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 _ •<
Industrial Unity is Strength
|. Frovincial'Libra-xSO Juno
L.    - -     >.*•■'_ .-■*.-.
<■ The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
■ ■-__      —
VOL. VI.   NO. 21
Legislate V.-
((■ .-■■  DEC 2fi./y'io ■ "
A '$
Political,Unity is Victory
$1.00 A YEAR
fo   '
rj y 	
Over Two Hundred Miners
Caught in a Burning
*   Mine jn England
BOLTON, Eng,, Dec. 1.—An explo-
sion,  followed by fire," and. causing
many fatalities, occurred   ln    Little
Hulton Collieries here, this   morning,
soon after 290 miners had gone be-
*> i-
low thei  surface to' begin the days
The cause and extent of the disaster
were in doubt for several hours. , The
first rescuing party to reach the scene'party at Strathcona, Alta., July, 1608,
when they removed to Fernie.
James Wade the Corbin representative of P. Burns & Co., was a town
visitor this..week.
Don't forget the grand smoking concert to be held on the night of the
26th Monday) in Workingmen's Club,
Miners Hall. " Tickets 50c. Refreshments free.
Superintendentl of the Fernie Coke
Ovens, James McLean, left last week
for a two months holiday and will
spend Christmas and New Year among
the scenes of his childhood in Nova
Scotia.     Pleasant timo. Jimmy. *
A goodly crowd of enthusiasts attended at the Fernie Skating Rink on
Thursday night. The hockey sticks
have been brought out from their corners, and this lively game we hope
will soon be ln full swing.   ■
On Tuesday night the Fire Department received a call to West Fernie,
where it was found that the firey element had,seized hold of the house of
John Podblelancik. Before the fir was
extinguished the house was completely gutted.
Required the whereabouts of Mrs.
and Mr. Arthus Hammond; also three
brothers Dunn, members of the strike
succeeded In bringing seven men and
a, boy,to safety and later recovered
the bodies of five victims.     At the
- moment of the" explosion the flames
spread through the affected passagos
^and smoke and poisonous gases filled
the mine.
The plight .of the miners was rendered more dangerous by a mishap to
.the machinery of the .shaft, when
the cages refused to move for a time,
preventing .quick escape and interfering with ventilation, the rising gases
being  checked  by  obstructions  and
, driven back on the, entombed miners.
- Meantime the  fire  raged  fiercely,
and it is supposed that many not killed by noxious fumes -were burned to
death.,       '-    . '7
. The rescuers were unable to get
direct to the spot where* the miners
were entombed, and there was some
delay  while  they   sought   access   to
__the_.P_lace through adjoining leads.*-."
Word of the disaster, was carried
, quickly to the,homes of,.the miners,
and  presently  thousands. of  women
'. surrounded the mouth of the colliery.
The' anxious throng included a number
of children, and pitiable scenes were
-enacted. a   '•  . ,-•-*.*
•The* work of Yes'cue continued bravely amid discouraging conditions. The
rescuers went boldly, and -sncceedM
in extinguishing the flames, but encountered heavy falls of" coal r and
slack that had been loosened from
tho roof of tho mine by the explosion.
At fourteen o'clock only eight of
tbo two hundred and ninety imperlll
cd men had escaped, nnd the outlook
for rescuing the others' was dubious.
At that hour ten bodies had been recovered.
heard of at the time of the Fernie fire,
August, 1908. Friends anxious, to
hear from them! D. Rees, secretary,
Gladstone Local Union, Fernie, B. C.
In consequence of so many events
taking place at the present time it
has been decided to postpone this concert until some future date, which
will be announced later.
Christ Church (Anglican)
".The congregation*   of    the    above
parish will hold services in their new
building on Christmas Day (Sunday),
Dec. 25th.     Services will be:
Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Matins,
Sermon aftid Holy Communion, 11 a.m.;
Evensong and Sermon, 7.30 p.m.
The .dedication of .the ..church will
on which date Bishop A. M. De Pencier
will be .in Fernie. As the church
expects all ccommunicants' to make
their Communion on Christmas Day,
tho rector would therefore earnestly
urgo every communicant to avail himself, or; herself :of the opportunity at
one of the morning services.
, N.B.—A liberal offering Is asked
for by the Vestry In order to commence the New Year without "a deficit..
Sunday School Treat ChristmaB Tree
wll be given on the Church basement
on Monday the 26th inst. Tea at
6 p.m. Presents immediately thereafter.
Knowing that our many readers and
the public generally are greatly interested in'this terrible mining, calamity and are anxious .to obtain all
possible details we despatched our
staff correspondent with' instructions
to report the same in extenso, and we
purpose publishing this as the investigation proceeds, the first installment
of which is.hereafter given. Owing
to lack of space we cannot complete
the report of the entire day's doings
of Monday, December 19th, but the
latter portion dealing with the remarkable situation caused by two of
the jurors and creating a deadlock,
will be fully described in our next
issue. The unprecedented stand tak-
_e_n_by_these two Individuals, that they
A grand concort was given in
tho Fernio Opera Houso on Thursday
evening, by tho Fernio Italian Band,
undor tho leadership of Prof. C. Zac-
caro, when the following program was
oxcollontly rendered, Grand March
from "Bnllo Tonilorny' (Marengo);
Overture, 'Fosta dl Cltta" (Flllppa);
Mazurka Rusro "La Czarina'" (Cal-
bulkn); Grand solootion "Excelsior"
(Marengo). Two fonti.ro fllmfl, especially socurcd for this occasion, en-
liovnod tho Intorflosalon.
Second Part—Saxophone solo (C.
Znccaro), (a) Romunco "Zaza" Leoncavallo, (b) tho eolobrnted Swiss Bong
by Eckort; Un Divortlmonto Camp-
astro (Contor); Mnrcli, "Tannhnuner"
(Wagner); God Savo tho King (Borry).
Tlio fifth numbor by Prof. Znccaro
wan loudly applauded, and as an appreciation ho responded with "Homo to
our mountains,"
Services will, bo hold on Christmas
Day at, the Methodist Church, when
special services of song will bo rendered by. the choir both morning and
ovoning. The Christmns tree festivities will tako place on Monday evening; adults 25c., children froo.
Tho services In Knox Church will
have tho following muBlcnl items. In
the morning, anthem, I'Awako, snluto
tho hnppy morn"; solo, "Uayoroth,"
Mr. Schofield. Children's nnthem,
"Merrily rang tho Xmas bolls." In
tho evening, mixed quartette, "Shepherds abiding in tho fields'; solo, "The
Gift," Mrs. Brant. Anthem, "Shop-
hords"; violin solo, Mr. Do Stable.
to rent ovory ovoning oxcopt Sunday
nnd Thursday. Suitable for concert**,
amokora, ilnncing, locturou, otc, For
tormB, otc, apply to D. Roofl, Socrotary, Gladstone Local, Fornio.
Thoro will bo a spoclnl sorvlco ln
tho Baptlat Church on Sunday noxt,
appropriate to tho season. Subject,
Sundny ovoning, "Christmns the homo
son son." Christmns anthoms will be
rendered hy the choir.
"Santa's nocoptlon," a humorous
cantata, will ho rendered by the Baptist Sunday School on Mondny ovoning, Jan. 2nd. Tho enntnta Incluilon
solos, duets, choruROfl, etc, by Santa,
his wlfo and son* hrownlos, farlos,
Quooii of Song, John Bull, Indian
maldonr. and Mr, 8tlngy*mnn. It will
ho the ovont of tho Reason nnd nono
should iiiIbh It.
Fred Alderson. hare ef Ballevue Disaster, Handing to right
consider themselves "called upon to
decide the cause of death and not the
cause of the explosion as a, contributing factor, Is indeed strange. If
this were nil that was required,' then
the doctors, certificate,, of death that
they died from the effects of 'carbon
monoxide poisoning would dispense'
with coroner and Jury.    ■ * ■
As an evidence of the interest shown
the large hnll in which the'local of. the
U.M.W of A. holds Its meeting was
crowded throughout the day. Among
those noted present were James Ashworth of tho C.N.P. Coal Co., R. W.
Coulthard, manager for the Western
Canadian Collieries Company, R. G.
Drlnnan, formerly superintendent at
Conl Creok, J. F. Stirling, Inspector
of Mines for Albertn, Elijah Heathcote, Doputy Inspector of tho district
ln which Bollovuo Is located, J. G, S.
Hudson, M.E., of tho Department of
Mlnos, Ottawa, Ont., nnd n large contingent of tho officials of District No.
18 U.M.W. of A.
When1 Coroner Pinkney cnlled, tho
roll the following gentlomont composing tho jury responded;,
A. Cnmoron (foromnn).
T. M, Burnett.
A. McKinnon.
Snm Fisher.
Phillip Hart.
Goorgo Waltors,
W. H. Campbell, represents tho At-
tornoy-Gcnoral; I-I. A. Macklo is looking aftor tho intorosts of District 18,
whilo O. M. Biggar Is solicitor for tho
Wost Cnnndlnn Colllorlos Co.,
Tho proceedings, which commenced
aboyt 11 o'clock, nro aa follows:'
Mr Campbell: Your worship, I would
llko to sny that I apponr as instructed
to represent tho Attorney-General's
Dopartmont, ond as In tho Coroner's
Act of Albertn tho Attornoy-aonoral Is
suppoBod to hnvo tho oxnmlnallon and
croBfl-oxnmlnnllon of witnesses under
tho provlflloiiH of that nut modified
to a cortnln extent by tho provisions
of tho Conl Minos Act an to Inr-uostH,
I want it to ho understood by this
court, nnd by yonr worship, nnd by
the gontlomon of the jury, that my
pofilllon horo Ib ono on bohnlf of tho
department to nRcortnln what factB
boar in any way on thla Bad accident;
nnd at tlio namo tlmo thoro Ib Mr, Mac*
klo horo who is representing tho Minors' Union, and there Ib nleo Mr. Blggnr representing the mlno owners, nnd
I would iihU you to ask thoso gentle-
mon to ncqulosco with my own vIowb,
It Ih the dcHlre of tho department that
thoro mny be ns full an inquiry nn
Mr. Blggnr; I npponr en behalf of
lliu i\ ui.1 <L._4liiit>i>«ii Cui._«.'__t_i» ami i
hnve nlrr-niW cKjirrnnod to Mr. Oni-fip*
holl tho desire of the Compnny to do
everything wo possibly can in tho way
of making tho Investigation as full
ub tt can be mado, Tho company aro
tromondouNly intorofltcd In ascertain-
.iik inc. len. (.mine ol ilie i'*lfin*ster Hint
ocrured, and I propose myself to give
every posslblo nssliitnnco I can on
behalf of tho company towards oncer-
tninlng that,
Mr. Mncklo: I concur In *whnt my
learned frlenda havo aald, on behalf
of District 13 of the United Mine
Workera of America. Wo aro here
for that purpose.
The Coroner; I may aay tbat Mr.
Hudaon la here, representing the Dominion Government, with authority from
them to get a full account of thla
diaaater. and to tako tha evidence and
everything eli« ho wiibea to know
about it, for the benefit of the Dominion Government.
The stenographer is sworn.
Frederick Heal is , sworn.
Mr. Campbell: 1 suggest that Mr.
Burke be put on as the'first witness.
(Mr. Burke was not present, and it
was decided to go ahead with Heale.)
"(Burke comes into court.)
Mr. .Biggar produces plans of the
mine. „ '    *     ■
Plans objected to by Mr. Mackie on
the,grounds that*they have no jurat
attached thereto.
Mr. Biggar stated that t the plans
are copies of the originals, but that
they contain certain information that
does not appear on the copies then
A. .No, not at all.' A bunch of the
fellows came up and said the inspector
should come down immediately, that
gas was being, reported day in and
day out. °
Q. And that is all that you know
about it? *'
A. ' Yes.J The reports were coming
in every d-ay about the gas..
Q. Where there any details given
to you as .to the volume of this gas;
whether jt was in large quantities or
small quantities?
A.*-' No. ,**    -   **
Q.   Where any details given to you
as to the location of'the gas?
, A.   No; beyond tho fact that it was
in the working, face,* and, that it was
he can su___.i.._i to you any way in
which I can get the names of these
gentlemen, because no doubt when the
inspector would come he would want
information as to where this gas was.
I think it very strange that we are
to be met with a blank wall as to
these reports, and I would ask this
witness if he can suggest to me, or to
the court, any means by which we can
arrive at it. If this was so serious a
statement that it required the presence of an inspector,' should it not
have been reported to the company?
I ask him what miners.were present
at that meeting who might make the
The Coroner: J quite agree with that.
I think it only rlght'that we know tho
Mr. Mackie: Tho correspondence
that I am asking for was handed to
me last night, for perusal, and the
Yery question arose then. Mr. Burke
was not present; Mr. Stubbs was assisting me, and we Lave two men already produced who were present at
the meeting. We will bring in a list
this afternoon of theso men, and will
hand them to the Crown Attorney for
him to call these - witnesses, as he
suggests. Mr. Powell, for instance,
is one of them.    , ,
Mr. Campbell: What we want to
get at is* the men hero, and ultimately
to get ono of the men who was nn actual witness of this gas, that he may
come and tell us what the quantities
were, what it was, and where it was.
The meeting was on the lst of December?,
Mr. Mackie: Wo have taken the
necessary steps to producejthem.
Mr. Campbell: I would like to clear
up this point before we come round
to any other point.
Mr. Mackie: I will ask permission
for Mr. Burke to go "over, to the office
and look up the information and submit Rat the earliest possible time.
I have consulted with Mr. Stubbs, and
he says if* he has an opportunity to
speak with Mr. Burke, he, will ask
him to produce" the minute hook, and
givo am account of the names of the
men who-mado the reports.
Civic Election Talk for
Coming Year-Will
Have Snow Plow
In the absence of Mayor* Herchmer,
Alderman Johnson occupied thc chair-
at the meeting of the City Council on
Thursday evening, with Aldermen
White. Kennedy and Beck to assist
in tho proceedings.
Certain estimates were passed, and
it was decided to give permission for
the purchase of a Twentieth Century
Snow Plow, the cost of same being
$130,-F.O.B., St. Thomas, Ont.
Nominations for Aldermen and Mayor for tho next year'B council will tako
place at. the City Hall on the 9th
January, and the election will :,tako
placo on January 12th, the City Clerk
to act as returning officer.
A further shortage of $90.35 in connection with the affairs of the ex-
City Clerk was reported, and this amount- together with tho total sum reported by Mr. McDermid is,°we understand, to be covered by the Fidelity
Mr. Campbell: Mr. Burke is here
now, your worship. .We will call upon
Mr. Mackie: 1^ would request that
the'original plans'be produced later If
Mr. Biggar replied'that this would
be done,,      .    '
James Burke is sworn.   .-,
Questioned -by  Mr.  Campbell:,
Q.   You are the secretary of the
Local Union?
" A.   Yes.
Q.   What  is  the  number  of  that
A.   No. 431,
Q.   You know tho Bellevue Mine.
A.   Yes.
Q.   Operated by tho West Canadian
A, .Yes.
Q.   Aro you yourself employed nt
thnt mine?
A,   No, sir, I am not.
Q.   You had occasion, Mr, Burke, to
rcqulro the prosonco of nn inspector
nt Bellovuo on tho 3rd inst.V
A.   Yes, Blr,
Q.   Thnt Is of this month? *
A,   Yes, sir.
Q.   And I bollevo you tolcgrnphod
to Mr. Stirling nt Edmonton.
A.   Yos, sir,
Q. Cnn you tell mo tho reason why
you hnd to do this?
A. Because there was gns reported
In the mlno In lnrgo quantities,
Q.   Can you toll mo who mndo theso
roports about tho gns?
A.   No.
Q. 'Did thoy como to you officially,
in any way?
A. Yes; in tho courso of mootlngfl
of tho Union.
Q. Can you say who nt thnt time
snid thoro wiih gna thoro?
A. I nm not prepnrod to Bny, I
nctod upon thn ndvlco glvon to mo,
Q. Now, I nm Bimply trying to find
out wlio reported thero wna gas in the
A, I don't know who thoy woro, but
thero wns quito n fow. It wnn not
nocoHnnry to tnko the unmet"*,
Q. No; but it In only nbout a wook
ngo, nnd I nm asking you If you re-
mombor tho nnmca of any of tho pooplo
who told ynu thoro wnu gus In tho
initio nt thut tlmo?
A, No, nlr. thoro wna quite n bunch
of thom.
Q,   Out of that bunch cnn you think
of anybody?
A.   No.
Q.  It wits merely n, remark thon?
noi~ sai e~ i u ~w urn. -.—"^————■	
Q. Now, I don't want to waste time.
Was anything said as to'*where the
gas was?     •    •> •    '
A. In the hundreds," where the majority of the work is taking place.
Q. Do.you know'w.bere ."they.*were
working,then? , ,*        "., '7 .
A. In'the same place, from 111
Q. Then there was gas from 111 to
the face?
A-. Dont take it for granted that
it was in every room.
Q, Was this in nny way localized
ns to volumo. Was It moro in ono
chuto than in another?
A.   No;   I  don't know about that
Q. Did anybody tell you how thoy
ascertained it was there; how It affected them?
A, Yes; thoy would hnvo como out
if tho gas wns there in too lnrgo a
Q. Yes, I* know; but did thoy loll
you lis to any testing which thoy made
for the gns?
A.   Thoy  would   got.  it  by  their
Q. Did thoy tell you nt whnt lovol
In the workings thoy hnd found by
their lnmps this gns would bn. Wan
it tho high pnrts or what?
A.   Right ln tho fnco of tho work-
from the court for the purpose mentioned.) -* *
Dr. Malcomson is sworn.-
* Questioned by Mr. Campbell:
. Continued on.pnge 6
At a meeting of'the fellow employees
of the late Fred Alderson „of Hosmer,
who lost his lifo while rescuing men
from tho Bellovuo mino aftor the explosion of Dec. Oth, it was decided that
a subscription bo taken up for tho
benefit of his wlfo and /jui* young
chlldron. A commltteo was appointed to nrrango for tho collection of
funds nt Hosmer nnd othor towns.
One of tlie specinl party rushed from
Hosmer, B.C., with tho British Columbia government helmets for use ln
tho mine, Alderson led tho roscuo
pnrty direct to the dangor zono, and
himself succeeded In getting fivo men
out of danger boforo ho wns overcome.
• Contributions will bo rocolvod by
tho Imperial Bunk who will forward
rnimo to tho Bank of Montreal at Hob-
ninr, furnishing a list, of all subscriptions for publication In tlio columnn ot
tho Ledger.
" Any who desire to make contributions in aid of those dependent on the
victims of the colliery disaster at
Bellevue, Alta,, are requested to send
them to A. J. Carter, Secy, of District
18, U.M.W. of A.. Fernie, who1 will
make due acknowledgement, and thc
names of tho donors and amounts subscribed will be published in oiir col-
urns.     The following have subscribed
"iip—to—date:  ■ r"**
International U.M.W. of A., per
,T.0L. Lewis "; $500.00
Thomas Crahan, Michel  100.00
C. P. Hill, Edmonton  100.00
We nre pleased to. state that tho
net amount or the proceeds turned
over by the Stoddard Stock Co.. who
plnyed. /'My Wife's Family" at the
Ci-rind Thentro on Saturday last for
the bonofll'of tho widows and orphans
created by the Alberta'mining dlslns-
ter amounted to $00.
ThiR company, which Is an excellent one. deserves every, commendation for the generosity displayed.   ,
•*$**•      Vice P.rcj.ld***-'*.  Slubbs and -
♦ Secretary Carter are In  Ed- ♦
♦ monton with a view to placing ♦
♦ before Premier 8lfton and At* ♦
♦ torney • General   Mitchell the ♦
♦ situation whleh resulted    in ♦
♦ the postponement of the In* ♦
♦ qulry relating to the exploalon ♦
♦ at Dellevue, and to point out ♦
♦ the neeeatlty of a thorough In* ♦
♦ veitlgatlon  by special  com- ♦
♦ minion.     Mr Campbell,    of ♦
♦ McLeod, Mr. Dlggar, for the '♦
♦ Coal Company, and H. A. Mac* ♦
♦ kle,   Edmonton, for  Diatrlet ♦
■4> No. 18, are *!to working her* •*
♦ In connection with tha matter. ♦
♦ Arrangements are under way ♦
♦ for an Interview to-day (Frl- ♦
♦ day). ♦
♦ . ♦
On tho vory top, I suppooo?
Can't you remember, Mr. Burke,
pnrtlculnr conversntlon?, Of
courne, I don't, know whothor your
moot Ings nro BiippoBod to ho roportod
or not, nnd I don't wnnt, to prosR you,
but can you toll mo how this conversation camo up with tho men whon thoy
formally complained to tho Union?
A. Yob; thoro wns quito a iIIbcub*
titon over It,
Q, And you, an secretary, look thin
A.   Yob.
Q. Would you hnvo nny rocord of
Hioho cnmplnlntaf
A, Not Indlvldunl cnROR of nny
ludlvldunl mombor: It Jimt cnmo up
for (llBtMiMRion, Wo lind n long tn 1 lc,
and It wn« docldod that tho lnnpnotor
Khould bn vent for.
Q,   Cnn you remember whicli men?
A.   No.
Q. It wnH nil nt tlin fare tluni, and
furtli-nr In tlmn 111,
A.   Yhh; iih fur iih I cnn n-iiM-nibiir,
Mr. Mnt-hlc: I dont Intend to cromi-
'liii-Ntlnn thin wltnoHH now, I kIvo
notice to the Company lo produce tlio
orlgliinl loiter written by Mr. Burke
to llio Compnny, not ilritml, but tho
nnswer wnH given on April -1th, IU 10,
by thn flupnrlntondont of tlio mlno, I
unit: them to produce tlio original lot*
Itif  tVl'lii:!i by Xt.  Ihiilv, ,-..',*,_   .J.t...   1
will till,)-' np tho cruHi--i.>xiimliiatloii of
Mr. llnrke,
Mr. Onmpb-.ll: I n«k you, Mr Ilurko,
did you youranlf, when you found It no-
rpBftitrv to rommunlfftto with Mr.
