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The District Ledger 1910-04-30

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-<tn___t_ ia.1 Unit-yjjisiSt-rens-th
The Official Orsan of District Ko. IS, v. M. W.otiA.
VOL,. V.   Ho. 39
FERHIE,   E. C,   April 30t*t,   191Q
Associated   Boards of Trade
In Session-Many Matters
of Importance Engage
Their  Attention
A meeting of-the Associated Boards
•of Trade ot East Kootenay was held
in the City.Hall; Fernie'on Wednesday.   .Present:.
Cranbrook: Messrs. M. A. MacDonald. R. T. Brymner, E. B. Beendlct, P.
De Veere Hunt.
Ferine: J, R. _a_ry;, J. R. Pollock.
G. S. Stevenson.
Michel i-Alex/McColl, G. B. Stedman,
Ed. K. Stewart.    . "
M. AI MacDonald toot the chair pro
tem. and said.that at last meeting in
Pernie  on  March 23rd  a  provisional
committee consisting o( Messrs. J. R.
Pollock; ,/R.  T.  Brymner  and  himself
had been appointed  to  draft by-laws
and constitution, and submit to meeting [or ratification.     Upon calling for'
"Hie appointment of a chairman    for
the meeting J. R. Lawry moved that I
Mr. MacDonald take the chair, which |
was  seconded  and carried. ,    Provisional., secretary, was  nest  appointed,
Mr. Brymner being the selection. The
chairman next asked credential
mittee to report, who reported that the
above delegates were present and that
they shoold be seated. Delegates from
"Hosmer .had aot arrived bot -w
pected some time in afternoon,
next business was the approval
erwise of constitution and by-laws submitted by. committee.   - The. cons
tion was taken up and discussed
iatim, and the by-laws as  a    w]
■with a few minor alterations, wen
Chairman._th_i declared the Assoe-
—lated Boards of Bast Kootenay duly
ganiied, anil called lor the election of
officers for, the ensuing year. The ballot wasv'taken in'writing and Messrs.
Stevenson and Stewart appointed tellers. Nominations for president taK-
en first, resulted in MacDonald 6,
man I; JI. A. MacDonald of Cranbrook
was declared duly elected as president.
ilee-President io be one oL, the Presidents of local Board of Trade. T B
Baker, Michel a; J. R. Lawry, Fernie
4      Mr. Baker was declared dtil? elec-
c-Treas. R.T.Brjmnor
■> J.
R. Lawry,
G. F. Stev*
n Fernie 1
Mr. Brjmn
er declared
as to paj
t tor secretary   but JI
r   Brjmner
that he xx
ould be pleased to do
clerical  wt
>i i   without
rem un era-1
Fernie Board o! Trade through ii**
representatives submitted a resolution
to the effect that the Postmaster General be approached to have a mail
both  of  the  Iraini
s the "Local" the o
East in the morning,
ning West .in the evening, so that
mall would be distributed more promptly. After an explanation from Mr.
Stevenson on behalf of the Fernie
Board of Trade it was decided
Cranbrook Board ol Trade submitted
a resolution that owing to the various
fires raging between Cranbrook and
Fernie. that the provincial Government be approached to appoint more
fire wardens, and that the Bush Fires
Act be put into force immediately, so
as to afford protection to life and
Many  gentlemen   belonging  to  the
lumber industry who    were  present,
took part in ttie discussion ensuing avis  resolution.      It  was  decided
: committee of three be appoint-
look into tbis matter to redraft
this resolution and submit to president
and secretary for ratification and forward to Provincial Government for ratification.
The president named Messrs. Ans-
tey, Adolph of the Adolph Lumber Co.,
and Benedict to act as Committee.
Resolution submitted by the Pernie
Board of Trade that municipalities be
allowed to retain taxes on personal
property vice government, inasmuch
as many municipalities had difficulty
to raise sufficient funds to struggle
along, and that.a petition be forwarded to the Provincial Legislature.
This was adopted.
G. F. Stevenson brought before the-
notice of tbe Board that the wholesalers at the Coast were petitioning the
Railway Commissioners for cheaper
freight rates inland. "He stated that
f this was granted it would mean that
.he wholesale houses there would be
able to secure goods from the Kast,
and resbip them to this district as far
Calgary- at a much cheaper rate
than tbe present wholesale houses
could supply, and ai
wholesale houses of Nelson and Fernie
ouW be put out ol buslm
lis score therefore, lie wished the
oard to petition the Railway Com-
issioners not to giant this request,
was moved and seconded that the
Board  of Railway Commi
grant this request until
heard  from  the Associated  Board  of
ast Kootenay.     Carried.
Tiie Fernie Board of Trade submit-
d a resolution dealing with the Flat
head country,, where seeing the con-
lderable  developments   raking  place
u  that  District,  that  the  Provincial
I egislature be petitioned to complete
agon road there.      It  was stated
♦ Beware of two strike hreak-
♦ ers from Xova Scotia
♦ .    C.  Smith:   Height  5  tt-    8
■♦ In., weight about JTOlbs-, light
♦ blue eyes, light hair    and  a
♦ large nose.
♦ Jas.  Harper,    height  6  ft.
♦ weight   180   lbs., ,dark  eyes,   -***
♦ dark hair and hare-lipped.
east of Pineher to the Flathead river
by tbe Alberta government. At the
present time there Is no wagon road
from this side, but there is one from
the other side df the International
Boundary, and all shipments of machinery, etc.. had to be brought from
tbe States and heavy duty paid thereon, owing to there being no road by
which the shippers could br_g it to
there from Canada- .and the conse:
quence was that a large volume of
business which might have been secured by Canadian manufacturers was
t the
bis year  to
.—This was
At p
Suddaby bas the plan of the house
of MacLachlan.
Lest We Forget—the r,th is voting
dav on the by-laws.
If you would be sure of a good seat
for the 4th get it reserved now
Remember Jessie MacLachlan sings
in Fernie one night only on May 4th.
To see a good play in comfort g
your ticket now for the 2nd at ti
Grand Opera houss.
Don't fail to keep Wednesday night,
free to heir Jessie MacLachlan in the'
Fernie opera house.
If you have an attack of tbe 1
o visit to the play at the Grand Opera
House on the 2nd -will dispel them.
The cleverest stunt yet produced
here is" the nightly." performance of
Mack and Bennett at the Fernie Opera
Political Unity is Victory
$1.00 a Year
Don't fail ti
n the 5
running  that there t.
i road built 12 miles
Prince  Rupert  in  The  Limelight of|
Civic Administration—Fred
Stork First Mayor
(Prince Rupert Empire)
The candidates whose names
subscribed hereto for the offices ofj
mayor nntl alderman at the first civic
election for the city or Prinee Rupert,
respectfully submit the following suggestions with a view to affording to
the city good, hones. t_tthd efficient government and a White Prince Rupert:
The Platform
1. The employment as soon as possible ot a thoroughly competent city
engineer, and beads of all departments
t*d paying to same auch salaries
will ensure goad, honest and efficient
2. Municipal ownership of public
utilities in so far as Is consistent with
tbe city's finances and resources.
3. ■ Municipal control of public utilities owned and operated by the city
or otherwise..
-4. Minimum taxation, of Improve-
rinsnts consistent with sound finance.
; 5. The installation as far as circumstances will warrant of permanent wa-
-" ter works, sewerage,"electric light and
telephone system at the earliest possible date...
1 6.; The construction of permanent
streets and side-walks on the frontage
tax system as far as practicable.. -
7. The'establishment or a first-
class fire department as-soon as conditions In regard to'water supply and
streets permit. '- '. **        '
.8. The appointment of a competent
health officer, sanitary inspector and
building inspector, and enforcement of
such measures as shall'be deemed,nr. j
cessary for the protection of public
health and safety.
9. ' The introduction of an early
closing by-law and an eight hour day
for all cily contracts anil civic employees with the exception of members or
ihe rire dapartriient.
IS.    The non-employment of Asiot-
Ecs,        . j
11. The allotment of public worlc1
by small contracts and station work
whon practicable, tenders to be opened at council meetings.
. 12. The establishment of a recrea-.
tion park and public play grounds as I
soon as possible.
13. The granting of required financial support towards a public hospi- <
tal. I
15. The encouragement and development of the natural resources tributary to the eity.
To all of which, if elected, we pledge
our support and will make
Prince Rupert a commercial, shipping
2nd manufacturing port worthy of her
position and at all times to work fur
and advance the welfare of the city.
-The above platform Is endorsed by
the following;:
. For mayor: Fred Stork.
■ For aldermen: F, IL Mobley,- "-merchant; H..H- Clark..merchant; A..R.
Barrow, land surveyor; Gen. R_ n_
den, broker; M, M- Stephens, broker:
Wm. P" Lynch, merchant; John H-
Hilditeh, carpenter; Dr. A. A. Mclntyre. broker. -■''."- -;
track scales ar
is not of much use to shippers, particularly of lumber, in this
locality, and that the C. P. R. had intimated their intention of placing the
track scales at Crows Nest, which
would be farther way and would be
■norse still.
G. B. Stedman pointed out that the
C. P. R. did not own the track scales
dt Michel, which were owned by the
Coal Company. This matter was discussed by Messrs. Adolph and Dubois
on behalf of the lumbermen
Supt. Brownlee. who was piesent
stated  that  he  was  free  to  confess
"there had been a number of just com
plaints wiih regard to weighing "of
cari but he was sure this went!a disappear when the scales were installed
at Crows  .Nest.      It was the propei
place to have the scales at a divisional
point, and it was his company's inten
tion to place a complete track scales
of  the   latest  type,  and  that  weigh
master   together with switching crew
would be plaeed there, and he could
assure the      lumbermen  that      they,
would be able to get the weights of |
their cars within 24 hours, or at the
outside 48 hours, and asked.the tar
ious gentlemen  if this  would not be
satisfactory, and received a reply in |
the affirmative. lVherenpon an amendment was carried tbat this hia referred.
back to the Fernie Board of Trade for i
their deliberation, 1SBea        --(orJI'" '"   tauon ls ^"""n
The place of meeting for tbe annual!ea ™ a*"
contention' which will be held in Jan. i    We ai'e Pleased io report thai a for-
1911, was taken up.     Mr. MacDonald  "ei" townsman of ours. .I. L. Thorn le-.
extended an Invitation from Cranbroo\ (nc™ a resident of M»%ie  wai    made
Board of Trade to hold the next meet- by The increase of his household
Ing at that place,    which was adopt-:lo «hree on th« 26th' when his meat
do and it does not suit your ideas, kick
yourself only as that will he the only
ie you have coming.
A treat is ensured ail theatre goers
i May 2nd    at tbe    Grand    Opera
ouse,     she Is a recognized eomed-
nne.     Who?     Why Grace Cameron.
Who would not be administer of fin-
ice?     As a reward for services rendered  Hon.- VV. S. Fielding has been
presented with the receipt for
restment of 5100,000.
A dance wili be held in Bruce's Hall
onight under tbe auspices of the lades of the Catholic" church, and as a
good sale of tickets has already been
made, an exceptionally enjoyable time
Deputy Attorney General Maclean
ill take charge of the C3se for the
Crown in the Coal Creek hold-up case
at the forthcoming assizes, when the
trials of those alleged to be implicated
will have hearing.
Reports have been circulated in the
press that there was a strike among
the Phoenix miners, and as there appears to be positively no ground for
such statements, both miners anil residents of Phoenix are incensed, as
they claim tbat there Is no expectation of labor trouble there.
On election day tliere will be a si
ial ballot provided for the purpose
ascertaining which' plan th"1 \ot
think best to adopt in the matier
taiing for the sidewalks—general
--frontage tax. orc^..combination
both  and  in  what proportion:-    1
A meeting of the Civilian Rifle As
elation will -be held in the offices
Lawe and Fisher on Mondaj nevt
8.30, for the purpose of making
rangements for the return match w
the Creston contingent, they to eo
Ernest Width of Los Ang-
■ eles. who murdered his  wife
recently, when informed that ■
he must hang on June 17, said ■
1   io the judge, "Thank you, it is ■
■ well." The murder Was a most •
brutal one. by crashing in the -
poor woman's skull with his ■
boot heel. .
When Jessie Jiaclachlan comes be-
ore the footlights In the Fernie Op-
ra House on May -4tb she will donbt-.
:ss face one of the largest ant? mest
mhiisiastic audiences that has ever i
tot ed any "vocalist wi>o has vls''.*^il
The sale of seats has been brisk,
nd proves ihe high esteem this great-
st of aii Scotch singers is held by
the people ol all nationalities and
classes. Miss JIacIaehlan is supported by an all star company consisting
of Sir. Craighill Sherry, one.of the fun-
of all Scottish entertainers, and
i as versatile as he is funny, itr.
Barnaby Nelson is a young tenor ro-
j with a magnificent voice, coupled with artistic temperament. His
•epertoire is extensive and varied, and
vheiher he sings from the classics, a
popular ballad or a Scotch tolk song.:
3 sure to delight his audience,
but by nb; means least, is the,
pianist and accompanist. Mr. Robert i
Buchanan; and in no small measure is I
iuccess of the concert due to his |
tic aad  sympathetic    accompam-1
ere are a few good seats left, and :
intending patrons would do  well    to i
ire their seats at once, as a bum-i
house is assured.
Coal Creek   Hold-up   Case to
The Front With Misleading   Affidavit—Who
Is Responsible
to Fernie th
s seir     Further particu-
lars of this
\r-ni viill be published m
Bev. W. F
Spidell of the Fernie Bap-
tist ctrorvh
a at present cocfinefl to
his bed wit
an attack of tonsilitis
He will be i
table to occupy his pulfcit
on  Sundav
honevei     supplies    ha »
been arrang
I      Some of the laymen
will take ch
i ge In tbe morning and
id the evening His.  (Rav.)  Hall will
and  youngest child  made  her debi
:. Lawry. on behaif'of the Fernie j °" "fe's SIaSe-     Mother and daughter
of Trade, invited the memhers!are botb- Progressing favorabb     and
informal banquet at the   Femie jlhe■ father wears the smile that does
hotel that evening at 9 o'clock." i not ,lear o(f
After the business of ihe day had! A marriage was solemnized at the
fen attended to at 3.30 ihe particip- i hou9e of tne Rev- w- R Spidell. Bap-
. jts. together with a number of addl- j "st minister, last night, Thursday, th-?
tlonal guests gathered around the fes-] ■■*"■--»■ when William Hunter and Jennie'
hoard laden wiih enticing viands, j Patterson .enterd into lhe bonds ot
lie Hotel Femie, and when this j "^ matrimony. The happy couple
pleasing task had been done ample j «'"' ,ake U*P tbeiT residence on Pellatt
justtcr-. to the President. .(. R. Lawry, avenue and have the best wishes of
officiating as toastmaster. Introduced thostH nf blends thai their jnum-?y|
cral speakers liy felicitous and | through life may be one of pleusani |
well chosen remark:
C. Zaeearo, the new bandmaster of
the city band arrived ln town on Wed-
nescia and has been busily engaged
since m making the acq-
his pupils.
He.comes verj;_well .recommended
from Portland. Ore. u
prominent figure in musical circles. At
lhe present time be is making the preparations nefessarj for (he work he
has in hand and with the material
that comprises the aggregation Fernie
should soon be sole to judge of the
merits of this desirable adjunct io the
titv's musical organizations.
The outside committee consisting of
Messrs. Pollack, Herchmer. Turney
and Henderson were Introduced to the
newcomer by Jlessrs. JIazxanobilie.
and Lucca and have given every assur-
irce of hearty cooperation lo ihe end
that tiie year's work will show that-
■^nccess.  so  much  desired   has  been
The band willmake their public d&-
Mit as soon as possible consistent with
perfect playing, as Signor Zaeearo is
determined to leave no room for ad. ]
terse criticism. I
Tiie comesf that wi;i lake place on ',
lh 2nd of Hay when Fernie and Coal j
Creek teams meet will be stubbornly I
fought by both sides and we are
ing forward to a splendid exhibiti
fooiJiatt. Give the boys a good
off at this initial game of the s
and lei us encourage tbis manly
\1e would suggest that those by:
en who so far forget themselves
use language unfit for utteranci
rflutionc*,-:. and if no notice be i
tbeu refund them tbelr donatio
order ihem from the field. On
understand a man becoming excti
the heat of the same but tlmt in n
son why the bounds ot common i
ii  should In- ".ransgressed.
The Goal Creek hold-up case
become celebrated throughout ths
vines. The latest incident in coi
tion therewith is _ the publication of,]
what purports to he a special to The
Xelson Daily News from Vancouver on
lhe date ot tbe 2Ti_ E. P. Davis'K.C.
Is reported to have made application
for change of trial with half a dozen
affidavits, which declare that 3 fair
and impartial trial could not be c'o-
tained in Fernie.
The affidavits filed are stated to be
by Varlow .one cf the men accused,
W. R. Boss, counsel for Varlow aad
Babeock, James Stevens, n. w. Scott.
H. Booth and J, W. Bennett.
Below we append copy of the affidavit which is the only one made by
.1. \Y. Bennett that has any connection
whatsoever with tbe case ia point.
In the matter of the Criminal
in the mailer of an information dat-
fed March Ilth, IBID, against Frederick
Varlow and _\aL Babcock under se'
"In "the matter of a further info
tion dated April oth. H-10. againsl
■Jaid   Frederick   Varlow  under  sei
-lone Willi
of Fernie, in
Columbia,   uc-
Ledger. a weel
the City of
of British Colt
Th* retc
b-jc-n stolen.
im Bennett, ol the Clt-
he Province of Britisl
spa per     Editor,  nlaki
s follows:
editor of The Districi
ly new spay or published
Fernie in ihe Pro vine*
uted  in ihe City of  Fernie and    the
Village of Coal Cree'-t and vicinity.
Sworn    bc-rore me at    the City of
Fernie. Province of British Columbia,
this itAh day of April, A. D. i91u.
A Commission.;
et in ih-; Frunk
Hoiisebold fut
■> H. Douglas, :
n has been   appointed a
ihe footballers on
and  may  the  best
We i
I that the widow and
live ctuiuren of George- Turner, wba
died in the hospital on ilie ^nu are in
a destitute condition.
Sherwood   Herchmer   is   erecting  a
beautiful residence on plans designed
by the local firm or architects Beg and
Woods  is the    build-
s of t
t The Disi
Ledger office sfc&w that aboui . -.'"'.■X
copies of the issue of the said District
dg^r dated the Htbt day of March,
tf- were placed in circulaiion.
. The record? of th_ said offico
w that about "i>00 copies of ihe is-
i of the said The District Ledgfrr
cd the flth day of April 1'tio, were
;. Twpi
=irlbuted v,
The coroner's jury on the body af
like Znrik. whoo was killed last Sat-
rday m the Elk Lumber Mill returned
verdict of accidental death and at-
ached  no  blame    io  ihe  employing
A crowded house greeted the
Knight for a Day" last night'-at. the
irahd Theatre, and the sigti-s ot appro-
al w-i-'re noticeable throughout the
■lay. The management certainly are
■-siiTled to praist for bringing soch
umpalues as this lo Fernio.
As a result of bis flourishing a shoot
ig iron in dangerous proximity to, W.
atric-K. Oscar Bajak has been conalgn-
t ;<. ihe care nf a government official
ir the space of two months with hard
bor. William Lacey of Elko was
w= i;i*s*u',K of (his bellicose individual
ilng ()la;*i-d iindi.  govern mental su-
; Tho Western I-nioii Telegraph Co.
; made a sworn staxemsnt tbat the value
; of tlieir property in the state of Kansas amoiiuied to only JSLK.100, but afler ma-Siny u thorough invesligation
because of their doubt as to its truthfulness, despite the fact that tt was
duly nnd regularly sworn to. Lhe State
Commission ilccidtd to place a valuation, of $3,S'>9.322, and have ordered
thfet they pay on this amount.
The following is a list of the toasts
The King.
Provlnco of British Columbia.
Associated Hoards of Trade.
Commercial Interests,
Our Guests.
The Press.
The Ladies,
Appropvlale speeches were modp \i\
he following gentlemen.
P.   K.-Wilson. J. R- Pollock. S. Hei    Th-
chiuer.  P.  Lund.  Browniee,    ilaldai
Michel will be Ihe Mecca oi the
faithful of the Socialist party, who will
forefather in th£ neighboring coal
town lo help ihe Michel l.ocnl to matte
iheir first May Pay celebration nn un
qualified success. Not only will then
be a flow of oniiory dealing willi tin.
al! important, issues or llio limes, but
nu excellent programme of on ett'er
taining character will be provided also,
together ulth n supper nnd
should certainly make it num
for wou
last  Fcl
Valuation Shows Big Increase Over
Last Year-Public Meeting is
Called For May 3rd
[ihought the
Anatle, Hanbury. Pedlar and   othors.', «™'''e '«
The speech of the evening wns made ', dlttoo to the Directory o( Com
by the first President of the new board ;cnlB
-M.  A.  MacDonald  of  Cranbrook.    In!    The   ,*ul'-3     °r   ,hl'     1>1'li
which he made a clear outline of tho i c'-'nrch  have gained  a si ill
objects and determinations of the asso-1 n*-"-*! "P°n ihe affections of .r<
elation. jter ■*■»' thoh net ot Christian
K. Beesion, secretary" ol the Nel-' e,we l!t -wn'-li«S I*1-1**-* ■*««»« «t ■-«   s*ai   bLUer
Board of Trade, gave a lengthy j !»es   of   creature   comforts   that   his j ppnjed aea1yn
speech. Hiving some excellent advice.   Present weak condition prevented him j ilia obligation;
At about 1.30 the crowd dispersed to \tron>  enjoying  by  attendance  at  the j so lilen \lt, is
the sound'of the national anthem, thus  supper    given by the Indies or Knox
concluding the  first session  of    the  Church on Monday evening. On behalf
East Kootenays associated boards. | *■"-■-* -Mr- Hunter we take pieusur in
tendering sincere thanks to all thost
who by this act of I bought fulness cave
a practical demonstration of the (iold-
Godfrey, in charge of ap-i    The auppsr given by the ladies of
wiib by jiulKf Wilson on Tuesday --,Si.
Jiarlin liii-ougti his solii'iiur, Mr. Sher-
wfKi-d HfirvhwiiT. liad pvumlseil in do
ail In hit power io help his broiher.
aid has given liini u vermin wum m
present together with a small piece of
lend in the old country.
fertain of his conn try men offered
o loan him t■»'-*■> for the hiiiiefit of hi*
lirother provided he could be able to
«(>rk at "icscnt to repay tliem. Taking
Ui* W„>
! to the
• drnft    r
11    ll'!
■f justice r
t him out
.-.vUicinl tltiY-
nilii'.-nl and lhe municipal asaociai-
[>n-i r.'iiin'siint tbat municipalities be
ivt-ii the jurisdiction reKnrilinu num-
cr „: buildinus and loin uacd for r.-s-
IwitlHl purpose**.
City K'nuiiie'T Poller was author I ii-d
f slil-.-v
eratlpns [or a Vancouver syndicate der j the Kaos Presbyterian church teas
veloping "5 sections of coal lands on j every 'way a succssa—gaatronomically
Copper river, arrived in Hazleton re-1 —about 250 mortals partook of the
cent ly from the properties. [dainty, edibles   provided—financially.
