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The District Ledger 1910-07-16

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-■* (.
industrial Unity is Strength
% a
The Official Organ of District Mo. IE, 17. PI. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. V.   No. 50
FERNIE,   B. C,  July   16tii   1910
$1.00 a. Year
Gampbellton, N, _., Is
Wiped Out By The
Fire Demon
BATHURST, _>f. B„ July 12.—The
fire which destroyer;" Cos .own of
Campbelltonf the largest cedar shingle
center in Eastern Ame rica, burned
1000.buildings,-made 6-100 persons
homeless and caused a financial loss
of nearly ,$3,000,000. OI the, entire
to*wn only seven'houses ere standing.
These were located on" ttie outskirts.
'Tliere seems to have been no loss of
lifo.   "
KAMLOOPS, B. C, July \2.—Fire
broke out last night at L0 o'clock in
the roof of Stevens & Allen's grocery
warehouse, in tlie railway yard. In
an instant the whole building was
ablaze. The wind blowing r.rrongly
carried the flames across the street,
setting several residences on ,fire.-
The adjoining warehouse, occupied by
Milton, hay and coal merchant, caught
fire also.'," Six cars*of loaded merchandise and two of coast'lumber in
front of'the. warehouses were all,destroyed. -, *
,„ The-total loss is two warehouses,
one, four residences and
the _jrs. ' The loss is $75,000. *        ;
The wind veered in time to save the
whole of Lorhe street and other -ware-
The driver of the fire wagon fell and
broke his leg while fighting the blaze.
..Fair.,Poster Printing—Strike-;*!?,On, at
■ President S. W. • Tuckweli, of the'
local Typographical Union,' has called
a special meeting for tonight to tako
action in connection'with and to protest against tho printing on the
llthrographed posters and cards advertising the Lethbridge Pair.
The printing was done by tho firm
In Virginia, who did tho lithographing.
President Tuckweli maintains that the
printing-might just as well have been
done ln local offices and by union
Businoss ' Agont , Heaton, ' of tho
Building Trades Council has. rocolvod
the following letter from Calgary relative to a carpontors' striko ln that
city, and asking local' carpenters to
stay away:
' Doar Sir and Brothor—Wo havo n
partial striko with tho carpenters at
Cnlgary, A lot of employers won't
act up to tho eight-hour agroomont,
thoroforo "wo havo a lot of momborB
on tho stroot. Will you kindly ask
nil carpontors to koop clear of Calgary? A. C. SAUNDERS,
L'accident de Frank & ses suites.
11 est important,", pour .tous les
francals 'et. beiges de la region,: dc
connaltre la teneur du verdict rendu
dernierement a Frank et la facon
dont se.sont deroules'les debats sin-
guliers quant a l'accident.qui a coute
la vie a J. B. Lobert. *.•  ;
Les deux victimes, Je7diral deux
victimes parceque l'accuse tout aussi
bien que le malhcureux Lobert est
aussi un victime, travaillaient a pous-
ser les cars a l'accrochage. Lobert
en toto descedalt avec son car pleln
Decoux en suite, devait descendre le
sien apres s'otrc assure si la vole
etait llbro, il pousse son car a l'endrolt
ou il a coutume d'ommobllser l'une
des roues, place son arlot dans' les
conditions requises et. s'en retbunje
quelques pas on arrlero pour prendre
son chevnl, et descend ,son car pleln.
Notons qu'll tache d'nccomplir ces
deux actions slmultanement dans, le
but de satlsfairo les patrons pour
lesqucls l'on ne va jamais assez.
vlte. Decoux pensait certe que son
car etait la ou il Tavalt momentane-'
ment abandonneo mats quand il revhu
le car n'etait plus ia et s'etait mis a
descendre vers, l'accrochago avec la
rapidlte d'une fleche-on salt le reste. '*'
Voila done en quelque sorte ,le resume do ce qui s'est ,\aan-i.
, L'enquetc se fait tout sep passe
comme habituellement ^dans les * cas
d'accidents de mine; mais voici ou la
chose se corse: J. B.-Lobert' vient a
mourir de ses blessures et sans n't
proces pn incarce're, le malheureuoc
Decoux qui est materialement tenu
responsable de l'accident;
Depuis le "Manager," jusqu' a "l'as-
sistaht surintendeant—Driver Boss—
"tous ont a l'uiiison ' accable le
malheureux, c'la va sans dire.
II faut lei remai-quer en passant le
zele du president Pov.'o?!, qui a fait
tout'Ce qui* etait humaineuient possible en faveur do- notre Infortune
frere, il avait fait preuvo de sagacite
et aussi il eut l'heureuse inspiration de
suggerer au jury l'ingenieuse idee de
se rendre sur. les -Heux de l'accident
de telle sorte que ceux-ci soralent plus
capables a rendre un'verdict "juste.
PassoniTdonc au°* verdict qui fait
certe honnelir a messieurs les jures:
Etant donne que-J> B. Lobert* est mort
des blessures re'eues au puits de
Frank par un'car echnppe accidente.
lement au driver Decoux. Pour ces
.motifs, nous * - blamons ■ ; severement
aux drivers et „ aux chargeurs do
manierr leurs .car's sans observer les
i;egles a ce. sujet et pour ne point
s'enquerir ft'i^n .moyen. quelcouque de
communication ' pour . lequel les
"drivers" et les chargeurs pouvalent
avertlrles hommes;de l'accrochago
dans les cas ou un car ,viendralt a
Nous recommandons, quo la pento
de l'entroe sud ' soit' dlmlnuee de
facon - a escarter autant quo posslblo
tout dangor et qu'un bloc d'arret soit
place a-un qu'll-pourralt
ompeehoV un-cnr parti sans controlo
d'arriver la ou 11 * pourralt' blesser
Nour recommandons aussi ' quo In
direction fasso savolr aux' ouvriers
quel' out leur "Pit-boss" do facon quo
cos dernlors pulssont, le cas ochoant,
lul transmettro un rapport ou ' re-
cevolr dos ordros ot qu'un imprlme en
francalso concernant lo reglonient
soit placo on ovidoneo a la mine.
L'union avait chnrgo M, Simmons do
la dofenso do Decoux, s'est offorce
--dana' unci plaldorio v'ibranto ot
documontoo do demontrer lo non-sons
d'uno nccusatlon aomblablo—mals en
vain, car Decoux, est resto Incarcoro
sous accusation d'nssaHslnat ot cn
consoquonco oto transforo a McLeod.
Western Coal Operators,   Association  and Officers of
District No. 18, U. M. W,  of- A. Hold Session
at Lethbridge During The Week
Authorities  Fear That  8mall   Spark
Might Causo a Riot.
HALIFAX, July 12.—A trnln loft
Halifax for Spring Hill mlnos at \
o'clock yostorday aftornoon with two
companies of tho Royal Canadian
regiment and an officer nnd throo
mon onch of Uio Army Modlcnl corps
nnd Army Sorvlco corps, 170 mon nil
told, undor command of Mnjor Pages,
brothor of Colonol FnftoB,
Tho troopii would havo boon despatched Sundny but they woro not
sent bocauso thn military authorities
horo doomed n tolegrnm Hint tho requisition for troops would como on
Monday by mnll wns not Htifflclont. authority. Tho requisition wns thon -sent
by wlro nnd rocolvod nl ton nilnutoH
to !! yostordny aftornoon. An hour
and n quarter Inter Iho trnln with tho
troops wn« pulling out of tho station
at Ilnllfnx, An hour afterwords tho
mnll brought tho reqiilsltloiri,
No mnchlno guna woro sont, but tlio
man hnvo nrms nnd nmnuinltlon
Tho troopn will enmp undor canvas on
Mir. PTnon tri tbo renter of tho rnoo
trnck which In tho proporty of tho
conl compnny. Thoro was no disturb-
nnco yoBtorday, but It Ib generally
conceded, that In the excited fooling
between tho compnny's men, nnd (ho
BtrlUorn a Bpnrli nt nny tlmo might
,.!...!       *.       ..1,1 *t*I,,-*.'»*       intltX      ~.n.,       nn,l
boys aro Idlo becauso of tho striko.
Notico to Employees of thtf C. N. P.
Conl Compnny:
Arrnmxomontn hnvo boon mndo hy
tho M. V. & M. rnllwny whereby Iho
oraches Joni-lnH* for Conl Creek will
be plncod In future on a Hiding Installed for that purposo just below
the cur shops opposite Oommcl street.
Workmen and pnsscngors for Conl
Creek should tnko ndvnntngo of thin
as it -will provide a inter routo than
thnt whloh It. hn.y hrnn nroonnnry to
tnke in Iho oa*t In order (o reach Uio
Rex vs Deceaux.
Edmonton, July 0, 1010.
Sir:    I am just In receipt of your
lottor of July 8th in' rognrd to tho
nbovo enso.
No roport has yot boon rocolvod by
tho Dopartmont from tho coroner, Tho
mattor will rocolvo attention,
I havo tho honor to bo,
Your obodlont servant,
A. W. 13LAIN,
Acting Doputy Attornoy Gorioral.
A. J, Carter, Esq.,
Socrotnry-tronsuror DlBtrlct No 18,
Unitod Mlno Workors, Frank,
(Ed.)—Tho abovo did    not   roach
Fornio until Friday a. m. .Inly 1M.Ii.
The quarterly meeting of the joint
committee wns held in* Lethbridge on
Tuesday, the 12th, Inst. The Western
Coal Operators xVssociation were represented* by Lewis Stockett, chairman, O. E. S. Whiteside and It. W.
Coulthard; 'District'1S U. M. W. of A.
by-W. B.^Powell, Clem Stubbs and
A. J. Carte"]1, secretary.
Tho agenda not being a very ex:
tensive one, the committee were able
to disppse of the business in one day.
" Tho matter regarding the' Blairmore
mines, as to whether they are under
the jurisdiction of the Western Coal
Operators' Association ■ or not, Mr.
Coulthard agreed that Blairmore
mines aro under the jurisdiction of
the said association.
Regarding the power house' engineers at the Bellvue-mines ..operated
by the West Canadian Collieries company, limited, wishing to change from
12-hour shift's to eight-hour shifts and
to be paid at the rate specified in the
agreement. The committee recommend that the -request, be favorably
considered by the "management of the
company, when reasonably possible to
adopt same. Regarding the request
by tlie Royal Collieries at Lethbridge
for a pick mining rate to be fixed aat
their mines,,, it was'decided to refer
the' matter back to the management
and the local to try and arrange same.
President Powell and-Vice President
Lethbridge for the purpose of fixing
a rate for pick mining.
Of* the several matters which were
under consideration at Hhe District
Board meeting which was held in
Frank last week, was that of the De:
caux  case at7 the    Shaft  Mines at
♦ ♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ' ♦
♦ At a recent meeting of Can- ♦
♦ more Local No. 1387, a resolu- .♦
♦ tion was unanimously past en- ♦
♦ dorsing tho action of the district ♦
♦ officials in the Decoux (Frank)->♦
♦ case, and   in   compliance with ♦
♦ instructions   'write    requesting '♦
♦ that due note of, the same be ♦
♦ printed     in     "The     District ♦
♦ Ledger" which I thank you in ♦
♦ anticipation , for,    so     doing. ♦
♦ Faithfully, yours, ♦
♦ (Signed)'    JAMES NEILL,        ♦
♦ Financial Secretary. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦, <*>•»♦♦♦
Frank. Tho board were of the'opinion that ibis was only one of tho
numerous methods which the operators are using with a view of disrupting also discrediting the organization in this district, however, the
executive desires to point out to the
operators that they are fully aware
of the many, if not all, of the tactics
that are being used by them to this
end. The ( executive further wishes
to assure the membership of this district, that with their co-operation they
will be able to effectively combat
these methods that -are at present
being practised by certain ■ operators,
who, can only have*' one purpose in
view, and that' is "disorganizing the
members, so that'when the time arrives for -making 'the next agreement
they-think- theyrwlll- biT-ir^a-pos-
tiori to practically0, compel the men
to accept their demands. It was also
decided to'the Government
of Alberta* against this unwarranted
action of'the Piiul^ Prosecutor In
bringing this charge against'Brother
Deceaus, and the following resolution
was forwarded to the Attorney General' at Edmonton:
Frank, Alta,, July 8, 1910.
Attorney General, Province ot Alberta,
The Executive Board of the United
Mino Workers of America, District
No. 18, now in session at l-**bank, desires to draw your attention to the
case of Rex..V. Deceaux. The accused
is charged with murder. We consider that, the action taken, by' the
Crown is most unwarranted, .in view
of the fact that' the coroner's jury,
after an investigation lasting two days,
as to. the cause of death of tho injured miner, brought in,, a verdict of
accidental death, and also addc'ft the
following riders:   ■ '
Rider 1. "And we severely criticize
the' mine. management for allowing
drivers and loaders to handle their
cars without strictly observing the
rules relating to the same; and for
not providing some means of communication whereby drivers and loaders might warn men at the shaft
bottom of cars having got beyond
control. , .
Rider 2. Ancl we recommend that
the grade of the south slope be lowered so as lo reduce danger, and that a
stop.block be placed in such a position as to slop runaway cars * before
arrival at a point where* men may be
Rider 3. And we recommend that
the management shall acquaint > all
men working in the mine as to who
is IN FACT,Pit Boss, to-whom men
may make reports and from' whom
they must take their instructions, and
that the rules regarding the handling
English and bo, posted In a conspicuous place in the mine. >    •',%
We feel assured that in the interests of .justice you will give Oils matter ybur'-immodiate and unbiased attention.
AV. B. POWELL, President.
A. J. CARTER, Sec, Treas.
District 18, U. M. W, of A.
young man in tho city become a member. Don't forget tho dato and tho
hour of meeting, 8 p. m. July 25th.
All young mon desirous or inking
part In tho sport of lawn tennis nre
nordlnlly Invited to moot tho trustccm
of tho MotluxllHf eliurcli noxt TuoBdny
ovoning nt 7 p, ni, upon tho lot lntoly
occupied hy tlm tomnornry church,
when a tonm will ho ready to do thb
hauling, whito tlinBo denlrotiH of having nn IntoroM In tho tonnlH court
nvo   notroil   fn  nnnlnt   In   n-otlmrlntr Mm
Htonon nnd othor Iooro rubbish from
tho ground ko it can bo propnrod
for tonnlB playing.
A meeting htm nlno heen arranged
to convene In tho school room of tho
church on Mondny ovoning, July 2B,
.... >i ...,.,,.. .» -..„.,.„i,.i.... „ -i..i.
.   .,        .....       |f,..   *■         ,.<»  ►.,*.« ..<>      M-      *..-.    ,,
or clubs, to tnko part In tho establishing of a good gymnasium society
so that, tho oxcollont room provided
by 11k; tniRteoB of tho church for tho
uro of nil young men desirous of taking pnrt In physical training and
nlhlrtlo nnr-rls, mayo bo put In tho une
Intended and thnt nil desiring to become niembern enn hnvn n biiv In the
organization, While the room Is tho
proporly of the. church, tho trustees
do not propose to place any demon!-
nntlonal rcstrlctlotiu upon those who
mny desire to tnke ndvnntngo of tho
ojjjic-rlunity afforded, ami ciic-nd a
mi-isf rnrdlnt fnylf-n*fon fo nil who may
wish, (o bo present at Dw Initial meeting nnd will ho plensod to hnvo evory
Rev. Dr. Spencer, superintendent of
the Local Option (or Scott Act) campaign ln British Columbia, soems to
bo peculiarly unfortunate in his disposition to regard all constituted
authority ns dishonest or dishonorable
when ho has dealings with It, Latter-
ly ho has boon touring tho country
condemning Promlor McBride nnd his
govornment in all thoir works.' Now
ho Is heard from In Prlnco Ruport,
whore at tho last mooting of the cltv
council a lottor from hlm was road,
stating that tho Scott Act Is to bo
attempted iii Prince- Ruport nt an
early dato, setting forth tho advantages whloh ho claims for this measure discredited by thoso who havo had
exporlonco of Its workings In Eastern Canndn, and expressing tho "hope
thnt no obstnclo will bo plncod In tho
way of a froo oxprosslon of opinion
by tho peoplo of tho city.' ' In moving
that tho letter bo rocolvod and filed,
Alderman Hlldltch warmly resontod
tho phrnso quoted nn constituting "a
gratuitous insult to tho council," Tho
majority of tho board preferred to
lgndro tho discourtesy In charity to
Ub porpolrator. It Ih significant Hint
tho Scott, Act campaign In Prlnco
Ruport has tho support of no fuwor
than four of tho "blind pig" proprietor who roconlly havo boon convicted nnd heavily fined through tho
actlvltloH of tho Provincial polico,
"Tho Scott Act In to bo triad lu
BrltlBh Columbia. With recollection
of Scott Act dny» In Ontario," snys thn
Phoonlx Pioneer, 'fnlltiro BtnroH tlio
movomont. in tho fnco.' " ••
Tho nbovo was nccoinpanlod by a
Blip requesting that If flpneo permit
It bo mndo noo of.   Wo reproduce.
To Equip Three Stations
With Mine Rescue
VICTORIA, July 13.—Tho mines do-
partment of 13. C. of which tho promlor
Hon. Richard McDrldo ,1s hond, ban
placed ordors with tho Droegor
oxygon apparatus company of Pittsburg, Pa„ for comploto mine rosciio
apparatus for tho equipment of throo
mliio0roBcuo stations In tho principal
coul mining areas of British Columbia, ono of which stations will bo
established hi llm Crow's Nost 1'iihh
district and two on Vancouvor island,
those stations bolng In chargo ot tlio
rospoctlvo Inspectors und In accordance wltli tho amendment, to tho "Conl
MIiioh Region Act" which became a
law of tlio provlnco on tho 10th of
March las.!. It Is both, hopod and
expected to hnvo tliem) stations established before the close of tho prosont
year, thereby InituciiHoly augmenting
the modern fni-llitlt;- for lifo saving
In tho ovont of colliery dlsastera
Bhould nny such occur In futuro.
Receipts.       4
To ■ donations   ? 2.50
Profits on sweets (Co-op.)'    2,15
Taken at hall ....;  30.25
Coal Co. for tickets  305.75
Sale of tickets outsido   25,25
Total    $-13-1.90
Read the Misses Euler special for
Saturday on page four.
Slaughter Price Sale,on at'Trites-
Wood.   See their "ad" on page four.
One more week only of Bleasdell's '
Sacrifice    Sale.    Come    and    get,   in
while the bargains are going.
Coleman, news items arrived too
late for publication this week; but
will appear in our next issue.
The C. P. R, have a large force of
men .both at Ynhk and Curzon endeavoring to diminish tho ravages of
the firo fiend. •    •
Look-up the Crow's Nest Trading
Company's ad on page eight and sec
what big sacrifices are being offered
in their various lines.
Do you want to make some easy
money? Then visit tho moving picture
shows. You pay your money and
takes yer choice. No geld brick
propositions, but the gi.,i,.u;no ;*:'.:.*.\
metal. - ,   „
Ernest Oker, S. L. Diiii'oi.lasi Sunday combined a pedestrian trip with a
fishing expedition to Elko witli the
result that they came back, tired out
but jubilant, having succeeded in
tempting 23 (good skidoo) members of
lho finny tribe to desert their cool
haunts for the hot frying pan. The
leinpt'erri .were March Brown, Cow
Dung and Professor.
David  Martin,  pit    boss    at    Coal
Creek,   was   a   visitor   to' town   last
week   and   was   greatly  surprised ~;U
the,rapid development that had taken
place since ho was hore before,    lie I
had his first view of an  automobile I
and    expressed    himself    as-   highly
pleased   with   his  short  stay  in   onr
midst.   Come again soon Dave.   Don't
wait so long before you do either*or
we  may  have  an  aeroplane  race  to
show you.        .
A regular meeting of the joint committee of District 18 U. M. W. of A.
and the Western Coal Operators' Association is meeting in ihe Alexandra
Hotel Wednesday. Among those,
present are Lewis Stockett, of Bank-
head, O.'S.. Whiteside, of Coleman
John Brown, of Hillcrest, R. W. Coul-
ihanl—oLBlai rmo_iLe.._of_tlie__Op_eraUii'_s
Mrs. P. Hughes' Clothes
Catch Fire From   '
A Match
To printing. $ 23.00
Ronl of hall    25.00
Music  /     20.00
Railway cxponsos II, Almond..   10.00
Sundries, bill posting, ole      ..fid
Total    ; $   82,55
To Whltohavon BtifforerB 352.3.1
Cortiflod correct Btntomont ...$131.'.i0
(Signed) THOS, L. 111009. Con.
(Signed)    J. J. IIUOIII-IS, Sec.
Lady Douglas Tries to End Life When
Husband Goes Away.
.Spokane, July 12.—Despondent bc-
caiiBo of separation from' hor boy
Ludy Doui*Iii*i, w!f,*> or l.iird flholto
noughts, soil of tho Mnrqiits of
Quooimbery, wiih found'In tho Northorn Pacific railroad yards by special offlcoi'H Tliuriiday night IiihI, Rho
threatened to throw herself under a
moving train. When tnkin to tho
city jnll Lndy DoughiH tlireatenod to
drown heiHelf In tlm jail hntliliih,
On Hnliirdiiy iiluht hIio received money
from her husband and ulio left to Join
hhn tit Creston, II. V.
Association, and President Powell.
Vice President C. Stubbs and .Secretary Carter, of the men's organization.
—Lethbridge Herald.
Rev. J. F. Dimmlck preached his initial "sermori at^the-Methodist church
Sunday morning and also held' services in tho evening. These will bo
regularly gjven hereafter as this
gentleman has now this field for his
pastorate. Prior to coming to Fernie
he was'stationed at Lowistown, Mont,,
but although regretting to leavo thnt
flold where he has mado a host of
friends yet feels that in Fornie with
Its pleasant surroundings he will soon
bo quite at homo. ITo extends a cordial invitation to all to attend the
service next Sundny. The subject for
Ihe morning sermon will bo "Tho
Evolution of Peter," nnd for the evening, "The Requisite of Dlvino Pleasure,"
, A fierce bush flro 'started several
days ago west, of Morrlsswiy and funned by the strong breezes has worked
Its way until nt tho time of writing
II. Is (milo near Cokato, So far as
can bo learned no buildings havo been
destroyed nltlmugh tho standing limber has suffered considerably, A ler-
rifle flro Is ranging near Mlchol and
tbo old town Is In peril and tho Inhabitants are packing tliolr belongings to bo ready for emergencies. Tho
minors did not. go to work on WodnoB-
dny fearing lho worst. The pooplo of
Wardner havo been fighting tlio fires
that rago all around tliem for sovornl
days past, and although successful
In pervontlng any groat advance, thoro
Ih Htlll hoi-Iouh poKslbtlttlcH.
