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The District Ledger 1912-06-29

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 y^<f.ySyy-7 5V* VA?syA/"' y< A-yyy*;.ftA^ny^^T^^^A^^^y^^^^
ff/'A^yA /."A"'y'    / '.A-??. 7-?""' AtAA'A- *'* AAy'"' ySyS.AyA "•. J*y;yA7
'-;" ■*.  *' x-\ :*   '----!'_.-    o.,7"   -\ . ""■ *-   -* -    7.-  -      '--   :>. *     .-   .-■-',*■•?*-- "■•-"•"' '-*    - ,   c
■    -     •- =- .;. *        ry  ■-*' .'     "'        ■:*-■■>"'     , --.-'-  -..   -y-  \, ,,v
■ *•    I       **>.'    -,
'    ^v-,.      ^'.-- «■-
f /. - - \>.,^- >"*A?y ^v'-*^ •-*-■*•.<:..:   , „*.  -
.:-        ■y^\'yy:.-?-;y.'i' y--.-*. y-cvi ._~*''H
v.- ' - !7>v     '    7-;<y ? -,-y A-A  ;-% :-..•
-      Indnstrial Unity irStrengith>:: {   " '
;■-• ; *.* ,-m-
V  '
'   "5. ft* *      r    "*      AA -■A'*-  i>-<  " -A'
y- _   ,-\„'-, y*-*
l1     -W-...     Si J^
. '<     ;, -. i'.i *
*""____- ''■>-
*X\ ** '^XXyyX'S^^&X^^yySy^ ^-^A^ny^ _,  ;y>:yAiy;^'A%AA^*^.',^yJ
-k--,-'*-'"v: ^A-*^'.-v .   * ' ■'_    "-v^^yy.- y -y *    -    * ?!-»_A--.vV<-'y>.'-:■-_*   *■.-,;,-
MH&3&7." -V-":'J   : "'' " A- '^■Off&'ci'rgan of Diatrict^o, 18^iri)ll:W. of A;  "*'
1" -_   ■*   -,-.1
■fl.00 A YEAR.
Shameful Wages Paid to
Vancouver Girls Leads
" Jfl the;Inevitable•_7
' .■HANCqUVERA, June .22,-^IncreaBe
..'in-vtce'ia Vancouver is du« "tbjpoor
wages'paid* to-women and girls'fn department scores, shops and factories.
\. Such >.was the * opinion which, was. ex-
'* pressed- and'unanimously agreed in at,
AhO regular meeting of the'Trades and
, * Labor,, Council held lasU.night.^';, It
■•' was,-said that, the ■ civic"-authorities
. and .the moral reform'.. associ8?tlons
Ashoulc". proceeds-further than-just?dis-
■ cuss "the segregated area, arid'hujUtu-
. "ie an, Investigation to discover why
*- many" girls^took the. step into the life
, ,.pf degradation. ' 'y'' ' . \ •.-**''
A The subject was mentioned by;„Mr!
;. * J?t W. .Wilkinson, president of 7 the
7? council who declared" that he deslrsed_
to get to the root of the* evll.A'He
therelore moved a resolution,.; which
7 was'J carried."5 that, 'the 'city,council
. should .cause an investigation to he
- field* "to, find put the wages* .'paid, ,to
-" women and girls in-the places stated
';, above. " The question. of - the .condi-
■tions'of labor was also stipulated as,
, one of the questions for the board of
'.inquiry to Take-up. '     -  7 '  "A - - ,
1 (. *,•'.*•'. Challenge Thrown Out , .. "
?.'-,„The;.councir decided tbat a copy of
the''resolution.should be' the
following bodies and it? could then be
' -^seen if they really;'did have tHe inter-
j, est of-the women and gii-ls^of this city
\.at heart:7-.Good.Government league,
"Ministerial Association," *Young Men's
■ \ Christian Association,' Young Women's
- ^.Christian .--*'A-}socIatioh^7-.;Women's
ryChristian'r**TeinpeVa_rce"~'*~'"   '
•-•-. ■ - -'... 	
- "ri-^ ^ ,-.--*      . -,,.   ,, \ - -_ ,   .,.,
Sequel of Hunger .Strike In •' House-of
c, 'y Common*.—Makes. Attack "on S'
A"'A>    '   Premier Asquith '.. \.:X-    :'.
; <?% •?->':'' *- ■--       ' ' • <'   y-\ - .-,.■
4 -LONDON, *June725.-^-A wild. Bcene
was enacted in the house of commons
today as the result of the forcible feed?
ing of the suffragettes.who,declared'ai
.'hunger^Btrike" in. Holloway.prison...{
.-' George Lansbiiry rushed,toward the
ministerial benches,7?shouting at; Premier, Asquith:* "You are beneath "cW
tempt; you call yourselves'gentlemen,
yet you forcibly feed and murder wo^
men. ' You-ought to be driven from
public life. uCYou will go down to posterity, as * murderers ;of Innocent women."  y.    v ■* ., i •  '.-•",
. Speaker Lowther ordered Mr. Lans-
bury'to betaken from tbe house. ' !
" Lansbury. shouted: -j- ,"1 refuse to
leave while this contemptible,'thing '-s
being .done, - while "women - are ' being
murdered^and drlven'mad." ~,y .'
■ -After-a scene;of great confusion he
was induced to leave by his friends. '"
- George ""Lansbury is ,*a'- Labor member,'elected, for the1" Tower Hamlet.
Bow. and, Bromley* in .^December, 1910.
He-is" 53',years of age"and was"a member of'the* royal ..commission on the
poor laws. .  7-y    .   ■   , V   .      ,  ,
-, ■ 7 ' ,     , , WAR ON SOCIALISTS
Working-Classes arid Intellectual Pro-
•;ducts of Colleges Down ori Reds   ?
':-■•>..■. .j." ~v--
^ ox^mEsm
y-0*    s'    s\^>^'
?V        ;   '     OFFICIAL FIGURES
,. 3. 0. JONES,Hillcrest jA 7 :......... .X. X.   985 ,»
? . DAVID REES, Fernie .-A    875
DAVID HYSLOP, Coleman .: ,...   193 ~~ N'
Spoilt Ballots ...?,...".".' 52
.,-;/'..,?    .•-•',,., "• ' y -„
,'   Total Vote X. ....72106.-
", Majority for JONES ....■...\. / , 110    y
men's" Club,7Unl,/ersity' 'Club, :Sai°va:
tion '.Army,. Hon/-w!7-J.'-*BowseyA'At:'
torney-General,- 7andi. Captain tCqilier;
probation officer. V A- ' 7 '"■' ''.-.A'-*
- '-;In,A^ighting speech,vMr.>^Yi^kliiBon
said that there must.'be an*unde¥lying-
'cause ,for 'vice .n;.the ,c{ity"?ana^i£';they
discovered* what, wages 7" .women y're-'
ceiyed in'departmental ?'storesi ,and
other "places,they, might get^-at-the
Bource'of the 'trouble. It ,was unquestionable that- In . many cases . poor
wages were the cause'/bf-'degradjitiofi.'
. ■- \\y Thirty,puts a Day;.-; *,;. ;'
' Delegate Pettipiece stdted-that some
Klrl^ \^ere engaged on" the piecework
system ln wyeral' factories was
n'nptorlous factthat tliey recclyed,.'aB.
low-as thirty cents' for one day'B labor
of nine hours.' Thero were thousands
of girls wording in this city for less
..than ?7 a woelc Ono.larg^'store'was
only, paying girls $3.50 a "weok. ,'   '
-■Mr. Wilkinson again ' rose,. stating
"that tho object of his;, resolution, was
to see It tho various associations woro
-really 'interostod*'ln^ the women and
girls.   Right1 down at the' bottom' of
, (ill,they might discover that tho employers who paid such wrotched pit-
' tanooB to their employees were closely
identified with ,' thoso associations.
-Thoy gave tho olty council and those
associations tho fair chance 'to open
nn Investigation, ~whloh If. carried
through, would at least bo of an edit-
« catlonal value    -
*^ho Trades nnd Labor' Cbunoll has
beon supporting tho agitation Involving the basin at Coal -Harbor being
turned Into a playground; Dologato
Pottlploco slated that tho parlc .com-
- mlaslonors had. ontertnlnoil tlio '.Idea
fnvorably. Ho nddod: "Our old frlond,"
Mr. F, C, Wndo, baolced by somo pien
lri tho wopt ond of tho olty, Is trying
to get Coal Harbor turned Into.. n
Inl.o. I may say that.tho council's
suggestion of a playground has boon
woll rocolytji) and that I" fool Mr,
Wade's thlco   Idea  will   bo   pumped
, out." ,
Prom Mr. Bowser
A lottor from' tho Atlornoy-aonornl
concerning   cbntomplatod    improve
ment In tho Jurors' Act waa road and
filed.    Tho lottor stntod: '7 may ray
that this matter U receiving tho \x>
• • tontlon of lho department and I'purpose next sosBlon to ro-dfaft tho Jut-
* nrft' Art'In nrdflr to wlw* tmt portnlrl
- nnommllofl now existing and whon this
Is dono tho quoution of remuneration
to jurors will also be taken up,"    ,
It was announced that Mr, J. Havo*
lock-Wilson, ox-M.P, of tho Urltlsh
House of Commons, would' probably
bo In Vancouvor nt tho ond. of thin
' month. Ho will dollvor an addr«ai
.'. LONDON," Juno -26.—Alarmed by the
growth of Socialism, both, in the working-classes and" the intellectual pro-
ctucts of "the-colleges, prominent leaders' in England 7are proclaiming war
on the Red Flag- propagandists. Lady
Jane-Taylor, one., of-the best known
of the aristocratic women in London ls
heading a 'Sunday.; schpol [ crusade
against "the irreligion of Socialism,"
and personally conducts classeVVvery
Sunday. ".She is aided by many women
"of' standing and imiieachable^iineage.'
-]. Now Mr.'David,---president^ of \ the
famous college", at* Rugby, declare!,,
there aire'many Socialists graduating
»     — 'y k -« .!_. '«.    ■*■■■    ^    «.'" "*i*v r~J * -■*    < "     r .
land.' - .The -'"Earl. of 'Lytton - says the
.same. applies "**' to" - •' OxfbVd"; and ■ Cambridge. . "Young _people,'y - he says,"
"are ^peculiarly susceptible, to-the pro-
■L    K ' ■- *       ^    l. - ' " ^   '     '        .
Robt. Gourlay of Hosmer
Passes Away- After a
: Brief llliiess- 7
41 Market GOr will? now
, * - -      *      ■     •       ** - ■
'Have Headquarter. :
in tliis:City.;;
Everything, iii Readiness
,        ,        ,^%   y     --
For July 1st--A Big
Time Assured
paganda of the day,*, which has'an: In'
ffuence on" awaftenftg*'minds " ;-" -,'.'"'
'< -Fresh material.for.criticism iri Lady
Jahe'.TaylorJs movement' is found in
the growing, practice' in the northern'
felty of .Leeds pf taking babies to bo
named b;ya local Socialist alderman'
instead of by the parson In church.  ..
The Socialist ,in question,. Alderman
John Bradley,:explains that the cere-'
mony is Jno invention" ofhlB, ^it:* was
instituted by -tlie late Charles Brad-
laugh, the English Ingersoll.' * "There
is no; mock religion about'the ..ceremony," he'-addB.r ■ "It Is perfectly
harmless, and I do not think it would
offend the feeling's of even the,
susceptible of churchmen. '' I simply
take,.the Ichlld* from "the parents, give
it the'first'name they wish It, to boar,
and formally welcome It Into' our Socialist movement. " .Tlio child thus becomes associated with'us'in our work
from Us earliest lyearB."
' But the clorgy In tho north of England declare atheism is extending with
alarming speed, lit unison with the advance of Socialism.-
HOSMER, June 24.—W?e' regret vo
announce;the death- of' Robert.Gour-
ley,, senr.,7proprietor .of the Queen's
Hotel, -Hosmer., ; The deceased, who
has been ailing for some time, passed
quietly away, „on „ Saturday fevening.
The .funeral took, place at Hosmer on
Tuesday, Thompson.and Morrison of
Fernie doing the undertaking. " %■•
=i The Rev.'."W.."'!!.-;Wallace, Presby-'
terian mipister,' gave a. most impressive service at the .Hotel,-which" was
merchants in the townywho had closed their places of business'- as a mark
of, respect. The deceased,''-VOl£ Bob,"
as he was familiarly called,-was weli;
knowni throughout ,the - Pass, from the'
prairie'to.tfie rake,'andTalf will/joih'in
deepest ..sympathy ^ith 'his > wife ^and
family, in their bereavement. The, deceased was 54 years oldf
O. ,N. Mouat, having retired, from
the f management 7, of; the 41 market
company, W. H.'Hays has been appointed, general, manager., Mr. Hay
comes* from -Toronto and "Winnipeg,
and has had many years,experience in
the business, both wholesale and retail. S. McLean-Norton, who is.secre-
tary-treasurer.iwill have control of ,the
financial, accounting and auditing,de-'
.partments of the .'company.', "Under
the administration*.'of Nr. Mouat'the.
LONDON, Juno 27.—A Rfliiter dispatch from St, Petersburg today states
that, aovonty persons were killed by
tbo fall ot a factory wall al Pokrov-
Clothes Caught'on Shaft
Resulting in a Most
Horrible Death
TOIIONTO, Juno 25—There Is now
no immodlato prospoct of nn nmlonhlo
s(.ttl-.n.ent ot'llm iiavmui-l vvoi'Uui't.'
strike, as tho rosul^ of the i turning
down of tho companies' offer by a
mass mooting of tho union, hold Jait
night at tho labor tomplfl, Tho union
official* «ro preparing for mi extend-
ai can.pE.li_t.. ?     ."        -.- ' •■
A distressing accident occurred on
Snturday ovenlng last nt Messrs., P.
Burns* mont storo In New Mlchol,
whon a boy nnrnod Mowing, ot about
11 years of ftfce, and son of Mr. Now-
Ing, marmgor of the nbovo storo, mot
with a frightful death. It Appears
tbat tho boy had boon doing somo
llttlo lidd Job-t In closo, proximity to
an engine situated nt tho back ot tbo
store and used in connoction with tbo
business, when somehow or other his
clothing bocame entangled In the, machinery, with tlio ft-Mult Unit before Uo
could ba extricated lio wai fearfully
crushed and died Instantly, The affair has cast nuito a gloom over tho
wholo neighborhood, and the aympa-
thy of al! la with Mr and Mrs. Now-
[n_.„.a VLcItr sad bttcavemcut.
"-It is very rare that-the. people .of
Fernie'or any other townhave the opportunity of witnessing such a remarkable cortege as that which accompanied tlio.body of little'Ruth Anderson
to the .c'eihetery on tho side'of the hill
last Wednesday afternoon! and it must
ce^alnly be very gratifying to the parents to know that their little daughter
had endeared "herBelf   to   so   many,
while thoy-could not help but appro-
elate the mony marks, of respect and
sympathy visible on all sides.
-   Ruth Myrtle Charity Anderson, aged
0"years,' was taken sick about Juno 7.
and'her malady took such a turn that
Dr, Bonnell operated on hor at' tbo
Fernio Hospital on tho 13th. Although
ovory pro-nlse of a successful recovery was anticipated, and everything
pointed to samo, porltonltaB Intervened and tho child passod away on the
morning of June 20th.   Sho was   the
only daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Anderson, ,of West Fornlo, and a gonornl
favorlto at both the' day school and
Sunday Bchool,    Tho child gavo great
promlso in her music studies, nnd
thoro ls not the, slightest doubt that
had sho boon spared would havo made
a musician of no moan ordor.
.The funeral Borvlcos wore conducted both at tho homo of, tho parents
nnd at tho Knox Church, by-the Rovh,
Grant (Fornlo) nnd Stephenson (Coal
Crook), who both preached vory appropriate -sermons,  Practically all the
scholars of tho' Sunday school nnd
day school (West Fornlo) followed In
tho procosslon, whllo six of tho do-
onaBod'a flchoolmntofl noted   ns   pall
bearers.    Many of tho neighbors and
frlonds of tho parents woro prosont,
and the floral tributes, whloh woro
both numerous   and   beautiful, wero
sont by tho following:   The   .school
chlldron, Mr ond Mra. DuBois, Mr, and
Mrx. Hr-ft-in-M. Mr find Mr«' 01««»ri. Mr
and Mrs llowry, Mr and Mra. H. Hor-
chmer, Mr and Mra, 8, Horohmer, Mr
nnd Mrs, Pollock, Mr and Mrs, Owen,
Mr and Mrs, Allen, Misses Souther-
lnnd, Macdonaid, Hussoll, MoPherson,
and Ross.
Messrs. Thompson and Morrison had
charge of the Interaont and conducted snmo ndrnlrably.
operations of, the'41 Market company
have been 7 largely extended, _ "and
branches'are now in full swing at.Nel-
son, - Cranbrook, Fernie,' Hosmer-v and
Natal 'iii British' Columbia,"and at
!Cbleroanl.JBlaIrro.9ri*&, Frank,, Bellevue,
Pincher Creek and Macieod in Alberta.
With the rapidly "increasing business
in the province*of BritiBh Columbia,
it has been found necessary to change
the location'of the head office from
Plncher, Creek, > Alta., to Fernie,- B C.
This wlir necessitate during the curront month a transfer of the, head office to Fernie, where the company has
recently acquired commodious and
centrally1 located premises.  -.
The weather Is all that is required
to, ensure the success of the sports
on Monday next, and we want • that
—settled.- The- Athletic ;Association
have been hard , at work completing
their- arrangements and visitors and
resldents^alike should have no fault
to find- with the arrangements. ' It
is to be regretted, that the'comrnittee
were .compelled to withdraw the float
item from the programme through insufficiency, of entries, but this money
will be expended in other-directions.
The,rpro*gramme'is as 'follows.
10 a.m.— school children.
10.30 School children's races, prizes
value-$50. ' -*..'   - "*       -'' •     -
11.30—Log rolling^contest-(Elk Lbr.
Cof pond),' ?2!5.V    * '< _
- 11.00—Junior Baseball;* (18 and linger) $35., r.   ■■        ;
- 12.00—First' round Football, prizes
-$6U and'-$30.  >
2.00—Bicycle,race, 2 miles, $15 and
$5.'       ,, * 7 '
" 2.00—Broad; Jump,'$15.
*.  2.25—100 yards Race" (open) $25 and
$io."      yy.'•-.!*,
t' 3.00—3- Mile Motor "Cycle Race   $25
and $10.   ,-    ■"   ,y*'K~      '  '  *
3.40—440 yards race (open) $20 and
$10..-.-    - -    ,-' ■ .-*
4.40—Hurdle-Race,.$20 and $10?
7 5.20.—High Jump,'$10« and $5.
5.20—2 'iMile-'Foot' Race (open) $25
ana $15., •"-.*• \Ay'' y
,-7.00—Lacrosse, $75.r.. , , ■
- ~7.15.yi00'yards' Miners' Race.(open
*-. OPEN
-. '-?,'.<-'
.Alf Buddeh, . Socialist - organizer
from, Alberta, will' speak on Victoria
Avenue on Sunday' evening, .June 30.
On Tuesday evening, July 2nd, Comrade Budden will address the workers
at Hosmer.     \"    ; «
.Coal Creek meeting will be held on
Wednesday evening, July 3rd.
Yards All* Busy—Officers of' Mercantile Marines to'Make Demands
- on Owners
LONDON, June 25—The Titanic disaster which was held responsible for n
large decrease in ocean travel has not
affected shipyards. All builders are
working at full pressure .and in no
case can guarantee of early deliverybe
given. 'Shipowners are building Vessels on the stocks or in the second
hand market. - One 900 ton steamer
now building on the Clydo has just
been sold to a Dutch company at" an
increase of price of $100,000 on the
original contract. Oiie increase of
$50,000 on a smaller vessel building in
the Wear on the east coast, was refused?" A London firm invited offers
this weok from'20 yards'" to build a
cargo boat' and only three' responded.'
In' many cases completion is not promised before' 1914.   '       "    ' . ■ ■       y
Officers of the British Merchant Ma.,
rine are planning a union in their own
defence and support. Such a- union
would doubtless make for the greater
safety, of travellers. The officers-are
negotiating with the Sailors'' Union
and with five trade unions' with' the
purpose of making a united' demand
"upon owners for a minimum condition
of service. •< The classes** concerned'
are officers, engineers, Marconi opera-
tors, sailors, and firemen. An engineer
interested in the movement said that
in view,of the Titanic enquiry it is not
necessary to enlarge upon the deplorable conditions^ existing oii.even the
first class/liners, but he expressed-
himself most, concerned at the conditions of service and rate' of pay- on
the smaller '.vessels. , •.. „
1 "We are pledged_',to, secure substan-
ft SAD
i •-       .   ■ *  ■* *      *i ,   '
Austrian Miner is Fatally
Injured by Gar at
Coal Greek
'. y
' Joe Syphlla, Austrian, employed in
No. 1 North, met* with a fatal accident...
on Wednesday, night,* a moving car-
was the^use.    His chest was crush-
ed, several ribs broken and a large
scalp wound. ° The unfortunate fellow ,
died shortly after, being admitted in
hospital.   He leaves a wife and family...
in the old country..   The preliminary
was held this (Friday) morning,' and
postponed until Tuesday.
' On the oyo of his departure for Victoria, where he lias accepted the appointment of accountant in the Forestry Branch of the Land's Department,
Mr.' Steve Barclay, the genial City
Clerk, will be made a presentation by
his numerous frlonds,
■ Wo understand that to-night, Friday,
tho city employees., tho local branch
of the Conservative Association, of
which Mr. Barclay was socrotary, and
many' of his frlonds, will most him at
the Fornlo Hotel, whon a suitable presentation will bo made to him and Mrs
Barclay A smoking concert will, bo,
tho ovonlng'B , entertainment,, Flro
Chief MoDougnl Is chairman of tho
Mr and MrB. Barclay, and llttlo son,
leave for Victoria on Monday nlsht.
During tholr sojourn In our mldBt
they hnvo made thomsolvcs vory popu.
lar and will bo missed by a host of
frlonds, Wo wish thorn evory success.    *
to 'members, DIsyigyU.M.W. of A.)
$15 and $_?0 v  * 7 A-y   -..       •      .-
'' 7.30—Tug-of-WaVoipen," $35;*'
"7.30—Junior7.Fo'6tball, $22.
There will be-a'prize for Rifle Shoot.;
ing, value7$25,&-V •-.•Vy.'..';,*< f"v*_.- " "
Clay. Pigeonf'ShooV for pri^'value
$26?       -yvA-A ' '•'  ' -j '-''-
' Tennis Tournament (doubles) pd'ze
two racquets." * ■'
No second prize will be given in any
event unle'ss -there are three or more
bona fide entries who-actually contest.
All entries must be in hands of secretary at least,one hour before tho
event Is timed to take place.
The committee reserve the making
of nny alteration ,ln tho programme
should such* be advisable.
The committee trust that no male
who has two-bits to spare will appear
on thS streets without a tag, and wish
all to remember that tho two-bits
charged for'the tag Is to represent
—or would .represent—the price * of
admission if, sports woro hold within
an enclosure. Therefore It Is only
paying for what you,have. There'Is
also an Interesting drawing competition attached to tho togs, whoroby tho
purchaser of a tag will havo an opportunity of securing a Canadian $5
piece gold pin pr brooch.
All purchasers of tags Bhould keep
samo nnd take them with them to tho
IbIb Picture House, on Wednesday
night, July 2nd. whon'1 tho gold pieces
will be drawn for. Don't loso your
tag, lt Is'numbcrod and may bo worth
° Coroner Wilkes-journeyed down to !
Wardner on" Monday last where he
held an^ inquest on the body of Thos.
Berryman, aged.32 years.' It appears
from the evidence? that the deceased,
who was a river driver at Bull River, .
^vas carrying out his usual occupation
when he fell Into the river and was
drowned. Another man who was with
him, by the name of Hector McKinnon,
lost his life at the same time? but nis
body-has as yet not been recovered.
At- the time of the. accident, both ,
Berryman. and McKinnon were on.-a
point ?of rock of a slate ^formation,
which* had evidently been undermined
by water., A large portion fell into
the stream, carrying both men to
death. ' Berryman was buried on Mon-"
day,- Rev. Walten, of Fernie, conduct-,
ing the service. , .,, .     **    "      .'
