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1 ''*.*»-
.ii ■
Vi-ovU^*     .7,-
Industrial"Unity is Strength"*
The Official Organ of District No, 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. VI.     NO. 14
$1.00 A YEAR
_ '"
i t
m. '■
.    i o   .
• Tho. new apparatus for tho rescue
station at Hosmer having arriv.ed, we
were, thanks to" the courtesy of the
govornment mine inspector, Mr. Robert* Strachan,, Invited to make-an examination of same, and also to witness a "demonstration of its particular
uses. We accepted the invitation, and
on Wednesday afternoon journeyed to
Hosmer n company with Drs. Bonnell
and,Corsan, Secretaries A. J. Carter
and D. Rees, Mr. James Ashworth, and
Mr. J. E. Smith of Coal Creek.   ,
.Upon arriving at our destination wo
made the acquaintance of Mr. F. F.
Morris, the manager of the Draeger
Oxygen Apparatus company, the manufacturers of the plant, who offlcia-
, ted in the capacity of demonstrator;
and as we' deem the Information ob-
... tained to be of particular interest to
mine, workers, we give a short description of the designs of the various
portions of the device, and of their
application. ° y   y~"
■ In brief, the outfit consist-of four"
sets of Draeger Two-Hour and two
"sets of Half-Hour apparatus, and a
pulmotor., '■■"■
The two-hour _ apparatus comprises
helmet, breathing "bag, "and- regen-
back \ of the wearer, and ,is soar-:
ranged' that the "weight is * evenly distributed. *' Its principal, features are
an oxygen cylinder, circulating tubes
■ (2),.potash cylinder,and cooler. The
helmet encases -,'the frontal portion-.of
the head of the -wearer, - the admfs-
,- sion of external air being completely
excluded by moans of the.close-fitting
pneumatic cushions with which it is
•-■ fitted. -There aro two- pipes leading
from. the helraot to the regenerator,
through which circulation is effected.
The modus .ppperandl is as follows:
A cylinder stored with compressed
oxygen sets up circulation throughout
'   tho wholo, apparatus, breathing being
' effected through, tho medium of a
respiration bag, which hangs in front
of the wearer.and forms, in.conjunc-
tion with tho potash cylinder, an artificial lung, save that tho air ia
breathed over and over • again. Tho
exhaled or residual    air. is    drawn
■ through one of tho pipes' previously
alluded to, nnd passing through a
cartridge containing a lnrgo -number
.. of grnmilos of potassium hydroxide,
^7Is frood, from nil impurities nnd Is
V^onco moro In a stnto of what may ho
jftermed "atmospheric purity." loss, of
fteconrso, a largo portion of tho oxygon
vljwhich has bpbn extractod In Its pas-
the privilege of-putting the various
devices to a practical test,' and experienced sensations peculiar, to" those
who for the first time have been encased in so abnormal a headgear. It
is.our devout wish that the time may
be long ere this apparatus is' required for more • practical purposes,
yet we feel that a long felt want of
inestimable value has heen supplied
in a district where mining disasters
have unhappily been all too frequent.
It is the intention of the government to have the whole equipment
converted into a portable' rescue sta-
tlon for rapid transportation to the
adjacent mines, arid although the car
for (his purpose has riot yet been Installed, it Is, satisfactory to know that
the apparatus is complete iri all other
respects', and ready for work should
the occasion arise.
Wo understand that it is possible
to equip this rescue apparatus with a
device for telephonic communication,
and if,wo may be permitted,to offer
criticisms, or' suggestions,-wo would
strongly advocate tho adoption of this
Invaluable adjunct. It would also appear to us that reductlori of weight
Is a desideratum that could he , accomplished' without decrease of efficiency, and whilst realizing that the
parts must necessarily be so constructed that they will resist outward
as well, as inward pressure, we think
that the necessary strength, in the
oxygen cylinder could be obtained by
the use of a composition such a
alluminized steel, which, while possessing the resilience of the .latter,
has seven times its ductility, thus
combining the maximum strength with
the minimum weight.
, „ON  THE C.
P.  R.
* Some years'ago owing to the storm
conditions trains were running very
irregularly on the main, line _of the
C. P. R. and two stockmen who, while
waiting for a belated passenger train,
had imbibed somewhat too freely, approached the bulletin board ,to ascertain the latest regarding ■ the arrival
of "No. 1 arid one of them after reading that."No. 1-will arrive at 26:20,"
turned to his companion and said:
"26:20, what the deuce time is that?"
To which the ready reply was made,
"20 minutes past 2 tomorrow morning,-
~you7 chTimp.""^ ThiiT" reply created
amusement -and .. wonderment among
the bystanders and examination being
made of the bulletin board it. was
discovered that it. really should* have
read. 20.20, but the. upper portion of
the* first cipher having been blurred
In .the dim light it was not to .bo-
wondered at that the mistake had
been.inade'by .the stockman and read
■ A C. P. R. folder has boon, Issued
upon which Is shown a watch face
Illustrative of the 2-4-hour system' that
Is. In vogue over their entire system
and Is so clearly explained that onco
understood all danger of missing a
train because bf the old a. m, and
p. m', signs is completely avorted.
It Is so easy to arrive tit the old
wfty of 'designating tho time by
simply deducting 12 If tho numeral
exceed that number ancl if less than
12 you havo both tho now and the old
way of figuring,
A special meeting of tho council
was held in the .council chamber on
Tuesday, Nov. lst, the mayor occupying his usual seat and Aldermen
Johnson, Whito and Kennedy in their
respective places.
Tho "principal business transacted
was the consideration of the claims
made by various citizens that they
had paid their taxes and had not received credit therefor. Considerable
discussion, arose, several of the taxpayers interested being on hand to
present their . views on the subject.
The purpose of the , discussion ' was
that of enabling the council to arrive at the amount of the claim to be
demanded from the security company
under which the late city clerk was
Those ratepayers upon whom demand has been made for the payment
of taxes for which they hold receipt
will of course be exonerated ■ therefrom and the several amounts charged
to. the shotrage, but those "unable to
substantiate their statement that payment has' been made may be called
upon to do so.
The resignation of the recently appointed city clerk. H. S. Wom'ack.
was read and motion made and' carried to accept it --to take effect' on
the 15th inst.   .- '   '     *
Applications for the position of city
clerk and treasurer are now open and
will be acceptable until Tuesday evening November**- 8tli~at"8~'"p_ m. (20
o'clock C..-P, R. time-.
■ We' are Informed ,that tho state of
Mrs, Womack's health necessitating
her departure to the east has occasioned the need for tho city clerk
severing connections with tho civic
office.   -
A-motion was also put and carried
ihnt the • Homo Bank of Canada 'be
notified that tho city clerk be authorized to sign receipts for checks and
vouchers and to certify balance,
OCTOBER 14TH,-" 1910.
No,public meetings wore addressed
by me and no personal canvass was
made, yet the net' result secured for
the Socialist party was a distinct loss
along the whole line.
CHICAGO, 111./ Nov.'" 1.—-The
mounted police, charged threatening
mobs of striking garment .workers and
made numerous arrests in three sec-
All.minora aro requested to stay
away from Mlchol, .13. C, until further notico as thoro aro mnny unable
to obtain work thoro.
sago to lho lungs. This consumed
("•.'oxygon is roplnced from tho oxygen
cylinder, tho rogonortStoil nlr returning'to llio' breathing bag, and (lion
again to tho lungs, this continuing
until, tho wholo of tho romprossod
oxygen containod In tho cylinder Is
oxlinustod, Tho ndnptnblllty of tho
nppnrntiiH to tho varying conditions of
inspiration Is nn importnnt fonluro, a
lorgor -quantity of oxygon bolng sup-
pi loil during porlods or vlolont ox-
ortIon, and at that, period of roBplrn-
tion which,Immediately follows, Tho
total wolgjit of tho cotnplolo apparatus Is .in pounds, and tho doRlgn
Is fliieli ns to mnko It ns compact ns
possible cohhIrIoiiI with offlcloncy,
Tho half-hour apparatus'." Ih iiii application- or tho -Hiuno principle as
.oliinlnn In tlio two-hour dovlco, but,
In Hon nf Iho holmot, wo lmvo goggle:-*,
nml mouth nnd iioho plor-oB, Hh pnr*
jioho Ih primarily for omorgoncy work,
forming nn auxiliary to tho-two-hour
nppnrnluu, It Ib nonlly coital ructocl,
wolglm only 11 pnundii, nnd cnn ho
donnml rondy for uho In tlio brief
Hpncn of 110 HOcomlH,
I'rohnhly (ho mont liiloroRtliw fonluro of tho onllro equipment Ih tho
Pnlmolor, n romblnollon of tho oxygon
mnchlno wllh which (ho modlcnl fraternity Ih nlrouilyacquainted, nnd a
dovlco fnr effecting nrllflrln! rnRplrn-
lion In plnco   of   tho   cjimborfiomo
inulhoita which   ■.mio   _mru(ofuro oft*
tallied,    Should tho lungs rofiiho to
porform thoir normnl fun-ptloni**, an In
thn rnHn of n romplotoly unconscious
por-son, nttnohmont  Ih mndo to tho
month   nnd thrniii'h thl« chnnnel thn
Pnlmolor nllorontoJy  pumps oxygon
Into tho lungs nnd exhnuMH It ngnln.
This nctlon Ih nutomntlc; tho lungfl
nro flllMl (o n cortnln pressure, whon
tho rnvnrHO nctlon com-ftR Into operation nnd n partial vacuum Ih created,
Thin rostoroH tho nctlon of tho ronpl-
rntory   ii.uf.don.   nnd    tho   ulmplo
oxygen* dovlco Ih thon attached, tho
imtifiit   breathing  puro  oxygen   into
•,*■■■     tho lungH hy hiH own volition,   Tho
vnluo of thli nppnrntui"- hns already
■ boon proved In n practical manner In
connection with tho recent Stnrkvlllo
fltvtttitcr In Colorado, when four men
,   Here revived after being In a stnto of
I    complete   tnnennlblllty   for   vnrylng
The Hovornl  visitor* wero Allowed
Mlnatorl ol progglamo dl Informarvl
dl Blnro via til Michel, 13. C„ quollo
cho Hioto fuort, ossondo cho nol tompo
proscnto vld molta gonto dlHsoccupntn.
Sogrotnrlo   dl   Flnnnza doll; Unlono
Locnllo n. 2,33-i Mlchol, B, C.
Thoro aro excellent grounds for tho
curront rumor that "Dad" Bloasdoll
Is going Into tho chipped potato
businoss. If you aro from Missouri
seo the exhibit'in his front window.
ThOBO products of Ireland's staple
food may bo regarded as a fitting,
trophy to ho associated with tho two
turkeys which wore awarded to frlond
Bloasdoll for' his excellent markman-
shlp at tho rocont Croston-Erlckson
shooting contest,
Tho tubors, six ln numbor, woro
all talcon from ono hill, wolgh over
12 pounds, ono of them tipping tho
RcaloB at 2-lbH. C oz., nnd woro grown
hy Captain Cartwright nt TCrlckfion,
by whom thoy woro presented to our
well-known drugglBt,
tions of Chicago today, only to be'
dum-founded whey met by obdurate
groups, of well-known society women.
It was a new experience ,for the police "and plainly ".Mused' them. , A
score of these -women, champions of
tho garment workers who faced tho
rioting were taken into custody. They
wero immediately released, however,
when their identity became known.
One of thom was injured, when
struck by a policeman's club, She
was hurriedly plhccd in an automobile and takon to her home. Most of
the women of prominence Involved
woro garbed as working girls nnd for
this reason the polico could not distinguish thom from strikers until after
tho arrost had been mado. Riotous
and spoctncular scenes developed in
tho down-town districts on tho north
nnd west sides. More' than liOO men
and women engaged In tho down-town
demonstration which was brokon up
by thB polico after considerable
trouble Moro thnn 2,000 took part In
ono of sovornl Incipient riols on tho
wost sldo. In each Instance women
headed tho crowds of strikers and
Iheir frlendH,
On Thnnksglvliw dny an explosion
occurrod In No. 1 mlno, Ilollovuo.
Fortunntoly thero was no ono In tho
mlno nt tho tlmo of tho aCulilo.l,
tliuiiKh, irom thu mongro 'dot nils in
hnnd, It. would appear thnt connldor-
nblo clnmngo wuh dono, tho bitlkhnniln
nnd ehiitoH being blown out, nnd tho
nlr lino broken. ,
Tlio eniiHO or tbo oxplOHlnn Iiiih nnl.
yot hoon fiHPortnlned, but It Ib vory
Hlgnlflcnnl thnt,tho fan wiih Htoppeil
over Hundny, whleh "would no doubt
coulrlbiito lo tlio mischief. It Iiiih of
Into beconio quito a prnctlco to nllow
tho fnn tn romnin Idle over Rnndnv,
nml ns thoro Ir only,ono fnn for No,
i, tlw uiiiiu luunt ui ui.ui.fii.iiy till up
Willi KIlH,
It Ih InteroHtlng to note tlmt there
nro only two outlets to thin mine, Noh.
•IB nnd 81 chutes roiipfictlvely, the iHh-
tnnee between thn two he'Tii' nvmrnvl.
mately I.S00 toot. Tlw distanco from
No. 81 to tho faro of tho entry Ih
approximately 2.4-50 feet. The company bus decided to mnko nn outlet
nt No. 100 chuto, but Ihls Ih not yet
tlirotiRlt to lho Hurfnce. Tlio fnn,
which Ih of tho "Puwher" typo. Ih
located some few hundred fool from
tho mouth of tho mlno, nnd Ih npproxl-
mntiily two and one-half nitb*n irom;
tho fnre of tho entry.
From the foregoing portlrulnr*. It
Ih (tnto to nNNiime thnt, hnd the ex
All mombors of Esther lodgo.of
Rebelcnhs No. HO aro roqnoHloil to at-
loud a special mooting to bo hold hi
tho K. P. hall Thursday, Novombor
10t Ii nt 8 p, m„ for lho purposo ot
winding up lho affairs In connoctlon
with  tlio rocont bnll.
Ily Order of tho Noble Grand.
Tho Catholic! World, a mngii/lno
that c-lreulntoH principally among tho
olorgy and educational litBtllulloiiH,
writing editorially, In Kh Ihhuo of
October, ilrnwH upeclflc (-.Mention to
nn nrtlelo publlHlied In tbo Cntholle
Fortnightly Rovlow, which NtnloR thnt,
In the cKIoh whero tho ChIIioIIch havo
thoir hlghoHt percentage of memhoiK
according lo Iho recent rellgloim con-
huh, ranging from fill per cent, to SI
per cent, In Fnll HI ver,- Miihh., und
Ann FranelHfo, Cnl,, to €8 per cent.
nnd fi2 per conl. lu Chlengn nnd
Phllndelphln, munlelpiil iidmlnlHtrn*
tion, crime nnd proHtltutlon are no*
Tho edllorlnl kooh on to miy thnl It
Ih with n feeling of "ilinmo nnd
humlllfitlon thnt It Ih forced to make
Hiieh n Rlntemont of fnetH, whon n
lnrgo city like Mllwnukoo controlled
nlK-riliiti-.lv hv revnlntlnnnrv Hnr-lrtll«tu
Ib bolng reformed dny by clny, (hat It
in iiucutftniry to mnny thu mitm-
Catholic; picw-s of the; country to wnko
up ntul uto Et.« duly. !n«»ea«l of Indulging In vnln plorlouti bonRtlng of
tho wonderful prrigrnHH tho church hns
t.nr,n    rii'il-ln.-*    in     •.•-....■l'**.     ii-l,.>».    t„
fact it hns not even, relatively Hpcmk*'
Ing, been making tho progress hero
that It hnH made tn China, among tho
dchnHed OrtentnlH.
This body is scheduled to reach.
Fernio on tho 21st inst., for the purpose of making inquiry Into, (a) the
needs of existing industries in respect of labor, (b) ' tho quality of
labor which is available and (c) the
needs of such labor fpr industrial
training and technical education.
Tho plan for tho work of tho commission at' each placo has ordinarily
been as follows: A local committee
representing the mayor, the board of
trade, the manufacturers' association,
the educational institutions, tho
trades and Jabor interests, and any
organization identified with the training of women, mak*es provision for a
place in which .to hold tho sessions
of the commission.
i Kach establishment.visited or body
interviewed is asked a series of questions, pertinent to their work; the data
is then forwarded to the government
at Ottawa to be taken up later with
a view to the furthering of the pur-,
pose for which this commission was
created viz., to ascertain the needs
and present equipment of the Dominion as respects industrial training and
technical-education ancl to investigate
obtain in other countries, particularly
In Great Britain, France, Germany and
the United States. ' .
• This work has the endorsation of
the Eeveral provincial premiers; ancl
may be regarded as. the initial step
looking towards the establishment of
Institutions that aro already flourishing in the countries aforementioned.'.
The names of those comprising this
commission are:
James W. Robertson, C. M. G., D.
Sc, L, L. D., chairman; Hon. J,
Neville Armstrong, Rov. George Bryco,
M. %, I). D,; Gaspare! Do Sorres;
Gilbert Forsyth, B. A., James Simpson, M. I. T, U.
Tho following Ih their ltinorary from
November 8th;
8th—Portage la Pralrlo. Man,
Oth—Brandon, Man.
10th—Mooso Jaw, Sask."
Ilth—Roglnn, Sask.
1-lth—Saskntoon, Sask.
Kith—Prlnco Albert, Saak.
17th     and     18th--Fdmorilon   and
Strathcona, Alta. '
,   Iflth nnd 21st—Calgary.
As Fornio la also billed for lho 21st
wo do not. quito understand Mils tin-
loss tho party will bo divided Into
two pnrtH so as to expedite the work.
Wo would fiuggent ihnt nil momborn
of organized lnbor tnko duo note of
thla coming visit, so that thoy mny
ho prepared to present, thoir Hldo of
the question nnd mako nny eommontn
Hint they consider of Interest In the
Wo aro Informed by tho president
of tho honrd, J. F. Liuvory, that ar-
rnngoiiHints arc already . under way
lo afford a nultnblo reception lo this
carry with more distinctness than
they did on-Thursday.
The part of the hysterical and
whimsical mother with her regard for
details regardless of essentials left
nothing to be-desired, and although
it was not so mueh what she said but
the inimitable way in which it was
uttered that  pleased  the  spectators.
The drunken sheriff overdid his part
and while his antics may have
amused a. few in the gallery, yet it
was marred by too much exuberance.
To simulate drunkenness is indeed
difficult, but under the circumstances
of an interview with a governor even
a Nevada sheriff with all the bolster-
ousness of a westerner would have
delineated tho character somewhat
differently thereby makiug it
moro natural * by * frantic efforts
to appear more sober than he really
was and in so doing created a belter
effect upon tho audience. '
In his capacity of- privato secretary to the governor a little moro
control over the facial expressions at
tho critical momont would have materially improved, tho part.
The various other characters wero
well sustained by their respective
porsonators, and taking tlio entire
play into consideration, may sum* up
by saying that it is well abovo tho
Tonight (Friday) "The House of a
Thousand Caudles" will bo presented
ancl Saturday there will be a matinee
as well as an evening performance
when tho curtain is .to go up punctually at 8:15.
i .    i       ■
Another of those slabbing affrays
which are altogether too frequent in
this locality, and which it is important that something drastic should
be dono to put a stop to, took place'
at Michel" Saturday last.
As far as cnn be learned at tho
present writing two Italians named
Prosper© Capestrano and Andrew
Vlceint had had a conversation and
out of some trivial remark made a
dispute arose but, apparently ended
as the two men left together homo-
THOMAS HARRIS. wan* bound but had only journeyed a
short distance when it is presumed
that the question that had been debated was again brought up becauso
Constable Bulger observed two men
on the track of the C. P. R. between
the Hotel Michel -and Trites-Wood
store, and finding them engaged at
close quarters immediately proceeded
to separate them and finding "that
Viceint wus on the verge of collapse
and the other man, Capestrano, endeavoring to escape, he immediately
arrested the latter.
, Upon  examination of the  wounded'
man it was found that' he had been
seriously injured, the most dangerous
stab  being one over the left nipple
■wlTi"cii~haQ~penetrat"eQ_th"5-l\mf;        '   '•
The doughty deeds of the battlefield and the quarter deck have been
described in prose ancl verse, thp
bravery in face of danger in* various
walks of life is chronicled through
the press from timo to time, the
perusal making one's blood tingle as
he pictures the self-sacrifice displayed, but while not wishing lo speak
disparagingly of-these various actors
in life's great darma all the circumstances surrounding buoy them to a
state of. excitation nerving them. to
play well their part.
Tho instance we are about to re-
-late—is—entirely—void—of—these—concomitants. -.Several weeks ago an employe of the'Crow's'Nest Pass Coal
company, Alox Thornton, had the misfortune'to receive severe injuries to
his leg while attempting to board a
train, ahd having lost so much flesh
tlio doctors, Bonnell ancl Corsair do-
cided that great benefit would accrue
by skin grafting and when this was
made^ known, with a stoicism, that
was spartan-like another Inmate of
the hospital who had had an arm
broken volunteered to supply the necessary cuticle, this was dono without
any flourish of trumpots nor with nny
expectation of its becoming known.
This MAN was nn employe of Finch
and Jones at Corbin nnd his nnmo Is
Thomas Harris.
This Is tho typo ot man wo glndly
doff our hats to In recognition of his
Viceint is at-present'1 lying in the
hospital at Michel in a very critical,
condition while his .assailant,is held
in custody in the Fernio jail pending
-' The accused was brought up on
Wednesday morning at * the provincial headquarters, but was remanded until such time as II. may, bo determined whether the injured man
dies or recovers.
Wo understand ihat lho firm of
Henn Brothers intend adding a new
Industry to lliolr mnchlno shop practice by Inking eontracia for furnishing tho different fraternal bodies wllh
thnt IndlapeiiRnhle pari, of tho property, viz,: The bultor-ln, Recently iih
ii  result  of  an   expedition   Into  tlio
In our, last week's Issue wo reproduced the list, of names objected
to that are to bo brought up-beforo
tho Court of Revision November 7th
for tho purpose of determining whothor or not. they shall bo retained.
Thla crowded ont considerable othor
mattor hence our correspondents can
iiiiderfilnnd why their reports etc., did
not appear.
We wero- anxious Hint tho greatest
possible publicity Hhould ho given
to the end thnl. none should ho disqualified who are entitled to tho
We may add.that this work Is dono"
grnliiKoiiHly na we are more do-
hIi'Ouk Ihnl nil entitled to vote Hhould
not bo deprived than wo nro for a
monetary rownrd.
Plonso do not Imagine thai wo aro
so   disinterested   thai   we   do   acorn
filthy lucre," hut wc cortnlnly would
Jail   Breaker  Comes  to  8ervo   Two
, Periods of 8lx Months Each-
Thief Gets One Yenr.
The tnlnl number of prlaonei-B ni
Iho provincial Jnll wiih augmented by
four on Mondny night when Provincial CoiiHtnblci Liic.-y brought In
JiimoH Crnnilfll, neiilonc-ed by IiIh honor .TinlgH Wllt'.nn nl Fornie In oiu*
yorir'H Imprlnnunienl for theft; .Iiuiioh
O'Connor H'-ntciK-'-d to rIv niontlm by
Police .Mnglfitrtile W. II. Wliliimler of
i-ernle for theft nml to n further hIx
monthii by Mr. JuiIhco Clement for
hrenlclng .lull; nnd Corn Tnylor. aeu-
loncod by   Pal Ice    MnglHtraln W. II,
U'l-ilm... ....  nt Vr,;,t,.  In  t'i'ri   „-,t;iti,„   .....
ll vngrnnev rli'lruc Tho fourth wiih
Poler MeLenn who wns plncml In Hnfe-
keen' ig by Provlticlitl (.cuiHtnlile ,1, I).
Wltslitmnn on o -rhar-io of .Iruntccn-
iichh, but wiih given another rhnuc-e
to reform yealenlriy nftnrnnon In the
 i. .i,-i .   ii .  .   ...i i .. i'n-      ,i
MuKlHiriit-e W, II. liulloek-Wobslor.
Provincial Constable Lacey nHHiMei!
Provlncinl   CoiiHlnbles   MrCiiiKl. and
Bulger iih far   an   NelHon In Inking
c-hurRc* of Kiirf.-o Kr-iui.-pRel.olll, sentenced to I'd yenr» In the penltentlnry
nf Sow WV-HtmlriHter nf Dw recent nt-
Flro broke out IiihI S.ntiir.l.ty night  Mt.fn nt I'.iiiIh and F_-<1 Monroe, the
In    a    vacant  Iiouho locnted In  tho ■ Moyln holdup mnn who Ir tinder sin-
segregated district nnd beforo It w«b jteri.-*- <>f »-*"-v_ r» yenro, Inflicted by bin
oxtingtilRlK'il destroyed uoveii of tho'honor Judge Wllnoit.— NVlxon News,
dwellings, which  being  frame- mntr-l        	
Hires,   mnile   excellent   tool   tor   Dw. j      ODD  FELLOWS   ATTENTION.
Wo have just received Iho pleasing
Inielllgonc-e Unit two woll-knowii nnd
oKllmiib-o young people, .formerly or
Fernio, eiilerc-d -Inlo tlie bondH or holy
p. ntrliuoi j nl. Cnlgnry. Alln., on Wed-
iic-Hilnv, (lie 2nd.
'.'■■< Vide, formerly MIhh Miim-dc*
1!,. ' \ilm wiih formerly onipliiyc-il
ni ■'■" I mli<l I'Vrnlo, hnH n heist of
friend*' loi-nlly, while Um groom,
ThoiuiiH II, Howdi'ii, Ih ho well known
llinl pnic-tleiilly everyone Ih iiequniut-
iwl with hlni mi'! will !.•• pb'iwl •'>
lentil Hint he In making exc-ollom
pii'l-TcHi*. In IiIh cIiukiU profession of
eleclrlclnii In Allierln'H rniwni-rcliil
.Mr. nml Mih. llowden will reHlde
In Cnlgiii*)', where they will nlwny.s In
nt home   to   Uic
niountiilnR back of Procter mountain
nenr tho Three Sisters, two sumploH j not mi. ,iny amount bo willing partlen
of lhe Caprine sper-lon fell  to their-,,, ,Mf, disfranchisement of any duly
guns nnd can bo examined as samples: ,1U(ljj|j(,,| elector,
for lodgo purpoHOH, \n „,,  ovlilem-o of our good  fnith
Tho firm of Ilenn llrolhei-fi Iiiih been | wo wj|j Hny ,-,|H tlmt any poi-Hiui who
Homewhut changed, John withdrawing j ■>,„„ K()l),| „„,] hufflc-loiil reason to nd-
from tho firm. " - | vnnc-e  why IiIh iianie Bhould not bo
■mrud. oil wim will wiin- n> uh -jiving
i iik wrltic-n authority lo ;wt on IiIh In-
'hnlf  w.-   will   pivir'nt     lh"    -mm.'   to
III', II, WhliiiHter, re-jlmriir or voteix.