Monday a happy crowd of nlm-
rods cnmo trooping Into Crow's
Nest, nnd In tho dliiluncn hoiiio of lho
people catching sight of tlio benvH
flrHt, wero seriously contemplating a
Journey up a troo, but on perceiving
there wero beings accompanying
them Iheir fears woro allayed and
siirniiso then gave way lo fear wondering If ll.„ was tho advance of a
eliviiH or n troupe of traveling bear.
On closer Inspection It wiih found llm!
llio party consisted of A. K. Wayland
llnptlsle L'amoiireux, It. fl, llclden
and Mr, Kirk who hnd secured I ivo
grizzly cubs and the old girl, tlm
lai ler wiih dead, but the ynungi-ihTH
wen- quite lively nnd will le- I'-pt an
mn!ieotn ln the ramp of the'Crown
Coul and Coko t'oiiiininy,
A very distressing accident occurred
on  Saturday  night to  Mrs.  Hughes,
who is at present nn inmate of thc
hospital suffering with serious burns.,
From information received it appears    w
that Paddy, her,husband, after finishing his labors  at the King Edward
where he is employed  as head  bartender,  went'home  and  knocking at
tlio door, which    in   consequence of   -
nervousness   his    wife    always   kopt
locked,,the lady arose and coming to
the door for the purpose of unlocking
it struck a match, the head of which
flying off, fell-on hor nightgown and
immediately  she    was. enveloped  in     .
flames, meanwhile the frantic husband   .
rushed to the window ancl succeeded   '•■
in making his entry to find  the unfortunate  womail  writhing in* agony.
Medical assistance was obtained with
all possible dispatch and, tho poor sufferer taken to ihe hospital where she    -
lies in a precarious condition. To make
the   situation -still  more, distressing,
there is a little" baby boy of three
months who ,needs_.a__moth_er'B^care. *
T""** T^ T"\ "PIT Y T"*
b Li U IVI  I  Ui
J. Xmmml JLt-A *    JL   JL_#
Ab a conclusive ovidoneo of tho material progress of this city tho foi-
1rti\,lnf*'  ttf.rnr,   ,,}• rm*|-''   f.f\r,y\r,r,r,   t)ir.
most skeptical, raoroovor if tho plans
outlined by tho conl company bo carried through to u HiiccenHful Issue
nnd linh-HH something unforsoon or
unexpected nil so tlioy nro nn absolute rorlalnty. Tho conl nnd coko
output will bo greatly augmented
wllh corresponding enlargement of
the payroll, The nmount to be disbursed this pay day by tho C. .V. I\
Coal Compfiny re/Kin-* tlio very high
figure of $». very close to 1910's
high wnter mark nnd oslAhlUhos a
record Itmofnr as the Coal Creole portion »!s ronrerncrt since Fernie's history mftliUnff dny, August 1, IMS.
IU    JL   X\.UU
X   l__fJLY.AJL* VJT
While nf course tho mineral In-
dustry occupies (ho first rank In this
J-ynllt..    ll.r,   ,.„i,|,»,lll.,   .,.,,*!   Hwl„.;
pnnyiug lumber ramps uro Important
revenue producing factors of no mean
proportions, Tlio Klk Lumbor company, working on double shift, nro
kept buny In thoir efforts to moot tha
demnnd. Tho Ferfile Lumber rnni-
puny, bel'ir known as randy Mc-
DoiiRnll, are tnxed to tbelr limit to
•meet eiilRtlng demands, and tlin Wood-
Mc.Vsib nlthoiiRh over threo milea out,
jet can bo JiiMly Iniludei) In Fernie's
business, ia busy h'lpplylng to many
To touch upon Dw town and the
various eslnbllhlim'-rit-** thero lu full
would reo.ulr-1 mnn* npnco  thnn   wn
can devoto in It nt present, but can
quote the opinion of niitnliTorn iir Ir-
.. p..,. 11 *   i ,     ..   ,   ,
.1... ..,.. v.*i,. ,»,.... „*.j..,ri ^,.M> *».«,,.^
Is no city In Cnnndn of tlio slice of
Fernie Hint pohhohnob ho ninny well
equipped nud busy ninrtM of commerce
iih nre In our midst.   Tho expansion
Ih such that tho prosont btilldhiitrt aro
Ifiadeqiinto and    nddltlonnl   building
On    Wednesday,,  evening    at   Mt.
it'CIIIH'  i.odg<-  .So.   ti,  1.   li,  (..  I'',  If.
j Iiim: ll-'.U Wuh plovideil by tlie IH'W
officers by way of ice cream, cake
.Mul lemonade, a good number of
brothers wero present to witness the
work of tlin flvit ili>"n'i- whli-ti w:m
exemphtU'd in n first cIiibb mitmii'i*.
Another IntenHtliig .'iitiiro of the
meeting wiih the preHoiilntlon by Past
Hlundell to Ilrotber l.undle of a
beautiful cut giiiHK Hiilml bowl In rec-
■ii-nfflnn of lit-- -.■>-i-!<-. •>• tn tho In«lg»
with Mill greater exp,.cl«,tlo,»h Is In j l|lir|       ,,,„ ,,.„,,_    ,,   |h
pro-was nt tho Crow's Kent Trndlni'l
imnpany.   The !riCrennud culls tn\li.**
HI-' various smffH to their iitmosi of
, t'litiiiuuKhiK to mill- uu' niii'i-s'.rtitl ul-
t'itidfinc-e    nt    thi'   re .nlar jiii-<iIiikh
the -.<•(• nil store* of tho Trite-Wood 'a|''1''' Br'' ha<l ' w,-v W,,,J"' ■ 'h-v ''u,!'
■omiuuy spenk volumes for liual .■'"•* '" ,l1" K* '*■ '"■"' Vlnoi-in •iwnii.*'.
en!« rprlne. This may bo nald to »-**■ * Second defcre. work w'll be put on
tvplrftl throiiRhoiit the bnilneMs rom-'H"** Wed no si dav nluM, win n it lw
luuiitty nou'iira well for the fiHiii<7 l.oju.l uitullic-r iileuxuiit ev.ninn *-*.!ll
destiny of the city. ; -1(. Hjii'iif,
but this infant and ,the ,other,-one.
child'are being.kindly cared for Mrs.,,
Gorrie, while the eldest girl is staying
with friends at Coal- .Creel-:. Paddy
who is president of the Fernie football-club,*, highly-respected and .well
liked by all who know him, has -the
heartfelt sympathy of the entire Pass
ancl the earnest hopes (haflho sadly
stricken wlfo may lie restored to
Wc are very pleased to inform our
readers that on making Inquiries nt
the hospital wo were informed that
Mrs. Hughes is getling nlong very ,
nicely and wo sincerely hope that sho
may contlnuo to Improve rapidly.
Hot tea* or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room.
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big redact Ions except limns mid put
i ent medicines,
j The Kilos are coming. (lei yonr
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ifrlgerntnrH at the TrltoB-Wnnd Cum-
j p.iiiy. The ebeiipehi lu I lie city
j House for Sale wllh.2 lots 111 Wont
i Kernle; o looim-d huiihe, wuiei,     Kn-
|i|lllle  of   1-3,   Il'llpe*',   •Ml'I'll-.'-Mill     live-
| nil'1.
I *Slimii-l>u|ilo>n!i HIkiithand can bo
I taught in I'i Ichhoiih, Send for speel-
I men lentiuii io Thomas Itnuli-thuw, 1. K.
1 D.D.M, .miik, Altn.
I TO ItKNT- -KurilIhIicI iooihk to
rcrqieeli-bie, quiet people, Modern
hoiiHe; eenitally located, Apply lo
Men. W. Iliiiinable, tn nr Method |.t
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you the bcHt, "The Standard," the mn-
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ed ntul painted   rojtitilefely ftirnfili«*>I
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u ii and widow of nn mbi r of V. M. W,
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King l-Mum-d lli.i-.-l. ■ '" ' r '.--.*. '
' .*        ' .-Li   "''■.
♦ c
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Suits   made to order ftcim §1() to
' Sydney, June 29, 1910.
Whereas, the Provincial Workman's
Association was prior to June 24, 1908,
regarded by all trade unions as a bona
fide organisation of .workingmen,. and
exchanged transfer cards with it on
this understanding alone, and,
Whereas, tho mine workers of Nova
Scotia believing that the Provincial
Workman's Association was no longer
strong'enough to-look after their interests, decided to take'a referendum
vote" as to whether they should, join
the United Mine Workers of America;
said vote resulting in a substantial
majority for the U. M. W: of A.; and,
Whereas, the coal corporations of
Nova Scotia have since the taking of
the above-named vote, organized and
financed imported strike-breakers anU
creatures of their own under tho
name of the Provincial Workman's
Association for the purpose of betraying the best interests of the mine
workers,of this province,.through this,
their own miscellaneous ■ collection, of
scabs, thugs, and habitual traitors.
Therefore be it
Resolved that this convention instruct its secretary . to ' notify all
miners organizations, both on this continent nnd In Britain, that a transfer
card from the Provincial Workman's
Association is in no sense whatever a
guarantee that its holder is a trade
unionist.    Carried. .'   «
Labor papers please copy,
Opp. Post Office
The Cash Merchant
i --I'l.-r 'I
Lt •.'*.• .i
V ! i..:-»i«*3,W.i
1 )•'  £ X-t'.i','--
■■''* ^s te,\v*
SUITS   and
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York and English ■
Cloth, and Styles
TD A *\T _T\"D TTTTVT   Rooms  2 and 3, The A. Beck Block
Whereas John Moffat and his co-
betrayers have been repudiated by the
miners of this province, over and over
again, as being their representatives
or as having any right' or title to
make'agreements with any coal company in Nova Scotia on their'behalf;
aud,    -      ■
Whereas this repudiation was particularly aud specifically made by the
mine workers of-this province, on
June 24, 190S,1 when by a vote of 412
of a majority, they voted the P. W. A.
out of existence and decided to join
the U. M. W.'ol* A.; and
Whereas some of • the coal companies of Nova Scotia are still using
Moffatt and his co-traitors to bind
upon the mine workmen of this province conditions that are unbearable.
Therefore be it ' .
, Resolved, That this convention, representing 7,000 miners bf Nova Scotia,
hereby servo notice, on every coal
corporation in this province that the
said mine, workers refuse absolutely
to bo bound in any manner of way
by any agreement entered into by
Moffatt and his co:'traitors, and we
protest that Moffatt has no authority
to represent the' mine workers "of
Nova Scotia or make any agreements
on their behalf,, but are regarded by.
them as the tools of the foal companies and used to betray the interest
of: the mine workers.   *"       *
Be it further resolved, That copies
of this resolution and protest be sent
to the Department, of Labor at
Ottawa, and to all the coal companies
of Nova Scotia, and to the press.
Parties desiring any work
along the above line will do
well to see me before letting
any contract.
. Estimates given  and satisfaction guaranteed. Address:
GEO. EARL, Fernie, B.C.
45 Steam-Heated  Rooms
Hot and Cold Baths
The Kin'g Edward
t'v ^"^
'        ■* *■ "*   . * !'
Fernie's   Leading  Commercial Hotel
■*B*, ■*flBjtrflB_l__
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
To    the    Annual    Convention ;of the
, United Mine Workers of America,
'  District No. 257  ' .   .
Gentlemen: Whereas John Moffatt
ancl other interested parties and tho
Dominion Coal company entered into
an arrangement in the month of
October, last, which had. for its object _the binding over of the employes
of that company' to ask no increase
on the rates now paid for. a term of
years, and^this in .the face of a continual advance in the cost df living,
and*at a time when these same employes were carrying on a bitterly con-
'tested struggle to get into a position
whereby they might lie able to command a little better conditions for
themselves, their wives and families;
and  .    -. '     '■ , ' ■■   .-
Whereas the above interested
parties have also in a like manner
treacherously betrayed the interests
of the employes of the Nova Scotia"
Steel and Coal company on two different occasions; .and    <-
The Finest Hotel in East Kootenay
J. L.   GATES, Prop.
Sydney, June 30, 1910.
Whereas the miners of Springhiil
have been oh strike for the last '11
months, and that only after repeated
efforts had beoir. made by Local
Union No. 469,. U. M. W. of A. tb
have their grievances adjusted in a
peaceable manner; and
Whereas the members of this local
union have conducted the striko in a
peaceable, satisfactory and most effective manner, therefore be it
Resolved; That we, the delegates
to this annual' convention of District
No. 26, U. M/W.. of A., in 'session
assembled, do-pledge ourselves to do
all in our power lo assist the 'member's of said local union to carry their
fight lo a successful issue, and we
call on all local unions iii this jurisdiction to, do, all Mn-' their power to
prevent men from going to the strike
field of Springfield.   Carried..
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Strikers in Angry Mood And
Make Things Lively For
Strike Breakers
vows, rope!-, windlass, tools, blacksmith onl fit, t out h, . (K-jkhiK ulenslls,
rof>fhiK fell, lumber nnd oilier nrtlelos
I od tiiimeroiiH lo nienllon,
TerniH; All hiiiiik nl' f wi-nly flvo dollars mul undor, rush;  In Ilie ciiho nf
Mnnu over SL'fi, ten  per ronl   of I ho
i piii'cliimi' money to lie pnld down nl
1 ilie time of mile, nml Ilie linliiiicii to Im
pnld  whin fifteen dnyH tliereiifter or
lo lie wi tired In a iniiinier natlnfiielory
( in (lie vendors.
Kiir further piirlie.uliii'H nnd enndll-
Idiih of mile npply lo Ilereliiner &. Me-
IJiiimld, .loliiiHOii-Kiileoiief Illoelt, Ferule,  II, l'.. Hoi I el I urn for Vendors,
Milled ul Kernle, II. C. this fith dny of
.July, A.M. HUH
HALIFAX, 'July 12.—If the occurences of Inst night are again repeated
at Spring hill, tho government will bo
requisitioned to send the militia to
tho mining town to maintain ordor,
The strike of lhe minors has beon
on for a yoar, The company has over
400 men at worlc in theso, mlnos, tho
output, bolng somo ROO tons a day compared with a normal output of 3,100
tons, Lnst night a crowd of M0
strikers mill ' strike Hympr-.thly.ors
gathered at. n point ridjonlng the company's proporty, making hostile demonstrations and throwing stones.
Police Fire Shots,
Tho company's polico .warnod lho
crowd nwny and a shower of stonos
was hurled at. tho houses, smashed
windows nud exciting (ho Imported
workmen, Shots woro fired in Iho.ili'
by tho, company's police nnd finally
llio crowd dispersed.
Injunction Disregarded. „
The mayor Is snld lo havo announced (lint he enn do no moro to maintain order tlmn Is being done, A
deiniind for Ilie proleellon of I mops
from Ilnllfnx Is likely to bo iiiiule nl,
nny nioifienl, If not, * through tho
mayor I hen by lhe enmity court Judgo,
The liijmicllon of tho court prohibiting picket lug seems io liotn dead letter, One elllzen remarked Hint ll Is
nnl  conleinpl of enurl,
UNDKIl nnd by virtue of the powers contained In it t-i-iiiiln Chattel
,Mortgage whleh will bo produced nt
the tlmo nt "ill", Hi*--rp will be offered
for gale by public unction on Friday,
the Tu-etity-iilnth dnv of July, 1010, nt
the hour nf one ihlriy In Dw afternoon, upon Hie premises of Harry Old
1-inii In Kll-o. 11 .(.'., by Willinm Hrueo,
Aii-'tliiiii-er, Hi- following pcriionnl pro-! ho went to Spokane but relumed
Nnv Informal Itui vernrrtlii--: jirer.ent
wliereaboiiln ef .Tonepli Hmlth Is aux-
loiiNly desired by his sorrowing ninth it.
lie wiih one of lhe flrtU cheek welsh-
tiiett employed at Conl Creek, nnrl It
Ik reported that lie wnH one of tho
men engaged In tho work of shingling
the old wooden tlpplo. Hn wnH horn
at .SIIngHhy, Yorkshire, Eng„ about
veniH ngn, short set, moitstneho, faco
clean hIihvoii. mouth rnlhor wido, noBO
ii'lulHiie. broad forehead of -njoilhim
height, fingers long and liroad, spnt-
ulnte.     Wife died fit CnlK.iry. Later
When packing for the country cottage, don't forget your box of Znm-
link! misters, sunburn, scratches, Insect stliigH, etc., If not Immediately
intended to, nre likely to spoil yonr
pleasure. Zam-Uulc ensures you
against trouble, from those. Take Znm-
link. Instead of "Inking chances"!
Ziuii-riul, Is mil Inept Ie; kills all
poison in wounds, whuiliur Horn
hnrbod who fence, or Insect hIIiik.
Soothes nrhlng feet nnd blistered
hands; heals baby's ehnfod placet*;
cools thosi*} HUtiburn palehes, nnd pro-
Yfi,,,.,  f^nr};)"1'.     ****"*-■  .»m*-'II"**,- '*ttr-,ii]r1 Tin
without It. I'urely herbal In Its composition, Znm-Tluk Ih always superior
lo thu ordinary ointments containing
nnimni oils and fnto, and mlnornl coloring matter. All druggists and stores
snll Znm-nuk, but avoid harmful substitutes.
eluding Mr. J. B. Atkinson and Mr.'W.
Leek, -H. M. Inspectors, went down.
They proceeded to the stopping at the
Intake, and from there, several of
them, having put on patent breathing
apparatus, -were able to proceed for
some distance, and found tho road full
of firedamp. Two wero obliged to return owing to the fact that their
helmets wero not working properly,
but the remainder proceeded some 700
yards to a point about '<10 yards beyond,, the brattice which was erected
by the rescue party on-tho day following .the accident, * and here ,tho ther-,
mometor was found .to register 85
dogreos, Two of lho party went' on
for another 200 yards, or to within
a point some 30 yards from the
friction gear which was the seat of
tho fire. Here they came upon a
heavy full, and furthor' progross was
stopped, Tho opinion of nil was that
tho fire Is extinguished, Steps were
taken at onco ,to make a clearance
and rid the mine, of gas.
The Executive Commlttoo of lho
Cumberland Minors' Association has
expressed great dissatisfaction at. the
treatment, of Trado Union men by tho
mayor of Whitehaven and his commlttoo In tho administration of the
Whitehaven dlsastor fund, Mr, Sharp,
the minors' agent, stales that, whereas
non-unionists wore paid out of, (lie
fund, union mon were not paid for the
first week, nnd last wcok wero paid
less than onu-hnlf of what, (he uon-i
union men received. The nssoclatlon,
he adds, is not. compelled by rulo to
grainl. any support *io the mombors
thrown Idle by Iho disaster, but. owing
lo lho distress prevailing Ihey hnve
granted support, equal lo Htrlku pny,
nnd have paid up to tho prouunl
._2,000. Another nllngntlon Is thai
mon belonging to other initio unions
havo received pay from llio mayor's
fund. The iissnclatlon executive has
rosolved Ihal, If In tlio futuro mom-
bei'H of the association nro uot. Ironlod
In lho same way as uon-unlonlsls and
members of oilier trndo unions the
mayor nnd bis commit Inn shall be requested lo ntlend n meeting to discuss lhe wholo, question.
The "mind Dally Mull's" fund for
tho relatives and dependents of (hose
who, Inst their lives In the colliery disaster has reached lho total of .C1.100.
Agrent    Fernie    Branch    Ave.    North
The Creston Fruit and \
Produce Association*
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','lK-ity, namely, nil chntlels of the «ald i
' Harry Ohlluiui uho-1 in his business as \
"ii CiiL: Owl    eottfrn .or,    In-MiT-Hnr;
..liven litirsi'H, several new* double liar-;
■' 'iii'iel   imd run   huruesH.*..
jdt-iliii'. plow*, dump carU, wlioelbiir-
(.'alKary about three years n/.o since
which tlmo all truce, or blm ban been
Uihi, ViioKi taken \ohla uno U lu
hnnd* of D. Reen, secret nry local S314
Fernie, II. C.
Miner* Are Indignant at Distribution
of Fund.
Th© first attempt to -exploro llm
WelllnKton Pit nt Whitehaven, with a
view to the recovery of tho bc-dlei**,
wa* mado enrly In tlio wook, when
a party tiuuilicrliiK about 13, ntul in-
•'AN'rouVKH, Tl. C, July l_--The
minoiiiicement wns mndo this morn-
Ini? that thn British Columbia Mnrkot
company's abattoir nt Kburno hntl
been Hold lo the J, Y. Griffin compnny, the Ui'ltlsli Columbia branch
nf tho wenl swift IntonmtH. This
HlRnall/es tho first IiIr step taken by
tho powerful Ohlcngo houso In nn
ngRresHlve enmpalRn for thn control
of tho provisional wholesalo nnd retail
ment buHlnesH in which' tho lenders at
present, are 1». Hums & Co, .Definite,
announcement of Dw «nln was mndo
lodny by MnmiKer Welmli o( Um
British Columbia Mnrkot company,
who, however, declined to name tho
figure nt which tho extensive killing
plant at Kburno changed hand*. Tho
deal win involve t<*-v-*»ra! hundred* of
thousands of dollar* and put* under
the nnmt-s of thn new owners oni* of
tho licht equipped abattoirs on the
entire /'/.rifle count.
Fernie. Opera House
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr.
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,*■ -
t.^t*«||»T>*^^-'.-J&tot ■***-*.!** THE  DISTRICT  LEDGER, FERNIE,    B. C. JULY 16, 1910.
Prohibitionists Employ Victim
to Spot for Them—Who
Pays for the Music
Shot Saloon  Keeper and  Mob Takes
■        Terrible Revenge—Victim Had *
Been Strike Breaker.
NB\VARK,- Ohio, July 12.—0. Carl
Btherington. 22 years old, employed on
Thursday night by the state anti-
saloon'league as a-blind tiger raider,
'' was lynched here tonight at 12:35 fol-
, lowing a day of almost continuous
rioting. The heavy doors of the
Licking* county . jail . were battered
.down and Btherington was dragged
from his coll.    He was shot, kicked
.- and bruised before the street was
reached and the finish followed very
Mob Was Pitiless.
;  Etheringlon" early   in   the* evening
confessed he killed, William Howard,
'proprietor of the' Last Chance restaurant, and former chief of police in
.a raid of alleged "Speak-Easy's" during the scuffle, and narrowly escaped
lynching at that time.   When the'.news
, from the hospital that Howard had
died passed over the city at 9 o'clock
at night; the fury of. the mob took
definite form, Large battering arms
, were directed upon the doors of the
Licking county jail and the deputies
were powerless. The doors fell after
nearly an hour's attack. Crying
piteously, Btherington ,a curly headed Kentuckian who had been serving
as a striko breaker since he was ro-
-- leased from marine service three
months ago, was dragged forth. "I
did not mean to do it," he wailed,
but his cries fell upon deaf ears.