He Is delighted with the results of i the tidy sum of {123 was realised—in-
the development work of last winter, j talleclually, ihe feast or music, both
Two seams were opened up by tunnels j vocal'and fnslrnmeiual, left nothing to
of them five feet thick and the i be desired, the only regret-being, that
other five feet nine Inches, i The coal lit concluded all too soon:- *. Congratu
is „,biluminous and tests have shown ! latlont were showered upon the ladies
It to hn exceptionally goois for coMflg'for their effective manner in carrying1
purposes. By way of the Skeena and [ out the programme of arrangements
Copper rivers the claims are not much Ithus •"eimmstrating that in the matter
more than 100 milet fjom, Ha-deton, jof orsanlwttion tbey are the peere ot
with a water grade;nit tlieJwey.;    -j the nobler tax I
should he not do
bi--light up before
hi 4 honor and scment. '■».
He is to report each i.-jj-ith io Chief
Constable Sampson,        "**£
I Cummings, for culling the throat
of Alex. Cramp In the Roma hotel on
iht '1st inst., was sentenced io five
months  Imprisonment.      He   pleaded
Tlie only case on the civil docket
that is being taken up Is that et Morrison vs. Sparwood Lumber Company,
a. dispute.over wages. The remainder
on the lisi go over until next session.
r. T, C. P*n_-.-_-Il»n*__.n of t'«nte * *^n,i
niarr■■■■•■! io .Miss Margaret Thomp-   " pubi>e meet
nlso of Kemie. engaged as hook-, 3rd for ,he pu
er at the Knotciiity Telephone of-, payers foil  pa
at ihe Anglican church on Tues-1 differs nt  by-la
last hy Ihe Rev. W. JI. Walton.     I them to ask a
h D. Jlc-
late roller skating iotialKC^lu
.leuiare  re^.rdittR jn|em lg jir,-
The Federation of Master      Cotton
Spinners at Manchester haVe decld*»d
ihat the state of. trade-warrants five
per cent, reduction In wages, and tbey j ro
have aaked for a;qoijfei"__e with theii'h
operatives. " _._!._      1 eo
I.. R. J-nu-k-i', assi
Klnley. has taken
Hail on i't'lla* avc
using it for an up-to
ihe formal  opentnc
subsequent issuo,
of the management
[ion to cleanliness
every respeet. and I
assured that it will
less; In fact we hai
tborlty thut the only "dost" noticeable
at all that extracted from tbe
liockets of the attending public.    Kv-
•?ry«htn-s irt_ be don. to make    thla
healthful pastime free from ever;' discomfort to all who indulge in It. A  )0
Wiener ban „ organ will dls-
v.'-K music Si* intervals, .:
s they deem
it thin the asscss-
strict alien->    Tony Wage!. Joe Znk and John Our-
bultding   in.lis. ihe three Slavonians wbo brutally
irons can lie; assa;;l(ed A. Halivi. a fellow conctry-
jslcally dust-; mil„ „t 3 recent Slnv wedding dance at
Hosmer. when brought up to elect.decided to leave the matter in lhe hands
of Magistrate Alexander, who Imposed
a fine of $--> and costs upon Wanget-
and tbe other two were sentenced tt>
four months bard labnr each.     Sherwood Herchmer acted as counsel for
the defence, and Chief Constable Arthur Saw pson prosecuted.. tL^M^-^-.i-i
GREENWOOD, April 23—The majority and minority reports of the
board of conciliation in connection
■with the B. C. Copper Company and
employees who are members of the.
"Western Federation of Miners are
as follows:
Majority Report
In the matter of the '-Industrial Disputes Investigation Act 1907" and of
a dispute between the British Columbia Copper Company, Limited, Greenwood, Britsh Columbia! employer; and
its employees, members of the Greenwood Miners union No. 22 of the Western Federation of 'Miners.
The application for a board of conciliation 'and Investigation arose out
of a demand made by Greenwood Miners union No. 22 of the Western Federation of Miners as contained in a
letter dated December S, 3909, and directed to .1. E. 'McAllister, manager
of the -British Columbia Copper Co.,
at Anaconda, ami which letter is as
'   Greenwood. B. C. Dec. 9, 1909
Mr.  J.   B.   McAllister,
Manager B. C. Copper Co.
Anacoeida, B. C.
' ■ Dear Sir:  At a special meeting of
Greenwood Miners Union, December 6
1909, tit Mother Lode mine, the following motion was carried-unanimously:
"Regularly moved and seconded that
the secretary be instructed to notify
the mamager of the 3. C. Copper Co..
that unless every man  (except officials and shift bosses) working   in the
mines   and smelters, under our juris-
* diction,  has  a  paid  up  card  in  our
union by noon the Ilth off January,
•we will go out on strike and refuse to
work with the non-union men.,
"At a special meeting of,  Gfeen-
'.-wood Miners union at Greenwood, December 7th, the above motion was en
dorsed by a unanimous vote.     •    *
Yours truly,
Geo. Heatherton.
The Question Considered
At the outset of the investigation
we were of the opinion that the whole
question to be considered was as. to
whether it was in the interests of
employers, employees and immediate
community that, the demand of the
Western Federation of Miners as contained in the above letter of Decm-
ber 8th, 1909, should be complied with
by the company or not.'
As must necessarily occur where
proceedings such as these are not restricted to that class of evidence that
should be received in a court of law,
a tremendous amount of entirely irrelevant matter was introduced, as
evidence at our sessions, but after
hearing it. all, and again reading the
stenographer's' notes iherof, we are
most firmly convinced that the above
question is the only one to be considered. The facts do not appear to be
disputed and are as follows:
Recital of Events
■In-or about the month of March,
1909, the same union of the Western
Federation of Miners asked for a
board of concilation under .this act,
their principal complaint being that
the company had discriminated
against their men, and that the company had not recognized the union
as such. The. then board of conciliation, or the majority thereof, found
adversely against the applicant union on the point of discrimination and
held that the company should recognize the,union as such."
Subsequently in or about the month
of July of the same year a strike was
declared by the union, although it appeared that at the time because of a
shortage of coke consequent upon a
strike at the adjacent coal mines,the
company's plant had been shut down.
After some negotiations between the
company and the employees and with
the assistance of Mr. John McKinnon
who  was  president  cf  the Western
Federation of Miners in Canada a settlement was arrived at between the
employers and the employees. This
settlement is contained in a letter of
the 23rd of July, 3 909, written by the
British Columbia Copper Company to
the union and answered by the men
on the 2Sth day of July, 1909, copies
of .which were signed by J. H. Senk-
ler, Chairman and J. A. Mara,     4
Department of Labor
Ottawa, Camilla.
In the matter of tho dispute between
the British Columbia Copper Company
and thc Greenwood Miners Union No.
22 of the Western Federation of Miners arid the Investigation held thereon
under the provisions of the Industrial
Disputes Investigation Act 190S."
' Being unable to agree with my colleagues on the board as to a joint report, I therefore submit herein a minority report.
It is a difficult matter indeed to convey to those who are not familiar with
local conditions' in the Boundary district a thorough idea relative to the
facts connected with the various aspects of this dispute.' Stating it briefly
it is a controversy arising from an
endeavor on the, part of the Miners
union to maintain their jurisdiction
called Electricians' Union.
The Western Federation of Miners
has been organized in the.Boundary
district for over 11 years, and held
jurisdiction over all the men working
in and around the mills, mines, and
smelters (including skilled labor.)
. But recently the Electricians union
has been making inroads upon the
membership of the Western Federation of Miners, a course which is quite
apparent had the sanction and support
of the British Columbia Copper Co., as
their bosses were the most active in
soliciting members for this new union. It was made plain by the evidence taken that .the Electricians union solicited and "admitted to member:
ship,persons who were'neillier„eligible
nor qualified to become' members. Al-
45 Steam-Heated Rooms
Hot and Cold Baths
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial Hotel
The Finest Hotel In East Kootenay
J. L.   GATES, Prop.
so that the employees of the British
Columbia Copper Company who are
affiliated with the Electricians union
do not belong to a local lodge, but
are members in another town in the
support of the general body. So that
actions of a reasonable nature .only
would be supported. This system gives
every man involved a voice in all matters relating to conditions in so far as
they are determined by the efforts of
organized labor. The system that Ic
being introduced by the Electricians
union gives each craft engaged in nny
industry the right to organize into separate unions. This method would
allow some eight or ten unions in tlie
mining industry. Such ,a condition
would cause continual-unrest owing
to-the fact that the members of any of
these craft, unions could go out on
strike without consulting their fellow
workmen, although the effect of the
strike would be to tie up the, entire
industry. This being the case there
can be no beneficial results follow the
establishment of unions where the
ground is already covered. To insist
in tactics of this character will have
the effect" of bringing about a condition of affairs so unsatisfactory to all
concerned, that much loss will,ensue;
not only to the working class of the
district, but * to the employers and
every person who has an interest in
the community. ■
When men who hold positions as
bosses for corporations are'permitted
to hold the most important offices in
labor, unions it is high time the membership began to look with suspicion
on unions * so constituted. It is regrettable that the parties to the dispute have been unable to come to
some understanding that would avoid
a suspension of work, and until such
time as both parties are .willing to lay
aside the mutual distrust that exists
between them,there seems to be but
a'slim chance to arrive at an adjustment containing any degree of permanency.
John  Mclnnis,
It Cost Millions of Money to find Out
That Union Mining Conditions
°     Are Cheapest
After years of work the organized
miners of Illinois have at last succeeded in unionizing the Leiter Coal mines
at Zeigler, 111., which have passed into
the hands of the Bell-Zoller Company.
They will hereafter be operated by union men.
The sale of the Leiter properties
has just been consummated, the new
company having made an agreement
with the officials of the United Mino
Workers of Illinois to begin construction work in the mines.
The experience of Joseph Leiter in
trying to operate coal mines in Illinois
with non-union men is said to have
cost him about two million dollars.
Nearly a hundred men have,met with
death in a series of mine disasters,
explosions and fires in the Zeigler properties. For more than a year the
mines have been, sealed up and the bodies of,the last eight men who were
killed have never been recovered.
The town of Zeigler, which was
owned by Mr. Leiter has been deserted since last May' when the inhabitants, who, all depended on the operation of, the mines, were shipped out to*
other towns.
. The Zeigler mines were opened by
the Leiters in 1903, and during'..!he
life of Levi Leiter union men were employed. , When Joseph Leiter got control lie started a fight on the union
by discharging all his union men and
importing non-union men from other
A high stockade was built around
the town and armed guards were put
at the gates. A tower was erected
on which were placed a searchlight,
and two gatling guns, and for a time
bombardment of the camp of the union pickets was a common occurence.
Victoria Ave.
„ Fernie, B. C
Fernie Livery  Co.
Draying     "       Building & Excavating Livery
Wood     for     Sale
Sole Agents for Fernie Coal
Prices , moderate   and   satisfaction guaranteed
F. G. White-,
* Manager
Rizzuto Bros.
President: Robert G. Duggan of Taber.   *
Vice-President: W, E. Bullock, 'Manager Domestic Coal Company of Taber.
Secretary-Treasurer: 13. Smith, coun-"
cillor and merchant of Taber.
Managing Director: Robert G, Duggan, formerly Manager of thc Groat
Western Coal Co,, Tnber Alta.
Directors: A. L. Mltcholl, Town
Councillor, Taber;. D. L. Millar, minor,
Tuber; H. Duncombe, machinist; auditor, J, F. Kramer,- Agent C. P. R.
A twenty-flvo year louse of the coul
rights of Section Eight, (8) in Town-
ship Ten (10) .Range 16 (10) West of
Die Fourth Meridian, In tho Province
of Alberta; and tho plant, machliu'i'y
and workhiKs situated on tho" said
property, and mirfnco rlnlits -sufficient
for tho opr-riulons   of tlio - Compnny.
Sovonty-flvo Thousand Dollars (livid- Inlo nr-vi-]i hiintlrc-l nml fifty hIuu'ch
of One Hundred Dollars Kadi.
Estimated Value of Plant, Machinery
and Lease
The OHtimntoil vnluo of tlio pronont
plant, marhliifiy nnd wovltliiRfl Ih
Twenty-live- Thmisnnil Dollar!*, nnd of
tin* lcimc nnd rooiI will of tlio IiuhIdchh
Ten TlioiiHiind Dolliu*n.
1. Thn cHtliniitcd cost of nil-litlonnl
plant nnd niix'liiiii'iy, tnidfn, etc.. to
ln(T(*nn<- the output of th" mini' to
Throo Iluntlr-'il toim per dny Ih Forty
Tliomuin-l llnlliu-K ns wt out on pun-*
•J. The i-Htlnintcd profllH of tin- mine
im ci'itlfu-d liy tlm prm-tlcul inlm-i;-.,
Wlldni-   lllillH'fi,   illlilll'MM'S  llllll   OllMlpilt-
Ions nre wiliHcrllii'il hIiowb ii not profit or %:VMt,Uo p<-r day.
.'*. Thi** Irns-n nt thi- iifor.'Milid (*■<*•»■(lon
clirlii, coiihImIh of u li'iinc «f tho coal
i-IkMk fur filo am-H of conl. tlu: *wr-
ni>« tlilrlini'MH Imlnir I limn feel find I on
Iwlif-H, nnd u coiiKC-ivfitlvi) cut I inn to of
Ull-   (Hilt   lllllll* I i>(lll»    'il-*   n>»'^   l.'iiil*   i-i
4.l»0(»,0<Hi   IOHH.
t. Th«> conl mine In to lm opt-rnloil
with ii vIpw tn pit Ins prnctlrn! minors
nn opportunity to Invent n portion of
iv, I,. , rn-r.itwm iii t>H> rnnre-rn rcrelv-
inn tlnTi-from tlioir proportionate-
mIiiw of tin* -u-tuiil profltd.
:.. Tlu> coal from Oil* mlrm Ib bo
well Known thnt It* qualities need not
lie (iiunifrnttd.
».. The dlrectoru nm authorltcd to
rowmt'Ot'i' Imi-ilninHii when $10,000 of
lliu i-aplt'il Im KUbucilboil and $2,&00
in pnid np.
7. One hundred shares of One Hundred Dollars each are to be Issued to
R. G. DuRgan in parf'payment of the
purchase price of tho lease of section
eight, and of the plant nnd machinery
in connection with the workings thereof, and the balance of the purchase
price being $25,000, is to be paid to tlio
said R. G. Duggan in cash.
8. The estimated amount of preliminary expenses is Five Hundred Dollars.
!). Tho amount intended to bo set
aside for working cnpltnl is Twelve
Thousand Five Hundred Dollars,
'    10, Thu Memorandum ot Association
of tho Company is as follows:
1. The niinio of the Company in the
Eurolui Co-il Company, Limited,,
2. The hond offlco of the company
will be at Tnbor In the Provlnco ol
3. Tho objects for which tho company Is esti-ibllshcd aro:
(n) To carry on tho business of coal
mlultn? In tho Province of Albertn.
(b) To acquire by purchase, lonso
or oUi-twIhu, conl minus, conl claims,
louses of conl lnnds, and conl rluhls
nnd ronl owtnto nnd to dispose of tho
snmo hy Hale or othorwlHo.
(c) To curry on tho business of
mining iuul tlio (lovolopmnt of mines
nnd tlm production of mlnornls,
•1. Tho llnlilltly of tlm momborH Is
Hill-dully limited under Section fill of
tlio CoiupniiloH' Ordinance.
,1,   Tho cnpltnl of tho Compnny   Is
-fTi'.iioo. divided  Into i-iovou Hundred
und Fifty SlinroH of $100 onch,
II. The lonso from tlm Connolldnied
Conl Company to H. (I. IiiiKKim of tlm ., jlj'-V »"'»
hiiIiI conl rights, plant and machinery-   Hi'ciwn
Is duti-d tlm 12th dny of April, 11.0,
and Is n le-nt-n for twenty-five yours
from the lUili dny of April, HMO, of
the su Id miction S, township 10, nume
Ifi,  West  nf tin- Fourth Meridian In
the Province of Albertn, In consilium-
Uon of tlm mini of Thirty cut a per lon
upon nil scriH'imd conl mined by the
lessee, nml ten |i'*i* (ent. ut  tin- »■••■.>
•,-,*.... ,_ .JI mn im] !.>lwi] ujuin ;;,o
-..-ilii lands,    which Hnld    rentnls are
riun-ert to he pnld on tlm flfleottiJ dny
nf ench month; nnd there Is ctWahmd
In thn snld leiiHi* n provision tlmt It
shnll In- Ti-m-wnlile for five years nt
llm 1'ixl of the twenty-live yenr term,
therein granted.
The asHlgiiment of tho snld lenso
from It. G. Duggan »o tho Eureka Cool
Compnny Limited, 1b dated tho IMh
dny of. April, HMO, and ia n full nsnlgn.
ment of nil hia interest In tho nnld
li'Emo In consideration "t \\w paym-wit
lo hlm of 12!i.000 in coun, and shares
In the compnny to the value of Ten
Thousand Dollars.
12 The qualifications of director are
that lio shall hold at least one share
In tlio capital of the company.
13. The following is a copy of the es-
tlmato of expenses in mining three
hundred tons of coal per day In the
said mlno, signed by practical miners
acqunliited' with  the property,
Taber, Alta., April 9 1910
We, tho undersigned practical miners, certify that we have carefully examined tho schedule written below,
nnd Hint tho samo Is ri careful and
consorvntlvo estimate of the profits
that cnn be obtained by' working tho
mlno formerly operated by the Great
WoBtern Conl Compnny on Section 8,
Township 10, Range IC, West of tho
Fourth Meridian, adjoining the north
boundary of tho Town of Taber,  '
Estimated cost of mining three hundred loriH per day:
.Machine cutter $78.00
Loaders    ISO.00
YurilHKi*      12.00
TlinhOi'       15.00
Hxtra ynrdngo nud setting timber    18,00
Drivers       19.CO
CngorH and holpcrn ..     9.00
I'ushors         li.OO
Day Men:
Triicli Inyei'H       0.00
Oilier help     15.00
James Wylle ...V  Lethbridge
\V. B. Bullock, manager Domestic Coal
Co  Taber
Hopkins Evans .,',.. v. .*  Taber
.Dated at Taber this Oth day of April, 1910.
Tho following is tho schedule referred to ln Paragraph 2, Pago 1:
Spur track $4,000
Shaft comi'lote    3,000
Tlpplo complete ,  2,500
Sidings on both sides of shaft.. 2,000
Cages and rope  ••■,'••• -1 ^00
Ono hundred mlno cars '..'. fi.OOO
Development 3000 foot entry.... 3,000
Ralls 1 car   1,500
Spikes, ties nnd lumber ;. 1,000
Two  liorsoB   .*    800
Three Ingcrsoll machines   ....     900
Minors tools      200
Incidentals 2,200
Working cnpltnl  12,900
Preliminary expenses         500
A full line of shelf and  heavy   Hardware in stock together  with a
, complete range of Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique ancl, up-to-date lines.    -•
Come in and have a look
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
•i* *
We can furnish you with estimates in
.       i   '     X/
anything in our line
IlliicliHmlth and helper
;,, no
HimilrleB  100.00
Ho)'iil:> ,'.    	
Hoi, cm •inAilliig ..,
Tnlnl selling prlco
Totnl cost prlco  .
. 'JO. 00
. 21.00
.    1.1.00
Nut dully profit    IWLOO
Stinw Address
\\ niter 1 iiniM-diiim-  i a\n-.t
David h. Miliar  Tnbor
Willinm McCInrn  Tnbor
John Cooper  Taber
Thnmnn Smith    Tabor
Mnx Boh-iit*   Taber
John Hutchlon  Tabor
K, J, DugK&ii   Tal»:v
Duvlil Wilson  Taber
• 1*10,000
Present Plant
Double cylinder holHt
Hopo nml cngo
Throo loco typo   boilers nnd    fitt-
Ingersoll-Scrgoiinl compressor with
L-lrculutliiK pump and rncolvcr
Tlpplo weighing ' machine
Wngon RijiiU's
Illm-kHmlth Hhop nnd tools '
Hoist nnd tipple striK-luro
Holler niul engine Iioiihoh
Office building nnd fittings
Weigh Office
Holler mul Hnioke stuck
Witter limk
Shaft with ladder wny
IS nnd H pound mils
17 mlno riu-B
.Ive duplex pumps
Vim nml engine not Installed
Four Iiigcrsoll    coal    cutters com-
i -   -■
Vive hnrneo; nnd rmrnosccH
1<1ii,00      Air pipes nnd fittings steam nml wn-
635.10   tfir pipes
Six neiv setts, of <ar whot-l-i
2'i EicttH of miners tools
Sundries In store
fc'llO   *i It'll ur*,,)*-,,,'*   \\K,   N.»*,t,*J   4,** .   .K.,it „,..;.
Pipes on surface
ItnllH, otc, on surface
Twenty two working places In nilno
Small fnn And engine
Five machine buijuleu
liatui at Tutor thlu Ilth day of
April 1910.
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing' Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
Needles and Oil always kept in stock
Wm. BARTON, Agt. Wh of school) Pellatt Ave.
Any one wishing to purchase stock in the Company should communicate with the offices ait Taber
The Career to Wealth
Ls a Natural Progress
A wage earner, or a young man earning a small salary, cannot save himself
rich—he cannol save enough out of his
earnings alone to make himself rich.
But he can save enough to become an
investor, in a small way, in his own
ricrht—ancl later on wealth will come
^-* 7
to him as a revvtiul fui hia jju severance in saving and his shrewdness in
investing.   It isa natural progress, and
• I,      ,,..„.,,.. '.   -».„,.-.,-,r1 uMfU   tUr*»   -nrqr nnt.
VliC   V-ltll V-S-li     *,•»    l>*\»*» •fc-wM.    ***i.**    •****•     ...J.    *-tw.
jar deposited in thc bank.
The Home HanU p»y» lull compound int-ereat on deponllB
m cn« dollar or more,
•IfillK tjiiiil;
of Canada
ORO.N.L j8S4
John Adair
Fernie   Branch
Tuberculine Injected Into
160 Babies'Eyes -.'
Direful ly
PHILADELPHIA, April 24.—An outrage that has no equal for savage brutality and cold bloodedness has been
disclosed at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the St. Vincent's Catholic Home for Orphan Children, where 160 helpless foundlings,
most of them less than a year old,
have been cruelly used as "humau material by medical investigators.
The destitute babes have been used
, in just the same way as a vivisection-
1st uses a frog, a dog or a cat. ' It has
been shown from the Archives of Internal Medicine, published by the American Medical Association, that the
physicians of the above named institutions have actually inoculated the eyes
^*ot these orphans with tuberculine.
The result of these dastardly expert-
,   ments is the total blindness of a number of orphans and   the   threatened
blindness of a dozen or more.    It has
"been futrher proven that the experiments developed eight cases of conjunctivitis,' or eye disease, two of them* severe and purulent, six severe and re-
. -curring.    Two' children have developed corneal ulcers. N
' There can be no denial   of this for
the experimenters have issued a printed report of their work.     They catalogue the children as "human material."''
Here is what   is contained in   the
Practically all of our patients were
under eight years of age,' and all but
twenty six of them were inmates of St.
■Vincent's Home, an institution with a
■ population of about four hundred, composed of foundlings, orphans and destitute children.
