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The District Ledger 1912-03-23

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 ri*>**i ;£«»•*■*£
V £ 3%*^*^i 5?*^
"•""-- yy ■
{"j '-V 1-
*..**< 1*.   . .1-
,>' T^V^CyJ V"
r\.VV£$&¥'■*    *-.
: -•""■■. yyy'y.
*-■   r,-'
.-• ■«-*-' -.
. ,-y^'
-'■ ^£-.-v'--.-v
-   *■"",
:-. y-,•
,;_ta_hi9feri__l Vzdljk BtrMgth.
^Official Orgap of'm$\W&9"VZjfzi#&* &&
' .* J-*0f
TEllCDISt8I0TiIJ?DGEE, _reR_TO*.?B;cC. MARCH 23/ -1M2A
$1.00 A 7E{S.
S_?70 H**
IN B.a
.. -*..*
-     -j » " t- *        -
For the benefit of those residing outside !of the "Ferine Riding, but
whose names are on tlie Voters' List, we would point but that they can
exercise the franchise by voting in any part;of the riding. Those residing in Alberta, and who .wish to .vote, should take a run up -to
Crow's Nest, as the nearest polling booth to them, and cast their vote.
Mine Officials Bluntly Tell Socialist
,y yHis policy is "Detrimental to
yy syCaftiialism-y-Admity that  r
."•-*'"'     y   ■        's* *   - v . . - ~*\ .-"■'-.
y.-x-   7 Capitalist Candidate
''. ■' *y. A   ,.  "'  ;   -   A -   - '..     -■ :v    ;■*, -     ;      -,'""•'•       * .  ,
Would; be Received
7   :. A new phase-in electioneering has'turned up and that is to deny'the
Aright of;free speech'to" Socialists where, such is possible. ^: Corbin is a
•„ closed, town and every inch; of-ground .and property within a radius,
of.vtwo;i__iles belongs*to'the company. . 'Consequently.for the purpose
'■"'•'-• of addressing a meeting of electors thercj;l_c Socialist candidate asked
". permission*bf the Secretary for the use of the hall,-the only-meeting
- place jn the camp.',   The request was'granted.    Late'in the afternoon,
.  h'oweyer; the Secretary came' along, and. said that the Superintendent
*•*■   had'forbidden-the.use. bf the,hall for any.meeting to' be addressed by
Socialists..,   Candidate Davidson'then called upon the .Superintendent',
'"and-inlreply*to;the question why he had given such instructions" was
*' bluntly informed'that as Socialism had as.its aim and object the collec-
■ * -tive ownership.bf mines" and other property, he did not consider it ir.
•■ the? interests: of,, his company to permit-such teachings amongst lii3
,. .* men.>>, Asked if the.hall.'wbuld be open to advance the.candidature of
-, the Conservative Party; he freely, admitted that.there would be no ob-
1.. jection whatsoever" to that. '.The stran'ge'part of it is thatthe Corbin
7    mines are o>yned;and-cbntrolled by American capitalists, and that'Gus.
Smith, the,superintendent .referred?to, is*an- American himself.. At
' "* .'least we riiust surmise- aijnu'chriaLHiB.name'-iB^nq-LQn^
Here-is a case.where American capital, with'thl pQjve^and influence
' this .capital-givesfthem*:, which.McBride, Ross\and other-members, bf
'•.the'gpVerni_jent,''as7the'capit^ -Ay.' .yy ;-/ *•"
7    Xt?!ric,e™oS^ ^.erl.'e Riding,-do'.you realize1 the slur.and ^nsult,upon
j".    • yoar inteiligence?A-'Catihot ^ou'se'e that ye'iir employers'; your exploit^
:ers;* ^reiaf raid of «llowi|ig^p"a to;hear;th«^ pjher side.of the. question I
. Do ypuinot.recognjzet.that your-masters,are.determined',to^keep"-you.
. ...downkan4-e?ploitVou^tp.the,ye>y*u^       po.you.hot see that they:
are afraid of ypuT-.. They do not want anyone to point, out tb,you how.
, you can better your conditions; how you can make,your life a little
, more congenial;* how^you can emancipate yourselves? They believe that
,   so long as they 'ea&Keep iigli^'away'frpm^yoii/so long;as/they fefiise,
.- to lot anybody put you wise to your own conditions, so long will they
be ableto hold you in,the hollow of? their hands. s "We believe^in this
' thoy _A njistaken/Ayott areas compotehitp. jttdgb best; what is good
, for you.v ' Electors' of Pernio Riding, you must resent this insult. • Tell
your masters that you can see into their little game, that you will.no
longer stand for abject enslavement, arid, the, only and best way you
can do Mils for the present is to go to the polls on Thursday, March
, 28, and vole as one man for the candidato who stands for equality and
justice tb all, and is here for tho solo purpose of forking in your ir_-
tercsti'vviz—WM. DAEMON! .
'f Schedule of Meetings
,j*t iF      ■'. j i •>'-      i , „
j Thff 6nmpaign is bfclrig'conductcd vigorously all along tho line.    En-
thusia'-jtic meetings liav^ greeted the Socialist'candidate ovorywhoro
and Kitf'-siiccess attnp jiplls is a foregone conclusion,    Mr..Davidson
(accompanied by Mr. Turner) ia now.tburing tho western part of the
division, and from latest ropbrts aro making good headway. ■   Starting with Saturday nokt, two moro well-known speakers will jump into
. tho fray, Miss Muscat" jirid.'C, M. O'Brien, M.P.P., arid on Monday Clom
Stubbs will swell the galaxy,of Bpoajtors,    On."Wednesday evening,
•leotionpvo, a final raonsterrally will takeplaco in tho Grand Theatre.
The following are the meetings no far arranged fort
Saturday, March 23rd—MICHEL—0, M, O'Brien and Mln Muihkat
Sunday; March 24th;'2 p.m.—FERNIE—0. M, O'Brien and Mlsi
Muihkat, '   ''i( ',.      '.,.,'.,'"•
Suntiay, March 2f„.7.3ft.p.m.—COAL OREEK—O, M, O'Brien and
Mlsi Muihkat,       -.; ,   ■   ■■
Monday, March125th-^nOSMER-0. M, O'Brien and 0. Btubbu.
Tuos'day, March 27tH—MICIIEL—Wm, DavldBon and 0. 8tubb«,
Wc».!jcnday, March;27th (Pinals Rally)~FERNIE~0, M, O'Brien,
Wra.pAyidion, O.Biubbi,       •   ' ' ^
' CRESTON*/B. C, Mar. 20.—Greetings from the army cf "coast and1. ,   '
.interior workers who have their eyes fixed on the result in Ferrfie., " ',
. We eipect'Ferria workers to do their duty by electing DAVIDSON.' - a  '
SHILLAND is'certain cof election in the Slocan; HEATHERTON: °
-*««(. gvFyu.-i*iuBjJcv'-o'rJii-\_ricciiwuuu^—rxjaiiJ._rx£ivri7iiuiiiiug_U|j_gu_jil     ^*^
.fight against great odds iri Ymir.   LEFAUX,   WILLIAMS   arid (   .
* PLACE will be elected on Vancouver Island.   His Majesty's loyal I a
opposition will consist oftix Socialista in next hpusel.. Take ytfjir . ;
coats off and go intb!win on-the 28th..' X'],,    .   '*"• '  7    %    . A"/?     ,
Sloctfn.district.' - SHILLAND'S Ul&tion is certain.*) OOovernSis*;!*'(
x has not even'replied to recent demands of Federation of Labor __S_f._ i /
;.'promised? • The workers of Fernie can and should answer" this Udii-•*-   *
tempt.    DAVIDSON must be elected. •   ■    "■>-'*"*■•*
EDMONTON,,.March 10.—that the
peoplo are paying toojnuch for conl
In Alberta and. that special Inquiry
should be made with a ,vlisw of plac* .. ,..... tm. „lU «,,.„..,„„ „„„ .
iH. ■_•._. ...««-»ikiii'.;, "-.■'.   «-i_,'«— '0***B "*w to 8U't tnemselves, were »
to'Winnipeg, snd 55 conts to Drundon
Tho mlnlniurii rato from Talwr to
TTlnriipefl. was . 4.4G por ton,' The operators loundiconildorttblo jdlfflcnlty."
thoy said, In keeping tholr mlnos running more.thari throe months In the
yosr, Imposing a heavy burden on tho filing thorn and se'oliiK.tHorn starve to
miners,-many of whom were obllw' death,'* Already the peoplo of the
to remain with their families tinder, famine districts nre dying by wholesale
starvation conditions.   - > ', « ciilKT'tHreotly of starvattonor of tho
'Resuming his argument,. Mr. .rotcli..*d'»-»«*" which attend It,
kiss maintained that tha-trafflc effl-.  ■■ ""—^-^—:	
: < • iilutors are Invostlng heavily In
pro11 i'". girls,."hoys are riot do much
hi 'k'liirmd.     •
- -■'''!'.' intliorB and. mothers .who are
iiollliitt tlinlr own chlldron to strangers'
t.ii."iiiM ihoy have no choice betweon
':A Note of Warning
• Prom past oxperionoe jt:is known that many Conaorvativos.intholr
"rent and ardor" for tho "came." have violated tho Provincial Kino,
tion Act.,. tl is known that much fraud nnd chicanery 1ms boon prac-
tided *n* tho past. To all such persons wo would sound a. note of
warning. The Socialist Party having learned a fow lesson., from
the pjtflt arc on this occasion prepared for Hiich'continRonplPs, and havo
peri«w,e.i vheir pSans to iruph an extent that anyono attempting to pr/io-
tice sifch frauds as impersonal Ions, double voting, etc., will assuredly
get short flhift. Tlio* scrutineers nro" woll prepared nnd know what
to do in such cases. At the last election a few of the*,., scoundrels
were delected nnd received heavy penalties, For tho h'onoflt of tliopo
who mny fnrwcntly be led into Bitch frauds, we would mention (hat
anyone who has his name on two soparato eleetorlal lists Is not pormltt-
cd to vol" in cither. Tho net also says. "Tf nny elector shall voto nt.
moro.trian one polling place In anyone cleetorlnl district, he shnll. on
summary conviction before a justice of the pm?t>. he IfnM^ "to n.
penally of fifty dollars and nil the votes given by him vl'ftll l<o null
and void."
ment ot Hon. J, P. Msbeo, chief com*
ralisloner of the board of railway commissioners of Canada,
The statement grew out of evidence
and srgutnonts on the complaint of
the provincial department of1 sgrlcul-
tureagainst theexcoistv'erates clmrg*'
od by tho Canadian Pacific railway for'
the hauling of coal In Alberta,
JuBge Maboe declared that some
body wns reaping a big profit from
this Industry and If lt was the.railroads they could be readied by the
boaTd, and, the price of coal reduced
to the eonsumnr. i
of the 0. P, II, bave become Immenan,
argued Mr. Hotchklss, and excessive
rates are chargod without regard to
fair profits, ,. The publlo has* suffered
In consetjuence, he added.
.     : DOLLAR IN 8TRI0KEN CHINA ' accepted,
SHANGHAI, March 19,—Children
are selling In tho central China famine
district today for a trifle less than'it
Amorlean money each. Not In years
havo such bargains been offered,
:',   AT, n089 MEETINQ
rn return for tho courtesy extended
to Mr. Itoss at th« SootnllBt candidate's
meeting In Mlohel on Wednesday last,
thn Conservative,Party hns invited Mr,
Davidson to speak at tholr meeting In
tho Orond Theatre, Fernie, noxt Monday night.   Tbe Invitation was gladly
Minimum Wage Bill
Introduced by Asquitfa
Balfour is Again Unionist Leader,
LONT-'ON, March  .O.—Promlor As- ovor, Is anxious,to havo th«-minors ■
qulth tor'ny Introduced in tho house of rolurn to work on Mondny, as ftse
Commons a conl mlnos bill Intonrilng  Bhortngo of coal has rosiiUod In tire \
to eBtalilifl) n flMrt tnlnlmiim wagiJ for dislocation of railway p.ntl public stsr-
undor.iioun'1 workoi-H. vIooh, as woll ns biiBinoss of all klndn,
" Tito dlBtrlct boards, will frame ro* '*"•■*• tho situation Is becoming (llsifli* ,
gulatloiiB and conditions for nHB.ii.nc. tr"U8* Thorofore, every effort will le
tho, reuiilntlng and efficiency of vvorklna(l0 to Ret.tbe bill through, T]»
In tho,mines and workmen falllni. lo ,f(>Uflo ot Lords will hold a special si-
comply with theso conditions and -cgn* *1»R on Saturday, m or.lor to ciury
lntlohs arc not lo bo entitled to the tho nioasuro througli' tho noooniuiiry.
fixed minimum wago. '    rftaKos.
Tho .bill docs not contnln nny pennl '   Charles Penwlck. Llbrsral   momtier."
provisions for either side and does not 'or Northumberland, ami who   Is  »
compel nn ownor to opon his mlno or working collier, says ho thinks thntat
workmr-n to doflcenil Into tho pit. '     ,wm ho noeossary to tako a ballot Bt\
Worknion' who are paid Iohb than'the motion tho ' ill bof6ro work l»T«-
•minimum wago will bo nbln to recovor >umod.    If so, lt will ho !»mpohsII>1_)_;.o
In tho courts,
Premier Asnulth said ho Introduced
tho bill with rtrnat rcluptnnpo, hut that
It Ib absolutely Impornllvo In tho good ' conl strlko In Rnglnnd cont
of tho country.    The irovornuwnt only longor, tlio Dominion M<*'
I will pay (50.00 rowan! to the party
or parties that can provo I nevor voted
tho Socialist ticket.—Wm. Ilnrmlson,
Mlchol, B.C.'
resortod lo legislature whon nil liopo
of a BOttlomontby ngrcomont between
tho emplovers nnd minors hnd dlnim-
penred, He believed thnt aftor tho
passAfto of tho hill nnd the nntnl.|lR.i-'
mont of ft prlnclplo of minimum wane
by law thoro would be no lonmor nny
difficulty In settling the trouhlo,        j
rosumo work on Monday.
Strike Benefits Nova Scotls
, SYDNIiJY, N. R„ March !"»--If .ttte
•i*. vtftth
'i i>;.rft.ton
will mnko up out of extra coil uroQfw
tlio monoy It lost hy nol gottlngjtia
bounty on pig Iron,
It was <vtllmntfd that the* t.i.i|__*,y
would glvo thn stool company nbofft
$500,000 n yoar. Blnco i|n« ntrlim'-.tn
Knglnnd the demand Tor coal has ham
of rocord-bronklng Ilroporllon^ niid.Tl
WAT.T.ATB   M>f.   f.F.ni..F,T
AppusrR for Provlnre ' ' -'-—■	
Cliarloo B. Hotchklss, provincial pub*'    It is timely to point out to nninltlntcd voters thnt thoro need be no
Ilclty commissioner, appeared In be* fcftr on thclr part M to tho wny t|,cy vote leaking out.    This is im-
Sf .CffiJSiire   p°BBi,,lc' Your T.ta 8ecr6t and no ono bu?youmlf wU1 ever ""^
timt A^/.r»-i \,*a i«-w «..—. i*.. i...- It. Tf von nrf» afraid tn «TT.rM« vour oninion throiifrh •forcp of cir-
den of etoesstve rates, ranging from cumBtanccs, through tho necessity of holding down your,"job"—
fifty to a hundred per cent higher thnn your exlstonco—thero is no reason why you should not oxprcss it
secretly at tho polls, by voting for the man that can best servo your
interests—WM. DAVIDSON
In other provinces of Canada despite
the lowor cost of operation for the
railroads.       .
, Msssure Only Temporary ' Ib "tnt<l,d that the rompsny cnn rnjito.
Tho Premier explained that lho men* » Profit of ovor $2 a Ion on all It sofln.
sure was only a temporary duo whoso At thin rnto It will not ho Inm liofano
spnelflo purpose wns to sol tlo tho pro* tho bounty Is rnado up. nn coal In n-HI-
sent difficulty In conl troublo In Orcat '<•» " 'nxt as »Mpe can bo fouml*lo
Prltsln.    Its onnefmont will, thorofon". transport It to the erslwhllo users iir
he In effect only Ihrco venrs unions U-c Welsh eoal,
coal Industry wishes to prolong it.   A (8psclsl to District Ledger)
rfsson&blc minimum woro for mini-rs LONDON, March 22—•Asnulth joj.*
with a safeguard to pro'ect omic-y emment roI second reaillng or Mini-
apnlnst slncknens nnd doflclency of mum I1III through with nmjorllv iJ»
output will ho settled by the dlitn.-t 12.T.    Premier rcfaicn tn ln«u>rt stnli*!
^""Tds. ninount for wabo, and lnbor men wTM
The minimum rnto of wnges will »*._ kick, but Unlonlats wlll-nuiipfirt jyw-
rotronctlve. the men boln* pnld fron e'rnment.    Dalfonr   displaces   Itonnr
tho dst« of their return to work   nt I.nw as leader,
the rsto subsequently fixed bv iHitnd ~-__-
M!.-*r.   Wi*t  Mir«  n«*lffM   M»*vi-»
LOVnnv. Marc* 9K—At n roe ■■•■'•_
Cosl Opersters ""
Mr. Hotchklss then   Introduced   n "-1 hftV0 known our Cabinet "M'sfit" for quite a fuuv vmrs now,
THimbei* of conl operator* tmm Tn^r but hnvo nev/»r known him fobr- nrv ""nil      And nny trorlrlnp mfln In '<•,•* i^ ^fin(.,_.' jv-'cmMnn lar ,-.!-*•*
Including W. W. Pouglns, C. Ci, Took this constitutency who will «ro oti Hie 0£!ih and deliberately cost his mud> dUconient wm oxriresseri «» i.*<» ihrougliout the district.
and W 15 Rwlloek.     Tlie   *rtutttern
operatora eomplalned nsrilculnrlx'   n*
tbe rompefllfon of r<nn«<.|van'n ccM
which waa favorM h» • ^i^r^u.-i^^
of 42 cents per ton from Vnrt WflIMm
vote In favor of the Honorable. W TT i**-•««, must hnve n spite aujainst
himself, his wife and ehlldren, r.tt.1 f> •■•••'l-.i.-r n mnlielons nrd wilful
blow against nil tho working eln«« i*» *''•' Provlttep of Hritish f'«liim-
Mft.-'—A Snbseribi»r.
Ini'efln'ir-net* «f the Ttiin'n«nn. wn-1
firMl'lf*"* nnrf It Is a-xneri^ *h*»r n*e
I'-bci l*»iftf »# n*fl| roee*v 'Ve'r ei*<",i»ii,»
hv nm*n*vr*rt  Th" r^-Tnm^r*  * > •*
Freneh Miners 0'»I* Work
Tv-maln, l-'rancc, Jfarch tn. -.« •'„•*»>
which bognn yealerdnv proon«r th*> rK»|
iM'r.cro of thta  ronton  U  «*t.tMi..'tivt
or   njjoo
iv.lper-i attached Io plti ebont 7JT00
l>nv#» o'llt. They (temnrid nn ejg.-t
"*e«r dav and penalnn nt «Oe, n 'lay .at
' r.i*rliialon of# twenty-five years' ter- Wi
. .pK*-.-._^7> '■ V..-^"* ' *V>^" ** *-*•_  "■-     *
giffi* Trt-^.iy-A"-,**. -it.-yip^ji -qatjattift^ttiy f y<"g.■?-vmurr rwn^kiff-^yK""^
"A <.""
-'-.-.-y. -\«*3E
■-'.% 'f
. i- V i
* ._*,,,
We're Bound to   ...
Please. X.  ^A, .yy--.;;.
anyone familiar with tbe qualities and value of lumber. They-,
can see, plainly that our stuff Is
sound and well seasoned; and.,
they'can judge at once bow favorably, our prices compare with
others.-."       y     , ' -
.should'be ordered now.    Pretty
soon,everybody will be wanting
, some, all at the same time.' ■
, C/i
Our hope of the'-'future is "in the educatiori;6£the massesyy 7 Ay. ,
'•■■a- 'y!-7--'-K/y■ ,■'.-• iyx; ■.yy-sXyX7$\y
Let the nation hear a demand froih the laboring man's,vbjc?ej-7-"\' ■:.,
The Governnient'Road Gangs will not be" sufficient to .Wye, this? seat
for W.: R R6ssAT; '"       ■"    \        '. " ;. 7 -7 " .'- y.ryX77 AyA
5ro v&?
I am ashamed.of a civilization that, makes 5,0,00 men, depend on one
—WendalLPhiliips.       ' v    %    '•   VS 7 y{ ' '  S\;\" 'S^sXy
jPeople's Popular Picture. Playhouse
i   —   —- ■-  —■
♦ "■■' *j
■   Friday and Saturday Program,
Her Ladyship's Page
:    A romance of long ago.
■■ ■ "        ' ' - *
Tlie Relentless Law
\    A thrilling adventure in which  the
ilaw seeks its dues.
. Pathe Gazette
j       Securing Evidence
j    1000 feet of mirth.
Special Sunday Judith-Biblical Drama   .
, McBride dealt at some length with his Royal Commissions, bu"t»has
vet'to convince the workers of the great benefits that have accrued
to them. ' "A    '        '. i "*--',' "..  . .- ,     "'-?'.'
"The "rich may stealthe labor power of the poor, but the poor are
punished if they try to recover the smallest part of the surplus of their
own labor." *       .' '.
The government should see that all able men are kept busy. When
men are busy they have no time to meet in unlawful assemblages, and
wake up' the police.
"Socialism.is a criticism of modern social conditions, a theory of
progress, an ideal of social organizaton, and a practciil movement of
the masses,"—Morrs Hillquit. ■■  *
After the joint meeting-at Michel Win. It. Ross had a caucus meeting
with his supporters in one of the bar-rooms in that town., . Much im-
port(ing)'ant business was transacted! ° Y-e-s!.   '
;      East Lynn (2 Eeels)
Buffalo Jones
i      , ■ • *■'
Capturing Wild Animals with the Lariet
We shall expect, as a matter of course, that there will be protest
against mud-slinging during the approaching'campaign; but when it
comes to bricks—well!    That's different—Portland Telegram. A
What has the McBride government ,'dpne for the Fernie district that
the people there should obsqiiatulate themselves in the august presence of Bill Ross.—Lethbridge Herald. ("God knows!" said, Taft*
and| wel-j "DoethHe," evidently—from the nomination papers.)
■ This is the concise way the British Columbia Federationist of Vancouver sizes up the labor situation out there:. 'The chief industry in
B. C. is "the building and filling of jails, and the sale of'government
lands arid real estate. '*  "■*•••• ■ ,    • .'        "   • "
Overheard. in- af Street-XkW
There's a lesson \ right -. there!.,
Little blemishes of complexion, small soresyeruptions,''
spots, are not'only unpieasant
to the person-atflicted.-but are
, the first thing noticed by other
people.    ' , _'..' "SyTy.'-.',   "'*"■"" .'•
A little Zam-Buk applied at
night to spots/ eruptions,- sores'
pf any kind will do wonders.
, c Zam-Buk is not a greasy
preparation which will go rancid on your dressing table.
It is made from healing, herbal
extracts and essences. Always
pure, fresh and ready for use.
Doesn't lose its power. Keeps
indefinitely. Healing, soothing
and antiseptic all the time.
Try it! ?
60c. box ail druggiatt aiid tlorat.
William Waldorf Astor, Pall Mall Gazette, says the-government
should present a bill to get power to seize, the miners' strike fund.'
This'shpuld appeal to the Hon?R.*W.-Ross,.and the workers might be
disposed to support him in such labor legislation! -    -
- Socialism will give to, the ..capitalist wliat if wll give to the workers,
namely, the full return of the social value he' creates. The capitalists
howl against Socialism,on the.ground that it, means confiscation..
Evidently the capitalists under the present laws are getting more than
their share.        ■'        ■      '7    ■   •'  7 - ' -,   - -'"    '   . *-       *-■>-'
.The workers' demonstrated to.the "big,guns'" of the Conservative
for those willing and able to worK'in'this "Province. The Premier
certainly ran into a snag when he thought he could explain so easily
the reason for the unemployment .throughout this .Province.
"Electors !9on the 28th prove to the Hon. W. R: Rosr that BEER cannot always beat PRINCIPLE.
Tho armies of-the world are becoming so honey-combed-with Socialism that they cannot much longer bo depended upon to shoot down
thoir fellow men.,. • ,.
Humanity swings upward. Wo are advancing from stage to stage
in tho evolution of sooinl institutions. The next stage upward will,
bo tbo abolition of rent, intorest and profit.
A bill making.it'illognl for employers of labor, during Presidential
election.) to threaten the employers with' tho' closing down of factories
ou'reduction of wngos should certain candidates or party be elected
ha's been introduced by Congressman Pepper, of Iowa. A fine of ()*l,00f)
or'.imprisoninont for not loss, than a year is provided in the bill. That's
a good bill, and might bo very useful in U. 0.
'W. lt, Hosn would hnvo w bolidvo that he was'"acting.under tho in-
sl.mctions of lho C. N. P. Coal Co." whon ho took'tho stand ho did in
tho Krziiz ciiKO. Tins Hounds so. wonderfully nice and simple that wo'
w.ould certainly,roeomnii.ml tho Crow's Nest I'iihh Coal Company to
nny bum lawyer, as ho will only have to "follow tholr instructions!"
We uro beginning to understand tho oi!U|Uoted expression--" An orna*
intinit lo llio legal profonnion."
In order that the Inspection of Factories Act should*be carried out-it
was found necessary for the Trades}' arid Labor Council, to draw the attention of the Government to infringements of the act? ' The government evidently cannot guarantee that its laws will be carried out.
The workers ha veto be continually, .watching them;    ','■
Remember this, that all'labor legislation enacted in.this Province
has-been fought for by organized labor and their representatives in
the House,, The Conservative, Governm'ept has GIVEN nothing but
what the workers have been able-to force from them contrary to the'
desire of the capitalists of this'pari; of tho country. The Attorney-
General emphatically admitted that such was the caso when speaking
here on Tuesday night. " Ay
■ SAN , ANTONIO,  March  18.—Fourteen men were killed, by an explosion
of a locomotive boiler In the Southern
Pacific roundhouse here today.   -
Many more were Injured. - ,
Most of the dead and injured were
strikebreakers, who took the .places of
Southern Pacific men who went - "on
strike here several months ago."  ,
- So fearfully mangled ""are several of
the bodies that it is thought they never will be fully identified.
W. J.' Bowser has been credited with boing'the "brains" of the Con-,
sorvatiyo Goycrnmcnt'of this Provinco, and bf the Socialists he Hays:
. 7'Tho.Social.Bts aro well posted.on public affairs, and have the
courage'of thoir,convictions.'•'- ■■
Reforring to this particular campaign, he says:
"The only people who make it at all interesting are the Socialists,
Tf it woro "not for them it would bo a walk-over."
Socialism will bronl. up the homo. Thnt. iH tho cry, Thnt is not
tho aim of Socialism. Socialism aims at esiablislmg homos. Tlio
M-Mlro'il Which,*, recently dooliircil that hpvoij IhoiiNiiml innmod wo*
tiiou' of MontraiHoil llio night or dny through for the wives of oilier
in'ejj.' 'They liiivu.iio Mum to lm with Ihoir ohihlron or to care for them.
'I'luil is what <'iipil.ili.mi doos. It brPiiks up the homo, Every timo
you'vole for cillier Mntlridn ordtoHH or llonlmi you are voting for do*
•solatoil homes nnd general hnll.—CoUoii'k.
c*** ^i-'rPTfc'mMT^ mtdvi,^ t« •
Vm.yfh'p miIik-v:' vpto .....eil n'\ O.p
result of a mu ovjiloRlon In tho shaft
of rs fori! U)!i.<- at I'/ovkB, provlnro of
HhthIov, toduv, Tlio emmo of tl\o «>;•
n*!n«ilnit l« not -known, Tlio nilnp \n
owuc'l by n HuhmIuu compuny.
Premier McBride lins formally announced what has boon gonorally
known for the pnst fow weoks, that tho government would immediately appeal to tho country for re-olection upon a new railway policy.
Briefly, it moans Hint tho govornmont will furnish the monoy, to build
tho roads, the workers will do tho work for thoir bnro keep and live in
camps unfit for human habitation, and when completed Bill and Dan
will own thorn. Profits for the business mon, land speculation for
the real estate sharks, work for lho workors, and a bountiful legacy for
the future coupon clippers. What more should the workers want--
Work? Tho development of "our" resources comes high, but wo
must have it.~R.-P. P., in Winnipeg Voice,
7 CLEVELAND, March 19.—Whether
minous fields at,the expiration of the
present contracts on, March 1, will be
known, it was said today, by the end
of,.the first,session of the conference
of operators and , miners of. .western
Pennsylvania. Ohio, Indiana and Illlno-*
is heraitomorrbw. ..',''*
-.Three" hundred and six thousand bituminous miners ln the United States
and Canada will abide rb'y the result
of the conference. . If a strike Is called
nearly 500,000 men will quit work on
April' 1, wlien it ls predicted the anthracite miners also' will 'walk out.
Briefly stated, tho situation is.'this:
Tho operators demand a wage decrease. - A--
The-mlners demand a wage increase.
The beBt cither party hopes for ls a
ItepresentatlovB ' of ,tho operators,
eight from each of the four states, will
meot here today ih preliminary conference, „ If the agrement Is not ret
nowod work will stop automatically
April 1, but any action ot tho minors
representatives must be favored ln a
referendum voto by the miners beforo
lt becomes legal. "   .
Suaponulon Now Sure .
