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The District Ledger 1910-05-21

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 V.*../ !..",-- . f
■;-, ^i' .'■?■■ —.--v, a>.:""'*• *■
■ .'-v*.
I' *W
rff.-.^^ S(J June <fr(
industrial; Unity is Strength
The Official Orgauof District No. 18, U. PI. W. of A.
VOX*. V.   No. 42
FERNIE,   B. C,  May  21st,  19lb
Political Unity is Victory
$1.00 a Year
o - '
Supreme Court Adjourns
Till Next WeekvNew
Provincial Jail
♦ *«►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ •
■ Keep away from'Blairmore,
Alta., Mines, as men are being-
la id off at that place.
The Supreme'Court began its sessions in the Fernie opera house Tues-.
day.morning at 11 a.m. May 17, Hon.'
■•Gordon Hunter^ presiding. "W.A. Mac-
, Donald, K.' C, of "Vancouver acted as
' prosecutor  on behalf of the  Crown;
r, ' -
and Miss Lucia Jenkins as court: stenographer.   , Tlie following additional
.legal.luminarles were noted present:
M.  A.   MacDonald,  Cranbrook,  Slier-
. wood Herchmer, D. B., McTaggart, H.'
W/Herchmer.-W. r; Ross, K. C,„D.
A. MacDonald, L. P. Eckstein and A. I.'
.'Fisher, J S., T. Alexander, Registrar
and deputy sheriff, M. A. Kastner. Tlie
,-room was comfortably crowded and in
addition to those who were witnesses
m connection with the cases to be
brought   forward    there was* a good-
. ly. contingent of citizens and citizenes-
ses who, by their' presence show their
interest in the proceedings.-    -
-   The following gentlemen have been
• selected to comprise the grand jury,
. and all answered to their names except.
Mr. Malcolm Mclmnes of Elkinouth:—
Messrs. James A. Arnold, R. T.'.Brym-
tration of justice; this works an especial hardship in the case of those
who are in receipt of day wages, and
we would respectfully urge that a revision of tho allowances be made.
Ills Lordship replying to the grand
jury stated that he was very pleased
that they had visited these institutions
and public buildings, and would say
that the recommendations should be
brought to the attention of the authorities and he had no doubt that they
would be carried out. He would, particularly draw the attention of the authorities to the establishment of a provincial jail for east Kootenay. -.lie
would forward their document,to the
proper authorities and as a citizen he
hoped that they would soon be carried
out; '      " =
The famous Coal Creek case was
the first taken up, and practically the
same ground was covered as at, "the
preliminary hearing. A' full report
of this ancl the other cases will appear
in The Ledger next week. "  -
Blessed is he that sitteth on a yel-
lowjacket's (nest for he shall rise
again..    ■ -- '-.
Dunwick of Gladstone, Man., opened
up a large stock of stationery in the
Merchants Bank block. ' *   •
Say, \ we. have' a man in Elko who
can hold an argument with his wife
and not holler. (Ed. Yes, but he's
deaf and dumb and.talks on his fingers.)
Francis Down, the Flagstone lumber king, Jim Ryan, millionaire from
Cranbrook, Vic. Rollins,, the Potter
Palmer, of Cranbrook, and W.. A.
Austin* of Nelson were, liberal donors
ner, G. W. T. Carter and Dr..  Wm.
Sherwood Bell are the members who
.fjre drawn from Cranbrook; Michel's
;' representative is A. C. Murray whilst
Fernie's jurors are the following:
; „J>F.-Barber, A. H.:Cree,' L. A.-S. Dack,
P. R. Lundie, J. D. Quail andG. S Ste-
■ venson.   * Mr „ Brymner,  manager  of
tlie' Bank of Commerce at Cranbrook,
'was chosen as foreman.
Docket >
Nat Babcock and Frod Varlow, rob-
. bery;  Fred Varlow, receiving stolen
money.'   These two Items are connected with tho Coal Creek hold up case.
Roderick Dunlop and-'J. Kitchener,
,   robbery,
.Tosslo Wyllo1 and Jaruna, a Russian,
two soparate cases of tlieft.
Civil List _
Evans v. C. N. P. Conl Co,, action for
damages, Ross and Lano for Company*
and h„ P. Eckstein and McTaggnrtfor
Larson v Pollen. Action for nllogod
breach of contract, Larson's Intorosts
uro In chargo of Hnrvoy, McCnrtor &
McDonald of Vancouvor, .whilst lloss
, & Lnno aro acting ns counsel for C.
Mooro v C. N. P, Conl Co.    This Is
n compensation caso nppenl from tho
findings of Judge P. E. Wilson, Robb
& Lano nro noting for tho Company
, Ncksioln & MoTnggnrt contra.
At (ho suggestion of tho Chlof Justice tho "grand jury visited tho dlfforont public buildings nml roportod bnck
ns follows:
Yonr Lordship:
Wo, llio grnnd jury of tho   spring
' nRBhos hold at Fornio on tlio 17th ot
May, 1D10 bog to roport that wo hnvo
examined tho following public buildings:  '
City hnll, PoBtofflco nnd customs
Iioubo, public Bcliool. provincial lockup
government office, city flro hnll. Wo
find tliVHO hulldhigH to ho In good ordor but would roHpoctfiilly submit tlio
following   BlIggOBtlOllH.
Tlio vontilation In tlio municipal Jnll
doos not npponr to bo ndoqunto:
Tho "provincial lockup nnd govern-
ment offices, nro the temporary build-
in rh which lmvo boon In uno slnco tho
flro of 11)08, and do not afford sufficient accommodation for tliolr prosont
requirement!-*.. Wo noto thnt n now
rornTw-nt offlco In In con run of con-
Conflicting Reports Sent Out
Regarding the Recent
The strike of the Nova Scotia'miners, which has been continued since
tho 6tti of July last, has been settled
on terms which are favorable to the
strikers. \ . '
The following telegram from ex*.
Vice President MeCullough was received at the office Thursday of last, week,
conveying the glad tidings.   -
"Glace Bay, N. S.', April 28, lfllO.
,  "Reached favorable    settlement today.     Will be compelled to remain a
week yet.     • '       , -   .,
' And thus it, has been again demon-
strted that a war waged against the
United Mine Workers of'America is a
profitless thing. 1      •
.The company and the men are to be
congratulated on the amicable agreement It will not be wise or politic to
gloat over the success of the miners.
Everything that can be "done should
be done now to promote and foster a
more friendly relation, without which
the best results to-both can not be
secured. *
The striking miners are deserving of
all praise for their persistent fight
for, recognition and the principles that
all'free men fight for. .-*.--.
It is a happy ending to a great
struggle and a crushing blow to Moffat and his cohorts who deceived the
Dominion Coal Company at the start
have deceived them ever since' and
got them into ,a fight that has been
ruinous lo their financial interests.
With the settlement-it is hoped ah
era of good will will be developed,
and the sun of peace' shine in the
^mining industry,-,of-/Nova Scotia, and
the "United Mine Workers will prosper and continue to - bring aid and
succor to,the oppressed.' ■   ■"      -L_
atructlon, hut rogrot Hint tho plnnB do
not provldo n sufflclont numbor of colls
for provincial prisoners,
It.lmB boon brought to our attention
thut thoro aro luadoqunto facilities ror
holding preliminary henrlngB and coroner's Inquofits nt Hosmer and Michel.
Wo would Btrongly recommend that
a provincial jnll bo OHtnbllnhod for tho
dUtrlct of East Kootonay, thus obviating the ox pen no and difficulty of
transferring convicted prlionora to
Nelson as Is the. present practice,
Wo think It not out of placo to urge
thu Jitjuiniilty of » \txo\w\ I* oui'it ii I for
Infectlous disease*. No permanent
provision now being mado for the care
of pntlonU suffering from auch dis-.
We take this opportunity of bringing
to thc uollcu uf tlm ftutUovltlui* thn
very inadequate remuneration for
Jurors and witnesses ln tbe ndminls-
to the big celebration in Elko onth-3
24th. , " ,*-. '*% , 7 . * ' '
<• E, Mallendaine*, chief timber ranger
for south east Kootenay,'was in Elko
on Sunday, and J. S. Dennis, another
C. P. R. tyee. from. Calgary, passed*
through Elko iii his private caboose,'
omd was flipping'the-tlssures on the
hind end when he left town. .
Miss. Inez Holbrook and Miss Irene
McKee' were, Fernie , visitors this
week. ; "*
and Mrs, Kllnginsmlth of Elko were
ancl Mrs. Klenglnsmlth of Elko wero
rusticating down in the big red applo
country this week.
Don't sot your hen on n door knob
aiid expoct hor lo hatch out a Queen
Anno cottago. If you really want the
cottage seo Jim Broley.
Mr. Lloyd of'the Canadian Bank" of
Commerce in Crnnbrook, Is spending
his vacation nt Roosvllle, famous for
Its double. yolkod oggs and other tropical frails.
We-, aro plonsod to say thnt a fow
Cnnndlnns have beon given work on
tho government roads but Ihero Is no
posslblo chanco for a whito B. C, until
the snow files.
If you aro hnppy you nro wealthy.
Wonlth ennnot buy hnpplnoss. Wo
soom to ent well, to sloop well and
don't worry,
If you wnnt' to moot your friends
como to Elko on tho 21 lh of May, Victoria dny.
R. Duthlo, pr'oflldont of tho Duthlo
Hnrdwnro Company of Fornio and Mr.
Konny of Cnlgary woro In Elko on
Sunday, '■'
If thoro's ovor n prlsso offorod to tho
blggoBt I'nfornnl liar on God'B groon
onrth wo havo monoy to bot wo cnn
namo tho Fornio man who will win
It payfl to advortlflo whon you hnvo
tho goods. But you mtiBt nlso nd-
vortlno in n good llvo pnpor, Slnco
our old collogo chum took up thiB
pnpor wo cnn hoo ii grout Improvement
nnd tho mnll order Bnlo« wo are Retting for our flHhliig tuoklo and fruit
fnmiH Ih proof that It's hotter to tell
thc truth evon if the lightning docs
lilt your stovo plpo,
UxciirsloiiB will be run ovor the 0.
N from Clnlowny to Klko nnd from
Mlchol to ISlko on tho 24th.
Mr. nnd Mrfl W, Wlclcnon of Winnipeg Ib visiting with Mr. II, Wlckson
*• '< i    ■■»    i    i.i    I,
Ml   Itli.   ,)(t>i 1 ttUtltO  u»*'l'k  i.viC,
fltirl'-t.v i-t-ilrVlhli*. week will lie hr-ld
ovor on account of tho big eolobrntlon.
Toiiiloiii nro cnllod for supplying re-
froehuionts, liquid and solid (non-ln-
toxlcnmsj lor Dw Dominion dny celebration. LowoBt or nny tondor r.ot
necoBBnrlly accoptod. All bids to bo
In not Inter than Bnturdny Mny 28th.
Address all communication to TliomnB
Uphill, flporls Bocrotnry.
Tho Dnlly Provlnco of tho Mth has
a lengthy nrtlcle, tho head lines of
which rond "Egg Trnln will Tour England." Wo callod npon decree Egg
to rind wliat truth there was In tho
roport and lio Informs us tlmt lio doos
not intend to tour England but that
hn ha* aa I, ti, B, cour*e on Poultry
Husbandry tbat will interest aU who
think of raising chickens.
. The Nova Scotia strike which has
lasted for so long has been brought to
a close and while the immediate material gains are small relatively' to the
time,  money  and1 energy. expended,
nevertheless :thet tenacity of-.ttie men
and women to the principles they hold
dear augurs* well for*.the future, because'when, this spirit is demonstrated under conditions that try the most
philosophic temperament, and which
demands a remarkable fortitude'to endure with equananlmity there is great
hope for the future of the working
class, onco thoy have their eyes opened to the necessity of standing together with the same flxidity of purpose
on the political field as they do on tho
Industrial.    These lessons aro dearly
bought 'tis true, but tlioy are worth
all they cost if 'thoy sow tho seeds
thnt spell determination to investigate tho bottom cause of all the troubles of their clnss nnd by so doing
como to a realization of tho fact that
so long ns tho exploitation  of   tho
workers continues so long will thoro
bo theso struggles botwoon tho buyers of tho laborer's only commodity,
lnbor powor nnd tho animated pack-
agos in which this Is contained, Those
conflicts between n steel chest nnd an
empty stomnch  aro  Inevitably  foro-
doomed to failure vlowod from tho
purely material  side of dollars and
cents as tho Incroaso of a fow conts
Is rnoroly nominal. Nevertheless a mo-
rnl victory hns boon gnlnod whoso vnluo ennnot bn estimate-]  In monoy;
mornovor thnt tho prostlgo df tho U,
M,' W, of A, hns not suffered Ib ovlil-
oncod by tho Institution of n lodgo In
Wostvlllo which cortnlnly would not
have taken place had thero beon a belief in tho mlndH of thoso bnck thoro
thnt this organization wnB not.   a vnlunblo nld to tho man who aro fighting
for a fow moro chimbs.
In ordor that our renders mny
havo a Bomowhot clearer knowledge
of tho nircumfltnncoH than thoy mny
hnvo, formed from whnt thoy havo
rond bo fnr wo will quote from a
iipoclol dospntrh to tho Lodger from
J. 11, Mnclachlnn, Glnco Bay,
In order thnl Iho momborH of tho
U. M. W, A, nnd tlio public gonoriilly
may bo bottor Informed ub to tho
cnuso nnd mcrlta of thc striko may
Htalo that It wiih called bocauso tho
Dominion Conl Compnny dlHorlmlnntod
ngninst tho minors who wore memhoi'B
of lho Unitod Mlno Workorn of America, nnd for no other rennon thnn
this scores of men woro locked out,
*,    f. i    i     -
»,.k/* ll/l W      *.„<,     XsMtttllt.l,)     MtJ'-lUJtUCl^      I l>
funert lo hnvo nny cniifcrpnrp with nny
oommlttooH other than those of tho
P. W. A. (Provincial Workers Abbo-
elation). A Bottloment wn* offorod
whon tho Compnny guaraiitood thai
t\,r,.r.   lt'«'.ij.l   Xi„   ...   f,,.,X.ri..  Jl^ ;;*#';-j;;^
tion and (hat n commltteo of any of
tlio workmen would bo rocolvod also
ovory man Iioh prnctlcnlly roBiimod
tlio nnmo work an ho was engaged In
previous to the cessation, Thoro
woro othor details of a minor diameter which woro nil -satisfactorily ad-
Justed to tho benefit of tho mon.
Theso demands were all that wo
nuked thr nt nny tlmn. Wo may add
howovor, tbat tbo P. W. A. stands dli
credited and It Is only a question of
a very short tlmo when it will bt
among the has bcons. Transfer card
from this nlly of the bosses Is re-
irardod •omewhat In the light or n
badge of dishonor.
The Male Voice Party's concert is
billed for the 24th. " Further particulars in" our next Issue. '
* The Fax Concert Company, which
comes well recommended, will appear
In the Fernie opera house on the 21st.
A quantity of good household furniture'for sale. Apply A. R. Kennedy,
McPherson- avenue, below Rogers St.
George Shaw,' bartender at the Northern hotel broke his leg rn,,two places
while roller skating'at Bruces hall' on
Wednesday night.
For Rent: A six roomed house with
water over sink and toilet'inside, near
Methodist church, $15 a month, ready
1st June,    ApplyWalter Ilunnable.
The Sports committee for the Dominion-Day celebration-are requested
to attend a meeting to be held„at the
Miners hall on Sunday next at 6.30.
P. Duval the painter, has secured
the contract, for painting and decorating the interior of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company office In "this
George 'Earle has tlie contract for
laying'88 feet of cement sidewalk' on
the side of the Bank of Hamilton and
25' feet on the front on Victoria avenue."    ' •     "'     0
To rent'or to sell. The Gill boarding house, containing 14 rooms ancl a
well established 'dining custom. Situated on Pellat avenue, Apply,at the
house.    .
Inspector Kennedy of Toronto has
censored Hamlet. ■ Our linotype artist disclaims any relationship with tho
gentleman even though he does' hail
from Ontario too.'
The impending battle between Estrada and Madrlz ' in Nicaragua has
been postponed probably' on account
of the non-arrival of -, the. moving picture-machine.
-W. J. Gage, the well known publisher and president of'the Board,of Trade
of Toronto' has been elected to succeed
tor of' the Imperial bank.  -
Grand Theatre'on the. 31st of May
"St. Elmo," based on the famous novel
of( Augusta J, Evans will bo dramatized by, Grace Hayw.ardj ^assisted by
first class support. ";.■ Remember May
Creston has an excellent reputation
for its small fruits, particularly strawberries, and those who are intending
buyers are respectfully advised to
write to A. Llndley and bo convinced
of the truth of tho fact.
Enquiry is being mndo on behalf of
tho mothor of the whereabouts of Robt.
Henderson, a miner, agod 22, height
5 ft, 3 In., dark complexion, weight
150 lbs. Any information will bo
welcome, Address P, 0, 'fi District
Among our exchnnges recently wo
found "The Canadian Co-Opbrntor,"
which Is published at Brantford, Out.,
ntul con tn ins dnta'of great Interest, to
all who nro co-operatively Inclined, It
is published undor tho auspices of iho
Canadian union of Co-Operators,
Mr. Griibb of tho Imporlnl Bank
stuff' nt Crnnbrook lins boon trnnstor-
red to n like position at RovelBtoko,
Mr. Haylock, whom Air, Grubb succeeds, hns gono lo Chnso ns manager
of tho now brnnch thnt hns^jUBt boen
established there.
Brovey and James Always on
the Move-New Locals
As a result of the ,labors of A. C.
Brovey and* T. E. James, International
organizers, a new local was established at Burmis, Alberta, and tho entire
camp consisting of 24 men, are now
members of li,
The Company in charge of . this
property are making considerable
headway and it is only a question of
a very, short time when it is believed
that, there will, be some thirty more
The officers elected are as follows        :
President.:' Joseph Darbyshire.
Vice-President: Anthony Treslnsky.
' William Ashton, Fin. Sec.''   . ,*
The' present outlook at the camp
is certainly favorable from all sides
of'the question—the character of the
work—the desirability of the location
but more noticeable than all is the
energetic and enthusiastic spirit of*
the miners, and, we feel confident; that
they will see that the, principles to
which they; have subscribed will' be
stiictely adhered to.
The much looked for game between
Mie old rivals, Michel 'and Coal Creek
took place at'the Creek on Saturday
last. ,   ' r
- A special train from Michel brought
a great crowd of supporters bedecked
At tho momorlnl sorvlco hold on tho
Coal Company lawn for tho Into King
Edwnrd n collection was tnkon up on
bohnlf of tho Whitehaven Hiifferers,
nnd $70.70 wns contributed,
♦ Spi'liiglilll, N. S„ May M
♦ Mr. A. .1. Cnrior,
♦ Socrotnry DlHtrlct 18
♦ Kuril lo, 11, C.
♦ Denr Sir and Uro.
<t I am Instructu'd to Inform
♦ nil Loialn in DIkUIcl IH, that
♦ Frank Letcher, ngu about 21),
♦ Btout, nnd lid wnnl   I^telu-r,
♦ ngo nbout 17,' red hair, hro-
•*•> ihorB and hods of a mine of.
♦ flnlal hore, were members of
•if     ilii.l il.iai ILlduLi it'll! itllllU OIK
•*. nn   !'lj')).i'   u*lib   i3jc  j'",.t   on
♦ AugiiHt   I Oth Inm,   but went
■**. Iiinldn thn bullpen tn Real) for
♦ tho rnmpnny on or nbout the
♦ flrflt wook In InHt February.
♦ ft. . ,, 1 H
*..:/ -.' .'y    M.y--.i.,,U       ttVlitl
♦ thiB union on Frhrutiry 24 for
♦ Ht-abblng,
♦ Now wo are Informed thnt
♦ they nro leaving Sprliiglilll on
♦ Monday. May 10th, und thoir
♦ destination    Is    snld    to bo
♦ Cranbrook, Cnnmoie or HIII-
♦ crest.
♦ It is request cd thnt you glvo
♦ this Information to all tho un-
♦ ions in your Dlstrirt at onco.t
♦ Youni fruterually
♦ (Signed i
4} Secretary
dently carried out their part of the programme,by boosting, yelling" until they
were hoarse, .'and at times hooting
when they thought that the referee
was not giving.a.fair decision. Of,
course' "Coal Creek supporters-wero
just as keen* in' the matter of encouraging their own team, which lent to
the occasion much interest; In fact
from an outsider's standpoint each
team could not havo'.received, more
enthusiasm had. they been playing for
the English cup lnstea,d of an ordinary league match.'
