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i --/■ '     i  i *_r __■_■""■* ^ _■_*_
■ i
■\ ■
:>. ..*-
industrial Unity is Strength
VOL. V.   No. 49
The Official Orera-n of District No. 18, V. mr.._W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
FERNIE,   B. C,  July  9t__   1910
$1.00 a. Year
Young Life Snuffed Out
In No. 2 Mine-Was
•'■ Exemplary Life
A very sad accident happened this
(Monday) morning about 12.30 at Coal
Creek resulting in the instantaneous
death of Chris DIngsdale. .* Deceased,
who. was nearly.IS years of age, was
in the employ of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal company at'Coal Creek,
where he followed the occupation of
dinkey, or electric motor, driver. ,
. From evidence received he was coming.out bf No. 2 mine,and*as is usual
was riding on the front platform when
-t is surmised that his head,-,came ln
r ,. ,
- contact with a'1 projecting boom which
either struck him with sufficient force
to knock him off, or else he made an
attempt to jump clear, but failed to do
so, arid the motor running over him
inflicted injuries of such a nature
that death must have been Instantaneous. ,*      .'■■*■''.'
.The unfortunate youth' was sfeady,
reliable, and. of a retiring character,
of a .decided mechanical turn of mind,
most ofo his spare money being spent
for models of machinery in which.he
took a great interest. - *''.'.,
His father, who is well known in
the Pass, is at present working in
South Wellington, and only a few days
jigO Joe, a younger brother of the de:
has been Informed of the distressing
event by wire.
The poor mother is stricken sorely,
as this boy. was the man of the house
, In ..his fathers .absence," and .she lias
collapsed' under .tie1 avirfiQness of th'e
.'blow. . • .* "- *,•-&-• ..'■ - ....,'-;'" '
' -Tlie whole family have the heartfelt
sympathy of the entire community In
this horu of dire calamity.
-An inqifost into the accident will be
held  tomorrow  (Tuesday)  night    at
Inquest was held on Thursday evening, and tho jury returned a verdict
of "accidental death." The funeral
took placo on Friday to the local
cemetery. *   Services ln the Anglican
•church woro hold by the Rev. W. S.
Walton, aftor whicli tho cortege proceeded to tho gravo headed by tho Salvation Army baud playing, suitable
airs. , .
„A largo crowd of niembors of Glad:
stone local 2314 and friends of tho
family accomjinnled the remains to its
last resting plnco.
Any Information regarding prosont
whereabouts of .Tosoph Smith Is aux-
loufily desired by his sorrowing mother.
Hi* was ono of tho first, eiliockwoigli-
men omployod nt, Conl Crook, and It
Is reported Unit, ho wns e/no of tho
mon engaged In tlio work ot shingling
tho e)hl wooden tipple, Ho wns horn
nt. SHngHby, Yorkshire,' Hug., nbout
yonrs f/i go,'Hhovl not, mountni'ho, faoo
r.lcnii bIi'ivqiii mouth riithor wido, noso
uciuillno, I) rond I'oroliend of mod lum
hnlghl, i'lngoiH long iuul broiul, H*mt-
ulnlo, Wlfo dloil nt Calgary. Lnler
ho wont tei Spokane* but roturnod to
Cnlgnry nbout tliroo years ago slnco
which tlmo nil tra.o of him hns boon
lost. Photo tnkon yearn ngo Is In
hands of I), Roes, Hoorotnry loonl H'lM
. iirnlo, U, C.
Tlni nilHlroHH of llio nmthenintlonl
cliiHH wna inull*eiuull'-*lng for lior nm-
Ihomntle'iil pnpllH, whilst  hor ninth-.
iiiiilk'iil pupllH woro liiwnrilly tiinlhu-
unitizing iniitlioiuulloH,
"Nuiv Hiippeniii,' wild tlio iiiIhIi'ohh,
"I  Iuul  n   IIOIIIIll  of llllllllll "
At which point It oeie-ui'i'Od to hor
how niue'li lioitor hIio oould llluntrnto
hor example) to lior youthful ohnrgoH
If hIio really liml n pound of plintiH.
.   -'Mco'v" olio unlit tn 1 t'lrl nf olpht.
"liorn'H sdvpi noo, do out nnd got ma
n pound ot plunm., And uh 1 am ,toiiu;
to glvo tlieuu iu tho end to tlio tiirl
who gota the sum right first, bo suro
before you buy thom thnt you pinch
ono or two J"Bl to boo thnt thoy ani
A fow mlnutos nnd Mnry had returned. With fliiBhed fnco and triumphant oyos sho nppronchod tho
teachor'n desk na ono worthy of com-
mindntloti, nnd plumped down u bag
of plums and tho sixpence).
"Thoro mum?" shn nnld, "1 pinched
oi.i or two an you told mo and when
tho man wan not looking I flinched tho
blcMcd lot."
________    \
TORONTO July 5—Chlof Ju.tlce Btr
William Mc-rt-dlth has been appolntesd
» rnmmlnnlonor by the Ontario irnvrrn-
nient to ntu<Iy tho question of work-
mon'* componsatlloti.  *
■ (Reynolds)
.Unfortunately the strike at Newport
has hot been satisfactorily settled by
the intervention of the-Board of
Trade. "At one time it *was thought
that some agreement would have been
reached, but it has turned out quite
different from what was expected.TIie
Watch Committee has altered their
previous decision ■ and have now Imported ,300 extra police into the town.
There is not tho slightest doubt but
that trouble of a serious naturo is expected, and to complicate matters
men have been again imported into
the town to "take tho place of the
strikers. Matters went so far that
the Homo Secretary" instructed tho
local authorities to take steps to meet
any contingency. When Sir David
Harrel, the umpire, gave his decision
against the dockers, the ,latter held a
meeting and decided to refuse tho
award. The award was to have
come into force on Monday, but it is
■now likely that-work will not be re-
'sumed 'for .the next two or three
weeks.. Mr. Tom Mann lias visited
Newport and addressed* tho men out
on strike employed by Messrs. Hould-
er Brothers and Mr. I. Mitchell of the
Board of Trade,. has also, tried to
bring about a peaceful settlement.'
Mr. Ben TIHett states that'the men
are opposed to the-alteration of the
present' system of tonnage* payment,
and that-the dockers are dissatisfied
with the definitions in clauses relating to payment under the day system,
and the apparent neglect to recognize
the custom of the port to working time
Sunday work, holiday- time" and the
regulation of the.half-day payments.
Over 100 constabulary men have now
been stationed' on the dock. When
they arrived they were received quietly by the strikers.. They went into
temporary quarters, a huge marquee,
and on Tuesday the SHipping Federation imported 80 men to carry on the
work. _,. At, the present moment it is
difficult'to, tell how the dispute will
end.     •v' ..  .,.. -
For" the second time ;.within,. three
.V_iar_=+li-a^__.(_ ___»-iii*V___*•!_Vv*»___ifnn_«_" _)«_ _
v **■**,* m=--uw-_ji-vb-uu ucu-uj—iti^jooi a~JJa-J ■"
ber, Walker* and Co.,* at Eastwood,
Noti*). are to be closed down owinc; to
d'dispute between th-?1 owners and the
employees.- The"latter number about
3000. : At the conclusion'of the strike
three years-ago the management provided electric coal cutters and a new
haulage plant. This was installed at
High Park, Binsley, and Moor Green
Pits... Now tho owners aro pressing
for'a revision of "getting" prices, Involving reductions on the ground that
the miners are getting more coal for
the same amount of work.1 • The men
on tho other hand contend that the
extra earnings are'more than"absorbed by tho Increased cost of explosives and that a greater amount of
labor is involved in broaking up tho
coal after ,it hns boen blown down.
The mon strongly object to tlio owners imposing new .terms of, working
nnd at prosont no suggestion Is forthcoming of nny proposal which, Ih like-,
ly to bo nccoptablo.
* *   *
A conforenco on the question of unemployment Is to bo hold nl Purls iie\t
September, It, is to bo of nn interim-
tlonal character, but. the proceedings
nro to bo hold in privato nnd.only tho
persons who nro Invited can nltond,
It is intondod to illscuss the mothoe'ln
adopted by various countries In donl-
ing with unemployment, tho quest Ion
of collecting HtnllijlicH, lnbor exchange,
biiroiiiiK, oto. Amongst tho member.*,
of llio BrUlHlrsection*nro tlio Rov,
S. A .llnrnott, Miv-Sldnoy Wobb, Mr,
'Soobohm Kownlreo and Mr. .1. A,
, *   *   #
It nooniB fairly eortnln thnt lutor on
thoro will bo roi'Ioiih troiiblo In tbo
rot I on trndo. , From tbo roport of
lho Ashton Opornllvei Splnnon*' Ahkoc-
lulloii ,\vo nolo that. Mr. JO. -.ludsou,
tlio Hoorotnry, rofoi'H to the doclHluii
of tlio employers not lo forco tho flvo
por cont reduction of wngon for three
month*-*, "In tho light of whnt. lum
t'-leon place In this pant," lio wrlluii,
"IIiIh notion Is not to bo wondered nt,
for llio winter Ih lho houkoii always
elioHon by (lm emplnyni'H for u fight,
knowing Ihnt Uio cost of living I lion
in grout or nud Uio Buffering moro
ncnlo nt thin period." Mr. .Tmlnnn
Ilion rofoi'H lo till) MlggOHllOIl of II
e-iiiii'lllfillnii ni.'lionio iih vory Improbable. "I'or In almost nny Hdiomo for
Dw rogiilutlon of wuge'H in Uio e-ntion
IndiiHlry Iho nporntlvoH nro bound to
Buffer most." Mr, T. Asliton tlio hoc-
ml nry of tho Oldlinm Oporntlvo Abho*
(■IniInn Hfntos thnt. tlio danger of a
dlHtiHti'otiH Btojipngo of work tn   tlio
Lninnnnlitrf* potlnti tnitnofvj' lion 1\ni-,'!>
iive-rtod for thevtlmo lining, nnd thnt.
In nil probability whon tho throo
iiionUiH aro up thoro will bo such a
clmngc In conditions thnt the employers will have no denim to forco Uio
reduction In wngon,    Spinning opnrnt-
i,.„„   „.in i -,,.,,  »,. ...,ii. i   ,.
contlnuo working short tlmo as thoro
if, not Bufficlsnt cotton to enable thom
to work full tlmo until tho now crop
♦ •   ♦
A striko hns been In voguo In tlio
Clfffnn Coillory, .VotfIngham, tor tho
past nlno months, but an ngrcomont
hns lioon mnohod which will prohnh-
Jy lend to tho ending of tho* dlnputo.
Tho striko has already cost tho Notts
Miners Association -Cl&.OOO, and almost 1000 men nnd hoys havo been
thrown out of" worlc. Tho causo of
the strlk-** was Uio Introduction of the
-vmf ffutdn-j machlnoit and the men
refused to accept a lower rato of
Important Case For
... ,',.■>'■* *    -
Miners at Frank
Jean Baptlste Lobert, a mine employee died on ..July 3rd as a result
of Injuries inflicted by a runaway car
on June 24th. The Canadian Coal
Consolidated Company laid complaint
against Arthur Decaux under the provisions of ttie Provincial'Mines Act,
trying to fix the blame upon him.  '■-■
After Lobert's' death the R. N. W.
M; P. charged Deceaux with being the
cause bf Lobert's death.
The trial of the case in the first
instance was begun on Saturday, July
2nd, which resulted in an adjournment
until ■ a certified copy of the, regulations of the Frank mine was received
from Edmonton. In tho meantime Lobert had. succumbed a coroner's inquest begun.on 'Wednesday'the 6th'at
Frank before Coroner-Pinkney of Lille.
The Company'made determined effort
to attach criminal negligence and malicious J-nterit upon Decaux but without
avail, failing in "every, point.    -
The inquest terminated'at 6 p.m.
on Thursday evening and the jury after, searching inquiry*and earnest deliberation, had been made, actuated
solely by am honest desire to learn the
truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, not only brought in a
verdict of complete exoneration ■ for
Lobert, freeing him" from all blame,
but added strong riders thereto as to
the necessity for making required
changes in the conditions and operation of the Frank mine looking to the
safeguarding of the lives of the em-
ployeer. - A large number of witnesses were examined and the able manner
in which the jurors performed their
duties i8*a splendid tribute to their
After an hour's careful deliberation
the following verdict was rendered:
"That Jean Baptlste Lobert came
to his death as a result of Injuries received at shaft mine, through being
struc by a mine car having been accidentally allowed . to run away by
one Arthur Deceaux."
Rider 1: And we severely criticize
the mine management for allowing drivers and loaders to handle their cars
without strictly observing the rules
relating,to the same; and for not providing some means of communication
whereby drivers and loaders might
warn men at the shaft bottom of cars
having got beyond control. *
Rider 2: And we recommend that
the grade of the south slope be lowered, so as to reduce danger, and taht a
stop block be placed in such a position oas to stop runaway cars before
arrival at a,point where men may be
Rider 3: And we recommend that
the ^management shall -acquaint all
men 'working in the mine "as to who
is IN FACT Pit Boss, to whom men
may make reports ^and from whom
they must take their instructions, and
that the rules regarding the handling
of cars be printed in both French and
English and be posted in a conspicuous place in the mine.
W. C. Simmons, barrister of Lethbridge, had the case well in hand for
Deceaux and the TJ. M. W, A':, making
a masterly defence on behalf of his
client, and accompanying the jurors
to the scene of the accident where a
thorough Investigation lasting over an
hour and a quarter was * made" and
valuable data secured on which they
could premise their verdict.
President Powell, Vice-President C.
.Stubbs and International Board Member Charles Garner worked valiantly
in their efforts to free the unfortunate
brother from the unjust imputations
that were assayed against him.
1 The following Is a list of the jurors
.whose decision based on the evidence
adduced speaks volumes for the able
manner in which they dealt with so
trying a situation.
Harvey Murphy (Foreman) Dry-
goods merchant.
John Robertson,"mining engineer,
Frank. ,      a        ''   "
H. Roberts, bookkeeper at the Imperial hotel at Frank.
Richard McGowan, Furniture-, dealer
A. I. Blaise, provision ■■ merchant,
- S. F. Lesser," Bookkeeper for A. V.
Langs, Frank.
Despite the verdict so emphatic in
its rendering Deceaux was incarcerated in a cell at the police barracks,
5 1-2x6 1-2x5 1-2, and the police authorities are holding him on a" charge
of straight murder.
Later: Telephone message informs
us that the. unfortunate man was taken on=the local to McLeod to await
trial there in about eight days time.
With the object of lessening the. boy
labor evil., the post office authorities
are proposing to reduce" the number,
of boy messengers and transfer ttie
duty, to girls. 7
* The ballot of the workers at   the
tion of a united refusal to be transferred to the new factory at .Greenock if
the admiraltyt did.not provide, proper
housing accommodation for all on the
Clyde'side, resi|ljtted inthe proposal'be-
ing.lost," bu.'oer ttiree'hdndred' men
did not vote either,one way or tbe
other. ,    .   -" ,',;.,.
■• The International Seafarers' Union
has decided to,ask the Shipping Federation to fix a uniform scale of wages
at all ports In the British Isles, to
abolish all Federation officers and
medical tests. ^ The Union is preparing camps outside tho chief ports in
which to house 40,000 seamen in the
event of tho proposals not being accoptod, and should there bo a stoppage of work.
The employers In tho engineering
trades in tho'north west of England
havo refused to entertain an application for an advance of wages to tho
extent of 1-4 d per hour,
C. P. R. GivingVEvGry Assistance to This Worthy
In tho your 1D0S thoro wero 1-13,2158
minors Injured nnd 134fi killed in tho
mines of Croat llrltnln. In other words
It costH four lives to win a million
Ions of conl, , .Theso men who Hpond
tliolr days In llio elnrkhoss underground, In tho most dlsninl nnd uu-
comfortnble nnd unhealthy positions,
uro dally and hourly running tho risk
of (loath'in Its mont, terrible forms--
dcntli, by polsonoiiR fume-H, liy explosions, liy bolng crushed undor sonio
fulling bouldor, or by slow Htnrvnliou,
Iniprlnonoel In n living tomb. It ' Is
not. moroly conl that wo burn In our
grntos, but tho lives of human ovon-
turofl, nnd many despairing widows
nnil oriiliinnH nro llio prle-o of tho
bright liroslilo in lho Iiouho of tlio
rich mnn, A dramatic dlBnslor like
Unit fit Whitehaven sorvos lo e-nll our
attention forcibly to this Hiibjoe-t, but
wo tond to forgot Uio dully micrlflrcH
In oiioh mul twe-H which nro tolling
place nil over Uio count ry. It Ih UiIh
stoiidy, daily 111 Ilo nce'ldou! list Unit.
hwoIIh tho totnl, Huoh Mingle nceiid-
entn iih the WhlU'lmven iIIhiihIci* hardly nffe'ct the nvorngo.
Mr, F.uoe-h' F.dwitnli--., iho mlnoiH
louder, did woll lo noi/,0 the innmoiil,
whon tlio public e'oiiwli'iu'i- Ih loiuler
upon tho Hiibjont, to movo In ■ tlio
IIoiiho of CommoiiH for n more rigorous npplle'iitlon of the mining re-giila-
tleuiH, for tin Iiuto'iko In the iituff of
liiHpcctorH and for the oietiibllHhinuiit.
nf roHoiio niul oxporlmontnl Htnlloiin In
overy mining aron, All of Uioho
th!"."*3 V.v. C.'.uveV.!*!! .".'.' _!_::. _>t'*,_
tnry, prntnlscil tn porform. TTo will
Introduce*) n iion-conlrovorHlnl bill thin
HOflslon for Uio better orgnnlzntlon of
rescue work. At tho samo time, tho
Homo Socrotnry will ho umpoworod
to mnko orders nH to roscuo work In
*.i.c toAu*\< tii,') J.» W.C X.*i,i  iuiki,\l* Xiim'.tt,
with rcgnrd to explosives, Tho brond
human tongue of Mr. Churchill's nd-
dress, tho knowledge which hn displayed of tho naturo of tho problem,
nnd his evident determination to
make thc lives of tho workors (ho
flnit consideration, gavo unlveruat aat-
Isfactlon to tho Labor, and especially
to thn mlnfeiff momhore, nnd Nr, Klor
Hnrdlo eo far unbended as to doclaro
that "tho discussions promised to bo
one of the nost fruitful ihnl had ever
taken pUco within the walls of the
Minim**; can never he made a pleas-
nut, -j.vucu.ttim, but It til within lho
power of the statesman to Insist that
It shall b« made less dangornue.
For some time* past we have been
In communication with Mr. S. A, Gld-
low, who has chargo of the St. Johns
Ambulance Association on behalf of
the C. P. R. with a view to having
him visit Fernio and seo some demonstration of what local teams aro cap-
ablo of .doing, and In this laudable
work were assured of tho hearty cooperation of Mr. James Ashworth of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
nnd also woro promlsod by Mr, B.
Caufield of Conl Creok that his toam
would vory 'Willingly partlclpato' In
showing how to render First, Aid. Wc
regret very much^ lo state that thoso
plans ennnot bo ^carried out as Mr.
Glellow Is In rocolpt of Instructions
from Sir Tbomns Slinuglinossy to Ihir-
ten back with nil speed to organlso
the men on the Eastern lines1 at tho
onrliost posslblo moment. Already a
conslilornblo numbor of mon hnvo on-
rolled ln thono cIiishoh In Winnipeg,
Cnlgnry, Vnncouvor, XoIhoii. Eholt,
Rovelstbleo and Crnnbrook and others
will bo orftiuilsie-d In tho very noar futuro In Lotlibrldgo and Medicino l.'nt,
A circular Iiiih bon Ismiod to nil liondii
of (lopnrtnioiilH Hinting thnl It" Ih tbo
liilentlnn nf Iho oompnny In ronnr»o.
tion willi Uioho Rt. John Ambulance
]eclim*K to Hiipplomont tho knowledge-
thai C. P. It. employees will obtain
by furiilHliliig nu omorgoncy medical
outfit to the enhooRon or hooii as com-
iluclorH hnve paused tho examination,
showing thnl. tlioy aro compete-ill lo
ndtniiiiKler find, aid, and Uioho .iih-
filH will bo supplied iih noon nn r-nrllfl-
rntOH nro Issued to thom.
I'liHHonger trnln im-owh aro oxpontod
to tako tho loi'tuH'H ti nd mako Uioin-
R-'lvi'H I'ffle.lt-IH, Kini'i'geiicy outfllti
will, nn at piKent, be carried on all
Bleeping cni'R.
Whero no Klfc'iilng enr Ih ntlnclieil to
lho trnln tho iik .Ileal mil fit will form
pnrt of thei cniidiicinrH nut fit, ll Is
the wish of Uio Compiiny thnt nil trnln-
men Hhould tnke nn InlereHf In UiIh
work, nnt only for lhe benefit of tho
pnHHongorH, bin mi tlieir own beihnlf
nH woll.
Tho nnminl mooting of tlm Homo
llnnk whh held rncontly In Toronto,
nnd tho Hltitomi'iit. Mibmlueil to thu
shareholders hIiowh thut a very huc-
cossful your linn Junt boem conclude.!.
V ii en) is a i'i(K<! iinieiihe in ihu iMiuie'H
nnnotH, nnd tho deposItH have grown
a million nnd a hnlf dollars ovor whnt
thoy wero a yonr ngo. A gradual In-
oroaso In deposits has heen a feature
of Hhmo HnnU nnnunl reports. Even
in the; yonrs whan deposits woro fnll-
InK off on aecc-niit of Dw blub rnh-H
of Intorost pnld on othor Investments,
thu Home Dunk showed a email ualn.
The shareholders of the Homo Hank
of Cnnnda hnve been pnld the 6 pe>r
cont dividend quarterly on their holding*, and after paying theso dividends
tbo Bank has sufficient In Its Profit
account to add nearly H2,000 to tho
Heswivb lumi, 'Cho nuinlxar of shnrt--
holders has very largely Increased,
and they now number nearly 1400.
The general meeting of the Institution  of  Mining Engineers  was' held
at Burlington House, on the   2nd inst.
TJir7n3rsimpon*"ofT5urham,   presid™
Ing- -. ■ „ ■
On 'the motion of the president it
was decided to send an address* to
King Georgo, expressing profound re-,
grefand grief' at'the" _eath*'of King
Edward, and an assurance of loyalty
to the throne.    '      °
The President announced that the
Council had passed. a resolution of
sympathy with tho' sufferers in the
Whitehaven disaster. I-Io said that
In 1852 when the output of coal In the
country was 55 million tons, a thousand lives were lost per annum. Now
tho output of,'conl was over 250,000
tons por annum and the loss of life
was the same. The calling ,of the
minor today was about five times as
safe as it was 58 years ngo, and ho
thought tho'Instltutlon might claim a,
shnro in having brought about this
Dr. Simpson, In his presidential ad-
elroBS,' dealt with tho early history of
conl milling, Ho* wild thnt. the records of ninny of the nionnHlorlos ln
this country showed Unit In the early
llnuiH tho monks wore i-oiihcIouh of the
properties of conl, Iu tho twelfth,
thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and
Hlxtccnlh centuries thoro wero found
In their yenrly nceounts kiiius expended by Ilium for tbo winning, working,
niul pureluiHO of conl, also the revenue
which tlioy rocolvod from selling It
from iheir prosortloH. '
Thorn wiih ovidoneo Ihul ibe monies
of Tynenioulh wero obtaining conl out
of Iho Manor of Tynomonlli, nnd shipping It. nwny In 1200. It was recorded tlmt eorinlii mon at Xi-we-nsUo w. re
brought liui'oie Uio Justices ihiu *,---ir
lo iiiiHwor to the Prior for nu nlni'in-
Ing,and Kllulilly doHlnioilvo nimek
which thoy Iuul nineln on Ills building
town nf Norili Shields, ono of the In-
dlcltnonlH being that tlioy Imd Hel/.e-d
runil cnrrlod off n nhlp of IiIh lyln-j
Ihero with Ki'ii conl, nnd lidded Inmtll
to 'u'.'.-r;   by ','."v",\'.:' D'o •'.'.or.'-.; v.-'l
e*lllllllg  llir-m   "HIllelllllcK  (if  Slllllll,'
TIiIh wiih Uio bogliinlniJ- of Uio lusting eiimlly lii'lweeii UiIh town nud the
j muiiiiHlery,     In   n'Jli Dw moiiKu nb-
, tullied poMXCj'.diiu of Home- lnnd    inn!
I hiilhlliiKH on tho Htrnllit of Newe'iiMle,
j tliUH giving Hi. iff fncHlllei-j for shl-i-
j V'lli;  'mil   fi'iini   I.!;■-',•.id;   and    i.ihi r
• plnecH,     Hovcrnl HenniK ot mal crop-
'pod oui. nu Um blgb t lit Ih or Khiwlcle
mid   llniiwell,  wlii'io  tlin   High   Main
S.'iiin wiiu about h\x toot, thick, nnd
oxlHle-il over ii e'OiiHlileriihlo nren. This
Mi'iim  wan  un  doulji   worked by  the
nieinkH,     In Kills lho mouka let   nt
j  .M'lHillilll*   ,4   (Oil)    VWI.HI,   III'   flilillUI,   ill
*?0n jie;-  iiTiiiuiji
•"nnl minimi- wnn ciirrl'-d nn o\U-w
Hlvely by tho inonku of Durhnm mon-
iiHleiy mid of Flncbdiilo Abbey In nt
least forty plnces botwoon tho 12th
nud Ulth cemlurleH. The working did
mn Ht-i'in io liiive begun \u nny extent
until nbout tho mlddlo of tlin four-
icenth century, but nfter that tlmo a
considerable revenue wns derived out
of mnny of tho mines. In Yorkshire
thn monks wore buying sen conl for
their forges ancl for their lime burning
nt Ik.Uoii Abbey In lho latter part of
lho thirteenth century, nnd were dis-
i(IiiK lu Uu-tr 'U'luUtHHltiMid in i;.il,
and in VOU tho monks of St. Jervautx
entered into an arrangement to dig
coals In that neighborhood paying -Ci
6s 8d. yearly rent to the Lord of Maah<
am for liberty to work. In Lancashire
coal was being worked In thc fourteenth c-unlury, and tho monks from
Bolton Abbey wero purchasing coal
thero from.
