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 *, ■"■'
-• • j.
* V ",*'"r"*-.
i - _ n*  . <-**
, j> - ?-
. -   .   ,,>_■.
H,." .
r*->'Vjk yi'
\\ 1   sii, -.* ^v
. M'.-S,; fe,-_***\"' -! '.-•'- ,'- '
,,-.  H ,7-.;*;--:[•_ ;;
•■'pHk. .7 .'* 1
_B_*-__--'-*F. *•••"'•. ,'■■* 7
aMMW. !. ■ »Jr -i . -
- ^T___T i' , *' -  -.*;-*'
-,  ,>.-;' ..!     A; j -** >■ ,_
i*   *.*.%.:
■■"•• ;X./Hie Official 0^.ipC]]^^:No^_^'n;-'il.;W. of, A.
.-.- -•"_*-*. *. 7.     **    ■■   • *' "■!""-J.-1 *cf*.T ,'   7 7-"":-7 '.'-• -' -''." " *' .
legislative ^>-x    ,  •// \\
I..AY V^ V9Vt        ^
Political Unity it Strength
• f ';" ■ yffiivS:y^^ 7K.:.Vi.:^i2_I®fe^i-'Vft'JV^'"-- ,™:district;-i^qee,t:^iw^^ia^^Y^\m-
$1.00 A YEAR
i "i-f.-j *V._i.>,'-'U'"I"-, ^i.
_-, ■.'*-*-.*■
■-■t...  '-i t
,.-*\,-;V""..,?.l, -7*7*:^7\' •17^.-;
Not a Criminal Case on the
fiensation ^5^>^ttn/^?x
.    May 17t-i;\1911,'is a red-letter day ln
. the.l'ilstory of'Fernie.'-and !a clinching
!' repudiation of the aspersions casi. up-
bu ihe community bv in-embero. of the
tribe ot Big' Noise Llttie Truth—NOT
; TRIED! yy_ y - i *- " """^yf'yy
'/Sheriff Kastner fiaade the: presentation, to the Chief Juatlce of .ft:-pair,
of white; kid gloves, emblematical   of
•' the clean, docket,    *    ''■/ - -r,'"',
'   Judge MorrlBon,in accepting them
._cpre-i8S>d'great gratification,' stating
: that thlt waa only the'second time in
bit dkperienoe that this had happened,
' Kataloops having the .honor of first
' place,, In his remarks he spoke in the
•warmest'terms.of. commendation upoj**,
the excellent accommb'datloa nowpos*
sessed j by. thi. city,*, both ah regards
the provincial 'court house a_a tha
calibre* of .the Jots! men Sfelfeftt'fed td
raid In the dispensation of the affairs
"; of"*ju8tice,"",'> '-^yyii■*■': 'r' ^y'i'y
„ v Atttong -the fclvll. ehbes .tried before
HIb LotdsWi). «%re!two of mbwLthan
by the jurors, whom he praised for the'
manner in which they had -reached
their conclusions, Judging the case in
strict'accordance with the law governing. „ .He-likewise,complimented Mr,
Eckstein,-counsel for the'plaintiff, for
the able- manner in wblcb he had pre-
Bent*d*hi» argument.""' •-''¥•-. ' <
, It was argued;by; counsel -for plaintiff that the defendants'having neglect:
ed a statutar-f'duty'the plea of contributory negligence did not hold good.
The court refused to allow euch contention., • It is probable, that the point
thus raUed will be taken to,the court
of Appeals. .",,".,. ,,f -,"V''- ' .'^u '7
"Eckstein. and- McTaggart: for plain-
fIff ,    I    <* '\,      .   •••    r*.     '  -   '    ,'        • .      . a:
-   . . —r. -..*•'-*■ -VJA,*.;r  ._r-,    ,...   -  ,    -*    ' *^
Maed0fiftld-,",6f R(5Bfi, Macdonald*and
Lfthe,'Cbilniifel _&f :defense..„Sy-. -. - "
-7Aa&th«f^fttee/ scheduled*, to .be
brbu^t before-His.^Lordship Vas' s"et-
*U%a,*5ut of cpurt^b^ mutual agrwment.
TWfet waB an .action; brought by'Joseph
W..'Buchanan !-_agalnBt^thV *C.' N.' P.
Coal* Co. to.Mco'veri.asaages" for injur-
*7.'    ■ Port George, B. C..    '- -
■" . "'•    April, 9th,'1911.
Secretary Amalgamated   Brotherhood
Society of Carpenters, etc.:
. Dear. Sir,—I am authorized to write
you explainlng;,co*aditions here, etc. ' I
am* writing all principal unions the
same way. ' You will note we call ourselves* General Union, -'thereby Including all wage earners.  ' Our union calls
*«_-„;*_'..,.. _.,, .._■•/-■  '■'■"':
Skilled* mechanics .'.' $7.00 a day
Skilled laborers ...'  5.00,a day
Common laborers  4.50 a. day
v Nine hours constituting a day's work
on all town sites and buildings. I
might-say some of the contractors here
aire paying that money, and which was
paid last summer, but there are some
contractorsnwho; are trying * to" cut
wages, and are.only paying ,60c. and
65c. for, 9* hours,' that gives you $5.85
per .'day. Now, .the living here 4b
$2.00 a day, nothing, less, I can assure
you. . Prom -this, you can see carpenters can do ae well at the "coast as
- Anotlier thing ls we shall be up
against it for lumber! The mills here
can't supply-one-third of the demand
for. the few of us that are here. There
are" contractors here ^ho come from
your^district'-.who' claim they can get
first class xAftchahics to come up here
for 60c. an hour,'and as you can 8&6
from the cost of living, they will do
well to stay where they are. I'm writing to .wawrall,t_o»e coming.,,--The
ed in' exceBS of ..the usual-amount invested by an amusement enterprise of
the size and importance' of*' the Al G.
Barnes organisation. '   " -'   --'
The Al G Barnes is,the only-real wild
animal circus In the world. ^Barnes Ib
the only one presenting a performance
lasting,two hours which^is giving entirely by 30 tralned..animal8 from the
jungles and - wildernesses1 of strange
!»    }
There was no meeting of the City
Fathers on Thursday evening. ....
,. $22,000 Is not a bad sum to be paid
out at this'stage of-the proceedings,
and will be acceptable in more places
than one says a Hosmer man.     :
. paMStftg iatferfeit to the-communlty; One ies received; while engaged at  hia u^
:71fnElie^aS"ttelBO^ tSl%m^6ym"ent;WfdrT^^5f, aj"m-
I     ***- '.It* -     '      l > .     -,.        *       ."-•..     -l./'f,-V>l        .     -       ,',-l_       _.■"__.."   |_jf»',»__^V»__J,il_r»..x'_L»
. - H&ll'way, &ttlt for damages, toqunt un-
' fiVa-t-siA, hi■:whloh,tli. i!^fctw'>roug)i*t
•' -ft^it*ft*'recovery .for toiuriM.recetyed
., "wrB'tle _ix .he employ",i>t the CrowVNe&t
^There are lions,'tigers, bears, leo-
parde; panther^ chWtah$; monkeys.and
other more familiarjeniinalfl that perform marvels in ther way ^KoHemtm-
ship, leaping on'and off 'the, backs of
fleet steeds as they .travjsJ 'at electrical
speed around the,-three big.. ringB;
Jumping through hoops of fire and oth*;
efwise imitoUng^W-human-l^rfomer
with'- such successvthat the';.achieve-
mente of the-latter-,Vrp frequently rendered . insignificant, by the - superiority
of the Imitation.''J.'.."" '   ,  ' ■
.A particular feature of'the*Al G.
Barnes' Big Three'Ring' Wild':Animal
Circus' is" the steelvarenU.; In this
'stronghold "are inclosed1 at'each performance the' most nntameable of beasts
and their human masters;') for a beast
may be untameablej'buti still yield, under human, dominion?' tq |ri*,hrtfig. Men
and. women, bpth*'a_iBi"the' tralners—a
fearless,' indomitable* cowrie who direct
the movement*.'of,'savage"*Hone,,' cou-
Bftri," lwpards'and Jaugaffi. With' tho
readiness of a'BChool*t|actier handling
a1 class* of ?chlidi*en.s' ;■'pyramids are
formed by thelr-mek-^eating pupils,
who also roll.balls, walk the tightrope,
contractors RM boosting this.place in «•? .«*:•*»* «*•(»• "ttie, folk;
Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison will
not go to jail as the court, has decided
in their favor in the suit growing out
of the Buck Stove boycott'
' Persistent rumors arc afloat that
there will be -several changes in the
sub-official 1 staff- of some of the coal
companies along the Crow's Nest Pass,
but for obvious reasons th«Be are held
ln abeyance pending the settlement of
the present^controversy.   -
- Arbor,Day .holiday was not observed
owing,,to.the inclemency.of the weather. ; Many citizens took advantage of
Mayor .-Bleasdell's offer to supply trees
gratis to all who would plant them,
and. lncipent.'boulevards are now noticeable in several streets,     „.*■>--*"'
No. 8 Mine at Michel Burn-
ing~Report That it is
On Monday, last it was reported that
a'fire was burning in No; 8 mine at
Michel, and from information gathered
lt is in that part of the property known
as 17 chute, 27 jig. .   --*      '      0
. Chief Mine Inspector F.' H. Shepherd,'
— We are promised a strong letter on
the. cruel manner In which several dogs
have been wounded and left to. die by
officers engaged.to comply with the bylaw regarding fn'on:payment oit -, dog
licenses, also a condemnation of the
methods adopted in, impounding animals.   See'next week's issue.-' - ,-
with Deputy Robt. Strachan, managers''
Fraaer'and Shanks;' and the, entire Btaff
of officials and petty officials, are using every effort to cope with the ultua/
tion, but up to the,time of going to ..*•
press we have not heard what success
has been effected.'
It la tlie Intention of the Company to
seal up the burrjinfl area. -    *
key* lbcomply^^ the
22nd day/rt 8eptSnbegr/19io.: V J.,'   >■&.
*'. m»t_k! __._tf_.n__,   -fall   no.r-ltva   __._t._.n|,.
(f%S*, Coal Co." M^eamBtef.y   ^y ;:,
1    A'ccordldg to t_e"e-TldjAcV 'givflh'.-tTel-
%bn was following the^rdlnaxy, course
-of duties v»W' the waBl-'bumliiBd" Inta
by an efttine v and. train ■ of * box can
during ^unUng,6per&tlo&B,'htB Injuries
accoi^ing 'to/the t-MtimiMiy -,'ofODr.
Coittn are^of e\lch,& to&t\ir'e thftt,th«
sfAn-e is affectwJ, KbA tho action of the
internal orgbftB AlWilriCWdlied bo ,wii-
Vuely thnt he to -pftm&nontly crippledv1
' The tlib waa htoiled.by. a sp-cltfl
jury Of *fei'gh*t, with.'X. ty. BleaBd*ftW bb
forom&h„and 'alter rifting the evMence
evofV febneiderh'tlo*, returned .Verdict
for 'th'e 'defotolMit, basing ttieir deci-
bYoW bn 't^ie TiioYht of law th*ht while ne-
feligcWe 'mliy bo' shown bn tho part of
the  .mpl-bVIng compnny that whero
.-thore ill contributory 'negligence by
-the ^Mbloyoe that ho thorebynnBuraeB
-ros'p'cbsiblllty of tiny mishap resulting
* 'tife't'efrom.  „
*,,,  Judge Worrtson, In Bumming up, ex-
, !pr_-Bed doel) sympathy with the unfe^r.
tunato tnftin which was llkowUe felt
order to get ft bunch of fellows ln here,
and,th%i___he'fellows wi)l have to'work
tor what they" can" get. and a-lot will
_a_:e_to__go laboring.or anything they
;_&•-' engjne^feltj dvey^tiiS = fembEnk-,
mmt'aiid'Buchiinan{v^t j|iiche<l headlong .own*;the hill B^t^lnlng.a com-
ptJUrid'fracture'.of, tlu» tHrghr"'a^frt,-^
tf-jc-B of; the,r.arm',; ihd ■- -the flower,' 'part
"of;.hlB(body- WVUlrely bruised.'.--;K ' ""
\tyj* underuthnd that the baiiis of settlement i_.u.*tually agreed upon is the
sum of-liSBOandall costB,, and llkft-
wise WH^able and permanent employ-
mefci with the Coal Co.      •     ,--
- A.-J. FiBher, ot Lawo and H-iliw wbb
counsel'for plaintiff, ta'acdotaati), of
Robb, Macdonald' and > l;ni*i6 .Abiding
brief for the Crow. tim IVsb Con)
CO. *i   "'" ,   \        ■     '      " ;    l   ,
Tho'e&BO Of l^,rq'un1llWon.iVB.''C. P.
Railway Co.. th 'a'ctteft'for-damages by
fire, W&B trtbi hotel*. His Lordnhlp
JuBtlCe Mbrr'isoh tihi'-Thurflday, At tho
cIobo of thb ''cTHj'o HiB' Lordship suggested thnt the flatti-oB should get together
and nrr'atigb i Bottloment ot the action, and ih the meantime ho reserved
judgment. H. A, Maclean, K.C, and
A. 1. Fish-r for.plaintiff. *M, A. Mac-
doicihtd Mid"fy.*S. Lane'for defendants.
and play other games thSt'are'the de-,
light Of the juveniles. |<. •: ■'. ,-* -, .;■;.„.*,"
s- The/onlyrtroupe"ot J***rformin'g roy&l
Bengalytig-irs, I'Xh*;«&me' represfefttlng
can get;' because' as J Bald, the mills
can't possibly supply anything like the
detnandof^the few contractors that
are here.    If "fellows Mme "in -here this
wmnwr.th^W.hg they cap pake a big
-BtakajUiey will jm>k\a"big, mistake, I
can aBBure',Jy6u,' and1"If('they, have'no
monoy' to tev-fat- and - depend on* -W^lrk
tbey will-ije properly up* agftln'-st It.1' I
should strongly*'advise all' 'CWrpenters
coming to wait until* this phce is settled, "otherwise   they   will   assuredly
<_Qme in' hero and bo broke, and won't
be able1 to get,out again, unless they
have'a lot of cash they don't need, and
which fcftBh-tkoy would "lose,   I loo_
to you,'Mr. Secretary, to do your utmost In this mattor, as I. OBBur*. you
yjou will bo doing the fellows a good
turn if you can stop them from coming.
You will note we call ourBOlVbs General Union, that is because we • carpenter's   aro * not strong   enough tt)
branch off as yet, but!' ot courso, wo
hopo to in the near future,
'* Hoping you will look Into this matter
and oblige
YourB truly, *   „'
" Socretary.
an expenditure^ "W*. $20,000, ,that is
known in"the.United _tatea.. .. _..
ColuinhB ^ouid'-bienecesBaryto describe all the marrele that' are-offered
In.thiB big show, it-which every act
^ For the benefit of our subacribers we
hftVo , made, arrangements for a cac-
?OOtt";Bervice, but .these we wish to
jfOint' out:'are merely .for the amuse-
tnent of1 the'public and are not to'be
this: publication regarding , political
squabbles between different factions.
lift thrl!LvV'..t >. Jr '■  '
•Free.- Street- P&rade"*at'10.-30 "&._***-
Fernie,* Tuesday* * May 30th.;
.. •***.      j
 A-thevi{:-, y.{"~ y ■
'most rollablo1 authority-.that thore -wllll^
V«.' _■_.•»__.   ...._._« _lnt->_>__   t__.f/_»____ll /.IfVllOB   ••-
Pr.pt>fcle rlggettnte. , La speranza per
av*ir«;le due parti insieme s fslllta
tion awtposslbiliU'ad tin prosilmo
accordo motlvo a grandl dlfflcolts.
be' some lively dolpgB In football clrclea
thU season1 as there are several International players, both Scotch and Irish
sojourning among the hills in a remote
part of .eastern British Columbia who
•will emergo.from their retreat at the
appointed, moment. Keep .practising
Coal Creek, Michel,. Coleman or— (w.o
nearly, mb-ntioned the place) will get
you It, you don't watch out.  ,      •   -,
We are Informed that the Provincial
Health , authorities have written , to
Manager W. R. Wilson, ot the C. N. P.
Coal Co. strong letters of recommenda-
tionregarding the., advisability of taking early" atepB to' remedy' existing
conditions and requesting that a sanitary engineer make^a^.sjpecial report
on the conditions) etc.,' of the camps
under .the', supervision -of the Coal
Company.-1 It is recognized that a
sewerage system. is^hlghly necessary,
and lt is hoped that this wl)l be installed this fall, in'the meantime buckets
will be provided and the present system condemned,'-these buckets to be
regularly' [cleaned out. 7. Moreover, bar-
,■"..**     ~ *** ^!-_"'        .'-,,.    0
cemetery at
Michel, the Coal Company have been
urged to have this matter attended teat on*»'a*hd the government have stip-
■utot^d.wlllingneBB^tQ, pay .one-third^Ojf
cost.of"the reniovRl'of the bodies to
he^new cemetery.-.The reason for the
selection of the present site*we learn
was'that the-.one at first chosen by
the mineworkers was reported to be
so stony and the soil so*shallow that
proper interment was not practicable
except by blasting out. the rock,    '•"■
the house BlopB."j»7   ,-
"With reference to "the'
Cranbrook for the 24th
tt> devo rapportare alia-giunta cho le
dlvergenzo in oplnlone tra Ie pnrtl e
talo da rendere nmbo i dlvergentl che
ognl.ultorlore attentato perun nccordo
sia predlsposto a termine dl lnvcatlga-
La giunta slmpegna con mo ad ultorl-
oravo cho noi aglornlamo alia chiamata
dol prosldento, partlcolnrl a tempo cd il
posto che Bla fornito dalle duo parti,
(Flrmato) Dr. GORDON,
'   PrcBldcnte della giunta,
R.H. M.
Vancouver .' ■.   4   8   0
Seattle '    0   2   1
Batteries: Erickson and Lewis; Fur-
chnor and Shea.
Tacomn,     0   0   0
Victoria     0 .,0   0
Batteries, Schmutz nnd Burns; Mc-
Croory and Bashwood,
Gamo callod first halt fifth—rain.
OF THE 8. P. ef C.
W. D. Phillips will ttidress thc gathering next Sunday night in the basement of the Minors'Union Hall, taking
for his eubject "Historical Revolution,"
Everybody Ib cordially invited to attend. Discussion at the conclusion of
the lecture in accordance with established custom,
Fernie, B. C, May 18. 1911
Editor, District Ledger:      "•   ■ ■'
. Dear Sir,—In order to correct any
mistaken notions tbat tho public may
have regarding the recent action of
the Teamsters' Union, re a'dispute in
which several Italians are concerned,
we want to say first, last and all the
time that we make no exception to any
man because of race, creed,, or color.
It. is a man's qualifications as-a" workman that governs us in-oiir-actions.
We have, representatives of,all nationalities in our organization. -
I-   *.**-.   r- ... .   ~  '
T/."_>Tiplnl_i.--_--L -n-ntliTrigy tin a a table--
man, teamster or teamsters helper, or
in other.words they are' graded....' For ;
Instance Patsy ■ Guillno * made an\ap-  .
plication as a stableman, but was ad- -
ylsed, by' his. employer .later-not _ tb, do, *..
so, as he would'be obliged to pay him
_il<>n:wages from"*th*i^d_te: tTwo ap>; *
plications wero handed in by Italians as *
teamsters\recently,"and as they' wero
not qualified, were.1 rejected.    .Thero'
were four' or moro members ot the'
union at this time who were Italians,
so that goes to show that lt is not ft *
matter of nationality.
Thanking you for publlcatlon-bf thii
in your yaluable papor,
Yours'.truly, * '
• n.-',.  , i. _. ,.   ,
CRANBROOK ON THE 84th        I
From all roports tho celebration trti
tho 24th of May Ib echodulod to ■edit**©
nil lta .prodocoBsor'a and tho Bn-nann
burg .will wo aro sure 8UBtuln lta woll
OBtnbllBhod ropututlon for hovpltablo
trontmont. <
Tboro will bo horto recwi, auto-.
. Our Coal Creek corr-ffBpondent mado
nn error In la»t wooVi rogordlng the
Inclusion among thom representing
District 18 of Mr. Prtor Pattorson, aB
this gentleman Wno connection whatsoever with tho Executlvo Tlonrd,
mobile racos, football, basoball, in'fact,
thoro will not bo nn un occuplod - moment from tbo first tap of tho gong until the conclusion oftho/dny'^.Bpor. .
Ono of the crowd drawing attraction*
will bo a boxing contoBt botwoon' two
woll-known exponents of tho manly wt
to docldo who Ib' ontltled to tho light
wolght championship of Canada. Billy
Lauder, whoso rocont victory over Ed-
dio Moreno will .ondoavor to suBtnln Mb
ropututlon In a bout with Harry Lombard, of whoso pugnacity and endur-
anco tho sporting community has *
high    appreciation, and aro looking
forward to a Hplondld exhibition by
both In thoir offorts to switch the
laurel wreath of victory.
•Totally dlfforont from anything you
havo' ovor Boon boforo."
Thnt la tho koynoto of tho suocoiis
of tho Al G, Barnes' Big Threo Ring
Wild Anlmol,Circus that ,comos to
Pernio, Tuesday/ May 30, for two por-
formwncoB, the first of whicli will begin
promptly at two o'clock in tho aftornoon, and tbo second at eight In the
Of course thore will bo a parade, but
It not to bo of tho ordinary Buoctnclos
associated with tho familiar clrcue, Tn-
vtoad, this pngonnt upon which many
thousands of dollars havo boon oxpond-
Whoop, tra la lai     They nro coming ,bnclt to town on May 80th. Who?
TtflTr*"' *. lm»w.» (flrMi" enrl 'Tr«ln-»*1
A-nlmn! VSbow. All granflehlldren are
TeqnoBtod to toll all their grand dads
about Jt no that thoy may bo properly
•chaperoned.    Don't forgot May 80U>,
Whereas It has come to our notice
that certain members (?) of our Local
have taken the place of other men* in
and around town, who struck work In
order to remedy ccirtaln grievance!.
THEREFORE, we notify all mem.
burs who participate In sueh despicable
practice! that If thoy continue to do bo
they will bo expelled from the United
Mine Workers' orgtmatlon.
By ord#r.
Executive Committee,
D. REE8, 8eo,
The Erlo was rising—so is tho Blk
and residents of Wost Fornio nro fool
ing vory grateful to n benovolent government for providing sldownlkB ln
thnt enlubrlous neighborhood,
Anothor monster of the mountains
bit tho dust this woek, Joseph Allen
wna tho Nimrod, and Mb quarry Ib a
record breaker for slzo, wolghlng ovor
600 lbs, nnd tho- measurement acroBB
tho bftBC of tho Bkull 18 InchoB.
Tho Imito was glvon IiIb quietus about
one milo from Ilosmor.
WINNIPEG May W—William \^iyto
vlco-prosldont of tho C. P. R., roturned
to Winnipeg to-day from a wostorn Inspection trip and announced that as a
result of examination of conditions In
tho mountains it hns boon doftnltoly
docldod to liflo crudo oil as fuol on on-
glnen plying through tho tlmbor country, This Ib for two roaaonfl! First,
boonuso tho prosont fuel causes bush
flron whicli nro onormously dpstructlvo
nnd locondly bocauso tho flromon cannot Btand tho strnln of tiring tho big
The Mining Situation
Slnco our Inst issuo thoro has boon
practically nu chungo to roport, and
further developments aro not oxpoctod
until tbo Conciliation Tloard resumes
Its deliberations. This Ib depondont
upon tho call of Charm nn Gordon.
Tho distribution of supplies Ib koop-
ng tho various offlclnls of tho dlfforont
locals quito busily engaged. Commissary storofl hnvo boon established at all
Tho tiethl.rldgo Horald has Issued a
m pngo publicity number of a highly
croditablo character.
The niln nro good, thn wrlfMipn trt
tho point and tho Information furnished reliable. Tho vftrloiifl Industrie
ot coal, lumber and fanning, etc, aro
■merely In tbo infant class ot develop-
:«cU' <ii_i..,.iii*->•>. «u *•*••»,.•• ■>■■..•* xiuiu'.u u.i
yaau biocc. I'fOi-mc UiU luuv, on«l
iu :i_: tmu.'.*.'t'\. «tJ-d i'.i#io tic tiaas-
e.j i-k*. yo.' will f.*i-*?.ii;.! "V.'bo xxoitUl
Mutt thought Uf
The dlBciplea of AeBculaplus.ot -which
Dr. Bonnol Ib n mombor, hold thoir bl
annual gathering at Vlctorln, commenc
ing on Mny Snd nnd lasting two woom.
l\HM   ftttiitOll* 'till.  -_.**•- Sl-ii-i Xi* Ocunu-Uf,
V'Lo first wook uni token np with (H
omlnatlona (written) ot aspirants for
lho prlvllogo of entitling thom to pursue tho practitioner. Bclenco In this
provlnco. Tho second wook thoro woro
oral •m.nmlnni-lon* nnd rllnirnl work,
tho latter tnklng plnco at tho Jubiloo
snd fit. .Ton/iph'B ITonpltnlH In tho Cnpltal City. Of tho -IC candidates 31
wero successful, and nmong tho latter
woro atiout a dosen Drltlshers, gradti*
utc» from London and Edinburg.
Dr. Walker, of Nt«w W-wtmlntter,
prfsidpnt, nnd Dr. Vnxan, nt Vlrtorln,
Two cases occurrod at Colemnn ro
contly of obtaining goods undor fnlso
pretences In connection with tho Issu
nnco of rations by tho local to thoBo
who aro mombors of tho union,
One Individual, by tho namo of Andrew Habdnh, mndo lllognl uso of his
son's nnmo for tho purposo of getting
rellof and tho othor, Sam Itodnnr, upon
I,...,     , ..... i     ...     I ,      . X        , -it
-'•-*.*•*_      t(,.^l^,_      IU      t.«W-.,_.v      ..      W....A.
■m*r»-nt showl-n-R doilnrtlonn mnrlo for Vr.-
lon duoB brought ono which horo tho
month of March and upon this ho was
glvon provisions, hut Inter It wns found
out thnt tho statomont was dated
>Ti»Mi   1101   nn.1 „nt nn tli-*-*  .„.c...   ror,
\oyod, 1011, Thoso two Individuals
wuro brought beforo Judges Morrison
nnd Disney who ImpcM flnos of |2.*>
and coils upon c-nrh of the culprits.
Such shnrp prnctlccB aro roprohriiBl-
bio nnd It Is the d-Mermlnntlon of iho
organization io do everything possible
points In British Columbia, and In tho
meantime tho rations ln Albertn aro
bolng Buppllod on official orders upon
various establishments, but commls-
sary atoros will bo also oBtabllshcd
shortly in tho adjoining provlnco undor
tho mnnngomont of tha local union officials.
. Intornntlonnl Members Hlnmond and
Onrnor nro still In tlio district co-operating with tho district officials In handling tho nffalm of tlio organisation, International Donrd Mombor Moran ha*
roturned to bin homo In Desmolnps,
Commmilenllon ha* boon rocolvwl at
tho liondqunrtors ot District 18 thnt
Is a very probable likelihood that elth
or Prosldont John P. Wlillo, or Vice-
President Frank J. Hayes will bd horo
In "tlio noar futuro foir tho purposo of
conforrlng with tho district officials on
nil mntf-nrs fnrfrtmit to tha »1l absorbing quostion.
Mr. John Horron nskod Mlnlstor of
Labor King In tho Houso nt Ottawa If
dfforts of tho Conciliation Uonrd had
been finished, to which reply was mado
"No, It wns merely nn adjournment
and thnt n-r-mmptlon of tho InvoHtlfi/i-
tion would tnko plnco shortly.
Wo lindnrstnnd thnt It Ir tho Intention of Kootenny Tolephono Co. to
InitAlI telephonic romniunlcntlon let-
woen Craubrool: to Goldon this oumnv-r
nnd bIho mnko n comploto chfingo In
UNCLE SAM:    DC careful, T»ft, of you'll ipcll the whole darn name."
to provent tliflr ronirronre, nnd any(__     .      ,  ,        ,„".,,
found  guiltv  will  ho  K-ivc-rrly  dcali ■(l'al,Luwk b>' ta ,1U,ki !lui'1' w,u'14 "'
. (stead of hn-ilng tli-om bIiikIo.
 1  i    Hcjily lo {-orrt-njiondenl I A, fl. S,.~-
Tho flr-obrlRftd-** miirlf. a sp|i»nilld nm| \\V Imvn ln**nfil nothing of tho mntifir
to tho north end thU wook, but tlio!yon mention. PuMHibly there mny bo
flames were citlrmuli-hcd without ser- nn Arbor r**ay noxt, year, but a -neathi-r
Ioiib Iobb re«iiltlnx. * proph***? will »i«v<» to Xto nppnlntrd first. *'*« l.B!S*
'  •-:_'■■■?• >-7
.   *■" ~"\KcfX \-_
'~\V. ' ,~yr\z\-.' '■-•*-" '■■.. -i ..in... 1 ii    ■ i ■_■■!■.        -*,..., i   ..ir, i, ■■■■■■■ .      ..... ---li1 i »•»■-'■'■ i-i *■"-   t ■   -._,, ■■-..--;        ■■*-. 1—.1  "■    '      C ■_.—n*- ■*. ■   ■  ■ ■■ 1      il^-i _«*i-*h*(w^
; 1
:m{mK^ ry :'
■ >MflKEWDRnOH_y:
_' bi PErosmrifi vbiiR wviiw?
•WITH USTH»..Wll. E-JBfl     -,
.,..v(_(ȣPiTiiQrrrHL>:  ,
(MN GARRY, IT.  _   .   ....
PEOPLE JuVr _ . (rflREFtit.1
x* you din be,
m ^MDTHORDWy " m
OUR SltflMESS IS   '" '
K.    TRflNMCTeP-/. BLiSinESV    „
youR wmea^pprws,:   _
pur-. ifiFDRriflTjQi. ;■;.