Tho gamo opened up very fast, and
everyone looked forward to a most
exciting gamo. Mlchol scored In the
first few minutes nfter some ■ very
uont work on tho right wing. Coal
Creek thon got through nnd equalized
nlmost Immediately. ' Tho game was
now very open, each' sldo working liko
Trojans to get the advantngo, nnd
oven play followed up to hnlf time,
notwithstanding thnl Michel hnd added two mbrogonls to their scoro. It
must bo snld that although Conl Creok
xvoro behind In tho score to such an
extent Hint, thoy novor onco lost hope
In the gnnie,
The socond half commenced with
Coal Croek pressing for n short time,
but this did not ln»t,long, nnd Michel
boys went nftor It in dead earliest
and showod their superiority on many
occasions. Aftor playing about, hull'
nu hour lu this hnlf tho Coal Crook
goal lcoopor had to rotlro having mot
with nn accident, colliding with the
Michel cr'tiii-i* forward when coming
out, to clear n bull which looked vory
much like scoring. Michel ngnln
scored from a corner, It wnB now
ruining very fast nnd the piny 'lociunc
Ichh IntorcBlliig nnd tho gnmo concliid'
ed In favor of Mlchol by four gonlH lo
It miiflt lie hiiIiI that tho roforoo,
John Cnuflohl, although, a Conl Creek
mini, gave overy HiitlHfncllon In the
milliner In which ho liniiillcd the men,
The game wiih iih clean mul iih troo
from Hlindy iiiciIch nn the pnrt of tlm
players iih nun could expect lo noo,
Michel uro lo bu rongriitiilnlcil on
tin.' good iill'i'i-uud lenni Ihey have,
onch nnd every ono showing ability of
no mean order. C'nnl Creek, If do
fonted, wore not, disgraced nnd probably mny luru the i-i|-|--h when thuy nwo\
,n Kill n,
We are lold that for ways that are
dark and tricks that are queer ' the
heathen Chinee is peculiar, but with
all due respect to' Bret Harte and
lils description of the shady side of
tthe character of the, Mongolian,
there are those wlio nro living within ihe shadows of lho Three'Sisters
who could give this -soluble individual
cards and spades in tho Ingenuousness
of methods Machiavellian.
..'Dan Stewart, nn old timer in the
Pass where he hns, when able, followed his occupation, for a lengthy
period, has been in such ailing state
of health as to,prevent him from doing any but spasmodic labor. 1-le has
had a 'hard struggle lo enable iiim
to obtain enough lo keep (he pot boiling, and when the matter of a collection ou his behalf was brought to the
notice of his fellow ' workers they
willingly expressed themselves as
ready to do all in their powor to aid
him, and to this end authorized the
Coal Company to ..make the deductions tliey subscribed from their monthly pay, This is a very common
procedure. A garnishment'lifts been
placed against the amount and therefore the Coal Company have no alternative but that of turning the money
already collected over to the individual at whose instigation it was made
This also is a common practice,-i.
e. to place a garnishee in for money
owing.. But little surprise is called
for on thata score". For, a display of
cunning and astuteness that for comparison one must descend to depths
unknown to • tho normal man, and
where only thoso could Inhabit who
have lost entirely all sense, of decency,
and developed a stunted and mentally
degenerated mode of though, that
entitles them to first rank in the army of the utterly debased, "read the
following: ," ,*
. The individual who enters' the legal
action is one .who expressed deep concern   for   the  unfortunate.* Dan   and
n  ,	
Slaughter House Mining
Has to Cease—increase in Deaths.
death toll of over tweiuj; thousand.of
human lives, lives of miners sacrificed
in tho United States in the last ten
years, has at last-forced Congress to
take the first tardy and hesitating
step toward checking the senseless
slaughter by establishing a National
Bureau of Mines'. The bill now only
lacks the signature of tbe president
to become law. • *a
Asked as to the immediate effect
which a Bureau of Mines would have
upon the everyday, life of the miner,
Representative Wilson, former secretary-treasurer of the United Mine,
Workers of America, himself.a practical coal miner, first drew attention
to the terrible loss or life in the Am- -
crican mines as compared with those
abroad.    He said*..
"Where England has nearly 800,00.0
men at work in the mines and suffered a death loss in,the years 1899 to
1908 of 10,319 miners, the United
States -In the same length of time,
working but 550,000 , has had 19,775
persons killed in mine disasters. *    *'
"The   same comparisons .-.hold true
'camTe"^m"^trongry7fn"lupport of the
proposition, in fact was one of the
engineers of it, and now'1 when those
who have contributed their mite with
an earnest desire to perform an act of
.common humanity find tlieir efforts
are'rendered futitlo* by a display of
crookedness that would make the letter 'S' look* like a straight line, and
bring the blush of shamo to a harpy In-
carnnte, ■"
Hoping that this letter may be
published so that those who have
contributed may know how tho money
comes to bo diverted from the channel
originally Intended,
I am yours truly,
A Subscriber to the Fund
Rev. Lnshloy Hull niul "-Mrs. Hull
roturnod from Nelson on tho Thurs-
day ovoning train, whoro thoy hnve
been tho past ten (lays nl.tondlng the
with^tFeFcbuntfies* fo. Belgium loses
but a fraction over one out of every
thousand persons employed in the
mines, while the United States has a
death rate' of 3.46. ,,-•>,
Lives for Dividends
"There are, thirty coal producing
states In the Union," continued tho,miner Congressman, "nnd the Bureau,of
Mines w'll attempt a solution of the
new uroblems' which hnvo been
brought nbout >iy the Introduction of
machinery which for Instnnco, creates more dust nn.l consequently vastly incte'.'ises tho danger of mlno explosions, Then thoro nro the now electrical problems, the question as to whether n "silent current" Is n dangerous
1-idor or not, and c-ndles'- other problems ','iut only a national buicnu can
solve, ,      '        >  ,
It wns Impossible to expect, that .10
sepurnto states would set up thirty
unpuralo. bureaus of Investigation' or
thnl the mnltor could be left to prlv-
Mothodlst conforenco, Mrs, Hnll wns !'«t0 corporal Ions whoso groat caro Is to
elected a lny delognlq nu n tost enso I iiroloui their dividends rnther than
by the Knst Koolenny District moot- |lnimnn lives.
Ing hold In Crniibronlt, Hor oloctlon \ "Wo have not. gotten nil that wo do-
was ruled out. of onlor by tho presl-' myHolf, who havo worked for this moa-
dont, ntul tho ciiho Is being appealed Kl'"0(1 nnd no minor knowns thnt Initio the church court of nppenl The ter thnn Itepresenintlvo Nlcholls nnd
wholo quostion of tho eligibility of wo-'8"*'" f-'Ve.r since wo were elected to (ho
men to nil church courlH In tho Me- «0lh CongroHH, but It Is u solid bogln-
Ihodlst church will ho tuken up In tlin
forthcoming general conforonco whloh
Is to incetthlB yenr In Vlctorln, Tlio
m-nornl conforonco It will bo remembered meoirt (-undrciiiiliilly, nud is the
legislative body for lho whole Dominion,
On Sunday morning Uev. Lnnhloy
Hull will give a roBiiiiiQ of conforenco
liuppenliigH, whicli will bo of grent Interest, to nil ndlioi'cniH nnd mombei'H
of the Methodist church. Ilo will
lireiicli al 7.110 In Iho ovimliig nH usiinl.
Ills Inst HormoiiH tn the Kornio congregation will bu pi'Oik.IimI on Hundny
May I'll.
Wn urn Informed on (.Todllnble milli-
oilty Ihnt I'Vi'iiU-'H Iohh will be .Mount
I'liMHiinrH gain, as lho Hov. L. Hall
will occupy the pulpit In Dw ilrd largest eliurcli of the ll, (!, MiiiIuhIIhIn.
ulng nnd we Hhall go on mnklng   It
Foreign   Safeguards
Knglnnd, Oermnny nnd Franco havo
bureaus of mini's nud maintain experiment Htm lonn whoro exploslveH   nro
tented, und where safety lamps, rcsciin
uppllnncos mul nil oilier devices for
uhc In mines may be examined. Cop-
currently   wllh   the  onlnbllHliToeiit of
mining biii'oniiH, mine condltlujin,,began
lo show the Improvi .iifiilH."** 't-lnfcjy
lumps, grent ly Kiiperior to I Iiohh pro-
vIoiiHly lu une, were innmifiirliircd &h
soon iih lhe defects of (he earlier foriflH
were  -minted  nut   nl   (lie oxpiirlinoiit
stiitloiiH, and tin* development of Id.
proved   forms*  of rescue    np|illiHic({H,
j elect rlenl firing ilevlci.'H, • nml    ninny
'other ineutiH of giving IncreftHcil mife-
Ity to iiiIiim' workorH hiiv-» lu_n Iiih(»j>-
lai'iibly   coniiiirt-i-d   with  (lm  Htlinuluii
given by llit-Hi* burcntiH." ^\r\      ■•
To the Poultry Kditor.
Mr. l'lgg of the I. (', R. ndvlHOH peo-
)i',i', ni,, .\, ti iimu ior u 1'miiK, Du
thc face of It ho would ho taken for
n "chicken" henrtnd chap, but the way
ho ninken thom "hIicII" out for knowledge in cortnlnly something to "crow"
nbout. 1. (', H, coiirsflH nrn claimed to
"npiir" youfh« on to "lay" ihn fnwmln-
tions for prosperity, so they ran "lien',
rich tiwrntwlvon, In nhorf Dwy cnn
"yolk" up willi wi-mIUj If thoy havu not
loo much "yellow" In their «y»tom.
jTnoio "cack!o"atlon» nro Intended to
iimplrv Home "game" young man to
Kraen iho tbenef by th« l-Ejtir and
(Any Individual who would "hatch"
up auch a "i-rnud" of putm ouRht to
bo placed in tho "coop,"--Ed.)
Trunk VV. Ilenly, iniitiiwr of thn ftnn
l-'ruiirlHi'o Opera ('(iinimny, lum,taken
nfricoH ut i:i.'l7 Trillium llulldiiig, Chi-
x-ttn.li, "I-     Alt'. Mi-nly Iiiih given dumb tin I'i* t ))..■ cf ii,imi.■■.'-.•...,■.* i t
er offered In thlH Bcdlon. He pioneered lh« flint big miinlcitl bIiowh nnd It
wiih ut his nr-llr'tntl'm tlmt mnny of
the largo enmerii lU'oilnron* h-mm em- j
iHHiirl'-H lo look thin (Icld over,     It Is
Mr. H('iil)'n liiiejitmn to present  «i"V*
oral big off«rlni*H In tlm Immedlnie
future nnd ronllzlng tlie fact thnl It In
Impnflfllblo to give properly the number of shows which lie attempted Jn«f
Hi'iiKon, will do not imiri' thnn three,
and possibly only ono piece.     Nego-
UufloiiK) nrn on with one nf Die re-cognized New York proilurei-H who will
»uk*' all pliiytt for Mr, Ih'.il), -vl-n-i uU>
liiHUiliiK  porfeetlou la every  detail.
Tlm mint nko of rf-tnlnlnt. tx-ople who
hnve outlived  their ihH'IiiIih-kh    will
iUt-,0 tui avoided, ntt It In a notorious
furl  Ihnt porformwn «c-*n t«> ofi on
bi-romo Htalo,,     Mr, lleuly kept the
rittn KmnctHCO Opera Cnmpnny on th'"
rond for ovor four yearn, a record not
■men approflchivl hy nny oilier travelling muilca! orginliitloa.
Willi fllllni.' ri-T-Miiriiiv Dw enrnor-
intmifi of Olivet IlapilHt church wan
ilnlil by .Mrx. .1, U. McKwIng on ThurH
| dny eventing,
i The wtfiilhor, which had been v«ry
i uncurtain for hovci-iiI iIii-vh previous,
I cleared up In tine Hivl-- for llm ix-i-iih-
lon nnd n goodly tiuml-cr 'ttlctulc-l.
Short nddrcBHPH were delivered by
Hov, Hugh (.rant of tlm Presbyterian
•■tiuri'li nnd Uov, Spidell, pnntor of tho
DnptlRt church. After tho completion of thlH Kcrvlce the LoiIIoh Aid of
lh- tlunch n-MAed ii rtplciulld dinner
ln the temporary church building, to
Vllllch il 1.11 Ht! I'Ulub*..'!' »,U llttWII, Work
on the eh ii rch building will be < it turn
up at once on lho nrrlval of the neit
Miipmonf of brick,
Mr*. Mayo Wylde and Mra. Krnoat
Anderson ut Heat tie are visiting tlieir
atrttcr, JU.i, John Ulvcarci* m*4 5jttt.
Harry B. Martin of Tlndiay atr-fet,
nnd art- more than delighted with Progressive,, f an,le,, „i , ,m , ^ t .4 , t> * f
■f y$.:,- ■-
?'*>'-"> 7-
"■>      »V.-
'• , *•' ■ »
$ „•;'■" - .
it y
*      *S| ■. .
i v.. •
-.*   I
Methods of the  Irwin  Operators   Exposed by National Labor
Tribune    ■    •
The following affidavit is self explanatory: ,
State of Pennsylvania:
County of Westmoreland.
Personally appeared before me the
subscriber, a.Xotary Public, Fred
Jones of Pittsburg. Pa., who being duly
sworn in due form of law did depose
and say that, he was one of the deputy
sheriffs of the Irwin coal field under
' orders from J. J.  Sweeney of Pltts-
" burg, Pa., and that on the evening of
March 23, 1910, and that'he, tho said
Fred .lones, J. .1. Sweeney and several
deputies met In room 32 in the Uruns;
wick hotel of Irwin, Pa., and heard the
said J. J. Sweeney give orders to the
several deputies that they .were to
break up the meeting of the miners to
. be held in the Liederkranz Hall of-Irwin, Pa., regardless of consequences
and that one of the men whose name
is unknown to said Fred Jones was to
start a disturbance on the street near
the hall and if he was not successful
he was to go into said' Liederkranz
hall and start a disturbance tliere, and
that thc said deputy did make an assault upon James Armstrong and Jno.
McCartney and-that they were roughly handled by the several deputies, 18
in number, and said J. J. Sweeney.
In witness whereof the said Fred
Jones has hereunto set his hand and
seal' this 30th day of April 1910. '.
* Sworn and subscribed before me
this day and date above mentioned.
Notary Public
"My commission expires February'9th,
1910.-  - ..    "
May'7 1910
To the Members of the United   Mine
Workers: *>    ' •
Since last reporting on the general
situation contracts' have, been agreed
to in Western Pennsylvania, as well as
iri District 11, Indiana.
The agreements reached in Districts
5 and 11 are very satisfactory to our'
membership, and everything is running along as smoothly as -can be expected.
- Contracts have now been negotiated
and signed up in .Central and Western
Pennsylvania. Ohio and both districts
of Indiana, as well as the Kanawha
District of West Virginia and District
23, Kentucky.
In Kentucky and the Kanawha District of West Virginia the operators
and miners are getting' along very
nicely with every prospect,of the organization growing and a better understanding between tho -- operators'
representatives and the representatives of the United Mine Workers.
There is very good prospect, for settlements in Michigan nnd Iow'aa within
the next few days. This is especially
true of Iowa.
- Illinois operators nnd miners are going to meet in Joint Convention in Peoria, 111., on Tuesday, May 10, and it is
hoped that they will be able to get
together!   .'
There is no change in the situation
in the* Southwest except that an effort
is being made to bring about a conference that will be productive of some
tangible results.
There is a Joint Conference at Forth1
Worth, Texas, with every prospect, of
reaching an agreement by the time
this issue of the Journal reaches its
There is practically no change in the
situation in Colorado, but an effort is
being made to re-open negotiations for
the purpose of endeavoring to negotiate a contract. '   *
In all those Districts where contracts
have been negotiated, every effort
should be made by our members to
co-operate with the officers,of the district to have the mines operated under
the terms of the  contract.
In those districts where   contracts
have not been negotiated and signed
up, our members should lend every effort within <-.their' power * to strengthen
the position of those who are negotiating wage agreements.
a hearty and an active co-operation on
the part of all concerned.
Yours truly,
President U. M. W. of A.
wages at the rate of 25 cents per hour
and a nine hour day. The men claim
that it was understood in January that
they were to'get 271/*, cents per hour
for j-sewer work, hence the strike to
bring the city to time in regard to this
understanding. There was a murmur
that tho men would be liable under the
Investigation Disputes Act, but if tho
men's contention is right there is little
lo bring this side of the-question up,
The city officials are trying to fill the
places of the strikers with other men.
Comparing the work done by these
men to work done by men in oxcavat-
ing for buildings, the work ought to be
as well paid for as the other. Twenty-
seven and one half cents an hour Is
the rato paid to men. excavating for
basement and it is a far easier job
than the sewers. The satisfactory
state of the streets since the' cily had
the work done by hand labor is proof
that the men work hard and faithfully
and should receive, as good money if
not better* than is received for other
excavating work.
Seventeen Thousand Men in Iowa Resume Work Now-at Increased   -
DES MOINES, Iowa, May 17—Seventeen thousand Iowa mine workers
picked up their tools' today and- resumed work in the mines after a 'suspension of work for six weeks. ,     ,
As a result of concessions granted
to the miners the operators have advanced the price of coal mined in the
13th Iowa, district by two cents, per
ton.  ■'
A Hereford gentleman met an eccentric- old squire of his    acquaintance
riding with only one spur.
__l_\V_hat_have_you' done with the oth-
(Southern Alberta Labor Bulletin.)
A strike of cily employees working
on the sewers of the city occurred last
Friday.   The men have been receiving
From  McClure's
"Try to realize what blindness means to those whoso joyous activity is
Kirn-ken into inactivity. , ,' r"i,,,,a • ii 'u inlii-o
"IL is lo live Ioiik, Ionk (lays, nnrt 1 fo is made up "'«l'»y«-J,1" \\ ,
inn.i.irert, ballleif, impotent, nil fi oil's world «h"t ™t.    Itih t   hill i el-
less, (L-rrnu.li-cl. wlillo your spirit strums nnd lnw 11 Ih M oh.iiml
vou.- slioul.lei's ache for the l.imle,. tliey aw rtoniwl-l «    wMliil     *
nViioriiilim-.     IIki-KN ICisi.i.uu, Matron Queen (lmi'loUes Hospital
The above mnv be rightly said of |iooplo iiml tliei-o arc liuiulveds in
l-Yi'iiie, pni'tlv blind ov worse still, snlVeiiiif? from cyi- slrniii nnd not
knowing il.   Vou will some dny when your oyon (,'ivo wny.
er spur, squire?" he inquired.      !-'-.
"Why, what would be the use of the
other?" said the squire, "if one side of
the horse goes the other can't stand
still."    ' -    *
PHOENIX, 13. C. May 15—The strike
against the British Columbia Copper
Company has been declared off by the
Greenwood union of the Western Federation of Miners, the Compnny to
day receiving official notification to
that effect over the signature of the
Secretary George Healherton.
The Fax Concert Company which
visits us on Saturday night in the
Fernie opera house has been duplicating the tremendous success with which
they were received last season: They
haveL.won a name for themselves which
will be very hard to take away, that
of being one of the very best concert
companies that the public of this
country has ever heard. Fax is in
himself a host, and with the talented
artists who surround him a treat of
no mean order is in store for'our citizens. As a character ' delineator,
Jimmy Fax has porhaps no equal on
the concert stage today. His humorous impersonations have caused thousands to laugh and be merry and, a
most eh'oyable evening is in store for
those who attend when they appear
here. Mr. Fax's company is, as heretofore composed of only the best artists, in fact two were with l\im oh
his tour of the west last season. Re-
,g<_rv.B.ii__.seat's SI; 'general__adm_s_sion_
75c; gallery 50c. Plan now open.at'
Suddaby's. -.
Labor.     The proposition carried, by
7000, votes, and out of the 265 locals
only five of them voted against affiliation. * *■*
*   *   *
The Diet of Finland accepted on the
7th- the report of Its constitutional
committee submitted on the 30th (page
41S) recommending that the bill dealing, with the extension of the authority,,
of the Russian* parliament over Finland bo returned to the Czar without
action. It is believed now that the
Diet will shortly be dissolved.
/ » * »
Elections were held on the 8th inst.
throughout Spain. The returns available indicate that the present ministry
are likely to have a working majority
They will havo 225 supporters, while
the Conservatives will hold 98 seats,
Republicans and Socialists 4G, Carlists
S, Catalamists 8, and Independents 11.
In Madrid tho Republicans and Socialists cast 42.500 votes against 30,500
polled by the Monarchists;
Will.be in a position to ship choice
baled alfalfa, our own growing, about
July 1st. Book your orders now, or
at least advise us if you will be in the
market then or later in the season.
Imperial Development Co.
Box 185S Lethbridge,   Alta.
' °       ' ' "3tp
As a result of the referendum vote
cast by looa> unions of, the Western
Federation of'Miners on May 1 the
count which was completed on the 5th
that organization will ask for a charter from the American Federation of
In the matter of an Application for
- the issue of a duplicate Certificate
1 of Title to Lot 4 Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A) •-
Notice is hereby given that ^lt is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one- month afler the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the * Certificate
of~Tifle~t-The~above mentioned "Jot" In
the name of Arthur Wright, "which
certificate" is dated the 28th day *. of
January 1908, and numbered 8128A.
..District; Registrar
Land Registry Office;
,' Nelson B. C. '
,. April 19,' 1910   '
Descendants of tho  House of Stuart
May Yet be  Heard  From,
Your Eyes
You cannot not your eyes exchanged or mado
ovor ng-iin, but defective vision can ho corrected
mid kopt good by properly fitted glasses.
Need Attention
Mr. F. M. Denneny, Expert Optician
and   .riuno Adjuster nnd a lit rqircHeiisnlivo of *
llio well known firm of.l. O. Put,, .mnde, ol"Nelson, K I.!, will I"' in Kornie at
]   Bleasdell's Drug Store
| Wednesday. May 25th and the \
Following Three Days \
nnd  will  l'o  to tho vorv Koot ol'llio Kyo-Sight J
trouble, such ns Kin- Sight, Near Sight, Tirod $
Kvcx and lloadaolios. thus assuring you of the J
best possible results. *
;   THK KOOT   Tlie Iirst priiicipa)  is  *i  enrnui 1
and correct diagnosis hy latest methods. *
Ilo thoroughly understands eye requirements :{
: and proscribes glasses in accordance to delects. |
All worlc positively guaranteed.
