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 ^du«tru_. prdtt^l Stiinfth
i-      *   * ..   'i?   i ,ltty*- ?       .-*,* ^S    '•**'  7' '
-The Official <tai_i^^l^feA-S|'tr."it, W. of A
c ' _.   .*    .    ii       j    r_ _. . r __-_,_»* ■ _■>_* *      k *
^Political Unity is Sfctoty
FEENTS, B. 0.78ATOTI DAY, OCT0_EB 1, 1910.
Hats all Fitted
Next Morning
A    Representative    GnMrlnB-iLetl.
brfd-jt and Cranbrook, Unions    '
ofi Dack. "; - 'J '*.    • .'
' It haa beea'4kld that if-there be
ono body of.mei, who, when they set
out to enjoy thfeiaselveS, that there
,  la rio.faliiBa-rittii this.art'ertion and
we feel confident that all thosev»a>
- ticlpants ln;the apraad that was gl*ven
:©n .Tuesday',_lght at   the : Waldorf
Hotel .must .acknowledge,  that~-7>th*e
. type-artists,;  tally •. sustained   their
-.[ repntaUon. In thhj^wwpect    7_
,'    Aa an atidence of the good things
of aa eatable character'that was'pro-
., Tided,- the wenu* that. foUowi'ought
*7 to convince the_inbst eiacHag- that It
" waa a meal fit "for ft .king:,,: v .
Speaking of unionism he Informed his
hearers that th© profession of. which
he was a member had one . of : the
strongest, if not-the strongest' uplon
in existence—The Lawyer'B Union.
■. "The. Employing Printers':, was the
next on tho list ?and as Mr., J. R.
Wallace waa unavoidably absent, the
task ot making:response fell upon
ths shoulders of A. _T7Carter,, secretary of District No.'18^,who in his
opening' remarks^explained how it
happened that he' found himself in
a most unique position that of an
employer Instead of "on tiie other side
of the. fence,'-hut' that'inasmuch as
President-Powell was■ out' of town
and .that the proprietor of the Free
Pressjwaa unable to .attend that he
iad ao alternative but expressed the
hope that the amicable relations between the> employers and employees
in the.printing business,at this time
would Jong, continue and that Local
No.665 would flourish. <y   *
«7The„..newapaper dean of the Pass
<D. V. Mott) responded in a facetious
■vetauto ?Our Guests,',' explaining .hat
ln-conaequ-nice of the absence of the
gentlemsai-ntlted he waB in a double-
■barreled position..' _
->, Reference was -also made' to" 4he
fact that It-was George W. Childs,
the original owner of "The- Philadelphia'Ledger," who initiated the move-
, Manhattan Cocktail „
.*■•■'• 7-'-*** > -"•■-■• ,_i*!V '"<■   --1.   " *
Parsley, Radishes,*Green Onions,,
/ Sliced -Tomatoes, Queen; Olives..,'
^.XXy'V'-jMrfSM Xy-:iy \. ".]':
7^bsteV^*witfr'Mayonnaise Dressing,):
., ^Shrirop\jvith_French Dressing;;„,' ;.,
*7" ^Chicken with'Cye^m Dressing) -**
jr "When the *Swal-'s
Tl 1 o w a' homeward
' CT "Green
f rushes
r srow
- ob!" -
the  •
ST "The   Usb   w h o"-
TT, loved a -sailor."
■ V:', '    » .;   ' - ' . '
■ Av. 7 Desserts   .      *"--\ '
Vanilla _cevCream- ?.*•■• ;■■■• Assorted CakesJ
'' -<■■■," ' ■/". •■',■. ■".■■_"■"-■    '•   ■
•".V  A'. '/  ^JTrofof ■,-*•!"''   -•     \
Apples, Oran^s,; Bananas, Plums,
. ', . Peachos,'. pears. ■ .
•   '': "y\ X ."■ ../-,'. ' -'X' "'  •■'
;   , ■ . Oondimenta ..,. ,
,Sour Mixed Pickles ^.'Swcot Pickles
■'   Blue Label Kotcup.'-' . Chow Chow,
McLarens" Cheese "Worcester Sauce
Assorted Nuts Raisins
Tea, Coffee,. Cocoa, Milk''     -
r " 0 h I eould'st
I thou but-linger a
.littlo longer." .
■nr"SiIde, Kelly,
*tf sllde.r     .
'"There'll s■ be a
'hot' time in the
old town tonight."
"Tho Dean of
Dangor says that
tea'n worse than
booze,"   ,
1100 A77EAB
. L _
7 IndlafaapoUs, Ind.,
j  . ?,       -.-■-. , *^        * *. *.     ■»,-    '' ***
To the Officers and, Membei^" of.the Local Unions, United Mine Workers of America. ,.
BROTHERS:   >    '    * ' '
Sept. 22, 1910.
■ i
You know, that the recent ^peclal International'Convention* adopted a proposition tb levy an assessment ot
f 1.00 per week on each member of the Touted Mine Workera who was employed.    This amount was to be-
luted to furnish relief "for those^of our memberB who. were oa strike. .'. "•
Recently wage contracts h^ve been secured that'-givea employment to about Beventy-five thousand of our
stiiking members. Under .the' cireumstancea the rfiutacial bflrden should be lightened on the entire member-
■^P* ' -        7 .       *       .    - '**" ■•*;."-..' . 7    <
-You are, aware that the Special International Convention ;~also gave the International Executive Board power to reduce the amount of the assessment. Aa soon as I learned there was prospect of * settlements, I
notified the International.Board aad received IU authority, to^reduce tha assessment.
- ^. You are hereby notified that the amount of the^Msessmeat to' be *,collected during September and October
la 26-cents per week per member, instead of $1.00,per week?per/ta«_ber Authorized by the Special National
Convention."    *,     .. ,,-J   . -', * ..* r ,\y:'  y 'ry
1^ You will understand that .by tbis arrangement each^nd^Wry' Jo_M,union of the-United Mine Workers
whose membere have been-employed Bince the first of June'iikill owe mM:Bhould pay as, soon as collected to
the National Office 25 cents .pier week or $1.00 per moatlfpor taejnbeir tor the monthB of June, July, August,*
September, and October.    ' -.£, y"        _ ' t\ t ■■; -,.tl- , ,  * ° ■
Local Unions, all or part'/of whose members have been [idle ion account of strikes or otherwise,* are ep-
titled to exoneration ONLY when the local union off icon/make "application promptly each months as provided
by the International Constitution, and then ONLY In acc^rdkneo with .the'law governing exoneration.
The officers of local unions should be prompt in having .jt_ta Official notice read to our members.     Any
local unlonahat has advanced or paid the $1.00 per week "frtll^be, given credit for the amount paid.
,,     There is every, reason to/; believe that other strikes riowita}-pr<«re_m will In time be settled' to the sati*
faction of our membership., jit will mean two years, pteace in the fining industry qf the country. "
_. Let each and every member work to extend the power and'Influence * of the organization in order that
our rights can be protected without the.necessity of strikes and all the hardship and privation incident to those
periodical industrial conflicts j'   ,        "• \-   *    •.'*■<.. > * ' ,
* HEMEMBBR the organisation will be no worse and no better, on weaker aSnd no stronger,* tha_Uhe mem-
bera make it Our strength cwlll never be destroyed by the enemies from the outside. It is the enemies within our own ranks that we iriuet guard against at all timest- 7      a '   \
*. With the hope that each1 member of^the"organization:will remember- those brothers who ere still struggling for fnduatrial freedom, we Temaln,       -•'>■-    -r   -t.y     y.      •>. ._ .y r
'7'Youre-very truly, "'■    \    ',    y           f               •»<■• --    ..  *   7 v    *    7'
s   -m*   ' l    ' - ■  'X   \ "~y   .   '■"   V..7.. ,7,7 ' '.'i. T./fc. JUEWIS, PreBident.
.'■-■>."f. i     ,       *' "-. . ,      ?' -. ?.--yy<-:'^   ■'-       BDWIN PERRY, Secretary,
NOT p?toi# Miwtoum,      c
-" -'' -, • • ' -••V*' 77 x' - - * ' *.!,C
,u.T^omes TomaaSfmyaky-' of '..Vtf^iy
Alta,, who stay-k-^eirait Hos v«r.6«
Wednesday, was ■WJcosted at 9:80 p.;:* to..
•in * the^ <jueen_ vjftobl jpjirlor-;b)r^«fU»
whm: he* Is«nt^-to. ber.a.^rb^&cjal
offlceir'aEd iMlsteEt 'dem«Ml7.i»|Stf
^or the'^paymetnt of |3,06,;jffii«^"'"""
-' During the. galloping consumption'
of this evening's ontortalnTnont Ramsay's Orchestra discoursed those
.strain* that our' frlond William of
,- Stratford says ."soothes tho savage
boast," and wero fully appjtociatod by
all audltoris,       - ';;../.
'..'■ Whon thiB last item of th'o gustatory
bill of. fare had boon reached tho
cigars wore paBBed around and as the
aroma of the worshippers to our
Lndy Nlcotlno and Sir Knight Doron-
, bockor mingled with tbo air tho
, smiling countenance*] of all woro indicative of tho ploauurablo oonuatlows
thoy woro fooling and In a fit Blnto
of rccoptivity to enjoy tho flow of
oratory and jocularity that was tho
noxt featuro of tho program.
After tho toast to tlio JKIng had
boon drunk, the mastor of corornonlos.
Mr. W. 8.' Stanley called for the
> "Provlnco of, British Columbia,"
' couplod with tho name of tho parliamentary representative, Mr. W, II,
Ross, M. P. P.. This conoludod, tho
sponkor commenced his romnrks by
oxprotilng thnt as tho subject was
one of such length and breadth that
ho did not fool himself cnpnblo of
doing tho Justice that bis lender, the
Tromler McBrldo could,'
Tho objoots of tho organisation nnd
tho marvelous success It hod achloved
Its p'ent enrix nf tltrtun whn wnrn tin-
ablo to follow their oooupatlons tbe*
cause of sickness or disability woro
alluded to as somo of tbo beneficial
features that had been obtained aa a
rosult of tho co-operation of tho won
employed In tho printing trndo.
T"»       ****** ftttinfAM      V A      fVfl-MViA^      ♦ _■ A     l^Afsl
for tho honor of bolng a guest and
expressed tliat, although this was tho
first banquet, given by tho body, that
it would not bo tho last, hut becomo
nu annual occurrence, nt Which ho
would always bo pleated to attend,
The next tonut called for wlis "The
City of Fornio," whlob waa suitably
responded to by His Honor, tbo Mayor, who paid great tribute to the
press and the power they exercised
ia the molding of opinion -everywhere
and that whilo at times thero woro
Incidents thnt might not be pleating
to some of the readers tbat were
ehronfcM-f, fad ho folt. that, fir fhf-r
city the wleldsrs of the pen were
actuated by a sincere desire to further tbe lx*t Interest of tbe .district.
ment that eventuated in the building
of tho Typoo Homo at Colorado
Bonnot (Ledger), nnd Pedinr (Froo
Press), wore tho duo that handled
"Tho ScIssoVb nnd Paste", toast, .but
thoir efforts woro very commonplace
so wo will rofrain from further common.. ."■'■".■■.
Tho spooch of tho evening preceded tho last named and was delivered
by' Losllo ,Mills, manager of tlio
Waldorf, in rosponso tp the oast "Our
Host," and horounder wo give lt In
"Mr, ToBBtmnstor, Mombors of
Fornio Typographical .Union, nnd
Gonllcmon: . *„.
"I fool that I am not qualified to
respond to your toast "Our Host."
Howovor, I will say wo fool honored
by your presence horo this-ovoning.
This being tho first banquet given by
tho Fernio Typographical Union, It Is
Indeed a spoclnl privilege, and ono
of which tho management of this
hostolry nro duly proud to cntor to,
"Most of you no doubt "are nwnro
of the fact thnt myself nnd mother
(don't forgot tho old lndy) nro nmong
tho old-timers of Fernio.
"We read with Interest tlio first
copies of both loonl pnpers, to whloh
wo nre nil moro, or loos Indebted for
th/« nrlvfrnno-mntnt  enrl prnwittinnn-*  nf
Fornie, -.
Thore is no room for dispute whon
I say tho prominence nnd progros-
slvcness of our city Is largely due to
our locnl press, undor tho nblo man-
ngomont ot Mr, O,'   O,   Henderson,
it*. Af,
__     *_*./»    YXmrxn    *_«
*.*.*•+■     ** •
paper, and Mossrn, Wallaco and Pedlar the "present owners, Colonel Lowery, who founded tho Lodger, Mr. D.
V. Mott, tho subsequent owner n'bd
Messrs. Marshall, Stanley and Bennett, who have nnnngod tbnt paper
sinew It has berome the ottloM organ
of the U. M. W. of A., nnd thoir respective staffs.
"I do not wish to overlook "the
boys who ]dld the work,' In fact I
wish to give them special mention.
Wo all know them, nnd I know thom,
nnd a more efficient bunch of good
fellows would be hard to find any-
whom,     ■
"In concfutlon I would ask yoa all
to flit your glasses and drink with
tha Host to tbe further success and
advancement of;our city,'fcnir-local
press "and, th*-. Fernie Typo|ra])bicai
Union.".-! •-'" - : 7. ' j ,-** .
,4 W, Tuckweli of Lethbridge; Local
551 in prefacing his remarks, called
attentionrto the title rtf.^ie toast,
"Slater -UMqns." stating that'he did
not;. so.. regai<fc; Mmaelf i. es;.that is
a_r;,» "s^ter;''^ riather aajf brottier"
great •'brotherhood, "of 7whlch be"..was
pro6dto[be a unit and***"thai the gathering'there tonight' ahbw«d|the people
that the,'memiriira^ot'.thw 'organtek;.
ition.-."^*^ j»^i^;v»5^^tfw^*«ti;
at^ding^tiffllBw' covmmutdty^*^hlch-
they'lived.'' JHe infermW hia1 bntfher
■typjsts that, ^51,s_. sent' th«|'m Seftrty
greeting and that at tfte forthcoming
banquet)*that ,*#ould be-held by. that
union in Lethbridge" that' ho-* hoped
thSt. they* would Tbe 'a^ie^to'^ipoine
.down and join in assuring ,'them that
they would be given a right royal
reception arid that' he- was indeed
glad to have thljj'" opportunity of en*.
joying th_ „pleasures, prepared.      [
H. M. Whimster.und-G. O. Meikle
wore assigned to reply to "Typographical Union No. 655/ both acquitting
themselves very creditably, the'former denling with the' organization as
an international body showing the
rapid * Increase of membership that
had been effected and also that the
fight-they- tied put up-on behalf of*
better condltldns and'shorter hours
had resulted iln tho "Bight-hour day
and tho "Improved placeB of omploymont." "Tlie' membership, numbers
52,000'. and its locals aro established
In Canada, tho Unitod ^States, the
Hawalan lslahd, Cuba, oto. <
Mr. Molklo gavo somo vory Interesting data regarding tho early days
of. 565 that woro greatly enjoyed by
Mr. Sullivan'of Cranbrook; gnvo a
very enjoyable description of tho
days, following * tho Fornio flro ' nnd
his first venture In poultry raising
whloh .had borne such oxcollont fruit
at tho recent exhibition that took
placo ih his homo town.
O, 0, Henderson touchod upon tho
publication of tho first nowspnper in
Fornio and also observed that he
thought ho hold tho'distinction of being ' tho. oldOBt union prlntor In tho
Interior nnd thnt the rnnks of tho
body of which ho. wnn n mombor hnd
upon Its roster thn Into John Houston
and thn recently departed' C. II. Ink.
A. J, Buckley, socrotnry of 565, bolng cnllod upon delivered himself of
a brlof, torso nnd hnppy littlo talk
thnt was loudly ncclalmod.
"Tho Ladles," a tondor subject,
wns vory nbly handled by Messrs,
Davison aud Gorto, both acknowledging thnt thoy had boon on tho
nnxious sont over slnco tho boglnnlng
0? (.ho tc^.^t 1'ct *wfcT\i_l-*tl*r.,ii *hnBif tc
make n speech, but nfter thn' first
stngo fright hnd worn oft thoy lost
their tiorvousnoss nnd woro loudly
applauded as they took their seats,
both being tho rcclpionts of bouquets.
' Tho mayor thon nskod pormlsnlon
»*i   »</C<S.ik   irii.u.   iri.   ,y   U-1'J.   t.u_*_,vi\*.1_U
one Importnnt matter nnd that wns
ns thero were several visitors In
town that it was only right nnd
proper thnt tho freedom of tho city
should be given and as Mr. Sullivan
represented Cranbrook that ho do-
eldod that ft wouM he perfectly In
order to furnish him with tbe koy.
This wns done and from last nrrotmia
this Is now safely it-sconced in thc
vaults belonging to some of the
Cranbrook typos.
And as all things must haVe an
end to this bnnquot bu now boon
added to tbe events of the paat, but
with every roanon to hop-j that It will
be repeated next year.
•JU' J '3
_    - i
threatened wltb1arfes^''^*t'npt*|^*'*;hl*t
signifying •■frtHI-oCTeB^p i1^^
er than be imposed uj^^-j^ff-p'ffleer
refrained, from',-carrying;^ hlir; threat
into- exertion.77Ulppn getting _oa>th«
ij^n>: a£7Hdsm«_.' on, T-r^r^sdiy.; mont-
jngi- westlroun4r.he '•V/b.ytoSi-to;W
sure ,tb get- ^*fj.cislpt, f   , '7" * '
"The oonstab1<8^,wh»^7hsked 'ft* *
copy, of the .act .blf^othe'. 6Vldenc^..of
the rlgfit -to" lollect*.^, replied ,very
curtly, "Yoti-jcanJeii' that at, the. jail
and also "pdlledValff^'Coat asidnAdisplaying his badge.,! Upon again'■-being asked for-'the copy of the act the
constable drawing back his arm, with
fist clenched, said: "If," you 'don!t
shut< your mouth I'll show you the
paper,'*'' This'high handed method,of
making;'collections should be-brought
to, the■ notice' of the authorities as
(there * are proper means to- adopt in
ordor to carry 'out. the duties of the
offico of constable without' recourse'
to such bulldozing tactics,
Tho demands mado for satisfactory, proof woro politely demanded and
tho fact that Mr. Tomashavsky was
not .furnished > thiB ' information calls
for criticism.
report that the government road has
been constructed nine mile* in British
Columbia north of the U. S. boundary,
which-would indicate that early next
year facilities for shipping their-prod,-*,
net into.-.the United States'will, be*
afforded. to those ..mines 'that have
reached that* stage" of advancement
.The work ~ of - roatKbuilding will *** be
continued until Junction j/is effected
■With thl^eaateyp.. junction!"js effected
Now Well Aired
Council Sittings
Are Interesting
More  Light  Wanted  In Annex—The
Audit is Expected Dally and
Then What It Outcome.
•■tray when very.prbbab_y*,the coal'for
American points wiiT'proceed south
Instead of via McQHHvray' and the
Crow. Valuable" timber./ arena,. have
been, destroyed owing to Inadf-quate
fire protection and the, need-tor more
fire-'wardens has' "bee^^copimented
upon by .those interested «ie 'it" id
tttterly Impossible for the' present
staff to patrol 'so*'mu'ch territory.' - **
Men, Following a,Disagreement, Fire
at' Each Other—One Is   '■
"*  Dead.
Thomas *' H, . Whnlon and Arthur
Mott, who aro interested ln coal
proportlos with other local citizens in
the Flathead country, have returned
from a trip' Into that district whoro
a gang-of mon aro busily engaged
In dovolopmont work."'        ■> <
Thoir Immediate vicinity fortunately
oscapod tho'ravages of tho. summer's
devastating firos-nnd moreover thoy
♦ ♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦
•*♦•      " Indianapolis, Ind,    -
♦ Sept. 13, 1010.«
♦ To all tho Locnl Unions ot tho <
♦ Unitod    Mlno   Workots   of -
♦ America—Crootlng! ♦
♦ I doslro to call your attention ♦
♦ to tho fact that horonftor no ♦
♦ application for oxonorntlon will ♦
♦ bo grnntod unions tho numbor ■**■*■
♦ of members • In onch enso Is ♦,
<*> tinted on tho monthly roport ♦
♦ blank,   for   which exoneration ♦
♦ Is nskod, ♦
♦ This rulo will apply In cases ♦
♦ whoro nil or pnrt of tbo mem- ♦
♦ borshlp In employed,   In othor ♦
♦ words, If a locnl union with a ♦
♦ momborohlp of 100 only pays ♦
♦ tax on a pnrt of the numbor ♦
—        1,,    * ,..,,,,,i... 1 ..  _■,.
t**      fcMl_»_.«. It^«*,     W|>|.,.CM,.tV._      ^..M_t.      >.w      V
■* *rr<ndfl for ^ynnorMlon for Dw •♦
♦ balance   of   tho   momborshlp ♦
♦ that mny be Idlo, nil nppllci. ♦
♦ tions must bo signed by lho ♦
♦ president,   secretary   and   pit ♦
♦ commlttoo.   (Soo noctlon 8 of ♦
•*** A(vi>\,.0    ii,    ii.itili*vivik»*i    VAlU- ■+
♦ stltutlon.) ¥
♦ Wo deom ll expodlont that ♦
•4* this courso be pursued for tho ♦
♦ reason    thnt   heretoforo    tho -4.
♦ number of members for which ♦
<*•> exoneration has been sskod was ♦
•♦ not stat*. d and many of our ♦
♦ delegates to conventions would ♦
♦ olnlm n isr/jor mftmbrtrnhip thnn ♦
♦ shown 0.1 onr books,
♦ T trust that tho secretaries of ♦
♦ tbe local unions will bear this ♦
♦ In mind hereafter   in   making
♦ application for exoneration.
♦ Fraternally yours,
♦ BDWW PERRY.     .
♦ 8Mre-u-*T-TreasQren
HALIFAX, N. S., Sept. 25.—StaneB-
laus Qotch, tbe man shot at the Sydney mines on Friday by1 hl'o fellow-
countryman, Joseph Dongail, died of
his wounds-on* Saturday afternoon at
Harbor View hospital, Sydney. Thero
has been bad feollng between tho men
for some time and further • disagreement on Saturday week mado matters woreo. Following this Gotch Is
alleged to have threatened to kill
Dongail or his wife lator.
HIb' wlfo bought 0 n rovolvor and
next morning whon her husband left
for his work at tho coko ovens sho
urged him to tako "it, and with a
good deal of reluctance ho consented.
Ho had proceeded not "moro than 50
yards from tho houuo when ho was
confronted by Gotch, who suddonly.
apponred from nmong tho bushes, and
without warning or making nny remark, emptied three chnmbom ot his
revolver at hlm, only ono of tho bullets found Its mark.
Dongail drow his gun nnd flrod
twice, first shot hitting Gotch in thc
jaw nnd ; tho socond piercing IiIb
breast. Gotch thon attorn ptod to run
but ho collapsod' boforo proceodlng a
hundred yards. . •
Those who attended the council
meeting that waB held ta the council
chambers -on Thursday night were
unanimous in expressing themselves
that it was qne of the most interesting* that marks this year's gatherings
as thero was a volume of matter disponed of and explanations were furnished that throws considerable light
on' questions, that have formed the
subject for daily conversation among
ibe majority of, the ratepayers.
The entire board was in attendance
with the.exception of Alderman W. J.
, - After, the reading bf the minutes
of the .preceding meeting had been
read--the subject of correspondence
was; brought forward and the-,Secretary Mr. Womack, proceeded to.read
the different communications which
included letters from' Mr. L. P. Eckstein of the following dates: June
28,. July ,2, Sept., 15th,- 18th, 20th and
27th. In order that our readers may
know the general trend of these letters' 'we'., print in . extenso the one
which covers- practically all. the
ground .under consideration. ■* 7
_ A_Jetter_waa _read_f roml__Tho TMone-,
tiry Times,", regarding the Sinking
Fund   and* Debentures.     Gladstone
precluding them from regular attendance, wero' not in a position-to render'the music satisfactorily. The result of this interview was that they
be paid the balance of the $300 granted by the council, |75 be paid.
Other matters handled were the extension of water service to W. Lancaster on-the Awiex, the city to put,
the water as far as7taeir7Jimlt« extended' and the owner of the ,h6ua©;^"-_*£«
to-make the connection.'. *;v7 '*,  , 7; y
. The purchase-of-.W-lnches-dr:*TO'
ter privileges ,on .Lizard creek, iTtie '
publication of by-law 198 -frnrntlD*"an '
extension of the paymont   of'"taxes*•
until the 20th of October because ol
the delay in the publication of tbe
auditor's report. '  -
Septembor  27th;
The Mayor and Aldermen,
Fernie, B. C. *. *
I much regret the exigency .which
compels me to address you as I herewith do. I wlah to preface my remarks by" stating that I propose to
deal with public Issues and that, in-
a forensic way;-
It 1b needless for me to point-out
to you that for some time past, and
more especially at present, public attention haB been*almost wholly directed to civic affairs. I beg to Incorporate herewith my "letters to the
mayor ae such, dated tho 29th of
June and 2nd of July, which no doubt
you will find in the city office. I had
written,'''aa you perhaps know, a letter to The ' Ledger, criticizing' cer-
_tain_, t__*.g_-A_af__-g_thft_ city,—Your-
. '•6
Tho locnl team of soccers wont to
nollovuo full of hopo and enthusiasm
but, returned a vory much disgruntled
crowd hnvlng mot dofbnt nftor n hnrd
fought ■ bnttlo In which no goal wns
scored by olthor sldo until n fow
minutes boforo piny coasod from n
penally kick thnt gnvo tlio victory to
Much dlssntlsfnctlon Is openly expressed nt tho ruling of tho rcforrco
who, whilo It Is not disputed thnt
Ills decision wns correct, still hnvlng
Ktnjfcd thnt in consequonco of the
Hiiow obscuring tha lino ho could not
In nn earlier pnrt of tho gamo grnnt
.*>    fC._»».k>     __«,.*     ... ,wU        4   .__»,*.     (_W/A
nnd whon thr* rlrpn-mMffnopn fj-z-ro rf.
vorsod he gnvo it to Ilollovuo.
Tho nbovo atntemonts nro mndo on
Information received from a Fernio
Hiipporlor ond wo hope before this appears wo may bo arfordod an oppor-
VUWlV*.    Xii   i.V.d<itl(.   Vin.   -.-clfti'.f.   bl   ItlO
roforoo of whose fairness we hnvo
always had the highest appreciation,
Tho competition by agents and section foremen of. thc C. r. R. for thc
most attractive1 looking atatlon gar-
dona nnd •jronndfl ftttfi hr-ort float.-"!
nnd our local representative, Mr. It.
Reading, has been awarded a place
among tbe succeitful ones, which, in
addition to tho gratification at the
rosult of labor expended also Is tbo
recipient of a monetary prlxe of $10.
Rev. Thompson is expected to have
charge of Baplltt church tervlres
local notified the council of 'the cutting pff of the city'light since they
had began to .use theif own plant because of. the seed for supplying the
building;, with hCatajQ&tlieconi^uent
neceeeity for hayin-ra certificated engineer ia charge did not.JuftTfy'thom
payinlf "the city, yet they'felt that in
the event of any accident happening
whereby they would not have tho opportunity, of getting the city power
that lp would work a hardship upon
These several matters wetd then
'dealt with and" nfter considerable
discussion ot nn explanatory naturo
between the city electrician R. B, C.
Hammond and Messrs, Uphill and
Rees on bohalf of tho Miners' Union
hall It was decided on motion to reconnect tho wires to bo used for a
case of emergent need,
Mr. Stewart of Dalton avenue, thon
addressed tho * council regarding tho
light" In their locality, nnd after tho
mayor and tho city electrician had
answered several Questions propounded It was decided thnt the matter of
extension ,belng under consideration
that this was ono of tho first that
would bo attended.
W. W, Brown, of tho city powor
plnnt nskod for and wns glvon n
leavo of abBonco for nix days for tho
purposo of taking a well-earned holiday to attend tho Spokano fair.
Speaking of tlio overdraft, that wns
ono of tho Items 'mentioned in tho
correspondence nlrendy alluded to.
tho mnyor stntod thnt nt tho timo tho
chango ot accounts waB mado from
tho Dnnk of Commerce to tho Home
Bank that tho ronson therefor wim
that by tho transfer the city was enabled to effect* nn economy of (11,(100
to $1,800 nnd that tho ovordrnft nt
prosont Is about $18,000 or $20,000,
nnd thnt so fnr ns tho city is concerned thnt thoy nro nmply protected
nnd tho bank would not bo nblo to
como bnck nt tho city In tho ovont of
nn event arising that hns beon referred to, but which Is vory unlikely
to tnko plnco,
With further roforonco to the Kck-
Htoln corroHpondonco the mnyor wild
that they could nil bo gono Into nt
noxt council mooting whon Mr, Kck-
stein would have nn opportunity to
bo there nnd talk over tho several
mnttors, and (tint ns ho wns not thoro
nt tlio present tlmo thnt this ho considered tho host course to puntuu,
Inasmuch ns tho cltlxens gonorally
nro very much Inti-reutod In tho
auditor's report ho snld thnt It wns
iiojitu   that     tiiu     liiitiiiM   nouni   vu
Mtr-ro-.i.-'r.Vv nrrj.iftlrtlt'rt v.'llli In Dw t-n-
suing wcok ns It. wns expected thin
wook, nnd should it bo possible thnt
spoclnl mooting would bo callod for
Monday night.
Stating that ho was quite willing
UihV ttit-i KCiicra. pnPiic fchou.ri tin
fully cognizant of nil thnt thoir representatives woro doing, tho mnyor
aald thnt he Intended to hold n public meeting In the nenr future whon
evory cltlxon would hnve a chnnco to
aik either himself or his colleagues
any QutMlon* ri-liUivo tu city affalnt
and thereby a complete ventilation of
tlie mauuet* la which tliuy had Itasul*
led tbelr trust could b» ascertained.
Professor Znccuro and T. Maxzani.
bile addressed thei council anent City
Band affairs and stated that tbe difficulty they had to contend with In
explanation for the reason that trey
bad not KWen more public concert*
was because they did not wish to
play when their members, wbo bo-
esose of working on different shifts
mayor,* under date the 30th" of June,    ■
replied and interalla made this statement:   ."Either you or anybody else
is entitled as a ratepayer to-attend
council meetings,   and   any question
which you may wish answered will be
^jyost cfeejerfully dbate__by. tho counciL"^   ,
r   lVlnvlte.,ydur:''-_ffe_*abn'"'ttf'Jthe''re-''^ '
ftisalfjon the"pait.of. ib?. ,'$ranoJI »;*_■■'.,«•_'
argue questions,. when', J did-ottentS ,
the council meeting   quite   recently    •
and when I wns. told .that If I wanted information I would have,to.go to
the courts therefor.   But I now como
to the immediate cause for this letter
to you. . ,,-*,-
Last week I bad a pleasant interview with the mayor, and as a result-
I left him feeling that   the    great '
trouble and agitation .which have affected tho people* could bo honorably
bridged by* carrying Into effect the
suggestion which   I " had mado and
which I  understood,  though I  may
have misunderstood, the council would
bo willing'to adopt, namely, that a
committee   of   ratepayers, including
myself,  Bhould  bo  appointed  to  go
Into nil clvio mnttors about which so
much talk had boon Indulged In.   I"
thought thon, ns I do now, thnt I am
not exaggerating tho sontlmont of tbo
ratepayers when I say that unless tho",
council vory soon tako tho pooplo Into ■•'
tliolr confldonco, n* commission of Inquiry will bo sought.   My Idea wnB    *
that tho commltteo of .citizens auch '
as I havo mentionod would avert any
ouch statutory inquiry.
, The mayor vory proporly took th'o
poiiHlon when I was tnllclng to hlm
thnt he, could not-disclose, tho audit-
or'fl report . tlio public until ho hnd
laid It, boforo tho council, which
would bo tjoito uu last Thursday. I
hnvo aiwnyn undonitood nnd always
will undorHtnnd that to lay nny mat-
tor boforo tho council Is to plnco it
boforo tlio public.
As n re-suit at tho Intorvlnw rd-
forrod to I, In good faith, endeavored to HiipprosH ngitntlon. which I
IhoiiRltt host could bo dono by delaying for tho nonco tho road lug *i
two lottors which I mid roused to tho
mnyor In IiIh official cnpnclty, and
thnt mentis, In my opinion, to tlm
council. Tlmt lottor iniido ll plain
thnt no wrong, If nny hnd boon committed, should bo condoned, bocnuso I
nm now, ns I always hnve been, entirely of thn opinion that If wrong
litis liciui dono In uny direction or
by anyone, thoro ennnot bo a condonation without Kinking lho parties
tlioroto responslblo, according to the
nature of such rniiiloniillou.
1 much rogrottod to lenrn thnt. In-
i.it.uii ... in) iutUtl i<L*ili)_ (.*,iU, m* it,
0111 .it 1o hnve been, nt Hip rouncll
mor-tlni*., Instructions wero glvon not
to rond It, nnd furthermore a stn(o-
ment, entirely misleading, was mndo
concerning tho contents, I nlso nit-
orwards learned that In the minutes
ut Hin louiit'il proceeding.* no reter-
onco was mndo to tho snld letter. It
Is possible, of courso, Hint tho nowspnper roport fs not correct, but If It
Is, I think nn Injustice wit dono myself nnd I nm cnllod ■■ npon on thnt
nccount, If on nono other, to address
D,'.,x communlcMlon lo you. Vttnx\wtb
fully submit that a communication
cither to the mayor an euch or to tho,
mayor and aldermen, whether it bo
from myself, tho auditor, or from
anyone -t-lse, becomes Ipso facto,
public property, and to withhold the
samo from tho public Is to Ignore
the rights not merely the privilege
ol Hm ?t*ti-|ayei» lu Uit* i*.«u_Iim»,
1 repeat that   tbe   mayor's state*
(Continued on Page Four.)
