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The District Ledger 1910-07-30

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 : 3 Library. HO Juno 03
-      j! AUG 3" 1910
'"^   r*
{PTORIA, *-2m
industrial Unity is Strength
The Official Or-gran of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOI;. V.    No. 52
FERNIE,   B. C,  July 30th   1910
$1.00 a. ItTeax-
Situation Unchanged—To   Celebrate
First Anniversary of Strike
By Monster Picnic
Report of Geological Survey Calls Attention to Fact That All  Except
Gold and Silver Are Nearing Ex- '
haustion, Coal Heading List
As Most Wasted
So many and so conflicting liave
boen the' rumors and reports relative
to the conditions In this eastern coal
camp that the casual reader might be
lead to imagine that rioting and
rowdyism were everyday occurences
and that the town must necessarily
present more the appearance of a'
military camp, knowing by practical
experience that when all other means
have proven useless* the corporations
do not hesitate to spread malicious
reports through the press with the
expectation of damning their opponent's side with a view to creating
prejudice against them in the eyes
of the public much after the style
of tlie lawyer when he has no case to
start badgering . the witness. We
wired to the secretary of Local 469
TJ. M.W. A. at Springhiil, N., S. and
below we append his reply.
Springhiil, N. S.,'July 2S, 1910.
District Ledger, Fernie, B. C:   ■■  ...
The strike situation, remains unchanged. . The ■ position of the miners
is stronger and prospects for a fair
deal * with the company ■ is ^brighter
tonight than at any. time before. The-
wild reports in the press of the controlling . and financial interests are
gross exaggerations well" known to
those who make them. No conditions
have arisen In Springhiil requiring the
presence of soldiers,* Official records
which are. following by mail' show
clearly that' the trouble occurred "in
Springhiil was' made by the imported
■: elements. All that has been and said
''is expressly" to'try to break up the
ranks, and failure to do so has met
* them' on  every  hand.""" The";military
in the aid of,the soldiery, the cost
of which will'  be   saddled upon the
community.   While militia companies
may furnish the material for physical
development to young men at a minimum, of cost to them and when, recruits are    wanted    the    social and
physical advantages of joining are always put prominently forward while
the real obpect of their existence is,
conveniently*evaded.   A captain of a
British Columbia militia having great
difficulty in securing enough recruits
for   his   company   because ' of   the
strenous objections of the local unions
mentioned the circumstances to the
inspecting officer when*he made his
official visit, stating that   the    men
objected   to   join  fearing   that   they
might be called, out: to .ghoot their
fellow  townsmen,  the  reply  of  this
gentleman was certainly halve if not
reassuring, that the-men need have
no^ fear that they would be expected
to be called out for local work in the
event of trouble, but companies from
other towns would be called upon to
do  this work because "thoy had  no
relatives or friends  engaged in  the
strike.   How nice!   In other words'if
there were demands for the militia
say—in Fernie,  call1 would be made
upon Nelson or some other town and
vice versa.1 Those .wlio still entertain
any doubts as to the real object of
the existence of' militia have only to
take Springhiil, N.'S., and Brockville,
Ont., as showing   the    naked, truth.
What thinking man or woman in the
face of these concrete facts can still
maintain that there' Is   . no    CLASS
STRUGGLE? :,.-■-..
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦*
In the following striking approximate dates for the disappearance of
some of, the most Indispensable of
■natural mineral resources of the country i the geological survey calls the
attention of the public to a.figurative
Coal, exhausted in 2040,
Petroleum,  exhausted in 1959.
Iron ores, exhausted lh 1939.
Lead ores, exhausted in, Indeterminate.
Gold, exhausted in, indeterminate.
.Copper, exhausted in, indeterminate.
Zinc, exhasted'in, Indeterminate.*'
Phosphates, exhausted in 1934.
The figures havo been taken from
files oi the survey's publications and
a canvass of the situation has been
prepared in a special bulletin. The
chief implied charge ln the work is
that wanton waste has been going on
in the production of many of these
nature's supplies, .and that one of the
first moves in retrenchment should
be more economical methods in mining and distribution.
Coal heads th'e list as the most
wasted of all products, losing ,50 per
cent of the original deposit in the
mining and marketing. The greatest
of these'losses comes from leaving
thin strips of coal in the veins 'and
in thicker strata as pillars supporting the mine roof. But, thousands
more.tons find their way to the slate
and shale dumps, while from the first
movement-in shipping a loss is suf-,
fered through shattering and weathering and haulage, until the, fuel; Is at
the-furnace floor. And even then bad
firing under boilers occasions another
extravagance,' complained of scarcely
less by a general public which protests against the unconsumed gases,
soot and smoke. „
: As the national survey,sees it, however, the' situation as to petroleum is
much more serious. This mineral oil
has been'in use only about 50 years,
while if consumption and waste still
goes on. it will hay_e__d_ls_appeared with-
From $100 to $140 Per Month'
From $60 to $85rPer Month
From $55'to* $80 Per Month
From 31c to 32c Per Hour
From 27c to 32c Per Hour
♦ Apply_o U. E. GILLEN,        ♦
♦ ,  . Superintendent ♦
♦ Union   Station,  Toronto.       ♦
♦' ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦«'•♦♦♦♦
The above ad is from "The Evening- Telegram." These are needed to
replace men who are on strike. In
Great Britain such an announcement
would have to state the purpose so
that" Involuntary scabbing could nol
is here, .but take no part in the government of this community.- They are
' picnicing in* a field!   On August 10th
the miners   will   commemorate . the
completion of one year's strike in.the
form, of a-big picnic and treat to the
" children, a^ter whlch.the strikers may
begin to eventually make preparations
, to go "through the'coming winter.
- '   '      WM. WATKINS,
, Sec'y Local Union* 4G9, U. M. W. of A.
From'.this it can be seen that the
struggle  has  now "been   in  progress
nearly a  year and  Hint the. minors
. romnin as determined as ever to uphold their position until the last. ■ It
Is lhe realization of lho porlinaclty of
purposo that lias practically compelled
lho conl  company, rill  other  efforts
lo subdue thom having failed, to call
There' is' another feature to .which
we wish to draw the attention of our
readers arid that is what is knowledge
common to everyone who has followed
these conflicts that It is the importations that create the most of tho dissension and disturbance.-. In the present instance' notorious individuals
have been brought in, the* principal
one an ox-police officer who had been'
•summarily.- shorn of his insignia* of
office because of the 'discovery that
he wns guilty of one of the worst,
possible brenches of.morality.
Tho strike in Springhiil, with all
Its attendants evils, and tho miscarriage of justice in tho Decoux enso
in Albertn,-- aro all vnluablo lessons
which tho working class will not fail
to profit therefrom,,
Conferring With Operators and
Miners' Officials as to
Working of New Act
During the present week a,_ con-*
ference has been held in town .-that
is of great importance to- the mining
Prominent Citizen Died
Monday-Was About
On Sunday
deceased, (Inscribing his -qunlllles nml
extending expressions of -sympathy to
llio saddened wife,, Tho Rev, Walton
road lho losson whilo n choir sang
hymns iippropvlnto to lho occasion.
Afler the sorvlco nt the church wan
concluded tho members of tlio I wo
frnlfii'iillles bonded by Nnhln Grnnd
J. It. Lundie nH marslml of core-
monies neoompnnlod llio body to thn
provo whero ln addition to tho re-
ligloiiH poromonlo-s of the two churches
mentioned tho bonullful and Impressive memorlnl Hprvlco of tho I, 0, 0. F,
was rendered.
The HosRlnnd Minor just to hnnd
sppnkB In tlio highest terms of tho
Into Mr. M, W. Klloy, paying tribute
to IiIh oxcollont, qualllloH both as a
oltlsson nnd nil cducntlonnllBt, nlso nx-
pro-mlii-. doop sympnlhy with his sorrowing wife.
in 25 or, 30 years.
If production be curtailed and the
waste is stopped it may last to the
end of the' present century. Electricity has displaced much of. the oil
originally consumed for illumination,
but tlie lubricants which are byproducts of the' crude petroleum are
not .o be. replaced with either animal
or vegetable oils.
Natural'gas is wasting into the air
at the rato of a billion cubic feet
every 24 hours, and this, with the
rate, of consumption promises to cx-
hnusl. tho supply within 2fi years.
Iron, which "is nlmosl universal, ordinarily Is found iu ores so poor that
up to the present methods have not-
evolved which will allow of them being worked within bounds of ronson.
Those rich and easily workod ore*, beds
nro becoming exhausted rapidly.
Ah lo lend, tho production hns been
increasing in the Unitod States, but
docroaslng 'elsewhere In the world,
with marked Increase tn prices, Altogether it appears that tho maximum
of production hns been reached and
that therefore llioro will bo a dccllno
ln the oui put of tho hilnornl.
Copper In rich deposits hns been
feeling tho drain of lho world's do-
ninnd. Hut tho mineral exists ovor
wide areas and with increnso in pr|c'o
of tho inetnl those low grndo ores
probably will bo workod far Into tho
future, Zinc, of nil tho baser metals,
gives most promise of life by reason of
tlio vast deposits of tho mineral,
Bui gold nnd silver, of nil* the min-
ornl resources of tho country, promise
conturlos of exploitation, ovon on
present lilies, Also thorn Is thn minimum of wiihIo In tho proccRB of redumption.
On Mondny morning .tlio nows was
piiHsuil from one to nnotlior tliut M. W.
1311oy was dond. Tho Information
wns rocolvod wltli pained mirprlflo by
ovorybody nHl! It Boemod nlmoBt beyond crodonco Hint ho should bo boou
oir Sunday wnlkliig about town mid
tlion only a fow lioui'H later bo num-
borort wltli Uioho who lmvo crossed
lho Clront TMvldo. Although relative-
ly a iinwcomor In nur midst Ills gonial
ways and ovor roady wIlllngnoHH to
oblige mado hlm deeply respected nnd
IiIh roonui-nt llio llolntzmnn Plnno
Parlors woro tlio rocognlzod rondos**-
vouh of all lovora of muulo and -whon-
ovor omorgowiy cnlla for Homnbody
lo help ont. In cams of Ilia alwonco
of tlto Bchodiilod pianist lillloy wan tlio
first man cnllod upon to fill tho
vacnticy to which ho ungrudgingly ro-
Hpondod. 'I
••I, I     ,       I II, .    . 1     ... ,     ,   I      ytlli      11,(1
lltul   to   mil   1-1.1,1.u) i.i' .jv   i....i   >••'
llclnt'/.-mnn tVrm lw wnn c-nirnp-prt ln
pducnltonnl work nt. dlfforont polntH
In nrltlflh Columbia nnd In lloBHlnnd,
whoro ho linn a host of friends nnd
wna principal of tho publio school.
Tlto H'ymnnlhy of tho onllrn com-
iriiiniiy txittsti i-iii xx* xxw in-.tvA'.v\, <i'.*c
ho flhochlnRly nud don deprived of her
holpmoot mid to llio flvo-yoar-old
lndily loft fathorlcHfl nt ho young nn
It wiih nt flrHt docldod to Hhlp Iho
rcmnlnft hnck Knot, for Interment, but
Inter theso woro chnngod and on
WoilnoHday under thn Joint. mihpIcob
of lho l-.nln.ith of rythluii and tlio.
Indopondont Ordor of Odd .oIIowb,
tho funoral took plnco at Bt. Mar-
■snrot'B comotory. Joint funoral Borv-
Icon wcra hold by tho pautom of tho
Anglican and Pronhytorlfln churches.
Tho llov, Hugh, Grant delivered nn
nnorcBB In litn church upoRktng In
a manly, Btralghtforward way of tho
A protty wedding took placo at tlio
homo of Mr. Wlllliun LnncntUor,
Fernio Annex, on Monday, July 20th,
nt 7:!I0 o'clock p. m„ whon Mr.
Hichnrd Stophon Phillips nml MIhh
Nolllo J.nneiiBtoi' woro united In tho
hondH of matrimony by lUv, W. T.
Spidell, Tho Inimodlnto i'uIiiIIvjh of
tho hrldo and Broom woro prowont at
tho hnppy occiihIoii nntl wllh doop
fooling extended boBl wIhIioh and
hcni'ty congrntulntloiifl. Mr. und Mi*b,
1'lillllpn, who havo tho good will und
boat wIhIich of n wido circle of frlendH,
will I'QRldo In Fornio,
Tho proHB throughout tho provlnco
,       , i       ,iiiiii|i
If.l'tJJ   IJl.v.11    ililjljl.*,   nil,.*!-    lil./M.l.    LvJ    t.j-w-
pt-tucntlnnnl Hlnffn nf thf* Rohnolw nnd
of counio thn nHHltltilty of tho nttidontR
eomoB In for highly compllmontnry
notico also, yot while fooling gratlfiod
at those convincing ovIdonooH of llio
odiiciillniiiil niipoi'ltinlUcH In llrltlHh
. onniiinii, nm iiihi vt-.kuUA H-.i-.itii Un-.iii-
ly Ih oHpoclally iilonHlng. Tho lutmufl
of llu* conlOHtniilfl ure: iHahnl Dickon,
Dorothy Ifondm'HOii, KIhIo WoodhoiiBO,
.InineH I.ynn, Mnnlo (iltldlngH, Arthur
Miilrhoad and Peter HondcrHon,
Woll dono boy» and girls! Not only
afo you naturally proud of yowr-
hoIvoh, but tho H1I/.011K of tho town
Join with your pnrf,*ntn In -wtendln*;
hourly congratulations nt your well
merited miccr-HH,
Doth Mr. Uriico nnd MIbb Hogan,
nro cnlltlod to a hugo mood of praUo
nnd In Iho ciiho of the lattor'H efforth
oRpnclnlly redound to hor credit con-
HlilotliiK that IhU Udy ^^ bundluap-
ped by Rfcknosn.
It Ih oxpoctod thnt noxt Tuesday
ulght, August Snd, llio momborH of
tlio local lodgo .ornio No. 31, will
bo out In full forco nn ll Ih oxpoctod
that a Hchool of InltlntoH will bo
obligated numbering ovor 30. Moat
of thom will como from Corbin, whllfit
Klko will iiIho hnvo a quoin. Thono
('iiiuUdnU'H urn tho result of thu
Inborn of that novor tiring onthUBlimt
Jacob .'TolBhman, who cortalnly holds
tho marathon record for Hccurlug now
(Irnnt oxpocintlntiH nrn lookod forward to tho inth of AiiriibI. whon tho
Dramatic ordor of tho Knlghtfl of
KhornHBan will mnko n night Hojouni
In this funnel of tho pnss, and If
thoro Inn't a torrid Hpoll during their
vlnlt It will tin hncniiHo n cntncnlVHrn
has Htniclc the town.
On Mondny   noxt,   August 1 Ht. a
inf>ntlm» will  Xw XtoXiX  nl   1*  nVlnt'U  In
the biiHciin'iii of Iiii) Mclhoillut church
for the purpnm- or organizing a young
men's club on tho prlnclplo nf lho
Y. M. lb A. A full nttondanco In do-
lilred of nil men IntoroHtcd In audi a
movement nud a honcty wjIcouv* In
pxloiidod.   UftiiPinhpr thlH Is Hlilmly
world throughout the Province because of its bearing upon future legislation. ' . . ,
For some time*, past, various suggestions have been made by coal companies as well as-coal miners regarding the advIsitb"]i'ifc_.,of -consulting the
parties most'affected in acts dealing
with their work. These have practically been crystallized by the,framing of a proposed bill "to the Coal
Mines Regulation Act" and the provincial government commissioned two
of its servants who are enthusiasts
on all that porlalns to their dopartmont, to go through the different
camps and meet, with the representatives of the coal companies and tho
mlno workers for the purpose of discussing with thom tho pros and cons
of this bill.     *
During lho prosont week* Chlof Inspector of Mlnos Mr. J*\ II. Shophonrd
nnd Deputy Minister of Minos II, II.
Tolmlo, havo been In consultation
with thoso In Fernio who nre inline-
dintoly connected with this town's
chlof Industry,
Prior to mooting with the ropre-
HonlntlvoH of tho coal minors Ihey
(lho government' officials "nbovo
nnmed) hnd n throe dnys' session with
the delegntos of the Operators' Association, who nriturnily, hnd pro-
sorttcul tliolr views nnd opinions touching tho mnttorH from their side,
On TuoHdny tho following gontlomon convened In Iho Minors' Union
Tfall. In nddllion to tlio offlclnls from
tho mining department of thc Provincial Covorninenl Mohhi'h. Shophonrd
nnd Tolmlo, thoro woro present W, D.
Powoll, prnsldpnt nf District 18: A. J.
Cartor, socrotnry; ,T. 0. Joiioh, .District
Hoard member; John Smith, president
of Fornio Iocnl; J. D, Tlnrrlngton,
Fornio; Mnurlcc Ilurroll nnd V. F,
Frodshnm from Mlchol; W. llnldor-
Htono, W. IlnrrlBon, Ilosmoi' nnd
Richard Joiioh, Corbin,
Aftor stntliig tho object of Iho
meeting Deputy MliiUtor of MIiich
Tolmlo I n for mod those presold that
thoy woro lo consider nny suggestions
which tho I'pproHPiilnllvoB might plnco
before thom wllh a view lo inking
tho namo undor cntiHldoratlon for lho
purpoHo of determining n« to lliolr
ndvlHnblllty for Incorporation In thi*
propoaod now amendment. Tho wholo
Hiihjpct wn« thoroughly venllliitPil nnd
Hovornl now fpiitiiros Introduced,
nmong thom cerlnln nmeinlinpntH
woro advocated, which If carried Into
effect, would bo highly beneficial to
tho initio workers of llrttlhli Colitmhl'i,
ThlH In tho Innt, plnco nt. which thono
moetlngH will bo hold aB thono gontlp-
■   ill ll      (    . 11   It  -    .'I,,!.,   , 1 I.. I,-,   1
jjjv.,.     Ii.jj    «./»,.   i-     ...J    i...      *     I.,,.,...       ,
nntl prnpnrp It fnr prpseninlliin tn
tho Minister of MIiiob with whatnvor
rocommondallonn thoy doom relevant
111 the prt-mliics,
Ah au ovidoneo of tho bciii-fitH of
orgnnlziitloti wn mny mil attention io
lll(1    liU.1.   XXlAX.    illll.-Onhlt    il.l.    bltllVjA    .,-
IndlvltlunlB hnd not, written mnny
BiiggCBtloiiB hcnrlng oh thin proponrd
bill Htlll tlu>lr IntoroHlH worn thoroughly looked nftor hy tliolr jocnl and
district offleora to whom Ihoy had
given  authority to act  on lliolr Iir-
An easy $20 at the Fernie Opera
House tomorrow night.
AV. X Blundell left on Wednesday
evening ofr Winnipeg.
Mrs. M, A. Kastner has taken a
trip East where,she will visit friends
and relatives for several weeks.,,
Billy Wilson,. who has been rusti-
cating'in the effete East for two years
past arrived back in the old burg last
' Don't miss the pictures at the Fernie
Opera House tonight' and tomorrow
night. They are the finest that have
ever been shown In Fernie.
Marx Howbrook, a brother of our
notorious "devil" has gone to Rock
Cut, Mont., to study for a preacher
and when he Is full-fledged Harry can
be useful .to "an 'orrlblc example."
A new paper called , thc Slovak
Canada is,to be, printed ir. three languages, Polish, Slavonian and Italian.
The Coleman Miner will do the *work.
The editor is Andrew Luckeo, of New
Michel. °   -
J. Hawkins, formely with the
Trites Wood company here, is visiting his numerous friends. He is at
present manager of the dry goods department of the Hudson Bay company
at Nelson. ,   * ,    .
Bert Whimster, the funny man on
the Free Press staff, leaves Saturday for a ten day's outing In the hills.
Gophers and other wild animals have
smelled the powder arid have already
crossed ihe mountains.
'" Pike eat duck out of season and arc
to be punished by expulsion from the
pond at. Centre Island near Toronto.
The fish first' drown thc duck' and
then gobble them up. This is not a
canard but the simple truth.
There is reported to be great excitement in London over the Accession
oath and sandwich men are parading
the streets witli placards "No Popery."
It would be far better if the same
energy was displayed carrying out a
program "No Paupery."        ■
The residence of Mr. Thomas Mott
at, Cokato was completely destroyed
by fire on Tuesday. We have not
learned the cause of die outbreak.
His loss is covered by insurance with
the Arcadian Fire Insurance company
of which, Milt. Kastner is the local
TepTesentallve'r***-■—'-^~—~~t^-^ ,    s ■
Lost    or    taken    away from New
Publicity, of This  Notorious Charge
Moves  Company to Back Up-
Innocent  Man  in Jail
Recently we read in one of our* exchanges' that "It is said that tho
prosecution .contemplate withdrawing
the charge of murder against A. Decoux of'Frank and preferring a less
serious charge against him."   We do
not  know  upon  what  authority  this
item was based or whether it* was a
mere   tentative   expression,  however,
we do know that the unfortunate victim of one of the most arbitrary acts
ever, committed in Canada is at present incarcerated in the., prison at Maeleod  and   although  the  powers   that
be have been communicated with at
Edmonton no definite action has been
taken.   The alacrity shown   by   the
prosecution   in   railroading  this   man
lo gaol is the direct anthesis of the
energy shown by the Alberta government! in instituting an,investigation in
order to ascertain the merits of the
case.    Many  of  these   gentlemen   at'
Edmonton will loudly proclaim on the | ot_Aluel3a
hustings during an, election campaign
of  the  glorious   liberties   guaranteed
under the  aegis of  the Union  Jack,
but if by  your  acts  ye  shall  know
them their reluctance    to  , take any
measures looking towards demonstrating belief in their wordy utterances
is  patent "to all   save, his  hidebound
partisans.   A little less claptrap and,
..more activity would be the best evidence of an intention to square their
words with their  deeds on the part
of these pseudo representatives of the
people.   Don't be alarmed gentlemen,
but the working class to whom .you
are  indebted' for  your political  positions are' slowly coming to a realiza-
have  this  burden  to  bear,   his  littlo
ones deprived of a father's care and
lovo, and an  old  mother  grieving at
ihe  ignominy  heaped  upon  her  boy ■*
whose past life has been pursued with
the humdrum ordinary incidents of a
coal miner.    Although a stranger in
a strange land, accused of a heinous
crime, there Is a band of his follows
without thought'   of    the    imaginary
lines of   country   constantly harped
upon for the* purpose pf creating sectionalism, who aro now showing their
resentment  al  the  treatment  meted
out to ono of their own class and by
framing of resolutions are giving vent
to-their righteous indignation  to be
followed by .the exercise of the franchise that will not leave thoir only
representative in the solitary grandeur
he at present enjoys in  the' Alberta
To the Right Hon. Sifton, Premier
Michel night of July 6 or morning-of
7th, brindled three parts bull terrier,
white breast and chin, four white feet,
white .square or diamond on back' of
neck. Answers to name of Jim. Information gladly received and expenses paid^ by owner for recovery.
J. Todhunter, P. 0. Box 199; Michel,
B. C. ,   " 52—2t-ii
"Dad" Simpson* dropped-in on us
on Thursday morning nnd say, the
boys hardly know the "Old Mnn" as
he looked ns fat and sassy as' a two-
year-old, much as though ho hnd imbibed of thn waters of perennial youth
or else hnd been taking Brown
Sequards "Elixir of Life." Uo Informed us Ihal ho was leaving .shortly for Kamloops, where he will eii-
gngeln tho tobacco luminous on n
large scnlo. Wntch his smoke. Here's
success to you Fred,
While   Alberta   nnd   Manitoba   nro
wondering how many bushels of grain
lo Ihu ncru Ihey will havu and Sns-
ltiitchcwnn Is .claiming Unit she will
reap  earlier this  yenr than  at  any
previous tlmo In her history, Fornio
outs hnvo already been garnerod nnd
wo   do   not   make   any    particular
splurge,   Talking of ngrlculiurnl pursuits thero Is    ono    genileinnn well
known  In  this  town who  Is an  on-
thiisliist on    all    mutters    al'fcclltig
poultry  rnlHlng,  cnl  production,  dog
breeding, drawn tho line nt liogn, hut,
lo mako up for UiIh deficiency ho decided to try IiIh )iand at agrlculturo
ho Hf-'iit an    ordor.   for    cauliflower
planth, but whon they arrived found
Unit' eiieiiniboi'H hnd    boon    wrongly
shipped hlm,   Ilo llioreforo, returned
IhoHd'HiimplPH of concentrated obhoiico
of colic nnd the right kind or plants
cnmo through, ut leiiHt tho recipient
thought   t\wy    were,    and    with  i.u
enrnoHt  iU-hIio to luiHton  their prog-
iohh ho tended I hem like a  mot her
with  her flrHt,   horn    and  hooii  Uio
neighbor camo lo oxiuvhh thoir surprise ot  Ihu rapid  development but
culled Ilium turnips.    Our oiithiiHliist
Hfornfiilly  replied  ihnt   llio  obncrvit-
tion showed little knowledge of llio
leave formation of Dw ciiiillflowfr or
hn would not hnvo made ho ogrcglniiH
a  blunder.    A   few  dnyH  later  and
nnotlior  vlHltor  iiIho   riiiiiiirhud   Unit
lliu emblem of Sweden was looking
well nud ko liiHlHlt-iitly did ho clnlm
thnl. ho wiih'correct that tlin amalour
cultivator to provo IiIh vIhIIoi-'h Inck
III     ftllOVW'-Ufel.    v,4(.iixi ,.    um.       u,       i.i
nw.'f" of the iM'-iiul--* and pulled n
— wind fut turnip, Thn laugh wiih
on hlm and tho turnip"**. In tho Bonp,
UolTo^fThe~sliipidity tllejTnave evinceel"
by putting'you in the" legislative halls,
ostensibly to represent thom, but in
reality to serve the" class interests
of those' possessing economic power
and when they have fully, awakened
from their long spell of hypnotism,
which has endured for* agos, your
spheres of influence will be complete*;
ly dono away with.
Let us recommend for your* perusal
Victor,, Hugo's character Gwynplane
in "The Man Who Laughs or By Order
of the King." Memorize his speech
in*the House of Lords and remember
that- those same underlings ho lived
amongst, are today no longer tho Illiterate submerged, but ure able to
read, write and better still, do some
thinking on  theii* own  behalf.
The victim of tills outrage Is only
n miner, n Belgian, and ■ lho suffer-
IngK of his wife, children nnd mother
mny not bo considered worthy of more
thnn pushing thought io you. nnd yot
he is n human ,being with all a man's*
hopes nnd inspirations, his wife, poor
woman, spending nights of mould I
anguish wondering why   she   should
Dear Sir—We, the miners of Taber
local   Xo.   1959,   U.   M.  W.  A':,* at  a
special   meeting     strongly     protest
against  the  action- now  being  taken
ngninst Brother  Decoux    at    Frank,
after being exonerated from all Jjlnme
by tho coroner's jury then to be still
kept in prison and not even allowed
bail.    We, the miners, hope the government of Alberta will kindly take
this    especial      case    in    hand    as*
early as possible.   The action on the
part of tho police Is one which we
as  law-abiding  citizens  of  Taber  In
the   Province    of    Alberta,   strongly
condemn and we can assure you that
if  action' is  not  the  prov-
=t»i/i*n 1 ,r,*_.m"n*_a»-ll wtt I tifi,._miiinr.c_AP	
, I1V..U,— t^^r . *-*. .. ...*j... ,— -, "»—-■■• ~— ........-—-• .— —
Taber,''wili ask the district to call at
once a special convention    to    tako
aclipn on the above.
Signed on behalf of the above local.
ABE   1UTEMAN.   Pres.
..   ED BROWN, Fin. Sec.
■WM. A. COOK, Vice-Pres.   ■
.Hosmor,  13.  C,  July  25,  lOiO.r
A. J.* Carter, Esq., Fernio, 13. C.:*-
Dear Sir and Brother—In reply to*
yours of the 21st ro Brother Decaux
nt Frank. At our regular meeting on
Friday night a resolution wns carried
unanimously that this local go on
record in proltisllng Uio action of iho
public prosecutor of Albertn in bringing this serious charge against Broih-
o\- Dccnux nfter ho was exonerated
by (hn coroner's jury. Wo also think
this if! a serious matter brought forward to try 1(i bring dlscro.'ilt. to District 18 mid hope Ihat. this brother's
fuse will be thoroughly thrashed out,
nud Uio brother proved Innocent.
With best wishes frn't>riuilly yours,
'(SIOAL) Secretary.