CHICAGO, ' March _ 0.—Announcement wns mndo from the Illinois coal
opornlorB1 organization today that- It,
would bo* prnctlcnlly impossible for
llio minors nnd op'oratprs" In the bituminous fields to roncii a now ng'roe*
mont by "AprlT'l, nnd that a suspension
on that, date wns certain," ■ '.
IIIOH..IN, Mure.. 10.—Ah tm Indication of wlint mny linppnn wlion tho
Horlnllntn become llio dominant pnlltl*
cnl power In (lormnny nnd n foretaste for Kniporor Wllllnm of whnt lie
may nxpoct from tho "Hcils," tho 8o«
clnllstH In tho dlot of Aliuca-I.oralno
hnvo ftt.wk from thn civil lint In tho
Itmlfjot ".an.ono nmmnlly pnld by tho
prnvuiP-t io uio Kinkier, iticy nnv«
nlMo taken from tho governor of tlio
province $2l.."_no of tlio »".0,000 "roprc-
Hontntton fund' of tho exonutlvo nnd
lho "Hpci'ot fund" of the political pollco
tnr lorrrt h.». vfr*p. TIip SoPlftll.ifi.
nsk thnt tho umountu thus saved shnll
li" tircil (n fncronnlnc tho flnlnrlcrf or
iiiiflorpiild siiuil) officials ami employ-
ci In tbo Rtntn service.
An onormous ilifforoneo in watres paid undor uovernincnt ownt'i'-
ship and private ownership plants in tho shipbuilding industry is
shown in lho coiiniih bureau ad vnnco shools eovoVinn tho year 100!).
which shows Hint lho government nt its own worlds expended in salaries and wjigos during that year, if 15,317,000, dislribuiod to 10,-128 employes. This produces an avorago payment per year to oaoh omployo
of npproximnlcly W^O. The- report doc. not omploy the snmo mo-
thod n dealing with privnto shihulldlng oompnnies, but a comparison
can bo arrived nt hy doing a little figuring. The employes in the
private pi mil, including all who draw salary or wages, as in the abovo
comparison receive nn average yearly amount of iftSl,1.. Tn tho private
plants $13,080,000 was the total sum distributed.    Tho differonc.n in
... » SJ .
. ll.
Lit     i...
,>ii..,,.K... .....fi.uj ,. .,1 ^ .J.J |/lj  jf.,il, jicl   U4lipH/,»C,
A Vole for Davidson is the "Intelligent Way"
<'...j-/.y..'m*.j 'is _.....!.. l.,r i)u: I.J)3nv...3.u- 7_(..'.."j.;r ,ii». in pi>,hi.hl> faidy
nceunilc, us investigations at the plants of the United States Steel
Corporation, Schwab's Bethlehem Works and oilier places have re-
vealod conditions of labor that were almost beyond boliof.    Still thou-
...i.wlr.    nf   ,l.f.   "fnoo"   l.ilin.i^i.,.    *.i    *1.r    .,..*...   I        .  1 I I 11
ninst government ownership for fear thoy would beermio "enslaved"
if they hnd to take more monoy for their wngos,
The following caustic comment from the Edmonton Capital shows
that tho calibre of the dominant political party in Tt. 0. is correctly
gunged on tho cnnlcrn side of lho Hoclcios:
"The McBride gov..ruM.:ul bus udoptcd u lnw tit permit women
lawyers to prnctine in the const province. Seeing thnt Dick McBrido
hns about Ihe!%.». agqrcgaijon of offcniiiiat<*s ffilhiwintf him in tho
House, it is quite reasonable to suppose, that the interpretation of tho
laws they mnhe wmld be nn ™«y chore for the women who will make
a Rtti..j"of them."
An InvoBtlgntlon lias shown thnt the
Blcol trust controls olnlity por cont of
tlio stool Industry nnd thnt tho not
profits for tlio pnnt nlno, years hnvo
ronchod tho enormous Bum of moro
thnn $1,000,000,000. << The invoatlRn*
tlon 1 lite vi Iho hIiowm that J. P. Morunn
rocolvod $70,000,000 for Mb worl. In
Iho roorRnnlzntlon of lho Bteol triiBt,
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House Furniture and Hardware
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investor with a cortainty of good results. Lots,
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yv -.,, , ,, j	
- -j-rX ;.xX]
7. $2.50 per,day"
'.•A' -;
World DeclaresWorkers AreBeimr
y • -'.A-  A-*UA    •-••',-     * "A-"'-A Ay .'..-,        .    /-,-.-..*■ P'"
;A^!""/ Driven to^JVew Belief
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Every; purchaser of $10 receives
_. 7 - *    '»' '■ ;7' ',   •' -'7 . ■-.'
A* Bath Rug Free
no jreaosn-why. the American workman
shoulc. become'-a-Socialist;-the New"
■York World "has, now begun to show
how the terrible.industrial conditions
are driving the7worker to Socialism.
Sunday    the _. WorldA, published1-, -the',
third,of its articles on.conditions   in
the steel' districts. ^ The ^article * was
headed -■ "Conditions- inysteel Town
Make'-Wb'rkmen • Turn to* Socialism,"
and J*described, things as they,"are?:in
SteeTTown, the industriaAtown of the
Pennsylvanian.Steel Company, adjoining* Harrisburg,'   Pa.     In . part the
World's'article was* aa follows:"
'  Steelton, by the Susquehanna River
at the lower end of HarrJsWg, is the
Pennsyvlania Steel Company; nothing
else la there" worth mentioning besides
the steel plant -and ?one or two hlg
cigar factories to use the cheap labor
of steel workers^ wives "and children.
The town's 14,000 "inhabitants en]oy
all of the advantages and disadvantages 'of benevolent corporate paternalism. > -The town government is the
steef company," and--the-steel company
is"' the' Pennsylvania Railroad," so wc
should^ find-7the' .best that "corporate
"brainpower; arid'   corporate , money
power have been able to create in an
American industrial community.   •'
- Another consideration, makes' Steel-
ton'especially.well worth Investigating:   It Is still a, community of Ameri-
canl.worklngmen./-* The Pennsylvania
S,teel.Company employs an,unusually
large proportion of skilled , labor—and
skilledlabor "still means,; generally,' in
the steel industry, Amerlcan-forn lai  c
bor....".     '-'   - ,-' .* . A^;A-"'->-
...When running at full capacity the"
company employs here in round niim-
^bers 8,000 men of whom,approximately 5,000 are American-born and 3,000
foreigners. ^ This is .Just the reverse
of the propffrtions in the American
iron and "steel industry as'.awhole. ,'■--
So here,-'if .in any steel"■ and- iron
producing, community In the' United
States,' wo would- find the "American
standard, of living, foff- the' .American
workingman."""'      .. .-; j-*i"'  ? y '.'" v
"<- ■"Gets about'.$15'a Week!. " ; "
Fifteen dollars a'week,is more.than
a liberal estimate 7 of the average income of; the-skilled steel wprkeAand."
head.of "an.American family' in Steel-'
, JUst received.'  a„ shipment   of
ED|80N fJPHONO(3RA*PH8- and '■
7 , Hundreds of latest  Records;
...Violins,    Gi.lt aro,    Accordeons,
Slieot Music, etc!, eto.
.    ?  , PAYMENT   PLAN, ,
New Michel,   -y
™}l-y—~~^ ■ ' -, ■. - - ~ ~^*l . \-
"" Skilled v workmen .im - the. machine
shops' receive 20 to" 30 cents'per 'hour,
plus a possible premium for efficiency.
Four dollars'a, day is the ,wage of the
exceptionar'^man; .'three "dollars'is
above .tho average, even' "when the
plan Vis .running at capacity. > " For .a
long time' work has bfcen slacj.;. many"
,iqen.are not making more".than .half
time'; r8hbprnen are working oight
hours instead F of .ten; ,others four to
five instend of six 'days a week," '' y
, .In ono of the "company houses" visi-
'ted by'the World-'correspondent lives
a skilled "mechanic,*"- HuBbantl .and
w!fo-'are;bf- English-Scotch-Irlsh' des
cent; and their fathers and-gran'&fa'tb-.
ers'havre been American farmers.. The
man. works nine hours a day/sixd-t^s
aT^.for. 22. cents an hour?'making
his -^present earning capacity $l?9S"a
,day,*approximately.$52 amontl), $624a
year, ■ *, s       ,-' ,   *   ■/   ~.;-y\
7. The husband-walked in-then.froto
work, black-, withj dirt, arid plainly
tired. .       .   <       n       "..'-'
"^'There's scarcely a meaf when" I
wouldn't eat more if we could' afford
it." he said.    , '*■'■*'    A
„ Made Him Socialist* -y'7-
"Now, I'm. a Socialist'; the. steel
mills have made me one? ' I..wasn't
thinking about Socialism or'vory much,
about politics, except to vote for the
high tariff I knew the company
wanted, until I began to be pinched by
hunger.' ■ Then's when a.man begins
to think. Our organization is growing all the tiriae..,-We meet weekly
and have about 100 members. Here's
a ticket for an-entertainment tonight,
glad tovhave you come." The wife
laughed.     \-    '' S  •       A '"' "
"He almost bores me to death with
his, Socialism arid his" reading,'/ she
added." ■ "Butlt's just such conditions
as these that are making converts.
Sly father's a- Democrat and my
brothers • a Republican?- No," "they
don't send us,anything toeat from the
farm. They 'think because we "are in
the steel mills we ought to'be rolling
in* wealth?; and' savtftg- money?- . Bob
sends -'em., his", Socialist papers"?'but
they're tbo comfortablf"to care to be,
anything but * Democrats and * Republicans!" ■*■     A. ;"A    '   ■      "' ""■
Here again'there was surprising absence, of bitterness and"* apparently n<j
dissatisafction* ,with " the employer.
Conditions were accepted-as the inevitable.' ; To the wife,' worn thin by
work and * worry, -.a , "chicken farm
seems to be the possible solution of
their family problem'.; *To' the ' husband,, enthusiastic, propagandist, ' Socialism is the star of.hope. •        ° ,'.
"When the workers wake up, and
vote to own the*1 machinery of-production, then and not till "then can "we*.got
relief/yhe said; smiling'through his
mask of soot. ' "'" ' -/"'. % „
World's Editorial Comments
In commenting editorially1 on" con-*
dltions in-Steelton;. the>World said: -
"shocking conditions' of-life and-labdr
ajnong* steel workers in South Bethle-
heri_,7the World today describes an
American steel ,town. ■ •'' ■ 7 ■
/"One pathetic toucti'-Tfot" noted at
South.Bethlehem 'is..'the longing' of
these vboys and-girls, from" the fat
Pennsylvania'farm's to'go back,, to be
at home again in easier conditions bf
worlc.T-witirpork and corn* in plenty
andAmilk for the children—really
mj,lk"enough. It "is no paradise'which
the" giant steel Industry has created on
American soil for "refuge. from the
'hard >nd ill-requited' 'labor ' of - .,'tho
farm.'" ?     - *'*.'•.
ed iritthe. barracks to use' the "rifle and
the ^cannon. He knows, that he can-
•notywith-Impunity, \,ut arms into the
•hands of a people; e^en'-thbugh peace-
ful,y\vho have "given proof, of their
bravery" on a hundred fields, bf battle,
and -'--who have in their; past,".-perhaps,
..k?"greatest revolution „ ofX.'modern
timea—the Protestant reformation: J
" -.'IThe electoral triumphs- of the So?
„cialists is not alone a-victory for German liberty; it is a.victory for international peace.     ~   ' -A..?"
_ "Do we in France know, enough to
draw from the victory of our friends
in Germany the lesson of organization,
of. method, of discipline,.of "harmony
that "we need?
-.'•We certainly have need'to attend
thek* school for a little'while. ' They
have attained to a cordiai'understind-
ing, between the Socialisf party and
the unions; they.have created within
the bosom of the' German' working"*
class two formidable organizations,
one political,-thb other economical,'
marching forward in harmony, hand in
hand, giving to the,German people
faith in themselves and. that, enthusiasm which moves mountains.
"We, on'the contrary,- whose political life is further advanced than that
of'the Germans, we have,1 by means
of our internal dissensions, our sterile
discussions of personalities, developed
a party on the one hand and a general
federation of labor on the other, equally stagnant, ■ with equally' ridiculous
inefficiency, treasuries.without money,'
journals without readers? arid have engendered demoralization, ^skepticism"
and'.disgust.-      ',        "'"*■- \    .   •
"In*truth, I begin to ask myself if,
with our great phrases of insurrection,
direct action, sabotage, 'arid 'chasing
the" foxes," ,we are not,'after all,' from
a" revolutionary points view but little
children beside the. Socialist voters of
Germany." ; .."" ■'       -    ;u;     .'
FOUR  DEAD;  60 INJURED,   "'   '   '
. - v~       " a
"-, * "^        ~ -
Limited Train  Hits^Broken Rail, and
Coaches Tumble Into a Creek
~7     In.Illinois ' A '    .
The Boston Common (Ind.)'Nov. _8.
—Columns; are being written to prove
that the great'* recent,\ gain in the Socialist yojte—the", upstanding fact in the
late-election—doesn't mean Socialism.
All agree, however, that ,it means discontent^, .widespread, "profound; growing disTconterit.'*- One fact should be
remembered. .' The -Socialists have a
program. '•>>, Agree with it'or not, you
have to face it, forin politicsyou cannot beat something with nothing.^No
longer, can tfiis - dis"cori'tent be pboh
poohed. --it may' be" guided. But
Standpatters cannot- guide it.,- The
discontent^ because-'of their'guidance.
Middle-of-the-road moderates like President Taft "aren't"1 guiding' it—it is
thrusting them aside. The more radical-Progressives want to guide it,
but haven't agreed very far upon a
program. That is what' they* will have
to do soon if it is not to get beyond
their, reach.--also     If the wise
men who reject the ultlmates of Socialism wish-to avert them,'it is high
time for them to begin to point out
better paths.    If not Socialism,'what?
DANVILLE,"*. Ills., "March S.—Four
persons were killed and nearly three
score injured as the result of the derailment" of'" they Continental .limited
train westbound on the^Wabash railway
at Redwood bridge, two miles" west of,
West Lebanon/* Ind.'- All the cars'left
the rails, and some ..of _them turned
over. ,.A broken'rail is'said to have
caused the*accident. A • "
Two,of- the. cars are?said-*to have"
rolled, partly-'into.-a'creekythe derailment taking-plaoe^fthe'end of a
bridge.       .' .    -:--''.'
Several of the injured may die, and
it is said that several .other's may be
—_.^—..1—tu,e^ w r«vii.a,{je.*;—~ ~
''rf"*OA-j. n>ii.lii{{ I'luhtH nf tlio Dnmln*
• Inn, lit Miuittoba. HnAUatoliowan and
di ■■'  '       	
Jtlu ...         	
|Mo louuoJ  tor 11 .torin  ol'  twdiiiy.ono
lAlbortu, tlio Yul(i)ii T
l\Voii'rjloiTi"torioV ...  .	
.lo.ri'ov'.iico of liiltluli Ooliimliliv, nmy
,-tory, tlm Noitli
In a iioi'tlon of
iyoiu'M at un nnnuul tuntiU of $1 an noro,
INor "■-- """" '    ■
t mora tlntii D.GUO auruu wll ba loanod
to onu ii|i|il16iiiu,
, Appllautlnn for a loimp mimt bo mndo
by, tlio apiillcunt In pomot. to tlio
i\ufl\\l or Huh-AKcnt of tliu illntr!ot In
.wliloli tlio i'IkIiib npt'liod for nro nltimt-
.In survoyci. territory tho land must bo
uoHovlliod by hdui.Ioiih, or IokiiI biiIi-iIIvI-
(iIoiih of HcotloiiH, nnd In unflurvoynd.
.torrltory lho Iran, applied for nnnll bo
Htnk-Kl out by tlm" nppllnnnl lilnianlf,
. JO110I1 apllcatlon niiiHl ho aooompanlod
,.iy n foo of ".IS whloh will ho rnfumiod If
tho riithts appllud for aro not nvallnlilo,
but not otborwlRo.    A royalty eliull ho
11      j. ,1     ...       1    1    _.i
.    V.     IK,
Imlno at tho rnto of flvo oont* por ton,
T.j_* _'(-_■.■_> I'j'uulJjji. Uiu ),i)iiv *1m)I
furnlnh tho Affrtnt with Hworn'rolurnH
uccountlnf. fur (ho full iiuantlty of mor-
ohnntahlo coal mlnod an dp ay lho roy.
laity, ihorcon. If the ,coal inlnlni.
rlffhtr. nro not bolnn; oporntod, nuofi
ro.nrnn. nhould bo fvirnlahod at least
bnpo a yonr.    . ,1
1     T»in Ir.nno M.111  In^lnrlf.  \1.r- «r.fl*l ..I.I.J
I'lff-itii only, but tho Ibwoo may he pnr"
imlttod to purohnno wbutovor avallablo
li-urfnco rlRhti may bo oonildorcd no-'
l_f .nary for thn worltlnff of tho mine
fat thn rnto of 110.00 nn aero. , \<
1 For 'full Information appllcatlna
bhould bo mndo to tbo floorotary nf tbo
iDopnrtrrloiit of tbo Tntnrlor, Ottawa, or
mo any AroiU or Huh-Airont of Domln-
|lon l.nntl»,«.    .
i,        W. W. Cory,
Doputy Mlnlit»p of tbe Interior.
W,n--TTnniith'*rli*<,.(1 puMli-fttfon of thin
iKlv<>rtlft«m«nt will nol be pt_M for.
.et a Ledger Ad, work for You
By Gustav IIoj'vo—Translated by A,
A'1""" M. Simons.' ■* *
"?Tljo following'is tho'loadinf? article
b'y GiiBtavo'lIorvo In tho current numbor of .his pnpor, Lri Guorro Socinlo.
Norvo'lfi tho most promlnont direct ne-
UonlBt'' hnd ^ syndicalist In, tho world.
Somot'nio wo lie was. aontoncod io
two yours .-lmprlsonmonl for his nntl-
-iillllnry activity, While In prison ho
cor.^inued to oiljt nln papor and hnn
I slnco boon' Bontonoort- to nlno.'mora
yours for • urtlnleu wrltton whllo In
prison. Ilo was at 0110 tlmo a rooin-
'ber of tho contrnl conimlltoo of llio
Pronoli SoulnllHt Party, but, finally ro*
Rlgnoil bocaiiHo, ns ho snld, lio fcJt
thut IiIh nilvocuoy of dlroot notion, wns
InJiirlnB lho pnrty. In vlow of ihoBO
facts IiIh commont on tlio Gorman olon*
tlon Ih moflt «l_.n|ftcni.t.-
'.'Wlillo wo may ponsldop lho voto ns
of only secondary Importance as 0
revolutionary weapon wo ran not deny
tlio Importance of four million and a
q'u'nrtor'ot BUff.nRos, ■■     ,.:
"Without Rlvliii* offotmo to-any o'nri,
It Booms to.ino that oven1 If I-woro
an nnll-votor. (11 mania with' which I
havo novor boon* talntod) I,still could
not roprcBB a certain Jubilation whon
I uco tho magnificent »lap In tlio fneo
that the Gorman SoolallBts hnvo ad-
nilnlsf^vorl  tn tb/*' Tfnlnn-. • •.*••! fn t|i<-
unltort Protestant and Catholic clericals, '
"I havo formerly Joorod at the Ger*
mnn Socialists somewhat. I bollovo
that I ovgn said onco to Its faco—to
bo sure it was onlv for th« purpoin nf
«piirrln« ll on—thnt It wnt. only a ma-
chlno gntherlns votes and duos,
"When last summer our Gormnn
comrades mndo tholr splendid mani
foslatlon RRAlmt war, and,when, In
Franco, wo had fliown so little of brilliancy—then It was that 1 recoRnlr'od
that this formidable machine for tho
gathering of voles'* rind dues might
trimsfcrm itsolf, if the Kazlor became
too brutal, into,a formidable niachlno
with which to smash him and his sup-
porters. Then, I bognn to wish that
wo had such a mnchlno Iri Franco.
"And I wished this all tho moro
whon I camo to seo that tho Socialisto
wero moving further nnd further from
dogmatic doctrinarian. Into actual life.
"Now that tho German So-lrtlluts
havo turned from mothphyslc to prac"
th'iiltiiotloB it Ib tlmo to quit smiling,
my omporor. •
"Do you know of what this continuous, IrreslBtlblo march reminds'mo?,
"It rocnllB to mo the great envelop-
lng movement of tho army of the royal
I'rlnco of I'i'iiBSia In Augiiflt, _f*70,
agalDBt tho unforlnnato army of Napoleon in., nnd tbfl forced marches which
ended nt Bodnn.
"llut IKIb tlmo U Is not Iho nrmy
of Nnpoluon III. that Ih. holm* surroiiud.
cd and bcBlogod. It is that of KnlKor
Wllholm, Tho .Cnlholln <centro still
rofllBlH llko thn mfnnlry of mnrlnca nt
Ilns-ollloH. Hut thlB contro, rooolllng
upon ItHolf, iri losing hold, nmi ono
fools that Its resistance will booh have
an ond.
"Tho hoavy hntlnllons ot tlio'flot'lnl-
iBtB mhrch mothodlcnlly forwanl, mak-
Inp* nn rnlfitnlfon   ^r, fnlnn ^.f-r*.-.*,  •*' -
but oocupylnf. nnn by nno thn .'Itlop,
Invofltlng ono by>one the villages.
"A now Imporlnl Sodan h impending
wIiobo oud will bo a now ropnbllc—
tno Gorman republic.
"The Kn-slor knnwR tbl«
knows that any Euroixian waff, no
mTRiter whnt might bo Its result, ml«ht
oanlly preolpltato tho catnstropho, Ho
known that he cannot, wllh Impunity
put arms Into tho hnmln of a military
people which If ns this superiority, from
\ 11
TT/>  .,..,.*
what'the old country
Finally, let; me repeat "that the average working man does not'care* one
rap abqut pension bills, or labor' exchanges' or insurance bills; that' ho
will, as a matter of fact, bitterly resent tho fourpence toll when the in
surnnco* bill is, .passed, but tliat he
does want"higher,.wages and that ho
ins  rdano.tilbzbb / * - ,'
is determined to get higher wages it
is not the least bit of uso telling him
with his seventeen shillings,, a week
•that tho shareholders»cannot afford
to give hlm-itwenty.fivcr
,Wo have taught" men to'desire a
fuller and a mora satisfactory life
thnn tholr;* fathers had nnd when a
•whole class roully desires • a thing
thoy nre potty .'certain to got "it somehow or tlio othor,—London Express.
Thero nre sonio. things that can bo
done through absent traitmont, but
tlio devils of social and economic injustice can bo removed only by the
laying on oC hands. This mpans vigorous, delormlnod, personal effort. ,lf
you're croaclclng becauso "tho world's
Kolng to 'the bow-wows" — If you'ru
bluo bocausp you think vou'ro not
Kottlng a square deal—ask yourself
honestly If you are doing all that you
cnn to biivo tlio world,,from hell, nnd
If you ronlly''.losarvfl any moro thnn
you're getting.     ,-,
On genornl principles I any unhonl-
tallngly that l,ho workers nro not re-
colvlnir a Just shnro of the common'
product lu. our Indus!rlul llfo, nut
tlioro'ii mnny un Industrial worltmnn
whoxiioodfl ii"Jolt luHload of a Jolly,
He needs to wmllzo Hint unless ho
KotB Inlo thb giunn with u wholo-honrl
rmd h slroiiK will, ho doesn't ilosorvo
whnt nome other chnp Is (llgglng out
for Mm.
Yob—hy "tho laying on of hnnds"—
all hands losotlir.r-ihut's Uiu wny
tlio Job will bo done. Lot ovory work-
or who believer. In hlniHfilf and In tho
prosperity nnd wolMirlnr. of his group
slnnd rendy lo do his purl Iu tho fight
for our common huimiiilty.
T .-uYLi.'i
IIAT-IFAX. N. S.. Mnrr-h IS.—A men-
sure In now before the Iioiibc. of assembly Introduced by ono of tho mom-
l.,...,.    r....   ft,,. .1,. ..1  ... 1, ,,
 —•• -    »••..».•'»....,    ik.\i
Kmployors' I.lablllly Act.     It  Is  a
Blrlko breakers bill,    It provides that
•   -.    By Ernest Pratt, Toronto.    ,
Because we" produce-for profit,' we
have.war. ,
Because we produce for profit, we
have panics. ' .
Because we produce1 for profit*,
those that produce nothing live m
palaces while those-who produce tho
world's work live in hovels.
Because we produce for. profit, hundreds of thousands of working men
live almost on ,the verge of starvation,
in a land.wh'ere there is an abundance
for all. . ■      7" ■,. -_     .-.     ..
Because we ^ produce" for profit, we
have, strike's and lockouts, and'workmen have even been blacklisted.
Because we produce,for profit, in-
. junctions are used against union men
and they are throwh" in jail by the
thugs of the capitalists. ,.
Because-we produce for profit, the
m'ilitia and police 'are-'used „to protect scabs who take''union men's jobs.
Because we produce for profit ninety
seven "per cent of the Jaws enacted
by,the parliaments are enacted in the
interests of the', owning class, while
labor's petitions, with rare exception,
are" ignored arid1 trampled upon. ?'
. Because we produce, fqr. profit, the
courts, are 'lined ;.up against organized
iabor-to^imprlson'' or "'EangTtfieiAof?
ficials.     .,;*.'--_"    ',,
Because we produce-for'profit .we
have thousands of-'unnecessary accidents every year'in factory,'.mine and
railroads. ' \ *, ' * ■"
, Because^ we* produce1 for profit,, we
havo swindling and*forgery, cheap and
injurious competition,-'s'uicidoyprema-
ture death and degeneracy.
Because we produce' for profit, tfiou-
snnds pf young; men live single nil
their lives.becaiies thoy cannot provide for a'wife and family on the
wnges thoy'receive.
Bocauso \ye produco for profit, wo
have slums whero vice and crime aro
fostered nnd "matured;*" thus our* prisons nre 'filled to overflowing.
Because wo produce for profit, we
llvo In a land, of master nnd slave,
whoro nn nrrriy of unemployed is constantly growing largor.
MAJ-CHHSTHlt, I.ng. —Lord Ifnin-
ilton, tho great anll-Sodnllsl, In test",
tying boforo tho rallwny commission,
Bald that the ron son the Socialists
had control of the unions was "be-
canso mnny of thoso Socialists nro
vory cunning follows ni.d hnvo cohbIiI-
ornbly moro brains thnn their fellows."
, When naked why ho opposed them
ho snld thoy wero wasteful nnd unfit.
Whon askod how ho rnponellos thnt
Rlnlementwllh the slnlemont thnt the
Soclnllflt had superior bruins to their
folio.vh ho'snld: "What T mono Is that
llioy are a ""moiuifo lo mo and
Blinroholillng cIubb."
"Yen moan thai only iion-HonlnllsIs
should rontrol the niilonn," ho-wiiH
"Yes." ho ntiBwoiod,
"That Ir to flny,,th.tl tho \pm able
nhould control thono whom you admit
nro men of mi]) ori or brain powor?" he
wns nuked, nnd ho refused to answer,
niiponllnir to lho chiilrmnu.
(13d.—No doubt tho noblo lord's
hrnln power gave out-nt this "polnl,"
Wo run Imnglno him oppoHln*. nny-j
thing thnt ronfllfto.i with the InteroBlB
of tho "shnreholdors" (widows nnd,
orphans, Impeeimlmis curates, etc.)
not lo moil Ion IiIb own pnrtlculnr "In-
InlPMBlH." Why ovon the "lion."
Illrly would doi-llno riipIi
ns thnt.)
n   nuovv
- - *-
,   1
..Nowhere is the power of Ridgways
organization better $__own than; in the
production of a tea of such extraordinary quality at so" low a price.- Try a
package and see how superior it is in
Sealed in air-tight, dust-proof packages.
. /  50c per Pound..
Other Ridgways Specialties
"■HerMaj-stv's Blend*   $1.00 per lb.
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■Capital Household"       40c     "
May j\'d:o be Had in Town
"   ct Dest Shops.   „    m 9
r   »
• y. t*
, f
The, HOME OrgM
Talk It Over
t * ^
with Your, Banker
■'   ; Consult your banker about your financial af-
~ fZ0^^'   Y««r banlf will not dSslI- .
tfl°?, £'T ™ak-lng a Profitable investment be-
SS 'n^? ^usmess.of «*^ bank to lend money'
tr?ffl cePtable1ecul,1ty, and if what you intenJ
to invent iww good enough for the bant you Mill,
of course, be recommended to take it. - But if yo
^?Xw°TlnJ?80mefchill*that 1S nofc ^.acceptable security, then you "tie up'Wour resources
and deprive yourself of the credit U might oher-
wisebo extended to. you.. A •" "•-
J. F. MACDONALD, Manager.   ;;'?-?.7;    .'•
.-Branches and connections
throughout Canada
Fernie Branch.
Jeweiery Repairing a Specialty
■. '■EfigrUmng
>>     '   y*,   .y  •
,.r     High class selection of   *
Watches, Clocks and Novelties.
The Lady Sits and Sews
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l   i J'
Get a Water Motor Washer
and Be Happy
Insurance, Real Estate
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Money to Loan on first class,Business and Residential property
report that un cnonnoim miuibor wem
r»nrrf*»rl eff liv thn vfi*, "d.. . , ,
thnn 1,01)0 Arabs woro Ullloil nnd un-
othor 3,000 wounded, nccordln*- to tho
'■» Unco of.lc«rt. und 25 bol.
dlrr-i killed, ulillo tluiy nUo hnd Huvvn
otllcoiH nnd fill Boldlorfi woiiiiilod.
strike or lookout without lmvlnff Riven
iho revolutionary point ot vlow ovov' notico to such worhmoit ot tho oxltl*
tho Engllih iwoplo, that Jt waa train* I once of mictt Btrlko or lockout.