" ©' shoulp you Wsflr.}.,." i®
fl, l?|N/IINGMLBU§j^5:iJ,t:'.,*«fe
"! ;VrtM-GOUVER^Vf*S)ri»TX ' X
►v-RBliT5;T0Cdl_ECT.;,; .©
dNPCOB-EkiT:*' '
H" LET U5/.TT6MP TP IT.  ||
321 Camble Stmt,
* *',.- . ■- . -_ > " •>•■"- •• -V      „      '-,*.- .      "   . '  *  "
v >?.    _____ _ ____! ! '_______ ■ -- '-****" ' ,. '-*
When the facts are"c-on.-:idered from
an unblased-point'of view there can be
ri-vquestion but'that :h .""cbnsTtttutfoiir-l
r-.j-.-ts of'a citizen, •\Y-s.re.d-_nied in ilie
removal""of" JdhKl*. 'McNamara, seCre-
£a?y.-treasurei* rbf:-_"*aSe.-»''International
Association of;-^rit|g-*?V-,anil Structural
Iro.n Worker^,? ixord^ hife.hoiJie.'fn, Indianapolis to Los- Angeles.,_.' -:y •
'.. On Saturday-afternoon^ Apfil ?2Ma.
requisition, for  McNamara •was"pre-
And the .law. plainly, states that ;thq
judge-mu*3t.;"ascertain if,the person
apprehended" - Is" the, 'fugitive'' demand-
ed.\-, -If McNamara was-not, a-fugl.'
tive.nhow*-*- could"' he-be* legally..-extradited? k .*»*^b ti*--   rf, ~.i'\ "" •'
pf 1_6i/%rigfele| J6ff.ci^ls'.KyJtSu the -as-.
aiitaifcO?- o& t§e* Iiidianipoli. ' police/
.^IcNamara .15.-98. hurried"but-^of Indiana
as fast:as. a high-powered automobile
sented to the Governor of Indiana, fori could. _c&rry .him,. The - chauffeur, to-
i-eturn to California-as i.ein'g a'lfiigl- geth'et*":wiih""*<\K\-eep"at'tkpe^s-7ffom
tive from justice, on an indictment"j New"York, anai Californi'-y who''are"in
charging '. .complicity.,. in. ..the ..alleged, .the  pay: of -.the.. 'empIoye/s'_..as"sosi^-
dynamite explosions which occurredin
lios Angele3-.,soti.e months ago.    \
.At 6.45 o'clock of the 'same afternoon* McNamara was taken" into ciis-
tbdyvby"th'e Indianapolis'police assist-
Ad. i^yj'.private^ .detectives, rushed before* the police judge of the city, denied the" assistance of legal advice after
.demanding tinie to consult an attor-
$efj\ arid-, tu-fn .d." .v^er \b\ the .Lps>"Angeles authorities,"thc entire court proceedings consuming less than f ive'min-
'tftes'fi^ie'iV-1'- -should.vbe here noted
that the' regular state" courts had adjourned some _ipurs previous to the
^■fsti-^iap-ie *l jiethods used for' the
used ' for" the', removal of McNamara
were!' begun.'- Under the ■ Indiana"
_tattit&':bnly''''fugitives 'from-'- justice
'"caTrf'-'-be 'extradltediT!,dna' inasmuch as
'the.''prisoner's "at*cuset*si' do' not .claim
t'ha't*'- lie 'was'in*'Calif6rhia'ai> the; time
the alleged CTime'^yaa ■ .bmmUled;* Mc'-
'Namara>*!"was'hot?.1'a''■fugitive'. '•' -The'
statute, is - especially, strong - on. this
^pointi 'which -is. as "fpllowa •/■' '■. ,",**.'*''
"No citizen- or1 resident of this stale
shall be surrendered under pretense
of bei-ng'-a'ifugitive*from•justic'e-' from
'any*other state or;territory, wh'ere: it
shall be-clearlymade to appear-to th'e
court or ■judge\holding'such1 examlna-
tlo'n-that'*such citizen or'habitan't'was
in-this state-at the * time' of the "alleged commission of the* offense,.arid
not'in the' state-or territory, from
which ho'is pretended'to-have* fled."
It" should be borne-iri^mind-that
Secretary -'Treasurer McNamara was
not in California at the time the alleged crime was* committed. * This much'
has-been'admitted by his  accusers,
'dence, .were,"' afterw-axilk*. through. legal
process,., turned- ..over.-'.to the "grand
jury;-^and "for/"days--the'"union's; affairs
wje're interrupted,^^
■sehce, 'bf-.-tlie--records-"and- -the "-bbsi-"
ness^---qfit|i7--large 'insti^tion  thrown
tion, and the. head of {the. private detective agency,'-* active in the case, at
the time of writing are .under heavy
bond, charged  with kidnapping..,  .
One , procedure of the police and,
private* detectives that has been, condemned on al! sides is tlieir actions
after the ■ spectacular* arrest of Mc-
Namara^bad been accoAplished. When
the- office .-.of the structural iron
workers _.waa'> -invaded- by the-police
and -private, .detectives,'-. under, . the
leadership of William J..Bums,.among
the onlookers were,the foreign attorneys representing , the union-hating
employers' associations. -'• - So • great
was their Influence: with the arresting-
officers .that'; President Ryan and.'the
mehibers of -the ■executive board of
the union, -which happened', to.-be. in
session at-the* time,„werefforcibly detained in their, rooms- • until".-'it \was
known that' the'^accused secretary-
treasurer, was well' beyond '.the-pre-
cints'^ofthe ^cit-y-jand*. consequentlly
•wer'--iiinable;,'ini'any. manner Tto render
■assis'tarico _ri a, legal'-way,-to the man
wlfo .a_'being,* kidnapped by officers
of tie"- law. /•■'*'.-;-k*J ■t  .."..'■ „ '   .  ' *
But .their' high-handed" methods- did
not stop here/ One Walter Drew, of
New'York," 'attorney 'for the National
Erectors'' Association,' began 'inspecting', the books' 'and "official' corre'spon-
dence'^of'the union'' with no more authority than any"', man** Walking into
"the office from the street. ,E*" Protests
'f***om the'union officialS'"to'tlie officers
i'n charge'were unavailing'and* met
with insulting language., The action
of Drew was without a single shred of
justice. '   The'* books, arid correspbn-
Jjee-n'-.tpurs'ued '.'in-5 the. soflice *bif %h'&-
Standard ..pil,..Compa_y,.__ln!. the .'office
trust? ' ^Would7_any "high"official" "of
these.'concerns'' liave beeu..sub'jectod
to .the" .'treatment that' was -■"accorded,
Mc*Na'mara?'*' Would 7 any = of them
have been dragged irom ' their private
business and' hauled /across the 'continent .and..deprived_,of .their constitutional  rights?'     ' ,': -'
The theory ' of ■-'many .persons is
that McNamara was denied his iaw
ful rights, through the "connivance of
tlje _ Burns, detective agency, In order
to' create the, impression that he was
a dangerous'man, backed .by a.'dahger-'
ous 'organization,, and, in this manner
turning public opinion .'against-Vim.
."Several 'features of -the kidnapp-
,ing- were roundly**: criticized, by.- the
newspapers,. by all, fair-minded' people, 'and by-eminent''members of the
legal, fraternity.. These'features include .the hasty action of.^ the governor, of Indiana in honoring'the requisition j *tthe.-'question,as. to: whether' the*
police; judge'Vad , jurisdiction', in "-the
case, (the law'"providing. t{mt tl;e.arresting ^officer shall bring the, accused "man 'before, the circuit', superior
-  *-* •     >    -,,. ■• •-..- -,    >, *   <
or criminal court' of. the; state) ;• the
fact that the, arrest1 must' be made by
a , state; officer. (the sheriff "of his
'deputy) aW'not by' a police officer;
tha _,the .accused .'.man must be a fugitive,, from.'justice!' and the lawless
and bulldozing" tactics .used in.se'iz-'
ing .the,, union's records and detaining
the union officials'in'their office while
McNamara was' being spirited away,
. It remains 'for. the court .to .'pass
bn .he guilt''or innocene of the accused. , .The presumption of innocence
is. always to be,maintained" until guilt
is proyed.,, ■ It. is tb.be hoped-that
,the prisoners • now in custody at Los'
-Tlie i
JBeware of
IV-"rf-" '-*'-'v,-7i'
Sold on the
Merit, of *
a  i*.        ■ ,   , >■
' LihirilenV
August 6-11.
45. Steam-HcBted-Rooms
•• *• - t-.-*- '-• ■— - -
Hot and Cold Baths
ry yy ■ -    >i'y^rr     '- -'*;"•  ,'--    -'■'--■■   '■ ■> -   r;
y'-iiri  jy.. ..,-;.'*'•.„;yy ■■' --"*. ..-•*';'.' * , "- 7 1,-> "-'''• - *   -
^^u"y yyy^jy^ryr   \y  ."   .-77;- '- '/■■■'■*"-.;.'"■>• ."' ■ 7X . -
^- ^'I^Ffte'^ King y Edward .-'-iv^
^"••■V * -_ y^    ■   y     y   *■*  »y -.'     ..     ;   ;*■*:   ^ .   'i' ^   -
,   . Fernie's- Leading ^Commercial-' Hotel j \s ■;
:.       1   v   '    *N  r ._*x,.
^.-    ol y -y Sj ^
■ "f--* The; Finest'* Hoterin-East-Kodtenay* --.:" ^ -■'- J.-L.-.-.'GATES,* Prop..^,,.
■'^•^7'""^^ryy^iyvi/:%'y.■"' ^yi^^r^^-
14 •'
■"-. -<.<.,-'        > ,*--,-.' •■*• .-,■.■: .,*
Angeles wlllr.be able to prove their
innocence.—From ■- the. May f Typographical Journal.'. -'
-; '     --, "7    AMPUTATED.' FINGER
The' question   of  the •■Ability .'.to   do
What Are
YOU Worth
*     From the
It Is estimated thnt
the average mnn Is
worth S3 n dny from
the neck down -whnt
li he worth from tho
neck uff.". .,
That depends entirely upon trnlnlng*.
If you aro trained so
thnt you plan and'
* direct work you aro <
worth ten time, as
much* as tho nun
who can worlc only
under orders,
The li-tirnitl.ini
Corretpondsnce Schools
Gro to the man who Is'*
struBrsrUnsr doner on
small pny and nay to
him, ,lWt will train
you for promotion
right where you are,
or we will quality
you to taka up a
more congenial Una
ot work at n much'
hlffher salary."  ,   *
livery month sov-
*rnl hundred students voluntarily
report advancement
as the direct result
of I.C,S, training,
You need nol leave
your present work,
or your own homo.
M»ik tbis coupon at
oace and mall It.
J Im 7M, Ikranloii, I.. •§
* Pltilt taplils, without  further nlilltttllun on my
4      pill, tm* I cas iiuilll*. lur > l«t»ir tiln/ anil
T ailraacamiat to .In iioiltiun  Uilun
* wblch  I  luva mitknl X,
4 fi'unil _.	
J Strut aad No,.
* Oh	
>_ Will.f
AtlMltituril 0'illimin
»(.•* Onl Wilttt
Sl.utl.'ll t-g-nill
Wind-w rilmnir
• Iig,l_ill0nll.«l«
0WII l.r.lie (iimi,
Ce*ttl.l«r .1,4 Su'liU.
Ofnioirlil OtHgntr
rofimin .Mumlitr
Ml4hlnlfiil Cngln. ir
MiiMnim Oullimin
f.umin MitMnlil
ft, ft, C.iill'-.li.-, Cfig,
Mlftl-p C. gtfin,
Qua. fcitpii
Stffnngr«|titfr      ,
A case, uhde'' rthe .Workmen's 'Com-
pensation'act came up for-hearing before' Hi's 'Honor'Judge Bradbury, at' the
Wigan Count jr.; Court, on' Thuradaiy,
when r Owen - Towey, a"'dataller! of, 19
Dean' Street", 'Scholes, was the applicant, and the Wor'sley Mesncs Colliery
Company','iilmlted,'were rhe respondent's." The applicant" worked under
a contractor at 'the No. 1'Pit belonging to" the respondents, and wns clearing tho road on 4th October last,
when a stone'foil'from ' tho'" 'roof
crushing Clio' first finger" of his left
hand." Tho finger* was badly cut,
had to bo' amputated.' 'There was
total - incapacity for a tlmo, find the
applicant's crbo was'that thoro waB
still partial Incapacity.- ' For tho respondents it .was submitted 'that' the
applicant was not Incapacitated from
work* as a result, of the Injury, that
the applicant was now ablo to resume
his ordln'ary work and ear n22s. Gd„
his former rate of wagos, The respondents further stated that thoy had
offered suitable work to tho applicant
by whicli ho could earn an average
of 22s, 2 a wook, ■ Mr. R. H. Goo
appoared for tho applicant, and the
respondents were represented by Mr.
Jamos Wilson.'. >. ■
Mr, ■ Geo, In stating tho case, said
tho respondents paid compensation to
tho plaintiff at tho rato, of In, Id.
por woek until 28th February last.
At tho request of tho respondents the
applicant, tried, the old ,\vorU on 20th
Fobruary, but aftor working,a short
tlmo ho'found tho stump of the fin*
Bor swelling, and It, became so pain*
,fulfthat ho had ,to Rlvo up tlio-work.
Uo roportod it to tho fireman. Since
thon tho man hnd boon Invltod to
go bnck, Ho had been oxnnilncd by
tho Modlcnl Jlonrd of tho Minors' I'or-
mnnont Rollof Socloty, nnd ho was
perfectly willing to do Ills old job
If ho could.
Ills Honor snld tho quoHtlon' was
whether the man had "recovered from
his accident and was'able,'to do his
.work. 7 . -,.
- .The applicant,wenV_into_ine_witness
box,- and' His Honor" examined the
injured ..hand.; : .
t Mr. Wilson, pointed out that it was
since the man'made the trial at his
old*.work that he-had.'been before the
medical board on Oth March, .when the
doctors found he. had* completely' recovered;-and" had.j'the ability to do
his old,"work. .,•*," *v-.    ■ ■ ,    7
• The'applicant said that he had worked about...two*hours when he:tried his
old work,* and. his'hand then became
so* swollen, and painful that .ho had.
to give-over.- -       '■ ' '   v      ■ "*   ',
* Mr. Wilson, *- ln answer to His-Honor said the colliery -company were
prepared to' take the applicant back.
His'-Honor"mado'an. order that tho
applicant must go bock' to datolllng,
and adjourned the'case for a month
to see how he went on. If he could
do tho- work there would b'e an end
of the caso._ ' *-   -
Mr. Gee: And supposing he enpnot
dc tho work, your honor?
His Honor said that If he could
bring evidence that tho man was not
ablo to do the work, thon of courso
ho would hear U.—Wlgnm Observer.
'  '   '   TO TOUR CANADA.
._pnni.fl Hand
W W H# V ■ IIM      tt M «_. 11 Ml
Furniture Store
V.vYOr..-.  AVuN-uc   ...
Highest Prices Paid
For   Secondhand   Furniture,, Stoves,
TooU.  «U.., **Uo UiUes*  and Gentle*
me-Vi Cast-off Clothes.
Two-chair Darber Outfit for Sale,
i _..__«_«_,
0. RADILAND.  Prep.
According to erports from Toronto
a squad of spoakors sont out by tlio
Antl-Uoclproclty Lenguo will' Bhortly
tour tho country. Arthur T. I-Iawkos,
odltor nnd manager'of tho BrltlHh
Nows of Canada Is reported to bo
lho director of the band wagon, and
us ho Is vory strongly Inoculated with
tho Tariff Reform germ wo may naturally oxpect that ho will advance'v^ry
strong arguments against nny trndo
compart br-lhg mado with tho U, S.
that will hnvo ii tendency to wonkon
tho "tlo thnt binds" us to*lho Mothor*
Country (pootlcnlly porhnps, but In
tho dull proHiiic of tho business mon
Irmlu follows nnturnl cIiiiihioIh). Bon-
tlmont Is ofton n very strong factor
whoro tho bnse lucre Is not Involvod
whon ,it is piore.^cc-rrectly spelt.-en-
timent." •-. -Very^ probably? this party
may receive an evidence of. reciproci-
in return for their speeches be given
a cordial welcome and realize that ,in
the West, there,'is';just-,as much diversity of opinion-1 as in the East, even
if. not more so. >
' Reciprocity "' and Anti-Reciprocity
may be excellent' themes for debating
contests as,' well as '"of vital Interest
to manufacturers an'd''"the"Commercial
world generally opinions.thereon varying In accordance with the effect
it is expected to have on the particular line in"'which'they aro engaged.
.To'the working class it is of no
value .whatsoever, because, look'where
you will, In-free'-trade England, protected Germany, trust-tied America,
the margin between the cost of living..' and v tho wages, paid .varies but
slightly in degree, and, where there
is a difference .existing,lt'ls, dependent
upon the Intensity; In. the .'labor market.
If tho nrgumont* that the cost of
living .will bo decreased and- bettor
conditions prevail as a result-of reciprocity, were sound-then In China,
India, Mexico, or to othor countries ln
which thoy are-at"the lowest point
would bo tho bost for the workors to
live, nnd this, we ki*.p**v* full woll they
nre -not, donseq'uentiy why wasto en-
orgy on tho, contemplation of a subject thnt hns'for"Its main purpose tho
continuation1 of'tlilri.?s'as thoy nro or
vied vori-A according to* the effect upon
thoso wTiOfso trialorlal* Interests rtro In-
volvodJ''■;, Nd, thb 'real Issue for tho
workers' Is 'the 'acquisition"of 'tlie full
social -"vnluo' of tlioir' labor'to fight in
order hot to' submit' to a lowering of
tho standard of "living'ob thoy are
prosont* doln'g "WthlB' district,
"MONTREAL.—The., Board jof ".Control, or' .Galveston plan'.of- commission
government'-for ^cities as", it; is palled
in the*"United" States' where"1-it .^originated;- is a failure ,'iii so ;far as 'Montreal is concerned* according" to a hand
of ex-aidermen',7 would, be .contractors,
\vard heelers',and others-who -have,
' . ■••■■-  . -  ."„ .'-       ,   *-*•* .-i.--*-. ' -'     : *
ionned - themfeelves into , an organlza-.
tibh. whose* aim is to .capture the City
Hall, for' the old forma of aldermaiiic
patronage .and plunder carried on so
successfully until last year under,- the
old-,system of civic .government by
-aldermanic committees.--*' e" 7 -
'-Tho Commissioners- have 'held-.the
reins of office for slightly 'civer a year
now.* •'•*-Anyone who takes the trouble
to compare,"1 in even so casual a manner,' the results which have been ac-
hieved'in that'short'1 year in"the Way
**-       - .   • , * - '.   T-'
of civic management and improvement
with the results'wliich were promised
but which' were never forthcoming;
during the many* years of aldermanic
sway, wiil" agree that the new system
instead of being a.failure as claimed
has; been-.'a great' success. There
have-'been shortcomings, of course,'but
never before has ' the city's'" money
and energy-been' put"'to .better'use
than, during the last" twelve "months."
When'the-Board of Control "was elected tho number of aldermen .was cut
down'-from two to one for each ward,
,Thls left a',.few gentlelnen at home
who liad had a Inste of political life
and hankered for more." Up to'the
present tliey have been "kept* quiet,
but now lt appears they are getting
togother and* intend to make,, a concerted effol-t to obtain control" of the
municipal purse strings1 once more.
' "Disbelieve It,'if "you wish," 'remarked an informant,- "but. it is *a fact.
Tho proposition ■ is to issue a "potltlon which the peoplo will be nsked to
sign praying for a referendum on tho
quostion. The argument'Is that the
Bonrd of Control is,not'giving satisfactory results, and they contond
thnt a referendum would put tho board
out- of existence
"nehlnd'thls movement are a numbor of tho members of tho old old-
ormanlc regime and certain contractors who complain that tho controllers
aro not giving them a fair show.
, "Tho potltlon ls actually In preparation, Unloss tho plans of the pro-
motors miscarry, however, tho petition
will bo launched on tbe publio in the
noar futuro with a boating of, drums
and thb sound of trumpot. Wntch for
dovolopmon,ts."   -   -
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnlionol restores every nerve la (he body
_■■     "Y',\a in proper tension I reslorei
vim and vltHllty. I'romsturo deeiy nnd sll sexual
•veskness everted at once.' I*Itospliono. wilt
mskti "-■ -          -*-*
VOU n Haw llinn}    rtun__n ■ -.■.m. nr i»- im
Mulled I/) uny HdrJrom   Tint Hcoboll Urujr
l'rlc«!fU .■■>)_lfl. I*-*.'*" I nt
  ..-....'MS         ""
''o„ Nt, t'lUlMrlnc-i, Oat,
Por Sale at Dleasd'ell'i Drug Gtoro
Eighteen hours of, work out of
twenty-four should bo tlio'limit,for
any mnn, ln nny class of work, not
only,on account of muscular oxortlon
and falling strongtli, but also bocauso
of falling brain power, tho man los*
Ing his cnpnclty to appreciate hlm surroundings and to dlroct hU operations
Such Is tho etibstnnco of tho opinion
glvon by Dr. Krancols do'Mnrtlgny,
chlof surgeon of tho Hotol Dlou, who
In, tlio case of Damo L. I.nvorduro
ngninst tho Cnnndlan Northern claiming (8,000 for tho doath of hor husband,
Droulllotto wns klllod In n fnll at'
about ton In tho morning nfter having boon nt work slnco sovon o'clock
of the provloiiB morning, hnvlng mm-
ponded work only for meal hours, and
having worked through Ony and night,
Thefnnf-'ntlfiti of tbo -plnl-nUff wna
that tho company had no1 rluht to
nllow men to work during suoh long
Dr, do Mnillguy wns cnllod by tho
plaintiff's counsol to stnto whnt wns
tho limit of n mnnV -Mrtrturnnrp nnrt
placed tho limit nt el_.lilt.-on hours of
rontlnunl -muscle or brain work, reason nlilo tlmo being allowed for monht.
• ""2-1^*
«•> ->
+ .   Tout   ouvrier   mlneur   est ♦
♦ prl* dr nr pne vrnlr ,i |,*i pro- ♦
♦ vlnce (TAIberta ou «u bamln ♦
♦ du  Kootenay  (Colomble An- ♦
♦ olalte) pueiqn'ii y a plus de ♦
♦ (000 unt errtplol. ^
♦ ' ♦
-f***-j"?.- -..'■- --•■       n ".■.;■-,--■-   ,v--,,'■■   -~i ■
Capital Authorised ...;$10,000,000.00,.Capital Subscribed .'...' $5,575,000
'Capital :Pald""Up* . .v:.!:;$51*575(-000.,-. •* Reserve Fund V.7.v.v.. .$5,575,000'
•'-'  \   .D. R. WILKIE, Pfe«lcrqnt^    -.HON. ROBT. JAFfRAY, .VIce-Pre«7
:".   ''„'*"    >,BR_\NCHES'vifi   BRITISH COLUMbVa' K \Vi'" V ' il*
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden,-Kamloops, Michel, Mpyle, Nelson,
■- .-.-   ..   --, . .,-"*. +'Re,velstoke, Vancouver.-and Victoria;.'* 7'    ;. ' ','
t"7.;"\ "C :v'y\  \ f6Ay«NQ8VDEP|ArtTMENT,     ?Jy   ■.••;".'.'     .    .
'■'.- " •Ir.terest'-allb'vv'edon deposlts'at current rate-from* date; of deposit.   ■*
GEO. i. B. BELL, Manager ,
1 .'X\
"BEING BOARD (BORED)"    '   - ,,
-.' is what'lhe'm'an 'fit,h t^pfijibhocle.,
will say-s happens when you talk
. ..about  '  , ", * *   .'- .   *'a',.      ', . ■
'Timbers1.,:%.y-.,;';,..-,;,i.s. '' .
,   'r;,   .;,., :,!.,    *' ; \> J"'   '* „'   -'- •    -
He:_dbn't-.,appreciate"what' doesn't
■'M^f'est^'.hira. V:Good; lumber' is
.** ^liitensely J interesting'-.when' you
" ^'intend to build,. -Builders appre-
*_ ciate the".!'' •-■;7''     ,-',.-!''--*_-i,\:-,
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Fernie Opera House
i ' " - *
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Open for all kinds of businpsf*
in. theii', liho
Addrosn Box 07
Wm., Eschwlg, Proprietor
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Nowhore In tho Pats can be
found In such a display of
We hava the best money
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and Bacon" Lard. 8ausaons,
Wolnors and Sauar Kraut
LGaigary Gattle Co. |
, Phons 66 * i
Printer's Ink
When uted on zoor] prcu« trA
M»,\y d«pl»y*»d typ« for your ilalion-
eiy ts valonMe. We hnve every
faciKty far doing lhe h.**t ci job wwk,
uii'iat a r.iiiiu^utu pri'.-;.
.-I ^ v.* -J, .-tyUtfatf, -|*pr. *. ttn>t w-c -i (W-Bt wi* d*t.
HMW^KCAtaDllll -   ' "i-X ,
-'* -In-the Tacoma elections,rec_yitly;the
>th'o Socialist vote advanced uirejj.bid.
■•-->,-"_■ r, ' --;>r    , u, .   ,.-, Y>&r.~   *,      *.,,_ ,m. I,'
:" ■'- ""A ''chairVof Socialisti. 'has^bgeuj.'es.;.
tablishoa at TJni6_-.coliege Schenectady
Jd^i'.ry.' ■_'- *  ' '"   "
public.. f^Th-sj sales'-amounted !.to" J01
millions "of "-dollars. 'After- deducting
operating'.expenses,' interest on- loans
iand lreser-ve,s'the net earhipgs'are'given
as over-10--millions.'-'* 7 ;' # < -"'* /"' -
'**•_. *
v * i Milwaukee" neve:. haJTsuch*, -^-wholly
. [hbnest'and: efficient " citjr.'." goy'wnm'en*^
'-..as it'-enjpys-ito-day., *. vlt\heybJ Jia-j*.-di]
,c}ty'.'adiiiinistratibii tbafAv'as near ta
.the people aiid,,so faraway]from the
enemies of "thepeaple,, '-- V"*,' •' j'--~'-'
- ii* -i •** j _-- «* _•■< »'**■ _
V A A "full,and joyous -life-*"-many.'people
- ,,k ■**":« -   -<yi .w.-  .-_ ,,._' ■:.   .,"-. _.'.,.
iln<th'e animal-kingdom when"; there
■is*',plentr'of"-obd,-all'.animais -are-.eiju-.'
•;havo become.-so used to.serving,:thelr
term oiieaytli"as:,tjibugh{l^'i eartji^we"1
. a*.penl{entilary\tt\6t'lhe>irM'^QK^o^ an
'  thing'else as a wild Socialist dream,
• The Social Democrats have captured
-"another seat in.the legislature'of Saxony.' The capitalist parties combined
and this Js said' tb have caused many
.to throw in their lot. .with the Social-
;'."istsi!      -    . -   ' ,''',,*
*,-.'.'' Fifteen hundred towns  in" Germany
;li*5v«. enough 'Income' from'real estate
^holdings to make taxpayln*-**" by the citi-
E*ens unnecessary. -  . Milwaukee  could
, .."well afford'to do Uiey'same, _ort,\o.C
-. -* thing, and'.the citizens are/being asked
"tb give the'Idea-tlieir'consideration.
/what .to do with, whilst others 'are
famished:'. .*_ 7 ,-.'.•T.*,7.-..-,, • .*-, '..'
i,    • a j,- ^ ■        .-:   S..... ■   '..'■..   ,
There" are thousafids of families'in
distress all'-over this-.country, to-day
»..A>-a_^*_.*_.u-_r..v. iu.,!. .■_',-_  .-I:*.;,
term an eaytli" ns:.tfi'ough{lho, eartii*';\ver.k byil^Ssipg^aB'ovo theii*. distress'-are^lie
a*-penl{cntilar'yVtt\6t'4heyM'b'Ql<.to\i any-;'feraasljig 'dividends ofUh'e tew. \W}io
■•j •.      -. _, **%#*"*'•?*■ "    _   "*■'      ■ «' i'        "'     i ___* * __ _.   _   j i "_ x' a ift ' ■fi. -   t       *■
can" honestly ,say that the present sys'
tern Js a success?
' I" ■;Kow", it develops■-that, the so-called
-' .''B.bj'.'Scbupmbvejnent'-liad. lls'orlglji In
■.HbuUi'. Africa^ during •' th-B'C.-'Srfei* .JWar!.
": -Gol.'- Badeii-ljowell ■'uhiformejVjWQJ'liby.s
'..o'f■ i-.lafektii'g „iid-"made, thei&'piflqt-lios,-
,  .messengers arid lo.bltd'uts't'du'rfii'ft!; (tlie
■siege.   -It looks"quite,a little -is if the
' ''Boy Scorits were in'ten($d"for likejsev-
r vice jn the siege .of• capitalism--v""-.-. *•
...•V-*:-' .-..;       -&-.,<<? *   •-.*   J'ti
' With wholesale cynosure of bi-rbfeTy
_,' among.t_.e.m'e .befs,of_t_..e. pino legls-.
"Mature, briberj;-JLn, the ^Illinois. legls\a-
"■"turV tb'put.ri. r_oi*i"mer'4n',tri'e*'.eSi.,iia(e'
- erf',the nation,-and"grnft-and'hrihery"in.
"{various other leglslatlye^bo'dtes' in .the
•\cbinitry, 'thejiiembers ol which are a.l
: memher^'of;ih<ext\vo capithlfst'paHiei-,'
"capitalism: may* be*'pardoned-.perhaps
'., P.for . wl-shing/to. ^misrepresent, Mi.wau-
';,kee's remarkable Socllaist' admlnislra-
; [jon.'as a me'an's-qf diverting attenDbn-'
"'• from: .its own depravity1.,; "     *J: -_' .-
*      .>   I     »l     _     i **-     .   ' "^ LT  "
' Accordlng.,.tp. t)ie,# 1900 census\over
one-ihh'd' bf vth"oso', engaged in manufacturing^-, a*nd' mechanical pursuits in
tha's'lata* of New* York iire unemploy-'
ed i at", somertime' d,urih'g..* tho year.,
"We" find'in^tha.-Industrial centres of
the state, at*:alL times of tho year, In
good as-.weU'ias -in bad times, ,wage-
earners,. able''and' willing, who cannot
.secure 'employiiient," says the report of
th». Wainwrlght's Commission on Employers' "Tjiability tb tjte New York^le-
gislaturej recently.^ y.\s inv'New - York-
state,'.so. everywhere, ejlse' V-der'-th.
capitalist/system-. • Gapit alisip Idqps'/jiqti
.serveTth-s'.p'epple. j, '..i-^..*-' ..,■■*' "*'"'
rt.y<\ '*- ,'• *'* '--.■ >..-*ri-;'
>   x -
_*, The papfers,'announce.that''the K*?n';
fosiia*'(Wis.,)"Gas amf Bleciric-Tompany
' .*>   has.-"voluntarily", reduced the-price of
___v_i_   - >-'• -r-.o   -   _."--..jli_- ■_.^_l___,*-__.-.__
HIGH.tOST^OF*.UlV.ING '. .-.',*.;;.
