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- 11   .-•«■.
Ittdtustrla.1 Unity is Strength
7':■ :;,^ ■-.^.r":--'^-r-'-*^s_5»*S*?^
Tbe Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M.<W. o_ A.
.•  *»   -.
-.  -U
Political Unity is Victory
<VOl,; v. No.48
FERNIE,   B. ' iGi, July 2nd  1910.
$1.00 a Tear
Three Essays on the Gircus
As it Appeared to Three
Public School Kids
This circus was the best.exhibition
of trained wild animals I have ever had
the pleasure of witnessing. It seems
to me that a good deal of credit is
due to'the trainers for their patience
and skill as It-miist'take a good deal
of,:these two virtues to train these
dumb animals to respond so readily to
the word of command.
(First. Prize Essay written by Elsie
Woodhouse,-age 1., division 1.)
I enjoyed-a great treat at the circus
on Thursday afternoon.,* On entering
' the tent whero tho animals performed
•I saw three rings, one at. either end
and merely bounded by a rope,,while
the central one, or great arena, was
enclosed bya large Iron cage. . it was
"ih this that the most' dangerous annuals performed.:'The procession came
first headed,by a young lady,' consist-
. ing of elephants, camels,' ponies and
dogs," followed,    by,, two    ridiculous
, clowns, who kept.the people in a roar
of laughter by their antics. As the
performance was carried on' In the
_■ three.rings .simultaneously it was Impossible to see,all, but I will endeavor
';', to give a brief "description of the great
arena as this was of the greatest interest to me. *-i -• ,'**
, A" young..lady,first entered, introducing a jaguar and some spotted leo-'
pards.    .TheBe animals under her'di-
> , rection sat up on seats, climbed from
*-   one to the other, rolled on the ground,
- teetered with her, and In many ways
* showed how completely they were un-
*"■• der her control.    One great brute she
took to the centre of the ring, stretched it out full length and then laid oh
_t, petting it while the savage animal
growled at her. '. -
'**'•'• 'All through the performance the animals seemed very ugly and tlie trainer
with'the jaguar to keep them from
injuring h.er. * '    .  . ,
When the. leopards had retired the
•bears .were brought In.    Two of them
rolled a large ring, one walking on the
inside and the. other on the outside.
ed ball and he rolled In around on. the
floor balancing..himself on top'of it.
'.,- Another did some.clever juggling,with
two barrels while lying flat on 'his
,   back. . Then came-the gteat wrestling
match between,-; a-big "hear "and., his
'   trainer.',7This wast-very.^xcltihig'and,
7' amuslng^as.thejr seemed well ihat$ied,
the bear thro.wlflg:the-tnfc'n 'a'-^ew'times
, and the man throwfng'th. bear also.'
•. They bothvwrestIed**hard and seemed
to enjoy it.     It was a -very   close
-match. -'7*   ; '.*• n
Then came a troupe of fierce looking
lions, brought from South Africa, and
introduced by Mr. Kelly.   , Ono    of
-them he could lie, sit or stand on, even
putting his hnnds and face Into Its
mouth.    On this one he stood to do a
trick nt the top of tho cage with a
clown bear.    Ho thon fed thom with
strips of raw meat, feeding ono from
his mouth, a trick novor before   ot-.
tempted by a trainer. ' A boar chased
him around for a bottio and whon ho
: got lt ho stood on his hind "legs nnd
eagerly drank tho contents.
The sea lions wore two very inter-
, ostlng animals.    Ono was placed on a
table in tho contro while Dlcli, the oth-
.or ono, performed,     1-Je blew     th?.
trumpdt, played tho.guitar and.mouth
organ, and playod oxcollently, Ho thon
walked all ovor tho ground, rolled ovor
and climbod up and down a stop lad-
. . der, bnlanchig a football on his nono
. -all tho time,    Ilo then played a game
of football with his tralnor, Bonding
and catching tho ball with his noso.
Ho did somo clovor Juggling with   a
stick-nnd tho ball on horsobaok. Dick
Is tho only soa lion evor taught to rldo
,   a horso, nnd when ho was through ho
. enrrossod tho horso.    Aftor oach performance Dick received a ploco of cnn-
". dy nnd tho othor would clap his flappers Until ho rocolvod uomo too.
Mro. BnrnoB thon Introduced Noro,
* tho mountain lion from South Amorlca,
Ho .would roll ovor nt tho word of com-
. mnnd. A procosBlon, constating of a
boar, n dog nnd a monkey hbndod by
Noro, nnd nil on tliolr homos, paraded
nround tho ring. All through tho
ActB' Noro growled nnd Boomed to bo
vory ugly, *
Tho climax cnmo whon Caoimr Wai-
laco, tho iinlnmnblo South African
Hon, wns Introduced,   Tli 111 animal lum
, tho record of killing or seriously Injuring Bovornl tralnoro. Mr. Kolly, a
proffiRBlnmil linn tamor, went Into the
hruto's cngo, It wnB Homo time before
ho could go right In, for ho could not
go In , while the Hon know ho was
thoro. Shots woro fired to divert tho
attention of" lho animal from Kolly.
t   Tlio Hon jumped from ond to ond of
tin,- emtio wlillo lho Uj-jji doused ulciuliU
"*    him.     TTo ctfme oftt (-.rifely nnrt the
Hon qulotod down Immodlatnly.
In tho sldo rings woro tho trained
, doKB, hilly goals'and potion, who did
many clovor and IntoroBtlng tricks.
Mention must bo made of Lho splon-
duUy irHintui oUiphfttiVB, who did their
,l pnrt so woll, waltzing, shaving nnd
many othor tricks, Thoy cnusod much
laughter whon thoy holpod tho wash
woman, ono turning tho wrlngor, anothor putting tho clothoH In tho banket, wHJo tho jlhl'rd was supposed to
Iron,' As tho woman was not satisfied
with tho work sho discharged thoro,
and while ohc wan arguing wit the
man about Jt thoy dronchod lior nnd
chr.sod hor out bocauso sho said tlioy
woro no good.
(Second prize Essay written by Dorothy Dicken age 11, Intermediate grade
Pernie Public school.) . -^
■The performance commencd about
3 o'clock and was very funny and interesting from start to finish. I had a
good seat near the front where, I
could see all that was going on. The
clowns came near me two or three
times, and I was a little frightened of
them at first. They looked, so queer
with their painted faces and their
tall peaked hats. I soon got used to
them and they kept me laughing all
the time with their tricks.
Once when they came in they had
a little dog with them and'asked us if
we wanted to see Halley's comet.
Then they lit a match. ' I thought
they were setting fire to the dog's tail
but instead they lighted a fire cracker
which was tied to the dog's tail, and
it went off with a bang.   ,
I think,that the elephants were the
best of all. There were three of these
huge animals and it seemed as if the
man in charge could make them do.
anything he liked. -I almost expected
to hear them talk for. they looked- so
wise.     ," ■ ,    , „    ".   .'■ '•"'' 7..
One of "them acted as barber, - He
took a small brush in his trunk and
daubed soap suds over one of the others; then he took a razor and scraped
it* on a* grind stone, which he turned
himself.. After that he let oh that he
was shaving his customer and after
It was*'over he wiped the suds off on
a rag.",.  '■'■■,    7   .-
The next thing that they did was to
play,wash day. .Alady had charge of
the work and the-elephant did everything she told, them. One turned the
.wringer while the others took the
clothes as they came out and put
them in the basket.      ,   . *".-
The tliird big laundryman was sup:
posed tb Iron,-but-he was worse than
a Chinaman. The lady then fired them
all and told them to go. .Before they
went they began,to pull off her skirt
and waist and finally tipped her into
thetub.. *"     '. 7V      ■'      '-■'**.   '.
Weather Was Ideal and^Every Event Contested-Program .Carried Over Second
Day-Largest Crowd on Recorcl
* The lions we're tamed by a* man who
gave them some meat'to ^t, and the
last*one'TO*TjboI^s.p'Ijtbe end and the
mantheoth^r'and tliey chewed it together, andj.the Hon did, not -murmur.._
'■r-The_* came-the .leopards "next with
more "wonderful tricks. >.*_They had a
merryjgoround wlth..a lady.stajodijigiln
rtfie'*ce-h*tre'iftkking It' go round with her
ffeet,'which"the leopards seined to en-
joy.Vefy much judging by,the smlle'on
their faces.; 7 : -\. , '7 .■
'■ The tigers did nottdo very much.-but
looked very pretty marching round the
ring." • ' '\\
Then came,the seals and they did
more wonderful tricks. Thero-were
two of these little animals and a man
was ln chargo. ' He gave one of them
a, mouth organ and he blew It,pretty
hard. , Ho then gave him a trumpet
and he blew lt lots harder. Ho then
carried a foot ball on his nose, and
walked up a ladder with, it on. The
other was clapping his hands. The
othor one got on a horso and had a
fine ride and after ho camo around ho
patted tho horse. •-.'
Tho last thing was a, man getting
Into a wild animal's cage and ho had
a hard tlmo of lt. Ilo was trying hard
to got out and two mon had to shoot
guns six times beforo ho could got out
In safety,
, — m, '     ■ ■
l-f-100. Yards Dash, Members of Gladstone Local only, prize lst $10; 2nd ?5;
.  Entrance fee 60c. . 7 .. '     '7 10 a.m.
2—100 Yards (boys under 15) Open; Prizes 1st $5; 2nd $3.00; No Entrance
fee ....  ...y..r.......i 10.15 a.m.
3—60 yards, Single Ladles' Race; prizes valued-at 1st $5.00'; 2nd $3; No Entrance fee... , '.:'.. . 10.30 a.m.
4—60 Yards, Girls Under .15; Prizes lst $4; 2nd $2; No Entrance Fee for this
Event,..'. '. : .10.40 a; m.
5—60 Yards Married Ladies; prizes Valued-at lst $5; 2nd $3.00; No Entrance
?   Fee ...... ......... I.-i ...-. ', 10.50 a.m.
6—300 yards boys between 15 and 18'; prize 1st $7; 2nd   $4; Entrance fee
,-.* 25c;- The'Committee reserve the right to handicap" the "entries in this
"*   "race if necessary... ...:.' ....,! 11.00 a.m.-
7—100 Yards' dash, open^ prizes lst $25; 2nd $10; entrance fee for this event
, 50 cents .'.. .7 ...*..7^. .11.15 a.m.
8—Rock Drilling, Competition; 1st $50; 2nd $20^ Entrance   Fee $1.00 per
man ..■.. '. ,..": i 1.15 a.m.
8a—Quoit-Pitching; 1st $25; 2nd $10; Entrance. Fee {or. this event-$1.00 per
man.      .. .■ ;  .^.r. 11.15 a.m.
*9—100 yards Veteran Race over 40 years; lst prize $10; 2nd $5; Entrance
fee free ..  .j.* .:  , 11.25,a.m.
10—Running Long Jump, lst $10; 2nd $5;,entrance fee 50c ': 11.25 a.m.
,11—440 yards Flat Race Open; 1st Liphardt's Cup1 and $10; Total value.$25;
* 2nd prize $10; entrance fee 50c; The Committee reserve the right to
handicap the entries fn this event....-....;.....'..'...'.''.'. 11.45 a.m.
12—60'yards Sack Race ;lst $5;-,2nd $3.00; entrance fee 25c. .12.00 m.
13—100 yards 3 legged race 1st $5; 2nd $3; entrance fee 25c. 12.10 p.m.
14—Running High Jump lst $10; 2nd |5; entrance lee 50c 12.15 p.m.
15—440.yards Obstacle Race lst $15;' 2nd $10; 3rd $5;' Entrance fee for this
,.   -   - -event 50c ..I  ...'"... ....7.'..:.:....;. 12.35 p.m.
16—Football; Prize $100; -   Entrahcefee .-. $5. pier team;    first two - Teams
.-:,■.-. ...1... ......  ... ..;..:v..r.'.  ....' 12.50 p.m:
17—-}6Mile Open Race; 1st $25; 2nd $10; Entrance Fee ,50c; The Committee
'-- 7 r^eW-elthe_right^o_handlcap_the.contestants-in»this-event-lf-neceS"
sary'., /.'.* i...i. :1.20 p.'-'m,
18—Baseball; prize $100; Entrance fee $5 per team; lst two teams. .1.50 p.m.
19—Wrestling, Catch as Catch can, catch weights, 1st Prize value $20;' (by
C. C. JWright) entrance fee 50c ;..........."........2.20 p.m.
20—2„Mile Flat '(open) 1st prize".watch.hyjDr_ Corsan;,, 2nd $10; 3rd   $5;
',-   The;,committee "-reserve ,the* right to ' handicap 7th'.-'*' contestants.
f-Y->;  '?.•-•••■"  •:•: ~'\\:■■':/-'"''•  •"  ••••"•........,.....' 3.05 p.m.
2l7-^Football;4prize $'l00; entrance fee $5.00 per team;.2nd two teams 3.35p.m.
22—Tug of War,(No cleats) J,'men; prize $35; entrance   fee $2 pet "tefeta,
 '..."/...;;''.%  ......' '. 4.05 p.m.
23—Baseball, prize $100; entrance fee $5 per team; 2nd two teams..4.35 p.m.
24—Final'Football, prize $100; entrance fee $5 pet,team 5.20 p.m.
25—Final Baseball, prize $100; entrance fee $5. per team ...6.05 p.m.
'26—1/4 mile Pony Race (in heats) lst prize($50; .entrance fee $1.50..7.30 p.m.
27—%'mile Horse Race (In heats'), 1st prize $75; entranco fee $2..8.00 p, m.
A. Decoux has been discharged at
Frank on the grounds of having allowed a" car to escape purposely In "|he
mine shaft,.. This he contends, was
purely accidental, but-the company
refuses to accept-this claim, and will
mot barken to his reinstatement. The
District .officials of the U. M. W. A.
interviewed Manager Muller who persisted in his determination not to take
back the man.
Thursday morning a mass meeting
was"; thereupon called by the mine-
workers. District President Powell,
International*, Board Member Charles
Garner and Organizer and Interpreter
Brovey were in attendance.
. The,matter was thoroughly ventilated by the several different speakers;
and all the nationalities represented
strongly resented, the the decision of
the Company's representatives in taking so arbitrary and vindictive a
stand. The prevailing; impression of
the' participants *iwas' that 'it' was-a
clear case of discrlmminatlon, as this
is not the first time that, Decoux has
ben fired unjustly. 'On the previous
occasion, after considerable parieying
he was given hls'job_,bacl_again.__Jn-J
asmuch as the first of-July is, a regular legal .holiday the-men were not
working.at Frank and the 2nd being
Saturday," many of the.men are taking
advantage df the0numerous cheap excursions to take a. holiday jaunt; and
others are en joy ing. the'pleasures of
fishing andueneralpichlclng, cdnso-
quently there* Is, no coal' output to
report. We are looking forward to
our next Prank .letter to be-full of
fish stories and these will appear in
the next issue,
Coffee, sandwiches, and Buttermilk
served at.all hours at Ingram's.    *
Born: On June 23, 1910, to Mr. and
Mrs. C. R. Lowe, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C, a daughter.
P. Duval, the painter and decorator,
has secured the contract for painting
the new pest house on Terrace Hill.
To Rent: Furnished or,, unfurnished
rooms, to respectable, quiet people.
Modern house, centrally located. Apply box 24.   ' 3t
A special wire and operater wili be
installed at Ingram's Poo! Rooms. Jeffries-Johnson fight. Reports expected
about 2.30. ''
Rev. G. H. Hamilton, of Sunderland,
England, ywill preach In the Methodist church Sunday, July 3rd, at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Byron E. Walker, president of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, has been
knighted and will hereafter be addressed as Sir Byron.
Bernard Duffy and Dougald McLeod
are Inmates of the City Bastile' as a
result of too much indulgence In
brain disturbing liquids,
The monthly tea given by the Ladles
Aid of the Methodist church will be
held at the home of Mrs! D. V. Mott on
Tuesday, July 5th, from, 3.30 to 6p.m.,
All are cordially Invited to attend.
Tho Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church, Coal Creek, has been reorganized and all Interested In the work
are informed that, the next meeting
will be held on the 15th of July at the
church.     ~    ..... '. ",
Former Superintendent J. A. Tormey
of the Spokane schools; now'connected
with educational work in Baynes, B.
C, will soon cease his activities in the
public schools to go into the real
estate business. ''-*
Furniture and , General Household
Articles for Sale. Owner leaving
town. Can be viewed any time at
the green cottage one block east of
Mr. Lancaster's house, .near the new
school ground ln the Annex.
The contract for putting down a cement sidewalk around the Imperial
Bank has been let to G. Earle, who \s
already making excellent progress at
the work.     There will be a frontage
Tlie Two Belanger Boys Get
Light Sentences-Turning
King's Evidence Helps
Judge Wilson, presiding at a special
session of the County Court hore this '
morning, sentenced Roderick Dunlap,
to three months In jall.isentence to run
from date of complicity In a street,
hold-up last March, ana John Kitchener, the other party.In the same crime
to two months.
In the case of Fred and John Belanger, found guilty of complicity in
the Coal Crek holdup last February,
His Honor sentenced Fred Belanger to
six months, dating from the, time of
his arrest, and John Belanger, two
years, to date from the same time.  "
The difference in the length of the
sentences was on account of the fact
that Fred had not participated In the
actual hold-up having only shared Iri
the proceeds, while John was one of
the two. men who was actually concerned In the holding up of the Trites-
Wood men.
" Third prize ossay, written by.Jnraos
Whito, aged 11 and a half year'».
Whon I wont thoro first I saw a
short procession of somo of tho dlfforont animals. Thon I saw the performing pontes who did quite a numbor ot
clovor nets.
Noxt camo the olophants who wero
ahnvlng, and thon engaged In     tho
laundry,    Tho lady was washing somo
clolhoB nnd ono oloplunt turnln*: lho
wrlngor, and pno catching clothes; lho
othor. ono which was supposed to bo
Ironing wont to sloop; thon ho was
fired.   On tho wny homo tho lady was
hit with' a cloth and thon bIio fired
thom all.    Ono of tho oloplinntB to bo
revongod on tlio lady flllod IiIb trunk
wllh wntor nud gavo hor a shower
bath,   Thon two of tho olophants pull-
ad off Bonio of hor clothing nud put
hor In n tub of wator,    Noxt cnmo tho
Hoiib nnd ono hoar,    Tho boar stood
on a block of wood shaped llko a hall
and rollod ovor, tho hnll Btnndlng up.
Thon the honr wont und stood on tho
lion's back with tha mnn; thon tho
boar had something to cat.    Aftor-
wards tho man fod tho lions with raw
Noxt cnmo <»° rt°B8 who woro on a
muLLi ho '•.■umi tiiiiio olio don *itt>
pufihlnf**, The dot**;-, ■"/pro nlno utnn.V
Ing on tliolr hind Iorb, Throo dogH
woro Jumping ovor high nolo whilo ono
dog was running around a thing shaped llko a hoop,
Noxt oamo two senls who woro doing HickH, jihiying h mile and playing
a hnnjo, playing football whilo ono did
nil tho clapping, nnd thon thov would
got n ploco of fish, ,(Ono son! rodo on
a horaoR back and held a ball on tho
ond of IiIb noso without lotting It fall,
and thon tho man'told tho bobI to clap
tho horse and IxAh tho uealH got a
ploco of meat.'
Th bent of all waa where the ucul
rolled over throo times ..with a ball
on his noso and ho did not lot It fall
Noxt como four borsos ono with a
The Dominion Day sports' have certainly demonstrated that when' it Is
a matter of having a good time the
Fernietlos aro way id among tho top-
notchers, and one of the most pleasing
features, connected therewith Is tho
fact that thore was no accident to mar
tlio proceedings. The morning opened up bright and clear with a gentle
zephyr blowing from tlio aouthoast.
Quito «nrly the. stroets hegnn to an-
sumo a busy aspect, and as each
train camo in both on tho G. N. and
tho C. P. R. there were largo con.-jlun-
mentB of holiday-huntors to join tho
throng. While thero woro a fow who
paid .rlondly visits first, it was not
long boforo tho grounds near tho G.
N. spur was a surging mass of humanity all intent on enjoyment, Tho
elements woro on thoir good bohnvlor,
consequently soothing drinks and Ico-
croiam, not to mention moro headachy
bovoragoB, woro greatly In domnnd.
Tho 100 yard dash croatcd considerable intorost and the onthufllasm
for tliolr respective favorltos was extremely Intense; quito a goodly sum of
tho filthy lucre was transferred hy
thoso who backed up their opinions
with tho long groon. This ovont hnd
four contoHtants In tho flnnl, but although tlio distanco separating tho
socond and 'third was lnflnitoBninlly
slight, Thomas Gallon won Iho raco
handily, Doborolnor and Richard Bow-
on fighting hnrd for fiocomd plnop, and
tho award going to Dick,
Tho old mnii'R rnco wan onfllly won
by T, Wnltlom Sr„ wIiobo suit was nn
oloquonco ,ln ochro.
Tlronchln of Crnnbrook carried off
tho honors In tho high and long jump
and wo fool confldont that ho could
hnvo cloarod two or thro moro Inches
moro than his winning Jump.
Thoro In a comploto unanimity of
opinion thnt lho two milo flat, opon-
raco wn« tho groaloHt and most plcni-i-
Ing Axhlultlan of lho day. Among tho
ruiinerfl woro two boyH, of 1fl yenrH,
DuIioih and Minton who woro given a
hnhdlonp hocnuBO of tliolr ngo, hut
tho mro had only procnodod nbout two
Inpfl whon It. waB plain to bo Boon tlmt
both by stylo, wind and action, thnt
young Duholm was nn almost certain
hHililkl    but    kVlU'il   ill    llllf    IK'AI    10    tlltJ
Itifit Inp Ulnirhnm put on n tvr-rnr-Tt-
dous spurt, tho flold wont nonrly wild
as tho lad nmliod forward with all
(ho grnco nnd Impetuosity of a atnrtl
od   - "'  ' —
Onei phase of the day's celebration
that Is particularly worthy.* of mention
Is the .splendid sportsmanlike conduct
displayed, ihe decision of the judgos
belng,,accepted without   a murmur,
Takon all around It was n dny memorable In Fernie's holiday and reflects
grout credit upon the Minors assooIaP*
lon who'bnd tlio nffnlr In hand.
■ Tho results of tho sports arc as follows:
100 yards dash, mombors of Glad-'
.Mono local: 1st John Skilling; 2nd Hy.
100 yards boys under 15: 1st Henderson:  2nd Dudley.
(10 yards Slnglo Ladles Kane: 1st
Murray; 2nd Wood.
00 yards Girls undor 15: 1st. Wood,
?.nd Wilde.
GO yards Married Ladles Uaco 1st;
Mrs. Johns; 2nd Mrs. Arbuckln.
300 yards boyB, 15 to 18, lst Hondor-
flon; 2nd Murray.
100 yards dash open; 1st Gallon;
2nd llowon,
100 yards votornn rnco ovor forty
yonrs, 1st prlzo T, Wakoloni.
Running long Jump: lst llrcnhln; 2
•140 yards flat rnco: 1st. Gallon; *.'nil
GO yards sack raco: Ist Ilondorann;
2nd, Cori'lo,
100 ynrdB throo legged rnco: lHt. It,
Ilowon iind Ilort Smith; 2nd Hondor-
hoii and Dickon,    ♦
Running high Jump:  1st Brechin;
2nd Ilowon.
ObBtHclo rnco: 1st Brechin.
Tho football gami'H woro not finished.
Hnlf milo opon: 1 bL Doborolmor, 2nd
lliiw.linll: IlillcroHt.
Winding:  Catch iih catch ran:—
lHt, Knnnody of Ilollovuo.
Two milo flat opon: 1st Duboln; 2
Goorgo Shaw; 3rd I1'. Ki-ppol.
