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->r'-:7 n:'r.i t
irr.-yy, 7   *
I i!rf    ""■    „..r.,.f'H'';,y.,.",.':.'i{.V"  *-<*•"-! *i-'"'-' °,.--"'"•?*»•"    >■ "i*;7*»-j--J
i,v   , '-7'-. ? y y: <*. ■ v., j -*--eyy y<'. > - . *  -v --_?---yV7W
•ST     -  <.>*,'*-.-':.; y-*? \yy.y.-<y yy..y    v .r^-.':y '>vv(
r '"'*yyi77v/iy7^-7'>*-.y^y ;,yyy-yy?
--... yyy*; ■*>•-■>--*.■>&<• v&.*-^:?-n >. -7- /.'-"/yy yyv,.^.^bb^*-*,'.: '-''tyy y *<
*,» ;.^^^^,v.cM^i'',i?iv. .-. ;y>y.--y'ATyy':^7vyf-V *.
"*- "'" ." fi-UntoM TT*Uj li MjwtiMi ' " •'" -SS^^'yyyyy Jvyy.y; 7 v
t- '. 'J^^TSS^S^i^r^: ■-:'. '■-■v - ';, ;,~..'.#^^~<**y. y ".*-.'*. 7" - Y: v *.   .
;    "   W--.V V.." *-»7-'
-"•-j, ;:;;'".-."V. :  ■> *
«"    ,J vf "*   -f
-:-v    ■ f * ,
*^4    r/
-'.' r?'7-% *•'-
_. y i -^ _*$■*■ * -■*-«•*•
.y*i ..«-■ -    t *
.7*^7 -
*--- 'i..
-,-\<-i,!M-o---   •
• _'/._ * ;t>.
V ,,7?-^r-\f.-
■.':*Sto: Official Organ of District »o. II, W.JL w; at iL ;7^
/ *',   -^   * j/»£ V *      -' -    ■ *      yj*f*.  ^  iv ■    ,.     ,-""■ *  t*     iyS.1-'   7.
» *
"I '■'
» t(7.
a" - -V -'-
"t. rf*
:i I, *-
THE DXSTEIOT URDQEE, PllllflEy B. d, MAECE 0,1912.
$1.00 A YB1X;
'^ ^ ft
Amidst an -Array ;oK B^^^iux^m
i^w. Davidson is Made the
',-.""-   ..,-.'    " i; '-'-    '- ,:   ,.n'y,i,'i{;-.;i^1 "-.-;--.'-'   , ■'   '
^ ^^Uhanimou^\Oh^'ce%T-
yy   •       y-.;,-^--    ^v  ■;iV.-.'>-v ■'-- '"■- '        -■-•'   ■
- -Socialist
''tf.*.., -
*■ *;r-   .'■..- ~'V-.: ■-   \S-.r.Hr; *vy,n^v- ,.- y, y-,7-   •.
TAc Worfeerj are-Out toyOust:Bpss---Cpm
" =<   i5»e>ywhere-:-Speakers:yEver^here^dnd     ;;
-    r »'  Success is Assured— WorkyVVorky]/
Socialists of * Fernie. Riding In ■ the.wlley tricks/frpm past experlonces,
tlon lastSunday nomlnated^Wm .of' 'their antagonists, "they/-will keep
'.".Davidson, of- Sandon. R; C..' President ^close^€*oVwhatJsJgoing>n *
-■c   .'   -.*   -.-,' -  , ■•   .  -'«-*'.•;,<,;>.'. JThey wiirtako^care thatvtheii
-..of the''Western,Federation of Miners,
- -. as~ their .'candidate, at the'forthcoming-.
A-better .'choice could not
'.Davidson Is not a. 8tand for no infringement':of-tlie Bill
_ have -been madef
voters"wlll.not b"e;___isle'd.yyThey will
see, that ■ the"- tenet's •' of - the- Election
.Bill' wlll''beT'carirjed^out7- * They. < will
* - . . (Special to District Ledger) l -
;■ SANDON? 'k-C., March 8.—A'SMI-
land has been; nominated' to contest
the Slo'caV;Riding'for the Socialists:'
SHillaiid. Is the secretary-treasurer of
the Western1' Federation of • Miners?
It was the.Intention of the Socialists
to, nominate Davidson, hut Fernie was
too quick for us.    "...
ANTHRACITE MEN ARE     .  "-   •
.-•-   ,*;'■ DELIEBRATING
Will Meet Operators In Conference in
New York"- Late -This - Month—President White Explains Miners Will
Insist on Demands. ■ , .
,. .;newcomer in the field, for lie has con-
'"0/tested this riding on a former occasion,
i  and has sat in^the Victoria Legislature1
.'-.for four^years ag" Sandon's repnesenta-
'*,;.Aive7'--. In'.hls^figh't-'in this-riding, tie
, "^polled'*a majority In Fernie'division, .'cf^-Michel andlios
this'-time.,    They will show;the.country, that beer can no-longer boatprln-
ciples.r;--,   ;, ryy f ■:.< ?yyiy _ ..
yThe campaign starts, off-on? Sunday
evening "with meetings,at .Fernie? Coal
and?can claim to^be.the only, man-to.-i speakers-,for^thoVcampaign?will be the
"ia"y^orie"tlil^S3cK^^_a'.iaspn'_F^ aify:;questlon: may:
.^"ceptance has-been received with '.this ,bV^aBked;- orally,l0r. otherwisepCIem
.'frgreatest^dellghtlby the. Socialists' and^stutjb*.; ChasV b'BrienMVIiBS Mushcat,
,\ " their-numerous sympathizers,-as- well
y -.-).a~s by many honestCpnBeryatlves who,
'***' '*i»{whllst' through7proeent' ftconomic' con-
„- *y'dItIons.n_ayf find-*,i^pocessar^tjO.vote
**. **r* Conservative? yet 'iredlsgiiflted-by the
-despicable methods-adopted by th^Ir
,-,.    party,-' It Is•Bafe',tb<;predict that many
f Lioerals, as well as Conservatives, will
. • 'vote for the popular candldate^Davld-
*   *-r        .        ^-       - . ■*        \l ', ...
t   .son,     '-r-...   <.*..     '.,'      , - ..      i,:.,
,(-' o This! campaign, Is being worked dlf-?
\y ferently to the"?preylotis' ones...?/Cbm*
'   ' mlttces 'ha^o. been' formed.In? every
,', * cainp and a body of workers Is tackl-
,"'. Ing^the Job' with' that ardor which can
■ only be begotten,.by conviction'of tne
rights ot the principles the Socialists
y   stand for,  -Ross has up till now been
,  able to delude tho workers of this
-   part of the country, but bls,.day.has
"7- arrived and,he will be".g!ven-fa well-
7 earned rest"away..from all"political
strife, at least, in so far as this riding
Is concerned.    He will be retired."   '
This doos not, howovor, mean that
the? Socialists nre 'contented to cost
on this certainty.,,   No. ,  Knowing1
and the'besf local .exponents.
NEW YORK—The representatives'
of anthracite "coal^miners, who" have
been here for several days formulating
their demands; for higher wages, have
concluded .their-deliberations for the
present./- They will return to meet the
operators, at-'a* conference in this city
March 23v -. President John P. White,
of the * the'Unlted7Mine Workers, as
soon as he returns, tb Indianapolis, .will
arrange*„for." conferences .over the demands of the bituminous-workers." As
Will Be Next to Mr.;Dennis in Natural
/   Resources,' Department v"
There is'sbmec>B_isunderstanding as
to the .working ,orf^the new Natural
Resources Department recently .crest j
ed-by.tbe--C.'lP. R.'*with headquarters ■ :—; tt~7
at ,Calg:ary7y-J. «(£--Dennis, who" will - we ml«ht 8tate th»l we w111 be Pleased
be resp'onslbio to-the president' for to'havo ^u return the matter ■ sent
the control'; of- &e ."department,.-will to y°u at an 6arly date-   ',    *
be knowb*'W-assistant Ito^the'pfesi-d    "Thanking-you'very much for. this
dent.' ' Next' Jn [.order will be P.* L. notification, we beg to remain,"
'Naismlth^whoVwill. -ibid' -the position  *'*'     "Yours-very, truly,
of .manager- of' theVdepa'rtment.     Di- _" * "THB T.'.EATON CO. LTD.
rectly.?under' Mr.^Naismith's pontrol '' '       ■"'■       Per C. E. Band,
will "be. ,the heads of departments of
which there-are rfour. 'Lewis' Stockett will, be.'gencrai superintendent of
mining department;"" Allen. Cameron
will have''charge ,bf- the land depart-*
ment as'Superintendent; - T. Heeney
will be "-assistant? manager and will
opting W.Davidson
in british trade
- To-night' (Friday) the game for the
championship o^.tthe*CroWs Nest Pass
and Eastern' British' Columbia will be
played, at the local rink: A big crowd
have, charge.of?'the, accountant's de-'}"s* expected'^ to ;turn out to see the
partment; .:A_7s.i^Dawson will-be ttie Fernie team wrest'the Herchmer Cup
chief engineerbf the department."
;These-are^the. four departments under the Natural Resources Department,
and* the  superintendents  will  report
direct to  Manager-, Naismith.
Railway Men Will Not Transport
yAny *^Tro6ftsr-London Fears a
Water Famine and Plague
■-..:„   .        ■ t ,'. ->
LONDON,' March 7.—The.,deadlock, assembling non-union workers to take
.continues ln the coal strike. The in-,their places. " ., .,
dustrial-council.of. representative em- ' The, government is already taking
ployers and trade unionists hasso far : extensive precautionary - measures to
met with no more success than the ! prevent disorder throughout the valley
government. The men refuse to aban- |of»the Rhine, where there are increas^
don ^heir demands for union/acceptying^ indications that a coal strike will
auce of their schedule/"of   minimum^.begin'next-Monday.    .Mounted police
from Cranbrook.     Cranbrook defeated* the" Fernie" team at, Cranbrook on
Wednesday>st by.a margin of one  wages and ln despair/some journals -force is assembled at Bochum; the mil*:
goal, the score being 4 to 3.    With tho -are appealing fo>e"tl-ingi'aslthe fatheVjers heajguarters, andjhpxses and' sup^
of his people to intervene5'as mediator..' plies are .-arriving for the local gend-
line-up Fernie now has we can look forward to a keen, contest, and feel con-
In the present temner^of'both sidos ;armes.
fldent they, can* secure the necessary thig* sems'-the   c~*nebi  oydeSpairi>
number   of  goals   tonight  to  entitle
y. Candidate - Here^ on*. Weyiiesday;.
S WorA ■• has *1^ir"rete-vbiHr6i-i'' the'
uidTnberr',as' good as eteot-r^Davldson-r-
wfibjlsat preserifin; Toronto?"-that fie?
.wlli^be' here' on? Wednesday, and ar-
rangements are;belng"madeto give,
hlm?a*snitabie welcome.- ■ i 7 ..,"'.v'7*>
to the chances/of, a strike, the miners',
leaders are noncommittal.'
l" "We are not looking for a^ strike,"'
declared Mr.7 White ' before' leaving
New York; "but will 'insist on our demands."
them*to the-'cup.'-y Be at the rink to-
1 night.and root for1 the -home team.
On, Thursday;,-last we received an
advertisement'''from' the.T. Eaton Co.
r_> ' > -.L'  -*- -j -
.-}. EXPOSURE. ,
Death from/exposure "overtook Mrs.
T/Wakelam,, one. of the oldest rest
"We did not want'the strike,'" said a
leading-, miners' 'official"rtoday, "bur
novy we are going to be smashed te
win a great Victory."-* »" .   *
It is estimated that five million work
men are directly effected-by-the strike.
Factories are-closing down,", railroad
Employes of Three Mines Quit Because
, of Dispute Over Wages
;-. _ >
*V- ->'?; '"MASS MEETIf.Q ?\ ■ 7." ,
yA -monster[.. mass meeting under the
auspices -of, the v Socialists' is* being ar-
ranged'.'for sometime during the. coming .feck, when? the candldate/ajid o'tti-
er'heayywelghts will make addresses..
''-■ >>f)-<y. ; '■'( ■,'-' 1:1' ?'■ v
y,>" /HOJ AIR ON;TUE8DAY ■"   ..
Thero7 is a rumor in town that Ross,
McBride and • Bowser will spout but
some hot air at a meeting, to be bold on
Tuesday eventng/n'exy In. the Grand
Theatre. 7 We:are not-afraid tbat the
workingman con be converted wltb hot
air and boor, and thorcforo would advise everyone who wishes', to hoar the
rotten principles of tlie. government to
turn up,        - ,
. "        _.,   >        l i     *   „        '
The Lethbridge Herald,- a Liberal
paper, has this tn say to Feral* Liber-
»!,. .    ^      . ^ ,        *y    ,/'■
7 "The Libera.t» of Fernie should op-
rrrothe MoBrl<'e candidate If tbey
have no'candidate of tlielr own thoy
should vote for Davidson, It Is highly
Inconsistent to charge.tbe McBride
government with bolng a machine out*
fit and then support,one of Ub mombors, If tliere Is no Liberal available
vote for Davidson."
(Special to District Lodger)
MHItniTT," March 8.—Soven .dead
and two Injured Is tho toll which was
exacted shortly after nine o'clock yesterday morning whon nn oxploslop, occurred in the Diamond Valo Colllorlos
near Morrltt. Tho explosion fs bo*
lleved to hsye been duo to a pocket
of gas bolng struck In tho r-Jo, 1 Lovol.
Eleven men are safe In the six hundred foot love) and will be bvought'out
today.' Thli accounts for everyono In
tbo mlno whon tho acoldont occurred,
Ltd.- Not-being' aware that there were ' dents of Coal'Creek? on Tuesday morn:
any .'differences   betweejtrjtbem   and j ing.-  From information received it ap-
their"employees we appreciated their pears that Mrs/Wakelem. who wsi^es
patronage.'yOn Saturday   laBt   we, in -.Welsh^Camp.j -went to the spring
-' wore _'nformeB_.bx..,thfi^sccre.tnry of t}*e .for?,a^.bucket,.of '\water,"a .distance of
*yu. M. W.-of"A.,,tJistrlct 18, that lie had 'abouV_B0*lfC3ft_; ;!_^o_^*lbi«"'*o'asor' -.When
"that,*morning;**received abetter, from j Mr1.', Wakelem','**'who works afternoon
j-the   Lethbridge * Trades; and   Labor r shift,- earner, home from ?vork, .between
11''l_*_-4" 10?*   w\  *M l__<k       0*f,-i*im.A      s^lm   '.  n*-/-i»i_
■s.  stations shut up;andallwtrelgbt trajns,.m,-Mr8, striko whlch was totally un
.l.iat a standstill. -   For want of coal , exp€Cte(1 *Wd whlch h^d not bee^op.
many cities are plunged^in darkness, jdered.by tie mlner8. unIon> broke out
ana conditions in general -are desper-
Council, as'follows: .    ; ."    ' ' "f '
"Tam'Instructed to Inform you that
'oaring to the unfair attitude of the
\T;«Eatbn Co? toward their emplovees In
J-'t'hVcloak department an /'unfair" has
''been declared against them, endorsed
!,by''*the,'-Toronto Trades "and Labor
Council!" ''    .7 ;yy' '
'ln*4heso circumstances wo Iramedi-
j ately ivrote tho concern ln;QucstIon as
.follows: .„ . ;
'i.'.1 ". Fernio,.Mar. 2, 1932
Messrsr-The T. Eaton Co., Ltd., Win-
/'PcaHsir,--Wo havo\already written
[ you today with reforoncoto advertising; but wish to call you'rattcntlon to
' tho enclosed copy of potter rocolvbd
slnco writing you. ,','   .
"As you  are awnro,  our paper ls
specifically devoted to the'Interests of
irtand/12*" p,m... he found -the \stove
burrilng^air right but'< nb' one"1"In or
artund. the, house. Thinking Mrs.
Wakelem mtght have been called away
by some , one' taken sick, He sat
around till about 2 a.m., then went across to'.spme^nelghbors and asked 'if
tboy knew'.'pf.'the.'whereabouts'of Mrs.'
Wakoiem, but'.they stated that thoy
had not seen hor. A search was then
made, and it was not until close upon
nlno o'clock that the unfortunate woman was picked up, nearly frozen stiff,
and just about'90 ft. from tho spring,
tho bucket, hnlffull'of ico by her side.
From Indications It would soom that
around where" tho water pipe Is tho
plnco* ls covered with Ico. Mrs, Wake-
lorn must havo slipped, hurt hcrsolf,
and then tried to got homo, but hnd
not gono tho regular road nnd had col-
. „   I in three mines here today, the men
ate."   The only ones of good cheer are, kavlngtb^r ^ork bec^au|e( aB th€y a£
sert unjustified deductions had,been
made from their wages.    Tbe incident.
the. miners themselves; who feel confident of victory.* ,. , j
.MeetH-ga of rMvay..mM^^Ciu£j6iir^mtiy.precipitate a genera! '
opted resolutions pledging themselves- Btrlk4yof miners'on-the'questlon oi'."
to abstain '.from handllng..troop'traits  wag-; -whlchthe ,eftd<jrg of the iJne^
and coal produced by non-unionists.., 'ml& hnd miner(f nre. just now; ea.
- yhef Government recognizes the seri: ueavor,i;g t(J pr€V-nt   ,
ousness of the^sltuntlon nnd;are leav-     The ^utlve committee of theNa-
.7f;:   ,-'
organized labor, and we need hardly I lapsed on tho way through weakness,
RBVOLSTOKB, B. O:, Mar. -..-Tbo
nows that tho election. will tako plnco
during March has created quite a stir
tn political circles, : It Is not likely
thatatho. Liberal party will bring out
a cnndldate locally, but tbe Socialists'
talk of putting a candidate In the flold,
ana If, thoy do so ho Mil make a good
Bhbwlng.       '       '■' »
Judge Thompion. held court tbis
morning, tbe only case being tbat it
Tony Angelo, of Coal Crook, who was
obarged wltb pointing a revolver at The dead are: John Hogg, William
another man, There was little evl-(Hurd, H. Clmes, John Pattle, John
deace to show sny seriousness In tbo i Templeton Wllllnm Baxter, nnd a man
offence, snd Angel* was bound over,name KcH?. Injured: Harry Hogg,
on h|s own recognisances, and H, Collskl.
.  , ,_-___——   'i
Tho Socialist Party of Cnnudn invito all «fvnlpa•1,
Uruzerii to t'«l_ «t tho Central Cumrnittco Himiidi.,
Minora' Hnll, ond render thoir acrviVcs on behalf of
Wm. Davidson's enndidaturo. Wcirkoru nro needed nnd no matter whnt n mnn'a qualification.) may
ho he ia bound'to ho useful in ono or other rapacity.
The party cannot offer any remuneration ft.tl.__r in
cash, cigars, or heer, hut the prin^iplei. and hencfita
ntf Socinlicw, It la felt that victory is nearby, and
if we all put our ahonldcr to tho wheel tho workcn_
of this riding will anon havo a feprwontatiro of
their own in Victoria. All th«ta<! dc«i,rona of riv.
ins their service* ar* requested to call at an early
date. •
NELSON, March 1.—At a mooting ot
tbo Socialists of Nolson and Ymlr con*
stltuencles today Mr. R. P, Pottlploco
of Vancouver wns nominated ns Socialist candldato for Ymlr, nnd Mr, Arthur
Hnrrod candidate for Nelson. ' Mr.
Itnrrod Is a book-koepor In tho co-operative "tore here, and Mr. Pettlploce ls
a prlntor,"
say that your ad, In our Issue of this
wook' had been distributed prior
to tho notice' enclosed.
" Wo shall bo glad to hoar from you,
ns undor tho circumstances wo could
naturally not bo willing to nccopt a
contract until this grievance bad been
removed. ,
Trusting to bo favorod with an oorly
We are,
, '•    Yours truly,
per H.P.N.
Manager Editor.
(Their reply)
" "Wlnnlpci.. March flth, 1012.
"District I*dgor, Pernio, B, C.
"Donr Sir,—In further reference to
your lottor to us of March 2nd, stating that you nro unnblo to" handle our
advertisement owing to labor troubles,
as thoro woro spots of blood around
tho spring nnd again whero sho was
found lying. Assistance was soon nt
hnnd, nnd although still nllvo, It was
ln a vory weak condition, nnd she died
on ronchlng tho Fornlo Hospital, Mrs
Wakclom was 51 yara of nse and wsh
vory highly ronneetod by everyono wbo
know hor, flho loaves two sonR to
mourn hor loss Thos., tho eldest, being
married and living nt Coleman, and
William, who hns boon nt Nanaimo
for the past tlye nnd a half years. The
funeral will take plnco on Sunday
from tbo parlors of thn undertakers
at 3 p.m.., A special train will leave
Conl, Crock nt 2 p.m.
Ing no stone unturned to bj-lng" about a
settlement' In Mho event of failure
in this respectM." Is expected.,that a
Minimum' Wage*'.Bill- will' be'rushed
through without delay. "■ OptlmlstB assert that the'strike .ennnot last' another week; the operators will bo compelled-to surrender. .     ■
Amerjoan Miners Too
NEW" YORK, Morch 7.--Poar of a
strlko of 180,000 'anthraclto miners In
April hns caused a general rush on'
tlio'part of consumers tor coal to carry
them ovor tho strike period; Tho sudden demand botamo widespread today when it waB reported that railroads lnstcnd of having largo amounts
of conl otorngo In proportion for possible strike, woro ronlly running short
nnd woro making ovory effort 'to do-
croaso tholr depleted'reserve. In consequence mnny denlors havo increased
tbo price of coal by $1,00 to IL2G per
ton. ""7'7"v
(Special to District Lodger),
tlonal Miners' Federation has Issued n
proclamation    censuring. the, striker*
for committing-a breach of discipline
by leaving work without the, consent of.
the union.     Tho proclamation orders <
the mon to rcsumo work,' but there It-
great, apprehension that tho situation .
will get boyond control. .    "
'LAWRENCE, Mass. Mnr. 4.—Determined to Insist upon n lf> per cont increase In wnges to onablo thorn to dp
moro thnn moroly exist, tho thousands
of textile workcrB striking hero stood
fnst today,, when tho mills were ro-;
operiod and made vain all prediction!,
of tho mill owncrR that a brenk In tho
rnnks was certain.      ',
Hundreds of tho strikorn went on tho
picket' linos * when the hour for worfc
arrived, and tbo greatest nctlvlty was-
jevldont In tho workers' ranks. Instead-
RERUN, March 8.—Striko fever has I ot the proldctod break In tholr ranks*
The drnwlng which A. E. Hartdnd
bad announced for thin w*ek hns lwn
nft»»np«i>d until Anrll. of which nil tie-
ketbolders will please take notico.
Little Victims of Lawrence Strike
Cause Intense Scene in U.S. House
WASHINGTON. Mnr. ..—Tho spirit j
of revolt of a despairing peoplo. bur-'
dened down with the lndmtH»i y**-'
rors of tho Lawrenco strike, burst Into
PI,,.—*  n,.,,...,. .. i  ,. i.      ,
commlltec. j
At tl'« conclusion of n dnv of testimony fraught with revolting teles of
tht- suffering* of thn women nnd children of Lawrence, wltb denunciation of
"nnnrchy snd rovoliitlon," Iwforc .WO
spectators, the liming ended In vv) »i
cam* near tlie bclmr n band-ro-hsnd
cln*.h bHwfen Vlrior DcrfK-r, ili<- Socialist representative from Wlicon-
•!n, and Robert MacCanby. of tbo
Lawrence cMttnt' committee.  ,
When tbe eommlKee srl|ourn<»l f,»o
thlirt«_m little child -mill wor^rs.
wesry and worn wlth,,the hustle and
eieltemenl of tbiy day. arose to fllo
out wllh a dated air, utterly unat»i>ro-
etatlv* of lb« scene about them.
Clinlrmnn WI)_on, of the labor com-
mttico of thn .'once, nro»e nnd mv-
gosfod thnt ns the «»ov«»»vtjT.pr(t, w,«..m
not defray tho expenses ot th* strikers
»       \ if      i  ' ■•
itolon lip. Tint sugw&tlon wns « oiled
and two of the tbln-fnced girls, hent
with toll at tho loom, passed amomt
llio spectnlois with hn's cvtcnt'cd
Josophlno LIsh, heroine of >tl-o en-
rnnnicr with .hoWlIM*. unconsrlo'isly
nppronrlicd IawU S. Cox, po<«,inr<t.*cr
nf T-fiwrcnrp. who nctcd ns sttnmnv
for tic rltlwns" rommlttoe, Cnx
dropped « dollar bill Into the hat, but
v..Hi one bound Derger, Kapfd across
"filve that back to blm." he about'd
to tho Rlrl. "tctl blm we don't want
any blood money,
Mrtrfsrthy Inferferred with tbo demand:
I   * Who are yonr"
It IsaBsertod that fewer nro working?
today than'at any tlmo slnco the strug«
_flo bognn.
No violence wns reported during tho
.enrly hours of tho clnv, the strikers-
contenting thomstdvos with nppenls to
tho fow workors attempting to work,
many of whom turned nway from th*-
very gutes of tho milts.
spread through Slleslon conl fields In
"■"""[.stern Prussia, whero Socialists,'
Christians, Polish minors, and tradon
unions representing all organised miners In tho district todny presented to
employers a demand for flftoen por
cent Incroaso In wages, Tho-'govern-
ment Is endeavoring to find a basis
for settlement qf tho difficulty which
haB nrlnon In Westphdpllnn coal floldH,
hut It Is very doubtful whothor tholr
efforts will be successful.    Even tho j ■	
most optimistic'think that at least, "Clndsmlla" will be Bbpwn In mov-,
IGO.OOO out of 3(10,000 Westphnllnn conl Int. pictures nt the Isis on Monday and f
minors will declare a strike on Mon- Tuesday next. This should be a treat,
day next.    Mlno owners nro rnpldly for the children and ladles. j
ivr"cr rctorled hotlv wl*o he wns
nnd MneC'nrthy edped cln.cr to the Mg
"1*11  havo you  undorMnnd  that   T
i < *    i   •   •
,.'     ...   I..-'-,...   LlVtM"...    *4   J****   >"".|  *-.*
thnt none of It Is blood morcy." t/>
nl'outed. Ppectators and com.nl''M
gaspod ns tho two men ennne tovctl er,
, iNp-efcntntlvo Wllllnm Wllcon, ro-
printing- Illinois, lcni^cd between
liir-tn nnd forcibly prevrn'el n meet-
In ir. Still glnrlna sngillv tbev he-j
j»««!itr*il fftil t*>^r"^r li tt •>'/> rnnrn.
Vrey Feared Offletnl* !
Ttie ltuddlo of pnthellc fkure. tb.il i
repieirnted the price tl.at u.uili lus,
p?M to the tcRtlte Industry In I-i*v-!
tf'ff •hnipk from tl*e offlctsli of tl* I
town sa they \>as«ed out and sntli-in'-d i
tliciu'C'lVcn lonetbcr for the walk to
rhe hotel In tho gathering iht*V.
Tl.t* Mrlktrs resume thoir story today.
_' ' ••■'
fyf+zn       i
aj\t awt?a mv^
4_,i.     _«__.__,   _a   ___w__.__._t___r .^yy/fc
 mmtmm I
_ i.c »,,.,..),,..m. »,<'.,'. huVi n-tit-ivt) it) vrtliiVtM, un 'ii t*
fioeinlist Party lias not n winner in the field, )hi\
no inntltcr how grent tlie prineiples wo aro fiufht-
uvz for, a certain amount of money i'h i.>.I'l'Sh-iiry to
conduct tlie campaign, '('npilnlii.t candidatPN'may
noi'il llu.iif.ji.id., to buy tlieir lioi-lers, eipin., Iiiv-r
au.l ..ilu'i' hliiiMiIitnU to litiihlcr up tlieir n.tli*n
policies, we need only hundreds for the barest no.
ccK.it .en, such ns trnvollintf expenvef., print inf., the
deposit, etc. Help is needed and nil n\\mn. no matter how small, will lie tha.... fully recemvl l»yDrrvM
l.eeM\ Minor*' Hall, Fernio,. ■^WJyfrfry^^&^fcffyjg*!?^ ^^ww^i^wwii^in-,■*■■"■ , wy,^t^w.wyy)»^^^i* .j^yyy^ -Tffrrr~li"fiaTiiiifiTQfaiii.111.ii iitJir_t"'■TfJ'••"';; "- *r-i —r-■ tijh~ ti"■'r-1 inn 1 ti   i   i   r    "~~r~S!™*trr-fSl--j*-f •»*>
fe^7viy=;- *; y;/;- ■ V y>-A V-^-y :. * y -? •? ? V ■ "^K:   • "-':;      ^T ^J*\:^£o^*-v >"- u   \ '■'%», ;t :
- *S*s*l.VJ"
IS- " -7 i ."*
py ■, -■-
^v,1"*    J   '.■3       -*.-■
J   •   *- _!
'   ...-*', -      (
'.,   • . -,<•*..• **
7/ ;;-..«?y-y'-;.. " -n.
ri^-. ^     i
- 7y_^7-.s
\ .yyy.cy-; ,\
",f ..''yvy-1*- 7?7?7-?7-;y>'-'*n-i 7? 5". "^'yC'j'f''*'. yV^'Ap^'y}^^
*, y-.-ii-^yy-y-yy y-.'- -■* ,,*-.-" ,*v-"-*"■,- *y."v_. /•yy-cy'*". -**'. *'-. -   y"*-y.y^ .-t5~y-,-y
- --,',*'*.'y y7.y-.yyit.-*',;-.,}/ ■•  yy-.yyyy.7 ---.■•ry:!;-.-?^' r'.--.. . 'y*y~yr7~r'yy-'yj'--^ "y
"• i *.**"" "-.-'".-V1"'"1' ."■'.'-"'i.'J.T*^.*'" *• ,"•'-'.- ,    >'. i-^?.'', ."„'':!■*■.«".">■-.■-- '*'-*,- v?,-   .'-' ,,-_,   V_.- ;.->-'-- - ~ -"'"-c-'  *'x   •-, -■-"'•' j, ',        o '    ;..r"
.    -« "
|.   - -,
i; i-
,* f     *
'-"iTIJHEN Winds -Are. ""Nippfihere is tHe," toilet lotion '
■. * *     that typifies., .the "true ; perfection of all toilet"
- applications., ■     ,     ' 7'7    ■ '■ .Tv^fe'^'-iyy y?;
Sweet, dainty j not greasy /and of-extra; ^eciaKviilu^'inf'
the cave of the skin.',,.,*       ;. ;/,y v.'.'^* -.y^.' .'V';*H::
After, a walk or an auto ride BEkzO. ALMO^B.
...CROWN "cleansesthe poreV..restores;the' circulation,.';.
removes all of theill effects of, the -wind,     -.     ■' ,-    *'.
., ]STeveV hesitate or fear to'go o'ut'fo'rai* enjoyable "co'n*;
-' Stitutiorial",'or to .'take .healthful" outdoor exercise be-
*  Ladies, appreciate it.   25ca box at"^f.'y';-V
^   Bleasdell's Drug Store:"\^:
i    , * . > * '
y  vi ■ - ^ •  _ i    '^ -['f.        ■. B^        . ■   ,^
And   Nothing' but the Best'jri^FVesh '7
and   Smoked    Meats, < Fresh - and   .
Smoked Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
•>. ■-
;Etc. .Etc., go to
THE 41    MARKET   CO.
' .. .PHONE 41 =
-• T*t_e''«.ec'tion.is.on, and.-our..'candi-.v_ire^ii6t.h.-eart?an_l<soul»w$th''.y0U.a.r*'
date is secured' and wliat is -now re-- against .you.' ' " .-? * \y .; ;)«;:r "
quired? Is'^lie untiring andunitedef- ;.*^al;^8n,-:"eie"cti6n tatlft'ior' to^ay^ir
ipr,t of ailfand'such an'^ffort as has good'pi^bliqii;ymen.!. -Thaf_s'm&r_'who
never before* been put-fofUi! ■ .".■'-' "will not* b^i^atistied witb t__|:old<s|-i^
'"'"riow^beautifully.eap/and"*simple to ioaed r!'metb"ods, \but be eyW76fi the
address'you thus, ^Ir,;Reader2,,; Yes,-, alert for s6methlhg{new\/ybu;__^ve'to^
ragree."'  Effort must mean sacrifice '    '    *        '"*"'      J -1-'
and-posibllity-a-little loss of thaU'res-i
l>ectabillty" when1 such is put forth in
support, of (the emancipation1 of. mankind; .'.when; \ve;'have for oiir .object
th* aibolilloa of tfiat great fetish—Oap'i-
tal!".,,     '...   ~        s7 ■  '>
'! Much^has appeared-latelys_n-"th*ase
columns,,about. Ipduslrlal., TJn.Qnlsm/
\vhile.°6ome\Jtiave .written^fo'r,' 6£li<.fs
Soms' very1
use* your bVains.in seeWhg and strlyl-Tg
tp.outwit .the^emy,,.; J.q ,doe's.not
understand, nor willjbe'.take tl^o trouble to understand '.lie So-,..ilI__*?yi''-.**6
sophy;.flnd what is moije,"-;t>;does uot-
matt'er.a' great;dear;wbel;li<.r ho doeB-or-
does not,' the i-fact wlll^ bev FORCED
^lponjiim. .jlf^xoji^uestlosi^thls state-,
ment,.and r'don't .think.ypu]will,'fet
me ask you: Will "the result of the
election .here.;Influence, the miners', in
hav^^ltten ■.aBaln*3t.\,.p«uis. ™jr, ■ ,**.* •»-;•• ■•'■•■! ■ «" - - :,^
logical arguments have been adduced 'J1* M ,.countr>yto' return;, to work,
by both j.}des, but when the indlvidu-^Iost certainly .not. - Socialism is not
al 'whq really is anxious tp promote  going to dIe-?V€11 lf *e. are defeated'
the'.'welfare-of the worker, and incidentally his own, has read botli sides of
the case, he just yawns and exclaims:
in,this constituency—forv-it.is wprld-'
wide, knowing no creed,' nationality, or
color.., ,,r-„. •"   ."•   ,   7.  .       • .    ".',
'••You,.are up. against an enemy who
Cynicalism?    No, sir- certainly.'noti ?™ giYtt ^'^7*sort.of'a ?lght so
t. '"^  „.i.^i_.  -..-.'...i.^'.*.' !_,_£_■..._. long as.that means .victory—to, him and
We're Bound 'tii    '
Please        ,,. ,:;
•' anyone familiar*with the quali-
- ties and value of lumber.   They ■ ?