{■ ^','ALJ§d,VPR'Ey ENTS^ENLlST*
•V .  -:;.'■ -M,ENT-VN^A,fti^,■A'Np^'■WAVy.
^gas",-"to*~?iTi ur^per   cnotisan-a n
. _ rath'-er/rich:/* No\vv the' paopltj." 'btt^'.v*-,;
r to voluntarily get up oil theii- hiiid legs
arid force'the .company involuntarily t'o
cut the* re'duced'"pricfy-:oxactlyln 'half.
, \'At" this' the company wbitld stillVnlalse
'its stockholders' rlch,_ Ifeven from" the
, s revenue- from', the'"*'.by-products 'alone,
, What good is' a "rate coinmlsslori when'
), a* gas corporation -'Jn "-this-'-awakened^
year of 1911 can-sl,lll rob' the people
* 'witli $U0 gas?--   , .-     „*. -.    -
' Bowjegs,' flat feet, the hhs-l.^cost'
of living, ami epicurean tastes are $(.me>
of the Reasons whyvmen dp. not^fias's'
the.esamin^tioji for enltstmeTffcsHS'thei
.United State*..army], and "navy. 'Just;
now'Triple Sam. is reaching .out/for;
every available 'jriW' for '.'o'th' 'army
.and-n^yy, and.'-'your- nncle'is'incltnedj
to overlook, small" matters, physical;
and otherwise';-' to" get' plenty of raenl
'fo-r* hisv.var'jforces buFtlfere'Sbr-a Tew
thing^thatTgaji't .be- oVerlooked.v^Qne)
is'a desire for pie and grape fruit5 with'
all  meals. , ,      .     ,.  -
-„'I;ieut«-._\lf. SvCoA-irig",,whp.if3^in charge
bf, th'ev*'navalrjrecr,i'iiting-',s'tatioh.. -ifor,
Cleveland and -.vicinity,--and -Ghief- Yeb-.
.'man W.".{T. Mai^i,- wbb\.asSists,"ancJ.'.is
present■"at* examinations 'physlchl and'
otherwise,s-are inclined,to look-with
***   *     ••%.    i '■"'»!_• ■'*■_. i'*tij? v        *w
_,l___n*o*A_'1    flint   'li/i irtrtnlil.  *nrtt*!   olrtrt1   _.
pie-who regard the opposition o£ union meil to the militia as unkindyinil
iincalled   'for,    telling'very  conviric^
Ing stories-of the advantages of,be-
b£_tg "allied to jthlls;, ai;m of,.*the niili-
Jlary  service. '/-Freedom,   "from '-"cer-"
tain-   taxes which 1the7nou-unlfor'med'
.citizen/.-fe.-.cpippel^ecl,* tp./psiy', summer
'jaunts-wltto^l'i'ttle expense efntailed,1* ahd
■."sundry "o£liof""aftractlve "16o_cing'-.j„c-
.cures, are* dilatell   upon."    But  they'
fail  to  show: the  reverse . side,    in,
fact,.probably because everir many of
those who "have taken the obligation
aj-e  ignorant ,of their, character,' bu£
.for' their  ed-jficajlqn  as  well "as for
'those who' may b_„.induced to give jhe
-question of- b'ecoming a member a little-food for .reflection,' jve. 'append below', a circular letter which* Capt. Bennett, district' staff adjutant for military district No.' 11 lias asked should
be-given'every publicity.   -We hasten
.to  comply with  same, and-honestly
hope that the" full penalties for noncompliance will J>e enforced to. the ut}
most rigor of tHe law, sb'-that lhe soi
disant patriots-, may not Ijej'afforded
'any opportunity"for* delinquen'cies to
the call of duty. '    *  -     - ■   . *•
■   "TV*'.' *''     *-■•■'* --', *.**., -"-'. ■■•• -'    •
fThere* are, many well-meaning peo-1 convicted tb the'eominon-' jail of tlio
territory division for-which the said,'
Jilslice'^s".then" abtlngi ;sori *,t;b/soniei
.JS ..v*i?'J.^ttt&i?! .Uj-3JCfiU"u,..foi*.7a. ,term;
not exceeding Uo days.,"if the penalty
,dqes--jiot excee^ ^pjah'd'for Vtermj
'?°L£$?f$n&.®&Sl\£ys if !t exceeds}
that sum.",     '   r'7._        -,   f      -   .--*'
{ As.a,*camp-;lasts 12.days, and each
day's* absence-constitutes a fresh pen-
_■ «*,.  .    * -^. .        a , I
alty, every officer' absent from cam.
will incur'a-fine of $120 and each man!:
■a -penalty ' of * $60, with the alternative ,of-60. days lp jail. . As. a matter
of'fact, ii is generally understood that
before a meni.ber *o_ the regiment cari'
be prps'ecuted.the consent of the com*-
manding o'ficer-.is required to be, ob*{
taiiied.,;- In this case, if the,'command-;
friguO_fic-eiyrefused his cbnsent to the,
wholesale pros-actions that would be'
necessary, .he, himself would have tb;
bear."the brunt "of" the disfavor o'C
thfe*authorities. .. _ '"'■
Rsgarding the information 'askect
for by-Capt.-Bennett, it is understood,
that /air the -.captains - have- made'.re.
turnskin-the last, few'days. " So ^ far'
as .the eNlspn companies,"B",and. "C".
were concenied, .the returns showed
that,they..'would not be represented at
s,upin'eis that is'out of harmony with
tlife 'bellicose sp.ritvan'd' iesiilt "disastrously-, at -some' not, far" distant date.'
■   ^SOCIALISM* AND  THE,, RiPr-l   ..',
, .*.-,"". ,,..•■ j,.i.... ,,. „■ .. ■'.
■■j wow can a neh man be a con-
js-''-bountiful and hex- l'-qsoiit'ceb "limit*-'
riches ' without" ^stultifying-.* himself?
Why. -doe;_,.; he. 'not practice -.what- * he'
preacjies and, "divide, up," fthus..actu:.
ally demonstrating" his honesty*' and
the'truth''of'liis' doctrines'?' '-
,*'. These and similar,' questions' which'
are, frequently aslced-disclose, the fact-
that -' Socialism , is not understood..:
.:Socialists do net, disparage riches;
on'tlie contrary,, tbey'want everybody,
to be' rich."'' ,They propose to "abolish
'poverty'*as 'an"'tindesIrabie**sodia_' con-'
dition that breeds all manner of mental,-moral,.and physical, ills... They
point;to the^ glorious .fa.ct that; nature
sisteht Socialist?" ..Can' he keep his
machinery that 'enables 'him'"to'produce, without 'exhausting, benumbing
toil,* PLEr-sTY FOR ALL.   . '7'. ;
"The'world1 is.full of things'of \i?e
comfort; and luxury.'" It is not'that
we, cjinnot* produce -enough/ It 'is' be
'cause ;we ROB.THB-MAIORiTY-.'oF
," The Wells Fargo, Express Co. started with $5,000,000 stock, Increased it
to ?21,000,000," paid'lO per'cent divlrt-
'oiids niiniinlly,,foi" sixteen'years, declared a 310 per .cant'dividend7last,
year, and then hnd^S.GOO.OOO.cash^ur-
iSlus. Those fhcts onmo out the other
day at,a hearing in,St. Paul before tlio
stato railroad commission.-.
*-' • V A '
Tho roporl'of thb, annual, earnings
of tho.Ilnrveslor Trust Is just mndo
J*^»'v      }h\ A','*.JPfi*iB
..'I.,am directed'by .the 15. ,.Q. C.'.to'
ascertain' from'/you-for'his. information, the probable numbeij of-^officers,
N. C." OS.'"-and' men ""of. ,t,ho unit under
your command who; will attend the'
training camp at Kamloops oh June 5.
This information' is required not later
than- the 15th of May. '■
'Your attention Is,.drawn to sections
'120 and 126. Militia' Act (Appendix I,
K, 11 and O.), which'should be made
as public as possible in your district,
and officers commanding units"'will
bo hold responsible that all .ranks who
aro dnl yonrolled for service attend
this training unless legally 'exempted. ,'      ,,v- ■-,   .
•  . "C. C, BENNETT,.Captain.
"D. S. A., M. D. No. 1,1
"Victoria,  B. C, 27tli April, 1911.V
(*'   Penalties for* Defiance
The sections of tlie Militia'-Act, lo
which, the  adjutant  refers  roads  as
follows; , ,
"120. Every' officer * nnd ninn of,
tho mllllln'who, without lawful excuse, upglcclR or rofupos to attond any
pnrndo' or drill or • trnininr.' (it tho
placo nnd hour appointed therefor, or
who' refuses or noplocts to obey nny
iai Excursion
y    ,   '7    'jgTpPat. will1 be announced
'7        ' -   Tif later—so watch for' iO
i   1
~  , ■'."■■*..''._ -t
Yisiting' tlie- eiitire district
" ■■• See '■ before' yoti-biiy.' -Wvita*"
, "mo for-full particulars.' *-...■•.
'.-'-• -. ■    . ' '-,   .' *    ■>      ,       • '   '•■
: Dig in the ground lor a-
....livelihood, .you'll be lindei:'
• soo^i1 ■enough! , Five acres-.*
;,, -ciilti va .ed;; Syill* prolong. life.
and;'provide'a competence'
,,; for old'age.".,',".    ' " '' ' » '
Eight 10-Acre -Tracts $300 I
•. .*,'...       , eaQh,, easily cleared,,Biirtqii |
;;';■,; \   ;' City, well located and.wafei \
J3 •     \J e
.'Tlie";.Kamloops company, j;ight. at
the site of the camp, has refused as*
a unit .to' attend.* ._-    .,
., Of'the Kasl'o situation th'g, Koote-'
naiati" reports:'-'"At the.-weekly-drlll
of the Kaslo company o'f the 102nd regiment, last Friday night Lieut Riddell-rea'd   the   orders, informing the
.'soger',.hoys  that they were ordered
into camp /at Kamloops for 12 days
■beginning' June 5.     On ordering all'
to step forward who could leave,' no
one moved In the rank.     This camp'*
bupi'ness if persiste*! in Is likely to
lend  to the dishnndment.'' *
""The Jlosslnnd  company offered  to
send, at the outside, 10 men, provldod
*Uig Insl.,years' drill was paid for'first.
Tho attitude of tho, Kovelstoko company hna'not yet' been announced,
■' ■'      ' i Back Pay*Withheld*   "
. This mn<tor of back pay ls,.nnothor
minor soro point with the regiment.
For" three yllars, lii compliance with
gxiicral orders from 'Otlnwn, tho regl-
,monl hns dono the preserlhed'drills;
nnd was-pnid for the first Iwo-drlllc,
It lins nnt yet heen Inspected or pnld
for the 1 hi nl drill, nnd Inst fall Col.
Wndmoi-o took tho position  llinl
"Nature _ healtnij. herbal
essences, purified*, concentrated an. combined under
latest HCientUic processes*"--
that is Zam-Buk.
Mother Nature was decreed to be man. doctor.
Her toots,and herbs were
his first and his best medicine—don't you believe'
Then rerntmber Zam-Duk U
juit .ttAtttd h-f-iUog ctunctiicUn-
lllically comUociJ.  Our*,ip«Ul
-,'ijw.mjji;   i.   tit  tm. J-uiii>i"K| •
TtTftAlfi.Hnj   nod   ro-mhlnln-rl
Ii you h-ivi* mn, retcma*
plica, eruptlonii, olceri, raiheii
thgwotm, txiU, burnt, or any
•kin injury or iluut, apply* Zam-
nn.11 ,..,,tJ .,.,...,t^r..M\..t
abtolute purity maka it the Idral
Heads ef houiiholdi should see It
It alwayi handy In the home.
All druiigitH and ilafll f-(t ito. er
Zen* llu* W„ Tcr*ttt»,/or yrit*
lawful  order  nt  or  coneernljiB such  roRlnioni was liol  culitled to tin- In
pnrnde, drill or trnliilng; Khnll Incur sppctloii' l-pqiiesietl
n pennlly, If nn officpr of flO. nnd If!    7,or-nl fpollng In  roKlniPiiHil pIi*p1ph
n, ninn, of $'.; .for onch, offonne. Rvory i„ I lint the dlHtrlcl offlcor coini?iiiiidlii«
dny'a nhHonco slinll ho held to bo n  will linvp 10 i-p'-piIo from his position
sepiirnto offonso."   . j or else thnt Ir mean-, tlio extinction of
,   '       AbeUdrn Likewise I Uio voRlmonl.-N'olBon NV-vyf*. ■
"120,     Hvory, pornon ,who—   , '    "?10 a dny fine If nn offlci'r, and
"(11) RchIsis nny culling out nf any 195 a dny, If 11 'man nlinontn, Iilinself,"
mnn   (•nllniod   or  drnl'iPd   under   iv-1 iih por neciion  I "id. ,- TIiIh Hhould In-
bo*w'legged_ tliat.'he/'could.^hot' sjop* ~a>
troop of* the'enemy'In a "ravine. 'Or-',
dlnaVy, bow, legs, however,'"aire .lot;* a,
cause-for refusing an applicant. '",,. ,-
'',""."" /"Many Have'F"lat Feet'1'*'" ""■*.;„■
Flat feet. Is one of the most common
causes* for'-refusing applicant^. "'Tfiis
"drawback is commonly; known'as' ktd-
ney-feet/and'.Is caused;byi-a'-drooping
ofthe arch, of the foot, Vlt,-is, common
among, policemen and others who ,haVe
beeir.engaged ln occupations\.whore
they have walked Incessantly for hours
day-nftor day,        ', *' ', ,
'You inighl not believe It.' said Yeo-
'limn Ma'ln, "hut [the high .cost of living
has caused' many men to.be refused
admission to tlio nrmyantl navy, See
this stack .of',.blanks. Well, \A.LIj
•;' "Color hlindnesB Is nnothei* cbnimoii
cnuso I hnvo In mind.   A young man
frpm a rural-froo dqllyijry, nddrossdnt
of l'nlnsvlllo hns tried 'flmo and' ngaln
to enlist.     His fnther cnn not understand why'worpfupo tlio hoy, but ho
has defect Ivo'-vision despite It lie fact
thnt hlA eyes nrn strong.   Oreou looks
red to him, and-other colors tiiko 011
vni'ied hues.    Illiick Is black nnd white
ls while, hut between these PNtrcmns
of shndo the boy Is n hopeiocs cnfic,"'
"(Rd,--The   nbovo   pxtnu-f, ■ nhmihl
mnko very Intoi-psllng   renillng ' tor
those ardonl bollvei-s lu tno HtnteniQiitH
so widely puhllnhcil llirough tho prest*
nhoul tho "plienoiiiennl wave of pron-
pority thnl Iiiih swept ovi-i- thb 'IJ. H,','
nnd would lond to lho conclimlon thnt
In ordor to not pscolK-iit, nmtei'lul for
lho loKiillKod l-iitclipflng indiiHtry thnt
II Bhould ho oblnlni'd young nud dove-
lopml in iKirDrdniiPO   wiih ii|>*to*i|iitt<
nipthoilrt, hiii'h hh olUnln'lu ihn Hi'lush
Nnvy, whore foutidlltiK hoyn avo kopt In
Kovfi'iiniont Hupportml liiHtltutloiiH and
aro  pHrcflilly   dnveloi'O-l   ill irh   iiIoiik
tho hiiiiio lliu-K hh ft ilo*i;-l)ri'<M|pr ti-nliiR
his hull diiRR.     TIkm'o N hIko ltiit.<<lii'H
CoKsiiu'li Hc-jliiii-iii*. who arc gnintcil
HlM-clnl prlvilcgoH, Bitch hh exemption
froni (uinUoii, crniiiv' of » '-Pi*Hil;i twi".
nr.(* niul other' conPCBBlnni mi rondl-
tion tlmt ho he over loynl to tho "Lii-
Ilo _ nlhi-i*," nnd iih ho dnon not hnvo
tn mln.:If! with Hin Indiiilrliil workorH.
nntiirnlly his nttiiPhniotim nrn mich n«
ilinKo lilm nn IdPiil ItiHiniiiiPiil lu   the
,1 f    ,1 ,      ,.,!   - -  ,    !,»■>.„If    li„
(.vV''"        'fX'O f^ono»i.|f nvn.nn. |« ItlPr   .V ' r-ni't'i*"   Hr'Vf .''u,p-'   "''-■'
n moillflfnilop nf the nld «or( or vlll .n'
of thn mldiUn ii\.c-k. I'rnbfilily iho (lor-
mun jtltm would ln-fti conform 10 Khr.
llnh HpcnkliiK ooinitrli'B—-I. •', look well
„ll,„.   IX.,,   i.l,.' ■!, nt   ,,11 n\-   f(  WlO   TKmiUi
under tho _.ul»o of liuinaiiluirlanUin
tlinl llki-wlse ntiiml  10 Uiclr moiitiil
oiluontlon hiHOfnr iih IiuowIciIko which
(mpi'ovort them 111* fiu-ioin la Uio dov-i-
lopnicnt of roiiitiierclnllf-u-i.   ThU wns
tho UlHunnrr-klnn s-chpnip, hut "tho hp«t
Intontrf  of  mice  nnd  nir-n  !-tt_ j-mukjIows:
nRloy." niul tho Ocrmnn* nn n 'ppoploj    "D\<t.   l-.vcopt   i-b   othprwlvii horoln
hnvi* not llmttt-il Hi_r . luonilnn to tltotprrtvliUM, <••-.<•,>• poniiUy tn**tit'i*"il mid-
study of thOHO «ut»J"ct« thnt It wan.j«.r this net «h»ll lip to«-ovprahU*. wUh-vllh h* i*lRld rod'1 If *iiffi(i|rut ninn-
pxperlc<) Uipy would lmt hate no ad-' t-OMn, nn . iaiijiiiAl-y *on*.|itl-,ii lufur- .It 0 .J«-< s *il*.<* titiil.mltlro »..i>* t,,- tin
vnn'iPtl In tho knowloili.-   of polltloaljf.n<» Juntlpp of tho i)t-nro, -ic.linil   «o  nl,is   th'*   nit->lorli\     1""
nnd gf-olnl •ot-onomy that  they   luivdj    "2,   in  d^fanlt  of  Irnnu'dlitto  i>m- 'i.t-Jr  Instiiitiloii.      Wo   would   nri-''
onrnod fho tlth*   of ;'vni-rlr.i**.illo*pn"jmnnt  on   ronvllctloii.   D\o  toiivlctlne  ',"»i to li«' a-* firm iik adnmsnt and
PLENTY. .     "      -7, ' ,   '     'J
.Socialists1,do'"not believe In' 'dividing up." *. They do not believe in 'charity, -which -debases both donor and -re.
cipient..,   .They   demaud. justice 'for
a»- -.-■■. '     ■'■;'.    ,    >
l. Justice, in a.world of limitless resources; consists'In-vouchsafing to
every, human being the opportunity to
earn-; create or produce -for himself
all, ho'needs for a , full and Joyous;
life. . \ .'      ;,'"-,-
Society, by taking possession'of the
mean's of .production and distribution
and noting ns "trustee"'for nil Its members, can gunrnutee equal opportunity to nil..,     .7 -     .,,
It caii be dono'in n'o olhor wny.
To divide tho wonlth nf nil the rich
(to sny nothing of ',Uin( owned „Iw a
few-rich Socialists), nmong the poor,
while tho present system exists, would
'',!' ' -'. , V>.
: HEAD.-OFF1CE..; »• ■:,Original.,
TARO.NT.Ov- SS-'.-f
    '  «"■    'Jill     tVlXi;
~\   ■   :      '.',;- ii **„-.. i-t 31-..
I 'l-l.
. British
Branch Office pf. Ihe Home Dank
of Canada, corner Dloor
and Dathursi Sheets,
and 7 Foreign1.'
,.    ■ i
"correspondents'   in -all
* the, principal  cities  of
. . ,   the worJd.; ..
General, Banking  busi-
,   ness transacted.
_ „,« f:z\iZy,:zz:, branches and connections .thmpm mm
U would only he n short time mull ,,T_-_Tr*T  «*^»tt.   -.■, -r, ' "
"JOHN ADAIR, Managcri Fernie
gulntioiiH or any pi*orcn» pres-'Ci'lhcd for
oiifon-liin liirolliiioiii  hy bnlloi;  or
"(li) rounnolH or nldsnny pcrfo'ii
to i'phIhi nny onlllnp* out nf nny nuiii/j
ciillBtcd or driiftcil uiidoi* tlio, I'pg'u-
lntlniiK nr undt-r any prni-oHS pi-phorlli-
i'i| for niifon-liig Piiroliiupnt hy hni-
lot, or Un1 poi-fonnim.-n of any nor*
vlcp In i-olntlon lliorctn; or
"(c) CoitniiPlB or nlvlH nny ninn on*
lUtod or Unhid tn inlllinry dPi-vlco,
nol 10 nppciii' nl lhe place 01 I'l-ude*.
vouh; or
"1 til IHuhhh.iou- nny ivnn "tilun-.l nt-
llnliln tn tullltnry roi-vicp, from thn
piM'I'nrmiiiico of nny dmy ho Ih lf-wir*
od hy lnw nr regulation to perform,
"to)   iNH'N'niiy noi 10 tho ili'trliiwiit
nmc-nded nnd rond: "Id tbiyn hnrd ln*
hor for onch oiTU'cr nml ."i d.iyn for
onch eiillHlod mini for ovoiy uprIocI."
Si'i-tldli lf_ll wo highly nppliiiidi-, bill
Imnlly doom llu* pitiiMniu-iu ndi.-
qiilito in tho i-rhiio. fn) Hlmiild ho
11111 en tied by mldlii-.-, tin* wnriU "Any
onudoypi' of lnlnu- who pb,.'?<-l-* m nny
of bin cniploypi-s fi'niri b?hig i-nlloil
0111 should ho ooinpollod to Kiipjily
llm iTinimlKMnlnto wllh rntlntis for
(ul men for (.■m-h dlly thut Id- '-in-
ployco nhhoniB lilnmi-lf." l-.uidiinipii*
inlly tlio 111III1I11V ninln i-iil«»t*»ii iI'i-mv
Ih tho prniooilnn nt prnpoity, iliorofni'o
i-oprohpiitiilic/i) wlilioiil IiiKiiliun U un-
just, bonce Iim nuift submit to tin*
i Inlti'i*, In iho i'ii*«o nf n unii-, in
I ployoi' ctuiio pilldoi* fni'in  nf ci^iUii-
tho most enprgpilo, cuiinlng nnd un-
■fierupuloiia .would be onto]) ngnln,
Socialism include.) nil humnnlty. It
ho is hnscd upon lho grout physologlcal
i'ac-l Hint, thu himiiui rnco Is nnt or-
gnnUm of which onch Indlvldunl Is
n vltnl coll, ' An Injury 10 oik- Ib ,nr
injury ter nil.■ 'This lnw of unity nnd
fcollilnrlty wnfl'Rllinpsod HioiiR{inris of
ypiii's ngo. Thn f.nrppn(ci' of Xnznr-
oth oxpi-PBBod It when lie said: "That
Which yo lmvo done unto Uic lennt
of diet*-*- hnve y<? done inilu nie.'
Mul ii roiiiiilncd for tlm- iiiiiotoonih
oentiiry to nok-iitlflcnlly osinlillnh If
mid 10 r.pluu! lliu pittcliwniI. ul' lliu
old , Ihenl'oL-loH nml ni'l««pi".i hy thn
gront pi'lnclph- of f--nliittoii and pro-
(.rem, r
Thn (wonilotli M-niury, lnilldlnu iipnu
the pi'lnclplo nf pvnlinlim nnd hrnili-
crhooil will I'porg.iiili'o i-iiololy by innli-
lug It In lh" b"ttl nnd IiIkIiphI Inior*
ori of tho IndMiliinl in tiorvn 1 lio ooni-
mnn pioocl niul wi.ili tin- lho hoi-IiiI
Why Hhould Uio. pirifoiindoil uoiu*--
I'.-ill'ritlnu nf iii-Ii-iii*c: Um- liU'lio'i'l In-
cfiitlvos nf nrt nnd nnli!'"-'i inplrn-
ilium nf Uio hoii 1 mil hiijhmiI in |ho
rli-ir**. Tlmy find n -uri-iiii-i* Joy lu Hm
Ilii* of iho wholo tluni hi il"- 111111 iw
n-u-lllKlV-illOSH   of   ll   I'lllHH, 1
Cnpltnl   Paid   Up    $2,750^00
Reservo &. Undivided Profits   3,250,000
Totrtl Asuctfi  "10,000,000
ll I-*! not ,iny 10 nlii-r the h.ilih-*-
cl' 11 lli'i iiihi nn ;,in.ill mat11 r i^,r<,i.
Miko r-.tuiwif-iiiiPi- mn! lo.irn tn ,•.,,...
Ynu will ii"M-r Ii-ni* mile...- ynu In .,*■
Uu- liuonilvn,uf ;i riiiMio; Aconuiit.
Hn li-.t, jiuii iiiiillniiii' 1 nil 1,1 il,.
I.'tnil. nf  lliiiiilltini   nii.t np-11  . .1  ,
'•" -_
iiiii %
* "*•»■.# (te^-.  4*«M«l-_lw
He.id Office:
of. nny ninn enlisted ni- linblo in niill-i tlmi mlRlit bo itullrw-d, hiioIi an ti-nn-'^
, ..I • .,    .       " ,*     ll.l   1 I ,.       I,.,,,,!      I-....Ir.,,.     r-,       .)*,
mcIi   ilnM"   or 1 ii'luiil    tti*-.   iniu,*   fni'lo   oi    rill,'.'    ni-1
"tfl IntfSffpro"   with   Hi"   drill      or I f-.ot.iP  nrohnli*  tivthnd   of   i-oprnvnl
Ir.-iliiliiK of nny 001 pk ni- poriinii ihoro-1    Tl.o flno of um in nliocpiher ino,
of!  or ' (trivial nnd not  v.wiliy nt  rnnro timntiuj, oducntlnnnl ".vpoi'in wiin nro vl-.li-
"ft') OliBtruois nny povph or poriioii! pritsuiinv nUonlin",     AVo Hhitll wint-h; \uu pnntidn !u Uio liilom.-t, of orl'ir.-i-
it,, a, ,,r   /*.,.  «i,„  .   ,,   ',  , „ ,,t ■  „ i,...,*.       .i ,.,,,,,,.,, i.,itio- ■  -vIth llv.-l-.- l'iir*-■ -1   .•        , ,    ,     ,1   ii .    „ ,    , 1 , ,   .1,1
"Shnll incur n jk mt liy inn  ovoo; d-; ;iv tin* mpoitt. of iiisiiliurdlniiiiuii muni  , i„|i|,.iiio  lu-jriitivo,
In-; $100,* '       .l.c df.iii  -.villi suiuinnrlly If o*-prli    il-*-'    "'th.it  !.»  to  fay.' wild nt 0  i.f U.i
Alternative of Irnprleoninent i-orio. Ih tn lm ninlnliiliiod, und iho ro j < .,mihi-.*imiit**. 'i ho olilldioii imv nm
ThoUKh   thn  itdludiiit   iIook  not   In*  uliuoni knpi up to i-juiiji lifo Mainliu.1   -innMird'  In   tin*  hoiih"  of  Uio   im.hI,
rludo f-ooUou lf!(» In hin 1'ofon.iit-o, U | of iffU-li-iii-y. ; -n.i, tt l1- t't-nornlly Intorpi-i'icd ;m unii-
hns n illreci honiiiiH nnd rnniU an to]-'    Thi-, Ih  nn Dxoo tor lutlllnllon  ni*hi*,^,     on D,o oilmr Itntnl, tlw-v nro
i-oiii|ii<'itii*-o, ,111 n«,unii -..<> uro n-i-o inj in.i'ur, ii'id --lio . nn ub ilni" :■' -onoo
rouf-1"™ ihnt m-vln'* to tho rnpldly i nf " 1f-',n'*,-*,<-("ii«noi-.i v.bi<-l lr r-Mllv
•'rnwliit. (ll':t:i'-io inr milltnry piiriultF  .M' '.'fnl,     !r tnillciii< - ,01 '■ •♦Ut'tit'il-1
Hillary irt nnt oninmoii.-'iii-iiti' with Hn- ilun-ii,  «uuld   niii<*-
I'l'lnMi.    11 lit 1    Iki'I*    Iii-    1'lnl    '-'h-    ii'il-' dn, 1,(41,   ,it'il   lin'l1"
Iiiim-   iiniilr   iii "nt'.li'i'   in  i>!.i'di!   >,ii,ih 1 (nuj,.>ililnn,
loiuliri.                1
llu- .(i-i
li.t I",* •• ,-
1 1
ENGLISH    WO.-tKiN.-Mi-:.-J
»from dor Knn«pr.)
|Jii*nMro  mny  onrnmtr  'l*p  por*nn   •inini-T'inv iii»* mhhi nt ih*» HornM***,
i-t  »l-o fniuidtnii  i-lill-l  '*rn''".iivd''"  '
Momboi-Ji of tho oomiiil'^lnn of run !
I       ' U.nUu • .     MM)     |H 1    t'.if.    ill
jjiiiup   wnilioi>   In   (!ii',i!   Iii'iiiuii
1 , 1 !> >■  lo- 'i   (I.*,!*   »'. ' >i     ", 1 i*l'l<    \> t
i. i   1 niln,;  '*,',  -,.iiihii' .-*   <.u 1    I   11
'li.ii'o nf r.,iii._'n>it   i-"i 1 fl    1 \
lloilM'   'x»-    i-u-'itl.,   moM-il.
Toiuil.t.   ui"!' 1     *   • :■ i.n.v      lm'
Hoard   Of  'il.*>l<-,   i!i   nptm-dlU'   llio
Hon  of   Wilt  I'.i-un*-,  Uio  labi.i-
i t liUl      .1 l,*,i   , ,     1      ...»        -»       ■ w.u  ... 1
mltiliiiiim s,i!.' of ii.'.n.