Tug of wnr wob won hy It, Clorko's
Hnlf milo pony two to ho run off
lodny nt .1.30,
Hnlf mile homo t'tww. A, Alexander,
Indlnn lioi-HO Hilly Pnlrm-r wnn nn oiiHy
Football Intormmllnlo
o, . orn ie Z,
 ■««»..  -
JiiBt iih wo no tn prowl wo nrn Informal! Ihnt tho Conl Compnny   at
Gll ofllciiili della mlnlera dl Frank
laslarono dl questi giornl ln llberta un
corto A. Docoux,colla scusa di avor
costul lasiato un carro cadere liber-
nmento nel pozzo della mlna con In-
tenzlono dl recar damio, alia mlna
stessa. Mentro l'lndlviduo accusato dichiara cho fu nle'nte altro '■lie un nccl;
donto pero hi compagnia rlfiuto dl
nccottaro chlcque protostn da parLo
doirunioiic e dcU'lndlviduo, gli uffl-
c-lall doirunlono Intorvlstnrono 11 mnn-
ogor dolla mlna 11 .quale porfllstotto
nella huh rlBoluzlono dl non Iniplegnrc
dl nuovo rindlvldun suddulloi Glovedl
nintllim nun rliinlono specinlu venne
tenulii positlvamcnto dnllunlono dol
mlnatorl dicul era presente 11 presld-
oiilo Powell, rorganlsizntoro C. Garner
o rintorproto Brovey. Ln qiiestiono von
no pionnihc-nte iIIhcusbu da tutti gll
oporal dl nnzlonalltn dlvoi'fln I quail
emtio tutti fortomonto rapprosontntl
o dlBiipprovnrono 1'asilono dei rnppre-
Bcntniiti dolln compngnln nel prendoro
unii cosl nrbltraria o vondicntlva po-
L'iinprcHHlono provnlonto su tutti i
parloclpiiiitl alia rlunlouo fu cho qucB-
to ora un puro caso dl dlscrlmlnnziouo
non OBSondo la prima volta'cho 11 Docoux vonno mandato via dal lavoro
InglUHlamonln (poro nolle ocenslo nl
piiHHiilo dopo eonBldorablll rcclaml
vonno dl nuovo Implognto,)
Cio non oHtunto osnendo 11 Prlnio
Lugllo fc-sHtn logalo la mlna nonhivoio
n Frank, cd 11 giornl. Duo ohhoikIo biiIi-
nlo mnltl mlnatorl proBcro ynniiigg'/
ilello numoroNn onc:iir»lonl (dl mil In
(uiiovin coM.-e.iu in giornl dl foHiu u
street.*      '-'■• ■'., 7    . ■
Tommy Burns,^who has been In the
employ of |he Trites-Wood pompany,
takes a' well earned vacation to the
scenes nf his childhood lp the suburbs
of the city. of Brotherly Love. Before
reaching'PMlKdeiphla he Intends calling ori' a brother In Chicago whom he
has "never .seen.        ' ~     •
A meeting will be hold In the City
Hall ou Tuesday night by the Athletic
Association for the purpose of formulating plans for the Labor "day sports
to be hold In Fernie In September. Details of the meting will bo given in
our next Issue.
■ A, T. Hamilton. M. A. Kastner, R.
W. Wood and a few others left Wednesday morning for Spokane, where
they will take thc special train for Reno, Nov., to see'Johnson nnd Jeffries
do things fistic, Thoy will tako In
Portland, Sacramento, Frisco nnd Los
Angeles boforo returning.
The contrnct for tho construcllon of
a- school In Fernie Annex has boon
awarded to II. DaviH. whose hid was
$4185, being $3 loss thnn tho other offer from Archlo ..McLean.' This Is to
l>o a two roomed school slmllnr to the
ono built by tlio govornment In West
Fornio, nnd will hnve a Btono foundation nnd plumbing.
John Podblcliuiclk wnn brought up
boforo MnglHtrnlo Whimster on Tuos-
day chnrgod with soiling liquor nn
Sundny last In tho Royal hotol. Ho
wnB fined and cautioned, The polico
havo strict orders to ho on tho lookout for nny cont inventions of the lnw
rnlntlvo In tho soiling of liquor during
prohibited hours,
Thoro will bo iiorvlcoB next Sunday
at 11 n.m. nnd 7.30 p.m. nt tho IlnptlBl
chnpcl bnck of tho now build lug, on
tho corner of I lowland avonuo nud
■Jnffrny utroot, In tho morning the
piifltor will fliionk on "A Mntlor of
Cliolcf,' nnd In lho ovcnlng on "Tho
Dlvlno Art of Onncr-nlmoiit." Tlm mnlo
CRANBROOK, June 24—The thirty-
ninth annual communication of the
Grand Masonic Lodge, of British Columbia opened last night, advantage
being taken of the,occasion to dedicate the new temple recently erected
at great expense on Boundary avenue.
The ceremony began in the lodge room
on Baker street from which a parade
of about 150 members marched to tha
new temple. The function of the dedication having been completed with
due c'ermonlal, the entire.body of the
members; returned to the" old lodge
rooms in processional order where the ' -
usual closing ceremonies were carried
out. -
Later in tlie evening a ball was giv-
en in the new'temnlo at which there
bum. pro/s-0) o nndnrono a pnBBaro C|imr,nMo w„, „„,K „, „,„ ovoiiIiir nor
un giorno dl buoii iimoro   fuori   il'.'l   '
cnmpn mentro I rlmnntl cho undo niln
pencil n chi nil omhi'ii dogll iiIIku'I Iku'o
unhomi hlcchirir dl fniHcn lilrrn <■ In
couHiiqucnxa non co rapport I dl Bped-
Izlono dl enrhono, In uiu altro num mo
ill quoBto gloninld piilibllclioromo   In
lotloiii .-Iin mu hhjihIlliiino dn I'Vimii
o Hpcrlnino dl potor dnro iiinpl riiKKiin-
gli n rhl tocco hi fort una ill pimcnro
II   pOBI'M   plu   grUHHO,
was a. great assemblage of members,
the ladies' Invitations being limited to
the wives arid daughters of those be-'
longing to the order. , Dancing was
kept up until about 4 o'clock, the music
being provided by-the Cranbrook or-'
cbeatra: 'under- tbe'*direcHon" of Mr, .
Corrlson.'' Thd"'.Hpqr .Is, of polished^'
hardwood and is ^declared to be the
most perfect for dancing purposes in '
tho west. ■' _ ...
The Grand IvOdgo wn8 tormnlly open-.,
ed this morning   at 30 o'clock.      ,
Amongst tho visitors are II. R. Rich,
grandmaster; James Schofield, M. L.
A'., Arthur E. Goodovo, M. L. A„ E, E.
Chlpman of Kaslo, R. E. Brett Brown
of Wfndemore, Alexander Dunlop, W.
H. McDonald, Mr. Ellis of Wlndeniore,
A, I. Fisher of Fernio, G. E. Martin,
L. I. Pory and party, R. McTaggart, F.
W. McLain, R. IC, Plowlan, V. M., of
Rossland, Smith Dewloff, D, 11. Smith.
II. Stark, Mrs, Stark, J. W. Towor.
Yates Dean Mid Mrs. Yntes Denn.
Tho hotels nro crowded to thoir utmost capacity, nnd the number of
visitors and local mombors of tlio
order numbor not less thnn 300. Tho
election of officers for tho mnsonlc
grand lodge resulted ns follows:
Grand Marshal, E. D. Paul, Victoria; Deputy Grand MnrHhnl, P. J.
Durd, Vancouver; Grand Senior Warden, A. H, Skoy, Kamloops; Grnnd
Junior Warden, J. M. Uudd, Nanaimo; Grnnd Chnplnln, Rev. II. G. Flen-
net) Clinton, Vnncouvor,
(a) Fnrmor Whlpplo (Whltcoinh Rlloy)
(b) Whon tho Frost In on tho
Pumpkin fWhltr-omb lllh'y)
Violin Soloctlonn:
(n) Thn ICiiclwiiitrt'HH
(b) ModltiitloiiB
(n) flcptln ll«> "   tlllll Dovr-ro)
(b) Tlm Cuckoo Clock (Joo Lincoln)
Violin Holp-rtloiiB:
(a)   liltiti  Hells of Hcolluiiil
f (b) Trnumi'i'l.
(ii) A New Vi'iii-B Time ill WIllnrdK.
(Whltcomb lUloy.)
Hi) A ,Mii>l"i'ti Political AdilrcHH
Violin Imltntloiis:
CIohIiik with n KorloH of Imitations
Tho doHltiK (-xorclBOB of tho Contrnl
hcIkioI took plnco on ThurHdny. All
Iho riiomH worn tnutofully dcconiti'd.
prliiclimlly hy tlm work of lho pupil**,
Spccclii'H worn miido by Uov. Ililgli
(Jrniil. TniHldcii l.lphiirili niul Hlniili-y,
Imi thn nniloilciil offort wiih by Mini-iln which the violin Ih mndo to npcnk
tor 7-yi'nr-«lil Minton, who wiih iiwurd-1 wordH nlinoHt iih plnliily iih tlio humnn
id tho piilm liy IiIh graphic ili'Hcrlptliiii ■ Iiiiikho,
of "Why I'm (Sind I'm ii Hoy." A flro Com-i-rt lo tnlio plnm In K. V. hnll on
drill wnn dono lu n nnooily nntl orderly July Ilth under iiiiniiIcch of ICKtlx-r
mumier. 'IVnrhors wen- pnld off for Lodge of llebeiniliii No, _); tleliolH, nd-
two montliH, hoiiio going K/ihI, oiln-rs■?"Hh Mo; rhllilreii ii.'-c,
Prlnclpnl llrucn will j    Look out fur the liidh-B!     There nro
Frnnk hns offered IV-conx his Job bnck
iloor.     It wris very unfortunnto nnd hei hns nrreptod.    Tho mon will
that owmg'lo a mlBtindorfilnndlng and roHtimn work thore on Monday grimily
tho belief thnt ho wns running tho lnut • honnfltterl bv Dw brief reunite tnctit-
U niiiipii!
n'ci'i.'pior nn voi'Hlon ol ho lo pcnimtt- i
nil rppmndro sa plnno.    Les offlelerK' Inn hvtoh phmleurs ileimig on I'n ro
du niHtrlt de 1'ir. M. W. A. ont Inter
Inp thnt Ulnghnm lowt out nn thoro Is
littlo doubt that hnd* ho kopt In ho
would cortnlnly hnvo got n plnco. Tho
prliso In Ihls cnHti will, wo fool buio,
bo greatly appreciated by lho wlnnor,
a wntch glvon by Dm. Bonnell und
ont to tho holiday senson.
—  aa
Public notice Ib horoby glvon to tho
Kloctors of tho Municipality of Fornio
that ! r-nqulro, tho prOBcnco of Hnld
Rlectoru nt tho Council Chnmhor In
vlmvo M. Mullor mals co Monnleiir ro-
nnndnl nettninont ou'll ehilt lilen ,ie.
l/riinliii) il'' no pns chnnger hii declH-
loii. Jeudl nuitln tonu lion un "mnBK
mooting" (Iob ouvriors mlnnurn ou lo
President Powoll, C. (Jnrnor, rnproRen-
tant. do rint«rnntlonnlo et M. A. C.
Hrovoy, roignnUfttour ot Interpret!* >'
fiHHlHtnlfiit. Apron uno dlscunH-on pro-
(•nnnii In Iiim Ire du run et II a reprlu
hoii emplol.
1>l«/lll,.   lc   ll,'    Inllli,♦    ■•"*   lm    •""»   tit'
tout (liiimliiiiiii Hay et io 2 out HnmiMll
henucoup d<H iniiiMirH ont mnlsi Top-
portunlto de prendre I'nvnntngo ih-H
exeurHlnnn u Imn nmrche pendant que
(Ich nutroK out toute h-H pol«noti« dn In-
IhHor leur eleiiiciit nfiiir iifiii dn font nlr
lino bonne hniirhe ;iu dl»clph'ii du i-e-
Uotweon tho ncto tho clowns cnusod
much morrlmont with thoir by-plays} wild cot on its bnck, tho othor with a
and Jokoi. lilog on Ui buck, tho other with a mon
ey nnd tho Inat with
Tho Inst act wns
cngo with nn untnmed lion.    Tho men
outside woro trying to frighten    tho
lion by firing blank shoU at him.
That ended tho pnrformnnrc and I
enjoyed myaolf vory much.
AJdorman U K .McDonald.
fi'l"Mi under mv lnnd ftt Pernio lhe
Bocond Any ot July, A.D. 1010.
O. H. H-mMo*
,H<*-tunilng Officer.
A Decoux vlent d'nlre rongedle n
Frank hoiib protext» d'nvolr IiiIbhci'
echnppor volonliilrunmnt uu chnr iImih ! WoHt nnd Kouth.
Conl   Crook   le pulm, qtiolqu'll nfflrmo hoiih mirole I vn In Cmiilirnnk tn mitn»rvl«e tlie cv.ifour of Miem'	
I d'hoiiiK'iir quo c'c-tnlt un accident pur I ninlulnloiiH thoro. I "~~~      ~""~-
U <:w i«;/ii>..j ubhuluiiiciil d'-| i    I ."hi: «»' "'" n*cteiui(.ii uroiitulH nij
I July Iht. one gold tilled wau-h   witli
I Hllvor  eimlii  tn  xxhb'b  xx'iw nltn-"ti"<l
a iliroepennv nnd ii fourperiny Iill. Tlei
finder will bo miHably rewnrilcil upon
li.MiiiiiIhk name to (IiIn tdtwo.
Mr. Tormey In necrei.'iry of Hie Kw>-
tciinl lllvcr Lnnd Couipimy, owning
nbout 1(000 ncros of lnnd lu tlio Kooto-
iiiiy valley, to (ho northenHt of Hpok-
ntto, and It li tn the Inlerenlw of this
lonrern thnt he In going to glvo his
future nttcntloiiB.
In the pic-Kin. plun of thc well-
at Ion for
correipon-  tunny months,   it ImvitiK hei-n nnnoun-
•Vriim nttendotiH «|iie iii-.tr-
ptnniio In dlscrlmmlnnilrtt rontre I»*  - ..  . .    _,   .,,
ruiu vtmium co n'ott |us U pi.-ml-1 dunt do Frank iioiih .Innm-ra dei imu- i.-.i i..-j.iI.i- « >'*»» »«« D,nt lie would
rf.. *ow qu'il net flanque ni-Mu-i-r*--   *"»«■« ^r"1 im-'w-^ani-i-* l^t? t-ntt" roDro frftns .-Hi-rvlwM **-nrV tn favor
I.rochnln tlrnge. of «he Innd bmlnt-i'n.
f<r<i fow qu'll e«t flanqu
ni nt cependnnt sur la prumlero "<iik * - -T3.  - ".
K-V 4'.
* *■ - V»  V
Do "you experience difficulty in the
handling of your own personal finances?        ' '   -   '     „' *    i
Do you net sometimes wish that
you had a few dollars in the Bank to
fall back upon?      '     .
Deposit-one dollar in the Bank of
Hamilton today—a ; small sum, but
large enough to bear interest; and it
will speedily accumulate more, once
you have commenced to save.
'„d.  R.  LAWRY, Agent
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which the branches
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on thft principal points
ln the following countries':
Austria-Hungary'  Finland Ireland
Belgium' ,,  Formosa Italy
Brazil France '~    ,  Japan
'• Bulgaria '.    Fr'cli Cochin-China  Java *
Germany Manchuria
■ Great Britain ' Mexico     *
Faroe Islands
Servia      , ,
Siam ■*"
, South Africa *:
°  Straits Settlements
- Sweden
Norway Switzerland -
Persia*    • Turkey
Phillipine Islands    West Indies  ' .   175
Roumania ' and elsewhere _
L. A.  S.  DACK, - * Manager, Fernie.
rohants Bank of Canada
* * . ~ a *
-1  ■ Capital $6,000,000    Reserve $4,602,157
President Sir, H. M. Allan.    Gen'.. Manager E. _. Hebden 0
A'General Banking Business Transacted; Out of Town Accounts Solicited, Deposits or Withdrawals may be made by mail.
Savings  Bank Department
$1.00 opens an account; interest paid  at  Highest, Current    Rates.
"En<0"BRA"NCH : s ' :
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorised ... .$10,000,000.00. .Capital Subscribed  .... $5,575,000
■   Capital  Paid  Up   .......$5,330,000.00    Reserve Fund' '   $5,330,000
D. R..WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
ft Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate'from date of deposit.
#&#&*r^r* •
'B'iffi* _*_3-i' *<_•_ J ■ ■  '■
'BMfMiW^'^yx- , *•
MmU'Iiv -s^S!L^y *> .   N
Alioey 'Ci*.mbn_
/ iaw York
Our Stock
of Fishing
Tackle and
Supplies is
Call and
See them
h    The Leading Druggist
Phone 118
♦ ♦^♦♦♦♦♦■■fr*. *•••*• ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
\ Confederation of Canada, 1867 ♦
t Founding of Heintzman & Co. Piano, 1850
1 Oitier than the
! Dominion of Canada
is tin* lirm oril'-iiitznuin & Co., manufacturers of
Canada's   Grand   Old   Piano
f.li" Prifli" of onr Nation ■*
M. W. Elley, District Mgr,
WORK ORyGOy    'yyy
Lewis on The  Firing Line-Decatur
^   Coal Co. Secures Injunction
Against  Local Union.
ths*'original Isaac Merrit Singer it has
how'; attained its present gigantic pro-,
portions.'., ;. - "-"V 7*. .% ;. ...
rThe protective' tariff' in ,the United
States aids it.to/ avoid-- competition-
-with the "pauper lafior" of Europe..lts
gigantic.factory at, Kilbowie',- Scotland,
furnishes emplo'yment-to several thousands at wages that,*', if'they are economical,' enables them to take a- trip
once.a year to'.Edinburgh.*., ,,"   7
The7heavy\-de_iarid for..Canada, is
supplied by the* products of the Montreal branch. ■ ■        \ . .•' ' - *" -   ' "**.
The latest development on' the _ "firing line" in Illinois is the apparent willingness of the courts to lend themselves to the wishes of certain operators
in an attempt to destroy the effectiveness of our struggle arid to prevent, if
possible the ultimate-triumph of our
The Decatur Coal Company of Decatur, 111., recently secured an injunct-'
ion against,thc local union officials at
that place, enjoining'them from notifying,tho engineers, firemen, pumpmen
etc., to cease work. This same rom-
pany also secured an injunction
against the engineers at their mine,
preventing them from quitting work,
Under the terms of this injunction it,
is either keep on working or go lo jail,
for contempt of court. ' Think oi it
—ln this so-called free America—. and
you can't leave the employment of
your master, when your fellow workers are out on strike, without violating
tho law and facing a term in 'jail. Tlio
reasoning of this court is in exact
accord with the decisions handed'down
.by other courts, - i.e. that property
rights are .'superior to..the rights of
man, and it little becomes the dignity
of a learned judge to concern himself
with the struggle of 70,000 organized
mine workers for-improved wages and
conditions of employment.
The rights,'of the privileged few,
who furnish the "jack pots", debauch
the legislatures, own the courts, the
mines, tho mills ana the factories are
moro to be .considered than the protection of the rights and liberties of .the'
working class. '* ,„
And the sad part about ifall i'sUiat
the votes of the workers make possible
sucli ant administration of the law,
mako iL possible for unscrupulous' politicians, devoid of all honor and decen-
cy, to wear'the judicial ermine and to
,,     ANOTHER ACCIDENT       "'*..
Miner Hurt While. Working,at Mjnes
. i     at Middlesboro', •':
had shirked or. evaded this responsibility they would have*been totally unfit to legislate for the miners .of Illinois.
Certain breweries and saloons seem
to be unduly agitated because this system of paying out commissary is part''
of the district law. This system adopted prevents any.of the organization's
money from going over the bar. It
must go Into the homes of the men on
strike.-It must be used in a way that
will do most good and provide for the
greatest number, and above all to protect the wives and children' of those
on strike who are as a rule the greatest sufferers in times of .strikes. , A
certain brewery in Springfield contributed $25 toa.so-called special committee to assist in getting,a' special
convention called In order, to have the
commissary, law repealed.. NTot only
that but certain saltons In' Springfield
donated to the same cause.' Wo have
their 'names and also the amount of
the money contributed by them to this
committee for that purpose.. We won-
der.-why certain breweries and saloons
are so.,solicitous about ,the method adopted by the organization in paying
out commissary iu providing that it be
spent,for the .necessaries' of life„and
hot"for "booze...
Let,them'answer the question; further-comment'is unnecessary. ."The
mine' workers of Illinois are fighting
for principle, for improved wages and
conditions of employment, and the
above mentioned agencies will not be
permitted to divert in any wiiy Ihe'al-
tention of our members from this,and
other real jssuas confronting the Illi-
'nois organization at this tiiue. It is
well that these matters be brought to
the attention of all who are interested
in the struggle we are making, sothat
no "one maybedecived. ■■,      .   '"
We are in, this fight to win and we
are. going to*,carry the fight all along
the line until every mine in Illinois
complies with the demands pt tlie Peoria convention. "
Frank J. Hayes,
.'""    ' Vice-President U. JI. W. A.
, . While working at .No. 2 mine "at
•Middlesboro, John Loftus,, a "well-
known miner,"was-crushed beneath a
falling rock and sustained injuries
that are causing the attending physician serious anxiety.-, -
The injuries are principally to the
back and spine and his condition is
regarded as critical.
At the time of going to press he was
showing a littlo improvement. The
accident was of an unusual character.
Loflus was working In a stooped position when the rock fell arid pinned him
down.—Nicola Valley News,    ,
semi honest, .useful men to jail for ex^
orcislng their constitutional .rights..
Shades of Patrick -Henry nnd Thos,
Jefferson, and those immortal declarations of "give us'liberty' or give us
deatli,".and "nil men are Created free
and equal and are entitled to certain
inalienable rights, among them the
right of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness," etc. Pine' sentiments for
the Independence Day orator, but rather'out of placo at this time and day
when the writ of injunction sets the
constitution aside and makes of our so
called representative form of govern-
motn a howling farce and tho joke of
the civilized world.
It Is fitting to remark howovor,-that
it will take" more tlian organised
eqiirts/'niainifactiirei's' associations, detective agencies n-*id othor'kindred capitalist forces to bronk lho striko now
bolng waged hy the mine workers of
Illinois. -
Despite) .nil tlio above mentioned in-
iluencOB tho prospects for our ulthn-
iito succesR mrc becoming brighter dny
hy day.* About ono-thlrd of tho oper-
ntoi'H hnvo nlready given up tho,fight
and lmvo signed tlio hciiIo presented
by our organization. Every dny thnt.
piiRHfi's brings now dcKi'i'tlons from the
nuiks of the op-ralnm,, nnd wo anticipate Hint nil of tliem will soon seo the
folly of fiii'tlmr roHlslnnco nnd will re-
cognlzo the jusilco of our demnndfi.