At lho Insl niPtillng of, the Loth-
bridgo Local No. ii7*l of tho United
Mlno Workers of Amorlcn, the following resolution wns passed dealing with
the Decoux ciiho that Is at present
agitating the niliuls of tho minors of
Ihls dlHtrlcl. The resolution Is ns
WIiou'uh, It Iiiih, ro tho charge of ■
niniiHliiiighler    brought    ngnliiHt. Bro.!
Decoux, on tho iloath of ouo Lobert, i
nnd   hnvlng  beon   oxoncnited  of  all
lilamo In regard to hiiiiio and after-
wai'tlH arroHlt'il on thn capital chnrgo
of iiiurdci* nt tho liiKinui-e of lho public JII-OHOCUtor, tlllH HPPI1IH 10 UH fill llll
Fire Team Makes Good
Run to the Central
Hotel Tuesday
I low
iieHiliiy IiihI looking out of ihe win-
nud snw tpiltc n crowd of nn u
wiirrnii!od action on the part of ihr.i ,
ol'l'lclnl, nnd wo beg lo pctlllou your * ■-■ii/liig Intently niul thinking ll wiih ii
l.ordHhlp'H nol Ice, nud link tho reli'iiKi*' flmlc I'limiiiiter went out to look and
of Brother llocoux. ! dUcovi'ivd ilmt a flic Iuul broken out
It hnvlng (nine to mu knowledge '. on the promts'-n of the Central Ilolel.
thnt nftor llio coroner's jury oxoner-; H wiih cxUngulHlnd without greni tlif-
iiinil Mrotlier Dernnx from all blniin" flt'uliy and allliough tin* fin- dt-pnri-
in  connection   with   the  accldniit   at i ment iiiitile   n   run fortunately ibeir
services were mil rci|iili'cd.
When (lie iilnrmliiK reporth w--m>
noted In our e.vluitigi.'H Hinting Hint
Urn ml Knrl.t, UnyiicH mid .Inffray hnd
been wiped mil hy fir*1 we mnde im-
, ..   ll'ii.,    lK,Htl>-l'iM    in    flint    nut    -H'linl
! truth Hipp- wn*-* In p'unrd to lho Inm
i niiiueit  nml  (imlitiK   that   iln-y   ^-i-'
I mini,- oui  of whole clolti, und  while
Ilii (.-   h.ul   tut,   (fitI.   flP-x     Ii.     M--
Tlmt, lu dlr-Pcl opponlilnn to thln|
finding the public proHceiitor Iiiih net- j
cd lu u higli-ltiiiided manner lii.'Uils,
piii'llciilnr I'tiHO, by having snld III nth-;
or Decoux Incarcerated on lho cnpltnl
,1 „..,..     nt   ,...,, ,.,i   v     11,.,,, 1,..   ,IM,ni-<-li<i' ''
hlm  Hi"  pi'lvllet-c- of bull  until    Hie!
Court of AhhIz«'h moot, when, Wn feel,
confident, HrolliiT Decoux will lm uble |
to prove litn  liinoreiKi, ev-* n lo D,in
high-handi'd official. ■ tli'liilty of the phucH iiiinvd, no f-"Ui h
After fully considering the facts of! ill winter Iuul oicuried  iih one would
,    ,,    ,i „   i i   _     .,     ,     half, v.'h"P**(in at tho coa*-r, or nn It1
uiulonoiuliiullonii   and in for tho de-j ,.„,„ w    -., v.))fl.f,|
volopmont of nil that If. cleanly, manly | ori.nn(?nf|m, ,„ „„, nppr.y,rlf„lly rnn.\
hplciioiiK there being only ono simile:
Holltnry mine who hnd tlm courng" to
and uplifting.
$20 IN GOLD.
will ho given nwny nt tho Fernio
Opera IIou«*o tomorrow night. Saturday nUlil'u ttuIieU to hu Included lu
tho drawlnjf.
The freight filled at Moylo wiih
burned down Ihls wet-l; nnd It was
only lho energetic cffortH of thn Iocnl
fire brlgndo Hint prevented still further ditmngo bolng ciuihciI. A Htrong
wind whh blowing ut tho tlmo,
According lo mm  report   ff   It believed to hnvo boon done    by    ih»
<,-i.-ii'1,*.i of n TMHHlnR mikIiic.    Must be
(.riirf- inlHtnlie    an    rnllrond offlflnlc.j pnttlculnr *ra*,e.
will talk glibly about rnmpei'H, nwninp-j    BIkiioiI on behnlf nf I.i-«-n! .'I
c.h, HghK-d clgnrctH-8   and   mntt hew   In r«, DlMiit I  li.
being the dcHlroycrH and very rarely I JOHN* I.AUSON7 I'KKldeiit.
,T. W. COOK. Vic-' I'li-Hlilent.
I.. MOOUI", Xruotitty.
No. fi'i'l, DUtrlci  IH, culled    for   llm; in-WH|.-i|>ei-K
purpose,  we, by  tinimliiious  iole  go; Hint   the  lui-nl  iorn-h|ioiideiil
lind  iiIv.'u->h  known
f   tl,-
om record nl lonely t'ondeiiiitliig th"
ni'llon or snld offlcliil. nnd call upon
tin* inembeiH nf Um provincial government of Alberta to tnl*e UiIh mutter
lip; (lieretiy j'h It'i-- .'ill I.-tW nlilitll""
cHIZOIlH llll (UIHIIUHiee lllMl llli'I'e will
he   OO   llil'iettrrllii'i-   nf   1i'v||rc   In   llilrt
como forwatd and offer nny •suguef.-j
tlonn whnlovf-r.
Wc will keep our realtor**-, ndv'spd j acUnowlodRft that tlm cniiHe emniintcs |
of all that taken plnco when thla Wll | from Dm amokt'ttauk of   an   onulw,
comwii up tn, the Ucnujc. of rartlauwut!'-".' n wfi--n Um hrunh In finrnlnir mtUo
at thft next BcsHlon. clomi to Um right-of-way,
II.  MfN'nb, ir,  H-T'nfn   t   Vnl'inlHi
J. IKiwnport. V. -fJarlek,
impel h i*e*>poii',!ble fnr the flare In-nd-
llm h  hnd   been   very  careful   In   lib*
Milli-llieiilH,  liellie   ill   Older  tl)  gel   the
i reiiMin for lh'ne exiranrtllnary prei-m
1 twiCli'i-i xv,• liitervleweil him nnlv tn
; iliel Unit lie with mn ihe nu!lior, Mm It
1 :i>s I'verv new-ipiipi-r in nnxious; to v t
'.w:\xn if tliey exp.-M tn have llulf
, icput/tUon for nccur|icy reiniiieit
i iinioiig Hied' t<:ii1**rH why ont awci-rtiiln
I fiiiin tlulr own corjeKpondeii-? wlmlh-
I -r iuiwh from otlnr HOtircra Ih relinhh>
' i.*iihi-r ihnn •xitirh i)o,-.-ibh* Injno ny-r-Ti
1 ,-i dliirb-f hx- )ho tittlillthlnr of ml*-
; li-.iilllig btalelllelltli? ■j-i-fiJtosK^ it _***»i*^^
» KWiTr^ffr^^gg^^flr*^^
-' -7 7V
Injunction Doesn't
Stop Miners' Prayer
Pennsylvania Strikers Evicted From
Homes and are Forbidden
To March or Picket
GREENSBURG, Pa., July.30.—The
miners in the vicinity of Irwin, Westmoreland county, are on strike for- an
eight-hour workday, recognition of
the union and a check weighman. Thu
operators are willing to concede a
clicck weighman if thc men will permit, them to select him.
The miners do nol accuse the honorable gentlemen who own the mines
of cheating in weight, but-'tis human
to err; overworked weigh masters will
make mistakes or be careless. So the
miners want one of their number to
stand at the scales and check off the
weight of each carload of coal and
ronort to the men blanks furnished
by the union. This checkwoighman
the roiners°will pay themselves.
■* Some of the bitterest battles ever
fought in the coal regions have been
waged over the right to put a man
on thc tipple lo see tho coal weighed.
Operators always claim that thoy nro
not cheating. Maybe they're not. But
if nor, 'why object to the check weighman? '.
A sweeping injuuclioii has boon issued against (he miners by County
, Judge -McConncll, forbidding thom to
inarch on the public highways, forbidding any of* the strikers to walk
past the mines. Whcji0lhe strikers
were evicted from Ihe company's
shacks a farmer gave thom permission to put -up tents for the  shelter
4>4,4r<*,& V-*. ♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ 'STAY AWAY. , ♦
*-                             ♦
<&■ Notice to All, Mine Workers. •<►
<& All miners are requested to ♦
■*$>• stay away'1 from Irwin, Madison, ♦
<► Greensburg, Latrobe and other ♦
♦ mining towns in Westmoreland <*■■
♦ county, where n strike has been •**.
«» in effect since April 1, 1910, the ♦
■0* coal companies having refusei^ ♦
O to  recogni-f.e    tho    miners' or- ♦
<^ ganizntion or enter into a work- •**-
♦ ing agreement. Agents of the ♦
•0- coal corporations are shipping ♦
♦ men' from various parts of thc ♦
♦ country to take the .place of the ♦
•> strikers by misrepresenting tho ■•■©•"
rue condition of
♦ ^•■^♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦^
Brazea'u Collieries, Limited, to Spend
$2,C00,0C0  in   Developing  Coal
Deposits in Foothills.     '7
German   Development   Company   Wil
Immediately Develop Coal Areas
West of Edmonton.
'We Intend, to spend more than
$2,000,000 in the development, of' the
Brazenu coal fields in (he next 18
months. It is our intention lo .make
of women and children, but tho courts; our,, property the model mining com-
havo issued  nn  injunction forbidding', munity of the west."     ,
7.       .                ,i    f„  „' c-v-  .,.„r,,m '■    Thus  spoke. Martin Nordegg, man-
them to occupy the farm. So sweep-      .       ■,...■,     v, , „„7>.mi-_.
,,             1J       , aging director of the Brazeau Colhei-
ing arc the terms of the injunctions; j(;s>  ]im-nt?(it  whk,i, ' 0wns    immense
that tho sirikcrs almost violate them i tracts of coal land extending from thc
by breathing. " | Athabasca  south'   through the  moun-
another movement -would surely make
its appearance, lt would not hesitate
at such destruction as its advocates
believed necessary to the advance of
their / principles. , The successive
moves of the different .branches of
the government having as an object
the suppression of trades unionism
would surely bear their fruits with the
masses. -Iii Milwaukee whatever
other influences , brought about the
results of the election, one important
factor was the vote of protest. The
indignation of tlie man who works and
is being flouted by the courts, neglected by congress, scorned by the attorney general's department and robbed
by the trusts and other ."interests" is
passing beyond" bounds hitherto generally observed. .This man is not going 16 hesitate at* voting under the
name of Socialist, though he may reject Socialism's final principles; he
wants a slap at' the discredited party
machines. He would rather be for a
time with the crowd, that declares it
is .for tho people than with the rings
that have shown themselves to bo the
paid servants of plunderers as well as
traitors to the general welfare."
Mr. Gompers must surely realize,
that capitalism ' controls all the
functions of government.'-" Experience
and observation have taught thoughtful men long ago, that the.legislative,
judicial and executive departments of
government are in tbe .hands of a
class of privilege, and that under
such circumstances, no reasonable
man could expect justice from captains of industry who mint dividends
from industrial oppression.
Mr. Gompers has been arrayed
against Socialism and has hurled his
denunciations against Socialism with
as much indignation a,s the bloated
millionaire, who has piled up his fortune on the sweat, tears and-blood
of ill-paid toil, but regardless of the
protests of Gompers against Socialism
the organization of which ho has been
president for so many years, is _turn-
ing to the doctrines of'-a," party", hat
will 'ultimately bring economic, liberty
to the nations of the world, , *
' Capitalism, with its countless thousands of hire-lings" drawing salaries as
writer's and orators, * are thundering
their protests against the "red
spectre," but the movement -for human liberty is becoming mightier, and
men of hope and courage are now beginning to >see. the 'faint tints of a
coming co-operative commonwealth.
, «isw-;	
■   WORTH  thi:
'PROCLAIMED. -     '^
Owners to Provide Rescue Apparatus
Supplementing-th'e Government   *
Stations and Crews.
Concrete Work
-■ iParties desiring any   work*' . *
along the'above line will  do,    .-
well to before letting
any contract...
Estimates  given  and  satisfaction guaranteed. Address:
GEO. EARL, Fernie, B. C,
VICTORIA, July 30.—Today's .official Gazette will contain the proclamation of the new Coal Mines.Regulation .act amendment, passed-at the
last session of the legislature and demanding the provision by the owners
of all coal mines of adequate rescue
apparatus, supplementing the government stations and trained'rescue
crews, in full forco and effect from
the first of'November.
P. R.
Will    Purchase' Property   of   Pacific
Coast Coal Mines Company.        ,
Recently, however, the strikers
■ sucBeeded in .finding "a ■* wny to express their desires! despite the injunctions by issuing the following prayer,
and it remains to be seen whether it
tyranny1 and exploitation:
■'  '     *" * Strikers'  Prayer.
"Our Father who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom
come, they will be done, on earth as
it is in heaven; give us this day 6'ur
daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as wo forgive them that* tresspass against, us.  •>
."O Lord! we forgive tho honored
judges of Westmoreland county who
have Issued injunctions to deprive
workingmen of the rights and liberties
guaranteed all mon by tho laws of tho
commonwealth, even though thoy wore
Influenced to do so by Ihe coal corporations, whom thoy may bo indebted-to for thoir positions. We nlso
forgive the thugs, nssnsslns nnd nn-
nrclilsts and othor tools of tho coal
corporations, who arc so debased and
devoid of manhood as to accept employment, Inflicting the crudest pun-
iri.merit on hclplosi men, women nnd
children by evicting,thorn-from their
homes, by brutally murdering and assaulting them hocniiHO Ihey havo on-
gaged In a ponooful*striko to compel
tho conl corporations tn glvo llioni
sufficient compoiisnlioii for thoir labor
to live,
"Forgive them, O Lord! for thoy
know not whnt lo do, Forgive, O Lord!
tho men hlghor up, the nilno owuorn,
stockholders nnd thoir fninllloB, nii'l
If Iheir hands nro reddened wllh Iho
blood of the dofoiiHolOHH mon nnd
women who wore foully murdered lu
tho struggle for political nnd Indus-
trial freedom.
". orglvo thom, O Lord! forglvo lho
conl barons who nre using Ihe wealth
wo hnvo fronted for them whilo wo
woru wage tihivuK In lliolr employ u.
compel iih to return lo work nt wngr.-H
nnd working condition*-! thnl nro un-
bcnrnblo, Forglvo the coal buronh
who hnvo created pnlntlnl hnmot* for
ilieuiHt'h'i'H and fiiinllle,* wllh tho
wealthy hnve created, nnd who hnvo
'.ivieii-d lii-lpli'SH muii, women nnd children from lho Jiovi'Ih wo lived In nnd
pnld t'Xtnblliinl rents for nud whero
wo llvi'd for no mnny years good willing hlnv.'H io Uic conl cnrporalloiiH.
"fl Lord! wc f(ii".rlvo iho conl riper-
nliii-N who mi- |-(i!i|i(>iinlli||i fnr lhe <l'*'(-
IMu 1 f(Hi. wnnl, Miil'li'iiug mul hni'il-
•ililps llio inlii'MH with Uii'lr when nnd
i Uiu i'il ,il' nidi;,, d lo Uinli'iKu I*,
their ■Tii' fur lllii-iiy. which in im
me;mn hi ■■ail,
"O i.tif.l!  fori-l-**.*- Un* p-iii'lotlc fill-
I'l'IIS   "I'd   liie'llii*-*,*   Illill   Wim   f'-elii   ill
hick Ilie iiiornl coiiragi' lo iii!,**i* tlu'li
<..>Wt,',   in   |iitii".it   ,ii;nliisl   iiiuie ii>it-.
tains lo Laggan, to the Bulletin Monday morning.     -        ?
The Brazeau collieries'are owned,
hnlf and half, by, the German Development company and McKenzie, &
"Mann. TMii^Wer6Trin^ent~a"iVd""Tire-
immense amount of money which will
be expended, will mean much" to Edmonton and the surrounding country.
Will Take Out "Party. '
Dr. Nordegg arrived in the city Sunday, accompanied by C. L. Hower,
the general manager of the company,
who has been over the coal fields
sovornl months ngo, Thero are also
in tho party P. C. Greene, of Clove-
land, Ohio; J. Stanley, of London,
England; .1. 13. Church, of Blairmore
and il. II. Ayors, of St, Paul, and 12
The party will leave this morning
by special train for the McLeod,
whore Ihey will begin a month's Inspection of tho company's properties,
.They will como out at Innisfnll nbout
the ..middle-of August. .This is the
first official inspection or the properties. Thoy. will go out by special
train, having failed to connect, with
tho regular, which now leaves on
Monday, instead of Tuesday,
"Wo will open up offices In Edmonton immediately upon our return,"
snld lho general manager, C. h. Hower, lo tho reporter.
"Wo hnve now about 50 men cm-
ployed In lho' opening up of fleams In
throo different placos. Wo will bo
putting conl on tho market by Doconi-
bor dsl, 1011, over tho Canadian Northern branch, now'undor construction
from Slottlor by way or Lncombo nnd
by tho Wolf Croek branch from thu
Uiiiiidlnn Northern mnln lino lo tho
, Same as Crow's Neat.
"How doos your conl compare with
the Crow's Nost?" Mr. Mower, who Is
nn  export In  bituminous conl,    wns
"It Is far bolter," ho snid at first,
with a laugh, find then he modified
his remark by onying:
"Friinkly Hpnnklng, It Is prnctlcnlly
tho mime ns the Crow's Nenl. It Is
JiihI iih good."
Ilolh Mr. Nordegg and Mr. 1 lowor
nrc men of few words, and II wiih
only after much quest Inning Hint tliey
cDiilil lie Induced to give nny pirn
tlciiliirs of Iheir development Hfhi'iiicH.
Interested in Othor Enterprise-],
it Ih genernlly known Ihnl the Unr-
miiii Ui'iolupiiii'iil compiiny nre Interested In n number or oilier big on-
-..,-pil'*.*'<   In   the   u-cl-l.     The   lllll-l'f'HlH
nf McK'en/le A*- Munn, III addition to
ihe Ciinudliiii Noil hern, un- nlio dl-
wrnlf leil.
ThlH Ul" l-inzeilll Ci'lllerlell, 1,1(1..
phiUH Will result III gi'l'Hl di'Velop-
llli'lil   III   Uie  ill«trlcl   wenl   (if   l-'illlHlll-
Pertinent  Question Asked by French
Writer—Parents  Have to Pass
the Doctor.
. PARIS, July .'iO.—The question of
Franco's depopulation continues to inspire the pens'of patriotic writers in
tho-French—press:—"Is-a cow-ror—a--
child worth more ■ in Franco?" asks
Clement' Vautel in the. Matin, and in
furnishing the answer he'reveals* a
feature of rural life in France'which
might have been elaborated by a Zola.
Take, he says,, a village .-which he
names,in Auvergno. Fifteen children
have died of diphtheria there within
a short space of time. The village is
M miles from the nearest town where
a doctor is to be had. So tlie doctor
charges $8 a visit,
The peasants are poor; thoy only
cnll the doctor in cases of extreme
urgency, mostly when it Is loo late,
But, suppose a peasant hns a cow
which" he suspects has' got tuberculosis, what happens? x
Ho'glves notico lo tho village burgomaster;, tho latter passes It on to tho
prefect, and tho prefect orders lho
veterinary surgeon of the nearest
(own to examine thonanlmnl. What
doos the peasant have to pny? Not n
cent,, The veterinarian draws his
fixed $6 a visit from the slnto.
Whnt is ovon bettor, If ,tho cow has
lo bo destroyed tho farmer gots a
compensation, sometimes oxcoodlng
lhe value of the boast. "To savo a
diseased cow," tho writer exclaims,
"the official mnchlno works at ■ full
speed. But to savo a French child
not a dollar Is sncrlflced!"
VICTORIA, July 30.—John Arbuth-
not'of Victoria', liasaleft for Montreal'
to conclude an agreement, for the sale
of the Pacific Coast Coal Mines 'company's property on Vancouver island
to the C. P. R. The purchase price
is said to be $4,000,000. •    *
The properties involved in the' deal
are the South Wellington mine near
I.adysmith, and a large area of coal
lands at Suquash, near Port McNeill^
at the northeastern end.of Vancouver
Island. The Smith , Wellington mine
is now producing nearly 1,000 tons
of coal dally. The other ground al
Suquash is no*w* being developed. It,
was the first coal land opened up
on Vancouver Island, and over GO
years ago furnished a limited coal
supply to British warships.-
"JOHN   D.'S" PLACE"   A
Cleveland   -Saloonkeeper a Gets    Into
Trouble on Account of Name
'* Place  Has. ,
CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 30.—"This
is John D.'s place.' Noonday lunch, _0
cents; including.soup."
Because this sign appeared in the
window of John'D. Schnapp's saloon,
iu . the ■ town where. John D. Rocke-
-follBi^livTJjrln-snmmcrtimeTTnino .los-.-
Schnapp must answer to a charge of
keep a disorderly place.
Frank-J, Marmann, admireiVbf the
oil magnate, tpday'signed the*affidavit
and Attorney'Broderick T. Beer, son
of the late Circuit. Judge Thomas Beer,
of .Bucyrus, will prosecute the charge.
Marmann says he'll see whether
John D.'s name shall be flaunted
shamelessly in front of a liquor .house,
and Beer says no intoxicating beverage of that namo shall be. sold over
the Initials that made Standard Oil'.so
. i.
Cling!   Qlang! -go   the  fire ,bells
and  off  the  firemen   are  to  the
scene of devastation.    I say!  Mr.
Merchant!        - * '   '*'   '.
If not, It-will be a "dead" loss this
time, as everything is going up "in
'   Take warning and have us
■' Don't lot above dream coriie true.
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tho wispi'l wbo Imvi' I'i'lltlillli'il pll'i'/ve
iiiid iiiiiI wiiU'lifd tli-" tviniiiH
(Hiprciii  llu-  |mor  nu'iiibci's  id >i'--li
tin-*!- f> l.ii-'il' nn-M'-i- ill" •'m '> ,--
iui: tjiliil nl j;;ililiill,-iin llial |)i ■ > ;j t J.s
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Sherman Testimonial Fund.
Tlio following acr lhe r.mounls re*,
colvort on bohnlf of, this fund up to
July lst:
No.      Ijocnl Atnt.
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2407   HoHmer   278.00
1233   Lillo  *.  12*1.1)0
'I'M.   nollviio    250.00
138-1   Canmore     130.00
20   nnnklioml   120.25
102   Tnbor     I>7.00
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known to tho wholo world and Hpo-
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hns boon morally boslogod by n crowd
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hlm n rollof lo lliolr HiifforliiRH, iiIiho-
Into Hocnrlly nwilnst tho torrlbln dnn-
g«rR of riipuiro, dolleloiia comfort,
honlth and liiipiilnoflB.
, All Uioho who uro rupliiroil In our
dlHtrlcl iihniilil nvnll IhouiHelvoB of
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iibHolule certnliily HKntiuil tho terrible
(Iiiiibith In wliich they nrn exposed,
nwliiR to tliidr dlHonno.
' Kvcrynnc IdimvH lodny Ihnl a ruii-
inn" which hi nol coiitnlncil or which
Ih badly held by poor trm-mon, will
■sooner or Inter hshiiiih' iilnmilni*; pro-
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i i *i*t it 4 >>    *i|* ;
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rn rnncnliitlnn
ii   i      i,, i ••   I,,   ,i, • l   \f •
ilnpH not  Hiinevvono, iih '
, lnll.l,.
Siiniiii-I (JiHiiin'i-* i» lironldiiK tho
-lull of VimfcniiliHiii. Tlin num who ilum «'. lime hnb'H
has I'li'U ai ih" h-'M-l ot llio Anii'ih'.'iin
|.*,„i. uulnii nt* t/iliir for inni*f Hunt
a i'ii'i/iit nf n -.'Jiiury, i» bi-KlimiiiK
in -.-.i-i- ih<- wnr i'loiid-4 on thn horizon,
nnd In liln iiliiriu. lum IhhiiciI tlio foi*
lowlii". vMiriilm* tlu-im-.'-li lho Ami'iii'iin
\\ ili*t:iili,iib,t:
'Tti-h   piirllciilni'  *Kl*oii|)  of  Micli'ty
'ildlli. i.i   .i>niii.11(i<»11■-- ol  llu- mul i oi
|io/i-i!fii|., ot W.'itiiioN'liind i tiiiiii*/. ! In tbi'Hf I'lilit-d Stnti'H may In' <*x-
"«) Lord. \xf huo'.v Hint vvlilli- li-rf , m t h'il in pill forth l'« «»w» lui'Tl"''-
tm fftili your MynipiillilfH \v»ri> xxbb J u\t\oa ot t\w Mllwrnikt'i" fIitllrni, l-'or
llu- :n r| tiiiiucsHcil; sin-iiKl.U'ti * tlw pn-int. wt" tnil-tnil I'iin* l««>inl >'»
mid -is«.|st lu thU utii'tpial linllle fttr; tin- adiiiliilHirniloii m \Vunliiimioii:
iii.ill*'--'-.-mil frt" dom. Im-jilr** this ►m.-iI'Wr n-f-filly hiformfil 1li" nltorncy-
nrniy of HtrlMriR mliK-r-*i nml load an '• rfiirrnl, lit Dw romno nt nn Inlcr-
nHMffttftn-r-. nud Hiippon n« >ou did iht- vh'w rn-lmltiR i« Dw -Mr-d tniHl, that
r.rt'V, fiTiny -r.f Cnow W**h\r-?t<M, xn ' *t!ir- -jMilltlrfiil nmrly lu naxei-r H<; hfr**-
ihr. nini«Klf fur Amfrlrnn liiil",i»t>inM tftforf Imd In tU-ftl wllh n rrinctnirllvc
r-ncc; tnniJat u» na /on did tlu- nrmy; labor mov<m*n--nt. n^lnit wlihln ron-
i»f Abr»ht*tm Lincoln In Un" Imtljt*- fnr w-rvnilvf Unfit, tint If tin- worhlnR jwo-
tho i»n<Ki"rvntlon  nf tln>   I'nlmi, und | pi-*- of thin -fountry Hhmilil find their
nlr , nnd Iiomhoh dlwnbnvlnw the lnw
tion, nupi'rliili'iiib'iit nf Hn- OhnrliTol I UiIh nioiitiH ilHilh limldo of 2-1 honrw. nrn lliicil fi't to lir.O. Tho omployor
coul woiliH. Il i'iiIIh for the liiHtnlla-j TIioho who nmdoot to treat tm K-r- * Ih ulsu rcipilred to toko hyi-cenlo enro
lumi uiiili'i(4inuiid | lib)*'.111 inflnnlty nro moht Imprm'.tnt, ,uf Ms labou-iM, iiml to hiipply ilit-m
liln Miivlim chiiiiilii'iK, io be ci|iilppi.'d j n» limy un1 irlflliii? with donlli.
wllh fh-Hi-uld iipplhiiu-i'H. Hiifcly lumpi. j    Tlmy lmvo bill little oxmino more-
U .1* , ,    (t.'t    ,1     I  ,r, H     III    ill I ,    .*•'   **,   •*.'.-•♦. '** ****,
plate thmn bryoml Iho rench of thono
Po um  full lo   ko   ii ml    hoo tlilH
l>\> m-ti   liiiMvn,   iir,      Ifli'M'   lllllllOltia   utv,
would lif (omi-'cl-'il with Iho mlno
proper nud thi' eiiiniin'i'H prutoetcd
by  dtioiH  of  luilli'i*  pliiti-. etc.    The
Mi|i-H nnd roof of the cliiimliorH would
lm lined wllh (•otirnMi-' und tlmy would
In- ron ii-.I'd with tin- Hiirfneo hy two
blill-   C.llUrt   ft.I*    IiirV* .-..■.   tit   fl'I'ViU   'All.'
nml Iho -PRU'Htt of f<ml nlr.
iii us iitt to *»ktory.  Am-*n.
tir,bt% xkPtv tn irt- l.r«!>IU2*4lly Ignorcul
In reviewing (lie hooks of Hobi-it
W. Hervlro lli<- "llonkmnn In Hoyn-
oIiIh" snyH Unit lw ilofH not know Uio
mi*iuilnK of ••SomtUmtih," but think*
thai probably It is firm cousin lo
Cltecliako. No It in tins rovcruc tt*
Vheehnro in a m>w-<romtr In the
chVnook jftrRon wheren* Boudongh I*
lho wonlorn expr'-HSlon tor an old'
ciiilni'iit 8|H'< lullst; you will obtiiln
from hlm, like tlioiiBnmlH of oUiom In
I'limiiln, nml npcclnlly In llrltlnh
Colimihlti, Imini'dtMi*' rollof, nbfnliifo
Hocnrlly, dny nml nlprHt, porfect mm-
fort, *tworth. Iionllh, nnd willtoiil
doubt, jii-iHjnticiit ture.