'can see plainly that,our stuff is-
sound and -well seasoned, and
■  they can-judge'-atonce how fav- -;
orably our prices compare with -
1   ' -'others. 7   ' ''    -' . -    ^,
yXUMBERfc-FOR   ,'        _     77.',,."'.
:' EARLY«,-SPR1NG USE.' ',.,'.'„,".'•
., ' should?be ordered now., ..Pretty, "
. ' soon .everybody will?be wanting,.,"
'?  (Some".all, at the same'time...,* ,...
... •  -,        -   * i   ;'-.■    3  j ' \
-If an atheist attempts'to,'ridicule
th© difference? of opinion between.the*
Christian churches we immediately re-
ply-f'Tes; but we have one'goal in
,,sight; ;,one end!" Andv*so'.surely it
j must:,be with Socialism. We. are
, striving 'for one- END. We cannot
pick and choose- our/methods for our
masters refuse us.this privilege—but
we have'to get'there.yThe're;is only
'one line, 'left" for us to travel, there is
onljr, one "depot to arrive at. Whether
you .travel In the "coach of industrial
Unionism,"or whether, you prefer the
the coach' ,of the Class Struggle makes
little?',or'*,no''difference—you will be
pulled'--by-„ the locomotive—Social Re,-
v6lution."7 „  ,' ' '      -
. Granted' then "that -you accept this
and -'that' yo'u^ are determined- not to
be" concerned -about' a oneness of opinion,;, or. a, oneness of thought, but
will {Insist upon a oneness of action,
let nie again put my query:   What are
you,"doing,"'about it, Mr. Reader?'
,**.>■.*-•. ■ ,   - •
.-The women of the old country have
given to Socialists a splendid example
of  how"* to,' "advertise"   their   cause.'
Deprived: of-the franchise, .'these wo-
m"en,;spmeTclaiming gentle birth.'have
People's Popular Picture Playhouse
- '•v__,'i.''._
f "<    ."".''.'   .-i:'"-.-;i*. i    ,   •..',;,
'    i.      V"\ *"     '      i
«. Friday and < Saturday Program
*'*+} Ui _...*;"ix -:,- '    •"       •     •   • '""-•   '' '     '-''■■«'»      .•■■.,'  .'* :   '----I..
(■'•:Engagomonb exti'aor(liiiary.''"'MpHn'g;'picturos and' ";'
<y  ■  •-'   ,'   ,»'"■-' -locture depicting "•':vr'v • '"-",'y"/"?
ffLife'ia-the Artiq''
Sovon yonrs to got the picturbs.   A wondorful. story.
6 Reels1     2 Hours      6,000 Feet
thvltiK Ui tlie KWiitefM... of Ihowi nlntnvoR w« Iiiivk lind to .r.uku n Hllalit
nilvimri. In iirlfCH—Odiicrnl 'Sks. Ilc«('rv»i Scuts !"*., Hut. Mnllnon 10 * Ifl
thrown "'asidej all semblance of respectability arid'have sought by every
-artifice'arid'device "to th'rust'before the
public the righteousness of their cause.
Many' 'sneers .and j^ers have' been-
thrown at them;' they have been imprisoned; 'fed.by' force; handled' by-
-brufal stewards without tlie least regard for fbelr Bex;'' arid what'greater
"sacrlflco'can any woman make?"' '
- Flit, "'Sir.' R-efii_cr,'"'_lb not thiji*". VoV
one lrioment"that you,aro called'upon
to'make'nny "such sacrifice; or to perform heroics'; 'no'.'slicli a'rb not neces-,
sary,' yoif liavo"'the ifranchisc—at least
thosV.'of you'-'wlio 'hro fortunate''on-
ou_.I_/'toJ be''oh,*'the list—and "you'aro.
called'upon'td'use it)'and with it' 'your
best effort v to', see that' others'Wo
theirs,"''.'You'-'havo'to become on election' agtint—a publicity man. You
■h-ivo' to 'use"'' every' artifice' to secure
vote's; to! see', that thoso'not entitled,,
to tlio" frdhebiso'do' not oxerc'lse'lt;
you. haven tho" liralns nnd tlio nlilllty
and should remember thnt those who
victory .to the .capitalist.system, ..Get
this-fact indelibly, fixed in.'your. mind.
You:.may.have.'to thrust.aside;?your
respectabiljty';'. yqu may hav.e'to,.come'
Qut'^and'say,boldly .tbat' you' are*.not
for" Capitarj>you"may eVen be laughed
at- and sneered'"at;, but'now, of all
times you have,'to proclaim; your? belief.,.,.The voice of the'parson and the'
priest• can^count as nothing;..their
warnings .are .needless.^and lnumany
^cases foolish;" they do'-nbt see, will.not1
see,'arid perhaps,,to coraeltq the point
do., not "want*,to, see Socialism In.-any,
other ;iight;.than that of an-.enemy to
their, institutions.,... But we* subrnit,
with -all,*respect ,to those gentlemen,
that they are?tres'passers directly the^,
venture-to'-assert their,, influence .ag?
ainst Socialism;"we will not heed'them
and-we do not peed their advice.,'*, On'
matters'splritual-the,Socialist hks ijik
thing ,to say,', arid-on matter's qf'polt-.
tical concern,we can grant the;church
no voice'; y*;. The church must recognize
that 'the.''workersTare out for. a better
society^'-for' the"-'abolition, of vice;, not.
for the creation,.of vice, and tbeii'-tiie
dayowilLriot be'-*far distant- when"we
shall'1 see :'th*e' forces 6f__Ch_ls_tianity_'ar-
rayed on ,011^,side.
1 So,-'Mr. Reader, in your "doing" yoii
will beco'mpelled, among other thfngs,
to keep an eye on'the"' church, as"well
as your'other "opponents. ' "''"'• '
Firiaily.' Mr." Reader; take a look at
wliat you HAVE 'DONE," ask yourself
tt that" is* sufficient;' analyse every
action arid -see ''how, much' niore you
can do, if-you do' this''..'"will surprise
'ypiiybbw lltU'e^you 'have done. - Don't
Stop%tand'.'argue, with"''a' man on 'the
street;'iipo'n' the 'Socialist philosophy,
'quoting'Karl'Marx and Erige.B'-by tho
Var'd;'it's .Waste'of time aiid energy.
Tell film what'tlio workers of the worl'd
are doing; tell of.the progress Soclal-
iBiri' is'!mdl-ln__. 'arid./'telt,him'that.wo.
'are" now fast npfirba'ching the-Social
Iteyolutlon. ln which -ho MUST' tnke
lils^part/iio m'a'ttoV whether ho likes
It-'or'hbl;* impress'on'him the fact
Bof-luTMEANS; reixiombe'r the END!,
S'S  '. ' . .     .   "   " P.H.N.
'*; --y^^yi-Vj place, from*'city;to city,-"arid-;from^ria-
tion to nntion, heartbroken,- weary and'
footsore. in',.searp_i^of lwqrli^;to^eat
bread, bent"io^wn 'teTgrey,,,'hairs;'-?with'
sorrow to a'prematurergrave'ls the
reward' of thelKreatorS?. pf^hef?world's
w.e&lth. "'^spised^tinned" antf reject-?
e'd'the wdrkershaVe^become"extremely,
poor, and as'-Arlsn-tleValdfof'the "ancient artist they haVe7hecome,.so poor
that, they; are too.'pdor\o be goodr??' :_>
. - When Governments^ tolerate4'condi-,
tions wherebyjthe -peoplej! have, become
s'b -'"poor \ that' they fare \too "poof' to be
good, they have'.-.rflve'd'st'.'the^bririk:'
of'decay and^th^^'^T;. y-
?t, The pooi*Jgnpranb^. and ^.inripeeni
workers' pf ancient"day's WeVe,?drl?e_i
before the "mighty power'of gifee'd/sTna
cupidity, forced^ito'i'btirrbw' iift'o^the
ground'> and.* live'In}", a" subterranean1
world..   They" wejie' displsed and' rejected" by tlie official->elig(on',-denied
the"right-of marriage and the" family;;
damned before-arid jafter .-death'; .-de--,,
priyed ] of. manhood-" and -^rocognltio'n^
just the same as'^tliey are doing- to'day.**
Tlie   ancient",' aristocratic element.*-
with /their peryerted^gluttprious; appe*-
tite for profits*,, torrid-.themselves of
the*  increasing ? votive -?power.' ofV the
workers, a power ;i;ba.tvthF«a^nedj,their
citadel,* smeared the living - bodies of
their victim's (worklngjmen ptjcourse)
with--petrpjeum^ ris'led 'them in. grease*
ari;dtallow, set tli'em alight.a'p^ made b.
torch in that horrible procession de-
irianded-by'Nero.    •     *.    •    •"',-'
- The procession'of humanity today'Is
but a."reflex of that '.ghastly' scerie'.in
ancient days; mine explosions'igniting
its'^victims andTpastingUliem beyond
recognition; 'arsenar'dlsasterssRatter;
ing",)the'humaii fn'fragments; a';world-
of degradation and,'Jpoverty' witti* its'
millions,of babes that continually tug
at'a milkless breast,"arid'dispersion of,
peaceful workers' by clubs" andm'odern
murdering machines, all figure lri this
horrible-modern procession 'of, a .he'll
like1 scramble for gold. . '_   '    •'*" - 'v-
".The- peaceful''Socialists are unceas--
irigly -striving to plead the laboring
masses into their, own created" posse's-'
stops. :* They are,circulating literature.
in .the'-form of meritafdynamite, "dyna-'
mite tljat will more than equal all the.
explosives tharfill, the'capitalist arsenals and inagazines of today.    ' '"*    *-■"
?  Oh;, ye''„workers!'"   Why not', read
•rind "feririent. the hitman br'ain^.with
facts?'- .You have been induced In'bygone days^to". manufacture the weapon
that reached your''own heart, nnd in,
order, to live you are compelled-to do
the'sairie today, hut the weapon wherein lies.your'own salva_ion°is" your peri.'
A;Weapon'that has always been advo-,
cated by Socialists.    So thirik arid'act
and- wHeri'the 'time comes round use
return men.'of ypur,own class' to'ppwer
—men-'tliat^stand for labor, control of
tlie-tools "of production and the"compete''overthrow of the profIt'.■Bystem.,
Then;"and then'only will you havef:fuil
.recognition" In. tae,_leglslati.ye.-assemblies.- ■ ■',- - '<J . 7'   .'7 '""' ,;-*' '■
Xy"~   .-'I  -n^'^T * -"
,'A.-..1eand„.;",   .tt.
y ---c.  .* -■ .-V-..'-*7  v\y -   •
?fil   ; Y*J
i -?Dry'Goods,:; Boots. iShbes _
'*' s«s iv t^^W^HvA^b?!^:
y,.vy Mens Eurnishings-viyt
y..r:'■•-*' .**:'y. ?'• y££y.r-7^-;, -.-■'KS\'-
vy?Vi-- ",»: .'.Tyy^y7V."j;..-yy.';7 L,Vv
-.th: rGrdcerie"s,-?Fruits arid- 7>v*
:r -<V   -'Provisions"7-""7':.'Vy.
y' &&# y^ ^-y »•■ ■ -^7?*^..-ja y -:■ \f.
-\   ,->J*-.? if <;•*' - -,i!>.v-'',-,'. ;
7^7^ ^y^.'.7^77 <f *^7,x,v-r
'*'.- X"<\-~\.    y-VV.  1* t    ".'   ".V*     v • .-'._      r
1-VJ '... -
?r i- ^-^r -y
€l&;\: 7
-:-;. ....;   .*-
iyy y
%6- *
"!  \ "   ,'K.    I
, •. >,--. ^»ii
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"^v "
"       'n   *--
Dealerjny -<yj7l.;^sy ^Q? 7,
%:\ Hardware, ^Stoves;,v,Rahg£s'>y?:
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Y Hancy Goods aridS Stationery, i:
<S'?'S'S\. y *'• >"••   -.y 77>y y.,y  . .■.;-■■■■•-. ■•
:BE^fe^ut\.^/y'^ "■ Alberta^
,- - - V'
r, -        ,t sj
r    .-,'-,.
.', ,.*
■'-<■*». .,' ,'.
,* '►- \ -.;_   * V".*-.-   ^ 1*. ^„','.
Bellevue Hardware &,vEiiMtui:e Co.
'■;  . •'"'.*-'< !»■.* • *-.'' * '»*.-Vi">, -A.-. .y>,.'*.* :■ ,*""',■"•*.* -*>»y >  .-.."'.y -.*-.',.*.'(' ..* ■-
.■* .."..„ r S;"--? ^ Ml-" *;.,'-- Headquarters "for',; '■,.";' y y   '\ *-S
* ".-y \i.\.\>'i*   ..•■■"\'-> -^.i.t,>', ,.7.7'7y.v\7'.') .7 f -
^House; ;Furhiture^kndJHa
A Complete.line of,;-'■ '•'-"' Look around first
: S>ORTrNG,:GOODS *^.   7    tj   -.y THEN -BUY HERE
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'•"■ -t-'1 '
'■'. f  I.   '
r ,c
' ...  '* "I   '•     *'•-!
-i'-.y ■-..-
--1.' --*. -■
,).;.A'^'  ': -°.
Clean aridyGprnfortable
-,.''■•'"?    *-;. v. .'*•'-'' ^ y" ?.., • y, -;.. ,*-,?"- •;. (• 'v ' y ,.
* v i \
Choice: Wiriest K
...■-.. ^^HlX^CUN-NiNGHAM^ -'y '-•
■ • ■-     ;   -.   '- "  .''-,   v>    -' '. t . *•' it;: -  t*.v_*..'.'-*■,•.•!' '   -,*.-\,
• v
*;>.*-'     ' ' ' ? .k.,.
During' an; inquest at". Whyte.eafe,
Surrey County,'. England,{:ori' a twp
months' old girl namecVWlldipg,.whose
death "tho ldoctoir.:.clai-pedi'iwai.{_luo to
wasting away tijf-W^uirt.pf.bfld/assl-
.mllatlon'of food,?the' foreman of'the
Jury asked the fathor.'a railway porter,
if his wages woro, s'uff.clent.-ro allow
him to pr^yldo'.pr'operjhouVjBh'mont for
his wife for,"- her-'recon. 'confinement.
Wilding replied that,ho had lGs. por,
week, from which ho paid rid. for, his
club.and 3s. houso'rent, kavlngf! 12s.
7(1. to keep Wis wife nnd 'three children.
Every ,other''.-week'" lils 'pay was 2s.
more for Sunday"duty. Soveral pury-
men remarked'*that"it was lmpbsstblo
for a man,to.glvo, his wlfo and family
proper nourishment' bn' 12a." 7(_. por
week,        '
6ji tne Ballot
It •' ■
Special Sale of Flatware
nono-lmntlluil Too. or Dlnnor Knives, ut fl,2S por hnlf doj-,.
18ar. Wnlliico JiiOH. Ton or Dinner knives. ■".i'.OO por half doz,
Vt Doz. only Dinner Knlvos, Dost pinto, $l.7B .
.'/j Doz, only Toronto 8llv«r IMuto Ten Knlvos, 12.25.
1*0(7 -..nc/W llrrt,  ninnor Ki.lvi»„  Vf.M i»or hnlf .In*.
.JloRorH' nitHt Plstod Table flpoom. at,4Do, oncli.
Will. KuKvin .iiu. (.Oil ?jU'.'ts £_p<_ul>_  *>I.VQ ln.i  hull <}<UL
1817 HoKcrs' Uros." Tnblo apnoiiH, $2.75 por half doz.
1817 llogerH' llros. Dcflsort, Spoons 92.RO por hnlf do/,.'
Tea nmi Dimivr Korku, bout plate, $1,75 por lull. doz.
Wm. Honors' mid Son Dlnnor Forks, $1.51) por hnll don,
.Wm. Uobpi'b' "ml Hon Al Ton Korku, fl.T-5 por Mil! doJ!,
If ,r
I ft*
\}*4U> ■*
Organized lnbor Is showing approcl-
nllon of the labor press, and Uio prom
Is rfsponf1ln.r wlili mnrkert Improve-
mont. Now ovory good-allied city In
IT.o country linn ono or riiorfl lnbor
ttupors, nnd they are {.rowing with
lenpii ond bounds. The Ubof press U
the stroiif. rlKht nrm of unionism,
1'tiroiiRh it the b«kt minds In the move*
m.nl contribute, ftre ensblfrt ,*u» *?«><■«
Ledger Ads -Always Get There
vast numbers of tlielr fellow tollors
oa questions o! union business ond
policy. The papers are making known
tUo views of union labor on economic
find polltlm! ouostlons, nnd union lnbor
has becomo n soclnl forco to bo reckoned with in nearly ovory community.
—Seattle Union Rucord. f
Shsloiis Cups
Prlmnlvo man,' In prj'mury dnys,
with his rude weapon nnd crude methods of llvlnir, enjoying tbo fruits of
lils; lnbor to the full oxtont, and with
his chosen counolls 'and snehom, pr
chief, sottled'all tholr llttlo matters
nmlcnbly botweon* them nnd for the
common good, but whon we ronch that
Btr.R0 of human' development when
mnn substituted boost of burden,for
thnt of human prey, th6 scene Is
chnnfcod, Tho division of tho clnsBos,
n ruling class nnd a subjoot clnss, wns
tho rosult of man's Intelloctunl dovo-
lopmont In discovering how to stir tlio
enrth's surface with a stick. Tlio ruling class have nil along tho lino ol
humanity's progress controlled governments,, scizedttho Judicial and Jurldl*
cnl courts, mndo laws nnd pnsBod m'oa'
Hiiros nil In the Intorest of thomsolvos,
Tho laboring or subject clnos Iinve re-
penfodly npponlod' to thoso of their
opprossors for relief from tholr suffer-
-.</,o, liul uutv .-..W-j-i uvtin l|,iiuiv'<-i
Tha _.!.-.<vl -j- Ti-ia2u L^iiuUiha itviu
Edmonton lo Cnlgnry for on elghMiour
lnw for workers and the abolition of
child labor hns boon trcntcd with nl-
loneo.    Tho (lovernmont Investigation
iii   .Lu  .--ci**-1-.W*v  .ititiV UtH(-)tU;f   UMi 1\r
suited In a flstle, the workers reeo|y-
Ing tho usunl rewnrd-~"The Promised
Lnndl" *
It Is now twolvo months slnco Hint
little band of agricultural tollors
knocked at tho door of the Alborta
Leglilnture, humbly pleading for in
outlet for the products of tlielr toll,
but up to tbo present not a word have
we heard, nov«*r a whisper In reply,'
everything is as silent as (he grave.
Premier Hilton can w the Justice of
the case, but ho ennnot servo two masters; ho ennnot serve both cnpital and
labor.'' In tho np«!oh from the throne
we lionr the voice thundering with nil
tho powor of eloquence nvalinblo, prnls<
Ing to tho vory heavons tho Incoming
of Cnnndn's new Qovemor-Genernl, but
no,' novo'r n word do we hear In roply
to the mnny doputntlons of lnbory
There Is-no room In the vocnbulnry of
thoso sorvnnts' of capitalism for the
elimination or tho ghnstly nnd reutiess
condition,- thnt havo for ngos and ages
cursod mnnl.lnd, ' Mover In the'his*
tory of govorninoiita have the workers
bocntrontod to anything but contempt,
Tho workors, both manual and Intel*
lectunl, hnvo been for ovor displsed
and .rejected, robbed'- starved and
ehontod "out of their Just and honoat
duos. , Yet It In labor that hag brought
no to whoro v. o stand today.
Prom Uio tiny 'craft to the huge'
super-Dreadnought; from that roughly
{formed impllmont tp tbe gigantic oil-
iniU .i.ot., Hum that minute tit.lu colony on tho Dolwure, across a vast continent dotting h<»rc ond there majestic cities with tholr thagnlflcont edlfl**
cos ond numerous millionaires have
•_u .it..in nm rcMiit t>l lnbor. l„nbor
hns harnessed the wntor, It has har-
itessed the air, It hns snatched tho
lightning nnd plundered the Inanimate
all for mnn's u.o. Labor has Increased tho'productive power of man a
(_imi_innf.fi.lflr Ic'hn-i brought the world
to the threshold of humanity, Labor
conwyo in th<. very mouth Of the wen!
Uiy tbo «poon that feeds thorn. Vpt
they will ihrlnn from Us vory touch Is
If It were some venonmous reptile.
To wander to and fro, fromplac* to
Prom nri exchange from tho othor
side of tho1 globe' wc tako this vory
well,put declaration: "Thero Ib hardly
a'form of prlvato enterprise moro vicious than proBont* day Journalism.
Whllo tho bloated copltnllst Is'destroying, tho body of^tho worker, the dally
press ls poisoning his soul," Kvory
capitalist newspaper represents somo
or soveral capitalist Interests, , Those
Interests find If- nocossnry to control
tho minds of tho masses to furtlier
their purposes. . And so tho enpltallst
press,.practically without exception Is
engaged Jn the work not} of helping
humnnlty, but in tricking.itl No
wonder tho people aro beginning to
blink their eyes open. • .'
'.„' ..v.' %.;s^Al£^li 'GOMPAOT •'' '■ 'is ySS
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■!■-■■>' .1
'   .TV - i
" A-
»Vili loi Divitoi ii lo. "Intelligent Wl)"
Fhe City That Is
It offers investment part^xcellonce for the small ,
invostor with a certainty, of good results/ Lots
avo selling atJ300, all cleared, 33ftxl33ft.
Call or write for our maps and literature
The Union Land. Company, Ltd;
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**_,.■**  .     *■„ ^ "-,*  -;    ,L*    ff ■-  v-*.;i , ?'   7sW"; vsJ7,"v
B. C;^;MARCH 9,1912;:
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New Michel
_>./___ mining rights of tho "Domln-;
?AU. J-lKSRobE Buluttohewtn and
Yukon Tor.l.ory, itto North
in survived torrltory the Und must. *•
ti.jH'U. .1;' ft-rHnnr*. fir Vj»i\1 «..*h.flivi-
wS,rWrhrW.0wSrVn^' V»rJlon" o_
tho Province of Hrltmh Columbia, mny
bn leased for a term nt twenty-one-
yoars at on annual rental of 11 an aero,
fcot more than 2.500 acres wll he teased
VnMtftor ft l««»« must »>e mndo
byAPfi 0 a\?rAlon.nf In , l>wn to the
Afffint nr Hiil)-AKt*nt of the district in
wf>lch tho rights applied for are sltuat-
■Ions'*of" sootlo'n'fi;"unit, in" >n»urv«iyt.a
territory tho trad applied for slinfl be
staked out by tho npnllennt htmsolf.
Each apllcallon m\i*t b* •e*«mp*nM
by a foe ef iVwhleh will be refunded If
tho r slits applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall bo
-""rV';" "1," MurnhnntnWe output of the
mine at tho rate ct l»v* e».n\.'B'l"Vi'
The person operat nsr the mine shall
furnish the Agint with sworn returns
nccSuntlng for the full quiinUty or mnr-
eliantable coal mined an dpiiy Jlte roy-
«,ty  thereon. ,   J/.^he^eos jnlnlng
nlty   theronn. ...   —   —.-  „
rlffi."  are not betnjr op.*****^; ,„„.,
returns should be furnished at least.
0nThe* e«erwlll Include the coal,jnlslnc
il__l..» only, bur. tb* I**™* mny he p«r-
mft ed to purehtee whatever; avallablo
nurtiea ttihta nay be eoneldered no-
K&'arr WVlif'&TiJt.i-tt the mine
_.t the r*U of lie.oo an acre. ,, .,.
Vol" full Information appllcal un
■tioutd he made to the Reereury of the
pip«Aro*nt of the mt-jrior. Ottawa, or
to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot.Domln-
Jon Mn<1».-
Vt, W. Cory,
Dffiuty MlaUUr *f tt>* Interl*--
W,Hr~trtiaiithoris»d publication of this
adrertisement wM not ■»* t>*ia lot.
-■From  Hallfax7'N.}sya   Comrade,
;Vrites  in  "The'-'■ Catholic''Record .is
'certainly ripping you."  Fronrfar away
British Columbia .a copy-of-the Record
is sent me.S    From Marcelin, Sask., a
letter comes from one, who, is "neitn-
er a Socialist nor a" Catholic" «nclosing.
a clipping from the Catholic Record.
asking, me for." an explanation.*  -The
same copy'uas evidently been sent
to editors of, other labor papers., Tho
Catholic Record is published in London, Oiit.   •    ' - '-.', A'     "• *  '"-
I do not like to attack? articles   ln
religious papers.     But when a Catholic paper publishes a'misleading,artlclo 'entitled^ "Can a Catholic be a
Socialist" and when this article is being widly disseminated in order to give
Catholics a'bad impression of what
Socialism is, it is' time that the'article
be ripped.to pieces.     It is said that
the, writer of the article'is ,a"Jesuit.
He either  has,been very poorly trained'in his Jesuit schools,, or lie has a
very bad cause to defend for upon investigation! it wlh'be,'found that the
writer is upon very poor ground.   ,
i' publish".' the'^artlcle  herewithMn
full, in,' order that it .cannot .be said
that, I -bave picked and chosen bits
here and there?   ; The article follows:
7"Can,a Catholic be a Socialist'?: We
shall deal"with socialism soley in its
relation  to  religion,  and  the  mono-
gamic marriage.     We contend first,
that Socialism is;foundamentally and
essentially irreligious,   and .secondly
that Socialism is • fundamentally., and
the monogamic marriage  and would
substitute ."free love" therefore ,
.7 ' Pope Leo XIII on Socialism
■" If. 18. said -,that - Socialism. is, purely a
political and economic movement and
has nothing- to do with religion.   Leo
XIII. in his,Encyclical letter,of January 18,1910, on Christian Democracy(
says of Socialism:  'For'it ^ in the
opinion of some, arid the error is already very common, that-the social
question is merely an economic, one,
whereas in point .of fact it is,above
all a moral, and religious matter, and
for' ■ that ? reason .'must be ' settled by
prinlcples of morality, and according to
the dictates of'religion: l.Foryeven
though  wages" are' doubled  and^the
hours of .labor shortened,-' and-food
cheapened, yet if the-working man
hearkens to the doctrines that are taught on this subject aB he is'prone to
doi and.is prompted by the examples
set beforo lilm to throw off'respect for
God and to enter upon a life of immorality, his labor's and his gains will
avail him naught.    Socialism cunningly works its way into tho heart of the
community; In the darkness of secret
assemblies, and openly ln(ithe,light,of,
day, by speeches and by "writings, it
oxcltos tho peoplo to sedition; „the restraints of religion aro thrown aside;
duties' ar© neglected, and'only rights
uphold; dally, larger and larger crowds
of the poor aro solicited whoso narrow circumstances mako .them moro
opoiVi to deception  and more easily
hurried Into ;error.    Civil society, no
less than..religion, Is Imperiled; lt Is
tho sacred duty of ovosy right-minded
man to bo up in defense ot both one
I and tho other,    .
I "Tho groat Lcq, speaking from tho
chair of St. rotor, lolls us'.lint It is
tho sacred duty of eevry right-minded
man to bo up ln defence of, religion
nnd civil Bocloty; and thorcforo tho
duty of ovory right-minded man becomes clenr wlionovcr Socialism shows
Ub glU-Btly .head.
"Tho word 'Socialism' lins generally como to Blgnlfy Mnrx, or scientific 'So'clnllBm, whloh Is represented
In America by tho Socii.ll.it pnrty,
and tlio Socialist Lnbor Pnrty.   Nolo
tlio followliiR: from tho bnck of tho
communist manifesto   by   Mnrx nnd
HngclB, published by Clinrlos II. Korr
ft Co., Uio SoelnllBt publishing Iiouho,
"Soclnlliit lltornturo; Our co-oporatlvo
publlnlilii(t houso, ownod by ovor two
thounnnd Socialist party lodnln, nnd
pnrty moml.orn, huppIIob nonrly all tho
Btnndard lltornturo of Socialism    In
tho MiiKllsh IniiRUiiBc.   Wo publish tho
worl.» of Mnrx,' IOiikoIb, Lolhnlocht,
DIotsiRon, Lnfaruuo, Lnbrlola, KautsUy
anil othor writers rocoRitlzod tho world
ovor na tho ablOBt and clonrest of
Socialist writers, Charles II. Korr and
Compnny, Chlcano.'
Ablest Socialist Writers
Let ub soo what tho clearest and
nbloBt of Soolnllst writers hnvo to
Bay. Mnrx says In Critique of Political Economy, pngo 11 of proraco, 'Tha
mothod of production In our mntorlal
lifO SllUpOH UllU UCIUfUlUivio ttiou out
vntit-o aiiJul, |w3J»U'_i- uu& luU-ViovWi-
Al processes of lift*., It !» not the mind
ot man which determines hla life In
society, but on tho contrnry, It Is this
llfo whloh dotormlnoH his mind.'  Tht«
r, .. .ail,
'in U1C1 luhUsfiAUfti-t- w-1-'-V.j»i.tWH. w. -*-
tory, tho foundation of Socialism. En-
golfl says ot Soelallsm, pbro 27, "*At
tho root ot tho materialistic conception thoro Ib tho proposition that
production nnd noxt to production tho
^rrhnttfm ot prodiicls, forms the basis
of social ordor." Annln, Mnrx *n-
norinoon, volksMalt, SSI, Cnpital. Vol.
1 pago 18. "Th© abolition of religion
as Mm deeeptlvo hftpplnoss of tho people. Is it necessary condition for their
tni« hannt_M_saJ"   Battels declares L-
materialism pure and simple and is the
first?.principle • of Socialism. ' Can' a'
Catholic' be a Socialist? '   7 ;.
,7  ;7    "No Soul; No God."   .. '.y;.
7>Morris Hilquit, one of the best authorities on Socialism in'America; says
in "Socialism in theory and Practice,"
"Modern Socialism proceeds from the
theory, that the  social and  political
structure of Society, "at any given time
and'place is not the .result of,,tho
free and. arbitary' choice of. men, but
the .legitimate outcome of a definite
process of historical    development."
This is an American authority on Socialism, declaring in effect that there
is no dualism of'spirit and matter and
therefore there is no soul aiid no God.
' Leibknecht .says,  Volksblaft,   1890,
N.' 281,' "I am an' atheist, I do not
believe in God. ....   We, may peacefully take our stand upon the ground,
of  Socialism .and''thus conquer the
stupidity of the masses in ■ so ,far as
this stupidity reveal sltself in religious
form and dogmas.    ' Lafargue    sayso
ln   The International  Socialistic  Re--,
view, v No'vember, 1903, "The victory
of the proletariat will" deliver humanity
from the nightmare of religion.". Can
a Catholic be a Socialist? . *', ,
Ferri and Labriola were leaders* of
the "Italian Socialists and Ferri writes
iu The International _ Socialist Re-
page 3fy "In" the .natural* biological |-without answering it himelf.
domain the free'play of natural; forces
held out to the rich the full reward for
all their'good deeds in this life.- He,
alone bas solved this problem who has
prepared an everlasting-" glory .for
those that feed the hungry, clothe the
naked,, and give drink .to the, thirsty,
who has-prepared an everlasting torment 'for-those that enjoy." without
working ■' the hard-earned produce of
those that, work without enjoying,* for"
those that are an end arid an object
to'thems'elvcsand have no concern fo'
justice and mercy, no care for the millions that live in hunger and thirst, unclothed, "unhoused, hopeless of better
'days-in .this life^ yet hopeful of the
reward of the eternal day hereafter.—
1 rancls .S? Montgomery.
' At first-glance,the above looks an
imposing article. " However' it will not
stand the test, of 'logic. -*' .The author
knows how to befool the'public,, but
the 3wise merely smile   at   his intellectual antics. _       , "
- He begins- by asking, a .question:
"Can a Catholic be "a Socialist?" AND
THAT HE CANNOT; BE.     He quotes
the: Pope but'neither, does the Pope
say positively .that a Catholic .cannot
be a "Socialist?','  The author strings
many misstatements together,   draws
false conclusions," and. asks a question
Let«Ledgsr Ad. work for You
and,, conditions causes'a progressive
advance of ascent of living' forms from
the microbe„up'to'man." .  The International Socialist' Review,  February,
1901; approves the -book of Ferri, and
says that it is one of the greatest contributions to, the Socialist movement.
Kautsky, inNeu Zeit, Vol. 1, page 560,
declared, "The one-sidedattack on the
congregations is merely like lopping
off, the.branches of the, tree, thereby
causing it  to   grow  more.viorously.
The axe>must be laid"at".the root of
the tree, but this can beTeffected only
by .withdrawing the state subsidy from
the' secular clergy." -'■ \        , - '*,;  .   .
Socialism and Labor :Unions    *
It has beent stated that .nearly one
half of tlie members of the trade unions
in the United ^States' are' Catholics.
It is extremely unfortunate" that So-
such- a foothold among the unions at
'a distinct disadvantage in'many localities.?'        J      *       -      ;'      "'  A' .     "        "
Socialists have tried to, make it ap
pear'th^t unionism is identical with
Socialism in Los Angeles. . "We have
seen labor union power-and Catholic
influence prostituted to the spread  ot
the doctrines 01 Socialls a. ".  -■* ,
, /. The Catholic. Church upholds a re-,
gularly constituted authority as essential to* the well being of society and
stands upon the principle that all authority is from God.   'Klrkup} in "The
History of Socialism," Informs us that,
AnarchUm is a form of Socialism;   M.
Nariquet and M. Hanimon, also admitted tho same thing.   In 1897 the Socialists of Austria endorsed a resolution
which read ln.part as follows:   "Socialism ls directly contradictory to' Ro-"
man  clericalism wo doubt all
authority." Hero is 'a positive declaration against nil authority; and
without authority must aunrchy rolgn.