Tlio minors of Illinois nro propiirod to
continue the Hlrilei' iiiili'l'lnllely and Inlond to fight nn until vlctdry porches
on thoir Ihiihu-t. A lon por cent lis-
HOHHinont him boon levied on tho mom-
horn'who nro working to asBlst thoso
on strike, nnd whon this nBHPBsmont
begins to conn- In which will ho'wonn,
wxi will Ik- jMcpnri d to tnko -.■ar*- -*>f
IliOHfi of onr ni-'inboi'i-ihlp who' lire ou
Hli'lko I'or nn liiili-flnllu porlod, In
ni'dnr to linston llio microm** of tlio
Hli'lko wo iihI; llio eo-operiitloil of tho
rnnk imd fllo. If Uu1 HtriiKKlo Is. pro-
longi'il uniii'i-i'-SMiirily l( cnn In* ' nt-
li'lliiitod chiefly lo dliinlon In llio rank
nnd fill*, The illi'liltl offlcorn iim* put-
thin up ii KpliMiilld fight, working dny
umi rilglii,'nnd nro entitled to nud do-
Ki'i'vp tlie HUpiiiit'l niul eoiniiiondiiilnn
of ull ini-nilii'i'H of tlm oi'giuiii'.iitloii
win* hitvi- iln- ('iiiiho nf labor nl honrt,
YV-' haw piiMit in liinii) idiowlug thnl
pnld -aploH mid ilcleetkoH nro now nl
^,7.45, Steam-Heated  Rooms
>,Hot and Cold Baths:
The Xing Edward ^
Fernie's,-. Leading  Commercial'-}. Hotel'
.The Finest Hotel in East Kootenay.
y-.J. L;, GATES, Prop;
Interior  House
Including Gouvlay* Piano
.   ^(nearly, new).    /"
Waterhouse ."(Next Cree's)
*,-,*,. '., *
The Creston Fruit and
Produce Association |
I, Strawberries   $
Kel'ailei's please Notuthat ord- };
ers for the famous Civston       sf
Strawberries now- in J
Season j
1 * "J
A. Lindley, Box 27, Creston *
The Socialists" Are'Getting Ready for
'   Fall Campaign
-IJEI-UUN, 111; June 28—Plans ' to.
stnrt the fall campaign' immediately
after holding tho nominating convention in* this city next week are being
made by the Socialists here, w'ithjhe
prospect of having a good candidate .in
tho field' there is ii good chance of sotting a Socialist into the State legislature from this district.
There * is a •probability that Crone
Lawrence, vice-president of, the United
Mino "Workers of Illinois, may be so-
cured to run for State representative,
It Is everywhere believed that he
would make tho strongest candidate
nnd that--the chances of his carrying
tho Socialist banner to victory are
very good.
In spite of the fnct thnt. this Ir n
mining district, nn effort Is being mado
to secure a speaker, who Will lie well
qualified to talk Socialism to tho far-
more of tho suction of tho slate. In
tills way it is hoped to got a good
vote from tho tiller of tho soil In this
About u third of thd Socialist yoto
in thin township comoH from tho farming clement. This hns beon brought
nbout by the fnct Hint, tho Socialists
hnvo boon nl)lo to talk to tho farmer
nnd got hlm lutorostcd In his own mn-
torlnl welfare, rat hor thnn to tnlk to
hlm from tho viewpoint'of llio'Indus-
trlnl worker,
* .   *' '"   *      ',
| Means  health
■* *
£ l.vei'ybotly wants health, thei-e-'
-5' fore to obl.-iin this you cnn nutko
£ no mistake by the pui-cluiso of
I Allen Portable Bath
* * -
J, which can bo soon by dr-ipping,
Jk \    n cavil lo
jj P.O.Box 320 Fernie
The Singer People Hnnd Out n
More Million, to the Lucky
To Rent
New Michel Store 24x50
with outbuildings and'
Cottage.   Apply to
m New Michel       *-       B.C.
(Q£i _~ Oj/a Q^ QEB& i© ^D QX& *£& *® -fiD** *CSi C
-,Victoria 'Ave.
v '.
.   Febn-ib,. B..O,f.V:
Fernie Livery  Go.
Draying Building & Excavating        y   Livery
Wood     for     Sale
 j *         ^^        *   .  ■"    *
Sole Agents for Fernie Coal.
-*■** ■*      •.      i _ ^
Prices   moderate   and   satisfaction guaranteed ,
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,    F.G. White,.
,'~ '_*" . , Manager
Rizzuto Bros..
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your ImihIiichh,   nono of tho liuslno-18 \
of yonr nowhpnpcr; K'h nono of tho;
ImihIiichh   uf lho pulille;  it's die pri-!
vnto IiiikIiiosh nf tlio Hlimur .Mnniifiu*- i
iiirliitf ('oiiipiiiiy." !
TIiIh In tlm Htalouioiit of nn finery j
offleiiil of llio   Hllih'oi' Ciimpiiny wlieti |
ii ropoi'ti'i* HoiiK'lit  eiilluliteninenl    lo- ■
ilny iih lo why llm cniiiiiiiiiy IhoiiRht ;
a tin per cent  ml viiloroin pi-otoeiion :
on   KiitvliiK iiKiclilnoH   noooBiiiii'y nml,
! why llio prlu1 nf h-'Wlnu iiiiioIiIiioh io-,
i nxiitioil Htm loniirj:    iloHpllo (lie   fnct!
Sli03inakei& Repairer
Uoht- niiileiiiili only UM'il
llllll   Ill-si  rlllKH M-HI'li-
iihin-ilil]) eii.Miri'n
A Good Job
JOE FALVO      How.foon Block
u-ni-1.- nioniiir fl»i» iiii'inlii'i'H, proiichlni!' ihnt Hie ilh-i'otnn* linrc Jini reeoni-
the rnnpi'l of illHi-oril niul iIIvIhIoii, Imoniled tlio outline: of n >S0,tl(i(l,()ntl ino-
hii inly  .'ii'KUllliit;  llm  oi'fielnls,    nml  Inn.
<• *><> *>C»0'«' •»-*♦<»%»'♦♦♦♦♦
iihIpk llm prehout policy of tho Iksii*
iiiioo of i-iiiiiiiilshiny um a iloiiK" to hlilo
llii'lr roiil'iiilHHlon in Hie oi'miiil/allon.
TIn'Mi' npleM Wdi'ld'il will) nood effoet !n
our nlHter oriiiinlzntion, tlio WoRtorn
•I  4-1«« I Uil'/ll   lit    .,..*..  . .- ,   * i   .      . ■  *. >      .
nt tlm ti'-il nr Mo-ov, Vetilhnim titol
Unywnnil, TluTo nro no iloiiht Knml,
lionoiit iiioji In onr ornnnlzntlnn   who
iilive lieoll lllih-leil llllll (k'lehC'll 1*)' llm
IiihIhioiiI yolpinuH of Dioko modern .Indus iMCtti-lrilH. Ilowovor. for lho h**'n-
elll   lit   lliliwi'   iiii-liiin fn  'nlm  Ina/   \,m,
pen onnlly Hlm tlm Hystoin of paylns
out rnminlHHnry nii'l win nro voicing
proloHtM hncniiiio of n Inch of proper
miderHtiiiiillni? of (ho roiiHtltutlon mul
thn Blluntlon riH It nppllon to tho -fnllro
RlAto, wo hnvo thin; to nny, thnt tho
law of thu ■avuanU'illoii upon thli
question In vory plnln.
It aDcrtflffUlj- nnyn tlmt "In gap oral
striken or (.uHpeiiKloiis /ill looflln ro-
rolvlng nld for tho«o in wnnt mutt
dltlributo it in commlnsary nnd not fn
Tho illBtrltt convontlon at Poor In.
nml tho dUtrlrt official* did no more
Ihun iliivlMt _ wny u{ pulllui. tW» Wll
Into effect In line with their plain daty
bi oftlclnh and ik-lojcfttce,     If ihey
Thn compiiny Ih on pi I nil zed nl f!IO,-
onn.nno nml tlio Hiooldiohloni will vole
on .iuiie IH on tho propomil ot thu
illreeiorH tn Iiihiio *fl.10,0«f).00n treimiiry
Mode, nn n Mode dividend of 100 por
uliu-f iioo nnd lum hoon Invented In I
tlio luminous, In 1000 tlio ooinpiiiiy'H i
ten million ntoek wnn InrrniiHod to 110, j
hy lhe p.ijimnl of fi 200 per cent ill-**.
vlilond In Mode, '■
Under the tnrirf of 1883 nml thn Mo-1;
k"i...itj   „,,,, w,*:  kt.i.f,.; j   s,i,.u... *,..*«  ....
port ilutleK on howIiik imidilm.8 wno 4f>
per t-oni ml \nlorcun.
Under tlm WIInoii net It was 3S por
cent umi tlio now riiyim-Aldrlch net
Iiiih ciit it to thirty por cont. 8o for
yonrs tho kowIhk mnchlno compnny
haa hni! tho bonoflt of tlm ■15 por oonl
rate. Tho company haa a factory In
Si-fiO-ind nm! tin fimplnyoo fluid lodny
tlmt Ihero whh ulr>o one in flormany.
Tho mnrhlncs sold abroad wero mnn-
-afari-uri"-. ulnoed airnl were aold for
a price one third Ion* than that charged hero.
Tho hlrth of thU Intcruatlotia] Inatl-
(tttlon foote rjlaco fti I_fff on Jf. hor-
rowwl. and by dint of peraormnco,
thrift and tho wonderful foresight of
Fernie Opera House
-i ,|
■*» ui
rl aim 11
W    m   »   H,   +0
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr.
of Canada
Quarterly Dividend Notice
Notifio is horoby givon tlmt a t.livitloml d\',Six Per
Cent, por iinnuni upon tlio p.-iid-np capital stock
" of the Homo Hunk of* Canada 1ms boon deolai'otl
for tlio Three Moitths ending Mist May, 1010, ,
and tlio samo will bo pnynblo at its bond olllce nnd
brnnolios on nnd aIIor Wodncsdnv, tlio first dny of
.luno iroxt*
Tlit! Transfer books will bo closed IVoni 17th to Jllst.
Mny, MHO, both days inolusivo.
Hv order of tho Honrd.
(Jonoral Ma linger.
Hentl Olllfin, Toronto, April _lst, 1IM0
John Adair, Manager, Fernie Branch
Lumber,  Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors
If all Lumber were alike   the
ordinary home-Holder would be
at clever In leleetlng It as the
moit experienced builders.
it not alike. Ours is decided*
ly different than the ordinary
and that difference Is precisely what makes expert builders
prefer IL    Think that over,
Phort* 4* P. O. Bom 99
orriet _•* yard, mb-mimon wc, om, a n. oiroT, fmnii ■;v,>. --*.-' "7*  *
Cherry-Mine Horror Recalled in the
Bi* .*'''.' '■-,-     '■      ■'• ■    ■'-.* * *' .'•..'•■      ■' ■ -
».•■■"■.*■--,     Official   Report-Number of
Injured oh the Move
WASHINGTON, Juno 27—The statistics of coal mining casualties, in
' the United' States, compiled by the
Geological Survey, for the calendar
year 1909, show an apparent falling
, off in casualties during the year, but
since the special bulletin on .the subject; made public today, states that no
account is taken of tho year's greatest disaster, that at Cherry, iiii, lii Nei-
vember last, the facts are that lt'09
was exceeded only hy 1907 as one of
heavy catastrophes.
Tho report explains that the toll of
the    Cherry -■ mine  disaster  Is    not
n. counted in with' the figures of the year
|\    ..     because,, it, was "not reported by the
■'Illinois'officials until the close'of the
„ fiscal year in J uiie.-, •*.■."_
Tho government, depends1 for its in-
1*^..    • formation in all but four states on
■the reports of the local ]officials,' and
although last year foui;" more states
.—Georgia, Oregon, Texas and Virginia
—were added-to'the figures through
„ reports received, from llio'operators;
the returns are still far from complete,
a situation which will-be relieved,' the.
,  report„points out, when theaiewly-es-
tahlishcd bureau of mines is completely organized.';   *
?   . '■   ,.   Total .2805 Deaths
, Last year',., leaving out the" Cherry
.mine'disaster^ -In whicli 393 miners'
,• and rescuers * were burned to death,
■"or suffocated, there were 2412 deaths
.*> from coal mine accidents-^-against. 2,-
:450 in .1908 ' and 2135 in 1907,.   the
most disastrous-, year _Jn; tlie -mining
-.history in this country, '■"-. "   --.
.-','   This disaster-brings the total'up" to
2805,for"tlio'year". 1909. " *   ".-:•-,"'
•**■ -In   making * comparisons  with"pre-
,'yious years however, the-government
"officials    point out-'that in the* four
states not previously reporting    last
-year's'fatalities numbered'34.
.- The    list of, injured in last "year's
■ mining operations makes,-a new- rec-'
,-ord, the total of 7979 'reported -being
ah increase of 1200 over,1808, which;'
■ ■ in  its-^turri, •   exceeded' 1907  in non-
■„ fatal injuries by,.'-'l'10Q';    -Much"'of uio
_ ■
ii :
Increase in the lists of injured.i_ more
apparent than real,-and is due" the re-
.port-says, to the increased number.of
states. that are 'now' included in the
figures of-the'report'. , In 1907, for. m-
■>stance, there-were only-17 states re-,
porting while In 1909 there'"-'were
26.-'        -'■ ,7      >'"- 7 *."
'-'" Pennsylvanias Slaughter   •
.-It is to be noted that in'the anthracite   mines-,of Pennsylvania .the
■number* of --non-fatal accidents has decreased from 13G9 in 1907 to 1170 in
1908," and to 1034 in 1909, while those
in bituminous mines have Increased
from 3947 in 1907 to 5602 in 1908 and
to 0945 In .1909.,,    .        '-'-._
These figure's are signlcicant, and
taken in connection; with the' fewer
number of fatal accidents require
some other' explanation than" the more
complete returns ■ of the' last two
years, particularly as the less complete .reports for the earlier year, included* returns from all the .large producing states. , '
Tho statistics v-f the production arid
of the number of men employed" reported to the mine inspectors are as
yet available for only a few states,
and it is not possible at this time to
make comparisons 'of thc death rate
per "thousand* of employes, nor. of the
tonnage mined for each of the lives
lost.      'y. '    ~    .    ■        ' •   • -
From1 the statistics of production in
some of the .more important states, as
reported, by the ,state'officials; it - is
estimated'.than tho total output in-*1909
was, approximately '450,000,000'short
tons, as against 416,000;000 tons in
1908.     - -■   .'   '
■ p . . ■ '
, • „ Tons- and Lives
■According to .'this estimate" the-production of, coal in 1909 was 186,567
short tons for each life lost, 'against
167,545 tons.in 1908. In 1907," when
3125 men wero killed, n .145,471' tons
wero mined for each life lost. This
was the year' in which was made the
darkest record in-the "history of'the
industry. During December 1907, there
was an epidemic of coal; mine explos-
ions,*"U)e' echoes, from, one hardly, having died away before another occurred. Fortunately although" dtsasters of
this kind -have occurred all-:, too frequently during the last.two'years, the
black record of 1907 has'not'beon repeated, and commendable efforts .'are
being.made throughout the coal mining region to lessen . the hazardous
character, of the,, mine-workers employment. \ j, *0|- ,' '',";"* « ,-.
,,Frorh the fact "that .when an: explosion of suclr.a holocaust as that of tho
Cherry mine.   (Illinois) Tqccurs,.' the
neWS.-O  fHlf>  llrivrni-  ig   pny op A - V-ypfi/l
of .-victims .of fire and explosion    is
comparatively few.  ' " ~
;-. 5 .-'- The; Greatest Danger 7 .
The "greatest danger to-which the
miner,is.exposed is that"' from falls
of roof and coal,% and-this datiger is
materially increased, from the weakening'of the roof "and the shattering
of'the coal left as supporting pillars
when excessive charges of powder are
used. In 1909 out of the 2412 men
killed 119i or 45 per cent, '.'.-ere victims of falls of roof or coal, and .of
the 7797 non-fatal injuries 3280, or
40'per cent were due to this cause.- '
■ Only 14.per cent of the deaths and
less than 5 per' cent^of the .injuries
were due; to explosions'of dust or gas;
or combinations of the two. As indicating the relatively more fatal character of explosions' as compared with
other'causes of coal mine accidents it
is to-be,-noted that in the explosions
that.occurred last year 341 were killed
were killed and 3875 injured. '-.*
In the accidents due to windy ■ or
blown out„shbts and""to .explosions of
powder' or dynamite, .108 .were killed
arid 217 injured.
Falls of coal and roof killed 1191
and injured' 3280, while in the accidents due to miscellaneous causes 759
were Hied and 3875, injured.
'.       '1908 Death Roll
. In 1908 • the corresponding figures,
were frpm gas' and. dust explosions,
39_.killed and ,326'injured; from powder explosions arid windy shots, 73
killed'and 179" injured, from fall's of
roof and coal, ;1080 * killed,' and 2591
injured;' from miscellaneous causes,
-901'killed, and 3,676 injured.
-The most serious catastrophe during
the calendar year 1909 was the fire at
the, Cherry, mine of* the St. Paul Coal
Company at; Cherry," Bureau county,
111. * - ". .  y.      _    . 7  "
* In that disaster 393 men were burned or'suffocated.. Tlio statistics are
not included;,in the preceding, general
statement, for the reason 'that tho
reports bf the state mine inspectors
of Illinois are made for the fiscal .year
ended June 30, and as the Cherry dis-
•a'stei- occurred in November it • will
be included in the statistics for the
fiscal year ended ''June 30, 1910. .
•The most serious single accident included .in-the statistics presented-in
this statement' was an explosion^at
.the Lick branch. colliery of tho. Pocahontas Consolidated - Collieries Com-
pany near .Bliiefield, W.-'Va. on January 12,-, 1909: -'.In."that explosion sixty,
five men were killed and one was injured. .    ',... " 7'     .. -        *  -
cagt" over the country iri press despatches, - the opinion is; prevalent.that
the dangers' from; explosions arid from-
fire' and suffocation.are. the. greatest
to which the'workers in, the coal mine
are .'exposed. ,',*,. . ',
';■■ Such,' however, is' riot tho case. It
is true .that, so long.as< coal is mined
fires arid explosions will occur. The
danger-is ever present nnd is greater
in somo mines than In others, but for
tho industry as a wholo, the number
■1 Mother Jones' is' going to head - a-
movement.in .the near future;to. honor a*great martyr'to the cause" of'or:
gani'zed labor. - Iii a'.'.lone'ly spot at
Bruceville,;; Texas, marked only by an
old iron shovel is;the grave of 'Martin
Irons, the labor "pioneer, who is?unho'n-
orod,' unsung and'-unreriieirib'ered.     It
.■_.-* a a_l*ni,0*o1tr_/,1ll_t_f «_+li____A_ i* pnl-_ *■___■■-if Timnnk
- ■_ hw-a-u-l ow*j— \A.\i\A-*\m\j-\ja.i.\j-£i. CairuOUtii fwtatr
strike, led by Martin Irons, that the
present railway "brotherhoods were
formed. -7- „;*
Tho'old1 hero was virtually hounded
to death-by the, Gould plutocrats and
their satellites. - Mother Jones intends lo have the remains removed to
Mt. Olivet, 111., anil Interred In the
cemetery of the martyred miners who
gave up their lives in the battle at
Virden and mado the present powerful
miners' union a possibility.
'"PHIS is the Advice of many
writers to-day, but the question  that  Puzzles   the   would-be
purchaser is-"Where shall I buy?"
I will  be  pleased to answer all
P. O, Box 48
Fernie, B. C.
Taft; Defies the Laboring
Glass-Unions Under
•" Sherman Act
., WASHINGTON, .lime 2S—The action
of the House of Representatives late
yesterday in, receding from ihe Hughes
labor amendment to the Sundry Civil
bill riiarked the successful termination
.of an all day fight by President Taft
against what he termed class legislation of an improper sort, and apparently removed the last real obstacle in
the way of, an adjournment of congress within the next few' days?
President Taft spent the entire day
arid bent every energy toward the defeat ; of the house amendment which
proposed to exempt labor unions from
tiie ', operation*. of ■ the Sherman antitrust law. " He threw his .whole influ**
ence into the fight, sending for several
scores of-representatives and urging
upon them the necessity of defeating
the provision. * ,
Mr.' Taft declared that if it cost him
the support of. every laboring man in
the country he:.would not' approve of
such a provision. The1 laboring man,
he believed, asked for only * equality
before the law',' and was not entitled
tp more.       .      ..- .
*   •'  Bombarded   with   Messages    >s*
Incidentally the president .sent a
long telegram - last night to the convention of the Brotherhood" of Locomotive Firemen andjEnginement meeting at St. Paul.'in.which,he outlined
his views-on.the matter-, *v -The tele-'
grani was in.response to a, message of
protest from the convention. ' For- several days past the .White House has
been bombarded _ with telegrams from
labor organizations, in favor''of the
house amendment. ■ - The • messages
made public last night were as" follows:" '" . "■ . 7 *'..'•
'...*",.;7St. Paul, Minn. ',.
"The President: ;    ■■
"Press,reports of today indicate,that
you favor-using the people's money to
prosecute labor "iir their efforts to''better conditions. The 70S delegates at-
tending-the twelfth, bi-ennial conven-
tion-of the-Brotherhood'of Locomotive
TiremeriTahd-Enginemen aT"StT-;paul"'
instruct me lo protest against this unjust policy. 7- -- - * , - .
*7, ;..."   W. S. Carter..
"President Brotherhood Locomotive'
Firemen "and Enginemen,' ,',   *
The Answer . -
- "Your, despatch of June 22 received
in which you say, that press reports
today Indicate that I favor using the
people's money to prosecute labor in
their efforts to bettor, conditions and
your protest against such.a policy. I
presume that you refer to the proposition now before congress thnt money
appropriated for fiscal' year 1911 for
tho enforcement of anti-trust ,la\vs,
and acts to regulate.commerce, slfull
no*part.of it. bo expended ln the prosecution bf conspiracies, ln tho nature of
boycotts to increase wages, shorten
hotirs, or to better tho condition of
Violation of Law
Tho Supromo Court has decided thnl
such, a boycott is a violation of tho
Shorman Aiitl-Trust law, and this proposal" is an attempt to. withhold tho
moans of prosecution ot that law whon
It Is violated by a particular class,
(.lum to be mado privileged, T am entirely opposed to rucIi class legislation-.
If il woro proposed to amend tho Ian-
guugo of Iho Sherman nntl trust law
so as to somowlml narrow Its scope,
that would present a proper question
for consideration, but so long as lho
prosont niiU-truHl. lnw remains upon
tho Rtntulo books an iittompt' to modify Its enforcement so an to render
Iminuno any particular class of cltl-
zons, rich or poor, omployors or om-
ployoos, Is Improper logl-slaMon, and
In my jmlgmonl ought to ho opposed
by your brotherhood.
.Tlio Inhorlng niiin nnd tho trndo un-
Ion 1st, nH I midet'HlntHl It, auks only
oquullty boforo tho law. Clans,IokIh-
lnlloii nnel uiioqiinl privileges, though
oxpi'OHHly In his fnvnr, will In tho e-nil
work no benefit to him or lo society.
William H. Taft."
Tho Informal lon Hint tho houso lind
dnfontoil Iho IIubIioh nmonilniont wns
reeolvoil "wllh InillKiiiitlein" hy tlio
oxocutlvo council nf tho Amorlrnn Kn-
dc-rntlon of Lnhni', now In hohhIoii lion;,
ne'cordlng to Hid e'OiincH'H own rupoi'l
of tlin mont Ing,
"It Ih rognreloil," Hnys lho roport,
"iih n liotniynl nf tlio rights ntul In-
toroHtfl of thei weirleeirH of tlio coun-
gathered to pay their last tribute of
respect to Brother Mike Chocken who
was so brutally murdered last Thursday morning by Superintendent Frank
Crow," wbo was aided by ihe State Constabulary. " ", ■       ."
This crime * is the most atrocious
that was ever committed in the annals
of Westmoreland county. Brother Chocken was one of the many thousand'
in the Irwin .field who was engaged"in
the great struggle that the men'in this
field are conducting against the coal
Thursday morning, May 2G, in the
peaceful little mining .village of Du-
quesne, Brother Chocken and his little
seven year old son started across the
fields for. a walk and to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air that God
had given them as this is about all
that t}>e coal companies in Westmoreland county allow the miners to" enjoy-     -
While walking along ho-was attack-
ek by some of the state constabulary
and was driven into a small coal shed
with his little boy. Here while he
begged for mercy and this mere child
begged that his father might be spared
this awful crime was committed.