~A.ea--.h--\..n-... -____ ._. ■■,_■■,._- ..-*.- -— -
_B________________i ."».£fc*_
' .    _-"-*T_' -7
-^ "i--*>r-r
',. "     1"7_
-. -i   5-,   ,-w^,-
,.- rsJ*   j ^^       ;^-1J_. J:*ie--^-*' *■-.,
*t.r * _. -*^»    «-*■> - ~-';*w>v£ - ^Z'^X -
'   -:.   \, "t^ = - .-J_-1-*.::*'._j-
Discussing   '■   *,.., *:.
":   ' "     Socialism
: *■**, * '   -,  i    ' *■-.. ' ,,-" :
'TR'OTTER'S REPORT •",. .      '        *'
The   Proper  Way  to* Train   Boys
the  Home—Opinions Aired  at
Session of Social, and Moral
- Reform Conference.
"Socialism' Is dependent on law and
environment, but Christianity is
gaining thru the production of
character."—Rev. Dr. Chown.
The greatest danger to society today
Is in the going astray of the middle
"'classes."—Rev.  S.  W.  Dean.'"""'
"If the boy dosn't learn- to respect
.the law in the-home, he may have
to learn it In the penitentiary. .But
-  ■ along with authority, there must be
■ V liberty -to tit-in with it.''— Rev. J
",'W. Aikens.  "  '' -'   ,
Sound Advice is "Offered
Extracts of  Report as Given  Before
Trades  Congress  at  Fort
*    ' TWrlliam.'-.        *   .    \
-*■ >.
"'-'About 150 clergymen..and^ .others
registered'yesterday afternooli 'at the
opening  sessions   of  the   social   and
•triora! reform crjiiference, wliich is being held .#ntllv-*o*-*_orrow'-eVeiiing in
~ the school room of Elm street4 Methodist church.    The va'rloufe'-add'resses
o'gljfen tu_a:irt-.-*i-efcrence*-to down-town
-scky p L-oblems-and'-the relation ofvtbs
-.tMethodiat';:ch-4rch thereto.,) ■■      •' « 7
•*,■_  TlieK _oclaU taacbmg; of Jesusi'-w-as}
_th&„subject of-.rail hour's address >by.
Rev. Dr.   S.'.D.  Chown,- recently**, ap.-
..ipointed associate - general, auperittten-"
"■".-dent of. the' Methodist' church. -„' He
■referred to.tlie- parables;of ;tbe .Bible
-as .full, o£  social  teaching 7and, also
,' -Xo the sermon on. the, mount"'   Mentioning .the.'various.-beiiefs taught by
- socialism,-Dr.*.. Chown .Confined him-
7 self to the--orthodox or,Marxian ao-
-•dialism; which in late years had-given
such a definite turn to economic Jaws.
^Certain.'-socialistic  beliefs  held .that
'■ the public --should/control -everything
•connected wltSTtlTe-^manufacliiriiig7of"
tlie-c'omraodities.ol.life, and that.the
-world's progress must be made-thru
'• the- struggle . of "-antagonistic classes.
In comparison he held up tlie teaching
, of Christianity which • is so, full • of
impartiality. Dr.'Chown bolleved that
the single  tax  system  would be. ac-
".cepted eventually,    but- only after a
• modification of its present condition.
*-.        .   ■        ■  • .    .-
Christianity vs. Socialism.
.* In differentiating Christianity from
socialism, lie said the point of view
of the latter was 'material, and man
was regarded primarily as an economic factor, whoso object was to produce worldly success, Christianity's
main viewpoint on the ■ other hand
was spiritual, and the chief purpose
of man. to produce character and gen-
' oral woll    being ..among • his fellow
, "Socialism la, dependent on law and
* environment, but Christianity Is gaining through tho production of character. Christ holds man definitely
to his social responsibility, .nnd socialism In general will bo. suicidal ns
long as lt falls to'oncourngo tho nee-
ORslty for development of character,"
Hiiid Dr. Chown, who referred to tlio
Gorman socialistic theory that If throo
. hours work dully were performed by
all men botwoon thn ages of 18 and
•IS, it would be sufflclont to -secure
tlio nocoHBltloH for tho world. Tlo
conslderod that tho worst calamity
that could bofnll humanity waB that
mon Hhould ho saved by work,
. * "Tho Church of Christ ennnot bollovo In tho goldon rulo," assorted
Dr. Chown, "It stnndH for prlnolplo
nnd If tho outworking -.mashes com-
petition It must po, nnd \t Dw outworking flinftfihoH. Boclnllsm, then soclnlism must go, .If soclnlism ox-
poets to triumph through involution,
the outlook for the Anglo-Snxon' rnco
Is .fnr from bright, ns tho working
out, ot tho Anglo-Saxon people has
ht'on by evolution, nnd nnl by revolution."
. In■ consequence of the .'length of
this report we will give extracts
therefrom: "-
Following - the • Quebec convention,
1909,' 2,000 copies. ot_ the "Second
Report" (immigration)0 were circulated in Britain among labor mem-
i ors of parliament, trades union leaders, trades councils, and prominent
men ln other "capacities; 500 of* these
reports being taken' care of-by the
secretary* of .the British' Labor party
and'distributed to 500 delegates "present "at their convention .'at- Newport
in January., last. -  .'-- ; V  '"'   *■"',;
Copies- of* our reportsJ and of the
Salvation • Army ' circular - were -' also
mailed 'to 'workers' representatives
and - officials' hi" the overseas dominions; and some*" interesting statements
are to hand by way'--of reply.' -'From
our **. correspondence"'there would ' ap-'
pear to.bo.no.danger of other dominions being cajoled into accepting the
attentions--of 'this bureau in Itheii-
■•.world-wide.-hunt after'profit. •
- We would ■ again *• take the opportunity ■ of reminding-the. delegates to
this 1910- convention* of-the force of
the-remark* 'of the-Salvation-Army
agent, two -years . ago • when ■ her, depreciated-. ;>our . -attacks- .upon '.their
method's, aiid stated- "that.''we ought
to get'after the governments' which
render tlieir' operations possible." So
long .-as the: • Dominion government
contributes to the* cost of running the
London offices of-the Salvation-Army,
and- so''long  as the.various .provin-
certain cities .lislng, a sewage polluted" water" thefdeath\rate from typhoid
fever is. many "time's more than that
of->_itiek* using a -filtered water-sup-
pi^:". l7"£7-.*v- y\ ' *•*■■■-.*
..^Generally* spewing, there , are two
'Methods•■•In'-usS'for tbe filtration of
publ'.c water supplies: they are known
as the' "Slow    Sand" filtration and
"Mechanical" filtration.   In .the former type the water filters through beds
of "sand*" and gravel - at "varying "rates
of from two to five million7gallons
per acre every 24,hours, according^to
the character of lhe water.    In* mfr
chanical filtration,    a 4* precipitate.- is
first added of filtration being many
|imes  more  than *Jn-Jthe. slow  sand'
filters.       '   '.       y •;    .''-,"    .-'   „   ■.
The type of filter besf^sulted' for
any particular water must be carefully considered   before   adoption by. a
municipality,   and   this' can, only , be
done by a competent sanitary • engineer.   When either-system' "can*",be
used,' it resolves itself into a question
of, primary   cost   and   annual   maintenance.   The slow sand filters.cost,
approximately, $300,000 • per,, ..mlilion
gallons of the daily consumption and
about. 10'per cept. of this,per annum
fqr.. operating; -.while    a   mechanical
filter costs, about one-fourth, and, Jf
carefully operated, a high degree of
efficiency, as regards purification1 can
be obtained,   This is weli exemplified
at- Chatham,   Ont.,   where  for   some
years filters of this latter class have
been in operation, the water treated
being that of the river Thames.   - -
'   DAYS. -''"',
Manufacturers Preparing
t ._ 1 **, .; ^
....... .     .,.,.._
They Threaten Employes and Latter
' Come Back With Retaliatory
■<■■■-■' Measures.  '        "
(Written for Mines and , Minerals)
In many'cases whereastope is riot-
more than 8 feet wldestulls are set
across with plarik lagging for* floor,'-
and this is all the "timbering required
wben* the stullsare' formed. In the
case' of-crumbling walls, "which • require -support, square * sets arid lagging "are -necessary. - In stopes' of a'
width' only requiring one length of
timber to '' reach'-"-across," but also
requirin'g-posts, the sill,stulls'are set
first iri an overhead stope, and the
cap stull set in" an underhand.'- In "all
cases the stulls are -cut of ,such
length as to fit .tightly against both
walls, and a- wedge" i3 driven between
the-' waif arid- the 'end of the stull. to
make it very tight. Each stull is--set-
so. that, the end. against, the .hanging'
wall' makes aii angle which is slightly
greater than a' right angle, in'order
that the least' settling 'of the hanging
■.wall may' tighten the stull. Tlle -'side
posts "are set after "the stulls are" in
.ilace in cases where the .lower'stull
is set. after* the upper in underhand
stopes.'     . ' -   -7*  *- ,7 '*;*
In overhead stopes the posts'-can be
set on the ends ■" of -. the" lower -stulls
an_ the upper' stull'' driven17down
upon the top'of-the posts.- When tho
. .BERLIN, Sept.• 24.—German, industry is seriously disturbed by strikes
and lockouts. Unless the disputes can
be-'ended within the' next .few. days
700,000 workmen will be idle.  „-, .*
A ray of hope appeared today In
the announcement, that* Negotiations
woiild begin'on Monday between the
Association of Metal Employers and
the .. Metal Trade Workers. ' An adjustment . of the differences In this
trade will have great influence upon
the. situation In .allied Industries.', ,
- .-The 'total number of metal, workers is.close to _60p,00. They have
bean financially assisting the striking
shipbuilders, and in order, to cut off
the aid the. Association of. Metal Em-
-ployers .recently decided.to lockout
60 .per cent... of Its men unless the
■.shipbuilders-returned, to work, prior
to.. October 5. .In retaliation the. em*.
ployees voted .to declare a .strike of
the 40 per cent. In-the event that'the
.threatened lockout of 60. per-cent, of
their number' was enforced.* - -
. The textile' manufacturers of Cott-
*.pus, -Forstr -Spremeberg, J3uben, Luc-
kenwald, Sommerfield- and. Finster-
walde,- have/,notified their 25,000 -employees that their mills "will be shut
down on October 5 unless the striking spinners atForst return to -^ork
next Tuesday., -     '
" The. "40,000 striking "shipbuilders
sfi6"wn no' signs o'f "weakening. ."The
managing committee- of- the Socialist
party Js aiding in tb©_euppprt"of ,tlie
idle men.',,-' .-•*.'      •'
Beware of
Sold on the
Merits of ;
. 45>JSt"ea"m-Heated "Rooms
r  .s,-^**   _Tc        -•    ,.   _,-..-•-; *,
••^i-j?**   ■?:-■_'-'. - _■'-  -h    .,*
■?■;■ -:/';.-.*•*,?•■-,•.' * -'.'■fS* - <*,\'.-.''' '
*--.     ,*_*.?        r-  **■ *.      *.   P    A.       _« -- «    ',
,:X \i'. - ->----■;,-;. -*-*..-iv^*; .
Hot and,Cold Baths".
^ The King Edward^ t
p-*''■• _'■---'..    *-    .-y j*-.t^VK*"'-.*5 ;*_ :ii'
Fernie's;. Leading,Commercial.-Hotel ;r
;\i* r..
?s/ V.
The Finest Hotel iri' East- Kootenay
-*. „~ ,-.--*■*■*. C-. ,'*-\^, **.*-.-. -**v.*-
J_. L. iGATESj-Prop.v'-*:-"
"~"'fehi. Xk
'•:' ■_*-'-:*■■;'*
: -+1
clal governments" .continue ^to* use"
Canadian citizen's, money—as has
especially been tho case iii Ontario—
in bonusing and buttressing the operations of such organizations . 'to the
detriment bf .the' very people who
provide the funds, just so long-wll'
the workers have a strong ground 'of
opposition ;to: those responsible 'for
this 'policy.   -      •,*.'" ■ .-
Why cannot such,persons , as the'
Duke of Sutherland, Lord -Hindlip, Sir
Clement Cdoke, Norton- Griffiths,* M.
P., and a host of others of- the same
Ilk, admit openly where their, true
interest In emigration lies? Let thom
tell the poor people of Britain that
they are forming new companies and
allying themselves with existing
companies to exploit tho Dominion
for their personal profit, and that
they are vory anxious ■ that a superabundance of cheap labor of ovory
kind shall bo available In certain
localities for theso enterprises, Tho
bonevolcnt and charitable- aspect
of tho operations of theso "societies
has boon worked lo a finish, Is scurco-
now rospoctablo, and certainly no
langor posslblo as-a cloak.
Tho Norton Griffiths roferrod to Is
tho samo porson who boconio so on-
thuBod over tho prospects of wostorn
Canada as a maKniflcoiit flold for exploitation that his oxubornnco bubbled forth In tho shape of a wireless
to tho British pross that Canada was
teeming with prosperity and llioro
wnH room for thousands. This gentleman'wo bollovo Is tho roprcsonta-
llvo of parliament from Wodnoshury
(WodgbonO and with othors Is Inter-
GBtnd In conl proportlos 011 Vancouvor Island, which will ho glvon
the same nnmo nn tho Staffordshire
A Yorhshlrn mini wim HtnmllitK next
lo 11 ri'proHenliitlv.. of the Rod How.
on tho Hocond dny of tlio lllnr-kpool
flying nioolliiK whon ho itiiiiiiikcd: "I
iiiiili'i*Hliini| thnl JiiHtli'o Ih tno!ml out
vory (iiilcldy In Dwno pnrlH."
"Quickly!" exclaimed lh"- Lancastrian. "I Hhould think It Im. Why
mate, only yointurdiiy 1111 iilrmtiu Ml
nut of IiIh iit-roplaiif-, and ha wiih lilotl
und mm) ourud fo hIx mont Iih lu Jail
l-ofort* ho hit the ground,"
"You dou't nay sol What wus the
chargo?'*   "
"j?cio posts lfaveTo7' -e^etTafteFrbotH
top and' bottom 'stulls, it is Well *to
to have the top."of the posts framed
foi fi gain -in the end of the stall.
then drive the- bottom 'of the posts to'
,plaofe and secure it by drive .bolts,
The lower end of the'-posts 'and lhe
upper side of the stull are not. cut at
all in this case, provided the timber
18; sawed.  -   '     * .    „' _■* ■ -.
Another1 wa'y to put in square sets
is to have them proporly framed at
at the o'nds'a'nd of such a width as to
approximately fit the width of tho
stope, and drive lagging-between the
square' set'and ^he wall to tighten the
frame and support the walls. If the
timber Is to bo removed and used
again, this is* much tlio' befrei' ■ way,
but in cases, whoro there Is no Intention "of removing tho tlmbor the frnm-,
ed.method is to bo preferred; as being
both qulckor and giving stronger
support to tho walls, s although "not
making so neat a job, 'These methods
have -both boen described, presupposing that oach square set stands
by lt.*ipjf, Ihe sots being''only con
nectod loosoly with ono another by
tho lagging. . ■
It is Bomotlmos necossary' in working In wido' stopos to framo two or
more wide sides so that thoy fit together to span the distanco botwoon
tho walls. In this caso llos being
Blmllar tlmborB to', the othors, and
framod so aii to,, join tho squaro' sots
together longthwlBo of tho stope and
form a good joint, In caso thoro Is
a squoozo on tho squaro sot timbors
tt In customary to ubo reinforcing sots
which fit Biiugly with lho square ootB.
If the pressure comes from tho top,
posts aro omployod to tako up, if
from tho sldou, bracos.
Tho quality ot wator for human
consumption ilopcmls upon tho pol-
Ititliift* and purifying InflnoncoH to
which It hna hoon mibjcctod boforo
r<'tiPhliiK tlio conHiunor, II, Ir woll
known Hint tho .gonornl hoalth of a
(.oiiiiiiiiiilly iihIiir a howiiho pollnlod
water grndunlly fiillH lowor and lowor
and the dotilh rato Iuci*oiihoh iiropor-
llonnloly. Of tho (IIhoiihiih ijuiHt fro-
fiuontly followltiK Iho into of au Impure water, typhoid fever holds, nt
thn prf'HPiit dny, llm moHt promlnont
puHltlou lu tho publio' oyo. It Ih a
t.'iii'loiiH fuel, iiH yoi iinoxplnlned, that
llu* (iiaiiKo from an Impuio water to
a puro mipply dlmliilHliDs tho Hick-
iiohh und d--iilh rule, not only from
typhoid fov«r, hut nlno from tuber
■   Tungsten lamps arecomin'g to the
front because they- save   electricity.1
Jn • appearance,'' their *o,nly .difference"
from ordinar-y ca;*b.on filament' incandescent ".lamp is" that the" filament is
constructed ,T of    "tungsten" instead' of
been proved that they use only-about
one-third as" much" current 'as '■'&" carbon*• lamp to produce a' light -of ,the
■same illuminating power.' True, their
first  cost -is  greater ' (approximately
"three timej^'as  much),, but" this  is
counterbalanced by the1 saving in-current effected.    Thoy "have one weak
point * however,. That , Is; -the ease
with' which the delicate tungsten fila-
'ment. is   broken.    On   this   account
great care-has to- be1 exercised in installing 'them, and it is for this reason,  too  ,that they  cannot   be  economically used as portable lamps. Yet,
when carefully handled, they.have a
long    lease    of    life. . - In 7 England','
whore they aro used -more extensively than here, It Is quite "common for
thom to last 3,000 hours, and one Instance is on record whero a tungsten
lamp burned  continuously   for  over
15,000 hours,   liven when allowance
Is,made for moro frequent breakage,
the  tungsten,,lamp *shows  a  saving
over tho carbon of about 50 per cent.
That Ib nn economy not- to.bo.do-
Bplsod and points to the much groat:
or  ubo  for  stationary  lighting  purposes. .    ,
"\ nun-iii--); in. UttU uu vinii.1.. iiK-uiitt 1 cui'tan.. pin-i-i-iuiii-i, uiut otiiut t-.ciu.__--,
ot .*»«*.•;'t.Ml."   J _Jjj_3f_  Ailvr-rllni-r. iV.'.ipnipn     It   it  nVtn  n  fnrt  thnl  In
Remedies are Needed
Were we period, which we ere not, medicines would
not often be needed.   Out tlnce our tyitemi have b«-
eome weakened, impaired and broken down throuih
Indiierstioai whleh liave ions 00 from tha esrly t<e«,
throuih oountlcii -feneritioDi. remedUi art needed to
aid Nature in corrtclln* our inherited and othsrwlne
aequired weaknencit   To reach the test o( itomteh
wetkneis end eontequent dUcitlve trauhlet, (here ii
nothinl to fiood tt Ur. I .erce'i Goldtn Mcdioat Uiicov-
ery, a (lyctrio eompound, citrtoted from ottive mtdic«
liuil roou   told for over forty yc-tri with {rctt tstinftctlon (0 all users.   Por
Wt-tk Stomtch, Itilloutntii, ITiver Complaint, 1'ain in the Slomtch tiler e«tin|.
HiMrtburn, Dad Dretth, D«lphln£ of food, Qironle Diarrhea and other Inteitlntl
Dcranjlentntt, tbe "Oiteovtry" it « time-proven and cnott efficient remedy.
The denulne haa on Ha   -.   /~\ (v^—zTw r\
You can't afford to accept s tecret noitmm si a ititwtitufe for thli nen-aletv
holle, medicine ov shown covrmmon, not even though the urfent detler mny
thereby meke a little hitfier profit.
Dr. Pieree't Tleatant I'cilett reiulite and invigorate ttomach, liver snd
bowelt.   Su-far-coatcd, tiny <rtnti!e», eaty lo take at Candy, 	
Tho following lint df" ''soothing
syrups" for chllilnin Ir officially proclaimed by lho United Stutos govern-
mont chomlHtfl oh "Ilaby Klllors."
If you vnluo your child's hnnlth nnd
lifo novor uho nny of those propnrn-
Mih. WIIhoii'h Soothing Syrup (rnor-
phlnn Hiilplintu),
Chlldron's (.'oinfort (morphlno hiiI-
Dr, Fnhoy'H Popnln Anndyno Compound  finorpliluo und Hiilplintu).
Dr. Valiriioy'B Tcothlng Syrup (morphlno and chloroform).
Dr. Powlor's Strawhorry and Pop-
pdi'tnlot Mixture  (tnorphlita),
Dr. Gi'ovch' Anodyno   for   Infants
(morphlno sulphate).
.* Hoopor's - Anodyno,    lho   InfnntH'
r'rlend (morphine liytlroclilorltl),
.ludwuy'u Elixir tor Uituuit,' .cj
Dr. Jiimos- Soothing Syrup (horoln).
Koopp's llnby Frlond (morphlno
Dr. Mlllor's Anodyne for Unities
(morphine Nulphnto nud chloral by-
Dr. Moffott's TooUilna Teething
Powdora fpowdorod opium).
Victor' Infant nellof (chloroform
nnd cnnubls Indlcn).—I .om Parmors'
iitilletln No, 303, Department of Agriculture,
Twenty per cent of all tho employes
of tho Southern cotton mills nro children under 18 yimrs of age, whilo In
the mills of N>w England child em,
plovoa form fi.2 per rent, according
lo a report sent by Commissioner of
Lnbor Nelll to rongress on Juno M.
The report atatr-H tlmt In tho South
52.4 per m-nt of Dw children employed
art* unalilc to read or write.'
OTTAWA, Sopt. 20.—T11O ' bulletin
of the Consus mid Statistics office, Issued today, snya thnt the reports on
flold* cropn nt tho -end of August nrd
moro oortaln than nt tho ond of July,
nnd that tho- situation during tho
month ,hiiH Improvod, In the' older
provinces tho grains havo • matured
well nnd' hnvo boon hnrvostod nnd
saved in flno condition, Tho ostlmato
for wheat, oats mid barley Is 44D,»
420,000 biiflholB,, which Ib 120,188,01)0
bushels loos than tho final ostlmato
for last your. Spring wheat Is less
by 45,(108,000 buBhols, oatB by 70,210,-
000 bUBholB nhdbnrloy by 10,010,000
bushols; but fnll whont hIiowb an In-
croiiHO of 1,010,000 bushels,* Tho oast-
orn provtneos show gulns In onoh
ono of Hioho cropH. Tho IncronRo of
whont thoro'Is 3,033,000 busliola, of
natR 23,219,000' husholR mid of bnrloy
025,000 bimliols, Tho loss In the western prnvlncflH, oxclimlvo of llrll'lnh
Coliinihln, Ir 11 roHiilt nf the groat
drought of July, which rodiicod tho
area hnrvostod by 22 por cont jfor
wheat, by 24 por cunt, for oitta and by
31.5 por cont for bnrloy, Tho cnti<
mated production'of wheat for tho
whole of Canndn Is 122,785,000 bu-
hIioIh. of ontn 283,247,000 biiHliols, nnd
of bnrloy 30,388,000 lmshols, ns com-
pnrod with 1-30,744,000 bushels wheat,
353.4(10.000 hunhnln nnts nnd 55,31)8,000
bushols bnrloy in tho final ostlmato
tur taut Hsu, 'iho viotiinat-j Cut ,\Uul-
tobu, SuHknlchovvmi, and Albertn Ib
00,890.000 biiHliols wheat, 02,201.000
buRhPls oats nml 14,723,000 bushels
bnrloy, being nn avorngo of 1.1.80
biiRhpln for whont of '..O.flll liunhnls
for on(H nnd of 14.41) bushels for bnrloy on tho nroa sown, but of ir-._H
busliPls wheat, 27.01 bushols onts nnd
21.22 buRholn barley op the ont a
ronped. Compared with tho snmo
porlod InHt year for tho Dominion Iho
nvt-mga condition of spring whont on
August 31 wos 79.013 lo 84,30, of onts
80.03 to 81.89 and of barley 80.Bt to
C'.l.ftl: but compared with the condition at tho ond of July it was 79.05
to 77.or, for snrljig wheat. 80.03 to
70,57 for onts mid 80,51 to 70.62 for
.barley. Pens, beans, buckwheat.
ml*pd grains, flax.' coin for fodder.
potntoi>H nnd alfalfa have declined In
condition, but peas, mlsod grains nnd
flax only appreciably; whilst corn for
lnmklrifi, tiinilpH, mangolds, enrrots.
sugar Imvi* and pasturo have Improved.
DOWN THE-HOUSE     ','o.    ...
*■"<.-      '*..    ',,. -<_'*. 7-5 ''-_■*-' .-'.,
to .your  mind--again.* ..wheu"  you
think of  the ' home" that  you   intended'to* bii'y'beforW" now.' .And
while  you • are .-thinking' of ' it  is,
the time'you should, come,, and". . *
SEE-WHAT  WE* y "* * ,    -'-
in-the way of substantial "suid. de-
and-on easy terms'of payment;
sirably located homes,at low rcites
&    r--       ■_    ■'.   +*,*«^   ■•-**   . f _,;__, -i..\<J.i'        ^M" *■*.**■ .     ■>■■_■■    --?■-■>-
v1''--  '   -.  -     ■■y::"--   • .":   "      .■=■■_■ v    ',..... ..',.l,"..v* '•',-,.
sir edmund walker, c. v.o., l. l.jd., d; c. l., president.
:\. :; -  * Alexander Cairo,;-general manager. -'
PAID-UP CAPITAL,,$10,000,000.
RESERVE.FUND, $6,000,000
/Intertest at the current'rate is.ailowad otf'ali^dbpbsits' of $1, aiid
„   ■"-•■' upvmrds' in this Department:.7 Careful -attention. ia^ven , to'*
7 every, account;., Small .deposits are welcomed..?'   ..   7    --^
'Accounts may .be opened, in the names of twoT or' more^ persons,-
7.  * withdrawals to -.be made by any one-'of them-or by the sur-
■ .viyor.,..FuU and.clear written;instructions7;as, tb who is to
„■■-.    make the withdrawals should always.' be given to the Bank
'-'!   when opening, accounts of this nature. ,-        '     T
FERNIE BRANCH   7.. ,,,       Xf    '<-*''    . *'   Ll A. S."DACK," Manager.
Capital Authorised
C'apita'i Paid .Up'.
.$*io,OOp,6oO.OO.»papital Subscribed ..*..' $5,575,000 _
.'..$5,330,000.00   Reserve-Fund'.;..'.."... $5,330,000 7
D. R. WILKIE. President 7 '_   HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
' .. .'-   V- BRANCHES 'IN   BRltlSKCQLuWBiA'C   XX'''ii
"Arrowhead, - Cranbrook, FefhTe*.-..Golden,* -kamloops. Michel, Moyie, Nelson",
",'. "   - *'   Revelstoke,* Vancouver] and.Victoria.'";.,    "7,',*      , ". J
, '•.*'"•_ '-'.'■ f .,-;, SAVINGS' DEPARTMENT;: -.7,7 .7- :*
■ Interest allowed on deposits at current "rate*, from, date, '.of depeislt... „_;!
FERNIE.BRANCH •",  '-      "™    J,; '-   ' '■ l . GEO?!.* B.. BELL, Manager ,,
Insurance :and Real Estate
Lumber,   Lath, Shingles,  Sash, Doors
Fernie Gpera House
, it- ' »      -■■ '  s    * r c      *    ^
-A,.BIG-CUT'*"-7 •"* .'**,-. * 7
' ."is.what-applies to tbis-lumber
.   "yard".. "Wben  you ."look 7a ver -
'   PILES OF LUMBER 7.     "<■*
y\„ wo have ou' hand for supply-"
- ing * the .building , demands,-1
.' - .you'll * realize .wbat .a . lot' ot :
,j   "cross cuts1.^it tool: before il..
,  .was ready for-market. - 7   ;
- .   everytbliig and   anything  in
b>^_»,V":     ' '"\'"'-'^ry .-y '   ■ ' tbe lumber line,      .- ■'   "   '7
•»♦»»• •■-        Phone 23 P. O. Box 22
A. Pizzocolo,  Mgr.
f M
♦ 1   ■
Mvory mnn ronnootod with mining,
whothor Jig Is a laborer, superintendent, mnnngor, mining onglnoor or owner, Is Inloruatod in flocurlng ldoas that
will Havo lilm tlnio and mako moro
monoy for hlm .
An organisation ban boon built up
at a big expenditure that Is acourlng
tlio mining world for monoy making,
monoy saving Ideas,
'fl-* 0     _   ,- r I 1 * *+*t 1     *}1«nl      ^tift     w^-sftr** !i#s   .
i   t*m        I'i   V tut * V _>••   _ i«»»V        *******        (k.*. l*M ******
fnllort lo polvo nnother mnn flomowhete
liriH nolvod, nnd it Is tho work nf this
organization to Bonrcli out mining problems and tbelr solutions, to classify,
nrrnngo and simplify tbem,
1-1.1     t        ,1,,       I,   ,r      , , 11      _,'.»^r.^
that now It, Is possible for any mau
to soouro thu Ideas, the sobomos, tbe
very working plans that Aro building
mining successes everywhere.
Mines and Miners Is so well knowu
lo every mBtmtrer, superintendent snd
coal mining official that it (s not ne-
ronnnry to mnXto nny OYp1.innHo*i of It*
merit for their benefit. Thero are
many, however, who aro nowcomora
In tho country and as tbey very probably would llko to get Ideas regarding
matters dealing -with tho mlnlntr In-
diiatry, wo ran nny without fear of
contradiction that this publication Is
tho vory best ot Us kind.
Wo have mate airangements wltb
the publishers of this monthly to make
Be Up-to-date and Equip Your■■ Works with;
Canadian General Electric Co.
* '-1    * x , 1 '      '       1 ,
Induction Motors
  r        -' e • •      fl   ■   -
.-,'*.'•        I
Full Information and Quotations Cheerfully Furnished
Calgary Branch Office:
325 A Eighth  Ave,   West »
Prepare for Fall
and Winter
Wo hnvo just clodrod our-summor ntoclt* out and now wo aro
roady to fit you up tor the wlntor from head to foot, If you aro
looking for tho futuro and intend to save,your money purchase
your goods from us, Wo havo just bought tho stock of Mr..,Tames.
Haddad nnd now wo aro carrying a vory largo stock of ladloB* and
gents', furnlshlnga, Trunks and valises,, iu fact, ■ everything for
mon, womon and chlldron. '
Our $1,115 Swoator, Ooats havo no oqual. Our $1.76 Pon Anglo
Undeisults lmvo thom'all boaton,
* Our Bultn nro just tbo kind you nood for stylo and durability.
We carry a largo assortment of Hoots and Shoos, the bost selection thnt monoy aud brains*can buy,   •
Noxt lo Wliiwtuii dimly Htoro
Next to Northum Hole-
flr-mr* r-xcppMnnMly i\dvft*nttip<»riu« clubbing offors:
Minos and Minerals oni* year,...$2.60
Tlio District Ledgor ono year.... 1.00
Examination Questions tor Cortlfl-
nf^kfxm    rx9    p/N-rv^i.r\lr+r\fx*,r    tn     ^'tnIf 1 _"       ^ ^rt
Combination price 18,60,
Mines and Minerals, for ono year
IS big 132 page Issuos, and  Tho
District Ledger for ono yoar, 6$
Issues, regular  price  for both,
13.60,   for .13,00
Mines nnd Minerals, one year,.,.$2.60
Tho District Ledger ono year..,. 1.00
Coal end Metal Miners Pockot
book ,„. .'. .... J.00
The District Ud*g#r Is the plliee to
00 fer your good work In the Job
Prlntlno Lint,
Whon figuring upon tho Installation
of an electrio transmission plant It Is
uocessary to allow a sufficient factor
for losses. An authority gives these
uh IniiowH. IjOrm due 10 ini-nori ot
steam englno, 10 per cent.; loss In
bolting botwoon onglno,and genorator
3 per cent. If dlrect-connoctod this
Is not figured. Lobs In generator, 10
por cent,; loss Inrlino. 10 to 20 por
cent.jdopendlng on Its length,*site of
conductor, rare tn building line, etc.,;
los lm motors, 12 to 20 per cent de*
pcudliit; uu Ulud uacd ami acrvkc
required by them;6 to 10 per cent,
loss between tho brake horsepower
and the machine lobe driven, to
which may be added the loss In the
machine itself due to friction. Total
efficiency, 50 per cent., taking the
low-mit toti.wato ot tout. Wliurw the
distance Is short and great, caro Is
tal.en In making tbo Installation the
actual efficiency may be Increased
to SO per cent. u . *.**-=.*■
■»".__.*_ *-*?L   ■*■
*.-. ■>.,.._ >..,_
-*i"Jr1-i-v*-'' "j,^,---,*!y^*_rg
" \*T ,PT*Pr*~tl*&*VV **pg
■■/ ,-*0?s.-
"*■* _.I.',-*,-*'*J.
lV.v    '.: -.-*.**.„", ...    .-     ».,._! -'- "-'jf-■¥  'A**M ->7
i', . *■-_■•* iu '•*.    •■ -- r,'*v*-- ry-~- ■"•"V*"^ '---*-"
=> .'MINE . AT   ^OI^IWVIkilE ?i|
XK--    ':' ■'   CLOSED;* ;. iy X 'y
.-.' r -.'*>."i-^v*".*«'>iv_'*:.*,y-'fr-.i-».;j_*^«<«>iw<A*ii
pop,ooa; is tfe v;
Reported; Rriqe
/re'rms'of Purchase Call'.For $10,'000
"7    in*Cash and $__t.000"In?FirstV-',"
1 ,.if       - _   - *,,,,
,7 .    .Mortgage ,Bonds
*,   r'**l        (,*\>,
Capacity of 1,000 Tons.