J Bring  Your  Children io Him
':[ Wednesday,  Thursday,  Friday and Saturday
ConvnlrdtifiM Kioe All Day    In evenin«r by appointment, %
Make Appointments at Store   , %
Probably but few Cnnndlnns are con
cernod with tho claims of tho Legitimists to tho throno of Great Britain.
Tho nuostlon Is ono of tho startling
Interest to many In Europe who still
recognize for ono reason or another
tho direct descendants of tho house
of Stuarls ns tlio truo heirs to the
British llirono.
Tho Legitimists,nro strong enough
lo Issuo a "Legitimist Knlomlnr," thnt
furnlslioR all court Information for tho
ndhoronts of the Legitimists elnlms
which ordinary pooplo find in Whitla-
kor or Tlurko.
Every year on the annlvorsnry of
his death (locoi'iilionB nro strewn on
tho Htniuu* or tho grave of Oliiu'lon
tho, Martyr, ns tho cnll Charles I, On
last. Jiinuury :i0, on account of certain
demonstrations by tho Legitimists previously, llioy wero forbidden to plnco
a wn.Mith on tho stiituo nf Kin*', Chim.
ut Whitehall. . It Is only fnlr to miy
thnl. lhe Stunrt doRconiliintH do not
icouiiinniiuiM) Uio demands of their In-
discreet friends,
Tho present Stuart (U'Hcoinlnnt who
would but for Dw Act of Settlement
bo --ntllli'il in nit nn the llrltlnh llirune
hi the I'i'Iik'.chh LnulHu'(or Ludwlg) of
Uuvurln, born Mary TIv-tokii lli'iirlolln
Onrntlicn, niul formerly Archduchess
of Auslriii-Kste-Moilenii, As Queen of
lOnglniiil nnd Hcolliind her lillo would
lm Mary IV mid III,, by the grace of
(loil, nf Hiinliwul, Hcnll'ind, Frnnce mid
Irelnnd, Queen, Defender of the Fnith,
ni       .1 , ,   I,,,,.1)-,    t,i\-   n„,l     101 it
uw] "iircci'dfil hop uncle, Klin*; Vrnnels
Nov, 20, 1K7I1. Who innrrled lu 1H0S
hiH lloyal IIIkIuichh Louis Leopold .lo-
seph Mnile AloyslUH Alfred, eliloHt sou
of lhe I'rlnco Urigfint of Tmvnrlit niul
.,.,,1  W>  1,'Ml   VI  fllll-ll'Ml
In n table of descent, recently coin-
piled, and (■oiiiiiliilnu nbout 7000 names
Queen Victoria wns regarded tin no
nenrep lliu throno by right limn to b'i
No. -ttlflii on the list, while Kline Dd-
wnnl nud his son George, were ,,-i:i70
mid l'!7l roHpi'cilvi'ly, nml I'llm*"*-'
Victoria Mny comes down lower In the
ll*.' ns  S*o, -I'.IU,
Prlncens Lnuiso lives quietly nt Munich niul hi.s i.o personal prcti-nsloiiH
to the tlnnnc'of llrllnln. I ler hu*.
bund rules over Uuvnrlu in plnco of
his uncle, the mad KinK Otto,. Hho
Is very well known In KnglnnO h»mI ■**•»
popnlnr wiih everyono wiih wlionn *h-'
The 41 Market Co.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Now in Our New Stand
We beg to announce to our many customers that we have removed to our,new bulldltifl across fronv King , Edward Hotol
where we will be pleased to meet our old customers and new
ones, •>
:'.'A ,!■'.>■_!-'.■_;■''
Tlio Opening and Maintaining of a
Savings Bank Account is a duty tliat
everyone owes, Ivotli to themselves
and to those dependent on them.
Your Savings Account Solicited.
Fernie Brunch
45 Steam-Heated  Rooms
Hot and Cold'Baths
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial Hotel;
Trie Finest. Hotel'In East Kootenay
J. L.   GATES, Prop.
Victoria Ave.
Pernie, B. C
Fernie Livery  Co.
0 Draying
Building & Excavating
Wood     for     Sale
Sole Agents for Fernie Coal
Prices   moderate   and. satisfaction, guaranteed ,
F.'G. White,
Rizzuto Bros.
"' A full lino of shelf and  hecavy* Hardware in' stoclc^ together  with a
., complete range of Stoves
Furniture Department
oOur Furniture -Department embraces the
most unique ancl up-to-date lines..
Come in' and have a, look
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C,
Why. be without a Sewing Machine when you   ■
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Needles and Oil always kept ih stock    ,    .
■O I ''
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of school) Pellatt Ave.
C-* M f/f/1 */f/* /?■**/•
m_w mWLW ewn
_f ad     t^jf t^jyi ff
of Canada
Quarterly Dividend Notice
Notice i.s horoby given that u dividend of Six Per
Cent, por annum upon the paid-up capital stock
of tho Homo Bank of Canada Iiiih boon, declared .
for tho Three Months ending Hint May, 11)10,
and tho samo will bo pnynblo at its bond olllce and
branches on and aftor Wednesday, Iho Iirst day of
Juno noxt
Tlio Transfer books will bo closod from I7t;h to 151st
May, 1010, both days iuclnsivo.
Uy ordor of tho Hoard.
(ionorul Manager.
Head Olllce, Toronto, April _ 1st,, 11)10
John Adair, Manager, Fernie Branch
A Complete   Range j    KENNEDY & mangan
.'Om*,.K 111  rriiuuctj
Your   choice   of
Hats from
Jj> 1. UU
Balbriggan Underwear $1.00 per Suit and up
Dry Goods      KEFOURY BROS.      Notions
StM w Wl(r*»»m -t'Mtt-Iy More,, Nfltl to Sorlhem.Hnt.
Lumbor*   Lath, Shitififlefly  Sash, Doors
Houso Trimming.
mnUo It (-fifty   nnd Irt-xpoiiBlvo
for you to do consldornblo   of
Wo Havo Thom
your own ropalrlnK.
In ondlo'dH vnrlfity. Como down
nud look thom ovor. Thoy mny
givo you a miKBestion how to
mnko tlmt. Improvement you
hnvo heon puzsllnj. ovor. Won't
ooHt nnythlnff to look at, you
.    PhotAO 2m P.O. Cox 22
OrriOK and YARD,  Me. HIIUOM AVC, flk a N. Direr, Flft-NIB
fl:*- THE  DISTRICT LEDGER.  FERNIE.    B.C., MAY 21, 1910
One (Jood Investment Worth a Lift-time of Labor
. ' ' ;• •;.'.''       * '  ■ - ■    ' ■      * . :    '   „
Here is an Opportunity for the Man of Small Means
- This advertising announcement is especially directed to such readers of this paper as are honestly interested in their future; men and women who are not living altogether for today, but who 'have before them a
definite and fixed purpose,'and so shape their destiny
each day, by word and deed, so that at some date not
far in the fuUire they may be able to achieve the
crowning event of their lives.-
It is only human that we should each desire to have
,in our own name hiu&h of this world's goods, sufficient
at least to provide for comfort and independence during
oiir old age.     It is quite(true that only a lucky' few-
attain tins-position in'"the days of their youth.
Are you satisfied with your future prospects ? >,*
Do you know.beyond the shadow of a doubt that
within three or five years .time you will amass a forr
tunc? ( _
:, Could you say to yourself, right now, that iu the
next 18 months you will have practically made or saved from thc investments which .you are making today,
sufficient funds to provide for yourself and family a
comfortable living for ten years'time?
Millions From a Few Dollars in Oil
Chanslor and Caufield were both poor prospectors.
Realizing the great possibilities and future of the California oil fields, they placed their savings in the oil-
, industry and aretoday rated as multi-millionaires.
Zed.   Phillips, four years ago    last    September,
alighted from the train oi_ the' Coalinga field, and .was'
the possessor of $23. .. The magic "23" did not disturb
■_him.:_ie_was_._e_proud_ow.ne_.of_a_iullion dollars_wor_th
of grit, nerve and energy. He worked hard, saved his
money,- and did things. He invested his earnings,in the
oil fields, and as a result he is now worth,a quarter of a
million. *   . '„''•'
, It wpuld.be'difficult to devote much space to Such
men as Doheny, ODonnell, Chanslor, Hardison, Stewart and thousands of others who through small investments in the great1 oil industry of California became
men of wealth.
Don't Sigh and Regret—Do Something
We often look back. and.think to ourselves that
had our foresight been as good as our hindsight, we
would liave done differently. This looking back to
disappointments that havo passed is particularly interesting in connection with the California oil fields.
The following is a list of "IFS" that are opening
investors' eyes to the possibilities of California oil
If you had invested $.100 at ground floor prices in
Silver Tip
"\V. K.
Monto Cristo
S. 1. and McK.
Suitor Dough
Sim Joaquin
Kern River
Central River
you could have made. $
If you had purchased Pinal Oil shares nt 25 cents
liei- Hlinro, you eould hnvo sold nt $25 por shave; it pnyH
a regular monthly dividend of 15c per share; A
"When tlio "Silver Tip" woll in tho Coalinga.oil
fioldH mi mo in, this stock jumped in a night from 00c to
$4, nnd hns boon pri'ying n dividend of 30c por sluiro
ever since. This is recent history, bavin**; occurred but
n short time ngo.
You hnvo thc mime opportunities today in tho (Urn-
lingn oil fieldfl nnd.plenty o£ them, but you must think
reason, nnd nnnlyzc for yourself, before you enn hope to
acquire your shuro of tlio world's wenlth, you must havo
tlio oourngo of your own convictions AND AOT.
Others Have Made Money in Oii
Not You?
Advantages bf Investment in
Oil Securities
are operating in shallow territory which assures inexpensive drilling and quick action on the invested capital. ■ ' '
Crude oil at the present market price is being purchased from the producer at sixty three cents per barrel at the well. Mr. Aubrey, California State Mineralogist, states that oil at $1 per barrel is cheaper fuel
than coal. ' Two and a half barrels of oil are equal to
as fuel a ton of coal, so that quantity of oil at a dollar
a barrel or $2.50 is the equal of a ton of coal at $8.
Taking the'federal geologists' figures as a basis for
calculation, tliere is at present in the Coalinga District
oil worth $2,000,000,000. The great Comstock mines
produced only $645,000,000.
The Property of The Coalinga Eureka
Oil Co. Close to Great Gusher Well
The holdings of the Coalinga Eureka Oil Company
consists of eighty acres, situated in Section 24, Township 21 South, Range'14, East, Fresno County, California, separated by only two.sections from the famous
Section 6, the home of the great '' Silver Tip'' gusher,
and of the Lucile, Amy, Pacific States Oil Companies,
etc., all of whom rank foremost among the big producers of=this great field. Section 18, adjoining the Coalinga Eureka property is the scene of unequalled activity. Derricks have been built, tools hauled* out, and
drilling operations are being carried on with relentless
energy. It is the undoubted opinion of experts and
to produce some of the most remarkable wells in the
Coalinga field. E. "W. Preston,'probably the best expert in the whole of the Coalinga field, and superintendent of, the Consolidated Oil Company (which adjoins our Coalinga-Eureka property) and also General.
Manager, of'the *New York Coalinga and Aladdin Oil
Companies (all producing) writes regarding the property of the Coalinga Eureka Oil Company: -       *■
"You ask me to give you an expert report on your
" land in Sections 24, 21 and 14, I have just returned
" from a very careful examination of the,property.
" You have the same identical formation that has made
" the entire West side of the Coalinga field famous'.
" You are sure to get good wells'at medium depth.
" This property adjoins our property and I have been
" trying to purchase this samo tract. While I regret
" that we were unable to procure it, I cannot refrain
" from congratulating you on securing such a desirable
" piece of oil land. It means success to your Com*.
" pany," ■
Plans of The Company
It is tho plan of the Company to drill and complete
at least four wells during tho present year, These wells,
according to tho output of wells on adjacent propocrty,
should havo nn average yield of 400 barrels por well,
or 1600 barrels per day, 48,000 barrels per month, which
would enable tho Company to pay DIVIDENDS TO
PER MONTH besides holding in reserve a large sum of
money for fnrthor development,
Stock and Disposition of Funds
To complete thoir first well tho Company is placing
on tho mnrkot n block of 50,000 shares of Treasury
Stock, fully paid and iion-BBHcromblo, at 25 cents per
Hhiiro; when this stock is disposed of tho price will bo
materially advanced.
Tho monoy received from the sale of this stock
will ho expended in developing tho properly, and not in
fancy Hiilarios.    There nro no Hiilnricd officials.
. . Judge Kerr will take care of all development work
on'the Company's property, giving it his, undivided
personal attention, thereby assuring good judgment
and conservatism in the management of the Company's
field operations.
A. ROLAND, the Secretary, is one of the early operators in the Coalinga- oil field and is prominently
identified with the oil industry throughout the State of
California. He is a man of unquestionable integrity
and superior judgment.
E. Y. GRASSETT, one of Vancouver's most prominent .contractors, a native son of Ontario, well' known
in social and commercial circles in Toronto. -' Mr. Gras-
sett has proved himself to be thoroughly conversant
with all matters of finance, and from the manner in
which he has succeeded in his own business, has been
elected to the Bq-prd of Directors of this Company.
■ * Mr. Grassett is a valuable acquisition to the Board
of Directors; careful in his judgments, conservative in
all his business undertakings, thoroughly experienced
in the control of corporations.. He will render a good
account of himself and will surely act in the best interests of the shareholders of this Company.
H. S. FORD, M. D. C. \l, one of our leading physicians, is a graduate of McGill University, Montreal, !
and is a,well known practitioner. He has established
a most enviable reputation as a successful business man
—far-seeing in all his investments, and possessing natural shrewdness) he has proved himself.to,be a master
of finance and a very capable business manager.
• So .promising are the holdings of this Company, so
good the prospects of the same, that eminent geologists
and oil experts say that the' Coalinga-Eureka Oil Company will bring into existence in the very near future
oil wells which will produce enormous profits for thc
liiarelroltiersi     :    '  :   ™    ~   ; ™     '"^     ""
,   Now is your opportunity to acquire a holding in,
this corporation when' tlie shares are selling at ground
floor prices. •
.   Only a limited block of stock is to be sold at the
ground floor price of 25 cents per share. '  .
We expect that the issue of ,50,000 shares at 25c,.
per share will be over-subscribed within the next two
weeks' time.  ,
No applications will be received for shares at 25c.
after Saturday, May 28th. ■ Should there remain any
unsold shares after that date, they will be withdrawn
from the market and a new issue placed on the market
on June 1 in all probability, at 35c or 40c. The price
will be advanced from month to month as the develop-,
ment of tho property warrants. It is expected that on
the 1st of July tho shares will 1be selling at 60c or 75c
each. ,
Do, not delay in mailing your application as this
advertising announcement appears in over 200 publications and there are only 50,000 shares to be sold ut 25c.
Sit down and write tho Coalinga-Eureka Oil Compnny, Vancouver, to reserve your shares, then mail your
cash payment by first mail,
Remit by cheque, bank draft, express money order
or postal note, and make all payments payable to GEO.
L. TASCHEREAU, Trustee for tho Coalinga-Eureka Oil
Company, nt par in Vancouver, B. C.
"' In directing your wire it will bo sufficient to say: ■
"The Coalinga-Eureka Oil Company, Vancouvor, B
0.: Reserve   sharos, mailing remittance today.    Signed "
No application will bo received for less than 100
shares. Remit all cash or on easy payment plan as
por sohedulo attaohed.
Romombor this stock is non-assessablo—the Company Ih a limited liability corporation.
When you havo paid your 25c in full a certificate
will be im-meil at onco showing Ihat your stock is fully
paid up and non-nsHPssablo, each share having a full
value of $1.
It i« stated by tho best of oil uuthoritioH that 90 per
*".'.*■■■'. ,,r t))ti M'oDi dr'tDot] in tbo nrovon mno nf tho. Conl-
inicn field produce oil. Yon must therefore realize
that tho element of risk in an oil investment is practically eliminated. Furthermore, placing your monoy in
oil companies means quick, and in most cases, large
returns, particularly so in cases where tho Companies
Our Oflicers and Directors
EDWARD MKATII, thc President, holds „tho vory
responsible position of Treasurer of Pierce County,
Washington. Mr. Month is identified with somo of lho
largest commercial and financial institutions in that
stato. nnd is considered to ho ono of the most forceful,
pwriHin nnd successful business niun in tlio Stato of
HOW W. II. KERR, tho Vice-President, is an ox-
Superior Court Judge of Fresno County, California.
.Tudcc Kerr is one of tho first Keillors nnd pioneer operators in thc Coalinga field. It is the concensus o)
opinion that he is today tho best informed porson re
local conditions in the Coalinga Oil fields as well as one
of tho ablest oil experts and operators in ALL tlio California oil fields.
What Your Money Will Buy
Cash plan 5 por cent deducted
$'2.1,75 will buy 100 hIiim-ok pnr vnluo $ 100
47.50 will buy 200 shares par value    200
118.75 will buy 500 hIuii-os pnr value   500
2117.50 will buy 1000 shares  pnr value 1000
The Instalment Plan
,}'.f),IM) ivj.Oi; l}'7..r*0 juenih fr-r _ mnn. buys If 10 sbiirc«
$20.01) ra-sh; 15.00 iitunlli for 2 mon. buys 200 hIwii-ck
-ttfO.OO «*ash; 22.00 iiuintli f«»r 'J num. buys HOO shar<-s
$-10.00 cnsh; HO.00 month for 2 mon, buys 400 shares
i'i-'-O  rxix ,..,.,*!,'  -17   OO >.,n«it1i  fnv 0 twin   Imvy     100 uli!ir«'«
•.-it...     ,. ...      ...                ... .
IOD.00 rash; 75.00 month for 2 mon. buys 1000 slnm-H
Prospectus mailed on application.
Kenieinbor to address your application and mnko
all cheques payablo to
Papers We Have Known
Local Merchant's No Mean Collection
(Calgary Albertan)
Whicli is the most important newspaper in the kingdom? Ninety-nine
people out of a hundred would probably say The Times. But.they would
be wrong, that is, if one may judge the
importance of a newspaper, by the official character of its news, says a
London exchange.
The title really belongs to the London Gazette; the oldest and least read
of any newspaper in the country. It
is issued by the government,'and is
the channel of communication between
royalty,. the cabinet-and the "people.
Kings and queens have written for it,
while cabinet ministers are regular
contributors. Its advertisements are
regulated by Jaw, and no great manufacturer could obtain a "puff" even
although he were willing to pay £10,-
000 a line for it.
The Gazette varies considerably iu
size.' Sometimes it consists merely of
one page and sometimes between 400
and 500. In one memorable week, in
1S47—tho Railway Yoar—so many parliamentary notices had to be published
that the Gazette for one week totalled
about '3000 pages; but 'the price remains the same, namely Is, and it is
said to yield a profit of about £20,000
a year, in spite of the fact that it has
never been sold at a railway bookstall
and no newsboy, has ever cried Its
name on the street. Practically the
only people who buy it are government
officials and lawyers.
The Gazette is the oldest and at
the same time the youngest paper5 in
the kingdom, as well as being the most
Important. It was published in the
reign of Charles II,, and has ever since
appeared twice a week, with supplementary issues now and then if required. It was first published at Oxford, as court was in residence there
during the .plague, but when the latter
abated it was brought, to London, and
for more than 130 years has been published by Messrs. Harrison, the well-
known printers of St, Martin's Lane.
At the same time it is \the youngest
newspaper for the reason thai only a
few weeks ago it contained the foi-1
lowing announcement:   „
"This journal has been registered at
the d'.' P. 0. for transmission by inland post as a newspaper." ' .,
' Previously it had been* regarded as
a government publication only, and
was dispatched "O. H. M. S." iri this
way escaping postal * charges alto-
letlier";- Mf~appafently
. Long ago before the advent of the'
telegraph and special editions, the Gazette officers were besieged by anxious crowds, who had no other channel from which to learn the news.
An interesting illustration of the im-'
portant position held   by the Gazette
before newspapers,   and    telegraphs   '
were,   what they,,*-are is furnished by
the manner in which the news of the
battle of the Alma was made public *
in 1851.     The news was received by
the secretary of state late on Saturday
evening.     There were no newspapers
until  Sunday,   and   it  was  Important^
that the public anxiety should be allay- *■
ed by the widest possible circulation
of such a piece of news. •■
Mr. James Harrison was sent for,
and the position explained to him
'Mien he reached Downing street. Ho
immediately thought of the .theatres.
There were three or four of thein open
then; why not have the.-telegram read
out there? The plan was considered
excellent and Mr. Harrison returned
to St, Martins Lane and set up tho
news with his own hands, and sent
men around to the theatres with early
copies o fthe Gazette. "See the manager," were ■ the instructions to the
messengers. "Take no refusal. Insist upon having the performance at
once stopped by order of the secretary
of state, while the news is read out."
The men obeyed their orders to the let-.
ter and at Drury Lane and other theatres the scenes were historic. In the '
meantime Mr. Harrison made his way
to the Mansion House and communicated the glad tidings to,the Lord Mayor and sheriffs."