Uarimprqvements for'the masters and
mates of all grades _ and classes ,-of
ships. "Three months hence we shall
present our demands to the owners
with"-the statement-"* that after a certain date no' ships, will*\sea unless the demands are granted,"_«. . ■>•
Timothy Shea, . assistant president
of the loconiotlve firemen and engineers organization bf America at-tho
conference of the Associated Society
of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers
of the United Kingdom,' at Leeds recently suggested' the consolidation of
the British and American, organizations.
WIVES AND CHILDREN TO    ,       - r*.f-
Tho body of Jack Wright, the young
son of Mr and Mrs. R. Wright, who
resided in Wost Fernie, was discovered at Morrissoy on Sunday; morning
last by Pete Columbus. As tho family have now romovod from Fernio tho
body is being held for instruction. as
to disposition.
It will bo, remembered that last
Fobruary the boy fell Into tho rivor,
which Is Just at tho back of their then
residence. A diligent search wns
made, but without succobb,
*   ,     a l,
'.  .- •.
»   , ,>-*.       ._► ii
The Dockage Fund at' Coal CreeR
mines now, amounts to $120.00. , The
management, when.this'fund was instituted decided that nt certain periods
the wives and children of the mon
working at Coal Creek would bo the
beneficiaries of same., Mr. W, R.
Wilson now considers tho time both
appropriate nnd opportune to divide
this fund. In addition he has genor-'
ously donated $200 towards it, and the .
total sum, viz. $320, will be distributed
on Dominion Day, A. J. Cartor and
Thomas "Uphill have* the arrangements In hand nnd nre Issuing tickets
which will entitle tho holder to certain purchases at any store in town,
A commltteo will visit tho residences
of the employees and Issue the tickets,
All those who may bo Inadvertently
overlooked, kindly call at tho local
secretary's offlco,
Joo Bayley, of Vancouvor,' n, C„ Is
now tho Ughtwelisht champion of Canada by i defeating Billy Allan, nt Has-
urttio, AUa., on Thursday evening. Tho
fight was scheduled to ko 15 rounds,
but ten rounds wss enough for Allan,
"fltiyloy tokos tho Flnnntgnn holt which
goes with tho title. Bftyloy Is a
stocky fighter and will bo heard of
later. .   „,,
In addition to "Tho Farting Prln-
qobb," othor ovents - booked for tho
Grand Is Boh Fltzslmmons, tho ex-
champion world'B pugilist, who will bo
hero on tho 6th July, In n ploce written spoolnlly for hlin. ontltlod "A Fight
for Love," Fll«Rlrnmons Is supported
by a strong compnny.
Boforo tho boxing contost on Mon*
day night the usual picture entertain-
mont will bo given, commencing at 8
p.m. sharp.
Owlnf tn thi» hrtflrdM nf thn rtrnnrt
being occupied by tho "Fllrtlnr. Prln-
<oss" Company, on Wednesday night,
tho drawing for tho $1.0 in gold will
tako place tho following ovenlng.
Tho Olndstono Slaters nnd Miss
Edna Rondnll have h««n drawing larro
audlencos nightly, nnd nro receiving
cordial receptions. This Is tho management's first nttompt to introduce
good vaudeville horo, and Judging
by the success which thoy have met
with this week thoro Is no reason,why
they should not continue to glvo tho
Fornlo publlo n contnuatlon of this
form of enloYuinutei.t.
Mort II. Singer's latent musical success "Tho Flirting Princess," In which
tho noted comodlan, Harry Bulger,
hns Hcorod hiioIi a triumph, comes to
tbo Cranrt for an engagement of ono
night Wednesday, July flrd, 1012.
Whllo this Ih our first vlow of "The
Flirting Princess," It In Us third successful Hoason, having been first presented three sonsons ngo nt tho Princess Thentro, Chicago, whoro It ran
for 310 nights. Slnco then Ksstorn
rnnnngnn. havo hnd full call on tho
tlmo of this really romarknblo success.
It now comos to us,with tlio strong
stamp of approval of the entire Knnt,
It Ib snld lo bo by fnr tho host effort
of thoso popular soni, writers, Messrs,
Thn company minportlnf. Mr. nnlfrrr
numberH several who hnvo long beon
Identified with successful musical
plays. Tho enst Includes Helen Darling, l-lloim Sheridan, Dale Fuller, and
whnt Ir Ttromlnod tr» "rm tho "(.irllAnt
girl" chorus yot seen on our local
SYDNEY, Juno 2C.—Tho Common-
wealth government has Inaugurated a
bonus Hyutom for all babies born In
Ausrnlla. Tho bonus for ench child
Is to be $250.
Ratepayers Give Assent
to By-Law Providing
For $30,000,00
On Monday last n commotion wns
caused In tho neighborhood of the ro- '
sldence of Mr. Plerpont whon hio
Hovon-yonr-old son, Willie, did not return homo that ovenlng. Chief Hall
wr.H Immediately notified and n Bonr-'h
party organized, but no tidings ot tho
missing lad hnd bceu received until
the nrrlval of tho wost-bourid Flynr nt
11.30 tho following day with t..o Joy
In chnrgo of lho bnggngo man.
Ho had, In Rome way yet unknown,
found his wny to Michel, IiIh formoi*
home, nnd was plncod upon tlio returning train by people who know hlin.
Tlio citizens of Fornlo wero called
upon on Thursday to voto on two bylaws. On« of $25,000 for an addition
to tho present Central School, nnd
tho othor $7,1.00 for tho furnish lng of
same.    Tbo result was:
Mrs. R. Gourlsy and family, of Hosmor, tako this opportunity of oxpraso-
tng slncoro thanks to thoso who havo
so kindly  tendered  condolence  and
_-)'i.-->_,tl-y In their aad bur<_&Vi.iui-i.U
..' A motion Introduced In the Edmonton Trades nnd Labor Council to prohibit the donating Ot cash assistance
to KcK'lii.lKt.Ht candidates (or nny
others) was voted down.
If you wnnt n thing dono woll, do
It ynurstf f. Capital wants labor dono
brown, nnd so tends to the Jobs Itsolf,
by directing tho laws nnd governments of tho provinces and the Dominion- TU-; Waftc-Cavuvr.
to School, Building,
A good entertainment Is always appreciated and Judging by thc large
nudlenros nttondlng tho Isis It In evident the efforts of tho management nro
appreciated. Thoso visiting the tsls
rati always roly upon soolng picture*
thnt nro Instructive, frequently humor-
ous, nnd abovo all nothing to offend
f.,-f.f-,    l\yf.   Y*.f\l,1   rtf.v,nlllf»f, T'l.A   ,>vi^frt^
♦Inn l« nn pnod iw nnv In the rmiT..rv,
and In this hot wnnthnr It Is n relief to
find a spot whore ono cnn sit In n
cooling atmosphere. Tho Isis provides Its patrons with such comfort
Tho Tirfismninin fnr tn.*nl*-'*ht nm! tomorrow la: "Tho Section Foreman,"
"The Wttle Soldier," "Camo for Two,"
"An Indian Maid's Klopemcnt," and
tho Of-umont Graphic of weekly happening* throughlut the world.
Furnishing of Schools, I7.&UO
For       93
Against        1
Spoilt       I
Kxamlnntlons will ho held under tre
provisions of thn Alberta Coal Mlno*
Ad at Frank, Ilnnff nnd Kdmonton for
Mlno manager certificates, on Hepl.
11. 12. and 13.
Pit boss certificates on Sept. 11 und
Flio boittt (.erUlk-Mwt. on -.*.-_. v.*.
<mmm—m\ ^sact^snmi^Mt^iMataotL^i.
. . _ Bjw^w_y5BE5y
. .-.V? **-\.--rC.--,'>-" -^ .
luuauiin iii
*^   , '^ ^   * "*■       "A'J"   ri' ."AT-*'1 "■   -»-        "*       ■ ^       -l_      «'      ^"^ v   *    ■" A"rf4J *        r*-*"^       \    "**    r~ tJ*\   I   A    «\.     ,     -      - **     i1     "*   ir      ,.    ' ''     * ,'>  '.*','■   '    '      '»" *■<
v' i.
THE DISTRICT LEDGER,-; FERNH!; *,; ^0., JUNE 29, 1912.
.--'"..'.".?* -   "       '■--' -   ■*...- v
5 Pieces
.Now* open for    ,t
Dances and
Parties, Etc.
Reasonable Terms
The Hotel
One of the
C. J. ECKSTORM      Prop.
Lethbridge, Alta.'
H-0 T E
.   BELLEVUE," Alberta    ,,.
  d"1   *'*'	
-!   EveryV _ y - -,- ~°
and"     y
Meals that taste like
mother, used to cook
Best in the Pass
William Evans, Proprietor
Cigar Store
Wholesale and Retail
Barber Shop
Shoe Shine
Billiards and Pool
Coffee and Sandwich
Hazj.wood Buttermilk
V '     ""     '■    '     'I      IN.II. ■II.-...III..MII     llll       |MI||
Victoria Avenue
FERWE, B.C.       Piioua 34
CtmdtUdtesTfbrW^st C^l&^pllfc
Tuesday, May -7th. 1912. -. Time: S
a.m. to" 12.30 p.m. ~ ■ Seventy- per
cent required."    ,. '•   ,   ''.A
* 1. "What are the duties of the manager?' ''■ ' *- ',, , A,"?
2. What'are' the requirements of
the Act with regard to working plaV
es? ' ,,'-.*-' 10
3? What are the requirements' of
the Act astb shafts or outlets? "15
: 4. j_ What do the General Rules say
in regard to the use of'explosives'?-10
5. - What," does the Act say in''reference to.Returns, Notices, aiid Abandonments? ^ ,       r   '10
6. What' does the Act say in refer-,
ence to Inspection? ■ *' iO
7. What* does the Act say in irefer-,'
ence to Mining Submarine Areas?-' 10
8. What does' the'Act say in reference to Inquiry Into Competency "of
Manager?,,   A " 10
9. What does the Act say in reference to: (a) The operation of
coal-cutting7machlnery? (b) Qualifications of coal-miners? 10
10. What does the" Act say ln reference to penalties?    ' -   10
l r
'   MINE GASES.*'    ''.'*
Tuesday, May 7th,, 1912.     Time:. ^2
o, to 5.30 p.m. '  Seventy  per  cent required.   , -•       7
"1.   Name .and* describe the" different
gases destructive to life or injurious
to health encountered in coal-mines?"
giving their  specific gravities,  symbols and their combining proportions
as they relate to mining; ': Where are
they found and how produced?   Give
their effecton life,'effect,oh'combustion, and their general characteristics,
.      '*■'•* .   \5
2. What do. you a'ssign as 'the
cause of the greatest number of explosions? * -    -        ■ ■-       C/'      5
3. Explain the lav; of diffusion of
gases and its effect on their behaviour
in mines. . Give rule and example
showing how to find the comparative
velocity of.diffusion of the different
gases. \ y <r, ' 10
* 4. How many cubic feet of marsh-
gas will be required to be generated'
in- a mine per minute to render dangerous a current-of 30,000 < cubic'feet
of air per minute?                        , 10
5. Supposing that in "a-fiery mine
the" quality of air'is 175,00 cubic feet
per minute, measured In the return,
and"-contains,4 per'cent of'fire-damp
when the" barometer' ist 30 inches':
What quantity of gas is "given"off "in
■theTaiffe?™4-Vr___CtVlFJt__gETiast 1W
crease ,'of' thb' quantity, of air'tliat win
render the return air e?xpl6sive?:;What'
increase of* gas will render "the"'' return
air explosive? ' 12
■ 6. How would-you" remove' a body
of gas from a pair of rise headings?. 5
'7. To * what cause or ' causes are
sudden .^outbursts of gas generally
due? In a. mine subject to such outbursts, what - precautions, should be"
taken to prevent accidents? '.What
warnings usually precede outbursts
of gas? '  '. *  .   ■■   , 8
8. What effect Is produced' in '«.
mine generating marsh-gas (CH.)
when the atmospheric pressure" is reduced from 15 lb. to 14 lb. per1 square
inch? ,    ,        _      , 6
fl. With n tempqrature of 32 dogs.
Fahr., what Is the'weight of a cubic
foot of air when the barometer reads
29.2 inchos? ' -jo
10. A gaseous mine is divided into
three sections, A.B.C. , Section^ A
contains a fire-damp mixture consisting bf ono part marsh-gas and y«n
parts,of air; tho flro-damp mixture In
Soctlon 13 consists of ono part* marsh
gas mixed with less than ten parts of
air; and that In Section Cone part of
marsh gas and mixed with moro than
ton parts of air, Tho gas Is Ignited
In Section A: where would you expect, to find tho most deadly work
done, and which Is tho most dangor-
oiib place to explore? 10
WodiMflrtny, May 8th, 1012.     Tlmo:
'!) a.m. lo I2..I0 p.m.     Sovonty per
cont required.
1. What Ir meant by tho formula
p a orpinls K. S. V2? Doflno tho
term Coofflclont of Friction. What
Ih meant hy pioHmiro nnd powor?      8
2. Wlmf amount of pretmuro Iti
InclifH of will bo required
to nvoreomo tlio friction of tlio rublj-
lii..'Hiir.ii(M. of 1111 nlrwny 8 foot IiIkIi,
M fool broad, nnd 5.7110 foot lows?
The velocity of tlio 0lr.c11rra.1t belnx
0110 foot per mlnuto, 10
H. (a) Wlmt Ih ii rogiilnlor? (b)
Tor wlint jmi'i-oHOM nro regulate™
upoil? (c) I)o..'H the regulator Incrcn.
rtft the friction of tlio nlr circulating
through tho mlno, and in wlint man*
nor? „
■I. (a) I'-J.pl_.ln llio prlnctplfH bov-
cruing tho flow of nlr In mines,    (b)
{>-.((« i»>   wnul two IIIOIIlOtlH llll* Ir Hflt
hi umilct. .sj .-.a ia yt\j.Juv._i a -,urr«nt*
(c) I low;nm] n hy docs a fan or furnace
cnuRr. n current tit air to fl*w through
the workings of a mine? (d) Kx-
plnln wlint Ih mnnnt by thn tenn Mo-
h'is   "."-uiuuiii   at,   rt|i)ilivu  Hf  'K'lllhnllUn
(<•) Name tho dlfforont rnonnn for pro-
minute:* what,theoretical effect' will
be produced by; building on1 the open-,
tng.a chimney that, will gradually ex-'
pand until the dimensions of the discharge .will be* 10 feet'by-10 feet? 10'
>_6.* Describe'.what system of Ventilation ;;.arid. General' -Management "you
.would adopt In'a gaseous mine in ord-
«r to keep tlie* mine in. a safe-condition, both as to explosions and other
causes,! -,.,'■   ■• .-    • '■.. '* 7'
y.7yiOO;000.;CubiqJfeet bf air passes"
through an airway 6 feet x5 feet in
sebtional. area and 10,000 feet long,
' divided into three splits as
follows: *  '      - .....
. Split A, 6 feet x 6 feet" in section
2,000 feet long.      '     ' -.'     '. ' A
Split,-B,.6 feet x '6' feet, in section
4,000 feet long.     -  - ;,■ A     -    - .;
., Split C, 6 feet x, 6 feet in section
6,000 feet long. yv    , 'A„
What quantity? of- air)will,pass . in
each split while "the '/.pressure, remains the same? - , 20
8. (a) What forms of .airway will
give the most air with ' the same
power, and1 why?,     ... .
1 .(b) Which, if either,,should be the
larger; the main intakeJor, return airway, and why? " ,y'- '- .* ■;
*, (c) How;,does the'Shape of an airway affect the ventilation of a mine?
. ; ■      ' v -       ':   - i'      ,v       '5
.9. The velocity of the-'air'in an airway ,8'feet x 8 feet islOfeetper second when. the. water-gauge,"is 1.4
inphes:' what will be the water-gauge
Tf'the velocity,is increased- tb'12 feet
per second? .What-,wlil be the units
of work performed each minute," and
the horse-power producing * the circulations in each case?A*. A""- ' ^
* 10., Ventilate plan-? given.'using, con-'
ventibnal signs. , 20
.   GEISTERAL, WORK     ~ '
Wednesday;  May  8th, 1912.-     Time,
•2'to 5.30 p.m.     Fifty per cent" re-,
'quired.1' -. . Sf '.. , ,
. 1. " (a) If you wer'e„ in search of
coal,, how would you endeavor, to find
it?, (b) -t How do we distinguish the
various coal-seams at" points'fwide
apart?   - y    - \   -     7  - 6
: 2. A-square field of'32,400 yards
area? overlies a seam-of coal '4 feet
thick,-pitching at an. angle'equal to,
1 6 feet horizontal: what is the
totaiy weight-'of, coal in this field/if
its specific gravity is 1.28 ?7 ,' - - •- 12
3. Explain*'how you would .prepare
to "-.sink; a shaft through ordinary
ground "with no. quicksand" or?* Water;'
thod you'would adopt for handlingthe
material, brought out of the-shaft so-
as ,to .secure' a minimum of risk to the
lives of the men employed *       ' .12
. 4. . What, in your opinion .are the
things most neglected in the operation
of a'mlrie, whereby the"cost*of coal
Is increased?" What are the principal
sources of expense connected with
mining different coal seanis?"    A   8
5. How would you develop a new
mine to obtain the best results from
machine mining;. what are the dangers connected with tho operation of
the different mining machines? What
kind of machines'do you prefer; arid
why?    ■   ' A,   - |", .* ;'    7.10
6. A shnfMbotto'in 16 feet wide and
200 feet tonsils, timbered' with 14* Inch'
x 14 inch cross-bars' set 2 feet between centres; the roof is'badly broken above,, causing ' a • great deal' of
weight; on, tho bars) some of which
are badly decayed, We wish,to replace theso with, pew ones of the samo
size: doscrlbo in detail how you would
direct mich work t.o be done nt loast
expense, yet ensuring,the safety ,of,
the workmon. li
7.' (a) Classify as far aB-you are'
nblo the cause of accidents to proporty In mlnos. 8
8. A gravity piano lino a grade of
10 per cent,; it Is 2,500 foot In longtb,
and the ropo attached to the empty
cars nt tho foot of tho Incline weighs
4,200 lb,; a loaded car wolgbs -1,00 lb.'-
nnd nn empty one 18, wlir.t Is
tho number of earn that must bo
run In n train to overcome ...o roslB-
tnnco of the ropo at the start or.tlio
mn? ,     12
9. Olvo tlio compnrntlvo advantage
nml (IlHadvniitngo'of the long-wall and
rooiii-iind-pllliir method.) of working n
oonl-Honm, Olvo a Hkeloh of oach method." r>
10. Hoiv would you deal with 11 gob
fire that attained coiiflldorablo bead,
way? 7
Thursday, Mny Dili, 1912.     Time;
•1 a.m. to 12.M0 p.m.    Fifty per cent
1.   Wlint Is compression In onglno
practice nnd what, Ib Kb obJoot7 What
■ *-.*-' —A,";*' T-*j«.:''.iy.■?.* Ar ■ 7,-
gain- is -effected* by - "using""-, high-pres?
sure ;steam\ expansively /rather' 'than
■low-pressure ""steam.!$11",'stroke?' S\ 7
2..;;Find's'the-:di'ameter; anil length ot
stroke of ".cylinder for a pair o^dTxect.
coupled '-winding^n'giries**;to'?raise"-' 600
tons-of co^.'-in^Beyeiil-iliburs'j-rom a
shaft 400 feet dee;p/ by. single^decked
cages 'carrying lVtori, of * c6a_£eaeh
Windii_g;' the proportions of .length,of
stroke to, diameter" of; cylinder. being
2;toM^a'nd,the mean;effecti-?,e■ steam-
pressure 50 lb per square "Inch, and
the efficiency of, .the engine 90 per
cent; also give size of rope* and diamer
ter of drum required. ■.., J 20
■^3. What is the back pressure per
square inch on the plunger of a pump
that ls raising water 175 feet; what
mean effective Bteam-pressure will be
necessary to "do .this work , if > the
steam-cylinder Is 6 inches In diameter and the water cylinder.4 inches in
diameter, making no allowance for
friction? ' .   ?  •   7      ,f.'' A15
4. Describe briefly arid in> general
way the several types of air-compressors;'in, what, respect does; a duplex
steam alr-coiripressor" possess an important ' advantage over a ° single
straight-line compressor? ; •- '8
, 5? To what use is electricity applied in the operation of.a coal mine?
Name;"the four electrical, units.. Explain briefly what you know about low
pressure turbines.     " ' '"' 7
-6. What do you think Is the safest
and most convenient way. of fastening
a hoisting-rope to a drum? . How fasten a hoisting-cable to a
cage? * What will be ai safe working
load "for-a steel hoisting "rope 7-8 inch
in'"diameter? . \'" ' ' *•'*- *' 10
,v- 7.' What is the difference between
a" condensing and a non-condensirig
engine?, ■■-■■ '-'■ -. ^;y * _', 7 ' '• 5
y 8.,; What-' care should ;be"' taken of
steam-boilers, to secure the best, re-'
suits from "their use? 8
[?ls' tK*B  beist  i^Kie-dy
known • ;;fdr,~??3in_ibiirpif*
hea€ rashes, 7 eczema.
sore * feet., /stings *', am*
blisters,   A skin food!
AU DniwUU'9n47storM.ysde.-,
Thursday, May 9th„ 1912. '  Time: '2
* -to"-5.30. ■ ■ Fifty per cent required. -
(a)'rWhat    is ■ meant  by. True'
Azimuth rand.what by Magnetic Azimuth?; y(bj" What is meant "by declln-';
ation. and. variation when" speaking
of the .compass? ,; .       *    -.'"....     5
- 2r - If, the" horizontal angles arid' distances--, of. a,,'survey are as follows:
■ * * /Bearing -,' .„,.
1—2"N:';37 deg?;i3 ft. E.
2—3 N.-10'degs. 56 ft.'k
3—'4 s7i7"7degs.-?2-. 'ft.'T?!.
4-7-5 S."43'degs. 37 ft. E.
5—6.S., 33 degs..43 ft. W.
\ How far. North-or South and. East
or West 'of- Station i is, Station"'6?
Calculate* theAcourse^ and ^distance'
from Statlbrifeto" Station 6,'by com-'
putatiori onljr77 ,"'7v. •,, ', 20,
• 3.7 What is* a-"1-Transit? State th*
advantages which the transit has over
a'.vernier compass.' - What kind of a
vernier is "used on. a transit?'        - 7
,4.v-Plan the .following survey scale
1 inch equals 100 feet, and find the
a™*: A     * A-J ;'A     *   '
'_ y-|Bearing,■ ..j.'!   ; •
l-A2;,Due East '.'j;7, -7
2^-3 N. 8 degsTE.'•'''
^4 N.'..'81 degs. W? ?
*4—5,Diie South  .;' '"",,
5—0 S.- 36 degs". W. ' '
G—7 S. 45 degs. E.-
7—1 N." 40 'degB.' E.' '.
'.*. Dis. in ft.
.- '     130    , _
137   ':
, , ," 186
''.' '54 "- '
"   125
' ''    '70
li.*'  ' ■■   n   ,     '    "' IB
' 5.1 .'Fill in und.'work'out"tho following levels:   ■   '"■*-   >' *•
Blc-Blght       F.-sIgh't
"   3.50*     '    .!   4.65
.   4.10 , 10.85
.   5.04' )   0,26
, 3.84 ,, 12.01
',   '"7.05
Dis. ln elms
'     4.G0 -
. 15.20
Draw profllo of samo; 10 foet ver^
ca!?equalB 1 Inch and 100 foot horizontal-equals 1 Inch,    '   . 20
0. How would you carry a transit
mirvoy down a perpendicular shaft? 7
7._ Thc bearing,of an ontry taken
from tho Mlno Mhp la N:"80 dogs.,I..'
nnd tho declination of tho nccdlo Is
7 dogs, no feot W.; to glvo correct
fllglita on this entry with a compiiBH,
whnt magnetic benrlng   would   you
1180? " g
8. Wlint Ib n Iruo meridian? Hx-
plain how Ub direction Ih dotormlnod.
Tho Dopnrtmont of Labor nt Ot lawn QBtlmatflfl tbnt the "co»t of tlio
prime nccosBltloB linn rlHon ton 'points'
lu the lust >cnr, being tho lilgbOBt
on record. In May, 1911, tho regie-
trr In tho department Bfood at-120,1.
This yoar It stood nt 135.1).