Stirling, did you yourBolf in nny wny
communicate with thnijconipany an to
what took placo nt that mooting as
to the danger of tho gnn?
A.   No; I did not,
Mr. Mncklo nuggniitcd that tho wit-
ncB« bo rocnlloil after the production
of the IMter.
Mr. Cnmtiboll. 1 foel that In the
f«_llt)ut tit-upM of thli luvuhiiKiitloi. und
for ovorybody'a sake, and for the
jury's sako, that wo ahould exhauat
evory available source to ascertain
who the men were that made these
reports as to ras. and I would Ilk*
your permission to ask this wltneu If
Cost Creek
. Another of thoso fntnl nnd unhappy
accidents which by their number seem
tn herald tho approach of Christmns,
occurrod this morning, when n,lumberman met his denth nt No. I) Cnmp-of
tho Klk Lumber Compnny, by getting
in tho wny of n falling troo. Up to
iho time of nnlng to pross no definite
pnrtluulnrfl nro to hand In connection
with thn mnn. the "only Information
bolng thnt ho Ib n foreigner, of Sin-
vonln nationality.
Tlio bnllot for tho oleotlon of chocU-
wolghmon nt Conl Crook tnok plnco on
Wednesday Inst, December*21 Rt, nnd
resulted In tho oloctlon of ]), Pnton,
Wm. H. KvniiH, J. 13. Smith nnd 11.
Mnrtln. The number polled for the
vnrloiiR ouiidldntoH wnH iih follown:
, 11.   Mnrtln 2GS
J. Kent  : no
w. II. Kviiim   IMS
Kd. KngllHh ; ir.ll
J.  K.  Smith    27a
1).  Paton    317
T.   Uphill    'Mi
T. AddlHiin     im
II.  Snow    *. ttfl
Wo undoratunil that ll. T, Stewart
linn boon successful at tho recent exnmlnntion held In Frnnk. He now
prmncBBOfl first. cIiihr papora for tho old
country ns well iih Uioho he hns recently obtninod for B. C nnd Albortn. Mr.
Stewart holds first olnnn rortlfloatos
for mnthonmllcB nnd geology nnd hnn
h(lulled vory Hiiocesiifully under Prof.
MrlggB, Wlulil nnd Ilnrr, In tho nlllod
subji'ctH of oloctrldty, advanced mo-
rhniil'** In the Ili-rlnt Wait Cnllogo,
? ? 7
Tho Mllltln noi.nrtiiient Is ooinplllng
a list of snildlo Iioi'hdh, t'-iiiiin, etc.,
avnllntiln In DW ..vent of a midden mob*
lll/.iiilon, Nobody known what It
portends mid riiiijt-finn- In rife, Thn
eomslni'ili'ii "f tlio (i.T.I*. under military MtipervlHlnii, nn nttnek <nii lho
LOST.*—-A Utile lioy'H brown high* | North Pole, n i*ecoi;nltl(iti of'lhe Moxl*
logged liont, in the vicinity uf Tfllc.i-! enn liiHiugeiiiii n» belllgen-nlK ur (Imp-
WikmI Store. l-'liider please hand In ' py iliom-hi) in pi event ent tlo niBtlerii
nt llio Ledger office, 21-11 J funn Ilflliig Uie Cniiiidliiii Nnvy,
. • COMMAS' TOWN COHM'lb (remlirm from lift In rii»l_t>
J.  Sargsnt       H. Clark
J. O. C. McDonald   Mayor A Cameron,      A.  Morrison.      R.  Holiwsa
H. Jamca 8. Bhone o-   *>
To the' Local "Unions of the United Mine Workers of America.
'-^'Office United-Mine Workers:of America,
Indianapolis, Ind., December 5, 1910.
You are hereby "notified that the Twenty-Second Annual Convention of the United Mine, Workers of America
will bo held in Columbus, Ohio, commencing at 10 a.m., Tuesday, January 17,1911, in Memorial Hall.        _ • y.
.A careful examination of the. following extracts from Article Five of the Constitution, will show the. basis
of representation and the manner of election of delegates.      ,"'"'.      .'       > * >       .
Section 2. Representatives to the International Convention.shall be.elected directly from Local Unions and.
shall have one vote" for one hundred members or less, and an addtional vote .foi- each one hundred members or
majority • fractional thereof, but no -representative shall have, or be credite1 'bv tlio Credential Committee with
more than five votes, nor shall said Credential Committee transfer votes to any delegates not duly authorized
by the.Local'Union, and no person shall be eligible as representative who is not-a miner or mine worker or
employed by the organization, and is a,,bona fide member of a Local Uinon in the district -whioli he is said to
represent. ,7        .,,,''"',. ' "'  "' . '   ■        -
Note—Tbe term "Miner or Mine Worker" includes any one working in or nround the mines .and a member
of,atLocal Union. ' , , *'•''"-,
o Sec. 3*, No Local Union shall be.entitled to representation in the International Convention that" is in arrears
for dues or assessments for two months preceding the one in which the.lnternation Convention Is held and
which has not in every particular complied with the Constitution of the District in which said Local Union may
be located, or which has less than ten members, and any mine within the jurisdiction ofthe United Mine Workers, having been once organized for aperiod of three months and allowing itself to become lapsed, defunct, or refusing to pay dues or assessment to the organization, shall pay b sum equal to three months' dues and assessments on all members to the International and District Unions, fr.Ji.iie.it can he reinstated or reorganized, a-id
ir.jst be tn good standing for four months previous to the month in,which the International Convention is., held
before said Local Union shall be entitled to representation in thc.annual or special convention -.
.,■ Sec. ■(.. If it shall appear; upon investigation, that any Local Union has lapsed in order to evade the payment of .tax or assessments, the International Executive Board shall insist upon the payment of all back taxes
and assessments      _ , _ , -    - "*
.Sec. 5.   All newly organized Locals must bo organized at*least three months and have ,two months dues'
paid prior to" the month in which the International Convention is held before* they will be entitled to representation, unless said new locals are composed of members from old locals in good"§landing at time ot organization;
the fact that a new local is composed of,members of an old local must be attested by the District Secretary. .  .
Sec. G. Representation shall be based upon the average membership of the Local Union for the1 last three
months upon which payment.has been made, previous to tho,month in which the International'Convention .Is*
hold, .     ' ' ' . „ ' .'•''''. ■'.'•■'
Delegates to the International Convention shall bo elected at any regular meetings after the'call for'convention has been received, and a-notice'shall be,posted at-the mine at least three days prior'to" such meeting, stni-
ing that delegates are to be elected. Delegates to tho International Convention bhall receive a.majority vote of
■members present at meeting when such delegates are elected. ' -.7.  •    -.     .    ..,     ''*',-
Sec. 7.   Any member of tlie United Mine Workers of America accepting a position,other than that of a miner
or "mine worker" shall not be eligible to act as representative to any Sub-District, District or International Convention, or represent thc United Mine Workers,in a'central or State Federation of; the" Labor'Convention, while*,
holding such-a position; but accepting a position with the United Mine Workers or, any'• other- affiliated organization shall not be construed as makiri'g a members'ineligto^^ .     '■-.' '
Sec. 8. Tho books "of this Secretary-Treasurer shall be closed for the year on .November 30 and'no credentials
shall be received after January 10, nor shall-any delegate be entitled to a seat-in the International Convention
unless their Local Union was in. good standing on December "1, preceding the" date upon "which the annual convention is held. '        i a'     ' : ,.''
. Sec. 9. Delegates to the International Convention shall be paid railroad fare to and from' the convention on
the following basis: Delegates shall represent five locals if said locals contain not more than 500 members. When
there are 500 members in one local and a less number than five locals, such local or locals shall be entitled to send
a delegate, and any Local Union situated one' or more,miles from any other Local Union shall be entitled tq
send a representative and should there be more than five votes in-'any one local or group1 of locals, they also
shall be entitled" to a' representative for the additional members as provided for in this constitution. The Executive Board shall have power, to levy oii the members to carry out the above" provisions, provided said levy
be necessary. ■ - *,. ..,
.,*-.' ' «
Sec. 10.   Where railroad certificates cannot be obtained by delegates attending the International Convention
they shall furnish receipts for the faie paid ,    . , s . .    *    , ■ ,  .   •
.Delegates to the Convention should be elected sufficiently early to enable the Secretary of the Local IJnlon
to,forward the duplicate credentials in time to reach the International Secretarys office not later than January
10, 1911.     ' " . . ''. ,  . „ ' * '-
*   ;,      ,-       -•."'/   "-"'     .  OF LABOR
Negotiations are" now"TJMngTia"tt"e"nrseWre-^ —Instr-uctions_to_delegales_,con-_
cerning the purchase of tickets wltl be published-in the United Mine Workers*  Journal,  together, with  the rates
obtained at various hotels. - ' •■ ■■ * • . -..''- -< **
T. L.  LEWIS, President.  -
' EDWIN PERRY, Secretary-Treasurer.
Alderman Frayne of the Lethbridge
City Council bus been disqualified becauso ho nccepted a position ns foreman or superintendent at a dally wago
in connection with work done at Henderson Park, which Is tho property ot
the City of Lothbrldgo. Frayne says
that ho is convlncod* that ho hns not
violated his oath of offico nnd declines
to say whothor ho will resign or not
Music .overs nro requested to koop
December 20th In their mind ns thoro
will bo a tront in storo for thorn.
Welshman With Eight Children Now
- Writes that He Can't
■ Get Along
WASHINGTON—When the Presld-
dent was ln New York in October ho
went to Kills Island for an inspection
trip. While nt the Island tho president beenmo Interested ln tho enso
of Georgo Thornton, a littlo black haired Welshmnn with eight motherless
children. Thornton had been held up
on nccount of physical,dofects, nnd his
ciibo wns bolng honrd by Commissioner
Wlllams. The President looked Thornton over and said be -was'sure .he
could take care of himself and his
eight children amd ho was accordingly
admitted; ,    *
Now the White House has received
n letter from Thornton acknowledging his' inability longer to tnke care
of hlmsolf,
"Wo mado a big mistake In coming
to this country," says this letter, "I
thought my sister was in bottor circumstances. She hasn't anything to help
us with; not, one cent I haven't got;
Wo would do our work nil right at
homo.    Kindly answer back.'
■ (
■ c
■ .
• t
■ t
■ t
• _
■ .
• t
Form No. 002
Offices In Everybody's Chimney Holiday Messages to aU the World.
A. POLAR BEAN, President and General Manager
Receiver's No.
Time Filed
OElNO   tho following moMa(io   aubjoct to
tho tormi an Imck horoof, whloh nro utfrood to
Deo. 23rd, 1910
I moc havo bought all your sleighs; will want some
-,Av«ri r*\rr\ +,P**! .
Wiah you to koop tho China Closet and Cut Glass
contents for rae, this I see in one. of your windows,
will call for it tonight
Headquarters for Christmas Purchasers
N.B.  Full ttoetc of 8PBOIAL Hookey Stick*. This Una guv* big tatltfaotlor*** last year
,*fo  Organized Labor  and Friends
Greeting; '.„„'.' -'    ~ ,;, .'_-"'
; At the'.Thirtieth Ann\ial Convention
of the American Federation of iLabor,*
held at St. Louis, November" _£26,-
1910, tlie subject matter of the "situation-in Los Angeles, Californta, i'came
up and received the most serious consideration^ It ,wdss clearly .demonstrated tlmt there exists in Los .Angeles a deep-laid ;and sinister plan
.inaugurated.'and.being carried'out By;,
the Merchants and Manufacturers' As-*
Fociation of tlie city, "the association
acting', as. a subsidiary.'- agent of. .the
National' Association, of Manufacturers,, and that the plan has for/its purpose a war of extermination of the organized labor movement of the Pacific
Coast, and the'crushing out'of the'American - spirit of manliness and independence. - ,       7 -,.*■',. -
It' is not necessary to recount the
struggle of years against the printers'
union of Los Angeles for it .is well
and. generaly known., Last'May the
employers provoked a .contest-, with
the brewery...Avdrkers. A month later
in June the contest was made upon the
machinists, moulders, patternmakers
and all others in the metal trades,
as well as u'Jiori the leather workers.
Union men bf Los Angeles were forced' to tako up the cudgel, not only lh
in defense of themselves, 'but of the
workers who wero not 'members . of
organized labor. -' It *$as a struggle to
secure a living wage and humane
conditions.    , ■ .   7.    - :• ;       -
The international unions of . the
trades aided their, members in -Los,
Angeles to the''best,.of their; ability.
The trade,- unionists - bf .California as-j
sl'sted to the.fullest*of their-opportuni-s,
ties? . The .oilers of'Los Angeles have1
made,, aiid' are. making," one of the
most gallant and heroic struggles on'
record.*** The National Association of
Manufacturers through its. subsidiary,
tbe Merchants and iflanufacturers' Association of-Los* Angeles, controlled
the officers ,of the,city government'
wlio acted;as puppets and passed/ordinances denying the'men the riglit of
peaceably walking' the streets or talking t with workers . whom * they - may
mee't. .Hundreds of union men have
been arrested and persecuted and'
through a system of refined tor ture.of
the'"Third"pegree" the endeav-flr lias
been made; to fasten crimes, upon
peaceable and law-abiding ■ workers
who have been-thrust in prison, .as
well as threatened with violent demonstrations of, lynching. -.
„ _ Through, ,the, agency , of the Los
Angeles Merchants arid Manufacturers
Association, s innocent widows and
wives .have been ruthlessly taken from
their homes, charged .with ,murder or
detained in gloomy corridors for weeks
while .their little children were .suffering from ..want of care. -    *,  ■. ***
"Union men and non-unionists', alike
are "standing shoulder to shoulder in
-Log—Angeles.ito_defend, ^protect, <_and,
promote their interests ,7,and . their
rights—the -rights of manhood, wo;
manhood, and childhood. - . / *       ,
The organized-labor movement of
the continent,, the American Federation of Labor,fat its recent convention at St. Louis, after full consideration by unanimous vote resolved,-to
appeal to the organized toilers pf America for moral and financial' assistance; and this appeal is now' made
fb all who love justlco and liberty,' to
aid the workers engaged In the contest
ln Southern. California.* and along tho
Pacific Coast. All members of organized abor and friends are 'urged
to lake upv this appeal promptly and to
organize a system by which voluntary contributions may bo mado,
All financial assistance should .bo
sent to FRANK MORRISON, Socro-.
tary, 'American Federation of Labor,
801:3 G Street N.W., Washington, D.C.,
who will forward receipt to tho sender,
and duo acknowledgement mndo and
credit glvon. ' Each day's receipts will
bo transmitted promptly to'our noody
brothers on'tho Pacific CoiiHt,
Tho cause Is just, tho need Imminent, and contributions should bo as
genorouB nnd prompt as posslblo,
Fraternally yours,
Beware of
Sold bir.tlie
Merits of
45 Steam-Heated Rooms
Hot and Cold Baths
rTtie King Edward
fernie's",Leading; Commercial  Hotel
- •-  •*■ . ■.-•   .-. •._■*. -,♦■   -. *., .   ,.- .
The Finest.Hotel.in East Kootenay . ,*
"■■--    **;i*  • _7 .'■_,>'   '*. -   -7    ,*■'■•-*-' "7
'        •'■■**--■•** ■ '   7.    .?.<■,     v..\,--    ';.. -vV.
"|V"J. L.-.GATES,-', rop.^-
' *    mn
•'   -Hi
August 6-11.*
Barber  Shop
" First class work' guaranteed.
* •    '.,-■-. '-
Drop in*and convince yourself.
Razor Honing a Specialty. ,
' , . ._ * -.      .   -■•*■  *■•
G. -RADLAND,- Proprietor.
(Late Palace Barber Shop)
Mcintosh, McDonald
& Snow   7
& Builders
.Open for all kinds of business'
■    •* in their line - -. ■
-Address Box 97   .   "Fernie
iy: \ .:.OF::;CC)MMER0EfK:'^
•Cf        - * '- r   .j*-."     -
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $10,000,000.
RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
Interest at the current rate, is allowed on all deposits,of $17and
^ ..upwards in this Department.   Careful attention is given to
. .every account., Smairdeposits ,are,welcomed. ■  7
Accounts may be opened in the names of: two or more -persons,
withdrawals to be ..made by any one of them or by the survivor;  Full and-clear written, instructions  as  to who is to
make the" withdrawals should always  be  given  to, the Bank
'when opening accounts of this* nature. ,-,-•. .'
FERNIE BRANCH- *      7 >     L.i'A. ,S. DACK, Manager.
Imperial Bank of Canada
.'•/•*   ;;-    - HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO .'•.'-'     ',*-'■""''
Capital Authorised ....$10,000,000.00. .Capital Subscribed .... $5,575,000
Capital .'paid  Up 77... '.$5,575,000    . Reserve Fund ...:..... :$5,575,000 •
i- D. R. y/ILKIE,,President     '• HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, .-Vice-Pres..
7   -       BRANCHES1 IN   BRITISH COLUMBIA ,'   7.     ;-■
Arrowhead, Cranbrook,: Ferine, Golden, kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
1  7 *     , Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria". \, •  '-    • - ,
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit,   . >
GEO. I. B. BELL, Manager
.-    >i\
Bur supplied with the  best Wines,
Liquors'nnd Cigars
.MEI.nounNW.~Tho carriers' Btrlko
In Adolaido linn takon on *a sorlous
aspect. Almost all tlio industries nro
nt a standstill in consoquonco ot a
Hympathotlc Htrlko and tlio price of
food Is rising rnplilly, Tlio trndo unionists aro Intimidating Uio froo la-
horors and thoro aro frequent collisions witli tlio polico, who uro almoBt
liolploss to restoro ordor, Tlia nono.
nil outlook Is ominous as it Is foarod
that Uio agitation will nprond ovor tho
wholo of Australia. Tho nnrrioi'H
domnnd hlghor wagos and short or
hours of work and lo thoso demands
tlio employers aro not In tho mood lo
j ■
Iftceil womon have liccn elected to
Finland!* now pnrllnnionl. RponlcliiK
of Mrs. Alii-Kulju, who was u mom-
hor of tlin previous sosslon, Goorgo
Hon wick il'-'UTllu-ii her as n huxom
peasant's wlfo, "mieh ns nno. would
meet carrynlg loads In tho market
place, bill in knowledge, lii'dolorml*
nation, in -Hjnt-tHi, ami in pitino'ioiu,
iiit. <_.,.'..*-.....,_... ui .-. iA'ii'iiy jir:i"!in1
file,'well fll led to help In ruling ilT-d
guiding a nation."
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
. New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Workingman's Homo
iiiriir-m i_iirrTiT--ii__ __r^"i ■ "
Large Airy Rooms &
Good Board
Ross & Jlackay *jm
'I   ' .     ' .   '.   7* /SUCH   A "DROP   IN   LUMBER
won't, hurt   you.   If   you   are
building'now; lt will-be of the
.greatest.benefit, as the market,
was .overstocked during,, the recent-panic-and the dealers >re>
.obliged to get.rid*.-of 'the sur-"""
plus stock at oiice. to make room ,
for the next shipment.   '•■'    !_ ".
"     ^A^JUMpINGTBOAI^Dt^-^-j;
is fun to„' play with", but when
, you are buying lumber to bulkf
with,'you do not; want-it to
jump in price-or quality.; .Take*
it from,'us , that. there is good
material ih our!yards and doiiot
order' of anyone else, for our
prices are ,tho lowest, '">,,;,..
Prepare for Fall
Wo hnvo just cleared our summer stock out and now wo are
ready to fit you up tor tho wlntor from head to foot, If you aro
looking for tho futuro nnd Intond to savo your monoy purchase
your goods from us, Wo havo just bought tho stock of Mr, Jamos.
TTUSdad and now wo aro carrying a vory large stock bf ladlos* and
gouts' furnishings. Trunks and vallsoB, in fact,1 everything for
men, womon and chlldron, ,,   .     '
Our ?1,2G Sweater Coats have no equal., Our J1.7G Pea Anglo
Undorsults lmvo thom all beaten,        '      ,
Our SiiltB are JuBt tho kind you nood for style nnd durability,
Wo carry a largo assortment of Boots and Shoos, tho bost soloc-
Hon that money and brains can buy,
*   ■» ii     i   ■   <
Noxt to Wlirwam Candy Storo . ,   '        Noxt to Northorn Hotn
Tho AHir'rt.i government has nctoi)
with fonsldornbln nliiorlly In docldlng
to havo a rigid invoRtlgatlon mndo Into
tho rorfnt Ilollovuo mining horror,.
The ronl mining Industry Iins nssumod
coiiHldoralilo proportions in Alborta
nnd ovory posslblo precaution should
bo taken io fjumuo tho safety of thot.o
ongnged iu it. C. O'nrlen, tho Social'
ist mcrnlivr of tho logUluitiro, te -tttt-
tltled to credit for bringing this mattor
to tho attention of the government—
I_*thbiMg_ Weekly Newn,
"Tho only honent morftllly* dUiplay--
ed by either sldo Is whll. hot Indignation at the Iniqiiitioa of tho othor sldo.
Thn •trlklng  tenraitcr compUcently
tnkesi n noah driver into nn alloy nnd
wltli nn iron b'nr breaks his arms so
that ho can drivo no moro, but cries
mn in iii.*.. llonvon fnr liiRttrn whon
tlio capitalist breaks: Ills skull by
means of a club In tlio hands ot n
policeman. Nny, Uio mombors of ti
union will declaim In-lmiia'inlnnod rhetoric for tho Oad-slvon right or nn
eight-limit- day, nud at -the time bo
working thoir own businoss ngont so-
ventcon hourw out of lho twonty-four,"
How's This?
W» «lT»r Oni inuidrrd XttiHn T\rm*tAv1t>t »i»y
«u* nl Uiurrk tut annoi b« tuna by lUiri
ourrli Cur*.