Below we give an extract from an
original is.iw. of this paper in the possession of our townsman, \V. J. Bh'.i>
<tell Jn which the stoic calmness of *
•-■porting events of such a magnitude,
is widely,different to what'obtains in
theso days of scare heads:
The London Gazette, Published by
Authority, from Monday, September, 3
to Monday, September 10, 16G6.
Whitehall, September 8: The_ ordinary course of this paper having been"
interrupted by a sad and lamentable
accident by fire lately hapned in the
City of London, it hath been thought
fit for satisfying the minds of so many-
of his Majesties good subjects who
must noeds be concerned, for the Issue
of so great' an accident to give „this
short but true account of it."
government saw a way to reap a few extra
The Gazette is probably the only paper which, returns the original copy to
its authors along with the proof. This
is done In case of L communications
from tho sovereign and cabinet ministers. In the old days heaps of such
documents were lying around in the
store room,
of_the printersart he has original Issues of newspapers containing "The Defeat of the Spanish Armada," published in the first printed paper. "The
Mercuric" Other historical , events
too are chronicled in papers published
at tho time of the happening: ■ ;
The Plague in London   .
Execution of Guy Fawkes
Execution of Charles ,
Wc have all thc choice cuts in Beef, Pork.
Mutton and Veal, and can supply you
with anything you require in this line.
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
Our Butter, Eggs and Choeso are  tho
best on tho market and are sure to plonso
Fresh  Cured   Hanis  and Bacon in Stock
P,   BURNS & CO.,   Limited
Phone No. 31
The Coalinga-Eureka Oil Company, Vancouver, B. C.
A Ludy Wim Knows
"   "In Tlm Kviiiiiiij.
I Soup tin- ciotli.'K Cai-t'iuily
Ami Put tin-in to S*ml<:
And in tlio Morning
I Just ItiiiHi* and Wring Thi'iti
And Tin.' Washing i.s Done:
ll  is -mi Kiihy
Royal Crown Soap
Golden West Washing Powder
Ih Indrnp-Misal-I.' for Wiit-hing DMii's and Scrubbing
It Clcaiiscs-—l*iirifii'S"-H('Hiitifir«
And the Premiums are Fine
Dc.Ikh \iM*rtf*l by f'niiyrleht
mmmmmmmm**em,mmmmMWmmmmmmm,m9^^ --. /- t--
■-if   ;
.*»,-.}■.    ■■-y
- r
. ■
Published every Saturday morning at its office, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C. Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance.. An excellent advertising medium. Largest
circulation in the District. Advertising rates on application. Up-to-date facilities for the execution of all
kinds of book, job and color work. Mail orders receive
special attention. Address all communications to The
District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
The question of the cost oMlvIng Is aa ever-present
subject for discussion, a theme upon which the newsmonger can dilate ad infinitum,'whilst to the housewife
of moderate or very limited means It is a vexatious problem equalling in difficulty the riddle of the Sphinx.  "
Under the caption of "The, Problem of Existence,"'
the June issue of the "Cosmopolitan" reproduces a symposium from the pens bf various well known writers,
financiers and business men of the United States who
contribute'expressions of opinion which, although diverse
and in some cases widely different, are exceedingly, interesting. .Every utterance can be readily traced as proceeding from tlieir econimic environment whereby,,the
student of the "dismal science" has his convictions still
more firmly clinched that the materialistic conception of
history is on a; foundation that is well and   truly laid. .
Charles Ed. Russell, whose article is the first of the
series, states that although the sum total of wealth has
attained fabulous proportions that the tendency has been
and still' continues to be towards a closer restriction,
"hence in point of■ relationship eachdecade sees the percentage of wealth .holders in direct disproportion num-
crically to the amounts in bulk of each class, i. e. The percentage of increase of rich people is in striking disparity
to the percentage of Increase bf poor people.
One important fact Mr. Russell calls attention to is
made but throughout the entire world, consequently the
■ inference is that the cause also is world-wide.     The reason for the changes according to his opinion aro two.
' 1: The single monetary standard; gold.
,2: Thc excessive inflation of railroad stocks. , Total
capitalization ln„United States is over.. 18 billion dollars,
an Increase of six billions in the last seven years. Nine
billons ($0,000,000,000 aro fictitious,) Tables showing gold
output and prico variations, also railroad capitalization
and profits are furnished, whicli to the compiler of statistics are exceedingly interesting,,     ,*,.
The next contributor is Frank Greene, managing, editor of Brndstrcet's Journal. The dominant tone noticeable is negativity, but ascribes as n reason the universally
improved standards of living.
This Is only partially truo and not applicable to. the
great mass who are included In tho categories "poor"
and "vory poor." In 1 SOO tho'TJ. S, contained l2.ri00-.000
families, 1 per cont of which had nn average wealth of
$204,000 each;,!) per cent an average of $IG,000*cnch; 45
p<*r cent, an avf-rngo. of iflfiOO oiicli; lii per conl an avorngo
ot $150 each. Taking this as a Imsls we now have (1010)
about.. 180,oou fnmlllns vory rich, 1,080,000 well to do, 0,-
840,001) pom* nml ll.OOti.OOi) that are very poor. Ilo would
bo an Ignoriini nuui who would hhhui'I that lho standard
,of living of (lie ir>,Kl0,0'K) hns imilurlnlly improved.
Mr. S, l-\ Taylor's nt moment thnl llio high prlcos for
' tlio fannoi'H have conw. lo Klny, nml that, tho IncreiiHe of
42 por cant In lho wholosnhi price of milk should be considered authoritative, an ho Is vlni-prnKldont of tho Hor-
(Iov'b CoiKk'iin.'d Milk Compiiny. Ilo offnrs nH n hoIuMoii
„ whoroby tho high ros.fi to tlio conmimor may be avoided
an oxionalon of tlio Hymom of direct hnndllng, and tlio
reduction of cohI botwoon coiiHiinior and producer to llio
ono profit plan, Horn's food for contemplation for tho
economic* iIi'Ipi'iiiIiiIhI—-
Mnny I.ui'upoim counti'l..'H iiIho nffl.ctod with the troti-
blot* Incident lo hi^h cohI. of living ollmlnato tho nilddlo-
iiiiin iIii-oiikIi llio co-oporatlvo plan,
l'rof, of I'l-'onninlfH of Coliimliln University, R H. A .
Hdlgiiinii In n IVw lirli-l', tf.THo "hciiU'II<■ <•» hiiidh up Dw
whole hIiuuiIiiii lu a Hfl-'iitlfl.' iii'iuu.-r. TIhmo Ih however, one I'eiiiiiie nf hin !|h*hIh ihnt In open to iIIhciihsIoii
from the Mai'X'liin Htnndpolul, I, <<„ lie Iiiikch vnluo ou
mipply ami demand Iim'-*-.--! nf lliu lnbor volimio conialii'
oil in lhe iniidiii.tloii of nuhl by thu present mellioils,
Another profem-or nf i*rriiu*-iil.,H) .1, I'eane Norton of
Yaln quoles the Nkuith .-iIiowIiik ihu inineudiHiH liicreiiHu
of  Kohl  proillleliell. bill   hh   tlllile III' dllfe|'r>nceH   l)--| Wi'i-ll
llio iiiii'i-liiiMliwr vriliie of HI   '-hIiiv imd  1K!*fi In lliu nmni
lucid to the nvevnt'e tnnin
The i?old (lollar lodny will purclmne ci-ini'mri'il with
1 »!i«: —
In  inenlii IS cciilH  woitli
In   nllier   inndH il.l t-i'iits   worth
III llll Oilier l(|||||||Oi|ltleri,,iH  Ci'lltH WOl'tll
In nil iljcKc ciiininoiliileu,,fill ceiitH worlli
Among the other et-MiylsiH ili^r. aro JanieH Wilscin,
Socn-liiry of At-ilriilluiv; N. J. Iliulielder, Master of tlio
Natloiinl (Si-iiiikc; Min<un m. Mnrlts, I'lvsldeiil National
ABWH-lntioii ni I'liJiliiert-; .lulin Wniminiiker. ,1, V. John-
con of the New York rnlversliv Si-IkmiI of f'omme'ci" S,
II, (iiiK«eiilieiiu, j'n-slili-iit of Hie Yukon d'old Company,
•Jlinrges (•'■ttniv.'iKJince -.villi I-Hiik the iuljirlt find mnlifn
tlie iiHlnuiidliiK' -llhtovt-.y that the \\:\n,s earner In Amer-
it a Ih more exiinviiunnl  In propwiion to Ills cnruliiKs
development of labor power than the Croesus, and hence
the margin between receipts and disbursements necssarily
favors the latter.
/Lorton Horton claims the shortage in production of
cereals is the trouble.. James J. Hill, the Great Northern
professor of Agronomics,, elaborates at some length on
the necessity for putting a stop to waste. There are
numerous others whose deductions are decidedly interesting,    y '.''*- v   •
John Mitchell, the ex-President of the U. M. W. of
A., defends the position, of the labor organizations from
the blame which some try to throw upon them as being
the principal factors in the creation of the increase) and
avers that "the proportion of our population engaged in
the production of wealth grows' steadily, less, while the
proportion of our population engaged in the distribution
and consumption of wealth grows steadily greater."
John Spargo, the well known Socialist author of several interesting works, "The Ditter Cry of the Children,"
"Capital and Labor," etc.,,commences,his article by allusion to "the' secondary exploitation of the producers."
This may be a phrase which affords excellent material
for '.'academicism" but for an illustration of its soundness
consider the story told of a German surgeon as a corollary. An officer was found with 5 bullet wounds in him
and after the examination the medical Solon in making
out his report stated "one bullet had passed through the
aorta, another had severed the carotid, but the other
three were not necessarily fatal."    >In other words if it
i i '
were not for primary exploitation, there could be,no "sec-
ontiary," and it is unfortunate that those who, are considered teachers should wander off into the direction of
confusion. Accepting the theory as sound that labor's
application' to natural resources produces all exchange
values,,hence to the producer it naturally belongs, why
waste mental ,'energy clouding the issue by discussing
"secondary exploitation?" *     '
If'the baker (ptherwise the producing class) are entitled to the entire bakery, viz.; the full value of their
product, how can there be any surplus value to be expropriated, and-if there be*no expropriation does it not
dispose' of all exploitations, primary, secondary or tertiary?
There is another explanation that may be brought,
forward, and that is through the utilization of improved
machinery both-productively and distributive^ whereby'
the productivity of the* unit is immeasurably increased,
the-concomitant result .necessarily ensues of an ever
increasing widening between the money wages paid to
the producer and the money value of his production, and
while nominally wages may be increased, still in order-to
be' on an even basis with the enhanced cost of living,
as per the table of Prof. J. Pease Norton, the percentage
should be practically 40 per cent to all workers. -,       ,.,
'.This would not bring,the solution one jot nearer, and
permanent" remedy cannot be effected .until, society is
operated on a different system to what obtains at present. fRemediar_.e'asures,may be adopted from time to
time, but like the bath ofl^lTirilsTliei^iFal\\^ys~a~vul"
nerablespot just so long as any, remnant of capitalism exists. .      .       ....     -
The following letter is self-sxplan-
O. Holmes, _3sc*.., Pemle, B.O.-.
Dear Sir,— ' ' '7   .
We are sorry to say thatj all
our efforts to bring a team to Fernie on the 24th have failed. - .We
cannot get any of our" shots' who
can spare the three days neoessary
at this time ol the year nor   do  I
think" we will be much better ofi on
July lst, but we will surely give
you a return match at the earliest
date possible and our men are most
anxious to get after your fellows as
there is a little matter of     eleven
' Sunday next, May 22nd is the Sth anniversary., of the
terrible explosion at Coal.Creek, and it is expected that
Gladstone Local will hold tlieir usual memorial services.
The reverence, of the Slavonian brethren for .their dead
comrades is particularly noticeable. '
The several recommendations of the grand jury at
I he prosont court of nssizes are all very timely, and it is
to be hoped that, beforo a lengthy, period has elnpsod
that, wo mny be ablo to roport that'thoy aro outside of
the province .of any futuro grand jury to comment., upon
because of compllnnco therewith.
.Government buildings ought to bo model Institutions
from, n sanitary, hygenic, viewpoint as the lives and health'
of tho potential occupants, as woll as tho actual oium,'
aro valuable to tho State, consequently tho advisability of
ndpqunle vontilation In the municipal goal must nppoal
to all our ciilzciid. With sufficient current h of nlr to
purify the ntmosphoro, and with the instructions of his
Honor tlio "Mayor cnrrlod out to tho lottor, liy tho administration of Bllinulaiitfl to thoso who need them, Fornio
may ore long bo 111)1,0 to offer nn asylum of comfort for
tho wayward Hint, will bo nn example worthy of tho emulation of lnrgo (.'omniunltlos.
Thoro aro no public buildings ln Ilosmor nnd Michel,
unless wo except tlm post offlco In tho former Unit nro
not capable or considerable Improvomenf and tho prosont qunrtorR for provincial uso in both towns montlonn!
for holding prfllmlnni'y honrlngfl and coroner's InqtieHtH
lonvo very much to bo desired, In fnct. nt tlmos It Is nl-
most ImpoBHlhlo lo nccommodalo thoso who aro compelled to ho In nttondanco, Whilst on this subject of public buildings wo oniinot. rofrnln from mnklng rcforonco
to iim decidedly Inniloqimln postal accommodations ul
Michel, and tho cill/.oiiH of that town nro most (insured,
ly eiitltlo.il to n moro cnnvonloiil building than llio ouo
ul present In uno. Money expondoil for llm coni'tnio-
(Ion of a post ol'ricci nl Michel would bo fin* moro buiieflc-
ini to the public goiionilly'tlinii tlm otiUiiy of $11,000 for
the purpose of building a drill hull In which tlm nolilo art
of Heleniiric training how to di'spiUcli oiio'h fellow civiil-
nres Is to bo taught. Wo vaunt of our civilization, It Is
Inn veneer nml o.\eceillng thin too. Spend money for
nreniliiiiughts, armories nml mlmr .iuIJuih'Ih of slanghlor-
,ir,..i -in-l ne.li" -lnnlniiil HlKeutm tbo llf-nd*** of ll rom-
miinlty for Dw hoiiov 1vnn°noHnn of llm onllnnry nffnlrs
or life nml pos-itiimm-niont Is Dw rule nnd ti howl a com-
mi-iipl-ire mtompaiilmein. Tim t. ed for a proper lsnln-
Hon hospital to which attention wins drawn Ih a crying
The remuneration 0f tlm jurors Is mont ridiculous In
a roiintry where Hindus, Chinese and tlio lessor skilled
laborers are pnld $2,25 per diem. Citizens aro expect-
ed lo perform certain rtutl-'H for tho lioiio.lt of tlio community, nnd ns tlii* task' Ih quito frequently onerous tlio
amount, of n numeration sohuld bo free from nil irm-e
of n!*T*:*ii*.H.n-'.a. While Ilie U>nl fill'1' Justice congratulated the Riund jurors for tlio Kiiggcsilous, ho Inlil
specinl Mri'hS on llm Importance of Dw establishment of
a provincial «onl llmroby domoufllrallng the pachyolOKlcnl
fttfct nt mental a««ocl(itlon«.     Hnd the lion. Kcntlomnn
Minn lhe rniililnillllonnire'. TIiIn miuhi lm trnnslnied. 11„ ,.n ft n|i;->*lr|-in we nre -/■nnfident In n»<i. rllni. Mm primal
Min worker muni Hpcml n grenter p«*ri-i'iitnR» of his requirement according* to hi* belief would have been the
■enrnliiKH In order lo supply tlin iii'i-es.sniy fuel for *I»-" J tKnTntfiin linnpltnl.
Garden Fenges
If you want a fence built around
your property, apply for particulars and terms to
H. W. Milne ■ ' 59 Howland' Ave.
points difference to W wiped off the
Blate.       ■'
We hopa that thiB late advice will
not interfere with your days' sport,
but-we withheld our 'answer hoping
that something might turn up and
we would be able to go; We assure
you :that nothing short, of the impossible has kept us from coming
down., for. we know sports when we
meet them and we feel we will be
missing a day of real sport.
- Trusting that-you will ' have a
good day on'the, 24th and assuring
you that we will come on the earliest date "possible and convenient to
you, we remain, .
Tours truly,
Brickson Civilian Rifle Association,
Per J. H. -.Hyde; Secretary
' ♦
Examinations will be held in Pernie
for Mine Manager (lst) Pit Boss (2nd)
and Fire Boss (3) certificates on the
15th, 16th and 17th of August. Get
busy you ambitious young men. Those"
who have correspondence'courses that
have been neglected should resume
their studies and those who desire personal tuition can find a splendid, tutor
in A. W. Baxter.
I The Creston Fruit and]
: Produce Association
|   Strawbersies   $
* ' ■*■
J Retailers please Note that'ord-'J
' ■-..-.-■. J
ers for the fomdus Creston *
Strawberries now in
| A. Lindley, Box 27 ( Creston J
Cleanliness _
* - ■■   ■*
| . ^„„
$ '  *
$ Means   Health *
-K *■
* Everybody, wants health, there- *•
jt fore t o oblain this you can make J
£ no mistake by the purchase of J
I Allen Portable Bath I
*.,'''- _
* which can ibe seen by dropping J
-K * , a card to ' .        J
| P. 0. Box 320 Fernie *
Best materials only used
and first class workmanship ensures
A Good Job
JOE FALVO      How roon Block
To Rent i
New Michel Store 24x50
with outbuildings and
Cottage.   Apply to
| New Michel       -       B.C.
iff.'W^wn.'flfffflifiiff'wmf^^ __mm
IR. H- Marlow!
First Class Union Store carry
Ino a Suitable line of Spring
Two South African  8crlpo    for
salo at usual price
North Lethbrldgoi —Lethbridge
fy* ?*• i*w»
Fernie Opera House
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr.
Stand Back!
It's Too Late!
Such a calamity may not have
overtaken you, but where i.s your
guarantee that any day—aye, today
a lire may destroy your home and
possessions.*    -
Take Out A Policy At
Once      "
no , matter how moderate -he
amount, a policy protects you. The.
premium is so ridiculously .small
that the price of a cigar a day will
give you considerable insurance.
See-us about this today—remember,
tomorrow may be too late.
Tea That is Always Fresh
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the Island of Ceylon, picked everyday and reaches
you not later-thari fifteen weeks after being gathered. Its native purity and fine flavour are preserved
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are guaranteed tea of unvarying good quality;
Ask your grocer foi* a package to-day.   You'll like it*
■;-**■*-- Black, Mixed and Natural Green, ,40c, SOc, 60c and 70c per lb. —
Electric Lighted   .        . ..   ; _.''■■ Steam Heated
1 , ■"
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water    '    ' L. A. Mills, Manager
Insurance and Real Estate
Just unloaded, including Patent Wire Fencing, Wire
Netting, Barbed. Wire and Lumbering Supplies, also
Carload' Farm Implements & Carriages
|   Iii addition to the*above, we have a full line - of
j   Harness, arid their Parts.   ..Your patronage solicited.
J. M. AGNEW & Co.
ELKO, B. C. |
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at Little Prices
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phenomenal .success and havo taken their place in
the hearts and memories of thousands of readers.
Beautifully printed from large, clear typo on an
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Agent for Reache's Base Ball Goods, Huyler's & Lowney's
Chocolates, Kodaks, Thermos Bottles, Wall Papess, Etc.
It Pays To Advertise In The Ledger
t ii
-it- - ■  *C«-V- -...-*-    _i   - ■
■;>! --.•'■
11 _.
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U. 1*1. W.  of A.
Fernie, B. C, Nay  21st,  1910
»»^MMM*t¥yV»¥¥^»»»¥¥»»¥»»¥»¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥»¥¥¥¥¥
t   ■■ ' r ■ v. ■■■■■ ',-■•■  ■' . ■■. ■ I
I   News From the Camps
Frprri- our, own Correspondents
Martin Dooley left here o\\ Wednesday for a trip to Vancouver.
The "Rev. H. White, pastor of the
Presbyterian church up here was
taken very ill last Sunday afternoon
' and had to be removed to the hospital
at -Fernie on the evening train.     It
, was at first thought that he was going
tp have a very serious time but on
inq*' try later in the week it was found
that he was improving a little. It
is hoped that he will soon recover and
be able to get back to,his church work
again. _ '-
*' , A smoker was held in the club hall
after the match for the benefit of the
Michel boys, but as the train, left a
little after nine* o'clock it took most!
of the boys away!. '•  , -    - *
The football team will be at home
on Saturday, Fernie, beiiig the visiting
'team. - Turn but and cheer the boys
to victory.' *  " ■
J.   \V. Bennett,* Jj Southard aad L.
. Morton arrived hore last week from
..Cumberland, England.  - J. Williams is
another new arriyal from Wales,      "
The new self acting incline outside
-  No. 5 mine is now in full working or-
s der. It is 1075 feet long and is layed
.with double track from top'to bottom.
At present, it is running five car trips,'
and when everything is connected up
the two inclines ft will be easy to drop
five or six hundred cars a day.
T. Branch, H. Branch and T:- Davey
received sad news • about'having brothers in the awful explosion at White-.
■* haven' last' Saturday. ■ They left on
Sunday, night for England. .