«._-*.»>•»  ivCVy aiu, *iG0
TV n-adrrn nf ibU Jiof-r will Im- |ili'l|«i*.I |i>
iMrtl  IUI   lh*r»  ll  R|   |.J«|  til-  li_V«.|>4  lll».-»h(-  !,l„,,l„„   i'/,ntlln»l_»n   In   «lnAS      ...1 .,   ___.
mo! mkih-i. h«<t iM.-n nu;-* ni..nim in nil im "|l(»nff rontHaflon In mines, what me-
H101I do you think the best nnd nnfo«t
for producing a current of nlr In a
mlno? 12
.'•. Df>«.-rfb.> thff prlnrfpW on whlrh
it mlno fan operates and (Iooh IU
work.      Hon- «>i/>iiM fh/> oiilN-t tu an
ulai'i-i., ainl lint ii CaUrrli Hull 4 CuUtfli Cure
l_ th" '.lily rf«ltlv.. run- now known t>i it,<> im.t>
I'll tttnithllf 1'nUn-h tK-lnir a r.m«.l._.t|n..i|
■ll>'imr. ntinliM o n>(t*llliillniial trintmi-i.t.
Hull a Cal.iriti <*ur« It luki-it lnl.rinll)-. ** tltite
<tlri«!lj- <ii>.ii tnii.l'liKHl ami mura<i< %nrturn i.f
|Iim n-strrn. Virtlhr ilf»lmrtnn fhi» fw'tullltim
. i tin- ._.>i._<«>. nml (1i»uik Ilin imtti-nt . tri'initli
I./ LUII.IIIig tip ll*« «-ritt«||lutl<ifl lint UMlflllit in-
l«tf»  Iii <!'ilf.K lt«     Ihi1  r-l"<|i^'t"»* li»»»
-i  I'.'l. ll r.i'-!. I,| It. nuHI-ii l*JU,i* ILil tUy i
..<Wr.«_ I', J  rilKSI.V __ CO., T«l.-Ja. ft,
fo.!-! tr till i*r«>r'*,i«. ff<
Ttk. IUU'i. -'.lull? ("li* fo* rtMollpilkn.
low the nlr from the mine to be di*
charged freoly? Tlio area ef a dl*
charge opening of a fan U .". foet x r.
tft, tbe quiA.l.jr <vf «1f ptming
through ih^ fun }n Krt.OAO miMi* f_»_.t p^r
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HOW THE "WHITE B. C.» 7 -  A>,
: ,    • « OUT IN "practice
->rV  *     .-» i v. •      ■ *-i -/■ ,,,
.   ,     .   -.'(Contributed)"''..?<_  _■■   '
■ The cry *'A ^^^^^'"^38
boon the ejection dodge.of every ca_>_-
t-ilist politician that ever attempted" to
gain, hisjend'by fooling the working
nan, and owing ' to, the • proverbial
sboit'memory of the aforesaid workingman he has j always succeeded'io
turning the,trie'?., .You chumpB who
voted for !T'Cowan and .av. White ..Canada" s'ome>yearB ago,,will be pleased
to read, the. following as' a" record of
the auccesB of your;' cupidity, '■ The
writer a few days.ago bad occasion to
visit a mill on False Creek. There I
counted seventy-five - "hands", working
—five, white-men and the rest, were
composed of JapB,- Chinamen and a,
few.Hindus. One of the "white men"
with ";who'nr I had'business, told" me
that the Japs were in complete control
of the mill;-1? that not-one more 'than
the necessary-five white men could
possibly get a job there. »He had seen
day,after dajy a* steady' stream* of
Englishmen,'many of them just ar:
rived from bome, come there looking
for work, to be told'there'was nothing
donjg. He had seen"white men turred
away and five minutes after a Jap or
Hindu taken on. ' I v. watched' them
working nearly all'" one, afternoon—,
they just'took'their" tlmo and worked,
along at a, leisurely gait" aiid .'refused
absolutely to be'driven, for'which they
deserve credit. ."Another mill, a little
further "east, "employed", thirty-five
hands, includlng'five white men.-This
Is not written In any spirit '* of nee
prejudice, for I have none, but I c'uuld
Bot help thinking that it would be bet-.
ter'for..all if B.C.? contained less, of a
non-voting population than'It'dees. All
I ask and hope is that when the hex.
spellbln'der„tries to benumb your brain
Mr: Workingman, with "Our gloriojis
Empire",?.dope and^stuff flags/down
your throat, that you will "remember."
Just-think'of it again,'the'"employees
in these tw'o'mills were "less than ten
"per cent white men. • '-Rule Britannia!
. ■ - 7 - Lethbridge Collerles, Klpp,
To;the Editor, District Ledger.'- - 7
I .Dear Sir—I notice jn'-'yo^r jast^ls-
sue.of the Fernie Ledger the/questions
'that' "were set^for" mine ruminations,
but-.really "I don't see the use-or the
good, of holding such-examinations to_prove their qualifications
when sonie men can go ? to, sit ' for
pit boss, examinations-and. fall ridiculously and then be grtfnteda pit boss
provisional service cer'tificdte.tvwhen
there are pfe'ntly; of'men itlwt/liave
passed the^exarairiatlon.y :;It' is-evon
known that men,who ijave'.'pass'ed^lie
examination havo come _i'nder-.tho provisional service man, because the.service certificate, man, is' a windy bag,
cnn,blow* hot air and .has. a pull with
the management."- Now, sir,' if the"
Inspectors^ Intend .doing this kind of
business the.sooner;Vo' bnve our Socialist member,'Mr. C. O'Brien, bring
the'matter before the houso to soo if
tills Is fair to students,that have passed' their examinations for' fire bosB or
pit boss,"the better?
\      0" ,  FAIR PLAY.
The avorago person does not think.
Ho Is born Into a certain mental atmosphere, and nbsorbH his Ideas without thought, ,-.. When tho feudal age
was on bo thought In torms of knights
and nobleB and vassals.. IIo could
not picture any other Btato of society,
Now that capitalism Is here ho thinks
Iii terms of employers ond employoos,
wages and dividends, routed Iioiiioh
ond strlkos. - IIo oannot picture any
othor stato of society. That In why
Socialists have such a hard time with
Mm. IIo thinks ho thinks, and must
bo'shown, wlint thinking really Is.—
Cotton's Weekly.
- 3'
'S *
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li ir. '7 - ----- ■ - .-.^- -•-- ^-^.-"^ ~y,y7yy^% yyy ssy ;ai. y^y^aysv-^'v-.y
A" A. "-A "''"•-",'>■•" •Ay*^A,^"S-7-?i. SA'A'- ' "'A-' A y-"--W "V*- ;*-.'...";.-?
A -A.. :' ' Lyv-N^-lKAvV.?*-.'.'"■-.. -' -* yyA'' "- 7*.A"-.
■,*,-- "7    "- -"' "' ,•?-77-.7-^--<yy;?': '■ ■    -■ '*.-   -   _■••   - ■< '-v.
®' -'''"' :y^M$;X^§§Xy£^' DISTRICT?ii_mGEErPEB3ra
.-»■'       ^
/;Mr.-' G.VK: Chesterton writes "iri'.The
.|"'" ? ? "London Daily News* in-, the following
yy ^vvgtrkin:^ "y Sy-y^ X'y; yyS y c
. ■ 7 ■,.??• A magazine devoted to progress and
■ ,; A all ■^wtilcV has'.jmanyAimes
' ' ,-y,"Bternly rebuked "me for the darker,'sicle
-    \>. of my belng"for'niy "dqi"_mas'.. and my
• -. > '"medlaevallsm,".y_ias\ some remarks
> -    this ■ week; about; the /strike,' which Jit
7,7'7; compares to a 'physical -'and",infectious
. * ■ disease. .There*musJ;.'(Usay's*gaily)?be*
y.A*?a microbe, /* Now-certainly" it is'true
A-'-.-.'.enough that'a.very large'sectlon ofAlie
A... people of England suffer fundamental
* V•; ly?, from a? physical "disease," 7 It is - a
- . r: \ gastric- disease, of,,which; "according to
,  .. ?; the'best medicarauthorltles, the'chief
- ¥     symptom-is.a *sort','of "fiollbwne-js In-
"'*=,"side. '.yy   -. • ,,'.*■ Ay'a'.,'"  ''
1 bave never heard, however, that
•a . 'i ,it was Infectious, y Indeed," largo nuai-
. --_ bers of people ln the comfortable claas-
*,   '.- ei contrive to, live quite1 close to It Ih
. ; ," perfect- cheerfulness?, and /salubrity.
... Tho writer then proceeds to say' that
lri'' ep.tte, of the .prevalence^, of   this
- ' :/•. strange malady of popular distress and
A / ;_ protest 'there will certainly be ho Wvo-.
*, .'; ' lutlon.'-'' He adds, .these ;remarkable
. 77 ' .words?" ; A. proletariat that_has vote's
y ...yhas ho'need to,resort ^revolution."
.* !'.V-It-would-be Impossible more succlntly*
7 ?,y "or lucidly tou state the exact?untru{h.'_,'
?'-y.\j7 There will,not be a revolution?,;' I
t ^ ,-hope, because the capitalists will vi_ry*
A-_ - probably listen to reason,' ' There will
*!notbea revolution, in' alf probahllity,;
also? because the English temperament
^is'not'made like"that.^We may right-
yjy*base*hopes of.iwace/on'the' rational-
-; ity of the* rich;- we may ,'bai_e .them'
/even more upon;the"patience of.-^the.
_ -poor. <■'•[ "We,may base' them; uponVthe
fact that the strike ls^a..really/power-":
ful weapon. In the hands'.of' the 'ecbn;
omlcally oppressed.y?But-if Ve-ba'so
7'any hopes on. the .Idea? that the vote fa
-i a powerful > weapon in .their hands', we
' shall make" the big blunder of modern
„  histoVy.  ". -        '. A - *-A'Ay*-/ A^A
'    .•  Element of/T_me'*_. A  ;    ,.\
.i -r<To begin* \vith, there, is'an; element
/'never;expressed-on paper In politics—
/- theelement of time.    The parliament
-'«.a*s a mediaeval ereatlon; the strike'is
-a . modern": creation.//The . pace, ,-nt
..which.theytmove'in'ipblnt'of^time is
"•"?necessarily/'dlfferentA/ Suppose .the*
7 shipowners locked/out -"all 'their/ Unskilled laborers suddenly. They might''
.//have starved then all to'death/befoW
;, a single . by-Vlectlori' had taken ■. pU> cs
y*^ldVcour.'It'would,bet-a thouaana? to
■one against it"occurring lri the.dock's
.■'err anywhere these laborers were like-.
' ""', Itjmight.occur at.Golden-.
'. •*» >
\ **j
gate-6n:the;Seia,; where nobody*.' over.
goes" except the rich "and their [toadies;;
and.then';?the result of it'.might'for, all
I._know/?be?'caliedd,7^'The/Nation's Re-
bii_.e,' the- poor-meii. in /the,'dor.kt.7 ;
"■'Suppose they" managed!-to put.up/fin
independent candidate af a by-election''
pledged to 'their -particular, demandp.-
Si'ppose,he'?by' some .miracle.Vbr some
muddle," gets in/' / Would^the/gbyerh-"
raent of "tbe day dislbcate^its existing
program'.and'ldisturb' alb'tts- exis.iug
supportrs for one'- Socialist" wi th. one
grievance? "Perhaps the government
should,not'; we aliEknow the government would not /Suppose they wait
four, .or five years • fdr^ a. general' election— whiph is. a; good; long * time" to
wait If-yoii have, nothing to eat;"'and
put up'their own candidates In a number of places. .'Even then they'must
draw'"up a bill,; get--time, for Mi'from
the government, debate it Vfirst time,
debato it a second time, debate it'a
third time, have it peited with endless
rubbish-in, committee, shunted ".■> and
Bhifted. to suit all "sorts of other and
useless bills, "sent up to the House of
Lords, -rejected;, .sent up. agalh,,vrejected again;-and If it1 is towards the
end of the parliament, almost certainly
losti/.. That, is how , the-, mere -vote-
machine, moves. „ The Interesting gastric, complaint moves*rather quickly;
'•>,*.A; Strikes 'Prevent Revolutions
1? .A'distinction must here be made. I
do* not' deny that.;parliament might-
parliament very likely will pass some
permanent/.'and /general rules* about
strikes .'and lockouts,' which; may affect them in th'elohg' run—not necessarily forgood.1 . But'I am hot speaking ' of .the' Industrial.status generally,
but of men—or masters,, for that matter—Confronted/, with? what ,they, con-,
3lder to" bo an instant and menacing
wrong. Such blows can be given, such
blows can be. fatal, long ^before legislation 'could possibly.ward them* off.'
An 'economic.'crisis -may * easily arise
which has not even been contemplated
in the parliamentary schemes and generalisations. *„ If?' the' barricades ?i s hopeless, _andrthes vote is useless,' there is
nothing left but the strike.' - If there.
were,no,such thing'as the strike, if
there were really?7'no. jveapoh .except, then ,1 think ^here would be a
revolution;* and I think .there ought
to.-be".   -".*,_   7"    , "- y .!,      .'
It is-comic and"tragic to'vnoterithe
way in whichimany people; professedly
strike when/onqe it appears., po'sslbie
that it may delay their own swift;tran-
sit. to the operator the .seaside.-. Tbey
talk about a Btrike as if it were a kind
qf Jflcnic^ a jocund,but deleterious:in"",
aulgence' which"-" thecpoprl wiinsnaYcllj/
at'every'now and/theiv out;6f*.natlye
thoughtlesness" aiid •*" diVsipatlohr?; ?It
doeirhot/seeih to'occur'vtoVt*nem>that
eyery^man' whojoins' a^strikV in^tavlt.
iiig jthe worst .tragedy' of7'our 'times-jT:
"tl^tragedy of losing nis)job.y i/wiil'
not/criticize the pr'eseh'ts"claims?intAe:
tail.'.for my, pointVnjere/is"/p,urely^psy;;
chological. I. will ...only^expressj my,-
b^rh' mild opinion that thei"duliest";ahd
most bewildered- '-'casual",-whoAcduld
perform, the .final act of propping'his
"tools,* who1 could take!a risk and abide
by "the result, who could-ch'ahce being
"starved by" strikebreakers and swept
away by blacklegs, was'-in-that'act
showing more of the qualitlesHhat may
yet/* 8ave'""E__giand/than: most/of' my
classy or most of* the"; class above it,'
or most, of the statesmen/sincei we
dropped, the good old custom "of"beheading them on Tower Hill.- A.
, "Lord Mllner's Attltu'de/y'/ ,"
• If Lord Milner'had been,asked to
endure^such, sacrifice's/hie.would not
have damned the'consequences.'. He
would have thought those* consequent
ces much tbo damnable to be'damned.
The consequences which he devoted
to the lower deities could hot cohcelv?
ably amount- to more than a. slight
change in the political scope of a permanent privileged position.-, The man*
who goes without one glass of beer or.
one cup of tea in a strike of 12 hours
is much more of a strong man than
Lord Milner ever-was,In Africa.' - For
this reason alone* strikers should be
spoken of rather more respectfully; for
if* there is one spirit more, than-another that we. need' just now It&is the
splrit'that'can take.a leap in.the dark,"'
that-can-commit the irrevocable/can'"
have'a leg-off, can marry, a housemaid,
can go Unto a monastry;' can' send..a"
telegram, and throw up a-salary.
If;the English.workman prefers' to
throw a. loaf out of window where an
Irish;, workm-in would5 throw a-brick'
throughAa' window;, if ^n -English
workman-elects to lose flesh .where a'
French,workman' might elect-to'lbse
blood,' some "of._us .may' congratulate
ourselves on the more tolerant' temper
of England; but he remains .brfar Its
most vital and virile type: And if any-
oligarchic ' committees * or middle-class
boards are armed?with powers to'preverit his making this mortal -protest,
Rearing this last-witness to his"wrongs
that will, declare ,th'e restoration
of slavery as .solemnly' and' publicly as
Lincoln * declared" its, abolition.
•.■-'• .
-  -.        .        - "iv   -'     "V--,;  •--'..-.
By JoycefKilmer
.„ • The -i Metropolitan -L Magazine , (N^ vy
York, heretofore / owned, by /the., William - C.' "Whitney. estate, is reported
>Vhen arc - lights-'gleam(  ih/.'fevered
• '/     streets and-mock the glare-bf.
f _.     day,       -.y -, ,   .r,.-J^;.j;,y
A mighty army'.comes from camp-to
', march along. Broad way," y „y  ■,
A host bf women—some are wan,-and
yh -some unearthly, fair,"  '   "",-.*"/', -
They scatter through'the"busy town
and seek' for plunder there.' " ,'-
•- , '■ .'-.'-.
• ,   - -,  _ . -. -
Each is .a soldier," tried and- .true,
■ sworn knight'of,good King Lust,
Each' does her - sovereign's bidding
•7 Well, asAdyal soldiers .must,-'.
It seems to'me that'this brave*band-
ythat nightly plods along,
Is chanting loud, that all may hear",'
this goodly Jmarching song.
"0 Master Manufacturer!     O Master1
,     Financier!      y
If you would see' what made you rich,
look at your victims here,
We girls worked. In your factory and
happened to survive,
Most of the kids you killed, you know,
we're all that are alive.-
, . l , N
{ - ** j '       .
You took our youth and innocence, our
, j sight and blood and health, " *
And made them into merchandise,'and
so you got your wealth. /
You' starved and, wrecked and ruined
. A  ' us, but this job, pays ?right -well,
And'since, we've worked for you, kind
sir,.we're not afraid of hell.
..•",''•   •.,   ■'•-'■*:   •
0 Master'Financier, you have a lovely
i-*■,'-'   -daughter,there.      . A- >    -
VVe know'she's-good and innocent—
,/as pure as/she is fair.   •,.'
But make her, work at .three a week in
?,   .  that, big mill you own,
And leave,her-there a year or so,.and
-, ;■   see to'what she's grown.   ,
Perhaps she will have, died by then,-
.some lucky,devils do;
But otherwise she will have left and
-,   looked-for',    '
The, something' new that children find
t '  who know your tender care, -'
Is very .old,/it's* "our rich trade—our
• bodies'are lour ware,"
i   i*** ' L     i . i
Then from /the; crowded' tenements,
■ ■ where women are for hire, .    -
In filthy dance-halls, reeking stews,'r
' *"    -- heard1 a^ghastly choir, r
From painted'faces,'splotched   with
:  smA.from, weak   and   rotten-
7     tongues,/" 7    .        * ,
A"' **' A, --.?':'*^-'     ' ' '',E  "' A
"0 Master/'Manufacturer,. how . goes
/A your;, Sunday/school?  ,    - ,  ,'
Go, tell the-kids that God is love and
You Can  Make
to $5000
1 Isle of Pines I
?      • A City of 0V8nqc G rovc*. o
''■*$ ''*• "     t'm
j    \/. T. ie A me rica n D'i si net ly
■ '■ ? ■■ o> ■? :"*
A year from ten-acres of our fertile,
frostless fruit and truck land! growing oranges;? grapefruit,' pineapples,*
■ winter.vegetables, lemons, limes, ban-,
anas, berries, grapes, figs, tobacco,
.coffee, cocoa, cocoanuts.7',   -.".
The Isle of Pines
•   Is 90 miles south" bf Havana, Cuba—,
only four, days from New York by fast *
Bteamers.   ' It is an island of eternal
June, fanned by ocean breezes and
protected by the warm waters of the    .'
-    Gulf Stream from the blighting frosts
which   devastate   Florida's   groves.,   ,
Frost  is  unknown  there.
'' ■ I ' . ,r *" ,    . -    \ '*v -..    •
, Irrigation for fruit trees Is unnecessary.     Our "climate Is the finest In the world, winter or
summer.     No coughs, colds, rheumatism or fevers—no sunstroke or heat prostrations.
■'.•".    ,'' ,    ' * a ;>--.      _.y  '
Flowers, Fruit and Sunshine
all'year round In the Isle of Pines.     Every, month ls harvest time.   You can grow' three crop's
a year.   No cold, barren winter to endure while the ground lies idle, bringing In no Income. ' ■
, The Isle of Pines is in every sense an American Colony.- You will feel at home there.   Over
•. *6000".Al_nericanB' and quite a few Canadians are interested there, and over 99 per cent of, the
• land is owned by'them.   Canadian settlers are,there to bid you welcome. .    ,'    " ■
:   t ^      • - - *■     ■ ' .
Land values have advanced 20% in last three months I
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|. OF.PINES," containing -colored plates and over 100 views of.,oranges and grapefruit groves; pine-
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roads and bridges, hotels,- town hall, schools) general stores, etc., all accomplished in six short,
years by the .untiring efforts of the company and the      / ■    » ..       '7  ,
'co-operation of v enterprising American settlers.., '   '  -..'
Marxian Socialism,-under-the editorial management.of H. J.'.Whighan, .although it will not be. an?organ of any
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on Vancouver Island
*   •      i
PORT'ALBERNI Is tho center''of an Immense,timber district possess-
1   lng timber for a cut of n million foot a day. for forty years., -
PORT ALBDRNI.Ib underlaid with coal, and Ib tho, nearest port to tho ,
Pannma Canal possessing good Btonm conl, ,
PORT ALBERNI Ib,tliirty-Blx m|l0B from tho open-sea nnd Is situated
,.   oh a natural, nnd Bafo waterway on tho logical trado-route from
■ the Pnnama Canal, Australia, New Zoaland and tho Orient.
PORT ALBERNI has a harbor ono and n hnlf miles wldo ranging from
,,,.(10 to 300 foot deop, possessing natural dockago'and wharfage facll->
' HIob -unsurpassed on the Paolflc Const
PORT ALBJfiRNI has practically a froshwator harbor. . Ships coming
' Into Port Alboml will donr tliomBolvoB of bnrnaoloB wltnout hav-
. lng to navlgato ia difficult and dangcroiiB channel.,
Why the Railroads
Build to Port Alberni
BECAUSE of Uio Timber wealth or tho dlatrlet which hao already led
totlio orootlon of ono.largo Rawinlll and tho Bdoctlon of olt-oa for
BECAUSE of tlio largo vnlloy ot which Port Alboml Is tlio outlot. Ono
of Uio largeit and most fertile on Vancouvor Island.
BECAUSE of tho undovclopod (loop soa flshorlon of tho Woat Coaut of
■ which Port Alboml is tho center.
BKOAUBJi) tho mlnornl rofloureoo of tho district, comprising Copper,
Gold, Coal, Marble, Iron and other mineral aro unlimited,
BECAUSE of tho magnificent harbor on which tlio town stands—ono of
tho finest on tho Pacific seaboard, sultnbto for tlio largoet Bblps
afloat.    "Tlio Liverpool of tho Pacific." -
BECAUSE Port Alberni ts tho ncnrcHt railway port In Canada to Australia, Now -.oalniul, and the Panama Canal, and Is tbo nearest
coal port In tho North Paolflo to tho,Panama Canal.
BECAUSE from eight to twenty hours can bo snvod on tho prosont mnll
tlmo to tho Orient by tho Port Alberni routo, via Vancouvor or via
Fort Goorgo;
BECAUSE Port Alberni Is tho center of a district rich In gamo, door,
bear nnd birds, fluhtne. liHurilnp front nnd srtlmnn tmlllnr' ^nlmnn
up to 76 lbs. In wolght nro caught during tho soaBon.  .
d-CAVSIE a). llH'.vt'.jdi'-.-.l^-t-J- ^Iv l\iii AlUiul Has .i--_u._.. c^^na)
through which tho trado of the Paclfio conBt will flow to and from
tho mainland and tho Prairies, <
Port Alberni has made good in every direction and no one denies her future
greatness as an important shipping centre for the Panama Canal
'-.-'.' ' ' ' 'l '   I ' , -
Glorious Climate,! Unrivalled Sconory, Hunting1, Fishing (Doep Sea, Stream and Lake).
Opportunities for Everyone, for YOU
. .   in
Building, Stroet Grading, Boworage Work, Logging, Sawmilling, Teaming, Railway
Oonstruotion^Bush Clearing, and many othor works aro prooooding, Tho first passengor
train roaohod tho town on Dooobor 20th last, and since thon tbo population has doublod.
Think of it!   Within Six Months
Tho population has Doublod, Real Estato Values aro advanoing steadily, and oponing
prices aro a   Thing of tho Fast.
If You intend to Invest Tliere, Do it Now
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BANKS—Tho tlnnk of Montreal and tlio Royal Dank of Canada havo
opened branches and tlio bank ot Toronto and Dominion Bank havo
acquired Biles horo. ' 	
CHURCHES—The Kplacopnl church Ib built, nnd tho Methodist church
., Is building in Port Alberni. Tho Presbyterian and Roman Cnthollc churclioB have also been granted hIIob by tho Alberni Land
Compntiy.    Tho Church of England Is located at Alberni.