Anonymous < ,- $50.00
John Podbiolancik .'.-  20.00
Trites-Wood Co   50.00
Waldorf 25.00
Hotel Fernie  25.00
Kings Hotel   : '.'...-... 10.00
Northern Hotel  20.00
Queens Hotel ..,  25.00
King Edward hotel    20.00
W. A. Ingram   ] 0.00
Ross & Lane ,  .0,00
Brewery ■  35.00
McKay and Ross   25.00
P. Burns Co  50.00
Crows Nest Trading Co  25.00
Bonnell & Corsan    10.00
Bonnell & Corsan, watch  25.00
Joseph Aalllo    3.00
Fred  Johnson       5.00
Eckstein _ McTaggart      7.50
Liphardt,  value  15.00
Al. Rizzutto  25,00
The Duthie Co...;. :    5.00
Philip Carosella  '.   2.00
How Foon     1.00
J. D. Quail   :     5.00
Bank of -Hamilton     5.00
Fernie Lumber Co.-.'  20.00
Louis Carosella , '   5.00
A. W. Bleasdell ..'...' '..'...    5.00
J. Mclntyre    5.00
Collection    7., 12.50
T. B. Struthers  .'     2,00
C. C, Wright, value '! 20.00
T.  Whalen     73,00
Suddaby, prize .camera.
" We are pleased to state that all the
contributions have -been duly received and a hearty vote of .thanks has
been recorded by the members of the
Gladstone Local to all who so materially aided in the success of the day's
Other . trades. unions such as the
United "Mine Workers, are gradually
of all working In their respective industry. ,
The Mine Workers consider that It
xis of just as great importance to get
the "common'..laborer into the union
as thejnost highly skilled miner. The
only ones excluded are the foremen.
In contrast to this we see some1 of
the unions ■ in Seattle, as well as all
other cities in the country mako great
efforts to have union foremen while
it is of little or no Importance whether
tho comman laborer fs a union man or
not.     If any ono doubts this ho has
but to Investigate the building industry
in that city.
There is no doubt but that the United Mine Workers is tho most, advanced body of working men In this state.
And there is n reason, ns Post would
sny. Tho nntiiro of their work is sueh
that thoy. havo boon prnlettirlanb.ed,
thoy aro truly of thnt. clnss of modern wngo wen-leers whlob, having no
means of production of thoir own, aro
compelled to sell tliolr labor power,
Tho miner lias nolhing lo loso but bin
chnins, "lk> Is a mnclilno worker and
Is (liorefore not fearing the? Introduction of any mnrlilnery which might
dlHphic'o him,
The United Mlno Workers Is a con-
sldernblo fore-o In llio lnbor movonieiit.
of this sliite, hnvliig up ward of 1000
iii'*"nborH. ' It Ih iiurnnpH the hnnosr,
bony nfflllnlod wiih Uie Ki.ilo ■■•(■devotion of Labor.
The reiiKon my though!t* wniuli-reel
If) lhe miners Is thnl they aro Jiiut now
iirrniiRlng ror tbelr Seventh    Au.-iunl
Couvi-iillnn In UiIh 11 ho lonlh) ilMrlel.
I The convention will open In  lite l.u-
! bor temple in Sent Uo on tbo fiib of
i Alter Uio convention there will lie
In Joini conference with the mine- op*
jeniforN in which the new -ir-jpiwn]
1 wane ligl'eemenl will be thn chief
| iiuenilnii under (IIhciihMoii. On lhe
j null nme of tii|s cnnfcii-nce t|i,|i.*ii<ln
; ii'iii-h, If mi ii;w*e>'iueni Ik net reuclied
: .*■ Hlrllii* mny be expected III Die ok-
! plrnlliiii nf Ihe proHoin iiii-- n -xt Hep
i li'inhi r.
]    fl'." 'hIiu.-- !•■ i. rliiln, umi U.n! !■*, il,-n
1 tilings of Intercut will lui|ipiii in D\W
Discrimination Charged
in Paying out the
Relief Fund
The first 'attempt to explore the Wellington Pit at Whitehaven with a view
to the recovery of the bodies.' was '
made early in the week when .a parly
•numbering about 12, and including Mr.
J., B. Atkinson and Mr. W. Leek,
H. M. Inspectors, went down. They
proceeded to "the stopping of the intake, and from there, several of them
having put on patent breathing apparatus, were able to proceed (for some
distance, and found the road full of
firedamp. Two were obliged to return owning to;the fact that their helmets were uot working properly, but
the remainder proceeded some 700 or
more yards :to the "point where the
brattice which,was erected,by the rescue party__on the ,day following the
accident stopped, and * here the thermometer was found to register 85 degrees,. Two of the party went on for
another 200 yards, or to a point some
60 yards' from the friction gear which,
was thereat of the fire. Here they
came „upon„a heavy fall and further
.progress was stopped. Their opinion
is that the fire in the mine is now
extinguished and steps were taken to >
.111LfinpCk— ma _■_»__ _n1/__i*nn/i/\_
mine of gas.    .
The Executive Committee of the
Cumberland Miners Association has
expressed great dissatisfaction at the
.treatment oTthe .Trade Union men by
the Mayor of Wliitehaven and his commltteo In tho administration of the
Whitehaven disaster fund. /•-
.Mr. Sharp, tho miners'agent states-
that, whereus non-Unionlsts were paid
out of the fund union men were not,
paid, for the first week and last week
wero paid less tlmn ono half what the .
non union men received.     Tlie Asso-,
elation, ho adds, is not. compelled to
grant nny  support  to  the  members
thrown Idlo hy tbo disaster, but owing
to the distress prevailing thoy were
granted support equal to striko pay,,
mid havo paid up to the prosont some
C2000,      Another  nllogallon   Ih  thiil
men belonging to other trades unions
have received pay from the Mnyor's -
fund.    Tlio Association executive linH.
roKoIvod that If lu the futuro mcmboi-H
of the association nro not (routed In
tho  nnmo  way  iih  uoihuiIoiiIhIr  and
nioniboi-H of other trado uiiIohh,  tho
mayor nnd Ills committee Hhnll be re-
fliioHtod  tn nit ond n  mooting to ills-
eiiH.s (lie whole (-m-stlon.
Tlie   "Unnd Dnlly Mull's" lund for
tlm relnilvos nnd dependents of theme
who lost their lives lu the colliery dis- ■
iiHtor  bus  reached   the>  lolni  of   Cl,-
A  committee i-eiiiHl-il-' of :i  tin. -ii ol"
men: ,
One Imlf of tliem eoiintniiily uhlrl,
Five more, mipoiliiletid in un ano
""Vt    '	
And one iIoch the whole fif tbo «m1;
Vnu nr« now leolng ihrmigh UiIh moiM
for thn I.iM time;
live o mini bent, mid imllilng but lh
o bent, and go to
Killed ntul (lovnrnmrnt In»
upocted; Fluli. Iliitmr, Kkkh. Ilnm, Him*
on, Kle,
A futid ban been npi in-il (or the hon-
eflt of IMotro Tonedla nnd alrondy H'
Intri biM-n retelved trnm Lille ijovai.
All do-iatlonii can lm «ont In lo A. J.
Carter, secretary Wntrlet 18 II. M. W,
A, by whom Ihey will bo duly ncknow.
b'dttod an well as being publlkhoU In
our columni;
LIHi! 1^k«I ,  ||| oo
w. it fmw._   uca
A. J. Cirter     j.oo
K. «.  KAbl-9      i.no
J. \V. Dennett    j,00
The  ('Iniwi-llor    nl   ilie   l'.\f-liiqiif'r
HtnicH In ihe I'lirlfiimeiiinry inipers
i.ni Uie linin'H nf ihe prepoit recipients of perpetual poiihIuiis., ingeilur
v. Ilii llu* ,'iu;ui!>,t of tin* jii u.*,!oii in i ;uli
( e; ■• mi- ns feilnwi1:
Kurl Kelson (granicei; pciiHlnn .C.V
IHIU;   pre i ni   rcHjileiit;!, I*'ill  ,\'i l.iim,
I .nrd Itnilney (ciiinicci i;2oii(i; for-
li::i!i(|ti l-lw'l.vii A'l'i'i-. Mfiiniiili'-K llm!-
iii'V, and l.ntil Itn'li'.i'V ench   Cl'iOn.
Ilelih of Hii' luilji. nf Hcliiiinbeig,
Si lunnr  irAuvi'i(|i|ctt|ii(>    l':*-,',**.,
Kurl Xcl'.on, who Iiiih Imtii dniv.lin*
",jinn iio'M'd'i ;i Vim* (nr •'i-M-iitv fnin'
leins  In i HUM'  lie  hilp|it lliu|   tn  lii    the
-■nn of n mun wim wim Ilie in |,*e v; nf
Uie   •>!< mi*   nt   Tininlmir,   has   diMlm
lilll.dn i|   liilll-i*-|f  nlih   icl   ,i   h'-n-il-iii'-i'
legb.lainr' only by support lm-; ihe
llnujie nf l.nrds in Uirnttliu** mil    H.e
llllill'or,   Wlliejl   pimlllml   'lie   lll'.'.ll'l  of
olii'iliiiui: iimiiey fnr Old Aiie ('einilnii
tieln-iniH  fnr  Um  limn'  niul  other  nu-
linilfinl   ini'l'il   l«"li I'lilnn   In   <lin   mn
eriiiui'iit'H tiicmnimrue.
lie- liui.e nl ncneiiiilieig e ihiu- n'.ei'
(n Kiiglami with Wiliiuiii nf Oriinve,
ami wan t-llli.t i;i rl>,> |>!>.ti|„ ,,r •!,<•
Mctyiip. Ho nveivd n rtrnnt of cto-v
0(10 from the KngllHh pnrlinment. but
lIlM-lf,"      Mw.      '.ttffl     ,.l, | ,   f      ,, I    *    •
ctiiiipniKii he placed it ui Ux- dii4|)(>.'iil
of WIIMnm. Tlie offer wn» m-e-i-ptoil
nnrt the Interest wnn fixed nt four por
• ont.
Presumably lho "Helgnor d'Aiivcr-*
i|ii«T(|iio" wns that Henry NnHHnu. the
(Vninr nnd Lord of Aiivomuonpio, xvhn
wiviil tlie life nf William of Orange iu
liftttle nml war made tin KnellNh c<ti-
oral. He wan burled nt Auveirqiu-r-
quo (Owerklrk* In Zenlnnii In lho yenr
Lord Koilnoy was of cauhh- the grout
llrltfuh ndmlrnl of the eighteenth ron-
tury. Trif-t-e arc three n-ilphtitiv ot
thi* rvnnlnn In rm)-»e<i?t*«nr*t of tho ftct
that Ijidy Corluudale illvorc<il lho
IJiiron who ronneeiitonfly mnrrfod afterward. PAGE TWO
Home Bank Deposits
Gain Million and Half
Annual Meeting Held, in
Toronto-Good Business
Reported for Past Fiscal
Year--The Banks Assets
Have Increased   Hand-
.. - somely—Touching References to Late Colonel
The Annual Meeting of the shareholders of the Home Bank of Canada
was held on Tuesday afternoon, June
28lb, at tho head office, 8 King street
west, Toronto. The report submitted
for the fiscal year ending May 31st,
1910, showed a very favorable report
of progress. Tbe deposits In' the past
12 months have increased $1,500,000 or
25 per cent, over the deposits for the
preceding year. There Is a cores-
ponding increase in the total assets.
The Bank has opened three new branches In the North-West since the last
annual meeting and the number of
Shareholders, which was 891 at the
last annual meeting, now Is 1,346.
The report of the directors contained
a feeling reference to the death of the
.ate Lieutenant-Colonel John I. Davidson, ,who had been a member of Directors since the organization of the
The statement of the result of the
business of tho Dank for the year ending May 31 is as follows:
fluence on the Banks business throughout that part of Canada. The total
number ot Shareholders has increased
from 889 to 3346.' ..
"The annual examination by the Directors of the Treasury and Securities
was made and the branches inspected.
"The Directors regret to have to report the loss by death of one of their
colleagues, the late Lieut.-Col. John I.
Davidson, who died in April last. Col.
Dayidson was a Director of the Bank
from its organization, and his business
knowledge and influence,wero of much
benefit to it. The vacancy thus caused was filled by the appointment of
Mr. Thomas A. Crerar, president of the
Gruln Growers' Grain Company, of
The President'* Address
■ Mr, Eugene O'Keefe then submitted his address as President of the
Home Bank of Canada:
"We have much pleasure ln again
meeting you at this, tlie fifth annual
meeting of the Shareholders of the
"The year just passed has not been
a particularly eventful one. Tho good
promise of * an abundant harvest
throughout the country was fairly well
realized, and the prospects' for a' still
better one were in evidence. A circular issued on June 7 by the Northwest Grain Dealers' „ Association,
shows thc'estimated acreage of the
three provinces to be' In excess of
that of last year in wheat alone of 1,-
350,000 acres, and states that reports
Indicate a splendid condition of -the
growing crops, and that'*"most favorable
Credit:     =
Balance of Profit and Loss Account, 31st May, 1909 % 55,629.65
Net profits for the year after deducting charges of management
accrued interest, full provision for bad and doubtful debts and
rebate of interest on unmatured bills     95,832.24
opted extending the thanks of the
Shareholders .o the President, Vice-
President and Directors for their careful attention to the affairs of the Bank,
and a resolution was also passed extending the thanks of the Shareholders
to the General Manager for the efficient manner in whicli they had discharged their duties during the past
Election of Officers
After the adoption of the Annual' Report and the reception ofi the Directors and President's address the election of the officers was held, and the
scrutineers reported the following
Board of Directors: Eugene' O'Keefe,
E., G. Gooderham, W. Parkyn Murray,'
J. Kennedy, Thomas Flynn, John
Persse, Thomas A. Crerar, Col. James
The new name on the Beard is that
of Mr. Thomas Crerar, President of
lhe Grain Growers Association of Winnipeg, who takes the place of the late
Lt.-Col. Davidson. ,
At a meeting of the Board of Directors* held immediately after the
General Meeting. Mr. Eugene OKoefe
was re-elected president and Mr. Thos.
Flynn, Vice-President.
_Hf^^   M'  in   _____ * Bi'' ■_   a—   D.'___rT^A'  EJfc O .,■
__, H   Bl   _____   ___k   M   H *_L___   ■___■
:■:■■■:£■& $iMy&%y&f*
Everybody now admits
Zam-Buk best for these.
Let, it/give YOU ease
aad comfort   ,*  . ■-
Druigistt and Stores rcerywktrt '
Premium on Capital Stock received ^during the year.
<; $183,220.99
Which has been appropriated as follows:
Debit: ■     _
Dividend No. 11, quarterly at rate of 6 per cent per an- ,
num $15,188.39
Dividend No. 12, quarterly at rate of 6 per cent per an-
num.'    "...  ••'•'   ,-  lb,ii<*.ai     „
Dividend No. 13, quarterly at rate of 6 per cent, per an. '
num ' *      16,332.79
Dividend No. 14, quarterly, at rate of 6 per cent per an- „
_„,_     - '  16,11b.-ib
num  " _ :—$63,670.45
Transferred- to Rest Account   '• '•    41,347.00
TransferreeTlo" Contingent" Account-
Balance carried forward  	
.    28,203.54
liabilities to the Public: „ '
,Notes of the Bank in circulation -. .-.•■-■ ■<• •?   74d,eeu.uu
Deposits not bearing interest   .' _. H'01?o0np ,0
Deposits 'bearing interest  ....".  5,89S,906.29    ^        ^^^
Balances, due other banks  In Canada,....'.....'         3,363.04
Liabilities to the Shareholders:
' Capital '(subscribed  $1,219,500.00)   Paid  up $1,123,257.77
Rest ■     375,000.00
Contingent Account        50,000.00
. Dividends Unclaimed   ;*... 398.45
Dividend No, 14, (Quarterly) (being at the rate of 6
por cent, per annum, payable June 1st, 1910..      16,716.36
Profit and Loss Account Carried Forward            28,203.54
Gold  and  Silver  Coin $62,219.61.
Dominion and Government Notes  809,177.50
Deposit with Dominion Govornment as soc nrlty for Nolo Circulation     '    , ,	
Notes and Cheques on othor Banks	
Balances duo from other Banks In Canada  	
Balances duo from agents In Great Britain	
Balances duo from Agents In Forolgn Countries 	
Hallway, Municipal und othor Bowls 	
Call Loans, secured by Stocks, Bonds and Debentures ,.,.' 2
$   871,397.11
Current Loans and Bills Discounted  	
Ovorduo DobtB (estimated loss provided for),.
Mortgages on Uoul Estate sold by tho Bank ,
Bank Premises, Safes and Offlco Furnituro ...
Other AhbqIs   	
.. 254,559.99
Report' from the Directors
Afler Hubmltllng (bo annual stalo-
ment, Ihe (leiioi-nl Mnnngor of tho
Homo Uauk of Oiiiindii, Colonel Jami.'s
MiiHon, rend the following roport. from
lho Dlrre'tors:
"Tlio Directors lmvo pleasure In aub-
milling to tbo .HharoboIdorH tlin Fifth
Annual He-port giving tho result of the
Huiilt'ie busiiiosH for tho yenr on-ii-el
Hint Mny, Hi Hi, lo-jri'llicr wllh tho Hni-
unco Klift'i of ih-.riluiik nt tlmt dnto.
"Kuur i|iinrlor)y illvliliimli-i nl. tho
riiti' eif n|\ pe-r e-i'til pi-r luimnn havo
bi-i-ii iiiibi und provided fori IHUIe Iiiih
boo-ii lidded to tbo Rent, li-Mug iv num
■iiiffii-lc.'ll lo keep Ihat Ae-e-ejilut I'UUIll
lei oiie-tlilrd of lbe« l'lild-llp Cnplliil;
-•ir.O.O'li) lum br-n placed to the en-dlt
uf tlio Contingent Ac-count, and thu lml-
ntiee, f,-js,*io:t.r,|; cnrrli .1 forward to lho
e'l'i'dil of I'lofU and Lohii,
"Ilriiiielu'R wop* eipeneil 'during Iho
year fit tlio following polntHt1 Wolwyn,
'.* ',    l",.-,v.,l'*lr,i,.   Mill   einml.
Xtr-A*. Mnn , Uie latter n nub-branch.
"Tho three-hundred and thirty .ivo
farmer Bhnre-holdorH In the North-
West, proiliuxN f«t the- ond of Ini t
yoar hnvn liicreiihed to aeven hundred
aud nine.   Their holdings nro but for
H *n:'t> Viiua.i .*. ... ,..»..', > , .'.;'  ''
numbers should have u favorable jn-
e'ondiiloiiH exist for a big yield. A'ore
re'e'oiil reports, howovor, are not so encouraging. Want, of rain mid lho o_
connive beat of tlio past few days havo
apparently done moro or Iosh Injury.
"MnnufiH'iuroi'H gouorally roporl a
Hucei'SHful Hi'iiHon and look forward to
a continuation of ll.
"Our paid-up cnpltal l.i now $1,12'1,-
000, wllh mi iiddlllonal $100,000 nub-
tierlbed for, und (lie list, of «bnrohold-
em shown lho Hallsfiiclory Increase
In llm number of 457, with a total of
1,1110, of wheini over 70(1 nrn fnrnu-rH of
lho North-Went. Our dopeiHltfl lmvo
Increnseil about $1,500,000, of which
$1,000,0(1(1 nro SiivliigHAce'eiuiilH, our
clri'ulnlloii iiIho shows a natlsfaetory
Iihtoiihi'. Wo lmvo milled to thu lle-bt
hoiih' Ml,ooo, being llio amount, re-qulr-
eil tei keep up I In proportion to thu
Paid-up Cnpltnl, viz,, one-thlnl. Fifty
IhousMid dollnrn 1ms boon pinned to
tlio f-roelit of ti Contingent Account,
nnd tbo bulawe., $2i_,'_0'l.r.J, carried to
l'rof li nml Xinnn iie'ceiutlt, hilt littlo ban
been done lu tlm way of branching
out; olfii'tn Iiiuu liui-n u'-wii-,.! ul mily
thioo points lu all of tho North wenl,
with one mib-Htatlnn. The total linnets of tho Dnnk lmvo renehed thn sum
of 111,-?00,000, (in Increnso of $1,800,000
A resolution wnn proposed and ad-
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot md Cold Water L. A. Mllli, hiaaat_er
Many have been the comments made
by people, press and pulpit regarding
Halley's Comet. Now wo have Information from notable stellar students
resident In Franco that the comet seen
was nothing but a stranger, and that
the real, genuine, authoritative celestial body whose reappearance is mado
each 75 years, has been sidetracked,
and will not be due until September. A
wireless message from the Man in the
Moon has been duly delivered, from
which we gather the astounding news
that his affinity was a passenger on
Halley's comet, consequently there ,is
quite a confab going on relative to the
planet Terra and Its queer people. The
explanation of this unexpected meeting
is indeed prosaic, merely a short missive intercepted by the fast fleeting
and fiery wanderer, whilst pursuing
his maddening flight, caught up "The
Lost Love Message" and as the Queen
of the Meteor enjoys . the monopoly
of the right of Trover .when she read
its contents decided to interview; the
correspondent on Luna and from hhn
ascertain more data relative to the
strange proceedings,of the dwellers ou
this sphere.
'" That our readers who have been long
awaiting the scientists to attain communication from Mars may be apprised
of the contents of this-wonderful document we append a translation:
My dear a'ngelic ETAOIN
My short visit to your abode is
fraught with pleasant' remembrances
yet there are ,'certain incidents that
have left an indelible impression oh
my memory and I'often wonder whe-
vain. Those sights and conditions
which puzzle the brain and make one
feel tliat earths denizens attribute to
our planet Luna the cause of .dementia merely to cast from their shoulders
the odium they put on us. Do they
still allow the men whose labors are
the least useful to live under the best
conditions whilst they who do the hardest toil eat the coarsest fare and wear
the cheapest clothing?     '
Do you remember the day that we
strolled along tho prairie when the
mild eyed cows stared at us and at
our approach the frisky young colts
threw up their heels and with the wild
abandon of freedom scampered away
snorting and neighing? But, ah, how
differently It appeared to me when
you showed me the'dull, dead expression of those whom your pools doclaro
as but little removed from tbo gods,
Wearied, black facod, and with such
load like, expressions as though lifo
was to them an empty yold and when
I asked If thoy woro prisoners doomed
lo wander thus for some heinous crime
tho look of wonderment tliat, overspread your countonanco as you replied: No! No! These aro free mon
returning from thoir dally task In tho
eoal mincs,>
Your conception of iroo so startled
mo that I almost foil prone but noticing a ropo ulrotehod across my path,
to which woro lot bored two small and
poorly dovolopod Hpecimons of tho human raco and when I scornfully aHkoel
If thoy woro also froo ,and you replied
thoy wero but only to tho length of
tho ropo, wlierenl J lnughoel ut the
thought that this is lho land whoso
Inhabitants call us lunatics, then you
Informed mo Hint If thoir freedom
woro nol, llius eurtiillr.il thoy would
perhaps encroach upon tho profiorvns
of their hellers,
Again ll. wus In laugh when as a
roHiilt ol* my einoKtloiiH you supplied
ino with (lio liil'nriunllnn thnl children, eowH und e'hli'koiiH wero con-
Hldoroil prlvllogoH whleh emly eorlaln
cIiihhoh Hhouhl onjoy and Ihnl. iih the
workerii woro so neeoHHiiry, In order
In provldn for llii'lr uiiihIoi'h' llioy had
boon kind enough to nllow chlldron lo
bo broil ho tbnt tlioy ewulil fill the penil-
Hoiih tliolr pnront'i worn compelled to
rellneiulHli wlion ngo deoroiiHod lliolr
UHofiilnoHH, bul iik for oiiwh imd chink-
mm Hiieh nnim only bo kopt. by tbo
Iiohh nml 'IiIh frlnnilH; tlio workorH
might Htipcei'il In Helling tho product
of t Iioho iiHoful tnilmnlH und thitn lonvo
uh to oporato our mlneiK whloh would
bo ii e'lilninlly!
Yon wore angry willi mo when I
unlil Hun the enrlh folk em-lit tn Inhabit Luna ami our pooplo laic.' chnrgo
ot i-urUi; Hi-Hi no iiilur hhould tut ,-u
long hh thorn; wlio produced were
compelled io Hlnrvo boeniiHO of having
brought about a condition whleh lho
IieiKH Hiiid forced hlm to closo down
I !<,,<tl!,!>'1|,11v
When I iiHkoil If thla Hlnto of affali'H
wiih limited to HnHleatcheiwnn and ynu
angrily told mo thnt tIiIh wuh ihe way
Ihat It was done nil over tlio earth
for agoH nud that If I did not like It. to
get off, which I did, When people
nre so blind to tliolr own welfare It Is
about lime) Ihey wore........
llioro tho lotler oMn.)