. ,         t UH 1MB      i>  1 '     -1 '•    -iill' I Hli-..    • I
|tv nml nn filortiiest-* wht'-h -a"111 innkoj •1,« l,0°-' ■*•'*' ■• I-"*"'' *""'• :""1 !l"
-I', i.i ,'i.n 1, !ir'_,»it, ki If !.r.;*i ' ,•.'!•(:,-,"<■■"*«' u;i-** •-i','' -""''•
i.f tli'- f«i 111-, It ninn *|w:il,- u.llfiii' T«*iiii<-iil t'-Jio'.I','!' Ini') »•-. 1 >:i -■ "-
llu' *-vjHi-i>i nf !__)>_ruction -.i.i-n in Uioi.olil IckIi-, .nol *-,ild 'but Uio tim |ju
1 l.O'.ln, iind Ik n tontlmni.s..t nf Htojwnulit Ininlw .1 ».••« >•: .*•,-. i, i-ro.''.
rilh t<"»»*fnl   worK   ot   tho   liro't. '     'Mtoio I 'I h<*» H'l_itMi  lln-i  "t   -ixrif*-*  no *>'-
l\*» «*-* 4 W « »a.M
r»   Hi   tf%9^
i.^. tf*t\ w . v
ttlii.Mu I
. . 1 li ,
.1 ,fl, I'
s in
1 .ill
I.-,- li-, Y.o hi*'- « rj.oio i-s nth oii" ro*
I'M ily Hi.U |. 1 1 i'.i_..-_i-,_ i,» 1 I'i* \,lh,
mill ili-.il Is I in l*!L! S". If Uo x dt-in'i
i.'.D'.x' : .t' ' -. :,'. lo »t!!i> .> .mt, in
'v.o -.iifV,, }n-n ,*ii,-.i''■ mil j," iciund-
...» -I-     .11   ,-,  .' •- -    ■ , •■   J. ,,     ,1-
Th«   t'l?  I'.il I'.i    rr. Thnn..*'.'', <hit.
When You V.'. .t'",nMM'; )0,u
■„■•■■'1   ii»«t-
it -'i  '.-.,■
in j.»   1' i
rn 1.1 jn - •
**ii.»- 1' ,1.
I;   ,*t.t.i.t-, -•
1    t the
*. l.r the
tl,** ititte
1 _______________!
*£*.-"_ MI^"',
.v ,t
■""■'■;'- yj-r>\r'r"" '.-i*:*.*^.;,-•*?;.*,  7, - '..■'^y^'-'V,V't .-•_■-";': Jivi'-:;^******-.*" -.v*;,;-,-*^*****?**"*,''"1,*' -,;,"■'-■;'.■.-,•"■*■*.' t'-i*^^'^..,'M''X*T'*T*'^''"," •'■''''--'"'-*■-'*',"VW.7 ■-il'-,'*'--''-' "'-J.'*;" ■'■'-"-"',"-''■'■""■;"'■'■','"''""-'}^"m^'^T!?^J^^yr'
\ '"'     .'""-7 '""'7**- -   ' '. "".    .        '    •' ~7*7*. ,'    ''■'*" "".'-.': • **.;.^ r "Jy' -'~.       .* *,; *•* -.'-,'_ -7"-" ~y~.-"-- i [    7,7 . '■7> '^''-'r-.y'---Jy ,\ry\ - ^,».:■*"■*'""    :* f^,"/.VJ,'.-,'-J --£ 7.>'--\ *'"
°       ;- •" ..**• -       -    ..       * :   --   ■ ,..,..--v ,.       *    -   ""■*. '*--•.'_   jf '■*."-;-    ** '.''■-";'.*?,,■ .- .,-*_ «\ .., ""*"*■     -,   ,.. -^ -■">..,.--. *-**,     "*>*i .-.'.• ■    '• ** ""*■■•' •   -'-■**   "       -,     7 '
Wi ran
&tyt mdthi £ib$tv
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y t    l\ r
B>_ "       "*l{*-
iNon.n>       " -!-.
§3^/        " >.
_'             C"-b.
' *    .'"'*-:'
■yEAES ago, in the'days, of callow youth, yheii
•    the fire  of uncontrolled enthusiasm- burned
brightly and our mind, indoctrinated with the the-
•; * pries of Smile's "Self Help,'.!- whose verity would
have been rank heresy to. question, conjured up visions of wealth to be had by'all practising those truly
e/ capitalistic virtues of sobriety, thrift and industry.'
we pondered deeply over-the failures that not,wo
alone,* but likewise thousands'of others succeeded in
obtaining with unremitting regularity, and although
our long cherished ideals died hard, finally faith in
the efficacy of the application "of the aforemention-
,'   ed stereotyped formula was rudely shattered and
; the realization forced upon us that the acquisition of
riches' individualistically'iw'equally unattainable, as
- the transmutation of the baser metals into the more
precious ones.   '   7 :" '"'"*""'„ , -    -.    . .
"We continued to plod along with-a,.happy-go-*
lucky hit-or-miss, policy for guidance completely,
disillusionized of the'save*-the-p>nny-an'd'-the-pounds;
will-look-after themselves road   to  .the   secret of
. Croesus but this'week; after years of comparative
poverty, we can proudly ..exclaim with*; fervency
equal to that of our friend Archimedes of ba% tub
*   notoriety—0 ter" quaterque bedtum nEurjekaj/i,or
-:   in the'every day language of .the street "Whoop
her up, boys, I've struck a winner!" '' '.'•■->»':-*7-
.As there are so many of our friends anxious ,to
hear of a quick easy-to-get-rich scheme we give the
.   recipe free from, conditions or charges, except that
. we ask as .a o.trivial recompense for our boundless,
philanthropy that,*-whej.-we have made. our. exit
i from,, life's, bustling .stage; those who may, have
profited' by''the [ display of such magnanimity7 will-
.supply a wreath of marigolds (if their purist souls
should cause, them to deem these flowers savor too
much, of "tainted money" the.-modest plebian dandelion-wiuld be equally, acceptable) to be placed
____-flnQT!J_\«p_'f}jnj>-.l     '*"'__       '"•*'-;'» *    ■" ■-*..'*
,.   Probably every school boy has puzzled over the
, .problem of how much it will cost to shoe a horse
when the charge for the-first nail is one cent,'.then
double the price of each succeeding nail, and when
-.the price of the 32nd nail is arrived at the expression
quite .frequently is heard, "Gee! I wish Iwas a
blacksmith and get such a sum for shoeing a horse
.as then I would be rich in quick time."   ,  ,   " '*     ■
To those1 who have' regardedfthis ajs'tho most
striking instance of acquiring wealth would say":
Discard it as an obsoletism as we now present for
your careful consideration a more up-to-date- plan
that is so liberal in its calculations that instead, of
beginning with a cent as a point of departure employs dollars, and- its minimum figure   7.    ' We
. marvel greatly that tho fertile brain "responsible,
for this stupendous money-making schomo did not
have it doubly clinched by copyright and letters
patent in evory civilized countrywide, the sun.
This oversight may be excused on tho pica that
vory rarely aro men of creative genius of a practical
turn of mind, or mayhap, with heart bubbling over
with altruism (a vory serious malady whon it bo-
comes chronic) determined to bequeath this,child
of his waking hours to posterity in order to controvert tho long established cynicism that all men
aro selfish.    Hero is tho modus operandi:
Build a shack worth say $100; rent it for $7 a
month; then servo a notico upon tho occupant that
the, next month will bo $14, the following'month
$28, then $5ij, nnd each'succeeding month double
its predecessor; continue this process for flvo years
ond we arc satisfied thut Morgan, Roekofollor,
HntliHcliild nnd a host of others in combination will
be so far diHtiint compimitivcly as to appronch a
vanishing point.
An n record for inorit, oonplod with our wholesome
distastes for figures in tlio iilislrar*!, we will give nli-
soluti.y free ono yonvs's Miluwiptinn of this literary
proiltH'liou to the first Kirl or hoy KPiidiiiR in oii
fiei'iii'-ilc -"oinpHt'ilion'nf whnt lho amount would
total in five years, using tho unit $7 ns a start or
and doubling the amount for each sis'ty consi-entivc
IVrlmps some of om* readers may itmigiiio that
this is u hufff. jok.., a fifum-nt of n disordered im-
nginntion, but we hnsion i'o nasim. thom thnt it,
lutn a foundation in fact, and in substantiation thereof reproduce hereunder copies of the memorandums
which speak for themselves,
16th April, 1011.
To Mr.    ■
***"*! ihei-lxt"
hold as tenant:, the smajof^gjj^-fpr the,second
"mont'h'fii whicl. ybii over-hold aa'tenant, and $56
rfor? the-third-month _i which, you^over-hold _s
-tenant; " .,        *;;• y-\'~y ■-     ■-; '  ,,'
Youw truly,, 7,1.:,      ' ;7 : ■
General Manager"pro! tem.
AVhen read and digested .the a]jove should enable
us to'break forth'and warble* joyously—".v, _ !\, .'.*
{{i{{    __ "The,Miple Leaf lor.ever."^. -; -
-.Shakespeare is'.credited with "I can'call,spirits
from the va^tydeep/ but on'one occasion when'a
well known actor was repeating these.lines a _voice
from the gods^yelled out* "Aye, and so can anybody
^l?e, but will they.come'when'they are called?," so
in like, manner the^problem confronting us has its
its parallel,,"Anybody can charge, but where's the
money coming from?!'*   \ ■,'-,'   n     .    ';v
We, notice in the communication of May 8th under "General Manager" the words "protem.,"'Vnd
feel sure the "tem" will be,very brief, because an
individual endowed'with so fertile a brain should
not be fated to a "pro tem" position who can devise
a scheme that will produce such marvellous results
and place the most poverty-stricken nation beyond
even the dream .of bankruptcy. "    ■ ■
1 ■*-• ' _ -.*
T.;.AST. week we received" a pamphlet fromVthe
•*-'   Moral* and Social Reform 'Council of Canada,
436 .Confederation Life Building, Toronto, containing the report of Judge Robson on "Segregation or
.Toleration of Vice.''   'Mr. Robson was appointed to
investigate charges made by Dip. Shearer at a public
meeting in Winnipeg upon the social evil and the
actions of the'police connected therewith.    '.".
, Charge l.—V That -the authorities '.had penpitted
or authorized^prostitutes to be segregated.". .There
-is nothing startling in this* as like conditions prevail
in practically, every .city-ou this continent; and the
-knowledge so commonplace that truthful, denial
thereof being impossible, indifference to its existence characterizes the "attitude,.of the majority of
citizens.   Individuals of,the Shearer type, with their
pettifogging ".reform' notions simply,stir a muddy
pool,, and .though'this may cause the scum "to appear on the surface, the constituent elements remain
unchanged 'and must perforce continue so to do
.under an. economic _egime which all the social'evils
infesting the, body politic, propagate and intensifies,
^ne.might^as'well attempt tb eradicate** cancer by
Minting itT'with-rosewaterjas,pursue the methods
of moral reformers with any expectation,of salutary
benefits .accruing.   .'*.,,' ^'    y
>,-We are not out on a muck raking campaign nor
do we delude ourselves that" mere denunciation is of
\    -      \      ^   4 4rft   »
*•«*■'■ Vi «*■*'(■
^ IUND WALKEjR^GfV.O^^^-Oi^L^_aionr::
Ll EVAMneD .L'AIDlV; ^A_,'uH_._.r. U.m.am,'"'
■ --V..
•'. «*i.'.
•TV**: "$&.-?' WiALEXANDER'-fcAlimj 'CfeNERAUiMANAQMf; • .*/--„ -'. ^'-"' ":. $
CAPrrAi_;_ _5io.ooo.ooo; ;;c i    rest. - $7Pooow)
of The Canadian' Bank of pommerde will receive^ deposits, of Ir^im'd'
upwards^ on which interest is, allowed at current! rates. 7There i» no
^delay in withdrawing the whole or, any portion of tht deposit.   Sftkll
'depositsare'welcomed." v7.':'-'-H-\.*-'*',-i''  *"■ ■**" "'*" ,i",,s:,*^ .'^ "'y^jT^'-
{   Accounts may be opened in the-names of two or more ^rsoiss,'to,be
operated, hy any one of the'number or by the survivor.... A joint account
:of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of'the money,"
after death,' and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for.
his wife, or for.bthers depending upon hhn, in the,event of his'death; ,'
, FERNIE BRANCH,   ■ , -,-   '-," \ -' ..  , L. A..8. IJACK, Manaflsr;
\ Al .tights, Coal  Burners, Coai   *:
or Wood Burners, and
Wood Burners 7
Ranges and Cook Stoves
»■     .      J r> -        » I ** *   ^ * ^ *t _,
-any^utij-ityrbur while ;re^
many well'intentioned people en gaged, in various
crusades, /we would urge that once they have re-
'ec-'gnized' a disease" instead"; of*, ^combatting effects
they follow the example of the medicabpractitioner-
and investigate causes, then they wi-Vafter a com-
plete diagnosis, .'determine to-attack-the basic evil;
-.v-Where do the'vast majority of these unfortunate
•women come from?    The'Working class, but in
as a much as this class predominates. the question
may'be therefore answered that there.is nothing especially surprising about, this.  " Let us proceed.
What is the predominating'eausef.'And it readily
develops that it is economic.   , A comfortless home
may account fpr.some, an inadequate wage for oth-
ers, a longing fpr a homo "and the too-ready acceptance of'the promise of an oily-tongued scoundrel
bo tho explanation given, but in practically every in.
stance either directly or indirectly, an economic ex-
planation will bo forthcoming.,  No moro damning
proof of the decadence of capitalism can bo offered
than the development and increase of this scourge
of present day, society to which the mass of the
public havo become so accustomed as to regard it as
a necessary and an incurable evil.
For thousands of years wo have been taught that
innate depravity is tho source and acted accordingly
until the futility of effort in this direction has
forccdupon many thc conviction that wo must look
elsewhere for a solution. Tho two great factors arc
Ignorance and Poverty, and theso Siamese twins
must first bo conquered beforo this as well as the
many existing evils cnn be eliminated.
Tgnorai.ee is not only found among tho poor, lmt
also is rampant nmong those who flatter themselves
thaUhoy nro educated becauso possessed of n littlo
book knowledge, and nro. therefore, proud in their
eow'oit, consequently loth to acknowledge tliey have
imbibed al, tho founts of inneonrnto and unlrnst-*
worthy information.
Truly tlioy strnin nl mints nnd swallow eiimcls ns
Ihofuo through the lnnd liko modern Don Quixotes
lilting at windmills.
What is the greatest causo of Poverty?—lgnor-
nnce. Whnt is tho cause of Ignornjtoo?—-Poverty.
Tench people how to measure value ns well as lum-
bor, oleelrieity, etc., then they will nsuertain w.herein
the trquhle lies. Just, so long ns production is enr-
ried on for profit primnrily and mil for use, with
thc enti.sornient.inl pilinn up <if erimiiini.liti..-N ivsulttng
in ilih-iiiplriyment. with nil the evili thnt fniinxv hi
Hh train, tho reform crusades miint ho n\oro\y wind.
fanning nnd totally void of nny permanent accomplishment and nlthoiitfli they pout mur*. nlong the present linos until the ernok o* doom no pori-optibh* pro-
gross will be ar-hievt-d. Thin nmv mumd tiessimi.itie
but wluJe cJuvrftiJJy i-oiirtinjr iv I'i ital ion of ||_<> eor-
re-el Hess of »mr deduct ions, do m» buoyed iq> wiih tho
iissnrnin*e tlmt nn awakened intolliiri*iii*e nlrendy
making itself inanifosl will solvf the vexatious pro-
lileniK, not by \,wro pnUinttv-r* s hut by the adopt toil
■.if_.i-.l-> >li,. .;.- i,„ms1ii.*h Ivmi.I.iii. irom a eiiiiiph'h'I
,iiten».*il iv vi do tim*-, and iriHti-ji.l flf (, mi_.Ji.1v'
Mnybth.mil jndt'iinM. i,(] r.,r llu* jnoril»'iit. jU'i.ih-t'.-si.f tli. f.-v'
Siri—We beg to advise yen that you are holding 'to th.- .1.-tH..--nt ..f the mam. it "ill |lf. a r. _1 ■*»-•
the premise; of thi* company as an over-holdin-fl'-I.-i;- •'»•*,*.',[,'. ,yv .Mt\ f.lt^„ ■.;.■•„ ,:lMH w'i|| *,„,:
While on Strike
Buy a Fruit Ranch
\   and Own Your Job
■ , - We.can sell you 10 and'20 acre tractsion the Bast,
\ shore bf4 Kootenay Lake which if you take care of    '•
- for ;five years it will take care of you for the rest of -
your^daysi We have two excellent sub-divisions ou *■
r'    the'East side of the Kootenay'Lake, one,half-mile   .-'
from, post office, store and'steamboat landing, ex- -
■,' celent- land- and easily cleared and well, watered;.. -.
easy, terms; special inducement, to families with--'
'schoolchildren.     •*■  *. -'■■',■       -. .   '.   ■
• '•*•■••..
Lindsay Launch & Boat Go.
-'*    '._(.>',-„.-.v     ' -- -.'.'.'• .      .    -•
■ Room 8, Griffin Blocks rNeison, B. C.
■.-7i »*Av*.-.f-«.«".-? -j v»-•W.v.r-v-'"''; -*' 1-.'*.>--;
__! -**"-" - ^'  _P '*     - ■8.,
'•,_■*■ **•*--•*,•;*•' y'-\*'-',*•.-?*"'
'■ *Pf*S-W'**"" ■■'.^'f'pjliwil^-j^fe
■_i____f^"^— ■    __,-*_ Sj^-r^V _.'W__? ..    .. -^.r' - - >'.-: " - '"-W '   '- - ■_-
^{yyjj,%]{:: will"exhibit at _;<Vi-'y::;ti'"
Fernie, Tuesdayr May^3jp;
7 ■*' '"-.",i   _,'* >.'■    77'' "- » "7"":<,...."■   ' \.  . • *■-).-'.- i^f* *-*-!. ■-•.,'    *   ** *
-Ja.* ,**,V-'.-. ,   '*'   -,T •
**,. !*.-.,
■i- .aj «i -'4.',
■y •"■■*■' <*.
■fcV* C----V*, .'.**-*"' ►*'
, i-, ,„.-_,-
■Ring Wild Animal
.-. ■/'*"     ..  r Advertisements   generally   contain  a; v promise
!v '       of youth, and this may be the reason why they almost invariably-catch the eye of the gentler sex..    ■.
"• •       ■» ,'       ( ' ■ .
.->■•■ . .       • . ,"
Do You Want   Youth?
., .y If you must adopt modern methods which enable
'■   you.to work without worry and so expedioualy that
your leisure hours are therefore increased—YOU
Radiant Electric Iron, weight 6 lbs
Price $6.00
Hardware  J.  D«   QUAIL   Furniture
Dear Sir,--Wc shall require possession of the
houso and promises you now occupy under thi.
company at tho expiration of tho period for winch
i■*■_■»■- Iia-i ?,>__«_.. -_.fciiw.u-t*. aiorn you, vis,, April,
Yours truly,
James Finlay,
Ocr.cn:! M*_:va;\;c_.
To Mr.	
Here is a Square
nnd penccfiil security, ns well.
Willi a pollry in our old lino
com puny, you can go otf oa your
mention or visit the on (Is of tho
caith nud you know you'ro ho-
wan.*,     iin- ijcst tn
Is nlwnyj. rhcnpoit ond ospoclnl-
Iv CO wtir>|i It il rip u n't f.nqt tili'twr
I'nu't ik-luy uhout tlmt fi'iiowjil
or (.l_o-.it tlmt fxtrft Insurance
you x.nut but como rlKht In nt
.oil..- nnd luno It attended to.
Insurance     Real EuUte
7  J*"'
;  ."• ■'i
* •"   J1
, *   .■*■
■ o '      'I ,_.
•_..-»;•!■_>..."*-i'i l.'lili.
'4 ".'J«;i.| 'bit!
■__ ',.„. ♦«  - ',,.,«* ..,
Twice as Big a Sh«w-Twic« the Animals
as was shown last season
»-    <.    \»
Two Big Bands Parading
. '„
'    i
'*.    ;\
Cigar Store
And Nothing but the Best In Fresh
and   Smoked! Meats,   Fresh   and,
Smoked Fish, Dairy Produce, Poultry
Etc. Etc., go to
THE 41    MARKET   CO.
8AM GRAHAM, Manager
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
tenant, .tn. that we shall charge yon at thi? nt«;i'«M-ly ».* .i..,,:.... lSf -„» tf.j.o. h in i)... ,«r.vr ot
of S14 for lliu Um month m which you so ovjr-, xvi, nI.-.■.-.
LCE.'Sr:"" Ars.   Por Busincn
Wholosnlo and Retail
■ I" ■■*********——■ _jmj
Barber Shop
Shoe Shine
Bowling Alleys
r»;it' .1      ,     i -»-,     .
L>mt.<:uvt,__  dUU rOV)l
Coffee and Sandwich
Hazctwoori Buttemillk
Victoria Am\m
FERNIE. B.C.       Phone 3*.
Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
The Jeweler-That's All
.Right on the corner
Electrl* Lighted 8tMm H„led
The Waldorf Hotel
i >
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot end Cold Water L. A. Mnu> „,„,„„
LEDGER ADS PAY ""       ' (     r ■ "l ~ -   '   "*"D    -
-. ,* ..:"' "C-r, M .. •*.-■>  •'*_- i-)i.i---t:*-;' *-.
-* .
-~j y-i---.'-
}.-<} '-*-;
' h.y
I:-.    -J
, <*".-" *■■ _"
*,i"- ;'...;*i V,1-','*
"|j'-.- y¥"*-»V¥**l!T»¥W^
_■"     ,.•*•■• .*■*-.     *- '   '-JS'*?  "'•*,_    '  '     *     -i* .*/     -
j';j||fjp_____^_iMk:' - ^^'
•7M.7.. _■:,--
'-      -   -■-■  Li  ,*-?--V!:'*.*-_ri**-.-   ",.*_-■       "t.     i •f..,i'*"..'.."-**!-*'?   .**'.*• J-7'■',        'i **-"> .•*■=   .*..'*•     7 '"...» '       '•"'      s.   ". .',   ..,.';   *   ' ,- '•..__•■-   .--.■■-"•      '*'.     *'   '
mimm■ .i^m^^'-^-m^i^4~^mma.^  ~_r*^: ___.__:____—:!:■
*-*■--■_ - •-'_J!__L,-.T^____■■■__Kr_i.»r^BBBP.^______*-"~;'"•■"'--"■•■^■_»■"___■_ ____■__.-• "7"M:'M_V
"j! ' "*"_ili71"'^^ .*.WW;' ,«P ,*.%,. ..^^KUr,ii&tm - . MS*    gLmmmOm.^
..-'..*•:"'. *<•■■''■ **'>!* j'". " .,**r*"J-f^. it'iT*'- " A**V.^i'-V^".-»-'*'. ■'*,^-f'"*>7-i"-  "7  '-"-.-.'      ,*"-; i      •■'7T-J--V  ••■ -
•>   . ^-'V-J^-^'-S^^V**-**'**   _*'?.t*V  ■» ;.*»•.,._ ,.,**;* Vr--"*-,.;7-        -:  -'-k-',.'.'"./-*-^-' ?.       '     *    *   •   -■■'. \"v'*'*'-'   •„   -'■'-,.*-  ,
■^*S\)>-i;**k*! Of
,;t.*f.-..-.;-..i'  ,,_•-, ■-..-•■v
3 •
> >
) ■
> •
*.V ..-     **!     -f -.-
r • .- „    "< .     >       ,*j- »_■, —t-w ?,_• »•-•-■-
,    « 'Jt ■*.*•'     "*-* ' ■      *• -
♦ MICHEL'NEW8/"   .
► ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
*_'__. .*.i-fc_i*»if ^»--4v^"
„,a_d Joseph
♦'7   '••_   fcy "Krimea.
-**   -   •_»     *' N        ,'■       ''    "*  .f"      M' l'
.. ,__,> ^ ,-■ ...^»... .i.     ?.    _.-.....■ ■
.; '.*; ♦♦♦♦,_♦•♦♦ #• ,<
*'; ■'" ^Mr'/r YiSoe ^ Pro&tiam
7. r Gra. on *were .n „town again'this <we«Stj
* The/p*>r*onr'that;.tW *^_'"do*jnK*tq,
';■ *€re8ton-laat'weefc'are highly BaU'flftod'
fj   wiih^ th* landLthey;purchased.J"'.... .
*  Mr. Jack Thomasrjfron? Sorbin,, was
\' "down here.visiting'hU-'friendf-bfe.ore
y taking; his departure foi* thp coast.'
,   '.   Mickey McLean and .George Millett
■ - being,Vln_a Jiuri.. to get toHbwn hiere
Itust Saturday night, from McGllIayary,
:.! thought they would try a little beat-
' '."'  ing.    So they boarded a,freight train
7   which happened to be passing through
',   the depot at the time.    All went' well
., until they arrived at this, little, city,
.' - Millett, being a first-claes athlete, man-
~ aged to succeed In getting.off, Micky,
. '.not being;so good as his friend, was
carried down to Hosmer and landed
. 7 back here in the small hours of-Sun-
- 7-day-morning.     . ■.':...•'.    ■."
•i\  .Who. said Nova Scotlanewere good
, ..'', hoboes?,    . iy;J~ y \   - ;.    ;    , •■**?
,t» 'j A grand free bail j and .supper- was
: held in .Crahan's Hall bn Monday night,
* •" which lasted until the; small hours, of
; the morning.  .The supper was' wrod
. :. up'at.midnight^by: a few youngbache:-
7'lors of this'town;*   The'dancers.-had,
.!* a most enjoyable .tIme;Vali seeming to
u!  , be highly.pleajsed wlUi'the night's'pro-
•*•' * ceedlngs.'.-   No doubt Mr.rj-Qseph.Hall
' ' .sair deserves' the ' highest   possible
•-' praise .for the manner in which,h«j got
.''things together,"and also for tlie"mag-
:Probables~Harry Hutson, goal; * J.
2    * jfAlfL.      -' --,   ■ . •   ,   •       ■-      7?v,t-:
.Brla.co-a and Jesse Brlscoerbacks;' Ells
ri. ;*■+„ ,". »-    -   r >-" •'■> "  :• >   *f-''-
Ludbrook,. "W7 Jenklnaand Pred>,Pol-
4et^;,halv*w; ,T..-Harrles,' W.tMoodyi, J.
*Morrls,s'"Fre&vJ6nes and'T. McGovern,
fofwsMKr'' '•:''yr*-"jj j-y y. y.:
.; - "        '--.  ,' .'.J*'   ..   *-»» .   .   -,
, -TheProbables-won.the toss,*:Jackson
'•i*")H'    • V   f:.-?iS<-%        '.'■      i.
kicking off against* tbe wind, -but his
-.;. '.,X_.. -j ,;*., --\K -   •■.-..*'     * -Vr     *
side soon got Into their stride and Hudson was called upon to save shots from
Weaver and. Grant. For the,Probables
Tom Harries'made a clinking run on
the-left' wing, finishing up. with, . a
aflngl^siiotf which RaynojPi;, parried
■with dlttl«jlty.»"- The Posslblea" again
took up theaggresalve, and Jackson
got possession from a cross klcki'scor-
lng wlth;a\SWlft,shot Into the corner
of..Uie noi-' -JuCter this the Probables
BMn got*!ko!nft"'apd-;^ome fine passing
betweejoithe forVrards ,*was seen, Morris
sending b'alli'-biSt^tb /Tom Harries on
the left wing, who rah up the line and
forced a /corneri from which W. Jenkins found-the net. ' ' ^ ,
•. I--*?* - .*• , -
Halt time:—Probables, 1; Possibles;
-1 .'7-"v..''-7-,7. , . '   j*
On resuming the Probables attacked
hotly",and 'shots.;centred on .Raynor
from' all directions, but on several; occasions, the ball,went outside the posts.
For"* brief.period'after.t&ls the'-poasl-
bl^';were;; aggressve,'" but{the .'dotence
prevailed and.once,,more the venue .was
chwgi^.';.|Moody.-got. po^e8sion*'. and
beaming, (the,'^efenco 'he Ifeored.; giving
Raynor no earthly chance to save.^ Towards, the,end th j.Possibles, equaliiied
through S.'   .'e.v*R ••-      /      ':'-:_   J
♦ ♦ ^ «• *p v •♦: ♦.'•♦ *-*-•♦
♦ ■• -:*-.  ■■■"■•■- v*. v. y
♦    •-"• COAL, CRESK' BY 174
. - nlficeht manner^ in which he carried
out the. duties of-M^C.'      i^J'^'"-
'<,    Some of the young men of this town
''   seem-to be. a long, way behind* ln .oin-
Ing up to the-standard -of .-the ladies.
"We know" of one young man (in particular) who was toldHhat *a dance was
"' to be,given out'ln-which-the-ladies
•■"' 'would choose thelr1,ownipartners,..and
• that one of them 'intended to get him,
".' but-.no sooner was he let Into the''secret..than -he-.took,to his -heels • and
left the.roomi **Towards-the close.of
the'.ball' another of' these 'dances ^was
,, .'   given but, the ladies'*making'straight
_for"'the), platform on ?which ,a- number
■ of the boys' ;"«ere"*Blttlng,:;Vho- lind
'•■     hever__.tool_ nart_Jn,a-_dance«during-the
.,-,   evening!'" -li.} asking them ,?to'„ oblige,
■some^pf them said "'.We'carinot' dance,"
■anothermade the excuse thdt" fie woiild
"break his neck,if he got uponthefloor,
.   fo which* the young,., lady ,,repMed;j
.^NwerJtalnd; ther^ls^nty mW/tfln'
•the store!"   (Also wastes.)
.,.,.,.,. Poetry(?)S'Thlnk-:A'9aifr'r'*'\'M
TWnk again before„you.utter •;. **•
Words tbat.glv-^anoJherr,4)ialni;/.;,_.
Wounllfed-, tiearts are slow lh healing,
Jt they ever heal again.     -   t„t ,.
.   What's 'the''good;of belng'sbrry, ■
When regrets :are all In'vain,'  -!
Curb your tongue for Just a moment-
'   ■   Think agalnl    .
Perhaps - your   words   w.lll' have   a
".''     moaning       . -    -  -
Far nway from what you'd fain;
How on earth, by passion blinded,
' Can you hopo, then, to explain?
Savo yourself the broken friendship,.
Foes from'making do'refrain, *
Stem tho angor of tho moment-
Think* again!
••—Uncle Dehhy
Final score: Probables, 2; Possibles,
2- '*'■     „    ■    /*■• -        ..-'>'    r
jC*? ' , .    .* .• -~ I .,
j Thomas Crahan, of .tbo Mlchel.Hotel,
has generously. donated ,to our local
one carload of flour*to'be'used for relief .purposes. **   ■■//,    "'" l'.;
.-We"regret to report the-,s\iddeh and
.   .,.y,<    -. ,    ...   •~'.v' \Xei     '.-*,-' ■'
untimely deatli of Mary, the beloved
wife of'^Wiillam'MatcIiearyeavlhg '&
family of nine.thus/'dVpHved. of a
mother's care. .      * -     " *^""    !"   '   ,.