• "The cases in the home were tested
t\ TirTToutirie^by~~waFds^lFFespective of
the conditions from which they were
suffering, and in the great majority
-of instances without any knowledge of
their physical condition prior to or at^
the time the tests were applied."    *
The -sexperlments were intended to
discover whether the children were
suffering from tuberculosis. In order
to leaim this they Inoculated into the
orphans, who had no means of helping
themselves, Koch's tuberculin to observe whether "there would result a
*- reaction, which, according ■ to their
theory, would indicate whether or not
the child was a consumptive,
There are four ways that the physicians applied these tests. The stuff
was Injected Into their eyes, Injected
-subcutaneously, was massaged into
their flesh, and ln the scarification test
both humnn and bovine tuberculine
were applied.
In a statement in their own dofariso
made to the public the physicians identified with tho experimental testa at
St. Vincent's Home, Insist that the
tests wero not experimental but precautionary.
The Archives of Internal Medicine is
1 published ln Chicago by tho American
Medical Association. Tho members of
tho editorial board nro Drs. Joseph L,
Millor, of Chicago; Dr. Richard C. Cn-
bot, of Boston; Dr, David L. Edaull,'of
Philadelphia; Dr. George Dock, of Ann
Arbor, Mich.; Dr." T. C, Jane-way, of
Now York City and Dr. W.'S. Thayer.
of Baltimore.
Tho article of which Dr. Hamlll is
tho acknowledged author, la "A Comparison of the Von Ptrqtiot, Calmotto
and Moro Tuberculin Touts nnd Thoir
Diagnostic Vnluo." The phyulclnnu
do not say their experiments were precautionary mi-amires to dotormlno tho
prosonco of tuborculOBls ln unfortunate children. On tho contrary, thoy
eay bluntly tho oxporiments woro an
lnvcBtlgiitlon Into tho morltH of a now
, method of dlngnoHlng tuburculoalu.
Thoy aay In part:
"Whon wo docldod to InvectlRato
iliq rein) Ivo and Individual morltH of
thp nowor methods of (llnRiioHltig tu-
Ijoi'-iiloulu tho lltoraluro did not contain tho almost Innumerable roportH
upon these proceedings that are current today.
"But we feel that this *is ho sense
detracts from whatever merit this
communication may, have, since we
are now enabled not only to report
on the results of our-own investigations, but also to point out their relationship to the work which has already* been done, which may add
something1 in the general concensus
to the clearing-up of this undeveloped
The paragraphs relating to the surprising admission made by these physicians that the eye tests never should
have been made, taken from their report verbatim, are as follows:
, "Before beginning the application of
the conjunctival test we had no knowledge of any serious results from its
use. It is unquestionably much easier of application than the other tests,
and it probably yields results a little
more quickly, but it has the great disadvantage of producing a decidedly uncomfortable lesion, and it is not infrequently followed by serious inflammations of the eye, which not only produce great physical discomfort, but
which may permanently affect the vision and even lead to its'complete destruction.
"In our1 series we have had two
cases of severe purulent unilateral
conjunctivitis, 6 severe recurring phlyctenular conjunctivitis one of which
developed corneal ulcers, nnd one case
of keratocylltis with a large central
corneal ulcer.
"Permanent disturbance of vision Js
sure to follow tn this last case from
the central scara, even should the associated lesion,'which at present is* in
a very unpromising state, clear up
"While we are willing to admit the
assertion of Calmette that many of
the complications ,may be due to the
reaction, inflammation paving the way
for the development of pre-existing or
superadded or Infectious organisms,
we do' not feel that this in any sense
justifies the test. •
"In fact, we are strongly of the
opinion that any diagnostic procedure
which will so frequently result In serious lesions of the eye, irrespective of
the way in which it produces them;
has no justification in medicine, especially since theer are other diagnostic tests of equal if not superior
value, which are applicable to the
same class of bases and not attended
with the same disturbing results."
To the official medical report of the
tests the following three signatures
are attached, all of them those of
prominent physicians in this city: Dr.
Samuel McC. Hamill, Dr. Howard
Childs Carpenter and Dr. Thomas A.
Cope. In this report the following
comment was made:
"Before beginning the application of
the, conjunctival test (the eye-test)
we had no knowledge of any serious
results from its use.
"It is unquestionably much easier
of application than the other tests,
But~_it'_has~th"e""gi'eat^disadvantage, of"
producing a decidedly uncomfortable
lesion, aind it is not infrequently followed by serious inflammation of the
eye, which not only produces great
physical discomfort and requires
weeks of active treatment, but which
may permanently affect the vision
and even lead to ,lts complete destruction." ,!
Thero is no law .forbidding these
monsters from using orphan children
as experimental material. They can
go ahead with their serene dignity,
and continually endanger the lives of
motherless and fatherless babes.
A very brief examination will suffice to ssow the weakness of the
foundation on which the' scheme was
based. Take the case of a workman
earning 2 pounds a week, or roughly,
$500 a year. According to the plan
five per cent would be deducted from
his wages,! and at the end of the year
he would have $25 invested in the
company. On this ?25 h,e would receive a dividend at the rate of four
per ce_t; that is to say, 7s. net, or less
than a penny a week. It is hardly
likely that this paltry sum would
weigh with him in any dispute, as to
wages, ,or that for a penny a week
in the hand he would-consent to forego his right to strike forOd.or Is. a
week extra. After twelve years constant saving under the scheme his total investment would amount to ?30CT
earning a dividend of less than Is per
week. Even t.his is hardly enough to
turn the scale in the case of a man
whose chief interest is the price at
which he can sell his labor. Moreover, after a year's fair trjial the men
have discovered that the scheme will
not guarantee them continuity of employment, and some of the unemployed workmen who might have utilized
their savings to better advantage, had
to go to the workhouse. The workman who saves really wants a safe
and steady form of investment. Ho
wants something he can lay his hands
on and realize at almost a moment's
notice, to tide him over a rainy day,
and he has now rejected a scheme
which ties up his savings in a speculative industrial venture.
By Associate Editor 'Snips,' ln Reynolds:
Sir Christopher Furness's attempt to
establish a co-partnery scheme ln his
shipbuilding yards at Hartlepool was
a gallant and Quixotic attempt to
make pigs fly. Had ho succeeded he
would have deserved his laurels. Ho
had tho good wishes of nil Impartial
observers, but those who had witnessed in tho past many schemes of this
kind go up llko a rocket and come
down llko n stick, smiled upon his of-
forts with good-natured scepticism. In
brief, he sought to convert tho worker
Into a kind of hybrid capitalist. Ho
proposed his mon Bhould lnvost flvo
por cent, of their weekly wago In tho
business and that they should bo paid
a fixed Interest of four per cf-nt, on
tho total amount so Invented, On tho
othor hnnd, thoy woro to surrender tho
right to strike and to'am. to reftv
all disputes as to wager, etc.. tn a
works council consisting ol reprtson-
tatlvc*3 both of tho mon and cf tho
employers, It was hopod tlmt as
their Investments accumulated tho
mon would havo ti substantial stake in
tho businoss and that this would bo
an incentive to secure Its prosperity
by good workmanship nnd by the nvoi-
danco cf trado disputes which of
rouunt years ao unsottlod thu cm. in
oorliiK trodoB. If good Intentions
wero all that woro needed tho schemo
would linvo boon a triumphant success.
The Royal Northwest Mounted Police force of Canada is a combination
of all sorts and conditions of men,
blown together by the round-up of
the winds of heaven. In the ranks
we find western bronco-busters, unas-
pirated Cockneys, Cree-Scott halfbreed
time expired men from every branch
of the Imperial service, side by side
with the French Canadian bowi "tree
days below Kebec." Two years the
roll call included a son of a colonial
governor, a grandson of a major general, a medical student from Dublin,
an Oxford M. A., two trpopers from
the Imperial forces and half a dozen
ubiquitous Scots. For many years a
son of Charles Dickens did honorable
service with this force, and there served beside him a runaway circus clown
and the brother of a Yorkshire baron-
ej. Several of the full privates have
tucked away in the bottom of their
mess-kit medals won in South Africa,
Egypt and Afghanistan, but the lost
legion of gentleman rankers predominates and it Is Rugby and Cambridge out here on the unbroken prairies that set' the fashion in mufti
and manners.
A compelling factor making for dignity and decency in a border country
as big as Europe Is this little band of
red-coated riders, scarcely^ thousand
-In-nnpihpr cniii'rin<r_cintfl,'.a„M,M-^A.
plains with, sealed orders and turning
up just when most wanted.
The beat of the mounted policeman
is froiii Hudson Bay to the Pacific,
ancl from the firty ninth parallel to
the frozen Arctic, and he does not
take tips or sleep on duty; you cannot bluff him and you cannot bulldoze
him, and it is not exactly safe to try
to square him,
Of this man as of Lord Bobs, we
may say '"E don't advertise"; it is
the boast of" the service ln Canada
that they seldom get into print. Yet
it is strikingly true that on tbe margin of every page of the unwritten history of this great lone land the figure
Is the solitary horseman Is vignetted.
—Agnes Deans Cameron's "Sentinels
of tho Silence," in the Century.
Man "Wants but Little Here Below,
But "Wants That Little—Clean:
He Likes Things Neat—
Bright, Fresh and Sweet:*
And Here's a Tip, Irene.
To Keep Things Looking Spink and Span
With Little Work—and Please The Mau
Golden West Washing Powder
It Cleanses—Purifies—Beautifies
And the Premiums are Fine
Do>lfjii protected by Copyright
_/   *
B. E. WALKER, President -  paid_up (j^,      $IOj000000
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, Gen. Manager.!  ReSCPVe   Fuild       -       6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States arid England
COUNTRY   BUSINESS    ^'^:f^*Y *«<*"*<* to farmers and oth.
,     . °i*s  for the transaction of * their banking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or takon for collection.
BANKING  BY  MAIL  ^CC0".nt*VnilJ* beoPc"<?l by mail and monies
equal facility.
L. A. S.  DACK,
deposited   oi-   withdrawn   in this way with
f' .Manager, Fernie.
Action Taken to Compel    Portlandite
,     to go to Walla Walla for His
PORTLAND, Ore., "April 27—Frank
W. Orr, an electrical contractor, was
positively identified on Wednesday by
N. E. Lovall, travelling, guard of
Washington, as the convict who escaped from him in Pasco in 1908. Orr
still maintains that he has never been
in prison and that he is not the man
who is now wanted by the Washington authorities.
Lovall had Orr and nine other men
In custody and was taking them to
the,state prison at Walla Walla., As
they were changing cars at Pasco
one man' escaped. This is now said
to be Orr. Lovall charges ,that the
voice, speech features and other characteristics of the man in custody are
the same as those of Orr. and ..he further states that he is positive that Orr
is the escaped convict.
On- has engaged counsel and says
that he will fight against what he is
now calling a scheme to railroad him
to the state prison. He states that
he arrived at Portland on October 26,
1908, and has witnesses to this effect.
Previous to his arrival there he came
from Spokane,,,where he spent a few
days,.and formerly came from Nelson.
B. C. - He has asked .the British con-
OTPf5f~prot^tIon~as_K^laims_ to~~be
a British subject:      *,
One of the season's great play successes is a play called "Nancy" which
was written by C. H. Kerr, author of
The' Beauty Doctor, Little Dollie Dimples, Papa's Baby, Over the Fence,
etc., etc. This piece will be presented in this city for one night, May 2nd,
at the Grand Theatre, and comes with
a great company, headed by tjie peerless comedienne, Grace Cameron. The
play is delightful and refreshing, full
of heart interest and highly diverting
comedy situations. The production
comes here in its entirety, the same
as in all the Metropolitan cities. There
has been some controversy amongst
our theatre goers as to whether we
were to liave the original No. 1 (or big
city) company in Nancy, or a secondary company.
The manager of the Grand wishes
to inform his patrons that the original
No. one company headed by Grace
Cameron   will be at the local theatre,
Baby Is Badly Burned
Tho young daughter of Mrs. T. S.
Dougall, 52S Flora avenue, Winnipeg,
was arranging some of hor doll's
washing on a clothos rack, beside the
stove, when she fell, and her hand,
being thrown out to try and savo herself, camo In cpntact with the sldo
of tho hot stovo." She sustained a
serious burn and hor screams brought
her mother quickly to tho spot.
"I sont to thc dniRBlBt for tho bont
remody ho had for burns," sho sayi*,
"and ho sent back a box of Zam-Buk.
Ilo said thore was nothing to oqual
It. I applied this and It soothed tho
pain so quickly that tho child laughed
through lior tears. I hound up tho
hand In Zam-Buk, and -each day applied Zam-Duk frequently and liberally until tlio hum was quito curod.
"Tho littlo ono was soon ablo to go
on with hor play and wo had no trouble with hor during tho tlmo tho bum
was bnlnw hoalod. I would rr-commoml
all mothers to koop Zam-Buk handy
for omorgenclcB of this kind."
All (IrtigKlHts and storoH mill Znm-
link at. fifty cents por hok. Pom froo
from Zani-lltik Company, Toronto, for
prlco, and you aro warned ukuIiihI
harmful ImltntluiiH.
ff   ■
tho Standard
Lime   )
For the arrest of R. M. Brooks, a
former member of local union 1306, U.
M. W. A. located at Adamson, Okla.
He was elected treasurer of said local
and fraudulently secured over twelve
hundred dollars of their funds ' and
absconded. He is a coal miner by
trade, but has worked in the lead and
zinc mines of that district.
The following telegram sent out by
Sheriff John A. Harrison of McAlos-
ter,'Okla., gives his description:
"Look out for and arrest R. M.
Brooks, 45 years of age; 5 feet 8„In.
tall, weighs 170 pounds, light hair,
blue eyes; light moustache, Roman
nose and' wears glasses; wanted for
embezzlement. WIro.nll Information
at my expense.
John A. Harrison,
Tho Local Union has authorized mo
to Issuo a reward of $100 for his arrest, and any information may bo sont
to the undorsiRnod or direct, to John
A. Harrison, Sheriff of Pittsburg Co,,
Vory truly yours,
Socrotary Treasurer District .No, 21
U. M. W. of A., McAloster, Okla,
Baking Powder
Its use a protection and a
guarantee against alum
2: Hiillovuo v Michel at Ilollovuo.
2: Hoamor v Frnnk at Hosmor.
2: Fornio v Conl Crook nt Fornio,
7: Mlchol v Coloman nt Michel.
11: Fornio v ilosmor nt Fornio,
14: Conl Crook v Michel at Conl Crook
14: Bollovuo v Coleman nt Bellovuo,
21: Ilollovuo v Frank at Bellovuo.
21: Coal Creok v Fornio nt Coal Crook
28: Coloman v Ferule at Colomnn.
28: Coal Crook v Hnuinor at C. Crook,
4: Frank v Howiier nl Frank.
4: llolleviio v Furi'lo at Hiillovuo.
11; Ilollovuo v Conl Creok nt Hellovuo
IS: Honmer v Holli-vm- at Itu-inu-r
1S: Michel v Conl ('took ut MU'h«l,
18: Flunk v Coleman nt Frank
25: Coleman v Mourner in Coleman
25:Fornio v Michel at Fuiulu
2*i: Coal Creek v Frank ut Conl Croek
■T'nnl Crr»f»lr v ItnlleviK-* nt C  freel*-
Honni-*r v Michel al Hosmer
r'nuiK v lii-liuviit: in Krunk
Hosiu-ir v Fernio ut Ho»mt*r
Frank v Cttal Crook at Frank
Mlchol v llr-llnviin nf Michel
Fornio v Michel ut iFvrnli;
Or,t„..,;,,     ,,     P...,,.!.     r,,     rr.tri„r,,i
ll-.-llcvue v Ilosmor ut Ik-lluvue
Conl Creek v Coleman at C. Creek
Frank v Mlchol at Frnnk
Hosmor v Colomnn at Hosmer
Hofimcr v Conl Creek at Hosmer
Mili.i-1  *>,-:!-  at  MU'.l.t:l
Coleman v Holloiuo -it Colemnn
Funk v Fauk' at Frank    .
Coleman v Coal I'n-ok at Coleman
Fornio v D-Mlii-tii-- nt Fernio.
Michel v Frank i.i Michel
Col^n-nm v Stlchi'l at Coloman,
Fi-rnte v Frank at Fernie
Fornie v Coloman nt K«rnle
Wo havo all the choice cuts in Beef, Pork
Mutton and Veal, and can supply' you
with anything you require in this line.
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
Our Butter, Eggs and Cheese are the
bost on the market and are sure to please
Fresh   Cured   Hams  and Bacon in Stock
P.   BURNS & CO.,   Limited
Phone No. 31
I The 41 Market Co,
I Wholesale and Retail Butchers
§  ======
t    Now in Our New Standi
' We beg to announce to our many customers that we  have  removed to our new building across frort. King    Edward    Hotel
-—;;     w..ere-we-will-be pleased-t0""meei-our"oid~custo"mers~and   new-
ones. *
Grace Cameron, Grand Opera House
Monday, May 2nd
and not the No. 2 or secondary company. It Is seldom that our theatregoers get an opportunity to witness
such a Bterlln_ attraction as Grace
Cameron In Horhort Kerr's four not
comedy ".Nancy" which appears at tho
Grand on May 2nd, and tho management Is to bo congratulated In securing this class of attraction for Fornie.
Nothing flucce-ods llko bucccsb, and
tho success of tho groat play "Nancy"
haa been In a way most marvellous,
Packed houses havo Kroetod this offering all along tho lino, Tho other
mombors of the company supporting
Miss Cameron are well known actors
of un(|ueHtloiiQ(l ability. Tho original
number one company will ho wen at
the Grand theat-.-© on May 2.
Found Guilty of Employing a Boy in
Their  Workings  Who  Was
Under Age
FRANK, Altn., April 22—Inspector
Ilekher, II. N, W. M, I'., vlsltoil Fruition Thum-lny nml trim! the enso of
Crown vs Wi-iitoni Cunudlnn Colllm*.
Thero wt'w two charges for,employ-
Ing n hoy limitd- iif|it, in Decemhi'i-
lfios, n hoy under 12 uhovo ground,
nml in FHirunry, Win, employing n
hoy under lrt under grouti-l. It wiih
the hiww hoy tu both ins.-n iuul thu
net Ion urose out of the di-uth of the
hoy, Mlclin.-I Angelo Viilhlola, who
wiih nm nvcr hy itn nlr loeomot'.ve,
iuul hilled Iiihi Fi.'hrunry, The cum-!
puny pleaded K,ii|iy on both charges, I
Total assets of over thirty million
dollars are entrusted to the custody
of the Bank of Hamilton.
Your Savings Account Solicited.
J. R. LAWRY, Agent
Fernie Branch
Summer Wear
A  Complete   Range
Your   choice   of
Hats from
Balbriggan Underwear $1.00 per Suit and up
Dry Goods      KEFOURY BROS.      Notions
N.-XI to nww nyxi t„ V,,,,-,,,,,, -,„,,.,
. I   U      .-.ll,!**
The iiroHi.utlon wriH lirounhi by .1,
T. Htorllng. provlnclul limpet-tor for
Albert tt.
Young men who arc* going to Cun-'
niln are wurne.l by the KmlgrnntH In-1
formation Offlco that lhe Hystem of'
paying pr»mlumH Cor any sum above j
the onllnnry HtenniKhlp nml  railway i
fare' In this country to gain Itistrni'-*
tion In iaiiniiig in Cumuli! Ih liable io.
Brave nbiiM\ niul Is ronM|iI«roil hy th-'
i.'iuiii.tiiiti ^miriiiiu-ni tn tie miner,"
nary.     Tie y nrn strongly «i!vUe-d to
pay no tf- <*f any kind to itny prlvat--
agency, but nt apply for Information
u* the Chii'i'lum AttHlHtnnt Kuperinteii-
d'-nt tit Fr^r-raiton. 11 av,i 32, < .,h?
dig CrOK*.
—TJoj-nolda Wi'ofcly.
■wuni-wnA i toi*   vr   I ht OtTY   O. , bo pntd to .Jrime* M. Ila.ldad, at Furnlo
T"J'1*' - ■•.•*'•■*. •J..H.I,   ail   U-UIIIH   iiH'ilmU.   Ull!
I'ieiiHe take notlcu ihat .'iu dnyH af(«-r| hUl'' I""1"'-"'••ii'* nn- to lm iin-m-nutl
date day po-t-r arul light wlin,<> tti-»tal-!'° the M-ild .lum-.'* \j. Hji.l.hd, hy
led. [ w'iom the nnmo will bo m-ttl-M.
CoiiKiimerH destrlim to uin> day pow-      ,)iu,m1 '*•' '''-"rule, It. <•., thin 12th dny
,ii, ., .,.,,.
Rates will be Mippll.-d on Application.
City Clerk
Fernio, Mnrch 21, H-K*.
of Atirlt    t   ti   -I'm.
Norman Haddad
C. Q. Coud-ji
James M. Haddad
j    On nml an,, ti„. day of April,
DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  (nil day.* found runnlni: nt larce and
'  ] unvliiK mi iat'« will be lni>M>uri-1i-d nml
Notico |« horoby Klii-ti Unit the pnrt- tlet»troyeil within thr.-n denr days of
-.'•-■.ship hrretiifnn- i-iUt'tn*; ln-tai-p I «urh -.ipi-it.- wit*** r-Ialnt-'-il by own-
hh, the tindernlKne.l, as tnerihiinfsi Infer. Tnits ran bv pro* urotj at -fYtnlii
i i.e City at F<»rnl-\ In tho l»r«vlnr-» of .M«»*««nK.T tiff ire, Vstiro-Kenny block.
V-DHth rotan-iMfc, »-».,    i).U Any li.--.-ji .!, fillKKN.
ilNMilv-ftl by mtitii-tl convent,  *HI >M>t« | - city F-Vmn.f Keeper
owing to the nah] partuemhlp sum to! 3t39p THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,    B. C. APRIL 30, 1910
Published every Saturday morning at its office, Pel
Satt Avenue, Fernie, B. C.     Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance.      An excellent advertising'medium.      Largest
circulation in the District.     Advertising rates on application.      Up-to-date facilities for the    execution    of all
, ." ji .
kinds of book, job and .color work.     Mail orders receive
special attention.      Address all communications to The
District Ledger.
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
game. It would certainly be an excellent plan if the
city would apportion sufficient space in the park to the
different clubs, so that the disappointment tbat has arisen
from time to time would be obviated and encouragement
given to the various athletic games, and not as has been
in the past, expenses in'clearing suitable grounds incurred only to have the use of the ground for a very brief
period, and then to be "told that it is needed by the owners. This is of course an, excellent plan for the owner
to have the value enhanced at the -minimum of expense,
but is decidedly discouraging to those who go to the trouble of giving both time and money to aid the devotees of
field pastimes, to have their efforts practically nullified
and the benefit, expropriated ('ware confiscated) by the
owner of the property improved.
That any owner can be expected to lose the use of his
land because it is required for games is not reasonable to
expect, and on the other hand those,who have' done the
necessary work to put a ground into shape for playing on
naturally do not relish the idea of getting but scant benefit from their outlay. o
. The history of the football ground is known to all the
residents of two years, but the most striking illustration
Is in connection with the baseball grounds. Probably
if the Athletic Association would take up this matter with
the civic authorities some ways,and means oould be adopted to the end suggested nnd then there would be a
city playground of a permanent character.