"'"*'    v;' WORK OF. FIENDS. *   *  7-.
Several Arrssts to Follow
.,.*  g   The deal for the' purchase' for" $300,-
ij'oOO   of; -the   Cardiff Coal company.,
... j^whose holdings consist of 500 aores of
.  •'   - ^surface and coal rights at'5 _tf8_tivTri§,"
,     ' ^'negotiations'for.-the sale .of   which
"".- .'* --Shave' been pending* for three months,
tiv■   - .•   V.    ■ ' ■-    **3 '•?-* *.*■** ** *.*' * .-***'-■'"*-
Jf';      'Jihas finally been' practically.1 closed;
H. • *     : '?Bmery, Newell & Bolton, acting ;for
yxhe purchasers, .having .been instruct-
!_'ed,. to -. make - a. payment',' to. ,-bina<, the
• 4 bargain. v: Tbe purchasers were., represented'In ,the city;, last week, by "J; ;A.,
^Anderson Of the'flrm of O'Grady &
"^Anderson, 7 brokers, ;. Winnipeg,"*" and
£'.W. 'Russell,'.' of ^Winnipeg,    a ,well
"•jknown .flnanpial, man, ".*/, :-,>■"  -7 ,,., _
* f i The •sharehpid^s [jot **" Uie,... Cardiff
.'Coal company are: • J. H. Picard,* J. H.*
/•Morris. E." A7 James, Charles Carey,
,'.PGeorge" Swaisland, S. Larue, L. Sav-
. :"olr,\ George  Roy,  R.   Secord,  P,
Lessard., B.  F.
Secord,  P.   B.'
Morris   and   several
Lizzie/Anderson,  of  Saitford.   Killed
'.-',': Niiar Goderlch After aJ Fear-  '-
,'-   -*-,..       '**<->      '* ' •-
, .   ful Struggle. „■"-,
TEACHINjS.ENGLIS.H     -: -  .-?. '   r
-■-y*.-^■*'£?$A.i    _.   -..'*'.■- ':*:. '"*■'*•-.-:
A-Practical1 Method for Us'e7of 'Adult
;;    . ;Foreign _peakjng- Persons.- ?-  ■
, Detroit capitalists. ,..
7   The terms of the purchase1 call for
'""the payment, of'?ip6,000'_n: cash* and
"-,$200,000, in first, mortgage'' bonds;1..-,6 [•
. per cent.."semi-annually. '"'Tbe; "new
"';■ company.is to^be,capitalized at $750,-
' 000, and the firm of O'Grady & And-'
person are. to "float the bonds" in'the
r.7oId' cotmtry.'.,S   :.* *-'. ■■.*.;"-- . -■■;- "•
,-"v .The'Cardiff. coal mines'.have, a \ca-
l-rpacity of 1,0P0-tons-per day.- It -is
' Tthe only".mine' in thls: western, coun;
."  Itry which "has.'the facilities, for load-"
; ,*ii'ng; into- pine.-cars, at.; th#., o.ne_tlq*teiC
I'whlch^bas. been".fully operated,up to
'the present time, ' There are three
*   /seams' on tbe 'property.'- .The  seam
'»'tthat is being "worked ;ranges""from',.14'
'' ,;.'to 22 feeL7The,-bthe<twoye.aniB are
.■"■eight" and'seven feet. ■•■   *--- 'y'--- '   v**
' The company'output- in' the, busy
" .'season is 600 tons a'*day.  .The Can-
= -; adlan; Northern has a. contract -for 10
"   years a*week;  The,coai,ls used in all
,-;tho company's yard* engines, and ter-
?mlnals, between Edmonton*'and -Dau-
■   phln, Man. ..Calgary, and Saskatoon
'have been two"of'the biggest'markets
7 from tho output', of this mine, in ad-
, 'dltlon,- of courso, to Edmonton.   Bo^
tweon'10 and 20 cars,a week go to
•; Calgnry, and tho average shipment to
Saskatoon Is 30, caro a week.    ,'
Tlioro.is an.ombargo against the
,coar;mlnod In Western Canada and
,,   usod'on tho railroads bocauso ,of tho
sparks it emits from tlie stacks of
.tho engines.    This difficulty is ox-
' poctod to bo ovorcomo in tho near
futuro by tho adoption of spark ar-
- rosters by   tho   Canadian Northorn
Hallway company, "in" futuro   now
engines wll] bo equipped with, these
' '„'pn'ostcrs. - It Js .'also' dno   of the
.Specifications, of tho plans for tho
'engines to bo   used   on   tho Groat
' Waterways road that thoy   bo   pro-
.vliijod with spark extinguishers.
.,' Tho new company'Is oxpoctod to
.vory largoly lncroaso tho output of
■tlio Cardiff mlnos. -Tlw prosont plant
'nt tho mlnoH Is valued   at   $125,000.
This will bo' largely added to.
"*SB&fefebH,. Ont; Sept. ,25.—Tlie
mysterious disappearance of Lizzie
Anderson,- the. 17-year-old daughter $f
Wesley;-Anderson,*'o?_.-"Saitford, 'was
solved this morning by the finding ;of
ber ■dead.-.'bpdy with her throat.,slashed-'from ear to' ear. That a mqst
dastard!y..'Tmirder;. bas-^b'een'. committed is evident by;- the appearance of
*,the .body; a*a,d;-the "surroundings * of the
place where the crime occurred. Nearly every ■ stitch' of clothes had been
torn'from the body." ■■_•     "''   •£
, 's .-Home.In Saitford.--, , '*._.
,' ' The -unfortunate *-"" girl " had cople
from ''-bev home. - in -Saitford,, a little
village' across -the' River...Maitland, Jo
attend, the fall fair here last Tiiesdpy
afternoon,' promising to return home
in the evening. Early' in the even-
ing^a^boarder at their Saitford home
mer the'young girl and asked her-to
accompany him home, to which she
replied that she would not leave be-
forej.,9.-.o'clock.','. Her brother waited
.for* her'at the main-exit, buufaited
to notlce^-her on the way out. The
girl;not "returning- home that night led
to'* great anxiety,- v- and immediate
search was instituted by the family:- *
■■'• -., .Searched.Neighborhood. ■?-.
" The fear that^she flight -have been
persuaded: by some of the midway
performers to leave" the" town'led tq a
search* by 4he *local police iii tbe
.*oelgbb'o.rhood.*_v.here".the^fa,U.fairs were
"In progfess^No tracercould:be.foupd
however,' and. Information. aa*.to,, liei*
whereabouts ," was not forthcoming
from, those'who had been In conversation wjth her on' the 'falr^groun.ds
'that evening;.- ' -," '. .>f • . i
'-. This 'mornlrfg • a' Searching party of
four, including, her father, made., a
careful, investigation .of the surrounding* banks *and empty buildings, and,
passlng-'tb the south' of tho exhibition'grounds', de'clded'.to look into an
empty:"-house ■ just "-"'across 'the* "street,
■where-,, to . tho horror of , the , leader,
on stepping into the cellar from an
outsldo entrance," th'e" mutilated body
of thef^girl,',was found, lying, across
tlio.sflooiv •
Tho,' cellar ■ showed evidence of a
desperate, struggle.- Thqro will be an
Inquest tomorrow,     '■    c
:. '. ;-       By Peter-Roberts.u„ '    *':*-*
y The. great need; -of' -the „ forelgn-
•speaking mine workers"4s'a"working
.knowledge   of * English,; ,* They   are
'.anxious  to understand'"the boss,., to
learn the art of "tmining,". and know
how, to-,best-preserve^ Hfe^and-limb.
A,system -wjhich giv-es\these "men a
forking, knowledge* of-.-English -quickly.; aijd, - iotegrestlligly „ nyist vhomme^d
itself to employers in. the .mining industry;-.such %a'" system -is'" the  one
issued Jimdei^ ihe,-^ c-ptiqn^'^gj^lish
for Coming Americans.'.'.' ?]*7*    "'"
''   Children of every nation;leani -with
iequal ease their'mother tongue.'They
•'can "dp it because they depentj _*whol;
ly upon the: organ bf lariguage^the'
ear, ** and practice their . vocal, organs
to reproduce what they hear,. This
is nature's' way to give her children
practical knowledge of language; • no
.sooner does a-;.c'filW,leji*cp_.B,^ivqr4* or
sentence  tlioin' be"' uses Mt  tb "make
-known his dally wants. **By the time
he'Is four, or six years-of age he. can
talk fluently, he understands what'he"
is told, and when he begins his' school
life the  teacher  has  a medium  of
communication through1 which* taowl-
^ge^may^bo* gfyen,. the,.cl_!!dv. • ; ^
The. foreign-speaking,' when   thoy
come-to America, are liko-the-babe,
,4*'af: .ani; «Junjb^to^t*^.--FPgU^vllanj.
,-guage.    They p'qssess-tbe organ'of
.language^-the'ear;" ithey. have- ar-
.'ticulating organs. ' \Vhat, they; need
[is a wise and sympathetic teacher to
train their ears tq^he.English,sound
'and ■ hel'p.-them-tg Adjust-tlieir: vocal
;brgans .'to' utte***;, .1*7- This is'what., the,
mother'does, and every normal-child
•talks; if-.'it were'systematically done
ywith ,the: forelgn-speaklngVjin ' the
■'mines, every "one of* them-would talk
and ' understand/; • everyrd'ay ■ • English
Avithin six months.*      - ' " " '    -
_" The' foreign-speaking'" Is '*.' like ."the
■•"child-T-in -not .knowing our language;
but unlike him in possessing a mature, intellect;™-'Cliildren'a-books 'don't
interest him; lessons-for children do
.not., appeal,ta him",rHe has, a logical
mind,  bis  daily* life -is  rich  in  ex-
perlence,'-he is employed in.Ej specific
industry,-and- he.."lives *.l'n. a society
that carries .on Jt?' affairs "by .everyday English. ■ ...These-' facts. should 'be
taken"' into account when we plan to
give this man'-a working,knowledge
of English.   The lessons should recognize, the laws of logic; they should
appeal tb the'adult-mind;.,they sbould
'hitch on* to his "daily experience'; they
.should. piert'ain-.to""the work he does;
they should contain, every-day English
such as*ls.;beard jri'the-shop and.,oh
"the* street,- in the mill, and. in the
mine-"-^*^*^ _■ _ ■ , =F*=
"splendid/'-"fine,", ."first-rate,", -etc.,
'thfusf'"in-""tbiy,1 Thtb-ff ;teaeh<*_**a*s'-.he
scholars .{ebearse,'.so tha^ soon the
pupils'learn^thfejproper We of these
_wor_s-__md;bB*dg-them..tapractice. '7.. "
How -long.."will it take a~foreign-
speaking man to,learn such a lesson?-
About - 30-miniites. ■ Our classes last
about *an\hoiir;and a quarter, and^lf
the, teacher* knows his'business there
is not a dull moment" in the session.
The' scholar ".begins to talk the very
first les'spiifand-whe'n he is through
he"has^mbfeTth&n "."50'\"EngIish words
which he. can 'pjonounce and use correctly iii"the'eonfaection in wliich be
-learned .thtee.^In- subsequent lessons
hp meets'words he knows, but under
different relations," fahd'he'., is ihter-
estfed^iny meeting ^old-rtriends- .in -jiew
connections. The teacher reviews eaph
lesson.as-*he goes along, so that soon
teacher,, and 'pupil converse in simple
sen$enees',.arid,by,-the time tlie 30 lessons' are completed, the. scholars will
have command -of 'between COO and
700 words, used-daily, in the affairs
of life.*-' With*thRr,equipment he will
be, able tq understand the foremi\W
:do his work' more (Intelligently, know
the routine of.the'industry in which
he Is employed, and bo better able
to take care of lifo and limb'In hazardous -work.—Mines and Minerals,.
■'      * -   STOP  SOCIALISM?
Perpetrators Get Away
Frank"' Juliairi   'Helped    to' Convict
Many of the Gang in,This   "   •
■".- ^. y, ** i
The Cash Grocer;
-Triumph;-.of -. Marxian . Creed. .Certain,
>y. -UqIss* Be<jple.'s../itt€ri.tioo...l8«- .-■
Distracted.    .- . • ■
By J. L. Engdahl.  0    t.   -\y
•Berlin; ^Sept.' §. _-^By p. ^iall.J-^ne,
must; come', to Berlin'-,to bqst comprehend the foe that Socialism has In
militarism,...,  ]  '' .."j
' ;The'quei5tiqn bf arbitration and disarmament-was'one of the biggest-to
•come ^before the - recent.* International
Socialist" "congress "at"- Copenhagen. *-*
"; Strong resolutions were passed -on
the subject'and stronger still was the
sentiment qf the -.workers of Europe
• voioed ^through-. their "^representatives
regarding war..       -  .' -   .- --  - ■ -
>■>--..-Big --Warr*< Kaiser.'& -Hope.- — ..
' "A big "war resulting in a brilliant
victory, oyer .sopje country, especially
'Englaijd, Is the only thing that will
save, the "kaiser from the' Socialists
and Socialist supremacy," a prominent
person declared tome.-
"If it had-not been-for "the Socialists of Germany and England the two
countries .would have been at war-
long, before, this.". • * , -
7" There" are-60,0007 soldiers here in
Berlin alone ready with loaded rifles
.and"" all -the. other- paraphernalia of
'war to set out on an immediate campaign qf slaughter.-. Thoy are .trained
. , On' Friday,, the 23rd of September,
the city of Revelstoke was stirred by
the*discovery that Frank;jullnni, one
of the old-time residents, bad been
slain by some members ot the gang
against whoso organization ho had
been an Implacable foe. - ■* *■
-On tho evening-previous 1 to the,
murder three men called at the
houso to discuss tho'question of
buying, some"- land owned ' by Julian!
about a mile south of. town, and n,ext
day the four , went together to the
appointed placo and this was the last
time that Juliani was seen alive: *■
As the" unfortunate man dIdr,not return,. search was Instituted, resulting
in the'dlscovery of the body covered'
over witht brush-and-*.grass.' . ' >
. Death,must have been practically.1
instantaneous, t the skull was crushed
In," apparently'by; the'first'Tbloiv) and
as. the'man.lurched,forward another
stroke with. an - axe' ori the > left aide
of- the .neck practically decapitated
him.."* •    ■•        -'■   l -•' - :    '::-
Juliani was the "-means'of 'securing
the * imprisonment for ten years, In
the penitentiary of the, men who' murderously attacked his son-in-law about
a year ago," and he also gave material
aid to the police when. F. Deuscaenza
was found dead on the C. P. R.,,track"
about 10 miles" south of Revelstoke
this spring.     , • -•'    -.
: -. ■_        . GROCERIES.
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ply you.   ,       '..''.. 7
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' *>1|
,'A. coal mining donl of somo Importance ha8 Just boon closod In Vancouver by Mr, G. H. Carper, a proml-
bout Winnipeg law-yei'. who Is roprO-
sonttng eastern Canadian capital.
Tho deal .Involves tho taking ovor of
somo 0,000 acres of coal lands noar
tho town of "Michel in the.Crow's
Nest Pass, on 'which a cash payment
of $400,000 haB boon mado by tbo
purchasing Interests, Already somo
considerable development worli*. has
boon done on tlio property, and the
now owners aro making active preparation to oporato tho proportlos, '
The* preparatory course" In "English
for Coming Americans". comprises 30
lessons,- divided. Into three series:
."".'     A.—Domestic.    ' ■
1.   Getting up In1.-tbe morning. - •
'. 2.-'Getting'wood to'Iight the flre.:
3. Lighting the fire.:
4. Preparing breakfast.,   .,,,; -; _
7 5". ' Table "•utensils.1 " '-s "*"*•'   ' **'
,.', 6.. Eating breakfast. 77,'   7
-7.   A.man washing. '     , *    * •    .
8. iA family of eight.
• 9., ..Welcoming a visitor.'
IO.;: Going to bed;---    \. -.' .'"    -.
B,—Industrial. _
1. Going to work. _ "■  *
2. . Standing a prop.
" 3.   Guarding against, fire.*  .
.   A.'■• Cleaning and loading coal. * •
5. Drilling a hole.
G.'' Preparing a cartridge.   '
7.'  Fixing, and starting a shot.
* 8.   A man Injured.
9. Looking for, work.
10. Quitting work. ;    .-'
Writing a lottor..
Buying stamps;
Buying a tlckot.
Going by train. ,  ,    ,
Pay day,
Buying a hat.
Going to tho bank.
Sending monoy to tho Fathor
company apd transact practically all
their banking business:     ■ ■ '•
"The Grain Growers'- Grain. cpm»
.panyare-.-iarg*. * shareholders in the
bank." ... , ■';' '  *' '   -'   7 "-
Colonel Mn'son is;a veteran of the-
North-West'rebellion,and at the "time
of the:outbreak. was a captain''in tlio
Royal. Grenadiers. -He was present
at the battle of Batoeho .and. jn. that
skirmish was severely wounded.      °
"Twenty-five years ago," remarked,
Colonel Mason, "Saskatchewan and
Alborta 7 were practically barren
stretches of' country, Inhabited only
by ,. Indians . and' * halfbreeds. Now
towns and cities have* sprung up everywhere. The change is indeed
marvelous. At tho "time of the rebellion Prince Albert was tho only
town"of any 'consequence north of the
Canadian Pacific and even it was only
a small trading post.
."On my trip through Manitoba 1
drove to Batoche and had the satisfaction'of seeing once again the spot
where I first saw "active service."
—Edmonton Bulletin.
f.'Fresli, Cut I
t. Flowers  I
.House and Office
ers, Weddijng -Bouquets.        '..'.,......• y'-y
. ■[W^"'"W_____MMW
Loiig Distance Phone  S77
Your or<lt:rK,.viU receive i>i*"oin_>t_.nt-
tcntlonnnd you will be pleaded ■with
"wltitt wo/ettd'yott.
Colonel J.. Mason Here, En.Route to
Coast—Sees Wonderful Changes
iri the  West.
A druggist's best' customer asked that question
regarding a patent medicine. Jhc druggist, had
sold thc mcdiciiio for years, but was forced to admit
that he knew nothing moro about it than what
appeared on the label, wrapper and advertising.
The claims mado for that particular potent medicino
wero so extravagant that thc druggist decided to
find a lino of remedies ho knew something about.
are manufactured by a home with a eolld reputation or over half a century.
Thc formulas are exceptionally good ones and are
freely furnished to tho Drug Trade. There arc no
secrets, simply because they aro honest and havo
nolhing to conceal. If wc did not believe in them
we would not recommend them to you.
Anything you
with the Name
will oive you
Sold and guaranteed by
N,E. Suddaby, Fernie
Druggist and Stationer
* j.
*.- 5.
9.   Duying a lot,
10. "Building n houso,'
Each lousoii tlocilu with ovory-dny
oxiMiioijcos, tho sontoncoB nro simple
but prnctlc.il. tho loasoiin conform to
tho laws' of economics, tlio lndimtry
Is cnrofiilly* Btudlod In tbo socond
Hot'lr-H and tlm" scholara nro taught
how lo'porform work' nH wollns how
to (nlk Engllfil). A now Iohhou Is
Klvon euch ovenlm*; nnd tho nu'ii aro
brought undor now rolntlons ho thnt
tliolr Intoroot Ih held,
A Hnniplo l(38Boii will IlliiHlrnto'how
tho lOHHOiiH nre built. *. Tnko loahon
first in Soi'Ioh A;
,. Getting Dp In the Morning.
Awnho,  I nwnko from slocp.
Oitoti,    1 open my oyon,
Look.   I look nt my wntch,
Find.   I find my mntcb.
800.   I hco whnt tlmo it Ih,
Ih,   It Ih 0 o'clock.
MllHL ROt tip.    I lllllBt (tot up.
Throw bnck,   Ithrow bnck tlio bot]
Clot out.  I got out of bod,
Put on.   I put 011 my pnittn,
Put on.  I put on my HtockingH nnd
Wnsh.   I wnsh myuolf.
Pnmh      T  Mmti   ny>.  tint,. '
'■-.*' ,
Put on. I put on mv rnllnr nnrt'
Put on. I put on my vest nnd cont.
Ok"> * OP****1** <nc &00*" *f ro)* httd-
On down.   I go down stnlrs,
rr*1    ,      . , , . , ,
» nv     ,^-Ia-q, *-*|t"      *-.     ...U*V*H     |»l*,JiVhJ.      _..
Bontonco form, which Is tho unit of
lanftuftgo. It deals with a dally exporlonco which It clothoH with a now
garment; tho words nro such iih mon
uso a thousand times ft dny, and tho
adult Is Interested and his attention
In our classos no books aro glvon
tiifi ptiplls. lWoro tJu» lenrnur »••/»■» n
word of tha lesson, lm knows It nil
and cnn r-ehenrse It as the teacher
goes through tbo psntonlmtt suggest-
toff tlio various stages In tbe act of
g-mlng np. When tho pnpll Is able
to do ibis, bo Is given tho sbcrt con-
f-tfnfng: tho Ionian nnd ht rctulii IU
On tbo rewae sldo of tbe shtMt tbo
lesson Is ln script, and bo writes (t
out copying from lb* sheet* Then
tbo leuon Is reviewed and eon-
mettle sack as "good," "tbai'a right"
"to.tbe minute. -  ;    L-
V.Other rcgJmeiits and battalions of
of troops are' being kept in" the field
all qver the empire while -monster
(Ireadnaughts are " sliding into the
water' to .increase me already over-
burdehsome' navy. - ' •   '*
. , Children Play Soldiers,. '-,
.. I nqtjce.d, jittle.BQbpol .children,, b.oys
and girls, playing soldiers, tind.titter
puttjng (numerous questions I' found
that everything possible Is being' dono
to inculcate "In them a military spirit,-
"The • school chlldnen .havo an abnormal admiration for' the soldiery,"
I was told. ."If tho children coming
out of school happen to meet-0116 or
two soldiers on the street, even though
they be merely privates,, tho 'children
will doff thoir caps to thom."
"It seoms that ■ thoy nil wnnt to bo
soldiers," I remarked to nn acquaint-
anco, who did not happen to bo a Socialist.
"Yes, they nil want to bo soldiers,
but I've noticed that tho soldiers nil
sopm to como out of tho nrmy'Soelnllst," ho doclarod, which, of coursoj
sounded very encouraging.
Call Wllhelm Crazy., ,
From what I cnn gather Germany Ih
getting very tired of Knlsei' Wllhelm
II. Evon noii-Soclnllsts, npply the
word "crazy" to hlm, nt the nnmo
tlmo comparing hlm with Colonel
Thoodoro Roosevelt of tho , Unitod
Stales, Wilholm,, llko Roosevelt,
Booms to bo mnklng numerous mistakes,
Tho pooplo are gottlng tired of
paying Increased taxos to furnish
funds for nn Increased* nrmy nnd
,nnvy, Thoy plnco littlo stork'In tlio
ICnlHnr'B oft-vpentod rrmarkB flint ho
wan divinely appointed to. rulo thom,
wlillo, according to .ono SoclnllHt, tho
knlsor'B recent speech, ,|n which ho
doclarod thai, woman's only plnco wns
In tlio lionir*, cost tho' hendof lho
omiilro nt lonst r.00,000 voles tlmt milled to tho support' of tho Soclnllsl
,\n Amerlcnn living hero Rponkn lu
vory micompllmontnry'terms of lho
heiivy taxon, TIiIh Amorlrpn IIvoh In
a rontcil flnt and, nlUinii-.li ho Iiiih no
vlnlblo poHHf-HHloiiH oiiIhIiIo of tho family furniture, h« l«, noverthcloHH,
forct'tl io pny )r>r> niinunl tnxon,
Complained About Tax.
With nil thn Hpurik tlmt hn could
muster this Amerlcnn went nround to
tho "HothntiH" (city hnll). nud complained hlt'ttMly. Tin** only satisfaction
ho l'ccelvotl wiih lo loaiii tbnt lhe tax
ii'imohhoi* Hind placed IiIh Incomo nl, a
flguro lnrgo enough to warrant tho
Colonel J. Mason, generar manager
of, the Home bank, whose head, office
Is in Toronto,* arrived in. the. city Saturday and is registered * at the' King
his way to the7coast and.leaves this
afternoon for Vancouver.   " . •.
"The Home bank is* practically* a
new concern,", said Colonel-Mason to
the Bulletin this morning. ."But
notwithstanding this fact we already
have "eight branches in the west and
.we' expect to establish a'number of
new ones In.the near future."
"The,, chief business of the bank In
the west here Is in connection with
the Grain " Growers * association ■ and
Grain company.. ...
"Wo handle all the-money of tho
boe brothers of Michel and expressed
themselv^ as i*,very greatly pleased
with their guides, of whose efficiency
they'speak 'in the. highest, terms-of
commendation and have signified their
intention - to come "back again to
these parts which they., .consider nn
unexcelled hunting region.,,,, .,_"'
Tho result of' their efforts*'consists of four goats, ono huge grizzly
bear and a sheep. Whilo In Mlchol
they made a visit to the proporty of
the C. N. P. Coal company!-   *-.
Their homeward route , was ' via.
Vancouvor, B.'c, and'Snn Frnnclsco.
Messrs. Morgan. and McKinloy,
capitalists from Wheeling, W. -Va.',
Svho are' heavily interested . in, coal
properties,in that state have returned
from -a hunting trip on Fording River,
B. C.'** They were pilote.d___b_1__tht3__N.01_1. __b_ady_r_8iusing___to_sit,be-side-ths---h!l--
Halifax, Sept. 21.—A new phase of
the striko in tlie Cumberland Rail-
.way., and ., Coal company's mine? in
Springhiil ., is being experienced.
When the schools re-opened the children of'the" strikers "went"out in a
dreu , of the, strike breakers or men •
at--' work ln * the mines.   The former
were in the "majority and they not
only .went out, but stayed out.    Attorney-General MacLean went up from
Halifax   to   Springhiil  and- .tried   to
reconcllo* tho differences and get the
children together, but ho failed. The
union   men's - children "would *' not  go "
back while' tho children of non-union
parents remained in attendance, The
school  authorities   to  tide 'over''tho
trouble in the meantime hnvo asked
tho  non-union* youngsters■--* to. .stay
away from the .school, -,,.....
"Thr-v  MbX  Dwv would   XntxXt  Int-v
tbo mnttor, but thoy won't," doflnrml
this Amorirnn., "Hut If I don't protest they «IH Inc.cue tlio taxes noxt
yenr,   Poilinps thoy will anyway."
Germany norms  prepared  for So-
•_.,.__».._      V4V..l,.4lt..,V>«,, k'b      X*it*'j       -VAkl.t***!      Al.
tho elections noxt yonr. Thoro .nro
thono who clnlm tbnt It will. Tlio
non tiorlnllst purlieu havo played all
tltcli* carde. Tlio final Mid wns
playod at tho Inst oloctlon, whon tho
Hoclnllsts tost several seats tn tho
n-.k-hB.itK, bur In-rcafflfI thotv vatlns
strength by bnlf a million. This was I
broitf.ht tihmtt by .hr» nnM-floofft||it
pnnlt's combining. But Hore Is a
limit to that.
War Is tb« only thing that will prevent tht*- Socialist triumph, Is tho
psychology of tho thing. If tho Inter-
ent* ot th« peopl* could only be
diawu away fi'om Cocfaltaiu iuul tbt»U
own grlovane-es, and tf they could be
tickled by a military triumph, sa
Teddy Roosavelt tlrkUw tbem In "the
State a." then the kaiser and the em-
frire would be safo for aomt time.
places we have some first
class Fruit Farm Lands
that will bear the closest
inspection. The wise plan
is to examine . before buy
ing so B YYY, I am taking parties from time to
time.    If interested drop a
line to
j v&  %jfYcij ton
P. O. Box 48
Fernie, B. C.
Baa   m
i i~y'r ■ 7- -..-yy'''+'<y''iy%s y yyr-'r -*1..-.' :.,-*:,-7 .*.."'
,*?. _r*_
.»* '^ -.; _«<___
. ' "u
>htf^-^ir^-^ ^#^"-5;":7r;.F^t';; ^7_";^>^i^_
3*< ■■'-_&■
9WB •e.V^-T"-
"    -   /'•' -u*.r ;r*-w_s^;cv-^;^'>£!5,«nsaam:;S¥*;^^ ;;_iiri^i<f'iis^^
-    '
~i.       i       JF   i.
-              T   -•
-** -■
\ 1 '-  -~
r n v    -  ■-
TT .- m»t
*-     11.
* V
' _
£,7'-*f-V ^t>*•¥«>"<V.-i!|t.. ■:?-j
®f>* m%lt\fi£ib&t
Subscription fi.00 par year in
advanced *vAn *ixct1lentf adyaWlaing "medtiim;-'*
circulation In ths District.     Advartlaing rates.on appll-
..tr.i   •   ' *!i -i 1'       _:_.'        "r *"  -    - . .    _     .       .
v r   PufrMi i{9i?^u*^*»(^iS;a_-li^lWaSpSRpgg'gct as thereto mlcif-.o_iusibn'HMe^-SScto
latt Avenue, Fernie, B. C,
execution   of all
cation.     Up-to-date facilities for,tha    executjen    or au
_klpds*'*_r^"k,,1^^^ ,-,-Mail- orders 'reeeiva
»pe3al'yitterttlQrr/'' ^Addi-eis'-all Wmmunlcationa:-«. The
.-. .  yrr-'-v -;sv?   *?*■•_■■•_    -.-•"•v.-:   *■ ... ",-. ■ '■-■•   •"•••-*
"J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
g tools ia o^uiplete,-
d Rakes,,
THE'unabated' interest that has been shown in
, .municipal /natters\tecentlj:,'is a Very healthy
sign-andit is to-be hbped.that it may so continue
to the end. the'widest-publicity may'be-^iven to
civic', affairs and the consequent cessation, of. all
groundless rumors or exaggerated statements.' .- -
; Tlie action, of the'Mayor at last night's council
meeting of. holding a public meeting is highly^ commendable as there has been so much smoke recent-
ly that'many'feel there must be some fire, and
ventilation is tan excellent plan to clear away the
one and, if any of the other be existent,- hare it
properly located:  '     ' ,-,..-.---.
o - D*        _
As an illustration -of the impression that may be
conveyed we will cite the features of a report that
came to o'u_-ears relative to Alderman Fred Johnson that ;he had sold, clothing to city officials
leaving one to imply therefrom-that • it -was a
char'ge"to" tlfe city and'.Hat in. his' capacity such
would be a contravention* .of the "Municipal
Clauses'Act:" 'Determined to find out all of the
facts, in, this case we^ri^ervicwed "the gentleman,
andiupon asking-if. lie,had sold clothing to the
civic employees he .replied that he.had, hence as
we remarked,tiien"it_ true." "Perfectly;'' was
the answer,:"but"—and here the whole aspect of
the situation'.is entirely changed. "The men who
bought the suits that-have caused so' much adverse
Ah. '-We-mention this to show that although the
trutli'may'be told'that' the, old story, "A half-
truth is worse than a whole lie" was fully exemplified in'!this instance.
. We dio Wt wisfi to be understood that there have
not-'b'eeh-acts' committed*that are-entirely blame-
lessjV'.yet.we,'do,urge upon all "to7 reserve- their
judgment-,until .the,entire,.facts: are known',', because} if"'wrdng-has-been done it may bo placed
upon'the right-party,-but if erroneous impression
i<s^reated:'then,.p6'ssibl};. a*' grievous injustice. mj*vy
be* wrouglit upon those who are entirely guiltless.
I Tho'postponement until'all evidence, is obtained
will not defer the. finding' out of those that • are
responsible for wrong-doing nnd the same timo it
may obviate the vexations heaped upon those
wrongly suspected.   . , .-
Wo sincerely .hope that the public mooting mentioned will lie hold soon and that much' good may
result therefrom, and that it may'culminate in a
thorough purging of all rumors that nro discovered
to bo without foundation and that any blame that
is to be attached to anyone will be placed on tlie
right should ore regardless of all apologists wlio
argue that the spreading broadcast" of these reports is calculated to injure the city's credit.
Inaccurate reports of. course* will have this effect, but if .tho plan referred to, bo carried "it
should bring matters to a finality and we may
obtain a clean bill of health.
, Whitewashing is'of no permanent value and-if
inislakeB have' been mado far more to.tho city's
credit will be the. manly acknowledgment of thn
samo instead of allowing thom to bo ascribed to
more unworthy motives. Healthy criticism, ovon
1 hough it bo adverse is beneficial to nil whether
individuals or in thoir collective capacities, provided, of course, tho underlying motivo is nn lion-
OHt dosiro to ascortnin tho truth, tho wholo truth,
and nothing but tho truth,
of many touching the right dates to shoot or sell
more'linKgh'tenment may be" obtained.'
""While it'-woifl^'undoubfediy'^
har4shi'f)\_p6'„ spoxismfenj-'yet^ would
be highly advahtalg-eousitomake^.thecseason, for -a*
te-cm of".jy-eftf-s.shorter so.'thai'p'ra^tiffally/the"open
•season-on all'game'"wo'uf^-op^a'nd'do's^QB the,
one date,instead pf'as'at present _i fewidays dif-
;j^rence^existing;between.them, and ther^ again the
-da'^e in-one locality differing from .that of.,the adjoining one".   . V;. -'" "'  "•"»''-    "i  •-' ■'* y -''    ' '    -j
i.To keep aii. of the dates" and localities'in .one's,'
mind is a-very difficult proposition .which, could
be avoided by' the adoption of some uniformity
thereby infractions of the law through...igjaorancef
could not be.offered as an excusp-fprt^e"culprit.'.