It nlmll ho IIIoriiI for nny oraployor,' Itnllnn n«w», which an.'H tlio'Ittillnnr
dlwctly or Indlrrctly, to bring nny
workmen Into Nova Scotia during a
'rocontly ntormoil nnd occ.plcd nn onwlB
In tho north, which wan ntroiiKly on-
A Vote for Davidson is a Vote for Yourself.
trouo_i<>d nnrl hold by n Iflrjro tnrrc nt
Th-^ .\rhl's hrarclj dutuutUiii ibt.f 1
ponlt|oiiH, hut w*!ro routed by tho Itnllnn* nt «ho point of the bnyonet. .
Ovor .00 ArabB' corpBoa woro Idft
on tho bi.u.c.lold nnd Italian of.kors
How's This?
r_«.,',i'",'.,-[,"... lJj""»f"l IM""' Il"»»"l t«r *ut
riunh nil"       ' <4n"<" ""',u""' l> "*"'*
r. _. ciirn'rv & co,, T«iwio, o,
W'p.   fli*  iin,|,.r>lfiip4,   f.H-ii    i^m.111.,    r      r
I mln T   Mr  tlm  )».(   ,5   1,._,»,  nUl\  |„ ||ttl>  riJ
L'lMW,,rfl. .r.'. " \1 «'"  '"*"""  «»«"l.«fclS
• ,. ,,i- II      ' C'"r*' '"" *"y ",lll"»"l,i11
SAT, HANK 01' ('..MMI..I.T,
TiIi-Uii,  IjUI.i.
IIbII'ji r»t»nh rtirr h )'l<-t fMi.n-.lt.   »n!n_-
•1H.-.II.   i.j«j,i l:if l..i.»| mi,] nm.,,1,. nuirtn-* »|
c.iit- i>. i..ui.,  k.u *,y >|| imnt-u.
T«ko JUII'k l.iull/ nil. lo: nyhtlH*H)m.
_    Dcetaivr.
m        .      _, COPVRIOHTB Act,
_.A_y.tP.'_,___._,,!_f * •*»■<:♦•»'"! «M«rtMifti> mtr
•nlrk 1* Mcoruin niir fi|.lr.l(iii fr__-wfiriMr in
Itlffiillnrt  .protir.*! fiijierilRb'*.  (Kmiii Itilnj
_. Mlj.WIHtl.lMlilf-a.    .|J,„„U„_„  .n.,  „.,.„
I'»i«nti\\\U>n thrnuvh iuim A IXI-Onl!
tt*_u aotlt*, wlihitu. oinr<«, in tiTo     """'
Vote for Davidson ■pifV^&TfoT.^'4^^^!~~Ma^i ————
' "';A'tfjy'yy'- 7-LIaIIaKl"* -?AAA7'fe*'^A Vr--^^^
--•*■*"-,•.■■'_ ;*._,_«'»vy*],^j?tiSv^*|^'7J5*AA'!^s''y^-.?_--7'?'"--y-x.".^yry?-'yyyy \ Ay^yy7-H-^yy^ '--Ay-yvA'- *--"'-,?.-?'.a**-?•-."-^.-A;"- -
[2ZyiS1^^4M^^Xry'XyyX^y 'XXy-Sf^Xyy"7:7 ''• ^>A?AA:A':A-'^A?7A.^A^-7A^-
pectst toK.wara-?_othe>B, and- make them
take "heed.-:, ;j ;: i-'^iA?." ' 7 7 -•*"* r"
• But /the,1 nexty morning. in - Chicago
more.,crime Had .been committed thau
before the hanging/;* -.     '""    -
" -.No ''- No. „-Yy.',.\ ^      ■ °
You-can't" make "criminals by a bad
environment and then make them good^
by hanging" them.* \ '        -. * '*
' Socialism proposes a clean, just, decent '■ environment where there
'shall AbaA\no V Big robber who
robs the toilers at the pay window and
who teaches the people how to be bad;
by -the use- of ..the -.drain shop,. the,
brothel,- the,gambling den, the yellow';
press,-'1   't- y .   '    A,- "'■:*
^Socialism proposes a clean, just.decent , environment in which it-will "be
"easy-to do right and hard to do wrong.*
" .Socialists do not believe that society
can'rid?" Itself of crime by killing the
criminals, but rather by doing, awny
with the conditions that produce criminals.     -■  - ,    .   -~S . 777
->"i> ;-"i '■■!•'
....     T.    w-*    _ *-s,   ** *        - M   J
fe -fK-b
''>.-. "«■
|| The product ofc
11       Grapes
i   No Alum
1L i me Pho s pha te
Ends, In the Coalfields of .Northern
,-'-■*■        ... Colorado,    ; N   ' *"
How Things Might
> ~       .   >    ' .'   ** i ' ,,    i*.
be Under Socialism,
■> Merchandising.—ThisJ,would,be conducted   by - society, - without   profit.
There would not need/to be-a law to.
'  prevent individuals from engaging in
■   the work, as"they could not do, so in
-competition^ with* goods  sold by'the
public at actual cost.     One distributing" houso or store would be alPthat
would be needed ih any small 'town? _"ng permanent improvement work for
juts as one post office -is' all that is
needed now, and the duplications of
_ stock, rent and' help would be at an
end, with  the-investment' and°waste
-; involved in them.    There would be no
,' need* of, advertising 'goods _?where the"
public owned them and was able -to*
- ..use, them', hence the "waste of advertis-
'ing and of drumming and canvassing
- would be saved   to    the people.   . We
—-.don't ~' advertise *, stamps."    Not'   only
would there "be an elimination 'of the
middleman under.. Socialism? but
there would also be an "elimination of
the jobber, the wholesaler and nine-
tenths bf the retaiires, and all would
be just-that much saved.   ...Those-let
•out ,of- retailing, advertising .and
other lines by the chtvl-gcr jwould be
able to find places in productive industry if nowhere else, In 'cultivating
the millions of- acres., of land that
would be opened to them when ^specu-
, lation in the land under private monopoly, both small and great, was ell?
mlnated by uso ownership. ,.
Schools.—Tho public schools are socialized now. Thoy would under Socialism be conducted practically ns,
now. But as Socialism would "end
poverty, It would bo posslblo for nil
chlldron to bo highly-educated then,
and,, as people became more enlightened under' more favorable conditions;
methods of teaching would become
more practical, and effective, y This
is merely the logic of development -;
Roads.—"Dirt roads are, socialized at
present?    Socialism would merely sysf
tematize the work and through provid-'
such as were not otherwise employed
would build more permanent and. bet-??'
tor roads.   Rail and other roads would
be handled much in the same manner
as dirt roads are now.       -,      , „.   :
7 Churches—Churches would be*, sup*
ported by voluntary contributions0 of
such as wanted them, as,they- are now.-
But under Sociallsmfevery toiler would'
be able  to* support-and  enjoy'what
pleased' him," "and  consequently,' the
DENVER, Colo., March 12.—By,, an
agreement entered into between officials of Diatrlct'15, United Mine Work-'
ers of America'and officials of-,the
American Fuel Company, the strike
in . tiie^ Northern Colorado coalfields,
which has continued for nearly twd
years,1* Is/virtually - settled so far as
the'eight" mines of this company are
concerned;.-,-* _ A-*   •/
As a result about 300 men wll return to work in Louisville and Lafay-
,ette to-morrow,-and.nearly 10007men
will return to work-in the. northern
fields within ten days.L-'The.'agree-
ment wasdhe result' of 'concession's on
both sides.     ,.   , •„    ;•" " , ,-v-V,
A ---.       ,World-wide Strike    '.'.'■*
y NEW_ YORK, March--12.—A' worfd-
wide, strike of„coal miners ;is regarded^
by;the',coal trade'as more thnn-"a likelihood if.the negotiations of.the'anthracite' and bituminous .workers -,and
their employers" in-this country dq.not.
result in a settlement. '    .;, .
■i With more than, a million coal u_in-
ers, 0^ strike in Great Britain, and-
150,000'miners in. Germany voting to
quit; work , to force .higher wages, a
severe/shortage in coal in Euroi.e_.is
faced. -'Anthracite coal operators ar<a
drafting their reply to the hard,coal
workers?here for presentation to the
miners on Wednesday, while next
week at Cleveland the bituminous"
operators and their employees will
confer inan effort to bring about ari-
adjustment of conditions in these, coal
fields., Meanwhile coal is,being"load-1
ed' bn the Atlantic seaboard for Southern America and European points, us-
Paulirie  M.  Newman, trades Union
.•^'■"A* '   '   'OrganizerAA7"?
•A-,'-?;." *-*'-.-.-r*-?*..r;W":,. w  ,
.Say "what you will,; lo \vwages   are'
bound-to go hand?*i__^"____<J,*with white
slavery. Wages.. paid. td-„wbmen -v. ork-
ers,; and especially-to,:g,.rl_T in' department 'stores,. are7',NOT*'enough to live'
-   ;" -. ** • '"' -<J **!*,,<*."'* -"
or_s,decently.,.v s._,-.:"7,j_"""":!.'"•-'•
.- The-average..-wage^ paid to "a" girl, in
,a(paperbo_:-,factory,; sweatshop and'de-'
partment vsto're' .wilKrange^-from" $4 to
$5,. a., week."' .;*In?'cltiesnikeVChicago,
Newv York and -Boston?these, girls-must
pay *|1.50^a, week'for,, acroom... "Out of
the, remainder.-they .must bjiy. clothes-
and-food, pay„thelr;doctors'-bills, get
their amusements, .etc' ,-Clothes.are
expensive^^The'coat of living is high.
Work: is fiard! and' tlreBomo. -   Tho
hours are too long. - .The.work,is also
m6noto'ndusj.bec?auBe it, is;so arranged
today that.theVorker is.nothing more
than." a part, of .the machine.;. The de-,
sire for,nice-clothesjs there,.whether'
the -wage is HtUe,.or big. -   Tho yearning for,'something more-pleasing than
making, garments or a paper, box or
selling over a counter is,.within a;glrl
regardless ?of how much she- earns.
And *?the, everlasting question ■ arises,
What,is to be done? -, "•/ -   y..-  .■   ?
Many;of these.girls pick*up sufficient ^courage to-tell the-foreman-or
superintendent, that Jhey can't p'osulbly
get- along, on ,the wages they get,' and
they - hope he . will r give .them a frise,
Instead of, her, hope- coming true, * he
looks at her,(sizes her up.from.head to
foot, and' aBks',, with _ a., friendly.' smile",
"Why'don't you look.for a friend-on
the side?," A,   ,_   ;,,• _'? ."-.'- 7  A
If lyoiiv don't -believe .this,", gentje
reader,;go and try. a"job;in one'of the
big7department stqr-ea and' convince
yourself of* its triith.'      ;    ,A-'7.:7'
' Unfortunately' • for" the girl of' Wall
intelligence,1 this, .suggestion "works
of ten time's., cv She; doesnJt bother" the
foreman, again,-but thinks over'.what
'■'■*r$?rs7^%-^yyyi ■i..~v--'~ibyLi~_"•__*. •__.____.-t's^^__^':i^^^__;ti't*.'«^^-*-?
drink,arid are.'rrierfy'.'y-Music, dancing
and* wine are "all for Her?i Shells told
that he always- will. ";.,He,huys.her,__ew"'
and pretty; cib^ie's; artd.^lri; short,' sees
that her "'desires^ are fsa'ti'sfie'd; "A He
finally <'pOTSuUdes".__er,"*'nbt to^go back
the store'a'nd.work her life away." And
what is; the usefotrgoing'home?7l>Id
she not' haye*^noug_v of 'wretchedness,
misery, rpovekyandb-wbrfy'there?, Xnd
so the, §rffl,\intoxicated twithftW excitement '^»f'? the^' new? ;llfe;Aqiiits the
store arid leaves Mr-"hqme;to live with,
the "friend?'-' ?7;T_ienrfollows the tra-;
'. •y-.-v/A4-'-^ ': ,'-f7
"i."> :°<-r,f\t'.'- ''m;'.*> ". -' i'  .*   ,-!*> '"■I  ■■■■        ' -r-.*r.- ^.~  -<*"-'i'i-__*  ■H-*--'?--:'."v',Vi'',.*?--'
7?:? cAsiR "EDMUND WALKER,, CV.O.V UL.D., D.C.L_, f*&^:r??&$i&.
•?.*A; A^r y^, "-Alexander i_aird; gew«»ai:-tAMMB^y yyiyy7yyy
"EwrT KraiitJ. tiTie'Cahiaiiii BaakTbC Cbni_*?ce ta ^oij^tohwe *»£_•».
_.'.>_* A _*"__. B_______.%_ft____ *>- *- *_ . _    ••   ,-  T
friend.'.* ?7
gedy.'\ /- -,,-;
- Argentine RepohBe.Dauuufc,
,-.:' -Australia".-'-<    -.igfTF* ■,(•"-*'""-
,s   AuntrU-HuogW   fmthlaaia'
-Bdgiu-ft*  *,* ,1*       F_»V___I \:;t-
,. -__._._«-•'(-:•-  - y-.Vetmtm,   -•-
lf*' ■•-■
 ....        '-Jaw  • '. -
;_VchC«4___Ch-r«Ma»t* ' •'.
.-,Gtfnaar- * *. .... Ma^rk ,
"- Craaf Britab -1.J '.' MeM?;:
. SHOCftA  ,_
* SeUarn ;-?■(?
; South Abie...
^,      Spun '*""'** ,. -.
7- -fn sKitoS._tf-r_ii-ilr,;
' Pante
" PbSpfia* Maa__§ *■ Swcdetf ■, j
The^ouJit of ihta* '^i^at^J^i^aoij ^^«^^,WTS__^
able j^hat.b.UM»T,«re;d«w__ fa) f.tcrii«_ff, _***, ^^J^^^S_.^S^JSi
 „ ...9,U_ey»re^raw» In eteftoff,
tae^roiibli*; eto, aa th« olm _n__y K«.'-,:T-_i«;
-receive tho kctoal aaoabt -Btemled.'
" FERlilEl BR'aNICH'A • V-A>T';
tkat:UMt_w^ee? *broad-wJ!l
•-, t;
A..8. DACK, Manager..
church' would become the instrument
of the' toiler; as it cannot be today
when so many of the principal support-*
ers are mere exploiters of the toiler'"
and the toiler is so robbed he is unable
to contribute to anything."
'Woman"Suffrage.—Socialism Is" the
only movement that 'is ' consistently
for suffrage for? all -women-regardless
of whether .they'. have' property or
riot, and that has declared for the
"abolition of all laws that In any way
discriminate against women." By .ending the noedof woman and child labor
in the industries, it .would do more to
elevate womanhood and the home than
any movement the world has known.
Women are members of'tho party now,
are candidates ■ of the party everywhere, and women Socialists are almost as numerous as male Socialists.
There areiin'any glrla who do not go
into the business-,1l>e'cause;; of; getting
nice,,.clothes'.'* .'TheyAare,forced into
it because there.are'fa-nllles to support and-not';enou8h,sto support them
on—that Is,1'not"enough to'buy the ac*
tual necessities of Hfe.A Spine-of, us
•>*. ho have worked -, lri factorlesf. K.NO*"W
seen it with.',1 buAo^n'eyes. •;„ ,.,?',
-, I "nthe. year • 1907, the "statistics;-of
New.York showed'that more^thari^rJB
pi'i cent ,of,the,prostitutes,came from
the 'BlumrdlatrlotsA. "What,-"does;that.
iriean? *; ,WHOf-L_VE In the slum districts? -, The, working" class,t oft course.
LoV^.wages'patd' tp the father; low
wage's.paid-to'the gi'ri, ai_d:?TOAT. IS
Don't forget>>that..' J«7-.,  „•     .  ';--
:s' ^What 'is,to" be .'done.-.then?.,' GtVE
PRESBN,T,,DAY. NEEDS.,?. ^TiMake, her
,working and." living, conditions .human'
andAhere', will^.,little.o_\no' tempja.,
ijon - to' go out at, niight "for ?pieasure
or"to .look for a "friend." '_;  ?.?,-. .'--*-
'7Hbw.'t'o,^do..it?     Join '.the union?
Organize one, if there is riot" one yln
your trade, y Start,today77 Don'tValt-^
for" tomorrow—toinorrow.rinay never
.„.,., -. i..-.
■ ,nr >. ,^*.-^V
.:,JiV.'0)i'i' *-*_-W-'".'
he. has said to her?   L In- her ■ imagina-' .come!
-,.',i;^ ,,, Looking for Scabs * ..,:-,"
I 'FOTTSVILLE, Pa., Mar? 12.—Agents
who are said to represent British interests are travelling through tho sou-'
thorn anthracite section offering. big
wages to miners to accept employment
In i Canadian mines, the output, of
which is, to be sent to .England, where
a shortage of coal is expected fofhalf
a year after the^miners' strike Is "over.
tion ,she^sees.herself-Tvith one,-who
.would-really be a friend to her/-. She
isjtired-.'of cheap moving picture1 s?bdws
and^-would like- to' bo">taken' to'-'real
theatres, to nice restaurants and to
many^ attractive places.*' •' So'V"ne?;'d'e-"
cides??tq ""do what. other , girls.. haver
done.'and look for a-*','frie'n'd."7 lvIt,Js
easy enough to find brie, for'there are
thousands", of,., "friends,''^ wHpsev chief
businesB,it is to"pick;up,*these tlred-
ou't,^underpai'd wage slave's.'and'get
them*-into a' life of hell "by-giving
.The -.little shop girl's "frlerid'Lfakes.
good care^of her? He takes'her to,* a*
theatre'and after the theatre tb,",a
"swell" -place for supper." - .There"flhe
meets? many, men and women' who eat,
They Killed  Them
Dy J. O. Bontt.ll
It was on Friday "when they did It.
GhaBtly hendlinoB and horrible details
In' tho hideous capitalist newspapers
ehrlokod forth that five men were being hung. Ono was a negro, four wer«
Had thoso four mon commlttod a
crlnio?    Hnd thoy boon brutal?    Had
thoy wantonly murdorod an Innocont
.farmer? Had thoy chopped hla body
and crushed IiIb hones? Had they boon
doaf to hln pleadings nnd dead to his
t orloo for UIb wlfo and baby?
Cortalnly, all that.
Can no excuso ho offorod for tholr
unnponkablo Inhumanity?    Was thoro
no circumstances tli/t' might boar witness Iri tholr favor?
"■kii^j-i ■■■'"'
-   Hood Office
-capitai. pkii>'\jp::i..ttu^.ry.:y.f} 2,870,000
i.RWerve and Undivided Proflta..».y- .,3,500,000^
"A7ltK is'iio*? iri-UB^o^er.to.purcha's^ Jthat'the
;jgieatest'value of money iles\"Ab The"' feeling
^otliriSependerice, and of-BO?curlty "agalnstfthe
effects'of adverse"'fortune that" a'reierve*,fund
„gives-you,; is" infinitely^mpre satisfjin^.thari?
Ahe,"passing- gratification' which", you 'would;'
"obtain.byUpendirig.?it'.'.{'^A:,, jA.-., y Jf.' St
* - SmaiAamoulnt^A^ilcb^^ I    1
.'miss-^deposlted^gularl)^ b
:.'sureiy?.'accumuiateto'a/srim largejeifough to?|
f insure.against' the effects;^'business re'v'er-'? [
l"se"8 or loss.of employmerit.-"^'' " "; ) 7-7
,'--*; -'., .s -...!- -i , - r. _- ; ". --,.i>.y' •_=
'^ -   -    '.*,!- j."R« Sloan,-Agent.. ^ ,
PlwV'-m; si .v,--:-:.;*-.".
- Remember,that white.slavery-is-an
economic problem.., ..Yes, -a;.bread
and -butter, question, and 'the,.evil of
..white slavery, together'with, all .other
.eviisj.such-, as- chiid'; labor,, industrial-'
robbery',, .political' corruption, »• hypocrisy, wiH?exist 'iuBt-Aasf.'lpng"J.asl_<'a
system which produces,"""these.,.thingB
exists. >,., .„-.,_.',' v. -"< A'*" ? -f A" 7-.
?- •"The problem of white slavery, will he
solved, when /all * economic --problems'
are" solved". ' And '• mariy'otheraPvoh-_
iorii-.. may ,be*,solved-whe_i"|hev.work
tl'eir power "ori the, econoiriic 'as, well,
as, on the political*field.^ A;;,'y7'   '"
- intelligence and'organiza'tlo^ii are the
watchword! -'— The/Progre'ssive. -Wo
A j,; J    i_ -
.-.'t-i.., ynJr- ijrjrLi ..hi
-Capital Subscribed".'.
' Reserve'' Fund', V..'.A
'HEAD OFFICE,.TORONTO yy. y: yy:.y jl
"" "6,000,000 : Capital-.Paid*UpV..'.:'. .5,996,900,;:
■""5,996,900   i, Total'AsBeis"".': A'.'. vy '72,0001000 - *"
A ,.y D. R. WILKIE.-Preoicierit1,/.?. .HON., BOBT'J AFFRAY,' yice->retA
7 ',-, '   ■;.. .,/ .... BRANCHES"? IN.jQRlTi'sH 'CO^UMBIA*y _,'-^ • ,',' ;.
Arrowhead, -Cranbrook, Ferrilcr Golden, KamioopV-Mlchol,' Moyle,' Nelson;
;:."? "\ ;   ' '-r ,A'. :U RcvelBtoke", ?Van"couve"i'"_inl-! Victoria."'"  '' 7'-'"" lyj; .^
,",'"* ': XX'^Si •;A>";;?8Ay.i.NG8 dep'^bjment 7,ZS);<yy7y ?%''
. ■"Alf>terest-allowecI':orl.deposits it current ,rate;from, date of deposit.;' y
77FERNIE:BRANCH..-.vy.,,'A-y..  A*-. ! ,^B0- ,vB*.B!*Ki'-" Ma'.a^
P '.TU;-*
Agrood thon that tho crlnio commlttod by tho four slayers cnn ln no
way he oxcimod, What further can bo
Simply this; Thoso young mon
and boys have been brought up In an
environment that mado thorn brutes.
Thoy had soon and hoard all thut Ib
vllo and vulgar.   ,
Society, orgnnlzod and civilized.
ClirlfllJiuiIzcd tiodety, had thrust among thorn tha robber who holds up tbo
V.uri.«.r h( Uiu pay window anti luotB
h)u _,v.y t-__i't-..,•(._•, T.'l.i. _J.l('t'« Hit)
victim with tho lash of nectmilty till
bli body ii bent, his bone* broken, hla
llfo crushed ont. Tho robbpr Who
pounceis upon tb« llttlo girl and tb«
mwu  VA.J)   Aula   i-'_,.k*   .W.-C__«   k_.M>  <.U_> lu.!.!
that grlndi them Into dollarl, The
robbor who bus no icruples, no feirn,
no "-oniclonce. Tbs robber that la
protectc-d by l»w, goTornment, by, io*
cUty. .
This robbti**, .Im gruateat. of all rob-
b*ri, wbo ate_.li tha aweat and blood
of the toiforn. who bnitftllresunrj dc
hamanltoi ovory «oul upon whom bli
broatb folia, wm thruit by aoeUty. or
WMtlied, clvillied, ObHatlanlwa ao-
eloty, auons foor.HttU baboa who»«
__.ot-.t-r* levod, \h*m fctetnw. of tb*lr
*wtmfK nnft. boiJjfl**, th«jf; brf_jhf ."tp.nrW-
lng oyes nnd tholr gentlo baby coo*'
And this groat Robbor began to
broatho upon thoso bdblos. Ho breathed tho broath of tho dram shop, nnd
the broath of tho brothel nnd tho
broath of tho corrupt politician, and
the breath of tho gambling don, and
tho broath of follglous hypocrisy, and
tho breath of poisonous ignorance,
and tho breath of tho yellow press.
Tho bahos grow .and beoamo young
mon. Thoy hnd breathed tho ntmos*
phoro that society, environment had
supplied thorn with. Thoy took on
the forms of tho robber that socloty
hnd thrust among them, TJio robbor
thnt city goveriiniei't, that state gov*
ornmen., thnt national govornmont
supports, protects, encourages,
So those bunion when thoy became
mon, boennio brutnllzod, dehumnnltoi.
criminalized, just llko tlio big robbor
thnt robs tho tollor at tho pay window
and picks* his pocket with fingers of
tho drum shop, tho brothel, tho gambling den, tho yellow press.
Then thoy killed n mnn. Thoy killed a good honest farmer, TI\oy did
It in a brutal wny, tho snmo brutal
way ,that the big robbor kills tho man
in tho mlnos, tho womon in tho shops,
tho boya In tho mills, tho girl* In tho
(itctory, ,wUti Uio .lermiaiiioi- untt protection of tbo mayor, tho governor, tho
pr-Mldtnt. '    \
, Then tho Stato, tbo protector ot tho
big robbor who rohi tbo toiler, at tbo
pay -winnow, took tlie tour mon and
hanged them by tho.nock till tboy
wero dead.
Ono of them, a mere boy, waa, not
beBvyonpuitb to break bli seek by tbo
fall, ao ono of the atato'a servant! put
h..t arm aroimif ffio -fungtlng boy, an*t
pullod down ao aa to help in tho pro-
coos of fl-r_.n_.H_ie.
It'a u morry ataco.
Th* iuto first erlolntlttod tboso
nn.» and thon Wiled thon.
Tbat la tho noblo deed of tbo fliato.
Tbo ftlatu f«i*et» to tanUto tie ertnv*
by HrflHnf Itn oirn pr-jifocf.   ' It «r-
Moye City, to Safe Location Urges
• ',*'- CommlBBlon''   ■   ■>
LETHBRIDGE, Alta., March 11.-
Tho report of the royal commission appointed by tho federal government to
Investigate,Into tho stability of Turtle
mountain which has for years-boon
considered a menaco to the town, of
Prank, Alta., hns at Inst boon; publish-
and tho results aro far from reassuring to tbo citizens of the llttlo mountain colliery town.' _ fl y '
Tho report Is to the effect tliat 'con-
tlnuod mining operations InBldo Turtle
Mountain aro making moro and moro
Imminent the dnngor of a ropotttlon of
tho dlflnBtor which overtook tho town
of Prank* In 1903, whon practically the
wholo town waB wiped out by a land*
slide1 nnd bcovob porlsbdd,
In splto of tho commission's-find*
lngs tho pooplo of Frank hnvo not
bocomo unduly oxoltod, and on account
of tho pecuniary; loss entailed, It Is
oxpoctod that no ono will think ot
moving until tho Domlnlou authorities
stop tn and ordor that tho town ho
removed. An outstanding paragraph
of tho roport la aa follows:
Should Abandon Townsite
"Wimtovor tho report of this or other commlsBiona, Iho town cnn novor bo
an Important ono on Its prosont sito,
slnco thoro will always remain tho
droad of anothor cnlamltous slide' llko
that of 1003, lq splto of undoubted
Individual hardship caused by" tho
abandonment of tho prosont silo, tho
town on a now and safo alto might
prosper nn novor boforo. Tho town*
si to should ho nbnndonod,"
Tlio transference of tho C.P.R. track
from tho danger cono will bo nocosiary
Tho C.P.H, hns not as yot taken action
and tho chango of rob to li not dooldod.
. Hpjv .^bouti,watered .stocks?—Under Socialism, all Industry, .will-bo
owned by? the whole people. Consc-
quently thoro will be no stocks, and
bonds of, any. kind, and It none,'then
no ,watered;.rBtocks. . '   -...
, Is New Zealand a Socialist govorn-
ment?;,'No.\ It Is largely controlled
by union labor and has a great deul'
of government ownership, but It is a,
capitalist country.and Is only beginning to consldor real Socialism, >l
What will%be' tho salaries of govornmont officers' under'SoclallBm? That
will be for tho whole peoplo to^ay.
Cotton's"'Weekly Is riot running So-
olallBm," but' only eecklng to get full
powor1 Into tho hands of tho pooplo
themBolvoB.   - -
* , - *.
How does Socialism propono toltcop
power In tho hands of tho pooplo? "Dy
establishing both political nnd Indus
- * .   . .       ■".- -,.*->,i i   ■■.."'
all-power in-tbo hands ot the "wholo
i* r   <•   .!"^,* i'*"■   -ay.-y,.^ .^--,
people,, including ..power,; to keep^ the
power. - '■ .You, willnotice. .Socialism *ls
not morely-;a system tof. laws, "but- a
mothod. ;" '."iV-.,,•;- -* •
'■ tlow would, It 7bo under Soclnllsiri
where onb'iaririor had poor soil,.ind
another good soil? " Just as it Ib-under .similar. conditions. ■* But. under
Socialism If would be,posslblo to, farm
co-opbratlyoly, and lri doing that ollm*.
lnato tho unfair advantages that now
prevail, whllo at the same time giving
all tbo use of the'boBt machinery, ,
'If i* have"; a llttlo farm now .would
I have undoK Socialism to start "all
ovor again?, No., Undor Socialism
no ono would have to "start" .at all,
because tbo start would, bo provided
for all in tho,moans, of production
owned collootlvoly. Tho. "start" 14 duo
to ,a Bystom, which robs most pooplo
of most of* tholr llvos boforo thoy
_-s.^ j- n-^._
—XJone-uauuieu-^ i «ayui             ...
'. 1835 -' Wallace ''BfoB.'..Tea' or^Dinner; knives,'".^.OO -per half -doz.-.
, %'-Doz.'ubnly Dinner,-KnlveB, best.plate,- $175,. ''-:""vr.y*.'- "-.