—•— " '    in unking iih to do UiIh  ll  Is en-
FERNIE THEATER-GOERS IN LINE i tln-ly   iiiiuei-c-iHury   lu   Klnte   tn   what
1 political  pnrty the  petitioner belongH
' iw we will do Ui'h wlilmui giving Hi'"
jipicKtloii   nay    further   c-niiHlilerailcm
"Along    llm    Kennebec,"    a    New!,-,,-,, ,■„. objection Is not genuinely n
Knglaiid   comedy,   with   a   flue  hnnd, i Ul--,- ,„„,,
coiiich to the (ii-mul theater Nnvtii-1 T|--,-v m,, ,-. number of Individual**
her IHh. The piece Ih now In llu third ,** p**,.seiii mi the IIM wlmin we do
uiK-ei-.iK.iil HeiiHim and Iiiih met wllh , „„. <„iih|.|i-i- are any lnn-wer ellitlbli'
pcipiilnr#iipproMil when-vi-i* pn-w-iilcil, i „■.,* |„ wliose retention we iiileud in
unit has been lined iih ii test by iwu  ,„„(,„ objeetliui, lmt in tinier (hni we
nut:.' ii1* mi in,in '.■.!<■;',-; '.'■<* : Vi'.l p'-ib
Hull the lllllll'- 111 the I'lIiltiiliH ef tlil-<
paper, Male uur ii-umuim (ur malum;
Uie cilij.-i ilea ami mall u maik.-it mpy
tu i-'iili um- al hU; last known limit-
fillli-e miIiIichi-. nnd shall nl-,11 uur own
Miinie ili'T'-iii. Ill dulii.. till-* our nnlv
Vlll  be  the   b-gi.l  one  totally
Iii'iiInIi'I-h lu llii'lr i-ciniiiii*-*. The piny
Ih full of c-onieily Jittk. ll Ih comedy
'ihu a girl or woman can lnugh nt
I nnd mil IiIuhIi nt the iiaiiie lime, The
I hiirlciiuo duel K.-ejie in the third art
!between 7.v\w Diiiiher aud liuullik
I'Tiihlm In mild to lie one m-reaiii from
r   iiuinerous Feinl'-! K",rl *" n",K-- ""*■ flv" otl"'r r"l,,,,,l>nBiilil
' ..l.hr.,,.li...i.      It i  .,      ll "    ■ '•
1 bnppv frame    of    tnliul.    All  ipee'ril'
plOHlon taken placo imhb' of No. 81 j flnmr-R.    The nioitetitry Iohr in vnlb
rhute, (whrrr> Dw majority   of   Kh"jm-Mf*-*! *»< -n*-^*!.  %l'flto,   De   tmajf.r,
work I* nt present In proftreu), ntul
the iihifi nt work the probablllflcn are
thnt not a single nun would hnvo
OHcnpod nllve.
■  -.i-.c-f-lic-Ti   ;it.,1  biiTiqm-i   to  in-
on  tho nt-ontlo't nt tho offlolnl
of   Crand Mii-t'i" WcIiImt Lm
in roanon to believe tbnt ft wan th*»ibr«-u unavoidably po*i*.one<1 owing tn
(ior I lon -rov-iTP-t by Inmirflnce. h-i: —■
The origin l» n myntury ami there; xhh
work of mi Inrendlnry.
I lii-ennry Ih carried for the prculuillon, i HAMILTON   HltnALD  ROAD  RACE,
.ami It Ih hii Id to lm Hlili Uy a hi-i-iiIc ■
— — jprf-hiMlMii   from   flr-M   m-i     to,   |;,n|. J     HA.Mll.TO.N. out,. No.. 1.    Fnr Dw
If a well packed huiiKii nud nn nmll*! •J,">«' plenrlnK hliiglng und cliarni tor ri,-,,- ii„„, |„ u» himory, the Mauillmii
ence tbnt   gnve every hIuii  or njipre-i-Hpeclnltb'H lit" indcidui-i-d dnrlnir tie-: j|,.,•,,•-■   ,„,-,. „(   \:, uiII.h    I Ox  yunN.
• '...'.' ...   '■     .*   .,•'•',     ,i.,v   .w   •.'..-    .,.,...1*1  , ■'-   '*•,'•        i ■   • ■        •■ ■•■'•   ■-       ntul ll   *.,lh IIUI )i-Hi'Mlli>   XsHh Wl.n Ihu
of a performnnco    then    the    Allen! Keiinebf-e" m«nds  I»h mull ...o home, yenrn In MieeehHUu. by th..! name nniu.
Playera   ran    rertninly   c-oiu.raiulaii*jf'HIng  plenwil    ami    ..ntlcffeil  willi Mhnml" Doorno, nn Indlnii fiom lle.iv-
theniHelveH on lhe reception ne-ordi'i) j "AIoiik tho Kennebec."
on ThurHilnynlghl  nt    (he    Minera*'   J'""'1   •'"W'l    «h<-   Webih   Linlles*
oper/i  hiiiiHc   when    (hey    prew-nted I «'holr November tilth.
"Tho  Deflntieit    of    DorlH.",    Ah lb«*|    ~'
londlnc  l.i'fv    nnd     pcnfF'Tii.-ie   l**'*i'
been    the    recipient!*    of    iiuiiierntn.;
C'liiutliliimi    We    will    tneri-lv    iem,'i|-|.
ihnt ilie pcutrnjn! of their n .-jn itl-.e
pnrtR wnH good nnd turn our att<n-
llrm to -wiine c>f the Ie.--.ni r l.;l,!u
The role of the muliilloun pul'tii int.
with an t-xo ulngle to the glory <»f
nf/ii i* ff_..i.<).r•*•,*» nf :ni) bninu.lL m-n/j-
nti o*. wi't oxcotiillnrly woll r-'ivf'***' -?
in..I llu- i»lil> KtiKKi'itiinii »i- «*ffi-r i-*
that crecifer cure should be taken tn
rn lulil I.I* lie:ul thut the word* uj,«>
l.i-f.rre ll.irinn, p.-npi"•■'..r
lbnpn-hM Transfer mmji.-ifiy
bnrh n firing    of   -K<-ii'-ntl
l.ni.-. ," *TiC_Ii. 1hr* I.J.'.llie lo
iii liU riiplillv inrr«-.'»-»ii',!.;
lb- Is nlno t'xppt-ilng u *l*i}iiii"iif
'.--■s i/iij iiiiiiTM *.ril«*r«'l su Ui- (,• :u
r.i":r.- On-' „ ',.*!*.[- f..- -.-.'..'.. !. •-.:»l I..
ijuli.t a imti-lly in ihi* ItHnl.t) i«« n
int. wheltier u four -wheel"-, ur u hut-
-i.i:.  we niullli.l  in .'un<-rt.ii!.
hi ought
liiirpi :-'-
I..    ()'< -1
i-i ion, who wen the Ward marathon at
Tiiicintii thin fall. IHh time whh I hr.
,*.*.' min. ','i nor., II little hi'hlnd the ree-
nnl nf I: t _:«:*: entnbllr.|.e.| In 1!»U by
;■ .si.u.:. vin- ■■ of V'.*..'..'-..*   v.ut.i *;..■
ter nf Toronto wan *.eror.d and Jack
\*..,,r    .->!  ,i   i-l    '('-- ■,,-,-,,     H.i'.,I
The l>\ l.il» r;i!l!!;:,- 1,ir nn r-.fn-li.ll-
ttire nf J**.'H! fur (he |iiii|ln--t> nt fiuiiK
iij< tt.t- ''-iu'i.ii •*' ■!■■■/! «.i-iiiihil<t isn-t
**..'i. *.7' i,;..-'.-.•-..". -.*. '7.v '.-,:.i.n ;..*\*
bt- '*t<x nirii'-l "iin is* kh;i1 «umi:;i!?.
t*; -.ut. . iu iii: i„ ■.!-.*.■. ni-'. ti hi fiiMu-
..i.-l . i'r,,ii-i-'.
■' *•_ '~?,\•'■'¥> .-'"''"7 -"*-*   %\
^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•**£' ♦"♦
<» ♦
COLEMAN   BY 22 **■*>
Railway Men are. Now in
Closer Unity
LONDON,.Nov. 5.—During the past
week two great bodies of organized
workers, the Miners' Federation of
Great Britain and the Amalgamated
Society of Railway Servants, held
their annual congres.;, the former at
Edinburgh, the,latter at Barry, noar
Cardiff, iii South Wales. ' "
Railway  Men' More  Lively.
' T) e railway men's congress was undoubtedly  the-   livelier   nnd   more   instructive of (he iw.o.   Theirs has been
a strange fate in the past.
Though originators of tho famous
resolution of the trade union congress
of ISM, which established the labor
party, their leader, Richard Bell, was
the first to revolt against tho new
niovement unci to leave lt.for the sake
of ,the Liberal party, for which 'act
of "courage." "he ,has now been re-
"warded by a comfortable berth in thp
board of trade. ,.
Similarly, though holding in their
hand the most vital artery of capitalist'; society, thc railway mon stil.1
belong lo' Ihe worst paid and the "most
ruthlessly exploited category of labor
fully 20 per cent, of them (over
00,000), according to official statistics,'
working over 12 hours a day ancl
earning less than ?"> a week.
Big Revolt.
Three years ago they broke out in
a big revolt and threatened a general
strike, but the niovement was smothered under tho weight of a national
scheme of conciliation and arbitration,
imposed upon them by Lloyd-George,"
then   the   president of the'board of
♦ ♦♦«►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
(Crowded out last week.)
The  members   of  the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows of Coleman No
3G,   arid   Pincher   No.  5,   assisted  by
Grand   Master  Shear of  Fort,  Sask.,
P." G. Tulley of Calgary, and Deputy
Grand  T.- Haines,   of   this   town,  instituted a new lodge of the order at
llla'irmore.   The exemplification.of the
work   upon   a   very  large   school   of
candidates , was   remarkably  well  exemplified and the degree teams came
in for* a large share of well merited
praise. ' The  baby lodge  of. Alberta
starts out. under very favorabl.circumstances, and is particularly fortunate
in  the  excellency  of  the  caliber  of
those  occupying  the  various , chairs.
The following or the officers:    Rev.
,T.  F.  Hunter,'N. G.;  George Young,
V. G.;  J. D. S. Barrett, 11. S.; J. W.
McKay, F_ S.; A. T. lleney, Warden;
.). G. Smith, Conductor; E. A. Elliott,
Treasurer;   J. James, Chaplain.    Tho
grand  master, in making his speech,
congratulated   all   tlioso  who  participated in the ceremony, and expressed
the desire that., tho new lodge might
Monday last tho Coleman lodge of
Odd Fellows had a social evening on
the occasion of'the visit from the
grand master and past grand master.0
These two officials delivered speeches
relative to the growth of Odd Follow-*
ship throughout Canada. There were
several others whose names we do not
recall, who also made short addresses,
but we may say without flattery that
the speech of the evening was that
of our N. G„ who certainly surpassed
himself in the excellent manner in
which he acquitted himself in the
arduous task of addressing the gathering on subjects of interest to all tbat
were assembled. ,- ,
Sister C. Dunlop, G. W., of the
Rebekah lodge', when called upon,
stated that she was but a poor speech-
maker, and although she is a lady we
feel somewhat inclined to dispute her
statement; and think that those who
were there will agree with us that
she is just as capable as any, of the
sterner sex.
The whist drive and dance was a
doubly successful event and the Coleman band are the recipients of hearty
congratulation * from   nil  participants.
The winners ,'of   the   whist drive
trade.      . • ■ - | prizes  fell  tor   First Prize,   (ladies)
Thc A.S. R. S.'is the largest audi Mrs.   Madaison,   silver-mounted  toilet
most, influential  of all    the    railway
men's associations,, aud    the    spirit
which" it has exhibited, on the present
occasion of its  congress is certainly
very hopeful.
On  the  first  business  day  of  the
congress    a    resolution   was  carried
without dissent, demanding stato own-
—er-ship_oL__il__$s.       - .
sot; First Prize (gents), Mr. W. Pearson, marbellzGd clock.
The record-breakers on the low side
were (ladies), Mrs. H. Clarke, handkerchief, and .(gents), Mr. Goodeve
who was the recipient of a box of
children's  building blocks'.  -     ...
The attendance was exceptionally
largo which speaks" volumes for* the
not forgotten. "Accidents of this nature are, frequent on the tipple. This
makes two within a week and the men
weighing coal are in great danger
of "losing-their lives with, trips coming out-at such a speed.
We hope that this wlH be remedied
in a short while and that the scales
will be moved near the mouth of the
tunnel. . ''      '
The Neiy Michel Young' Men's
club "gave a-dance on Tuesday last
in" Martin's hall which, turned out to
be a great success and .dancing was
kept up until the wee sma hours of
the morning. ,-The New Michel, orchestra supplied the'music to the sat-,
isfaction of everybody. -Alee Derbyshire ' and Robert Parks most ably
acted as floor <- managers. George
Fisher, who so kindly lent, his teams,
was kept busy bringing, and taking
back the large crowd that attended
from Old Michel. Everyone enjoyed
themselves and look forward to more
social occasions like this.
* The children of Mrs. Horatio Nelson
have been sent to the Children's
Aid Society Home at Vancouver,
where they will receive proper attention which the mother could not
give. them.
- o .
The stork has been hovering over
Michel and,as a result Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Mason have a fino daughter.
Andy Waugh, late president, of the
Corbin local, U. M. W. of A., is in
town, where he intends taking up his
abode for a whilo. The coal company at Corbin are laying a large
number, of men off on account of
having no ordors for their coal.
The officers of the "Michel Prize
band intend holding a competition for
the following on the 21st of November: Melodian contest, skipping rope
contest for girls under 16 and a
sentimental duct."contest. .This"promises to be one of those.rare and enjoyable times and a large number of
entires are expected. Admission 50
ceiits.. - ,   *    ,
"The football league medals are on
exhibition at the Trites-Wood store.
Anyone wishing to see same can now
do so,   .
The football league meeting was
held at Coleman on the 22nd, when
the following delegates were present:
Michel, James Sharp, (Chairman),
and Sam Moors; Robert Levitt, secretary of the league, Bellevue; J.
Oliphant, Coleman; J. Graham.- The
following business .was transacted:
That the .minutes of the last meet-'
ing be adopted as read.
That three clubs form a quorum.
That the league game between
Bellevue and Coleman that was stopped owing to ""darkness'be called a
draw. The teams have agreed to
this,        .
That Rougheads case bo dropped,
as the wrong man had been reported.
Say Large Quantity of Gas Was Present in Los Angeles Times.
Office.     ".   ,,.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.", Nov. 1;—Witnesses in the Times explosion--caso
testified before the coroner's jury that
free gas was present in large volumo
ih the. building the night.the explosion* occurred. These witnesses, who
were telegraph operators in the building, "testified that they liad lost their
positions with the Western "Union
Telegraph company because of having
made tlieir statements'.
Railroad  Trust.
At present the railways of the
■United Kingdom have become practically one huge trust, ancl apart from
its effect on tho community, tho fact
is having a most, disastrous effect, on
the railway servants.
The matter was well put by J. TI.
Thomas, M. P.. in a lengthy speech.
"There was not," ho remarked, "a*
single company in tho kingdom but
had a private working agreement, with
others, and the men wero now left to
choose between a" largo monopoly, run
solely for profit, and stale ownership
for the community's benefll.
"If during tho next six months 500
men wore discharged, on nny sorvlco
there would be such a hue and ery
thnl tho compnny concerned would b'e
brought to its knees. But the companies wero too clever, Rather than
effect n wholesale dismissal ihey Introduced n stringent medical test, and
by tills subterfuge, woro ablo to ills-
peso of the mon they did not want."
Work   Eightcen-Hour  Dny,
Another motion which-was carried
by lho congress hy an overwhelming
majority wus mm relating to an eight-
hour day.
' In Ireland, snld a delegate from
Dublin, rnllwny men worn compelled
lo work It!, 17 nnd even IS hours n
day, nnd, Mr. Hudson, M, l'„ pointed
out. Ihnl the .mental rind physical
' strain involved In u rnllwny man's
work rendered a short working day
nl.Holiilc.ly noe'-Hsary,
"Moro work," ho declnred, "was
nf present done In eight bourn thnu
In 1!_ hours in yenrs ngo, while the
board of trndo did nol deem the Hours
excessive unless I hoy oxceodod 11!,"
The lesnliiilcin Instructed Mr. Hudson,
as theii piuljiiiiK-iiiury reprusenliiilve,
io liiii'nilueo lp iho iinxi HOHslon nn
eight-hour bill,
On the dny following n iilrong motion wns adopted with rcgnrd io lho
Ohhnrnc Judgment.
All  AcjnliiBt Judgment,
The   mnn.-   Impressive   wnn   II   Hint
nn i.liii'.b-  voice  wnn  ruined    nt    thn
nfter the
from date
apply . tb
,18 Hl-HtEBY GIVEN* that
expiration of thirty days
I,  William  Good,  intend  to
the    Honourable,   the  Chief
Commissioner of Lands lor a lleenso
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands situate
within Lot 159;!, Group 1, Kootenay
District: Commencing at a post planted at or near the Southwest corner
ot the -.Tooliarina Anderson claim;
Ihcnco East SO chains; thenco South
SO chains; tlience* West' SO chains;
thonco North SO ,chain*-- to the place
of commencement,, containing 010 acres
more  or less.
Located * the  2Gth  day  of  September,
WILLIAM   GOC-lV Locator.
Ver   Jamos   A.   Good,   Agent.
Witness:  .William Pigeon.
PaiUl&fitfS LlHIMEffTCQi
August 6-11.
Beware of
Sold on the
Merits of .
popularity of,these'entertainments aifd
also pays an excellent tribute to the
band boys as entertainers.
Again we have to report some of
these unfortunate events whicli are'of
constant occurrence in 0 all mining
camps. John Figner, an-omploye of
the McGilllvray Creek Coal and Coke
company, has been severely injured
by a fall of rock-which in addition
to fracturing several ribs, also Inflicted Internal Injuries. „ He is at
present an inmate of the hospital in n
serious condition, but it is to be,hopod
that with caro and attention he may
recover. Vlnce Hilling whilo doing
some necessary repairs to a machine had the misfortune to get his
fingers caught In „ the wheels and
severely crushed'.
Sunday evening last, a party consisting of Walter McLean, his sister,
Miss E.. McLean of Hillcrest, nnd Mrs
A. Cotter, a nurso lu Dr. Malcolm-
son's hoRpltnl at Vrank, wero driving
buck from a visit lo friends and whon
passing I'jiisl Colemnn ono ' of tho
homes caught tho guy wire thnt runs
from a telephone polo and thn sudilon
jar fiimped hy Uio stumbling of the affrighted nnimni rosult lug In tho oc-
ciiipnnls being thrown out nnd nil
moro or less severely bruised nnd
Hluiken up. Miss McLean wuh sovero-
ly bruised about the arm and Miss
Colter the legs and head, Thoy Avoro
tnkon lo the homo of Mr. O. R. S.
Whiteside whoro thoy woru glvon
evory available attention and later removed to tliolr respective homos.
Now that (his iii'i-ldent bus hnppon-
ed It Is to bo hopod that ull dnngor
of n rectirrenco will bo removed by
hnvlng ilioso, protruding wlroH dono
nwny wllh,
after the expiration of" thirty days
from this date, I, Richard Gain, intend
to apply to the Honourable, the Chief
Commissioner of Lands, for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
tlje following described land, situate
within Lot -1593, Group 1, Kootenay
District: Commencing 'at a , post
planted 3 2-3 miles south and one mile
oast of the Southeast corner of Lot
S3G3, Group 1, Kootenay District, and
being 30 chains north of the southeast
corner of thc Eva* Joss claim, East of
the Flathead river; thence SO chains
East; thence SO chains North; thenco
SO chains' West; thence SO chains
South to ,thc place of commencement,
containing ,610 acres more or less.
. Located the 2Cth day of September,
l-UCHAPD GAIN, Locator.
Per James-A. Good,  Agent.
Witness: . William Pigeon.
(Crowded out Insl wook,)
On Mondny, October iMih, the men
iwirliliig on lhe tlpplo were frighten*
by n niimwiiy trip of ears from No,
i iiiigi-e*,-. in iMinpcn-i of the Judgment,' N inlnc. The trip ennui out of llio
:iinl m i-eiiiiSniiiiii wiih mlnpteil muini-' lutuu'l ui great Kpeeil nud run Into
mc-usly, declining llnu "nothing slicui *' hoiiiu enrn Hint were Htnnd.ng on Uie
of ii ininpleii, n-Hinvnilcin nf ihe rlubtH! (Ippbi. hitting Un-nt wllh  hii-Mi  I'on-e
l-njojeii -h>   lliule   llliinll-.   pliui* „lu   lh.ll ' Melt    hi-iell    C'lMi1      ll!!<l      "'Hill'    Umbel'
ibrUliiii ulll i.iei i il;*'* ..liii.illi-'i'i," .-.nil', 'im li-i were pl)ci| up iiiie on niinllinr
urging the member** nl' tlle .uielety | nud iiliiiiml tell iiui' the hlik'i. of the
to c-iiilirne.' every nppni'luiiliy of ■ building. The lulling* on eui-h Hide
iir-lri-ilm-   I hli   end." ■ worn  broken.    The  (nil   llllllo\V   steel
Ciuipli-il wnli ihls ii furl her resolu-1 hi incline lor u ■•uiiple ol minutes -auh
lliill   ll.ii. iiiliipti i)  High.--, !l.r  li'.elnliefS Jrnekliig   lllld   HWIIJ'IllK   I'l   llllll   fl'0   Hid-
iii «iiiiiinii    tin-    viiliiniiuv    lund by |n tdilp In illstreHM nl sen, njid before
which il  In Intended in tide over ilie-iiii'*   im-.i   ■.■,*_-ihn.iif,  k..i_   >>..•___    _,_,
.iiiit',1.,..   u.,..un.«*   'i... ii.;..... ,,*   '-!   "I"1"   i *'*.ijii-  -ill   win  ever  hut
Frank to play Fernie at Fernie on
October 20 and Frank to play Coleman at Frank on November 2nd. The
above loams not complying will for-'
feit .points.   -
That Frank lose the cup between
Bellevuo semi-final for Mutz cup.'
That Bellevuo. play Coleman Oct-
29 al Bellevue, Referee to be G.
Wilson, Fernio. Linesmen S. Moors,
Michel ancl J. Cassfleld, Coal Creek.
That the playing of Crahan's cup
be governed by cup tie rules and
thai It be played for at Michel on
Novombor 19th.
Tha}, the next league meeting be
hold at Fernie on November 12th.
Business to appoint ..officers for lho
nost, season.
Jack l-tushdon, better known as
"Hush," has arrived In , cump from
Kdmonton. .Tnclc has been working
i'or tho O. N.' R. nnd Gorman Development company on Iheir coal properties
on tlio Big Brn/.onii river. The compnny hns shut, down for the-wlntor
on nccount of Iheir not bolng able to
got.,food In for tho mon In tho winter months, but will rosumo operations early noxt spring, Tho C, N, U.
nro rushing a rnilroad In from Stottlor
which thoy hopo to comploto noxt
summer, .Tnclc lenvos Saturday for a
trip to tho old country to vIhII
Charles Gnrner, Intornnllonnl bonrd
mombor, wns In town 'Snturdny nnd
Mondny on buslneHH. lie nlso went
lo Corbin to strnlghton out mnttors
up thoro In connoctlon with tho locnl.
Oh you kids! Got your tin cans
rendy for wo hnvo wind of another
cpilet woddlng coming off In tho nenr
futuro so bo ready to clinrlvarl lho
ICrnest Lewis, timekeeper nt No, S
mine, Iiiih now socnrocl a position more
to bin,liking. Hn him been promoted
to timekeeper to tho enlcewulk dun-
cei's, Tlio only objection I'.rnoHl. hns
In this now Job of bin Ih thai ho Is
rut lior crumped for room iih bin offlco
Ih uiiileriienlh  n  couch,
Arthur Goodinnii mel wllh n rather
MoriouK accident Tuesday, I bo "Mb,
lie wns Inking n horse to the stable
when lu Hoinn wny he fell, the hm-Ho
kicking hlm cm (he buck of (he lu-rid,
He wnn Inkeii nl mien to the bosplinl
where In*. Weldon iiileiutuil io hlm,
The biti'st report Is tbnt he Is progressing favorably.
Some one wnlked Into the pimtry
ol Mem-go .Meikle nf New Michel mime
time slnco covered wllh Iho clonic of
nn Independent parly, and ntnli> hull'
of IiIh lonf, Ih this full*'.'
|    ,loc    Tii) lor,    inuicr      itiiuwii     in-,
(tn i--.ii.,I, ii...-. .'.■;...'• .' ii. Hi- 1 1*1.'
bciiidn   nf  innirliuony   to   Miss   1 hivin
after the expiration of thirty days
from this date I, Susan Good, Intend
to apply to the Honourable, thc.Chief
Commissioner of Lands, for license to
prospect, for' coal and petroleum on
tho following described land, situate
within Lot -1593, Group ], Kootenay
District:. Commencing at & ■ post
planted at or near the Southwest corner post of the Richard '.Gain claim;
thence , 80 chains South; thence SO
"Chains East"H'*tiIF.Tce— 80-chains-Nurthv
thence SO chains West to the place
of commencement, containing GiO acres
more- or less.
Located tho 2Gth day of September,
1910.     ... 7
SUSAN GOl_B, Locator.'' ,    .
Per James A.  Good,  Agent.
"Witness:    William Piseon. ,      "";
after" the expiration of thirty days
from this date I, Lucy McDonald, intend lo apply to (lie Honourable, the
Chlof Commissioner of Lands, for'
a license to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on Uio following described
and, situate within Lot -15011, Group I,
Kootonay District; Commencing nt a
post planted SO chains Norlh of the
Northeast corner of .lho Kichard Gain
claim; tlionco 80 chnlnn West; thonco
SO chains South; tlience SO chains
East; tlionco 80 chains' Norlh to lho
place of commencement, containing 0-10
ncres  morn  or loss,
Located  tho 20lh  day  of September,
LUCY "McDONALD,  Locator.
I'or  Jnines  A. Good,  Agent.
WltnPHH:, 'Willinm I'lgoon.
•* °*.        ' i
should be the aim of every young
man. Real estate is, today, ■ and
always will be, the safest and.best
paying investments. Wo have
with' houses" erected thereon that
can be bought" right. If you have
money that i? not earning its proper interest; you will cio .well" to
look into these offerings.
NOTICI*: IS UtiUI-iny GIVEN that
after tho expiration of thirty dnys
from tills dato I, Aggio J'ollock, Intond
lu npply tn tlio Honourable., lho Clilof
CommlHslnnar of Lands, for a license
to prospect for coal and potroloum on
the following doscrlbod lands, situate
within Lot -Ilia:., Group 1, Kootonay
Dlmi-lel: • Coinmonclng at a pout plant-
oil ul ur nenr tho Norlhcnsl cornor of
tho Limy MoDonnld claim; thonco
Norlh 80 clinlns; llienco Wctit 80
cliiilnH; tlionco Koulli 80 cIiiiJuhj tlionco
East 80 chnlns to tho plnco of commencement, containing (HO acres moro
or. less,
Locntod tlin. SUth dny of Hoptomlicir,
A CIO Hi)  POLLOCK, Locator.
I'm* .lumen A, lliioil,, Agent.