'  As a. further means to prevent the;"wholesale
slaughter,o .birds and' animals' we' strongli7.^dyp-
cate' the imposition of a gun tax-so;that.those who
are genuine sportsmen may carfy^out'-their^desire
to afford better-protection than obtains at present;
There'is "another feature that,must7not.be lost
'sight ot and that is the Jndiscifi_nlip<te'"arid*reck*
less-shooting would be decreaseji if. this weye'.'car-
ricd into effect.*   ?- -j- -'>■'■'- y-   -: -'■■■'' '*- " *v- 7-'
If th.e purpose wa8.'that''of;creating''condition8
similar to those that-"bbtain.in.tie-British Isle's of
game' preserves' for-* -ono • class**- alone * we "would*
come" out strongly ^'against 'it;;, but* this;; intended
measure js'"free from'' the. Objectionable, features
that many..have erroneously attributed'to*'it. '■--
■ Let us protect the'^ fish*and game so that ALL.
may have the.privilege, of ;.enjoying'the. pleasures'-
of rod and.gun in their proper season.    '.   •■>      i
The organization of* the Anglers' Club is composed of .-practically " all former fishermen - in
English streams and~they have adopted rules for
the government; of'their members, which if copied
and lived ,up. to as regards the members of** the
fur and feather, tribes, will completely fulfill the.
object'of-the-Game Protective association.'
The'tax-in question should-be so small that it
will .not "work a hardship upon any workingman'
to pay it* and to which'nobody anxious to, prevent
the complete extinction of fish and game can hon-.
estly object to.    ...     -r - "      "'-"'.'
- There is an amendment necessary in the,matter
of the -regulations relative to having deer in one's
may $hoot' his- quota of'.deer shortly before the
closing day and yet it is impossible'for him to
dispose of it "except 'by useless' destruction-prior
to the.*date.of expiry.,.    .',      ./,.',.    v
,* The suggestion' has been-advanced-that, anyone,
having "a quantity of deer on hand on the closing
Scythes and Snaths, .Grind Stones' Whet Stones, "Wrenches,
*-***« ^M^mne^U-ftasLQil^ri peering;^we.r^«^.gg^^Ra,tes..., . v
'' "MkilorphcmBTWdefffTeceive"caretulattenttoir:"—
-   ,  ■>■- .-.''*>*•, -r'jyjt'.- _^ '-.* -..'.*» ■■»-■<»
$< A- jq.  -p. .-->
J7 M. AGNEW & Co.
I ?fr ty
'-Ypu' are now' going' through" this World for the matVtima: -'
.    . -.*■  . ' I - -*. \- ■ .' .1-1 ■
 livejon'.yie..best,and,.nothing but .he-beat, a.d"*go'.to',
rket Coi
e 41
..    .--,'.,-,_<-yv      .-
ri. fpr..-fou*f</e^yi^menta.lix<MQata,.F^eBh Killed and Government In-'
-* epected; -Fish, Butter, Eggs,- Ham.-Bacon, Etc. <.- -> • - y, ■■ \> • •,    .- -,
-;. "f.1-," .t-_ •'.'•'-:'* ?<:--/>_- ,'.»,-_..--.•-    .! ■-_..-.!-.'_.■ .1 ;•...:-«". ,,..  •:i--\'
*:>.- ..-v/'ijE-** ■ ' £••••-   •.*8« Oraham, Loipal. Manaijer  _  ,  t.   .
:'..EI«t_;ic.'L|B'h.ta"d27.;:*:('.„"Wr,',-. -"'
■ **   .1*.      *'>     {"V   s'\ A '   ^l^-,,■; ,«,*•-»     -lw-..      -   » »
^'^'''••■HERNIEr B.C.
^S'lPifejfi'CU'^/^ccommodation for Travellers
'/Hot'and'cbldWater.   •" "' . L. A. Mills, Managar
y-t     rv.O'l    vl  .  ■' L-       . -\W.I'  _, '•■
, vKansaB^it*/," Mo'.,'.'Septf V8\ .1910.'.
T. L. Lewis; •- .i.. - ■ ■:.' !'..•>.?.,,
State Life Bldg.,, Indianapolis, Ind,
Agreemedt ratified by delegates In
convention.1-' Miners resume -worK
Tuesday.' .-,'*
, (Signed.)'"-; P.'R; STEWART, ■'
*        ' ' District. President.
date should have !them so marked,that ,thero-(may.
ibe no illegality'committed if. consumed subsequent-" ^^'^,±7'   UB^77
;  "    _- -     >n/ ',-**>'        "    *'?i       77     i'i   '-'>*•     i-   -AGREEMENT KEACHED  ■■i   '
ly.    For examplo^ia man has three deer in his. •,*  ■■ •,. !>v ■ .«t, JN go'yrj.1
possessioiron-the *_4th "bf ■■•l^vemb'er'--and'?it*>iS!i,a'(
physical .impossibility for, him, to dispose of--them
before the 15th A then, he should-be permitted'to
*   '   * 1*    _  ft K *"' " * M ,...1.1.
Weep thom 'for his owri and' family's food', after
that'date "without incurring, the risk of being, arrested for breaking tho law.- '.>•■',.   ,   •
To prevent the'killing of arty'deer after this'date
and • palming them off', as having been-killed ir:
ncason, a plan similar to that which obtains,}n the
matter of the wild 'animal, bounty cbuld'be'adopt'etl
of punching the bars by.tjie game warden and the
hole sealed over with a. special stamp.    ,       ,     .
For the edification of thoso of our readers that
arc contemplating hunting* in, this portion.of
Hritish Columbia wo will furnish them some information that mayWof interest to them:
15TII, '
•--.-'-..-.  .*•*  •   . -. 7     .       ■>';'" -     ^ * ■■
a Shave, aGameof Pool or Billiards   , -
or. a Cup of Coffee       7;.;;
iii at
.'Fuji Stock of Sriiokers' Goods Always on Hand
'.y y y.   ■ 7 "^-y ■**' ,7'"-' "-''  ''*■ *"'*■'  - .**- "••" ■'",'•" •'■• *
Our City Affairs
i     Now Well Aired
' (floiilltiiiod From Pnno Ono.)
muni nbovo »|iinlotl,   Hint   qnonMona
would  bo  atiHworod, has not boon
mi 1 tun   into  (,'Utiiwl,   but  Oil   i-'uxi  cun-1
limy D.v mU'i^i'i.'1'u havo bom iii;
tiiod the right to loam ,tlmt which
thoy havo a rlitht to know.
Anolhor mftllor to whlPh I hnvo to
direct 'attention Ih that HoomlnRly
wttcti nf tlto ronX luia!..r><t« furvn.'lnUy
tliut InvolvltiK iiiiymcnt of Inrico biiiiis
of'-monoy. li transacted in catmint,
—o! k., tontlorH tiro oponotl, tvppllcn-
t'.onii for pOBlilond Brr» connldorcd, nnd
other ttilnKR gonorally, In a privato
room Intttt-ntl of tho council cliam-
bor. For many yonr* I wim city
solicitor .and In moro than ono placo,
and Attondod connoll mooting* quito
ofi«n; I novor know ot tho Commit-
too of tho Wholo rotlrlntr, Ihounh I
hsr« known nf emicugMi bclnc held.
f vontnre to nay thnt nowhoro In
Hrltlih Columbia la tho prnctlco auch
a* I havo refer-MS'f* to adopted, and
If an attomiM worn mndo tn do hual-
nm In tbat accretive way auch a
how] of proton, would ho mlnod that
the net would not bo repented a second tlar_'t>.
I ronlf-nd. with all dno reipoct to
your Jwmorabla body, that maitara of
publio Importnuco qiirIiI to bo do-
bntod nnd thrnahed out In tlw pros'-
onco of iho rntopnyorn. Thoro may
bo a technical right to do an you
lmvo dono, but In prnctlco that right
Ih not oxnetod In othor plncon «o fnr
iih I know. •    ■*   ' *
I ropoat tlmt,I Ineorpornlo In thin
Inttor tho lottorH of tho 20th of Juno
mil tho 2nd of July, but lout uomo
if  fin   .hlw«   lwrnln   fntiliitund   Tuny
lo overlooked, lot mo any thnt I
would liko tt) Information concerning;
tho overdraft, If any, nt tho hank;
(2) to know whothor onch monoy
loan hns boon placed to n nopnrnto
nccount nnd tho dlnhurnomontn chock-
,.1    r..il    >..„-,    •'._!    .___.ini,     .<1\    n>V/<t.t>
or tho funds havo boen mixed—olthor
tho loan fund* or auch funds and tho
gonornl .fund; (4) whothor thoro linn
boon a tranaposlng of nny of tho
loan account funds,
History Is roploto with Instances
showlnir that a aupprosslo vorl policy
cannot laat very low*:, and Indoud
gonorally It brings with it suspicion.
Insinuation criticism, and ovon
charge*. Four honorable body I* no
moro Immune from results of this
k'nd thnn other bodies who havo ;n
tho past adopted such a policy hnve
found1 thtf-mtM^lvMi to be, I rfjwut
that 1 stand rt*ady In offer overy
honorable assistance to tho city, but
not to condom* nny wrongfnl acta
that may havo been dono, I venturo
tho opinion that ther* la not one
ratepayer In the whole eity of Fernio
who 1* not readyto aiand up and
aupport (ho council* - with    Ml'   hia
might In all (lint Ih right.
t tniHt thnt you will yot boo your
way olonr lownrdn (.baring your confidence, if not with the wholo of the
ratopayors nt tho prosont tlmo, nt
lonst with roprosontntivo onos whom
you may call in .to nnalst you in In-
voutlgatlng tho affairs of this city.
It Ib nil woll enough to say things
aro right, but you must satisfy the
pooplo thnt thoy aro right, bocauso
at Dw prm-ru time Uiey ttru hiciiuvu
lo ILJj'l. Dwy ,'irc nnl, nm. nn I linvp
aald. tho mipproaulo wrl policy In
sufficient If nothing---rise woro to
mako thom think that way,
Yours faithfully,
Agreement Ratified. '
. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. -18, ,1910.
- At a meeting which'ended at 6:30
,0'clock tonight tlio representatives of
.tho minors In the Southwestern lield
ratified tlio agreement made with the
oporators and will resume Vork next
Tuesday. Tho contract', as lt now
stands, is snid to bo a victory for tho
minor's. - *** -,
According to the new agreement, iho
miners •' receive - an incr'easo of r),w
per cent on day work, dead'work and
yardage. They, also rocolvo an increase of ttireo conts a ton on shooting coal and an Increase of five conts
a ton on long wall work.
The arbitration clauao was finally
settlod by an agreomont to leavo all
futuro: dlfforouco to \V.' li. A... Long;
mine*, hinpoctbr pf Kansas,'1 Tho pon-
allzlhg clauso provides that,whon iho
operators clone a mlno tlioy shall'pay
tho mon fl n day during the tlmo It
Is cloBod, *' and tho. miners agroo to
pay tho operator's.'fiO 'tonts u'day'for
the tlmo thoy causo a'mlno to be
closod.   "   ■'        ,-*•'
Wlion worlc Is nesumod on Tuosday
nicrnlng It will ond a striko that began morp than flvo months ngo :tud
to sottlo which Bbvornl conforonct s
havo boon bold. Tho laBt conforonco
bi-fian horo moro than two wookn ago
and nt Union It appeared that a not-
tlemont could not bu roachod.
In many of tho districts of tlio
Routhwofltorn fields, it Is said tbo
nilt'ors nnd thoir fnmlllnH nro In
actual want. In tho mn Jority of sections tlu* mitrclinnls hnvo oxtonded
credit to tlto mon* but al tho last
conforonco thoy Inalstod that Iho
striko ho not tied, saying tho offer
mado by tho oporntors was fair,
ceived*stating'that hue.is safely land-:
od 'an_<Ji__, his'lo've_u0Ues'*ftnd-'su. '
"'■'■J' JWi'Li-r'"   ■■"■"'-*' t-''_!J..i;i'I   ■■•■o
rounded, with    every, possible care,
■thanks,.K>""the'" generosity''and fr'd't'er-
nlty of., his, fellow^!unionists who.j so.
nobly showed their adherauce, to. the
principles of ('the order.1- ' ■ •'  7 - *•'
Ho state's" that"'his general state "of
"   '.-a--     '   •.   -,--.i'-. -.       • '■ ■
health'is., so   much bettor, that ho
it't ,**'-■   .. -     ., ,. i    ,,,,.* i
even hopes- for stjjll. further, improvement and may be enabled to obtain
some use of' tho lower'1 part of his
body and the doctors even say, although not promising positively, that
he may bo yot able to. .walk, , •
, Those who doubt the benefits that
accrued to* co-oporatlvo action could'
not havo a more significant' contradlc-
t'on than tlilo caso of Piotro Tonolla.
Alono In a foreign country, knowing
but littlo of the languapo had lio boen
fighting tho battle, of lifo slnglo,
handod and had-mot wlth.tho calamity
It Is' highly probable* that ho would
liayd beon llko so''fenny "In similar
cjrc'iimstanccfl, .tlirown'on tbo charity
of an unsympathetic' world, Not so,'
howovor, was ato t^o, bocauso t. he
hnd-contributed his shdr.o, to, tho'or-,
gantzntlon ant} that, body ovor watchful of Its morabor8lilp,„haB boon the
moans„of decroasiog, this, man's suf-,
forlng and Increnslrig .his ploasuro by.
returning-hlui to, .tbo_h<*arthBtono of
IiIb own pooplo, whqrb ho Is ablo to
ronllzo thai in "unity.. thoro , is
strength," and that, ho Is not a ro-,
olplont of charity bogrudglngly glvon,
hut furnished with tbo moans of livelihood bocauso ho Is entitled thereto
us a mombor of the groat International, brotherhood' of tho U. M. W.
of A,
rVfcVVS  Of-   fltrHO.Jiltik.LLA.
NRIjAON, Bopt. 28,—Thnt tho last
link In tho Kootonay Landing to the
Alberta border Y.rw portion of thc
great trunk rond which tho provincial
government Is building frort Ajbcrta
to tho coast will bo completed next
mon\!h wna tho statomont made by
J, K.- Griffiths, first assistant provincial government' engineer, at tho
Strathcona Hotel horo.   ,*
Kootanay Landing to Calgary,
Tho only part of tho road nt prosont utiromplotod Is a strotch" of about
four mllr-H nonr the summit of the
Crow'a NVst. this will he opon for
traffic by tho end of next month, if
not before. *.-- * «*• • -    * -
. Doubtless our roadora will recall
thnt sovornl months ngo Piotro Ton-
oils, n mombor of Hillcrest local,
thrmifh thn pffortu nf tbo momhnrR
of his locnl. and with additional aid
ro'ndorod hy his follow unionists
which onnblod him to obtain com-
ponsntlon, had boen -sent* homo' to
Italy accompanied by two attendants.
It may .bo a good plan to remark
for tho benefit of thoso who are not
acquainted with tho particulars of this
case to stnto that Pletrd Tonolla was,
unfort.inn.to whilo at work in tho
llmo quarry at Crow's Nest to be
overwhelmed by a fall of rock which
Inflicted Hiirh Injury that tho lower
part of b'.s body waa paralysed. He
bocemo «n inmate of Pornlfl hotplUl
and nftor about a ypar'a carts and ats
tentlon his condition socmod" practically ImpflHilblc of further Improve-
nuiif nml its ho had rxprossod a do-
tire to rvoirn to his natlv* land (bis
was effected.
A communication bas just b-pen-ro-
Tho gathering of thin body which
took plnco nt, DniBsolB, Holglum, wns
nn exceptionally Interesting ono,
.Many manors ot vital import woro
t_i-ji*jui__i.)- ilUcutiiiUil, one ot tho mum
debated ono bolng tho subject of antl-
militarism and tho attitude theso.
minors should assume in tho* ovont
of a wnr nmontar nations,
Thoro waB, ns Is . natural, somo
slight diversions of opinion rolatlvo to
minor details, but In tho main tho
plan advocated was that of cossatlon
of work thus preventing the mining
of conl for thi**- different navloa and
by so doing moro offoctlvo action
would result tliuu a, thouisau-i peace
conferences towards writing "Finis"
to tho human' butchery known as
war. ' i
Thoro wore two. additional countries .represented and It Is to bo
hopod that bt the convention In ltMt
dfilogsfwi from other countries, In-
cludln-j. Amor.ca will be In attendance.
tondon, England, has beon selected
as the meeting place tor next y«»r.
 *'      -(.feL'_?
;-■:*.< --yx &. ^^y^;1-*
.- _*"$_- ■«r!^"'^ 35«  -J~  '^y^rV -^ -«ff\ •*&   ■■^'•'i
-.■'"i    -N
*-,?-, So* f;TOC*V"s;-*  v^v1!  *   -M-
, l<'i   -A.*     V"*    "*/ -
, I^MBysmTSr
**..   .-v.», -.■'.-.   ?.-.-. sir. .
\xV-X.* "*•
,^*||->T       -. **
,.*•       I
."J    .-.■._•
•1     li^.. I
P    ..." '   -J*
lADIEi* JAMllE/wbbL SKtRTS,   ..
•Ji ,n.r.v  '.■■;;.   r...*.
'i •*!<•-
- "■
\- ' .I
0   ,      *.
, Orders taken for Jaeger Good of-all kinds.
'Men's Sanfield's:Underwear~in Natural' Dark "';
' Gray and' Black;' f-_; ';'-"    ',._7 - '.* ...' -"'"v-   "7 ,'"..
- * * i*     ;:,t
i,i   ■,-■
. MEN'S ;SUITS„   7,  '. •■ -'".
Xf     ;   MEN'S.kOyERCOATS,: X     •
-       ; -'' ^ ' . \ ''' ;'\'''|-MEN'S*PANTS. ' -; ■-. -
Stocks full and complete;in all,:lines. .Come.'
in and see.'
'■ I'   s-       I',        U'
y*   • ji ,/i
\".'.______i..1'.-  -•-.-.
. wA '•■■•: ■». .■», .-o^^ ^^. vi. *:,' ^^-^i9
*•'•    ;;*-77i,',   {*,;>'/(( - at-   -:.,,■,,. ';•■ .;.'.»', f...:..^ •-  j,,,.* .*,-,   ;.   .,, • ,._
•"■-•• bn*h'f,"'fl 'i_*tniitea''
■   ,->'   •'•; ' yt     "/.'   y:J--' y,>iiv,,i'r- ..      ' *
,;.-.-■' .tW 7.;.';'' i?  .V.-7.V    •'      \:    7      ,*■■•..;■>-   .-.7 7r,,',*''
l!        i
- .,    .i -    .
l!-v'-,'-'j'_'.V     :",. '    .ii
:,-.'.■ l-, .•.:
(^^I^^-olidp^iim 1__
;."/ IfttVi .5 tollit bnii lri;;h'   nW*-'-
•' '0'''f—l}tt'f.flf^^X
'ii'Sl '■''
i. .* ; •"? *■(.•
.t< -*\
Now Under New,'Management
Catering to,the Working-man's Trade,'     7
.   Large Airy Rooms and Good Tabls
'. ' Fornio, B. C,,' Sept, 80,* 1010,   ■*.'
DHlAR'"MR,. EDITOR: 7- ,'       .'■.,'*".
- I want to.direct tho ntt.or.tlon of you nnd' your readors
to tho Columbia Ila'ngp,' which I call tho .*tallor-mndo. stovo,',' ,'
'because tbo heavily'plated nl'okol parts ,ard so .plain ih ,do-
Bi«n. '   ■       ■.:',..     ,.'.*.■   .    X' •'.'<,      ;       '.,'.'•
You'vo, all toon stoves festooned with .roses, and with intricate designs In* which dust and, dirt' sottlo ■ and   defy'..all-
attempts to'.clo'an.,   *   ..■.■ '**.?<•      	
With tho Columbia'you slmpIy«*.wlpo-off'tho dirt and,' •'
prosto, your stovo is as nice as ovor;   Think-  of   tho   work
BOVOd.    '■"■. -    -       1 . .1. ' .'.      •' ,       *.«    ..'.-,.-'..    '-'
This, in ' itiolf,' glvoB thb Columbia a consldorablo- advantage ovor   othor   makos, and, wh6n ■ - y'ou : eoirtBldor its othor  '
distlnctlvo featuros!   Tho throo-fluo   construction;   corrugated
bottom, roqulrlnR'no fhie'strips;   hot air  fluos radiating to'
baso sidon; Duple* grates; circular hot air chamber In dlroot  '
contact,with flamos; dotacbablo nickel throughout; and that It „.,
"has tho largos' nmount of'dlroot'radiating   surfaco   known to
any lino—don't you think this ■ Ib Just tho sort of stovo you'd
wont it you woro in tho market?, ■ " • •'■ -, _„   ;        •
Further than this talk of quality,' which,, should dooldo
anyone who Is'willing to bo coiiYlh'cod,V,w6; can ' finish onr .
argument with lho statomont that,tho.stovo Is sold at n prlco
lowor than othor ntovoo of-equal flnls^ nml wolght, ',•'* \
Tho tlmo Isn't vory far distant wlion thoso. whoso liomos
do not contain heating, plants; will bo pinning thoir1 fnith to
n boater, and wlmthor they aro comfortablo during. the sovero
wlntor woathor, or foreod to,wrap' an ' oxtrn blnnkot nround '
thom to koop tliolr tooth from chattering and. .awaking., tho
bnby, doponds on tho choice th oy mnko whou purohnnlng n
stovo. *.   .    ,        ..'•,,
This Is rathor a,chilly way to ond tny:loltnr,',but"I want to '
glvo your readors tho proper atmosphoro, bo that thoy,won't
nut off buying,' n . '«■        : ''vy . .,■.  *,'
Yours truly,        ., ,..;.,-
J.  D.QUAIl,
Mcintosh, McDonald
&, Snow;
& Builders
Ojh'ii for- nil kinds of bushings
In tliolr linn
AtfdretB Box 07     , r«rnl<t
JL        X ll  _l_a__f J.  mm \a0t  Jtmaf
Barber Shop
Across from Pernio Livery
Plrst .class work guarantsad.
Drop In" and oonvlncs yoursalf.
Rator Honing a Specialty*
0.  RADLAND.   Proprietor, tfammtaaWaamm%^A*JflfaaMa%Wam\^^
\i^§y^yy.y^yir-yjy*fhvyXyyi0:'~&-y^-7',sC£S%_*r*--*^'.-77k:T7i^:~7^ 7.fr7';71-;.v;.-,..r777S' ■ ■ ',.*■ -1' y--^%y:7*. >..-,/ -*,
f,j*.*v-'."-*:?^vc---.>^ .---_  ...'-y ~y.y '    •*. -,       ""►.-   - -_£, „..-.-"7.'lfe7- *"*-.,.      "-"_   7;    *. • -'" -7f"-"V,      ,  .
Bi1* ^•ic.".', '-;j *'?,■'' ~ -7*- *7'7*77 .-■--;'  .". "->'.-.•-";-'.'. -■'-y-y- -y ,-; .--".v.*. -',.-7* * £:'':.y-y :'-\y .  .*._        , .,_;, .*-..-     .-.*'"       -  --** - - ■-• • -• * - *
■t..p.-.  ./-,**.  -..*; fa..., *-., --'' "v- - jcT,--.,'--    -   *...7*. *-**■*.*: * .,"**_-*._-,.  -•     *-...-«-..    ,v _-. - *■ r . ** •_* ..."     -.*■*_'-_. ■__**-*-"-■"'*:\ :-7 --*- **. "*r.. j--..- .    -   ,   7 *-
T* i  |-  ■•.tA--.l..i.m.- IL..   I ' "'
--.■.'. .- ''-'W777'
7.  ,r /??-*'> "■ ■**■ ■
; -r'       .- '}   *_   ..*,.*
.. -" ,7  .-'
vi .^'.-J.'J.'&UV~.r*f-..,.&-^Vy:~.&i'i ■.     .^l'*;,'^...,,;   ..;.-
tl:*   ;-t.,3. '.-■7     . •-    *.._:."  -'"--7-       • ■-   ■'7 "■^.■"-  *   '     • -..•a,--a"   Il   ' *   - . '■ "         ■'"--•-:,  • ..;'.  ;-     "' ^SV^-T^;.*/.^^ 1/ - ■   -7,,  , .     „.:..    -     j:
Hjn-^w* -.'-y^^y ■■..■•■;*■ >>■*. ■: *-a^*M4.-i:-■ ..•****■■■ ..-M«WjL.:q|p §:ra ■     • --* • v*..:    —4   «siv<'^*^.i»r    r
If-  :       _  £"- •   '     -■'   ,"r'   --' . "   • "      •        '   ' ',-..*> -   -       S'~3        -."'.'' r        :''.'-■■•      •- ■,''""_    - - ':,-'""   ~t"  -*-*""■-  •"-   ■**'-"■''   7".*J.**';* fn-\- ni'"t''M'r-   :  ...l-... •- i '■  '.'Sis- '•.*■.■", r-'~-""J --<C'?.'r->»3»c-;.-.-iv    -."".   .--_>•.*.-*;, .j,!,;* _   '•'"
I ff. ^^ .   _ _. _. _ _.***■_. _._._     J-1 _--1-_. ._.._... * .*_._._._... * > ** .*^*p__». ■*'*,^*' __.l^tta_^#_^__ -**-_.^ •*___:_.f'^fc._,-.-1''****fc *'.'■"      ^-^j- ."* i *. * -*' **- ■■.  r^     ''l  *
V ■' .^ "' "W"--     *'    ^*»  .   H'i?.'-*-    .•,-•-'*•.---'7**? V-';o'JP   '•"*•
.,'*■'- -'in' ■> . "
y^»»,¥,VV¥¥¥¥¥¥¥.»¥»¥V>»»»¥V»¥¥V--»¥¥V¥¥¥»'¥»V¥»»¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥VV'y.»» I
'—& : : -. " ■:,-.   ■'.■•  ■.,...,".-,*., :—2- : S—* '. ; --L—*- :—: , -^^.,,', - *.'   .   ,   ., *'.   : ' '.  : " ' *"    - L_ '. *--   '•" ■ ■■^-.^   .,.-..,.■, ,v,-_-. .-,:,   , .^v. ,wv ..,..,-,.
"♦TSsV'--'-^^- -■♦►'-♦-^•■■♦''■♦- ■♦*-48.'^ ^^^j^fl^OV*|t]^'Ev^saea_ b&a^£ot yet put in ap-
♦ Jf-*'        ' 7 •"   •' A»--t'*'v''7 55    3*!; peirance "aajttot mOVe than four days
COAL -CREEK  »Y**t74^-_^^*ffstTtiutee  t"h*>-.w*Srking  week.    We
--♦;^f ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦
.',"'' ^uoi^mB^^^^y^^^
, -h«»s:iast Friday between W." If eland"
'land^ProfeBsor B...W. Hughes. ':. The
, gam*.was,-41 points up and Ireland
.proved a; terror by beating his oppon-
•en^'by 19 points.' "Ob! down they go
' wit&teasy grace."   . ■-     **."•*• ,.>'J
,' George- Crabbe  paid "a    visit to
Pasbburg last week and reports^'hav-
in^ihad a '.very enjoyable time'with
Ms^frienda ,Mr. and    Mrs.'-'Thomas
Duncan, proprietors of the Passburg
hotjft •-   .   . yy^'y
••Richard Alder's postofflce addtsss.
is *lmore, Wttab.,.U. Sr JL" v    -"V
^m Bushell is wearing   a;,amil«.
' th^t yon. can see from the far: off."
Hqj   te    the   happy possessor of a
bouncing boy.   Mrs; J. P. end child
ar<| doing welL     ■   ..        :_is_jic/,it*^
ffck Caufield went to Bellevuo last
'Saturday and,, refereed the replay tie
between that team and tbe, FeroleUe*
' which resulted In', a vfctbry for' ths5
former.    This means  that  BelUyue
ana Frank, will have the-contest* for
the' Mutz cup. ' It is  to be*., hopet
tha. arrangements can be ttadti' to-
ha^e thla match played,^off^, here, as,
it 'iis not only fcentrallyydcat'ed, -buV
theV cup le ,the gift of*   the    local
* brewing compaay, the. Fernie ft Fort
-" Steele.   .- ,. ..  ' o '
-    .       I' *   v    ll       ■
". .-.There was great interest shown up
hei-e at the cbllllard.-matcU .for. 300
poihts. between. Sam., Heney. and, Joe
Dodds.. The "game was spectacular at
times, and the* play by both contestants was of a „ high order, biit finally
the laurel fell to Sam. by the close
■ margin'Of nine points. Well done
Joe better luck .next 'time.   _»fa_;*l_ lit
'   it>Svas fine! *    7.- - - -■ •     ••
■ -Sir. and Mrs. George ^Moses have
.  nq^r moved their furniture and, effects
to _*IIchei; where they .will live1.
7A social evening_was .greatly,„en«:
, , Joyed by 40-couples. In- celebration" of
thfe wedding of Mrland Mrs. Marshall
cFbrsythe.    There was a supper pro-
^'..yided; interspersed* with.-, song,  and
'.  winding up with-a Jolly" daiiiclng'pro-'
* grkm";. Charles Clarldge;* the'maste'r
ofi ceremonies,.!n a^very-neat speech
•made' the .presentation on behalf of
the mechanical staff of a beautiful
- ."Presented on* the;occasion 'of-'"their
',. marriage, .Sept. -19, ^,1910, by- - the
:    Mechanical "staff of Coal Creek."   .
'■ •■•James Davison, officiated    at   the.
-. piano and _. Master ^leijic.-jWorthlngton"1:
'•'   accompanied, iim ?*On;(th&7:yioli»- %It
;'  was a <_uarter'"b'f' 12>pr^tli'reb,,'a:*'j'rii.
when the happy crowd wended their
- -ways homeward!"   . . ,,   ,.,  ..   r    ( y
'7"Oh,' where is my ' wanderlngl ;poj^
.' tonight,",  A plaintive duet   by two
wp'll known Creeklties. .".
.'James •'Langdo^And»ifio_t^ny*^rho
■ ; h»ya.bGen.out.X-.Jasa_.fism-int-J
valley, returned last week having had
... a *< pleasant time   and;., r reported con-
■ sl'derablo'progress.'j.fJ,  |  '*['   >»*-(
• Charlie Powell and Aleck McFoijaii
,. aro - no\vr open to receive offers for
posltlpris as culinaryfartists. !' '
, -iHarry .Gorrio litis ^cpnJe' brt'ck safe
and sound from', a hiintlng _ frlp, and
tlto gamo laws have not been' broken
, nor any animal captured.
'-•On tho 27th,a daugbtbr criino'to
the household of Mr.. and Mrs. Bev-
orldgo.   "And still Jhey come."
'Tho Pullman car of tho Kl. F. '& M,
will; n0.7d.0ubt'" bb'''greatly, .^latronlzqd'
■ by tho ladles, particularly so.w-t.pro.
. vlslbns bftvo bdirn made 7 for   tlieir
packages at ono ond of tho car. This
is. a docldod improvement that was
f groatly noodod. and will bo duly, ap-
proclntoil."' , "
Tournament wook at tho.club started on Wodnosday night and It "Is ii
forogono conclusion that thoro will bo
somo closely contested gamos.'7_:t Ib
to^.bo hoped that Nathan will sustain
lil-sir roputntlon ns a cuo oxport,
Mrs. Thomas .Francis'accompanied
b^sdvoral' relations, landod horo
fro\n Lancashire and will tako up
thoir abodo. among, us,. ...
Albort. Plorpont .has boon transferred from tho position of. wolghmnn
to'''a similar ono nt Mlchol.
Tho oxpooted ronownl of activity
expect that'some-of. our citizens will
be,recognized ia the old land when
thrown'bn the'eanvas..' Tlils'workis
done on behalf of- - the Allan Line
Steamship company with a view to. in-
dncing.-,. emigrants to come out by
their line, but it is to he; hoped that
tbero^,will-Jbefjaq,great rush,, at least
before spring and business has got
.on • a* more .satisfactory footing as at
present there ia not enough work for
.tbosVl-jrhov;aro- here and the severe
winters are very trying upon newcomers.    *_•,--•■••;._•..;  '      ,'■" ■
Keep' October 20th aa- open date.
Remember,.the Masquerade ball. *
.♦•♦",*♦*♦;-*;•■#;■♦ *♦♦♦♦"
,- J V --.....
-•-..■-     -.\?i.
.4^,* * ♦ * «> ^ #t ^
By Fred Rite.
„ .Gr.an,t, Downing,..hot. *jiir^^rtist.\tor
the Fir'nte Brewing-iompany, was ln
Elko kthis| week and visited Krag aad
Gateway.1'How he 'got'into* Elko no
oae knows; when he went out be lett
a-iioie'tm-"iha'"i!lr behind-him. .
,,...p.-.Hoover^ chief.of. .United Statea
-Ubt'ome. department, Gateway, Mont.,
spent the week end with the writer.
Albert Mutx,, the man' who made
Fernie famous, passed through Elko
Sunday, night looking aB rosy as the
da'wn'in June.t*' •;_ v - _. - * ,. ' '
-f jTSo'. Merchants' tbankTwill build a
fine, block on their property this-fall.
■J. M. Agnew will build a two-story
store south of the meat market. Two
big livery barns under construction
andiS^yeral'-Qew residences also building.'" Elko is certainly a busy little
burg' and every- resident is a born
booster.', ,.';.>'.,.,
Tom VIolet'te of pincher Creek was
in -^Elko this week and will log this
winter for'the "Baker Lumber company at Waldo. '
. A.. Sampson, chief, of . provincial
police,. was down in-. Gateway this
woek in .connection .with" reports received, from W.'.C. Leacey,' who is
taking his ' vacation and 'happened
along there and whose eagle eye saw.
that everything was not according to
"5 Satarday-last7"MichBfc*:football team
match with the team .there.   The day
*    .- --..■•*,•-,;.       --       •
was'snot what could * be'called B'uiti
able; and the .ground-was not in'jthf
best* of condition, but." in .-plte,>'o|
theae   disadvantages, a   very . good
_-*.   •> -■ -
game   was    witnessed.   Michel .had
mort of the play throughout the game
although beat by;,b«**. .opponents -b>f
one-Vgoal to nlir'FtS'nk scoring"t*-M
minJEit-es to after half time.       The
••-  J-*       -      .>','•'" ..*     ..-* - * ■.."*   ^
game was refereed "by' Mr. Wilson of
Fernie to   the   satisfaction of both
Uamo,- Michel team. Goal, J. Raynor;
backs, S.-Moore,    J.    Mason;: half-
back»7'iJ_»er«UB0iij ^Walker: 'and -Mlllfetti
forwards,-. Sudworth - Goodwla_ ■' Qarnej,.
