fast as-they^-get.
their,", place* cleaned^up..y They ,-com::
prise- theXniajority', of- the' me'uYat'the
Canada "V*/pst." ? There will, be *'ab6ut_
\'ho!'stay in'camp'the. year
things -look- pretty-blue
a present,     -j*  ._-,-*, _*
e has returneii*from a trip
up  the  "Y. elldwhead 7 Pass. .  ■ Hg_.ro-*
ports evei .'thing,"pretty, dull;-in Tthat
country.'.1      " •>•,*■<.
.'Fred W
in-town ai
- jTack Be
sale ofth
pool rborJo
Taber blockey,,fans are in. great,
spirits juat now..-- The/-Cooks seem
to be ln< Ijne Jor„the ch(lmpiQ*ishii).
On Mondav afternoon the team accom-'
panied byl all the town sports,- on 7a
special train, went to, Pincher „ Creek,
where thek.defeated "the coal team
by a score bf seven'to three. "*In their
first game fat Taber. the" Cook's also
.The case\iof Johnson," against the
town i*oli'ce\man; for the shooting, affair, was to Ibe heard on Tuesday, but
owing to'thb absence",of-;the defendant's lawyer! the-.case was adjourned
until. Thursday.  ' *;*     r   ~ ■ ';
. The regular meeting of Local 1959
was", held-o'nl Sunday. 7 .The regular
"business waslgone through and a reso-
*,■"*? ' ,\'<*{\V-      V*; *-   -.
<►♦♦♦»»»'» "♦♦»»♦♦■»♦♦',
A "      -,    s"    ' V. "^ ^    -y -£j X^
.** *v.yy
1 -7-. -, - * *** ,,"-*-r. '*--'* *~ i***-.,**•>*i.*.--
' Jean Schnu'r,* who/hasJbeeniaway^
from on- a* visitsto'\Walke"rtony Ont.,
for a. few ^months*', returned*^ to^town
on Tuesday night.-.-.***He^ls^bacl*;>'at.
his old job in A. Y.<Lang's 'again.y,;\
""- Mrs.. Rowskowsld;:-accompanied;, by
her.two childreu"ris.leaVing?the"'end of
tliis week for Jasper-Park,' Yellowhead
Pass, where* she-will jointher<-husband
who left a fe\Y.weeks.ago,'-r.Hy'"j V."*''
..Mrand Mrs Geo "Millerhave "vacated
their house here and Amoved to Blair-"
more. - „• y7',-*■< "s'7,.- "0-n.
•'The funeral of Baby White bf Belle-;
vue passed through, town5 on'Saturday
1(1 df   " ^ -*     --..—"-     f      -*-*—     -  -~    *-    .*T-.-3^r-  *—* %-
J.(tSL. '- . ,   >      -  ,r   -   - * \ >.
_ At' the* -council*'meeting-last- week"
notice was given .that* a motion ."would
be1" put at "the'"nexT'meeting * to "Introduce the-'-'Curfew* Bell"- into* the", town;
Thus we revert to'the; system* of about
the year 1066,- or: in-uother -words to
Colemaii's method.-*^, " , , , „-"•>• "'7
-■ The Plncher Creek Hockey,,'Team,
cam-by up- here"'on Wednesday"** Feb.'
7th. 7 A very "close game, of - hockey
was-played,; when 'for the first time
Pincher- was', "held*"'down by the^Frank
boys. -■• "Up" to'-.the:*end of.the". game
- *•• > X.-'
M*y*.7-7 7 ..
^■i?-"?*.--*"-:• -.-s---\,.
v?$ry y- ,.,y--«v.
^c ,':*** "*
yy y
"^ ,?
- -
^"> "I"'.
** i
<%;*'i<i *-\
'^^^p^^i^^^^^^ yy^
.Meri^Furriishihgs i    .
^.7^7-7 ^7 •^&Av:'7t*>
7 74(^teries^Fruits-i^d77
s-pm^^^S'S'' s yysyy -;,.-
^"7 i,
"'-." -'.4->*. rJ-7v-- *^; *,-7"    -
*% -,,.
"Dealer, in
*■* *
" FaLriC5i7Gb6ds: and ^tatibhery
striking. head-line in the"last'issue. |lutlon passed! asking Premier Sifton
Liquor Co.
-i *y
Mail, Order's receive
prompt attention
The Cash
Hosmer B.C.
Royal Household
ltobin Hood aud
Purity Flour
7_0i*ahges, rcg. 50c a "dozen ■".
You're always welcome here
Clean Rooms, Best of
Food and every
THOS. DUNCAN    Passburg
„       Now 25, 35, and 45c
Jap Oranges, per box - _.   ' 60c.
Bulk Tea, rcg. 50c.,   ' Now 25c
' Every purchaser of $10 receives
A Bath Rug Free
Can you-see your way clear,to printing if in .different languages and thus
let all understand ' the    whys    and,
wherefores". ""; (Ed.ywill do so in next
issue.) *•-,     ,y .             .    ■*..     ; f,- .
On Tuesday morning an unpleasant
surprise'awaited the first trip riders,
viz,  they had  to walk up the-hill.
Some of them were not very well suited.' - "Why -should some ride.up and
others-walk up?, ...All ride-up or all
walk up.'   Who put the kick in? They
were-justified In doing it.
' On" Monday next the ninth annual
convention- of District 18, U. M.„W.
of A.; will'be held in the Labor Temple,* Lethbridge. Our delegate leaves on
Sunday'night so you, stay-at-home, if
you have,any suggestions or want to
hear what's" on the board; come up to
the 'scratch - on Sunday at 2.30 pm.,
shaT-p;   ". *•  '      - -*"* '
' ♦
CORBIN   NOTES      s. */♦
ond Archiev McLean,* the member, for
thls-'distrlc'tf their:'attitude,on the M-,
monthly-pay iill.■- -If they are in favor  of; the: will ""the -resolution: asks
them, to work If or its' passage   in.- the'
house at Bdmolnton.;   y   ',  *'    -"'
7,The boys aril- thinking there will be
a lively time alt the convention.'-;' -'* -.
;. Sandy McRolWs, president of 1959,'.
will represent-"tviat local; and no doubt
will give-a" good account of himself."
Local 1959 considers' that it has 'not
been' treated 'falHy.-by the District :of-'
ficials, and-therb -will.be some questions put at'the--convention. J-( "■?.•''' •■-
The men in this vicinity think they,
should have' a new sub-district created
for the" Taber* Collieries. ,„ Conditions
differ from-'Lethbridge, arid-as several,
of-the, camps'are not orgarilzedythey
claim" that'by having a-board "member
on the ground it would be easy, to-organize, those-places. : '  "'*.,-, ]*"""
ii--* ., "v---^; ~' *",., .'?,'"">
»»»♦*♦♦■♦'» ♦♦♦♦♦♦"♦♦i*.
♦    "-y.--y: ' -y , „ ♦.'
♦..;", 7 COLEMAN NOTES"-    *■   ♦
.The-Rev. J. Hamill conducted*ser
Just received,   a   ahl'pment   of
Hundreds of latest Recorda,
Violins,    Guitars,'    Accordeorm,
8heot Music, etc., etc
PAYMENT   PLAN.      f
New Michel
W. H. Murr   -   Prop.
Ledger Ads Always Get There
congregation on the proposed unlon-
of-,ttie Presbyte/ian  Methodists and
Congregational churches, of Canada.
' Tom" Evans, who has lately been
work'ng at the Monarch Mines, Tabor,
has returned here again and has ob-
U'ncd w.ork In the ipines.
,  }v<*sident Powell vas here lasi week
on business connected with our organization ond ,had a ' talk with the
boys.' *
Mr. Matt Ball and Lotser Langdon
have left here for Jasper Park.    Wo
"wish them'success. ,
„ Tho mines are working short^tlme
owing to a shortage of railroad cars.
Mr. E. J. Roberts, general manager,
of tho Corbin Coal and Coke Co.,
\yaB hero on a-business visit,on Friday- last'and left the following day.
Robert'^Strachnn, District Mine In-'
spoctor, was hero tho early part of
this' week and on Tuesday prosecuted four.men for having matches ln
tholr possession whllo nt work In,tbo
mines contrary to the Coal Mines'Regulation Act. Thoy all plondod guilty and woro fined $5,00 and coats. "Wo
aro, glad to roport that Mr. 'Hugh
Bell,' J.P., explained tlio seriousness
of tho offonco to thoso mon nnd warned them ,that if they came boforo him
again on a similar clinrgo thoy would
receive the full pennlty of tho law,
that bolng Imprisonment without tho
option of a flno.  ■ -■    ;   '
George Gregory, of Mlchol,' arrived
hero on Monday last, and Is tho. guoot
of Mr and Mrs. George Sponeor.
Richard Jones hns boon eloctod aa
a delegate from tho Corbln Local Union and will attend lho District Convention nt Lothbridgo on Monday next;
Mr. W. Ball, late fireman on tho
■R. B. and C, Unllwny, Is now engaged
nt moro Important work .around'tho
mines,     -      '*
Mr. George Spencer Is now working
bb fire bourn at tho camp known, ns
the Big Showing under the «up<*rvlBlon
of Tom Braco. -
Mr. Joo Stevenson, of Colomnn, was
lioio doing buBlncaa last Mick. Joe
Is there with tho goods nnd gives all
tho1 boys a fair, deal, ./
Everything *- is   very   quiet • around
here.** "-i-'The"* Internajional  Coal "and
Coke Co.-..mines are not working very
steady'en'account of shortage of^cars.
Mcb alivrayo* Creek (coal mines r" are
working steady.-. '    -^ . ■„
The" ladies, oft Coleman hockey "team
played their-return game with Blairmore last'we^Jtand played them to a
finish. * .Tbe iscbre standing 13 ,to 1
In favor, of • Coleman'. ■ Our girls are
certainly,some-hockey players. Go
after 'em ■ girls;, it's good exercise!
(What JDOBS he .mean,)  '      . -; " -1*,
We are .sorry to-report that Harry-
Drew, ,one'-of.our"jolly bartenders,-Is
leaving here.y.We havenot been-Informed where he Intends going, but we
wish him success wherever he goes.
- The delegates,-selocted by Coleman
and Carbondalo,-Local "Unions to*attend the convention at Lothbridgo are
Henry-Jnmes, D, B.' Hyslop and Sam
Hadflold.     .-y-y . .,
„ Tlio Coleman Hockey Club gave tholr
annual ball on Wednesday night and
there woro a numbor of nice valen
tines In attendance.
'-'-This bolng L'enpYoar there are rumors of many'weddings. The girls
must be getting busy as the boys aro
so bashful,- They-nro afraid thoy will
get left on tho sholf. (Who? tho boys
or tho girls?—Ed.),*'Keep nt It, girls,
you will win If you try hnrd enough.
' Tho Ladles' Foreign Mission Society
of tho ProBbytorlan' Church hold their
first meeting on Wodnesdny. This
society was organized hero a short
tlmo ngo by Miss McGregor, orgnnlzer
for Western' Canada,
Tho Co-Operallvo Society, Coleman,
aro now giving'toil' cents-off ench
dollar on general orders for groceries,
dry goodB and shoos. , Every article
tho bost of Its kind'and sold nt the
lowest prlco Jn tho town,
Frank had the best tof It. the score
being. 4—2,* but* a* few momenljs- before^,
time. was" called5. Pincher ,-managed [ tof
score two . goals,,- evening„ things'. up.
As, the, train* was'on time it*had to'.re-
main" that.-way^ there. being * no' time,
to ■ play • it-7 off... "X* large number'of
Frank and Blairmore "people watched
the game. ''■ '-■y ""- ; ■/..-*'■ ! ' *"-"    -'**'-
. ,*Mr. ■'Guillaume'Evans,.o'f. Lille.'-left
on ^Monday  night yfor,.1-'-Lethbridge,
where"he"*has-'got_work.* *- His-friends
in town..will7.ro.lss"him.*    •*,- *' 77 .'-' .-•
- .The annual fancy,dress carnival was"
held in .the Frank', Rink on Monday7
night) vwhen a large'- crowd gathered-
to,*see'-'the,costumes and. to'-vote for
those* taking part in)the events."'- -With
good ice and excellent light everything
was in* fine orde'f'and many very*original costumes appeared'on the ice.
Or*e*'"of the -fair ' sex' represented, an
arigel,..or rather one of'them had'the
wings added to "completcthe representation.'^ ".(Wonder * whose   angel "-"she
wasZ)    -The following were,the prize
winners:   For  the" best .ladies'  costume:, first prize, Miss-IB. Evans ;*"for,
the-'best _ gents' comic costume,, first
prize,'"Mr.  H. .Seville;   for the,, best
boys', costume (Gold Dust Twins), first
prize E. Thomas and G. Evaris;;for the
best-' child's^ oostume,- first,.prize,-, J.
Wilcox;.boys' race (under 16 years of
age), E) Thomas; sack race,"for boys,
E.'Blals;   .girls'" race, Bella Steeneji
mixed" couples,' Miss .McP.ury ,andr Mr/
Hughes."'"". ;      -   y ' •' .-■  ..'•'.y,'"-'-
'7.r-7 Open. Council  Meeting 77
":-The --Frank• Council•;held'•■■ its  first
often Council meeting on • Friday, 9th
of «J February"  iny the * Public School
Hall)7whlch being furnished .with' "foiir
. =.\.*'*- -.*.
«>■'.liTSS:';*• -;^"-'.VHeadquarters'for:t\H^^        ' *;:,-"
,-,;,*,»■■-.    s, .      • ,-,  * ■■ -      r   . :.'7X,^\- ^ .v.-;,.  -, _ \-"y*;f ,', s-   . .0;-   ■
$ iHbu^e7Flirhiture!'a^Har^^re^
:ACompiete linevof:" ; '*'^; -„;.„;:Lobk around;.first;
;>: :7""" vi ;Ev-e>\rdav;a'"Bari^iri-pay;H       '■;'""•''%?
"*■ s-,"' " '.**;-'- ""^'jcsf^^-i' .7''*'-".yyy ^ y^.-y-' * *-
;   i XyFSsty^Meials
a   •-. ■".*-' '."■ ''■'•*—*  -..    .•   ..,-,«/,--'*:l.   .:*•--'..', *»*-.-.   ,'
*-- i>/-
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol »•!?«• every narvs In tlie body
vim anil viUlity, l'roniotuin ducov nm) nil iexua|
ivcnkuciu nvorted nt ones. lMio»p]to«ol will
'nuke you ri new man. t'rlce »"! * box. 0. t wo lm
ill Hnlldhnnnvn'MrcM Thi» HooluiU Uruy
"o„ Bt, UAtluiriiici*. On*.
For 8alo at Bleasdell'* Drug Store
AwntN f«»>"  ,
Boots * Shoe*
AgentH for
IF You iiood n new Hat or Gap, Boots or Shoes hero is a
chance to get them and save you money at .the samo ,
timo on Saturday the 17th to Tuesday, the 20th February.
large.easy chairs-anda tableybasTbe-
come-* the- Council ^Chamber'."" "j '".'".
7;-W. -J.* McGowan was • In .the /chair,
IE* Murphy** J. ,Whiller and J..H.Farm-,
er were also"present,.as*well as,some
,bf theratepayers,-who went to look on.
"An interesting item of business was
tbat regarding -the ice supply put in
by'iiome'of the1 local men:-* Earlier in
the year Ice' 'was", being ,*'provided
tho" town from a hole of.water near
the skating- rink that might' contain
anything. '.A sample.-was-sent to-the
Edmonton bacterlologlstlto be.tested,
and tho "report was'that'they could
uselt.lf they did not.allow it to,come
In-contact with- anything" used for
food,-or sell It to private parties. Tho
secretary lias not!fled them.', '- ' ,
ifi Tho Councll-..placedvtheraBolvos. on
record "as being in favor^of the "pro-,
posed Crow's' N.est Pas's' Sjlectrlc Railway - on ' certain"' conditions, *- such, as
starting -work ■ lri a "certain time hnd
completing Insldo"of,five years.- , -
'. The matter of.public halls was dealt
with. It was decided that, all halls
with only one'entrance must have* a
flvo foot door, nlso'nll stairs loading
to .balls-must havo n five foot railing,
and all electrlcllghts in hnlls must bo
turned .on nnd off .with a Bwltch; A
licenso feo of three dollars will bo
charged all shows hold In tho halls
of the town,' .
An attempt Is lo bo made to Improve tho electric light service In the
town and tho secretary Is to write
tho Coal Company about Bamo. ''
Notice of motion was glvon for tho
Introduction of the "Curfew Boll" at
next meeting, which la to bo ho}d on
March Ut' ; '-*'
Tho union hold-a special mooting
on-Sunday laat In the Minora' Hall,
whon the election of officers wns
hold for tho local union to,take the
placo of Pros, Cnrrothors, nnd Secretary Goo. Nlcol, who have gono to
Yellowhead. < The following were ol*
ectod: President, Jean FurMoau;
flecretnry, James Kennedy. H. P.
Norwich, editor ot tho Lodger attend-
cdfitho mooting and gnvo thoso pro-
sent a good talk on tho benefits of
the Ledger, for. which ho received quite
a few subscriptions,
Mr, James McOochlo has boon np-
potnlod delegate to attend the minora'
convention In LothbrldR-o,
-«  "■-       j ^  " * ..■'... .•?- —:L—n ;^—^_^———^
- ■' ■': W- : 7ALL'STABlcoMPANyy"-, ,**-   •"' •'•;
Presenting OrelibstiocSelections; .^Vocial  Solos and'
Duds, Humorous Headings.   Featuring the Anvil Chows
-New Costumes, New Music.' - '/.- >■, ".' • ;;*. >' \' •> „ •' /■, -",
PRICKS:  $i.OO, 75c, and SO c.
*,     '     "...•■     * ','■'''
Saturday and Monday 17 & 19, Cash Specials
5 Roaea Flour, $3.75 per„100 Ibe.,  "      ,....»„,,.
Royal Houishold Flour, $3,65 per 100 Ibi. .'''-'
Red Feather & Tartan Canned Goods
Peat, Beana, A Corn, 7 tint ILOOTomatoei, rag. 20oU, each, B for 90cti.
Apple*, No. 1 Wai'hlnoton, $2.26 per Box
8wlft,e Hard Water 8oap, 6 Bare for 85 cente,   -    . '        ^
Phone 103       v:       Frank, Alta, |
Men's Hats $2 Hats for tvien
Deafness Cannot Bo Cured
by i<>«u »'ip)if*i'>«**. u ii*r M«not nub rt* dl*
»hj i«.n.j.i ui «iu tu. 'imn i« voir «**» «»v u
rurn iMd.iw, »-id 1M1 U by «*»UHH*i*tJ r»M»dln,
Ih-sf-u-* U Muant Dr *A mfUmMl modllkB el ih*
itiumiK llntof ot ih* Kittuckuii T«t«. tkttm Mat
•ub« u inOtmnl yon tan * rumWtBi wami m in-
H»i-!«'l IviMW, aiul Vfll.nl It IX flrtlliwly MiMml. l>i*r-
■>(«> ii iim r.-tHjJt, iM ui.lrm a* iDflnaatuon «w lie
• utMl out wd lW$ lulu mtuwnl ta tu mmm! n*4*>-
tlMi. Iw^flmr will lm rtitlrojiMl lim-vi-r: «lii» i«»»rt
(mt i,l im «f(- nin«ii bf i«l«nh, «hMW t* »•.«•*>*
kut mi liillmiit'4 I'uiiiJ/llnii ul liir niuruuf »tilt«««.
\V> «ill Kir* Dm II«i4M IMUn Xtf Mr* «u> tt
urtli) «h»t eutM hr rnmi
l-tife.   n<nt tut rtrt*t*».r*, *»*».
r. i. CMKKBY * t-o,Td*«*, a
IW.1 hy In-Mc-mri, 7*r
Till* mil « I «*i|f IMIt tat fttAMJMttatl.
|M>trx«_i nai;*-.j i>r fturrh) «h»t <-_-»u«<
*>>r U_S>..Cr..-.nti |-i
St'etM>n and Mallory \M* in w»ft mh\ stiff
Fell, rcgulnr priccM $4.00 to $!i.00j Pay-
,Uv «nni*lnl      $3.60
4 *v
Men's Spring Caps
Men'* Spriiiff Caps, in all atylc* ami patterns.
KcKiitar"prffp, 1^\ nmi ff.W. Vny-ilny
apwial    60c.
Men'M Roft and Htiff Pelt Hat«r   in   good
Jvm«I(w,   rcfjular pric«\ -49.00,   pay   dny
upccial   ••'■   *2,0v
Regal Shoes
Men's Regal Hoota in tana, Matin ami patent
loathon reprnlar price, $5^0 and 16.00;*
pay-day apecialf.  ».   $4.50
l^ ^_     ££   b^^^^n^ ana art     itt        kK aw aM tm\     as    .^mmim      aia ^**      ^^^^^^
m^k      M m ^^^'' ^^^^ Jj^   uJf   ^L? '*m_L.      *-_• *__•- )mf*tP  xaT sSb *-mi_F
«   '   1?*
Lei a Letlp hi, work (or You
Successors to A. J. White & Co. COLEMAN, AIU.
-   Glovaa
It oflfors investment par excellonco for tlie small
investor with a oertainty^f good results. Lots
are selling at $300, all aledred,,33ft x 133ft.
Call or write for • our maps and literature.
".    ■ ' i ■
\ i %   # _   i
The Union Land Com^ny) Ltd.
Mi ^ o -;._:. y i-^^x^v;; o-. •,
'7^7ly^y:;S*iu -.--7   .
'-■y-f'.v "yyvv.y
. -'&
**    .' * ."
- f-^pri'S- -'
2~    >^7?y fy"'" *%."": V 7 WS3^#WSSS:y^7yy0,Sy;;    THE-*DKTOIof^OBB; PEENIE"r|3B.-b., FEBRUARY 17,1912.  .
*:■*■*.- •--":"!*- -v-
'"* t.V4*""--"-*"._ ■-'":
:^_-*r -y^y
".-'« u<-\
-:-; -".*,.* (Special -; to :-the _Djstrlct=. Ledger) - -"-"•
,-yr • y-'EDMONTONrFeb.^.—In^eoi-tmlttee
■Jy /of *" the' -;wh'6le,-j,BiU -No.-, ,877- entitled;
7;" -"An ;"Act"to..-Regulate Pool -Rooms,^ re-"1
""*.„t,;>colVed".an,-unmercifulv trouncing'.'-at*
..., ,;>tho'«jbands7:of.*the Opposition- and Go-
".' „" t',. ■yernment* supporters*. alike,' **.The7fun
7 ..restarted with Clause 3,' ^hlch'-'prahlbits
.- * -j,.}.. all Kldds of gambling, or the posting of
," -j , 'bets.' -/•-'-;" --* • ' - •"*:   ,-, -..'./ ,*- -,. - -i, \ -^
• y " * >, O'Brldh' criticized 'tho'-clause- on,the"
' -1, grounds of class legislation,'and otbe-
* *"_■.. lug Inconsistent" with" the'present,sys-
**. * tem,'which he declared was one huge
y „ ; gamble;' i'for 7 instance, - the' - sale of.
i,.7     stocks, bonds,"etc., couldnot:be class;
■_ ,-ed as-anything elselbut a gamble.-.7 *
• 7-7."'Clause 5 * occupied, the'attentionT/of
77   , the.members for over an hour." O'Brien
.v.' 'criticized "the"*, clause ",at* some length;
;y .*'asklng;,*the";government,-.why suchr'a
y'' . "clause. sliould" be ;in*7the> bill, t S'it. I-
5"- ".am.-working'at.nlght,'-he,said; "I have'
■r" . Sto put up with the ppundingof a piano,
and other noises, during theT.day, when
' -.■ " I wish td"Bleopl> Why-tlien'should,the"1
,7.*-' ;.m"a'n*-who„w'ork's*by7day,.be prevented
■' ■ "7from'having'hls*'amus"ement'during:th"e
," "-'■y*night?sl;.'<If :,rwei*e","t6 ",b'rlng;:in7 a, bill
■-, J-",-''.;nskIng;that_the le^lslaturo,enact "that,
x ";"* "•.no.rPlanos'-shair'b'e ^allowed, ■ or":"any
'" ;_,:noise of'.anyi'descrlption.'.-or that no,
• - game; of: pool 7 should y*e.' allowed until,
■"-.a'certain.hour/of the* day when' those
,.7who worked .by, night should haye had.
an'!opp6rtunlty7 to*5* get;- their "rest,' .1
■should-be'ridiculed by every-member
"'"of thishou'se:' "Imoyethe'elimlnatlou'
-, of -thi8"'clauee."**(Nd.VB.)' '7y *'-?. -7,
- *',: A'fbill-entltledl'An-.-Act; to. Regulate
7Th"eatro5\was-also considered in-com-'
, .mtttee.*ot*,the^wllole..>>-,;''''.'.'U',.,',". '•.-:',
", -*- O'Brien"' attacked- the'.bill^geherally.'
The whole 1*111,*" he .'declared,' is'-rotroi
!was- by;handicraft.'it; was,-not -neces-,
Baryfor"thegi"to:be able^tb'-readj'and
^wrIte''and',have"aJ-knowledge of mathe^
niaticsy much'Jess,to. know anything
*of7science77"But the /evolution'sof,-the
hand tool*into"the machine,'the'Spin-
nlng'wheel, into the gigantic "".looms of
today, the hand plough drawn by oxen
"or-horses into the steam^or-electically
driven gang plough-of today, made de-"
flnite^reasons' as-;to. why,,.the masses
should be'educated;*,' 'Not only,-that,
but in the days of handicraft the home,
market consumed practically all of the
produce of the country., vBut the' machine^ changed ..that,- .and*" merchants,
.were'forced .to take their goods to" the
four corners of the'i*flrtl)._Those ecbno'-
rc.o "'chaiiges_'made' it, hdiperatlve'that
•.he workers "should be educated- in'-.ord:
ev that they might' move advantageous-
"Jy- carry out-thel work1,, of .'their 'inast
ters.' t,} The "sailors must; haye .'a know"-'
ledge of astronomy.'of navigation; a,nd
very' often 'of -mechanics' and the work-;
ers'of all Industries'must have at least
an,elementary,kriowl<*dge-to be of_*any
value asta"profit-producing;animal..V
. -'-England" was; one of, the." first, coun-",
tries to,extend' to jthemasses an edu-'
cation;IEngland_was also the-hbme" "of
Capitalism.-, -'It- was In England'that
Capitalism*,xt'his vast and'complex, system of 'commercialisnTmider which "we
are"now- living,.had,-it's Inception) -con-
sequently7lt;.was necessary for.theEng-
"llsh-workers" to be educated to"fbe en:
abled "to successfully" carry-,on,,"their
masters','business. , That' they were
enabled to' do' that,-'and that-it "\vas"
a" wise move'on the part'of'the m'as:
ter class, is exemplified- by*-„ the -fact-
that England very rapidly^became and
.wafvgonerally recognized, tfs 'Tho'Mis-',
tress--of _the* Seas." .-The.,.reason too.
gr,esslve"in-7character."'"'" This*bill-'pro
k.yffs ""ft'«»- «nn.B 'fown at moving ,ff Gorm!my ls such a ci6ie second'to
.-  ,;plcture theatre*^^ must, first,bo P?ss^-tEngland, Indeed many, authorities de-
p    upon by aboard, of censors; to^be ap-    - ' .-.•'.....-
■:-'-" "pointed by the Lieut-Governor In Coun-
7: 'cil.*.,. The Idea, O'Brien ^declared*" that
;*a board of three.men,";no matter:how
,'rc.orhpetent they,"were,.7couldv'be In a'
7 - position to determine :what,sort"of> plc-
;7 ituro nil1 the "other, people,;b'f* the pro-'
* 7. rvlnce Jdesired to ''see: was", absolutely
"   -ridiculous, i "The"",Attorney 'General,
" "" the sponsor of the bill,* has enunciated
7" some Tefy..lofty;-sehtlments,,but I \eta-,
■ ';-.*ture' to. say,";'said' O'Brien,"' "that .such'
„->,._legislation as,!thls.is,"can neveivhave
;s"such"results.-"VThe'only way-in which
{"such" results can be.obtalned,"he"sald,
-"■■.' "is by -a* change. In! the"; educational- ln-
*7stltutions '.of- the" "day,- •- Such' results'
7 -*• musfeand, can* only come* through^edu-
,' ..catloriy  If^the patronage, of a,certain",
*" UieatroHohoW-tliat-a certain class of-
.—" «-_l«4.--^.j-f? ..tis^.. .l-^.r.__-0.-l' "* I _■"._-•■- ' l\HrtV»*l^f/t1.