An Attempt is Made to
Stir up Italian Miners
Against Officials
- Belleville, 111., June 23.—Since the
attempt of the Illinois Coal Operators
Association to have the engineers pull
away from the United Mino Workers
of America has proven such a dismal
failure, their batteries are now directed against the officials of the miners
union, and every sheet that.will sell
Itself to them Is being filled with lies
of the lowest calibre. "   '     ,
.Duncan McDonald and John 'Walker
are made the special targets for attack by the operators and their agents. . The state is being flooded with
circulars in the French, Bohemian and
Italian languages, issued from the operators camp.. They have several publications such as "Black Diamond and
Fuel," ,etc,, all of which contain the
foulest conceivable lies. , In every
issue the integrity of the miners officials' is being attacked ih the hope
that, it will, destroy the confidence of
,jthe members.
A special effort is being made to
arouse • the Italian members aigainst
the officials. To show the length to
which our " business partners" during
the last twelve years will go, I quote
a few extracts, from a translation out
of au Italian newspaper-published in
Chicago and is headed ."Our Miners
are the Blind Instruments in the,
Hands,of Their Leaders.' What we
are looking at is not the strike' itself,
but, the causes that have .thrown the
Italian miners into a strike in which
they are not interested at all.
"It looks like the Italian miner is
humble and suffering while'others are
enjoying the unshrewdness of the Italian miners.
"The local'officers of the miners'
union, John Walker,, and' Duncan Mc-
Donald, are trying to do something dif-.
ferent from what Thomas Lewis-is sug:"
gesting just because' the latter won
in tlie recent elctions. . Therefore the
fight is not engaged on behalf ot this
class of miners, but for the personal
interests of a very few officers, and
miners must'pay the expenses of the
"A/proof of tlie ill-will of the officers is shown by .the fact that it has
been permitted lo tho miners by Duncan McDonald, John Walker and Robert Osborne to resume work in tho
mines at Marseilles, Ind. without tho
increase of two cents per ton,* just because the Scotch manager of these,
mines, who is a countryman to Walker
has met with tho Scotch miners, did
not llko to throw his countrymen into
a strike, and therefore ho permitted
hlm to resume work with the same
Incronoo as In the Ohio, Pennsylvania
Iowa and Indiana."
,The Kalian pnpor in question is being shipped in bundles Into the mining
camps where there are Italians with
tho view of arousing thom against the
other nationalities,
The. mlno owners, might have played
that gamo with somo success severol
yonrs ago. Dut slnco' tho workers
havo established thoir own press ln
tho various languages wo aro able lo
moot tbo lies of our musi ors, and elo
It In a way that to Ilo about us will
moiin more wage slaves moved to
Novor boforo was tho • vnluo of a
labor press moro manifest to the minors than ,noiv. Without a proHS of
our own, to champion ous causo, we
would bo an easy prey for a labor
crushing monopoly.
Tho monoy power depends on tho
dally cupltiillsl. .presu to mould public
Konllmont. against, uh. Tlioy recognize In It nn IndlHperiHablo weopeyn,
And Just* as sure hh tbo capllallHl. proim
Is a powerful woitpon feir tho'onpllnllHt
e'hiHH the labor presH Ih a powerful
weapon for iih, With II. we aro nblo
lo moel ovory Iln lho pniHlitnloil iiilnil
of cnpltnllHin piihhoh oui. Without lt.
wo aro compollod to romnin mule
and he-iiv tlm hiiooi'h of cupllallHii).
In t li Its fight, tho HoeilullHt of Chleu-
go, St. I.oiiIh Labor nnd oilier Soelnllsl
publle'iilleniH, iih woll iih tin (Ioh union
luipci'H, have proven of itieuli'iihiblo
vnluo lo llm e'lumo or Iho inlnoi'H, and
iih thu Ktniggle noon em tlie rising power eif lIioho publlcntloiiH will bo folt
more and morn,
Tlio Ht ri lie Iiiih been In progroiiH now
for about throe montliH and ihu mun
aro uh eloteu'inhmil now an tlioy woro
when they I'li-Ht'ciuuo out. Ou the
othor hnnd operator after oporntor Iiiih
eiipllllluteii, Wo lire convinced liml
tnu- i-iiutii: In rlahl -"will Um' mir de-
miiuilii nre within -ho llmlt'e nf ronnon
ueitwltliHlriiulliig tho ednlm-i of the
mlno ownoru. And knowing that we
aro right we Hhnll light, until the banner of vle-tnrv Ih unfurled over ovory
mining eunip In lho Btnto.
45 Steam-Heated  Rooms
Hot and Cold Baths
The King Edward
' ■ yyj •. r? '•-.'.
"Fernie's  Leading  Commercial „ Hotel
The Finest Hotel, in East Kootenay
J. Li   GATES, Prop.
the farmhands about the place, is,an
ordeal which waits for "many of our
women, to their infinite hurt and also
that of the next generation. .When
I was over in Canada studying conditions for women I found that on Pender ■ Island, British Columbia, where
there are eighty children' of school
age, there, was no nurse or doctor;
the Jubilee hospital at "Victoria had
no maternity wing; Duncan on Vancouver Island had two doctors to a
section of forty miles; the doctor of
Davidson In Saskatchewan attended a
district of sixty miles; thero was no
nurse at Yellowgrass or Wood mountain; the city hospital at Regina had
only three rooms for maternity cases.
These are a few facts and represent
littlo of the case. Within driving distance of the city a woman Hearing her
conllhement may consider herself to
be more or less safe; some one will be
found to help. But tho wives on outlying ranches and farms, and there
are hundreds of them—spend hideous
hours looking .forward to the day of
trial with every prospect of scrambling through entirely'alone, at the risk
of the babys life as well as their own
or else relying ou thc attention of
some half breed, whose knowledge of
the .elementary rules of cleanliness' Is
less thai, nothing. Any obstetrician
reading this will realize what I .mean
when I say that such meglect leads
to the train of evils whicli necessitates the building of gynecological
wings on 'hospitals.   ".
There are in England more mid-
wives and maternity nurses, excellently trained in first class hospitals than
can,find work. Would.it not be possible to organize some* scheme by
which tliey could meet the---.crying
need'- over, there?
It appears to me that the only way
to get at the lonely farms Is through
bands of itinerant midwives, a sort
of mobile corps unattached -'to any
town or building, but working under
efficient direction.
■   May I beg the publicity of your columns for consideration bf this idea?'
'"' „ Yours truly,
* iW E.' M.'Cran ■    ■
MILWAUKHrc, .Inly 1—Tho City
Council yesterday carrlod out tho Boo-
5«Uk1 pollry nt ftupprcuMnB dliMirderly
itttlonnn In thn Htv hy refimlng llrevtitfii
to 101 which hnd not boon conducted
Thla closing order Includes two bur-
lc-Mjue th-Mkire-a,
(A letter from lho London TlmoiO
Sir:—1 wonder If wo In the old
country are coiihoIouh of tho tremendous rcuptJiiHlblliiy we tnko upon our-
Helves In urging nur young women to
emlgrato lo Cmmela undor pi'CMiit cou-
elltloiiH, MohI of tho weiinon who go
out go to mnrrlngo nnd marriage
mentiH mntli-r-rhnoil— nnd motherhood
meaim uiiliiinglned Buffering In Western Canada today. To'faro mnteir-
nlty nn n lonely homestead fifty or n
hundred mllen from n hospitnl, twenty
or thirty mile* from ft doctor, flvo or
ten nilJ'-H from n neighbor, wllh no
Bflrvant,   and   only ten husband and
■■t -j)
£   Agent   Fernie   Branch    i4-
$ Pellatt    Ave.    North %
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I The Creston Fruit and \
Produce Association)
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$      ers for tho .anions Creston
SJlii'iiwhoi'i'IoH neiw in
A. Lindley, Box 27 Creston
■ Ui'Htnintoi'iulK only iihimI
nnd lli'Ht i'Iiihn work-
lllllllKll!]} OIIHUI'OH
A Good Job
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Say You Saw it in The Ledger
tmmmimtt'Ksfm'it'** ■-■ft
'Johnson   Plays With His  Man For
Several Rounds-Jeffries is a
Sad But Wiser Man-
n ■> j*       ,
Never a Chance
[L «
i< * ii.
:>. y
'. Jack Johnson it is! 0
The big black had it on Jeffries in
the big fight' at Reno all tho way.
At no stage of the mill did the big
boilermaker havo his man on the run,
and from the press despatches it appears that Johnson's left upper cuts
landed at will in fact that' wing won
liis fight.
Jeffries landed hard but not often,
and contrary to general expectations,
' the big black was equally as strong
as Jeff and a better boxer.
Much excitement was displayed locally and half a dozen places around
town handed out the elope fresll from
. the wires.     *-*
Tho following is the story of the
fight, as given to the Ledger through
, the 'courtesy, of Mr. W. Ingram of the
Club Cigar Store: -.
Ringside Arena,* Reno, Nov., July 4
*.'—At'one o'clock the arena was nearly
.filled.     The'heat was intense as the
, mid-day sun poured its.rays into the
. crater like structure.- *'    " :
„ Tbe odds still stand at ten to six.
Johnson and-his attendants'started
for the arena at one o'clock in    an
'   , 1.30:''Official Pool seller CorbeU is
' walking about looking for any Johnson money."
Old fight attendants say that never
_ before has a prize fight in this country had so many women spectators.
" In addition to*75 to 100' in long booth
on the right every section was dotted
l . ■ with them' from the cheapest to ■ the
'''" $50 seats. _ '  - ■   *;
Johnson arrived at 1.32 p.m. . Tex
Rickard announced that the men were
'fighting for a purse,of $121,000, sixty
per cent to the winner and forty per
\ cent to the loser. • ' '* ■■ - "~ " " .
: Rickard stated that, ha*1 had given
a bonus of $10,000 to' each man;'this
■ had already been rumored, but never
confirmed,  the money according, to
'"' Rickard, is all the hands of the stake
holder. ' ■.*->
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ •*
♦ .          v     ' ♦
♦*     Keep away from Blairmore, ♦
♦v-Altai., Mines, as men are being ♦
_>   laid off at that place. ♦
♦ '    '■ ♦
♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦".♦.♦ ♦
Johnson's' wife camo into.-the ring,
Although the big men were scheduled
to enter at'1.30 the preliminary introductions of pugilists customary ' at
these functions had not begun at 1.45.
The crowd however, was patient and
good naturcd.
At 1,40 it seemed that, evory seat
Sn the structure (was occupied, and
the six foot platform that extends
around tho upper edge was black
with a human fringe of standers.
Jeffries and his attendants left at
1,40 in an automobile.
The officials suggested that tho
crowd stand up and give three cheers
for Nevada and the,Governor of the
siate. It is reported that,the,new
purse division was brought about by
Johnson refusing to enter the ring
until it,was agreed to .     '■   -
At 2.03 Tex Rickard was, introduced
as the greatest sport of 'the world, by
Billy Jordan. ■ He reviewed Rickar.d's
"connection with the prize fight game,
He called for three cheers for Tex,
and the crowd responded with a
will.   '
Tim ' Sullivan, stake holder was
next presented as the famous, stake
holder.- Hon. Tim Sullivan of New
York sprang into the ring after' which
ho got a great reception from tlie big
crowd,,    *.'     o ■'-   ■'
2.24: .Jeff,is taking a rub aud is
stripped for the ring.      .  ,' •
John L." Sullivan then clamored in
through the ropes'and set the spectators wild after the others had come
along, including Joe Harding. Toir.r.iy
Burns, Stanley Ketchel and Tom McGarry had been introduced.
The crowd grew impatient and was
tired of the introducing game.
Johnson's'time' keeper is Stanley.
Ketchal. Jeffries, entered the ring
from the south east at 2.31 p.m. Johnson gave Jeff the south east corner.
Jeff's entry into the ring was the signal for a tremendous-outburst of enthusiasm. -       " ■!.'■     7     '
Jeffries' time keeper is Bill Callahan. "T rinn'K euro, whnt corner vnll
put me in; it's all the same to me,"
said Jeff 3s he sat in his chair.
1 At 2.35'Johnson was presented as
the heavyweight champion of . the
world.     Johnson was clad iri     blue
trunks with the American flag    entwined, ,
The seconds'for Johnson are Delaney, Al Kaufman, Burns, Geo. Cotton,
Doc Furcy, Dave Mills and Harry
Folley."- ■
Round 1: The men refused to shake
hands. ° -■
After lont; opening of sp'arrini; tho
black shot his left to the face, , and
they clinched; Johnson pushed .Tuff",
back. Johnson swung left to jaw,
and as they broke the clinch Johnson
shot, liis loft again' to the face, The
men locked arms and in the break
Jeff clouted his man with two short
arms to face and the crowd yelled at
Johnson. The latter walked away
and smiled; men continued in a locked
embrace and as gong sounded the
round Johnson" tapped Jeff on tho
shoulder and went to his corner. Jeff
then told his seconds to lot him alone.
Round 5: Johnson as usual came up
with a volley of words, but Jeff paid
no'atontion to, this, but rushed in
close and they wrestled for quite a
spell .     -'■ . ■■*   .-•
At close quarters,Jeff shot rights to
the body to which Johnson responded
with left upper cut.
Johnson'a moment later dropped his
right to the jaw and then followed it
with two left upper cuts to the same
place. Johnson jarred the" white with
a straight left to.mouth and they ended up in! a clinch.
Both men were bleeding at the
Suddenly Jeffries sent the black's
head back a foot, with a straight left
to the month, and Johnson looked a* bit serious as he took his seat
not however without giving, Jeffries
the usual round of jeers.
* Round 2: Johnson came up chatter*
ing like a magpie but Jeff only smiled. "He wants' to fight a little,'' yelled Corbett.
"You bet I do, Mistah Corbett," retorted tho champion. As Jeff held on
Johnson hit for the' jaw; as men separated from clineluJeff swung* right
on stomach, to. which Johnson, retaliated with two upper cuts to jaw. The
men closed together; .it was a case
of strength against' cleverness with
the Nubian having the best of It. •*•
lore coming up to-the scratch in. this
rouud. He poked his left to Jeff's
face with great force and continued
to hurl tersely framed.sentiments at
Jim Corbett. '
Johnson poked another left to the
jaw that carried with it a world of
power. After Jeffries had butted in
with his head Johnson planted his left
to the stomach and they went into
a clinch. '   ■       , „
Jeffries crouched low and ''Johnson
drove him away with a wicked left in
the stomach. A moment later; he
sent to left jabs to the mouth and t,/e
eyes. Jeff apparently paid little attention to the shower of blows.
o .   ■
.The. round was Johnsons with the
face of his opponent bleeeling freely in
several places. •
Round 3: Both came up slowly in
tlie third. * Sparring started this period! Jeff poked his left to' stomach,
with much force;' Johnson jabbed his
left twice to face and "as they closed
in breast to breast Johnson whipped
a furious uppercut" to the jaw aud Jeff
neatly blocked.
* As the men separated Johnson jabbed twice with left-to face and whipped a, short arm right to the face.
Round 4: Jeff missed a left swing,
and Johnson runshing away, leaving
a stab to the face.
Johnson taunted Jeff_cpnstan_tly.
"Rush,, Jim, "don't "yoiThear what I
am telling you?" shouted Johnson, as
he backed it-.up with a right upper cut
to jaw., <*.'' Jeff got in right to the
mouth aind blood started from the colored man's lips. " '
Roun'd 6: ,,"I'm going to- mix. with
him now," said Jeffries to, his seconds. Their two lefts radiated from
the shoulders of'the champion, catching Jeffries on the face in each instant, and blood streamed from the
left cheek of'Jeff.
Both lho men fought cautious.
A ringside fan asked Johnson if he
would liko a drink. "Too much on
hand now when I am champion," and
he ripped in two left uppercuts to the
Jeff waded in but was met with a
nasty uppercut, that closed his right
Johnson followed this with two similar punches and. blood flowed from
the retired champion's nose as he took
his seat when the bell ended the
, Jeff's seconds worked on his damaged optic.
* Round 7: Jeffries came on with a
frown and they closed in'.'. A long
sparring bout followed without a blow
being struck. Johnson meanwhile
primed himself'for, an opening; although Jeffries'was terribly bruised
he watched himself carefully. Johnson laughed sarcastically as Jeffries
essayed a right swing at,close quarters.
Both the men locked., in embrace,
and , Johnson jabbed his man three
times over the' damaged optic _nd
followed with a right upper cut to„the
■ Jeff stopped Johnson's bickerings
with a straight right to the jaw, and
the black countered with a right and
left to the sore faco.
The bell clanged with the honors on
Johnson and Jeffries looked badly cut
as he took his* corner.    •
Round 10:, Coming to the centre of
the ring Johnson shot two lefts to tlie
head and followed this witli a short
arm jolt to the ear.
A long clinch followed and Jeffrie's
swung his right to the body.
Both men did considerable infighting and short stabs.
Johnson whipped two left to the
jaw and a right upper to the jaAv
made Jeffries yell out an audible 'Oh!'
" Johnson peppered him with his left
arid clearly outboxed his sturdy opponent. '
Round 11: A half"minute of wrestling was done without damage.
Johnson smashed time and time to
the jaw with his left and right and
the blacksmith fought back for an opening, i ■
Johnson swung a terrific right, more
of an uppercut to tho jaw and followed
this with a clean right upper cut to
the jaw and Jeffries almost weakened.
Johnson employed left and right upper cuts and followed this* with right,
(swing to the jaw and the blood spouted from Jeffries mouth in a stream.
Jeffries was a bad looking sight at
the stage, but he suddenly brought
the crowd to its feet by a right to the
jaw and a' left to tho body of thb big
black,.   '
Delaney asked Rickard to watch
the gloves the men wero, holding ,to
see that they were not broken.
crowd.     / ,. '.'-..
.Johnson shot a hard left to mouth
and almost wrestled his man against
the ropes., Johnson shot a right to
jaw and the round ended.
Round 8: Johnsem rushed in .and
after shot in two straight left to the
dropped one to the mouth and shortly
face that* carried considerable force
behind them. '
Jeff at close range worked in two
rights to the body but failed'to hurt
tho. Tiagrn     -.'     -': ■
Jeff pushed his lriani about the ring
and the bell rang.   .-
You'll Want One, too
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The Ford Motor •
Round 12: The men clinched after
the black had put hard left to' the jaw
and remained in rhis position for half
a minute, '   •
As Jeff rushed in Johnson met him
with a stinging left and right upper
cut to the jaw!
Johnson countered a blow for the,
body and sent home a straight right
to the sore mouth starting the blood
afresh. >, *
The negro shoved the left to the, face
and then tsent his man's head back
with such force that Jeffries went to
his corner spitting blood.
The odds   were  on  Johnson  arid
tho seconds of Jeffries corner ' Were
yory (jnlot
Round 9:  Johnson kept up a constant conversation. in his corner be-
A break in the telegraph service occurs here a flash coming through with
the news that Johnson got his. man
with a'clean knock-out in the 15th
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District Ledger.^
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
The case of Ar.thur Deceaux at Frank, Alia., charged
with murder by the R. N. W. M. P. and imprisoned at
Maeleod Is Indeed a most astounding one, considering the
sweeping character of the verdict rendered at the Coroner's inquest exonerating in toto the unfortunnto man
from any malicious intent; furthermore, riders worded
as emphatically and as clearly as tlie English language
permits severely censured the management of the mine
because of conditions ascertained when making a visit
to the scene of tho accident that were of such a character as lo make still more perilous the hazardous risks incident to coal mining.
'Despite all this evidence the Crown prosecutor practically' ignores these findings, and the innocent victim of
the deplorable fatality is, immured in durance vile, there
to await, trial whicli is expected to take place eight clays
hence. Such methods are certainly worthy of the attention of the higher authorities. If this be the treatment
meted out in faco of verdicts rendered, why not dispense
with coroners' juries' entirely, otherwise their deliberations may be considered as so much waste of time. We
have much more, to say cn this peculiar incident, and
will deal with it at length in our iiext issue.
the most powerful factors coupled with   the awakened
sense of the proletariat as to its* real purpose in its com-
plete cessation. No matter how hazardous the venture,
and regardless of the hopelessness of the case, men have
offered themselves as victims of Moloch, while those
whose coffers have ben enriched thereby enjoyed ■ an
immunity from personal injury; this will be changed, as
the missile's dropped from above' will be no respecters of
persons, and death, the great leveller, will be just as
likely in reaching its mark to strike down a profit monger as a pauper. Again, if -conflict in mid air be in progress and the enemy be dashed to earth its very contents
may do incalculable damage to those who are partizans
of the aerial victor., Before this condition arrives, that
is the abolition of war, we may have Hague conferences
of those who dimly sense, the future, calling loudly for
international armies and partial disarmament at least of
the several nations involved. Of what use will mammoth Dreadnaughts be when a handful of men can annihilate them? Various military authorities are urging the
necessity bf paying more attention to this adjunct of
war with a view single to its utilization when hostilities
arise, little dreaming that it is a two-edged sword.
War will end, mot" because wo wish it so, nor for lack
of men to engage;in mortal combat; no mattor how perilous it may be, but simply on account of the promiscuity
of destruction preventing those from seeking shelter as
has been, the case In the past, and tliey may find them-
1 o
solves "hoisted by their own petard." To escape so terrible a state of affairs would necessitate a transmigration to another planet, as there' would be no asylum of
refuge available on this sphere.
To sum up. The real purposo of war is Profit. The
class that obtains this engage in war but little.' Aeronautics means a revolution' of tactics. The active participants will still do tlieir master's bidding. The master class, though passive will be by no means immune
from the effects. Self, preservation being the first law
of nature it, will be loudly proclaimed that war is highly
immoral and then is the beginning of the' end.
, We elo mot delude ourselves with any vain: hopes
of this being consummated for many decades, but it is
as sure of ultimate realization as that, the earth do
move. -
-. *•
| Letters To
I       The Editor *
The marvellous strides that.'have been effected'during recent years in aviation will, in the "ordinary, course
of events, continue to progress until this mode of locomotion in fifty years may become as commonplace as is
the ordinary train of^ today.     It is true tliere are many
• It is pleasurable to be able to report that everything
passed off so favorably bn Dominion Day. The weather
was on its,best behavior, the sun brightly shining; moreover there was riot a single accident to mar the entire
proceedings. Tlie only rift in the lute was the colossal
stinginess of some who positively refused to purchase a
fifty cent tag, despite the fact; that.tliey were repeatedly
asked? For a man whose pocketbook was practically
empty as a result of circumstances over which he had
Corbin B. C. July 2   .
Editor Ledger:
The letter by Charles Garner which
appeared in your paper* lately has certainly given some people food for
thought. Each one of the' parties referred to shelves the blairie and tries
to-put it on somebody else's shoulders. P. Burns and Co. manager will
tell you that so far as his company is
concerned  that  the   benefits   of, tho
high prices go into tho pockets of the
Flathead' Trading Company because
they charge so much'for the privilege
of doing, business. This may be correct or not, T don't know as I have no
way of finding out,1 but this I do know
that our meat bill is 15 per cent higher than It used to bo in Fernie. If
you say anything in the Flathead
Trading company store about prices
being so much higher than they are
in tho other camps around it is the
railway, charges that are to blame.
Be this as It may nobody who lives
up here will be backward in saying
that those who complain about the
cost of living in othei- places ought
to come, to Corbin for, an experience.
If the railway company is the guilty
party then there is a splendid opportunity for tho Railway Commission to
look into the charges for freight and
passenger rates and at the same time
havo the, people show their charges
on express. This railroad operates
under a charter as the Eastern, British Columbia and therefore should be
subject to investigation just the same
as any other railroad or chartered institution.    '
Thero are other matters which I
may. write about later, but these questions can wait over .until the high cost
of living up here is threshed out", and
it is to be hoped that the blame for it
will be laid at the doors of the responsible parties.
If the Coal Company is really anx-,
ious lo get good men to como here arid
stay it is up to them to see that expenses are put on an equal footing
with other places so far as the buying
value of a dollar is concerned.
Thanking you for printing this, I
am, yours very truly,
Old Timer.
For Your
Butter and Eggs
"^h^^oTftTlire _de~a™oT^efial-^ of
much value for passenger'traffic, yet these individuals
are merely the prototype of those who, when George Ste-
- phenson first introduced "The Rocket," advanced arguments that they considered irrefutable regarding the impracticability of the locomotive as a tractive power.