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Jones', Jack
Combes,   Mick  McLean,  Mike  Joyce
- and- several other Michellites stayed
up here jast week enioving the_win*_v_
weather, I don't think..   . '''
A sad. accident happened, in No. ,* 2
mine ' last* Friday  morning, when    a
.   track layer named Jim James and his
,; helper named Wm. Price; were very
badly crushed and injured. They had
jus. come' down"the"matn Incline'from'
finishing a job and were sitting at
the first1 right eating their lunch, wh'e'n
an empty trip passed them, .When
it reached the top ono of the pins
broke and the cars camo tearing away
clown tho incline again. When tho
cars reached tho switch close to which
the men were, sitting they jumped the
track and plunged to the side where
the irfen were before they had time
to move out of "the way. Price was
knocked unconscious and never regained consciousness until Wednesday.
James was not quite so bad, but both
of'them, had a, very narrow escape.
They were removed to the hospital at
Fernie.     ',  ■
March Davis got. a nasty kick in the
back whilst standing behind a horse
at the mouth of No. 5 mine on Tuesday morning. , ■ -
Walter Joyce's wife and family arrived' up here on Tuesday, afternoon
coming from Cumberland.
Minne Stevens returned' from Calgary last week,-'and',can hear a little
better now.' She expects to,start to
school shortly.
Alex Branch pulled out last Sunday
for Michel.
Mrs..Steve Hall and three children
and Mrs. Jos.,,Buchanan and children
left here last Saturday for a' trip to
their old home in Cumberland, Eng-'
R.'G. Marlett is visiting his brother
up here at present.
Andy Waugh, Dan Campbell and
Tony McCloud are' now located at
Yellow Head Pass • along with Cory
Weatherby'and company.    '        ,
A start was made on Tuesday morning with a new boarding house which
is very badly needed, up here. It is
to be of the most up-to:date style, and
large enough to accomodate about 50
boarders. J. J. Wood of Fernie has
tlie contract for building it and with
fine weather expects to have it up ini
six' weeks.    ,    •
' W. R. Ross M.P. P., paid a, flying
visit up here last Thursday afternoon;
He looked in at'the provincial skoo-
kum house, but he was not looking for
,a___job„„ '  ■ _' ,—,
. Born:. At Coal*Creek- on the 17th
inst., to Mr.. and Mrs. J. Lyons, a
fine son.
Coal Creek and "Michel: The first
half of the game was pretty evenly
contested, but still at the Interval the
score ' was three' to one in favor of
Michel. Shortly after the second half
had started Clare, the Coal Creek goal
keeper, got in a collision with a Michel
player and had to be taken off. This
put the game to the woods as, one of
the'other players had to take up his
place, and all the chances the Creek
had of catching up were gone. The
game ended 4 to 1 for,Michel. John
Caufield can be* complimented on his
fairness as a referee.
, The excursion, from. Michel to Coal
Creek on the, Great Northern-on Saturday under tlie auspices of the Michel football club was well patronized.
The Michel "--'boosters turned out to
a goodly number. But the men with
the strong lungs and the big yell were
not1 necessary for ,a victory, as tlie
boys had,an_easy win, for at no time
in the game was there any chance of
a loss. The Michel teami seemed to
outclass their opponents "defeating the
Creekers easily by the large score of
4 to 1. The line'up of the teams
follows:   *      -   "> '
Coal'Creek "7    i      Michel
Goal' .7
F. Clare  '  J. Raynor
'  Full backs
W. Fegan   ' S; Mores
J. Latchie  ..'  J. 'Mason
. . ■     Half Backs
J. Parnell ' .,.: J. Watson
J. Sweeney  G. Millett
R. Johnson  .'; J. Gordon
Forwards .
0.' Jolson .... R Sudworth
T. Barnes ' .......A. Goodwin
P. Joison T. Carney
D. Artley  A. Boothman
B., Hartwell   '.-.'....' A.' Allan
Referee: J.'Caufield.      '
Amateur football should* be kept
clean and manly and " the, players
should always keep in mind that an
unbridled  tongue  is _a___b_a_d_compan-_
Monday, nights was well patronized,
and the management deserve credit
for the high class of pictures they are
Mr. Wright of Corbin has arrived In
camp and started" to work in No. 5
mine. ■''Michel1 seems to be a haven
for Willie.,
- James "Ashworth, general superintendent of-the Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
was in Michel on official business this
week, ;'
Miss Bella Thompson of Cranbrook
is in town the guest of Mrs. Dave
Mr. ,ahd Mrs. Mark Gaskell have
arrived from Lancashire, England, accompanied,by Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury,
where they have been visiting since
the first of the year. They have taken up their residence in New Town, .
■ The Michel baseball team went to
Hosmer on Monday to play a friendly
match, the game resulting in an easy
victory for Michel. ' In the field of
sports Michel seems to lead with flying colors as neither'the baseball or
the football teams.have been defeated yet. "', . -,,
." Sid Birt one of. the old timers in
the Pass, left this week for Coal
Creek. He will be greatly missed by
the boys.
Christy Herritt paid Fernie a flying
visit this week, renewing old acquaintances.
Contractors Smallmari, Williams anil
Studwick having completed their contract at'the brewery contemplate going up the Elk.
Tom Branch, a mechanic in No. 5
mine, left for Whitehaven, England,
expecting to arrive in time to attend
the funeral of his-'brother, who is.
among the- number entombed in the
Wellington mine, Whitehaven. The
community grieve with him in his sad
bereavement.   ,„
The mines were idle oii Friday to
allow the members of Michel local to
attend the funeral of their departed
brother; John Rossian,1'which was held
at 2 o'clock. - The members assembled at the hall and marched to the U.
C. church- where*.the service was held,
thence to the" cemetery,'T_he_r_ej_t_h__y_
Thomas Duncan of the Passburg hotel,' paid "a short visit to some of his
numerous friends up .here during last
week.   ,' t- "'.'■'
. Dave Archibald and James Adams
left here last Friday morning for a six
"month's prospecting tour 70 miles to
the* north of Edmonton. Wo wish
them luck.1'
It looked more like Christmas, morning then Whit-Sunday with three inches of snow lying on the ground last
Sunday morning.
Halloy's comet hns not been seen
up hero yet, but some shooting stars
appeared from Michel last Saturday. «
ion.* ,   ■
.Tom Brace, fire boss:at No 5 mine
has tendered his resignation and,has
gone on a prospecting trip up the*
Yellow Head pass, by thc Peace, river.
Success to you Tom.
M'. 'Joyce paid'Coal Creek a visit
this week,* inspecting' the new club,
taking in tho smoker and visiting his
friends, returning loud in their praise
for they are all jolly good fellows.
Miss Mary Parsons was in Fernie
on Tuesday on a visit to her aunt,
jllrs. Tyldcsley. ■ ■
The moving picture entertainment
in the English church on Saturday and
For Neat* Artistic,
& Durable Painting
I do all work entrusted to mo in a workman-
liko manner, and guarantee all my paints to be of
tho best quality.
Only gonuino Whito Lend and puro Boiled Lin-
seed Oil, which will atand all climato, usod in the
paints,    No patent substitutes used,
I havo painted many buildings, * notably Mr,
Hamilton's residence on McPherson avonuo, and I
havo contracts for No. 17 Victoria Avonuo, to bo oc
cupied by Mr. R. H. Young.
Any orders given will secure prompt and careful attention.
performed the last sad rites.     Tbe
funeral was largely attended.
Ted Studwick met with quite a painful accident this week by having his
shoulder' dislocated by a bad fall. He
no doubt will be confined,to the house
for a few days. '     *     '"' ■•    '
The coroner's jury,who havo been
sitting' upon the inquest into the
cause of* the death of John Rossian,
who was killed in No. 8•■mine brought,
iii' the'following verdict: '
We, the undersigned jury, summoned to inquire into the cause of the
death of John Rossian, do,hereby declare that having heard the evidence,
we believe thnt tho said John Rossian
came to his death accidentally by being run over by a cm* in 27 jig No. 8
M. D. McLean, foreman; I-I. E. Carr.
F. Malllson, Archie McKinnon, Sid
Iilrt, Thomas Phillip, A. C, Murray,
Thoro was some excitement on the
station platform ono clay this week,
as Dick's now buggy had nrrived and
the crowd was Interested In tho as-
Hoiubllng of. same. Thero will bo
Borncthing doing in tho good old summer time, I
Smiilliimn Is fast developing Into a
knight by walking flvo milos up tho
Klk, capturing runaway horses and
restoring thom to thr-ii* owners and
thereby allowing thom to proceed on
their way,
Maurice nurrell, the socrotary of tho
Michel local paid Fernio a visit this
Michel rommomornlort Iho funeral
of tlio Into King on Friday by a
joint procession of all tho rocIoIIoh In
].m*torbrool*s nnd DnvlH havo re-
turned from thoir hunting and fishing
trip. Thoy roport that thoro nro 1o(h
or fish hut a Hi-urclly nf big gnmo. Hotter huccohh noxt I lino.
Secretary Livett of the Crows Nest
League stopped Mr. Kaye of Hosmer,
who was to act as referee, from coming. Late on Friday night however
they decided to come and under the
circumstances Secretary Livett had to
appoint Mr. D. Stene of Frank to officiate. This did not appear to give
satisfaction to a portion of the players, and.there was some talk of protesting against the referee, for what
reason' it is not known. , The game
had hardly been ln progress two minutes when Varley scored for Bellevue.
However before half time Coleman
equalized. Varley scored two more
In the second half, thus making the
three goals scored against Coleman.
The latter team also scored another
goal and thought they had another.
There was an awful fuss made about
the referee giving a penalty to Bellevue, the referee being one in a hundred to stand for the actions of some
of'the Coleman players. Without going into the merits or demerits of the
incident* it was uncalled for, and the
Coleman players knew perfectly well
that if they were not fairly treated
they could lodge a protest.. The result of the game which ended in ,a
snowstorm was Bellevue 3 and Cole-
man 2. The best team won.' -We
entertain Frank" team at home on the
21st of May. .
The company are about to build a
wash house where the, old tipple used
to be. The lockers have already arrived.
Mr. Ed. Drake of .the South Fork,
who has for the, past few, months
been running a pool ]*oom in town,
has sold out. ■ ' Evidently city life
does not suit Ed, and he has been
p'ining for his ranch for quite a long
time. '
Mr. Joe Robinson is now managing
the pool room.
Steve. Hurtak, a Slav, had his le-j
broken at. No. 1 .mine on Friday last.
The poor fellow suffered fearful pain
through being lifted into ah ' empty
car in the mine and again outside,
where -luckily Doctor McKenzie was
waiting to attend him. " ,He was then
getting along as well as can be expected. This illustrates the necessity
of having some kind of conveyance
to place the injured on inside of the
'■■ The miners at No. 2 will commence on contract .on'Monday, May
23,. the prices are same as in agreement. Vice-President Stubbs acted
for the men.,.,,
Mr. George Knowles, blacksmith for
the W. C. C. Co., Intends going into
business for himself.' Ills place of
business will be a' little north of the
Hillcrest station. Ilorshoolng will
be a specialty.
The usual hunch of ,]*eal estate men
woro In the town during the wook, •
Tho bridgo in front of tlie Bellevue
hotel is in a poor stato at proKt-.it.
If something Is not done soon thore
Is likely to ho an accident, It would
bo ndvlsable for drivers of heavy
teams to go around by way of tlie
Southern hotel,
Preparation nro being mnde on a
largo scale for ,the erection of a llmo
burning plant, This proposition is
starting on tho onst of tho Franl
slide, Thore Is no danger of thr.
limestone giving out.
Mr, Wolstonliolnie of Frnnk hns just
moved to a slto west of tho Illllcrei*,
depot whoro ho hns nil, kinds of lumbor for sale.
Mr.   Alt'  Cameron,   cnnl   limpocloi'.
spniined   his nnklo on Saturday, Inst
whilo watching tlio I'ootlJnll gamo.    It
Ih rumored Hint lio took n J-k'U* nt the
Colomnn llnonman and mine-oil,
,   flleeolvf-'il Mondny Mny 1(1)
King  flofirgo's  Innpoclor of  Mlnos,
Mr.  13.  Ilonil.t'Olo,  wiih  In  town  on
TuoBdny.    Wo dou'i hoo hlm any too
oft on,
".Mr, C. Knur,   wiih hi town on V.'cd-
iiosdny.      Ilo  very  gonoroimly   riivo j
Dw Ilollovuo Athletic dub n <• ln'ijuc j
fnr 82ft. i !
Mr. .1. A,' t .illmi. wii'iiMKor fnr Mr. ;
rinii'o nt tlm Ili'lli'vuo hotol, nlwoi
I'oiili'ibill.'il $1(1. i
There worn qiilli' n iiiliiilior nf llio!
boys out flHlidi},' Iiihi wook whh n !
vuryiiiK iHiiiiiini nf luok, >
I lob 1. vltt wiih nl-oiil Dw most .in--.
cosHful nf thn flKlionnon. Ho omiglit '
n ri'iilly flno Itit nf trout,     Humor liun .
It   (llllt   (llO   HOCl'ot   (if   lloll'll   HIKTOHH   Ik "
thai ho UooftH a i-ortaln lireeil of fowl,
from which he koIm a eertnln font'u-i'i
with whloh lio million n fly.    If   nny
i-i*iuli*i> oi mix joiinml lmvo iuul lm'.'li
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized .$10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
D. R.oWILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyle, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Merchants Bank of Canada
■  Capital $8,000,000    Reserve $4,602,157
President Sir H. M. Allan 7 Geri.  Manager E. F. Hebden
1    ,    145 BRANCHES  IN CANADA
A General Banking Business Transacted; Out of Town Accounts Solicited, Deposits or Withdrawals may be made by mail.
Sayings Bank Department
$1.00 opens an,accountj'interest paid at ^Highest Current    Rates.
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of  New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers' Liability, London Guarantee
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upeat West Liie^c^p°^
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minimum cost
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',,."*•  !-"<i •..*■■  -'j;
lBw_E__B_P_BflB5K_3Q__^ T'1 -'TiF1*1"**
l! ,1
The onlv 'kind suitable for
tbis  climate.
The Leading Druggist
Phone 118
Tlw Colemnn I-'ootbiill team   which
vlKlltid uh hint Hnmi'lny mum hnvo n
ulrnii-J-o Ini of official-** nn Ilie fullciu'liiK
will"ulinw.     Tlipy Hont ii -Iflf'Kiile lo
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for the homo kioiiihIh ihi  Haiiinlny,;
(Mny IHh, enulil he pliiyeil ut Colemnii I
limtend.      Well,  iiei--|li-HH  to Hay  thi-j
inollfivue officials turned If  down HH|
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lilnv n« rnlemntiV    Thev vh'tiiletl Uiev ■
Irrmlil not come on account of hnvIiiK >   ...
no fund..    As lata an Friday nvoiHiw |l"'* »' »■""■« ,,,,H ""• "™M  ^!
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Though Married
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your domestic ills will then promptly "«kidoo."
You will be happy ever afterwards, yea verily,
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Calgary Branch Office:      325 A Eighth  Ave.  West'I
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ThE  DISTRICT  LEDGER, . ERNIE,   B. C, MAY 21, 1910
fcr '*«
-i ■'
Construction & Inspection
Regulations Agreed Upon Regarding The
Construction and Inspection of Steam Boil-
ers ih B. C, Alberta, Sask., Man, and Ont.
Before commencing work on any boiler to be built under these regulations
three drawings of the samo, with' specification form in duplicate, must be
submitted to the department. for approval of the pressure and .arrangement of the boilers, which must actually comply in all cases with these
regulations and the Act.
This applies also to the designs for-
safety valves'and other fittings. Approval or corrections will promptly he
given or pointed out in thc order as
applications are received by the Department and the manufacturers advised accordingly.
Each drawing must have on it a
complete list of parts of boiler.* with
, identification numbers on lt and the
details shown,, the material and sizes
being given on specifications. To prevent delay ;any manufacturer must
submit for approval designs of manu-
, facturo which, when, finally approved,
will be given registration numbers for
the province and from .which boilers
may be made by that manufacturer in
any number, full reference being, made
to the registration when sworn construction certificates are sent to tho
Department concerning such boilers;
and further provided that no changes
in these regulations shall affect such
design until after twelve months' notice has heen given to the manufacturers of such change, but'any new designs submitted, for approval after
notice of change in regulations has
been .given must be in accordance
with such change.
Three' drawings or blue prints of
each design submitted must accompany an application for,approval, each
haying' a blank or white space on it
„ four by five inches in size; one of
these drawings or prints will be returned to the manufacturer. Changes
in design necessitate submission ' of
same for approval and fresh registration.        ■    .      • ■
On application to the Department,
manufacturers may be given or" allotted a series of identification numbers
.   for construction of their standard ap-
—proved~boilers.. —.
practicable as above, it must be indicated by specification. ~
On vertical boilers on right side of
fire doors.*
For boilers where location is  not
practicable as above,-it must be indicated by specification.
Cylindrical portions of boilers such
as shells or barrels, domes, drums or
reservoirs, shall be made as nearly
as possible truly cylindrical.
All surfaces formed to a true circular curve except surfaces otherwise
provided for shall be calculated in a
similar manner to cylindrical shells,
but when they or other parts are not
made or are parts of true cylinders,
of different radii, they must be treated
as flat surfaces and stayed accordingly and in any case at the" change of
Thickness of  Plates
The minimum thickness of any
plate used iri the construction, of a
boiler under these regulations shall be
»4 of an inch, and in all cases the
thickness of boiler heads having ' a
diameter up to 40 inches shall be not
iess than u-16 inches; diameters from
■10 inches to r'52 inches not .less than
% inches; diameters from 52 inches 10
CO inches not less than 7-1*3, and not
less than 1-16 additional thickness for
every 6 inches additional diameter
for boilers above 60 inches diameter.
The thickness of all plates in shells
or drums shall be alike and that required for the working pressure of any
part according to formula hereafter
given, but must not be less than one-
quarter inch.
The minimum thickness of plates in
stayed surface construction shall be
five-sixteenth of an inch.
Seventy-two'inches shall be the maximum diameter for all externally fired
»     '      Reinforcing Plates t
Por standard water pipe ono ii*.ch' in
diameter, and for standard steam pipes
one  and   one-quarter   inches   to   two
inches in diameter the opening shall
b_e_reinforced with aplate securely
(These regulations are not in force
in any province, and will not be until
issued by the proper officials of such
provinces as decide to adopt them. It
, is hoped that all the provinces will
issue such uniform regulations,,to become effective during the year 1911.
Ontario has passed a boiler-act, and
these regulations shall take effect at
a dato to be published In the. Ontario
Every boiler built under these regulations shall bo stamped on tho plates
' of the boiler In the., place hereafter
Indicated as follows, In figures at least
.one-quarter Inch in size: '
(a) Builders' number ancl Initials.
(b) Provincial letter and registration numbor of design.
(c) Lowest tensile .strength of any
shell plate In tho boiler with "S" for
steel and "I" for iron.
(d) The initials of tho person glv-
lug,,the certificato and Identification
number or Initials or persons ..giving affidavit of construction;
(0) Thc date of construction, thus;
Day of month, numerical order of the
month, lust two figures of Hie yoar,
Jx. sample stumping would bo us below, it. being Hlnnipod legibly and fully
Into 11 plat'* of tho holler Itself, not tho
smoko box:
in) x:/t. Co. 777
(b) 0. 13-1 (for Ontario)
A, filill (for Alberta,)
(c) r-nono. s,
(<1) II, W. (172.)
(O)   _ll.10.10.
When either of the nbovo are loft
out tho corresponding spneo must ho
left blank,
Tho locntlon of slnniplngs shall bo
ns followH;
On horizontal loturn tubular hollors
on lho contro of front hond nbovo tho
On poi'tiil-lc mul locomotive lypi'H,
on rlKlit side of flro door, clenr of nt-
On wnter tube boilers, on llm ond
of Ht cn 111 drum nbovo mnn-bolo door.
On liilt'iimlly fir-nil hollers wllh circular furimccH, on right nldo of flro
doors if practicable.
On vortical hollers on right side of
flro doors.
l-'or  hollers where  locution  Is  not
riveted; the "threads made continuous
and full size, through both plates, the
pipe fitting tightly in both; above two
inches in diameter, flange nozzles with
bases riveted to the boiler must be
used. Other openings in cylindrical
parts of boilers or in drums shall be
reinforced in all cases, when their
measurements exceeds two and one-
half Inches iri lino with the longitudinal axis of same, or three and one-half
Inches clrcumferentlally.,
All reinforcing rings or,plates must
have proper curvature and be fitted
closely to the plates they reinforce',
and must be of at least the . same
thickness. There shall not be less
than three-eights of a square Inch not
section of solid plate round any hand-
hole, man-hole or other opening in any
part of a boiler.,
inforcing plate to receive the door is
required..,, The reinforcing plate must
be1 placed on the'inside of boiler except, in boilers under 42 inches diameter, when "it may be placed outside.
The rivets holding reinforcing rings
to shell must be sufficient for caulking
purposes, but their .area in no case
shall be less than one hundred and
twenty per cent above the net section-'
al area of part cut from.shell in line
of its longitudinal axis.   *
(a) There shall be a standard manhole in the upper part of the shell of
a fire tube boiler 42 inches and above
in diameter, excepting vertical fire-
tube boilers, where the furnace or the
tubes prevent access to the Interior of
the boiler. * • -_   '
* .(b) Horizontal boilers 48,inches in
diameter and upward shall contain two
man holes not less than 10 inches .by
15 inches ln the clear, one in the front
head below the tubes and oiie in the
shell above the tubes. In boilers 66
inches and above in diameter manholes shall be 12 by 16 inches in the
clear. All man-holes in flat surfaces
must be flanged from solid plate inwards.