%Doz. only Toronto-Silver Plate ;-,Tea;Kniv^B, i.2.26. ..    .-?.
.1847? Rogers'Bros.-DlnrierrKnives, $2.00 per halfr.doz..,,.-■   y,
' Rogers'-Best Plated ?Tablo Spoops at '46c,-' each.-  *' ?'v? \
•Wm.-Rclgers and, Son Table* Spoons. $1.75,,per .half .doz.. o ......
-1847 .Rogers' Bfos.'.'Table Spoons,'$2.75'. per halt'doz.-' ./'■
. 1847 -Rogers' BroBr.Dessert Spoons $2.50 per^bnlf,doz.;--<,—.,.
Tea .and .Dinner Forks,. best, plafo:;*$J.'76'perhnlf-doz.'    '.- -
:-Wm'.' Rogers'and; sbif Dinner Porks"$l.S0 J{.er. half-.doz:'"1 ry
' WmV.Rogers"and"Son AlTea Forks.J $1.75-.p^rr half ^doz. - -_.-.-,',
1A -vik.' Oi) UPHARDT^'JEWEI-ER;"
"* "*\"■'..•'"-. *. .»..»^_'- i-j.   ^'vr  >* y* *i*f«s^^<* -■ —^—— - —---
 I _; ,
•V1 " ■>'< '
■'-.•*-. i
trial doriiocracy—that Ib, by putting got a ehanco tb really llvo.—Cotton's
"  ■    ' '        ;     '"■  -    "-   •'  '"     '    ''• •' "'■    ■"■-'    ■*
'.(-.->'■ V   H   *<•!•/-'
•Cl/HENAWinds^ Aro;.NippV.hero,js-tKc,toilet.lptiqn
'■'AWf^ttiat tymfios. the" truo-perfectipn, of;all« tdilet 1
--.■;applications,,, ,\ ,*, •:.-_.:..._-,• y ,-.•.- **■   v* /. >■ y y'y -, -y
••-Swbet, 'dainty,, not greasy,.and"of extra special value in
A.the.caro'of the skin.. sX..  ,     7-'.y A  ?.*•.; A,;';
v.' After a walk "or an,lauto J ridol-BKKZO "AtMOND ']
1CKOWN cleanses the pores,, "res'tores tho oiroulaiidii;,;
removes alUof tho ill effects of tho wind. •. •;>.. •'■\ .   N - X.
.■ vNovor.. hoBitate'ori?feap-tb'go out,for. an .enjoyable ."conl
V stitutibnal"." or Vtalto liealtliful "oiitdoor exercisolio-
rdauso.BENZa.ALMOND- ORQWNiwilWwa^'taUo;]
? care.of you ovoii;if you have on oxtrbuiely delicate, or '
sensitive, skin,'   *   A(j A «A     *'.'','■'■;.
X *;     Ladies apprediate it. 25c a box at   ...   v
Bleasdell's Drug Store XX"'
_ k' I-       I _ . _      *   1    ___-_r*V'l ' **»'
v»cr_ •.,*,Tr,3 or
W .If. Donner, Pittsburgh, Pi, who
lately returned from tho Orient, nays
Chlne-H.B conl miners nro paid 7 'centr*
J.-    .     •_,.    ,»   «rt   » ,.     .Jfljl,.     t   .
rooolvoc hit food from bit employer,
but, this consists of about 1 conts'
•worth of rice and meal. Coal tt tbo
pit mouth In China, is to.d ,»t 15 conts
a ton. Tbo coal Is transported from
tho mine to tho rlvor or railroad by
coollei, » dlstanoo or a mllo, or, moro,
for wlileb thoy rt*r*tv« ono eotit for
carrying about _P0 pouds,
10,000 . Ralwaymon of Grand Trunk
Will Not Submit-to Rullno With-'
■out.a Strugglo
TORONTO, Maroh 11.—ConductorB,
brakosmon and baggagemen on "short
runs," or branch'linos on tho Grand
Trunk Railway havo boon notified that
increased rates of pay which became
effect I vo January 1, ot this yoar In accordance wltb tho award ot tho Ward
of conciliation and arbitration nftor
tho strlko of 1010, will ba roducod tittfr
April l, between 5 to 4S nor cont, Tho
announcement Is rocolvod by tho rail-
waymen with much dissatisfaction and
thoy aro indignant at what thoy consldor a gross breach of fallb, and tho
company's action "will not bo accoptod
without a strugglo, and a strlko rttfoct-
■     ,    <».  AMI   .'""7".'«'*-"   —-•■'"
*_,   4V,-'V<-'   «*»£...   *•.
STOPS CKMICUS vjuttiu *» cHMift
aro all signs of tbo system bolng telogg-
Md,    T_i« Uv«r and _u>t«tA* »ie '*•**•-
tlvo and tb* Stomach Is weak from un-
digested foods and foul fasoi.
Tbs greit fmlt romody will mike
you fool Ilk* a now person.
Winnipeg. J«M 17, IIU
Aftor Ukiaf throo bozoi of your H«
PJHa for stomach and lirer tr«nM»*< T
fool strong and watt and amis lo do wy
own wwlo-yra. A. H. StnlUr.
At all doalora. t( and W eaata, or
Tbo Ftf Mil Co., St, Tb*»ai„Oftt.
Sold in r».iV *t MeUMi's Prof fM
nook stot^,; .    '..*'. A.''
A largo body, of nntliraclto' and
BomT-hnthrnclto coal haB boon discovered at tho head of Whlto'River,'Yukon torrUory, Canada, a-few   mllos
from tho summit of Sk'olal Pass, Tho
now fields aro within fifty miles of tbo
groat   Chltlna-Kotslna-Nlzlnn   coppe'r
district of Alaska,   whoro   oxtonslvo
mining oporatlons   nro   lni( progress.
Thb now coal areas woro discovered
last fall, and without malting public
announcement n company made locations and sot a largo force of in'on at
dovelopmont work.     Bkolal Pass1 is
only fifty-seven miles from tho Bonanza copper mlno, whoro a branch of
tho Copper Itlvor Hallroad now terminates.    In   Yukon   territory coal
lands are leafed.. by   tho   Canadian
Qovornmont for twonty-ohe .years at
an annual rental of f 1 an acrte. wltb a
royalty of 5 cents a ton on tno merchantable output of tbo mine.    The
UmtoU States Congross baa taken no
action toward leasing the Alafka coal
fields, and. copper toco aro dlacuanlng
tbo possibility ot getting coal from Ihe
now Canadian district.—-Fuel.  '
. •,*   ,i   *
A tovornment, is an ortsnUatjjjn
tbat. ean build warablpa, but not poa^o
Tbat can distribute malls, but. not
axpraie inatter;.
Tbst can win navy, yards, tmt, not
stock yards:
Tbat can build canals, bd|.not nit-
Tbat can giro away valnablo rlghta.
but never, get tbeio baaki .,     *' -A -
net lor ItasH.—Uf».    **v»   •---■-
Ths nsrvss eontrol all actions of tbs body so that aor 1
thlnf thUd«bmi«Usth-t__ will wwk*a all orftns of I
U>« «y»iain.. IUiu* faiiMMtlMs aud £■««__«• bavsl
rulntd tlwuuoili ot proraliloc younjawn. UoMtanl I
(o s prop* r eeddltton et mwhood. Tbsy muln WMk-1
mti mtutall/. pbytMllyandMnially, ttow wauMI I
Arsyou mmt and w»»k, despondsot aDdiloetty,1
«Mckib«for«tliseyM «lth dark elrales undtr thsca.
wmflt bseW, Vldom irrlublt. pttptuiloa of tbo haatU 1
Uihful, diWHUUBi imm, wd fnum. lanriaa, plmpUsI
po th« ttet, aft* sunkw. hollow cbeski, wrawra ex-1
preulon, poorawmory, lU*uas,diitrtuttol.u«kwM'_nrl
•ri(1tt-«n(lb,ilT«l toernlnfs, mltm altbu, ehiaga-]
ftbl«mo_«&, pramatursdwxy.boae pains, bilftonw, sto.]
TW» b tfca condllioii m* Nsw Mtltwd TrMtaiMt Is
* QUAXANTDEDTOCUlk . -       „.
w« -hum t**trt Mmmm at Km Cor almost a Ufa-
Lima  Md  Ho- 0_4   **»*  W> <l*fWI!*_-.»   WM«Wl« *»
z&££!L!2!££!.''      **"
wiwo'vBl titl _reo t)h*U_trteu aiwoanbta or net
V« gaaraatoa mwwmij -.*-*
l^mmam—m-mMr*t*tS'    iUl^Mff ftM CmUmU iwutb* aidrtsnad,
mmmm^mMM I ll»fi-   tn <*iAo_f.k.n»_. x&tMtmiwt* t*tm.
,%W9lw$   ss___SSJWpsn_W«   rae-otlrt Wladw, Ont.  « jwdt«tr« to
U&ntotr for SiudUn bn__le«i. only. Addtaaaal) letttii ll WJoami
■ * * ^_ __di   -M,
-.    >. -V
Wiitwwt Officers
:   \   1
v-v ??;';.t..
.A-   W..A  y^Ar,7f»A^-^;-"y^v,».
'■ \l '""We'stand together on the.industrial field with-.6ur "Unions,-.butVe
y divide pur ~strength;on the political^field/and'so, while 'striking.,for
'**•; better'cbridtions'wkfcone hand, we put a fetter; on the other.-yjp&ke
' 1' the Fernie Election as an exsanple:; * On thb' one side vife have a lawyer
* vA^-tiie p^ih'sferVapt.dl,£§.o1j;l lomp^any■,whose interest's;ar,e.(the'opposite
/,Tto that Vf tlie*' emp'loy ees^on thy'other a inan,-whose pastreco'rcl is
,,. known-as-a-<misisterit advocate of'workingelassjinterests: '" On'tlie in-
Vdu'strial field we are paying out'money 'to'-fight'against'the/attenip'ts
A_ of.the different companies to deprive widows, orphans and 'dependents
' •; of. oiiivforeigii feroiiiiers of then* jiist rightsf ttnd.at.'the same.1 time .we
,| send a man who, gets "his wages from the very people that are.everlasl-
gly. forcing 'fas' io 'pay out. our good money. •'" Is not this a very stupid
' mgi
•,-. course to .pursue?. * Do' you not think' tliat* the members-of Parlinnieilt
!.in B. ,C. ctpA't' say '^themselves, What -easy marks' the -workingclass
[ are? What would, you think of theman who would expect, a, cat to be.a
' i guardian'of 'da__dnesi!!,1*.Ybu would say;that he was all lands -of a fool,
"i and yet you. are not a, bit the,-wiser'.'. •You"have "had the chance to
;, j select a m%n who cloes not promise "to'represent* all classes Ijecause he
7 knows it"canuo1;,bftdone.' 7 '  ' ,S . yy..  .',7'V        ■ '"■   > .'■ .A
'   - -, "We don't "say to you vote,a certain way because, we say so, but do
-, ; ask you fo look into the question'aiid "satisfy yourselves of the advan-
, '.'tage of sending those whose actions prove'their' sincerity of purpose."
' 7 —(Excerpt froni President, W. B. Powell's address .delivered at the
'• "Eight Annual Convention held in Lethbridge in February, 1911.) ,.
.    The voters of the Fernie Riding have now before them the oppor-
.- ■ tunity of voicing their ideas upon the question of continuing in office
',.,: a representative of the' master class,'or' displacing him by seating a
clear-cut representative'of-the workers;'   .  ',.•%,, 7 ,,   -
'7 On this occasion there can be little excuse for.confusion on'the part
• ,. bf the voters,; as the two candidates .clearly represent the two great
opposing interests'jn present day,society, and the only misimderstand-
.' -ing. on the part of any voter,-\vould be in a,misconceived idea os tb
y their particular, class" interests.    •;'•'. -       y ' ••   •*'
"Any student of correct political eccmomy will admit,-.the fact that
Labor alone.produces all wealth, though we may still find those apologists for a system that lives upon the exploitation of Labor', who make
_ miserable attempts to. deny, this fact. .,     ^  '..';„_..    A - .,„..,
For centuries'.the workers have struggled with their,;masters to
,-,■ .attain-what they consider to be a fair share of the product of their
;"' labor, always being strenuously opposed by those whose profits would
.; be reduced'by any advance the?workers may make. .' The master class
, have, however, long before the wage-workers," realized that the legisla-
,  7 tive. powers "were, an absolute essential in continuing their right to
■■* -plunder the workers, and have at all times made it their particular
y business to secure.themselves in this control.   .One need'npt look far
■;> . for proof of this statement, but the lack of understanding on this point
■•"   can be readily explained by the fact that those things'that are most
easily seen are the least observed. *A'    .•    " A-■■'•;•*■   .-'■--_='•
"fences in the conflicts;:pf -the past,' wherein .we. firid;-all' the power^"
lof-judiciary and state iine&'ufi. against us, we are rapidly learning that
thetlabor question is a politieaVquestioii, and that in this struggle the
worker must take possession of'the reins of government.   »        'yy?".
-Th<$-policy of passive'resistance cannot be profitably followedfin",
this regard we should not-lose, sight of tlie now? famous Krzuz Case^
It has -been"pointed out"what this'means to the workers in B. 0., whose
dependents are resident routside:the bounds .of the.Province. What
does it mean to the .worker whose'dependents are resident inside of-the.
province?' ■ Dbes'it; not'mean"that there is a premium" placed upon the
employment of such workers, where, in the ,event of a fatal accident
the companies are liable, for compensation to thb extent-of $1,500, that
would not have to be,,paid in a case where the dependents were resident outside the Province?, '. Can it be any wonder under such circumstances that a more thorough campaign will-.be conducted to encourage
immigrants whose'employment will-thus reduce the liability",of the employers. The. argument usedsis that the legislation is for the benefit
of residents of B. C, and that-*an industry in the Province should not*
•be taxed for,- the'v support of "residents outside the Province. ;..,-But
would,the IMcBvide'government extend.this.principle,also tQ the'tlis-
bursement of dividends? If it is not right, in tlieir opinion, to send,
money, out of the province for dependents of the .workers, is'it right
that.prof its arising from,the hides of the workers should be sent'to.
stockholders outride'the Province? Ave Mackenzie and Mann residents'of tlie Province of'B.C.; and will they not particularly profit hy
.tlie rail.vay.policy.of the SIcBride government?'
_. .The answer, of the Hon. AV. R. Ross in the Krzuz case is "that he was
working for, the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, and projected tlieir
interests; and we arc forced to the conclusion that.he would continue,
as he has done in the past, to work for the benefit of his. employers in
the same ?cbnscientious manner.   ^ .     .     ..'."„.
,. The answer should be a big majority-for DAVIDSON!    ,
'' •■ ' -'7-'' •'      •:'■*'..      ', -      ."   ■  0. STUBBS.
_ \\ _af ¥ir____a*i_^li c.
; that protect the'interests, of the"workers and,,those laws that.protect
. .the interests of property;" and the holders of property, and it is not difficult to determined whose interests the legislative body of this province is working.:- . ;. 'T y
- ^Inthe struggle.between. workers aridVxploiters.there can,be no line
of division of*products that can-be adjudged fair; the struggle between the workers for a greater^share of the product as wages, and, the
exploiters for a greater share as profits, must continue until those who
produce the'Wealth shall, own it; The governments of today are composed not of producers, but of menwho are skilled in the art of exploitation, and who are given to leading the workers upon .flimsy pretexts
unkept promises like lambs to the slaughter. , •' <•>
In conducting this struggle the workers have tried by organization
and force of numbers,to* accomplish thoir purpose; but by ouroxperi-
Unity on the Political field as'well as on the Industrial.-' This
policy has ever been advocated1 by the progressive members'of the
Trades Union Movement in recent years, and today we find ourselves
almost as a unit in.endeavoring to uphold and.carry out that principle.  '      '     ' ,       .'        ....       ,   ■ •  i' •' ■,
The stumbling" block, however, seems to'lie that we are not so unanimous as to what are actually the best methods which will lead us
to accomplish that desired end.. If we, the workers, are to-make any
headway in achieving the results so-eagerly looked forward to by the
workers of the world, i.e., to. own and!.control the means of production, then we'should make every legitimate,effort and not quibble
over details, to placemen in the legislative halls who will use their
energies to tliat end.   . ' **•'.. ,
In the coming election, the men in this riding will have the opportunity of sending one of4heir class to represent their interests;-one
who will be as creditable;a representative of any- body "of wprkers
under any and all circumstances-, one who has studied'and knows
the, wants' of the workers, and one who will" do all in his power to protect their welfare at "Victoria if elected—that oneis WM DAVIDSON.
In his letter on1 Labor, Pope Leo XIII. concludes as follows: "That
remuneration" for work must be sufficient to support the wage-earner
in decent comfort." I think every one-will agree with him, in fact,
I have not heard''anyone yet who disagreed on that point, but the fact,
remains that so far as the old political*parties are concerned,,they
liQTira-'novni-_Tini.,_/lrt +-hnv_Tvrptrnii"l _+Q Trnnw71ir>Wf-'iVI:i''-V-OTafl,e-PJIVnp1*_Pfln_bA-
\     - . *"      * . ■"■ I l      , t V
assured of sufficient, remuneration to merely exist at all, to.say nothing of living in decent comfort.' - It is well known what-Taft's
reply brithis"* question was when asked, '.'God knows!" he said. This
is a question that the, workers should ever keep before them. Will
McBride, Ross or any of the old parties try tb"solve.it? or do you think
it possible'.that .they, could solve it if-they" did try? Do you think
that the policies which they are now advocating will enable them to
meet this unemployed problem ? I, for one, say most emphatically—
No!" On the other hand Davidson as a Socialist representative can at
least show you by logical arguments that it is within the reach of
practical politics to deal with and successfully overcome such an all-
important problem.
Premier McBride made the boastful statement at the meeting in
Fernie"that every man in B. C. could get work if he'desired to do so.
This'is rather a.strange declaration in face of what Jias.happened at
Vancouver and also in view of.the present.conditions inrthis imme-'
diate.neighborhood., It is now four monchs'since the settlement .of
the strike, and what do we find? - In Michel* alone there1 are 400
menAvho'have not yet had,the opportunity to work, and in Fernie
they .are only. working■ on the,,,average half-time. ■ It is possibly,
true that if these men had a hundred dollars'tb spend in railway fares*
they may locate a job, and if they were ever,fortunate to,do so Lam-
confident that/very few would be able to find work in thymines. ' Probably, "some .would seek and .''obtain work 'iri; Alberta,'but
,ta be candid in the,.matter their chances would be very slight. And
supposing, after commencing,a. man should be so unfortunate as to
meet with a fatal accident, the dependents that were left behind.iii
B.""C7 would,*according to tlie position taken by the operators in the
Krzuz case be deprived pf the miserable pittance they should receive
for the loss of the'bread winner.. Of course, this is one of'the bene-
fits the workers receive in* supporting McBride; and his government.'
If you desire this state of affairs, then continue tp vote for Ross. -
The.question might be asked, what right have I^'as an official bf this
District,'to try, and use my influence on behalf of tiny particular "political party? ,. In reply I would say that at-the recent International
Convention the Constitution was so amended that it now'gives mem?
bers the right and privilege of coming out and fighting any" aiid all
on the political field.who.are opposed to'theinterest's, bf the workers.
It.alsogives.the.right.tp those members who' may'be so blind to theU
own interests, as-to work aiid vole for those*political jiarlips'w-iom
tlie majority know full well cannot and will nol protecl the infercsts
o_ labor. , The fact however.remains that, whc'ii.the majority of a
Local or District decides to support" a certain candidate the bnlv lo<_.i-
. - i r i"*i , * i
cal"cpnclusiqn is that he is,the one that should be recognized aiid supported. , From an official standpoint I have no1-hesitation in saying
at this time that there is only one candidate, who is.representing Ihe
workers in this election, and who will.be endorsed by the majority"of
the workers,, and that is DAVIDSON.        "   °    ■-'    ' '    7
Lwould urge you;, who are in doubt as to whether Ross or Davidson
is the' one that should represent your .interests lo.take the opportunity
aud attend, the meetings of both parties/and then I .'am sure, if you
consider the matter honestly and impartially, that you will be convinced that Davidson is the only one that can conserve and protect
your interests at Victoria. „ A    .-? '
v"    ■      n'A        -  • * A. J'. CARTER.
AContempary^s View on the Election
' "Bruce,'- 'in Saturday Sunset: "I don't believe the people of British
Columbia are so simple as Mr. .McBride thinks they are. While it is,
not likely that his government will be overthrown, I think there is
enough innate honesty and self-respect in the people of British Columbia to, demand a check upon the government .and to resent Mr. McBride's assumption that the electors are a lot of ninnies. ' , , ' '
-. He said •;' .Conservatives have never taken advantage bf their pojver.
Who does hie suppose .is going to believe such a statement? Is it
not well known that the government is bending every effort to defeat
the-one Liberal-in the house, that by taking advantage bf theirpower,
they have.already voted $200,000 to be spent in Alberni as a bribe to
the electors of that riding? ; If the "Conservatives. haye: not taken
advantage.of, their power, why have they permitted only one session
_of__the-_T-UbIic_'ae-CQU-_.ts_committee_in7se-veniv-cars-? ThaAebmrnittcp.
Thursday, March 28th   .
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William Evans, Proprietor
is the only1 safeguard for the proper expenditure of the people's
money.'5 Why has'Mr. McBride not allowed that committee to sit.
Is.it because''1 it would have been made public that the government
has already been compelled to,pay the first instalment of interest,
amounting to $800,000, on the C. N. P. Railway bonds?- What is he
afraid bf. y If hia government were absolutely straight, if all were as
it should be in the public accounts, .why is he afraid to have them investigated by a committee composed of his own followers? In Ontario an<I in Ottawa;the public accounts committee is second only in
importance t'o the cabinet itself as an agency of the public interest.
Yet Premier McBride, using the power vested in him by a topheavy
majority, has prevented it even from organizing.
"When you come to think of it, what could, be more hypocritical
than his boast that the government,has not taken advantage of its
power? Everyone knows that no concessionaire of tho government
dare call his soul his own. Everyone knows that the license-holders
of this province are under the thumb of the government, tliat road
appropriations aro used for the purpose of bribing constituencies, and
that every department of tho government is turned into a great vote
making and holding machine.
"Why did Premier McBride uso his power to bring on an election
fourteen days after dissolution if ho were not taking advantage of
his position?" Why docs he bring on an election with obsolete list..,
which deprives thousands of electors of the right of the franchise if
ho "is not taking advantago of his power? , Why docs ho refuse a
redistribution, the lack of which gives the cities huge advantages in
representation ovor tho rural districts, if it is not to take advantago
of tho public, using tho powor in so doing which the public has put in
his hands?
"Could Pecksniffianism go further than when Premier McBride
tells us his govornmont has not used its power to take advantage cither
of its opponents or the public?
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Tho men who labor spend their strength in tho daily struggle for
broad, to maintain tho strength they struggle with. So thoy live in
a deadly circulation of sorrow, living but tb work, nnd working but
to live, nn if daily bread wero the only end of wearisome life, nnd
wonriHomo life the only occasion of daily bread.—Daniel Dei'oo.
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THOS. DUNCAN    Passburg
A   n-Oflttrn  (.oinerlv  dealing   with  divov<»o laws
at *w^
Special addod11 feature.
The nations of the world spend nearly iMOO.OOO.OOO a yeur on preparations for war. Wlmt might not be necoinplishnd with pv.mi u
quarter of this sum in the figlil against destitution nm) thmiscl In
the last ten years Uritiiin hns spent £'.'i.R,000,()flO on .nival oxpneditur.*
nnd .'.292,000,000 on Army oxpondituro. A Nmnll proportion of this
money would hnvo,built hundreds of thousands of healthy homes,
would have given mod and .-.oi.i.r.K nnd medical attention to every
neglected child. Any movemuni that Hiitnd« lor noci.il rocmiHtriictioti
ennnot «hut its oyca to the terrible waste of national rcnourccH involved in wnr.—nritish Lnbor Loader.
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A Sociitiibireci-riiiy j.a\ft hi* .-*.x].i.rit-iici_ ino'cin* m*. k«w v. .ihi .in** _*i-w
system stands for.   A Socialist hnd been in the hnhit of dropping in to
his plnco of business nnd explaining Socialism to liim,    Ho thought
the Socialist was vrnzy on tlim one point.    Ili» hnd ureal pity for him.
IT« thought it was too hnd such ii bright fellow should hn led into he*
lievinc* nil thn writ h**1 wis -j;.1. fin-j; nff.     Th-1 r?»v. V...**..*.!.*.. nvrn M.n.i
ed in fthrtmo nt tho folly of the Socialist.     Hut after numy days of
thought hn got the hung of tht. iilcnt, and they hef/nn Wi appear initrhty
rood.    Ho then saw thnt while he AVAR pttyintr tin* Socialists, the So-
•ialisl wn» really looldiiK upon him in eomp..s.sion and wax exercisinut
i great ilea, of pntionce.    Now th*» nnn-Sneinlist is a Hoeinlist nnd is
•imhrgtAug the experienee of beirif. regardc.] «« mor« lew. of a pitiful \
.on. Wy his former ignorant nssot-inti-s.
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J <
-, ...
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-.' i
Since the big Cohserva'tive'Raljy'' js oyer it.is.t.tQ.be.-.hpped-'the.minjes- Bn
.will now w6rk' more steadily, .anil the iriiners-haveno^further -occasion*^0
to worry tbemseives as to-,1 administration ofthe affairs'ofthisjnoy i™™™c*nmll* Wm/
vince:..;,.       ■-.?   .- ..      -.- ''-.'.Ay.,', "   .,' A.;,'*.".!   . .!;-.v-._-, •..-. Tcnlled upon. -' The candl
"•---. "  *•■ V       *-.;*'*      -'" .-"' •    '        .*,''...,".   .'the.nlatfor___.for __hnn. i
THE Fernie? l?roo Press,1 tlie red'o*gnized organ of the Conservative
Party, of .thui^ty, would have.the .lumberjacks, believe-, that a
, certain paragraph appearing.in a recent issue of. this paper.was meant
to. cast'reflections'ori the'men engaged iii'the-lumber industry,'df this
FrovihceA'We would aik.th'e workcri. erigaged.jrT.the^
try of this district to consider whether-this paper or-the Pernie-Free
.Press stands consistently for the inter£6t8_of tho working.class of. this
district.1,? Alsor ca^.'ihe 'Conservative' Party, hayejthe audacity *to say
that the methods they adopt to catch your votes is not casting insulting reflections on your intelligence! • Wehave repeatedly demon-
rfrated the fact that the Conservative Party stands for the .interests
of'the master'class- of this Province.' , You do "not belong to the class
that- own tlie mills, and their "interests are diametrically opposed to
"* jours. o You stand in relation,to.one another as buyer .and seller.
1!_iey buy your labor-power—the only property you have—and it is
to. their interests to buy it as cheaply as possible.     It is to'your interest.to securo the best price you-can for your labor-power, and to
get the best possible "conditions under, which .you may. apply.'that
power.     You have yet faiied to realize the benefits of- collective
feargaimng'to the same extent as other workers of this province; . It
te'surely time you fell intoiine with the progressive workers of.the
'world.bv organizing on the'-industrial-field.     You .must work.-and'      ,        -..,--       ■•.-<■ •   --.
are compelled to. work for -those- who- own- the tools of production.; L-0,tlPfnsatl0n Act a^ost valueless. How-can he .explain?- _ McBride
. JSfthough at the present time you are unorganized you have .the op- j anH LoAVSer cannot help.him out- either ,   .      , ;   -
■portunitv of standing shoulder to shoulder with your'class-at the;, *      • -.       "',     ' , \y.\      '-    ,"-' "■  -'  -'-''    -
*allot.   *You have the privilege of demonstrating that you-'have suf- J    L'd -vou notiee how ■^sappomted ■ 'pick'Uooked'.-wheri he.arrived
_5?'«.nt intelligence to recognize that you are'workers, and that only a | al--Fernie on Tuesday night?     -Was'-*he overcome with'emotibn at
>:_.. - *_r can represent you in- the legislature0 at Vjctoria
,- ,-'•--■.',-;--.• v.- :..fp*s- -•-.-
,     - ' L'   " =■ • -l    ■    •    -
• *'.*"cS-jt .- -.'Xr-:s-:' ••*-—■'"- -r
- ^  * -     «"',     "*!   - -*   -
All Tre ask is an in tell i
11 iy .  '!'^mean8,A!_?yo^e.fo"r David-
Wqn."  Think li^over. arid asi-i*j. - -. .>.-sJgues<t*i,jn5, i'fipw can a vote
Wtl^j&bSM* '**$>:%£ "m4% si?y Ss- y
p--^'^>'70iy$*   &:*ti^X**»$fcl'   ■■/'^
The duty on coal.—Was this .v.. .--.cd on behalf of.t-he'workersof
i during the strike, bn this question! ... , A.     ....."    ... -• -..   .»'-..
<.*,'*■-■ -
-%= ■*•
w_:  .j-
r* 'V^-.
> *V.-{_.».,'  -.'"I".'**
l^WtV  f-
.   . AT MICHEL.