*♦*' ♦ ♦ ,♦ ♦,♦ -^ "^ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦
', United, Services'. were -. held <, in • the
Methodist Church last' Sunday morning
the Rev P. Connell occupying the pulpit in the absence of ,the-'Re^E.,L.
Best, who is.attending the Methodist
Conferehce at Vancouver.. In the
evening a musical service was rendered' by the ■ choir under, the leadership
'of Mr. W.'Phllilps7 which' was a'great
'success..., .The .church -.Wi; crowded,
which, gave thev'members; great plee.-
siire and it'Is their intention to'try
and have _these services. more regular
ln future.' '"~7'7"      7    ">-,."
"Mrs. B. Letcher and Mrs. Gra,y;-'of
Fernie, were visiting friendB up. here
last week.
., tt   ' * >
'...-Mps.^.. Joyce.was visiting her moth-,
er and** brothers at' Michel last" Tues-
•W. -'* ,-    ,'.'.. '-,•- -.- --     ,•_• .
<. Charlie Savoury has left the employ
ment "Of vthe C. N. P. 'Coal' Co." and
started "fb__h'e Duthie Coy. fit. Fernie,
"*A very enjoyable social dance was
held ln the Club Hall iast Friday evening. „The music was supplied free by
Mr. C." Percy and light refreshments
were also supplied free by some of the
ladies which.was greatly.appreciated
by the .large, crowd that was present.
Dancing was-kept going till 2.30 axo.,
when - the ostraInB of "Home,, Sweet
HomeV-b'roughta. very enjoyable everting .to.a close. 7 ...  -
,Mr. "and Mrs. R. Hubbersty, Mrs.
.Thornton and Mrs Atherton all of
Fernie ..had a very enjoyable time at
the above dance.
; Miss Annie Winstanley left here on
Monday last to upend a few weeks with
relations at Nelson.
Ross, Macdonald and Lane, solicitors
for the C. N. P.;Coal Co. were up here
last Saturday taking photos of the
steam dinkey which was the cause of
the sad' accident to . Jos. Buchanan
about 8 months ago, in respect to the
case which' was settled at Fernie this
week. (See report another column.)
, Another enjoyable smoker was held
in the Club Hall last Saturday "evening
the Fort Steele, Brewery Coy. ,supply:
ing.the beverage free.'1. -    '
■:. Mr. and. Mrajj^JL__Elsh.erlandJ.flby.
.♦, ♦ Jai.lBi.at present IU with scarlet fever.
♦     Mr.. Waters', has. made -recent" additions to.his menagerie. - Several deer
and a brace of peacocks; ".
The school bellls again out of Commission: '.'. Would*'suggest that a boy
attend toi this,*"as .Mr. Davis evfderitly
has a stronger pull" than he ls aware
of. -v*. ';.-■ '.-.'•■ - \ __*•; ,
Mrs, Higgins returned "on Tuesday
from a 6 weeks' vacation,at the coast
.x Mr..Gabora,vwhohad the misfortune
to fall down ahdt,tfrcture his thigh in
Hosmer last week while on a visit
visitrto.his son.Ms progressing favorably in the Fernie Hospital.
Probables vs. Poanlbles
Otf Tuesday', a1 football match was
witnessed by quite a number, of spectators, who are anxious to seo what
kind of a team wo lmvo this soason.
Tho teams woro as follows;
Possibles—Jafcez Raynor,' goal;   H.
Evans ond 8. Mooro backs. .T. WatBon,
W, WbttohoiiBO and J. Forguaon, halves; Bob Ludbrook, Sim Weaver, Tom
Jackson,   Fred   Doddlngtoh and Will
Grant, forwards.
,; - The'* deceased, lady-was. confined of
.twin girls ,14 [days/ago and ^ wai "pro.
gresslng' splendidly' according, to "all
appearancei, ..when,.,early- Saturday
morning sho complained of feeling ver)*.
ijli;:and -.although xa-odleci. BiBsfewhce"
was immediately sent for, death super-
evened before the^--arrival-of-the"doc
tor. . The funeral arrangements were
taken charge.o? by the Friendly;,Order
of'Eagles'and a very large'crowd attested their sympathy for the bereaved
husband and motherless babies by attending tho*'remains to Its resting
placo. *  . j]
An/unfortunate -accident.- happened,
when a,party, of .Welshmen were ro-
turning homo from Pllcbbr'a Lumbor
Camp.' From information gleaned two
mombors of the party were practls.-
Ing with a .22 rlflo when Iko Thomas,
wbo had boen shooting at a target
went* to'look at the result,' handed tho
weapon to Thomas Evans, and he,
holding tlio rifle on his kneo, In somo
unaccountable manner, It was discharged,'' tho'mlBsllb striking Thomas on
tho right sldo of tho back. L. Evans
and J. Hopkins rendered first aid.
Tho unfortunate "man- was thon convoyed with,all enro and despatch to
tho hospltnl, where ho was attondod to
by Dr. now."
W. Thompson's now rosldonco was
nearly completed whon the chlnmoy
stack collnpBod, and falling ta, tho floor
hns causbd ft-dolay which It ls oxpoctod will ho removed in a fow days and
tho dwelling completely ready' for occupancy.
were,.taking ,in, the scenery up here
last .Sunday .morning, -driving up, the
iimproved government road. ■' ■ •>
; A football match was played' up here
last week-endv between' Married vs[
Single-; •*• Thefei*wasifgre_t'^j.ii_ement
i prevailing, the Singles r winning tho
game, but a draw, would have!.been
nearer5 the mark.
.     *•    .'.■•-,    •    '. •    -. . -*
-Mr. J. Shanks left here on Tuesday
for Michel oh Important, business.
; A large bear was seen on the south
side of the rock cut last Sunday evening and crowds were on the track
watching Mr. 'Bruin grazing on the
mountain side, but ho had the presence
of, mind to make an hasty exit when
tho shooting irons wero coming Into
business and ls still enjoying his freedom.', ■-,'*,'. '   ■ '■•.      ■'■
.The. minors up horo asked-for.;.a
special meeting hero on Wednesday,
which was duly called by tho President. J. E. Smith for tho afternoon.
Somo of; tho District Offlcors ,. oro
phoned" for, but havlngi othor important ' business at Fornie they could
not attend so that tho meeting ondod
In'a frco-and-oasy sing song, which
ovoryono present enjoyed.
A special flat car Ib now running
daily (Sunday excepted) from hero^o
Fornie for tho convenience bf the fir.
bosBos living down thoro. For special
Oormlt npply to Pit Bosb W. Lancaster
or tiro boBBOB Howard," Marshall or J.
Tho socond supply of provisions was
handed out by tho union commlttoo up
horo last Tlmroday,
•—'-''■'-■■ *■ „'■ I*-"**-*'
T tr ac*    nr
JL   JLJL JL*    ■    JL   i
T% jr. jr*
JT-   mG* JLar
A   High   Class   Boarding   House
Electrically Lighted and Steam
Heated Throughout
R* FAIRCLOUGH, ^oj>rietor
♦ By •■Krltlk." ♦
♦ *
Moudnmoa I'lulolior and Dalllng
mado a flying trip to Fornio Inst Saturday.
Frldny wook Mrs, Stockott gnvn n
tea lu honor of lior guost, Mrs. Kendall, nt whloh all tho young Indies in
town woro prosont nnd thoroughly onjoyod thcmsolvoB,
A vory onjoynblo dnnco wns hold In
tho moss houso Inst Snturdny and tho
young folks woro old _d thereat fsomo
of tho older onoa, too,)
Mm Pollock l«ft Sunday ovoning IftBt
hound for England, whoro mho expects
to spend a throo months holiday.
.\(r», mu .McNuist. nml UmiKhier,
Eveline, wero In town Tuesday, Dan
Is bufilly engaged at thc present tlmo
In IiIb cnpnclty ot rond supervisor for
tho KovoriiiiJoiit and -.nlto a Antig of
mwi miw tniMl'iy omployod repnlrlng
and changing tho ronds west of lown.
Notices for tenders to clonn up tho
school gronndH'nro out1 nnd wo hope to
«oo tli. children nblo to disport thorn-
bpIvos In tho nenr futuro when the
sMmipt liiivii h_cn ostrm tvA ai.d thn
mirfaro levelled off nicely,
[ ,,.100 Fletcher luUu.li-il io iiiiui* tin*!
; 0 luxe] ou Sundny in i<cnrrli of llllof!.
i Ilo reat-hed »!)f> C. V. It, p'fttlon nni
I rnm«» Im-fk biit~lij" tin menns dlP.ap-
y Arriving in, the Crow's Nest Pass
about the same time the coal diggers
brought-their/'topIa;;6u't .Into the daylight, and having** "'reached Fernie,
starting.from Le.thbridge, after going
"to'andfro" in th^Pa^and ."walking
up' and "d-*>wn ..lt'.*, .a la" Job's classic
tormentor^-lt, jm***.y.,.be'. interesting, to
Clarion readers to get the impressions
of an outsider, who ■ was never forced
to .enter into "n-eces'sary and involuntary" Industrial* relations which are
•yie- lot"Of!the' coal 'miner. " y "
,My. previous .^experience; of failures
to recognize "identity of interests" between-capital ,:and its wage laborers,
resulting in strikes, lock-outs, etc.,' led
me to look, for at least "feverish unrest,' if not friction and-conflict and
especially, a gabfest of discussion and
explanation on all. main and related
features of the'dispute. * What I find
is a complete absence of these strenuous : features, but in place thereof a
population leisurely .going about , to
find such occupation, amusement, or
recreation as'place and time afford..
Many go , a-fishing. some make gardens, mend fences,' make a place for
hens to lay, or-lay, in a stock of firewood. ,' ,' ^ .* ;,... i(. ,_*. "■"*■
Talk to these men about the strike,
they will, all take the same attitude.
Production of coal; consumption of coal
and the normal * labor-power outfit in
the Pass,.invarlablyrre>s'ult in only par.
tiai employment of working force dur-*
the summer-months.'f.* A lay-off tb ne-*!
gotlate a .new .wage agreement Is,
,therefore,jnoWooked*fupon'fas .nfeces-
sarily a loss of earning capadty/Hence
the philosophical attitude of the miners. But underneath the surface there
is, when you, .can, arouse interest en-
ougfe'^to 'get ^he ^usk}strippejl ifrom,
the,kerneXt'a re'Efolute -e'termln'atlon to
see "to1 lt that ln the future a bigger
slice of.the loaf is to be their portion
than,in the past., ,The dispute Is a
dispute for morewnges, and for nothing,'else. They may have to go back to
work without the desired increase, and
thoy know, this also; if they do go
back It .will only bo -ffhen resources
are exhausted. , H.beaten, there "will
bo no Illusions. The district officers
understand thoroughly tbe temper of
the camps: and'ithe determination of
the mdn, and are thoroughly ln accord
with their sentiments- and opinions.
The apparent,apathy,nnd indifference
to' the struggle Ja thb rosult of com*
pleto understanding of tho situation,
both by the men nnd by the offlcors.
The economic knowledge,-possessed
by tlieso minors would'.e an oyo-
opener to tho trades unions ln tho
eastern cltlos. Tbey know that wagoB
Is tho coat of their koop, and aro determined to maintain tho standard, of
living ns long as posslblo. Thoy know
who own tho mines and who own tlio
product; also who nro In control of
tho polico powora of govornmont. Thoy
bollovo that until thore-is an awakening ol tho working class olsowhoro
that thoy will havo to mnrle tlmo horo,
consonuently nro somewhat Indifferent
to propnganda of any kind. Thoy can
do a stunt of that kind thomoolvos
iind tho doubting ThomnsoB havo
olthor to Bhut up or tnko tho gnffs.
Wlion you got under tho surfneo tho
old black Crow Is pretty wIho,
J. D. H.
♦ " ,. The B(e)are Truth   .       ♦
♦ '•■■■' ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦'♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦
. Never hear of Finch, did you e'ayf
No! . But; you.have hear of* Cinch,
Pinch, Winch now you can add another
ore,to your vocabulary of those."inch",
words and this Is tbe name of a budding community whose praises we can
sing without any chaffinch to trill the
notes or any bullfinch to, bellow its
potentialities. "'',,■
Location near the ancient city of
McGilllvray, makes an excellent retreat from the maddening crowd of
populous and bibulous centres, like
Crow's Nest or Michel. .
Industries-one.-A .timber. despoiler
and lumber creator id the shape of, a
saw mill with a capacity of sixty
thousand feet a day not including an
additional hundred feet fastened on to
the extremities of fifty men who supply the labor energy. These fifty men
are all total abstainers from spirituous
vinous and malt liquors when they are
asleep but in their, waking,moments
among them there is a goodly sprinkling by no means averse an , inward
spiritual sprinkling free from' any.talnt
of the sulphuruoiis product of a near
by well.       y -■ '" , ,  - ...    ,
Yes, this Is a big bear country and
If you don't believe it drop a line to
Oh! well they,are so modest that we
refrain from publishing any names.   "'
Sunday last wben the shades of night
were falling fast a cosmopolitan crowd
consisting of- four ' Englishmen and
three Italians were Journeying homeward, to camp when a sight greeted
their, gaze that that had different effect upon the several Individuals, A
huge grizzly bear held the'rl«ht of way
but two ot the -braver "-spirits with a
do; or die, determination, emulated
^Washington crossing the Delaware, or
young I-bfhlnvar swimming the Esk,
and: betook themselves acrss' the
stream, and recrossing armed with a
thirty-two special valiantly knocked
the stuff in. out of bruin, and lt was a
scare—yes, a scare crow.    Ha! Ha!"
-     "HAVE A QLA88'
.  "It will do you good, and'besides'it
isn't always you're invited' to test "a
superior brand like this.'--
-  There's no gainsaying but what the
, '        ■ i ' 0
sold here is a genuine builder up of
the system.- Claret punches or sherry
cobblers made' from wine sold here are
simply Irresistable. For all kinds of
wine buy from us:      ,
. Fernie. B. C.--  •'
»»*»»*»»» A****** ft**.** M ■***■:»*
■ t
■ (
■ _
■ c
• <
■ I
■ (
■ f
• c.
■ *.,
• t,
• t
: c _P«Ua.tt    Ave. , North ! -
;«'■  '.'.., ' '■-/ ,   >;
'-t'   *
Agent   rernle   Branch
T. W. Davies
10, Horhmor St., Brooklyn, .S'.V
Sny Mnn—
Sldo hy sldo of plrtiiros of tho King
nnd Queen of England nnd nil nbout
tho coronntlon stnmlN tho following In
tho KngllRh Dully Mirror, of April .1.
Daby Worker
A bnhy nged two nnd a hnlf yenrH,
who "works" for IiIb living.hy hooking oyos on n enrd for hl» poor, working mothor, hnH hoon discovered In
T-mulnrt "
ThiB littlo vlrtlm of swentod rhlld
lnbor—surely the youngoHt In thr*
country—Is mentioned by a wrltor
In tho Empire Rovlnw Tor April, Ju»t
piibllBliert, on "Tlm Problem of the
"I lmve iieen n hnhy (wo „ nnd a
hnlf yenra hookln-r oyon," nays tho
wrltor, ' "no unrhllilllUe nt thirty
niontliB Ihnl lio hud not tho nurlostiy
to look up from his work nn *,vn talked
with (he m-fthor.
Tii.!"*.'!.-. iind linliii-iiWmhly ihl« luitiy
tnllrr pin-rod hook nffor hook In Its
■■iIh.i* nn nn- rnvil. Hinmn ft tow mlnu*
toil ovory hour to the mother who
..rn- "*. n wo*-k n! Mm woM mono-
fmiiri i. wediy, (rciidmlll lypo nf;
j point-wl, * '•vonwiiiV work'lhn» o\|-.tn.   Th.-ro urol
' M!« fannd.-M &n?w _ Uoin < .If-.n-.v ; * v. ■ -: * ■»«..!.-_ ntul <:■"■*« on otioh mid. |
y T»-*"'i!*ii* f.] uIU-.*-. y.t». i'*Ai»i,ii.».'U!.ii.''. '■■ .■»v'.'t-. .» I'.H-i l"d- tor -ovi-tyj
{who  baa bovn  nurslnfi  Huh:  I-oitUl;i     'f mrtls.      "ir '. ulio j»i»iv_. i*r!
hooks onto, the card and" the 'child
links each-hook with an eye. -..Then
the eyes are stitched -in place. ,
"In Great Britain there are" 200,000
schoolchildren in full attendance who
work out'of-school hours'for ,wages.
There are-between 80)000 and 90.000
half-timers who do a half-day In the
factory and a half-day In the school,
whilst the' full-time workers between
thirteen and fourteen years of ago
probably number 300,000.
,','From theso statistics alone' It can
be seen that* over, half a million children under fourteen years of age are
breadwinners. There are, 120,000 factory children under fourteen nnd nearly 400,000 children and young persons
under olghteen yenrs of ago working
Jn the factories."
* Somo striking facts regarding the
work and wages of child homo workers aro given as follows.
A mother and child enrn in. Cd, n
week at hooks and oyes, working nil
dny until 11 p.m.
A girl of ten yenrs works all evening with hor mothor, who cards pons.
Thoy earn about 4d. In one night.
, A boy of twelvo chops and sollB
wood., By working all dny ho makon
Ss. a week. ■
A report on tho continuation nchools
proparcd by tho Bonrd ot Education
states thnt thoro nro 1,500,000 children
In Englnnd nnd Wnlos botwoon four-,
toon nnd seventeen yenrB of ngo who
nro under no sort of educational caro,
Say, Mnc, nro tho people of Englnnd
*        »       »(       *        *       *
Tho following, takon from,tho »nmo
pnper,,mny nfford somo Idon nfl to
whnt thin tot workH for
■C 11,000,000 Jewel* at Coronation
Taking Into ricronnt tlio vnluo of thej
rolioH7coronotB, Jewels nnd .uniforms,
of lho wholo rcRplondnnt throng In tlio
Ahboy, tho following cH.lmnto would
ho a rcnBonnhlo ouo:
Itoynl   roffalla    C fi.OOO.O-flO
I'coi'OHflOH1 Jewels       1,000,000
PnorB' nnd iiooi'ohbob* robes
mul coronet*.  ,.	
Roynl   persono'   Jewellery
iIi'ohhoh nnd rohnn 	
Lndy    fl|K>eJiiloi*H*    jewels
nnd ilreHfioH 	
Is1 quickly cured .by" FIG PILLS. Th©
headache disappears after one or two
doses. Then'tone up the. STOMACH
and-cure CONSTIPATION. JU* all
Pill Co,," St'. Thomas, Ont.      7  .  ,   * ,
I am agent for_ .
"The Pride of Albarta"
A Flour of which one
trial is all that is needed
to prove its worth.
■_V"CREMO"a break-
fast food that is a food
VV. G. Warn
General Merchant.
Hillcrest     -     411a,
Ledger Ads Pay
New Michel
& Blairmore
Grand Theatre. Fernie
Fernie's Popular Play House
ROO.oon I
N'onrly Cl 1,000,000 Im thus the v.ilue
of tlio apparel nnd ornnroontp th.**.! *-v!!l
lm worn In tlio Abbey nt the coronntlon,
^«lS A High Class Program of §
CMmney   DIocWi
■1 in. SEWKn PIPES
Cot Our Pr.ces
Pictures Tonight
Come and see The Harem Skirt*
the sight of a lifetime
10 &
that  Drain?
15c   j
The Ledger for your Job Work -">ia<_T wjw»yn_m_i
r*rrr?rTrs2~*d***i-* ,     ',' *"?^^*l**^*'*******^-****^-***^****-******«
«-*■ www fciwp ^<mma i-m^-*
- _. -_.., ^., .o^
-"■< .-*.._•
*.    ,.•■..-.
J."1-    *7 "■'■ l_r " ■"■*.■" - ' ■■■■'rft"*1Tt~^^^iTr*BT^T"M]TIHw
-o     .,_i*j   -■ .      jrt<*>   ^      . -^ ,      4^ ^        x . ^ ^   ,   , -■ % y   •*.,■■      *-       >j»   \;-     .   ^    _•*•■       jj    ** ,.,.,_,
'•i-L*  "".J.'iv '""- \.*G"-»-re' ,VvJ-VvJ
*-   x     i        -._"■*.
Some Law iti? Australia)
'  -..•-■* -■_   _   .-   .■'■..-■;.-_;!-*..'-:     _-■"**"<■ i.*-. ■ -.-   *._.;, *   ■       '■?\.*7.*-_-'.. _\£ *••■.. ^-j:,*.
_t -'-
''7'-j •:%"'%v./^JK"---»i£*<'V* .*?>•' '*'
• * *    t\ __■ • -r•'**■ - * /v. - _ ,*■-nv _«i\,/*'■""
**     ,   (Xew York Sun) J
.Things out in 'Australia are pretty
,*   had just, now for. the men jvhb' owns
•" .a lot', of land, according :ta;A'j "J,. Sijm-_>
'   "son of Xew South' Wales* .li. arrived
'at the Waldorf yesterday.   Air. Simp-
says * that-;since .the 'labor .party won,
;■ out in the." January' elec.tiohs, out there
the way of-the man<of*.'means has become hard, progress in the Common-
-, -.wealth' has 'stopped   short  and   the
labor, members of the Commonwealth
•Parliament   lie  awake  at nights  da
-' ..vising ways  o'f   seperating  the >rich
'  man    from his    moans   They*   think
they have hit upon ii in the progressive land,*ta*x.   . , ^ t*-■,;»- ]■•; ■*,■ _,
"7 .In fact things "look so.biuc oiu,,.llierc
•*that\Mr.'   Simpso-**-    doesdnot.,   know
when he is going back or whether h'e
will .go back.' He is  makin? a 'tip
■"'nvou'nd. the. world and will, leavo for
* ' 1'nglandnext week tft'see'tro coro-
• nation of King George.   Then lv-:- may
.   .come back to the United States to loqk
'ovei- prospects in'our western country
' "j-.hd "if they doon't strikp.hiiri .-just right
• he may go to Siberia and, take a look
'around.     , - *" ■ ".
-. ".. From  statements  Mr.  SimpsoTj; Ipt
fall yesterday it is apparent that -he
must bo wortlrht'leas't'Ei'lnllUbif and' a
half dollars. •   He engaged in whatthey
* "'call out there.the "pastoral'industry;"
wliich means that he is the. owner of
• a big sheep ranch, and this year, he
said, on account of that progressive
land tax, they soaked 'him*- a -matter
of '$35,000 extra taxes above what he
had been paying'in'ordinary taxes'.' This
is Mr.' Simpson's,, first visit to* the
United States, and on-the, way, froni
Vancouver ere he visited Seattle, Salt
Lake City, San Francisco, Deliver and
Niagara Falls. .,
'Tlie sheep business in Australia has
been excellent since 1902," said 'Mr.
- Simpson..   "America has heen buying
a lot of our wool, right, along,,and I
sold mine-"in', December*'.over here at
32 cents  a* pound,  which is  a good
price.,'."i''-'This is a'good'-market*, onl>;
, the .1 fit ies ..a re so* heavy, and. we raise
J ■ "the. bis*, wool in tl\e" world. •  in' Sydney we have now. one, woollen, mill, _b.it
that goes'no further, lii" manufacture
* * : .than to make-"tops," Hiatus to say to
.prepare'the wool for the spindles.. Am
erica may not be" a good wool market
for us much  longer, for with _ -your
 hpa\_y^dii_f^youlm_L^)Tf_t_J_p_i__i.hlp_t__-hH yl
our wool.      , y.l '., r .
'There is a'greai deal of mutton be-
. Ing shipped over, here now.'    On the
steamer. I crossed the Pacific In, the
Zealamlla, there'weie 30,000 carcasses.
•"Altogether "we export something like
5,000,000 carcasses a year.
"A Labor Rov'^rnment*lips _rist._c.n)e
h   into power hy pn overwhelming vote,
,   with  Ur.  Fisher ns  premier; 'and  I
might-'.tell you  thnt out. In Australia
we are' being more "governed than any
country in the .world'.     There are 700
members of tke parliament In lho States ami "SO in 'the Commonwealih ppi;-
.   ' llnment.     What hns'has'been the result of h Labor government coming In?
"Well, ono rosult lias been  that T
;     had to pay out on, March 1. JSii.OOO
for progressive land Inx-—'n new lux—
,    which Is'nbout lho first thing thai tho
[      new government originated.     The tax
works Ihls  way;      The  first  $25,000
worth of unimproved land Is nxempt;
then nftor tlmt, you pay ti ponny in
the pdinul for anything up to $50,000
twopence", up to ST.'.nflO worth and an
on, so Unit if you own ?:.00,0flO of land
or over you hnvo -lo pny sixpence nn
, -  the pound, or two nnd n hnlf jmr coul.
* on tlu; dollar. Tlmt Ih for lnnd tax
only. Thon thorn W the ro .uliir ,ln*
f-nnie l.i\, which In llio pnslnvnl Indus-
try Is small,- Mm there \n also a tax
of one rent .in oach l-.cnd of shoop mul
Ihero nro *<hlro or r-miniy tnxos lor tho
iiinliili'iinii.-.i of roml . which 'iiniount 'In
jiiv on _> io f_!0ft a vonr.
been all sorts of deputations going to
the prime "minister-oh-the "subject" of
the'taxran. we wli5 are especially interested are taking the matter to the
matter to th'e courts and, are. going to
fight it through al^ our local courts aiid
then to England and .tne'.Privy Council
if necessary. A's, to whether.the ia-.
is unconstitutional leading- lawyers', of
the co!*hm6mve_..th differ.'
,- "I was in New Zealand recently and
.thai country is-in a fearful condition
as-to its finances* owing to its Socialistic form of government'. It is borrowing money everywhere it can get
U." , :      ;      [       ;
"But your labor government is not a
Socialistic' government, is it?" was
suggested.     >'-,,' " °   •  "
"Worse," said Mr. Sluipson., "Why,
some months ago'we had a* big coal
strike at Newcastle, aiul..gas and .electric- light "woYks "were -tied up, the
trams stopped running,, and 'there
were all sorts of discomforts. - ;We put
three of the .leaders In jail, one-of
them for three'years.     No sooner "did
-   , , i
tlie "'labor government get1 in control
than it released these* mon.
'I have about 150,000 head of sheep
on mj- place and iiooul eisht.y-'men'em*
ployed.    When,election day approach
ed-thev asked mcf-for a- holiday -in ord-
. *,       -    - * ,    ^
er lo go Jo town to, vole. ).J took, my
-wife and my secretary "to town also for
the name pin-pose, but what., did'our
three votes count as against ,the"' overwhelming vote of m-f'-m.ii.?   *■.-':-'-
"Still, Australia is, offering all sorts
of inducements \o prospective s'ettlers
church, and appear.--, to ;be r_\rery -respectable.- Then,we must form a*new company; . and ^uly!-"register' under the
Companies Act. After the company
is ,thiis legally "foraed*"-*.we can safety
proceed to acquire the land and all
the.jneans of-productioniand exchange
wnibh are necessary to the life of the
community. "Having." acquired these,
we can, control, tlie laborersof tlie
country, and make them work for iis
at our own price,-and'we can "control their food, clothing, .and' other
necessaries of life, and* charge them
oiir.' own price. '- We can "hence rob
them in'their-production1 of the necessaries of life, and in selling thera
what they themselves have produced."
"A double, robbery,"* chorused the
meeting with approval.
"Yes," said the chairman, "and. a
far. safer and . more profitable form
of "robbery .than the "old and out of
date "form of., robbery ou ' the' highway.', .".*'• • y
, The meeting unanimously resolved
to follow the chairman's suggestions,
and, the company was "formed into-a
limited liability affair, and grew in
wealth and respectability."     .     _J'J
.The members are now-pillars.cf society,, occupying the- front-- pews - "cf
pielr churches, which they';keep going'with thei.*, subscriptions, "on *con-
diilon that the clergy pr.eacli humility
to the \po_i-, contentment,' and admiration.of the "rich, and'loyalty_ to
those in authority.-   .    _     - '5
They are, very. _)ious,    God-fearing
gentlemen  now;,-and  they send  an-
A man can got ],25'*>\aci'es in the east-1 nually many - thousands .of, bibles' to
em portion* oT Aus1raHn*r-*Ayiilc*h,,requir-
es ten-. years residence, .o obtain a
title, for' $5 and acre, and he has forty
years-in which to pay for.it."' The
banks will advance liijp 75 per cent,
on tiia't/atid if the immigrant' brings
a fanjily, bfi can,get a rebate of 75
_. I*---., ._..* 1„h*i s       , f,
per cent of his passage money. But
for myself,.I am,looking,about for another country to live in."    ,   . \. .'-
*     , THE  HIGHWAYMEN j'*'. ^
By  W.  R.  W..  in   the   International
.7      . Socialist'.. ,' * •'>   ,-•
A bandsof highwaymen once-practiced their -profession- near -a great
city.     ""', "*-,.',   • --    ' *    ,
'They were very, successful; for    a
few years and ■ amassed - considerable
"booty; ' Tiy    'T™*5       *
They ha'd their points" "of" '.lonor,
one of which was that they would
never rob a poor ni'an; so they at-'
tacked and robbed only the rich ineii
who traveled their way;.
■After a tinje the rich travellers
raised a great, '.outcry against the robbers and the government sent armed
,men to. protect tlie travellers, ' *
■ The .rich men and the police gave
tho robbers a very bad time; capturing some, shooting otherft and generally making the hiislness unprofitable.      ■ .'
The robbers held'a ,meeting to discuss the position pnd tile chairman
of directors, ln submitting the nn-,
iiual report and balance sheet," concluded by saying that", the ordinary
form of robbery of tho rich had bocomo very dangerous nml unprofitable, and it hnd become necessary' to
devise some olhor way of carrying on
tho  affairs  of  the  company. ,,
Various selii-uies ■ woro , proposed
and rejected ns either InnilenunLe oi'
cutive session, to show cause why she
should-not be dismissed. '-"She .had
said; "A saloonkeeper of good character Is just as respectable as a banker."
This "shocked" the-leaders of the W.
C. T. U. and tbey-demanded--her dismissal. . ■,„ -..,."' '■
• Jliss -Reed Is right, .'
The snloonkee'por, banker, grocer and
manufacturer are jn business for profit. That is thp main and, generally"
speaking, tho only purpose of business.
The effect of the'.business upon the
public'Is not considered, This is evident in every day life.. Xo argument
Is necessary,* •
Tho vital defect. In the' capitalistic
system Is the separation between private good and'public welfare.