SCHOOLS—Port Alboml hns a now l-lomoiitnry school and will pro-
bnbly bo tho site of a High School for tho WobI const of Vancouver Island. A second acliool Ib situated In Alberni nnd two moro
hcIiooIb nro conveniently placed for farmora and Bottlers In tlio
. valley.
SAW MILLS—Tho Canadian Pacific Lumbor Company haa Bpent .100.-
000.00 lu tho erection or ii.lnr«e mailorn Hfiwuilll In Port Alberni,
There Is a second ainall mill, and sovornl other compnnloR havo
secured Alton,
NWWSPAPKRB*— Tho Port Alboml Nowh Is published In
Port Alboml, Victoria nnd Vancouvor dally pniiers cnn bo hnd on
tho dny of publication. The Alberni Advocate Ih published weekly
In Alberni.
STORKS ANI) IIOTI.LS—Thoro aro two good hotels In Port Alberni
nnd mnny uloritH, including genornl storeH, hardware stores, butch-
«rH, druggist, boot stores, mon's outfitter.*, tailors, bnlcory, laundry.
. roHtnurnittB, elgnr stores, billiard and pool rooms, burlier, theatre,
otc., oto.
OPPOUTIINIT1KS FOR TIIK PARMKR—Tho soil In the Alberni Vnllny
la especially suited for fruit nnd mixed fnrmln... Pouches nnd
drapes nre grown and ripened In the opon, splendid crops nf roots
cnn bo rained. Chickens,'hogs, r-nttlo nnd sb'-cp are wry profit-
nblo to raise,
THE !«"JSHRRMA"M~-Tho (loop son fisheries of tho Wost, const, comprising Cod, Halibut, Herring nnd Salmon, will provide a iKIng for
thousands of fishermen, whllo tho Hnlmnri nnd trout In the strmimt.
nnd Inken cnsuro good sport.
lNDUSTRIRS—Chenp Rites can be hnd from the Railway rompnny, and
tho development of tho water n-snurfes of Iho district (OHtlmnlcd
nt over 100,000 h.p.) will provide ample rhonp power.
THia STORIilKISMPKR and business mnn. The growth of tlio district
cu-I'Icb with It the opening for store*, of all descriptions by creating
^   a large local mnrkot.    People are flocknlg iu now.
Till. i-wu-_jj-iiv~*,m i(t»ci<jj'in(.iit. ul iu» miitniiibv tiijHH-r K;bU«li('i-tt 01
tbn (*ll«trl',t \n flvlTip* o-mv.nvmon. to "Ifwri1' numl^ri. of Coffer? nml
timbermen nil the y«'«r round.
Tilt- TOURIST-'Tlio scenic beauties of Vnni*ou\or Island cnn be most
*aslly retched from AlKeml which l« nho thc gMt-way to thc new
Provincial Park at Puttie's Lake—The Yellowstone of r^nndn.
The Union Land Company, Limited,
/      *
_/ A
1THE;,DistoOTi;i_^DGER, FEJ&IE:
B. dl, Jtif^>^ 1912:.
' -.rzz-.
3%e Mzltitl
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THAT "Premier McBride has dorm somo good—
Jor himself—whilst on his visit to'England is
evident by the honor bestowed upon him^by his
gracious sovereign. The ostensible object of his
visit was in connection with certain benefits to be
obtained from the B. C. Electric Company for the
people bf Vancouver Island, but as it now appears
that must have been very much of a secondary consideration with the Honorable Premier. What was
" evidently more in his mind was the interests of
McBride. no was made much of in England, tool-
care to be .constantly in the limelight, and his. "labors" were rewarded with a knighthood. "What
the most disgusting part of it'all Atfas, as R. P. Pettipiece'puts it, "the exhibition of belly-crawling
sycophancy on the part of the prominent: Conservative press.','     Of course we,.can hardly biame
them,, they were merely looking after their bread
'■■' ' '
and butter.
-. -.
Tn all other respects .the Premier's visit was a
' failure/ and the people in whose benefit he went,
at the provinces'expense be it remembered, are beginning to sec it. He made a brave attempt fo
hide it behind press interviews in which he*enraptured over B. C. 's prosperity and the good feeling towards us in the Old Country. Very pretty!
This, together with the honor conferred upon the
whole . of the people of B." C. by making their
"head" a full-fledged kniglit, blinded some of his
flunkeys for a while, but today they are .beginning
■to ask \yhat benefit they get out of it all.
"Sir Richarcl, as he will now lovingly be called, is
' an„adept in the art of publicity.     He knows full
,Lwell the benefit of it and to his credit be it said, he
make the best use of jty-for McBride.-' ,   '
*■""   One of Sir Richard's, greatest coups-is undoubtedly 'a study of himself" in "T.,p.'s Magazine,"
comity and' borough a register of* every'defective
person who is - placed, under the control,\ bfTthe
"county, or borough council,,'th"e supervision .of a commissioner attached to.the'Hofqe .Office"
A'defective, according tb the bill^includes:the?idiot",-
the imbecile, the lunatic, the dull "'arid backward
child, the habitual criminal,* the'habitual drunkard^'
such other, person -as the < Home - Secretary?'-i\ay
choose to, specify by order'.persons, whom it is."de-?'
sirable in the interests'of the Community to deprive"
of the opportunity of procreating children;-" and
"feeble-minded persons"; that is to say, persons who
may. be capable of earning'their living under.fav-
orable circumstances, but.;are incapable,, through
mental defects existing from birth oi* from an early
age. (1) of compelirig/ori equal" terms with their
normal fellows; 6r!;(2jy6f inanaging themselves
'and their affairs witli-ordinary .prudence."    • „    .
-*•/.    f  '      •      '■- ' -.
The^process^of determining whether parties are
fit subjects for'the register-lends'" itself-to abuse.
For instance, the.certifeate\of.two doctors will be
sufficient to condemn, arid a police-magistrate-sit-,
ting in a private .court," may then 'deprive the
subject of.the enquiry of the right to(,further control his own life. "Under tlie present system of capitalistic greed'a rich relative may" got rid of
in this'Ayay. , The danger is that in the hands of
officious, incompetent and opinonated officials, arid
it must be admitted that quite a number come under this category, unfortunates who,are.more the victims of their environment than of their own natural weaknesses will be enslaved and imprisoned. * -
The bill is a step in the right direction,'as it is the'
duty of the state to protect arid'guard tlie weak and
defective. The major portion of0our ills,' v/oes and
defects in this glorious civilization of ours Is due to
nothing less than this atrocious and tyrannous system .we labor under. ' The iribocile,,the idiot arid
the lunatic are all the heritage of capitalism,'which
withholds from the mother and babe the necessary
nourishments and the very.necessities of life. 'The
pregnant .woman toiling in a factory untii a fety
hours before the birth of her "child, has riot the necessary strength and health'to bring forth a normal
life'.- It is this hellish, system of profit grinding
-that is making it necessary -fc-r ,the British Government to make an* effort to protect weak-minded
persons. Why not abolish the system that' makes
such incongruities? • It, is" in. the hands of ./the
workers to remedy the existing evil.* - ■
np HE' Republican Convention Exhibition in Chi-
*• cago proves to what extent capitalistic politicians can go in an'effort to get the man* that to their
idea, would protect their.profit making interests
most. ' Such unseemlyycbnduqt if indulged-in-at'
a' Socialist meeting would;be^pointed at with scorn
by the capitalistic press? -" ■" But, there this .coulg
♦<»» + ♦"» »'»,-»<»^»W-»»W«>
♦ yy, y :• ■ -..-y y -A:y y- yA»
♦,s   * HILLCREST NOTES  ' * •■:'+
♦ * - ~v?" '?;yy7.7, -y^y-y^
■r\ - Horse racjtf g "Ib: "all"the5go "fieri": now*
with thle'lbuk^rfof "■'Cunningham .* the'
chief promoter.'-We^were'really sorry
forAhe Duke7i__Bt Friday^'wti-en his
famous*. PanBjy lost? thj}7 race?';Ai Tho'
DukeAool^heAdo at
Passburg' to.'? challen'ge^ariyr.facer,? "in
the Pass and"' brought her"*hb_nev**to be
.beat'by a pony.,,that jms.Deen'-around
town ahfl/way'lobked upon as beneath
^c'oiisiderajion.^ .Our.symapthy^is witli
th'e iJu'ke.-XT'"' 7 \:'7'.~S-"S\':_
A Mrs Cunningbam, vas^t^Iiethbrldge
visitor last week-.and" is back'again
much- benefited by a few days''rest. •
' Some-? of-the"" ho tel.'boys, are-real,
sorry ,Uiat7,we'cut out the moving pic-'
tare" show, as" they Intended- to^ sliow
some'interesting.films qt. last week's
scenes.-   A ",      , i'     k     *''-.,.
The,, boys, are- waiting "for the report of th<'mountain- experts who
cliifibed tho.JFrank, mountain .Thursday
last; We feel inclined to,-believe that
they failed to rMch. the summit and
turned back,', lience the reason for
keeping quiet."    '   '       *    ,    .' ',,', '
Some, of. the .weaker Bex'must have
great hypnotic power over some of our
young men, as they seisin4o,get them
to do almost c anything, even-to-get
them to .quit drinking. „ -Get them to
quit their Jobs!'   Oh, you women!' ,
- Some of the girls' are riot singing
"He'll come back again," but they are
singing; "He HAS come back agaln'\
r-with "a bag of candy,' instead of a
ring. • | "* '       ," y    ;      '    '*•
We* are pleased to see the Mounted
Police taking interest'in this-'town in'
seeing the owners of dead' pigs? burn
them; also in .compelling certain*parties to move" their -. closets a farther
distance from ,the buildings." Get busy
there's some more closets that should
be shifted.* 'Also get busy.vand see
that some of.the backyards'are cleat*?
ed of-tin-cans, as yoii-are making
too much noise ' with , the' tin can's
when- trailing '.your' affinity through'
theback alleys at night.'    , A' <*•-
Billy Warn had a narrow escape the
other night-when more than fifty mon-*1
grel dogs set* their teeth after him?
and only for the timely interference
of Miss McLean it's hard to tell- what
would . have „ been the result. Get
him to kill ,some of them, Elsie..'. *
- - Teddy ' plough', of the hotel "staff,
has been appointed . agent ' for\ the
Duke of Cunningham to buy all vegetables available in town. -. He seems
to* be, busy-'with his new -job, inspecting the* gardens.' '*' A * {*
\ Two of^ our most prominent' citizens
attended' a>,dance at the Sanatorium
last week,"' and both of them looked
pretty. seedy. next. day.     The, reason
'  It starts off with referring-to him as "One of the
.most remarkable Of-the true Empire builders-of
our time."     Throughout the'eight pages which
the " study '*' takes up it goes into ecstasies over this
'.'great".man and would, no doubt, have continued
" in"this strain had Mr.-O'Connor, the author, or,^it
would perhaps be more correct to say the re-writer,
for no doubt such facts and hidden secrets mu?t
have been obtained from the subject of the sketch
himself, found a larger complimentary vocabulary
to enthuse with?"   So   far   as 'his   "kindliness,"
"good nature," "instructive knowledge of human
nature," etc., is concerned we will not discuss,* but
wlien it comes to telling us certain, exaggerated
facts in connection with labor and the Premier's
attitude in these matters, wo must take exception.
For instance, the article says:
"This extraordinary dominance has not   been
won by mere.force of character) an instinctive adroitness, tact and good sense have been among tho
contributory causes,-    Take, for instance, his treatment of what even'in British Columbia is a not
infrequent occurrence—namely, labor unrest.    La-
bor unrest is serious in nny country—but it is most
serious in countries where the prospdet of thc quick
return of mining draws tho strong and adventurous and sometimes unruly men of all nationalities.
British Columbia is full of groat mining camps;
and thus tho Prime Minister hns hnd to deal more
than once with situations that, beginning in a (lis-
puto about wngeH or hours of labor, or a conflict
between union and   non-union, might easily have
ilnwlnport into bloodshed. , And bloodshed "there
would have been if lho conflict between elements
so .stubborn and so resolute as the minors on the
onp side and the, mine-owners on tho other had not
all to bo submitted to thc cold, clear judgment of
tho ruler of the country."
To lull, of "bloodshed" ami "donr judgment of
the ruler of tlm country," is moro piffle, nnd cnn
only be swnllowod by Hiohc without knowledge of
local conditions, outside of this country, Mr.
O'Connor nlso refers to Ihe remarkable progress
this province hns nindu under tlio rnlorsliip of our
local Disraeli, but sjiyi. nothing <if tliu number «;f
■ unt-mploy.'d nnd other niiitlcrji affecting tlie worker,
With nil Sir HirlmTrl *n NlirewdnrsN lio hns, no
doubt, mndo a mistake in "rTorniitting" Mr. O'Connor cirailnming all the newspapers, periodicals,
journals, ete., ami sending n copy nf the uin«n>
zinc, containing tlin article, gratis lo thc Canadian
newspapers. It might work all right outside of
this country, but here, whore ho is so well known,
tlie article "A Benevolent Autocrat" ..anii-it bo
taken M.-n..ux)y, in K«ct it will be read moro as
"light fictiori."
not,happen.-.y-There wduld;be-no parly candidate,
There being no graft; it stands to reason that there
would be no'need for it. fit is only when such
conditions exist that, make it possible for party
leaders'and'office holders* to make something out of
it that Bedlam is let loose. ' During the convention
an army of policemen; firemen, doctors and nurses
were held in readiness.- This was not for
the purpose of preventing free speech, or against
the ohslaughter" of "undesirable citizens." ■ Oh,
no! -Only to see that the truo American patriots
aiid citizens do not butcher each other for the glory
of office and graft. Each session began % pay-;
ing.respects ,lo each other. At. tho end of the
convention the gathering', finished up with singing that sweet and pathetic ballard, "Lead kindly
light."- The Democrats aro now wrangling over
their choice and we-presume-tho sairie tactics,as
obtained at tho Republican Convention will be
adopted.' As one paper remarks: "It needs something more than prayor to put these people whoro
thoy belong. . It needs tlio woll-directed -vote of
the working class, backed by an intelligence that
can be fooled no longer, but will insist upon economic justice being handed out to all."
A    lillih beforo the British Parliament, for which
•**   thc Home Secretary, Mr. Mdwui.. I.* Kjnmwir,
is ».n attempt to meet tlie demand for modern (in
gc:)ic.i for sititc control and wip. rvuionof the laon* wake the supply grtater ihnn the dciuaml wliicdi
tally deficient.    Thc hill appears to be drantic in
it., provision*, *ml nimii at tMling «p in *v*ry
Sir Thomas ShaughnesBy must havo bcen^in a
sympathetic frame of mind when ho discussed labor troubles with a reporter of a newspaper in London.    Intcivalia ho said:
"I think that in Canada wo havo rather moro advanced ideas in thc relations of employer and employed than thoy hnvo in older countries. We arc
perhaps inclined to lake a broader view-as to tho
rights of the men and tho consideration to which
I hoy are entitled.
"Wo havo a good class of men, and feel thnt thoy
nro entitled to tivavy consideration, if only as part
of the machinery that hringH success to tho,line,
1-niployoTH, in my opinion, should givo moro than n
grudging recognition to the union system, which
has como to stay. SomolimoR, after a dispute is
supposed to hnvo been settled, an employer gots
his foremnii to look out for proloxls for getting rid
of the mon who havo beon particularly active That
is not Uio way lo promote good feeling,"
As Sir Thomas well knows, any branch ,.of the
road that is well paid wns forced from his com-
pnny by sheer strength of the union. Any branch
thnt hns a weak or no union, cannot claim to havii
llm   wi-.      .1.       "I ll il >(..
••  •    .......... ..(,*/.  u.t  »__.»,   ut.,. i.%,       j ny cicl hn
have .je luihtii, uiiil as a Muqiuu- ilivta are men
at the head office in Montreal who nre, receiving a
u.igo tliat ihey can hardly -exist on. Thoy start
on M0.00 a month, nnd there nre many who have
1lf.i-.rS   in   *\,r.   ». r *.-. ,T .- ~   I...   *.,....»,•.   *.,, 1 f • m
 «• ■ - -   I-'-"- J,!-.-...* uuvk i>»i,._   tk.i-tVitkk^  ilnv,
handsome remuneration of $.55.00 a month. It h
beginning to get quite n habit wth thc "big bugs"
that when thoy got over to the Old Country thoy
make statements with regard to the workingman
which is far from correct. Of course, the motive
is obvious: My giving glowing rcporta of tho
"iVorliruaua pawulue" iu Ciuud.. they hUmcI.
more immigrants, with tho result that they cnn
__»*• ,-F"—"»*w -tuufc-vuej-' \f*si c~i<auguir ~iu.~n~
storm coming*home, we believe.' «'•"  ?
The stork hae been busy last' week
in-town, -arid-, has .promised to stay
here for-awhile, y -  ' A;
John B? McKinnon started to-work
this week after a^ew weeks idleness'
through -having his foot'" crushed. A
• Quite van exciting football game was
played Monday evening? at Hillcrest,
when the local team played Bellevue,
which resulted, in Bellevue winning
by i goal to nil. ' But had they left
Jim LindsayAioriio'at Bellevue, HilK
crest thought they* would',have' won,'
as Lindsay Ib one" of the most* ardent
boosters /or Bellevue.;',-" y %'   7' "•
The-Hijlcres't Co-operative Store is
a real success, and ls 'well patronized
by' the peoplo of Bellevue,1 Maple Leaf
and Passburg, and the people of Hill-
crest fool thankful to' tho wlvoa of
union men In the towns montlonad
for tlielr patronage. -_ Remember that
by buying at tho Co-operative Store
you will bo helping, to bring comfort
und sunshine to many- a homo, as the
management Is dealing with/union-
made goods.ub far as possible, whliph
means that the goods have beon mm.-,
undor fnlr prlco and fair conditions.
Ilomombor that unionism In tho factory means: Placing the llttlo ohlldien
ln tho school nnd playgrounds, In
steady of tolling tholr bodies for tho
greed'of gold; lt means to the young
womon employooB wages that they
cnn llvo .decently; ventilation, doon.
llness nnd shorter hours; It brlngB
BiinshlQO, nupplnoBB,' health wherever
lt exists, Womon are you in favor
of such conditions, If so buy at tno
IIIHcrcBt Co-Oporntlvo Store.'
ing 'Mr and Mrs/i)?'-F.*, Maf__i__nd"iast
week-end., • A,;," ^yA^->AjA«f-Viv',T'
i. The/mines_we?&?Idle. up,he_^Koi'
Monday .""and ,'mariy- took 'advantage* of
a .day's fishing,, but; catchfs'-are'.not
so large yet, ?the^f|sh'.not?liking their,
food handed "to them "on""'a-hook "evi-
^"y.''   A??y;-: -yAAyl?y
. Keen • disappointment' Was:-felt ;that
the-meeting advertised by" the Social-,
ist party held up/hereToa"Mon-"
day afternoon las';..had", to be," post-,
poned owing' to the .sp"eaker_'Alf Bud*-
den, having missed- his'.connections."
■Those who had"_ieard;"htm,- speak very
highly .of his "abilities, and i it is th be
hoped - that other arrangements 'may
be made at an„ early, date. A ,'.,. "A
A Mrs. Sharpies and family, of Morris-
■sej\ Cottages,; arrived'back, in"camp
oh^Tuesday night, "after'V few* months
holiady in..the'01d Country,-Jy"-A- "'-
.7 Mrs. Harry. Murray "and-, family, ar.,
rived from the-did Country.on^Wednesday. Harry'was quite jubilant on
Tuesday and.could be seen strutting
"around the tipple * asv pleased as
Punch. Oh.'youkid! -. '. - ' y*7
Mr. James Maddison is severing his
connection with' the Trites Wood butcher department up here, ■> He is taking up'duties for PatijBurns ln;Fernie.
Coal Creek's loss is Fernie'B gain, for
besides being a good business man.he
was always very courteous and .obliging. -" ; y ' ■-
Jack^Woods,is\the hew butcher upbore, and we wish him good luck, y
Mike; Merchant has given,-up tipple
engineer, having, secured a position at
Hosmer.     '."' ' h.^y.. ?'" -, *
Following.on the-ice cream social
held in the Methodist tChurch endues-1
day, the 18th Inst, the members ofUhe
Bible Class and teachers.held'a convivial evening on Tuesday the' 25th:
Refreshments were' serVed and .games
and,songs contributed towards a pleasant evening. ■'.,''.'-, . - ■<
. In spite of the heavy rain of Thursday a,large number of Creekites Journeyed to -Fernie". to, see the Circus:
The mines being idle bn the afternoon
shift gave .some the opportunity of
taking in the Bhow at night. _?_'
■The stork'paid another, vi3it to camp
on Sunday,-leaving" a son to Mr.'and
Mrs. J.^Rodgers. Jimmy is now wearing the smile that, won't come off. ?.
R. Scut, is the" new grocery clerk
for Trites Wood up here. -
, Frank Baiigh was taken .to hospital
suffering from.typhoid fever. • ". .' - "
" -.Billy Flanagan has pulled, out and
gone to „the' coast? , ,- i . .A;, \
Provincial Constable Boardman*' is
taking a duty (trip,to,Westminster?-
■It-Is exepcted that .the- 'proposed
structural alterations at ths club'will
be commenced on Monday;next., "'
" Rumor" has" if'th'at Jean Young is
leaying for Pittsburg, where her, young
man7 resides. , *.We,- shall" miss, you,
in time means for them cheaper wttRen ami tpnro
Mrs llyroin, of French Camp, had
rnther nn unpleasant oxporlonco on
the 2lBt, sho wont, to draw a pall ot
wator from tlio crook nnd Bllppod
on a stone and the crock, running rnther strong nt the tlino, nho was carrlod
a coimldorublo distance. Fortunately
help wnn soon nt hnnd, nnd sho wns
rescued from hor porlloiin position,
■ Tho fnn operating Nob. 1 TflriBt and 3
mlno broke on Friday night taut, causing tho men to loavo hurriedly, ' Tho
machinists managed to got It fixed
'_".';<,- .ut.c wu (ins uuv»'vU. iac..n« o£
JNo. 1 South mlno broke Saturday c«ub-
Inn the mlno to lay off » fow'hour*,
Conl Creek Football Club mnnngod
to put it nbout Mlchol on Snturdny
Ut,l \f* \.\as i-uiM \,x a KOiin io tm«, Owing to Tommy Banni bolng out of
camp thoy hnd to play A. 13. Donlham
In goal, where ho gave n credUnblo
dlsplny, They nlao played Gregory
In plnco of Andrew Adnmion, who
wan ptnvlnc for Vprnl*.
Mr. Wilioughby nnd ft party it
frlcnda frum r«rultt wutu uktu« lu
tho *lg!i(s up here on Sunday.
A good number of ex-Creelclte* cama
up from Mlrhel to ronaw old «cqna!n*i
Jutk VtohUnon, of Mlebel, wsa vliilt-
~Jean. y ■    [■•. '. y y??'7?
.." Tom' Jones^ met with a - nasty.'accident in' No. 3,mine on* the*"21st, the
muscles, of his'left arm being badly
crushed* and torn." ' A • special' train
took him to'hospital," where he1*is pro-'*
grossing',fine.-. ;, >   "'. _ ,i' , "• '*•'/"
Classified Ads.--Cent a Word
*" FOR RBNT—Store' In the Eckstein
Block.    Apply, Cree and*Moffatt.
V FOR SALE-^Cottage- on, lot about
120'.feet'square,', the property of Mr.
A; H. Cree, whols.leaylh'g Fernio tho
first's week'.In June.„ ' Will - sell thc
-property as a'Vhole,' oKwill'subdivide.
Can be purchased "at'*a bargain,' nnd
on,very easy termB. Apply to, A, II:
Croo.        .   ,' ' "..
1 JliOST—Ono Sorrel,, Horse, weight
about 80'0,,lbB.l"brand "li" on' rloft
Bhoulder, 'one white hind? foot, white
fnco,, mane -trimmed. Five dollars
reward for, Information loading to. his
recovery. . P. HutchlnBon, Michel, B.
tents of tho five-roomed rosldenco. ot
S. W. Barclay, on Baker Ave. fop ualo,
SNAPS' on Locnl Nond outside proporty.    Apply, E."Harpor.       0 M-np
A 0-roomod'HpuBO to ront, furnished
or unfurnished,- Apply T. W.'TJold-
oraton, Annex Extension, Fornle.