It In n rnrt' rhnnro fnr you; do not
IlllKB It!
Abdominal bait* for woman and
men, EUttic Stockingi, appll*nteu for
wenknei-t and deformit te ol b-noe
and back, the only onaa of their kind
In tha world.
moillciil ntloiidiiiico free of churKo.
In ii fiii'tory   whoro a thoiimnul   por
.V\JJ*,1      »1»*        I-IHUVI.IVIA.       A       i,-U,*,,l.t.*»,l        -,-<*-..-
nt h.n«t tin ImilH nro provided nnd
ull iiu-illi-iil iiUonlloii Ih froo. Tho
workliiK dny In limited butwimii «
it. in. nml 7 p. in., lnbor on ilundayH
tho Iohh miKtnlnud hy tho omployor.
Iim ilium no iiuo u hiK'i'l.U lumi loi Um
btmuJIi of tlin t'liipluyi'K, l-.iu...s for
nliH .ico without HiifflelPiit t'liusn may
nol bo ImpoHi'd imlnHH tho nhsofion Ih
for nt h'liHt hnlf n dny.   No dim for nh-
')init'/i on iifooiiiit nt flro flnnit tllnc"'!
of llu: worlcmen'H wlfo or pitri.'iitii. or
death or olilicr. HirlUi-s nro prohibited
und piiiilHhnhlo by ImprlRonmont from
ono week to Id montlm, ili<p-.'iidliiK on
tho dmniiRU cniiHod.   The Kovernmont
mid forty   holldnyH In tho    yenr Ib .,„.,„. i.„ i,„,,„iun„
prohibited exropt In enaca of nctiml | nlno piinlahoa e.nployo* 1 >y   inprl o...
Iiooowilty utv.l no move than 120 hours ' moiil not to ..xroo.1 thr.-o month*, nnd
ovortlnm mny ho worked In nny ono j juolilblt iln>m
yonr,   On Dw othor hnnd, omplnyprw ; '"ry 'or 'wo >''
Tuny fluo worlimnii for any of the lhn**o
rniiHOH: Flral.for dofcctlv-o work;
M-r-ond, for nbKonco wllhout »nffl
rlont rnn*o; third, for any Infraction
of Hhop ii'KiilntlonB. In dotnrmlnlnic
virhftt I* defect Ivo work Ihe employer
U uol tlw iulu juilKii. The government factory Inspector may bo appealed to. Tho flno* itr« calculated hy
tbe naturo of thn dt-fccU. and not by
from muiinghiK u fuc-
cnrB,—Cthvplnnd Cltf-».i'n.
ma*. —
Tho Jewell Lumbor cowpnuy'H property narrowly escaped doBlruction by
flro on Sunday. It wnn olmervod by
n rcBhlont of Jnffrny Hint Bhortly nftor
a frdKhl had pasaod by Ihat three
.,ii.i«ll flron woro mrrtod nod 'how.-
would hnvo dovoloptxl Into hiiIuu
ouob hnd thoy uoi been o-sMnipilatiei!
heforo thoy hud m'-id-.' much hoMway.
, If'lho liitortmtH of wnno workni'R nro
idiuillcnl on tho IndiiHtrlnl flold how
nro wo goliiff to nccount for tho foi-
IowIiik: A fow diiyu uno n populnr
yniniR mnn omployod nn n hri)keniiin
on lho (!, I». H, woHtorn illvlnlon wnn
liiHininly Jillk'd ihroiifih lho pun I iik of
n trnln on n hill. Tho uhiwh wiih
fliiHlied to IiIh wlfo nml frlendH. I
luippi'iind to ho hIiiihIIhh bcnldo ii
brnlcomnn who wna rnnnluft Hpnro, nnd
tiirniim to mo ha nliHorvod: "Yoh, It'ti
hull for, Krnlo, hut It's Rood for promotion,"   (lot tlnit.7
(lovornmont oxnmlnntloiiH will ho
hold In Fernio AtiRtint lftlh, 17th nnd
IRth for flnst-clHBs (mnnagora), «oc-
ond-dnsH (pit boss), and third-clmm
(flroboBB) cortlflcntciB. AppllcutlfiiiB
tnufct lie rnailo to P;r.ncla IT. 8hep-
honrd bofnro Anminl Rib, noonmpnnlotf
by feo of 110 for appllcauta for firal
nnd Ronond olnnn cortlflcnton nnd %T,
for third claa*. cortlflculou.
■' JJ* *- -a^-^.^'.^M*'******'1*'*''*'****'*^^
,».-.,  <«M»»*N|' I——"*2m\_.
m THE   DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,  B. C, JULY 30, 1910.
Pres. lewis reviews
Editor Mine Worked, Journal:..*
For the -benefit' of the readers. of
the  Journal  and  our  membership  I
desire to write a few lines reviewing
the situation as it exists in the different mining districts of the country.
." Several settlements have been made
in the Broadtop    field -of -Central
Pennsylvania by<-Board Member Haggerty and'Organizer-McKay; •
'.- ' The strike is still on In. the Irwin
. district of Pennsylvania.   The details
: have been reported through the columns of  the Journal  from1 time  to
time by those who are bn the ground.
.   There" are over 5;000 men on strike
.in.Ohio in:the Tuscarawas county district and in the'.Crook'sville district.
These men are on strike against reducing the differentials that have existed in those sections.- In the Crooks-
ville* district the differential  in  the
mining,rate over the Hocking district
■■was - secured    after   the    anthracite
. strike, and the differential was conceded  by ,tho  operators  because  of
- the vein being thin and other reasons
which were" oxplalned at that time.
., In Illinois we'still have about 45,000
men' on  strike'and  they have been
■ .idle ever since the lst of "April. •• A
,   conference- was held of the representatives of-the operators and miners of
1 Illinois in Chicago on July 5 and tZ,
but without results. The international
executive board .is now in session' ih
this city, and representatives of the
.Illinois operators and .miners' organization were invited to appear before the international executive board
to explain the'situation    in    Illinois
■from their respective standpoints:
A** commit tee- of five  members  of
.  the,.international executive board has
-been appointed-to meet a'* like committee of the operators of Illinois for
' .'.the -purpose of trying to' find -some
"solution, for their difficulties existing
in District 12. The committees-ara
now at work. '
,- \  We have about 30,000 men on strike
"in Districts 14, 21 , and ' 25,- bettor
known as the Southwest. Those .men
have'.also been idle, since'the. first of
April.   At the present time'both scale
.committees  are  at*-work* in   Kansas
• Cily endeavoring "^ to   'agree ^upon a
proposition which is to be", submitted
Iq the miners' and ■ operators' representatives in joint*, convention.
The  members  of our  organization
- in.Northern "Colorado have also been
■"oii*strike since'1 the lst of April to the
Struggle   Between  Coal   Diggers  and
.Operators Brings Bloodshed..
number cf. 2,000,' and the effort "to
operate the.mines with* non-union men
in Colorado has not been successful,
It- is to be hoped that a*conference
can.,be arranged, and • in*, the near
future, with a view of tryin''bring
about a settlement of.** the strike in
that* district. .. -  _ * ' 7"-_ 7 ''
. The miners and operators .of Wyoming Cheyenne'.lastj-week in joint
convention, hut adjourned "without re-
&nlts; to a future date.
. The miners and operators of Washington, . District 10,,'are in ioint convention endeavoring to agree upon* the
terms of a wage contract for that district. It is to be hoped that they will
be able to reach a satisfactory set-
tlcmen pf the questions at issue.,
-It can be said of the men who are
on strike, that- they have conducted
.themselves in a manner that com-
hiands the respect and admiration of
every intelligent, peaceful, law.abiding
citizen, of our- counetry. A strike involving nearly 100,000 men for nearly
four months aiul involving nearly 300,-
000 for, many weeks without any disturbance of any, kind or' character is
something new' in the industrial affairs'* of our country. Usually strikes
of'such a magnitude precipitate friction and disorder, .riot and everything
incident thereto, *
In .the present' strike, operators and
miners 'seem to have' decided that,
regardless of the merits of the' questions at issue,*-.the contest should be
peaceful and lawrabiding in every respect.     - ■" -    .,
It is to- be hoped that a solution of
the present difficulties existing in the
mining industry, will be found' in the
near future and that the industry itself in ail the"-districts where strikes
now'exist will be restored to a normal
condition', in, order tbat the mine
workers may find employment and the
mines be in operation.' --.'*"'
., The ■ International Executive Board,
now in session, will * do ..everything
in' its power to bring about a solution
of tho present ^strikes,• and we hope
that the mine owners, in all of the
districts affected will recognize the
necessity ■' of- co-operating along , lines
that will, re-establish that 'mutual relation that should exist for1 the good
of the industry itself and.the welfare
of all who are directly and-indirectly
dependent upon, mining.    '   *    *•
' Yours very truly,, „
-     ■    ••  • ■   * '•"   ..T.'L.* LEWIS'.
.PITTSBURG, Pa., July' 30.—Tl_e
struggle in the' Irwin coal fields is assuming.the proportions of a death'
struggle between the strildng miners
and the operators. To the murder of
Putlcr, who. was shot lo death*' last
week by a* drunken sheriff, has been
added a new. outrage of a still more
desperate* character. ■ „•"..
Deputies Act Outrageously.
Three deputies entered the house of
Jacob rCohen, near the' Etna Mine No.'
2, shot and severely-beat Cohen and
injured ms wife and baby.   .'   r;
Tlie number of dead since the
strike "began in; March, reaches a total, of seven, three, of whom are .women. A bitter feeling of resentment
has. been aroused by the cruel treatment'administered by the deputies,
who'are not protecting lives a'nd prop~
erty, but are carrying on a highhanded . orgy of murder and destruction.
Twenty Thousand Men on Strike.
Twenty thousand men are out on
strike in the- Irwin" coal fields and
totally unorganized at the beginning,
are now working in perfect solidarity
and are carrying-on the battle for ah
eight-hour day with determination.
, -The months of enforced idleness are
"being felt in the majority of the.
homes and evictions from the company-houses are of almost daily occurence. Added to .these conditions,
is the constant fear.of the deputies,
who, they .realize, are , the tools of
the employers. '-*.'*'
•   Mass  Meeting  Held.       ''"   -"
A giant mass meeting was held yesterday at* which'thousands of,strikers
gathered in protest: Prominent union
officials addressed the meeting. The
indignation, of the keyed
to such a high pitch that a serious
uprising will- take place, unless the
deputies are withdrawn aud the demands of the strikers complied with—
an eight-hour day and the recognition
of the union.   ■ ,      *     *
The union officials are encouraging
the men • to keep up tlieir spirit.
Local President."Feehan, Vice. President Van Bittner^ Michael. Halapy,
Frank B. Barthaldy and George Guzi
addressed the demonstration meeting,
which was held close to the grass-
grown mouth ofthe Jamison Coal and
Coke - company . workings.—Chicago
Socialist.        .'. -  ' ,->
WASHINGTON, July;30.—An investigation of mine accidents is lo be
started 'at once, according tb an official bulletin issued today by the Department of the Interior",-outlining.thc
policy to bo pursued by lho new bu
reau of mines, created by an act of
the last congress. •
The appropriation made for investl
gallon was 5410,000. The total appro
prlatlon for the bureau was $502,000.
"of course' the' $410,000, all except
$100,000 will bo expended directly on'
the investigation of. accidents, .Tho
remainder ■ will bo spo'nt In fuel Investigations, which ,'indlroctly affect
tho question of nccldenls In mines.
Tho first work- to bo dono will be
tho construction of rescue stations.
Eight hew stations aro to be equipped,
nlno existing stntloiiR nre to bo
housed, und tho * equipment of flvo
othor existing stations. Is to bo groat-
ly enlarged. Investigations will, bo
Instituted In mlno explosives, tho uso
■of "electvlclly In mines, appllnncoH fov
preventing mine accidents, nn oxnmi-
nntlon nnd codification of the existing
mining laws and technologic investlgn-
lions of oro trontmont.
, Th'o laboratory nt Pittsburg, which
hns boon conducted undor tho goo-
logical survoy, will bo turned ovor fo
,tho now biironu, Somo progross
nlrondy hns boon mndo nlong lho linos
of lessoning,tho liability of nccldonts,
Mines whoro oxplofilotiB havo occurred
In tho Insl. two yonrs hnvo boon visited, nnd tho emmes of tho nccldontn,
whoro dlscovovod, havo boon lnld boforo othor minors for thoir guidance,
' TERRE' HAUTE, Ind.,'' July - 30.—A
secondary shaft, called a "manway,
saved the lives of many of the 200
men' that were at work In the Hocking Coal mine, near Farmersburg,
when* the top machinery burned late"
today';' Flaming embers fell'into tho
workings of* the main shaft and the
workings soon were filled with smoko.
Sixteen, mules are believed to have
been suffocatod."* When the fire
started at the head of the main shaft,
tho' telephone system was used to order the miners to hurry out by the
mnnway. As tho mon emerged they
were met by an nnxious throng of
their1 womcui folks. The. Inst, to come
out said the smoke hnd pressed them
hard. " ' ■*
The'' comrades ..who." invested their'
$50, $100, $200, $500 and $2,0.0, and
savings in'other amounts in th-*";
Bishop Creole gold mine, slock should
be the - start thc investigation. There should be calls for action
from at least,50: locals. , The writer*
-iceil m_u—iaoir7-tvt:t:K~tJiat— upurciuuu-**.-Tiir
the Bishop- Creek mine had practically ceased 7 there * being no money in
the treasury notwithstandinglhe $900,-
000 ihal Wilshire received to develop
the mine."' This means that instead
of paying 1.&00 per cent that tha investors stand a chance to loso every
dollar they invested.', And this is the
mine that Wilshire described as "The
Greatest Gold Mine in thb World."—
Henry T. Jones in Social Democratic
.. By Helen" Lowy.
The . following valuable advice to
young mothers has been copied from
a health chart' issued, by the Board
of Health: * .■   ,7:
.Nurse your baby.' Mother's milk is
the best, of all foods.
Do not „ wean' '.the baby in'hot
weather. ' .       *"-* , ,
Ten' bottle-fed-babies die to one
breast-fed. "' 'y
Nurse _the* baby regularly, -never
oftener than" every two hours during
the' day arid four hours at night.
Do not nurse the'baby every time it
cries. i
If you cannot nurse your baby consult your doctor before giving,it the
bottle. - * .'.",'
Give the baby only good milk, prepared exactly as the doctor directs.
Keep the milk always cold and covered. '       ,
Do not ask your neighbor's advice
about feeding; ask your doctor.
. Clothing—The baby feels the heal
more than you do.
In bote .weather remove most ef the
baby's, clothing. A lose cotton thin
shirt, without sleeves, is enough.
Bathing—Bathe the baby every day.
Wash the baby whenever the diapers, are changed. * -1-.*
In hot weather give the baby a cool
sponge bath several times.a* day.
- Fresh Air—Give .the baby fresh air
day, and night.   • , .■     7
- Keep the-windows open all day and
all night. ' ' '   ' '7
Make,, us of * ferryboats, vacation
schools, 'recreation piers, parks aiid
roofs. '
The baby should sleep alone.
Give tlie baby two or three tea-
spoonfuls of cool -boiled water several times, a day.".
If the baby vomits or has diarrhea
stop all feeding and give cool bdiled
water.. .,"*-"', ,
Food—A child , fishould drink ' as
much milk as-'It can be induced to
take.,  * • ■   \
If you cannot get certified milk, biit
are compelled to give the child plain
dairy or grocery milk,'the milk has to
be pasteurized or boiled. Certified
milk can be given plain; it slioiild be
just heated enough lo take the chill
away.- - "        ;        .
. A chiu should- not get niore than
one egg a day. ' If the child -shows
any tendencies to vomiting or diarrhea only the .white of the egg. should
bo given; in tliat case lhe milk should
be given, diluted ""with boiled water]
But,.as..above mentioned, it is best t3
call your doctor.,or to notify the board
of health.* A child "should be given
as  little*-1 meat  as  possible. " Tn  fact,
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with W. -Keny
PHONE   78
***•* kkkkkk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Fresh   Cutf
$ House and Office
* Plants, Funeral Flow-
$ ers, Wedding Bou-
t quets.
you wish to make your
home life much happier
and you have .a little
money to make the first*
the best that human brains
and skill can produce * is
none loo good for you
then buy a Heinzman and
;Co. piano.
Grand Theatre Block
Piano Parlors
M. W. Elley, Dist. Mgr.
♦♦♦•»♦♦♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦ »♦♦■»♦■» ♦♦•»-*<9"»"<» ♦<
f.' *
•K    *   -       Long. Distance Phone  577 jj-
J ' Your orders will receive 'prompt nt- j
I tcnlion anil you will bo planned-witli ^
-K   ivliutwo send you. 9r
•■¥■•'.- *
Mr. Sydney Buxton Says Whole Matter Is Under Consideration.,   '
LONDON, .luly :>0,—In Iho House of
Commons Wodnosdny .night, Mr. Sydney Buxton, prosldont of tho bonyd of
trndo, stated that lho wholo subject
in relation to lnbor exchanges and
omploymont. in tho colonies, was now
under cnroful consideration* ln conjunction with the colonial office. Tho
question of cnblo • Information concerning tho domnnd for labor In tho
over-son dominions Is bolng considered, also tho payment of men's fares
from ono part' of tho omplro to anothor.   '
Mr. Kolr Hnrdlo, Lnbor, enquired If
tho opinions of „trado* unionists In
Canada were to be considered, but
Mr, lluxlon mndo no roply.
"Burled like a dog!' does not necessarily infer that thore was anything
cruel or crude about the Interment,
A wenlthy New York man gavo his
pet canine a funeral which would
have dono honor to a doggerel bard,
Tho obsequies Included a band, procession, oration and erection of a
'memorial shaft of St. Bernard granite,
Citrate'of Magnesia, Bottle.. ..35c
Lime Juice, Bottle " 90c
Phosphate of Soda, Bottii.... .35c.
Root Beer Extract. ".-. 35c
Fruit Salts,    50c 75c  $1.00
Health Salts,'' per tin...' 25c
Money Poor \
Tho noxt coiibiih of agriculture will
bo I niton undor dnto of .luno 1b(, 1011,
Tho aron, product and vnluo of field
crops hnrvoHtod In 1010 will bo
oniimorntod for fnll whont, spring
whPiil, hnvloy, outs, ryo, corn for
himklng, hueliwlioiit, hoiuifi, pons, flnx,
mixed grains, hny and clovor, nlfnlfa
or lueornt', corn for forage, other for-
ngo cropn, tunilps, iniiiiRoldH, Hiigrir
bonis, other flold rooin, lobncr-o nnd
hops; niul grnsH seort, rod clover
seed and nlslko clovor nood will bo
enumerated for product nnd vnluo.
drain nnd other flold cropn for lhe
harvoHl of 1011 will ho takon by aroim
only, iih nono of thono cropB will bo
rlpo nt tho tailing of (ho coiihuhi Tho
1/        c   11 .... ,. 1   will   I*.*-*   'i-nt-li
orod In tor In thn yonr from thn rn.
ports of corroHpondontH.
AnlninU and nnimni products, also
undor the liunil of agriculture, will Include tho number or homos tlnvo
yearn old anil    ovor,   hornon undor
Hilfcu, *>v.'rt<to, luiivii iuiio, ■u^.'v.i  *.><.>*,k.1,1*
or mont cattle, sheop, RWlne, turkeys,
kooho, ducks, hoim and chickens nml
hives of bcos hold or ownod hy onch
poi-Hon nt tlto dnto of tho census on
Juno 1st, 1011.
Tho numbor of horsos, milch.cows,
other horned or n*-at rattjn, nhoon,
swlno nntl poultry sold In 1010, will
be r-^ford-^il, nn wnll nn Dw wnn],
mlllf, liomo-niiulo buttor, nome-ninil-*-.
clinosp, eggs nnd honoy products of
tho. jour, and the quantities of milk
nnd cr-^nm s-nnt to fnrlory or Hold.
l'uro-brod nnlmnls roRlntoruil, or
eligible ror registration, which nro
owned at llm time of tabtnii the cn'V
sus will ho enumerated for hor«03,
cnttln, Hhftpp and swlno, hut tliolr
number will also bo counted with all
other animals.
Notico to Employoos of tho C, N. P.
Coal Company:
Arrnngomonls havo boon mado hy
tho M. V. & M. rnllwny whoroby lho
ocnohQii loavliig for Conl Crook will
bo placed In futuro on a Biding In-
slnlloil for thnl. purposo,,Just holow
tho onr -simps oppoRlto Oommol stroot.
Workmnn and pasHOiigorB for Conl
Crook Hhouhl lnko ndvnntngo of this
iih It will provldo a safer routo than
Hint which lt linn been'necessary to
tnko In thn pant In onlnr lo roach tho
Tho Hnptlstfl liavq launched a mis-
otnn l-ic-nt on tlin Arrow Inlens with th.»
Rov, D. M. Thomson nt. tho hnlm.
This gontlomnn pohhohkoh Uiu uhdIiiI
iiccompllHhmuiits of a minister, machinist nnd miiRlcInn nnd hns now
added that or mnrlnor, Thoso who
hnvo not, yot Joined tho nrmy of thn
rillnto with, tho navy.
In tho ovont of (hn crnft springing
a leak holp could hn given hy his
brother Angus, who Is a .ornio resident.
Th" FMiuonion rmhVMti, f" a recent
nrtlelo, congratulates tho temperance
pnrty on' tlin rnnrnirn nf (hnir rnnvlr-
tions but HtaU-H Hint their Announcement of a plan of campaign a yum*
ahead Is In, striking con Hast wllh
pollllrnl party methods. Vor ono so
woll vorscil In overy-dny topics wo
are surprised thnt (lie editor should
utcvlouU tlw ever litcrottalufe political
socialists who not only tell thoir plan
til fight capitalists noxt year or nny
other yoar, but Intend to keep It up
iintll abolished.
Evory mnn connected with mining,
whothor ho is a laborer, superintendent, manager, mining englnoor or owner, Is Interested In securing ldous that
wllh savo,, him tlmo and mnko moro
monoy for him .
An organization has beon built,up
at n big expenditure) that Is scouring
tho mining world for money making,
monoy saving Ideas.
The problems that ono man has
failed to solvo nnotlior man somowhcio
has solved, and il Ir tho work of Ihls
organization "to search out mining problems und thoir solutions, to classify,
arrnngo and simplify thorn.
Think whnt this monns—It monns
thnl now It, Is posslblo for nny mnn
to sociiro tin* lilonn, tho Hchomes, tho
vory working plnns Hint nro building
mining buccorboh everywhere,
Mines nnd Minors Is so woll known
lo every imumKor, Huporlnloiidunl, nud
conl mining official Hint ll is not no-
cosHnry (0 mnko nny oxplnnntlon of Its
niorlt for thoir hotioflt, Thoro aro
ninny, howovor, who nro iiowcomois
In tho,country nnd nH thoy vory probably would liko to got Idons rognrdlng
mailers dealing wllh tho mining Industry, wo can say without fear of
contradiction thnt ;|hls publication Is
thu very nest ul its Kind.
Wu luive miutu iir,riuiKoiiiuii(» wuh
tho publishers of this monthly to mnko
some exceptionally advantageous clubbing offers:
Mlnos nnd Mlnornls, for ono year
13 hin I'IL' pngo Issues, nnd   Tlio
District Ledger for ono yenr, C2
Issues, rngulnr   prlco   for both,
J3.C0, ror ,...--..,......$3,00
Mines nnd Mlnornls, ono year,...|2,ri0
Tlto OlBtrlct Lodger ono year.... 1.00
Conl fiid Moliil Miners Pockot,
hook ..3,00
Combination pries |5.00,
Mines nnd Mlnnrnls ono year...
The District Ledger ono year...
Examination Questions for Cortlfl-
. 1.00)
it .is my private opinion that a child
should do without any meat at all.
If-meat Is given, 'none but the following" should receive any" consideration.
Beef—Roast beef,* steak or boiled
chopped meat, .with --a little buttor.
Lamb—Broiled lamb chops, A child
over three can eat roast- leg of, lamb.
■ Poultry—The white part of roasted'
or broiled chicken, .the white pari of
roast turkey or squabs.
; Fish—Any kind, if * care Is tnkon
thai all bones are taken out. All
fish should either be boiled or broiled
never fried.
■ Vegetables—-Thero aro a great variety of vegetables from which you
can choose. But tho first to bo considered,is spinach, as it contains all
the chemicals which the blood needs,
Thon come' asparagus, siring .beans,
green' pciis;'" cauliflower and ' beets,
All .vegetables must be woll cooked,
mashed and.seasbned with a little snlt.
and buttor.  ,
Ceronls—A child should gel cerenl
at lonst' onco dally, as It Is vory nourishing. The following aro to bo preferred: Farina, .hominy, whonlena,
oatmonl, cream of wheat' and rice.
All cereals must bo boiled nt lonst
one hour and n half, but. oatmeal,
hominy and rico should bo boiled nl
lonst two nnd n hnlf hours. Those
cereals should be glvon with vory
littlo sugar, a littlo bull or orcronm,
Fruit—A child should novor gel any
othor but. rlpo fruit, and nono but tho
following: Ornngo, applo, pear,
prunes (not plums), iiIho chorrlos nnd
grnpoB. Tho latter aro objcclionablo
on nccount of (heir Hoods, but If lho
soods of tho chorrlos nnd grapes aro
taken out they are very healthful, It
Is noodloHB to soy that If tho child Is
not old enough lo chow thq fond right
tho npplos or pours Hhould ho scrnpoil,
nnd in nny cftso only tho Juice of the
ornngo should ho glvon, A child
should 'never got ■ nny berries, bananas, moloiiB or ponchos. The lottor
may bn glvon when stowed or sugared.
Whonovor I seo 11 mother give hor
child (of RomotliiioH loss than a yenr
old) baiianiiH or moloiis 1 fool llko
giving hor a good Blinking, nnd wish
I only hnd the right to dn ho,
Now, I wnnt to add ono mom thing:
Novor glvo your child any pnslry or
fancy enkn. Puddings enn bo given
or plnln sponge cnln*, hul. no pies or
crullers or tho ninny other Inillgestl-
1»lo things Milled Mikes. At nny rnto,
tho loss swoetB n child gels tho bettor
for Its count It ul Ion, not only bucaiiHu
II. spoils tlm child's stomach, but. It
spoils lho child llsoir.   A child thnt
1         1. 1 -,. ,.^........ .1
B' »•'    ' )     •"• ' *    ■"- ' J     '•
Hlrn for    nnurlKhlng    fond, nnd how'
mnny times do you honr a mother
complnln Hint her child won't drink
any milk or,that it hint not nppc-lltt-
11I nil!
Ab tn bntliH, clothing nnd fresh nlr
1..V    V-'.'.Uii'     1 itl1*-- *'•<    f*-.*V**i**>4    v**C   *U-U fA'( ^ V-M    i**-*,.
with it 11 Infant, or course, you cnn-
not lot 11 child of four or flvo yi-nrs
run nbout. with nothing hut n shirt
on, hut you cun dress It very lightly,
Tho most pnicl leal nml Inexpensive
Kiirim-nl Ih it pair of rompers of light-.1
wa-.hnbl" nnit'Tlnl, xvhloh both boyw
and girls nm wear. llosldos, whnt n
anx'tttf nt Iron Ing ll Ik for fhr» poor
mot Iht If kIu* has no dresses nnd jn-t-
tlconis to do up!
■k Tt-
I The Creston Fruit and |
: Produce Association t
i _^==_™ $
Strawberries   $
llel'iiilei's'plenso Nod* Hint owl- J
* ers I'ui'llio fiunous Ci'eslon ij-
I' Hli'Hwliei'i'ii.'.s now in
C   - - Season
I A. Lindley, Box 27 Creston
■ -6400 .buys ten acres of Creston
..' Fruit Land, two roads adjacent
to the property, well watered by
creeks and springs, a short distance from AVyijdell station.
This is a* cash proposition and
cannot be duplicated anvAvhere.
, For, Further Particulars Address'.