Fear More Troubled
Fearing that the mob spirit -would
not be satisfied    with    one    victim,
Sheriff Link immediately asked  Adjutant General Weybrecht for troops
to  protect  six  of  the  "dry"  raiders
held  at'the  city' prison in  another
*"> section of the town.   A hurried guard
J    was thrown out in their defense. The
mob. after  the   first  taste  of  blood
seemed lo quit, but it is. feared that
- the rioters will storm the city"prison
.   - beforo the night is finished.   Ethering-
tori's last moments, while he' heard the
.Attempted. Suicide. ',
While the mob was.battering down
the doors, Etherington in his cell made
an attempt to, commit suicide. He
smothered * his head iii his coat and
set fire to It, but was caught in time.
• Women Present. -
"I want "to warn,* all young "fellows
not to try,to make,"a living the way
I have done—by strike breaking and
taking jobs like this," he declared. -, "I
had better have worked arid I would
not be now—" A" swing from ■ the
crowd cut him short. , He hung there
for an hour while the' crowd quietly
left. After the-first excitement there
was no disorder. At the-finish there
wero, hundreds of women . and little
children in., the'1* crowd all eager to
accomplish his death. . No member of
the, mob'was masked and no attempt
was made to conceal their identity.
The leaders were personal friends of
the dead man.
Wayne B. Wheeler, state superintendent of the state . anti-saloon
league, said the men who, made the
Newark raids today were not in the
direct employment of the stato league.'
They were hired by the Licking comity law enforcement league, he said,
through a Cleveland agency of which
ex-representative Pierce D. Metzger is
proprietor. At Granville, Licking
county, 20 men were sworn in as special officers and furnished with warrants under the Wood's Search and
Seizure act. It was,planned to raid
Newark places where liquors were
sold illegally. Superintendent Wheeler
said ho knew nothing concerning the
special officers nor their home address. , *.'-,-
' NEWARK, Ohio, July 12—William
Heard McKenna, ah ex-policeman, is
dying from 9a pistol-shot, wound inflicted- by an unknown "dry" detective, and tho county jail was surrounded by a niob of '3,000 men and
women shouting for the lynching of
the unknown detective who was
chased for blocks and brought to the
jail by an excited crowd of 500 men.
During the raid on a saloon a detective hit bartender Ed McKenna and
severely injured him, and the, crowd
quickly gathered. The detective escaped; but the crowd was augmented
and when McKenna tried to'arrest Detective'James Henderson, he was shot
by an unknown man. Mayor Atherton
appealed to the - mob, to let the law
take its course and the mob dispersed.
-O * vi
—:  mmm,
Contest One of the Bitterest
Ever Pulled off-Middle
Glass Support ViGtor 7
mob' battering down the doors, were
spent in, praying .and writing, a note
to his parents, farmers residing near
Killisburg, Ky. "What will mother
say when she hears of this?" .he kept
moaning to the jailer.
Heinrich' Busold   Goes   to   Reichstag
. From Freidberg-Buedingen District
Despite Conservative Mud
The action of the Canadian Pacific
railway in transferring , men from
Lethbridge is more serious than has
been supposed. The Herald has been
informed by C. P. R. men that six
passenger crews are transferred from
Lethbridge to Maeleod and that with
them will go about 14 wipers and
other workmen.' Moreover, whereas
there were formerly 35 freight-crews
here there are now_ only VL_
The men say that the talk of economy coming from the changes is
ridiculous.' It will mean that the company will have to have an extra engine
at each of the divisional points that
they do not need to lnive now.
■ (Correspondence of the Call.)
BERLIN, July 12.—One more
Socialist will take his seat In the
reichstag shortly. The man Is Heinrich Busold and, he comes' from the
Freidberg-Buedingen election district.
Busold will be tho forty-ninth Socialist
member in the reichstag.
The election of Busold Is hailed by
the Socialists all over the German
empire with extreme satisfaction for
the reason that ,the Freidberg-Buedingen .district has until this election'
been impregnable to all Socialist agitation. ,The land owning classes invariably controlled and' won in every
election.    '
It was because of the conservatism
of the district that the Socialists gave
it the closest ' attention during the
campaign'just.ended. The1 entire district was flooded with Socialist literature. The best Socialist orators kept
up a continuous bombardment of the
reactionary forces with the result that
at the election which took* place yesterday, Busold, the Socialist candidate,) got 11.545 votes of a total of
20,351 ballots cast. The candidates
of the two other parties divide the rest
of the vote about evenly.1' .
The election contest was one of the
bitterest that the German empire ever
witnessed..,The reactionary forces seeing that they were about to lose an
important stronghold, fought bitterly
and indulged in a campaign of villifi-
.ation of the Socialist candidate and
Socialist principles that exceeded all
bounds. **,
The newspapers supporting the reactionary element opened their pages
to column after*- column of gutter
journalism, only to have their methods
recoil on their own heads.   Many of
-.    , ****-
The'-micidie clnss voters, wEcPwoulTT
ordinarily vote with the liberal element, cast, their ballots for the
Socialist candidate out of 'sheer disgust for the disgraceful and lying
statements of the reactionaries, .   "   .
Earsdbn, via" New Castle-on-Tyne,
*      - Northumberland, England,
„ June 17, 19J n
Editor Mirte Workers Journal:
The first/attempt to explore the Wellington mino at Whitehaven since the
sad calamity which caused the mine
to be walled up has been attempted
this week, but they have encountered
difficulties which will taken considerable time before they can reach the
entombed men and boys.
Messrs. Atkinson and Leek, mine
inspectors, along with the managers
and two of* the;miners' agents, visited
the mine, and Messrs. Littlewpod and
Thorne, having put on the.Mees patent breathing apparatus, were able to
proceed in for some distance, and
found, the road full of fire damp, and
after the party had "traversed a long
distance they wero forced to return.
The thermometer registered So deg.
at this point. They were then some
thirty yards from the friction gear,
the seat of thc fire. Here they encountered a very large fall and further progress was stopped,
' The opinion of each one of these explorers is that the fire is extinguished
and work is now proceeding to clear
up and rid the place of enable
the exploring party to recover the bodies, which in .my opinion, will be
some time ye£.
Now, Mr. Editor, there is much
comment in-the press concerning this
sad calamity which is misleading .ind
I have visited the scene and conversed
with our own men, and I am quite satisfied that there has heen much said
in the papers that ought not to havo
been said-
-The inquiry will cause some thought
that will not be very pleasing to the
employers' side, but to let-the inquiry
be made before* we commit oursoles
is the'best policy, ' As an-outsider of
that district I have no fear "but that
the miners'^ interests will be well
looked after by Mr. L. Ilanlon and Mr.
J. T.Mathers and their other able
agents. I shall see' that you are posted with every proper item of interest
when the time comes.
A few words about tlie Wellington
mine. The mine itself is perhaps one
of the most remgarkably situated in
the- country having been sunk some 57
years ago. It stands on a' cliff overlooking'the harbor and It is reached
by long flights of stairs from the harbor, and the ^entrance is ,by a small
.tower, whicli is much more like an
old castle than a coal mine. The underground workins extend over five miles
under the Irish sea'.     It is a little
over sTiFfiun3reTOeeY"deep and7it~l¥
worked on the pillar, and stall system,
and the workings are laid out' in districts, and it is in' one of these districts which is about three miles from
the shaft bottom, that the explosion
took place and the means of escape
by the other adjoining mines were
rendered impossible. It is upon this
latter point that the inquiry will be
called to explain' their opinions in a
plain sort of way. ' ,.
I could tell some stra'nge things that
I saw there and which were told to me
by reliable parties, but deem it best
to remain silent for the present,, at
But one thing I saw in a friend's
house where I was visiting was the
United Mine Workers Journal which
is sent to them from ■ Byesville, O.,
every week. And when my friend
told. them that I was the writer of
those articles that came from Northumberland; well I was told several
strange stories and taken into their
entire 'confidence right away. Yes,
we see the good old'Journal scattering its influence in many unexpected
places, and as,.our esteemed John
Wilson, Jl. P. says-it's a -..-and and
noble medium for sending the nilnin.*;
items broad * cast over the mining
world.   ■ ■    " >
I have information from the .Nottingham coal district of soine disputes
which are. causing much unrest in
that district.,. The miners of Clifton
colliery have been idle nine months
over failing to fix a price for coal cutting, machines (coal rates.) It-lias
now spread Into tho Eastwood district.
The employers are going to put coal
cutters into all their thin seam coal,
but the prices offered, to the miners
mean less wages. ■ The employers of
the Eastwood Coal company have in
the past three years spent something
like £100,000 upon coal cutting machines, but, the revised wage rates offered to the men have been rejected.
There are,1500 men and boys employed at the Eastwood mines.
There ,is a.'stilluess in the coal mining'industry over here at present and
there are' many mines in those two
northern countries only doing three
or four days a week. Likewise in the
Yorkshire district there ,.are' many
of. the mines that are doing short
time, A letter from a friend of mine
in. South Yorkshire says there is a,
great deal of excitement in the Thorne
Stalnforth, and Hatfield districts over
the great coal developments in those
districts and sinking operations will
be going on in those districts on a
large scale. Likewise the Barber &,
Walker Coal company is to begin its
newr shafts right away. At Bulcroft
the Askern Iron and Coal Company is
on with its two large shafts. Wejiave
strikes arid short work and complaints
of little profits, yet there is over
£000,000 to be spent in the above districts in sinking shafts and opening
up new mines. .It is quite a mystery
how certain" people, make ends meet.
The commercial business has been rather quiet for several weeks and in
the next two months there will be a
reaction right along as there has been
contracts taken for nearly £15,000,000
'  _
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M. W. Elley, District Mgr,
Land Rich
Money Poor
by-BTffisirrfirms i'o™SWnrTOiiericair
railroad ' and  structural work.
. So in my next I intend to give   a
short'.sketch of the early history of
coal mining by tho monks.
Henry Evans,"
8400 huys ten acres of Creston
Fruit'Land, two .roads adjacent
to the property, well watered by
' creeks and -springs, a short distance from, Wvndell station."
This is a cash proposition' and"
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Druggist and Stationer
N. B. Goods damaged by smoke only are
subject to 25 per cent Those damaged by
smoke and water 50 per cent, and in some
cases more. '-'■:fl
'tt/fte M^lrid £&$tv
Published every Saturday morning at its office, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C. Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance.     .An  excellent advertising  medium.      Largest
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*?? '
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special  attention. ■    Address all communications to The
kinds of book, job and color work.     Mail orders receive
District Ledger.
-J. W. BENNETT, Editor. *
* Thero are many who labor under the delusion that
justice is nior-s?, equitably administered in Canada than
elsewhere. Constant reiteration does not convert a
mental fancy into a fact. True there is not so much
justice (?) dealt out in Canada as in mote populated
countries, the difference however, is one of quantity
not. of degree. • Commercialism has not yet reached an
intensity of operation in Canada equal to that prevailing
in other countries, yet the germ, and it is developing
apace, is rapidly assuming increased proportions evidenced by the struggles that .break out in varous parts
of the Dominion; ":
Those who entertain any lingering doiibts as to tho
truth of these assertions should read carefully and reflect deeply ,on the case hereunder described and if they
still hold that thc halo of administrative justice is not.
badly tarnished their menial condition is in a fit state
of" receptivity'to worship at the shrine of ''What is—IS
RIGHT. Although we might dilate at length, criticise in
no unmeasured terms tho remarkable methods of certain functionaries pointing out-the^ establishment of a
precedent heretofore unknown in this western corner
of Canada, but by no means exceptional in the highly
civilized (!) countries of Russia, Mexico, and was clearly shown ,in the Moyer-Haywood case, yet refrain from
doing-more than furnishing our readers .with the entire
information we' have obtained trusting that' they will'
masticate it so thoroughly that rapid digestion may
ensue to the end that they may provide themselves with
excellent food for reflection,' Here are the- facts given
i ' c
■  simply, free from either exaggeration or diminution.
.. *.
Summons to Defendant. -   _
.  Canada; Province of Alberta. ■
that the rules regarding the handling of cars be printed
in both French and English a*nd be posted in a conspicuous place in the mine. '--,"■•
* Regardless of so* clear an establishment ■ of innocence
this poor man was arrested by the Mounted Police at
the" instigation of the company and charged with murder,
incarcerated in a small cell at the Frank Barracks, next
day brought before J. W. Gresham, J. P., compliance with the request of the prosecution remanded the
case for eight days, and the accused taken to MacLeod
to await trial there.
Remember this any reader who still has a lingering
remnant of belief in the actual existence of that much
vaunted "British fair play", that in this particular instance it was most assuredly ' a negligible quantity.
Not a,scintilla of evidence was given for the deprivation
of this man's liberty and the laying of the terrible
chargo of murder against him. The company made the
request and the complaisant guardian of,the law (?) true
to his instincts to obey tho master's voice ignores the
verdicts pronounced, thereby proving himself a good and
faithful servant to capitalistic dicta." If this mode r*f
procedure be" permissible why nol dispense - entirely
with juries, otherwise their employment becomes farcical
and a useless waste of time, and restore the privileges of
"lettres dc cachet" and "les oubliettes"? The assumption,
i.s that the contention' of the company for so arbitrary an
action is Uie fact that Deceaux is a union riian while the
drecased was a non-union man. They, put forth tho assertion that bad blood existed between .the two and therefore Deceaux allowed the car to escape with malice intent-,1 Not satisfied with the verdict of the jury whose
intelligence and Integrity they .thus gratuitously insult*
their pretext is laid bare in all its flimsiness when we
state that' working along with Lobert was an intimate
friend of the accused, also a member of the U. M. '\V„ A ,
and was just as likely to. have been caught by lho
escaped car as the unfortunate victim, this conclusively
upsets the theory of design, a The mental agony that
must be felt by Deceaux, although buoyed by the .satis-
"To Arthur Decoux ofTrank," Alberta:    Whereas you
have this day been charged before the undersigned, J. W.
Gresham, a justice of the peace in and for the said
province, for that you on the 24th day of June A, D., 101 n,
at Frank in the said Province, 'did allow a loaded mine
care to run uncontrolled to tho pit bottom In the Canadian Coal Consolidated Company's mine, being an act
likely to endanger the safety of any person in or about
tho mlno contrary to section five   (5)   of the Special
Rules of the Canadian Coal Consolidated Company approved of under section (52) of the Coal Mines Act, and
that tho said Arthur Decoux did seriously endanger the
life of and seriously Injure ono Jean Baptlsto Lobert
by so allowing tho said mine car to run', uncontrolled on
puch  dato „ln  the Canadian  Coal  Consolidated   Company's mine at Frank, in tho Provlnco of Alborta.
Theso aro thoroforo to command you, lh Ills Majesty's
namo, to bo «nd appoar beforo mo on Saturday, tho 2nd
day of July, 1910, at 0 o'clock ln tho foronoon at Polico
Barrack, Frank, or before such other justlco or justices
of tho poaco for tho said,Provlnco as shall thon bo thoro,
to answer to tho said charge and to bo fiirthor doalt
with according to law.   Heroin fall not.
Glvon undor my hand and seal this 30th day of Juno,
In tho year 1910, at Frank, ln tho Province aforeBald.
A Justlco of tho Peaco In and for tho Provlnco of Alborta;
Upon tho caso bolng callod on Saturday July 2nd, Mr.
W. C. Simmons of, Lothbrldgo, ongagod by tho U, M.
W. A. District No. 18, wns counsel for Deceaux, whilo
Mr. Mooro of tho firm of McNoll & Martin of MacLeod,
lookod aftor tlio IntoroHtB of tho coal company. Aftor
tho usual prolImlnarloH lind boon opened nn adjournment was asked for by tho IokuI Kontlom.iin acting on
behalf of tho company in ordor to obtain a cortiflod copy
of tliolr regulations from Kdmonton, Tho roqttost. was
granted. Boforo the tlmo arrlvod Tor continuance, tho
Injured mnn Lobort succumbed, thereby: 'iiecefialtntlnu an
Inqunst which was hold boforo Coroner Plnknoy of J.lilo,
on Wodnopday, July Oth, nt Frank. Tho Jury aftor listening to lho ovidoneo glvon, a vory long oporation as many
•of llio wltnofifleH wero Frenchmen who Hpolto lltllo or
no EukIlull, tnndf- a thorough examination nf that part of
•the mlno whoro tin; ncxldi-nt occurrod noting nil tho
'foal tiros that might hnvo any boarlng on tho ciiho, thoy
thnn rutin**! for duliberiitloiiH and rumluruil thn follow-
* t
lug verdict:
"That Joan flaptislo Lobert onino to IiIh ileal Ii ns a
n mult of InJiirlnH roi-nlv'Ml nt Hhnft mlno, through bolng
struck by n mlno enr having bi'nn.nocldfinliilly Mlowori
to run awny by ono Arthur Deceaux."
This in lUolf conclusively Hot nnldo the ImproiiMoti thut
might bo convoyed of criminal nogllgonco, but as a
further proof of tfiolr determination to placo tho hlnnic
whom Dwy considered It. Hhould nnt projudlco tlin unfortunnto Docoanx, lho following three strongly worded
rid oth wuro added-.
Illdor 1. And wo nnvoroiy criticize tho mlno management for ullowlng drivers nnd londors to handle their
pars without strictly observing tho rules relntlng to tho
same; arid for not providing some means of communication whoroby drlvorn nnd lond-rn might warn wri at
thn shaft bottom of cars having got beyond control.
Rider 2. And we wmnmend thnt the grade of the
south slope bo lowered so an to reduce danger, nnd that
a stop block bo placed In such a position as to stop cars
beforo arrival nt a point where men may bo Injured.
Rider 3. And wo recommend (hat tlio management
shnll nwnminf. -all m^n working tn ih« mine aa to who
Is r,V PACT Pit no**, to whom men may mnko reports
nnd from whom they must tako their Instructions, and
. The efforts to disfranchise electors at the last provincial
election in British Columbia were confined in the main to
the partisans of the Conservative party "and many of the
.Liberals were loud in their condemnation assuming" in
some cases a holier-than-thou attitude, the Socialists on
the other hand did not hesitate to announce that it was
merely a case of opportunity and that between the two
there was nothing to choose as thoy were simply two
wings nf the samo bird. The old story that "When the
devil was sick the devil a monk could be, when the
devil got well,' devil a monk was ho" was applicable to
the Liberal supporters. That owing to the fact they
were in a hopeless state of demoralization and deprived
of access to tho Pandora box,of gifts for their supporters
In British Columbia thoy naturally declaimed loudly and
long against tho nefarlousness practised by their opposition.
In Manitoba "the scene Ib changed" and it is,tho Grits
who have been guilty of attempting to deprive voters
of thoir prlvllogo by trumpory tactics that conclusively
demonstrate that thoy are not a whit behind their Conservative compeers whon an election Is Involved.
Hero nro a fow of tho samplcB of jobbery "objecting
to man bocauBo thoy woro not natives" several of those
whoso names thoy had objocted to woro found to bo
natives of Winnlpog. Othors woro not of logal age,
which on Investigation wore found to bo unfounded.
Altogether sovornl hundreds woro objected to and yot
a more handful disqualified was tho not result,   Theso
pottlfogglng, undorhandod methods should bo frowned
down upon by all citizens irrospoctlvo of party, but so
prejudiced do many bocomo that any schomo to defont
tho opposition thoy will resort to and  if discovered
pnlllnto their action by such threadbare oxcuuos aa "Tho
other follow does It."   All's   fair   In   love, war and
politics,"   Wo hoar frotp tlmo to tlmo about purifying
politics and whilst thoro aro many well-meaning pooplo
who are honest and ,onrnoBt to play the gamo docontly
uncording lo their conception of fairness thoy aro a
hopolcsH minority ns tlio gront roans of tho public has
readied a stato of 'Indifference and disgust, that Is not to
bo wondoi'od nt in vlow of tliolr past oxporlonco with tho
old parlies,  Tho Socialist in lnlBundorslooil and mnllgnod
yet wo might nlso nlntn that as InillvidiinlH they aro not. a
Jot bettor nor worse thiui tho nvorngo human . wn   will
dory anyone to show Hint thoy ovor rosorted to tho
iluiiHlloiiablo I act Ich of tlio  momborH of tho two old
pnrtlos despite,the fact that,    their   opponents often
HtlginallHu thom iih "loafers," "hums" and other names
of n derogative character.   To thono who In tho pnBt
hnve been supporters of either Grit or Tory and whilst
realizing that but little Is to bo expected from tliem, lot
uh urgo them lo study the philosophy of Hoclnllsm.   Remember no Soelnllst will ask you to pledge yourself to
vote for tho Socialist candidate If ho Is a student of
economics for tlio simple reason tho moro giving of a
voto without an understanding of why It is given is of no
roal value, Btlll It Is a duty you owe to yourself to study
tho cnuso of oxlBtlng conditions and satisfy yoursolf as
to llio soundness of Iho tonots of this ever swelling army
of opponents to the present system of exploitation.
faction of his innocence cannot be adequately described.
Here is a hard working man, a.Belgian who has had the \ L
misfortune to be the unintentional cause of another's
death, brought before a jury and ample exoneration bo-
stowed upon him and then when every expectation of regaining liberty awaits him is unceremoniously seized and
imprisoned. As an additional corroboration that" the
company recognized -it's defection and that the second
rider of'the. jury was opportune THE GRADE ON THE
AFTER THE ACCIDENT. Such high-handed methods are
entitled, to the severe condemnation-of all thinking people and the department of the Attorney General should
i". , „ * ,
most assuredly give this matter a thorough investigation.
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Special  line Fast.  Colors, Pay Day,
price 75c. See window display.
Fruit' Jars.
We are headquarters,fov all kinds of Fruits
variety we have thein.
Pints, per doz. 85c
Quarts "$1.00
i Gals.     "■     1.25
No niattei" what the
Best Preserving Sugar 201bs. $1.25
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd
Specials for Saturday
$2.25 Nightdress -11.76
, $1.10 Nightdress  .'.85c
$2.50 Underskirt ..; $1.85
$1.10 Underskirt  75c
$1,25 Drnwors  90e
45c Drawers 30c
60c Corset Cover 40c
-Joe Corset Cover 30c
60c Fancy LIbIo, pair 40c
40c Black and Tan, pair..'!..20c
40c Fancy Polka Dot, pair.. .25c
$4.25 A La Draco 92.75
$2.50 A La Grace ..., $1.55
$1.25 Cornet ..,: ' 85c
A nlco lino of Ladles' Flno Whito Princess Drossou and Slips,
also Chlldron . Drosses, all at greatly roducod prices.