■^■_-*-j_f»Uil_t__l-« -J   . m^-UVD-l WU|—nr^V»*X_i—'I-\ix V*i*« ivfcv*-
.:--should,\be7'able-.to'-put.-.on 7thipso*
.'^picture's-'*whlch'-his- clientele •;wished.
7 *?.The people,- themselves" are the., best"
t . judges as to.what they.want.'- If-they
do not appreciate tho kind of fare' dlsh-
" . cd.up to them, at one theatre, they will
;' riot'patronlzo "it,-and as these theatres'
*'aro commercial-Institutions,' built'and
'/"rimifor the purpose,-of making pS-ofits,
ywe can rest assured that the. proprlo-
-'-,-"tor-Twill showvthose*pictures for"which
•„"■ thoy-'havo-the" greatest- demand. -   In
*. this way the wholo of tho theatre going
•" 'I"public aro,enabled,to please thomsel-
- -*ves~a8 to.what thoy see.'-" ; '' v' .. ■'.".
•   ."This- bill" has,, no; doubt,", been
' brought to this houso becauso certain
'," Influential mombor_i'.of..tho bourgeois
.- class, a-small, narrow-minded ,minor-
i.-lty," wish' to, forco .tholr'Ideas "upon
-"•'the majority. *.' Such, a thing* losup-
■ •-, posed to'bo contrary to the theoretical
7- freedom of tlio British peoplo. I-shall
'■'*-' certainly, oppose tho bill.
"     0 Brlon Introduced a petition In fav-
*' or of tho Fortnightly Pay>BUl from tl'O
-. Trades nnd Labor Council of Medlclno
y 'lint;'- ■>':.*    *;.,.' .='  ■•
.,"   iOn Tuosdriy,'.'13111 No.' ,22,' An Act
' -rer-pootlng, Calgary 'Collogo,- ciuna■■ up
' for -Its' second 'rending. ■ The -purposo
'." of*this Act lu'iO'glvo.thlB collogo vho
'■'powor of'coiitor rg dogreto.y
■ "".'.In ancient,tlmos"said O'Brlon (who
"" Bpolco In" favor, of tho bill); tho govprn-
, monta did not oxtond'tho education to
i tho maa'soB. .-.^pwlng to'tho nnturo Of
' production of wealth carried on as It
clare that she hns'.now first place, .is
because she has-^extended- education to
the' masses, not-"because-'the- masses,
desired it, or asked for it'^but'becauso
the' m.i«-ter, class'know-that,It was "to,
thfir.fthe masters').lritefesf.that their
slaves should'be'ediicated,'and so this
projectX((the'Calgary. College) ,1s be-
cause.heTecognlzefTthe value of education --from ,* a commercial :* .viewpoint.
Lord _Strathcona)- captaln-of "industry,
believes., in- competition'.among the,
masses/he does not, .however, believe
in rebmpetitlon.-;among -the. capitalist',
class, as his' connection, with the Steel.
Trust proves:- *,The reason the Opposition isjnterested ln'.thls;blll,;and'the
reason, why .'they, are sb. actively' supporting-it is- because,.if--thls-blll-'is',
passed lt: wlll,matorlally:*ench'ance^the,
The leader of His Majesty's Loyal' Opposition'being'a successful ^real estate"
agent of.that city ls, naturally,.Interested In a project that wouldhelp him-
In' his business. Wero I In his .position! should probably be.asjnterosted
for the same reasons as, lie' Is.yTho1
renplo of' Calgary, are ■ putting - ui>' this
money\to ask to'be.allowed to do'b:isl-
neae* .Jtb- compete- with the Provincial
"University. , They- llke^ cbcnpotltion;.
evidently, they have not" yet found out
that' to-operatlori Is'-muchmoro-bone-.
I!clal;thari"competition," So, us they
llko ccmpetltlon, ond aro mora desli-'
oub oi' getting moro of It,-why let Ihem
iMPt' li. ' If these small busiiic-*!* lueiV,
agonts,' brokers and peanut sellers will,
Investigate, however, they will-find
thatco-oporatlon Is slowly but surely-
ousting competition, but thoy aro
about "100 years behind the times,' and.
their slogan Ib still that "Coml.qti-'
tlon ls„tho life of trndo,". so. I bollovo
In,giving thoso.,people a treatment of
tholr own medicine and lots of it. But
who aro theso colleges Intended for?
StatlsllcB «how that In Franco thoro
nro over ono and a half million married pooplo .who havo no.offaprlng. Thb
same stnto of affairs exist In Enfelnnd;
tho."Unllod States,'and ovon In Canada,-
nnditho pooplo among .whom the greatest percentage of' childlessness 1b
known aro'tlio momberB ot tho capitalist clnBB.'" So whero dro'tho students
who aro to grndiinto at theso educational Institutions to como from.' Thoy
'./■■-_,*,*»   ■ i .,--•---.■**■ ,-;-j* *£?'$£'
must1 come from the- working ."classjjj*
iv/Fhero is a vast difference, between-
the*master class of today.and the mas^-
ter class of old,' Inasmuch;as'therpre?
oentr-master class, do nothing''useful,*
InHhe olden times.the, master' Cjass
led their minions into battle.' they;h'el_K
ed;.to "capture and control,.n'ew,fmarkets, they took thelr-ohare of-.tfie' h^rd-;
ships .and risks of war,-but'If. th«fro
was;a war-between Englarid^and.Ger-
many„today, would King.George'j.Yor-
Kaiser Bill lead their armies into..th6
fight?";*. We find these two nations ei>
ercismg'-.every effort each.to'beat tlie,
other In. the race to increase the'arma-i
nients of the'respective countries/.-"^'
..* .What Is the reason, for spending v'bo
much money'on armament?;'; "The r'ear
son 'Is to enable them" to .hold their
own,-in the world's markets," to protect their" commerce, which'.has-been
brought about by "the, extensive educa-'
tion which, hasvbeen forced "on the
workers;-arid today,It Is' the educated
"man who-has an advantage over his
Illiterate .fellow workers, , -But- this
education .which has,been given to the
workers, although It is;one of the bul-.
warks of the present system, will just
sis "surely, prove to' be the means of
overturning the,system.' -.The fact that
the, masses "are being educated; to criticize; ,to*'analyse,. will give, them 'the.
anayltical.'power to investigate tlielr
social.condl.tion: * Thelr-mlnd Is being)
developed? .'with- the" result that they-
can,; grasp the meaning of-questions
as "was shown by-'the Germans In'the
manner-In which thej'tookhold of'sociological .questions m Germany, during
the ".recent .elections. .. We,,find, -'for^
instance",','' that the members; of - the "Socialist -party-;are;', almost ".without ex-
c'eptionVstudents- 7- of / sociological i and
economic,questions." The slogan",of.
the ",Socialist,.iPati,y, 'is "Educate*, and
Agitate,'.'and'-as the work of 'education-
proceeds, so)also'ln'greater volume will
the'work'b'f-agitation,be carried;on,-
and with an, even.greater measure*of
success,.sinco'-tlie^ mind of the workers
>vill.', bey able7 to" -- more intelligently
grasp "the nieahhig of sociological questions,'and' his, own position in society.,
■ -'.Tlie--following." resolution .was 'submitted 'by'jC/M.'.' O'Brien:   .„„
"Whereas, a bill Has .been introduced
Into the" Alberta, Legislature for the
Fortnightly, Payment-of Wages; and  -
'/'Whereas much- hardship is caused
to new. arrivals-in -the city having to
wait one month for. wages'"; and  - ■'
'"Whereas,.merchants are also put to
a-great deal of inconvenience through
monthly payment of wages; therefore
be.'it>-f-7.f.:T--y-y *.. -■■= '. . ■.-
• .."Resolved that .-. the ^Medicine Hat
Trades and'-Labor, Council heartily endorse said bill,, and7 that* a,)copyof
this resolution be forwarde'd.td the hon.
Premier Sifton,-Attorney-General Mitchell and C. M. "0)Brien, M.P.P."   .-
■ t
»¥■»¥■¥ » V V »V» ¥»¥ f »»¥-»■¥ ¥» V¥ ¥ »
y -Tollers make no)afternliriner speech:
es; they.are far-too""busy making the"
dinners. . .-*   77y ..-,-'* V;     .'-'',;■'.
"'""- " -« 'voT'-^^V.'Wi *7.
' There are now 86,52?.^ son"J*pi the
old age pension- and'Jlnya'lds'Tblls of
Australia. •/■. ■.^"'^gl4^    * "-
:yr,^..Sy^* ^%.-7
-=The pavers'and racnni^r^-n.'-'gf-New.
York city;wonan ltujreaVft in#ages
after stoppage" of work lastj, d'alweek.
- * ' »   * :Mt£.
after "-'ylcMlug^M.OQO' in
•  ,T '.rjl'i-        ***
:^.r ,
)vet<y the
:f    '
,'oa} land
ears ago
asold- for
'• CORDOVA, ,'• Alaska,*'Feb. "j.4.-Tlie
report of the-discovery of! coal at. the
head of White river onCanadian soil
has aroused much-interest, and fear
made, to that '■ section^'in the-spring,
and Alaska's development'ret'arded by
the opening of .the, new,"-field.'..'
" In a society based uporij.p
poorest products have'the ^
gatlve of serving th^uselo!
est number.—Marx. 7 .""3
",.'■' ' ■ '• ■■*- •* :-* "7-^
. A tract'- of- 3,400 ucres'^o^
in.West .Virginia wl-.ich tetf
sold "for; $24,000 ha^he-en"'
$260,000,' -«--■■-•«-«"'--^.
timber.,-      -   - <  -*y-^-3
, - y *.  <■-.* *-:*^)7f
' The Labor- New_ ''is"'t& n'^no °£
Canada's latest" ed". loiii-'ta* ihoMabor
press. It isa-neia'Jiftle^'/ixfolumn
four page-"weekly,'lU^IIsIiIJ': by,-"our
very, own", Samuel L. LaudJe'/i's a^ Ham-
iltonront. *;* i   " .  -JX'tfl ■-%-■■
v- i*"" ■ «:-- *..-; ----Uii) 4-.y •-
-Labor-is exploited In'j&qishop*where
it produces., The Ifst,;!^"!)' thfo working class received i ie. fulU fruft of Its
labor in the shop,-as'.prMitcerywould
there- be- any' oppoi tunlfy;7for„ It - to, be
exploited! in-''distribution'./' -a_*.'a,*c6n-
suirier?''*;.     .'•■  ':S»i*Mi '*';53:'   ■>".-
v"'One of",the"'speciicies?/i'Nc9aJ inln-
.lng' in • the "South' w_tri$ped; decently
In the transfer* of threffihundjed convicts' from^one min j'tbMndrh'ei" owned
"by,-tlie Tennessee Cb£lfJpd'.Iron Com-
pahy..'"''The men w^m ushered into
'A-conference wlli^'ti*_iinJji1&Salford,
England,'-.on ^Sunda^Ji'tst/flp'oking towards an<amafgai.a^.'p|a,'of/all, the or-
.ganized- railway menjffU ".'Matfjcountry.
Representatives \YVr"e?):'|i'esei_t;fi*om the
four' large"'unionsV'il'Bjniberihff'^OO.OOO.
workers', -ylt is' believed '"that '. the
strong movement for jihdiistrlallsm that
is now" being manifested In Great Britain, will; cause the *-crafts to amalgamate. "•-' -, .'l'i-r". J- , ■
--'  (- -,■".- *y*--*•»            -    - *
. Just because "a.Salvation Army captain, was last.week, in Vancouver, con-,
victed of an-unmentionable crime and
sentenced- to^ten years' imprisonment,
the fundamentals;'of ..Cln-istainity are
not necessarily") involved. But if the
incident Jiad-- taken tplace within." the
sphere of the- labor movement the
dally press would not have been slow
to set forth-'the'fact) in" glaring headlines.   _. - * '*"'' ^._j.,' -'".');..    - 7 -
i .y - * k **. *■ _h - *+.jy? _k *-, ■    ■
.. -A- curious--...uhlication called the
Common" Caused has been started^in
New York:- 7it will be Issued monthly
for" the -'purposedof_ swatting Social-
Will Reorganize,Mine Owners' Association and Discuss Matters of
Interest to Industry
, - NELSON, Feb. 12.'~Mlneowners and
operators from all parts of the Koote-
nay Twill meet hero tomorrow' for the
convention' which" -has been called by
S.vS. Fowler for the.vplrpose ot reorganization .of. the Mlneowners' Association.' .Tho gathering will be hold
in-the* board of trade rooms.
■:. Resolutions on tho load* bounty and
o'tlier matters of Importance to tho industry will bo discussed and plans for
united-action by'tho mining Interests
will'bo formulated,-
■" the -pjirpose'-Tpf- swatting
a.   "~The_Intfo"ductofy"ei-It"o"i'I:
. i ■ ,
; DANVILLE,-Ul., Fob. 14.—Fifty minors woro trapped tonight ln tlio Fair-
mount. Coal, Company's fllmft at Dennett Stntlon, -'Thoy hnd been thoro
sln'co oarly morning, nnd there Is no
prospect of roloaso boforo tomorrow!?
All aro liollevod Rafo, W hoisting
whool b'roko and cages stuck In tho
shaft, ' Tho only ogrosB wns by way
of tho air. shaft, which was choltcrt by
ico," y , . i,   '
'IsmTThe Introductory editorial very
frankly "set,'forth'that "Socialism has
attained "a* measure'of, success among
the people that no longer can be ignored nor'evaded.y-It'musc be met and
it must'be.answered, and in a more
direct and-efficient->yay than hasryet
been adopted."'."Su'c'ri n magazine will
undoub-Jedly-flll.-'a'long-fftit want as
tlieta&k.'of dembllshivg the red spec-,
tie has become to<-' di^icult for the
National Civic Federation Review, American .Industries and similar periodicals,      '-'.i '•' -:'•".
_ ■  t ■  y *   *   •   •
■A question has been asked as lo
what'ls-thedifference between-chattel
slavery,.,and "wago slavery. ') .There-is
some' difference between the chattel
slave.-of" days gone by and the wage
slavo ,of today. The chattel slave
had'a placo to-slcei*. was.furnished
food regularly- wnB clothed' and whoii
taken ill, had-thb services of a physician.'- ' Tho wage slnvo whon unemployed ls usually homeless, hungry,
ragged'and when 111, is without modlcal
attendance A master had an Interest 1n a chattel slavo, but a master
has'no Intorest In a wago slavo, for
his placo can bo. filled bo easily by
tho victims of hunger and want. Tlio
chattel Blavo wns owned, ,but no exploiter wanlB ownorshlp In' a wago
.slavo.' Tho wngo slavo-,ot today,is a
choapor commodity than tho chattol
slave of a half century ago,-—Miners'
'    i        ■■ i i
the Union Bank
The Bank of Vancouver
GRAND TRUNK    -,      ,   n      , n .  ,        , ,     *.
pacific passenger andotliortaofinancial and bum-
•aSaiDBvaaawv. noss ]natitutioii-s   who  bought
t_MMl5»|C 0" tMM. V***_» .- ;-,. «-*
:    oentrally. located proporty i»» tho
big« City "of
Central British Columbia
on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
the Last Metropolis of Western Canada
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a coritmlly locitt.c<! lot—bouglit ut present
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IMPERIAL standard Securities, Limited
M. A. KASTNER ;i   BANK of British Columbia
FERNIE, B. C * Padfio Building - Vancouver, B. C.
'.-7At a ririeetlng held under the, auspices" of the Creswell, Derbyshire* Liberal Association, Sir Arthur B. Mark-
ham; M.P.,-* was the chief speaker and'
cdnfiri»i^ himself solely to the coal
crisis in'that country and from which
we glve.the following excerpts:
'7He78aId.„ that when he7ast spoke
of the present crlsis^in the coal trade
at Kimberley, he .was reported in the
London ^aperB* as havlngisald, that if
he was a miner he' should.be on strike.
What he did say was that If he were
a miner, arid, had "done a'falr and honest day's work,- and could not get a
fair day's wage, he should,strike, and
vo this statement he adhered:
,. It was said that if there' was a strike
he would be largely responsible for
inciting the men;to do so, He had
endeavored to look ahead,-and it was
clear*"-to htm that,, unless there was
an overwhelming majority in,favor of
a strike, the owners would think, the
men were not determined .to press
their just claims, and he was certain
that the large majority in'favor of,a
strike made for .peace rather than for
war. ,What was the claim of the
men? It* was that where the forces of
Nature prevented men," who had'done
a fair day's work earning a day's
wago, tliey should not go home at the
week-end with y ',,   .
*„A' Starvation Wage - 7' '.
through-no fault of. their own. This
was a claim so just and reasonable
that the responsibility for .the, untold
sufferings-that, would take place if a
strike did-occur, would ..rest, not on
tho miners, but on tho owners, _' Would
the .owners' concede that'-principle, or-
not? He had every reason to believe that a majority of the owners in
South Yorkshire, Notts,'and Warwick-"
shire wouloyagree to this,principle.
Referring "to .the'.old mines which
could not work dn-a "profit on increased
expenditure,'lie', said 7 a ,
Owing to'the "enormous development
of new pits, the'men in the bad mines
.would, readily >_ind work- in modern
mines., They would produce coal more
cheaply, than' they 'were doing ■ at present, and. the ' output' would be .in-'
creased rather.-.tha"n" diminished.
'"It,.was said that.the output of min-
eral's7pe"r person-"employed was falling
very rapidly in'this .coun try, and that,
no doubt, was :correct.:- The average
prbfluctionrper^persdn .employed in
1910„.was 265 tons per'annum, but this
low- oulputcwas due to a number'of
strikes in the-.different,'coalfields.
Germany-had rather a less produc-
ticn.'ttfa'nj-wo.per'pprson employe!. In
America tlie--output- per person 'employed "was, given* as"691 tons per person' per anhtmv but.he was quite certain"'these'.figure7were totally incorrect," for in. our"- Government returns
the" figures,-were collected from many
different "sources.y "All' the, coal that
he had seen- come 'out of American
mines consisted of .about 90 per cent
and 10 per .cent of- coal. It was, how-
eve^ notorious that'at many-of the
pits. no'".allowances whatever "were"
fair, day's -work?, and that there were
thousands of, men'/:in .some districts
who, - - after." -h-avlng.' done, an honest,
day's ;wbrk,Myere" owing to abnormal
place's, not*gejttln*g,4s.-.per day, sometimes even'less,, ;v 7,. y "" r -.
.. ..'Miners Hate Injustice -
If he 'knew.'anything about .miver*--;-
it was • that"they hated Injustice, arid
would not see;,thelr fellow, men .put
upon-In this manner, even though,lhey
tliemielvesiwerd ge'1!.i?- good' wnces/
and this, explained the result of the
balloi'. ' "I. ennnot con-^tvo in tlio
way the question was put lo the men,
how, they 'could./have voted* any other
way.".',.   '■„  -; ' ■
I 'firmly believe that the proper
course is'for you to first drive a drift
Into the ranks bf the owners and split,
them up, 'With few exceptions, tho
mnjorlty of tho coal owners .chow that
I admit tho gonoral principle of a fair
day's .wage for tho honest day's work,
and lt.'lB really only ti question of
machinery to settle the mallnr. If.
therefore, you could got. a majority of.
Hi bwnors to glvo wny, tho owners In
tlio same-district-will want no "hole-
lug." JiiBt,,n little "pricking" nnd
down thoy. will come, Tlio extreme'
men say* "down • toolfi ovoryono, nnd
llie strlko will not Inst a week." «*J bollovo absolutely lho contrary, nnd that
if n unlYoranl strike once inkos place
Ihl.-i .will tnt nblnsto a coiiflngrntlon
the end of which,no man can foroson,
, Appalling Suffering
will fall, not. only on fhoMvell to do,
or on the minors, but, on thd pooreot
section of lho community.
Mlioh hnd recontly boon said about
tncronflcil cost of living, but ho notice <l
In "Al. flnurhoclt'H nnulyfe*™. of lho pr.'o.o
of commoditloH, pnhllslind In the
"IIiiioh of hint wco". p'ono wns 10.p«T
oont ovor thnt of 1010. In ordor, to
moot, thin Inoi-oiiHod cost of living
nnd tho Klglit-tllniir' Hill. Hio bunion
of which hnd fallon ontiroly upon tlio
contraclojH, lho owners ho (Sic Arthur) lliouglil ought to ngi-o«,to
of fthonl H^p-f-r oont'on tlio ImHlH stnn-
(liirrt riitoH of nil colllorlcfi, good nnd
bad fi'lltc.
If I lie brtnlH prlco \v,tH itiIhoiI (IiIh
would to n gi'ont nnuswro got rid of
tlm difficulty of lho minimum w.u<).
foi* Ir would put, mon In n ponl(lon ia
onrn n dfiy'H wngo; but wlioro thoro
nro lind ronda nnd llio mon nro nliort of
tiilm and ennnot got Hio oont nwny, (im
fnull i-ohIb with tlio ownors, nnd (hoy
ought lo Hiiffor for lliolr nogioct.
No loiifioimhlu mnn wnutH tn oncniir-
ngo HlncknoflH nnd innlliigorlng by milking tho minimum dny'H wngo nbout.
tho «nmo nn whnt n mnn oiin.ojtni on
contmr.tH. You immt liovo tlm ln<on-
tlvo loft for mon lo do ft fnlr dny'M
worh,' nnd I bollovo thnt nn
Increase of the Baslt Rate
would ho bettor for tho iiimi Hum n
JiIbIi minimum, wooing Mint Iho imlvor-
(in) ntnnflnril wngo linn boon rojortod.
Wt'it «-o *n'n«f  tn  Mm  rnnt  (i-m1/> (a
not n (iinpornry ponco, nnd then wnr
.l|4'*.ill,     il<U     llUUk     ill)       ttDUlA,     li     ll'i'x
(liioHlinn In nol dealt with wo nlmll
hnvo nnotlior crisis lu tho conl trndo
beforo long. In lho imino of common   HltllHO  lot  bolll   pni'tlOH   COIIU)   to-
Rollior nnd not Ho this bnnlnoss on n
No coloring matter
,'. in this tea.      - ^    -  • ■_,
In _he8eventy-fiv«ye«w°«
their business Hie Wd gways
have never adulterated their
teas.       .-*        - ,
'   Ridffways Tea comes to
you"packed in air-tight packages with all the flavor retained, y        „,
, Until you try   it   youU
never know hoio  good tea
can be.          ' ,
"     AWAKO.D  GOLD   X«0»U
LONDON     1»1t
"    RIDGWAYS.^-^
« OU Country Tea •        50c pet lb.
•Fi«0-CI_ck»T«     60c    „
• Cpii.l Hou.-Wd" Tm 40c, .
"•H.^I.B.'Tt-  -'     SI-00
May Now te Uai in Town al
_?._. Siofs.   ,
EST'D   '18-3-^;
tha HOME gagf
-.     Notice is hereby given that a „ dividend at the rate of ■,
SIX   PER   CENT. \"per   annum , upon   tho   paid-np   Capital
Stock   of   this   Bank . has • been   declared   for   the   threo
months ending, the 20th February, 1012, and the same will
be payable atjts Head Office and Branches ori and after
Friday, tho<•> 1st of "March,   1912.   The Transfer Books will ,*
be'closed from the 16th,--to' the  29fch February, prox,,-both'
"days inclusive. '      ' - ','•  '   "" '7  - »
...    p    -   -        By order of the Board, K
JAMES MASON, General Manager.
*rorpnt6,_17th__January, 19i2.
. , »•   . .     .   "   '       -•-• ->'
Head      ., .•
Office   -.   S\
J. P. MACDONALD, Manager.
Branches and connections
throughout Canada
Fernie Branch.
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Watchesy Clocks: and Norelties
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and Be, Happy
JHJflOO. ,,
T. (Iroonnll, nroiilrioiit of tlio I.niion
dlilro and Chonhlro mlnon lu nu In
torvlow mot anothor «r«umont of tho
inimnuemont will bo cnmpollod to hoo
to It thnt mon worldiiK In ordinary
IiIiiooh hnvo fncllltloH for aoiidlnn; moro
conl out than at- present, lionco limy
will not moro wiikoh ninl onrn moro
profltH for tlio omployorH Minn thoy
nvo mnliliiK now In l.ttnonnlilro,
Mr. Iliuold noRhle Ihiii boon down
lo tho WoIhIi idIiiIiik districth, nnd,
wrltlnK. to  lho Dully  Olironlcjo,,, ho
"I do not, ffliow how hot lor to «>\-
PI'ohm (IiIh foniM.'iit nt work in tlo*
Htorm contro or lho mlnliiK world Hum
lo Hi»y (hut It Ib tho hoiiI of Un- minor
moviiiK unwIllliiRly from IiIh anvloiil
r-ollfflmiNiiAnfi lo n now nnd not yot
wholly roftlliKHl materlnllMin which linlf
frlchtoim nnd luilf nltrnotn IiIh iroiilil-
oil nnd divided mind.
"N./II',   iollblhr   Hi*   U.M^li'"    f'f    :i
'minor who romoH hy trnln or olootrlo
itrain Into Cardiff for a footunll.mirtoh,
.Tlio WolKh minor of today has not
only rncolvril nil llio ndvnntnison of n
I wondflriiiMy offlolont odiir-ntlonnl «y«-
I t/,..,      tr»  nl.r.n.1   tit H.«,   Vni'llnli   oVKt/*.m
- hut ho is by nnturo a thinking man,
n rcmllnR mnn, n rofloctlvo nnd nn
Imnglnntlvo man.