Cnn a Cnthollc bo a Socialist?        /
In tho brochure publlshod by lho Soolnllst parly, nnd entitled "Tho Quos-
tlon Box," by Eastwood, U Is sulil on
piiRO 20 "Socialism Is purely economic''
loncorning' itBolf wholly with the
bread and buttor quobtlon. Uri nil-
horeuts aro ot ovor" religious nnd
philosophical bollof nnd thero Is nothing In tho teachings of Soclnllsm thnt
would oxcludoa Mothodtst, a Mormnn,
or a Mohnmmednu, nn ntholst, nri ag-
noBtto, or any kind of an Infidel."
Socialism domanilB   equal   nurBlng
and rearing tmd oducntlon for all by
tho Btnto,    It hereby wrostB the chlldron from parents and keeps tho paronts from tho chlldron, nnd removes
tho clilof rcaBon for tho lifelong uiilon
ot IniBbnnd and wlfo.    Socialism doos
awny with tho ntnblllty of tho mnrrlngo
bond and nbHorbB tho family   In  tho
Btnto.    Individuals and famllloB Iobo
tholr Identity nnd ccnao to ho floclal
units.    Cnti a Cntliollc bo a SoolnllBt.7
Whnt barrier shnll wo not up to Btom
tho ltdo ot Socialism?    What, remedy
do wo propoBO to affect tho cure that
Socialism can never bring to pass?
Shall wo bo satisfied to lot things
go on ns thoy aro going? Not nt alii
tho times nro ovll, tin ovll as SoclnllstB
wlshi things should not go on nn thoy
nro goliiff. Mnn linn not, tho right to
do what ho likes with hln own.    Ilo
,      '        ..i 1   .    I„lv   I.   ,u ...|
-mt <_ -•<>••• ««*j «• un*}   ■•» '•-J
oujj.it with hlfl nv;n. Tho wnrfl "ourht"
stares every mnn In tho face nil hln
ilto lontf.    What, thon, ought a mon
to1*do with thnt whleh ho tails hln
own?    Thero Is only ono answer to
41 r     *...*i.Ustr. rT^n^n  (*»   /tnlv   ^tl/)   DO*
».t**^  it * -t  ** *
lutlon to tho great eoclnl problem that
confrontn us. Corroct moral principles and tho Christian virtues nro the
only wiving principles In theso troublous times. In tho economy of Christ
thero Ib comfort for tho poor, charity
tor tho rich nnd Justice for nil men.
Ho alone solved this problem who told
us that wo should' always U\o tho
poor wllh «s, wnnted nt to give to each
his dti«, who told tho rich how hard U
was tor th« rich man to save his «mil.
shows that", Montgomery,- the writer,
KNOWS that"a'Catholic can be a Socialist",       y    •  ■-. - 0
advanced by Montgomery why Soci.al-
ists'-w'ill.become "free lovers."
"• Now'i'we. come ,to his holiness the
Pope"' I.'tiave frequently argued with'
Os-thollcs" upon utterances of .the
pope's.'-A They, reply when I-get "sc:ne
paiticulariy' disagreeable utterances of
th3"popes to' combat them, that tne
popes are not nifallible. It- is "only
wlien backed up by.the deliberations
of' conventions.Vcdngi'egations.or cardinals';'-'etc.; that "they must" accept
what-the pope',"say s?, Let, us,hope
that" the pope "was-speaking for himself when-he talked like he,did about
Socialismy' If ever there was a hodge
podge of mixed ideas and erroneous deductions,- this is"one. -. Let us try and
get, some order out of the chaos of
ideas. The principal ideas "are the
following.   -     -,'"
Social question is above all a moral and' religious' matter.' Doctrines
taught on the subject (presumably of
Socialism) teach, workmen -to throw
off,respect for God and become ,im-'
moral. Socialism, openly and secretly, incites to sedition! Religious ' restraints aro thrown aside. Duties are
neglected and only rights upheld.
Larger and larger crowds of poor are
solicited into error. Civil society and
religion are imperilled. Both must be
protected. ,
* JustThere it will be, well to quote
tlie opeuln'g sentences of Andrew Mac-
phaii's  essay on -Jonathan  Edwards.
Macphail is one of the ■ cleverest men
who  grace  the' halls  of ''learning of.
Old'McGill  University.      Says -Macphail, "There used to be' a presumption that theology had something to
do  with  religion,  and,   inasmuch  as
religion,  undoubtedly -has' something
tc do with God, .the three,' religion,
theology,  and  God,', were  insensibly
brought  together  into;an ^unnatural
Trinity?   It was not long before theology dominated the compact,, its devotees at once proceeded to define and
limit the sphere within which Providence might exercise Ub beneflclent in-
,-TalkItOver       A
with.Your Banker
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7 age you from making a profitable investment because it is the business of a bank to lend money
on any acceptable security, and if what you intend
to invest.inis good enough for the bank, you .will,
of course, be recommended to take it. But-ifydu
put your money into something that is not an acceptable security, then you "tie up" your resources
and deprive yourself of the credit that might otherwise bo extended to you.
j-|-> ^-v j-* fv "tv t *-p f\ .,  Branches and connections
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Let us'take'up, the article and analyse it and we will readily see what | (iueaCe, and erligton was left entirely
a weak'one it is," if it-really was writ-, 	
ten to show that Socialism and Catholicism are antagonistic. Later on,
just for sport, I will use the same kind
of. reasonoing ,that'the author does
and apply it to Catholicism to show
how fodllsh the reasoning is.
At the outset,- the author goes wrong.
He states he will deal .with Socialism
solely on its.relation tofreligion*5 Now
the international Socialist movement
has put itself on'.record that religion
is "a private matter'with which the Socialists, as such "do not' concern themselves. How then can .the author deal
with a movement?in relation to-some"?
thing it does-.not* concern itself with?
'DlT'wfiaies"* f ight^iions ? Are~-they*
not something ."apart,  and   distinct?
The Lady Sits and Sews
How we would* laugh if a natural history professor should begin an essay
on the habits of whales with the state-'
ment, "I shall deal with whales solely in their relationship to,lions."; But
when a, Catholic writer begins an essay on Socialism "in'a like manner,
few see the absurdity of lt.
•The next. statement Is equally as
peculiar. ' The author says he contends that Socialism is fundamentally and essentially Irreligious. I puzzled   over   this phrase', for   qulto   a
out of the compact."      In tbe same
way the Popes make ' an, unnatural
Trinity   of ' immorality,   impiety  arvd
sedition as the three devils that arise
from Socialism."     :  °
,; Tbe Pope makes many, illogical state
ments".' -' From reading his tirade, one
woulr. think that a" political doctrine
that insisted upon rights le-1 into im-
r.oiahty,- and   that. sedition   in   all
cases  wasJmpiousA '-We  SooW-'s
insist upon rights.' 'Wo are a political
party.," Let the religious bodies teach
duties if they like'.'''. Wed'o not meddle
with religion. 7 Can* the Pope blame
us for insisting upon rights that are
withheld  from. us? ',' * Surely, that  is'
- .,  ,   ' —3.        * '•—    ■ A",. _f/\w_e^rli	
sometaiug _n~uu--_c.vu_.-r—-.a-.u.- ignition.     We "desire to capture the political power in order to so change the
form of government, as to give people,
economic justice.    ThiB.the Pope calls
sedition. >   Many very religious people
have- .been- seditious.'    .Washington,
first president of the United" States,
twas  seditious.'     Wm.  Garrison  and
Henry Ward Beecher, the anti-slavery
men, were seditious.      Even Catholics are seditious..' There is a priest
up in Winnipeg who is so seditious
that he has declared that ho will not
obey the law of the land with regard
to marriages but will go through a re
Opt a Water Motor Washer
while.'   Montgomery i\bo wrote that,    ,__> ..._...._
I could Bee, was" a cunning old duck | Hgious ceremony that will result ln
nnd there was a catch In lt, .Suddenly
I-caught1 a glimmer and rushed    for
tho dictionary.     Searching I found
that tho word "irreligious"' wns defined as "Destructive of religion; not
controlled by religious    motives    or
prlncIples;7ungodly."     In comparing
tho wordB Irreligious,   Impious   and
profane, tho last edition of Webstor's
dictionary Btatos that irreligious has
a negative sense, while Impious and
profane,nro positive.     We certainly
agree with tho author of tho article
under  discussion that Socialism    is
NON-RT-l TGIOUS,     This Is whnt tho
S'.p'nllsts themselves decliro,   Wo t'o
not concern ourselves with  rellplo".
Tint bocaiiHo tho Soclnltnt, mnvauu'nt
Is non-rollglous It (Iooh not at nil follow thnt' Socialists thomsolvoa are ungodly.
Tho noxt Htntomont Is thnt Socialism would do away with tho mon-
ORiimlo marrlago mid would substitute
"froo lovo," thorcforo.,,    Why?   Tho
author later on gives as hln only reason for thin conchiBlon, tho statement
that Socialism domnndfl equal nura-
Iiik find roaring and education for all
hy tho stato.     Ilo RnyH It hereby
wreHtf. tho children from tho parcntH,
and kcopa tlio parent »■ from tho chlldron, and removcfl tho chief roiiHon
for tho llfolong union of husband and
wlfo, thus doing nway with tho stability of tho mnrrlnp.0 bond.    FlrRt of all.
Soclalliim docs not domand ntato roar-
lng of chlldron. and ovon' If It did It
would not break tho marrlngo bond.
Lot im boo.    This Is a ucrlous matter.
Children nro'wr«Htod from tho parents
by stalo oducntlon. ,  Thoy would bo
and Be Happy
bigamy according to our laws.    Tho
U. S. Catholic Record publishes tho
statement, "Education must bo controlled by Catholic authorities, ovon
to  war  and  bloodshed.",    This  is
direct preaching bf sedition, oven Catholics preach sedition, nnd nro not
I considered to bo Impious.    Yet whon
Socialists,ndvocnto a now form of government, thoy 'are   called   seditious,
nnd tho Pope tries to mnko out this
In itpolf Ib vory damnablo.    You soo
how this tlrado means little whon examined,
Another mlBtnko tho Popo makes I*.
I tho inforonco thnt religion and mor-
nllty are united.  . This  Is not  bo.
Tiioro havo boon vory Immoral roll*
j.'ou<. peoplo and very moral atheist.
"Tho roBUalnlH   of   religion    aro
thrown asldo'" sayB tho Popo.   "Religion Ib Imporlllod," sayB tho Popo.
How?    Why?    If wo want, as tho
Popo sayB, hours of labor nhorlonort
food  cheapened and  wngoH doubled,
how cnn this condiico to throwing off
thorofltralntH of religion?   I for ono
ennnot boo It,     Surely tho Catholic
Church doc« not preach that a moro
comfortablo stato In llfo conduces to
tho throwing off of religious rostniliitH.
If It <1ooh, why doon it toloruto no
many rich men In Ub body?
Larger and larger crowdn of poor
nro  solicited   aud   hurried   Into error?    Thnt It Ib ImposBllilo ihromdi
political action, to bring about a moro
porfoct Btnto of noddy?'   Ih HiIh error?    That If a man doon not work
neither shall ho oat?    Ih tlilw orror?
That no man tnko toll of the honm
of  nnotlior mnn  through  ront?     Ih
thiH error?    Tlio good fnthor Bjit-nliH
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
think this to bo truo, does It prevent a
man from being a Catholic? If it
did, thon Cathollcu must ho vory stupid people Indeed.
T.ngels says, "Production, and next
to production tho exchange of products, forms tho hnsls ot noelnl order."
In ollwr words, boforo commorco and
fnctorloH hnd" como. tho agricultural
Btnto wiib In voguo, and tlio rulors
woro landownors. Tho .ownership of
tho land and tho Btrugglo for lnnd,
Did lt ever occuiHo you to Bumcot your
kidnoys M tho cause of tha - dull, achy
fooling actons tlio Brnall pf tho back, that
8_.IT neck or aoro muscles 7 .,
"t Is a groat mimako to dope yqwiolf
to euro a lot of ayinptoms llko neuralgia
and Blight rhoumatio \imn, m well as
Sat Sorrily congested Bluffy, coltag.
Oct at tho root of tho troublo-tho
Vho way wo live nowadays yonr W J-
volopmcnt of klngdomB, "and tho noelnl novBcn.u.   .   .    , _ „ u mA
Iwln g  «»»•
wrattod nlBo from tho parontn    by
church education. Thoro 1», within about tho poor Iwtng led Into Sodn I-
f 1.0 *«it n mllo of wh«r« I nm writing I Ism ub Ift lt waB morcly bocnuHO of
tht« a Catholic Convent, whoro girls j their poverty. Why cIoob not tn« isoou
nro being taught away .from tholr |father »pctik ot llio driBiitoc
homcB, Tlioy honril thoro. They aro j in Kuropu and America
away from homo. Thoy being abBcnt, vlnud that Socialism Ib «h<* wr\ utop
tho chief cnusii of tholr molhur» und forward In tho march of human pro-
fnUKTS living toKOthor Is dono away | grotm?
with. This nrliool Ib tniiRht hy jiuiib. , T.10 next i-»«i«riijm conuuii* uw ^
Tho nun« thorcforo. In taklm. thoso tho lioBt printers errors that hati como
donr children away from tholr parent*; under my obaorvatlon. Wo know the
to odiicnto them nro forcing tho pnr- TIGHT-MINDED mon oppoHo
«ntn to hroak tip tholr homos and bocomo frco lovers. T think 1 will
hnv« to w»lt« off to ttt-c Ttlohop of Sfc
Hyaclntho tolling him that, on tho nu
tnitt happtoeas.""   Engali declares
Puwbatk, p«f« M, The r#al unity of 1 who eomtotUti the poor by promising;
th* wflMrt l« Itt matpriallty..    'This Is i them not money, but life eternal, who
Wo como now to tho "ablest Socialist author"..'" Unrx nttvn, "It 1»
nol tlio mind of man which df7tor-
thorlty of au urlldu.la tho Catholic " uiIucj hla life la fioelctv, h«» «n thf .of tho wrH
nccord, nuna are the cauae of Catholic . contrnry It Is this llfo which deter-
fathers and moihtn becomlnn "frei* \ mines his mind."    !(I should say that
Docs not that argument strand ridiculous?    Tet tbat ia tho argument
A Vote for Davidson is a Vote for Yourself.     Wake up I
If you put a young child In a slum,
and another child In a palac*. the one
child will grow up with a wind thinking Blum .hmie"*..*;, «n<f th* oth*r
thinking palace thoughts, would nol
tbat be reaionablo?    And becauso wo
Btnicturo of tho feudal ayBtom.    Hut
when men learned to run machinery
und mnko woods, and soil or exchange
them, then the ownership of fnoloi'lcu
nnd rnllwnyB became dominant and wo
havo tho social ordor of today with
hankorfl and miinufneliirorn and railway lmroiiB In powor Instead of kings
and duke* and lords.   When explained
thus tho proposition  Hounds renson-
ablo.     How ran holding such id«*aB
provont a man from being n Cnthollc?
KngolH doclnroa "Tho icul unity of
lho world Is Its inaterlnllty."     Hern
Ib thlB  word  "inaterlnllty"  cropping
up.    Montgomery uniihn 'i« -.*» »i'i" •»■
iiik to ...iiur'UK' i«->Ji>>< ■l'"!- '-'" ,,,,",
foro deceive tliwiii wllh n phniHc.   Tho
term materiality fomw from tho word
"matterf     Wlmt   In  "mnttrir?"   An
near an the sclent tots ran romo to It
' iiittMtif    tlilitiln'm *<i   «i.-a*vi. |.j..'..
You put out your hand ntid It Is stopped
by a wall. The forco of your arm i»
counteracted by the rrrlnting fon-e of
tho wall. If matter ik force, then
materiality is power. Kellglon teach.
f»!i thnt. find l» nl! powerful. His pow-
isr thon must resldo I nth* inaterliillty
flo hnw does Mont-
gomory malco this out to _>■» "pm'-
malerjallsm" In tho sense he menns :t?
He does not
Karl  Msnt  talks  about tb* "deceptive happlneaii of religtew."    1 wH
no. BcnaiviYu «"»» *»• ,,w" »■-- *,:   "..1,
thcmsolvc., but when thoy quit work
for any reason, tho rcmilt shows 11 sell.
! many way»-|»aln in tho back-* UT
—HtlfTnock-nouraltjia awl 0 ler Ihngs.
Theso nro not wetioiw in IhojnMlvM.
but thoy Indicate that tlio kidneys need
priffi N JaV's Smno Root Compound and
your kidnaya tnko on new lifo—the synip-
toms tllHftppcar and danger ««■»
chronic rlicumatiem and dread Bright s
diHoaHo is promptly averted.
Just teat this out 'ory™r«™
tho only Buro way-try Nyal's Btono Hoot
Compound, and notico how jooa thess
annoying nymptoms will abate
Nyal Remedies aro tho best value over
offered to the public.   Tlio Nyal peoplo
had to convinco iu of this first beforo wo
iwouiu uin.1  .-.«.»««.*> «.-. . -—   • 1 .
I ..■..« ro-mody wn Vnow to bo all they
claim for it. '
For Bnlo tn "Torino unit oumnnlud hy
Another Important victory. In th.*.
rUciion lor iiifiiib.-r o. I'l-lllrtiiwu. Ul
Ilasel, RwUterlsnd.jtho HoclaHst candidate defeated his Clerical opponent
by a vote of 7.8T2 to 3.fll__. In S-iirlrh.
Bt another special election, the Hoclal-
.^ r.  .Ul can^d»te for District Judce waa
,<I«al with this !*f*r en. aa wMJ nn l_a Lwud by ljm m^u, 0vw hla old-
... .*   1
t ii
■ .»-,
I \ *■*'■
( ■
'' J' Si
»f ■_»    ■
• V y
-. ii'ii
'. "■ *■
r I
- Y.I
. f
•- ill
(Continued on page 4)
I party opponent. ^Wr'^^^^vy'.'^^U!?''^''/T't.'''''V!'}t.?"lL-«.''**'yK-' .»..fi">|j*"''("-i-tw ...'-.■■ .."M^sss
■rmi -i -...vriri»L!iLfL^™ijSS
."j/i*;, y1*;,'.
" . *
li'"-.  1
li.'. I
"_/.~ i
§»M    EUaWMI      l§
1 Better' eyery way I
| than ihe. ready I
1 Apure,Cream of Tartar I
_^S»SSia«fi8e5Nfi«S555i5SiN!KS ^^aaaaaaaJssiaBBaMDBBa-.
| Made frmt\ Grapes
Power" of
Makes Right'9
■—•—■ . ..  .        ■- ■*
"That gbod old rule, the simple plan,;fence whatsoever. ThiVfact places him
, That he may take who will, and he>  ,owe»r  than  th<J
strongest power of'the nobility lay in
the ownership* of the land,    through
lack of which the bourgeois could not;
develop* and thereby fullil their mission as the coming ruling class—the'
Capitalist Class..    This required that
the bourgeois should have representation, in Parliament?, hence the Whig
party arose in opposition to the Tories
or.representatives of the landed nobility." , As the great.majority of'the
M..P.Viand all ttie lords were either-
directly- or "indirectly, connected with
the; -landed   nobility . the   bourgeois
could not.procure legislation RMheir
interests, hence we find these two factions in a struggle as to who should be
the.power, and as such be right.     By
degrees the feudal slave is wiled from
the land to enter the factory, later the
franchise is extended and again repeat-'
ed  in 1868.      This  signs  the  death-
warrant, to the nobility-as the ruling
class.     As the .power ,of the  latter
wanes so the rising. capitalist    class
increases,  and   their  might' now  becomes right.    *Many have,the impression that chattel slavery in the Southern States was defeated through- moral
or just influence.'    The fact of the
matter is that it was purely an economic question.     While the south' retained black slaves they could produce
goods so much cheaper when in competition with the .whites.of the north,
that the-latter demanded their free--
dom, not.from sentiment but because
of the bread and butter question.   So
that Lincoln, although president at the'
time, \yas merely-a' figurehead.     Lincoln   or Brown,, or Stowe in the last
analysis were products of the period,
and the chattel would have been freed
all  the  same  had  these'people■'not
been* born.
a Roman JCatMpTltcS
7yryyBe a S^mUsii
.,-  ." '  (Continued from page 3)"
Fargue's statement about the "nightmareL of religion?".- .:'**> •-_
' Montgomery'. draws' the conclusion
from Hillquit's utterances,.that a man
holding such views" niuBt hold.there is
no soul, no,God. .'.This does not follow. ,"-The/old Babylonians believed
that history'was. governed definitely
by'the stars, yet'they-helie'ved 'in God
and - soul. The'Vreeks* believed "in an
overruling-fate; yet. they, believed in
soul and X3od. The Mohammedan
says, "Kismet," it is.fate,. Yet he believes? The Presbyterian believes in
predestination, and does not deny the
soul and God. "Why,., then, should
Hillquit's "historical process" exclude
a belief-in soul and God. , Montgomery's early education must have been
sadly neglected'when he made such
absolutely unjustifiable deductions.
Liebknecht says ho is an Atheist.,,
The Rev. J. stltt Wilson,' Socialist
Mayor of Berkeley, Cal., says he is a
Christian.; So does the Rev. Dr*. Geo.
Lunn, Socialist Mayor of Schenectady,
N-,.Y- .Because Liebhnecht says he is
an theist, Montgomery asks, "Can a
Catholic be a Socialist?" I might ap-
Ply. the same;reasoning and because
go for jobsjto thei "mills :and are given
for a long, day's;w-orkAbits of paper
which they" are,td.exchange for food
clothing-and-shelter. A   *'*"     ■-"..__
"The masters" i.wn" the mills and ti_e
slaves must go to them for "work.   Masters realize their power, and are cynical in their exercise'of "It7*   The days
of work grow more ."arid more arduous.
Heavier tasks are piled on the work-'
ers.     The bits of paper they get' are
•Juggled ro*that the workers can get
less and less for their nominal wages
The crowds'of poor daily gr0w bigger,
life grows more oppressive".  "
• The humanity hearted Socialist, sees
the evil and points the remedy.  -Let
the workers*.unite and vote themselves"
Into the collective ownership of the
means of production. '-Then their task'
will be eased.     What they produce
they can enjoy.     Life's labor will be
lightened and all will have a chance
to do useful work. ■    ,
■This'is the Socialist'philosophy.
This is.the,Socialist aim. , We invite-
all to help us in our task-irrespective
of race, or religion. We move against
the embattled hosts of "robbery,. to
emancipate humanity.,
Wilson and Lunn say they are Christ:J£lZl^^ FT*™*''-'*'*
ians r-av »pDn „., a.»,...__ v.. . „__,.. \c">mca*. coldblooded devil, and sneers,
may keep who can."    '
.To  the  student of  Sociology   -the
whole foundation of capitalist ethics
are both false and contradictory.   Naturally this statement cannot be substantiated  without due study of the
.writings of those who observe other
factors in;society beside  those who
own the greater sha're of the world's
other animals until
such time as1 the human brain devises
tools as a means to over-rule the power
of the animal. - This brings us to
the point where we find that power
a * negotiable'quantity,    and    as
such is .the property,'as if were, of
those who can,hold it, at'any particu-.
lar period.     No one can intelligently
wealth.   * That section or class which j m^'n'T J^Se^Z T t
inates the.ideas, education, etc., of the  him to be subjected to all the Srribto
other-section or class that is depen-      ■    - terrible
dent ., on   .'them   for   its
means"  of
sustenance. ■ Hence 'all   expressions
and teachings are in-harmony with* the
1 ruling class of the? nerinri__-___T.h__rnr'-_-.
sent capitalist class is no exception to
this rule, and' in that fact- lies' the
reason why the above caption is so
difficult for many of the working class
to, understand. Since speaking on
this same subject some' time, ago the
writer has met" many who are quite an-
ST 23Z£Z£X2 £ L"_Sa"— - »re -'"«■*•
accept  al]   the literature  or phrase-
tl,o, hope that it amy provide t__ way L,eM"r i°™ '" 2° ™1"" f '
the rifle also
privations in the shape of.the lack'of
food beside being,a constant prey for
other stronger animals. ; Their power
or might sustained" their right until
ouvu-.mw.-as-man^vreste"d_ by might
that "right when, the .animal be-'
came wrong... This- is the kern-el'
of history in-all ages. ' As man
developed through .the stages of savagery, barbarism, and latterly civi-
lization, power has been the main if
not the only factor, in his progress.
With the discover
.   Now .we come, to the  Power,    or
Might, of the present working class.
The capitalist class, already mention-
ed, have .fulfilled their mission, and
now-tane absolutely no share in production for the needs of society. Hence
they are pot oiily useless.to .further
production, but have,become also detrimental to the best interests of Society.     While.that,is their position,
their power wanes and consequently''
their right.   . As the only other class'
in Society, the working class  its pow-
•er"increases its might, and therefore
its.right.     The two,classes having absolutely nothing in common, it resolves itself into" a question of power! the
one to retain, the other to gain.     The
workers are now in the position that
nothing in the world to-day.need exist
without  their wish,  and   their  wish
is'power, therefore, it is right.'   Every
institution of whatsoever nature exists
because the worriers say so either by
act, or .word.,      . '     '..,'
powerful weapon comes into
From that time onward-the lm-
-i uci-eiore,- renowyvorkef syifrcondT?
I'^f.°. Ph™Se' V,Z" t,mt "M,Kht «•■      Gunpowder and
lng waged between two classes for su.ll»P«™inWL" ?LJ*S mn" 'S also
promncy over tho means of life. Moth
•lng could be farther from tho truth
' for tho slmplo fact thnt ho is ono of'
tho  working clnss  Iilmself, but  hns
boon   farther   afield   thnn   cnpllnllst
tonchings for his education ns to tho
construction     of     society.    - Power
in ono form   or   another   hns   been
truly tho only factor thnt hns ultimately changed tho complexion of onf
epoch from nnothor.   • Wherever n tllf-
foronco or distinction Is nolirailib in
ono  period  of* history  from  .inothu"
Hint dlffuroni'o cither In Uio mimuor In
Millet, man prouvrp.l Jils _c...l. tb. nature of bis rnlcmnt, or his plnco of
abodo( is tlio oxprcHBlon of power in
that pnrtlculnr direction. ' All morals
and  sci-cnliod   justice  nro  only  .n-K
whon demons! mior] by powor or ml^ht
Whenever nny pnrtlntilnr porlod and
Ita-acpompiinyliiB  inornlB  or  justh-f
fnllH for Inch of support of mlRlit It bo-
comes wrong nnd pn»scn nwny to mnke
room  for  tho now  power, or ml.till
which .thnn becomes right, until it too
rocolvca Itn'dcnth blow from lack ol
powor nnd puhkoh nwny for another
now ordor.    TIiIh hnB boon tho history
both of mnn mid nf tho vnrious Inatltu-
tions llint hnvo boon norcimnry for his
mnlntonnnco while ..llvo and IiIh (Iob-
MMidontH when ho too pnsHPil nwny,
An fnr back nn It In norowmry for ub
to ko for tU ptirpciH.. ot ihln nrtlclfl,' 0
obpcrvo tho human nnlmnl living In a
vory primitive stnto, his Hhcltor tho
forc.it, IiIr food wlmtovr-r root., hrrrh-n
or flnli hfi' could fin,]
fUtwn 'v m"' b<3COmlnB Icas BiibaorvJcnt to nature by
tho fact of his power to reason why.
nnturo adopts such nnd such a course
practically without fail.    For Instance
night follows day, tho rain sunshine,
ono senson ovontunlly fortells the birth
of nnotlior to como, and so on Indefinitely,     ny this process of reasoning
tl'O hiininn smdunlly develops in know-
lodgo which is power'.     All this vast
process of evolution hns been nccom-
pnnlod hy .much suffering nnd privu-
Hon, In many Instances only culminating In  death Itself. '   Yet, who cnn
dony tho might of It nil, nnd therefore
tho right.    Every fimplro, Dabylonlan,
Groclnn, Roman down to tho prowmt
dny, every chnnglng mothod of produo-
Hon dcmonutrntoB that fnct that might
la light.    King John signed the Mng-
na Charter boournw. tlm nobles who do-
rounded smno hnd tho power to mnko
him  do so, hence'tho right.     KIhk
Charles 1, lost,hln hend on tho block
through a Inch of power which hnd
becomo transferred lo Cromwell, |,Cnco
»i.nln tho right.     Tho dofcndo..i of
tho  nroHHiit ruling clnBs novor  tiro
<if trotting out nomo Individual n. lho
''Kront" mnn In somo pnrtlculnr porlod
of lliolr own regime.    Tho fnct of the
matter Is thnt every so-called grant
mnn with few exceptions, wn8 i]lfs r,K.
urohond or menRiiro of tho period In
which thoy lived.    The movents In
which thoy took n pnrt In nlmost every
case, wns there, or had tin being pro-
•vloua to (ho birth of those "HpoolnM...
ctl grout men."     An I hoy nppronc.1.-..
tions in the Pass or anywhere else do,
not'please you, we only have'ourselves
to blame."    We have the might—the
Right is ours for the taking.      Naturally our masters will use"every device and, strategy that their lackeys
editors,' M.P.'s etcs., can think of to
retain their purpled ease, but It will
all ■ be of no- avail when' we demon-
strate our power.     Fellow workers
close up the.gaps In the ranks';    let
solidarity be our watch word nnd the
might'of tho workers will bo right.
The present power of our masters is
right because we, tho workers,, hnvo
vested them,with tho might,     in   a
few days the Inclceys of our, masters
who represent their Interests in Vlv-
torla so faithfully will he here to again
ask a renewal of thnt might which we
posses, the might of'the bnllot box.
Should you wish n renown! of his methods of representation tho powor lies
with you.    But don't whine when tho
pollco club comes in contact with your
head or short, rations become your
portion, because you hnvo transferred
your might, which signifies that.tho
clnss who holds it is right.     Might
makes right, wo nre tho might, tho
rlght-TIII.    STRENGTH    OF   THE
ians ask; ."Can an Atheist be a Socialist?" .You see how silly Montgomery's'reasoning is. .„.-■.
Ferri in the,statement quoted, was"
simply echoing the words about the
theory of evolution* that has .been
taught in every scientific college in the
world.       ' ' "■   -   ,    .
Now we come to Kautsky's dictum
that state aid must'be withdrawn from
the secular clergy.1   is this the real
reason Montgomery   opposes   Socialism?     is It because he is afraid the
clergy will not lie able to compel poor
people, to pay them' heavy' taxes by
compulsion?        Marr . (Montgomery
likes to,quote some little bits of Marx
but,not other little bits) says of Political Economy, "The peculiar nature of
the material it deals with, summons as
foes into the fields of battle the mpst
violent, mean and malignant passions
of the human breast,'.the Furies'of
private interest.   ' The English Estab-
lished?Church, e.g.,. will more, readily
pardon" an attack on 38 of its< 39 articles than .on one-thirty-ninth of' its in-
come,"  Capital,  preface to  the  first
edition.-'    Kautsky over in Germany
desires to disestablish   the .Catholic
Hoh.tf.lv mi     a !''" .'l0",,nK "''•I>,<"u'» ot •■""Icrfllnndliiff thev hernmo
;»•--»-;.- ytm io ««k tho tree, ment hnd IIr bant. In the m,,^ 'nr
rovcm hi. u,^.::,;t;:i.:^ *u! ! r«"man m ^ •»»«* rue wrtv
• ■  MINERS' WAGE8     -
A mlhor replying to tho ntntomont of
n cerinln r-onl owner who snld that tho
com owners would "stagger humanity"
by cloning down their pits, nsks to bo
nllowod to submit to thnt gontlcmnn n
table, showing whnt nt lonst ono umloi-
wound, able-bodied, worl.lng.nnn, with
a family of throo, had to llvo upon
Ho'works It out thus:     •
Twelve shifts nt flu. totnl ,ci
Off lakes:
Relief fund  ,	
Doctor ..-	
Inslltuto !!...,'!_"
Modlcnl  charity   ......V'''.'
(.'onU   '•'"
"<"*, ;;;;;;;;;;;;
CnndloB ....;..
.IB     0
Tills leaves .Ct Oh. .Id. for grocers,
draper, hutchor, tnllor, otc, Tho miner thinks these fluuroH should stngRor
humnnftv sufflM™. .<•
.. ovenn_uan-
ada;-goes into a fit of fury and blindly
shouts "free lovers!" at the Socialists:
Foolish of Montgomery, is it not?    ' '
7 The next peculiar' stunt of this gentleman is to trot out, the statement
that   Socialists  are  Anarchists,   and
that the Catholic church stands for
constituted authority upon the prin-
ciple that authority is from God.  Real-
ly, Montgomery is such an easy antagonist that I am almost ashamed to
hitflhim.     He has stated that Socialists hnve such'a mania for constituted
state authority that,when they got the
power, they are going to have children
even NURSED by the' stato.     When
according to r Montgomery, the state
under.Socialism is going to becomo
such  a wonderfully  developed  creature that.it cnn even nurse children,
how In the mime of Snm Hill cnn So-
clnllsm possibly stand for anarchy? '
Montgomery says* ALL authority
comes from God,'and ,tho Cnthollc
church' stnnds'far .such authority." So-*
clnllsts aro rapidly.winning tholr way
to power nnd will soon control Ger-
many. They will mnko laws ostnb.
lalilng tho Socialist rcgimo nnd will
becomo tho CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY. Now, nccordlng to Montgoni-
<ry, ALL authority comoB from God.
Thorcforo tho Soclnllst authority will
Ar™^0"'     In BUOh ft cnB^ CAN
OOD.    ny Montgomory's own reason-
luff, ns soon ns Socialists triumph In
n wintry. It will ho tho boundon dnty
or Cnthollc.. to bocome'Soclnllats.
Montgomery noxt quotes a rusolu.
on of AiiHtrlnn  RoclnllBts In  18t»7,
Hint "SocInllBm Ib contradictory to Ro-
man rlerlcnllsm. . . . wo doubt ul! authority."    i ,]0 ,,ot know wlint pnrtlcu-
Inr aquabblo tho Soclnllsts   nnd   tho
prloHts wero Imvlng thou.    If I did I
might cast somo light on this question,     lint Montgomery mnlcos two
fiilso , dodiictloiiB In nbout ns mnny
"•"•H.     llomnn clorlcnllsm \n not Id-
■nniloni with Roman Catholicism, nor Ih
doubtlnir nuthority Idcntlcnlwlth dony
"•fi:   iiiiihoilty.     Thoro
"Can a Catholic be a S,ocialist?'\ He
twists and turns and- doubles and "utters falsehoods, all in the guise of religion.     Then at the last the cloven
hoof, comes out.     The devil Is1 seen;
HIs whole conclusion is that his religion teaches that'Christ declared there
will always be poverty, "and that we
must trust to the black hearted popes
of, finance and swagbellied plutocrats
to be charitable and-help the poor??