*i vr-^..;i^
 , ■%■; \«j|H^as^ijt ;i2^l9l0.
."Any member desiring* tb"leave .be!
tffiiSe w^^fiB^taa. is a-l6(i£*tfe**TBi»al.
secfetary of "the local for a transfer
§tit.utlonA ,U,„ M...F;- A..,.Thls.,will be
stffctly allh'efM'tb"^'after the"l5th Of
Octobor, .1910.
r£.r;-THC__.4 CHAkRIES, Pres.
v■>■   MAlfRICE .BURRELL,  Sec.
Michel Local 2334, U. M. W. A.
V     COLEMAN NOJEt BY 22      ♦
♦ •, ♦
^'♦'♦"':'♦ '-^•V'^'-* 0>''^% ♦
Grli^^fti^,-^d^ft^o|u.,y v; cV..?^ ;. 4JpUe4)^,^t«Sjiifl- 8JBjjl?8(^jB,m -pjjjnfg*^.
This is ths last league match for
Michel, unless Frank beats Fernie and
.oi-emai. -7* ■''.7''<7';:.?.
;:'tjjstricf Presideat Powell and Secretary Carter-wefe/in town Saturday,
last" on business--connected .with -No.^
3 tolne, Longwall work-o" . '*.
i,' _i consequence of the .mines not;
working steady quite a number, of
ton are leaving.';camp for-parts •ojtse--,
Wh'tiro as. there is nothing, doing: in
the'jPass., ,.... ',._., . 7 '?•
'<■ Messrs. Williams and . Sparrow
gave'lis' -a" Visits this'-week' and' Teilort
the-"weather■' ideal" in" the ■ Bariaiia'
belt,"' arid" .h."ey7certainry looke'd'as if
.they, had^ enjoyed the haymaker's
rays for.'soine^trine.. ,"7 "';." '"'•
/ Many"'of'the''ladies of Michel are
taking advantage of the culinary les-
.. Evening classes will be held ln
the'recreation room Mondays and
..Thutid^ia,. <?»<%, <^«fc^ramgjj .3.0,
to' 9:30." SUbJecf*f--"MathetakUcs;
-Mscha'aics -^theoretical - and   ap-*
ing.' For further, particulars'apply
-to J. W. Faulkne^'e'aiit-'en'd^ijf Bth
sons being .giyeii free,, in the Trites-
- Woods store.,.   Even    an, old soiir
dough could1 be seen being taught'-rthis
.ihdst needful- art', Gee,'   but .'won't
there ibe some" fancy; dishes put up
In. Miehei 'now. *.._'■-,;.  -.    -. .','
.**     -..*  ■    .- >j -j •. ■ •'      . - ■■>
- \Has*..anytning ,'been   done.1" by70the
.'provincial:* health  departmerit7in__r_e-.
'jWe*- ta_ae"-,'sr*6af' pleaaurtf .tt* recom-
■.mending7j.^.':*^. F^"upm_r to those
who are" desirous of ""iddihg^ .0 their
store of ^knowledge on the subjects
-mentioned: aa^hejls a thoroughly capable and "painstaking teacher. He is
a holder of, second., class, steam engineers certificates; for - both "Alberta
and*British Columbia.
. And still they. succumb!.'. .William
.Thompson is th'e '. latest' victim .of
cute.-Cupidi-.as "• he...,hs«.-:;taken. ^untq,
himself a wife,,-thus,enrolling.himself
i^Jhe'nbble'.army.of. martyrs (Excuse
me, I! mieah.'Benedicts).'" This "gentle1
man is weil known throughout the
coal mining;-districts of British Columbia,-haying followed'the occupation
of digger a-CNanaimo and other points
on the coast as well as at the crack-
ln-the-mountain camp7of'.Coal Creek,
where he enjoyed the reputation of
being a misogynist but he:is nowva
Gynaecocrat (We don't,know whether
,we -have. spelled these, two-jawbreak-"
erg .correctly or not, but the..man
..who told us says'-they are the„pf6'per
words,to use.for William's."ftase.-)
The newlywedsJwerej"given a "very
and one for, mayor,;pb that as;;*WQ,^r-_i
about to. launch out .as . a corjjprat'e
body-it" is" highly: important-that' t&!eref
should. be • a.jthoron"gh.^discussion-* of
who are, l-he, most .capable. tq .be entrusted  with .*tte.. city's" affairs' "and
"more especially is-this" vital at;:thls
juncturey;.*when'; the,start is. to be
.mad'e.  *•_,     ,s _, .; :i:..-   ... v.:,;.,. -,... ,-
\ As an'evidence of "the deep; interest that'- has * already ' been: shown is
ihe  fact that. there  are  already  10
^candidates and; two aspirants for the
.executive chair. '
;  For mayor—Alex Cameron, Jeweler,
Ja retired chairman;   ' David   Hyslop,
'miner..,   ...   ...     ...-.   ._ _   . .   •     .'
I  For'Councillors~ " * '
;   J.-Oi C, MolJbnaldi'-mlner, • (A re-
vtired. councillor);  .-.-> *.,
|_ Henry James, miner, 7 (a    retired
councllior)'. '*''  "' >
*7,Sam Shone, pit bosa. .- yn'1
k ,T,',,-,B.. Brandon,. printer.  ,. * .7-,.-v;.:
y Alex M; Mor-rlson, poatmaster.   .,..
' "R;; Holmes,' miner!
7J.-'Vourl, mlner.7"'*   .'-,:.      ■.*.-.
'   H„ Clark, timekeeper.*      .. .7    :.7
•^! W. Evans, gentleman? ""-,*„.
:•   T7 Steele, gentleman.
o. From tbe above list we ought to'be
■iable.to, obtain, »,,thoroughly, comper.
•tent* board   of    municipal guardians
'and with   the7 development of this
"community,', McGilllvray .to the. .west
Of.us and the*new* town site.of:East
iColeman to the .east," a few more' years
/should "see the city of Coleman listed
"among the.5,000 class-of Alberta. :
*   Thanksglvlng.day will.b,e very suit-,
ably celebrated by a commemoration
ofthe incorporation and • "the" commit-;
*,tee appointed are. leaving . no stone
unturned to have this event' one of
the, most noteworthy
munity's history.
of   the   com-
;♦♦ ♦,♦'♦ ♦ ♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
^5"il^^visit?S_pa£co>iains f"^*38',*0" ^sanitation, ,.of. Michel?
this week enjoyed several good feeds
of'green corn on "-the cob. -Corn is
the emblem of peace, but It is never l>
appreciated •■ until itfegets' otf its'ear.
vpa^the',,coifh-pleaste.*] '" 7 y-
•:"' Ai' Birnie,^contractor, w^s "P t0
Fernie Saturday signing' contracts to
supply Fernie; .Hosmer and Michel
'i4.tb|gj*j_y|.l'and sand for building purposes.       7
" When, we,left Elko last  Monday
il)r j Mnllolt    vrixsi    HfilHng J.tXxf. . Columhl*.
hotel.   Full particulp,rs^next week.*
' JT_her*t» _^8 * ^ d4n6e at^the IndRui
.wlaigarirobijpo t^l4lns;7'i.Monday
night and after, a rest lip the Indians
will loaije,on^*^ig,^unt. ...
It musjp)V awful to.*,bo jealous. Try
boostlhg,1.";It will". niali;e'7'you feel
better, Remember 'it pays^ to advertise when you've got the goods and
wbsiiro 'havo''thom' and: you can notice'- tUo' crowds coming our way.' Be
The wrltor. loft EIlco Monday to Join
a party of bigw gnmo hunters from
Chicago, who arrived ' in - Roosvllle
Sunday, coming j over tho Ynhk" mountains'fronr'Moyio.,  '  '7 '.*''.
Mr. Scott, of Donver, Colo., bought
320 acros.of flno Improved land north
of Roosylllo,last vf00k,
Mrs. J.-M. Smith and six children;
of.Plnqhor Crook,, who loft' Tobacco
P'ialiiB flvo yonrs'ngo for Sunny|
Alborta aro returning to Tobacco
Plains; whoro thb dollars grow on:
troos,' ■ Mr. Smith will follow aftor
completing tlto unlo of his'stock, and
orop, ,'Thoy .spoak vory, hlghlyf of
Sunny .Alborta, but tho oditor of this
great family pnpor would not publish"
what thoy,sny about Tobacco Plains
If I wroto It. '7 •:
Tho WatBon bpys, oro threshing out*
'tho goldon grain on tho old Phillips
rnnoh this .wook. r
TH E   T t P li
■'   * ...        . ;  ■ , * -i
A   High   Class   Boarding   House
,"**■",'"'', ——■'"•'' ■ 7 "■ 7 *       .  -       ~
Electrically Lighted and Steam
*    "      Heated Throughout '
' *     ~r.
W.ell'er, Dr. Fagan, secretary to the
provincial;!board-  of-   health, accompanied .by. District" Health ^Inspector,
Dr. Bonnell, ** made a trip to Michel
;iiy an .autoinobile, .and. nearly stayed
two hours * looking' into^ tlie'.'disgraceful condition of affairs.   Their opln-
^ob^ of    the * sanitary arrangements
;iwd'B'':'r(di5gr^ceWl)' 'an'd'-^fiald*7" that"
^wfiai' tKe'tbwn'-' ri'eedS'a-waEr tt-'ino'dern"
;jsystem of sewerage.   We beltei.e .that-
-'part*,of;,,tl\e,„c9R)mittee. who .w/?5ft,:.aP:
'pointed' .t'07-raeei them,.ihad",th-3y, been
JriqtifietJ, a,8.,previou'sly promise(i, made,
'them' aware ',* of "the fact that, tho''in-
.habitants were'using their verandas'
■for, dumping, thoir slops off as * thejr
had no. sinks ln their houses./ • How-
oVjOr this state pf .affairs .will be lm-
imodiately rectified as Dr. Fagan .has
promised . to .,'iay   this   ignominy'in
front rof" tho govornment, so nt' last
ye public,of 'Mlchol,u, your. wallingS'
have been heard and rodomptlon from
this filthy state of affairs is nigh.
No moro will yo"need to go over
your boot topB in filth accumulated
for months'past. •   -.7
Mr. Ralph Mllno, bettor known as
"Risky," was In town. Monday looking up old frlonds. . Risky is looking
briBky, and it certainly looks ns If
Corbln's'nlr agreed with hlm. * '■
"Saturday lastt-Mlss Allco Weaver,
daughter, bf Mr,, and Mrs. Jabez
Weaver, wno united in tho holy bonds
of ipotrlmoriy tp, Mr. Frank Littlo.
Aftor tho. sorvlco a reception was
glvon at the'homo of the* bride's
pnrento,' and ,n„,vory., onjoynblo tlmo
was spent. Wo,wish,, tho ..couplo
much Joy in'thoir undertaking and
may thoy llvo long 'and 'prosper.
Maiirlcb Burroll won thp, graph-
nphono' raffled by Mr. Arthur Rowloy
to help; send a brother out of camp
to 'tho' const' for ,hls hoalth. Slim
hns n batid'ofhls own now npd matiy
nn onjoynblo hour, Is spont by th'o
boarders of tho Jolly Canuck's houso
to tho talking mabhlno.   *
Mr, .Tamos McLood Is ruffling off
his raco, i)ony, Joo," Tho porson wlio
holds tlio lucky number will cortnlnly hnvo n most vnlunblo and doslr-
nblo purso.
No,gnmo wan brought In Inst wook
ond, nlthough much Iiiih boon soon
and shot nt. Ono hunt or In rotating
his trip said: "I was going along
when up Jumps n big buck; I fiend
nnd mlHsoil lilmi I flrod ngnln nnd
hit hlm In tho same plnco," Mr,
Buck still roams tho hills nnd Is
still a mnrle for somo moro nblo nlm-
Mr, Frod.Pomnhno is orootlng n six-
Moo 1 oi-iiiiiii. Iiouho 011 nm property
fit Mow MIrlicl. It will be 30.v3C,
onulppnd with nn olov'ntor, wntor In
ovory room, bath room and lavatory
on onch flnt; woll vontilatod nnd mod.
orn* In ovory wny,
A Calgary gontlomnn hy tho nnrito
ot Burgosn lost n stiilcuso nt tho
Now Michel dopot. Word wns at onco
glvon lo 'tho provincial authorities
who tincod tho stolon proporty to
Crnnbrook and thoro nrrostod P. Allen. P. 0. Walsh of Fort Sioolo np-
prohonded tho other llght-flngorod
Kcntloninh wbo atiHWort-d to tbo nnmo
of Waltor Gable (Grnblo.)   -
Readers, who uru you gudiK to voto
for In tho coming oloction, tbe. partlos
who own and control you or tho party
that wants you to control yourselves?
Think this matter ovor seriously so
that whon election day comes you
mny cast your voto Intelligently,
■ Tho proposition ollorfd by tbo
company on No, 8 mlno, Longwall
work, hns boon turned down by Iho
minors of Mlchol. Tha men are still
sticking out for their previous,, do-
msnds 7 7*
muslcaHreceptionr^nd ' their-"health
and happiness were toasted-in various
pleasant • tasting, beverages.
.-. Dr. , Green,, :.Dr..- King, and several
other 'wanderers", from the Banana
burg passed through here, this week
* 'A.v.special meeting was held last
Sunday, the 25th,- for the, purpose-of
"discbsslng various .matters of importance to the'organization'which were
satisfactorily disposed of.- ..
■ -".President W. -B..Powell arid Secrer
tary.A. J. Carter,.were-in'Attendance
'accompanied by A. ,'Cacchinini who
.acted .as .nterpreter. * -, «7 *.*"■.'>-• .* '*■ -.
.scale committee," made, a', thorough
.trip of ^inspection" through 'the 'mines
with a view to obtaining ■ all the information possible, that.: will, enable
:,them to*take up the auestion of fixing up, contract rates.   It is expected
■ ■'- r..-    • •        '*,:.-,   ,,.,     -.<,,...    *,,
jcertalnly caused, a lot of hardship oa
jpme ..married,.men with'1' large ^families"..to be.* laid off ---after, .they; have,
worked here for years, .and. seeing
men"working every day who have only
been-in the camp but a few months.
This.. Is Identity ,of interests with a
vengeance. If the men were allowed
•to'work' three days .per week, there
-would -be ho extra cost for' digging,
hauling or superintendence. It* is
from mean and spiteful tricks bf tfils
kind that "those dreadful Socialists
and infidels" are *. made. Is lt any
wonder? .*...'.
, When, bur genial. general manager
was'"here a while ago and had a
firing 'streak,-on,- he fired among
others, .Joe .Verdun,' master mechanic,
a man who was. liked by everybody
he came' iri contact with. Well, .the
boys who worked ■ under Mr. Verdun,
thought he. was too'good a man tb
let go .without showlag him their appreciation? : A-subscription waa started, ;and-,reapo»ded to nobly by every
body who waa asked. The result being that Mr. Verdun will be- presented with-a magnificent gold watch
with -fllO on some night next week.
" James Callan, manager of tbe
Bellevue hotel, went to.the coast thiB
week to join his wife and children,
'who have been residing there for a
month or so. '
. At the last regular meeting of Local 431,the following were nominated
for next district election: President,
Clement Stubbs, Bellevuo; Vice President, John O..Jone3,. Hillcrest; Sec-.
retary-Tfeasurer, A. J. Carter, Fernie;
International board member, Charles
Garner,. Lethbridge; district board
member, Harry Blake; Bellevue.
"Mr. Norman and Miss Gladys, McCutcheon arrived in Bellevue last
week-Irom Lacombe on a visit to
their brother, Mr. Tom McCutcheon:
Norman intends going into business
as tailor and clothes pressing. We
wish, him, success.' *. *    .
Steve Manahan was in town during
the week looking after,-the improvements oh his new hotel. It will be
ready for-occupancy'in a few weeks;
. There's, a rumor on foot that the
new washhouse will "be" ready for
Christmas." ,** The company have been
approached,about, having, a washroom
at ,No.* 2..mine.. We may have to
■wait-12-B_ionths"idr7tnisnh"e~same as"
°. TV". v - .*---
the members
friends*'"- -.?•■•*•.
"&■' thi.
•*i 'f-W"   *
• church
,., Monday njfht a social evening was
1givei.:~t6'1- BKt-:tafeWen*'to**l(Mr. Ttogera; •'
andcaroewttcajo w^Jcp^.i,the Ro*f. •
J. T. Jones    and   wife"Tb'ackT   J^r.
Emmerson fulfilled   the*, position',[is .
chairman, also.making presentation to
Mr." Jories"! ,    •'■
. Mr. George Christie made- presenta-J ■■
tion'to Mr. Rogers. "Mr. Jones' wedding present, was a beautiful tea
service. Mr. Rogers received a wallet containing-a nlco sum of money.
A fine1 .program', was rendered by the
choir and-.'orchestra.
_ A. violin aolo by Mr. "Kerr and a
recitatlon'by* Miss" Kelley were 'much
appreciated.       . v v
Solos were also: given by the following," Messrs. Heskett, Rund(U|,
Foster, 'I. Hutton, Georgis Hutton and
Master John Christie. A. trio was rtip-
uefed by Mr. Rogers, CD.* Hutton 'anjl
John Christie. Fruit' was served fey*
ths choir. * Rev.-J.; T..JoRbs and M*r.'
Rogers, replied in suitable words to
the pre'seatatibns made them,*' bringing a ; very enjoyable evening, to •»
.close. Mr. Jones will preach his iirst
sermon * after" hiB visit to 'the old
country' Sunday next, 1st October,
wben.w-e hope the same Bupport will
bo given him as was given Mr. Rogers.
Subscription $1.00 a year.
■ ♦ '♦
en -route".:to;"Calgary-via.Lethbridge ... »»_._,,    1V
oii a powerful chug-wagon.   They were ft,^18 wift be, effected in the near
the pioneers of the automobile brigade
which. will^-be^iquite*-*vooimnon.';next'
spring■ on7tbisrhlghWay.-from: British
Columbia points .and ,their(, followers
will ayold-fSprae of. the' hard parts' of'
the' journey" becaiisq the   road   will
then, bo entirely completed :and better
ballasted than It is in some places
at the/present time. -..LiCl -tt' .„ •,' 't'-'
= Dr. Porter, is building .himself-, a
flno. house,, and Burgery onv Third
Sam Hall, is onco again on--, our
streets looking for-purchasers of tlio
earth's surfaco that aro lying out' of
doors on the * Arrow lakes and only
nood development ln order to,become
fruit raising lands. ,„,       .
Quite n ropresentntlyo' body of our
citizens have gone to Nolson to visit
tho fair, among othor wo note F, G.
Graham and Mr. and Mrs. .Hatflold.,
Tho "At Homo" hold on bobnlf pf
tho St. Alban's church nt. tlio hpmo
of Mrs. F. G. Graham was'a docldod
succoss. , ",.
A lodgo of I. O. O. F. is. to bb: Instituted shortly at Blairmoro and so
all mombors of Coloman  lodgo nro
earnestly roquestod to bo.aitondnrico
at,lodgo meetings looklng.t.'o th6 prop-
orations nocossary , to a "proper ; conduction of tho coromonloB.
Tho Robocca'B   whist 'drivo'   nnd
danco wns thoroughly onjoyod by,nil
who took part and.ns it was a novelty
ln0 this town, naturally considerable
curiosity was nrousod (and, tlioy woro
not all among tho fair box, tho,, curious
onos olthor) as to how. tho gamo was
carried out.   Tho'jflrst prlso.for, .tho
ladlos wns won.by.Mfs, p.llfeod, tho
gontlomnn's first being cnplurod by
W, Crawford. „R. Buchanan ,(gonts)
ond Mrs, 0, Bonson won tho ono for
tho IndloB,   (Now thono of you who
know that this is tho wlfo of, 22 don't
mnko nny commonts plonso).
Profossor Crawford's orchestra added ploaBi.ro to   tho   ontortnlnmoiit
with somo vory swoot mimical jnol-
"Imitation Ir tho Rlncprost form,of
flnt lory," snys tho old copy-book, and
this In cortnlnly bolng oxompllflcd ns
It wns also docldod to hnvo a whist
drivo and dnnco with rofroshmont
iiocompanimontH nt lho gonornl mooting of tho Colomnn ilrnufi Hand, so
don't forgot tho dato, Octobor 19th.
Tl.!_> 1.; v.).*UL1) *•■-•»'"-•> u' Df-: i„tiiuif
np;o of evory oltl/onn vt\\o rnn fitt-Mi-!
ns tho objoct of It Ir to obtain tlin
ohlckamln with which to buy, now Instruments, Now blow yourselves ijo
that tho boys mny blow afterwards,
A thoroughly onjoynblo tlmo Is as-
burud Ht> nu V.11011 ^ilii-iw vn»aTii(i »jy
this woll-known organlsntlon .to mako
this ovont nn oxcoodlngly onjoynblo
ono, nnd for tho roRt It Is lo be hoped
that tho gathering    will    bo    woll
pntronlr-oil.   Pnsto tho dnto in your
hat—October 10th.
Whnt placo Is vory much on tho
mnp and In tSio public oyo?.  Why
Coloiuuii to bo MUio.   W'ti liuvo now
thrown aside oiir swaddling clothes,
discarded tho short broechoH of youjh
nnd taken on tho hnbilmonts of full
grown manhood.    Flrst—tho vlllngo.
flodond—tho Incorporated vlllngo. and
now wo nro on the a\o of practising
nil tho munts ol a ttih-tu-dKeri town,
Tho  body' to ho elected  to hnvo
chnrgo of   civic   nffnlrs   ronslsi of
sovon cltlwjjs—on**' mayor   and   six
altlernion.  This moans that thoro will
ba six votes .for aldermen to bo cast
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦->♦.♦ ♦*♦ ♦ ♦ ♦,•♦
♦ ♦
♦ .    • .-..-,-.♦
.♦♦♦♦♦.♦.♦♦♦♦ ♦.♦ .
The Reporter telephone Is No. 16.
Small debts court was held here
That's right George delinquent subscribers should be brought'to time;
....•;•            .1 .-.-■<.♦
+...+ ."4>, ♦-».»<«-•* -*.■*+.'--* ♦ ♦
! The Fer,nle Football club *^6re iho
visitors, here last Saturday- to 'roplay
a , cup , tlo that had boon fought,out
the previous week and which resulted lnn*-win*for uS by 2 to i."Tho
game on,tho previous Saturday was
stopped by tho 'referee four minutes
from time through darkness. Fornie
protested, and the consequence was
that this match had to bo.roplnyo(Lf>
Tho visitors had a stronger team
than oii tho previous Saturday, among
thom bolng Harry Alien','\ who,, hnd
bpon.brought down from. Corbin ns
ono of; a forlorn hopo. Tho gamo
was played In vory Inclement woathor, snow having fallen during tho
forenoon. Tho only goal of the
match which was scored from n pon-
nlty kick by Percy Hoskoth, was ln
favor, of Bollovuo. Wo moot Frank
horo In tlie Bocond round,
„ Vlco President Stubbs roturned
from tho Trades nnd Lnbor congress
at Fort William last week."'
T. D, Jonos, tho minister,'returned
to Bollovuo"from tho old country,Inst
W3ok, Ho wns accompauiod by a
lifo partner.
MeBsrB, Frnyor and Slnclnlr of
Blairmore, nro hard nt work building
an ontlroly now dopot for Hillcrest
nnd Bollovuo. It Is much nftor tho
snmo-stylo ns Coloman.
Thoro nro still n largo numbor of
mon .out of work horo through tho
laying off of ono shift. All kinds of
propositions hnvo boon put up to tho
manngomont but of no avnll.   It hns
we,did for the other one. ,"Honi soit
qui *. Mal y pense,"* ' *'•",.
-. Sunday, -; September 25th, ■ Mr.
.Rogers gave,.,Jil8 farewell service.
The text' o'f his sermon .was "A
Great Farewell'to Life. The sermon
.as.usual being^a great success giving his hearers . every satisfaction.
The orchestra and choir lead the
singing/..The church was filled tb capacity, proving ■in.thhi way the esteem
In which ,tho gent_emaj),.,*was held .by
President Powell informs us that he,,,
has' received a communication from
WWliam Evans that he has had a relapse and does rnot. know' when he
wiR.be able to return to Coal Creek.
—^His-many^friends—wi!!^ regret— to-
learnt of the set-back', but hope that
it may be only temporary and that
his recovery will be sooner than he
anticipates.' .'"■'"
Victoria, Sept. 23.-—The applications
hero tor land registry of/fces'at Nanaimo, Revelstoke, Fornie. and Vornon
will probably be refused by Attorney-
General Bowser, who' Is said to have
a scheme for the entire organization
bf the department' nearly ready. • ...
TWJieii'you buy Fruit Land why not.buy direct
.from tho. Owners and savo tho Roal Estate man's
We have 8,000, Acres ofthe Best Fruit Lands
in British Columbia.   Have sold 900
acres in the last 18 months
Why You Should
Buy  From Us
Wo havo 125 10-acrcs lots for you  to select from,    You
, cnn savo from $15 to $25 por noro in clearing land  If you   .
•   tako your tlmo to soloct It as Bomo lots   cost   n   great donl
■' ' moro to donr thnn othors,
Wc  employ from 50  to 00 men thc year rouud    In   our,
logging and sawmill work, and clearing land.   If you wnnt a
position whon you cannot work on your land you can havo It
with us and onrn somo Ready CnBh.
..   , , If Intorostod apply to
Canyon City Lumber Co., Limited
g_.._—m.»m,<u~..i-~ i ._ n .n i
Moving Picture
The Best Pictures Being Shown in Fernie
Prices 10 and 15 Cents
0-'      ' ■w-*
-'* . -r.-.*-_*. liv.!*-'-. :- . -'-I - '    ,***_-^:,,.--r^*.-_.,.**. ''„*"_
A-.: :.<''.-yy..-. --:_■*.-"  -..■"-.,•.- '7->.">,.:*- «-*-. „•_■*.
-_. ,it.;.- yS"* iv7,T*?"**'" ti'--- . -^■ky-r&*y-~".-.:
-i _-rf_$w ^vu;..^ ".V'^-SS^s-*._■■■£/.■.:■_"* -•'S-^S-C^W^^ »-W*-&^
,7^;:^: j^^ ^T^:^;^. i^-:; *£?-*0.^yy^^yX^i^yiXX'-'yXXi^ ^^^^^^v^Sr^,'.-_€
a „:?rvc,^' '^7 f^ 5 yyy:. tay^-x-X??X^XXj 'XX^iXsXk X^ X % v-: -;."' * <': yX, XXX^X v* y_; S
*-\     **- -_•-"*■_ ■■■/■v-    """     *■••    <    -    ~~     Jl    ^    *'      . *■■       *       *-     **      -  «!? '"^    ■.jr'**'  "■*"' ,'   '        "■"■■ l "*■■■■■■    .T-"•'*-»   V l*      -* *. 2* -7-*■ f _--   »iv ■■ "5  ,T?B*1   l    .'-.**  ^     'i   " -i-s""'-•*■/ .*  ,~ ■ *"  V^
, ,»» _. v -   « ,i,,^>?,.   ,_ „*.--*. •      ^ ^       *        - i        !,,- f^-**'!. '     *   .-'   ■" \~*   *    S- -     T -        >-_.-*_*>—*   -■ *r ' ■   i-« '      ■*"*-■_-■     v- ,-■»-- w^>       - - ._._ i- ■■ t^f-t V ■*    -^—	
■■m. ■■. i ■■—__.^. ___1__^-: i . *,    I-- -i ■ -■■.-■.■   -■— —.——.■ —-- - * nm i____i._ii_i__ii_i._i  Hin, - ww_ —.k,, .Ufw. ""-.r.. VZ       ,—     'OC-T-   '•_:.
thb district i^pGER.-FERyni, .B.,g.;;dqy6,BEB 1.491Q.Uv W
-«.«■•. *.*! •^o. « t^l,V#->-
*.JW*.1JB,t.-W-»H.»'*-    I
i "V?"v*»*' » "■ *
Dust Explosions din
Powder, and Gas as Causes of Explosions. -  Importance of Removing Dust.
> _t
Many Timely Suggestions Tor Allaying
the Coal Dust.   Watering is Oiie Way.
By'Franklin Bache, Fort Smith," Ark.
There seems to he a feeling that
there has.;been .something mysterious
at'-the'bottom of a, number,'of recent
colliery' explosions, * however, - it    is
sate, to .say that no explosion haSj occurred" which could not be explained
by-most coal-mining engineers.   .The
possible - sources   of   explosions aro
from explosives, gas, and coal dust.
. Explosives stored    in ' quantity' in
the mine are almost universally prohibited by law and mine rules, and
from this source there' is little danger..   An   explosive  mixture   of   gas
nnd air, the old enemy of the coal
miner, while It, is'always a lurking
danger, can bo detppl.ed with the aid
of tlio safety .lamp," and with the aid
"pf' modern ventilating' fans arid tl\e
knowledge of mine ventilation,, firedamp. I.s not allowed _p accumulate.'
Eypii, in7.nli[le'sl',making'_j_as, so,fast
tlyiC'^pJoslv/b ...mixtijres ' migb.t be
fofme^thrpugngut^the "working..in a
*^hoi*t'"t!me* through' -jn'y, failure", in
•ventilation, sucli" failure is invariably
discbuntejtl,,  by   duplicate ventilating
pl'iuits so/that.the chan.ee*..of ga§ explosions affecting whole mines, is very
.small! "The danger to] the individual
miner, "oj-'to srnall numbers working
In some section of a mine, is inherent
in the work;, and, even with safety
lamps and  well-directed  air-currents,
individuals here and    there    will' be
burned. ' The effects bf explosions of
small quantities of gas in agitating,
and  firing coal  dust,* and  tho effect
of gas in less than explosive proportions In the presence of'a blown**out
shot in a dusty mine, are matters to
lie considered under the head of dust.
Coal dust, therefore, alone remains
as an indispensable cause of great explosions.   For many years this source
of danger has'been recognized, par-
=  ticularly in the "deep mines of Great
. Britain; but it.was not until the investigation of tho Pocahontas''explo
sion in 1884 that the .subject aroused
more than theoretical interest in this
country.    Very little "has been done
here in tbe way - of    scientific and
• laboratory  inquiry  into  this  matter,
probably because   the   investigations
■ on the other side had-been thorough,
and there did not-seem to be mu'ch
.room left to better them.    The dangers, from coal dust are well known,
 and   whnt   is   neetlefl' is   some,   gnn'r.
method' of' getting' rid of the dust.
It is known also that, next to eliminating the 'dust, the best thing is to
undercut and wedge down the coal,
using no explosive whatever. If this
be impracticable, the "next best thing
is to undercut the coal and use little
explosive.'i"'"'1 .iliflt uttie as nameless'
nnd smokeless as it can be.'
For reducing " the. danger from
blown-out shots disturbing and firing
the dust, the best means js to undercut the coal, so (hat small charges
of powder will suffice, and. not, "let
tlie powder dp Uio work.!' ,,. ■"...,.
So long as tho mliior receives aii
much por ton of, mine-run coal with
80 per cent, of slack, which ho.has
shot down from tlio coal seam with
tho did only of nn excessive and dan-
.gcrous amount of explosive,'as ho gets
for a ton of mine-run coal containing
80 per cont. of lump, tho rosult of
first undercutting the coal aiid then
letting tho powder do only somo of
tlio work, ho , (being human) will
shoot off tho solid, and when he finds
that the enormous chargo of powder
,Ib dangerous to his life ho will ondoavor to make coal mining snfo (lo
him) by'Insisting thnt, tho .company
shnll procure" men'who do iiot'niln'd
lho vink, to flro tho shots. If thc
company does not. soo tlio mutter In
Hint light, tho stnto logislnluro Is Induced to pasfi laws forbidding minors
■to flro thoir own Bliots, nnd compelling operators to employ othor inmi
to perform thnl  ilniigorous duty.
. If, In addition to procuring the pas-
sngo of lawn requiring tlio employment
of othor mon to flro shots which tl\o
minors tiro nfrnld In flro thomslovos,
(ho Intlor would go n stop furlhtu'
"nnd hnvo rultlltloiifil laws prif'sed prohibiting tho firing of nny shots uiiIohh
.(lit) conl hnd boon uniloh'iil, thero
would ho fow diiHt explosions, nnd tho
Hliot-flroi- nitild no longer truthfully
*hiiy;_ "The, cninpnuy dou't pny md no
hiinfiv*.y I- just hot tho coinpiiny $11
A night, thnt I won'l get out of llu.*
"nilno, Whon tho compiiny Iohoh, It
pays mo $:t; whon It wins, It Iiui'Ioh
llllt ItUll'lllIK lho (in'lvnl of Unit.
Hi-iiiliiilllciiiilimi the minor'., ileloetnl'lo
sport or slioiilliig off lho Holld, wllh
Hh froiiut'iil, windy hIioih will ho run-
(limed nnd tho powder will "do Hip
work," tin utility h fnili<>i-loMt- family
cnn toHtlfy, Menu wlillo, tho minor Iiiih
re-limed IiIh ncciipntloii ft tint nun ro*
(pill-lug a foiiKlilonthlo nmniini of
skill, to one in which !t0 per ronl, of
1>)H  llllitil'  ClMIHlHtH  of  IlllSnllltely   HOl.l-
iiig but Nhnvelhig i-onl from tlm floor
of the initio Int.) n pit  enr, n thing
**. < .        ...      , , ,
hr-fir-*' ite-lvneUnti l.v t\x\v l-mmlrrnnl
tlio dny nfitir ho InndH for mio-tlilrd
of whnt Is pnld  by tli« "snilo" of
the'ribs and roof. In many mines,' to
.wet the-roof means-to bring-it down,
.with' attendant.damage, and expense.