"Ho book Hplondid'nnd honnttfiil Cur-
dlff. ho obsorvoM llio pronitoroun und
cmidoyorn wwlnnt n minimum wrro by nomoHmoH fiwnKBorliiK lwoplo In lt»
omtorvlws thnt "If thoro nro old mon floitrlililnR utr-witH, nnd ho n»K» lilm-
M,hom tho *mpfoyvni my mnnnf do nn »"lf how thl<t rronf olmncr** Jin** boon
j ordinary day'*, work wo nre pr«-pi«iod j broiiRlil nboul, ho jihIih hlmwK whoio
'to mnko provlnlon for Ihom. n« wo j tlio monoy hn« oomo from to \my for
havo alroarty rtono tn «oino ot our Mill I IiIh .inn nrrlilHTt.no, iiUlli«'*»> iUU
RKrocmonti for day wagemen, who j enrrlaRo* nnd motor onrH, all lho It*!*-
already hnv* th« minimum wttn«». I'plnfM nnd proaporlty of thosf- Imppy,
think It Ih qulto iwaalblo to arrange i w_-!Mr*Mc.l |t«.|«lo. And Ik- known
ruVf «nd rfgiilntlona in regard tn tho-helior than any H«lftll»l onn toll him
minimum wngo to covar nny <*ollIi'r> 'thnt Inn for atenm-fonf, Imf for iho
In iU Unit'tom. With re/jard to the,mlno in tho itMn ftom whlrh he lift*
[ti,*ivi*'.*--f rnnt. mv opinion f« f^t,' lo » ' I"'" own*-, Cnntitt nwiM tie ntlll a
m-lli»an;iROil colliery It wouW not [small nnd xloop/ town, little plunder
foM n\M*> than from n hnlf»K*n?i\ io than hl» own vlllaRO on tho mrtuntaln.
n furdiliii*: per ton to pny fli<o minimum ' *\flf.
that n«- .ire naklmt for. Watine t\u>\   "He Iwglr.s to wondt-r whether lio U
KOltliiR iptlto a fnlr uhnru of tho plundered onrlli—ho who tnkon HIh llf«> In
IiIh hnnd ovory llino lio poon down
In lho onRo, who tolln In n miioli-nwoni
for Ioiik Iiohi'h iiiuli-rKroiiml. wim i-o-
tut mh Ki lil« crowded, ilny, nnd hatli-
lOHK   OOltllRO   III   ll   HtlllO   HO   IlllH'k   1111(1
Ri-lmy Hint hlH.wlf" i.m hnrdly wel-
conio htm. Ilo wimdorn how It Ih Hint
thr'to flno jieoph' In Cfirdlff, who never
doKcoitd into die mliH'ti, who II*.n lui|i-
pllv. hiiloly, and oliceifully In lho open
nlr, enn mnko ho much moro monoy
out or \VYUh conl than ho, lho nklllod
workninii, who oium mid rips ll from
tlio ImwelM of lho onitli. lti> llllllkrt
Hint, (hero Ik Homothlni? wtoiir.
"Now, whllo n vnnt tiumher of hard-
working nnd ihoiiKhtftil men feel tlmi
thero in Komotliim; filiiilarnclitiilly nnd
jw*rvi.»U«*ly wrotiR l» tha social ordi-r,
ilvlll/ntlou Is   In porll.    Tho minora
Jl...Jl      llt>    Il4i«,l4/     IliaUVtL 41    ,„    o.i,     i,.»\
«<iti dtvpuie- tho numt•»,•«' i-nc", (vovi
nn nrhllrntor'K tiolnt of vlow, mny
Im* tim.iiK-M.ralitii; tn-\eitliclv»ii. If a
million hrnvo ami «VUU>d workman
hrood ovor aomethtnfj whleh they f«>el
Ih Hhnmofiil nnd unfair, If oikIIohh con-
f*-r*'iicvn nnd roncllinlloti ni^tltien foil
io r-'imiv-- iJi.H dim, iniinno iumi im-ji-
hurled tfotiKo of wrotiR, trouble niunt
ho tho etui of thliif.8, pou co l» Irnpon-
"And HiIm Ir the proHCiit coudlllon
of tli« WoImIi iiiIiiIiik world. Whbom
havo ticon rnlixxl, enndltlona Improved,
hour*i nhorlenod nnd yet tha aeime of
HomothlUR wrouK lu llfo ahldcn llko
tho hntinUnft of an unforKottohlo «op
Ii«w. You wiiuitil m> .UuuilK H>v IliUi-
orn or talk with iho_« who really
know them In their homo life, without
earning up -<#ai.i».t Ihlfc uhldStiK wnfce
of «omethli)K wronit which hrooda over
nil their thniightn.
"To lmat'.ne tbht the f.T-r.par-Ar.ilA <»f
SoclnlUm Ih alone refpon*ll)V for UiIk
ftinte of mind I* to Tnt*", tho rc-rtn of
the trouble. The hralu of the miner
iH dlHttirlH'il Ih'i.'ium' his heart blla
IxM-n loblwd of lt« rcit"
*-,- >.*,
\ *
,- ' "      7 7 *, " ''
•'■    Published every Saturday morning al its offic«;*
Pellat;,Avenue;.Fernie,:B.' 0;'  Subscnptip'n $1.00
per7year-- in 'advance;-»• An. exceUent ^advertising
medium.   Largest circulation in the District.* 7 Ad-
rertising rates o_i application. Up-to-date facilities
..for the execution ;bf.all-kinds of book, job and
V color work.   Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all commiinicatioris to The District Ledger.
:   :H>.NERWICH, Editors
. .Telephone No. 48. * " Post Offiw Box No. 380
•    •   "There is a great demand for laborers andme-
-chanicsin British Columbia.     -,-v ;■
"Railway contractors have great-difficulty in
• "  "securing-men-. .j.The .tost of-living, is'approxi
mately tie same" as it is in the adjoining United
'     .States districts, and wages in B.C. are higher."
■> ' " The'above is" a copy. o£"an advertisement appearing, ine the. British .press!*' ''This was prepared"
by the British Columbia Government in.' order to
'  induce the ambitious workers tb emigrate into the
heavenly   conditions    of    railroad    construction
.7 camps and other desirable vocations in'this'promis-
:' ing province.' ;-!_-. „->...-V" '»   >h     :•-.-*''
.",.   From -the-, above- • it ~.would~'appearr- that.- unemployment is 'ait*-unknown' factor throughout    the
.   province, "and tlie 'demonstrations' of Vancouver's
..unemployed'.was merely^fietitious.'    The railway
'contractors have "great flifficidty/iri' inducing these
.   men to* work evidently "and'anyhow they would
'■ not under any circumstances have to paint a rosy
picture of the 'conditions under which-tlieir:men
, workto get-suffi cient "men from this surplus labor
^    army: ■' They forget" to make any "mention of unemployed on the Coast, let alone in the interior.
Merely an oversight, of course..
' .'    Premier  McBride recently *took exception to
- Parker' "Williams'" criticism of the wages paid a
\certain section,of men in this province. Tlhe.-pre--
nxier took pains to point out that under his able
'* supervision.things--v^ould be looked, after all-right,
X in'fact better than the labor men themselves.could
take care of .the question. " He evidently"J.did not
-  know what "about the unemployed and the" adver-
. tising for -laborers ih the .Old" Country.   .-"Our ■ own
'.  representative in'the-Victoria .house is, also evident-'
'   ly well posted on labor questions, and his, f ight J_or
• -, 'the^.workers'he, represents ~(?), speaks, volumes; for
its people a little/more .freedom *on'" Sundays, and
now they .can at least"breathe' more freely without
fear of being arresteid "for such "serious .offences
as-sitting on their dopf:steps.-jl .TheyTare even", allowed to buy a'soft"dnnk"on.;fhe'.sacr'ed-day:."The*
unfortunate part of all-this^'is'that whilst one part
of the country is_begmnmg,'to'see light, an'other-y
Alberta^a-provihce7uea"rer home, is' retrogressing.
The Sifton government, when O'Brien lays off for
an hour or.so,1 pleasantly.pass their own, and the
time of-the members of" the house,, bringing   forward legislation to still' further - morally reforni
their'constituents.?, ■ They, certainly display a paternal interest in their f ellow'citiz'ens.* ' Not a day
passes that does.not see more "fad"'bills sponsored by the government. - The latest freaks of this
nature'are the Billiard and Pool Booms Bill, aiid
the Theatre Bill, both worthy of a Gladstone or a
Disraeli.', ..The former, evidently, aims at turning
these resorts into fashionable ladies'- clubs and
restaurants, tor -places- for,- mothers' , meetings,
whilst^the latter would lend such an air of sanctity around moving picture houses that only fervent
religionists would care to patronize.     According
to tli'e "Bill a board of three censors would sit in
judgment upon-every pictures to be shown in the
province'^ and" condemn'or approve as they see-fit.
It-can "readily be imagined "-what films-would-be
passed.   ' Much, however," would depend upon tlie
moral character and hypocrisy pf the censors, themselves.   As O'Brien told the House,*-the people are
the best judges as to'" what they want; to r see and
what is good for themj. ■ Sifton,- on-the other hand,
thinks that the public are'not the best judges,^and
taking a glance-at the members of'the House and
their party affiliations',we are. inclined'to believe
that they do not know what is good for them.-  Alberta at-the best ,pf times-is" mot the most cheerful
sp'oi t6 spend a Sunday an, but with more drastic'
mdral';laws for week-day. purposes, it'will become
even worse.   LThe lot of the people's* champion,-
Charley O'Brien is not an enviable', one.     Alonet
he must plough his lonely-furrow and fight against
a horde' of faddists. '" Although his" is but a voice
in what appears'to beva wilderness, his indomitable'tenacity will yet bear good fruit,     y     77
j,*-.;-  f, ■
^ -•*■;,, otj
«<'   feC-v
*-,* v.: - - J v . '
-> 11 -«■**- '   ■
r t
THE Ninth /Annujii Convei^ion,, of": District ,18, *.,-' \ V""-'
,-,,. .   , ,'*U. M.W^of-A" takes v-lace in" LethbridgeSSS"
.;■•"/ on Monday, next:- 7 Delegates of every -local- will.—-. 7
-y'^meet and discuss matters o£ vital mterestptp the.yt* .7
■  ,! meri-ivhom they represent. ' Their discussions; and Ny.""
' ^a.'ctions are fraught -with much import.and-itlihercPy'■ V
y Bore .behoves themJ;o "give suchmatters^carefuUde-; 77;;,
7" liberation. " As time"is a. great' factor and;7alA,alu---;77
•'iible7as'set.-no words,, should be lost. -   Speakers'?'-:'
/.hould,. confine-..themselves to the discussiori' in"/ ..'^
•MinesUon and ti void petty trivialities.  ; The" main; ■.    ■'
<: thing is keep- to/the. point, be' precise aniiyprief.-^ *-
*   Another'point--that is well-to bear'in mind is bbedi- Sy
cnco"trd."the chair.,.. Remember that, without de-,';,-,..,
i- L'orum' and -system at meetings little headway, can 77'
-be'made'. ** .The decision-of the- "chairman, - unless " V
., challenged, is ■final."       •■
TO RBN^Cdncfete' block \ House;'
"6 rooms.« ;*\_.pply"'Wm.*^M_j_.ton,Llnd-
say Ayo., Mnei.
his enthusiasnTfor the "welfare ■■./of the province
'We are being askedrevery day;-what are the
prospects "for .miners, in Canada at .present, and
'while „we'-know-th'erev48 "room- in! Nova1-Scotia,* we
would naturally prefer tp send them further West
if we could do_so with' any guarantee" that they
would find employment ,pn arriving."' .This, is-what
emigration agents write enquiring as", to' conditions in the West. -They are supposed to be.woll
informed on labor conditions -in,(Varjpus parts of
the world—this 'is their specialty,.,' Yet they say
"we know4here is room in Nova Scotia." We
wonder whether'it was the operators or the'miners who gave them this valuable information.
But Nova Scotia'is in tlie east whilst here in the
West is the land of opportunity for the .miners,
Whnt do we find in this the mining district of tho
"Last Great West 1" No, unemployment? Thoso
who are working well satisfied? Not' *at
all, nnd yon know it only too woll. • Yet wo find
the parnRites of capitalism tnlking about the
"great'demand for laborers." They say we do
not knowwliat we are talking nbout when we refer
to a class struggle. If they'contend.tlioy know
of theso things then- they aro guilty of deliberate
misrepresentation, and emphasise the absolute necessity of the workers supporting thoir own press
to present their sido of tho caso and rofuto such
fabrications. ''      ,      '
Go up nnd down the Pass and you will find men
working Ihreo shifts a week, nnd in moro than one
camp n largo'number of'idle men. This is,right
after a strike too whon the demand for men is supposed to ho at' least normal. Of course, you sny
why don't they try somo ot hor employment? Tho,
government will mipply them with the noftOHHnry
funds to got work elsewhere, porlinpR—-nol. The
government represents tho peoplo, but who are tho
pooplo, evidently not tlio miners
Will tlio conl oponttorn gunrnntoo mc-ii coming
from tlio Old Country employment on nrrivnl?
Unvc thoy dono ho for those who aro alrondy hero?
What a splendid picture, of contentment Hie worl.
or from tho Old Country who comes In (his diNtfict
will find. To bo loyal io tho powers that ho wo
should hrenk forth into nn optimistic presentation
of conditions in this Province. On tho contrary,
however, wo ondoavor to proHtent conditions ns thoy
oxinl, and our readers should know whether or not.
thene statements are correct.
-.,•(■:    '       —,        » ■. «-___"i
IT* ROM .time1-to. time. weVhear ;the. plaint of those
*S- vwho -would-i.wish- toViriake •'the cause of the
workers respectablejfas if. such a thing were necessary.. For a, worker to. bewail the, lack of respectability of his cause a£ .once-Betrays he is not class
conscious... he. doesf/not realize that it his cause
alone thab--is-worthy"the respect of any man claiming the^least, manhood'in his make-up. "The-fact
of tbe.rmat'ter is that,,the worker who worries -him-
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62;-, Annex.-".-
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|House on Lbt^.-Block.
ipply.R. Corner,: Box
fi! C, or 482 Fernie.
FOR \ SALH.^-VNe'w Rayinond Cabinet'Sewing MaAhlne;.' noiseless■ and
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FOR "SALE—Eight-roomed, modern
House on Macpherson Avenue; all conveniences, etc.1; price SlJOO.for house
on -30 by" 120."'foot lot; or "$2,000 for
hous^on full lot (60 by 120). , Terms:
$600 down,'balance as"rent; Apply,
Cree-an"d"Moffatt. ";     ■   " '■    '
THE vagaries of somo legislative, bodies nre
ofttiuicH as ridiculous as tho laws they enact
aro iniurions to the unfortinnate inhabitants who
hnvo to abide by them. Those who nre given the
power to legislate tor their fellow citizens not infrequently become imbued with tho idon of Improving tho moral tone of the community. That you
cannot mnko people' good with drastic nienHures
seems to be overlooked by them, as well as the fnct
llinl Ntieh have been tried elsewhere and one and
all resulted in igiiominouw failure.v * Tho old puritanical idefti'have long died out in older -foiiufri.'s
aud where tried in newer ones sooner or later nieel
with the N.'iine fade, Ontario, for one. i>t jiml be-
(firio.nir, to realize tbi*. and i<( ffriulimlly eivnimr
back to a normal stnto.     By degrees it h giving
self., over,;.this 'questionof respectability,is ^playing
into the hands of his master,.;who has pretty well-
imbued into him the;'sp"iritfof reverence for. things
as'they exe.'" It is, pleasing 'to note that the', growing class-consciousness* of-..the workers is eradicating this Effeminate -trait""and. in. its" stead is;groW
ing 'a railitant^and; revolutionary, spirit- that will,
riot be dismayed by the scorn of the, professionally
respectable. ._ - -
. -In.thev'city of New York, "but a short time back,
Wm.'D. Haywood addressed a large gathering of
■workers," stenographic reports of which are being
circulated amongst the workers. This great
revolutionary speech "was received by the capitalist
press with a stroni of protest, echoed to some ex:
tent'by 'members of the working class. Whatever
opinion tlm working man-may have ns,regards,
Haywood he must bear .in mind that this mnn is a
miner who hns experienced in no uncertain manner
tho4,bitter methods of suppression adopted by the.
capitalists in their attempt to destroy tlio Wostcrn
Federation of Miners. Therefore, whon he speaks
of tho Class Strugglo it is no moro theory, but has
boon'driven into tho vory fibre of jus being, and
being a fighting man tho question of respectability
founts for-nothing with hUn in, the war of tho
classes. As ho says 'Tou enn't-soo tlio Class
Strugglo through tho stained glass windows of a
cathedral."• You can't see tho class strugglo
through tho spcclaclcH of capitalist law, written by
capitalist'roprcscntntives of tho interests of tho
capitalist" class,' It is experienco right at the
machine, "in tho mino, in the off ico, and whorovor
you mny work-that must demonstrate tho forco
of economic truths. That this speech was rocoiv-
od with consternation by tho upholders of enpi-
tirlism should drivo homo to the workors tho fact
thnt tho spirit of revolution is permitting tho ranks
of tho workers who nro atloRt realizing thnt thoy
havo littlo to Ioro but a world to gain whon thoy
unite in tlio struggle for control of nil thoy linvo
produced ami tho mntorinls ncncNRiiry to continue
the process of production. This may not bo ros-
pootable,' but if tho workors themselves aro not
resnocfnblo what nood thoy bother about rcspocta-
bility. Thin quostlon of rcHpcctnblHty savors of
capitalism, and when wo look, around us and sen
tjioso who aro designated ns respectable citizens
wc cannot sec in them a great forco for tho bono-
fit of tho workers. This may sound harsh to the
labor Bvtnpnthifter but it -mtmt hr» borne, l-n wind
thnt the worker* "tire rwt eoTinidered reRpeetnblp
however much politician)* and others mny repeat
sueli nn empty phrnw» a* "The dignity of labor."
Tt stands to rensnn thnt thoso who arc not class
eonseioufi define re*nee,tnbil'Wv in the nrdinnrily
accepted bourgeois moaning of tho term, and those
whom they respect do no} call for any rcspoct
from tho working elana. Tf you nro a worker, and
a class conscious one, you are respectable. When
nre you going to mnko tho other fellow respectable 1
• FOR SALE-^Hpuse, 7 rooms,;'bath
and\'pantry,...conn-?cted. range;,«block
47,-McAvoy Street." . Centrally located.
All fenced and'pahi.ed. J2500,' termsv
Cheap* for-'cash. .-.Apply, L.. G.-Evan,"
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Wanted' "to1, liaiidle"'meritorlus r real
estate proposition's. ."'We are the7au-
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Trunk Pacific" Railway, for one" of its
main" "dne'divlslo-fal point towns. - We
are the - ownera'of _ the*, original.1 town-
site of'Nokomls,. Sask'., ".and close-lri
property at'Bpw Island, Alberta. (The
Bow v-Island. natural' gas field' is the
largest"InHh'e'-world.) ,7   •    "-" •■
•We'"can;show, a* man "of ability how
he can make -from-$50- to ?300 weekly
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company.*y-For complete information
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"      V      Co.;: Ltd,
243, Somerset Bldgs, Winnipeg,. Man.
* A^-Boston'" judge' has- ruled that-a-
night watchman is not a workingman.
The case/came up on a charge that a
contractor'had violated the- state's
eight-hour law by compelling the 'watch
man to .work, excessive hours."' ""^This
decision ought to .tickle night.watchmen,, who can now rap for actmlssion'
to* the "select" Circles of, the' elite never-
Iworkki on\___e avenue. ' -,        'V"J 77
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HOUSE FOR RKNT.--Ff.ur-roon.od
Cottage, moat kitchen, clothes closet,
,.walcr, sink, eloctrlc'light fixtures."cie*^
Apply, Wm. Barton^ .Singers' Agont."
plasterod House; toilet,
shed' attached,   ' Apply
Wost Fernio. -. - '
wator. conl
R.   Wright,
FOR RENT—Storo in tho Eckstein
Block.     Apply, Crco and Moffatt.
—      ■ -1 '   'i ■ '■—
COAT, mln Inn* rlirlits of tlio Dominion, In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and
Alborta, tlio Yukon Territory, tlio North
Wont Territories nnd-In a portion of
tlio Provlnco of nritlHh Columbia, may
bo loanftl for a torm of twpiuy-ono
yenro at un annunl rontn] of fl an iicr<\
Not mora tlian ..BOO aoren wll bo leased
to ono nppllonnt..
Appllcntlon for a, kusu mu_t bu mud.
by tlio nppllcant In portion to tlio
AkciU or t-bili-Airont or tlio dlfltrlel In,
which tlio rlitbtH implied for nro Hlttint-
»'d, ^ '
In Burveyort torjltory tlio lnnd muni bo
(lOHorlhod by noollnn_, or lofral nub-dlvU
hIoiih of Hoat.miH, nnd hi uiiHtirvnyoil
torrltory tho trnr-t nppllod for Nlmll bo
ntnl-od out by tbo nppllcant lilm*olf,
lOnoli npllrntlon munt bo ncaompnnlod
by ti foo of .5 wblcli will lio refunded If
tlio rlirlitK npiilloil for nro not avnllnhlo,
but not ntliorwlMP.     A rnynlly nlmll bo
litK npiilloil for nro not avnllahlo,
... ....: ntliorwlnc.     A rnynlly nlmll bo
pnld on tbo morchantnblo output of thn
mlno nt llio rule of five contH pnr ton.
_ Tho tioi-Hon oporntlngr tbo mlno nbnll
furnlnh tho A«ont wltli nworn roturnH
nreniinlln»f for tbo full qunntlty of mer-
nhnntnbln rnnl mlnod nn dpny tbo roy-
nlty tliornon, If tbo oonl mlnlnff
rlitbtH nro not holnf. nporntcd, mioli
rolurnn nboulrt bo furnlnbed nt lount
onoo n yonr.        y
Tb/ Itni-c will Include tho coal ml»lng
rlirbln only, but the l«n«nn mny bo por«
inlttrd to purobMe whatovor avallablo
Niirfnco rlKlitN may bo onniddoreil no-
rpRiinry for the worlilnir of tbo mlno
nt tho rnto of $10.00 nn aero.- ,
ror full Information application
jliauld bo nmdu lo Ibe Hocrotary of tbe
popnrtment of tho Tntorlnr. Ottnwn, or
(i nny Aicerit or Hub-Agent of Domln-
Ion [.nnd*.
Vf. W, ftorv.
«n  V.1,,U,X Mtniitor of the Interior.
N.n—TTnnnfhorfrKrt n<ibtlpnttn-fl of thin
•ik.tt-Ktm-muni will not bu paid tor,
Wo n«7vl thai owing to nniarchi>cii .•imimxtanc-
^ wc liave !>een wiablo for th<* tj»if» hr-inj? lo en-
law tl»> Lrdttcr, lull wc Iiopo lo <lo m witln'n
Hi*1 »i«>xt few woolen. In llio in.-Aiilimc wo an*
'•rowiHritf in n* mi»<*1i rwirfincr niAf-Mr ao pn«Kihl*» with
Hinallor i»rint.   ,
For Sale
Bgea 4-5 yoara; ono ItegUtorad P«rch»
•ron Stallion, ago 6 year*, welgfil abbot
1050 lb*.
ONR Inrtro IIEnKSHmB 1.0AH.
duo fn furrow In May.
ONE young YOHK8UHH. flOW,*duo
to furrow lu M»y,
. AI«o, Puro Whlt« Ughorti ChickcnA,
Apply S. J. ir«rrI«on, Wardn«r, IJ.C.
.. '     \'  Bdths '
Shoe* Shine     .,
Billiards and Po617;
Xofllea, and Sandwich
7    '      \ 1
Hazef.wood Buttermilk
B-mjium uili
'' Victoria Avenue
FERNIE. B. C.   ,   Phone 84
Sri1.!1!. iTa,*& toooH»  cur.r.o coto»,
Here Is a^
Square Deal
unit  TwincAfn*)  il«»Mirtt«*'t<<*rw/«lt
With a policy In our old lino
*_uai(*rtii)-, jiou caii ko oft ou your
vacation 6r visit tho ends of tho
onrtli and you "know ll you're io-
euro.    Tho boit in >
■•' * *    "«.
li nlwayn ch«ape»t nnd *ogpocl-.
ally no whon It docin't cost
hlRhor, Don', delay About thnt
ronowfty or about that «xtra In-
suranco you wnut hut, com« right
In At onco and havo tt attended
Solo Agrent foe TArnta
;W^bre you can ^g the;ladi"3s>nd/thti;phildren., We keep/our;7
-.\*T7     . ;;- '"house lighted during 'the' plcturtu. -      . *.''    ," ■-■''■■ ,J
, ,*a*,.
Program for
■A" Mix-up in.Suit Gases
\, Ovfer ths Hills;;: >
•s      .,  f   , - •   ■■.   ^     ' s a ,o  ,,      <
'•I "-■' *       "'\
/ .' Their Burglar
P^the's Animated Gazette
. ■"    7- --      -';•'-,
Monday and Tuesday
w?0™n/«0nrif0tt0 Bcnd th0 chUtlrontotho Saturday matlrioo nt 3 pk
Wo wlll-taltQ caro of t,)otr)i „.,.,. _.
■-_«. ;*
Insurance, Real Estate
• '     -and Loans
Money to Loan on first class Busi-
n^ss and Residential property:
Ufrfo-date.   Consult Me First
: ^f «^'ln« yowr Spring Bowing dono km MRS. 18. L. CARD; Flint;
cla«> Dreiimaiiing nnd p,n|n ftn(J pi||ejr Bow||)g     fln||- ft ^cU^iy
Prloea w.B»otiRWCi    «, PisUott Avonuo,,7    -''
Specla| sale of Flatware
S^llST1?a orwD|nn«f "««ve«, At $1.25 por half doz.
5 1*1*58.^i"1'" T2-tt,or' D,nn<* kn,v*«' WOO Per half dot.
ll Do«L only mtnner Kn,v««. »M»t plate, *_.7&
B S ^l^mTU^SmVJP-
Wm Roger!" ?r, Eork?', bogt Pla,°- *''M >*r »»•>' «">*•
"wm. imc-. ii n,,,, 8on Al Tftft Korki un pw hslf d<)^
ii- '-i-i^V*-^ -
'.-V-?^ "iC
y  -■  -■*>« '
if^ij ,*-.,'_
• i,^!^£$-_.
;V -f/j-.r,*.,.
7- y';s:\7
THE pK^CT'lJBDGER,- FERl!riE,a;B..C.; FEBBUAEY:i7,1912.
;,fc" ;■ "'V ''-^i'>:»" ;".".•:' '''■', <*;:w,'^^ ■/ ,,+/::V'*?i-^8:-y;^i;'-'' ■,  '. "   •  :y-7yyc:y-       -.-■.•> 7- ■*.•'.     y^yV"-*" -: 7 <-   *., y.%-.■•'-y -    y- r      ",.■*!- y.-."*:.^yr
r*»y    flB_B_Bi .|_B___l*..'.-«.--v.*'-i!s,'-V"- "■-■-- "fr.g^vt^-^vjv.'-^rtx*' w,-..-..<f~-.-.--v^^ .'--..   ft—m^ *'" «■ ---*-       -   ■- -7 __■______■____.-**,    "_____:'  .,'"•*  »   -"_■.-"■■ ____.< •    m -  -"-■     . *    ".___■_____*'
.- A'.. -' -■■'v— *.--~ -.-'ir--a"■'.--* -ii   .-'•'■,.   £
■};•?    .."-";.  7-;    ' *"■•    '''*--7—7-7-
2 ********>* A »*^'»
VJ»¥¥¥^y¥»-»»¥»»'^»¥»y¥¥»yy»;» _t __>t ___«>> ityiiifYifUMXai.ifi-V^vyy yyYYY" V¥ VYYYY YT TYYYY YY YY YYYY Y yV.YVT" V TV 1" Y 7 V T f
<-- -- rr?
ii -*■
>V   y, -    -
,  > *,   '-'
>  '."Jl".*'
'!.     -   .