Conditions must not   be   meddled
with, God just loves the present order
and smiles In love on the rackrenters
and prostitute producing departmental
storeoiyners.'   It is Chirst's will that
we must not object.     We must trust
to the heathen capitalists to be good.
And if we bear patiently, air the oppressions put upon humanity,- and object not to-the producing tf prostitutes,', nor to the evictions from'homes
nor.to the killing of workers In mines
nor to the miseries which.the present
system gives, then, when we die, God
will reward us in. heaven.       ...     ■
^ Yqii- would, have hien  and  women
live In an unnecessary hell on. earth
and whine that your religion says ".they
must so live.  ./ t . ■ ■_ *    • ■
-Thefe~JF/fhe end of jWTreligi
ALEXANDER laird, General Manager
capital.. $10,000,000, rest, - $8,000,(kx>
fd?AkFXkS.0N foreign countries*
Every branch of The Canadian B»nk of Commerce is equipped to _5_n_e d«ft7«.
the principal cities in the following countriea without delaV , **
'•'aSS ft!?-'        -   ?.™*. ■ yi_«w^u^
Arabia                     Cufc«" Hollai^
Areentino Republic Denmark .. '  Icel-jU
. Australia                 EfTPt India
Austria-Hitneary    P4r0e I_l_____, ireU|
Belpum : -             KnUod it_jT
Brazil .*     ,            Fonnooa      \ .    I.pi,    .
CeyUn   ,,.,       ,   Fr-chCoeMaCWaaiualt,    .
Chin. J?erma__J.   , - Mandwffa
TlTZZ \.    _'_■__.  ,t"?,?riub'''      Ma^<>
■I he amount of these drafts ia stated in th*
. Pauaaa
P-rcia    .'
Ten    •   <
South Africa
Spain' .-
StraiU Settiemata '
United States
Wat India, etc
«_,N.E  BRANCH  ■; - 7. 'L'iL  a DACk!  M.^'
,r    . ^ o.on,
Montgomery. -You say this is .Catholicism? You lie in your teeth.*: This
is not Catholicism, Catholicism
must be a grander,-broader religion
than this, or it would not have lasted
as it has.','        . .  , -,
.  Marx- speaks  about the  deceptive
happiness otrellglon.. .It is pussyfoot
sneaks like, you,  Montgomery,    that
made the noble henrt of. Marx, pant
with, indignation.    You J would   blind
tho eyes of-Catholics   to   the nobll-
Ity of their religion.   You would mako
them, bllhd and ignorant and obedient
so that their pagan masters could rob
and plunder them. . I will toll you one
thing, Montgomery,.  You are either a
fool ora knave.    You nre either writ-
Ing your rotten stuff and getting pnld
for It by tho capitalist robbers and nro
n- knave.     Or? you aro writing your
deceptive runt for nothing .and nre a
fool.  '
When such men ns you foist'such
stuff.ns you have upon n long suffer-
lng public nnd cnll-it rollgjon. Is It
nny wonder bo "many, Socialists nsk
to,bo delivered from religion? OF
Now, Montgomery, I hnvo not done
with you yet, you who.call Socialists
freo lovers,'.' you who servo tho dirty
thlovcs nnd hlnsphomo the namo of
Christ by doing It In his, nnmo. I nm
wing to apply your own mothod of
reasoning to tho Cnthollc church, nnd i
fico how you llko It. I
Popo Alcxnndor VI. who llvor A. D I
H.3MG03 llvod In opon ndultry with
tlio wives of throo nobles.     Cnn n *
Rood man ho n Popo? j
Torqiiomnda established tho InqtilHi-'
Ion Jn Spain In 1477 nnd burned and f
lorlurod mnny good 'pooplo lo death.'
Un n kind honrtod, gontlo woman ho '
ii Catholic?
. Capital Paid Up •         ■   a2P70 ot
Reserve and Undivided Proflts.'..""'.. s'jm[m
Total Assets.....:.................. ;, 4i m'>m
The Incentive to thrift that" a savings account gives, you is even more valuable than
the.actual interestthat accumulates upon the
■deposit. ,.„The,habit of Bavlng-'aS&u1_ing_gnVn____
fortHn old.age^-is as,easily acquired as thol]!
.habit of spending. _■•.-■ -A ■■ y _- «|
- Bankin& service in'*'the Savings Depart- m
ment of the Bank of Haniilton ls as sincerely $
offered to the man who'deposits a. few dol-A
lars a month as to those who deposit thou-'*,
J. R. Sloan, A&ent
Imperial Bank of Canada
6,000,000'. ''.Capital   Paid .Up"....;  5,996,900
B.990,900      .Total Assets ..'      72i000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President
Capital Subscribed,■",
.Reserve Fund •;'.'.'..'
HON. ROQiyjAFFRAY. Vlce-Pree.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyle, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
I-!.™'t_al,0W'.ed on deP°»lt' nt current rate from date o< deposit.
.    GEO. {. B. BELL, Manager    ,
Mt mnr, „ „ r.f»M „„„, „,„:,„„,..      „„,„,  nMtZ Z Z"'
    liavo   been
nigh y (,„ee,. Hlllnt8 (,ono by „,„,„,
l»'lcit«f Catholic. Prote»tant, nnd Pa-
Kan.    Hut wo mu*. not f>f.fifnnr. ..-,....«
(•Hieer Hiunts with tho religion prnfeHB.
,*■••     it' Montgomory ronlly holloved
I'AJtra, Marrh l-l, i, .,»,„, „pra |™".,,:'.l,,l,»rl'l«''.   !'« "> ««m
tno victim* ot early ItidlucrotloiiB oSnator e2
-co_(io„,wlio aro fiillura* hi .iroLyou nrS flfo
«^,nllUffli__.,,ccai1.0 J'0" '">vo fronted w th
otl or dootoin, used ofaoir o lo ts and trlod
vai-iou.Orug;£toro_io_truuj_. .
l.mwir^T-.'^ft'V1- Tr?»*"!••»* *" "matched
iiunurcui from tha li* ok ot doinii r. lion r«.
Jmi mado kucoeufu men ot thone who Vera
cuics for cool Indlv dunl cnio accord nir to tlio
-ffi&.tt"... "*fl5l^««i?w »" " S
patent miyllelnet. . _ tils U one of tlie lecrctsof
2!!f»^iin^I,uil,l,cw'|,?.M our tmniment can.
r«ifiLl\fcriwoi»,rew,,^T,"m«,le» »<l«Pted to
^lilndlvlduBlciuw.  Only ou.nl.l_ o_jwi| a*
READER -wjaw-s ^ffA-?fe«. m- *»t
Ha* your blooj ]
liat ., .„,
yoii. Coniuluiliiii IV..,   No rhntier
.yourUoal Un Jl*, aScSt.Ilatoyoul?3r
^rrrU'rnt ninhnMtv M.nt
«'Ily man, or h« think ht
Whoever, or whntovor, rr*(,ulp., they demon ..mUid tholr iinvv_>r. ..   ,_.
■«-likh rewlvra nrolfrtloi,.    Th. .... L>..j,.;''.."?.. w"™  ' ll",l,lm"
man.    Th^-fo eaimnUuh ol the hunmn
family Justify our power to .proton*
our eiUtenco, whoro otbenrlM. w«»
wottM die of utarvatlon or fxpomre.
At ihe p*Ho4 to wh..!. nrt: refer
tho Italo-Turldiih wnr with thn oh.oct
nf obtalnliitT ponco. Tlio Initiative
enmo /row somo of tho poworti who
■iie«»«Ied In R«ttlnR Ocrmnny . nnd
Auutrla of tho triple entente, to Join
ihem tn rojirencnintlona lo lho Porte
with tlie object, H hi twliowt nf In-
wild atcm tho tldo 0f j Hucinw tho TurkUh povf-rnment to aa
evolution by .cltlni. thete new ma-
ehln«a that bar! taUn tho plscc of the
older mefhod, and do»troyln»r th*m,
All thia time the thintt commercial
*«|C_«u bad to meet with ranch opiKwl-
cept Italy'a dCcrM of fho annexation
of Tripoli.
™«ch a. he tamm. no wMpoa of d-1 bad Pm»o«riy  be.n"' ^    Z
SMMb Cure
«8P8 COMBS K,*a^i!?B
•*., .ii, nunii-jipe vory. allljr pooplo.
Now wo como to tho windup of thl*
X in A,,,, ,,cro con,CB ln ««*
nWi more of region" that Lnfargue
■Jko.1 nboui, ..n,i the "deceptive.hap-
J non of yoliBion" that Marx talked
»[«ro tic Iu.„ „ bniiai tot of buj-
Jp «g„.«l"U,,,u; T"B MAJORITY
On tho ether hnnd w« have an army
of oxproprlnte... jirtVcg. Tho maalera
«™ Ihe aiiif. «,« hcm, of th<> work,
"•■"•. 'he haaiu. tu iM»,„ 0| it.itrt.
'"Hon. Th« worlreri have nothing
to tell bat their labor power.    Tbw
Tn this pornocutlon tho ordor of tho
Dominican monks took n leading pnrt,'
ami ealloi) ihemMlvoa tlio tlpga of the
Urd.    Thoreforo, today, nil Domini-.
cnn» nro ilo^a and go on four foot.
,,1'nr many years tho soiling of In-
rtiilK<mcr.s wns practised by tho Tto-
man clericals, in tho mlddlo nges
you could buy nn Indulgence which
won ,1 alio* m t0 u,„ your m
stonl or do nny ovll thing you liked.
There oro the Ttomnn religion consists
T*n    nniiMi »•*   11 »   .»
>.rln.i.""'* '"* ' tbC    l0   cotDml1
r ~--«'^KS^| 1TN0T-CE «afc«W&
«a which tho «lnt«v ronsldora binding ' ■ ^*^     ""P^i    went In Wlnrt^ n"?*^^.!*.?.^^
Thereto Ul0 0ftlhol|(, ^^ «•
dltlniiB   nr«aai.ii-.„.ti_ .
love. i
do tor you, Comulltttoii PrVi   No m«««
Car. M!c%an Avt, and OAu-^MSL,, Deiro^MiZ
There you nro MontRomory. Thoro
are your arguments. I have just m>.
Piled them to your church. y0„ no
rtonbt will get hot under the collar
whon yon see this. v01l w,„ prflhaWy
howl that such argument, are unsound.
I know they nre. r,m n„ fh„ ,ff
you use. »
You tell ui that religion enforw*
upon us aubmlwlon, to unnecessary suf-
rerlnir. and tf we do this, we will get«
roward in heaven AFTER WR AltK
DEAD. There is a r^braf*. v*,.
Hsh ease, that 1 would draw to'jour at.
iMthm. A Catholfe AM, leaving In
hts will money to the Church to pray
«r«f t„C™cHin Cw«*I»ndciice Depart-
| aceu.peraonally VdUi^^^SahL^^^J1' you ieT to
I *.«»«•_*» V WIUd«or.o£VwKe^S^SVS!^^
-w~v..—_»,   w_. v-_.u*_,k*a uuftii-ichh only,   Addwaa all U4i+~y.~Zu   **"
Jf rite far oat print* adimi.
his eoul out of Purgatory. The priest
prayed and claimed tho monf»y. Thn
hclra would not give It up. The
priests took nn action nt Jnw. The
Kngllsh Judges held that th<, i,ejrg
wero entitled to the money, as tho
priced bad not proved that they had
D__I_.VEI.ED THE GOODS. I*., they
failed to show that the t__a._'« teal
was no lon*#r In Purwfory.
Now, Monigomsry, we will let yon
have your rellgton. Wo don't car*
what It Is.     Hut ve Socialist*. Pn>
testant ..oclallsts, Catholic Socialists.
Athtilat OccI*lUt», ate united to tiring
about Rettcr Condltlona here and now
for lU» jM_k»i,t«,. Mnny of us do this
for a religious motive. Others from
a (elfish motive. w« all work tos*>
tber, and our work Is tetling In the
uplift of hnmnnlty.
Mont_.onM.rjr, we want you to join
ua-ttfitt you have held yortr head over
» Karbtte barrel and shaken many of
your rotten Idons out of lW~Cottou'a
W*a.|tlj>_ *;-'* y--.-- .■-i-.tsyi •"...-,-■' -.y-y^yu-4'^y ,u -y^--: ■ -yyy^ . .--l-v.;^*'i-;r^r?..^k;*)»'<•_--;••_
i y •-. .^;?-^--y ^-7;* ■y-^.tyy'.-.■-?-_-. ;y y-rvy y.p- *-".-■ , ■- ** :'*v,<.^^,:^-.:^y^r"'!
y? , _■_ y.  .y;..-.\y _*.- * ~ ■--• .-...*-■*- ";-_.v>--Ay -,..■-   - ■ •".,•.-£. y ..--&■■•* ,-.">
:'.*i>i:% *
£-«. -*/>-,»_*—.«_■-«.,,-.,.
I- "<
(By W. E. Hanson, in Miners'?: Magazine.;
r «i
!\,*A*._.V "
r;-v«y *-•
r7--r <^y^v^i;"&\y.:v?;<^^*^ 7i:^.v*;,-7?7- .^"V."^-*. - ir    ,^.7?*wT'' -
mimmimmi^mher-^ *■
- ~*.v   -': Is.
.-ii-^T.' -
' .-i-f -
In the earl morn efja. the whistle shrill;
Or the dee-_.-to_ye_TbelI striken- seVenM
See the crowds as tfiey inarch to mine'
-■... -,:and^il,^ , , .:;yj^ir
■The, makers .of? -wealth* and its .leaven'.'
"' .ft*'-.
V .""-'.■
-a -.--
y f.
A*/   ;i,-_.7x>.eml)lpyment.agen'c_e;s'b^rmun
7'r' '-. ^'. l0,™^4!^"*^tas-fes^-^durlns* wh'icfe»the'
■y' .'.A.-A^p^r^for?^ * &'■
-■'-'. '?'-;~'-'r-hav!ug*somV-raluab!e;amei_dments "afc-.*
•_ . -•». ■.- •:.*flepted.'v1v T* fr$\k'?'r- -'.Viv- ■ -.;•*!
;■,■>■-" „" ^ '?..--Section-4...was apionded bjr+addlng'.
i "•"'/S I' ?,'to.Sub?secti64'i.b)',tho followlngwords'
,,.;>"' '*- ■ /"Provided 7alwa'y>'. th'at'.„any--'appiiCant
„. J--./5)r!'?,.-.l%^e'*'!^<>r'';,*1n. -employment
7? ;%--;'agehc'y^lor':;fe^alersT'*?must^ a'
' y ,|certjflca^_,pf(cl_aScier":'from.''tw6 J.
. ?:'* ?K t^W.r/*,', j This was explain-;
■ A -fOy H*wl__o*rafhjvaite as being ne-
-A* pessary ...for', 'proteofipn/ against'' the
,'7 'agents;6^tli©.whiteslave*trade.,. '*-.,"
1 .. *y* Glhuse -18 "was* amended by lucreas-
" l; ;/i*oe- penalty, 'clause-"from "not b_tcs4#a.";
. '*., lag $25",to "not less*than HO or,njore
^.-;-;than $100"'in default? three,months.'-.".'
■' : y Section 3 was amended.by adding;
y."No company, Incorporated.or uniiicor?
vl'P°rat*d» ^hal1 be granted a license* und-
>y>°f the provisions of .this/ act.".(t:ui)
>  '-.! .'.Section 32 was amended to read..''No
,'- . ^person whose license has been ch'__cfe__''
... /■*?"?.^ha!1-"bi3 €ntitI«d toehold.ajloense;
inorshairhe .obtain employment nor,
-A;.?c* ',",, a"y-capacity uncler any,llcfen'se-
• ^holder carrying on the business of such
XA'^P'oynient agency in any;dlstrfcVIn
*^" the1 Province ofB. C.* until theexpira.-;
" L *" tion of one year from"the date of such'
extent." ,. It is' now'llp to .organized"}^
• bor .to see'rthat.itJs'enlOTte^*   , *
-\.A .. HawthbrtthwaiteHte'.i- -move3.-W
A^';, second-reading of hia ..bill, to establish,
7 ?. cr-'and Regulate Employment Agencies."
[-; " ■*". r    ^^Hi?0,^ the member for Cowlchan
(*;   - 7 -f'^*^^y'lfadsproauTO_ra*hili"w^
■; ■  y. while it*dIdknpt;eatirelycover the casd,-
.; 'r fWpul^ do >Spm<* g^ood) 7 ,pi8 own bill
, .|-.. ^was atJe4KVbrth^of\cpnsideratio_i?
-7-7*--]It..provided that the different'govern-'
•'A.-^ment agents_8hould act as employment
- *y-,. agents,'
'Ji.'.. . Some*, countries wcre'*very
'Wregjird" tcrthosV-natTRr^ hi^
T;Wlren unMr-_.'ig6ver_imeS'adfnln?stri.* atlng^very^suocesttftiuV.''^-^' ■'"-' *v;
Hnn ,f ™"°" ""   -a--^->" ....      .  8'ya^tVra'*thwai^"''\obtainfng;//t-.e
■\  ..-,. ctSpn.it-,was-- an r altogether different
7 .A? thing.*1['. Germa^had established'tho
., *;ygovornmeht"empldyme'iit agency. "'Ho
77.h?_!  very frequently alluded,to this
ll      " ,-'<l««stIon, but*he would point,out that
I ;> ,. j unemploymbtMii':Gert_ia_iyv'had been
,y produced to the -least proportionate ain-
. ': -: I ount.lpja'py.'cap.ltajist cpuo't'r^.^'Tho'y
,??? r-we;Vh*;Ver'_/^r6found;r;e6'piefvan4 they
y* t. had, brbught^the employment-agencies
'■_ -vrto Per/peUon.., ^QRe:pt_i0rity.had.8a_d
. .that.they had reduced permanent uh-
:    ■* employment to 2 or 3 por cent. "> That
" y. might not^ bo.'correct, but-lf anything
y., vnear tho! truth It 'was' a"remarkable
1-esult. ;7Many?p'eopl^Id.ifigta larger
number"<_f,men did not^'^yrork.'h'ut
merelyfdrif ted" ■ around*, vthe'' country:
Thar might apply' to members of the^
_House,-but'a majority of,, the .working,
people,- throughy'riecessity,  were undoubtedly anxious to-get work.     The'
'German, ^government _said  that"-. they
ishould 5.pply to the.agency, and; the
employers-were compelled to go there
to hire-men. .,' If*, a mail was not registered'at* an agency* and,*was caught
begging for-assistance, he was'In tlie
l?PA^OTjo', ^Ing liable, to punishment.'
He.(the speaker) was not fn sympathy
work; but many were'', compelled to
work, and must be assumed to he anxi-
.ous'.V and'/iri'' ihe; bill. they--*wouW i ttie".
placed .where, ttie^, ^belonged.- '," The
'H^-^*-woWdi'VrobabVj^,_^: the1' bWrie^
ficlal'.effect the bill "wqvfl^^h-t.V^.-'^TJja,
average human being was very'slow-
to. accept, new idea's, preferring to a'd-
<W™, W, .'experience,, j yhiph   jn, 7fi)e'.
lasf.analysis ?was the. best school." He
had stTld-'ttiat'the'h'u^an.'brain\\iai'Etii*
absolutely^perfect instrument' fpr ^ea.
s'ohirig-. because it''summed up all human'*, experience.     The government's,
supporters In, the house'had not passed through.the necessary experience
that would enable, them tp^see'the correctness ..of ""the" b'ift.-and-;?could ^not
^accept it   '.'Hg'.hopeaj.thfJy 'would see
shortly Jha't the'?Blll-( wa's^hecessary.
lSk^¥ '8^'oY\bVon,d\cVYi"t»,the num-"'
ber of persons ^unemployed? and look-
in&'fofwork.y ■ 7*' \' ' NV-«*'""     '.. .*
,_ The-Premier, replying; said he did
nbt'--Intend.to discu'ssnhe bill at any
length. '"• He. had -listened, very carefully'to,,,the  previous.'speakers'  re-'
-marks.^n;',the-manner7in-. which . Ger-
jnany , dplt r with  the ?que_.t_p__. • and
■.here'^cpuld^be i(oi (^uesypn. tliat the.
, goveramont had^ gone ' a.j Jong - way' .to
^ecogpitjon ^ad.'b'een given." tbjt jhat
-jn. England (Mr?'tChurchiu\had*,p|bduc-
«d (a; Bystem-'of .em'p.loyinent bureaus"
S.peflker',8 .'-permlsslpn -ik.to 7 speak " a
••t^M^'t1^' V?.aW,,,tji'afiljhp!|'ini,pv,7the
bill',was out of order for a'priyate
.nxem^r ,tp, introduyeyand .,h'e;.,w'oui(d
.witlid^jr |t- ,^He' proposed -to. briefly
i^1*:".-..111.0 iPromler's Bta'tement./. ;■. ■
'..-No^p-olalist believed in passing, In-
djscrlrainjtfe" labor',.leglBlati6nh .understanding as tlioy.xjid tbatit.le'drtomore
iia,rm.:than,)goo(J to ..those..chiefly In-
.tpr.esfed^frequerjtly.'.belng really, Reactionary iri effect. ''Agroat'ejeal jya's
heard of,:New,lZpalapd as, a,('Socialist
qpuntry::- .wi^th ,. a   ''Soclaity; govern- "X)ri' theto.;'
'menft," ^because^ much labdriegislation'
had. been enacted, therja^^-jbok'.'the
position,-, after mucli: fetudjr,;;that..tl|ere
Was-'-no countr^''ifartHefe'ffoi_i,iSoclal-
ism^'ttan New -gealand'.-'p^m'plFe back?
"wafdffrom the^sta'ndpbl^.Vpr'civIliza-
■tio^mongst so-calied/civiljzed, coitn-'
■tjties^and thsst ajfeo'applied'fco.Au'stra.'
PlIa.""'.',>,The 'reason'I'^as-^'cjjjise fth«
'development andp.ro|ress')pf sotiety
depended on the evolu_l(_n''o).,i,tlcv<_iop-
ment of the mode bf production.'' The
government of B, C./f-epresei'tedythe
,'dpmipant capitalist'•fn'tereatp, and Vere
giviji^ the country? all" tho^civillzation
possible undeAihe-Wese.it moder of.
production.-. The only cri,t|cism (fppm
their standpoint)' possibly was that-
they' were' going too fast and aheaj. of
their, time;- He' agreed .\yith the Pre-'
mier,. (but from the* Socialist, stand-'
:i)oint, not that of t_i'€v-P"remier'sj.|hat
it-was dangerous ty'3'enact.~too'__(uc__
labor, legislation.;':-,:LJ_/e)fJi_ls___.'In ""-Jew?
Zealand had salrflts last'i-vybrd, all. us
reforms having'V(_e_iv;'i._i_icifed.'i .They
'had'destroyed 6r.*'We'3ken?.d]la'j''.e capital ln^ that cbuAtr^byidepjivjiigit of
the power to comife^.i^b'gpiiitely free
hand to ca'pitalism''meVnt,'tiie.'de_ti-uc-
tion oi. the working',peopie';„in every
country. . In England .the 'fcpminei'cial
system was' rapidly'rad,yan'_irife,' but if
given'full play it-^y. pul'dV^ain* jdll and
ideterlorate the wpr"t_ers.-,.,Tt -j,*as merciless incits b'pe.Jatipns..,y: Factory,
acts had''been;enacted^p'a'rtlyfi*oin' hu-*
manitarian motives;, but largely in'the
interests of capital ytself.; ■ ' In ".the
early-'days of-;*the y9tVvceiitui*y! iu
Lancashire* children of tender ago had
been, worked from", 12 to' 18 liourj_ a
Their, heds':haxl.iheyer. been ..cold,, one'
relay "of. children^occupying th^beds
jiist ^4t€a\by'others Vho Wd^one'
to work. .-That meant?the deterlora-
er.V.and. th"e";3fac'tor.y" and .'cbr__"p*snsatibn
acts'" had'-'beoi.'.' passed-: 15yythe7ni^J:er
class-Mtsblf.y-f ;■ There was'-, .positively'
_nr\ILlAO>fc]nfiAV^__4l.'A.,^ -^.la.l^la.' j..j'_--.i'J
workers'-'outside'-of that" which' protected" his ,lifeAlimb.' and'.* health. '■/ rriiis
was the' only- fefclsfatitfn I '(tat was? bf
'real-advantage;",to',Jth?g" WorkoWj-but
'th'at lncluded^ttie" que'stl6hs"'ofvh'ours
of labb't. and "pa>*_iie-i"t"i.dr''iabor-Viidw<Jr
'(or-wages).'' ""." '■ y*"*'"' • y •,''•' *
'^.The'-bill prbvidiifi(t;,for,X minimum*
wage of ?3.50'per day/for'v.brko.'„'l'n
coal'minds and'"the"Forlalghtly Pay
"Day 'w'eW'quietly1'*sm6,thei;ed1'.;b'/ the
'Premier-anil' his' lae'keW.-'.ffho'Wa'd-"
journed the1'tecond-''reading of "both
6f them,'hnd refused 'tb'dis.uss'onthia
occasion, or permit W. vote' to 'be takbn
Noise and bustle,\hurry and din...':
"Whirr of '-JiffeelEf"and^cl'anklng':l6b_ri;7.
ertences of a
Toil and sweat:the "crust to win,
And one • day,1,nearer..the • wage "slaves',
'.,, ... ,dppm.r'--A ?, -      ■ ,7,
:-;.- .)-. Vij.'1
wealth   'to
Is   hum an", life  to'.those,
employ ' '   '"'   "'- '"''•'"'
Flesh and,  blood,", th<
'y}r- '; increase;1   --- •• ,'*-,-.  .'■ ..;'-,. .
"VVhat right has a' slave his life to
;,',-., ,. ..enjoy, y   . y- .     , ,^'.4
What right to contentment,   joy7or
peace? '
"..'■' . < -
Swing'theha'mi_ierrand!>___im theslag* *
Watch that tliey earn their paltry pay;
See that their efforts never"'lag,'; ,;;■
Keep them dumb with nothing tp.say.
Make hammer and anvil sing a "song,
Sweat'in the grime and burning dust£'
'For)''wealth'is' mighty'and",wealth■'Is"
-   •    ^ strong,   ,. " '/
And slaves will toil, for wage slaves,
must. '
" ->>j   -.  * .'*>.tl   ; >, ,"■-,    ; ,,,:   .. ..i~,j-   '....
Urge them on with whip and curse",'''
It adds more wealth to the rich man's
"-'   "-"■'   "'.purse.i. i.;.!..**; ;i <\ . '--, -  _'„•■
What if one, faint and totter and.fall?
It is only.'a wage slave after,'all.    ,.,
-»:V   -.'^^y-v'.v ■"■•.: :•.....'■  „.
Another one waits to take the place,
Another slave in the losing race? ' •',
Another .one sits'where the dead one"*
y-i..'-.i .|.i saty ■].'.'.   : .-_s ,i-'-.-.-- \'.   i*
And auother.grav.etput ,pn POVERTY.
'     A    FLAT. A'     v„ -   *f,
O,. God in Heaven", beyond the sky,' ■
-Jast'Tholi neVer gazed*with loving eye-
On the'hapless millions who slave and
? ■   ■ toil ; ,--\, .  * A .;
For. a,cryst.to.,eat1aiul six feet of soil,.
' ■     .  *■'- '- -'
' •■■■ * *.'..-.- -•;.:-..-.*    i-    - -• v.i,
Are they slaves orf earth and forgotten
in Heaven,
After the promises-Thou hast given?'!
Or have they, beendoomed by-'Thee *at
• •:"; -j.,-. blrthy y.;.r\. ,",.-  »,-•    \.s. 7
To be .ruled and owned by wealth'on
earth?   -
Peace comes at'last—no whistle shrill'
Calls -them "to*factory, mine*'or. mill; *:
No longer :driven()no more .oppressed,!'
Sleeping at last in""ETBRNAL'R__!ST.,jM
Legislation, it is said, has done mucii
to. lighten'the labors and' brighten' the
jives of shop'as'sls'tant's;'' It _hay*have
don^'-'in '-.dine cases, but" the rank and
file of shop'assistants .still .work under
conditions,,.which "aeem.-almost* incre-
:.\'eai's ago'Mr, G. H, Wellsyhe fa-,
mb'us novelist ?wbrke'd in a" shop and
"lived in," and-it was from his experiences.'of* that, part of his life that he
drew' .the .. portrait-,of .the immor*.Rl
Kipps.-'*',7 .,-. , A t,   -v, ' .   ....
Concerning,the'mlseries of the "'liv-
ing-ih"1 systemAMr.l'Well's say*.",-in an
introduction to Mr. William Painb's
boolf,J-.'Shop Slavery and Emdncipa-
1tion'!:,,,l'l"Fpr .a wretched., co^pl.^ of
years in my boyhood I s)ept in one of
these abominable dorml'tbrle's he describes, ate, the insufficient food supplied aud;drudge'd inthe'shop. --.Then,
when I-yas.fifteen,,.I-'raji' away--; one
Sunday morning to my mother, and told
her kwould rather die than go on be-'
irig,a"draper.'""Th'at seventeen miles'
tramp?5'without "'breakfast, "to' deliver
th'at-uUimatum is still very vivid in my
meniory^i ,. j;.feit(then ^ost .desperately
wloked, an,d now. ,1 know. it. was nearly
the best thing I.ever "did In'my life,
and' not only I, but- Sir. Paine. And
all •'th'e'-'brotherhbbd.' of 'than fled'-with
me* th'at-mornlbg'''out ofrthe house,of
mean bondage* of life and opportunity.
Bub ^uch.ia lot ^of us, before it is. top
late, will not';'rather die,''and there
you have'the'secret; of all the-tale-of
. pitiful; degradation that Mr. Paine re-
coun,s.so.bitterly.";..,,.,;'.- -.'  ••",',
;;1;,rlT'.epted Worse Than Paupers , „'
■ /Things- do not seem to have changed much since Mr?" Wells served behind
the,?counter, "judging"fronj the revela-
tions"'?contained >in 'Mr.* Paine's ■ book.
Tall-lng.)pfs.Bomet of .London's drapery
establishments/ he. s^iysj, /
. ."The. bigger, the establishment the
more.barrack-like the life!'    But 'bar-
ra'cl_-li_te'',li.__bt,'a'strong enough term.'
•Nosoldlcr would'putup with the condi
tions' to?which ;the. shop assistant n_,ust
.submit. ; Some writers have compared
•the institutions'in?which he lives and
- "■   \i;j,.v. _•_'.<!..'_.
< ~Y>   V
.,o. ">
- lAt_'rest_in_-th<»ir—gravj"i_<;r>_V1n;gnln,i(l-,
y; A-'.-cbidvV'1. -••    "■ ._,'-' ■ A ••
In 'time. to.* be' part, of • the • graveyard
mold. '      •    r,
^h.elr'labpjrs are(.over,-*Bnpwer me prajv
!,Ts thereJ'avGd"b and'a "JUDGMENT
,;' ''.'v;''DAi_r."'-'-'■"    ■•- ** *  *~'*" ■'
'(,.,_/;•...-   _..   .'...,   ■-    , ■ ;..-.--■   t.Qi    -
«     ' How^s This?
' We offer One Hundred Dollars' Howard lor an*,
caw ol Catarrh that cannot bo cured by Hall's'
Catarrh Cure. .   .    .
.......      ' _,      F- J- CHFNEV 4'CO.', Toledo, 0.
«o,-tno under-limed, Imvc.kndvyn.i*. j. Cheney.
lor the last IS years, and believe'blm" prrrJctly lion-
orablo In ■ all, bualnen,  transactions un.t  llnanclally
ablo to carry out-any' <>b]lKatl<inn miwlo'liy lit. iirm;'
■ National Hank or CoMMrn.-r, ■
tl ...    _        , Toledo, Ohio.. .
I_al!'« Ciitarrh Curo H taken Internally, actios
directly upon.thQ blood and mucous lur.'Mva of tlw,
syslora. ' 'restlmoiilalu s-oiit free. I'rlfi. 75 ct-nw per
'oottl.,   Sold by nil Dru---.l_ls. '
i /rako Jiall"8 Family iMInKor cdbitlpatlif). '   '"
"I .
* - \wm
Ong Best #iiy iii the Market
I'M   i i.'■I*
*..i5-^   .,__. . «.a..
Jr. (V
"■-.-A        •    Capital of Saskatchewan
Ten years ago Rcgka's population12.2-.0, TO-DAY ab-,3lb'.L'-
I500^«5i"conti;1hbiwwq in ton yonrs of which, tlio grcatoftl. "dbvolopment'txiolc placo within tho last two'vouw"
' nogjna has hod progrQUB aquallod by (ow cltlos In Canada, IU
growth In population and proBporlty has hcon plionomenal.    Ub tranB-
. portatlon, .qcIIIUob maho It tlio grcatOBt, dlBtrlbutlnfc centre of tho
Canadian \Voit. Itmny ticoni oxtravnpnt to clalm'for any city all tho
govornlnii /actors tliat ontor Into tbo bulldtnf. of a WosUnn motropollB,
yot this In many roapoi. tu can bo nsnortbd In bolialf of Roglnn.
,' *riiat tha Chief city of lho provlnco will contlnuo to ho Itoglna no
one dlBputei, * Thoi-CRlna of tho tfuturo will bo na unllko that ot today na It la unllko that of Its tont foundation somo 20 yearn ago.
„    ' ,   .       PACTS   ABOUT    HBOINA   '
.   ItApldl/ bocomlny tho MotropollB of Wostorn Canada.
Going ahead at a paco.jnnrvclIouB In tho oxtromo.
Investments'are Sound, Substantial and Monoy Makers.
Noted for hor HnmUomo Dulldlng8, Paved StrootB aud Boulevards.