*., .* . F.J.OUBKEVACO., Tolodi.,0.
- _!• •_**. ulS<l»w»mid. biv» tttxetn Y. i. Owatir
tw thi lut H yttr*. u« beimvf him p«t(Mtlr tion-
kbit ta Mrry Out My obUniuni mtd* Xrf hu tm.
tfiTtgyir. THtt* or fyomrni-*,
-,_.__- TriM-t, OliKt.
ntiit CaUrrn Can U UUa toUmiliy, trthf
dlrw-tlr upon nut hl-vxt ind wttooin mrf«n« of th*
m-turn. Twiimonun imi tm. I-rlM tl «mu Ptr
t-oxtl*. IW«t ht til Druntou.
TU* V-i* Uattr tm tat aautitaUae.
Fernie Opera House
i i
i      *.
*- Ir.
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr.
■< /
Fresh  Cut
:< House and , Office
Plants, Funeral Flowers, Wedding Bouquets.
l.onsr DlitUnea Phono 577
'Vimi- 1.1'plm. -,.m >.,|ii,,>|vii iivnnnit    nt-
tontlnnnnd ymi will ho pio-iM-d wtth
wlnil\>iin-,iiU)uu,    ..
Ledger Ads Pay
Notico U horohy glvon that aftor
the oxplratlon\ of thirty dayn from
dato, 1, David HokomUiy, Inlond to
apply . to the _ Honorablo, lho Chlof
UoinmlNRlonor of Land*, ror a Hoonio
to proinoot for coal and. potroloum on
th» fnirntvlnir (fMnrlbf'd lnndi* ■It-tat-*-*-!
K thin lot 4t.»8. Qrmip l, Kooionay
"Isltrlot. CommenalnK at a port
Planted 800 foot nortli of tb* north-
wont -ftotntir ol lot Hit. thonoo north
St) clulM, llitinoe out (0 chain**/, tlionco
youth,10 ehalna, thonoo wont 10 cl.alna
to placo of commencement, containing
«<0 acre* moro or l««i,
„Lp«»«d   IhU  »7th  day  of  Octobor.
uio.- ^
oa.v!» TjcKBnsrtty, i^ontor,
TPrnrne    Wm       *»■__.____,_____.
VrtlnMt—E. A. tltoua.
ParWm. Vletton, Agent.
IS* it
Subicrlbed to the "DUtrlct Ledger."
*________■___ Jl--"
,'.   . "I
V- ~ ■
> *S>N-t_. -*"-.
O'BRIEN'S- BILL .WORTHY .      l    -,-.
'rryy  -'.:^7-;':of-^a'*BETT_R . ATE:
Miners to Have^rihe^ull^^
Investigation Into the   ^
Recent Disaster -
The following are   the   telegrams
which passed betwen' Burke, of the
,Mino:Worker8,„,Ualon and Stirling, the
Provincial Mine inspector at Edmonton, iii' which Stirling 7. "declined-; to
7 make an inspection,before the dtbas?
-'.ter,-and appointed the local inspector
. Heathcote,' in; whom the, miners expressed ;want of confidence, to make
the-Inspection. . The report of Heathcote on December 7th, showing   the
the mine to be free of gas is also reproduced. -'      ,  7 '     7 7
Dec'.3, Burke to Sterling—Desire
the presence of'the inspector immediately.      *     ■                   ,     .
.   ',     Dec.3,   Stirling  to   Burke.—For
what, reasons Is Inspector required
, at Belleyue?' ' Wire immediately..
,   Dec. 3, Burke to Stirling—There
•is considerable quantity of-gas in
7 7 the mine ever since explosion (on
Thanksgiviiig Day).
'",.-■    Dec. 3, Stirling to Burke.—Your
\"'»        '  wire "received,".'have instructed"In-,
•'specto'r Heathcote to make.investi-
' ,'gatiori at Bellevue immediately." "'.'
V- '"•'  . Report:—I,,B. Heathcote, have ex-
. amined No. 1 seam and found the
1- '. timbering, ventilation,   and   general
'-I ■     -'.condition to be good, and did "not
- .find any "gas present.   ' December,
*'?■ 7th,-1910.   '-■' *  *. ~    7    . •
V-'That oserious charges of negligence
against company of f Iclals * and others,
in connection with the terrible* mine
dlsaser ,on Friday,. in the1 Canadian
West Collieries at Bellevue, in South
*. eru "Alberta, are likely to come out of
tho; inquest that' will be resumed on
* Monday next, Is learned by tho Capital from information placed in the
' hands   of ■ Chas.. -. * O'Brien;   Socialist
member of, the legislature, yesterday,
■-and-which  information'Mr.  O'Brien
will endeavor*to' bring to the attention
of.the house this afternoon.     .
""'Through representations made- tp
■ "Attorney-General- Mitchell-this• week,
7by the United Mine Workers,of dis-
,*  trict 18, through, their legal represen-
- tative, ,the attorney-general has* cqm-
* sented   to   have  his "department- re-
[5-7    :'    Presented  at** the ■'.inquest'." byCrowri
decline-to take action against the mine
officials following the inquest,* It is
stated that'the miners .themselves will
proceed to lay. charges of negligence
against the company's. officials.
The miners will base their,claims for
prosecution upon. the fact that the
mine-fire boss, the very-morning of
the accident, had*posted a notice on
the door of the mine declaring the
mine to be free from gas. -
Demand for Previous Inspection
, Several days before.the disaster in
which 31 men were killed, the miners
dissatisfied with the work,of local Inspector Heathcote, wired to the pro.
vincial inspector (Stirling) at Edmonton, asking him to'come, down to the
mines and make an inspection: . Stirl-^
ing replied that he did not think this'
was necessary, as there - was v a' local
inspector on the ground. , The provincial inspector did not go to Bellevue
until after the disaster had occurred.
A court stenographer, at the request
bf ,the.miner's," will be present at the
inquest to take the evidence in detail,
in case, prosectlons are brought, the
attorney-gehearl's    department   have
agreed to7take'the evidence in shorthand.- *"'■''    v    .- .
h ■
.- Prosecutor Campbell, of * McLeod, ' so
-, that the department will be in a posi-
• tion ' to ' institute . prosecution against
, the company^ off iclals,, it necessary. ■
■'  •     \   -'  ' * •
'.\    'Miners May"Take Action
1 The action of the attorney-general
• has • relieved - the. miners from „ any
- necessity. . of' instituting proceedings
on their, own behalf, and incidentally
gives the right to the miners attorney
to cross-examine all witnesses produced at the inquest. ' ghould the attorney-general's department,, however
Tells of. Disaster «.-
Fresh from the horrors of the disaster) an Edmonton man who reached'
the city last night, and who left- the
mines a brief hour and .-half before
tho disaster occurred, told the Capital last evening something of the agonizing scenes at the mouth of the
mine. *l .       .,     ,-   . ,*
"I had been up. in the coal mine sections on some business,',said the Edmonton man, "and stopped at Bellevue
on my way back. I visited the mines
of* the Canada West in company with
some union officials, at-about 4 o'clock
in the afternoon."'," "We went through
the mines, and I am positive that I
noticed gas in,some of the shafts. We
got out of Uie mines about 5.30 and at
6 o'clock .we'took- 'the train .for
Michel.     ''"'.'•'        "
"When-I.* got to Michel, I found a
telegram a*\vaiting* for "me. telling me
that an explosion had occurred in the
mino I.had just left.    _ caught a special, bringing* apparatus and relief par-
the mines again just 'after* the first
relief party';had gone in.' 7    *""
'' "The sight at the'mouth   .of., the
mine was one of the most agonizing
I ever saw or ever hope to see. - For-"
tunately the families of many'of tho
miners killed in the mine disaster.'.Hv-
ed - abroad.^otherwise,    there''  would
liave7b'eeii *'a "ropitition of- the awful
scenes of the Cherry Mine disaster.  '
".The wives"of' the dead miners were
men; weep, - but, \iri7 agonizing,'.'heart:
shaking" sobs that'.went' right'through
you;\ > 'Among the., fOreignjfamiljes all
you could hear; from' the children was
the cry of 'papa, papa', in heart-rending
cries'pf *tfrief. *' Big, h'usky-miners and
mine-operators, went, about' -their
work of relief sobbing like children. -
"When Fgot to the mines one relief
party of about fifteen men had already
gone _ in, and another of -\ho - same
number was preparing to' go*in. At
four o'clock, in the morning,'When
some of the missing miners had been
accounted for, one of the relief party
came runnlng'out of the mine' with the
cry that the entire.relief party had
been overcome with-the gases in the
mines. and -. were, out, of business. *
"At the announcement, the whistles
of the plant and the locomotives in
the place began sounding the distress
signal, and presently, from all directions, from the mines a mile or two
away, miners and-thers came pouring
tb give relief. 'Large relief,parties
were, formed,, but the gases in. the
mine .had become'so"'strong that .rescue could only be undertaken by a series of rushes,- with the relief men tied
together with ropes.
"One by, one the bodieB of men,
dead and alive) unconscious and.conscious, were brought to the outer air.
I hover again wish to see such a horrible sight aslhatoMhe dead miners
when" brought out.   **   .
"At seven "o'clock next morning all
had been accounted'1 for save four
of "tlie forty-seven' entombed miners.
Two of these were afterwards discovered alive in the chutes, and were
rescued by heroic attempts of some of
the relief party. ,'.'_'
7H. A. Mackie," of Edmonton,, has
been retained by the miners to look
after thei r interests at the inquest-
Daily Capital.'Edmonton.   ..,,■•>*..   ,,,..-
7" The two. hills; introduced .in'to'.the legislature, by,': Cha'sf * O'Brien,", the So-.
cialist, member'for the Rocky-.Moun-1
tain,-:ridlngr'*are 7 worthy of a better
fate.thaii to,expire in committee.
■\ One bills'calls"for.a fortnightly,pay
day and.' the other', asks better protection for the miners :in'7the'coal
fields.'    <tl       \. , '-
On the' first bill ■ it is- difficult to
seo where there can be any reasonable
objection'. .Where the companies pay
once a month under any circumstances
it,seems) only, a matter of book-keeping-to make "two .pays in, the;_ month,
and if by doing this mining companies
will satisfy the miners on that point
one* would naturally suppose that the
companies would be first to make'the
move; as. a ' satisfied gang is one of
the best assets of any company, ein-
ploying-labor largely.! "
On.the second, bill,"the necessity
for better ^protection has just been
demonstrated in a ghastly and heartrending' accident in the very district
which the Socialist member -represents.
Failure to consider' either or. both
of these bills would 'leave the legislature open to the Imputation that the
bills were thrown out because they
were introduced by - a Marxian Socialist, an imputation which would be
highly discreditable, to the govern-
ment, and the private members of the
house. No matter what O'Brien's politics are nor whom" he represents, his
bills are entitled to just exactly the
consideration which their'.necessity
justifies—Dally Capital, Edmonton.
Explosion  Sets Fire to Timbering of
Shu*, and.Cuts off Escape
■•■'    .   PRINTERS'
'! NEW YORK—As ' the Christmas
tide o approaches and Christina'**, joy
rules on every hand, It Is almost "staggering to*'think of the number'of persons in New York City alone Jor whom
there will be no Christmas unless it
is. furnished, by the, bounty .oi ci* hers.,,
' According to the Association • for
Improving the'Condition of the Poor
there are more than 12,000 families-in
New York alone'who are in actual destitution while it, is osliinot-.d that
thore are 25,000o families whose finances are so "meagre and whose" expenditures are so carefully planned
that there is not sufficient "for other
than.tho usual food outlay on Christmas Day.*        ■      *.$-'._.
There are countless thousands' of
children in these families who . will
have-no Christmas; toys. - Thousands
of little hearts will be cut to the quick
 , _._. ___!-___'_._! Ll. _.___.___._•____-._. 4-li __. »»_.-_. rtl*>__
t_J,_LUt__bl__mruL7i.in_-LO. s?70l*7i.jicii^i"v_.v.
fortunate" playmates and" the realization of the' fact that there is' to be'
no Christmas for-them.
One? of ,the most heart-rending
sights in the whole city, just now, is to
be, seen In'front of any .of. the toy*
shops. ,' The gaily decorated windows
filled to overflowing* with - rich toys
and "cheap" 'toys,' are - surrounded by
ragged littlo chaps who lift, their grime
o The educational commission, of the
International' * Typographical* Union
sends, us a finely printed boklet giving tlie '.views bf students who are
taking the-Course" of Instruction furnished- by the union.
The testimonials range from those
of apprentices' in their teens to accomplished craftsmen in the . sixties,
and * all rspeak" highly-of the Courso.
Modern educational methods aire omployed, and "display    or    decorative
printing is' placed In a more " scientific basis than it has heretofore occupied.    ' The "Course is* not theoretical, however;.as the students'learn
by working, and* throughout* the booklet there are many testimonials saying
their every-day work by the lessons.
One, young man notes a weekly increase'in wages of $6; a sixty-year-old
says he has "learned more about the
higher branches of composition than
in  his  previous .experience;   a  t\ew
York journeyman, who was "railroaded",   through,    his .', apprenticeship,
credits the;Course with, giving him
an opportunity- to' learn more' than he'
cbuld have'learned through a properly,
tutored' apprenticeship', while an Eng-
-lish-l'orn—■**.inri"pnt__sa.y__,__t._ie I.__E____.TL.
Course  was, more ^valuable" to   him
DENVER, Col.—With the chances
against their being rescued alive, ten
men ' are imprisoned to-day in'the
mine of the Leyden, four miles west
of Denver. No., 2 shaft, through
which the men must come If recsued
is on _ire. and apparently the mine
is full.bf gas. A rabbit, placed in a
box, -was lowered six feet in the shaft
for twenty minutes and brought out
dead. The air compressor, tipple
and hoist of the mine have been hurried, making it impossible to "clear the
mine of gas.
. Tho fire started from an electric
spark from a motor. This caused an
explosion and the timbering of.tho
shaft was soon blazing fiercely. Mine
offlcalh say the men have one chance
to escape. If the men, on seeing
their escape cut off, turned north in
the workings they may be alive, but
if they turned 'south it is feared that
by .this time all are dead.
Shaft No. 1 is separated from shaft
No, 2 by, si narrow wall. A rescue
partyi under the direction of Samuel
Perry, President of the * Leyden Coal
Company,' made an' attempt at first
to break down the wall, and the twelve
imprisoned men could be heard working madly on the inside in their efforts to gain freedom. At .hi same
time, efforts were' made to, gain an
entrance-to shaft No. 2 through Shaft
No."l.,„ , • '    y   •
Efforts to force an entrance to" the
entombed men were later abandoned,
as it was feared that a draft would
thus be created that would soon put
the"fire utterly beyond control.-, .
fWdnt a
_ *
Home ?
"ROD   AND   GUN.'
Three   20-acre   Tracts, , of
• which four acres on each
are   improved,    on    Lake
Front and located where
there is good settlement.
Price per block §1500 and
at terms to suit purchasers.
> This is a chance for anyone
intending to make a home
for himself at once.
Joe Grafton
P.O. Box 48
Fernie       -       B. C.
covered hands to their dimming eyes
hovering about the'"mine 'mouth,"cry-'land"wipe away,the tears. For they
Ing, not In 'the ordinary way that wo- know the toys are not for them.
than his .seven-year apprenticeship in
the "tight little isle."
This trado educational course is sold
below actual'1' cost. ' - The printers'
union defrays all the advertising" expenses and'.gives prizes of from $5
up to students-whon they complete the
ourso.. " This is but ono -of tho many
features carried on by the typographical union, and it is attracting the attention^ those interested in-trade
education the-world over.     "  ■
■ December "Rod and Gun' contains
excellent reading for the devotees of
the chase., 7 A canoe trip'In. New
Brunswick. Winter on \ the Pacific
Coast; big*game stories by well known
writers-with other interesting, matter
sustain the reputation of' this splendid
magazine.       ..'*•;'      ' "v '
slaughter and those w.ho indulge in
this unsportsmari-like conduct are
dubed'game'hogs, the recent,exploits,
of the German Emperor and his guest
the Czar entitles the- pair to bo included in thc category. Tbe party
had an avenue roped off, beater3.drove
the .deer past the" stands where the
crowned heads shot at the Imprisoned
and semi-domestic deer and details of
tho massacre are heralded all over the
world.-    - - ,   **.
•    " b      . ' ;' '       •      7      '
V   Veterinary Surgeon
Calls promptly made, day or night
,      and satisfaction assured
Office. Fernie Livery.
Fernie. B.C.
■* 1    •    '
'A       "1
1   .
.; Ave,you a homcHcolioi', or nro you
Hooking 11 snfo and pvofitaljlo invesi-
jiinnl iii Uio district-of tlio Cul,m*o, will;
Hpririft'tho wholo'ycar round, soil of in-
oxlitiimtiblo fertility, crop.. Browing
every niouih in,lho your, lUiiUmnHpoi'-
Inlion nt your very door to titlco your,
produc.!.s lo nil iiinrke!n; where thoro in
ijt fine ocean harbor, and whoro growH
everything eiUalde ncoosHiiry for lhe
AVhere you  will   got   well   on   lho
Whoro medicine iH unnoceHHiiry.   ' *
Where there i.s plenty of rainfall and
heavy cIcwh.
Whero tho cool   air   from  .nearby ,
mounlainfj church rainfall every month
in tlto year.
Whoro you nro at tho ConHt,
Where you tlo ljot need to irrigate.
-MT! . ..     L\,r      flp-ifif,     11*0 -J /!.»
IV UtilXi    )Ull    tiltr    lUlui     .«*»    lPwk.J*>      «    -IV'
pc-rU   . '
Whero the constant sea brezen malco
lifo worth living.
Whoro it rarely freezes.
Whoro thero aro no wintors, cyclonon,
\bb.l*i*>s*.*rx*'> -v*.   ■»>_« — •-• *■ - "■
Whoro tho flowers bloom ovory month
in tho year,
Whoro you can wonr tho samo Kind
of clothes comfortably nil tho year
Where you farm ovary month In tlio
Whero you Have more than you con
mnko Eastward.
Where tho tide of imigration is rapidly going, and land values aro rapidly
Whero tho land will yield anything
equal to nny part o« tho country.
•Whore sunstroke is never known.
1 _,;-7-.v,-;.'■,*,:■,.^ ."•'   • -.'.-.y     ■"   ...■:*•■„'.>■,••■.■■•■.•,■■■. ,.>,•; ,-,-, ,.*- --j-*.'Wi^w-'yjW.J'
UsA'w-i.l'f.'^.yi.V--'^ "••••,,   , * .1   .-;"■■*..    '.v-,*1   ,■;.,'*   \ "v,<    _'.,'* ,.'1.,._'. ,.-,   ,'-_•,'<   , 1IV y.-li'vi ■*'■■*'«'.''o* ■=    .-
•;'/:V._ 7-;-^ ■*r*'7r '-■■■:.■■<,';'••,'   "'■''■ - , 7  .7 7,..'^..77 •',77V *, / * ■',: -,'r -v- ,-■: '.*.■ -";;■  ■.*;;„',
"1 i -V.i.'-iV.vVl'.   ,'.yi'.-)VrU','iKj/'''i/-i -'!*'•'.J*,',''''*, •',-.-,-,'     ,,.i-'.,|  •'       .1, '     •     ,"  ■'        ,        •>',.'     1;      • ,1 I-, ,'    ','.','  I   . ',7,'". ■-, '•', -1   ■'•'*•.     nt,   1   .. ,   ' ,"   ''    '-'•'■.■    ■■   .   ■*'     ■      *.   ■,,.'.••'■
-Hr-*-* ''tir>^y:%>?yi>::'y''r~i'~^'i.-ii^^^y'\r' -■■ ;-;-. •■:-..,'/<..,>, ,„■•;..■ :*■.   . -.-.-*  ■- . , ;■>■ -.".<• ..*,-,  .-••'-,•..:,■..*.>', -.,-v.r
^ft^yiyy^y^ry'^yy-i,-+ yyt,yyyy'yry., •,...,*■..::■' ■■yy:  ;yyyy- ," ■: .,:  „• ■:;..- •;*,.' 7.-y ;*/.,■; ,,77-. :■. ^n :-■, r
w, y.tr.^ir.   '--.a,: •, . , -.-"■■.•,;,:;',": '.,'*^y'i :M,«5«*#^ ^«W---
'ii'.. ;, H--n.->ii'-* t "'i, v_,--.-,*V
m v7.;..7>-_..^^^jj^Sff^-.- vvr,." .■^wk^m^'
u,-r=__-«______™P;'' ■'' '•**■' 7-V7: .'••7**'^;-;:'^^A'^v.".iv.. .*^j^   ■,...',,*•,,   ,• .,'
i^WW^f^^^ '  'iry--'''y'^if^:ry . •■ yr
Fy&.*j.^\^\:^'_;>^-oi^'j^ <±y.y ;■.■• •.■■".■.■ ■    -,- ''*.,'",  '•:.':■.-   -
*-!''..*jsy-V^^^ '\i*''.*.      ':-  ■ "7 ../."..r.tfj..;.•-;'.      •  -.
'iyjtiWxX ■^tt.U-^/'i';.^'*^1'ffcn".*.-•fv7^t•sJ;V^^',•"V■ ^-v^^V.'^.w:--;;•',- :-,i*^ .%;''•" ■*■,•/ '". ■**■'   .'•*.. '■';■:**       t .-.*.
y^tetitiWiW^ !..-'.n->.y..n ■ .y   .. "      -•■■■•
Amln l**i(:
Market unlimited; soil most fortilft;
climate ideal; middleman eliminated;
produeo from cultivator to customor
without intermediary. Tho proximity
to tho principal const cities of the pro-/
vinc« furnishes lho best ponsiblo mar-
k_ f«. Transportation facilities unexcelled,
Apply to Owner
Branch Office, Roma Block, Fornie, B. C.
Headquarters, 1537 Third Ave. W.