FurnlBlied Rooms to lot,  Apply, Mrs
J Stewart, Dnlton Avo„ Wood Street,
LOST—One Sorrel Horso, weight
SOO lbB„ whlto face and ono hind foot;
mnno trimmed; lind liallof on; shod
nil round; branded on loft Bhoulder
"V"; Ton dollnra roward, F. Tlutoli-
IiiBon, Mlohol, B, C, 45-lt
->,>-: *-i i.i ■
■V ;
■ ■ ■."-." ■
W-.:;By Sherman presents -
.-*. ^
.i-1 ••-
Supported b^»a .Metropolitan 'All Star'Cast\ ■
-" in Hal Iteid's romantic drama A        '"
' A
Seethe greatest of all Champions in the,blacksmith shop, in his training y.
. t 'qutu'tej.sandin.the ring. Carload special scenery and effects   .-,  ..
Prices$1.50and$1.00.'" PlaiiatSuddaby's
InsurariGej Real Estate
,   '       ''■■;       ' '    .    .  - ._       .     ■;.    \y      < ry   >.      '    • .
and Loans
'    ' " :;"V ' ■'" .■■',   :7'-y-  A'.' "A ,  ?':'■*•'-'
"    ■     'i" '','. ''''   "*.' %  *    i '»•-,'• ;.r:  .     •    .
Money to Loan on first class Busi-
," •',      ',        '   v        '■'   '  . **"7y -"  '       ";      ,*■' * ■      '
hess and Residential property
Court Revision
the first Bitting of tlio annual Court of
Revision for, revising, correcting and
hearing' complaints against the assessment as'mado tor tho year 1.012, will
bo held In tlio Council Chamber, City
Hall, Pernio,1 D, 0., oh Tuesday, tho
23rd day of July, 1012 at the hour of
eight o'clock ln tho afternoon,
All person*.,having complaints' against tho nflBOBumont must glvo notico
to tho UBBbnBor In writing, at loast
ton days boforo tho first sitting of
this court,
Dated at'pdirnlo, D, 0„ tho 115th day
of Juno, 1012,
Trains for South
T-^-RVPAFftrnift a>. 12.43 p.m.
Daily   excepting   Sunday
Shjaim r.AnnapfiAii
at Rexford with through trains
for Chicago and all points East
J. S_ Thompson, Ag't.
R0. Box 305.   Tel 161
.Don't toll of tho big fish
you saw—
Get a Steel Rod
at $2 to $2.50
and bring home thc (IhIi.
J. D. Quail
Hardware and Furniture
i , \J-'K.--
> .7   *■*"   Ji^ f
;\. -,.
" A   v    •*■>•'
THE DISTRICT UBDGiat. F33RNIE,. ;B. .0., JUNE 29.1912?
.,   '-»■  '-- .7 ^^■IkH ,?^^-nnmn1^in^><v/,y;'-...^^K\lb . " |H      . ^Hd____^7y___fl__________k..'' ,    ,^M -  ^___n
* A
* -.*,v i':r
H^Mf^¥¥»»»¥»»¥»^¥ ¥¥¥¥¥»*»***»* »»yyy^.»^^»»».
¥»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥»¥ V.V¥y-¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥-?¥¥¥
-♦ ♦ ♦''♦'^-♦^.♦'^♦,;<>;^»
Ty "..-!**<-,'-•   - ■' .'«■- ^ T
♦ -;.-a -MICHEL.NOTES;'--.,   ♦
♦A...    ,Bj^amb7er>Ay*7 '-- .<•>?
♦ •','" '^A'7 *y~ A7-A;' A-A''*
«► *♦, ♦ "♦?_♦-♦<>: ♦^'♦,V ♦'♦
'.; Mines laid?off Saturday, last.,.,, No
''cars*.;,   A*A~' A'.':"'/''.*   '" -"'   '.' 7'
*""' Miss Flossie'-: "tyyan' has ^returned'
from, Lethbridge;: _?- also -'Miss 'Annie
.Frew, .from, Cowley/;*.*   -y ,y'~  \ '* *
y'The'christenlng of thVla'test arrival
;at'.' the "j home.'"of.-"Mr.- trad'-Mrs.. Joe
■Dixon passed off pleasantly'and - was
"no.*by.'anyj_neans as.'dry^an'
. some., may'imagine. "7 Joseph, Junior,
: we are, pleased-to say .the? pink
"    of condition.-. -S'', A _ 7-, y -- •-..-, -' '■' ..
y*\ Mr. Humphrey Evans,,it Is rumored,
1 . Is about to open'.a;cl6g*establl8hmeut;-
, anticipating trouble oh" the prairie on
July. ,1st.     i. thlnk^Humph,,had the
'    offer; of a bunch of "travellers; samp-
' lies,- cheap, and. wteely/tobk'fulUad-
'-'* vantage,. ' .It,1s-said that"'he.-glves'.a
, guarantee ■ with .every-'pair sold, to
the effect that they.will,do'the maxi-
1   |mum amount of damage in the short-"
1 est.possible time?'providing,-of course,
"/that you can get the oth'erfellow.on
7 his back.   „„They are "LahkyV'of the
.."sharp and to the-point"-variety^ so
that pointed, re(marks)" are unneces--
t.  sary; they are -made with:the cldgs-^-'
Ar 'If you  kick  hard- enough—andYth'e'
laces<;don't break: "* A "' ,y"- 7'r-y /
-   ■    The' Michel F. C.'jourrfeyed.W Coal
■    Creek., on Saturday-last "to' play; .off
>   : their - League'; f ixture,.,*but ,'.had ?to - ac-"
;   knowledge"'defeat-;by. 3 -goais'to;l.-
..This' places-tlie".Creek-Wyin ;the
running for championship honors,, and
;    their .visit to ".Michel; on-.?the" 29th'Js,
'. - awaited'wlEh interest.'Ay'vA,-' '   ,■'
.-    .George Naylor is .'b'ack-iagain. ".The
prairie must be -"Sum"; -indeed.- 7 *.-,".. -
".,    Albert Allen- has 'returned Ato- the
.   fold, after''an* absence,.."'of'/several
„ "months..- ;Top bad*yoii can't use*that
;. - foot as. you used;to do^AlbertAyou'd
... .'come in"handy for the football club
'.   now. . -■*   '-y '"',?'    - - -'
A7 A' dance 'was'■held in' the Venezla
j,Hotel, .New, Michel, .Monday" evening.
,,. ■-.•' Tuesday,last was also an' idle day
-here—shortage .of cars!" 7 "
yy.The^flsh ."fans'/are enjoying' their
'•is favorite; sport,'immensely these- idle
"dayB." They/can be" seen'trudging
. home, at dusk after/a' pleasant day's
', ,rspbrt up the Elk,, looking pretty -.tired,
••-'■•but, catch.^or otherwise/not ^down-
.'.. , Tifti-rtBi.. ? . '•'-•   - - "■ -. 7" -'-.   "*w ':i? ' -
-"Fergie,"' Captain- and ."half-back of
vtherMichel ;Pootball',qiubAh'as, gone
to,Coal .Creek to'reslde. so .will in.fu?
1 ture matches'assist'the Creek.':"Too'
'? bad" you dldn^t ;go^lo ^the', creek ■ ln
' Michel, "Fergle,',*'lnsteaa^of the other'
.place, you would have been-in town
- here,yet,.eh?     ',',        *    ',,,    ,. ■;- .
'".*  Jim- Cartmell -Is * back■■ again . after
1 ' Wb ? little ramble. „ ■  Determined    to
hold it-down 'tighter than e^r—that
is,",tfe'*he's not too ".'tight" liimBelf.
y-   Having noticed our- popular^ friend,
'  Professor   Porter,/ hopping, around
town witli the aid.of-a banana slick
.,-or something.,similar, was naturally
• anxiouB to know what'wns tho, latest
. mlsfortunewhlchhad befallen bur old
chum/yon inquiring was'informed
- that Bill,' who had taken the contract
of shingling;a' slop bucket for the
Chinaman wlio /"runs" tiio restaurant
In New Town,, whllo endeavoring to
dislodge i.a tack ..(which he had''been
-using for a" toothpick) from his Jawj
with n cauthook, he unfortunately mis.
* sed lils grip and slipped headlong over
a heap, of, snusagq 'skins. left by tho
caroloss flunkey on.a bamboo soup
' plate,in tlio Immediate vicinity, thereby- causing'a'most' painful1 Injury to
Mr, Porter's leg, Bill Booms to havo
no luck nt all; and wo extend oiflt
hoartfelt sympathy-to hlnrln hla distress; aiid sincerely.hope ho will soon,
he ablo to discard the stick, ■,
Bert Davies, aftor a couplo,of wooks
open nlr treatment at -Estabroolc's
camp.hns once ngnln started in tho
mine, driving, No, 8 South.
' The flnnncoB dt the, aovornmont
must bo protty slim. Tho Qovorn-
mont rond foromnn hns lo drlvo loam
himself. One would think thero woro
no unemployed in town by tho way.
things are going down thoro, '
. Mr nnd Mri_. D. Morris hnvo loft
camp for HUlcrost, Tho boarding
Iiouro which tliojf ,liavo managed for
a ronslilernblo tlmo lias .boon cloned,
Wo have It on pretty good authority
that Mr, W. Porter's Indisposition Is
tho rOsult of an attack of rheumatism
and not solely duo to nn aooldent.
Sorry to soo you In such bad shapo,
Tllll hopo you'll got rid ot It In quick
"Missouri 1)111" Is'working on tho
■Government road in New Mlohel; also
Mr. SliarroclcB, of tub-thumping fame.
-'Mr.' *"Ben "Reeves-* was;"in-*. Coleman
this vceek-pn a'businesEytrip. A.;?y; \.
Mr*., A-'.J.^Lathb'ury, "has" taken* over
the.managemership of the pool-room
here, „:, , y •-.-■$$,;-,y y ., -y-;-''-
- .Mr; DtsneVi- of Coieman^ was a Burmis 'Visitor this week/A" *.;' ? ",.7 .7
• ? The' ''Hillcrest;, football'. team 7* were
quite' a chesty, buncli - a' .couple"^?-of-
weeks agorbut believe'iis IJurinls" took
the'wind .out of their sails.1 ■
* The 'new ? clothes for* the
FootDall Team -have/ arrived'? and the
"boys look neat~tnd"trlm<ih.their. white
shirts and "blue pants. .One'of.the
more.'ardent supporters ; wished--. to
know'-ifithey had the same color ;of
shirt in,red. Oh, you* Jack!/'•;-,., ';
;> While returning homo from the football, "game at -Hillcrest on,the' 19th,
Uncle. had, quite an, exciting -experience with-his "Noble Blule.", .When
coming, down hill at ' Police Flats,
Blule .became . quite -, unmanageable,
and* made a bee-line "over, the hill and
Into-the. bush. *, Uncle had quite a
time* getting Blule disentangled, but
eventually got-started on'-his home-
,ward/way, none 'the. worse- for'his
experience-, Subsequent auditing, .however ,'^dlscoyered the Joss of a bottle
o£.the-;Prlde of Alberta; ' . „,., , / '
//At'-; the,, regular; meeting/of the
Order.', of' Guzzuks, held this week, the
eyentt-.oi'.the-week were discussed In
.'detail.;--^ Uncle Billy 'was cenBiired for'
alldwlngyBluie* to 7haul booze. ' The
.•Hillcrest, correspondent, of' the "Lethbridge Herald was censured for writing:,up-untrue reports on the football
games,,* his .nomination of elght"stars.
in'the; and only ,one star
in?the winning team was greeted- with-
derisive laughter. : Hillcrest so-called,
supporters are not to be- given the
glad hand for turning down their own
te'am?and backing Burmis. \ "
, We might? mention that some unscrupulous. Individual turned Uncle's
Blule lose'from the barn through the'
week, which /necessitated Uncle having to get a bunch-ot rough riders to
round 'Blule up/,' .This .kind."of work
is causing Uncle, soma uneasiness /as
he/has Bluie'.Jn\full training for the
Guzzuk Stakes,Aa nliie furlong .race to
be run^fn'Burmis. next month. ' All
the, boys \re.\ rjfther? kindly., disposed
towards Bluie/so there is iiq' reason
for-Uncle-getting a "bee in his bonnet?'/ - * *■ y;' A y A"'   ' V •" '
Mr/R.; S.'sdpwlth,' wbo recently ar-
Board is tailing a step* in -■ advance,
hiving for the first time a'man,as-a
principal.1 *■-,', * /W-7V'J"A/ '*
'" "The" people'of-Frank{were7sprry to
hear "that MivBbudf<_au,.who is'we'll
known in Frank and has, been for some
time -connected with* therc'oal/'com-
pahy, as-book-keeper,;has*'?decided to
leave- our' town, 'having^received, a
.more* lucrative, position'i'n/Maelebd.,
- Coming: up through the s_ide"o__""*Sat-
urdaylast a^horse got scared-and ran
away, throwing its driver, from' the
buggy to "a pile of rock. •-"*.' It' caused
great excitement' by running furiously
through town; where some of ■our
brave men got a hold of ,11 and soon
.brought the runaway .to order.'- 'The
-buggy was'badly sfiashed and "the
driver came along after a while rather
shook up, but no serious injuries,-fortunately.1-- 7?' '- '     ,,
- Last'-Thursday night the members
of the congregation v'of' the Methodist
Church,surprised their pastor and his"
wife', Mrjuid Mrs? Young, by all,'goring -in a-'party to their home. Th/
happy party had everything well arranged; carrying with them a chairs
and a bountiful supply of tasty eatables 'for'all. _. The"party, Which numbered-about thirty,'included several
from Blairmore amongst it."' Mr.,W.'J
McGowan 'recfd on behalf of those,assembled yj'To- Mr,andrMrs..Young an
address,.congratulating'.him on- his
marriage "arid welcoming her to'their
midst." . At-the close ;of * which Mr.
Blais," on'behalf of the 'congregation,
presented them - with . a
at about 11 o'clock the party left for
their respective homes. A
Allx Schmidt, who has been living
on Hospital Street has" moved outside
the danger zone to one of the com?
pany's'new houses'. A - 7
. Rev. McPhail, who used'to be at
one time1 pastor of the Presbyterian
Church here,- has been in town' for'a
few days this week.-    * '*     .
-|tLast week'we'said that the ftv^a-
side-football, was "given upland the
Sons' of England "were to play'Frank,
but how-it is settled;*that''we are- to
have the Sons of England eleven-aside, and "also the five-a-side-to try
their luck:   -  *     *- '   ''
'The ladies served lunch and
leave .us, having*raccepted an- appoint-'
ment'iri Vancouver.,'; He!has announced his" intention of leaving * his. golf
clubs'to the boyB. '/They do not know
.anything _ about "the game,-? but still
,they,have'the,goods, and that is something.   ,",'  ?;'_        ' A".   ;   ', '
A rather ^musing Incident;occurred,
at Hillcrest and Burmls football match
last week. - Hillcrest's, right, wing
squared the ball** straight across the
Burmls goal mouth, and four of the
Hillcrest players on line all mlBsed It..
SIoanAwho was. playing for-Burmls,-
immediately rushed up tb one of. these
player's,and offered his hand, They
shook hands, and It was.not untH this
had been; accomplished that the Hllll
crest player, realized that tho laugh
was on.him,'" .His transient remark ls
not for publication.    >   ,
Last week one of'the boys v was
working the ."gimlet" -In. his room
when' suddenly It' ran upon something
hard.? With1'groat "care the coal'was
removed troth around this- object? and
lt was found to be a Rmall piece of
rock. The Order of Gazziiks havo
appointed a committee'to Investigate
so strange an occurrence. We have
heard, of rock occurring lu other' coal
deposits, but this Ib a now ono ,on
♦ ♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ -+ 4> -0 ♦"♦'
nun Ml 8 NBW8.
By "Vampire."
Mr. Ceo. Ulll, tho onorgotlo stable
boss at li.irm.H vlsltod Passburg nnd
nttondod tho sale,of llvo stock at tho
Passburg I.lvery Barn this week,
Quito a numbor of Burmlu pooplo
took' In tho fqotbnll gamo hotwoon
Hillcrest and Bollovuo nt Bollovuo on
tho 19th.
Mr. J. Roddick nnd T. Richardson
have left, town and gone to thc Pitta
burg or Canada to work. "      t •
Mrs. K. T, FiU*lmmon> was a guest
ut a party given nt tho home of Mrs,
J. N, Howell at Paisburg, on the
A pnrty ot Frankltos went ,to South
Fork last Bunday on . horse- back,
nmongut them woro Mr and Mrs, Mark
Drumni, Mr and Mrs. W. J. McGowan,
Misses Berry and McCrury.
' Mr' 13.' Achoson Rpont last Sunday
ln Lothbridgo.
Rev, A; S, Lod who had boon pastor of Illalrmoro Presbyterian Church
until a few months ngo, hns roturnod
to town for a fow days, It Is undor-
nt nod that his visit this tlmo Is not In
(lib Interests of tl|b church alono, but
of tho teaching profession as well,
Dr, Biiydor, of Llllo, took tho train
from this point ono nlRlit this week
on his wny io Pocahontas;  '<
Tho boys nnd Rlrls of tho schoolB
who nro trying for ontranco to sixth
class aro writing tholr oxamv In Blair-
more this week. Frank, having six
pupils, bonsts of tho largOBt numbor
wrltlnp* of n«»' nehmM In thn Pn««
they nro: Misses Laura Richardson
nad Jnnot Ntohol, Masters WrnoHt
ninls, Alva Dials, Robert Wilcox and
rcdgnr, Thomas. » Wo wish them all
A. fl. Blnls Is In nellevim this weok
running his storo thoro during tho
nbseneo ojt hlc manager, Mr. W. W.
Scott, who Is In Winnipeg.
Ulnlrmoro school Is to have n now
principal /or the/coming lorm. Mr.
Verger, who has boon teaching In
Raymond dutlm. I'tin pant year received tha position.    Tho Blairmore
Mr. Shone, the, super-* of; the-Bellevue Mine_r,',;met with ?a-serious' a?ci-
d<jiit lvhile, driving 'on "Sunday ' uigl I,
the lorso'lie'waa' driving rnn, aw>.>
breaking up the,; wagon and "giving
Mr. Shone *a, bad'shaklng-up.and his
son, who was accompanying him, had
his thigh broken, \"
The Bellevue Band gave anTopen-alr
concert on Sunday, night and a* good
crowd turned out. to listen to, tho
music.     ', '* "" *',-, "■"*.."'  ,   ;
»Mr. William Chapel went to Plncher
Creek last week with his; horse?
"Queen of the.Woods"' ana captured,
tlie, prize, . .He has now- Ejent' the
mare to Calgary to run in the races
thore thlB week.,
;-• Mr. Luther Goodwin got slightly Injured Monday while at work In No.\
2 pillars." '
Mr." Frod Padgett, of.the Hillcrest
Station Btnff, has now Bald good-bye
to his friends in Bollovuo and haB
gone to High River to tako up a similar poBltlon there.
Mr.'.-Donald McKay, pit boss of No.
7- Mlno, is now occupying tho house
lately vacated by Mr, Alhort Alworth,
and Mr. Bridge the pit boss ut No.
2 Mine la now occuplng tho house
vacated by Mr, McKay.
A Slavonian minor was slightly. Injured while at work In No. 1 mlno on
Mr. Walter Scott, manager of A. J.
Blals storo ot- Bollovuo, loft oa Saturday night for Winnipeg, where he Is
lo bo mnrrlod, nnd will lio returning
this weok with his -bride to start homo
making In Bollovuo. Thoy ■ will bo
occupying tho Iiouho,* lately vacated
by Mr, J. ,T, Ralnor?
Mr and Mrs. John Walters loft for
Spokano on Saturday last,
Mrs, Cawlhorn was visiting frlonds
at North Forks on Sunday Inst.
nellnvnn football tonm wont, to HIIV
crost on Monday night and boat the
IIllloroBt Hoys 1 to 0,
Thoro wns n man namod Rohh arrested on a chnrgo of str-nllng a
Jewelry caso from a Syrian. Ho wns
sont to Macleod.on Thursday to do a
month In jail. '< A fow onsen of perjury nro snld to bo ponding In ron-
nocttoif with tho case.
Bollovuo Football Tonm wont, to
Hosmor on Saturday InBt and beat tho
i_t-ii._i.ui <M»>» io,tne tune ot ii to i,
"Mr. TV)_._.jw Mad-Ma htL Tutioiiay
night for Dakota lo accompany tho remains of IiIh brother who rilM nf favor. Ho Is to lio taken to Sprlnsltlll.
Nova Scotia, for burial.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦'♦.♦,♦■
♦ *♦
♦,     ,       HOSMER   NOTES. ♦
♦"* "Looker-on."       - *   -   ♦
♦ ,_.     *' '■ ♦
♦ ♦,♦ ♦ -e- ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦ ♦■ ♦ ♦
-   John Brown and brother, who are
ranching on.the Tobacco Plains, were
spending Monday in Hosmer.   ,  -, -
. "Alf Budden'isto speak in Hosmer
on Tuesday evening .next.'
Hosmer "was visited by a severe
'dust-storm .on'Saturday evening last.
At- the .football * match, Hosmer vsf
Bellevue, during some parts "of the
game the spectators' could- not follow
the-play,-and consequently some of
them made home, the gate suffering
thereby.   - ' ,.*',-, '
On Thursday evening, June 20th, a
bachelors ball was.held in.the Opera
House, and was' accompanied as,,usual by some hot air.1 One individual
did not know any of those dirty miners, was golug-to be there. Another
gentleman, who was dancing with a
.little girl was being persistently butted by one of the brigade. -He stood
It until his patience ■ gave out, and
.then- he' quietly' said, "Excuse' me,'
miss, if you have no respect for me
have some respect for" this child;
you're no'angel, you can't fly, so don't
come butting - In here." Naturally
there was an end to the'butting.' Do
they' ever study that if it was not for
the i men that go Into the mine'and
dig coal and get dirty at their work,
arid spend their hard-earned money in
town, that there would have been no
place for, them" in' this burg? No
occasion .for you to take them out-' to
cool'now, Jack; they are cold.    -
Hosmer "• Mines are' now after making records. - On Tuesday 539 cars of
coal were taken down the Incline approximately-1000 >■ tons of coal. Go
', Hosmer footballers had Bellevue as
visitors and'were rather unlucky to
ahead, Hosmer!
lose both points to,the visitors. They
have*a'defense second to none, and
if they.are successful in their efforts
you will" see something doing. - On
Saturday Fernie will' be the visitors?
Come* and - boost, the team "will-do
the,-,kicking. -'(After the match?)
, The' Hosmer Rifle Club are sending
a team" to compete in the sports:at
Fernie/on "'July111st. , We/hope" ,the
footballers; will' bo able* to send ^a
team.   * Some' of, our lotfal  athletes
will '      Wq '^rjo'h 'llinm
the best-.of luck. '■ _      ' 7 •' - '"
The Rev. F. L. Rice, the newly/appointed pastor, of the Methodist
Ch'urchAarrlvedJ In Hosmer on Monday last/?. Mr.' Ripe 'lias been pastor
of the Methodist' Church* at"Buvford,
North .Dakota; for the' past chree
years and, will commence his" ministry here oh Sunday, June 30th, Ser-
\ice at 7.30' p.m. All are cordially
Invited,' ' '   ,
- .John Thomas,- late pit boss at Corbin,' and now residing at Calgary, paid
us a "visit last week. Real e3tate
seems "to^be his pet hobby just now,
"What ,is it to* be next,'. Jack, He
made 'a, fineay—y,* A—xl-w,bnr'
did'well'here. ""What be recommends
Is, considered Vgood.',," * , ,-
• '.There' was a^littlo excitement here
last" week/' ''A' young bear caiae' and
visited our lien coops. ' It* quits
startled a..young lady,'who afterwards
informed some.of our,young hunters,
and they promptly took-the'trail, and
found Mr. Bear, in a? small ravine just
behind the ^louses, where'they shot
him. So bear meat is the staple food
iast'now,"      -'  r    '«/-,   .'     *,__
Sorry some of our business men
cannot, go on a visit .without walking on ^treacherous roads, especially
on 4 by 2 planks _>yhlch cross a stream.
They are bound to break and let .the
visitor' in: A man can get'wet at
Corbin without going to Lille.
Oh,' I wonder did anyone flag' the
fast "mail at Lille? .".,
We are pleaseu to hear that Samuel
Richards has passed second class at
Fernie? which entities' him to a pit
boss certificate. Pie has also been
appointed secretary of the examination board. ?r We wish him success.