Advancement Ib our Watchword, tlio Keynote of Success,
offer* un iiivo«tmont Unit U nlmnhitcly "wifo. Only ono mlln
fi*oin tlinclty lmll mill within Dm rltylliiiltt.. ltonliui hiiImII-
vlfllnna two inlldH fwini city linll.iiiicl.cuatHldu fltv limit*, iwo
now bolriff hoW for $200 anil |»n 11, lot.    All w« iinV In
$175 to $250
a lot, 10 por cant. ciihIi nnd 10 p.*.- mil. a innnili
No Interest
wnat Kite immeaiaire xuture has for JKei^in^
During 1912, the Motbodliit Church will ho cructci. In Hcglnn at a cost of IG00.O00. tbo city power |>liw»t will Im. Incrcasica (o double
the proiwnt capacity; the nroail Street subway will bo conntrucU.d at a cost of 1350,000; the Parliament ItuUdlnga will he compute
and formally oilcned; tho Itoman Catholic Cathodrnl Is to bo eroded at a cost of 1400,0000. and atrcot earn aro to lio ruuiilug on South
ftal.way, Klevcth Avenue, on Albert and Dowdnoy Streets.
t\.,..i... ... ftiin ii, «...  im       i   r,    ...       ... ,,,.,,. '.       ,   ,   .
 ** ' '*" "*• ■ >■'*■»-'•• kv1*".*. »*v*a.a>» unaav.sm.s .U _vvit,>«* -»■ »*»fcv |».A.**s.k_«i(V_» «.«v>_i4,, o.uuct, It.ami JiOllMt, lUngia -illt-tiift Mill llillrt-rt>  >nrtl».
Tho O, T. P. Keglna-Canora Una Is almost coraplctort, and work Is _m*l-|_. rushed on the Rjjglna-liitornntlonnl Boundary lino, whllo opera-
tions aro to Iwgln on a a, T, P, lino from Reglna to Lothbridgo, another lino from Keglna to Edmonton, ond stllll anothor lino from Hoglna
. to Brandon.,  Work Is being pushed on tho O, T. P, ncglno-Mooco Jaw line.
During 1012, tbo Iteglna-Tltilyea line of tho* C. P. It. Is to bo complotod, as Is alio tho C, P, R, Itoglna Colonsay lino. Tbo union
dopot will bo wall under construction during 10U.   The C. _**.. R. will construct a lino from Reglnn to Moogo Jaw.
b*o_.rds 'to*Ico'mppuhds,' "and some.,to?
■worlthouses:-"1-';! have been through tlie
sleeping-robn_s;a_id -<lin,ing- rooms?i;of
the? principal-'workhouses in .all our'
large.?cities,j7ai;4- have/sampled. the
have seetf't-nd'.iieard^df' tlie shop 'asi.i's-
tai't's'lot'jh' tjdrn'e'iof. tlie-bi'giiEoii-ltfi-
dr'apery houses;;I can-unhesitatingly "af;
.flrrt}. tbat&'theE-B. rjefipects.om; paupers
,'are;_, n"? wa-a^.^nstances better wfed s and
better housed?'!'i,will let a shop hand
speat" ior:''l_l__i8elf' bn'-"'.he ' sub_ e'e't'" of
thb, dormitories:.-  i>7},-vl." >:<•'■ K>,>\ .
-.'.VThe-'.sleeplng" apartments, with
theljrr,ba?ret.walls, are,IItitle-,better than
.prlso{i','coljs(ln Jtho majprjt^of West-
end 'grapery'-houses.' The slttlng-
i'd'omBitaVe? Ji.&p'p'6*3ed 'to'Vo- heated—
with'?radiatt.rs thfct are capliblo of glv:
ing about-'the samo quantity of heat
iia.a.candleillght.j ,1 know of al arge
house In th<j West-end where hundreds
of young men and Women "live-in,1' and
no.'a'slngle'D'atli'ls'provided'for thei'n.
Such a ebtidltlbirof. things in-n civilized country Is nothing less than, scandalous ,,When tho poor assistants feel
Inclined to hnvo a bath ho has to.tako
It'beforo'.tlio ,'pubilc baths close at
cight'^o'cloclt; aiid,' as there is no fii-o
In tlio sitting1 room*he Is, obliged to go
straight to lied to avoid catching cold
ori a cold, winter's .nlghl,after.taking
lils bath!" '' ' '      A
White 8laves
Wlthreforonco to food,' Mr. Paine
quotes anothor shop assistant; fin ono
of tho West-end sjiops, fpr, breakfast'
wo hnvo so-called .tea and very dry
bread with a vory poor substitute'for
butter Dinner: Four' times In a
wook wo havo cold' moat and yory
badly cooked potatoes and Btalo bread,
Whon wo have pudding, which Ib very
seldom, It Ib mostly rice, cooked.,in
wator' without milk or eggs, served
Villi a llttlo treacle. The'only drink
thnt. Ib obtainable Ib a thick black
beer, or water. We cannot got any-
.thing else-, for we nro kept ,ln aB priB-
onorfl. Por ton, tho snmo ns hrenk-
ffiBt' Supper: vory dry broad, choose,
nnd blackboor."
• Hero (a what nn nBBlRtnnt of twenty-
five yoorB* standing, wIioho expnrlono
os aro drown from tho provlnren, nut]
tho East-end' nnd North of Iaondon
"I venture to my thnt m per cent of
tho 'assistants nro bndly fed. badly
housed, and bndly paid, nnd there is
no ono who cnn ho bottor termed n
whlto slnvo than tho draper'* ni.Nl...
tnnt. I make bold to tsay thn! If nt
h-nut r.0 per cent of tlio iisulHtimtH did
tint umctuI Uiclr nnr-ntnp*. In ti.tvlni* fond
tltey could not kffp hndv and unul tn-1 fori* nri* "••rnVtif'd""MUi""vnci-. "■"' t*f
gmher. There are houses In tho | which I hnvo firm Impow, llio prngrmn
WcsN-nd todny whore tho young Ind-) drawn up will hnvo nn a lumls tho pro-
leu do not cut ■Uiwunyworih of intuit urama and reuolnrlons of the conven-
like-conduct—*? (whatever,. rthat . may.
mean); ,2s. 6d. for sleeping out without,
obtaining a signed'docket;, 2s, 6dAfor*.
using matches and'lighting paper? .'..*■?
--•These are-but-a few of tfio'fines and.
rules which govern the condupLof .the
shop assistant. .'As".a*'maUer''of/fac_."
in one house there is a list of no fewer'
than *200 rules and regulations In force?-
•'- : ' ;  Must Not Marry  '..,",*,'. *.
- As. i£ t,hls were not enough to, drive
the.shop assistant to despair, he finds
that the ilving-in' 'system condemns
him to remain a bachelor for the rest
of'his life .behind-the-counter.' -.In re-
gard/to, tl,la grave^ aspect; b t-lthe..lJYSng<
in system, it is interesting, to note
the rerparks of a well-known drapery
manager":'' "!  ''""' • *" .;-*"7 >'• ■ ", ».'- •
'-"'From xny'• point: of' view,"" he ■ says,-
"the greatest. objection - to. this -.sys->
tem ia-the harrier lttplnces'4n.thip,way
ot matrimony., Even _ if any assistant
lsx sufficiently*'successful' to 'justify
him 'in ; contemplating' Wrtrrilfge;' the
make,-an allowance,for discontinuing
to supply food and lodging. Besides,
masters, strongly .object to married
meh; few..will'engage**them'in any
'cifcuinstarices' "'and*'even ''these' give'
single'onesithe >'preferenc'e."-.. >. •..•
,,vSeyenty-:flv,e, eighty-five ninety hour?,
a week!,.y/There -is ;noi limit to the,
hours you may work as V shop ass'is-
tarity To auote'the grim1 femark'of the'
senior'apprentice ■in,.l;'vKip'ps"-to''the
new-comer, "I.tell.you,>.\ve arepin'n
blessed- t'iain-pipe,.and .wb'.ye, got;..19
crawly along it tlll.^e 'dle.V ' ,'
That the following-graphic passage
from Mr' Pn'ne's 'hSo'k is fully justified-
no one-'understands-the harsh condi-"
tions under which 'many ,shop assist
ants .live, and work will deny; .7.
"Caught In the meshes of this dead-'
ly system," whose web is designed with
fiendish precision to,break their spirits
utterly and dtsaifect-them* with, each
other, the .young, and generous lad be-,
.comes in..cpiirse of, ,time,,poured nni
silent; the naturally, coarse; and un-"
gentle," brutal'lze'd.'and vlbious;. whilst'
all 'are indiscriminately' hustled ' and
bustled 1.frpm .on^imaster)to ."another
from one year's end .to. anpther, -till.
,at ,last,,with ^11 th,e.,'sap,,' qt",'"youth,
squeezed out of'the'mV'they^lirnp'away'
out.of'slgh.1';g6o_.'%*r nothing" but' to
'■occasional;o.dd-jobs)\a-ul;",their, nights.
_^eavenYkijo'ws wbere.V—Tit-Bits.-   ".   .
* 1
k'^i^H £0\i>7L\^:y7M   ","' '*'•'■'
'l*'   "■' ' '*"- PLlAf.'HOT CAMPAIGN*
-,*■'■     ' , : . _   "  -i-'.*' Vi „.  ..    j,).,
Three Sections' of "Political.:WdrWrig
';•• Class 'Movement, to'-Act TogetR«r*>!> '
«'., PARIS^-r-As lis/generally lcnqWm,the,
pttom'an Parliament has been dissolved,'arid'new ofec?tlon's' nro again necessary, writes Jean'Lougiiet.tn l'llu-'
manite." -*',; .•*-,-.;'\.--\-' y-.-S- .;■;
.-Our ■ comrades, tho • Turlilsh -Social-
l8,ta,7wlio .recently. constHuU'd ,'them-.,
selves Into,, a* pnrlianiontary .group
composed of seven momhep' — five
elected'by',tho'weli lindVn Armenian
revolutionary party; 'tho Dttcnnkzonnt-
zloun, one-elected: from.tho, other Ar-,
mpnlan Socialist (frqctlon;, the Hcnt-
chak, and one elected, from Macedonia
-•'-•havo 'decided to organise for tho neitt
criinpnlgn and ■ to ng'rco upon a common 'platform; thwughian1 agreement*
•botweon. tho. DachnakzoimtKloh,. the,
IIontcl;ak and tlio,Soc,In)lHt Wkorors''
Federation of Snlonikl, Thio latter aro
ma-tlng' courageous' ef forts,''and con-
Blantly enlarging their field of propaganda, ■ and havo' now clouted a representative of "Bulgarian nationality,
Comrade "Vlakof,
Tho latter has addrossod tb tho
Journal, tho Young Turk, nn interesting letter'In which ho Indicates tho program of our Turkish comrndoB, Thoy-
havo dot.'ldod . to ■ net In accord, nnd,
Comrndo Vlnkpf HtntoB Unit, whoir
tho first HtopB had been taken by'tho
Federation of Salonlkl, ho lenrned thnt
tho Dnclnmksoimtzloiin had passed a
slrnllnr resolution. Ilo sla tea more-
ov«r thnt It Is not true Hint lho Snolnl-
Ih(h have dooldf'd to conclude n work-,
lng ngrenmimt with the pnrty of "1'lCn-
toute l.lbornlo," nor with tlio rom-
mlttoo of "Union nnd PrbRrgBs," Their
alt Kudo ln this respect will not "be
determined until later, nnjl nftcr do-
liberation In commnn. In regard to tho
progrnm, he ndds:
"It Is nbsolulcly nntrno ibai t!_«•
nnrhnnkroiintKloun nnd Hcntclink
parties hnvo accepted the flcitornl j
program of the flonlall.il l-'ednrnilon '
'ns n gnldP,' We Turklhli BodallstH, I
belonging to three orgntil'.nfIons, are !
now nt work upon nn cloilornl pro-
*¥«rt ^-<i     .-.I* ■
aTa»   JBLm   j£a__.A«_.d JL Sri £#JpL
I_ocnl Accent for the International Securities Co., Ltd,, Vancouver, B. C.
who hawi Rffencles tor nil townsilM on the CI.T.P. fneliidlnff Moo*. Jaw, Mhhrirlgf, 8wlft Ciimnt, ^'eylmrn. Vorl. ton, etc,
In a wcok, but mnko tholr dinner off a
ciil> of tin. nnd n rilcr** of broad nnd
bin ter, and very often tlielr shpikt off
tbe ordinary pennyworth of flub Iknd
I Fines for Everything
j Tbo system of fining for trivial ..f.
fnncoi Is ono of the greatest grh-vaiurs
,nf tlx *l.oi> annthUiit. H<-r.i ,*_r.: a
! few fines:     8d. for unnecessary talk-
tions of the throe 8nc|i.||«| parlteH, the
l>nrh*nnli*rn»in»',imiii      m ,      yt.^i.i.i
nmi the Workers' Kodcrallon.
' Wo are Rim! to >«cord tills cheering
news. We helh-ve Unit our Arnifiilnn
iiliid llulgailan r-oninidoH of Turkey
rimy be Joined by tin. Tnrktsb upd
Arabic elements ,and thnt thus tbe
now TnrkiBh sodioii of tlie Intciua-
tlonal wilt Include within Its orRanl
'— 7-   -'•■_:   •>.>--   --'i-'"-' --■ - ■
- . '-;-!-- ?'*, ;■■!* j--«aA"i'* y--jVT-
Hair Dressing
- ,-:PoqLa-a '•''-■?:.
'.L    Billiards .    ,.
irs— '-'•—■
"..., Bowling Alley"
."TTTTT:-■ ,,, -_ ,.r-  r a,    I. ,'T
Drbp In
Hy O X' E. L
■1 .i-j.
BELLEVUE, rAlb'erta'
'.and'- ':".■,",,' :
•' Meals that taste like'
-"mother used-tocook
Best ifi the Pass
'   ' William '-Evans.- Proprietor'1
Liquor Co. '
•. •:■   '','■'■ ;y .,'• "-.-•<*■ -.-••
it.               - i|
' '    - a    *    *y
t                      .   ' *
'-' .     ■" ■' i*.       . ,a           _ ..:*.*".' *.'        ■ .' '
,____?__ Wholesale T)_Dnlt.r_._ii_ *.' __
- .>       . "  -    1 •
'■• .:.'.*,7   <    ;■' >■-, _ ••: -i.. ..- - .   - - .
\>         r               -     "      _i     '     !
--i'-'Ti "         !
T                      -"                        ,
.1 li    ,1'
-' *i*A >:
Mail brdefis recfivi&vj
" prompt attention"-^!
■-' ..
flotel a.
You're always welcome here
Clean Rooms, Best of
Food and every
THOS. DUNCAN    Passburg
a-«a naai _■
W. H. Murr  -   Prop.
. iut. tit-.t tiuUii tn tb*. bcdrofjin'. M. tor  mtlon  nil   «ln>  .-...inln.1 faction*  of
Weaving any article of clothing, boota,
ictf.. In tb** room; l». for not turning
(off tho giu. M. for not promptly af-
(tending todntomom; <Jd, for ctcnnlng
.your t._iU« in the ahop; ii, tot toalng
'a cupy uf -Li* ruW«; W. tor uu_».i_Iomi.-
tho Turl-Uh workem.
8Mo//& Cure
antaniY nvprs couaHa. cynca tou.**..
filectrfc Rcstt>rer f<» Men
PllOSpllOnol rrtlllen c»f.yiiH.r. In |!|. \My
 Tr, ','.' "■* '""J"'1" ""• '* ' "< i r..-.luiri
■.un mu! vilalltv I'rrnutui- i\n ,v .-i I Ml. -..-i.til
«e->kn«<» ..cnrM u Tnrfl j»ho*t'liia«ol i\<\l
111in von * new i„„n, i',,rc |-|, | .. „, ,,. i,,
MiH»'l  ■ *'jv»flji««.   Tlio8«-i.-,i. i>ni_r
Cn„Hl. <'«llii»rlii«,,«)„t
For  8«l« at  Dlaaidtll'i
Oruo  8tor«
Vote Davidson
and Show Your Wisdom THE DISTRICT LEDGER
, ■« i ' y     v      - ■        i »
%l Published, every* Saturday, morning at its-office;; PeUat Avenue,
Fernie; B.C?   Subscription $1.00 per; yearm•^■^■^/^i^'«celleiit
■ advertising medium.-, 'af^est circulatton iu-the^^rict.V' Advertising rates on application.';4-Uprto-date.fMflitieailigjr.^.t_-_etexecution of
> allMrid-Vof book, job*' an&vcolorwork. ''''l^'^L^'recdve special
attention. A Address all communications to The District-Ledger., ,.
\ w ' ^y: ' '•" "l-' V '7'" 7!: * ■"-    ' vAHa P/NERWIOH/Editbr.
v    Post Office Box _%S80
Telephone No. 48.
who are the;Workers?
will be given in "__iamtainiag"tKe demands
i'aet/Avhat lias h&;dd_ie-'i_i'thepast?
Whose interests'does~he represent on the railway "policyf 7^^-?,?' A
Have ybuVelMe|6enfefit of *W. R. Ross bmg a Cabwl^4i-^--'
ahil-if soi^what'wayjAA.-*!,  A '-A'-- "7?<A-*7f*A-yA£$
-What beuefits-'doVyou'expect to'receive" Devoting for such'la' repre-
sentativel ,-y:', -    ■ " --%■"#*.$>,--,. *      .-^^■-■v.j,
"Will-the miners,, carpenters,, clerks, teamsters and the?restvof^the
workers/benefit very? materially by a'railwayj policy ? ""T* ™ -+~*~»«"*'
extent .ind by what method? y
Who' •" * ' "
T""' HE political campaign 'bets', e-^t^
.,..,        has started. ' .The votersare^noV. asked* to- consider who shall
j \ ,. V " represent thera-in the legislative-, house-at Victoria:    ;, The'Capitalists
"'   *■*    ,  • present for.your consideration one_.whpm they'.have-selectedrto're-
J - -T » '"l'^-r'»l '""'S't *      *   \ »    r     i   J        a* * ~ |" ' ^   *»
i - ■- present their interests—"VV. R. Ross. ^ -.\^.^=„^s ry..~..,-'-. ,'...: >,._..
! • Wm." Davidson^ whose work: is,for the-workers,-,asks- you whether
| _- he can best serve your, interests—JL Vote-for Him-is a Vote for Your-
■olf ■*■    A .      ...      .- tr;?   ?■ .
j When w&etate the issue.so.plainly we appeal to,your intelligence.
-• The capitalists' parasites do not ask you to.be intelligent..   The tac-
|" tics they adopt at election times clearly demonstrates this fact. Fancy
,7, " "* the intellectual stimulus of intoxicating liquors, and/consider;for;one
"A , moment the cilibfcrbf;those they'Uepenrf upon.to .support, them?, No
<" y ' class conscious worker can be.deceived by such tactics, and in fact
.; the Conservative'heelersT_now. full well-they.capnot swing the vote
.- of thisisection of the working class. * They therefore lay for the un-
1        -       thinking and ignorant. '*-"■  • v-   ■"- '•"-,"• "-"''Z ' -<"' . '
The'Socialist movement' is^an-int'erjiational movement altogether
different-from-the narrow-conception-of public life presented'-by -the
exponents-of platforms- of old* political-parties? Th'is.'mdvemehtVis
th§ firtjt interriat-ohardasscorisciouFmovem of the
1 world.! In its'ranks are men'from all walks of life, even including a
few capitalj.#;hefe jandr'ther'^ £ Tt is*$sentiiniy:W
ment, the suecfeM^fKfWcli,;iri'^bn3un^o^V>th tlie process'of capital-,
ist development;-depends.absolutely-upon the - enlightenment of thV
j* working class.-' "Do"mot think forgone moment"itlis a'question which
7 can.be^brushed aside,-and in fact no^matter-whether youvwiiror not;
you cainnot fsblate"-Vourself -from -"this.struggle'between' labor and"
capital."" You are either for or 'againstA By your silence you assent
to the present method'of exploitation.    If you like it our respect for
your manhood is by no means complimentary.'J y^    *   ,77.7      -.*
•In this" district?W find" no * -capitalist's, only: their representatives—
the merchants,, lawyers, mfinagers/etcy.-.F-rom their; ranks the capi:
talists select one' wfiom "they think can bluff the workers into voting
pames 1
If. the railroads, are; for? the1 benefit "of the people •
companiesj-why do riot the people build the'.railrbadsf L",Haye wenot
enoiigli railroad men!
"*. If Ross 'did not represent'this riding do ^ou think'-the miners would'
not have ?Mine. Rescue Stations!. A'yjt...' - 7 "-., 7 ^ 'tj ,7'7 7 !'!],';' "..'.'7S7
,. Wh6is;liablelio see that;^the,.porkers''mterestsj are looked**after]
bestf^Ross^or Davidson?  "_ 'y ;; * 7.?:...- ly7y'y.i»Av '**' ,;:;._:'.'-."..". ?•
"Whb'.lcnows the'needs of the,w6rkerscbest-7-a capitalist lawyer or a
class-conscious worker.'.  ... * *■ -,,?      "'■    -~
What are you going to'do about it?"' . k
. >r.>."
■y. s- *'A .?;•; v ."■«.  rosslets
,-. O'Brien .will be along'pretty soon with his-recor'd. .; Doyou-think
he can-'explain ?     ,'   -,'"'"     f
... .   .- |        -i* v   .
•" The riddle-for McBride: •"''How is the Conservative'.Party Going
to Hold the Fernie'Ridingt"     , ' 7-.-.,,      Ay   ,.k* v.7.7 A, . .  -. •■
..   * -<~ ■   -"-."?'     ?'-'*-. ,*-;,'*'  '-'-.a-'      •■',??-,     i'-""'..'•
''  It ■is better'.to, vote -for. what you- wani.and. get.it'-'thah^to'^'vote
for what-you--don !t .want' and get it".- ''"' \ A \n.     " 7    ' "A ''V- "
.'■■*.- ",' AAA''" '"'',' "'•""'- /-f a -'" 'V *- ""'V,VA'A:'' 7':-''k"A.';7l.:'v"'*
Do you want' a job*, on the railroad...   For .particulars- apply 7W. -, R.
Ross^RibHafd^cBride^a^'BiJly.Bo'wser. S-.f •'S'y'""/.""'■ S:i->; ''- •■
-;■"-■'-.''"' "V'*/'' '   'A v • "'A a7 ' ' ■■'"'*- i -"''V * -- -y,"..A'j''''"-7^
Doiydtf "Belong to the/Four Hundred.",'Well,'?getl6ut of-it-sharpy
join the" Six Hundred j1 that's the jighting' crowd and ,the winning'one!
:'-..:    j  ■ '  *     .  a. ,-!-.    •;"?' "'if\ .'.'-:'■■'   -.< ;.'■;''"■ ivy
*   •'.-     •'      "        y &-r—   jyyv^--,,,. ,>..'-•> 1.-,- iV- y
■ Ha_i anybody heard/whether the,.C6al Creek'Mines .-will be-.diet
on March^28th next.,   We shall be pleased .to* haye- information-on
thisrfeint5l   '.    .--yAV' ~-    s     :f,7-.V-:fe'ry:>~v>     y
-"*<■«- ,- 'A " ■* a-.', .:-.-j -■"■-      1 ' --■
''•Remember,?? O'Brien was a lumber-jack ,oriceA'J He' is?a" man now,
an'd the Conservatives,'need not figure the lumber-jack is always going
-to-be an'eaBy. mark.'''.     .      . , .•'<-."-.'•■. r .-7'A-"1 ■ 7"
-   ./, .m--** i-y- .'-j-i-■ .' *   *. -      ■'       ■■   .-     „., .* -     .    ., -,, ,-   v,
. .U: '•'  (.
for the maintenance of this" delightful system of exploitation. , -How-
ever,'these are members ;or the?'working" class" who have'sold their
abilities for,,the benefit of the-capitalist-class?; ,**\Ffom»the surplys
value you turnover.to'the capitalist's Itiey "are paid, and whom think
you' they''ar6;likel^'to jserye ?yy arid,
■ are you .gpirig;to,_v,Qt<e,'.the..capitalist .ticket again.- .7 - * - ;■ '■< - —--' ?-;. - ;-*,r
' the   working
„ class.;  ^Some craftsmen thiriK they are, better than others and-fail to
standard as,that of all.other,workers-rby-!the a_nount,,of>'so'cially, ne-
'oessary labor required to.reproduce-theMaborers^or^any. special-department of industry.' Fancy th^-.s^cia^distin^ipn.between, a.locomotive engineer, a clerk,'* a carpenter, a bricklayer, a miner, or any
other worker ~*"- *""""■ "~,~ xL"- lsiB *-—'»—> *— -'-'-
The droppi
are all kinds df'meri' to'-'iJ^op into his place. .. Jnjjhe Wcst.the.indiyid-
ualist has got it into his head that, he is/an. absolute essential to a busi-
ness. but bythe-aid of immigration-hcis"being"enlighteilfed.' "However, it is upon such as these, who.haye,.failecLto realise the interd.*-
'pendeiKC, of all orafts, 1 fie'.ovu i»p,pn;*tJh"i.''oj_t.t^ff tjiiiti'the old pol'tical
partie-i tJpurish. -It is only when men realize that co-operation, based
on th_*pn'Ht'ri.?"met"^ must^upplant this'.iiihu-i,
man -joj-xpt-t itio'ii '.ijotwcen men for food and shelter that the old political parties Will bo'the laughing stock."qffan.iirtelligent electorate.
. • So convinced is the Conservative party of jour being so ignorant
that they pfesein a man for'your endorsation who Has,done his best
to mako the.littlo,legislation that (has been put through the B. C.
house, -ilmo.it u'seJcs.Eu . "We refor.to jHe^qrlcmen's'Componsatiou Act
(Krzuz Caso)'.y\Thii. dobs not'simply affeefcithe,mi-icrs:'''■It affects
every mart who' hiis tb diflpose?of his'tab'pr-poweif', to any capitalist in
this .province.    You are also lead to believe.that this individual is so
- much interested in tho welfare of the minora that he givos us Valine
' Rescue Station'hero.    This a-gift, mind you, ns if^it ;,\yetjcvi^ot ftii
absoluto necessity, that the lives of the. men'who wb'rlc'ih the mines
Bhould'bo'protcctcd,    His onthusinsm for tho working class, whether
- he bef"iv carpenter, engineer, clerk,'min'oVlor'alij/, titKoi."brhiicli'pf lho
working claBs, finds,expression by the many^ occnsiqns ,on which ho.hn.fl
refused to meet the rcprcscntatiyo 01 tho workers on the public platform. ITo will doubtless,do, the samo-thing in\this campaign, figur:
ing that the work-of his heelers is sufficient to rustle up a majority.
If he can gel in by any but unfair jncans.wc willingly submit to the
decision of the people. The record of previous campaigns is sufficient gimriuitoo hh to what nmy be expected. '-
Wo hnvo no political secrets to hide, no* campaign expenses that
nro not open to public in^stigation, and we propose, ns has always
been the policy of the Socinltot Party, to fight ii clean fight. \Vc nro
but to (lemotiHtrnlo to the workors that if thoy-unite on tho'political
field to the snmo oxtont or thoy did on'tho industrial,'Win. Davidson
shnirrcproRont tlioit" intorostfi in the Victoria IToiise, Tf you are n
worker, no matter in wlmt doparlmont of industry, how can you voto
for one who lini..shown you what interest he taken on behalf of the
Workors of "this Province. If you uso your intelligence, W. R. Ross
ennnot win—You Control the Voto,
• Weiuriderstand'our esteemed" co-tem.; The- Ferriie'-Free Press^ will'
soon?b^e-re-christened.' tit's name will be. henceforth known as;\The,
Feriai^' >'Mly'' Goat.   '"'    '"'" -V   ' 	
■??t.y>^ ••■-'•-s ■- ■■"'UIa*:
I ( ....
riPur. CQ7.tem.ywUL be bristling with educational-matter on '-'How;to
,yote""'for;a.'few;-weeks.-''- They'haive'-'started in too^late.'    We^haye
been.ori th'e"job''ali'the time^since rast'election?*? ;i-A?'. " ,   ,   -, AA-
y$r iA-' . -' ..*•■• ,• '■■- ,r»» -:'- -i.  7 ';7 A^A;c^y= a- '   y - y
'*   l_ii.__.-_._!_i_!i....:_L _.'____. _'--:_.i_: '!___'_.- ^-_._.x: ' __n u_.
7'They;are marked by;a deligh^ul
vsiioipJiciity. ^atVdis^ngu^hes the:
tnily ciegaiit. 7J ^y _ TCKl -..'.'r2:
Every style is a - Fit-Ref oriii
creatioorreveiy pjatteni i8> exclu-*
sivewitbf^J?it-kefo_rm   ''*** '~' "' ;
t*...' -I-"--
-. *. i...' -
.-,-...   iv~
■.-    1 5
.--  ?   . jf .
:' *,t. S
■, ?'j £• '.'
yy . y
The Grow s ?Hest:TracJing; Cot
y&ur Letter Box
railroald policy .cry. is played out, arid the workers are" awake.,
'       - • ^^u-Ly-     •"* ' "
>. >'
- f Tbe District Ledger accepts no responsl-
. bility tor the view. exp-esnedby it? oorreg.^
pondents.* Communications will be inserted
whether .signed i by tbe rotillniiineot the'
'writer or a nom de plume,- but tbe Writar'a
7iii__iie'aD'diaddre>3a' muet W frivfn't6 the
; Kdltos* ns cvidepceod good.faith.'*? no case
-wiii it be divulged wiihoutconseB^-YT-TT,
..•J----* -m.f.-n.■ hit. >.-. t <,-ti»"i.'-',si
i-   ■
R* •'
"p^ ID nnybotly sen or henr of 1?ohs (hiT)ng tho strike?  ITo represents'
*■""*■   tlio ltitercstH ot tno workers, does 110 not.
Ilnvo you Keen or licnnl ol nny protest on tlio part of this representative in connection with the brinnjing in of mounted police to protct
the interests of tho minors—-thoRo who woro dcmandlnc. better condi-
tions. Or, woro tho police sent in to assist tho Coal Company in
.iri-.iKjnv( Hie Hlruttii
Wlml pressure did thin champion of,tlio workers bring lo bear in
obtnmln-. tho floiniinds of lho inincrK? "
If lio represents the intorests of tho workers why does it cost him
so nnvh to run 11 political cnn.pi.i|.n?   ■
What hns ho doiv. for the workersT
Wns tluj stsnd ho took in the Krzuz Case for the benefit of tho
workers or tho employing classt
Do the terms upon which the miners aro now working meet with
his approval? «     , ;
Tin you think he care., what remuneration tho carpenter-., toamsten.,
bricklayers, clerks, or any other workers demand ?    Wlint assistance
, i„ifiRoss! Rossi' He's just a"plerf«'c.r«fo'sB,';
.,_.-.- .; But"he'-ll''geVan awful beating'will Billy ^Jallot Roxi« •   •
 '""Ye'S^fie'll'get'an awful lic_ci,ng\yiilRos8itRoss/'R6ss!M.'  l '
(Air: llTactV'Tpct'/from^Fiorodora.^) -\ 7   ■        - \A    ' *'
- ,*i>?   '<•"■:":.•'• 7-2_   ji- i',.A'     '**"-?-
As ajresult pf the slack-times- at^lie' mihes'tlic miners aredoing a
litt.e thinking, .v.* The Conservatives - do' 'riot enthuse p^e,!^^1? workers
doing their owri'thinking/aS'this'is, (what'is going toput Davidson in
wth a's'ubstafatial majoHty.',' Thinkng.men support' Daydson.   What
else caii tfiey do'.y"   '"A,.,,'    .-   ." ■   "   ".:/"'*'  '•    "'
"■' 7  •  . Ai ____ "    ■* '*> >'■
i*'i   ,' ,'i's   '•"•" •,'.'<'t     -        ~ ~ *,      -        -.-;,-  ..
The' first working class representatiye'for Fernie riding will bo returned on'March *28th. Win ^Davidson will take his seat in the next
session, of tiitf legislature'in Victoria.',.. Other constituopcies/are fall-,
ing intdllino "with F'ornie-^-Nanaimo,*Cumberland, Fort George, Newcastle, Ymir, and Nelson arc in the-fight.- ,,.    . „
■*\ '• '"^ "* ""' ' ""—■^'■^rr—. • ' '*'.';•/'
HeariRoss on''^Why''tho,Ybrko"w/Shpuld Not Strike When'Ross
is patching'Tlioii;,Interest,'' f'Hpy.to SripplyMine'Rescue Stations,"
and ''Hpw.ThVy, Affectiho'Yoto'i" 'The Ideal Aspect of Comporisa-
tion.V "Old Age Pensions for Political Heelers," ,"Beer'versus.Prin-
.ciplcs,", and sundry other bright subjects. * A 7
,■ The Qonser.yat|Y0( government have been advertising the splendid,
opportunities open to men on construction work on the B. C. railways,',
There is no truth in the rumor that any of the Cabinet .Minister's have
applied to tho railroad'contractors for permission to lay tics for tljo
C.N.R., C.P.R. and'G.T.P,'   Thoy say thoro, is too much risk,'.
Did you ever hear Ross in a humorous Btrain? Well, attend tho
Conservative mooting on Tuesday night and hoar him delight his nu-
dionco with tho record of his labor legislation, His roplioB to qucs-
tions aro particularly entertaining. ,, McBrido is also vory amusing
in this role and appears beforo tho audience as a regular ''Question
Wm. Davidson, of Sandon, B.C., President of tho Western Federation of Miners, who will represent the workers, is oxpcctcdto reach
Fornio noxt wook. W. R. Ross is expected to tako n vacation-nfter
his mastors, McBrido and Bowser, loavo Fernie on Wednesday next.
TTo is nwaitinir tho mandate of tho peoplo that ho return to, Victoria-^
into private life, ',
— ♦ —
'tno ideal voicj'n ior tlie iJoiiscrviitiveH ncuiii lo live around __t.urtiy,
Wnnlner, J'Jiko and along tho U, N". JCIy, Tliey aro moro,or loss iso-
laled from civilization, and naturally it takes souio time to educate
thorn to understand conditions. «A promise of a government road
hilstliom fine, and as for n talk on a railroad policy—well, it sounds
iiid- ...(_ "Oh"., vVin £.uir,v," mu. iiie,v swiiliow h, Aro ihwy Koing tu
lake the medicine again?    Wait nnd seo.