Looking back over 100 years we   find solemn statements wore made by those wiseacres showing tlio futility
of breathing whilst travelling at the reckless speed of 20
miles an hour over two inch Iron rails,     There   wero
many well meaning religionists that loudly    declaimed
against such impious and unnatural attempts to travel by
means that did iiot have biblical precedent as a guide,
solemnly declaring It to bo "flying in tho face of Providence."    Toeing wo srnllo at tho simplicity of these antagonists, to progress.    Wo laugh in derision at tho frau-
tie feats of lho redman who tried to lnssoo thc- tlrst engines that crossed tho plains of America. ,' Probably less
thaii a quarter of a century   honco history may repeat
Itself, and tho objector*, of this epoch-will bo   discussed
and dubbed as foolB becauso of tliolr chllellsli antipathy
to tlio IntI'oiluction of tl>,o navigation of tho nlr. Although
the Irnnspoi'tiitlon of passengers Intent on tho pursuits
of conmiorco have so far been practically nil, In fact
daring spirits actuated liy tho novelty of tho situation
aro lho only ones who have mado Iho venture) of n flight
on n iiiisHlmi without any ulterior motive.    On tho other
hand many iibcpiihIoiib hnve boon niiuln und ebnsldoriiljle
ellslniice' covered on behalf of nilllliirisrii wllh a view lo
mnklng noroplnnoH nnd dirigible Imllooiis un adjunct lo
tlio nnny .service,    As n fnclor nf'di-Htrue-ilvonoHH when
niitloiiH nre imbix-d with (ho blood liml, (hey Imvi; already
clenrly prove-n their UHPfiilnoRK,     Somo time ngo thirty,
flvo dummy package's wero dropped from ono of HiesoHley
wn nel .'e-rH over Ilie ( .ly of lterlin, Germany, nnd upon
Mil-Hce-iienl Invt'HtlKiilIon rci-'iii'dlii'; thn offeel. II wiih nu-
e'ci-tiilne.'il Hint hnd tliey been filled with expl-bslveti nveiry
building would hnvo been rir/.eil lo the ground.     Tliere
nn- iiiiiny illl'flciillicM yi-1 lei ho eivereoini! licforn lho ele-
Hired el'l'lele'iicy Ih obtained, ik-vi-i'IIicIchh will) ho ninny of
ilii'-lirluliloHl liniiem of illl'I'eiTiiit niillniinllil.'H theorlHlng
nml experimenting the vomiIIoiib problems nre only    n
i|iii''.l!i>n of lime crii Ihey lire nolve.il,     Wo    have Holy
mil for ll "Thiil they who live by llm tuvonl shnll die by
ihe hwiii'iI," nnd ns imi iiiiiiIm'-oiih elrciiiiiNtiinei' mnv hmI'.'Iv
foreciiHl thnl they who profit by Dw une of .'ilrHlilpn' for
niiirili'i'oiiH pnieileeH Hhnll Hh-himiIvoh be ileHlroye'l there-
The nilveiit of tho iieioplniie for war piii*|iow-H Ih ,llie
-.-rent Initial Hi.'P lu the renllzuiloii eif the drenin nf lhe
I ll»ll.*llitl)    I   III Vt-lhill  (ll.-ldl lll.llllt'lll, I liln   tUII     l'li:,li>'     IIUI |
In:-HUM:  Ol   UIO   pilli.'.ikt111.Ipl*-.  "I   i.lV,m,-,U.;   Illiiliiai   U.kliu-
forinallou, not. from the iinlverwil hrotlu'rliemd of man
-sentiment, net ln-cninui liumiui mil ure Iiiih undergone a re-
geiievnlleni, but nit a remit! nf Hint primal nnturnl law of
(V*ll    I'l ■"*"*■'! *. 'XI UjII, I ll' H. -.*.,**l»|1      it. ,,„,'     „\ \ I,    -,,. ■.»,■., '. *ul"
ed feir iiiiiterlnl KflliiH, In other wohIh "Profit."1 VurloiiH
pn'li.xtH hnvo lioeii advanced, "Pofe-nrn of King," "Patriot Inm,"' "Frre'ln-K llio -Hlnve*," elc, yi-J when the hoiutIi-
light ot Invi'Htlgrttlon hnu probed tho upper whlold of veneer, the iitulerlylnir mono of or-nnnmlo pre-mnre- hns boon
iiiifoveicd, and thi" I ruth hIiowii In nil Un nnkeilni.HS. A
reroirititWm of thin, even thnu;,'!! in niituy liiMUitiecu it mny
bo Htibe-oiiMe-lniinly, in evidenced by tlio rapid development
of fln-il-inlilinrluin, ntul tho eletermlne-tl opposition of thow>
who have in tho punt be-on pawns on the gront fratricidal
cht-Hgl'onrel of wlioUaulu liurr-.i-ery. f-nncluslvd-ly demon-
mrate the truth of thotw Hfcm'ilieHit*. 'iht) «rtml Mluiii\-t-i*ki-K}
glnnl, tho working clnnn of nil nMlorm, Ih aWnke-nlnK from
It* hypnotic spell. The machine*, wtiouo present objei--
D\o in that of '.ntc-tifilfylnif tho owfu!n<-»* of war, will be
nd control due allowance was made; but one cannot help
feeling, disgusted at the actions of those who, while en-
-i ■ ■ t ,   *
joying all of tho sports, were so close fisted that they
declined to pay the small sum if fifty cents to see what
is conceded by all unprejudiced observers to have been
the finest sports ever pulled off in the Pass.
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ymi haven't saved enough to own
We will sell you a piece -
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koop on saving and making money
at the samo time. For while you
are saving to pay off the balance
your property will be getting
worth more every day. Come,
seo ns. '■
Insurance and Real Estate
"write to
Lacombe, Alta.
, .
Despite the difficulties undor which many of our citizens labored after the great fire that practically wiped
out their gardens aaid lawns, Fornie can boast of as many
beautiful grassy and flowery patches as any town In tho
Thoro is, however, one groat scourge of tho gardener
that unless immodiato steps are tnkon for Its destruction,
that will shortly play havoc; that is the cardus sylves-
Iris, or common thistle, which although very significant
as Scotia's emblem, Is a noxious wood and capable of doing Irreparable Injury if permitted, to rlpon and Its floocy
Reeds bo wind wafted broadcast over tho cily.
Tho compensation case of which mention has nlroiuly
boon mndo in those columns, has been again postponed,
and may not como up for decision until Fall. We would
urgo upon all member of Dinlrlct 18 lo keop UiIh subject
constantly In mind, moro particularly Uioho who havo
dependent's living In forolgn countiict*, an thoy would bo
tho gronloBt Hiil'l'oi'ors in tho ovont of the legal lntorprotn-
tlon of this Act deciding that tlioy are nol ontlllod to ooin-
For tlio present of cpurso wo realize that wo mnst
n\vnIt tho law's vexatious delays before being In a posh Inn In stato whothor or mo lho coiilenllnii of tho Coal
Compiiny will ho upheld; novcrllioK'HH In llio meantime-,
we am leaving no Htono iintiiriit-il In our efforts lo bring
the iniilier prominently to lho nol loo of all parlies concerned In lho administration of foreign affnlrs.
(.nmniiinlc-iitlniiH Willi llio proper aitllinrhles lu llio
(lit'l'erent, foreign rniiiilrli-H from whence emtio Uioho form-
ing lhe uiembei'Khi|i In the different <nii*.;ueH of District
IS have been forwardeil, 'minting out thnl UiIh Icuhilullnii
In Inimical lo tho liitoreHls of Iheir re-Hpeetlvn Hiibjeets,
nr I'lllzeiiH, should ll Im inleipreled Hint, In tlio ovenl of
il->alh. remitting fiom an aeeldeiil. while at worlc, t)ieir
dependent ciiiph shtill nol bo entitled to come within the
pieivlnco of the Coiupciimitlon Act. Wo strongly lulvlsn
Mm illl'fei'fin foreign speaking members to bring Ihlrt
mutter iirotiilnentlv to the notice of Inch' liomei govorn-
liieiils tlivnti.li Dw Intermedlnrv of llio nearest eoiiHiiliir
1'opn-H.it alive, and where there-In net one known (lien
Ihey should ndrlre'HR tlieniHelves lo llm Minister of Foreign uf faliu of Iheir mil Ive coiinUy,
Do not procrastinate--, hut get together; discuss the
epicHtlcm In all Its phases anil act, otherwliie Into': on
you may have I'liusei to rogrot boe-nuso of apathy, The.
we'lfaro of those who by Uoh of homo ntul lelndrod lmvo
culls upon you Is nt Bioko, so lot no tlmo be wasted, hut
not Ilusy nml Do It Now.
, Hhould we learn of any further development touch-
Int' UiIh subject full particulars thereof will appenr In
these columns, no that the prime purposo for which Ihiu
pnhltcntle-ji Is is existence—working clnss Intore-sU-may
be: Hiilmerveil.
Hosmer 13. C. July 5. .
Editor Ledger:
DeilrS ifTT_5~your"papei-_i7s"tlTc~oitl7"
paper of the district that soems to
air the working man's point of view
I should like to give a little ir stance
of how the shoe pinches down at Hosmer. Sam^legwig owes a tradesman
?GC. Sam gives tho .tradesman 'an
assignment of his wages. The merchant draws soj.no $30 on the assignment when Sam got scared of his
working place on account of two men
being killed and quit. Whereupon the
merchant has Alo'gwig arrested for obtaining goods under false pretences,
Mogwjg's partners go to square up
tho account and .are told that thore
is $30 for attorney's.fees, which they
refuse to pay. Now ns soon as the
account Is squared up the merchant
withdraws the case and Mogwig Is
forthwith let out and everybody Is
satisfied except tho lawyor.
Now ..Ir, Editor, why should the pot-
,ty polico court bo usod as a collection agency, and why should a magistrate Issuo a warrant for the arrest of
a man on a criminal charge lightly dismiss the case?
If tlio man Is charged willi obtaining
goods under falso pretences, why wo
understand thai tho caso Is thon ono
for tho crown to handle, so that the
public may havo a chance to seo Unit
tho low is rightly administered, This
is one of tho cases whoro it soems lo
bo all right for tlio merchant to stand
In with tlio .7. P., and use tho polico
court iih a collection agonc.y nnel also
(o help a lawyer to collect foes.
Trusting you will Insorl. Ihls, I romnin,
 '  i    * "  *	
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of  New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers' Liability, London Guarantee'
—— — and Accident —	
Great West Life
I Draying
Have you seen, the New
Special Policy maximum
Insurance, minimum cost
Henderson Block
, Fernie, B. C.,
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with W. Iveay
PHONE   78
Colt: mnn
l'rosliloiil. United Mino Workers of
Amorlcn, Indianapolis,
lloiir Kir anil llro.: Al our regular
communication held ou thn 2(111) the
following resolution wns pnssexl, and
n copy of llie same was oreliirod to bo
forwarded lo ynu:
"Thai Urn nii'inhors of Unrhondnle,'
Local No, __27 now nsseuilhlcd do,wish
to lie placed nu rornril ns reeling very
Ri'al.'lul In lh<> District OITIcms and
National ormmizorH for Die manner
in which Ihey conducted iiegotliilloilH
with tlm (.'iirbi-hilnli* Conl ami Coko
Company leading up tn a Benin nf
wages which we e-oiiMldor i-ipuil to any
In District, IS, also we wish, lo convey
to our National Kxocullvo officers our
Implicit fill I h In the United Mine
Workers ol' America,
Fraternally yours
Gee-roe M, Davis
J. A. McDonald
Win. Durrowu
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Say You Saw it in The Ledger
fii-tiu wns tbo fnll thereof Oh! my countrymen! The
nfti'tmnth of iho great study In "bluck mul whito" was
im'iv illsiistroiiM thnn the- flKht Itself JikIkIhk from report* -nKi-iv-Mil vrhlch by the way nre- meetly (rom the
North of Mason anil Dixie's line.
UVKinwil, .Tuiv J—The Liverpool
crli'ki.'l leiim ileftviteil tlio Cnn/idlnmi
here yesterday. After n uootl Htnnd
hy SoutImm nnd LondslioroiiBli, who
scored -ID imd 24 respectively,1 tlio visitors collapsed nnd woro nil out for
Liverpool Roenred the 07 runB required for thn loss of five wickets.
John Point rn. Conl Creek: Vnncouvor hns the following elnlly pnpor*:
Nowfl-AilvertfRcr. i
Prov In *-■-■■
The fir«t two nlso publl-sh weekly ed-
lllmiH nnd the ,lnnt nnmed Boml-wpok-
ly edition.
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■ *
♦ ■♦
♦ MICHEL > ■     ♦
D. J. .McDon-
A sad accident occurred here,  on
Wednesday morning, the 6th inst., at
7 a.m..    As train No. 1434 was backing
up on the siding ,C. Janes, the tailend
' brakeman, lost his life.     The unfor-
■ tunate man was getting on the cars,'
when.he lost his hold and fell in be-
'tween them.    ,Two box cars and tho
tender "of the engine passed over him.
Brakeman R. Killing saw James slip(
but, before the train could, be brought
to a standstill the cars as mentioned
above, had passed over his body. The
unfortunate man, was frightfully mutilated, both legs being broken off,
one hand ciit off and his leg broken in
three places and a,compound fracture
of the skull. .Death was instantaneous.
As the coroner at Michel could not
be located a wire was sent to Coroner Bleasdell of Fernie to come at
once, and the inquest * was held the
-same day at'5 p.m., when the following verdict was given by the jury: We
find that deceased came to his death
. through accident, and attach blame
'   to no one. • ' *        .
Thls'-was signed by the following
W. Dorris    '
• R. Sinclair '    .
.,   N. Carter
, W. Armison     ,"',."
H. L'owle -'.    ' '
: -John Cralian, foremein.
-   The body was conveyd to Cranbrook
' the same night by his comrades.   De-
■ ceased was an Oddfellow of the Key
City lodge at Cranbrook, and was 22
■' years of age.
Janes   was an Englishman, formerly
baggageman at the Cranbrook station,
and was well liked by everybody.
''      Mrs. John Gorton has' gone to her
parents   home   at   Pincher   Creek   to
spend a few weeks holidays and in
the  meantime' Jack is  doing  a' few
batching stunts. , , ■■-
- Mr. Sadler, one of the staff of the
Coleman * Miner, paid us a visit, this
-week, taking both the outsights' and
the insights of the famous Elk, valley.
VMr., Sadler' says' that  with  the  Elk
1 water having sucli a peculiar color and
■ e with such a fine flavor it .is a marvel
that the people here do not drink more,
" -i or it. "    o  ■-
As there was nothing doing here on
Dominion Day. quite a'number'of the
by going "to "the" sports at Fernie and
,' ' Coleman.
Mr. J. Bailey is again on the water
'•'-waggon .-.with- bright intentions in the
near  future  of  visiting-again     the
.land where they make the pots.
■■''     The'Michel Football club- accepted
the Invitation extended to them by the
'' Moyie' Football'•'club to tako-part in
'th'o Dominion Day celebration.     The
football game ended in a win for the
Michel boys by tho score of two to
none. * The\boy8 had a splendid time
nnd they came back on tho Flyer on
Saturday looking fine after tho trip
to tho Lake.
The team to go to Hosmer on Saturday, nnd the line up is as'follows:
Goal: J. Rayner.
-, Backs:- S. Mooros, captain; J.   Mason.
Half bocks: J. Gorton, C. Walkor,
Geo. Millet. *   ,
Forwards'. A. Booinmwn, E. Commo,
T. Carnoy, 11. Sudworth and A. Goodwin,
j Thoro wns a grout crowd ut the Michel hotel on Monday night watching
tho returns of tho big fight, and nil
went homo disappointed because tliolr
fnvorlto wnB boiiton,       '
Mrs. John ONoll nnd hor children
nrrived horo on Tuesday night from
Wliltohuvon, England,
Thoro wore eight nccldonts     this
wook, hut wo oro plonsod to say thoy*
wero Blight.
Quito a number of tho liotiRolioldors
* nitrons lho Crook hnvo now lho pleas-
uro of having lliolr wator In tho house
nnd lot uh hopo. Ihnl. In lho near future nil tho plpos will he (hawed out
80 Hint everybody cnn get lt.
A IniRh flro Hlarted horo to the oast
of lho Mlchol dopot on WodnoHdny
morning, Polico Constables Morris
niul linker woro quickly on the scene
und with about 7". men wore trying nil
dny to qiiom-h ll. Al. about four or
flvo In llio nflornoon Ihey got iho flro
well iiniUrt' way. ThobUHli Ih htill on
fIru im!. llioro Ih pi'ftellonlly no danger
nl Incited to It,
Cigarette .loo hnH at IiihI. found a po-
nl Hon lo IiIh own lilting. Uo lit now
splitting wood for Curr'H lioni'ding
Tlircp ChlniuiiNi wore arrested on
Mondny for rcftmlng lo pny tliolr .poll
tux. The Olilnnnion woro tory oimt I-
unto nud iihoiI vory liiHUltinff language
to Police Countable Hiilge*>r for which
Hioy liml to pay tho,mini of $10 mid
It. Ih nbout tlmo llio publio of Michel
looked Into tlio qiioHtlon of having
moro tluni ono coronor for tho vicinity Thorn In nnlv one iiern nl nm-
sent nml hn Hvoh uomo bIx tnllOH out
of town. Dn Wodiu-Hiluy when 0.
JiinoH met with hin and doiitli lhe coroner could not be located nnd thoy hnd
to Hctul lo Fornio for ono, Taking Into rotiHldnriiHon tho warm woathor
v.'!:.\-!; "j-."v,i!!."  .'.' mubon ]t vory hnrd
Recording secretary
aid. '   '        *
■ Secretary-treasurer:   Maurice
Door warden: George Millett.
Conductor: J. "Rayner.
-Auditors: Tom Colquhoun, E. Jones,
Geo. Millett." .
Pit' Committee: Mike McLean, J,
Rayner, Tom Harries, Tom Colquhoun,
Sick Committee: P. * Ma'ncuso, * E.
Fox, Mike McLean, Geo, Millett.
The Michel, football team went down
to defeat on Saturday for the first
time this season'by the score of two
to 1. The team of Fernie were responsible for administering the bitter
pill. The Michel boys could not play
for nuts and that is the reason why
tbey lost.,
While visiting Fernie quite a number of the players took the advantage
of visiting the Ledger plant. The
head typist was a jolly good fellow,
showing the. "boys how the linotype
machine Worked and all about it and
finished up by giving each of them
a memento in remembrance of their
visit. ■■'
There was a big baseball match be-
ween'New Town and Old Town the
score was said to be 65 to 7 in favor
of New .Town. t After hearing the full
details of the game the scorer made
the remark that his book got filled
up with the figures and after that'he
lost the count.
Tho local lodge, of the Knights of
Pythias chartered" a*-special train on
Sunday to Baynes Lake 'aiid Elko to
celebrate their second annual picnic.
The Michel band was parading
around town on Sunday, giving the
•nil-lie «■-. idea of hJ". tliey can bl"«v
their teeth out.
The Michel Football .team are placing six inches *of soil on '' their
grounds, and they intend to make it
the finest grounds in the Pass: ' ,
'The way - that the. C. P. R. Company
,run their trains is certainly a disgrace to any civilized country. Saturday when the football.team wished
to journey -to Foj*nie by the Spokane
Flyer, two of the team missed ■ the.
train. It came into the depot and
did not have timo to stop before All
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,♦
♦ ■•*■■' .♦
-*-   ' COLEMAN NOTES BY 22 ,     ♦
♦ ♦
Aili Iiimi, daughter of Oscar North,
aged two years'and ten-mouths, died
s-t'ler only a few hours sickness. Convulsions caused death.
Mrs. Clarke presented our popular
showman witi> a daughter on the 22nd
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes on the'22nd.,
a son. •  • o        ,
June 21st, Mr. and Mrs. McKennan,
a daughter..
Mr. Tomkins had three valuable
cows killed on the C. P. R., also* Mr.
Plconi, a valuable mare and foal, a
few days ago. There does not seem
to be much care for this class of accidents. If the ranchers could get
together and call the attention of the
C. P. R. to the fact and fence off the
track some;good might be done.
Mr. Frank Graham and family have
gone to Nelson. * Haying 'had sickness for some time it is hoped that the
change will be beneficial.
Mr. Clark, Coleman's showman, having tied his team tb a post at Blairmore, went to attend to some business, leaving,his two sons, Harold and
Leo in the rig, A motor cycle came
up behind and startled'■ the horses,
causing them to break loose, throwing
Harold out.' He fell' under the feet
of the horses and 'sustained injuries
to his head and arms, Leo who remained (in the rig is. very little,* the
worse ,and! was severely frightened.
This is the third accident caused by
these horseless, carriages. "A'little
more caution, should be exercised by
the drivers.
First of July'the I. o: 0. F. held their
first sports in the Flummerfelt park.
Baseball was played by, Pincher City
and Blairmore. Blairmore were the
best team by a.long way. '. There was
a little, excitement in the first innings
or two which gradually wore away to
nothing. Blairmore won the game
by'17 to 2.       •     ' '   , .
Lille vs Coleman scrubs was a very
evenly contested game. After extra
time had been played Coleman scored
off a penalty which caused the Scrubs
to meet" the first team, -who won by
1 goal to nil.'
The races Drought out some splendid contests.- Coleman brass- band
was in attendance and played some
fine selections. The band wants a
little more sympathy and support'out
♦ Expert Dentist, Dr. Hender- ♦
♦ !, son, located at Blairmore, will ♦
♦ open his branch office at Hill- ♦
♦ crest July,4th, until Ilth,   at ♦■
♦ Bellevue July 12th  until the ♦'
♦ 19th.    Positively painless   ex- ♦
♦ traction. ♦
♦ • ♦
♦ ♦*♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦*♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
by some means or ■ other his watch
was lost. ■ He, however, had the presence of mind to nsert an.ad in the
Ledger and the watch was returned to
the office 5 or 10 minutes after publication.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Chappell and
child arrived in Bellevue from Chesterfield, England on Wednesday morning.
Fred has been in the old country for
about fifteen months and was' married there.
' Messrs. Frank Lewis, Harry Blake
A. Padgett and A. Tuskar' spent the
.week end at the' South Fork fishing.
They report, that the fishing is not too
good at present.
A Measuring committee composed of
the president and financial secretary,
has been appointed here whose duties
shall be to go around each measuring
day with the pit boss. It appears
that some men will take any old measurement the pit boss cares to give
them and 'we hope to put a stop to
A football match, was played hero
on Monday'evening, between the married men and stogie. The bachelors
were up against it for, a goalkeeper',
but swallowed their.pride and accepted Mr. Tom Bradley of Hillcrest, a.
benedict, who played a very nice game
only 'one shot beating him. During
the game a collision took place between R. Livett. and Jack Ord. The
former'had his eyebrow badly split,
and the latter'had a nasty cut on the
forehead. They however, had their
cuts attended to and. played the game
.- Thc game resulted' in a win (for the
bachelors by two goals to one. The
benedicts were not at all satisfied
with the result and there is a likelihood "of anothor match being played'
soon. 7     - --
After the- football game, which was
'given under, the auspices of the Ladies Aid * society, who were responsible
for the afternoon's entertainment „ a
tug of - war  between     two  Bellevue
All the doors were locked with'the exception of the one next to the bagg-
ago car, and'when this was found-to
be open.the train was on tlie move.
The' result was that two of the team
were'left.     On, Monday morning-the
same thing occurred again,   Six gentlemen wishing to leave by the Flyer
aiid waiting for her some length of
time, were left.    Thoy were at the far
end of the depot, expecting to get on
the rear end of the train.    As usual
In she came with all the doors locked
ivith the exception of the one next to
the baggage car; no sign of any of tho
railroad's  dark,   oily   sleepy  looking
porter**! to como to their assistance by
the opening of the doors, and the result was that tlie six gentlemon had
to return to thoir respective hotels,
thoroughly disgusted with the C.  P.
R, ancl thoir' system of treatment to
tho public and all concerned with it.
This stato of affairs ,hns beon going
on for quito a whilo mid tho proper
officials of the rnllrond company havo
been notified, but' tho result so far
sconiS'to bo Ihnt instead,of tho conditions becoming any bottor, thoy nro
worse.     Tho- public had  far  bettor
patronize the other road, whero,    If
thoy do not rocolvo quito such a fast
ride, thoy nro suro of having proper
Wm. Savuge, hotter known as the
Rooster, waH fishing on Sunday, when
ho hnd lho luck to catch tho largest,
speckled I rout Hint's boon landed this
Htmson; just, what* II, will weigh wo
cannot any, but tho Rooster says that,
when ho pulled It out tho river went
down two foot; It will eorlninly tako
somo bonting nnd Savngo Is al. tho top
of the IIhI. for Mr. Orahan's fishing
Suro mul did you hoar 1ho roostor
Who mild Tom HnrtioH could play
nt ii pins.
Thoro ni'ii only two nccWlenlfl to1 report this wak and hoih of thom aro
CluirloH Orbnn, lilm; of Iho lliiiigai-
Iiuih of Mlchol, Iiiih left. thlH eaiiip under Hluielj' i'iiiuIIIIoiih; JiihI- whnt llioy
thoy nro hut ho linn uu awful lot of
frlendH enquiring nftor IiIh heulth mid
iiIho IiIh plnco or roRliloiico, mid expressing IhoiiiHolveH Htrotinly iih Io
whoro It. ought, to hei.
Tho Mlchol and . iRlrlct Anglers'
Association wishes lo ihnnk lho gem
tinman (lint no -.{onerously donated tho
various ii-fii'Hliiii-jiit'i nml outalileii for
tltiili' Hinokor, which wnnl, n hung wny
to'mnko It ii huccohh,
1110   pcupil) tu   .'likljul   »ill  hatt.   tin
oppnrlunll.v'nf *u>*Mr-r* Dw rer-ordee eif
tho Joliiimiii nnd .ToffrloH fight round
hy round at. 2.30 p.m, jimt outRldo tho
Michel hotel,
himself a firm favorite with the boys
here with his very pleasant manner.
He is going in for some hard training
and the training, quarters here are
scenes of exciting wrestling at times.
We wish Jack a victory in his coming contest.    '" . .      .  „
By the way it has come to' . our
knowledge that" a man named Smith of
Hillcrest is "anxious for a crack at
Jack. If this gentleman is in earnest
he can be accommodated at any old
time after the present match. In the
meantime he coyld come over and
make a deposit to bind a match with
Kennedy. , *       * *
Mr. Gus Johnson left here for Fairbanks, Alaska on Tuesday. Mr. Johnson has spent eight years there previously and says that he intends staying ten years this time. We wish
him success.