LOCATION: in tha midst of mining,
lumbering nud other largo it'ilusuii-H,
which nfford largo remunerative employment 1o 1he owners of small farms
in the early stages of their develop-
TERMS: 10 per cent cash; balance
on tcrniB to suit the purchaser. N'O
Where you"do nol wm-k six mont lis of
ench yenr to keep from freezing nnd
stnrvi'ng tin; ullicr six months.
Where vciri'intioii is ^o strong und so
nipiil iih In astonish nny Knsici'iicr^
When* five or ten iutcs pu! in fruit
di* vi'gctnhics, or pnwliry, will ninke u
Wl'.cre wnter i.s son, pure, nnd plcnti-
Where rntllcKiinkcK ure iniltiiowii.
Where you cnn live in » summer house
stiiTouiuleil hy flowers, IViiil.s ami ferns.
When) I here nre prncticnlly no tuxes.
Where, il is so healthy Ihnl people
rn rely die e\cept. from old age.   .
Wiiere. lung trouble, e;it;u*i*h, hay
fever, nut hum. brow-hill.-, rheumatism
and till,the ills of variable eliiiiiit.-M lire
{U'lletieillly imkiiowu.
Where you will live ten years longer.
Whore you work less nud obtain
inoie thnn it) any other phice ou earth.
Where your hind yields enormously,
and freight rales nre not neeesstiry.
vi,   ,.    il.w-v"  '"  *''" ,,'',"',   ''''•■'t'bn*' nnd
bunt in','
Whore nil the industries nre nearby.
Where grent opportunities are lying
Everyone buying one of these farms
nt* Xixta nrmxtrov fnr iho future nnd old
Pi .
Labor is the, foundation of wealth,
but, without its proceeds invested you
.will toil on to the end.    Do not niiss
) the opportunity.    Tho only difference
' between rich and poor is One of invest ment.
A fnrm in th*** country, nnd at tho
door of the city.
To be sold iu small parcels of from ft
fo 10 acre*-* at terms to suit tbe pur-
Tradienlly nil the water trout is a
clnin bed at low tide. •■'■**.'- '* ' v.-'-.. , 7^' v .-*■>.**77.-  7*i
®&* Mzltivl £ch&$
Pablished every Saturday morning at its office,
Pellat Avenue, Fernie, B. C. Sxibscription $1.00
per year in advance. An excellent advertising
medium. Largest circulation in the District. Ad
vertising rates on application. Up-to-date facilities
for the execution of all kinds of. book, cjob and
color work. - Mail orders receive special attention.
Address all communications to The District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
Telephone No. 48,
Postolfice Box'No. 388
TT'OI months past the member of the RoekyMount-
■* tain Division, C. M. O'Brien, has endeavored to
introduce legislation for the benefit of those who
constitute the major portion of the electorate of
that division, but without avail, the-plea for the
procrastination has been the necessity for careful
consideration so that the amendments would be as
comprehensive as possible. "We do not say' that
this neglect could or would have averted the recent
terrible disaster on December 7th, but it has had
this result, that the Alberta Government appointed
W. A. Campbell to act on behalf of the Crown at
the inquest which resumed its deliberations on
Monday, December 19th.    ,
The expressed intention that this investigation
will be thorough it is to be hoped will be not'only
strictly adhered but likewise effected with ' the
minimum of delay. 7     -
"*   • In ,the past these enquiries have started, been
postponed, deferred,  and dilly-dallied with so long
' much oh the same lines as the cireumlocation office
that Charles Dickens describes so'graphically. It
is to be hoped, although Ave candidly acknowledge
our scepticism, that this investigation may not be
like-the anger of Cassius'5" which muclT enforced
shows a hasty spark and straight is cold again."-
Our doubts on this score have already.received a
, - certain amount of substantiation by the regrettable'
ceedings, when two of the jurors, A. Cameron (foreman) and T. M. Burnett, created quite a sensation
by their actions, the former stating, that he did not
consider they were called by their oath to determine the cause of the explosion, but merely to deal
with the question of the cause of death.    Despite
' lengthy, .explanations to'show him thc full significance of his oath, which was repeated in detail by
the Coroner he still persisted ih maintaing his original contention. Burnett stated that be was prejudiced, and therefore did not, feel capable of donl-
,ing with the question. This created an impasse,
and owing to. the inability of Attorney Campbell
to get in communication with Attorney-Genernl
Mitchell, at Edmonton, i'or several hours, sub-,
sequcntly an adjournment was decided -upon an til
January 3rd, 1911. In tho meafitimo a commission'
will bo appointed for the purpose of obtaining aiid
-.considering data in connection with the disaster,
■which will bo submitted to the jury on tbo rcKUinp-
1ion of the hearing.
TT is a source of great gratification lo be able to
■■• stale that Canada hns not surrendered tlie poli-
ticnl refugee, Savvo Fedorenko, to thc minions of
tho Czar, nnd that he is now a free man. Hence,
wn mny say, tho despot can no longer expect to
snatch his victims when Ihey take refuge on tho
' American Continent, and tho recent reportn that
havo ben circulated through tho press relative to
thc conditions that obtain in that benighted land
ought to placo the "land of tho bear" in lho same
category as Cannibal Islands. This struggle to
obtain thc froedom of Fedorenko has cost a deal
of money nnd energy, but, it is well Npent, because
of the principles involved.
THE Tenth Annual Report, of the Cnnndinn As-
social ion for the Prevention of Tuberculosis r»v
cently received contains some oxcpfidimjly interesting information regarding iho nwihnih of treatment thnt have been initiated in the vnrious provinces of the Dominion for the -pin'oft--"- of eombnt-
ing the dread (Intense,     There is emiNidernhle dis
cussion relative" to "the causes," but'the real bottom
cause, "although touched "up'oi_ vaguely," is" not speei-
cally dealt with—viz.,'Poverty—because to deal
with this fundamentally would necessitate a revolution—i. e.; a-complete change—and instead-of
production primarily for profit' it" would be for. the
use and enjoyment of all the units of human society."
The Hon.* Adam Beck, of London, Ont., in his address says: , ■      "••' " •
""We are not planting our cottages in rough,
unbroken"fields. 7/It'may be that a rough,'unbroken*'field is* as godoV, and that the patient will get
just'as much fresh air, and will become just as
well, but we believe,that,we,might equally well
make it attractive, and we-believe that we might
have shrubs and a nicely'kept lawn, and everything
to make the patient,,feel that there is hope in life,*
and stimulate in him a desire to get cured."
Dr. Holbrook:. _ We hope to persuade the Board
of Education of the city (Hamilton) that open-air
schools are the proper thing.!'.
Dr. John Stewart, Ilalifax: "The principal .work
done so far hasbe'en to supply milk, eggs; blankets,
and so on to the indigent." We are also attending
to the building of shacks and window .extensions in
in the houses of the poor.' >*"-..'
Dr. McNeil, Summerside, P.E.I.:7 "In all our
schools, halls and public buildings' wc have cards
printed in colors drawing the attentibn.of the school
children and people" generally,* a's. to the. value of
iresh air in their rooms,, and warning them not to
spit on the sidewalks or on the ground."
If the above methods are beneficial _n'effecting
improvements, if not a cure, in one infected with
the "germs of disease is it,not pertinent'and*'sensi-
- , .     *       ',•'** **.,---.-       -. --
ble .6" ask Why not prevent the disease by the provision of like accommodation for every individual
instead of first, compelling them to live in cramped
squalid and unsanitary quarters and then, when infected with disease remove them to healthful surroundings? The removal J6f those- diseased and
leaving the foci of infection practically undisturbed
is surely "penny wise and pound foolish."
Why not lay the axe.at the root of the evil, demolish all. the-tenements and flood every, -.dwelling
with sunshine, and fresh air 1 '
That would cost too'much, and,-therefore, is not
feasible," replies the apologist for the continuance
of the present "disorder. "If sp." why expend so
much,time and energy patching up a few'unfortunates leaving the focus of infection undisturbed?
"Too;radical," again retorts the;ap.ologist; "let's
take a step.at a time." Yes', and while this step is
being'taken the entire staircase, is weakening. .
These "tuberculosis" and kindred societies furnish an opportunity for the expenditure of a certain
"Hmountnrf ""otherwise**'] atent—eriergy-to-a—crowd- of-
disciples of dilcttanteism who*preen themselves;
peacock-like, wjth' the expectation' of receiving the
plaudits of,the.populace .because they are,"doing
{something for the good of humanity." This economy at the spigot and prodigality at the bung-
hole is pitable to those who realize that the only
cure-all is one that will eradicate all the social evils.
Those who are constantly .talking about "construe
tiveness" and "practical remedies^" should ask
themselves the question, If it be an excellent plan io
to build shacks' for'the 'derelicts of society is it not
far moro "constructive" that every-human being
should'b'e surrounded by conditions and enjoy tho
comforts of a home in which disease will be reduced
to a minimum? '.
. To accomplish this means an upheaval of Societv,
as it is at present constituted, to bo. succeeded'by n
systom which will relegate thc need of tuberculosis
sanatorium*-!, sweat shops,,red light districts to iho
limbo of the used-to-be.
We do not, by any means, advocate that tho various unfortunates should bo loft alone, knowing perfectly well that thc fear of the propagation of these
diseases is an incentive to the adoption of prophylactic measures, but to talk of eradicating without
removing tho source is decidedly unscientific, and
about as futile as tbe labor,of Sisyphus. Undoubtedly there nre many whose labors,aro used in tho
various movemonts for thc removal of evils who are
often discouraged at tho paucity of results obtained
that, onco thoroughly convinced of the ineffectiveness of their efforts to accomplish more, may, instead of floundering in thc pool of pessimism, determine that, tho real causo bo removed and employ
their energies moro profitably to that end. To
theso we would answer; What aro the prime
factors in tho creation of disease? To which wc
answer without fear of contradiction, Ignorance,
and Poverty .This explanation' being accepted, lot
us urge thnt, they nid in dispelling ignorance in toto
and not In part, and by so doing its twin evil, Poverty, with all that follows in its wnke must disappear. The query mny thon nnturnlly follow, ITow?
Hy incrensing wngos? No! hut by the totnl nboli-
tion of tho wngo. systom whoroby tliORO who operate
the tools of production nnd distribution nro slave*
to Iho ownors thereof—-instead of individual owner-
K.'ip. Hneinl ownership!
7 In order to get you to tr
""Sunkist.' 'Oranges and .'V-Sun-.
,kist" Lemons and thus learn their 'ex- _-***•
* cellent*quality", wo will send you free the-^
_...., Three*
"V""---"*. 'fourths
,   ■* beautiful Rogers Orange Spoon here pic- U|f.'-.        ^SsSSLf - ->'
.■■*■   turedbn receipt of 12   'Sunkist"' wrappers |^ ',     _. v   !J^^v .'" *-
'm- and-12c to cover charges, packing, etc..   ■-.   *^^k '"- e^ijSV-. .
■ -     You will find both "Sunkist" Oranges and ^P**- - ' '.^■■•V *-*.
Lemons at nearly every dealer's, 'packed in in-;
dividual paper wrappers that bear'oue of the trade-
marks "sho\vn below.    If they are not packed thus;,,
they are not the {"Sunkist" kind,' but an inferior, fruit.
" Sunkist" Oranges ^Choicest Fruit
.-.* $
" ; ''Sunkist" Oranges are'California's tree-ripened, firm and solid All are band;
choicest -fruit—the select inspected picked. -.No fallen, bruised or overripe
crop of 5.000 orange groves. No other .' orange's ; Each -"Sunkist" is a perfect
orange is so sweet, rich and juicy. They , specimen, as delicious as if plucked fresh
are thin-skinned, seedless, fibreless,'   from the tree.     ._*,.. \.    ^
Rim ".M^L-Jet" l',imAni Wlchareofthesamehtehq^^
OUy   OUIMUSl   _.emO_S —solid and sound.   'SunWs." Lemons aro so juicy that
' two ofthem eo farther than three of wiyotherkind.ln tlio preparation ofdesserts. sauce* and
___      temperance drinks.  Tell your dealer yon want   Sun-     ^ftl~
_n___L__r___,     kist*'Oranges and Lemons,; ^
Save the Wrappers ?&$££
'setofbeGUt|$i_l.use_ulorangespoons. Inrc-t*
mlttlnc, please send cash when tlio amount
<s lets than 20c; on amounts above 20c, we
prefer postal note, money- order,' express
_ order or bank draft. Wo will be Elad to send _.- _jb_.*-*ji hum— -«■-- _
,  you complete list of valuable premiums.    •*«r_ay__»___ -
We honor   both "Suakirt" and r'Red Bait*.
wrappers on premiums. - Address
10SKin«St_E«_»t V
1 Toronto, Ont
*■ rl
■_5 •'
* ■•■-•■•  \,
From Fernie to-Toronto and Return   $64:35
'   From      " Montreal",     "'.*.-.   69.35:
FronV    .". New York.        "J      80.35.
For:further.particulars piake application to,.:.
-?-.. i '■
• _£ Lm
t rnirin fiiBP nr-  *i nr-riT>*
Wr> hnvo Jnut rnrolvotl Um lOflfl roport from Kdmonton whicli In rnpnlot-n
•with Information of lntwoHt to thoso
cnK.-iKml In tterlcullurn) fttoclt-brcc'illng
mu] poultrp ralHliiK pui-HiittH,
Umlor tho bond of "Vltnl fltntlntlCB"
i'i four dlfforont occnnlonB, whoro- Alliortu If nbovo «round, but mnny ot
11 '.'   '■;,.-.'    ','."'."   ■".■'."'.if ■_   Tt-.-'T't-''"!*''""'   «"M,1»t*n,>*» in   ri\t\X rntrinn  nro  \xtxt
lilt}  xx„fr\   imui„t'i   \„   u..-i.,A   i-v,...*.'*v.\-.
for tho yonr In 0 R97 nnd the proportion of malftH to fomRloR In 1,000 of tho
Inttor to l.Ofifl of tho formor.
Tho number of innrrlnno rozlnlrn-
tlonn rocolvod wnn 2,31)4, nnd the moan
mnrrlnRO n?o, for mnlo* 28,94, nnd for
females 21.2?. Th* to'a! doaMi IM
2,602, boln***. l.SCS mnlos nnd 1,103 fiv
In the roport of Dr, Bnrrow, medlrnl
lnnp«c(or. It fn ntnted thnt thero has
tmen mu-rh moro typhoid favor In tho
provlnco thnn thoro nhonld hnvo h-pfin
ovon nffor mnklng ovory nllownnro for
(he rapid lncrMno of popalntlon. The
HutiUury couvlltlou of many of the
town* and vllInuM leaven much tu bo
riAHlr-rd. Tho IUI of pU-ron vlnltod
in ftirnUtiod. and It It nljtnlflennt thnt
Cnnmoro r-Melv-M th* doctor* nttirn-
" "i- fvlofi In connof-Hon with typhoid
■n D-n "Itoport of tho Dlrnctor of
iho rrn-ilnrlnl I..ibor»tor*y" under the
I «-nd nf ■•rttiloH ror tho Slr.k" for "Tu*
Itr-rrolnBlu' wo road tho followlnn: "It
. *   *,,   ,i-i   -in.tiv)   ut   XtiM,  -,o  > ,i,>p«.  it-
**■**;;ni dlKcnno to ullnnpp-nnr from the
'Tonniimntlon In tho mont common
form of tnborroloHlR nnd In n norm dl-
-". «o. n In proventflblo. It In cur-
ntilo Avoid pnlont medicine**!. Oood
ton 'n re;', nt'und-int fr-ffh iir nlPi"**"
nod -'nv, nnd llRht nro the bom cures."
Thorn In tii, nld jtrtwurh, "Virtt ontob
i-rinr havo, then votih Jt,"
1'ow to j.ot pood fond whon there nre
•vi Tii«nv ftfJullfr/iiluun on the mfirVft
\n ono of tho dlfflMiltlon that prMftntn
Itiolf, pnrtlcularly to thono wltb Mender purn-f*, It I* nomewhat Ir-onlral
j-'v'ce to offer an Ir.dtvWuat who lias
n Inrpce fnmlly and ntnall nnlnry to tnke
ret nnd he needn munt dofo.r thin until
tbe time comM to take the tang Rett.
Abundant freab air In pnx.nn.ble In
nlwnvn nblo tn comply with thin mm*
Rontion.    -
Whon tho pooplo nwnkon to tho fact,
thnt prnctlcnlly nil tho cvlln both phy-
Hlcnl nnd floelnl tiro tho off-nprlnf?
or lennrnnro of tho cmmntlon then tlioy
,    . iu  «   ,    ,11,   I ,   1.11....  it. »   »»,.!».    .1,.,^
-., *,*   W*W   J.W.V   *'.   *i. .P.-*.*     UM«v   M,.^.,.*.   ,    f,.,^,,.
but until thoy do they will merely
deodorize rnther thnn eradlcnto.
N.RT-W. Va —An rvplo-ifon In the
mine of the Dond Coal Company at
nroono, nlv mllon onnt of hori1'. rnunod
lho Uvea of 12 of the 14 mm In the
worklnitn nt the time, on Dec. 14.
Only two WM<pe_, one of whora dUd
nhortly after belnR taken out.
Ttacauso of tho ftancotm condition of
the mine. re*cue work hAd to bo »lop-
BC't to nl(.ht,'nritf fh-n othor hodlon will
not be brought out before momlnt..
Thn expiation In bolleved to have
ben cauncd by an accumulation of
yXmas. is Neari
■ .-„.,."       :   .". *-" '.. r.-,y,r,,y '..*...-.,. .'..-. .-
Christmas is no>v approacli-
V-ing. ■ Suitable presents blow,
on view.    Gall and see tliem.  _
Special attention is given to
.Out^of-town Orders.; ■-.
1 ■ i, i
We have the Presents
' .' . ■       Victoria Ave., Fernie "
25 to 50 per cent, off
Xmas. Goods at
■*» t"
On all purchases of $1,00 and over
Get in line early ■
Phone 118
A   High   Class   Boarding   House
Electrically Lighted and Steam
Heated Throughout
er s
_-*■ -
& Blairmore
.-7   .; "i.i
. ' "'V  ■!  .
,  .--'i'l*.
I Ranges and Cook Stoves
| J. M.  AGNEW & CO., ELKO
Alrtights,  Coal  Burners, Coal
or Wood Burners, and
Wood Burners   '
a Shave, a Game of Pool or Billiards
or a Cup of Coffee
Drop in at Ingram's
Full Stock of Smokers'Goods, Always on Hand
A Merry Xmas.
To all our numerous lrionds and ouRtomora. May tho
coming "_5th" bo tho happiest thnt you and yours havo
ovor spont.   And now a fow words as to our
r»i«>M«-»4i«iMi_i*(P»    M_X>__kh nfiJmmmmw
'I, ' mW
This ha«. just arrlvod, and thoroforo now is t.ho time to;,
got busy and buy thoso
Turkeys, Ducks, Geese
and Chickens
that yoa bava been Ulkint abo it all the meek. We handle noU-tta*
faut ttie "dry-picked" poultry, and you are, therefore, aiaured of getting nothing but TUB DEBT If yon give yonr order to
The 41 Market Co.
8AM QRAHAM, Manager
. <, J*>  . ';        e    ~     Y**vs
THS _HS_EJCT LBDftia^ P__HE_g,    B. P., DECEMBER 24, 1910.
■ •■t..-^T
I eS~. »-'      •-*.-
A. ■'■-' **-
Store'.Open every day.
at:8 o'clock a. m_ ' -"
Store open every night
till 10.30 p.m.
,,..-_-•-.•■. -.-r.-
A  Santa Claus
■*.*■    , »*  -!
PI fiiacl it all - - It Jells of Many  Good  Gift Hints
^PJflgpbf;£^fr:.fta.,yifeU Timed
. TJhe necessity;of climate makes.furs'"one1 qf the finest'possible)
''.presents"';,-In cold .winter .days and-"raw spring evenings tliey will
'be constant reminders of the giver. 7. "We have kept .in mind just the;
.kind of furs that make" the best gifts arid have provided them liberally-
at generous-prices 7     .' /   7/' :-   '
V.   LADIES', FURjWJPFB.  in Alaska Sable, 'Mink, Rat Marmot,.
Grey Squirrel,'etc.-,1 etc., ranging in price from ..... .$3.00. to $55.00
-Also a good assortment of Muffs ranging in price from $3.00 to $16.00
Ladies' Coats from■:/....._,....."_,._.;.......'.... .$10.00 to $35.00
,   Ladies' Suits'from ..„'/. *~S. ..*.'.".'..;..'.. .....$18.56 to $36.00,,
Ladies!'.Lace. "Waists/ from .j-.\,:i?:-.r. _ ."V...'..7 .V.$2.00'<to;$15.W)
• ''-Ladies'* Silk Waists from' : .7... .-." . iii?i. i.......". .$3.00 to'$7.60-
;.TheStbre is at its.yeicy.Wst now.'.-,- The great wealth of Christmas, Stocks^ aw readyjf' the dijp^ys are best appreciated now. . Pre:
paratioiashave been made for the greatest Christmas buying the
store has ever known—that means am array of assortments such as
have never ^before been attempted in Fernie; arid that's why those
who do their buying now have every advantage in selection. Toy-
land abounds with interests-joy, fun and wonderment !to the boys
arid girls and pleasant gift suggestions to the parents;'
'i-S,y Don't Forget the Baby
'■i^' ''':'Soft..fluffy Bonnets, Mitts", Toques, Clouds/Shawls, Bootees rang-
7-_     ing in "price from 35c. to $2.50 .       •      v,.7
•.''•*_■    -Arid a large assortment of infants' and ChUdrens' 'White Bear
V*.**.*   .7''. '.       *' -';   ■• '   *' 5 "' ■    " ■"'   ' "' '
- ^''-".Coats-at prices marked to suit everyone's pocket-..... .$3.00 to $6.50
-*".*,.-,,.    *■■-,--► j, ,..    „ 1  ,     .   ,.      ■ -   -,
/„TheWwill make the little'ones coihfortable and the mothers happy.