Millinery now going at Iobb than cost.
Millinery Now Going Less than Cost
For Your
write to
Lacombe, Alta.
Yorkshire   Fire, , Home   of   New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers' Liability, London Guarantee
—■■ ' and Accident  ;	
Great West Life
e. E.  LYONS
Have you seen the New
Special Policy maximum
Insurance, minimum cost
Henderson Block
.." Fernie,  B. C.
Yon nre now going through this world for the last time:
Why Not
live o nthc best,and nothing hue the best, and go* to .,    a.
The 41  Market Co.      |
.■■'•- .-.'.■'.'.■ 8
for your requirements In Meats, Fresh Killed and Government Inspected; Fish,'Butter, Eggs, Ham, Bacon, Etc.' -
S. Graham, Local Manager
Tho nocd for moro protection uRalnht tho outbreak ot
bush firos In always telt at thin st-ason of tho year and
an Uk-no aro frequently csum.i1 hy spares fiultlt-d from
imiuinK locomotive-it, > Dw in\\t.*y uiiitpiiuUs* uiVM
•MUnbllch a sorvlcfl ufllnK chemical extlURutihom In liko
rrianr'-r as Dw wood humeri* ate millxod.
The Victorian minister of mlno.** lu
roportod In tho local promt to havo
snld that "lho Intontlon of thu slato
K'jra'imient lu rofuiuiK. lo Ihsiio an/
frcmh ronl mining loiisss wna pro-
Hmlnary to timlortnlriiiK tho wholo conl
Hiipply of tho Htato, conUnRoiil on tho
npprovnl of parliament."
Tho mlHlstor fnrthor Btntort that ho
"liilondi'd to Hlnrt Ht it to brick works nt
WouthnffKl." Tho mlnlstur whon nsko'1
ns to whothor tho Bovnnimont proposed to compoto wllh privato onto.
prlflo, ropliod: "Not oxeopt In tlmo
of Btrlko." Tho bill rondo an If lho Intontlon of thn Kovornmont wn« In
compoto with prlvnto o-ntorprlBos hut
■ the <-Tp"ln!c*t\" uy* !t\'"^i*i',d *•■"■ Hvo tlio
unvnrnmnnt a troo hand In tho ovont
ot a combine or striko, that Htato
mnnufneturos may not ho stopped."
Tho council of tho Victorian Employers' Fodorntlon lmvo charged tlto gov-
•owimont wllh proposing to nationalize
, .     t       ,    . .„.,,•). J „1,.     n i.     IX, „
•-.V'-J      b«t',»t*.4'*b _>*»     *»!<•     ..^.U|/* -v.. 1       *- .      *•••
Htrongost Labor-Soclallot govopmont
could poHBlbly do. Accordingly tho
fodnratlon council roforrod to Immediately punned roHOlutlonH protontlng
nRaiiiBt tho declared intention of tho
Kflvonimenl to "undortnko tlio wholo mipply of tho Htato. soolniT that
tho Coal MlnoB Regulation act vostB
Iho Pnu'lctl ton) mloon in thr- lmndH
of the rnllwny tommlRslonorii," Strong
public objection Ib nlno ralRod by tho
council aBainht tho declared Intention
of tho Kovcmim-nt lo nationalism brick
works. "Thoy cannot bpo nny difference bctwwn tho proposal* now prt>
tctttml against and thoso ndvnrntod
by tho Uhor-Hoclalliits, and which aro
denounced ivh a wanton attack on
privato -enterprise.
Largo contingent of tho .local momborH of.tho L. 0. II. roport having
had a royal good tlmo.
a Shave, a Game of Pool or Billiards
or a Cup of Coffee
Drop in at Ingram's
Full Stock of Smokers'Goods Always on Hand
The Two
Now Under N«w Man»o*s*irt**i*-vt   v
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Say You Saw it in The Ledger
Moving: Picture
Positively the
Best Pictures
ever shown in
Our pictures are all'clear,
steady and up to date
Wc are giving away $10
on Saturday Night
Prices at this Theatre for
the summer will be
10 and 15c
■M I?7
*    -
l\ .*' -■*  .
(■*■********** ******kkkk*kk*ki
■ Jfjfjfjf***********************************************^
T ™ T  I   I   I    I   ■   IIIII   I   t   I   T   T  II   Ifi   I    I    P
,*************************.-*****************^ '   *
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦•♦"♦'♦♦♦
■ .^.. '*   .    ♦
♦ ' COAL   CREEK   BY   174 ♦
' •*•   - '".,*♦*
We  are ' pleased" to   announce  the1*
.arrival  of the  Itev.  C,  L.  Best,  the
*  new resident minister for the Methodist church, who has come in „ place"
-of the Rev.  Mr. Redmond who was
, appointed :by '. the    conference.    Mr.
Best comes" direct    from    Cornwall,
- England,  so  this is  his * first  scenes
' in .the far west.-  He will preach his
*     *    - , *
first sermon in the church on.Sunday
.evening at 7:30.   The subject will be
"The   Awakening   of   the   Soul."   • A
.most hearty invitation   is   given   to
everyone to attend this service and a
hearty welcome is assured to all.
Some of the inhabitants of Creel.
,,  got    quite  ■ a , surprise on  Tuesday
.afternoon and a crowd soon gathered
-  \vhen it wag found to be one of the
motor  cars  from  Kernle which   had
risked   destruction   of   several * kinds
. .and landed right side    up'    in    our
banana bolt.    It    was    unlucky the
thunder storm came on just as they
"   wero about to    return    to    the gay
city'. -   ' .*   .'
Coal Creek, is noted for the quality
■of coal it produces, but we have a
brand of mosquitoes up here at present that aro second to none in the
province, for the way. they, can sting
and raise a lump as large as an egg
' would- make*.-, any    stranger  believe
- they had been stung by a • tarantula.
"\Ve have no fruit lands to sell so tell
•the truth.      ■",''
James, Maddlson of  the  P.   Burns
staff,..civas  spending Sunday  evening
■ up' here among his friends. . <•
Pete Winstanly arrived home from
"Nelson'* Sunday.    William  is  staying
on the fruit ranch* for a fow weeks.
-:     The  annual   meeting   of  the   Coal
Creek School Board was held in the
school   house   last  Saturday.    There
was   ii  very  poor  attendance.    Tho
following gentlemen were elected as
officers   for  tho  next  term:*    Secro-
.tary,' \V.   'D.    Bell; ■ trustees, Jame's
Buchanan, and Harry Mlard;  auditor,
, George Moses,   They are getting two
new teachers for the--commencement
.   of the school, Mr. J. B. Jay having ac-
* e'epted a position at the Fernie city
< jchool. ■„,.-'
Mrs. D. F. Markland and littlo son
left here on Saturday afternoon for
a trip to her old homo in Lancashire,
Miss,,  E.  .Jenkiuson    and    Robert.
The old country arrivals into camp
this week are Mr. and Mrs. Harrison
and children,' Mrs. Stephenson, Miss
Spruston and Miss. Taylor.
The, colliery management are beginning operations in the-old No. 1 mine.
f The Michel football team journeyed
to Hosmer on Saturday, July 9 th, to
play their league match with the local
team of that place. This match"was of
utmost importance as the Michel team
was in danger" of losing the leadership
of the Crow's Nest Pass league. The
game started at 6:15. Michel won the
toss and elected to play down hill and
with a slight breeze in tlieir favor.
The game was evenly contested in the
first 35 minutes, then the Michel forwards got away with a nice dribbling
rush, which completely outflanked the
opposing backs and gave Carney an
opening from which he scored in a
brilliant fashion. Tlie play'was then
again on an even character, the interval arriving with the score sheet
1 to -0 in Michel's favor: At the restart, operations were taken with a:
great deal of vigor and Hosmer's d'e-
fonse was seriously menaced1'for some
lime. However, the .Michel combination broke away again and Carney
registered* their second goal. After
this "Michel had things their own way
and Boothman ..notched No. 3 goal.
Nothing further happened after this,
the coming ■ to a. close with
Michel the 'winners'*of'three goals
to the, opponents nothing.
Accringlon Charlie has shaken the
coal dust of Michel from his heels
and has gone back to Lancashire
again after a brief stay of. seven
weeks. He says that he would sooner
have a smell of a big bloater in the
"Old Country" than all the squares
there* are in Canada. Good luck to
you Charlie and keep smelling at tho
It appears that some people cannot
We are., glad to be informed that
Uncle Benny has retired and is living
an easy life. Well done Benny tha lo look after t'brass." '   ,
Billy Ryan has' improved ihe pool'
room by having new lamps placed in
position. What happened to the old
ones?   Billy will' answer next issue.
Quite iy lot of new .arrivals have
landed from' Scotland '{his week. We
are glad to know they are pleased
with their new homes. We hope to.
see them attending- the local meetings.      .' _     " - ■    *-'    ;'
Our secretary, J. 0. Jones, was
away most of the week, on busii^ss
on district, board meeting at Frank.
♦ ♦♦
♦ -     Expert Dentist, Dr. Hender-   <
♦' son, located at Blairmore, will   *
♦ open his branch office at Hill-   -i
♦■   crest July 4th, until Ilth,   at   <
♦ Bellevue July 12th until the*  <
♦ 19th.'., Positively painless   ex-   <
♦ traction. .*..-<
♦ " ♦
♦ -   . ♦
■©-    BELLEVUE NOTES  .  ♦
♦ ♦
A goodly number of- volunteers
turned up Thursday evening to aid
ln clearing the brush from tlie new
football grounds. It is not yet in
playable shape as there is *a little
more work necessary in leveling, etc.
Wo believe this ground will bo a
great improvement on the old, there
being scarcely any gravel noticeable.
The members wlio helped' to put it
in shape are deserving of thanks.
A .cricket match between the Benedicts and Bachelors was played on
Saturday evening, when a good game
was witnessed. The Benedicts have
been sore -ever since' the Bachelors
beat them two.goals to one at football, and they hoped to turn the tables
this time. It was not lo be, however,**
as tho Bachelors won'by a good margin. The score was as*, follows:
Bachelors, St. runs;'Benedicts, 48.   ,
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Herman   Varley and
walk on the sidewalks of New Michel j family,   Mr.  and' Mrs.  Walter  Miller
without breaking'windows. Whether
it is-the heat tliat overcomes them or
.whether they .had been indulging too
freely of".the Elk Valley water we
cannot say.
Mr. John Rushton arrived back-into
camp this week from Spokane bringing with him a bride who was formerly Miss Nellie Eccleston of' Michel.
The boys gave him a tin' pan .welcome
and Jack had' to dig up the dough.
"IJhere were 10 accident reports this
week,** all being of a-slight-nature. 7
The C. P. railway-are spending a
little more of their surplus fund by
building a new depot" at- Nety Michel
and  Mrs.  John  Shank up  here  last
"William Parneil' has .-the contract
for plastering the -*" new boarding
house and they way he*- handles the
plaster is a sight for sore eyes provided you, don't get any In- them.
A caveln occurred at ^o.-jl North
on Saturday1 inorning laying Cliat mine
off for the rest of tho day.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
church, are giving a grand social In
the church on Tuesday, .July 19th.
Everybody Is cordially Invited. Thore
will bo tea like mother used to brew
and a good musical program has been
provided.   Tickets 155 cents each.
Tho fish are having a lively time
around hero at present. George
Crabbe landed a beauty out of tha
creek just below the powder houso
last wcok weighing a pound and a
half. It is tho largest I havo heard
of being caught in this creek this
The football team will visit Frank
' on Satudray „*whon a very fast game
will bo assured. Tho following will
try and add to tho creek honors: Goal,
T. Banns; backs, McLatchle and J.
Cartmoll; half backs, J, Swoony, A.
McFogan, W. Parnoll; right wing, G;
Booth, O. Joison; loft wing, Bort
Hartwoll, P, Jolson; center, J. Manning; reserve, Dick Jones,
Mr, Charles Broauroa Is tho now
grocery clorlc in the T. W. Coy. storo
up horo nnd Mr, J. Nolson Is now
in chnrgo of the dry goods department.
A dlggor In No, 2 mlno named
William Davis got caught in tho oyo
willi a ploco of rock on Tuesday aftornoon which caused him considornblo
pain In that optic for a good while,
"arid also by" extending the old" town
platform to tho distance of. 50 feet.
Mr. Eddie was taking another
chance Saturday with his sorrel mare
hoping to win 100 bucks, and he was
again disappointed. Mr. Norbois gelding, Jim,'.beating her, easily in a 300-
yard race.'
■ The baseball team visits,Moyie on
Sunday, when a good .game Is expected.
The Installation of officers of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
took place on Friday, Jluy Sth. Dr.
(Wrlgglesworth was present as installation officer. After business a
dance,and social was given.
Don't get sore, boys, the .next time
there Is a pie social como to the back
window and get a handout.
When you get turned down at the
Last Chance it is time to hit the
pike. , -,'
Girls undor 20 should not be out
later than 8 p. m. on Sunday nights,
especially thoBO that, havo Welshmen
for their escorts.
Firos of a serious nature were
raging both east and west of Michel
Wednesday, and at ono time things
began to "look black for Now Mlchol.
Tho coal company was taking ovory
precaution and all tho mon wore
drawn out of, the mlnos, but wo nro
pleased to report that no damngo
was dono.
A caso of typhoid fovor Is roportod
lu camp. It Ib surprising to ovoryono
horo that thoro is not moro of it,
taking Into consideration tho sanitary
conditions of Mlchol. It is now somo
four months slnco tho coal company
promised to lmvo hIiiUh Installed In
tho hotmoB again, In fact, according
to thorn tho sinks' wero on tliolr way.
Whothor tills monnt that tho motnl
was being mined to mako thorn, or
that thoy woro in tho process of bolng
mndo, Is a question, hut It Is still
ovldunt Ihul tlioy aro on tliolr wny
yot. What In llio district health- of-
floor doing?    Ho wob promlBed by
, ii     i    ,\ ,1.1        .1 ...u
llllr    X.Utlt^lUlt^     ll.Ut    t(U(..JC    .).->...»>    rf.,
Vr- pul In n-a noon an ponnlbK further-
moro ho waB down horo, nnd linn
soon tho dlfluriicorul condition of
nffttlr«. Throo hundred to'$330 por
mouth is colluded from tho pooplo by
th.? company for sanitation alonu nnd
ii iv .i tihiirno \h-, -im* *n wn tnKiv
carcfully looked aftor than It Is.
Tho pooplo of Mlchol will have llio
opportunity of seeing a lively wrestling match on July 30th, tho con-
tnBtanlB being Tom Yatoa and William Sudworth. Tho conditions of tho
match aro JMO a aide, winner tako
nil tho boat of three throws. Tho mon
arc to weight In at thc ringside with
tlio scales pointing io 1.% pounds. Tho
match will tnko place on tho football
grounds at 7 p. tn.
Bradley & Dlack, groccra and
bakers, havo moved Into tliolr new
quarters at New Michel, whoro (hoy
<_|N-ct to do buslnosB on a larger
Tho Hotol License lum boon recom-
mondod by tho commissioners to J. W.
Cochrnno on certain conditions that
thero ho lots df Improvements dono
on tho hotol. Mr. Jack Nesbitt of
Bollovuo has boon nppolntod ns mnn-
agor and Martin Flood of Coloman
tho bnrtonilor,
Owing to a bronkdown In.tho mn-
chlnory tho mlnos hnvo boon idlo thin
month up to tho 12th InHt. Tho hoys
nro Inking ndvnntngo of tho snmo by
enjoying themselves fishing. Many n
flno bnskoi of trout hnH boon |*iop
coming Into town. Tho king ftohur-
nmn, Thomas Wilson, Is supplying half
tho town wltli trout and especially1
with the big ones.
Mr. A. Dodd caught tho fnver of
building an addition to his rosldonco,
Mr. ThomOB Pickerel wns tho chief
architect. U'b dandy woll dono Tom.
It Ih rumored that wo uro going to
havo a smoker pretty soon, as a Blue
Noso Is trailing botwoon horo nud
KrniiK pretty regular.
•M-i*. J. rmu-rntAJ) Jjjovfd hli* tauiWy
hero from HoHincr nnd Is,well plenuod
with their now location,
Mr. W. Odorkirk of tho firm of
Odorklrk & Woodmnn, has moved hin
family to their new rosldonco on
Fowler Htrt'Ot. .Mrs. Odorklrk will rocolvo nt homo from WodnoBday, July
20, to Friday, August 20.
John Brown, general manager, was
away this wcok to Lothbrldgo on business.
Mr, and Mrs. Jamos Burrows havo
moved to their new resldenco also Mr.
Worn. That speaks of tho progress of
uur town,
Professor Cook, slnco ho wai at
Fornio rooting for our bascbftll team,
has completely hist his voice. Wo aro
glad that ho l» much better and the
team will bo able* to send him to witness lho Hlllcrest-N'ew Michel match.
Peier Mclnnis is hack amongst ns
again after hia Inspection tour.
and Mr. Harry Fisher took a trip to
the South Fork for somo fishing on
Saturday morning and returned Saturday night. The ■ party had a nice
catch of trout and- grayling, and at-,
tribute '.their luck to tho Nil Desper-
andum fly.
Mi-. Jack Boyce of the Cospomolitan
Blairmore was in town for the week
end.   Jack is looking fine these days.
The power house' engineers of the
West Canadian Collieries* Bellevue
mine have asked the management
through the pit committee for' an
eight-hour shift instead of 3 2 hours as
.q t -n-nncrt-nt -Tli in ^jHfle **af llCQ/l QTlrl-
-CV U _Ja   VUWilM _   U4U~■—IT   -L-HJ    *.   Vl,UklVj\4  Mil V*-
one of the engineers was told that he
could quit if the present, system didn't
suit'him. The case was put*into the
hands of Vice President Stubbs, who
took the matter up'with Mr. Coulthard at Blairmore, The result of the
conference was that the joint, board
are being asked to deal with it. The
scale for power house , engineers. In
the agreement Is $3.67 Vj for 12 hours
and $3,15 for eight hours. They
therefore havo to work four hours for
52%'cents. Thirteen cents an hour is
the rate for navvies In the old country
and to ask practical men like ■ theso
men are to work for such a miserable
pittance.Is tojnsult them,
that was told to quit, but who politely
refused, had his wlfo down with sickness at tho time, and he himself has
not had the bost of luck or of hoalth
for the last year or so. To Invite a
man to take his time for merely asking for that which he thought was
coming to him, is adding insult to injury. The Christian DIoty is.suppoBod
to havo said "Do unto othors aa you
would have thom to unto you."
Harry Campbell and , Rob Dugdalo
aro building a "hooso" for "thelrsol"
on tho Llllle Road. You Bhould hear
the fino flow of English that streams
forth when ono of them strikes, the
wrong nail, (tho finger nail). Nay
mon It's Scotch.
Thoro is a rumor curront horo that
tho License Commission has grunted
Mr. Stovo Manahan the llconso of the
Soul horn Hotel, Ilollovuo, subject of
courso to a large amount of alterations
and additions, More about this noxt
Thoy had not been married vory
long and could not be expected to
know ovorythlng. Sho put too "much
conl oil In tlio stovo nnd It mado
quite a flnmo. "By Gum" snld tho
husband pnl "t-hoiiHo Is on flro" and
with ono accord about half a dozen
chaps ipado a run for It, lho husband
Included. Thoy ronched tho houso ta
find everything alright und tho mls.tiiH
ns unconcornnd ns If nothing hnd hnpponod. "Oh lass thn'"Bcillrt mo" was
all ho could way.
Mr. Jack Nosbltt, bnrtendor nt. the
Bollovuo Hotol, hnH boon appointed
inaiiiigor nf tho IlillcroHt Hotel which
llconso has been rostored, Jnok has
mndo himself vory popular horo with
tho boys, nnd he cnn V sure that
thoy will call ovur nnd hoo lit in often
In his now .position. We wish him
ull klndH of luck and a widow.
TrsHfl Union Fund*.
Mr. Justlco Pnrkor grunted an Injunction to restrain tho Nottingham
Miners* Association nnrt their trustona
from iiBlng tho funds of tho association fnr pnrllnmentRTv nunx-me* nond.
hig further proceedings. In tho Chancery Division Mr. Justlco Hwlnfen-
Kady granted n similar Inluiutlon restraining tho Oporntlvo Society of
It Is not unlikely thnt tho persons
who endeavored to effect an Insur-
nnvtt on Ihe Mx< KIiik'h life two days
beforo tho public announcement of his
HlnMis. hnve not heard the last of the
mattor. Beforo the policy was made
out and signed King Edward died, and
now the underwriter* are ■ru-rlo-is to
discover if any of tho proposers wero
acquainted with the taot that the King
was ill.
A short time ago I happened to pick
up a copy, of your valued newspaper
dated June Ilth, in whicli you take
up the question of the Extension explosion case replying to Mr. E. Jacobs
strictures on .Thomas Budge's letter
and as ono may regard it' a'sort of a
whitewash of the company. I have decided to write you-'soms further subsequent details of* this case and sincerely trust and firmly believe that
you will publish the same for the very
simple reason that there are-'so few
papers that will ventilate these subjects for obvious reasons, Without
any desire to be prosy, still for the
better understanding of any who are
not fully cognisant of this frightful
disaster, I will go back to'the date
of the explosion. Excuse the 'digression, yet 1- think it is only fair that
when M. P.'s who have so zealously
looked after * the interests of. the'
workers by Avhom they have been
sent to Parliament as both Parker
Williams and J. II. llawthornthwalt
did, they aro entitled to the praise of
those on whose behalf Ihey acted so
well, yet for my pari, most appreciative commendation, would > ho to
send men to the legislature who would
co-operate with them in'their efforts
to prevent the sacrifice of human life.
Now let me return to the 5th of
October as this was the fateful day
of the explosion near Ladysmlth in
the No. 2 Extension Mine, .belonging
tr- th'e Wellington Colliery company,
which caused "the death or* _J mino
The verdict of the coroner's jury,
based on evidence given was that,
"We, the jury empanelled to enquire
into the cause of the explosion which
took place in No. 2 Extension Mine
on October 5, 1909, have come to the
conclusion, after investigating'the evidence "of,, the different sworn witnesses, find, that ' the - explosion was
caused by the"cave-in in 2Vj .level. Gas
and dust being liberated by the cave,
the sudden. displacement of ■ air creating the 'compression, causing" the
partly charged atmosphere to become
dangerous, and coming in contact with
naked lights, exploded.1'^
Taking into consideration the unnatural and faulty .conditions of the
roof of this particular cave, 'land in
view of the fact of no evidence lo
show of bad timbering, we can In no
way hold the company responsible,
and therefore' exonerate the company
from criminal negligence. ,
Then follows recommendations.. .