It Is because mon oan gain wonlth
privately, nt tho expanse of the public
nnd to tho' harm of. their follow men
that capitalism stands condemned. It
Is profit thnt drawn men Into trndo nnd
(-nii'-os thom to tnko .ldvnntnge'of onch
othor.' '
tno   [Inngoi-oiiF,,   when   the   chnlniinii      Mni fight llko .iomons on.!ho hoards
Fnld ho liml ii new theory to RUKgoKt.jof ■•''■'''' far private Riiln.   Xo mercy
Thu robbery of the  rich  having  bo-1 ■'• |,|,ow»*    The baiikriipt loser Ih cast j
como' too   risky,   tlioy   Bhould   oohhc ! <•"' i"'1 fre-inenily   ends* by snlcldo,]
rohhint, thom nnd roimnenec lo rob| "ankers, rnllrond and trust ningiinto*i|
only j by poop, jstruaslo   for Biiproinnoy with cncli oili-j
Tho onnffi'oneo.   wns. BliiKgororl   hy'"1' ""•' '""' npf' "X'orv niolhod for bny-i
tin- clininnnn'fl Hiif.goutlon,'nnd ninny ji^' voles nnd ooinipiinn," lc-KlBluftiroH J
spoiikoi-H ridloiiled thn Idon of irvlus''« i»(**i*.}m*y nud nuinlei* io gain their |
to rob thono who wore iilorndy poor, j ''nib*.. 7.  i
Tho ohnlriiuin, however,   oxplnlnod I    Thoir battles nro spoolneulnr nnd nl- j
thnl If they looked oiu'cfully Into tlio'n-iH-t publio nitoutioii, while onmpnrn-j
"Hoih  D\o  i.onei'ii.1  nnd  etntc  oloo-J matter thoy would hoo llnu  tin* "■■-.._■ j Mvelv littlo hi fald of Iho oxploltntlon!
limiH umi. pim'i- ni Jiuiiiiii'v, in-il  ihoj bory  ot   tlio  poor   hocimno   llioy   urn-ol Dut i.\iii'hlii.', oIhuh, whl-di iiro'ti-ds.,
Lnbor P'li'ty oarrlod nil ihe Htnti"* ox'- poor,    Ih    OHpuolnlly  tlio loz-iil, ?uor- j hy iiioiiin-.vi' profit fl,  rout nnd inli tohI, I
the heathens of'other lands; ^favorite
text, of theii- being:
"For .he that hath, to him shall be
given; and he that hath not."from
him shall be taken even that which
he hath."     ^     ' ■       r. '       ' '    '"
0 ' \     ,'    '- . . •
'"'      7- DENTIST.     ";    >"'-'\
..   ,.*.    ,-.\--
'."*'*.'• - 'i
fjriOffi-r-e: Johnson-Faulkner Blojsk;; {.
'Hotfrs M2;'-lVd;" *' -,■ -' • * -'•; ^Ko&i'.lg
'y ..■■■•--..>,-,•;'•. ■■"'■*■''. 'i"=s-.7"..-'*4..
*• < -■'■ •*"■    -^ t_ ■-■!.-;■ ' _/ ,.-"•-*;-    •?; ■-.
"ernie;--!,"'. >'->>":':, Jiiy{yyy,Bijcfi
,    ..?.-!      . 1\„
y,--- -.'.- I'-.-r ■ "*' -■',- -■ 7_ :: r y
V, Office' Henderson.Block,' Fernie B.9..
",_ -,Hours 9i'tor'l;'2 to"5;- 6--to'8; -7''
..-;,'. -V  : ■-', .;* 1     1 '*"'"'.' * *.,    •     •-; .',""
*'.   ,'. Residence .'21 * Viotoria Ave. ' • * •"■.
-VV. R. Ross K.- C7   yy-; * *-W. S-. Lane
*-. ,' _,*»" *  l    ' n'i
*   »    .-\       ■■> *        .  >_,       -1   .-•       *—-"___    l     '    - l   - 1
,   ■• Barristers'-and Solicitors    •   '-."
■- -<\
Fernie, B. C.
-'    ■?  . .-'
, "A saloon-keeper of good character
is just as respectable as a banker or
a grocer' of, good, character. A .bad
banker, or-a bad grocer can do more
barm than a bad saloonkeeper.' We
are looking, out for tlie' bad. saloonkeeper, but are not looking out for the
bad banker ot the bad grocer."
This' argument was made recentlyby
Miss,"Gi;ace Reed, principal, ot,   the
■l__i*qiip___*S_T?i ____Iillai_i1_<_<_.!_nnl—In. pn_g_.;i_
1 (Uf-^-x-. Vl'i*Jivi-..-r*r;-JJ-^VSs
2     Pl6C6
'';::*;;;0yTiNG,*surrs; y.{r
HERE are  the   suits   for *• holiday, time—for .
,,-mountains   and   lakeshore^and   hot days.'
.-,  ..''' in.bwn.,,   _     .-     ■-".,   ''.,"    "-"-.,".*. ' :'
".HOMESPUNS-^in.a big variety of new, effects.
WORSTEDS—in   beautiful "grays,"'browns and;..
novelty: patterns.* .'.''.','■    !    -    ! >
' SERGES—in blue and black, and all guaranteed
' to hold their colors. ._r;     .     ,   '      .
FLANNELS-in  blue and
gray.solid colors and.stripe's.     .-
'i h \ '*  '
.Fit-Reform 2  Piece  Guting
Suits are hand tailored—and are
-made.; for dress as well as'for
. service and comfort.     .347    .
L.-P. Eckstein  -» D. E. McTaggart
; . . * ECKSTEIN &, MoTAGGART    , v>
Cox Street,"   , j. ...      ■** Fernie B.C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
'., * ATTORNEYS * .
Fernie, B. C. -
1    -^i'mwrnm —i. "_-•_...' ^_'~_ •_'   _ _   _ *__
'** Vv.*^*'.
.■i*'.-'v'-.\ . ■ .-
*"*-  -,   '• ''■"■.*/■-<. Jyt-'"- ' :
. f, yiki McDougall,..Mgr>
\ v*/'" J
.Manufacturers of and Deal-'
\ ers in all kinds ofRougli - ■
' ,; and Dressed lumber V.'
Send ■:lisyour, orders^
1 •'
■.".DROP* IN
On,,  first ,  cias3 i
'* business and rest- ]
J dential   property'
0 --   -       .--"''
OVtER\vyiTH   US'
Real Estate & Insurance
p   Cree & IVBofFatt  :
♦ ♦♦'♦♦♦*«'<>M><^<^«H»-<«.«^^-
I F-ernie Dairy]
The Grow's Nest Trading Co.
*.    ■   '   ,    Sole Agents in Fernie
Losing His Prestige
delivered" to .* all .
parrs of the,town'-.
Sanders  &  Verhacst- Brother's.
k      ,. ,   Proprietors   >- *'*'   .
I- ■ '" ■ v .••-■" •: ■'
■-'    Bar Unexcelled* .-'.;
,;;' All .White'Help,  y..
. :■, . '-Everything
, : •, Up:to-date. Tl    ,,
1 .( - -,   - j.,   t
4- r ,      . ..*-'  .,;       .    .-
,_Call-in; and ..*,, .
'" see,; us once,,
ci pt T,i-iii;ii,I;i mul '.>iii-_-ii.-.l,iii(l.
M'dowiin. 1 lif iii-w iii'i'iiilfi- of Vrnv
Snillli Wnli-'f, Is in fiivrir, fit' iiinilvliu;
llm |.i-c»m*t*i-*-Jvi. lllllll,tll\  Jllllll-y In lliy
Hiinillci'  fiii'iiHirM  us  well an  llu-
uuiilld ami i'i'ri|it,(*i.ilili' loi in ui iln ft,
wlilln Hu1 rolilii'Vy of iim. I'lcii in'i'iniHi*
tlii'y   nre   rlrli,   Ik-Ihk   lehs   iir_)fiti_!il.'
il.'i.v nfi 1  ii.-ij* ami year «ft"i' yur.
Till' ,*:nl(ir)|)  illld  ln-otliol ILl'O till'  nc-
ci'i-.yiii-v mid inrvlliilile nc-'-riiiiimtifmont j ll
mul iiioi-ii (ImiKi-Miii-j ilum llu- mlilnn-y 1 «f llu- pi'lviilc ImnK, Hlore mul fmtory,
llKidf  lh-   i-'iur,  In   inn.l>   imiu'iImiI   liy j It U I'doIIhIi lo eonuiliiln ot ihe ottoot
Iii't-snmi oi' (iNi-i-ctltin.
! 11 ml .-n.'m'mi i|h< ntuv
"Oui'ilili' of Aiiaii'iilln tlie cflccl Iiiih] The ini-i-tln,'* whh Iniiiii-HHi-il,' mul j I-Vaiireu R. Wlllm'il recimiilxcd tlilt.
Itei'ii liml, lii'cpii.,-!' (>f iho ini|ires-*tnii j flic elinlinii'iii iiiiiiliiiii'il: "Whnl we n-mli i'tiiI .iniiie time lii'fuiv her ilynth
linwliH-eil hv our lien* Inujli'liiilon, IN'n! mtisi do t)ii-u (h l» revlte onr riileN. iinoi|ii|vnrn||y declnred tlmt tin* redemii
fiiiiimi t_i-i nnv inure ninney from ilieioiir ''inli- of honor, und our tsi-ncial i tlim of Koch-tv wonld roiii-,- tliroimh
ciilil'i'l'st    of   Kiii'liiiid,      Tli* 11 * li!iM*,May of lixlnj,   J-'li.-i, w.*, iutiJt Join 11' •(■i-liill-in --"htcns'o   ■-Soi-l.ill'.-iL
^r/fiii!iiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiin mjm& mximm m
mi hi mi 11 in umi iiiiil"""' I"—;
«W _«7IIWi im'J.ll^WT, ;l!l|ilv^5.l|ilii7l|iil!iljilH!ii\^    1
' Mm lu
li dill
^Kril !|l|ll>l
A pure, wholesome
leavcnina ajjent, which makes ttie
biscuit and calec ol hinhcsS healthful
ness at medium cosi and protects the
lood from alum, which Is the greatest
dietary danger ol the day.
Allen Cook, ..of'Canton. Ohio, under
the .caption, "Why-They Did Not Go
to Honr .lohn Mitchell," has lho follow-
Iik; to sny iii the (janton .Vows-Democrat:
Editor, Xows-Deiiiocrat:—In your Issue
l.nhor , ■ I am , Informed that he re-,
inlon of Cnnlon citizens why,the Hon.
John H. Mitchell attrnoteil so small nn
aiidioneo nl. the-Auditorium Inst Mon-
dtiy oveiilrlK. I expected to- see replies in your paper to Ihls enquiry, hut
to this date lmvo seen none, I he*,
pardon for nsklniM-ipaco In your impel*,
hul the Iiif. 11 Iry you make Is important,
and bliould ho,thoroughly discussed.
lion, John II. Mltcholl is vice-president of the American Federal inn of
defend union Inlior-ln the "United Stnt-
celvi'B $.*i,0.00 per year tq build up aud
defend union labour in the United Stat-
rn. lie also has, been receiving, unlil very recently, *»,ii10'10 per yoar from
the civic l-Vdei-atlon, which .1, rierp'ont
Moi-Kiin nml other Ki'eaf capitalists or-
,';,tnl/.id iu u.ar ilawu and ik.tioy inr-
lon Ifilioi1. Tlm iiiJimi-H* union asked
Mr. Mlti-holl to resign his $il,nnn Job,
or* Ret   out of   the.   mluei's'   union,'
e resinned his $(1,000 Job, but
M-veidy i-rltli'li'.eil what hi; ealled
(.hc'liijimtjce of the demriud. A very
few nf the KO-eiillod lnbor pnpar:-! of
the country and ft very Iiivko number of
Ibe lar.lliillsile papers of the eountry
Ki-olili'd umi deiiniinei'd lhe miners' uu-
lAri I'm* .i.i.l'i;. Mr, Mitchell nol to wor*
•■bin i .nl !>nd Miunnion nt the niune
lime. Mr. Mitchell was dated to lecture m tlio Auditorium Mondav even-
fn.. April 17th, nnd nol-ounuph peoplo
ciiho 10 hnir lilm fill Uu- two from
1-o.vK iii'llu- pit.,, Why did thi*-' occur?
In i»v luil.'inenl ll Is bocaiiKe lhe peo-
nle don'l havo fallh In Mr. Michell---
iiiiili»'*r iln* uorkli.K elats lior ibo cnjil-
lull..' rl'i,.-       tin enrveil Hto _ li*(i» Vnil-
■Ki-ntloii at *r.iHift pi*»j* vern- to denirtiv
tli" lalior unions, and roci-hr-d $."i,'ii-'i
)n*r >i-n-1'ii.n ihe lnbor utiioiif* to Imilil
-jii *.i,<i -ici.-ml ihem. No liom-jfi iihih
1 oiiitl ivci-hc fees or snlnrlei* fvom op-
I'l-Hl"   !!•'■• M-el'- Al|V      IftV.-VfT      *" I'O
.Wili!.!  . i...,i(   fi'Crf  ffUlll  Uie ll'-frllil-llll
«hll" 'i-** -aum piof'<.(i|tlii™ a i'ii--e for
1I1' l'lilnil.'f would be j'.islly iU-iiouiktiI
:■.-* a f,;i*-.| ami a yconndiel. Mr. MU-
'•lieli I- lm ihe loci nro platform at the
\<n- <m iin.., vorvliif,' ibo tnteresi* of
. .,. • .ii-in 11 ir-tim. tn ii-neii Un- t .«<'.' ->
iiril-M.I-i-i ilmi »l;i» Iniororiiv of rnpltMl
iifii _ .-i --- -._-/. tiicntji-nl- 'lho hodi-nt,
ln*»:iu.'n' dass of peoplo enn never
■ ' ■* ' •'• '■ r. X d'Or lesi'i'n «*'.u*i «M*P'f*!t"
eu--* Sotlull-'iii v.Ii(eU moet-.i
< .uninlrt tif lalior'.i Inter^-sfs.
-. they have faith in III-* >•'•"
,*"-   |.,<("»-fn      lli.tl- «I.»|M»*•»*-   -»'»-
reaches .the'enormous total .'of £3,192,-
000,000 ($15,534,400,000) .-'"geographlcrfl-
ly distributed-as follows: American
countries, £1,700,0000,000 ($S,273,3j'3,-
000), or 53 per cept.; Asia, £500,000,-
000 (S2.433:333.0,00),i'or IC per cent.;
Africa .C-in5,000",b00-{$2i21-1,333,000), or
. t per cent.; Australasia £387,000,000
U-1.8S3.400,000), or 12- per cent; and
Europe £ 150,000,000' ($730,000,000)^or
.'. per* cent.
The total amount of British capital
Invested In Cnnndn Is given i",h*'£B73,'
000,000' C$1.815,2G7.000). ' 'Of this simi
no .loss than1 £101,350.180  $(193,260.-
712) hns beon subscribed during tire
past   three   years,   viz,, .,'£31,300,."...S
'($132,37.1,18?) .In    190S,/   ,C37,G87,-1(1I
$(183,-112.325) In 1000; mid' :C32,339,tf.S
r$l.ri7,-ISl,235).ln 11)30. tlio total for tho
three years holm? considerably lni-Rer
than tlio sum Invested during the snmo
period in nny other coilnti-y; The tomlj
Invested during these three years in all!
other countries Ib £51(1,801,0X3 ($2,.rilfi,.i
3HO,0fl3) ho tlmt the nmount ))lnced In j
Canada represents 10.6 p.c, or neanyj
one-fifth of the total, j
The nut hor slater. Hint, excluding thn j
United Suites, Ureal Urltnlu has pro*)
vldcd more capital to Canada than to
any other country, and iho   vine   ut
which tho fh-ltlsh peoplo are Increasing
their inveyiments In Canada Is so rapid
as to bo phenomenal.     "Cnnndn." ho
write".   "i-Mll   noodp   a   Irtrce   minf  of
money for tlto completion ofthe rail*
way's mrv undor construcilou, mid Inasmuch as Ihe Mother Country |h proud
of tho great progress of her daughter
and l<* willing to supply her with nil i
iho capital she needs to develop hor I
roHou'rcch.  It Ik evident that our cnpl-l
tnl Invefltmenl In Cnnndn, will reach ri'j
much greater totnl lit a few yenrH. *•■ 1
i  - * *.   ■* *'"
'' ■ ' The Hotel of Fernie,
Fernie's ..ending, Comnieiciul
w        . *        t . ' „ , ,
and Toui-isi House
-     * .  *   1, ,-*
,S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
LI V..ER'Y.l
and Transfer I
Wood and Hard Coal f)
-' for Sale * '        '.
George Barton    Phono 78 t
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
141. MeetR oxory ..idny ulRht at
,8 p, m. MineiH* tJniou Hnll, W,
A , WorlliliiBlon. rroMldeiil: K. J.
flood, Hrcretnry.
■imi i
nil -I
.\'»- fi
are theenemles of thw> great labor move
ment of tho world." Whether knowingly br,'unknowingly, they dre playing In
are the enemies of the great.labor movo
ment. *' ,    ,
You state In your editorial Hint Mitchell niade n great sacrifice in resign*'
ing his $0.0000 job with tho Civic Fed**'
oration. As I seo lt lib made no sacrifice Whatever, , Tlio 'Civic Fednrntlon
paid Mr. Mitchell $0,000 per year .for
the influence ho could exercise' over
tho trade ynlonists of America. If ho
resinned from minor-.' union lie could
then exercise no Influcnco whatever
over tho trades unionists of America
and tlio Civic Federation would nol
pay him "0 cents' per year fov tlie
services ho could havo rendered. Hence
if he had resigned from the minora'
union, he would have lout hls,$(!,000
Job Immediately. If he resigned from
lho minora' union ho would then not
have boon eligibly to hold his ponltlon
us vice-president In the American Fo*
deration of l.ithnr .nnd would thereby
hnvo lost his $5,000 Job. Ilo resigned
his $0,000 job and licuee will recolvr-
$5,0()0 per year liiHtend of losing $11,-
000 per year, Mr, Mitchell war, in
Canton and la on the lecture platform
to-day iimler the auspices of n'cnpltiiT*
little. lecturo bureau, established for
the purpose of misinforming and deceiving iho trades unionists of the Unit
ed .States, lie oii|.hi in resign from
iho vlco presidency of the American
Fedoratloii of Labor aud not tiil.i. $,',-	
^..^J™L,,,r,,,"y,nBJu,,,■ l,n,,,,,,i."'",ho "t1 °vhvM'T n'nr:!ow-to"".Ti7iNi'aMuriir^
of Its enemies. |tho  Mory of „  trip  cloven  hundred I    Meets 2nd nnd Ith Thtiisilny \ilner«
Tho HtlftiidMiu-o or bin  tweiiiy-fiveimiir,, 1)V ,.;,no(, nn,| rorlnCT from llio I    Union hnll.     J). Hoon, 3t;\   •
nr thirty peiiph* in lif-iii* Mr  .IHichi'll's ■ ti,c norti, ,*,]10r0 nt |<ri|{n jsiiporlr,!* to1 ;  _ __
lei-tnre on a very impnvtnnt  wibject, J uiid.inu'-.  Hay. \ln the Albany river. L"'"'      ,"",   , ~{y  "". "
rh-nrly demonstrated ihai ihe trndcH J formB   ,lk,   mtuti-i!.. fi-imuv   of   die' TyP°oraphleal Union* No. 885-    Mens
uiilonlHl-i bare no inlih in hlm as m l Mny Issue   nf the    Hod nml Win'in |
Ieiiil'-r.     It fiii-i'iei' d.'inoii'itr:ilen thai [ Ciuimbv,   published   by   U'.J.  Ti^lor. !
neither lho working elu. s nor ihe cnpl. j T,|m|u..i.   Woodsioch.  tint.   Tho  imr-!
trills  clni.H i aro to tier a Ko-mileii, rHtor f„ Mr, \v,.t. Mnlono one of thej,
.«_*_• .v..'11-i. vsii-i. in, n.-m-vt, ... i_>n , m„tly  >i..1It„-1  noin  tho sitiu«»  wno,'
on th. -livre.*-A»"i''"":., funis In the. s\lhU tif CuLula-mhun-^
.    , t,i^e.> fiom <i Jio5li.«j  j--.-I.it ot ill.-*',
i imponsible in olnain id.-.ewla-iu.     Mr.,
CANADA   Mnioni-'-*   "■••rtiliiK  U  full  of  life  und
  xIl'oi' aud hla,,ii.'in'.'Uhf in ln-Jglnejieri
fleorcf. I'.-iliih. (imi of die e'Hi'ii*-' of ■ by jie.-ountA of leelilmitn by no menu-*'
The Ptntlst, has rend before die Houil I iihunl even In exploration trip* tnVmn ,
Mriitlitlcftl Society tnn Intori'Mlii!.*-nml  <-o far nfleld.   The route taken wnn i
iiidtiueihe papeiH oi, ihi rimlt_!l tnviM  oi,f» fow whito men. apart from Ilml*, "
menta nf (!r_it Itrltnin fn other lands, j hon'a  Hay employees-, have  followed- United Brotherhood of C»rpent**.ri and
Tl..'  .:-.*.".  ;.ii *..* 7'.:..,  ;...   ...'..I'.v L,y „„\ iu  mo,", U il.e ;v. .: t-.-.d-.\  dna',     loln-w—T.ftril 1110      ft   1  T-. -i'i",
linrfttlgationN.iip to ihe end of l_M.7if.ii thru ficiJijitut.   With nin-h a ««nl J    I*rr*ltl<*in; F. If, Shaw. Secretary.
witK i>uUii»h..l lit lite Mil it-ty >■. joHf mil i npt-iill'U   ll.--   iivnU.   i»   i>>'.  -"U  "'   l!"- - . _ ■ ,    , ..,   ,
for September X'.or.t, and ihe nerond [mber tinlele* and -»torlr^ nml hi P«*"-irx      .   -.     .    _
•!r,iii!it* ituh  njiiu.b   ::i!,-.*.,-. !-iisld*«ui.-'r\iniin/-itennor. b-.Mfefi^n-n'Dr.de Van 8 Femafe PIHs
afiromt dnrtng the *j.a _f flm-e Mani ap'jdic tmt" n on hf-i nin*1 ti*o*i|i
pr.ired In the *t.-.rnft .Tournnl for Jnnti-jtho  lli-siruHhenc-.u  o*  Wnlv.
.ti>, DHL     Mi, I'n'.ru --tia_a*J>.-* ilml   -.o'lt.t-s of ■*.•  i. in hut;
.lit: li.r.._l _»'_ lit. .*.*.  V.. ..A...'» ...'.„„■ ,.,,,,. . rt.,.'»   ..U...1.',   ...U-.t*.  I.V.
Dartflndem' Local No. S14: MeeiK 2nd
umi -Mil Hilll.lu.v_i nt \>,'M) p.m. Heci-i?-
inry J. A. Conpill, Waldorf Uor.l.
irisr, Rn .irdny In each month nt the
Ledger Office, A. J, I'lucldey, Sen-'
crr'l remit ».r. 17 t   n   tf C. 77-'
In Miner,! lliilon Hnll i-very r-'umlnv
nl 7,45 p.m. Kverybotly tvclonnif, l),
J'ftton, {set-retary-Tiensiirer.
iMit»ivi*J>iii«i*-i_i oi.t.iti^ *._..«fptfiitii. .ifiri
Jolner,i:~M(*et in .Mlm*-r« Hall -.very
nlieiritito Tlmrsdny nt S (..-lock. A.
Ward. Hecretary. I*. O, 307,
Tin ini!4   A>*i-»^»^«*wJi»-W8Ut*s/iii«vi>rjilU. Th«*
* '"' ' i »-*"• :* *»r * xttfiitittlr *jv»<*rrlitt In f muUllng. ne
i lit
uh iii _i .ii.... slicit f»*ap*r»  t.iJ ir^f*■!«,«r,»s in -v!,..  !..'.d*
r.o***, a i
ss! ('.mr,tl Canada.
..i-.*r-B«,-i'f.t-.v«.r'"'fii««rifih*»ft»»?^-»v..t.i, Hth,
„;t*l f*»m> im.ttiiMi*.   I»r.<!• T»B'» in * ■ i j ij
,.'_>')   |iaW;»i«J,.l.   ilUlitfft   XltlK     H* l*i\l .S-IV  *■!.',  ft'
For Sate at Bltatdell'» Drug Stert.
*.<MJN" ufl^KJ.
I    _U^|if# >*!*>.   V f. T^Uf. .
fv*»   -#h   .-VitVa**.  J-*St"i
*■*■ - - --*■_■ the{pam.br ledger, fernie, b. p., hay*.20,-1911
TkeyVl^eekrs Neitiifor
..t  if
.--*• I•-*..-_
. ."f-'i"*''"'*-'^     "'- _
...- . .-"--.♦iT*   7"../ >.' ,•«•"_.} , * ".iii ?
,  ; pEJ-ypRDERING^NiDER .-?;, ;~7-7 ' ,
/-'*.:.'-';-**       *■     ,RAAD'DEZEN WEEK
*- I■'■>," .. " 'x-.i, _..'■' 7* '.- '.' i'r -. r-yi';<*,--;, -.
'•"- ''*'*;'"."-i_-7 V.^«'*.' -V ;y\Jy'--\~. ,'-;t'i'
,' '-.Zatera&g,**ta-oi-'ge"o>*de ee_hfe_'_rtting
.; der '.verzoenings raad werd In het open.
y.~ baar gehoiiden .in^eProvincie" kamer,
' maar niet veleh'maak(en',van den gele-
. 7&-eni3h^id gebfulk, *?ekerpm dat net *il-
..'-gemcen. bekend".*waa":flat 'deze^zlttlng
• werd gehouden voor algeiaieehe bespre-"
■ 'Wng.7: Er. werd besfoten_..d'at beide
7 partijen een lijst zoiiden maken met on-
derwerpen welke zlj voor den    raad
■ '. wllden brengen. Dezen keer^meer In
-., het byzonder-omtrent zaken bet.-eff-
■\ ende: de Crow's: Nest - Pass Coal, Co.
.. Mijnen  en  Mijnwerkers. ' Vice-Pres!-
" dent Stubbs stelde den vraag of, alleen
.   de' briderwerpen welke aari den ll'jst
waren zouden worden behnndelttoit dat
er ook andere voorstellen zouden worden toegelatem    Op dit voorzltter Gor-
„  don antwoorde dat er geen kunstgre-
■ pen zouden worden toegelaten .wolken
deraad konden belemmeren, • en> elk
, voorstel-betrekldng hebbende-op dezen
zaak zoude aan eennouwkeurlg onder-
'  '- zoek onderworpen' worden.  .Belde parr
.tijn werden daarbp door den voorzltter
'1 m'edegedeeld om hun getulgen voor te
brengen op"Maaridag morgen 9.30. De
-zlttlng werd opgeheven"en omtrent 2
uur een' be.oek werd 'gebracht aan
■, Coal Creek voor" een onderzoek - In
"eenl'ge der mijnen.; *,Zaterdag mlddag
dejleden der*raad-bestuurs leden.van
,afd'eeling 18 en van de Crow's'Nest
...Pass 'Coal Company' en pi'tbasen -en
'■leden van Gladstone plaats'elljke yak-
.-.. vereeniging bezochten Coal,Creek' en
" bezochten de Mijnen JSTo. ~1, Zuld; en
Nobrd-No. 2, 3 en 5 wat 6 hur van hard
werk   meendef en   waren   dan   nog
niet in' den gelegendheld om het onderzoek volkomen. te • eindigen "Nadat
zij uit de mijnen kwamen het voorno-
emde gezelschap'waren de gasten der
'.''.« yi.t y   - . ... .    ,
cents, per tori.    In No. l.Zuidaan.den
zelfden.'laag,.de boveri laag werd.,be-
tald met 60 .cents.-1*./ De'overeenkoml.t
H'-lde ■ voor.- zeven '.dim's ;ymMerhout'_ri
No.; 1 ;Zuid,'-maar^yeel -"tliklcer. werd
verstrekt.en hij,had de'-hulp te.vragen
.van'andere mijners om dit;te.,plaats*?n.
Hij f*werd:niet betaaldVoor* dit zwaar-
.dere ."werk., _/-Extra mannnei. .waren In
het algem'een da'gloon'werkers en had-
den bet' werk ■ te "doen' voor • elkarider. _,'
• Hij da'cht eehvastgestelde'prijs voor
tlmmeren was;beter.* ,Timmerliout,*,S
dium-in -diameter.- wafrte* zwaar voor
twee. man.':.. Tot Mr. Stookett hij antwoorde dat In het algemeen twee.man
werkten te.'zamen. Van belde zljc^en
werden nieerdere-' getnlgen gehoord,
een klelne onderbreklng onstond wed-
er, toen. de(contrlbutlo vraag weder
werd voort gebracht door de.werkge:
vers, .waartegen Vice-President Stubbs
protest aanteekende.  ''    y \
■,- % p..*.-.,
-De voorzltter'stelde, h'et volgende ad*
res. Tot de volmagllgden-aan belde
zijden'wensch ik't'e'zoggeh dat.nade
gehoorde*' verklarlngeii' wlj de *>zittjng
oj> zullen-heffen ,om hun gelegendheld
te, geven, voor de .oveiweging van z«>
kere voorstellen* welke Ik het voorne-'
men'het tbjt hun te'."maken. Deze voor:'
stellen'welke gemaakt zijn op de basis
der voorstellen' gemaakt bij de twee
leden ■'* der •■* raad vertegenwoordigden
leder'een-partij.".' Het; zal een voorstel wezen waarvoor.de voorzltter ve-
vantwoordelijk Is., .Het Is niet. een
yolledlg 'ontwerp voor " een voliedige
overeenkomst" dit is niet te verwa.h-*
ten. ".Dat is onmogelljk In den korten
tljd, ter onzer'.besc'hikklng, en onmo-
gelijk- op het gedleetelljk onderzoek
door oriz gemaakt; docli het voorstel Is
redelijk. "Ik mag'rverder zeggen dat
de .'voorstellen alleen 'worden aange-'
;„   .   "r        v7- «,_--.. -w   boden tot doel het hers'tellen der viede «-yHX1!e!7esi. rev?uau ,S1X W Par «
™.h_ien 7erd«V-,WeTT   ",fn met-het-doel dat'de werkzaamheden Patron "au marchand 'en', gros ef celui
aangeboden   In   Fairclough Boardta* zoo mogelijk hervat'   mogen   worden> cl a son tour .e cede a^n marchand
Het Is zeer^gewlchti'g voor de werk- de_ deml-gros -3"l ensuite.'le vend au
gevers,-met*al.bunne verantwoorde- detalllan't qui'se'fait payer hult (8) ce
..    '.'  .. _ ' nHA^„ll     __..!     _.     1.___.!»(_. __-   «.'     __.      .	
aangeboden   In   Fairclough Boarding
-   .House wat zij zlch na hun" vermoelen-
.de tochfgoed lieten smaken.   .De z^t-
ti.ng van Maandag was druk bezocht
door belangstellenden welke "naar het
.getuigen verhobr kwamen luisteren en
waar'te nemen in welken.manlerde
.   Taad werkte.    Een der leden stelde de
." Traag'welke contrlbutieer door die le-
rAde'n van afdeeling 18'betaald werd aan
;„,.-de U. M. W. of. A. hunne vakvereenlg-
-■Ing, maar Vice-President Stubbs,nam
Jliler geen genbcgen~mee7t^^rklaarde
!,-' da£ wanneer.de werkgevers lnllchtlgen
'-'-Verlangden omtrent dit dat,.het voor
„ * liun _ibodzakelijk" mocht blljken vrag-
-.en te stellen omtrent de contribute be-
- taald door "den werkgevers, in de operators association,  eri ' wat   het.. de
•' Crow's, Nest Pass Coal Co. had gek'ost
om wefden'lntetreden.nadat zlJde'As-
- soclation hadden-verlaten. Dlt'bracht
«eon oorverdoovend applaiis voort .van
. de aanwezlg zijnde mijners doch   do
voorzltter spoedig herstelde  de  orde.
v.Een andere klelne onderbreklng vond
• plant toen Mr. Stockett de voorzltter
.erzocht, liet publlek te yerzoeken eeri
welnlg- nchterhlt teg-.aan- daar zlj to-
gen hurinen, tafel-j drongon */*m do be-'
- aproklngon dor werkgevers hfnderden.