An accident occurred on Tuesday to
a, man named Joe Matias while working on '-the hill, a tree falling and
striking him'a severe blow which fractured, one of his ribs.    I
Sanatorium at Frank
Rocky Mountain
.  at the famous
,  Sulphur Springs
Every - Cony enieuce
Bus at all trains
The; Frank Wine & Spirit Co.
X- Wholesale^Dcalers in
Wines,   iquors arid
Phone 83, Frank,, Alta,
By "Tarn." ♦
friends at Blairmoro on Saturday
night la«., returning homo by thn
Dr. deVan'i Pemale P!l.§
A t-IliMi Ttwth r«_rsltlM t n*. *f MU. The**
(illli trt ■xeaMlaflf Sowtiiul to rfgulitliif lh»
f-timllT* part ..a el lh« farqil* intt m. K*rai«
nil thiip ImltitloRi.' ItfiUTUl tr« fold »l
id • -Hi. or t\tt* U>t IIO. - UtU-d ta ««y *AAn*i.
Tha l«*b«U Ornc O*^ •*. C*th_-rl__M, Out.
Do not give, yonr family food mndo
wl'Hi alum hd-tlpg powder. IJmi Mamie
nuking Powder,1 Com no morollian
the oidliuiy kind* und lu Kuarantet...
not to contain alum. All Ingredlontu
are plainly printed on *»ch parkane.
Hun If they nn on tho brarfd you nro
now tulng, All wpto-dato grocorii
»(.)! and jrecoatnend "Magic,"
•*-»•♦ ♦ ,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦. ♦ «- ^ •#
The picture   postenrd   craze   has
reached oven Corbln at last. It Is
amusing and Interesting to'hear the
comments of somo peoplo who receive
one of those cards., One horo was
going to catch the sender, and use
him as n broom to"wipe streets with,
Anothor was going to twist his neck.
Ho did not say how long lt would tako
liltn to- do It. Example; If It took
him -'a year that young man's neck
would bo well screwed on I
We had a flno soolnl danco on Thurs
day night. It waB vory picturesque.
Most of tho young mon hnd discarded
their coats for tho occasion nnd rolled bIoovob wnB the fashion. Glvon
n sword nnd bnttlo nxo, these young
and valiant mon would havo mndo flno
gladiators. "
yrho mlno BoomB to bo plcltlng up a
blb-agaln, '.Sufiiclont cars arrived to
lioep tho mine working Hlnglo Bhlft.
It Ib expected that tha double shift
will commence work ngnln noxt wook,
It I», to bo regretted thnt bo many
good minors hnvo loft ennp, nnd It
would hnvo hoon bettor If I hoy had
Blnyod, nB It Ib prolmbly the snmo In
moHt in In ob along the Pania.
Wo hnd nn Influx of mon from Cal-
garly ahlppod Into Corbln 1nf»t Friday
morning, about a hundred oi them, ta
work on tho grndo. nut nftor u day
or two's work mnny of them felt very
dlHcouniRcd. Tholr kick In that $2,r-0
a day Ib loo flinnll for working ton
hoiir» a day out' In tlio broiling Rim,
So with most of them,It will bo "I
will earn a few dollar* nnd thon pull
out!" It lu a pity tho corhpiiny won't
pay thOBO mon a llttlo bottor wage bo
hh to keop them hero, hocnuno no soon-
or hnvo fViov liornrno n<<*inflfown(*| -fo
tholr work Ihnn thoy pull nnd nnothnr
bunch of greenhorn* tnko their plnco,
Itomilt: Loss work dono. If tho mon
wero only paid a better wage tho work
would proceed moro antlafAotorlly,
The supervision of .!_«> mnn would ho
bettor, not ns It In now, when a foreman 1ms to bo «tntloned every fow
ynrdu to watch thorn. It Is a cobo of
"You watch mo, Mr. Foromwi, I'll
watch you," as the men's lioart Is pot
In the work. Tt If a uto ot moro
\>.vj. more work!
The president of the toe..! union was
mil of lown \m\ week, acting ns neutral scrutineer' at Hosmor. He J reports having a good tlma, especially
nt Pernio. Well, ll waa comtng to
him, nftor bolng cooped np so long at
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ <► ♦♦ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ - ♦
♦x,    - *       LETHBRIDGE ♦'
♦7       ,     '.'',  '.       '   ■'     "     ♦
' The heat wave we are having here
just now is certainly tropical, 96 degs
in" the shade on Wednesday morning
is going* some.'' It' is certainly too
hot for, men*-working outside, and
there"has .been .quite a number of
.them dropping,in a faint through the
excessive heat. ,    '■'
The"Slavonian Society of SS. Peter
and,Paul had]"their annual parade oh
Sunday-last ;frbm the !"_. C. Church to
the Miners'" Hall, and' * on Monday
evening they had* a' social and dance
which was, well attended, although it
proved too.hbt* for dancing. ,      ■  ,'*
.The St. Andrew's'Church had a very
successful; strawberry and - ice fcream
social'ori;Tuesday, evening in - the
was _\veli "patronized, ..specially by,,the.
ladles^ of_th'e\Nor,th side. 'Games of
all kinds rwen -indulged ln, and-both
old'""and,?young? fairly enjoyed * themselves in the cool of the evening. The
pipe bariCwas'in "attendance and rendered some Btlrring music.   '
The.street,railway is being pushed
ahead at a great pace, the plate-layers
working'to'ten p.m. . They have.the
double track, almost' completed/ along
Westminster Road to tho terminus at
Galbr'alth'Street.', It was understood
that the'original plan, was to run up-
Fifth AVenue and along Torrance,Ave.
and down Second Ave. to Westminster
again, which part Is mostly all built
up arid Ib, the most densely populated,
part of Lethbridge. T3iit tliere Is no
indication of this plan bolng carried
out ns 'there la no switches laid at
either of those placos. Is the North
Ratepayers' Association defunct or
are thoy going tb wait until It Is too
late boforo thoy kick?,
The,nominations and elections for
officers of- Locnl 574 took plnco ut
tholr regular meeting held Tuesday,
tho 25th. ' John LarBon., who.has boon
prosldont for nearly three years, declined nomination, and llro. Robort
Poncock was elected by acclamation.
Vico-ProBldont W. Vere and L, Moore
(socrotary-treaBuror) were olocted hy
acclamation, Thore wore two nominations for Recording Socrotnry, A,
Crook and J. Foster, tho ballot resulted In favor of Pro. Foster by n majority of throo. Tho two pit commlttooB
stand as formerly oloctod In Novombor, with ono exception, llro, Voro In
plnco of C. Poncock dcoflnod. No. 3
chockwolghmnii, Bro. M, Logan, at
profiont holds thn job and lio holiig
tho only nomlnoo he was doclnrod
elected by iicrlamatlon. Tho Hnmo
npplloH to llro, R, Poncock nt No, fl
mlno, Tho momborB of Local 157-1
ocntn lo havo full confidence In lho
different brotliors holding offlco, an
limy woro nil prncllonlly ro-oloetod hy
nrclnmatlon. Wo nil regret llro. Lnr.
Hon vncntlng lho, proBldeiicy, n« tlio
fooling of tho mooting wiih iiiiiiiilnimis
In him retaining It. but ho declined for
renflons of his own, _
On Tuesday night tho S. 0. K. nnd
CiiIIIck met undor league aimplcoa.
There wnB much nt Btnke In this gamo,
uh tf either tonm won It would necos-
ultntfl n uamfl1 with tho OwrMons for
tho Championship. After n hard
mid stubbornly .fought gninn tho Cal-
llox were tho wlnnors by 2 gonls to
Tho mombora of Locnl 571 proHont-
od MIbb L Moore with a ImndRomo
.niiHk' cabinet for obligingly roiidorlng
her Horvlcos at tho pluno on dlffcr-frit
ocrnHloiifl, for which shn tenders her
thankfl to nil for such nn acceptable
and Furniture
Ws have .the largest and most
Hardware and Furniture Stock
in the-Pass.    Everything in
Stoves and Ranges
Granite & Enamelware
Carpets and Rugs
Plumbingjind Heating.      Special Attention to Mail Orders
Crow's Nest Pass Hardware Co., Limited
Phone 7   'FRANK, Alta.
*, -       n > * . "__
P.O. Box 90
tf    -.
•i   I        I
Av       11
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,'   . ""  ' - "■ '    "    -ft *   . _ _ »    <-  -\ ^ '	
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♦♦^♦V>»»» ♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦
Tlio mlnei woro Idlo for two <1nya
laat week, for tho first timo thl*
year, iitiil lho l)oy« certainly enjoy.1.!
It. Uck of can owing io a. washout
on tlio C.P.R, w«» the came,
nml   Mr*.   W,   O.
Mothur nud baby
WAnN.—To   Mr
Wiiin ii datiKlitm-.
doing woll.
PBA1.80.V—To Mr iin-l Mr«. Kriuik
Pourton, n dmifilitor. Ilotlt dolnit
No wonder Hint xovfirnl nrn «ludy!n«
economics an ())«>' nro suffoilng .'rom
tlm wronir dlHtrlbiitlon of wcultli. Tnii-
grntnlntloni, Prank,
Mr. Martin Wall camo homo from
(lio hospital last wook. Wo aro pious-
«<. ta s«« him doing so woll.
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Fortunately   or  unfortunately,   tie
workers  refuse  to  be  controlled
tbeir actions by, rules or i
Before acting they do not
look Hp the advice of Karl Marx
any one else.   Labor leaders who :
students may be guided by the a
dom and experience of those who-have
before.   Bnt the movement follows its own mind.     It is always in-
stractive, therefore, to study what the
workers are actually doing, quite re-'
gar-Bess of what any one may wish
them to 3o.
The labor movement of Milwaukee
Is an inspiration to the workers of
America. Its achievements make it
worthy of all admiration, and its
methods are sorely worthy of serious
study. For thirty years ft has been
building its movement After many
defeats It has at last won out by the
joint labor of two powerful organizations—the trade unions and the Socialist party. It bas esw Its fine Labor Temple where any day one may
meet all the leaders of both the eco-
political movement.
Their   meeting    rooms,     committee
offices adjoin each other.
The officials of the party and the officials  of tbe  unions are  iu  constant
the  working  class.      And
from the literature stall in the base-
the splendid offices of their
ier on trie top floor, the Milwaukee labor Temple conveys the im-
■ession of efficiency, solidarity and
The Comrades of both branches of
the labor movement are today administering the affairs of one of the largest and most beautiful industrial cities
of America. Bow was this alliance
between the unions and the party effected, that enabled men holding both
union and a Socialist card to repre-
>nt the workers of Milwaukee in the
City Council, ln the Wisconsin Legislature and in the United States Con-,
The answer may be put very briefly. |
nd it is one which I think few, if any,
i the labor inovement of Milwaukee
■ill question. What has happened in,
Milwaukee is in no small part due to
the nnilrine energy, tbe kindliness,
tbe wisdom and the tact of Victor L.
Berger* Por thirty years Berger has
hammered away at one idea, and no
one can more effectively state that
idea than Berger himself.
the national convention of the
Socialist party held in Chicago in 1904,
aid: "Our idea is to bave a
movement, and this can only
be done in the following ways; not tn
carrying resolutions here and there,
bnt in getting the membership. It
only be done by a personal union j
of the Socialist party and the trade |
unions. By a personal union I mean
that the same people who are" active
in the irade unions are also active
the Socialist party, and that is tbe
_>e in my own town. If you go to
tbe Central Committee of the Social
Democratic party you will see, with a!
few exceptions, about the same faces j
that yon see in the Trades Council." j
From the preceding articles you
'ill have learned that this is esactly
the point that is made so much of by
European Socialists. Tbe working l
class stands behind both movements,
while it mnst use the strike
against Industrial Bosses, it mast also
Tbe trade union bas therefore
its peculiar work to do jost as the
party has its work to do. Some may
interested in union activities
than in political work; others may see
the equal importance of both actions,
yet all may co-operate without rivalry
Jealoosy to build np the entire
movement. This Idea o£ a "personal
I have said, is not peenliar
to Milwaukee. The same personal
onion between tbe two movements exists In Britain, Belgium. Denmark,
Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria
and other countries. At tbe Socialist
■ongresses, for Instance, j-ou meet the
ame faces that you see at the trade
union conferences. In (be Parliaments
of Europe you may find many at the
chief trade union leaders, oil of whom
lieen elected by the Socialist parlies.
Nor do the Milwaukee Comrades
claim any originality. Indeed, tiney
translated and published the
speech of Angust Bebel on "Labor Unions and Political Parties,"
which advocates ideas similar tD those
held by the Milwaukee movement. It
sold for 5 cents and I wish every
working man in America conld read
tbis speech. It gives at some length
discussion of the proper relations
tbat sbauld exist between labor unions
1 political parties. Betel's position
briefly this. The trade unions
shonld Seep politics ont of tbe unions.
They should unite the workers with-
ont regard to religious, political, racial
or national differences. They must
flee from everything which tends' to
divide or dlsrnpt them. For them
nnity and solidarity are fundamental,
and nothing shonld be allowpd to interfere. But while tbe unions should
not divide on political lines, they
Bhould dlacnss at an times every legist
lative measure that promises to benefit their class. The shortening^ of
boars. aE forms of labor legislation.
questions ..of taxation, woman and
child lahor, the right ot combination,
civil and penal justice, political rights
public administration, card of public
health—all these
interest to the trade unionist. Union
men are in complete agreement
these questions. They should,. therefore, in Bebel's opinion; quite regardless of party affiliation, outline their
program on these questions, and moke
their demands. In other words,. the
trade union movement should not only
make demands upon the .individual
employer, it should alsc make demands"'npon the State. It. should,
therefore have its municipal. State
national platform.
j«, this is exactly tbe method pursued in "Wisconsin. The State Fi
eration of labor, as well as tbe various
central bodies, have a political program. They.carry their demands to
the City Council and State Legislature, and press their claims witn all
their command. And
they have discovered ln Wisconsin tbe
same thing that tbe German work-
have learned, that it is tbe So
clallsts alone who can be depended
upon at all times to support the demands of labor. It is, of conrse, obvious to the thoughtful workingman
that tbe capitalist parties can never
honestly serve labor. Bryan, Hearst,
La FoUettC and Roosevelt, may all
wish to serve labor. There is a good
against their claims, yet for
nt I will not dispute it.
every Socialist knows that these
matter what their intentions
be, cannot deliver the goods. They
the old political machine
which are financed, and, therefore,
owned,"by the capitalists. In fact, aO
parties except the Socialists are i"
inated by profit makers, and no matter how radical their program may be,
they are tied hand and foot to the in-;
terests of the Capitalist class. The
radical their platform Is the
utterly ruinous it is to them, he-
while they may win the votes
of tbe any one election,
they are forced to betray them every
time when they get in power The
stealing of Socialist thunder is, there-'
fore, exactly what every Socialist
should want the other parties to prac-,
tice. It is the most dangerous thing
they can do. The votes they gain by
such methods are nothing to what
tbey lose by their ntter failure to fulfill their promises. Bismarck once
stole Socialist thunder. Well, look
it Germany.
"When South German Catholie and
non-Catholic textile workers," says
Bebel,- "petition the Beiebstag for a
',en-honr-day, and only the Socialist
repersentatives snpport these pett
tions with all thjeir might, as was done
in tbe last session of the Reichstag,
that Bays enough." Snob Is the opin-
teoel. That says enough.
actions will eternally speak |
louder than words, so every fight we
make for labor legislation tells Its
AH the Socialist pamphlets and resolutions that can be
put forward will be useless without
just.such political work. It Is ehiefly
because of the actual service which
the Socialist party of Wisconsin renders the workers that the State Federation of Labor bas commended,
without one dissenting voice, the Socialist party.
Of course, Berger has urged the
trade unions to make a rigorous
and united demand for Old Age Pensions, Workmen's Compensation and
Labor Legislation of the most advanced character. And the unions
have forced the old,parties to showdown, and in the actual fight for better conditions, the workers bf Wisconsin have learned that Socialists and
Socialists alone can be depended upon
to support every demand of the work-
The reason for this ls jiot obscure.
There is no excuse under heaven for
the existence o£ the Socialist party
except to express the demands of Labor. With its personnel made up of
union men.   with    its   organizations
dominated by the working class, with
its papers financed., by tbe working
class, whom else .could It serve
the working class? In fact, the Socialist party. Is only another word fin-
political unionism. Its sole object-is
to unite the working class and to ds
velop Its political power. - If the Socialist party did not undertake t
tbis work the trade unions would be
forced to organize their own party
] this work. It has to be done,
nearly every intelligent working,
bi America today realizes that
The achievements of the Milwaukee
workers  are  beyond  the  purpose of
thia article-   But one great tact standB
tbat tbe workers of Milwaukee
today    governed   by   their   own
Comrades   and   brothers — working
n holding union carffs.   Tbey have
the State Capitol, helping to n
their laws,  representatives  who
Comrades and-brothers—fellow workingmen holding   union   cards.     They
have   at   Washington another repre-
.tive,   who   is   a   Comrade and
brother holding a union card.     He Is
alone, but.he owes nothing   to   the
bosses, political or industrial, and he
_s no fear of being put down and
it when he fights for labor.      .    .
Tbe Milwaukee plan ot bringing the
lions and the party into co-operation
aves the unions free   to   do   thelr
xn work.     The "party is allowed to
> Its work.   But every active trade
nionist Is a Socialist, and every ac-
ve Socialist is a trade unionist Both
ovements back each other, and an
Injury  to one  is  an injury to both.
Tbey do not discuss,   in   Milwaukee,
whether direct action  is  wiser than
political action or vice versa.     They
leave that to Infkntg.   And with both
left and right,  after the manner of
our   friend   Bob .F'itzsimmons,   they
hand out tbe wallop.   J have no doubt
that  tbe bow  discredited  bosses,  of
Milwaukee and many a flinty employer would pay a handsome reward to
nan who could Invent some plan
that would Induce the unions and the
party to tight eaeb other.     "We have
two-arm  movement," says Berger.
hat a Messing it would be—to the
pressors of labor—to have one arm
trying to cut off and destroy the oth-
Yet is not tbat exactly what the
workers are still doing in many places
Considerable interest is being dis-
layed in Canada in the reported discovery of coal fn Baffin Land,' und
steps are being tatfeh scientifically to
explore the district with a view to
forming companies for the develop-
; of the coal lands. Coming as it
does bom Captain Janes, a member
of the Government Exploration party
under Captain Beraier, which explored
coast of Baffin Land and Hudson's Bay and the islands in the Arctic
Circle, the report of the discovery of
coal bearing land Is held, to be abjvej
suspicion. Captain Janes, who. has'
jost returned, declares tbat there are
huge coalfields in Baffin Land,
about 100 miles apart The altitude
is high, but he believes that despite
.limatic conditions tbe fields will be
workable ail the year round. In his
opinion they will prove to he the larg-
. est coalfields in the world, and from
(Concluding article next week)
Tbe Montreal Trades and Labor
Council and tbe local labor party have
brought action against the.Thos David
Co.,'Ltd, for operating tbeir lac;
tory on the afternoon of election day,
in violation of the act    It Is a test
Sallow Complexion
Indicates indigestion, contsipation oi
liver trouble- FIG PILLS will re
gulate your system -and bnHd np the
nerve forces so that yon can sleep and
enjoy life . . "...
At all dealers, 25 and SO cent
The Fig PHI Co., St Thomas, Ont
Sold in Fernie St McLean's Drug and
Book Store,
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables 1
- i
First class Horses, for Sale. t.
Buys Hi
George Barton    Phone 78
Night, July
First appearance pf America's Premier Comedian
mTftf Diadem of Musical Comedies-
The Flirting Princess!
Three Absolutely Original Dances:
m^yM.-^- ^
'Egyptian Turkey Trot"
Complete Production | &inpS-#-f 52 I Prices $2, 1.50,1.75c.
hln examination of the, district the
coal la near the surface and easily ob-
talnable. Titers are no trees for
1,000 miles around, bat .Captain: Janes
gars tbat he discovered an immense
forest In ___. state'of perfect preservation about 25 teet below, the surface.
The trees point east and west, and lie
"as Oat aa a vrheattteld blown down
by a- 'cyclone." The timber Is in
good shape, and even the cones appear
to be as fresh as the da; on which
they fell from the trees. He admit*
that, be did not have time to thoroughly examine the district, but is convinced that. coal is there ln great
Quantities.—The Science and-Art of
The engineers of Nanaimo have organized in the R. C- Association, with
Mr. McRae, chief engineer of the tin-
ion Brewery, elected to the . presid- "
ency, and Mr. Joseph Harklr, c-f_"±9.
Electric Light Wrc-V*, '^-"secretary..;.
Lumber for all
here-at. any Urns and in any
(inanity. . Sou cannot swamp,
us witha large order,- or give
us so amall a one that we will
not attend to it.
for any. kind of building yon'
may -be at work npon. Have
na send -you what "you want
* wben yon want It..
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
This Back offers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business .
with foreign countries.; It is specially equipped for the purchase, and  .
sale of Sterling- and other Foreign exchange, drafts and Cable. Transfers, snd for thejfiaancing of imports-and exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits, Foreign draftsj Money Orders,  Travellers'
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available _______ all parts of the
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rates. ,sa
FERNIE  BRANCH L_- A.  S.  DACK,  Manager.
Capital. Paid Up.™ ........:.:% 2,870,000
Reserve and Undivided Profits   3,500,000
Total Assets:  ...;.-.-  «,ooo,0_o
Just as a successful merchant mates every
effort to give his customers courteous, effi-
eient,attentlan, bo do the officers of the Bonk
of Hamilton endeavor to render to depositors
every servlso consistent irfth conservative
banking practice.
No deposit is too small to assure the depositor considerate treatment—the savings
of those in moderate clrcumstances
welcomed with courtesy, and with ab-
e oF undue formality whloh makes bank'
a convenience and a pleasure.
J. R. Sloan, Agent
Dr. Kelley Cures
' Diseases of Hen.
By Modern Methods
"606" for Blood Poison
Spcc.fl.1 tri_n.tiij.tnt fur ullier diseases of innti: licctinm Wnkuun,
- Velum, Ilyilraectf., Blood nud akin Dlaanlrn, lorn Ulcen, Kid-
irfder and KMtal nbwrden,   ctr.,    and   . Contrmrted    uiurstn.
Museum of Anatomy '
'■ In thia Great Mom™. Is shown by lite Bize models,', monstrosities,
Earmal and abnormal conditions. of tha various parts 61 tlie body, Illustrating lully troth' acute and ebrautc _lmia of Brn7 .
Free Consultation and Advice
j_nrM»rros;iiinoK, lutsrmG: emAMAXTEEWCUREB at modeiU
ATE COST, '   _, -: \-
- .Expert iteaictd Elimination Fnw. jgewt, Hnunlnmtiaa of Urine
Kbcn mtettTT' Commit-Me—-FRHB. ;. Dont Del«>| Delxn are
duceraiu, Coll or mite. Free Boole BrttslMur ajiiUdenttiil. Houra!
B-H-Di. ta S pon.j Sond»yi-r 10 id 1 sjo.   "
Dr.:Kelley's Museum, 210 Howard, Spokane * ■ - 'Ay* -_^.-.  - .'- "yy;-   "' .. :• y^"7-.7'.■.-■ 7,•;?"•." :•■- ' yy ',-'.        -      .-     '»"'. , *-■ ■ ^yy.y7i:"c''.*     .'■. °
^THE-pKSqTyLEDGER, FgRNIEr;, B. CAJUM^ 29,1912.
. .-
f victor::gr^maphones.;7. ^
^yioHn^yGuliart/: •Accordeohir'-
-- SheetVMu8ic, etc.;etc_A7.'-, 7\ A
machines; sold.IpnIeasy:7
""* ;   '''Av^yA-A-^'. "
; New;Michel
You'realways welcome here
•        '• . ... . >   v>      .       „
Clean Rooms,'JBest of?
;Fpod arid every*    .?
Ay'" . attentiohi' ",-.-'
THOS. DUNCAN yPassbir-g
Wholesale Liquor Dealer;
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
A' -s. ',. Gents' Furnishings '   „  7
.-    ;.        -.. -- -*     * -j.^ - - "*-
L,E. McDonald
■/"' y..-'-'7        -- .   '
i i. -•    ' . -      .1 .     . *   -  ,       ,
.;.'.'. ■    *i     * " '     -
Expreoa and Delivery Wagons a.