'On Sunday.*v*n|ng Ust wJ-i. J)avid,
; '-.The Hon. W. !R. Robs has ■Js.i'rVcfcdThii* yieyAori'-'WbrkmVn,8,Cojn''.1
'p%sation. Btltthe expense to Jhe .worlters has been'too mucI-Tto
h^lp hini inlhis thinking... .-.".-iL'S toojate-now 1'',^   o .... t .;. -,*7.,
'J'Xy  *;«. ;,'..„«.: -*..^ ;  uy^'-i' ^'-y":A^ yA^-y
, "J'OWjB! a great-deal, .to the.-fftir-minded people" of this district,",, «.„■__ i- ____    •-_.- ■      	
^ays-.the-.Hon.'.Wr..R:-Ross. ^i,,haft,been owin^a long^tun; too,. ft-nS jp^biativ*>ui_i«_>ce' ^ mSSSu'
these'people '"dtf'hot figure* .'onlettirfg him pile up.t^iijs^ debt ffny. longer,,; Michel.'  ' J. p. ,Tu'm«r >as 'tie Itjrat
y'".'7V'.l 7, ^^/-'-..Vl-'*"^-*''*' »7-«V':'''~y*;yS ,' ^^-   :; ^'^:--;I»P*a*«r^*wh;o drove home with tehins
. The..leaflet" as' toi^tiie" benefits derived by Boss' representation's
considered by .the lion, member .extremely, brief- arid to the p6iht."'.-Tn'
fact it left him *no room for. discussion'bn Tuesdajr last. ;
■'.■•'. ;-.-- A.. • -: ■.-.-•; <.*-.•: '•-'•'•' ".V'^v" •;•* -
effect the neccuity of the workerere-
turning'bne who would'represent their,
.-n'"»vrest87 "'After "the applause' that.
groeted-'ttie' cotcluWpn of, hla'addreeiB
had subsided, the, chalnhftn'extended
Invitation to' any-one'-who"wished
take, the 'platforin' oh behalf of thti'
-. „oppoBltton,"'but as no one was forthcom
Davidson: waa
candidate occupied*
j the;platform.for about an.hour and a
W. R? Ross likes-the Royal Commission on Labor as it throws.off his ;}m?f» and-=hl1' remarks brought* fortti
esponsibilityto thelworkers^ to'soiAeone.else's'.shoulders.'-^He'-'do'es >nsld€r»"e -applause; from ^tlme   to
i' 1   ■'-'■££• •'<■'*_.' 1 -'^'i-. -'"i.'* •!,. - ..      •   ",.    . 1 ,    >.*-. ■ <• <>■  ■   *• t'n'e.v -After the speaker-sat'down :.'a
not   know sufficient about,lhe;1naffer tq*^^ tak^ and J^J^
labor m the legislative halls.,   ".'iy    .';    '  yyiXl. A,. . .'^ ,  y .; questions-.were Invited.-   A.few qiies-
'   ■>     'I .• :Xy.  y7X*- '*■ I'*'.'", .-*'.'   XX-   Xy'Xyi;   •   it1oP8 were."submitted, -one- of which1
-.   The amount, of beer'sent' up.:to Coal-Creek the other ni^ht ex- i-^as a8 tp wh«ther the Socialist Party
presses very eiiipha'ticaily^the.amount-of intelligence the Conserva-! Was *opposed t0 the chur6h'~   Wm'
tives-think the*miners up there'possess
■e possess:.   However, there are not ;er question, "Does, the church stand
enough of this average of jntelligeiice to make a majority..' ■ \,   'y   ,    {between ^the worker and-the full pro-
*   " ^ ' ''*-'•*"'*.*',.' "y -      .  ,'. 77 I duet of his toil?"'    The speaker did
Ross as an exponent of"consisten.*v.—He -says, he -represents the-in-' !not b€l'ieve "th€ church took 8Uch a
such"*was-the case there was
no quarrel between* the church and
Socialism.. The Christian,Church was
inaugurated ' by working -men, • and
therefore, if the church today opposed
the betterment of the workers' con-
You "uust" work; and ' lCT?*» of th* workers,and to.belief it them does-.his'best to make the \ ZFa ^ ^"^ " WaS 6Vld€nt
- Old fnaa.Am'-fBd ijj.in charge of the
Roaa «6mp.ittw^tfropais;<. *,:.-The *-Qld-
P9.st;- ifflo^ioace ^ot.' .a*?*time:-,*,. Tbis
appolStnifa|_.Jooka.like-.-a.-eop.to Cer-
berui..- :s ^fk'^.^y :.■•;;'^'-.-.Vi'-. y. s- -_."
■son.;tb«.wo.rkerB*'r^^ ; Talking ."about th«..Fo_it..'Office?'at
i,..« . _, w,    _._ .mm      n- *-_.'    •--- .* Ho8mer'therj).iar«La.aumber.of really"
don't-knbw-nc-better  y Conservatives
wiq are frpttji^-atth^inpiith^at the
ap^oihtment^of „*^oiii-..Siniley.;by the.
C,_*"■*. R. Conservative Association.
'Th^r, jay>RdB^has jaromisedLv-that
the wmewhat.? spacious 4.. governmeat
premises 'at Hoiim^r >}iaUl.be .further,
b'e'iliti&ed by^he.addition of'''a tennli'
!court.'l,\"dhT'Samr .ean,,l>t,!be '.that
other clin^es can tempt your'
On a'certaiti %ay iaetXpril a'scioo'l
election wis iufej to'ta'ke-'plafe, iri Hoi*"'
mer'.' : A smalt "poftlori"'of'the, coin-
muhlty-'who, thb^gti'th*y? lacked children thems"elves'iw'ere,"lilg_iiy interested ln the':eIectio:nV4'vTo'preve'nt a Vote,
which would have resulted' in "the
election of apop'lilar working man, a
smart young sport, with a large family*
thought he -could- outwit the' whole
comunlty. • Knowing the vote was restricted to property' owners or their
wives, he„sent,.to?'Cranbrook for an
a"Bsespors-list-.ofeligible"s.7 I think
there were 10 eligible, and-the meeting
terminated in a' lively scrimmage. We
wonder, if "the "association" has,any
business at Cranbrook this election.
' Old ./'Doc". Paley used to say one
very, common error misleadsi the opinion of mankind, that authority is plea-
sant.submlsslon painful. In the general course of human affairs the very
Davidson replied by asking this count-
"V o say tliat no worker, who claims to be intelligent, can vote for
K_y olilician who stands for the interests of the master class.' WM.
DAVIDSON'is'a worker, pledged to stand for the interests-of ttie
working class at all times, and if.you-are intelligent you. cannot?but
«ark yoiir ballot on March 28th for'him. It "is up to the-workers'in
tlie.lumber industry of this district to do-their.utmost to return*"WM.
DAVIDSON to Yictoria with an overwhelming majority.'"'"lie'will
•ojidoubtedly be returned, .but you can do. your .share, with.the rest
<__Tthe workers of this riding, and^ after all it is but voting for"lyour
otoi inlferests.';' '*'"'   ::  """ ;"- "" '• ""**'       """*
\"..' ;*.».«-
1, -
rORKT*:T?S-nr7Mi«-TniTi<» _piill -_fnpinny.._<>ffi<>p_nnrl_fif>ld _vmir_hrot.li-.
e^s who understand, but who have noimore brains than you, ar*.
•fjieadin" with you. ..'-You have.had more educational,advantages than
jour fat hers, perhaps,'and can know, that the'-remedyMs at hand.   The.
tliiie is 1 ear for labor to arise in.the majesty of.its tremendous power,
ami clai n tbe right to bethe beneficiaries of the institutions, of lenrn-
*-ft. sr. and culture they have buildetly and ,t*o;be the recipiehfs of the
.fruits of its unselfish-induBtry. ~. The earth'is here for all'the people
RCthe ei rth-r-not for.the exclusive few of favored castes or classes. /
1   *T)ie struggle for complete emancipation is now on'and it^is,a.conflict of fapitalisfcs' brains against .working.men's brains.-   .And the
.Trorkers'rvnll win because itis tons.of brains onone side to*ounces~ori
ilt._-nt.ie.j.    And when will the victory be?    It will be just as soon
■as!! < u',<h'].e:'s loarri how to use tlieir. brains collectively jn their own'
ffU'.r--sl8Wspocr_a_Iy on;olo"tiort day.—Miners '.Magazine'*'- ■'
V M. Poss first gained for himself the title Ballot Box Bill by reiv*
wn ol' some '•rooked work in connection with the counting of the
Iin lints in. one of his first campaigns in tho Fernie District. Despite
tlio demands for an investigntion into the transaction nothing was ever
(la'ic. nnd "Pos". was allowed to keep a seat which many people justf-
fji'bly hclievc.!*! ho luul'soeir'cd hy unfair means. ITo thon gained the
rfmve sonhririnot,-which undoubtedly will stick to him until he shall
hiive earned for himsolf n moro endearing name, and a .   Well,
\yl'.» knows     Thoy say thai, that place is paved with "intentions,"
klvI P.illy,hnH plonty of 'em. ''
McBRIDE'S . WHITE  B.   0.
To phdw what faith enn bo nut in McRrido's much-vnunted boast of
l-eciin,' 11}is province "while" it, is interesting to note tho numbor of
J_3'oii'.i (hit entered throivh Ihe portR of B. C.
T'-c oiIh'v day in the OUnwa House, of Commoils tho nuestion of
Q;-*iiinly wiiK discuRsod, when Mr. fStovens nsked tlio Ministor of hi-
f«:•i"•• a fev: finehtioiiH,    Thn following is an excerpt from tho "Pro-
G2..|,'.i'" ('if the IIoiiho of rnrnmons" oti lho subject:
C'^'h'ii-i:   1.   What Ir Ho totnl number of DiincNO Hint havo enter*
^iMi'njhi'ouffli ports of British Columbia up to date?
_*n«v.»r-    1.    _fi,fl02.'
1.   How many Japanese?
2.   13,70-1.
1.   How nnii'v ChinpNo during last yoarf
the tremendous ovation accorded him?    It was certainly'cMly, and,
most of^the'rubberneeks.did.not know his^'Sergneand GayHonor
abteosity"- had.arrived:    rP.™i.nrii " *p*z\&,ai■-*■. *«• ''-. :-• v-»'-•-, -■
Too bad!
#.'   **.
Too Kadi
;• Who has your~interests'at heart'lno^^ a man who does his best to'
i|nake a Compensation Acf practieally Useless} or, ohe'%ho fi'as'"devbted'
his efforts to' seeing'thafforejgn depeyidenfs shall be. entitled- to. Con-
s;iderationI■,---Can.you.diseern'no principle,:behind'these-two*'%en.
Vote for the man with principle-— AY<M. -DAVIDSON;-   _.A-     ' 7;r'
. .This is Ross''appeal based on what.lfej'pn^^^
ter??|s a] tt,' ;I appeal, to..,everybody,,. ol caw not if'lie w' a business'inan
or" a property owner in-the" €Sty of Per w,^ I,';..: The Socialist appeal is
not limited' to-the •'•bdsinyss'inanfor |prjq9ert^,*owner,v\hut 'includes-
themj a^;.well as'those w)y
. .'..,'•". ...."    .,-. y~" yr.'i'.s.:i-.'i .^i-^
.t-J  0'ip
.'  v.,;,*-   A      ■;■!-..-■:.''-..■   !',.  *• --,-'*'*'.*,: <*S"*
■ When the. railrbads are "co'mplet'ed'jin.^^rbetiwPQsit'ion will the
working 'class'-fihd themselves. ;',!Toi.w.hatiextent Ihate'- the Workers-
Evidently, they cannot 'stan^pr.osperity^J..,,.', <r
■»•«*' ;---"*'  • ••': • "'• 'A--7'--' ' -nXXXv-X
Will Ross^prorriisie' the 'miners' 'more/care (Voii.... -Certainly ;'■ any1
^old thing to getja vote—and a.promise is'cheapei'thafi'a ci'giir!) car-'
penters, brickiayers.and'masons work 6:n':governm^ht buildings; the
unskilled laborors. ^prk on f^vernmeht'roads ;-tJie inchers. more extensive markets and better priees';for'their produce pithecierksadding
machines't'o'help;them in tiieiflabors? ^:Yes)„of coMe'I ' Anything
ior your vote I,' y 'A, 1*-..-.- '■-■.   -c   .■■•-■•••■-.•:*
■■ But what, confounds tlio, intelligence''is that iii all countries, .the
poverty strickoo, the disinherited, the overworked- beast of.burden,
ill-fod, badly* housed, badly clothed, badly educated, as arc three-
fourths of the inhabitants of every country, march-like one man, at
tho first call, whatever may bo tho cause of tho war. People who
would not tako one step to render a service to their neighbors, workers
like themselves, march hundreds of miles in order to gej; killed for
the masters who sword, them.—Gustavo Hcrvo. -   '
Electors of Fernio Hiding would do well to elect. William Roderick
Ross to take a'rest from parliament after his arduous duties there. Ho
would then bo able to tako a trip to England and appear beforo tho
Privy Council in lho Krzuz Case. Who better is able to uphold the
interests of tho capitalints in -tliiB caso than tho "Hon." William, tho
man who knows tho pros nnd eons of it?   - .     .
(V11.<M ii\»*i ;
/f. wer:
C"1" '"i""'
/••'■Wei':    :<
•0*i.._-'*,iii :    {,
f Ml. V (l|. •       .),
f^MMUt'o'l ■        "),
/•■i.-. ■•(.••:    f,
(^'ii'h'l'n'':    'i,
^Mr.L.»irlU'. 7<
(Kiseal yeur), 5,254,
How inn in- .TannnoHo during Inst year.
(Fisenl yonr.. .|!1<!,
How mntiv irindus have entorod Canada?
Mow mni'" I'indns durintr lnnt year?
(KiHonl ye'>r> 1,
Has thn der-nrtment any record of tlio arrival of Mr.
The capitalist federal government has ronowed j|. ipring advortis
ing in the Old Country for "an army of GO.000 laborersV to como to
Western Canada lo "build railways." Inasmuch as the workers'
woro already hero nnd elected tlio oxocutivo commit too of employing
class and mndo it possible for tho prosont policy to bo pursuod, thoro
is nothing else to do hut faeo tlm music; whatever tho consequences.
Meantime thoro are thoiiHiindK of jobless men roaming about Western
Canada nnd wondering whore their noxt meal is coming from. For
the outcome of having tlio lnbor market further nceontuatod tho
government imist be ready to aeecpt the roHponmhility. It may
moan somo real riots hof..re this time next your, hut. tlio employers
will uso 0110 portion of tho working clnss lo club, bayonet, nnd shoot
tho other portion into KuhmifiHmi. It's n groat game, and the victims, with some cxcepiion-* m tnr himhi. to have liked it. But just
wnit till next election day nnd see.
ditions it was in direct contradiction reverse ,of this'is • nearer the tijuth.
to, the original principles of its _)_•_ ■•;•'.' Command is anxiety';■ obedience, easy,
zation.   ...:.:.-      .   ..■■.- "D'ye mind that now, Mary?"   ■
' Michel will ,go-solid-for Davidson 01 The French 'vote ,has quit weeping
the 28th as.the,workers there arc <_«-• lor" "Laurea,!. and a certain gentle-
t«rmined that one of their own-clasa man has promised to deliver-th«* goods-
must represent their interests. '■'■'   •' jen bloc.->.,-I wonder what Joe °Pllion
thinkB of this?
..,•■ !.y.UP A\biq'ma'joriYy;5 ; 7
:Sy. AY > '7 .    tor davidson
A large and attentive audience ga-
;7H0SMER, March"l7.~At two-thirty thered'at the hail of the'Venezla Hotel
thls'! afternoon the'f irst'public, meeting ( on Wednesday night,''20th'iV8t, to hear,
to dlsciiss'the'campaign isBu'es'in,this"fthe Socialist candidate? Wm. Davidson,
riding iwas held.'in, the Opera HbuBe. j.on.the political issues before th«i elec-
In spite of the'incle&ency^ oflthe?wea-UorB.°f Fernie' Riding"'; T^eTHon?, W,'
ther;a yiery fair audience was on,i_ahd \ R, Ross accepted Ithe offer of the" So*
when' the"chairman'"called„up6n'?j.. C.  clalist'■ Party to appear "on "the*sanie
m >t . - .- •      _ ,nlfif#nl.iw_*A_«»'«lal»»_*VAj».i*a***^^-'--#-**.A
r._«v, M.-w-c«^.uiu-iuv-jrvBlllufi- UL" IUO
halfJ'of-'the"workers' 'candidate,'* W.;
pavids'on>J After'-S-'C."':Turner bad
Completed' Mi' address, the/ candidate,'
\jfm.rpavldsdn/occupled pth"e,.pla'tform,*;
and went'very" thoroughly into th'e'jB-,
BuqB.Ke'fore"vtH'e'eie!ctor{.,i(and from the
aiiplause accorded him at tbe'conclu'*'
sion-of hia speech it-Ms*' evident that
Hosmer'ls.idetermined that their efforts will*bJ_ directed towaVda'the,election of one .who will undoubtedly re-'
present ,their* IntereHtB at'Vlctoria' af*
ter March 28th.      !     " '•   '*
'    Ileoord  .-hews Mini   Dr.  Rimdar flinch  arrived  nt
■)«rc)i )_!, )!«•«» rM.r s s,' Vjnjjr,j„„' nf (],e A]]m Vm)r
(J.iwii/i.'.   *,   Was nny oHer issued for his deportation.     If so.
ira,*. it (••ve-'iiicdf
(Jtlt'sticni •
tfi__. r".'fu!i*(
-■    Vos; not ytt evecufed.    Still pendinff.
".   Did the sn'd Snndnr Sintrh comply with tho immigra-
!•    No,
•*'» fin. miiu'v" "f pr.»iyb ro-imiib'n inland to Ktnnd f«ir
'rnirif* mnrV f,,rt fnntbnll of nnrtv prilitiefans and trraf-
H.   C.   Mininit   and   Eiiicinporinn"
tt.-.-' * ;•'•<•**•
fc*-f f *'»ti>iv'n and Vfctnriat
Rfc'*..d. 11
"Iiiloinpuraiu-o and iinnmialily nro no longer tho chief cnuscH of
nnvertv in \Tow VnrlM'itv "     <j„ i.„,u. «„   \..    ;..i   -. ...        v      , 1
of tho Dili in frmiKiiilttiiiK its nccount of n report,i,of the Now York
Association for Improving tho Condition of tho i'oor. Intemperance, nnd imuiornlity never were tho chief munch of poverty, in Now
York or anywhere oIho. U intcmporntiee and immorality woro the
ehiuf ennses of poverty the -wntt-Hl poverty would ho nmnrnr the rich.
Is tliat a pnrndox? Thfii mnko tin. iim.st »f it, „ Hcrctoforo ns wHl
m now it Imw been intc, ,H the above named WM.i,.,y ri.,Mll.,H for 'v.
uiirronL year, thnt "poverty due to industrial conditions is fnr*iri m-
hx* of that prml,*cc,! hy Vi,.,*» Nor an* H,.*,* ,„„ditions ae-M«i.
nl or unavoidable. I'.n^rty nmonK the industrial poor is ca..M..l
by the weallh nf Ihe idle ri.-l..    Kv.ry <!ol!„r tint r»,* to anyone whu
Wm' .Davidson, tho Socialist candi.
date, created' a remarkable. good hr-,
ifcsBi'on In1 Ho?-tii.: on Sunday,, nad
tli.'' Indications «•<. that a good por*
tlon of ttie .Libo.f-1'vote will como his
way. ■•'-■■•      -l ''' l'      ■' '
One of the most amiiBing things of
tho campnign, so far, is a cartoon
showing' McBrido'a White B. 0. In
I-Iosmor. It appears thnt a woman,
who nas two chlldron.and who lost hor
h.mbnnd in an oxploslon at Conl Creek,
hns beon acting us janitor ln tho public school.- Tlio secretary of tho ti"iR
toes, finding somo potty fault, dis-
charged tho poor womnn, and forthwith hired a ' Chinaman. Tho fact
of a Chink bolng given tho proforonco
at. a time whon thoro nro so mnny
pooplo out of work, and lho fact that
ono of tho truatooB has boon socro*
Invy of tho Conservative ABRoclntion,
nnd tho othor Ib on tho oxocutivo commlttoo (tho oxocutivo commlttoo, bug
nnd bnggngo aro connected with tlio
CP.It,), makes MoBrIde"'8 Whlto B.C.
a Bomowlmt plnyod-out and stalo expression ln Ilosmor,
A noted citizen, who, Buffers from a
a misplaced strain of phoney Joculnr-
Ity,. collared a Tour-oyod friend of IiIh
nnd proposod to show him hla picture.
Boliold tho four-oyod "glnUY* BiirprtBO
when thoy"stopped nt Harry Sclmp*
ka'fl pool room, nnd lio wns shown tho
picture of a "Chink conservative." Now
ronlly, attor "duo doltbornllon nnd
rnrofnl conBldorntlon',' our fouroyed
friend does not in tho lonat roaomblo
(lint frightful Chink.
A pnrty of C, P. n. officials arrived
In n special "Colonist" car to vlow the
mountain of conl In Iloamor, Wo do
not bullovo thoro la any truth In tho
roport that Sir Thomas O'ShaughnoBay
wns with them,
Conservative Party.
1 .The* chair was occupied by, H? Elinor.'
, -The meeting was firBt,,addressed bj"
J.'.C.'Turner, who In the,course,of.his
/emarka explained for the B^t.afac-
tion of the audience that personal references to the Conservative candidate
were only to be taken Into corialdera*
.tlon as showing c'ohclusiveiy. that, the
Conservative Party could never represent any but capitalist lntereBts. ,7so
far as'Mr. Ross, was,concerned ,the
speaker hnd no Ill-will towards him as
an Individual, but however 'sincere the
.Conservative'candidate" might bo.he
.could not by any rneana representee
Intoresta pf the working clnsa. Turner
dealt with the vote-cat'chlng methods
of tho capitalist candidate.In a very
vehement and cffectlvo mnnnor, nnd in
fnct loft the Hon. W. R. Ro'aa In a'difficult' position to get bnck at h'lm.
Aftor tho conclusion of Comrado
Turner's brief speech tho Hon. W. R.
Ross .hold the "platform for a mnttor of
thirty or forty minutos, but at any rato
ho had not a long atory to tell, but
hoped it would be a pleasant ono. , He
oxprosaod his own porsonnl regards for
our member oloet, nnd then wui; on
to donl with some of tho rcmarka mndo
by tho previous Bpenkor,' nnd finally
concluded with n few stock objoctlona
to tho Socialist policy nnd Ideas. Hla
anppertoi'H woro not vory numerotiB on
thia occnBlon, but nt times a, murmur
horo nnd thoro signified lie hnd aomo
llttlo support nmongat thoao who were
In tho snmo position na hlmaolf ao far
ns illscuHHlng ihG prlnclploH of Social*
lam were concornod, For tho bono*
fit of thoso who could not look at
thlnga from the atnndpolnt of tho
working claaa, tho Conservative cnndl*
dnto mentioned tho fact that tho Government would spoiid In Mlchol $18,*
BOO on ImprovemontB. Tbla wna not
brought forward with nny Intention
of catching votes, ao thnt It la undor-
atoocl In nny chbo thia money will b«
expended there next aoaalon,  .
Wm, Dnvlrtaon, tho cnndldnto for tho
workora of thia riding, thon took tho
platform, nnd proceeded to onllghton
tho Mlnlator of I.nnda on aome of hla
mlsconccptlona on Soclnllam, dealing
at some longth with tlio npponl made
by tho lion, W. 11, IIohb to nroiiao re*
llgloua prejudice Hla mcplnnntlon or
tho atand taken by tho Socialist Party
on Mie rellelmti nii«>*(lnn «nllnfl/>r1 Mm
ii-- -.'X.-'f
•»v*y*if ■
'. ..ri--,
X s,  -.,       ,,   ,t,    ., rf      , ,       l-.">y-.
Barber Shop
.    •■    V      *    ,' ~    ' ■-
".v.rB'^ths].* yyx;i.
■y     Shoe Shine -' ■>■'-■
. Billiard., and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
. Haze.wooa Buttermilk
Victoria. Aveiiue
FERMIE* B.C.       Phone 34
is not an? easy task, and that
is why we suggest your al-
- lowing us to find you ° such ,
1 rear estate - as ' you desire.'
Justtell us what kind of
An Investment
, you seek. Pefchance bur list.
does not cb_itain !'a'' suitable-
, property; weJlvvil_- search until
we find you something. -
,." ••,   •«. A'-„- «-' >■. ■-•   .   '.1  ■-*.
■\You'll'make  no  mistake,
, but you will? save money by
, dealing with us, -    ...
Sole Agent for Fernie
Elko, B.C.
Aa I am continuing my late-hue*
bnnd'a business, I would'ask for the
continued pat rrnnge of nil old custom
erp, and roipc-ctfully solicit tho trade
ct all.
>  1 1 >
Best of Rigs and Horses
Phone No, 10
flnmioMm.* ne*. t\m Wr-dln Vr** f>r(.
nnbllBhod ■ a   dotnllod rteflnltlnn wllh ! audlnnre who recelvoil anme with np.
dftM.i I P„rn it. iv oxf.,rfP,| ^m-'h-nv from otliuu v.h,, do «nn> it.,       ji»lu. i=u»_ uly ou.
conalilernbro nddnndn of what conatl-
tuicti a "iiohnnk." ' Tho marvoloni
doacrlptlvo powora of the V, V, P.
woro taxed to tho limit, nnd If I remember nrlKlit it wnn flom.'tM*.r* nbrrnt
a m/in who worked llko tlio dovll nnd
who Rot nothing for working. I saw
a pnlr of thoao peculiar Individuals
.nrrlvo from crimp nt Mlko Sorkooa.
Thoy hnd,linon working three montliB,
nnd the totnl nmount of tholr choquo
wna $iO,
W, It. Itoaa wna nlong the pike, ac
I'oinpaiiletl hy Kroii Wattera, extending tho "glad hnnd," and thnt wlnaomo
vol*, for me "In a wiwrnl wny" smile.
T wonder how far thoy carried my
110 frlonda with tho blankets, and
jhow many voles die glad hand afore
plnuao, lie nlao demollahed thn enpt*
tnllat candidate's theory of t|io dc«-
tnictivo policy of tlio Soulalinta, and
nlao allowed thnt the action of the sup*
erlntcnd-jnt of f-orbln Mlnffi -il^tnon.
st rated In no uncertain tones that this
campaign was bolng fougut between
lnbor and capital. Tlio coal company
at Corhln had refused tho right of
public speech to tho Social I at Candl*
date on the ground! thut ltli party
ntom. for the colli-cttvu owni-rnhlp (if
thn mlnos and other tnenna of wealth
production. Tht* Hon. W, It. Jioas,
on tho other hand, erpreaentlng tha
capttnllRt Intercetu of «<io province
stood for the upholding of the present
system of profit making, and -would be
at liberty to apeak on the property of
that (om.mny,    Tlie Co-Uu Co«_l Aitd
Coke Co. realized full. woll that tho
Soclallat Party ropreaonts tho working claaa movement and that tho Con-
Borvatlvo Party atnnds for the capltal-
lat intoreats, Tho apoaker nlso allowed how It wna that pollco wore Bonl
Into this district during tho Btrlko to
proaorvo capitalist,h}w and ordor, to
protoot tho proporty Intereata of tho
maator clnaB and not tho right of tho
working claaa, The function of capl*
tallBt government wna oxplnlned lucidly, nnd tho Krzuz cnao wna nlso denlt
with In a eloar and comprohenalvo
mnnnor, The record or lnbor leglala-
tlon waa nlao thoroughly . oxplalnod,
nnd othor pollclea of tho Conaorvntlvo
(lovornmont dealt with briefly. Tho
BiK-nkor conchidod by asking hla audience to, consldor their Intereata aa a
olnaH, and on March 28th thoy would
havo the opportunity of oxproaalng
tholr doalro to change the present «ya-
tom of wngo alavory hy mnrklni. tholr,
imliota for tho Hoclallst Candidate,
'i'i.*j .-.pLiitiuno v.(Wc(i Kreefcit i.iu i'oit-
clitajon of thia apcccli. waa aufflclent
guarantee that the worker* in Michel
nro fully awaro a« to whom their In*
tcrcBtB Ilo, and will demonstrate tills
»i«.l on MfcTfcfi iaXtt,
A« a safe-guard buy nothing In tho
linking powder line unless nil t.he Ingredients are printed on tho label. The
mnnufacturora of the brand* of bak*
Ir.'f powdfr fn which Inr** ftu/inlffft.*?
of alum are used, aro afraid to print
thn Ingrodl^nffl on tho Jnbcl na no per-
aon would buy It at any price. Magic
Unking Powder Is pure and guaranteed
not to contain alum.
Ledger Us Always Bet Tliere
■ ?j
•".ji -v'-'vV,"-::"■*_ _""•%_?.£'-
. *.   . . *
■>«*..■->'.•>'*•-; A*'-   *'
^.vaA.;- ft- ferjv.
f3ttan_B,-»i'fl, Mu&CK as, i§ia.
*_   .. •^_L'-*BPb- ML ->•;"- .       -■ 7,*_.  .     ■-»■- -*--•.'**.--_■_____. .-i \ _«____■
3****^*^^^ '■ ' rT-r'T'tirwfVi'jffa.i
*"« -J?1-. *. *£     .
ttfi+t+ttttktiaitiifituliailif.* tii'_r>Mw'«-iify_f'fi|j[YTYYY1rTTTTT¥VT
-. : : ^ _______-_..-  ^ntrflWHTITTTWW^MV!>,,^Ww?w^y^
* + + i
♦ ♦♦♦*•«•? ♦(5»' ♦" <0>
*...-. 7??.wy:    ,- ♦
♦ HOftMER  NOTES.- .        ♦'
"*%-'■■ »^MABWWIIreigMi".:tV ,♦
T* ♦ ♦.♦ ♦' ♦*♦♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
?'A miner named ..WwBalll^bVWu.
laiiu^i^qfii 'wi'lw'fa .fhQpdjp 'jlwf
though a poat iallingon'lilm, causing
a (compound fracture of tho right I»g.
v j[Tho worker's candidate—Win David-
eon—addressed an enthusiastic meeting in the Opera,. House.on Sunday
: Ttaa'-fioUavwi band *w*l_ew„__g fine
: progress under' th* lead^Vahlp1 of Mr.