Wltncsn:    "Wllllum 1'Ik""!'-
Fernie Opera House
nfier tho ex pi rn t inn of thirty days
from iluie I, Km mil I'uHm-U, Intond
to npply tn tlio lliiiiiiuinhle, the Chlof
fliiiiiiiilirlmier of I.hiuIh fnr'n llomiHO
In priMpi-i-i  inr i-im 1 nml petroleum on
till'    I'llltllWlllg    llCKI-l llH'll    lllllll,    Hltunto
within Lot 'idfi!!, ili'niip 1, l-Cootcuiny
HIhii'Icii ('i.iumem-lng ul n pout
phiiiii-il nt ur neiir the Hi'nilluMiHt enr-
ih-i- nl' tin. A_pf.li> I'lillneli claim; lliencii
I'.iixt Ml rlwilliH*, Ulelice Nnl'tll RO
i-luiliif;  Ilieiu-M W'i-hI  Mi i-IiiiIhh;  tinmen
.-"null;   u"   i-linl'i!".   I'i   lh"   lillK-e   of   i-nlll
III' ll-'lf.
Limited tin* Jillli iluy uf l<(.pl<>mhcil'
101 ft.
I-.MM.\   HiLLf*c"*i\',   Liinitiir,
I'i'l* ,Iiiii|i-,«  A,  Cliiuil,  Agent,
Wlineh.i-    Wllllum Pig-urn.
A, Pizzocolo- Mgr.
45  Steam-Heated" Rooms
Hot and Cold. Baths'
The, King Eciward
j*   '_. '* _        " *
Fernie's   Leading  Commercial  Hotel
The Finest'Hotel In East Kootenay.
J,'L.   GATES, ProJ}.
7      OF COMMERCE     .
.'     ■ ..ALEXANDER LAIRD,.GENERAL: MANAGER.    ..     .
PAiD-UP  CAPITAL,  $10,000,000.
RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on,, all deposits of $1 and
upwards in this Department.    Careful attention is given to.
every* account.   Small deposits are welcomed.     -. ,, ,
Accounts may be opened in the, names of two. or more persons, „,
withdrawals to be made by any one. of .them or by the survivor.   Full and clear written instructions  as  to  who is to
, make the withdrawals should "always  be  given  to the Bank _
when opening accounts of this nature.
FERNIE  BRANCH * L, A. °S.  DACK,  Manager..,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorised .. ..$10,000,000.00. .Capjtal Subscribed .... $5,575,000,
Capital  Paicl  Up    $5,330,000.00, Reserve  Fund "  $5,330,000■.
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest'allowed on deposits at current rate from date of, deposit.
FERNIE BRANCH .     * GEO. I. B. BELL, Manager  ,
gives us" tlie opportunity to offer a .large and fine stock .to
builders  add- contractors  at  a
"big"reductiotiTT—!^T- 7~~
only: is'represented in this consignment, which includes hard
ancl soft 'woods for all building
purposes.., '•*:,.'.
Phone 23 P.O. Box 22
•* kkkkkkkk******kkkkkk*****kkkk*****kk*****kkk**kkkk **
*,-.-•' , ' y.
Be Up-to-date and Equip Your Works with ,|
Canadian General Electric Co. j
Induction Motors
Full Information and Quotations Cheerfully Furnished
Calgary Branch Office:      325 A Eighth  Ave.   West
IliCiiico Nurtlt K0 i'IiiiIiih; I lumen K.aat
8(1 cliiilnH* tlii'iic-t- .South SO i:liali'H;
UiiMicu Went so (jlmhiH to tlio plnco
of floiniiiciiiocimniil, cHintuliiliiK 0-10'iicroH
lllllll'   1)1-   ll'HH,
Lni-utcd  llio y7tli ilny of fli'iitomlior,
MAUIirCI'3 CONNHltH,  l.icnlor.
I'm-  .Iiuiioh  A.  flood,   Aurunt.
WllncHHi    Wllllum   I'lK'Xlll,
Wi-ixo,\U; Words to Wo.wijN
1I-.I.I.L.I    /!,...    *.»„».     •..*.»    .-..i . , .»« *    ,_.,-,*..J,.     *,   .     -,,,__■
nc* -tlioul.l write to lb. fierce nn.J receive free Ihe
ailwee ol n |iliy<_ician 'if over -10 year*' experience
—a nkilleil nml miccc .-itul tspccitilKt in the dtveantert
of women. I'.very letter (it thli. tort liatt the mutt
careful eiintiileriitinn nnd U regarded ns mcreilly
ciiiifiiJcntiul. Miiny tentilively m«nleit women write
fully to Ur. Pierce whnt they would tlirink from
telling to tli'_ir licit pliy _cliH*>. Tlie |ri.;_»l phy-.fi.-im_
in pretty ture to toy tlmt he cannot do anything
wiliunit "un f-uii'iimiriort," Dr. I'ierce liolilt thnt
tlioe (IUu<.t<-(iil fvariiiiiatiimn are f-eneraHy need*
lc*..,  and  that  no woman,  eveept  in  rare c»ue», ihould  tuhtr.it  to them.
Dr. Pierce'* trcAtment will cnr« you r1_.!»t In the privacy nf
yuur own home. Ili« " I'uvorite Premerlptlofi" hue currd
hundred* of thnuundt, torn-* nf them the wortt of catc*.
ft i* the only medicine of iln Lind thtt is Iho product c. I it re j-uliwl-. graduated
nli*)".! _!."ti. The only niii* (Jnoif *r.oin!h thnt It* mttttrr* dirt tt, print ift t-xerf
ingredient un it* nuuiiie wrapper. Tliere'* no n-ecrccy. It will hi'ar ctamlnrj.-
tii»i. Nti ■!i-oltnt nnd no Imhil-formin-tj dmi* ere found in it. Some unnert-p-*
nl -!!>. medicine tle-ilem may offer yon ;i mil-iititiite. Dori'f take it. Don't trille
w'i'i voiir hraltli. Write to World** Dliptniery Medica'. A«»cici«tion, Dr. R,
V. I'ierce, Yrt.'tdent, llulftlo, N. Y.,—t»kt (he advice received ind be well,
 ____  IM.   *M  	
.m-tmt;  i.s
fi-i-iii   iliiii*
NOTIC'I-: IS "11I-3UHIIY c'llVKN Hint
ni'ii-r tin' i'\|iliiiilii|i of thirty dnyH
Iiiiui iind, I, .loliiiiiiiii Anilcr.ion,' In-
i"nil lo niiply lu llio lliiiuiuriililii, Hie
I'lilcf   Ci)iiiiiilM.iloin*r   of   LiiihIh,   for  n
i.niiili.liitr mn imrnH moro !ll('"",i"  ">  l"'«' .'«'<'•   '")'  '*''i'l «"'!  I'""
trnli'iiiii mi tlm foilowlm? ili'Hi'rllii-d
1 niulh, iliuuii- within I,ni ,1.11)11, (lriiup
1, Kiinii'iuiy- lilhlrli.-l: r.!i,>iiiiiicii(>liiK nt
li piiNt plmiti-il ill thi' NiiiUii'iihI. onr-
iii-i* iir llm ciimiikii lliilcliliiiiuii c-luliu;
tlii-iK-H North Si cliflliiHi iliniiim KiiBt
sn i-IiiiI.ih; tluMic-n Snillli Ml chnlnri;
'ti-niH-f. Wenl vn cliiilnH in llm plncn of
i-iiiiiiiii-iii-i-iiii-iit,   i-iintiilulii«   mil   ncrcH
., «..*„r«« iiiitciHMH,,,,, i..-i"";::v;,;n;"t,;(. -«,!, ,i„. „f *,,_._.„-,.„.,.
,*.'.,,i, of
cil\ I-..S
Prepare for Fall
and Winter
Wo lmvo Jnat cleared* our Butnmor, Htoolc out. ami now wo nro <
rofitly to fit you lip for tho wlntor from hond to fool,.,If you nro
looking for tho fuluro ami Intonil to ,aavo your monoy purcliaso
your goods from us, Wo.lmvo Ju«t hottglit tlio stock of Mr. .TnnioB
llnclclnil nml now wo nro carrying a vory lnrgo Block of liullcn' ami
goiits' furnlBhlngH, Trunkfl nml vnllBOB, in fact, ovorytliliiR for
mon, fomon nml chlldron,',
Our $l,2fi Bwontor ContB lmvo no oquiU,   Our f 1,75 Pon Anglo
UmlcMBiillii lmvo tliom nil hoiilon.
. Our fiullii nro juhI, tho Iclml you nood for Htylo nml durability.
Wo curry a lnrgo nHHortmont of UooIh nnd Blioos, tlio boHt bpIoc-
lion thut monoy nml bfnlno'din buy,
.Viixt-to WIkwiuii Ciiiiilj-Kloii'
Next tn Nortlmt'ii Hnlci
Hl.-.ii'1'.lii.liiiv nf TlinmtiH Tnylor. of Old I "md  «" npply to the  HoiioiiriihJp, tlm [jjj','," '	
Mlrhi'l.    The   WOddltlg   tnolt   l»llic-ci  Hl.i';M"'   '•"Mi.nl.ilnnrr   of   Xy\».   ty   ,,          '  <I()|iANXA   ANJiKKSOX,   Locatu
tin.  I.oii.c  or  iho  brldo  mul   n   vrtryi ■'■V'*"   '"  l"";l"l'»    <"'  '",»l  ""'■   I1";            ,.„,, ,,,,„„.„  A, „„„,,, .\K,llt.
.-     i...    .i... !'i"l"iin   '"I     Hi"     fotlnwhiK  .IvhctIIipiI I UMI„ ,    wim„m   ,„„„„„.
•ninvfililc tlnif wnn hpont by tin
i*iii\iii_. Tin- llu c-iin lifiml did mu Inr-
rot lo nppcnr nml hinnc, «wcct homo
whh plnyc-d until Joo c-ciiiRhi-cl up.
Liml   Kut unlay   oui'   eif   lho   loams
In-longing   to   tlio   Trlti')*-\Vnnd  c-tiin-
pnny iciurti'd wltlicmi leavo on u mud
Kiillop from tln> Htcirci In Old  Michel;
to tho new
Wllllum  PHf'O".
*'■■'   -ii.i-ii,. ..iiiiin r 01  ivin  oroiiTi l
U'.'.ili l.,ij    |i|hl|-|rl;     Ciilililli-liC'lliK ill   ri
li.in   plimti.il  n(   tlm HnillliwoHt   roriitir
of iln- l.inuift I'liUnc-I. I'liilrn; theni-i- Mi
rliiiliif   I3iih(;   Hieiu-e   Kft   rlinlllK  H'<il|1ij
ili-iii I- Ml i'IiiiIiih W'i-hI; tlu-tlct* id cluilim
Non),  in  un- point nf I'umint'ni'i'iiii-iii,
eniitiitiiliiu fi in fteri-H moro or Ich*.
 ,,  ,,,,.,   ,.    „  , I,., nl.-,I   tin-   ;i'.tli   itny   of  HopteiilliiT.
town,     LUelClly   tliey   "'1" , kjjo
to the rond nnd when noar tlm rem-i       "  ,tmmK nt'Tc .IINHON, Locator,
etery l»r. rtlmw. v-lm v.iih ilillnK, l'ud-. , ,...,   ,iiMI„.H A, iix,;„\t auciu.
Up along Mile of thn teitlil unci lilt'lle*l , Win,,■.,-•    willliim  I'Iki-uii.
Ihem   Into  the  yird   of  the   Trltei.-! 	
Wood   «tcin*   in   New   Michel,   whero,    -***l'Ti'*i*   IH  Hi:i;i:uY '-r.ivi:s   tlmt
fiiiill*,   iHtiih tu    a    Htop.    Nol""*1   "'•* -*-*<i'lr.ul<M.    «>f    Hilrty i!ii»'n
,„_ jfri-iii .hn,-  r, Mriurli'i- Cim-nerH. Inti>nil
Lornl JO. S. l'..„f C. Mlc-hcl lirnnrh.i;:',"!:, ' X X -"iTV^'X 'h*,,™
,       ,    _ ... ■' ",,ii'.ii--*iinii»r  of  I/iriiln.   fer n llcrtn»i>
niipnlfiirrt   torn   Ic-nl   orRnnirem «» ,„ ,„,. „..,., for ,„„, nni1 „r,lroU.„m „„
thoir, la-i   moetlng, to work  In nnd ti„. t..n1)Willff .iMrriiu-ii innd*. #ltunt«
nround   llu-  eanip. 'IT.ioni-   who  wIhIi wltl.ii,   i,.,t   45t»a,   {.roup . 1,   Hciolnnrty
tn pit un thi, lot'T-**' ll»l ahoulcl npply M*-'-i.t-    r?nmmcnp|n_r    at     a    pout
to them. t-ini'i* 'l t-ici f«ot North «' Lot No. HM,  Ki*rnt«', 1», C, October 10, 1910.
Vm>   10
Xoti«;u la hcroby given Mint tbo ro-
|iiirinc)rnblp lioroloforo Hub«lHtlng bo-
I ween tho unilorHlgnod nB archltoctii,
iiiulcr lho firm nnmo ot Kgg k Hnld*
tine, nt I-'ornio nml Nolson, H. O., linn
thlH dny boon dlHBolved by mutual
c-imxi-nl. Tho bUHln«nn will horonflor
In- carried on by Willinm Hnldnno
under liln own nnmo, by whom nil
debtH of lho old firm will bo pnld.
and in wlio-m nil *f.u1*Mnndlnp nrcounls
I due the old firm nro to bo pnld.
Gli'OHOB C. KQQ. ■■
fciKALLU Tl-'tSlHllii. \x'dl U i;.-
ci'hx'il by llio CoiiiiiiIkhIoih'I'ii of tbo
(•Hy of Cnlgnry nml nddroHHOd to tbo
iintlornlKiinil, mnrkod,
V.'.IV  '"L'___   A.Vi?  .'OJ.7'7a"
until tho Kovontb dny of Novombor,
noxt, ut i'i o'clock, Noon, for hiipply-
ing tbo city with I Ich umi polori for
oxtotiHloti to tlio Municipal Stroot
Full nnrtloulnrB nml RpuclflcntionH
niiiy bo. hnd on appllfiiMon to tho
CommlBBlonorH, City of Cnlgnry;
umpired cheque eoverlni» fi per cont
of tlio urnount of tho bid must nroohv-
pauy onch t«ndor.
Tho lowoRt or nny tenclur not noc-
oKHiirily ncccptod,
W. 1). Hl'KNCI'J, City Clork.
Dated nt Cnlgnry, Hoptombor 28, 1910.
IFresln' C-utJ
Th« Dlitrict Ledger It the piece to
go for your good work fn the Job
Pflntlno Lint.
House and Office
Plants, Funeral Flowers, Wedding Bouquets.
Long: DitUnc« Pliona JJ7
Ymir onlorn will r«-etv« prompt ftt-
1-Mitlnaanil ymi will U- t-lfiiM-il willi
wlml woMsnd you,
See Tbo Ledger for job printing. u
I -
_ * ;• -? -
The Solution of the
Labor Problem
By .Louis Alster. 77
* While defenders    of'  the   present
social system have been denying' tbo
' existence, of    economic    classes    in
- America,'-there   are   those   who- are
gradually a"\yakening to this fact, that
.." not only are there' classes in America,
- but that.tht- strife • between , them-is
growing more, intense daily. -
, ; 7"Clifford 'Howard,, in the" North American  Reviow  for  September,  diag-
..'npses the. nature of the struggle be-
- tween" capital' and labor as a "cankerous, thorn' in . the flesh." Something
riiiist be done to save the dying patient, i. e.;• capitalism, and as a rem-
*   edy he,revives the post-humous theory
■    of    William    Howard,    originated 15
years ago.
It  is  a scheme  to  annihilate  tlie
class  struggle  at    the    time  of  its
1 origin.   It met.with little favor owing
- to tho prematurity of economic "conditions. *    „   '.
'  Tlie remedy proposes the establishment of a national unit of value by
the, federal govornment,   justri.as   it
■regulates the unit for money, weight',
measure, and time, and so shall the
'.government regulate, a unit of value
foi" labor of all classes.
. Neither employe nor em'pldyer will
have a voice, in the determination of
tho value of this unit.    The unit of
. value shall  be based  and .measured
by tho commodity wheat.   This commodity has always been the keynote
of;.all other commodities.   If a day's
unskilled labor be equal, to, 60 pounds
of" flour as the unit, and tlie. price of
•-   flour is two cents a pound, the wages
7   of an* unskilled laborer will be $1.20.
... If-matters not-.if the price of flour
.   goes up or'down, the wages are tb
be*equal to the.unit of value.   If the
price of wheat is three cents a pound,
then the wages will be $1.80 per clay.
This, briefly,'' is the substance of the
scheme to save capitalism.
Clifford Howard is evidently -lab'or-
,.-ing under an illusion in believing that."-
. the working class in America" can be
won over by the assurance that their
- -v-ages will not drop.    He ' fails,   to
understand the'evolution of tho men-,
tal'altitude of tlie working cla*ss. He
- might learn a great deal if he were
**   to' study the development of the So-
■.*'    cialist'- movement  in. Europe in? general and Germany ia'particular.
,.  . In Germany (he. working class has
* -been -improving its   economic  condi-
power is in their .'favor. Washington
is. but the reflex of Wall street and
it-matters-little to the working class
whether it is Wall street or Washington that rules them so long as the
capitalist class rules.
As for the.Democratic party, it is
but an outworn instrument of a dead
class, that is, the "middle class.
* The ' struggle -between" capital hid
labor will continue until the basis of
this struggle shall .be .abolished, namely, ' the " private ownership of natural
resources and the means of., production. ■   *-.      ;•.;-■
Thero can be "no peace between
capital and labor until capitalism,
"which Is the real barrier to peace,
shall be abolished. It, is the mission
of the working class, through its
economic and political organization,' to
abolish class rule through the 'estab-'
lishment of;the social ownership of
lhe means of production. This will
be the beginning of real democracy.
■.- From hundreds- the toll has gone
to thousands and from* thousands to"
ten thousands and from' . ten thousands to hundreds of thousands and
from . hundreds of thousands to" millions . of hard-earned dollars.
Arid-who pays the toll? "Who bears
the burden of the land? Can idleness' pay toll?. Can useless labor pay
toll? - Do capitalists pay. toll?
Whence comes the millions collected by the lord of the land" Who is
the bearer of this ever-growing burden? -       „
Well—ir. is aa old story. John Gray,
who - lived many years ago, told- the
story and many others ."have told.it
again and again and perhaps better.
But Gray's words will-, serve our-purpose. ' . .
"We have* endeavored to show,"'
said Gray in 1S31, "that the real in-'
come of the. country, which consists,
in tlie quantity of wealth annually
created -by the labor of the " people,
is takon ■from its producers chiefly
by the rent of land, by the rent of
houses, by the interest1 ori money and
by the profit of persons who buy
their labor- from them at one price
and sell it at- another."   *
The' burden of land is the .debt—
the debt humanity .owes to those
who own the. land, and as an old
Greek once said—debt make free nic:i
slaves. ' '    ■ '
Judge Richardson Decrees That Favor-
. ing Union Makes Municipal
Contract   Void.
By  Robert  Hunter.
If thoro is any strange thing on this
earth it is the burden of'lho land.
The land" is said .to bo a gift of
God to his children.   ,
Like* the air, the water and the
sun, land, it is said, was intended for
the good of man. .    ' '
' Like the woods, the coal mines, the
ore mines and. the oil wells, land, it
is said, was given its a precious gift
to man.       *■ , ""
'.Why, therefore, has land become a
burden, a crushing burden on the back
of Labor?    ",
Ireland is a nation that has been
ruined again and again by the burden of the land. .-,;.-
-   At the door of the. land there stood
a man collecting toll and no.matter
how the Irish labored the.only one
enriched was lie who, collected toll.
7 When  the   land   Improved  the  toll
huTC-fit-eci, ..'When' the   worker   ouilt
better  houses' and . better  barns  the
toll increased.
' When the worker improved his crops
his stock,  his fences and his roads
the toll'increased.    "
-  And   tlio   land   bf   Ireland * became
a burden'to Ireland and the man who
collected, toll became the curse of Ireland.    .                        -   *".-
Even in-the clay of famine tho man
was there insisting on his toll, ancl
at last the Irish ran away from the
burden of tlie land in Ireland.
..-Thoy fled from famine and.misery
The attention- of tho public, as ..well
as health and municipal authorities,
has,been directed,during the past few
months to the purification,',of water
by means of the addition of small,
very small quantities of hypochlorite
of' °calcium, otherwise known as
chloride of lime. We have been led
to believe the process is a very
simple one; indeed so simply that
a child might almost direct the treatment.. It is-.true-that in .case.of
emergency, municipal and health
authorities may, under' the direction
of a sanitary engineer, improvise the
means for the application of the
hypochlorite and thus prevent outbreaks , of, typhoid fever when the
water is sewage polluted; but for the
proper and scientific installation, as,
well as for the oversight aiid management, , expert services .. give the
best results, and where a municipality will pay for the* services of an
expert,, thc expenditure is more than
compensated for by the results obtained. These facts are ' clearly
shown by the work and' operation of
what...is known as the Bubbly Creek
Water Purification Plant-of the Union
Slock Yard and' *!'ransit Go. at Chicago, which has been in operation for
nearly two years.
The following .information', descrip-
employes' liability, workingmen's insurance, oldage pensions, all government measures, and, as a result, this
has increased their trades union membership ancl the ., Social-Democratic
votes and also • their revolutionary
spirit. '*   , -7
As economic conditions develop, so
does the desire for' a" larger .'share
■of its product develop in tho working
class. Along with the development of
capitalist production develops the consciousness of' the workingmen' to its
class interest*. Labor comes to realizo
tliat ho is lho solo producer of,all
woalth and that ho will nover bo satisfied until he receives his full product.
U* The* . illusion     of     tho   proposed
| - scheme might bo unfolded from another angle. According to jUr, Howard
lho government is something sopnrnto
and apart from any-economic cliiss.
Tho falsity of this position Is. palpable
whon ono examines tho naturo of political parties and tho administration
of the pnrty In powor. It Ih unnecos-
sn.*y lo pciiotnilo into tlio history of
i. '^jj, govornmonl. In America to provo thnt
v -■/$}■.■ government is but' tlio political ex-
'i 'M pi'okhIou of tho ruling class In society.
f. 'f\ The .Kepubllonn'pnrty is controlled
i' ■*£■■; by tho lnrgo .corporations and trusts
Those corporation*-) nnd Inmls did not
furnish millions In tho political cam-
pnigns of Hoosovolt and Taft Invnln.
All tho loglRlnllvu nnd administrative
BOSTON, Nov. 1.—.Union labor met
another defeat yesterday when Judge
Richardson, in the. Superior court, decreed . that " ihuriicipal corporations
must not' favor organized bodies of
union men.'
The "case in question was one in
which the" city of Boston let a contract to the-*Dolan Electrical Company to furnish, electrical appliances
for Curtis hall, .in Jamaica Plain.
The Dolan company's bid was $4,-i_7,
or $2 higher- than that of the Jamos
Wilkinson company, which brought a
suit, through 12 taxpayers, to have
the city restrained from giving the
contract lo Dolan, Wilkinson alleged
that he was refused tho contract on
the ground that" he was unfair to
union labor.
Discourses on Union Labor.
In allowing the - Injunction Judge
Richardson spoko at some length
upon the question of unions and said:
.'Superintendent of Buildings Fish
had a right ,to put in his contract
clauses relating to the quality of
w,ork tohe done, but the language of
the' document is very unfortunate—il
isn't a test.'
' If there was a condition in this contract which required, tlie contractor to
favor, any class of men, any corporation, any organized society, party,
church oi- social organization, or show
any favoritism, or partiality, there
isn't a person in this room who
wouldn't say it is illegal. I think, it
wrong tliat Wilkinson did not get
this .contract, because he did not employ union men, or,in some way or
other was unfair to union labor.   --
Favor Makes Contract Void.
" "We can't leave out the consideration in these case of what the heads
of unions are trying to do.. Tliere
are' corporations and firms in this
city who will not employ union labor.
Why should any officer of the city of
Boston pay more than necessary to
have* good work done to favor some
organization? He,might as well favor
the Odd, Fellows, the Masons, or "the
Knights of Columbus.'
"I think that this*1 contract was
given to tlie man who got it because
Fish was informed that Wilkinson was
unfair to union labor.. The city has
no right to use public money lo bolster, up any organization. I don't think
the .contract ought to be enforced, arid
I shall issue an injunction in the case,
restraining it-from-being enforced.-'-'
trncrnjat "awfuFIifure-!a"tTtlie"7cldo"r_ancr
Ihey . camo, -along, with Germans;
Swedes, Poles, Italians*,ancl Russians
—multitudes- of tliem, " lo another
island, called Manhattan.
And they went to work here to im-,
provo tho lancL Tliey built roadways
and. parkways and palaces and' skyscrapers' and •■warehouses and railroads and bridges and tunnels.
And tho world seemed lo be getting rich, but,the workers soon saw
tliat with every improvement made
the" burden of tho" land increased,
. And tlio toll?*', Tho toll has gono
higher ancl higher and higher'until
lii no place else in tlie world does
tho man nt the door collect such toll.
7 A fow potatoes ' in Ireland would
have paid for lho space that brings
In Manhattan a fabulous sum and
hero, too, tbo man stands nt the
No ono escapes hlm, Tho widow,
tho orphan, tho unemployed-- thoy
must nil pny hlm first.
Ho has only to stand at lho goto
or hlro some ono lo stand nt tho gnto
nnd collect his toll, nnd tho Irish,
lho GormaiiR, tho Bohemians, tho
Itnlinns and the .lows loil lo pay
him toll.
And (lint loll mounts higher and
higher ench yonr.
Now lnborors nro born nnd now
Immigrants como nnd ns the housos
mount hlghor nnd higher townrd lho
Hky lho loll mounts wll.li thom.
Evory year linco 1808
lhe U.S. Government hut
bought Nepoiuet Pariod Roofing—often a million square
{««» »♦■ « ■tim-*--fnr hr« nt honift—In Alnika—Panama—the
Philippine—In the cold-Bit at -well at the hottett climates.
Do you need stronger proof of thc wenrin-j qualities, economy,
, the satisfaction that NEPONSET Parold Roofing affords?
Do you wnnt proof nearer home?   We will give it to you,   We '
■will tell you where ymi can see a NEPONSET Pnroid Roof.   See
_,\j'#t ,* .-i-i*..-,
!.--',',- }'r.n  .'? ).**51 J."."'." nri   i"'' honr 'unfit in*
owner has to say about it,
Live oFiFis taken fron_lhe report of
C. A. Jennings, chief chemist . and
superintendent of filtration:
First,* as.,'to tho class• of water.
Bubbly Creek, receives the sewage of
somo 350,000 people—about the population of the city of Montreal, and
a larger population than tlie city of
Toronto. The normal size of the creok
fs*' not given but tho bacterial resuits
for a period of 12 months show the
maximum,to havo 'been 2,350.000
bacteria per cubic centimeter -(about
1*5 drops), while the minimum wns
30,000—the average being 354,000 per
cubic centimeter.