(1). Taking Into consideration the
volume of work entailed ln this particular department, and after taking
from the statements of the chief inspector of mines, and evidence In general, we are of tho opinion that the
Coast district, being so large, it is Impossible to make as thorough or systematic Inspection as is absolutely
necessary. We therefore recommend
that tho staff bo increased.
(2). That Rulo Da, Section 1, Coal
Mlnos Regulation Act. bo strictly on-
forced. *
(33. That overy colllory ln British
Columbia bo compelled to equip their
mines with up-to-date llfo-savmg
(■1). That whoro snfoty lamps aro
nocoBsary, only re-lighting lampfl of
tho Wolf prlnclplo bo used.
(G). That tho maps of tho mines
bo extended and kept up to dato, and
that index hand boards bo placed In
cotiBplctious plnces In dlfforont parts
of the mines, showing tho noaroBt way
to tho faco, and that tho management
boo that tho mon nro Instructed re-
gnrdlng thom.
(6). That greater precuntloniiry
monsuroB bo tnken by tho inspector
of mlnos when gns of approximately
2 por cont, exists.
(7), Thnt coroner's JiniOH, In ensos
whoro InqulrloH oxtond over one day,
aliould bo ronBoiinbly compensated.
This enquiry InHt Ing olght dnyH, wo
rospoctfttlly potltlon tho minister of
mines lo consldor our ciiho ond com-
poiiHiito us accordingly,
WIMoAM G. FKA8HU. Foremnn.
Nvorybody knows perfectly well
thnl there Ih nn oHovt tlmt lum not a
rn'uso nnd would request t Iioho who
have rend these reeoinmenilntlotiH tn
glvo thom a little <*im*rul thought nud
ask themselves if nil of them nro not
result ant from knowledge gleaned
during tho progress of tho evidence
rind hence reiiHon for their exigence.
huiHinuch iih two distinctly different
theories of cuiisntior. were advanced
to neeount for thn explosion, wo muni
look nt them both nnd analyse, tliem
UdrCl'U-j-!)'  0«.C.ii«-.<;  ui  l,„.li'  CiMitiiDuU
with Kiibsequent events. Thnt advanced hy tho chief Inspector of mlnos.
Mr. F. H. Shephenrd, was thnt a fnll
of roof caused a compression or per-
nmnlve nrtlrvn in the ends of the narrow workings the heat generated
Ignited thc gas nnd coal dust. Thn
Jury prnctlcnlly accepted this ns tho
IihhIh upon which they framed their
verdict. The other theory put forth
hy Mr. Jame» Anhworth, who hnd been
called in for the purposo of furnish-
many years, stated that he had never-
known of .a, cave having anything to
do witli causing- an explosion and
furthermore that in addition to one
hole discovered in Thomas' stall subsequently J. Nimnio and D. Irvine
found another hole in the roof with
about two inches of fuse protruding
therefrom and apparently ready tamped for firing.
■ The  aftermath  of this  tragedy  is
now brought before the public. Based
on evidence furnished at the inquest,
Mrs.  Keserich and  others  instructed
counsel to ' take - action against the
Wellington Colliery company for compensation.    This trial was opened at
Victoria, 15. C, on the 20th ultimo'and
continued   until   the   29th,   when   the
case was adjourned for the usual summer vacation 'and the case is set for
resumption   in   September.   Evidence
was called for by .Mr. Bird on behalf
of the plaintiffs to demonstrate that
according   to   the   testimony  of   men
wlio had escaped from the explosion
and others who    had    worked, there
shortly  before,   that  no   shot   flrers
were, employed   and   that, there  was
general neglect.    Only two witnesses
were, called on behalf of the Wellington Colliery"company before the adjournment, namely  the fireman  who
examined   the mine the  morning before the explosion and tho overman.
The most important fact elicited from
the evidence of the  latter  was, that
the plan of the mine shown to the
jury    during'   the    inquest    was  inaccurate particularly  as regards  the
direction "of  the  air  current.    When
this  case  comes  up  again  all  being
well I  will  endeavor to furnish  you
with all the principal features as it
is indeed of vital importance and with
two such adverse theories held by two
well known  mining experts, the one
claiming that tlie cave preceded"the
explosion and that of the-other that it
was subsequent,  we may say "when
doctors disagree who shall decide."
Tho First Aid or St. John Ambulance classes and teams which you so
strongly' advocate should meet with
the hearty support of blath the companies ancl tho men, and it is to be
hoped will soon invade every useful
field of industrial activity because-of
its beneficent objective. We intend tb
agitate for the' establishment of like
classes down here. - In my opinion.all
policemen, firemen and other members in the civic employ, ought to
take-up this study as the knowledge
gained may be of inestimable value
in cases-of accidents. S. E.,
Trades and Labor Congress of
Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, 112
' Florence street, Ottawa, Ont.., July
, Ilth, 1910.
To the officers and members of trades
*and labor councils, national trades
unions, federal labor unions and*international local trades unions in Uie
Dominion of Canada, greeting:
Fellow Labor  Unionists and Brothers—The twenty-sixth annual session
of the Trades and Labor Congress of
Canada will convene in the Auditorium
City Hall, Forf* William, Ontario, beginning at 10 o'clook, Monday morning,  September   12th,   1010.  and  continuing on  Tuesday and Wednesday,
13th and Ilth September, iu Fort William.    On Thursday, 15th September,
the  convention   will   convene   in   the
Finnish Labor Temple,  Port Arthur,
and will continue in session from day
The Editor
Frank, Alta.
July U, 1910.
Editor District Ledger.
Dear Sir—There is a state of
affairs existing here to which tho attention of the - general public .-'nould
be*drawn to. Most of the hotels and
resi-uinuits here employ Orloninls in ■
their kitchens simply, I suppose, because they arc cheap and at Uiu same
timo charge top-noich prices to their
customers.. This would lead one who
did nol know' otherwise, to inmgiiie
thut there was a shortage fif 'girl-*?,
bin such is not the case and if they
wo'-lil pay docont jp'ges the Chinese
mid   Japanese  help   could
tic    done
to day until the business'of the con-j away with.   The immigration authorl-
vontion has been completed.
The East and West' have chosen to
meet in the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, and it. will bo
a pretty tribute to tho enthusiasm and
ability of the organized wage-workers
oflhese new and progressive cities to
have a large representation of delegates from all over Canada. The bill
of fare to be .presented is one that
will, require the very best intelligence
of the delegates to*grapple with. The
ties are spending the peoples money
to bring In women to act as domestics,
etc., anil when ihey nrrivi' find that
if Ihey want, to work at all, they must
compete with Orientals.' This, of
cours*:!, is not to the best interests
of this country, but only benefits the
hard-fisted landlord, and,- as ■ his
pocketbook is the.sent of his emotions,
men who believe in -'union principles
and union . conditions ought.•• lo find
out whether tliey aro patronizing those
past year has heen replete wllh mat-   who, by iheir acts, are tho
International      Congress      Proposes
Limitations as to  Exploitation of
Female Workers.
(Correspondence of the pall.)
BERLIN, -July 12.—The International Congress of Bookbinders, which
came to a close at Erfurt, a few days
ago, had as one of the chief topics
for discussion the problem of tho
women workers in that trade.
Tho number of women who work In
book' binderies has increased in recent years by leaps and bounds, the
discussion showed; and with this camo
the introduction of machinery, on the
ono hand and tho lowering of wages,
on the othor.
The congress decided to bend all its
enorgios to bring the wages of the
women workers up tn the ?tandard
of tho mon workorg, and to limit the
scope of women's work to only those
branches of lho trado In which womon can work without Injury to' thoir
To bring thla about tho congress
decided thnt tho mon and women
workers In tho* bookbinding trndcH
must belong to tho Bnmo organization, nnd that no Bepurato uiiIohh for
women should bo established, Whoro
such unions for womon workers extol
thoy should ho amalgamated tnto ono
with tho union of mon.
Tho next International Congress of
Bookbinders will ho hold In nriiBHiils
In 1013.
l.ers of vital interest to the workers,
and the opponents of organized labor
are still very active, as will appear
from the systematic endeavor being
made in Canada and Great Britain to
weaken immgir.-ition regulations that
were imposed i'or tho protection of
tho working classes.
Ameng " other   matters   calling' fur
immediate   attention   are   the  following:        , -
*   1.   Tlie  immigration  laws.-
2. Tlio Bclcourt Bill, to destroy
international trade unionism, which
may be brought fbrv/ai d again next
3. The Eight-hour Dill and its present position.1 Determined opposition
has been made to this bill, and labor
must keep alive to secure its passage.
-1.   The act respecting co-operation.
a. Effect of the amendments to the
Industrial Disputes and Investigation
0. The technical education commission. . ■ ■      ■ (*,
opposite direction''; and be governed
accordingly. If we would see that
the condition of the workers is not
'dragged down to the Oriental standard we should patronize those who are
transacting their business in such 'a
way that meets.with tho approval of
all workers who have the best interests of their fellows at heart. I could'
give you the names of the hotels, etc.,
Inn, it is up to us working men in
Frank to find out these things for
oui selves. Thanking you for publishing this letter.   Yours truly,
Our worthy contemporary that "tho
white race holds the aeroplane record,
possibly lie is "up in the air" because ,
the black holds sway on terra tinn'a. .
Oh Reno! ' .       ' '
lation to tiie trades-union movement.
S. Proposed amendments to . the
Elections Act, to make election day
a public holiday, etc.
9. Payment of wages on railways
fortnightly, and many other features.
Never more than, now has there
been greater necessity for vigilance ln
safeguarding the" rights of labor.
Organized bodies on every hand are
contesting for their own protection,
and, in this regard labor no longer has
the field to itself. If labor Is to rocolvo its portion It will havo to keep
watchful every hour of every day.
Send your bost, most experienced
nind faithful men to tho convention,
and elect them now.   If you neglect
to do so,  don't complain that your
particular Interests havo been overlooked or neglected.  This Is tho tlmo
of  prosperity,  and  labor  must  keep
up with iln '--rocesslon,
Fraternally yours,
..   P. M. DRAPER, Sec. Troas.
Executive Council Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada,
Woes of Oriental Printers Make Those
of Western World Men Appear as
Nothing—Weird Confusion of
Noises in Composing
Sherman Testimonial Fund.',
■   The-following aer, ihe amounts re-
_ccivcd on behalf of this fund up to
July 1st: ;.. .„,."' ' ~"_
No.     "Local* Amt.
2850. Kenmare    $ 50.00
2197   Hosmer  .'.... 278.00
1233   Lille ".  124.90
431   Bellvue    :  256:00
138*1   Canmore      50.00
29   Bankhead     12G.25
, 102   Taber '     57.00
2540   Edmonton       4.20
574   Lethbridge    140.00
1959   Taber        88.45
2829   Maple Leaf    30.00
2633   Coleman   ','... 358.00
2^134   Michel    957.00
2314   Fernio .225.90
Mr. C. J. Eckstrom, Lethbridge 100.00
Friend (J. II.)        5.00
J2.850.70 .
A. J. CARTER, Sec. Troas.
District 18 U. M. W. of A.
Frank 2163 ]  197.00
One Seam of High Grade for Coke and
8tenm Uncovered—Going After
Second Seam,
—_.... .   "
High grade bituminous conl hint
been found at Midway, One Hoam wiih
recently uncovered mid proHpeetoi'H
nro nt work on a second one.
Experimentnl work hnH proved thin
coal oM'cllt'iit fnr Hteitmliig nnd for
coke, Tlie owners will try to prove
the extent of cnn I available nl that
point and If tliey Htiecood in OHtab-
IIhIiIiik the fact of i|tinntlty the mere
location or the find will make it n
HiieeeHH and tlie property will (lien ho
thoioiighly developed. At the present tlmn the coul which the <*■ P. H.
tiHCH In the Boundary dtotilct hnH to
'„. !,;■,,•.:■-!','. f'.'f::: tl: ■ ■"■'.v"''** V* *.'■ :*.♦
no InemiHldnraWo ov-penne.
If tho typesetters of tlio western
world have their troubles, thoy nro as
nothing compared with Uioho of tho
Japanese composing room.
Tho JnpnnoHO, llko thoir hrothorn
tlio ChtnoHo, employ a written Ian-
gunge—-what might lio cnllod a literary (linloet—Unit Ih quito different
from tho colloquial tongue, In othor
words, they do not, nn we, write nn
thoy sponk. TIiIh proceeding requires
lhe printing of their jbiirmito in two
lnugiiiigoH, the "Knnn" nnd the m-tnin-
chnractoi-H serving ns a key to the
other, TIioho Hqunre rhiirnctni-H lire
modeled on CIiIiio'ho IdeogniphH, n
Jumble of geometric flgiiroH, ciohhch,
ete,, proHenllng ll plctlireHf|iie %lg'
There are t,0fll) (o fi.OOi) of thw
Ideogrnplis in «'v-'i'.vdny iih-'. Tlio
niTiipoHltor miiHt, therefore, he nonie-
thing of n Hclioliir, In the Orleiniil
M'Iih--,   to   be   able   In   r«)« (ikiiI/i'   lie
The Chancellor of tho Exchequer
•stntes In tlio Parliamentary papers
tliat tho names of tho prosont recipients of porpotunl pensions, together
with tho nmount of Uie pension in ench
caso are as followH:
Earl Nelson (grnnteo); pension £&•
000; present recipients, Enrl NoIboii.
Lord Rodney (grnnteo) JC2000; Cor-
Isnmdo Evelyn Vore, Ilaronnoss Rod-
noy, and Lord Rodney ench £1000.
1 loirs of the Duke of Schomborg,
Selgnor D'Auveniuerquo .0375.
Enrl Nelson, who hns been drnwing
5000 pounds n year for Heventy-four
yenrH because lie happened to bo tlio
non of a man who was the nephew of
the victor of Trafalgar, has distinguished himself only iih a heredltory
legtolntor only by supporting tlio
Hoime of Lords In throwing out the
Budget, which provided the niontm of
obtaining money for Old Age l'eu»ion
NchemeH for the pmir nnd other im-
portnnt social legislation In the government'h programme.
The Duke of . clmmherg ciinu- «ver
to England with William of Orntipo,
nud was killed itt Ihe Untile nf tho
lloyue. Uo i-'cclvcd n giant of C10.I-
iiim from the English parliament, but
during the illffleultleH of lhe Irtoli
'-Hmpnlgu h" pln'-<d It ni the dlspoiul
of William,     The offer wiih nceeptetl
cliiirnctem nt Hlght.   In order to fiudll-
title hiH UiHk ns much ns poHHlble, the * '-"-I Uie Im.-rehl wuh fixed nt four per
arrangement of his work-room to Home- j 'ent.
tiling like UiIh: j    l*T-.*Hiitnnbly the "Selgnor   d'Auver-
Tho romnoBltop Heats hlniHelf at ni .ii-wiiie" wiin Hint Henry Niihki.ii, Dim
llttk*- table, upon which im- Hprcivd '•'■"-■■• »-"'« '•«»■«• "f Aiiven-tion-iie, who
47 Knnn chimictcrK. As he recelveH ■ "»vmI Uie life nf Wllllnni of Orniigo In
copy,   lm  cuts   it   Into  Miiinll   Htrips, i ''•*"•'■  """ "»»•>-••' *•■■' '-..„''.:... ♦....
tl*i,i.lll,r*     t ,1. .,     At.,|*     ,11     ll     il.l). I i.t.-l
boy marchiH nleiig the room until lie! «l'ie (OworUIrk) In /^nlnml in th« yenr
of   Bituminous   Fields Then
Now Be in a Tested.
LouI Ko.lii.-y w.ih of l omw Uie great
lliitlHh admiral of the eighteenth <-ei»-
Iiiih been nblo to collect from n number of caneH nrrnnged In IIIch «lnyyn
the room the different lilengrnphH do-
I sired.    About  hIx  or Heveti  bovn nre   *»*>'-     There   ure three nclpleulH of
I thus  employed   lu   the  avernge  Jap-;'»"» JM Xl»*"(l" 1" «•"■■■"'•luet*-. „ ol im< m» i
NELSON, July in.—High grade hi-1 anese composing room runnlni*: hither I "'ft'   '-"'ly CorlnHdn!-*.  divorced    tho
tuinlnoiiH conl hns been found nt Mid-land (hither.   Ah they go their rounds | "ftro» ^i0 consequently   married at
way.   One   nenrn    was recently tin-! in senrch of the Ideographs, thev keep ; terwnrd.   ,
covered ami proBpeetors nre nt work jnp a dirgelike rhnnt, which would eer-!_..„■- ',	
on a second one.   Experimental work I lalnly hu very trying to the nerve*! TENDERS
Iihb proved   this   ro»l   -jxeellent for! of any hut an Oriental. I     '
Ing nn Independent report nt tho re-1 steaming nnd for coke, When the boys nave rnUeeted nil ■    Kw,i^j wmb'TH, addressed   to   thu
q«ent of the Provincial Oovornmeiit,| The owners will try to prove Hie ex- their IdeogrnphH they place them lie- j undernlctie.l, will lie re<nlved net Inter
was thnt a shot hud I teen tired st or | tent of <iml nvfiilHble nt that i»-mi, (ore the «'oin|i(_ii(ii. vilei tie-n let» i>- Umii \2. it.-.m. ,l.ily 2,*. i',*l>'. for iii«
about 2& stall, thereby canning a fall i and If thoy nueeeod in -nutatillnlitriB Dw - rnurso to a pair of goggl-in In order • building nf Dw m-w Holy .arally
ft root In one of tho levels which' fart of quantity the loeallon of the find  to decipher lhe rharniter*   ttolt out • church.  K.-tnli-.   |i.  (.. arronllnit  (o
brought down gas that became Ignited
at the open light of ont* of tho mitten*.
Corroborative    i-p-nimonjr    refjirdtnp,
will make It a Hiirce»i and lhe prop-  the rorreoponillng types in ihe Ktttia . \,Uu* *"'' W*Uh"*Durtn m Dw priest**
erty will then bo thoroughly iW.v-loi>- (l.arai tt-r, and finally t«-t untie- **i.oti<
t-d.   At lhe present th/-* conl which tho  tor provlnj-r.    The j-ronf-j    ar.-    <*nnr.
ihe explosion not being caused by a ('.'. V. R. men In the Boundary lmn id. aloud by one reader to another, thus.      tiKV.  . ATHKH A.  \1WHK1.H,
cave wan given by Parker Wllllnms.; he brought from the l-roW* N'«t nt  adding   tn   th*»   ronfir-timi nf weird q j,jt j.
who, although a  practical  miner of cormlderable expense. _.und« already reigning In Dw room.  V. O. Uox r.2. Fernie, II. C.
I.oweRt or any tender not neccHRarlly
arc.pit il.
* *l ' --:• -jv i_
>"" -..,-t.* r,- -.-.' *
-; *- -. .„,- *4'. Klf.i, -
Coal Mines
An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Coal
Mines Regulation Act and Amending Acts—
Full Interpetation Regarding AH Workings
Rule 4: In "every mine in which inflammable gas has been lound within
the preceding twelve months, then
onco in every, twelve hours if two
shifts are employed during any twenty
four hours, a competent person or
competent persons holding a certificate of competency as fireman, and
who shall bo appointed for thc purpose,''shall, within three hours before
the time for commencing work in
any part of the mine, or should the
inspector consider it -necessary and so
"direct.'within a shorter period of
time, Inspect with a locked safety
lump that part of the mine, and the
roadways leading thereto, and shall
mnko a true report of the condition
thereof, and a workingman shall not
go to work in sucft part of the mine
until the samo and the roadways
leading thereto are stated to be safe.
Every such roport shall be recorded
without, delay in a book which shnll
be kept at the time for the purpose
and shall be signed by the person
making tho same.
In making such inspection the
fireman shall uso only a safety* lamp
of a pattern approved by tho Inspector.'
If, in the opinion of the Inspector
from the amount of inflammable gas
given off, or the amount of dust cre-
* atcd by working, or for any other
cause, ii, is unsafe to work in the
rooms or stalls two shifts in close succession, he may require that an interval of such extent as he may think
necessary shall intervene between the
finishing work by one shift and the
beginning of work by the next, and
such Inspector may give notice in
writing thereof to the agent, owner or
manager of the mine in the form a'nd
manner set out in section 75 of this
Rule n: In every mine in which inflammable gas has not been found in
the preceding twelvo months, then
once in every twenty four, hours a
competent, person or competent person's, who shall be appointed" for the
purpose shall, so far as is reasonably
practicable, immediately before the
time for commencing work in any part
™of~the—mine~inspectrthfiir"pf_rt---~ of-tho
mine and the roadways leading thereto, and shall make a true report of the
condition thereof,' and a workman
shall not go to work in such part until
the same and the roadways leading
thereto are stated to be safe. Every
report shall bo recorded without delay
in a book wliich shall bo kept for tho
purpose at the miqe, and shall be sign-
' cd by the person making th'o same,
Rule 6". All entrances to any place
not In actual course of working and
extension shall bo properly fenced
across the whole width of such entrance, so ns to prevent persons inadvertently entering tho samo.
Rule 7, A station or stations shnll
bo appointed nt tbo entrance of the
•mine, or to different parts of the
mine, us the case may require; and a
■workman shnll not pnss beyond any
such station until tho mlno or pnrt
of the mine beyond the same has been
inspected and stated to bo safe.
Rule 8, If at. any lime lt is found
by tho person for the j*Imo being ln
chnrgo of the mine or any part .thereof, Unit by reason of noxious gasus
prevailing In .such mine or any part
thereof, or of any enuse whatovor, the
mine or the said pnrt Is dangerous, ovory workman shall be withdrawn from
the mine or such pnrt thereof as Is
so found dangerous, nnd a competent
person, who shnll be appointed for the
purpose, shall Inspect the mine or
, mich part lliereof as Is so found dun*
goroiiH, and If the danger nrlsoB from
I'liflummiihk' gas Hhnll inspect, the
hiiiiio wllh a locked safety lamp, and
In every ciiho Hhall mnko n truo report
of thu condition of mich mlno or pnrt,
thereof, nnd n workman Hhnll not except In ho fnr as to necenHiiry for Inquiring Into lho ciiuhc of danger, or
for oxplonitlnn, bo readmitted into the
mine, or mich part, thereof un was so
found dntigeroiiH, Until tho Hnme to
Htnted by mich report not to be dim-
Herons. Kvery mich report Hl.iill be
recordrd In n book which whnll be
kept at the mine for the purpose, nud
hhall be signed'by Uio pi.thou innlciili*.
•nc f-ili'i.