Gifts in ItfeiVs Furnishings
Suspenders, Armbands and Garters neatly arrayed in Cnnstmas
boxes; the Suspenders having rolled kid ends, cast-off fasteners and
slide buckles, elastic at back; in a variety of colors; price $1.00 to $2.00
In Neck Ties—A large and up:to-date assortment of fine Christ-
• mas Neckwear, four-in-hand, shield knots and bows, made from fine
imported silk in good color combinations.     Prices . :\ .25c. to $1.50 *
"We're blowing about our Handkerchiefs. •>  In this department
you can make-50c. do the duty of $1.00.
Initialed -Handkerchiefs in Silk, Linen, Escclda and Cambric;
Souvenir Handkerchiefs in hand embroidered silk.
.- Gloves for exacting purchasers.     The prices are extremely low
-fur the fine materials and careful workmanship that is put into them.
Mocha, Kid, Sued a"; lined with Pur,,Silk or Wool; prices $1.0 to $4.50
Mufflers of all kinds and styles in wool and silk ranging iu-price
from     ......' ; : 35c. to $1.50
Sweaters, Smoking Jackets, Fancy Sox and Dressing Gowns
W__.b Deeoratioiiis and Display the Store Takes on Festive Attire
Drop You r' 8anta Claus
a hintontt|esenovelties
■.■•..-. •—.*_■"    .--.->   - * i.,-     _   . ..    ;,.-  .?«-. ,- -,   2. yyy ..-,   *;       ;• .,'.   7 -. - * *   -. ,.,   ,*• 7       * - '       . 7.     . c.i ' -
These Happy  Creations   cohtbine Art   and  Craft
No higher class goods
can be found anywhere
"Brass*Spirit Lamp Stands   and 7Tea
* Kettles   .'..'■• ;;;$7.00 ttf $15.00
Brass Jardiriers^...,._,..'.,. .$2.00 to.$18.50<.y
Brass Vases-,'. i .-7-:-?-.'.'..$1:50 'to$ifc(Kf 7"
, Brass Trays ......... .$2.00 to $8.00 '
Brass Plaques ......... .$1.25 tq $3.50
Brass Crumb Trays and    ;
• Brushes, from .'_ .**.■.'.. .86c. to $3.00
: Brass Tea'and Coffee Sets      '    $18.50,,
Brass Candle Sticksv.'. .50c.- to $8^00  -
■ ' Brass Smokers' Sets7.50c' to  $13.50
, Gold Jewel.Cases ..... .50c. to $11.00
.   ' Bronze Statues $4.00 to $15.00
' ... Fancy .Clocks,....: ^2.50 to $7.50
%r Roman "Crockery. -Vases,- Jar-   '
'*"'. .-'- diners, etc:'.."..'.....765c. to $3.50
Ink Weils 50c . to $10.00
Hand arid Shaving Mirrors
in .silver and ebony , 25c. to $6.50
Ladies' Work Boxes   and r
cases also Baskets from SOc. to $25.00
Manicure Sets 50c, to  $25.00
Ladies' Purses and- hand
bags will solve the gift
difficulty in many inst-» ~
ances, prices 75c to $17.50"
■   j,        ■-..'./
..     -,- -     -v.,    ... -.-**/(-■•   ^ -
Christmas: radianceviairly?^^beams.frQm our. Toy Department, ^-Never^befdrie'^has siicha large collection of Toys been,at Santa's disposal in Fernie
x\    -> 1 '~"\'l
'   ' . ,- 1   "-  ■   *    '       7,.-.v.    .,*.■- -.*.;- v *   ;   *       ■>-■■"■"■■■"-'       yyr}i.'-s-''\'\r"^\,^>'"':yi,
..,,   .       ,..-,    „..■   ....   ,....,-..,..  .-'-  -7,   y.*-■-■     •■'7:-v-',; '      :■     • ry-.-r ,
\"    '.".:«■     RobKUfG HORSEB, * MAGIC-, LANTERNS,, .DRUMS
',/",   ..TOY GUNS   &. PISTOLS,   HORNS,   IRON   HOOK   ft-
.-,.!'    ■   '-,    ■-.  , ..J.-,-..!-     ■
- ■ ;i        .    -...'-    -,.'*-
'    ., ,                   '-•    -     -             ■   '       *'c     * '  *-'  '
v -                    -  --
'*    '• ■    ' -     ,-.. • .iy
■        '      "        :                         '-
'    -      ,
1                                                                                                            *                                             i>            '                                                                                ■
1   t
J,'y                                                                  "
*,          ,                                 1                          -      -
Gift Suggestions in Furniture
Morris Chairs aro such a stront? favorite in thc homo comfortable,that we
have provided a largo and varied ttssortwont for Christmas giving.
Wo have the sturdy oak chair, quarter sawed where the surfacos show also
I-Jich Mahogany, cushioned in rich velours mkI leather $7.00 $10.00 fll.00
and up to $60.00 ' '
Jardinore Stands, quartered oak and mahogany,  Btrong,-, well  finished  and
poHiiicd  -'•-...., • • *$2.00, $2.60, $8.00/$8.75,.to $10.00
Tho famous BibbcH's Carpet Sweepers, $8.00, $4.50 and up.
Fancy Parlor Tables, oak and mahogany in all tho latest finishes $4.00 to $20.00
■ Comfy Rockors in rccd grass and wood, with and without upholstering
$1.25 to $30.00
Childrons' Rockers B^!0, to,HB0
A'l .ctnro is always accoptablo in tbo   homo, our stock is comploto, prices
ranging from l500, to $20'00
' What is more useful to a man than a:
Good Safety Razor? Wo have them in,
all makes,.... $1, $3.50,' $4; $5, $6.50. **
'   Watches that wo Guarantee
, From tho Ingersol nickle Watch at $1
to the 21 jewel Waltham gold (twenty-
five year) caso at $40.00.
In all the nowest leathers and stylos;
also Bill Books and Card CaBes. Prices
from     25o to $2.50
. Big choice and most attractive prices
await you in this dopartmont. wlioU-or
you Want to buy a childs" book at 5c.
<-r an oxpensivo edition of tho r-taiulard
Comfortable house Slippers that case tho tirccl feet afterftlrc (lolly toil or
walk always make appreciative gifts for nil mombors of the family.
Men's Jaeger Wool Slippers   '. $1.65.to.$2.25
Men's Wool Houro Slippers  $1,35
Men's Chocolate Pullman Slippers  ,   $2.25 to $3,00
Men's Vici Opera Slippers  $1.85
Men's Carpet Slippers ,  $1,25
Men's Chocolate Slippers in Travelling CaRO  $3.75
Ladies' Felt Slippers, fur trimmed in brown, black, red and green $1.60 to $2
Ladies'Slippers, in travelling case, in brown, red and blue ....$2.25 to $3.00
Ladies' Moccasins      $1.50 to $2,00
Hockey SIiocr '. $2,75 to $5,00
Ladies' Hockey Shoes with Skates attached  $4,60
Ladies' and Gents' Snow Shoes por pair $3,00 to $6.00
A large and varied assortment of Suit (Jason from ...". $2,60 to $35,00
A Few Useful, Inexpensive, Attractive Xmas. Gift Suggestions for Ladies
Fancy Collars 35c to $3.00.   Jabots and Bows 35c to $1.25.     Silk Shawls $1.50 to  $4.50
Items from our Up-to-date Grocery and China Department
mmmmmmmmmaimammmimmmnamammiammimmmmwmm. /••_     ,__   .     .•_. l  mi...  .___..____._. __.  ■*._< _. ni • 1  /-<,___  /■*._  _^i  _• .      a
., Our Nojy Xmas Fruits and NuU arc now open for your inspection.
Nothing ban beon forgotten by our buyer.
Lowncy'i Chocolate* in fancy boxca tvnJ \h\:x'a t«\
aftnong'i OUocolatei in bulk anil in fancy"Clirlstnuu boxes.
)*:*.'crytbing in this department in Preah and New.
What about your Candy for Christmas t. Candy is the regular
stand-by at, tlio, Christmas season. This year's preparations havo
I'xcccdcd all previous effort*; everyone has been considered. Christmas Crackers for tho littlo on«.; all tho newest colors and fillintfli.
When thoy crack open a big surpr'mu shoots out—Toys, jewels, paper
ha.n, caps, musical novelties, ft.*.
, Santa'i Chrintmai StocWng«—Filled with Toys, Candies, and
other novelties >
The display of Fancy China and Cut Glass shown in, this department is a collection of thc best. One glance at it will convince you
flint it is the host srWlinri and most modern*ply prifrvj noon In F*»rn?e.
W#» )mv. civ<nn this doparfnifnt specinl nHontioTi for Chrifltnifl3
Phone 49
Special Attention
Glvon to Mall Orders
/ "--..;_■. -*■
Contiued from fPage 1
Q. Dr. Malcomson, you are a surgeon physician practising in FranK?
A.   Yes. "
Q. You were present at Bellevue
the^ night of the mine disaster on the
9th of this month?
A.   Yes.      ■ ..---,
1 Q.   What.time did you arrive, doctor? *      a,
A.   I arrived at the pit mouth about     q,
9 o'clock;  I arrived with Dr. McKay. e(j?
Q.   You are prepared to give evid-     _v.
ence in the death of 31 men.     The "   q_.
number being so many they are iden- was
tified by the attached list.   The names sman
are as follows: . -.    ,        ,       A,
Fred Alderson. . Do you know him?       q
A,   No.
August Antok?  .
A.   No.    '     ,   ,'     ' '
Albert Beigum? *
A.   No.
Frank Beigum?
A.   No.
J. Bonato? -.   -
A.   Ye§;   I know him.,.
Q.   Did you see him that night.
A.   I saw him next day.
Q., Do  you know him?
A.   Yes. ....
J. Drewinski?
A.   No.0      *.
S. Darcole? ,        ,
, A.   No.     - '"'„'■
M. Gera? '. '     '"     .
,    -'A.   No.       „       ■ ,
Peter Gera?
A. ■ No.
Charles Letti?
'    A.   No. ■
Gus Robo?       -
A.   I only identified hlra by his wife
bringing him in on Saturday afternoon.
' F. Roberto?
~JA.   No.*  '
Andrew Saari?
A." No.    ,; *   ,
,    S. Senieta?"-
A. No.      "    ' .    - '
B. Tripodi?
A.   No, , ,<■*
' Herman Teppo?
A. "No.
f T. Ullvinen?
A.  -No.    • .'     ;
»J. Ullvinen?   „
A.   No
.M. Quintella?
A.   No *   '        '
A. Quintella?
A.   No   , , *   ,
Hans' Weinberg?. ,    • .
A.    No.        " - ■   ,
Peter "Paul? ' ■*   ' 7 '
A.   Yes.
Q.   You»saw  him;   did  you know
•   A.   Yes.    . „        .
' Mike Korman?
,  <A.  _No -    •
**  rN^Knnsimeir?—"^^-. ■ -
A. No.
N. Sumok? .
A. No.   . ,   '       '
,'M.  Kondratishon?
'A. No. .
1 . John Bornat?
,   A. No. -      .        -
■ John Dosko?
A.   No.
'    Q.   You just knew thc three men
-   A.   Yes. -
Q.   Did  you  seo  any dead bodies
when you got there that night? I
A. Yes; one that night. Thore was
one man that Doctor Mckay and I
tried artificial respiration on for some
time, becauso thero seemed to bo some
signs of lifo when ho arrived thero.
We worked on him for probably half-
Q. You don't know his namo?
A.   No. *
Q.   Diil you go into lhe mlno yourself, doctor?
A. Yes; I went in with a Mr Roberts, lho onBlncor of tho Wost Canadian ColIiorioB. I morely went in to
find out nny nrrangomontH I could
mnko outsiclo for the enro of tho men
nn thoy cnmo out, Thoro was nothing
wo could do that night, so I cnmo out.
Q, % So you only saw tho one body
thnt night?
A,   Thnt is nil.     I saw n man who
hnd n bad Rcnlp Injury that Doctors
Uohh nnd McKay wore sowing up,
Q.   You wnw him?
Yes; lio wim nltvo; ho rccovor-
Any signs of wounds on him?
No.       ''.       ''
Nor burns? "...
No. :'"~\   -". :>'- '.. V.;      7*; l
Was there any burning on any,
of them? '   -.
, A. None thatrI saw. There were
several small abrasions, but nothing
to speak of. ■   ..
Q.   No burning or singeing?
" No.
That is of the 27 you saw stripp-
Yes     - -     -     '■   "
On the other three bodies there
no sign of wounds . except the
Yes. '"' '
Of the  other  three.   Did  you
Ilo Ih nol one of Uioho mon then?
But you row tho bodios tlio next
dny, doctor?
A.   Yph,
Q,   lluw mnny budlOR did you soo?
A. I, wont over Ti in tlio wunh-lioiiKO,
nnd «iiw threo about 11 o'clock thnt
wore brought out latr-r. Tlioy woro
robed in bi'iitiicn clolli.
Q. You wont over thom willi thoir
cloDicH off;  you -wiw thoir liodion?
A,    Yoh; with tlioir clot lion off.
(J, Whut wnn lho niodlcnl online of
A.' Iu my opinion tho 27, wllh tlm
nxccpllnn of fiio, possibly, who hnrt
IiIh fnct* nml '.'iil'i Huiiihh-'d In died
from iho cffociii of enrbon mnnoxldn
l}, Do ynu know whothor I mn right
In Hiiylim thai Is n y,n>\ following nn
A.   I only Idinw by rending of 11,
tj, You dont know, Anywny, It, Ih
rnllod iiflonliunp?
A.   Yen.
--,-.- ,    'p       p*   p       ....
*{. _ UU     *._•_■ ,     „,!,..,1.,      .«»,«*      ,t,.,.      .......
hnd V.«. fnt-o _>tiifl..*■*.. or bin «VuU
A.   Tlio skull crushed.
Q,   Wlml kind of a wound wns that?
A. It wiih n wound thnt mny hnvo
beon caused by a lnrgo lump of conl
or kx-k x\i#x \if.ii Vp»iiuu u.i _,.._,,
Q.   Prom nbovo?
A. Well, Imd noun projoctod on
him; It wan on tho upper pnrt of Iho
Q, Wnn It a brulso from nbovo, or
slralRht In tho facoT
A. I would not like to draw any
conclusion. Ho hnd boon examined
more exhaustively by Doctor MoKny,
Q. These other men, doctor, thnt
you naw dead on thnt occasion, you
tell un you know nonnto; you saw him
tbe next morning, didn't you?
A. I taw blm tho following aftornoon, Saturday.   ■„
Q.   Yoa iwm Lliu utvtpiicd?
A.     Yea.
Q,   Ho died of iiHphyxIntlon?
A.   Ye*.
make an examination of them?
A. No, I didnt wait. I had been
there three hours, and they had been
telephoning from Frank for, me to
come back, and so I could not stay.,
Q. They were covered with brattice cloth? *       ' .  ,
A. Yes; they were lying ih the bottom of a mine car, and I could not
examine thom.
Q. "So there is no question that of
the 27 men you did examine they
died of asphyxiation with tho possible
exception of the man whose skull was
crushed in?
A. There is no doubt. The appearance was so decided that you would
never forget it. ■ Death from carbon
monoxide is something you never forget. ' I examined, them carefully at
different times and under electric
light, and they gave -me the impression of waxwork figures. It " was
more intense than a life-like picture.
The small abrasions instead of being
dull were much more-normal, and the
color was much more perfect than-in
actual'life., Of course the coloring
is due to a mixture ofthe carbon monoxide with the blood, which gives it
what Ts generally' described as a
"cherry.red color.' It remains for a
longtime.'"*'-      ■■ , -,.''."*
Q-. Then on that peculiarly vivid
description of the skin, marks would
show very plainly If there were any?
. A.   Yes. ' - * ,     "
Q. * The man .whose head was crushed.     Did'the rest of his body give indications of-the earbofl monoxide?
A.   Yes.       ' .
Q. So that he would really have
died in aiiy case from that?  ' -
. A. Well, I would think so. TI.ey
all had a similar appearance, and-even'
the blood that was oozing from them
was*all of a very"bright color."- -
In reply to further questions by Mr.
Campbell, Di\ Malcomson' stated that
in his.opinipn the man with the crushed skull had been overcome previous
to receiving tho blow on the head,' basing his assumption on the fac. .that
ence of- carbon monoxide- poisoning,
Such a blow on the head would ■ have
rendered him'unconscious, and in such
a condition it would have been impossible* for. him to hnve inhaled the gas
through' his lungs, so that he must
have been overcome by the effects ,of
thb gas before ho was struck on the
head.'. .The appearance of the body,
ho explained, was similar to the others
who had died through asphyxlatlon"by,
carbon monoxide, nnd the blood would
havo to be in'; circulation to " bring
about such a result.
Mr. Campbell:.' You understand this
inqu'ost, ns you havo heard, is on 31
mon, nnd you hnvo told us you examined 27, and examined three tho noxt
day. Thero is one man you did not
see; do you know who that wns?
A.   No. ' ,
Q.   Did  you   see  theso  mon  who
woro working with tho helmets, tho
Draeger helmets.     Did you see any
of thom?
„ A.   No.
Q. You did not seo nny of thom?
,   A.   No.
Q. (By Mr. Biggar). With regard
lo tho mnn wIioho hond wns wounded,
cnn you givo us nny dotnllod description of tho wound?
A. No; ,T could not give It to you
Mr. Cnnipboll: Doctor Ross nnd
Doctor McKay oxmnlnod him you say?
A, Yen; I only saw hlm nftcrwnrds.
Porno of Iho doctors wero down nt tho
wiiRh-houfio, nnd nnmo nt tlio lnmp
hoime. I wns near Iho pit mouth
nl tlin tlmo, nnd coiiHc-qiiently I did
nol   cxiunlun this mnn  thoroughly.
Q, T would llkn lo n«k you, do yov.
think hnd thoro hoon n Hiipply of oxygon kopt ns a prcciHillon, could nny-
for a. persoi^.to succumb by breathing'
in * carbon -' monoxide. "What would be
the length" of time.7 Of "course, bat
would ,-vary according" to the'; density1.-,
and I expect- you will answer me in
that respect,. but generally speaking,
where there, is enough carbon monoxide to cause death, how long would
you suppose the time required to produce death? , -,V '.' • " '■
a. , To produce' death?
Q. Yes. • 7 '-_ *
A.. I don't know that I can answer*
.that* question exactly, because a man
even though he be to all Intent arid
purposes dead, might.be resuscitated
after the gas Is In the blood. If the
volume is, large enough' a man- will-
be overcome very rapidly, without having any symptoms whatever. If the
volume is small, say 5 tb 10 per cent.v
the man' may have slight symptoms,
and get some symptoms such as weakness ln the legs. - ■
Q. Twenty-six of these', men at
least, in my mind, came to their death-
as you stated, and the density must
have been particularly large... Can you,
from these facts tell us approximately
what length of time lt took to ldll
these men by breathing in the carbon
monoxide?       - ;- .'   . ,*■ * ;
A. No; I cannot answer the question. •      , 7       . ,       *>   -
Q. Could you approximately make
a statement of the time required..
You- say in carbon monoxide they
would very readily drop off; can you
establish-.tlie time?
A.   No.* , '
Q.' What would be the symptoms
of a person about io succumb to carbon monoxide; his behavior—his conduct? - " ' 7 .,'
SA. About to succumb?
Q.' Yes. that is, one who is inhaling, and .the gas is about to get the
better of him.-What would, be the
symptoms affecting the man?./
*A._-Weakness of the legs;-probably
headache;'-'and lie would simply'fall
ovei*. ■■" •■' 7 ' ''"' '■■' "' .' '"' '
Q. Would it have the effect of producing drunkenness on' him?
= A. *, If--there was a small volume it
would,-I fancy.   • <
Q.   A small volume? " * ■
A.   Yes. .     *
Q. Would carbon dioxide have the
same effect? -"-. , „
. A. Well_ the symptoms,- I - think,
would-be similar, because it is suffocation practically in. both for a" certain length of timo. -' .;.
Q. I am informed that in^ carbon
dioxide - there /would be, ,a decided
drunkenness, whereas in monoxide
there would not. - Am* I properly or.
improperly informed?
AV I can only-" say what I have already, that'is; 'the only' difference is
regarding-tbe.volume, tho man is ex-
say,, the symptoms might be similar
,to' each other to-some extent.
Q. -How-Mo',you-,ascertain 'if death
is there or not? *■ *   .
A.   By"the,heart beat, and by-artificial respiration. - " ,
Q.' You can always got the pulse?
A.   Not necessarily, but you might
get the heart beats, and a mnii might
possibly be resuscitated . after - that.
Q.   How long would it tako you, as
a medical prnctitionciyto come to, the
conclusion that life is ■ absolutely' extinct, and that tho man Is not in a
state of Insensibility?"' :
A.* Woll, I dont. know how long. If
I hnd an idea—If the body wns warm,
if thore wns a 'slight sign of heart
beat, I would work,on tho man for a
considerable time, just ns- ono would
on a mnn who Is drowned,
Q.   Whnt menns do you tnke to ascertain tho boating of tlio heart?
A.   Tho stethoscope.
Q.   How long would thnt tnko?,,
A.   Only a fraction of a minuto.,
Q.   Wero you In the mlno?
A.   Not up to tho point of lho explosion.    I wns pnrt way Jn.
Q.   Thon you did not render ns3lfi-
tnncp ns a modlcnl practitioner insido
tho mlno?