•'■■\<  1"1
."'^"   "..
if''      /';
V . .---
ll *
li   "
, -7.Ernest Estafiroolc'was."&]'visitor to
r' "Pernle^on Saturday last;* dropplng'ln
7X0'see""some-of the*' Ledger, staff.and'
renew, aiild acQuaintanceo. 7,y;yr v
' 7 JPranlcNHariner, of the'.'Eik, River-
«yalley- was a visitor iir-town, Monday.'
'.7,'-Jack Tucker,', late-jcook" .at' .Es'ta-
' brook's, camp'is-now cooking for Mr.
7* Jas7McCool;at Orson." y.,-.?._.^s > A
. • yTAre.'sorry,to learn that Richard Gas^
1 , kill has" been; indisposed for *, the -past
four: or.,five*;days with,"a severe at-'
. -ta'ck;of la grippey-y^,- 7;:;--.y .,-
.".,-'Early Friday _-.orning,^he"9th'inst.,
'    .afire started ln Melville Taylor's pool
-ffroom..    The fire'-.did j considerable-
/•damage,also to, the adjoining',stores?
,Mr: .Selgle^ who owns the^lock,;-.-we
.'are sorry to learn.is out some-$4,000
- .by. the damage done,, as-he carried no
'"Insurance.- y-^, ifi'^yi-l .;'*. X.,-,<; -.",
•!. :-Davld :Shbrt;vaa old' timer-here, ls
Jback again'loqjklng for work.7 A.poor
,  place to;come.to Dave, and we would
advlse*,you to >lixik:.ior.'pastures new.
Halko,» who has'ibeen.laid-'up.with ty-v
' ~," phold^la bnce-m'dre/b'-i'the.road to' re-
.  ^yipyyy^s-ys^y^.yyyf.y y- .x.
r >■ ..Fred "S^lh'ch, wturrieV(to High River
-Saturday.,.last,v,after..'hav^ng-spent a
' -few .days wlth^frferidsyv,..-y -    . -
'.'..Evans "Wllyllams,. master mechanic
.. of:.C6rbln, 'was ~a" visitor "here"lttst
' -'weekr'-'1 "V* ""-,- ^~J: '"""■• ■-••■■•■.'
;. yUncle Benny has at last received his
,. \ certificate"-; of: competency ."as'"a^rnlnet",-.
^and.fls.once'i-nortf.eleglble to swing
. ...'the pick.'y,y  - y    -:.  ,;.-... ytt -...'
.{". The'dance held In the Hotel Tenezla
, 'on Tuesday night was- very poorly-, at-
. . .-tended.'"-' ..yy. "'7y. y^y' ■- ,-7 .
"■.   Smoie^l/lsBuIrig^f rom tho Ib .iick l of
. 'INo.' 8-boilers these days. - Wonder
"whaPs'the'meaning of it.,--,■*«■.,-.' ^,-,;
.7 Mrs. RobertHall and family 'arrived
-"'iin,camp this week.from Lancashire to
yjola^her husband."     f 7■;   --yy   .
-i   William?Savage,-beUer7known as
the Rooster, - left;, for ,the,;<YelIowhead
*  -jPass.- \ Good lucked you, Bill, .
""...' "yWe are-glad to note the speedy re-
;, -jcovery of Mr. and Mrs.Hkrry Evans*
...llttle.vsoa.'-who met with".a naBty ac-
--.Tolderit...'-': y •-".   ,y .';, \ ***«_.    .,-7
•"'*Mrfand'Mrs; Chancy.Smlth'arrlved
.in.tovoi  Friday-laBt * from  Pincher
7 .Creek'.at which, plaice .Mr. .Smith was
;- ;trying to locate a ranch.
. ..> John Lunnywhilst returning .'from
' |New Town, met with a nasty accident,
' ,,on Montlay night. 7 He either" fell, off
the sidewalk or the* walk-fell up and
,~7struck him.' .7 «',-."-_  "   '    ','•,'
"   -  " V^-'r ,v-' vv^**vY *-'
-.'.V -
The min'es\were all Idle iip here-last'
Friday;and Saturday, f "Worki.was.re-
sumed'.at711-p.m."'on Sunday.^-' " •
*. John iMylie?-;a;driver,7w6rklna. in
No. 2 mine/.got severely crushed on
Tuesday inofning.and was taken down
to the Fernie Hospital by special train.
"Jack Sewell, late of Mlch'el.'.nbw of
Fernie,-was taking In the sights up
here l^st Sunday.**;'- : ■'<"&'.
7rMr and Mrs. CanrTtchei'McNay and
family are again taking'up-residence'
here after.an^bsence^of.only.a few
months.*'",J>'"'■,*•r.,  *-V:*' '.','-   ;'  -  '-
'v0n*iWe_'hesday7 morning a miner
hamed\Jbh__-,. Arnold, -.working- In - No.
2,mine,*.badithe misfortune,to get his
left leg fractured above the "ankle. He
had just put his check.on'the'car* and
•*as.turning.away; tb Btart and. load
when" some56ther.7car8" came' into the
place anoV'knock'Jd',hlB"offJtheitrack,,
which caught hlm.7 He was'taken to
the Hospital.       ,'y 7 - "     7^-y -,"  %
-,On Tuesday evening, Feb.";20th, the"
Rev. H. W., Stevenson.-of* the-.Pr«sby-i
terlan5 Church, Twill ^dve an Interesting
lecture m.the;;dub'..Hall on what he
saw, In South ""Africa .among/the" Kaffirs, .Zulus-and Hottentots. Chair to
be taken at 6 p.m. by Mr. Jno."* Shanks'.
A musical programme will be'given by
Mrs, Stevenson-and some of the Sunday, School scholars.* ;A charge of
twenty-five-cents will-be'made. Door
open* at 7.30 to commence/at-8"sharp.
On Wednesday evening,''Feb., 21st,
,th'e Ladles Aid ot the' Methodist
.Church will give a. Potato Pie Supper
In the church also 'a good musical pro-,
gramme is being'arranged. , Every one
who goes ,1s to bring-'a good' appetite
and eat their fill, but do not fill your
pockets. A charge of twenty.!ive'cents.
will be made for the Ladles'Aid Fund.
Supper to commence at 7. sharp. Con-
cert at 8."'. Come arid bring* a friend.
r-The.rope on the outside Incline of
No. 1 East broke on Monday morning,
causing,a temporary stoppage of work
for a-, while. ■'■ The* afternoon-shift
getting to ,work'alright. 77 y"7.
A caye-lnbf-coal occurred at No. 1
South bn-Wednesday morning, causing most'of the men working to return, -home again..',. It •- w,as~\ cleared
away. ;n time for. the afternoon, shlf,t
tovcommence,work;ir, ,' „--y~r '7 y.   .
. Mr^hnd Mrs. Bernard Caulfleld and
two .children paid la ,"short'visit to
friends up here last Friday afternoon.
-Nearly all the men in,the mines had
to return home again "on" Wednesday
afternoon<■ shift, .and all, the mines
were. Idle on Thursday. ' ': ■ "*" -' ' | ;
-- Jack Chesters started night fire .boss
in No. East this wee£
yand .District. Anglers' Association, are
7as .fbllowi. y Johh ,;Marsh;i- president;*'
James DaVyyjvice-presyerit; * Qebrge
'""-A.';Wilde,-, Becretar'y;. Thomas Yates", trea-
-. .'surer;  General Committee: .Richard
- \Gasklll, William Savage", Joseph Tra-
n f>ls,-- Frank-;*Campbell   and "Richard
- Beard.        ,'y
- ->:. A formal Conservative" meeting was
. "held in the Hall of'the Vehezia' Hotel,'
; "Monday night. ■'   The meeting wbb well
• attended:.''   There-ls to be another ln
.  .the noar.jfuture and a smoker, whon
7W. R. Rosa, M.P.Pywlll be present,to
.   address the meeting.  -: ••*■•
, '""  Mr. * Pete ■ Sandgerath, waB, a visitor
, at the Northern.Hotel,1'Inst week, ro-
-, newlng old "acquaintances   with, his
,.   friend Otto Melr.     Ho believes Now
Michel to bo a place worth investing
t   capital tn.       --■ *    ,,-,-,      .,'•',,
,  /'Melville Taylor Is now.located*ln
,the bowling alloy. ■ "Don't4 forget tho
,. number.        , -.   '•»,- 7 -
Mr and Mrs.-Alex .McCool arrived In
■   town-Wednesday from Montreal much
to tho delight of their*many friends.
On Sunday hiBt a.trotting match
took  plnco ;> ln - Now. Town between
,    Doctor Shaw'B famous ,ly>rBe and Jas'
Davidson's -llttlo nrnro..    The raco,-
whlch was,for about tliree-olglitH at a
,     inIIo,;wnB won by the doctor's horso
'   by,two out of. Iho.three honta rtin.
,.  Mr. John Todliuntor; of Fording Rlvor, wns In town Monday ,nnd .Tuesday
.   renewing old acquaintances.   ,-.
: Don't foi/et tho wrestling-match
; on tho,nth-In Martin's Hall," which
by nil accounts Ib going to bo a good
ono. A wrestling nhd two boxing
preliminaries nro also billed. •
*-" All wngo-plugB of Michel wishing to
know wlmt usottio SoclallBts hnvo for
- tlio stnto should nttond tho propaganda
meeting of .Mlchol ,T_«cal, No,-110, S. P.
of 0„ Sunday ovenlng, at 7.30 In MuIb'b
Hall.     Comrndo W, L,: Phllllpg,    of
;, Fornlo, will bo tho speaker nnd tlio
* BUbJect "Socialtam and tho Stato."
...SeverarCreekltes have" taken" the
engineers'- examination.held In,Fernie
this week.,. .*...""••"■.,-;-    f.'T'y..  \
'♦♦♦»'*♦♦-»♦■ »V»»V» ♦*'»<►
♦ »».»,»'♦*»»»
, , -;. J- -,rj. :--\-t,
■ , Work at the mines In this'district is
at ^a standstill practically 'speaking.
As for the A. R. & I. their-.two-mines
have only worked one, day'this* week
as yet. There ls'no.doubt"about.it.
as] P. L. Nairsmlth'of the-'company
says, It Is to-.be regretted, ■ and many
of our men "will feel .the pinch after
our, long' struggle' last year.. ,v It only
goes to prove that individual district
suspension of work Ib In alii'cases;, as
far as my, knowledge carries me back,
results in* failure. Whilst the. other
fellow may be helping you on the one
hand he is in a sense' cutting your
throat with the'other, and until tbe
working men of the entire continent
realize this and come under the'head
of one industrial union, I say all strikes . are-'-fallures." -<■' It, is^'many - years
since this has .been,preached In, Brlt-
ainyatid it is pleasing, to -'see,5, by ;the
present',-action'- of the-'mliierB' there,
that it is golngto materially.   . y
For" some Ulirie-the aentimentsrof
many .have'been the desirability of
having-a,Co-Operative Store" amongst
the. working people, ariS ,todayv..ber«
.are''1 posters, scattered throughout an-v
nounclng a, public'meeting .Iri the
Miner's* Kallfor.Frldayrthe 16th, inviting all .workingmen. We sincerely,
hope that; this meeting"will bear fruit
as" it is, at least one step in the "right
direction," for ari.Holyake,' the great
pioneer'of the movement - once, said:''
."That politeness,' as explained by that
robust master: of definition,;Dr. Johnson, consists-in'giving atpreference to
others rather'than to ourselves." " In
this sense co-operation may be. defined as the: politeness; of -Industry In
giving the-total1*of Its produce equitably to those-who'create it.
By the .way-a few of the ratepayers of North-Lethb'rldge are putting up
a greatlklck about-.the street railway
having to go over the^overhead bridge
instead of 13th street as at first mapped out, at a meeting of'the"ratepayers' association.*' -Some want the 13th
street widened 'to,. 100 ft., that is an-
other 34* feet;' some want ,17% ft. of
each' side: ,sbme" wante'd It all- on~
the one sidd. - They'seem to-overlook the. tremendous loti'of money It
would,take;to do It.either.way. , On
the one side all the business places
are close'. to the pavement,' and' it
.'would.mean..the" buying-out-of the
places, and even to take tt on one
side It .wouldr entail a-heavy Item, In
spite of the fact that-thejciost of this
side is. private .'property. K There are
also buildings ln' the: rbhte, .and the
cement sidewalk Is or\ both, sides of
the street.   As far as reports go there
Beside the lonely road they He, , *
'. A mile out from the town'and mines,
The ; south winds through tho valley
•"■ '- v,"'sighs.,;-'-"* ',
And sings amidst the frosty pines. -,
Walking alone, Icme to see*   -     . .
The name of each poor memory."
-  -        iW     r-<_ •   . _ , *
A simple stone Is raised to tell' 7    *
• The sacred story of a grief. ■
So young!    And here nnother fell .
Before his manhood was ln leaf.
Tlio victims of the racing car,
The trcmch'rous roof and gasy Jar.   "
Poor wooden cross, with Slavic words,
• In'pencil by a faltering haiflt
Maybe thou and all there affords • *'
A stranger In a forolgn land.-      \
And yot perhaps tho words may read',
How, much a mother's heart can bleed.
And horo from Italy camo one,
. Too soon to.rest beneath the snows;
Tho hard light of a northern Btm
Shines on tho tomb no.parent knows.
And'sho, ,bo far.across tho wave, *,v ,
Can placo no flowers on his qrnvor <,
I turn to read tho rest, thnt Ho, '
Tho mute'reproaches of the codo-
Thnt lots man's blttor grlof g6 by
Ab diistupon tlio awlft enr's rond—-
Whoro cold nmbltlon, Inst nnd prldo
Tholr bloody Juggornaut'do rldo, '•'
Alnsl but Blmplo moutl'ds nro thoy,
■   That loso tholr shnpo with snow nnd
> ralu,    ■   y . ,       .    .  , -
It Boomed tholr builders stayed a day;
Thon, If thoy mourned, camo'not
A slick to mark tlio head, and all
Ts done .or,thoi_c nono here recall.
are a few who.seem to think they-rule
the many,- and are< determined -that
this aid©?doiwlthout,thenar.system,
until' > the "building 'of ~''a frail way at
13th street. At this particular place
about 100,.yards .from- the CV P. R.
itrack, theKroadlon.bothtBldes has ai
gradual Incline, which - the proposed'
railway must be' according to the decision of the meeting. .But/which tb
my opinion would bo" nothing more or
less than a receptacle for the water
which gravitates to that property, now
In dispute for damages before the. City
Council. Now for -nil. this expenditure Alderman Frayne, with tho wis-
'dom ot a Solomon, points out to the
civic- fathers how this*money oiight
to bo raised, tho city to pny SO per
cent, thoso getting indemnity 40 per
cent, and'the,others who-aro getting
no benefit either way, 10 per cent. I'm
rather afraid tl.-o,lfi00 or so other ratepayers would have something to say
on  those  matters, first.
.""-co sr,
"Our Letter Box
Tho D.Btrio.-Ledger accepts no tesi/msi-
bility £oy tho views exp-*es8_*f by itsta. 'respondents. Coramunicationlfw.il biijnsftted
whether signed by tho'teal, nw&tftalitho
^vritcr or a nom do pluu e.'bft' the'-if ij tor's *
.naiiio and address Jmwt-b9s-,rlven'*-'t«-! tho
* Kditor n_? evidence of go- idtalj tu- Inmo.pose
* will it* bo divulged withe ut o<!.,6on',_;^i»^!
'- -      -■■    i sstC  'r''J»lf--f;
To the Editor, District*'!. dg^Kiii
. Dear Sir,—In the,l,a"Bt|J-,sue^df the
Ledger your, Coal C.-ek,*"^ resi^ndent
gave a report of tte?ra« .Ingyrif the
Coal Creek Conservative.!Association.
Your correspondent could -ndtf|hav«
been, able., to give yonr'-freaders the
names'of the team Kelected tb 'do battle ' against the' revolutidnlstf next
month. ./I am Infoi__.ed|ong6od authority,' that the followlisg .tesfii was
selected to represent'the* """"MeYidB-of
Labor.v<':i--__ -,- -.s^'-,^ :• -
■u" /Martin, ,      -s/Mohnstbhl -'
',,,y<-r~   - Half-bactat' ^_f»!
._, Fairclough,     Mariklwid, "r, |M|chel
7 7  ",(Capt) "    .';r;| ^M\'
Forwards? -V^m1  '
■■*,*- > English, O'Brien/ Hamer
Hesketh", .*;.- ■■-.. j*M ^-u«HiIton;
7-Reserve:    Scranv.^ 7yjMfy
" Linesman: "Ross.".?d£' '^"K^
•';' Colors: , Red;--" white**"!And\bTti«.
M.<Thls'team'-'will* ufe-evryilmeiins (legitimate 7;and-'bthetwlfo) ito^wln.   A
liberal supply of refre-jhrnentB-wlll be
on hand and freely distributed during
the-"ganioV-.-;"■ -'" ' ■• J   ■      ■ **■
Capt.-.,Faircloughigavfi the.team a
few words, of encouragements and .advised them" particularly to -keep their"
play .as far away as* possible.from the
revolutionists' captain. - The .battle
cry-Is-to be "Love,me and the world
is "mine!"';-"-- '..'.«■ :. •
, The' Revolutionists have not yet selected their'team' but as all'their
players are Internationals, they hope
to be able to select'-'one that will beat
the Friends of Labor by a score of
at least three to one.
*' "•     Yours, etc.,   "
1      "7   •■"''*'■   '       . .KELLY!"
.WILL NOT .WORK'WITH    «   -   . 7>.
Newly Elected President of Reichstag
To Resign on Monday.,
* BERLIN'. Feb. ^13-^-Dr. Spahn,- iead-
er of the. Clerical ...Center party", who
was elected president of the Reichstag r yesterday",' announced today that
he would resign the chair on Monday
declining,to be.associated with a Socialist ,vice-president. Tlie first, vlce-
chosen yesterday,- Is Phillip Scheld-
mann, a Socialist. -• -*
.'--■■   i ;,.  '- i ,*■ rtt ■ i  "
.. Kansas require/, mines to be equipped, with telepbones, *,. A few days ago
this * precaution will Instrumental ln
saving the lives bf a'group of "miners
who had'" met with °an accident 1,600
feet' back from "the, bottom of the
shaft,   '    '   l.
, From nn Exchnngo from tho Othor
Sldo of tho Globo.—Wo tnko thin vory
well, of declaration: "Thoro is hardly
n form of private enterprise- more vie*
oiiR'tlian prosont day Journalism
Whllo tho blofttod onpltnllst Ib (Ioh-
troylng tho body of tho worker, tlio
dnlly prosB   is   poUonlng his soul,"
Every cnpllallBt no\yspapor rcprc-
' sonts nomo or twvoral cnpltnllit Inter
«sts. ThoRo intorontn find It noces*
sary to control tho minds of the
mnoaoR to further their purposes. And
so tho cnpltnllBt press, prnctlcnlly with
out an exception, is engaged tn tho
work not of helping humanity but in
tricking It. No wonder tho pooplo
flro beginning to blink thoir oyos opon,
And yot, within tho winds that como
From yondor mountain clouds of
,    ',   snow,
Volcos thoro ncom, not wholly dumb,
Of thoso thin spot-will novor know,
Rut who far off for lovor, son,   '
Pour out tlio grlof that's novor dono.
—Bernard Savngo,
At Rnolno, Wis., 23 manufacturers,
who employ 2*1,000 "linnds' (12,000
workorR) havo Instituted n I'ontrnl employment bureau, with tho uBiinl cary
system, containing tbo' pedigree of
ovory slavo, If any bocomo rambunctious, thoy nro duly marked, drlvon
off tho plantation, and thoro Ib no
,maiRa sending out bloodhounds to bring thorn bnck. This IndUBtrlnl "froo-
dom" is a wonderful thing,
At Fairmont, W. Va., on January 1G,
negro minors dynamited two houses
occupied by-forelgn-speaklng miners.
Ono mim wob, killed nnd.BOvernl severely Injured.'
.'       i
From.,-New York It Is reported thut
tho Hnrrlmnn llnca hnvo lost ovor a
million dollnrs lndlvIdondB on ncc/Hint'
of the strlko of tho shop men. Tho
actual losses are probably double tho
amount, ns tho figures aro based upon
only part of tho tlmo thnt tho men
havo boon out, Reports from tho
West Btato that tho roads aro ln terrible condition. .lust ono Instance
In mnny; It required eight engines
to haul a freight train ovor ono ,dlvl-
i slon from Mojavo to Lob Angeles, Two
''died" on ono small noctlon. and.had
to bo towod In by a third englno. Tho
strikers aro standing true to tholr colors, but thoy need flnnnclnl nsslstanco,
A British workingman enmo homo
Into on Saturday evening. 111b fnre
wns red. ,, His volco suggoflled Jollity
and thoro enmo no welcome Jlnglo from
his pocket.
"Oh, I'vo hnd a flno tlrhe!"'ho «ald,
"I'vo boon to nn Hmplro mooting, It
wns grand,"
ITo consod anoaklng and thoro was
nn ominous sllonco,' Ho looked around
"What's llio matter with supper?"
ho itBkod angrily, "Ain't It rondy
Ills' wlfo, who was sitting pooling
potatoes and trying to quiet a crying
baby nt tho tamo time, roso slowly
and handed blm tho Infant,
"Horo," aho said, "lake hold of your
bit of Empire while I fry tho potatoes,"
Men and women who engage In the-
work of mainialnlnp unions among tlio
toilers'ilo-,-bo for a.cpcctfic purpose.
They want > to make, their condition
better and enable tlie workers to obtain more of the fruits their labor produce, Yet they simply scratch the
.surfneo as It were nnd travel nbout
the-odgeslof the real subject Instead
of going to the middle of the, same and
seeking a fair solution,. They nro
concerned In tho main about.tho mat-
ter of wages nnd '];'<> hours of lubjr
They will seoura .lio*.' at an*-' c*.»»»*
to tho public niul seoln. satUflod that
thoy nro, the beneficiaries ln a small
way nt Wast and do not tako Into consideration what they may happen to
loso In another way.
For instance,* the' mine workers' secured more-wages "and better working
condltions-ln two strikes conducted in
the anthractie'field. '■ But when the
wages "of'the working men went up a
trifle the cost of fuel to/the consumer
in some" instances * was doubled. The
cost;of .fuel to the" men.who were engaged in other lines-of trade having
increased, ,they',' too,'1 raised' the price
of the goods they sold, not even In
proportion to the cost, but like the
mine operator, they went.some better
and lifted the prloe * high. then,
when, the rminer\ and • others went to
the store tb buy the necessaries of life
they found that;the price bf the same
had,gone up and that the. Increase in
wagesT they received was hardly as
much as the Increased cost of the
goods they were forced to buy. The
operators are better, financially, now
than they were before they gave the
miners the. Increase they asked for,
as they used the same as a reason for
Increasing the cost of coal to the consumer over twice what they were obliged to hand over to the miners. -,
It" Is the same way with other employers of, labor. Whenever there ls
an increase' lri wages the employers
usually send up,the cost of the articles manufactured and more than over
the. labor increase In^extortlng from
tho co-isumer. As the wage earners
are the largest' consumers, it is easy
to see that what- they get ln wages
they surrender baclc^in the Increased
cost of living.". This-Is the subject
the wage .workers should , attack in
some manner that would give them a
clearer insight'into these matters.
"Not only are these Injustices practiced" in, the. unfair, prices ofneces
sitles,' but In1 the evasion of public duties by theBe corporations who
evade payment of large sums In taxes
each' year. ; Then comes the statement of-:the'auditor-general of. the
state" in which he accuses the same
corporations oJ cheating the commonwealth out of thousands of dollars a
year, in taxes, making false statements
wlth7'respect to -4helr corporation
standing and,, otherwise setting aside
the .performance, of the most essential
of public duties: Again, the. national
government accuses these ' corporations* of "deliberately violating law In
the matter of maintaining an illegal
series of. combinations. Because
Samuel Gompprs and 'John Mitchell
declared that'a certain stove corpora.,
tlon was., not worthy oft the patronage
of organized labor when a certain
judge" told "them that they should not
do-ltXthey were, cited to appear ln
court'-and answer the charge of con-'
tempt. Yet this same stove company
Is a member.of. a stove combination
and a violator-of law in that connection. ■ •   •-** ;*/-;: -, ■'   •
- Workingmeny should .^ not' .content
bf the':-wages -.'and: labor' conditions.
They should,-examine, deeper into-the
subject'and see. where their interests
lay beyond. They Bhould satisfy themselves as .to thft reason why life necessaries" are bo' high and what the remedy*1 for/ this'--ovll: "Would be.'1'"'" They
should inquire'about the political,conditions that make, it Impossible for
them to obtain"a fair deal in'the matter of .remedial,legislation and apply
the remedy that lays In their hands.
But some aro content to stand on the
question of wages and'allow-conditions to prevail that will later rob
them of„the'Incroaso and al) other
money,' they, may get and not only nf-
filet them, but all of tho working pooplo aB well." •''
- The ■ loaders of . organized labor
ought-to study economic subjects so
thnt they could advise tho rank nnd
fllo how to - net, Tho question ' of
taxation, that of living cost und genornl public conditions concorn all of
tlio tollers In a very vital wny nnd
thoy Bhould.be made acquainted with
tho gonoral subjects In all of Its phases. What good /comes from Increased wages on ono end of tho denl tf
thoy nro^robbed by, high food prices
nnd high taxes on- llio othor?—Tlio
WllkcB-Dnrro Independent
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Letter on Industrial
:   '.' ■     •/•.'   y '   y' y{ -*"'  •      -' -• "
;. ,. .    ■" •   Importers of   r '■ ,.• ,-':*." ,''".-*
77. .ITALIAN^ RODUfcxsyy
7       and t)ealers in
Domestic Groceries
,    ' -        "*•**'' -
Agents for Steamship Companies. New Michel, B.C.
'"   \       si
Hip's A Sip wle Workinpaii
Kent Gardens
$1 Down and $1
Buys a Calgary lot.
C. N. R. Division
Ml '        .
a Week
No Interest
To tbo Kditor, District LcdRor:
•Donr Sir,—This Is ■_.■ topic upon'
which a groat don) of dlacuARlon will
tnku plnco In tho noar future, and
Inking hood of tho notion of tho U. M.
W. of A, nt thoir Inot convention the
rnnk nnd fllo will nood lo got n correct iindenitnndlni. of thin niiontlon'
both pro and con,
PollllcH i holiiR pormlnslb.0 In the
dluciiHBlons on tho floor* of tlio various locnl unions It would not. ho out of
plnco to consider tlio artlclo which m>-
ponrcd lant wr«k In tho Pint riot \M>
Kor ndvocntlni. IiuliiHlrln) Unionism.