To*' the • Edliprr pi'ftricV.liefligef: *'p A
y E-ear-- Sir,—Kindly aliow\oie..^f>.7cor-
ri_ct" a Btat'cm-tnt''%ad«wl_i7yourVlaBt-
iiisue^-r reference to the Bt." 'John 'And-
bulanc'e Class? ^ If'was ^fa-Eed' "ttuitf B. *
RotJinpon; .plt'Wss,<bt'tUi MlcVel'hnl^
es,'would not, tdice aiiy dctive _*if_;l-»
proved,' to be-Incorrect".SThrotlih'Bosne
tnisunderetanding by eonite of th'« members ■■ of'' the class - the. above ' words
were- Inserted In the rlaat lsBu'e'ct;the
Ledger";''7 However, -the^mJitter.* haB
been rectified "by, ,B.\Caulfleld having
accepted ."the . Honorary /presidency.
They, a'fe'also showing their-appreciation , of ,vthe ambulance ;> work, <y Tho
superlnUndent.stated that' he.has had
nearly 12 years experience .in,ambulance work here and In the old country.
I may state"on behalf of.the class'that
every one was pleased to isee the sup-
orintondont and.pit boas,put,In an appearance ntfthe last class.'meeting'. I
also feel assured that'neither prejudice nor Ill-feeling^ of any- kind wob
meant, by anyfof |tte members, througH
the abovo Insertion,, ',', ,'-y •,,
Michel, I?. C.   ■'■   ",'     J. NEWMAN.
t»* wor_c:again at one p.a_. sharp" (by.th*
tipple bosses'watch) aia.d;'co»Unue'„to
work till five p'-m-Awhe.., they "will b^
told to,'go hoiM" and r*turn*at':Be,ye.i
6'jsiock' in, the '.evening,' /P^royideA",the.
hosseB" thinli^ there wul '.be,'sutecleat1
coal to"^^^^'^^''!!!!^' empipyea'
they -will 'be' told« to7^'t^'',it;'ieight[
J»lieB they' will work' until-"t_je'_r* are:
told' to-gb>homV='byJ tW-VfiBBTwhlcb'
may beany old Ume:"betw**S_n''8 aid"^li
If Boss' vole is no heller llnin tho quality of cigars now hoinpf so lih-
ornlly distributed in (his city, his defeat is a.foregone conclusion. Wo
sympathize wiih "TTon." W. Tl., for wc know* ho k no';miscr hy nny
means dnriiu. campnicrn times, therefore, ahsolvo him from all blame.
Tlm rcsporiHiliility lays with hishcolcrs, who, no doubt, aro economist-
inp(. Tt's a pity, for nothing puts it voter in a worse humor than
handing him a bud wiu....t. Kloctlons only como nlonfr once in a
whilo and tho least the long suffering voter may expect is decont
",trcfltment."    The beer, wo hope, will ho hotter.
Michel D. a, MW. 8,1012
To: thpl Editor',^Dlstrlot LedWrr 7
• Dear,sir,—-I _.opo''thiit I!n'w hot "pro-
Bunilng, too' much *."6n ■'yo'ur valuable
spaco and 'that you' will find* room
tor this communication In the columns
of your papor. . dftBiro to t"otnt out
the rotten conditions undor ^vliich
sorno ot tlio mon iii Michel <vre worlc-
lng, viz., tho tlpplo hands (men would
10 too good a name for them)*
Tlio custom hns been, and'Is now,
since tho now manager tooic over' tho
.direction of operations hero to bring
tho hands out at 0 a,m„ and If thoro
waB sufficient conl to commence dumping, the moil woul'd he alloy/ed to start
work at 6 a.m. sharp, or"<ivon a tow
mlnutoB beforo,' On the othor hand,
If tho autocratic bonsos (ltcd Herrings) around horo considered tli« supply of coal was Insuf(Iclorit,' to start
operation., tho hands would lio told
to lay around for aa hour,, or two
(without pay, of course) tin tho conl
camo out of tho mlno, when thoy would
bo permitted to start worli, and work
till noon, when tho hnndB aro suppos-
rut tn linve nn hour for ..mm*..* -.to!.flout pay),    nut If there hnpMrn. tn lie
any conl on hand tho hands aro lcopt
at work, rogardloss of dinner or anything f-lKo,,   In biicIi cases thoy are
lucky If they got any dinner at all, or
If thoy do have Ihe onnnrtitnltv to Ret
n hlto it Is very often Into in tlio nfior-
noon. ( D|tt thoro havo boon cases
whoro men1 on the tlpplo havo boon
kept at work'all i.ay without anything
to ont nt all.  And nil this after tho
mon being told thnt thoy ^o..,_f.bo nl-
lowed an hour for dinner, from twelve
till ono p.m.I    Yes; thoy get It ju«t
\yli<iu u ktulU tho company to give it
thorn, or In oihor wortli whon thoy
(tlio compnny) Or-nlre to dock tm hour
off thoir earnings.    Presuming that
thoy hnvo hnd tholr dlnnor hotir at the
proper time, lho mules will commence
n-f,,",".     -^---   " r **-■*•y..--<"*-:'..'.*n,-'
P.-tt..1 "r <>,  v.      .,       '   -^>  ',- *•    .;.. .1      -v
•'?Now,' Mr? -^ifer,;Hi'e».;inu}*er; (No,"
hands;'. I," haye ni>/wljib Tto'\i___iiilt?'t_ie
Poor'-SnuleB)" are under -t*« 'orders', of
the/ company »'«tflcials; ii«|, their' 'dirty,
clothes from.* M, to ,1*5 houjrB.per'day/
and all. they, get pal-ttfor-'lB^from' 5-to
12 hours p«f. day,- and'* tbey ore "lucky
It.tb«y.g«t-l_.<hours ev*n tor'the lonfe-'
est,day,.,? , .'„ ■ A""A;;i',; ''s'-?'
,., Ab ,a c'onseQuenoe ot/ theBe^rotten-
conditions ail the time these poor .fools
have,for recreation of any. kind „is ,a,n
hour or/.two .on Sundays,, and *..«ven
then Boipe'bf-itbem a^e;called,upon, to
Work Sundayji,,fts "*we.i. ■ f.So.that-they,
spend practically,the whole of,their
time In their dirty clothes..-,,., / -,
., Are thesb^tbe new,_ani Improved (?),
conditions that the philanthropic Mr?'
WllBon was" going to introduce through
tho medium of his ht'r'elingB Into Michel? ' Conditions that were gojng (^to
improve (?) wages.":'  '.A ,.,',
However, the climax ca'me'bn .Monday " morning, last;'' when the bands
turned out ob-usual-at BlxXm. for
Work, when the superintendent had his
lap-dog waiting at tho wash-houso'to
toll them- tbey; hadn't" to 'start .work
,tln 8 o'clock/'' Naturally they were a
llttlo indignant, and tbey'decided to go
home and stay thoro for tbo day, but
tho'super's'lap dog succeeded ln;por-
sundlng some of thorn to return to
Work, after about half-nn-bour'fl do-
lay, but a couplb ot tbo men and the
boya (Who-aPPenr to hove moro gutB
than the mon) did not return at all
that day, '
. Tho following day thoy camo to
work as usual, nnd the'lap-dog Informed thorn that they would have to boo
llnrnoy., This thing Is a Ulml of superintendent, and nnturully, they woro
reprimanded and sent bnck,to work.
And romombor this—thoy wero glvon
tholr own placos baoi.1 Just fancy a
man bolng nblo to have his place bnck
nftor losing ono days' work, This
man Harney has boon vory generous
lntely. Ho l« giving the men everything, oven their own placos, And
further, whon visiting tho' mlnos ho
Informs the mon thnt be has boon in
the labor movomont meat of his Hfor
and during tbat porlod ho.was forced
to perform hi* duty as « laoor.repro-^
i-onif-.'.<.'. Dnl /-/ii««.,v'<J*ui..,-i. 10 Mlchol I bollovo this tinxpeyhM boon affected by an earthquake, and tho result' Is wlint In happening horo dally;
bae.iuBo It is evident thiu? a man could
nol po-ihitily cii<i_ii.« M» .0.1. i«» labor In such a short time (only this
thing, Bnrnoy).
Ono of tho Injustices to our muleo
Is thnt they proceed to *tlio pithead
dvcry day to Bee tf tlio Place.to which
limy hnvo been llromlsod Is rirnfty.
Hut tho old snylng "Nothln' DolnV is
nflll thn pftds-word of MlrhnJ. ' T»nt
Darnoy or \V. It. (not Wilson) can glvo
work to Rome mon oven thoso coming
straight from tbe old country,
Dut novor mind, every dog has his
day. even «. Tar Y«_._.«.e. '!
,[ TJNn*B8mAn.,w
WkslaflsJe M_i letaU
%. l-i^.Tt aii'ir- ytn-f---
s. v-*-, /.
,i i.
.!B»rb^;Shbi>'; y;;
'  *7 ,'   , -:-*y .-,.    •'.-, ■>."-'.,' •
: ,'BathS..'A- .{:.«.:wv
* u    ,  '■'/', i.y i-•* -, v -.i
y AV'Slioe,.\Shme':'"'/ *'
: Billiards;and.pool' :;
,, \. -.-.j.. 1 -    ''.? 7*i'     ',,.,-'
Coflee and Sandwich
-"7* s "- ' -,'• • '- -A'.      -.
s; }t Counter ■
, - - 1 " / l> ,
Hasilw.-ivM'Buttenniik •
. Vietorla" Ayeiiaff".'
FEBNIE,B.C.       r hono S-i
7 »''■
■>>. H
Looking at Property
is not an onsy task, and that
is why wo suffffest your al-
lowing us to find you  such
* rAftl (*.nfnffl    1)1-.    ifft\, ."jpn.'rrt.
Just toll us what itiutl o*P
An Investment
t you seek. Perchance our list-
, doos not 1 contain n, suitable
property, wo will search until
wo find you something.     f<
* You'll mako no mistalco,
hut you will save roonoy hy'
' dealing with us.
80I0 Afiront for Fornlo »¥»T»¥¥*'a'rWJ>'W>yV'<»<»»|<»>¥»«»¥»*»»»»¥'".^
f ¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥*»¥*¥¥¥¥¥'»V¥¥H.'H»'
T Gi«h"am, Ninaimo, Chief Inspector
of Mine*, was a visitor -to 0«m«r last
W Balderatone has fcw -.ppolnted
«onuniaflloiter (or taking af(H»Tits for
■election purpose! In. Hosmer
Jaci(CanjtneIt was rfnfortunate Bunnell to-meet with an aff:cld«iit In th*
mine last Wednesday, It waa thought
lie was seriously Injured but happily
lt turned, out tbat he was only severely bruiSed, and we hope (or a speedy
Tecbvery and to see him about again
Od TluiTsday lait ttad high pressure
Jtlr pipe In tbe power bottle burst with
a loud report, shattering _il tha window panes Luckily na one wm In
Jured. The ipeetaclfl It?? preaenled
when we came down^tbe bit! looked aa
It the BUHragettei liki-**«i roaklni. a
rallL _      ,        fc
Robt fetwclisiir Inspector of Hlnea
-for North East Kootenay, and Chief
Inspector Graham of Nanlamo, Inspected the mine on tbe first of tbe month
There Is quite a lot of the old-timers
leaving Hosmer Tbe latest Is Fred
Oates who It leaving the company and
XOlng- oil hla ranch early next month.
"We -wish him tbe best of luck and hope
, he will be successful In his new bust
On Saturday next the 9th, tbe Polmatler Bisters high class entertainers,
are billed fof the Opera House     Tha
"hall plan can be Men and eeats booked at Campbell's Drug Store. The
way the seats ate being taken up thl*
quintette of real entertainers will receive a good reception.
Are you on the voters* llstt J<qst
look and sen Make sure and Jet as
"know, we wast your help and you
■want ours
Storekeeper to Casual (after boy
enquired If they wonted District Ledger and passed on) Getting a pretty
"big paper that now etT
Casual     Tou bet yonr HPe
Storekeeper They tried me for an
advertisement    but nothing doin
Casual I see Eaton's nre adver'is-
ing In It!
Storekeeper     Bh'      What s   that!
Eaton s advertising In it*     Ton don t
aa/ bo     I wond-r «but their HLBfiara*-
will lie looking us Up again*
■    (Very shorty I hope.—Ed.)
On Vednesday night the I_i-_rary
Club met at tbe Odd Fellows HnH and
a very pleassat and Instructive even
lng was spent Af-*tr 4Se mltuite^
of.the pr^lous meeting hod been teai*
a motion gwa*, made nail carried tint
tbe club meetings tw e&rrlejf ore*
. until the end of April After all bus!
Hess had been disposed of came tha
programme >A night with tbe poets
and M za Kelly was called upon to
give to the public some events of tha;
life of her favorite poet. Tbis she did
In the most able manner She chose
tbe great Persian poet Aiiar Khan
of tbe 10 tH century Hiss Kelly ls an
accomplished elocutionist
. Next came Hrs Nelson with her
Scotch poet Robert Burns and though
we bave beard a good deal about "Burns
lately we know more about blm now
than we ever did before Mrs Wilson
ably discussed bis good points and
smoothed over his weaknesses In a
manner which all appreciated
MIbb* Mary Marlatt discussed fie
many great events In the life ot har
favorite Ibe English poet Shelley
and the way in whleh she gave her version on this great man was pleasant
. to bear and very Instructive Next on
the programme waa Mrs McMeekln
with ber pretty little Irish lad from
Dublin Thomas Moore tbe poet of the
people of Ireland with whom all are
familiar However there were many
events of his life brought out on tbla
occasion which were very instructive
Mr Roberts made a great bit with
.'« Tennyson whom he gave to the
In a most lympatbetla style As
<-.-, - Mr Robert takes the cake
Hitifu. trio which preceeil
lrn.d green with «nvy
iro     Howflver wo cnn
r* nt inBelrera    All flu)-.ad
H*» * - imrt pronounced the lecture! «■< collect
_T» i t forget the danco In the Opera
Home on March 18th, _
Haimer Local Union wishes It to be
. u&dorstood tor the spea'ut benefit ot
a few gossips In thl* town, thut nny
exchange or t.n k between t Hem aches
and H. Goua-Iaj- m rega--il to com-r
aflr queen s Hotel on Front Street,
is purely a business transaction fully
endorsed by and agreeable to the majority of the members of thia Local,
also- wish. It to be thoroughly un
derstood that this Local i^helther being r-dn. by or fooled.J>y t|je d_4d B-
dourla; on behalf of Lo&alfal
All supporters and- £ympatni*enr of
the Socialist Party are requested to
band In their name* to J L Smith.
Workers are needed, and everyone
afiould give a hand
A meeting In support of the Socialist
Candidate, Wm Davidson, will be
held here on Sunday evening next.
Chief speakers W. Mln tor. and H. P.
f. enrich.
A Vote for Davidson Is a Vate for
♦ *
♦ Cbt-EMAN *
#* ♦
Ob th* evening ol March int. the
celebration of St David, th* Welsh
patron saint, took place at the Eagles'
Hall, Coleman. The Welsh fplkB
i out. In large numbers tbe hall
beinfTOlled to Its utmost capacity
Tbe committee provided a splendid
programme, wherein tbe male voice
party played a very prominent part,
tmd4r the able eonduetorshlp of Mr
Tho*. Leyshon Tbe cauanag was excellently carried through by Mr and
Mrs Raeott Children wer* also well
cared for by way of fruit and candy
The chairman for the evening was Mr
James After a few preliminary
remarks on the personage and cbarac
ter of the great saint, the following
programme was gone through Piano-
solo HfsS O HflllnK, solo and
chorus, Miss Smith and party <soloist
being attired ln Welsh costume); sail-
chorus by tbe party solo by Mas
ter F Cox, ln good style, "Arabella "
by tbe party Mr T John addressed
tbe meeting In an able manner npon
Welsh personages and the raminent
part it haa played ln history Then
followed chorus Comrades tn Arms
ie party solo by Mr T John
solo Wm. Jenkins solo Miss Smith
How Can I Leave Thee by the
party solo Mrs Jas Hilling Mr
Richardson snd Miss Q Silling sup-
plifd the accompaniments wbick
brought the musical .part to a close.
Mr   T   Balnea movftl a vote    ot
:anka to the ladles who yelped to provide tb* refreshments also to those
who saifg and played The andlenoe
responded most heartily In- ^heir usual
style , ,
A vote of thanks to the chairman
terminated tbe first part of the meet
lng after which refreshments were
!d Dancing waa taken ap «t
m and continued until tbe early
hours of the morning
After having spent such a pleasing
night with the Cymrus we hope they
will not forget the event when ft
comes around next year but tbat what
took place last week will be the first
aeries which we all hope to enjoy
If spared In  the future
All supporters and sympathizers of
the Socialist Party ""are requested to
hand In their names to A S Julian
Worker* are needed, and everyone
should give a hand
-netting in support of the Socialist
Candidate Wm Davidson wilt be
held here on Sunday evening next
Chief speaker   J C Turner of Fernie
A Vote for Davidson I* a Vote for
8 tee.il ne
|1 000 000 la genius.
|500 000 Is sagacity
.100000 ll shrewdness
(50000 la mlalortun.
fS-000 li Irregularity
,10000 la mtaappropviflUot.
t_ 000 Is sue nutrition
11D00 Is emb&wlement
.1 HBO li swindling
1100 li larceny
110 li th-tt
a ham la war against io-
Mr N Marshall, government inspector of Steam Boilers for tbe Province
of Alberta waa in town-on. Tuesday
and Wednesday several from the
outside camps of the pass -were In
trying, the eliminations in order *o get
certificates under the provisions of the
Hteam Bofjers Act
Mr and Mrs W J McGowan, of
the Crow's Nest Hardware Co,
celebrated the fifth anniversary of
their wedding on Friday night, March
1st A large number of tbe town's
people were Invited to celebrate tbe
event About 9 o clock all Joined In
a game of whist which laateff till about
1130 when a bountiful repast waa
partaken of by the guests The prise
winners were Ladles. 1st prise, Mrs.
J M Windsor'consolation prise Mis*
MoPur*. debt's 1st prise C. J. Tompkins' Consolation prise, TL McGowan
The mines here were abut dowp on
Tuesday night on account of a motor
burning out
Dr Malcolmson wbc pre-eded Dr.
HcKay as doctor fn Frank, was in
town on Wednesday visiting-friends
J UcGbechle who waa at Lethbttdgo
for about two week* attend-Sa-; the
miners' convention, returned to town
ie end of the week.
W jolly of lTtanlr, hap _r*tu*ned to
work in tbe mine. Se got a Job st
Bellevue and Is now working there
We understand he la going to play in
the Bellevne Band, too
Mr Brosh lat" manager of the In*
periil left town on Wednesday morn
lng His place at the hotel ls taken
by Mr Scott of Pernie.
Mr Wm. Simpson who has been on
trip to England for tbe last three
months, la expected back to town this
week accompanied by hla daughter
Miss S  Simpson
correspondence that Is being sent
to-the Frank Local .shguid be address-
James ' Kennedy, who has been
elected to take the pfice of Geo. NlcoJ.
WHllnsky  Sent Up  Fer T-TjI.   ;
During Thursday and .Friday of last
eek tbe trial of Sam'Willlnsky', who'
has been charged wlth.tiie murder of
Jas. Latatoi; took place in-town.. The
waa tried by MiT-OdelVof Cowley, Messra -Putman'.i'jof^' Blairmore).
and C. Macieod of Macieod, were ,the
lawyers tor the,prisoner while,Mr.
Campbell, of. Macieod/was t&e lawyer
for the. crown. A.  .\\ ,7 7]  '",'..-,.
The following were" ^mqngst the wit-,
sases who?, wf re failed;, ,Mrs,jIaakato*
(wife of deceased)?.; jlartin , TlCnbik,
Harry Cbriatfan, Joe.Hukko,. R. Mc-
Govan, Frank Da til (o( .Blairmore). an
so. women, from the underworld where he visited the night of the
Towards the end of January WUlin-
ky bought a box of shells from the
Hardware,  and  when  produced  McGowan, who sold them, recognized the
box.     On the same day be bought
revolver from Dutil. of Blairmore.   i
the time he gave ln the'wrong name
DuUl; and  wrong  address;   but  tbe
slip was found In WlUIn'sky's
pocket by the police, and Dutil recognised the man, hut tbe revolver baa
-found.-    These are some of
the things that led the ledge to commit
Wlllinsky to take his trial at the
Spring Assises.
Amongst those present were'inapec-
t Belcher, of Plncher Creek. Detec:
tive Piper, of Macieod;-Sergt. Bowers.
o- Bellevue.
Since the writing^ of last week's correspondence, Mr. Bonamlca has promised the union that he Will fall in line
with the Other business men ot the
town and close at 6 o'clock In tbe
lng aa well as giving from i o'clock
Wednesday aa a hnlf holiday.
Jaok McDonald, of tbe Union Hotel
won tbe prlie for the highest
five pins, at the local bowling alley, tor
tha month ending-February a.U*.
alio loade In the score tor the month
of March with the score of ill. which
is considered to be a record for this
part of the country
The usual meeting of the union was
held last Sunday In tbe Miners' HalL
Three new members were Initiated,
making a total of thirty for the past
two meetings The usual order of
business was conducted In a satlsfac-
A good number attended the ambu
lance cIebs last Sunday
August Dnmont, and another miner,
left far PqcOhontos last Week
A Morris and G Evans were here
from Lethbridge spending the weekend, and Shaking hands with the
fair sex of Lille once more.    They left
ire on Monday
Mr Cooper from the Blairmore Bank
ss a week-end guest with Mr and
Hrs R. W Hughes He also took tn
the Welsh concert.
J Williams engineer. Is confined to
bed with la grippe      Genuine sy
thy is felt for Mrs Williams, who has
had a lot of trouble lately.    We hope.
for hla speedy recovery.
Mr Hlaeline  of Lille, met wit
accident by tackling tbe heavy weight
wrestler     Tbe referee gave the decJa-
n to Mr Hineline en a fouL   .
Carl Theodorovich. International Organizer waa in lille for a f«v days,
and with the aid of Secretary Evans
aucceeded In getting 20 new .members.
J May ls also on the sick list We
hope to see him around soon. -
A verv enjoyable time was spent on
Saturday evening when the Welsh people of Lille held a St David's Memorial
Concert The chairman was p. WII-
Accompanlst Miss M. H. Wil-
The Rev Mr Murray, of Coleman,
held communion service-on Sui
March 3rd "We hear that P. M Thorn?
son fs leaving here for Blairmore.
The Idlle Mines are working every
day.   -
-,'    WAITED
LILLE, Mar. ?.—On W. L. Evans,
secretary" of tbe Local, coming back
from the convention he fouiid that the
President of UUe-Miners' Dnion bad
left camp' with $58.30, ^nnds of the
Local.'     Following Is the.description
Nationality^    Italian;' 'speaks  geoef
' English- ■■ =
Weight:   About 170 lb%r, .
Height:   About 6 ft S In.
'tJelor Othair:    Dark.
'Complexion;   Fair.
Last beard of in Fernie, B. C; Is a
>ck miner.     Any lufcrnSatlCal it his
whereabouts will be thankfully recelv-
the boarders coming off shift who
went to the kitchen and was on his
way out with two pieces of pie. To
save auch excitement and loss of sleep,
put a little lunch up for them, Duke.
Mr Brown, geoeral manager of the
cofll company, Is away east at Montreal
itt&idlng tbe annual meeting of the
The Hillcrest Gymnasium Club Is go-
ig full bloom again. Two boxing
contests took place at last Saturday's
meetIng:No. 1.—Wlgan vs.. Cape Bret-
Referee A- Bodd decided it a
draw, altbolugh no .douht (t.Wigsn
would have used the clogs the honors
would have been his. No. 2.—Cape
a. 1, vs. Cape Breton No. Z:
Referee gsve the honors to Cape Bre-
No. 1, aa No. 2 fouled him With a
right glass swing In the second round.
Mrs, a. Letcher and daughter left
for Springfield, N. S.. where tbey Intend to make their.home for awhile.
Tbe committee have made preparations to buy llxturei for the'Co-opera-
tlve Society and will be starting business in the near future.
boys are having.a dance every
Saturday night in tbe Miners' Hall;
BOc. admission; all are specially invlt-
Mr. Philip Morrison la tbe dancing instructor.
Now, don't- take.it serious as you
will be left   , Cunningham Is putting
them wise Philip; he Is.the right party
put you on the road fo success, so
get busy' with hitii.
♦ ♦♦♦♦•«■
The stork visited the home of E.
Stratton-, with a daughter.
Mrs. John Taylor weqf to the
. see her eldest son (Albert) who
met with an accident which, necessitated the amputation of- the leg below tie knee.
3 are sorry to hear tbat Donald
Cameron ( well-known in tbe Pass)
an accident in the Yellowhead
Pass through gasoline exploding in the
lampbouse and severely burning him.
The Duke of Cunningham,Intends to
put np a awel! dance in the Miners'
Hall on Monday, March ISth. The
Duke sent 2 envoys to Spokane to get
tbe necessary decorations for tbe Hall,
emblems of Ireland, also several banners with "Home Rule ofr Ireland" Inscribed thereon. He ban also sent
for several cases pf oranges. A swell
t;me Is promised  everybody.
The hotel staff beaded by Duke and
W, MoLoan made a_wlld charge after
whot'they thought was a biirglnr, nnd
ran to the outskirts of the town, when
he was captured and proved to be one
Tbe .work at the mines bsa been
little better 'thia week.     It may be
that the cold snap of weather wi
having Just now-has something t
with It .   It .may be a -little improvement in work to the miners, but
a serious matter for many in this city
there are many tradesmen
have not"'worked any since the cold
snap In the beginning of November of
last year, and wbat-wlth the very uncertain work" of, lost-summer, their
lot is anyt__tog;bnt'«.viable.
The beginning . of last.week
contractor had all things ready to be-,
gin work itext morning,' and requested
the local .secretary .to send'.him. some
of our boya..who .were out of '•
which WM^flonB/.VBut next morniag-
the gloss, stood 7at IS* below., xero.
Nev4rth-des~s.-theeefceitawE were i
xlous for work that they appeared oif
the job, when lt was found ImpOMlbii
start KBo we hope things will take
a (urn sooiv ' .    _--.-,     .,   ■;
At.the regular meeting ctj^.til ST..
Delegate Larson gave a y/uj lengthy
and'exhaustive report of the Ninth
Annual Convention bf D. M.-W. of A.
which wets heartily received and
doreed In ev«ry; item.
Saturday: evening lats there wi
public meeting.held again in the Miners' Hall regarding the Co-operatli
Store. The'enthuslasm and confidence
of every one la exceedingly gratifying.
After having, it fully explained. Its
aims and objects. , the foreign bro-
med to thoroughly grasp the
Idea and showed by their action on
Saturday night their full confidence
in It when many of them paid up
their.full shares. There Is not the
slightest doubt that with the cooperation of all workers we can make this*
t a huge success. This ls a
movement, the benefits of which are in
estimable, both as an educational and
Industrial Institute. This Is the primary movement of the workers, which
has demonstrated to the world at large
that tbe workers can legislate,:administrate and distribute for themselves,
and tbat to some purpose. Things sre
going on as smoothly as anticipated,
and the boys mean to be In a position
to commence operations by the flrat
the month. By tbe way, when I &or
to think of It, I would advise them
wait until the second, as you .know
the first Is All Foola Day, and surely
tbe minors have bad enough of that
day to be wary of It tor yean to come.
The Rocky Mountain
At tbe. Famous Ssilphur Springs
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Ufiok Store.
Ledger A.s Always Get There stops co-oss._;._. £*.__?_ PAGE EIGHT
,V-     .,,,-     -• ■      •■. .r .  - .a-.-t-.-   ..        ^S^S.Kh^y
,."-.y ; *'- ..-,* )?>.-"      " y'_,-
Coal: And JVkat
We Get From It
This was tho subject of a University
Extension Lecture at Southport by Mr.
G. P. Bailey, M.A. (Dublin)..     Tracing
. the history of coal^ he said in order
to realize the stoj;y of a piece of coal
they must go, in imagination to a point
in the, history of the earth -that was so
buried in the myths of antiquity that.
only th© eye of science cpuld penetrate
the gloom. Astronomy taught them?
that their own Immediate universe"
numbered nine bodies 6_, importance"
* and several hundred of smaller' degree.
The uinG "of importance were our sun
and its eight plauets^-,p*lanets ranging
in,.size from the .iny„^Iercury,,which
travelled round the sun. in about- three
months,. to .the. giant.J.uipter, .which
took eleven years; .or the lesser giant
Neptune,* which -took' about 17Q years
to gob around. Astronomy also told
them thai thoso bodies so different
now were once all alike. Thero was
no essential difference between the
sun, which we recognize as,the source
of  light  and  heat and  ourselves (on
.the one hand, or the dead planet Mars
on the oiher hand.'or the hot. planet
Jupiter on another hand. The picture
astronomy ,gaVo  then. ,was '.that, the'.
' time was when those were> all alike
exactly. The spectroscope' told them
that '*o_if' _.fin" contained all' tile" elements which wo could "recognize "on
"eart-i;\and"t.*.e_-e was'a'very" great mass"
of evidence in support of various as-
. sumptions vhicy of .necessity had _a
- .-'be ma,de'l_l"connecting,\lje,'§un 'of 0o-v
- „ day' with*"the 'earth'''aria   _.Iars   and
.Mercury of a very different yesterday.
,'He said certain assumptions.had been
made, but the evidence in support of
. them was .almost overwhelming: * Tlie
greatest assumption of all he' thought,
was that thd forces of Nature' as we
-knew them, had always existed in the
0   .form in which we knew'tltom'-'today,
and that they would continue to oxist
*,   in the form in which we knew them.
Astronomy, taught that in'far-distant
times our universe'consisted of those
nine bodies,and minor planets, with
the comets and an eriioi'mous-quantity
' of matter in very comparatively,.minute portions, which they sonie-imes saw,
in the shape of meteors and shooting
,  stars, and that all .that matter, was" in
the.same, condition—intensely hot...
The spectroscope told them the sun
was neither, liquidl'npr solid, but gas-
* ' eous.-''   It"contained' 'elements-:, they'
,   knew upon earth together with one or
. two they had not -down here. -The."'
were in a  gaseous  condition.,    .Our
; earth was once -TTthe'^iAe.'c^ndlti.Qn''.
■ but because it was so much smaller
than the sun, it -was nowAn its pve-
' - sent condition.     The smaller plafiet
_ Mercury had .passed through .the .stage,
i we were now'in. The' samV'with
Mars....Tupiter.was still intensely hot,
The speaker went on' to say that from
the'begiiin.nrof timeairthose bodies
began to-cool "down as tlte'sun" was
cooling" down today," and "the smaller"
the body the more quickly it.lost its
'heat. The small planets Mcr.cury aud
Mars had already cooled down to a
'greater degree than we,hnd, and wero
now in the state which we should lie
,   in  somo  day.     Jupitor  and   Saturn I
were still hot, and if thoy could vigj; j
those planets they would at onco see a
stato of tilings that onco existed   on
the earth.. The time would come when
the surfw'buld become capable'of supporting \itfi. . He hid not say it would
have life on it, but it would be capable
of.^sup.norting.Jife. , The lecturer' <?_•'-
plaineii._-OW.the earth,had cooled until
finally water-vapour had begun to precipitate, and a considerable thickness
of,crust had^fprn^ed on the earth..
Last of all was'precipitated water, -
■/"Our sejis formed and our lakes, and
the earth" became possible for vegetation^ . Iiji .the ready days, .the vegetation was of a simple kind! They found
club mosses-;and, tree ferns existing,
because pf Ithe..enormo,u^. precipitation
of   moisture ...in- the   marshes,  and
swamps.,   ,,..,_ , „„       „„,'i
,Because of the heat the vegetation
died down,' ftnd *-was succeeded by
•several generations' of similar vegetation. It was explained by the speaker
how each generation was separated b>-
layer after layer of sedimentary mater-
,ial—relay, -limestone, -according to tlie
life* in Uic-water in the vicinity. Several changes took place in tlie decay-
■ etj .yogjbtable matter under the influence of heat and pressure until coal
appeared: _.That..wa_.' probably the way
in which coal was formed? Of course,
there were other forms in which tlie
'vegetable*' matterJ made "it's existence
evident-.'"-'"S6fhet_n.es they'found* ehbr-
■mous" deposits' "of natural "petroleum.
Proceeding, Mr. Bailey spoke ,of tlie
distiyatiQn ,p.f. coal ■ and the products
of}that!process;"*the four principal pf
which" were 'coal' gas. gas liquor, gas
tar and something which "was" left behind , in tho retort called coke. <> By
distilling wood in the same way thqy
got ■ a _,". urning gas, .not-equal to0coal
| gas for illuminating purposes,„but still
j good for heatirig purposes, and a spirit-
. nous liquor, which was called "wood
spirit," and which formed An important
{constituent ot .methylated spirit; 'a
I spirit called wood vinegar, sometimes
i used for- adulterating ljbus-elldld' vine-
|gar; a tarry matter called creosote;
and finally left in'the retort was charcoal." 'The-'history of coal gas was
interesting. , It was very peculiar
.that, trie early 'exppi'irnents.of4 the prb-
ducyofyoal gas -ft'ei'e carried1 out. .by-
clergymen, _IcVamed'the7li-'ov.. John
Clayton, Pcan.,.of ..Kildare, (1688),: the
Rev. Stephen .Hales, and the Rov.R.
V. Watson. . London-sjtreets, were not
Uglite'd-until '_813. _. th ,-the"year following (isi.) Storieyhurst College %
lumiliated itself by its'"1 own manufactured gas.     In the ea.rlv'davs neonie.
MAD.E-    » «V '.CANAD/>V
G!llett;s .goods
v  t * *■
Mr. J. E. Arsenault, a Justice of
the Peace, and station master at
Wellington, on the Prince Edward
Island Railway, says:
" Four yours ago I slipped in tlio
Htatlon nnd fell on a freight truult,
HUStulJiiiig u bad cut on Uiu trout pr
my ha, il thought tills would 1h..i1,
hut Instond ot doing bo It. duvcloiied
Into a had ulcer, and lator Into a form
or <!.'.nmi_ which "upronil very rapidly
nnd nlno started on tho othor leg,
Until li).:. .louinto ho swollen aud soro
.ant I could only po n'.out my work
by Irnvlnu tlicm bandaged. My doctor
wild I must atop work nnd luy up,
" AUi r •ii.'- iin-_.t))t- of t-iiu truubK'
I ronrultM another doctor, but with
i.o Li.tUir ic.ult. 1 tried all thn tmlvi.ri,
ll:ilii)( nta and lotions I heard of,, but
luniwi.l of .vttli,[. bittir I (tot woi'hi).