A.   No..    ■
Q. Assuming thnt tho explosion
look plnco, or llioro wns nn oxploslon tnklng plifco In this mlno, sny nt
7.30 or 7 o'clock In tho cvenlng—nfl-
numlng thnt thb 11 mon wo'ro tnkon
nllvo out of-thnt mlno Ray about 12
o'clock, by monnn of tho Drnogor helmets, or by oxygon administered In
ono form or nnotlior, would It, In your
opinion an n modlcnl prnclitlonor,
linvn boon pohhIIiIo to hiivo moro mon,
or nil llnvnioii, if tlio mlno hnd boon
In view of the overwhelming'
> mats of evidence antagonistic to alum,
7      it is recommended that it«'*u*se in baking powde:
; be prohibited by law.—United States Senate Committee
\" v.
wriglesworth; d. d; ' s.
.,*- -7*. -:^y-r jyy''y,yyy.
. ■>,      DENTIST.   .
Off ir.***): * Johason-Faulkner Block., _.'
Hours 9-12.■ 1-6; *- .-•*•■',-'■''-- Phono 72
ernie *
Made from Grapes
Approved by physicians and food
officials, both State and National.
Awarded highest honors by the
great World's Expositions, and
;   proved of superior strength
and purity by the
j^S-   ■'■" blflcialtests.
/    No AIjUlll    iy
* *''
"Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C*_
Hours 9 to 1;* 2 to 5; G to 8.  ...
.'V Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.'
W. R. Ross K. C.        .  :-      W. S. Lane
' "*' -' ■* - *  • RbsS & LANE *'    '"-. ; /'-'■
Barristers and Solicitors"
*?. -.
Fernie,', B.1 C.
L. P.'Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Eckstein &'McTaggart
barristers/solicitors, etc.
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
Alex. I.' Fisher
Fernie, B. C..
thing hnvo boon dono lo help thoso men ciulppod wllh n propqi'nmbulnnco corps
by hnvlng mich a thing on hnnd? i«iid with n piopor sufficiency of stored
A,   Woll, T cnniint niiHWor Hint. (|iios-,up oxygon, niul with tho mcniiR of ron-
Hon  tlinj-oii.'hly, bnrniiHO llioro In no, (luring flml nld?
iliiubt ('xygi'ii would bn a gront help','   A.   Well, I ennnot  nnswnr thnt  ns
in reviving n mini  who Is ovoroomo * ronM-dlng tlinfio mt'ii.     T could not In
wllh gnu, Imi II nuiHl, depend on tho
liino, how long ho had boon osiposo'l
r i 'i lhe voliiiiiii of *.iih he ll'id Inlinled.
'*,    Yon   iiiidoriiliiiul,  dootor,  1   inn
nil fnlnioHH niiHWor Hint qiiORllon by
yes or no,
<).   Well, yon soo, you would nol fix
Uio time for nie In nny nhnpo ni* form,
■■'•Ui*i. a ilieoiotlci.1 .■.lostl'*-!!, which; w.\ to lho iliirntIon of lifo under pols-
i'i ler cui' itsildnneo, Would, In tlinjoulng by curlion monoxide, ho 1 lmvo
event of mi esjdimldii n mtpply of oxy
gen kepi nn n procniiilon bo n good
Ihliu. lo hnve?
A.   Ciidoiibleilly ro, I think.
Q.   And In Hint n prnetlr-nl tlilriK
lo .;ct nnd keep?
A.   Yen; It cnn bo roI nnd kopt,
i" *•[•'•'•'._!..'.mined by Mr, JIneUlfl
'(J    litrtor, ynu nlnlo ilml *", yo'r
opliiion H10 bndiofl thnt you oMinvnr.d
<•   I'  ('-   rt   ,\1fi\rii'    »*. n   IV,-'.*-*' ' l.'.vp
mm iliiii' OonDt hv Ruffniuilin HiroucU
cn'non iv.or.nxldo, Ir U not i\ fnct
Hint die Piponrnnco nf ,f>no who iiiis
died th--n p!« suffocntlon o't'iir »y enr-
b.i'i itmnoldc or enrbon dnxlol la'
nijont the wmo thln-fi?
A.  ;«.,': ;:.:..s. i:.„*. i:.:j- ■.i-,*.,3! u-
Q. Well, Jn your opinion, do thoy
not proRont tho snmo appearance?
A.   No.
Q. Thoy don't? Thon what Ih tho
npponrnnco of n porson who Iiiib sue*
cumbnd to enrhon dioxido?
A. Well, the appearance-of rouruo
I ennnot «ny from absolute knowledge,
I can only ko from my -jenernl know-
1o<lK(i on tho suhjoct, Wllh enrbon
monoxide llio death In canned (If tho
body of AAA Is largo -finoufib to overcome a mnn) so quickly that practically It Is without a'siniRRlo. With enr*
bon dioxide n man docs not dia ao
mutli tn>n» )x_l*u_ul._jt but _i__iUy fiom
want of air, and ho atruRRlos moro
for tho want of air,
Q.   Then how long would It tnko
10 niwunie cortnln fnclR to lend ynu
to [irhiitho cortnln coi>cIiihIoiib, Now,
UKRunilin*. Unit HiIh took plnee HiroiiRli
enrbon niounxidn, nt it corliiln hour,
nud n ('(ii-lnlii nuiiiboi* of 111011 do not
Hueounib to ll, Thoy ni*o inUinK It In
tho mlno under Hie full demilty or pron-
Hiiro for n numbor of hours, thoy
md tnken nut nllvo by moniiH of oxy-
Ken,- iir In nm Informed, nnd tho, uro
nt Dtoan [bo\m*Hn. Then, I Rny,. If
thoro hnd boon n propor nmbiilnnco
corpu roiufy witli u.i Dw ._*ii*_i.iin.._a itc-
rofiHnry in mich onnen, would It hnvo
boon posslblo. In your opinion, to havo
Rnved moro 11 von?
. A. In nnnwor to yonr - quantlon,ol*
sm«4»««, l Ov.i'i J-"-:'.*,' !.;-i* •-'-":* ••;:-:.'!'
wnro broURht out hy tho nld of tho
Drncger nppnrntns, Many of them wero
broURht out; I think, tho night boforo,
boforo tho DrnoROr nppnrntun hnd boon
broiiRht down to tho mlno at nil. Tho
only answer ts that T havo not a
nclontlflc Irnowfmlffrt fn fin**- Riihjort of
gnsoR. Carbon monoxldo Is a rob tbat
Riiffocnteq penpln from feodflrt. from
tho conl, but to Rive a scientific opinion I am not qualified. Undoubtedly,
in my mind, tho Draeger apparatus
miiRt bo of groat acrvlco; thero can bo
no doubt at nil about that. With regard to whether or not It tvonld have
luucd m/Jri fives, I ennnot nny.
Q.   I am only assumlnij- tbat theso
11 men woro taken out by tho imo of
tha Draeger apparatus, or the adminis
tration of oxygen.1 This is "the only
way, I understand, that they were able
to be resuscitated, to. the point of .being taken out. . ' This was, say, 5 hours
after they* had* been subjected, to-the
gas., . Tlien, if the, mine'Jiad^ been' properly equipped with* ambulance'"stretchers'Mn large, numbers,- of' proper corps
fitted for that, purpose carrying tanks
of- oxygen, would it, in your; opinion
have been the means of saving more
lives?*     -,.*•'"     -        , . ,    J
A.*   I think' if they could,have been
got out,undoubtedly it would.
• Q.'' No*doubt about that? ',
A. ■ '-No;   if. they, could, have been
got out in time.    ,
c. Q.' ,'ls it not a fact, doctor, that the
only sure test between carbon monoxide
and carbon dioxide is a blood test? -,
"A. It is*-the only one I know, except, of course, getting the gas free
In the mine by an' expert.;' •*,
Q. How'did you come to the conclusion,'absolutely, that these people
had died, from suffocation through carbon monoxide?" 7"" - '-.-'*" .rs ,
- A.". Only from ^appearance; - __■**• * *' -
could ^be. mistaken in that?-7 '   ••
.A. aWell, I have seen a great many
people dead, of course, and I have
never seen an appearance of this kind
before, in fact, .the appearance was
so life-like that in one case I used "my
stethoscope,to see that-he was really
dead, and the man was absolutely, in
a state of rigor mortis at the .time; It;
is 'something'I-" will never* forget,', .1
never saw anything like'it before/
Q.V What is .the composition .of carbon monoxide? ' ,.'y   ■".■ , -- _' 7**;.,
■ A;   I cannot tell, you thn,t.* "ionly,
know that* it is7a gas "as a result of
an,'explosion, that. Is all.      7 7 ' 7
Q. What, would", be tho chemical
formula of tho gases which would pro-'
duce UiIr enrbon monoxldo? ■ '- ;
, A.'- Which would produce lt?', Woll,
I cannot say,.ns a modlcnl manr These
things are-what belorif-.'.mpro tp tho
scientific side. Whnt produces It? 'I
cannot tell you, "' .
Q. You will no doubt soo why" I
nm nsklng you tho question?, ••
A. I cnn only glvo you the e.hor-Alcal
formula, Vf coui-ro. Ono atom of carbon and'ono'atom*.'of oxygon.  ■
Q,, Tho gns, I undorfltnnd, * doctor,
which oxudciH from, the-coii'l, Is -called
mni'sh gns, which :|R,bxprosBOd choml-
cnllyCII.-l.7, ■*■'.-.'
A.   Yos. '     ,
Q. Would it require this gns, thla
C.H.'I,, to produco tho enrbon monoxldo?
A.■ T bollovo it, Ifl tho roBult of tho
oxploRlon ot tho C.IT.l. thnt this'carbon monoxldo Ib produced, '
Q. Then (horo cnn bo no possibility
of carbon"monoxldo existing In n conl
nilno wllhout tho oxmlntlon of n lnrpo
volume of conl ror In Romo form or
nnotlior mingling with H10 nlr in tho
ventilation of lho mlno?
A, So fnr ns I lmvo rend, I believe
Hint enrbon monoxldo Ih not nn n gon-
ernl rulo, supponcd (0 bo froo In ft
mine,    II Ih only nfier nn oxploRlon.
Q. Am I to umlorHlnnd by your ovl*
donee Ihnl It could not bo producod
oxcop) hy tho monns of nn oxploRlon?
A, 1 ennnol nny Hint positively. I
tun tint »inntod wol! onough to know
Hint. All Hint I un sny Ih Hint ro far
n:i I hit'.'j rond In iiii.*<i1ral/ lltei'ntmv,
It Ih not, Renernlly fouiul free, but
Hint ll Ih tho nftor roBult of tlio ox-
-iloHlon of freo riirob.
tj. Could IhlH riih bo producod by
1111 oxploslon cnused by jRnltlon, or hy
nny othor method, TIiIh enrbon monoxldo, you Hny, Ih lho ronuU of nn ox-
ploHlnn; Ih thnt explosion tho ronult
of Ignition? Would thoro bo flro in
ordor to necoBRltnto tho presence of
enrbon monoxldo? Tn that correct?'
A.   Yob.
Ll,     I'UU  dtti  VOtililiO tihoul  liml?
A. Woll,, I don't know nny* other
way the oxploslon might occur oxcopt
by Ignition of uomo kind.
Q.   Of courno, wo lmvo boon assum-
•   ■      .„ ,, . , 1,., _n
1,1*.     AX,    Vh|t,M.,S,ll     ll.,*    I.WV    P..W*-- .
A. Well, thero must, in my mind,
bo Innitlon to cnuso the oxploslon,
Q. Well, that la tho point I havo
boon trying to got at ono way or another. Could you net that by boat as
woll as by iRnltlont "
A.   liy heat?
Continued on Pago 7
'.* > '\i. '■'
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& N'orthcm llnllwnv C'ouiininy lo tho
lomMntiiro .umombly nf l!io Provlnco
of PrlllHh Columbln, 11; ft'i noxt huh-
slci, for an net to oxUm-J tho tlmn for
the conimoiicpmonl 'jf tin t'Oiinlrii,:-
lion of Its rnllwny, nud for tho ox*
mroint of tlio cnplml o( tlio Raid com-
puny no provided by fliib-Hoctlon (R)
of Koctlon -M of tho llrltlflh Columbln
I'ailway Aot.
T-r-VVI T    " '1  ' "'"OV
ImXjlJ I, Imlr.t   fcp_-    .... **, *- V . I,
MliilwiJ for Ilie 'AppMrfiTitn,
Dnteil at Victoria. n.C„ thla 10th day
of October, 1010.   ,
Tho Southern Central Railway compnny will npply lu tho Parliament ct
Cnnndn at ltd noxt noaalon for nn (.nt;
1. Ai.'-horl-rinfl- It to comtruui lho
ft-'iin .r.f; branch llnoa—• (a) from a
point ni or nonr whoro^bo main Uno
croAaca tho North Saskatchewan rivor
In tho Provlnco of Alborta norlhwoit-
far nc* ***K J • ttx*e%imt*tat***- ttejm UxjiijtJUm fan mJ tlilUa to m Una to
•tdl M ho*,*.  WrtU tut Vr)r« t_WL MMtainip}M4t. M,.»*.*.»i*|T'MS», **■• «*«*"KH»»
ve Hv*- twlM Vut*
1 * rnn>Hr I
i*te*4**iu    _
Mftli_«lhH*i|«liw«ilM, tllnlnwiirtnr'rlci**)*' •*-»
_.     *--iUfi,j«i_i****.iir'*	
pSiirrei. "oi,- ■^•"••M"** »^
and Transfer
'    *.
Wood and Hard Coal (^
for Sale ;
J George Barton-   Phone 78 |
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and Dressed Lumber
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Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Llq-'
,   uidatpr and Trustee;,   auditor to
the Cities of Calgary nnd Fernie.
P. O.
Box 308
H. H,
P, O. DOX 423.
orly, eroBHlnB tho Atlmbnaku rivor,
thonco to ii point on tho Ponco llvor
nt or nonr Diiiivoriuii, thonoo to Pnr-
Hiilp rivor, thonoo Houthorly to tho
Naehncn rivor, thonco soittliwontorly
to nonn'H.Chnnnol, or to Onrdlnor'u
canal, and- (b) from a point on tho,
VIfc- rivor tn tlw Prnvlnfn of Prltlnh
Columbln by tho most foaslblo routo
oaatorly to tho Watorton rivor, thonco
oaBtorn to a point ou tito International
boundary nonr Ccatts.
2. Extendlnu tho tlmo within which
lt mny conntruct Kb lino of rnllwny
__UU»   VVi\l  y.i')   Xm*   ViliV.*,-..    U'j.ii.-»i,li' ,
and oaatorly by way of tho Kootonay
Pass to lomo point on tho Old Mnn
rivor In tho Provlnco of Alborta,
thonco northeasterly through tho Prov
Inco of Bnitkatchowan to somo point
on tho ahoroi of tho Hudson's bay at
U.aat ono hundred mllo« north of "Port
Churchill on tho Churchill rivor.
3. Authorizing It to connect with
foreign railroads.
4. Authorltlm**. II lo Increaso its
bonding powors; and for othor purposes,
EttUctuiFr (or tho ApoIIcanL
Dated it Ottawa1 thla   8th
NovMnbor, A. D„ 1010,
day of
In ilie DlHtrlct Court of the District of
In the Estato of Stephen Coughlin
NOTICK Ih horohy Klvon pnrHiumt
to thu order of U'.H Honor .Tinli.o Wlntor, dated tho 21lh day of Novombor,
11)10, thnt nil porBoiiH hnvlnff i-lnlmH
nRftliiKt tho ontnto of STKPIHiJN
COUUHLIN. lfllo of tho Cily of 8pok»
nno In thu Stato of Washington, ono
ot tho United Htatcfl of Amorlcn, who
died on tho 10th day ot March, A.D.
lt*0l», at Koruiu,. in tho I'roviuoo ot
llillLi'i Columbln, lnU'iiluU; u>%- _c
quested to mnll by post prepaid or
dollvorod to tho undorslRiiod Solicitor
for Harry B. Shonflold, to whom administration of tho snld Dstnto war
frrantfid bv thn nnld -court on tho 23rd
dny of September, 1810, thoir nnmon
and nd drogues and full particulars of
thoir claims In writing;, nnd ot any
ocurlty hold by thom (such particular*
to bo verified by a statutory declaration) on or boforo tho 31st Dccomboi*,
A.I). 1010, aftor which dato lho administration will administer tho assoto
of tho snld deceased, and will not bo
liablo for any part thereof to any parson of whoso claim ho shall not than
have rocolvod notico.
Dated'at Ilowdon, this 18th day of
Novombor, 1910,
rnnfnfalf, Alberta,
, Solicitor for tho,
IHT Administrator
 jgjyjUH^ ,___-
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Calgary Cattle. Go,
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• ,'    "        '1119 Dicembre,'1910
•■District Ledger,", Fernie, B. C.y,
*. Signori!—Prego se di piacere,vorra
concedere'-un posto, nelle colonne del
pregrao. d'ilei- giornale la seguente ret-
tifica  riguardo,alla;n6u:' "Veritas'.
Gl'Italiani della colonia di Bellevue, Alberta, eternamente riconpscenti.ringra-,
ziano l'eccellen'za A. G.Perr'era, Italian
Consul. Vancouver, -B.C., giunto costa
accompaghato- dal'egregio sub  spgte-
tario particolare il 14-12 scor. 'ferman-,
dosi costa circa due giornl. informan-
dosi minutamente su ogni particolare.
Visito le disgraziate faniiglle colpite
nel'" affetto dei plu cari deVimmane dis?'-
astro.'ebbe per, mlseri calde .6 sincere
parole* di conforto, offereridb rinmedia-
to 'soccorso la dove - lo   rlchiedesse.
Parti il 16-12 da Bellevuo lasciando nel
curoo   dl     tutte"   gl'Itallanl - costa
resident!* la piu tenera 0 sincera gratl-
tudlne.-S reconoscenza verso l'ilustre
uomo, cho seppe colla sua generosa
affabilita  ha; rlalzare  nel  morale  1
cuorl dei - supers'titi purtroppo; scossi.
dal Immane disastro. ,
I piu  rispettosl .salutl,  Devomo.
* 1 *      ' -' .   A.  C.
Bfellevue, Alta.' - ■
Fernie-Forf Steele
t- ., c*
1*  J - ■■*>
Brewing Go.i Ltd.
Vraidenie   robotnikov   vo  vel'kom.
delivered.:   to -".all
' parts of the.town*
SandertV &• Verhaest Brothers.
I ''    Proprietors (. "t
hii»fK •■
Dry   Coidwood   at   $2.00
Kick, O.O.D.   ,"
, Horso ami Cutter for hire
Apply, Wm. Dickknt, Phono 1(1
,    .       Fornio, B. 0,
MuHii-al-PiU'lloH and Diiuooh entered
for.   Tlio host ami very latest
0 iiiiihIo in tho .Hull-lot
For pni'tloulnr npply lo
Thos. Ma»sanobllo, Box 383' Fornio
or OHf. Incehrro , .
' Neni toho' ttfZdna, aby, sa nepriho-
dllo nejake nelt'astie, ktor-3 by-•* si
nevyziadalo .vaCSi poCet. robotnickych
Sivotov. ■ V celej Europe, ktora je na
pocet oby.vatel'stva'trl razy vaCSia nez
8poje'n<_* Staty Severoairierick-5,' neiida
sa ze-cel-y rok^tol'ko-vxazednych pri-
pad'oy/kol'ko sa ich uda v Spoj. Stat-
och' za jeden * mesiac. _ Pravi sa,' Ze
kap'ital je vgade s_ejn*p*^ Nenl to
pravda',' poneva5 americk-y kapitalism'
je jeden-'z najpaZravitejsich. Nikde
si-nevyziadal kapitalism tol'ko l'udskej
krve, kol'ko sijej vy2iadal doposaial'
amertcky kapitalism. A kol'ko .si jej
e§te vyJlada! -
'. ,Najviac robotnickych 2ivotov; vyzia:
duje si americk-5 banlctvo.^.Ka tomto
poll je ^prelievana krv robotnicka
kaZd? den. Neni toho' dria, aby v-
niektorej'bani, nebolo zabito niekol'ko
banikov. O torn sa* verejnost* ani
nedozvie—5asopisy., pi§u len o takom
vra2deni, kde najmenej desat' robotnikov utratilo 8Yojei 2ivoty. - - ._
' Nedavno 'tomu,* -So'1' sa, udal vtfbuch
v uhl'odole v Starkville, ktor*y.je maje-
tkom Colorado Fuel and Iron Co.. V
uhl'odole   tbinto  bolo " zabito""' asl   70
.*:_,.___.____-______ _,iK/_+w_^.f_,T»lTri_>__\lr__7l«_tAT1_\ _
Se'za nest'astie je zodpovedria'sprava
dolu, 'porievaC uhl'odol nebol ;' dosta-
tocne pollevan-***. Koronerbva: porota
svalila celu yinii na* spoloCriost*, le?,
tej.sa nestane ani toho nejmenSieho,
ponevafi ona je. v Colorade neobmed-
zen^m vladcom. ^Cela ylna,sa svali
na nlektoreho mrty-5ho banika n dost'
magna,-' 2o, spolocnost ;naTmiesto,aaby,
dnia vdovam a sirotam, nejaku nnhra,-
du,; tieto -na nahradu eSte zaiSaluje.
Svoju Zalobu, proti vdovdm a sirotam
bddovodnl spolocnost tfm, Ze vinnou
mrtvych banikov prlSlii spolocnost', ku
hmotnoj Skode. Od" takych pa?.ravcov
mo?.no ofiakavaf vSetko,„a sudcovia?