'G«org«* GodwiiHlate*%i-*r»rnl*)I'^n'd
■it-'W; anticipated- that .Bell«r_.e"wilJ
have a fine time thia "coming ^Urrimer.
But it ia always unditratbod.ttiat Bell**
-T™*,-^'"^*^' '^^V. y^-'" '* T'y!1-''JV,L«lo»»tli__i• lkft ^-b^"lk_i_t S-itianlv- tor mrol>__ierv*tIo__i wJtHto'tna-v^Unr aai^ndTte
,■ --v.-■•'-v'.:^-.*.'. ."v.* ___________.<> -    •*-•-•'• three __i__WthV:.'iri"'V«:kiJ *__._.-.•»;_.__.•_;■■•_.   ceunln      tr__ v_._._.__i__. _,,-._ _    '..
ing !
Ml   ..
yPav© you seen;.two^atrangera In
tofrn and. wondered who they wor**.
well, one la-a well known art critic,
? representing a mJllionaire.'tand tha
•other ono represented a paper well-
known for its cartpona.'. Thoy. were
. after thor cartoons" exhibited "in the
Main Street? The art critic Bald.it
waa worthy of-the late->fom'Brown,
aiid P—-'a representative said he had
% discovered another" Phil May?    But,
. after all lt is not to leave Hosmer. Af.
'   tor. the , election. Is,oyer ,it is, to', be
.framed and hung In the school'museum. '
We understand* that a"$i a' day hotel
■charged Wm. Davidson.!.2 a day. What
. - wiil they charge Billy Ross?
*-.   On   Monday, April '8th',. 1912, ■ the
Knights of Pythias will hold a'grand
1 masquerade ball in'the'Opera House.
* There are prizes for the ."best dressed
lady;  best- dressed".gent..* and. conilc
\ costume. - The prizes' are on view at
T. A. Cornet.'a,Main'Street.yy " y
* 7 Still another old timer Is-.quitting
us, Jerry Shanay, and is leaving'Hhls
•week for. the coast." A' ■'".    'A',.
* The meeting of football enthusiasts
,i called for Tuesday last,'was unavoidably postponed.    Notjce will be posted as to meeting place and,It ls'to be
hoped that ,there!-will-be-a good rally.
The St..'>atrlck,B^ance held in the
Opera' House: NpnAMoriday.. last'" "waB
; largely attended,'and?the. excellent pro-
. gramme was greatlyf.enjoyed.   ; The
proceeds went to the ladies Altar Club.,
We notice another HoBirier adver-
tlaer- in^ the,;Ledge"r, 'vjlz.,-Mill^ and
Son, and their, motto "■'The! homo of
good clothes.:', .-We can fully.sub8tan-
tlate. '*.', A   •. '.."A '.',, 7 . -  ''
-''*.-       .. "'.''•.       *      .. . ...'■!
- One step won't^t'ake you- ver|y, far—.,,?
-  You've gQt to" keep?on_.wal'king;''.
* One inch "won't "mak"e' you very'tallA'*
introduced the epeakore. The first
"waa j. C. Turner, who^4a,.w*ll known
up here sa a; local orator. -He cer-
tainly set ther ball" rolling with great
Ed. Caulfieid, who'has not'been in|vltn- dealing chiefly with^circumstaac'
th«*bwt--y'Health-'_'ortheflM^ *h*t had come'under hia personal
; By •"Cerieortlna -Joe_"v
•gr** ^>'^k''_^ i&
"•■'•- i   '---".V' ''.J>;'
♦ o 4. « ^.«»v* <#;-^.'♦ __> 41 v
* Mr."John Brown;* General Manager.
arrived^ ho'tne'' last. week'., after..'«ij'.»^
vae'nce In ihe'Eaat'on buaineea' and'.fa
looking aa Well as ever.'
: ■ ' ;■.•. *.'.- .,..* r.f- .-'.•■' *.».■.
t A ,B5'*.I .d^W"....^^. given by j Mr.
'Cunniaghaiji; of/.the/Hillcriat Hotel,
at the .Hall on Monday. % Plncher.
Creek Orchestra furinishel * the, music
and,;everybody, waa, well aatlafied/ and
kept up,,the light'.fantastic--until,early:;
jn.the morning. :   o
-. • , .■".(.>,.    ,--..,-.   ■   i.
. Mrs.. J. Taylor arrived back from the
coaBt, where.Bhe was on a visit to her
son Albert./ We are glad to announce
that' he; ia doing fine. •- He la staying
at present at Hillcrest.-     •   /     .
- Who said that-diamonds'were not
attractive. -. A certain young marfient
his diamond ring to his intended, to
wear for the dance,'with, the result
that the following week the diamond
attracted so many aspirants, some belonging to Cape* Breton; Wlgan, Scotland and other-parts.     So numerous
three ni6i_thV*t'_i"_y'W hia'old'home In country. He kept; the .floor, for the
Cumberland, England, ' it ,1s to be,.beBt. >«t of .an hmir.'-, Mr, Davidaon,
hoped tliattKe "change ..will do"hi_n'.on *ri"Ing', was greeted'with roimda of
rnnA"       --'*-•-   -  ■-'- -- -      - "applause, he being no stranger up here
'; •*H.'>eaTby''idecideriaat'"wee^ to.
•shake the'anow of Coal Creek from.un-.
der hia feet, ao'he'le'ft laat.Wedneaday
for the coast district' ', 7,,-A-. S
Ro*t. Billa'borough.whq waa admitt
to. moat .of the boya. :vAt: the' outset
he- aaid- that, he waa sv«ry;.sorry, that
the,Hon. W. R. Rosa waa^not preaent,
or that any, of hia'colleagues'would
riot take the platform In the Conaer-
were the aspirants for the hand of'ln aH the various costumes Imagln-
the daughter that the'mother put them *8!?1« and unimaginable,"but there was
•d to the Fernie Hospital last wee* to ^"nt I»ntep*stB- a8'h'e (^aVidson) - did
undergo-an. operation' for rupture, la/WhV™!. *."!* °' ^ing^after a man
progreaalng sb favorably aa clan be'ex* " " ™°" ""* *
pected. ,,y ^ ,^    . (    .' y i ,,.,- ,
* We are pleased to be able to report
that Jack Arnold waa able to:leave'the
Hospital last week and-ia now getting
around with .the-aidof two crutches.'
billiard, game-between Joe. Dodds^and
Jack Wilson. , Dodds conceded Wilson.thirty in a game of three hundred,
and,after a very quiet game Wilson
won by. over "seventy. *
Another St. Patrick's day, has gone
Into oblivion and the masquerade ball,
I am sorry to say, did not come up to
the. expectations' of the committee,
owing, no doubt, to the slack'times
and shortage of spondulicks. There
was a fairly-good turnout of ladies;
* i
One word won't teh^eWall-you* know,'
You've got tdrkeepom..talklng,. •'-;,,
Ond little =''ad" won't,40,it all--1 *,.'..,,,
YRu!fi Sfl1.. ^keep, W going. 4t' -. '.-■.
♦ ♦♦♦••   ♦•<>-♦  4-
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ + + 4. 4? +. ♦ 4,
My. Edward CoupIand-'Went as' re-
pviBohtntive, for Bellevue to the un-
tual League*' Meeting ,of the Crow's
,Nost PaBs Poqtbail Association held
at Coleman on Saturday• laat7- '■•-.'*,
' Mr, James Cousins, of Bellevue,
spent last week-end with his wife at
Pernio. ', • ,- .-.'•-*■
. Mr George Davis and-family ie-
movod from' Fernio last week,to sot-
tlo down in Boliovue.   '
A dance was held;In,the, Socialist,
Hall on Thursday, laa't for the benefit
of the now learners,,
The Rev. W. H. Irwin preached on
Sunday night on tho subject. "The
Effects of Poverty." Next Su..day's
Biilijcct, "Tho Remedy for Poverty."
.niRcusslon invited. ' •,
The amount raised attho basket ho-
clnl hold ln tho church on March 6th
wan (.HO.
Tho boxing contest botweon Young
Morris nnd Sam Qrangor hold at Boll*
vno on Monday was declared a draw.
' An Irish Social wob hold In tho
church on Monday night, Mr. Prod
I'ailgct acting as chairman. Pro-
Rrnmmo: Song, Mr. Qoorgo Chrlatlo;
Irlih ' aong, Mr. D. II .Irwin; Irish
npooch, tho Rov. Mr. Young, of Frank;
nolo.tlon by tho band; aong, Mrs, F,
WolBtonhoJmo; dlnloguo nnd aong, F.
PndRct and Davo I-Iutton; aoloctlon by
tlio band. Onmoa. Aftor this 1111
Jrluli auppor waa provided by tho mom*
liors of tho' church.
to work__on the washing machine and
packing water .to-see. whether they
»•«•»■»» .afraid of a-lit tl--" work.-" So anxious were they.of being on .the right
terms that, they tore, right into- work
without ■ a murmur, * There was" no
need of a'grievance committee on this
Job, However,, all of 'the aspirants
were not subjected to work; as some'
were a little wiser." -' They sent letters
of propqsals-.to. the-young woman: but
they, were, all..turned :down., -That's
the way."put them,all to,work w^en
they come dong, whether ihey'.come
in .a pair of'cloga. or. dancing Ipiints. 7
ySo* keen iBi.th^race'ampngst.the un-.
employed .these ."days that,some, trust?
to win, by. overloading themselves with
cigars, which no; doubt will ".enable"
ttie _fellow___that_B_ runlneJieht 7to__wln
■>   —,... '   * 1. T'-*r.r,,.-.7 *.     . — T"."   "T."-" *> ."   ;
;The tin can band is preparing itself
for ty. oq processions in thia-town in
the near'fiiture.'as it is rumbredthiat
Dan'Cupid' has been successful ..with
two 'parties;,    t )r^ , ^     ,, v
.Andy, tukas'wa^here. Saturday trora
New'Michel,' and Is. trying to mak«e a
deal'to get part'of the townsite to
sell." He* says'that he would havo
no trouble to sell *Hlllcrest real estate
as";;it look's better'to'■ him than,any
town in the Pass, Mr. LukaB has
been in- the real estate business quite
a while, and Ib a' keen observer'. v
' We are glad to see Kelly ,ln town
thia week 'looking well after hia experience In'.Trailing off the,bridge.
"■The new tipple is" near completion
and will be in ubo in a short itme,
which will make, a groat improvement
to tho output, t HlllcroBt is promising
to bo a busy town this summer. Quite
a number of buBlneaa men from Frank,
also some from Blairmore, aro contemplating moving here, which speaks for
Itself.' t y
Wo wouid; advlBO aome that aro enquiring from tho boss if it.ia right for
them to attend tho St. Patrick's ball,
to nsk also If it's not vory Ignorant to
smoke and chow tobacco at dancos
and shows, nnd help to malco tho place'
moro like a bar-room than a hall.
Your correspondent wns unavoidably
delayed Sunday night, and If It wero
not for this incident would have Bhown
a littlo moro hospitality than Jimmy
did.    Do bottor noxt timo, follow.
J. S. llowlo and Thos. Taylor wero
collecting for the Co-oporatlvo Storo
around pay day, and mot with great
buccobb. Much credit Is duo thoao
gontlomon for ton worlc thoy are doing
for this movomont.
Instead of picking flaws, why not
try picking floworB? Folks who .harp
on ono strng nro not nbconBa.lly im*
gols—thoy might bo harpies,
every one,did justice,'-.'.Michel.Orel.
estra,  under p the ' leader^  of Mr.
Almond rendered >xicellent music, and
the duties "of, floor", master were ably'
executed by Mr.'Ed'-.Coughlinj,   There
; ™T%"au.te a number/oflFerpi^people.
present;.   ■
certainly a poor turnout of gentlemen.
.The prize winners were as follows:
Best representative' • Irish , character,
lyiiss Ruth Spruston, an Irish peasant-
girl; best-representative gentleman,
Mr. Cecil.Mintou, an Irish gentleman;
Co_nic_characte'r, Mrs. D. Oliver,' who
would have,-tipped the" beam at any.
thing about five hundred pounds including the.noBe.AAs^a real novelty
Mr. S. Phillips c(a double event—boost
for the Ledger'and Davidson) and Miss
L. Gray (as Miss. District Ledger);
were- certainly '^e'ry." original, lack,of
space prohibits,a,detailed descriptir•_
of all the "costumeB, worn..- Taking
everything into- consideration, all pre-
sent; had a very enjoyable time. A
good supply- of u refreshments. wan
who.waij.not.preBent, -..He.kept his
audience Bpellbound for over an hour
as he explained different ways they
have in dealing with various bills that
come before the house and the treatment that-the workers receive" at" the
hands of„ the,,Conservative Pahy.  -Af
asked it
there were any questions any one
would like to ask. ' One, gentleman
had sent.three up in writing, which'I
am sure, had the said gentleman not
got so excited, the, answers , given
would have convinced • him of how
much he knew about SocialiBm. One
or'two other questions were" asked
and answered with theaut'm6st -satisfaction. The meeting closed just after eleven o'clock.    . .;
On Sunday evening, March 24, in
the Club-Hall,'at 7.30, Miss Mushkat
and C. M. O'Brien, M.P.P. (Alberta).
will speak'on behalf pf-Wm. Davidson.
♦ ♦.♦.!
Mr. E. W?, HugbeB.-'paid .a visit.to
Coleman last Saturday„in.,connection
with the fjxing of.the C, N. p. Football
League, but.nothing bf.;any great importance ^aa done at,.the meeting except the regulating ,and revising of ,h*ve.scarcely.any thing, new,, to report,
tho rules.    The next meeting will be as e^eryth,nS. as far as' our future is
"Mr. W.>.. Simpson; of Frank, has "got
the ■ position- of..master..mechanic at
Hillcrest. He commenced work op
Tuesday. ,
Mr and.Mrs. A.('S/ Blais and family
arrived !fi6__fe^ifbm'dKtario on Saturday 'morning?-^-''' •■« *' »'■     .'■■*' -"';'v-'
'. Mr. Cuhningh'_.__i:;"the new manager
of the Sanatorium, arrived; from Leth-?
position vacated by Mr. Germalne' - •
A meeting of all the ratepayers'of
Frank ^was called by Mayor McGqwan
for -Mondfay ni'gi_t;'--'*t;The*''"ga.Ke'ring
was .held, .in th^i'achodl hall,-and'Its
the tqwn.„y.A. good-number}of'*,m'e'n:
were^ In attendanqe. (..Even] though
some' papbrfi'in Hhe'distance'seem'-to
know a great deal'about'Fra_ik Hnd tlie
mountain, and are still making false
reports, those of,us who live"lri Frank
concerned'hy about in the same waya's
a'week ago,'except that-A'.'Priced tlio
western, manager: of ,the,-C.s'P.- R.,'la
Try the
The Profits gd to the Purchasers
held at Coal Creek, on March 30th.
A grand concert was given in the
Club Hall on Thursday evening to help .
to raise funds to meet the'oxponso of oxPe?.ted.to-night (Wednesday) to dis-
the littlo debt .standing on the build* cuss tho Matter with our council and
lng fund of the Presbyterian Church. 1 look aft€r t^olr own interoats.
A good program of vocal and Inatru*. Tho cltlzcns ot "Pntik aro disgusted
mental "muslo ,was well rendered by ^ltn tho exaggerated newspaper re-
well known local artistes. The Rov, ^ort? tnftt navo beon Published all
E. Stevenson acted aa chairman,      ' 1ovor th'a Province about tho Frank
The Young Mon's Bible Class of tlio' raountaln-
Methodist Church assisted by the *_un-     Mr an<1 Ml'8, McCIollan havo' moved
day School tcachors, gavo a social ovon bnclt to Lothbridgo, where they camo
ing to some of tholr friends last Thum* from about a montu asp- „ 1
day.     an'mos wero played, rofroflh-     Harvey Murphy has rocelvod a li-
mente Borvod, and   a   very cnjoynbjo ConBO to run, a wholcsalo liquor storo
timo was spont by thoso prosont.   Tho ln ninlrr/Te.
young men nro to bo congratulated on     Cnnr*l<"> Burrows, wbo has boon the
thoir ability to play the host, ,1)0B8 noro for Bomo tlmo1, 1ms rocelvod
Look out for a grand treat (date lat-'ft *oh ,n bollovuo, Ills son also goes
or) (oa and a sorvlco of song, you to worIt t,,oro* nn'> on Saturday laBt ho
will not havo to mlas this. moved hla family to that town.
Mr. E. L. Stewart, gonoral mnnagor Somerton Is putting on a big oalo
for tho T, W. Co,, wna up horo on of 3«w«Iory previoiia to his farowoll to
bnslnoBB last Monday. Frank. ,
Mr. W. narton, tho Singer Machine Snm IjCfl',on who haa'been'Working
agent wna doing business up horo this nt A- Vi bang's Storo for aorho tlmo,
wook, hid Frank farewell last wook, and Ib
Tho mlnea woro all Idlo up horo last' BoIn*P to "tart up bualnoa for hlmsolf
Snturday nnd ngaln on Thursday.       lolaowhoro.    Ileforo lcnvlng a numbor
A vory cntimslaatlc mooting wna'01, mm ot tho town gathered'nt the
hold In tho Club Hall up horo Inat Frl* RJ>'nhnB|i, of which ho waa a mombor,
dny evening in tho Intorouta of the nn(' "l,ont ft plnnannt evening. A mini.
Soclnllat candldnto, Wm. Davidson, ,,or of nddrcaiioB by locnl orntora'wero
,T,   Cartor  aotod   na  chairman,  and ,!v<!n nml l,,nn ft proaontntlon to Bhow
i '1 their rogrot at IiIh leaving, tl
 ~ y    Mr, llonnmlcn, who hns been among
'ho bunlnoBB mon of tho town for the j
'& %+ ♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦'♦ ♦
^      "'    "•        .•.■'■"■->?    '.-•'    -'>    J    :-."■♦■
7 io'
♦ ♦ ♦ *> ♦ ♦♦•♦♦-♦ o ^ <*>
",A Boy Scout concert . was held on
Monday, March '•_.«!_;""' the eh'air was
taken by P. William's/sup'eHnte'ndent,-
and a fine, programme;was given by
the school boys and girls. A hearty
vote ot thaaks was passed to Mies
kortori rbr ~the "great' pain's" ahe ,had
Ukea with the children.  '
A We'hear that F. ■_«.-.Thompaon has
taken over Mar On's atore at Blaiiv
more, and Mr? Wycherby and-Mr., An-
derson are going to manage the Lille
store for Mr. Thompson.
8. Mason aad J. Jairiee are up from
Taber and have already commenced
work. They will get their families
here ae soon as weather permits.
, Mr. "Cooper, of the Blairmore Bank,
was a* visitor'in to%n on Sunday.     ,
MrB Robert EvanB is here from Blair
more nursing Mrs. J. Williams, who is,
at the time of writing, very Bick. We
hope for a speedy recovery.
We are all sorry to hear that J. May
is still very1 ill in bed with' typhoid
fever. ■>   ■•
The mines are working full blast
here arid there seems to be plenty of
cars to supply the demand.
Arnold Pinkney^ was a week-end
-visitor, the guest of Mr and Mrs F. M.
Thompson, "  ,-'*
'"Board Mejnber Hyslop, of Coleman,
was here on union .business last Saturday. .   .
Mr and Mrs. J. Hineline were visiting Blairmore on Wednesday and took
in the play. '* ' *
, . Mrs. W. 0. Evans was ■ a visitor in
Frank "oil Monday, and .was not afraid
of the *slide,coming down. . ■
',Mr and Mrs.'W. L. Evans, and dau-'
gbter, were visiting'Bellevue on Satur-
'day last.*- '    ;V"' .A''7 ' -   r
Mr. Pinkney, bf.'.BIairmore; was hi
town today.-,   -,-..-'■ ;?"-.;. .-:
The RcK:ky Mountiam
F •     _-r •*
.--■>   it A..
At the Fa_n«U8 Sulphur Springs
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1 -J-ll-i-       ■        ■ j
Due to the Indifference of Capltalista
"-•:•',    By He'ctor Macpherson '   - '
.De.Tocqiieville.'jSomewhere remarks,
upon'the-fact.tha^the condition of the
For Women and Girls
Buttons Covered
Revolution was. better than in -the,pre-'
.vidua, years of jthe century. It may
seem., strange :that_,the; ipopular'■ outbreak , should ,,take: place' just when, am
Improvement'was,takWplace, in, the,
circumotlariceis.pf IthepeppleA', The (ex-.
Pianation is^obvlouk |*.Wnen people'
are hopolessly'lcruBhed 'undeV the heel'
of tyranny there is-not- spirit enough
left, to protest.; It is only when tyranny
is being relaxed;. when. popular. aspirations for freedom are allowed, to develop;' that' discontent gets voice nnd
there growB a demand for action. 'In
this .country we. find- the same phenomenon; , ..The .workers today are certainly better off than those of a former
generation. The Improvement that
has taken place, combined with political power, fills the worker with an ambition to( havo a better share of the
national wealth. The spread of cduca
tion,, too, is largely responsible for
the widespread discontent in tho world
bf Labor. In addition is tlie publicity
now given to tho huge fortunes and
extravagant expenditure of mon of
wealth. Tho terrible contrasts between rich and poor, the great gulf
that separates tho Haves' and the
Have Xots, cannot fall to Incrcnao
groatly tho unrest among the workors,
In bis "Womlorful Contury," Dr, Wnl*
lnco points out that sixty or seventy
yonrs ngo a millionaire was a rarity,
Now they nro to bo reckoned by acorea
If not by huntlroilB, In regard to the
(llvlalon of tho national wealth, tho
annual Incomo of tho country wna estimated a fow yoars ago nt .-fi 1,107,000,'
Half of this wont Into tho pocliots of
flvo out of tlio forty-thrco millions
of tho population. On tho subject of
poverty we havo tho result of Mr.
Charlos north's Inquiries Into tho llfo
and labor of tho pooplo. Wo aro
told that about thirty-two por cont of
tho four mllllona of the population ot
London fall within his four cIbbkob of
poverty becauao thoy onrn not moro
than a guinea a week por family
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;! v: Domestic  Groceries   "
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groat undor-world of poverty, br con*
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llfo of the luxurious rich. Aftor ro*
innrkhiK tliat ut, u flowor ahoiv in tho
Tomplo flardciiB there woro .1.100,000
worth of orchida alone, ho goes on
to say: "A high Iron railing Boparatus
the Tomplo Oirdoiii. from tlio Thameft
I.mbankmcnt, whoro tiv-y night a different sort of 'ahow* :.   oa plnco,   It
and drnworB of.wator to thoao who eat,
drink, nnd mako merry in tholr palatini manaiona, Lrr/.uniB rofuaea to
iiccopt In beggarly fuuliion the crumbn
that fnll from tho''rich mnn'a .table.
Ho .Is now demanding a Beat In tho
banqueting hnll. For tbla Btnto of af-
fnlra tho capltallat cIsbb aro largely to
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A. R. llnnnon, who linn boon plumber
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Mirhi montliH, left nn Saturday laal for
VolHon. TIC.
On flntimtny li«t Mra, OliaffloM
■noved to Tllalrmoro. Mr. Chhtflold.lB
.,,, .,.,,,.„h w„ i,;s j,-,n.-_ij ()(ii.iiiv'ii*.
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nro now llvlnir In nialrmoro.
Mr. Dnrkln, Mr. Pntmoro. Mllro Mur-
nhy, and Mr. ^ToDnnnM liave tnken
t   , .,      .   .     I..     Tit..! 1	
. > ...   ...   .....   ..    .......  L.ti.s;^  itfc.v_.
fnmlllcB during tho past week.
Mra Potrlo and fnmllv Inft for t>»o
'•wli Inat wpok.' l'otrlo, who ll work*
"ne In tho mlno hero, now Uvea nt the
'•'rank I.e.*..
A good numbor of tho Frank people
«ttended the St. Patrick'., n.aii-iuerat.j
ilnnc-V at Tlli.trmoro on Monday
poor wrotclioH havo boon fro/un to
dentil. It dnoa not apeak well for our
modern social condltloiiH thnt vrn liavo
ItreHPiiled to iih such i-lnrlnir enntrantt.
In llfo na wo Imvn hero oxlilhllcd nn
the ono aulo ot n liiuli iron Umra nivi
on thu otln'i Hero .CIin.,uua wortli
of ortlilds; x'w.iv, lionioU-fcu liiimaii In-
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centre fiiiilneng nr-rllon of RDSOM,
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<'*«t!re»_. Thin (t an opportunity tbat
p.<o.-!<- not be mlMed. Appjj* Ttnr
,.'2, Fernie. 11. C.
lie aald:
!    "To mc, nt IcaBt. It would bo onoiiuh
to condemn modern Hocloty iib hardly
an advance on alavory or serfdom If
tho permanent condition of Industry
wero to bo that which wo now behold
—thnt nlnetv -per ee*.t nf <ho net-itnl
producers of wealth hnvo nn homo thnt
i they call their own beyond tho end of
tho week; havo no bit of noil or ho
; tn wll ns it room tlml belongH to tliein;
havo nothing of valuo of any kind i»v. j limn, aiarvliiB and with no place to
eept ns much old furniture an will no  vlci'i'." |
nn n e.-irt; hnvo tlio pwenrJous <*hnneo , From tlio inrllffit hmr tho cry of
'of weeklv waircg. whleh bnrelv Biifflre ;tho poor haa Rone uji to heaven,   Po
to keep them In lienltli; are honaoij for , verty, (.aunt and tniidc Iiiik over ahad*
the moat part In placea that no man lowed clvlllzntlon. PhlloHopliora, from
jthlnkf. fit for bin horun; are aepnrnted l'lnto to Hlr Tliotnaa Moro, linvo bual-
jby «n narrow a margin of destitution :"«l themalcvcH with Utopian acbemea,
W|i-if-i u'onfh of hod tr.de, ftlcki.c-Ai-, or  .u.d i..%»i.Uih and pint*. \u\\» louiseil
,<,|?il,i,,n''XPOr">'' '°M' t,rlnRa thcm f*rp <° f«rwnrd to a uolden aro when pence
T"w ;f if(,i v. ltd huiiuci' or p.iUH't'(itiit.   Tliir. ..tinl pl-.iil)    Vfuulil   re.Kn.     Not with*
la the normal alato of the nvernce t Jtiandlnfj tho advent of ChriHtlnnlty,
workman In town or ronntrr.'
Ib a pitiful oxhlhltloii of outcast hu*' ample of Robert Owen, who traiiHform*
mnnlty, Vou find mon nnd womon ed IiIb workB nt Now Lanark Into «.
alttlnr. upon tho benohca nil nlKht, nnd purndlao hy treat Inf. IiIh worker*, aa
Homo of thorn, uttoi-Iy ovorcomo, Ilo human boln^H nnd devotlnii hln ntir-
down on the pnvomont cloao to tho.pliia wealth lo tholr elevation --• had
purapet, or under the nrehca of Wn-'the capltiillRtK dono this thoy would
terloo TlrldRO, plnclnf. botweon tholr, not today hn ffRhtlnf? for tholr vory
HhlvorltiK bodloB and tho free/lm. oxlfltence. Hut thoy howpiI tho wind
BtonoB bltB of nowBpapera to render nnd nro now renpliif. tlio whirlwind.—-
the cold Iobb Intcnac, Not Infrequent-, Hoynolda'.
ly tho pollco find that aomo of th.iHii	
MANCHI.RTKII, Knu. — ThtiB far
xMuut ,«o j«i i«,i.{ oiily oi (iiu roiUill
't ll]*. l.'H- .."( i: u,w;,^]((J l., aiAi*.
l)lriilnlnliliii: conl Kiiiipllei <n»J l.ieiea*.-
Inn dlfftcultlen of tniiiBportatlnii mnto
thr, outlook blnelt. The en-'lnn trndo
of thlH dlatrlet In rapidly npproanlilni.
I       . ll i.. . 4 _ , .
'    '    >-.*.. t. .   . -ItiH  i  .i<.'ttn   it ii.U.
works, world-famed crifjIneerlnR wl
iirnior plitto worka, nmployini. 5,000 nr-
.iflcern, have rloncd, somo department a
rendering Idlo 1,200 hnnria. It In feared the entire worka will soon be a is-
pended. Several other leadlni. flrmu
nro In tlio K'linri plight. Order* aro
plentiful and iirKent, yet UioiiKtindH ut
wllllnf* eraftftnen nro Idlo.
LONDON.   Mnreb   20,-Tho     Dally
\nd   with I tm jroipel of brotherhood, the op-
whnt of the depths nf poverty roarliett  \-rwm)  still cry  ntoun-l  for JuslW   TeFernnh nnno'unee_i"7hi_.'Vhrr*'-...
br tho aubmer^d  wnlh, tho l^.« J »M th« w..l of iho «.«,«,. !IMra *«r^
In t.re»en<cof thccon-irr Induatrinl dlatrlcta of I.on.!or,  of
*uk_.*-r_. »u. n.- - rerimift ii.t,or trouble* hll over Orcat
r- -- -
•mflfs of I..J7...1.-..SI irandeivra?     Tlio,in the land.
airf-Vir o,f ""Vnfeh and Waul" nht*]i.*uU .n._.lC_cvl. lU
the followlnB vivid Rllmpin Into thft 1m\ng any longer lobe hewcra of wood I Itrllnln IMb aprlnr" y.s'^'-'Z"^*
^jc*i,V?-   ".*-
THE ;DISTRlbT LEDGER^ ffERl^ lft#"' -
■ '- P _
>* -1    ■ ' "■ o,   *-
7* ■    ' ■   By Victor L.- Berger
-.    "Under Socialism people will produce
'but not consume, in common.