"Tl.l. w..h ii*,' .'i-i.iJlllon v. lti-i. I Kut
my ll!"t box of ..tim-Ui-l.,   fJrimtly to
r.iy dfli.'.Iit thut fliM box nave nm ro*
.11,1'      I   r-nnllainrd   In  nnnlv   It   tn thn
r-.n :, a.ui ■'{»>' by day tlwy f.ot lifilor.
i        -i ■,   -    .       , 1 1    1      1      -1
.   l» >i.,<i   ; ,.«  ti.   ....-,_   _   .,..>■.   i-,</-   ...i..«
rt .■iimi-'Mil-i*:: wl-lcji would <:ur«i mc.
and in tin: ind It did.
"It Is now over a >i.*nr nJnto Zam**
Iiu1.: woil;ul a euro In iny eune, nnd
ihr.T' 1):j:i hi-rn no return of tlia
»•. _'
Much l.-i Vr.f' nnturo of the greatc.ir.s
•/.:.'.;>, '/.r.m-V.r..: in dclly c-f.'-'i'tiiif,
rur<-ly hc;*'*-il In compo-altlnn, thl..
r.T'-ft tifitrn hi n imit'-* rnro fmr nil nltln
•.'.'■.'''!•, ctM r.QTPtf, chnpp'd 'hav.!..,
fr.ist bit.-, uiixi'*, b!..od-]ii.lt;«i;li.ij, vail-
ro*1'.; ..:(., i»II'U srnlp KOrc., iltif.**
•m.i-ai, .iii'i.ti 11\ )iiiw'in:i, ciiI.h, hitrfihUiid
trulscH All ilni!.cUt;i nnd store* loll
tit TM. hor, or P'V-t fri-o from Ham-Bulr
Co.. ujjon receipt of jirJee. '
were-'.grfeatly prejudiced against gas
and regarded it with-'fear. No one
CQUld.be found to light the lamps i.n
London Bridge. In. 1843 the Hay-
mar.kejt' Thea,tre, announced—"Am-ong
the''rfiost"important 'i'riiprovements is
.the .introduction,-jof the'first time of
gas Vs a medium'of'light.""'' Other
proarje'ts of coal 'wcnT'dealt 'with 'by
rheyiecturer. Art interesting' statement' wfis*"tlia't" a" ton' of "average* coal
wp.ijd y(,eld about 10,000 cubic feet of
.gas", a*ljput; 120 pounds of tnr, nbotjt
25 gallons of' gas liquor, and about
1,560 pounds"*' of. col.e., . At nresent" tho
consunipUpii' of, c'onl 'gas' was about ,a
hundred thousand million cubic feet
and about half av million tons■ of tar. ■
The tar gavo us one of the best ox-;
nniples of tho utilizations of a fonT.-''
orly useless substance The burning of ,tnr( in order to get rid of It.
lod to.t'jio discovery,of tar .spirit/used'
for diSHoIvIng' rujibor ,.tp--.waterproiJf
cloth."' "Mncklntbshes (ire named after
tho discoverer of thnt spirit. Gradu-,
ally tho properties of "heavy oil!."
camo to bo known. Heavy oils nro
used I'orlpickllnR timber, toloRraph pol-
es rnllwnjr sleepers*'and so on.'"'" The
discovery of bonzlno by Ilofmnnn in
coal.tar^ollR, in 18-15 was the BtnrUiif.
point of fi series of dlHcovorlcn that
nnvo no parallol .In rocent, years.. .The
story of 1111 lllnc might bo mild to commence here, PcrlfljiK mndo his (Un.
covery of nulllne-mniivo IiVlSnfl. Th'o'
mnny BiibstuncoH obtained during'tho
dlsl Hint Ion ot tnr woro not prosont
rciuly formed In tho tnr but wore
largely produced 'durliig tho heating
pi'oi'OHH. nnd vary nccordlng Io llfo
condltlonH under which It is cnvrlod
011. Allzni'lno, tlio IiiihIh of tho d>'o
pi'iiuilpW. of niaddor. wns artificially
produced In ISOS.nnd Indigo was nyri.
tlumlzcd In 1SS0. h'roni lar we nlso
get fo1)i'lfuc<'H mieli nt. niitlpyrlu, pholo-
graphic d.'V«'lopu.-i mich ns elgoiioKon,
Hwcoicnlni,' nijcntH hucJi mu hiiccIiiii'Iii.
llio Mccuilni. iii'lnclplcH of vimllln, liollo
Dopo, .*U\, iiuilKoptlcH su'di iih carbolic 110I1I mid 11 «roiit nuinlior of other
HiilmtnnceH thnt. hnvo a plnco In our
daily Hvoh. .Krcmi n nrnn!l licglnnliig
nu cnornioiiH Indimtry ha*, linen dove
loped In n period of about fif) yeara.
the ucliml vnluo of which It In difficult
IO   .'Hlll-MlC.
,f n, ..1
1,111   i.,.u
.\ |i:ili* of .*((*-]■., a roniidi'd cnn. n,
Siornc bones, osiri't muHPlrs nnd fniw '
veins, I
Hdiiiciimesj   wltlioul   HomotlmcH   with I
A pair of pants, tl whiskered chin,
A vent, outside, n drink within,
A pipe 11 pull a plot a plan—
Tliiw it. iho tiiinK wocnll ft MnnJ
Another lump miihh IroiiKPred hips,
Two poltiii-d tot'M, lwo piilnU'd llpu.
A ."liH|ir* ft vi)ic>\ h Pliih, ft drrnp.
A .Hi.JJ.j_T, .mother cJinp.
HometlmcH   with   spunk   Homc-tlnici
A thlnK of joy, i. thing of doubt,
A kid, *» fa«j«\ a chronic ttrlf**—
Thia In tho thin* ho call/, hio Wfr>.
■   The'following report of I. -M.' ^..Qarner.-was -unavoidably omitted-,. ■
1   from, the issue -containing thcother reports' of officers.., ...-,.   ..■•.'■'.   ./■
- To the Ninth Annual Convention, District.No. IS, United, Min.e,Wprkers
.   .   of America:, , . ,„,  ,,.,_.   ,,, ., ,    A-.--"     ,,..■■.-■'.- ''-,.
., To, .the,. Off Jeers, and .Delegates .assembled— .,.;,..'-. *, - ... ■,' .. -.'.
,; . In accordapce with,-our ^District Constitution I submit*Jo tyou a, brief-,;
, !-.',reP.01',t of my .work, done during my term of office as.your International- - *•'
Board Member, and. through, ,you, to,the rank; and file'Of. this-District.'-v ' "
-. t- •_-,.!, ,-.. ■' -,*.- • i-... Prsok Su6p.enpion„ ,, , .. ,i.< •-, ■-• .■• *'.';? ^ >-.
' -. • .Fipt'let me state that iij. accordance with tile.request of the-last-,.
, .^District '.Annual"Convention, District President-Powell And- myself, to--- -
'gether w.ith International Board Member.Rogevs, proceeded to Frank,-to* ■
.' endeavor, if,possible, to Teach' a settlement. of- tlie„various ..disputes -7
,   which were in "existence "between .the. Canadian, American.,Goal;'and .>■•
Coke Company, and Local Union 12637..,?,. <».■■■..,-'.■   A • * --J» * ■•■
"'"'    Aftei''several-conferences"'with the managemehti of that company!-
-we were successful in getting" tho whole- of -the, disputes -adjusted-,-,
to  the ■ sa.is-_actic.__  of  the  Lgcal .Union,  and  tjie mines - resumed
operation.   „  s .-,_,.■ v   .     ,,:.f    -.,-•-,  ■■>*.'
''   "' *■""    -    .    -    -i    ■<    -Michet Suspension , •;. - *"i •>■■    *-,',,'•   7*
.   ...Pj-Jorvtfl, your officers going-into conference~wltl_..-.the Western Coal *"'
.Operators Association at Calgary, last-March,. ..your District- was con*-*.''
.,' fronted,wjth the, whole of the mines being idle'at Michel over a'dispute . ■"
. in, regfirds to-the,method the company had-in "regard to ventilating
.. .their,mines and. looking after the fans.   -    .-, "7,     ■ ,...-..   .,.«.'*
,, Your .District Officers took up same with ■■ the-, management -of the.,-.'"
-. Crow.'s Nest Pi^ss .Coal, Company, and _Mj-„Robert Strachan: (Govern^'.*"-
, mept.Inspectoi*. qf Mines),-and he (Mr. Stra,chan^ was satisfied' if 'such',    "
improvements, were put into .practice,, the mine-'in question would be ■''■*,
..perfectly safe. , Several meetings were dield .,b*y so.me of'the-Dfstricfc'
.Officers, and the members of-the Local Union',' .but", their 'advice for ^ '•
(  ,the.ipen,to return to-work .was-rejeuted.-' '•    i-   ,--.\    :     *v   --fiiri'-l
,      At.tl^e:request.o£ the Distnict:Exe(cutiv? Board,'-1-along with-DistrictA"
.-"President Powell.'>vent .to Miqhel and -held -a- meeting -with- -the -Local'".5
t Union, and.aftei; going into, the dispute-iu'.detaiU mVer. successful" '?
in .getting the men tq jak^ a balloyvote as.',to "whether or- uot>'t__eV' •■'
,j__J\XM__!ixetui-iLto_woi:k_\viii(*ii_tiinv_fii<i--'i«''-'1^'>»""^-^ = «-■-■ •- « »7___._
men returning to wor]..    "... -     '"".'.''"<, .•.-.'.,>-.
,       In.referenfe to these,grievances, I feel satisf.ed\.h&t>'if.'the Uo'eal'    '
h^ Union jiad,taken these clisputcjv np-w^th tjie n.ana|femnat of this'co'm"-'    :
-    pany^indthe Inspector.,oJE.JIines a month before, they did there would
, . have beenno necessity for. thq, mines being idle on', thrtt- ofccasioW.'' < **■ *
* Scale. Conferences with th,e Western Coal Operators-'Association "'
?       In accordance with the terms in youHate agcremenf and the" policy     '
laid down by your last ,Aun4al Convention, your District -Executive'    ;
Board constituted themselves,into, a, Scale.Committee, and;met the""
Operators at Calgary 'in' March   19U,.-,at,^Uich confei-ettco, together""
.with International Board' Members"^ussoU■ aml.Rogers,* we'luid'tho  "
, pleasure <t0> attend.     I also attended, along with other International '
Representatives, conferenc^Avhich wero held from time to time in
•tRis District by. your Districtg "Sci^e sCop5mi.ttee,.,a..i;ep6rt.of, which <
I presume will be covered more fully by your District Officers
-•f?oard<of InvMUgftion Under the iQtlustrlal.lJIsputeB.-'Invoatifiatlon Act   -
.'. .''.. ;','•. BisfyC'ef"',t!10, Western'.Coal Operators'. Association.arid-
s   .        District No.-18, United Mine Workers of America
I attended mostly all of the meetings whleh wro-hold-by'tho Board "
in tho various vcamps in .the, District; gfjvo pvidonce boforo the Board,
,  nnd did all that was in my power to obtain tho .b9st.Results from it,  -
arid while 1 rogroted the report of the chnlrrnnn, I.Avns, thorpughly POn-
vlnced.Jcnowing Uint your Distrjct Officers, anplled^for tlie.Board; (hat   -
soonor or ,lator wo would have- tb acc'opt Its findings,
" T belfove thht if things In/gonoral,'&.nt is/our' ab,Uity..to,pon(luct a' "
strike In this country In the, winter;, where a largo majority .of our ."
membeis do not own tholr homes,,and other,.conflljIons? nnmclv.'o.ir   '
;; Ln° t ^rfi p-R. ^^^.x ^^ ^#£^1,
ftni! boon taken into consideration,by somo people, whllq. this Board .,.
was in MBBldn .that wo could have obtn'Inod hotter rosiilfs.    In fact    ■
I nm firmly convinced by our own'representative's romnvks'oi. the   '
Board, nftor It wns over, tfhnt'laytha't If ho hnc\ ngrood.wlth.tljo Clialr-
man to sign a majority report, the differential on pillars would hnvo ,
bemtrom throo to flvo conts, nnd tlio minimum for mlnersJS.BO por   •
', ,  " Attending'lnternatlon«nl Board Meetings
I lmvo'nlt'ondod'sovornl htcrnntlonnl Board MeotlngH.'both In-In-'
iZS' nm!^rVh0 Work « ^'1,,CJ' wns of.»n.ln.Brnatloiml   .
" ••^t8i,1° 0t wh,e,,.w"» Hio, financing ,of tho Rtrllce in this
'    v wm ! n,   '? ?Ji«,,t-°r-tl10 "mouul-wl". ",0 M]>' cpvprod.,1 prosumo,   -
by your District Officers. i
Together with International Organizer Brothor Carl Thoodorovloh wo '
were HuccoHHful In organizing Chinook Colli*,-.*,,, I.68nl Union No.
ti, H-,     IICrl°H' L°Cnl U,llon No' M80' W™ Mlno Into
nl1"!; ; rfi0^K",llzt,,1 Loc«l Union 1.. A number of tho
H.i.1.110, Jig,, lo mlnoH, we vlsltod In Bub-DlBtrlot l\, fot:,tlio purpo'ao of
organlKlng thorn, but ho far without riiccchh. '
"""      '■        *' "Agreements'
WHIr-tlu, co-nporntlon o( iho various local union committee,,  nnd '"
rccZ:rrmf,,,nl<',muimi'u orBnnizor c!nw ^odowvid,, ^^«■
aiirrPMfui |„ malting agrccmoiitH with tho following ludonondont com-
No. fi,., ndvinco of s p,-r cent on contract rate and Gordon Award
advance on day wago wnie.    Kuroka Coal Company I^o a Union m *
!o° «inv rr rwin :hi rwi m,vft,,,'°n" »»•'• •' ^TLi*
mm ill ln« tl ITv.   , J?r "rtf,rMon b>' lh« »»'°" over oiitsldo mon.
80";       ,    °   f1'v,r "»" ™°™-< ^11'Hl.ilHlilng iwo-wookly pay day.   '
A^Z^Ty, 'T1 mm.\m A-vnn« on tj Gordon
check-off. con.rac, ,„ ,. ~'^Z\'ZZ Z^TJVn **.!*?
ImalriK point for Mm* who,, ,|Wy ,,„,, \ , LiZt"'* m W
?n«l,toni:     ,,n"U^,.C, W,H "° C0V°rf"1 ",°''1 my b"   *w* P,?,r'r<
Late District Election
-Mv nttftnTlmi wn* cnlif..i i... ,.,.„.,. -. n.
ind men comipt pr„.-iu*0« i novor h^rd toll of. and |„ ord()r ,0 „vom
cZiz tl r;;'';; ■ t :,h°fo,iowi,,K m^^ ^ s.:ss
ArtlcKi 3, «H:il„n _, .,„„ 8. after tho word "ul.h|„" Btriko 011t tho M
M4 iwrt 15. thl. to Include every TMatrlrt Off.,,.,     T° Zml
Strlko out -alwr voting" on line 22 ond |„s,.rt, ■•„„,, , „., ' ?! 5? "'
the name !.nR«»s« as ,jlft bB„ofj( ,M     luU.a '   , ' U"'0"' ^
•   of to .feetro. which ,tal, » p0lM<1 lr/ft ccnsplcuo    7«i by t^S
nnclnl Secrclnry of .ho Ural Union, at le,», ,.*„ Jl^Zrt*
f(-'ontinup(. on p«fff f))
I LabDi^ World I
17   ' ' ■    ?•'?■'    ' A    ."   ...        '■
VWV ********* VVV'VVW******''
The Federation-of Trade "Unions in
Portugal,has -proclaimed"' a. .general
strike.   ,    '.   '■   ".,;-;'   ;.,'   y-~'
i' --   -•--     *    ■;    .';-.*.a* ..,«-; .-.'-"-i.'.'.-X"
f Karl Marx saysi'l.'In a society based
oipon poverty,,then -poorest products
^aye the fatal prerogative of serving
>the.use of the'greatest'number.-  ■■?•
, *>\.      , -.,,.' '-k"a.   •■» ■   » -    .•-.     -.'    j,.
■/ It" is'repo'rte'd* that •Kaiser-'"William
contril-uted $250,000 "t'o- anti-Socialist
campaign f linds duringfthe recent'con-
'test' iri Germany!'   '■»   V'A'A. i-Vu't
.i>   i      .■*-"•■ »•. «W'*-<:). -'.;. vi-i ." ■■
-' The 'Amalgamated''-'Association"'of
Iron, Steel and -.Tin '\Vorl_ers"of! North
America will hold-' its'-' a_inual*ccin.veu.
tion _\lay-7,"at''C_.ica_.6-    •■' * " " '■';
'     "'"• " ■"••■••>•  *'   V   *' "    .''*•■.■?•!•'.
Still an'other'',£)Ociarist mayor'is -elected:' ' The trick was'turned in the.town
of Bemidji, Minn.,' last week.' Socialists also elected'one alderman out'of
four.'•.■*■"■«'" '"V-'A -""^'••*^<
■:V ■•<-.:* :^;y*',-V.".   ■>.....,
The world's largest trade Hinio'n com-
p'osedu eiitiri-ly of women 'is''s_.id to' oe
the Cotton Operatives'" "UniW of Lan6a-
'siiii-e, Iilngiandy1 This uiiiou has'8u,o6o
members. • ,
»•■  ■\'\-i<* ;ii-l*> .i\\ "<,-!.j,--   '•--',-,   . f''
iJabor'i's 'riot' a'claW;1'labor/is''the
whole people, and its gospefis 'die •Jos-
pel to'iV-i'ich all'"the'great and good,
liiuW" whatever name, nave dedicated
themselvek—He'nry 'bA Lloyd'."    *''   ,
.-.- ,,.(. -. V 1   'It V(,-*\' I J"     a-        v   ;.'•   .?    --.
i i *      V      a N
t, "The tim§\yiii* come,,," thundere'd/,tlie
suffragette orator,, "when ^woman wjll
get a man's ^yages!,',', 4r"Ye!s," sadly
.muttered,, a man' ion11.thew,rear .peat;
'^nejet Saturday night.'/'-^.Tiidgc.. ,'.,,;
*   * (*.
Wai dor
*.*     ,,-f.i*"i\.;_;  -■    ■ ••--■ "r^iii-
;   ■'.■**!■ -\':Ji :,' .    ,,.y*"*'.V,
»Mrsi •__."''Jennings, Proprietress'-'
tRat^s?$1.50 and up
/'if. ,t(','lioS, sind; Cojd .Water!!;!;,,,!
,    :'■-..,Electrlp: Mflhted   ..-/ -, - -..-il
..:---.;';>Steam* Heated.^*--
""' '"''A"Phone' in' 'every r'o'o.ni''~ V[\
'A ' Asarhple'Rofarns oii? Main J !j
*'V   t  I,'.a !   al".   " '.' .>•>   I'.J.   i Si, ,-"'5i.)J
Business Street.
<   ? \l. ,'/'"" '•>    ».'•* V-. J-.,.,-( '/    )'!
t-icJ.-ja.   -'i ,.   .''   . i.     v. c-.-i    .
-Meal Tickets/$6.00':
«   *  T"> >       A J a"       * »'^t    ■*   *     . I-   \s        T   *   «*    -*'      a *,V J
Special Rates ^yf the. vyeek-and.
the month and'to Theatrlokrpa^
ties.   Try our •>
'il.-       '--,-w   >.-"-l.'       --'.',-      *.'   -.- -.**/'■•"><
y \y vy-L/p; Eckstein' •" y. /
.-1- ■ ■ '-*••    -V" *' ~-   . ' .
'*•» -■■ -fiarrlsteriat-'L_tV/,-6clicitorf'    >v
V1. T     ..       ,..  '0 '     ' > "■- ' ,.s     _.
'ECKSTEtl^3UILblNG8.' Ferrile, B.C.,
Special' S liiiday <
I,...Dinner,50c , /
The  finest   of  Wines,   Liquors
"and ClSdr's served*by* compete-ht'";
and obliging wine clerks. '
'•' «  ^i *.afi_,'     -    ' .
'If the workers .will stahdlogethei: as
they, should, .botluin,. the -unions,.and
at the ballot box, there .will -be no ,need
for- pitiable- -mendicant^; ,>vearing opt
the' knees of their --breeches., iiivholy
prayer-. to',,the-bosses.to do .something
foi%-labpi,.-.V|i- .-.,-.•   .,*NI.-\. .        ..   ,.
• '•". -.*. ■■.j*''-.)''* .is.-** I*-* , • i. • '••• .-.-
,■„,'Tlie,Steel,Trust made,over,a billion
In profits in nine yoars, ••..The.men
w].;o...->yo£k.v in \t\\& >rolling,. mills ,are
paid),, handsomely-.at, the old rate/-two
,(loyai;^.,a ?twelve.hour.day,.,and, moreover,; are-allowed >to increase their> wages by nutting^in seven(days a ,week all
the year 'rotin'd.—Vancouver World.
I,*'*-*.'     .<--!!    .<■     : ■ , '     j „r-t'  .  4.
-'*:L *'l-r"'-' r'ii *'-v -'.■*" *-.•--  --'(-**   i.*"    .
Sentenced, t,o five years,exile" iu the
coldest and loneliest part of Siberia^ b"e-
c'ause-heAv'as' a member of the»'"^ocli_j-
ist.party, Dr. Vladimir M. Sensinowi a
• 'i-i. i   V*>    .'-'i*Sij    i*.      v*     :»..-i>-i--
JtamOUSJ5rofeSSOIU.of_nhlln<;nnhvjTi_HI _
,4V-..Sll-IVji1-'       *• *,       ,'.. i^i-        ">^   f1.       '-I-,
Petersburg, has-reached his destina-
tion after a journey of almost=-six-
months, according to a,report .from the
governor or Yakutsk.
> »"! ' *    *" ■'    'tl
'.    ' -' .   '■ *.      •     aj
Sqcia]ists"of .Denmark have demand-
edth.at the ^ii gar industry, b~e nii.ti.pn-'
alized. a's; lji'e"foixljr.''means', of .meeting
tlie e'xtactiqrii. ,o'f "the'^ugar/.truBt^A
copmittee 'Has "been appointed in ,Pav-
1'vime'nf Jo '/i'ny^stigate^ this, proposal.
\n" accordance' witii a' law which five's
the state the right to expropriate,any,
indu'&.ry.' •w'h^noVcr,' 'thev' general 'wel-
*fare''Bh'all" 'demand it'.'       '"''""'"'    :''
!.   . .,.,, \   .1,,.* -*,, A.  ..-, -i
\Vhetlier it ^/'becauso^o^ thp threatened'great strike or^ thnt. oiiucn .Ion'ie.
mnklng Vapid headway, cannot,/be ,dc-
tofmlnpd at'present, but! tVoi ifact ,r(j-
mnlnsjthat/t'lie/mlncrs^f Great Brlt-
'ahi'liiivo dpcldod'to.add nlno'members
to tlielr 15 roiireson'tntlyos in.Pnrlia-
ment at'thb noxt .election. , It Is pro-
'bfiblo that/«i,/mh!jpi-Ity, /if not all, will
bo sbqlaljs'tyat^effBt'.nll.thoIr'.'ganiiid.
ntes'wiil stand oh tho labor party picket and .platform. During tho last
ye'nr"thb members of the Miners' Federation .uVvc/ Iwori'tiii'iil'iK Socialist In
largo'number's hnd'm'any'o'f'vt.-o Con-
sorvatlve officials havo boon retired'.'
'* ' ♦   #
Fortovory sqcloty ' woman wrapped
In silk and bo.Bpanp.lod with diamonds
a thousand othor womon nro clothed
in rags and Jowoled In • tears. For
every boisterous Jnugh of tho Idlo rich
thero comes In reply a thousand bIbIib
of tho ovor.worlcod poor, ■ For, every,
shout of joy from tho Upa of (ho do-
nothings of, tho world wo, hour Innumerable Hobs of pnln Iflsulng fr^m tho
tliroati. of,tho.tired tollors, , Until all
tlioso conditions.have boon nltorcd;
until llfo, has boon inn.lt) bnnrnblo lo
tlioHo who food nnd clotlio tho human
rnco; until Industry Ih rewarded nnd
Idleness punl-alioti; tht.ro can bo ho
poaco nnd no slnchenlnR In tho effort
of those iiRonctoH which nro HtriiBBllniJ
for the OHlabllshmont of Jiiflllce nnd
fnlr donllnff botweon mon.
. ■     ■'   *^   -   .', v .•,,       i-'-... J..'.-.      f'
\ ,-.--...      J,
-\ ,.-..,» .- y ,,.■;,!,•'>       r lf. :i«t     .
1 ..-.   s...        .    '    V  '■.,.*" ....  ' . O* ; ,.
-Is Now?-Opened s
■Glean;' Cosy arid"very''
.,!,,,?,.,    .Inviting- -. -  .-, --
" Just £hep._3c'e after, tihe"!
Ashow. or from the,rink.-
■y'Jbrir.'barber,* b,b.s.,'Lps.. , Av
7 7'1''. -7.   dentist'   -   _      ~y--7 '"
. ■■ !l    '' ;    " -' A.--V* *o ' '   ■-=■"■■■■ .
Office: -Henderson Block,-Fernie, B.C.
•^rA,Houro.,*8.'30"t(_ 1 \"2 to S. * / ' --, 7 ■   sl
"*  - j     ■_--..,<■      ■   - •,    i        - - - ^
-," Residen"ce:*2i; Vlctoria'Avenue.:. -,;
T—*■ ^—m—rp—r-
ll.    -7-^r-
tf.._C.'.Lawpy- ,.'::y,./-r,l,-Alex..,.,.Fleher'  "'
ta -''-"-tAWE^'FiaHER^;: :7''*y '
.Sr.yv:,J ^:*!TWB$a??5P.-.'i.j./ '■/'"'''/' '
y -':---!!:V;;'Fert.ie, Bl' C?- -•"*J'-:""; "!'„ -!/
••>rr/-.)I-'   ;.''     »■.(-,.• i _- -,- ;'''  •..!-••
■i my .ii-! ,r.. ,->*  ,.;- , •-...; •   ♦-•,-,;> ".
■'*   •■!• :.;.V.»H,, ?UJNAM, 7   --A7 ■
■   -.     »>    5  a:'l*"'>.'. '        "      ll"   »    • '   ,' >.'      (■*,.'
Barrlater^Soilcitbr, Nptary^pu^lic, etc.  .
... iLAI^MORi ,'' ,-*,'/;?.../ . /ALtA.7 !'.
■■ti      ■  ' I '   i'    '.a.,,,       '.—."   - '  . .'
... ,v.. ,. .-•.;:;   . ■      ,f,{l•■,-.;►._•.-.■ ,:'      v
*    -■ * •?■ *i.->'.-: *%. '.;*?; »';, y A,'*  ...
'«■     >1 "     l».    i    'VI'    li'j      '   " ,".  ?   i  '*   .'
.-..,   (,' II-:'  .iJ--"/-..1-   .-   «,  .-,   I -
M!"-*'tjl<   il * a *   \/.y  \:y.\"     •'.;),.     < » ,'
,-.,    7 ■   • <
<•>     '
:'"t i~i\ > -*'- *. '>•-.'•: .*(^ i*   -'
- A ^A.vMcDouga.l.'Mg.'
--'a   .•'..'' 1" »l    t.i '    iv ii •.•'.''   ■_"•*.-pJ..'
1-.    a.»'|.i,|.|./.   ., ,     -.   K .. .(**  »,   •■, a .; •».■• '.f-
ii**'*".* * *•< >   j • -. i  *, > i• * .- - yr-y-i,-.;,
-.-, ■* ';ii - v' -.;'"*   ; \. • .- <• .i>-.- .j. ■ ,-.  •->.'
1 Manufacturers of and' Dealr!,
'• ers in allkinds of Rough, y
'"■ t ti-, i!.'    -   ■' ■. >,-'>  -.tr> <}', !' ■ .. •!.
/.!;" v'ahd, Dressedjijmber"':,'!!
Send; us your orders
'. fl'
'-■>*, .-"
•n ;-. ;
Bar supplied with" the .best' wines,
■ Liquors iind'Cigim.
-.'.,H     i"',-   V     *••■',.'    S ,   "      ,    *   '*• i.   ...1   ,  •.,
•"■       'T.'  -."      ,,-*.<•       •!   a'-}; ' 1* "f.'l.a
W.HiLLSA1' .//.\;.>,a'*iV,,..,'.'Prop
.,.,, ,-\    .-;-   t;i
Large Airy; -Rooms &
. A/Good ;J3oard.
Ross & Mackay £.!»
Provincial Federation of Labor Would
Like to 8ee Legislation Done
A/r^y Vntn
. aMONT-tKA.-, .Mar. (,—At u mooting i
of officers and delcK.'ittH of tlio Nn- j
llonnl TrniloB und Liiiior Council of I
.Monlrenl recontly It wna decided un-!
iuiinimiKly io orKfinluo n provlnclnl fo-
deration of lnlior Blmllnr to tlio ntute
fedorn'llonR In tlio United StntoB.
Tho new Inlmr orRnnlzntlon will don!
with provincial poll!leu nnd will In no'
wny Intorfore with tlio economic aldo
of tlie lahor movement. This U wa»
mU\ would be left In the hands of tlio
ViwloUi- Intci'iwtluiml uuluim uiut tri.de
council*. Tho provincinl rcdoration
will deal with the lahor leslsslatlon he-
torn tha local loglalnttirA and It waa
laid tha. one of Itn first nets wontd bo
to «««-(the abolition of the legislative
lucomi-.y of th*. provlacu of Qu«»U.c.
""* Nowhere in tho^Pai's can lie
found In such a display of
. ,. •   .   ;•  ',.  ■    •, ■ .«
We have the ben money,
can buy of Beef," Pork, Mutton, Veal,"   Poultry.   Butter,
Ego., pish, "Imperator Hams
nnd Bneon" Lard,   Bnuiagee. •
Welnero aiid 8auer Kraut.
Calgary Gatile Go.
Phone 50
A'- --«"*■".*>;■' *V- '- ^  ,"*►*
H 0?T E1
f.'-tf '    'n \ •- '    -'"• -> -,»
, y Bar.. Unexcelled. Vi:. •
'.V'.EYerything , A-  '/.
■'" "Up-to-d^te; ,'"
.1    J   1'
,Call in./ahfly'y""
see us once
\Vholes.ile Liquor Dealer .
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishincs
Second Hand
Victoria Ave., Fernie
All klniln i.f
Household  Furniture
Stoves, Tool^ etc.
Bought and Sold
0. Radland   Fernio
Lizard Local General Teamsters No_
141. MoetB ovory l-'rldny nl|.lit nt
8 p, m/ Mlnom' Union Ilnll. W_
A Wo.thlnKton, Prosldont; 15. 3,
Good, Socrotnry.
Bartenders' Loeal No. 614: Moots 2nd
nnd .th Sundays nt 2,30 p.rn.vSocr»*
tary Jl' A. aouplll, Waldorf Hotel
Gladstone Local No. 2314 ll. M> W. A.
Moots 2nd nnd 4th Thiiritrinv Mlnnrn
Union lii.ll.  Thos. Uphill, boo.
Typoaraphlcnl Union No. B55« Moots
loat Si-tnrdny In unch month at tlio
U'dKor Offlco. A. J, I.i_cki«*y, Beo.
rotary. t
I  a..I   r«HMT*    hi-     4-r   f,     r,     .,   f.     «a       i
........    .   „,,...,    .....    ,.     w,   I,   *.   w*    W.aVSi-4
in Minon. Union Hnll evory Sunday
at 7.-I5 p.m. Everybody welcome, D.
Patou, Socrotnry-Trdnsuror.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners.—Local 1220. D. J. Evans,
President; P. U. Shnw. Secretary.
K.   W.   WIDDOWflON. A«»»yer and
Chemist, n«i O llfl_, N«»«on, It. C.
Charns:—Gold, flllver, I_«»d or Cooper,
tt yaoh, M poldaBllvor. or 8tlv«r-r.eM>,
H-M,' Prle«* f*r Whtr r.«U!*: Cost,
c«n.i.ht, Klrfeltr analysts on applies-
tI_,T.iniri,'V.MirK"Jl. wtan o-«a-iy ttCdcti
tn Tlfltlsh Columbia,
f'    /'"
■|i_^;!-*i-''**""--'',,"  "
li         ...-«_ THE DISTRICT LEDGEB   FEEHIE    B C   MAECH .  1912
;c 23 as. t-1*
Beware orj
|Soid on the
Merits of
Fernie Dairy
.  delivered     to    all
parts of the town
Sanders &  Verhaest   Broth on?
iLivery, Feed!
I Sale:
George Barton     Phone 78 :
{ <£» I M G E R
J V* E W I N G
i  Pellatt    Ave.     Hortb %
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Go., Ltd.
L. E. McDonald
Exprasi and  Dal I very'Wago nt a
{ The Week's Neivs for   ---    _
I        Our Foreign Brothers i
;a    ) Programme? t)el
Parti Socialista del Canada
II Partito Socialists del Canada rinnlto in Congresso afferma fedelta
ed appoggio ai princlpli ed al programme del partito ri oluzionario
dei lavoratori.
II lavoro produce ogni riecbezza, cbe giustariiente dovrebbe appar
teriere "al lavoratorfe, il presente aistema economist) e bdaato aul pos-
■ aedlmento prlvato. del meszi. dl prbduzione, dimodoche i proifott del
lavoro apparteogono alia c^sse Capitalls'ta. Quindl 1 capltalista e
padrone, I'operalo e" schiavo.
■ Flntantoche la classe padronale.h'a nelle man! le redini del Go emo
tiitte le forze.dello Stato saranno usat« a proteggere e dlfendere I loro
diritti dl proprleta' nei nieza.1* jirodnui-i dl ricehezza e nel controlir
dol prodoctl'de! lavoro. . .