Sealed tenders will be received up
to 12 o'clock 30th April 1910, for" the
construction of cement sidewalks
the town of Maeleod. Approximately
two miles. Plans and specifications
can be seen, at the office of tbe .undersigned.,
By order
E. Forster Brown
Secretary Treasure?
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate
of Title to tbe above mentioned lot in
the name of, Arthur Wright, which
Certificate is dated the * 22nd;'day. of
April, 1908 and numbered 8527A. ■
'District Registrar
Land Registry Office,,
"•">      Nelson B. C  *'    •
April 19, 1910
May the 1st marks the- coming of age of'this holiday that is now known as tlie International Labor Day, as
it was first instituted in Paris In 1889. There is no legendary history connected -with this celebration, but. each
year sees the number of those who are adherents to the
cause.of Labor increase, not only'in numbers, but in knowledge of'the philosophy of Socialism, thereby enabling
them to bettor understand Hie source of their conditions
and an appreciation of the change that is necessary to
take place in order to accomplish their emancipation
from the shackles of wage slavery.
Although the singing of "The International." the
workers hymn of deliverance will be a prominent feature
hi all gatherings, yet this merely symbolizes a determination to put forth every effort to the'end that* man shall
be truly free and not merely a victim of conditions that
place him among "commodities."
The Socialists of Fernie will hold a demonstration
in the Grand Opera House on Sunday next, and if one
believes ih the power of suggestion the combined influences of like assemblies through the whole commercial
world must have great influence upon the mental state
of the masses. There is no subject at this'present day
that occupies the minds of the world's statesmen more
than the contemplation of what are the best means to be
adopted to stem the growing dissatisfaction throughout
human society, and although many pallatlves have been
suggested and tried, so long as the profit system remains
there can be no solution.
The present voting strength   of the    International
Socialists is- over ten millions, which only   partly repre-
Practically every one who has made, an examination
of our lire department recognizes that in so far as equipment is concerned, favorable comparison can be made
with cities larger than ours, and with respect to the personal capabilities of our fire fighters, they are second to
none in the province.
There is one .very important factor, however,   that.
demands immediate attention.     At the present time the
only method whereby  an alarm can be turned in    is
through the 'phone, and,this more particularly at night,
may cause a- delay, jeopardizing both, life and property.
This state of affairs should bo remedied, and that quickly
by the inauguration of the best system   for furnishing
alarms that is at present on the market,    Gamewells,' so
far as we know, stands in a class by itself.    As soon as
practicable subsidary stations ought to be located    in
suitable parts of the city.
NOTICB is hereby given that the
Corporation of the City of Fernie' intends to proceed jvith the construction
of cement sidewalk on Victoria avenue
opposite lots 1—5, Block 6, 1—10 Blk.
10, 1—10 Block 14, 6—10 Block, 5, 11—
20 Block 9; 11—20 Block 13, and that
it is the intention to have the total
cost of such sidewalks borne proportionately by the owners of property
fronting upon such sidewalks, and to
obtain the requisite money therefor
by issue of Local Improvement Debentures.
Notice is also hereby given that assessments will be made against such
property so benefited by such proposed sidewalks in order to meet^ the
principal and interest of such Debentures; the crossings will bo "divided
pro rata among thc owners of the lots.
The owners of corner, lots are assessed for full frontage walk and two-
thirds of sideage .walk, tho remaining
third being divided among the owners
of inside lots pro-rata.
The term of payment of such Debentures has been made for 10 years
with interest at five per cent (5 per
,\, If any owner or' owners desire to
object., to the proposed work or any
portion thereof, the requisite petition
or petitions should be filed with 'the
undersigned within ten days from this
City Clerk
Fernie,'B. C, April 22 1910.    .
In the  matter of an Application for
the jssue of a duplicate Certificate
,   of Title to" Lot ,4 Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
Notice Is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate ,of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright,*   wliich
certificate is dated the 28th day of
January 1908, and numbered 8128A.  ■
District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson B, C.
April 19, 1910
eed Full Weight
"SALADA" Tea is weighed by electric weighing
machines; The net weight is. printed on every
packager We absolutely guarantee it to contain
full weight without the lead covering. Have your
grocer empty a package and weigh -it for you.'
Sealed. "SALADA" jackets guarantee  full  weight and tea-
unequalled for goodness, freshness and fine flavour.
— Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, 50c, 60c"and 70c per lb, ——
sents their numbers ih view of the fact that because of
the necessarily migratory character of the workingman
he is often disfranchised,
We had hoped to have been enabled to reproduce a
rons and the reading public generally that, knowing tlie
power wielded by the Press, and being determined to
give news, and not opinions, we have refrained from
making any editorial comments thereon, whilst thfs celebrated case is sub judice, and consider that the report in
The Nolson News with which we deal in extenso on the
front pnge might be calculated to give an impression distinctly contrary to what we honestly believe In this
matter. ■•
To permit tho statements published in tho press to
go unchallenged would necessarily place us ln thc unenviable position of a wholesale condemnation'of our own
townspeople, bocauso It carries with It a tacit acknowledgement that wc do not deem nn Intelligent, and honest
jury could bo secured In this city,
,  Wo certainly must, enter our protest against being
placed in a false position by such erroneous HtatomontK.
We heartily concur in the remarks recently made by
our contemporary relative to the appointment of a truant
officer, and something surely should be done with a view-
to compelling children who, according to, the law, should
go to school, to do so.
If the law is "to be enforced against any who fail to
•   t tf -V ,
comply with its conditions, then,it follows that suitable
-ni*oylsion_should_be_nja_de_for the reception and, tuition
In the  matter of an  Application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate
of Title to Lot 3  Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
Notice is hereby given that it is my
of all children of school age. This at the present time
is not possible, because of inadequacy, both as regards
the corps of teachers not being numerous'enough, and the
buildings not large enough to fulfil the requirements.
We hope this deficiency .may shortly be remedied, when
we shall endeavor to enlist our readers in a campaign
against truancy, as we believe that every boy and girl
should receive as good an education as is possible for
them to obtain, and not as is too often the case, be allowed to run about the streets, and put .o work before the
legal age,       "
7 Roomed House
7 roomed .house with bath
room,  lot~~30—by-l-U,-"on"
MacPherson  Ave.     Cash
$1650,   or  with   furniture
or  with
complete, $1900,
Spalding's Studio
Victoria Ayenue
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers   ,
Hot and Cold Water, L, A... Mills, Manager
It's a Mere
what we are charging for some
properties compared to what they
are worth. ,
Real Estate Will
Be Hieher
and, you can't estimate actual values by our low'down prices. You're
on the road to Wealthville when
dealing with us7 ,
' Just unloaded, including Patent Wire Fencing, Wive.
■ Netting, Barbed Wire and Lumbering Supplies, also
Carload Farm Implements & Carriages
0 , * *
In addition to the above, we* have a full line, of
'Harness and their Parts.    Your patronage solicited.
J. M. AGNEW & Co.
_*"■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Insurance and Real Estats
! Restaurant
Just around the corner
'from Bleasdell's
Drug Store
Open Night & Night
I Open Night & Night |
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»■»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with AV. Keny
PHONE   78
Tho location of a suitable ground upon which to piny
linsitihull Is ugluulng thu minds ot those Interested In tho
We had hoped to havne been enabled to reproduce a
full list of tho names of those who had been unjustly declared as uo longer residents of the district; unfortunatoly
those,to whom we looked for this Information havo failed
to make full roport, but up to the present tlmo thoso who
have been objected to state that it was by ono William
I. Forsylho, millwright, who Is responsible, and that in
mnny cases, In fnct by far tho greater number, ho Is unknown to them, nnd thoy also doubt that, lie has any acquaintance with tho citizens whom ho endeavored to rob
of thoir franchise, ,and thero aro no words strong enough
to express the condemnation that Is justly duo to one
guilty of such despicable tactics. There ought to ho an
amendment, made to tho Act looking lo tho punishment
of thoso who hoar false witness against their neighbor.
To Rent
New Michel Store 24x50
with outbuildings and
Cottage.   Apply to.
New Michel    '  -  ■   B.C.
Mr. Ashworth loaves Klko fully renin red to health and weighing thirty
poinulK moiv than when ho anlvuil
from Cranbrook throe wi-ekH uro.
A hl-ar moot Ing of the resid'-nts of
Klko nn-t in the pnrloi'H of tho HI It
Hotel nu Monday night to lioar tin1
roporl of KiiKiiiPtM'H M. Y. Parker ol'
Now. York nnd (h-imhronk for tho Klko
wilier works, and wo were Informed
thnl I'Vi-rytliltiK wuh nn roHy an a dawn
In .linn',
Mr. Harvey llrown wiih nn Klko visitor on Saturday.
Klko in tin* Invitation of Cranbrook
forum a honrd of trud-*, A meet Ink
of thn rltlzi'im was ('tilled for I'rldiiy
ni«ht, nnd wiih n-Hpnuili-d to by the
whole town, Five minuli-K nfti'i* tlm
ehnlniiiin enllod for subfiiTlpMnnn to
Htfirf tin- fund Mil' uri-i-n nu thn tuhh;
wo|ild romlinl ynu nf St, I'litrlel-'H dny
Intel-  In   Hiillynnnn.     OfflcnrH  were
ntriplfwl   itut   f.v(,i'<.i1i|»i(»   I"   runnlnir  nr.
Hinootii iih n prnyor rncr-tlntr.
Thin it piiyn n> tttlvortUe. in. proved
lieyc-nd a (luuhi, mid that (lie {'111111-
jiaRin- -iihiii-> nt Hlko ia proving a bit;
drawing i-nril over In -ronMnentn1, Europe nnd iIIvIiKhk linnnrn wIMi llarrn-
„.,!,,    .,,..!    f.  . 1. I  ,   1     I       .1      .,11 ,
Klko In tli« horn" of a IUiik, i-nJoyinK
tho freedom of Dw i-liy imd Inhaling
tho puro nlr of heaven,
Morrison of Dw C. J'. It. Iiunl department nt Cranbrook. wns visiting thn
pumpkin ntlm-is on Tobncio Plains
tills xx'fi'U.
V., It. Wic knfin nrwl Fri-il Hoo went tn
Hoom lib' nnd Tolnieen  I'lalrm   where
1tw iipph- hlo«H--mii were hprlnkllng! runic*' lluffnlu HIIKh Wood (Willi; llko
tho velvety InwiiH like Know flaken, j Duich cheese.
«nil will K>on he ripi ning into heavy ■ Cnmo .jind hoc Elko.
Hiieculcui fruit. Itoosvllle'i* mineral ■ If >oi» ran't «"ome down to Klko, buy
wonlth, mm el I run t»- nnd unnurpatiHed j a copy of the Ledger ami rend about
Ht-nrry mufti fio long win rf-cogriltion ;the pur*', unadulterated. dy,d In the
from tho'if who wi; rh.-h-'n, h-'ahti or !wooI liana im weather, m luiu uud
■plenmire. yet no far.
rio impressed were the innnngomont
of the Sutherland Stock Company with
tho HUi'i'OundlngK of Klko Mint thoy
(.■unrolled nil their cngngiuneiils for
two weeks, and aie camp.-d In the cotton wood grove, lU'vorHlde Park, Houth
of tho town,
Dug McKei", Klko'H Rtur first baseman, goon to Cnlgnry this week,
Mr, .Hockley of Coelinine, Altn., Is
moving lo Klko with IiIh wife nnd family.
,1. M. Agiu-iv, wIioho mid nppeniH In
t IiIh great family paper, hnH Just un-
hmded Into IiIh new wiireliniiHc threo
carloads of farm machinery, and egg
hi'iiti'i'H, double fly wheel gnu red,
Toiii'IhIh, lnnd iii'i>ki'i*H imiil enplliil-
Ihih 1110 pouring Into Klko every day.
A party of KallHpi'll, Montimti, cup-
IuiIIkIh arrived by automobile In enrr*
of "W. M. I-'i-ohI, manager of the Pro-
greH'.dvi.'. limMuicut '"oinpi.ny'n lnnd
ni'iir town on Tuesday night,
Dick Horih-n wim In Klko tlilH week
...III,   „   f..ll   11, r  1 ,1       11     „,   1
hair ftlriH.
.1. II. AhIiiIowh'k wliltnhenil'.'rt boy
wiin in town lIiIh week Helling fonco
'.'iln-, ,-tovi- pipe.'), mhuII gihiding
MoiicH and other out allien.
The mitiKitu on thi' wntor falls   at
tlii< visit, although vIhIIoiii nro not allowed to tn)-!- any away with thoro,
Tlu> young IndtoH of Klko, bright
iih the bottom of n now tin burkct,
nre among the mont daring --nu-'HtrlunH
In the Dominion of Citnndn. Any ov-
'■nliip: from thr-l<! to b!>: younR Iiwlloa
cnn be sen riding cloth-*-* pin fashion
wild  unfnnied  Xirnnrna,      thnt  -n-ouM
MIhh Maggie Maples, prosldont of
tho HoHmor Compressed Louvoh Co.,
Limited, wan In Klko tliiw wook,
8 R. H. Marlow]
First Class Union 8tore carry
Ing a Suitable line of 8prlng
Two South African 8crlps
„ sale at usual price
Andrew Sutherland, government \n-
Hpoctor of hoilnm wan In town on
TuoHdny on an official vIhIL Uo Informs uh thnt nn oxomlnntlon mny
tako plnco In the nenr fuluro llioroforn
wo would recommend nil Uioho who
lut(ind to wit with a view to obtaining
tliolr Hti'iun etighieerH llekelH thnl- thoy
mako application without delay to Jno,
Peck, government Inspector of bollcra,
New WoHtinhiHtt-r, II, (!.
Tin* oMict date Ih not decided upon,
ncvertlu'h-HH the best' plan l» for all
anplrnntH lo Ioho no time ho that Ihey
mny be fully prepared to meet thn
emiTgciiey. When the exiiel date Ih
known wo will puhllHh the fact lu
ilii'Ke columns.
Andrew Mnvter who linn been bu«-
liy engaged recently organizing IiIh
eviuiiUK claririett in tiie viuioUrt (mm-
clu'tt of the ttiiglniM-i'hig pmfeHHlon,
InfoiniH n* that he ban met with ox-
eeptlonnl nuerPHB In l-'ernle, Coal
Creok, Michel and that lie Iiiih alrondy
r,tn,l*,   r\u,./,*)i r\r,r,r,   f,t  nn.riri   vr-.'l#   I'llll'il'V*,
but nliHohitely oHHentlul equipment to
enable him to follow out the line of
Instruction ho has mopped out In order thnt miccoRH mny attend IiIb efforts,
Uo hOB fitted up tho old fllo hnll for
hia lecture mom, having hire! It from
the fichool hoard, and IiIh first lecture
will he Advertised in Die nenr future.
ThU building could be utilized for
tho purpose of giving Instruction on
tho subject cf firm hid and Mr. llax-
ter hft» cxpri-i-Hi-il his hearty willing-
nof.s to cooperate In nny wny nml
overy measure that may bo advanced
for tlw. benefit; of the mturauntf-y along
•educational lines.
North Lethbridge, —Lethbridge
Fernie Opera House
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr,
uprah for May 1st
Fishing Season opens Today
ALL upon us and we'll help you to
make a selection of Tackle that will
tempt the finny ones out of their crannies.
Even if you don't buy because your outfit is
complete call and see the stock. No matter
what your requirements, in the matter of
Price and Quality you will find us in every
way satisfactory.
Fishing Rods from
20c. to $20
'^rSole Agent for the Celebrated Frost Fishing Accessories
9^M  tyik ^Um% %nfb» W_r fW       If W __**?    Ma      _* _k SW% WW aee!**     -mat      W   aeaam tlmt*    W   W   am      *W
Agent for Reache's Base Ball Goods, Huyier's & Lowney's
Chocolates, Kodaks, Thermos Bottles, Etc.
It Pays To Advertise In The Ledger
'i vi
'^1 • I-.
' »  'J
The Official Organ bf District No.  18, U. M. W.   of A.
Fernie-, B. C, April 30th,   1910
***********i(******sf******* *****X4
News From the Camps   J
From our own Co-respondents
***k**k-kkkrkkick***krk*'k***k* krk***iiiirkk**k************kk
is just as well to be- prepared for   the  comic film "The    Rural Elopement"
*kkkk ******* * kkkkk* *** k irk*
The smoking concert in aid of the
Football club was a grand success
from start to finish. The committee
deserve every praise and encouragement for, the smart way in which the
. program^was carried out.    The chalr-
, man of the evening wa*s John Shanks,
Esq., who handled the, boys in fine
style, and kept the'program in  .full
. swing. ,He said it gave him much
pleasure to be present to present the
league cup .which they had won so
many times. He also hoped that their
success would be greater this year by
a strong effort to, win the Mutz cup.
The cup was then filled by the secretary, "Bill" Hughes with that stuff the
.Indians call fire water, but which tasted very much like,* whiskey, and was
handed around to every one in the
hall to drink success to the Coal Creek
football club, which was done in* a
hearty manner. The musical program was started with a beautiful.ten-
or song by Robert Sampson, after
which the following gentlemen contrib-
• uted to the evening's entertainment:
James Smith, comio song; Joe Ham-
»er, Robert Coates, Robert Hubbersty,
Davo Archibald, Geo. Smith. Geo. Finlayson, Jestyn Foster, Dan Oliver, J.
T. Puckey, Mr. Dooley, Robt. Patrick,
Ike Limn, William Corbett.' Prof.** Evans of Fernie was the accompanist.
The refreshments were given free by
the Fort Steele Brewing Company and
the Pollock Wine Company. The singing of Auld Lang Syne at 12 o'clock
brought a most enjoyable, evening to
a close, when everybody went quietly
home to dream of what they had got,
' and what thoy might expect at,the end
of.'this season.*,        ,     . ;.
. Tho following are the two teams that
„whlch a'draw.of one goal
each: -   ,r k
• Horrocks  •,...'.,.  .. .T. Clare
r J. McLatchie  -.,.■...'..!\V. Reid
Parnell . ,^_... _.__..u._.,. _..,-.-.^Joe Dodd
' Sweeney:-. 7; ■.•;7V.Tr.T-.-. .-j*.-;'-Arbuckle
-, Hartley   Logan
Johnstone ......*... Bakey
' Hamer -.. .Banns'
Smith  ;.  Jolson
Myers Jolson
Hunt    .....Hartley
Steele   Howell
Mr. and Mrs.-D. McVannel and fam
ily left here last Saturday for North
Tommy Douglass's brother Llndsley
was,visiting up here last week from
the prairie.
Alex. McFegan and Dan Shaw pulled out of here last Saturday for the
P. L. Glasson, the book keeper for
the Trites-Wood Company, is leaving
at* the' end of the month.
Bernard Caufield has been "laid up
for a„ few .days with an attack of the
' T. McGovern was visiting up here
from Michel last Sunday. "
A digger named Dan Lynk got .athor
badly squeezed between a car and a
post, on Wednesday week causing him
to lay off work for a day or two.
Miss Edith Langdon was down visiting at Hosmer on Monday. "
We were very sorry to hear of Chas.
Claridge getting his ankle hurt between the bumpers of two cars last
Friday morning, but he expects to
be out of the hospital and around in
a-short time.
Ted English. Sam Clarke, Miss' Maggie and Miss Stewart Arbuckle drove
down as far as Hosmer on Sunday
The trout fishing season commences
on Sunday, May 1st., and you can see
as fine an assortment at Suddaby's as
anywhere in'the country. .
Two of the ambulance teams are expecting to meet the Michel teams at
Michel on May 7th, when a test will
be made to se which is most' efficient
in first aid. It should be very interesting,is the first contest in the
Pass. *   '
The rope on -No. 1 south incline
broke on Wednesday afternoon and
caused that mine to be idle for the rest
of the, day. - „"   .
The mines up here were all idle on
Monday last for the wants of cars to
take away the coal.
 The__conipany_haye been busy__tliis
John Jacques paid a flying visit up
here Wednesday evening from Bellevue. He went back on Thursday
morning accompanied by his brother
George. ,.
The first league game between Coal
Creek, and Fernie will be" played at
Fernie on Monday, May 2nd. .-, ,
be made to see which is most efficient
The following team will represent
Conl Creek:      ,    ,
A. Clare.
Wc. McFegan (Captain)
J. McLetchie
J. Sweeney * '"
W. M. Parnell
R, Johnson
■■ Sam Phoenix
Owen Jolson
Tom Banns
Peter Jolson
Dick Hartley
Reserves: Sid Hunt, W. H. Hartley,
James Steele.       ,
Linesman: Ted Coates.
Subscribers who do not call for
their Ledgers ought not to blame the
post officefolks as there js not yet a
free delivery in the camp'. If a reasonable length of time has* elapsed after the receipt of a paper and the
party has failed to call in accordance
with postal regulations the paper is
returned and notice of this given to
the sender. ,
'wet-k fixing up some of the taps in
the houses, lt is to be hoped that
they will not overlook cleaning out and
fixing the hydrants as most of .them
require fixing. They were badly needed last August. There was some suggestion at the inquiry after the fire of
restarting the fire brigade. Now,- that
tlio nights are lengthening it would be
a good time to start practicing with
the hose reels, there aro still some of
the old brigade here, and with a, few
additions they might become useful if
there is any flro springing up this
summer.    We do not want any hut. it
If any of our readers are wondering
where will be the best place to spend
the day on the '2nd' of May we would
certainly recommend Michel to those
who prefer to take a jaunt out of
town rather than stay home. As
much real enjoyment as is beneficial,
can be obtained between sun-up and
sun-down as is good for the average
individual on the day in question. The
Canadian Club have a programme of
events that will prove decidedly in-'
teresting, and of course the extent of
the importance of the different races
varies according to the opinions of
the individual, nevertheless there is
considerable discussion going on regarding the race between the Norbois
horse and the Eddy mare, and whilst
each have their supporters, those who
are better acquainted with'the career
of the latter * have, a little prejudice
..on behalf of this plucky animal and
are confident that she will give a good
account of herself. .
James Ashworth, general superintendent of tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company, is in camp this week on his
regular tour of inspection.,
- Harry Carr went to Fernie this week
on,'trip, and was greatly
surprised at the rapid growth of the,
mining town,
, The moving picture entertainment
in the English church on Saturday evening was well patronized. The leading film, "Napoleon, the man of Destiny," was highly ppprecinted and the
For Neat, Artistic,
& Durable Painting
I do all work entrusted to mo in a workmanlike manner, and guarantee all my paints to be of
tho bost quality,
Only gonuino Whito Load and puro Boiled Linseed Oil, which will stand all olimato, usod in tho
paints.    No patent substitutes used.
I have painted many buildings, notably Mr,
Hamilton _ rosidenco on McPherson avenue, and I
havo contracts for No, 17 Victoria Avonue, to bo oo
cupiod by Mr, R, IT, Young.
Any orders Riven will soouro prompt and caro-
ful attention,
drew loud applause. . The rest of the
entertainment was up to the usual
George, Mathison, one of the old timers throughout the Pass, has left for
the Coast.    ■ ' •>
, Mrs. John Haddon is visiting friends
in Fernie.
Robert Strachan, deputy inspector
of mines, came in from Corbin this
week, on his regular tour of inspection,
William Hadden took a run down
from Coal Creek this week, and judging from the smiling countenances his
lady friends were glad to see him.