, Without entering inlo tlio details, it
may bo said that the plant consists
of pumps, a canal, now part of the
sedimentation system, three pairs of
settling basins and meclianlcnl filters,
.rom thoso latter tho' t rented . wntor
-flows into tho clenr-walor well nnd
from thonco it Is .supplied to tho
stock yards. .' I
■   Consoiiuont, upon tho close and In-
lelllgont, oversight maintained, various
chnnges have boon mado botli in tho
operation   of  tho  plant  nnd   in   tho
chemtciils usod  In treatment of  Lho
wnlor,   Thoso cnn bo lenrnod tn do-
tall by roforonco to tho "Miiglncorlng
Record"' of  Soptombor 2-1, 1010/   At
tho present tlmo, tho congulnnt usod
In Hiilphnto of nlumlnn, a solution of
a strength  of. 3,3    por    cent, bolng
usod.       Subsequently      hypochlorite
solution  nt'  tho stroiiglli  of  1.2  por
r,«nt, lp, ndeled. nftor which tho wntor
pnsses through tho filtors nnd la then
rendy for uso.
As regards tho cost of opornllng
HiIb pnrtleulnr plnnt, tho contrnct
guarnutoo cnllod for nothing in ox-
cess of $20 per million gallons, this
to includo cost of cliomlcnls, lnbor,
nnd powor of pumping, but, not depreciation cbni'goH nnd IntoroHt on Invent mont. Tbo cohI. of opornllon hns
avornged only $10.51 por million gnl-
Ions, mid n still further reduction In
cost of opornllon. will bo rIiowii, en,
slnco the uso of hypochlorite u tolnl
roductlon of Homo 00 por conl, has
boon mndo In respect to chomlrnlH
Too much crctlll ennnot bo glvon lo
O, A. -IniinlngH for IIiih prnotlcnl
ilonioiiHlrntlciii of how wntor strung];/
polluted with Howngo mny bo ccni*
vni-tod Into n pntiiblii water of n high
nunllty. Tbo reporter Hlntos It wiih
drunk by hlnmolf mul bin nsslHtmitH
In iirofori'tici) to tho elly wntor, nnd
ho slgnlflcnntly ncldn, "Thore hns'
unveil* boon a slnglo rnno of wIcIiiiohh
or InloHlliuil dlHorclor cimimd by doing
*r.     1       1  *    ' I, , .   I    .       *l»* I f I
_     i...,I..M,i   .1.) ,        At.......  f|>Hll..>.,J iHttl.Af
wntor Hupplloft llitblo to ccmtnmlnnMrin
by'Rowngo hnvo miirh to lenrn from
thlH Interesting work nnd tlioy cortnlnly cnn lmvo no excuse lierciiflor
for serving out to tlio public a new-
ngo-jiollutoil wnlor.
Typhoid  Ravages Are the Penalty of
In the vicinity of these two
places we have some first
class   Fruit   Farm   Lands
■~^am^^maMjm^^^*n*amei^aaammnmn*miaaajamat»aaa*iaaaami^maaaaamat£^maaweaemmajan anameaammmaaaaammaaaamammamvaaeaa,
that will bear the closest
inspection. The wise plan
is to examine before buying so B YYY. I am taking parties from time to
time. If interested drop a
line to
Joe Grafton
P. O. Box 48
Fernie, B. C.
According lo a recent article in the
Women's Jcnirnal, in Scotland, there
are only'six deaths per 100,000 of lis
inhabitants each year on account of
typhoid   fever,  while, in   the   United
States the i "jte is .46 deaths per 100.-
000*  lnhnbltnnis    annually.    Typhoid
fever  is  largely  due  to   provenlable
causes,   If   not   entirely so,   Every
death   duo  to   this   dreadful   malady
is a life prematurely snatched from
socloty   ns   a    rosult of Insufficient
knowledge of hygienic laws and lho
lack of proper observance of throwing around our lives tho proper safeguards Hint will prevent it from pouo-
trntlng and crushing out of existence
a  slnglo  soul,    Many  societies,  I'm*
ternnl organizations und even tho different slates nnd iho nnl lonal govern
•1 0
 i 0
etc., etc." With your permission I will
stale some of the conditions* we exist
under here:
Ten hours per day with no, break
for dinner. Usual pay $1.52 to $1.03.
Shiftmen $l.C.r>. Drivers, except, on
scoro, $1.-15. Minors 50 cents lo SB-
cents por ton (hand pick). The mine
lias been working yenrs, and we have
some two miles or more loowiillc to
the face, which nuikoH starting al (!
a. in, necessary.
A miner cnn sometimes oai n $2 pnr
cloy,,but. thoy iu-q.exceptions,
Wo   nlso   hnvo   n   conlrnct   road
mnltor bore'.who, ns :i mio draws up-
wnrd of $200   por'   month, while the
mont nro nwakeniug lo lho unnecos* Tricliuil men that nro road-making draw
snry havoc this disease Is exuding In
Ils death tolls nnd arc urging llio Importance   of   guarding against thoso
things which permit Its easy control
ovor tlio human body.   Its origin* ancl
deadly work nro ehlofly duo to Impure
wator,     bad     soworago,   unsnnltnry
homos, poorly ventilated  nud  poorly
lighted shops nnd fnclorlos, and im-
puro foods.   Whon lho evils hnvo boon
overcome by our munlclpnlillos nnd
stntos i'or tho bonoflt of tliolr workors,  donth   from   typhoid   fov or  will
soon show n rnptdly decronslng por
cent.    Evory  porsn  enn  nld   In   Improving snnltnry conditions thnt will
greatly mltlgato lho  ovll  effoctH  of
this nnd sovornl other clIsenHos thai
cnn only thrive whoro tho laws governing such tilings nro olthor Ignored
or poorly obsorvod nnd applied,
Ttollnblo niilhorlllos reckon the coul
fields of China ns ociiinl In valuo to
all tho olhor conl flnblH of ..the world
combined, but so fnr thoy nro prnc-
llcnlly lying Idlo. Ono province, Hu-
nun, Iiiih 21,700 nillcw of solid conl,
milhniclti! nnd bituminous,
$1.(15 dally,
W'u also lmvo an nlogmit system rt-
dond work,. No pay for^Lho first six
inches of falling si ono or splint, nnd J
can toll you It, Is seldom tbo men got
anything nt all for this, prtbubly two
or three hours' worlc evory day,
Wo nro Htirrounded by spies and polico nnd tho pits nro surrounded by
bnrbed wire fences, nnd somo with
live, electric wlroH. Itelk'H of our rocont striko, Goodness knows whnl
thoy nro thoro for now, I don't, thoy
mny be useful lntor.
Tho nbovo Is part of tho tluni wo
nro receiving from tho compnny. I
hud nlmnsl. forgotten to mont Ion, wo
hnvo Hovornl flourishing "Phn'k Mi'1**."
which wo und tlio iriulcsmeu hmo
could well nfford lo loso.
I'orhnps wo will hoiiio clny, nfter
yonrs of fighting tin' woi'lunon's c-nin
poiisntlcm net boc-omo lnw In this province, bill, lho I). C, Coy, with otlmrn,
urn oxomplcMl from Its ruling, so wm
nrn donlc-d   tho  bonoflls  of  llio  iirl,
waiting two days before yon cnmo on
strike   lo  bring  them   hero.    Canada
for tho Canadians, it haunts mc worse
Hinu n nightmare.    I have just reud
thai the U. C. Coy conl fields contain
2,S5(!,!i00,000 tons of coal belonging to
Canadians.   How much do you expect
lo get of It?    Uo you Intend to sentence your sons if you have nny io
lho  slavery you  aro    now    existing
under?    II   nol,   why  nol   tnko   one
step In tho right direction,' Ho a union
man,   in   nctlon,  in  iiiunc,   In  everything.    You   might,  Mr.   Kditor,   give
us your-rendering of whnt constitute*,
a union man.   Why not vote for, your
own represent nil ves*, erne who with his
party Is pledged to assist the working
mnn only,   Commi'iico lo mnko history
In thin-country.    Head    the   Journal.
Work for bottor conditions, nml above
all, don't  ho sniisflcd.    Time onough
to  be*-   riiIIkI'IpiI   when    wn    pot     to
l-'nttmiuUy yours,
Lizard   Local   General  Teamsters   No.
141.    Meets every Friday  night at
S   p.  in.    Minors*    union    hall.    ,1.
Jnckson, President;    K.   Marsham.
.-Recording Secretary.
Bartenders' Locnl No. 51*1: Meets 2nd
and -11 lr Sundays (it 2.30 .p.m. Secretary .1. A, Ooupill, Waldorf Hotel,
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Moots 2nd nud -1th Saturday Minors
Union hnll.     J), lines, Se.\
Typographical Union No, 555' Meets
Inst. Snlurilny In onch month nt the'
Ledger Office. A, ,1, Iluckley, Secret nry.
Mostageu  Ferrer  Wrote  In   Prison.
"Nover hope to get. anything from
others, llemctnher thnt tho wlso and
llm powerful, ovon If thoy gl\e you
the most boiiut.lfiil things, mnko hIhvoh
c* yon nt  the htnno I line,"
"These same truths, vouched for ns
Biieh by i-xpcrli'iido mid by,, the loach-
lugs of hlhlory, will ovontiinlly point
oui. to tho disinherited i-lnssos iho
rond to victory,"
"And   hero    Ih    nnolhor  (ruth   for
tin-in:    Tho    working    rlii-wi*    will
c-iiiniiclpnlo  llu'insolves  from  shivery
when,  convinced    of    lliolr slri'iiml.,
I limy  tnko  lho cllrcclloii  of  their  nf-
Locnl Fomie No. 17 S. P. of C. Moots
iu Miners Union Hnll every Sundny
at 7.15 |i.m. Kverybody welcome. U.
Paton, Secretnry-TrortBiiror.
|*t»*<itT PARQID Roofln.f (or tlio
■ronl* »<vl il'l'"! "( "-ini-.. iitili'-"-*. roullr-y-
liulliliniri, Slii'* l<> t-t>''>(' Coh*l'11-1",lis"1
ltilm.l-.-i.  K.»t«nfire.
lru( biuwl-.'! ti-u-K-n. t.li-*<h ni"! I'-mirr
•r»biilliliii_/i thi'i r.'t-i.iir*' l"ivt rout ri-i-tiriE.
tiii-NRPONSET REO-ROPER-Jofl-jf. J'»r
•uperlor In •""■rv h»Ih<I tftHtrni kit. It
lmt itr*n llio »i*n.liirJ low-tout rw-fniK Icr
' tw-miv fin- V'-i****,
ii told on proof, not promUti.
NtMNieT  PROSLATE  RmIIuc.  (or
mnli unit ilil.n nf ru«M«n'-i*» *ncf all hiillif-
Int. c-tlli-iK lor unlitlc rooli mid ildlor.
Imi*. llko ililnili«. win Ilk* •lit**.
ht-.Mi.l_Lr WATUtPKOOF llullJlm
Ptp.rtat um undi-r ctniibonrJaaiid ililn*
jloi. (n walU ol rmldcncM, de." Ktepioot
dimi.lK-fl. (old md dianttlitt. Cult fuel
lull one third nn-rr winf-r.
llrldgoporl, Clip" liroton, Novn Boot In,
Sept. 2H, uno.
Itc'Ulllllg. llisl    iHhllO   Clf   .IlMllIlllI   llllll
lettc-r lu Forimi, c-iit|tl.-*l "Wlml Is n
Scitinrn Donl," Htnrtod inn wondering
whon we woro likely to got anything
upproiic'hltig n si|iinro donl from our
, ,    . .,      ,, ,„.., „,-fiili'H   Iniu  lliolr  own   bundle   wHhonl
It Is corlnlnly Inking the workors of )n .
Cnpc llrolciii scum-lime to ronli/c ■■■■■•• |-.|„HK,,H »
limy nro bolng robbed  by  lliolr .'ii.-j    „,..,;,„,.   „,,,..,   ,,,nWlIli|1K  ,.„.,,„„„„
ployom, fooled mid  deluded li>   Dwh ||||(iy W(|1|](] ))n| ||1|ow |,|J||H,|,.(1 „,.„■„„,
p.,-.||..„H-,itnry    roprcH.-i. i.IIv.-h,    on- ',,,„,„„„,,„„    ,„. ,|lM   „,„,    fll||(.w
dc-iiiiic'd to loud it life .li'vohl ni uny
ph-usuro   or   comfort,    Hoiili'iieod it-;*'   ■
Amalfjnmnted Society Cnrpentera nnd
Jclrure;—Mec-t In Minors Hull every
iiltornulc Thursday nt S o'clock, A.
Wnnl. sccroliiry, l\ O. M07.
United Qrutlitiliood of C.nijuntcri, nnd
Jolncr8.--I.ocnl IliL'O. H. .1. Kvnns,
l'ri'sldi'iil: l'\ II. Shaw. Soerolnry.
moil, nor would (hoy fc-i-1 any di-.slro
to Infliri  such  InjiiKllces,"
"Lot no iiioio goilH nr o\|ilo|ioi-s ho
wcirHhljiod or sorii-il! Lot us all
lenrn liiiii'-inl to lnvi- oiWh other,"
"My hl'-iil Ik ii-ticlniig -hnii'liiiig ihnt
|x riiiliiiiiil mul wi-|i*inli'ii--- loui-liliig
liko ihiu of iho "Kt-'cuohi .Miiilornii,'
which  liiiiiiiiiil/os nml (IIkiiII'Ii-s,'*
CoBiuit Our HriidiRf Conniel Depnrlment. JLV,^^^ Sr^rWA'tffit
Jl«.w "J*. .tVl«» » HI -»T >*« iu-u»«»-l .iw*»tlrt.* (orM*mt «n-M el Ull4l»» of at.* nm
«_l*rt *t\,tf* on •»/ ImlMinl q.._K.m.
lllril .V^|?.m»--f itr.lt' r, ntrrt- >■■.'
t'lnv *, nnt V»_m> Mil tm. I* ymrlnmlltp. (ll* a*.
V W. BIRD A SON, Lottrld|« Str««*. lUmllton, Ontario
wtmie im•»«»?..««.i     uonnuit     nwn,m**x*eim*. . *f*woOTm,*»c,
Im* WU-mU. lii*-.        *»»*» Ttrk
TwUvnt, Om,     iOl
Notlcii Is hot*"*)!)}- given tlmt nppllcn*
tion will'be nindu by tlio Ciow'h Nest
& Northern llnllwny compnny (o Uio
loirlnlnhtro nnnomhly of Ihn Province*!
of Hritish Columbln, nt Its noxt mob*
slnti. for nn nr! to extend thn tlmn for
lho commctKcmoul of the construction of Ub rnllwny, and for tho ox-
i-c-ndlturo of 10 pcW cent, on the;
nmount of the capital of (he tmld compnny, ns provided by nub-Rcctlon (5.
of hccilon It r#f Dw HfJilili Coliimbhi
Tin 11 hmj* i\ot.
I10DWKLL  _   LAWfiON.
Solicitors for the. ApplknnlH.
mud nt Victoria, ll. C. this JSith day
of October, X910.
work fur ii iiici" lilttniioo ut llm iikihI ;
diuiHoriiiis ncc!ii|intloii I know of. Work •
mul   Htruggl".    nevor    i-ndlng.  never
ci-nsliig, nud  soni" of thom  nro  dc* *
Itidcd by (lm cry of "fiiiindii for the
. ..      ....   , .    .('iiiiiiclluus,"    0rout  «c:ol(, they don't j
oiniiloyoro   mid   polltlc-nl   roproson «■(,.„, 0Iin ,„,.,, nf f.flnn,|„ from ili»l
tlvcrt,   Most .-very render knows tlin,^,,,  ,(, u.„Kli or mrlh  ,„ „„,„»,.    |-
Hltiinllnn here wc ure slightly mKud
or worse helwooii the 1*. W. A. nud
i.(('(.*.< itt .1 ill, i nHniiti))   hii\<: tin hUitii.il
whoro thoy wnnl us, by nu I menu
both unions, limy nro allowing us fn
dig In nnd flghl ono nnotlior, wo
hnvcm't tlmn to bol hor Ihem much,
bnt we, the tl, M, W,, nre not dend
yot, nud liftvo lately begun to Bhoiv
signs of rovlvnl.
W. W. Whito and J. n. McLennan
nddrcssi'd n lnrgo meeting In oiir
locnl union Inst week, nnd F rnn loll
you woro woll received, Tleforo tlio
mooting stnrted I wnn nsked why wo
wor" ngi!nt ing here, why not bo him-
lufloil, wo would only lose ngnln, etc
Tiio iin|iiiioi W.n, told wo wi-iM mil-
tilting for betler fondltlntiH, When ho
ro|illeil, "What bettor conditions do
you wnnt," "Cnnndn for (lie (.nnndlmiK
i    ,.        ,•,    1,,I,,.I..,.,■*,,  nt f'linnitl.ni'*   nnl 'I
iillowr-d  to  htntul  Htlll    on    Cmiudii, i (
KnmllioN evictc-d  In    tlm    middlo ol,!
winter, guns mid bayonets Invelli-d nt
Oiii.iiII.'His.   llcnrd them ("Mod rocuc"*
mul buiim nud worm- from n pulpit,
nnd fnr whnl, only for during to join
lu good oi   hnrd (iiiK'i* Is In Iiii.Iiik llu- hoht mul svaiiuchi \*..,iiihu
nwifH   mul  tin-   best   uurilliv  nf  itdcoiIos oo  iln-  tnrnl-«-t
Listen, we tntt nnvo yon from 120.00
io $25 on n sewing mnrblne, nnd give
von tbo boni, "The Stnnelnrd," tins mn-
(hliio that hnu them ull heat, and (twit
jhome.    Tlifl Trlt«r*-W-ood Co.
to n»k yon Cnnndlnns, et-pwliilly from
thu cast.    Mow   much   nnl   freedom
do you enjoy, whon  you cannot express u  wish, Ciirindn  for  tlm  Cnn-
milium?    Whnt  does Cuuiulu  du  for
you,  nfter  tolling  your  lifetime*  en-
rl'liliir ,*i few?   Old nro ponslon.    Vof
on your life, nothing.   Hor, or In whnt j
h-iv ilo vour cnii!*i*rv»illvcM in1 libi-r:iN I
juoiii!  yonr InlerMd,    and    pronmU-j
yonr   wr-lfrue?    Why  you  only   lu nr |
,froTii thein when thoy \mhi< xi,\i\- xuto
j What   limki-n doc-tortt und Luvyoi-, i:'»'
nn\|otiM to sec ymi onco or t\v*<-   'm *
fuiir .■■.■•I'*. Ilic-y buxo jour _t.tii'-t -'-i
Ik-ii-i,   f  don't  thiol-.     XX'hut  did   ->*m
ono of thi-m do for >ou. Mh«-u w.i- ^,-h- •
on Milk'-?   Nothing (o lu-l|i _"'i. mul!
«--.»-r>ihing lu ili-ft-at >ou. Tli'**. ".tuo'-il;
tin* -t.ub1it.iH on x.itii arid had .> h.i.u.
Wc* nn- hc-;idC|ii:Ht<-rs for Till-:  IIKST.
COIlVllU'l'    vou,
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Opposite the Post Office, Fernie PAGE FOUR
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Pellat Avenue, Pernie, B. 0. Subscription $1.00
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medium. Largest-circulation in the District. Advertising rates on application. - Up-to-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of.book, job and
color work.   Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all communications to The District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
Telephone No. 48.
Postoffice Box No. 380
CCORDING io the voters' list of November 1st,
.1909, tliere were 2,750 persons entitled to vote
in the Fernie Electoral District, whereas according
to tlie list of May 2nd of the current year there
were only 2,0G8, which, with the addition of 28
transferred from other districts made- a total of
2,096, thus showing a diminution of 654. To, anyone giving these figures more than a cursory
thought thc question must inevitably present itself.
"Whence thc difference in the voting strength of a
community in so short a period of six months?
Had there heen an earthquake or an epidemic
it would be explicable, but inasmuch as neither of
these catastrophic events lias happened wc must
look elsewhere for an answer.
While realizing the enforced migration that
takes place in all industrial centers and tlfttt the
grim reaper ever and anon steps in to deprive citizens of all participation in mundane affairs thereby .effecting a decrease,* yet on the other hand
there are new arrivals in every constituency to pEf-
" set, at least partially the loss sustained * from the.
- causes above referred to. Making every possible
1,-etwccn deductions and additions as outlined assume proportions that necessitate an investigation
in order to ascertain tlie reason therefor.' Basing
our argument on the incontrovertibility of these
deductions we must, perforce, seek farther afield
for a satisfactory solution to tlie puzzle.
"We wish iL to lie clearly understood that we are
aware oC the fact that the voters' list requires
priming from time to time in order that it may be
as nearly accurate as is possible, but we do most
emphatically object to,thc pruning being accomplished with the aid of a bludgeon.
Every individual legally entitled to the franchise,
no matter what his political affiliations may be,
should lie afforded every opportunity to exercise
that right without being hampered by the.actions
of thoso whose motives Iherefor nro solely sordid
'We have made us of the word "sordid" and we
not only mean whnt wo sny, but purposo to emphasize and amplify.
The printiiig of the" names* of those objected to
is paid for nt the rate of so much for each name
consequently tho more numerous the quantity the
greater tho bill to be .debited to thc Provincial
Government, hence it is to the pecuniary advantage of thoso doing the work to swell tho list to
the'utmost consistent with the policy of not killing lhe gooso that Jnys thc golden egg. The retort hns been made, nnd in fact lias been advanced
ns an excuse that such tactics liko a two-edged
sword cut both ways, and therefore why find
fault Imcnuse just ns ninny of one political color
us another may bo nf fueled.
To this we roply wo do not care whether this
were I rile tu* not, it does in nowise alter Ilie moral
I'oivi! of lho principle involved nnd ns for matters
of t,'\pi'ilieiioy in sueh n case avo-deem l.c-Hidi* Uic
-■iii-Nt ion ciilsivly.    This excuse, if kucIi  we «"nii
remit the cheque in payment. Further comment
on that score is superfluous. ?
When we took up this matter before it was
learned that the major portion of the objections
had been made in the names of two individuals
only and as it was a moral certainty that these two
individuals could not know all of those against
whom they had filed objections then there must
have been some ulterior motive behind their action.
Ih the present case there' is again a wholesale
butchery and having been interviewed by many of
those whose.disfranchisement has been, attempted,
we have taken the trouble to ascertain the name
of the objector and learn that this time as in the
previous instance the name of but one individual
is signed and he was not acquainted with Jhose
against whom he had filed the objection, and
again we grasped the situation at once that 5t was
the work of the same party that had engineered
the prior deal, but had conveniently* kept in the
background leaving others to be the cat's paw.
That those that are entitled to be kept on the list
by making application therefor does not in tlie
least excuse this way of doing. No man should
run the risk of losing thc right to vote solely because another is looking for the dollars that may.
lie gathered in for the printing bill and it is high
time? that some mefins should be adopted that Avill
compel those who make objections to furnish a
valid objection and failing to do so that they may
be subject to a penalty, thus we may expect that
this will have the effect of stopping the milking
of the-government cow. • l
Form B.
Form of* notice to be given to the registrar of
voters: ...
To the Registrar of Voters 'for Electoral
District:   " -■
I object to the, name of W. S., of (Describe person objected to as he is described in the list, of
persons claiming to vote, or Register of Voters as
ihe ease may be) being placed (or- retained)  on
the Register of Voters for the .**,.. '. Electoral
District .(or Polling Division of the	
Electoral District), on the following grounds (here
specify the grounds of objections.) - Signed C. D.)
(Objector to state here his qualification, his pro
fession, trade or calling, and residence.)
. • The weakness of this objection is that anyone
may make an objection and the only restraint that
maj' be effective is that no mau will raise an objection if he be honorable and those of opposite
proclivities may thus rob a man* of his suffrage
with impunity because there is no demand made
to- swear him nor any penalty attached for unjustly-objecting. '.'.,.-,,-■
'We find in the later list of objections thc name
of the objector is one who is well known,to ur as
the soul of honor and that his action wns absolutely free from any wilful intent to do nny man
wrong and that lie hns been lead to attach his
name nt the behest of another without realizing
the purport, of the document signed, ancl while
this is indicative of a lack of caution, on thc
other hnnd it*wns a caso of misplaced confidence
nnd the onus of responsibility for the act devolves upon the individual whose fertile brain conceived tho idea,
liribery, corruption, impersonation nnd.the other
corrupt practices nre not only condemned,' but arc
punishable, but this wholesale slaughter hns a very
far-reaching effect as it i.s a method whereby representative or democratic government becomes
n complete farce nnd in its stead wo havo nn nuto-
eracy, Very likely thoso who committed this wrong
ngninst his fellow-mnn do not grasp tlio extent of
the injury they mny enuse and wo doubt that it
wns anything more than cupidity that was the
prime motive.
In conclusion wc may say that we do not feel
ono whit disturbed that the result of tho election
went ngninst us nnd would inveigh just hh Htrougly
ngninst, such luetics if thoy were prneticcd by our
side of tho political fence, but wo do unqualifiedly
condemn the net ion of those guilty nf such
schemes thnt nre put into operation primarily for
iiicniclnry ■reasons nnd lmvo tho effect of robbing
men of the opportunity in vote nnd by ko doing
perhaps thwni'1 Din* will of Ihe public.
While on this finest ion of the cost of printing
wc would call attention fn the fact. Hint tlio bill of
expense* which should appi'itr iu  the  Provincial
ili'signiilf it, i« "i* tlie flimsies!, possible, ebiiriic'lei'i (invenniiciit 'h balance sheet will    bo   exceedingly
nud we cerlainly chiilli-ngi- its nceiiniey 1 iinsej heavy, but of I his we nro not, piirtimilnrly soliei-
il In imi i.iiiiii'iil to iixjiuui Hint no iliHcfiiiiiimluuii **,,,K ,M" si,n,,1,v .,,"i"1  '   ,"!1, f"r.',l,> ,,,'m'l'i' ni
will  be shown, nnd  in  i'm-l, events i-mu'histvely
■til    Itt "ll.'   x *
those who may labor under the belief Hint Hie Mc-
Mride is an ecoiiomicnl one.
j    We reiicrnlc what we hnve already remarked
in i-ni-fMi.g ..wr (in- .im wiin'.: ..' is md --•-*».-Mi*., ,|)|(( ,-,,, pruning „*- „„„„,H tlmt should lm erosseil
1o classify each and every individual's political i out enlails the cost that none cnn cavil nt but to
biiitid, s(ill an nppi*c»:iiiinlion can be arrived at i;nd ; object lo men in order that  tliey mny receive n
IV..I ir  i-l-s.-rviili.-i's    we    ilis.-mvi*  lint!   i\ws» ! .*-11<* """•,* than'llicir Ihri't- pioci-K of silver per, nol
,....,.,,,, ■»        . . , : oii'lv jn nn ouii'Jigi' in*l luii. lhe riled ol malting
oli|i'i-ti-d («> ol  ilut (iovi'i*iiiiii-nt  parly  hit vili.l-     •        , ,__.__._ .
!lin' much v-Miufi-d  freedom  of thc pri-wi a  iiiik-
objei-tiiiiis in tlie main, linvmn cither removed oui '
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Razor Honing n Specialty.