"Our aim is Socialism? not'Commun-
-ism.     We want this understood.
Between Socialism and* Communism
"^there is a great deal of difference. t
"*   *'  *
Collectivism, is not a negation'of
property, nor" is  Socialism.    ' Blea.se
■keep this in mind.'
Socialism simply demands .Ihe collective ownership of the means' oE
production and distribution?  "\Ve will
rie ct- with".*the
evolve,frpm i..,.
Hie  collec'tiVity-
present   system "and
As, a matter of fact,
-that' is, the nation',
the? '-s.tatV. and-the community—will
closely follow along the lines of what
•people, have already long been doing,
only they #ill dp?' this from, a Social-,
istic standpoint. ' 7
'" So Collectivism is not Communism,
and. Karl, Marx* and /Fred rich Engels,
for instance, who in their early days
were''Communists, later on in life became Collectivists and Social-Demo-.-
.cr'iits.     .Communism' has. often been
produce in common, but the consump-. tried,,and, outside of a few small re-,
ligious comm'uhities, lias' failed.        -■
-. About- -1840  there Avas  a   wave'
tion will remain-individual. •  ■
Socialism will control'only'bilr'cai-I-
tal,  not our property.      A Socialist
Commonwealth will liot (io away with
'the individual ownership, of property,
but only with'individual ownership of
*   *   *
It is Communism that denies individual ownership of all 'property.   The
Communists' want lo produce and-consume  in  common.      There  are  few
conscious Communists in the world at
the present time, -     ' -' "
To make myself still more explicit,
"capital"is 'that part of -wealth which'
is used as means of production—that
is, raw materials, as machinery, factories, etc.    .To socialize these is the
aim ot all Socialists. ......
. But all products and wares, after
they have been distributed for* consumption "and personal use, will,remain private property.
Tt is necesasry to state this at this
time because there are some Communists who think they are Socialists.
There are even some editors who
' seem to find it uiffic'ult to distinguish
between capital and property from a
Socialist standpoint.
A Social Democracy must socialize
capital because in the Co-operative
Commonwealth the industrial democ:
racy must rule.
-„ •        ■-*'♦*
(.Under the present capitalistic, system 1 collective  capital,, especially, as-,
.organized, in the trusts and big corporations, has practically : nullified
most of- the advantages of political de-"
mocracy, and'thus the capitalist class
has become the ruler of the people.
It-is clear from all;this, that the
people must turn privately owned capital into1 collectively owned capital aB
- a' matter of' seIf-'tireserva.tion.    "*'*■•-' *
Fourloristic Communism in this country. It was "started by" Albert Brisbane,, and some of the most brilliant
and'best men-and" women fills, country has ever produced, participated,in
the experiments. But all the Communistic settlements where the religious and ascetic elements were lacl_-
■itig came to naught.     .r;
. Socialism, or Social-Democracy, has
never lieen tried, because it will be
the outcome of modern conditions—of
the invention o£ machinery, and the
centralization of capital on one' hand
and ,the development, of .political .democracy on the other. .    -    ...
- - o
_Communism would be.a step.backward 7? would be a retrogression to a
very primitive and low stage of human society:
Social-Democracy will niean a step
forward toward a higher civilization
than history has ever known. '
Just to emphasize the difference' between Collectivism and .Communism—
between the- Collective ownership of
the means of production'and distribution . and the common "ownership of
everything—there is nothing in, Collectivism 'that will prevent people who
are so-inclined from saving.- •' -■'
They will be^ able to save just'as
much as they wish: 'they'will be'able
to utilize their savings in any" manner
they; choose with.'one single exception.
They will not? be able in any possible
way'to "invest" their savings—that
is to say they will, not be able _o use
their savings to make aprofitl *
Of course, our capitalists will, cry
out, "What is the use of a man' possessing a hundred thousand dollars
if. he cannot invest.hls''money?" which
means, what ia" the iise "of a man pos-
v-. »}_■
*-.  --
: i1iVv7v..
• '■
Socialist Coriiittg
Get Re
15 USED. :
*;     ,"-        • v   >,     ■
c'ribe the.Co-operative Commonwealth,
the Socialist Republic or any' other
*' .    '
state in ,-this article. , •
«T have simply tried to bring out a
few 'ofAhe differences "^between Socialism and Communism, and - about
these' a great deal more may be said.
.MILWAUKEE, Wis.—"This new..in--
terriationalism—-Socialism—is the com-
mon. ideal of' the. common :.pe6ple?' lt
is coming.'; Nothing can stop 'it! »',The
social revolution is on'its', way. -, You
had better, get ready." "-. . 7 ,,,.
..This-was the statement;of the Rev.
•It. J, Campbell, pastor bf the City Tem-,
pie,', London, speaking at the Plymouth
Congregational Church.* here.-  ,--• . '-
.'.'Tliat there' is social unrest-is now"
.admitted,-by our.m-ost conservative
•brothers-;". said the .reverend gentleman. "Tlie people are dissatisfied, and
by the people I-mean tUose>who work
for a living.. They are dissatisfied.
.They-, are discontented. * And why?
Because the workers are-waking up to
a realization that ,they are entitled
to that which they produce;-they are
entitled tb the -world' itself. They
realize that they deserve the' abundant,
life. 7 And ? what is more, they are •
beginning.to Realize- that they'possess
the power to' do anything they may
decide upon.* \
"And so'we find a' class struggle.
The" workers are.striking economically,
politically, religiously and In every
conceivable manner. 'They are striking for the world. They'want the
world." And they deserve the world
if-.'they 7can get it? We have only
recently learned in England that when
the workers stop working we intellectuals stop-'eating."; When the workers -stop* producing  we  big,  brainy,
■■». . vV.'J"^.-.;--.*
all-knowing philosophers and thinkers
and preachers "just simply sit odown
and stop, eating."* .,.■-..;, " .. 7
"And now I,jvish,to turn,to the new
internationalism- o_f .,pur day. -Thisv
new internationalism, means* that the
world is shrinking. . -The world.is^no"
longer a mighty planet; it'has shrjunl.
so that we. are.no*-longer .strangers,
but neighbors.' ^Barriers are* being
broken down.' No longer are we.sur-'
prised at the characterlstics*of others,
"We are no' longer strangers. ■
"What is, the connecting '.link .between all.nations and'races? Why is
there strife in .India, China, Morocco,
Algeria,- Tersia, Los Angeles, Berlin
and Loydon?', Why are all these human' beings struggling? Why are all
their ideals similar in the main?- Because they' have interests that are iden
tical; they have earthly*heavens,within" common reach; they realize1 that a
victory' of the producers in ' China
means a step forward in India.?; The
"world is tied together; . At last is the
world 'organized—fighting.
"What Is^tliis new internationalism?
Nothing more ^than-Socialism.' Socialism is tlie demand of the workers
for more life, more air, for cleanliness,
health,: beauty? love,. joy.' Socialism
gives concrete expression to these as-
'pir'ations.' ' Socialism thrills *' youth
and manhood with this new internationalism and produces a fervour even
more intense than was the church ever
able, to' produce.". -
■k '<.£«■-'•«;. '7-7-4- Ayy
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•" 7" \::Steam Heated. _'"",    '7 ."„
\ 'Phone' in every room..'"
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'The .finest,, of , Wines,. Liquors
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'••"■.      * *7 \
The people must do it because private capital,' which was formerly a
means of progress, is now impeding
In short, the private ownership of
capital was for several hundred years
an historical necessity.' Now the collective ownership of capital is becoming an historiacl necessity.
That such is the trend of the time
we can see at a glance, from the discussion that is going on in the daily
and weekly papers and in the magazines.,
But that trend Is toward Socialism,
not toward Communism.
The measures that the Socialists will
take and must tako will closely con-
(From. the'-) London Chronicle)
sessing wealth if he cannot use it to
work others and live himself without
work?,    ■ -.     (   .
This; I will admit? is a grievance
that cannot be helped. ..
But it is a grievance that is no ,prie-
vance: First, because under Collectivism there will not bo the slightest
necessity for Individual saving with
a view of providing for the future or
old age, for care will be taken of every
citizen, Second,"there will be no
encouragement for saving, for accumulating capital will be looked upon
as tho function of society, and not of
the individual. ,'
•   •   »
But it is a grievance that is no grle?
? The coal-miner, so strenuous in his
demands just now, was among the last
of the toilers to discover that he had
a -soul of his own. There was the
Scotch mines,infor , instance, whose
woes are,'summarized by Mr. Hack-
wood in his "Good Old Times".: "From
about- tho. year ' 1445 until ,1775" the
miijers-of^Seotlanu=were bought 'and
sold with the soil. It is stated in,old
chronicles' that bloodhounds were kept
Fear of Socialism
A *      ** 7""''    , ,
Wearing Ojfy Says
The Omaha News
Cigar Store
A. McDougall, -Mgr
to trace 'them if they left their em-
Dloyment^and to aid in bringing them
baclc,' „By statute law miners were
bound to work all dajr in the year except Paschal and Yule, and if they did
not work they wo*p to be 'whipped in
tlie bodies for tho glory of God and fo**
the good of their masters.' Not until
1775 was .fie first law passed in an
attempt to better this state of things,
but it was.l.'jO eie the law gave tin.
working minor of Scotland his complete freedom." ,,
STftDC rniinuc heals the lungs
o I lira t-UUbHO piucE. 2s cents
' - The. Omaha (Neb.) News. recently
contained the following editorial: .'
"One"of, the--leading newspapers observes with*?alarm that over 38 per
cent of those.voting in the recent Los
Angeles election voted for Socialism.
"Collier says that there are over 500
Socialists  in'.public, office and "that
.Ll.~—%.~~L.^-~.~2;~L~'—4t~\.L !_.. U« -«.«..1_
"UKS~_n:oi.~wajr^i,v—_l&ui.—aujr—uai uiiui
kind bf Socialism is to fight for more
honesty iii our laws and more justice
in our treatment of our fellow? men7, ,
"Prof. Hoxie, In the Journal of Political Economy,, says: It is the Otlses,
the Posts, tho.Parrys, the Van Cleaves
and the Kirbya who are most active in
raising up-revolutionary Socialism. ln
this country, y •,
, "In this way do experts figure out
the undoubtedly remarkable trend toward Socialism, but what actuates
the fellow who, really votes for Socialism?
"Isn't it that many * patriotic citizens see no place else to go? ■ Demonstrations that'both old party organi*
zdtlons are tarred with the same stick
have about killed fetishism.
"The things that many patriots want-
government to do ln respect to cor*
porations, government ,seems unable
or unwilling to do, and yot tho.o'
things aro distinctly part of the Socialist propaganda. , Thoy appear to
be the right things to do, to such patriots, ln tho Interest of common humanity, regardless ob to whnt party
makes much or little of thorn.
"Again, as Collier's Bays, 'the results
of what Socialists do when elected
help thorn ln subsequent elections.'
"The fear of red radicalism irf Socialism is wearing off, and the conduct and success of Socialists already
entrusted with civic power may lead
to, a- sort 'of modified but efficacious
Socialism that other enlightened communities* .than   Berkeley, "Pasadena,
0Gi_clJWl.l..f.uj-aiiu~JLill0~.n.uadt._,~\ mwiu-
12 per cent) may indorse?"'
* (This should be' read over .very
carefully by you, Mr. Voter, and mark
—"the" results - of what Socialista do
when elected-. . . ." This ie a point,
that should not be lost sight of. What
do the*. Conservatives do—the -bunch
who follow ' the McBride demigod?
If you,-people who will insist on call
lng yourselves "level-headed business
men" will but take the trouble to
follow the reports of doings in the
Victoria House you will very sooni discover that you elect a flock of sheep—
pinheads—who follow their leader
without a whisper of dissent. .To
call then, sheep la -an Insult to the Intelligence of that animal; to describe
them aa asses is equally insulting to
a very useful beast of burden; but to
describe them' as parasites is much
hearer the ■ truth If not tho wholo.
Mr; Voter, tho rcBulta of what Socialists do whon elected will prove a
vory useful argument to thoBo gentlemen who, with parrot-like persistency
cry "I ain't going to share up with
any d Socialists what llttlo I have
got!" These peoplo can generally bo
disregarded, ns they invariably possess very llttlo, and If tholr wealth la
contained, only In brain powor—thon
Indeed thoy nre paupers!)
Is Now Opened
,. -      •'' ■■*"   .       ■
' Glean, Cosy and very
Inviting   , '   -
'r "-   , ■   '        '     ' ' -   '    ~
Just the place after the
show or from tlie rink.
Fred. Armstrong
Proprietor     .
Manufacturers of and Deal-
, ers in all kinds of Rough *
and Dressed Lumber
Bar Hupplied with  the  best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars A
The Controversy on the Great Northern  Hm Reached Sentatlonal
CROOKBTON,   Minn., March 18.—
The controversy botweon   tho  Great
OTTAWA, March 12.—Hon. T. W.
Crothora, minister of labor, hao docld-
od to mako a tour of Canada from Hall-
fax to Vancouvor, vlBltlng all of <%•
Industrial centres.
Ho plans to go Into the mlncB, to
NortTiora Hallway and Brotherhood of InBpoct tho groat factories, to boo for
hlniBol. tho conditions under which tho
laboring; men nro working. In tho
west, Mr. Crothora will'Visit,tho factories of Winnipeg, and undoubtedly
will spend a day or two at Edmonton.
Large Airy Rooms &
Good Board
Ross & Mackay !».
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
1     t
Call in and
see us once
OU'LL find all the other new Spring Styles in Suits and Over
coats in the Fit-Roform Stylo Book,
free, of course.
Write for a copy— •>
It shows the Suits and Overcoats that well dressed men are going,
to wear this spring—and helps you to pick out garments of
irreproachable elegance.   Mailed, free, to any address
Railway Carmen of America, reached
a sonaatlonnl Btage hero today, whon
warrants wero placed In tho hands or
Sheriff Daniels for tho arrest of Sup*
ortnlendent Knohcl and Mastor Mo*
chanlo W. J .Smith, dn tho complaint
of John H. Walters, Grand I_od*_e With tho development of factory pro-
deputy, the chnrj.0 belnf. tho dlschargo ductlon and subso qucntly tho corpor-
of nil union carmen horo because thoy : ato organization of Industry, tho moral
would not quit tbo union. dement therein was eliminated, con-
Men assert thoy were called In by  trol passing from tho producers who
tho master mechanic and glvon tho  put character Into their work, to tho
I, choice of Quitting tbo union or. bolnt.   non-producing, non-ethical capitalist.
, discharged, and tbat thoy wero dis*!    Subsequently tho cancor of capital*
charged.    Knead, and Smith refused  Ism attacked tho public press,    Half
' to teBtlfv on lho plea that, their ovl*  a «>n»iirv fltro thw-editor hriihIIv own-
I j don co might tend to Incriminate them, ed tho organ he conducted.   Ho meant I
j    Bome   sensational  affidavits   have  what he wrote nnd wrote what ho
j been Recur od and a bitter struggle,  honestly thought was truo or desirable
which may Involve many, probably will In the public Interest,    Today the tneu
develop.    Olhor warrants will follow  who control tho lending organs of tho
regarding blacklists.    The Great Nor- country are not journalists At alt. They
.hern him thus far discharged only  a\fi capitalists,  and  just, as at an
union carmen at CrooVston and Sioux > earlier stage, they squeezed tho moral
City, but the carmen at Hlllard, Mlnot,  element out of production, they have
GlaRgow, Havre, Troy (Mont.), White*  succeeded in a similar dls-sorvlco In
fish, Everett and Grand Forks hnvo  Journalism.
. been notified to leave .the union, or - The moral Is (0 Ignoro the opinions
thoy would he dlachargcd. Other union and to carefully weigh the atateroenU
men hero ffnd at Qrand Forks ate In* t of fact usually appearing In the editor-
Nowhere In the Pass can be
found In such » display of
We havo tho bast monsy
can buy,of Besf. Pork, Mutton, vssti Poultry, Butter,
Egos, Pish, 'Mn.pera.or Hams
ond Bacon*' Lard, Sausages,
Welners and 8auer Kraut.
Calgary Cattle Go,
Phono OS
P, Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.
Dr. dc Van'* Female Pills
I AMli«M«P..uhrt«vU.M;n«._. hilt. Th*_e
pin. art t_.«.<.tm|.r yowtrfa! In rrf**U.I_tf tM
i _.er.-,*ttv_ |».turn ot (h» f«m_la trtiem. __«(•*•
1 _wl ..;.*(> Jra.tirj-jo*. Or. *.« T_v»'_ an ta.4 •>
! it* .mu. tit tSr«> fn. |t<v   M»ilml tr. mr •,M/M«.
, u*. -.U.W.. _*_>« c*„ au c-.t_u_--.-_**. «mw
for SaU at Blsssdsll's Drug St«r«.
Ul coluuiuu of the dally prfetw avid for
workingmen to promote tbe financial
success. Influence and circoUtion of
th« labor Journals and for farm-flrs fo
do 11 similar service for tho agrleuHn*
ral vn** tionesily attached ta the Intereata af the Canuluii ei_u_u.u_._.y.- -
Canadian Co-Operator.
Second Hand
Victoria Ave., Fernie
All kfnr.ft nt
Household  Furniture
Stoves, Tools, etc.
Bought and Sold
Llrard Local General Teamsters No.
141. Meets ovory Friday night at
8 p. tn, Miners' Union Hall. W,
A Worthlnuton, Presldont; E. J.
Clood, Secretary.
Bartenders' Local No, 614: Meets Snd
and 4th Bundnyn nt 2,80 p.m. Been* '
tnry 3, A, Qouplll, Waldorf Hotel
Gladstone Local No. S314 U. M, W. A,
Meets zin and itti tnursumy mam*
ITxilt-jj Lfill.   7hi&. Vj-'lilD, i'pr.
Typographical Union No. CSS' Meets
last Saturday in each month at tho
Ledger Offlco, A. J, Buckley, Secretary, •
Local Fornle No. 17" 6. P. of O. Meets
In Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners*—l_ocal 1220. O. J, Evans,
President; P. U. Shaw, Suerotary.
G. Radland   Fernie
B.   W.   WIDDOWSOJ't, AMsytr *»d
Jhsmlst, Box C IXOf,' Helton. B. C.
Shargflts—Oold. Oliver, Lead or Cooper,
H +**"».     n*.a.*R!lir«T, at «Hv»r-iL«.«_l,
argets—Oold. Oliver, t_ead or Cooper
— n*.«.'RH*.«T, w «Uv»r-i,««_l.
lees for other intuit: Co»r,
enmcat, irirgclay _.nali..fl« on upptron,-
tlon.. TheJ*r_..it cuttom asiay offlet
In Brltleb Celambla. ;,-.....
PAGE NHf^:-.
Tutto un7scherso^i dice che'verranno due mila Cinesi Entreranno?"
\    '  y./^in questa ]_^^nc_a''i__i 12 Mesi
I eapitalisti ten-
tori, lasciate d'iiidovinare soldi e indo'vinate voti.
gono piu soldi, ma,voi.avete piu voti. - ...-'..
'iNei prati industriale i vostri *nu_neri,' e laVvostra debliolezza, nei
Fernfe Dairy
v   '     7.        v
' delivered - to all
, parts of the" town
Sanders  AVerhaost; Brothers.
Proprietors   , .
II capogovernatore McBride-ha. sempre detto e ripetuto al park-'
inento del Martedi seorsoj'.ehe le costrozzioni della ferrovia in-qiii.'sta
Provincia!si fara con j'operaii Kian'elii.  '' • A ' '^ ■'*'''
^ /Il suo.pianto e sempre stato "una J3ritisa Colombia Bianca!" Quar-
dando suirestiniazibne'della provincia. per l'anno ventiiro, 'come, a
detto1 il ministro di finanza Ellison, noi obbiamo un ittem'a di. $500^00
dollari come la somma che'si'aspetta di rieevere il'governo del tribute'
cinese clievengonoin questa.provincia.    II tributo Mi' cinesi'che en-
trono in questo terrenp e di dollari $500,000, meta che va nella'tresor-
eria Provinciate ed uri'altra meta'sene va al governo federate. ' Questo
sara; il perche,'a, dire che il Male del tributo cinese dell'anno venturo
a coloro che. entrant, in.questa provincia l'e sommata a cento mila
dollari, o pure in altre parole, l'e l'intenzionedi'McBride, Ross, di
permettere due mila cinesi di entrare in questa,Provincia, durante
l'anno venture , Per quale motivo?     Non vi £ altra risposta solo di
prendere OperairAsiatichiper layorare sulle ferrovie a meno prezzo:
Come questa e una domanda yitale alia popolazionedi questi parti del
Canada, i elettori della vicinanza "di Fernie ed altri posti, bebbono do-
manddreai candidati una spiegazione**di questo. ■
: Noi.vogliamo, seritire a' Mr. Ross su di questo motivo.
.*   Elettori, prima che.votate per un conservative domandate a lui'una
piena e sodis'fatta spiegazione di questa British Colombia Bianea.   '
"   Questa domanda'l'e troppo importante di cfschersare.
."Sarebbe, a dire la vera vita dell'operai in questa Provincia, ed e
come una propria preservazionee prima leggia di naturvpotrettatevi,
votando la'tichetta Socialista.   "
e mila Cinesi-Entrerahno? pfati political! vostri numeri vi da forsa'no^indrivinate.. Jnscgnate
ndttempo    ^7-,.A?AA;comeSiusalaforsaA    '"  '-    "°        -■;■.  A-   7:7.--    " ■' "
,,:'-'   .    ■' .-     'A-\-  ■ •''*^a lnaggioranza'di voi l'avete usata per-i-.vostri maestri?     V.oi
ctetto e rmetuto al narla-   o.-/_t„ ,,~..,+,. ..'     ._    •_.__'•  - . '       ,    '-'•.'.     " -- . .„ .
and Sale Stables
First class Horset.for Sale.
Buys Horses onComirilslor.
George Barton    Phone 78
:ACM'N;fc*E'-RA I
y&,jr ~---- --*
■ _
< c
• ■» —
.,   ■«
''...».   - FORS A ■'.-.'
Nell'urtimo e 1 'unico'valido argomento sara la forsa.. Noi possiamo
parlare quanto vogliamo di giustizia e ingiustizia, di male e di bene, ma
.dopo tutto sorio idee separate. Senza la,forsa di potere 'mantenere
queste idee, ho avendo la forsa, e mancaiido usarla, di che bene sono
le idee pura, o, che argomento sono a- loro medesimi? * Nienti mai in
causo di dispiuto il partito al dispiuto si commcia sempre a.parlare di
male e di bene, ma, quando verra a dimostrarsi il partito piu forte,
sempre,vincera e mantiene il giusto per vertu-1 della forsa. - La forsa
e giixsta.  "  .'• -7-     , A      ,-       ..'.*.
Cosi adesso cbme in ogni tempo. ,    >'    ''X *
Questo tuono sara brutale, ma e vero e noi dobbiamo trovare la
venta, "Voi dovete saperela verita, e la verita vifara libero."
Peresempio; noi imaginamo che si fara sciopero. Noi ei avvici-
niamo. ai superior con l'argomenti usuali per il costo del vivere, ecc-
e la nicessita di.megliorare cbndizioni.di lavoro, per corte, ore, O avan-
zar,e la giornata.  •'-.;..      \ ■ ■ ~    '   "'  ,     ■'•
Loro.provoranno a pfendere piu.di quello che prendevano attual-
Aercnt   Fernie   Branch
Pellatt    Ave.    North.
fcMMMW**¥¥ ¥¥¥¥*¥***¥¥***_■/._ i
L. E. McDonald
- and ' _
Express and Delivery Wagons a
Speciality .
prendere piu, ben sicuro, E'lorq si credqno che e giusto perche e de.ntro
le loro'interesso. . ,,  • ' ' 7'    * \
■■Neiraltra mano isup'eriorivsonci in contrario, se i lavoranti avan-
zaijo la loro giornata loro riceyono meno profitto. Credono che i lavoranti non c giusto di prendere piu-alta "paga e aildiam^a'spiegare
come non* c raggionata i lavoranti debbono domandare il stato d'im-
piego non permette i lavoratori,'ecc. ' I lavoranti dicoho che piu
alta paga e sempre meglio i superiori dicono che piu alta- e la paga
piulepeggio.       .,      *'   *     . ( .,   * ; "
, Quale sarebbe giusto ?
- Noi vidiamo. Noi diremo che si fara sciopero. Qui vi sono due
coppie di vita umana, una saracoppiapiccola, una1 mano'piona dt'
porsono-superioriqui vi e 1'altra coppia una massa di lavoranti sicuramente ,tcngona la -stessa forma c vita. Ancora
mantengon0i contrarie ,idee del' mal e del bene. Perche? la
coppia piccola ,sono, compratori della Jorsa lavorante c la coppia
grande sono,. venditor! dclla/iorsa lavorante, i compratori vogliano
comprare a meno prezzo cd i venditor; vogliano vendcre piu caro.
Loro, non sono stati obili ad arrivarc un' Egrimento di eomprimessa
cd il sc,opero fu fatto, venuto al voro argomento dopotutto, una prova
di iorsa o un eombattimonto, cd a un comb'attimento il piu i'orto sem-
pro vineera, non vuol dire forsa muscolavc, neanclu. -n nnmoro ma
qualunqno partito che potra' dimostraro la forsa sul motivo partico-
lare del comballimento in quale loro sono sfidati. Atlcsso il sciopero
nono vinto con forsa di numoro; nnmovi sono debolezze conic si con-
sista un sciopero. Quosto dimostra un ardenet .desidorio doi uomini
cho fanno sciopero per mantenere I'nltri lavoranti via di quesln local-
ita. Non importa cho j scioporanti roiio grossi e forti; la forsa mus-
colaro non vincera questa qualita di eombattimonto.
Non vi dimenticato cho il sciopero q solo una prova del stato mor*
cato dolla,forsa doi Invoranti; so il morcato e favorevolo a loro i
scioperant. vincornnno o altrimenti perdoranno. Un seiopcro sta in
so stcsso un eombattimonto fin.inzialo c so ronda comodo i H.iporiori
sempre vmccranno continuandolo al lungo.
Loro ci anno i)n combattcro un eombattimonto di cRsero Hcduli o
nspettono, ;
Un sciopero o un gioco d'indovinare o soldi dei Heioporanti contra In
monota d.o cnpitalisli, o qunndo o finito l'ultimo ecntoKin.o doi srio*
pornnti i cnpifalisti tengono molti dei dollari rimnsti. Conscqucnta-
xnontq so i aciopcrnnti fannp un poeo dfllurbo, il polizzojlo ol.e o a
dmpoHito doi boss), sono usnti a far fuoco o dnro bnstonnto.   ' Lavora*
avete votato per la medesima cosa che avete .andato contro. Voi
avete • votato.' per ,7la- classa che avete - .andate* contro. Voi
avete combattuto nel prato dove sicte piu debble e avete votato contro le vostre interesse "nel prato dove siete piu forte. Con cbraggio
splendido, con ammirabile deyiizione, con la fortituda meravigliosa,
voi avete fatto sciopero, voi avete'mantenuto per lungo tempo, acquis-
tandoyi freddo e fame/cjisposizi'ohe di formare case, ed ogni qualita di
miseria e privozione, voi avete, fatto.:questo a'ricora e ancora, e poi
quando avete - andato alia ballottagi'ne sarebbe stato voto
cosi facile per voi di aver segnato il yostro- voto al' punto
giusto; voi avete; votato contro le vostre "interesse. ' Ritrattoto un
lavorante che va al ballottagio a" dare il voto d -partito capitalisto.
Un partito che ei fondano i lord maestri (chi non donno moneta per
raggioni sentimentali) piu tardi il medesimo lavoratore prende arte
in un sciopero, e il stesso governo che jui a votato, torna libero, al
eomando dei maestri,, tutti i polizzotti e l'assassiui del governo che
sono considerati nicissari, e se lui non si guarda bene prende la sua
"e dove discende il bastone del polizzotto sulla sua testa lui scute l'eco
voto che'a dato all'ultima, Elezione."
Lavoranti, Jasciatevi di battervi sulla testa.    Relizzate qualunque
che tiene le retine del governo in sue mano vuol dire societa.
Relizzate 'che voi avete anehe la forsa, di prendere queste retine. ■
Ricordatevi che vi e untpartito che voi potete usare per quel punto.
Ricordatevi chequellovsara solo per, la classa dei lavoranti.
,   Tale partito e il partito Socialisto del Canada il qualee per i lavoranti.'   II partito cia'adesso due membri nelle camere dei deputati nella
British Columbia.   ' Se voi sapete le vostre interesse ne possiamo fare
tre il giorno 28 Mai-zo. '?'.,•<•
WM. DAVIDSON e nomitrato peril partito Socialisto, uno dei meg-<
liori politicali dei lavoratori organzzati. " .Un voto per DAVIDSON e
uh membro e dove voi aete le vostro interesse.    - ,
un membro.e dove voi aete le ostre interesse".      *, \,
II vostro voto e cosi prezioso, usatelo per voi'.medesimo, e 1'unico
mezzo che'.potra'essere votate per DAVIDSON."