Frank Crow, who was superintendent at the Deery mine appeared upon
tho scene just in time to commit an
act that has no parallel in the annals
of crime.
' Whilo the state constables were in
the act of beatingChocken and his little son was pleading for mercy this
man. deliberately shot hhn through the
small opening where the coal wasput
into the shed.
* My friends,- picture this scene with
its awful results; picture a .little boy
pleading for his father's life; picture
him being pushed aside in order that
his father might be killed. Was ever
anything *-woi*se "even in darkest Russia? No, my friend; and the entire
Christian world will revoltagainsl
these crimes and* this murder will be
avenged and the, guilty parties brought
to justice.
, Saturday, May '29, 4000 miners' from
the mines in the.vicinity of Latrobe
marched lo the homo of,their dead
brother, to whom they paid their last
respects.   [ ■•       -   •'
II was the largest funeral procession
ever-held in Letrobo and a most impressing spectacle it was. '
Those 4000 men with flags at half
mast.and their banners heavily draped
in black. The Latrobe Military Band
led tlie procession to the little church
on llio hillside where the services were
conducted. .      "
Yes, ..this was ono more event recorded- in the bloody pages of tbe
crimes that will- some day be charged
against, the coal operators* in this
field. -"':.'■
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A lion and a moralist "met in an African jungle..--    '        ,
 'ifinod-dav —-ca^i'-'H"'—li/in * j'hImbpj.
to meet you." ';--'''"
■** "Good-day,"' said the moralist; '.'I
surely-ireciprocato your friendly sentiments." . '       :   .   ■ ■ r
"I am. hungry,".said the'lion.".
,"I feel a bit that way myself," said
the "moralist". ' "Now,   what shall we
have?"       , ,    ''
,"I am partial to man flesh," said thc
lion. "Perhaps you'-will, be kind
enough to provide me witli my favorite dish."
- "I divine your purpose," said tho
moralist, "and It Is a highly immoral
"Oh," said the, Hon, "what new-fangled no_tl_on7i __this?"
"Men have aii inalienable right to
life and the pursuit of happiness," said
tho mornllBt.
"You don't expect that crazy notion
to stand between mo and my dinner?"
said the.Hon.,, _ •■
"It is nn eternal truth that cannot bo
gainsaid," ropliod the moralist.
"That is a difficult Idea for mej to,
grasp," said tho Hon. "I must swallow you wholo In order to assimilate
Tlio lion crouched and sprang, but nH
ho did so a shot rang out nnd he fell
dend nt the moralist's feet.
"No use prating of your rights,"
snld n huntor omerging from n clump
of trees, "If you havo not tlio powor
to enforce thom,"
National Socialist Committee Decides
to Assist the 3trlklng Conl Minors In Illinois
(Hy Vim llltliifi*, Vli'fi-I'ri'rildeiit of
ni..(,.iri   -.y    '   V    J J    U»    /_     l.;     «tl.
Wni'U'M-n .Tniirnnl.1
Momorliil Hiiniliiy May '_!i, will gn
down hh u dny unvi'i* lo bo forgotten
by tl»j ri'.ileh-iii.s of l.ntreilii: nml v!«-lii-
lly,    On UiIh day the uti'lliltiK inlneiii
By voln of tlio Nnllonnl lOxoenillvet
Comnilttem It. hns boon elocleliiil to hole!
the next meet Ing ,luno 2.1th beginning
nt 1 p.m.
In consideration of tho fnct thnt 70
odd thoiiHiiuil minors in tho Htalo of
IIHiioIh nrn out on iHrlkn, thn Nntlnnnl
ISxocutlvo e-ommlltoo hns liiiniiliiioiiHly
niloptnd n motion ofi'orlng nil iiemslliln
asalslanco to tho strllcora nnd thoir or-
In lhe> motion llm hurrumInn Ih inneln
to llm innnii'r.cnmnl of tlm viii'Iiiiih parly pupors locnlod In Illinois to glvo tlio
maximum nf n\i\wo tn tlm hiiI-JitI ntul
i If nuiM'HHiii'y mul puHHililn to nun Hper-
| llll   OllltlOIIH.
I    Tin.- piipoih iff i'i; cil lei mu pul-Hnlit'd
;ln the- following laiiKiuigrH:
|    imillm-i.   Kiif-llHli,  llolicmiiin,  Polish
nml fh'i-inim,
i    Wi-i'ldli-H! (ii'i-mmi, Slnviic,   DihiIhIi,
jltiilliui, Ji-wliili nml  HwciIIhIi.     Totnl
: isuuiIk'i* of piilill-'allou;   ||.
!    Tlm eiuuHl Iiiii nf a nonforourn    lie
i t-.v-.--.-ii um ottic-mlH of tlio United Mlnu
W(..J,i'..,  <i;.\  . ,....,. ..!„■;■..,-. if	
re-apectlvo imperii to hi- held at   tlm
I tlmo of, tho inoe-lliiK of tlio Xntlon.-il
Kxr-i-Mlvo committee-, Ih lining coiiHld-
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Ladies & Gentlemen
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District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
During the ceremonies attendant<upon the interment
' of the late King Edward there developed a situation
calling for the highest type of tact and diplomacy. Seven
monarchs had left thoir respective kingdoms for the purpose of paying duo homage to their friend and counsellor, but how to place them In line without hurting
their delicate sensibilities was a puzzle that called for a
knowledge of which those who have chargo of such weighty matters found themselves decidedly lacking. After
much scratching of heads, consultation, of previous reports of burials of sc/ereigiis there was nothing discovered to act as a precedent, consequently they, still pondered over, the pros and cons of the dilemma, yet while
the call of seniority was in favor of one, thero were the
closer ties of relationship to'he taken into consideration.
Finally when at the end of   their wits as to what
-i • "**
course to pursue it was decided to submit the problem to
King George V., who, with the wisdom of Caliph of Bagdad, severed the-Gordian knot by deciding that William
II, King of Prussia, and Emperor of the German Empire,
, and Wurttemberg, should occupy first rank in the.regal
procession.        -       ,       *•
i There is perhaps at the present time' no question
that has been more prominently brought to public "notice
than that'of the Women Suffrage movement, in fact not
only has.it affected the European countries, but has invaded some of the Oriental ones too.     Various planks
have been put forward by this feminist movement, still
we do not think they could champion a bolder and more
important measure than the advocacy of William II as
India, etc.    Thus he could occupy the dual* position of
Kaiser and ;King. . Many no doubt lose sight of tho fact
'> : V
thatlf the eldest child of theeldest child were the direct
heir presumptive then "It is certainly just that these two
'■■ *!' . : *"**i ■ ,■ ■ i   ii,,,-    'i*.      ., "
crowns should be. on.tho ,o;ie head, and* that thus? wo
would have tho eldest son of "Frederick III and Empress
Victoria, the occupant of Sandringlmm, because,this lady
was,the eldest child of Queen Victoria, and mJde her
debut on life's stage In 1840, over eleven months before
King Edward was Horn,
. " Probably the objection might be made that It would
"deprive King Georgo of the ■ opportunity to display his
kingcraft, still from somo of the newspaper accounts,
hols said to bo shy and-reserved, and If left to hlmsolf
would prefer a lifo on tho ocean wave; thereforo, why
not follow, the prevailing custom, Institute a merger nnd
by so doing eliminate tho.waste energy Incident to keeping up two establishments? So far as precedent la con-
corned, thero aro mnny, and because of cortaln methods
bolng adopted wo lmvo tho Legitimists, tho Bourbons,
and otlioi'B claiming with every show of logic that their
claims aro based on good grounds. Again, tho prosont
mombors of tho Royal Houso of Brltnln nro of Hanovor-
Ian stock and It would bo merely a enso of reversion to original conditions It tho prosont Incumbent of tlio Gormnn
throno woro to have tho ruling of tho destiny of tho British omplro,
Tho question of suceosslon through the fomalo branch
was certainly established by the Act of So.ltlomont, moro-
ovor Queen Victoria was moro closely related to lho Kill-
sor by tho ties of consanguinity thnn alio Is to lho chlldron
of Georgo V. For weoles past wo hnvo been regaled with
pross nnd pulpit iitte'raiicos that King Edward was thc
poaco innlcor of modorn Union ami tlmt Mils wns ono of
tlio grout est holds that ho liuil upon tho' nf font Iohh of
llio pooplo, bocmiHo It. was through his untiring of fori u
Hint wnr was nvortoil. Now wo know full woll thnt tho
power thnt It wns expected would bi-onU out In conflict
against. Client Hrllnln was nemo otlinr tlmn flonniuiy. ho
II. those oft rojieinloil asflorvntlonH havo any foundation In
fuel would not. e-te-riml notwa between llmfin two Iin rib-
Holute-ly nHHiii'f*i| by tho fiilfllmont, of llio plan outlined?
Tlio building nf DrpniltiniiKlilH ronli] he nbandonod,
iuul tho nullify expended In oilier cIiiuhioIh, ho Hint, from
ovory point of view It In ct-iinlnly iidv.'inlagceins; llio
only font mi! Hint would nffe-eit imyliexly nilvui'Hoiy would
' bo the King; Htlll tliere.* would ho no objection In finding
KOino littlo principality fur lilm to novum, iih was demo
with IiIh nrie'lo Alfred, who le-fi (IronI. llrltnln to rulo ovor
tho pooplo of Hnxe;-Col*iirft" flotliri.
ll m ma,.•..■u mhiIik-** (inn llwsu hiiiiiij iiiiVMiimiKfiH wlio
ItUiUKlnU  UlO  lull*   fcvllltt  Ol)  Ill'iOtllll  III   illrt  I'/Un'th  Oil   III!'
hnlf nf poaco Room to hnvo IohI night ontiroly of tho pnHt
experience** of tlio nation.
Qm-on Victoria wuh hornclf muedi avorso lo wnr, still
liit'.ht:  '(ii.iv, tii'tvirtii Uu.iiir,  ',„-,   no-ilt, '-in; irtn'l   liliw  lullirt
tho striiRBlo Hint "HtaR(?orcil hiir.'.nr.lty," Iho Hoor wnr,
which wnn brought on hy tlm snmo olomont Hint brings
on nil warn tiownilnys, kings mul r-uuonH notwIlliHtnn.lliu,
und tlmy are thoso who hold tho purflo strlngH of thu
world's cxoliofiuor. -  ''■
showed that he was under the Influence of liquor must
have been evident to those who supplied him, yet .they
continually serve iiim, then as a consequencevhe becomes
a menace aiid a nuisance, and'the services "of the city
authorities, are required In order to protect the public,
to* place this victim ■ of the hotels under control at the
expense of the community.        t   ' ,,
The reprehensible practice of plying a man with intoxicants just so long as he has the money to pay for
them,, and then when he has either exhausted his. funds
or out raged .--nature robs'the drinker of his'reason, Society in the shape of city officials steps in and he becomes
a ward of the people. *'
If a man striko another and does bodily injury he is
responsible therefor, then why should not they who by
their wares rob a main of his reason and inflict such agony,
as the victim of delirium tremens suffers be permitted to
go scot free, and the care and attention necessary in order to clothe the aberrated man in his right mind be at
the expense of othors? This is. not as it'should be, and
when such conditions arise the public ought to be apprised, then if they wish that steps be taken to remedy
so deplorable a state of affairs they-cannot offer the
excuse that they were. ignorant of them.
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of ; New-
York,; Commercial Union of N. Y.
r Employers' Liability, London Guarantee
■ - ' and Accident  —-———
g*4 .   -»IT     TL    ¥ *&     nave you. seen
Great West Life s_ss2_!__
Have you. seen the New
In consequence of the Influx of some negroes Into
Northern Alberta an attempt; which deserves to die in
the borning, is being made by some naturalized Americans to stir up strife' by conjuring up a negro problem.
Canada: has a large population of these sons and daughters of Ham, whose conduct land demeanor as citizens
compare favorably with' the white population based on
the- statistics published. In the West there is not so
large a percentage as in the East, where many of those
reside who escaped in the "Underground Railway," at
the time of the separation bptween the North and the
South. . Every mulato, quadroon, octoroon, shows mis-
cegnaticn, of -which the onus of responsibility is overwhelmingly upon the^ white progenitor. The common
sense of, the people of Canada will dictate to them the
measures necessary to take in the event of any -transgression of the law and this, without advice from those
who are compelled to acknowledge their inability to cope
with the negro problem, and despite the severe punishment that has been visited upon the black race charged
with infractions they are no nearer a solution.
sive of independence, and not,, infrequently when legal
actions are taken by a Company or an individual-against
_ny- of its* or his employees counsel will lay great stress
upon the "attempt at interference with the liberty of the
individual." . Tp any who will give thjs subject a little!
consideration, the fact is quite evident that the strongest
supporters of the principles of unionism are the professional nien themselves. -       ... „ ■
, True they do not call their organizations "by such
pleblan names as "Unions," but as a "rose by any other
name would smell as sweet," ln like manner the title does
no't In tho least alter the basic truth. Thero are Dental
Associations, Bar Associations, Medical Councils, .which
aro as determined upon the "closed shop" as any of the
workingmen's'bodios. Attempts hnvo been mado by
somo of the moro advanced members of tho professional
societies to onlarge tho scopo, or ln othor words, Instead
of tho autonomous bodies causing lnconvonlonco bocause
6i tho limitations set, havo them dovclop moro along the
lines of Industrialism, I.e., that ln lieu of tho Provincial
Board placing restrictions upon thoso from othor.-provinces practising, thnt a cortlflcato of proflcloncy obtained
lu one part bf tho Dominion should entitle Its holder to
all tho prlvllogos onjoyod by thoso who aro rosldonts.
Tho objection to this has boon that possibly tho examinations may bo of a loss thorough character ln one
pnrt of the Dominion than in another, so In ordor to over-
como this tho Canadlnn Medical Association at a rocont
mooting ln Toronto brought up tho Quostion of oxnmlna-
tions bolng mndo which If passed would ontltlo tho hold-
or ot tho cortlflcnto, to prnctlco In any pnrt of Cnnudn.
This was defeated,
As It stands tit prosont no mattor how woll qimllflo'l
n pruclltlonor may bo, ho Is not ablo lo prnctlco, iuul
chiirgo fees thorofor until lio has submitted to nn oxur.i-
Inntlon by a board of Provincial oxamlnorH, Months mny
oliipHn between his arrival and tho elate set for appear-
nnpo, wliei'onH If the oxnmlhutloim woro mado Hint would
render u man eligible to fulfil tlio (hitIoh of his profoimlon
Pnrflrlo Mint., Primldi'iit of Moxlco, hns boon oloctoel
for tho clKhtli Hiho, Ills oppotiuiitK received nbout two
per e'niit of tho votes polled, Fi'iuiclHi-n I. Mndoro, nntl-
Diaz Ciiiiilldiito a prlseiuur nt Htm Luis PoIoh).
Tho nlinvo nrn Homo nf llio honilllriPH nf tlio Press
which, wlillo convoying but scnnl. Information rognnllug
tho iiniuior of conducting eloctlonH In that land ot Diaz
nnd despotism, nro pregnnnt with moaning to thoso nc-
i|iinlnH'il by netuiil experience), unci know of tho hcoiios
enacted behind (lio poll Ileal curtain,
Oppoho the Din!! regime nnd Hie propnbllltlos nro Hint
Belen prison or llio fort rowe of Sun Juan do Uluti of Vora
Cruz will Incrcaso Ils numerous roll of political In ma ton,
l-'n-oelom of Hpce-ch or of press Is mythlrnl. The Do
hata persecution In tho U, 8^ proves Hint Tnft Is nn ally
of Dia* In his effort lo throttle liny effort'looklng townrd
froodom from autocratic tyranny.
The* lumi of pulque nnd nlxtnmnl Ih hh rnuch under thu
boo] ot opproaslo-n nn TUiBBln,
Insurance, minimum cost
Henderson Block
Fernie, B. C.
Citrate of Magnesia, Bottle..'..35c
Lime Juice, Bottle..-  .90c
Phosphate of Soda, Bottle 35c
Root Beer Extract i.. .35c
Fruit Salts,..;    50c 75c $1.00'
Health Salts, per tin '....25c
Druggist: and  Stationer.   Tel.   75
SIN GBR     |
EWING    |
Agent    Fernie    Branch
5 Pellatt?.?,Ave. .* North
•?• -,i '■« *       ■■**- -'     '   *■"
*****.*****^********** *****
If the typesetters of the western
world have their troubles they are as'
nothing compared with those of the
Japanese composing room.
The Japanese,   like their brethren,
tho Chinese, employ,, a written, language—wliat might be called a literary
ellaloct— that' "is quite different from
the colloquial tongue.- In other words
they do not, ns wo do, write ns ■• they
speak. Tills proceeding requires tho
printing of their journals In two languages, tho "Knna," and the Bquaro
characters serving as a key to the
othors. Theso squnro characters aro
modellod on Chlnoso Ideographs, jumble of geometric flguros, crosses, otc,
presenting n very plcturosquo KlRK-ng
effect, ,
There aro four thousnnel, to five
thousand of theso Ideographs tn ovory-
day uso.
. Tho compositor therefore, must bo
something of a scholar In tho Oriental
sense, to bo ablo to recognize tho char-
net ors at sight, In order to fncllltalo
tho tnsk as much lis poRslblo tho nr-
rnngomont of his workroom Is somothing like this:
Tho compositor scats hlmsolf at a
littlo tnblo, upon whloh nro spread 47
Knnn characters. As ho rocolvos copy
ho cuts it Into small strips, handing
onch strip to a boy. This boy marches nlong tho room until ho hns boon
ablo to collect from a numbor ot cases
iiirnngcd In flios down tho room tho
dlfforont Ideographs doslrod, About
hIx or sovon boys aro ilius omployod In
tho average Jnpnnon composing room
running hither and thlthor, As llioy
go lliolr rounds In tho sourcH of lho
Idoogrnplis llioy leoop up n dlrgollko
cliimt, which would cortnlnly bo vory
trying lo lho norvos at nny but nn
When tho hoys havo colloclod nil
tliolr Idoogrnplis, llioy plnco Ihem boforo lho compnHltor, who Hum has re-
eniirsn In a pair of goggles In ordor lo
iloclphor lho clmrniilorfl, pick out tho
I'on'ORponillng chnrnctorH In tho Knnn
e'linrncteirs anil flnnlly sot up thn wholo
for proving,   .
Tlio prnfH nrn huhr aloud by a ron-
dor to nnotlior, thus milling to lho confusion of wolnl sounds already rolgn-
Inu: In Mio room.
At tho pn-ficnt tlmo thore aro two unfortunates -ion-
', fined to the city JaU'with thoir mentality dortnsfrel •• a
, re-_ult of an over-indulgence of alcoholic.drJnki. One
• of tbfcw- U a b'*,Dix\ ttlpiilt-.. who U rtyoilwl to knvu eU_
fcpoecd ot torn*} property on the pr»Irl-s"»nd It Jiow ipenil-
» W tl\6 procwds oo ft p>oti*»ctcd »pr«o which hu brou.eht
on »n attack of delirium trorodno.     That    this roa.i
„ \'ys jii—;-*'",■■ * bt.V '. :. .!v
T\w xmi*\ cuvte pnrt fonrarj! when^jjieadn of a rich
mau coiniulu - dinilttcilty taualcr, ot luuanUy. U uow
ftdvsnccd oti *beri»lft>rt»i©*y6tinK Amnrieair Charlton and
probably tho preaa.-wl^ t««» with rtiports o( a, Ulftlily
sonsallonil rtafacW<6_t8'oc!«jra doifiirw.**
Fresh   Cut;
ni   j0Om*   ett0*%990  J-P-***    _PS   |V<V
*_. j.O'W
L*»t De-tunr* p*m*« tn i,
Your tinhr* villi rtteite jirouipt "kt- ';
Icnltn-nnnif jmi wtllT** plWMMl wlj* '*',
• (.xvhttt wo Miml vou, *.■; > -
■ <*:. ■•■ *"A. - ■ *•- *■.< *, ay
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Real Estate
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all the time. The longer you put
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are saving to pay' off tho beilance
your property, .will be getting'
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m. a; kastner ;;
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Furniture Moving a. Specialty
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T    r
paa aoaia ao d,d a ADiD D.D a D;D H»a 0:0,0 d apannna a D;a;D;npa I .-   "..
- ■ - -    - ,.
, - -   >■
HH***-**** *■*•-¥¥ ¥■¥¥¥¥ ****■
♦ COAL  CREEK  BY  174"'* .•**•►
♦ • '" .    .♦'
'♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦'♦♦♦♦
' No. 2 .mine was laid.off on Tuesday'
owing to the hoist breaking, and No. 9
was laid off the morning shift through
the bullwheel and frame pulling out
of place and making' a rush down, the
incline. , Fortunately no one was Injured. '.*"",
The mines up here are. Idle from
Thursday night, 11 plm. June 30th until
Sunday night, 'July 3rd,' making It
quite a long week end for the sports
at Fernie.
Tlio new boarding house and the
new   wash house are being rushed up
with all speed.     Quite a large number of men have been employed   at
both places.     Wm. Dicken of'< Fernie
has tho contract for the concrete" walls
ofthe wash house.
'Wm. Malzey, pit boss at No. 1 south,
\ •    left here on Monday for a trip-to tho
i* .-■'   States.     He expects to see" the   big
. frght on tbe 4th.
| ,, Two old Creekites arrived back in
[ the camp last Saturday, they .being
k George O'Brien and, Jack" JiTc Alpine.*
I George has just returned from Wash-
[ •'. , Ington and Jack is just out on a little
travel to see the sights.', * - • \
„ Jack Harrington got his big toe'cut-
open with a piece of. rock Nlast„Wednesday In No. 2 .which has kept..hlm*
Indoors. ■ '   7   "  "
Stiir'another change of teamsters at
our Trites-Wood store, Harry Gorrie
being the man behind the trip.,
,, Some fine catches of trout'with' the
cowdung fly were brought from the
river last, week end. The weather
was just splendid for this.popular past-
timeV      " ' "
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Head and fam-
' liy left here last*week for Nanaimo. •
•George Crabbe got a'blow, on the
' arm with a piece of rock in No.'/Nine
"mlno which caused him to lay off for a
, few;,days,. •*       '; ' ■-, ,       •    .
- - William' Shenfield, Sr.,'- arrived here
from Wallsend om'Tyne, last Thursday.'
.He was out here, seven years ago, and
"it is safe to "say that'he sees lots of
changes. ., • , ,   *  -.*", \ '
♦ "Wm. Reid pulled out last Thursday-
lor a tour round.the coast district of
Vancouver.    '-, ..-    "   ■■>-' "7-   ■ .
,, Sid Birt   has left'our midst a'gain
for Michel.'    Some cannot s dnateth
'. for Michel.., ..Some, .cannot, stand .the
firyiiPSH   nf* tint* 'firoiMr' ']""''     '   '".'
/ SidfHorton arived'back from"Winnipeg last week from his holidays. He.
started back at his old job right away
ns Jame$_, Maddlso'n had .-returned to^
the P. Burns Company earlier." In-the
week as they were short handed down
there. '        .'
'-- The 'Frank Football, tjjam were ...the
visitors* up hero last wetik in a;league
fixture, and they certainly put'-up a
very good game,, but had to return defeated as; the home..*team; won .out.by.
two goals to nil. , Tho game, was well
contested from start to finish and
had tho "Frank forwards practiced a
bit better shooting, the score might
liave been different., As it ,1s the
.Creek heeds tho points,1 although lt
seemed n shame to'tako thom. J.W.
Qulnnoy of Fornio wns tho referee and
•followed tho game ln good stylo, After tho camo n smoker was hold ln
the club and evoryono had a' good
tlmo. * Singers were plentiful, iind
thoro wns a littlo brown nlo to quonch
tho thirst and mako things go a bit
happy and homo llko,    .