Utile li, In every working approaching any place whoro there Ih likely to
be nu ii.Timiuliitliui nf explosive gnu,
no Iiiiui' or HkIh o'Iht than a hicl;ei|
wifely lump hIiiiII be allowed or used,
und win-never Hiifety liimtm nro re-
ipilred by UiIh Act, or by the Hpeclal
mien made in jiiirsiiiim--- of thin Act,
to be used, a ciiiiipetcnl pornoti, who
Hhnll be appointed for the imrpose,
Hhull i.'Niiuilii" eery hiil'oiy lump Iin*
mediately before ll Ih (nkeii Inlo tho
workings for iihc, nm) iiMcer'niii If lt
be secure and.securely locked, and in
any part of the mine in which safety
lamps are so required-to be used, they
shall not be used until they have been
so* examined and found secure"and
securely locked, and shall not be unlocked without due authority and at a
regularly appointed station only, and
no person, unless ho is appointed for
the purpose of unlocking such safety
lamp, shall have in his possession, or
use any key or1 contrivance for opening the lock of such safety lamp, nor
shall such key or contrivance be taken away or used in any other portion
of the mine than such regularly appointed station or stations, and no
ted as lo prevent the use of'safety
person shall have in his possession
any Inciter match or apparatus of any
kind for striking a,light, or any
pipe, for smoking tobacco, or any
tobacco (for smoking, either as cigars,
cigarettes or in any other forni. But
nothing in this rule shall bo intcrpre-
lamps provided with a relighting apparatus within the tube of such lamp
of a pattern approved of and permitted by the Inspector, or to prevent the
use of any shot igniter, electric firer or
other appliance for such purpose if
of a pattern approved of and permitted
hy the Inspector.
Where it is necessary to "work coal
in- any part of a ventilating district
with, safety lamps it shall not be allowable to work wjtH a naked light iii
another part of the same ventilating
district situated between the place
where such safety lamps are being
used and the return airway.
Rule 10. In addition lo the requirements of Rule fl, every safety lamp so
in use shall bo tested in an explosive"
mixture of gas and air at least once
every week, and should the glass,
washers, gauze or any of the essential
parts of such lamp have been renewed'
or removed and replaced after a lamp
has been tested, then such lamp shall
be again tested; .ancl any lamp which
shall he shown by such test to be imperfect or inefficient shall not be allowed in any mine to which this Act
applies, until such imperfection or inefficiency shall have been remedjed
and the lamp shall have passed a satisfactory test. And every colliery so
using safety lamps shall be equipped
with apparatus for. making such tests
"of-somc**-form- fis—sha!-be~approvei-Or
by the Ministed of Mines, and such
tests shall be, of such character as
may from time to time be approved
by  the  Minister   of  Mines.
This rule shall como into forco on
January lst, 1905, but.the Minister of
Mines may, should be deem it just so
to do, by permission given in writing,
allow to any mine a further reasonable time In which to prepare'' for
such testing of lamps.
This rule shall not apply to a mine
in which loss than 30 persons are
ordinarily employed below ground, or
in w,hlch tho average dally output does
not exceed 25 tons,
Rule 11. Gunpowder or othor explosive or inflammable substance shall
only bo used in the mlno underground,
as follows:    .
(a) It shall not be stored In the
mlno: * *
(b) It shall not bo taken Into tho
mine, except In a case of canlstor containing not more thnn four pounds:
(e) A workman shall not have In
uso nor in his possession ut one tlmo
In any ono place more thnn one of
mich cases or cnnlstors, nor shnll
there' bo more than four pounds of
powder In nny such cnn:
(1) In charging boles for'blasting,
nn Iron or stool pricker shall not bo
used, and a person shall not lmvo In
bis possession ln tho mine underground nny Iron or steal pricker, and
as Iron or stool lumping-rod or
Hlemmfir Hhnll not bo uhoiI for ramming either tho wadding or the first
part of the tamping or stemming on
tho powder; fine coal or conl-diml.
Khali not be imed ns tumping:
e.)    No exploHlvo Hhall bo forcibly
. (h) The thawing of explosives
within ahy mine is strictly prohibited,
except and until a special permit so-to
do has been obtained from the* Min;
Ister of Mines, who may, should he see
fit, issue such permit for a limited
period of time, upon the recommendation of the Inspector of the district,
and such permit shall state: (1) The
particular mine' and part of such mine
where such explosive may bo (hawed;
(2) the quantity of explosive allowed at or near such, point at any one
time; (3) the class of powder allowed
to be so thawed; (4) the class, of
thawing apparatus allowed to be so
used, in such place; (5) any'further
conditions or restrictions Which tho
Minister of Mines may consider necessary for safety; and such permit
may be suspended at any time by
notice in writing by the Inspector ot
the district given to the manager, or
may be cancelled at any time by the
Minister of Mines: *  *
, (i) No explosives shall be ■ taken
into or used in any mine in which this
Act applies, unless such explosives'
shall be specially permitted and allowed* by the Minister of Mines to be
so used iii such mine or mines. „ And
the Minister of Mines shall from
time to tjme cause to be published a
list of such permitted explosives, together with the conditions under
which .such explosives may be usod.
Any agent, owner or manager desiring to use - any explosive not contained in such permitted list may
apply to the Minister of Mines to have
such' explosive placed on such permitted list, accompanying such application with full .particulars as to
qualities, strength and ingredients of
such explosive, and, if so requested,
such guarantee, as the Minister may
require ■ as* to the maintenance of a
uniform grade of such explosive.
Should the Minister of Mines refuse
to allow the use of such explosive
or impose conditions considered by-
such agent, owner or' manager to be
uhnecessary, the question may be referred to arbitration, as provided by
this Act. * This paragraph shall come
into force upon proclamation-by, tlfp
Lieutenant-Governor in Council
(j) The owner, agent or manager
of any mine" shall, upon demand of
charge, a sample of reasonable size of*
each or any class, of explosive, fuse
or detonator in use in such mine, or
the Inspector shall have the power to
take such sample himself from such
explosive, fuse or detonator as he may
find in use in such mine. And the inspector may forward such sample to
the Minister of Mines 'to be tested
or analysed in any way that the Minister may deem fair; and should the
Mlnisteor find such explosive, fuse or
detonator to be of such quality, whether from deterioration, age, manner in
which It Is done up,' or any other
enuse, as to be dangerous for use In
such mine, he may restrict tho, conditions under which such explosive, fuse
or detonator may be usod, or ho may
prohibit.. the use of such olther permanently or until such defect may bo
Rule 12. In evory mine to which
this Act npplios no oxploslvo shall be
used, except In accordnnco with the
following regulations:
(a) A competent person who shnll
be appointed for tho purpose shnll, immediately boforo th'o charging of any
shot-hole, examine such hole, shall see
the conl Is woll prepared, tho Rhot
properly placed, nnd that tho borehole is woll cleaned; ho Hhnll examine
tho character of explosive and shall
regulate tho quantity of such explosive
to bo used in such hole, nnd such nolo
Hhull bo loaded lu uiTordnncn with his
Instructions, He shall exiimlno nil
places contiguous thereto „ within n
rndlUH of 2fi ynrds, a'nd shnll not allow
tho shot to bo fired unions ho finds
it safe tn do so, and a Hhot shnll not
ho fired except by or undor tho lm
face, room, or stall, a second, hole
shall not be loaded until such place
shall have been examined by the shot-
lighter after firing the first shot and
pronounced safe. In case of, a, shot
missing fire- it shall be the duty .of
the shotlighter to fence'off such place
and all approaches thereto, marking
on sueh fence or fences "Missed-fire
shot, Keep out," with the date and
the hour at which such shot missed
fire, and such place shall ; not be
entered by any person until it shall
have been re-examined *. after the
lapse,of time hereinafter specified by
a competent official and by him pronounced safe and the danger signals
removed. In the case of an electric
igniter having been used, the time
when the place may be ■ re-entered
shall be one-half hour, and in the case
of a shot missing fire when any other
means than an electric igniter is used
shall be four hours:
(b) Detonators shall be kept under
the control "of-the manager, or some
person specifically appointed In
writing by such manager-for the purpose, and may-be issued to shot-firers
only, and no other person shall take
any detonator into a mine. Shot-
firers shall keep all detonators so issued to them, in a,locked case or box
until about, to be used, and no other
explosive shall bo carried in tbe same
case or box tylth the detonators:
(c) It shall be unlawful for any
person to expose any .naked light in
the immediate vicinity of any ■ open
case or canister containing .explosives
or any opoii case or receptacle containing detonators, or to prepare any
charge with a naked light on his head,
or to., leave any prepared charge in
the immediate vicinity of an. _.-
naked light:   ' i '-;-
' (2.) If the plEfce where the shot
is to be fired is dry'or dusty, then
tho shot shall not be fired unless one
of the following conditions is observed,
that is to say:        <
(a) Unless the place of firing and
all contiguous and accessible places
within a radius of 20 yards are at the
'time of firing in a' wet state, from a
thorough watering, or other treatment
equivalent to watering, in all parts
where dust is lodged, whether* roof,
floor or sides; or
(b) In the case of places in which
watering would injure tho roof or floor
unless the explosive is so used 'with
water or other contrivance as to prevent it from inflaming gas or dust, or
is of such a nature that it cannot inflame gas" or dust;
(c) All hauling or other,-roads that
are dry or , dusty shall be watered
sufficiently'often to allay dust:
(3.) If inflammable gas issues so
freely that it. shows a blue cap oh
the flame of 'the safety °lamp, explosives shall only be used—
(a) Either in those - cases of stone
drifts, stone work, and sinking/of
shafts, in which the ventilation is so
managed that the return air,* from the
place- whoreTthe—*explosive—is—used"
passes into the main return air-course
without passing any place in>-actual
course of-working; or
(b) When the persons ordinarily
employed in the mine,are out of the
mine or out of the part of the mine
where it Is used.
Rule 13. ln any mine or part of a
mino where, from the nature,of the
coal, the method of handling the same,
an undue amount of dust is produced
either on tho roadways or in tho
working places, .which may tend to
cause danger of explosion, then all
haulage -ways loading thereto and all
haulage roads and working places In
such section of tho mine shall be
thoroughly and offlciontly watered by
some' recognised and approved system
of watering. If, in tho opinion of tho
Inspector, such undue amount of'dust
Is produced and tho method of watering employed' is not efficient or
offectlvo, he may notify tho manager
In writing and proceed as provided in
soction 75 of this Act:,,. Provided,
however, that, the provisions of, this
rule shall not apply to any mlno or
soparato split or panel of Buch a mlno
If no explosive is permitted mid
safoty lamps are used In such soparnto
pnrt of the mlno,
Rule 1.4. Whero a plnco Is Dimly to
contain a dangerous accumulation of
water, the working appronchlng such
place shall not exceed olght fool In
width, nnd tliere ..shall bo constantly
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
■ 141. - Meets every Friday night at
8.p.m. Miners, union hall.     A.  L.
: Boles, President; William Long, Re-
j - cording Secretary. /
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd
and '4th Sundays at 2.30 p.m. Secretary, J. A. Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Meets 2nd arid 4th Saturday Miners
, Union hall.     fl. Rees.-.Se.i'.
Off ir**;: Johnson-Faulkner Block. '
Hours 9-12; 1-6; Phone .2
B. C.
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to l;-2 to 5; 6 to 8.    ,,
' .   Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.   -
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters
and Joiners: Meets in'the Miners'
Union Hall.    A: Ward, Secretary.
Typographical Union No. 555' Meets
last.Saturday in each month at the
Ledger Office. * A. J, Buckley, Secretary. *
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
Amalgamated Society Carpenters   and
Joiners;—Meet in Miners Hall every
alternate Thursday at"8 o'clock. A.
.Ward, secretary. P. O. 307.
W. R'. Ross K. C. W. S. Lane
**''■■,■ * .   .
Barristers and Solicitors'
Fernie, B. C;*
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox Stroet
Fernie B. C.
7.    A. McDougall,' Mgr
. i  -.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough.
.   and Dressed Lumber   -
1 L   i
Send us your orders
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners.—Local 1220. D.'J. Evans,
President; F. H. Shaw, Secretary.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Other bodies are requested to send in
kept at a sufficient distance, not being
less thain five yards* in advance, ,at
least one borehole near the center of.
the working, and sufficient flank boreholes on each side.
Rule 15. Every "underground plane
on which persons travel, which is self-
acting or worked by an engine, windlass or gin, shall he* provided, if
exceeding 30 yards in length, with
some proper moans of signalling between .the stopping places and the
ends of the plane, and shall bo provided in every case, at intervals of
not. more , than 20 yards, with * sufficient man-holes for places of refuge.
. Rule 16. Every road on whicli persons travel underground where the
load is drawn by a , horse orl other
animal shall be provided,'at intervals
of not more, than 50,yards, with sufficient man-holes or with a space for
a place* of refuge, which space shall
be- of sufficient length, and of at
least three feet in width, between the
wagons running on the tramroad and
the side of such road.
Rule 17. Every man-hole and space
for a -place" of refuge shall be  con-
./..-n w. t.\ .. ...... ±        ... An .«     '   -. .. ,1 vt r. ~^^.* e* ,t r. r* ,. .
oiauujr—jvcpi.—Cictu ,—tUiu——Liv i,c, cOIl*
shall'place anything in a man-hole or
such Jspaee so as to present access
thereto,,.     .' ■       ,
' Rule 18. The top of every shaft
which for the time being is out of use,
or. used only as an air-shaft,' shall be
securely fenced,   .
(To be continued.)
Every man connected with mining,
whether he Is a laborer, superintend
ent, manager, mining engineer or own-
or, is interested In securing Ideas that
will savo him time and make moro
money for him .
An organization hns beon built up
nt a big expenditure that Is scouring
tho mining world for monoy making,
monoy saving ideas.
Tho problems that ono man hns
fulled to solvo nnolhor mnn somewhere
has solved, and lt Is the work of this
organization to sonrch out mining problems and their solutions, to classify,
arrange and simplify thom.
Think what this mcans—lt moans
pressed Into a hole nf Iniiufflclcnl h|j-«. I medinte direction of mich competent
nnd when n hole has been charged
tho explosive shnll not bo tinrnm-
mod, nnd no hole shall bo bored for n.
charge nt u distance of Iohh Ihtin two
feet from nny hole where tho chnrgo
linii missed fire; but. whero a space
of two feet from tho first hnhVciiniint
be. obtained, Uio explosive may be uu-
rammed under the Hiinellon nud supervision of the Hholllghter:
(fl Where u mine Ik divided Into
i-cpui'iiti' |muelH lu such mauiior thut
< .irli poind linn an Independent. Intake
nnd return airway Irom the liiiiln nlr-
roiirse nnd lhe liiiiln return nlr-miit'iio,
Uie pi-ovIhIoiih of thin rule with respect lo win powder ov other explosive
hil'liuniiiiibl'* Hiibntuii-*-i- ahull apply to
each panel In like mnimer iih If It
were » Kepariile mine:
(K) It Hhull be. Illegal lo use In uny
Hhot any two cIiikhoh, grades or
c|iinlll|i>H of explosives:
person nppolntod for the purposo, In
plnces* whero safety lamps nr roqulred
to lie used no shot Hhnll bo flrod except by menus of somo form of electric Igniter approved of by the Inspector, or by Home other form of
Igniter approved of by tho Inspector.
After a Hhot Is fired tho shotllghtor
Hhnll examine the place, and thc men
Hhnll not begin work ngnln In such
place until It has boon ho examined
nud   pronounced   wife.    In  any  conl
Our Hloek of luiylng IooIh Ih complete, l-'orks, llimil TliikeH,
KeylhoH and HiiulhH, Grind HtniiOH-WlietSt'oiieH- WreneliCH,
Miieliini' Oil nnd OIlei'H, Oeei'inK Mnwein nnd Hovho ItnkoH,
Mail or plume nnlnrH receive cim-ftil nMention,
J. M. AGNEW & Co.
ELKO,   B. C.
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
Not Sisters
Now snd .iftin you tr« two women pnii-
inf down Ihe itreet who look like kitten.
. uu kit tMorukiitu iu it*Mi ttiki ino arm
-mother end diii<hter, end you realize (hit
• women tt forty or forty-five ou-(tit to he
■t tier (inert end fairest. Why itn't il ioP
The dener»l health of women i* %o in*
tirmtely -moeiated with the locel health
of the enicntially feminine urttni (hat
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ere* and redtleni lhe eliecki.
Nt> alcohol, or har-it-forminl dni-t* i* contained In "Favorite jfretcription."
Any tick woman may ct»n»uli  lii. I'ierce by letter, iree.   Utc/y letter ia
held ai iiereitly confidtnlul, and anowered  in a plain envelope.     AdJrrn:
World'* Uitpentary Medical Attociatiun, Iir. lUV. I'ierce, 1're**'', Huflfnlu, N.Y,
New Visible Models of the
n or t r. n
These new models represent thc sum
total of more labor, more experience,
+•»-* *><-** ** e> f**r*> aa|-^*_*n-»*t I****-. p«<1 ** A s\>f* *% e» A
^IV*W U'v'.WMi.wt.i*',*,.^ -Vtt-fc-U -M t,VSA*^*V-f Wfca.'O.
greater resource than all other typewriters combined.
That is why these new Remingtons
have given such complete satisfaction
to typewriter users, and why their
sales have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Conmany
818 Pond-irSt. Vancouver B. C.
„ Fernie, B. C.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
Queen's Hotel
Under New Management
Excellent   Table and
i *
all white help
Additional  Table for
28 More Men
, Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome   Cafe Attached
R 0 Y A L
r Bar Unexcelled
'All White Help
Up-to-date   ; *
Call in and
see us once
Bur supplied with  tho  best Wines,
Liquoi-H. und Cigars
On first " clnsa
businoss and real*
dentlal property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
The Hotel of Fernie
I-rniii's Loading. Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Chartered Accountant; Assignee, Liquidator nnd Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P. O.  Box 308
McLEAN CO., Ltd,
that, now It,-In poBfllblo for nny mnn
tO HOCUI'O Mill lllOIIH, I.ll0 HCllOlllOH, lho
vory workhiR plmm thnt nro bullillng
niliiliiK sticeoHHea ovorywhoro,
Ml non ntul Mlnoi'H In ho woll known
to ovory innnnRor, miporlntoiuloiil nml
iionl niliiliiK official thnt, It Ih not no-
coHHiiry to mnko uny uxpliumllon of llu
merit for tliolr benefit. Thoro nro
ninny, however, who uio uoivcoiiioih
In the country nnd an thoy very prob-
nbly would llko to got, lilonn rounrdliu*;
in nt torn ilpnlliiK with tho mlnlnj*; Industry, wo cnn sny without four of
cont mil lot ion thnt, (IiIh publication Ih
tho vory bost of its kind,
\VO   llllVO   IlKUlU   AITIllll.  lllUlltt.   Willi
tlw [HlllUhlHiit, ui il\ln I'lU-ithi*-' bi llfiiiiO
koiiio exceptionally udvuiilnKCous club-
bin*-; offers:
Minus,und Miiioi'ula, for ono yonr
12 bit? 1.12 page Ihuiics, and   Tlio
iJlHtrk't LorifftT for ouo year, 12
Ihhiics, rofiulnr   prico   for both,
$.11)0,  for $3,00
Milieu nml Mlnornln, ono yonr.,. .IS.RO
Tho District Loduor ono yonr.,.. 1,00
Ccnl i-nd Motnl Minora Pockot
book , .... 3.00
Combination price $5.00.
Mines and Minerals one year.,..$2.S0
Tho Distrlet Ledger one yenr.... 1.00
Kxiinilnntlon Questions for Certificates of Competency In Mining.,3.50
Combination priee 15.(50.
in pri'tori'iicu io other** Is tho ono
wIiobo label boars our uiuno which Is
n ininrnnteo of both purity nnd aunlity,
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hotels, dcnlerH. clubs, otc* Ask for
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JtidftCH profor them.
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Calgary Cattle Co,
7 "'      Phone 56    .-'   „
Fernie-Fort Steele
BrewinsJGo., Ltd-i
i, *   ■   '
I Bottled Goods a Specialty
Criticismo e il "Fernie Band.
r. . \
Ed e cosa evidente che Ia nostra
lettera sul. soggetto, "Fernio Baiid,""
abbio suscitatoa gualche membro un
so che* co'sci di,'ento- contra
1' articilista'.-'-Noi hon ' indendiamo
mettere io zanpino critlco soissauto
ma bensi _ aniamo che la suddctta
ne fioi'isca nella esse'nza piu omogeneo.
Qualsiasi bhe abbia p'i-eso per una
offosa il su citolo articolo, 'noi'lo con-
sideriamo in errore puotra qualsiasi
per il rnedisimo tramite. Per il
beneficio di tutti noi lavoratori, sotto
l'linpressione cho la stampa e affidata
dl aver dissoluto ogni '■fjuesllono' c'oesi
pon'donte, por lcggi del giornalismo nt-
traverso tutto il mondo civile, che
mono che nccullri cho ne sia il
protogonlsla 11 giornale noii da 11 inome
a ncssuno, mono per via di nitre
int-erdogenzo, non credianio di avere
t'atto sorpresa lo rogole della slampa
perche cio cho noi abbiamo dettd* sono
r.egole generate che tutti lo sanno. La
onde soprn te (lotto del "Ledger" chi
cerca unusiiale richlosta, O sotto tale
lul che indendern del- criticismo ad
una rlsposla da Inro nolapplicheremo
il nome cosi sara'tutto finito. Credendo
dl aver dissoluto o^ni questione coesl
vollo del su citato .preghiamo sia di
lotato agni < rancore o preggindizio.
Iu concluslone mandiamo un planso
alio energe deglj organizzator* e hoi
nnelant.1 attendiamo ehe 1 nostri motivi
scamo accettate da im severo motivo
errl chiaminnio' l'attenzlone che la
stampa a .il dovera di entrare a
.qualsiasi ente pubblico esse possibbile
ancho privati sindente per questi
■ultimi con le piu scrupolose attenzioni.
Sporlamo che. questo sia - sufficientq
per colors che sianno creduti offesi.  *
Auguriamo la* piu ' severa armonia
alia "Fernie Itand'ce che sia di piecno
successo ed istituzzione dl .primo
grado dalle parte musicale* e non che
piu florida la parte finauziale.' °.
propviete fonciere. Un Etat commercial , punira le plus severe-***-* ment
le faussaire'et le. faux-monnayeur. Le
seigneur .feodal fera prendre lo vilain
qui tue uh cerf su rsa chasse privee et
fera usage d'une penalite relative-,
ment moindre ,. en cas d'homicide
volontaire. Dans une societe ou' les
biens meubles predominent sur les
Mens immeubles te vol deviontun
crime.des plus graves. C'est pourquoi
la profon'de.severite do la loi romaine
primitive envers le voleur fut reduito
dans le.code de Justinlcn. En general, ditWilman, chaque Etat procede
ave.c le plus de severite contre- les
crimes qui iujurient ses interets pre-
L'accident de Frank & ses suites.