' Mr. E. Marlett of Coal Creek, accompanied by his wife and child were on
a visit to Mr. Ed. Bridge, his father-
in-law, this week. Mrs. Marlett is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
of Bellevue wheer she has decided to
stay for a while, as Mr. Marlett has
made arangements to leave foi- Vancouver ,in a lew days.
Mr. Joe Robinson of the Bellevue
Pool room has very kindly given the
use of the two top rooms to the'fot-
ball players to change their clothes.
We appreciate his kind offer.
The teetotaler fell from grace last
week, but pulled up after a day or so.
Tlie spirit is "willing and "strong," but
the flesh is weak.
Mr. Wm. Robson, the photographer
of Hosmer, is amongst us again and
is doing all" kinds of business. Mr.
Robson is by far, the best artist that
has visited ' Bellevue for a long
The West Canadian Company is
sending a chunk of coal weighing five
tons to' the Calgary exhibition. It
was got out by Messrs. Joe-^Ellison,
and Tom Phillips.
is building a shack for the purpose we
believe of putting a roof over the head
hart, Grace Ross,, Gunnerd ■ Sand-
of one who is to be Mrs. Moorehouse.
When the happy event takes place the
boys will give the happy couple * a
good send off. A "blue nose" (Oh,
no he does not hail from Nova Scotia)
is expected to * make the fatal leap,
and when he does you • will hear all
about it..' *',
Hillcrest is certainly proud of its record as there has not been ;an arrest
made since,the hotel got its license,
which speaks volumes for the peaceable qualities of its dwellers, although
a party was overheard to say that we
were anarchists and Indians. This
is about the style of■. some dull minded individuals, finding their own mental "calibre of an order so low that
♦ ♦♦♦♦•«' ♦.♦ ♦ «► ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ■?♦
♦ COAL   CREEK   BY   174 ♦
♦ ->♦♦♦♦♦
. ' The Bellevue team were the visitors
up here last, Saturday and they were
entertained in fine style, but the home
team showed their superiority in
great form, as the final score shows,
Coal Creeka, and Bellevue 0. Billy's
Terrors had a sweet revenge but the
visitors took it in good part. The goal
scorers were Manning 2, Hartwell 1 P.
Jolsoii ],* Booth 1. J. Wilson was referee.. After the game the boys were
entertained to a smoker in the club,
where they were' supplied, with the
good brown ale and biscuits and
c'heesc, also a good musical program,
for whicli Coal Creek is famous, and
a real live thought germ would run  every, one present had a right good
the risk.of getting lost running round  time.
♦ ♦ ♦■♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
of the public' Their music'is getting
quite old and some of the instruments
need looking,after.. '       -
A* suggestion "has been made , that
the band go to the'park on Sunday afternoon or evening. This would bring
tliem before the public,and a collec-
.ion could be taken. ■
George Reed, who sustained injuries on July 1st. whilst playing football
is progressing favorably.
The junior football team of Coleman played a.game with"the pick of
the camps east of Coleman to Pincher, a very heavy team. * This ,team
took the name of Lille, Lille being
represented by two players. Our boys
looked small against thom, their ages
running from 12 lo 16. Tho game
commenced fast, Coloman determined
to hold their own, Lille also thinking
that they had a waile over., Coleman
team completely routed Lillo never allowing th'o ball to raise from thoir too.
Holmes scored the first goal, McLeod
got n penalty nnd nftor some quick
work by the forward line Benson shot
for goal with splendid results. Colemnn 3, Lillo nil, "
Messrs, Holmes mid Crawford (cobblers) caught a 1>V_ i«. Hsh in tho
lako a few days, ago, The roport. Is
not true Hint, they soled boots with It
as thoy uso leather,
Tho moving pictures of King Edward's funornl woro highly appreciated, the opera Iiouho being crowded.
. llnrry Smith wiih returned iih the
clieckwolghniini by a small majority,
.Tames McLean has gono to Lanark-
Hblro, Scotland for a trip, Ho was
working In tho plnco whore Kolly mid
Domellck wero killed. Wo wIhIi hlm
u pluiiHiml. Journey umi enjoyment.
Adnm Pnttlson nml S. Mnnloy wont
to Reno lo lnko In the prize flghl. A
groat doal of excltomont provnllod In
town from throo to , \, Tne llmnlw
of lho publio Ih duo to Mr. Murr of
tho Colemnn Hotol I'or tho wny Hint
tho tolr-Ki'iiniH wero plncod boforo the
public whicli V/eni eagerly nought nftor.
At fit. Albnn'H church II. H, Webb
Himg ii  nolo ni.-'oiiipiiiili'd  l>y     Mi'H-
DlHiioy whicli wins highly nppri'r.inte'il.
l'rof. Crnwl'oril nml wife' Hponl tho
wniili end In Fernio,
The hiHliilliiHon of officers at iho
i. 0. 0. V, will tfilti* place on Mondny,
Ihu llllt, when n fioelnl mid Rond
tlmo Ih pronilHOil.
"teams^tooif piaceT^vnieiriva^vofr"bT
Mr. James Lindsay's team. Ed. Bridge,
the pit'boss at No. 2 mine, Joe Oliphant, Mike Johnson and..Toe Lieber-
gass were on Jim's team,   ,. *   ■
Jim's face' was all smiles as he received' his team's -prize which was
?20, to the strains of* the. orchestra
playing "I'm Afraid to.Bo Home in the
Dark." ' '  ,'".   „    *
The Bellevue'orchestra, which we
havo heard but seldom seen, played
some soul stirring numbers during tho
evening. That very pathetic piece by
Chopin pr Mendelssohn, we, don't
know whicli, entitled "Red Wing," was
played in masterly style. The technique gave a very good account of itself, as also did the diminuendo, this
last, was very fine.
Mr. and Mrs, Wilson of Monarch,
their two daughters and Miss Miller'
of the samo place, are spending irfew
days at Bellevue. Thoy are the guests
of Air. nml Mrs* Ellison and Mr. and
Mrs. Lindsay. ■*
Mr. Wilson who Is w*,oll known In
the Pass states that the crops aro
In a poor condition and that In some
places thoy will be n total failure
' A committee appointed by the Bollovuo Athlotlc club'waited upon Mr. It.
Connolly with a view to securing u
now piny ground. Mr. Connolly readily granted Ihe request and said Hint,
thoy could pick n ploco of ground any*
whoro they clioso nnd .Hint, It would
not cost thom ti cent. Tho club desires! to tliiink Mr, Connolly for IiIh
ltlnelnoRB. It will he> nocessary, howovor to clear lho lnnd of hoiiio small
Ficriih, nnd a fow volunloors would bn
Mr. Joe Salmi hii!' been ve-ry unfo'.*-
Iiiuiilo of Into, .Too was laid np with
pnoiinioiiln for n fow montliH, n pint
of lho tlmo In the hospital, ami IiIh
lifo wiih doHprilrod of. Ilo got. over It
nicely ami liml Hinrtod lo work when
ho wiib HCfilele'd with hiiiiio groiuie' fulling upon IiIh foot. Ilo will not \m
nblo to work for n wlillo,
♦ ♦♦♦*♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
(Too late for last week)
Our population .was -increased last
week by the arrivaV'of Mrsr.Brown and
children.       ■■ ' , „      - «
Several minor accidents happened
here recently. Fortunately however;1
nil the victims are getting along nice-
.1 y ,____h eji a m e s.-.o f_th o s a _i u i*t, ar e jC ar 1.
Johnson,' Dan Cullinari and Joe Lob-
loose in* their top-head, they have to
fall back on abuse. For the benefit
of* this grade of opponents we state
frankly they have our sympathy that
tliey should be so mildewed mentally
yet if- they or any of their species
would like to know, we will not be
backward in stating that all their
childish doings will not make us lose
sight of* the fact that-we are determined to keep on fighting for our, em-'
ancipation from industrial slavery as
long as we are on top of Mother Earth.
Such petty tactics as.,taking away the
license, spanking us like naughty boys
as it were is" not going to make us
creep, crawl and beg, but on the other
hand enables us.to show those who
still have doubts about the existence
of a class struggle that it is a very,
positive fact mod . a further enlighten our fellows on this subject we
are still more determined than ever
to spread around. the red. literature,
and by so doing it is only a eiuestion of
a , short time when Charlie O'Brien
will not be the only representative of
the working class in Edmonton.
The dry spell which has played such
havoc with the crops to the east of
us was not altogether an evil, as it
seems to have dried up the pestiferous
■crop of real estate "'agents who have
so long infested the mining towns of
the Pass, and who could spot a .live
one as easily as a crow can * pick ' a
dead one. A few weeks ago a man
with a good place in the'mine or a
hundred dollars in the bank could
hardly* get from the pit mouth to his
house without hearing of some favored ' spot ■' where he could double   his
p   '4^   **§F   W   i^f*     "V    V    ^w      v       **       "*
' i'il
for thOHO who hnvo to lmtullo tho hoel-
lots, nftor havlnB Uopt thom so long.
This Is not tho flmt tlmo thnt wo havo
liml this minccoiiHary dolny nml It In lo
ho hopod (lint tho proper piirtlos will
look Into tho mnttor nnd nppolnt nnotlior mnn.
LtiHt woolc n pio noclftl wnB hold In
♦ho school houso whon blueberry pics
wero demolished wholesale. Just who
.Rot this soolnl up nml who w«>ro pro-
-sent wo nro not nllowed to sny.
(Too lata for last wcolc.)
Tho officers for tho coming term
uf thu Michel Local union Ko. irst
tiro us follows:
Vv-nldont: Tom Hurries.
Vico-PrcBldont:  1. Morcuso.
Phottlo Primer (o First I .itnor: Janet Davis, Ettgcno Davis, Dolh flmlth,
fsir.ltn PT.Mt.
First Primer lo Second Prlmor: V.
niivls. Florence Wild, Inlss Roby, 0.
Smithy promoted during tho term:—
Ethel Mild.
BtK-oml Primer to Junior Grmlo:
Kthol nielel.
Junior to Inlormcellato: Cecil Ross,
John Sandbar-*..
Intcrmcellftto lo flonhrt iillbor no
Qortrmlo Fox,
(Too Inlo for Inst week.)
Wo nro plciiHod to two Mr, llormnii
Vnrloy around ngnln ul'lor his recent
Ilerimin will piny for uh nt Coul
Crook noxt Siitiirdiiy nnd hicldontiilly
will help uh to bent tliem. (I'M, —■
Tho best Intenth of ineii mid mice iiIho
fool billions nft gang ugloy.)
Mr. Fred Cluippell, former fliiniirlnl
Hocrotnry of tho Hnllcvm*- Iocnl will arrive' horo from lho Old Country In thn
courso of ti fow dnyH,     Fred     has
fo|/nn lmln hltnonlf n  u'lfn oliipn lonv-
Ing horo, Mm. Chappnll Ih nccom-
pmiylug him. , Thoy intend making
tliolr homo nt Uullovmi.
President W. II. Powell, International Iloftnl Member ClmrloR arii;|ior nnd
OrKixnl7.fr   Tom Junius worn In town
tf.-    i„..
The return match between tho Mill-
crest nml Ilellovuo football temniH reunited In an onny win for tho Inttor.
Tlio hcoich woro fiH follows!
Jack Oliphant, nollovuo GO; Joo Fur-
Hhong, Ilellovuo, 50; Alf Cameron, 32;
Jnrlr VosWH. Tlcllcviie RO; J, llnrr-
ows. HIllcrcHt -iii; Vnlentlno, IllllcreHt
.10: linn 1. wis, Mlllcri'flt fiO; Doe Rons
HIIUtorI, 1fi. Jack Nesbitt hnd hi-*
own back with n venuoanco.
Tho many friends of Mr. Jack Kennedy of nclU'Vite, late of Prank, will
bo pleased to henr of him being matched io wrestle a man by tho nami'
of Archer tit M^'l'^d on tho Wlh of
The men are pretty evenly matched
reitz. - . ■      "
, Our local election of officers resulted as follows: .
Checkweighman: , J.   0.   Jones,   by
President: Wm. Patterson,
Financial Secretary. J. O. Jones by
acclamation. .   0
' Recording Secretary:' Roland Archer.'
* Now that the officers are elected we
would urge upon all the members to
bear in, mind that no matter how well
they may do thoir duty (and we have
evory reason to believe that they, i\*ill
perform thoir work to tlio best of their
ability and understanding)  still without tho co-operation of tho membership their efforts aro likely to be of
littlo avail.     Como to the meetings
and help to make thom lively and Interesting, and then when    eiuostlons
are under discussion "affecting     the
welfare of tho entire camp everybody
will bo posted and more satisfactory
results obtained. ** This is tlio   only
way to mnko progress.    Talking outside and growling 'because thoso who
havo attondod ,tho meetings may have
dono something with  which tho nb-
Roiit'ooH do not. ngreo Is not the proper
way to liamllo,business.    Let. us talk
ovor nil these subjects so Important
lo uh  nil,  cut out  petty  wrangling,
und  marshal pur forces  ho* that wo
cnn prosont, a solid front to the oporators at, tho termination of tlio existing contract mid mako demands for
Improved conditions Unit nro nlwiiyn
In order.    Thoso remarks nro not Intended for our camp nlono, hul for lho
entire dlRirlt-t. ■■ lie careful In ihu so-
lection of officers, but IIiIk Ih not nil:
Ilo on,dock to help them do what. Hie
Iocnl Ih In exist ence for, mutual heme-
Tho baseball tcnin Ih vory anxious
thai. Ihey -should bo mentioned. Recently tlmy hnd n friendly ginii" with
lllnlrmorii ami llio scoro obtained was
four to one In favor of lllllcri'Ht. Tliey
I nt imd lo travel to Fernio for the 1st,
ami,nro hopeful or tucnilng lho Michel
boyH mi'lhn illumnml when U Ih lo bo
hoped that Ihey will give n good account, of thumHi'lveiH, You pe-oplo
down thorn will hnve n chmicc lo hoc
whnt Ihey cnn do on Friday.
(Ed: At (lie outset of Hit* mum* between New Michel mid IllllcreHt il
looked iih though the latter wen, going down In defenl iih thore wiih n
wide broach between them nnd their
opponents, 10 to II, but In one Innings'
nil lior nlno or ton runs wore miido,
nml at thn end of tlm "Hi nnd flnnl
money uTsixEy~i3ays. BuTITfew good"
showers aiid the beautiful sunshine of
this favored climate will bring out the
farmers crops and real * estate men
with' maps of every place in the Can
adian West, which will boast of a flag
station, and will soon haunt the payroll towns.
If we eould only induce them with
their morvelloiiH powers'of persuasion
to stay iimongst tho government officials at Edmonton and try and persuade
them to ameliorate the conditions of
the wage earners, for great is our need
wo would certainly havo cause for rejoicing.
Mr. F. Askey lias left this locality,
and is doing well at McLeod in tho
photograph business,   '    ^
ELKO NOTES by Fred Roo     ♦
♦ >»♦♦♦ ♦*♦ ♦♦♦♦•♦
There Is nothing so balmy as a
clear conscience,    .
We hnvo a follow in Elko so pious
that when ihe goes flHhlng on Sundays
ho prays tp tbo Lord for good luck.
Mrs.,tliem Campbell and Miss Ithodn
wore visiting Punilo and lho Puss
I owns this wools.
MoHqultOB with pliinoln nltiiclimonlH
and diamond drill nuns are sticking
ovorybody for drlnkH around Iliiyuos
Lnko,  Waldo nnd  Krag.
Mr, mid Mrs, W, C. Lonoey nml
MIhh Smile spent the glorious fourth
lu tintowny, Mout nun, und hoard the
Hue-limit lon of Imlopemiloneu coughed
up by iinoldj fried egg, who was ru-
remind a few niliiutcK liilor for having
n pnekngo of f'lgartitlfis In IiIh pocket
—whin's tin1 mullor with Egypt'j"
Elko Ih fllli.l with vlslieim.'
The mills of lho goelH grind stlowly
but Hiircly,
Mr. and MrH Frod Sliorldnii Hpcnt
Ins! week In Sunny Albertn, Find
snyH It will Inlii" un itwful done of
while rock to piilul llm ki'iihh groi'ii.
Wo nro JiihI In receipt of n letter
from T. D. l-ioclor, mniiagei* for tlm
Knoleiiiiy Vulloy Lnnd Compiiny, Informing us Hint  Elko town lots mul
The Coal Creek boys won from Passburg on Dominion day at Fernie by 3
goals to 0, and now await,the winner
between Fernie and Hosmer, which
should be played off as soon" as poss- ■
We had no game on Saturday but
the team is still keeping in practice,
as they still have some good games
to attend to.       .>
.Janet Hewing", the ten year old daughter of Mr., ancl Mrs. Robert Hewing
met with a very painful accident as
she was playing down on the football
field. The,, little girl, together with
some compaions,' were down swinging-
on the branches of some trees when .
she fell from the branch and caught
on,a stump underneath, causing a
wound about four inches long in the
abdomen. This was on the Sunday
night, and she was taken.up home by
two young men, but it was.found, necessary to' take her to the hospital
on Wednesday morning, where we
hope, under careful attention she may
have a speedy recovery.
Born at Coal Creek on the' 29th of  *
June-to Mr. and'Mrs. Frank "Hender son
a fine daughter. ' f
Some fine specimens of the' rainbow
trout were brought down from Martin
Creek last week end.     Several of our
local ■ fishermen spent    a very unjoy
able week end" there, some going as
far as Michel creek. .-TUeyall returned 'on Sunday evening with full bask-'
ets, but looking pretty tired.
'' Several changes in firebosscs Vejre -
made up here this weolc, aiid two more  ',
were started.     J. Bagley was,transferred to old NTo. 1 afternoon shift; Geo.
"0!Brien"to~N07 _'anTniaciri\rc*Ai"pine~toT"
No.'5, and Walter Joyce to No. IN.
Mr. J. Sellers,,* dry, goods man, severed ibis .connection   with   the   store
up' here last week and has left for the
Mr. and Mrs. J. Billsborough arrived
here from Lancashire,* England, and
have.taken up their residence amongst
us. ,' . ,      .
Mr. aiid Mrs. T. Wnkelem Sr„ took
a trip down to Coloman last, week ond
and returned on Monday evening.
Another old Creckite arrived bnck
here from Durham, England, being no
less a person than Wrn, R. Puckey.
He left here shortly after, tho Fernie
fire. He reports things in a very
bad stato In that parr, of the country,
and that, the miners are working only
half time.
The result of the big fight was received up hero in a quietsort of a way
and sovornl of the'sporting boys, while
having their own opinions, refused to
put up any of their green bucks on
tho outcome.
Tho snd accident, that occurred up
here la.si Sunday night, cast finite a
gloom over the camp this week.   Tho
unfortunate young man, Chris" DlngH-
dnlo, wiih omployod hh ii driver of a"
compressed air dinkey in No. 2 mlno ■■
night. Hhlli,     How lho accident  happened Ih a sort of a mystery. He has
two  married  slstors  living up hero.
Mi'H. .1. P. HiiHhi'l nud  Mi'H. II, Hub-
beirtHy, who wore groatly grieved when
thoy board tho hiuI news.    No, 2 mlno
wiih Idle nil dny on Monday on    nc-
eouiit  of'the accident,.
Mrs. Jones und hor daughter Ethel
nre spending u holiday In Niiniilino.
Tlioy will visit lliolr fruit riiimli at
Slne.'in .luin-Hoii liefer" ihey i'"tiini lo
the Crook.
♦ <►
<► ♦
The    fll-Kl       fli* ill    licclil-lil III    tills
i .unii mule pliu'i' mi .Monday, July I,
which roHiilli'd  In llm death of John
clip ii, uu Italian I't-'id *:::,
Tlm decern,>'il  "Aii!*. u  mine liihori'i*,
Aftor,lho Lord Mnjorw show conu-ji
tho muckcart. How lhe mighty hath
fallen. Five gemlH to noun ami taking n hurdy gurdy ns a mascot. This
in thn price Hint had to bo paid for
„,   .;..,.. ,,., ii,,, "wi.n «mn boors nvnnt
tlio'twill." The loiiHt Bald about this
mntcb the bettor; wo expect to proHt
by oxporlonco.
Anyhow Conl Crook wore bndly In
lined ,of (bo »°l"tH tllltl "he who rIvos
Quickly gives twico.'" Tho longuo
will now lw morn Interesting.
Wo nro pleased to note Ihat Jack
"Kennedy was Biirepssful In ihe wrestling competition at Fornie, and wo
congratulate him on tt. Hut wo would
llko a fow more particulars from the
ledger's chief of staff In tho noxt
The circulation of lhe District I^-l-
"cr m"'*f '"* '■'""mn.-elnrr by lonpt nm!
hounds. It appears that when Jack
Kennedy hnd stripped, to wrestlo ho
handed bis clolhcs lo his friend and [at. roKtir-dir weight.    Jack has mado
li'iill I'nniii- uie open m ihe worhl nml j nud niiim lo li Im denih hy fnllliii! down
Hint no one Is Imrroil, not oven |*|.<r-' Nn. *.' ihuie, The uireiii'-r W. .Mur-
pont Morgan. „ I ni-v  from ,-Now  Michel .held  the    lm
Don'f full lo call ni IIoh'h i'W.uo who i'i! (piest   nn Wc(|nosdiiy nml u verdict of
ilsiiiug   Ellen.      lie   i-u'lin   <iMii>ibiii|i i in i Idi'iiliil ili.ilh  i».i.-«  W nii-m d.
from   bouiiwiix   lo  autiiimitlc.  kicking'.    The fiiiieinl look plnco em llm Titb
inuloH, j under  the  nuspUon  nt   Cm bin   i.oeiil
Wo I bunk Hnil for Hn- huh nnd l Ik i union. Iiitnnimiit   ImliiK  mnde m  tmi
inoeiii and nlno fnr llm good elns-m nl '■ lucnl i onmit'i y.
luiKl'iiMH wnlch ho Ih sending nur w.iv.j    lie Iiiih lehiiivoH ul  Priest river, In
It,, pny-*, In mlveillhe In tin- DImIi-Iii ' Idaho, \shn h-iv loin imiUI-d of the.
l-milti-'n Tllllr-i'i'nt bud ll runs nnd Now I Ledger when vnii'vo nnl (tin unnilH, nnd I slid neeiiiToiice.
Mlchol  10,     Tho Hporting fraternity | It iiiiiI'oh your ImihIhohh iih pleasant iik |    A speciiil iimeting cl imi-m  i.*■*.'*ii
o( Now Michnl wore eilii-i'iiig two in   ln-nlini; iiiiulm uu inn* uil Ki-inn.       , '■'-••■ '" »' "•'  Vi-.i.v ..*.'.o
oun ou tliolr ti'iiiu ill thn 11) 1 til lulling,
nnd did not got many inkers nn llidr
oddii. Wn imdcrHlnnd Hint n spoclnl
match Ih on tlm programme for Hie
,,,.„»,   fnnti-',   lt/,Mi-,,f,M    Minn-*,   vlv'tl'i   nf
Dw diamond. Crmit credit Ih duo for
the Hplondld support this aggregation
is reicolvliig from William Hyan,
After pitying n friendly visit tn
I'aiiHhiiiR recently and calling upon
Tom Duncan, Hilly Clough took a bath
rather suddenly by fnlllmr Into the
creek, nml hnd not bis cilox of "I
won't hoc Wlgnn any more" boon
heard by Tommy Wllfion this might
hnvo boon tho last tlmo bn would
hnve ti«keii water Ht might. Hard luck,
lillly. that one cannot rail upon IiIh
frletiils without bolnR compelled to
tumble Inlo tlmt liquid which, while
CYm-l tor horrtott f« n vory mild drink
for a man.
Sb!    Don't tell anybody, but Monro-
I linuiiu ne ciln more house and thurcfoi c
A raiie-hiT nn Tolmcio PIiiIiih bud a', pleim iiliny ni'i-*1 iimhi w;m pre.-i-nlcd
slole calf and unvo li what lul thought I to llm men owing lo the (hitum1 of
wiih medicine, lint aflerwnnlH proved I ineihndH nf working. Tlm company
to bo l-'reil lino's Mntiui .Mndo Unklugl nlfor iviih rcfiinod und Dw work will
Pmi-iV"-       Me r.ilmwl llm Clllf ' tlmiffnre ornreed on the i-nmtllitiv tlltV
Comlucinr AI Martin piihKeil through! hi nlc for day xxtnk.
Klko (IiIh week.
Mr. nml MrH. ('. UurgoHH nml (laugh
ter of Trlwood spent the week end In
liiioi'iintloiiit! Hoard Member Charles
(larner, hlstrlcl Hocrotnry Carter were
In attendance, nnd among miter mat-
Elko hh the mieMH of MIhh E,  Mny j lorn expressed HmiilHoIvoH its pl«iiHC«l
Uno, ! In lenrn that there whh *i d* ■hlod lm-
Vv. C. I.oacov cloned the Itoynl Ho* movement In the nrraiigenumtii at Iho
trl at fiiilnway iiiiil the Jaffray limi.in; boarding house, board hiving Ih-i-ii rn-
tlilH week, ilnth are imted <lvl«'j iliu-eil frnni $'lo to f|2*' nrul tin' (.itiiHty
HtiongbeildH. i -'.v no tiu'ini" impaired.