Robert Gourley of Hosmer was in
camp on a business trip thisweek and
registered at the Great Northern,
Charles Garner, International Board
Member, nr-jd A. J. Carter, District See.
paid Michel a flying visit this week. *
, The annual anniversary parade of
Michel lodge No. 54 I. 0. 0. P.. took
place on Sunday evening at 7.30 when
the members attended divine service
in the Methodist church, Thc turnout was well attended and the lodge
seems to be fast increasing in membership..
Marshal Bodie," clerk in the Trites-
Wood Store, went to.Feriiieon a business'trip this week! carrying as a side
line samples of. seed onions, potatoes
ancl other vegetables.
Maurice Burrell, secretary of Michel
local, paid Fernie* a flying visit this
week and reports.the mining town as
Mr. W. Hewitt has^severed his connections with - the Trites-Wood Co.,
and has purchased a general business
in the growing town of Stayle, Alberta
where he is well acquainted.
The Eagles ball held on Tuesday
night in Crahan's hall, was one of the
social events of the season, and .the
elect enjoyed themselves till- the we
sma', hours." Many visitors came to
attend from the surrounding towns.
Hugh McDougall, master mechanic
for the Corbin Coal and Coke Company
is in camp, spending a few days with
his friends.* He is, on his way to the
coast, having resigned from the Corbin mines to take charge of a plant
at the Coast. * '
The Michel bowling, team went to
Fernie on Saturday evening to play
the Fernie team. consisted
of the following:  ,
Jack Howells'
 Ecank-Carpen t°v        ■ '  ■*
James Davy
William Porter .,        ,,,
Charles Fuchs
Dick Beard ■  „. *
Harvey Wallace     " '•■- *   *
George Cleavis
The boys had an enjoyable "time in
the city and speak of the good time
they had. But oh, the game. They
were so badly snowed under that some
of thom did not get back until Monday. The return match-will be played on Sunday, May 1, when we hope
the results will be somewhat different.
Bert Davison and A. Esterbrooks accompanied the bowling team to Fernio, but oh what a disappointment
they received. Fernio,'-3322; Michel,
As the sun begins to.'shine on both
sides of tho fonco tho old timers begin to drift, to the coast. Tom Johnson, Wm, Ireland and Wm, Dixon have
got the const fever and have left the
.The football team aro .practicing
faithfully, and the boys are rapidly
getting Into shape for tho season's
plriy. Michel expects to placo a
strong team In the field, and overy
one Is waiting anxiously for tho opening gnmo.
Gray could get the cars he wants lie
can get 1000 tons a day.
The B. C. Southern mines are finding good property, but as coal miners
know it onlyctakes a few men to improve a property. About 12 miners
are working on this property with no
prospect' of putting on more^ in the
immediate future.
-The Nicola Valley News,reported 200 j
men would be working at No. 3 Dia- j
mond Vale in a short time. 'Now your
correspondent worked in No, 3, and
possibly some of your readers have.
Now, in the name of common sense
where will they put the men. I do
not know and I. wish that somebody
would tell"me. 1 am not knocking the
property, as I believe they have a
great coal body, one of the best, in the
Billy   Mclntyre's  big  eleven  hundred stove arrived*on Wednesday.     It
will take a Paul Bunyah    to handle-
it. ■
Jack Thymic wiis down from Otto
Valley on Monday shaking hands with
old Tilllcums. Jack never looked
Paddy Sprat left. G.'High on Sunday and is attending to your thirst,
at Kirby's.
G. Bennett is all smiles. He says
business-was never better. He can
please the boys, aiid ladies too.
Lucky Todd of Bunker.Hill fame,
left" town'on Wednesday with stockings. '     ■
Little David and Goliath got mixed
up this week; little David didn't have
his rock.
Merritt is all buzzing; two motor
'cars, in town and one of them is as
bad as a bucking bronco,
The Scottish show' oh Wednesday
night was a great success and they
showed.the right spirit by giving the
fire brigade boys ten per cent of'the
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized f. .$10,000,000
Capital Paid Up ..... .$5,000,000     Reserve  ,$5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President, HON. ROBT JAFFRAV, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook,  Fernie,  Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Merchants Bank of Canada
Capital $6,000,000    Reserve $4,602,157
President Sir H. M. Allan     Gen.   Manager E. F. Hebden
A General Banking Business Transacted; Out of Town Accounts Solicited, Deposits or Withdrawals may be made by mail.
Savings Bank  Department
$1.00 opens an account; interest paid,, at   Highest Current    Rates.
Satisfaction    Guaranteed
APPLY   P. O.    BOX   60
Tuil Mnyhew nrrived on the stage
again on Saturday from Prlncoton nnd
Ih Hcctlon Iiohh again at Middlesboro,
Tod says tho only mistake ho made
was whon ho left. Merritt. Well that
Ih crime, onough,
Tho Masons held a large pow wow
at Nicola, on Monday. A numhnr
from Merritt wore In nttondance.
John Devlin, ho of tho sheep stealing fame, hns null. He saya ho won't
work undor union wages.
Andy Hoggnn Ih finishing his well.
1 Ifr brother .lurk has quit thn job.
.lack HayH tho roof ain't safo and ho
wanta to wo Dw 21th of May,
A largo mooting of the Morrltt. Ath-
lotto u'HHOGlntlon wuh held In Ilyland'a
hall on Tuesday, Commltter-H wero
appointed for lho vitrloim department«
for the 21th and 2.'th of Mny. SportH
of all kinds will he on hand and a
good tlmo Ih promised,
A dally train Horvlro Htortod on Monday, and ih bringing mon* curt*, Man-
iigcr dray and the miners an; nil
Tlio II, C. Southern mlnoH havo
Htnifk mint her uoam 11 feet thick, Taffy ThoimiH Ih tho hoy that did (ho
A nn rt v of -'iipltiillHtR aro lu thn
valley enjoying tho beautiful minnhlno
and it-oMui*, u*.ui a'i-w -.uni ptun<.-f'<<.->
Thin Ir a mlnern paper anil devoted
to tho mlnerH intoroHtn. There am
nom.- paperH In UiIh valley that would
•MileMud tlm -mlni-TR nnrt rniino thi>m to
Hpi-ml iliflf lmi'-l cui'ik'd money lu
travelling from one placo to another.
Now thc Hltuatlon here Ih that tho
MlililloRhnrn inlrniH hnvo boon up
ngalnst It on account of a shortage of
onrn. It has hoon n noro point with
tin" mlnem and mon hut slnco tho Inauguration of u dally -service and n
Kwltrh englny- the prudent numbor of
mm for Dw amount of com ia Ruffle-
lonl at present.
1 havo It on pood authority from
mil)- Hnlllftm, the ivormnn «t No, 1
thnt thoy havo o tww dlitrlct oponed
un with 13 pint**, hut only two iuc
workln*. Why?, lu-cauio tho C. P.
II. won't glvo thero rart.    If Manager
It has been decided to give our village the local name of Old Waldo.
Though our post office aiid headquarters of the Baker Lumber Company is
Waldo; and will so remain, yet it has,
become necessary io use a local term
to distinguish it from the new settle-,
ment at the Ross-Saskatoon Lumber
Company to the ^south of us, as they
are two distinct villages, yet have, the
nA,v,n_nnn(_inn_n|._ .1. __3ri l*ow._l Till al	
OfililC'i'Votuiiii.c^a'.— i-iic—*jai*.ci-^-,,iiiig..	
The site of the Baker Lumber Co'
mills,*;is interesting from the,fact that
in the early days, which perhaps some
of the pioneers will remember, and in
fact at the very spot where the Baker mills now stan'd steamers used -to
land carrying construction' .supplies
for the Crow's Nest Pass Railway, at
that.time in process of construction.
There were a number of residents, a
school house, store houses, custom office, etc. This little settlement was
called tho Crow's Nest Landing, and
we are still reminded of the old days
when we see the sign of the hotel
which somo wag nailed to our blacksmith shop when It was built, These
buildings had long fallen Into decay,
and when tho * Baker Lumber Mill
purchased their fino mill site which
runs for a mile nlong the river the
only resident left was a fine old Amorlcnn gontlomnn of the name of Waldo. Ilo hns long slnco crossed tho
Great Divide, yot his memory still
lingers In Ilie name which (ho linker
Lumber company bestowed on their
post office nnd villnge, Old Wnldo is
now n village employing some two
hundred and fifty mon, with mills running night and day, and nulte a number of permanent residents, Tho peoplo nro very progressive, owning their
own hall,In which thoy are Installing
a flno pianola. Thoy Include our
official stuff, and all the men' who
have1 worked for tho Bnker Lumber
Co., Romo years nnd nro top notchon**,
among the best mon of thoir lino to
bo found In the country. Wo aro
justly proud of tho littlo settlement,
which hin* rlHon on tho ruins of the
old, aud which wo locally call Old
Tho veueiu hot woathor has melted
thc hiiowh ou tho mountains, and tho
Kootenay river hi rising rapidly. The
mill mon are kopt. busy fighting UiIh
as well as Dw fires caused hy tho dry
condition of tho country.
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of  New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers' Liability, London Guarantee
'  and Accident —	
fi A,  TI_       L    ¥ *&     Have you seen the New
ItP-MTj   WGSl    LUG  Special Policy maximum
Ul Oai   Tf COII    JU11C  -insurance, minjmUmcost
Henderson Block
Fernie,  B. C.
Tlio only kind suitable, for
this  climate.
The Leading Druggist Phone 118,
The Dainty Singing Comedienne
r^n a *r*r*     ■/■"* a hif t. t> /"">tvt
In the 4 Act Comedy Success
i.nn-u x
By C. H. Kerr
Author of Dolly Dimples, The Beauty Doctor, A Trip to Egypt,
Papa's Baby, Over thc Fence, Rudolph and Adolph, Etc.
Grace Cameron's Famous Phonograph Records on sale at all Edison Dealers
Reserved Seats at Bleasdell's Drug Store,
Prices:.   $1.00,   .75c   .SOc
Secondary Mine Schools
Different Grades of French Schools <ffThe
Methods . of Organization and Support.
<ffCourses of Study.    Cf Admission of Pupils
(Written for Mines and Minerals by
P. Dumaine,,Engineer of Mines)
To train mining engineers there are
two large schools at Paris-and, Saint-
Etienne. Technical education in underground methods of working to train
assistants for these engineers is given
also In two principal schools at Douai,
in the norlh and Aiais, in the south.
Also the committee of miners of the
Loire district, organized in 1S92, at
Salnt-Etienne, for the miners of that
region, a school called the Schoolofor
Foreman (Aspirants-gouvorneurs.) It
is well also,to mention the school at.
Anzin, especially created by the company of the' mines at Anzin for the
benefit of its employees.
Before studying the organization of
theso four secondary schools, it is well
to enumerate the different employees the mine under the orders
of a mining engineer.
First comes tho Inside foreman hav-
■ ing general supervision of the inside
work. The tracing of plans and the
surveying operations are done by a surveyor.
Tho mine is divided into several sections in each of which tliere are about
100 workmen. Over each of these sections there is an.;iassistaiit foreman or
assistant governor who is also helped
by a,,master miner. The shot firers
. have charge of the' blasting iu the
These employees are trained in the
four schools of Douai, Aiais, Saint-
Etienne, and Anzin.
The Schools of Douai and Aiais
Organization: The two schools of
Douai and Aiais are directed by the
chief engineer of the mining district in
which .he schools are located. The
instruction is given by three professors
one having charge of the teaching of
mathematics, and the making of plans
and drawings; the second, of natural
sciences and exploitation of mines;
the third teaching French. A bookkeeper has charge of the management
of expenses, and a proctor has charge
of the discipline.   ■ £
" These schools are boarding schools
, The price of the board is $100 a year,
but a large number of students receive
free scholarships. The schools .are
supported by appropriations from the
partments of Gard and Nord, and by
the cities of Aiais and Douai. The administration of these schools is under
the supervision of an administration
composed of a certain number of high
dignitaries of the department.
TJie scholars have no uniforms but
simply a cap with silver braid and
inslgnias embroidered on the lapels of
their coats. . The total number of students in school is usually 40 at Aiais
and 60 at Douai.'
The length of the course is two
years. For half of this time the students receive at tho school theoretical
Instruction, an account of which will
bo glvon later; the other* half of tho
time Is spent either in the mines of
the district or in other more distant
mlnos whero, according to thoir ability and on the judgment of the director of the school, the students nro employed In tho work of exploitation,
drawing of plans, oto. During thoso
practical exercises thoy pay their own
expenses by means of tho salaries
which thoy receive, according to thoir
work, from tho companies which employ thom.
The greater part of theoretical Instruction Ik given at the beginning of
tho school year whleh lasts four
months nincl a half, from Octobor to
March 1. Aftor working two months
In tho mlnoH tho students como hack
to school tho first of May, whore they
Btny two montliH, May and June, during which tlmo thoy rovlow tho courses
that woro taught during tho winter
months,, At tho ond of tho month of
Jwno thoy pans an oxamlnutlon boforo
a apodal commlHHlon compound ei-Hpec-
tally of engliieoi'H designated hy tho
administration council, Again they
spend In tho minon tho montliH of July,
August, September, and tho flrHt two
weeks In October, nnd thoy oomo hack
to Hchool for their Hocond yonr, follow.
Ing the Ranio gonornl programme an In
Iho flrHt yoar.
Condition of Admission of Students:
Tho HtudontH aro elionon froui among
young men of moro tlmn eighteen
yiuii-H of, nn*\ already fainllliirl'/od hy a
Hojourn of IH moullu* nt leant. In tho
mlnoH, or unih-rground <-uuitIor, with
Dw prurilrnl duties of a miner. Mont
of tho can(llilat''H are from tlio mining
dlHirlctH, mul for the Hchool of AlnlH,
i-spcclally from (lard, Loire, and Al-
ll<--r dlHtrlciH- for the hpIiooI of Douai
from Nord and I-nn-ilo-Culaln. During
the month of July tlif.-y piihh nn exam
ination for admission before an examiner named by the Sous-Prefer of their
district. The first examination serves
to eliminate the candidates who have
not sufficient instruction to pass the
final examination with a chance of success. The final examination" takes
place in October, at Aiais on one, part,
and at Douai on the other part, before
a special commission. The candidates
must show that they possess satisfactory elementary instruction, comprising reading, spelling, the first four
parts of arithmetic, decimal numbers,
and the metric system. Besides they
may pass an examination on optional
subjects such as arithmetic, algebra,
geometry, trigonometry, physics and
chemistry. The examiners also question them on the practical knowledge
they have acquired in mlno exploitations. ,The amount of this practical
knowledge has great weight in admitting the candidates.
Course of Study:—The course of
study comprises first, French; second,
elementary knowledge In arithmetic,
algebra, and geometry, whicli is necessary to follow intelligently courses
In technical work; third, special courses on topography, physics, chemistry,
mechanics, mineralogy, geology and
exploitation of mines. The students
have also to follow courses in machine drawing, tracing of plans, land surveying, mine surveying, levelling: road
making. They also make excursions
for geological studies under the guidance of a professor in geology.
The teaching is done in a spirit essentially practical in order to -be' always understood by the students. The
indispensable subjects presented In a
simple form are alone required from
the students.'Supplementary subjects
are optional and are required only
from those who have had sufficient
knowledge at the time of their arrival
at the school.
The time that the students spend
in mining exploitations Is employed in
different work." During that time
they must turn in a report concerning
their work." Upon coming back to
'school the students turn those reports
over to the professors, and they are
questioned on the knowledge they
have acquired during their working
time. The students work in'- the
mines at four 'different times during
their two school years, and as far
as possible they are sent to mines of
_diff_e_renjLkinds ■■ ;
The students who have obtained 65
per cent, of the total number of points
receive a diploma. They easily find
positions' in France or foreign" countries as assistant* inside foremen (por-
ions),* master miners, surveyors in
mines. A certain number reach more
important situations. Tho students
of Douai and Aiais may bo classed
according to the followingstable:
Per Cent
Managers of mines in France
■   or In  colonies          10
In coal ■ mines          30
In  mines    other    than  coal
mines        10'   »
Diverse situations  .., , •     20
School for Aspirants-Gouverneurs at
In the mines of tho mining district
of the Loire, difficulties of all kinds
nnd dangers have Increased with the
development of the mining industry.
Tho situation ban grown to a point
where the old foremon did nol havo
tho qualifications which tho operation
of tho mlnos demanded. Thoy had
no longer the necessary knowledge
to grapple with the Increasing difficulties, and to understand und apply
tho ruloB of administration whleh had
become more and more numerous and
It would have been a mistake to create at Salnt-Etlaiino a school Blmllar
to that ot Alain or Douai, where In
reality they train surveyors, managers
of mines, and chiefs of smiill exploitations. Tho teaching hnd to bo moro
practical, moro elementary.
Organization:—Tlio students are
chosen, from among tho Intel!Igimt
young men of good charnetor. who
work In tho mine part of tho dny,
ISnch nilno lu the district which Ib
part of tho Comite des HoullloruH mny
Rend to school one workman for onch
200,000 tons or fraction thereof of annual output, The candidates must
have workod for two years al. lonst
luiililo tho mine and havo finished tho
military hovvIco,
Tlin pntrniir.0 examination In composed of oxoi'cIhoh In Npelllng, In arithmetic and a problem.
Tlio mlno owners do not mako nny
eiiRngemi-nt with the workuu'n who
are Hviit to the iiohool oxijeptlng that
tlmy allow them a Hillary nf Ii frnncH
por daya ($1) spent either at work or
at hi-li or,).
The length of thn couiho Ih one year
from October to tho IiihI of July. Tho
teaching is given every day' except
Sundays and holidays, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Students spend the mornings
at work in the. mines.
The teaching is done by a professor
director and a professor. Their salaries and all the expenses are under
the charge.of the Mining Committee,
(Comite de Houilleres.) •
* The aim of the teaching is to give
the students the clearest examinations
possible in connection with the subjects that are essential to the operation of mines. The explanations are
1. On the underground conditions,
work of the men and tools, use of explosives, repairs, ventilation, lighting
and plans of mines,
2. On the administrative laws.
This  teaching  is  supplemented by
the fundamental principles of mechanics, physics nad chemistry.
Results: In 15 years about 200 students, that is to say, about 13 each
year hnve completed these courses,
and occupied the following positions:
Inside foremen,* 20; assistant foremen,
86; fire bosses, 12; watchmen, 4;
dead, and others, 7'2!
The mining companies in the Loire
district are well satisfied with the results given by the school. They do not
regret the expenditures they have
been called upon make, and. are going to continue them in the future,
and even enlarge them.   .
Preparatory School of the Anzin
Organization: A preparatory school
is also situated at A.nzin. This school
receives only the workmen of the
company of at-least. 16 years'of age,
and already familiarized somewhat
with the practice of mining. They
must have an elementary knowledge
of reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic. The candidates who desire to
follow the course pass a preliminary
examination in the division in which
they' are a* part. • 'A classification is
made among the candidates, of each
division and the first two are admitted to follow the course. For ,this
examination a rating is given on behavior and work by the directors.of each
\ The length of the courses is two
years, each year counting .from the
first of January to the 15th of November. The studies are followed three
days a week, Tuesdays, Fridays "and
being in,attendance the same day, one
professor taking the students of the
first year, and another* those of the
second. *
The length of the lesson period is
VA hours, from 5 o'clock to half-past,
six. Half this time is devoted to the
lectures and the other half to explanations and interrogations.
The first year's teaching comprises
the principles of physics, mechanics,
French, arithmetic and plane geometry. The second yoar includes physics nnd mechanics, French, the exploitation of mines, a little geology
and the tracing of plans,  ,
The students take notes and 'arrange them, nt home, try to Improve
their writing, making their sketches
ns fine as possible. Special rating Is
given for wrltlng'and drawing and by
the way their notes are kept during
the school year. The students havo
to wrlto three compositions and pass
an oral examination at the end of
each "year before three professors.
Tlio percentage obtained for the 3
compositions nnd the examination
serve to classify the students. Classification of studeiitfc* of the first yoar
comprises throo classes:
(1) Tho students who are nble to
bo promoted to the second yenr;
(2) Students who havo to repeat
their first year's studies;
(3) Studonta who havo been rofused
to pass Into tho second year.
A diploma of studies Is glvon to
tho studontB of tho socond yoar who
havo obtained the necessary numbor
of polntB, TIiobo who havo not acquired the number of points rocolvo
n certificate of studios. Besides,
lirlzoH nro glvon to tho throe flrHt Btu-
dents of onch yenr.
Studont a who hnvo flnlshod their
studies und who during thoir sojourn
nt, tho have glvon satisfaction
hy thoir hohavlor nnd worlc aro called as noeded to fill placos ns ovor-
seers of work or in othor positions
If tliolr work und behavior contlnuo to
hn nil that Is ileal rod.
ELLEXSBURG, April 25—Labor .as
the scarcest it has ever been known in
the Kittitas valley, and the police,'
at the direction of Chief Jack Galvin,
today arrested fifteen hoboes -who
were on their way through to\vnxand
gave them the alternative of going to
work in the country or working on
the chain gang. They all accepted
farm work.
Both night and day police officers
are watching the Northern Pacific Ry.
yards and arresting every tramp tbey
find ridng the rods through that station.
■'There is worlc for three hundred
men here right now," said Chief Galvin. "I- have applications for more
than a score of farm hands and for
every application sent, me there are
twenty who never see me, V/e round
up all the rooming houses and serve
warning that every man not at work
would be arrested and put on the
chain gang,"
The above clipped from a' Seattle
paper speaks for. itself.
So, it has come to that "in the land
of the free and the home of the
Working men are rounded up (a
term borrowed from the western cattle ranches) in their beds In the early
morning, and given the choice between forced labor on' the' roekpile
with ball and chain and forced labor
for the ranchers without ball and
• Can anybody blame these unorganized men for choosing as they did in
this case?.
Now we are beginning to learn 'what
the'"free contract" means;'that free
contract between the buyer and the
seller of labor power.  ,
It is a new version of, that eternal
law of supply and demand,* a version
that seems to work out very nicely;
the* employers demand labor power—
and the, police supply It. .
, There is one great advantage about
this system as the workers are
concerned. It does .away with the
employment shark nuisance. But then
again we face 'another serious social
problem: What-is to become of the
employment agents that have not ,as
yet made their stake?' In the face
of this problem-we would respectfully
advise our honorable statesmen not too rash; tread easily.
From a Speech  Not Delivered at Ot-
ta Recently
And now, gentlemen, inasmuch as
one of the honorable gentlemen who
preceded me. has made"-allusion to
that nauseating^ chronicle of the fearful conditions.of the stockyard workers in Chicago (cloth bound for $1.25)
that brought the young Southern writer to the fore, I 'refer lo Upton Sinclair, „ author 'of "The_ Jungle," and
factor in causing President Roosevelt
to appoint the commission to investigate the matter, and as we are dealing
with the inspection of meats, etc., let
me also refer to,that topic so vital to
the wellbeing of every Canadian whose
diet consists of eggs, I wish to call
the attention of this honarable body
has direct bearing on that much moo-
tod "Race Suicide" also dwelt with
at such length hy the doughty San
Juan Hill moving picture celebrity.*
Possibly some of my hearers may fall
to seo wherein lies the connection.