Saluti Delli Lavoratori
CRESTON, B. C, Marzo 20.—Saluti dall' armi del'costq ed interiori
'iavoratori chi tengono gli bechi a'ceorriodati sul risulto in Fernie. Noi
aspettiamo 1 layoratpri di Fernie per farecil loro dovere per. ellettare
SHILLAND is certain of election in the Slocan;. HEATHEiSTON
tiene un buono prospetto in Greenwood.; Pettipiece sta facendo un
buon combattimeritb'in Ymir. - Lefaux," Williams "e Place e sara eletto
a Vancouyerlslarid? ; L'apposizione legale di suo maesta cousistera di
a vincere il giorno 28. ^ ■ 7
j NAKUSP, B, C., Marzo 21.—Avendo parlamentb splendido per tutto
Slocan distretto. _ L'elezzione di Shilland e sicuiVil governo non "a
neanche risposto per le domande delia FederazipneOpe'raia come pro-
messa.. .71' lavoranti diFernie possonoe debbono rispondere . questo
contc'gno.  ,. Davidson dovra. essere eletto.     ?'-/'
List of Locals District 18
nnnlilicml  V, Whe.Uli.jr, IHanldiond, Alia,
Benvor Creole  I'. QnuBhton, Uoaver Croolt, via Phiclior
Hfi'lovi" J. Durko, Bollovuo, Frnnlc, Alta.
Dlalrmoro ,,,, n, J. Chaso, Blairmoro, Alta.
Dlirmls,, ,,,•>, Jos.   Dflrl)VShlrf*, T-.irr.it*.   Attn
Carbondalo J, Unsborry, Carbondalo, Coloman, Alta.
^"fiii.f j. t'oolo, CArdlff, Altn.
Canmoro  N. D. Thaohuk, Canmoro, Alta.
Cole-man....,,,,,.. W. Gmtiam, Colomnn, Alta.
Corbln    ll. Jonos, Corbln, B. C.
Chlnodk Mlnos .... Wm. Forsyth, Diamond City, Altn,
.Mnintmd LMly Albert Hair, Diamond City, Utlibrldfio.
Fornlo ,  Thos. Uphill. Fornle. B. C.
Frnnk  O. Nlcol, Frank. Altn.
t497....osmer W. Haldorstono, Tlosmor, B. C,
lOBS   Hillcrest J. O. Jonos, Hlilcrest, Alia.
T-Othbrtdso  h, Mooro,   604, 8l»;tocnth 8U, North "_<ithbrJdi.o.
r.ofhbrMff-. Colltflrfco Franli: DartngUttm, oec, vb., Klpp, Alta.
Llllo ..,.,,, w. I* Evans, Lllte, Prank, Alia
Maple Leaf  S. rarlsur, JEupUi I_*.t__. IklkviM*., Alta.
Micliel......,..;., M. Currcll, Mlchol, B. C,
Monarch Mlno....   I* J. Thomas, Monarch Mine. T*.*r. Alia.
Passbur« ,',. 2. KhitcnrUa , Pasabnnr. ATtn.
Hojral Vlow Thos. B. rial.fr, Royal Collieries, LethbrtdBO, Attn
T*Ur A. PsttersoD, T*U*r, A!u_
™>*r  >T. "Cooper. Tuber, Alto.
80CIAU8M  18 80IBNCE
"BorlniiBm Is the science of tlio com
monwonl and tho commonwonllh, nnd
Goriferenza; Libera Non e Stata Am-
messa dei Conservativi in "Gorbin
L'pfflclall dello miuiore sdognosa-
mente anno, detto al candidato Socialisto die le sue Idee soiitf di termlne al
capltaliBtl-^-anno ammesso che 11 candldato capitalisto l'e cordlalmente ac-
Uh auovo.modo 11 elozzlonl o rlnsclto
quello che,sara negaral'll dovltto dl
conforenza libera al Socialletl dove
sara tale posslbllitn. , Corbln o un
villagfjlo chlusoed ogr.l.polllco dl ter*
rouo e proprleta dal liml'to^ll duo mlg*
lla apportlene alia compagnla, Con*
sequentaniente per 11 proposlto dl fare
parlamonto ai lottoii la 11 candldato
Socialisto. a chlcsto permosso al so*
grelarlo per usnre la Bala' l'unlco posto
dl tonoro pnrlnmento dentro. II campo.
Im domanda fu accoltata. Tardo dopo
mezzoglorno, como mal iUogrotnrlo fu
vonuto o (llsse cho 11 sopra lntendontto
a prolblto dl usaro la sala per qunlun*
quo conforenza' cho dovevano faro 1
Soclnllstl. II candldato Davidson
ando a trovnro 11 sopralntnnilenfo e
rlspondondo alia domanda porcho lul
nvova dato talo Incarlca fu rabblosa*
monto tnformalo cho-11* SoclallBlmo
nvulo como suo ldoo e dlsmosRo 11 col*
Icttlvo patronalo dello minloro oil altra
proplota lul non o conslderato nollo
IntorosBo dolla BUii„compai.nla dl per*
mottoro I ale InBORnamento fra I buoI
uamtnl. Fu domnndnto so la sala sar*
obbo ftporta por fine ontr'nro 11 candldato del partito rnuHervatlvo, lul fran*
enmonto ammonHo clio non vl ora hob-
suim iiecosHlono u (|t.cllo,
I.n pnrto fltrntilern dl quolll o cho lo
minloro n Corbln sono Impntronale o
(llroRKluto dol cnpltnllfitl Amerlcanl o
qiifl Guh Smith, 11 soprnlntondonto, cho
fiutano dl lasclare qualche uno clio
vl mctto sveitezza alio vostro condi-
zloni, baEta cho loro vl poasono mantenere nol vacdnte delle loro mnnio.
Nol credlamo a quosto cho loro shag.
llano, cho vol Blcte competent! ad ur-
gorvl meglio quale sarebbe 1*,, bone per
vol. I lottorl dl quosta vicinanza dl
Fernie, vol vl dovete rlsontlre a quest!
lnsoltl. Dito'ai vostri,, mnostrl cho
voi pototo vedore nol loro piccolo glo-
chotto, cho vol ,non plu state a fnro I
schlnvl, 1'unlca manlera clio poteto
furo quosto al presente snra ill nndnro
al votl 11 Glovodl Mnrzo 28 o votnto
(jomo un uomo per 11 candldato cho
stn por lo cobo ugualo o gluatlzla a
tutti, o lo qui por Bolo proposlto per
lavoraro por lo vobIio Inlorosso, viz,-—
tlio art of voluntary co-operation. It Is nolslnmo a parlnns«. un Americano lul
tlio law of evolution applied to gocloty. in<5,,fiHlmo*    Al phi mono nol dobbiamo
It is the realization of rlfjhteoiu polltl
'. u
csH-.ro dlsplucluil, i.hc 11 buo nome non
e nulla llsln lottornlo, Qua vl o unn
.* « 1«,/«, mi in.*, >(.,i-1 causa dovo capltnlo Amnrlcnno, con la
lordu mi (ini.tiuuza m muohio capltnlo
da a loro. lt qn.iK* Mcltridv, Win* ed
allrl n_en.br. M Rou.'i.o, tomo capl-
tallt.ll o«ociitlvl,
Onoral rt^lln I'lrlnntitt ill Vomi,,  y,.i
reUuuttt I'lusolto sulla vostra Intollg-
"Socialism Is tho religion of human*
Ity. It was begot ton In hope, conceived ln charily, and born in honor. ' It
wns nourished In tho milk or truth,
swnddlod In tho roboB of justice, rock-
ed In tho crndlo of equality, nnd light,
cd nndTwarmed by tlio eternal flro of
tho torch of liberty. It was prdpljosl.
ed In tho punt, It Is bolng ful.lllod In
tho present nnd It shnll bo the glory
of tho splendid futuro. It Ih tho creed
of tho just mind, the prayer of tlio
generous henrt, tho eommnntlmont of
tho kindly soul. It in lovo. nnd lov<i
Ih (Sod and fulfilling of tho law."
."'". .'i j.u.'.'ii.j'. tw txturtiliiiiH ounur,
Wrh-r, j ii.: holler. ;t la a living fi.nv
n.3vlns cj^.ar«l and upward, and J's
motto Is "forward."    It Ir a pr_Rr"s-
•      •!*'*,     k*>Vw*       ^4kS.4k     W
Plenty, from mlsory to happiness,
from cruolty to kindness, from atngnn*
tlon to movement, from hnto to lovo,
from distrust to confidence, and from
death to life."
Electric Restorer for Men
PtlOSphono. r«J«r« **'rf nm« Is tb* ht»ii
iriir. t, tut' j"i
genra? Vol non mltto rho I vostri
superlore. tengono pnura dl pcrmottero
a. vol ill scntiro I'altra parte della
dornfindnT    Vol rlronosrletc cho I vos-
Itubber Typo Prliitlnis outfit mm.
plfuY—Splondtd mngloJnntern (wlti 12
slides). Stenm engino (nearly ono foot
'..„«. •><«» niilMliv, ll. VtiH.CI illlU «)\(.'f,V
-iit'itn tuuMli'i.<'u    (ul     rillllUIIK,     uoini
Cold ai«n«t King, or (.uarnnteeil
Watch freo to any boy. Send yonr
nnmo and wo will send you 30 «nts o?
.  '_■       . f    r      , <      • , ■
po<?t rttnls, to soil at ton cents o set
(sljc'rnrds In a set). When wold, «oiul
nn the money, and wo will hciuI you
whlrhfvor prlzo you choose.   For sell
Andate voi contro un buon vivere?
Andate contro una paga ogni due
settimane? "*   ^
Andate contro megliorare voi e vostro
i "        * n i*
0 ' l'
'■i'    '
Se  non andatate contro
II Candidato del
Czyscie przeciwni polepszonemu
■A ^ '
Czyscie przeciwni dwutygodnio-
wej placia?
Czyscie.przeciwni swemu szczes
ciu i szczesciu waszych pobratymcuw?
Fezeli nie, toglosujcie na
Narodnego Kandydato
'rutll coloro cho nnno 11 voto,
So nndato In corcn al vostri diritti non guardnto lo porsono clio por*
tnno In rlsa In fncco o vl donno ln mnno unu volta ogni tro nnnl e pol
o tutll flnlto.
Qunndo vorra II lempo votnto per II vostro Compagno,
trl maestri sono ill termlno a tonorvl J \nt! 4ft »<•(» wo will nivo voii a Slmplev
™\7 m JS' <'y,,, tmMMM   Y? "°H I TVl-wrlter. or a "Daisy" Air mile. Wn
vedcte cho tengono paura dt vol? Loro I
non rnEHano a nf.»*uno dl In^^nar. «  luck';iy M ^M*-   Addrttiw, HOMBR.
vol rome so j»os»ono meglloraire Ie  WAHHKN Co., Dept. 128, Toronto, Ont
vostre condlilonl .erne potele fart-f l«
.ontra vita un poco plu meglio, mm*.
vl poieio nvanzitre vol stcsso! J/.10
rrrduo rhe al plu liinn'O cht> tenjtono la j
r<_r  S*l» ai O'.tiitl.H'.  Dn,- ftWf# Ji,„v ,il*Unt«* nH\ vol. bast* th* fem rt. { SS^Lv^^a?!.^^^1* tou,»'
I i*i4*k» in*. iri«u«i juio ivifoa. vaciMta
Dr. Kelley Cures
Diseases of Men
By Modern Methods
"606" for Blood Poison
..  .....   ..iu........   ....   .......   .,.....,.,»   ii.    imii,     .St-riitm   ^rnkiimai**,   U
\ nrlrnkP Vrinu, U^Arni-tr, Ittn,ii1   i,tt<1 t'titn -ItUnn.! r... •M.n « l'l,-, i„, Id,).    B
«••>» llimlilrr nml  llr.-lnl lll.nnlfr«,    r«p„     nml     foii»rni*li<il    Allmriiu.
VrnmMr f.liiml  lutlmiiiunltiiii, (Hit Cliritnlo Cmiilllliin*.
Museum of Anatomy
In DilN Uri-ttt .1»ii»finii In flufivli   by   llfo   .1.:..   m..il.-ti..   v.i.mftrni-itl*h.
.-.-....   a,,..   a,„ii,...\,   lu.iiii.diiirt  u.  inn t n i iituii lilil Ih lit  (fir lnnlj-, IIIub'
innlri*. fully Ih.IIi nrtilr nml ehr.nilt- illariui--. »t nifn,
Free Consultation and Advice
mv.-uottoi niH.'ii, i.vs'ji,s(. (j| ihv.nti:i:o cnn:*. ,%r *»niiii:ii-
.-.Tt-J COST.
Kvtarl Mnllml Kinhiliindon |-*r#r. I'rrp lUnmlnnlliiii of trine
«brn h+rr**hr>. CinonK Mr—run:, lion'. IMmi tUtnf nro
tinumrouu. Cull «r «r.l<>. I'rp*. Ilmik. t-.r.*..!iin_. mnfiilfntliil. If mrm
O M.in, ta H p.m.i XiimU)*, 10 w.m. In I p.m.
Dr, Kelley's Museum, 210 Howard, Spokane
IISS.SS Get Wise ■- Vote for Davidson •Tu-.!*- Hill ir<ii»l*<
.*,-   ,*>.ft
,*. yc
'DU1-.' •-.
-y-^^r^-    .-.   ^v^^^TtTA^ '' 7A* "■»' A-rA'-y7^^'4?A^^f^^7A'1^A' -vA^FAvA^yy.-^ 7. y^AA^A-A^'" *7i-'
■•'••'y.\ - '.''y-yy.-ri ^%i- .; "-       '  _      '■   - \-;'■'?. V.-* -.:, -?."*'- .■".";-*"' ' .<"•>-*>' '"*\""   'A.A7   7- :"~ *'--i>-"~ "--■    ..--*  7 ''■*'-J.*',---'"' - " '     ." - \
11 i ■>        n 1      - i     i-        '> . ""V    ■**
~ i*
The secret of the shape retaining-qualities of the
20th Century Brand Garments is-the amount of
.Bench Tailoring or Hand Tailoring that is put on       .
. and in'them,- '.,,.   '. .--       ..-'.'-
Good clothes can't'be made by machinery any .-
.more than go~o<L pictures can be painted by mach'-. r.,,
incry!'" Every, important vital part of. every 20th
*-    - .      ...        ."-••> .j-* . -	
Century Brand Garment,is;Ha.nd-tailored.     Ours    ''
new Spring'Styles now ready./   ^.\     *
< \
"We have just received a shipment of Kimonas and- --;' '
Dressing Sacques in all colors. - Visit our Ready-to- • ,-.
° --.',■" '   ■   -. •■
"Wear Department on Second Floor?
"Whether you buy your clothes from us or not we
would be delighted to show you bur new Spring-
Styles in 20th Century Brand Bench-tailored gar-
,'    ments.   -.   *   y    -v*    . • ',.'• ••   *   -   7   .-
- They are admittedly the .leaders.in'style and an
V    A •'."     A':*; ":•'"''■ A7-7* y   ■   i .  ,,..-,  .-   ,  -A  ...
*-.    r'iuspecu6h-'of them-will put you. "right on tlie style
.„.,.. .--question--,_. A.stylejor.cyery size and build.
•-,v.    r-.y   *':-y^;y:  *•>■    \v/ T./   '  '...A'   ,"."   ' A:"> "?.-" ">•;
■.«' .   '" "We-have* just received a shipment of Children's - •
(    i j    - ^ »     i   * i / j    ,    i *  -   * ■*■
"".'yDfesi.es in the'latest American.styles in fancy Gingy \' '"'A/'J
'■'.'■'■ " V: '*''■''• -'l : '* .."*.'..... ■ . '",,",,(,
-' ,',*' 'hams arid Muslins;-.prices ranging from- 85c. to ' ""■ •"  ■■. ■
'■.-;_.-*     _.«-• ■ .-'",.' y      • . * -      -'A-     '?
$3.00..; On display in Ready-toWear Department     , -V
y _ - '-y ..-■-, °    .-j ■ ,_■ A-* '    -.  *. ■       s   .-.'-     ■ '• y    ,'   ' '   A"-7.
r .our'Vstock of Ladies'"and .-Misses' Suits in Serges,.--   -..-.*    i-
: A. yan"drfancy. T^veeds^for Spring, is complete. . A \ _
„Corh Flakes, 4 for
Quaker Oats, 5 lb! package with china
.Lethbridge Flour, best grade, 98 lb.-sack
New Ze'aland* Fresh Creamery '-Butter,7per lb."
_ ., » *
"Lowney's Fresh Chocolate-Cocoa, per lb. ....
-•■'.' ''• ■"'* •*-/,"."■ -v. Ao- '   ■
Braid's Big 4 Coffee, freshly ground, 2 lbs for
'••Ext'racts,--2' oz.-.; -»>..'_......'.; ►.
■*''Greengage Plum's, 2 lb: tins, 2 for .. ? ...
Holland Herring??" per 'keg-V.'..-. .'*.'. .A77. .,.*?
^•Ontario Honey,46 oz..glass .,'..;...;..,-.....'.,...
'Wild Rose'Hoiiey, 20 oz; glass-.'v. A". '•.-. i\.-"...-.
>•"■':;•,>...:.'   .   *'-,»'.'.   .'   *•■■-,- ■■.-";•'."••'--  7,*
;,,Cross.e,and.Blapkwell's"Jam, 7-Jfo. tin A %;,*,*,'
./.Crosse" and Blackwell's Jam;.2 lb. glass:..,.,;
White Swan Lye, 3 tins A... A.'..;  ?
.'''...-'-!- -it.it,'' .■i",".',.-..*-..    ' ■ *,-.. < ;* "•***. ;.*;.- ii..
!'-• Davies'';PuVe>Lard,* 5 lb.. pail":-.'. A .-A..;.,. 7
•.' *» * ■ :i - '.*"--'.' -
Cooked Ham;, one-half or .whole,, per tlb...;-..:
,, Imported Macaroni, 22 lb. box -. 77.7... A..
-Peanut's, per. lb. -......';....?...,  •"?
Colombo Olive Oil, gallons '....-.
Angeline Olive Oil, gallonj ......./	
Queen Quality-Mixed Pickles and Chow, 20 oz
Pears' Unscented Soap, 2 bars ....	
Canada Corn Starch, 2 for	
Tetley's Sunflower.Tea, 5 lb	
• <€>, ■':' '■'* 7 A' y.   '■'*■■''■
, .75"
. ^40
.80 •
:, ^0;
! •"     ' *■■*   $
The meeting of the above league
was held in Coleman, Saturday last,
the following delegates being present:
B Copeland (Bellevue),'J. Hayes (Michel), C. Claridge (Fo'rnle), W; Hughes
(Coal Creek),-W.^hoan"(Coleman), H.
Derbyshire (Burmls).
Election of officers for ensuing season resulted as follows: Hon. Pres.
W. It. WllBon (Fernie); Hon. Vice-
President, L. C. Stevens (BurmlB),
President, G. Clair (Coleman); Sec*
Tres., d! Paton (Pernio).
Tho auditors reported tbo accounts
of tbe league being correct.
It was decided to make tho entrance
too to tbo league for tbla season $30 *,
entrance fee to Muts Cup, $15 (only
teams In tho loaguo to play for Mutz
Cup). Tho Crahan Cup io to bo played
for ln opon compotltlon, any team In
tho Crow's Nost District to bo allowed
to ontor, entrance foe $1S,
It was decided that every club this
yonr must use goal nota In matches,
Fixture* are to bo arranged at tho next
loaguo mooting which takes placo at
Coal Crook on Saturday, March 80th,
at which all club representatives aro
requested to attend.
the best In the line. For to-night and
to-morrow (afternoon and evening)
the programme will be, "Her Ladyship's Page," "The Relentless Law,"
"Pathe's Gazette," ''Securing , Evidence." On Sunday a special biblical
drama will be shown, entitled "Judith.'
Othor pictures to'be ehown shortly are
"Bast Lynn" and "Buffalo Jones."
A meeting of, all players and those
Interested In football will bo held on
tho 24th Inst to ararngo for the, coming season, also socials, etc.
Tho Fernio Juniors Football Team
has i boon formed for the season and
subscriptions will bb rocelvod by J.
James Aahworth, prominent consulting engineer, formerly gonoral manager of tho Crow's Nost PaBB Coal Co.
arrived from Vancouver last evening,
Ho haB boon ongagod during tho week,
on behalf of tho'Diamond Valo Colliery Co., ln tho Investigation of last
wook's disaster,
LONDON, March "20.—At the time
the House of Commons was considering Premier Asqulth's minimum wage
bill, action was, being taken by tho
government against' the most noted
Syndicalist lea'der.VTom- Mann, who
was arrested last night at his homo in
Wimbledon.,     -■
Minn, who is the acknowledged
leader of the English Syndicalist
spoke at Salford, Monday, at a communist meeting. He was accompanied by Guy Bowman, who is undor a remand on 'a charge of Inciting soldiers
to mutiny, /Among the othor speak
ora was Up.6n Sinclair.
Mann 18 charged with feloniously,,
maliciously and advisedly publishing
certain printed matter called the "Syndicalist." endeavoring to seduco por*
cons sorving In tho forceB of hlB majesty tho king by land or noa from
their duty and alloglanco to hio majesty and Inducing' said persona to
commit traitorous and mutinous practice, contrary to tho Incltoraont to mu*
tiny r.ct of 1797/
It Is Borne tlmo since tho patrons of
tbe Orand Theatre had tho pleasure of
aeolng tho Allan Players, and thoy will
no doubt turn out on main, to witness
tho production to bo prosontod by this
compnny during tholr throe nights'
engagement, commencing on Thursday noxt, March ISth.
For tho opening bill tho company
aro going to present "Tho Dlvorolons,"
a modern. comedy In which Grace
George created a great sensation a
fow years ago. Thin play deals wllh
tho absurdity of tho modorn dlvorco
laws, and lu pronounced by many to
bo ono of tbo bont of tho modorn comedies. All lovers of good music will
i!       t >   ,1    .mil..  ,« ,i,, r»»,..*
_fc4-4-.-.i.4._.t;   ».,v   «»_>._*.iu,_,   w_   -.,(;   in.....
ITunirnTlnTi _Mt.t._: 'Q'.-irtc..« .nn (utto-
gallon ot inuBlclans who wore original*
ly with Franx Lohar's "Morry Widow"
Company In Vienna for 418 dayi,
The Allen Players are so woll known
A mooting ot tho Doard ot District
IS, U. M. W. ot A„ met In Fernio on
Tuesday and WodnoBday ot this week
at which thoro waB a full attendance,
MCRANION, Pa„ March 20.—In n
gas explosion, causod lt Is thought by
mlno aotttlngn, nlno porsonB woro killed and two Injured today In Dunroore,
noar horo, Tho fomllloa comprising
two women and Bovon chlldron woro
either blown to pieces In tho explosion
or burned In tho flro that followed and
: dostroyod their houses,
Quebeo Bharlff III Because Me Cannot
8«our_* Executioner to Carry Out
MONTRKAlr-Reports from Fraser*
vlllo, Que., state that Mr, B. Martin,
shorlff of that district, Is aorlously 111
from worry over hla Inability to hire
a hangman. With an execution only,
eight days off ho can locnto no onn
willing to tako tho position, and may
havo to undortako tho talk himself.
Slnco tho passing of nadcllffo Canada
has bad no official hangman,
I'ttyoiTtftii'e. "•
' of*1 "disapppint-
meDLts with your
flocal tailor—when his
'clothes, fityydu badly ■
airtl lack the style you
see   on -rothe r  "w e 11
dressed men—1
Look up* "    -
You can have your clothes,
mado expVflsly for yon—out
to fit you... nny. one of the
vory Ii.tcHt"   sty'loB « chouse
.* your cloth   from  hundred..
of   beautiful patterns   and
save at leaBt a third of your
tailor's regular charge,   Try
Campbell's for your now
Spring Suit      .
Fred. Johnson
PBRNIB     '
Ciassified Ads.-Gent a Word
■ - WANTED'to EURCHASE-r-Peerless
or Cyphers' Incubators in good condition; also 8 Indian Ruanor Ducks and
Drake, aud 200 White Orpington Pul-
tats...Albert Davioo, Fernie, B.C.  tf-24
■ FOR RENT— Pour-Roomed Cottage;
meat kltchon. clothes closet, water,
sink and electric light fixtures. Situate next block to public school. Pellat Avo.    Apply, Wm; Barton.
POR SALE—House, 7 rooms, bath
and pantry,, connected range; block
47, McAvoy Street. Centrally located.
All fenced and painted. .$2500, torms.
Cheap for cash.. Apply, L. G. Evan,
Box 123.
GIRL WANTED—An experienced
General Servant wanted. Flrot Class
wages. Apply, Mrs. A. H. Cree, How-
land Ave,
HOUSE POR RENT.—Two-roomed
plaBtorcd Houbo; toilet, water, coal
shed attached. Apply R, Wright,
West Fernio.
FOR RENT—Store In the Eckstein
Block.    Apply, Cree and Moffatt.
MM.tr   Jr1<*f>>   nff/srln    (-ft   T.*/»*,r*n   *T-T'f**
always been ao much appreciated that
thero Ib no doubt thoy will bo ..rented
with packed houses during their stay
Although coal was ml nod In Engalnd
at a vory onrly ditto, novorr.1 centuries
passed before any lawn existed wIM.
relation to mining. The first act of
Paillament referrlurf :o coal mines wii*
p_-_.-i-.ci iu -i'6'6, ati-1 ..i\..''..-,J t!i-tt "If
any person or porsons shall wilfully
'and maliciously set on flro, or cause
to bo sot on flro any mlno, pit, or
dopth of coal, or cnnnol coal, ovory
,lAiihon  no Gi-t-m'.uilf,, vie..*..   .--<.-'__».
j lawfully convicted, shall be adjudged
guilty of folony, nnd shall suffor death,
as In cases of folony. without benefit
of clergy,"  ,
THE 1818
' VrpwAifA hnttiwa nnd "sl/ind'np room
only" lias Imph tho ordor of tho wwk
at this popular picture house.' "The
Battle In the Clouds," and "Tho Slefo
of CtUU" were remarkable, and
tiroupti. forth r^iullrtllj* the art of
Hi*t mrtrlnf plcturf* mafhlne. It Is
pleasinV'to^iote'tha't the public appreciate the-management's eilfortn to get
Beautiful French Dreasod Doll, 2(>
Inches tall with eyou that open and
shut; Solid Gold Locket and Chain, or
' ZtV.'l Of'-d PIe*.'1. fl .**i" frn« .ft nnv
1»lr.. Rwd us your namo and we will
send you 80 sots of boautlful eoason,
birthday and other post cards to sell
at ten conts a set, six cards in each
set. Bend us the monoy and we
■mill untie, von w^lrhover pvlro von
cl>b.po. For polling *<0 sets we wil!
Rive you a Rolled Gold Bxtonilon Bri ••
lot,' We prepay all charges.. Adlrcsii
route, Ont,       • ...*...'..:
The Hotel
JL/ A Lmi .L-7 xi* O
S. O. Puro Bred Duff Leghorns'
Eggs for hatching • from best peu for
$5 por 13, S-rona pon for $3 per 13.
H. D. Wilson, nreoder, Fornlo, B. C,
Qne of the
Hen and 20 Chicks,. $8,00.
Chloks, $6.00,
Anothor HEN nnd 12 Ohloks, $4.1.0,
Also 160 CHICKS, 3 days old; will
soil In any numboro required,
ALBERT DAVIS, Annox Bxtonslon,
Slater   Shoes
Wo have just opened our large spring shipment of of thoso famous shoes and have tho
host range of $4.60, $5, and $6 shoos ovor
shown in Hosmer. See tho new stylos displayed this wook in south window,
.      r A.   MIIXS   As   SON
Hosmer ■
II* ©•
Moraben of the,Victoria/Bend <.
;. fcitate Exchange -     '-
Writo .ub for Inrotihfttlon abo.nt
homei and investments in victoria
P, O. Box 000
Cor. Port ond Qtuwlra 8rtrMU-v
C. J. ECKST0RM      Prop.
Lcthbridfcc, Alta.
Two lots for sale In tho rising town
of Durnnby, B, C. Twonty minutes
walk from the- New Westminster
Docks. Will sell cheap. Need the
money badly.    Apply, District LOdgor.
BAnY CARRTAGB for Rale, cheap—
Fln.t-cli.8s condition, Apply F. A.
Rlchos, cornor Jatfray St. and Dalton
Tho Ifaniiu SU'.i. snuudry.and
Dye Work* roin.rt btwincsa im-
pTOvii.(? all tho tjiuc. Thoy^nrc
triaJdng a reduction In :prlcc«,''x>ji
Dyeing >$'. French Dry ClcAJifng
£or>th6) wring' trade. jAisb,ft
cheap monthly laundry rate fir nil
bachelor* v.y>\ i - ;{ivonv A trjaj
in nil thoy -r.fi: to ..'onvinea you
they arfrO." IC* '• -.*- .--■>.+*wrijr s»
5 _-*_..ch, a$ cfiNTJf,
or for Sale, West "Fornlo, Apply this
office. '     ,     A
FOR 8ALB—Three cars first, class
bnlod 'OAT HAY; prlco $0.00 f, o. b.
CoftWa,lc, . ,Tl\la .U, rich fttuff.,v.,ltb
more feeding value for tho money than
nny utl-u. hay.    Will mni uample,—
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Another Voto for Yourself I
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;   Groceries    Here!
Grand Union Hotel /
:?'"      "*£V"'   COLEMAN, Alta./..
$^ri' Meit of Accommodation    *' .
I We cater io. th? ym¥nsmnX \rMe.,.. , J
'Jh>A*'jGkAIR^i?Wi-« '.■.v**rrV,- .■ •--^•■■"ij, Proprietor
:\m :'*.T»r.(U-^Vv i'£3>irV\' ,* v iC'*.«ciT n'ifTt


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