, Box 93„or call at McPherson Ave,'near G.-N.. Station
ft       Electric Lighted
Steam Heated *
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot nnd Cold Water L. A.  Mills, Manager
UNDER nnd' hy virtue of tlio powers containod ln n cerliiln Chnttol
MortBiiBo which will bo produced nt
tlio time o£ snlo, thero will hu offorod
for snlo by public-'miction on Frldny,
the Tyonly-nlntli day of July, 1910, nt
tho hour of ono thirty In llio nfier-
noon, upon tho premlfieH of Hurry Old-
lnnd In Mlko, 11 .C, by Wllllniii liruco,
Auctioneer, tho followln*? poi'sonul properly, nnnicly, nil chnltolH of the mild
llnrry Oldlnnd imod In bis IiuhIiiosh iih
11 Coke Ovi.1 cont met or, liiHinlIn*.:
bovoii Iioi'hoh, Rovornl HottH double hur-
iiohh and curt Iiiu'Iichh, whkroiih,
HlolgliB, plowH, dump cnrtH, wheelbiir-
I'OWH,   I'OpOH,   WllllllnHH,      lnulB,     llldCU-
Hinlth outfit, tontH, oooI'Ihk uIoiihIIh,
roofing fell, lumber nud other urliclim
loo iwinoi'ouH lo mention.
TorniR! All hiiiuh of Twonty five dollni'H mid under, ciihIi; Id tbo cum.' of
cum:*) over $:*?,, ten per cent of the
puivliiiHO money lo bo pnld down nl
tbo time of wilo, mid tbo hiiliincn to he
pnld wit lii f If 1 pon dnyH thoronftur or
to ho Hunircd In 11 niiiiiiH'i* HiillHfiictiiry
lo tlio vondoi'H.
For further pi-rllrnlnr**- find coiidlt-
lonn of hiiIo npply lo 1 If-rohiwr _ Mc
Domild, JoliiiHoii-FiiUoiii'i- llUji.k, For-
nlo, It, C„ Hollelioi'H for VoiuIoih.
Dnted ut Ferule, 11. C. thla fitli dny ot
July, A.D. 1010.
SUITS   and
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York ancl English
Cloth and Styles
Roniiu 1! mid 3, Tlm A, Beck Wock
i Htrii-k tfidujr to foi ri' concounloiiH fnn-.i •
Any liifoniiiitluii n-Ki'i.illiiK pii-ficnt.
wlioro'-ihoulii nf .IfK-"iih Smith Ib nnt-'
loimly iIchIix-iI hy IiIh hoitowIuk uio- >
tlu-r. ;1     I
ilo wnn one of I In* first clwcliwclr.h- j
nii'ii employed nt Conl fri'o . nnd It '
Ih reported (1ml ho wns oik; of the
uitiii I'liKiiKcd In tbo work of hIiIiikIIukj
the old wooden tlppl-'.    Iln wns born
nl  SlIiiKHby,    Yorkshire. Km**., nbout i
yi-lllh   IIK'I,  hllOft  Hill,   IllOllHldl )l<*,   I'.KI'*
itftiti *.hnvi'n- rnoiitli rnlh»r wld*,' tuiv" *
iii.ullliKi. bro.-id forcliciiil nf ini-illiini ■
hfl*j;lit. flti-^rs lonii; nnd Urotul, npat- ■
iil-iti". Wlfo died nl rnlrnry. l-niiT;
he wont lo Hpoknno but reiiirmvl to ;
(.'nlRitry uhout three >*-ar» .*iki» hi.<-',
whu-h ilut" ah irnr« ol hint hnn w-u
loHf.     J'lioto tnken >i"nrH ni?o Im In
We Invite Your Inspection
which Ik of (hn hii*h<"M i'Iiihh, In    nuWrlnl,   woi'kmiiiiHhlp,   fit    mul
Thu diniiitliil ill tlm .Mi'Ii'h FuiiilnliiiiKh lum fiiin-il iik In ii'pi-iii  011
mnny lines-, which luivu Junt nrrhiMl nud li:i%«- bun put Into sIdcI*.
Moii'h Nnvy Uitllrondnr'H ShlrtH, i-xirn. vnlui- 111  $1.25
Mcii'h Khnkl  HhirtH, cxirii vnlim nt    00c
Mr-n-H N<'i:lll!t'i> ShlrtH from 75c to $1.35
Mon'B (7'iipn, from    20c, 25c, 65c to 90c
Our Grocftry Department
Ih fomplnlo,    Wo enter 10 piirtlculnr hiiiiHi-l-ccpi'i-K   who   in«lnt   mi
lliu IiohI.   Vour urdiTH for
Preserving Fruit
will linvi; our bent nttfiitloii,
.   The Cash Merchant Opp. Post Office
Combination prico $5.10,
$7.00 ! ,|„. mlnlnR" i-oni|i»nle«.   Tho   eirlk- j,,i01llH ,,f n- Uct'"' ^'"i-'tury Jmal 2:'.l I,
ti.iiiltri*-rit la spr-Adit'lf.
i Firnle, 11. C.
benefits wiih uncoasing concra!
profit. Sont out of town it's lifo ia ended. Kept
with the homo merchants it ia a mc-tsengcr of
continuous benefit, business men «hou:d awak-i
to tho Importance of koopinp this dollar nt hnrt*;
and mako a bid for it by judicious adveriibinn. . J---& ~iz* j^ a ■_ftg^|i_^>;a^--A^ar>haig; a.■_-_.* aSl:-K^ ^Aha^^.^v^a-v^^^-^J^-v^ >.««-■• jsi-^uft _ jiL_c__i_»-.-'*»*.js._i'*-^i>_t2___i
©Ijj. Mipititl fofog^r
Published every Saturday morning at its office, Pel
latt Avenue, Fernie, B. C. Subscription, $1.00 per year in
advance. An excellent advertising medium. Largest
circulation in the District. Advertising rates on application.. Up-to-date facilities for the execution of all
special attention. Address all communications to The
kinds of book, job and color work. Mail orders receive
District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
clothier 40 inches to the yard? a coal dealers 2,500 pounds j
to the ton? a* wood dealer 140 feet to the cord or even
a railroad corporation of which Mr, CM. Hays is president a trip over the G. T. P., the regular tariff, for which
was $1.50 when the presumptive traveler only* had $1.25.
No! the ticket would be issued to cover the distance
which this amount would buy, in like manner as these
are all commodities so is the labor power of the worker
AND it is as illogical for him to give more than he Is
paid for as it is for the sellers of the various articles
In this week's issue we complete the reproduction of a
proposed bill amending "The Coal Mines Regulation Act."
We have printed installments each week feeling that, by
so doing tliere would be a better opportunity, for our
readers wh'.-» are interested in the coal mining industry
to read over the different chapters and clauses and
digest them better than if its publication had been made
all at once. When we started these extracts we prefaced
ihem with a request that any suggestions of amendment,
improvement or additions of*any kind cither with,regard
to the text, or to the objects involved would be acceptable
and that we would give them space in our columns.
Furthermore for the purpose of aiding those, to whom
our suggestions might not be sufficiently clear we outlined certain portions that we'thought could be improved
quoting the original and then giving our views. "As an
evidence of the deep interest that has been -displayed
by those whose welfare is effected by this proposed legislation we would feel that our efforts had not been wholly
useless if ten letters had been sent in, nay more, even
five, but instead of this small number candor compels us
lo tell the truth and quote the exact number of responses
to have reached the astounding figures of .000000.
There are many features of this proposed bill that are
decidedly superior to those contained in its predecessors
, still there is room for still further improvements and yet
they wlio ought to- be   most   interested are positively
This method of framing legislation is highly commendable and they who have, been instrumental in its initiation have shown that they believe that by submitting it
 -J *-»_*■ li.f_nj-_t-i»l*rt*-«_if_Tk--i*-_e■__■*■■-m.nil«r_nf_an4c-!__-V-.ri_ H*i-aflvi'_r*if_imQiiv.
—iu~ixiUac ~vt U—_U-llr—UIU*3XJ— r ILCll* j     Uil-v-vlU- I iw,—-4,-liC-J_-j — v*_ uu**.* j-
mon many minds" would have a complete exemplification.
In brief it is the application of the referendum in practice.
Naturally it was, expected that this plan would result in
the making of a piece of remedial legislation that would
be rjeplete with beneficial clauses, but no, they who are
constantly grumbling at conditions do not even display
energy enough to write a single letter relative to' the
riueslion* but in the event, of omissions of which they
thought about but did not take the trouble to put on
paper they will growl and wonder why it did not form a
' part of tho bill and more than likely attempt lo shoulder the blame on the local or district officers; this is not
fair as these men aro constantly kept busy and It was
to all and everybody that tho request was made,, fortunately, however, theso men have taken up the pro-
■posed bill duvlnt. tlio current week with Deputy Mlnlstor
of Mines R. 13. Tolmio and Chief Mines Inspector Francis
If. Shophonrd, and no doubt the result of their deliberations will result in certuln Improvements being mndo,
still hnd nil responded offering suggestions there would
li.'ivn boon moro incorporated In this anticipated net.   The
oporal ors also hnvo brought thoir observations to tlio
notice of theso two gentlemen as that It Is the objoct of
Iho departure I, e. to get tho opinions and advice of both
tho employes and tho employers; wo do not know how
llio Inttor responded yet we fcol safe in stating Ihnt they
gavo II. fnr moro consideration llinn llio rank nnd file of
lho mlnoworkors.
,Oyez! Oyez! all, ye who have long pondered over the
best means to be adopted    in   order   to decrease the
butcher's, the baker's, the clothier's, the landlord's and
the innumerable other bills that the pocketbook has calls
upon it.    The oracle has spoken, therefore let no dog
bark.   Put away all fear* of starvation or even impecuni-
osity and hang up the fiddle and tho bow and take down
the sickle and the hoe and get ready to make energetic
use of these useful instruments of agriculture as the tools
whereby the problem that dias puzzled the brains and
furnished so much copy for the printer by the many
saviors of society is now solved by their use.   First get
a small plot of land. .Sow to get possession some may
ask, that is beside the question the main thing to get it is
get and after this is effected purchase a hoe,-a rake, a
spade, a garden hoe,    a    wheelbarrow, some potatoes,
■**> „
cabbages, turnips and other'■> food-producing vegetables
and non you are' on the high road to the solution of this
vexatious problem.   The mere matter of whence comes
the means to provide these necessary accompaniments
for the proper carrying out of the scheme are simple
details and to -those to whom they are obstacles and are
inclined to inquire whence they are to be obtained would.
relate the story of the sailor recounting his marvelous
adventures in tropica! seas.   Our hero told a.wonderful
.yarn of how he was disporting himself close to the water's
edge, but growing bolder he ventured out into deep water
and whilst busily engaged swimming along he suddenly
espied the sharp fin of a man-eating shark behind him,
turning rapidly back he  made    all    speed  shoreward
glancing furtively" around and to his horror saw the tiger
or the sea was only a. few yards in the rear and the shore
quite a  distance  away, hope  sunk- in his breast and
already He added "I felt the brute's teeth in my, flesh
when with a sudden inspiration having been told that
they could not attack under the water down I dove and'
just-in the nick of time as my grim tormentor's body
glided over the spot on the surface that I had'just left,
but a few seconds ago, swerving around as if angry at
Two boys go lo work In tho hiiiiio shop, one N industrious, willing and tiinblllnus; ho works hard, getting
Ihr- npprnhiitlnn of his employer. Ho is promoted by-
iiinMiyu und ambition iIsdh. Ho goes Into businoss for
hlniHoll', and by-iind-bye becomes n cnptnin of Industry,
Thnl. Is Uio lucky hoy. What of tho other boy? . lie
works lu u perfunctory manner, novor does extra work
wllluiiil extra pny, Ilo remalitH whom bo wns at first.
Thnl. Is llm unlucky boy,—Sir Wilfrid Laurier nt
When Itiiniiidori' llooseveli, the rough rider, wns
tiivoi-llng over Kuiopn conveniently leaving Switzerland
out of IiIh Itlii-.i-fir.v, ndvl*-*liig -Ureal llrltnln how 'o hundl"
ihe I'^ypiiiiii!*, I'liilttliu; poudi-mus pliiiliudes In ihe rior-
I'Oiiiie «f copy lionk heiidliigH, the prcst* of Ciinndn lum-
hunted him tuiiin'rclfully toinlly devoid of nny si-iubliui*.*!'
nf gloves. We do nol preminie in defend ihls mighty lllg
Voice, but In nil fiili*nens would risk those self snine com-
nieiiiiiu-rs wiuit. tliey iinw- to n-niiu n. iili«-i* tin.- jn-ni.--.ii »»
ilie dipping ul ibe lii'iiu ol uu*. Un uu- I'liid- i-.ii-.uii-, rn
iieeepl Sir Wilfrid its nn orntor, hnvlng hnd tin- pl.-asurc
ni nn enr tltllliitlon by his mellifluous lotics Inn if mere
wnnl t-irlmMiii*; phriiw-nlo. y eoiiHiln.iie u great mnn then
XXI'   llll*-'.!!!    I,,.r    I !)'•   I i,l-i*-.t t....   i»l,i ii*.,-   -l,   ,t,i,    f.'.)u*   in       .-,,.
TOO," but while (IIh('IaIii)Iiik sudi iiii evlilein-e of Ism
neither do we concede any gn-mui'sh Is dUplnyed by
lh" uH'Miiiiee of mull Siimii'-I Hnilli'S self hi'lpliui balderdash as th-1 I'li'tni-"!' of Cnnndn Is eicillleil with on the
,■■■■, i ! [If
TIiIh t-ciinirk lit practically l-li-ntlrnl with that of C. M.
H;.;,k cf tho (',. T. I*. who i*** til pr-m-nt putting forth
(■very effort to defeat Ids employes, some of wliiim,linv«-
serveil the ermip.'tiiy faithfully ni cording «o bin own report
for 20 yen is,
•iKii.'t wntch the clock" Ih ft delightful Admonition of
iho»« anxlouw to K--t IA ouiiti**-* of their pound of flesh and
the gi-tiUi'iniiii nt the bead of Canadian affulrn In a lilt
■who tor mcb .'r.tlmcnt*.
!M un look at thU quentlon fairly and aquarely.
V.'ciM a grocer -rIvc IS ounces to   tin   ■**>tin-l? a
bulked out above me, quickly grasping my sheath knife
I rose surfaceware? and doing so plunged it with all the
terror of despair into his side and whilst he was writhing
in agony' and his life blood ebbed away so did I ebb to
''Very interesting said his listener, but tell me how did
you happen to have your sheath knife on you." "Oh, go
on" said the salt, "You are too denied particular." In
like manner they who cavil as to how they can get the
needful articles for carrying out tho formula aro like
the sailor's questioner.
There Is nothing strikingly brilliant in this advice of
lhe oil magnate nor has It.the virtue pf originality, but
only shows the paucity of Ideas of meri 'successful in one
walk of life when they attempt to prescribe remedies of
the human fnmlly tho causes of which their timo has kept
them so fully occupied that they, hnvo had but scant
opportunity to Investigate.
Tho gard oh piilch idea hns certain Individual beneficial
features when but n small porcontngo undertake to follow
It out, but when nny appreciable number engngo in It.
the result is, nnd this Is not-mere hearsay but positively
provon by oxporlonco, to roduco tho wages of tho workers
simply becauso they have shown that thoy can llvo for
less. Belgians received advlco from their JOHN 3).
economists and rented small plots of ground.outside tho
cities of Antwerp, Brussels nnd other cities whero tlio
saving soon mndo Itsolf manifest but lho aftermath was
not conducive to tliolr enthusiasm1 being unbounded whon
a period of dull Umon made Us appoaranco and the om-
ployes docldod upon a reduction and as is usual at such
times the tariff of tho cost of living wns Introduced
wheroupon tho discovory wns mndo thnt lho vogolnblo
raising Individual lived more economically llinn his clty
brolher nud tho depreciation of pny followed. With tho
mel hods of production having so Irainonsurnbly ntlvnnced
there Ir no renl reason why thoso who do tlio product Ivo
work of tho world, either tho menial snlnry goiter or
the niiiiiuiil hnnd-worker depriving thomselvoH of the
iiceeHHiirlcH of life nor slliillng IIioiuhpIvch of somo of Its
luxuries. To obtnln Uioho lt l» essoin Ini thnt a study of
the "illHinnl science" bo tuken up nud when Ihey discover
ihut there Ik mi permuitout plnn lo mond tho "system"
they will by their vote end ll nud nil of thn pettlfnirglng
hclieiiies of ihimti who batten on their Ignoniiiec will be
utterly discarded.
Inasmuch  ;tn  British  ileel.ilouH hnve grent  Influence
upon legnl caw* In this country niul Jfro<|iioiiily emnblUh
On Ladies' Wash Suits
For Your
Reg. price $o.50 Slaughter price 3.75 •
7.50        " "   5.59
9.00     - '* "    6.50
12.50        " "    9.00
Ladies' Shirt Waists, Children's Bon-
nets, Children Wash Dresses, at the
same big reductions for Pay Day. ,.
Boys' & Youttts' Suits
Regular $4.00. Special price $3.25
Regular 5.00. Special price 4.00
Regular    7.50.    Special price   6.00
li ' • c
Regular 10.00.    Special   price   8.00
Men's Colored Dress Shirts
Special  line Fast  Colors, Pay, Day
:. price 75c. See window display.
Butter and Eggs
write to;
Lacombe, Alta.
Grocery Dept.
Eruit Jars.
. Pints, per doz. 85c
Quarts . " $L00
iXJals.    \"a'    1.25
We nre hoadqu-L-L'lei-s for nil kinds of Fruits. ■■ No mallei' what the,
'v-ivietv we have them. '
"    ' _.
Best Preserving Sugar 201bs. $1.25 -
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Yorkshire 7 Fire,   Home   of  New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y
Employers'Liability, London Guarantee"
—-———- and Accident — ■——^——
Have you seen the New
I***--* / HT      i,    Y * £"     wave you seen tne New
UPeat   WeSt    LUC Special Policymwmxxv^
W1WWW    ww vn/v    j__*w   insurance) minimum cost
Henderson Block
Fernie, B. C.
You are now going through this world for the last tlmo:
Why Not
live o nthe best and nothing but the best, and go to
The 41  Market Co.
*** *-
1 „ * * - ' -*     •' n •'
for your requirements in Meat's, Fresh Killed and Government In-
snected7Fish. Putter. Eggs, Ham, Bacon, Etc._,,'   *     .,    -    - ,
.  S. Graham, Local Manager ,
«'CX-*,*. "!fl__» •. -"**A '*■■
*♦♦-»♦••>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «*>
Why spend your time in the
kitchen while all the others are
out enjoying themselves? Among
t>\tr- canned goods you can provide rt wholo ready lo eat meal
from sou]) to dessert. Stop In
and seo what an Immonso
cholco you have at this grocery.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦v-* ♦♦♦♦♦♦<►♦♦♦
Sealed tenders, addressed to tlio
iindoi'RlKiiod, will bo received not later
thnn 12, noon, July 25, 1910, for tho
building of tho now Holy Family
church, Fornio. 13. C, according to
plans and specifications at tho prloBt's
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
O. M. I.
P. 0. Box 52, Fornio, n. C.
Will Erect Independent Tin Plate Mill
—Will bo Co-operative Venture-
Look For Bite.
CLEVELAND, O.. July 2».~fltrlkliii*.
HrililfH.e. woilierii of llrldReport iuul
.Marlln'M Ferry, Ohio. Inlenil l» Blurt
nn Independent sheet Iron mill In
Oiuimlii, far from the liifliu-uei. of.
American capital. The mill Is to hn
eooperiitive. tho firm of Hh l-tlml I'i
(lie lilutory of tlio tlnplnto liuluxlry.
.Sonic of the union niMiilierH are rendy
tq unit the flKhl tlioy hnvo been wag-
Dm  ilKi'll'»i   'liv  tlll|»i<n<-     »»«.ii.      »...J
.-■Hi nn- ri-iiil;.- tn (juli the •■rmr-try,
\V7 H.'MnrrlH. MnfMn'H Ferry, elmlr-
mini of the relief commit (co of the
I mi-ikei-H, left today for Toronto, Oiif
-   UokI iiinlei-liilH only ukci!
ami (h'wt elanH \vork-«
imuiHliip eiiHiires
A Good Job
JOE FALVO'     How Poor-i DIock
The game of tho sen-aon will bo
playod at Michel today (Saturday)
when Fornio mootB tho loaders A
win for Fornie menus a groat finish
for the championship,
a Shave, a Game of Pool or Billiards
or a Cup of Coffee
Drop in at Ingram's
Full Stock of Smokers'GoodsMways. on Hand
The Two
Now Under New Manaflerncnt
Caterlnfl to the Worklngman'n Trade
Large Airy Rooms and Good Table
BILLY R088                              BILLY MACKAY
picei'ilenm the juilKincnt kIvi-ii by u Luiiiirkulilru Hlii-rlff ■ }\,, w\\\ endeavor to find u fiivorul-lo
t-: vnriliv of eommetit. From an cxclmtiKe w< htkve
obtained ihe following: Sheriff Tliomsou of Hamilton
Iiiih decided tlmt where elalin iH made for overtime lis-
cniiHo of work done nfter tlio expiry of tlio statutory
eight limii-H* employment underground no miner Ih en- thereto beemiKo to grant it would bo t net It aiding
In lhe toniiuvi.jitioii of the law. This deeree has been
iKKiieil In rmmtriinn with n small debt ru-ilon for IH
(iliillliiHH, a miner rained UKUlmt llarr'a mitHuvH,
Ross Colliery, Hamilton. In wlilrh his l/-rd«hlp was -rolled
upon io di-elde nn to the purauer'u rlRhl to dalm wagea
for work done attar iho legal day'u work had heen com-
plott-il, tlw nvtra lahor not comlnic under the exceptional
or ■*'■&.'■ rftency provlalonf of the art.
Thla   I*   the   flfty-tccond l«ue.   Another ntllcttono
rea-^hM an<1 w. atlll 11**. but, don't iho ullll.
locuilon  for il community where an
nini'lii'iii'ii'iii   mill can im -num.
There are about  l.fiOO men In the
vicinity who are HirlMnK.   Ovo, one-
third of thene any Ihey nre rendy to
move to Cnnnda upon ft favorable ro-
poft from Morris.    He will be none
poHKlhly n mouth.    KiioiirIi of thcap
WH-li liAte l.n.lii.*)  i<* \y.xi \\\x thn x-,\'.\\
to build n mill    aiiue lho fire: »ln> |
tl.. .'i-.-i-t a*nl Until**. ■■ ■n-**i;',i*.**i woll. j
cil i-ni l.'i months ti'.io they have Im-tij
tryliiK to nettle Iho open Hhop ques-1
tion.   The ilnpltto trust ban tvUihud '
to arhltrafc, much    lew . treat with
frlendH or .••prcacntaUvea of the men.
Ttnplate worker*, whether Uwy »rcj
Ulut>UH X\,UM Wito l>Uu lu luUi-Uu tu,
Canada or not, aro unanlmou* In pr*»
dieting tin- t-'uecc-a* of Ihft illo operative
venture If tho mill can weather tho
flint year. Mana*1. ?a and boci-hi of
thA mill would be *<>l_ted from
among the men tbcm««tT<*-*.
"i^ itr
rn 1
TA ^      fl *«»<--t ,-*-»     mem +*—* mm
Positively the
Best Pictures
ever shown in
Our pictures are al) clear,
steady and up to date
We are giving away $10
on Saturday Night
Prices at this Theatre for
the summer will be
10 and 15c
Say You Saw it in The Ledger
- f I-'-''
, _   **•
News  of
'     '' >•
' >•
¥^MM^¥¥¥AMi,--¥^¥^MMM^¥¥¥^¥¥^¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥AMM^¥^¥^»¥¥¥ ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ *****•****■****■*-********
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■
'*     ♦
♦ ♦♦♦
The long looked . for " and " badly
needed educational hall is how practically assured as the tenders for the
.- school are out and the next thing ,is
to have somebody make a satisfactory
•bid.'      <■   , ', '''■--.     .-■■■
r A-mission hall has been completed,
which is perhaps the first one of its
kind in - Western Canada. This is
built at the expense of Glyn Vivian
of Swansea, whose hobby is building
sueh institutions for the benefit o£
miners. The hall is in charge of Mr.
Moore. . The opening meeting was
held last Friday. Probably,, being a
'Welshman, he recognizes the 'need of
such places for his fellow.countrymen.
A resolution was passed at the
regular meeting: "We, Local 1058,
assembled at regular meeting (July
10th) do hereby tender our heartfelt
sympathy to Mrs. George Martin and
A children in this, lier* hour of distress,
by the loss of her husband and
father and our dear brother.' "That
the charter be draped for the usual
period. (Signed) William Patterson,
president; J. O. Jones, financial secretary; Roland Archer, recording secretary."
The - license inspector was here re.
cently and stated that the hotel must
be re-furnished throughout and a new
coat.of paint-applied, "it is expected
■that these' instructions will be compiled with'and the business resumed
in the near future.   -
.- James Burrows    has n purchased a
,-, poolroom in Blairmore' where it is expected he will shortly move.
Nicky. Nac,    Fred    Rayner, .Billy
-* Guthfo  and  Cory  Wetherby  are   in
'Tthe.sportsman's.paradise from -which
point   they .send   .some remarkable
stories  of mammoth''fish"-they hav-3
■ managed to lure from their cool beds.
We are trying to find out'what bait
was used but very likely they charmed
them    by   trilling . some    of*   their
melodies of. the happy days gone by:
We' are satisfied, with so many fish-
eating experts oii" the job they .would
■he well  cooked and  all  parties  are
Known to be capable of safely stowing
"•"-■the finny .ones inside of thewaist-
'.' band.' "     • .. 7* ■     .'
'■' Another'Nova * Scotian canie'here
don, whose brother Is a member of
the Dominion House. . We -hope that
I-lillcrest may possess sufficient,charm
to'induce Oliver to'make it, his i permanent home and result in more of
his si a mji '.titling among us.      " -
Dy Thomas, better known as "Big
Deer," strolled Into camp'; recently
from the small village In Washington
called -on the map "Spokane." *
Wanted—A capable glazier, one
who can supply his own putty- and not
be afraid to * work a little overtime1.
Apply to Daniel Slavin, baseball pro-
We are glad to know "that Uncle
Benny Iihb regained his lost dog
"Flossie." She ought to stay with
hlm for ho surely Is fond of. hor. ,,
After the great fight thc IllllcreHt
baseball team had in Frenlo, possibly
thoy did not like to wear any other
clothes lest they should have had bad
luck in thorn, may account for their
failure to don their dandy new sulfa
but leaving thom n around instead.
Thoy ire still practising in flno shape
Rotting themselves In order to duplicate their Fernie exporlonco wllh tho
Now Mlcholllos, and the little village
'by tho fl. N. tormimiH can rest assured that thoy will glvo them tho
tlmo of their lives.
Somo stops should bo takon to supply tho camp with sultahlo drinking
wator and If thoro should bo an outbreak,of an opldomlc It can bo placed
to criminal neglect. ' Tho present
liquid Is not fit for pigs and wo may
say that a visit from tho hoalth of-
floor Is sorely noodod. Boll your
water. Prevention la nlwaya bottor
tlmn euro.
Work is progressing steadily at
prosont and wo sincerely hopo It may
continue, ,
Carl .lohnson Is making rapid strides
townrdB recovery ln tho Frank hon-
Novor mind Tom, oven tho Itlvor
Jordan went dry and doubt Iohh with
ho mueh anti-boozo ttxllc filling tho nlr
throughout the country It mny bo this
that has caused tho drying up of tho
In lie,
William . ntlemon, our Jovial preHl-
dont, Ib quite Interested In (Jowli-y'B
inhabitant*!* and hiij*h one of our
frlondB, but wo think It Ih "singular."
Wn hope lo hn nblo lo cliroiilclo li
"plurality" Imforc mnny uiooiih hnvo
gone by. There will be quito n
patched immediately. There was rumor
here" to the effect-that, the town of.
Lille was being burned out, and this
caused-Frank Boseley.tb pull his own
and his team's socks. He made the
trip from Bellevue to Lille in the fast
time of 26 minutes. They found the
state of affairs a lot better than was
anticipated, and finding that,' they
could not be of any use they returned
in the evening.
, The Union' Bank of Canada has de-
elded to establish' a branch at Passburg." -
Ah ice cream social and sports took
place last weekjfor the benefit of the
Roman Catholic church, on land belonging to Mr. R. Connelly, -who very
generously gave permission to use it.