However I do not intend to soliloquize
longer" and will commence "ab ovo,"
and take you buck to tho good old
days down on the farm. Then the
gentle maiden with that lovo of romance so closely allied with thc raising
of chickens would pencil her'name,
address and the date of tho laying of
this product of tho gnlllnae, and not
Infrequently was thiB tho .Introduction
of those who today are parents of a
happy brood of "Anti-race sulclders,"
but alack and alas tho days of chivalry have* mado wny for the crude,
sordid and mammon making cold stor-
ago mothods of preserving edibles,
Rocontlyjhoro camo to my notico an
incident that, to relate gentlemen,
makes my heart sad, and you who aro
desirous of seolng our country dovelop
cannot fall to duly appreciate Uh In-
fluoncoB. Onco agalnRt tho fnlr maid-
on Is busy among her clucking and
cackling hens, and hor face wreathed
In smiles thnt o'orsproad the rosy
cheeks, tolling of thnt bloom of youth
not purchasable at any drug storo,
sho sees that her favorite Cora has
left a snmplo of egg,fruit of an abnormal hIzo,
This mnrvelloufl event forms tho
principal subject of household (Uncus-
sion for tho day and tho next morning
thla wonderful egg \n brought out to
hn shipped with othors of Uh kind to
tho market whereupon our lovely dam-
sol has twIh'hlngH of tho heart strings
that prompt her to wrlto hor nnmo
and -uldn.'HH thereon with the fleeting
Lizard Local" General Teamsters No.
, 14W Meets every
S p.m. Miners union'hall, ' A. L.
Boles, President; William Long, Recording Secretary.    -*' ..,
BartendersVLocal No. 514: Meets 2nd
and. 4th Sundays at. 2.30 p.m. Secre-
. tary. J. A. Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday Miners
' Union hall.     D. Rees, Se.-;,
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters
.and Joiners: Meets in* the, Miners'
Union Hall.    A'.' Ward, Secretary.
Typographical Union No. 555: Meets
last Saturday iii each month at the
Ledger Office. A. .J, Buckley, Secretary.    ',
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D.
Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
Other bodies are requested to send in
their cards.
hope that some young possible swain
may get It nnd write.
This event does happen. The young
man pays a visit to "the farm from
whence the egg came, and making
careful Inquiries with due circumspection learns to his consternation that
the writer on the shell is now the
proud mother of the three young fledglings, further investigation 'showing
that It was five years previous tliat
this incident took place. This, gentlemen, is the consequence of* the introduction of cold storage preservation, and with it you now see the terrible inroads that are made upon the
sentimental side and the possible sequence of loving hearts being sundered all because of this latest telling,
stroke of blatant" commercialism, and
now gentlemen, let, me ask you as
lovers of the human family, as supporters of the glories of this constitution to bear in mind that our duty
calls us to discard the antique specimens of the' chicken, and patronize
only those establishments that believe
in keeping up the old customs of selling eggs fresh from the nest.
in the South Wales Field  is
Now Settled
The great, dispute in the South
Wales coal trade, which has lasted for
some time and has been fully detailed
in many papers, has practlcaly closed. A ballot of the men has been
taken and the .latest figures show
that the, miners have decided' to accept the terms which were,placed before the.British Miners' Federation.
This, of course,. occurred after the'
Welshmen had thoroughly discussed
the whole matter amongst themselves.
The British Miners' Federation were
asked to give tlieir support in the
impending struggle, and agreed to do
so, but after a private conference, nt
which delegates representing the various Interests were present, It was
decided to recommend the Welsh coal
minors to accept the owners' proposition. The greatest difficulty was the
question in regard to payment for
work in abnormal places. , The owners contended that If a fixed wage
was paid to the men working In such
positions thoy might shirk.the work.
At nny rate tho argument concerning
the matter failed to end hi any agreement, and the British Minors' Federation, having considered It fully,, decided that tho point at Issuo, as well as
others Involved, were not of sufficient Importance to load to a largo
number of mon coming out on strike
Sovornl of tho labor leaders have boen
blamed for not taking a stronger position In regard to this mattor. What
Ib fairly ovldont Is that thoy have takon tho right courso, nnd dosplto nd-
vorne criticisms the ballot menno that
tho terms of the agroemont will bo accepted. Tho latest avullahlo flguroB
In regard to tho ballot aro as follows:
For settlumaiit  98,100
For strike  34,711
Majority for sottlomont  03,448
This gives a total poll of 132,870 out
of tho Federation momborshlp ot somo
145,000, A conforonco will ho held nt
Cardiff when It Ib oxpoolotl that, tho
torms of tho now agroomont will ho
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
New Visible Models of the
R e m i n g* t o n
The itomich ii • larger factor In "life, liberty and lhe pur-
mil of liappineu" then mott people ire -aware. Patriotism
can wiiliitmiil hun-fer but not dykpepiia. The confirmed dye*
peptic "ia fit for treiiion, .trateicmi and upoila." The man
„..■» ^v^i {.,, •*.;..,. C,\>..* ks.< !..'.* vuuuWy vtiiu » tit**. tUiitikUi
will be a weak aoldier and e fault finder.
A aotind itomieh makea for -food citiztnihip aa welt aa for
health and happineti.
Diieaiea of the ilomach and other arietta of dl|(enlion end
nutrition are promptly and permanently cured hy the uae of
Dr. Piiwcirs GOLnr.s mkdiqhl
It  bulftte  up  the  body with  eon ad  Utah  and
aolltl muaele.
The dtulcr who utTci* *, niUlitute for lhe " DUcuvery " (a
only acekinl to male the little more profit realized on (lie
aale oflete meritorioui preparation*.
Ur. Pierce'* Common St-ota Medical Adviter it tent frt*
an receipt of ttampt to pay einenie of -maitinjf tniy, Jwnd
31 one-cent ttamp* (or the paper covered hook, or 50 Mum pi
for the cloth fx«mi}. Ad-im-t Wotld'a Di*-ff*-ftwry Mfdical
Allocation, R. V. Pierce, M. ».,'Treahient, Buffalo,'N. Y.
These new models represent tiie sunt
total of more labor, more experience,
more   accumulated   knowledge,   and.
greater resource than all other type-
ivee*il.*\e*r*     *r\ r+* t> i *•. /■**■*. *1
II* lk>>l **     S.V**fc V*V.S*1_.*
/ That is why these new Remingtons
have given such complete satisfaction
to typewriter users, and why their
sales have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender St Vancouver B. C.
:  "    .;,  DENTIST.
Office: Johnson-Faulkner "Block..'
Houhr'9-12; 1-5; S^O-liSO. Phone 72
B. C.
i      *    ' . '    \
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.. "
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave:  "
W. R.  ROSS K.C.
■   * i ■  „
i.      i ■
Barrister  and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C. Canada.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Pioneer Builder arid Contractor of
At a Bargain
Kings Hotel
Temporary Building
No Reasonable   Offer,
Apply to
-■     ■      FERNIE B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Under New Management
Excellent   Tablo and
all white help
Additional Table for
28 Moro Men
Central Hotel
Best Table
Kvcrytlilnif Now iiiKlJUp-t^ilnto
Workingmen's   Trado   Solicited
Wm. Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Uur Mi|i])ll---1 with  Dw bout Winou-
a    Llijiiorti mul Ci^uoi
On first clan
builneit and reel-
dentlal property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Crcc & Moffatt
, A.' McDougall, Mgr -
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber    *
Send us your orders
. ■ _
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Call in and
see us once
The Hotel of Fernie
■Fernie's Lending Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rou(,'h and dressed luniuoi
Victoria Ave.       North Fertile
Chat-tared Accountant, Asilgnes, Llq.
uldator and Truatna; auditor to
tha Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P. O, Box 300
■MEAN .CO., Ltd,
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd
Phoni 70     Baker Ave. P.O. Box 202
Wu>jtC<M)I\i »Ui|>\)n.\;ia -auu —t,\iijtli-,lti
of Wlnoa, Urnndlos, CordUili, I*"orai?u
and Domoetlo Wblsklo* nnd Glni.
Largo stock of Fornot Dranca, Italian,
Hungarian and Oormiin Wlnoa, alto
Norwoglan Puucli and Aquavit. Boer,
Portor, Alo nnd ClRnrs.
Agonts for Wnukoulm Arcadian Wa-
lor, Sehllt* n-ior nnd tho fnmmm v.lit
Vnlley Browing Co. Ud. Bcor, draught
and bottled.
Special ottotitlon given to tamlij
Our Motto: Pure goods and quletc
* >
■\ )
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
'   Gents' Furnishings1
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
.   and Tweeds
1    tci
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
J. V.
Nowhere in.the Pass can be
found        ' •  ,
, Opetne nadchazi vyrochni den dej-
inne. udalosti z roku 1871, povstaini
parizskeho proletariatu proti, korupci
vlady nove prohiasene' republiky, kte-
ra by drive vlast vydala Prusakum,
nez aby vyslechla' prani lidu; den, je-
hoz vzpominano po celem tak zvanem
civilisovaneru *^vete. Tisk socialne-
revoluchni kazdodenne prinasi uvahy
o prichinach, jez povzbuzovaly lid
Parize ku vzpoure a prinasi .poucheni
o zalostnem skonu revolty; a prece
jevi se dosud vsude 'tolik neznalosti a
nepoehopeni praveho vyznamu ze dne
18Brezna a trvani komuny vubec. Ve
skolach dosud se uchi ze parizska ko-
muna byla chaosem sileneho lidu a
komuniste oznacovani za vztekle a
vrazdychtlvo neznabohy;
Revolta parizskeho proletariatu neb-
yla vsak krveziznivyra ani vzteklym
projovem, Janiz byla bez jasneho elle;
jedinou ghybou jest nezdar boje, ktery
dluano bledati v torn, ze lid nevymanil
se jeste ani my slenksve z podruzl
porem vlady, a proto musol podleh-
nouti organisovane presile statniho na-
sili. Nicmene mozno s jistotou rlci,,
ze revolucionari z roku 1871 tvorlli
predvoj uzasne revoluce, . ktera dnes
uz rozprostira cervanky nove doby na
horizontu spolechnosti lidske,—revoluce jejimz eilem nebude zamena vlady
aneb forem teto, ale jejiz ukolem bude
odstranenl ovladani a namezdneho ot-
roctvi.'vzajemne se podminujlci.
Jak jiz z predu naznaceno, obavala
se, koruptni vlada francouska daleko
vice revolueniho ducha proletariatu
nez sveho zahranichniho nepritele*
nim tyranim a muchenim z vezeni pro-
Asi 1800 jich svemu utrpeni podlehlo
jini odsouzeni k deportaci a jini opet
valechnym soudem odsouzeni a popra-
Tak skonchil pametny onen zapas
lidu's jeho vykoristovateli a pijavicemi
spolechnosti, boj mezi obyvatelstvem
mesta Parize a temi, kteri vnucovali
svoje tyranstvi narodu za kazdou cenu.
Tak kakonchil boj za svobodu Parize.
Lidskost a hrdinost .zajiste byla na
strane. komunardu, nebot neprolevali
krev, lech v otevrenem valechnem zap-
.ase a raduji podstoupili osud smr-ti,
nez aby zradili neb ohyzdili chistych
zasad svych.' Venkovska mesta a ves-
nice nenasledovaly prikladu Parize, a
tak stalo se, ze tato byla osamecena,
lech uspech anoho pokusu vezi i v
nezdaru. Pokrokove delnlctvo uchi
se z chyb parizskych komunardu, ze
rovolucni prevrat neda se uplatniti,
jnkymsi uzakonenim a zrizovana-li vlada nova, at jiz druhujakehokoliv, treba i suej lepsimi zamenami, toz pres-
tava vzpoura byti revoluci.
Mali revoluce byti vyslednon, musi
vy plinoutl ze snah a cinnosti lidu sa-
meho, z popudu individuehii iniciativy
a inteligence. *
Kdyby ustredni vybor parizske komuny byl obratil vsechen svuj vliv fa
energu k obhajeni mesta otevreni tov-
aren a dilen, a neplytval chasem vyro-
bou zakonu, mohl celkovy vysledek byti pochatkem skutechneho obrozetnl
Francie, .   -
(Pokrachovani.)   .
We have the best money
can buy of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
Eggs, Fish, "Imperator Hams,
and ,Bacon" Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer Kraut.   .
Calgary Cattle Go.
Phone 56
coprire le spese delle liti provenieriti
dai processi delle indemnita."
3 zo. Un certificato medico in forma speciale, sara ottenuto dal medico
a mezzo del Secretario tesbri-ere dl cis-
cun locale, e nel caso che non vi
fosse medico il Sec. Pin. riempira ii
modulo in regola. . II certificato all-
ora sara presentato alia compagnia
responsabile, ed una copia sara cdn-
servata negli archlvii.
,4 to. 11 secretario Fin. otterra dei
certificati medici tutti i mesi, per i
menbri avenci diritto alia indemnita
mensile e le presentera personalmente
alia compagnia responsabile, dettag-
liando 1 ammontare del loro salaried'
della somma pagata, ciascun benefici-
ato pol ed il Sec. Fin. ten-anna, nota
dei detti dettagli.
5' to, Tutti i documenti rigunrdanti
il contesto con la compagnia responsabile o tutta la corrlspondenza sara
rimessa al secretario del distretto ed
11. ° Sec. Tes. informera il locale "'del
progressodegli affari.
6 to. _ esecutivo del distretts prc-
curera gli avvocati necessari al pro-
cesso.   °
Tutti gli stampati necessari saranno
forniti dal Distretto' a ciascun locale
le spese di stampe'ria saranno carlcate
sul fondo indemnita.
John D. Harrington
John 0. Jones,
Charles Garner ■■
„    Comitato. '
Brewing Go., Ltd.
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Dining Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5,00
Rates $1,00 per day
R. Henderson, Dining Ronm Mgr,
| Fernie Dairy
(lolivornd to all
parts of the town
Sandon A Verhaeit. Brothers.
or»,   a
TfuoK Mark*
ir on riiwii
epattaTnttU*, WiHwaiobtftn, U the
ScltHtilie flmcricait.
lk*i»H»om*»)-» -Jtutr_«4 *nHr. l*rr*n nr*
i ofjui-f MMtiao )oarntl.  'Urni tpf
i/*w,I>oiiii#l'r«i>»ld.  Boll by
Ledger Ads Pay
Prusaku—a proto. rozhodla se vzdatl
Pariz skoro bez obrany. ■ Stalo se; a
lid Parize. spolechne s narodni gardou
obratil se roztrpcen proti vlade zhyra-
leho .Thiersa, ktery slouzil toliko zaj-
num bankeru a kapitalistu. •■ Thiers s
•jeho druzinou a 40000-vojeny utekl se
doVersailli, nedalekaParize, nachez lid
problasil dne 18 brezna komunu.' Ach
bylo mesto bez jakekoliv vlady, spech-
al lid Parize bez zvlastnich povelu li
obrane mesta a ihned cirieny pripravy
aby nikdo nemusel trpeti nedostatkem.
Treba ze nebylo zivotnich zasob nad-
bytek, nebyla bida nikdy kruta; zloc-
inu bylo nepatrne molo; nikdy snad
nebyla takova jistota y.ulicich mesta
jako v techto pohnutycli dnech, kdz
Pariz byla bez policejni patroly, " coz
dokaruji cetni pozorovatele, kteri"'tou
dobou V Parizi meskali. Bezdesna,
dobrovolna akce jeviia se vsude urch-
dy. Vsichni, ditky nevy jimaje, sna-
zili se byti vsude uzitechuymi.-bud v
obrane inesta proti Versaillskym. bud
zabpatrovanim streliva a naboju, nebo
potravin. , Ustupem vlady do* Versail-
II vymlzela i prostopasnost, k velike
nespokojenosti remeslnych prostltutek,
'jez ulmizdily se vukol sidln vlady.'
Thi'ersovy a jlnych parasltu naroda.
Na miste'vrazd a neporadku, zayladl
ve meste mir a poradek.. Ba vice.
Ac' byl nedostatek potravin I petnez,
ztrozlla komuna zlato svych nepratel
a k' vlastni zkaze," Se zajatci nakk:
dano jako s vlnstnimi druhy, kdezto
zajacti, kteri padli do rukou Versalll-
skych, byli bez milosti ihned zastrel-
eni, ovsom zo jmenem "Zakona a Por-
adku" a k vetsi cti a slave bozl.
Alo komuniste pochybili, kdyz so
domnivall ze mozno komunu'uzakoniti.
Byl toblz zvolen ustredni vybor, ktery
rldltl mel vsechny zolezitostl komuny,
a to byl pochntek Iconcu. Lid poclial
spolelmtl na ustredni vybor, ktery
svuj drnhoceny cas mrlial v parlament-
aiJ,'nlch Bporech o russno osnovy znkonu
a vynosy ruznych prohlasoni, kdozto
jlch nepritcl opevnovnl svo posico a
fiousti'iMlovnl armndu. Zkratka noch-
innost pi<evlndalii. Ncspecliala jiz
takrlcn spontnnne posllu lidu un oliroz-
ovnne posico nnrodnl gurdy n komun-
Istu, nobot kazda zndost o posllu mus-
ela predem projitl skrzo ruco vyboru
pro verej'nou bozpecnost a ochrunu, a
nozli tento vybor ao doliodl n putrlchtie
kroky ucliinll, byvnlo Jiz obychojno
jiz pozdo a tak ztrneel! ko-
inunlsto pozvoliia, alo proco Jlsto, Nez
lid nobyl nlktornk pornzlmmi oilstrn-
son; byl odhodlan liojovntl nr. do konco
dobro veda, zo vzdunl znnmonn pro ne-
ho ukrutno Irnpono nebo jIhIoii smrt,
Juk so ukaziilo u tocli, Klni'1 prvnl padli
do s-njcM VersnlllBkycli, Nluinnnn iidnt-
nost n moc lidu byln zlomonn ncrhln-
noHtl nob sund btizllvostl ustredulho
vyboru Itomimy, ktory do jioslodnl
chvllo smolll znkony n vyiiimel riiznii
nnrlzoiil, nez uby plnou svon oikm'kh
obrntll nn obrnnn nu'sth, Angllcky
komnnlsln Willinm MorrlH napBitl:—
"Mnolio ilrnlioc-onolio vam n Jesto vyco
iihIH zniK-dbnno vudcl v nini'iu* hiiii'/ii
C'lllltl     llZllliOlK'llllll     HVOllM
oblmjlll hvoJp RlnnovlHlco v zrnkti
Kninclc; hIiuiovIhI-o, coz durnzno tinlin
opukoviitl, Jiilioz nt'1-lniiinym cllom pm.
co bylo nilHtmnonl zukonllo lyrnnlo
[ivt-tii, NVinuzcnio hi' iilklurnk nbrnn-
III uiyslr-nc-'-. bo nerozhodnoBt n nonr-
I'liUimt cilo poollovitnii byla vo vbooIi
porudiicli iiHtralnllio vyboru n byln
take prlclinou vwcli uodoiiinlku, jlm-
h poutnnn bojovnout purlzHkclio lidu.
To nejlcpo ho ukuzalo atruzcnlm nnrodnl biinky. Snlco nnprltelo niiclia-
-e-uiu h« v jii-ii iiibu, jiiho bnlce otiin vu
i-ij-jjjjc b:i)i'i', u JiWjjujjJik' iwniM'tll
pi'Htl flvyeb.
Vypiijchlll hoIio toliko ninlou cnn-
tku naliromailwiolio lupu lidu, noz aby
vyvln*tnlli a k onvobotienl lidu pouzlll
pi-OHtivdku, Jez 1«ou vlastn-> jeho."
Komuna s triliovyni mndscnlm a nnd-
ojoml dno 18, brozna 1871 prohlanenn.
byla dno 27. Kvctnii upluo pornxena, v
krvl utoponn. A nynl znhnjon. "Vo
Jmonu zakona a vorojnoho porndku"
kruty toror, Jaky svet nikdy novldol.
Krute mul Iln so bestlnllta vlady a kap-
Itulu. Vjedlncm vprenl Ln HoQUctto
xavrflidcno prc« 000 znjatcti, bot jak-
ukoIU fonny Kimdu \wb /iikona." Lid
vraidon byl k ukojom muty zoldnoru,
ktorl protl Pru*nkum nodovodll ani
povsUtl. PadMlat tlale (60,000) oby-
vatel Parlie-ieny, rauit, itarcl I doti—
bylo Miato • t tecbto pre* (20.0M)
dvicei title jlch byto zavraideno. Ml*
mo to popntv-wo na ata Jlnyclfi yo Vor-
•allll.    Kektorl byli po tnnohamealch-
Zapadna Uhlova Spolechnost   Operat-
orov a Pistrik 18 U. M. W. A.
Toto ponize je najdena tih kornitov
Zakoni chvo derza Stari greement bu-
duza hovane.
(Dokto Lekar) a Spital:
Ked sa bude robit ne jaki poradek
pre lekara. Komita troh udov unie a
manager od kompanije maju sa zist a
vivolit doktora lekara a ked si vivola
lekara ti komiti. Manager a lekar,sa
zidu na shodze ktora bude uraden'a na
tu vec a zjednaju sa na kontrakt a
ten kontrakt musi but podpisani vset-
kimi ^torma chastkami to jest* komiti.
Manager a doktor (lekar) Stratenjauh-
(la vo vezeni medzi mijnerami a vahov
v Coleman, Alta., a nosenja timbrov do
kounter gangway v kolmanskih maj-
noh._ [  v
Agents of the Dominion Coal
' Co. of Cape Breton N. S., are
at work trying to induce miners of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. ...District and
local officers should, exert
themselves to prevent them
from securing any men for
such purpose.
A strike has been on in Nova Scotia and at these mines
since July 6 with every prospect of winning.
Don't go there and try to defeat your brothers who are
fighting for the right to organize and better condition's of
Stay away. Due notice will
be given in these columns
when the strike is won. Lab-
■   or papers, please copy.
salaires n'etaient que de quarante pour
cent au maximum.
Le prix du roulanta a augmente de
cent pour cent, le transport par tonne et par mille (distant) de ' cent
vingt-quatre pour cent, alors que
l'augmentatlon des taux imposes aux
expediteurs n'est que de quinze pour
cent au maximuml
La decision de la commission sera
donnee ces jours-ci sur la requete de
1'Assoeiation des marchands de bois.
lly-l.air  Xu.   iui
Cimeli—Echi  Delia
Tjeto otaski prisli pred kornitov a
nemohli sa projednat tak predseda od
zapadney uhlov'ej Spolecnosti operat-
erov a predseda Distriku 18 hoJU. M,
W, of A. vivolill si Slobodneho predse-
du.a sjednali sa ze pristanu na jeho
Slove . Na otaske strateneho uhla medzi Shutami a tiplom tak.
Ze ked Havjari maju kontrakt zrob-
eni ■,_ kompnnijov ze oni len v laduju
uhla do shnta a ze ho kompanija vezne
zo shutu a vlvezje ho von na tiplo a
odvazflnvho povedla llstu 11 ho v
greemonte zrobenl medzi zapadnov Uh-
lovov Spolecnstov Operntorov a dist-
rlkt 18 U. M. W. of A, tak ja nahodlm
ze to je nje Hnvjarova skoda a ze to
ma kompanija,skodovat toto je moje
Slovo dniio C ho' dna Decembrn roku
1900.    ., ■ .,'„'
J. W. Bennett
Slobodnl predseda.