Nonl toho sudcu.ktory by lm nodal za
priivdu,        .,.,-'. -
', .lined' po tomto v-ybuchii naaledovol
v-ybuch plynovv Delnguo, Colo.-v uhl'-
odolu, ktoreho.majltol'om jo organlso-
vnnej praci nopriatol'skaflrma Victor
American Fuel, Com., kdo nochnlo svojo aivoty 80 banikov. Ind vra2donio
hnnlkov udalo so v Hlllsboro, 111., v
ulil'odolu spolocnosti Shoal Creok, kdo
boll zabitl fityrla ba'nlcl a fiest' Ich bolo
Binrtolno pornnono. Potom naslodo-
vnl vybuch plynov v uhl'odolu Law-
non v Black Dlamondpned'aloko Seattle, Wash., kilo bolo obotovnno 12 _ba-
nlkov. |>V asfaltovoj banl Jnmbo, nod'-
nlolto Durnnt, Okla, bolo zabito 6tr-
niiRf banikov a tu by bol byval pocet
zabltych 0 mnoho ynCM,. lon So .fit'-
nslnou nahodou nobolo v dole vlca
1 VarZodn-y Itapital nlfil 2lvoty robotnikov nlo lon.v uhl'odoloch, nld loh
v Jolozlarnach, ocellarnnch, na drahach
v tovamnch n voboo vftado. Robotnik
nonl si flvojlm ilvolom Isty nlkdo, Tak
na prlkladv Nowarku N. .T. vypuknul
ohen t(vn\pJSoJ tovarne nn vyrobu spoil-
noho Konskilio Rntstva a m obol' to-
muto ohnu pndlo vySo UO Sloh a rnz
tol'ko ich Jo doilvotn^ini mrznlcml, A
mysllto to za toto vraiidonlo Jo nlokto
■jodpovbdnyni?     Ani pomyBlonln.   V
ka2domlz"tu spomenutybh prlpadov
vr'az-^enia-robotnikov-je dokazan^,* 2e
zamestnavatelia' boli na prifiine ne§t'-
astiu,-' jakojia priklad spomenuta, to-,
yarna, na vyrobu[,?podn-5ho; pradla y
Newarku,'- kde "bolO^'zames'tnano asl
250 robitiiiciek, mala len jedny schbdy
a'tie^ boly shnit-5, ale-.tu neni"* moci,
tu neni'zakohaV ktor*y' by v, takyclito
pripadochi"zakro£il a "pre .robotnikov,
spravbdlivost' vynutil. ■" Je to- cynicke
priVbv'nanie ked' povieme;-' ze vsetko
raaso zdraZilo, len Tudske" maso zlacne-
lo, ale je to pravda. *. Za zabitie'psa
sa'musi dnes viae *zaplatit' heZ za
zabitie -robotnika.- •' • '
NajnovSie * v'raZdenie banikov udalo
sa v'nedel'u dna 11, dec. vo. Western
Canada Collieries'.' v uhl'odolu Bellevue, kde-dl'a prvj-ch zprav znlfieno bolo asl 30 biinickych Sivotov, medzi nimt
istotne.znacn-j> poCet Slovakov, bo tam
je nasich rodakov hodne usadeno. I
tii zn'prl6in1ly vybuch plyny. Kol'ko
to zase'vdov a "slrot a kto sa,o ne
postara? " Nikto! Kto, bude nlest'
vbiu za ztratu'toi'kfch'-zivotov? Za3e
Nikdo! ....
'^Leg.-n-j) Co pokraCovat'? N' Kapital
vra^dll a vra2dit' bude, ponevac.vidl ze
ti ktorych vraJdi, mu za to este d'aku-
ju a stavaju sa protl tym, ktori na toto
vraZdenle poukazuju. - PreCo by nev-
razdill,-ked' armada knazov' vragdeniu
tomuto,2ehna a smrtelnym *Jiriechom
vyhraJii tj-m robotnikom. ktori by sa
opovaZill'tieto riadky Citat'. - Je tu od-
pomoc?' .Je, ale'my'ju eSte ani leri
nevidime. Ale prist',- pride!—Rovnost
l'udu.' '.'7
i ■*- _.       . * "
; ■      ■ Continued from page 6
..Q. Yes; by heat'pure'and simple,
could the carbon monoxide be 'produced by both- methods? "
A." I could not give a. positive answer to that question." ■ I- am honestly not well enough up in mine gases or
chemistry to answer it; whether great
heat'.would explode it or not. I suppose, I ought" .to know, but the fact is
I. do not. -*.,•.
Q_   Allwe want.to know is w'heth'er
there was" actual, Ignition,' or, heating,
in the mine, to produce-this accident;
or whether, it'-was through a slide in
the mine," by'sparks in the mine resulting from rocks..coming together;
or something about it.  -. So that is
connectibn with the'production of carbon monoxide!   You are not altogether
sure'7whether: it- is through heat' or
ignition, or both?* ■'"
A.  .No; I am not sure.
Q'.   I believe you stated with regard
to the man whose head was, crushed
that" you came to'the .conclusion that
the accident, or rather the* crushing,
was subsequent-to the asphyxiation?
•A.   Of course, it would be difficult
to be absolutely positive	
■ - Q.   Was tho body .as high a color
as tho rest of the bodios?
A., Yes;'practically similar. Of
course, ori tbe, faco one goes more by
the' color of, tiie lips ■ hnd the * cheeks
than from tho rost of, the,body. ■
Q.   Thore is no possibility of that
color being thore through absorption?
A.   Not if he was dead.
Q..'So that it Is likely that this man
also mot his death by asphyxiation
from,this gas', nnd that as he lay dead
he met with somo further mishap?
A.   I havo no posltlvo conclusion,
Q.'. It' is opon?
A.   Yea.
lle-exxamintillon by Mr. Cnmpboll.
Q.   Thero aro two gases, you say,
can bo in a mlno, carbon monoxldo
and carbon dioxide?
A.   Yes.
Si.   Carbon'monoxldo is what thoy
call firo damp?
A.   I don't know; aftor clamp Is tho
only nnmo I know lt by.
Q.   And that Ib tho gas you say
that caiiBos thla Intonao- coloring?
A.   Yos.
Q, You also said to Mr Mncklo that
it Ifl caused by explosion?'
A. By tho rosult of lho oxploslon,
yos.      ' "■
Q. Mr Mncklo vory proporly n-akod
you whothor lt might bo caitBcd by
honllng. I will put It,a littlo different;1 I BtippoHo boforo you boenmo a
doctor, as a' boy you mado flro by
,-.*..'■*   ,--   ' '■**    '.*..      - --*'y
friction.    Friction would cause enough
sparks tb/fire, and'that fire wb*uld
be sufficient to cause,an explosion?
A7 Yes. "\    ;-*.''.. , " ''.••''
- Qf And "if. the .rock is of a flinty
nature/ would they" in tumbling cause
sparks that'might cause ignition?
-A. ' They.- certainly would if the
rocks were large, enough to cause sufficient force.      ,   ~    7,'
Q.1" A body ot flinty rock, weighing
some 40.000 tons, "coming" down and
smashing-up,-bumping- against itself,-
would it cause, sparks?
■ A.'- I should think it would;'cause
sparks enough tb ignite the gas. - ,
Q. Enough to run the electric light,
<jo you think? ' Now.-doctor,.jn -regard to gas*, being there, .you said the
Ontario*- doctors' know about this carbon monoxide because it is the same
poison that arises from explosions in
our,stoves at home."" ' -
, A. -iWell, you- see, it in open fire
places; you see it in gas for, lighting
purposes. -It is a dangerous gas, of
course. You'read of it,in all connections in the East. " * . .
, Q.' Do you know enough about gas
to'know that a gas might be hidden
behind a bed of suspended rock, iii a
pocket formed behind that rock, unapproachable; and in that rock falling
would that bring the gas with it, .even
though the gas was,lighter than air;
would the suddenly falling rock carry
the gas .down with It?
A. I ..should think.it would, but I
am-not posted on mine matters to the
extent of giving evidence that would
be clear. -. I am willing to give anything I ,have. ,.
,' Q. There is just one" other point;
you say the difference between dioxide and monoxide poisoning' is that
dioxide is'.the cutting off .of oxygen
simply, that a man chokes to death,
and in that case his face would exhibit some-sign, of the",struggle?
,A. It would show' signs of the struggle the same as a drowning man.
Q.   Whereas in monoxide, it is'like
the laughing gas of .the' dentist?
A.   .Well,  I ,dont know. .
Q. But so far as the appearance
of the face is concerned?" ..
A. ' Ye's.  I'think so,   ' *,    .
I * Q. • He would "not have "the struggle? t *   ■' ■''.--
A."  No. * '*
. Q. Now in mines, I suppose, no one
gets either of these gases absolutely
pure; there must be a combination;
there may be several as a result of the
explosion?,.' ,. ;
A*' Certainly; they'are all, the results of the loosening of the gas from
the coal. '
, Q. One important matter Mr. Mackie mentions is about this rescue business. ". Do you think as a' doctor
that had such an outfit that could have
gone -right ih and taken the men *out,
do you'think from the condition of. the
mine'. .' ."/. They were'all brought
out that night were they not? ' ,
'.* A. No;-the'next day. , ' " -
Q.   Were - any,' brought  out     that
night?        •   ' y ''-':'■
.A':   I only, saw-two.
T\W. Davies
:   ■$■
■ $
- -•*
pay * money to white labor
- ■ pjf****-
I am agent for
"Tlie Pride of Alberta"
A  Flour of whicli ■ one
"trial is all that-is neccjed'
., to prove its worth.
Try "CREMO'' a break-
. fast food that is a food-,
W. G. Warn
■ o
General Merchant
Hillcrest     -     Alta,
Special arrangements for    -;
* '     ■- Parties,   etc ..    -   /
Order your CbriKtiiins Cuke curly'
Apply' for   Price'List"
Do you save ? -
A time will como when your financial resources will be,strained to meet
some unexpected demand Will you
- have' to suffer tbe consequences, or
wiil you be in ■ a position to turn to
your bank account for aid?
Deposit* your savings in the Hank of
Hamilton now, and when-the day of
emergency comos you* will be prepared.
J. R. LAWRY, Agent
Bread and Cakes shipped on tho
Local for Eastern Camps      , ;
Q.-."Any dead"?;-
A.   One;   tlie', one
Fernie Home Bakery;
^ and Lunch Rooms
Give us a call
,   Luncheons SeryecT v.
every day from 9 a.m. to llr p.m.'
Pork and Beans 'Saturday
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_ ....__._ I spoke-of, on
which we tried/artificial* respiration.
Whether there were some brought out
before I don't know. -    '-.
<*• Q.   One will be sufficient for our investigation now.   ' One was brought
out dead; what time did you say that
man died.
A;  About half-past nine.'
Q.   And<ho„ is  the man .who  had
crushed his head?
A.   Noi-
,Q.   So that he was dead of asphyxiation , at 'half-past nine?
A.   Yes, sir. • ;
:,' Q. You would not bo export enough
to say, would you, doctor, ln a lnrgo
mine extending thb depth this one
ovidently doos, whothor, tho effect of
this oxploslon would bo moro donse in
one place or ono place moro dangor-
ous than another?
A.' Well, of course. I would have to
know tho mino and tho position of tho
place's. '      '
Q. Tho probabilities nro that one
placo might' bo moro dangerous or
moro thnn another?
A, Thoro is no doubt about that,
Q, So thnt tho men in ono cross-
section might die, and other mon throo
or four hundred yards nwny might
bo nil right, and might bo brought
out, lntor?
A. Yos; ot courso. I fonvo only experienced ono accident, in tho Frank
Mino whoro throo mon woro .caught.
Ono wnn so badly injurod that ho could
not got out; tho othor two tnod to
got out and died; tho othor mnn wnB
brought out and recovered. Thoro
nro a grdnt mnny factors that must bo
lalton Into consldorntlon,
Mr, Mnckle: Twonty bodied woro
round with their moulh'ovor tho com-
prounod nlr plpo, or Jot, nppnrontly In
tho attompt of gotllng tho oxygon,
Tnklng that into consldorntlon, had
thoro boon a properly equipped nmhu-
huico, wllh tho nocoBwiry Ingredients
to moot suoh cnsoB, sueh ns comproRH-
od oxygon, Ir (horo not n possibility,
(nHRumlng tlio fnct Ihnt thoy woro
found In Hint poHlllou.nB though trying to got nHBlHtnnnn) Hint Uumn mon
could hnvo rocolvod llio iiHnlHtnnt'0 thnl
tho othor mon got?
A.   Yoh; Unit Is If tliey could hnvo
boon roncliod,
Mr. Jliirn-'tt! I iinilfrHUind tho Inttor jmrl of UiIh ovldoi. 0 Ih iipporlnln*
Ing lo Ui" '■••uso of the oxplonlnn?
Tho Coroner. I Hiippono it Ih.
Mr, llurnctt: I iinderstniid our en-
dulrloH arc* In lliu cuu»e of dmiili, In
liml rlulii?
Tho CoroiiPV!    Thoro is n lot of UiIh
,    ,,     ,,,   i,   ii
,'. Quarterly Dividend Notice
Notice is hereby given that a dividend at the rate of SIX
PER CENT..per annum has been declared, upon the paid-up
capital stock of the Home Bank of Canada for the three '
■ months ending' the 30tn day of November, 1910, and the same
. will be payable at the Head Office or any branches of ,the
Home Bank on and "after Thursday, the First day of Decern-
ber next.       ' j
The transfer books will be closed from the 16th tp the 30th
day of November, 1910, both days inclusive. , "
By order of the Board,
Toronto, October 26th.
11 o     - -        -
General Manager.
Pollock Wine Co.,
Special Holiday Hampers
1   In compliance with tho demand of our patrons, In tho choice ,of Liquid Holiday Cheer, vo nro again putting up   '
containing six select assortments of high grndo goods ln plain pneknges
for shipment, or homo delivery. Orders for Christmas Eve delivery must
ho in the ovoning of tbo 22nd inst. Ordors for Now Yonr delivery will
he accepted np to tho night of Doc; 20th. All orders filled in rotnllon
us rocolvod, bo file yours early,
••finitla! B^WeM. ■jwV&KoTpropHliC
II nowwotleij.
V BU Wubluaton, P. O.
wlioro. nnd by whnl monns,
your duty.
Mr. llurnott:
Tho Coronor
mlno oxplodod
,   Mr. llurnott
Thnt Ih
And not how tho mine
No; not   how   tho
HAMPEF( No. 1—PRICE $3.00
(Weight 30 lbs.)
A. It. V. Sherry
St. Aubln Claret
Snutorno B.  &  II,,
Cherry Wlno
Mnrsolla Wins
Old Port
HAMPER  No. 3—PRICE $5.50
(Wolght 50 lbs,)
Ityo Whiskoy, Cl. & W.
Old  Port    ■
Cherry Wine
.lilies Condon Urnndy
Old Mellow Scotch Wlilskoy C & K
A. It. V. 3horry
I think this evidence
lum boon brought forwnrd to provo
how llio mlno oxplodod. I dont think
Hint Ih a thing this jury Hhould bo
cnllod upon to consider, , I think my-
Holf llioro hnvo boon (*uontloiiH put to
tlm dot-tor horn Jinit iih ir ho wiih n
fully 'nullified mining engineer iih well
iih a phyBlclnn,
Tho Coronort At tho hiiiiio tlmo wo
wish to hnvo a thorough InventIgnllon,
nnd It Ih bottor not to ennui! it In
nny wny,
Mr, Unrnotl: I think tho f-nuHn ofi
the oxplniilrm In somolhlng tlmt UiIh|
Jury Bhould not bo rnllod upon to IIhI**
on tn, Wo nro to look Into tlio ciiiiho ;
of donth, mid  tho doiftor bus glvi-i. '
tf  M-ii***.  pvr.1nnlWI   Intitn tbnt ■
12   Hollies
HAMPER No. B--PRICE $10,00
(Wolght. r.O IIih.)
1 MclMiorHou Scotch
1 Wiitkor'H Uyo Whiskey
I il, & W, Ityo WhlHkey
1 (Jul Port Wliio, M. N. Co.
1 Tom  (Iln,  WIIhoii'h
1 Iliiiii, Toreador
I Sherry, A. 11, V.
I SI. .liillon Clnrot
1 llrnndy, lw CiiiimI ♦♦*
1 O'llrlon  IrlHh  »♦*  W'hlHkoy
1 llln-l, Cliorry Wln«
I Snutorno II. &  11.
12   I lot I Iim,
HAMPER, No. 2—PRICE $4.00 .
' .(Weight 80 lbs,)
1   Jules Condon Cognac
1   St. Aubln Clnrot
1   A. U, V. Shorry
1   Scotch Whiskey Lochorlcht
1   Ityo WhlHkoy. G. '& W.
1   Old,.Port
0 IlottleH '
HAMPER  No. 4—PRICE $8.50
(Weight .10 lbs.)
1 Oporto, Morgnn Uros
1   A. It. V. "Shorry
I V. O. H., 10 yr«. old Scotch
1 J. Homy Cognnc *••
1 Itye fl. & W.
1 O'llrlon IrlHh Whiakoy ♦*♦
fl   Unities
HAMPER  No. C—PRICE $12.00
(Weight r.O lbH.)
PIiiIh ('hnmptiKtio
Corby'B Specinl Holed od Uyo, '
(}, *■ W. Uyo Wlilflkoy
l_i.llu.r_. Wlilrtki-y
n'Mi'lcn'H  IrlHh  WIiIhIicj*  *,♦*
Oliinlfi,  Morgiin   Hn-M.
(ioiixnli'Z'u Sherry
ilrimdy, Kouvlor ***
Whlt<*l)'H l-Vif.'rlloii tjtoli-li
Smiii'ini'. ll. & II.
HI, AiikIii Clniot, rtcmli.
12    Molt I.-..
DEC. 30 & 31
\\,t, f-ti.i«o of dentil, tlmn It In Uio duly
of the court to Invcsllgnlo what led
lo tlio explosion.-. Wo want a thorough
linuMlgntlon Into iho wholo thing.
.Mr, riuiiu'tt; Tho Jury'n dullos, 1
undoi*8ta,nil, nro to onfjulro mm the
- K <• *   r*
\ lIUMf   ~*t*.  \*V-MIM *
The Coroner. Well, It goes further
thnn thnt; ll ftl»o IndudoR when and
whoro, and by what moanu.
Mr, llurnott: t»y what moanu tho
mine exploded?
Tho Coronor: No; by what moanu
tho men enmc lo thnlr death. Wc
want to find out aa to whothor thoro
j Iihh been any haum for the ti.t)!ualon.
whothor it ii an aflor offect, or whether the min* haa heen worked In a proper way ro far aa lu bearing on th*
cai« l» concerned,
Mr. Uurnett;   It It to Inqulro Into
tho cauio of death, ao I understand.
Th» Cororu»r:   Ko; how, whon *u*l
Tbo Cor.iiir.1". Vr-f.; but It I.ooh rur* |
Uier thnn thnt, Mr, llurncilt. |
l-lxnmlnntlon of l>|\ MnU-oniiion m-i
Hiinied, i
Dr. MuU-oniHoni With rugnul I" thej
nnioger HppnrntiiH, ihn nuoBtloti linn
W'l'll   pill    XX,   111!"   ouum    \Wift   «,',i«»w .-.
lictHonnlly I linvm no knowledge of It,
but I cnmo In roiitnet wllh two iiimi
who hnd oxporlriiented with It, who
wore In my houso, They had uhoiI It,
and hnd a thorough knowledge of tlio
mnttor." They mado tho statement,
-.•ivy cro.iluttcally, that iiiiImi men
woro abiolutcly nnd thoroughly trained nnd rtrllM nnrt <»-|iilpp*"d. It wan
pi-flt-lUnlly uhpIohh. They had to havo
a propor training lo bo of nny aorvlc-n
whatever. I make the atatement from
m*?n who knew It.
Thla concluded the examination of
Doctor Mulcomuon.
(To be caattauctl noxt wMk)
Price F, O. Q./ernle—Cash muat   accompany all orders
Special attention to out-of-town order
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water L. A. Mill*, Manager PAGE EIGHT
| Letters To
I       The Editor
Editor, "District Ledger.'
Dear Sir—I would ask your kind permission for the publication ,of a
short"report dealing specially with the
rescue party from Hosmer and Michel
at Bellevue. In addition to those who
were conveyed by special from Fernie,
a number of others followed on tbe
Upon arrival at destination I was
one of the party who entered the mine
between 3 and 4 a.m., accompanied
- by Mr. Bridge, one of the Company officials. At a point known as 84 chute
we were met "by-Supt. J. Powell, wbo
, told us that Strachan and Alderson of
Hosmer had already been In with the
Draeger apparatus on, and had found
eight men alive and taken out two from
the bottom of 124 chute, where the remaining six were being kept alive by
means of an open valve from a high
pressure air line. They returned, taking with them a half hour apparatus
(which unfortunately was lost on the
way, with which to bring out another
man. An accident happened to Al-
derson's apparatus that put it out of
commission. They managed.to reach
the men at the charging station. Strachan then returned for help, leaving
Alderson with the entombed miners.