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of llu* i-i»iislili)i-)ii*y j-'Tj'i'i.ji'iilly or died, .vlic-v*)*
ninny uf tin**-1 nf known opposition ti*inl<*u-*ii-s
wImj.sc niuni*-* iiiivc. 1-i'cn prinlcd nre still unci .i.-iv
)-.,,.?■ ,:,t\t'itit\t,t\t.)y t'i"ihVnif' 'in M.i* ilkf'i'-l
noiiiei' iik 111«- difference lx-lween the lc|_?i!iiimte liill
'unci tin* ilii'..'iliiiiitti' one in plain  Knt/lisli Hpi-lls
•Onift." *
|    Tu our i'**u-' of May 7(h ui.*1<t tli" "U]>tiou of*
i'Miustors and HonsterH" wo wero foolish onoii-_..i i
','1o  intiiiriiii*  flint   tliose  ro*-jponsilili*  tor this KUitc.
Another iiri/iMiient  thnt mny    \w   iidvaiiec.l in  „r ,-ff.iir.s would take the wnnii.%** nrnl f-.scl.ew such j
fiivurof llm supporters of tin* -Uovoniment not Ji.iii.;* reprelM-nsihle tartic-s th-crcftftcr, hut m tlmy seem;
of-jeet.-d  to  unless then* nre  (•emiinc* and  valid: i»"p''n •'■u-** to siu-'tri-stion    wc*    throw   down thej
.d-je.-tioiH is ihe fiu-t thnt it would h__ impolitic * «.'<nniil.*t   _._ all and sundry determined to *..ter:
,.      • \     t . e   *'      .i _    _   i r      _      "P'"i » HTniK'tut'orwiini cruind-f of nnl»i'n-itv und
ue- run the risk of detent uu," the party htdduitf trie.   ' ..**.*, _.,„,,,'        .;
'     ,       7       i therefore ,1.  K    .Vnllnen of the* Vroo JV."*.*..'* tmtl>
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■■**. ;
• t *
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■ t
• C   .",--'      " ■'* ,     ■* -...-'; * .,...--. • .- r„y    .
•^ *-■■■■¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥■*¥¥¥*¥¥¥¥¥¥■¥ ¥*¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥Y¥¥¥*¥-»¥»^
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ■♦
♦ . - COAL CREEK   BY  174.       ♦
♦ ' *   •     ♦
John Shanks and Bernard Caufield
are down at Hosmer receiving Instructions in the proper manner to
manipulate the Draeger apparatus.
It is the intention of the company to
form teams for the different mines so
that duly qualified. men will be on
hand in case of the emergency arising.
It Is desired that those who take up
this work are also well up in ambulance work so that after effecting
the rescue they are capable of rendering first, aid when called upon to
do so. *..
On Saturday last a •mysterious accident happened to James Steel,
driver boss In No. 5 mine. It would
appear that he was attempting to stop
a runaway horse and in some manner not yet ■ ascertained he ,. was
crushed ..by loaded cars as he was
found in front of one when picked
up. His injuries were found to be
quite serious and ho" was removed to
tho Pernie hospital on a special train
where he now lies, but we are pleased to say that he is0 progressing as
well as can" be expected ■ considering
the nature of his hiirts.
Owing to the fact that there was no
cold water in,the wash house last
Tuesday some of the men without any
regard "for decency while totally divested of clothing, walked outside to
the creek to get the necessary cold
water.. This is particularly disgraceful, as the wash house immediately
fronts on* the road where women and
children are constantly .passing and it
is to be hoped that the company will
take the necessary steps to prevent
the' possibility of a repetition of such
a scandalous state of affairs.
Quite a contingent of our residents
" attended the  roller  skating carnival
held" in Fernie    on    Tuesday.    Miss
Lottie Gray was successful in winning
•' the first* prize  for the  best dressed
lady, a handsome workbox.
Although" men may come and men
" may-go the birth rate keeps increasing Here. On Friday" the 28th of
October, 'the family of Mr. and Mrs.
i-Tlon'fljwoe Jti/ivoqcfl/Lhir. + li_ii.^_ _ i-_*_ral___f_£.
-"-JL71V »•*   \J—   TI   M.U—lUVJI   VJl-HJ V"V__ M* J  1.1.1 (_.— M*   X - T   L**— V*.-
a fine boy.
*" The first arrival at the home' of Mr.
ancl Mrs. Joseph Mitchell put .in appearance on the first of this month.
Mother' and daughter are both doing
well. '       -• "'    .     „.
Mrs. J. Simpson of Coleman is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Evans for
a brief spell. ,
..Mrs. J. Thomson of tho Columbia
hotel at Elko was paying a visit to
her many Coal Creek friends last- Saturday. ■ ',        "
J. W. Ridyarcl has gone to" visit
his fathor In the' Nicola valley.
Ben J. Barnes, afternoon fire-boss
ln No. 9 had to tnko a week's rest
owing to a nasty blowout, a piece of
rock administer to his leg. Ho Is now
onco again busy with his lnmp.
Peter Dowoy, accompanied by his
sister, nrrived tn enmp this week from
their homestead in Saskatchewan.
■ John Cnufleld wns compelled to
hobblo nround by tho aid of a cano
an a result of a too Biiddon a contact
, with a pleco of tlmbof,
A no<le:o Is posted that all minors
having minors papers- riiust present
thom to thoir respective tlmc-koep-
orB and tlioso without are requested
to obtain tlio same at the examination noxt Monday, otherwise after that
dato all lumps will ho stopped. The
exponso of hbtnliilng thoso papers ot
ono dollar is In compliance with tho
law an outlined* In tho CoaPMIrios
Regulation act. and has nothing what-
ovor to do with the companies.
Tho opinion has been expressed up
horo that the treatment motod out
to Frank at tho league meeting hold
at Coloman wan very unsportsmanlike
and It Ib about tlmo that, uomo mon
bottor iicjcpialiilecl with tho rules gov-
ornhiB association football take up
such mnttors and then thoro would he
somo expectation of a square donl,
Tho Frank hoys would llko to havo
a general meeting of football players
held in Fernie so that representative*
from all. the clubs could attend and
-have this matter, thoroughly ventilated."
♦ ♦
♦ ".*•.♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦' ♦■*♦' ♦ ♦
Coleman football team- were visitors here on Saturday last, October
29th, the occasion being the play for
the semi-final for the Mutz cup. The
weather was not very propitious, as
the wind was blowing a perfect hurricane. At the termination of the
game the honors were equally divided,
the score being Coleman 2, Bellevue'
2. It was therefore decided to replay the "match on Monday, the 31st.
On the occasion of the replay a
large crowd of enthusiasts lined up.
No changes had been made In the
Bellevue team, but Coleman were
minus their center forward, Kellogg.
On the Saturday's form, it certainly
appeared that victory would come our
way, but unfortunately our hopes were
doomed to disappointment. The defence of the Bellevue team left nothing to be desired, but the forwards,
with the exception of Varley, were
certainly off their game. Goal Keeper Fisher played a really, splendid
game, which was most heartily applauded by the supporters of both
teams. Time and time again . it
looked like dollars to cents that the
Coleman forwards .would put the,ball
through, but in spite of the fact that
they had ten or twelve corner kicks
in the' first half of the game, half
time recorded "no score."
On the resumption of the' game for
the second . half, Coleman certainly
had the advantage, and about six minutes- from time were successful in
placing the hall between the posts
from a corner kick. During the last
few minutes of the game -Bellevue
made strenuous "-efforts ..-to 'equalize,
and were within an ace of succeeding. " Our defence was excellent
.throughout, and had they received the
help from* the forwards which was
given them on the Saturday previous,
the result would undoubtedly have
been reversed. ' " - ;
' James Wilson-of Fernie, acted as
referee*-at* both games,'- and gave sat-
isfaction to both teams. »    •  *'
James Ashworth, general manager
of the "Crow's Nest.Pass coal company, arrived here on .Monday night
last, ancl went through the mine on
", Elijah Heathcote,'-H. ,M., Inspector
of mines, arrived here on Tuesday
night's local.    _ -   ■   '
Frank Boseley, Walter Millor, Jack
.Oliphant, and a, few others left for
a week's hunting on the .North Fork,
and will put up at Boseley's ranch.
John I-Iorron, M. P., was a visitor
hero last Wednesday and, Thursdey.
♦ ' ' ' ♦
Maple Leaf lodge No. 53, I. O. O. F.
held their annual ball last Friday
evening and It proved a great success,
a large turnout thoroughly enjoying
the proceedings which lasted till the
early hours of the morning. The
Hosmer orchestra obliged with the
Thanksgiving day passed off very
quietly, at least we haven't heard of
any sudden deaths from undue excitement. We had a moving picture show
In the opera house, which was largely attended; and the Ladles' Aid of
the Methodist church held a social
evening, where we hear'everyone spent
an ^ enjoyable evening. This and
watching the passenger trains arrive
and depart about sums up.the doings
of the day.
Dickie-Campbell.    "
Frances Irving Dickie and Martha
Forest Campbell were united in the
holy bonds of matrimony by the Rev.
Mr. Grant at., Fernie October 28. Mr.
and Mrs. Dickie held open house after
their arrival from Fernie on the evening train' a large crowd of friends and
acquaintances were present and a
good time was spent. Fun and frolic
was the order of the evening, not forgetting Hosmer's juvenile coal oil
tin band.
J. Madison was visiting friends in
Hosmer over the "week end.
■ Mr. Wilkes, of Fernie, occupied the
pulpit of the Methodist church Sun-
day"in the absence' of Rev. Elby.
George McQueen was down at
Coleman Saturday and Monday helping the Coleman boys out in their
Mutz cup  tie with Bellevue.
Mr. Morris, a Draeger life saving
apparatus expert, was" giving exhibitions in Hosmer this week. A great
deal of interest' was taken in .the
proceedings. '      * *> .  -
The new coal washer having started
operations, more coke ovens have been
put into commission. ,
Local lovers of skating and hockey
have been holding meeting in. connection with the institution of a skating
rink for the coming season,* but up
to the present not much enthusiasm
has been shown.   However,' doubtless
_itt1*_ _L-n _l*i _____ _r*i.J-*_1 (_ —**rr\r\ -_.il _nw _n nniimn  li i r* nm .
-¥T 11-cU-LUC-V.UlU—*Y UailiCl—dl IH C*3-UIlUgi3'
will begin to hum.
♦ .-       , ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦<►♦♦♦♦
II. F; Weber, the woll known dry
goods merchant" of Now Michel, is
opening a store at Blnirmoro, Altn,,
nnd we bespeak for him a constantly
Increasing businoss as his methods
of dealing with his patrons Is such
as to commend him to thom. If fair
and square dealing and a desire ro
please nro factors, and everybody
knows they are, then thoro Is not the
s.ight'est,,doubt that tho success that
liaH attended Mr. Wooer's efforts In
Now Michel will be. duplicated In
♦ ♦♦•*_♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1.—Standing
In front of a monument ln Odd Fellows' cemetery here today Henry
McGoo, a resident of Helena, Mont.,
and believed to be a former sheriff of
Jefferson county, Montana, fired a
bullet from a rovolvor Into his brain,
ancl died a. short tlmo aftor. He left
a not, for the coroner, stating that
ho wus a member of Excelsior lodgo,
I. 0. 0. F„ Ilolcna. He was about
GO years of ago,
The ;past week,has been one of
vital statistics concerning labor matters. There has been issued a home
office blue book concerning the'working of the Compensation Act, and this
shows that the great sum of £2,274,-
238 was paid last year to workers
under the act. But as some Industries are not included in*'the return
the total amount is nearly three million pounds. In the groups Included—
namely, mines, quarries, railways, factories, harbors and docks, constructional work, and shipping, there were
117,391 employers, with six and a half
millions of employes. The number of
claims underjthe act worked out as
Fatal "cases  3,341
. Average payment .., ..,£154
Disablement cases   ...... 332,612
Average' payment   £5 6s.
Total compensation ..* £2,274,238
- A very few claims under the- act
were the .subject of litigation, but of
these 3,087 cases, no fewer than
2,427 were settled, in favor of the
workmen. The average payment in
case of death worked out at £154,
and sin the case of disablement £5
6s. Compensation was paid in 24 industrial diseases, due mainly to nystagmus, beat hand, beat knee, boat
elbow, and 497 cases-of lead-poisoning. Mining stands at the top of the
list of dangerous trades, and in this
industry the disease cases (2,290) resulted in £27,288 being paid by compensation. ' .
disputes was 69,418. Definite results
were reached in 28 disputes, involving
18,494 persons, and. of these nine
were settled in favor of the work
people, eight in favor of the employers, and ^11 were compromised. No
fewer than 24,000 work people chad
their wages advanced, and it is estimated that the increase meanB
£1,200 per week.
, Building Trade Strike.
A strike which may, have far-reaching results has occurred in the building* trade in Manchester. The operative plumbers have struck work on
the question of terms of employment.
The plasterers and other trade
unionists in tho building trade have
also struck, work In sympathy with
the plumbers, and the employers now
threaten the men'with a general lockout unless the.matter is settled within a few days." The plumbers at a
meeting hnve just decided that the
terms of settlement are to ■ include
that operative plumbers only are to
be employed on glazing after September 1, 1911, and that the men then
employed as glaziers should, as their
places became vacant, be succeeded
by operative plumbers.
unless 30 non-unionists working in
the pits were stopped or joined ,the
federation. The non-unionists having
taken the. latter course, there will be
no strike.
The total number of vacancies filled
during the past month by the labor
exchanges were 45,314, or about 1,510
a ;day. Thirteen new exchanges were
opened  during the month.
The demand for workers exceeds
the supply in the woolen trade, and
for women in the clothing and lauu-
dry trades.
. Mineral-Guard Levitt was recently
suspended for a month by the North-
Eastern railway on the ground of his
alleged delay in the working of a
train. This suspension threatened
to cause a strike, but the company
having had all the fact laid before
them by the men's deputation, they
have decided not to further punish
Levitt, and have removed the remaining 15 days af his suspension, 'lhe
matter is now consequently closed,
Tlie Shoe Workers' Journal for
September, which is published at
Boston, Mass., contains a review of
the unions In tho shoo trade in
A   High   Class   Boarding   House
Electrically Lighted and Steam
Heated Throughout
R. FAIRCLOUGH, p™i>™t°y
' The city council/celebrated its first
Thanksgiving day* In' a'.befitting manner and one which we hope may be
repeated from year to year as Thanksgiving days roll around, The entire
population, both old, and young, were
invited to be tho guests of the civic
fathers ancl a very large number, accepted, . Tho kiddles were all presented with a souvenir each and a bag
of sweeties, tho former thoy pinned
on the outsldo and tho latter wns
quickly transferred to the inner recesses, The grown-ups wore regaled
by a feast of more substantial character, tho banquet being held In the
opera house.' At 8 p. m. Mayor Cameron rising from his chair, expressed
hlmsolf as dollghted to seo so many
familiar faces before him and hopod
that evory single ono present would
thoroughly enjoy tho proceedings. Mr.
IWllImott was then callod upon to
read the severnl lottors of rogret
from some of tho absentees. Among
others thoso wero sent by Premlor
Sifton, C. R. Mltcholl, Mr. Murcholl
nnd T. Fryor, P. C. V. C.
Thn chairman delivered a very Interesting dlscourso on the career of
Coloman slnco Its Inception up to tho
present day touching particularly on
tho progress made In matters educational,
M. Gresham, J, P., of Frank, In a
vory happily worded speech, told his
hearers that the present spood at
which tho lown wns r-xpandln.*. 'It
would not ho long before thoy woro
llkoly to ho looking upon his town as
a suburb of their own,
Tlio Hov. Mr. Murray Htated that
as an olihtlmor It afforded him groat
pleasure lo add his mile to the remarks that hnd boon mndo by the pro-
ceding speakers and that if Canada
was to iniike ronl progross II wan en*
I holy In tlio hands of Uh Inlinhltiints
wlinllinr hIio would became a (toil-fonr-
Ing Million or nnl, but. that wlillo each
In IiIh or her sphorn might not. bo nblo
lo ncToinpllHli much apparently ynt all
should Join hands In tlieir efforts to
mnlco Colon.nn n model community.
Mr, Oiiliniitte, eliiilnniin of tlio
hoiircl nf trndo, ilealt with tlio effort h
Hint had boon niiulo by Unit body with
Hiic-li boiieflcliil a'Hiills nnd forceiiHloil
Hint willi Dw (jcwipiMTillnii ot tho
citizens   llio   valuation   of   Colomnn
i.'Olllll Wi llKH.'iHifil -ic- U) uu |h-i -villi,
iind lii'i-onic tin- c-nvv of Dw rov\ of
the 1'iiHS towns,
Those speeches  woro  IntorHporHOd
with t-.im._H rendered by tlm following
I artists:    Mrs, Mc-Ciilley and M<*hhi*h.
Weill) mid Ilayshmi.
'1 Hi'   IC'Illllllllll'l'   dl    1 IK*   1-M-lllllK   -lMlh
given up to tlio llgfit-footed entertainment of dancing. I'rcifessor Crawford's efficient orchestra Hiipplled the
sweet sounds.
Tho local lo<lr.e of Dw A. V, & M,
held a very Inlorcotlni: social on the
occasion of tho vtolt of W. O. M. G.
Duiilnp of ('filgnry accompanied by
Di-I.iiii- D. M„ T. Iliirn.'-'t from L!l[i*.
Tliciv wiik a vory lnrgo gathering of
memberH of tlu- craft, Including tnnnv
visiting hieihrt-n.
I_ook out for Coleman King Kdwnrd
Paddy we're coming stroiii. as lions
j nn wo too] rlglitctuiRly jubilant nt tin.
,it-null «>t Dw unul luinlly Utxmhl
bnttlo we hnd with Hc-llevuo and imist
nny tlmt If un-vlm-ly enjoyed themselves. It was the huge* crowd thnt
witnessed this gamo nnd the only
thing that was ilerldedly In too much
Trade and Employment."
■Another-set of. statistics refer to
the work of the distress committees
ancl of th~e"7Central"Tirnirm^oyeci"r
Body for London. This shows that
there has been an improvement in
trade, and consequently there is a decline in unemployment. There are
131 distress committees in England
and Wales. '        .     7 ■
* , There was a more marked j improvement in the provinces than'.!•_?"'London, especially in the Midlands and
Northern towns, Thero*. wore 41,843
applications In London, which is
7,396 fewer than the previous year.
The highest percentage of applications in London wore from Poplar,
Bermendsey, Camberwell, and Shoreditch. In the Metropolis the number
of applications was 41,843, or 7,396
less than the .previous year, Battersea, Greenwich, Kensington, .'Lambeth, Pnddlngton, Poplar, and Wandsworth, recorded decreases of 20 por
cont, and .over. In London also,
7,886 persons were provided' with
work through .distress committees and
tho contral unemployed body, and
2,842 through local authorities. In
tho provinces, the distress committees found work for 14,994, and tho
local authorities 30,438, The total
numbor of applicants who took up
tho work offered was B8,603,ivns compared with 88,190 the provlous year.
Tho total amount earned ln wages by
those peoplo was  £212,3011.
Steel Smelters' Long Strike.
In order to bring about the abolition of the contract system in what
are known as Staffordshire mills a
strike of steel smelters at the works
of Messrs. J. Summers arid Son-at
Shotton is going on. This strike has
lasted for eight months. There are,
however, as some signs of the dispute
coming to an end, as G. It. Askwith,
the head of the labor,department of
the board, of trade, has met the'
parties concerned several times, and
now after a filial conference certain
proposals are to be submitted to the
men concerned. Two trade societies
are concerned, namely, the Steel
Smelters' union, and the Iron and
Steel Workers' union. It is hoped
that the intervention of the board of
trade will bring about the desired result; and if the proposals made to the
men are accepted,- the striko will be
Printing  Trade  Crjsis.
In all-probability there wi.ll shortly
be a great fight in__the_printing_trad.e..
■ Just as we are going to press we
have an announcement that arrangements have been made for the final
for the Mutz cup to be played on the
Fernie grounds on Saturday, November 12th, the contesting teams being
Cranbrook and Coleman. Both teams
mean' business, and lovers' ot the
"leather sphere" will doubtless witness some excellent * and exciting
A meeting of the league will bo
held at 1. p. m. in the King Edward
parlors on the day c,of the match.
The administrative council of the
men's National Federation have, ever
since' May of last year, been endeavoring to obtain a 48-hour week.
This'the Master, Printers' Association
has refused to agree to, ancl now the
men's federation have decided to ask
the men if they* are in favor of handing in notices and bringing about a
general strike to' enforce a settlement on the following terms:
The establishment of a maximum
50 hours working week on January 1,
19ll; ancl of a maximum 48 hours
working week on January 1, 1912.
Ballot papers have been sent out
to the members of tho London and
provlnclalSociety of Compositors, asking thom to vote In favor of enforcing the above demands by handing in
notices, and whether thoy aro favorable to levies of 3d. por week by the
foderatlon nnd 6d. per weak by tho
London Society of Compositors. Tlio
ballot papers havo to bo handed in
on uie 21st Inst.   ,
The Labor Mark«t.
Employment, during the past month,
on the whole, hns beon much about
the samo ns In August,   In 416 trades,
with  a  not membership  of  674,760,
which made returns to the hoard of
trado, thero wore -28,703  (or 4.3 per
cent.) roportod as unemployed nt the
ond of tho month.   In -September last
your the percentage was 7.4 por cont.
so thoro has been a considerable Improvement.   This Is evident ln most
of the principal Industries except tho
cotton trade,   Thoro was, however, an
Ineronsn In tho number of trade disputes,   Tho most. Important, of thoso
wns the look-out of mcunhors of tho
Iliiller Makers' scx-lciy nud thn Iron
nnd Stool Shipbuilders by tlin shipping i -
fodorntlon,   In nil thore wero -ir* i1Ih*I
ptitcK  IiihI   month,  as agiiliiHt   19  In!
September  of last   year.    Tlio  total'
tiiiinboi'  of people  Involved  lu  Hioho
Tho minors of tho' Blrshwood collieries, Derbyshire., have decided by.
ballot not. to contribute voluntarily Is,
yoar to the maintenance of labor
members of parliament.
Itecontly Lord Goroll gavo IiIh
award ln regard to tho labor troubles
on the Groat Eastern railway. This
award has led to misunderstandings.
Lord Goroll, In ordor to acquaint
himself with tho men's work, spent,
a day In ono of tho busy signal bnxos
and also visited tho goods yards,
In order to convoy fraternal greetings of organized labor In this country to thr* congress of the American
Federation of Labor, William Bracm,
M. P. (South Wales Miners) and
Alderman H, Turner (Yorkshire
Weavers) will lonvo England this
Saturday for America.
One thousand members of ihu Lan-
cnshlro Miners' Federation at the
Wost Lolgh Colliery company1!, ihn-n
pits at  Lolgh  gnvo notico to strike
A private cable received yesterday
in Calgary contains information (.hat
will be of considerable interest to the
lumber dealers and lumber buyers of
this country. Some months ago, it
will be remembered, the mill Und limits of the Mundy Lumber company,
near Revelstoke, were sold to an English  corporation,  the Dominion   Saw-
sale was a large-one, involving over
a  million  ancl  a half dollars.
It is now announced that this
same corporation has bought the Bow
man Lumber company (limits and
mills), the Yale-Columbia Lumber
company (limits and mills), comprising in all 240 square miles, containing about 3,500,000,000 feet of timber,
and four first-rlass sawmills, the purchase price being in .the neighborhood bf ?2,000,000.
' By this deal the Dominion Sawmills & Lumber, Limited, becomes one
of the largest factors in the Canadian
timber business, having now in its
possession over 400 miles of territory,
containing 5,f.00,006,000 feet of standi
ing timber, and six mills, with an annual capacity of more than 100,000,-
000 feet of manufactured Jumber.
There is no doubt that this company
will In future be a large factor In do-
tormlnln gthe prlco ancl extending
the facilities for nn ample lumber
supply to tho people of the prairie
Mr, Mundy is to be the managing
director of the compnny, nndS. Bow-
mnn, president, of the Bowman Lumber company, will become head of the
retail department, which will be a.
very large portion of the company's
business, involving, a great number
of yards, lt is understood that the
sale of theso limits was put through
by H. W. Blaylock, -formerly of this
city, who has been, in England for
some time past, in connection with
the Canada West Investments, Limited.—Calgary Herald.
PARIS, Nov. l.—A meeting was
called tonight by M. Pelat to pay
honor to the, memory-of Francisco
Ferrer, the Spanish Republican leader, who was executed at Barcelona
last year,   ,It broke up in  a riot.
M. Pelat had put a motion before
the meeting asking that Spain free
herself from the yoke of the church,
revise her method of criminal procedure, and rehabilitate the, honor of
Ferrer, when a group of anarchists,
armed with sticks, .-.stormed the platform-and attacked and forced from it
M. Pelat ancl other speakers.* The
fight- then became general, and
benches were torn up and men and
women knocked down and injured.
The-.janitor of the building switched
off tho lights, which ended the melee.
 Aftgr__vnr-l__._l.p_disturbers—issued  a
statement saying ■ that- they wore
Spanish anarchists, and broke up the
meeting because they were opposed
on general principles to parliaments*
New Michel
& Blairmore
evidence wiih the hiirrloiiiio-lll-o*
Hem-as '-unrliT*' thnl prcviillc-d, hut!
even thosci won- nol strong enough',
to drown the shunting, Cnlemiiii will1
gimitly ntlmlre the Mni-/, cup at close j
c-iiartors. i
(,'nleiniui journeyed to Frnnk In play \
.,     , i i   i   ,   , i     i ,,
I _,!.      i, tlh„*.     tin,,' ,.     .i .-     '*..'      ,.,,,,.      . .
fu»i>d io plfv on ncrnniu of the non.1
arrival nf the referee, and regnrdless
of Uio Cnlernati  hoys    saying    they;
< mild select any either mini to rvferco,
Ilut giuiicf, they still declined and when
11    Is    liilten Into I'DiiHldei-nllcin that.
11ll-Mi   -mil-   mi-   Hhicmv-i   i-iviii'   \*li
the field who proffered their servlcos
wo think that tlm points should bo
uwurih-d to our Ic-iin, \
U, Huston, while skylarking witlij
Home of the !ic>yn, Hiii.tnliicd nnsty In-,
jurloH in his ribs,
A  iinuili-T  of  W.  Talliot'n   frfon-ln'
attended    his   mnrr.iigo   nt    Michel,'
Anient;  nth.-rr.    u'l-n-    C.     Tefflv  nml
iliuiglili-r iiiiiI .Inch t'iliKnn.
There wero two applicants for u
wln.l'-ale liquor lit cum* made wlun
thi* lln-nne eonitnlttee met. The ('nl.-
miiii Wliulemile U.iiinr company, of,
v.lili'li U". Miuily K lie- head, now i-n-
ii,,  Dw vuMk-K*-*.
W M __■ <_w      ■*«■ II f%& WAk i*      ff PI ^IWfc B
V1W l.Igill; U1U.V
m     m        \^>    ^*rm at* am   --W traae*     _m* tear *W     «
That Latest Successful New England Play
"Along the Kennebec"
By one of thc best companies travelling
MlNRlia—Kivp away from Ooi-tiln
U. (7, ;.n they are laying ineif off
Morgan J. I>aviB, St-t relary.
I^i-al of Local.)