President Powell sprak tot de mannen
kom aan deze zijdp, glj zult onia niet
- lilndoren,' Colin 'Mc'tJeod"""vbor'"de
■werkgevers was danr tegon en stoldo
voor dnt de kamer rulra zou worden
Eohoudon Dr. Gordon-dacht dat. Mr.
• Powell prappen raankte maar /deeldo
mede dat de orde moost gehandhanfd
llljven. Verloren tljd door het wacht-
«n voor tlmmerhout.   ■
George Linn eon gotulgo voor do
mljnworkors'logdo zyn Botnlgenin nf ln
■zulk een netto oprochto manler
dat do voorzltter zyn lerredon-
hold hlorovor botulgdo en hen
con compliment dnar ovor mnakto.
HIJ lind voor vljt Janr In al de mijnen
In Coal Creok goworkt nltgezondert No
1 en ond No. 3 on workto In No. 1
■Jiliild tocn do mijnon gosloton wordon.
1I|J wcrktc In dag geld, daar was geon
prIJs ynfltgostold voor wljd werk, Drlo
dollars 7.R0 wns hot loon voor dag-
HIJ vorklaardo dnt tlmmorcn
■was moor mool'jolljk on dat hot nlot
voonlon van tlmmerhout al*. hot noodlg „,.   MV.
was, Waa oon der grootsto redon voor workroom hodon, on do vordoro hnnd.
Wachton.    HIJ had dlkwljls y,olf gok-	
Inngd workondo In No. C hij had tljd
vorloroh door hot wnchton op tlmmor-
lio.it wovdol als 8 dagon perMnami..
Drlo nrljzon worden   bolnnld
werk in No. 1 Noord C_Hi, 60 on   65 i.opHtom dor voonltlw.
■5*c.*-c* o,    juict    ui ■ uuujuc    vciauiwuuiuc* ------   ,-- _-—„—   ■—- ^-z   -■«
lijkheld.'en   verplic'htlngen, .dat, het Prod"-1 1"* a l'origlne' ne.coute que
werk* zoo.spoedig mogelijk worde herr *3ua,:re (4).'""' * !   *•
vat,, en het is zeer gewlchtig-voor; de
mijnende' iiiwoners det mijners en hu-
ne familie dat het werk hervat worde
zoo* het mogelijk',is" zoo .terdben,' en
Ik moet zeggen dat het gewlchtig is
voor de b'estuiirs lederi der .vakvereen-
.Inrt-ri nc. -*tfr.11r_f\_-_iT_f\i_»_r»_nl-*«_rr\rt.ii/l«lI _1h__>14 _.__•_. _•_>_.
-if)!!!*^- n -C111.-C-T-C1 ani vwu_lu*ciijn.^"-Ciijxi-vOui
hunne belangen, dat de hervatttng
zoude plaats vlnden .zonder -"verIras-
ing.**'"■■..-'   '. '■ _   * * '
, Zoo als lie' mededeelde ' deze voorstellen* zullen';, dezen mlddag.'aan
belde partijen wordon . vorgelegd,
het .zoude.. een ' teleurstelllng 'als
de vergadering , "word " opgeheven
zonder ""dat er "een poglng^werd
gedaaan". * den . ,tegeii\voordIgbn*"'.'t6e-
stand te doen eindlgen, eeri t'bestarid
welke.het geheele■■ land betreurd en
welke belde partijen moesten beteu-
ren. ; Deze voorstellen mogen niet
aannemelljk.zljn voor belde • partijen,
eu lede'r, partlj. Is .volkomen vrlj om
dezo'te yerwerpen.ofaan te nemen;
zbndor,voofobrdeol.'*t Het mag,-,ook
mogelijk zijn voor ledor partlj dat de
verllesbn voor do hervatting to groot
zijn 'dit* ls-een -geval --wnt-ieder-partlj
heeft to overwegen, ala do verllesen to
groot zijn,voor een dor partijen, dan
doze: yorworpt de voorstellen., Ik'
wensch tezeggon dat do, voorstellen
volgenB mljn inzien * doch niet vol*
maakt, en de verlleson door een dor
partijen groot gevondon mag wordon
ten dooi hebben dat do werkzaamheden zoudon worden horvnt en ik-v-srt-
rouw dat de voorstellen dozen mlddag
tor tafol-gebracht zullon wordon aangenomen. , Laat mlj vordor zeggon dat
In elk geval anngonomon of nlot, hot
onderzbolt door don riuid zal wordon
voortgGzot. tot beldo partijen overt-
nlgd dat al do felton goschlkt voor
publlokcatle, publlek goniaakc zijn,
.Iiormedo boshiill Ik dozen vorgmlor*
Ing toi 12 nur, on bij dlon tlld Ik hoop
In hot bandon van loder partlj do \*oor-
Btollon te plunteon door mlj gumuuUt
all oon bo*!* voor -vn over eonkomnt.
on   hot   onmlddolljk  horvntton   dor
linger dor t&nd zal nan boldo partljon
wordon bokond gomankt.
Het Laaite
Killing opgohoven, tot goon beslult
voor gokomon wodor vorgadorlug   op   den
'■a i
List of Locals District 18
——i ij__._ ■
Corrected, by District Socrotary up to April 22nd, Ml '
Dnnkhond ,,. p. Whmntin-" n-^vii-'-'ft  .•*,.(<.,
Hoavor Crook p. flnunhton, Hnnvor ■nrpck/vln Pl-nchor
•yo,lttVUO J* Hurko, Ilollonio, Prank, Altn.
Illalrmorc n. J. Cliaso, Dlalrmoro, Altn.
"urw,s Wm. Sloan, Ourmli, Altn.
Camnoro  N. D, Thaebuk, Cnnmoro, Alia.
c°Ion'n*"-  W. Oraham. ColflniBTi  Altn
C-nr-Miiidnte  0, M. T>axIom, Cnrhondnlo, Colemnn, Alta.
Cftr'"" !<- Hncklnt, (\ardltt, AUa.
Cor,,ln H. Jones, Corbin, IJ. C.
niamond City Chnrlos Orbnn, Diamond Cily, Lothbrldgo.
"ornio j), Rees, Fernie, n. C.
JJ,**'*'i*< 0, Nicol. Frank, Alta.
"n*wr  j. Ayi-c. IIo»»tr. n. C.
HIIIcNSt J, O. Jones, Htllcrrst, AUa.
I'fi'hbxldzc L. M-^iji-u, I'. 0. Ito* IU. Uthbridgfl
*'**'"<"••  tV. U Kvnn*. Mile, Frank, Altn
Majdo I-eai  >|„ UMay, \1stfo Uat, IW!*?' o#, Alt*.
MIchM  Jf, IIiidyII, Mlrbol, n.'C.
p*»»l"»*-«r Wm, Conlitt, p/iMlinrg, Altn,
ntr*i cmniM,... riitJ!,. a rui.*-..i.*»«i votiu-ttn, i_»ihbri«iK.. au_
Tnh'~r  tnttt:vtu RuajcIL Tibet, Alu.
T*b*r  I-i* Browu, Taber. Alu.
;• - La .uefetioii* soefele; e* * ail'oidrV'du
jour dan's tous les;pays;-.,''1',L'e. ouvriers
s'organisent, ils rMlamentune-ineille-
ure -repartition "desjfruib''dev,leur(tra-
vail. , Chacitn'aspire: a'plus de^bieii-
etreet'on petit dire'qu'a-'rinstar' ''de
be qui'se-passait a la fin-du sleele der-'
nier,- tgute l'organisaj'ibn" protestent
qontre'la situation qui.leur estfaite; la
classe1 capitaliste est. effrayee.du.f-_ pro-
gres du spcialis'm"e;'iet\Jes.''gouverpie-
ments sont forces de faire .'des concessions au nouveau-venu—Le Pouple:? .,
■rr'Ce qui 'fait.lii force'des.ouVriers'So-
cialistesV' c'est qu'ils" sont.- c'onvaincus
qbe la sbciete' aotuelle est^mauyaise "et
qu'il y "a" necessite et posslbiliU de"la
'modifier.1- ..Co qui'fai^-la'faiblesse ilu
monderdiri"geant. etudes caDltaiistes
c'est qu!ils. pi\t' conscience,'.(jue: l'dtat
de ehoses existant ne'peut. contlniier
et que toute' reformes serieuse" se fera
a olur detriment—Voila done l'humani-
te. en marche. , „ -   .- *    ,,,',
.Et comme lious viyons "dangun slecle
du' vapeur ' et, de, l'dlectrlci't _ tout
■marche vlte auJour'dh'ul,'et,le8 transitions sont, rapldes; la bourgeoisie, a
lutte pendant des slecles ppur;conquer-
Ir la puissance tpolltlp,ue. et sociale;
voila un slede''qu'elle' a" trlomphe et
deja elle"est, eri passe de'perdre-sa
toute-pulssance: nous marchons done
vers-une soclete mellleure. Mals dans
quel sens se fait revolution- sociale -ce
quereclaime-le travailleur?
." C'est d'avoir le produit Integral -de
son travail, les charges' soclales etant
remplles. "..L'ouvrier qu.7auJourdhul
produit cinq (5)..ne. recplt que quatre"
(4) -il ne peut se procurerer que ce qui
a-ete .paye deux (2) ,bu. deux et,.demi
X2Ys)a im. autre ouvrier, .en d'autres
termes le travailleur de nos jours re-,
coit moins que ce qu'il donne par ne"
valent les* marchandises qu'il achete.
Comhie producteur l'ouvrier pale une
dinie a" son'patron,"ce patron a son
'tour est exploite p*ar sod bariqiiier; son
fournisseur de' matieres' premieres'.
Comme consummateuVil paie tout'ee
don't'-' 11 a^'be'soln b6aucoup plus"' cher
que'ee que' cela'a coute, ce'produit
en effet "qui a! ete paye'quatre'(4) a
rbuyrler, est-revendii six' (0) par le
.'■■'-—i—i—;•-.. _.,.. -. ,;_■',.
lalri5es; la-mortality n'a-*ete-<que de 3.-11
pour -1,000../tD'aiyeurs, meme -pop.ula-
tipri,'. soumise,, travail,-, privations,, 'ai-,
coolisme. "Pas d'air, pas de luraierp-r
'deux fols'-plus• de"7tul3ereuleu**Cv y"'y
..-.'■ -■-.'*. ••■ yyi - - -—;y,yi.:i' ■
quatre (4).
II y a* dans la'soclete telle qu'elle
est brganlseo une classe de gens vivent
sans .travalller, lis .vivent "done par
des preleveraents operes sur. travail "d'
autruis et-* ses^ prelevements nous ver-
rons de le voirse font sous dea fo#rmes
qule'r, proprietaire commercant,* etc.,
dans.ces condition's "pour donner aux
travailleurs leprodnit integral*de son
labeur if faut ellmlner de la production
de-la distribution et de i'echange des
rlehesses tous les-lntermedlares'inuti-
les. - Deja certains industrlels ven-
dent directeraent leurs produits . au
lieu de les yendre a des commorcants,
tel.estje cas des boulangers par exem-"
pie qui fpurnlssent-sans." liiterrpedlares
leur pain au consummateur et pour ies
gros fabrlcants qui establlssent des
grands magasins dans lesquollcs Us
debltent leur marchandises, los goclet-
es^ co-operative de consommatlon. qui
achetent directement'au producteur. et
revendent au prlx.coutant aglBsent(de
memo;'.,, Pour reallso.r la ,'jnstlce et
donner a chacun le produit do son travail il est done indispensable do sup-
lfrrmbr" tdtio" les" Intermediares Inutlles
et cela ne pout se falro quo par la
solldarlte des efforts ot des Interets, il
faut iuibbI supprlmor la concurronco.
Uno chose ost* surtout nocesa'alro a cet
bffot o'ost do rondre la collectlvlte mal-
tresso'do la torre et des Instruments de
production organizer la aoclcto de man-
lore n co qu'll n'y ait plus do parasites
ot quo les honimos, dans la mosuro do
leurs moyens, partlclpont a l'oouvr© do
la production, on autro quo la repartition des produits so passo solon los regies de la Justice on tenant compto dee
boBolns et deB,droltB do olinoun, on
d'autres tormoa/pour mottro'fln aux
confllts existant nujourdhut ontro coux
qui travalllont ot coux qui no travalll-
ent point o^ rondre los hommoB Holldnl-
res los una los autres, if faut appllquor
qu'-une otnpo vers Ia communUmo, Toi
ost lo but a attelndro, toi*) ott lo but
vers lcquol tendont tout prolotnlro con-
sclent do notro opoquo, '
., (A sulvro)   JULES LAVHNNJfl.
Ln grovo Icl a Spring Hill corittnuo
sans ch'angomont.
; ^remoga*rsk\. Strajk jv British Colum-'
biji, ki'se je pridel l.'apri'la, ,§e.ni-kon-
Can, ..Po izvirnem'pdroeilu. ki smoga
prejeli-iz-Peraiein Mi'chela,,B, (Cpo-
yzemamo'sledeSe':'   , ,"■, .7.',. !•■
- Vsi organizlrani,premogarji v.li?, dis-!
triktu-.U.- JiL'W.-of-A. so.na,,§trajkii.
Zahtevajo 123_ per,cent, zvisanja plafe
a operatorji1 so.pi-i.voljl dati.sa'mo &%
per* cent ve5 ip ne,vsem," le n.ckteiim
delavcem.;. Kekteii aedaj-dobe' $2.25
dnevnb,. In'ako-se.jims.zvlSa pla5a le
za 5 „ per cent-.bar ponu ja jo,.operator jl
tedajidobe, $2.37^,*medtei. ko laliko
iniajo $2.53,- 2e ,se jim zviSa. zo '12i^
per cent, kakor. zahteya unlja. Drugi
premogarji dobe danes po,$3.00; ako
ostane pri zahtevi unije,<_tedaj sejim
zv!5a dnevna plaCn nn*$3.37^, doCim bi
dobill'po iionudbl operatorjev le $3:16%
Iz teh Stevllk.Je razvldno, da jo zahte-
vaml-povliek'zelo -majheii, zla'stl He se
pomlsll; da, so vsakdanjo --Zlvljenske
potrebScipe dosti draije' kakor so bile
pred par letl. -• Medtem pa ko zahteva
unija povISanje plade za .'vse premogar-
je, .hoCejo^kapitallsti Se tlstih borih
5% per cent omejltl-le-na gotovo'Ste-
Tllo delaycev. In: Be nekaj. , -Setudi
premogarji dobe'?3,37%, nobenemu ni
zajamCeno, da bLnapravil 26 delavni-
kqv v mesecu.--; -V, minulem .letu se. je
delalo-tako slabo, da se Je vsakdo lahko "gtel srednega.ikdorje delal 20 dni
y, mesecu, °,..    ...    - '      . - -.   r,
• Stojte tofej s--svojo" organlzacfjo,
str'ajkarji,'-in ,6uvajte svoje interese.1
Ako- pQtrebuJete - kakgne - informacije
-vpragajtersyoje. unljske uradnike.- Ne-
ve'hujte zlaganimvostem, da kompanije
ne.morejo plafiati-ve6, Cles da delajb"
slab dQpicek. To je navadna la?, ktere se
kapitalisti .vedno .posluzujejo. Ne pos-
lusajte "pltbossov" in drugih kompenij-
skih glav, kl vam.delajo sladke obljube
Zvabill bi vasradl na limanice, a poz-
neje se pa toliko zmenijo za vas kakor za, starb garo na smetiSCu. V boj
smo.sli zr^'to; da zniagamq in zmagall
bo.mo, 5e,smo,,v resnicl sloZnl.—"Pro
letarec," Chicago^IHs.    , ,,,-
,'' The British' Empire gociety
headquarters, In'London, England, has
Inaugurated a 'new", scheme for; promoting'emigration.'; As a* result of
a competition'conducted by The Empire; Magazine showing "why I wish
'■   ,  "* *   ' ,*;        ■+■*
. At. Wehlirigen,- Germany, a.;Woman
named .Hubcr foiind the'sum bf £60 in
an old stove'which, had. not.been.used
for, sixteen "years, "" y 'y %' ,,, ,
;-.The,"gross" rental'of' London's buildings Is 5215,000,000, while that of all
the'EgricuHural land in England,and
"Wales.is.under $135,000,000. '». , -.. •■
_. .The first cockatdo,.to be.exhlbited at
the Crystal Palace was found dead In
its cage recently., It belonged to Mr,"
-E.cGammon,- of Rlpley.-and had 'been
in his-,family sixty-seven years..
- M.-'SpIrldonoff,-a", wealthy Moscow-
merchant, -whp was about to celebrate
his golden ' wedding, "sent; out - Inyjta-
tiohs engrave'd .on* thin sheets bf gold,
worth $25"'each';" in.tead'of"the"suual
cards:',■'- "■*' '  .--   *-- *  t-  -]        : .
" Egypt has', a desert - railway which
rnus forty-five miles In a straight line;
but,the longest straight, piece of railway lino lh.the world lsfrom-Nyngan
to Bogrke; In Now South" Wales. This
railway runs 126 miles on a level in a
dead straight-line.* ■ , •    •
Tlckle-'em-Jock, the best, animal in
tho New York Dog Show, whose owner
refused to part with him for $5,000.
was for a short period on the benches
of a dealer In Leadenhall Market; and
could have been"'bought for less than
a $25 bill. The dog Is a brindled Aberdeen terrier. .
Tho Philadelphia-Police Force boasts
the possession of a millionaire policeman.,* This Is" Mr. Edward T. Stones-
bury; the 'well-known' financier- and
sportsman; and a partner of Mr. Anthony Drexel. He was sworn "in aB a
siecial policeman by the Chief of Police at Philadelphia, as a mark of the'
force's appreciation" of his generous
donations to the police funds.-,.--*      J'
A French invention for. preventing
the formation,of hail is described ln a
bulletin Issued by the International
Institute of Agriculture. , It takes the
form of rockets, or "hall-dispelling"
pe,tards,. which exploding at altitudes
varying from 1,300 to 1,600 feet break
up the hail'clouds. Eighty firing stations have been set' up for the protection of 59,000, acres of rich land at
Limagne. v., ,    , * 7 '
'..The., 250 heirs, of'a man called Jo-
hann Klip, who was born in' 1719, met'
together at Relkhelmf in the' Taunus,
in. curious circumstances. Their ancestors died in Holland, leaving a huge
fortune to'be divided amongst his
heirs a hundred years after death. He
directed that until that period had expired the.interest on the capital should
be, devoted, to a -Dutch charity. -* The
capital amounts to the huge sum ot
$40,000,000,*arid the claimants elected
at this "meeting .a committee to take
steps to secure tho property. It is curious that', although In 1860 a hundred
years had passed since the death of
Johann. Klip," nobody, had been at the
with p'alnB to investigate the matter.
THE - CALL  -^
"to^emigrate^Ee"_ocIe!y has .been de-
luged .with'replies from those anxious
to improve their condition in another
country;- and it has 'been decided'to
form an Empire" Emigration society for
the purpose of aiding those who are
found, to meet* with the approval of
the board." *
According- to the belief of those in
connection-with this undertaking .we'
read-that 'In. Western Canada^there are
openings for bakers,' bankers,- barbers,
blacksmiths, box-makers, butchers, cobblers, dressmakers, dentists and oven
doctors.". -
. "To open an nccount with us each
depositor,.must ln the first-Instance
pay;n minimum sum of £1, which wili
be placed to his credit, and each, subsequent paymont must not bo less than
5s... Then as soon as a depositor has
paid.half, the sumnecessary-r-thls sum
will vary of-courso according to whoro
ho wishes to.go--hls passage, will bo
booked and arrangements will bo mado
to supply Win "with employment when
ho reaches his destination."
If those who aro ln charge ot the
above scheme really know tho conditions thnt obtain thoy may of courso
bo of considerable assistance to. those
whom stress of circumstances in tho
richest country undor tho sun compels
to look fnrthor nflold for tho moans to
gain a livelihood. Again tho class of
mon thoy Bolect to como out requires
knowledgo oftho' Individual's antecedents or tlioro will bo a numbor of
round pogs In squaro holoB,. Wo may
mention en passant thut wo hnvo nol
honrd of any doarth of banlcors In
los principes collcctlvlstos   qui   n'ost Canada, furthermore, It ought to be
nado clonr to thoso who aro profoaBlon
al mon that In ordor to prnctlco thoy
must flrBt,, suiimlt to a provincial examination nnd ns that may not bo held
for sovoral months subsequent to tliolr
arrival In, tho country thoy nood to
hnve sufficient fundi to koop thom In
tho Interim. -.
Ho I'nlr, do la luniloro! fllnon la tu-
berculoMl On repoto cola a nntiotd,
mais le public, certain 'publio" dii moins
—stirlotu cbluMa memo' qui no crolt
pas nuv, m-Mnlts do I'nbslntho-*-ronto
obsolumont scoptlquo. , ].oe rndiloclns
rndotent; c .it  sn  conviction Intlmo.
Hy Colonel Walter K. Lombrird, Com
- mandor Coast -Artillery Corps, Volun
toor Mllltln.'
f il
Vor sovoral yemrs post thoro hnn np
inieiitly boon cotiHlderablo lack of In
oiim im mnitr.'iimxr.'rwr,,_.,. ,,f„..^„ tore»l '« "«•«■• ^^ «•«•<■ many tlmci
ri.41Ulon*'i«i1vi*nl*«   n««"   wh\\o M.-1"* 'T"," hn8 vTiT ** l° t"° ,,0a't
.<«ul Julllernt. chef du buromi il'n«snin- *"'' ''", 4lUfc *u,lu,('viU *Wu,vl *mu   '
Increasing in the Mountains of Mani-
. -.-_.- ~...... __*, _*.. _. *.	
• As.in Ontario, so likewise in Manitoba, tlie wolves are said to,be increasing incumbers", aiid a "writer who lias
had recent experience In the' Riding
Mountains reserve in that Province reports as, follows:-'
It is stated by those who know that
thea. wolves are i-ireasing In tho
mountains, the , comparatively ■ small
pack which used to range ln the neighborhood of. Lake.Aiidy, and ln the valleys bt.RancU Creek, having Increased
rapidly until-' lt now numbers some-
thing over twenty-five, a band of eighteen having been seen' recently. Tho
full-mouthed, nerve-shaking music of
the pack cnn "bo heard on the clear
moonlight .nights, and that they play
havoc, not "only with tho'calves, but
•with the fuller-grown- elk, is evident
from nn incident In tho oarly pnrt 6f
tho season.   * '■■.*.
Two men wero ranging tho woods in
tho.neighborhood of a gully ono day,
when a full-grown elk crashed through
the bushed in'p'anlc-'Btrickon flight/and
vanished in tho heavy timber boyond,
A fow moments later, ono of the hunt
ors, chancing to look ln tho direction
from which tho animal had appeared,
behold a hugo black head, with fear-
Iobb eyes and hoavy jaws, staring at
him through tho bushes, It vanished
as silently as It had appeared. Tho
man followod to the gully.
As ho waited for a fow mlnutos,
thore suddenly roso from tho opposite
sldo.of tho hollow tho heavy, shatter^
Ing howl of a tlmbor wolf, which was
answered almost Immediately by another further up. Thon, as ho watched,
thoro camo forth from tho brush whloh
fringed the gully, throo groat brutos.
two black and tho other groy, and thoy
commenced to noso nlong tho brow of
the hill. Finally coming upon tho
traok of tho door, which thoy followed,
coming on down tho gully, ono bohlnd
tV othor, toward tho* waiting man.
When thoy woro within fifty yards of
him, ho lot drivo, and tho foremost
fell kicking In tho snow, tho othors
coming on fearlessly for a fow yards,
and then ducking Into tho underbruihv
Tho fallen animal, which had a brokon
back and which wns attempting silently to trail hlmsolf up tho sldo of tho
g-ujly with hli front Ions, wai speedily
put out of hia mliory, and no more
wai soon of tlio othori.
Morrlion'i Good Aim While Riding on
•.Mo-on'i Sack.
^ ■ • By Norman Tiptait   *
- He^ was young and it- was'"good to
be^ alive; good,'to struggle- to . fight/
good.to have-ambition, to; be.strong,
good—ah../what was there,not good
-in'the-world; \surely it was-made'"for
the young,* and * he was happy.
• Then one day the. cay came.".: He
was passing-along the. busy streets, to
-his favourite restaurant, when he felt'
a touch*on his arm. * He turned, at his
elbow was a child, a pale, thin;-*.,undbr-
.developed.* little, figure, typical "of ,the
London.^ltuns.- -She -was selling ipat-
chev . It wast.the first .time that obvious-facts-of-our modern civilization
ever forced itself upon his notice. This
child who ought-by every canon of
religion and common-sense to have
been comfortably housed, clothed, fed
and'educated, with ai rotten hovel for
a' home, selling matches. • The'' injustice bf it-hurt' him.*' Bit hy bit he
learnt her story., It was not, an unusual one. " Father dead, mother,earned What slie could'by charing"; five
younger than herselff at'home'..'-Rent
4s. a week. _' Very ordinary. Very
commonplace//' It's' going bn all'the
time. Strange he had never thought
of .such, cases before.
« He began, to think. He studied
books of economics. ."' He commenced
to read up such,dry fact, ts average
wages, housing accommodatVoii, poor
relief. J And the "dry facts'hurl. One
night he'went out on the Thames'Em-
bankmeni' and' saw some of the bye-
products of society. , He' visited the
City'thoroughfare^-Pleet Street, walking right on up Ludgate' Hill,** around
the venerable 'pile .of St. Paul's Cathedral, on to Bishopgate—and here,' at
an hour when fashionable London was
thinking of, retiring, he-saw .Uie-refuse'pickers—all ages, all sizes,,clad
in overy imaginable ." rag," *o"r A scarce
clothed at all; and' in all weather,-1-
ravenously searching for broken food,
for the the first meal ot the day! -/Aiid
again he'saw the'thtn'pale,face shoeless child waiting outside' some restaurant ' or bakery, for .the "bread .- that'
must sustain a whole family. *How
, -'.--- ,
those waifs, watched the coal carts-
seizing* every scrap, be It ever so small
—then he haunted tlieir * homes—the
slums, he talked with out-of-works,
with thieves; prostitutes, criminals' of
all descriptions. Again; he changed
his quest and frequented house parties
fashionable churches, society ..entertain
ments, and all the time he grew' sadder and angrier, always* the brutal story
of horrible poverty at one end of the
scale, and luxurious vice at the'other
bumf Into'his soul.
./__>__^ __.,.____. '..__.. __J  - ._____nfl___hlc_fnrA___&_ne_ac__=*_i____f_i_,A=___-i_.=j_E
uire-un)- .-ii_-ui_ijOi iu._uy_i_ail_*v_-"""~anui f„»»-™^,,v-„,vv»ui^
ISHemont do 1'hnbltatlon a la Pr-Jfecturo
do la Sclno!    Cost tres court,
L-iiquoto do M. Julllorat norto sur,
"2 _5 Tnalnnns do . nrl« l-'-t-it/./-.-. n'.*- ■*•* *
S*W personnes: olios ont pr«Mnt* dn
ler Janvier 1691 au Icr Janvier IMC
uno mortality tuberculone do 7.9S par
1,000 habitants.' ,,l)an« 259 deton mal-
sons, on n tn>nv. don clinrobrt-a linbl-
Ha* d-Spourvues de touto nrwilon ct
dc tuiii -/-<-.alrn»f) dlrwt.
A man named Morrlio'n who rcoldnn
noar Oyster lllvor, N.H., doclarou that
he »hot a boar whleh was riding on the
back of a moose. Whether tho beat
had dollborntoly Btlackdd--thn mom*..
•Hpi-tu *n.iii a irve by acclaont as tho |
-rnon-f v,t>" imrfliy,' vuauuixUi „."
I ndopted thnt method of eros»ing tho 1
he left his work to devote the 'rest of
his life to rousing the. nallon to a
conception of the real state of affairs
in the country .hat was called "Christian." •        .'       , ,    ,  •
Bravely lie faced the reproaches' of
the crowd, the sneers of society, the
curses bf the, orthodox, as he .aid open
to tlie world's gaze the condition under
which the people lived. - Heretic,
dreamer, fool, wrecker, they called him
but he-went on.* "Hard words break
nb bones,' ho said, "arid In tlmo they
will see." ,    ,
Year followed year, e,nch filled with
Its quota of work, each seeing the seed
sown*,benrlh'g fruit.' '*'.*,
--"Perhaps," said socloty, "there :1s
something In whnt ho says.'*' "May
be," satd tlio Church, "the man has
soma good points.'" "Surely," said tho
businoss men, "ho argues logically."
And- ho kept' on , working harder nnd
harder thnt tho causo to-which ho had
dovoted hlmsolf should bo won,
One day ho wako to find himself nn
old mnn. Ho hail struggled hnrd slnco
thnt time ho had vowod to devoto
himself to the cause, and now his
strength wns falling Bomowhat, IiIb
brain not quito an cloar aB it used
to bo; his eyesight troubled him.
