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The District Ledger 1910-06-04

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y%. legislative ;.tfJ "V"-  •"
i     i-J,,;*^
Industrial Unity is Strength
The Official Organ,of District No. 18, U. PI. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VO!_. V.   No. 44
FERNIE,   B. C, June 4   th   1910
.00 a Year
Famous Robbery Case is
Set at Rest-Two to
Be Sentenced
The .first stage ot the famous Coal
Creek hold-up case came to a conclu-
sion last Saturday, when tho jury
brought In a verdicts of s"Not guilty"
for both Varlow and Babcock. ,
Varlow, took the stand and had lhe
. oath administered in the regular way.
He emphatically denied most of the
statements which had been made by
the Belangers. He.admitted having a
talk with Fred. Belanger and another
party whom he knew as "Little Billy"
ln the Northern hotel with reference
to holdup about March 1909,'
was just a casual conversation brought
up by Pred Belanger as to how easy
it would be to hold up the Trites-Wood
money when it was coming down to
Fernie from Coal;Creek.- .., " -, •
-   Varlow said he argued with them
' about this and pointed out that it was
not so easy, and that it was not an
old man that brought' lt' down either,
but Mr. Long, the secretary, who was
a big strbn-g,man,jand-always.carried
a revolver.    , "..-._';■ -
He  did' not  give   -this  a . second
thought; aa 'Fred" Belanger was .drunk
nothing else but the empty* vaporings
■ of a, drunken man.
■ On the , night of January 15th' he
admitted having been Introduced to.
John Belanger by his brother Fred,
but It ,took place about 9,55 on the
-crossing between the 'Bank"of Comm-
erco and P. Burns Company,'when he
was  hurrying , with  parcels  for  his
- mother-in-law.
He simply said to him "Aro you another railroader?" and passed on to
, meet his mother In law and George
♦ ,.  : '   <
*> \ Stay away from Colorado.      <
♦ No advance; no union recog-   <
♦ nlzed. .   . <
♦ >     Strike .is on. - <
♦ -  Efforts are being made   to- <
♦ Induce go to Sou-   <
♦ thern Colorado.     When they   <
♦ arrive they' find a surplus of   «
♦ miners and are advised to go   <
♦ ■ to Northern Colorado.    Don't.. <
♦ be deceived.,      .   , <
♦ Stay away   from   Colorado-'
♦ until you are notified   of a   <
♦ settlement. <
♦ ♦ ,♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Evidence AH in in The Alleged Street „Hold-up Case-
Judgment     Reserved   Until   Next  Week
0    By His Honor Judge Wilson
Booth; who were waiting for. him, at
the P. Burns corner. He* emphatically denied having anything to door
any knowledge of the hold-up at the
Creek.* ,_■•'.
...Mr.W. It. Ross made an able speech
for • the defence lasting over three
hours, which was prefaced with the attack on the^attorney general for his
supposed-actions In this case.- He
also made some, very caustic remarks
with reference to the city police department. _ *
W. A. MacDonald, the 'Crown prosecutor addressed the, jury for the prosecution on Saturday morning, * and
took up, the whole of the' morning, outlining the case to the jury" He also
replied to Mr. Ross's attack on the at
unwarranted. ' _.
After lunch his .ordshlp summed up
the case in blref and explained. the
law' to the jury, after which the 12
good meii and true retired for an hour
and forty minutes, returning with tho
verdict * as mentioned;* upon" which * W.'
R. Ross made application for .'immediate discharge of the accused, .which
was" granted.-
The verdict of the jury occasioned
somo applause In the court, which was
Immediately suppressed.
Roderick Dunlap and John Kitchener
were arraigned before his honor Judge
Wilson on Thursday;" June 2nd, charged , with robbery with violence from
the person of* James Alldred on the
night of'the 16th of April.    *      .
L. P. Eckstein acted as Crown prosecutor and W. R. Ross defended the
accused. '' .    -
. James .Alldred was duly sworn, and
gave the' story of the robbery in detail.