Friday Nov. 4th
"House of a Thousand Candles"
Saturday Nov. 5th
"When we were Twenty-one"
The "Popular Allen Players Company"
uumwmivtLy%.;i PAGE SIX
Mining Conditions
in Nova Scotia
Low wages, debt in the company's
store, and because of these pay days
with never a cent coming out of th-*.
pay office is the lot of hundreds of
mine workers in Nova Scotia. Evory
miners' meeting, whether P._)V. A. or
U. M. W. of A., is deluged ."continually
with solicitations for help from lhe unprovided human wrecks of the coal
mines. The mine workers of this
province arc not only unable to provide themselves with the current
necessities of life, but if thoy would
hold their mlsornblo jobs they must
lenrn to keep their mouihs shut at
the dictates of thc boss, Tho man
who has the: pluck to stand up among
his follows ancl advocate any-trade
union not. approved of by his employer shall do so at the peril of. having
sentence of death by starvation passed
upon him and his family. Our "captains of industry" who never tiro in
their hypoci-iliC'.il ravings about "individual initiative".demnncV'that their
every employe shall be docile, obedient and tractable to all their wishes,
especially in regard to trade union,
mailers. Dend or break is the'doom
of every manly'man employed in or
around tho mines.
The insatiable greed for dividends
is grinding the manhood out of thc
Nova Scotia mine workers and has
forced t,heir wages away below,, that
of any other of tlfelr class who mako
any pretence to organized effort, on
this sentiment. This little article is
written to show them how they are
robbed in order ~" to provide large
profits for" their employers, ancl, if
possible, get them into one organization that is strong enough to defend
themselves, their wives and children
fi-om tlie heartless rapacity of professional dividend hunters.
We  propose  to  show  that   govern-
.ment reports that the mine workers
' of Nova Scotia work a longer day,
are paid less, while their product is
selling at a higher rate than the organized mine workers of British
Columbia. \
The only reason why the mine
workers of Nova Scotia are in their
present plight is because of their disorganized condition for the last dozen
years. Wo want you, ~i.lv. Workman,
1o read over these extracts fi'om government reports carefully' und thin!'
about them until they get fix.l on
your   memory.    Let   your -wife   :'eaU'
.them and talk over the question with
her, whether it would not he to your
~TOMttrriTtl arlTinrtage—for—you—to—ge!-
into a trade union that is going to
demand a great deal higher wages' for
its members in this province, and so
make their homes brighter ancl families happier. Tho IT. M. \V. of A. is
the only mine workers' organization
strong enough, in sight today, to do
this for you. Aro you going to help
in this campaign or.iro you going to
lay back and let others do the fighting?
Thc first government report we
shall cpioto from is by R. H, Coats,
who was appointed by the Dominion
government "to^make an investigation
into the cause of wholesale prices in
Canada during the past 20 years,
namely from 1890 to 1909 inclusive,"
and who submitted his report to the'
government May 10, 1910. You can*
get this report for yourself by* applying to your local representative at
Ottawa'. Mr,, Coat's investigation covered no less than 230 different commodities that are in daily demand and
use. lie gives thc wholesale price
obtained " for . each ' of them, and
amongst ihe others he" gives the
wholesale prico for coal in the Montreal market, where, the thing you
produce and get your living from is
sold. lie also gives the wholesale
prices of coal sold by the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal1 company at the mines in
British Columbia. The tables of
prices given for these two markets
cna'be found on pages 192 and--19G
of his report.. Look them up for yourself!
We will give in parallel columns
from these'1 two tables the prices obtained the first day of each month for
tho years 1901 and 1909 in each of the
above named markets, and we ask you
Mr. Nova Scotia mine worker, to try
and answer the question to yourself,
why you are paid so much less' than
thc fellows' in British Columbia if it
is* not the direct rosult of your half-
organized condition?
* Price per ton, F. O. B., at the mines
on the first day of each market month.
Quotations supplied by Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Co., Ltd_
wages are from 50 to 75, per* cent,
higher than .yours.
You -will"'notice that the British
Columbia prices are the rates obtained
at the mines. If yon deduct the cost
of shipping from Glace. Bay ;Jo
Montreal from the Montreal wholesaler's rates, the result. will vbe the
price obtained at the mines in Glace
Bay.   • '   .    *   ,
During the late coal conspiracy
trial held in Halifax* .the' .Dominion
Coal company's sales agent, on -his
oath, said that it cost that company,*
in the month of September, 1909, $l'.2S
per ton to ship coal .from Glace Bay
to Halifax. , Official aftor official of
the coal companies "got on tne, stand
in that case and,swore that one of
the reasons that coal was higher in
Halifax than Montreal was. because
it* cost more to ship coal -there than
to Montreal on nccount. of the better
facilities . at Montreal for handling
conl. But let us grant that it costs
as much to ship eoal to Montreal as'
It does to Halifax, and deduct $1.2S
from the average given by llie .Montreal wholesaler in the year 1901, and
It will follow that the Dominion Coal
sible'" for'tbe bank men to work on
the outside.
"Days Lost Through Accidents .and
Funerals—For example, in nine collieries the Dominion Coal company lost,
through * accidents, in 1906,* 31 days;
1907, 42'days;'190S, 43 days.
- ''it will , be   easily seen from the
'above- extract that men  cannot get
more than 260 days' work in the year.
A man paid ($1.45 per day earns in the
year $377;-at $1.65 per day, $429, and
'at $1.75, $4.55 per year.
* General  Manager    Butler, , in    the
Glace Bay Gttzette of Sept. ICth, said,
in speaking of a reduction in wages
being made: "When the P. W. A. contract expires ,w,e will deal with the
wage scale of bur. workmen in a* fair-
and   honorable,  manner." • Wh-jn   he'
said  that-- he was only saying ,wha,t,
every mino manager in the .province
is always  saying.    They  are  always
dealing "fairly  and  honorably", with
workmen; that'is, according to their
standard of "fairness and honorable-
nes's."    1 will show below what kind
of life their fair wages ancl honorable
conditions enable the ordinary working plug lo live, and what, they con-
sidor fair and honorable profits.
Lc.t's  take    an    ordinary  working
♦ ♦. *•*►-«► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,
Messages  Chalked  on  a   Boor.
\ Messages from three of the miners
who. were entombed,in the Wellington mine at Whitehaven in-May last
were found chalked on a door, when
an exploring party removed Bo bodies
from 'the pit.      ''
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block_
Hours 9-12; 1-6; .Phono 72
B. C.
company was receiving at the mine  Plus.'s family, who, unlike his employ
■     1901
 $1.73 '
.  2.0.1
May   .7.	
7  1.80
"   2.14
.....'.:• 1.78   *
* 2.21
....7..  1.76
November   ..,.'..
   1.S8 -
.$1.78.-     $2.12
Price per net ton of 2,000 pounds
on wharf at Montreal on first .market clay' of each month. . Quotations
supplied by large wholesaler at Montreal, Que.
'     1901
January    ."...$3_30
February  3.30
March    .'-... 3.30
April -....- '..:...' 3.30
May  '.'   3.57
* 3.88
J une   	
August  ...
October   .'.
  3.0 _
.... 3.57
 * 3.57
I.... 3.79
, 3713"
*t AO
that year $2.21,'or 43 cents more for
tlieir coal than the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company, who was paying far.
higher wages.
How did the wages of these two
coal companies compare with each
other that year? Well, here is another little book issued by the Dominion government that tells exactly how
the wages of the Nova' Scotia mine
worker compared with' his fellows in'
British Columbia in the, year 1901.
The book was issued in 1907 and is
called ".Census Statistics, Bulletin No.
1, Wage-earners by Occupations." We
quote from pages 1 and 3 where it
is recorded that the mining class of
British Columbia worked In the year
1901 9.11 months and each ,man earned
ori an average of $6-44.81, whilo the
men in Nova Scotia worked 10.60
mbnthsand earned $381.45. How does
that strike you, Mr. Nova Scotia
Mine Worker? Work over a month
longer for $236.36 less than your- fellows in British Columbia, whose employer got 43 cents a ton less for his
product than yours got for the coal
you dug. Oh, but you are easy-
So much for the year 1901. Let us
'again deduct $1.28 for tho cost of
shipping coal from ' Glace'' Bay..- to
Montreal from the rate given above
by the Montreal wholesaler for the
year 1909, and we find that tho price
obtained at Oloce'T-ay at the mine is
5*2.32 per ton,'or 20 cents more than
is obtained by the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company. You know the rate of
wagos yon receive today; if. you are
paid by the day ;you are getting, any-
where  from"
Road carefully over again the prices
obtained for your product and compare them with tho prices obtained in
British Columbia, .where tho men are
well organized, .and as a result their
The feeling of ease which eoiiios
w*lh tho possession of a bank-book
Is something not. lo bo despised -no
matter  what  your  position  or  pros-
A bunk nccount eliminates worry
find iarc--c-i.nscs you to f:ul that you
have something lo fall back '".yon in
an   iiiMiinro  of   oinergc.iiey.
One? Dollar will .s'tii'f an iiecoinii.
J. R, LAWRY, A-gent
You get such wages not because .your
employer cannot afford more, but because through fear of th'o boss or
through utter indifference about your
own welfare; you stay out of tho'only
trade union which is able and willing,
with your support, to get you more.
Is ll not a fact that many of you
have allowed yourselves lo be divided
from your fellows by the henchmen
of tho employers, the leaders of the
so-called Provincial Workmen's association, an organization that was voted
out of existence Juno 21, 190S, and reorganized, and financed by the men
who nro robbing you. for the very
purpose of dividing the strength of
the mlno workers of Nova Scotia so
that the robbery of you may continue?
Below you shall find tho rates
(hni. aro now being paid the day men
nf tho Crow's N'est Pass Coal company, Just go over them and compai'o
thom with the measly wage you rocolvo and remember that Ihe Crow's
Nest Pass Conl compnny I.s gelling
20 cents a ton less .thnn your omployer Is receiving for his conl,
Overground  Day  Rates-
Slate picker, hoy  $1,25
Slum pinker, mnn   2.25
Tally boys   1.25
Tonmslor    ' 2,02V.'!
Blacksmith   3.(17Vy
er, has not so mueh as heard of Dr.
Malthus, and so has flvo children to
provide for out of his $429. If ho is
going to- live at' all he will spend
each year.
Per yoar.
Rent for coal company house
Coal  and  light    .*
Taxes  '.	
Doctor's monthly fees "- 6.00
Soap and soda   6,50
Boots for the man  • 3.50
Boots for the woman   1.50
Boots for the children   7.50
Outside ■ clothes for nian  8.00
Outside -clothes for ' woman..... 6.00
Outside clothes for children..... 15.00
Underwear for man    1.50
Underwear for woman .-. 1.40
Underwear for children ''.... 5.00
School books   4.00
General household wear  1.56
Tragedies of No.Work.
Two tragic tales of. unemployment
were told in East End polico com-ts
a few days ago.
. One was of John Pardoe, a Canning
Town boilermaker, who, after being
employed for i" 20 years by, one firm
and 12 years by another, found himself without work, witli a wife and
family to support...
. The last straw, came when- a furniture company asked * him to pay arrears amounting to £1 17s. 6d. Par-,
doe cut his throat, and .then went to
a policeman,-who took him to a hospital. The magistrate remanded him,
The other story was of Edward
Pollard, a clerk, also of Canning
Town,* who took three blocks of wood
froui the street, to make a flro for
his wife and child.
-Pollard has been out of work since
January, and a policeman who visited
his house said that he found very
little food.
,"I. had nothing to oat since Thursday/', Pollard told the .magistrate.
"Ofi Saturday night a friend gavo. me
V/.d„ and I took tho blocks toi boll
the'kettle. ,
"For days ancl days I have been
.without food, and weeks and weeks
I have had * insufficient food. I had
to walk to London hospital and undergo, an operation, and walk back home
without a bite of food.
"I have been to the labor exchange
and to the docks, and can get no
work."'    .   '. '
Pollard was bound over under the
Probation act, and the magistrate said
that the missionary would help him.
' p--      ,
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.U,
-, _
'".   Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5"; 6 to 8.
'  -.        " ' i'
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
W. R. Ross K. C. , W.-S. Lane
Barristers and Solicitors
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
,D. E. McTaggart
i   *  * . ' * °
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Total    $161.46
Which leaves $207.54 for food for
these .seven persons for the year, or
$38.22 each, or 73 ■*-,-_. cents a week
each, or ifjy, -cents a day each, or
three meals a day at 3_ cents a
meal. Is -that not "Honorable?" Is
it not "fair?"   Butler says it is. "    ,
According to the annual report of
tbe department of mines of Nova
Scotia, for the year ending Sept. 30,
1908, thc Dominion Coal company
-raised 3,816,958 tons of coal, and in
the.doing of that employed 5,486 men
ami. boys. That was. well. over 695
tons per employe! Tho Dominion Coal
company sold that coal at $2.32 per
ton, which means thal.for every man
i.mFboy employee! _ii niid""Tn'0"*"T_Ta^beTTT'e*T'*s^
Blacksmith's helper  2.02 *,*.
Oirpenlors    3.67-/_
Cnrpontor's helper    2.02Vj
Powor houso ongliieors   3.07'/i
Tlpplo oiiKlnoer   3.15
Tlpplo dumpors   2.02 Us
Rnllwny car linndlori* -  2.30
Ashmen   2.G2V&
Ashmen's helper  2,25
All citlioi' outsldo labor  , 2.25
Underground Day Rates.
allot lighter  $3.00
Ural Hen mnn   3,00
llrtitttco mon's helpers  2.50
Timber men   ll.oo
Timber iiioii'h helpers   2.50
Drivers     2,75
Drivers In wet places   3,00
An account may be opened with thc Home Bank in
the nnmes of two or more persons, each having tho
privilege of withdrawing or depositing money over
their own signature. In thc caso of tho death of
one of the parlies to a Joint Account tho balanco ro-
maintop; on depoatt with thc Home Bank may h*s
withdrnwn by the survivor, or biih _vor«t, without dp-
lay or appeal to any process of law.
JOHN ADAIR, Manager Fernie Branch
Drivers, spike ten in 	
Tnic.'lf liiyc-i'H 	
Truck layers' IioIihm'h 	
.Miners In ken  out  to do
company work  3,n.)
Machine runners ,.,,..,,  .'1,50
Mnt-lttiw* runiH-n-i' lielpc-i'ic  ,,.. ll.nn
Hnelc mlpni'H   ,.., 3,511
I.iil.uivn*     ,  2.50
Is the sickly <onili-Hcc-iwllii|{ v.unpin* j-iutl'! of your l-os-cK of mure l,m-
pcii-tiiiiee to ynu Hum i;eliliiK into nn
i-i'lVinl/nlinii Ihnl will i-nnhln you In
take home to your poorly few wlfo a
ililtl*   "I    "ilM*-*,   HI.!*   un-   ilimii .
Then- nie In Tin-unil Dw m\tw.
j about two men pnld by Dw dny for
I every one (hat Is paid by tho Ion.
Hero ih iiiiotlun* Kou-tnmcut report
which shows the number ol days that
tlwno ilay-tmld men run work In the
.vein :
"Jtepnrt of the* (VunnilsHloii on
Hours of Labor," 1-csued by tlio Nova
Heolla Ki'vomn'cnt this present yenr.
On \w(ii>A llt!> und 110 you will find
Hie follou-lnff:
"WorklnK Days In Nowi Bcotln-—
i Tint iiiiiii.fi.>.. >i.u* '.;, ll,i luii'.i..'. '.*.'.-
| eludes every day e-m.j.t Hundays,
, Naitim.il, Uibor d.iy, nirLfiuj*** nit-l
u|i|i m> me (liijich hiiljilay.s. ThU
Kiu-s about 300 dit}*.   Ami apart I'ioiii
mines the ., coal company realized
$1,012.40. ancl out o£ that amount had
only to pay back, in the. shape .of
wages, an'average of $-129 to each of
their employes, leaving a profit from
• the product of each employe's labor
of $1,183.40. Do you, Mr. Workman,
think that "fair?" Do you think it
"honorable?"    Butler says it Is.
Should-.the man who receives $1.45
a day, while working for these robbers, .treat his wife and children to
such luxurious living as pafricularizod
above-—he will at the year's end be
$52 In debt? Should tho jockor,.who
Is recognized as a."skilled workman,"
and thoroforo paid $1.75 per day, live
up to tho same 1iip.li rate, he will at
tho ond of tho. yenr have $20 over,
With that, he Is more than likely to
become a regular sport and spend It
,on church, rum, tobacco, nlckle shows,
ball-mntches, .train and railway fares,
newspapers, postage and Id a sport
of generosity on tlioir birthdays, may
even buy little Mnry n doll or his
wlfo a fiO-cont brass banglo.
If you want lo remain 'contonted
under (hoso conditions, subscribo for
tho .Mining Ri.cord, a bi-monthly
jaundiced journal,, edited by an old,
unnatural, gioen-byed protrudenco of
initlqully, who, with rotten heart nnd
'ginini'Oous brain." "can jabbor and
grlmnco against all discontent* In "a
fashion (lint Is heart Ily endorsed by
your boss, ns ovldonced by the nmount.
of ndvortinlng ho gives lho atrabilious
Von hold your prosont Jobs not,bocauso your' omployer cares whothor
you get a living, hut becauso ho cnn
mnko profit out. of your labor, Profit
Is the end for whleh you aro omployod at all,, Thn kind of life you
live Is only nn Incidental matter with
your boss. Got Inlo an organization
man, that exists for no oilier end
than to got the highest, posslblo
wages for your labor for you and so
make your life hnppler nnd your
home brighter, l'rof ll, Is only an In-
cldi'iital matter with yours truly,
.1. II, Mrl_A.flHI.AN, Bociy,-Troiis.
District No. 20, U, M. W. of A,
The Prevailing Fashions.
Brown suits, dark .. blue evening
dress-coats, .puce handkerchiefs, velc*
vet waistcoats,- an'd soft white shirts
will be fashionable for elegant young
men this winter.'
I,  - ' *
Fernie, B. C.
i \, **> ,     y
ft •* 7 .
: A. McDougall, Mgr .
ia *'***,'■ '  -
■4' -' - "      "
• ■***CT*>W___****§-_____W__W|^tW__M__M_______K___^»MaWM_MWI
*"•'". ci -.'
Manufacturers of and Deal-
ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
 -■    ■■ -l— | iib  ~—i— ''^
Send us your orders
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
School Kitchen to Cost £2,432. .-
The Tottenham Education ^committee has decided to erect, at a cost of
£2,432, a central * kitchen whore 3,000
meals will .be cooked for free distribution to school* children.
Extreme Poverty Disclosed.
A case-of extreme poverty .was disclosed   at   the   West   London, police
court a few days'ago-when a widow.
Mrs. King, aged -39. living at 27 Ain-
night of Domestic Animals to Run at
The plaintiffs and ilc'ftiiuIatit'H farms
both utifeuied, wore separated by a
highway. The. plnliillff's mn ro strayed
onto the iloreiidant's lnnd, nte somo
H|1V,I.    IHMKIIIII    I.'I     >l'_ _l.4_l,   Ml«   ...vi).
II v:iv ..-■hi hy Hie full court of the
province, tlmt the dofendnnt wns not
liable for the loss of tho moro, whicli
hud no light to he nn Hie detcjndatfi
lund. Tho court specially i-cifernid
to I'ouiIhb vs. Noakos (Utii) 2 Q. II.
~ifi'\. Ilie c-diriiniiii law, im' i'iuiii -li--
rlnred, lias uot linen nn modified In
Hnskiitcliownii by custom and leglsln-
Hcitt (list it can be said to he lawful
for rattle and horses to rango nt largo
in unfenccd property.—The Lnbor
(In wti«*.
$100 Rcwnrd, $100.
TM* Tti-tir* nt it,in pnper -mil tit- iilfuwnl to Xtat*
IMI t»r>-1* -I !■ >.t -A* tln-uHiM-l itiM-iic xtM *tkat*
hi« Urn iw** i.) rurt- In *tl IU •!«■•. and thtt U
-r:»urri,    __..:* <*___.rru _v.iv u <)* •v.lf pnxura
attempting to murder her 7-year-old
son, Herbert, and with attempting to
commit suicide.
It was said that thc woman was
driven, to , such desperate' straits
throush,poverty and lack of food that
she first cut her boy's throat and
then turned the weapon on herself.
The wounds, however, were not dangerous,
A neighbor, Mrs. • Harnctty, - who
went to the woman's assistance on
hearing her children crying, gave evidence, and said that Mrs. King was
vory worried ovor the rent nnd tho
fact that sho had no food to" givo tho.
children. She (witness- lent her a
penny with which sho bought some
Jlr. Fordham (the magistrate). Is
sho a hard-working, struggling woman?—Yos.' Sho Is nil for hor children.
You think sho hns dono hor vory
bost to get food for tho children? Oh,
Mrs. Rose, of llalford-road, snld
that since hor husband's donth four or
flvo months ago, Mrs. King had been
In vory straitened circumstances, ancl
evidently lind tho groatosl, difficulty
In supporting herself and hor six
children. Sho wns a sober, Industrious
woman.   •
Mr. Fordham (to the nccused): I
am afraid you have boon In groat,
misfortune,, nnd it Is n (liousrind
pi!les you didn't go lo tho relieving
offlcor, but whatever sympathy I fool
for you I cnn do nothing else but
commit you for trial,
Inspector Draper. In answer to his
worship, said that tho chlldron wore
being looked after by friends.
Queen's Hotel
Under New Management
Excellent   Table and
all white,help
Additional  Table for
28 More Men
"Bar Unexcelled
All'White Help
Call iii and
us once
Kisstfsareai^m!i.!*Awm^       *
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Hni* supplied with  tho  best Wines,
Liquors and Clears
On first clasi
business and real
dentlal property.
/i vory tow cum*!-, ol a -Wicm .Sainnlay j»__« u«w _*».•__ .„ .i*~ib#<j._i tntrmHr: t*w«ii
in summer. Hin- ar- no rcmWdaoi\ ({£« ^^^,%^S!aSri^t:£^
«hM't   da>'H,        II   I-i,   linw.-w-r,   HClllniil i l/roslly. s'l.w dlf.,nr U[«*i the Urn***! will tiiu«>u»
_»><_»  ih_   in In.    v_.,fl_.   ".mi .Kit   i»   rW,"f,'l'»   '''   "■'    i-l »'i iii.  Vhrflrf   /Innr'ltlit   Xtir
thnr mi) mint  v*.-.f_.«-- ,.m. .i..*.-*. in iis_m ,,„„!„,.„ ,,( „, ,1^,,. ^ j^ng w, (»iv»i
y..ijr, IT''1   '*'   'i'i   '• .    '      .   -.J  ','M'   CHlli-Htlltl'l-l   nil-1  •li,*'lf-
Icf nxti.r,. •>. .1 ,„• in n-iv.%, Tli* wrt'tttr* I*»t»
m mu'fc It'll, ., n« runtlv* (M*<-fl Ilut 1!*T ttflrr
(fnr tliimtnit li •;,•*, ',., tnr r**r IMI fl tttl* ft
rti-v.   H.*r,.l |,. 1 -i „t tcnilmonlml't.
"Ikiys l.oia Tluough < .Inircl-n Ton
cllt'oiis-- S-Uil-,1**.    :il»l     Iritlll*.     wri*    tn-
1 aslcinally Xiku k» <! hy- enow ami  the
j xntMhcr at   iim.-*?  rt-fu!.*r«  if   lfis|>0'*
A44l**m Lj  <<l) M.y A CO. I1AM4.O.
«■*•*,. «*. 1* t— ■(••»_. rtif..
I ■>« au, * i w„-. !•_____ tee wr«tj*.tk<__
Zam-Buk Once Atjnln the Only Curel
Mr. IT. AlIliiBcm, of ir.7 Kin-*,' Hlreel,
London, Onl., miyn: "Whilo a mom-
hor of lho HiihI Kent Dlvlnlon rootlm»l
I emu, nml iIurliiK a roiiRli ami c'xr.ll-
Idk ..(uno nf foot hull, T. fell on Uio
hard Ri'iivc-J, hiihIiiIhIiib a liadly Inoc-r-
nl ml Iciii'o, TliiH roiiulri'd prompt
iiK'dIral aitc'iidtinc-t-, an Hand and
Kiavol flllod (lie open wound, vlilc-h
wiih very painful and noro.
"Vor Hcvoral .vcol.8 tho doctor trout-
cd 111 j* Injury, und 11 wiih IIimikIiI l<>
Imi well healed over; hut no hooiipi*
had I lie-sun lo move ahout than llm
wlilii broke, mid I Hiifferei] more llinn
at flrnt. Kor newn Ioiib weckd.I wan
iicliiiill.v laid up. Il then dovi'lupeil
lulu 11 riinnliiB' nore, aiid I was
alarmed for fenr tho renulii might ho
11.      nee  v. - f      'vi,r,   ,..,.,
•*   «-- ,..-.j   ......   „■■  •-
tfM-'c. .vr-.it-m---.it ftilleil to hr-fil tho
wound, no I procured a nupply of
"it *i\;i8 almost ninf-kit! In Ms effect
011 the nam. The dliudiiirglii*,' noon
ci'iirced.   The Horoiii'HH and pninfl wero
«*t,,n.,*,'.-r.   i_»,i'i   '(fl'ifr'i-H'^AU.'ii   *»t.._i*  I.-..*.
link mmlo tho Imdly-liicernted knee n«
Knoll and firm ns ever. Znm-_ uk haa
no <><|iir.I in ■rJcarlni? and healing open
ivouudM, and I recommend It to nil
ntlileti-N and nportDmen."
Znm-lluk will alio he found ft sure
run-* tor rnM foro'i, ohnvtpod hnndft,
frost bl to, ulcer****, eczema, blood*
nnUnn,   xnrlrnin   ntirt**,   p\lon,   scrfllj)
Mires, ilnttflnrm, Innnnifd polfheti,
bnhlcs' ornptlonn and clinppccl pluceu,
rata, bwt,*, braifcc-s and Mn In-
bnlo'-x _*i-u.-r_illv„ Alt driiKRlsta and
utor-f'H ri-II at Ki) fi-nta n box, or pont
troo ti'iwi "Zatu-lVuk Co., To/wito. U(*on
i--.,-<*f-,,r nf lut.'i'. Vou aro, wttrrwd
attains 1,,-trtnftil imitation*"! and *uh-
Hiltutei. tr, „ jjlC top,ls(oreiI nnrno
•Zaiu-Siuk." on t*v-»ry pa»:k»Ke before
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
.      The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Lending Coniinei'ciiil
fin'ci TourisL ] rouse
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
Ibe Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P. O,  Box 308
McLEAN CO., Ltd.
■ t
• i
■ t
'■< ■ans£na_n_B_____H^uM
t .	
■ (
• t
• t
< c
■ i
Afrcnt    Vcr-OTlc*    Itrn-HrH
Pellatt   Ave.    North
and Transfer
Wood and Hard Coal
for Sale
■*._ I..**-. .K1*.)!.        -•f-.^V        Mfk-V (_'.^U|
that hrlnRu -cheer to the heart of
mnn, If you don't believe It, Just
from w» and noo tor yourself. If
. you don't say It's tbo bout rye you
«ver uneil then we mimi our Biiesn.