Opojednanke o nosena timbrov Spolu-
Narodna Uhlova a kok Kompanija—
Coleman Alta, a U, M. W, of A. Dis-
trlk 18 tl.   , ,
To prlnalozl do Uhlovlh Majon Zak-
onov provlncljl Albert! Rogula 16n zo
drovo a tlmbro maju zdl but dorzano
pri fajco v kazdom   rume v ktorom
hnvjnrl delaju n v tojto rozhovorke Je
znniio ze sn moze noslt drovo n timbre ku tnpu alebo    do kroskotu na
kountor liontru,     Tnk mojl Slovo jo
abi timbre ta boli noscno.
Dntvo C lio dna docombrn 3909.
J, W. Bennett,
Slobod'nl Prodsodn
Shodza derzana v Lethbridge,  Alta,,
12ho Aprlla 1009.
Ktorl mnjnerl nomozu vlroblt po $3
na Hlilftu na Bellevuo, West Cnnndlnn
Collieries, Ltd.
List, sono obderznll od Pana Coull-
bard v ktorom povedul ze to uhIi usp-
orjnilnl ink hido toto vlnnhnll,'
Pro innolilni' bliipov nn numora R
nl (I mlno A. H. nnd I. Co,, Mlnos, Lolli-
brldRo, Altn,
Komiti podnvii zo tn plnon ktnru
pint 1 inncliine rouoroin kod. ktorl no-
pi'lilo do robot I bude pntvonlonn nlco
poveilln koutrnktu n ton kontrnkt ob-
Hiilnijo VHi-Mkl robot! Albertn Hnllwny
nnd IiTlKHiinn Coinpnny'H v,o pliu-n mn-
cliitio I'oncroiii ljuilo nnpi'iiv-iin un
PJit) nn Hlilftu n liolprovl ,M,on   nn
A nbl l.ouipuiiljii nnprnviln inticliltio
ifliiomni n lioprniii ktorl rnbn nu donl
pint uu tu pliicu liore nnpliiiinu od>1 lm
■Taniivurn lt'0!*t.
Tra cieche forre, tra roccie pendenti
Sul nostro capo entr'oscure caverne,
Fra pozzi cupi e.neri audit! algenti,
Fra rei miasmf, fra tenebre eterne.
\   *
D'ogni consorzio, dal mondo mol scissi,
A nutrir gli o'zj d'ignoti signor!)
Noi picconieri di monti e d'abissi,
Sepolti vivi scaviamo tesori. "
Scaviam tesori noi squallido armento
A voi terreno concilio di numi.
Tesor di ferro carbone, e d'argento
Tesor di gemme che abbagliono i lumi.
A voi la terra yestita di fiori,
Le'cene, i cocihj i teatri, le danze,'
Gli stabili ozj, imutevoli amori,
II conpro riso d'eterne speVanze.
Non aura sana d'amore e di vita,
Non guardo aniico, non dolce parole,
Ma pena eterna ma notte infinlta.
Mornin! forse Hon siamo? QuaL.tristo
Destin c'infligge si fiera condanna?
Se esiste dio se incarnato s'eacristo,
Perche aH'inferno'ancor vivi ci dan-
Scaviam, scaviam, .chi sa? forse J,ra
Ci mozza 11 flato quest'arla maligna,
CI schinccia  ilmonte, divoracl il foco;
Vedete? ln fondo la morle, sogghlgna.
Scaviam,  scaviam  le  reo vlscere  a
Terra a noi ricca d'obrobrj e d'affan-
Flnclie un sol guizzo dl vita ne resta,
Scavinmo II trono del nostri tiranni.
Sbridete su. ncgre macchlno immnnl,
Organ! nrlato, plcconi battelc,
Tuonate, mine, scoppiato, vulcani:
Lo.uostre loinbo mugghinndo schlud-
Venutn o Torn: nol vlll, nol roi,
Ai forll, ai glnsti sorginmo davantl
Nol bullcnmo d'ablettl plgmol.
Jllrnre In volto vogllamo I glgniul,
Noi v-nbblnm dato rimmoiiRo tosoro
Cho In son chludeva golosn la term:
Mn voi tltnnl dell'ozlo, cotvl'oro.
Avole mosRn nnnol prima ln fiuorrn.
Nol v'nbblnm I'nrclio dl gommo rip-
Kvvol In frlgllo cl nvoto corrollo:
Dol ferro notn nnnol fnlto (.ntono
I'cr liifcrrnrcl nH'crroro, niln notte.
Del carbon ndro, die l'nrll rnvvlvn
Clio vl HfosHliuno nol ninrnrl o Ioh. I,
Av ol unloru, u vol luco derivn
10 plimul hidiiHtrlo volimtl c-nminorcl.
I'or vol Hpezzliun lo montiiKiui por vol
Hcouillniii on 'lotti iloU'lKiU'fi gnuilio,
K vol cnl morinn iiokiuo iikII oi'ol,
CoIohhI crgoto n olio 11 pun o| u rnplto.
Hppui' voiloto? hIiiiii lniiiiil n coi-IohI
Honolio cniuiglln dn forolui o do riikiui
rntil/.l bloiull v pan-vlutl ImrKlii'Hl,
ili'liiillnmn un po non nbliliiln voi*K"H*
Cherry, 111.
Dopo l'estrazione di 31 cadaveri av-
venuta I'll corrente, .vennero portati
fuori anche i ventilator!, che avrebb-
ero dovuto servire a mantenere la clr-
colazioiie dell'aria nelle gallerie dove
i nostri poveri compagni dovettero
ciubedere per sempre gli occhi nella
disperazione suprema.
La compagnia, cinica e speculatrice
fino'agli estremi, tento di spedire i
lugubri apparecchi a Chicago, dove i
curiosi e gli amatori di emozioni, av-
rebbero pagato per osservall.
La notizia della' imminehte spediz-
ione dei ventilatori giunta all'orecchio
delle vedove provoco u'n certo ferm-
ento. Elisa Zaccari, donna co~aggiosa
e di forza virile, corse di casa in casa,
ad invitare le sorelle di' svenlura a
seguirla. Le* povei-ette si recarono.
alia stazione,. I ventilatori erano
chiusi in una cassa di circa 7 piedi di
lunghezza per 2V2 dl altezza ed erano
sorvegliati da due agenti ill polizia
sporca. Si attendeva il treno delle
4 pom. Io ero sul treno. MI recavo
a Cherry per l'ldentificazione dei miei
due cognati.Giovanni e Bartolomeo
Lanzotti e del cugino Antonio Bar-
ozzi.    '     ' ,.      I~-' r
Smontando fui colpito dallo strano
assembramento di donne. Vidi le vedove Maria.Barozzi, Elisa Zaccaria, la
Lanzotti e' molte nitre' eccitatissime,
furenti contro 1 poliztotti messi a guar-
dia dei ventilatori, Le sventurate
non volevano che venlssero asportatl i
muti ed insensibll! testlmonl- della
grande sciagurn.
Incoraggiate da Domenico Roggera
e da me le donne si fecero audaci, ml-
sero, in fuga 1 guardian! e si divisero I
ventilator!. Uno fu preso dall'Elisa e
l'altro dalla vedova Armelanl,
Sur una tavola era scrltto:
"Paolo Armelanl tutti vivi 2 P. M."
Cosaro Glacobazzl.
•■ Lead, South Dnkotn
T.a Sociota Crlstoforo Colombo No
2 della Federazione Colomblmm, In so*
duta genomic dol IC corrente, dellboro
an umanltn, dldnro un voto dl ring-
rnziamento a tutte lo Logge o a tutti
I confratolll cho contrlbulrono a socc-
orrero ! inombrl dolla nostra Bocieta
che dn cinque mesi bI trovnno In isclo-
pero. Un rlngrazlnmonto Hpocinlo villi a nl pi'oniotorl dolla Hottoscrlzlone.
Knti-o la Hsta delle Logge cho
contribiilrono im totnlo do ?*I72.2i" fl-
gum No. 12H Sociota Opornln, Lillo,
Alborta, con  $25.
I)et1a HOiumn venno dlvlsn frit gll
Hclopornnll blHognoHl npparlonu'iitl niln noHirii Hoclotn.
S. Oliorto, Pron.
J). Gnlll, Sok.
Los dopoclioH reciiOH do (inionwood,
nniiH nppi'oniifnf quo leu mlnoui-h a*-
sont nils on grovo puree quo lo "Ilrlt-
IhIi Columbln Copper Mining Com-
puny' poiKlKiiilt u omployor dos oiiv-
rloi'H no fiilKimt pus inirtlo do l'milun,
Loh tnlii'-ri Groonwood, Snudtoi' oi Mo-
tlior Ldilu out suHpundu Iouih iruv-
A Ily-l.u-.v (u riilfco Tt'ii TIiiiumiiiiiI |)ul.
lnr« («10,UO<MlU) for Sln-«-l liniirovi-
iii«mi< I'liriiiiht-N , iillliln tin- Cltv of
WURniQAS a petition lias \,veix presented to tlie Municipal Council of lliu
Corporation of the city of Kern ie slimed hy the owners of at least one-
tenth of tho value of the real pro-oertv
In the City of I-'ernlp, as shown bv the
last revised Assessment■ Holl request-
Iiiii them to introduce such a Bv-
AND WHIiniSAS. for the purposes
aforesaid, It will• be necessary to borrow the sum ,of Ten Thousnhd Dollars
($10,0000) and to Issue Debentures of
tlie City of Fernie for the -.purpose of
raising the  said  sum:
AND. WH13KBAS the amount of the'
whole rateable land or Improvements
or real property of the said Cltv of
l-ernle—according' to tlie last revised
Assessment  Holl—is   J'.'.OCG.'iSD.OO:
AND AVHEKKAS It Will be requisite
i1-),,-',1-1,?,? annually by rate the sum of
Jl.!i2.30 for paying the said debt and
Interest: u
AND WHKHKAS this'Uy-Law shall
not be altered or repealed except wllh
the eonsent of the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council:
NOW, THUlU31--OnB, the Municipal
Council ot the Corporation of the Cltv
of I-ernie enacts as follows:
1: It shall, and may be, lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of lhe
City of.ternle to borrow upon the
credit of tlie said Corporation by way
of Debentures hereinafter mentioned
from any person, persons, bodvor bodies corporate, who may be willing to
advance the same as a loan, a sum not
exceeding the whole sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) and to cause
all sums so raised or received to be
paid into the hands of the Treasurer of
the said Corporation for the purpose
and with the object hereinbefore recited: „ ./
2: It shall be lawful for the Mavor
to cause any number of Debentures' to
be made, executed or Issued, each lor
tlie -sum ot Five Hundred Dollars,
(JdOO.OO; as may be required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of Ten
thousand'Dollars ($10,000.00) and al!
such Debentures shall bo sealed with
the seal of the* Corporation and signed
by the Mayor thereof:
3: The said' Debentures shall bear
date from the fifteenth day of May,
Jj!_L._jyidu__*-]__ _.]nada_nav-fihie_i>>_i'n.
TGilTN from the said date "in"" lawful
money of Canada at the office ot the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in Fernie
aforesaid, which said place of payment
shall be designated by the said Debentures, and shall have attached lo them
coupons for tho payment of interest
and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written, stamped,
printed . or lithographed,
-I: The said Debentures shall bear Interest at tho rato of flv- per cent
x"\ ,Pf>' cent.) from the date thereof,
whicli Interest shall be payable annually ",*• *■]*?. sal(- off,ce of ""3 Canadian
Uank of Commerce In Fernie, aforesaid,
L_, 'awful money of Canada on tho
fifteenth day of May respectively In
each year during the cu-n-encv nf the
said Debentures, and It shall bo expressed in said Debentures and coupons to lie no payable:
5: It shnll bo lawful for the Muyor
of tho said Corporation to negotiate
and sell tho said DolienluroH, or anv of
them, nt lesn than par, but In no case
Hhall tho said Debentures or any of
them, lie negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-ilvi! per centum of their
value, Including tho cost of negotiating
their sale, brokerage, and all other Incidental expense:
fl: There shall be.' raised nnd levied
in each year during lho currency nf
snld Debentures the sum of JG00.O0 for
payment of Interest nnd tho-Hum of
$872,SO for payment of said Debentures liy rate sufficient thcreforo on
all 'i-atc-nlilo lnnd or Improvements or
real'property In the snld Municipality:
7: It shall he lawful for tlio said
Municipal Council to lo-purehnso imv
of tho snld Debentures on such tortus
as may bo ngrecd upon with tho leu.'il
linldei-H thereof, I'Hher at the tlniu of
sale, or nny HiiliHi-iiuont tlmo or tliium.
and all D.iIh'iiiiih.h so ru-piirt-li-i-41-d
•mI-iii 11 forthwith lm cancelled and destroyed, iuul iin re-Issue nf the )>"-
liiintiir-'H ho re-pui-clmsed Hhnll be mnde
In cnnHPf-unncu nf Hiieh rc-pui-chns''.*
Ihls Hy-I.nw shnll lnko effect nu the
I'lfloniitll day of May, A,  P, 1910.
This Uy-Law may be cited for all
purposes uh lhe City o|* ■•'■•nilu
hlri'iit Improvement Hy-I.nw If)]',,
Done   nnd    pawned   In   open   Council
on the 18th day of April, ,\,  P., Ulio.
Ileeelvod   the   iiHsent   of   thc ■ people
tlilM       ilnv   nf...,,,..
A, P, 1010. 	
lloeoiiMldered and finally passed
and  ndopied  UiIh    ,|,ty of	
... . . Nntli-e
I nlte nolle e 111.11 I lie iilim/it l.'l ;* Ini..
I'lipy of Hie pinpoHed llv-l.iiw Upon
whleh thn vntn of the Miinle.-liuillly will
lie taken at the city nf i-Vriii,. ,,n
I iiii'hiluy, thu .".Hi ,|ay of May. A, D,
rJin. Iieiwei-n tin, iinui'H „f i,.,, „'(,i,,(,|(
In I in inoi'iilng and K In lhe o\vii|iik\
al  the i.'lly  Mall,
(I. II.
Fernie,  It, (', April   18, 1!»10,    '   '
purpose and object aforesaid,, not exceeding, however, the sum of Nine
Thousand Dollars ($9,000.00), and all
■•-iK-n Debentures* shall be sealed with
the seal of the Corporation and signed
by the Mayor thereof:
3: The said Debentures shall -bear
date from-the fifteenth dav of May.
and shall be made pavable in 30 years
years from the said date In lawful
money of Canada at tlie office of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in Fernie
aforesaid which said place of payment
shall be des gnat-sd by the said Debentures, and shall liave attached to them
coupons for the payment of Interest
and the signatures so the Interest cou-
!!vin,S,„?ay i'?1,?lt'lpr written, "stamped,
printed    or lithographed.
i: The said Debentures shall bear interest at the rate of five' per cent
(6 per cont.) from the date thereof,
which Inleic-st shall bo payable annua!-
y at the said ofrice of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce In Fernie, aforesaid,
In lawful money of Canada on the
fifteenth day of May respectively In
each year during the currency of tlio
.'-aid Debentures, and It shnll be expressed In said Debentures and coupons to bo so pavnble:
/'■It shall be lawful for tho Mavor
of ilie mild Corporation, to ' negotiate
and sell the said Debentures, or anv of
them, at lees than par, but In no case
shall the --.aid Debentures* or anv of
tliem, be negotiated or sold for" less
than nini-tj-.||ve per centum of their
value. Iiu'lu-llng the co;*,t of negotiating
their sale, brokerage, rind all other Incidental itxiH-nst-:'--
.*>: There shall lie raised and levied
In. each year during the currencv . of
said debentures ihe sum of $-150.00 for
Si?*)'*,"!-"1. "' '"f-'resl. and the sum of lor payment of said Debentures by rale sufficient therefore on'
all rateable land or Improvements or
real property in the said Municipality:
.7: It. sliall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of tlie snld Debentures' on such terms
ns may,be agreed upon with the, legal
holders thereof, either at the time of
sale, or nny subsequent time or times,
and all Debentures so re-purchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of the Debentures so re-purchased shall lip made
in consequence of such re-purchase:
"This shall take effect on the
Fifteenth day of May,  A.  D.  1910.
This  By-Law  may   be  cited    for all
purposes    ns     the     City     of     Fernie
Electric Light Extension Bv-Law 1910.
Done   and   passed   in   op'en   Council
on   the  ISth day of April, A. D.,  1910.
Kecclved   the   assent   of   the , people
n.-iiiio: dttyof-.-.	
Keconsldered   and     finally     passed
and  adopted this    day of	
A.  D.  1910. -
.Vol lee
Take notico that the above Is a true
■copy of the proposed By-Law upon
which the vote of the Municipality will
be taken at the City of Fernie on
Ihursday, the 5th day of Mav, A. D.
1910. between the hours of ten o'clock
in the morning and S in the evening,
al the City Hall.
G. II. Ilonllou.
,     „  „ •     • City Clerk.
Fertile, R C. April IS, 1910.
II rnpporto dol comliiito Hpocinlo mil-
lo liKloiunliii.
II vostro comltiito si incnrlcn dl pro-
,Xi:i,IAli:  tii'i   pi-./pv-ai'ti   ill   H'tiHar-JO   ill
pagnnionto dollo ludomnltn cd » tutto
lo nltro ki 11*0 in rnpporto, rogiinnlnnil
I menbri del IS mo. dlittrotlo, o pro-
pono do cho hokuo:
Imo. Tl illstrotfo rnnrtnrrn o fini»lifir'i
tutto lo uooso dol procoBfil rlKUfirdan-
tl dot to Indomnltn.
Sn 11 dltitrotto Kimdnirnora la causa
al rlmlioruorn dollo nncno mn In tutti
I canl 11 comltnto esecutivo nvrn il
il Iri tto dl rlgotturo tullo lo roclnmnt-
lonl cho saranno cousldoratn non Jo«-
Klttimo, e clio inflnc I noKuontl rogoln-
nwmll uaranno inclunl n»lt titto <>oMlt-
uzlonale dol dlitroito, per la condottft
del alngoll membri.,
2 mo. II gecrelarlo di rlatccun dis-
tram Jornlft, voreora menmiiilmonto nl
Dldtretto In nomm» di 5 »oldl per mom-
bro In tKBlnnta alia ttu«a Indivlduale
o delli* contribution! alreardlnnlr*, In
quale nomrns iara vonata al fondo
upoclnlfl  deMlnuto eacluslvament-i a
nrliiilliiiiid IiihImiio nl Invoro oho
Alia KlUHtlzIn tlio V iipnrl»« nbln-llo,
Al pnn olio iiiniol, nll'oiior olio n
if.'ii uii.i jiiiii. lii" ilii, I ntilixirlw.
Mn vol fromonto, ed off-owl dnl ivrr.o
Pol noHtrl ronrl iaootn In fnocln,
K ol (lniiclittn col vnHtro diHpro/zo
X'„    ilm-f.   ,1,'fin     ,,*,,,   ,-*,*,,,lil.|   J^tri.,rinti
■ <m*
Le Cout De La Vie Augmente De 1*10
Pour Cent en 12 Ana
OTTAWA 2D iivrll—I.'AHHfiolnl Inn
di-H initri'liiindH do IioIh do olinrpouto n
doinnndi" lit roductlon don tnux do
triLiiiiliiii'i pnr voir fi'i'teii |ioin'li'iirs
iiinrcliuiiiliHoH, l.os ohoinliiH do fn- nro-
loiidoiit ipio I.i ii nt Irtii tie omit
do In vie, du roiilniit, du nititi'iii-I ot
ilcti onnimodlton out uoonMHltr* I'lu-cruc
den tnux do triiiiKpoi't,
Tel cNt oo i|iil I'OHHorl (Ioh dollliorn-
HOIIH   (1(1   111   (UllllllIhHll)ll   lies   I'llOlllIllH
do fori
I.OK fJl'llllllH . 'KCU1IX lllsi'tlt (|tio 1'niiR-
.ni.nT'lf In,'   itn   |f*MI*'*   r-IT-.i,, ,*i   \\,■'■.'.,*
fliinto uu olinpliio du trimipnrt dot*
IkiIh do chnpoiito. l.o Ciiliiiilleii-N'oi'd
iioiiiku mi'iiio uno dlmiriuntioti.
An 4-ourj* do IVuqtii-tc, ou n toriM,.
(o (|in> ilopuin dotut! ails Io runt do lu
vie iivnlt nuBmonto do 75 n 110 pour
<*OIlI»(lll.*lTI()X   OF THE,CITY   OK
,   Ily-Luiv Xo. 100
A Hy-1-m'v _(o_r(ilwe_»r.Qon.(i(> for tlio-	
riTnx'Hi!  <i»    (.'oiiMlru'elliig    n     Wnnl
Seliool In  (he   IVrule   Annex    \vlthln °
tlie City of Feriilet
WIIEUEAS a petition has been presented-to the Municipal Council of tho
Corporation of the City of Fernle,,sign-
ed by the owners of at least one-
tenth of the value of the real property
In the City of Fernie, na shown by the
lust revived Assessment noil requesting them to Introduce suoh- a-,-, By-
Law: ' .  „   -....     ■  ... ,
AND "WHEREAS,     for  the purposes .
aforesaid, It will be necessary to bor-
■_*Jv„i'.-!e,,,H!im of Seven Thousand Dollars
($7,000.00) ■ and to Issuo Debentures of '
the City of Fernio for the purposo of
raising the said sum: •   '■   .*
AND -WHEJi-KAS  the amount of'the
whole   rateable  land   or   Improvements
or  renl  property    of  tho said  Cltv of '
Fernie—according to  Die   'last rovlfced"
Assessment   Itoll—ls   Vi,006,395.00:
AND  WHEREAS It  will  be requisite   -
to raise annually  by  rale tho sum  of
$900.61   for  paying   the  said   debt  and
AND WHEREAS this Uy-Law shall
not he altered or repealed except with
tho consent uf tho Lieutenant-Governor
In Council:
NOW, THEREFORE, tho Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tlio City
of Fernie cnnotH ns follows: ■
1: It shall, and may he, lawful for
the Mayor of tho Corporation of tho
City of I'"ernlo to borrow upon tho
credit of the said Corporation by way
of Debentures hereinafter mentioned •
from any person, persons, body or bodies corporiitu, who may bo wllllnu lo
advance the snmo un a loan, a sum not
exceeding the whole -mini of Heven
Thousand dollars ($7,000) ancl to causo
nil minis ko raised or received to bo
paid Inlo tho hands of tho Treasurer of
the snld Corporation for lho purposo
,-uid .with tliu object horulnhefuru recited:
•i: It Hhnll bo lawful for (he Mayor
to ciuiKn any number of Debentures to
be made, executed or Issued, ench for
tlio siim nl Flvo Hundred Dollars.