Dining Room nnd Beds under
New Management.*
.First class table board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5,00
Rates $1.00 per day
R. Henderson', DIiiIiib Ronm Mgr,
Fernie Dairy
. ( 127. ° LA LOI PENALE
Cost' parce que le crime est une
emanation morbide des conditions, que la classe capitaliste
a, donne aux sanctions pennies leur
forme actuelle. ' Contre le proletariat
la loi .crirainclle off re , imc double
penalite, l'une consequence immediate
et netribution* legale' du crime,-l'autre
due a la .violation de, * la loi de la
suprematio de", la,' classe dominante.
C'est pourquoi nous trouvoiis dans la
principaux: ' "      -
lo.' Son adoptation a la suprematie
teriel de cette classe,
2o. Son"*adoptation aux interets materiel de cette classe, *.,
, Si a Fontaine -pouvait dire - dans
1'uhe de . ses fables en parlant de
I'epoquo de Louis XIX: Selon ' que
vous seres- puissant ou miserable, les
jugements dos cours vous feront
bianco ou ,noirs, cette constatation
n'est,' pas a uno perlodo ,hls-
toriquo especiale, mais ello est vrnio
do   tout gouvorhemont cle classe.
Aujourd'hul la loi est partlnlo,en
favour du propriotairo.' Jo n'al pas
besoln d'inlstor sur ce fait qui a ete'
ndmls; par los crimlnnlistes les* plus
ominohts. ■ Les jurlstes d'nujourd'hui
rnppollont avec un grnnd otnlnge d'-
Indignation, ln pnrtlnllto do la loi
snliquo concornnnt te vol do betntl. Un
voyngour llallon s'lndigno on cousin-
tnnt qu'nu pays d^es Somalia, lo vol" ot
te brlgnndngo'roatent jnipunls, lorqu'lls
ont oto comma sur uno large eciielte.
Nous nutr'ofi. nmoiicalns d'nu.ourd'hui
iiohh no HomniOH pns do bonucoup
suporleur mix Somnlls. Lo prosldont
Roosovelt dniiH rob moaflngea au cton-
gros pni'lnlt do te'echec do ln justlco.
L'boinmo rlclio n'oat. ll pris en otnt
nujoiu'il'liul do s'nssuror I'lmpmilto
par los chlcnnerloB d'nvocntB, on fntl-
gunnt 1'oxorclso do la loi pnr des
formalities snua fin on par un usngo
trnquo dos formoB Judlcalroa. Comblon
do pnuvroa, Innoconta do tout, crime
oxplont on co momont dims loa
prisons lo crlni'o do no pna nvolr ou
h lour disposition tea moyons flnnu-
clora do prouvor lour Innncoiieo' dnna
tea I'orinoB coiiIoiihor proHcrlloa imr lo
l/objol. principal do. In loi, In pro-
tofillnii do ln pmpi'iolo ost. do montrco
uno fola do pliia pnr lo ilogro volutir
do Hovorllo doa poInoH, Colnl cl correspond oxnotninnt n In fornio dominant!) do hi, iiroprtelo. 81* l'Mnt cat.
Riirlniit imrlooln, Ior plua Hovoroii hoii I.
iIIpIkcoh eonlro   In   vloliitlon   do   In
II est Important, pour tous les
francals et beiges de la region, do
connaltrc la teneur du verdict rendu
dernierement. a Frank et la facon
dont se, sont deroules les debuts sin-
guliers quant a l'accident qui a coute
la vie a J, B. Lobert. •
Les deux victimes, je dirai deux
victimes parceque l'accuse lout aussi
bien que Io malheureux Lobert est
aussi un victime, travaillaieut -vpous-
ser les cars a l'accrochage. Lobert
en tete descedait avec son car plein
Decoux en suite, devait descendre te
sien apres s'etre assure si la vote
etait libre, il pousse son car a l'endroit
ou il a coutume d'ommobilser l'unc
des roues, place son ariot dans les
conditions requises et s'en retourno
quelques pas en arriere pour prendre
son "cheval, et descend son car plein.
Notons qu'il, tache d'accomplii* ces
deux actions'simultanement dans'le
but de satisfaire les patrons pour
lesquels l'on ne va jamais assez.
vile. Decoux/ pensait certe que . son
ear etait la ou il l'avait momentane-
ment abandonne mais quand il revint
le car n'etait plus la ets'et.ait mis a
descendre vers l'ac-f*ro-.-lia*i;e avec,la
rapidite d'une fleche-on sait te reste.
Voila' done en * quelque sorte te resume de ce qui s'est passe.
L'enquete se fait tout se* passe
.comme habituellement dans les cas
d'accidents de mine; mais voici ou la corse: J. B. Lobert vient a
mourir de.'ses blessures et sans ni
proces* on incarcere le malheureuoc
Decoux* qui est materialement tonu
responsable de l'accident*
Depuis le "Manager," .iusqu7a___l_as_.
♦ Homestake Mining Co. i-oz-
♦ esila obezniky, v ktorych tvr-
♦ di ze jej spor   s Uanikmi v
♦ South Dakote    je    urovnauy.
♦ Nc-nechajte, sa touto falosnou
♦.zpravou sviest. Zadny Hanik
& " nesmie u tejto spolechnosti
•*■ vziat-roboty bez toho, aby si
♦• na chclo .nevypalil meno
•**> '"Slteb. .
♦ Preto pozor    nerobte    ske-
♦ ba. '
♦ a Ernest Mills,
♦ ' taj pokl.
♦ Western Federation of Min-
♦ ors. ■
♦ ♦♦♦♦,♦♦♦
♦ ♦'
than the previous year. But there were
also 77,534 minor accidents which were
Reportable ;to the inspectors. These
minor cases have been on Uie increase
year by year, but there is now a decrease of 2,719. Of prosecutions' for
offences against ■ the factories and
workshops act, there were 3,700. One
wonders how many employers escaped
coming within the law. The eases of
poisoning, fatal and non-fatal, decreased a trifle to 5C3, bu** anthrax
increased io 3G. The maimliicture of
rag stock, such*as /lock, is liable to
cause* tho infection of smallpox,
typhus, and septic poisoning amdng.-jt
workers in rags, and these should l.e
coinpulsorily washed on the. grounds
of publjc health. Owing, however, lo
the small number of workers in this
trade the cases of complaint have not
been •numerous, and thus the applica:
tion ot Lhe act of 1907 has not been
))iii'1h ol" tho town
(tandem A, Verhneet Brothers,
V* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
60  YEARS'
sistant surintendeant—-Driver' Boss—'
"tous ■ ont ' a l'unison ** accable le
malheureux, c'la-va sans dire. ..-
II faut ici ,.1'emarquer en passant te
zele du president Po-.voll, qui a f*iit
tout co qui etait .humainement possible en faveur de notre infortune
frere, il avait* _ait prouve. de sagacite
et aussi il eut l'lieu'reuse inspiration ete
suggerer au' jury l'lngenieuse idee de
se rendro sur" les lieux de l'accident
de tello sorte que coux-cl seraient>plus
capables a rendro ,un verdict juste.
Passons done au verdict qui fait
certe honneur a messieurs les jurea:
Ktant donne que j; B. Lobert ost mort
dets • blessures recues au pults de
Frank par un car echappe accldentol-
lom'ont au drivor Decoux. Pour ces
motifs, nous bhimona soverement
mix drivers * et aux chargeurs do
mauler leurs enrs snns obsorvor los
regies n co sujot ot pour no point
s'enquorlr d'un moyon quolconque do
communication pour loquel les
"drivers" ot los chargeurs pouvalent
nvertlr les homines do lV.i'croc'lifitfo
dnns los ens ou un enr vlondrnlt a
ochnppor.   ..
Nous rocommniidons qiio To.-panto
do I'oiilroo sud soil dinilnuoo de
fnd'on n escnrtor nuLnnt que posslblo
tout danger ot, qu'un bloo d'nrrot, soit
plnco n un ondroit toi qu'il pourrnll.
ompochor un car pui'ti snns controlo
d'nrrlver la ou 11 pourralt blossor
Nous rocommniidons nusal quo In
'direction fasan ** savolr mix ouvriors
quel est lour "I .t-hoaH" do facon quo
cob (ternlora pulHsont, Io cna ochcant,
lul irniiHinotlro nn rapport ou re-
covolr des ordrca ot, qu'un imprlnio en
I'rnncnlRO coneornnnt, lo rcglomonl,
•suit placo un ovidoneo u lu nilno.
l/iiiilon nvnlt chnrgo M. Slniniona do
la ilofoiiHo do Dpcoux, R'oat ottareo
dniiH uno plnldorln vlbrnnto ot
(Inciunionloo do doniontror lo nou-s'.'iis
d'uiiu iicciiKiitlon Honiblnblo-—mnlH on
vuln, enr Docoiix oat. roBto lucnrcoro
hour nccuHnllon d'nRHnHHliinl. ot en
coiiHOqiiijiKio olt* IrniiHforo n McLooil.
.The Latest Phase of the Deadlock..
Tho   dock , laborers   working   for
Messrs. Uoulder*Bros. p.t Newport are
surgeons.   This is a thousand .odd less
still out on strike, against the change
in the rate of pay insisted upon by
tlie  employers.    The firm have  imported men supplied by the' Shipping
Federation, and until some alteration
is mado the situation    will    remain
serious,   -The details of the course of
events to briug about'-a settlement
have been stated in this -"column, but
it  should be  again pointed out that
the award made was by the umpire
"appointed by the Board of Trade- Sir
David Harrel.    He gave his decision
that it should be at the option of the
employer to' engage • men by .tonnage
rates  of payment * or by  day  wages.
The rates to be paid to men employed
on the time basis were fixed" at Ss.'
for a day shift and'-12s, for a night
shift.   The award also contained provisions regulating thc hours oi labor
and other conditions of forking. The
dock laborers, however, decided that
they could not accept this award made
by a single individual. ■ Mr. Ben Tillett
the arbitrator on behalf of.* thc men,
subsequently told them that the award
'was   contrary   to   the   evidence,   and
recommended them" hot to accept it.'
This advice the•■ men promptly took,
and thus- there is a deadlock.    But
the whole subject is a matter of far
greater importance than merely as it
affects  Messrs. Houlder* Bros.    This
shipping firm look upon the dispute
iir" the-ITflifo f "aTlFfi-'iklTTest    They"
have, gone to ah enormous expense
of money, and time in order to get
the general principle of ..payment by
day rates    substituted   for' tonnage
rates,    Up to the present the latter
system has been in "vogue, and. the
men object to any such drastic alteration.   Should Messrs. Houldor Bros,
succeed in this struggle, it is possible
that other great shipping firms in the
country would insist upoifniioplln,'*- tbo
same principle, hence there is the possibility of a great Industrial struggle
throughout the whplo bf tho shipping
industry of this country.
Mill Girls Justified.*
' Several hundred girls have been out
on strike at Messrs: E-Iollihs' spinning
mills'at Pleasloy Vale, near Mansfield,
Notts, and a considerable dislocation
of labor* has been the result. The
cause of the strike was a serious one,
being on account of a mate overlooker,
whom they alleged had been guilty of
grossly improper behavior. These allegations, however, became so strong
that the National Federation of Women Workers was induced to take the
matter up. Ultimately the firm, who
were at first disinclined to believe
the girls, and thought the complaint,
was, only made with the object of
leading to* an increase of wages,
agreed ,lo accept arbitration. The
arbitrator—Mr. ,J. C. Priestley, K. C.
—was appointed by the Board of
Trade, and he, heard the details of the
dispute. He found the girls were
justified, as four of the seven charges
of improper conduct had been proved;
but he also found that Messrs. i-lollins
were 1107 told of .the , complaints
against the overlooker until after the
girls had come out on. strike. The
firm had agreed that if the* award
went against the overlooker- they
would dismiss him and reinstate the
girls.* This promise they have promptly fulfilled.      '    ,   ■
There are great fears   that   if  .an
improvement in  the jute trade  does
not set iu before next month many of
_f V.r, •_IIIc_., + _»..-,1..«_....:-11 1 j-_=. _-
- wj-w- -mino — (il—xj f.uill**ri_*^\> 111 "IIclVU    LU    Ue
shut down.
;ln the Uniled Kingdom there are
3,500 mines which raise annually about,
275,000,000 tons of , coal.' Although
mining accidents have decreased considerably, a bill Is to .be introduced
into tho House of Commons this session which will legally Insist upon
glvirig greater safety to the workers.
A deposit of One Dollar p-.ay bj; tho
foundation of a eompeuwe if you
commence now, to place your savings
in the Bank of Hamilton.
Small sums, as well as large, ar--
solicited and *either accepted without
any unnecessary formality.
Interest paid on,deposits of $1.00
and  upwards.
J.  R^ LAWRY, Agent
*,-\ ,-i
■ 9i,
. liQjSilJi-.
Tiwot Mark*
tpitialtollu, <i(ithoatei_i___e, in th*
Stfewtfflc flitier can,
A hi*»a««(»»lr Ul-Ji-wrUfll *->»lil-/. Uwirt «**
Million otjULf wlinilBo jnuiiwl., 'J •rai rot
^^l''___V**r,pa*       ''"**      Hold b7
Ledger Ads Pay
List of Locals District 18
(hirroctoil by DlHtrlct Socrolnry up to Mny ini, .1010.
V. Wheal lny, Ilinililioud, Altn.
N. MoDoniioll.  llonvor Crook, via Plnclior
J, UurUo, llollcvuo, r'nii'tc, Altn, ..
■Iiuiioh Turnbull, Illiilrinoro, Altn.
Wm, AhIiIoii, IlurmlH, Alia.
J. Noll, Cniininro, Altn,
i. uiiiiuij, Cu.i'i Cii;   i.HM.i, Aim,
W. Onihnni,  CcOi-m-in, Ali:i.
O, M. Davlt'ii, (.'arbondiite, Coleman, Altn.
J. Aplln, Cnrdlff, Altn.
. . K. Si, Amnnf, Cnrdlff, Altn.
Jna, DhvIb, Corbin, 11. C.
(X/lfi     n«l,i,n.,      Tit,,.,,,-.., ,1    Pit-,.      F  nll,l,.l,l«.
"    '     '  '  ' '-■'     t ,    ■■        li,-.
IUchnnl Thompuon, Finzor Flnta, 1-Mmonton
M. llonlo, 43-f Lome St, Norwood, I-Mmottton
D. neon,,Fornio II. C.
0. Nicol, Frnnk, Altn.
J. Ayro, IToHmor. H. C.
J, O. Jont'H, IlillcroHt, Altn.
11. KvniiH, Ki'iimnn', N. 1>.
L, Mooro, p. O. 115, Lothbrlilf-f-o, Alia
W. I,. Kvnns, l.lllo, Frank, Alto.
M.   fllldny, Mnplo I. nf, Ilollovuo, Altn.
M. nirroll, Mlchol, II. C.
N'oll Diincnn, rnBsbiirg, Ilollovuo, Alio.
Oiicnr Cnrlnon, PnuBburR, Alln.
Ch»«. fimllh, Iloynl Coll., Uthbrl-Jfre, Aim
A, Shnir, Strut,-worm, Abn.
Wm. Htumoli, 'labor, Altn.
R. llrown, Tnlicr, Altn.
llonvor Creole
a iiiii
i:i78 '
ii ..i fin.
ninmnnn Cltv
Mnplo Ixnf
Polico Flnlu
Itoynl C<vHlcrle«
Extension of the Trouble,
As a result of sympathy with tho
demand of. tho Newport dockers to
maintain tonnago* rales of pay instead of day rules, about 1,000 dockers
at tho Avonmouth docks came out on
strike on Wednesday. A deputation
was sent to Newport which interviewed tho labor leaders there, and
owing to the latter advising tho Avon-
mouth men to resume work thoy did
so on Thursday. Tho stonmor Natnl
Transport, bolonglng lo Mosors. Ilould-
or, hnd arrlvod at. Avonmouth, nnd tho
mon stopped loading hor. Mon engaged
on other ships nlso stopped work. A
conforonco' wns hold, but it, ended
without, nny result being arrived nl.
On Thursday, however, tho mon on
striko' hold a mooting and docldod to
roHiimo work on nil boats oscopl. lho
Nntnl Transport. Tho officials of tlio
Union ndvlaed the men lo tnko this
(Hop, in nccordnnc-**) with tho arbitration ' iigroemont nt. Nowporl, bill,
though tho mon docldod to work tlioy
would not do no on* Mohhi'b.'Ilouldor'n
boni. Tlu; Inller firm are now chim-
for di'inurriiKo from lho Nowiiorl. town
council In ronpocl to llio dot cut Ion o."
iho Blonmship Indian Trnnnport ponding arbitration.' This rofors lo tlio
ngrucd uinoiint. ol' .11100 n dny from
llio dnto of llio Hlgnlii,", of llio ngne-
nieni at lho Hoard of Trndo oITIith on
May 2." to tho roncliiHlnii of lho arbitral lon—tcti dnyH In nil. Uuforliiinili'-
ly hoiiio ill foul hi 1; on one hIiIm bus
beon caused by llio ■K.Tiiitin.uf llio Hov.
JunicH II, .IcnltliiH, who proiiclicil nl'
Kt, Miirl-'N eliurcli nl Nowporl on .Sundny, Iln hiiUI, "Tin." ilnlly hl-oiid ul Uio
dock giilcn wiih not ko ntUcli a Klnig!*l<*
nf mun ngninst num iin it wuh h mii'l
Hi'i'innblo of brute m-'iiliiHt brute for
biiro subHlHtnucii. And thn buck-
groiiiiil of tlio plctnr-1 wan Htlll dnrkKi*,
for It monnt riiim-d IiomeH mul blighted woiniiiiliooil," Mr. (hilbbnrl I.iiwh,j
lho goni'i'til iniiniigei' of lho HhoppliiK
I-Vidnrntlnn, Iiiih wrllii'ii In llm HlHhopj
o,    i.iuiiiiitli    t (;li,l'iuai.i.h    til    iin;    )i:*,
nuu'lci.    Tlu> net Ion  id Mm V,n:\vd '.if'
Trniln In  vrp-nnl  tn tlm illnputo hnsj
boon tho mibjnct of (IIhi'.iihhIoii In tho j
IIoiiho of Coiiiiikhih, ii ii-pori of whicli
uppuui'H in iiiioilmr column.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 days
aftor dato,' I, John Pigeon, Intend lo
npply to tbo Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lnnds and Works for n license to
prospect for conl and petroleum on
tho following described lnnds; Commonclng nt a post planted three miles
and fifty ohalns South, and Kast. one
milo from tho S. R cornor of lot 83G3,
being thirty chains North of tho HJva
Joss, S. 10. corner post, thenco eighty
chains Rial, thenco eighty chniiis
South, thenco eighty chnlna Wost,
thonco olRhLy chains Norih lo place
of eommoncomont conlnliiliii*; (l-ln aeros
moro or less, located this 2.'th day of
Juno, 1010.
JOHN PI0130N, Locator.
ANI.' CJOOD, Aia-iit.
John Anderson, WltncHs.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which the branches
of this Bank are able to issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries:
Fr'ch Cochin-China
Great Britain
Greece   **  '
Faroe Islands
Phillipine Islands
South Africa
Straits Settlement!
West Indies '       rr_
and elsewhere
L,  A.  S.   DACK; ' Manager, Fern-e.'
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorised $10,000,000.00. .Capital Subscribed    $5,575,000
-ncscrvc" runu-
.... .~;?37aau~-juu-
D. R. WIL.KIE, President
Arrowhead, Cranbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops^ Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Uiingeroui lraQe»,
Thoro lum been a '•oiiRldr-rablo decrease In tho number of nccldontK In
our faciorli'H and worl'Hhojm during
tbo piiBt year. alihoiiKli wo liavo only
a Htaff of 200 InnpoctOTH to look nftor
112,000 fnclorloH   nnd    lTil.OOO 'work-
SllOph,      ll     ivlMUitirt    ll*-*.    If    IliOft!    in*
Not loo Is horoby rIvoh Unit I, Minn
Joss, thinly dnyH aflor dnto Ini nnd to
apply lo tlio Hon. Chlof CuiiimlHsluiHir
of LiukIh and Works for a llooiiw- to
pro-ipccl I'or conl and jiolrolouni on IIk-
following doscrlbod IiukIh: Coinincii-
clm*; at a jiokI iilantod nt tlio norili-
.woid. cuni* r ul' llio John I'lm.'oii ohilni.
tlionco Norlh clKhty cIiiiIiih. IImhioo'
Knnt oIkIiI cIiiiIiih, llinncc Smith clulity
i'IiiiIiih, ilii'iico WmhI olnlny clllllllK-tn
plnco of ('(iiniiiiin'i'iiu'iil, Cfintiiliilni*-
fl-lfl nercH inoro or Iohh, Located UiIh
^'ith ilny nf ,luiu>, 1010.
JIIN.V JOSS, l.ocnfor.
ANIIV tlOOll, ARi'Ht.
John Aiitlorwin, WltnoHH.
Notion Ih hereby j?lvt>n Unit tiilrly
dnyii nfier dun- I, Herbert Josh, Intend
to npply to ihe lion, Hblof CninnilH-.
Kliiner of 1,,'iimIh and WorkH fnr a
llceiiHo to jHo-ip'><-t fur coal and petroleum nn lhe folliMViiiK dimcrlbeil
IiuuIh: ('oiiiinciiclni,' at a pout planted
clulily ehiiliis North nnd elirhly cIiiiIiih
KiihI of (he norlh woHt corner of tlio
Minn .Tohh chilin. IIti-ii-r-o \nith i-liflu^
cIiiiIiih. thenco WeHt iduhty chfiliiH.
thenco Houlli olulity cIiiiIiih, 'tlience
KiihI elKlily cluilim In plnco of coin-
nienceiiient. contiilnliiK (JU) iici'ch inore
nr let-H. l.ncnled Ihiu 11,'l.h day of
.luno, 1010,
MT.iT'»T",l''-ll»l*>   -,f\r.n    y i(
ANi.v 'nnnn.AKont.''*'
.lohn Anderson, WitiM-m*.