Ledger Ads Pay 1*7
_/" .-«
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
The Week's News for f
Our Foreign Brothers %
Nowhere in the Pass can be.
7We have the,best money
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Fish, -.'Impcrator Hams
and Bacon" Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer Kraut.'
i ' n       ' "*- *,-_
Calgary Cattle Go.
., Du  Carbon.
Lo.Board of Trade vienf de publier
des renseignements interessants ' sur
la production.de hoiiille^dans le monde-
en 1909*, d'ou *il .ressort. que, cette production est.en general ^en progress
sensible par rapport a celle cle l'annge
pr<5c6dente mais sans pouvoir at-
teindre cellef,de 1907, qui est jusqu'ici
l'annc5e-record. *■"*
L'Allemagne et la France seules de~-
pass'ent toutes les annees, prdccSdentes.
Les Etats-Unis ont pris le premier
rang depuis 1899 parmi les pays pro-
ducteurs**1 de charbon et-maintiennent
ais6ment leur suprematie. Leur extraction a depassc; cle 50 p. c. environ
pendant rannde 1909 celle do 1'Angle-
terre, tandis que des autres procluct-
eurs les plus importants rAllemiigne
est arriv<§e a'' extraire un peu plus de
la moitid do ce que produit l'Anglc
terre et que la Franco et Ih Belgique
reunies anivent a un pen moins que
lo quart de l'extraction anglaise. •
"Voici les chiffres cle la production
de houilie de scinq principaux pays
producteurs depuis 1906:
L'introduction.de la.journde de huit
Phone 56
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
Etats-TJnis 690,-100,.l'Allemagne,591,000
la France 191,000, et la - Belgique
145.300.       ._-•''*     7      •
Quatre pays seulement, • en dehors
de l'empire brifannique, exportent plus
de charbon qu'iis <_n importent: ce
sont l'Allemagne, -les Etats-Unis, la
Belgique et'le Japon.
Dans l'empire britannique, outre la
Grande-Bretagne, l'Australie, 1'Afrique
du Sud et, les Indes anglaises font
ressortir un exeddent deportations,
ces* deux deniiers pays n'c. tant entrcSs
en lice que depuis 1900 comme pays
d'exportateurs.   - *■*'■.
En 1909, la Grande-Bretagne et
l'Allemagne ont atteint le record des
exportations et cle l'oxccklent des ox-
portations sur les importations, tandis
que pour les Etats-Unis, quoiquo les
exporlations aient ldgdrement diminue
par rapport a .1908, l'exccSdenl des ex-
portatloris a dc. passe., celui de l'anndo
Les deux tiers dos importations cle
l'Allemagne' on 1909 cStaiont: de provenance anglaise, ces importations
ayant' iittoint un total 'de 10,4000,000
tonnes' environ. ,        '   '
Eri fait, les importations annuellcs
Buy Your
*  *      , .    ■        Grande-
-    , Bretagne.
1906 ...*_.....'..' ". 251,068
1907 .". .- 267,831
1908'., ." 261,529
1909   '.....' ....'..'263,774
Alle- '. ; Etats-
magne.    France. Belgique'. Unis. .
Unite?—kilotonno-7-1,000 G. T.
• 134,914       32,920 ,    23.191 369,781
104.SS5       35,411 23,324 428,896
"145,298   "   36,044 23,179 371,228
146,507.      36,654 23,182 390,336
• Bottled Goods a Specialty |
heures n'a, on le volt,*pas apportd de
changement clans la production de
houilie de la Grande-Bretagne, mais ce
systcSme a fonctionnd depuis trop peu
temps pour qu'il soit possible de
juger de facon definitive des effets
qu'il pourra' amener.  ., ■ -- __.
Si l'on calculo quelle est "la production par tete" d'habitant, la Grande-
Bretagne 'depasse encore* les Etats-
Unis. '*',•"■
"En ce qui coiicerne l'importfince do
la population ouvricSre charbonnages,
il est assez difficile de faire des com-
paraisons exactes entre les diffcJr-
entes categories d'ouvriers employe's.
.Autant que l'on peut en juger, l'Angle-
terre employait 966,200- ouvriers, * les
de houilie anglaise en Allenfagne*'ont
6t_ a partir de l'andc 1907 plus que
doubles de ce qu'ellcs elaicnt pendant
les'dix amines prt_cc_dentes,- mais ce
mouvement a coincide, avec un mouve-
meni de progres trds accentuel des exportations allemandes vers l'Autriche-
Hongrie, la Belgique, les Pays-Bas et
la France.*,    ,
En. ce qui concerne la consomma-
tion cle la houilie, .on voit par, le
tablcaif'ci.dessous que les Etats-Unis
cohsomment" plus.- du double que ce
qu'absorbe le pays qui les suit cle
plus- pros, la Grande-Bretagne. Voici
le" tableau de la consommation approximative" des principaux pays
pendant les annds* 1909 et 190S:
*■   **-■
We Pay Delivery Charges on Every Article in this Christmas Catalogue to any Destination in Canada
How far will my Christmas Money Go?
You Will Be Asking That Question Soon
It will go much further than you: think—if you order your
gifts from  this Special   Christmas   Catalogue — just  issued.
•'-*,.'"'' 3*
Dining Room and Beds under *
New Management. *
;" "■'-": *
First class table board
Meals 25c.  "Meal Tickets $5.00
.    Rates $1.00 per day .
R. Henderson,' Dining Ronm M
"   * " 1908
,.*   "                      '*               Unite*—kilotonne-
Etats-Unis  -.'..' .'.....'. V...,:.,.. 360,935
Grands-Bi-eta^no .-—-...-. • .  176.22&_-__	
Allcmagne  •"'
France'777.'. \ '•'■' :'	
Russie .	
1909 ■
-1,000 G. T.
 ?.... 129,845
 .!- ;■  52,995
 •....."...;.,/  -28,808 .
Autriche-Hongrie    -7 ; '• ■ 25,028
Belgique' .7..: -.  22,515
.   54,327
non encore*
' 22,455
Les  Etats-Unis  becupent  e_galement
tion par tete d'habitant'.
la premiere place la , consomma-
■        *■>
♦<►*• ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**%
♦ Feraie Dairy
delivered to all
parts of tho town
Sanders & Verhaeat  Brothers.
Ucst innd'i'liils mily iihciI ,
mul lli'Hl cliiHN wcii'U
llllll*lhlll|l I'llhlU'l'H
A Good Job
JOE FALVO     How roon Dloek
Budu to vypravovat v „pritomn<5m
CasoV, protoic so * to stalo zrovna
„tyclon zpatky".    ,
Vejdome s pnrtnorem do domu,
zaklcpeino a. zustaneme stati na
„borci". Vyjcle p5kn6 obleceny, Glat-Q
vyholeny mu?: a. pta se, co?.e tu
Podlvani so mu do oCi a viclim lined,
7,g dostanii. Snail prlfiol prav8 ?.e
IcoHtoln a Ja m61 odndst „cold nad-
ilrBcncS lciisanl. S blalioslcolniiyin
nafiem llstu, proe joj vydavanie, proe
ho ma chMnlk podporovat atd. Muj
dobry nm?. posloucha boz odraluvy.
Alo ja najsoni /, ICich, kteri nopoznn-.
vnjl, kdy2 soupor v debate koulkem
ust. Skubiio a dava nnftomu duvodu
prodom „fk>k" a vim, ledy?, kmip-Snfi
znknslo, 7.o ii?. mii/lsvyoh myMenok
tak prave doHt. A^pvolo, kdyZ ]sem
vld61, 7,o u7, nnblra ilcich, umlkl Jaom,
jalcobych Inkd chtfll doclm nnbrnt.
A nafi npbry mu7., hrajo b1 s rotiz-
Item od hodlnok — s-msdin krk, 7.o byl
zlnty—konoCnO Hpoufitl:
„A to s tlm chodlto v nediMI?"
Noveil61 jsom olcaniitltfi, je-ll pravo
iiodelo; alo rychlo poeitnni: v patek
cvlConl v D. T. ,T„ v Hobotu jsom byl
v linlhovno — Jiz odpovlilam:
„8ur ?.o v nedfill!"
VJrtfil, 7.o mu tioclici roxunu'it u prom
ml lo clnvn po lopnto:
„A to vy novito, ?.o neclMe Je don
piine?"     .-
Nu, poinyHlIm hI, tody b pnnom
bolioin do bojo.   A whin ho plain:
„Tak imin tedy liovtV.lo, kdy iniinio
„(!linii(c> hI vi"'v. odni den."
„Alo jnk iiioliu vo vficilnl clou, kdy?,
Jt-eiii v priu'l?"
..Well,    jn    praciujl   tiiktS.    (Jliedlo
„Nn, vni-or! Alii kdy? Kdy?. ho
pi'iiv? vecJorl?   To liejilo.   Anelio kdy?.
Suppose you could take your time about
your Christmas buying — wouldn't your
money go twice as far as if spent in a few
hurried, crowded shopping hours?
Think of spending a whole day—a week—
in our great store—looking over our. extensive stocks, comparing prices and making-
out lists of the presents you would like.to buy!
Thafs just what you do when you buy
through Simpson's Special Christmas
We have a; copy ofthe catalogue for you,
J'ust waiting,, for your name "and address,
.t's free—send for it now.
on every article shown in our Christmas
Catalogue. , You buy just as cheaply as
though you lived- right here in Toronto,
and you ship the goods back at our expense
if you don't like them when they arrive—
and get your money back. This means,
of course, that we are going to be very careful about sending exactly what you "order.
Our general mail order catalogue enables .
you to buy—at Toronto prices—almost anything shown in. our great store. We also
pay delivery charges on all'goods shown
in our General catalogue with the exception
of a'very few heavy, bulky articles.
60   YEARS'
Trade Mark*
Coi»VniQHT* AO.
zena s veCeri teprvo muze Ceka?
anebo kdy2 muZ n6co v bani spravuje,
abych ho vytrhoval? anebo aby Iid_
mysleli, ?.o chodlm vybirat taxy? A
na ..borCi" so u?_ tod lake" nesedl,"
Tu mas, pomyslim si, pfit duvodu
konlra — jsom na .vrchu, Ale zapom-
n61 jsem, 7,c intelligence takovyeh lidl
podoba se ruZonci, ktery oni lousUaji:
kdy?. dolouslcajl, zaCnou se zdravasy
znovu. Tak-5 nnS hrdlna preskofill
lined na svdm rufconcl:
„A ja vam roknu, pokud ncbudou
lldc* deiat* Jake- ki-eslancS a nobudou
svfitlt den pane, nie s llm „clolnlc-
tvlm" nedokaZoto."
To rnno doli'-alo. Rychlo sbiiain
sve „blbllcko" vedomo^tl n pravlm:
-- ■ „No a nonl psano v pinm5, norolc
pan Je?,l§ farlsoum, kdy?. ho obvlnovall
ze znosvCcoiil dno svateGiilho tlm, 7.o
v, sobotu uzdravll neiiiocnc'-lio, norok
jim v podoboiifitvl, pukllSe spndno nfi-
komii vul anebo oscl do jamy v
sobotu, 7.0 to dobytGo vytnhnou lined
a nobudou Cekal na nodfill?"
Tlm jsom mu dodal. nyl porn?,on,
Alo lined projovll vollltou rndost nad
Urn, 7,e znam blbll, Nov6d61 ovSom,
rokl-ll JBom to vfiocko do posloclni
joty „all right", uio radout mel.
Jon7.o nomolil pochopltl, jak to n ngl*
I nel pro. Dfilrticlcd Usty houvIhI, Vy
svetloval Jsem tedy. A z pouhi5 11*
diiiiillnosll iiop6n7,ll Jflom podoboiifitvl
o tom dobylkn, nybr?. toho drulieho
o loin iinniflcme'm,   A pravlm:
„\Voll, nenl lakovy dnc-Snl delnlk,
ktory ka?.dodiine fitn zpravy o velkyeh
Hlavknch, o kntaRlrofach v doloeli a
na ?,oloznlelc!h, o torn, Jnk uillleo
Htrlll do lidu, kdy?, olino troehu vfilfil
UoiiHck cliloba o loin, kdy?. rokiiou
prnvdii, klery fto o grnflciili pollllknni
a o vRoeh JoJIeh linnobnoHloc-h n klery
pule Jdo |irl vcilbiieh k OHiidl jako
boriin it JoAie Jlm  pnmiiltn  cio .tophi
 nonl lukovy dfilnlk lakf! clioiy
mi  (IiihI  I  na  inn/.ku  u  iiciniinr mu
iloiiiiAol nii'dlelmi I kdy?, Jo lo na df!)
Just write on a post card: uPlease send trie Christmas Catalogue'No. 68
We will send it by return mail, prepaid.
1.1. l.'lHlfBlfYI lf1IP'*Tn'
pane?    Ja  mysllm,    ?.o    tim    pravS
necieii svCtim."   .
,, Na§ dobry mu?.    byl    nadobro po-
rn?.on. * Alo nechtei to priznat, nochtei
takovemu     svCceni     nedeie     nijak
■ „A profi to nedeiale jako Jini novl-
;,Pro'e! Prolo?.e dolnikum nikdo
noupisujo stodolarovo akclo na Caso-
pis, ani novydftlavame tislcu v Cns
volob, ani novytloukiimo penizo rozbi-
jenim Htnvolc a nepodkiiriijonio 7,adn6
pochybne volieinG, A to ,1o pak te?.ka
pracOj lctorou by mfilo delnlctvo u-
znat,"  " , ■
Alo nnS mu?- zaCal zaso na sv6m
ru7.oncl od ropetlco:
„A Ja vam .roknu, 7,o dokud "
Inu, fill Jsmo. Alo myslel jsom
si. „Ch]np!ku, tii61 jHcm na lebo
preco jen u7.lt podobonstvl s tlm
volem a obIoiii, bylo by lo pripad-
iifijBI. Ostatiifi, modlclnu jsom tl
prinoK, CIslo JBom tl noc .ml;
biuloB-H Jo eistl, nevlm, poro-
zumifill mu, pochybujl, nlo ?.o Bl
predplatlfi. to noverim. Ty JhI pravO
v to janiQ a po provazo ho nahorii
nodoHtanciR, na lobe jo troba hovor, a
naiiil nikdy nopuJdoB. protn?,o maft
bviiJ pytel klorlkiilnlho rozunni a do
Hinrll nnpoi'hnplft, f.o ly svym rn7.on-
cc'iii lU'dOll utloukafi a ?.o my Jl u?,ltee-
nou prniil HkuleCnfi nvOtlmo,"
A fill Jmno — o iiuiiierko chilo.
,iOVt M,
By  Moses Oppenheimer.
The visit paid to tho United States
by our distinguished comrade, iRiiatz
Dnszynskl, onco moro focuses nllo'i-
lion on a problem w-ilhin our own
ranks:" the problem of language
l! is not oxaclly the same problem
thai. confroiilH our comrades In Switzerland or In Austria-Hungary. For In
both Iheso countries'tho different national or language) elements nro In lho
main sellled In different parts of the
national territory; forming prnc-tlcally
compact groups of the population,
Tliey aro nntlvo to the soil, historically connected with tho development, of
lliclr own lanil
It Ih dlfforont "with us in tho United SlntoH. Our elonientH speaking
foreign languages are rofiont arrivals
Thoy aro Immigrants, In tho main unfamiliar with our hlHlory, Institutions
and national pai-iillarlttoH,
And llioy aro not ■jniiBHoil Ingot hor
In Hoparnto torrltorloH, Tlioy aro sent-
loied over tlin IndiiHtrlnl cent orn,
forming foreign ooIoiiIcih, iih It wore,
In our great, cltlcm. A sort of elan-
nlHlinoHK dovolopH iiinong ihem, ciuiKod
by (ho natural difficulties ihey .,en-
i-ountor lu n new oiiVlroniiu'iil,
Tlioy Htlll prcmorve a niciKt lively IntoroHt In I Iin nffnli'H nf tliolr nut Ivo
Iiiiui, In Uio HtriiggloH going on thorn.
Thnl. Intc-i'i-Ht Ih liuniiin nnd priihu**
llllt iil'lt-r nil, thoy havo i-cunci here
lo Htny with uh, lo buciinici purlh nf
uh, tlioy nnd lliolr nl'I'Hprliig. our own
prohlc'iiiK now hnve lioociiiin thoir prnb-
loins, Tliolr own IiiioichIh lire hoiioo-
fori li hound irp with Hit- InioroHtu of
llio Atnoi-lciiii working c-1iihh of which I l'"i*   Ininiocllnii
List of Locals District 18
V; % >»
eitlfKIr mpn.ta r» mir (-I-tninn froo wlmtlmr »ll
tp. f ui -nollc-*.« H liuuli cliBrwci, lu two
ScimtifK Biwlcaw
C«nij«.VUV» »«»r,p(*W*o prop
_ •
rx* *
Liti-Mimt, cnr«
...     'I'MM.tPf
ipald,   HolU by
f hu w-abiBntoo, i>. a
flumlny la«i ii new IlinwvHi-il wjuL
into ciffcc-t nml below we rIvo Dm
rhnngoH Ihnt tiffed IhU point:
ni2*-!>:20 n. ni, Local, oaslbound.
318—10:00, Ilcfiiilar paaaonger west-
7—11M9. Flyer, westbound.
311—18:10, HfRiilnr pn«*t«ni?or.
311—20: M. f,oc*nl, wodtbound.
B—91:3J. Flyor, e-ntbnund.
1*1 W
Correolod hynDlHtrlcl, nmn'oinry up in Novcnibor 1, iSUfl.
V.anVliond   ,,  ..    V. Wliondov,  .nnkhenil Alln.    II
llonvor flvoolt *.. N. 'McDoiinnll,  llonvor  Croolc,  vm I'liieliur,
Ilollovuo     .1. lln'.Ue, Ilollovuo, Krimk. Aim.
HiirinlB     Thoiiifii* Ojckoij', H«rmln, Aim.
(iaiiinoro  ....... .F. Noll, ('niunon1, Alln.
Coloman     W. (Irnliniii, Coleinnu. Aim.
, . f i       t 11 Or l** i»'M n       ^ it ft
I'tllUtMlliii'iW   it.t*   ^*.     Mi    ti*-*~te\.'-*    ' ,J	
Cardiff     U Hurklp. Cnrdlff. Alia.
Corbin ThonuiH KvnnH, Corbin, 11. C.
1 .nmoncl City .. (loorfio Dolmen, Diamond City, Lothhrlilge.
Kdmonton'   Uiehnrd ThompHon, Frnzcr 1'lntfl, Kdmonton.
Kdmonton      M. Ilonle, 431  homo Rtroot, Norwood, Kdmonloii.
Pornlo   D. neon, Fernie, 11. C,       , ,
Fvftj-.U   C«. Nicol, Front. Alta.
HoHmor   J. Ayro, Hosmer, II, C
■fj|||o.--.it    f    J"!   .lcitii">i,  lllllrii-**t.  Altn.
l.oihbrifigo   h.   Moon-,  1>.  O.   113,  hMhbrldK**, Aim.
hlllo   W. h. KvnnB, Mile. Frank, Aim.
Mftple 1/saf .... M.   lillday,  Mnplc-  Lotxt,  Itellevuo. Aim,
Michel    M. Hnrrc-ll, Mklwl. »• C
Police Flats ....  Nell   llunctin,  Vncnbiim,  Ilellovun, Alt«,
I*aMbiirR     Harry Smith. Vu»f,buin. Alta.
Uu>iil Culllfcvlca. CUaifcJ BiulHi. Ror«l rolllory, lwthhtbl,^, Al.,..
fitrnthconn   A. Shew, Htmthcoim, AUa.
Tuber   William , HuhhcII, Tatter, Altn,
Tabor  B. Orowh. Taber, AUa.
vlouioljoii v oniiUopravnoHll in nvciboill
vhi'Ii ljudlj, lii /.nblova, da vnalcdo
v*>.lva Hiidovo Hvojoga dnln, Id ho bori
za nc-cidvlKiioHl piiHiuneziilkov, iiloinon
In iiiirmlov, morn /iiiiigntl In (jbcvb-
uiimnal -- proj '"I hIi-J. To llrjn
niirnvnl -/nkoii, l<l iiiih gonl vednn
unpicij, nuj ?.<• hofoinci all ucifomo,
/.iikon, ktc-inni H>- no mni-onio uprotl,
ker Jo Hiof-noJAI nego ml.
Socliill/.c.ii bod" ziniignl! Svohodn
bnilo /iihljitht iilioglui li-pliioiii, dim
M-ot'o ho porodl I/, uor-l Hodiiujo bode,
VpriihiHiio .h' Minio, kedftj.    All trnll j Hungarian, Unitiiiiiuliiu, Uw-mI*-. Nciih--,
tin  io liibko ndgcivoHino.    hotii ulcer 11)„,„,, kihiiIhIi, Ilnllnn, Fronc-h, Spi.n*
* nc* vc-nio, ilnoMi  v  Kuluiinrjii  no  in.-
H.II.W    ll,l...'.. i.'il'.,    ,■-'      i''*    i'"'' *>■•■'    I'''-'"
Irc-iioti'k   n:ii''o lomr-ni*  ulnvi*.    Kiuliu*;    .\iiif»iik n.m-t  of Uu-.-.o iuillcni,'il  .-U-! li
bodo doliiVHko IJiiiIhIvo po vnein hvc-Iii ' „„,Mfi< .-,,, j.ioniic-iiiiln nf Intornittltii-iil I of
or altogether lacking.' Such  at least
is our experience -up to date.
When we consider the position of
these liuiKiiaKo {-roups, calmly, wo
must at once grant Hint tlioy aro
justified in their plea for the use of
their own-lnnKimKO. In ihat way
thoy cnn best push iheir own propaganda, maiiiiKO thoir own busiiK'-is,
conduct their own publlonlionH.
lint, lu freely lulniiltliif,' all I bin, wo
have a rinht io pciint out io thom thn'
an I'ollowei'H of intc-riiatloiiiil Socialism
ihey havo ussiinu-il solemn obllKiitloiiii
niiiside of thoir own' national or Ian-
Bunno dr. It'H,
Thoy hnvo hpoomo n part, and nn
Imp'brliinl pnrt, of onr own workln..
class, lt thoroforo is tlioir plain duty
to tako their plnco side by sldo wllh
lho oi-kiiiiIzimI party of tho American
workln.*; class,    .
This Hhould rccpilro no elaborate
"Dlvldo and rule" was lho crafty
maxim of lho Roman siatoHiiion of
old by which thoy kept so mnny tribes
and iJiitlonalltk-K nnder their IhumbH.
It wiih tlio fuiinliiK maxim of Met-
ternlch and his react Icninry syHtom In
AuHtrla-llmiKiiry. It l« the natural
niaxliii of every wily opproHHliiK class.
For that obvious reason, eiillnhton.
od workiiiKincii of all iiiitiuiiniilies
ompbiisizo lliclr coniiiiiiiilty of Inic-r-
osts, Hook oo-opc'i-atlnn of all clit* whi-'o.
In spite of nil Uie (ipparoin dlffl*
c-uliloH a wny iiiiihi ho I'lnnnl to bi-liii?
all cnn- or-v-nnl-/. d li-.m-uiuii- cnuipH Inlo
i-IosohI cii'KMiilc roliiilrni*-1 with lho Hn-
c-IiiIIhI parly. In this nny mily '-an
nil lliolr I'osiiiirci-s In human niiil<-i'hil
and I'.i.iiiiei* bo iiilll/i-il In the fierce
htriij.'i.lo for I'liiiiuoliiailmi fmiu uim"
slave ry,
* ('mui'iiib'  l>!is/\n*-l>r*-    hiuv    anniiii.--
iih Mhiiiild In- iiuiije iho mm iiui.- i-i im |
i-(ii)'-li|i'i','itliiii   nf   ihlsi
ilioy Imvi! bi-cmnt* a jiarl.
To  tueiillmi   hoii-  only    tho    incist
noteworthy oloiiicuts, wo find tho i'ol-
lowllIK   Well   ilofllioil   lllllKUIlKf   Ol*   llll*
t'mitil ).*i*oii|is:    <i: im nut it,  Vhiillsli,  Ilo-
icmlaii, Slav,    lliisslau,    I.oil,    Pole
i ll|(t.*,l   pi ,ii In ill   |i
il,h in
Kve'ry mnn connected wltn mining,
wholher ho is a laborer, superintend-
en!, manager, mining engineer or owner, is hiierosied in securing ideas that
will save hlm time and make moro
monoy for hlm .
An organization hits been built up
at. a big expenditure Hint is scourinij
tho mining world for money making,
money saving ideas.
The problems ihnl, one man bna
failed to solve another man boihcwhero
hns solved, and II I.s the work of this
organization to search out. mining problems and their solutions, to'elaHHlfy,
arrange and simplify tbem, '   **
Think,, what this moaiiB—It means
that now It, Is possible for any man
to fioouro tlio IdeiiH, tho Bchomus, tho
very working pinna Hint nro building
mining successes everywhere.
MlncB and Minors Ih so well knoiv.i
to every manager, siipc'rliileudoiit and
coal mining official thai ll, Is not no-
cossruy lo make any explanailon of Ith
merit for thoir benefli,. There aro
many, how-uur, who are newcomer:)
In iho country nnd ns thoy very probably would like to got IdoiiH rognrdln.;
mutters dealing with Ibe mining In-
diiHtry, we can say without fear ot
ccmtraillclloti thai '.his publication Ir
the very best of lis kind,
Wo have niii'ic nifniigi'ini'iilH wllh
the publishers uf His monthly to make
hoiiio e\eepllonnl!y ndvaiilageoUH clubbing m'1'i-i-n;
Mlin-ii nnd Minerals cun* year,,. .%'IM
The DIhIi-IcI  Ledger one yonr.,..  1.<>0
Kxainlnatloii (Jiiostluiis for c'ortlfl-
eaten of Ccimpoioni-y In  Mining. ,!!,r>0
Krnncmco Ft*ri*er,
One   yoar  aim   tin-  gmoiniiioin   nf | Comblnntloi^prlco %rj,riQ,
Spiiln.  tnnler   ihe  iliiiiiiniiiimi   ut   the ■ Minim and Mlncralu, for one year
clericals,    iiiiiiil'Te.l    l-'i-ni'i-.    These I    *2 hlg 132 pago Ihhiich, and   Tho
hint li-rcibed,    pinci'i .-ii bailna
i in nl, 11 rook, Syrian, Armenian, ('Ihiiomj | n*oy coiii.t  Mil i-iinnan
, ,IE|,I   .l.itJ.illi ,*,i . i        ,,..,.,.,
li!: 11 !iill     H-'U
liltl I nl   u Iiiih
I fill
«-"'l'-i i    Dlhtrlft Ledger  for,, une year, Wi
i     l-mo-.   i-oeular    Itrlc-fi    foi- both,
lasilcs litipeil Hint  bv killing the mnu
-•"•.,  r,!"";1"!    V\:,a.   for	
(ir.'.aiil.'.iiliiu ', Mbi'-s ami Mlti'-ml't, une year
bhiMoiI   Kuiitpe  fm-lThc! HlHirln Ledger one year.
ziivoilno In /.ilriir/.i'iio. padejo vorigi in : uoehillHin hns taken ronl, crystallizing
Jnrml, a nn-Hlo triiljcnn '/adonl ndlimn orgniili-iillonH with nownpiiper
mo'bi do mor.n voll-'iislnl po| nvbodo,   ,„„..mi, „f . .i,.|r own
"F. *t'-      !    In  t.onio t imoii    xxnyn    have!    been
  Ifouinl    tn'   t.siiihllHh   eluse   and   liar-
Property Interests vs, Humin Life.  | inoiilcnin relntloim with the orgiinlzed
Km tlinrouglily  III tbo publio heiillb i HoiIhIIhI   parly of the  I'nlinil  Hlntcm,
lioglceteil  by   Mr.   Hhhh'  govoninn'iit
■thai the elllzeiiM of Mlchcd hnve boon
M-iii'ipi'llncI    io   "petition" the gowni*
| ineiil  "lo lnko Hiirh linniedlalci step-: • iiecdntliu;  to  their  own   nlon".