Scattering in, the ' entries some
hygroscopic .substance, such us "calcium chloride or common- salt, has
proved fairly, efficient. _-..,, ••;
* Moistening the, air; with' steam .or
•a spray of* water .before it enters the
mine: is not effective. * . * •» * * - -
7 In the summer,* when the outer*iiii-
is warmer than'tlie mine, tho'cooling
of the'air as itentei's the mine quickly-causes it*to* deposit, on the roof
and elsewhere, near the intake, -the
surplus* moisture "which its lowered
temperature no longer permits it-to
carry. Hence,- a humid air-current
cannot be takon through"; the whole
■mino. .To ndd"moisture to tho air of
the  down-cast - .would  be. useless.
Iri,tlie winter,'no matter how fully
'satdrAted- the'air may be as it-enters
tUe'nlhie,''as's"oon as its-temperature
is-'raised fo that" of the workings'It
is-no longer Saturated, 'and,'.instead;
of depositing, it abeorbs-riioisture.'- In,
winter, therefore,' unless the temperature of 'the .entering air be raised
to that of- the mine at- the same time
that it* is saturated wltli moisture, lt
would be useless" to moisten it.
■ It might' pay' to heat the' air ..tb'the.
mine temperature at tae" same' time"'it
is moistened (both could be"done by
steam, jets, and .exhaust steam,5now.
'wasted • could * be' used), or*, tho "air
could be moistened* in the mine' after
it had traveled far'enouglrto acquire
the mine temperature., - y '" l
Biit both, watering tho "entries aiid
moistening the air' are subject, in
many localities, to. the' very serious
objection that the "moistened roof will
slack and fall, and 'become a "source
of danger.'   ; ■ ..- -
The best way. to' stop dust explosions is to remove the dust from all
haulage" ways that are near' enough
to' working places to be 'affected by
blown-out shots. It is"'not", .in niy
opinion, necessary to remove the dust
from ro'oms. ''The dust made in.mining and* loading the ,eoal is comparatively coarse and safe. The "dangerous material Is the impalpable dust-
made by the men, mule's.-.and cars on
the, haulage ways.
. If the dust .* is , removed from the,
haulage ways-.wherever it is in jux-
Loss on .'Screenings ': .*... v'...'.".. .50
Expense- in San- Francisco of ,.'-'•'•
.. handling "coal-..-. "•"•■•'..   1-00
.     , .     TO EXECUTIVE.." , 't
Lizard LoMl.Ge^e^-.Jje^rp'sters No^t
y.4i; '/M®tsVeVery7ErIda"y'night a\
fS-jb.mi-:^mkers siini6ii'?lhall:     A. L':
;*I^les^r„e§^ent^J*^^liiam Long, Re-
"cording-Secretary? ■7"''     '**
Competi.tionfFor Positions as Junior
-• Clerks, and -Stenographers.
• Atotal ofi-per ton..-..,-. ..'.\ 7-3.50
• -What*' occurs   to, me   is *" that' .the'
British  Columbia people-'are "paying
more for their coal than the*£ should,
and as it appears to me ar„e not get
ting * fair treatment_"7.
■' The only "explanation that I'tan see
in regard' to this 'state of a'ffairs-is
that the coal trust* in-San Francisco
who handle all the British Columbia
coal, is a foreign "company; and' the
shareholders,'for .lie most-part," I', understand, are "citizens of the  Unite'd"
States; therefore they have no interest lii common with our home 'people,',
and - tho  company  would * appear1' to',
have but'one aim—and ^that Is'reaching out for the almighty dollar.',   *.
What surprises' me most is the fact'
that the British' Columbia- 'parliament
or th'e dominion 'government has not
"wakened up" to what woiild' be con-'
sidered a most unsatisfactory'-state of
affairs in Britain. * 'Only a-' fe"\y -gear's
ago 'the1 British'-governnfeht' enacted
a* law establishing ari export,'.tax ou
all""coal-exported' fo foreign'countries.
This" tax has a double object in view*;
first 6fy all it was' intended- jtb prevent' so much of the very best coal
which. '-England' arid., Wales' prdduces
being exported,  andi- the' other was
tha*. the' prices within ''England and
Wales'- should be a little. lo-\ve'r tiian'
the foreign people' were able to,' get
the very best-*of coal.' '"        , '■ ■
■> You will pardon me for enforcing
my-observations in"your columns, but
I "am * strongly -'.of "the ' opinion  that
the British Columbia people are not
aware of how they are-being treated
in ■ this    coal    question,    particularly"
when, their coal is being sold about
1,000 miles away from them in a foreign   market  and, at  a  lower  price
than they- themselves hdv'e to pay." It
"seems ;td me| a most absurd ostate""of
affairs;    It is just"possible'thdf tlie
British Columbia people are so much'
taken up. with-the prosperity, which I
was'"happy'to notice during my sojourn in British'' Columbia,' that' they
are not'aware "of-what is going on'.in
the coal situation.' -.You" will" understand that my only object in placing
these facts  before, you,- is  to, show.,
that- the so-called coal trust iii San'
Francisco measures" but'. "a 'different
Bartenders'-'Local- No.*514". -Meets 2nd
' and 4th'*Sundays, at-2.30 p.m.'Secre-
' ;tary J, ^...'Gpupffl., Waldorf Hotel;. ',
00 per cent, of tlie danger' from dust
explosions will'.. be - avoided'. If no
shots are fired' except when only'the
shot-fire'r is in the mine, the loss of
life in case of an"explosion will.b'o
reduced, If,, in addition, the firing
or any shots hi coal not undercut* be
prohibited there will practically-be no'
dust explosions. ' •        '■' [.
Sweeping the roof/sides, and floor
of iin entry for a,few-hundred ,feet
and loading tho dust out every week,
or two Is not an appalling task. And
tho providing of dust-proof pit cars
would not. be" 'impossible/ "We' could
oven do away with tho end, dopr, and
dump car bn'self-dumping'■ cages by
making some changes, in our dumping
arrnngdmonts,      * ,,
Tho suggestion haa boen mado that,
there would be fewer,dust, explosions
If the volujno'of the*ventilating currents wero reduced., This Is doubtless truo. ..The less ventilation, tho
loss drying out of thp dust and tho
less dust stirred, up.' But it has
taken 11 conlwry' to got all hands
connected with conl mlnos thoroughly
educated to the desirability of nmplo
nlr, 'so thnt now no'gront dlsnstors,
rosult- from" gns.' Lot iis not compromise and'dccl-da that, In ordor,jtp
savo somo lives from dust explosions,
we will sacrifice them- to gns explosions, Tho logical thing Is to
minimizes, in 'ovory' posslblo wny tho
pinking.of dust, nntl to romovo from
the .mlno tlmt which Is unavoidable.
Tho Goologlcnl Survey Commission
should, when emphasizing tho danger
of firing hoavy charges' of explosives,
mnko tho ronHonn tso rlenr, express
thom ho ronelsoly nntl ■ simply, nnd
puhllHh thom in ro mnny'liingunj.es,
tlmt thoy will roach lho mitloi'Htimd.
lug of,ovory minor, ovon tlto most
Ignornut. At. tho hiiiiio tlmo It Ih (q
ho hoped It will nvoid technical ox-
Prussians, so Hint Kh concliiBloim find
i*..*iihoi.h mny bo rend Ily understood by
tho "non-mining public nnd by login-
lutdi'H. Under, tho pressure of pub-
lie opinion .nml through thoir own
oiillglitonmr-iu, tha miners, (homsi-lvc-s
mny consent In tlmo lo legislation
limiting the chinge of explosives and
compelling the undoi'diltlng of conl.
treatment- lo^thelr- "buyers -jii^ San
Francisco 'from what"' they. '<.<lo- .in
British Columbia!" Seeing tliat "the
latter'have"' to pay .quite as' diuch.'if
not * more, than •; the' people _.of San
Francisco, It occurs.'to nie that* the
export'tax is the'only way to'deal
with such' an unsatisfactory' state of
.".VICTORIA; Sept.'27.—The report"bf
the civil service, 'commissioner's 'for
British .Columbia- embodying' regula-
tioiis.''r,ecommended for "adoption in
connection 'with 'the examination .of
candidates for the' civil,,*service."of
this - province was today, laid before
the "members "'of ;7'the executive by
Hon. Dr. Young, ancl arrangements
authorized for the holding' of examinations in accordance with the-provisions,." ot the .act. p. .D. .-.Walkerj
chief clerk in the department .of the
"Provincial, secretary, .has,,. a}sp been
nnmed' to act as registrar under * th.e
gjvil s<|ryic-e act. The.reixort&.o^tho
commissioners provides-for annual examinations in June. ,
"• ■ Junior Clerkships; **
-,Tho general., competitive examination'for junior'* subjects: ■ Writing!
spelling ,composition*'(including grammar _ and ■ precise ■„- writing) -copying
mamiscr-ipts (including..writing)'Larlth-;
luetic*, geography, history. *'";.'
For Stenographers."'
. ^The. competitive   examination, for
..ty_pe.wrlters   and .stenographers shall
includo in .addition to. writing, ..spell-,
jng,. composition andj* copying ^manu-
.scriptsi prescribed for junior clerks,
•typewriting.   To successfully-pass the
OxaminaUbns candidates   must .make"
.not-less than 34 per..cent.-.ih .each-.su^
ject aiid. not*. Jess than 50 per cent
in' -all  .subjects.-   Every   successful
candidate before receiving a- permanent appointment <to the civil service
must. furnish the civil service, commissioners ,with a certificate of good
health,   An .acknowledgement of ".the
receipt of'an,.application-will bo*sent
to„all candidate-and anyone filing, an
application who • does not • receive - an
acknowledgement within a reasonable
.time should-at. once write to the registrar of .the civil service commission,
Victoria,.B.. C.     ■•'*•-."    ...     *, ;.
•y ' Re-Examination."" ■ -I-
, As soon as practicable after the. examination ,. the papers', of the candidates will* be marked and their standing ^ascertained and communicated to
them by" the'registrar. - Prior to that'
time'no', enquiries addressed-to the
commissioners will be answered.
Within one month after the publica-
Gladstone Local No. 2314.lii,M. W..A.
- "Meets 2nd and-Jth Saturday- Miners,
'VUnioh. hall.1**-" i). Hees; Seh. *,; - ■*■    {'
; v;V,<-«'_,, -t .i-,.._..v.f .,' . 7- «, *. n..- -'.J- '<..:\i
.77°-' :i    "DENTIST. -  . . 7 -  >
',!** Offico:; Johnson-Faulkner. Block. 7^
•HimielB^M^ ^ «' :■* :-&M&D§?i*
-*5',   ' ..--.V.
. .   ,, s5T_L',ciis*\»«_f «■
B. C.
'--"->„■*;.. -*r-1
IT- .,»• V *- ."> -./.V *S •>,
, *   *.' 4! +-.*._
> ; v-dr: j,'barber; DENJI8T. ~
^Office Henderson Blbck',"Ferhi^'^B.C..
- ..-■ Hoiirs 9 to. i;._2.'tby. JS.to^V
-      ' *"    ,      •>'     iK^r" »  .        -.■.    -        '   "-u- *.i   ^r "' *J-   n"*
'"'"..' Residence -23. "Vlotbria,-" Ave.^"1!':,
Typographical Unit^n No-.,,55.5' ,>•■_-e<-.,;8
las't.Satur'dayln'each moatti\at the
Ledger Office. '* 'A. 3', Buckley;' Sec-
- 'retary;'7 ■ -, ■ ' ' '7' ■  ,' .   '*' *-i 7
Local* Fernie Nb.v17 S.* P. of C'Meets
ln Miners Tlnion Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome,.D.
.  Paton, Secretary-Treasur.er; '* *   ... ~i
Amalgamated Society. Carpenters .and
Joiners:—Meet iii.Mlners Hall every
" alternate Thursday at 8 o'clock! A.
■* Ward, secretary. P.O. 307.-'.''""' .*"
United Brotherhood of Carpenters arid
Joiners.—Local'1220. "D. J. Evans,
President; F.-H. Shaw. Secretary_7-
.W..P.,Ros8,K.:C_- 7.
";"■''" '" ""' ROSsJ-J^.tANE ; '"''
:■*.,' *■ Barristers, and'Solicitors
7 ■yjy.:i"'--
y.VV.S. llarie
Fernie, B, C."
t _
r •»-*.> «"■ ■**.
''>*■.-"?.-,.   . „
"AoMcDougaU;; Hlgvy
• *V?V -h_.-V4.
', , **!■'
Li P. Eckstein
. D. E. McTaggart
Oox Street-
-;' Fernie B.C.
NATIONALS _l^ * l ■.'•      .-.'-V -,-,';
'Westminster, Allow Chiallengers Only
One Goal on'.SaVurday and - Woh7
by   Margin, of Teh   Goals-r 7 *
Challengers Outclassed.:'-
F. C. Lawe 7
Alex. I. Fisher.
y'''' ■' \lt'AyNky4'fl9i[ijti
; -;-':"'ATTOlttNEYS'
-.i5***-.*'^. "j-'-T~-*sa*7.7V"7Y- j'^/r'-•"5^,-i.v.
f^MahufiicturerS:Of and Deal-7
?-iym itall fends of Rougli V>
.Fernie-,.B. C.
IMllor World,*™Slnr-o leaving' my
iimiIvii homn in tho nnrllii-nst const of
MiiRliiml I lmvo trnvoled through your
wottilt'tfill country nntl ntn now In
Hnu KinnclHCo, hut as a truo Hrlilnh-
it I took puiticUiiir noto of the iouti-
try 011 my trip tlirou-ylt Cnnndn, with
iih iiaturni rcHoiuifH nud all norm of
.',..,'.  .'_•_.->.,    ,\,s 1 „,., ('.nm,',.!,** it,.,1, yj.tj
coudHlnjiH * In   IJiiKl.'tiid   nml   Wales,,
nnlurnlly I tnnk n prldo In lnqii|iln«
. The above Is so rich all the way
through that we have nb excuse to
.offer for.,its-publicaUoniii full.. The
idea of anyone in this day and-generation being-proud of being a "truo
Britisher" would bo almost unbelievable were It not sufficiently .absurd to -bo highly probable," Proud
of being a member of a race* whoso
whole history is ono of murder, ntul
rapine, robbery with violence and by
stealth, a nation of" huckstors'^nnd
slaves! Of courso we nro no' worso
than tiny other 'civilized, peoplo but
that Is nothing to rush into print
• This doughty traveler's explanation
of tho pocullnr lihononionn In conl
prices which ho mentions Is quito on
a pnr with nnd oqunlly as ronsonnblo
ns his pntriotlBin. Of courso "citizens
of th'o United Stntos," bolng also
patriotic, would naturally soli- coal
cheaper to tliolr -compatriots nnd
mnko tho bnso Cnnndlnns pny tho
plpor. Now that Mncltenzio & Munn,
"truo nrltlshors," hnvo eorrnllod tho
conl fields we may oxpoct tho prlco
of eoM to go'up In Frisco nnd down
in Vnncouvor. "Reaching out. for tho
almighty dollnr" Is of courso' never
tho aim Qf truo nrltlshors. Whnt
nstonishos us, howovor, Is Hint it
wnn nccPHsnry to put nn export {Wf,
on c'onl lii'Clrrmt, llrltnln. Is it posslblo Hint Uio shareholders in thoso
colllorlos woro iiIho cIiI_..*iih of lho
United Stntos or othor such llko foreigners?
Tho remody ho proponoH for UiIh
lsnicntiililu' uxlnrtlon which Is bolng
prncilecd upon our linfortiinnlo consumers Is bo slmplo Ihnl It Is curious
It hns novor boen thought of boforo,
lt Is uiiforiiiiiiitf. our travolor hnd not
blown along a III tlo snowy, whou
-Oolllory-owwir " Htinsmulr wiih lieu-
ti nniit-gorfniar of this pnitliicn. It
Ih cortnln ]w would hnvo hnd lho mailer nllowlpil to ns hooii iih it wns
cnllcd to IiIm nttonllon ovon' If. ho Ioh!
minify by it. liMng n truo llrltlshcr
ho wns fjullo nbovo "rpnthlng out for
tin1 nlmlghly dollar."—Wostorn Clarion,
-wages to  ho nu-niiiu miner of ro.h.y., „„0 „lp r0fll rmi(„tIoil(l ,n »hft vnrmlll4
Tin.   linlu.nl   first   »tcp   tn   kH.Iju i ..Moh whlp|l , pBWlM (lirm|Rh ,n Cnn,
rid  of  thr.  -mi.,   would  1.1.  lo  mnk.« !„,,„, „„,,  B,„fB    my    BrrivBl hm(. *
._.■.n^ uur,:   \i,i   Uliiii it .mtli(_   .in- (Dill in-
slcntl or shooting It. off tin' KOlld.
' Tho remedy nlmost unlvcrsnlly
siiggcHtcd nwl employed Ih to wnter
or otliorwlhc tlnmpcn tho ilum. I-ny-
Irig plpo In the enirlt'H nnd wntorlng
the roadways Is satisfactory If thor-
0UKlit>   -v.u'tiitl  tntt.
Iiiit tlio watering must bn dom**- st
f.i-it'iuhl InlfivuIm, umi Hut pipei. iittist
he inlti to Uio faco of (ho entries
nntl kept In repair. This work he.
comes n winter of dnlly routine. To
lay tho dut-tt thoroughly Is a lonn snd
rather tedious jolt, tit any ono will
testify who hns seen how water will
apparently run nnd>r th« dust, rnn
around It. float It—In fact, do almost
anything*, but mix with If, More-over,
the most Impslpabl* and moat dangerous duit will be found lodged on
iin.)fn*tmi(| tlmt tho most of tlio con]
which Is us. 1 In 8nn Francisco mar-
kclH comes from nrltlsh Columbln.
TIiIk t nm very proud of ns n Hrltinker, but when I was In Vancouver I
wns told thoro thai the snl-t prlco of
eon) wns nbout $7.f.O lo IS.f.O, while
the Baine coal In Bnn Franclscp sold
ns low ns $8 nml In Kom» Instnnce*
H.iW pur tori, 'i'hit. Im ior xr-rct-ttoil
roal; ami I found thnt tho lots on
theno scr-p-Miln*.* was So cents per
ton. In prwwutlng further In-
(|til«lcs I unt{f_-*tan.t that it corns In
handlinf Van-rouiyr <tasI from the
mines to Ban Franclxco nbout fllo
per ton, which i* arrived at US loi-
Freight, per ton  fi,sO
Jtatjr   '_
8tato Toll*  ,,   ,05
VICTOTUA, Kopt.'. 28.--Tho report
of tlio university commission appointed during tlio summer lo selpct the
Blto of Uio llrltlsh Columbia university wnH niiitle tuiblle imittv lt-.\'tm»
been received only Itthl .Monday.
They havo decided on Point .Grey, it
ncnuldo subnrli of Vancouver as lho
site Tho commissioners were. II. O.
Weldon, O. Dnulh, C. C. Jones, O, D.
Hkoltoii nnd Walter C. .Murray, nil
7tion. o"f^resu'lt"srof~~a"civfr:service ex
amination, - any. candidate , who considers that his answers -have not-been
correctly,• valued-'may - make • "applies-
■to 'the, commissioner to have his papers re-examined. ° Such ari application must be accompanied' by a fee
of-$5, ' In cases'Where the'application is granted the fee will .be -returned. -,,-> .;
The report Is" signed by Alexander
Robinson, W; J.'.,Goepel and J. P. McLeod, civil service commissioners and
examiners.       ' - •
Membership  Now Totals 720,038, In-
,    eluding 82,642  Women—Has    »
76 Dallies.
BERLIN, Sept. 2o.—According to
tho annual roport presontod to tho
Soelnllst congress hold at Magdeburg,
tho Gorman Social Democratic party
Iiiih a momborshlp of 720,038, as com*
pared with 033,809 lnstt year, with
38'1.327 In 1900;
Of UiIh total 82,6*12 aro womon an
Increnso of 20,383 since InRf yonr.
Pnrty organizations exist in all constituencies but. 10.
Tho ncqount of tho pnrty, funds
show a revenuo of 226,301. and an ox-
poiidlluro of $200,000. As compared
wllh Inst, your, tho rovonud has liv
croasod. Tlio rlao In oxpondltpro |s
oxplnlnod as btjjhg. partly caiisod by
nn Increnso Qf $1*1,[.20 as compnrod
with last yonr In lho sum dovotod to
agitation. . ,
Tho party pohsosboh 70, dnlly nows-
pnpnrs and ono. nuni;torly porlndleal,
which Ik Intended'solely, for Iho uso
of tho blind, Tho numbor of subscribers to this journal Ib 0,000. Tho
numbor of subscribers to tho prlw
elpnl Bcriln organ of tho pnrty is
130,000, nn Incronso of 17,000,
eastern educationists.
Tho university silo commission nrolndvAiiiAKo over tho dwollor in Indus
strongly of tho opinion that the mil
verslty should not bo placed on a slto
which may In timo bo completely
surrounded by ft city. They rcsp.v:*.
fully su-west Hint not less thnn J<3A0
acres bo set apart for tbo university
eampu* and ;o_ *<«.» tor txxptrt-
mental purpot.es In -i-rrfc.ilfiir--' and
forestry rcscrvo for forestry operations nn a largo scale. Already two
million acres havo beon set niido by
tbo provincial cortromettt as an endowment fund for tho onimsliy.
Gathering In City Hall Discussed Caso
of Russian.
At a lnrgo iimfontluiHlnsllo moot-
ing of Koclnllflts held flundny night lu
tho Empress tliontor nn bohnlf pf lho
RiihhIiui rofugoo, Fwloronlto, whom
tho itimsinn govornment Is trying to
cxtindllo from Ihls country, tho
speakers woro E, T. Kingsley nnd
C. M. O'llrlon, tho Inttor Soelnllst
member nf tlio Alhorfn leglHlulun..
Tho thentor wns crowdod to Its utmost cnpnclty,
Mr   TtMiip-ttlnv bemtl   blp  anrteeb   tin
declaring tbnt tho working mon coti-
mu uio n slave class-undor the man-
ngninu.it. nnd control of tho capitalist*-. He snld Hint Fcrieronko Is
clmrged with killing nnd nrs'on, but It
has boon hold   In   similar   olrcnm-
ntntioiit.   t„     *t,A     TT*-'»»..'   eiir.tr...   ,i^>
during a timo of rovplution thoso aro
acts of war nnd riot extraditable offences. .    ' jl    '
Mr. O'llrlon then nddrosacd lho
mooting. Ho said (hat tl.o farmers
of tho pralrlo wero not so backward
as  some  supposed,    They hnd  this
Irlnl renters: Thoy bad onco boen
Industrial workers ihemselves; they
know iho "Induslrlos, and they knew
the farm as well. Tliey are, ho aald,
Industrial workers who havo become
property owners, and (hoy bavo
f-Mina tbo propmy-ow'ftlnjr allowfrd to
♦hem lho hl-jffe-fi. \ntrtx thnt, hnd nynr
b-5'.n lilayetl on Innocent and Ignorant
men. Today tho campalsn of education l« nuking great progress among
tbtm, at h |« also doing In tb« tan.
—Vancouver Province,
. Royals-'H.Goals--. Ahead on S-s.rles...
' First gapie-r-Westminste'r, 7, • -Nationals 3.- ■ ,7     ', • . .   ■■ :./■- •■*•;'.' '
•Second: game—Westminster* ll-,-* Nationals 1.  - ■■■■' ".*'••.''   -   , ; ■„'"■'':■ ;
i ' **-5 (  _      ■.      L,   i
"Total   on   series—Westminster' 18,
isTationais 4. . a*""''- •■■''"-,'- -" *■• j
t ' •■'■-,_, ■..'." . *. . '■
" Tucked away, in ""."the farthest' cor-,
ner  of the  sockeye  net,' the" Minto
Cup,  wnich'"means to its holders a
royal ."flush hand in lacrosse,' "didn't
budge, the' smallest fraction * of " an
inch-ori Saturday afternoon when the
. J ■ - , . i -    .■ .  7 - -
Naticmals of • Montreal, • the , fleur de
lis team of'the Eastern'League,-,made;
their final attempt to-dislodge it'from
its cosey "corner" in-the' Westminster
Salmonbelly strong room, and wound
"4  *^-ti*
.PitftieeV Guilder aiid Contractor oi'
.i-.Wi *
, Fernie
up,7with the "score, \V to 17, against'
them. *,.*-<•       ■ .. -     ,.-■ ■ i> 7o .',-■_
■- • '.- - ..-' t
"Miracles have been.known',to hap-.
pen,"biit'some say the'age'for,"such
.things have slid by,'; if-so," providing
the Royals keep up the pace,' li'obo'dy
now on earth can see the" day'when
their* will be gathered, together ff
team fast enough,' clever,"enough,
generals enough to outclass the brand
of play put up by the. world's champions in the second, quarter .of Saturday's contest.  '       '    '   7 '
Austrian Capitalists, Visiting City Today,     Have  ' Huge ,  Colonization
, Scheme for Better Classof Austrian
Farmers—Will Purchase Block' of
60,000 Acres. '
A hugo colonization schomo which
hns for Its objoct thp sottlomont of
10,000 sturdy Austrian farmers of tho
bettor classes on 00,000 acros In
Alborlu, Is bolng proposed by two
wpallhy .\ustrlnn capitalists who nro
visitors tb. tho city today.
Tho,two Austrian capitalists, who
nro• promoting tho schomo,'nnd who
nro look|pg nbout tho Edmonton district today nro Gustavo ElRonchlnnl
nnd. Stofon ■ Moldor, and •. thoy,' nro
understood to* ho worth thousnnds, If
not millions, Thoy roachod tho city
yostorday in company with „W. P,
Illnton, goneral passongor agont of
tho Grand Trunk Pnclflc, who hi ought"
thom ovor his, lino from Winnipeg
lp IiIh-prlvnto onr, Tho Austrlans
nro, nlso bolng accompanied by Prof,
fl, W. Morden, o ftho Manitoba Agrl-
qiilturnl collogo, who Ib traveling
through tho wost with tho forolgn-
ors, both as Interpreter In thoir conversations with tho pooplo'of this
country, and ns Intorproior to thorn of
ngrlculturnl conditions"In tho wost.
llosldos bolng an oxport In ngrlcul-
lum, l'rof. • Morden also spoalis Gorman vory riuniiUy, and Is acting In
tho tluni cnpnclty during his trip
with tha Auslrlmis.
Whnt lho Austrian capitalists pro
poso Is to bring to Alborta 10,000 of
Um bost AiiHtrlnn formers. Ah (hoy
fully realize tho Cnnndlnn west has
rocolvod a,vory lnrgo numbor of whnt
tho Aiistrlnn look upon as tliolr low-
em cliiHt-oH of tho Huthonlnns, Thoy
hnvo n lino of sovoral Uimisnnds of
vory prosperous farmers In tliolr own
Innd, whom thev nredeRlrnus of nob
tllng on tho broad ncros of wostorn
■C»t,._,.*., ai... (.icir mj.ioiuo ... (o pur-
chnso out right a block of homo 60,000
acres of Innd nnd to sottlo theso
fnrmors upon thnt land, iipon what,
ovor terms might afterwards 'bu
nureed upon
Tho Aimtrlnii capitalists havo nol
yet located the right spot. In tho wosl
whoro thoy fool satisfied thoy can gel
Um best land for their monoy. Thoj
havo tho cobIi wltb thorn nnd nro pro
imrod to mnko n purchase right away
nnd should they find wbftf they wnni
thoy,will waste littlo tlmo in pro-
Tlto cnpitallsis bsro seen n uroal
deal of tho land In flaskntchowan, but
aro gnsUy Uum wltb (bo land ihoy
have seen along lho lino of tho
nrand Trunk Pnclflc, which thoy bo-
Hero mil bo Ideal for th<.ir pur-
poti^rt. Tomorrow thty avu to lo
taken for an extensive automobile
tour of the farming country about tlio
city, by H. if. -Smith, and it la prob-
ablo thai they will make a purcbatw
before leaving AlberU.
's Hotel
'RE STAli ;R A;N-T«
Under New Management
\  _*'„_ •*■     * * 41* **■*' *•   '     K ■*    'r-.'*
7Excellent7fable'and .,;.;
„ ;; all white help . -,   - - A
Additional:Table for
28 More Men
,^-V_._._,:r.*-. ii'.'.
t I r* "     '    "
Wm. Eschwigj'Proprietor
■ •■ •        i   ■ '--,
, New ancl up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe').Attached -
it-       t      r    *x\
Bar supplied with tho best Wlnos,
1 Liquors nnd Cignvs
On first class
buslnooi and residential proporty,
Real Estate & Insurance
Croo & Moffatt
• (
• (
• (
■ (
• t
't   ...  . '
:i WM.     BARTON I
Avtmn*   Vortitr-   n-*«««r'*h
. Pellatt   Ave,   North I
■ t j,
Bar? Unexcelled
All WJhite Help;
7 Everything/
'; Up-to-date .
-■*■., ■(     l
Call in and :
^y   i      ;•   ) " -    i i -   -t>
;"-see-,us once.'
v,   The" Hotel: of Fernie
.*■ Fornio's Lending Commercial
-'  „        '     ■ ■' ,'J-*
nnd Tourist Houso   ■,
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Chartered Accountant, Assignee*, Llq«
,„  uldator and Trustee;   auditor to
the Cities of Calgary (and Fernie.
O.  Box 308
: MEAN CO., Ltd,.
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Iahyo Ordors with W. Keay
_H6Nt ti
Tn-L. li-aTVutr. *Mii«*»,-» s.uV-/AVVi
j. , • i
In proforonco to others,Is tlio ono
whoso label boors bur namo which Is.
ft guarantoo or both purity and quality,.
•■ut sell thom by tho c/is'i to tint class
hotels, dealers, clr-lbs, otc. Aik for
thorn nnd yo'i'll know why tho bsi,t
JurtgcN profor them,
Ledger Ads Pay ttj.,^-    *K.*V-
.. r. -i .-^TS*c«a>jv-f*ar-a"*-:-<£,_*_
-\. .;--*.*i _j-;   ■.>•-;--
-*-. *-*■*_ - --•**' -, -_».
;' "J - -,- *   ;.  -   -C_i *-.. -,-,'r .
- i-«_.c--,-_. i- ■?>.
^X-'-.Y'A^**.?-.:,' ■*■
r- .
-        .             V
~^*V^ v.:;J.
v  -"     l-t«■
"^    .   *i.   *I*
* "* - ^"■t" -*. \" - ■-*
■* •"
_   --_r-_i •**■(.
*  ■ - "^ _**■**
*•**-.'-.■. «.^«„.,_. r^.rAfi-^r "'.
cTHEyDISTBICT j^DGERj::FEBto',-. R,C,, OCfOBERffcx^ift:.;-.. ~ _
|r *' ?■
-V*. ^*N-y =
■j, ■>. i i«i_j»!j*''. »frS'
Wholesale Liquor .^Dealer
- ,v.*-~_^»^v--^v>*;*¥*^-.*.^Aii^^",f
Dry Goods, Groceries. Boots and Shoes
» '        /Gents" Furnishings"-*   *7'* .
-'7 -7"'-v'-.■•■--.'' ■.'•,7v.*-''
• BRANCH: AT :HbSMER,,'*B.C;!;"
A . v#j
-Nowhere-in'the .Pass can be
-found'.. ypr,:~'-yi.:' y\
; _ >We..have .the. bestimoney7
|'-..can buy.ofvBeef,.vPork,':Mut-J;
' ;',ton, Veal. * -Routtry,." Butter,.'1'
./;Eggs| Fish, ".imperatop Hams ;7
7 and Bacon" Lard,   Sausages,"
" Welners and Sauer Kraut'.' ".*""
.v"     PHONE OR CALL   0>
Calgary Cattle Co.
Our Fo^ei^nM^others I
*-.yxiyy<)i vx ¥-y&yoki--. *"<e-.. -c^o j
--j--.".'' "•"Jt - "v-r.-V ^,-^t; ,.*\'-\t%.y.'.-J.-,»/-*-»;*v4».'«
PER--I -MlNATORI-UNiTI^-~7 .17^
Ufficiall ;*e Membri  Delle, Locali. Dei
*  -' --   : Mlnatdri'-i'Anlericaj.j;?; 7 .-"
Phone 56-
Fernie-Fort Steele
•    "" -*-,'"      ,-V '   J -1 ■ '"   *
._.^g,«*'-€»..'tt^y K-'&,"Ci!<t'-,5-ic>*i,■*♦<'>:;'%
, f Bottled Goods a Specialty
iX'ii■'•'"-XX:~-.X?''"''"•"' '-■-**
: -* JMt^t^MMf j»L^^^^^.VLY¥¥***f *
* n
' ♦«.-
"* -ft i
-    tt*'
.' * c
I . t
"', 't
■ ',"■«
'-'v   t _*
'   ■'-.
.   -, I -.
.. •'■ t-'.
'. ■' '
'- ft
7   f
6     <
v  .      »   .
• f
." :'*»•»'
" >;'*) ■*
.* >.-
"Meals 2Sc. . MealTickets $S!o6'.'? > ■
_j --■■-.  ■ '■- -       ■   i* ■■ >■
 _ ,___ ,_ .j.
**  -* -* ., :.';£■<■£:'?,-*-.i-r-y™i.
' jy'uang Rooni;and. Beds under;
,- New! Managemen_:7-7''  < ■ .'-;7', ;.