Tho stnlcmonlH contnlnod therein nro
BuhRinnilnlly correct and tho promUoi
woll worked out, hut not far enough.
Wo know thnt tho demonmrftted failure of craft unlonlftm and tho sectional Btrlko must forro tho worker* forward Into nn ownnlzntlon along class
linos, or, as tho writer put It, "nn ln«
dustrial orKanlzatlon." Now, Is this
really possible? Tlm prpsent writer
Iiub come to tho conclusion that It
Ir not. A review of tho trend of
modern industrial production clearly
shown that the machine la Increasing
tho Intensity of tho compotltlvo *tniR>
Rio between men and lest, labor li ro-
quired thnn formerly, Consequently
tho army of uncinpioyea oecom«s
iWilc-j .iiiil _;r.-fi1rrh n-nfl t*hry Tptto no
smnll pnreentnBe of our population.
ThW army Is over In dlroct competition ititfi th<5 cmr-'ioy^ tbreateolB*
their livelihood nnd thereby runderlni.
them moro submissive to conditions.
$1.00 Down
No  Interest
Call or wrltb for our Maps
$1.00 Down
No   Interest
potty contrnctlnK, speculative Ipvost-
menlB, etc,, which ko toward the
mnko-up of the cnpltnllstlc ldenllsm
of tho Indlvldiinllty of mon. This Is
so often notlrpflblo on the floorn of
locnl unions whoro tho workors' do
not realize tlielr economic Intordcpon-
iloneo nnd Iho nliBoluto economic lie-
ce'sstly of orKnnlzntlon. A mnn com-^
plnlncd to ihowrltor of n stoppage
of union dues to the extent of $17 in
ono month, nnd snld thoy would chop
his' head off beforo ho would Join
the union again, This Is duo to tho
Immediate economic environment, union dues rc-presontlnK so much of tho
mentis of life. Thoy ennnot seo ho-
yondt lliolr own Itnmodlalo interests,
nnd tholr contentment and optimism
are truly nmnr-lng whon wo come to
consider conditions ns thoy exlut In
tho world to-dny. Thoy hnvo boon
thorotiKhly taught "Tako no thought of
There are those who talk of the
general strlko,- overlooking the suffering entailed, and thoso upon whom
It falls, Wo havo seen the children
of our class suffer nnd die In a sec-
tlonnl strlko oven whoni'oiir brothern
send us a cmst to mako their scabbing
- n-rintftnl*. A w»n#»r»l *trik»» but enlarges tho scope of tho suffering, see-
h)K ..l,1-).   -...' WA_.'t<l_. itt J»'.'i.'<.J    H'./'.'JJ
bo cut off. noforohnnd It would he
noccssnry to socure to each Individual
participant tho wherewithal to ausialn
llfo for tho probable .cessation of operations, Just ns tho coal barons pile
industrial' association
CAN    wo supply you with
A       trial order ?   Satisfaction guamntoofl;
HONEST weight, prices, nnd quality to'every
.  MAN' -woman nftd child.   Wo mean to
SUCCEED' in our duty to get you interested
IN       our Association, ns it is our
BUSINESS to give satisfaction to all,
T»ia   ftrfit   tricn.nnrtiitlri'll   t«Hlttt1'i»« 7n "<-r'.»  •♦«Mf» ~» «»«J .«.fi.«» t«
Grand Union Hotel
Best of Accommodation
Attentive Help,   Pleasant surroundings
G, W. CLAIR :-: Proprietor
ensure tho Hix>cAy /■omix-tltlon of tho
workers of other nations with thoso
In the districts not yet suffering with
n congested labor supply. With the
help of Alluring literature tbeso
throng* of laborer* aro Induced Into
tho green fields and pastures of coun-
frf** iindenrolnff th» proe*** of rapl-
UlUt exploitation, brlnfflng with them
a towr standard of living.
strike.,, Who will secure to the unemployed and tmorganlM th« necessities of llfo to prevent them srabblnR
—slarvlng men nato to nice dlstlnr-
lions of ethics—and what of the funds
to meet such demands? T»y a g^nrral
vlke we do not eut off the supplies
nf th* emp?ftrfn_r rlnna, tintfin tnt+r-
iiAtlonsl.    They hav« at tlwilr dls|>o«-
capitalist system of MO.olUlloii. TIiIh
explulns tho wnr nciir.-* so oIK'n
brought beforo llio peoplo to kc«i>
their minds off oconotnlo questions,
tho study of which moans the overthrow of.capltnllHin, Armored trains
would replace lho armored wnuoiis
used In the recent strlko in Kngland,
Do not think for one moment that
the -employing rliiHH ls iKnoriint of
tho trend of events or that they will
refrain from. U-liiK .tfu-cluat methods
of suppression, Might In right,! and.
,» ,. .   «   11  ii i i , i» . i..»..
tb« hlstei-y of the (inst and preaent
and you will soon ho dtsillustonued.
Organice by all means tlio,might of
our numbers. Tlie factions In our
ranks will automatically weld thorn-
selves Into an Irresistible fighting
forco agilnat capitalism. '
T.i© might ol llio jtr«'H.'-)t system
rc.tii In tho stato, tlio executive com-
nil toe of the ruling clasa, bolng -ilfct-
ed through their ability to hypnotiso
the mentality of llio workers.     At
only rlnss who nm nnd must and will.
They imt iilremly opunilliiK tint iiieniiM
of prodiic'tlon mid distribution, from
tho slmplcHt to tho most complex ma*
chine. Tho Industrial rovoliitlon l«
already accomplished, tho publlo
i-wi-4.rt.hlp bus yet to bo lie-
rompllshcd, This can bo gain*
od peaceably and quickly through
lho IcftlttliiMvo uua-hliio by the elwllon
of our own rcprosentatlvcs, mon drilled In tho (.-law. strugglo with tbo ethlci
nnd Ideals of a class consciousness al-
^tt C«-r
ont capitalist para«ltes In thn leiHsla-
lures. 1'oliUcal action by the worker*
Mill disrupt tbe ItRallty of tho present
methods of suppression, and the b*yo-
net, rlflo and club will bo wrested
from the hands of tho exploiters,
Tho revolution wc hn\t> to nrromn-
Dn'n 1b i)it> cleiii-ltig ot the JtddU'd brains
or tho slaves of foolish superstitions,
etc.; to get tli<-m thinking clearly; to
Instill class conscious intelligence Into
them, nnd to teach how thoy can onjoy
their disposal nro nil tho methods or what they already know how to pro-
coercion, which thoy uso consistently,duce. In education lies our salvation,
to maintain tholr privileges. Tbo [Now that the union* have discarded
lights lor free r|k*ocIi nt Aberdwn nnrt jiVt«« niiit(|iiHt<Hl notion of "No politic*
nl alt the transportation facllltW and
AHtt'it,*•*»* MjlUUii.y UMitUKuulA^d siMockiil vthr«-li(m».-s with fsrthtlift ntul
jby tlie mmlicHl employed In wealth!bor to pnan and guard them, drawn
i production on th* plec* and contract' frr.m ihone who do not rwojml7.o they
/no;). *)*1*.*-. Till* devtJoiw a »./liit ,*r? of iho working tl«*.*—U/« army.
iOf rivalry resulting In a fc«.lng of r-mv. ikAU* and petty twirr^U U*-.,
ifgotl*m arid the idea that, If. ta the'cWVs. profesilc-nal m»»n. ctf.t     Tlie
't,ilnffllftw O.tMf *ti>M«wrti|f \triaek n'uiM* iA ttf •wa;«*!.o<)*.'« ur,'i)l v,n ,...              ...
'n.it attain the atiindard of {W^ll-tnt*-*. Mi«m it** w*rM-Mcr f-T/-t»*^ tt* tf*,- pi? MM and dl)><*rlml»iillnn. whlrh mw» tt* <
Hrnlrtfi thfir* nrftm many teewln^ty rrtf^f of coercion. Tkno'-v?n.f f il" •a-.llatuw oi'r too jil.tlnty that U Is tb<"
ap(_Ar<*nt avenues of -fistajio from tho 7r..t tJi*1 d«-lrni.tl©««f th* wnlt* i,\ tY*
thruldom of »ftg« rlavc-ry, aurh    a*  vorkrrB only tt^mtt in lf>.v.-r.ur- u.
Bpokano (Wash!) nit well aa that now j in the Union," g<«t your, local to hold
Iu _).o_..e_a m Vimcuu-*cr.. Hlustratca V-tMoiMonn! ni^tlnfis «ci:I,Iy or often
lho favor wllh itl'lih they "look ujion'-J'^ Oik»M«' nnd -/'(Jucatt', for Jn
dlgcusalona of tho condition* of the > knowledge lie* emancipation.
working el»*s by ro*.mt»ers of that despised etas*. ?
In tht* dlsttlrl we have had the!
iltlM Ar1. th*- Mthtttf/it, ..I*- Msfli
Youra, ttr.
working fla*« who ar« lnttkr*M.I«rt! In
niDoOnsr t.if iiNwnt lnc-qnnlUli-». The!
ShHokh GitFe
STOPS to".'
J5CK.VJS "4'Sx^v^^
<THE-DISTRICT LEDGER, yFERNIE,  B. C,',7FEBRUABY 17, 1912: 7,^^fif7rKl?,
"■y-yir-.;. *
'/•:--;'•."''■  ""*'    "    \~'SSSSKt.'.,
Mn 7Grea%7W&it$in
•7 £>y.
at Lahausage
Uy Day Allen Wllley.
* A system of washing bitumlno.is
coal noted for its simplicity and economy lias been placed in 'service' to
work on Alabama coal at the minini.
town.of Labausago in that state. liy<
tlie method-referred to, the coal, as It
conies from the mines, .is .not only
washed and separated but is crushed
•to "the sizes   desired'for  fovgo'"purposes. ,   The object of the plant is to
• supply coal of a suitable'quality ami
.size free from impurities,'for smithing
and ' similar   purposes.   -. .   "
The vein  of coal"mined,  which' is
"treated, by* washing, js located about
40 miles south of Chattanooga, near
tho town of "Mento, and a few miles
from  a  Southern  lliiilway  lino;  connected, with ilie plant. Thus, tbe company has transportation facilities for
,   marketing   all   the   coal   mined   ami
washed.     While the seam mined lias
an   average   thickness   of   24   inches,
Mts'quality makes  it  especially  suitable  for  forge  and' steam  fuel.      It
is slow buniiug.coal and not too pasty
"high in fixed carbon, low in*- ash and
sulphur.     Tlie benefit of washing the
coal   is-indicated   by  a  comparative
analysis i inado'of the coal before and
after being treated.by water. ■
• The washing* reduces the ash in the
slack from 14.17 por cent to 9.4'. per
'cent, effecting  a  reduction   of 33.45
per cent., and the sulphur is reduced
19   per   cent,   or" each   100' parts   of
sulphur In the unwashed becomes 81
- parts in the washed.     Also 100 parts
" of ash in the unwashed becomes CC^
parts in the  washed  product.-    The
coal-has  a  specific  gravity-of  1.31,
and  has "been   subjected  to   specific
,1,200 revolutions per mlnuto, with*
20> Inch pulley, and the latter a speed
'bf' 500, revolutions per minute and a
■IS inch"wood split pulley; the crusher belt travels at a spoe.d of 0,200
feet -per minute. This countershaft
iss<lrlven by a 12 inch Gandy belt from
a 72 Inch pulley'on the engine to a
26 .Inch .pulley on the countershaft.
- The refuse from tbo jigs is brindled
by unique automatic slate.valve and
is delivered to the bottom of the jig
tanks, thence by bucket 'elevator to
the launder, where it is loaded' in
railroad cars and used for filling
The coal 'is shipped from the washer by means of an inclined cable railroad 2,00 feet long, connecting with a
spur' of the. Chattanooga Southern
Railway. Tbe total cost<;of< building
this connection and'equipping it was
$r-7,.;>_, while the washing plant,
ready, for service, cost $10,000 with
complete mechanical equipment.—
Mines and Minerals.    *
Arrests are  Expected  Monday or
Tuesday " _   *   '
ing result. ' " -■
"Unwashed coal "contains 14.10 per
cent of ash arid 1.20 per cent.'of sulphur. Specific-gravity solution tests
show that this  unwashed  coal  con-
- tains 70 per cent ot material running
6.44 per cent, ash;  8.83 per cent, of
* material running 19.80 per cent, ash;
and 11.38 per cent, of material-run-
', nlng 52 per cent. ash.
The total capacity of tho,washer,
which is located adjacent to tho mlno
tipple, so that it Is served by a chute,
Is 350 tons,' Its equipment comprises ono double New Century jig, one-
75-horso-power engine, one SO-horsc-
power holler, and one No. 2 Williams
■ crushing mill. After the coal leaves
tho mining cars, It is delivered by a
chillo to a 20-foot Jeffrey flight conveyor; this convoys or delivers tho
rtin-of-mino product lo a crusher where
it is criishe.1 to a slsso bf \>h Inchon
and under, and passing lo a Linlc-Tlelt
continuous-bucket elovntor with 45-
foot centers, it Is delivered to a relent ion bin, from which It. is fed
directly by gravity to tho jigs.
- • Theso jigs run nt tho rate of 1-15
revolutions per nihuil,o, each stroke
roquirlng the equivalent of n 2»/_ Inch
stream of water,' which is piped from
n tnnl. near tho Jigs, The capacity
of tha tnnl. Is lO.OOO gallons. Tho
wnched conl leavcR tbo jigs with tho
overflow, thence, by Inundor, lo nn
elovntor with perforated bttekota for
(lownlerhiK mid delivering to a settling bin, tbo littler having n capacity
of 300 ioiih, Tho olt-vntorH hnvo n
sliced of 12V_ revolutions per mlnuto.
The cnuMmtillng nnd washing nm-
cbliiory Ih driven by a drive of throo-
strands of 1 Inch innullii triuiHmls-
Hlon rope, I raveling 1,881 feot por
inlnuto, The onglno speed Is 150
revolutions per minute.     Tho crush
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 10.—Sir
J.'T.'Butler, of-Buffalo, N. Y.', vice-'
president of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Ironworkers, conferred today with ' Mr,
Frank M. Ryan, tlie-* president, concerning reports which-.Ryan said he
had heard about'the;government's* Investigation of the dynamite conspiracy"; ■    ., ,       ..    •. ,.. > -'.<   i <
-'We nre ready-for'any action-that
may develop,"' said Mr/Butler. _ "L
Ohio next Tuesday."
° Mr. Ryan had announced It had been
reported to him that thirty of the forty
or more indictments in the.-dynamite
case were officers of the Ironworkers.
Tho;arrests of tho men are to take
place early'next week..
The increasing number of divorces
Is- looked upon with alarm by the
Hannibal Journal. The editor calls
it a "festering sore" and thinks the
lnw should make divorce moro difficult.
As divorce'Is merely, a symptom,
not a cause, 11 Is clear that making di-
vowo difficult, will jwU remove the
eniiBo' of It. Whenever n-mnn nnd
woman get to the dlvorco stagothero
ciln be no good como of -compelling
thorn to llvo together, Indeed,- it,,Is
wrong to do so;  It is immoral; 7
Divorce Ih a sign that men and women nro learning' to. rospoct thorn-
solves, particularly tho women. As
woman becomes moro intelligent nnd
Independent' thoy will not longor con-,
sont to bo doormiUs for somo man to
wipo his foot upon when occasion
suits him. Womon want to bo the
equals and males of tholr hlishnitds
—not tholr houso drudges. ",' When
tlio woman of today finds herself
tied to a domineering ^tnn,- who ronlly
wnnts n'dlRhwnHhor, not a wlfo, she Is
apt to I'osort to tho dlvorco court, Bocnuso she mndo ono mistake Is no
roftuon why alio should mnko' n lifelong mistake. .
Dlvorco Ih n symptom thnt men will
have to mond somo of thoir ways nnd
lnarii decency and veal morality, It
Ih a sIkii thnt ub women bocomo more
Independent thoy will  forco rospoct
Since "the -Liberal party returned to
power in' 1905 -(says- a London "despatch)', and .-particularly since It. has
depended, for'Its'political life on the
support of "Labor and* Nationalist votes, morel", legislation of the kind advocated ..by-trades unions has been .enacted'.than in any similar period in
the history of the country.   Still labor
at least the'Independent Labor Party;
which is largely dominated by the Socialists, Is not satisfied and1 has arranged a program which as last year's
president of the party, Ben Turner,
said "\ contains   "" expectations ■ much
greater -than  the  possibilities.' - Mr.
Turner said that the -party had not
done all that it should have done, .the
fault lying ln that it lacked numerical
strength,- Its business ls now, he added, to make itself the dominating controlling guiding and ruling party of
tho state. '        ,       * -, .,'
Much Done to Please Labor Men
In the last few. years the __nbori.es
have seen enacted Into law by.par'.la-
ment, the Trades Disputes. Act which
permits peaceful . picketing, during
strikes; an act to provide lor the feeding of school children; .the Compensation Act", which provides for tho ..payment-, of persons injured while at
work; a fuller adoption of fairi trades
resolution, which makes obligatory the
payment of government contractors of
the union rate of wages-fn forSe In
ihe district'where the work is to be
doiie;_ an improvement in the position
of 7 the .workers in the government
dock yards,;, the provision of .work for
the unemployed; the Old Age". Pensions-Bill; the* payment, of members
of parliament, rWhich relieves'the trades .unions,, of the payment of members
who represent their interests' in the
house: the- establishment of labor
bureaus where men and -women in
search of work may register'and be
supplied with information as to work
obtainable;. and tho insurance against
illness.and'.unemployment, which bill
although it.-does not meet altogether
wiih the "approval of trades unions lias
been.accepted with the.understanding
that an effort will be made lo improve
it aiid if possible introduce a non-contributory'system.    ',
- - . „
,.   Plan -Railway Nationalization
For'the"immediate future the party
platform .contains planks looking to
tho further, improvement of tbe condition of labor; a "right to work bill, that
is.-.a-law ".making it .obligatory^ upon
the. government to provide work for
thos'o'Cdeserving it; the abolition of
night work;as far as possible; a-land
policy which'.would place, ttoe* workers
on" the-land:until the-natlphallzatl_n
of land couhi- be?acc6napHshc«l;7tha
nationalization of-railways '.thymines
ana,- bills; for*the impro\ement"of-the
housing bfiworkingmen.V   77'vy'*'''
- . y .', v.:_ -y . -.- /s^yyy;-:
-    -,   . -Socialists Strong y-.-,., -, -'-
' * ■       - )    I - >-'.. - -.-,       t -&■" >---
The "recent jlabor conference-was-the
12th since j the .party'- was, organized.-
There; were present- 500 delegates-je-,
presenting lj,539,000, members ^drawn^
from the affiliated'trades-unions..The'
Socialists. have only, -34,100 -'members'
in the TJnltejd Kingdom- but they.*.practically domlinate7the. Independent "Labor party.".l  This \is 7largely, due to
their leaders, among'whom they-num-
ber J. Ramsay Macdonaid^,the. Labor
Leader of^ the 'party in.thel-House, of
Commons; ^Kelr Bardie*" Philip Snow-
don, F. W.jewett* and bthei1 .members
of parliament.': ",Arthur';*,Henderson,
M.P., tlie new secretary. of the" party
is not a Socialist,-but Socialists supported him showing" at ""present'the'So-"
ciallsts are willing to work* with -the
more conservative Labor, leaders. -*   ' -
The industrial unrest of last year
resulted in great numbers of workers
joining  trades" unions  and' Socialist
bodies to.the satisfaction.of the leaders of-tlio strikes, every,one of which
they say means more strength.to their
party.   A further impetus ,was given
to the movement by'the success of the
Socialists in Germany,-.whom .the Englishmen are hoping to emulate.   The
propagandists are busy iu this country
rallying men to the"unIons and threatening to  strike "unless  non-unionists
are prevented [working'-side by,-side*
.with  the  trade, unionists. .This,,.was
the only reason*^ for'the, late, strike in
the ,colton°mlllS| bf Lancashire..;-.*.
Seek Domination-of Parliament'
.'Two Labor 'daily; papers are about
to.make their;-.appearance;' One, the
Daily Herald, is' to take the place of
the"*Morning'Leader which'is to.be
amalgamated--'with  tho'-Daily   News.
The Leader.'was never an.official la-,
bor'paper mityt generally supported,
the party.   The.Herald will be an out
and out Labor paper;   The second.pa-.-
por is to be the Daily-Citizen and.it"
will bb the,official organ of the'party.
A fund o£*.$750",000 is being raised'.to
make-a, start and the party has -subscribed. -5*30,000 toward" this end ;and,
will-give both'financial and other s*ip-'
port-in tlie. future.       '        _-_'"••,.
■   The leaders-have set themselves, the
task of increasing the" labor representation in'the "house from 42 to 142 nnd
•with".his tliey-.believe the party will
be, atfld-. Jo [-dominate not" only- home
but'also'foreign  politics.
er Ih driven by u, 12-lu doublo-biiithei* even from tholr huBlmnils.
belt with cemented connections from      Io "*"1'10", dlvorco     moro difficult
moans cruelty    nnd   euffeilng,   nnd
11 liOllllliilhllilfl   wllh  2d foul   bull   (til-
Un-H.     Tho crushor Iiiih n spued    of
What Followed i Cut,
A Maglii.rft.o's Wonderful Kxporlone*
Willi Znm-Iluk,
Mr. J. 13, AitioKault, a Justice of tho
Poaco, and otntlon maetor at Wellington, on tho 1'r.tnco Edward Inland Hy.,
ha« hud u wondorful proof of tlio Ileal*
lug powor of /.itm-Biik.   IIo says:
" Four yeare ago, I had an aceidont
I nllppod ln lho station and fell on t
freight truck, niifllnlnlng a bad out on
tho front of my Ion, I thought tblf
would heal, but Instead of doing do it
developed into a bad ulcor and lator
into "a form ot eczema which aproad
very rapidly and alno utnrtod on tlio
othor lug. Both lo^a .bocarqo ao ewolloa
and fioro that T could only rw about my
•work by having thorn 'bandagod. My
rlootAr hn Id T must, tttrtp work iwtd lav
"._.Ju u\x J-Jdiiilij ct ihls U'oulio
I consulted another doctor, "tuit wUh
no bettor roault I triad all tlio aalvot,
.Iftiii-erMn and loUoris I beard of, but
(tmload of gotting bettor I (tot worm
" ThlB wim my condition when I got
  ri-,« «-.- ,. » •»._-. f)..i.     ri-„..tl.,» 4»
my dollght that flint box gave mo re*
II of. I continued to apply It to the
•ore*, and day by day they got bottor,
I could tee that tt lut! bad let lold
of aotnetblmr whleh would cure me,
and tn tbe etd It did.
"It U bow over a year itece Zam-,
Batt.wortoirl a <wrn fr_ my caw, and
(hera baa been no return of the eczema
or any trace of IL"
. eucbie tbo uature ot tie treeteurea
wfafteb Zam-Bok la dally affecting.
Purely bm*_vl In ckxnpoaHton, ttda
•grwrt balm fa a mure cure for all akin
. dkMutca. cold aorea, chapped t*M_a,
trmi bit* tifcarn, blood-poleon-nc -rati*
cna* aoree, flhM, acalp aorea, rlnff*
-worm, tufUtuuI ntcliea, cuta, Tiunut
aM&rateen, All drntfMi and atorea
tail »t SOc. box, or poet free from ffain-
Huk Oo, Toronto, upon racaUA ol
rosiilts In honiblo nrlmos of viirlons
kinds. Dlvoroo should bo onsy to
obtiiin. In Norway dlvom-N can bo
hnd for tho nnklng, nnd thoy hnvn
fowor dlvorcofl thnn• wo hnvo In this
count ry.
Wlidn nil men nnd womon nro ns-
Biirod of lho th limn I hoy need, so
long nh thoy-do lliolr nhnro of tho
work, nnd no, ono can oppress nnotlior,
then the mnrrlngo rolntloii will havo u
now moniiliiK nnd tho ninrnl lono of
both nex<'H will bo vnntty hlghor tlinii
ll Is lodny,—Ht. Louis I.nbor.
QUEBEC;* Feb. 14.—-V delegation
from -the'Tra'des and Labor Congress
of .Canada'and the Trades and Labor
CtiunclL'^oL^Montrcal__waited_bii the_
provin'cial.--cabinet of Quebec this
morning presenting a petition for the
following-amendments to the Work-
Ingmen's'Compensation Act, and other
imp.ovements_-in Labor legislation.
c-.l. In',the case of temporary "incapacity, through accident, an indemnity
equal "to- half the salary will be paid
tho/laborer If the Incapacity lasts
longer than seven days, payment to
bo.mado from tho first day after the
accident. 7 '
2. . To amend the law po that the
Indemnity In tho .case of death be Increased   from- $2,000, to  S3.000.
'3, That nil'the rncdicnl expenses
occasioned ' by nccldent" will be pnld
by tho employer, together with tho
sum of fifty dollars for funeral ox-
ponsesln tho.ovont of death, nnd* that
no except ion-bo" made for members
of a society which pays funeral expenses. >    '■
4, That In the caso of legitimate
nnd natural children recognized as
such beforo tho nccldent the employer, will provide for tholr wnnts until
thoy hnvo reached tho ago of twenty.,
At prosont tho ngo Is fixed nt six-'
teen.    7 '
At present llio nbovo law provides
for tho fnmilloB only when tho victim
Is tho nolo support. ,It Is desired thnt
It. shnll nnply whon tho victim is
the partial support, sir In the case of
ono'or two or throo brothers,      , '. "•
5. To chnngo thobnsls of Indemnity from $000 lo $800, nB tho caao of
snlnrloH, undor $1,000, nnd to pny tho
liidoniiiltlcn monthly, Instead of quarterly.
fl. That the superior court' deal
wllh nil appeals in connection with
tho. prosont law,        *«       *-
7. That tho lnw apply to lahoforn
employed In .tho lumbor industry ns
well ns to thoso in other Industries.
8, Thnt IndomnltlOH ho pnyablo
from the ditto of (ho accident In cuboh
whuio InjuikiH aro, pormnnont,
'Othor rcBolutlons woro presented,
fishing for compulsory education In
Cntliolio schools; tho uppalntmont of
mi liiHpcrtor of fnclorlos; tlimnxton-
hIom of tho'liiHpeotorH' work lo cover
ficnffnldlnf,-. nnd thnt  thoy bn clionon
from the'-rank's' of ".organized labor;
the" granting, of "a > larger autonomy-to
the, city, of ^'Montreal; an eight-hour
day on*provincial" public works," and
the abolltion;_bf the prpperty". qualification.    7 -. *■ »-*...