A" ''/y} 'Speciality'   "7 A   ,'
:*■ ♦.♦-♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ >" ♦!♦ ♦♦'♦
:j';e:iir'"Q b/r''"'
iv^ EWIHCr
■ ._
• c
:_ WM.    BARTON
■ _
■ t
• t
■'■,-„ -
'■t Pellatt 'Ave.-   North
Ww»^»m ¥>'» » y » y»*»*$
Aerent l Fertile , Branch
ii   '.*<*•*, y -   /   -.
delivered'   to,"all
. \   '    „   -'    ,.'_   .-
parts of the' towiv
 ■"   r. •   . ■
Sanders <_. Verhaeat Brothers
Proprietors , A
-     ' ''...'/.. «
The Cash
Hosmer B.C.
-I -J ' i 1 J V
Pay Day Specials
, Saturday, June 15
Ornngca, rog. 40, now 2Bo.doi:.
Oj-iuigou, rog." .00, now 38c. doz.
Oranges, rog. .CO, now 4Bo. doz,
Oaiigos, rog. .75, now80o, doz.
LomonB, rog. .50, now 35o, doz.
Onions, Australian, 6c. per lb.'
Onions, Hormuda, 4.for 25c.
Now Cablwgo, rog. ,10 now Be. lb
StrnwborrloB, por box, 17/ao.
lllnck CherrlOfl, per box, 17|<ie.
"6 «.'
! Hair ^Dressing ■
■■.EqpI', ;.-.■;!;';■ ;/"
. Billiards y
■-"Oiffar's        a"'.
: Tobaccos. •;;
Bowling1 Alley
Drop In
- .■ Des Syndi9ats^aWe8^vv',,'A
_ Apresi douae; jolirs' de'fgreY^a'rRes?-
saix et a Peronnes^iious sonunea^ehfin
parvenus a ' obteair! i'avis "del-Victor
Pary, ex-mineurj" men"-eur?H' clerical et
president de la .Federation'des'?FrancB-
Mineufs de Beigique? f^f-i^S- -'J
\ Son opinion fut 'pdrtee* a/notre con-
naissarice par urie^'cir'culalfe^dans'la--
quelle ii declare - que.iesyantres charbonnages bnt- affichV des'jaugmenta-
tions de,salaires, alors^que. ]_.sdirec:
tion , de . Ressalis' et^'Peronnes',- s'e'st
bornee'a des augmentations partielles,"
qui sont loin de repondrela l'amelibria-
tion- actuelle' et "qui ;surtoiitusont-loin
de toucher equitablement. iei. "diverse's'
categories a'ouvriersA',  " jU-'S'S
Un'point c'est tout? A   A 77
Mais M. Victor Pary ne.daigne'pas
se derahger pour soutenir>lesJ'grevis-
tes dans leiirs revendlcations,'nI7pbur
condamned l'attitude -' CeB patror?8
clericaux; / -.*?" .    ,y, ,..y  i
De son cote, l'abbe Parot," l'homme
desoeiiyres BoclaileB de'La Louviere.
se cache aiissl.      7-     ■• }   A .
II craliif les, patrons cathollques—
naturellome'nt.    ' , .,
SI on.allalt chercher apres ce petit
mechant et hargneux vlcalre*dans le
"cloche'r."* de 1'egliBe,. croyez-vous qu'on ne'l'y^trouveralt. pas? .. ''. "\-.
* Cette' bande' clerlcalenV faitd'all-
leurs sefvir les
interests - des patrons et" du capital-
isme, j    , ^ ,, . '■•  v.    ,.    y j-
Partout lis.'sont" du meme; acabit:
pour le p'atronat et" contre'les ouvr-
lers.'-'--/     '       '    r'    r •'.
. Les chefs clericaux ne s'occupent de
la creation, deysyndlcats' jaunes que
pour en faire'des machines patronales
destinees a diviser. les ouvriers.;
vEn-voici*d'irrefutab'les presves:
- 'Ce "sont des" extraits -de lettres ec-
rites.'par le jou'rnaliste clerical de. la
Chappelle" au' reverend' pere, jes'uite
Du Bail,.de Roubaix,\ et'' aux "patrons
de cette villa industrielle. ,
-Ed. deJa'Chapelle "au R.' p. Du
Bail:  .    'S      ':•'-■>
yy. ■  "   A'   - \,"Lf» 12-2-1903.
. "Je desirerais vous le plus tot possible pour Vous parler' de^ I'organisa-
tion des sy'ndicats.!, jaunts aRoubalx.
La poire,est mure, nous pouvon's la
cuelllir. A •','-   •   ' -. '    '
; "Les industriels de cette villi sont
d'ores et deja, disposes a entrer dans
la combinaisoh que vous savez.
"Je vous feral'part de la conversa,-
tion'que J'al cue';hier avec l' ces
messieurs, lequel m'a declare que vous
pouvez agir chez lul tdes' a! present.
A-la derniero-seance .du syndicat des
le tock-out retombaiten partie'sa_> les
patrons,- parce.qu-e^ceuxci avaiVnt^ne??
glige d'aller;a?"laVMaison des'OuYriers"
—lisez a,u cerche- catholique^^u :ies
jaunes avaientycree un syudicat-pbuit
le. patronai,-tandis. que;celuit'desV?c(?,
cialistes etait^ cree "contre le'j'patfonBti'.
. Les clericaux-;ne pouvalent-"'mieux
dire.        y ' 7,7  -    :'■ *
• L'abbe Lambert va plus loin encore:
"Nous esperons',' dit'il que lesCgrands
industriels aperceyront en temps fV
heuredse .influence que 'degagent les
syndicate "d'eglise* non seuiemeritai*
profit der la bonne entent entre "le patron et l'ouvrler ( mais avant tout com. I
me moyens de ,'fbrtifier la situation
des employeurs."}.'-' '\   - «       ; 'S~
■ Toujours," on\ie .volt; la mmee preoccupation:; se'rvir .les Interets.des
capitalistes' au meprls de-ceux des
ouvriers.. --" ., "" ' ,k
, Mais il y a plus beau, ecoutez ceci:
* "Un sous-Pary,' M. Poel, secretaire ligiie mineurs Chretiens "du'Li'mbourg.'ecrlt: "Nous, les
patrons;' ne devons eprouver aucme
crainte a l'endroit de nos associations
ouvrieres.. '".''*       '
"Noub sommes,- au contraire, le dernier boitlevarc. .derrlere ' lequei' leurs
hautes chemlnees peuvent encore con-
tinur a fumer,...
,"L'es employeurs cbnscjents de leurs
interets continueront,partout et toujours a coute'nir? les'associations ouvrieres catholjqueB." . .
. h'Mals'^ en voila assez, n'est-ce . pas",
fre'res mineurs, de'preuves qui.attes-
.tent que yous ne pouvez avoir confi-
ance en les cures nl en .ceux qui, comme \M. Pary, prbieh.' les" syndicats
Chretiens dits de Pranca-Mineurs.
,-Cene sont, au, contraire, quelo3
Francs-Coiiions et leur oeuvre ne sera
jamais autre chose'que dlssolvante et
leur .faiblesse les poussera constam-,
ment a *la lachete vis-a-vis du patronat
et a-la trahison' de leurs .freres en
lutte contre le capitalisme.
■ Pour la Federation des mineurs du
Centre: . * . - '*
' Le  Secretalre-Tresorier,  Louis *Ar-
toos.—L'Ouvrier MIneur.
tewing Co.yttd.:
:"Beerx4 ■ t/.,
y i      * "-■' i
y Porter
Bottled Goods a Specialty
THe Quain Electric C(k; Ltd.
.,' IT
Electrical "Engineers
Electrical Supplies & Fixtures
Motors -
. Generators.
- "■ i      -_
& Yacimi
Systems %
Telephone, and -
Power Line ■; .
construction   /_
,   WholeaaloDoalers,in
i"     i
Mail Orders receive
prompt attention
List of Locals District 18
•iu; NAME SEC. and P. O, ADDRESS
SO linnW©(.d  p, WhoatMjr, Danlchond, Alii
481 llonvor Cr«ok  P. Qn.ighton, Itonver Creole, via riuclier
m llollovuo  J, iiurko, Dollovuo, Trnnl., Altn.
Yllrt!*•»*.**.■•< ***    t'    i** v n>        i <
n«rrn.« Tr.  T. MnrdnU? Vnr.nlmrft Mn.    '
Citrhondftle J. Lombcrry, Cnrbondalc, Coloman. Alta.
Conmow N. D. Thaohuk. Canmorfl. Aim.
Coloman ,., W, araharo, Colemnn, AHa,
Corbln ' O. Jr. Lafforty, Corbln, Tl, 0,
Diamond CUy Albert Zak, Dlamoud City, Lolbbrldge.
F«m»« Tho*. UphUI, Wrnlo, B. C.    *
Fwnk  Jaa. Ken nedy, Prank, All*.
H07..1Io»in<»r , W. Rald*raton«, Hosmor, 11. C.
is n
lltllcreat v. J. O. Jonoa, HHIcroat, Alta.
lethbridge L. Moore,   001, Sixteenth 81., North ^thbridire.
UHribrtog* Collttrloi Frank Barlnulian., wc, via., Klpp^ Alta.
UHt  W. U ISvatia, UIU, Frank, AHa
M«p.a Leaf ,-j. Magdall, raa^bnrg, AUa.
Mlebel '..,. m. Oqrrell, Mlebet, a C.
Moftturth M!ne 8. M«ircroft Ultmmit Ml»«, Taber, Alt*.
raaaburg..  J. MafrfaU, Pambwrf, Alta.
noyal View Tlxa. n. FUUr. Hoy»J Colli*.Uw, Uthbrldf^, AH'
T»«w A. Patterson, Tatar. Alta. _
'I'atbM* ..,,. Jaa. w« wm, Taber, Alt».
tabrHJantfira Question a'.leja^ete posse
et aucune, objection.n'a e'ts*f'aite.""
*Ea. d8*la":Chapelle a'un Ingenieur
RoubaIsien:_ ...-        -.    "'
.7   A.   y "Le 14-2-1903.
"Le.pere du^all * sort d'ici, et.nous
avons longue'ment '.et'.tres serieuso-
nient parle de' la' question qui vous
preoccupe tous.'' L'orgariisatlon syn-
dlcale de Boubaix,est emmanchee. Je
vous onvoie cl-Joint le reglement de
rAssoolatlon/- •   -. *    -   -
"Le president eat un onvrler Insig-
niflcarit, Louis'DemuIdor, rue Viasque*-
hal et Leman, 2. On lui, a conlle la
presidonce parco qu'il fallalt un ou-
, * "Mais Ia veritable ?_$.;__ "do l'As'sooIa-
tlon est M. Louis Do'udry - flls,' rue
Bouclier-do-Portlios, y»I, a- Roubaix.
C'est' un' jciuib hommo tres Intelligent,
paralt, et tres dcbroulllard.
• "Cost avec ,nous quo* M. Louis Bou-
dry corrospondra, et chez nous qui
ylondra prendre lo mot. Ce mot sera
onsu|to, distrlbuo par lul, Boudry, a
tous les chefs du gouvornomont.
".Te no verral que lul soul ot porson-
no autre no ftrtura d'ou omanont, soit
loo consolls, solt memo les Inetruc
tions.      „
N "Lob induBtrlcla, s'lls sont d'accord
d'ontror dans uno combinalaon, n'nu^
rnlont n falro qu'a moisoul: Jo socal,
on un mqt, l'lntormodialro ontro los
patrons do Roubalx ot 1'organlzatlon
fodoralo des travnlllourB Indopendants.
. Nouvollo lottro tl'131. do la'Clmpollo.
nu R. P.'.jo,iui|to d» Ball:
,"Uno reunion do la Socioto Indun-
trlollo aiirn llou IncoBBammotit ot, dang
co^to reunion, on mo votrea un crodlt
do 10,000 francs dont J'al bosoin.- M.
liJiiff. Motto, lo plus Krand fabrlrnnt do
Itoubalx (K. ii. i, H.)m'a momo on-
(.ago a domnndor on plug 13,000 froncfl,
pour no iiiiH otfn prls nu dopourou."
Kst.po nsAoz elnlr?
Los hommoB nolra R6nt loa momos
imrtout: hypocrltoH at triiltrou.
I«o patronat palo momo ooh fnux
ntnlg et cos faux dffen«cur« den ou-
vrlorH pour sorvlr rob iImboIm. los plus
vIIb; nffnmnr, rnlomnlor ot dlffamcr
les SoolnllHtOB par des illscoura pron-
onrcs a IiuIbcIob ct par dos.clrculalrea
, On volt par loa rt'SolKiiomonti. *•!•
Oobbub d'ou cos flora a-bras pouvont
tlrcr !e* credits qui lour sont nocoa-
rnlroi. nour ohom-a-*- Aa Ati<i«r,i. \a -».ir
tarlat, on trnlnant 1«r mUltm'itf. flu
I'artl ouvrlor,
MfalKons du Pouplo ,
Cetto foi« que Ton salt oo dont con
"mesBlcurB" sont capables, lo» co^
beaux aont jurm.
Au r6»t, 1'aveu quo los "Ja«no»"
n'ont en rue quri' Jab Interests des pa-
irons no fuMl pas public tout au Ion*
dana I'AvnntOarilo, un Journal clerlral
edile a SolRnes?
Le no du 20 Juln \m ne dlsaltll
tPtt* "<iu«v U aUttailon yu. avait omenf
.Non-"sono liete, per la gente-che
Vive afflttarido le, braccia alia plornata
le notizie che reca l'itltimo Bollettino
del lavoro, siil mercato del lavoro in
Italia?'nel decors'o mese di marzo.- •
Disoccupazio'ne nelle. industre, eini-
grazione'daicampl: ecco le caratteris-
yche del.quadro.  ', •',.**
Certi • dati_ sommari stanino ad Indl-
care 1'esistenza,- in via generale, * dei
"seguentyfattir      s*^*      7    T-.   -
, Crisi' persistente nell'industria." dei
cotonie: delle" sete: .-   ' ■' * ^
, arresto^' dell'attlvlta - nell'industria
me tallurglca'che-non lavora per lo
Stato; y -7 „   ' ., ^      ■ -'   ■
paralisti nell'industria edlllzla ed
afflni;,    •* ' - ■
sosirensione dei lavorl di sterro e di
boniflca; -, '• '-• • "o   '
rlcerca%dimano d'opera avventizia
per 1 lavorl staglonali neil'agrlcoltura;
ripreso' dell'emigrazione. della mano
d'opera'speclalmente edillzla nell'Eu-
ropa _ centrale, e dl quella agrlcola
nello due Amorlche.   '   *
Conseguentement'o. dlsoccupnziono
dl riotevoll masso dl operal fiualiflcatl
deirindustria-e di lavoratori non quail-
ficati dolla'Herrn, malessero dlffuso a
prlmavora.avnnzata, contrazlono del
communl cho in alcunoplnghc della
provincia dl Mllano fn rltornnro alia
farina.glalln rcoiiBUinatorl dl pano dl
grano, o.dn Milano fa'rlemigraro In
campagna lo fnmlgllo che n'erano ac-
corso qualche anno fa. attrntto dal sal-
arl allettantl (lell'lnduatrla'.        •   ■
La crlsl, spenlalmonto n Milnno a
gludizlo ancbo dol plu vecchi, sembra
osBoro plu grave di altro procodontl
noU'uUlmo ventennio, percho oltrocho
l'lndustrla odlllzla, abbraccla altro In-,
dufltrto cbe occupano grandl maaso di
oporal, 0 cho, col loro nrreBto. dl flnh
baleo fanno trabnllnro nncbo altro In-
dustrlo * connoHBo ed afflnl, como 11
proclpltaro dol tltoll ancho mogllo quo.
tntl sin qui, Botto la pari, 0 I1 frequent!
falllmontl plccoll 0 grnndl conformnno
okiiI giorno.
A Flash of
~ Ib Just as  likely  to  strike'
-  tho  house of the uninsured
man as that of his more pr,u-„
•■'   dent neighbor.     No' building
•    is immune. „   ,
Better Have
Us Insure
-you and; have    a    lightning
clause the policy.
Then you needn't worry every
v time, there is a thunderstorm.
Sole Agent for Fernie
Head Office
Cranbrook, B.C.
Fernie & Medicine Hat
Tho iiho of birds,,or mlco In do-
tcctlnB tho proBonco of enrlion tno*
noxldo In nolllorloB Is doclnrod by Mr
Oeorgo A. Uurroll, of tho United Staton
Tbironu of Mints, superior to
nny ehomlcnl toHta. Ono-tonth of
ono por cen of carbon monoxide In
thb ftlr InducoB symptoma of dlmroHH
In n mnn nt r^t In about two hours.
A mnuHo becomes nffoctod In ten
minutes,' Lnrifor porfontngOH of pas.
any 0.0 «>or cent., prove ratal to ml...
and birds In two or thrco mlnuLos;
whnrcnH n liumnn being la apparently
uimffoctcd at.or breathing tbo mix-
turo for ten mlnutoa. CanarloH, on
the other hand, aro even moro iub-
reptlblo thnn m]eo nm! tbofr ■*-«.«.
toms aro much moro pronounrod,   it
COAtminln^rlghti of'the Demin-
^•ion, Jn Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
West Territories-and-in a portion of
the Province,of British Columbia, may
be leased, for a term of * twenty-one
years at an'annual rental of ?1 an acre.
Not more than* 2,500 acres wll be leased
to one applicant.   •■
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
ABont or, Sub-Agent of the district In
which the rights applied for are situated. *, -    D-
In surveyed°territorythe land must lie
described by soctlons, or legal sub-divisions of .sections, and in unsurveyed
territory tho tract applied for shall bo
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each aplication must be accompanied
hy a tea pt 75 which will be refunded If
tho rights applied for aro not, avallablo,
out not otherwise. A royalty shall bo
paid on the merchantable output of tho
mine at. tho rato of five cents por ton.
r,?'i°iP9rson_ operating lho mlno shall
lutnlBli tho Agent with sworn-returns
accounting for tho full qunntlty of mer-
onantablo coal mined an dpuy tho royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights aro not being operated, such
returns should bo furnished at least
onco a year.
»i J1H0 loa?° Yll_ 'noludo tho coal mlslng
HplitB only, but tho lossoo may bo permitted to purcliaso whatovor avallablo
surface rights may bo com?ldorod no-
at tho rato of $10.00 an acre.
..,™. .fu» Information application
slionld bo mado to tho Secretary of tho
Dopartmont of tho Interior, Ottawa, or
° n"y Atfont er Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands, <>
_.     ,   „,   W. W. Oory,
Deputy Minister of tlio Intorlo:*.
N.n~.Unauthorli.od publication of this
advertisement will not bo paid for.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Subscribed
Reserve Fund ....
6,000,000      Capital  Paid  Up,,.A.   5,996,900
5,996,900 . „ Total Asset* -    72,000,000
-  D. R. W ILK IE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vlce-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
FERNIE BRANCH    - "   ... GEO. I. B.'BELL, Manager
«5k  Motor Cycles
If you are thinking of getting a' Bicycle or Motor Cy<_le : . ■
See John Minton, Fernie Bicyle Store x
He.-has high-grade Cycles-to suit any interline. ;nwU.'nw
The C. C. M. Motor Cycle,0 nothing better;-go as slow,as you.
like and as fastas-'yoii dare. -, Sole agent for following wheels: '
and any other make of machine supplied to order.-   Beware of
Cheap Cycles—they are Dear.        '   ,,, , \
,,   Cycles on Hire.     Accessories.   Repairs neatly executed.
The ,
of a Bank
For Weak Men
Send Name and Address Today
You Can Have it Free and
Strong and Vigorous
1 I luivo In my i*(>.-i...hhIiii. a pruworliHIun
for nuivouH dulilllty, luuU of viu'n;
wuiiknnud, falling monxnv
and Inmo hack, brought, on by uxovnm*
oh. (irnlfiH, or tlio follloii i.t
yoiilli. tlmt linn ctiroO hu mnny worn
anil nurvuu*. mon iltfju In tlmlr own
Ihiiiioh—■without any uilillllouul holp or
mptlluinu—Hint I think ^v.iry .nun who
wi'iliiiM to 1 (jku111 Mm manly i-uwi-r mm
virility, quickly and (julotiv, till nii..
Iiuv« (i copy, Ho I havo iloli>;*miii«n1 tu
Homl u ropy. Ho I Imvo ilotnrmlueil to
cliiU'Kn, In 11 Dim 11. onlliuiiv m--hi.-i| rnva
jo|io to nny iimn who will wrr.u uio tor
'I'llIn iinmrrlption t-omc* from 11 plij'nl-
olnn who Iihk mude a np->.>ln! study nf
miii uiu] I 11m fonvlncml It 11 tlm t'tir.
ciit-iictliuT oomblnatlon for tlw cnn or
.Icili-lcnt inntihooil nnd vhmr full urn
nvor i'ii 1 toK«thnr, '
I ililiilt I own It to my follow man tn
m-ntl tin-in 11 copy In eoiiflilr-m-M so tlmt
ijny man nnywhera who l» wonk and
ill    fi    '   vw*     *j 1     ( . 1 *» '1
may mop «truKi.<n* hitn*nir wmi'hnrm-
r.ii  1 -I'cut   tm oh im -,  .,, ..     .,!_._,  i
A Cluii'tcrcd Banlc oxists to nfibrd iill persons
a,convenient moans for .depositing their money in
safoty, and for collecting their accounts and paying
thoir dobts. You may doposit your savings with
the bank; pay your,bills by'cheque through tlio
bank, or send money anywhere out of town or
abroad; or you may collect what is owing you by
a draft issued through tho bank. Tt does not matter if tho transaction amounts to only a single dollar. Tho bank will welcome thc business just tho
samo.   That is what a bank is for.
T<~\ "D f\l\T 1*r\" B""Khe» and connection*
J.UKUJN IO u,rouKho«tCanada
J. F. MACDONALD, Manager.
Fernio Branch,
', Io* -syndlratti <*t 1<>b nm)r *omo"ni«« bo tho cano that ftjhciiovo )■ thn nui«k«»t.flriin_. n.Mtnr«t.
Pouplo dam la bouo, |n,,no «n«»l»»i«-* mny bo to tloflclodt | mrliy "wr d."fiod"lI_nV2?'NVlmBV,if
^ue Ton aalt co dont cm Sn °^cn t^' a lamp name will b«!?1,V;r(irnT'ifk!,y,ah'j.J.,,u,^IV fiW&M
—-  -•   ■■■■      - axlliiKtiUhod.     Hut thoro may ho no I"0"- *•»« Jjuok nulldlnit.'nVtroii, Mid...
tarbon monoxide |»i*a«t, n»r ma» tl«nl^n!itrtW^t!;!lnA »°.u- 'l ,>"">'- of "lU
iiiijtMico of thn nonnaj pertfontase o.
osyicen Rffcrt either man or bird.
In thfiH. -•n.K.i tho lack of any signs
of Ahtrciin on Iho pnrt of tlto birds
Is proof tliat carbon monoxldo li not
prownt. Mr. llurrell urgoi tho h.or«»
Ken««r*.I us<_ of <anart«_. a» IhdlcMot*
\cioiu' Ircn or ch«r«-r,    A nn-til  many
doctor* would chars* f.l.c.0 to IS.OO fnr
.Kr,Y.,Y^,U**/\uA Pn-crlptlon Ilk*
ildn—hut I n«nd It fntlruiy fn-.'.
Tlio A. F. ofL. -orf.m.l-'r-rH r<*i»ort
tlmt npv^r havo thoy nw-t wttti aui*V
Btetrfe Restorer for Men
»tm •mitt..,.,,
■MlWP_Wt<_jw*«*i>«W ***ntmrt1 to t:u U*. r
tlm ■ml *tt»h?r, "Ktm«fJP
I iv.... .v.   ...t.   vi   vniimre,   A»   inuU'.HlOTAi *'"»'    " Ul»   .»n   til   lilt!   )>.«;•
of polionotta almoiphwoa. ny th*>lr Jm,t >'Mr- «n'on« all ovor lho contl.