Bollovuo tenm aro expected up hero
on Snturday and at present thoy nro
nt tho-top of thb league. It will bo
n fast gamo as tho boys havo thnt
little debt, to knock off that thoy rocolvod throo weeks ngo.
Turn out and boost for lho.homo
tonm and don't run away whon you
see Billy coming with tho hat.
Tho result of tho ballot for local officers for tho noxt terms Is an   foi"
Prosldont J. E. Smith,
Financial Socrotary: D. Boos.
.   Auditor: D, Paton,
Chockwolghnien: T, Uphill, D. Pnton
.7. E. Smith, and W. 71. Evans. Tho
term for clvookwolghinon will bo for
six .months, ,,
Tho wntor Bystom up nt tho top ond
of tho crook Is ln n shameful condition,
. Ono tap hns to sorvo about 20 houso***.
A start wor mado a fow woolen ago to
repair thom, but thoy woro slopped
boforo llioy got to tho top. This Is
cortnlnly Inconvonlont and should bo
Hoon to at onco,
Tho ProBldonl of tho Spokano Board
of Truilo nnd somo companion**! woro
vlfillorfl In Old No, 1 whoro thoy now
minora ut work, and obtained HnniploH
of conl, Jnmog John-son wan satin-
fled wllh tho Mack diamond iltiRt. that
ho tt Iod on hin Pnnunin lint and did not
go Insldo,
llnrry BIllHliorough, wlfo nnd fnmlly, nrrlvod horn from Lancashire, Eur.
on Tuesday. No wonder ho If nlefl hni-pv
Mrn, flcorgo Booth nnd fnmlly loft
horo Insl wook to Join hor husband at
■yfn-nln T "if '
Voto and Wm. Wlnntnloy loft horo on
Thursday tor a wook's vacation at Nelson nnd to vlHlt, lliolr fruit ranch.
The football tonm to moot Itollovuo
on Saturday will bo no follows:
Clool: T. Banns.
T*-     \   ...     V*^««o«i    *\ rxA    }1 fl tfxt t*Wt*,
Halt backs: Swoonoy, Par-nail and
Forwards: Booth, JolBon, Manning,
Jolson, Hartwell.
A pnrty of Indian, passed through
horo on Wodnosiloy nftornoon on thoir
•way tn Fornio in take In thev monnt or
colouration, wearing a heap much big
ttmiio. '        '
Uoaxncr Journeyed to Coloman for a
tton-rtiff flxtoro.   Ooleman had a light
"team, sovornl alterations boln*j mado,
Smd, w*? »rft.ple**M<ll lo •*• 8, MeDoo-
«ldb*tk-li> sfofc-fiJn. . Thft flrtifow
minutes" were'all in favor of Hosmer.
When the ball was put into "midfield
Genman and Jenkins did some ° fine
passing," resulting 'in Genman scoring
the first goal. After thai, the game
wa3 quite tame, Hosmer pressing . a
little,,only for McDonald to put into
centre; after some slow play Holmes
scored goal No. 2.      . " .
The weather was so hot that the
players. seemed as if ice cream, and
strawberries would have suited them
better than football. Final score was
2to 0 In favor of Coleman.       ,
The park committee have consented
to lower the percentage from 40 to 25
to the footballers;.that Is on the gate
money taken In. The charges.are, 25c,
under fifteen years 15 cents and the
ladles free." ',
Scott Campbell had rather a serious
accident to his thumb,while removing
some timber in-No. 4 seam, which
caused him to be off-work. We hope
for his speedy recovery.
We can often see the, fire brigade
throwing the, ball. - How' are chances
for a' game? ,.We,have seen none
Jills season as yet. . Is this camp so
much,of the old country style; that
tliere are nothing but*football matches
and _ew of .them?"    , "
-On Sunday the I. O.rOiF. paraded
to the'cemetery to decorate the grave
of Brother Larson. The procession
was headed ' by-the Coleman brass
band. -Thoro were a1 large number of.
the.members of the'lodge present and
quite "a number of visiting brothers in
attendance. ' <   -
* Some ladies made the remark" that
as a treat lo patronizing the football
games in the .way of .Ice cream and
fruits, they were willing to place a
dollar or two towards thefsum; anyone who would like to''kelp in that
way can mention it to F. Graham, the
secretary of ..the football* club;,so do
not be slow.:' " / .'-' :
i; The lampmen of the I. C- C. Co. are
making rapid strides toward'sfllling up
the yacant places: 7 Will Maitchen is
building a two storey house. The,
Derbyshire family are building two or
more house's; they are compelled to
quit their old houses being build on
the corner of Flumerfelt- park. Report
goes that part "of the new park is being reserved for'a hospital,, which is
much .needed as the village'is. growing
so rapidly. .   , .   .       "' " *.   ■  *
.The.businoss of. the Coleman Drug
Webb 'has had to* take' a "much larger
building,'and has taken, over the. new
shop under the Eagle's-Hall, •'this being, the only brick building-in town. R.
,R. Webb Is well known' throughout the
Pass, and his success is due to strict
attention to business.,. - . ;"■
-, Miss Amy Disney makes a great all-'
dltlbn to St: Alban's church choir with,
her'violin during tho offertory, rendering a solo accompaniment to Prof. J.
Crawlord.': Miss Disney is* a most accomplished performer and will assist
the,choir during her stay In town with
her father, Judge Disney.
, A largely attended meeting was hold
ln„St. Alban's church with Rev. Mr,
Morton'* In the chair, to consider the
building of a rectory. A leiter was
rend from the Coal Company offering
tho choice of any lot frco to build tho
samo, Numorous friends of tho congregation have boon busy soliciting for
tho fund nnd-already have over $000
promised. It has been decided to go
ahead with tho building. Thero. Is a
groat need for such a placo as the pastor Is a married man with a largo family.   .
On Juno 25 aftor tho usual lodgo
mooting of thc Eagles was finished a
box social was declared. Bro. Johnson was appointed ns chairman." After a fow oponlng romnrks tolllug tho
causo of tha" gathering, to welcome
Bro, Fred Lynch, D. G. W. P. for Canndn. Itofroflhmonts woro served by
nn nblo staff wlillo songs and recitations woro glvon by tho following brothers: „
Jack Bryn, Hong: Mako Now Friends
and Koop tho Old.
Percy Lewis, song: Your Own Back
1  Tom LoyBhon, song, Monn.
Jack Johnson: Tho Country I nm
Leaving Behind Mo.
Duot: J. Bryn and T. LyBhon: Larboard Watch.
A, Morrison: Rocltntlon.
J, Brym, song; Angol of My Dronms.
,7, Grnhnm, song: Robo of Toiuiob-
J. Fnullenor, rocltntlon; Roal Limit-?.
Joo Slot: Song In Belgium: TrnMal-
In.  , „
.7. HolmoH! Plonno Don't Tnko Mo
Homo, wllh oncoro which toro down
tho houso.
Harry Smith, hoiik: llohold thu Monarch of tho Woods,   ,
Harry tlntos, song: Haul mo Back
J. Slophoniion: TIkto In a Girl
Wnntod Thoro.
(Mo doubt thero In nn ho Is a bachelor.) ,
Jack Gibson snng   Tlio Cbrlmmas
Charley tho roontor did flno; go to
It Loffloy.
Tho orchostrn, W. Richardson, plnno
Poat, clarlonotto, ,T. Holmos, cornot,
nlnvfd S Rolce-tlnns.
Under lho nusplcem of tho Sunday
School conforonco of Alborta n moot-
Ing will bo hold at Frank on tho Oth
of July. In tho ovoning a mooting
will bo hold In Coloman: sponkors will,
bo hoard from dlfforont parts and dl«;
cimslon opon.
Colemnn lUwn Tennis club spent a
roost enjoyable, tlmo on Saturday, afternoon last. In which nil mombors of
tho club and n large numbor ol lady
and gentleman friends from other centres participated. The Iftdlet of .he
club served tea, cake, eta, (rom (otir
to «, and many etching same* were
played. '
-The tennis club propose- holding tho
•econd annual ball about tho middle
of July. Tho last on« was certainly
a great tucce**, and bo doubt th* tec
end will be'llao,
♦ ->" ♦
•o* «►,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦
A fatal accident occurred here on
Tuesday the 21st, between 11 and 12
o'clock in the forenoon, which resulted
iri the death of Alex. Wilson, a Scotch
miner aged 40 years, who .was just
recently out from the Old Country..
Deceased was engaged taking out
pillars at the time, when a slab of
rock, known to the miners as a "nigger
head" fell from the roof, breaking the
man's neck.
The Inquest was held on.Wednesday,
Coroner Thompson of Banff officiating. The jury returned a verdict of
accidental death.'
Deceased leaves a wife and three
children in the old country to mourn
his loss. He hailed from tho same
locality • as the Scotchman that met
his death here on Easter Monday, lh
fact he was sympathising with tho widow of the late William Clerk before
setting out for this country. The de-,
ceased brother was interred Thursday
under the auspices of the United Mine
Workers; and the funeral was largely
attended  '■■■-.•' r.
CM. O'Brien, Socialist M.*l: A"',
accompanied" by- Comrade Desmond,4
paid us; a visit on'Thursday. They
held an open air. meeting in the evening in front of the Oskaloosa hotel, and
both gentlemen spoke at some'length
on the aims^of Socialism.
The" Canmore Football., team was to
havo played a* cup game at Banff ori
Saturday evening, but owing to the
C. P. R. special train service "they, got
left and pretty bad .too. The special
tourist train from Calgary to I-iaggan
was to.have picked them up here chut
it did not do it. About one hour before
the trainrwas due to arrive the" agent
received.word not.to issue any tickets
as the train would not stop, and-she
certainly dldn!t.. The boys were awfully disappointed as some of the boys
had got leave to lay'bff work in order
H to go.   '     „   .
The Celebration committee are hard
at work drawing up a programme of
the "sports and other attractions for
the lst of July. There will be a football match in the evening between the
Bankhead team and .the, team from
Canmore. ..,*., ,   " . ''-
Expert.Dentist, Dr.-Henderson, located at Blairmore; will
open his. branch office at Hillcrest July ,4th, until Ilth, at
Bellevue July 12 th until the
19th.. Positively painless , extraction,       ' ''    *,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦<►♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ;; 7... ,  • -.
♦:    ELKO NOTES..by Fred.Roo  . •
#• ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦"♦ :♦ ♦'♦ .♦ ♦ ♦'
ward arid Teddy Roosevelt, and It was
only Lacey's arrival that prevented a
hair pulling contest, Anyhow we got
a nice mess of trout to say nothing
about it, and you bet your lifo that we
aint. ,
' It you have any doubt as to the "pro-
ductivenoss of Elkos-real estate just
take a look at the'.weed jungles along
the railroad tracks,
Unless lt arouses .envy it, is not a
success. 7, - -,'-,   ■,..-'-..'
An artist Is a man who makes some:
thing look better than it was. Brown
is doing this right In Elko. Come and'
see for yourself.   , ■
The proof of tho; pudding is the
amount that "Is left over. That the
Elko'notes, are appreciated'outside of
* Letters To
|       The Editor I
»•¥*¥*■¥■*■»¥-¥■¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥»¥4L¥¥»¥^M^¥-
the Pass is proved by .this office   re*
ceiving two subscriptions from cabinet | paid by the Committee to the
ministers last weeli,
It pays to advertise when you* have
the goods. !._ ,
Jim Thistlebeakis on another horrible drunk #nd prospects . that he
will ^remain so for the rest ol . the
week. i . '■
' 57 government employees. who are
engaged on-the road north of the
town with seven: .Winchesters gave
chase..to a big bro.wn bear,the other
day, and.they made a noise like ,ten
boiler shops and fired forty rounds, of
shot,'when, Mk Bear thought " ~ that
the game had.gone,the limit and turned around on the.bunch and:if the reports are true, only the bear had been
wouridedin the-mell.ee, he would have
eaten up the whole bunch, but for the
dough goods and sinkers the camp -is
noted for.. ' '.' ? ■ '-y ' -"] >',.
• An account of tlie.J-holidays* and by
request of the .editor we have to cut
out the society scandals but'you can
bet your kid slippers that,we will be
there with the goods .flashier than a
band:of a"'cheap clg'aV. 7 V '
The subjoined letter has been forwarded to us with a request that we
produce the same in our columns.
The purpose we are informed to see
what is being done in the matter..
Fernie B. C. 17
J. Loxton, Esq.
Re Fernie District Fire Relief Fund
Dear Sir: '" *
The Comniitf.ee of the Fernie District Fire Relief Fund-have placed in
my.hands for collection two accounts
against** you. . *' * ■
, You originally borrowed from the
fund tho sum of-$376.20, .and this
amount was subsequently reduced to
$94v05, which sum you agreed to pay
back at" the rate of $2.00 per month,
but which payments are now considerably In arrears. ,'■„.'
I am also Instructed to collect from
you the sura of-$10.05, being amount
Lumber-Company on your behalf, and
which you promised to repay'to the
Committee at $1 per month. *>-s*,
The committee, however, are prepared not .to press you for these arrears,
providing that you pay on or.before
the 20th instant, the sum of $3.00, and
thereafter the sum of $3 on the day
following tlie Coal Company's pay day
each month..
If you make'these payments.tome
promptly, *■ ybu will' not, be -.asked to
make'payment'of the arrears', in one
lump' sumy but'unless payment is made
as outlined above my instructions are
to. at once' take ,procee-llngs against
you to recover the", amount then due.
Kindly give this matter your iinme-
diate attention- and oblige, -
„   Yours ti;uly
H. W. Herchmer
high then I will retract. But'untU
they can it \vill be my endeavor to
have the grade changed. Not speaking
of the streets, but take personal property, what amount of money will it
take from' the ratepayers to fill in
their lots, and now. that the principal
buildings are erected, and basements
excavated, where is the fill to be obtained? I suppose from Mt. Fernie. I
do, not blame the' mayor or council
that held office at the time of the fire
but I blame the city officials responsible for this branch of the city business.
' Of course we will be told that the
city engineer had more to do thstn he
could look after at the time.
Now, Mr. Editor, I think every person will agree that a lawn sloping
from.'the entrance of a house to the
sidewalk with a'ten pr fifteen per cent
grade looks better than the reverse,
not taking intV consideration that in
many cases steps "must be mounted before' access to** the sidewalk can be
gained. Again how many lots in this
city are not below the sidewalk—yes,*
feet. In front of my own door I have
taken an approximate measure of the
block and the amount of fill required
is 1000 yards, which if hauled will'cost
at least 50 cents per yard or $500.*Tak-
ing into consideration that there are
at least fifty such' places in the city
to receive attention, and that the fill
must be hauled, amounts' to $25,000;
then another $25,000 can bo'added for
filling lots.
Too bad, too bad;  we cannot look
ahead any further 'than our nose.
Some one is responsible for this
state of affairs, and the citizens interested should demand an explanation. Good streets, pretty lawns and
nicely painted ,buildings are. an attractive value for any city. Sooner or
later we must face, the question of pav-
j ing the strets; 'now is.the time to face
lhe question, fairly and squarely and
remedy the evils* that be. ...
7     -'■-'* -Your s truly,-
J. W. GRAY, ;
Ballot Taken on Monday for Officers
of Miners Organization   *
John E. Smith  ( 420
Thomas Uphill,, .": 313
.,' Auditors
David Paton  .435
John Howbrook , ,....119
Thomas Uphill '...'. .160
Financial Secretary   '
David Rees  605
Thomas Biggs ..  . .> 150
Thomas Uphill   ■ 277
John   E. .Smith 242
David Paton  315
Wm. H.  Evans '". 239
John Kent 97
John Wilde   104
Harry Martin .' ,.: 119
John Howbrook ..., '..'..' 81
Thomas Addison ■ 109
Ballot for Length of Term of Check-
For.term'of 6 months.. 105,
For- term of one year .* ■ -14-'
 ", «■»
Editor Ledger: -        -.*■■■'"
Sir:   In  your last- week's  editorial
columns you" opened a question, of vi-
Suckers   Plunging   Against   Planking
■   Awaken People in New York
-• Villiagfi
',-" The best thing to say when you have
.nothing-Jo "'say is to'say .nothing arid
stick "to"'it.- '   ''}'" y *"; ■' y:'  ';,
;' A bunch'of '-drummers arrived In
•Elko on Monday night's local peddling
collar'buttons, Tanglefoot arid.ladles'
underwear, possessing about as much
tact'-as a" horso collar.* 'We always
size u*q the wholesale house by the
amorint of cigarette smoko their traveller can blow through his snout. '
Fernio Is the place to spend the
lst *. '' There will bo great doings In
Pittsburg.- ■;   . •■'.,."',
Our business is building up beyond
our most, sanguine expectations, and
several times, this week wo have folt
that there was only about four drinks
between ourselves nnd Dick ~ McBride
•—oxcuso tho blooming familiarity.
Como and see Elko.
Its tho Ruccess wo aro making by our
unique advertising that's,arousing envy, and tlio class of goods wo deliver
that pleases our customers.
Tho citzons of Elko held a mooting
to hear the roport of tho celebration
commlttoo, Tho cash balnnco on hand
was volod to tho board of trade, and
wo sincerely hopo tho bonrd of trado
will do somothing or else go fishing,
A big bunch of Knllspoll roal ostato
agonts wore visiting. Elko, Roosvlllo,
and Tobacco Plains taking options on
sovornl plocos of land,
Tho Rtrawborry short calto Is all
right, but ploaso pubs nlong tho chorry
Mr. Kllgour, son nnd daughter, of
Winnipeg, aro vlBiting Elko,' aB guests
of Mr. Georgo Hanbury.
Tho only vacant houso ln Elko is tho
hotol, Do City Bastilo.
That good old Elko dirt Is giving a
good account of Itsolf cnn ho soon by
tho gnnlonB In town, Young ronat
duck nnd groon poos nl Bovornl placos
tomorrow,       ,
Tho Elko Grits aro moro than mulling thoso ilayn.
Jimmy Millor, manngor for tho Pat
Burnu Co., was in Elko on Sunday nnd
Mondny tnklng orders for snltod wlinlo
plrlelod nioono nnd overland trout.
Jack Davis, assistant ronelrniiHtur ou
lho G, N„ was in Elko on Sunday Inspecting tlm low Joints nnd high con-
tron nnd giving tho soction mon In-
nlruolloiiH how lo protect a frog In
tho front.
, Tho road botwoon Gateway and Roosvlllo In bolng cut off by Indlnnn, nnd
Bhould bo looked into by tlio proper
tLUChiJillUti.       U'H ilii VfolU Hli il ill'Ullh'
flro on a dark night that Uic Indian
In Innocent of tho law rognrdlng ■ his
notions, but tho tax payor* havo no
right to suffer for his Ignorance It
mlRln hn Innt an well to look Into iho
Our Hulling tncklo still continues to
catch the big flih,, Goorgo Pedlar and
Jack Volumo mndo a spoclnl trip io
Elko to mako a tost nnd find out If
tho goods wore'as roprosontod, jtho
best In tho Pa*i». Podlar was aay.d.e-
llghted with lho rocnptlan ho rocelyoil,
npd tho flap ho caught that ho Is 'Writing a full -.-olm-u-i for tun* bunutlt lit.tlU
Press. Our mall ordors are inct#as-
Ior and our belt care awaits your Mn-
mauds at all times.     ,,' }* {
If we bad been as denae and Uc-no-
he-aded In our bualneas >aa wa H*\e
been In politics, we'd htho been f*ijk
railroading itmn belore thla, bw^H'a
never too tat* lo mend. tj
N***r Die court house In Elko.* pri
Monday nltht two ladles were dlftus-
r   1    •     »    %        „   ■»;.   f*^ .^*f,      m    .,    ;   ,%.„, ..I*,     .. *  w    «*,,_      ■_■,»,   _,3t,    *   .^   |f>       ^£\
,' The entries for-the. Provincial Exhibition to be held at"'Calgary'June 30,
to July 7, have .'closed and, are going
to keep the management busy in providing the. necessary accommodatioi.
TFollowirig is a"comparison1 of''some'of
the most.-important entries with those
of last year:' - -,   .
1910    1909
Cattle     431"     25G
Horses    775"'' 616
Sheep, swino ...   288*' • 177 .
Agric. Products     1C9.       45
A large list of rooms have been secured from residents all over the city
to assist the hotels in providing accorii-
modation for exhlblttqo .visitors. Everything points to lhe exhibition being
a grand success.
tal'importance to the citizens of Fernie in as much.as you pointed out the
state the streets are in.
^Mr/Editor, • who lis responsible for
.this state of affairs/ ;. After, the fire I
"believe that the,' city engineer was
Instructed >to .'grade throughout -'.-the
city. • This "was done;-'as any-one can*
see, but. how, was-It done?.If the city
engineer with the' council will- walk
around the city, and count and meas-'
uro the number of cuts and fills- required on the different streets, and'
these figured out~***-the number of surplus yards of filling*'that will.be required—tlioy will probably come to the
conclusion that a'large slice of Ml.
Fernie will bo required and' also a big
slice of the people's' money to put it
there. '. - . .-;   >
If this cily council or any other can
convince mo that tho grade Is not too
The above headlines 'from, a U. S.
daily* aro very suggestive, and .worthy
.tht_p.rm_riprn.Hnn _nf_irmny_.nf_niir_p.it-.
izens.u - -■ •-,..-,;, ,    •   . ,
It'is a. fish, story.* ..The suckers In
their attempt;tb leap over a' dam separating two ponds thump with "such
force that the noiso badly scared the
nervous. ',:   ,.,.',
The cause wa3 -.discovcrd , by two
deirlng boys who arose at 4 o'clock and
going to the river saw,, the suckers try
to forco their way ovor a '■ dam' too
high and too steep for them   to scale.'
WRAY—I-IEMEON—A quiet wedding
took place at tho home of L. G. Snow
when tho Rov. W, S. Wnllon united in
the bonds of wedlock Thomas IT. Wrny
of Fornie B, C, and Eveline Z, Hem-'
eon of West Berlin, N, S, A pleasant,
journey on tho soa of lifo Is tho ear-
nost wish of thoir many friends,
VICTORIA, June 28—R. W. Riddell,
until recently manager of the British
American Trust Company, with headquarters in this city, has been promoted ' to tho position'of managing
director, of the International Coal and
Coke- Company, Ltd.
Mr. Riddell is well known locally,
having for several years been manager
of Saunders grocery establishment,
and other commercial concerns.here.
He will now be stationed at' Coleman,
Alberta, the headquarters of the Inter-.
national Coal and,Coke Company, in
which concern A. C. Flumerfelt of this
,city is largely interested.0     ..   ,< '•
F. A.' Brewster, -who has acted as'
assistant to C. L. Hower, coal, expert
from' Johnstown- Penn., engaged by
the German Development "Company,
controlling the-Brazeau Collieries, to
start development work on the syndicate's holdings in the country near
Edmonton, is in the city at present.
Engineer Hower has been working at
weeks.-'    A gang of 33. mon and  44
"horses has been employed since Mr.
Hower  went .west, .cross-cutting the <
seams, and In other-preliminary development work.    No actual mining is to
be coirimenced immediately. The gang
will remain on th'e property^during the.
whole slimmer.  .The German Development-Company is'financed entirely by
forolgn .capital.    .The headquarters of
tho company fn Canada nro at Toronto. . *       i ■
Mr. Brewster slates that thero is
no end to the coal in the country west
of this city, and he expects that tho
district will, become Immensely rich
as a result, of the coal, development
which will tnko place when tho Grand
Trunk Pacific nnd lho'Canadian Northern railways have complotcd ' tliolr
lines through to the coast.