There were a number, of foot races,
etc., on the program. Frank Boseley
won the 100-yard dash rather easily,
from a big field. Frank Is running
well these days. W. H. Chappell, jl*.,
won the 100 yards invitation race, but
would have had'a run for his money
if Frank hadn't fallen.' The proceeds
in connection with the social, subscriptions, etc., amounted to -the
handsome sum of $91. We'are unable
to get the other, results.    7 "
A marriage took place at Passburg
between Mr. W. Miller. of Passburg
aria* Miss. Annie Henderson, daughter
of. Mr.' William Henderson of Passburg. Mr." Miller is fire boss at the
rassburg mine. -        °
, The new mine at Passburg is going
ahead by leaps and bounds and Mr.
George Thomas, -pit boss, thinks it
will be one of the biggest mines in
the pass before very long.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rudd, proprietors, of the Southern Hotel,, left
for their ranch near Moyie, 'B. C,
this week.
Mr. Gus Neideg of Lethbridge was
ih town during the* week distributing
posters, etc.,'1 in connection with the
big fair to be held' In Lethbridge in
August. . -,
The football. club will . entertain
Hosmer on Saturday, when we expect,
to .win. . Mr." H. Jepson of Elko wont
be the referee.
There is a great deal of dissatisfaction among the employes of the West
Canadian Collieries regarding the payment for lost time through injuries
received..* The compensation act is
printed, ih , plain language which
.makes the company's attitude all the
"rirore™peculiar.*™"'The caso™of"Steve'
Huprtok,' a Slav, who is married and
has four- or five children is an ^instance,    Steve. had a leg. broken in
the mine on May 13th 'and the financial secretary of the local union Alio
has-been appointed by the members
as agent for compensation cases, sent
in the necessary forms in iho manner
callod for by ^.the compensation act,
but up to now we are completely in
the dark about what the company proposes doing for this man, He has not
yet received a cent. We wonder
whether the company over gives a
thought to how this man Is going to
exist with' a wife and family to support and nothing coming In. It Is .to
bo hoped that the district officers will
endeavor to havo this matter settled
as 80.01*1 as possible as this Is by no
means the only case which the company has refused to settle.
Mr. and Mrs, Albert Ilnllworth nnd
family arrived homo this evening
after spending a- week's -holiday nt
Medicino Hat,
"VyVwIsli many happy returns to Mr.
Frod Chappell upon his attaining his
twenty-third, birthday. ■
The following table shows' the standing tho Crow's Nost Football lens'io:
Won Lost Draw Pis.
mell got caught ori the foot with a
piece of rock in No. 9 mine and-S.
Cappelo got his right hand severely
cut. George Miller had bis collar
bone broken and George Gaole re*-,
ceived a cut on the head in No. 1
south, and Fred Stane got crushed,, in
No. 5 mine, all are improving as well
as can be expected.    "
Ralph Smith, an old' Creekite, sent
the camp wild by arriving up here
on a bicycle from Hosmer. He stayed
the week end with Mr. aud Mrs. Shen-
Bljiy Hughes was the Creek delegate at the league meeting at Fernie
last Saturday and reports the business transacted very satisfactorily.
A digger named Thomas Climie
had his right wrist badly cut with a
piece, of rock last Frldaj; morning
•while working iri the Longwall of No.
2 mine.
The belt on No. 9 fan broke about
8 p. m. last Thursday evening, causing
the workmen to be withdrawn from
No. 9 and old No. 1 mines. It was
repaired for the Friday morning shift.
. Johnny behind the. Deuce, who has
sold more land and mining claims
than all the real estate men in Canada has started a new venture being
no less than, selling fruit lands and
selecting Coal Creek as his center
attraction. He landed his first, would-
be purchaser up here last week, but
finding Iron Brew the strongest
available drink on tap they quickly
returned to the city where they could
talk business and drink of the cup
that cheers.
Ted English, -the popular booze
slinger of the Royal Hotel, was up
here last Saturday night spending the
time among his old club mates.
Everyone was glad ' to see him'- and
Ted soon made himself at home..
A special meeting of the members
of C. C. L. A. A. is called for Sunday
July 31st for the election of a vice
president and six hoard members. All
members are requested to attend.
E. H. Marlett was a business visitor up here last Saturday.
* Mrs. Frank Williams from Coleman"
was up visiting her two sons on
William Harrison of Hosmer was
a visitor up here on Tuesday.
* Billy * Ireland's brother ir.d wife
and baby arrived from Scotland. on
Wednesday.       *■ •     f
 /5f*.lrt««n« *__ ill K*\_ -i-l-ir-i vicittnir fnnim.
 VsOi-ci.uaii— "ivin-*- u*c—tu\. — t «u*b*-.&io—__»«»--
ball team here on*Saturday. A good
game is assured. . '*
Jack Harrington and J. E. Smith
have been attending the district, conference at Fernie on"* the   proposed
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦■♦ ♦. ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦<*►♦♦♦♦
Zase druha smutna sprava v Coleman v sobutu rano 0 8 hodine Majk
Jagos bol smrtelne raneni Jagos bol
provadil svoju robotu v cisle 107 pilerl
v cisle 2 ked rhla a kame'na spadlo na
neho a zlomila mu nohu on bol do-
pravenl do spltala ale zomrel v krat-
kdm ease inkvizica bola visluchana na
stvitik bol i-odom polak 38, rokov
stary zenaty dve dcery a jeden sin
ostaly po nom jeho zena a .familia.
Majk Jagos-- je brat Albertovi Jagos
dobil znami na tejta okolichi.
Again I have to,, chronicle one of
those fatalities which seem to be an
unavoidable accompaniment to the industry of coal mining and' yet they
are altogether too frequent in this
locality as the percentage of thousands of tons of. coal .extracted, per
man killed or injured is far less than
the amount mined in other countries
where the natural conditions are certainly no' better, and if... anything in
those districts where'very deep mining is carried , on decidedly worse.
Various reasons have been advanced
to account for the disparity between
this country and the European continent, but few have stated that in consequence of ,tlie ' higher profits demanded on this side of the world the
same precautions for safeguarding
life are not effective here as are compulsory'in the more"populous.centers:
To come lo the local- matter—Last
Saturday morning, July 23rd, word
was circulated about the street that
another accident had happened.. Upon
making inquiries it turned out that
Coal Creek
Bellevuo ..
Fornio ....
Fnuili   —
Coleman   2       3
HoHmor    0       4
. Mr. II. Connolly ha<- marled to liar-
vohI IiIb hay. Ilo HtntoH that lt Is nol
anything llko 'M10 yield he had Innt
year, hh tho weather lms beon too
new bill, Coal Mines fiegulation Act
Although volumes have been written
about the evils of drink aiid to many
of us thoy are well known as we see
instances of the effects of intemperance quite frequently, still when-
an exceptionally., sad caso comes lo
notice we feel sorry for the sufferers
and then often go on our way without
further thought. There is nt the present tlmo a most distressing and heart
rending case right here in Coal Creek.
One of our residents, who Is addicted
to the booze habit, was arrested In
Fernie for drunkenness and locked np
in tho City gaol, meanwhile his family
suffers. His wife Is In a delicate
condition and there Is practically no
'money with which to buy tho necessaries so Important at such limes.
Tho now law that prohibits chronics
and notorious spendthrifts from being
served will, if enforced, lesson tlw
number of sufferers,
Tho now boarding house at Conl
Croek is fnst approaching completion
and unless unexpected clrcumstnncos
arlfio to prevent tho occupancy will
commence Thursday noxt, tho 4lh of
August. ■ Tho splendid construction arrangements nro tho work of J. J.
Wood from plans furnished hy Richard
Roaf, tho chief englnooi' for tho conl
company, nnd the lossoo Mr. Robert
FnlrclouRh Ih determined that this
Institution shnll bo Hocond to nono In
tho country If flrst-cliiBH food, well
cooked nnd offlclontly served cnn bo
the rnoiuiH of nltnlnlng tho desired
object. Thoro will bo CO woll equipped hodroomB, steam heated and electrically lighted, comfortable smoking
rooms anil reading parlors nnd In all
will bo an Ideal homo for mlnoiH.
"the-unluciry~victlm"'"was_ Mike"JagosT
or as his name sounds in' English,
Yargos. He, it appears was busy at
work in 107 pillar No. 2 when a slip
of rock and coal became detached unexpectedly and falling upon him broke
his leg and also doubtless inflicted
internal injuries as ho failed to rally
and died In the hospital to which
place he was conveyed for medical
attention as speedily as possible after
he was taken out-of the mine. The
coroner's inquest wa_f*"called, but after
meeting and attending to the preliminaries the adjournment was made
until Thursday at 3 p, m.
The deceased was 38 years of age,
married, his- family consisting of a
wife, two girls aged 12 and 8 respectively, and a boy of six yonrs,
residing in Gmlna Radzlhaw, Gallcyia.
Ills brother Albert Is well known
throughout the'pass as an energetic
enthusiast In persuading his countrymen to realize thc benefits of joining
the U. M. \V. A;'
The tuneless band, but no means
"Unless," was called Into requisition
this week nnd if the snmo amount of
onorgy were dlsplnyed on n big bass
drum tho effect, would bo dlsnstroufl,
George Kellock, Coleman's center
forward had lho plensnro of greeting
Crawford's direction, left nothing to
be desired, on that score. The eyes
were pleased by pretty sights, the
ears regaled by melodious strains and
the sense'of taste was afforded ample
opportunity for practice on ice cream,
sandwiches and cake by those who
followed,. out the advice of the cynic
how to tame the unruly man, viz:
"Feed the brute." The disciples'1 ac
the shrine of Terpischore were numerous and they certainly showed. the
ardency of their devotion by tripping
merrily along until the youthful hours
bi the morning. Congratulations and
expressions of * pleasure "were flying
around everywhere and their is no
gainsaying the .fact that the executives of the tennis club so ably aided
by the ladies are to be,complimented
on the function.
A nasty accident took place at the
Carbondale Lumber company's works
last Saturday when "John Palian, an
employe, had the misfortune to receive
severe" Injuries to his hand caused
by the head of his axe flying off the
handle and. severing the sinews aud
leaders between the chumb and forefinger.' He is reported to be progressing favorably.
What is the*1 matter with the Coleman football "club? Comments were
freely passed by the spectators' and
while we refrain from' reducing them
to cold print we sincerely hope the
committee heard the criticisms and
may profit therefrom because we are
compelled, reluctantly it is true, to
acknowledge, that they were merited.
One of the greatest drawbacks to improvement in all phases of life is the
resting upon one's oars and living on
a past reputation instead of keeping
constantly in view the need of practice. To sleep, to dream,, after you're
dead may be proper, but there's no
reason for anticipating this condition
whilst alive. Frank were entitled to
the goal they secured and if it acts
as a stimulus to our boys to get inlo
their training clothes even if. the
pruning knife has to* be used the Wesson will not. be without its benefits.
Let a first .class team be picked for
the next game if those who arc on
the list now do not show more snap
and ginger.
We_ are glad to state that although
many of the men were out fighting
the fire the attendance at- Brother
Jagos funeral was a creditable one.
rrhe—members—-^congregated at—the.
Miners' Hall and from there went to
the Catholic church where a very impressive sermon* was delivered by the
father. 7      .
Justice Swinfen Eady against the
Cheshire Miners' Federation restraining them from levying and collecting
Id -per month from the members for
parliamentary representation.
A coal field which lies-to the east
of'Doncaster (Yorks) is said to be
far the largest area of'unworked coal
in the United Kingdom. Its development is being actively undertaken by
11 new collieries.
Birmingham dental students went
on strike because of an attempt to
collect fines,for instruments left lying
around. The instruments belonged to
the students.
(c)—Jf a candidate for Third Class
that he has had at least three years'
experience in ..or about the practical
working of a coal mine.       Q
(d)—A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency, as Manager, Overman,- Shiftboss, Fireboss, or Shot-
lighter shall produce a certificate
from a medical practictioner, duly
qualified to practice as such in the
Province of British* Columbia, showing that he has' taken a course In-
ambulance work fitting him, the said
candidate, to give first aid to persons injured in coal mining operations.
By order of.the'Board.
Nanaimo. B. C, July 5th, 1910.
52 31
♦ ♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ ■■„'"♦
Notice of Examinations.
Notice is hereby given that examinations will be held for first, second
and third class Certificates of Competency under the provisions of the
"Coal ■ Mines .* Regulation Act" al
Nanaimo, Fernie, Cumberland and
Merrill' ,ori the 36th, 17th and lSth
days of August, 1910, commencing at
9 o'clock, in the forenoon.   .
The subjects will be as follows:
First Class Candidates—
Mining Act and-Special.Rules.
Mine Gases. _    . '
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Second Class Candidates—
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
Ventilation.             <*>              B.
General Work.'
Third Class Candidates—
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases and General Work. *
Application must be  made  to  the
undersigned   not later  than  Monday,
August   8th,'   1910,    accompanied by
the statutory fee, as follows:
By an applicant for First Class Examination    $10.00
By an applicant for Second Class Examination    $10.00
By an applicant, for Third Class Examination  .' .'.'  $5.00
The applications must be accompanied by original testimonials and.
evidence stating that: ■'
(a)—If.a candidate,for First Class,
that, he- is a British subject and has
or about the practical working of" a
coal mine," and is at least twenty-
five years of age.
(b)—If a candidate for Second
Class, that he has had at least five
years in * . or about the practical
working of a coal mine.
Another snd fatality occurred at tho
milieu up hove liiHt Friilny nbout 8 11.
m. when Louis F. Motiiel. a Gorman,
about 1!) yearn of ago nnd omployod
iih 11 dinky driver in old No, 1 mlno,
met with n horrlblo iluiith. Uo wuh
bringing n loniled trip mil nf Dw mlno
So astonished and indignant were
the visiting magistrates to find six-
boys i:i Preston gaol Mint they paid
the fines of four, who woro thereupon
released. They-were all from Wigan
and fines of a prohibitive character
had been imposed.
Tliere, arc over 01,000 officials employed by tho London County Council
and the London Borough Council.
-The Bishop of London hns promised
lo take part In tlio bl-centennry celebrations of tho church In Canada nnd
will arrive August, 12th and remain
four weeks In iho Dominion.
A palnlor Ih lucky If ho can get
eight, months' work a your snld a
man In Lambeth dock who had been
arrostod for a pelty crime.
Lord HoHcborry snld nl Colchester
grnmmnr school that whnt. was wanted
his wlfo arid dnughtor recently whoJ in England wns "men" and then snld
Here is a list of some of America's
richest women, with an estimate of
their fortunes: , ■ •■
Mrs. Russel Sage  $70,000,000
Mrs. E. H. Harriman  00,000,000 0
Mrs. Frederick C. Penfield 60,000,000
Mrs. Hetty Green  50,000,000
Mrs. C. P, Huntington*.   40,000,000
Mrs.., Whitelaw Reid....... 35,000,000
Mrs.  Henry J. Bracker.... 25,000.000
Mrs. Gustavo Amslnck  20,000,000
Miss Faith  Moore  20,000,000.
Mrs. J. Stewart Kennedy..  15,000.000 x
Miss Helen Gould  15,000,000
Miss Mary Garrett.   15,000,000
Mrs; Elliott F. Sheppard ... 15,000,000
Mrs. W. D. Sloane....-'..;.. 12,000,000
Mrs. W. Seward Webb.... 12,000,000
Mrs. H. McK. Twombly... 12,000,000
Mrs. H. Payne Whitney.... 12,000,000
Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt".. 10,000,000
Mrs. Potter Palmer  10,000,000
MIss ,Giulia Morosini   10.000,000
Mrs. Chas. B. Alexander... .10,000,000
Mrs. Phoebe A. Hurst.:....  10.000,000
Mrs. J. J; Lawrence  10,000,000
Miss-Jennie Flood  10,000,000
Mrs. VY. B. Leeijs '..'...  10,000,000 ,
Miss Laura Stallo    7,500,000 "
Miss Helen Siallo     7,500,000 "
Miss Grace Watt     5,000,000
Mrs. Julia Watt Curtiss.... 5,000,000
Mrs. Herman Oelrichs .... 5,000,000
Mrs. W. J. Vanderbilt, jr..:    5,000.000 *
Mrs, O. H. P. Belmont     5,000,000 ,
Miss Annie Leary -,.    5,000,000
Mrs. Warner M. Leeds    5,000,000
= LONDON, July 30.--The new Australian line of fast freight steamers *
will sail monthly between Australasia,
the United States, Canada, and England.
It, nppenrH thnt our coiroKiioiKhmt
irom  llliilrmore  miule n mlHluke  In
nnd when iIohci'IuIIiih thu Hllght grade; H-,t(-„K (|ml |t whh Aluo Mol'luu'son,
froiii tho tunnel to llm end or tlio I-, H|inuld bo Campbell McIMicmon,
ciirpiml-Vti nhop ho wnn applying IiIh j w,(0 mvA ,„ work ,u c0|0ma„, \\'n
hniko when lm Hoinnhow IohI IiIh hni-1 n,.p -p-onRed to lnarn tlmt both nro
mice and MI out of tho dlnliy fulling j |,mm(.HHliiK as wnll an cim bo ux-
Into lho middle of the truck. Tlio J ,IIJ(.tCMi, hUIiuiikIi Imlli wf«rt* vory bn illy
dinky tnineil hlm over Hovornl tliium |,,-,,    Fortunntoly,  however,  they
noin.lniil week, to Mr. nnd-MrB.
AufiustuB Pchi'non, n son.
A telegram wns rocolvod hero on
-Saturday Inquiring for tho where-
nhnutH of Am.ln KnlUchuk niul
■daug/iter. mother nnrt Bister renj>i'C-
tlvfly of Louis Motul. tbo young man
who wns killed In tho mlno at Conl
Creek, Wo mado Inqulrlcc but failed
to locate either of them.
Mr. milium Hobnon, photographer,
of Hosmer Is bnck In town again for
n fow weeks.
Horn, to Mr. nnd Mrs. George
KiiowUmi, n non,
Menn. R. !»'vlU and J. Ihirk-i
■vlilU'-J Kornio on Saturday In connection with tho moetlng of tbo
Crow'a Nest Football league.
Tb»r« has h-f^n a numbor ot tlrrn
In the vicinity of Hollo-rue thla tteeK
bnt at no thru***- has tt h*w nwrwuary
to ko and fight It, wllh the exception
or Iho fire nt Mile. A call for help
va* rtceivod at thf- lte-IIerae mine of-
fle# «n Twetday, and Frank ttotoioy'*
bunch of meu and ho** were dis-
nnd I lion piiHHcd over hlm, tlio ciii*h
following, mul    they   I'ould  not bo
stopped until they bail gnlned con-
,v . *.<>1        11       1
■'(■-■•'''.I win- Xtb'Vo'X up In*1 wi\« unite
dem! having heen criiHlied frightfully
while lying In tho trnck. Tho body
wnn iiiiiiovcil to IVriilu In n apednl
trnln about 11 o'clock.
Mclui'l wns hutching In u room nt
llu-1  Uijl   Ol   1 In-r   » I«vft  iiii***   -nao   wi'u
ii'Mlilliig up hero about nlno months.
Ti'k'Brums woro nenl to different
plncos to try to locnlo IiIh relatives
arrlvod horo from tliolr old homo In
the kingdom of Fife, Scotland, to
rolgn over lho destinies of Georgo.
(No relation to tho V, one of that
John Swan, lho storekeeper for tho
1. C. & Coko company, wos Initiated
Into tho glorlouH army of Bonedicts
at Cnlgnry, inking for his life partnor
MIhh L, Morgan of Hamilton, Ont.
Tho hnppy couplo, aftor a short bo-
Journ at Banff, tnko up their ronl-
donco In our midst In a very nlco
Iiouho that Jack built. Kvorybmly
nnd IiIh brothor wish Mr. and Mrs.
Swan may hnvo a long lifo filled with
ovory human happiness.
Tho Ico eronm Horlnl held nt the
Hkntlng rluk iiimIit tho niiDplccH of
Uio Woman's Auxiliary wns n comploto huc-i-l-hh. The proceeds are to
nld the Ht. Allinn'H Pnrsonngo building fund, The Colemnn liniKt* linud
dlMcouriiod sweet HtrnltiR wlil"h were
grently npprociiiti'd. ,.Mr. Disney In
mnklng oxcdli'iit progresif In building
lhe St. AIIiiiii'h piirwrtingi'.
Owing to the pi'ompi fiction on the
pint of our flrn brlgnib- the flro thnt
brold' out (it ihe enm end of the town
nenr Povons wiih iipcillly broiiKlit
undor control. Them nro Htlll mnny
hiinli fln*H rngliig In tli'1 nclKbborlnioil
but nono thnl pn-awit any danger of
pc 11 11 1 .... V:*'*".','. '!.- *""" "
lw rolnir ihorc muni bo eonsldonililo
Htnoko III Lillo ns It Hiioms to bn triivel-
Ing In thnt direction.
Mrs. Mcdrrgor, of Dw storo- nt Summit, vviiK wifely delivered of twins
in Colomnn.
Felix Colomer. uiniiiiglug director j j^^J, xoiVnlV-i'lul. <-« .ubralpd their m<'C
of the Cnnndn Coal Consolidated Co.. ■ , „„„„„, lml, ,„ „,„ oppra hmw,t
ot Frank, Altn.. and one of tho moHt  „„,, (l -H no Htr€»t*'»iln« of tho truth
did not rocolvo nny Interior Injury.
William FdHti'i' nml Martin Slnclnlr
lmvo gone to North Fork for a week's
mU,"-.-j.'*j!i' J'n-tiT h'fi for Dw vo:\v.\ \w\
thnt It. wiih snld to see fine young
mon going nbout without being able
to find omploymont, Ills remedy for
whleh Ih emigration.
Tho Klrkdalo by-oloctlon resulted In
a majority of 22S for McArthur
(UiiIoiiIhI.) over Cnmoron (Lnbor).
The Roman Catholic voto went solid
for Cnmoron on nccount of his stand
on tho Coronation onth question, whilo
many Liberals aro reported tn havo
votod for McArthur becauso of their
fear of Hoeliilism.
Ah a roHiilt of lho strike llio D, T. I',
HocurllloH havo takon a tremendous
slldo down hill on thc London market,
Siniill coiiHigiimoiitH nf plgH froiii
Munch 111*111 mid Siberia nro holug Imported tnto I.nglniid wllh lho ob|oi-t
of UiHlltig lhe possibilities of the
I only wont to gather wild flowc-a J
for niy father's grnvo pli-iidril Dow \
jiiiiiln I'.ihlgcr, fined llu fid nt Tun-j
bridge Wolls for troHpiiHHlng on Ihoj
rnllwny proporty, '
KggH nre now linpoi-lcd Into Grent |
JlrHiilii   from   lluxsln  Hliollod,   bont hi
up, nnd  preserved    In    lii'imotli'.illv
Hiiilod    tfiih    fiom    whij-h  lln<y  1110
ilruwn off thiiiugh ;\ tup.
Reports 1.0 fVivotll flu ri I on iniirkef
Htato that tliniiHiiinlH nf ik-i-oh of Htrnw-
I        „.,l.     ,     1,.,.,,      1,     ,   ,,     ....,,11      ,i       ,}..     ,;■„„
throntotiK tn lie ri fiilluro niuilo". i""
dropping off, nnd tho goiiKoborrli'H n-
I'iimo tn ripen, ThoiiHimilH of people
who ;ir<- .igngHl ( ns ">!< hers ur-*-
thrown out ni worlc and llu- fruit
liniiMf'H nre ronipelli'd in iloeroitHi- their
l„ W. King, 11 Colnc (Uii«h) i-hnli-
loold-r, n-relvs $l2,."ii'-') In nihil nntl
u gnrill  pOHlllllll  wllh  the ("rent   Con-
hut to no avail, nml the unfortunate  wnlni-ni of Iretich min lug englneerH., |lmt ,t WUH „„„ 0f the most thoroughly  irnl  railway   for  11  snfmy  lock   tot;
young man  was burlftil on Tuesday  ll"(I  A-  Miilb;r, pi-nernl  manager or, ,.li;j0j,a|,,**„ nfrulrs that has ever taken t rnllwny <nnIngn doors,
without   a  friend  belonging  to  him   thn samn company* mlnna. woro In 1 pInr„ ,n   cob-man.   The   decorative!    fieorgo Glf.ldoii, 11 Hoi-lallM Hp.nk.-r,
1.1-ar    Ii v,*a» a vrvy ami alulH In-Jeo.l.   f'ir> r,fv m' ,,'r,,'l,-v nn'' 8ftl""W 'on*-*****' tu*t;■/-.•.i-t.iInly In.-* nnmo very not puplh   u-.-m     fltvd     Irtfl   nf     Croydon     btr
Tho minus wire all lillo during theIj '"B l,/*,r s<'v''n,;* ■"^•J**'8 ," ^'j8 ^'"'{nmonn our citizens as tho hall'was a i causing an obstruction with 11 Hot lul
funeral anil a sp-'r-lnl trnln wna run |'•M-   T,lr *, * I
from Coal Creek.     Tlio   atlojidanco  c ™,m' "r "K* A
wns slightly better   limn   tho   last
funeral but still tho.o Is room for
Tiit-re haa been quite a crowd of
new arrival* up here this last thrco
Mra. 8ld Itttnl and bdby were visiting Mra. !>. Oliver up Uro on Wednesday.
Thorn wero several ullght accldenu
hero the last of tho wt-ck.   Ike Cart-
taken out  to  No,
It. it I. Vn. hy E.
A. Cunningham and declared It to bo
one of tho finest plants thoy had r-v*-r
seen.- Lothbrldgo Hornld.
nt-.SIN.-V n**K July 30.—Joseph
(Iri-nnan, charged with ntto,mptlng an
indecent a*Muk on a sit year old
fart'onitu mntm nt color innit hftfipllv Nl *.'m
blended, rings, hunting and tho ovor- A Mono v.a* nnrovorod n-iemlj In
groen fir mndo a onmbl-natlon that 1 lho Milo-Knd rond. I/mdon, in mark
aun very plcufsii-K to thc oyo. TboM'.ihi-' ».>ol where (lonoral Houth began
lntoriipers<-il with signs of the eha i"; uiu rollf-lous propaganda l'. yearn
of tho elusive ball In tho shnpo of < ngo.
racket* and globolars mado a tout: lho unD-Sotlitb.l Vulou ',fi ami '.*7
ciiKomblc which, with n t-mnfu not \ vtotnrfa Uroot, London, it. W„ h vr" |
strotrhed acrons the hall, thli arrant; parod to train a numbor of min wills-
nt!! political up! It nib- as speakers and to
Styles That Ate Different
Of course, I .t-Rnform Summer Suits arc (*ntirt:ly different
from aiiy others you will sec.
The •Avion nro. di«tin<_.ive, bocmisu they rite crcalecl hy thc
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month* hard l»bor and 12 lanhea.      1 Coloman orcboatra   under   profonunr;    An    Injuwllon    «m    urantod    1
The Crow's Nest Trading Co/
Sole Agents in Fernie >!-''
7 :-*■"■■,.
1  JS   .■
Co a I Mines Regula tion Act
An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Coal
Mines Regulation Act and Amending Acts--
Full Interpetation Regarding All Workings
103. Every person em_*:oyed in or
about a mine, other than an owner,
agent or manager, who is guilty of
any act.or omission which in the case
of an owner, agent or manager 'would
be an offence. against this act shall
he deemed to he guilty of an offence
against this act.
lOt. Every.person wiio Is guilty of
any offence against this act shall be
liable to a penally not exceeding, if
he is an owner, nax-nt or manager.
..$100, and if he is any other person,
$10 for each offence;, and if the inspector has given written notice of
any such offence,- then in case of an
dwher, agent or manager to a further
penalty not exceeding $100 and not
less than $10 for every day after
such notice that such" offence continues to be committed,' and in cases
of othei-- persons, to a further penalty
not exceeding $5 for every day after
such notice that such offence continues to be committed.
IOH. 'Where a person who is an
owner, agent or manager of or a
person\employcd in or a'jour a mine
is guilty of any offense against tliis
act wliich in ihe opinion of the court
that tries the case is one wliich was
reasonably calculated lo endanger the
safety of "the persons employed in or'
about Ihe mine, or to cause serious
personal injury to any of such persons, or to cause a dangerous accident, and was committed wilfully by
the personal act, personal default, or
personal negligence of the person accused, s,uch person shall be liable, if
the court is of opinion that a pecuniary penalty will'not meet the circumstances of the casjj, to imprisonment
with or without hard labor for a
period not exceeding three mouths.
100. If any porson feel, aggrieved
by any conviction made by a court of
summary.jurisdiction on determining
any- information under this act, by
which- conviction imprisonment is
adjudged in pursuance of the last preceding section, or by which conviction
the sum adjudged to be paid amounts
to or exceeds half the maximum pen-
peal therefrom.