(c) All man-hole flanges must have
a ring not. less than three-quarters of
an inch by 1V£ inches securely shrunk
round flange, which shall be faced to
form a joint. 0
..   Man-holes and Wash-Out Plugs
All cylindrical horizontal boilers less
than 42 inches in, diameter must be
provided with a hand-hole in each head
below the tubes,
All other types of boilers must be
provided with" sufficient mud-hole or
hand-hole and washout plug openings
to provide for properly cleaning and
inspecting every part of the boiler.
When mud hole openings are threaded
for.plugs the plugs must in all cases
be' of brass. •
Hand-Holes" and Washout Holes in
Loco Type .
A locomotive type boiler shall be
provided with sufficient hand holes
or washout plugs to allow the whole
of the interior to be inspected and for
_.v_ashing_out. '■ ■ .
pipe sizes.    The use of the Whitworth
type .of thread is recommended:.!
.   Maximum  Stress on  Stays   *•
' Iron:     . ' ,"
For screw stays and other stays that
have been welded, 5,000 pounds per
square- inch' net section will be the
maximum stress allowed. For screw
stays and other stays not welded 7000
pounds per square inch net .section
will be the maximum stress allowed."
For screw stays and other stays less
than one and one half square inches
net sectional earea, 8000 pounds per
square inch will be the maximum allowed. For all other stays 9000 lbs.
per square .inch net section .will be
the maximum ^stress allowed.
Steel stays must be upset.at ends,
but not welded in any way. The ends
of' longitudinal 'stays should in all
cases be/upset for threading to ensure the net section- being not less
than that of body of stay.
They must not be riveted over on
the sheets.
Holes in sheets for stays not screwed into.or riveted to plates"must not
be more than one-sixteenth of an inch
larger than „the,diameter of the stay,
and be finished by reaming or by a
rose cutter-or drilled.
Stays must be arranged so as to admit of free access to the interior of.
the boiler.' '
Domes on Cylindrical Parts of Boilers
' and Openings for other Purposes
. Any openings for domes, ■ manholes,
handholes, or for other purposes on
shells or cylindrical parts of boilers
must have its shorter axis in line with
the longitundinal axis of same, and
when that is over two and a half in.,
be reinforced by a plate riveted after
careful fitting to the shell, around the
opening. The reinforcement must be
equal in cross section and strength, exclusive of rivet hole's to the section of
plate, cut * out of shell or "covered by
the dome in line with its longitudinal
axis. The combined area of rivets securing the reinforcement to shell must
be, exclusive of those necessary    to
v       ' ■ **
hold home to shell, twenty per cent m
excess of the area of section so removed or measured.
Water Space Between Girder and*
. When the tops of fireboxes" are supported    by girders there shall be, a
clear water way between the girders
arid crown sheet of not less than 1 ■*■,•_
inches and preferably 1%  inches.
"    ,        Wagon Tops
.Wagon tops or saddle sheets ofboil-
ers are preferably made in one sheet
with outside sheets of water legs. *
.   When raldial,   stays „from   crown-
sheets enter the wagon top at any
Lizard,Local General Teamsters No..
141.   " Meets' every Friday':night' at
8 p.m., Miners union hafC "A.r'li.
.Boles, President; William Long, Recording Secretary.   ..    -■?..-    .....:-:.
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd
and 4th Sundays;at 2.30 p.m. Secretary J. A; Goupill, Waldorf Hotel. ■
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday Miners
Union hall,     i).- Hees, Se.i.
-;,:..- DENTIST.
-, Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; 1-6; "       ' ,    '*''-' Phone 72
B. C.
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B;C.
-.7. .Hours 9 to 1;" 2 to 5; 6 to 8.   ""
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters
and Joiners:- Meets in the Miners'
Union Hall.    A. Ward, Secretary..
Typographical Union No. 555: Meets
last Saturday in each month at the
Ledger Office. A, J, Buckley, Secretary.
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
W. R. Ross K. C. W. S.Lane
Barristers and Solicitors
Fernie,--B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Amalgamated Society Carpenters and
Joiners:—Meet in Miners Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8 o'clock. A.
Ward, secretary. P. O. 307.
Other bodies are requested to send in
.their cards.
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
A. McDougall, Mgr , *
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
ped, without damaging them in any
way. ■
All plates requiring scarfing must be
properly done.
Caulking is to be done by hand or
pneumatic hammers arid round-nosed
tools; caulking edges are to be carefully prepared, the edges being bevelled sufficiently to hold tli _ caulking.
The fit of the joint must be made in
the laying of the plates and excessive
caulking avoided, and the lower plate
not nicked or damaged by caulking
Butt  Straps
Butt straps must be pressed to correct shape and edges of sheets forming joints bent after marking (but before holes are made) to ensure good
fitting when assembled and correctness of form.' The edges of butt
straps must be planed and the joint at
connection be protected.,The scarfing
of butt straps must take in the circumferential rivets.
,   . '     (To be continued.)
Fernio, B. C.
Reinforcing Plate Where Brackets are
In all cases whero brnckets or other
fixtures subject to any working strain
nro attached to a traction or pprtablo
boiler, the plates to which those brackets nro 'hunched shall bo reinforced
with plates of tho same thickness as
tho outer plates and proporly rlvotod
together, tho outer rows of rivets attaching reinforcing plates must, ho outside tho bracket,    All hnickots shall
ho properly fitted (without, whito mot-
al or other filling) to tho plntes, ■ flnt
or curved, with stud holes drilled to
suit tho holos ln brackets, which must
ho drilled to templets and thc studs
attaching    samo   shall    bo   tapped
through both plates where reinforced.
(No clip scrowB will bo allowed.)
All hollers shnll ho provided with
Ibe prcflcrlbml numbor of man boles
of Btandnrd slzn, HtrougthL'iied with ro
luforcliiK ring cut from holler plate of
ut lonst. lho same thlclmess as tbo
shell 1 and equal, oxcIuhIvo   of   rlvot
holes, to the nnm of, section cut'from
Hhr-ll In llnu wllh Uh longitudinal nxls,
rlvol wl uroiiiiil tho iiiiin-lioU) opening,
und tlm inun-holu doors nro to bo provided with two bolts having 11 shoulder
ou tbo out sldo Hctiiwcil through   the
door nml rlvet-ml on tbo Inside.     The
posslblo bit oral motion of door In manhole must not exceed onit-Hghtli of an
A flnngc formed Inwiirdii on llio rn-
In,no case shall,there be less than
six hand holes or less than twelve such
openings in all,,the whole.to be located
as approved in design and due regard
had for facility of access when ,the
machinery or other attachments are
mounted ori the boiler, great care being given to secure the best arrange-,
ment for cleaning the interior of the
boiler. Wet bottom boilers must have
a plug in Ihe lowest part of Bhell and
have a drainage tube in bottom to
drain ashpan.
Fire-hole Doors
Flreholes in vertical, portable, traction and locomotive boilers must not
he less than ten inches by 15 inches,
or equivalent area, if the maximum
dimension Is not less than fourteen
Inches in the clenr to allow for .examination of firebox.
Handholes in Vertical Boilers
All ver.Ucaf flretubo boilers shall
have not loss than, sovon openings for
cleaning out purposes, located as follows: Ono at the water lino four in, by
six in.; throo Jn lino with the lower
tube sheet and two at bottom of water
log, ouo small plug undor flroholo door
and boilers exceeding thirty-six Inches
In diameter shall contain one extra 4x0
Inch handholo loaded at tho wator
Minimum Diameter of 8tay—Screwed
Stays to Have Substantial Heads
No stay loss than 7-8 Inch as measured ovor tho tb rends shall bo used
In tho construction of any -boiler.
Scrowod stays (not fitted with nuts
) must bu thoroughly fitted In tho
shoots, bo well sot up, tbo onds woll
rlvetod over to form good substantial
heads, but standing not more than
two and ono-bnlf or loss than two
threads abovo the shoot at tliolr con-
troB whon scrowod homo beforo rlvot-
Ing. Tho number of throads por Inch
shall not nxcooil twolvo or bo loss thnn
ulnvon In any plato or sholl In a bollor
except, for stniidanl slonin and wntor
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
degrees from a tangent to the wagon
top at point of contact the camber of
crown-sheet shall be increased to
bring the angle within this limit' and
ensure full threads of .'stay-in wagon
Back-heads of Loco Type Boilers
The portion of backhead in a Loco
type boiler not stayed to firebpx will
be stayed under the formula for flat
Throat Sheets
Throat sheets in Loco typo boilers
must not bo thinner at any point than
the sheets they are attached to at the
barrel connection. They must be double riveted at barrel connections.
Hydrostatic Tests
When   hydrostatic tests are applied
to boilers built according to these regulations they will be made In tho
rnMo of one hundred  and fifty per
cent of the working pressure.
Tensile 8trength
When tho actual tensile strength of
steel or, wrought Iron shool plates Is
not known, it shall be taken aa 55,000
pounds for steel and '15,000 pounds for
wrought Iron provided snmplo of material cut from bollor will pass proscribed bending test.
When Speolal Formula Ib Necessary
If lt occurs that thero aro parts of
any typo of bollor for which formula
has not boon provided In thoso regulations, the case shall bo submlttod to
tho Dopartmont,
. Tho   manner   In which punching,
swngglng,   cutting   and caulking   or
bending tools, whothor hand or machlno usod, aro malntnlnod, also tho,char-
actor of the workmanship generally,
will bo takon Into, consideration when
determining tbo motors - ot safety. No
leaks will bo pormlttod to contlnuo.
Tho edgos of nil platos mtiBt bo neatly pinned, sheared, rollod, bont or chip-
NOTICE       *   u
In the matter of an Application for
 the_l_s8ue of a duplicate Certificate
of Title to Lot 3 Block-57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one' month • after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright,; which
Certificate is dated the 22nd day of
April, 1908 and numbered 8527A'.
. * ■• District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson B. C.
April 10, 191.0
NOTICE Is lieroby given that the
Corporation of the City of Pernio intends-to proceed with tho construction
of cement sidewalk on Victoria avenue
opposite lots 1—5, Block 6, 1—10 Blk.
10, 1—10 Block 14, 6—10 Block 5, 11--
20 Block 9; 11—20 Block 13, and thnt
it-.Is tho Intention to hnvo tho 'total
cost^of such sidewalks borno proportionately, by the owners of property
fronting upon such sidewalks, and to
obtain tho requislto monoy therefor
by issue of Local Improvement Debentures.
Notice Is also hereby given that, assessments will bo mado ngalnst such
proporty so benefited by such proposed sldownlks In ordor to moot tho
principal and Intorost of such Debentures; the crossings will bo divided
pro rntn among tlio ownors of tho lots.
Tho owners of cornor lots nro ubbqb-
sod for full frontago: walk and two-
thirds of sldongo walk, tho remaining
third bolng divided among tho ownors
of Insldo lots pro-rata.
Tho term of paymont of such Debentures has boon mado for 10 years
with Interest at flvo por cent (15 por
If any ownor or ownors doBlro to
object to tho proposed work or any
portion thorcof, the roquiHlto petition
or petitions Bhould bo filed with tbo
undoi'Blgnod within ton ilnyn from this
Fornio April 22, 1010       City Clork
lUch of lhe chief er*
tfsni ol tha body ll ■
..link ia tbe Chain ol
I Lite. A chain ii no
stronger than lit
•si»«lij: !.__, d-*: htiy
no itroD-ftr than (tt
WMkeit orfu, If, there Ii wmI-msi ot itomteh, liver or lun-fi, there Is a
-weak link in tha chain of life which may map at aay time. Oftra thla to-called
11 weeknKi" ii cauiid by laek ol nutrition, tha raault of waaknau or dlu-u*
•f tha itomar' end other on.ni of dilution and nutrition. Diieaiea and
w-Mknetuet 0' he itomteh and iti allied orftnt ar* cured by tha ui« of Dr,
Fieree'i Gel 1 Medical Diicovcry. When tha weak er dkwuwd itomaeh la
cured, di««u« -*f other ar_*n% whleh trim ramou from tha etomeeh hut trhlah
have the ir ori,. a in a diuaied condition of tha itomteh and *
ether orient of di.ettion and nutrition, are cured alto,
The a.tf". man haa a atraai atemaek,
Tata tha there recommended "Dlaaer*
an" »*d you may have a attaai atone*
aeh and n atroai body,
Grtrtrt A w*r.—Dr. Plana. Common Sanaa Medical AdvUer,
naw rarittd Edition, i« ttnt frit on receipt ofitampa to par
aiptbu u( mtiliui eel). Scad 31 Gbt-c«at itarapr, tor tha
beak in paper evrett, or SO ttampt for tha elaUkb-Mind vol-
una.   Addreea Dr. R. V. Pitroa, ItalTalo, N. Y.
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
R.emi.n? t o n
New Visible Models of the
These new models represent the sum
total or more labor, more experience,
more accumulated knowledge, and
greater resource than all otliet typewriters combined.
That is why these new Remingtons
have given such complete satisfaction
to typewriter users, and why their
sales have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Company
9(8 Pend<rSt. V«i«nw ». 0.
Queen's Hotel
Under New Management
Excellent   Table  and
all white help
Additional  Table for
28 More Men.
Central Hotel
Best Table
Kvorytliliig Now nndlUp-to-dnto .
Workingmen's   Trade   Solicited
Bar Unexcelled,
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
The Hotel of Fernie
Pernio's Lending Commercial
mid Tourist House*-
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calflary and Fernie.
P. O.  Box 308
Bur mif-plied with  tho  bost WIiiph,
Llquoi'H and Clgarfl
On first clan
business and residential property.
MEAN GO,, Ltd.
Real Estate & Insurance
Croo & Moffatt
Notico !b horoby ulvon thnt tlio part-
norahlp heretofore oxIfltlriB botwoon
uh, rti-H mitH-ihignnd, -*_ T-iMUirtiins ut
the City of Fornio, In tho Provlnco of
nrtUfih Columbia, haa thla day boon
dissolved by mutual conaont. All dobta
owing; to tho Bftld partnership nro to
bo paid to James M. Haddad, at Fornio
aforesaid, and nil claims nxainat lho
snld partnership aro to bo presented
to tho anld James M. Haddad, by
whom the samo will bo settled.
Dated at Fernio, D. C„ this 12th day
of April, A. D. 1010.
Norman Haddad
C. O. Ceudil
Jamsa M. Haddad
Pollock Wine Go. Ltd
Phone 70      Baker Ave, P.O. Box 207
Wholosnlo Importers nud ISxportora
ot Wines, Mrandica, Cordial*!, ForuUii
nnd Domootlc Whiskies -ind dins.
Lnrgo stock of Fornot Dranca, Italian,
Ilimgnrlrin nnd Qormnn Wlnos, also
Norwegian Punch nnd Aquavit. Door,:
Portor, Aln,nnd Clgnrn,
AgontB for Waukesha Arcadian Wo-
Vnllr-y Hn-wlns Co, Lid, "ncpr. drfmph**,
nnd bottled,
Special attention given to famll;
'Our Mottol Pure -good* *nd   1-J'ok
is the b«i_ remedy
known for sunburn,
heat* rdshes, ecxema.
tore feot, ttlngs ond
Milters.   Attinfood!
*M I/niftttlr m4 Hl*tt*.-UH,
W:_V *£?-_.'# *tr*c
■H|citf"*h!*^^    j. "u*n li"
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
. 'i i > "■
'" A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings! and
Worsteds,- Serges
and Tweeds v
Up-to-date Workmanship
-».   Moderate Prices
Kapitalo III
Nowhere in the
Pass can be
We have> the best money
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Fish, "Imperator Hams
and Bacon",Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer'Kraut. ,
Calgary Cattle Go.
Phone 56
Fernie-Fort Steele
Co,, Ltd,
Zivot v tovarnych miestach a yolnej
Pri pociatku.tejto kapitoly nezabud-
nime, ze ' skutocnych zlvotnych pot-
rieb je len malo. Jlozeme povedat
ze silny dospely a zdravy muz ma dos-
tatocnu vyzlvu, ked uzije denne: funt
rciasa, funt chleba a funt zelenin.
Pi-idajrae k tomu este nieco grocer-
neho zbozia, trochu ovocia, a nieco zo
zbozia luxusneho, ako plvo, vino a
tabak; dale: pristresie, postel, odev,
knihy, nabytok a nnstroje ,a mame
vsetky hmotne veci, ktorych clovek
Pamatajte si, mily obcane, ze mate
li tieto veci, mate vsetko, co clovek
hlavne potrebuje. Krai, alebo milionar
moze sotva viacej potrebovat, a jestll
potrebuje predsa, je to kjeho skode
a nie prospechu. '■
Vy zijete v Pittsburgu aiebo v Cle-
velande, alebo nlekde inde a chodite,
do tovarny aby, ste si vyrobll ma ziv-
obytie, Toto zivobytie ° pozostava z
potrieb prave. menoranych. A tu sa
spytujem, co praklickeho, rozumneho
muza, ci nebolo by mozno tychto malo
jednoduchych "veci ziskat • bez tolko
neustalej a namahavej prace a plah-
ocenia, a nebolo by mozno zaroven dos-
iahnout lepsich z drotnych. pomerov a
ziskat, tiez viacej pokoja a casu k
uzitlu zivota a k lepsiemu vyvinu a
zdokonalenlu mysle a diicha?'   *
Politikari t-a kapitalisticke. casopysi,
ktere su vsode siluo zastupene, hov-
oria vam ovsem, ze sa mozete povazov-
at za statneho, ked obdrzite' to, co
mate, a ze ten, kto vam tvrdi, ze by
ste mohol dosiahnut este viacej,' je
lebo _milek alebo darebok.   *
Kapitalisticka skola narodnekohos-
podarstvo uci, ze riemozeme prospiev-
at, to jest'ze sa nemozeme vyzivit bez
podpory, kapitalistov, bez svobodnej
konkurencie a bez velkeho zamorskeho
vyvozu. -
Privzenci tejto skoly"ucla, ze by
bolo nesmyslom, pestovat vsetky pot-
ravihy a pozivatiny vo vlastnej zemi,
pokial ich mozeme lacnejsie brat z
cudziny, a preto chcem vam, mily ob-
Bottled Goods a Specialty
fl5»aSJJ€3»<_ aa>C2»«!><Be«l»€M
| Dining: Room and Beds under *
■ t    New Management.                       **■■
'.\' >■
|    First class table board    *:
.-.                                            > ■
• t    Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00    *■■
• c                                    """              > •
c                                                          >•
• t >■
*                                                         >
:.        Rates $1.00 per day       j
'.[     R. Henderson, DiniiiB-RonmM_-r,     >
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
t ]
j Fernie Dairy
zavisi celkom na obrbv'skom obchode
s cudzino_ a ked tento obchod sa
stale zvysuje a dalej rozsiruje.    ■
Pokusim so dokazat, ze vsetky tyto
nahlady su mylne a skodllve.     Dou-
jam, ze vas presvedcim. .   '•
,1:, Ze kapltalism nenl pozelmanlm,
ale.kllatbou. * 7
2, Zo konkureneia je marnlvy, ukrut-
ny a bezohladny system.' -
3. ' Ze nase potravno, ddevno a ino
latky tu lepsie upotrebene a zuzltkov-
ane su, pokial je tu potrebnycb ludl,
zo zladnn, cudza zem nemozo nam pod-
ayat, potrovlny tak bacno, ako my ich
tu mozemo vy pestovat/
4..- Zo nasa zeni moze'lahko vyzivit
vincoj ako desntoronasobny pocet ter-
njsleho obyvatelstva. Pocujemo stale
mnoho hovorll Q cono a rozsahu nnsho
zamorskeho obchodu a chvnlorocnlcl
nlesu It unaveniu dokazovapim nam
nkou vdnkou smo povlnni, tomu krns-
nomii obchodncmu, tovnrnomu, a each-
rovomu zrlndouiu a nko mozomo byt
na to livdi,
Ja opovvluijom tymto puatym kram-
nrskym systomom a oznnchujom ho
co oskllvy, fnlosny, bczucelny a znvrs*.-
onla hodny.' To je Jedna prlclna, pro-
co mn kapltnllBtl povimiju zu bluznlv-
ca a zu nobozpccnolio ngltntorn. Vyl-
ozlni vain fivojo nnzory boz okolkov
iv potom mn/.oteto podat svoj umidnk.
1, Ponovnc jo oskllvy, nepi'ljomny a
2, Ponovnc   Jo zdnivlu skodllvy.
3, Ponovnc Jc .upliio zbytocny.
Nnrodno hospodnrstvo mnncHlorskoJ
skoly ma tu Httilu Hiinliii, promoiilt zom
vo "Svotovu niolnu," 'JoJ privnencl
niyulln, zo Je to minim urceiilni, pmc-
ovnt pro cudzo nnrody, proto zo to prin-
delivered to all
pints of lho town
asa nasim kapitalistom zisk. Zisk
kapitalistov jeciel, ku nemuz mame
vsetkymi sllami pracovat;
* To je ale smutny, pusty a nepradivy
nazor, ktory keby* bol skutocne pvav-
divym, bol by hodnym polutovania.