II'h reported In Ferule th.it Wii'm-] Now tbat Improvements are in tho
field of the Trite. Wouil Comwiiiy is nlr let us hope that tlmy may lontlnue
going Into partnership with Fred j In every department commoted with
Hon, iho fishing tackle man unit g.m j lho operation of the mines.
i--Ml More ■bnslnci-.s Tb- ti- i» t>»' A fire I* rc,t?,lnp a-round fmre »«■! it
ir.eli '.n it. ! came no    dono thnt several shack*
A. W. Macki'iuln, the Slmomlrf Saw; went up In smoke, and It was only by
mnn, visited I-'lleo nml Dw South Fork heroic effort that the camp was nol
ihiu week. wiped out. PAGE SIX
Coal Mines Regulation Act
An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Coal
Mines Regulation Act and Amending Acts--
Full Interpetation Regarding All Workings
(Continued from,last week.)
' 75. (1) If in any respect (which is
not provided against by any express
provision of*~this'Act, or by any spec-
. ial rule) any Inspector find any mine
to which this Act applies, or any part
thereof, or any matter, thing or prae-
■ tice in,,or connected with any.1 such
mine, to be dangerous or defective,
so as in his opinion * to threaten or
tend lo the bodily injury of any person,
such Inspector may give notice in writing to tho owner, agent or manager eif
the mine, and shall state in such notice the particulars in wliich he considers such mine or any part thereof, or
any matter, thing or practice, to be
dangerous or defective and require the
same to bo remedied; and unless the
same bo forthwith remedied, the Inspector shall also report the same to
' the .Minister of Mines; and if in tlie
• opinion of the inspector, such matter
complained1 of be of such a nature
that aiiy delay in the remedying of
such matter would be dangerous or
tend to the bodily injury of any -person, the inspector may order thc closing of any mine' or part of a mine,
or may ordor the stopping of any or
alP work .therein or connected therewith until the matter complained of
be remedied! and ih "such case tbe Inspector shall forthwith report to the
Minister of Mines the fact of such
stoppage and his reason therefor. ,
Any owner, agent, manager, or other
person refusing' or neglecting to- obey
such ordor given by the inspector under, this subsection shall be guilty of
an offence against this Act,
(2) The powers and duties of the
Inspector under this section shall also
extend to the case'of there being employed in a mine any person who, by
want of understanding, knowledge or
skill, or owing to menial or physical
i incapacity or incompetency for the
performance, of the" particular task or
duty upon which he is engaged, or who
from any cause is unable to clearly understand instructions conveyed to him,
•or is or may. be a source of danger
to any other1 person • in the mine in
**whichsuch person is for the time being employed, or whose presence or
employment in such mine exposes or
may, expose any person to the risk
of bodily injury;  and' it shall be' the
application in writing - of any ■ three
miners employed within the district
under the inspectorate of the said inspector, or on his own initiation if
the presence of such incompetent or
incapable person or persons is apparent to hlm, to examine,any person or
persons employed in such mine, for
the purpose of ascertaining whether
may, within twenty-one days after, the
receipt of such notice, send his objection in writing, stating the ground
thereof, to the-Minister'of Mines; and
thereupon tho matter shall be determined by arbitration in manner provided by this Act; and the date of the
receipt of such objection shall be
deemed to be the date of the reference.
7S. If tbe owner, agent or manager
fail to comply either with the requisition of the notice, where no objection is sent within the time aforesaid,,
or with the award made on arbitration
within twenty days after the expiration of the time for objection, dr the
time of making the ward, as the case
may be, he shall be guilty of an offence against this Act, and the notice
and award shall respectively be deemed to be written notice of such offence: Provided that the Court, if satisfied that the owner, agent or manager has taken active measures for
complying with the notice or award,
but has not," with reasonable diligence,
been able to complete the works may
adjourn any proceedings taken before
thom for punishing such offence, and
if the works are completed within a
reasonable time no penalty shall be
inflicted.        "
79. Xo porson shall be precluded
by any atrreemnt from doing such acts
as may be necessary to.comply,with
the provisions of*sections 74, 77 and
7S of this Act, or be liable under any
contract to any penalty or forfeiture
for' doing such acts: Provided that nothing, in the said sections contained
shall prevent any Inspector from ordering the closing of any mine and
the stopping of ail work therein'until
thc matter complained of is remedied,
when in the opinion .of such Inspector
any delay would be dangerous," and
in such case he shall forthwith report,
to the Minister of Mines the fact of
such stoppage and his reasons therefor.   ,
80. The owner, agent or manager of
every mine to which this Act applies
shall keep in the office at the mine
an accurate, plan of the workings of
such,mine, and showing the workings
up'-to at least three months previously
and a' separate and similar map drawn
to the same., scale in all cases shall be
made of each and every seam worked
in any mine, and the plans of all such'
=seams=shalI=show=all=shafts incline-1*
planes or other passage-ways connecting the same; and a copy of such plan
or plans showing such periodical extensions of the surveys as hereinbefore provided for shall be sent to the
Chief Inspector for his use.
81. If the owner; agent or manager
of any mine to which this Act applies
falls to keep such plans, and to sup-
o any such  want of understanding, or  ply copies of such plans to tho Chief
knowledge or skill, or any such men-  Inspector,  as are 'prescribed by the
With respect to arbitrations un-
tal, physical or other incapacity or
Incompetency or inability to understand instructions exists on the part
of any person or persons so employed;
and the employment in any mine of.
any person or persons in whom such
want of understanding or skill, or
such mental, physical or other Incapacity or Incompetency oxists, or Is
found by tho Inspector of Mines to
exist, shall be eleemd to bo a matter
thing or practice In or connected with
such mine, and to bo' dangerous and
defective within the meaning of this
(11) Whoro an Inspector has reason
lo bollovo that a dangerous condition
exists' in any mino by reason of Iho
approach of workings to old or abandoned workings be Hhall at once report
to the Minister of Mines.     Upon   receipt of hucIi report the Chief Inspect-
nl shall, under Instructions from   tho
Minister of Mines, mako mi examination of the ellHtrlelH affectod, and direct mining operations, or issue directions  governing  such  operations,  In
said districts affected until such dan-
gorous condition is removed or overcome.
70. Tho Inspector of Mines shall
glvo a doclHlon on tho matter ns observed by him or submitted lo hlm
within twenty one days and should ho
decide that tho employment of such
Incompetent or Incnpablo person or
porsons exist ti, (bo Inspector of Mines
shall notify tho owner, agont or manager of the mlno of thn mattor complained of .mid olioulel ho refuxo or
neglect to r.urrty such manor, Iho
Inspector shnll, within twenty ouo
dnys aftor sending such notico to Die
owner, ngonl. or manage*", notify tbo
Minister of Mines, and th.Houpoii lho
matter shall bo ilutormlno-l by nr! I-
(ration In the mantinr provided by thU
Act, save ami except Hint In such arbitration the parlies lo hucIi arbitration Hhnll be iho owner, agent or man-
ngi-r eif thn mlmi on Hin one limit),
mid tlm Inspector of Mines, on bobnlf
of tbo Minister of Mines, on tlio other.
77. If tlm owner, agent or mnnniror
of the mlim objects lo remedy Hie
mutter comphiinuil of in the notico ho
last preceding section, or wilfully re*
fuses to produce or allow to be examined such plan, or wilfully withholds
any portion of any plan, or conceals
any part of tho workings of the mine,
or produces an imperfect or inaccurate
plan, unless ho shows that ho was ignorant of such concealment, imperfection or.inaccuracy, he shall be guilty
of an offence ngalnst this Act; and,
further the Inspector may, by notico
in writing, (whether a penalty for
such offenco has or has not been inflicted), require tho owner .agent or
manager, lo causo an accurate plan,
such ns Is proscribed by the said
section, to be made with In a reasonable time, at the expense of'the owner of tho mine, on a scale of not. less
than one hundred feot to ono inch,
or on such other scale ns the plan
thon used In Hie mine is constructed
on. If tho owner, ngont or mnnagor,
fnll within twenty dayB, or bucIi further tlmo im mny bo shown lo bo noo
ossary a filer the requisition of the In-
Hpector, to mako or causo to bo mado
such plan, ho sluill bo guilty of an
offence agaltiHt this Act.
812. Thn owner, ngant or managor of
such mine shall cause to bo posted In
some conspicuous place at or near the
mine a fairly ncenrato plan ot snob
portions of tho Hiiid mine nH aro In
nctlvo operation, or may undor any
circumstanced bo usod us a means of
ogress from any port Ion In nol Ivo operation, and all roads used ns a menno
of ogress shall bn conspicuously mark-
oil in the mlno,
8H. .ivory Inspector under HiIh Act
shall mnko nn annual roport of IiIh
procedliiRH during tho preceding year
lo llm Minister of Mines, which roport
shall bo laid beforo lho Legislative As-
XI. Thn Minister of Mines may at
any time direct an Inspector to make
a special roport with respect lo any
accident In a mine to which this Act
npplicH, which accident lias caused
Iosh of life or personal Injury to nny
person, rend In such num canso such
report to be made public nt, such time
and In such manner as ho thinks expedient.
A Clean Man
Oaliide elMnllnei* U lent thin hilt the buttle. A mm may
.-n.S \.',r~*t1l «. •_•<■.■?»- ci~ff , in% t.-..i it'.?. I* i..xU*-. Cwl
health meant clesnliaeto not only outiida, but fauide. (l teeana
* eleea itonueh, cleto boweli, clean blood. • titan livtr, ud
mw, elco, healthy tlutitt. The men who it dem ia thli wsy
will look it nad set it. IU will work with Marly end tMalc
eleea, eleer, healthy thought*.
Ift will iivir be troubled wltk liver, ItmJ, itowneb or blood
disorder*. Dyipepiis aad iadifeattaa ori-flaate to uneltaa -nets*
•eh*. Wood ditrt.r. ent timed "hare there ':* tituiUan Mood.
CMMuaptiea aad broaehlti* meea tmeieem limit,
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
prereate ikaea ileaaeee. It wake* a eean'e htaUea elaea
end healthy. It eleeaa the dilutive orfaae* mak** para*
eleea Mood, aad eleea, healthy fleih.
It mfort* ioaa to tha a*m_i tytteo, aad emree menoaa -nbeaeriM aad
imirttfoa.  It utaulaa aa tlcuUot ur UUt-fen»k4 dsu4».
CMtt-iyatUa -ie th* rnaet Meleea aadaaallaase. Dr. Yierm't Pletiaat Pal*
late evrw it.   Thar oarer -trip*,   Baiy to taka ai eaady.
der this Act the following provisions
shall have effect:  ■
(1) The parties to the arbitration
are in this section deemed to be the
owaier, agent or manager ,of the mine
on the one hand, and the Inspector o2
Mines (on behalf of tho Minister of
Mines) -on   the  other:
(2) Each of the parties to the arbitration may ^within twenty-one days after the date of the reference appoint
an arbitrator:
(3) No person, shall act as arbitrator or umpire under this Act who is
employed in or in the management of
or is interested in the mine'to 'which
the arbitration relates:
(-1) The appointment of an arbitrator under this section shall be in .writing, and notice of the appointment
shall be forthwith sent to the other
party lo the arbitration, and shall
not be revoked without the consent of
such other party:
, (5) The death, removal or other
change in any of the parties1 to the arbitration shall not affect the proceedings under this section:
(C) If within the said twenty-one
days either .of the parties'fail to appoint an arbitrator, tlie arbitrator ap-
'pointed by the other party may proceed to hear and determine the matter in difference, and in such case the
award of the single arbitrator shall be
final: "
(7) If before an award has been
made any arbitrator appointed by
either pnrty die or become incapable
to act, or for fourteen days refuse or
neglect to act, the* party by whom
such arbitrator, .was appointed may
appoint some other person to act in
his place; and if he fails to do so
within fourteen' days after, notice in
writing from the other party, for that
purpose, the remaining arbitrator may
proceed to hear and determine the
matters in difference, and in such
case the ward of such single arbitrator
shall be final:
(8). In either of the foregoing cases
where an arbitrator is empowered to
,act singly, upon one of the parties failing to appoint; the party so failing
may, before the single arbitrator has
actually proceeded in the arbitration,
appoint an arbitrator who shall then
(9) If the arbitrators fail to make
their award within'twenty-one days
after tho day on which the last of
them was appointed, or .within such extended time (if any) as may have been
appointed for that purpose by both arbitrators under their hands, the matter in difference shall be determined
by the umpire appointed as hereinafter
(10) The arbitrators, before they enter upon the matters referred to them
sball appoint by writing under their
hands an umpire to decide on points
bn which they may differ:
(11) If tho umpire die or'become
incapable to act before he has made
his award, or refuses to make his
award within a reasonable time after
the matter has been brought within
his cognizance, the porsons or person
who nppointed such umpire shall forth-
with appejint another umpire In his
(12) If tho arbitrators rofuso or fall,
or for seven days after tho request
of either party neglect lo appoint mi
umpire, thon on tho application , of
either pavty an umpire shall bo appointed by the Minister of Mines:
(13) Tho decision of ovory uniplro
ou lho matters referred to hlm shall
bo final:
(14) If a' single arbitral or fall to
mnko his award within twenty-one
iliyu af toi*,thc day on which lio-wan appointed, tho parly who appointed him
may appoint, anothor arbitrator to act
In his place:
* (IC) Tho arbitrators and thoir um-
plro, or nny of them, mny oxamlno tho
parties and their wltnessoB on oath;
thoy may nlso consult any counsel,
engineer or scionllflc porson whom
(hoy think It expedient to consult:
(.1(1) The payment (If any) to bo
mado to any arbitrators or umpire for
his sorvlcea shall bo fixed by tho Min-
Istor of Mines, and togothor, with tho
costs of the arbitration and award,
shall bo paid by tho parlies, or one of
them, according as the award may
direct. Such cobIb may bo taxed by
the Registrar of tho Supromo Court,
who, on the written application of tho
pari Ion, shall ascertain nnd certify the
proper amount of such cases. ; The
amount (if any) payable Nby the Minister of Mines) shall be paid as part
of the expenses of Inspectors under
this Act. - The amount (if any) payable by the owner, agent or manager,
in the event of non-payment, > be recovered in tho same manner as penalties under this Act:
(17) Every person who is appointed
an arbitrator or umpire, under, this
soction shall be a practical mining engineer, or a person accustomed r.o the
working of mines; but when an award
has been made under this section thb
j arbitrator, or. umpire who made the
same shall be deemed to,- have been
duly qualified as provided by this
section.    -
86. With,respect to* Coroners' inquests on the bodies of persons whose
death may have been caused by, explosions or accidents in mines to
which this Act applies the following
provisions shall have effect:
(1) Where a,Coroner holds an inquest ' upon the body of any person
whose death may have been caused
by an explosion or accident, pf which
notice*is required by this Act to be
given to the Inspector of the district,
the Coroner shall adjourn such inquest
unless the Inspector or some person
on behalf of thc Minister of Mines Is
present to watch the proceedings:,.
(2)* The Coroner, at. least four days
before holding an adjourned inquest,
shall send to the Inspector, for the
district notice in writing of the time
and place of holding the aeljourned inquest:
(3) The Coroner, before the adjournment, may take evidence,. to , identify
the, body, and may order the interment thereof: -*
(4) If an explosion or accident has
not occasioned the death of more than
one person, and the Coroner has sent
to the Inspector of the District notice
"of the time mid place of holding the
inquest not less.than forty-eight hours
before the'time of holding the same,
it shall not be imperative on him to
adjourn such inquest in pursuance of
this section, if the majority of the
jury think it unnecessary so to adjourn:
(5) An Inspector or any other interested person shall be at liberty at any
such inquest to examine any ; witness, subject nevertheless, to the
order of tho Coroner:
(C) Where evidence is given at an
inipiest at which an Inspector is not
present of any neglect as having
caused or contributed to the" explosion
or accident, or of any defect in or
about the mine appearing- to the
Coroner or jury to require a remedy,
the Coroner shall send to the Inspector
of the district notice in writing of such
neglect or default: ■= *   "
(7) Any person having a personal Interest In the management of the- mine
in which the explosion or accident occurred,  and* any person  injured  by
=$uch^= explosion or accident- or—^any-
relative of such person, shall not^be
qualified to serve on the jury empanelled on the inquest; and it-* shall
be the dtuy of the constable or other
officer! not tot summon any person
disqualified under this provision, and
It. shall be the duty of the Coroner not
to allow any such person to be sworn
.or to sit on the jury.
Every person who falls to comply
with the provisions of this section
shall be guilty of an offence against
this Act.
General Rules
87: The following general rules shall
be observed, so far as ,1s reasonably
practicable in every mlno to which this
Act. applies:
Rule 1. An adequate amount of vontilation shall bo constantly produced
In every mine, to dilute and render
harmless noxious gases to such an
extent that tho working places of the
shafts, levels, stables and workings of
such mine, and the travelling roads to
aud from sueh working places shall be
In a fit stnto for working and passing
therein: ,
Rulo 2. An adequate amount of vontilation shall moan not less than ono
hundred cubic feet of pure air por minute for ench man or boy, and not loss
than three hundred cubic feet for each
horso or mulo omployod in a mine,
and as much moro as the Inspector
may direct, which shall swoop the faco
of each working place.    Every mlno
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
141. Meets every Friday night at
8 p.m. Miners union hall.     A.  L.
. Boles, President; 'William Long, Re-
,. cording,Secretary.
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd
and 4th Sundays at 2.30 p.m. Secretary J; A. Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.,
Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday Miners
*  Union hall.     D. Rees, Se*-..
Amalgamated Society ,,-of.. Carpenters
and Joiners: Meets,in the'Miners'
Union Hall.     A. Ward, Secretary.
Typographical Union No. 555' Meets
last Saturday in each month at the
Ledger Office.    A. J, Buckley, Sec-
. retary.
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m'. Everybody welcome,' D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
r      j-     '
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block." ;
Hours 9-12; 1-6; -   «'Phono 72
"ernie   _ , B. C.
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
<'* ,    -    *
Hours S to 1; 2 to-5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
W. R. Ross K. C. - W. S, Lane
Barristers and "Solicitors
Fernie, B. C.
Amalgamated Society Carpenters and
Joiners:—Meet in Minors Hall every
alternate Thursday at 8 o'clock. A.
Ward, secretary. P. O. 307.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners.—Local 1220. D. J.,Evans,
President; F. II. Shaw, Secretary.
Other bodies are requested to send in
their cards.
shall he divided into districts or splits
of hot more than seventy men in' each
district, and each district shall be supplied with a separate current of fresh
air. All intake air shall travel free
■from - all stagnant water, stables, or
places set apart for sanitary purposes,
and old workings, and every place
shall be, bratticed up within four yards
of the face. On all main roads where
a door is required, the Inspector of
Mines may order that two door's shall
be' placed so that while boxes are
being takon through the one tlie other
shall remain closed and no air shall ,be
lost. ' ,
Rule 3. Should the inspector find the
sectional area of thex air intake to .be
such that,' to , obtain the requisite
amount of air for ventilation, such
velocity of air current is or would
he created as to raise and keep, in
suspension an undue amount of dust,
or that such' dust is carried into the
workings so^as to be a source of danger, or should he consider that the
cars, motors or other appliances passing along such intake airway do materially interfere with the free passage
such Inspector may give notice in writ-,
ing thereof to the owner,'.agent or
manager* of the mine as provided for
in section 75 of this Act, and unless
same be forthwith remedied, thc In-
".peeler, shall report the same to the
Minister of Mines.
(To be continued!
Every man connected with mining,
whether he is a laboror, superintendent, manager, mining engineer or owner,' is Intorosted.ln securing Ideas that
will save hlm time and make moro
money for him ,
An organization has been built up
at a big expenditure that Is scouring
tho mining world for monoy making,
monoy saving ideas.
The problems that one man linn
failed to solve another man somowheie
has solved, and It Is tho work of this
organization to search out mining problems and their solutions, to clas'slfy,
arrange and simplify thom.
Think what this moans—It moans
Our Hloek of haying IooIh is complete. Forks, Hand IIiiIcoh,
Scythes and Simtlm, Oi'inel Stones'WhetSt'ones, Wrenches,
Machine OH nud Oilers, lloeriiiK Mowers and Homo Hakes,
Mali or phono oiyIitn receive careful attention.
J. M. AQNEW & Co.
ELKO,   B. C.
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
New Visible Models of the
R p. m i n jr f. n n
These new models represent the sum
total of more labor, more experience,
mtxre. aenit-milarrd knowtHo***** nnd
greater resource than all other typewriters combined,
That is why these new Remingtons
have given such complete satisfaction
to typewriter users, and why their
sates have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender St
L. P. Eckstein    *        D. E. McTaggart
Cox Str«et Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Pioneer -Builder and Contractor of
"  '      '   Fernie"'
ESTIMATES" furnished
Queen's Hotel
Under New- Management
Excellent   Table and
all white help
Additional  Table for
28 More Men
Wm. Eschwig,  Proprietor
New and up-to-date ,
Handsome Cafe Attached
Bar, supplied with  thei  host Wine's,
IjienuH's unci Clgim-
On flrot clam
buolne-jo and residential  property,
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
Hint now" It Ib poHsIblo ror any nmn
to B-acuro tlm lelons, tho ecliomus, tlio
vory worleltiR pinna that nro bullelliiB
mlnln*. bik'cohbob everywhere
Mlnofl nnel Mlnorn Ib bo woll known
to overy miintiKor, auporlntonilont nnd
conl inliilriK official thnt it Ih not na-
coHBnry to mnko uny oxplnnntlon of ltd
inorit for thoir lionoflt, Thoro nro
mnny, however, who nre newcomers
In tho country nnd nB they very probably would liko to got Idona rognrdlng
matters doiilliiK with tho mining lull dr try, wo cnn sny without fonr of
contradiction tlmt. thin publication Ib
(lio vory bout, of Its kind,
. Wti   ilnXV   1-litllO   iUlttlij_-Jl.ll.-IKt.   wll I)
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13.60, for $3,00
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Tho DUtrlct Ledger one your.,.. 1.00
Cent t-nd MoUl Miners Pockot
boot;..... 2,00
Combination price 15,00.
Mine* and Minerals one y#ar...,$2.150
The District Ledger one year.... 1.00
ISxamlnttlon Quoitlons for Certificates of Competatjcy (n Mining..3,60
7 ft
A. McDougall, Mgp.
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and Dressed Lumber
■■ r o       t-
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see us once
z JAlIH-DnnDlni-AiTniir—n-,.	
 uviiin-i *Ji»i)ii__ft«uiR— rrOp.
.   The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Commercial
•niul Tourist, Houso
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Llq-
.   uldator nnd Trustee;    auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P.  O:   Box 308
McLEAN GO,, Ltd,
the difference between first clsss
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from any first elsss hotel er desler.
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Calgary Cattle Go. •
Phone 56
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co,,-Ltd,"
Grossi capitali americani vennero in-
vestiti nella fondazione.di cotonifici in
China nei quali viene esercitato il piu
esosd sfruttamento, del lavoro dei bambini. -
Moltl bambini, che hanno comiricia-
to da poco a muovere i primi passl,
lavorano dalPalba al tramonto per
quattro soldi al giorno. Contempor-
aneo a questa notlzia, un dispaccio da
Boston annunzla che i cotonifici e lan-
efici della'New England sono stati
stiusi. L'industria e stata semplice-
mente trasferita in China, dove il lavoro costa meno e dove si possono im-
punemente far lavorare i bambini.
, I lavoratiro americani che si sono
opposti con successo all'introduzlone
della mano d'opera cinese negli Stati
Unlti hanno fatto un buco nell'acqua.
I eapltalistl americanlnon potendo far
lavorare 1 chines! in America vanno a
farli lavorare In casa loro in China.
E ad irapedire questo esodo di capitali non valgono ne scioperi, ue pro-
teste, ne dimostrazioijl, ne ordlnl del
giorno.; ^
I lavoratorl sono imbevuti di preg-
iudlzi di razza o di nazionalita, ma i
capitalist! "sono internazionalisti pSr
contro loro.
La.patria del capttalista e la dove
e'e un operalo che si lascia sfruttar'e.
II' capltallsta non ha preferenze naz-
ionalistiche e razzaiole: egli prefer-
isce l'oporaio che si fa pagar meno il
lavoro, sia esso americano o slavo, bianco a nero, giallo o rosso, verde o
I pltocchl soil ,fanno del patriottis-
mo, disputandosi il diritto dl essere
—ss—Kdykoliv dochazl v hospodar-
skem zivote k socialnlmu boji mezi
zamestnavateli a delniky, rozevre ' se
pred nami propost tridnich protiv ve
vsi hruze a se vsemi dusledky. Boj
kapitalu- s praci strhava naplasti se
zejicich ran dnesniho spolecenskeho
radu. Z jicnu spolecenske sopky chr-
li se pak lava predsudku a zhouby.
Novy svet rodi se v bolestech—je to
socialism. Stary—predstavovany ka-
pitalismem radi kolem sebe jako tur.
Pud je' vzdycky dravy. _■ Af jde . za
krvi nebo za zlatem.
. 0 Delnici mohou byti pravymi beran-
Tcy; ^dfobTTdWasYTeneB^Kapltallsmu"
zasypaVani byvaji
S Bottled Goods
a Specialty
Dining: Room and Beds under
New Management,
First class table board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per clay
R. Henderson, DIhIii.: rtoimi ty*gr,
.»** *+-*.*<»*♦ ♦***>•♦-♦-♦"'%
Fernie Dairy
FHE.sir m:ilk
delivered    tn  all
parts of tho town
nejhrubsiin prikor-
Nesoudna verejnost jen souhlasi
s,,"ostfym' zakrocenim dnesni moci s
vojskcm, cetnictvem nebo pollci.