10,7. * All offenses under this act and
all penalties, under .his act, and all
money and costs by this act directed
•■ to be recovered as penalties, may bo
prosecuted and recovered, in a summary maiiner before a justice of the
I OS. The following* provisions^ shall
have effect :
(1). Any complaint or Information
mado or laid in pursuance of this act
shall be made or .laid within six
.months from Ihe tlmo when the matter „of such complaint or information
respectively arose:
(2), The description of any offense
under this net, in the words of this
act, shall bo sufficient in lnw:
(3). Any excepilon, exemption,
proviso, excuse or qualification,
whether it does or not accompany the
description of tho .offense In this act,
may bo proved by the defendant, but
need not he specified or negatived in
tho Information; and If so specified
or negatived, no proof In relation to
tho man ors so specified or negatived
shnll bo required on tho part of,the
(■I). The owner, agent or manngor
mny, ir ho thinks fit, ho sworn and
examined ns nn onllnnry witness In
the ciisi! when- he Is chnrgod In respect of_. any contravention or noncompliance*! by another person.
it,). The court shall, if required by
either pnrty, cause minutes of tho
ovidoneo to be takon und preserved:
((!). Any two Justices of the peace
holding a court of summary Jurisdiction shnll not Impose n penalty under
tMlh net oxceortlng iwo hundred and
fifty iloll/irs, hut nny mich .nnrt mny
impose ihnl or nny- loss pennlty for
any one offense, iiolwllliHlnndiiig the
offense Involves n penally of higher
Hi!. No prosecution shnll ho Instituted (-'gainst (he owner, malinger,
or ngonl of a mlno to whloh this net.
npplios for nny offcniio under this
net which can ho prnKociiiod boforo
n court of nummary Jurisdiction, ox-
copl by mi Inspector or wllh Iho con-
Hout lu willing of lho iiiIuIhUh' of
mlnos; mul In tho caso of nny offense
of which tin- owner, ngi-nt or iiiiin-
ugor of ii mlno Is nnl alleged to be
pi'isiiiiiilly    iho    porpelriitor,   If
or liable tinder any other act or otherwise to any other or higher penalty or
punishment than is provided for any
offense by this act, so that no person be punished twice for the same
offense. And if the court before
whom a person is charged • with an
offense under this act think thai proceedings ought to be taken against
such person for such offense under
any other act or otherwise, the court
may adjourn the case to enable such
proceedings to bo taken.
111. A person who is the owner,,
agent or manager of any mine to
which this act applies, or the father,
son or brother of such owner, agent
or manager, shall not act as a court
or member of a court of summary
jurisdiction in respect of nny offense
under this act.
112. Where a penalty is imposed
under this act for neglecting to send
a notice of any explosion or accident
or for1 any offense against this act,
whicli has occasioned loss of life or
personal* injury, the minister of mines
may (if he thinks fit) direct such
penalty to be paid to or distributed
among the persons injured and the
relatives of any persons whose death
may have been occasioned by such explosion, accident or offense, or among
some of, them:
Provided that—
(1). Such persons did not, in his
opinion, occasion or contribute to occasion the explosion or accident, and
did not commit and wero not parties
to committing the-offense: ■
(2). The fact of such" payment or
distribution shall not in any way affect oi- be receivable as evidence in
any legal proceeding relative to or on st'ich explosion, accident or offense:
Save as aforesaid, all penalties imposed in pursuance of this act shall
be paid into the Provincial treasury.
113. The owner, agent or manager
of every mine shall send to the minister of mines or the chief inspector
of mines a return of any special facts
relating to his mine whenever- required. .  *
114. It shall be lawful for the lieutenant-governor in council-to authorize
the payment of all necessary expanses
for, the carrying, out of the provisions
uf- tins—act—from—the—Consolidated-
Revenue Fund of British Columbia.
115. The following ' statutes are
hereby repealed, namely:.
Chapter 13S of the Revised Statutes,
Chapters 4G ancl 47 of the Statutes
of 1S09;
Chapter 3G of the statutes of 1001;
Chapters -IS and 4S of tlie Stautes
of 1902;
Chapter 17 of the Statutes of 1903;
Chapters 38, 39 and -10 of the
Statutes of 1903-0-1;
Chapter 3"i of the Statutes of 1905;
Chapter 30 of the Statutes of 1906;
and chapters 33' and 34 of Uie statutes
of 1909. Chapter 34 of the statutes
of 1910,
present, as well as those voting upon
each question, shall be recorded:
(f). No business shall be transacted unless notice in writing ot such
business has been sent to every member of the board seven days at -least
before the meeting..-* '
2. The board shall, fro-ji time to
time', appoint some persoj-^to he chairman and one cither person .to be vice-
3.~. If at any. meeting the chairman
is not present'at the lime appointed
for holding the same, the vice-chairman shall he the chairman bf the
meeting;, and if neither the chairman
nor. vice-chairman shall be present,
then the members present shall-choose
some one of their number to bo chairman of such meeting.
•1. In case of an equality.of votes
at any meeting, the chairman for the
time being of such meeting shall' have
a second or casting vote.
' 5. The appointment of an examiner
may be made by a minute of the
board, signed by the chairman.
C. The board shall keep minutes'
of their proceedings, which .may be
inspected or copied by the minister
of mines, or any person authorized
by ,him to inspect or copy the' same.
Schedule One,
(Soction 3-1.)
Table of maximum fees to bo paid
in  respect   to    certificates    of    corn-
potency as miiiinger, ovormnn, shift-
boss, flrnboHS or shotllghtor:
liy an applicant for exnniination
ns munagor or overman  $10.00
13y an applicant for oxnmlnutlon
as shiftboss, firoboss,'or shot-
lighter ,,'. ...'    5,00
Hy an npplk-nnt for a cortlflcnto
of service for registration  JO.OO
For a cort If lento, or n copy
thereof      5.00
Schedule Two.
(Section 33.)
Proceedings of Board of Examinations.
1. The bonrd shnll moot for tho
dispatch of business, and shall from
tlmo to time miikn such rcgiilntlons
with respect to tho summoning, notico
plnco, maiiageini'iit nnd adjournment
and iiiljoiirnmi'iit of .such meetings,
and generally wllh respect to tho
Iraimnctlon iiiid'niiiiingoiiiont of business, Including the quorum nt meetings of lho board, as they think fit,
subject to the following condition-*];
(nl, Tho first mooting shnll ho
KiiniinoiH'd by the Inspector of tho
district, nnd Hhnll ho hold on such dny
iih mny bo fixed by the minister of
(bl.   An oxtrnoidliinrymootlng mny
be hold at any tlmo on tho written
ho i requisition of lh roo nionibcrn of lho
7   Schedule Three.
(Section 49.) "
Constitution  of  Board.
1. Each member of the Board of
Examiners shall be entitled' to vote
at vevery examination.
2. Each board shall, within ten
days of its formation, meet and elect
from its members a chairman, who
shall preside at' all examinations and
meetings of the board.
3. The person appointed by the
Lieutenant-Governor * in' Council lo
serve on each board shall act as sec-
-retary thereto, and keep-minutes of
all proceedings, record of all candidates for and results of examinations,
issue~ certificates of competency, and
forward the prescribed returns to the
department of mines. He shall also
attend to all correspondence of thc
board and answer all inquiries''made
to him regarding the affairs thereof.
4. The owner or manager of each
"colliery sIiuIIt-on-OT"beforc—the—first-
day* of December in each year, forward ■ to lhe" Department of Wines',
upon the prescribed form, notice of
the person nominated by him .to act
on such board. He may also nominate two other persons as alternates
to acl in the absence of the member
'nominated ,by him. In the event of
such nomination not being made the
minister, of mines may appoint one
member to act on behalf of the owners of tho colliery. .
5. At each election for the coal-
miner mombor of a board'there shall
be two alternates appointed who shall
be the two candidates receiving the
next, highest number of votes to the
one elected. One of such alternates
shall act upon such board in .tho absence, of tho elected member/ '
G. In the event of any one or moro
of* such elected or alternate conl*
minors ceasing to be employed i'n the
colliery for which he or they were
elected or appointed, he or they shnll,
Ipso facto, cease 'to bo mombors or
nlternntos, as the case may bo.
7, As soon ns posslblo aftor n
board ban been constituted thoro shnll
ho published In tho British Columbia
Ouzel to, and In a newspaper circulating in lho vicinity of Iho colliery, a
notice giving the names of the persons constituting such board and tho
nltomntoR. The name and tho post-
offlco nddresB of tho socrotnry shall
bo containod In such notice, together
with nn Intimation thnt nil pornonti
requiring information as to tho conduct of examinations Hhall apply to
tho socrotary of the nearest board,
8. Tlio members of tho boards Bhnll
ontor upon lliolr duties on tlio first
day of Jnuunry. All honnlft Rlinll contlnuo In office unlil tho first'dny of
.Innnnry next ensuing, or until sue-
cghhoi'h nroiippoiiited or olected,
fl, A board of examlnoi'H may bo
formed, by permission of lho minister
of mines, at any colliery where Its
constitutions niny.ho rendered iiccoh-
miry, nftor the rogulnr dnto of formation In any years; hul If such board
ho cniiHlltulod nftor tho flrHt day of
Septombor hiieh bniird Rlinll hold offlco
unlil tho thirty-first dny of Decembnr
next ensuing, and for ono yenr llieru-
- 10." If, from "any cause, a full board
qannot be constituted at aay colliery
from the , regularly elected and - appointed members and alternate's the
vacancies may, be filled, by the minister of mines". '
-  7- Elections.
11.. The election of coal-miners as
members of the boards oi, examiners
shall take place on the second .Saturday in December in each "year.
12., One week before the date set
for each '.election the owner or manager* of 'every, colliery at which a
board -.of examiners has been constituted shall forward a list, certified
by him'.to be a correct one, of the
coal-miners actually working in the
colliery. Only the persons named on
such list shall be entitled to vote at
the  ensuing election.
13. All candidates at such * election
shall be' nominated in* writing by at
least two coal-miners working in the
colliery, and such nomination, together with the candidates' acceptance
thereof, in the prescribed form, shall
be delivered to the secretary at least
seven days before the election. No
coal-miner whose name does' not appear on the list furnished. by the
owner.or manager shall be eligible for
election to the board. At least .four
days before the election the secretary shall post notices of such election, together with the names of the
candidates thereat, in at least three
conspicuous places about the colliery.
14. All elections shall be by ballot
and the secretary to the' board of examiners shall act as returning officer.
15., When . any coal-miner shall
apply for a ballot the secretary shall
satisfy himself that the name of such
person is on* the list furnished to
him. At any election after the first
the secretary may require' any applicant for a ballot to produce his
certificate of competency, and if such
certificate be not produced no ballot
shall be,furnished to tho applicant.
-, 16. The election held between the • hours of two and six
o'clock in the afternoon, at such place
as shall be designated by the secre-
>taiy, and shall be conducted in'the
following manner: - -     • _
(a). Thc secretary,-aftev.satisfying
himself that the applicant" is entitled
to vote, shall furnish him with a ballot
on 'which shall be written or printed,
in alphabetical order, tho names of
the, candidates. The secretary* shall
place his initials on the back "of each
ballot before handing it to the voter,
and the voter, after marking, same,
shall fold it-in such a manner that
such initials shall be' visible,' and
show .the same to the secretary before placing it-in the ballot box:
' (b). The ballot box, shall be .sealed
during the continuance of the election:* ■    ' t
(c)'. Each voter shall be entitled to
vote for one candidate and no more,
■_a_id_s_li_a_l___yote  by   marking  a  cross
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
? 141.1. Meets every Friday night at
8 p.m.c,Miners union hall. A. L.
Boles, President; .William Long, Recording Secretary.. .
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd Sundays at 2.30 p.m. Secretary J. A. Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
' Meets 2nd and -1th Saturday, Miners
.Union hall.     I). Hees, ae,-*..
Amalgamated .Society of Carpenters
and Joiners:. Meets, in-the Miners'.
Union-Hall.  . A. Ward, Secretary..
DR. WRIGLESWORTH. D.  D. 8.   .7
, . "DENTIST.   .."-'.■-•   ;.   .
..Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block., .
Hours 9-12; 1-6;        ''"'':■   , Phono 72
.    B.  G.
- DR. J. BARBER, DENTIST    •■*■ .
. Office Henderson Block, Pernie B.C.-.
'*• Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave..
Typographical Union No. 555' Meets
last.Saturday in each month at the
Ledger Office.. A. J>Buckley, Secretary.-
proves that he hnd tniton all ronson-
nblo nioims in prevent lho commlHslon
thi'ioof, nu Inspector shall not Institute
nny prosfciitlon iignliiHi Hitch owner,
agent ur iniiiuigi'i' if satisfied that ho
Iuul tnkon siif-h ron-'owiblo menus nu
aforesaid,   ,
110     ViMlil,nr  (■*•,' tl\|n  lift   i-linll   tiro,
vont nny poison from bolng Indicted
bonrd, nildrew-od to the I'linlniinn;
to). Tho quorum to ho fixed by
tho honrd shnll consist nf not Iohh
ihiin throo momborH:
(ill. Every quostion shnll ho do.
eldod by n mii.lorlty of votes of thn
mi-mhi'i'H prosont und voting on that
(o).   Tho  iianicH of ihu  menibors
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union -Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.'	
Amalgamated Society Carpenters and
Joiners:—Meet in Miners Hall every
■ alternate Thursday at.8 o'clock.-A.
Ward, secretary. P. O. 307.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners.—Local 1220. ' D. J. Evans,
■President;* P. I-I. Shaw, Secretary.' '■
W. R. Ross K. C. , W. S. Lane
, ROSS &  LANE .
Barristers and Solicitors    ,.
Fernie, B. C. *
L. P. Eckstein
. D. E. McTaggart
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
Other bodies are requested to send in
their cards.
You will find relief in Zam-Buk!
it eases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure; Why not prove
this ? AU Eruooi&ta and Stores,-*--
iiu-w ^"toobtxe.   ■ .*---.
B rtt B u
*TQRA1.L summer sqr7
opposite the name' of lhe candidate
for whom he votes. Any ballot marked
for more than one candidate shall be
void: - '
(d). - At the conclusion of the election the secretary shall open-the ballot -box and proceed" to count the.
votes. The candidate receiving:, the
highest number of .votes shall be declared elected, and the two receiving
the next highest number of votes shall
ho declared alternates. I'n the-case
of aiiy tie the secretary shall have a
casting vote:
(e). Any candidate, or one porson
acting on his behalf, may bo present
at the counting of votes:        "  *
(f). The secretary shall forward
the marlced ballots* to tho department
of mines, together with his certificates
of the result, of the election, within
three days after tho same. Such ballots shall bo destroyed at the ond of.
.10 dnys If no .dispute arises as to Biich
election. If a dlsputo arises thoy
shall bo destroyed forthwith after Its
settlement: ..       ,  ,
(fil. Tn tho ovont, of* nny dlsputo
arlslhg as to tho result or conduct of
any election tho mattor shall bo referred lo the minister of mines, whoso
decision shall ho flnnl. Ho mny order
a,now election or otherwise deal with
tho caso an ho may deem fit,
17. Notico of tho dato niul placo
of ench exnmlnntion nhnll bo poHtod
for at leaHt sovon days beforo lho
holding of the snmo ,nt throo or moro
conspicuous places about the colliery.
All candidates"* for examination shall
give at least two days' notice to the
■secretary-and pay to him ihe examination fee of one dollar.
18. The examination . shall commence on the. day "named and continue
until all. the applicants have been examined.        *" . ,       •
,19.". The result bf each examination
shall, be certified under lhe hand of
to be kept by the'secretary-for that
purpose, aiid a report thereof, in the
prescribed form, shall be forwarded
lo the department of mines within 10
days after the conclusion of each ex-
- *- o
20. % All certificates or testimonials
presented ,'by persons coming0 before
the board must be clear and satisfactory, and in case of,doubt the board
may require additional confirmation
or proof ol the same,.*
21. Candidates shall produce their
previous certificates', of employment
when' presenting themselves for examination, t
22. All fees paid in respect of examinations and certificates of competency under this act shall be*forwarded by the secretary to thc treasury at tho end of each month and
shnll form pnrt of the consolldiitod
revenue of the Province of Hritish
23. Examinations for certificates
of competency os coal-minors shall bo
viva voce,        "
, Certificates of Competency.
21. A cortlflcato of competency as
shotltghtci', fireboss or ovei man shall
carry with it all tho rights .nnd
privileges granted to a cortl-mlnor by
a certificate of competency as,such,
nnd tho holder thoroof shall bo cllglblo
for nominal lon and oloctlon as a conl-
minor member of nny board of examiners or nllernnto, nnd to voto nt any
such oloctlon.
25.   In tho case of any person who
F. C. Lawe Alex. I. Fisher
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Fernie, B. C. '    "
,." W. A.. CONNELL
Pioneer Builder" and Contractor of
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7 =    A. McDougall, Mgr    ''
Manufacturers of and Deal-
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Mnll or plunii' oriloiN rocolvo cnrcful iiMi'iilUm.
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The! Hotel of Fernie
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and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
Ilie Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
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uIhIhih lo lmvo loHt IiIh cortlflcnto of
com potency, lio Hhnll npply to tlio tuc-
rot nry of tlio honnl from which h't
vocolvoil llio hiiiiio for 11 miliBlltntcd
cortlflcato. Tlio snld Bocrotnry, upon
proof BiitlHfiintory to Iiim of mioli loss,
mny Ihhuo hucIi HiiUHtltntml corllflcuto,
IniloriilnR upon tho fnco thoroof tlio
woi'ilH "Ihhiii-iI iih a hiiIjhIIIiiioiI certificato for No. HAtlRfantory proof
of tho lonn of Hnmo linvltiK boon
Blvon." Should nny porson uot ho
nlilo to Horuro mich niilmlltiitoi] cortlflcnto ho.Hhnll ho tn-ntail only tm
n now nppllcnni. mid ho minjocloi] to
exnmlnntion.   In tlio ovont   nf   Uio
1        .1.1' .   I    . r ,,l(i.       \
^W.,.,.     k»»      K........I .. _ . _)     ..V...      ll 14(1 .,     *«..i..«
tout ''ovllflrnto -wnn nlitnlnr-d linvtnn;
conned to oxlst, n wtlnstltttl-nd cortlfl-
cnto may bo obtained from tho Dopnrt-
ment of Mines upon satlt-factory proof
of Iohh bolng glvon.
20,   Tho chnrgo of mibfltltutc.l cor-
Urn-Mi*:    xti    ii.\ilu)rCi<i:\tX-)   aiirtii  tits  ,ii>
ccntB. .       •
27. A cortlflcnto of compotoncy
may bo cnncollod or simponilod for
Any loiiRlh of tlmo by the minister
of milieu, should - tlin liolilnr thorcof
bo convicted of tiny, offonso undor any
act -Mating to conl mining. . A portion, whom** cortlflcnto of compotoncy
lift-? hoor, onnoollod nlinll only bo p,-<r-
tnllti'd lo npply for. a now one wltb
tlio pormlmtlon of tho minister of
2S. A porson may be employed ah a
conl-mlnor In any colliery botwoon
the date of one cxamltintlon and
auullu***, Lut lu. lilidtl bu fiu-tl.wH.l-. Jlit-
chnrged if a certificate of competency
Ih not KriMUfd to blm at tho n«*Jtt
In preference to othcra Is tho ono
whoso Inhol benra our nnmo which ia
a Rimrnnteo of both purity and quality.
i>nt -fnll thi-**-**--** hy llu-* ci»<*io fo firm* clu-m
liololn, dcAlera, clubB, otc, Anli tor
them and you'll know why tho hout
judBflB prefer them.
Ledger Ads Pay
kS _ _._-^-■■-.W'W-^i*--^^
^tut-Ki -i^iiitamtstm* -tiy^m^'r
_______t_w__m--i--mt*tb**ma*kmmM •s -
PAGE SEVEM      '    \
•*■     _rf-.-r
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
"  .-Gents' Furnishings'   ,-'"-''
,' A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
li        l 7 rt
-*■ ■ '
'Worsteds. Serges
and Tweeds  .
■, Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices    .
.-Nowhere'" In the Pass can be.
found ...
We  have the*best' money ';
.can buy bf Beef," Pork, Mutton', Veal, ' Poultry;.  Butter,,
Eggs, Fish; Vlmperator Hams'
and Bacon'-', Lard, • Sausages,'
. Weiners and Sauer Kraut.   •-',
*   PHONE OR CALL    ]*
Calgary Cattle Co.
■   - -•■ Phone 56"- .        '"■
Fernie-Fqrt Steele
Brewing Co,, Ltd,
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Dining1 Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c. Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
R, Henderson, Dlnlnir Ronm Mgr,
_*++ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Fernie Dairy
(lelivoi-od lo all
jmi'lx ol' llu- lown
Echos qui ■ rappelez   la   voix de la
tempele,   .■'.->'      ' 7 '
Quand, lasse deplier sous un joug
.    anormal,1
L'homme, brisant>ses fers,:jette* aux
-   -' ' airs sa req'uete 0
D'uri* sort plus genereux et monte a
,, la conquete '-
Du jour contre la nuit, du bien contre
le mal;,
Bardes  flers,  destines  a  chanter  la
nalssance    -,
D'un . age   de    progres,   d'uno   ere
d'equite;    .
Herauts qui, .l'enoncant, centuplez la
' puissance,
Eu germe dans ces mots:   mutuelle
„    . assistance,
Llberte, loi, justice, amour, fraternite;
Amis; qui tressalllez quand tressallle
le monde,
Dans   chaque, enfantement,   partdut
dissemlnes;    '   ■ -.
Verbes,  qui  save*,  tout  de. la terre
1       feconde,    ■*     '"'    „  *
Du ciel, de Tether, dela mer et son
onde, '-       * ■ •*-*.
Parlez-nous du Grand Jour, si vous
■   '     vous souvenez. '  ,"
Ce jour icl*  fete : par   nous, grande
,   famille   ,
D'enfants, petits-enfants,   de   simple'
admirateur; "      „   ,
Ce jour deja-lointain, phare immortel
qui brille; * -
Ce jour qui- vit tomber les murs* de
.'   la Bastille.
Sous   les   "coups   triomphants   d.'un
" peuple redempleur. ■
Ah!, qu'il avail-souffert.-ce bon peuple
de France,'       *       , '   -
Pressure    par _le    vice, ecrase par
Au "Bon  plaisir" voue- trompe dans
De l'enlendre soniier, rheure' de-de-
livrauce, -"-'** ''*
Et ti*ainant,*son' fardeau, sa douleur.
et son deuil!' '      '.'..*
Ah!   qu'il   avait  puise,  l'homme,   de
•'..patience,   "„-
Pour  ne  pas "deserter  la  ceridre  du
"-'■   foyer;
Dans' le "regard touchant ou brillait
,"---confiance, - ■-' ;       _-*  .7^	
"De^celle  que ramour-luTionnairir
"  .   choyor! * . ;■ .."•
Et' qu'elle avait montre, la fenimede
tendresse,   .
De resignation, elle, souvent pourlant,
Qui n'avait pas assez de sa sagesse
Pour repousser lo  sort,, la supreme
<. **.    detresse
be servlr de jouet au desir Insultant!
Cost que la nuit regnalt au sein do
, la chaumiere,
La nuit.  de   l'ignorance, otant tout
Dans la lando, ,'au vallon,' jusquos a la
De la .verte forot, tout restalt snns
Tout, d'un sombre ctolgnolr dlsalt la-
• trahlson.
Mais il von-alt pnr trop do souches
lierolques, *
Co. peuple do Gaulols, de Frnnca et
•'    do* Romnlns,
Co   pouple   de   valllants dos forets
Dos   bois- aux   troncs   ruguoux   dos
clienes gormnnlquos,
Pour bo, trainer toujours rampant sur
los chomlns,
II avait trop on lul dos vortus dos
. Hellenes,
Dos muHos d'Hollcon, du Spnrtlate au
Du   sung   do   Romulus dee legions
rouv labourer, on sort, toujouro sob
ricliCB plalnos
Et pour baiser lo front d'un lndlgno
Doja, dans lo long cours do Ba ponlblo
PIiih (I'iiiio foiH, au clol, dos oclairn
avnlont Iui;
l/ospolr   nvnlt   pereo   I'liorronr   do
roinbro nolro
Pour dlnpninltro, IioIhh!  uugmonlnnt
lo dolioli'o
Dn pnuvre coour doeu qui lunt com-
ptnll Hin* Ino,
Plus d'une fois deja tourne vers une
. .*     etoile ' .'••;
Montrant a leurs regards sa brillante
; „ grandeur,   ,
Paysan,  de son soc,  artisan, de  sa
' ^.toile, .'*..,,"
Avaient songe qu'enfin s'etait fendu
le voile
Qui cachait "du soleil    la „ gloire, la
,   splerideur.
Jlais  helas!   tout  cela n'etait  qu'un
-> vain mirage;
L'ombre se refbrmait et tout restalt
II fallait etouffer son espoir dans sa
Eteindre son  regard  et rentrer son
courage,   - *    -
Marcher sous le ciel gris sans croire
au ciel d'azur.        .     -      ,  , .
C'est alors qu-elle'. vlnt, cette rlante
Pure.-vraie, aiinoncee eu prophetiquos
"sons."      * .
Rabelais,  Montesquieu  noms  que  le
'   monde honore,
Descartes   et  Rousseau,  Voltaire*' et
* .tant encore,   -
Dont la France entendit les vibrantes
lecons.* '   '7 -.    *■
Esprits    liberateurs,    gloire,   recon-
' naissance
Et salut a vous tous, peres des temps
nouveaux!       „ "    • .
C'est par vous que le peuple a concu
"     sa puissance", -    ■ *       --■
A -vous revient l'honheur   de    noire
renaissance,    ' - * ■    -
Par vous cent libertes soi-tirent des
■tombeaux.    * .      " 7
Et  maintonant,  echos,  enlonnez  vos
1 rompeltes,'
Diles oa' 1'unlvcrs. la grandeur *de* ce
-    jour."' -    ■      r       ■ :
Le peuple est sou'verain. Vieux sabres,
oscopetle.5,       * „
Fusils,'    nouveaux     canons,     halnu,
'   lnimaines tempetes, *       •
Seul est vi'ai souveraln qui regne par
..'■*. l'amour.   ,
Consul. General cle Franco.
" *    G. Wischuevsld.
Devet dese'tln lidstva praciije, poti,
pachti a namaha se na velkych lanech
polnosti, v. nijvetsim slunecnim zaru
ktery" vse pronika, vys'usuje. Hornici
hluboko, pod zemi' rvou se s uhlem,
jlch nalia tela.plazi se .v nizkych
proslorach ,po , chladne skalo, neoo
pi*acuji v otravne atmosfere, prosy-
cone otravnymi plyny v nesnesitelnem
vedru a "jich telem lirobiha ihrazive
chvon'l, dopadaji-li horke kapyvody se
stropu lia naha tela. V tomto divo-
ltera zapasu maji rozedrana.tela pose-'
dia uhelnym prachoni, ktery vnlka do
odrenin a ran, A jako v. sllenstvi,
pracuji dale, zapasi, jich tela v tomto stavu trou se jedno o.druhe, by
ockovala snad votsi poddanstvl sobe,
nebof jsou omamena jako smyslnym
tancem b'achantek. —
V olovo, strlbro a slru v
Sicllil pod knutou otrokare krvavou
rukou vynnsojl na' povrch boliatstvl
vcely-delnlci; Vsechny tyto vcoly
snasejl ohromno -boliatstvl, v ktorom
se trubcl dusl,
Trubcl povnzujl pllno vcely, zo jsou
/.do' z povolanl, z jlch vyzbroji, pro
choutky nojnlzsllio druhu, pro parnsity
pracovat a vcely pomahaj! co nojobe-
lavojl • shromnzdovat boliatstvl pro
zbyvnjiel jodnu dosotlnu, talc zv dosetl
tlslcu trubcu. *
Vo BkutecnoRtl. mnze byti teehto
trubcu trebn sto tlslc, noznlczl na torn,
nlo pravda o" trubcl zuslano pravdou.