He stated that he had had a few
drinks with the accused about 11.30
on" the evening in question, and asked come up to the Central with'
htm and have a few more.   -
Kitchener and v Dunlap agreed to
this,' but when they got opposite the
Central^ according to Allrcd, they
threw him down .and robbed him. .
' W: R. Ross subjected him to a cross
examination to show that; it was
probable tliat he had been rolled' before he saw* the two youths, but'All-,
dred stoutly maintained that he,had
some money when he was with the
He caused considerable merriment
whilst in.the box. Aske_ by.W.'R.
Ross why he passed the Kings hotel
for the Central:
Simply liecaiise-I was making for the
latter^place. ■ ,---*'
Q: But you get good beer dont you
at the Kings?
A: I never had any beer at that
place. "   '
Witness also explained to the court
that beer was both food and drink and
wanted to know what else beer was
made for but to go and get.   drunk
on-' '"•*''.    ' ' ''     ,+
He frankly admitted that he saw
no weapon of vany kind with either of
the youths.,
J. T. Griffiths, was duly sworn and
said that,he saw*Kitchener ami D n-
lap together with Alldred in the,Waldorf about 11.30 on the night' of the
16th of April. ''' Cross examined by
W. R. Ross as to Alldred's condition
on the night in question, he replied
that he had been'drinking but still had
'his senses.
Constable R. W. Bowen duly sworn,
said he saw the two accused together
'with/Alldred on'the night in question,
between 11 and 11.30 in front of the
Waldorf hotel.
Asked as to the condition of Alldred
Bowen replied,that he had had a drop
ofdrink but that'he could still walk
all right. 7
Constable N. Gorman, duly sworn,
said that on the .night in question he
was  going  through' the  bar  at  the
♦ ♦
♦                             ♦
♦ Keep^away from Blairmore, ♦
♦ Alta., Mines, as men are being ♦
♦ laid off at that place. ♦
and searched by the jailer, when the
magnificent sum of seventy-five .cents
was found on them."
Chief R.' N. Clerke duly sworn, said
that on the Monday following the 16th
of April, viz., the 18th, Alldred came
to the police station and was taken
into the lockup by-witness where he
identified the accused as the persons
who had committed the robbery upon
him. ' ■   '   -
Roderick Dunlap duly sworn,- gave
an emphatic denial to Alldred's story
thai he was drinking with him that
night; in fact he denied seeing him on
the night In question, and that he-had
gone up the street with him. Kitchener and himself were in the Waldorf
that night^ arid stayed there until'the
closing time. He also stated that
there was bad blood between Alldred
and himself consequent over a thrashing he had given Alldred about three
weeks before the night in question,
on whicli the robbery is supposed to
have" taken place.
,  Alldred at. that time said he would
having seen the man Alldred before.
W. R. Ross said that., from the evidence of Alldred it was a question to
him whether he had any money on
him that night and that together with
the evidence of the two boys was the
defence. .       ■■
His honor reserved his.decision until next Wednesday, when it is expect;
ed that the Belanger brothers will be
up in the court to receive their sentence. '
The, Grand Jury will resume their
postponed deliberations 'on June 7th,
when the, cases of Vera Holmes, committed for trial at Michel on Tuesday
for slabbing R. Armstrong at the same
place on May 23,'and L. A. Streeter
for causing the death of Louis Riley
at Don* on May 22nd will come up before them.
Waldorf about 11 o'clock when he saw
the two accused together with Alldrod
and he saw Alldred pay for the drinks
for them.
About 11.40 Alldred came to him,
and made the complaint that he had
bee'ri robbed by the' two youths . ln
question, and consequently upon that'
Information he, had arrested them- in
How Fooii's restaurant at about 12.40.
He cautioned them but they did not
say anything.