($500,(10) an mnv bn required for tlm
piirfirwe nml object aforesaid, not hjc-
eei'illng, however, the sum of Kevi-n
Tliiiimiiin] Dollars ($7,000,00) and all
sneli Unhenl iri-s shall bo sealed wllh
the seal of Dm (Jiii-puratldn nnd signed
by Hi*' Miiy-U' thereof;
;i: The hii Id Debentures shall hear
date from lhe flfleenth dnv nf Mav,
1910, and shnll he iniide pavable lit id
yon I'M from the said ilnli- In lawful
innni'V of ('iiiind.'i at the nfl'lon of Uur
('iiniiillnii Hunk nf ('iiiiiinnrce In Fernio
afi.r. i-iil.l, wMi h mid |*liiu: of pa:, iiiuiil
shnll he ili'iilgiinli'd by Ihe snld Di-lieu-
tiiii'i<, iuul uliiill hnvi' at I firh.'il lo tln-m
einipiins for ihi' iiiivini-nl nf Inli'i-i-Ht
iuul tin' hlii nnt '.I I i\s in llm Intel'i'Sl roll-
piniM tuny In- either writ ten, Mtumped,
primed    in* illhiigrii|)||i>d,
■I: The snld lii'bciitinvN shall bi'iir In-
teri-st nl iln* rale nf liv.- per cent
i.'i lier ii'iii.i inun iln-, dale thereof,
Whleh Intri'i'Ki "Imll In* 11a\,-11 ■ I• * iinnuiil-
ly hi i)n< iiiiil niriii' ni the ('iiiwiillnn
Hank ol I'liiniiwiii' In I'l'inli'. it 1'' • r. - im - j Iii,
In 111 Willi ini'lii'v nf CiiiiiiiIii nil (Iir
flfii-i-nili iliiv ni Mnv ri-tpi'i-Hvi'iy In
fiicli vi'iic ilnrliig Hie i iiri'i nev of    lln>
. Mild   I iciii iiiiui"-,   nml   ll   Hinill   I >;-
■in,-MM il   In   Mihl      I .ebi'Mlilli's   nnd   rmi-
1 |ii,|)k  Hi  lie im |,iiviihh*:
I     ,-i;   ll   -.hull  In-   lawful   fnf  Hie   Muv-nr
riiiii'oitvnii.v ni' 'iui! I'lTY or
ll)-l,mv Xit, llll
\  II > -1.11 \* tii rnl»e Mile TIiimiiiiihI Dol-     ... , ,   ., ., , .,   .
InrH  lill.OOO.lHM  for    (In.     I'll", "m... .if I'"  ,,l,"1,''*1"1  <'•l"1l"1"','I,,'',.,     "*   »I"K»«11'";
eileiiilliiu  Hie Dl.'iirli- l.lulil  •.jKiem!1,1,1"1 M ',' ",'.   I"'l"',j,l,l|,|',,|'1"ni">' "f
■kmi  III oi.enill.ii. In tlie I'll,   oMVr-   ' "' ' •   '.,  ll"'"    ''V," ,1"",''  '',"   '"  "" '"""r
„!,., '"Iiiiil   the mid   Me|iniiiiiri-h   nr   nnv   nf
WIIEUEAS ii iwlliti.i. I n. I.,.,, j,.,-. ' »!" '" ',"* ii''i'nlliii,-,| ,,i* ,.,!,| (■„, I.- -
-I'll-i-il lo lhe Millilrlliii! I'.,mull i,f Hie I"11,"1 l'l>i'-ly;llve per e.-nHim nf llirlr
C.ii-li..llllll.ll ..I' II,e I'Uy „f Til nie ■.iui..,):'","' ■■"•■■.■■ll')** 'In- i-i'l ul liegiillatllig
• "I   l>>    tl.-'   iflMHin     nl    at   leui,I      ,,„„. ,H"lr >-jl>'. I'l"lwnigi', .nnl nit ull.ei   in-
li-lllb nf Hie  V.illle nf Ilie ri'iit  |.|iili-riv   ll'l,,'",V.i    'M'"i,"'!',;	
ill Hie CUV nf I'Vlllll", lis Klmwil IiV I lie ' , '*: ' I"'1'1' l,ll"111 ,1'" »'ltl«i'd lllld 1-vleil
Iiim I.vImi] .Nh^.iMiielil linll I i-iiin ht- ''" . 1 ",'',l1 J""1 '"" "|; ""' '*<« t i •ntv nf
HUT (Iniu t.. lulrii-liiii- i.uh ,i Hi. '"■■■ J"-l«'Mliiii*- Hi" Mini ..r J |.,ii.Mi| for
|,li\V j tiiut'li'ii!   nf  liileii-fl,   and   Un-   Mini   -if
AND WIIEIII'A,*-.. lm- H.e pim,.,,„*„; Mlnf.I lm |.n\ liieiii of -,il.| liel.-i,-
HfiiieKiilil, II will bo li-'i-eHMII-V tn li.if- I •■,-.■■■■'■ t,x- \u\v Mlflli-lelil Hiel'efi.l i< nil
lnw tin- HIIIII of Nine TIliniHiiml  Ii.iIIiiik 1 '•" ,r_ ti-illilt-   Imul   nr   liiiinnv-eineiii t   „r
Tonic   or   Stimulant?
There is an immense difference between a tonic and a
stimulant. Up one day, way back the next; that's a
stimulant. Steady progress day by day toward perfect
health; that's a tonic Ayer's Sarsapariila is a tonic,
a strong tonic. The only Sarsapariila entirely free from
alcohol Do not stimulate unless your doctor says so.
He knows. Askhim. Do as he says. j.c. Am Co.. iJieaiiMau.
GmuUmUm U Uw oft* flrot taata at •kMteadaclit, biKoowm, iniltttUtm, h*A
hrudh, debflrty, nerttmaeu,  HmyourdtxtorevtrrtcatnmtndedAytr'tPlOtUi you7
. .*  . .. ,..-„*- 11..,.,,,,,,,. ,,i
lho IMiy of   I'einli"  fni   tin*   jmrtiiiNii nf
i .•',.'' ■     ... I 	
AND lVIII*:itr;,\S lhe ninniint ,,t Hie
u Imle I men bin lumi or Impinvi'ineniM
nr I'enl pinpellV uf the >i|lli| C|tv nf
I'i uili • ,11 i.iitillnK iii tin, ii'VlNed
Am.i niniMit Hoii   i.i j;1iii;i!,'i:i,'.,o'i;
AND Wll Kit HAS It will be ie-|iil«|to
In niKi' militiiilly by i.ile iln- Mill) ,,f
♦ '""' '"   '  -        * '        "       .'-.''
AND Wlli:m:AS MiIh Hy.L.iw MintII
nol be alien ii nr i-pi-fili'd mit-jit wllh
thli I'firiM'iil of llm l.leiili'iiaiil-fiiivernnr
In Ciiiini'll.'
NOW, Tlinitni'Mtti;, the Municipal
f'-uincll of the f'ni|iiitfiUnti i,1 the Cily
nt l-Vrrilt" fnii-'lH n» fnilnwn:
I: lt. Hhnll, nnd mav    be, lawful fnr
Ihe   MaVnr   nf   the   <'<ii'(inr<lllfin   nf   tin-
-"liy   -if   JVti.U      i,,   I,-.; ii.w    U|..,ii   inr
tieilll nt Uih Htttd I'liiporullan liy way
|nf ri<>lientiir*M<    hi-ielnafifi-    mentlone-l
fr,\m tiny fn*r.,,|,i_  j,, ,   ,.,,  _  ,. „\y ,lr h„,J.
i leu oorixtrMlr,  win. mav  te -AllllriK tn
jiiilvaneo tho rntrnt* n« » ln»n, » mini not
lexreeillntr th« whole mini of Nine Thnu*
Uarul   IloTtilro   l|t>,n(iij,i-(i*i   nml   tn  rnui-r
I .ill  num*  mt  fulneil  or   rri-rlvri!  lo  !»«■
1 p.ilil Inlo fhi» )i»ii-)*i tit Hie Tr-Mntinr of
'Hm»  nnld  Cnrpm'fttfnn  fnr  lb-  rMl^pr>p^
; «tnl    wllh  th# ob1«-<r<  li*r#ln»*f«r»  wr.
i lint:
i ,.'■ fl *h*11 he Mn-fnl f,,r Hi- >'r
iln rmi-r" any numti*>r of I*ii>li< nturei fn
! be m»ili>, rxvciiled or Utiif-1, f*rh tor
i the num or Klve Hiitnlreil ImIIm-i,
i i I'iOO.oo) im may lie ri»i|iilreil fir Hib
'.'       ' ' ,        ,*,!     ■'  i"        l-.iui
Miinl-'fl'iil ('niinell In ri'.pnii'liiiiie mu*
nf Iln* Mild lielienliiii'H nn Miih ii-rmi
iih mnv  be 'itM"ei|  iipnn  with  lli» lei;;il
InillIllK llieleiir, .11 lul* 111 lhe llllle nf
Mlile. "'M' I'M i ni|ii-i-i|i,i'iil lime n|- llllieh.
Kill) fill lH'1.Lllllll I'l HII I l'-pilll*llllHi*ll
-'llllll    fill Hill llll    lie   illlii'i'lleil   Hllil      <l»-
|iinli;M'> m le.piiii hni-c,I ^l,i,ll lie iniiili.
Ill efiiineiiiieiice nf hiii-Ii le-pnri'li-ix-*:    n
ThlK llv.f.liw Klilill lllhe effi-rt nn t|.!>
I'lfUenlh tiny of Mnv. A,   ll.  HMO.
T|ilx lly-l.itw mny be rlted fnr nil
iiurpn»i'K im Hie C|ty nf iVrnln
Ward  Helinnl |i\-.(,n<nr  ll*i|n.
P-irie ami panned In npen Cniineil
■ id Hn* 1Mb day of April, A.  M„ l»ln.
It.ielvi'il lhe iitmnt of tlie t.en|ili.
"i-  I.n   nf	
a. 11. id in.
KiM'iitMlilrreil wnl flnnllv pni-i-il
np,1   fi.l,.r,l,*,l  ||,|*.       ituj,   ol	
a, n, im.".
Tnke iiiiil**.* Hint tbe «t«.ve I" tt triie
M.pv nf tl.i- |>ii,|...«n-i1 1\y.Imw ut-nn
whleh Hip vile nf lhe .Mlllil.'limltty Wilt
bf Irtkrn (it tbf Ctty nf Ki-iiili- nn
Tlniti'ilny, the ,'Hi ilny of Mmy, A. )>.
!H*. Wlmiii Hn- b-riiir* nf tell oVloclc
In  tlif mnrrilnir and »  In the eventnr.
m u," -.'io ti.1,'.:.
ii. II. Ilntillan.
City Clrrk.
IVrivIe, ll. C. April  1«, Hid. _ x*.a*r, _ xwuta i
A veritable human pliable toothpick
who creates storms of laughter at the
Pernie Opera house.*
If you are entitled to*, vote on the
by-laws remember the day 'is fixed
for the 5th. Vote first and kick afterwards.
The monthly tea. of the Methodist
Church Ladies Aid will be held at thc
home of Mrs. H. Wilkes on Tuesday,
May 3rd, afternoon at 3.30 p.m., and
evening at 8 p.m.
Services will be held at the Method-
ist'church on Sunday as^usual. Morn-
ingvat 11, a.m. and-evening at 7.30 p.-
m. . Rev. Lashley Hall will preach at
both-services. At the evening service a solo will be rendered by Miss
Laura Hall, the youngest daughter of
* the pastor. Everybody welcome.
A, E. .Yeager was tried last week
before P. M. J. Ryan at Cranbrook,
charged with obtaining money under
false pretences. " It appears* thnt he
took two very.large coyote pelts to a
Moyie justice- of the poaco to whom
■ he claimed they were the skins of
timber wolves, and upon this representation he was paid $30. Chief Sampson
was notified and he, in order to be
absolutely sure, culled In the services
of an export who promptly classified
them as coyotes.. The accused was
committed for trial.
May Day colijures up in the mind of
tho Sv.'nool girt thai beautiful recltat-
< ion about "cull" me early mother, for
tomorrow is the bright May morn";
to the industrial worker there looms
visions of a holiday with its accompanying parades, blare of trumpets and
sounds of oratory; to the furniture re-
. mover it's the day when he makes his
harvest as this is the day fixed upon
by many to "change their domicile.
These various phases of the events
incident to the initial day-of next
month fade into insignificance when
dwelt upon by the disciple of Isaac
Walton who rises blithely as tiie lark
in anticipation of a thoroughly enjoyable day's sport, which is a foregone
conclusion if he first equips himself
with the proper accessories. A com-
_ plete) shipment of all the hooks, flies,
leaders/ reels, rods, etc., have been unpacked at. Suddaby's and as an examination of them would gladdon the
heart of local *. fishermen, we would
urge that they go early and make
their selection. ''
.-• Tlie meetings of the Socialist party
are increasing in  attendance    every
' Sunday evening, and the interest evidenced by the participants shows conclusively  that the  members  of    the
working class are'determined to study
the. questions so vital to their   own
well being.     A' very lively discussion
ensued at the meeting' held in their
regular quarters on the lower floor of
the Miners Opera house on    Sunday
'"evoTivng"last_whOT. the-'differentrdebalT-
ers gave expression to their opinions
regarding the much mooted influence
of, the respective methods of ad van c-
"ing the emancipation of the workers,
both on thc political field and through
their economic .or industrial organizations,     It was decided  to celebrate
May Day by holding a meeting in the
Opera House, when C, M. O'Brien will
address  the  gathering    on  the vital
question, which is considered by all,
"The   Labor   Problem,"   and   for   the
solution of which the Socialists claim
and aro over ready to defend  their
position that tiie only way it pan be
solved is by tlie total abolition of the
present expropriation  of surplus  value.
The Store of Good Values
Our Grocery Department is no exception to
the rule,* that we supply you equal quality goods i'or
less money, and better quality goods for equal
We receive every few days direct from the
best Creameries of Alberta the choicest of Creamery
Butter. There is positively none better made, and
our price' considering the high quality is exceptionally low,
Per Lb. 35c
For a few days we offer you some very Fancy
Table and Cooking Onions at the1 very low price of
8 Lbs. 25c
You can have a good garden at little cost if we
furnish the seed. We guarantee May and Simmers Flower and Vegetable Seeds, while, our priee
speaks for itself.
°     10 Pkts 25c
-.--   Sunlight and Lifebuoy Soaps
5 Cartons 25c
Table and Gloss Starches
3 Pkts 25c
.    '"'    B.JX Pure Cane Granulated Sugar -
20 Lb. Cotton Sacks $1.25 Each
. o Lb. Tins Solid Pack Quaker Brand Tomatoes
' '-   ■ _-.     ;9,Tins $1   "<*■
Witch Hazel Toilet Soap, per box: * 20c
Sherriff's True Fruit Jelly Powders, ..4 pkts 25c
Huntley and Palmer's Fancy Biscuits, per lb.1. .25c
Force. Malta Vita, Corn Flakes,'  3 pkts 25c
Large Size Navel Oranges, per dozen 25c
For Saturday's Selling we offer a range of
Women's Oxfords in sizes 3 to 7, made up in Don-
gola, Vamp and Back Stay, 'witli Matt. Calf Top
and Patent Leather Tips. A stylish and comfort
fitting last makes this shoe good value at our regular selling prico of $2.50.        * '
Special for Saturday $1.45   .,'
For Saturday's selling   we   present   without,
charge 2 yards dress goods with every purchase of.
,* five yards.     Our showing comprises the season's
newest' cloths, also Panamas, Serges, Satin Cloths,
Voiles, Eolicnnes, etc.
Prices -range from 50c to $2.00
. w.
and. R.,
Tooke and Cr,-.
;scent Negligee
Shirts, i
•egular $L25
. $1.50 and $1.75
for Saturday's
Your Choice $1
Hats for the Babies, the Boys, and the Girls
in a large assortment of Canton, Rustic and Pedal
•Straws.   -.•.,'• . •
Prices range from 50c to $1.25.
' Is certainly a leader.   Ask anyone who has used it,
they will all say, "It. is the BEST we have ever used"
For Saturday I will have Baynes Lake
Radishes, Lettuce; Onions and Rhubarb
All Fresh and Tender. * ?>
i  • 1
Remember, this Saturday will be tho last
day of Reduction Sale in this department. 7D0 not overlook it It's a money
saver for you.
The Cash Merchant
Opp. Post Office
We are sole agents for
Our Price $1.40    „
in i
• Saturday
i new sprii
■•   *->     ,-,  .-
we offer a Stetson Hard Christy
g block, regular $5
■ -.
- "**■-„
Special $3.50, ,
"   ■    .*
,_ Stiindard__,ishion-Bonks_for_M.'LV_hn-V__ari,.iv.p.d-
•a  .
SUITS   and
arid up made to your measure.   The
, latest New York and English
Cloth and Styles   l
P A T-JT-TST. TTTM   Room* 2 and 3, The A. Beck Btoclt
Conl Creek
Editor Ledger:.  ,
Sir: To decide an argument:
A. claimed that a phonograph produces sound, und thuroby makes a
11 claimed that, a phonograph produced mimic and music Is not noiso,
Would llko ti published in paper as
to which you consider is right, as to
whcihcr thi-M'ij was uny noiso made or
no, A was on night' Bhlft and was
trying to gel. a sh-op, whilo II was amusing lilmnclf on tlio phonograph.
Thanking you for an answer, yours
Rd. Not-.-:  In roply to our querist,
must accept the necuriicy of tlio claim
of A, as tlio dictionary definition of
noiso is:
"Noiso, nolz, N. n sound of any kind,
a din, clamour, frequont. talk,"
True,a phonograph may produce music,, hut music connlHtH of sounds of
varying Intensity and sound and noiso
are synonymous lorins,)
thoy are entitled to the honor of being
regarded as princes of good fellows,
We recognize the drawback that the
long intervening distance without any
club has upon the consurmition of this
project, still if thero be,any means
whereby this may be effectually removed it. would be a great encouragement * to the football .supporters-. of
The flow of Canadian emigration
this year will create a record. The
'following tablo shows tho Increase
iu tho number of emigrants to Canada
from all parts, Including Great Britain, during each of tho first throe
months of this yonr,.and last'year:
1909       1910
February       4791
March   12000
.Moyie, |), C. Apr. 27
Kil 11 or Ledger,
Sir: I wish to nsk you for space In
your valuable paper to inulfo It known
to tlio Crow's Nest Football Association that wc wlnli tn outer Into tho cup
Any liifni-iniiilon wnnlil bo thankfully
received i-ogiirdliig this particular cup.
Thanking yon In advance, I  rr-ninlii,
Yours truly,
Joseph McLaren
(Md,--Tlie cniiiiiiiinlciillon nbovo Is
ii'hpi.-cifully ivlVn'1-il lo tlio officers of
Uio l.oimiie, mid it Ih hoped that, hoiuo
satisfactory arrangement  mny Ik; hi*
li'l.ll-U     ., »i» I » li$     llll.'l    I * t(« (I'll     J,m'*»J      <■•■*
gl llllt I'll.
Moylo Ih bi-niitlfully Hlluiileil fin the
tinnier of tt lnko of the siinm name,
and If an excursion could be iitrangoil
fur nt ttie «nm«> time us tlie flubs mot
ii inoht onjoynl'ln day's outing could
tie had. not only that the known hos-
pttnlity of (ho Inhabitants of HiIh.mining town would rerlnlnly prove   that
ff you aro a particular smoker get
your smokeB at Ingram's.
There Is no use talking, tlie spot to
buy your "furnituro and stoves Is at
tlio Ti'itQH-Wood Co, Mil,
For Sale: A lot n0x132, all cleared,
with a flvo room houso, nicely finished nnd painted, completely furnished.
Kor sale at. one half of actual cost,
So*1 Lyons, TlPiii|(*i-Bon  Hloek.
It Is going to lio pretty hot, How
nbout bamboo shades for your verandah, They have tliem In" all hIzoh,
und the prlco Is the smallest thing
about. Hie mat the Trltos-Wood Co.,
To Lot: New seven room house with
tip to dalu plumbing fixtures;1 corner
Victoria nvi'iiuo and Davies street,
two blocks north of tlio school, Ready
I'or May 1st, Apply .1, M. Ledger
Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee at Ingram's.
Duck eggs for sal*^, $2 a setting,'
Apply E. H: H. Stanley, Baynes Lake
B. C. • 2t
Do you know they sell refrigerators
-—yes sir, and thoy are cheap at the
Trites-Wood Co. Ltd.
Wanted: Reliable nurse maid by lst
lUuy. Must bo at least 16 years old.
Apply Mrs. W. R. Ross.
' Just the thing curly In tho morning
or late at night: a hot lunch at Ingram's.
Halley's Comet Is coming, so are the
flies. Better got screen vdoors and
window screens at the Trltos-Wood
Co. Ltd.
Hot tea or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room,
For Sale: Soven fresh cows, can be
soon at Matthew'Tuily's, Fernie Annex
across Rocroation Grounds. 40p
For sale: Quarter section of first-
class land,within three milos of Pincher station, Alborta (virgin soil.) Apply Lodger.
House for Salo with 2 lots In Wost
Fornio; ft roomed houso, wator.' Enquire of E, TInrper, McPherson avonuo.
Wanted: Experienced lath mlllmoii
to work In Fornie, H. C. Munt have
Bomo oxporlonco, Apply to L, T.
Smith, cure Elk Lumber Company, Fernio, B. C.
For Sulo: Rhubarb roots. 31.50 por
dozen, Htniwliorry plants $1 per 100;
cabbage and ciuillflowor ■■ plants,
rendy In Mny. .1. McLachlan, West
Fernie. I*-'")
Two iicroB of laud, 1 !M qci .h clour-
od, houso 2-1x20 three board, stable 14
xM 2 storey, chlckon house 14x12 also
throe board, Price 1050 dollars;
$500 down, balance In ton montliH. Apply to R llariMir, McPhorHou avonuo,
Fertile, II. C.
Garden ' Fences
If yon w-utt a fence lllllll uiiiimil
\-inr |>ni|M-Hy, apply fur |K»tii*-** nnd t« _ u*»-» to
H. W. Milne      59 Howland An.
Gospel  Truth
!t i* in the Hotnt7man A> Cn. Piano -Hia*. rh«
true spirit of soulful music - j£& i *_S
moves ancl has its being    VJw        W
If you arc contemplating the piirchn<:f» of
a piano do yourself the justice to first examine these superb instruments. Consider their
superior quality and you will then admit'that
the prices are the lowest.
M. W. Elley, District Mgr,
The Cream Of The Season
We have heard customers say, dozens of times,
"one reason why I like Fit-Reform so much is
because the Styles Lrc so different."
Do you know wh> ?
Fit'Reform creates. The greatest designer of
gentlemen's garments in Canada devotes all his
time to originating new things for Fit-Reform
Fit-Reform styles illustrate not
only what is absolutely correct m REFORM
now—ibut also what will be ^fo.        Jj3f
fashionable months hence,      7      -ty&4r^
A Few  Specials Priced
For Quick Selling
75c -
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.
Sole Agents in Fernie
For the Men
Men's Cotton. Working' Shirts
Men's Cotton Socks, 2 pr.
Men's Suspenders, pair
Ladies & Children
Ladies' Elastic Belts, each
Children's Straw Hats, each
Ladies' Navy Print Blouses
Ladies' White Embroidered
Blouses, each
Grocery Department
G\)\\\u iii and -see 01.1v specials  for
Saturday—its worth while
Trites-Wood Co. Ltd
Phone No. 49
$Aturd AY v. special 1 i
ri \
Fancy Mixed Cakes,,Reg. 25c;       .     Special 20c      |
Premier Baking Powder reg. 25c " ,n 20c
Premier. Jelly Powders reg. 3 for 25c   "4 for 25c .7
W.J.  BLUNDELL    <*iv«- ™* *__*"     I
■ 1}
1 .all
f .11
Advertise in the District Ledger f


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