II presente Bistema capltallstlce da'al padrone ogoi sorgente di rlcch-
ezaa e henessere, ed all'operaio unamiaura crescente dl mlaeria e
--e gradazione. ' " .   ;
B' nell'lnteresse della claase lavoratrlce dl svlncolarsi dii laccl delio .
sfrjittameuto' capitalistico, nell'abdlire il siatema del saiariato. sotto
U cui riianto, la classe operia.viene derubata nella divisions della pro-
duslofie.' - Bei; ottenere tale scopo, e duopo transformare !a proprieta'
prlvata dei mezzl di produzlone--ln proprleta' collettiva, o proprieta'
i'irrepressib.He conditio d'intecesae. fra capltalista ed operaio, va
rapldarnente afiluppandosi nella'lotta'-per 11-posses so della forza del
Governo. II capitallsta col tener dnro, e;i'operalo d'iiapossessarsen.;
con laezzi legali.      Questa e'lotta di classe.
*Noi quindi facclamo appello ai salariai di organlwarsi sotto la bandi-
.era del Partito Socialista del Canada, col solo scopo di conqulstare il
.pubblico Potere, aceio' sia messo in eseeuzione il pronramma economi-
co della 'classe lavoratrlce come segue.     ■ ' -_   .'.. . ■ *■■'  •-
■-. 1. -La trasformazlone al plu' presto posaibile, della proprleta" capi-
talistica del mezzl dl produzioue (risorse__naturaiyniin.iere. fabbriche,
stra'de ferrate .ecc, e_c.) in proprieta' collecttlva 'deiia"ciaa_e lavora-
2. , Organ izzazione pnramente democratica e rnaneggio delle indus.-
trie dagli operal. .... .       >
3. Staliilire al piu presto possible che la produzione sia per uso
e nan per profltto.
II Partito Socialista quando sara' al potere, adottera' sempre e per
ogni dove (fincbe' 11 presente sistema sia abolito) la riapota a questo
probleraa come linea di condotta. Vorra' la presente legislazione av;
anzare gl'lnterossi .della classe operaia, ed aiutarc i salariati nella
loro lotta dl classe control il Capitaliamo. Nel caso affermativo.
nilnra il partito Socialista e' per esse. Nel caao contrario e' assolu-
tamente opposto- "..,.-■
In accordo a tali principli, il Partito Socialista si obbllga di con-
durre tutti gli' affarl pubblici a lui affidati, in maniera di dover pro-
muovere i soli intereasi della classe lavoratrlce:    ■  : -   ■      - .- .
Canadian  Sosialistipuolueen
. yhtyneina me  Canadan Sosialistipuolue  vakuutamme
;   ja   kannattavarome   Kansainvalisen   Kuroonksellisefi
l periaati-eita ja bhjelmaa.
6i tubttaa kaiSeh. varallisunden, i
n oikeudellist
myos tyovaelle kuulua. ,   . -:■.__.-    ■
Nykyinen taloudellinen Jarjestelma perustuu kalkki tuotantovalinei-
den kapftaaliseen omistusoikeuteen. Sentabden otta tama tuotan-
tovalineiden ronil3taja — feapitalisti — kaiken tyon tuioksen, joten han
on berra ja tyomies. varallisuuden oikea luoja, on orja,
Nllnkauan kuin kapitaiistit pysyvat. baliinnon ja laitisaadannon
omistajina, kaytetaan balllnnollinen valta tuotantovalineiden yksityi-
somistusoikeuden puolustamiseen ja. snojelemiseen. seka pitnmaan
tyontuloksen ykainoroaisesti heidan .volvontansa alaisena. .
Nykyinen iarjestelnia tuottaa yha palauvan Hikevoiltotulran kapital-
Istllle, ja tyolaisel-e yba lisaantirassa, jnaaragsa.Kprjuutta. Ja alentu-
Tyovaenluokan etu vaatli aen vapauttamaan itsensa kapitalistien
*orrosta, havittamalla palkkatyojarjeatelman ja vaatimalla kaikkein
tuotantokeinojen luoruttnmista yksityisten ballusta ybtcisehsi valtton
bmaisuudelisi'."     '        "■'. ....--.,,..
Valttamaton taistelu eduista tyontekijain ja Kapitalistien valilla
. kehittyj: nopeakai kamppailuksi hallinnolllsen.. vallan om 1st amis esta.
"Kapitaiistit tahtovat sen edelleenkin omisfaa^. tj-olaiset sita saavuttaa
valtlolllaella taistelulia.     Se on lnokkat-iistelua.    ..
Sentabden me kutsumme kaikkla tyolaisia jarjestyinaaii Canadan
oosialistipuoliieo'ti ilpun alle, anaatamaan yleinen lalnaaadantovalta,
tarkoitusella aseltaa ja panna kaytantoon Tyovaenluokan ohjelma seu-
1.   Muuttaa niin pian kuin raabdotliEta luonnontuotteirten. tuotan- .
- to valine! den, tebtaiden. teollisuuslaitoksien, rauiatelden. y. iu.
bmiatus ja kayttooikeus kapltalistlseata yhteiaeksi koko kan-
san om,aisuudeksi.   .   .  , ._
2.-  Teolllsuuden taydellinen ja kanaanvaltaisesti Jarjesletty val-
vonta tyovaeston Tiautta.
3.   Jnrjestaa,  nlln  pian  kuin  mabdolllata,  tuotannon  valmlatus
ykslnomaan Ravtantoa varten, sensljaan kuin ae nyt on vaan
-Htkevolttoa Varten.
Soalalistipuolueen viral list a tolmlntaa tt|lee alna ja joka palkassa,
stlben astl kuin nykvlnen Jarjeatelma kokonaan on bavltetty. objaam-
aan bysyrays; Bdlstaako taman talkka tuon tain Inndlnta cyovnenluo-
kon etuja ja auttaako ae tyolatala holden lukbatalsteluaaean kapltalls-
taja vBtann?
Jo» bq aattna, soalallatlpuoIu« on ehdottomaatl sea puolelia, Jea Be ol
autit, on se alta vasta'an. Yhtapltavaatl taman peil ant teen kntiKua
SoHiallattpuoiue puoleataan taliaa. saadefleaan ylelaen aalanbpldon kasl-
Inia, hoitavansa ne niin, etta ne ovnt hyodyhsl alnoastnan tyovaen
List of Locals District 18
,,j. .        NAME SEC. and P. O. ADDRESS
29   Bankhead .'...?.... F. Wheatley,' Bankhead, Alta.
481   Beaver Creak P. Gaughton. Beaver Creek, via Plncher
-431'  Bellevue  "f. Burke, Bellevne. Prank, Altn,
J_6S   Blairmore  B. J.Chaae. Blairmore, Alta.
9-19   Burmls Jos.   Derbyshire, Burmls, Alta.
2227   Carbondale- J. Lonaberrr,.Caibondak, Coleman, Aita.
2381    Cardlir. J- Poole, Cardiff. Alta.
1387   Sanmore N. D. Thacbub, Catunore, Alfa.
2633   Coleman  W. Graham, Coleman, Alta.
i   2877   Corbln    R- Jones, Corbin, B. C.
1126   Chinook MineB Wm. Forsyth, Diamond  City,  Alta.
j 3178   Diamond City Albert Zak, Diamond City, Lethbridge.
I 2314   Feniie TboB. Uphill, Fernie. B. C. .
I 1263   Frank .".... G. Nlcol, Frank. Alta.
j (497-.Hosmer W. Balderstone, Hosmer, B. C.
lfi.8   Hillcrest...??. J.'). Jones, Hillcrest, Alta.
j   574   Lethbridge Ia- Moore,    S04, SMeenth St, North "-ethbridge.
1 H89   Lethbrfd-se Collieries Frank Bartngham, sec., via., Klpp. Alta.
11333   lhib  W. L. Evans, Lille, Frank, Alta
282B   Maple Leaf S. Parker, Maple Leaf, Bellevue, Alta.
2334   Michel  U. BurreB. Michel, 3. C.
I   14   Monarch Mine....   L. J. Thomas, Monarch Mine. Taber, Alta.
83B2   pHBBbnrs ;J. KluBcaritB ,  Passburg, Alta.
(2689   noyal View ....... Thos. B. FiBLer, Royjd Collieries, LeU-bridge, Alta
19B9   Taber.., A. P»tter«in, Taber, Alta.
| 103   Taber J. Cooper, Taber, AUa.
o s) p   t
Socialist Party of Canada
e he Socialist Part nt Canada ill convention as embted
our a e„ ance to and s po I of the principles .and pro^ran m
revolu  onary working class
Labor pradaces-all-wea  h and-to-tbe inducers-  it
Tl b present economl"- s slem is basel ui on cap tal st
the mean'; a! production   consequently all the product
long to the capi-allst olass      Tbe capitalist  s therefore  mas er      e
vorker a sl-ive
So long is the capitalist class remains in possession of the re ns
of go eminent all the powers of the State wiil be used fo protect and
defenl her p opert) right n the meant, ol Health production an!
their control of the product of labor
Tbe cap tallst s>stem gi es to the capitalist an ever srtelbng stream
af profit and to tbe wo ker aB e er increasing measure of misery
and degradation
The Interest of the work ng cla b les In tl^ direct on of setting itseli
free from cap tallst etploitat on by tbe aboliton of tbe wage b stem
under nhch is cloaked the robbery of the worklng-tlass at the po nt of
production To accompl sh this necessitates the tran a formation ot
capitalist i rope ty n the means of wea th production Into collect ve
or working class propertj
Tht irrepressible corifiict of interos s bet veen tie capitalist and tbe
o ker Is rni i U) culn nating in a struggle (or i ossession of the I o er
of government—fhe capitalist to hold, the worker to secure it by political action.     This is tbe class struggle.
Therefore, we call upon all workers lo organize under the banner nf
the Socialist Party of.Caiiada with the object ol conquering the lU-blto.
power sfor the purpose of setting up and enforcing the economic programme of tbe working class, ns follows:
1. The transformation, as rapid!)- as possible, of capitalist property
in the means ot wealth production (natural resources, factories, mills,
railroad etc.) into the collective property of the working class.
2. The democratic organization and management of industry by the
3. The establishment, as speedily as possible, of production for use
Instead of production for profit.
Tbe Socialist Party, when in office, shall always arid everywhere,
until the present system is abolished, make the answer to tbis luesdon
Its guiding rule of conduct; Will thia legislation advance the interesti-
cf the working class and aid the workers m thfclr class struggle against
eapiinlis.ji'l If It will the Socialist Party is for It; If It wIU not. ihe
Socialist Party is absolutely opposed to It
In accordance with this- principle the Socialist Party pledges Itself
to conduct ail the public affairs placed in its bands in such a manna-
aa.to promote the Itcrests of tbe working class alone.
Chas.   Garner's  Report
Sec etar  Treasure
h" ibdll recohl h a
of  be DIstr c   S>e_,!
procedono presente
ssai consolante nelle m
ll'eir, Kan s., e dintorni
l fabbricato di
itta di Shreveport,
d inealcolahlli e la
mente feriti.
In seguito ad
Newstqwn, Pa.,.
bracclanti per. u
ipiattro dl essi
riti e tre versa
, Totto fa credere cbe fra breve ces-
sera lo sciopero.tfei marinal dfgoston,
Mass. Le cpjnpagnie dl navigaziouo
pare che propendano a fcedere .alle-
domande  degli  scioperanti.        ...
I minatori di Linti
noto ai padroni chi; s<
ero'e' i-'einque giorni
lo sciopero.
Le quattro compagnle . ferroviarie
Frisco. Louisville and Kasbviile, 11-
inois Central" e. "Burlington" fra
reve faranno eostruire in .Paducah.
fy.T un maestoso ponte sul .fiunie
(hio. Questo ponte verra a" costare
[ .dollarl.
rittoria sulle cl.assi
di- ijuesti ultiml tempi
provano lumlnosamente la verita dl
Lo spionaggio non rappresenta la-
tattica peggiore che usano colore che
banno blsogno dt mano d'opera. Ahi- \
toati ad ammassare e a maimenarc op-
erai, essi non rifnggono neppure dal i!e-
lirto per riuscire nei lore intenti. Questo fatto yerificasi particolarmente fra
le grandi industrie, I proprietarl delle
iro   impiegati.      I  loro  operai  non
rappresentano eke irierl ingranaggl del-
grande macchina che produce i proti e i dividendi,.e quando questl on-
ii  si  ribeilano,  Tunica  mira  delle
corporazioni e quella -riiUcifcrire, tir-
campo, i loro diritti  di pro-
Fort una tamente, spuntera presto il
orno in cni i lavoratori si accorger-
mo che.Ia. proprieta produttiva del
ondo rappresenta II surplus del va-
re ad essi rubato da quelli che nulla
prodncono e; prendendo possesso del
Governo, dicbiareranno che tale proprieta .produttiva e legale e giusta ere-
ii tutti.
:avalleri del lavoro banno gia
dorinito e. sonnecehlato abbastanza e
cciminciano a compcendere che e giunto
li tejnpp' di. eritrare In posses:
quanto ad essi appartiene.
thoughtless,     brain
quattro millonl e
There's a nice bait set
Shut your eyes, and with
Go like dogs back to yoi
Go In rags, and In your t;
Lick the plutocrats' vil
Poverty has grown so s
H iavot
11 connazlonale Bernardo Cavallo, novo dl Rlvara Canavese, ha perduto la
vita nella minlera No. 2 dl Collinsvllle.
icarseggia in' modo allar-
mante nelle minlere situate.in Krebs,
Okla, e dintorni ed i minatorl sono
costrettl a rimnnere colle mani alia
clntola gran parte della settiroana. 11
numero del  disoccupati e 'ragguarde-
GU adett! al servi.lo ,flei carri'elet-
trici di Chicago, in numero di circa IS
mlla. banno fatto snpere al padroni che
proclameranno Io sciopero generate ae
llceazleranno Id sopraintendentc
James B. Hogarth per. abusi d'au-
torlta da lul  commrBBl verso alcunl oi>.
Martedl nelln vlrlnanne di Norlh
Adama, Mass., avvenno uno scon tro frn
passceglerl ed uno morel c
quattro terrovierl restnrono ucclsl. La
gallerla Hoosnc rlmaae oatrulta e prima che possa essere rlaperta al traf-
flco, occorreriimio parccchle glomatc
dl nttlvo lavoro. *     '  '
e ferrovlerl
1'altro giorno in u
awemito nel din
mouth, Maine.
ono mort!    bruciati j chiusl  verso Is
disaatro ferroviario   cembre per fai
orni  dl  North  Yar- , paraiioni e per
1    I  padroni  di
A datare dnl pr.'mo del r-rosslmo
Mnrzo saranno rlattlvatl in Portland,
Colo.. 1 grand! slabilimentl per la pre-
a^ato. che erano stall
fine dello acoreo DI-
i delte importantl rl-
Does not. make you hesitate;
Blind to every sense and reason.
Go again, and lick the halt
ote for men who tramp you under,
Call your poverty disgrace;
Go and kneel down to the tyrants,
Let them tramp your cringing face.
Vote for men who hog in millions;
Why, Indeed, did the Almighty
liinn as brains?
Hetter stuff your heads with sawdust,
Let     your     thoughtless     cranium a
luce upon you tails of monkeys,
Por you are too dumb to think.
d and vote with Rockefeller,
Carnegie' and plutocrats.
They call your wives "the vulgar,"
They wbo call your children "brnis."
cringing coward*,,
As you
(fo  tmuedfrompigp &)
i for tha   purpOM:
11 a e in e
s  gate l tbe books
o£ I o    1 Ln
on \o
d ring tbe t
me Ch-is  O ban
as fn nca
during   b   s
rike and before
hs man
tbio Local I
for srl.ee
ef  ani if e   D str
ct Boird ^
ras In chirge of the st  ke rcllpE   n     1 Is
Art   ie -i   Se
tion 7  D strit   Ca
whe ber   t
ou d hi c been s
alen at all
I        0
in estimated an i
ac   on tike
understand from good    u ho
s, th-tt tl
assumed n n
<■ it Supfro    «)
in ng   L   S
Edmonton F eld
BiTb    Internal Inn:
visited Ihe 1-
(1 mon ton field far
tbe piirpoh
e of se
king n
We talked in Ihe abac
icy a
Most of ihe n
mines are foreign-speaking men anil some g<
from this section of the country." The reason
tlon at the Cardiff mines is on arromit of repeal
the country. There are employed al these two
-.We also visited the mines along tbe Saakatche
about fourteen mines employing about, nil told i
tween five or sis hundred men, but in the summ,
formation wo could receive was they only t-TT
These mines are all within a radius of about, t-
Irf regards to organizing these mines, the bes
with them b about August or September when they are beai
get a market for their coal;, it being lignite coal, and tlie m
in there then for tbe seasnn's work. There has been a goad m
employed in these mines from this section whom we spoke to a
what an.organization is, but who realize that it's not much l
ythirig with them at this time.     I might also state that at
e the best Infor-
e left E
e a til of this n
i. the
oz them, are oi
From there  we went  to  Edson on  the  Grand  Trunk  P:
find south from there is tbe Yellowhead Pass Coal Compan;
Coal Company and several othor companies who are doing [i
or development work, there being no railroad into these mines  ar
will be on towards next fall before there is.
On the main line of the G. T. P. Railway. M"est bf Edson. about ei.
miles, is the Jasper Collieries, or what is known as Pocahontas. T.
is employed at this mine not more than eighty meti. Tht-y are w
ing contract work.      The following is the rates:     Room  nnd  nai
foot posts. They have a tine "pluck-me" or company store tliere. w
charge tlie following prices for tile necessaries of life:
Flour, 100 lb. sack      jr,.
Sugar   ail  lb.  sack    :        _.
Butler.   1   lb	
KgSs.   per   dozen	
Overalls,  per  pair    -..,       X.
Pit Shoes, per pair .- _       7.
and other prices in accordance with these. There is a fc-r-lins; i
brought about by a man by Ihe name of J. McSween. for the c.tal
ment of an.organization al that place of their own. which I am saii
is done far tbis same man's personal interest, but it won't he long,
the assistance of the coal company who are gradually grinding
men down so that tbat feeling will die away, and the nien will be :
and willing lo be organized in to District I*.
in the Onirose Section there is onl-. one mine -orlm. ji
present lime which is tmplo)ing about sift-, mrn \\t spok
l_ood m my of the men there -ind find tl e-, are n illmi, io b orrai
ind   I  believe   this  "ould   be  done   uith   ler.   Utile   trouble
_ thdt tt
of tl
3 ill mostli shut it
with Interii-itioml  Pie=n
i tils
iali v
c inserted in the ii
tomethine that tan onl) bt i
someone perm-inenil*. s ation,
look   nttr lh<" local unions   i
this oi „ in i ition as an cffi<.*
endeavored   in mj  humble v
; this Lonvenlion e
Tutti coloro che anno 11 voto.
Se andale in cerca al voatrl diritti non gut
tn no la rial. In facce e vl dnnuo la inn no una
e  tutti  flnlto.
Nei campi jninerari d'oro d'argento
. piombo situati nei dintornl dl Lead-
-ille, Colo., vl e grande scarsita di
avovo.      La disoccupazlane e gener-
Nel disttetta m.'erario di Birmingham, Ala., I lavorl minerari procedono
ora abbastanza bene ed I minatori gua-
dagnano un discrete salario.
Nell'Oregon le condliloni. di lavoru
sono molto trlsti e'non v'e speranza
che migliorloo per qualche tempo. Nella sola cltta di Portland vt sono plu di
14 mlla disoccupati.
ipieU'impIanto hanno
reso nolo i:he impiegheranno i
un ninggior numero di opera! dl priir.a
e cbe I lavorl sarnnno splntl colla tQPs-
stma alacrlta. per far fronte al grandi
ordfni ricevutl in queste ultlme eeiti-
mane, ordlnl che vanno aumentando .'i
giorno in giorno.
E' stato detto e ripetuto che "tutto
e permesso in amore e in gnerra," ed
e su questo prlnclplo o megllo, su
questa mancanza dl prindpio che II
tirannico capitalismo, I dlsnmanl padroni conducono Ie loro guerre contro II
lavoro organ!22ato, senza badare a
quail mezzl usano per ragginngere   lo
With such thoughtless fools as :
Hence it haa happened that the development of steam navigation of railroads and telegraphs, of mechanical
and chemical science and Ihe growth
of the population, while enormously Increasing productive power, and the
amount of material producis—that is.
of real wealth—at least ten times
-faster than the growth of population,
has given that enormous increase almost wholly to one class, comprising
the landlords and capitalists, leaving
the actual producers of It—ihe industrial workers and Inventors—little, if
any. better off than before.—Prof. Alfred Russel Wallace.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Dr. Kelley Cures
Diseases of Men.
By Modern JM-ettiocIs
"606"  for Blood Poison
Museum of Anatomy
Free Consultation and Advice
Dp. Keiley's Museum, 210 Howard, Spokane
Gs! Wise—Vote for Davidson I"
'    ■                                                      '                 * 0
1 o
ci'.-. -;.
(A    "
-■ ,i      "•_
c*     *?   '     «.i-.
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Tiger Brand Pineapple, 2 lb, tin, 2 for .7  '  55
Oranges, per doz.) ... . .25, .30, .35 and .40
Cranberries, per lb. ....: .?..,.. 10
Self-Raising Buckwheat Flour, 2 lb. pkgs, 2 for .25
D Bran, 10"} lb. sack  .'.'.... A ..,.. 1  1;25
Shots, 1001b.'sack  1.00 -
Lethbridge Flour, 98 lb 'sacks" A, - 3.25
Here and There
Follow tbo crowd to tbo rink tonight.
Follow the crowd to tho rink tonight,
Follow the crowd to tho rink tonight.
Dr. Corsan received a hurried, call
to Ottawa, whoro Ela mother lays seriously ill.
Geo. Vincent arrived back in the city
on Monday after a two months' sojourn across the pond.
The body of Mike Kanda, a Slavonian, was brought in from Bull River
on Wednesday Inst.     Tbo cause of
. m . ,    A , death was through- a fall of gravel,
but now of Tabor, was ln town dur-  Kanda ha9 a brothor work,     Rt C(jal
ing tho week. ' Crook
Sara Irvine, a,former Fernio citizen,
A Council mooting wll) bo held to-
morow (Saturday) to deal with tho
smallpox outbreak.
Tho monthly tea of tho Lndlos'
Guild of Christ Church will bo hold
at tho homo of Mrs. S. F. Johnson on
Wednesday'afternoon at 3.30.
The Ladles' Aid of the .Baptist
Church will hold a Cako and Apron
ShIc on Saturday, March 10th, iri the
Eckstein Block, opposito tbo Post Offlco. Coko, ton, and coffeo will bo
Arrive This Weelc
. a a  :   ■•   ■ ■ °
$15.00 and $30.00
•*The Home of Good Clotbea"
Ho_9___ntc.t* » -  B« C«
.Classified Ads.-Cent a Word
j 7 WANTED to PURCHASE-f-Peerless
j or Cyphers' Incubators in good condi-
j tion; also 6 Indian Runner'Ducks and
J Drake, and 200 White Orpington Pullets.   Albert Davies, Fernio, B.C.  tf-24
Tho Calgary hockey team that "buncoed" Taber out of tho Winnipeg trip
In quest of tho Allan Cup, got thotrs
good and. plenty on Tuesday at tho
'Peg, to tho tune of, 11 to 0 at the
hands of'tho Victorias.
Mount Fornlo LodKO No. 47,1, O. O.
F. will havo a social ovenlng next
WwlnoBdny ovenlng at tho close ot tho
regular biiHlnoss, nnd nil brothor Odd
Fellows aro naked lo keep the date
> Tho Polmntlor Ststors, who aro an-
pearlng here In Victoria Hnll, on Monday noxt^havo never failed to "mako
good." Tlio Rimers nro woll adnpt-.il
fir tho various parts thoy tako'.In tho
pioprnm of tho evening, and thoro Is
nn nlr of sympathy and foollntr throughout their work thnt Is seldom If ovor
found In othor orgnnlzntlonB of this
kind. If you wnnt to have tho best
thnt cnn bo produced In this line, do
not miss thoso tnlontod bIb.o.b.
Tho -UgrouBlvo Longuo of tho Mc-
thoillflt Church hold thoir weekly sur-
prlRo pnrty at lho homo of Mrs W. M.
Dlnken, on Thursdny night. A musical
^proflrnm wna rendered, which wns"
thoroughly enjoyed, nnd which con-
fllntod of: 1'lnnoforto duot, Mrs. nnd
Mini Hrolny; solo, Mr. V, Doodson;
boIo, MIhh IhiiIjoI Dickon; l'limofoito
solo, Miss M. Itobortsoii; cotnlo song,
Mr. Woh, Owon: solo MIhs Klslo Wonrl.
Iioiiko; Hong, Mr. Her! Woodlioiiso;
piano nolo, MIhs M. A. Ilntomnn; hu:
wriln \\f .Tnlin (.nrlfv, .nmlc i>fmi», Mr,
.T, V, nimtnlck; plnno nolo MIbb K,"
llooy nnd.-innny othorH. All thn mem-
!)(>rH worn vigorously encored. A collection for tho purpoKfl of furnlHliIng n
jioited |8. |
Thoro In n slight opldomle or Hmnll-
pox In tho city, How It go horo nnd
[ undor whnt clroumBtnncoB It In dlffl-
j cult to Bny, but It'ls n Btrnnno coincidence thnt It Hhould Jmv« got hero nt
| about tho snmo time thnt "Hon." Wll-
llnm It I.OS8 wns roportod to hnve arrived In tho olty. nnd nt the plnco he
wns staying, although wo hardly think
that his political vlows are very Infectious, i Anothor Btrnngn pnrt of this la
thnt Robb hnpponod to Bhift h\« lodg-
ings In the'nick of tlmo, jiiRt boforo
tho hotol waB plncod ln nunrnntlno,
ii>|).t *";Mrtw.^fno V\\{ M.ifM ptic "r -
Yilo unv 1w» wn« horn lurVv, On n Prl-
Alaska Jack's moving pictures of
the Arctic is proving a decidedly popu.
Inr bill at the IbIb Theatre, the houso
being .-filled to,capacity at laBt night's
performances, mnny having to bo
turned away for lack of room, Tlio
verdict of ono and all was that tbe
pictures aro In a class by themselves,
and, by far tho best representations
of national scenes ovor shown In this
city, • Tho walrus hunt and polar bear
hunt wore particularly Interesting, and
tho dog team races, trip on a trading
Bdioonor, otc, nro truo to llfo In
every respect, Tho Alaska pictures
will bo horo for to-night, to-morrow
(matinee nnd evening), nnd this opportunity should be tnkon of seeing tho
beat Bhow soon horo for. somo tlmo,
On Friday and Snturday following,
Napoleon on St. Holohn will bo noon
nnd other bookings for subsequent
nights aro "The Siege of Calais," nnd
"East Lynno."
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»♦♦»»»»
o <»
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ +
NOTICI-.-noots * and Shoos neatly
repaired by Mr. F. C. Clinpnmn, Morrl-
soy Cottages.,
MrB. J. ShnrploB nnd two chlldron,
and Mrs. J. Ronrdman and two child*
roti   loft tftfvtf Vim.  Qohirr'?" fpr t.t1. c"V.
tnndofl" trl\. to tholr old homo in t,nn-
cashlre, England.
•IJobt. Adnmson nnd Jnck MoAIplne,
flro boBNOB In No. .i.,' B0Vpr<*-d tholr connection with tho C. N. P. C. Cf Inut
nGfl you tire
of disappointments with your
local tailor—when his
clothes .fit yoii badly
and lack tho style you
see.,1 on other well
dressed men—
Look up
You can hnvo your clotlu-t.
mii-ln ttxproHHly for you—cut
to fit you In any onn nf tho
vc»ry Intent' Btylcs » clmono
yo\»' cloth from h-iwlredi.
of bomitlful pfltternH nnd
Hitvo nt loiiNt a till id of your
tailor'.) l'C'Kiilai' Charon, Try
Cninphfll'H for your m-w
KprhiK Unit
Fred. Johnson
'   »ffli
- TOR 'SALES,'—New Raymond Cnbi-
net Sewing .Machine; noiseless and
easy to operate. Coat $75, will sell
very cheap'or exchange for good hand
machine and cash balance, Apply,
J. I. Rowse, Lot 7, Block 91, Chlpman
FOR SALE—Eight-roomed, modorn
Houso on Macphorson Avenue; all con-
venloncos, .etc.; prlco $1,700 for houso
on 30 by.-,l"20 foot lot; or $2,000 for
house on full lot (GO by 120), Terms:
$600 downPj balance ns rent. Appiy,
Croo and Moffntt.,'
FOR SALE—Houbo, 7 rooms, bath
and pantry,' connected range; block
47, McAvoy Street, ■ Centrally located.
All fenced and painted. $2600, terms.
Chenp for cash. Apply, L. Q. Evan,
Box 128,
TOR BALE—Now Is the time to crt-
er Day-old. ^CHICKS   and   Eggs   for
Hatching from solocted laying strain
of Ruff  Orpington.   Albert  Davlos,
Fernio, B. Ci       ' 2S-4t.
ii'ny.t/ /.twl     n«fl     It^f.
V— l';
All chiin-jA'CK of (!o])tv (or the week
iniiKt he reeeiverl hy noon on Thurs-
(l/iy, olhenvise no change will he
Bv  Order
trip to tho lnnd noted for good whiskey
ami heather.
A Vote for Davidson is a Vote for
Deputy Coroner Wilkes, of Fornlo,
paid a -abort visit up horo on Wndnos-
day Afternoon.
Mf«»r« Trltos nnd Wood pnld li busl-
nni-B vl-slt tip lo tYu'lr branch storo up
here on Tiiendriy "nfiornnon.
Quite a number of Creekii<*s joumry-
ed to Fertile on Tliur«day to attend tlo
B|K»cls,l moellncr of Ol-tdtionn. !_w.,»l Vn.
Ion to hear the reports tbe Dele*
gntc!. brought back from the District]
Convfntlon. j
The mine* were all Idle up here on
.■-(.Kuiij, uUuuu.OI- «)().U_i,,v.ioo mt uu>
on ThMrsiluy mil] Frl&uy. '.
Mr. Abraham Brown is paying n-vlslt
to friends down nt Frank this weekend; - 7    ''
Jon BavlHon wont, Into the Fornlo
..-_. .......  .U.&V  ^,t_v^_tK*i_9   A^fcwv. fauta  -,w»_.
RlicunmtlRm In his feet. • .
Th'o old Top Notcho'r blow up here
ltiRt Sundny nnd ho Is qulto clnted
nbout tho grent frlonds ho hns marie In
the P'tlHburg of Cnnndn.       .   .',
All supporter* nnd sympathizers of
the Socialist Party are requested to
band In ,h»»ir nam** to W. Hiilderslone.
Workcri; are needed, and «v«ryont"i
should o've a hand.
A Vote for Davidson It « Vote for
A meeting In support of the 8oel.il-
tnt Cflnrffrf..te, Wm, Davfrfion, w(lf b#
held here on 8und»y tvenDng "«xt'
Chief epenkeri*. J, E. Smith, and Harry
HOUSB FOR RENT,—Four-roomed
Cottngo, moat kitchen, clothen closet,
wator, sink, eloctrlc Hxht flyturon. etc,
Apply, Wm. -Bflrlon, 3ln_.orB* ARoni,
HOU8I3 FOR RBNT.—Two-roomod
plantorod Houoo; toilet, wntor, conl
Bhed nttnehed, Apply R, WrlRht,
Wt>st Fornlo.
For One Week
McLeans Drug & Book Store Kc'<
Ni^ht  " 26
POR RKNT—Storo In tho Rckstoln
Block.    Apply, Croo nnd Moffatt,
S. C. Pure Bred Buff Loghorns'
ICrkh for hntchlnst- from boat pon for
$r> por 13. Socond pen for $3 por 13.
H. D, Wilson, Broedor, Pernio, B, C.
od for Fornlo nnd District to sell Went-
orn Cnnndn towiiBlto lota.    Mnn who
nnco books, or ronl eitnto preferred,
but oxporlcnto Ib not bo essential ns
stronir personality and willingness to
work,    ii ,,
. We nre tho authorized hpUIiir (iKtfnt
of tho Ornnd Trunk Pnclrte Rnllwriy
for ono of lu main line dlvlslonul point
towns nnd tho owner* of two othor
A good mnn cnn onrn from $50 to
$300 weekly.     Let us tell you how
Add rex*:
243 Somerset Oldgi., Wlnnlpeo. Man.
Victoria Hall, Mon. Mar. 11th
; J i_
Polmatier Sisters
Under'the auspices of the Fernie
High Class Entertainers.   Vocal
and Instrumental. 5 pc. Orchestra
Dance after Concert
Original & best music.  Come and enjoy you___clf
Tickets: Concert and Dance, $2 a couple. Concert $1 each
Wake-up. Vote for Davidson
FOR BALE—Homo on Loi I), Illod.
62, Annex. ,' Apply R. Corner, „ Rox
274 Nnnnlmo, 11. C, or -182 Fornlo.
Two Lots for Snlo—Lotg l nnd 2,
Rlock 21, (".ARnnVTM*..!"*!. Alfn. Ap?
ply, District Ixidgor,
*> ' 4
Two lots.for snle In the rifling town
of nurnnby, U. C, Twenty mlmitoB
wnlk from tho Now Westminster
Docks, Will Bell chenp. Need tho
money bndly.    Apply, District Lediror.
WANT1_D—Tfcavy Itorson; young
nnd nctlvo; good to pull. Write tuo
for pnrtlculnr*, R..Lnmont, Creqton,
H. C. 28-2t.
OIRL WANTBD.-deneral Housework. Apply nny afternoon botwtcn
2 and -I.    Mrs. H. W. Herohmer.
i    Tliu Furniu 8lciU)i Tjinindry jiml
Dye Works roport buKinesl. im- j
proving nil Ww timo.     Tln»,v nr<^''
ninldnpr ft reduction"in-priel-H on!
Dycinif nnd French Dry Clonninff j
Jor tlio spring trade.     Also af
c.lu.ap muulldy luundry tt\U: for t\\\<
hndieloru will bo givflti.    A trinl'
in .ill t>«#»v nsk fo convince you!
they are O. K. '


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