-—^\Ttu-ciA*v-uiiiWJiot,o-_-I \T~UT_:\.UilJllI,g~iii\J>I^7"
and .more-alive to their interests" and
there are-great hopes for a favorable
consideration of these requests by the
government.,7 i*j >' -. -
By John B.Lgmonl- yS':y *
Recently .whilo.,tray<3_jfi|jc"_.' gentle^,
man I met itf', the!: smbter-iliad'much
to say about1* the",r«xtremelyy selfish,
spirit   of - organized jlabor, -liow^w©
never did anything rfor a .'human motive,-but always io serye'tbe" Interests
of members only wlthoutjany   regard
to the rights/of .those'outslde.": I want
to refute the" erroneous'-.idea ^by --giving a'brief story-'of-jatvlslt-made-in
June to the mountains..'ot "eastern Ten-'
essee.   .    ■   ,,,vy7,i*>y.*?,'-','s'-*,.- 7*   >
- As one representative^of-the'Amefij
can Federation .of Labor^"Iv'went*.tb'
Hale Springs to *"tal_e,%parf:;lri "dedlca-;
ting the Tuberculosis'sanitarium and
home erected'by the-Printing-Pressmen and Assistants',! Union, now'.near-,
ing completion, • Some rumors of.wbat
president Berry; was-doing'had" reached me, but the*,reality.;faTf-exceeded
any - expectations.    . Burns • br7 Longfellow never In; any_T„of, their.poems
painted a landscapeTrtore charming f'or
beautiful than we beheld Jon Teaching
Hale Springs.   A.valley beautiful, surrounded by mountains-'covered :wtth
pine and other woods, with, ylnes^. in
profusion, blackberries,*" mixed with- the'
underbrush;, the Supreme. Architect of
the universe might'pqssibly'have made
a spot more beautiful and'grand, but.
so far :as my travels have' extended I
have never seen the beauties" of nature
lr_ greater- profusion la any one' place,,-
and here tho pressmen havebullded a
home"" for the  cure, bf . tuberculosis.
With air, as, pureras-nature ,can make
it, .with." cooling-sprlngs^lmpregnated
with many different minerals,.with- the
taste" of the pine and1 fir in the atmbs-
phere*,- with <rvalley/, and mountain.,to
charm-the senses and.-drawus close
to nature" surely the unfortunate may
here, If anywhere," find* the cure-for
the great -white plague.- -     -    7*   v
., ."May".we not properly and with,pride
point' to' such an Institution as this .will
soon become'as-'an'effective'and final
answer" ,td the .charge of" selfishness
so7oftedy made■ against- trade' unions?.
JAs the'years move on the pressmen
will'learn, to"* love the~houie as'their,
dearest'"offspring,   and ,.as   it ,.grows
their love will increase.   .Tbis honieof.
Hale:Springs 'will "surely 'become,the
Mecca'.'.tbwafd  which    the    afflicted
pressman"can;take his way with hopes
of'^returning','health-"arid ,. pleasure ,
whilelat;,a..place,so beautiful* and,-'at'
the.same time so well adapted for'the r
purpose  they'had   in-vlow.      Here, [
also,: the pressmen have erected thoir!
headquarters, and a technical school!
which promises to be-as complete"In]
every'detail-as" such an institution can
be .made. 7 .*   . .    , _ - - • |
'- The  printers  at Colorado  Springs, j
Colorado; pointed the' way now follow-,!
ed-by-'the" pressmen.     The future will \
suroly-see other crafts following .until \
aH union.'men and-women "can - feel j
they; have' somewhere ,a real homo of I
their-very own.   Selfishness"*" of'; the!
unions!   "Will our citiesvplease tell'us
who-is making the most" effective protest against child labor? ' What:is;.the"
potent; force in the'struggle'for indus-
trlalfair. play^ for women? 'Where is-
the, contest most effective/for' the. living wage?7What force in'human" bo-,
ciety-stands-like a stone wall-against*
every ^attempt 'to lower, the "standard"
""*    * -S&l'i ^^h".*■.*- vT-jl      ' -^^i *■■**■*? V
Rates $iV5€^;andiup14!
, ;-/-y  • y7v ..----.«^
7., . Hot' and .'Cold, Water;
y yV Electric .Lighted yf_•'•
^A ;!' Steam Heated..'-' ■■■ , 7
'. •Phone7ln 'every- rbomi'^ .-
-Sample Rooms on Main
,*;-.^"Bu6lriess:.'St"reety  -
< r     - '-,v .       .   ..
b"f?lce:\H*hde^ "
>:*S*wide-.ce:i: i;-yimh^w^7^y^i
*J*a. s
"\-yyy. y;*-77 *:'-"   "-' y^y-^yy-,'--'--'*'
-li.,-,^,   s-,* -^-^
. Meal ^Tickets. $6;00V"
Special Rates by th'e.w«ek'v'and-„
themonth and-to Theatrical pa^V
_ - v , . ■  » PC
"ties." Try'our'7- .7 -,.,.-* - -•'■ *- ' .
\   ,7-y '   - ■   '■•■„_. v,    c-"- ?'•
Special, Sunday!
Dinner 50c; ;
5 Trie 'finest  ofywiftes, ..Liquors'.
-'and'Clgars served,byucompetent"
,and obliging wine/clerks.\ " ;r
f.; C. "llawe 7';v., "\y' Alex.7C Fisfwu:
■*•'?",-,    -.-.-•-■ '.y -# ,- *  - n „-.-. -.y-ss:-.-
-7- .-I- r LAWE '*'" FISHER-' ry *-;^-;
;7 ATTORNBfs'.-y
.74 Feriiie,-, B._ cS'y
■L.    H.;
.-.,.-.,--   -,* ■•„,—,-j,.- sy$.
Barrister, Solicitor,' Notary pubUV'etei
' 7/ALTA.'-7'
/       '' " ^PRODUCTION  GROWS
m, FERNlt
Rapid   Increase' Commenced   In   1904
7,' and Continues to Keep Healthy
*7, Figures
The total value fit the, mineral production In Canada In-* 1910,'according
to revised statistics ' now complete,
was $100,823,6287'' Compared with
the previous year's production of $91,-
831,..1, that of 1910 shows nn increase
of $14,992,182, or""lC per cent., and,
says Mr. John MeLolsh, B.A„ In his
roport to tho department of mines,
Ottawa,^, ls the largest' incroaso that
has been recorded In Canada's mineral production In any one year.
- Tho production per capital litis nlso
ine'ronsod from $12.82 In 1909, ,to
$M.2C in 1910, nu ndvnnco of 11.2 por
cent. ■ The Inrgest production por
capita previously recorded was $13,35
In 1907.     •
. The year 1880 was tho first year
for which complete statistics of mineral production for" tho whole of
Cnnndn woro, collected, nnd tho production that yonr wit's reported ns $10,-
221,2")"., or nbout $2.23 por capita, In
ten yonrs tho production hnd Increas-
od over 100 per cent, to $221*17.l2">fl1 or
$4,38 per cnplln, In .1890,
At. this tlmo tho Yukon bognn to
coiilrlbuto largely lo tho gold production, nnrt, during tho lioxt flvo yonrs,
nn Increase of nearly 200 per cont'. Is
shown, tlio total reaching a vnluo of
$07,707,911, or $12.25 por capita In
1901. f.
Tho noxt' throo years witnessed a
slight falling off,-but from 100-1 tho
production ngnln rapidly Incrensed to
its present high record.   '   -
, 'Organized Tlabor"
stands square on"Its"feet for,these
things and will "not' retreat. "*. .'"
-^Selfishness has .its,greatest'development amongy the. rich, and powerful.
Real., altruism reaches Its highest lev-"-
els among the poor.. * How often, have
I:Been this demonstrated wh'en' the'.un.
fprtunate-have„beeri kicked, and'euffed
by, the mighty, and-then,be .taken'In
and their,t,,wounds ■ dressed and' their
hunger/appeased by the poor.--Tlie
parable of'the Good Saniarltan'Js still
applicable ln tho-.world, and -labor
enacts neither the part* of the Priest
nor Levlte who went by on the other
side.' - .-;,,,". .,>>.., ', •
■ '■ This beauty spot in Tennessee, with
that which haB there'-boen planted by
tho trade union of tho'pressmen, will
remain a standing example of labor's
work and real unselfishness.
' *•  ,  •   7*7'   'yr >:..'"  7'-'
Is Now Opened
.-*".:'.,•,-        . ' -*■- ,,.- '   -_ y.
7Cleah;; Cosy and'ver-yy
r" '-S ■ 7 Inviting Sy ; yI *'•
'. Just the place after,the»,
7 show of from the "rink/
.v""*' **      ' ~t - -   - -    ' "*-
A. McDougall, Mgr-.i
■"_ ^-
Maiiufactureps ;of and Deal-7;
'.;      ^""V1, ■*-   f.- "*■  ^ '*? '» **' -r "■/*1 ~*
ersin all kinds of Rough iVj
" and -Dressed Lumber^y'
Sejtid us your orders
. 77..
"Soldom Soon" ls tho unique iiiuuo
of a PonnHylvnnla mining town which
lint lately conto on UiOfn.ni. hh nn Ir.i-
P'utnnt conl prodiiRlngpInnt.
Industrial Unionism
in ordor to mnl«» iiho of iifs->d grnln
nvnllnhln In fromod dlstrlctH and to
provide sood to tho liomoHl<»ndor nt
lowest pobI, dlmlilbtitlon will lm dono
nn followfl, wliorovor prncllcablo:
Hvory 'homi'slondiH' n'riulrlnw,' Hrod
ernln tinmt mnko nppllcntlon to Mr,
T        !•* -If-    Tl H I        ,
,      »,.,»' .«..,.,,.,      *. t..........h. ,.i.tv.,       u,
ItnmlRrntlnn, WlnnlpPt?, «tn«lii|i; tb*>
kind nnd amount of grnln roiiulrod.
If iuyd Kraln of lho kind tbo home-
stondor roatilrPit of dPsirnblo nunll«y
pnn bo purphnsod In'hlft tiPlghborltood,
tho innn who lias this grnln for snlo
will  bo supplied  with a  lint of tho
DIIH-ln   lilt   lf>   t«l   Ifit   HWIMT   WlUl   II
linn form. Tlio bomostondpr apply
ing tn thnt neighborhood will cull on
the mnn who own* the grnln, present
n dupllfinto order from Mr. Walker,
sign tho Hen nnd get tho grnln, Tho
(teller will thnn sand tho signed Hon
dulv executed and wltnomied, tn Mr.
WalVmr, whdrtflipnn h<t will rort'lvo his
cli«r|tic for tho amount eovorrd by tho
Hon, ?r will b<* r/>ndlly tifcn thnt
In order io nvold dolny and dlsnp-
iwlnlmont. It It vorv important Hint
th»* jmpprg bo ftlmoIiiiAly c -wet In
ovory dntnll.
Knrmprs and grain il-*n]er*. hmvlng
'twtl grain for Ml«. nnd hnmmU-nfoT*
who impnd to apply for Government
_.ii,il "-liovilil uri.M Mr. V-.n-.Wv-. ul uncoibu u^kUy  m*>u tl...t
in ordpr that tho work may bo com-
ph'K'd before weding limn.—J. fl,
(.lark, Acting for IWnlulon Bccd Com-
lly J, 11. King
(.rnfl iinloiilsni Is lm.O'l ipou llio
IdontlVy of Intoi'OHts.botwpon tho rob-
bor and the robbed, mid a fnlr dny'R
pny for a Tnlr day'H work, Grnft. tut*
Innlsm orgnnlzPH the workorn Into bpc-
(Ions. Tho workora nro groupod Into
tho vnrloim hopHohh nccordlng to tho*
tool I bey ubo. Cm ft Unionism fits
In with nn flcono'mln rnndlllon long
past whon production was carried on
to* n gronf oxtont by hnnd; tho tools
i ».*!.,' i    r   ,, .    ,
entlv thprc woro few Prnfts, hut tho
developments of tho modorn machines havo made nn ovcr-lucroafllng
numbor of crnft« until todny tho In-
duitrlnl army Ib divided Into l,lfl!l distinct neotlonB.
' Craft unionism dliwttt tho nttou-
linn til inif **otttv*.*, ttinii iii*. umtn i»*
tuo, nnd koopii thorn wrnnRlIng nmona
tliomRolvoa ovor paltry mnttora, It
brcodfl n spirit of hatred between tlio
vnrlottB Boctlona, and broodb dlBson-
nlnn ami makes unity of nctlon Impos-
Blblo. It lognllKOB BCAbbory by forcing tlio various Boctlontt to sign con-
IrmtB with tho li(»hM'i* i«xplring nt dlf-
foront datP*. It divides a nlngta shop
Into Bpvprnl wfitlnn*. Tf one flection
goes oul on strlko for bol lor condi-
tlonv, tho other nertlonB remain at
IhPlr roachlnPB, and In many InMnnceB
thoy tnko thn plnpps of-tholr follow
worker** until the bona enn get tcabB
tn lnk<f» thplr plac-*, and then work
Bldo by Blrifl with tho bpaIib. It can
In ib* past tho
worker* have dffpaipd thMntolres In
nil their BtrtiRitk'K for iwtier condl-
(Ions.     Craft  dlvUlrm \u tho back-
to romovo cniiBOflhiil bnttloH wllh of-
A spool ro Ih haunting tho enpltnllHl
wotld today—the appelro of IndiiHlrlnl
Ihiloiiliun, nn orgnnl„atlon Hint In bnu-
od upon Hio cliiHB Htruaglp riniBt go
on until eliiHBPH are ahollBhod; an or-
limitation Hint rocognlzefl thnt. an In-
Jury to tuio workor Ifl-llio roiiporn of
lho working olnitB! an" orgnnlzntlon
llinl. Hiiys tho hours of labor mid wngos
will bo rcgulntod by tlio .might of lho
r.,.,.n-, in,.      ni,    i?i i i        ,  .
tho bntirR of lnbor deprenno nnd Hm
wngos InoronHO, until.,thoy got mlnht
enough to overthrow capitalism and
iishor In tbo Industrial domocrncy.
IndiiMtrlnl tmlnnlBm organl*oa tho
workorn Info IndUBtrlnl dopnrtmontB,
onch dapnrtmput having jurisdiction
m<:r tiM uviii niifttri., -KiHCh -.nituninnt
depart mont will bo afflliatod with tho
ranlrnl amforonco,,, whoro tho b.ial*
Horn of tho wholo organization will bo
I'.ntiiinptpd, and anything Hint offORla
tlio wholo will ho tho concorn of tho
genornl organization, -and will *l.o
do.i't with throiimi ih<. roforondtirr., bo
<inch inonitifr will hnvo Wh Bity »ih to
hov thlrigB nro to bo run. Much morn
jwiid ho nnid ni,out mduotrlnl Union
Irm inn tyurq -, jh not pfrml*. of I'
bnlug f-rld nt rrbRont, but In cone'u-
Bk.n I Hifch to call yonr attpntlon to
ono fnct, If tho workors of Now Tlon-
land wpro Induntrlnlly org*nl«6d thoy
would bo ab|p to placo (liolr ri*mand«
boforo tho mriBtorfl at ono tlmo, and
If tbtiy *..<it>M-d to Krant ">th«m »h«»y
rntild fight nil togeihor, and by flgbt-
Iiu towtlwr tbpy would havo tho
mluhi to for. n tholr demands/—Social
. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14.—On Jnn.
31 tho following 'cablegram was received by- Prosldont Gompers from
TlrlBbane, AuBtralla.jirid Ih self-oxplnn-
alory: ■' '-,. ,
- "Samuel Qompors,' Preslde'fit American Kodorntlon, of Labor,' Washington, D.C: Gone'rnl Btrlko declared;
fifty iinloiiB out" defence principles,
Involving hundred -thousand kouIb;
first.BlmtiltanoouBntrlko world's history ;;compJoto'-Btoppnge of Industry;
fiindB urgently needed; communlcnto
your affiliations; prompt nHslstnnco
nsBiiros cortnln victory. Molr, socro-
Inry, Trados Nail."
That tho strlko of tho laundry workers ngnlnst tho conditloiifl undor which
thoy linvo .boon compelled to" work
waa in ovory way .pusllfod wne tho
roport mndo recontly to tlio Stato Do-
pnrtmont of Labor by tho commltteo
named to Invostlgato thin matter,
Bur "supplicd.^vith the best Wines,
• Liquors nnd Cigars ■   '
bono of cafvSuli*m.     It doe« nol try Dcmotr.n, ,\c-w 7/0»l«nd,
A ploaBnnt-fnood llttlo -woman wn8
buying iiomothlng for tlio baliy - in a
drug store, and linppcnod to notico a
bottlo on (lio show ouho,
"Did you nail my dim a bottlo of thnt
ituff?" *        '
_ "I certainly did, and hopo it helped
"Nolp Win? Why lio jiiHt holpa him-
nolf thoso days, UhoiI to complain about
roy cooking—said It wann't aa good aB
wlion wo woro flrot mnrrlod. Ho liad
only taken about linlf that bottlo whon
I had to lildo it or thero wouldn't Iiavo
boon a thing in tlm Iiouao for tho children
to eat.' Ho simply donned tip every*
thing in Bight at tlio tabic Qui tuo
Btuff is all right—I can recommend it—
nnd ho ovon thinks my cooking lias lm-
Jim t-mtl onmplalnwl thnt lip vrnn over-
workod-tHdn't got enough oxoroiso—
had no appotile—was getting a bit
eranky, nnd didn't rollsh and enjoy his
meals, Tho drtigslut told Mm to tako
Nyal's Digestive Tonic and forget his
troubles. Jim dropped in just to tay
thati bb iiM a great, ..iijiutiivy lor work
thoie days—can aocomplish twico as
much as beforo,  .
IIo wm no dygpopllo—juat a littlo off
color. Lots of tin Just llko Jim. Hdttor
try ft dollar bottle,  It's worth while,
If you try this remedy wo know you
Will ho,pleased, Nyal Hemcdles we tin*
ecstely believe to l« tho U»t me<licint
Ulues offered. 1(1
Kor Mnlr» In leprnio nm. ftunrnnfped by
Large Airy Rooms &
'Good Board
Ross & Mackay.!*.
Nowhere In the Pass can be
found In such a display of
%    /•*
, We have the best money
.can buy of Deof, Pork, Mutton, Veal,' Poultry, Butter,
Eoqi, Fish, "Imperator Hams
and ElRcon" Lord, < Sauibooi,
Welnery and Bauer Kraut.  .
Calgary Cattle Co.
Phone 50
Bar Unexcelled
j -f        f
All White JHejp
• ..' \..     -,   I-.-.  ... ■'-" .
,-7'lV ':7y    -"'■-.','    -
y-Call; in .and      ..
■.•■•"see".us oiice.-W;,
* -, -,.
, '                      ,   1      '    A   -1      .      '      ■       , '      -
"   '         .    ,   ,,            *w      .      '    «'
JOHN ?0DBJELAN0lk. Prop, "'.
j_   \iit yim. >_» |i.__ a Ai %i
Youp-Old Fri6nd
G, lUtlland UrgN to Inform liU
old nnd now fi'lendu thnt hn hna
opctied tip IiIh Harlwr lltwinoAA
nffftin at tho old stand (Qnepnn
Ilotel) ami hopf* to gft their
continued patronage.
0, Radland   Fernie
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Jjhoea
•    ■ Gents' Furnishings       • -
in   hi'   l i '     '««_ '. V in" nn i ii    in ii
Lizard Local General Teamsters No',
,J4\,   Meets ovory Krldny night at
8 'p.  in.  Minora'  "Union. Hnll,   W.
A WorlhlnBton,  Pro.ldcntj   B,' Jf,
Good, Socrotnry. ".,"».
Dartender8»"'Local No.lJH! Mootn 2nd
and .th Sundays at 2,80 p,m, 8eort»'
>»r„» ^.,.» tt--   -
aiadstone Local No, *$\t U, M. W. A,   -
Moots 2*i(I and 4th Thutsday Minor*.
Union hnll.   Tho«. Uphill, sec '
Typographical Union No, GB5"   Moots '
lost Saturday In each mouth'at tht.
Ledger Olltce,    A. i, Buckley, Boo-
^rotaryi   (     ,-.
■* * "It ,
Local Pernls No. 17 8, P. of O. Moot*
In Minors Union Hall every Sunday ,
at 7..5 p.m.- Everybody welcome. D. '
Paton, 8ecrotary-Troasuror.
United Drotherhood of Carpenters and >
■ Jolners^-I^oeal 1M0.    D, J, RVans,
"President; K H. Shaw, fiocrotnry.
Vfr  WIDDOWaON. Aaaayar and
Ohprnln.,  Tlrtr C  !1«».  NMnwrt,    Tf.    f?.
titiarttaai*-*.MA. Httvnr, I^«i1 or Oonper,-*
II rueb. _ Oola-Hllvor, or Hllv*r-I^i<1,
♦l.BO,     Price** for other metal*. Coat,
eomont, rirorloy ntwlyiiPH on «pr>ll«A*
l,o0- ...T_l'_."!^»•,,! ««»t°n» assay o«lc»
(n I-.lt.tfa Colombia. THE DK^CTltEiJC-iSR, PERNIBf   B. C., FEBRUARY 17, 1912.
* "_,vw.
■ Imitations.;
i_, -',^'    (-y ~,
>*.♦ ♦.♦.>'♦'♦.♦:♦♦'♦ .♦'«_•,
■ *.,'-
• -T-|  '
.;->,.,.*>: -
■t ** —•.   !" -
,f. j.,a.v_    .'4rALiTR01-., • ''-   "
delivered 7 to V - all  .
*-. "i*-;-. -c  -, v. ■- -y-. *,
w/ .'parts. ■ of .the "town* 1".'
Sanders & Verhaest  Brothers.,;
7:*-.   ■"■,-* Proprietors' ..,,'•"    '   !',,-.♦"
-7 '..-," .*';--■-.-,.--   <".-   '. .v$
First class Horsei. for Sale.
' ■•"   . 7  "-"  ',- -'7,' '*'<*' '"""".
Buys,Horses on Commlelon
^George;Barton,; yJPhpne 78 g
"     " ^iIn*©: is" it: > I
.,\._ *.
, ,■»
,. .<
k w.i ng:
** -,.
".-'- 7-' v~ ."":i_____i_>' *.*:'. "'..-•7f''7-/;7
" 7 7;*.;.", "7777" ■ * SSSopris.* Colo.y
71 cruiniri,*7-i ruffiani,,l*cagnotti della-
compagnia miii-erarjia- hannpS"messo''in
giro r la.-* notizla ;ehe * siamo; vlcinl - alia*
proclamazione "d'yuho; sciopero W.per
ciq.'frra syfannbjn'quattrq per.prepar-'
aWlropera del'tradlmento, ''".'jyXy-u
^Colore,"che ;-si'7Bonq-.gua'dagnata- la
simpatia." del\'c6printend"ente''^Charlle
Chamber,* 16 fanno aglre"secqndo Moro"
desideri.- 7 i Gll Hanno f qmlto una - lis tit
dl'nonil dl.Indlvldui^sospettl,dlfresia
antlcfumiresea, suggerendogll dl llcen':
zlarll aIla-splcci'olata.v '^srcomIacto-.il
due correpte col -l.conzlamci_.to''" dl .due
uomlni.'": Io che,"causa un.forte raf-
f reddoro,:. avevo * dbvutb _ astenermt-dal
lavoro per una settlmana; non ho potu-
to essere llcenzlatq*. prima 7del giorno
quattro.;-.;Se non fossl. rlmasto a casa
sarel stato licenzato.prlma.^Senza do,'o-
l_lo,."lIrpac<.hr'p6stair'_e'.le' cqrrlspon-
denze ,che rlcevo" hanno fatto sospet-
tare che io sla* itn"or^anlzzatore., Rag-
Ionefplucli'e sufficlente.per farml elen-
curersulle'lJste'dl proscrl/iorio. ,    ...
7 '*': Un * p oliziotto". ml' pedlna ;'e. ml sorve-
glla.giorno -e.-notto." '.,  -- __ *'* -   ___". / 7
-';Ma:.-t6rhlamo":aL giorno del-mlo 11c-
enzlamento. _    .   ,..77   -,       '   '■-'
'-r'Appena'fuorl della mlnlwa chlesi al
Bop'rlntendente.'"    *- '• 7"..    '     :•
*y,y.Perche tnl liCeiizl? "•"- .-•   .- .-'", i
.\ Ed'.egli:   -.   ,'„- . -     ' "~y
"J'—i Perche perdl troppe glo'rhato   dl
lavoro: ':* '.    '   "-.  :"• 7 *'""*"*   *"- '^v
<I3d'lo: '"-7-"-     "'* 7."--'  7s". 7
.r~'Chi e:quelle'uomo,,che,'p'uo lavor-.
are quando o ammalato,?..\ , .   -.,**• -l
7* — 'Tu yal troppo spe'sso a Trinidad.-
,' — "Qesti sono affarl mlel.y Flno ad
oggi ho sempre,provveduto al sosten-
tamento della^mla: famlglia e nessuno
hn -'ll dtrltto dl ventre a   farml i'.'contl
Intnsca..    7' "7-77".     y*     '7,
Vcdendoml, rlsolutdyil .soprlnten-
dcnte borbotto. ancoi-a qualche parola
imcomprenslblle'e .poi.se ne ando a
praiizo col polizlotto" che lo accompag-
nava. y , -   %.,, •- ,  ^. _^. .    . ■ - .
"" Col mlo'blgllettbrallamano ml^pre-
sentai. all'-ufflclo,/perv-ritlrare  quel
pochi soldi chVla compagnia'ml asse'g-'
ha'_i«r.non'farmrmorir-.'dl fame.-presi
la.stato .dl'.paga^lo,'gerlfical,e'.lp- tro-
valrglusto.1^ Qulndl'-lo.scrlvauo ml dis-
se:-"Ti.aspettano 95 soldi per questo
meseyte U.'dafr6"'ln".''c1tponl."'--~-. 7-<
caricavaho il carro un*lastrpn'e.delle"
dimeiisioni di 5 piedl per'12'e^per73P'
6i'Jstacco dalla volta * e''" schtaccib." il-
Maddalon "colla testa sul ea"rrq;:-e(Hm-
prlgionq un braccio del "-.Fasqi.. che 7se-
la-' fca'vo Vabbastanza - a", buon{ marcatb,
'SyZ7?~f'.S \
dopo .5, ore dl paura.
yLa relazione ,del"' CoWnef'.par.layn-'
tanto' di. morte accidentalely ; ~i^-~
j-",,Io*dIco invece che: la.colpa-©/della
compagnla .perche un .ma"sso;di'50 7t"on-
nellate che pejlcola di ca'defe.hoh puo
sfuggire ail'osseryazibf_e"•.-'del -' -''fire
boss." .1. min'atori so.fossero.statray-
vertiti del pericolo non'.erano cosl
st'upidi di andarcl..sotto.'■*" Ora chi pen-
sera alia desolata* famiglia" del-'■Maddalon?' x Benche 11,Madalon-fosse ah-
ticlericle. i suol parentyvplierb'fafrie
profanare. 11 cadavere.. dal vprete7
, Sempr«-cosl. 7 "AntlclericallVyita natural durante.-masi. nasce';coi prete
e si. muore col .prete.
* y » "•    ^ ,      *   .**    > -.
.ybcateurs empioyea par les compagnies'
de;devenir ofSclers"de^rbrganisatioii;
rj-lib referendu-iuefle'mandat impera-.