Zkumajme skutocnosti rozumme a
praktlcky, a suce najprv.ohladne krasy
rozkosya slasti prirody. Take tovarne
mesta ako Chicago, Pittsburg, Cleveland, atd., a velke mnozstvo nezauj-
imarych, nepeknych. miest a mesteciek
v hovoangllckych statoch a inde a
skodlive,, biedne osady v uholynch
okresoch su vam zname. Nie su vsetky
tieto miesta osklive, spinave, pine ,dy-
mu, sadzi, cierne a neprijemne? Por-
ovnajte ich s inymi, chistymi, vabnymi
a krasnymi mestami a mesteckami v
krajinach kde lieni tovarneho priem-
V miestach kde nie su ziadne tovarne
hute atd., je vzduch nezkazeny, obloha
blankytna, rllky, jazierka, rybiiiky, po-
toky a ulice ciste; su ,tu zelene luky,
liaje, hory, parky, sady a zahrady. Vi-
dime role s rozlichnyml plodinaml do-
bytok na pastvinach, vidime vtakov a
kvetiny a zrak, sluch a cela mysel oziv-
uje. To su veci, nad ktoryml sa kaz-
de ludske srdce raduje. Vy viete ze
toto vsetko je zladucno, ale v dnes-
nom tovarnom systeme malo kde
Kapitalisti a ich novinari ■ a recnici
povedia vam ovsem, ze je to citlivuslk-
arstvo. Pocovnajme ale jednanie tychto ludi s ich recami. Pozocoval jste
uz, mily obcane, ze by boly kapitalisti,
co ich samych sa tyce, lahostajni ku
krasam prirody, umeniu a zdraviu, a
ze by im na torn vsetkom nie nezale'z-
elo—vyjmuc spisov a reel pre vas ur-
Nie. Vy vidite, ze tito ludia davaju
si staval svoje obydelne domy co mozno. najdalej od stredisk tovarnych a
ze svoje dlhe prazdniny travia v zdra-
vom rozkosnom pohori, pri kristalov-
ych jezerach vo AVisconsin a'v Minne-
sote, v morskych a inych kupeloch,
Yellowstone Parku; v Addirondcks, vo
Svajcarsku v riize atd.
Pozitky a vyhody, ktore ■ kapitalisti
maju, mate vy, mily obcane postradat?
Oni mozu lahko hovbrit o vysokej cene
dnesneho systemu lebo beru, ,.'a uziv-
OCLI\Jf~JCAiV-UWUlOU*,ilic*,—JV\xUi,tO—, J"
musite snasat vsetky. jeho zla a nep-
rijemnosti. Aby pre seba nahromadili
bohatstva, znicia vsetky krasy a zdro-
v'otne miesta1* vasho prebyvania., A
potom zo svojich krasnych vill pred
miestom lebo na vysinach a tarrasoch
pri rieke Hudson, . pri michiganskom
jezfire, pri longlslandskom zalive alebo
pri Atlantickom lebo pri Pacifickom
oceane usmievaju sa opovrzllve "Cit-
llvistkarstvu" potrestenych ludl, ktori
vas ucia cenlt krasy prldody a pozeh-
nane zdravle. Aleboputaju vasu poz-
ornost na "vysoke mzdy" ktore tovar:
na vyroba so sobou prlnasa a pripom-
innju vam zo nomate vlastne ziadom
nedostatok zabav a kratoch'vll. ( Povedia vam: Mate predsa v. roku nlek-
olko s'vlatkou: "Washlngtonovo Naroz-
eniny" slvrty dziilaj' a robotnicky svia-
tok. Potom malo este saloon (hostln
ec), kolkaven a nedolnu pobednnjslu
zabavu vo spolku alebo doma. Vecher
smleto hrnt s kamarataml karlyi oplt
sa atd. Co mo/.6 clovek este viae
A prfldfiti ked vsetko kludno uvazlmc
nioxemo sa vas opytnt: Ci mnoho
zabavy a kratoclivllo opntrlete si, nilly
obcano, t.ymito vsotkyml vocnmi? lind-
lm im hnnnoniko* tahacej nlobo b kluo-
kou, lttoru pocujoto, ton "spovny" rev
v hoapodo, nlobo zo Bousednych domov
—znlo tnk polovlo'lubozno ako lnidba
zvticlnclch potockov ii jnsavy zpev vtn-
clva? A ked vHotky lyto vftso zubavy,
Hiiocllnlo dohromiidy ft k tomu tych
osni nlobo Rtrnnsl. dnl v roku, ktore v
imjlopRom prlpiulo atravlto v kniHiioj
priroilu, jo to snad .mihrudn, za lo, zc
tych OHtaliiycli fiO nlobo 51 tyzdnov,
ztravlt muflito v OBkllvom; Bplnnvom,
nozdravoni a odpornom ,okoll?
••      Homestake Mining Co. roz- ♦
► esiki'Obezniky, v ktorych tvr- ♦
t-   di ze' jej spor    s Banikmi v ♦
► South Dakote je urovnany. ♦
•»- Nenechajte sa touto falosnou -♦
►.zpravou ■ sviest."    Zadny Banik ♦
nesmie u tejto    spolochnosti ♦
vziat i-oboty bez toho, aby.si ♦'
na     chelo    uevypalil    meno ♦
"Skeb. '♦
, Preto pozor    nerobte •.■ ske- ♦
ba.                                       , , ♦
Ernest Mills, - ♦
taj p'okl. ♦
Western Federation of Min- '♦
ers. ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦-*-♦♦♦♦
Pevedzte, co rozumny a praktlcky
muz, ze je to dost nahrady pre vas,
ked mozete rar v tyzdny snad (?)
pri spolkorej schodzi pocut zodranu
hudbu a di-sny zpev, ale si v hostinci
zahrat v karty? * ,
Nie, mily a prakticky rozumny obcane, ja vam hovorim, ze mate a mozete pocu-; tiez dobi-u hudbu a zpev,
mat pekny slusny pribytok, prijemne a
zdrove okolle a viacej takycb p'eknych
veci, ketere .cinia zivot prljemnyon.
Dalej vam hovorim, ze by to vlastne
stalo menej namahy a prace, zaopatrit
vam a ysetkym ostatnym, vsetky tyto
krasrie veci, nezli vas to stoji dnes,
abyste len dalej dalej zit mohol v tychto skromnych, obraezenych pomer-
o'ch pihych nedostatku, starosti a bild.
Takych krasnych, ziadoucich veci ani
nikdy nedosiahnete, budeme-li pokra-
covat vo sriahach, vyrabat pre cely
svet. '•
O prednostach, ktore maju krasne
zdrave okolie pred osklivym zacmuden-
ym okolim tovarnym, netreba viest
sporu, osklivost, tovarnych miest a
krass takych, kde sa prevazne provod-
zuje robunictvo, sadarstvo alebo zalvi
zahradnictvo, nie su citlivutkarske-do-
mienky, to su skutocnosti: Pohlad na
.vevericu alebo na, lesneho vtaka je
milejsi nezli na potkana. Kazdy clovek bude sa radsej kupat v rieke Wisconsin ako ku prikladu . v rieke Chicago,  uprostried hranic  Chicaga,' do
Mad® from Grapes
Highest award Chicago
World's Fair
Farmaci su, ako znamo, vsade prlem-
erne vasci, silnejsi alt vaccim vykon-
om prace zposobilejsi, nezli ludia prac-
ujuci v tovarnom. a domacnom priem-
yslu. Tento rozdiel stal by sa este
znatelnejsim, keby mestske obyvatels-
tvo nebolo stale sosilovane a doplnov-
ane obyvatelstvom z vonkova.
Uvedene skutocnosti podavaju dok-
azy, ze dhesny system tovarnej vyroby
ma velmt ooklivy ucinok na zdravle
obyvatelstva.   '
Rapport du Secretariat International
(L'Ouvrier Mlneur de Cuesra.es)'
A titro de' renseignements nous °don-
nons ci-apres la correspondance que
nous avons recue du citoyen Ashton,
secretaire internatioml , a propos d**-.
la lutte des mineurs anglais pour la
question des salaires et des heurps cle
"'Le 13 avril 1910'
*   "Mon cher Maroille,
"A l'assemblee des membres du co-
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER, LAIRD, Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Every facility afforded to farmers and  others fov the transaction of   their banking
business.   .Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
RANIfU-Jfr RV MAN-Accounts may be oponi'd by mail and inonie:
MM111UDI lUAlli deposited, or withdrawn in this way, will
equal facility. „ -
L. A. S.  DACK-, "Manager, Fernie,
List of Locals District 18
Corrected by lllnlrlct Secretary tip To Mny lHt, 1010.
Sanders A, Verhnest Brothers.
V»4^^^^^^*^*^* ♦♦♦
TriADE Marks
nt-i wilk*, without elijTje, in the
Scientific fliticr wit.
, li»tiflKii _ ly Uiu*"!**!.-!-* ij-MiUy. iArri»t t*
j, li-wflKiig* iy
ifttljm _■*■*_
__   a«,Si.»Si
all newkjaU*]
urntl.   .
Ledger Ads Pay
211 llnnlihond
,.-181 llonvor Crook,
■i:ii iiulloviiu
*_ i i;:i lilalniioro
KI87 Cnnmoro
00 Con) City
2fi!l'i Colninnn
21127 Carbondnlo
2378 Cardiff
27H Cardiff
;_&■;■ Cor bin
2178 Diamond City
2lilf) Kdmonton City,
M2D Kdmonton ,
21189 'Edmonton
12ti;i Frnnk    ..,
2-107 Hosmer
1058 lllllcrost
28R0 Kunmnro i;
67-1      ,   U'thbrldgo
12.1.T Milo
2820 Maplu U'lif,
2«:H Mlchol
?,n Vollro Finis
2352 PnssbtirB
2585 lloyal Collieries
2072 llochn Porcoo
2inr. Stinthcona
102 Tnber
l»Mi Tnbor
2818 Taylorton
]<\ Wliontloy, UnnkhPiid. Altn.
J, C. McNoll, llonvor Croek, Altn, v l'liicher
J. lltulco, Ilollovuo, Frnnlc, Alia.
Jiu-um Turnbull, Ulnlrmoro, Altn.
Win. AhIiIoii, lliirinUi Altn.
Wm, Aniioll. Cnnmoro, Altn.
T. Durnloy, Conl City Tnbor, Altn,
W. (Irnhnm, Colomnn, Alia.
O, M. Dnvli'H, Cni'bnndnlo, Colomnn, Altn.
J. Anl'ln, Cnrdlff, Altn.
F, K. Mt. Ainimt, Cumin, Aim.
i'ld ti',uihi'i,iii, Cuiii'iti ll, C,
l'nt ICelly, Dlnmond Cily, Lothbrldgo, Altn.
C. F. Lnrrlor, 151 llollnmy St. Kdnionton
niclmrd ThompHon, Frnzor Flntn. Kdmonton
N, HolloRny, 209 Hnmllton St., E<lmonton
t^     i» t«     .  t      i}    r*
W<      kVv't"!     V V*. -.-.■.»«      -"      ■«.
Q, Nicol, Frnnk, Aim.
J. W Morrlu, Homiier, 11. C.
J, O. JoncH, Illllc:ri'Ht,p Altn,
II. Kvnnn, Kcnmnre, N. I).
L. Mooro, P. O. 113, LolhbrldKO, Alia
W. h, Kvnns, Milo, Frnnk, Altn.
F. Ilonaccl, Maplu Leaf, Ilt'llovuo, Altn.
M. nirroll. MlrhPl, n. C.
Noil Ihincnn, I'ftB*1mrB;, Ilcllovuf-, Altn.
Oscar Cnrlson, PnasbtirR, Altn.
■Chas. Smith, Roynl Coll., tathbrldge, AIK.
I* McQuarrlo, Ilocli Perceo, StdBk.
A, 81inw, Strnthconn, Altn.
Wm. IluR-M-ll, Taber, Alia.
R llrown, 'IihUt, Alta.
J. RocliP, Kstovnn, flask.
nejz tecu vsetky vykalyTa.ej^vbda7je
husta ako kolomaz a pachne az je cio-
veku k'vrhnutln. Citime predsa radsej , vonu ruzoveho sadu nezli zapach
tovarny ria spracovania kosti a zvier-
acich odpadkov v'hnojivo. „     ,   ",
■,Reci tych, ktori v p'ritomnosti vasl
ohrnuju nos nad umenlm a krasou, su
uplne bez'cenne a .nehodne povsimnu-
tia, lebo tito ludia vydavaju sami mnoho penazl na zbudovanle velkych bud-
ov, aby sa imdostalo pozltkov umeli-
ia, kras a osvlezujuclch clest. Lez, nech
je tomu akokolvek: krase dostava se
vzdy prednostl prod okllvostou nko
zdravym prod nezdraml pomeraml. A
pri dnesnom systeme tovarnej vyroby
obetuje sa lomuto oboje: krnsa 1 zdravle. , ,
A teraz k druliej nnmltko—ze tovarne zrladonlo je zdraviu skodllve.
Ktoro su hlavne podmleky zdravla?
Clsty vzduch a voda, svetlo, zdrava a1
dostatocna iiotrava, cistota, poliyb a
tolocvlk, nnlezlty odpocluok, prlemer-
one teplo a pokojna mysel. A co prinasi sobou systom tovarnej vyroby? Nn-
nlc, siknsjony vzduch, falsovano a zkur-
ono potravlny, ncclslou, dlliou jiracov-
nu dobii (ensto v.sedonl) neustnlu nols-
totu ohlndom mzdy a dosnvndncho
znmost'nnniu a velk 'starosti a rozcul-
ovnnlo myslo, olilndom znmeHtnnmn v
Jostll pozrujomo okollo ktorohokol-
vok ziiaciiojsleho prlemyalu, ku pi* okolle iiliolnoho, zolezlni'Hltoho, Bklonolio
lirlomyslu, nnjdomo vsndo nnmlnhnvti,
zdrnvlu Bkodllvu pracu, -/.knrony vzduch, znludnonoHt nomoce, mnoho mrz-
nkov, zlo byvnnlo n potrnvhiy, nciloal..
ntok, bludu, /Indue osvlozonle nnl tola
mil cluchn n vysoltu unirtiioHt. To su
Hluilpcnofitl, kloro sn nednju popriet.
Ohlmjcl HukninokiipltnllHllckelio vyro-
hnoho ByHtoiiiii mozu tloto nkutocnOHll
lirekrucovnt. nko cIiimi, tolko Jn lHt-*,"zo.
zonnty robot nlk n otoc rodlny v lovai-*
nncli liovoiinKllC'liych ao Hledmonl nie-
bo oMiiilml dolnrml mzdy tyzilonno n
drovoroboliilk v ShohnyKnii, Two lllv-
<>i*h, Owlikosh, nh'bo Inde no nvojou bin-
dovon iiizilou, nh'bo bimlci so Hvnjlmy
$.ri pilomornoj tyzdciint'J inzdy noinoxu
vk-at shisiny zivot; umrtnn «tntlf*tlkn
nam uku/.uJ-\ cl tovarny t-yHtPin pred.
lztijo zivot. Uvodl'Miio nlPkolko iiiIohI
na doknz Pioccnln umrll nn HhIc
nbyvnlelov bolo r TKU0 niiBlndujiicp.
tions qui se sont produltes dans les
rangs des grevistes, le travail reprend
peu a peu. ■ Toutefois7 a la fin de
mars,, deux ou trois grands charbon-
nages etaient toujours cohtralnts. au
v New Yorkn
mite international, qui a eu lieu a Bru-
xelles* le 26 mars dernier, on. m'a
charge de faire l'historique'des conflits
qui s'elevaient en Galles du sud et
dans la region de Northumberland et
de Durham. Je vous ecris une courte
lettre a ce sujet aujourd'hul. Je parle-
rai au long de tout cela dans le proch-
ain bulletin international.
J'espere recevoir bientot de tous les
secretaires natlonaux des rapports sur
la, marche et l'actlvlte des differentes
federations ,do mlnours, Veuillez, je
vous on prie, m'envoyor le votre aussi-
tot que possible.
Je suis beureux do vous nnnoncer
que lout est regie dans le pays de
Galles du Sud. Au commencement de
l'annco courante, los ouvriers gallols
resilierent pour la fin de mars la convention pnssoo par'lo Bureau do Conciliation. La rupture fut admiso.
D'nllleurs los ouvriers.etnlont consld-
eres commo nyant dononco non sculo-
ment lo trnito do conclllntlon, mills-
nous Ies coiitrtilx do trnvnll liitorvcn-
DurniiL les Irols donilcrH mols, I'or-
HiuiiBulloii mlnloi'u n truttu avec lo
patronnt pour ('laborer un nouvenu
cont nil.' Lo Uurenii do coiicillntlbn
teiinit, 11 ou 12 meetings. A la der-
llioro reunion, tonne lo 20 mnn*, los
pnlroiiH Bouniollnloiii lours propoHlt-
ions doflnlllvoB, Kn vno d'oxnmliior
cos resolutloiiH, un emigres oxtmoi'dlti-
nlro do In Federation nnt lonal.? fut or-
BhiiIho iiour los 20 ol ;10 mnrs, lm-
meilintcMiiciit upres lo premier incoiiug
In cninllp pxn'cutlf tint, une wmice, nu
cours ilii huiuollo on rodlgon l'ordro dn
Jour Hulviini:
"Ln Kndorntlon dos mliifnii'M nnglnlH
tainlo cn iiHHombloo oxti'iiordlnnlrn lo
110 mill's, pour prondru coniinlsHnncc do
In Hit nut ion faito (HI ppl-HOIIIH'l dllllH ll-H
niliioH dn pnys do (InlloH.
COIIVItlllCII  (|ll(.' ICH lllffl-l'ODllH qui DC-
pnrent les ouvrloi'H ol Ich put iohh nc
JiiKllflcul nl uno liillopnrlli.'llc ni ww
Krcvo gi'iii'i'iilo, dont I'..'H i'1'iiorciiHnliniH
Hcrnlonl IncnlculnblPH.
Di.'cldu di! prim' liiHtiiiniin-iit 1ph oiiv-
rlui'H mliK'iii'K (rncccptiM' Ic (-(Hilrnr qui
a oto projioso, ;\ In Milti- ilt.s iiitrcvtu.^
qui' Ioh di'lt-KUcs »uvrii-r.s nnt i.-u nvic
ten pnipi-lolitlrcH do iiiIiich."
Vol nrdro du Jour fut volr» In lend-
I'liinln, a riifliicniblci1 qui cut lldi lc 'Id
Ccrnosl  nm rn.
H7.41     Knfln, tons les ouvriers ho prbiu-n-
chomage, embrassant 10,000 hommes
et garcons. Ces ouvriers sont en
greve depuis les trois derniers mois. '
»Dhns le comte de Northumberland
la situation etait plus sombre. Sur
un totnl de 71 houilleres, 14 ou 15 furent arretoes des le ler Janvier. "   "
Finalement, le Ministre du travail
intervint; il vo'iilut reunlr un eonseil
special, compose d'hommes compet-
ents, Les personnages app'eles furent
outre 4 delegues ouvriers, 2 represon-
tants de l'Ass'ociation miniere de Northumberland et moi-memc, represent-
ant. la Federation natlonale. Tout nous
porto a croii'6 que nous arrlverons
bientot a un rcsultal satlsfnlsant.
■ On stipule dnns lo contrat une clause,
etablissant. trois ou quatre posies de
travail pnr 24 heures. Colte clause-
la les ouvriers n'on veulent pns. lis
demnndenl doux postes do travail smi-
lomonl pnr jour,
Ces quolqucs llgnes suffisent u vous
eclnirov sur In situation roolo on Guiles du sud et dana la region de Nor-
Ihumberlrind et do Durlinm,
llocuvoz, cher clloycn .Maroilh;, mes
muitlos fiiUci'iielles, .'
Thomas Ashton
P.S. l.os hominoH qui. etnlont, en
greve dims lc Hurhiim out consent I n
I'cproiidi'd lo trnvnll. I'lnns lc ills-
Irlcl du Noriliiiiiiborlnnd, Ic Kudeni-
tIon n oi'Kiinisi! uu referendum sur In
(-iK-Hllon du com rut de trnvnll, On
pent s'littendre it co quo l'nffiilre soit
deflnitlvenieiit.  roRloo  diins   (luohiuoH
nelle, parait desormais assure.
M. Millerand, ministre des Travaux''
publics,  M.  Henri  Brisson;1' president
de la Chambre, M. Jaures, lo chef soc-
laliste et l'ex-ministi-e Jules Slegrried.
sont reelus, de meme que I'abbe Lem-
ire. Le professeur Paul Painleve est
elu a Paris:' M. Paul Doumer, l'ancien
gouverneur de l'lndo-Chlne, est defalt,
de meme que M. Fernand Dublef, Le
comte Boni de Castellane' est aussi
 m ,
Ar scho numurii sahkol tisalbinnni
Juhs pastellet scho strahdnoeku schk-
Iras Inlkrakstu npsolidamees us preek-
schu ocweotot hitweeschu wnlodn kor-
espondenzes, jn tahdas gnditos. No
snlikuma mehs Iuhdsam muhs nt.waln-
ot, jn druka neisnahktu knut kiir pare-
Isi, jo wlss wnjndsigais nnw Wohl snn-
enits. Lnlkrnkstn tiles pnsneegtns
sliias pnr wisnm dnrba nosnrem.