Zastupci kapitalismu ziji y tichem
elomneni, ze oni oblazuji spolecnost.
Odsuzujl vsecku snahu delnictva ad
limine. Akce delnickych - organisacl
jsou jlm vyronem stvanl jednotlivcu,
ne projevem' spolecenskeho hnuti
stejnn opravneneho_ dnes jako kapi-
talism. Delnlk zaidajlcl neceho, ne-
domaha se toho *z potreby, nybrz jo
"sveden" jak rika vo svem zargonu
nefalsovany "organisovany" kapltalls-
Takovy drzltel vseho majetku, prava
zakonu a spravedlnost! vetrl v kazdem
hnutl delnikovo "atentat a utok" hrozl
ae demonstracl a excesu, kazelo slovo
jo mu "urazkou," elovolava-li se delnlk
sveho "vyvolava jen sceny," kapltalis-
ta ma z delnlka "jon'skodu" a ubozak
delnlk neudeln krok, aby so elopustll
nojakeho "zloclnu.'
Tu jl mato, tu kapltallstlckou mor>
alku. '   '
Potllo nazoru. "orgnnlROvanoho" kap-
ltallsty delnlctvo jo domoralisovano,
zbnvono ucty a vaBnostl k osobara
majltelu, k uradum, spravedlnoutl a
proto vsech Idealu—non pamatuje jen
na "zaludok" alo ne "na praci" a na
Rozumi se, ze prlclnou vsi to zkazy
a vecho toho zla jsou jen tl soclulnl
domokrnte. A proto uhuzujo kaplta.
Ista vysly ze skoly sve organisneo, zo
Hpoloonoat budo vyloccna, zakrocl-ll so
jen ostre a rlzne protl "vudcum" a protl orsnniaiiclm soclalno doraokratlck-
yin. Delnlctvo Biimo, to clico pokoj,
to dice pracovat a poslouhat. Mo-
spodnrsUemu zlvotu bo vratl Ullel a
harmonic, zoatrl-H so jen bdoloat ura-
elu. Tom pak troba elatdo rulcou vho-
dno znkony, ktoro knzdoho ztrostnjl,
kilo no protl di7.it elum kopltnlu ozvo.
Talc oilstraul no "teror" soclnlnl do-
niokrnciio a delnlctvo budo osvohozono
a —spokojono—
Tof duch kaivltallBllcko fllosoflo ib-
clalnl, .KapltnllBllukym tlskom koloval
prave v poslednich tydnech dopis jednoho inalomesfaka nemeckeho, jenz
horekoval nad ztratou sveho syna. Syn
totiz osvojil si uceni socialismu, ktere'
otcc nemohl zaboha pochopit. A-tak*
die divadelniho receptu nezdarneho syna "zavrhl". "Nestesti" ktere stihlo
omoho nemeckeho sosaka ma byt take
dokladem "zhoubnosti". socialni dem-
okracie. a,
V hlave kazdeho soudneho cloveka
povstavaji tyto otazky: Je pravdou, ze
socialism je zhoubou pro cloveka vu-
bec a pro delnika zvlast?'Demoralis-
uje socialism pracujlcl vrstvy?' Kdo
zavinil' dnesni -vsecku bidu nlcheni
zdravi, zlvotu, kdo dre ditky, rozvraci
rodinu, otravuje lid, slovem pusobl
ysecka zla dnesni doby?
Ma-11 zlatousty kapitalista pravdu,
je-li jeho moralka spravnou, pak je
spolechensky rad, ktery kapltallsm
stvorll, rajem pro Hdi alevsecky i pro
dehiiky, pak je ale spravedllvo a mra-
vno vsecko to, nad chim vstavaji hru-
zou vlasy no Wave a co budl zdeseni;
kapitalisticke zdimanl zlsku ze vseho
na svete.
Bohove kapitalismu obrac'eji se ' v
hrobe pri pomyslenl, ze spravedlnost a
mravnost vyprchaly z oltaru, keter ka-
pitalism postavil narodum. * Ale s
tim se' bude musit jiz kazdy pravover-
ny vyznavac vsech kapltalistlckych ct-
nosti a drzltel platnych radu smirit, ze
dnesni rad a jednani oradovanych lidi
neni vrcliolem dokonalosti, ze lide chu-
di utvori si jiny ideal spolechnosti 1
Argumenty kapitalisticke moralky
jsou pro oias liche—jsou jen potvrzen-
1m o dvoji ruzne mravnosti: mravnos-
ti kapitalisticke (pro bohate) a mravnosti socialisticke (pro chude.)
Tato protlva moralky nasi a vlad-
nouci je toliko obdobou protivy hospo-
darske: Kapitalu a prace.
Pro kapitalistu je stavkokaz milym,
dobrym chlovekem.. * Proto mu dava
chetnicky doprov9d, krmi ho v tovarne
a stavi mu tam postel. Kapitalista
si vazi nosmirne jeho pracovni sily,
kte'rou mu vedomi delnici odepreli.
Zkusenost a proletarska moralka pak
pravi: -, -
Socialism 'je pro delnika skolou; ba
vie: je pro neho ohnem, kterym musi'
projit, aby se obrodil. V„ socialisticke
lazni sniyje teprve se sebe vsecku spi-
nu predsudku, ktera se lepi na chlo-.
veka dnesni vychovou. Tato skola socialismu bori, ale take posiluje. - Borl
spatn'e a cizi navyky, a pojmyvpecho-
odnozi, sili chloveka v jeho vedomi, do-
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-#-♦♦
4>  '
♦ .   Homestake Mining Co. roz-
♦ - esila obezniky, v ktorych tvr-
♦ di ze jej spor   s-Banikmi v
♦ South Dakote   je   urovnany.
♦ Nenechajte sa touto falosnou
♦.zpravou svlest.    Zadny Banik
♦ nesmie u tejto ■ spolochnosti
♦ ' vziat roboty bez toho, aby si
♦ . na     chelb    nevypalil    meno
♦.  "Skeb.
♦ Preto pozor    nerobte    ske-
♦ ba.   ,
♦ Ernest Mills,
♦ '   taj pokl.
♦ Western Federation of Min-
♦ ers.
jorite gouvernementale, nous reporter-
ait a-plus de trente annees, avant que'
les vieux recoiveirt un sofi de pension;
en outre, il n'est nullement parle dans
ce projet Hubert, des veuves ni des oi*-
phelins de ceux-ci. '*
-' Conclusions
Vu, d'une part, les nomnreaux avail--
tages du projet Defuisseaux pour nos
vieux freres de la mine, leurs veuves
et lours orphelins:
Vu, d'autre part, les desavantages
que renferme pour eux le projet" du
ministre Hubert.
Nous proposons au' Congres do'dire,
que le devoir des hommes de coeur et
de justice soclale, est de faire tout
ce qu'il est humalnement possible de
falre, pour faire aboutlr et voter par
Ia Chambre et le Senat, le projet Defuisseaux.
dava mu' jasneho a pevneho presved-
cheni. Kapltallsm ohlupuje, ponevadz zbavuje energie a.tim obzdrojuje
v boji o zivot; socialism dodava pos-
ileni a proto sveho vyznavache ozbro-
Vlic socialismu na siroke vrstvy je
tedy blahodarny. Stanovisko kapitalismu je jasne:- Stoji za barlkadou,
kterou si sdelal ze sve moci, z vysad
a z prospechu hajl svou poslci. vsemi
prostredky—ozbrojonou mochl a * lzl,
demagogil I podvodem. Poslce socialismu je tezkou: zene utokom protl ba-
rikade, obnazen v prsou a beze zbrane.
Ma na sve strane,jen poynou vlru, prava a spravedlnost. Takrka vcera tep-
ro seznal sllu svou v organisacl.
"Dusovnl" zbrane, ktorych noblesa
kapitalismu pouzlva v boji proti del-
nictvu, vepsany jsou krvl do knihy.
dejln. Stud stal se * neznaraou vechl.
Na jeho nlsto nastolen cynlsm, lach-
nost, Bobectvl a1 krutost!
Kapltallsm uclitall z chloveka bestli,
ktera rdousi v rukavlchkach a pljo
krov po jedine kapco, alo spotrebuje
jl mnoho.
stejne darilo se chasoplsu druhemu,
"L-Avancardla". Pollcie vyuzila teto
prilezitosi, zatkla vsechny podezrele
clzlnce a die zakona vypovedela. Ne-
podohodlne agitatory odsoudlla a,de-
port'ovala do, tropickeho pasma zeme,
kde pro vedra jest* nemozna existence.
Argentinske delnlctvo ukazalo svojl
velikost. Dva meslce pozdoji znovu
pochalo vydavatl casOpisy, ktere byly
zastaveny po masakrech chernych lup-
lchu. Clenove cherne satujny vladni
se usnesli, ze 25. kvetna usporadaji
vystavu na oslavu vyrochi sve vlady
a zalozeni svobodne, republiky v pod-
ruzi spanelskem. Delnici na.to pro-
hlasili, nebude-li dana amnestie nav-
rat, propustenl z vezeni a deportace,
jakoz i zakon proti cizincum odvolati,
pak ze narodni oslava a vystava bude
boykotovana se strany veskereho proletariatu.—8. kvetna 70,000 delniku
shromazdilo se na velikem taboru, kde
jednohlasne prijaty shora uvedene pozadavky doplnene tlm, kdyz by nebylo
vyhoveno prani lidu, ze zahajena bude
vseobocna stavka jako odpoved na ju-
bilejni oslavu vystavy. Stejne usnes-
eni odhlasovano v konfederaci prace.
V nasledujicich dnech.nasledovaly vi-
like tabory a vseobecna stavka zahajena; delnici zamestnani na vystave
pripojili se k stavkujicim. Vlada
znovu uchopila se nasilnych prostred-
ku a vyhlasila vyminechn'y stav. ' Ihned sorganisovany cherne sotniny , a
prog'ramy proti delnlctvu. Ty same
sceny, jake se.odehravaly pred rokem
nasledovaly dnes. Dne 15. kvetna
zahajeno pleneni, .redakce1' "Botalla'
"La'Protestq," VL'Avangardie,", stroje,
naradi, vse rozbito] V nekterych-ct-
vrtich delniku vnlkali chlenove verne
bandy do domu, ve kteryoh zblll zeny
a deti. V temze-dnl'-vyplenill jedno
knihkupectvl, nalezejlcl volne skole v
Barcelone, a na konec zapalili celou
radu knlhoven delnlku ruskych a spa-
nelskych. Dne 16, kvetna odpovedelo
delnlctvo uplno.i vseobecnou s'tavkou.
Nasledkem stavu, jaky zavladl.'nedos-
ly dosud k nam do Evropy zadne bllzsi
zpravy od 18. kvetna,—Delnici y Evro-
pe vsech narodu se vyzyvajiku spolc-
chnemu protestu protlkrave vlade argentinske. Ncopomeneme tedy a'nl
niy Cesl prlspeti tomuto protestu.se
prlpojitlze vznjemne mezlnarodni solidarity. D.
Basin de Liege—Rapport de Yanssen-
ne, sur les pensions d'invalidite
et de vielllesse aux ouvriers
Rapport du Citoyen Falony, Char-
Ropubllkrt, ktora vrazdl svo spoluob-
clinny jako rusky carlsmum; roale^co
ropubllkanska nollsl ho zcola v nlcom
od roakco monarchlo. Dno 1. kvetna
1909 hojtman pollci v Buonos Ayros
proved) vrazdonl mnsakru na manlfos-
tujlclm delnlctvu.
Hromady mrtvych a zranonych dol-
illicit zustaly lozet nn ullcl, vollko mno-
zstvl dolnlku uvrzono do zalaru, Sost
mcslcu pozdoji Jodon rusky rovoluc-
lonar puniou rozdrtll puvodco nnifiiik-
ru, hojtmnna pollclo. Vladu vylilaBllu
smv oble/.Qiii, nocliula pollcli BorgnulR-
ovntl v coinou Hatulnu. Dvo lukovo-
to cliorno lmndy luplcliii, HkladnJIol ro
•i, vyrvliolu lldKko Hpolcchuostl, Jhouco
vedony cholnyml oHobnoRlml a diiHtoj-
nlky va vyHluzbo ho nuloziijlcliiil, vyp-
lonlly rudakcl eloluleikolio clKiRopltiu;
List of Locals District 18
Sanders 4. Verhiiest Drothers.
Proprietors *
eo VEAno*
Corrected by Dletrlct Socrotary up to, May 1st, 1010.
TnMpE Mawks
Anme aifttAInt a «k«t«tt mndjl;»CTlptlqniw»»
gnlelilf MMrulifonr opinion. fe»^i«'"f, «>
riiTMilrtn liwoh-iblirPIt*""' — "
Immunol I
r-iTMiwn !• prohrtl/J
llnniiinfltlfMinAilintiu. „„,—... -■-;*„,. -
•tmltiGA, yt-lwt »K«',t»i? _-f ^S'l'-iR*u«__i..
ii.,.,,,. <«ktn ihrciuilj Munn k Co, rocolvs
■"i'ii'infi u'iSq ifiwiiiS Wu?".ft.-**tWM
nutlnltiotu*, without cuts , tntbs
Scientific JMx W_
itvia* mSatbe a BU WuttllctwC ll C.
Ledger Ads Pay|
21 (1.1
Heaver Creok
Hollo vuc
0" V. ^ r V ^
CnnX Olty
Dlnmonel City
F^lmonton        ,
Ma pio I. af
Polico Fists
Itoynl Collieries
F, Whc-ntlny, Hani-head, Altft.
N. McDonnell, llonvor Crook, via' Plnclior
J,, Durko, Uolli'vuc, Finnic, Alta.
Jiime.'H Tiirubtill, Hlnlrmoro, Altn.
Wm. ABliton, HurmlB, Alia.
y. y."D, fn.Mwv", *T*d
T. Hnrnlny. Cnul City Tnbnr, Altn.
W. Grntiam, Colomnn, Altn.
O. M. Dnvlcs, Cnrbondnlo, Colomnn, Altn,
J. Aplln, Cnrdlff, Altn.
V, K, St.* Amnnt, Cnrdlff, Altn.
.Tab, Dnvls. Cnrliln, H. C.
Goo. Dobson, Dlninond City, I.otlibrldgro.
niclinrd TliompBon, Frnzor Flntn, Kdmonton
M. Honlc, 434 Lome Bt. Norwood, Kdmonton
D. IteoB, Fornio H. C,
O. Nicol, Frank, Altn,
J. Ayro, Ilosmor, 11. C.
J. O. JoiKfl, lllllflresi., Aim..
„ R. Evans, Kcnmnro, N. I).
L. Mouiu, T. O. 113. Luthbrldse, Alta
W. L. Kvnns, Lille, Frank, Alto.
M.   Olldsy, Maple f. nti' Ilcllavuo, /Altn.
M. nirroll, Michel, U. C.
Neil Duncan, PnaatmrK, Dollovuo, Alta.
Osear Carlson, Pntsburg. Altn.
Chas. Smith, Itoynl Coll., Uthbrldgo, Altn
A. Shaw, Stratliconn, Altn.
Wm, Tliinsell, Tntier, Altn.
B. Drown, Taber, Altn.
Nous avons oto tant do fols amones
a falro connnltro notre 'pensee- ot 'nntre
facon do voulolr voir solutlonnor cotte
Importante question eiassurer le sorvlco d'uno pension aux vloux mlnours
cjui, par lour dur et porllleux labour
soutorrnln, ont fournl a tous n l'lndus-
trio ot, tin comnierco on gonornl, la ma-
tloro promlero, oloment Indispensable
a In marcho, au mnlnllon or. au elovol-
oppomont dos nffnlros donl II ost pnrlo
cl-dossus, Qu'll mo rosto pen do
oIiobo n dlro pour no pns mo ropotdr,
ot surtout, no pas ropotor co iiuo d'autres do nos ninls plus compotonls a«o
mol onl dit ot ocrlt sur co point,
Nounmc/lns, 11 ost bon do rudlro quo
nos (loclslons fodornli'H mil. toujours
olo ot "ilomiuiilont. encore quo nns
limiidiitnlnis no ccssent do truvnllloi'
pour fulro voter le projot du regrelte
Alfred DofulsHe'iiux, enr, 11 orI. rodlKc
do fneon a fnIvo servlr aux vieux do
.IO ou nn mis, line* p.'iislnn do (llll) frs!
HVolr art. M do eo projot). Kt mix
vohvob iiIiihI eju'nux orpholliiH do neux-
cl nKQH do nioliiR do D"> ans, la molUe
do la dllo pension, hoII ,100 fnniH ce
iiui en lli'fis bonn ul. ii'-'H liumnlii, ('iir
lornqu'11 est i-iK-Kilcm de protciier In
vIoIHo'hho ot renfniiK''', on lie nmii'iill
montrnr tre))i de ncnernslte, ndinellre
irop de lomiieriunoiit, pnreo quo l'n«e
Inoxornlilo eiHt. In el. i-u'inio soeleto Hem-
nleilRO d'ollu-mi-iuu lie peut pus ml-
iiietlre (iii'iiti vie .Haiti devlenm- Juin-
tils un nienillnnt.
lie plus, no projet prevolt rotnlillsse-
mont. Imineidlnt do In pension mix
vieux mineurs d'nliord, "et mix imlrcs
trnvntllourH'eiiKUlto," ee qui onl nn
cnind nvnntni'c nniii' new vieux frereH
do ln mine.
Uur hi noun ile\iioim ulituiiii io ici-
emi 'iieeeHsnlie puiir foiinilr (-livlion
1!),:W0 ppimlmiH do «00 tm oil 1l.firi0.0n0
frs, 11 fnudrnlt un rnpltnl de plus de
■100 mlllleiiiH do frune.B nu mollis plnco
,, ij ,,.,,. ,,„,,! i;; nnl diiTiinndernlt until*
coiibiUuob co eupltul iiii meiyoii iks
vorflementB des ouVrlers, ilea pntrciiH
co do 'Knln, plus do vltiBt-dm. un-
Kt, dit co projet: Quo elovlondrnlent
pnndntit e.fiH vliiBt-elnq annooH Iob
i'fciix friiviillleiirH netuellemont cn
droit d'eire peiiHloiinos?
,le ills, qu'em pourrnlt me rcpnndrn
qu'ils ■■■oiillMK-rnlent n rei-i-volr, iiolon
lo hon voulolr t]c.n mlmlnUtratlons den
cnisseH de prevnynnre, les. qimlquns
kiob houh qui hoih pnyos pnr mols mix
vieux mliU'iirH deveium Inonpnlilcx do
tout trnvnll,
Ktt-ro rnlnnnnnhb'f     Knt-oo humnln
i:(;ln? N'ont r
II y n eiisiilte Ie projet elu mlnlntre
Hubert qui, s'il olnlt voto pnr la nm
Parml les nombreuses reformes qui
sollicitent 1'attention du Parlement et
qui interessent tout particullerement
les ouvriers mineurs, nous pouvons ci-
ter la question 'des pensions aux in-.
valldes et aux_ vieux uses par le travail.,
Depuis de nombreuses annees, cette
reforme fait l'objet de rapports dans
nos congres, des discussions et des
manifestations dans le pays, de questions posees par nos deputes au parlement, d'articles de presse, ete. *
Depuis lorigtemps, deja, nos fre es
mineurs des autres nations ont obtenu
des avantages, sous ce rapport, alors
qu'lei en Belgique, nous devrons, encore batailler pour1 la faire admettre.
Les maitres charbonnlers ot l'Etat
qui retirent de la force de travail de
l'ouvrier mlneur, et' de tout salaire,
tout ce qu'il y a de plus profitable, et
Iui imposent. tant de devoirs doivent
eu toute -justice, intervenir en sa' faveur, iorsqu'il est devenu incapable
de ne plus fournir un travail remun-
' Dans toutes les industries, on con-
sa6re une part des benefices produits
par les ouvriers, a l'amortissement,
pour l'usure du materiel, et constitue
des- reserves, pour . le remplacement
de celui qui est devenu vieux. ' Ces
nrecautioiis* sages, prises pour 1'outil-
lage use et vieux, dolverit etre prises
-pnrol£*.TY,c,«i-._«r,,i,-^ lou_*-,n vi-ini-Q-flrivPiiU--^-
uses on vieux.
Jusque'mainteinant, plusieurs tenta-
tlves (oh! bien timides) ont ete faites
en faveur de certains vieux; d'abord,
l'affiliation a la caisse de retraite, 1'-
obligation faito par certains patrons'
a leurs ouvriers de s'afflller a uno
caisse speciale, puis la loi du lz mal
1900, et d'autres systemes,"dits bases
sur la solidarite.     ,     ',
Tout ces systemes ont fait fail ite,
parce qu'ils etaient trop bases sur la
llberte individuelle, qui jusque main-
tenant n'a fnvorlse que les qlus alses,
et toujours ont sacrifle ceux qui en
avaient lo plus b'osoln dans lour val-
idlte, ot surtout dans lour vielllesse, et
cela parce que la. cause princlpale est
une sorte d'inertlo, qui fait, quo les
besolns-.inmoellats fixent souls 1'attention de l'ouvrier. SI par hasnrd, 11
ponso a sa vleillesse, cotto ponsee ells-
pnrnit, cliasson par les preoccupations
du present,,, Cost pourquol les organisations syndicates reclamont l'lnler-
vention obllgatolrq gouvornemontnlo,
patronnlo ot ouvrioro.        sj
Cotto'obligation est uno atlolnto a
In liberie elo l'ouvrier, ellscnt los pat;
rons; ninls la question ost do savolr r!
cotto obligation n'est pns justified, nt
si olio n'a pas, poui"-offot, de rundro
l'ouvrier roolloment plus libre qu'll
no rotalt auparavant,
L'ouvrier devenu vloux ou Invnllde
ot qui n'a pas do pensions oat-11 llbro,
Iorsqu'il vlt n chnrgo de In blenfnlH-
unco publlque, ou a la elmrgo do sn
11 esl ovldpnt quo coux qui pnrlernl-
out. do liberie vloloe, fernlent hoiiiht
un Ki'iind mol el oulillorniont le renl-
l.n smile llhci'lei quo rouvrler pe-rdr-
nil, hoi'tilt eelle do mourlr dn I'liini, C"
n'est. done pun sur In liberie que dolt
etro biim-e rinmltutbn "''ui)" pei rion
mix vieux el. mix IiiviiIIiIrh.
L'liilervejiiiUin olillgnlolre, el n purl
c-gnle do I'mnI, no jiisllfle pnr le fall,
hoiih I'nvoiiH (lejil (111, quo In Hoeleto eu-
Here profile du irnvilli de rouvrler,
l,n HOllilurlti- liumnliio exlge que In
Hoclete ne riiliuiiiloniio pun nu inoiii-
onl ou.le trnvnll n use non fnrceH.     i
1'JII   ('()!(!   •Illll'O'lill!,   (ll'H   IIHHOclllllllllH
volnutnlres* hoiii (■niiHtliiieen deimls
loiigtcinpK dejn, ninls n'nccorilenl pii^
vo qui est neccBHiiIro mix vieux oiiv-
rlei'H, et d'niilre purl, Irop di* pnlrniiH
no Hont iiiih nlt'lllcH, do Horn' que lieuu-
cifiup d'enivrlerH koiiI pi Ives d'une pen
Klou dn vlelli'HHe el |ii*enque Iohh d'lllie
pniislnii d'liiviillillte. (VohI pour ooh
ineillfH que Pnlillunilnn deill etre eignle-
ment liiiposeo ll teiiis,
La Hoeloto no pout pcrmottro a co****-
tnlnw pnlrniiH de ineconiinllre Inili'H
dovoli'H. Les lintroiiH Hcrupiileux qui
llllll llujll qileiqilu cliime (i.tlm v>j Iwi,
lie) HOIOIII llllt' ilillll'llllllB <*li I'enllle,
Qiinnt mix mitres qui ineceinniilHHeni
tons leui'R devoirs merlleiitdlH (mit d'-
egiirdH? Ce que quelqueB iiiih d'eillt'e'
,.,,,/ i,i,i mi fcf.crimiillr In mvlelc n If
droit itt le devoir de I'lmpowii* a Ions
et de lo perfoe'tlonner, '
L'obllgntlnn eHl egnlement. noi-i'sn-
nlro pour l'ouvrier, |mreeqiu< e-'oHt un
devoir pour lul do jirenolr les nimiviils
Jours qu'nmioiiern peut-etre I'lnvnlldlto
premntiiree, e>t rorlnlnnnmnt In vlelll-
iiHse; devoir envei'H lul-iiiuiiu', piuce*
que rlineun dolt fnlro tniui non i-ffortu
pour rempllr uno dxlMtnnce dlui"' ei
utile; devoir envem In soclete, pnrce-
quo mil 11*11 le droll de vlvre mix de-
pt'iia (Iob nntroH, on do eompter unl-
quemi'iil pour fiiilislster, nur Ich sec-
ours de In blenfftlsnncft publlque; d-
voir rnvern loft Nl-ertw, |»nree qu'll doll
mm -entilf nii'iil Ich Houtenli* iJuiik In vte,
ninls fliirtenit evlmr d'etre pour euv
uno clmi-go ou une utitravc.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under which the branches
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
in the following countries:
, Austria-Hungary . Finland
Formosa '
Brazil              "
Bulgaria  -
Fr'ch Cochin-China
South Africa
Straits Settlements
Great Britain
West Indies     ' , 17s
,   Iceland   .
Phillipine Islands
Faroe Islands
India    «           7
and elsewhere
I88UINQ.        FULJ.