"tit ainsi que I'-ectlon des officiers-7tous
les'-deux ans -.apres" l'election de 1912
fiirent adoptesy ta* convention natiori;.
ale ne sera .tenue* que tous les-.deuic
ans. - ' -yy ,'y'7 7 7-S^i
-; Les membres'de "|a;Federatiqn^-Civl-(
que ainsi que les "Bby" Scouts" ne^jfbuP
ront pas etre ■eri"inlenie temps-mem--
brede l'Union""des-mineurs.   '  -;iV*
Le delegue, Herron, de,-:rilliiiois-,hde-'
clara que les '"-Boy"Scouts" (organisa-.
tion militaire) etalent,,'des vauriens' qt
des briseurs' de- greves., -   ■      y .  .-
II fut decide" de""pern_ITt*.re''-'au redac-
teur du journal bffi'ciel d'eriiployer les
colonnes du "journal a d'el-endre.les in-
terets politiques.de" la"- classe-ouyrierc'.
II fut demon tre;; que dans les-.camps
ndii-unionistes les patrons de'minei. se
serveut du pouvolr politique local-pour
empeclier. les organisateii^s de l'Union,
'd'approcher .les ouvriers. :1   '"       '-   \
■Van .Bittner, le vice-president de
l'Unibn.,du district de Plltsburg. fut au
riombre de ceux qui oppbse-^ent.toutes
les, resolutions. progressi>Tes7,y-.'I^ se-
ralt mleux'a sa place allleurs qu'a la
tete d'une organisation.oiivrlereT." '    ■•
"AarentkFcrnlej Branch.
.Ave,,"' North
m Pellatt
F ernie-FdrfSteel.,' 7
7 ,.  ,-v   ■".    y--   -^ -•-   ■/
Briwing Co,, Ltil,; 7
»iM. ' *- _   i.
•:Boor„"','•'y ■
1      .    I t    -      , f
I    , ' ' . , ■
« .•'.'*■.*-' ''•,. ■ -   .. i..
Bottled Goods a Specialty
L. E. McDonald
-., Bxproia and Delivery Waoom a
".~ ■ Come,' 95, soldi? rr, osserval. —
Non'« glustb,rml spettano^2.40v:i  •'
\Ed. 'egll.:-7rMa tti devl pagara-il dot-
tore!,, '"'" •'. Jr  „ ,\- y 7    y yy y
• II dottre? Non son tenuto a.pa-
garlp"; perche tutte le," compagnle , del
Colorado non passono trattenere nl-
ente^ad un oijeralo che, non abb'la.an-
cora guadftgnato1 $10. ■ Ma Je mle" furono -parole buttate al vento, perche
lo scrivanq contlnuo a scrlvcre a ml
consegiiopol un biiono'per ritirare'M
95 - soldi dl cupont. 7   .V;'. ,.
' I9 ,hon posbo caplre coinelo" Stato
del Colorado :lascl 'cnlpestare. 16 sue
loggi, lascl; rubaro vergognosamente
^Ia"'mQrcode-agll;onerai. Le autorltd
locall Irivoco dl fa/rlspettnro 1 dlrlttl
Sol clttadlnl,'danno-mnn forto nl ruffian] delle compagnle. , Co qui per
esomplo, tin certo slgnor Monti' cue,
nil sorvogllada tin meso. S*e porfino
recnto dal fIgll del padrono , dl casa'
dovoysono a" dozzlnn a chiodoro so
sono ttnlonlsta ao posfloggd llbrl di bo-
ciota, bo paiio dt unionismo 0 dl mas-
sonorla, occ, Controlla tutta la cor-
ilHpoiideiiza 0 tuttll pac'chi che rlcevo
0. adopora, tutti limozzl poeslblll 0'
Immaglnabill per compromottermi. >
Raccomando a tutti i compagnl dl
fatlca cho hanno ancora un brlclolo dl
coBclonzd dl'strlngorBl ln catena -errata por coinbiUtore" la grando battag-
11a flno all'ulttmo rosplro.   '-.
Drlzzlamolo schlone!
',7 ' Lulgl BbrDognonl."'
- Quand. lea lecteurs ",de- 1'tJnlon' des
Travallleurs recevrontco. numero du
journal, 5la-''23e-_ Convention annuelle
de'J'Unlon' Internationale de Mlneurs
aura.pris fin depuis quelques jours. ,
> Cette convention ^marque ,n le commencement^ d'une nouvelle ere dans
les' annates de l'union des-mlneurs."
jContralrementeaux usages "du pas-",
se.Jes dclegues assembles a Indianapolis cette a'nnee se sont occupes .da-
vantage des' grandes-- questions so-
cfalebetaonttrelegue a l'arrter'e ban
les '"mesquliie"'_*";quest-ons -.personnelles
qui "joualentunVsi grand>6le dans les
conventlpnsT.prec'edehtes.. Les idees
soclallstes ont' fait un progres" immense'dans'les "camps" miniers depuis
quelques-annees et le resultat est que
les '.nombre'ux' llelegues sociallstes assembles en. convention s'interessalent
bien-.jilus' aux* importantes questions
qui confrpntent la classe ouvrlere et
demandent une solution qu'aux per-
sonhalltes de Lewis ou'^de Mitchell.
Loin de faire', uns-pas' en arriere
comme l'esperairerit" les partisans de
la Federation. Ciyique," la convention
des mineurs..a-au contraife fait-plusl-
eurs pas en avant.7", - 7    '-*..-
(iUne> proposition "demandant que les
mineurs" se retlrent 'de.,Ia Federation
Americaihe' du, Travail "fut   longue-
manf_ /11ar.|ltAa.j^__lT3Ali^.jlA^:i^AlaO'lliiG«^^la^
Ceux qui'se mettent acombattre le
mouvement^soclaliste eif ce mp'ment,
et. lis sont nombreux, rcussisse.nt tout
'ati7pius ajfpousser leurs audlteurs a
etudler la' question sociale. ~i;7'}-^
. v Pour7 arreter le^mpuvemeht* soclal-
iste'- il. -faudrait que "ses detracteurs
puissent o'ffrirun-remede a. la "situation. a'c.ueUe et e'est ce qu'ils'n'o peu-
vent; falre sans discu.er la .'question
,'sociaie«et'7'aider le mouvement^ social-
isteyy V ': "•      ,   .-   I
y Dernleremerit, avec do.l'argent four-
nl-par quelques mllltonnaires'Ml s'est
fprmelltin nouveau mouvement rellgi-
eux,, "The men - and religion' forward
movement' 'qui a'pour but de mettfe
des batons dans les roues du-soclallsme. ' 'Uri.de ses prlnclpaux orateurs,
Raymond Robbin.s.-de Chicago,'se trou^
ve a Pittsburg depuis une semaine et
donne .des confrences un peu partout.
D'abord il'a ete'Oblige d'attaq'uer le
regime actuel <et "en ce faisant il ou-
vrait' un nouvel, horizon a des gens
d'eglise'qul ri'avalent jamais pense'a
la question sociale. " Ensuite il a cru.
necessalre d'attaquer les sociallstes et
depuis' \Y se:. trouve dans de l'eau
chaude„.tre'syhaude meme a Pittsburg, et les-'journaux capitalistes.adt
mettent" que 'aa-position n'est ni logi-'
que nl comfortable. Dans les divers-
ees eglises"de Pittsburg il a trouve des
pasteurs"1 sociallstes qui lui ont pose
des questions"" genantes qui l'ont agace.
fache,; etylul ont 'fait' dire des betises
au point qu'll." dut publiquement s'ex-
cuser.y '-;>"'-..'...
' Staunton, 111.
, Sahato' 0 corr, nella mlnlorn dl He
Camp vonlvano Bopoltl aotto 11 "Snnd
flock" duo Ititllnnl- I vonotl Glacomo
Mnddalono 0 AiikoIo Fanol.    Montro
List of Locals District 18
.•vl, NAME 8E0. and P, 0, ADDRE88
89  Dankhoad ,,,,,,,.. F, Whoatloy, Banlthoad, Alta,
1 481  I-oiivor Creok,,,,,. P, Gaugltton, l.oaver Croolt, via Plnchor
431   Bollovuo...,,.,;,.. 3, Durko, Bellovtio, Frnnlc, Alta,
.103   ninlrmoro....,",,,, B. J, Olmnn, Blairmoro, Alta,
040   Burmls,.'.,,,,,,,.. Job. ,Dorbyahlro, BurmlB, Altn,
3827- Carbondalo,,,.;.,, J, Loneborry, Carbondalo, Colomnn, Alta.
SI387   Cardiff J. I'oolo, Cmlltf, Alta, .  ,
1887 'Canmoro N, D, Tlmcl.uk, Canmoro, Alta.
2633  Coleman.,..,.,,.., W. Graham, Coleman, Alta,
M77- rtnrhln   ..   T., .Tonai,'f'nrhln, Tt fl    ■ •
1120   Chinook Mlnos ..,,' Wm. Forayth, Dlnmond City, Alta.
' 3178  Diamond City...,. Albort Znk, Diamond City, Lethbrldgo.
.314   Fornlo Thoa, Uphill, Fornlo, B, U.
.1263 > Frank...' 0, Nlcol, Frank. Alta,
e407.,HoHmor ,.,..,,.... W. Ilaldorotono, Hotmor, B, 0.
.ORB   Hlllcreet,. J. 0. Jonen, Hlllcrcflt, Alta, -
1.74   lothbridgo-  L. Mooro,   004, Sli'.tocn.h St., North ^thbridfic.
USD  I/«thbrldgo Colllerloa Frknk Barlngham, ice, via., Klpp, Alto,     II
1333 Lille ,,..., W. L, ISvan., Llllo, Frank, Alta -
!; 2820' Maplo'Loaf., v,.. B. Phrhor, Mnplo Loaf, Bollovuo, Alta,
1334 .Michel  M, Burr ell, Michel, B. 0.
, H   Monarch Mlno...,  L, J, Thomae, Monarch Mine, Taber, Alta.
23".2   PaeaburK  J. Kluacartta, Paeaburs, Alta.
78580   Iloyal View .,...,, Thoi. B. Fl»l.er, Royat ColIIorloi, Lethbridge, Alln
11)58   TalH-i-  A. Pattt-rnou. Tabor, Alta.
103  Tabor  3, Cooper, Tabor, Alia.
53S8   Lidyimlth ......... J, J, Taylor, Ladjnmlth, B. C.
2290  Sumorland '.. Peter MoWlifn, Biimerland, B.'C.
872  Wellington v Thoi.'Ilarrol. Wellington, B. 0.
■ 3166  Nanlamo Jack Place, Nanaimo, B, C.
fehdirent la tactlque de" Gompers et
sa clique "de'dineurs^a'latahle des
milllonnalres de, la. Federation Clvi-
que et si la 7 prtfposltlon ne fut pas
adoptee, e'est parce" que quelques de-
legues esperent' qu'll est' possible de
changer l'attltude de la Federation et
11 fut' decide- que les "representants de
l'Union ' do .mlnours . a la ,prochaine
convention annuelle do la. Federation
auralent a falre leur" possible en favour d'une. forme iridustriello d'organ-
laatlon, "SI vla tactlquo de Federation est mauvaise, dlt un des delegues,"
11 faut changer cette'' tactlque, 11 faut
iitottr*. la Federation sur nu. hoiitio
vole, mnis'll he faut pour dotrulro und
organisation qui coute tanto d'efforts
de la„ part des ouvrlors." .     "   •
Uno; proposition provenant do ' la
locale do Manifold, Pa„ en favour do la
nationalisation des Industries, fut
' Uno, proposition demandant mix "ouvriers do s'unlr sur lo terrain rtolltl-
quo aussi  blen quo sur lo  terrain'
oconomlquo fut adoptoo.
'.-II fut decide i do donnorJ500-aux.
provlstes dos manttfacttiroB do bou-
tons, a Muscatlno, Iowa,
Uno proposition ondossant lo pro-
Jet do. loi penslonnnnt les vlolllardB
ot' Invllant Bergor, non autotir, a bo
proBontor a la convention fut adoptc.
Berger no put vcnlr a IndlnnapollB,
„Uno proposition. on favour do la
form'o IndiiBtrlollo d'organlsntlon fut
' John Mltcholl ot W. B. Wilson, ox.
prcBldont of cx-sccrctnlro do l'Union^
dos mlnourBduront.ua proacntor a la
convention pour axpllqtior lour con-
U'titto a Atalantn., ' Nl run nl l'nutro
n'oBeroiit dofondro ottvortomont la
Fotloratlon Clvlquo,
II fut doctdo d'onvoyor $500 mix
fnniUlou dos vlctlmoH d'uho oxploHlott
dntiB ln mlno No, 4 n BubIo, Wyo.
Dob olinngomonta lmportnnu dnns
la nouvollo constitution montrcnt lo
progroB qui s* fait alios, lea mlnourB,
Dana Tavant-propoB do la vlollle con-
Btltutlon II otalt dlt quo los mlnours
avalont droit a wno' .itBto parto du
fruit do lour travail.    Quand cola fut
l)t Ion BOclaHitoB furont hlentot sur
plods proposnnt tin cltnnKcmont qui
fut adoptoo ot malntonant on lira dann
In nouvollo constitution quo los .tra»
valllourB ont droit "a toulo la valour
sociale do lour travail."  Colul qui
auralt propose unjjlol clmngoniont volla
dix and aurait wta.huo par leu autto*
delegues,    Mala  cela   change.    I<a
vlcllle constitution dcclaraft aussi que
l'Union dos Mlnours no pouvalt bo tlo-
clarcr on favour d'aucun parti polltV
que.     11 Jul, Q&iit&n d'tt.lmlnt-r wiw
llgno -dnnn la nouvelle constUutlon ot
malntonant l'Union dea mlnourB pourra travalller d'accord nvee In parti
politique do la classo ouvrloro, lo parti
socialists   |i
" La ronwnuon' so d^clara' auHil fit
favour d'onvoyor lei enfapts a rccoto
Jusqu'a lfl ans au Ilcu dc 11,
. Ia constitution fut changoo do [aeon
quo pour ctro eligible comme olflf-or
de I'tlnton II faudra avoir travnllk'
comme mlnour att molns cinq an*. L'ln-
tctttlon **t d'cmpc-tlier 1?b nscnls jim-
"~n_jue rie_TRay inoiidRb bii^continuenf
leur propagande."_ Elle ne peut que
causer des discussions el hater le jour
de. l'emanclpation de la , classe^ ouvrlere. ,'*.' "-"-' - - >■:
. Les* ennemis di(-Soclallsme-ne'peu-,
vent combattre ce mouvement1 sans
concourlr a son developpemeht.—L'Union, des Travallleurs.         ■   ■
do Jsmrtl .nan" bude spominat' s^odpo-
roin. .'     '-",.*      * , ~"J   ""-.'.''",
^...Ked.'- bol.posudeny negt'astnik'ved-
eny -zo svoje]"- Romorlcy v_.znl5ne](> bil
sa"'s- dozorcaml.    Vedel.'Se je. to jeho
ostatnacesta, a vzufalstyeanl'sl Tie^-
l-bmyslel,- ie kazdy bdpor ,je;"inarny.
Knazl ho'museli tisit' a ho napominaf,
aby-'sa "podrobil osudu, ponevaB doz-
orcl'su- ten' hrubyml vykonavatel'mi
sudneho-rozkazu.      UtiSil  sa  a.ne^
"chal; sa*-dovlest' az Kstollci; kde sa
zastavll a zno\*u prisahal, ze je nevinny"
i_evrosudnu."ranu .vystrelil niekto Iny.*
Nechcelsisadnut' do stolice.     Musel
do nej byt''nasilne posaden'y a pri-
piaty7 ';*Ruval  sa- s  do  zorcaml,   a
pbhl'adsna*-jtento "zapas.bol strasny.
KoneCnebol-'premozeny,   do   stolice
znovusuroye hodeny a pevne pripia-
tyl. .-E5te.teraz reval, 2e je nevinny/
ze nezasluhuje smrt', ze jeho uevlna
bude dokazana..- ^-Pro'slI, nadaval, mod-
liysa.^boJoval sa, ho'voril a spominal
vsetko.' Co mu • na  jazyk prislo.-     V
torn bol "pusteny elektrlcky prua, telo
sa- vyplaio, ,vzduchom'prel'etelo stras-
ne a ".alostne skuCehle, ktore muselo
otriast* i tou najotucileji-ou povahou.
Zahonu   a   spravodlivostl   bolo  vy-
hoveno, ale je tu  otazka;    Bola tu
skutoCne ■ vykonana    spravodlivost'?
Nebola tu spachana   hruba,   surova,
barbarskaa'nasilnayra-ida? ...Co, ked*
predsa len bol tento Tallan nevinny?
A potom, na clovek pravo vykonat' na
clovekovl trestsmrtl.kto mu to pravo
dal?     Stalo sa ji.stava sa est© dnes,
•Ze' l'udia su sudeni a trestani l'ud'ml,'
ktorl by si skorej zasluSill trest, ne2
kl ho'zasluzt ten, ktoreho sudia.'
« Druhy.pripad: Dnar-29, januara bol
podobnym sposobom popraveny v New
Yorku Albert. Wolter, ktory bol posu-
deny.na smrt' pre" zavrazdenie l5-ro5-
tie] Ruth ".Vheelerovej. --Tento sa sice
neruval ,s dozorcaml, "isiel  na  smrt'
kl'udne,,ale az "do posledneho okamzi-
ku prehlasoval,' 2e jo nevinny, Ze on
zlofcin za vlnu mu kladeny nespachal.
"Som nevinny a„stal som sa obet'ou
justlCnej' vra2'dy,"' j,ak prelilasll Wolter/" ei.te'1- ked' ■ u?. s(edel v elektricke.
•stolid.'    Pred poprayou napisal Wol--
ter dopisnosledujuceho znenia: Pone-
vafi- som'teraz 'na* odchode z lohoto
sveta, aby "som predstupil pred Boha,
chcempodat* nasledujuce vysvetlenie:
Svetma posudil, ale nag otec nebesky
ktory VSetko vldi,    ma    ospravedlni.
Chcem' dokazat',  ze  som nevinny  v
tejto,yrazde, pre ktoru musim zomret'.
Dufam," 2e prijde doba, kody skutoCny
vlnnik, "p.renasledovany svedomim, prijde* asa-.prlzna7   Je to moja najvre-
lejSla'modlltbaj'-aby pravy vlnnik bol
spravodlivostl vydany, aby meno moje
bolo oClstenea l'ud aby vldel, ze sa
ml" st'ala: krlvda,--2e som nevinny.
-, Vsetkym,' ktorl* ma   podporovall   a
mne doyeroyall, moje .najvrelejsie vd'-
aky/;tym ale'ktorl ma prenasledovall
a" uBmrtlli,./p'ra]em,' aby  lm odpustil
,TlQW__A IjCp^fUnriXirnlt/ir U— ^^_—
jurvr»_i.—A^ChT\_.ft w~   »T •—TT  v*bwi ■ '-r—i—■ —
7y QF TOMMERGEa    ^
S:. 'S 7SIR EDMUND WALKER/C.V.O., LLD.; D.aL., President
''■-.-    : .        ALEXANDER LAIRD, GENERAL MANAGER . y,.
CAPITAL;- $10,000?000    7
 77. ■•   REST. -, $8,000,000
"Every branch of The Canadian Bank of Commerce ia equipped to issue drafts on
the principal cities in the following countries without delay
Africa.-  v r- *     Crete                     Greec*       , New ife-Uai -    "Stbcria--
Arabia'*         ■•   .'Cob*                       Hollini Norway V   '      . Soudan
Argentine Republic Dctunuk*               Icela__t Panao_» ,.    '•■'  ■ South Africa        -".
'Australia  »             Efypt                     India      ^ Persia    ■   *'."       Spain -
Austria-Hungary    Faroe Islands          Ireland Peru                    ,   Strait* Settlcmesla
Belgium    -  , • .- Finland .        Italy
Bfaiil.        -'.-„•'■ Formosa ,i     Japan
Bulgaria      >""*■      Prance Java
Ceyl-n             . ,   ; Fr'ch Codatn China MalU Russa    -         ~ ~  United States
Chili -                   - Germany -               HanchwU Servia              "      Uruguay .
China .                    Great Britain. .,     Mexico   . Siita      i                "West Indies, etc.    j
The amount of these drafts is stated in the »eoey of the country -where they are payable/that is they are drawn in sterling-, francs, marks,,lire, kronen? florins, yen,,
taels, roubles, etc., as the case may be.   Thia ensures that the payee abroad will
receive the actual amount intended.        -   •. . "- • -                        A23-3
Philippine Wands  -Sweden
Portupal -".Switzerland
Roumaaia Turkey
L. A.  S.  DACK,". Manager.
Xapltai Paid Up  .$ 2,870,000
Res. and Undlvid'd Profits   3,500,000
Total   Assets -     44,000,000
> Many a* fortune can be traced back
to tho day .its owner deposited the
first dollar in a Saving Account.
Tlie one,,dollar affords an incentive to deposit more—and, as interest is-added to, principal, the small'
sum grows' moro and more rapidlyv)
until it finally becomes a competence.
One Dollar will start an account
with the Dank of Hamilton.
J.  R.* SLOAN Agent, Fernie.
Head Office:
-'   ... •-,     ,
Capital Subscribed
Reserve Fund- , .\.
Bank of Canada
6,000,000       Capital _Paid  Up       5,996,900
5,996,900    * Total Assets    " 72,000,000
D. R. W1LKIE, President  -'.     HON. 'ROBT-JAFFRAY^VIce-Prej.'
"Arrowhead, Cranbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops. Michel," Moyie,'Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.  .
interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit:
FERNIE BRANCH    -   y" GEO; I. B. BELL, Manager
' Ilovorl aa, i-H. dneSna dolia je dobou
clvlllsaclo, kullury a humanity. Je to
na'zoi* klamny'a falosny, ponovnc to,
cVdneSna i'utlska spolbfinost' paclia,
nlo-J© ,nnl clvllisaclou, ani kiiltuioti
a tym menej jo to lutmnnllou. MoBo
sa nazyvnl' taka doba, v kloroj 61ovek
otro5l,eidvolca, v ktorej nlokol'ko jo-
dnotllvcov ma v svojlch rukach vSotko
liohatstvo a blaliobyt v zeml, v ktorej
Clovolt clqvcka vrnidl, nnzyvat' clvll-
lsovanou, kulturnou a humannou? No-
• Darbarlsmon dncSnoj ,,doby jo trest
smrtl. «To to pozostatok z dob dlvoSa-
tva, Jeto zbytok lmrbarlsmtt, a za-
Itlnl' ton nebude zruScny, l'udska Bpolo-
Cnost, nolmtlo mat' praviv nazyvdt' 8a
clvlllBOvnnou, kulturnoti, humannou,
ba mil krosfniisliou nlo. Jo v torn
nlofio civlllenclo, alobo humanity, jo v
torn kullUra alobo krosfanskoBl', kod'
clilndnokrvno vruJdony Jo Blovok Cloved
kom, m to, U spnchal zlocln, za ktory
on ani zodpovodny-nlo Jo? Clovok
Je ad.prlrody dobrym, a Co Ba z nolio
noskorfilo stnuo, zn to jo zodpovodmi
BpoloftnoBl', ktora liotnk vycliovnln, nu
za to zotlpovodno poniory a okolnostl,
v Jakyoli pntiieny 811. ' A preto by
innl byl' trout smi'tl odHtrnnony.
To hovorlmo' o liiidoch, kilo zlofiln
RkiitoSno gpaclinny bq1.< Alo kilo
zlocln1 flnnchany nobol, uspoii nlo tou
oHoliou, kloroj na klmllo za vlnu ii na
colkom novlnnom Cloyckovl jo Bimeh-
mm JuullCna vrnJdn? TIbIco a tlalco
prlpadov to bolo, Bo noprnvony bol
colkom novlnny Clovok, tatlnl' Co okti-
toCny zloSlnoc sa tcit.ll svobodc.
V tlolo dnl tidnly na v Now Voorku
a Tronton', N.J., dva prlpady popravy,
ktoro Bllno krlcla po odBtranonl trostti
3tnrtl. Trvy prlpad Jo naslodujucl:
V Tronton, N. J., 1>ol v tloto dnl po-
prnvony 20-ro.ny Tnllnn Antonio Lu-
,'   * .    '      ' .        .     V I ,  , ¥
i'ln-Ul ovr-Jbo T-nn-mrlio v rporo o Inln
Clnntku penazl. Do OBta.nobo okHmzl-
ktt tvrdll tonto Tallnn, lo Jo novlnny,
a proRll, nby mu bola dnnn mllout', Xo
novlim Ba tntiBt dokftiat'.    Mtloit' mu
« ,.1,1*. Tli'i.'l*.    tfi.w.wt     V ***"■"'    •**»
Bpovoilall,. anallll •», «by poBudony
(loiit-il mlloflt", tvrdlnc, lo poittdony Jo
novlnny, bo Innk fjy hi. bol vposlod-
noj tpovodl primal, alo I to bolo hot
UKpocliu. I'orotn bo utt^ala vlnnym,
poBiidlla bo na Rmrt' nn oloktrlckoj
stolid, a ro-uii'lolt ma! byt' vykonttny.
A tip?, a] bol, lento t*n, Vto ho vld«l,
,Anl v tomto prlpade nebolo ni6 dolia-"
zanelio, len okolnosti nasvedfiovaly, Ze
."Wolter je>yra_-b_ri*.'a predsa bol popra^
veny.. A. tlslceprlpac^ov bolo, ie sku-
to2rie..ne\ini_l, l'udia , boll popravenl.
Nlo'jeto dostat'oCn'a prlClna, aby trest
smrtl, tento surovy zbytok barbarlsmu,
bol ni raz;pre^vZdy odstraneny? ,.V
Statnoj "zakonodarnl Statu" Now York
bola u_.Tppdan'a predjoba I ii kona,
ktorou sa '* zntSitje trest smrtl, Ale
nlet mrioho vyhl'adu, ?.o predlolm bude
zakonom.'ponevaC dne§nl znkonodarcl
su takl, jaka* Jq'.aj doba. Zijemo v.
dobe barbarlamu, preto 1 znkonodarcl
su bar-bar!. Otasska tnto ale nebude
nioct' byt'dllio odkladnna, Je to
Imnebna fikv^na na tele l'tidskej spoloC-
nostl,'.ktora skor-neskor musl byt' v
nolio odstrnnona, nema'-ll nakas.lt'   a
znlClt' celo tolo,—Rovnost L'udu.
-    -or , " *■ *• i    *■
Avototro nnnl dl' rosldenza
Canada?, Sloto vol imtorallzzato?
non stete porcho no? '
all purposes
here ata any time and in any
.. quantity. - You   cannot --swamp "
us with a large order, or give
us so small a one that we will
not attend to itv
for> any kind  of building you
may lie at work upon. Have
1 us send   you   what   you   want
when you want it.
Wholesale prices throughout Canatl*
during December woro on pnictlca)ly
tlio' samo level as In tlio preceding
month, according to tlio lndox number
of tlio Deportment of Labor, Tho*
numbor stood at 130,2 ln both montliB.