, u-c tlie ckuwiil of IrtJ.iwi.Hlsrror i« n--',u :u- ^-^f- *UIm.u. «»xtvj.lli.n. khih-
j moved. liuti, largely _n mombernblp and n«w
rtid *t
liiM, largely in inoroborHilp and n«w
«« -*-<ins lormed Antiy.     TU r«r-
; no,  r
■■*■ »« .m f^m M.*. I   1  » ...... - .-.r,      .viiH«i|     ,HL,IJ. IIU*      \ivt-
wS3SI!mSj ;    In M*y ,Mt ,her* ww* W ,»««» ■<*»• ? ™nt™* of "nwwnbft! tn the . killod
*,f j 4*nt* *aA l**» »«rtott» if-jarta. mtt*r*A \ ^r»fi* U bHnij *r«dna1Iy r«»dur<>d. and
ti«l«Mte!™^",*l^ «»••«»» tMfcfn.     Ttot it is* Jim- unitmj to fodoratlon of union*
mt,n> 'h*n ,n ""* «*«^'*,»pfl'n-1fns Pctfuil or Itt'tn^rf-tt UttfaftW   U   UuiiuIuk
liar    t __ia» I ^ .   ■
r-B.irri_ -IK   irif T     tlUJ1 I'm'wm
C++ ««. l» t-MrbtM. Ou,
For Saloat Blut4«lft Ofwg Storo \l**> K«r,
tlio vk'tlii'ioti-nrly tni1(itfri>ti<tti» and lAt.-i-c*.
I'.'.-jU'mnln) nru fnllinc. In llfu-yoii uro tlio
oii(i«\tij run ri'nliira lo mnnlmoJ nnd revl»o
tlKirfvirk ot orn-rry and vitality. Ix.n't friro
up In ilcniftlr b.HMii'0 you luivo trcntfrt \Wlli
rithcr ilc'iiji^. u r-.| <<!<iciiiij belt* mxl tried
varlou* drufr t.U»-o iionlruius.
Our N.w Mtlhod, Trc«tm«nt ha« inntohnj tlm Ijru.k of iii!H|«lr. Imi rn-
hk<n»l liai'|iiiii*4 ta liuinln»J-. ut liuintm and
liiu m»lfl. iKVojumi tni'ii nf tlios.. who w«.m
"down nnd out.1* U'n prMcrllifl i>pivlllo n>m-
ntlos tor each imllvMunl rnvo iioconiltitr to tho
*)ni|itoim Jimt ci)m|)lla\lliHa-w_i lm»i> 110
imtciit inrvllHnpn. Tliln In oiia of thn i. i-nu of
our woui1«rfitl aiioM«« m our «iv«lrni>iil can»
nut full, for.Wftj)n-H*rit««>m«liei mlniitftd to
rnch Indl*. Muni rum. (inly ciirnl.ln mmm my
wpted. W« K«. don* bwiiMM ikooatHWl
Casus f«r o?»f 20 Vf u %,
on j;o jv*v
__F_U1Fn.A",JWI * T)(',l.m1' *"»"• r** >««»
nLHULII hope; Aro you lutmdltiK 16 nuurvf
WMkaiWl Ow flaw M<tk») Tr-i.lm-fitwiri
cu» you. Wttht It hat dunnlor oilicra H will
do for you. CaMtdtmlort Fwn, No mnttftr
wh* bM trratnt v«i. rmtr. tnr un hon«t
•'Il<>yllm•l,}totah(lnlt.Ta_ll«r-lO0J.', lUlwuS?
ed)onUU___we«of_-e3,      ^^   *»««w
j pronouncod.
NO NAMES USEO WmtOUT WRITTEN COJMtNT. N<_ n_.m«i nn Wm » .«t*L
Cor. Michigan Ave. ind Grfswold St. Detroit. Mich.
l_____E___________^HIITII^I^     A!I ,tt,m ltom Canada tt tut Leaddwaaed
\WmWf    "*;!*■ lUfc     to our Canadian CoriMpondcnce Depart-
im ^^r     wmmwmmmmm    tr-fnt in U".i_<__or, Ont.   If vm dcairc ta
•M uawraoiwTly call at our Modlca. In_tit,itn fn Detroit iu we «« andtJeal
l2bS™ & ?-Ur Y«"ta».«ffi«» «hkh are lor c£(^£££ aS
lAbocatoiy for Utuuliau tmalneu only.  Addrm all Inttn aa ttitoni
JMiito l«r war _»»«•_• wMmm. y,-r*-» <v; -
'    * Y,
; .5'x
,   . -
*->-» 'J-;*-
7 .7':A^s'?^-l^^t7^i?^^;'^^^'-^-
v7>. . • ■ *. - =*■ •> yy.v ~ £y ■ -- ,y y y ?.
" .,'..  *•'.>!'     - ■  " -- v7-* y   <".--v y-7* • --
77. .* *A... ,yi'■"■ '.<y,«"',,?j?-,-■ v      .',
\-y ??'  k'y ;' A?- . ,?•-,■ **--_;--  -y
*    ' *"''     >   *'   ^   «*r~ ^J-p-T,! - .""C    l        •.       .'•   .A       . ~      ..   *"*
"■^'v1  ""C-t*; ^\-7yK'-'>ft>y.   -    ^/'Vi'-.Vr   C -*v_- -" >■* *•*
» ".->'K   *•   X   ' ( *"*s
•- * t -. ■*. »     1'
Wash Skirts for    >
July 1st A
.     ■  . __ t
■We have quite alarge assortment-of them for
your,inspection.   " Our stocli includes natural" linen-
Skirts, Black and White Reps, "White Ducks.
"WHITE REPS—These come in a variety1   of
pretty models.', ' Some are trimmed   with   pearl
buttons'and made to button right to the foot.   This'
being a great convenience in laundering..
Prices range from $1.75 to $4.50.      . y
,    . -i^^t -
y i
Navy Blue Duck Skirt
A good Skirt, nicely made in a strictly tailored
style.   - Only a few (of theso left.   .For quick sell- ■
, iug we are marking, these Skirts, .usually Sold at,
$2.50, Special $1.75. ' ■'" ■
Wash Suits      /
Still a few of these bargain Suits left.     They
come in white, champagne and blue.* 7 Regular values up to $10.50  • Special for $3.75.   •
Children's Sox
'   Both plain and fancy; sizes from"4 to 6.     These
include white, sky, pink, tan, and tan with fancy
plaid tops?    Special 25c.'pr. 7 *
^   . • ■-* "' '. *' y ' ' fl>
■ I*        * i.
Ladies' White Linen Embroidered Parasols.   All
our White.Parasols are .on sale.     Our special number to which we would draw your attention,   in
7 linen ' cover, and 'very handsomely   embroidered.
Regular price of these handsome Parasols is $3.50 ■
• and $4.50.'   On'Sale at $2.25.    -vl' «     '
•"    Silk Stripe .Parasols, from $1.75 to $5.00.    ,
- •^A
'. ',-_,,, .
'"a .--%*>.;
^■i. y.
7-   ' \-    -:,: ... y    y   •    -.   -    y  ..v, 7 .^ y ;77 ^>?:<  . - "?,:* ':'«?^-a<- *.
decided to .continue our sale on. these goods for a?fewvdays longer.    If:_r6u.have not yet"V-v *
rsfdf nf tlift <rfp.n.t. rftfliifttinn in t>riees.lwe ^ are offering- 7Thi«AT*'r.ri'rtiiTiit.v sboiilfl Tint'luS ™ioo;_"i''""-'"'w
,     -t-'. I -*
-We have
■ availed yourself of the great reduction in prices^we' are offering./Tliis opportunity should riot'be. miss-.1
. ed. ■•' This sale includes all garments) and comprises - oiir entire-stock: "''Nothing is withelcL", '■ Dam^T
.Princess ..Slips,:  Combination Corset Coyer and'. - Drawers,1; Chemise's,' etc..   Remember/, we are? givAy
7 ing a special price on each garment. s Don't let this Money-Saving Opportunity Go By!; -,   ,.'"..' * ..X-y
. m v    * fi-  ' ,* *•.'--.-.-■---. - . *.--.      *■   --- ■> \y-~-.i ..'-, ,' ,-
■ ..       - .,_._.  .■* . ...     I -    •<•.,'.)     .  ,,    — •..;,'• v _'-    ..-I. .::'.?r' .-,-«-• j--
?' i 7
"? Children's Ribbed Cotton Hose.   A* good' strong   Turkish and Honeycomb Towels.    Very special"" A
Stocking, sizes from 5 to 9-^.    6 pair for $1.00,   value, 25c.    7'       '. A? A" 7
\ -        '     ■   ;. ,- ! * -?i    .     y       "' .'-,  y, - '7   '' "        ' »-.-.*' t , :,.- ,v •
 J. _^ * - ■ •     • '  * <  . (   .      «• - *      v  ' -    ■
• :/\5
.'* i.~-:>>.
- y * -.. .yys--
■ y%
•y.-l 'f
Saturday Specials
/:*?;, va"v' '
1 sy-
Tuxedo.Baking Powder, 16 oz?", -A
^Mrs.^Stewart's Liquid Bluing,-2 for
This holiday special.means a great
cleah-up,? in  our .clothing',; depart-.
ment.   - High grade .suits in- tweeds, ;
worsteds ? and cheviots in a variety .
of colors/'single and double breast-
1- f    t      .{ * >^ ~ -K l -,,il'
ed styles. Kegular values as^ high,
as $25 .will be. sold during this jsale -
at the sale price of
,\.'.;.-.;.-.16, -«
A:-'-,t;--.-l5 '?
....»•_  * ***
---i *. v.    .   y»
,.   Government Creamery Butter,*per'l6.Tl.A'.',-*   .35."', *
A ,Quaker Corn Flakes;**-3 pkgs:for;>Ayy-.*y:--.-1'y?25 y
.Quaker.Oats, 5.1b. "pkg.',__A'?\.S'SS.S.y._..■   .25,f.;
*'  , ~ '■^        y , ■ t   -*..•"■"-.• a - . -«i .     i -  ■
Lowney's Cream Chocolates, per lb.A..;..-'.. 7.30  ,
Braid's Big;Fpur Coffee/ freshly ground^ 2.1b/, -1A7v'!
'"'  '   for-"   *"y7".'   ,-    /.-■' *\'S.   '".-   k?«.?'{*   ,       '75''
Rival Wheat Flakes, 51b.,with china ...;..'..   .35 ,^,
>   Patterson?s Camp Coffee vy;25" i
.... Reindeer Coffee and Milk, each •••,•/.• •.   >^'S-
" Ch'ase'and Sanborns Coffee,*! lb. tins ..'.-...'  .40 ,"
, Lowney's Cocoa, 3- lb. tins  -   .40* '
*       *, ■  .,'' v* *   -    •     ■       -■*     ,
Lombard Plums, 2 lb; tin. 2 for'-.'...... .'■'.-".....    .25 .*■
''' Oranges,5- per .doz  ......A. .'7. .v.. A.. V.. - .30?
y Lethbridge Fiour;""98. lb.; sack.;..! ■...-.'-.'. A. 3;25
Armour's Grape Juice, pts.*.... ?'.y...".'.,..', .80 .
' '' Crosse' and Blackwell's Jamsj 1 lb? jiots,*2'for   .45;
7 '.Upton's Jam, 5 lb.-pails '...'.'...?...'.;.....7'.50_?'/
i Dalton's, Lemonade, 2 for"1. /..' .'.'.  ' .25-.
■- Armour's Pure Lard, 5 lb., pail . .7 _ '. 7..    .85  ,
f -Armour's Banquet,-Bacon, per lb.     .22-
■A*' Armour's- Shield-"Hams, per lb..:......., 7. .r   .21 "
7^.,Sheriff's.Marmalade;,llb',pots ....'.;!. ..v...    .20'
^ • Cambridge Sausage, l-'s,.. ?.'.......... A ..'..'.    .20'-,
, ' Alymer,'s-,Pdrk and Beans, 2's, 3 for ..'.. .\. ..'-'.25 -
■'   B.C. ".Granulated Sugar,' 20 lb." . A.;.'..."...':. 1.40  '
■ Baby's Own Soap, per box1.,..;?.. ■; .*.'•:. .:•...   , .30' *
"   Australian Onions; 5 lb.* for . ?..- ? A...'., ?..   .25
y'  Perfect Laundry Soap, 6 bars .'.'..'. y.'\....    .25"
•New Cabbage," ,per lb. -».'..... -....''. 7'.•:.'  ,.04 7'
■ ', White Glbss.Starch;.3 pkg:,. .7 7; /;. .*..' '.25 .
Whit"e:Swan Yeast;-'6 for ...;.........":'...'.'. 4^ .
,--?; H. P. Sauce/ ^. pts.? 2 for ..... ........    .45
X . Eiios Fruit Salts^. .7 . X.. S\'..'.'....... 7..'. .,"A75'
.'S Lyle's English Syrup, 4 lb;tins; each /..;:... •:   * .40,:
y Selected Bulk Tea,\3; lb: for ...'....--...'. .'.yX 1.001
■ Special Blend Tca,v2 lb. for *.-. S. -..:,..;....... ..75 ^
A;'Marafat 'Peas? 2-pkg. ,.r.. :■?-..". 7..;,'.-...-....   ".25 \?
:v s *'
•J- -
Here and There
BIG , SNAP.—Half-Acre in West
Fernie $650; half dowjv balance 12
months.    Apply,'B. Harper. . 45-1 tnp
Mr. Pizzlcola, of tbe Grand Theatre,
is on a business trip to Edmonton.
The death occurred on Saturday
last of Alice, aged 4 yoars, the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Mike Butcher.
, Judge Thompson will issue naturalization paperg to those qualified, ami
who have applied for same, on July 2.
MrB. J. W. Quinney and daughter
Dorothy left Thursday for1 Calgary to
spond *8overnl weeks with her parents
thoro. -.
Mrs. Barkley returned from Calgary
Tuesday evening after a months' vlBlt
with her daughter, Mra. Thos.' How-
Thc meeting of tho City Council
which was to Tiave takon place on
Thursday night, w/ns postponed until
tonight (Friday).'
Constables McLcod, of Fernie, and
Boardman of Coal Crook, took ^n insane patient ovor to tho Now Westminster Asylum on tho 27th.
Tho LadloB Aid ot Knox Chur^i will
hold a sale of homo cooked dainties
in the bnsemont ot tho church on
Saturday afternoon, Juno 20,'
Thu monthly tra of tho Mnthodltit
Church Ladles' Aid -will bo given at
tho home of Mrs. T. UobertHon. Pollat
Avonuo, on Tuesday noxt, July 2nd,
from 3 to C p.m.
Dob Clorko, formerly Chief of Police
of Pernio, but nt prosont occupying a
. similar position at Vornon, Is In tho
city en route for nruntford, whore ho
will attend tlio Chief of Pollco Con-
«ventlon.     His old frlonds In town
wore plonsod to boo blm.
Owlnu to an error notico was given
, In our columns of tho visit of Alf
nuridnn for Sundny last Instead of
Sunday, Juno 30th? That mnny wore
disappointed as the rosult of this error
wo aro fully aware, but can safoly nay
that Comrade Budden's visit this week
end will compensate thosb of our rend-
1  ors who may toe "out for our scalp."
*MrtM*<»_i fff t*iaM!w.*« wMI l\n #r»»i*.(* M/v.
- -• ...        . .i     .   .\ ........ ..i.
•whftM In nnr MilumTm.
Thomas J. Griffiths, well known
along tho Crow and formerly In tho
employ of tho 'West Cnnndlan Col«
llortos Co. nt Llllo, Altn., has now m-
,.~,1,,Lr,,i -.,!„„..I* lrll-l- rpv.~.^»  y....l.
superintendent of the International
Correspondence Schools of Scranton
with loeal headquarters for the District In FVrnle. Mr. Msrtln Is fn
charge of tho ontlro routo. Mr. Oj-H,,
fl-hs Riving special attention to the
portion west of Fernie to Kootenay
■ SIX ROOMED HOUSE in Annex for
sale. A bargain for quick Bale. Apply, T. W. Bolderstone.        -   45 lt p.
FOR . RENT—Six-roomed Concrete
block House. Apply, ,Wm7 Mlnton,
Lindsay Avenue, Annex.   ,      45-ltnp
"  FOR SALE—25 CHICKENS.   Apply'
T. W. Bolderstone,   Annex,   Fernie,
45 ltp.
* Salaries were ordered paid for June
and,'July.'      \.« y    y *y    '
The midsummer holidays'commence
today, Friday, the next .term commencing August 26th. i
motorists; bewarei
We are requested to state that tliere
are a number of motor cars and motor
cycles ln tho district which are' nrt
registered, or have no license for tho
current year. , It Js the intention of
the Provincial police to prosecute all
offenders in .this respect.
TWO GOOD SNAPS-Lot 60 x 120.
$115 cash. Lot CO x 120 and log
uhack with Bhtngled roof, $275. Terroa
to suit porehater. Apply, E. liar-
per. llS-.fcnp
Fernie wefe tit home to Coleman
laet Saturday and certainly gave them
a good game, putting it across them
to tho tuno of 2—0. At no timo during
the gamo did the Coloman boys look
like winning, although it' must be
granted thoy ','playod the game," oven
If they had Intervals of soreness.
The Fornlo boys have certainly Improved considerably and, somo of tho
long pnssed tnkon In last Saturday's
match woro a treat to watch.' Fernio
were unfortunate to Ioho A, Adamson
(contre half) for tho beBt part of tho
first half, nnd his Injuries prevented
him playing in 1.1b old form during tho
socond half,
Thoro Is not the slightest doubt that
If Fernio can hold the team they nt
present havo 'they will bring homo
some tlnwnro yot. While It would ho
Impossible to Indlvldunllme, wo cannot help mentioning tho ploy of Barr,
who certainly plnyod ono of tho bost
games ho hns played this sonnon, beat.
Ing his mnn tlmo nftor time with tho
greatest etiHe. flwoeney, right hnlf,
nnd Shields nt back wore also soon to
advantage, while Adamson brought off
Bomo useful work botweon the sticks.
- Hosmer will, no doubt, donate another two points.
Mr anil Mrs, Anderson, of WcbI
Fernln, desire to thnnlc tho mnny
friends nnd neighbors, also tho nurn-
iutf tiUu Mua uuUu4« ni- utc* hospital,
for Ibe)]* .'.u'oe_IJȣ Wniiwub Mt*, ma-
crous sympathy In tholr recent sad bo-
reavemont. Also all thoso who assisted nt tho funornl and sent flornl
A rogulnr meeting of tho Bchool trus-
too« was held on Tuesday evoning Inst,
The resignation of Mr. Lyons was
accepted, and the aeat of Trustee Egg
rfrrlnrM vnrnnt, hr. havlntr flhMntai!
himself from three consowtlvo session* NVimlnntlftn* for Vftrnn^lcij
will take place on lho 6th of July, and
elections on the ISth. The Annex
ilchool will tie kalsomlned. Another
division will be opened after the mid-
•timi-scr fe-AlMar. In all probabUHj- in
tb* K. P. hf»IMIn«r.
There was a full card in the League
competition on Saturday, Juno 22nd,
all the clubs being engaged, and some
interesting results were served up.
Coal Creek defeated Michel and exchanged places with them on tho
table. T'he Creek now occupy ■ tho
second placo. ■ Fernio maintained
their improved form and overcame
a strong Coloman team by two goals
to nothing. They hnvo nol yet lost
a League game In Fornio, and their
remaining fixture, that with Coal
Creek on July Olh, Is assuming un-
forsoon Importance It goes without
saying that this will bo tho gamo of"
tho senson In Fornlo. Bellovuo JuBt
succeeded in capturing the points at
Hosmor. Tho homo club-put up si
strenuous gnmo nnd with a llttlo luck
might easily havo drawn. As lt is
Bollovuo linvo strengthened their position nt tho top and are throo points
nhond of their nonrest rlvnls. Their
olmncoa of winning tho championship
nro oxcollent, but thoy hnvo two stiff
hurdles to overcome In tho Colomnn
and Mlchol gnmos, both bolng away
from homo.
The position of tho various clubs
to dato !■ us follows:
P. W. L. D.  for ngnt.   P
Bollovuo ....7   5   1   1   14 —  7   tl
Conl Creek .0   a   1   2   If. —   5    8
Michel   0   3   2   1    8—0    7
Fornlo   7   ft   3   1    0 — 12    7
colonial.  ,..u   1   _:   l    2—7    8
---u.-i-<.<' ....5   H  il   ii    -i —■ i2    i)
Two points for a win and one for A
Result.! of games played Juno 22nd;
Conl Crook, 3; Michel, 0,
Xt-M-M-,  I',   S_"_lH.I_i<..l, \1,
Hosmer, 2;  Bellovuo, 3.
The ga.aos for todny nre:
Hosmer va. Fernio, nt Hosmer."
Michel v\. Conl Creek, nt Michel.' .
Coleman va. Bellovuo, at Coloman.
Heamar vs. B/»!« '
This game waa played at Hosmer on
PutnrAny l«»t. Ilnwmer won the toss
und set Bellevue to kick-off against
wind. Bellevue pressed at the atart
and the Hosmer goal hnd n very narrow escape, a hot shot hitting the post
with the fx>9lk<s*jwr hflplwa. Belle-
vim* k*»pf iif» th* prr-<t«mr«\ thntr rf(.ht
How to invest his money to advantage is the;
problem that is foremost in theInvestors' miiid
ure now.offoring for a shortftimo'a'limited number
of Shares at tlio par vnluo of $5.00.   ' .
THB BREWERY is built and a portion of tho
machinery isalrcady installed; the'remaining portion is ordered and on tho way, and will bo orootod
immediately it arrives, Wo expect to havo tho.
plant in operation in two months, aftor which tho
Nlmvos-will bo at least double what thoy aro at pro-
wont. , *
.   "> .■ . -
BLAIKMOnB BREWERY ia Bituated in,tho con-,
tro of at least nino mining camps, tho furthest away
being not more than five miles. Thb ontimatod
population of thoso towns   is   about   TWELVE
THOUSAND, and the nearest brewory about thirty,
miles,- This, as anyono can soo, gives Blairmoro
Browory a decided advantago over any othor brewery in the country,
y * ., iii
Now is your opportunity to,malco monoy. Got
in on tho ground floor, Compare our prico of
shares to" that of othor broworios in Alborta. * Investigate how rapidly thoy havo.advanccd from tho
ground floor, |)ou't delay, this invitation means
monoy to you, if yon malco uso of your opportunity.
Not loss than five shares, and not moro than 200
sold to ono person. . ....
Send all monies for sharos to tho Blnirmoro Brow-
ing and Malting Co,, Ltd., Blairmoro,, AHa.
Gontlomon,        '
I horoby apply for -	
Sharos of tho Capital Stock of your Company,
at $5.00 per share, to bo issued in my name,
A i*4fe4  ***•* W t# *****   ymMMMMMM  ImV|_-»** ***0
Signature .'	
Blairmore Brewing
& Malting Co.
^Ik^l_.   ^r ftk      ^P tI^^^   ^_H   JWr   4^^^k   t^^t*   Ti^^^
i CLAiKmuKii
av  4
wlntr flavins' "ie meaann. of Hoamer'a
defence, and the homo goalie, having
brofl.lf.nvrty Iiosmor jot dnnfforoui., and
In front of tlie liellevue goal Br&d.eir
kicked hard on to one of his own men',
the ball rebounding into the net, Riving Hosmer tho lead. Prom the een-
&4 Writ RdlftToe pretaed atronRlr and
Varl#y SMrvff wffh « beiti.ffnl nfint,
Hntion having no chnnw>. Ttalleviift
yrere all over Hosmer at thli stage
nnd tholr Insldf* left hmA^ through
from a corner. From now to the Interval Hosmer'a defence waa, •olreljr
preisod, and but for rood work" by the
goalie would have been down a few
mere goala. Tbe score at the Inter-
rnl waar Pellerim, Jr Vontvur, 1.
The-socond Half opened tamely, a
lot of .filmleis play taking place until
TVOlovim trot ifolnjf Vi«n!n, hnd after
nice I combined piny Variey scored a
third with ti cross shot Hosmor re-
tiufflod their team after, tbtjs reverse,
Partrldgd going c-entreforward, and an
Improvement was toon seen.   Prom a
renter klek one of Ihe ->llevua backs
1 ir
handled In the penalty area, PartrMf*
acorlng with thh resulting penalty,.
This wirotiragw. lTosm«r,' and they attacked with via during tbe laat few
minutes ot the game. Partridge shooting over from & good position right in
front, a great chance missed. The
whittle blew ahortly after, )b« game
standing, Be Hero**, 9; 9?
'.7 3 *"** <!■■** "i*B«*,lv*Mj)^,»r« T*t
* »*«f»+ ■***W*HW!i*llWfc*WII JWHUJW*    t** <■ ~*S*<W,*M *.<.,****.


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