Notico In hereby ulvr-ii Unit thirty
days after dale 1. Kllen Iliilny, intend
lo npply to the lion, Chief (."otninir,-
Hloner of LiukIh   niul    WorUn for n
i > ,    . .   *• i       ,  ,
........ .  .., ,..■. ,, ,,.  .,...  ...I.*.. ....,, ,, ■
Irolenm   on   lho  followliiK  deHcrlbeil
InndH:   rnmmcncliiK nt n pom plnnt"d
nt  the Hontlicnflt comer of the Herb
.Iohh   clnlm,    thence    eighty   chainH
Went. Ilicnco -nlRbty    chnliiB    Hniilb.
tlience elBhiy    chninB    Kant, Hh-iic
ohdity chnltiH North to plnco of com-
in--i'e.--m**ti*\ ronfnlntnu 110 \xi'\'-'.< m-,r"
IhU  2.1th  dny nf
of Canada
Quarterly Dividend Notice
Notice i.s horohy given tlmt a dividend o,' Six Per
Cent, poi* annum upon tlio paid -up capital, stock
of the Home Unnlc of Canada has heen declared
for the Three Months ending :)lst May. 1010.
and tho same will lie payable at* its head oil ico and
branches on and al'tor Wednesday, the Iirst day of
.'luno noxt ' •"
The Transler hooks will hi* closed Irom 17th lolilsl
May, IIIH), both days inclusive.
Uy order of the Hoard.
(! cue rn I Managor.
Iloiwl Olllce. Toronto, April 'J 1st, IJMU
John Adair, Manager, Fernie Branch
nt Die noriheiiHi corner of ihe Kll.'ii
Miilt-y clnlm, thence Soinh eh-liiy
eluiiiiH, Uieiiee KiihI ■■Uilily clinlii-i, ■
llieiic*' Norlh elnhly rlinliiH, tbenee
Wenl 1-lnhly cbiiliiH III pliu-c ul coin-
iiienceiin-nt, coiiialiiliiu; 'Hit hitch more
or b-HH, UiIh T,i\h diiv of
June, Hitii.
MIA NIC IIAI.KV, l.ocntor.
ANDY HOOD, An.'iil.
John AnderHoii, WIIim.-mh.
Notice (h hereby clveii thai iblny
iln vh nfier (tnto I Aeneo Ai,i|c<i-.*n<t
liilend to dpiily    to    the Hon. (*hl-*r
('t.M)t,->.'l»^''.<   .'    (/.'     I.„l„\(.   „i,l\      \\„,  ...*»    ,,,,
(i llci-nse to pronpei-1 for conl .mil \o-
trnlciim on the folIowliiK deKciibed
bin-in;   i"oiinue|nl(i« ju a pomI phmieii
Ul the liorlll-AeHl  coiner of the  ImiiIiI*
Mnley   chuin.   thence   North   ehtiny
.1.1.. ,1       ,. I".   ,   .        ,   I..1   . .• !.
tbf'lice  Ki.nnIt    I'ltilny    cli,-iii;«, llieme
West eighty clnilnn lo plm*.! of coin-;
inencemi-nt, roiiiitliilnit Clf) 'tcn;*» more
or  IftHH.    Ivocideil   Ihl.i  2,'th   day of
June. 1910
AflNKS ANDKItHON, l.oiutr.r.
ANDY (IOOH. Ak'i-iit.
John Andortna, Wbw-tt
nieni, coiiliilniii-.-; iiiii ncri-H more or
le:.h, l.oi'iiti'd ||iIh L'Mh day of .llllix,
AN'DV OOOD. A.'iil.
■lllllll   Alld'-I'HOII,   WllllefH.
Notice   in   lieri-hy   |;ive||   llllll    lllll'ty
diiyn it ll er .Iiiii* 1, Ailiiin Aii(li?i'i>on,
Intend in n|i|il> tn ili>' I ft ni. Cbltjf
Ciiimuihhlnie'i ol' l.'iiulo aiid WorltK iiiiil llcellHO III |HOH||ei-t for emil rind (ie-
irolenm on the followln**: deHerllicd
Iriiulu- I'limtiionelm. r»( ti imur olmiied
nt tie.1 .Southwent corner of tbe TIioiiiiih
.Uii.t . ■■■ii,, i *,utn .'*,' **■-» .--,.,..). ,! i
(lllllliH,    tlnliCC       l-I'.ht       i-IkI|I,V    llilllllK,
tlience Nonli elulity cIimIiis, thence
U'cpI eiKilt> thiilloi to |ihiii- III! (dill-
lllllll ^llielll. i'Olitui|lili|4 I'i ID Itci'eli IIHH'I)
or   li'HH.     I.oiltleil   UiIh   '.'Mb   day   of
1 fit
ADAM ANDKUSON. l.oe;*ior.
|| ANDY UOOI).  Aytow.
John A-nderHnn, WIIih-rh,  -
were m-wloil, dHpoclnlly im'*}1* lw".    l-««««il
,uou:  fauurlu:: and 0,000  mm: j *,,n"- ^Kt\iMS „AI>KVf Iy>ri„„r
worlisbopK Jilt*..) (omti Into oxlHlnncuj ANDY OOOI), Aftcnt
during lho juiHt five yenrH.   In r-Mtnnl'
to fatal urclilehtx, there woro {ilG lait
John Anderson. Wltne-sn.
| year.    Thin
i coiiHlderlim
1» not n Brent number
\bw   exteiiHlvfl rntiKe of
j work nnd the nnmbwr tmployod; bnt
tilii! noii-.uini mi < id.-iii »• itr it mm r\-
' ccptlonnlly   lilith -- rmmoly,   39,020,; JrohMim «r»   Dw   followlnn d«>iirrl»M-il
which  wen* repot-luhle to nortlfyliiK  Inndn:   CoriimentlriK nt a vml phuii.-il
v«iic. (h hereby Rlve-n thut thlriv
dnys after dnte I, Frnnk Hnley, intend
io jijij-b 1»i 'lo" Ilrjri. Clili-f Cofoniii..
tttorior nf f.nnrin nnd H'nrlf-* fnr n
license lo pro-»iir*ri for roal and n<
I    Notlfo U hereby  i-*,K>ii  ililrty
itl.t*,!*   .tfiei'   «inU-   I,   'I ii<itli.,r.   .lii,il, , .nu,
j itiicnd lo -i|i*il) to Ihe Hon. <'lii<*r ('out-
\ inliiHloiH-r of {.nnilH nml Wt,tl * t„r n
j Hli UM!    tO   |.r4'«f.|yli'l    tut    Hll.,1    ,ll.i]    |«-
■ irolenm on llu- folluwlioc d« - rlb,*d
land*: CommenciiiK nt n \u,.,\ pl-m-ed
fit f.M)lVi*f-.'iM rmTicr xd tie- Aie!' •'*■'■■'i
i lalin. Ihence Norlh *>lcJiiv ihaln*.
ttience Knnt Mfthly ChnliiH, ih'n'-.-
South -i-lxlity chslnx. theriCr Went
i-lKhiy cbaltiH to plnrp of com tin nee-
Noll|e U hereby ulven ihnt thirty
dnyH nfier dnte I, William Merveehlnr,,
Intend lo upoly io tie* Hon. t'hlef
CofiiinlMHlotier of I,nnd"! nnd Worlds for
it Uo uiu- to pioxjii-ii for ■*o,tl .ind ,)!.•
Iroleiiiu   on   tin-   follow.lm*;   dennlhct
I.llllll,      <t  lllllll). lit tlt*A  III   II   {illnl   l>l.,IM,ll
ut. oi iihiiut ;'oo feet Norili of the
nor'liweHi xirn.'r of Jul Di'J't, tlieiu-o
Noil!. -tlKhi)* * l.«lii>., tJeiii.-i Khi-1
elKhlV • liitllm. lliiilK- South elulily
chiiinn, Oienee W<'»t elRlity c-hitln-i to
Jil.'jf.* t,f (Tf.TtiTrH TlCi flilTif.     l.C'Cfllf'll  Ibis
:j"th d»v of .lune, I'-fo
WIM.TAM M'KI'IMITNK. 1.ncr-1 or.
andv mmm. Asifit.
.Uihii Nelson. Wlliifim. __ . n*^v4^iXJ?.*__E.Wiqr(idi.
*. .*^_^p*j-^l^»J^iii^wl'iM#
i',-■-.:   y- *7
---'; *   ■"
=-*   fl
Store  Remodelling a,nd Pre-Stock Taking Sale
Two vital reasons that make it imperative \hat we reduce our surplus stock before the end of the present month. Limited space prevents us mentioning more than a few lines:.
from each of the several departments, rbut a personal inspection of the money saving values offered, will more than prove our contention that this is.a wonderful saving event for you. -
If you can conveniently, arrange to do your shopping early in theday it will enable us to render you better service and you to secure first choice of some of the money saving bargains.
Ladies' Wash Drosses mado of good
quality Queen's Suiting in White,'
Tans, Blue, Heliotrope' "and Oreen.
' Regular *?8.75, sale price. .;...._.$5.85
'' Ladies' Wash Drosses, made of nood
{.unlliy calico,in 13 lack and White and
nine and Whito.
Res-uhir $.*l."r«, sale price   $2.75
Ladies'  Waists mndo of Sheer Batiste, Lawns and Linens, trimmed with
laces and embroidery.
Regular *?2.00 and $2.25, sale
price $1.25
Ladies' Tub Suits, made   of   good
quality  Rep  Suiting,  lu. White,  Tan
and. Blue.
Regular $6.r>0 and $7.00, sale ,
price •' $4-95
Ladies    Dress    Skirls,    made    of
Panama    and   Venetian Cloths, trimmed with buttons-and knee pleats, in
Navy, Green, Brown and Black.
Regular $5.00, salo price $3.65
Ladies' Summer Vests with or without, sleeves; trimmed with Valenciennes, and Torchon Lace.
Regular 35c and "lOc, sale'price ...25c
Children's  Summer  Hats  of  Straw
and nengaline, in White, Navy, Cardi-
nal and Browns.
Regular 75c to 00c, your choice .. .50c
■ Children's Wash Dresses, made in a
large assortment of colors, and stylos.
All made of good quality material.
Sizes from 8 to 1G.
Regular $2.00, sale price
Axminsters,   Brussels' and  Tapestries
Our fall shipment consisting of 38
bales is now on the road, consequently we have no alternative'but to dispose of our present stock at prices
regardless of any loss that \ve may
Axminstcr Squares in all sizes and
exclusive patterns,
Regular $24.50, sale price  $19.55
Regular $47.50, sale price $37.95
.Wilton Squares in a full range of
sizes in tbe newest designs and colorings.  ' ' '
Regular $28.50, sale price ..$22.75
Regular $40.00, sale price  $31.95
Brussels Squares In all sizes in a
vast variety of colorings and. patterns.
Regular $13.50,-sale price. .....$10.75
Regular $25,00, sale price.:.'. ..$19.95
Tapestry Squares', the carpet, that
stands the wear and is easy on the
pocketbook. All sizes and good' patterns.
Regular  $7.50, salo' price'.: $5.95
'Regular $15.00, sale price  $11.95
Our fall shipment, consisting of a
straight carload, of Linoleum will be
shipped towards the end of this month
consequently our, stock on hand must
be reduced to make room for this
'new season's stock.
Measure   your  rooms   and, get.  our
price for the covering.    You' will be
surprised ' how  far  your- dollars  will
spread    during    this    stock-reducing,
event.    We offer the highest quality
of Scotch Linoleum sold regularly
throughout, the province at $1.50 per
running yard for this special sale at
a price never before* heard of. The
newest designs.* in both floral and tile
patterns. Your choice per running
yard '..' .$1.00
Every piece of furniture under the
roof has marching orders' if prices
will clear the floors.  *
No' matter how big your requirements wo can fill your wants at comparatively small cost to you. .
. Limited space will only permit us to
detail a few items. We invite your
inspection and enquiries knowing this
sale Is a huge money saving event
for you..                   '         ., ■■
• Three-piece   Mahogany  Parlor  Set,
silk upholstered.                        ,    .  J
Regular $49,00,. sale price $31.50
Quartered  Oak,    spring    seat  and
head, genuine    hand    buffed, leather
lounge.    Good  value  at  the  regular*
selling price of- $47.50.' *
Sale, price    ■ $29.50
Set of Diners, Quartered Oak,.' genuine' leather   padded   seat.    Highest
quality   material   and   workmanship,
throughout. ■
Regular $51.00, sale price  $37.75
. Special values in the Boot and Shoe
Department'during this stock-reducing
Men's   White  and   Colored   Canvas
Shoes   and   Oxfords, Goodyear welt,
superior quality throughout.
Sale price    .' .$3.00
Men's White and Canvas .Tennis
Shoes and Oxfords. Heavy leather
insoles to keep the feet coo rand comfortable no matter how hot the day.
Regular $1.35, sale price 95c
Ladies' White Canvas Slippers and
Oxfords, made up; in the newest and
dressiest lasts.
Regular $2.00 ,to $3.00, sale
price    $1.25 to $2.50
The "Nettleton" Shoe for men to be
cleared regardless of cost.
Regular $7.50 to $8.00, sale
price ' $5.85
Let our Grocery Department supply
your table wants." We can furnish
you the highest quality of eatables at
prices you money.      '   ,
Special Fruit Values for Saturday „
Fancy Washington Peaches, box $1.25
Assorted Plums, per basket .35c
Apricots" are now  at their lowest -
■ price so that it will pay you to secure
them for preserving.
Per basket 45c; Per crate .. $1.80
Duchess and Red Astrachan Table
and Cooking Apples. . Three pounds
for ' ,. *'." 25c
Per box '...-. ■-.... .$2.25
Fancy California Tomatoes.
Per pound  , .*, _,-2|/_*c' .
Per basket ' ".. 55.
Grocery Specials  for  Saturday
Sherrif's Jelly Powder, 4 pkgs: .....25c
10 oz. Queen Olives, per bottle . 20c
Large size Cream, per tin..', 15c
* Holbrook's    quart    bottles    English
Vinegar, each   20c
Men's   Hand-Tailored   Ready-to-Wear
,New summer styles and patterns nt
prices "that command your attention.
^ , Stock-taking at thc end of the present month, and the' constant cry of
'-.more room makes it necessary for
us to lose sight for the timo being
of both cost and profit. Without
doubt ve carry the newest and the
highest grade of hand-tailored clothing in (he city, so that offering this
■ superior, wear .at such prices at practically lhe beginning of Uie season
makes this an event well worthy of
your best consideration. We remove
both ,brand and. stamped price before
delivering suit to you, as our contract will not permit us to allow label
to remain In suit if sold at less than
the maiiufiicturer.'s stamped price.
-For Saturday selling we offer this
high-grade and high-priced clothing at
less than wholesale cost.
You ,cnn buy cheaper, but you cannot buy belt or- clothing at any price..
Our sale prices    based    on ' quality,
, workmanship and value are' without
doubt absolutely the lowest. ' We invite your Inspection.
Men's' Hand-Tailored Three-Piece
Suits, made of the * finest imported
English'Cheviots, Homespuns, Tweeds
and Worsteds..*, All new patterns in
the newest shades of Gray, Green and
Brown and all the regular staple colorings. Made, up in the newest
Regular $25.00 $26.50 and $28.00, sale
price ...»  $19.75
Regular $19.50 and $22.00, sale    ,
price $16.50
Men's Two-Piece   English   Flannel
and  Homespun Summer Suits.
Regular $15.00, sale priee ......$11.95
Regular $18.00, sale price $14.35
Men's Sateen Working Shirts extra t
well made, large and roomy and of
superior wearing quality.        .,
Regular $1.00 and $1.25, sale price 85c
- Mien's Fancy Stripe and Plain Drill
Work Shirts, well made and good
fitting.    '
■ Regular. 95c and.$1.00, sale
price  ' 7. '....50c   ;|
Men's Drill Working, Shirts at„less
than factory cost.
Regular 75c, sale price ".35c
Men's Heavy Drill Working Shirts,
largo  fitters and  of superior quality
. cloth and workmanship. ■,
Regular. $1.25, sale price  75c
Men's Canvas Working Gloves extra
well made and good fitters.
Sale price, per pair , ." 5c
' gfefls^i^gfiCTf-i^^
All Railroads are heading for MacLeod.    The Great Railroad Centre of Southern Alberta.
 _ And the "Gateway ofthe Crow's Nest Valley"	
MacLeod, Alborta," i.s situated on llio
of lho Old Mnn rivor, and hns a population of
A constant stream ol! now settlers-is flowing in
wiih lho arrival" of ovory train, and aro locating
in tho oily and on the fertile lnnds in (he iuimc-
diuto vicinity,,,
Tlio surrounding lands prod uno tho highest,
grade of wheat grown in Canada. The wholo
district, which, until recently had bnroly boon
scratched, is fast, being put. under cultivation, and
bids fair to soon become the wealthiest grain producing center in Western Canada,
.ive elevators nnd the largest grain cleaning
plant in Western Canada makes this a grain shipping point of first importuned.
The city of MacLeod is'building a municipal hospital at a cost of ^{'(.OiK), an addition to the
school having just been completed at a cost of
.■HVHll), thus placing the cily in the front rank
from nn educational and medical standpoint.
Mai-l.cod, al lhe present moment, is a railway
■•cnler (if great importance, being a'divisional point
on llio main line of the Crow's N'e-,1 Pass, and tin1
leniiinus of the Calgary and I.dniouton Haihvay,
It is one'of the largest distributing points iu tho
1 ,,,-Wi   1 I '  I   I lnv,lll»ll
.till «il X;i nt, umf   ui'" •' ■*••*>< <n •»••■• ' <"n | -- • ■ ■  •        u '
llu: .Wat ■.'lu'-I .»•»"<-'■■* !•••'>• .* ■'•••'' *>><>» &'''•»$* C:ily:irv'gi*- additions are heiim mnde to freight and
piihsenger depuis to iiecoiiiiiiodale tlie fast grow-*
iin' 1riiffi<\
Six miles of additional trackajjo is now being laid
in their cxIi'iiMV-r ynrdh whicli, when completed,
will mithe thein about the largest in thc wost,
' Fifty thousand dollars is now being expended
increasing the capacity of their'roundhouse.
Tlie completion of the Kootenay Central Railway will no doubt see all freight shipped via ,
the Crow's Nest Pass instead of the main line,
whicli means a further increase in the number of
freight crews, dispatchers and Irainmen, who
make MacLeod their homo.
Thc Canadian Taeific railway monthly payroll
at MacLeod is an important factor nnd is increasing overy month.
The Canadian Northern railway has completed
its survey into tho town and has secured seven
blocks of land from thc city for station and yard
A grant has been made by the Albertn gov ,rn-
ment, on condition that the lino from Cnlgary to
MacLeod is construetod during tho present yenr.
Tho work of const ruction of this road is expected
to commence any day, and us it will open up some
of the hetil. farm IiiikIh- in lhe west, it will mean increased prosperity not only for the city, but fur
the whole district.
The survey for tho line of tho Grand Trunk
Pacific railway from the north, has been completed
to the cily limits and negotiations are pending for
the u(M'ck*.ii:\v ground for station and yard pur.
Two American railways are -showing consider-
able activity in tho immediate district and thore is
no doubt'that in a short space of timo ihey will
be heading through MacLeod to the busy centers
ni A'J't-erUi ami MiMwiicUc^jiii.
The immense natural resources of the district,
und more especially the wonderful coal deposits
of the Crow's Nest Valley aro some of thc reasons
for the railroad activity in this district.
Wholesale stocks are' carried to supply lho
towns to the west on the main line of thc Crow's
Nest Pass, and to the north on thc Calgary and '
Kdmonton railways, the favorable distribulini,'
freight, rates making it a point of importance, it-
hoing confidently expected that in tho near'future it will become a wholesale center fully capnblo
of supplying tlie necdR of Southern Alberta and
the Crow's Nest Valley.
Four chartered banks are located here, a fifth
having about completed arrangemenls to open for
business, positive proof of the stability of the city
nnd district.
MacLeod, within thc next two years is destined
to beeomo a eity of many times its present nizo,
nnd with ils increased populalon comes tho do-
in nnd for homes and home sites.
Parkview addition to the townsite of MaoLcntl is
now placed on Ihe, market with u view of meet-
ing this demand. Careful consideration of the
facts herein, as woll iih the prico at which loin are
offered, lends to thc belief that Parkview Addition
will become most popular with the investing public.
Pnrkview lies directly across tho rivor from tlio
town, and is connected with it by n substantial otncl
iilidgc jln-il -..'uiiipi-.u-d ijjv rlhxi Alb-,*-*lit Km-.i'-iin-ni,
at a cunt uf $li>o,iMl. Xo part ui' rarkviuu* is liii/ii*
tlmn n milo from the MacLeod postoffico nnd Iiuhj-
noss section, it being in fnct nearer tho con tor of
the business section thnn much of tho townsilo il-
ii.       »n, l   • c      ii      1   ,    1     i'l. ,   ,.,:!   ,1,,.,,,
M'.llf * t_i   *(',*.l.*lJU.AJl    »■■»    )H'» »\*.M ■*.«,«     iv*."..*-,    -,"-.   .-.'J.-.  Ui.*.).
iiiid rich, nnd n portion of it covered with n finu
growth of trees in their nnturnl state, bnt of not
sufficient growth to require clearing for the homo
builder.. For several years past it has been used
as a Park and Picnic "Ground by tho citizens of
MacLeod and vicinity.
There is no investment; proposition on tho market today that carries with it a guarantee of. so
great profit as is bound to come to thc purchaser
of Parkview property. Lots m Parkview will sell,
iu thc near futuro at many times the present price.
All lots nro 30 feet wido hy 120 feot doop. All
streets 60 feet wide; lanes 20 feet wide.
Inside Lots  .$75.00
Corner Lots  $85.00
Terms: $15.00 cash, Imlnnco $5.00 por month
without, interest. Torrens title. Wo cnn oxecuto
your deed at once.
lu case of death of purchnuoi* during tho life of
conlrnct, no further payments will bo required, but
title will bo surrendered immediately to the law-
till heirs.
Consider tho facts bearing upon the fnlure uf
Ibis city—not tho possibilities--hot the probabilities—hut tho certainties thnt must happen, and you
will see thnt you havo here an that, in
Thoro is no snfor, sounder, or surer investment
than land in tho immediate vicinity of n growing
Study tlio reasons why Mnc'Leod is destined to
become tho rnilrond contcr of Southern Alborta,
.,.,,-!   *X,,..,  TIT TV  TMmn*'T'-,W t otcj  Tnniv      nv
i< nil      Mn,)-.      » •■ *,..   * >    •Ul.iV  I    Mill        -•>-■,,       •      /*,.*•** 'J
ko doing you nro lnying tho fotimlntion stone of
your own nnd your childrens' future prosperity,
The Alberta-Kootenay Investment Company, Ltd.
Selling Agents: Cree & Moffatt, M. A, Kastner, C. E, Lyons, E.F. Ambery


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