This was when we met Strachen first,
and as he stated that there was no
more oxygen and potash, more was
needed, which was obtained from the
Andrew Matusky put on the helmet
and went inside, carrying with him
one of the half-hour apparatuses, for
the purposo of. bringing .one of the
-miners out with him, but on arrival at
the charging station, he found thai
all the men with the exception of Alderson had collapsed, and were unable
to walk. After conferring with Aider-
son, Matusky returned' for help. On
arrival at 8 chute, he .explained the
aituation to the remainder of the
party, who after waiting about ■ half-
an-hour for the oxygen coming from
the surface, grew impatient, and began discussing other means of rescu-
> Ing the imprisoned men. It was at
this point that Spurston' suggested
that they advance, ten feet apart, to
the danger line, or as near as, they
could get to the men, when by-means
of a rope, which Powell sent for, one
man could advance and pull out the
men, one at a time, to the fresh air:
The party, which included Strachan,
Powell, Carter, Matuskey,* Mather, the
doctor and a few others from Bellevue,
agreed to this- suggestion, and" with
Spurston in the lead, testing for firedamp, proceeded to- the charging station.' They had covered 1,000 fee.
before Spurston found any indication
of firedamp, and that -was only a
1-4 cap, which gradually increased to
 nT_n..f **'.*> l«/.*h a If _._-.i,r_-l_ ___<_>,.■_.if OAA_
tests were made. On reaching-124
chute," where Fred Alderson and the
seven men were lying one ori,top of
the other in a heap, they started to
drag them out. When they had got
four of the men out, most all the
party were -shouting that they were
all In, and were beating a retreat, dragging one another as far out of danger
as was possible., Spruston, before retreating managed to get the remaining foitr off the top of each other, and
, laid them in such ' a position that
the air from the valve would blow
directly upon thom. Matuskey, Carter, Mather nnd Stubbs managed to
get to tho fresh air, and after recovering, made Iheir way to tho-surf-wto for
help. On Lho way out they informed
those by whom they were met that the
rescue party were overcome • with
whitedamp. I, as ono of the pnrty,
ran all thc way In, nnd found thom
Inylng In heaps on the side, Tho men
wore drnggod to tho nenrest charging
station, nnd there Spruston was found
and nlso drnggcd out. At this point
two men whom I(do not know helped to
cnrry out threo more. In the meantime,' IC. Evans hnd found Strachan,
who was unconscious, and tho four of
ur took him to the chnrging station
and workod on him and three
othors for thrco-nunrlors of nn hour,
. If moro mon hnd boon available at
thlB.momont, I am sure that wo could
havo snvod Aldomon, but wo eould not
, loavo theso men wlio woro so nonr
donth, ,
' On tho arrival at. tho Hiirfnco of tho
four mombors of tho pnrty who had
oscnpod, tho whistle was blown, and
In a fow mlnutos botween twonty nnd
thirty men woro af. the mlno rendy
to go In, Thoy nrrlvod Insldo just as
wo woro gottlng Strnchnn and tho othor throo round, but woro too Into ,{o
snvo Alderson. Hnd It not boon for
Mnthor, Cnrtor, Maluskoy nnd somo
others of tho pnrty, who pullod Strnchnn out, until thoy nonrly collnpHod,
I nm doubtful If wo Hhould hnvo envoi!
On nrrlvnl at tho nurfnr.o wn wnshod
nnd went to tho Ilollovuo Hotel for
something to ont, but woro told that
It wiih not dinner hour, ho our wiuiIh
could not he mlnlRtored to. We oxplnlnod our condition, nnd stntod that
roffeo nnd Hninlwlclios would do; but
wo wnro Htlll rofiiRod, although men
from nnnrby points woro bolng served
In Uio dining room, mon who hnd only
nrrlvod tbnt morning. However, wo
woro fortunnln enough to get roffeo
nnd snndwIohf'R nl tho other hotol
In fionrliiHlnn, I mny sny that, In
*mv otilnb-it.   tho ronrno rmrtv  Vni-in'lni*
tho dnngor that tho olght Imprisoned
men run, wero, under tho circumstances (not having nny oxygon, and
ronll'/lng that mlnutos woro prodon*.
quito Juiillfl'-d In tnldng tho courso
I hoy did,     Tho sovnn lives tlmt worn
ntty/xA    yf\**ri      T    *flil pV      trr. ■*••*■ Mi     Mw*    *i-t_-1-
In oxplnnntlon of tho prononco of
whltodnmp, whon so mnny tosts woro
mndo on tho way, I attribute It to
a filivo In In tho workings beyond rhuto
12-1. causing a dlRplacemont of tho
whltodnmp to expand nnd thereby
ovorpnworlnir tho men nnd tho tiro
boss, Alderson, botween the tlmo Htra-
rhan rnmo out and the rescue pnrty
goInR In. an It waa found thnt the white
damp had backed out from 124 chute
to 84 chute In a very abort llm-**-.
Thanklnjc you for the spare In your
taluable paper, I b*m to remain,
Your* truly,
Coleman, Alta.
Dec. 15, 1910.
To the Editor,* District Ledger.     •
Dear Sir,—With your kind permission I would ask for^a little space ih
your valuable paper to express my*
opinion on ,a subject that should be
made known generally. In tbe Calgary Daily Herald of December 12th,
one of the rescuers tells his story, and
says that* after working as one of the
rescue party all night that when he
went up.to the hotel for food it was
refused because it was after the regular meal hours. It is a crying
shame that after men had worked as
the members of the rescue party had
to be denied food.    "'
I wonder if these men had asked for
a bottle of whiskey whether they
would have been turned down. Then
there might have' been a difference,
because there is more PROFIT in a
bottle of booze than there is in selling a meal to a hungry man.
Yours truly,
•   * ,    -,- _      > - - ■**.      .      v •'        7 ' ■*''./'
The Store  of Good Values
-T-- *l.__,
COAL  CREEK   BY   174.
♦ ♦♦♦♦,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
The lucky winners bf the turkeys In
the Xmas tournaments are as follows:
l'ool—1st,. Wm. McFegan; 2nd. Jack
McPherson. Whist—seven up: lst, Ike
Cartnell; 2nd, Jack Tyson Crlbba*?e:
lst, Thos. Wilson; 2nd George Crabbe;
Dominoes: lst, Jno- Drew; -2nd, Ned
Harrison; Checkers: 1st, Ralph Milne;
2nd.  Frank  Landers.
No. 9 Mlno opened up again _)ast
Saturday, but work could only be
found for 7 pair of diggers, tho othor
thirteen pair having to hustle for
work ln the other mines.
At the election held up hero on Saturday the 10th for tlie miners' representative on the Board of Examiners. J.
W. Gray received 40 votes; Thos. Uphill 35 votes; majority 5.   -
The annual meet of the C.C. I*. and
A.A. was held in the Club Hall on Sunday the 18th, with W. H. Evans in tho
r-hair. Thore was a fairly good attendance. Tho business of the meeting
was to hear the financial statement and
elect officers for the next year. Application had been made to tho C.N.P
Coal Company for sanction to havo
roller skating in the club hall, also to
have moving picture shows. The secretary of the Coal Company replied
that the insurance company would not
stand for moving picture shows, but
that they might have thc roller skating or say two nights a week. The
Board of Management have now order-
ed-the skates necessary and they should
be here,early In January, when there
will be sure to be some work for,the
doctor. Officers * elected: President,
John Shanks; Vice-President, George
O'Rrien; Secretary, Wm. McFegan; Assistant .Secretary, .Tno. Combe; Treasurer, ttobt. Johnstone; Auditors, Jno.
"Caufield, Geo, Finlayson; Board of
Management, James McPherson, J. * T.
Puckey, Joe Harmer, T. Ratcliffe, Steve
Hall. Thos. Beattle, Wm. Puckey, Jos.
Hewitt. -
The election for checkwelgh men-took
place up here onWednesday and the following Is tho list of ballots cast:" Harrv
Martin, 2G8 (elected);, John Kent, 110;
W. 1-T. Evans. 432 (elected1); Edward
English, 153; J. E Smith, 272 (elected);
Dave Paton, 345 (elected): Thos. Uphill, 253; Thos Addison, 95; H. Snow,
A driver named Wm. Whitehouse
frot severely crushed between acar and
the coal on Wednesday morning and
was removed to Fernie by special train.
. A young man named Ernest Watson
got. his ankle severely crushed in No.
3 Mine on Thursday morning. He was
acting as a .rope rider or the dav and
was in the act of changing thc switches,
when the pin pulled out of the drawbar
and the car ran back upon thim.
A grand smoker will-be held in the
bers  only,   cnmrnenclng  at-7.30.-
All the kiddles and-kidlets under the
age of 14 years arc requested to attend
the Club Hall on Monday the 26th
of December, when .they will receive
their presents from the Xmas tree. It
Is expected that Santa Claus will be
able to commence about 7  p.m,  sharp.
The iwn Fisher lads pulled out last
week, their destination being Roundup,
Montana. , -    * j,
Percv Hesketh, of Bellevue, Is visiting his brother up here this week,
everything being closed down at present nt Bellevuo.
It is'with the deepest regret that we
hnve to announce the death of. Willio
Worthlngton, tho beloved son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Worthlngton, which
took place last Monday at the house
of his parents after an illness of two
weeks Tho interment took placo at
Fernio Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon,
hplnc* attended bv a large number of
friends nnd relations. Tho sympathy
of tho whole enmp Is oxlondpd to Mr.
and Mrs, Worthlngton in their sad
♦ + 4. + +.,*.*-»<9-'i»*<-**
♦ ♦
♦''    COLEMAN NOTES BY.22     , ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦<►•»♦♦♦♦
At a largely attended meeting* of tho
League Commlttoo o lho Hockey Team
n lr-tter of thanks wiir sont to Mr. T.
Frasioi-, of mail-more, for his presentation of tho cup, Tho following aro lho
fixtures for tlio Benson, tho matches to
he played on tlio grounds of tho team*
first, mentioned:
.Ian, 2,—-Micliel v, Hosmor.
Jnn, 2,-—Coleman v. Frank,
Jan. 7.—Blnirmoro,v. Mlchol
, Jnn. fl.--Frank v. Blairmore,
Jan. 11,—HoHmor v. Coloman.
Jan, 14,-—Frnnl. v. Hosmor,
.Ian. II.—Mlchol v. Blairmore.
Jnn    18,—Colomnn'v,   Micliel.
Jan, is,—Hlnlrmoro v. Frank,
Jan. 21.—IloHmor v. Frnnk.
Jan, 21.—Hlnlrmoro v. Colomnn.
Jan,  2B.—Tlosmnr v. Hlnlrmoro.
Jan. 'it,,—Frank v, Coloman
Jnn 28,—Coleman v. Ilaiuner.
Jan, 28,—Mlchol v. Frank.
Ft'li, 3,—IIoHinei- v. Michel,
Fob, 1,—Coloman  v. Blnirmoro,
Feb, .,—Mlohol v. Coloman.
Fob. .,—TUalrmoni v. HoBinor.
Fob. 8.—Frank v. Mlchol. •'
Thorn will bn nn opening matoh on
the limit liK'.c-mbor at Colomnn, tho opposing UiiimH boliig Colomnn und Blair-
Tbo momborH of tho Ornngo Lodgo
will moot In tho Club Boom at 7.30 for
the purpoao of rolnstatlng tho lodgo.
M, Hltonn woluntnod his brother front
England iliirlng tlio wook. T, Stool
also lind tho opportunity of a ro-unlon
with his brother Willinm from tlio
no nnl,* Willinm looks flno and wo'wlnh
hint i/i.-li I'lijnyinnnt,
Wo rogrot to havo to annoiincn tho
donth of tho child of Vllllnm Bradford, which Hiii'niimhoil in nn nttaok
or fovcr, The paruntH havo our doc-pout Hyinpnthy
Willinm Ilnys-non Ih tlto proud pnnHpH-
sfir of n flno hoy. Wllllum In a Wolnli-
mnn, Iruo, hut ho cnn Hcurcoly olnlm
UiIh nntlonallty for this Intent Addition.
A comparison of prices and quality;
will convince you that we can supply
your table wants with'the highest quality of groceries at prices lower than all
competitors. A dollar saved- in yyur
purchasing is as good as a dollar made
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others,,why .not for you?
Quaker Brand ', Canned   Vegetables,
The highest quality packed.
-•3 lb Tins Tomatoes, per tin  .15c*
2 lb. Tins Corn, Peas and Beans;
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Royal Household Flour.
400 lb. Sack . *.. ....$3.40
50 lb. Sack ....$1.75
25 lb. Sack  .'. 80c.
; Sweet Potatoes, extra quality. -
4 lbs. for ..'. ....25c.
Ontario White Burbank Potatoes.
Per Sack  .$1.70
Canada First Cream
Large. 20 oz. tins, each  10c.
Christie's Cream Sodas
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'.' "White Swan Laundry Soap
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1 lb. Boxes, each ;. .15c
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Fine.Ontario Poultry,- Turkeys, Geese
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Christmas .Puddings.
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Sultana Pound a"nd Fruit Cakes.  •'■ ■
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Handles, some plain and others with
gold and silver bands, military tassels,
.with silkepvers. „.•*' .,.,,-. °
$2.50 to $4.00.
Indies' Fancy Neckwear and Belts
have long been favorite gifts for Christmas.
Ladies' Fancy, collars*: made    from
■ chiffons, silks, satins and Paisley silks.
.Trimmed with lace, insertion .and-tinsel
braids, some with beads and ornaments.
25c. to '$2.50
Ladies' Fancy Belts made from elastic, patent leather, elastic tinsel, in gold,
and. silver, silk^ and fancy beltings, with
gold buckle or buckles to match. In
all colors..-,'..
25c." to $1.75    °      '
.   _      c- <y •      "-I
A new blouse for the Holiday season
at a specially low'price. *'i - - ■
42 only,-Ladies' Waists. These are
the season's latest styles and newest
materials. ' The lot includes white Jap-'
ariese*' silk, trimmed with Valencienne
lace and applicque;,and all-wool poplin
Waists trimmed with soutache braid,
■ ,* i ',      . * *     * '
-.buttoned at the front.*. InJn.'O'wn, black
and navy;- : ~'y - _■  •-'
Regular,' $3.00 and $3.50 "
c ,i \ Saturday, $2.75v ,—  ;'*'*
sum was realized towards tho children s
Xmas treat, and of which a balance
sheet will bo issued after accounts have
been settled. ' "■"   ■-1   * * *    -
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦
♦ ♦
+: '**, * ♦ ♦ ■*■ ♦ *•*'-* ♦ ♦ •*■>
Albert Allen and W. Warren loft
here for Michel on Saturday.
Mal Allen arrived back after a six
woelts' trip to New York and other
Bastorn cities, Wo aro all pleased to
see Mal attain handling tho cash.
Tho Corbin Uaronot has been spend-
in.*, a fow days in Mlchol this wook
and roturned as usual with a.good report.   ',
Jamos Wades left hero on tho Speodor
for Fornie Monday ovonlns on businesB.
(Was  it  White's  (.nsolino  speeder?)
Tracy Ryan bdarded tho train horo
for Spokano on Saturday morning.
Tracy nover said1 "Qood-byo."
R ,T, Robert--, ■ Jr., loft for Spokano
thli week on a business trip.
Our doughty Nlmrod, Tom Rraco, Is
going great guns for tho shooting competition hor on Christmas morning. Torn
will have to mind his "luck" doos not
beat hlm.
Tho mombors of the Corbin Social
Club hold a gonornl mooting for tho
election of offlcors for tho year 1011.
A, M. Black, J P., oponed tho mooting
by presenting tho musicians, Tom
Davlos and Hugh noil with prosonls
for work dono on, bohalf of tno club,
Tho offlcors elected woro as follows;
Hon Presldest, W, Otis Smith; Hon.
Vlco-Prosldont, Thomas Williams; Prosldont, J, R, Thomas: VIon-.ro-_l-.1ont,
A, M. Black; Soorptary, J. Wado; Trua-
Hiiror. J. Hlowarl. Tho mooting was
closed by rondorlng a hearty voto of
thanks to Messrs. A. M. Black, W,
I'arkhlll and W, Hproulo for work dono
on bohalf of tho club.
Paddy Corbln'n now dancing master
was by no moans a success, so not to
bo out done ho tried thc "I'lubblo and
tlto fly'     *
_Matt. Ball loft for his liomostoad„at
Trenvlllo   on   Monday,
Mr. and Mrs. fl, Clough will rocolvo
on Sunday, Docomhor 2Gt_i. aflor 4 p,m,
. Mr, Hough, tlto Provincial onnstabln,
lioro, was doing duty In Mlohol last
. Mr, Cordon wont to Coloman on a
businoss trip this wook.
Mr. Morris, Instructor ot Draeger ro-
hoiio apparatus, nnd Mr, R. Htrnnhan,
JnBjtoctor of Mlnos, woro horo on Monday giving litHlriiotlonH an to how to
uso tho apparatus.
, ,Mr, It. lii, Ntilty. tlio boor ngont, paid
his usual monthly visit to tlto KlU
Valloy this wook,
TO LET—Four-roomed house' Victoria avenue; rent, including water,
$16.50.   ApptyJi'J. Hughes, Box 120.
TOfiRENT*or. Sell, House and 2 adjoining lots .in-the Annex extension,
opposite Macaroni Factory. Apply on
premises, or to T. Kynaston, Fernie
Steam Laundry,
4 rooms; rent ?10.' Apply, P. O., Box
1019, Fornie.
TO LET—Two front Rooms, partly
furnished, for light housekeeping. Lo-
cation: Recreation Ground, Dalton
Avonuo.    AiVly "C," Lodger Offico.
ment; hot and cold water; electric
light; equipped with cook stove aud
blinds. „Address_. P.O.   93,  Fornie.
LOT with three-roomed House and
Shack: $380 cash. Apply, Box 1011,'
Fernie.   ' .       .    .., .      ■ ' 20-3t
Good location; dxcelleufhomo; terms
moderate.    Address, Box 50,'J, Fernie.
Boy, 14, years of age, honest and
Industrious, seeks omploymont, David
Thornton, Old Recreation ground, f-ad
FOR SALE or to Rent, a two-room-
od pin stored House, Will accept reasonable offer. 11. Wright, Wost
Fernie. 17-Ct
TO RENT—Fivo room Cottage on
MoPherson Avonuo;  bath and baso-
large St. Bernard Dog; black ond
whito, with whito breast, weighing 130
lbs,; ago about 2 years, Was wearing plain leather collar. Anyone
furnishing information that will load
to itB recovery will be suitably rewarded, . Two wooks aftor date, any
person found retaining possession of
tho dog will bo prosecuted. Ely
Hardy; c.o. Lodger Offlco.
Insurance, Real Estate
and Loans
Money to Loan on first class Business and Residential property
<*> H08MER  NOTES,
Voting for District Offloors In Hoam-
i-r t'i-Kulii-il hk follow-*;: l-'nr Pn-HliloiU
Harrington, 101; Powoll, 1(14; for Vlco-
I'rcMlili'tit. Tii|i.H-r ani, .SLiibbs, 40, Kvans
IT,\ linard MomlM-i-H, Krlwonky 1,19,
Hiriltli  104:  Mol.onn  inn.
jiuMfit-r i.pptiil I'liii'ii i<i.ii.u.i u uiuiiu-
fi«1 wrt-nth on tho rnnicot of tbo Into
l-nil Ai.iiMi-.im woo ho unb-.-iii.Wii> nave
ui> bin llf<- nt Bollovue
In n.l-lltlon to tint fund Hint linn boon
n|.nni>il (or tbo iiurpnsn nf rollof for tlto
il.-tiomlotitH of tho brothoni klllod In tlto |
Kolliviiii  Mlno  .lltmstor,  a  Hpi-cldl  rail i
for llio ln-tii'flt nf V   Alilorson'H wlil-iW1,
mill four children ImR boon mii<l*>,    'I'l," >
-,*. .„>._,. *.  7,i,i   _,',_,•.--   .»..,w .-.'-,» _   *-. .?,-■*. . .'*
nihil-*  to  tlifm  worthy   objoot  rtH  thorn |
never wnH a moro doNorvlnir cano, |
HoHmor'w chll-lron nro renplnit Mio,
benefit of niimornii* fihrlHtmn* trr-M
tlilfi wnfk, All tlio rollKlou-f boillon of
tho town ain1 tlio K.l'.'a aro taking Hi!"
mi-tlioij of iIlnitrltiutlnB prcHontw via
Hun In ClnuH.
Wo nm hit vin (r a «amp to of nlitrk
Mme rt In Cont -Hroojf nml Mlrliol.- fm.r
*hlftn per wcok belnK our nvornin* tiuw.
A urent (ffithoi-lntf ot tho tlun* In in
lotto pl/ire Hio evenlnif of Jt-tnunry 2nd
hero A local Hootch aootoiy tit mm«
of riini or noniethlnir of tho kind htlng
hilled to Rive n Hoolrh bull nnd ntippor
nnd thev o-rpeet to have n full hou»o
Tlie ImKpIpe* nro to he thore, alto a
full nupply of tiooie.
Thn Hoard of Management of thn
CCU. and A.A, deilrn to thank thn
artlntea nt Pafnln who anlttnd In mak.
Inn* thn rttrirttrt held tin thn Uth th*
ttueeena  It  wan.      A vory  nubntantlal
■     . -, ,   -.-" '; ■   v  ,*V -. .'        <..'"• -■•*> -'-*-.»,  ■*..-■,
Mrs. E. Todds Sale
. ■       ' -,- \ ' . ■
*■ -,
Crum's Prints ancl Dainty Goods for evening wear.
One dozen Ladies' Coats, cqlori*-I31ack,\Br6wn, and Navy;
note tho quality and fashionable shades .. \. $5.00
Ono Dozen Ladies' Coats, Black,.Brown anci\Navy; regular
$15 to $18, Saturday special '\ $10.00
Cloth, Voilo and,Panama—Extra good quality at greatly reduced prices.
9 yards Crum's Prints, guaranteed not to fade; dark and
light shades ; ., $1.00
(J Baby "Whito Bear Coats; regular $1.75 and $2.00, Saturday
special .,' .'. ....".'...,'.'.  '.$1.25
C Baby "Bear" Coatpj regular $2.00 and $3.00, Saturday special ; $1.50 and $1.75
12 Ladies' Hats, stylish, special ., $5.00
12 Ladies Hats, ready to wear  $3.75
j- 32 Misses' Hats, ready, to.wear, $3,75
12 ondB Veiling, I'/j yd. lengths, iii fashionable hues.. .,',356
See Window Display
EI__PH ___■___ ______k H__k
A Merry Xmas. to All
Santa Claus has Looked the City Over
and ho wiyfl that evory dosimblo pieco of real cstnto tlmt i.s oitlior to lot or for aalo is
listed upon our booka, and we bclinvo ho is right,   Our
Real Estate Opportunities
for the small investor aro many, if you have saved a fow dollars wo can lead you to
a property that will oiler you an exceptional invefltmont. Givo us an idea of what
you may want and wo will hunt something up for you.
A. Beck Block Insurance and Real Estate Fernie, B. C.
'^••mi.>»l*->»-»**»*'**l*»^^ *xw*w**>wwwxx*w*m***$
Appropriate Specials for Saturday
Gifts for Mon, Women and Children
A. A. McBean
Opposite Pott Offlco


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