•First class 7table board
Rates-f 1..00 per.day   js
5^   R. Henderson, blnln*j'__to_lm^<','.';,
jratelli:.    " .....j.:.-!/.. ..y,".,.-. .77
o^Voi -7 sa'pete ''della *( speciale _---c6nven-
ziorie 7 internazzlonale ' cbe . adotto il
•proposito.' per xn) -a'ssegpiajaento' di un
dollaro" per settimaiaa ad'o'gni mempi-6
del,mlnatorl    uniti . d'America    che
erano_ indehtl al'lavoro.- -Jy" /v7,**:7.":7
- 7Questoiammontanare era" per essere
.distribulto; per- "fondq _.di' spccorso ^ per
1-mlnatorl-tiitt'ora itf i**Joldpero'--com-
battenti * per aumento di salario non
solo, ma •per.-piu'.Uibberta'.ir'.7|   ■ v*.-
■"   II r'eggent. 'contratto1 di; siilario ;"a
assicurato ,di dare' inpjego per. 75,00vQ
dei, nostri membri' In sciopero.. Sotto
ie ' circostanze   flnanzial'l ]*• attuali ; i
nostri membri, essere in, generale al-
leggerltlv'di- attuali.oneri.-". ^,- ».. --
■ ;• Eravate intesi che. la .vostra con-
•ivenzlone ihternazzidnale"'dava: p'otere
alla*;cbmmisslone essequtiva dl rldur-
re "o, pure. abbolire *; il ■* sopra* citato-- assegniamento. ,   .,    7.*"°/-',,, -. '-■ .:
Al momento che.avessesaputo che
Id {"sciopero - a ' punti -.determlnativl
"estato, notificatd. alia .commissione in-
ternazzionale. - a rlcevere  autorita,. di
flduf're'Jrassegriimehto. "/"-."' '7" '„'
Vdi-siete' avvertiti'che rammontare
che sara collettato,,durante Settembre
-e'.Ottobre dl .25 .soldi per_* settimana
ad ogni irienibro eijuivale1 ad; un.7doi-
laird , per'-- settimana - autbrizato dalla"
convenzidiie speciale. •*:- ,7 *."■-;  ., 7"'
; ^Voi comprenderete che la questo ar-'
"rangiamento tiitte'le local! uriioni dei
mlnatorl d'America7che -i, loro' membri trovaiisi inplegatl, dal primo giugno devono pag-wo presto, che .ajkbijino.
cbllettato T'ammontare dei   25    soldi
al'ufficio nazzionale o pure un dollaro
perLmese' ad""ogni membro"dal "mese
'dP'Gfugno, Li^tgllo, Agosto .Settembre
.ed Ottobre7-'* *. ,'_       ; ,7    '.', *- -
.7 *-Le:.-uriioni locallche troyantesl in-
oper.osi per -vla'.di sciopero d vero che'
sieno,.,' state ' i Intitolate , ad   esonerd
> solo^ute^aua. dp; gj£-.ufQpiaU^ ^ab-
biano fatto'applicazzione prontamente
I per.vogniv-mese. e; provveduto, al'uopo
[.dalla/c'ostituzione iiiternazzionale solo
in* accordanze .con* lai-legge.'cbe gov-
erna la ".esonerazione". ""7 v"'c "   "' '■ : ■'
. , Gli-.ufficiali delle."union! lqcali dov-
"ramio; essere'-pronti '.ad 'esplicare"'_il.
presentedavviso al ri'ostrit membri,
- Ggiii "locale-u'nldhe'clje abbla avan-?
zatol'oTpagatp .dl*7u"h7SolIai*o7per * set-
1'amin.ont'o pagato'!/   ■ "-'"' v.*'_:-   7 '"
••^-."Qul/avvi^raggloiio^'dl '-credere.'che.
'^altr'o-..scibperd.*ora iii" _ rogresso sara"
Iin-. temgovseiato 7'. con-''piena sdddis-
fazziono;della']^nostra membfaiiza. Che
appdr.tera.-dUQ-'aHnldi pace nell'indus-:
tria-mineraria dt questo paese.-* '. }
.l.'L'asclano'ad ogni membro dl estehd-
''ere^uha'toY-jfa'. d'lnfluenza edl orgariiz-
!zazlbne in" modo che ! nostri drittl
sleno, pr'olctti- 'serisa ' Iq necesslta dl
.rlcorrero; 'alio- sciopero  ad", ad  altro'
prlvazzidnl e'd .iiicldentl die incdrrono
durante qiiestt period! dl lotte.' '   '-
*■■* Arembrl' "delle-;,'6'rganlzzazlonl non
sara no7mogHo7ne pegglore, no forte,
ne/debbole l/membrl 11011 fanno a
questa. ' La noslra forza non dovra'
mal- ''pssbrd- dlstrutta   per   via   dl
•ber.'a-October-je-25 - cenrty'-tidene-_d<
kasdiecho uda,< namesto ?1. -na tiden
3ako!Bolo ustale'no^'skrbs mimorfadnu
domacu' konyenciu.. JVy. _.-porozumietti
t^mu.*ze'!skrosi! teto sfiodXikasd^jediia
ddmaca >* jednota Spojehich" Havlarov
Severnej Ameriky ktory, ud bol.zames:
,tnariy;od" lho Juny podlnsna 'je' ff"'i_i_
zaplatit cimskorej yiberie do'narodnl:
eho officu-^Sitldenierabo' $l:*;mesacne
od kas dlehb.uda'-'za "mesac'Juhe,
July, .August? September a Oktober.
'Domacib.'Jednoty a"bo-'6iastka ich"udov
ktory' boly - zahalali v starke abo pre
cyo-iino7su..ods,tfibp7oslobddenl Vtedy.
ked"domacy-Jedhdty'predstav.shy srdba
pro'sbu v poradku kazdy,mesiac podia
skros , narodnte "stahovy ' IttoritT sa
tikaju" toho oslobodenla.1 '. *
.- Urady.. dpmaclcb ijednot .maju tenjo
•ui'aany'ddpls'preci-tat' ich _dom a* up-'
ovedomit ich otom. Ktora 7 domaca
-jednota platila-v'-pred*po*~?l.-;na-tiden
lej ma bit daty kreditclly suraa v
pred/zaptalehla. '7 "■>"•■",' ''■.;;,
*, Dalej ufame'ze stavky cily strajky.
ktorie teras stoja" budu shodenie cily
ze sa pride k shode" kazdy'ud trude
stiiri • spdkojnl. Cvo^ znacl * pokaj' *ze'
dva - rokyfv.; uhlo dojoch'. ze -" nasich
ki-ajoh. , Nech -kazdy\ ud t.. cily' clen
praciije riatoni abi sa,vJcbid,.vsetklm
Stavkam zalialanam nech upotrebi v
Setkfe' svoje_ sily. k ,dobru. pre- nasu
organIzaciu,:cily gpblock * a pro" dobre
somi seba. .a zam'edzit" l6fie"spofy! 7."
' ..! Pamatajte" ze nas polok ;riebude
lepsi7ani ■ hdr'si, slabs! ani-.mocnejsi,
len jako udova jeho.robia, .Nasa.moc
■nebude .pr'evladriy" skros. * riepriatelov
vonkajsichV "> '■ ' * . -'.
.Ufame ze-kasdi ud'snasej spoloc-
nosty bude pamatal; tich bratov ktory
este driesko sa broja ■ za* svoje a
vase pravo a. svobodu robotnicku a
otroienieTostavame.' ■ •."''    -7
Vasi oddany bratia.   - .**'
',  L T. L..LEWIS, Pres. 7 -    '
-   ,-'.  .- EDWIN ".PERRY,  Sec.
razne na* veliky vyxaava odbyvani tak
zvanycb,-*!. ,,vyprav^raJ;elskJ*ch f hoaih."
pro rfe'ti^rjak pr6vajdis_0t4;na.,pri^-
lad vev"Svedsku'7'TAsl necb podobfte&b
jako nami pred casern . ventllovane
recitacni vecery.. ''Bylo poukazovano
na to,. ze h\utgo v deteoh' zpusobein
pnstupnym!''ne'nasilnym; ale, plano-
vitym; vzbuzovati^'jine, ilepsi, socialis-
tick»v,Jiazojiy!-;. »^-puspbiU*..t*al-* jednak
P£otL..ya _o_. a ;.po.d6bnym„barbarslcym
prezilostem."-' ~r"   ,y ' • '
^-Bylo'' by zahrjdno,* *az 'vydana bude:
prehledna uplna.. zprava o druhem
kbngresu .spcialistickych zen, preloziti
'a upravitl ji k ucelum a^itacnim, aby
se vedompst o snahach mezinarodne
sjedrio'ceny.chi sdcialistfckych zen* co
nejvice sirila. Lze d'oufatl, ze-.kodan-
sky. kongres zen^ude-miti za nasledek
z^ysenoii' praci zen '~vsech zemlch. .*
O socialisticke nedelni, skole.- V
sobtii vecer •* Odb'yvala se .v mis-
"thdsti rnasi "redakce. schuze skolniho
vyboru, ..ktera-pbeslana byla delegaty
•aekolika .-ienieckycli' organisaci, dale
pritomni byli delegati a delegatky.za
ceske, slavenske. a uherske organisace
a'f'za 'Yr'J't. *S". -U . 'Predesdou zvole'n
soudr. Amler,' zapisovatelem, soudr.
Leue a^ jednaqi reel ustanovena nem-
cin*a\' '.Prilafa- s povdekem, ze* nem-
ecka Centr'al"Branch dala-mistnostl v
.A.rch J3_»J]_ skole- .zdariiva. k disposici.'
Delegati maji' se pos'tarati 0 zjistenl
poctu deti, ktere by skolu navstevova-
ly. Ma byti proveden provisorni roz-
pocet hakladU' a vedle ucltele'Waxe
ma byti - soudru'zka Messerll;vo..spghi-.
ucltelovanl, pozadana. ■ .Ma byti puso-
beno v ustrednlm vyboru k to'mu.aby
vsecky socialisticke organisace nuceriy
byly rovnym.. diiem ■ na'' udrzovani
skoly 'prlspivati. ybskere ceske organisace ; se, vyzyvaji.7 aby ...vyslaly.
rovnez sve zastupce do prist! schuze
■tohoto skolntho-vybpru',- ktera se odby-
vati,. bude'.v. sdbdtu due, 24. t. m/'v
nasi > red'akci., Veskere, soudruzky a
soudr'uzi a vubec ctenari nasehollstu.
kteri "by chtell." deti do'teto nedelni
"socialisticke skoly" "posilati, mohou se
prihlasiti bud osobne^anebo-listkem*
v- admlnistra'ci nasehb listu.- Skola"
otevfeha'b"iide~cb"rie'jarive,. vyucovaci
jlmany ve-veku od 8. do 14. let, ac
ovseip, i • mladsi i, starsi mohou"
take sucastnlti.      t' ' -. -    - „
'-.^i-^'-Kt-c^^-^-s.V-k'i^ii-Of. ■ cvi?rj*}l-*'!iJ
non, poruno a cognizione di tutta-jla
famiglia tanto, in uno "store" ,e ta*oto'
neil'altifo^ili questpt noiil:stvparia.. l: :
v'lnvece r'noi dobblapio; chi|dercl*^l&
l!sta d'elia* spesa Txf'uno "store" co&e
Sn quell'altro questo sarebbe in famiglia:' . *. : -- -tf
, Vi porto pure a conoscenza cheXil
grande marcio'^ viene da quei sotto"
coda, cbe pur troppo non sono rari
ptM^evvsi5.dedl€ano^a*» fartj^il ..lavoro
femminile, - lavar. il.7_floor-'t. .i - piattL; e
vari altri Iavori che il capo famiglia
farehbe- ameno,.  ..:!'-,.-.,■    -    *   {
Dunque spero. che sarete avvisati
che : noi in-.seguito vogliam'o yedere
le cose plu ch.aiv*-. -. .-._'.■■.'' 7
, Sideve pure da;'i,amico*persbnale*
coriosceiiza al compagno*-1-1^—— che
la* sua-propaganda attigme.nOl pqre
dobbiamo approffitarme ma vedianio
con questo non gode la simpatia dell'-
o'cchio"benigiio"femmenile. ' ' , '■
•  "    '     ,    "     '    UN.'UNIONISTA.!'
»»^.",- a*^>,-1
.ZENSKA-HLIDA.-.' ..'.
'. *Druhy!mezmaro'dnl kongres" socialis-
tickych ' zen -.y .. 'KodanP _ odbyyan*^,
.obesran'bylyt"velmi"'_?etene;" .blyt eas-
.tupkyne sestriacti^.„»&rodii_^.pritQmny.
Program' pracoviii _ zahrriovaj"-, otazku
sjednoceni a'utuaenrsvazku _hezi 'zsn--
skymi.' ;sociallstickymi .-organisacemi
,vsech zemi, otazku-volebniho prava'a
- ..-■ - *•      .- 7. EN
the many, charges I 7 made against
him.' .r-admit that iiv 1908-1,did advertise stock, for sale,- but. I; offered
it *at. 50 cents ,a share in order to
prevent Wilshire from getting dupes
at-i ?4:4*a share. -. To every comrade
.who.offered to.-buy his/,stock 1-wrote
yy     • ■ Parti' Progress'eTous!      _'.-"•
.-' .''*"' .' -  Les-Jour's.    • ,'-   •
♦'♦♦' ♦♦♦♦^♦■^♦♦♦•^^4
! Fernie
dartffo.ta^tr^qcTfranyrva; pece-pro. j3el
nicke m.atky a deti/.. 7 . 7" ",■ ,
.-'Neobycejne dlouha a ziva.debataroz-
yinula, se-o otazce" voleoriiho prava.'.
Nektere" angllcke l' i amerlcke dele-
gatky vysldvily. se pro spoliipraci s
ligou obcanskych- zen",:'-nektere' vyslo-
vovaly se pro omezene volebnl pravo,
kdezto nenioplta .' resojuce . k . btazce
teto. vyslovovala se co riejrbzhddnejl
pro'upliie, vseobecne a rovne hlasovacl
pravo' a pro naproslo samo'sta'tny
postlip v praci pro dosazenl tdhoto
prava. Cela rada' delegatek zasa'hla
do debaty, alo na, konec ' byla nem-
ecka reroluce vsemi protl-desltl hlasy
prijata,  - '''„'"
Byla dan navrh    na    zalozenl sa-
mostatneho organu   pro   niezlnarodnl
hnull zen,.,ale navrh nebyl prljat s
al dlfjiorl* nonche da npinlcl nel nostrllohleCio,ri na,n'edo8tatok',penez a pak
delivered    to   all
!part« of tho town.
propl rahchl-chc rlol, dobbiamo guard
arsl tuttl.i mooibntl."'.
Con-,la'Bpernnza end ogni' membro
.doll 'o^rgnnl^zazlono dovra rnmmontarsl
quel-^ratelll-oho.pere'nne cdmbuttoiio
per la llbbortaUeirindustrla.  ,
Vostrl affozzlonatl,  •
' :   T. L, LEWIS,' Presldonto.'
EDWIN PERRY, Socrolario.
8nndon & Verhaeet -Brothers.
in. a
Uitst niiitoi'lulHonly liNeil
and flrHt oIhuh work-
iimiiHlilp tntHurcH .
A Qood Job
JOB PALVO     How rcow Block
60  YEARS'
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept.* 22, 1010.
Ku predstavonlm u Udom dlomaclch
Jodnot   s   Spojenlch   Havlarov "s
, Amerlcky.        '• ■*  < , •     •'>*'
BRATIA: ,..•...,''
Dobro vnm jo znanio zo mlmorlndna
domaca konvencla nayrch la ppdporu
na spo'mozonln Btrajlciictch bratdy. $1.
nn tldon oil v sotklch bratov cily udov
Spojonlch havlarov SovornoJ Amorlcliy
ktory robin. Touto obnos mal bit
sosblorany na aportiozonla, tlcli udor
ktory au toras.v stavko.
., V touto ens • alo kontrach na pin-
ton la sa doBtal pro BodtjndoBlat plat
tlfllo-udor -nasich zahalajuclch bratov, Skros toho to nnelodku broniono
bblo bbldchc-onlo iin otillcli' udooh,
Tak podobno znoto zo inlmo.rladna
domacn konvoncla dnia moo, doniaco-
mu staloinu vlboru ,na znlzoma aH-
BOBBnionu oily ronpoctu, Kailo kolvok
Bom Bn dor.ua] zo Jo vlchlnd na
Hhodii' tnk tiom upovoilonill domncu
mlmorlailnajcoiivonolu otom lttory ml
dnia moo na swlzoula prlBporkov,
Tak podobno Bto upov. lomonl ».o
plntonla prlBporkov m' mosno Soptotn-
z, toho ;duvodu,, ze podobny cnsopls
zohsky jiz stnyn a,kona platne sluzby
Jo to nemockd ..Gloiclilie.t", ktera _ l
na dale zuetniio ustrednlm organehi
zen. . ,. ...    . '■').,      ,  !•
1 Po otazco 0 hlnsovacim prayu pro-.
Jednnvaly bo obslrno ostatnl body pro-'
g'ramu; % nlchz kazdy vyyolaval zlvou,
uclimou ' dobtitii,.' nacoz prijata byla
rada prlsIuBiiych resoluci, Tak prijata
byla resojuce 0 pojlstovaiil vdov a si-
rotlcu, .roBOluco domahnjlcl-sq poco ,0
noznm'oBlhano zony, rosoluco 0 poslK
onl a UBJodnoccn) zonskych soclnlls-
tlckych organisacl, rcBolnce vyslovu-
Jlcl bo protl vnlco a rosoluce protl
mozlnarodnimu, VBOobocnomu zdrtizoy-
ani „ zlvotnlch potrob, Durazna rosoluco odBiizuJtcl noBlychano znnBllno-,
van I finskoho nuzoru ruskou vladou,
ktora' clico Flnsko 0 vbocIcu samoB-
tatnoBt oloupltl a nnrod doslovno zo-,
trocitl, byla nnvroznn jiz drive a za
bouro HouhliiBu prijata, Flnsko dolo-
gatky dokovaly jmonom uvoho naroda
pohnuto a nadscnymiBlovy za tonto
vyznnmny projov. Bylo usnoBono svo-
lnti bohom roliu sjozd noolnllstlBkych
korroBpondontok, nn nomz urcony
majl byti mlBto a enfl Jnlioz I prncovnl*
program prUtllio Icongronu zon.
Coin inda pozoniliodnycli a pro-
zony vyfloco znjlniuvycli oluzok byln
na tomto kongroBU projodminn 11 koII-
mo, zo nolzo nnm mil obsnh jodnot-
llvych niBolucI uvorojnltl, Nn joilmi
vco "pro una zvlnat zajlninvou VBtil*
JohIo upoKorntmo: klub HoolnllBtlokych
,- Magdebourg,- 2Q; septembre. — Le
fcongrcs -•annuel-.1. _u parti socio-derii:
pcratique *,allemand.? a commence"* hier
Ses*,,trayaux.*,-'»* > ,..   .,',-, * ',..
;. - ]\L™-5eb.el, .le^ 'ch.e1f.„ socialiste y as-,
slste."- '*'„.."... 7    „""   .
On discute sur.les' reforpies elec-
'demo'crales, les "unions' ouvriered et
le * dernier.'discours. d.e Guillaume II;-
f'Le's statlstiques/soumises au Con-,
gres m'ontre.nt que l'assoclation, com-
pte- 720^000 '.membres'-.payants.,.. Sur
ie^, 39.7, pieuibi;e^;'„ du.7;Reichstag, .50
vsont socialistes; dans'." les 19J naiie-
ments des etats'.'de. 1'Emplre, Jls'sont
186 et plus de 7,500 !d"es leurs occu-
pent des. sieges dans-les consells de
district, et les munlcipalltes.        • ■
Durant l'ahnee ecoulee, 44,000 reunion's out'ete teh'ues a Berlin. '
L'organe du pttrtl, le "Vorwacrts,"
uiie circulation journallere, de 161,000
et verse annuellement $30,000 dans la
cnisso du' parti. *   "
■ L'ndnilnlstratlon de ce journal" pub-
lie aussf deux hebdomadalrcs et; dans
lo pays cutler, .011 compte 75 organos
qu'otldiens soclallstes""dont" 70 don-
nent des profit*..        '.    '
Le vptg, soclallsto general,'aux'dor-'
nlores bloctlons, a cto de 341,000 Voix
contro 129,000 l'anneo derniere. •-'
.The czar .has signed the bill that
tlbes^away- with-the-Finnish-censtiiu-
tion and , Is now carrying the infamous order into practice. "Imperial
interests" is the pretext that is used
in enacting these'"measures.      '      *;
All the laws a*qd liberties-of Finland are destroyed, and all persons
who dare raise their voice in protest
against the measures are speedily removed" from* their positions, - the vacancies are being filled, by lackies of
.the, Russian.'.czars. _ J,. ,.„,„_ „!,_. ■   7
■The. London Justice says, in regard
to this.bill,'signed by the czar; "*.,'
The;, crime has been* consummated
and the assassination of. the nationality-of Finland .is now. an accom-
.'pHsh.e_.fa.cjt'...;... y-^.X-i- ".*« -■•
'' International'protests have been unavailing;' the,,servile Russian duma
T-the base creation" of Nicholas the
Bloody and his fellow criminals—has
light-heartedly passed the '■ measure
which "destroys at one fell, swoop the
constitution,* the autonomy and th'e
popular" liberties "--of*" -Finland,- and
■places'tbe "enlightened,* free and progressive people of that country under
the'Iron heel of the savage, reaction-**
ary, obscurantist- despotism of ,the
Romanoffs.. .* ,, "" ~-7.••--'<■„
.. No'such outrage upon humanity, "no"
such crime against a whole peoplfe,
has been perpetrated'since-the. partition of Poland., And in. the - case *-jf
Finland there have been none of. the
-.alJXumSt^^^-':_iS.-!j\serv'ld as,an SX""
cuse'ln the case'of'.'Poreuid^aita'liaVe
served* the""v'{le. ends of despotism- in
innumerable other-instances. *v~
• Finland<*-was' quiet ,and. law-abiding;,
order" was maintained'; the peace was.
unbroken..' '      '**•    **v,       '
. All classes were united in .pacific
defense of the'r national, .rights, and
all effort's to stir up disorder, and
provoke 'to violence haid failed
letters .warning- them that- the Wilshire .scheme .-was. a peculiar one, and
for -so doing Wilshire got the post-
office authorities" to go after me, ami
Anthony Comstock, who,had."the matter in 'hand for Wilshire notified me
to cease writing my views .to prospective" " victims of *-■ th_ Wiltshire
scheme. If I had been anxious "to
sell stock I would -not have tried to.
-persuade those who replied' to my ad-
-vertis'ements. to let the stock'alone.
MINING STOCK, and yet-he is dis-
honest enough to try, to make it appear that I was in the crusade against
his game from motives of personal
gain.' . ..'..""•
\yils.hire aisq says stock is not being offered at' 20 cents a share. " In
the Sept. .10 number of "The Trader"
of New York, 25.000'shares of Bishop
Creek stock Is1 offered for sale at 10
cents a" share.    "' '
" I did', advertise stock under the
name of F..N.'Nixon, was' one "of the
victims; "as I didn't want niy name
connected .with"'the!nasty stock Selling business.. But not one cent did
profit/by' the attempt .'to prevent
Wilshire's victims from increasing.iri
numbers, and WILSHIRE: KNOWS
this "statement.is .true!. ■" Less, than
3,000 shares passed through' my?hands
at- NO"-PROFIT.'"to. me,. while iiVil-
shire took in $90p,opo',and7now'^ives
the stockholders'a closed mine,
"Wilshire "Bays he7 is'- debarred by
Socialist'ethics' from'.recourse .to the
courts.   This In the'"face" of. the fact
of hiring' in 1908 Attorney! Slob'din to
prosecute me criminally, and in face
of the fact that "he Called upon Morris! Hillquit    tq    begin   .proceedings
agai'ns't me ""for'.crlminal.'lib.ef.'. Hill-
quit refused'.to accept 'Wilshire's^ri.
tainer 'fee, for the reason Jjwl he' J.»e-
l'ieved  the  chargfe-f'JmYu'e"' by  Jones
were" true, and .!kj-'so informed Wil-
sblr'e.   ''/_,;*' yi.' ' .''      '.
-. ,In cojieiusion I .wish "to say that "it!
is not a.questidh of the value of'the"
ore at the mine, but a question' of
wliat Wilshire. did with the $900,000..
A"' billion" "ddliars",'wortli "of ore at-
. Bishop Creek' will do the sldckhdld-'
ers rio good if Wilshire spends tji.e
money "to develop other mines.', .So it
is not a questioli ofextiminat'ipn'pf
the" mine.   If there is" to "be aiiy'ex-'
aminatlon* done let it.be of ,Wilshir_ s
b6oks'to find out what" became "of the
?900,0_6'o'f 'the* comrade's .money.'_. ;
■' n.;y! '.'" *.   .HENRY f.' JONES. '
.     .".."•    7 ,- "     —S.'.D. Herald,
Tnadk Mark*
_     U(»ION*.
v,.... .,.  lowjijBni^
SaSSaSLi. mse—t
stmi me mmm
M^&esi&v&mY Has;*.?
List of Locals District 18
#i _ j* *
mioo.p.o. •
Sunday U«t s now tlmecord "rent
into offoct Mi below wo glvo tli*
changot that affoct thla point,;
312—0:20 a. m. Local, eaitbound.
319—10:00, Uc*ular paaiemer woit-
*.—llMft, Flyor, wombonn*.
IU—11:10,    noralar    paiMngor,
•   811—20:38. to*«!„ weatbound.
8—21:39. Hyer, oaatliound.
Corrootod by Dlutrlot Bocrotnry up to Auguait 20,1010.
NO.     NAME , ,. 8EC. AND P, O. AOORE88,
- 2D Ilankhond ,, ,.   F. Whoalloy, ■nruilmontl Altn,     •
481 Bonvor, Creole ..* N. MoDonnoll, Doiivor Crook, vin plnclior,
431 Ilollcvuo  ....... J. Durko, Bollovuo, Frank, AUa,
2J03 nialrmoro ...... Jiunott Turnbull, Illalrmoro, Altn.
040 Ilurmla     Thomas OroRory, nurmlu, Altn,
IC"£ C*uti,\_iHi  ,  J. N<c_k, Cfttiiu*ji\;, Au*. x
2633 Coloman  t. W. Oraham, Coloman, Altn,
2227 'Carbondalo ,,... Q, M. Davloa, Carbondalo, Colomnn, Altn,
3378 Cardiff    M. Lnmbort, Cardiff, Altn.
2877 Corbin'  Jao, Davis, Corbin, I). C,
2178 Diamond City .. Oeorito Dobaon, Diamond City, LothbrldK*.
1320 Bdmontoo ..... Richard Thompion, Fraior Plata, Edmonton,
5.W FTdmontou  ..... Jf. Conic, 431 Lorno street, Norwood, Edmonton.
2314 Fornio  D. Reea, Fornio, P. C,
18fl!l Frnnk  O. Nlrnl, Frank.. Aha,
2497 Honmer  J. Ayro,, Hoam or, D, C,
1058 Hlllcreit ....... J. O. Jonoa, lllllorcat, Alia.
574 lothbrldgo   I* Mooro,, )"\ O, US, Lothbrldgo, Alia, ,
1233 Lillo   W. Ii. Rvand, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
2820 Maplo Loaf .... M. Olldny, Mnplo Uttt, Dollovuo, AUa.
2334 Mlchrt   M. Illrr«ll, Mlchol, ». C.
393 rollcfl Flata .... .Veil Duucmi, raaaburn, Dettovuo, Ma.
2352 Pataburg  Harry Smith, Paaaburg, Alta,
2C89" Royal Colllorloa. Charlos flmlth, Royal Colllnry, Loihuildgo, Alta.
21BS fltratlKon* ..... A. Hhaw, 8trathcona, Alta, -''
- IM Tabor „.r, r William lluinoll, Taber, Alia,
10M) Taber  ,,,,,.... B. Drown, Taber, AUa.
La mlna dl Dollevue fin dnirarangl-
amentodello scloiioro, Rl liiio dlro cho
obbo 11 "record" dl tutti I cnrri)'il
mlnernrl del Crow's Neat per lo
Binerclo dol carbone , dl modo cho
nnche nolnltrl liovorl mlnatorl qun-*
tunque cl spettasfio la minima pnrto
dol prodotto cl trovnmo oontontl, Mn
tiuouto non potova durnro'spoclal-
monto In questa Btnglono gonornl-
monto I Iavori vnnno mnlo I corI
mioho la Cnla dl DolLevno pordotto
una parto dol contrntti In coneoguonzn
llconzlo 11 "Bhlft" dl notto non ton-
ondo cnlcolo dl nossiuio,
Siccomo non hI vonno nd nrrangln-
monto colla" Cnla, porcho 11 lavoro
foHBO roffolato fra tutti I proflontl como
dollburuto (InH'iiHRoniblon doirultliiio
rlunlono Hpoclalo,
' I compnKiil ammoKllntl rlcormio nl
bho ultimo Bcopo facontlo conoHcoro
cho loro hnnno ln cohii dn pngnro o
ln fnmlKlla da muiitoiior.) montro In-
veca hiiI RlHtomn' olio abbiamo In
ciihii o In ffiml«l|n bI pnga fra tutti,
In vliiln nol cuiiipl nilnornrl niorlto
unn Ri'iindo nttonxlono,
CiihI coiii|iiibiiI die vl rocnto nllo
ponzlonl Ilnllnno sl vcrlfUn puro nol
ninipo dl ilollovuo' cho In gonoro I
ponzlonanll Himn ocolitii llrnno l'linilro
como I liuol nl InHcliuio mlnchlonnro
da quolH cho hI r-hfnninnn padroni ill
nitaa monlro In voco hI dovroblioro
rhlnmnro sorvl o per coiifiogiioiiKn nol
cl coittr-ntlanio dl lavoruro o por In
pnifn dl votloro II conlo Hoora un
m'Boro fogllo dl carta tnntl rcikII per
imrt  o  Itnnl-i      ctot\--t   r\\r,   omo"!!   !'!;_
♦ ♦
♦ 8TAV  AWAY. ♦
♦   ♦
♦ Notice to All Mine Worker*, ♦
♦■    AU miners nro rcqtionted lo ♦
♦ atay nwny from Ir^vln, Mndlson, 4>
♦ arooiiHbtiiK, Latrobo and othor ♦
♦ mining towns In Woatmorolnnd ♦
♦ county, whoro fi Btrlko hha boon ♦
-4V, In offoct Blnco April 1,1010, tho ♦
♦ conl compnnloa hnvlng rofuicd ♦
♦ to rocoiinUo   lho   minorR' or-, ♦
♦ ganltntlonor enter Inlo n work* ♦
♦ Ing ftKr'Jttmttnl. AkuiiIb ol tho ♦'
♦■ coal corporntloni aro ahlpptng ♦
V mon from various parts of (ho _**-
<•> country to tnko Iho plnco of (ho ♦
+ strikers by mlnruproaontlng tho ♦
^ truo ronilltlon of offnln. ♦
+ ProRldnnt. ♦
#-         T. DONOVAN, ♦
♦ Bea'T'Trean, ♦
♦ , ♦
But,! excuse_ or. no excuse, Finland
was doomed,'and. the might of the'
Muscovite, buttressed by the ,g*old of
the financiers of. western Europe',' has
crushed..ou,t a.nation. _'-.7.! ." •'.■.
The Labor Leader of-.London', - in
showing how . rhe." .Russian 'troops
maintain "order"' in Finland, tells" the
fojlowjng.story:       -■   * /'    .,*7*.',-
Some months ago a" crime, so inhuman that the whole Finnish nation, was struck.with horror, was committed by some drunken Russian
soldiers, .who * assaulted and mnssa-
cred! a harmlo'ss' Finnish laborer' returning home fi'dm his work.
At the police Inquiry,, it wns fully
substantiated that the victim was
stabbed with bayonets and tliat ho
was a very respectable and quiet follow. Alono and unarmed, It wns impossible for hlm to defend, hlm&olf
ngalnst tlie attack of'the soldlors,
However, tho soldiers wero found
out and committed   foe „ trial.   Tjioy,
were charged with murder, but wero
acquitted/by-   the/ Russian military'
authorities.  Why?'  ItWas" stntod that
thoy hnd beon offondod by a large
crowd „of armed Flnnta nnd had klllod
tho unhappy victim In self-defense!
- Such Is tho kind  of justlco Ihnt
Russian military authorities nro upholding In Finland. ■
' ,'No wonder that, things " llko' this"*
havo provoked tho greatest Indignation In tho wholo country nnd that
some radical papers hnvo beon using
violent language In connoctlon with
thin particularly brutal murdor.
Ilut Russian justice In' litis enso'
wont fnrthor.