•   l_
A. S.  DACK,   -
Manager, Fernie.
Merchants Bank of Canada
Capital $6,000,000    Reserve $4,602,157   ''
President Sir H. M. Allan   ' Gen.   Manager E. . . Hebden
A General Banking Business Transacted; Out of Town Accounts Solicited, Deposits or Withdrawals may be made by mail. '*
Savings  Bank Department
$1.00 opens an account; interest paid at  Highest Current    Rates. ,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorised ....$10,000,000.00. .Capital Subscribed .... $5,575,000
Capital Paid Up   ..,...$5,330,000.00   Reserve Fund     $5,330,000?
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, ,Vlce-Prea.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
of Canada
Quarterly Dividend Notice
is iM-inihv j_;iv<mi
mi 11 ilividi'iul ol" Six Per
upon the paid-up capital slock
nl' Canada lias
lu'cn (li.clni'cn
si May. I It Hi,
head o'lllcc and
I lie first dav nl"
III  lIlO    ilolllC    I ill IIK
. iv llm Three Months coding :l
and Uic, samo will lie payable, at its
branches on and nl'tcr Wednesday,
,Inm* nr»v(
Tlm Tvnu*!V'V lmnl.« will lw closed IVom 17th to HI Hi
May, 1010, both days inelusivc
Hy order of the Hoard.
(;i>niM"d Mmin-'cr
Head Olllce, Toronto, April 21st, 1!)10
John Adair, Manager, Fernie Branch
A Dollar
■spent at home reacts in its
b-wofits wiih unceasing gcnural
profit. Sont out of town it's lifo is ended. Kept
with tho homo merchants it is a rno8sen£er of
continuous boncfit. Business men should awako
to tho Importanco of keeping this dollar at homo
and mako a bid for it by judicious advertising Hii
Local Hems
Bleasdell's Great Reduction Sale is
genuine.   '
You must buy not less than one
dollar's worth to get the discounts at
Bleasdell's Great Sale.     ■■
The Home Bank of Canada has opened a branch in Lindsay, Ontario,
under the charge of Mr. A. B..McGill.
P. Duval has secured the contract
■ for painting and decorating the interior of the Crows Nest Trading. Company Block.
k    Get in on Bleasdell's Great Smoke
„and Water sale.     Everything goes at
big reductions except drugs and pal/
ent medicines.
The Ladles Aid society of the Baptist church will hold their monthly
tea at the home of Mrs. Spidell on
Tuesday afternoon July 12.
Will any one who saw an altercation
between a man and a woman on the
sidewalk in front of the Northern hotel
on the evening of July 1st kindly .(nm-
municate with the undersigned.
Mrs, Sarah Gregory,
Uox 40G, Fernie B.C.
We thank thc Western Canadian Irrigation Association for tlieir invitation to the fourth Annual Convention
to be held* in the city'of Kamloops on
August 3, 4 and 5.
Tho firm of* Egg & Haldane are at
present engaged on the plans for the
construction of a Catholic church at
Hdsmcr B. C, of which Father John
Salles is the incumbent.
■ - Work on the Home Bank, which we
understand lias been held up on ac
count of material, is now proceeding
and will be pushed forward to completion as rapidly as possible.
There wlll.be a social1 held in the
Presbyterian church at Coal Creek on
Tuesday, July 19th. Everybody cordially Invited. Tea like mother used
to brew and good entertainment will
be provided.
»' The Railway Clerks' Association has
just issued-issued its annual report.
The contributions paid by members,
amounted to £4.615. 6n looking at
the expenditure side we are inclined
to think that, considering the income,
the working expenses have been rath
er heavy. The Association has a
membership of 9,'391 to date, and these
are  informed  that no  cash benefits
.can be paid from the funds until 12
months continuous v membership has
been completed, and then the applicant must be up-to-date with his" subscriptions.
Had; there been a chariot race scheduled'for the lst of July sports one
might have naturally concluded that
it was merely a practice run, but in-
, asmuch as there is no such event on
the programme we are compelled to
acknowledge that it was the more pro-
__._ _ 5_l "If* (if .-"t-f' ■_ «»- ** '    Tir/\/-.1.1i> mmn HfO ir_
-—MUl'L--,-' J Cl-—'  _.lt--. t* X*tD — "-3VIMJ —**—i umln Urj-.-
Those who witnessed the free exhibition of a span of fiery steeds belonging to the Fernie Cartage Company
no doubt will be greatly surprised to
'earn that little injury was the result.
These escapades are entirely too frequent ancl drastic measures are in
order otherwise we may have to chronicle a calamity nnd then there will
be a howl of Indignation, and tho shaking of heads with the I Told You So
expression. No horses should be allowed to remain standing in tlie street
unless with a weight attached. Some
of the four legged delinquents who are
known to bo "chronics' ought to have
a kedge anchor for a retainer.
The Store of Good Values
ci ■ - it . *
The highest quality of Merchandise at the lowest
possible cost to you are the inducements offered for your
trading here. We can save you money, are you interested
Hot ten, or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room,
For nenl: Commodious, rooms for
lodge or union meetings. Seo Joe
Gouplll nt the Waldorf. tfc
Picture framing done neatly and
cheap at the Trites-Wood Co.
Always ready: hum sandwiches und
coffoo nt. Ingram's.
It's up lo'you. Wc nro here to save
you money In furniture nnd stoves.
Th--! Trites-Wood Co.
If you nro a pnrllc.ulnr smoker got
your smokes nl. Ingram's.
Just Uio thing ei-rly In the morning
or Into af. nlt-lit- a hot lunch in Ingrain's,
Kiniill liousi! of furnlliiro for sale.
Suit couple, Very reasonable,, Apply
II. M, West .ornio. p
The Files am coining, (let your
screen doors, window Hcreons and refrigerators nl tlin Trites-Wood Corn,
puny, The cluuipesl. in Ihu city.
* House ror Snlo wllh 2 lols In West
Fornio; f. roomed Iiouho, wnter, Kn-
quire of l_. Harper, Mol'li. win avenue.
Sloiin-Diiployan Hlinrtlmnd run bo
(might In 12 lessons, Scud for specimen lew-Kin to Thomas IlrnilHhnw, J, S,
O.lUl. I'Vniil*, Alia,
Msii'ii, we cnn cave you from •J'JO.iH'
to $2." on a Hewing iniiehlne, and give
you the !>**r,i, "Tlie . tuntliinl," the iiim-
chili'' Unit linn ihem all In-ill, and then
mini".     Tin1 Trlt'-s-Wiiod f-n.
For Brili-: A lot r,n*<i:i'„, all cleared,
Willi a five romii limine, nlci-ly finish-
("I and piilnleil, euinpletoly furnished.
Wanted: I louse cleaning or day lnbor of any Mud. Mot lier of five child,
rcii and widow of member of U. M. \V,
A, ■ l.enve wonl wllh H, 11, June, Hov
Taxi ,itlu.-. d( iiiii-i, I ,','•( iu:iu»i i-.W.iil
cd, lioi.be IMxi.li Hi rec board, .stable 11
xll 2 slorey. chicken hoime 11x12 also
three board. I'rlce 10"iO dollnrs;
$500 down, hnlntteo In ton moniliH. Ap-
nlv in V.   tinnier   McVbnrnnn ',\'(„uin
Fornio, ll. c.
Everyday  Grocery Prices that mean
an everyday saving to you.
White Star and Magic BakingJPowder
15c Per Tin
Christie's Sodas, _ Lb. Tins
30c Per Tin
"    E D S 2 Lb. Tins Preserved Plums
10c Per Tin
Quaker Brand 2 Lb Tin Corn and Beans
11 Tins for $1.00
Quaker'Brand Tomatoes
9 Tins for $1.00  '     **•
St. Charles Cream
'   Family Size 12 Tjns for $1.00
Hotel Size 20c per Tin
C. & S.'.Seal Brand Coffee   .
40c Per Lb."
White Swan Laundry Soap
Carton of 6 Bars 20c
1 Lb. Package*-*, Pcarline  ■
15c Each   ,
Gloss aud Table Starch
3 Pkts 25c
B. C. Pure Cane Sugar
20 Lb. Sacks $1.30
C. &B. Quart Vinegars
25c Per Bottle
■ ' *
..■>••       • V ...
•White Star Quart Vinegar
20c per Bottle
Alberta Government'Creamery Butter.
.  30c Lb
We are headquarters for Preserving
Fruits and Supplies, and our. prices,
consistent with the quality, will be
found the lowest.
Grocery Specials for Saturday
Malta Vita, Corn Flakes, Puffed Rice,
3 Pkts 25c
Baby's Own Toilet Soap
25c per Box
Imported Herrings in Tomato,Sauce
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3 Lb. Tins' Preserved Apples
0" 10c per Tin
There's long wear ahead of Lion
Brand Clothing for Boys, and a long
guarantee behind it.   • ■    „
You get value in the cloth, in make,
and in wear.
Double Seats, Double Knees, and
Double Stichcd Seams; and they are the
cheapest because best—best in, looks-
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Your inspection invited.
Nineteeu Ladies Summer Dresses,
made of Lawns, Baptiste and Pdplin-
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.    For Saturday Selling $6.95   *
If you are supplied with Shirts, Collars, Neckwear, Etc., from this men's
toggery, you need never fear criticism
of either the style or quality of your
on-nAntxiY) eir*       ' 	
~ **'I"'_■',•'-'*** i**I wo*—~ _ ""TT—■ ' ' ""'
Ladies' Wash Skirts made with plain
"yoke with full pleated sides and panel
front in white and tans.
For Saturday Selling $2.95
We are sole agents for Carhartt's Union Made Overalls and Gloves. *
Men's Oxfords for Summer-Wear in
Black, Tan and Ox Blood, all new pattern lasts and specially reduced for Saturday. Selling.
Men's Fancy Lisle Socks; Assorted
__Colors__and_Pa_tt_erns. ■•_    _j "
Why spend* your time in the
kitchen* while all the others are
out enjoying themselves? Among
our canned goods you can provide a whole ready to eat meal
from soup to dessert.     Stop iri
and    see v what    an . immense
.-] choice you have "at this  grocery,       '    . -
A>A>t^4>A>^A> .
Special Blend Tea
Strawberries and Coffee
p *
Are winners, give them a trial.-y~*™
For Saturday
Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Apricots and
Bananas, Oranges etc., etc.
Suits made to order from $16 to $3
The Cash Merchant Opp. Post Office
SUITS   and
and up made to your; measure.   The
latest New York.and English*
Cloth and Styles
*D A MTHIJ T TT1_T   Rooms ■ 2 and 3, The A. Beck Block
Advertise in the District Ledger
Among the names of students who
wero awarded prizes on Friday June
24th at the Western Canada College
we note the following:
Form 5 mathematics: A. L. Burgess
Kilchenor, B. C.-7
Gcrman (special prize by G. E. Holt)
II. Powoll, Vancouvor.
Form 4 (medal presented by R. 13.
Bennett) II. I.Ipsett, Vancouver.
Lower form 4: Mathematics: I-I. Minton, Fernio.
Cement Walks
Concrete Work
Parties desiring any work
•long the abqve line will do
well to tee me before letting
any contract,
Eatimatea given and eat It-
fact ion fjuirantccd. Addieim:
GEO. EARL, Fernie, B, G.
Under lhe chairmanship of Iho rector, tho Rev, W. AT. Walton, B. A„ and
before a crowded'" mid e'd.h'uslasllc
house, lho Indies of Christ, church are
10 be cmiKnitiiliilei'. on the ow-llenec
of lho concern glvon by Ihem u wool*
nun lust Tuesday.
The lu'osninimp oponcd wiih n ron-
il'Tin-.' by (lie* choniH of 'O (ilndr.niiio
1-U'lil," nnd of this as woll iih of tin;
other numbors It Is safe to nvor that1
ihi' clioriiH acquit tod thcnn-i'lvi'f! nobly,
Mi. fi. l-\ Slovonsnn,'tlmt. triple alii,
iiiino. of niiiuiill'li-cnl. vocal uU'la, com-
innndlni*; personality mid robust phy-
ii!i|in*, hiiiik "KIhk Onvld'H l.ni'iiont" In
a manner worthy of iho hlu:hcsl prnlHo.
Thono who lu'iird hor on Tuesdny nv-
ciilin; suo nil m-rci-d Ihnl Minn I'll libido mi a  violin  soloist   bus no oi-unl
III llu' I'l.'.'--., mid bill  fi'W i-Iv.il.- (iMlhlde
nnd It In eorlnhi Hint her liileiiis nre
of ii I'oiiiiirlHibli! iinliiro.
Thnl pormiinoii! I'livorlto In muslcul
circles, Mi*h, (1, V, SIcvciiKon d<-llnhl-
rd lii-r lioiircrH wllh lior nolo "O Dl-
\liio lli'ilci'inor," nml lnti-i' in i)k> dv-
onliiK In coinpiiiiy with ,Mrn, II. II.
lie pew hIii* mini; llm 'WiuiiIci-ci-'h NJkIiI
Hoiik'.' nnd Tiit*i'iiii Souk,' MImh pcni'-
t-nn iiIho hiiiik "Hour;;," and wnri nlvdi
11 IIIOSl    COIllilll   Wl'll'IIIIH1   llllll   till.'   np-
|ilini!ii> mi vi' ninplc proof Ihnl Iiim* <'f.
foils  wi'i'c   miieli   npproi-liili'd.      -Mr.
I Jl * - lc   WIIH  lit'ft 1 (1   1(1  MIDll  llll'IMItll';.'   ill
Ills hiiIoii iinrllciiliirly "Tin- LlKlitlioiiMi
Hill,' nud Mr. \\'li\i"i« of llo«in«*i- fnim*
liioni-'bl Mi" Iioiihi> down by ('vlilblihu-
1,'iiiiii'lviibli' |',i nliis us it bimjolsl. MIsh
I'ini wltli ouo or two i'.\(i'plloiiH slinw-
i'il i-ini'l.t'tl nlilllly ns an lu-tiiupimliit,
mid Mn' niillHl'iii'luiy I'xcciilloii of lior
dnl Ich ndded1 bill niiritlii'i' runt*; lo Iht
liuldcr of iiiiiHlcnl nnd social impulnr-
Wc Iv-Ucvc thnl lo VI "• W- ::vdcv
Ih due Hn1 cri'dlt of nrrnni.rlnf; hucIi nn
cvcclli'iit prouriiiiuni' iih lho fon-KoltiK,
nud if il Ih truo tlm! music Ih one of
lhe tnoHl poworfiil fnct ors In Iii'IiikIiik
iIiokc finer qunlllli's which nr<> Idon-
uiii'd wltn lho M«lift' fivih'/iiiifiii ibi*n
let uh hopo Hint It will not ho lonp-
bcfoio wc uro trentcd to nnotlior mich
miiHlcnl fenst,—Specially contributed.
In 8a»kntchewan—Dutiei tt Inspector!
—Definition" of the Term Boiler
Any pcrr-on not hotdliu; a flnnl pro-
vlHlon or Interim rcrllflcat. of Qiiallfl-
■fntlon n« nn cnRlnccr or a permit undor tho 8t<-nm BoUcr.i Act of Saskat-
rhewan, who at any tlmo otyratou a
Hteam boiler, or la In charge of any
onr- whlln In oporation In that prov-
Incw, la liable to n heavy fine.' Any
bollor declnred fo bo unHnfo by nn In
spector is not to be used until such
repairs as are ordered by the inspector have been made and the certificate
required duly issued, Any person op-
crating a boiler declared to be unsafe
by(,an inspector before the repairs ordered by, tho.inspector are completed
and the certificate issued shall be
guilty of an offence.
Duties of Inspectors
The duties of inspectora-of boilers in
Saskatchewan are ns follows:
(a) Satisfy themselves that the boilers aro properly constructed and of
good material,
(b) Subject lhe holler to hydostntic
pressure and hummer tests. ,to determine nt what pressure thoy may be
lc) Soo (lml. Hie openings are of tho
proper dimensions, and Lliat thoy nro
froo from dirt.
(d) See thai nil flues nro circular hi
(0) Sntisfythomsolvo-i thnt lho fire-
lino is nt lonst two InchoB below tho
prescribed minimum water lino of tho
(f) Soo thai, (he tirriuiRoinonts for
di'livorln*-*; Hie feed wnl'-r nro such
Ihnl llio boilers ennnot bo injured'
Cg) Bfttlnfy tliciiiHolves tlmt, such
boiloi'H nnd lliolr si enrn connect Ions
mny bo mtfoly employed' without- peril
to life.
(h) Seo Ihnl the bolloni lire provldod
with link pop :,.ifcty valves of pro-
pur sl/.n mul properly pinned,
fl) Seo liml, tlm pop anfoty vnlvo Is
properly iuIJiihumI, loci-oil mid s**nl-
(f) Reo Mint the holler Is provld**d
wiib ii Htouiii Riuigo snmo to ii*(ioo
wllh Ntimd'ird giuigo.
Ik) Hoc Mint the bollor Ih provided
willi n mil'flcli'iii numbor nf 'kiiiiko
cockH nnd a properly limcrled fiudblo
pi UK,
(1) HntlHfy IhemnolvoH Ihnl ndeiiuioo
nud -i-rinIn provision lmii-i bi'cu iiiad'i
ror mi ituiplf Hiipply of wulcr In I'.'i.d
lhe bollor ul nil I lined,
(in) HnHi-'I'y tl:ein;-ch«-K thn* Hie
meiiiii- Cor blowlnu: out nre provided.
(nl Sen Ihnl tbo boilei-H nro pro-
\lded with Hie lii-ci'tiHiiry nuiiibi.'i* of
iiiiiiiholcni ot propor b(zo,
to) Hoc Hun llm liiic.lt lirni'l-iMH of
Hliilloiiiiry liiluilnr biillern nro filled
on rolleiH,
tpl   hl-C-   llllll   (OO  |llll|K-|   lilllllOin .111-
jiViicd :iri,nnil \nllhijf, flywlicc-lj, dr.
In sintlonnry pliinls.
Some of the Rogulntlont
Kvery boiler in the province ih to bo
Inspected nt, leiiHt once In ench calender yenr by nn Inspector nl <ui-"ii tlm*
nn the liiapt'Clur mny noo in.
Tho nnfoty vnlvo of nny traction or
portable englno In not to bo not nt n
grentor prosHurc! thnn 17.1 pounds, not-
wltliBtnndliiR the cnlculnled worUln<
prcBHiire of tlio boiler, nnd no exception will bo rnndo to thla ruling. , If
lhe ciilciibileil worlting pr'-HfttiTC of
auch n holler exceeds ITS pounda, nnd
n-iulii-H, wuy 'Mil tiuviinU, »nd a vuduc
tion of prt*HMirr» hnu to bo mndo by
reason of Inferior worUinnnsblp or
material or other auch defects, tho
reduction wilt be mndo from the 200
Any poraon, company or anent who
a.la or Mchnni-jeR a bollor, ahnll within thirty dayti nfter auch Bale or ox-
chain?-** notify the Minister of Public
Works for the Province of such sale,
or exchange, stating the name and address of the person to whom such boiler has been sold or exchanged, and
shall, in case such boiler has ben Inspected by an Inspector from and after the twenty-eighth day of February
1907, stato the number stamped on
such boiler at such inspection by tho
Tho expression "boiler" does not includo boilers used for henting water
for domestic purposes, or generating
sten'm solely for heating buildings
which carry less than fifteen pounds
steam pressure, or railway locomotive
or steamboat hollers,, but means and
includes all othor steam boilers or
battery of boilers and nil -apparatus
and things al (ached (o or used In connection wllh any such boiler.
These regulations aro   tho'result, of
nn Intorpi'ovliicinl conference hold ln
Roglnn some months ago,
Organizer Trotter of lho Trndos*und
Labor coukivhh of (.lunula Is onco
more on the acfivo llsl In Wostorn
Canada. "
He Is now ns far wost ns Roglnn,
having already vlallod Jlrnndon In tho
Ini rests of tlio congress, nftor nddrom*-
Ing IUI unions In Winnipeg, It Is just
possible too Hint ,T. C. Wntters of Victoria may be coiiiiiiIsslotHjd by llio ox-
ecullvo nl Ottnwa lo assist In covering this Immense territory wllh n
vlow to placing tlio alms and objects
of tlio congreiw beforo organized labor nud InUT'-Htlm; Ihoni In helping
IheniKolves by being roprosontod at
lho niiuiiiil coiiforences and foriiiulal-
Ing u policy Hint' will best pronioln
and conserve llio IntoroslH of tho
Oigniilzer Trollor'H Itinerary, wlileli
will be followed iih closely as !i4,'f
cliviim.iliiiioi'M will penult, iih nn /ol-
llinndoii.' .lime 22, llrnndon Hold.
Iligliin: Juno 2G: Clayton Houso,
. fihl:p|noii: July l',
Moose .lnw:' July -I.
Medicino Hat: July 7.
Cnli'iiry: July 10,
I'Muioiitou, July 17.
IIcycIhIoUc: July 25,
Vancouver, Now Wostmlnor, Victoria: July ZH to AtlHUHt IH.
S'l'iiiiii   t\Uj,iitll   i'i'.
Ci'iinbrook: Augunt 20.
Kernle: Aw-iirC 'id.
I.nlhbrldge: AugilBt 30.
Winnipeg, Boptcmbor 4, li2.1 Ilnthgnr
MiK.i.irles of central bodies nro re-
iiueHti.'d tn get Into communication
with Organizer Trottor nnd nsfllst hlm
In every wny to arrange for innaa meetings, nlc, bo thnt tho greatest nmount
of good mny bo mndo In tho timo nt
tho disposal of nny mnn who nttompta
to cover hucIi a territory in bo abort
a tlmn,
the   last enumeration,   being that of
the present year:
The following figures show the total
discoveries on each occasion:
1904 °  1797
1905  i  2181
1907 2404
1909 ■ 2388
1910.* ! 2747
The area covered by the census In
1904 was smaller than In any of the
succedlng years. The homeless were
found on staircases, under arches and
in tlio streets. Tills year's census was
taken in the night of February 18—a
l'I'ne night and not very cold— and of
the total 220 .wero womon and 17 were
Of 1,1102510 men 1778 were accommodated for ri few hours in shelters
but were not provided with beds.
If tho othorwlso homeless who wero
accommodated by tho Salvation Army
in casual wards, shelters and othor
plncoH on tho night In r-uosllon are
nddod to tho account, tho figures become 5742 men. 8G0 women, On behnlf
of lho Jlonrd of Trndo tho L. C. C,
is nbout to tnko a census of another
Idnd, that of summer traffic on im-
pijiiiint. iiioiuu-jiaiuoH leading oui or
London, A similar census wns lakon
IiihI. winter,
census or POOR
Many Go About in London Without •
LONDON, July 7—Flvo wiana of
Londona hnmoleaa poor hnvo now been
taken by the London County Council,
Horo Ih a story from Frank Ornio-
rod's "LanciiBhlro Life nnd Oharac-
On one occasion a coiihuh clerk In
Hemming ono of the forms lo sou thai
II had been properly filled up nol Iced
Hie figures 120 and 112 undor Hie
bonding "Ago of fut her, If living,' mid
"Ago of mother, If living."
"Ilut your picrentH wore novor so
old, woro llioy?' querli'd tho astonished
"Nnwe," wiih lhe 'reply, "bill tliey
would lm' been If Ilvhi*,"
r.NWM and by virtue of the powers coulaliied In a ceptnln (Minttel
Mortgage wliich will bo produced nt
lho timo of mtle, thero will lie offered
for salo by public auction on Friday,
tlio Twenty-ninth dny of July, 1010, at
the hour of one thirty lu the uiuir-
noon, upon lho premlscH of Harry Old-
iiiiui in hiho, it ,t'„ by William Drue-,-,
Aijr'iwjcj-j-, I'ji* SiAlowluii •.'''■'■'OJi.'d j'j'o
pcrty, nnmely, nil chat tela of lho nnld
llnrry Oldlnnd usod In hin business na
a Coko Oven contractor, Including
neven Iioi'hpr, sovornl aotta doublo hnr-
ne«B and enrt hnrne.RM, waggons,
sleighs, plows, dump cnrlti, whoolbnr-
rowH, rnpoH, wlndlnan, toola, bind;-
smith outfit, tents, cooking ut-oiisIln,
roofing felt, lumbor nnd othor nrtlcloB
too numcrotia to mention.
Tornm: All HiimH of Twonty flvo dol-
Inra nnd under, cash; In tho onao of
uutna over %'ib, ten per cont ot tho
piirchitBo monny to bo pnld down nt
tho tlmo of snli*. nnd tho bnlnnuu to bo
paid wltln fifteen day* thereafter or
to be secured In a manner satisfactory
to tho vendors,
For further partlculftrn) Bml condition* of aale apply to Horchmor Si McDonald. Johnaon-Falconer lllock, Fornie. H. c. Solicitors for Vendor*.
Dated at Fernio, B. C. this Bth day of
July, A.D. loit),
Children's 'Straw Bonnets, re&\ 4:0c
Saturday 25c.
Chlldron's Straw Bonnets, rcg.o (J0c
Saturday 35c
Ladies' "White AVash Belts
Special for Saturday, at 20 and 25c
Ladies'  .la])  Silk  Waists
Special at $3.00
Ladies' Wash Suits
Everyone this season's productions and all Veduced lor ijuiek clear-'
mice, look tliem over .they are  sure
I   decided har^aius. |
Agents Slaters Victus Shoes
Agents Butterick Patterns
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
Phone No. 49


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