" Korospondoiizes tlks usiKiiutns tlknl
I alidas, kiiriun 1)ii)is strnlidneckii sell-
Ulias aiiHiniiH iskopschnniiH iioluhks
Bulidninl pnhrleczlbn, kn latweoschl
muhs pnbnlstls, kn nr lalkraskstn past-
elloschniin, In slnu eesuhliscliniiu,
Pnlcoknm swelzlnndnml,
-'■»   •   .lUI'ln    |f»l»     ».)*.    .,*.    IU>  l< (i'.Uill   |.,li    . *   .-
■M »''r   wl'.lutlmi        Fl.   M.lll   \r   i-i'-iilt:it*
HI,Hi!'!C,271! votnntH pour lc cotitnit propose,
Tn VHiik nenl in nnJvncKla umrlneHi.l'i','!-**! vi-tnntH pour In Kroxo ct contre
lebo v miiobycb krnjlnnch v juznych M'liccnnl )iropoHc.
Mtntoch (ibmiHiiln medzi ncvodoinym u |
 ).,.„_, ,.\.,,,..,,, ..,,.„,. '
;i,"i nt It) proiclitov.      .
V ziipnilnyih tovarnych moHtnch Jo
iimrtiiot,t nlcco mcn(«ln, Tit mn volkn
cuki obyvntclstvn mnlo domky a tym
llez vlnccj obydlcnehu niicstn n lop»i
vxdiicli, in mn zdravla a zivot robot-
lillui pilnziiivcjKl vllv.
VKiitoch MnsinchWHPtls, New llnmp-
Milrp, <,oinucti(iit, New York, N>w
JOrtoy. Ithodo Inlnnil, Vermont a Del-
awaic b> •Mi'tupciie tovarno I wincih-l-
ske ruliotnk-tvo. Pocet umttl V tych-
In staiocb nlmriiiil tin 1000 obyviitdov
2:i.lS v mcamiK'li. "* lpn lft.CC vo vonk-
ovskyth okrcHoch.
Smo to su ffilttn.
L'liccord fut done hIhw.    lw trnvnll
Les Resultnts du Dnllottiige.—Paul
Doumer ot Boni dc Castellane Do-
fnito—-Jaures et Brisson Reelus. —
Mtre Joseph Mennrd elu a Paris,
(Lo Devoir)
I'ni'ls, 0 mnl,
I.PH lllli'l'IIIIX HOIll I'll gCIHM'ul HIlllH-
fllltH lies I'CHUltMlltH llll MCI lit III l|« lllllll)'
luge Mini .losi'ph Mennrd, I'cinliii'iil
iivnciii qui III lu.-qullioi' (Ircgori, ch c|h
iIiiiih In XVIIc niniiiillHHi'iiicni dc I'n-
iih, ehleSiilil im mli'Ki- ilU.\ lllllll iill.\
hOclillihlcK, l.i'rt lllilltlitci'li.'ls ]li.'l'l|c|ll
Vlllgt-Hi'pt  Hb'Ki'fl,
On coiiKtiitc uno forte poiiKKcc .nielli,
llrtli-n.'Vdliilluiiiinliv, I.'ActUm llln-r-
nlo pupiilnlrc full, phn-li-urs hiiIiih, .Sur
1'cllKCIllllln ill H I'l-HlllllttH, Oil COIIMllltl'
i qui- li'M l.iHIi .HI \ il  it'iin Iiua-mii liilinli ,*,
,..,.■ 7,   ',,,■..'.    .1, ■ ,        *      .!•
,     ■■■    I     ■ '•  ' ' >•■     • '■*'   • •    *S        '■'     "I ■'
lon lllii i.'iiiv in f-iiKiniit iiii/..- .-I Ii.;,
«irlallKl"s V'lliU'l. A l'iil*l.«. Ich liber-
nnv om giiLMiM trnln hIciji'm ",'iiik finlilr
lie pertCH. I." Hllcci'H llll IllOIIVillli'lIt   I'll
"Xnm-Uuk" Is best for chafed plnces,
Hore feot, or liifliimod pniclies, cuiisod
by friction. For biiblcs* sunslilvo
(■kliis 11 Is PHpoclnlly tuhiptpd, bo-
ciiukc tt Is of purely liorlml coniposl-
ilon, Don't, apply to the del lea tu
Hkln of your children, either for cuts,
sores or skin (Uhviihoh, tlio crude. Hit 1-
vpr nmile up from rnneld tint mal niln
nud fnts, willi mineral coloi-lug nml
scented null ter to hide tliolr impious-
nut :i|)peiiriiiu:e nud mini', KenienilRT
Hint whiilevcr gels Inlo llm pores,
gels Into (lie blond, Stick to nature,
nnd pure niiiiiiiil, prndm-lH. XnmHiilc
Is mil lire's own lionlcr ami In Iherefore
not only Kiiperlnr In purity, but nlno In
Kti'cngih. (lures where other things
full. I'se ll lilHO, for plies, fcHti'l'lllg
Miles,  Mlt'li'OMC lllcel'H, (Mllli, blll'llS lllld
evcry-ilny liiJurh'H. Kvery honi'.1 needs
This wus mini" fiiiiiuiiH In Hco'llsli
hlsioiy liec'iiiM* li was the home of
Sir Wnll or Scon, hut lhe Abbot Hi'onl
w. refi-r to, !iHhi>iii*h It iun> not boniif
of nn liMiiini'tnl hiii'il, hni* n uiiinbei' of
rcslili-nts whoM" (iuellc Hiiiiinlliii;
un..,.,, ,.».,.»** .,.,..*,.,*    .*.., ,......*  ,., ■-.,..
,,.,. ■• , , *• ••; !.. -. -. -i- fri- nl • i->. •>!•■
editor of the in ,*,' Abbot:-ford fli-dcllm;
The Post. Tlii-i iniiriinllsili- veiiiiirn
wn hope, mny live as long iih ilie memory of the nut hor of "The |,ny of the
Depuis le commence ment do I'mince
on H'est troiivo iIiiiih une situnilon ties
dlsngreuble ilnns In region de NVirihiim-
HI.n lul de 8 heuroK do trnvnll comiu-
ciiea  Mm  application  lo  ler  Jiiiuier
l.lrt dniiH les nilncH de von deir< com-
licrt.     I'n nrrnngf-ment ruin hi   I'utte
! |ch deh'RUPH oiivrler»!'*»l h*s pniptiet-
Ililt-S II" flit pits flpplOUVe \mv tii'.lU. '"'['
de mlii"ur«, (\til flnlrcnt par rjniij'-r !•
travail      Kn ottt-l, au niolim :!'i i»-t
cent dn lotnl des ouvrlcr-s de Dm ham
I'tn.eni  cn  Rrftvc  dans les  |»rfin*f« rn
Jnurs de Innvler.    A In nulto de d<■{•■<"
Does not Color the Hair
Stop* miUna Hnlf
Destroys Dandruff
An Elegant Dressing
Make* Hair Crow
Ingredients 1
Sulphur. Oyirda.  Ou'il-i.  S«dl«m CHartf,
C«i»ti<i»m. Sat*. Ak*k*l. W»Uf. farlama.
A h.tfr rwri.inf Ion rnvif Irom IhU fnrmtth U h.irmlMJi, yrt poiiMW-i fvwltlve nifrit. A
hair food, a lulr tonic, a hair dftutntf. Contult your doctor *kbout thtu halrproblfmi.
J. C   ATI*  «*Vrtr»*»f,  |««i||, mitt*.      "   	 <-E •     n ■
V-$£      T'- ":.■
. JJI,
J-'*','■-: y
- ,t *.    q    , .
•*K '
* ■
I,'  il
(Continued from page 5)
■Levitt at Bellevue regarding the making of this particular fly. v He proposes to name it the Nil Desperaii-
Petitions for wholesale and retail licenses are as numerous as leaves in
the autumn. Some months ago Mr.
McDonald of the.Union hotel, Frank,
presented a.petition to the inhabitants
of Bellevue and district in regard to
obtaining a retail* license at the
Southern hotel. It was,signed by a
large number of people. '
It is reported now, that the' license
;- commissioners turned it down. Next
i ii i    i
a Mr. Monaghai: from Fernie presented the petition which was extensively
"Signed. About the same time as the'
last named was getting busy a Mr.
Martin, barrister of Frank, presented
a petition against having another retail license in town. This lawyer liad
the assistance . of the West Canada
Collieries company. Their arguments
were to, the effect that they .did not
think it was necessary to have another
license in town as there was enough
drunkenness already, or enough facilities at any rate for gettiiig drunk.
Your correspondent is not from Mis
' souri, but *he would like to be shown
how an additional license would increase the evil of drinking. The suspicion is as strong as the smell of
' Scotch whiskey that their opposition
was not based upon moral grounds but
from a purely economic standpoint.
And that accounts for the milk in
the cocoanut. V
Last week still another petition, this
time for1 a wholesale license, was pre
sented by Mr, James Serra, a bartender, formerly of Frank and Coleman.
A day or so after the 'above was
signed a sight worthy of the gods was
witnessed. Mr. James Callan had
charge of a petition in favor of* a
wholesale license, same to be owned
by Mr. C. Faure, of Lille, and strange
to relate it was-gladly signed by the
officials of the West Canadian Collieries Co.
,    Morality is evidently elastic.
Mr..B, J, Beach who has' been running a grocery store in - partnership
with1 Mr. J. Raynor, has retired from
the business,, leaving Mr. "Raynor sole
owner. Mr. Beach intends going to
the Old Country.
Mr. Jack Walters who runs the
men's' furnishing store in the McCutcheon block, is building a residence
on the Lille road.
Mr. Steve Rosia, formerly bartender
at the Bellevue hotel has,been award*
ed the contract to, drive a rock .tun-
 nell=at=Belle-vue=mlne. It-_s=exnect*-
ed that this tunnel, which by the way
is to be 600'feet long; will expose quite
. a few new seams of coal.
The output at the mine is steadily
increasing. . 1100 tons was dumped
In one shift last week, making over
2000 tons for the day.
An accident occurred in the power
house on Monday when somo pnrt of
the compressor got broke; no one
was hurt,
Tho compnny arc seriously handicapped by not having a lathe at the,
plant. This reacts upon tho workmen also, as whon there is a stoppage
of this kind the chutes become full
- In a short time.
Twoo new air motorB aro expected
It. Is high timo that a fnn should
be Installed at tho new mine. Tho
mon aro complaining a grout deal of
smoke nuisance
Tho company have complotcd tho
building of a' trough to carry the wa-
'■'tor from No. 2 mlno, It will run toward Lillo for ti distanco, then empty
into ono of tho coulcou. This.job haB
not been done a minute too soon iir
tlie mine water used to run ovor the
fallB nnd consequently hnd to bo used
na drinking water, the Intake of tho
waterworks system being undor the
Mr. .Inck Brownrlgg left town, this
wcok for a few days, It la rumored
that Jack Is about to lonvo Ilollovuo.
Wo trust thnt thin In not so ns ho Is
vory populnr horo, Jack Is also one
of thc bc-st footballers that wc have
There wnn nn littlo oxcltoment InHt
week ovor tho arrival of somo Irish
rod gnmo chicks. Thoro will bo all
kinds of cock fights whon thoso got
7 or 8 montliH,
Mr, Wlnkott, who wan oporator at
IlillcroHt .lunation ban loft lo tako up
n similar position at Cnrmangy. Ho
has been miccudod by Mr. Porry.
The Store of Good Values
Our grocery prices are all uniformly low; an
investigation will prove that we supply only "the
highest quality of eatables, and-that our prices are'
equalled by none. "We save money for others, why
not for you? _■ .'       - - ■>
No excuse-for haying dirty'shoes when avc are
selling Saturday "Slaon" Blacking, regularly sold
liy other stores at 10c and I21-2c"per tin at the'
very low price ol!
4 Tins 25c
Sunlight and Lifebuoy Soaps, specially priced
for Saturday,       ■ * . '^
6 Bars 25c    •
* A stock of canned goods in the house never
conies amiss, so that it will pay you to remember
this Saturday special
1 Tin each Corn, Beans, Plums for 25c
Sugiu' has advanced and wfi-are obliged to follow the market.     Our everyday, priee however is
20 Lb. Sacks $1.30
If you are not a user of Royal Household Flour
we want you'to give it a trial, and agree to refund,
your money if after trying it you are not convinced
that it is by all odds the best for either bread or
pastry. ■
As a further inducement we have,lost sight of
profit and cut the price for Saturday's selling, in
the hope tha. you will take the opportunity of-
testing this flour, and so become"one more of the
huge army of satisfied Royal Houshold Flour users.
Special for Saturday -.   1
50 Lb Sacks $1.60   .100 Lb Sacks'.$3.15
Blue Ribbon Baking Powder, a high grade pure
powder regularly, sold for 25c per tin. Test it at
our expense      ? . , ,  .        ""* '
Saturday's Price 10c per tin
Our showing of
Men's'1 Negligee
' Shirts    will" be
sure to    please
the most particular.     Newest
cloths and patterns  at prices
ranging from
$1.00 TO    -
.   $1.75
"■$.•-;.o"7-.,:v '.-■'.'   ■•ift?.^*-'--.-.*•;
Call arid
See Our
W. J.   BtUNDELI.      Mveusa'caa
A Word
In Good Faith
Buy the best Groceries you can, if .not for your
own sake then for your family's sake. We keep
the best. .    ;•*■■•-
A special offering. Men's Patent Colt Shoes,
Bluch'er and Balmoral Cut with Mat Calf Tops and
Genuine Oak Tan Soles. All Goodyear Avelts and,
made up in a* great variety of up to date lasts. Recognized good value at our regular selling priee of-
$5 -. for Saturday selling     ' **      ,
$3.75 per pair
!. Gentlemen
Just have a look at our line of Hats—all tho
newest and best styles and  , ,
Suits to Your Measure from $16.00 up to $30
Fit-and Material .Guaranteed or Money back   .
The Cash Merchant
Opp. Post Office
;   i
. The bright days make tit necessary for you to
brighten your appearance with some showing of
new summer wear.     For Saturday, selling and as-
long as they last we offer a range of neckwear
' regularly sold by all stores at 65c for. the'low price
". Corset Cover Embroideries. Twelve-pieces of
.fine, corset cover, embroideries* these are choice
French.manufacture and almost as fine as hand
■made'work.  . Made of,the.softest and best'quality.
Nainsook and sold reularly at 65c to 85c.,
r  •       - ' ' - '    ..      .
-*. Saturday 50c per yard
SUITS   and
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York and English
Cloth and Styles
PAMTHP TTT 1x11, Rooms 2 and 3, The A: Beck Block
Advertise in tfi(. District
A special meeting ot the City
council was held on Wednesday evening. . J. S. Monte-berg, of Sand
Point, Idaho, offered $500 for ,tho
old fire ball.   His offer was accepted.
A representative of Barnes' Trained'
Animal Show wished to exhibit in
Pernio. Ho offered to present ten
por cent, of the gross recoipts to
tho Board of Trade, provided tho
show was supplied with wator, and
electric current for light and wero
aUowed oxemptlon from license, Tho
license fee of ?25 por day and tho
regular charges for light and wator
will bo imposed but these may bo
presented to tho Board of Trade, so
that that body will probably rocolvo
a handsome  donation  as a     result
of a week's bIiow IniBlness hero.
m. —
two blocks north of the school. Ready
for'May lst. Apply J. M. Ledger
Office.        '
Two acres of land, 1 3-4 acres cleared, house, 24x26 three board, stable 14
xl4 2 storey, chicken' house 14x12 also
three board. Price 1Q50. dollars;
$500 down, balance in, ten months. Apply to E. Harper, McPherson avenue,
Fernie, B. C.
' Lille
Thoro fin) HovorM fliiljHcrlhnrfl lo
your pnpor from UiIh plnco, but an I
havo noon but littlo ii'.-wh thought that
u fow Itriinn might bo acceptable nnd
no doubt tlmy will bo appreciated by
tho folks up here.
Mile h-iK n good football team iuul
Hot tea or coffoo served at Ingrams
pool room,
Always rendy: ham snndwlches and
coffeo at, Ingram's. ■■
If you are a particular smoker got
your smokos at Ingram's.
Just tho thing cr-vly In tho morning
or late at night! a hot lunch at Ing.
Thero is no hho talking, tho spot to
buy your furniture-, anil stoves Is at
tho Trltos-Wood Co. Ltd.
Do you know Ihey soil rofrlgoralors
—yeti sir, and thoy nro cheap at tho
Trltos-Wood Co. Ltd,
Hggs for sale from puro broil Buff
Orpington. Apply T, KyiuiHton, Block
107, Annex Kxtonslon.
FiihIiIom'h laioHt In millinery also u
largo assortment of child pen's IuiIh
nnd linniie-lH,    The MIhhoh Killer.
Lntest Hlyles In LnrtluB Wash Suits
Just arrived, nlno flno hosiery, hand
ImgH and rIovph.     Tlie MIhhoh l-lulcr.
lliilloy's Comet Ih ceimlng, ho nro tho
NIor, 1','ttoi' gat Hereon doors and
window Hcreciifi at the Trltos-Wood
Co. Ltd,
IIoiiho for Salo wl-Mi 2 lots In WoHt
Fornio; -T. lonmoil Iiouho, wntor,    En
Celebrated humorists will appear In
tho' Fernie opora house on Saturday
night. Prpbably no more welcome announcement could bo made to the concert going peoplo of Fernie than tho
one that James Fax, tho celebrated
humorist will appear ■ hero with his
company on Saturday night, Mny 21.
It is unnecessary to say anything In
regard (o tills groat humorist ,for Is
not, the name of Fax a household word
from ocean to ocean.    Mr. Fax Is sup*
nltlinui'h   wc   lmvo   nol   joined      U»« I qitlro nf K   Hnrpor   McVlmrRnn    nvo-
LiinKuo, Ht 111 thoro nro Homo of o*»r|n,K.     ,
players who nro i.um> compou.ul w,    ,f        , ,,„„,„     ,„ ,,„ Mw|„
do ho.     At a iccoiit mntcli- wmwm-u *
our team .ind Vatthbara wc beat our
opponents by u huoio of two goals
to eme*.
Wutkln WHlklrm, who wiih lorrm-ny
omployod hero nn pit-boss Is now on
tho road soiling slock, or rather shnros
In a ronl mlno, and wo bcllovo thnt
lio did a Rood Hlroko of buulnoss In
the cump roconlly.
parlod by an oxi'i'pllonully strong company of iirlstH, nnd will no doubt draw
ono of tho largest Iioiihoh of tho Benson.
pay ynu lo hoo A. .McLean, phono 1G7,
Ilo keeps all kinds of building material
In stock, 4flp
*■* f       /**!■! •>   .     *f\ i nft •
cauliflower $1 per 100, also rhubarb
routs and strawberry plants. John McLachlan, Wost Fornio. 13c
For Snlo: A'lot r-OxlM, all cleared,
with a flvo room houso, nicely finished nnrt pnlntwl, completely furnished.
_ or sale at one half of actual coat.
Soo Lyons, Ilondcnon Wock.
h l:i ki'Iuk to D*? protly hot. How
Hboul bamboo mlmilcs for your verandah, Thoy hnvo thom In all slxc«,
ami the prlco is iho smallest thing
about tho mat tho Trltos-Wood Co.,
Limited. ,,
To _«l: New sovon room house with
Hnln m»wlng want-Hi toy MUtt H. iHp io Ante plumbing ftilurm, corner
nUnojr. P. O. Hoi 10*2, Fornlft. {viclorU avonu-s and   Davies   ■trwt.
Altn., on Wednemlay. May IWt, Miss
Helen ScanxT of Uromloy, Kent Co.
KnRlnnd, to J. F. mngham of For-
nit.. ». C.
Fire Valley Fruit Grower-. Going Home
Dank Into the River
NRLHON, Mny 13—Whilo F.iK. .Tor-
don, brother of F. W. Jordon, postmaster at Kokusp, was driving to tho Jordon rnnch In Flm Vnl.y from V.dgo-
wood, tho hind wheels and box on thc
wagon olid over a precipice Into tho
current 200 fout Mow, carrying Jordon with thom.
Tho tonm and th* front whoela continued MvtitU'**. Tho body has nor
y-it been h-cot-mc,!. Ho wa* taking
a loud of stippll*-"*, tn tho rnnrh which
h« managed (or his brothor.
Setting The Styles
Fit-Reform' leads the fashions because Fit-Reform creates
the garments that gentlemen wear.
Fit-Reform Spring Suits and Overcoats are the arbiters of
_tyle—they set the flyles in every section of this country.
So — you are absolutely certain to be correctly and
uc.uuiiogly -Jic»->cJ wlieu you wear. Fit-Reform
Have you seen the latest creations of
the Fit-Reform designer in 1. 2 nnd
3 button Sack Suits ? They are
superb. |
the Trites-Wood Go.
Bargains For
We have only a limited quantity
of the following so advise you to
come early.
Porrin's Cronm Sodas 2 lb. tins rog. 3f)C. To-day 25o
"        . "      ■ " 21b. Cations " 2i5o,
Braid's Bost Tea 3 lb. Tins rog. $1.50
" ', "    "  i lb.   "    "     r>0c.
Cowan's Oocoa, 1 lb. Tins " 00c
" £lb, " ." 530c
" | lb.    "     ' "     "15c
" 20c
" $1.00
2 for 25c
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.
Sole Agents in Fernie
Applos, Cooking or Tablo uso - f> lbs, 25c
KtnproHR Croam, nono hotter - • M tins $1.00
Special lot of Tablo Syrups on Sale Saturday Only
I 25 Per Cent, off Any
Dinner Set or Tea Set
For Saturday Only
Fresh Strawberries
TomatooR, Oranges, Bananas, Grapo Fruit, Radishes,
Lettuce, Cucumbers, Green Onions,
Parsley, Spinach, Ete,
Phone 49
- II
.. ii


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