Owing to'the numerous inquiries*from Fernie regarding our land we decided to come here for
a few days. We will be here on Saturday and until Tuesday next, The place where a small
investment will treble in a short time.   The place of the manufacturers.    The  Spokane of
Canada.    The centre   of Projected  Railways
Wo nro not soiling Towimlto proporly; wn urn iiollliig Purm, (limli-u imd . rull LiiiiiIh, prncdrnlly cli'iir, froo
from Htono ond wllhln walking dlnliiiu'0 from lho roglntnn'd town of Fort (.now, whom nil tlm Hiuilm nro building,
and whoro all tho IiuhIiiohb Ih dono.    Ono of Iho biggest opportunities of a llfn limn; gnmp ll,
. Tlmy do mo wrong who wiy I call no moor
Whon one-o I'vo e;iilli:d and found you wn-o not In;
For ovory dny I knock upon yonr doeir
And hid you rlieo to Rnwp nio and lo win.—Foil e.e>nrge>.
"All klinlH of borrlofl nnd wild fruliH' woro flou'rlHliliitt.     I hnvo ni'vi-r hit'H moro wlilemproiiil i-vld--iirn In lho
bloHtioiiiH of nu iiliiiiidiiiic:ii iif Hlrnwhi-rrloH, nnd I voiiliin. io miy thut. UiIh mm.llnu of tlin eoiiiitry will In Hint' produce without e-imllfli'iitloii, lho vory flnont apples In llrltlnh Coliimliln,     Of louiiii' lho offorl Hlioiild lm niiuln tei
ileivolnp Mm hnnlor e-iwiHtli-H,     l-'rult growing iih woll iih pniillry ruining Hhould lii-reinm n hliehly I'.-iuiiiii'nillvo fi'ii-
turn of tlio mixed forming,    Tho flHli nnil gnmnnro alien ii vnliiiiblo e-oiiHldnrnlloii for lho mnv m'lilor; practically
till tho rlvora nnd HiroaniH aro fairly looming wltli di-lloloin* trout, I Hlionld not lu>nltati! to pi-opln-ny thai nu iu.*ro
ff Iv.V.'l If. P>-!M"'' '■'■"vlivi'il'i "'111 linfni'P ffiin« ■••■»!fn Iin n'm-Hi Mirfo In in" filliov iviri of f'nnndn nnd t Vnoii' of nn
portion of tho prnvlnon romblnlni? no ve>rv -mnriv npcolnl ndvnnlngoH n« CiMitrnl llrltlHli f'nliiniblii. It will dniw
»hi> bont cIuhh of colnnlfitH not only from tlin northern Stnt«'H nml Kurnpn, but'iiIho from our own prnlrlo preivln-
S acres cost only $lb0.UO.   $20.00 eaoh and $10.00 per month without interest or taxes  until
* paid.   Clear title when paid.
A- v a c* nr tvt t_? t>
.-.    1\ A o 1 IN £. K
Fernie, _{,' C.; or write F. Waddington & Co.,  Lethbridge, Alberta, or Fprt George Land
; CompaHyi Room 12, Armstrong Block, Calgary
mmmmmmmmmmm ;■"'...- Y.*.^*'-'"**-*'?**-  , '"■*-> -?'  *■-*.     '---    ■,'-!--
,.-*<=-- -"•■'
Coal Mines Regulation Act
An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Coal
Mines Regulation Act arid Amending Acts--
Full Interpetation Regarding All Workings
(Continued from last week.)
, (2)' The Minister of Mines'.shall, before the commencement of the inquiry, furnish the person into whoso
conduct the injuiry is lo be marie with
a statement of the case upon which
the inquiry is instituted:
(3) Some person appointed by tho
Minister of Mines shall undertake the
management of the case: "
(-1) The person into whoso conduct
the inquiry is to be made may -.ttend
the inquiry by himself, his counsel,
attorney or agent and may, if he think
fit, bo sworn and examined ns nn ordinary witness in the <-nso:
(5) Tlio persons appointed to hold
the inquiry (in this Act referred to as"
the Court) shall upon the'conclusion of
lhe inquiry, scud to .tho Minister of
Mines, a repot i containing a full state:
ment of the ease, and their opinion
thereon, and such report of or extracts from tho evidence as the court
think fit:    '
(G) The 'Court shall have power to
cancel or suspend the certificate of
,tho person into whose conduct the inquiry has been made, if they find that
he is, by reason of incompetency, or
, drunkenness or. gross negligence, unfit
to discharge his.duty, or as his having
beon convinced of an offence against
this Act:     -
(7) The Court may. if they think
fit, require the-person into .whoso
coii'luct inquiry is lo, bo made to de
li.cr up his certificate,' and if such
person falls wilkinl sufil'deiil .-.'•ii'-.e
lo lho satisfaction of the court, to
comply with such requisition, lie shall
upon summary conviction of such failure by such Court he liable to a penalty not exceeding five hundred dollars. The Court shall hold a .certificate so delivered until the conclusion of
llio investigation' and shall then either
•restore, cancel or, suspend the'same
according to-their judgment 'in?. the
case:-, ..      '*'    ' "   '•
(S) The court shall have for the purpose' of the injury, all the powers of a
court of--summary jurisdiction and all
, tlie powers of'an Inspector under this
Act: ■ -     - .
(9) The Court may also, by summ-
„ons under their hands, require the attendance of* all such persons as thoy
think fit lo call, before them and examine for .lhe purpose of the inquiry,
S        —?   anirevery—peTsoTi-^~snniinbiire"a-gtT!rii
be allowed such expenses as would be
' allowed to a'witness attending.on sub
. ~ 7 poena before the supreme court;  tho
'   ' samo shall be referred by thc court to
' *'      .        the Rcgistrai   of lho Supremo court:
.■ , -      who, on request under the hands of
lho members'of the Cqurt,-sh;ill ascertain and certify tho pcoper amount of
such expenses.
•10. Tlie Court mny make such order
as.thoy think (It respecting the costs
juv. ■-•'-' -and expenses of the inquiry, and shall
order, on lhe application of any party
entitled to the benefit of tho same, be
enforced by, any court, of stimmaryjur-
isdlctlon as if such costs and expenses
wore a ponnltj imposed by such Court,
41. The Minister of Mines may, if
ho think fit, pay lo tho members of
. * the Court of Inquiry, including nny
assessors, such remuneration us he
may think pi'opor.
42. Any costs and expenses ordorod liy I lie,Court lo bo pnld by tho Minister of Mines, niul-nny romuornllons
paid undor the-Insl preceding section,
Bhnll bo pnld out of moiioys provldod
by lho Legislature,
''I.I. fl) Whoro a cortlflcato of n
mnnngor, ovi-minn, pitboss, riroboHH,
Bhotllghloi', or conl minor Is cancelled,
or suspended In pursuance of this Act,
the. Minister of Mines s-diiill cause riuch
rance'llalion or suspension to be re.
corded In the roulMer of holders of
oorl If liml oh.   '
(2) Xo other c-M'lirie'nte- ahull bo issued lei such person whose curl Monte
tuny hnvo been ciinccllcd, or during
tlio terms for which Hiicih ciii'iine-ulo
mny lmvo been HiiHpmidi'il, hiivo nnd
oxeoplod uh provldod In llio following
aocllon 41,
■I-I. The- Mlnlmor of MIih-h mny nl
any tlmo, If II Is shown lo hlm lo ho
JiihI. so to do, i'pih-w or n-Hlnri. on mich
Ioi'iiih,iik lio ililiikH fil, nny e-ui'lirinilo
which, lum been cnncollcd or HiiHpi-ncl-
nd In piii'Huiiuci- of thin' nd,
■I'i. Wlii'ivvci' nny poi'Hon proven lo
llm ■■iifiHl'iK-tlon or thn .MlnlHll'l" of
MIiii-h tliut lie Iiiih, without fnult. nn
IiIh part, IokI or been deprived of nny
cci'llflcnio pn-vlmmly grunted lo lilm
under thin Ad, Hitch MlnlHtcr of Mlnen
Hhnll, upon pnyim-nl of mich I'en ill'
uny) ns he uuiy direct, but. nol    ex.
C-'«m|IiI|-   I lie   fee   npec|f||.,l   ||,   Sl'lll'(llll.-
One to 1 li Im A'-i, ciiium u copy or 'hei
ccrlirieiiie to which th,* -ip 1 • 11 < n111 tip.
pe-ni-H by Hie i-cRlsler lo be i-iil|l|i<il In
III' lllinle onl  nml I'l-rlldi'il  liy lhe pnr. :
llllll Will* Keep;; the I'.'I'ImIi*-', ,'inil di'llv-
' e>ri'd  lo  the iippiv.i-ii
Wlllcll    lllll'plll / i    to   he
the effects of the original certificate.
,46. All, expenses incurred by the
Minister of .Mines in carrying into effect the provisions of this Act with
respect to' certificates of competency
or sorviec shall be defrayed out of
the moneys provided by the Lcgilat-
47. All fees payable by the applicants for examination for or for a copy
of a certificate under this Act shall be
paid inlo the Treasury and form part
of the general revenue of the province, ' ,'     '
48. No person shall be employed ns
a coal miner in any mine who is not
in possession of a,certificate of competency as such.
'49. (I) Coal miners.certificates of
competency shall be .granted by a
Board of Three Examiners' to be constituted at each colliery whicli tho
Lieutenant Governor In Council mijy
designate,-and such Board shall consist of the following persons:
(a) One appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council:
(b) One, with,two alternatives, appointed by the manager or managers
of the colliery.
(el One coal miner, with two alternatives possessed of certificates of competency as such. , Such coal miner
and coal miner alternatives shall'bo
elected by the coal miners actually
working in the colliery: '"  ■ , "'-
(cl) Tlie proceedings of the Board
shall be in accordance with the rules
contained in Schedule Three of ' this
(2) Such' Board shall hold office for
one year or until their successors are
appointed. ° „     --,   ..
50. , No certificate of competency
shall be granted io any coal -miner
who does'not satisfy the. majority of
the Board of Examiners that he is,sufficiently conversant .with the-" English
language,-aiid with the provisions.of
die' Acts .relating to_coal mining and
'rules and regulations made thereunder, to render his employment as such
safe, and also that'he has been * employed in a coal mine* for at least 12
months previous to the date of his application for such certificate, and-has
sufficient knowledge of methods 'of
coal' mining to render him competent
to perform the duties apertaining' lo
his employment.
 Ql_ IJi(j^ifiut_nai__3o___iou__-lii.
Council shall have tho power to issue!
and from .time to time vary,, regulations and forms for carrying out the
provisions of this Act, and such regulations shall, upon publication"!!*! the
British CoIumbto7Gazollc, be deemed
part, of this'Act: Provided tlmt the
examination as aforesaid shall be hold
on the first Monday in each and every-month. '
. ii2. Coal cutting machinery may be
operated by any person if he is accom-,
pnnied by and under the control of a
person capable of taking charge of'the
working fnco where such mnchlnory Is
being operated.
_53. Every owner, agent or manager
of any mino who' gives*, charge of a
working placo to any person who is
not tho holder of a cortlflcnto of competency as required by this act, and
ovory person who obtains or'seizes
such omploymont, by means of a falso
or fraudulent certificate shall bo "guilty of nn of fonco undor this act.'
IM. Evory owner, agont or manager
of any mine, or nny person who refuses to allow coal minors lo hold
meetings and elect oxamlnors, or in
nny wny interferes with tho working
of this act, or who acts In contraventions of Ils provisions, shall bo guilty
of nn offence undor Ihls Act,
the last three'preceding sections 'or
makes any return which is to his
knowledge false in any partcular shall
be guilty of an offence against this
59: Where in or about any mine to
which this Act applies whether above
or below ground, either:.,
(1) Loss of life', or any personal injury to any person employed in or
about the mino occurs by reason of
any explosion of gas,-powder or, any
boiler; or ■     ,     •
*,(2) Loss of life of-any serious personal injury to any person omployod
in or about the mine occurs by reason of any',accident'whatever,
tlio owner, agent or manager of tlie
mine shall forthwith, "communicate
such information to the' district inspector of Mines by telephone, .telegraph
or messenger, if such means of communication are reasonably available,
and in addition shall, within'twenty-
four, hours next after;, iho accident,
send notice in writing' thereof, and of
tho loss of life and personal injury occasioned thereby, lo the inspector of
the district on behalf of tlie Minister
of Mines, and shall specify in, such
notice the character-of the accident,
and the number of persons' killed aiid
injured respectively.        -,    "■'.''-, '-'
GO. Where any personal injury,** of
which notice is required' 'to be sent
under the last preceding,section, results in the death of tho "person injured, 'notice,in writing of the deatli shall"
be sent to the Inspector of the district
on behalf of the- Minister of Mines
within twenty four hours after such
"deatli comes to the knowledge of the
owner, agent or manager.'
61. E.very owner, agent or manager who fails to act in compliance with
■the-last two-preceding sec.ions shall
be .guilty of an offence against this
Act. „'.'.,
62. In any. of the following cases,
naniely: '     "." -
(1)-Where any woVking'is commenced for the purpose of opening a new*,
shaft for any mine to which this Act
applies:     ""' _
' '(2) /Where a shaft of any mine to
which tliis^Act applies is abandoned or
tho "working thereof discontinued:
* (3) Where the working of' a shaft
of any, mine to which this Act ap
plies is recommended,after any aban*
___inieiil_oiL_d i scout inua n ce_f or—a-p or*
I'ci'tll'led   mi  Ml'oi'c-'iilil   hIiiiII'hnve-  nil ' of
Returns, Notices nnd'Abandonments
ri5. On or boforo tho flrHt, dny of
ngonl or manogur of ovory mlno to
which this Act npplios shall Bond lo
Fobruary In ovory yoar tho owner, tho
tlie limpi-i'tor of llio dlnlrlct on holm If
"or tho MlnlKli'i" nr MIiioh a oorroct. vo-
turn, BpneU'ylng with respect, to Iho
yenr ending on the proendlng .'.lul dnv
of December, tlio e|unnl|ly of ftv.il
wrought In hucIi inlnn, iind the num-
hor of pe-i'HoiiH ordinarily omployod
in or nbout kiicIi mine below ground
anil above* ground. dlnllii*',iiiKliliig Dw
pci'HoiiH employed below ground nnd
iibnvi! ground,.nnd tlie dlffuroiit i-I.imuh
nnd agon or lho lir-i'HOiiH ko eniploycd
whom*. lioui'H of Inbni' are regulnled
by tIiIh Act,
fiti, The re-liiniH shnll bu In mir-h
I'ui'in iih mny I I I'mm l|nic lo tunc.
pi'i'Hi'i'llii'il by tlm Minister of Mlm-ii,
und lhe liiHpcctiir of llio iIIhIrl«;t nn
behnll nf lhe Mlnlh'i'i* of MIiu-h Hhnll
I'lniii time to lime on application furnish f'onuK for the imi'iioHc of Mitch -v.
•''?,   The Allnlstei' nf Milieu may publish nny hucIi Individual rcluni or llm
niul  nny copy ' reiui'ii,-, of nny lnnp--i-lor.
■'i I'liule    ni'il!    .Vi,   Em ry uwiie'i', iigi'iil or iiiaiuigi'i'
mine who fnlln to comply wllh
iod exceeding two months', or:
(4) Where any change occurs in ,the,
name of," or in the name of lhe owner,
agent or manager, of ahy mine* to
which this Act applies, or in tho offices* of any incorporated company;
which is the owner of a'mine to which
this act applies, -.     •      ,.
thc owner, agent or manager of such
mlno, shall after such commencement,
abandonment, discontinuance,- decom-
mcnceme'nt-or change, forthwith givo
notice thereof to the Chief'Inspector,
and-if such notice is not given, the
owner,.-,agent or manager shall bo
guilty of on offence, against this Act.
63. Whero any mine to which this
Act applies Is abandoned or the working thereof discontinued at whateier
timo such abandonment or discontinuance occurrod, the owner thereof nnd
ovory othor person inloi'.ostod hi tho
minornls of such mino, shall cause the
top of the shaft and side entrance
from tho surface to bo and to bo kopt
securely foncod for Ihe prevention of
accident b :
Provldod that:
(1) Subject to any contract to lho
contrary, tho owner of tho mlno shall,
ns botwoon hlm any olhoi;( rlbrson interested in'tho minerals of the mine,
ho llnblo to carry into effect this soction nnd lo pay any costs Incurroil by
any ol hor poi'Ron inleroHlod In tho
mlnornlR of* the mlno In enrryh. *y thin
section Into effect:
(2) Nothing In Mils hocIIoii nhnll ox
oinpl any porson from any liability un
dor nny other Acl,   or otliorwlno.
If nny poi'Hon falls lo act In conformity with Ihls section ho Hhnll bo -sillily of an offence agitliiKt this Act. '
04, Any Rhufl or sldo ontraneio
which Ik not, fenced hh ro'iiiii'iid by
llio IiihI pi'oeiodlng Hccllnii, and lii within fifty yards of nny lilghwny, rond,
fool pal li, or plnco or public rosort, or
Ih In opnn or unencloHod land, Hhnll ho
doomed lo bo a ihiIhiuico,
(Ifi. Whoro any nilno to which UiIh
Act npplk'H Ib abiiiideiuoili tho owner
of sn.li nilno at tlm tlmo of hucIi
nliiiiiiloiiiiiniit. Hhnll, within throo
monlliH lifter niich abiiudoiiiiiuiit, hoik)
lo tlio MlnlMcr of Mines nn nccuniti*
plan, on a scale of not less ='than one
hundred-feet to one inch, or ,on-such
other scale as the plan used**in the
mine at the "'time'af such abandonment" is "constructed, on, showing 'the'
boundaries -.of; the workings of'..such
mine up'.'to{the time of the abandonment, with-the view of its being pre-,
served under the care of the Minister
of Mines; but *no'person except an inspector-under this Act, shall be entitled without the consent bf the owner of-the.,mine, to see such plan when
so sent until aftert-,the lapse-of.ten
years*from the-time of such abandonment. "' Every person who fails to
comply^with'this section-shall be guilty of an offence against this Act':—
Provided however, that such Inspector or other authorised official of,'tbe
Department of Mines may, under the
direction of the Minister of Mines, for
th'e purpose~of guarding the safety of
mining operations in adjacent properties, take from such deposited plan
such measurements or'other information* as may.be necessary therefor and
mako use of them in the discharge of
his duties.
66. All notices under this Act' shall
be in writing or print, or partly in
,wriling and partly in print.'mid all
r.-Jtiues, and dicuments required liy
this *lot to'boi'erved or sent hy or lo
an Inspector may bo eHher delivered
rer.-onally or t-erved nml sent by post
by a prepaid -letter, and if served,
or sent by post shnll'bo deemod lo
have been served and received respectively at the;" time when the lette-
containing the same would be;"dellvcr-
edjn tlie ordinary course of post, anil
In-proving such service or "sending-it
shall ba sufficient lo prove that the.
letter containing'*tho notice Was properly addressed and put into,the post*.
Inspection , ':  ,
„67.* \, The "Lieutenant Governor' in
Council may from time to lime . appoint any fit.persons- \Vi1D must be
possesses of mine'managers certificates, of competency to be inspectors of
Mines, to-.which this Act ay.dies, and
assign 'them their duties,* nnd may
award-them such remuneration-as the
Lieutenant. Governor in Council may
■approve and may remove such inspectors.   ,",,'-,*        ;       ,  ■
68. -The^Minister of Mines may designate one,of such inspectors as the
Chief' Inspector, and assign to him
such..dulies'and designate any such'
place as" the office of .such Chief'Inspector as he .may see fit. ..,'-.-..-.
,69." The Minister of-' Mines 'may'"■ at
any'time appoint any mining engineer
or other person.of scientific or_special
attainment or* experience to make a
special-examination and' report upon
any.mine or..part of a mine, in* the
Province, or,to investigate any accident or condition pertaining to coalmines oivmining and such person so
appointed, shall "have all rights of entry into suclimine and access to such
plans and records as arc accorded"to
a_i !_In_P-e _Qr_-U!lde__tliis„A c.t.ya n ri_i n'.
<_" -**'""-'
Lizard Local General Teamsters No".,
.141. -Meets every Friday night at
8 p.m. Miners union ..hall.. ■* A. L-,
Boles, President; William Long, Ke:
" cording Secretary.   7     - 7
Bartenders' Loca[lNo. 514: Meets 2nd
. and 4th'Sundays at 2.30"p.m. Secretary J.,.AvGoupill,,Waldorf Hotel.-
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. JVI. W. A.
Meets' 2nd'and.'4tlrkSaturday Miners
Union hall.     i). Rees, Se.i.       "     "
Amalgamated Society of Carperiters
and Joiners: Meets in the -Miners'
Union Hall.. -A. Ward, Secretary.?
Typographical Union-No.'555'    Meets
'.' last Saturday In each month at the'
Ledger Office.     A. J,* Buckley, Secretary. -' -    .   *
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall overy,Sunday
. at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. I).
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
Amalgamated Society Carpenters and
Joiners:— Meet in Miners-Hall every
alternate. Thursday at 8 o'clock. A.
* Ward, secretary. P. "0. 307.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners^—Local 1220. D. J. Evans,
President; F. II. Shaw, Secretary.
v, :7,*""" -•'.. ^P^T,?T.r".''''' 7V.'j
. ;■• Office:;Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-i2; 1-6;..--"*"*. '•■'.._.'„ Phono 72
B. C.
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C."
,•    'Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6* to hi. -
.    .Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
■W. R. Ross K. C.    * w. S. Lane
*   Barristers arid Solicitors
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
, eckstein ,£ mcyaggart
barristers; solicitors, etc
Cox Str»et
Fernie B. C.
Other bodies are requested, to send in
v tlieir cards. .'
such case the Minister of Mines may
cause such report to be made "public
at such iime and in such manner as
he thinks expedient. •■
70. „No'tice"of the appointment of
every such Inspector shall be published in the British Columbia.Gazette,   ' -
71. Any such Inspector Is,referred'
to in this act as an inspector;' and the
inspector of a district moans-the Inspector; who" is for the time being assigned to-the district or, portion of British Columbln wllh reference to which
the term Is used.
-72. Any person who practices or
acts, or is partner of any person who
practices or acts, as a land agent or
mining engineer, or as a ■ manager,
viewer, agent or valuer of mines, .or
arbitrator in any difference arising
between owners, agents; or malingers,
of mlnos, or Is otherwise employed in
or about any mine (whothor such mine
is ono to which this aet npplios'or not)
Rhall not bo an Inspector of mines under this Act.
'73.* An Inspector undor this Act
shall have power" to do all or any of
lho following tilings, namoly:
(1) To mnko such examination and
Inquiry as may be necessary to ascoiv
tain M'holher the provisions of this Act
relating to matters above ground or
bolow ground nro complied wllh In tho
caso "of nny mine to which this Act applies:
(2) To enter, Inspoct and ovamlno
any, mine to whicli this "Act applies,
and every part thereor,' lit. all' reasonable"'times by day .and'night, biit so
as not to obstruct or impede working
of the said mine: -
(3)--To examine ."into and mako inquiry respecting .the state and condition of any mine to which this Act
applies, "br any'part thereof,'and the'
ventilation of live mine, and the suffic-'
iency of the^special rules for,the time
being in Xorce'.in the mine, and all
matters" and,things connected with or
relating.to the safety of the persons
employed in or about the mine or" any
mine contiguous thereto: , '.■-'  *'■*.'
(4) To" exercise such other powers
as may be-necessary for carrying,this
Act into effect:- -     - ' -      '    -•'-'
(5) The Inspector shall visit every
mino,''\vilhin his jurisdiction an_|evory
working part thereof, and all travelling roads leading to and" therefrom,
and all air courses at least once every
month. -      -,     * *
_ (6) Immediately after each visit the
Inspector, shall cause lo be'posted-in
some'conspicuous place at or near tlie
F. C. Lawe .Alex. I. Fisher
"ATTORNEYS     '    -       '
Fernie, B. £
,;.'    ,*W; A. CONNELL.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
°   -  . .7 Fernie'     * '
- V     v"'*     '    ', i    .-
*   V'* _*\ **•■
i>   - .- --.-<-
.-<■''' •}■-' * -    .-■■ -- ■ ~ *
A. McDougall, Mgp
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
_i r
r V.