Compared with December a year nso,
a rlso of ovor 8 polntu Ib shown, These
numbers ll will bo undorBtood, nro por-
cent ages In <.ncli caso of tbo avorago
prlco lovol pruvulllng (lining tho. du-
catlo 1800-1000, nnd nro calculated from
quotations of about 230 articles, „Tiio
clilor IncrcnBCB during tbo |>iiBt yonr
occurred In grains and fodder, dalty
proditctB, flnli, lildeB nnd rnetnl, tli-.ro
linvlng boon dorrcrmoH ln nnlmitlB avid
meatB, toxtlloB, paints and oils.
7 __. m •_&■ a  m     m .        m 1.     XI.  __       tf% ____ ____X     I _____      Iff ■_• 4*. ^ L*
And Nothing; but tho Best In Fresh
and Smokod Meats, Fresh and
Smoked Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
Etc.  Etc., «o to
THE 41    MARKET   CO.
8AM GRAHAM, Manager
SMIohb Cure
Mi*t» .«_. lllhSH.1 U.0 IVM&«. ill CU.II
Different motbodfl of employing pont
nt fuol or powor nro uboiI nt prowont
ono of tlioBe bolng to flro tbo furnnco
with dried pont briquettes, nnd mi'
other to distill tho peat lit tbe namo
wny aB for coal so as to produce tain.
Tho km Ib thon used directly ln gn»
ongtne* of Btiltablo construction. Ac
cording to n new Swedish mothod,
the dried pont li first brought to a fine
powdor and In thon blown Into tlio
furnnco by,nn air fnn.    The furnaro
,     . ' , t    1, -i.. i, 1 ,,,.» „.».«if.
"iient ran Vr \iH11rort hoVo. Tlif> flrlnf*
Ib then kept up by tbo p<»at delivered
In this way. It Is claimed that IR
parts of pent glvo tho same hent ns
10 pnrts of coal.    During tbo firing
it   >.,   nnny  in  ».*,».!l«tr>  M>r> tinnr   in  thP
right amount by adjusting the air food,
n» well oh tbe powder supply. Inns-
much ns no moro fuel Is burned ihnn
Is needed, nnd the regulation enn be
timilo vory quickly, good economy Is
DfTdc Vanf0 Female PHls
A r-li-l*)- Vnnch rurulilori uevrr Ull». 71in_
pill, ai* «tC4Mdln«ly tnw.riul In irgiiUtlns tht
_-r.vrr.li*. pnrllen«T(l<* f«n_lc ivnt-w. Krlutt
bl ihrkp IwiUlioii. I>r, Aa VaaU _t« ► -1.1 «t
• \n |mv.nr tV«« Inr tit. M»'lf>i!ii)»?ir#iW r*«
Th* utaiKin n.n* C«„ Si.fi_tti_irln«it. out.
Ter  Site at etfj.<i*ll't Ohjo  Stom.
How many young nteii I
can look Kick on tlii'lr |
cutty llfu nmi rcgr.t their
liilwlccils. "Sowing their
wild outs" In vnrloiiHways,
ItxcrniicH, violation ol nn*
turc's lawn, "wine, wonieii
nmi Houg"--(ill ltavis their
vlclliim. Ymi linvu reformed but wlint nlxMit tho
net-.l y.m lmvis sown—wlint
alxHittho harvest? Don't
tni.t to luck. If you nre
ot prosont within tbe
clutches of nny seen-1 habit
which is sapping your life
b/tlvgrees; If you nre suffering from tho results of
jMHt indlscretloni*; If your
»"■      wr ^"•__ 11 ■ ■ ■ ■ 11 i,i n^Miniiiii       lilood 1msbeen tainted from
I~ r* ^fi-^p_iW*vi?fV nnyprlvnte disease Atiilyoti
dare not mnrry; If you nre married ond live In tlrcnd of »ymptoms brcaklnff
out- tnrl rvpnMnr vmir tvist; if vott nre suffering as tbe result of n misspent
Hfe-DRS.K. & K. ARE YOUH HEFUGK. J/iy your caw1km*
JLc-i-t VLjub&iUl'ulir nui Ibi-j' uLll till j-cu lit.ui-Mlj.' If ym nre nwalnlr.
Mill and all DUnsias Ptcullsr to Men.
IQtVaV.i.K.i^n t »i.«.c..  MMt Fi«« va. i) j*fc«* ft il*v» ll s.u.'w'«) fe» v*,«. «»»»i4
fe*.Q«_.ii-»BU»Ut0r IIOS11S TIlI.ATMI.NT.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Gritwold St., Detroit, Mich.
WBF^NOYICE   All Uttfm from CnnvU tnimt l»e nddresse.1 to otir
SFV MMaMaaHaM| CtnadUn D)rrc*.|W'"lcl":*-' Dc{>,'irtuu-nl in Windsor,
Ont. If you desire to ■M. u» pcwnrilly call «t mtr Medical Institute In
Detroit ns wc see nnd tr.\U no ptiiont. in i»ur WiiuImji' uCCioi* *wlucu urc
u««l for correspondence nmi Laboratory for Cunmlinn busmen only.
Address all letters as follows:
Writ* fer our pft»_t-'*!<1<tr*»». 	
'   0
t^i\   -/* s. 74-- -. '■v"if&'^^
y 77, vy|y 7 -.7y7 ::;yy^7ry*y
- 0-
The most extensive range, that we have ever placed before our patrons,"and we can also .safely state-'
-that itas the daintiest and most attractive.   -
Corset Covers/Drawers, Skirts'-Night Gowns,
- Chemise,' Princess Slips, and. Brassiers, - dozens of
different styles showing the'newest ideas for the"
coming season. All laces and" embroideries used
in the making of these garntents have been thought -
fully selected, and Mill, better withstand the hardships of laundrying than most  on the market. ,
yc   7     White Wear of all kinds
Infants' Slips.    Children's Pinafores and Dresses.
Beautiful designs in'fine Swiss, Dainty Nainsook and serviceable * Cambric. ' Edgings of assorted widths; Insertions to match any edge.
-   y      LACES' i
Positively the prettiest'designs only; inexpeny
sive but very attractive,   -       . ' ~      "   V
'Edgings with insertion to match.   A big variety
in Valenciennes, Torchon, Maltese and real ^thread   ,
effects. - Special dozen price on .all laces.
>     We have opened our first shipment of best quality English printed Cambrics'-     These prints are
positively fast colors and the best quality of material that can be bought at 15c. a 3rard.
'      ' * NEW  GINGHAMS
l^/oc.arid' 15c. qualities in pretty checks,and "
stripes. -   Nothing^better for children's Tub Suits.
.In Braided and Applique designs on .Arabian,
vand cream nets.    ,.
Scrim Curtains in plain and cross-bar effects;
natural colors and deep linen shades.
■New Curtain materials in Nets", Scrims and Madras,       o .
Curtain's • suitable for any requirement and at
prices ranging from 20c. a yard. ^       "        ,'.
,. ' ■*_"'   *'      - ""     •'-.'•   'v- '     "L.-    '* "'. --, iW- '■/ ~~   -- -"i'    -7   V-1"'-1   ""•' '•  *
Ii\alJ its . newest creations;.,   Nothing', overlooked; and the .prices are
reasonable:. Every  woiha_a7.^Je8y:ih-,hei;?clpthing ahd;ti^e;^
found everything' that her heafrtinay, wish for-^siinyly stunning.; /';:
..  V>
Fresh Chickens, per Ub. .'.. 7   .23   v
Capital'Naptha Soapj 5 for  *..'....   ', .25 •• -7
Flotilla Floating Soap, -.8 bars ^ for ....'." 25" <t
Lifebuoy Soap, 6 bars- for' '.....;. 25' , <
Royal Crown Lye, 3 --for . 7."...'.....- • :.25*"
Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits,"assorted, per lt> ^.25,5 .
. Soda .Biscuits, 2 lb. pkgs. ,..:..-..*.... 7. 20,,
Quaker Oats, 5 lb. pkgs.;'with china ........ " .25-'.
'    \   * - \   , .\.\
Quaker'Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs. for ".7 ......;...    .25/,"-',
Lowney's .Freslr Cream Chocolates,' per'lb.   \30y;-f
Robertsons Cream Mixed Candy, per l]> ■   .15N
' . **        ,. t ,"   , *     >
' ,    • 1   •' »        '    -(r -   *       <■
Braid's Big 4 Coffee, freshly ground,^ lb. for    .65 7
 e.\..y..... '.2o-/:
*. ■>
.Cowan's Cocoa,,y% lb. tin **	
Lowney's TJnsweetened Chocolate, % lb:*cake    .'20 y-
Greengage 'Plum's, 2 lb. tins, 2 for	
Evaporated Prunes, large size, 2 lb. for
Domestic , Sardines,  6 for	
Kippered Herrings, Smoked 2 lb. for,.'.
v.       s
i  735" rt
-7*  --   y,     "'..-'.   • "    "
Chicken'Wheat, 100 lb. ..
Lard, -5 lb. pail-.  .*.
"   -**y , y   "■ -. ,y
Medium ■ Ham, per. lb...,
*' .-Heavy Ham/'per lb.y*7
"7   .     ■       ' ■ ' -.   7" •
■'Breakfast Bacon,.-per*1-11.7 .'.
"-■ 7- -'. ■».,'-. 7 • --'-"' ■ -, y ■"• ■'.''- *
■A "Sherriff's Marmalade, 1 lb" glass-..-...
"*)Sherriff's.Marmalade^,"2 lb.' glass*......
77   '" / *' - '!    ' •"-   -" V . ■ "7 '■
1 -*' C and B.. Jan.;4 lb*.' tin'7 /....'........
*. ' C. ""and B. *7. Ib7 tin' ........ 7..'.'.....
_, Queen Quality; Pickles, 20 pz. bottle -.
„ Wethey's Mince" Meat^ l's, 3 for . vy,7
, ,7Golden .Syrup1, lO.'s .:..-.	
Bulk Tea;; regular A0, 3* lb; for i	
'    Soaked' Pea^s,. 2 *lb..' tini 2-for ....'..,.
1      ,- r * * 	
Canned Beets, 3 lb: tin 	
•< -i > "? , i
French Peas, "2 lb. tin';'. y .
Old Dutch' Cleanser, '3 for '.'. "..'.■. .y..
■ .so
>t     J
^40 *
V .60
'; .25
"' .'50
:'. :io'
7 .15
:. V25
'(; 7New" Spring'Clothing,'arriving-daily; ,r 7 -,7 - \y
y .7Inspect.'our-y '-,7'..; ^.; , f';' "y-7-;       ~.*v7'77'
!"'"'•;; -. .;', :■ 7 .New Patterns,. '•'V'.-".'''
yy' .J'   ^'' New Styles,      y 7,...- Jy 7'" ^y ;'■■;.-...
7 *.y>'-\S -177New Tailoring:Teatures.-y,, ;   . --'-; ,
- y? ^"S r;y7Nfw Piic«|.'^y'   '-:-^;'f  ':   '   ?">'
,/   ^We.c&rry the; celebrated 20th CenturyyBrandy
-the highest" classclothing in Canada; "7 \,y y.y
.7 20th Century samples-for Special. Ordered. Suits "
/   for Spring 1912 now open for your inspection; se- '•
.': lect your Suit before best patterns are sold out."; l,
EXCLUSIVE PATTERNS    7.,    :.t ':f    , 7      .;
,v      .     PERFECT.PIT GUARANTEED.   :
.:■;,:■ /Boys'  Clothing
*      /   .    -.'• ' „   , ■•"*      ''    '• 7 .- "'   ,      •      ',       -    "      '"i;
'We are now showing the largest and" most up-to- - ,
7' date stock of Boy.'s Clothing1 we,have-ever shown:
' ""IN V   '"-    " '  '-   k  '-" i "S:-    ' ,     ^\
7 ' " ' Double-breasted" 2' piece** Suits,>plain pants.
'•", Double-breasted 3-piece*'Suits',''plain pants.    ;
...d"1" j.Single-l.reasted'2"piece Suits', plain,pants. .- .'
... " 'Single-breasted 3, piece Suits; <plairi.,pant__f:. ,7/'.
}\-'\. '-'   Double-breasted 2 piece Suits, bloomer pants! 7
:' 'f-  '".i Norfolk.Suits with plain or bloomer, pants.'    "' "
!'4 , 71 'Ask^to,see (Lion-Brand) Suits and Pants fory-\
"    ' ■ your-boys; they are the "best made.- ;", -    J- -   . )S y
-,   ,.-,>        y   f, . - '    y .. '• .'  ,    ,
-.*'"- v„*7-»- r, s 7.. y, •   ,     yy- 7 y , 7". -;- y, ■>,', *,
; v:v:Spedal;:f6r:Bpys;f'\\^
- - y -*.y *.;* '- >"' -77' *   "*-        x" °     *"*-."'.   •„, , y1"
y" Lot l.-yTweed and Serge Suits worth up to $4.00 -'' -
1 Specif ."'*:"...Sy..)::>....•.."..,.,...'.*.s*7S'^.sb;*.,
'    JQot'2.—rTweed and Serge SuitsSvorth up to $6.00   -;
\ Special .\..S ...-.'...- 7 7.'. \.-. ..\..::....... ■ $3.50 :>
;     Lot 3.—Tweed and- Serge Suits worth up to $7.50, ■'
Special ....'.:...,7.7-.:*-.*'.-::': : $5.00 ..'
y.Our Special.Blue Serge Pants for. Boys "on Sale "
11 Saturday^and Monday-at)V50cr-pr.'-■-*__ v>. -. ,V -v
•See our window for'PWces.on, High-Class .Clothing;;,.
:-. -J «
'*:■   "I,
■*   'i
- /- - -v
,- y.
•t.   f f
,i   '-- yy -■
,'  '/'■  '■'
s ;f; il
1  1
■- >_ **•
v    .-      \
S7- >j
*..   _ J *   v .
i*'''        % 1
. '"
* \^   i  i
' "-(j
' -
m-" Il7    \» a
*^*  -;#l
-v- fi
' A i*  *'         i
^      "1lli
\ - !
Here and There
A visit to the Isis Is well worth tlio
' The TTernle Dancing' Assembly will
give a masquerade ball on-February
29th.    Suitable prizes will be awarded.
Deputy Game Warden Lewis was In
tho city during' the .week.
Mayor Bleascloll can be seen at llio
City Hall every day botween 10 and 11
A marriage license was Issued during the week .to Andrew "Bower and
Mary Dunlop,-both of Bellevue,
Any porso# having copies of tho District Lodger of tho issue of Decemb.r
10th, I!)]., please forward to this office, for which wo will bs vory grato-
B. E. Wcstley, cashier at tho O, N.
horo, accompanied by his son Ernest,
loavo Saturday for Spokane and Vancouver, whoro thoy will Bpond tlio
noxt two weeks visiting friends.
His Honor Judge Thompson held 1.1b
flrHt court horo on Thursday, L. P.
Eckstein .senior member of tho local
bar congratulated tho judgo on IiIb
olovntlon to tho bench, to which lio
appropriately responded,
Tho Coal Crook night school has received a supply of free text boolm,
It Ih rogetlublo to note that tho.nt-
tendaiico Is not rogulnr, Tlio stii-
dontfl to do Justice, both to Ihotnsolvon
nnd tholr tulors, should tako moro In-
teroBt In tholr work.
Esther Itebokah Lodge No. 20 Ferule
will hold a box social at their lodge
room, K. P. Hall, on Friday evening
next" February 23rd. Tlie ..proceeds
frorn this affair are to be" devoted
to the "Home Furnishing Fund" of
the I. O. O. F„ a worthy object and
deserving of hearty support. Tlio .lle-
lickahs of Fernie are well known 'a-i
ftocd entertainers,'apd tho forthcoming gathering will find thorn as good
■ns ever. Tho admission Is.only 25_'„
ho that all can afford to attend and
spend a pleasant evening.
Tlio fimorn] of Arthur Cnrllldgo, who
mot wllh nccldontiil death In Calgary
on Friday Inst, took place In tlild city
on Tuesday n.tornoori, Servlco wiih
hold In tho Methodist Church, nftor
which a tutmhnr of frlondfl nnd tlio
rolntlvos of tlio do«mnod,fo)lowod tlie
bier to Its hint resting plnco.
Under the auspices of tho local
branch of, tho £5. P. of C, W. Mlnton
will deliver nn address on "Reform
and Rovoliitlon," .on Sunday ovoning
noxt In tho* basemont of tho Miners'
Hall. The following Sunday ovenlng
the spoakor^will bo J. C. Turner on
"Powor," or "Might makes Right."
The local branch of the S.'P. of 0.
Is in receipt of a number of pamphlets amongst which Is tho following:
"Socialism: What It Is and what It
Seeks to Accomplish," "Communist
Manifesto," "Socialism, Utopian and
Scientific," "Principles of Scientific 'Socialism," "Strongth of tho Strong,"
"Short Talks on Economics," !'Tho
Social Evil," "Right to bo Lazy," Jack
London's "Rovoliitlon," "Social and
Philosophical Studios," "Industrial
r.oblouiH," Anyoiii. duxlrliig to obtain .nny of thoso ploaso communloato
with J, G; Turner,
Mi'H J. Cai'tlldgo nnd family take
this opportunity of Ihnnklng tholr numerous frioiidH mid especially tho Rov.
Mr. Dlinnilck, for tholr oxprcHHlons of
Hympntliy nnd condolence In Uiolr recant hci'onvammit,
For One
V __»"HLXIf V Vf
(JOJ-1.1..-. NUMOHT8
MAPI..-. CHKAM8 ..
CHOCOT.ATKrt. itr.
20c. a lb.
PUHB IIOKKIIOUN'U, In lnrge Btlcki, Bpoelnl, por lb 85
" ,'
Writing Pads
Pnpnfnrfoi, rrrulnr ,!ir, nnd ,i'n !mv, flpw.nl. p^r bov ,. .* 2»
Cambric Linen, regular .20' and ,!!&, Sjieclnl  .15 and ,25
Meal,  .!," jiri.J  .-"J,  SvyM    , '. 10 nncf ,30
McLean's- Draff & Book Store ggJ^'S
"Emanuella"  Is ,a   Beautiful   Comedy
'   Beautifully Rendered.
Ono of the most remarkable (por-
trayals which has been our lot to seo,
not only in this vast city of ours but
in others, was that of .Miss Jennhe
Russell ns "Emanuella" un Thursday
last The-piece,- which >va. written
eapeck-lly for, Miss Russell, gavo her
ample opportunity to show her talent,
and the concensus., of opinion is that
sho ge. every ounce out cf it. Tho
second act of the piece alone wns
well worth the prlco of admission, A
word of praise is also duo to Ray F.
Brandon as "Ruff," the theatrical manager, and Miss Florence Morrltt as
Anothor ploco which the company
appeared ln much better form than In
"The American Girl," and "The Man
from Home,' wns-,!Tho Thief," that
sterling drnma by tho notod French
novelist Henri Bornstoln, nnd In which
tho doven members of tho company ap-
ponrlng theroln seemed,to bo" qulto nt
home. To-night (Friday) "The Devil,"
will bo seen, and Ray Brandon, tlie
lending role should find no difficulty
according to IiIb own statements, in
portraying his Satanic Majesty nl,human form. "Charley's Aunt" to-mor-"
row (Snturday) nfternoon, should find
a right royal welcome ln Fornle, and
"Tlio Half-brood," the conoludlng por-
formnnco on Satuday night will bring
a successful and ..onjoynble wook of
tho Jonnno RubboII Co. to an end. •
A'feature of the company Is tho
vaudovlllo turns given by various mombors nf the- compnny during tlio acts,
nnd which are highly, appreciated,
Thoy conslHled of 0. Donald Orpy, MIhb
Florence Morrltt, MIbh Tryna Snln-
don nnd MIbh Kathleen Snldon.
ThobOHt, all-round comedy that had
boon Boon In Fornlo for many diiyn
past wnu Hint, of Wm, Htuviroy'B In
"I-cnr Old Rllly," played at tho Clrnnd
on Friday ovoning Innt. .from beginning to ond tho nudlenoo, which nliould
linvo boon lnrgor, wiih convulsed In
ronro oflniigliter fit tlm gomilnn humor nnd funny nit mil Ions in which
"Donr Old Rllly" wns led Into. Mr,
Ilfiw.roy was a liont In himself, hul
ovory mombor of the company nu>
ported him In a most admirable manner. It In not. often that flrHt class.
mon of the Hawtroy stnmp vlBlt Hiobo
pnrtB, nnd It Ih, thoreforo, nil tho more
regrettable Unit whon thoy do show up
thoy do not, rooolvo sufficient, patron-
ago to waiTiutl a return visit, "
TMP   !«*!«.
.Jo-iiUo tlio •.'.ouiK-ur iitiiactdm at liio
flrnnd IIiIh week lho Ih1« hn» boon ro-
mnrknhly woll nttonded. Tho mnn-
OKement Ih putting on pIcturoH which
aro evidently taking tho public's tasto,
nnd this fact, together with tho throo
.        .   .    i      ,      .   ,, ,
^..~«.»,       !__*»».V-ft-ha,      li-,>      .4-0.4...       UVA\>uikt*A
much for the big share of public pat-
ronngo It Ib r«colvlng. The programme for to-night (Friday) nnd to-
morrow, inntlneo nnd evening, Ih: "A
Mix-up ln Hull Ciibob" (remedy., "Over
tho Hlllft" (n romody of tho RooIcIcb),
Pntlio'H lllimtrnted Onzotto, giving the
world'n liapponlngn v/ook by week,
'"Their HurglnrH" (romedydramn).
.A.- -
A gpcrlnl trnln will Unvo Fernie for
Conl Crrek nn Rntiirdny night nt U
o'clock to accommodate Creol.ttPH nt-
trndlng the thenlroH.
-i ,
■ c
• t
• c
■ (
■ -
■ t
• c
• (
• t
• i
• (
■ t'
' ■<
■ <
■ _
■ <
■ <
■ <
• (
• -
• <
■ (
■ (
• (
• (
• (
■ (
• (
• -
■ (
• <
• <
• (
■ (
• (
■ (
• t
• c
• t
■ .
■ _
• c
• f
The ComingYMetro<polis of the Great NorthwesU-
The Portland of Canada
".-      (8ee Page 7 of this Issue) ■
Your-opportunityvis now and wliy
.'you should Invest ln the lnnd of pro-
;mIso:   I •       '.     ■„
•'<■   BECAU8E the fertility of the Boil in •
this, district ls unquestioned and has'
pevor failed to Wvard tho abundant
BECAU8E wo hr.vo natural gas,   .t
. Is costing .Calgary $3,500,000 to,brills '
natural jfofl from Bow island whllo
hero wo hnvo   It-4G0 foot below tho
7 surface,' which'will bo used exclusively as powor In tlio near futuro,
1' ■" .'i ' "
"'   BECAUSE through Athabasca Land
*" lng go all tlio northern"Bottlera! Including thoso- for tbo Poaco Rlvor district,    Tho only foaslble routo to tho
Orund Prnlrlo  Is  through Athabasca
t Landing, while settlors nro  pnHSlng'
' through by the hundreds, oven grontor
s numbers nro content to romnln'   in
; Athabasca Landing, ' .
BECAUSE Athabasca Landing ' Is
' tho assured  distributing oontre-for
. tho lmnioiiBO nnd wonlthy Northland;
' nlno w|ll bo the fur market for West-
•'ei'ii Cannda,    Tlie-old Indian trails
from tho north convorgo at tho Atha-
rbasca Landing, so will tho stool rails
.- of tho railway company convorgo from.
.Athabasca Landing,
' BECAUSE Athabasca Landing has
irraded strootn, good Bldewnlks, stroot
lighting1 and" water nystomB,
BECAUSE It Is tho,wholoBalo centre
for the Grand Prairie and Peace River
district.,   " '„'      ' y ...:,,     .-
Tho C. N. R.-has *70 square miles' of
■ tlmbor limlts^up the Athabasca River
and its-branches.     There nre three
largo^saw mills now ln operation,
. It has Its own coal In groat^quantitles.
It Is tho centre of the greatest
mineral dlstrlot In tho West.
It4,Is surrounded  byy tbo  groatest.
fields of tar sand nnd asphalt ln the*
world, ■ -■ s
' Owing to cheap gas and wator power
Bites on the rlvor It will become a prominent manufacturing contro, NOTHING CAN 8TOPST I
It Is already the distributing point
of the Hudson Dny Co., Revlllon Brofl,,
nnd othor largo firms,
It Ib nn ldoal location for i.,'bcault-
ful and prosperous city.
It Ib a distributing contro for tlio
great fur trndo of tho North,,
It will bo an Important railway center for It hns boon provon tlmo nnd
timo ngnln Hint largo cities nro,always ,
built whoro rail nnd wator'meet. Tho
Northorn Transportation Company
havo n largo fleet of boa'ts and six
largo Dtonmers carrylnc freight- and
passengers to tho Groat Ponco Rlvor
District, und aro unable to accomodate
tho great rush of settlors. In tho ■
yonr 1010 115 flat bottomod boats
' wero built at the''Athabasca Landing,
arid last 'year''tho number, was Increased,   - -■ y   *      *   y■■-*  ' ■!
i      - .i -
Bolng tho terminus of the C. N.R.'
from''Edmonton and'from Bdttlo'ford,'
,. and from Poaco Rlvor Landing, ■ and
frofn Grand Prairie District• also tho.
C. P. R. from Wllklo and Lloydmlnstor
and the N. T, R. from Edmonton and
Fort Chlpewyan.      '■
ATHABA8CA    LANDING,   Investments of buslnoBB, nnd as a proof of
this Btalemont wo offer you for'con-
B.deratlon the following extracts from
tho official Government Census, Those
( figures nro sufficient to'co'nvlnco the
' moat poBBlmlBtlo and nkeptlcal of Investors.    Thoro Is no ubo In arguing
ngaltiHt theso flguros, for thoy   aro
'"facts.' and to show this progress Is
still going on wo only need montloa
tiio fact that the prosont population of
SiiBkntoon Is 10,000 and Moose Jaw Ib
snld to li.vn n population of 80,(123,
Edmontons population^ Is estimated at
37,000, whllo Calgary claims a population of RO.OOO.    History ropontflltnolf
. and the city of Athabasca Lnndlng Ib
_ now In tho .raco of promlnonca and
bldfl fair to ..rival nny of tho above-
named cltlos lri growth and progress
ln tho noar future.
. Athabasca Landing Board   ot   Trade
Literature   boo   McOiitohenn    TlroH,,
Llphardt Block, Fornlo, I..O.
-v 'i
, >-'■
■ >■
>•' ,
, )-
>■ ,
, >-'
' )■
'. )■
)■ •
r )■
. >■
' >■
>' -
In the- dobnte on t.UBto and lnp^
Born In the Ottawa Hq)ido of Common**,
Mr, Rumlinm, inomber for Potorboro,
took occasion to remark:     "Social-
lam hovers near', nnd will romo (o pass
BooSJp It thnt
> ^enforced.
un!o»9. tho nuthorltlOB
tlm laws  thoy ennct nre
OthorwlBo tho pfoplo will take over
to thomcelveB tho moans of traii«porta-
tlon and production.     In thnt wny
will effect a juat ami oqultnblo
bnlanco betveoon thoso who produco
nnd thoso who consume. - ' >
A->VI-HT.MI-».   IV   Till.    MJDOI-ll
ADVI-IITINI.    |.V   'I'lll.    r.KiHimt


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