S horn uvodonych dosot tlalc llds-
kych trubcu poclna vzdy zitl na ucot
hozniajolnycli, Palnco, ktoro delnicko
vcoly vyHtiwoly, ,v nleh bo trubcl
UBldlujI, na vonltovo, v krnjl krasy,
obyvajl vlly a v nlcli lino zabljojl zivot
v radosti n rozkosl na ucot pracujlclch
dolnlekycli vcol.   ,
My vldlmo luxiiBiil vlnky, nutomo-
bllovo vozy, vylotnl lode a velml brzy
vzduohove domy a vzdunnc lotacl
strojo pro znlmvii. — Julio undoronlm
konzolnym proutlcom vyvstava a tvori
ho ?. rukou dolnlka, vbo dobyva n
liodmiiniijo hI ruka llilsko vcely a zjo-
diinvn' Hobo prlBtup nn neJiilprlHtu-
PiioJhI piiHnio zomskolio poloknilui,
Sltnly, voiltipndy a nokoneeno more,
vho hI poilminuijo, nu vecnoni hiioIiii
Hluvi liolelovo piiluen, bile, prekrriHiie,
biijncno ziiinky b (.'luktrlckym oHvotlo-
nim,1' vzdusnym zarizenim, lazenske
saly z mramoru, lbznice z hedvabi a
tim\nejvetsim- prepychem, jaky ruka
lidske •■ vcely .vyrobi, orchideolne
zdobene stolni tabule atd.
Onech deset tisic seznalo obetavost
"tech jinych tisicu, ktere
zase nepretrizitym stalym kyvanim
hlavou nasleduji trubce* vsade, do
Kairo', Nizzi, Abazie ] nebo ■ Biarifz.
Vsade, v kazdem hoteloveni palaci
sveta, representachim" dome spolec-
riosti,' naleznem stejncu jednotnou in-
ternacionalni spolocnost, bez vlastl'
jsouci trubce,,kteri v jistem snieru
nekde vladnou vellkemu poctu lid-
skych veel, budv.Pyrencjich zapadnim
Rusku, Skolskych peanich, v Hornim
Slezsku, v Ame'rice, nebo v Indil.
Vsichni tlto trubcl rozsirili ol^ruh
hranic sve vlastl do * nekonecna, po
celffin. kontingentu zeiiiskem a svyml
podniky "vnlkli do Indie, Japonska i
Kapskeho uzeml.
Niceho nedalo by se vypraveti mezi
temito parasity, kteri krovpilnych a
pracovitych' vcel ssaji. ale onl jsbu
bohati vladnou bohatstvim, ktere roz-
hazuji v rozmarilostl plnynia rukgama.
Maitressy teehto ti-ubcu , jsou odony
krasnym, bohatym satom a pri vecer-
nich zabavach zari zla tern ,a drahok-
amy. ' " '
hide stavaji se'. brzy intimni a
vypocitave lizou se k trubcum vykon-
avaji jim ty nejlepsl sluzby, upevnujl
je v'jlch sedle vlady a to vse deje se
s ' rafinovanou " vypocilavosti, aby co
"nejdrive zarazeni*' byli do hodnostni
ti'idy trubcu. Maitresy rozplyvaji se
laskou pri blahosklonnem * kyvnuti
hlavou pana Irubco. -
," Trubci potrebuji :* mnoho penoz
dnesniho due a ti, ktpri vcely (proletariat) nejvice okradaji a vssavaji,
mllionarl. jsou vysnanienavani a povy-
sovani za slechtice a'barony.,..
Jest to zvlastni unielecky a umely
zivot.— zili v torn velikem mnozstvi
oken, balkonu, sklenenych verand a
ozouobenych zdech, pesire kveloucich
blankylnycli kvetin a chrysanthein v
zimnich zahradach krasnych zamku,
tato pariorama stavaji nezmciiltelna,
grandiosni slunce- do jich umeloho
zivota hreje po cely rok, nikdy neni f,a-
stineno. Trubci zahaneji takto mlliy,
mraky, nemoce i  smrt.
Obchodni nozdary vyplnujl jich-'den
zivota, oninenavidi-a opovrhuji praci
a polcousi. se dlouhou ciivill_ zahnati
vsemi; prosti'.edky;-* pri nervovem roz-
Tii s"en" i"p rp vo_i j i—hry
sempre a'-, qualsiasi abbuso contra il
lavoratore lie tratto dl tutte per fare
capitolare- i_ po'veri mlnatorl della
Nova Scotia", protetti sihdende d.ille
loro leggi. Amiollarono crumiri cre-
dendp con questi rinnegati di'potere
abbattere la fibra teiiace dei piceatori
da troppo asserviti ai lor signori. La
pulizzia come di cosueto' asservita
sempre al piu* poten'te' anche questa*
vplta non mnnco di vandalismo contro
rinerme minatore. Come se cio non
bastasse ricorse al solito raggirc come
di sovente accade da per tutti,i paesi,
cioe che i mlnatorl-aveauo commesso
del vandalismo e cio, d'urgenza un
inyio di Iruppa era necossario per I
lor signori. Perche fin che l'operai
parlo il borghese non nscolta ma
sp, tratta solo per i scherso dl volovb
un tozzo di pane un poco plu ade-
guato a quello littuale. AUora i vagabond! agli ordini sono lanciate a
rcprlmere l'offesa fatta al dio Capitale,'
ossia il solo domandare pane, e lavoro,
la cazzarra rubbiconda borghese con
.Ie leggi da loro fabbricate a suo bell'-
aggio considera un atto di" insubbordi-
nazzione eddi attentat! alia coslituz-
zionalita dollo stato avvero atto di
rivolta cio che secondo le loro leggi i
trasgressori si meritanb non altro che
piombo e ■ baio'uette se, o possibbile,
cosa che "non'poteva mancare ■ sotto
la bandiera della vecchia Albione.
Telegraficamente fu chiamato la
forza, naturale slndonde per poter con
questa riuscire all'indento da' tanto
agognato. Immediatemenle> furono'
inviati- sul luogo* due compagnie di
fanleria non ehe una batteria di arli-
glieria in * pieuo assetio di guerra,
diciamo cosi perche all'insiem'c vi era
anclie un reparto sanilario, tutto
questo e stato mandato contra circa
due mila liiinatori inernii. -
Xoi noil auguriamo ai fratelli della
Nova Scotia che il proggetto borghese
sia'attualo, ma bonsi.che con una
sevcra contemplazzione riuscissero
non solo aschiacciare i capitalist! della
N. S., ma bensi cho..una volta com-
pattl e serevl spazzare .quelll di tutto
il mondo con .i! rendergli il pan per
fogaccia a questa obbrobriosa cazzarra
parassita ed oppressora.
~se"* z^'irecrzra-
OTTAWA, 30 juillet.—D'apresun
raport cle ln'"Gazette du Travail", il y
a eu,* an* mois de juin dernier. 415 ac-
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arran-Sements have recently been completed under which the branches
..of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries: , *
Fr'cb Cochin-China
South Africa
.Germany -
Straits Settlement!
Great Britain .
Greece   ■
Iceland                "
Phillipine Islands
West Indies         rn
Faroe Islands    ..
- India
'    and elsewhere
L.  A.  S.   DACK,
Manager,* Fernie,
List of Locals District 18
vosti, s mlasl-anim nasycuji sve, nizkc
choutky. Nie jlm. n eni sprostejsi,
plebejstejs'i, jako penize sobe vydel-
avati * praci.** —Maji penize', ktere
jich otcove, jako' majetnici nevycer-
patelnych dolu na med, strlbro, uhli,
tovarny na Uonservy, pro ne nahro-
Zato sport jest jini "neocenitelnym
zamestnanim. Na pekne srovnane a
hlazone pude, mali, hezky oblocenl
chlapcl bud v cervene nebo modro
saty, za,nlmi nesou naclnl ko lire, nebo
jo obsluliujl pri teto; nobo na auto-
mobilovych projizdkach jo provazejl
spolehlivi, dobre placeni chauferove
Okraslene, bolmto stroje n lode pro-
jizdoji moi'cm kol krasnych ostrovu
a s radosti prihllzeji, jnk na znzvonenl
clcktrlckeho zvonku s nejvetsl bdelosti
provadi rozkazy bile odene sluzohnic-
S vollkou znllbou Jdou na konske
dostihy n s novysloviiym zajniem
sledujl, jnk yi, dobre cvicenych,. a
cliovanycli koiil po dlvokom boliu se
rlno.pona.a z polir.iozdenin so rlne
icrov, jak jlch sluzolnilkum dlvokyni
padom zloinonn zebra a kosti, . .
Holublco h .proHtrolonymt krldly
piulajlcl do jozera s nlml nopohno,
jnko jelon naslcli losu Jlm slouzi zn
tore pri strelbe, provozujlco nn tochto
svo uiiieul strolocko.
.neh mozel-: premysll od rana do
vecera o liro jakoti novou hru by si
Pozltek ,j!ch jest dralioconny, mo-
hoii-11 za kulatym, bolinto zdobonym
stolkom pri lire v kiirty, ItoslUy nob
pod, tlslco bnnkovolt prohratl Pro no
Jost cofllno rozliazovat bankovky, nlo
a nikdy jlm noprljdo na mysl, zo tyto
pnnlzo Jhoii zbroeniy krvl tliilnii delnlku, zo posvocony jsou zlvotem a
Hinrll ilolnlctvii — riidost a zloclu
ziiuiiiditii pro no puplrovy liailr, Jon/,
v ktoroliollv chvlll ho hodi do koso
— nobof lldslco zlvoly, za no uniln .Id
v praci, Jsou pro no tolllt, jako pnilnjld
IIhII Htrnmii,
Co neJziiJIinavojHl n ih'JhiiiiiIiioJiiI
Ji'Hl, zu tnto Hpoloc-nnHl bnz konum
nopozniilu tcplu lusky ku Hvym dit-
Imiiiii Jhoii tn niiilc liyioHll, kinryml
ziiplnvcny Jhoii prlmnrHka liizoiiHkn
pobni/l, ktcni v lir/.i'iiKl'ii ilvoiniin iiro
cTdents du travail,' en Canada, dont
1GS' mortels. En juin 1909 .il* V en
avait eu.376, dont 133-fatals. Les dif-
ferents ouvriers durant le mois de
juin 1910 ont ete aii nombre de dix-
huit.qui ont affecte 394 malsons et,
5,729 employes. Les villes qui ont Io
plus souffert sont Montreal, .Toronto
Fort William et Port Arthur.  .
VAUVI3HT. 30 Juillet.—M. Doiimer-
guo ministre do l'lnstruction publiqiie,
a aujourd'liui preside a l'lnauguratlon
d'un monument elovo par souscrlptlon
publlquo tant en France qu'au Canada,
a la mcmolre de Montcalm, a son Hon
do nnlKsnncp, lo c.hntenu de Leandiac.
line delegation do Canadiens et M.
Hector Fabre, agent cnnadlon pour In*
France, etnlent presents a In coronio-
nie, "line niaqiiolte1 do co momunent
sera envoyce a Quqboc.
Capital Authorised ... .$10,000,000.00..Capital .Subscribed   $5,575,000
Capital  Raid  Up    $5,330,000.00    Reserve  Fund      $5,330,000 -
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY,, Vice-Pres.. ■
Arrowhead, Cranbrook,  Fernie,  Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Inte'Vest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Notice ii* hereby given that 30 days
after date, I, John Pigeon, Intend lo
apply lo the lion, Chlof (.'nmmlasloner
of I.mkIh nnd Works for n llcenfln to
proHpect, for conl and petroleum on
Uio followliiK described InndH: (.om-
moncilng nt a post planted three miles
and fifty chnlnn Soulh, and JOnsI nun
milo from tho S. R corner of lot 8303,
bolng thirty chains North of tlio Kvn
.Iohh, S, l.. cornor pohi; thonce clgliiy
clinlim l-_(»Kt, thenco cluhly cIiiiIiih
South, thonco eighty chnlns West,
thence clj-Jity chains North to pl.icc
of comiiioiieernoiit containing (110 ncres
more or Ickh, located UiIh 2!ith dny of
Juno, 11)10.
JOHN PinrcON, Locator.
ANDY (IOOD, Agent.
John AndcrKon, WIIiiphh.
of Canada
8 King St.
The Homo Dnnk will carry nn account In the names of two or moro
poi'BOiifl, onch' having tho privilege of withdrawing or depositing money
ovor thoir own signatures.
These nro termed "Joint Accounts" and uro n grent convenience when
ono person iIooh not find It handy lo go to the bunk personally nt all
tlmcB, iih for instance u.traveling man who mny bo nwny from the city
ovor a week ond, or a farmor who Is too busy to lonvo hits work-in mich
cases the wlfo, hoii or daughter may bo. n party to lho Joint Account
and Irnnmict llio iieceHHiiry banking IiuhIhokh,
In ciiho of thn death of ono of tlm  parilPH  tn  the Joint   Account   thn
linlitnco ronialnliig to Uio credit of tho  account  with  the  Homo  Hank  Ih
pnynblo lo tlio other  participants on domain!, and without deluy,
JOHN  ADAIR, Manaaec Fernie, Branch.
Notice Ih hereby given thnt I, Minn
Josh, thirty dnyH nflcr ilntn Inlond to
apply lo tlio Hon, Chief CoiiiihIhhIoium'
of I.nmlH nnd WorkH for n llm-m* to
pn-Hp-'ct for conl nnd iietrolciiiii on Iho
following described IiiikIh: ('nnniieii-
chu; nt  ii pnHi  pliinteil nt  the mirth
iiiencement, contnlnlng (5-10 ncren more
or Iohh, Located UiIh liTilli dny of
Juno, 1'JIO,
UM.UN IIAI.KV, Locator.
ANDY nOOD, Agent.
John Aiidei'Knn, WHik'hh.
Notico Ih hereby given tlmt thirty
dnyH nfier dule I, Frank llnley, Intend
to apply to tin- linn, Chief ('(iiiiiiiIh-
sloncr uf l.niiilri umi WiuIih for n
IIci'Iiho In priiHiii'i'i fnr ci-nl imd |»'-
Irnlelllil on Hie follnwllii? dcucrllu'd
uiiiIh;    CiiiiiineiieliiK at » IK'*'' planl'-il
y si
Sander* & Vcrhaest  Drothert,
a* a.**.
60  YEAn8«
Corrected by IllHtrict Secretary up to Mny iHf, 1010.
TriMoe Markoi
Xnt one MiMlne ft rtiUli,^»n ^t^!l&,VPlt
Rnteliir McwufiTroir op nlon ffa*j>h»th*t ab
xiindtiV 1* proUVlr P««|T/i.bhrt_?'S,tf2"-t'S
l»UUA)r"rtiManlUt. UMlDHOuK Wi I'M"-"
tt**. ti|d»« aamri tdrtaeiin
------ tbrooiih «u
I'ltan-ii Uk«a tbrooiih •Monn.jkjSl.wetlft
ertrtalHotlc*, •Ithmitciliiinift m»E»
Scitiiiilic fltticrjcaii.
tti*naeW*»r wteauet wiwl..t-wmt tie
G^^%aiireat,ec*uaepi^e»a.  Mi it
Ledger Ads Pay
2(1 ■
2 Kill
2 in?
<' 2352
llonvor Creok
lielloviie ■
Cn ii moro
i.oiil Cuy
. CaiI'OmIaIo
Dinnioinl Cltv
Kdmonton        ,
Lotlibi Msc
Mnplo lj(-nt
Polico Fli-Ui   -
Uoymli CoU-ior-te*
F. Whontlcy, Itniikheiiil, Alln.
N. .McDoiuujII, Denver Creek, via Pincher
J, Illlike, Ilollerue, Frnnfc, Alln,
.lonn _ Turnbull, Hlnlrmoro, Altn.
Wm      X ••■Mi-.!.     I'n i ..-.-I"     ,',V"
J. Noll. Cnnnioie, Alln,
T. Ueinlny, Colli Cily Tuber, Altn,
W. (Iraliam, Coleninn, Altn.
CI. M. Da tin-., C-iil'iJiid'ilc', Colemaii, Alta,
i. Aplln, Cnrdlff, Alia.     ,,
F. K.St, AmniiU'iinllff. Alta.
J«h, DnvJfi, Coililii, I), C.
Oco. Dolmon, Dlnmoiul ('Ity, Lotlibrldgc.
vyliody liniliil Ud
Kdo /odpovl tnkovfiiito otiizl.n?
j Jednn mllloiuii-kii v Hinrl -in mini no I
' lvinvMlo »inii"i'-nl-' '-I'l-m r'linn»l"ii« '
I tieiiiolilu dull znilOHi pm prlbllziijlcl nel
■Hlnrl, Uteri'lio m- inK diiatitln. j
i    Trubcl?   I'M"' iieiiiliiiiiie   /   trulicii
U*<'*flv?    I'riii   «:»*'*r)-.inli'tll io Vi-.y nd
ANDY CClOn, Ai'dit
Julii) Anilei-HOii, WHni'HH.
■VolIre   l»   lir-vetiv   irlvcv   ll-ni   tHi-tv*
ilnyii nlii-r iliite 1, Herbert .Iohh, 1ii(.ii-t j
...    ,'i'i't^     i  '    i'»'      t'.'i,,,    l   .,(' '    { 'illmtl,','
'"'"•i-   nf  LiiinlH   ami   Woi'liu   for   n',
KHANK HALr.Y. Lm-JiKil*.
ANDY (iiHiH. As-- i-i.
lohn AiiileiKoii, \YiMi"iM.
ill-chin  tuihi'U?    Vi-i-ly  riniFf-JI   prcci
jveil'-t,  proe   irpl   iiie/I   Hclifin   truliie,' i-li-lity i-liiilmi Noi'Mi nml ei'llity elmliiK! j,',",')
I , ,    ,        .    -, ,i     i     i ,,,, -   ». ,*- ,i     i    ,.i .,     i        - * ,i
ilinu-c ..mill I'luhty
Vlil(f,|>   |n   ViTi'liV   r \\ i-n    Mi-it    ll,!i<--
(Iiivh  nlii-r  dnte   I,   Akiii'h   AinI'Mi nn,
!(.u..r   or   LiiiiUH   aiiji   wornn   ior   n, ,,„-,.,„, ,„ M|l|l|v    ,„    ,j„. n,,,,. <m„,,|
llci'iiKe to  piOHpeet  for  colli  and  pn-1 (Vinini'-""lnv.-i' of l.-i-nK* und Wrrbt tn"
(iiiilt-iiiii   on   Um   follottim;   iIcm-iibt'il j „ Uvl.w„ ,„ ,,ms,„,-.| for nml .nnl w-
|liiiul«;   Coiiiiii.licllig lit n jiiiHl plMllleil, ,m|(.()|1I ()ll    h,,,    followln;? ib-scill.i-il
ilo:     ('(illlllU'li'-lli'' "'  '*•  t""111   I'l'-li''1
..,,..       HI   Iln-  lilill.'iwi' l   i hi in I   ill   lm-   i-:.m. (MIi.ii .lui.1 rliiln.iliiiiec \mili .-i«lity.1I(i,(lV   ,,,„,„    „„.,„,.    N(IItll   ,.,..,„y
1    V  imurnni-li  ImH    mrti.    tluhou  •■*i»I»*-. tl._ iw-i. W*-«»    "'«''\v   '''«"*'•. i.i.Ii.h.   tli-n--"   i::.-i   -l-.-l.ty   -*:i.-l^.
Itlclinnl Thompson, Frawr FIi»i«, Kdmonton Ljninv„, p-md plmuly /iizimJI a vcely   'I'';1'*'"   \'f ,  ! f     ,",1" '_"■   ,''' '''; ilinici' H.i.nli   .-Uiliiy   .imlim.
M. llonle, 431 Lor.,*, Ht, Norwood, Kdmonton | ,1M » uilpon. Jdou do tovi-n „ { ^wil .-nSSlnlw «i« n.-nl mZ! ^ '! 2y( ,*SL,,'" "'  "' ' *,,n
a wii-ln'1.    itl.y    *!y    pokludy,  v | „P  ]t.hilt    i.nrnte.l   this   _M1i   dny  of, "" "<t,,in"' <"i"""""
Ideryrh «'• <rul«*l cIiihI.   Kiudy clovek, I j,,,,,,, |!»|0.
},i'.'  dnlot'"  tdnx-oUom   Jfjit,     mel    t»V; IIMH'-IHT 1f)$<*. 1.nrvnr
doom'  i.  pile-  tlusi«  ztnlittl:   Pry«   h; ANDY <!0()I), Agent, j
lrtibcl!    OilHinnnni' tento irnvy hinvz . .lolni Amtirrnn, Wltnesn, :
r. poIioU-Til lidKlsi »>o! Dr.
D. Hcoh, Fornio 1). C.
O. Nicol, Frank, Alta.
J, Ayro, ilntnwr. It C.
Jf. C)..Ionr-H, Hillcrfut. Altn.
Tl. Finni, Kenm.iro,  V. I)
_, Moore. P. O. J13, U'DibrHjfo, Altft
W, h. Ftvnnn, Mile. Frnnk, AIU.
M.   Oildny, Mnplo Ixflf. Ikllevue, Alta.
M. nirrcll. Mlchol. II. C.
Nell Duncan. PaMbur***;. IWllovue. Alt*.
Oicar Curlion. PaMbunr. Altn,
tllO .(. ivi lr.dle
i   ;•-.".:h   dny   ''f
I.')' n'f.r.
K pl» -ill nn amio   «h->   I
fratelli  MMt-uiibuo arnKjIni-volitnt-ntf'
uni  Inttn oronnmlrtt mntm In Imtrtz
( I*   h'KH.     I.diiiii'il
.llinn. I!»I0
„   ANDY (IOOD, Aum. It-iili, Vti.ii>  '•■•,
SnDio l«  hereby KlU'ii   Hint   (lililJi __	
dnyH nfK-r dnte I. F.ltcti llnley. intend*  ' ~
t.*i jipjily in Dw lit,u. Chief Cnninili.* i    N-uii<i! I* U.n-by «i».-ii   In;  il.wi> of LiimU    niul    Work-* fnr it I dayn nfter ditto I. Tl.«iin*f. At.<I- r;uiu.
nolitrl |H»etiK(v io pifi-iperi for ronl nnd pe-! ttii-t .if) to npply to Hie Hon, ("hi-f Com-
■ u«il*"i»m   Mi   Xtw  toiiowinti  dt-ht-DbrA   n.-.orn-f ot lAr.iln Hfi.l Wr./l * f..J  -i
ilnmlfi:   Commrnclnit nt » pant plnnt nil lU"i\no to piOHpcrr tnr foal and  in-
Vhne -Hmlth Hovrt CttH. lAlhbrMi. Alrn IT',,,,      7„.    ,      »     . 7*.,. Ti'« '*"* """^nnt rort.-»r of tlm He rTM tml-mm on   th*   following rl«.lb-»-l f     .* *..   ,    j,      '
x£*~lt~Xne-M». *int.blU. a-,|(HoU»fi;h.M. lo«u«.-ho h          „ ,       t|K.neB   „, M     rh»,n, |.Bdt:   Commencing al a p«nt pIai»-I SotombiV to liavo
A. flbaw, Btmt.icona, Alia- poKtrl pnrln In Inimpprenoro con In ! w ,,   ,hl.rri. ,.|Khtv   ,.hrt,ns   Houlh.  nt Foinhennt corner   of   Dw   Airnei S<'Ptembet Xc nave
Wm. Uunscll. TBbur. AHn.                            »l_rme ddlo «tlop-.0.                         >v«. .   .                 ,                            , .   .      ..„.,    lu.liu.    ,„
B. Browo Ti»t*r, AH*. l.*«nf.or.-JI|«l»     capiiallitlc*
(hf-nro pluhiy   chnlns    Ka«, thnn«»{ Andnraon claim, thence Nonh olnhty
a»a ; clahty chain* N'orth to place of com- jfhain*. ihMice, Ka»«   oinbiy <bain», ailv-ftrwar*.
thence   South   eluliiy   cIiiiIiih,   thonco
Wi'Hi elKlity chnlns to place of enm-
liii-iin-iiieiit, cuuiniiiliiK 'HO ncriK iiuiiu
or  loan.    Located  HiIk  '-'"iih   dny  of '
June, I !> 10.
ANDY HOOK, AKi'lil. ■
John Aiidersnii, W,|liienH.
Nutli,!' I» ln'1'i'liy Klvi-n Hint thirty
ilii'.-4 i.l'ier dnl" I, Adniii Anderiiiili,
Ini'ejnl lo apply in ih'- linn, Chief
Coiiinilw.loiii-i- uf l.niiilrt nnd Wiiiliit fur
ii'i'i;-jc  In  |imi"|H'C|   t'or eniil  Illnl   |H'-
'li I)', i oihiiiiiiiii* ii I" -u-r "i moI'i'
in    |. .i-i,     I,n> iind   IhU   '.Tiih   day   nf
.li:fi>-    S'.'K',
tn*l>f    t \'lil'l»'JilV     1 ni,.itiM.
ANDY  HOOD.  Aki-iu.
.lulin Ami' i.-ii'i, \\ nie "t.
.'vi'l.te   !><   In,-li'li>   J'1-.ili   'Mil   Unity
tlll.VM i'fl'T dale I, 'VYlllllllil   Meilei llllii',
Itiii lul In npply in tie' !;'i''. ''Iilef
u lii. uno in p»»>:i]ii*<*i ter • >mI niul je'-
(Wili mil    fill    the    fnllowili;'    'I»v-« li'ie,|
l.inds: Ctitiinii iielii'j in it pont planttil
at tn- nlioiii 2IHI feel North nf Hi-i
•.(il I 1i-a i*sl irmii-1 of Ini l»il"I, (llt'lit't!
Ntntli i'l -1,1) elililllti. tlir-nt'C KllHt
riiMv »l..ii*,... them i' South olnhfj
7 '! . " r ■ W, 'i • II,! t; < !i:tln: ('1
pliici- nf (oimiieiiii'iiieni. Liiiitti'd tlii*i
■J7lb div nf .tune. V.D».
Wll.),!.*.'! M'KF.CHINF., I.orntor.
ANDY f.OOD, Ak<1H.
t,! ti   Am"' ;:titi, V.'ilM t-v.
Tlw N;iUon;iI.i of Mutitrcal, wluucv.i
corolnK went In
a   try wltli, Um
Salmon   th-lll-in"  for    tho    covct-i-d fe_Lii'4.^*a!S!SnsS^.'A*3«^^
P'"   ■--■-■"  -"■ i|-_nffTMii[ll' 'ritnti'iiliiiirti»(Hiinii__iiiiliir«rnfgijJmm'ii_
,-"*. "*
THE   DISTRICT   LEDGER,   FERNIE,  B.C.,'JULY 30, 1910.     ,7
Keep August*, 3 free for dance at
Central Hotel.   A good time assured.
Mr. Carmichael of Calgary, lessee
of the Grand theater, is in the city
' for a few days. „
•J. 0. Jones of K'.crest, secretary
of mar local :md district boa:-*! mei-i-
ber. spent Sunday in Fernie.
Next Sunday morning at the Baptist
church Pastor Spidell will speak on
"Heroism." In the evening the subject will bo "God's Idea in the. Creation of Man,"
Andrew Sutherland, government inspector of boilers was in town, on
Moriday after a vacation of a little
over two months, during which time
he visited Scotland and Glasgow.
According to the itinerary of Sir
Wilfrid* Laurier published in the Victoria Daily Times, ho will reach
Fernie Tuesday, August 30th at 10.25,
leaving at 20.15 same evening. A stop
of 50 minutes.
Tho Ladies' Guild of Christ's Church
Intend holding a sale of home-made
delicacies in the new ice cream parlors next to Mrs. Todd's millinery
store on Saturday, July 30th. Open
at 3:30 p! m.   Afternoon tea served.
b\ F. Hnnington of tlio Canadian
Bank of Commerce leaves this week
for a short holiday after completion
of which he will go to Prince Rupert,
having been promoted to the position
bt chlof*accountant. His many friends
regret to see,v him leave, but congratulate him on the promotion.
President Powell, Secretary Carter
and Local Secretary D. Rees paid a
visit oto Coal Creel*. Thursday for the
purpose of further'investigation and
discussion of the schedule rates for
work on longwall system in No. 9.
While, there they also took up the
question relative to No. 1  South.
A sample copy of , "Successful
Poultryman" received this week is replete with information of interest to
those engaged in chicken, duck,
- geese and turkey raising. The fact
that this publication is a product of
Victoria, B. C.,- makes it. preferable
as a guide than if from an Eastern
source, because of climatic* and other
conditions affecting methods.
Gaetano Bisino from Hosmer
brought a charge of stealing his watch
against John Doe. The case was tried
before Judge P. E. Wilson, who sentenced the culprit, to one year in
' Nelson goal. As Bisino _s not*' well
versed in the English language Mr. D.
Nicoletti l officiated . as interpreter
owing to the unavoidable absence of
the official interpreter, Mr, L. Carosella. ■ - -     *        '        "
It is the intention of the Calgary
Herald  to  make  a  thoroughly  com-£up_of_ir_juii.c_.and._tlie_
district, and unless all plans fail it-is
the intention to have this an August
•*   lst commemoration issue.    Inasmuch
"* as thc work is in the    hands of I-I.