Send us your orders
- (,
~mine7 "a^"tatemeiit~sh7dwiiTg'^wliat, pro
portion of such mine has been irisyecr.-
ed and the conditions found to prevail
•■.herein.,.*      _•.;■ . *"'   :'
774; Every person who wilfully-ob:.
stru'et's any Inspector in the execution
of his duty under this Act,- and "every
owner, agent and manager of' n mine
who refuses or neglects to furnish,to
the Inspector the means necessary tor
making any entry, inspection, exam-
'nation or inquiry, under this Act, in
relation to such mine,-sh'all bp guilty
of an offence' against this Act.   "
75, (1) If In.any respect (which is
not provided against by any express
provision of this Act, or by any special rule) ■ any, Inspector find nny mine
lo whicli "this Act applies, or any part,
thereof, or any matter, thing or prac-'
tlce, in or connected with any mich'
mlno, to be dangerous ,01* defoctlvo,
so as In his opinion to threaten or
tend to the bodily Injury of any person,
such Inspector may'glvo,notico In writing lo tho owner, agent or manager of
tho mino, and Rhall state in rucIi notice the particulars in'which ho considers such mine or any pnrt thereof, or
any matter, thing or practice, to be
clangorous or defective and require tho
snmo to bo remedied; and unlosB tbo
samo bo forthwith remedied, tho Inspector (ihall also report tho samo to
tho Minister of MIiicr; nnd If in (ho
opinion of the inspector, such matter
(To bo cimtlnuod)
Queen's Hotel
ymler. New, Management
Excellent   Table and*
all white help
• Additional' Table for '
28 More Men
Our hteick of luiyiii-j- toe-In l« roinjili'li.*, Forks, Timid 11 ukr-H,
Hoylln>N nnd SnnlliH, (Ivliiil Sieine'H-Wlie'lHl'einoH.Wi'CMiclii'H,
Mnc-liluci Oil niul Olli-VH, Di'iM'ln-j-Mowers mid Hihw HiiIcoh.
Mnll-.ui' phenie*- einloi'H roci'lvc careful nttoiilleiii.
ELKO,   B. C.
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
New Visible Models of thc
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
I) tho bent nl ull modicinoit for tlio cure, of (lU.iiHCKf
dineirdorii nnd \vcnkncsic» peonliur io women, It h the
only prrpunillon of ltd kind dt-vi.--.--d hy a regularly rtratlu-
<**.,;_ jui>»ivi4U »i> tn|nii(.in.<:u nun tiKilltsll hpeciulut in
the diicaici of women.
It ii a mife medicine In nny oondition of tlio lyntotn.
THK ONK UF.Mr.nY wlilol. contain* no eiloohol
anil no injurioii-i liitlilt-formln-J dru-Ji and which
oreate* no cravin-i for ■noli itlniulunti. "
T»K ONK Hf^fFDY no rfood thnt lu muLer*
■re not afraid to print Itt every ingredient on
eaoh ou»",l(lf> hottlti-ivrappcr and attest to tho
trutlifulne-iv of llio mme under onili,
It U told by medicine dealer* everywhere, end any dealer who hain't it can
lei it. Don't take a iiihitltute of unknown cnrnpnailinn for thla mrdirine of
known cowrosiTioN. No counterfeit U e* (ood a* the genuine and the dr»uUt
who *ayi lumelhlnif elie it "Juit at -food at Dr. I'ierce'*" It cither miuuketi
or it trying to deceive you for hit own teltlih benefit. Such a man it not to be
fniife-f. Ife {. triUmi with your mott ptlixlctt po»»cs»ion yout licullU-
may be your life ilnelf.   Ste tie! yen itt what yeu ate for.
These new models represent the sum
total of more labor,- more experience,
more accumulated knowledge, and
greater resource than all other typewriters combined.
That is why these new Remingtons
hdvegifven such complete satisfaction
to typefvriter users, and why their
sales have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine,
Rominfcton Typewriter Company
8(8 render St Vancouver B. C,
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New, and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached -
'Bap Unexcelled.
All White Help;
; ; Up-to-date ,,
Call in and 7
see. us once,
*■  -\
•J TniJM_nr_I_ni*nr_iiTrt»tr_*#v_     ^=__
Bar supplied witli  tho  best Wino.s,
*    Liquors niul .Cigui-K
On first class
iniBlnesa and residential  property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
In the matter of an Application for
the Issue of a dqpllcnto Cortlflcnto
of Title to Lot 3 Qlock 07 Annex,
Town of Fornio (Map 73-1A)
Notli'ii Ih liorohy rIvoii Hint It Ir my
iiik'iillon to Ihhuo at Uio oxplrallon of
ono Jimnlli nftor lho flrHt pulillnnilmi
liort'iif ii iluplicnto of ilio Conlficnto
of Tlllo lo tlm nbovo monlioiiocl lot In
tlio iiiuno of Arlliur Wright,   which
Cortlflcnto Ih elntod tlio i>2nil tiny of
April, 100S mul iinmlieml H,127.\.
SAM'L. It. IIOH      .
i DlHtrlct UoulBlrnr
Lnuel TlORlslrv Of fleet, .
Nc'lflon H. O.
A[>tii i'j, HHO
In tno matter of an Application for
' the Issue of a duplicate Certificate
of Title to Lot 4 DIock 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
Notico Is hereby glvon that It la'my
liilonllon lo Issuo nt tho oxplratlon of
nne» rnnnfli nftor tho tlrtt. publication
liere;of n duplicato of tho Cortlflcnto
of Titlo to I Jm nl-nv-n m-inllnncel Inf In
the nnine- nf Arthur \VrlRli1, -which
c-.rtlfIei.to u dated tlio 28th day .of
■Janusry 1008, and nupobtrei) 8128A1
district HoRlttrsr
Land TT-"/»f«fr-f* Otttrr,
Nelson O. C.
April 19, 1010
The Hotel of Fernie'
Foi'iuo's Loading Coniinorcinl
i f
ancl Tourist House
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
tlie Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P. O.  Box 308
McLEAN CO., Ltd,
tho difference between first class
arm yiin or lit nary wtntt una Viquort
should try thoto we supply.
from any first class hotel or dealer.
We ««l( only by the case but villi
be of ad to telt you the* name of a
dealer who retails them If yuutu
, does not.
Ledger Ads Pay .-   ...... *•'■    ~r -
■ i-Ck'^ris'   ,
. &
■*^~', ,   --.'     _   _**_    ""   _iV.."'- 7   ■
?-.•*"•-   ' ' _y>-
*:-'7 yy.'r^r    v?S.-.'"
-Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots andShbes
s-j   . :'*'Gents7_ urnishihgs    '"--'".-.
fl * * '        *       *    .''*., *
1    '
'\ I-
X '
K  -
i A complete line of samples of.
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
n the Pass can be
"We have the-best "money
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mut-
• ton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Fish, "Imperator Hams
and Bacon" Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer Kraut.
Calgary Cattle Go.
Phone 56
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing; Go,, Ltd,
'Peesihme: '■"':.'
■ "Leela Sozialismji ideja weeno sawas'
rlndas landis wisu rahsu. wisu walodu
un wisu tizibii pasaeile. '*' Daschl laud-
is, ku'ri wehlnekad naw^sewi nopuhl-
ejuschi lai eepasihtos ar .Sozialisma.
mabzileam, stiadha sewim preelcscha,
ka sozlallsti—flkal paschi netizigakee.
Nekas newar" buht talak no pateesibas
ka schahda saprasschana, Soziali-^tu
Partlja ne tikai fatur sewi neskaltamu
dsill tizigii lauschu, bet starp wina
leebakajeem praweescheem un agitat-
oreein stlprl beeschl sastopaml mail-
zltajl, kurl nodewuschees pateesl ar
wisu slrdi un dwehsell Sozlallsmam,
palirleezlba, ka tlkai zaur Sozinlismu
deewa walstlba nodlblnaseos wlrs semes Iseedaral pret wlsniu krahpnoeku
"formam, laupischnnam un warisejlsmu,
sozialllstl'i* beeschl speestl nostalttoes
pretl mahzltajeem, kurl sem religijas
segas puhlas noturet pemahssito tautu
kapltalisma waschas. Ka* pate religija
Sozlallsmam' naw proteja wislabak red-
sams no semak nodrukata ■ spredlka.
Laseet wlnu apdbmigi, un pasneodseet.
pahrla'sigchanal saweem lizlgeem bec-
drera. un' pasinam..-,
. Brahll eeksch Krlstus un beedi-1 pehz
dsihwes! Beeschl manu azu preek-
scha stahdas ■ kadhs sihmejums; wak-
ars, nospeestiba, luksnesis nbseht's ar
akmoneem '■ un dseltenam ' smllktim,
uguns wehtra aprljosclia elnschadu lull*,
schnu, bet us sarkanajam wakara eleb-
esim us meliia kalna rehgojas trihs
krusti, trihs zllweku 'meesas peekal-
tus ar'dselsu naglam pee wincem. lla-
kstii mahzltajl un wariseji preezajas'
par nobendcteern un tin* talak teika
par peedsehruscho Jerusalemi. " "• .'
Pestitaja nominischais waigs, bahls,
ka skaldrakais'Svaskls—pilns behdu un
zeesschanu. Sirds, kura mihleja wisu
pasauli, wisus laudis samaitata zail*
j-akstu," lulipas;' kuras-runaja slraidro
patce^ibu, noklusai azu* plahkstini un
azis, kuras ka dwehseles speegells bija
sposchaas ka debesu spihdekli-nekad
'wairak iiepaskatisees. .Kapehz; kapeliz
kapeliz? , Tapeliz ka s'awu tuwako mi-
hleja.ka.pats sewi- ..Tapeliz ka ween-
lihdsi pr'eekschwina bija ka Samarees-
chivta.Juhdi,.apchz, ka sazija ka lee-
leem jatop maseem, pirmeein" pehdej-
Come L'Unione Soccorre I Siibl Affiliatf
.Un Esempio Che Porta 11 PlausoDei
_•* Piu.Scettici—Ritorna Alia.Terra Na-
tia. 7 ' ,        '   -7. 7 •*
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Dining- Ropm and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c. _ Meal Tickets $5.00
t mm-~—tr~^~.m^.r~-mm.m ,«^.,,„., ^.M
,   Rates $1.00 per clay
R.' Henderson,. Dlnln-r Ronm ui«r,
♦ ♦-^ A>A>4,+<,+ + 4><*,++A)rA>+
Fernie Dairy
l-'HKSir   MI1.K
(lelivoi*(*«l    lo   all
[MirisDr lliu town
Bnnders & Verhnest Brothers.
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦■♦* <>♦♦
C-5  VF^nft'
oo'vvriohti ac
»j«ilal twt(c«, -witli-JUA oliwui, W tl
SdemiiK JltM, „
Ledger Ads Pay
lai bagatee isdalitii .sawu mantu^starp
nabageem.lai deewam' kalpotu no.wah:
rdeoni* bet darbeem, tapeliz, ka eedros-
chinajassazil ka tas, kursch nestrah-
da, lai neolied.'*   ,„■''„
Par wehrgeem par. waja teem un
nosp'eesteein - par nelaimigam atrait-
nem un bahrcneem winsch usslalijas
pret'pasaules elulejecm, lauschu sir-
nekleem.-pret 'erodeem -un zesareem-'
naudas inililelnjus winsch ar deewa
t'alsnlbas''slbeneem 'spahvdlja. Tap-,
eliz wina rokas un kahjas peoslstas ar
naglam, tapeliz. winsch' beldsas Gol-
Un cluvi talikstoschl gadl' jau pagah-
juschi no la lulled, dlwl tuhkstoschi ga-
rl gadl, bot netaisniba pasaule, ka bija,'
(a l'r wnrlsejl wnlcla, ka walelljuuchl!
Bot tu Inula, tu Jesus mahsa, tcwl
pookala krusta noliuloteo dolarneckl,
tttlsnns nslnls, no tnwam krulitlm Islej
un ooslhsclms wlniifl noupmeei'liinml.
Zlk llgl, zlk llgl scha wohl buhs!
Uszelccn Gideon!, Deewa ilus'mlbas
blkeiis pulirplldltR, ar wina tnlsmlbns
sobonu rlhltojcos, gruujl, eewedl starp
Inudlm elcuwn-llkiinniH, nlsBtahwI tuls-
mlbu un pnwohll mulischlgl muhschos
no (lRlniuiiiii us (lHlmuinu,
Tu strnhiliiji, win I nQilnrlJii 'iiolen.
Win! Miichjiis P'U' -lawn (lnrbii, win!
pVeozaJus sellllns ptiliitns, bet tu mir-
stl budu un oolns nr bohrneom un hoo-
wn un .inula naw wIcb tnlvas Biilwns
un falmu ko Itlnht iipulci-K.li tiiwuom ho-
hniooin. , .    .'
Miihju tulileRlbflohani fltrlnvtulcHcluis
hullu tlhru npsoBU.MvlHadu Rohrbu, mn-
Iho'h, UHkoHc.hnmn, ilHt-riimo no lowln pa-
gnlnwoto'iieli'otlfil iHSChliohrsoh prcoz-
lulniiiooH ilosmllbom odu, Un ilolurn-
ooIch, wclnii 1cp1|ih roll/., hcIiIh minis un
tiih nuuis-Iiil noHiU'iilHJ'Ht wl«a plllendliln,
wIhI gmligl IsHnlkusi'lU'c; Homo un wlhH
UllH UM HOI110H, IIIH nillllH|)l)tll!'l'Krhll puis
un muhIohcIui hiiwu ilHlnmniii un no
WlH'llll zllu. l    ,
I,ul 'Biihrulilc Imhbi-Ii-iwliu niulirl!
Sli.'lilsi'cH  ilfawH miillt   ilnlhwos     un
Ni'kuilJ! NuhoiIhI AIhIoi'iIiiii iiiiiiiih
iloenvH, Hot kur mil Ihr,.MuIih npmiKii
iniihK ]t«ioIttiliwn: nr lewl, lauilhi, zoo.
lllllll |llllll*|lll(llll IIH ll'Wl Kl'llllHCllflH |llll-
j 1/ num! ilndDUtlwl, ti'\vl ilnlHlJn, upmiKn
i iM-iiilei-ii'liKli'iihiliii'ulel uu   iitinniKl--l)ut
'tllUHll ItlHl (llll'llH llOHlftllJllH • hpi'ivllftlltl
IcIllHl'lllllllH, ni'Hklllllll IjHKIltlll'olCI'lUII
pl'(H<7.ntllOH, JH-l'HlllHtlH'H III' tllWIIIII llHlll-
| lm, inwiiH Hi'i'fiiH iimiiiun, iHproo/ntt--h
I nr niwii liH'liu nii'i'iiiiiii.
Ln! niilik InlHnlhiiH ilci'iin, »oilii iir.'-
nn! Wn] ilHlnloot Mllct'ln Iimh'oh mien-
nu? I'lilzi^ti'PH, len wociih! nci>«i*;iin
nogiiiitiiiMdeiiH noonl, TopixM liilHtli?-
njiin, iline-eM, ninhzort KriHtus pnllliiis-
1 f-*,-n«   iiinh'/tlieiH    'Ini   mnhtrr-—*omo
I wlHO(*m pnr rnilOHcho infihtl top, lai ton
pur tiniiiHii.in, wouiiu lUimni, Ini huh-
tu wIkcoci, "iiiukIimu' nultii "inuim."
Hlmtnt<'->«! lirlhnuml no»ll:n Wok-
av Jnrnw nohljn ne'kn, fiflioeloon hngnt-
tiki par wlHoe-m ki'lmironm, Julm wlmi
,.,.,-,1    nr..,. „,,lr, I'll      iri""    ?,,i„.,,,1ll
MJot't ui) lH|iilel»'t't elL»e:\va Rilliu. Ejoot
chdeet, elflrcct, sftiicmoot un cloeloot len-
trnm pnjumtl tin re>cilBlhwl, snnomcot
laukus un ilarbnljrm, Htrnhdajopt mlhl-
t'HtlUa un urahtllm nr prooku, lai nob-
uhlu starp iums no aURstnlen no Bom-
nlen, lnl biihtti wltoom pobx patlkurh-
nnAS prHhla un smadsoneim.
UsieriliHis, nnvlil,' nozdirt Rftlwu Got-
lai am, tatreeel Tc«pitsll»mu, otlnleli wina ustlsaroo« aulnlnus un alsswoed
wlnns slimlrstlbt.
Bjeet, auglojatoes. wulrojutoos ifist-
rahrtajoet soml un waldeot par wlnu.
rrooi launeh-a tridir-Jas! !.*l •*J*l*h*iro
ntnrrt iandlm brnhllh**, Krlsfwn nn mn-
hscblbM us muhschlbu. Amen,
Mfthrlta]«~soi!lnllsts, ,
• Ai primi del corrente mese un nu-
cleo dlgente di amici e conoscenti' e
noriche membri dell'unione dei-mlnatorl d'Ameriea affollaro la stazzione
della C. P. R. per dare l'addioal com-
pagiio Pietro Tonella che prendeva con
II treno Ia via per Ia sua casa natale
ad Angera, provlncla di Como. Era
accompagnato da duo suoi' paesani
membri della suddeta unlone. Detto
caso sara dl grande vandaggio per colore die anno qualche prinefpii perj'-
unlcme. "    , '
II 17 Maggla , 1009 si trava-
ya al lavorarc nella cava ,, di
plctra della Crows Nest, che la
mlna ill Hillcrest dove lul apparteneva
avea subbltOsVarle lentezze cio che
metteva I mlnatorl a nonpotore con-
tlnuare astaro In un altrove tittanico,'il
Tonella cerco lavoro altrovo ve*quale
malo gU'ene incolse per un serioso ac-
cidente cho'gll costo la rottura della
spina dorsale e. consequentemente la
para-llzzazione della parte inferiore.
Per varii mesi ,tenuto, all'ospedale di
questa citta' tutti irltrovati della scien-
za furono van! per daro-al'meno un
piccolo solllevo allounfortunato mina-
tore cio che determino a consulto di
dottori" che I'infer'mo non.pote'va'gua-
rlre eddl rlnviarlo ul suo paese. '•. "7
Lul era membro del 1'unione 1058 ad
Hillcrest, Alberta subbito che detta locale, dolla triste sorte capitato, al^fra-
tello Tonella s'interesso vivamente di
Iui per quando piu'jimano poteva ot-
tenersi per Iui; si rivolse al consiglio
del distretto per taluopo, cioe per ot-
tenere una adeguato rimunerazzione
.dalla compagnia in cui Iui era impieg-
ato, dopo un indefeso lavoro riusci ad
ottenere dalla dittarla somma'di doll:
arl 1500 lo sfortimato uomo nella' com-
pleta incapacita dl potcie piu lavorare
anche Iui espresse il desiderio di rit-
ornare al suo paesi natio. Degli acc-
ordi fui-ono presi perche due.persone lo
accompagnassero per tutte il percorso
da Fernie ad Angera-suo paese a-cio
che' tutte le cure necessare no. gli' fos-
sero meno cio.insegnb il benefico affet-
to ella nobile'cooperazione dei membri della locale' di Hillcrest Alberta
nonche degli ufficiali^  del'unione dei
ono neanche'iiii minuto cho fossf'stato
abbenoficio .ochepoteva. giovare alio
sfortunato fratello. ■
La locale, di" Hillcrest.pago circa dollar! '100 porspese dl ospedale nonche le
spese di viaggio ■ per lul e idue com-
pagni per atteiulenze cio cho acclude
la sonima di dollarl sei' ai sbttecento
dollarl piu dollari^lOOO furono rimessi
alia sua mogllo pari Iir 5193. .' ,'
is all ready for you —
just waiting for your
name and address.
A postal request
bring it to you,
charges prepaid.
This Catalogue is published to give
our Mail Order customers- the. advantage  of-the Special-Purchases and
Stock-taking   Sales   that  City   customers ■
enjoy during the Summer months—you'll find
that the prices we quote in it are lower than at.
cany other time of year.,
Send  for the . catalogue now; every department of the store has  contributed its
.best, values.    Remember, we pay charges both
ways and refund.your money on any merchandise'
that is not absolutely satisfactory.
When you write us, address Department No. 68
' Uno depocho de Danville, 111., a la
dale elu 8 eourant, annonco quo sur la
demando' des patrons do mlnos le juge
federal P. M. Wright a Issii uno In-
jonctlon detendant aux offlclers et
membres do rUnlono,iles Jllneurs do
falr'o quolque co.solt pour empQChor le
travail dans les mines comtes do Jackson ot do Williamson.
Uno depbcJio do Decatur, a la momo
dnto, annonco que elans la Cour do
Circuit, lo Juro W. C. John'a nccordo
uno Injonctlon1'defendant a In loonlo
781 do l'Unlonc des Mlnours, il'orilonn-
or aux pompiers, Ingojiioiirset clmrrot-
lors do la Decatur Coal Company do bo
mottro on grevo. ' •'
liy a deux mols quo tons les ouvriers employes dans les mines aunilent
elu falre grove. Jlals les offlclci-R 'elo
l'Unlou dos Mlnours avnlont blon trop
pour quo coin n'ohllgo los pntroiiH n
cnpltulor on no lcurncmmo des perl en
ononuofl ot lis nnrnloiit aliifll illinlnuo
lours clihiicos el'obtenlr un omplol elo
Hiirlntenduiit on do Kocrotulro, etc.,
otc, • 7
Uno Ri'ovo pout nffninorlos pnitvres
srovlslcs, mnlrt elle dolt etre profitable
aux palroiiH on lour porincltanl do d|ii-
poKor do lum* Hloek a. uu prlx plun el-
ovo. Voila In iinlltii-ui) (Ioh obotn do
rUnlon. HI cotto polltlnun lour ohI
prol'liiiblo iwi'Hoiiiiolloniont cm" olio
lour pe'rind, cIoh iiu'IIr lUinlHslonnont
on Kom 1'oiigoillon imi* los nilnoui's iVoh-
ti;iilr uno Ijomiio placo doit puiroim,
+ +■+.+■ + + + +.+■+, +' +
♦.                                             ■ ♦
♦ *            BANICI POZOR! ♦
♦ .               '  ♦
♦ r   . Homestake Mining Co. roz- ♦
♦ esila obezniky, v ktorych tvr- ♦
♦ di ,zo jej spor   s Banlkmi v ♦
♦ • South Dakole   je , uroynany. ♦
♦ ■ Nenochajto sa louto falosnou ♦
♦.zpravou svlost.    Zadhy Danlk ♦
♦ nesmlo u tojto   spoloclinostl t ♦
♦ vzint roboty bez-toho, nby si ♦
"-.nn     chclo   nevypalll    mono ♦
« . "Skcb.   , ♦
«   ' Preto pozor   neroblo    skc- ♦
-   ba. ♦
► '              Krnost Mills, ♦
► laj pokl. ♦
► Wostorn Fedora I Ion of Min- ♦
* '                                  ors, ♦
+■■* + + -<>■*><*•+■ + ■*>+■
O ♦
♦ ♦♦,♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ *■ '     ♦
+ -+<0>4*4>*t>+. + + -+. + +
, (Reynolds)
No Pay on Day of King's Funeral   *
Complaints nro still reaching us,of
lho wiiy-in which somo firms IrniUcl
Iheir working people on tho occasion
of the King's funoral. A London render slatos thnt. his employers--a so-
called Tariff noform"flrm nnd holders
of tlio Itoynl Warrant—not only closed
their promises nnd. stopped pay lor
Whit Monday'nnd'Whit Tiu-mlny, hut
nlso gave no wages on Frldny, tho diiy
of tho King's funoral, whon tliolr premises wore again closod,
• * * ♦
Thoro is evory reiiKon to believe nc-
fioriliinv to Route, h, Hint il is inloiidod
Unit tlio Duko of" ConiiitmUil shnll ho
llio ni.'.".! Govoriioi'-GeiM'i'iil of Ruimilji, jfroo , Inhorors  woro
ing lo tho'railway'clork the management have evidently decided to hnve
all-round mon. Insl end of specialists in
telegraphy, nnd nt several stations the
Instruments are,being transferred to
the parcels office. Tho staff of those'
stations Is being'reduced and some
telegraphers of over twenty yonrs In
the service have ben nppolntod ns ordinary clerks nt other stations. At
ono dopot the' clorlca undor '!0s a .week
havo been' advanced io that sum, but
at another n man nl 20s has to becomo
n competent sounder within a certain
length of timo or tliere will ho 1 rouble'
for him.