"Novor mind,"' ho snld, "I havo worked
well, It will not hurt If I rost. Bo-
Bides, I want to think. I wnnt, boforo I go, to look around nnd soo the
result of It nil." And ho laid his
work aside.
"I wilt go nnd sec how somo of
the plncos look that uhoi) to hnunt
mo In tho curly days,' ho snld. "How
much bettor thoy will be now, how
conditions hnvo Improved, nnd I. ovon
I, hnvo had my shnro In mnklng Improvement" and ho sought thom out.
Alas!   thoy,,woro not improved nt
child.—John and Mary."
Coal Barons Look Upon His Going as
A Calamity
The following edltorlnl'comment by .
thc'Black Diamond, the best known
.coal trado journal In this country, upon
the defeat. of Tom L.* Lowls for thc .
presidency of tho United Mlno Workers will be of interest to-tho workere
as showing tho attitude of the bosses
towards,ex-Prosident Lowls:
.-"Tom L.-. Lowls Is no longer president of'the Unitod Mlno Workers of
Araorlcii."; That ls no nsset to nny oiio
except, perhaps, n small fnctlon of tho
"When Mr. Lowls was elected, it
was. tho common, but "erroneous,* belief that ho was a radical of the radicals, Now the radlcnls or tho Socialists In tho union hnvo turned him
out, and this establishes his -stntus an
a c.onflorvatlvo,- When, therefore, wo
sny his going In a Iobh, lt Implies that *
we adhere to tho obsolete notion that
conservatism Is n' good thing. Without shame or excuse wo. admit tho
chnrgo. ' ,    ,
"Mr. Lowls bollovcs that for tho
miner to win big the operator must
nlso win In llko proportion. ■ Ho dom
not bollovo tho minor cnn succeed by
preying upon tho operator any moro
than ho believes that the operator can
romaln successful while preying upon
tho minor. To that Idea we subscribe
fully,' When the Implied co-opcralton
is thrown ovor by tho minor*, It moans
thoy Intend to try to prey upon thn operators. Bociumo of whnt It lmplleft
tho going of IiOwIb Is n ciilnmlty."-—•
N. Y.*"C-ill.
To my nilml the principal reason Is > river,  tho  sportsman wai unabl oto
the  manner In  which the  •".Willi-.*,* WT, tat *■<• (S-cctarts ho thot the ani*
 * >      .i ->•   . tvi-nf    nu    llin    iiinA«_.    _n,i_i    ,,M __....!_...__.    «_ i. _.
world discourages enlistment In the
nutlonal guard
ir.nl ns thc moose wns carrylnu him
ncroHB country an   though   recently
rtri.,rf.,-ir'l  Irr,,,,   .**>.. ..-Mr,.-.,  . » ,i ,   .,
Ktery romnianiliiiK   offlcor   knows Oho *1**>|, mis MiffIc/i-nt to kill the boat J
tliat mnny men at the hoad of the larg-' *n<i ,he n,_"*e ' _rs r<-'*-<*»*<,<! made of/ \
o*i bunlnrBU onlcrprlBOs In tho com*!
mon wealth do everything In their |iow-'!
fT to dlrroiirage HnMr rmploy-M»s from
joining tho mllltln. !'r |
at a record speed.
TV* » ww* r-ilniTh i-i Ihu tv-utn r,f n* r..*r if* i
tiu«i »y tittm <i!%-*i*»*_i pm tttttrOirt. *t,ii «-,ia ih.- im;
tr* trif* **' »-i|»l*"»"l in t* tncurtM*   lum «rul I
Ln inoyennoI   1i»*y rdiii'e to employ men who urn  \'_ wjiLi"i-lj r.*i.*r-.i'ili»*m«*u.'.li.'."*.j_i;
tm., _«_.t_,.U   In !»■_ «_>*• xtrn *n_l frm-ii^ntlv _»!«_. *,._.„_.   I*.™ r-«h.'*.'',*r,.,_^li .tf ■_".•»*•»« * ■"_•■»«■'
(. *-     -'---*- A...    .,.Vf  ...„,-   , .....         -       -.-     ,...,._-,       .......        .-,,,,,     ,,,,„
don habitant* out dc fit* par malumifin th* notxionend frcqu .ttly dl«fhnrt.*«*
\tx\<ki-. io rhambri"* wnn* ti\r, hi lumlf-r .. " v,> vho nro c-n(T.ivf.t!«-jt to H**-,.»\bt-\r'
|I)fl»uls is tine, la mortality i»t*«'rf>u.<*"-ftr'*: tMniHirnrily to perform ordered
|l«»f*c   stir.tifHf ti /it. <V' S i-our J,W_!Xb\;rc ot doty. ,
i La mortality ti.oyi-nt.tx pir mnliAn   _» |    ix    tin to Kamloofi-t and lo*« >QW
[d hntittmlo do fl jwjtir l/m.*.     Djin-* lf*nI yih t-.x* tit* SfUnn .-mrilwcr    if «„..
>' mutt* taaitooH t-\am\z,fm nnl ron-.d-m.'c .iiirnd c-r,<-awr»mfiu yon'rr- iinhin
r.xuAx-M ikfi_..in«. ts »,.Mfnni«, ■m_....io ?• yrr,tr.tnt, *:,>•-, militia auU.oti.  -  '	
I**'"- io* cUmbr** a*t**a ft Mhi f-(-\tUt     H"h»l ran Ho poor !«mi ,i„«, J   The Worker,   .aper—I_P,I)G*.R
tl t'it* I   , , —....„ ,.
).,.,„nrv, |i,. ,,.„\.r, t jurrt. In lit t rn-*, t-o r — r:.
*->»-. *1<X ii»i-l>»». mriiiit*. tir,«llliil'rt*.»l if.-»,*. I
IJ.1 • (ninr-li I-irr, llli'iur-i-llirM hi J, J ■ .' in
**r->. W'S.. It't'fi t* it. trtf IVrtMII.H'..- ' .!,-* tr,
».*.» rum** I' i*> t\kii M.rt-,11 tr li >'*,*,* ■ •-, 18
c.,.,.-.,,-,    ,,,-.s    Itimfrwi,!      i    1 ..-a
fl-,-. »i 1-.it •!'--»• nl tH» ifHlm      1-.     ■ •   ; "•'* '
(s- — 1 ,t ' 1. I'i i-rri*. It tiu r. r ' •• .1
f,-.f » 1    *. *.   _  .. »•>■ r   .-,(.!*
*i     -. »   lit,   s'V a 10   Ti-*'* . <     1
I:,   i I
. '.*. i-., ., ^ .,
. Since its Foundation,
it has been the policy
of this Company to
embody iri the
A\VIilill«_     Ma*
in perfected form, thc best typewriter ideas by
whomsoever advanced.
T?r.i- n„» \„*,.-i  :f. *.*:...    r it m        i*       • •
*    N_r»     Utt.     *-.*W.„4,    H.k«.kilk_lV-,V»*.iVHk   V>k,    Lkttl..    ik>u\_V,    U\?ll_CCt    the
new Visible Writing Remingtons Nos. 10 and 11, which
embody every desirable feature extant—PLUS an Adding
and Subtracting Mechanism which constitutes an innovation.
The voice that cried in the wilderness 30 years ago:
"You cannot afford to write in the
old way;" now acclaim:; with ujiul
conviction: "You cannot afford to
calculate in the old way/'
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender Street
Vancouver, B. 0
all.    .The slum's he had "known forty
years  before-were  still, there,  only
more horrible. .-"The types bf poverty '
and misery, he had seen in his early
day still existed:   Everywhere* he saw. -'
the-same want and wretchedness tiat
he had seen when,'as .a young "man,
he vowed that as far,as in'hlm'lay,-
these things should not be.-    And he
wept.   ."I have failed,",he said," "fail- ■
ed, failed,'failed/.   Por forty,years I
have, given, cf my -best/and now we,
are no nearer than we were—and I—r -
'am done.'" _
-*■'*        *'*      *        *."•**.,,
That night lie'had'a dream.     He'
dreamt that he was climbing a high   ,
mountain, and the way that'led'to'the
summit was narrow and, broken.'Every'
few minutes he had to stop and rest,
while once the earth gave way under
his feet, and he only just saved him- '■
self from being precipitated to' the hot-
torn.   It commenced' to get dark, and ' -
he,lost the track altogether.     Alir.ost
hopelessly ho stumbled on till he was
exhausted.     There was nothing e'.se
but td Ilo down where bd was, and wait
for the. morning.   How  long he had
lain he could not tell, when ho saw
a light approaching.     It drew nearer.
He.started to his' feet and shouted. "All'
.right," same 'the answer.     Then ho
saw that the flight was being, carried
by a man of medium, height, with a
strong resolute face and. a* gait that
had    in   it   no   -trace of weariness,
"I-ost?" said the'stranger.     '*Vcs," he
replied. v "Whereto you wish to go
to?' ,,"I'"started,* il'seems.such a long
time since to climb to the top of the -
mountain, but I missed my way." "You   "
wish to reach the summit;    do you
know-how far lt,ts?"    "Not far,' surely.",    "Far!     Do you know how 'oni?
you have climbed?"   "Three,' four^. 'perhaps; five hours, I am.not sure." "You.  •*
have (.limbed." sfild tho stranger, 'f-.r
forty   years."   "Forty- years.'"     He.
looked at the stranger, intently.    "Sir,  -
haVe you ever climbed ,lhe mountain?"
he said.   , ','NTdt yet," said the'stranger, *,'
'.'but I am climbing it and one day- I
shall'reach the top.     Maybe 1 might
Have reached It'long ago, but I ijave
found so many* others* In distress on
the road and I liave stayed to help
them,"     How   long," said,  the   man"
"have you been climbing?"   "'NoaTly-,
2,000,years," sajd the stranger.   "Two-
thousand years.    Then yp.u must-be—"
"Yes,", said the stranger, "I am He.
Shall we go together?".     Keveren'Iy.   -
the* man bowed' his head:" "Lead on." "
he said! ' -        °
*        *,       * .      '*        •*>*.*
When they went to call him the next
morning there was no replv. They entered his room.     He lay^qulto still,' PAGE   EIGHT
m DimiC- LBDaia, ?i__m, i. c, MAT90, nu
Great Sale" of ^ Millinery and Dry
Gooda will continue one veek loager.
Everything must go—no resetra—MIm
EULER.   ,
Ur. F. Ship, of Ship and McKenzie.
left on Thursday morning for Craston
■whpro ho will stay a month in quint
of sood health. ./ 7
ifook out for tbe Standard Oil dissolution six months hence. Thli organization waa fined 29 million dollara
ant} wo forecast;that tha dissolution
will not "dissolve."
David Kennedy, formerly assistant
city clerk, was a passenger on Monday morning's* Flyer for' the Liverpool
of Canada, taking with him a trunk
load of ' good wiBhes from Fernie
Mr.- W. Hunnable, at present in Hamilton, Ont, writes that he Is meeting
with great success ln the way In which
hia sa£h lock window adjuster is being . received among the trade and
public, generally.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce are
now issuing special vaglia on all points
In. Italia direct at the lowest rates.
These orders are payable through the
Banco dl Napoll which ls under the supervision of the Italian government
We call the attention bf our readers
to the exceptional offerings contained
■ ln the Trites Wood Co.'s advertisement
which is specially written, by Charles
Morris who is a competitor ln an ad.
writing contest arranged by,the Commercial Review.
. The Western; Canada Irrigation As-
, sociation will hold Its Fifth Annual
'Convention at Calgary, August 8, 9 and
10 .when it is anticipated there-will
be a huge gathering lor the purpose of
obtaining information on a subject of
■neh Importance to the West.
Gordon Pearson, who. was , fireman
for Buchanan when he met with his
accident, came*, np from Vancouver,
Wash., to give testimony, is spending
a few days in ^ town visiting relatives
and friends before. returning to, hia
new home In the famous prune' producing county. ''        '    .:--'     /.   r.'
-We have received this'.week i copy
of "The Industrial Herald',' of Bay
City, Mich., official organ.of District
No.,24, TL M. W. of- A.--.-. The Importance df papers published'in thelrown
Interests is growing among the workers, but If-tljey expect them to flourish
then it is necessary, that they give
adequate support, for by so doing they
.are helping along their own weTl.being.
N*O.T\l C E , .
NOTICE is hereby giTen that the use
of ftny privy .pit* within the limits of
the City of Fernie is prohibited by
law and that auch pita as have been
in-yse muat be forthwith filled in with
earth. In parts of the eity.which are
not accessible to, the sewage system,
sanitary pons.(with dry earth sr lime)
most be used; to be regularly emptied
by the City Scavenger.
Any person .failing' to comply With
these regulations will, be prosecuted
by the Board of Health.
Medical Health Officer.
89-2t •      (- -'
Sweet Charity! < What crtmeB: aro
committed in thy name.' ' Of all the
grafts in this1 world, the charity gralt
takes* the palm.'' '...,
The .charity organization of New
York city dispensed about three hundred thousand dollars last year, and
lt cost the city over four hundred
thousand dollars to "assist' the society
ln doing it ,    ,,    '
Similar conditions exist, in every
city, where these" humbugs ply their
trade. , 7 ,.-
Out of every four dollars contributed
to sweet charity about one,dollar, en
the-average, reaches tlie victims of
capitalism.- The rest of the money
is paid in salaries and maintaining expensive offices.
Let ub take the quarterly report ot a
local charity organization issued some
time ago, and see what proportion* of
the money given for, charity purposes
reaches tha pockets of the poor. Tho
report follows:  " - *
Salaries, car fares, etc % 292.00
Improvement and repairs       93.35
Fuel, water, light...'  ..   84 19
Emergency and -special relief      68.00
Furnishings     122:64
Meals and lodgings      392.40
Telephones ,... —... .'       14.20
Printing, stationery, etc.       50.63
vate life, wants to*_know,where and
.when you were married; who your employer is, hpwjkmg you have be$n.out
of work and* thousand other questions.    -:. _ '■{{.',-',:./-••.■ , ._ 7  . -
- the offlcUl.rkurna to tha'offlce;.records Wi data; and .the investigation
'proceeds.- /;',! ■■.*..--/.;_'•  7, *1-' i*.   -
;„Perhaps tie official-smelter smells
the app_ciat> breath tp find out if lie
has had.*Vfirtak of whisky, in two
weeks7-7>'  ,-> ,-V'-"'  *    '   ■;'.'.,-
- In the maanUms, it the applicant hia
not starred to death, tlie mazunia fs
forthconilag, including a lecture on
frugality, thrift and other capitalistic
. Lst us see* how labor organizations
take, care', bf their o unfortunate '• membere. "We. recall the case of a"worker
that had .been sick three weeks and
the wife was trying to'.make a living
for the family over.the washtub., The
case was'reported to the union and
twenty dollars were appropriated to
meet immediate' n-acessitlee. No
questions ' were asked. ", "
t Did he drink? Yes. The man that
would not drink, working as this worker worked all his life, is not human.
He's a moDBtroBitr... If thiB labor organisation had" given twenty dollars to
the charity/humbug, fifteen dollars
dollars would have been paid-out in
salaries and running expenses, and
maybe five' dollars would, reach some
unfortunate:     , *
t _.      , .--     >   f -       .  - ■ ,
There la more genuine sympathy, humanity, and Christianity in the labor
movement to the square "inch than
there is in all the grafting charity organizations on earth." Good God! save
us from the charity grafter!
v *
It will be seen that the expenditure
for furnishing the offices exceeds the
amount paid out for emergency and
special relief almost two to one. „
' If we add the'aniount, $392.40,-- spent
for meals and loiljjings, to 868.35, the
amount spent for emergency relief, we
get the sum of $-_6(k75.'.-' Subtracting
this from $1,067.66;'we have $806.91."
1 In.bther words, it cost .this charitable
organization ' $606.91. ; to - distribute
$460.75 to the "worthy poor." . God
only, knows what' the-^unworthy gbt—
the ley.stare, we suppose.-."■   -.  - '
What happens when-the cfiaflty-m'ong-
er knocks at your door after-your case
has been reported? Atu-bvestlgatloii
1? instituted, when they find timo to
get around.to you. .,
An offlcals calls, prys Into your prl-
'. -By George^AIlWangland
Back, far back in the days,of Julius
Caesar and the all-conquering mignt of
Rome,.a savage yet,astonishingly ef-'
fective method of discipline existed
among tho Roman legions. In theory,
no legion ever,was permitted to acknowledge defeat Whatever, the
odde, that legion -must fight on and
on till exterminated or victorious. Such
a dishonor 'as flight was unthinkable.
Such £ degradation as surrender,' not
even to be conceived of.
•--Now,, should it by any possibility
happen that a legion, forgetting Roman
traditions, and outmassed by hordes' of
barbarians,^ chance to turn and flee,
-what iresiilted ? Was'"tlie. legion: piin-
••tehed? ;-,->By no means/, ,*-' Its punish-
'ment -;was staggering: ■ it wis such as
Itnbst1 effectively discouraged' any' fur-
ther flight :{, .«:■*   ;'.'     '."
For when.. the   legion—one-quarter
destroyed, perhaps, or even one-half or
TTinT-Vi- ■'flnBlllg_r_3_anliA^^»*fc1*n#Aw_WATHA_^rt_
—*w- wt. -.._.i>../-r;« -w-wvuCU—» VtU-LV l^CIUVUlil-,'
and '-came "agali.'un'de'K. control,,' this
tactic-was immediately,put into effect
The legion was lined up,* alftired and
blood-staiiind and.wounded and afraid*;
then every tenth man was counted
off.     Theue men were made * to ad-
vance.. And captains aad centurions
with double-edged swords cut., them
down.    -ij 1, '.
Ib other words,' the remnants'of, the
legion were;' decimated. Then bleeding from a hundred gaping /wounds,
the «hauste4:Md still further weakened troop was .turned-about and once
more.hurled^against the toa, this time
to yietory! -" f- „ *-,■.'.** -•• '<
• 7      *7.*,5'*», ,  ".'e -^ l. Je .      a..'
. Workers, ;th» thought, has come-to
zne that Labor/.to-day faces some such
discipline," some such savage brutal yet
perhaps> hecvsnary'scburgiag to lash It
into the irrepressible conflict the long,
hard,-bitter,,yet eventually.,successful,
against^ exploitation, agaiiut Capitalism
and the powers'that prey.  .      .'   "*
You, cannot escape it! ° You must
stand up to it! Either you win.or
you are cut down, _ h«V is no turning the back-to .this enemy. - The
cosmic forces;themselves will cut you
down, every tenth' man aad woman of
you, maybe more, if youcdo not win. -
Where .the LegionB .ot. Labor .have
even' partly won this battle' against,
the Hordes of Capitalism, there ard
to that extent ls some degree of safety
won, , But It is won, ,^nd J^eld only
by keeping your'face..to the enemy!
Turn- your back, retreat, tie*, and you
not only have just so much more
ground t& regain, but In the;fllght and
ln the later battle jou will be mercilessly cut down!  ';>,' :';.   .
Workers, to-day, beeaufle.you HATE
fled, you are being decimated! - In
the mines, in the mills and shops, ih
Triangle fires, and Newark holocausts,
on steamships and railways, all.over
the world, everywhere that Capitalism
prevails, you *are dally, hourly, momently being slashed down with the two-
edged-glaive of exploitation.
Every disaster, "every "unavoidable
accident" every, "act of God" like all
those which,-for. profit, slaughter you
wholesale, Is. part-of this decimating
process, this scourging with the scorpion whips of, discipline, so needful till
you learn the' lesson:; NO COMPROMISE, NO YIELDING. .
. Those who..syffer, those who die,
do not agonize ihr vain. - They, the
riaughtered .'tenths,', they the object
lessons of "the*- still remaining "future
victims,, perish tbat. you may" learn,
that  you * may * fight, that you  may
cpNQnERt;.,;:^ _   _
Turn notback, therefore. Face to
the' foe!. ■'Thls.is no time for .dalliance, •'. 'parley ," armistice,- vspecious
wards'''.or.'jilj-lhg treaties.-'; Under ijo*
white '*t*ruce-flag of/profit.-sharing, under the-Secelts. and wllesVpf a hundred
compromises/the enemy will creep upon you/cut' you down! And If you
flee, woe unto you!   7
Here it is,rWiiting fir y
.FOR RKNT—Helntsmaa parlors,
Mintrs' Block, tltkar whole or part ef
store.—A»ply. D. Rees.ip. o. Ml,
Fernie. B. C.       M-y'-f< ,. '7 V   - '■-'
20. Acres of fine Land at f SO per
acre, covered wit_ tamaric and: cedar.
Also, one half acre, lot, *150.v Apply*;'
J.McLaughlan, West Fernie. 7 36—41
MONHY TO LOAN—M. 'X.:t£at%or
Fernie and. district. fer > the. Colonial
Investment Company,-and'Is prepared
te advanee money en business blocks
at a reasonable rat* ot. Interest;    ..
-FOR SALE—Two English. Bull.Ter
riers, two and half yanra old,-|25/or
will sell separate; unrelated. -. W. Parnell, Fernlei B. ,C."' :  ''--'"'"- ''*.''• -.■*-'■ ",:-
■ WANTED-^*. Resident Agent for the
Crown Fire Insurance Company ot Toronto. Liberal commission-to the man
who produces the buBlneM.' "Apply
Maritime Trust Company, Ltd., 225,
Hastings Street, E„ Vancouver, B. C,
General Agent for B/.O*,-;*    , _,38-3t
".  ,-•■' *>'*» &?•'   "■■»'-
. FOR SALE—Rhubarb Roots,*t.|LB0
per dozen, or $9 per"'100.", ^"Cabbage
Plants, 50c; per lBO.'ACauilfioyer,^!
per," 100. At J.. McLaughlins, West
Fernie.  ■      . .  88-4t.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦•♦ •*■* '*.+.+* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ '       -       •' ,. .,     - -   *■ ",.,''' r ~       , -A   ,
.    " \. _ ' . '*'C-.' ,-J .       ,     ,. > - . '   - ~
l—_^,^il. -~__ ^      ' ' '   ' _____=—
-0—*■ aC^^tucT.euBiay,-,. _;v;' -~—*
Thdu|fe^imij[8eS;'. Vet like the :Ro*.
man legions of .old,", you, too, the. Legions of Labor, are in the end INVINCIBLE!   ,  .
* *-    nf'
Face,to the .enemy!: . Face' to the
WANTED—Live man or woman, for
work at home paying $2.-10 er $3.00 per
day irith; opportunity • to- advance.
Spare, time oan be used.7 Work not
difficult and requires no / experience.
Winston, 'Limited,  Spadina  Avenue,
I ■■"?,-
This,is your bppor^uaity to bvcome
Independent Sarcee Gardens/ ad-
Joining the beautiful new city, park
now being secured by Calgary from the
Government' -Is the ' finest Market
Garden proposition in, Alberta today,
land, haa: been thoroughly tested, and
has proven highly, satisfactory. The
prices on Market Garden produce are
high-andI the occupation.,. Is very, pro,
fltable while the work is'ligh't;'     ,*.,'
You can' get no better investment.
Work yourself and get all the profit.
In ten acre tracts, "price is' "$150;00
per acre. ,7Terms:. Quarter,cashfbalance over four-years. -.   .J J     * -• *•;
.?-We'have. only. "21 tractsUeft You
shouid/DO ,IT NOW. . y- u-\
.'/iA'sk-us, about City property, poultry" raising farms In all partB of^the
prbvip.ee and,business openings. We
have them'.   '"I. .','..
_** *[I7_ltA 1T_»TT«.^TT^T_IT_ ______ rtTTT_n**.T«=_Jfe,
77T J» JllW-n-' _At __1U_iV7 IjUtit LO St
HORNER';CO., Calgary;-'Alta;-  (85.0
■•*• vv-"-'-;-'  --■■', r"'-y;it. .r
Great Sale" of . Millinery '.and"*Dry
Goods will continue one week longer.
Everything must go^—no reserve—Miss
EULER.  .-   *'*•■*-.•■•" ',"   i«„-'  ',.■.'-'/, .
, l_\-
TKe^ Store of Good Values <►
." /..For eyery doll**,we.offer you b»e hundred cents./. '
■- worth' of •▼alue that cannot be "equalled elsewhere!, /
, -       u-  -'-."'?--.• _.*,   '■"•■-■..  , -'-.,s.:*r ,-.-       ,     ■--,.>
Take advantage bf the special money, savers offered,
-; for Saturday) and Monday selling."'"'""
, Tan and Black Shoe Dressing, 4 tins for ....;, S5o.
Dr. Prices* Cream of/Tartar BakiDg Powder,       '-.'-'
- *\   1_j oz. tins ........................,    85c.
* *   .   . ■ •    * \
„ /Choice Ontario,Creamery Butter, per lb. /_.," - 80c.
! Shredded Wheat Biscuits", .*/.    1V/_C.
Cream of Wheat,Breakfast Food, per pkt. .,   18c.
Canada First. Cream-11 cans for ..; V.._,. '-11.00 -:j.
7 Fancy Seeded Raisins, 16ok. pkts..,....;/...,   8te.
'•'■ - Royal Household Flour, 100 lb. sacks ..':. , |8.95 *v
,   Royal Household liour,\50 lb. sacks ..--..   $1,15,.
Robertson's Golden Shred Mairmarlade, 1 lb,     * 7
CrOCivB    eaae" ******     »**••»••••«•     eet*t*kee      , tiVV •
Robertson's ■■ Golden Shred Marmarlade, 2 lb .   '.'" -'
urUCAD    *•  •   _   •       ••••.•••••       •**••*_. a a *»••**••*    ,vfCi   ,
B. C. Pure Cane Sugar, 20 lb sack . .   $1 90.
3 lb bags-Windsor Table Salt, each;;.. 7
;,'Sunlight and Lifeboiiy Soap, 6 bars ..;...
Fiiife Ontario Potatoes, per.sack .....*.,
• «•*•«•»•
'.y- 6c".-
.   25c.
",  *        St,-"   .-■•"*"   ,,!*.     ,    .-■ *    * .     "      r    "■'
'Colgate!sDetitalCream ...;;....'.
1-  ,    "*,   ■;*•-1 *. .'
Pure Leaf Lard, 3 lb tins    45c.
.,'-_■       "..         -...         '        ' •■
. Pure Leaf Lard, 5 lb tins    75c.
Pure(:Leaf Lard, 10 lb. tins ...;-. .*.;.'...."  $1^50    '
2 lb'.. Cartons Ogilvie's Rolled Oats .•..:;...   10c.
Old Dutch Coffee, 1 lb. tins'...'.*'.{......{....40c.
3 lb/Tins Old Country Tea, each"....."...., $1.85 *
3 lb. Tins Five O'clock Tea,' each ... .".7!*:" $l!65 *,
a  e e  e  a   __«DC *^
. 9c.
, 25c. -
Old Dutch Cleanser; three, tins/for....:.,
- *, ".    - *   ^      .,-- ./ *■-   . .-
>    "' -',--      ,v-'s      '< ~-i.yi'    ■   :■   •,*.*';'.'.•'.»-.   '   '
-Assorted Ct^kei Icings,-per.pkt. V'.':*V.iV.-_,
.-:-'., v \j *>. f'^-x   yr y^yjj
1 lb. Jars Preserved Ginger .7.*.,_.'..■.-","■■.,
, y    .  ■   ••* . -;- " ■*,,--
2 lb.,tins Table Syrup .. _-..*/....... .*.....
__5Jb__._tins J?able__Sv__tun_.l_. -/.___. J..'_____,^_. _: ,i,.___
,. BestJapaiURi^e, per lb. .". .A.:....... *. .V.... .5c.        , a
-.■-.-A- .-.,..*,...',,.;,„yy :;* v7,vt—-"**-*"   .- "'-•■■'-■   ,.? 'V'
Hand Picked^* White- Beans, perMBr*..":;. .J.:'.. 5c. ^.
s '   '■' 1' i.i' ": '     .   .  **(i0*_    «     _..-*-   ■   .   J"*.: _T . " ■- ^1
White Swan'Soap, Carton 6 bahrrr;rr.i'rr.. ;*:20cr---    %<W'.
*' '       '» ,        »-, , \ - '■ .-     J" •'   "'    .
",•       *      *°»'-;',. p ' r     ,   '     , * ■     'A
Value for cash is thescienceof'buying.    No value for cash is robbery.
A Distinct advancement on our previous efforts is the range of $10 Suits'we 4fe fearing this
week.   A suit to satisfy us must answer the three fold description of Style* Fit and Cash
worthiness.   These suits have successfully passed our standard. We bought with judgment
and discrimination because we knew they would be judged with, discrimination by our customers.
They are now in the dock awaiting Your Judgment
Trites-Wood $10
Suits were made
to sell for $10*
This is not a $1S
suit cut down, we
can't afford that*
and you know we
are not joking*
Trites-Wood $10
Suits look good*
fit neat, hold the
shape and last a
long time* The
best value ever in
Fernie* A large
range of colors*
The man wbo prefers a quiet shade of brown, or withes a change
in color, desires to possess something stylish in grey, or has a com-
wlu*ii_u \>t. \Ai\\>i% **x I*** luiud . _}, ■**■*, vihibh ins has never betn Jt-ble to see
but feels confident would niake up Into a "stunning suit" will be on
hand and will not be disappointed. Tho smart lapol, the gracefully
draped coat, the pants that hang from the hips are herrf fashioned by
hand and brain into beauty and utility.
A Conservative   Estimate
places these  Suits above
Par Value
A Butt Judged by price only is only half judged; a suit purchased
fv)i lu. U.&u $iu.\>». in iiui counwy u % *MA)£LK_M IN OHA2-J0ES,'
one thing is certain, it is rntver the $0.00 or $7.00 suit customer w> ''
roturns and says: 'Thought thli suit from you one year,* two y ■ 'P
agol I,wish to get anotherl" Many of your customers do ' *r
Now, 50 cenU a month fof DRESS SATISFACTION looks *hftt'
SOIENOE «r BUYINO, don't you tWalttr ri •-r Y tf    _  % Allktf
— ; >-   l^vo./*;>:/Q   h   f.y.' <
Office Phone 50     The  TRITES-WOOD   COMPANY,  LIMITED,  ; Grocer^jr-^^
if\   iit
j* 'jyyi
-,-y-z- ' .{■
* *."■
■" <>'■/'.
7VO  ■
"• & ■*
B ■:
■! '<.-;
■"• *
'   '.O/''.
■'•■>' •
- n
y   /
1     *  m
■'"' -_


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