Latham Collins we are of the opinion
that it. will be*ably done and should
result in this popular paper increasing
its circulation locally!
,    Kditor It. G. Scrutbn, of the Creston'
Review,  has   returned   from   his   trip
across   the  Herring  pond   and   once
again taken up his arduous duties of
producing  mun lai   food  for  the  millions,  but. has so , sadly degenerated
thai his first effort. Is an outburst qf
poetic effusion tlmt "needs must give
us pause" as we had been seriously
thinking of visiting the scones of boyhood days, but. hesitate now lest wo
may   be   stricken    wllh    rhymstor's
Mrs. (1, (I.'Henderson, accompanied
by  her daughter  Molllo,  went, on  a
visit, to her sister in Winnipeg whore
her father, Mr, John Crowe, was also
visiting from  the  F.nsl.    During ono
of lho walks nround the city tho old
Kentlomnn.complained of cold despite
tho lulons*. heal,'and upon reaching
the   house   modlcnl   assist unco   wna
cnllod  In  and  every attention  given,
but without  avail, nnd donth ensued
three days later.    The romnlns hnvo
„ ,boen shipped  I-.hhI  for  Interment. In
tho family plot at. Paisley, Bruce county, Ontario.
Wo lmvo received n copy of tlio
supplement lo tlm Cnlgnry Daily
llernld wliich Is not only copiously
llliislrrilod, but contains uomo excel-
Inn doHcriptloiiH of tho various Industries in Albertn, also borrow**
some of Ilrlllsli Columbia's scenic
gi'iiuiluiii'ii In the (i-iti'i'im* eiiKtuiii section of llio provlnco, yet prncllciilly
Ignoren nil mention of the grent min-
(.'nil' wealth and lm money-nuiklug ul-
tribute*-"-—conl mining of WnHtnrn
Albertn, Thero are wrllo-nps of Cnr-
iniinguy, while eonHldernblo Hpncc In
given lo Mnclood, Iln piiHl lilxlory,
present record mid fill urn cei'lnlntloH,
The fli'Hl ciiHe growing out of the
Fernio relief fund cnmo up for trlnl
lu tho county court hint Kiilitrduy before Judgo P. M, WIIhod. Thin nintter
Iiiih been thoroughly discussed by nil
lini'tio!* concerned nnd the piirllculai'H
nro too well known to call for any
rocnpittilntlon, bin In short VV, 11,
Hrtiee nhtulni-fl li Hiipply of lumber
In ordor to rebuild nfter tho gront
flro of AngiiHt 1at, 1008, and hIkikmI
an agreement to repay on monthly
ItifltiillrnnntH, rnlliire to do thin consequent upon the belief that it was
nnl iifceMiiiii-v tn nuilte nnv refund Is
tlm cain-o nf Oils legal nctlon, Judgment wiut hi ve u iii litvur ol (In- plain-
tiffs with costs. Hero cnilulli thu
first chapter.
The Farmers    I'nlnii    Advocate of
(Inthrle, Oliln., In once ngnln nmong i
i i>,      ,,,        i      ,<
forced Hili'liee eolitK-ipi'-nl upon the
pecitllnrlty of land of free hnni-'-nf-
Inn\e po-iiiil regulations. Among the
paid pnlillc.-il iii)ii(iMii('t<iiieiilH Is one
for Pete Ilrnir.'ity for re-elecllon of
clili-r mine Inspector on the Ddiuo-
cnilr f|i|.-..i lio hi nit t-v-nrt'tidont nt
DlHtrlct. No. 'il ut the IJ. M. W. A. It
xviii III lho dcinnrnille ntt\to ot
Alabama '.-.Ihti- tlie'Voal riilnerr. iii-iv
noi allowed to occupy tents provided
by ihu (iigriiil/ntion while on strike.
Oklahoma tun, holiU mi uintivlabli- record for number of men hilled. Positions of ibis claw* -i.ioi-Ii! bo fut- of
at! polttl-ul Influent, ro t\w end Muir
Inspectors could nsgert theniselvcs
when iiet-i-Hsury nud shortly thereafter
bo discharged.
Monthly Tea given by the Ladies'
Aid of the Methodist Church will be
held at the home of Mrs. JWillis on
Tuesday, August 2, from 3 to 6 p. m.
Miss Margaret, E. Creigliton is* prepared lo give lessons in vocal and
instrumental music, also theory. Will
start kindergarten classes at any early
date. For. terms and further particulars   apply   Ledger'" Office. *
Mr. II. Newmarchl who has been in
the employ of the Canadian Bank "of
Commerce at Seattle, has been transferred to the Fernie branch, where
he has already taken up the duties
of his position as accountant.
In consequence of a derangement
in the engineering department at, tho
Miners' Hall it was found impossible
to get up steam enough to supply the
power necessary to operate the moving pictures wliich were temporarily
suspended Tuesday and Wednesday,
but were resumed on Thursday showing the usual high-class films. »
The musical circles of oui- city will
have a decided acquisition to its ranks
in the near future as Miss Margaret
E. Creigliton has decided to take up
her residence here. This lady comes
highly recommended from the previous
places where she has been engaged in
the tuition of vocal and instrumental
music as well as Hie theory. Her
kindergarten methods are in harmony
with the most advanced for leaching
the young Idea how to shoot. Another
gratifying feature of her career is,the
large number of her pupils who have
,been successful in passing thc examinations at Trinity University,
We have received this week a very
interesting paper by Dr. W. H.
B. Aikins printed by the Canadian
Practitioner Review on the. radium
treatment of rodent ulcer, skin cancer,
etc., which, although too technical in*
its phraseology for the layman, nevertheless is sufficiently explicit lo enable one who is not' a disciple of
Esculapus to recognize that radium
therapy has passed the empirical
stage. Caution is suggested In the
radium treatment and that practitioners should not become blind to the
values of other tried and satisfactory
methods in certain cases. The gratifying results achieved In the last fow
years by the radium treatment for
cancer bespeak the possibility as the
modus operandi becomes better understood of a practical elimination of
this dread disease except, when too
far advanced. -  *
The plot outside of the Methodist
church has, been'thoroughly cleaned
up by Robert' Clerke and other willing
workers. Oh no, they were not under
him in his official capacity, but cooperated for Uie purpose of preparing a ground upon whicli to play
lawn tennis. The new minister Mr.
Dimmick is leaving no stone unturned'
(we saw him turn quite a number
ourselves lo make °a place of recreation both_insl"de "and-ouEsTde~7f~"tlie'
church. The basement of the church
is very roomy and will be equipped
with the necessary paraphernalia for
the indulgence in various indoor
athletics. It is to be operated somewhat after the style of a Y. M. C. A.
and every man whether young or old
will be cordially welcomed regardless
,of his religious belief as it is intended as a' resort so badly needed
in this town and Is free of any de-
nominntionpllsm so far as permission
to  participate is concerned.
* Letters To
"K • ~   mi-
|*       The Editor J
*"'■■■■ -' *
The editor is   not ' responsible for
articles, that are sent in.
Dear Sir—In order to correct any
false impressions that may be held
by any of our 'membership relative
to the omission of the ritualistic ceremony of the United Mine Workers of
America I would ask for the necessary
space to. make explanation. Brother
Louis F. Melul, the young man who
was buried on the 26th was a follower
of the Catholic church and inasmuch
as the resident priest, Father Michels,
is a newcomer in our- midst and this
brother' was- the first of those who
are under his jurisdiction to be buried
I considered that as a mark of courtesy I should inform him, therefore
having failed to locate any of his
relatives after every effort to- do so
on. the evening of tho 25th ! called
upon the reverend gentleman who at
first strongly objected to the oui lai
taking place in tho afternoon, but
after lengthy explanation regarding
the reason therefor he reluctantly expressed his intention to comply,, but
asked thnt in futuro the, funerals
should be in the morning unless some
extraordinary circumstances intervened to prevent.   , ' "
When the question of the reading
of our burial services was discussed
he positively refused to allow It because such would be contrary to the
rules of the church, and as It is our
desire to conform to the amenities
that govern such matters Is the reason
for the omission alluded to and this
letter Is written solely for the purpose of enlightening those who may
wonder why it was not readv Trusting* that this explanation may be satisfactory to all concerned and thanking you for its insertion, I am, dear
sir, yours very truly;
Sec'y Gladstone Local 2314.
*   *   »
COLEMAN,   ALTA.     -
The Store  of Good Val ties
Tho case of Enrico Frnncoschlollo,
tho Ilnllnn charged with murder, is
held temporarily'.pending, the return
to town of Mr. J. S. Alexander,
provincial magistrate. 'The,accused is
a native of Loria, Campo Basso,
soul horn Italy, 22 yenrH of ago' aud
has only boon in Canada one year.
The defunct is a native of,tlio same
locality as his assassin, five miles only
RopnnUing  their  nntlvo  homes.
On nccount of tho sickness of iho
official Interpreter, Mr. L. Carosella,
Mr. Domonieo Nicoletti acted in his
To the Editor of the District Ledger:
The Coleman Miner of July lst contained a paragraph relative to a case
entitled Crown vs. Grand Union. In
order that the public may be enlightened on the subject permit me
through your columns to state a few-
pertinent facts. Tire Crown was prevented from taking early action as
previous to the issuance of the summons the chief witness, a single man,
found it advisable to make a hurried
trip out of town, only a few hours
before the case could be heard becauso of a ..visit.! by A. Paterson to
-t he-plan t-of-the-Iv-G— &-Coke-company,
for the purpose*' of a conversation
which j-csulted in a speedy flight
leaving nothing behind except his
I am prepared to bring forward, six
witnesses at any time, in fact, they
were waiting to give evidence, but
were not callod upon to do so. When
the charge was made on the 20th of
April Mr. L. A. Manly made, a quick
trip to Edmonton thus delaying the
case two months, The Coleman Miner
states that, the Grand Union is one
of the best of,its class and always
run satisfactory to the public. Hero's
whero I would like to know what class
It is in, whether this alhidos to the
saloon part or the hotel, Is the mercantile store run in connection with
the Grand Union as the latter cover
the whisky sold willi tho paper bags
of that concern with tho stamp as can
be shown at any time.. Should Mr.
L, A. Mnnley hnvo the courage to
j meet nil his charges I have no doubt
| lie would not hold his position.
j Thanking you," Mr, Editor, for tho
i uso of* your vnlunblo space In the
| workman's pnpor,
Yours, ete.
(Signed) II.  JUGGINS.
, * * *
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men lesHon to Thnmns Mrndshnw, I. R.
P.D.M, Frnnk, Alln.
TO HIONT-FiirnlHhcd rnoniH to
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Listen, wo can Have you from $20,*'l0
to }'.'."> on a Hewing machine, nnd give
you iho lilfHl, "Thn Standard," llio machine that hni* them nil bent, and then
muni',     Tlio Trlti-h-Wowl t'.u.
Wnntod: Houro donning or dny labor of nny kind. Mother or five children and widow of member of II. M. W.
Fernie, 11. C, July 28, IfllO,
Denr Sir—Tlie firo Hcnro Is over,
but, that Is no renson why vigilance
Bhould be vdnxod. Tlio cltl'/ens should
contlnuo to tnko nn Intoronl In nil
mnttors- thnt affect tho town. I
would like lo call all out ion lo tho
crossing*-* In dlfforont parts of lho
city, in Hevornl placoo thoy tiro not
flllod In and are of no uno lo anyone driving n tonm beonimo Ion high
to attempt, to croHH without running
the rink of a Kplll. I will, mention
ono place Unit Ih vory bad, on llio
north iiido of MoPhei'Hon eroi-iBlng
from TtogcrH Htroot I hnvo olthor to
go llirough Dr. WrlgloAWorth'H properly or cIho drivo on tlie Hldownlk
between It and Konnody nnd Mnn-
gnn'H ynrd, It would bo n good plan
If iho city onglnocr would mnlio a
11h( of Hlmllur couilitloiiH and lmvo
thom hooii to with lho IciihI pot-n-tlblo
Thanking you for putting tIiIh In the
paper, I mn youi'H truly,
Fornio, II. C, July 2T, 1010,
Mnnnger DlHtrlct Lodger:
Dear Rlr--Wo, tlm Hnlvntlnn Army,
nre tn!(i!)**■: up a Hpoclal collodion for
Itomphr-lltrm, (,V. II.) flro Hiiffororn on
•Jiinilnv .«v on | i-i I-* Tulv St 101*1 Would
you kindly nnnouiico thin in your
piipiir'f-* AIho we Hhall conuidi-r tin
favor If you would announce that wo
nrf mailing nn appeal for JG0O for
new Infitriinu'iitH for our band. Tho
bund men tlinmndvcH arc contributing
/Hill,     ...     I      ,.l..r.     V.*,!*..,.     1tn,.,.|„     *'.n
"7 '	
Youth, otc.
«. w. csoonwiN,
.,         +—	
nnd traffic in ■ intoxicating liquors in
this province, passed at- the last session bf the. legislature, and declared
by legal experts to be the most
stringent, drastic and at the same
time practical piece of liquor legislation on any statute book of a British
dominion, comes into force and effect throughout British Columbia on
tlie lst of August, and will be strictly
aud impartially enforced from that
date. It passed the Iocnl parliament
(which must, be recognized ns representing undeniably the will > of the
peoplo of the province which had 'just
elected Its members) by unanimous
voto, and therofore crystall/.os the
well considered' views of British
Columbia today on 'the subject of
liquor law. To attempt to Introduce
any oilier .prohibitory-or regulntlon
system until this new law of tho
land has been fairly tested in practice,''would bo not,only irrational but
a gratuitous insult to constituted
authority, nnd lo tho people hy which
that, nuUiorlty lp croalcd,
Not only nro the fees for ulmost
every form of IIcoiiho lucrcnKod undor
the new net, hul the ppnnltlcs pre-
Hcvlbed for InfrlngomeniH nre made
much more severe than of yoro; nnd
the numbor of licenses which mny bo
hold In nny ono district in limited ln
a way not. evon hinted at In pant logl«-
latlon. Tho first part of lho now nol
applies to lho granting of lho various
licenses, nnd holds good only In tlio
unorganized dlslrlclH, cltlefl and othor
munlcipalltloH bolng, of course, governed In this rospoct by tho provlfiloiiH
of tho Municipal CIuboh Aet, or, an
In tho ciiho of Vnncouvor, privato
charier, The remainder of the act
applion to tho wholo of tho provlnco,
Tbo first now provision of the act
Ir ono empowering the government to
nppolnt nu Iniipector of IIcoiihoh for
nrltlHli Columbia. Ills jurisdiction
will oxlcud nlllto over organized nnd
iiiiorginil/.cd illHtrlctH and chartorod
elllr-H, and his doputlos, ox-offlclo will
he tho chiefs of polico In tho various
poneo illstrlctH. It will bo li Ih duly
lo limped ull llcoiiHod piohiIhoh, to
report upon all iippllcntlotm for
IIociihoh, nnd gonorally to hco liml ll'«
law Ih lioiiostly nnd strictly enforced
throughout, tlio ontlro province.
lu citi-m and organized illstrlctH tlio
fixing of tho license feed is to a certain oxtent necessarily at tho discretion of tho local nutlinrltlos, but In
tlio uiiorgnnlsod districts, which come
under rtlroet control of tho province,
HceiiHo fees aro rained In every case,
Whnlr-HnlorR, and urnwni-H' HncnBon nro
advanced from |H0() to |800 por mi-
hum. Tlw number xit liolnl ■.)•./<.*'■•.,■.,■.
for the retail salo of liquor lu each
district Is limited, ond tlio standard
of iici-ommodnllon demanded nf nil
Hitch licensed pipmIhos Is vory ma-
tpH-illv rntwed tbo llron-sn too being
i.i the hiiiiio llmo Increased. Undor
Dw old act llio hotel license foo In a
df.iiilcl of upwardh of 200 Inhabllnnts
was him al $200; In a district of 100
lilloiliiinntH at $12.": and In a district
of Icwk tlmn 100 Inhabitants at $75
The fire brigade irct'lved n lmrr.vup! Arcoidlng lo lho n«iw net tho fr-o In
call on ThuiMlny at I o'clock to a
flro which Imd broken out ln the
bn\\f.o  ot  Chni'liH   KdinundK   In   Dw \
dlslrlcis of upwards of 1,000 inlinbl*
mntn l» n"t iu $300; in districts of
Irom r.iu. to l.uuu pupulutlnu nt $_>0;
, Annex.   Fort mint dy tho dninftRo was nnd In districts of Itmn llinn BOO point-
Lrnvo word with 11. 1.. .lunf. "ox ■ ml< «uRi»t owing to tli.   efficient tin-' latlon nt  $155.    Tl.o  sccurlnir of «'
j nliitnnce given by tho neighbors, n ] hotel llr-i-msr- under Dw now net Is fit
FOU RALR—HpI'MiiIlil lot for Hftlo j*Rntdon Iiofh keeping It under control * iln* muni' Mm-**-* a nm<h harder manor
u*It)» 175-foot Mif-t ttiMw, fcHMfctt'd'iintll thr--ftiihtil of ihf flr-rmftn wh*n'i1*.pi*b xv. ,*>*• ifcc oil r.'RUlatlonn. In
five hlooUt from nn-infflro on Cov \ It wnn romf/h-tnly ovtlnftrtinhrd. The'the fl-..» pl,-ic», bttcro a license cnn
street. A del lulu fwl flte for a home.
For full pnrllr-uIni-K wrlto fl. Jcllolt,
King Kdwnrd Hold.
which petition must be signed by two-
thirds of the_householders living within three miles of the, spot.where it is
proposed'   to    establish the licensed
hotel, no foreigners being permitted
to appear - as petitioners'!; and wives
and children being counted in"the to-
thirds majority,, petition is required. It
is further enacted that until a locality
has an adult white population of more
than 1,000, not more than three hotel
licenses may in any event be granted.
When the locality has , attained a
population of 1,000, .a fourth'license
may be added; and after that,.,an additional license for every new thou:
sand of .population, always upon two-
thirds petitions of the interested residents.       '
Part III of the new act, which deals
with tho taking of orders for liquor
by commercial travelers and with the
licensing of steamships, and railway
curs for tho salo of liquor, Is littlo
changed from tho old act, tho principal exception being thai tho fee. for
llconso on steamships' is increased
,from $100 to $lfi0. It Is fnrthor enacted that, specinl licenses which"
might under lho old aet occasionally
bo granted to steamships for excursions or similar special" occasions,
shall hereafter under no circumstances bo Issued.
, Pnrt IV of tho net, which donls
with Sunday closing nnd prohibited
hours, enacts only thnt, nil bni'H-iuul
plncr-H for the snlo of liquor must bo
securely locked from 11 o'clock ench
Pn turd ay night, until fi o'clock Monday
morning, Ihls regulation applying
nllko to cities, municipalities, organized and unnrganlzod districts, and
poromptorily placing a stoppage upon
the trndo heretofore constituting tho
mosUmporlnnt factor of tho road-
houses, No mention Is mado of weekday hours of oponlng nnd closing, tho
undoi'fitnndlng being thnt. rogulntlons
In tills respect aro to bo mado by tho
local authorities or to conform therewith. Under tho old act lt was posslblo for thirsty souls to socuro
(lrliilcs during prohibited hours by
rnoroly rr-glstorlng at a hotol and
(horoby poHlng as a bona-fldo gitosl.
Under tho now act. IIiIh Ih ImnosHlblo.
It Is Hllpulaleil that bonn-fldo travelers may liavo liquor with tliolr moalB,
such liquor to bo consumed only In
tho dining room. Just whnt const Hul oh a bona.liln Irnvolor Is specially defined so ns to exclude tlio
loper who roRlHtOiB innroly for thn
sake of getting a (Irlnlf, and It Is
specifically onactnd Hint excursionists
shall not bo cmiHlderort as trnvolors,
Tho list of those to whom hotel-
keepers nro forbidden to soil liquor
Is Infinitely moro comprehensive
undor the now act than undor tlio old,
Not. only aro bartenders fortlddon lo
supply liquor to recognized (IIpho-
nmnlncB, but It Is nlso mndo nn of-
.1 ,   (ll       XI......      ritlt.rv
4lHlhl!    Lit    |IIUIiuL     I,,..,    i.i|,i»,i    *..'..,»
Vy <;\\o, rW w Imrtoi*,' "porsonn
notoriously of drunken lmblts," "por-
hoiih addicted to drunken debauches
or sprees," and "porsons who openly
and notoriously wnsto tliolr money In
liquor and In riotous living to tho dot-
iiinciil ol their XfimYixit, xm xbitut w
pcndpul upon thom." It Is further
forblddon to sell liquor to minors,
vngrniitB or trnmps, prostitutes, Indlnna nnd "chnuffours operating nny
vehicles plylnR for public hlro."
Thn facilities for blnckllstlnK nny
person to whom It may appear do-
Hlrable thnt liquor not bo «oW. nro
tiiltnili-ly exteiuleit; liuicaftci* It lu to
be within tho power of tho superintendent of provincial polico. the
license Inspector, or nny chief of
police, upon confidential communication In such OTomite* mnde (o him. to
interdict tho snlo of liquor to "any
misspends, -wastes or lessens his
estate, or injures his health, or endangers or interrupts the pence or
happiness of his family." The penalty for infringement' of the act is.a
fine' of not less than $100 and noc
more than $300, or In default imprisj
onment    for    not ..more"   than nine
months,-, Under iheT— old act the.
penalty for infringement of the regulations was cumulative, running for
the first, offense from.$50 to $250;
for the second offense from $200 to
$500; and for the third from $500 to,
$1,000. It was found that under the
old regulations the emulative naturo
of the fines seldom -came into play
beyond the' second offense, the licensing authorities usually refusing to renew the license of holders who had
been twico convicted of -infringements of tho regulation. For, this
reason tho equally heavy penalty for
all offenses whether first, second or
subsequent., has now been adopted.
There are also included In.tho now
license law tho following essential
new features: ,       ,.
Tho superintendent of polico hns
the right nt nny tlmo to cnncel or
suspend nny llconso In tho province,
livery hotel must hnvo n bar-room
entirely separate and apart from nny
other room, also n sepnrato sitting
room ,nnd separate dining room.
Kvory hotel must havo nt, lonst
seven guest rooms, with minimum
floor Hpnco oi 700 squnro feel, nnd
com fort nhly furnished.
Vontilation and facllllics for ogress
in lhe event of firo must be provided
lo Hie Btitisfnctlon of the Inspector;
nlso nccommodnllon for the llconseo'H
fnmlly, kitchen,, nnd stabling for at
leant, six horses.
No ono may hold a llconso who has
lost that privilege within three
previous years, or who has been convicted of n criminal offonso,
All'bar-rooms In tho provlnco (olther
In oltloB, towns, or unorganized districts miiHt. cIoho nt. 11 p. m. Sntur-
days and remain closed, and so ns to
afford nn open vlow to tlio public,
until r> a, m. Monday,
No snlo of liquors may at any tlmo
bo mado to "Joy riders," that Is
pleasuro rldoiH, motoring or driving,
nnd not. bnnn fldo Irnvolors,
No womnn mny bo sorvod wllh
liquor lu nny public bar-room, No
hotel tuny have mora than ono barroom,
No gaining mny bo * pornilttod ou
any licensed promise*-)-, nor nny nickel-
lii-the-Hlot device,
No officer or mombor of tho crow
of any Htenm ship mny lie served with
drink nt tlio bar of such stontushlp.
and spars, piling, pot and pearl ashes^l
railroad  ties,  staves,  stave-bolts  and-"
heading, telegraph   poles    (including
telephone and other poles for electric ;-s*J
wires), wood for pulp, and the furs
and skins of forest animals undressed,
and they will be enumerated by 'miuv-.
ber or quantity and-value,
 The^ census=of-=fo!*est^='nrQducts-^W-ili^=_d
be taken' chiefly  from' farmers  ami =
the lessees of timber limits.
PINCHER CREEK, July 30.—Do-'
velopment work Is to begin on iv location comprising-1,500 acres of coal
lands* near Lunbreck by a company
composed of representative and woll
known Piiichcr Creek men, Tho per--
sonncl of tho company is as follows:
Dr. Warnock, M. Ij. A., H. Cameron,
W. McFarlnno, A. ' W. Robblns, W-
Williamson, Dr. Wright, Dr. Gillespie,
S. ,1. Chnupt, J. J. .Cameron and F. W.
Lindsay. .  °
John A.
Ewan of the Toronto'Globe
Dies of Cancer.
TOUONTO, July 30.—John Alexander 1-jwnn, nssoolnlo editor of Dw
Toronto Clobound one of the best,
known editorial writers in Cnnndn,
died nt 1:10 n, in. Woduosdny at his
residence on Victoria, avonuo nftor
spvovnl months' lllnoss of cancer of
the stomach. Ilo lenvesa widow nnd
n daughter, lie wns born In Aberdeen,
Scotland,, in 1S50, cnmo lo Toronto
nnd lennied the typogrnphlcnl I rndo
In the Globe. In 387!) he began reporting. Ilo wns woll known for yenrs
as nn Ottawa pnrllnmontnry roportor,
Such In nbslract Ih the new llconso
lnw ot llrltlsh Columbln, coming Into
force nnd oporation with tho month
of August..
"This law Is mado for enforcement,"
,      . , i   i,    -  , ,
i>a>i>    Mil-   mnn i,c j    (.*-" Hi",      •<•'
will   he   enforced-   Impart inlly
camo was a ili-fcctlvu chimney nnd be -.i-ii.n-d, tt petition must bo pre-j pen-on resident or nojonrnlntB wkihlii
Irifiiirnnco we hellnvo wlll-fnlly cover, sencd to tho llcoimlnf*** authorities In the Province of llrltlnh OolutmbU who
lhe Iosh. {favor of the granting of such license,iby Ma excesBlvo drlnklflff ol liquor,
The ceustiH of Ihu forest products
nl Ciinfii*iii, io .ii.* v.i'iiv-n un ihiim i,
1911, Will embrnco square, wanoy or
flat timber, logs for lumber nnd mis-
cellnneniiB products.
In the first class nro Included ash,
birch, elm, mnplo, oak, plno nnd nil
other tlmbor cut ns squnro, wnncy
or lint, nnd In thi* iniuiicrution villi
ho reported for cubic feci, and vnluo,
Imm fur lumber, which arc Included lu tho socond class, uro In
such woods an elm, hickory, hemlock,
oak, plno and upnico. They will tto
enumerate-;! ln tho consun by 'quantities or 1,000 feot board meuauro,
with vnluo in tho umo unit.
Minceilaneouii pvcAutU ot Utu IoiuaI
Include bftrk for tanning, fence poit*!,
flro wood, hoop and hop polos, roawts
(Toronto World.)
Tho Grnnd Trunk men hnvo been
consldornto for mnny years, ' Thoy
arc the only peoplo doing buslnesrt
with tho company tlmt lmvo boon oxpoctod to bo patient. Tho shareholders who took lho orlglnnl loss nro.nil
dond nnd bnrlod, nnd prosont holdors
have no substantial grievance Hut
tho ghost of former oxtrnvnganco nnd
mls-'pollcy has boon haunting tha mon
who oporato tho, rond for GO yonrs,
Tlioy nro ns flno a lot of mon as ovor
served ti rnllwny nnd many of thom
wont off tho roll by tho pruning
knllo without, a kick. Thoy wero al
wnys loynl to tho old Qoo Too,
Now theso men think tho tlmo hnH
como for thom to got treatment In pny
and fonHld'H'utlon equal to that of
othor romlH. Mr. Mays ndmlts It, but
snys wait till wc mako big money In
the west llko the Canadian Pacific,
Tho men sny, glvo It now.
And It, Is likely ihat they'll got It-
Mr. llnyH ought lo mnko lho effort.
It will pay him, In tho long run,
On strike, 3,8-TjO men.
O. T. It., s.r-oo,
Central Vermont, 3t>0,
iKUHIllVl—.-*jl.'*il,-J,Vlui/,J.-li\i.»  <_k
wages nnd working rules 18 por cent
lncronso In wages nnd full domnnd not
Inter thnn January 1, 1013
Thrown out—Tho compnny has Issued nn order closing down tho big car
shops during tho striko.
M«tv out- Conductor*!, hrakemen,
baggagemen, yardmen. Fnglnccrs nnd
fireman are not out, hnvlniy thoir own
agreement with tho company that has
not expired, and tho oporators and dis*
patchors did not strike, reaching an
agreement yesterday.
Strike * breaking — Dispatchers,
freight agent*, road' foremen, yard
iHiulfcii*., li'ivvcliiikk cutluceru aud rule
in*tnictora prctsed Into servlco aa Impromptu conductors aud brake-men.


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