*   *   *
CoiiRlelornhlo consternation hns boon
caused iimongHl. lho docleors ul. Now-
port hy tho n wn rd1 of-tho umpire*, Tho
dispute nroso llirough AIohsi's. Moulder llrothors wishing to substitute-- dny
gage and pny men bytonnngo rates or
by' clay* wriffOB  ub ho mny. think fit,
nnd ns regards the whole or any poiv'-
lion of lho cargo provided;  nnd that
the  men   employed  by  tonnage  rato
and day wages Hhnll not bo ongnged
at lho snnio hatch nt tho snmo tlmo.
Tho men "nro to be engaged In gangs
of oighl; which ingy bo divided or hnvo '
moro than four mon added.     Mon required to work botwoon shifts Ahull bo
paid ul tho rnto of Is tlel per hour on
iho night shift nnd Is por hour In iho
dny tlino, und  having regard  to  Iho
i-lini'iit'ior of lho cargo    at Newport, ■
nnd   tho   somowhnt   exceptional' skill
and sln'ii(.',lli in sncui'lng geind stowage
Iho dnlly wagon rnto ahnll bo S:i niul
thn night rule 12s."
Tho int'ii, liowi'V-'i1 aro not salisfl.il,'-'
♦ Keop nwny from Illnlrnioru1;
♦ Altn., .Mines, ns int-n nre being
♦ laid off ut thnt plnno.
+ + +. + + + + +.
Ceunn ill  pniininutle'it    fru quiili-lns! I
dollo orgiiiilzziizloiil frn lo iionlro col-j
OIllO   I'l   llmvl* ■l'HKt'1'-*'- HOIH|lln     (|Ualc:llil i
M'lHHleuu' n-i't non piitovn iiiniiriiro nl '
Fortllii lliiint, !
Diitn oho u In tiiiihlottn linnilu un !
niiioHtro ultra mlogiiiuo por lo hum oo-;
ot'llonlo ituiilliu dl oH|ii'ilo ii priiih'ino, ■
Siibliiito 25 (llugiio, si mil in nuitrl-
nionlo ol 11 rlsputlhllo glovnno I'uul
(iuzz! ti In gontllo slgnnrlii Llbliorulii
t'ostiinzl, 11 llt'to ovonto posso nollii
plu boliu dollo nli'jufit■ soiiy.ii voriiiio In-
oidonlii ill.Hnrlri cho poiovu turburo lu
folleio oopphi, Auitiirliiiiio un pros-
poro uvvolilio o c|iinuilo prlitiu quiili'lio
I'i'iilto dol Kiioi lir,<ii'|)iii*ulil)lli> iinioii do
olio i' lit limvllnblii idohi dl lino odd
iuul ill loltl i;i*ii!((ni,
Tho deiolcot'K cnmo out on Hli'lko und
niportoel.     This
n lU'i'ordnnco with tho expressed wish! mattor, 'howovor, wns referred to Dw
of tlio Into King Eel wnnl. • nrhllrullnn llirough tho Iniorvoiuloii of
*   *   * hho Honrd of Truilo, tlio dnolii'i-H lu Uu*
A  bundle of iiHpnrngiiH, e-niilnlnlng i nibmitlnio  rosiiiiiliig  lliolr, work  nfid
12u hiiiuls und weighing IH lh. ii or... \Dw froo Inhori'is ri'luriiliiM to   (HnH-
which  gained  lho  chniiipionshlp  cup  now.     Tlm    iirhllrutors    woro    Mr
wages for tomiiigo nuos of pnyniont.  »'»1 »M llu' uniiiiie nlono hns signed
ut ,tlio I'lvosliuiii Show, wns soltl    t'eir
,   *   *   *
Mixed linililinr In now allowed    mi
ono ovoning I'or we .i?; nl the lliioknoy
Coiiiif'H'H prlucliuil baths in the lww<
Cluiuoii loail,
«■   *   *
. Tlio ilealh eil' eion'l'l'i'ey Mlwos wiih nl
IrlhiiiKij ni. n ('olclumlri' Imineht lo tali
Ing n loim ilriiiight of writer,
*   *   ♦
Of onliMlilellihlo IlitnroHl lo lliiliei'ti I
tho iiliili'iiinl iiiiiilo by Mr. II. W, tint-
hinmi.'iii <ln' MlnliiH I'lugiin'i-rs IiihII
nil'1, loiieoi'iiiiii; Uio eoal iIiikI ilii.my,
ll<- snid ihe e, ri'in fiindiiiiii'iitnl prln
i-lph- of llu1 mul dllM I Ill-ill,-. Ililf.lit
be sliiied iliu^: If niiy einiinlliy nf free
inr iippinxliiii'lelv I'reol ell!llllll lie In
Minutely mixed with five, kh- iippm..
Frt'ilorlcU Rout Ion, nihil I'lilur ,1'or'tli'
Klilp ownors, nml Mr. Hon Tlllott, ru
hliriitor I'or the inon,     Thoy sat for |
four dnys nl lho I Inn nl of Trndo offl-'
eon and took u I'oiiHldiTiiblo utnuunt I
i- j of .uvhlonee, nud limy I'ullml In unn-i', ■
;-,i) lho points lit It.Mii; xxoiv plm i-il In-j
| foro im Independent umpire, sir D*i\l<l
' llnirel,     Mn bus deoiihd umiliint ih".*
men, iiiiiI linn mnde nn uward in d'i'e
fnini llio Hllh IimI„ "Umi li shnll lie
at tho option nf the omplnyem In eie
thu decision this may not bu llio ond
or tho trouble. Mr. Bon Tlllct Is of
tlw- opinion thut lho wholo of tho poriH
of lho Houth Wnlos towns will be nf-
feote>d, nnd Mint Ihero Is every possibility of n llrlliHh Clmiinel strike or
lock tun.
Ilo Is qullo aguinsl any nliornilein nf
tho pros-enl loiiiuige- system nnd ho-
llovns Mint it* will lend in koi-Ioiih trouble.
A now nml ehenp eilllimi nf "IIi'uhm*
wiiikei-i,, of lieilln mid  lliimlnnlium,"
l.ilf, |ll:,l belli l,,,:i' il bj ,\I> „ 'I.I. Kill,'.;
'lie! Hull, Mii'iH SuilMmtrei't, \Voi<i-
infii-iiei. S,\V,, prli'o i;,|, Thin Jnliil
n pnri Iui'* uov.- i'eiifh"il ii-. Huh edition umi lum ulioiiily 'i p-jiied wide-
fprenil Ini ei ehi.
Mlll.'llely   free)   nvj>(en,   ilie   mlvllll*''   III
rle-miHolutn oonipotonto non nolo por i    ''» K<liiMIo Hlgiinm del Hlgnor   .»oo j |„rinimiiiil»ln.     In thlx phriiM.- "hillin-
rloi*rnnl-//iu*o lo l-Vrrilo Hnnd noiicho j^l,<0 K101'1'1«"""'" «" i'«Wlnvn uu grni-,- * n,„|y ,„|Xf,(|- i„Vn Mi" whole philosophy
qunlHtiiHl nltrn dol gmioro.    II e-ornlln'o ■ *hm> Imiiil-lno du linilo Hporiiin-AiiK-; ,lf, „„, l(ll|.i( ..spioHlun.    ■
o I rniiipoiiMitl potrohboro durgll plunl "1'l»»") fl',|,,l, uvvenlro u qunlcho altro j    A Him]o ]uln], ,.f ,.„„,_ Hnj. ,„„ ll)Hi
potorl do cho non hI doilum-hbo nlhi «" ttkl »»*fU-' ll1 P*-«'i.'l*-,ru koiIo porfoltu ,)„ vv,.|„|,ti Whh not oxplimlvo. mid it
nmi  mmiiM.f-.     i-lnrnnfn  dl  v.-dr-ro il ! Wiluto dopo ell qui ' ' '- '
mnoHtro pnrtlro orro comlnnlnrei   iliij"a' t'Oiivnltim-e'iun
' (I'vno'ii
I nwny,
capo cio cho (U-iUii-rublin In compluift |
scoiiipeirHii del .itiitumnii elt'llii buiidit j
llnllnna In Fi'rnl-i', c* non rluicIfnK* all'- j
Inrnlh'iihllo Tom Mnzzonohhllo, nttunloj
presidentn a Horroggorln dnto l'nmhl-
ano non saru fadlo romogoiiultu sonBn
un capo -ffrottlvo. IU\ un ortlo Indlu-
clpllnnto dnl gonluo a qunlcho nltro
coBlltuonto una plorola parte ell mop-
tannrl cho per enfin anno vlato la prima luco dl una nota o la prima sc'n-
llllnrn ell una niiova torra pnrMtl elal
fotlco tUHurlo Inobbrlntl da Kognl npot-
otlel mirTORnlo tlnl cano x\o\ piccolo
"n^nun" lmpnvlell dohbrobrlo
rotra I'ernlc gionit dl una banda dol
Sti-nloil tetiilers nddrOHftPil to We ft
linbliLiw, melilteeiN, mul mnrlwd 'Tondor for Chrlut Church,' will bo received
up to noon of Saturday, tho 2r-th dny
of Juno' for Mm building of n church
for Mu* wm (Ions and von try of Christ
Church, Ferule.
I'lnnn and specification*) mny bo nocn
nl Iho nftlco nt tho undornlgiiod.
Tho sueeesufiil tenderer will Uo roqulred to fiimlRli a nallifactory bond
acoltlrl foV lv MM W|U'1' tu lIlu 4u"ou,lt ot ,lu'
Tho lowest or any londcr not noce***-
noma lutlano -che lanlo I no««rl anlrn- fcar-jy nwcptcd
atl feccro per tonorlo nl pnro dl tultl
gll altri dn Dante a Marconi, da Verdi a Pwrlri! da .ngnnnf-ftl a d'A-mroilo,
i» nol f rt rf f twrnl «n» r jw#i«lhbH-» _
calp«»tlano per pcrdcrc II donate* pro-
Advertise in the Ledger
nn   llio   flvi,   If   liiivii,,,!   pln'.'l
llllt   Mio  10 peiiiuilH of roal-1
dint,  linoly  iliviili'd,  nml  rulsod   by i
homo Klinck us n cloud of nlr, was ox-;
pW>i!(v*>\ If Dwy wonted to pt-evont Mi*-
conl dun) oxpIoHioiiH they musi guniit
ngiiltiHt Mi" poiiHlbllty of tho conl dust
i       , ,i, „ i„<i.., , i,   . i.   i   ..'ii,   •;
nlr of Mm mine. I'mmwiuenily nny
shexlc Mial might raise Mm (Insl me a
t'lniid lu the nlr should ho continuously
giinrdoil ngnhiKl. This could lie dono
hy lfi)<:rltiK and iiilelug It with water.
Any Hiidilon nfcmsHlon of hoar Hhouhl
ho Hii'irdeil ncrnlnnf hy providing mi
efficient milliter ftlmorbent of heitt.
Mul npnrt from tbiH ho derlnred Mint
Dw Kf-iH-rul co-flpcratlon of the- rank
and fllo of iho mlno workura wrni nlso
in .oKKary.
*   •   •
If nil lho railway companies In the
.Minify trMow xhr lf-ad wblrli bnn bet-n
not by thf South Knntrrv nod Chnthnm
rallwayiucei who act aa lokgraplo rt*
only will bnye to look out.    Accord-
List of Locals District 18
Dlfttrlel *-!ei-ieuii\ up iii Mny lul, l'.D%
I'  Wie ''M' >, IVliUi- ml, Attn
N,   Mellulllieli,    lli'UVi'l    I leel,,   -.ill    I'lliellcr
,1. Ilinlvn, Helleii'iii', rmi.it, Aim.
.linn h Tiiuitmll, Mliitimtiie, Aim.
Win, Ahliton. lluiiiiiH, Aim.
Wm, Anne|l, I'miiiuu'i-, Alt",
T. lli-rnb-v  rmil I'ltv Tnliei, Aim.
W. eirnhiiiii, Ciilemmi, Aim.
ll. M.   DllMi'h, I .HIKillllltll', I'tilelli.llt,  Alllt,
.1. At .In,  Ciudlff,  Aliit,
T. K.St. Aiu.iiii. t'.uditf, Alia.
Jim, Uu vis, Coriiiii, 11. *',
fli.'O. UoI-hoii, Dhiiiioiiil City, l.i'ilihrlilco,,
HifJilinl 'I iiiiinpioii, l-iit**!'!- I'liiix, Mliiiniiiein
M. Hoiiio, till  l.ortie Mt, Norwood, IMmontnii
I). Ilei>8, I'Vrnle 11. C.
C. Nicol, Frank, AIU|.
J. W Morris, llosmc'r, M. O.
J. 0. .lonoH, IlillcroHt, Altn.
H. I'lvnnn, Konitmro.  ,V,  n.
h. Moore, I'. U. 113. LellibrldKO, Attn
W.'h. Kvnnn. T.tllo, Frnnk, Altn.
F. TlotiHC-rl. Mnplo Le.'Jif. Ucllovuo, Altn.
I   M. nirrcll, Mlchol, 11. O.
Noll Diincnn, I'.imshurs, Hollevuo. Alta.
Oscar CarlRon. I'mmhurg, Alta.
Chaa. Hmlth. Iloyol foil.. U'thbrlelKO. Alta.
A. Shaw, Strathcona, Alia,
Wm. Ilnnnpll, Tahor. Alrn.
B. llrown, Tnber, Altn.
Corri'i.tod hy IM
'J !i
lllllll! Ill-Ill!
Ileiilei'  ('ri'i'ln
fnill  Cltv
Dimmiiid City
i.nmiminn          ,
„ IlillcroHt
" Ki nin,'ire
Mnplo l.ofif,
Polico Flnta
Hoynl ('olllorles
■-./ ___."*'    -
■--wr-*-.  *- ■*■-
^sr^j^Li^rX^r, -r '.yy
THE JHtTMCT. LEPOEft,. ERNig,   &. <j; JULY 2, 1910
- r ,;f;,s-.;
1  5\
,Hot tea or' coffee served "at Ingrams
pool room:
For Rent: Commodious   rooms for
• lodge or union meetings.     See   Joe
Goupill at the Waldorf. •- tfc
Wanted:; Two furnished rooms and
kitchen.    Apply-Ledger Z.
Picture framing done neatly, and
cheap at the Tritos.-Wood Co.
Always rgady: ham sandwiches and
' coffee at Ingram's.
It's up to you. - We are here to save
you money in furniture and stoves.
The Trites-Wood Co.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Just the thing early in the morning
or late at night: a hot lunch at Ingram's.
Small house* of, furniture for sale.
Suit couple. Very reasonable. Apply
H. M. West Fernie. '     '        p
Wanted: A girl to do general work.
One who is agreeable to children. Apply to Mrs. Mutz at the Brewery.
Wanted: A young girl for, light
housework; no children! Apply Mrs.
George B. Bell, Macpherson avenue.
The Files aro coming. Get your
screen doors, window screens and refrigerators at the Trites-Wood Company.     The cheapest in tho city,
House for Sale wllh 2 lots In WeBt
Fernio; ,r> roomed house, water. Enquire of B. Harper, McPherson avenue.
For Sale: Team of horses, good general purpose animals, price $185. A.
MacDonald Co., Wholesale Grocers,
' Sloan-Duployan Shorthand can be
taught In 12 lessons. Send for specimen lesson to Thomas Bradshaw, I, S.
D.D.M. Frank, Alta.
Listen, we can save you from $20.00.
to $25 on a sewing machine, and give
you the best, "The Standard," the machine that has them all beat, and then
some. The Trites-Wood Co.
■For Rent: A six roqmed house with
water over sink and toilet inside, near
Methodist church, ?15 a month, ready
lst June. , Apply Walter Huiraable.
For Sale: A lot 50x132, all cleared,
with a five room house, nicely finished and painted, completely furnished.
To rent or to sell. The Gill boarding house,o,containlng 14 rooms and a
well established dining custom! Situated on Pellat, avenue. Apply at the
' -Wanted: House cleaning or day labor of any kind. " Mother of five children and widow of member of U. M. W.
A. Leave word with R. L. June, Box
95. ;
Two acres of land, 1 3-4 acres cleared, house 24x26 three board, stable 14
xl4 2 storey, chicken house 14x12 also
three board. , Price 1050 dollars;
$500 down, balance In ten months. Apply, to E. Harper, McPherson ave'nu-e^
The Store of Good Values
You can increase"the'purchasing power of your dollar bytMHsg here
wdere you receive in return good store service, together with the biggest
and best values obtainable.
For Saturday selling, and as an inducement for you to try Royal Household Flour, if you are not already a sat-,
isfied user, we offer this, the^ highest
grade Flour obtainable, at a price'that
should prove interesting to the careful
house keeper!
100 Lb. Sacks $3.10: 50 Lb. Sacks $1.60
An Everyday Price
*    St. Charles Family Size Cream
St. Charles Large Size Cream
20c Tin   * .1  ■■'
A seasonable offering, and one that
should be appreciated now. the hot weather is here, for Saturday selling: -'   '
Limoneria Lemons 20c, per Doz.
Remember we are headquarters for
Preserving Fruits, and for Fruit Jars.
1-2 Gallon Jars, per dozen .$1.40
Quarts, per dozen .'...;.... .$1.00'
Pints, per dozen  90c
Special Offering for- Saturday Selling
White Swan   Laundry    Soap,   full
weight and size- ,      * :'
•> 8 Bars 25c
You want thebest, especially in butter. •> We have/it aneTour 'every day
price means a, saving to you.
Alberta Government Creamery. Butter
, -"W" " Per Lla SOc^;^    -!'
Two More Specials for Saturday Selling
, Birds Custard Powder /  .lQc
Large. Size    Orange    Meat,,  per
Package '..".•  .20c
If you are supplied with Shirts,, Col*
lars, Neckwear, Etc., from- this- men's
toggery, you need never fear criticism
of either the'style or quality of. your
appearance. '«      '*.'*'.'.    .
' Men's Fancy Lisle Socks- Assorted
Colors and -Patterns.
40c and 50c Pair '".-■'
,.* Ladies' Summer Vests, Silk and Lisle,
■made with silk lace yoke and with or
without' sleeves   .     •
For Saturday Selling 50c.
Ladies' Two, Piece House, Dresses,
made of Black Print,with white polka
dot pattern. These dresses are made
good and full and very suitable for morning wear.  ,*'   . -
For Saturday Selling 95c
Ladies*' Mercerised Lisle Gloves with,
two. pearl dome fasteners! in <• Black,
White, Greys, Tans and Browns. Sizes
six to' seven and a half:
■*.*.' For Saturday Selling 25c "pair -
Canvas Shoes will keep your feet
delightfully cool during the hot weather; wo um showing some of the dressiest, asts in both light and.dark colors.
- $1.60 to $3.50
Women's Fine Dongola Shoes with
Patent Toe'Cap, good value atathe regular selling; price of $3.50 ,
,.;-. For Saturday Selling $1.95 \   *.
Boy's Wash Blouses made of good
washable crash suiting, with-blue'-and
white sailor collars, trimmed with
braid. ;;'.--,.■•'   ■   ,'_*■      .'
. For Saturday Selling 60c-'
Lion Brand,Clothing   for Boys, the
kind that stands the te'st^the kind we
have tested and recommend you to buy, *
full of character, well made and well
fitting. Double knees, seat and elbows, where the strain is greatest. We
. invite your inspection.   -The prices are
based-on quality..     .".    --,     * ■■■: »
-.*>-,*-*     *■■ ,    . ~       , i.
Don't overlook our .'stock reducing!
Furniture Sale, for your dollars at.this
time will circulate around big values. If.,
you are interested ih this money saving*'
event examine our offering's; the .values
are so good that they^speak for themselves.' • -    ',..• ,-yy^--'?.   ,""~- -"''*
"'. -r-rv-   s» '*"*%• ■«■>* .V^.' ■> V!!-*'-?*.t?. •"-'-■.' •J*--".!.''
•^-    COOK1NG7"       7   -
i . .-*>*.
, Why spend your time ln the
kitchen while all the others are
out enjoying themselves? Among
our canned goods you can pro-.
vide a whole ready'to eat meal
fronh soup tQ-.dessert".--'Stop, ln
anek'see ..what*/ aij-vvimmense
choice you jiave-'atthis "grofe-
eryj" .....-,, 7V
,W.. J.
♦ ♦♦♦'♦V-»-»'
For ten days only beginning Saturday
18th to the 28th.
To the first ten orders given for our
High Grade, Made to' Measure'Suits
we are giving very special inducements
The first order gets Inducement N(o. 1
which (» the best.of all; then the second order gets No. 2 inducement, and
so on.
You had better get around early and
aee the plan.     It's a god one for you.
Attention to our Men's Furnishings
for a few days will surely pay you.
Our grocery stock is complete. Free
and prompt delivery.
The Cash Merchant
'o ;.'
Opp. Post Office
SUITS   arid
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York" and English
; Cloth and Styles
PAMTOPITTM   Rooms  2 and 3, The A. Beck Block
Great Reduction Sale of Ladies ready-to-wear Clothing, White Wear, Dress Goods; Trimmings
To make room for new fall stock soon to arrive Mrs. E. Todd is now, compelled to put on a Sacrifice skQ.th'ajb":mQaiis a spying."to every woman
in Fernie and district.    All goods offered^ for sale are hewaiid of the latest cuts and patterns, and, no't.a cheap lot'of' goods that have become
discolored and is being sacrificed just for the sake of getting (rid of it.    ■,
Thousands   of Dollars   Worth   of   Goods   to   be   Sold   in   a   Few   Days
and at prices that were never offered before in Fernie. 'Space does not permit to enumerate but here will, be found almost everything that a
woman requires in the way of wearing apparel. Every article tor sale will bo marked in plain figures so that at a glance you can toll/ 'how
your dollars will go. Tin's will doubtless be the greatest clearing sale of Ladies' goods that Fernie has evei. experienced and one that will not
1)0 repeated for some times to come. Now is the time to make $1.00 do the work of $2.00 and ovon better. • Millinery not included in tho salo
^Mk «au ^*ay*>
nil *w% #1
1*1 I WT
A 4rW        0s.fr
0)     I |
^"■■^Wi    W       i^^^k\       ^^~*a\%     \aa%   ^r
i *m*i*Am,imiti<*if
Terms Strictly Cash,-       Mb Goods Returnable
-1* .
E* "n"
*;; ^us-xrtxwr*! «rr..*~>-. ,.< aa_. ;**
*-»*r* *-•*•_. ■*.>■"*•
fi i-
-I   W
*. i. -, ;%  ,). .
wi Vf,.-' : »,
•.".-■Wi'-Vtf- \.*WUt-P
"^*     ,     r*.r.*i *


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