'. in-ci-i'.Hary fnr Dw early Hnnimilon nf'    Th's  cmiilltion,  it   would   *-eoin,  l«
MhU town whereby the (Inngero nf an   not   cali-ubiiftl   in   imnim >■   iin*   b'-M
III   oilier   IllHlllllCOH     the
tloniil groiipii hold nluiil'
• •in   clulis,   p'lrnulng   ib
ex silng na
is liiil.-p* ml-
r   own   w«'y
ceiitur i"..
The wn Id  «lll nut  Mop or Spain.
Till- llll'- -llll' 11'* lli'tllOl l.li \ I'll ll'e.'-
dom, till 111:! ■'!■' UK '', l.r|ilJl'lli.'- w|l|
t'li-e   Wlii-n-   Hood   Hie   llll'lilies   nf   lit''
puppet king-    I'oiinpiil und .-'intlii will i
ronl i*ir-.il Meial Miners I'oiliet
R.W. McDonald
Accountant and
lake their pl.n-e In Uie uiaich uf ibc|
uatlotiH. I
Imiitci- di'il im>t In willi.   The \olli> '
wb'cli   kllb-d    hi--    loiil*.   was   hcniil i
iiroiiiul iho worhi, immI h hii ihu*. Hm-
baekward rarer te iiulltlr'il mul menial i
eniniii'ipiti hid, ,'\n>i iniu itus 111 _; ,.:-
jepldemle be nvrrlccl and tho Hv-ph nud ire-unit. eltber for tbem or un- our own > mim-it poliiirul ihi ilmii having tin-
' l.e.iltb of lb" (ItbotiH bo HaffgiiMrcb-d" iiai'onnl niovement.                                picer to tbiinge l:i«i- In a •on-.tltu-■                     nOfi T'llrranw
'    Tin1    i*ovonimc-iit-llnwHf<r    mnelilne*    It is iilino.u Inovlinlile tbnt In thoho llmiitl way, ibey will  |.nin-.-i| to em-, r, U,  BOX I16U l/dlfjary
' Iiiih been loo busy fortifying Itm-lf in  hepiumt-il    ami    isolith-d  iiatmniil m-, iiiic'i)ate,,iheun.el\e*-, i n.muni. .illy. _
) ii-VW-7-  tf» pay  nltflltlon  IO «uell  tW-xe' y:,l^v:ttU,U"    lie*   bulk   or     Hu*      v-nrk        FlrHt   the   liulloi   ,-it,.»   t|..,|_   fie.'do?li!
•ilotiitl* ni the pnblle bc-nllb, At At- should be illri-eir-i! toward Hi- niip-, fmiti pbyHlcal po\i-jt>. wlibb c;mi I am ninnklng regular vIhUh to
jii>riii-)*Kc*iM-rul Hownor would v:\y: purl of tbe !!irnj.rl"« going rm In tbelr*onlv t-nrne through Hie intelligent eu.-iht*c iii«irit-t unit MmII \,< Kind »*i te-
i "They're only n lot of 'fnrelgrion-.' j former bnine_t. and that eo operation uperniltm «>f the workeri. of tin* world.! reive any ennulrlei. rehillv.i to no-
'unywiiy." 11" our own HiriiRulo nlioul'1 b" foohlo :-■ Unlly Soi-IhIIhi, ' icniiitant  wor);. '        Itl-l-tp. PAGE EIGHT
Nat Howells of Corbin was in town
this week. ,
William Scott, is up from the coast.
for a few days.
C, J. and Mrs. Digby spent Thanksgiving day at Hosmer. ■
Fred Kirkpatrick is now clubbing
brakes on the M. F. & M.
GEORGE E.' KNIGHT—Your letter
will appear in our next issue.
, Messrs. Brovey    and    James 'were
visitors at the office this week.
Vice-President ~ C. Stubbs visited
district headquarters oh Friday.
Tbe bowling alley' is now well
patronized at Ingram's Club cigar
store by those practising for this winter indoor pastime.
The final counting of votes is in
progress as we go to press and it is
expected that Uoss' majority may be
very slightly  increased.
The first drawing -ty, the automobile
contest by the Fomie steam laundry
will take place Monday evening next
at the Fertile opera house.
It Is expected that the Home Bank
oi Canada will' occupy Its new palatial
quarters on Victoria avenue before
tho end of the current month.
L. R. Drake, the homesteader from
South Fork, near Bellevue, Alta., is
in town rusticating after the arduous
labors  incident  to-lifo on  tho  farm.
\V. G. Bruce has purchased the
proporty formerly known as the Gill
boarding house from W. S. Lano and
will renovate and remodel it into a
first-class   rooming  house.
F. F. Morris, of the' Draeger Apparatus was, a passenger on the westbound Friday morning en routo • to
Nanaimo. He expects to return to the
Fernio district about three weeks
hence. ,       „   ,
Mrs.' 3*3. C. Spalding, accompanied
by her daughter Louise, mother and
sister respectively of J., G,, arrived
in the city on Wednesday-from England and will resido permanently in
the house in the park formerly oc-'
cupied by Mayor Herchmer. -
Lieutenant-Colonel Pugmire accompanied by Major F. Morris will visit
Fernie Thursday, November 10th, ancl
deliver his -lecture on the ' Si A.
Citadel entitled," "Life" Within the
Prison Walls." A cordial invitation
is extended to everyone to attend.
We regret to report .that the condition   of   Mrs. 'C.,c**C.   Wright   grows
gradually   worse.  . The   latest  advice
from  Banff  being  that  there  is  no
-hope of her recovery.
Her .parents', Mr. and Mrs. Rudinski,
have  the*.heartfelt  sympathy  of  the
G. G. S. Lindsey, formerly president and general "manager of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company, now
head of the firm of G. G. S. Lindsey
& company; has returned to Toronto
from an- extended trip through the
northern British Columbia raining regions. Mr. Lindsey has staked many
minora! claims in the Pacific coast
province and comes back with an
optimistic report of ' tho prospects
there. Much capital is needed for development.—The Monetary Times.
The Creston-Erickson marksmen
conclusively demonstrated'at the recent meet that not only.they can and
do pluck the finest pomological samples from their trees, unearth gigantic
tubers from the soil but also pluck
the laurels from the brows of our
target trimmers.       -„-.
Yes, Fernie lost the contest by two
points. There was one no each sldo
who scored 76, the C.-E., shot ought
to have done better in order to harmonize with his name "Giinn,"* yet
sooth to say he may. congratulate
himself that he was by no means the
poorest marksman on either side.
After the smoke and smell of powder had vanished into thin air anothor
smoko and another smell was ' provided at the Burton hotel and there's
no instance recorded that at this
gajne" any of our local sportsmen
missed tho target. Although Creston-
Erickson won tho contest by two
points the Fernio, aggregation likewise had two points tho best of it in
the gobbler class by carrying off nine
out of tho 14 turkeys.
u It -was altogether a rattling good
time and as hosts tho Creston-Erickson residents both male and female
aro unsurpassed:
Gould     30 28 33 "91
Wallaco    '. 28 . '31 29 88
Minton     31 28 28 87
Bleasdell     31 29 23 "    83
Boulton     30 29 22 81
Laurie   ........ 28" . 29 7   20 77
Pedlar ...' *. 29 p7 20 76
Lawe   .'  21 28 17 66
Fitzgerald     30       32 29
Battereil0  287     31 2S
Wigen, C 30       28 28
WIgen, J.,     30       29 26
Cartwright   .... 27       28 22
Gunn     .7  27       28 21
Crawford   -22       31- ' . 21
King - .-**_. 24  •-, 29    - 19
F. C.  B.
Thoro - is considerable activity in
Pythian circles, the Tuesday evening
meetings bolng woll attended nnd now
mombors added to tho rosier furnishing plenty of material for the toam
to oporato upon.
Wo understand that. II. Is tbo intention of the local lodge to havo fourth
rank work every month.
NELSON, 11. C„ Nov, ...—Tlio long
oxpoctod street cnn. for Nelson arrived from Ottawa lust night, nnd arc
bilng tented today. Cars aro of lhe
latent, design and pent -10* ■mKSOtip.cn.,
The nervice has been Interrupted for
three yenrs slnco tlio burning of the
burnt*, and the car^ will bo Immediately roHimiod, Tho truck lum boon
extended und Is ready for operation,'
the . body of . a young Englishman
named Chambers was discovered by
a -neighbor hanging to one of the
rafters of the shack he was occupying, From information received it appears that on;. Friday night the deceased had gone to the Coal Creek
train expecting to go to work, but
upon reaching the, station and' learning that the mlno was idle went to
his dwelling and the fact that he has
not been working steadily since his
arrival from the old country where
ho had boon., for some time provlous
to his departuro among tho list of
llio unemployed, that the brooding
over his troubles produced a mental
aberration hence tho grim tragedy.
The deceased was about 25 years
of ago and • loaves a wlfo and children destitute ln England.*
"Alii!  Ala!   Alabaster
Snow! snow!  finder
Killing geeso  iu  Scot hint]
Heading  font hers  over  here,"
Tlm first eonslgiiinent of (ho I'leony,
riuffy struck town on the Ild, but old
Sol   pulling  In   npiietiriiiico  noon  nb*
KOI'l-t'd   il.
The in.nls._-n i-iinin "to n clone at
Kenile nn Sal unlay evuilng when the
civil eiiHi' of Kliignwciod vh. McirrlsHoy
Ferule ft Mlchol rnllwny wiih eon-
c-luib-il, ihe Jury bringing in n vordlcl
In favor of thn ilefendeuiH, TIiIh wiih
uu iicllcin lo i-i-t-eivci- ilnmiigeu for th'1
Iohh nf n fool by the iihilulll'i' while
croHHlng the railway <-iiiiipuii,.'n tracl.H
nl ('mil Creek, ulio hnvlng been run
over by an engine, Tin- Jury i|.<-
c.-liloil liml 11 wiih ou Ing'io her own
eiirelcHHiicHH nnd brought lu n vi-nllc-l
.iit'cordliigly,     II,   W
Tho visit of the Welsh choir on
November IGlh to Fernio will mark
an ovont In musical clrclos that will,
long nftor llnJIr doparluro, bo a subject, for conversation. Tho press ro-
porla aro exceedingly eulogistic but, of
far moro value than those- are the
unsolicited expressions of priilso from
those who have heard them.
This Is n treat that'nono Hhould
miss ns It, Is rarely thnt such an opportunity Is afforded Fornlollos to
lienrkeii to so oxcollonl, and aggregation of scnigHlors ns , comprises Ihls
Welsh ladles choir. Novombor 10th.
icm't forgot,
The Store   of Good Values
- Ladies' Silk,Veiling.in Polka Dots,
Chiffons and Mesh Weaves.' In Blues,
Browns, Green, Wisteria, Black and
White.   Saturday, per yard 40c
■ -_)
Unbreakable Dressing   Combs,   fino.
and coarse teeth; regular 25c,
Saturday  '-. 15c
Seven pieces Reversible  Cretons   in"
Red, Green, Fawn, Brown and Cream.
Grounds.    Full 44 inches wide.    Saturday, per yard ..- , 25c
Children's Wool Winter Coats, made
of all-wool Frieze, trimmed with Rat-
Tail Braid on Cape Collar and front,
relieved with silk, covered buttons and
military braids, in Navy and Reseda.
Sizes, 22, 24 .and 26. Regular $3.75,
$4.00 and $4.75.
Saturday ... .$2.90, $3.25 and $3.95
Twelve pieces Wool Dress Goods, in
Plain and Tweed effects, Panama Venetians; and Lustre, in Green, Navy, Cardinal Taupe, Rose, Brown, Copenhagen
and Black. Regular 60c arid, 65c, Saturday  45c
Fourteen pieces Queen's Quality Taffeta Silk, a fine, sheer silk suitable for
dresses'and underskirts, in all shades.
Regular 75c and 85c, Saturday... ,55c
Six pieces of Colored Velveteen in a
nice quality close pile, full 18 inches
. wide, in Cardinal, Brown, Navy, Reseda, Emerald    and    Sky.    Saturday,
per yard .- 25c"
Outside of special Mourning orders
we will be unable to accept tiny more
commissions for November delivery.
That you may not be disappointed we
would suggest the placing of your
order., . for ' December delivery at, the
earliest possible moment. Mrs. Davy
will bo please'd to confer ..with you regarding the latest styles and models,
together with the most favored materials for this season's wear.
There's exceptional values in our
special offering of Men's Ready-to-
Weav. Fit-Reform and*Faultless clothing represent the highest achievements
and all that is best in Men's High-
Grade Ready-to-Wear. Your range of
selection here is so broad that no matter how particular or exacting you may
be, we are capable of pleasing you.
Fit-Reform; regular $25.00; 7
" special   '. $19.50
Fit-Reform, regular $22.00;
'    special  ., $17.25
Faultless, regular $16.50;
special   '.....$12.25
Faultless, regular $12.50;
special $9.50
Faultless, regular $10.25;'
special0 '..* $8.25
' You will make no mistake in allowing us to cater to your table wants.
AVe serve you best and : charge -you
les?. . -       -'   ■        -       ■,'■.'. y
SATURDAY *•■     ,   *        '
All   money-saving   opportunities   for
White',* mealy-. Potatoes from Old
Ontario, fully matured for" winter
keeping; 90-lb. sack..'.,.;. $1.30
Ogilvie's Cream Rolled Oats,',8-lb." cotton bags    ' . ,25c
White Star, true flavored extracts,
warranted pure and full strength.
2-oz. bottle _  . .15c
4-oz. bottle \25c
S-oz.* bottle  45c
' *
16-oz. bottle  90c
Colgate's Imported Toilet Soaps, a
pleasing ■ assortment to suit the most
particular. Regular 40c and 50c per
box, special, .per box  ,.256
The. season affords but a* limited
assortment of fresh fruits but here are
two lines specially priced for Saturday
selling: .   v -1   \\
Bananas, per dozen 30c
Oranges, per dozen  ,..: 25c
Fancy Table Raisins, . regular    25c
per pound,; special,'per pound.'... .10c
, Shredded "Wheat, 2 pkgs. 25c
Thisshoehas a specially
designed steel arch shank,
and is made on a perfectly
modelled last, which entirely eliminates any uncomfortable feeling when
walking. Although we
particularly recommend
this" style, which is one of
the Custom Grade at
Four Dollars, we have
other ART SHOES at
$3.50 and $_.00. For sate
only at this store.
TO LET—Furnished room iu private
family. ' McPherson1 avenue. Apply
Ledger office. 25-p-lt
FOR • RENT— Comfortable , shack,
partly furnished. Apply Mrs.* Hutch-
con, McPherson avenue between Rog-
ersahd- Thompson*. np.
TO RENT—Furnished, one or two
rooms, kitchen and bath. Apply
Ledger office. 13-3tp
TO LET—Four-roomed house1* Victoria avenue; rent, including water,
116.50. * Apply J. J, Hughes, Box.120.
FOR RENT—Six unfurnished rooms.
Apply to W, Minton, Fernio Annex.
FOR RENT—Newly plastered two-
roomed house. Apply Robert Wright,
West Fernie. 25-lt-p
40 acres of fruit land at Creston
for Bale. Watered and woll located.
E. T., caro Ledger Office. .      . 3-tp
FOR SALE—Furnished boarding
house. Proporty known as the Gill
Hoarding-House. Apply Ross & Lano,
FOR SALE—Throe-room cottage on
corner lot, 60x120, Mason avonuo.
Price, $575. Terms. Dox 371, Fornio,
R. C.
FOR SALI-.—Ono genuine Walnut
bookcase; ono oak sideboard. Apply
at Uio Duthlo Hardware company.
FOR SALE—One-fourth aero land;
two sides fenced; Wost Fornio; $100
winli.   Apply "D" Lodgoi* Office.
NHW YUJIK, ,Nov. II.- Only thu
word ol' Frnnk II. I'lnlt, bond of lho
Unllcil SlnlMii I.xpithh coinpiiny Is
nc'Pilfiil In bring nbout. nn urbltration
of lho express Hli'lko, nc-c-.onlliig to
llio c'.IiiIiiih of llio Htrlku lc!iidcu*H,
Through n . -wins of c-oiiI'oitii(.c*h
yi-HLorilny nt lhe office of Mayor flay-
nor Um c-oiihc*1)I of tlio hIi-IIccm-h Io
penult llicili' ivrli'viiiieo lo iiiI--"*.'i**i-ii
weighed lu llm lllllllliec, mil I* Is
Willi Ilie lieticls of llll llm cojii|iaiili'H
except Mr. Mull, ure willing to en-
I rum   Ihu  Hilllleiiieiil   lo n  hoard  of
Tlm Hlrllio leiiderii i*xi»i*ohh llm hope
tlmt by lonini'iow Mr, I'latl would be
wmt over lo UiIh pmiTiini, During
Dw. dny llu- mnlo* of llm striker.* wore
Hti-engilmimd by wivoral more cli'parl*
iiieiiinl hioion Joining llmin, Aid wan
nlno li-inlercil by llio 1iiii..hIic.i. innim'
union, tvlil'-h w-iil a conmilliee |o Hull,   Mooro   rmrt |HieiiniHlilp companion with notice thai
iti.**:..    i.ui     i.iM'i...'    \i,i\ mtiyt'n   in
(Y-'li-ht l*v'\ui,.i* to Mum by vlrlVc*
lii'oiilmri-t and Ihi-citioui-d to Hli'lko to
enforce their cleclHlon, Minor dlH-
oideiM cuiitinii.'d dining the, clay but
llm pollen did nut control llm sltiin-
illon I'or,a intuimiil and more wagoiiH
v.--m- iium-n miner puia-i. KUiiiil mail
on pruvloim dnyH.
moro than hnlf clniirocl; partly cull I-
vntod; lnrfro barn and chicken Iioubo,
Sllualcd nl Colcato. AcldroBs "M" caro
FOU SAI.K—Deiilriiblo all-modern
mivon-roonmd bungalow on ThomiiHun
Htrool, HoiiHoniibl.i tonus, Apply
Lodgor office,
WANTED--Young mnn wnnlH jicihI-
lion iih Imlp.-r io oiiglneoi' ur oloc.-
ti'lc.liui. Willing to work for l_oi.nl
in order to lenrn inuln. AiIiIic-hh
l\ O. 75, Ferule, U. C
WANTIOD—To buy two or four
('ulgitiy htil-iii'lmu loin for ciihIi, illiect
from llm owner, (live o.\ii-:t location
and price-, Apply 1\ O. Uox lfiofi,
Cnlgnry, Alia.
* p - *_*
I Now Open for Business
I With a new Stock
_ ■
Boots, Shoes, Trunks
W. R. McDOUGALL    . J&FBlockJ
i*********************************************Xf ****>(*
Veterinary Surgeon
Calls promptly made, day or night
and satisfaction assured
■ i  ,
Office, Fernie Livery,
Fernie. B.C.
Just Received
A full lino of
Strings for all musical Instruments
ond all necessary parts
Marked at prices that will sure sell 'em
U > I,' * • •    * t   1.1.MUX
MeTlH'e.H't       ff»V
mm , i ..t ,
Tin* mul newH    roncliecl    town
IJInewbere will be found mi nrhi-r
tlMeiiieiil calling for api'lli-auiM lor
lhe iicjhIIIoii of cily clerk and irensur-
or which will be vacant on Nov. 1,'itli,
Divert. iim.ni'H are current thnl
nlrcnily u certain Individual lin.i.l-e**-!i
Mlalcd for the proHpecllve vacancy i 'l"; Kml, ™ ^'"m",, T' .""
which Is having Die tc-ndc-m-v to j l""1H1,,">' ■■■»■.MrH' h\]l »■ H,,n,1,">''
cn-aie nn iiniiivrHlHii l,n the juiiifiH ofi,,r •"*,•■ *"'"' I*"*k' ■ "''"" ■"■■'»■■-> ••'•
Koine of ih.. 1,.,-Hii.ni-llvc-t er.ndld.iie. "l"^* '" *'f,H Angeles and ino.her
D,W  .1   in  |.,..|,.  .., ..pp.v. -"' IJ'"- f'""-'   <uui.!;ni:ifi  tt. b    pa.. a*.l
ThlH wt. Imiic- mny be conln.dlcn.l i"""-v "» -Mcmday laM and wan li.teir.-d
In  Hi., proper inilhoritleM ho thai  llm'"*  hm A"K«''''H*
Hl*li'l-lili||   In-   lniul"   •.vltllOUt   the  HllRllt- ' ""  	
•■••-.I  diMi-liu'iuitloTi  and   resuli   in   the        KING GEORGE'S DISTILLERY.
c-lii-  (ilit:ililitiiL>   lli<*   vtrv   lic-Jt   cab-nt ' ....
for wi rc*,|.oiislhl-*' a iioHltlon.
.•.iiiilaiid's     new     ^iniM-ltn,
<»nr nmitn hi  a  tn-u tlobl  and  no  flf-nrge, bra   nitisJer of ninny  liiclut-
favoritc-s and may the hfHi mnn win. !trl**H. bu*  It  Ih not  pcn.-nillv known
• /
Hoy, j-t yenrH of ago, IiciiichI, and
imlUHliioiiH Heelc*-- uiu|)loynient, Dnvlil
'I'lmiiiton, fllil llcereallctn pi-ound. f-ad
thai Im Ir the owner of n dlnllllory
whloh prnduroH hoiiio nf tho flneat
wlilHl.y Unit over drew juuIho from a
connolHuitiir. Tho whitcky HiuIh Uh
way lo all the royal liiblos via llm
ii-Hiiih 01 Um hiiiKliniu liiiilue, vMiei'ti
It nrrivoK In bullc and wltern It Ih
matured lu la rim vatu, ho thai ll Ih
from ITi to 20 yeniH old,
Tlm distillery was nt t'lrst an ordinary  commercial  umlculaltliiK,  ilolni?
a fair aniount of trade find produc-lni,**
a wblHlcy of  Houml H-pnii-, bin   wben
tlm iiroporty pnHxed Into tlm iiohsoh-
, cIimi   of   lhe.. clov.li   III   Hi.-   l.'lM-   of
j Qii|-on   Victoria  Ilie  inoiluctH of tim
I tllttltllory"* woro   rnt-i-rvi-il e>;.-hinlvc-ly
for the itfc« of ilie royal family unci
ilmlr rciHiict-tlvo inmi'clinlilM.
Althcmpb t!n» ktisK inan'ifa-'-'i-.r-j.* Id*
own  wlilnky lie iiitiiitlty drink.-  v_iry
! little of IT, for tin- nriifo ImllRcHtlnn
j from   whleh   b"  o< vn-dooallv  suffern
Iiiih placed ll liuder a laboci. Hill Ilie
"LocliiuiKiir Hc-oteh" Ih ofton drtuik |iy
tlm Duke of ConiiauRht nnd It waH
practically tho only Htlniulnnl Ihnt
wim lakeii by Quonn Vlflorln for ninny
yoiii'H beforo hor dentil.
Wi- '.*'ivc iiil-Il' I 1J.C- r»eJiU'JJ*l.'er
nuniber of thu llrlllali C'olunibla Mln-
Iiik nnd KiiKliiecii-liiK Roeord. In ml-
dliion lo tho editorial note* thoro nro
nrtlcloH criticizing tho proin-nMoiiH of
tlm Koolcnnv Hllwr Lend Mliifft. Ltd,,
Shec-p Creek Smninll Held .llinea, ]Ad„
and: tlm Oram! Trunk IlrltlHli Coliimliln
Conl company, Au Interofltlni; nrtlelo
Ih that on tho lilBtory nnd dovolop-
mont of tho Tyco Copper company,
which It nppi-ai-H ia now extending ltd
bubini-s* by takliiK up tho omcltlnR of
hilvi-i-b-iid ok-h, ami tbo nuitiufui'liir**
of c-opper products, tho flrHt IndiiHtry
of It:. Ulud iu ruiiiulu,
Other articles rtrc: metric Tin
MlnlriK run! Hm. hiriK Co., l^rnc Amftl-
Kinrmtcil (lobl Mine, I.urky Jlm 7Ano
.Mllu.*. Kxplo..i!.llity of ('onl HiiRt. de-
fu-rlptlnnu i,l \b,. y^.^. iVkmlni/m (inv-
erniiiciii Aisav mfflr. nl Vruic-nuvcr,
Mho towns of ijit]y_iinltti nnd Dintcnnn
I on VniKfitivt-r Inland; tlm mineral nml
IndiiHtrlnl out Hon nl, Vniicouver ox-
hlbitlon, llm llnmllton powder workH
nnd DnlmKou Iron woi-Ich at Nannlino,
A very full nccount l» bIvimi of lho
dc'vclnpinont work, oro occtirrcnccH,
und values on lho now inlnenil flold
IioItir oponod up on th'o Rlconnii In llm
vk-Inlty of Uuzoltnn.
^    /l/'-f*''*'t'''* tfi'i    t"    r.C-,'-"**!-)    ^f   t}\fi    '*0'\'l
inliioH oii Vnticotivoi* iHlnncl nnd tliolr
ilevelopmuiit, from which it appenra
that. llrltlHh Columbia linn a conl mlno
In Dw fonductlns of which ns fnr-
n-ncliliiK c-coiiomy In lho Imndlln-,' mid
HiivltiK ef conl hnH litinn nchleved, nn
1 _        11 a     ■ i i * i
' <■■ «.    .        '•.■_,■,.--       -.Ji,        M>«<_.        \>i^H ifr*   ^tu.'*- *• » <* ** t***^
Kuvc-H nl) of the Iiok hut tlm Hcpieal.
The niitKhzlne is lieiiullfiilly llltiff-
tintc-d and neatly printed.
These Overcoats were made
by Canada's foremost tailors
The famous Fit-Reform designers originated the
The equally famous  Fit-Reform tailoring   corps
created the garments from lhe cloth. , •
These Overcoats offer every essential of tailoring^
perfection, and make their strongest appeal to those
who demand the best there is—regardless of* price.
We illustrate the "ARCTIC",
with reversible collar, and the
BREASTED"-both made
in new and exclusive patterns.
>   $18 to $35.
Application**, for tho position of
Cily Clerk and Treasurer will be* received up n> S\fii> p, m., Ttmsdny nost,
Mh S'ovc-inSi.-r, ...IO.
XUm U- -j-m-j-is-.**-*! Io co-mm-cn-r.
diltles m rim-...
MH.    , City Clerk.
The Crow's Nest Trading Co»
Sole Agents in Fcrnic
arrny *p^
I   Us pay money to white labor


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