Tho procurator gonornl (tho hlghost
Judicial official In Finland) who had
ntldroBscd a public complaint to the
governor general, demanding tho pun-
Iflhmont of tho murdororB—wnH din-
mlRHod by tlio czar I
Not only ugnliiBt Finland Ir Iho
RiiRBlan oznr using roproHBlvc meiiB-
ureH, but ngnliiHt tho .lows In KUtff,
for, according lo tho Roctli, about
0,000 Jowh, moBtly poor pooplo, woro
oxpllod from Kloff. ,   >   ..
lloinoloHH nntl dOBtltiilo, thoy nro
wnudorlng nround on tho oulHldrtB nf
tho city, with oach dny hi'diglng
fresh numboi'B to Join tho unhappy
hand,  ,,
TIiorci prorootlliiRB nro biiBotl upon
a *i'i|i!-r InbiipiI by M. Htolypln, wh'ch
pinvltloH that nil Jowh who did no)
have n logal right to roriltle In Kloff
In 100(1 nro lo bo allowed to romnin,
whilo thoAo who had tho lognl right
of I'cHlilt'iico nro to bo axpolletl,
Tlio central commlld'o of tho So-
clal-Domocrntlc pnrty of RuflHlan has
-Vd-Ir-l bi !;,»i(.*i.w It., ittui.t, lu *..--
cun*. tho unlflcntlnn of the Roclnlli-I
forcoH which hnlong to tho Hoclnl-
Domocrntlc party, tho Social revolutionary party ami tho Runt),
'Along with Hioho duHpoUo iicLh of
tho HiiKBlnn govrnimtMit Ih tho act. of
.',*v   I_u.-i..!t_\:\l  1,0-mi  Ul   till;  |>U-.nn  lit
Flnlnnd, Hupprnnalng, In n country
whoro froedom of tho pronn nomlnnlly
c.xl«tH, n Into numbor of tho EiikIInIi
Rovlow of Uovlowfl, pill tod by William
T, Htoatl, Iho ^oil-known friends of
tho cznt* and M, Btolypln.
All of th->K<> acta hIiow the attitude
of tho HiiHHlAn govornment   to   !'.■**»
ivnrklnnr ■r-)*in««*'« iind»»r tlKlr _of*"rn
Hunt,— -Clilcngo Dully Soclflllit,
BRITISH COLUMBIA    • ,.'•..,  .'    u
....    " -     POULTRY .ASSOCIATION
Our most successful -poultrymen in
all parts of -the province had proved
that, under proper • conditions and
with careful and -efficient management, .poultry raising-: Is a -paying
proposition', a more profitable industry than many, others; some of whicli
have been "boomed" for years. Those
engaged in the business of poultry-
keeping have gone through dear experiences and  have overcome  many
obtjtheir"^bwjnfsalvAtion,-. while   the
government siood aloof and the pub-
obstacles; "they have had    to   work*;
lie    were     suspicious    of    possible
profits.   '* "        *■'"*.
' But now we enter upon a new eVa
with.a   broad    and   "promising field   -.
before    us.    The    British    Columbia
Poultry association was organized for
the .benefit of. every poultryman  in
the_province.   .It   was  organised jo
strengthen.the working power of the .-
loQal associations;', it was organized
for the purpose of bringing the", government into closer touch  with, the
poultrymen'in order that the "govern-" ,
ment might be 'better, able to understand and. appreciate their needs.
It will* seek to disseminate throughout the province a thorough knowledge of _ proper methods of rearing
domestic fowl. Its chief aim .will be
to secure a more wide-spread interest in* thoroughbred poultry.' It is
also, expected"that within a' year or,
two it will told "a provinc'al poultry
show, which should prove to be one
of the largest and best in Canada.
■ Everyone interested s In poultry
should become a" member of the
Provincial Poultry association. "Mem- *
bershlp may be secured by the payment of an annual fee of $*w00, addressed to the secretary, M. A. Jull,
Victoria,!}. C. ', 7    '     .   .    '
, There are three Important reasons
for becoming a member:
' 1.—Those who join will. help" In "
building up the business of breeding," making better the business of
producing pure-bred poultry, and increasing the demand. for these products.
■ '2.7-The* association doubtless will
lead in a* movement- to place poultry
production' oft a more economical and
better- basls.and thus'-produce- better
conditions. ■ ■■*■■*.,
., 3.—The publications of the association alone will much.more-than rej.,
pay tie cost, as from .their- -t_e "Breeders' will^ learn "many"'' new.    things
.helpful .in their'own lines of", breed-
&soJ;_ -,-    "  ;. .   .'■.-      *.
*   There will shortly, be published the
first, annual report,of the.association,
which should be in the hands of all
the poultry-men"of'the"province.   This
will contain-the proceedings, of the
:convention which was-held* in August
at the time*.of tbe Vancouver- show,
as well    as    many valuable articles
.from the- loading poultry experts and
.authorities   throughout   America. - It
will .also.contain a directory of the
..poultry .breeders* of- British   Columbia. ..-.This directory-will contain the
names  and  addresses  of all- poultry
breeders who are members, with the
•varieties* a«d" the breeds of fowl they
are" breeding:    This  directory  alone
slibuld be"wo'rth: much"more than thc
annual   membership  foe,  as   in   this
way poultry breeders throughout the
touch ,with one another.   •       7 '
*   The ."Successful Poultryman is thc
official organ;-,'of' the*   B. C- P." A.
"Memberships for'the directory should
be iii'not'later,than Octob'e'r"lst',;as
the report is then going to press, and
any members who'  aro' desirous o'f
having their  breeds  of fowl  Ontorod.
in  the directory must do so' before
the 1st of October.       '"        . *',
-',"- i
• For ball programs,-banquet menus,
and up-to-date printing of all kinds
come to The Ledger* office.   * *
An account may be opened with tho Home Bank in
,.tbo names of two or moro persons, each having thc
privilogfc of withdrawing or depositing monoy ovor
"their own signature. In tho case of the death of
one of the partios to a Joint Account tho balance ro-
.maining on doposit with the Homo Bank may bo
withdrawn by tho survivor, or survivors, without do-
lay or appeal to any process of law.
JOHN ADAIR, Manager Fernie Branch
WHERE 18 THE $600,0007
ITft^hf* ftlltor.)
In r^plv in Wilt-Mr-*-*'* tlir<»o.pnff»
"oxplnnntloii" of what V*o did with
lho ♦000,000 whlrh tho enm'todo* mmt
to hlm xa develop tho Wslpp Crwk
troltl mltm, I »lmplr wltli t#J*»y tlmt
WlUhlro lm* not  nmwereit ono of
A dcpoHlt of Ono Dollar may bo tho
fouiidiitltm of n fompoloiiro—:f you
commcni'o now, to placo your,, unvlngH
In Iho flank of Ilnni'l'-m
Bmnll kiwi-*, hh w-'ll ns btrno, nro
Kf'llclW-rt nnd HiIut nm-ptcd without
any unnccoRHiiry formality.
Intercut paid nn dt-poisliii of f 1.00
And upward*.
J. H. LAWRY, A-jet-it
: ■ ■_.-:
-..-?-' I
, -   ■ *l
-   _
<, m
.    I
i I
,. I-.I
i. ■•* :__,*-*-_r r-;*?.-"_.- **_._-*■*■
"""■_>".   -     7-!
"**_. OWV*'
•jr-f.'rficv-. •»:
.- -1.0 _.*, j -;.'*.A. •-'..?-.*!.
.■AQKEIQBT        -■*-' -.- -.**. -_
•^r^jFwf-/^"!?.-:--.:.:' 7 ■-" ; v-^- ;.•_•;'•;: 7-'7C:\% Qfl-W*'w*-&^^ ,
.   '■ . ■   .._.. _ -?«.-*:' C-l?-,::■_».€..   Tn-*'^.-7--^-7 ■ ^Vvr-^-i  - * */" -*-.-.'   ■7-7" u7""7-*/'-^tc"   ".   ---77---"". ■.v<- 7*7 7"%-..:.*    7".-7.  "7*" '.--\-.*\.',\ 7 -V \-T^
7  •  .---'','- '•'- -'"■'■ «'•*■£■«_■• 7 -77.-'•'"7^h.or'fc»ri-J**-w"--7. -■"'_.--\777'V; i*: .   - y--yyy?yX^:y-y^y'yyriyXy -1"-     "-•..
1 IJ_00-5t>SBBlira >-;---" '■*:'"~*'':^~ ^'7'" -XX --Vy 7-3 _ ;-'sfe^^>fe r'V>7»,..V-^'-?:---  "^':^
  < '   ' --'-     ' '    ' ■**■■     *■'■      -gggg'gasass***********'^    .   .     ,  i   ■     ', ... ;   *~T7      '«
• '' Alderman Francis' White; haa returned from his holidays in the east,
visiting friends . and relatives „ in
Ontario.-, .    ,'  ^ '
• Thomas D. Davis, 'who is heavily
; interested in coal lands in the Fiat-
' - heads, left for hia camp on Monday's
local via. McGHUwayL *.'■}._■ . _ ';*'
Mr. R. S. Wilson, who has heen
visiting his sister, Mrs. A. G. Burns,
left on the Flyer on Monday night for
his homo in Winnipeg, Man.
.The regular monthly   tea. of   the
,, Ladies*' Aid of the Methodist church
•will take place next Tuesday at the
homo of Mrs. (Dr.) Bonnell, from S
to -5 p., m.
..As an evidence of the condition of
the wagon road between Wardner
and Maeleod, one of our subscribers
S." Rogers, writes that he had a very
successful trip.
Percy Graham, who is with the
C. P. R. motive department at Cranbrook, spent a few days in town this
week visiting his father, Sam Graham,
manager of the 41 Market company.
Duck Banque at the Club Cigar
Cafe. "Merrily tho littlo ducks go
quack, quack quack." For further
particulars of thla solemn event address P. O. 303. ,      .    '
Rod McDonald, the blind fiddler, a
* well-known figure throughout the
mining sections, was found to be un-
physically fit to continue*;his journey
tq-Winnipeg, for which point he was
hooked, and was taken off the passenger on Saturday night and is now ,'an
Inmate .of the hospital threatened
with pleuresy.
7     'Mrs. Livingstone of Ontario, a W.
-'* -C.'-T_. U. lecturer, will give a short
address In tie7MethodI«t* church at
, the morning ser,vfceread In the^eyen-
ing'at the Presbyterian'cEiUrch, Qun-
. day.yOctober  2nd. - Tlwe/wlH ..TtfM
"be.a rally of the Sunday'school chll-.
dren of all "churches at 3:30 p.' ra.
inthe Methodist church.
"Notice is hereby given that convention of the S. P. ..of. jC. will be
held in the' Miners'; Hall,' _ ernle;* on
Sunday, afternoon, October .2nd,, at
2:30, to which*a.general invitation is*
extended to all parties Interested. The
'object of th» convention being to
nominate,a candidate.to.contest the
Fernie:Riding;in the event of a bye-
election. .. •':.', ■--• ., r
7 j7'McCo"nnell,   the   suitcase sneak
theif,"rwhb was sentenced" to a year's"
-. close, .confinement, arid balked 'thereat
by/V levant*! .through" 'the   bathroom
" *win,d6*fr of. the .'city jail, has now:fal-
(Moij!tX,!*poilc^:;an'd.;.'ia ' al .'present
spepii^pg, 'an , Intramural vacation of
h\% weeks owing to" his ^peculiar prb-
c ■*%«}'•'. ifrffetiMo Mr weeks have
elapsed t_e probability''1b .hat he may
pe enter^ainedji in .the.,(government
Tbuilding: in Brjltlsh Columbia.     ,
.: <-iCUiill{['I ill.-, 'i_Sftl.'_i_'''_.>    fc /•■■:■   _■•■__.*-•
,..Xf??*.^- Sfcliypakoj' .w^ose • brother
klrosip-^.i^at,.pro'sent languishing lii
Sjfynli&aw' fortress .serving, a !.term of
Sd'.'^A^g .f^r.hls' efforts' ori'behalf of
ifto "wpridng .clods',, is' at r'present". In
Canada o*_T>; lecture, tour taking up
itelfl-^hj.Vhich'yr brother lo'suffer-
lay ^for.,.! Sho'has .already met /-with
very fayofkblij' reception In'the east-
era elites visited and Is at present In
Calgary,"" from'which city she Will
shortlyt start on a propaganda tour
throughout thq;- .Crow.'s, Nest. rWo
hope,to bo ablet,to glvo her.itinerary
' through our columns; in .the, near future. "' .-, ;.   < i' ',.•,*,-, .*
,J. H.;_McCon*nell, M;_B., from Toronto, is a guest of Mr. L. S. A. Dack,
This gentleman, who la a brother of
Mrs. Dack, was one of the party ot
the Canadian; Manufacturers association and expresses himself as-highly
pleased with his trip and Is astounded at thepotentalitles of,these western provinces' which in his opinion
are destined to show a marvelous development-in the next five years.'
*■ -■';   •■"-'.*■,   "',r»»__-i-"-7v..<;--i^T^.. •
f he Sfori
Harry Stubbs, who is the traveling
representative of the Eureka Coal
company, a recently developed property at Taber, Alta., is in town for a
few days in the interests of his employers and will, offer some special
inducements to prospective Investors
to buy shares in the company." ■<
Quite an excitement, has been
caused iri the Creston district by the
discovery of placer gold deposits In
the .bed of the Goat river. For somo
time past Ira Beam, old-time- gold
seeker and miner, has been prospecting this stream, and last week, following, on,the. finding of some excellent showings, he canie jnto town
and filed on two claims located abovo
the Goat river canyon. ,-.-
* When the news leaked out, eome-
thing in tho.nature of a rush occur-
red to the scene of these finds, and
since Saturday last over ,20 claims
have been pegged ,by. would-be, exploiters of the Goat.river bonanza.
We have seen .some very promising
samples of gold washed from these
claims, and If these values can be
shown to exist throughout, there
should be a good thing, made in. work-,
ing these0 claims.    "
The owners intend to form a syndicate and will obtain a report from a
'competent'outside expert as to wheth-
,er the'claims'will pay on .the capital
required :ito-.exploit.them,, and^s, to
the best .means, to be adopted^to. re-,
cover„Uiegol"d.7 Pending the''result
of these" iavestlgatlorii',* it^-would be
well for the~pufcJic n6t//to get too
much excited over tte^'flnds... There
1« undoubtedly gold In tne bod of the-
Coat .river, but*, the. gilttior' .Blithe,
preclousT'metal' should'"riof.'.'bUnd "any?
one - to. the. fact that. ,qur.- real, -gold
mine is the.unequalled soil and climate with ."which nature has endowed
thla district; and that. the. spade' ■ of
the cultivator is: a .surer ..road- to
•wealth; than the prospector's. pan.—■
Creston Review. .■•••• •'■-V-,.'
An attractive showing of. Fall and
"Winter suits" in many;-.different models'
to select, from, all" "embodying* the
latest* and. most advanc'ed'^style 'features. An inspection *■ will convince
you-that forr.style, workmanship and
surprisingly low price our.showing
cannot be surpassed. Suits fitted by
Mrs. Davy, >n expert, and all alterations made free of charge. ■..-•-,.
----- -•        ,.    •> - - • *. *
Upon interviewing •Mr.*.*-John-..Cau.
field .relative - to • the,/ dispute that
arose, at - Bellevue. ,iri ! consequence .-of
hia decision he. Informs us that before the game' waB:<started--he spoke
the> two teams*• relative to the;snow
upon -the' ground obsctirlikg: the > lines
and' • that 'all parties agreed ■ ;to, leave
It 'to' his -'discretion. The*i first ball
,thut FerniO.'thought- should.have, entitled them io a penalty was hard for
hlm" to deoldo-because'of.?tho'.snow,
but'ithe orie-giventto 'Bellevue was
clearly' two feof'oloservwlthln 7the
penalty lino .than the.presumable.one
that Fernie claimed and moreover-.the
line-was .visible, hence, ho .had. no
■alternative than-that,ofigrantlng.the
free -kick *that.'secured -the goal,. •• _-
-•"•This- waa one-of those -cases,(that
It'is ImpOBsiblo to avoid'.when such
conditions arlso and. as his. judgment
was to be the arbiter, it Is only right]
that-afterwards there should not bo
any complaint' unless tho * feeling' la
that gross partiality is shown and we
hardly - think that any • fair.! minded,
man will ascribe.,such- to John Cau^'
field.   * '    ■  ." .-■: •■■",•■-■■ ;.,  „
. Our Dressmaking Department can
take. care of a few more orders for
October delivery. To avoid disappoint-
ment we .would advise the placing of
your order at the earliest possible
date, otherwise we will be unable to
guarantee delivery before the " early
, part of November,
7"l__ _#LEl"6hl'7Siib^ the rrios-t
1      ,      • i ,*t*r-*,'t\     ',r -*■»:: .    '- -       _;       -      ;t   '*.
Stylish,   Durable,   and   Expensive
■ yr.-   ,-■ i'        .-t;    •*...»■ ^     ..-,..'    '-*'~?'v','_."■■  '" '    '.--..-'*.'"■   -'?*.v'*t 7 -"
American Shoe made-   In Vice-Kid,
'■,.'<?'.•.       "   .   ■' ■ " "      -   '•*. ,- -. : '>-- -U>   '.■-."'.',   '- - .**   -_■
Patent Button and Lace, heavy wax-
ed Calf and Ox B_ood to be sold on
Saturday below cost.   Reg. $7 to $8
'**.'■'"-'■    • - "> 7 -'   -- - *," _.       -     * . -<"„'
Special for Saturday $4a95
In retniimrifo.r''7our ^patronage ."our 4,
"highest.^^quality^ of,: Table supp"ies,:,; aii
efficient' store. service,"  and   pricesn
lower,,than7all competitors. '■<
Canada First,CJream,-^best. by,actual*.
test, large size;20-oz.'!tin;s'at-a aav-
• ing price for "you, per tin. ....7'.10c.
1-lb. packages Table, and Gloss Starch,..
3 packages ....... ;7;.'.-."."'.7.'. \26c'
B. C. Ptire
.   sacks
- Cane   Sugar, .-'...20-poutf _•..'■
. Eleven7pieces. colored ;Cord Velve-
»•--teen--in-fine and heavy-cord.'. Suitable-
Our showing   of   new Dress Goods/   for Ladies' Dresses, Children's Suite
m •    „*__   ^._> «^_»i-a Dresses'" and Coats.   Full   26   inch'et
Suitings, Trimmings, etc., were never
so. complete; our range of, "Dress
Goods especially, affording -yo.u, the
Dresses "and Coats. Full 26.'. incites
wide in Gray,, vNavy, Red; Cardinal,
Brown, Green and. Black; .Regular 65c
and 75c.- Saturday, per yard-.;.v.50c
All ."Wool Serges, Venetians,* Broad-   _	
cloths,   Panamas,   Taffetas,'* .Tweeds, "7  ,   ™.,' 7, , i,       , *   U..y,
' Diagonals, and many other fashionable"-" ,:50,only White Bed Spreads.-Good
fabrics:,* Mrs; Davy will be ;pleased -quality spread free, from dressing in;
7'S dfscuss with you the latest fash-.. "s»es .70rt0 •■ Large enough .for full-
^  ions and most favored materials. «ze double-bed.  ,Regular.$1.75 and
y .. .'■*;.,-       "f$2.00.:" Saturday ......-'       ..'. 7$1.35
y   Golf Jackets   of   the. ^cll knovm 7   - - r.-v,   - .*  _;   ■•■  '-"'-' --•• -■
7,rHewson"; manufacture., .There   are-1 -    --   yy ■,.;-;-. ..    ..-ii^^.j,^-
7 none just as good, for 8tyle7or.--weaF-   '^Cmldren's Dresses, made- of   good
ing qualities,; only the finest!grade of-English Galitea.-. These   Dresses   are...
■"-•Piire "Wool being used in ttfeir mariu-* -made in sizes   from   six   months.toj
1 facture    Button down, front, •y-.rtyle-..., three, years.   Made in a large-variety
'?■'• ifeck;c.cl6se;!fittiiig cuffs,,in>.pleasing   of colorings, trimmed around sleeves
variety of shades ;.... .12.75 to^$5.50    and cuffs.. Saturday...,.'....... ,75c.
- Brass Beds, at a' fraction of their
worth for Saturday selling. , Our. win?'
dow display,reflects a few of the
many beautiful designs and prices.'for
Royal household Flour always gives
satisfaction, and, notwithstanding, the
 fact that "it costs us more'money, 'is"
_^_ sold to you at a lower price than many „
:—" inferior .brands. '   'y r'    '", "7  ,7,
25-lbf; sacks. .....-^.......v. ...95o
" 50-lb. sacks.-.».;.,-.......*'....:51.85
100-lb. sackB7...'....*.■."...../"i.fS.fiO ,
*H,    -*' >       . .    '-ij*. '..        '; s*     A        I. *•    - *      -     t
Ogilvie Rolled;Oats,7r8-poundXc6ttoh
Backs ,o.».** •••.•' iSoc.,
this special day's sale.   6urvfloor difc"'. White'Swah Laundry Soap, carton- 6
•: play offers* you   a  ' wider *anid more   „ -bars 7".'. v^; ;--*•• •■•'■(• :Xvv*;.v''^,,*v^l;
. varied choice, but all priced at a frac-= Pearl Hard Water Laundry Soap, i
.tion of their"worth for. Saturday^sell-■'.-'- .l>ar_.-.•)• V;' • '•.• • ••-•%• '•.'."• :• •   ,
■rag.' We quote a few; prices and in-,/ -. ' «   .'       ' „ ■■    -     ..  -.
, yite   your   inspection   knowing, that.•■   -J- WOMY^miOIAM^fOE.     ^,
i .youreffort will'be well--repaid.,"';' ''''"'"v\. -y2yX„'   iATUlDAf^ -Ar 7 -Xft
Regular   40.00, special
: .- y.r r.-'.*, *..
Regular .43.50, special
, Shiriff's Jelly Powder, 4 pkgs....26c
7Bu_iiey"and-Palmer Assorted Biscuits^
'**. per pound .t.-^. ...725c ,
. Lowney's "Chocbiates, regular 50c per
'-   pqund,,7*speciafc-vf. .-.y *- -'-- *--•--" ■M«"r-
■.1„„4.._^_«'-*T>1«_4y_   k-r,A    T>a
•;.V;."" .,*'   . 7   ,,   7        ColgatWTlairi.i'nd! Perfumed Talcuia J
'iiiRegular.-52.50,"special ....\.'.hXStOr    -Pqwd^^per ttinT .7,j\.-.ly..7.15e;7
*.';,'"'   "     *  :''  y   . -    -y-->, ''iiy-y''--   *£#■¥   '■'-7 • ■f* ■ ■_L:<t\-   - ,7^vV  *   :', '-r.':A
, 40 Veres" of fruit land:at, Creston
for iaie.'Watered aud-wellllocated.
B.', !C: caro'Ledgor ^Office.- •-   :,-, Up.
•= -FOR SALfe—60' chickens "for. sale.
Joo..Campbell, .Recreatlonf'ground off
Dalton-iveniie.       ". '" . !;'. '[_'*    P?
';'^*^K1;'CITY -^*^iArtV. 7'-.-.;
■ .•'tJEALED* TENDERS  ;will   be^-re-
oelyed "hy. the.Commissioners-ot-"tho
_.-.'■'_.-->._.« i__ri U'«_1 '*_.___tV__a_iA_1 .to  t__te
until -the., seventh' day * of November,
next''aVX4 o'clock,-Noon;-tor supplying the, city ,vlth ties and polos for
itenslo _'?p; the ';»]***" Street
-,t-.FulVwrti'culars. and specifications
maynbe/hftd ori'applWatlbn'to the
CominlBslbners, City .'"of Calgary,
marjeed cheque covering 5 per cent
jqf t£o>mSun't'6t tho bid must accoiji.
pony'eich-'tender. : .-*■• ;v.c,t-:.
The lowest or •ahy- tender npt npc-
etrsarlly'-affeepted,, _■  ■•    -    ....
'^.V.!>V.W.",D.! SPENCB,. City Clerk. ~
Dated atcalgary, Somber-28; 1»10_:
Jt   _ '        ' --■-. «.^.«^««.*,, -***,\ w..*-. ■ .r —. x.^.;:.,.-" i.yr.\ J ',
Ammm\\\\\t\i'    m\\\\\\\\% ,      _.____■    "     ^f-\a\\\\_ .      H^ A^^__\
aaa^^^aamJf^^amr t  ^___^       _^__^^^___: * ^      i*t^ *_ a\r   '^^____l . < 1 •
t^:-^^s ■ '•'"•'■ "■»■:- »•"•"'■.' -'"^ -.-,:--T«r .    ,-.-., ?x,>h J >
-.    -. ,  **- - . ■-•).
'I-.- / * ;•• .r.  J .*
-■'■■ yfi i--."~" - -----   - — -   y '- ft'■•-'-'• -      ■•-    -^       •■   - "■'■;■"';
•vt.tf.1   v.
|xROTn'^"6.el'"B^Ck-*'"7— ■-'"•-^".^1E*rnife;|
■I Corner lot and house pjf'Cox stfiedt.
Pleasantly loca'Ce'd;'' fTBCcash.'^ «■;
■> S-pTthST-Wilir'trlirrirtes to-B_oliane
via fi.'^. Vkllway,; October ^t_^)'7th,
Account Interstate Fair.
Will buy   more  geriuiihe: .value   in
Residence and business lots, than is to be
found in any other town in Canada.
Somo mon mnko tlioir monoy in buHinoss—Homo in Atocku—somo.by toil-
Bonio saving of tlioir daily wago. But I submit to yon tho unquestionable
faol, Lli.il ui.v,'c iv.cn have reached a comfortable- cow^t^y fhmngb tbo
uH'iwwliip of Jand, tbanlnnny other way.    .
Desirably  located  lots can be pur-
ckased for $75.00 and upward.    One
third cash, and the balalice in easy
' '      - - *   •* * v ,•■,'-     ••"•*,
X Pedigree AlrojMI&lfe. fSpti. ^Choice
stock C. W, Mltcl_a^;^^ § 92,iilev«l-
ftoke. ,    i'^',    iT't-K   r?
vi Special rates tb^poltap^vla^. N,
■gallway, September 26tbi to October
1st, aoopunt-Dry, rowing.cpngro*st|,. 1(
-SpedftlT-OUBd-trlp ratea:..to Ww.
■,W*fltml)»stori'.vlaiT Q-»N«,r.ailwayy -pet-,
obor 1st to 5tb, account exhibition.
i'It*a,'up to you. ' Wo aro horo.to.save
yon:;!m(jpoy, Jn. furnituro apd
The Trites-Wood Col, '"'
' Millinery-opening next* week,. Friday,- Sotitember 23rd. and-24th. Miss
Euler.. ,'     .;',--:  ■,■,,,■,•. 7   ,,.,
'■•'Don*t; forgot„.tho,BROt. to .buy furnl-
tiirotind houso furnlBbln^B.is at tho
Trites-Wood Company,- tlmltod.
Dyiy . a "Standard Sowing' Machlno
and'.navo money. .Thoy nro In.a class
by", tliomsoIVes;. at tho... Trltos-Wood
Company, Limited. • •   .,.:"■-..:   .
Ui-jton, -wo* cas *savo you from 120.00
tb',$25"on q,,sowing machlno, nnd give
you'tbd boiit, "Tho Standard," tho machine that hae thom a'l boat, and thon
aornoV' • Tho Trltos-Wood. Co, , :-,
Tho spo'clal feo : for . Joining tho
Worklngmon'B Club of $1,00* Bhould bo
laftW'"&dvtmtago of, boforo It Ib, ■withdrawn. Thq tourn'amont is on now
andehlrloB aro still opon to thoso
that aro ollgtblo,
.'.' *&* l. ,-   V   X.A.'    '"   -
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms wl*^
oppjiilte Bap'rii»t"6huiicW'.r'.ii''i'--'.'7   i
-^FOR[-,RB^--^Ph«Yistoro known tfs
th01He^tzm8n(;;Parlo|8, In the' Minora'
Uri&n TB160k. - E«#v,«[rther particulars'
arfly,.^, SC.-bb.'C "Pj-rfO.   361, Fernl*,;
J ^FOR • 'B ALB-^A-"■' .good*.-. fruit ■- .an ft.
acres, together with new house and
.to,save chicken houso.andjabout.,2(1Q.phlckcns.
stoves.  Apply box 858, Nelson; B, C    r''   "
■•'*•'"•■"■     •'■  __Sll_ -II   Mi. I .	
,.F0R ..SALBr-Oiio" ;porner •; lot * tn
Foruje Annoi',, 60x120. Apply Mrs. M.
I^oolzol,^ rooming houso;-,.. opposito
Baptist church,   'i
.^FjOR,.SALE—Furnished;' boarding
house. "'Vrb'portyj known as tho Gill
Doardlng "MoUso. ■ Apply Robo & Lano,
barrlstoro.   ,, „,;.    7 .	
' 'FOR SALE—Tlireo-room cottago o^
cdrhor lot,; '60K120,.Meson7avonuo.
Prlco, $5VB,- Torrbs,   Box 871,' Fornio,
n, a, ■;.,   *-';""
. i.  , .........   :
/.FOR SALE—Ono. gonulnQ7 V1. nlniit
bookcaso; ono oak Bldbboard;": Apply
at'tho Duthlo Hardware company.
FOR SALE—Household furnituro,'
nll'ln gooil'" condition. Apply -Mrs.
Mltcholl, Howtond avenuo North,
Fornio, B',*C_     „ "     1-tp
I*)*" '
;?;£tHOS, CKA.HAN,: Owner -    -   JOB-GRAFTON, Agent ^ -,
Michel, B. C. Colefriah, Altrf:
Two loin,In.block.,7.9,,.pmborod 0
ond 7.. Ono a cornor lot, TJiIb prop"-'
orty W all planted with,garden truck,
fenced all around. $1,200 cash, Apply
B, Hanior, McPhorson avonuo,
If you dpn't .want to bo firing up
ovory hourr.durlrig'tho wlntor to koijp
from fre-onlng to doath, all you lmvo
to do 14 to buy a MoClary brlck-llnod
Hot niaut, Coal up at 10 o'clpok' p, in.
nnd eh* \» good for all night, Try
ono at tho TrlUw-Wopd Company,
limited,    *'    ••■•»•••£,>■"•■■
Our Ran|0|i aro all_CUte<l with soml-
stool llnlngt;' Thd IrrbatoBC Invention
on oanh, Ho moro cm.uo«t*. iito
orcu lilcbiiiiUMMM}QB**8e n"fMq
stpol, making tho moBt ovon bakorn
on 'ho roarkot, Thoyhayo no oqual
In quality, finish orjprtoeuTho Trltoa-
.Wood Co., Llmltod.
A rnV/<**'*ojipml-milfr*^'Ti<|ictir« iwirtlv
jloxoloped ,coalj)rj?j.i»rUo9Jn tho,Flat-
Sftmablo W'fe*Rro-io0HV?harT
(loctdcd to Hell,
Tho proporty cqMlBtB.,of twp.JIcon-
cod coal ralnlng.,£*l»«r«"dl°tnln|..tho
Corbin coal properties: has cabins,
m dump cars, steel rails, tools ond tralfs
v'tMit'tvn- tho-jf»ftP«rty^ •Bodjiwa.Vir.-
Si Ono/ milo JroovWlroa*; wum trait
ij-tu. .rom«HHIr««rto c_fcp. Opwi for
Inspection. No trlflers or agents,
M*MtA rooimimmxi "-.im, Mfit BPQ-
Vfino, Wash. ^
FOR SALE—Ono-fourth aoro land;
two sldoB.foncod; Wost Fornio; 9100
cash.   Apply "D" Ledger Offlco.
FOR SAL13—Ono pony. A bargain.
Oontlo, .woll, broke. Aplly.. ,T, .Mott,
Wost Fornio.''''"      "'	
FOR LEASE—Grand Thoator; soot-
\\xix capacity 050; oloctrlcnlly llgbtod
and' .'boa'tod; '„' stage * accommodation
adequate for "largest traveling com-
pan loo. .Minimum term of loaso opo
year.* All ap'pllcatlonB'tb'Uol-ocofvbd
by Octobor 8th. , AddrosB D, Koob,
861"- P.O., Fornio; fyO,-. *t;.
Fit-Reform Ss^^^taodx, j
for anything bett-Sf awaste of time |
If you want tne best there is,, there is no reawn t
"*       •' i*     • •-■ ''■ * i'   '','*•     '  • •' '■     "-*■ - ' • -        '*:
why you should not have it. f
* . * •      ■',     .*   ,ti i - •■■ ■   ,,        *',,,,"'    _'   /.
Fit-Reform prices are within every  gentlemans |;
income-and. Fit-Reform  styles  are  unfailingly \
correct. "" X , -r . it.
'K. fi P
7WKUm>rCm"oa- 5tkg» - ^   *l»e
DlBtrlct Lodgbr Off loo.  Good
paid ,, , .. .,      ii
Above, we show two of the new models for this "
season-on the left is' the "Straight. Front"-the j
other, is the "Young Man's
Sack?.   Both are made in
imported Worked* and English,
Scotch and Irish Tweeds.
. ■
"$18; to $35. ii?.
WANTED    AT    ONCE —Reliable
nursemaid. Tm»«f D* n(""laoiit 10' yflftrw
'Xf4iiU'f>"'*Wi '•!*<•.
Ing, .BcalparoatmentB,   «>;    . „„      £#
lor rwnivjiigjwrljlk"*«< •. j^j. -,.. ,■. >    'fy  '"
ir work in all
moro than half cleared; partly cult!- Full particular on ■PPM-»M^ **£*   [
Full parllcuJari on application to the
valed; largo bam and chicken houiw*-. socretary, Miss Eva Powoll, Canadian
Situated at Cokato, Addreai "M" care Collogo of Dermatology, 723'Ponder
Ledger. tire-at, Vaneeuw, B. &
The Crow's Nest Trading Co
««.,,       .      ..»     ..I,.     ,,.,»»**»-..   r,  1.1 '1"'*^,..,.     ,t     ,,      -       ,
".»* -.- A
v WANTED^A  limited  number  ot    :	
yom liidftiU'j. to. flbftipjeto.. felui  W- Mkjt^A^hkklikkhAkkkkA^^kA^^kkkkkAkkkkltAliAiikkAkkltkAltk
halrdrosslng, marcol waving, hair dyo- {
in* and bleaching, jcalp aroatmonts,.
fadal massago for *ro*novJlig(Wrliikl*t«<
manicuring and
Am~. ***J*»■*. Mtl-J,,,'■ » •i,J..V|#» .«UttiV>.


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