They were taken to the city lock up
get even with the witness for that7
Cross examined by _'. P. Eckstein^as
to* whether the previous witnesses had
been concocting a story against him,
he replied,yes.
Asked for what reason they would
do tihs he answered that' ho did not
know. * -
John Kitchener was duly sworn and
also denied having seen Alldred on the
night" of the'l6tli of April, or having
had a drink with lilm.'
In fact he did not remember,ever
All lovers of the noble art of self
defence who were deprived tho opportunity of seeing some of the recent
'mills" will be able to witness twenty-
two rounds of most scientific boxing
that has taken place tn the pugilistic
areana for years, at the Grand Theatre tonight. ■    -■    ■
o - ,
Seven Year Old Girl of
Joseph Lyons Finds
Watery Grave
An extremely sad-and unfortunate,
accident occurred on Monday afternoon, Three little children, two girls
daughters of Joseph Lyons, aged about
9 or ten years,* and the other about 8
years, and a little boy aged 3 years,
were playing on tlio logs of the slough
belonging to the Elk Lumber Company, presumably, fishing! when the
younger of the two girls slipped in.
The other-little girl, seeing her sister
in the water, jumped in it is supposed.
The current was rather strong and the
two.little girls were carried down; A
rlverman working some distance off,
ran and pulled the elder girl out, but
did not sec the other-one. , Xo one
saw the accident and it*is not known
exactly how it happened.  ,   ,
The slough was dragged, and .the
pike holes were all gone through, but
without avail, , The body, up" to, the
time of writing had not been found.
Wo would urge upon all Intending
stockholders of the Eureka Coal Co.,
to make application' for stock without,
further delay. Work lias already been
commenced on the sinking of a new
shaft, and the completion of the construction of the railroad Is only a
question of lime7 Address communications to R. G. Duggan, Taber, Alberta.
Anonymous  $50.00
J. Podbielancik -  2d.00
Trites-Wood Co.   ......;'  50.00
Waldorf Hotel  ' , 20.00
Hotel Fernie '...".  25.00
Kings Hotel  10.00_
Northorn Hotel :...". v .. 20.00
Qugens Hotel   25.00
King Edward hotel .-.  20.00
W. A. Ingram   10.00
W. R. Ross •  10.00
, Thos. Uphill
U *
Injured Workman Brings
Suit to Recover His
A doclslon of much Importance to
workliiKmon wns glvon by .Chlof Justice Huntor wlillo tho Jury ln tho Vnrlow ciiho was deliberating upon ils
JoRoph Mooro wns hurt In No,   2
mlno at Conl Crook In January, 11)08.
At that tlmo claims woro dealt with
by a Joint commlttoo of operators anil
mon, MooroH' enso camo beforo thin
body, nnd an a result, ho wns paid tlio
compensation to will ofi ho was ontltled
for Homo !I8 wooUb,
YvMUiout warning tlio payment--, conned, although Mooro wiih not ablo to ko
to worlc. Tho compnny said Unit this
commlttoo was not legally formnd and
Uh (IocIhIoiih did not bind thorn. Mooro
thou began procuodlngH undor llm
Worklngmon's Compensation Act In
tlii> usual way. Hero ho wnH mot with
tho objoct I on that uo notico of Injury
had boon glvon to tlio Company. Tlio
arbitrator, Ills Honor Judgo Wilson,
lieiii thai tiller ptiyniK Mount lor .in
\\i;vkt, U ttuUhl hv UUJtitil lit itlUnl Div
I'liiployciH lo in ko tho ground tlmt llioy
hnld had no notico of tho nrelilont. Ilo
■ accordingly over-ruled tlmt objection,
Tt wns contended too by Uio Company
Hull JiHlUlt) XiM* Xi\M\: \,XI iiim-.) fiivUiu
six months of tho accident nu required
by tlio Act,
Tho arbitrator again hold that by
dealing with Mooro nn they had dono
tho Company could not with Justice
nny tlmf no rlnlm had boon mndo upon
thom. In tho result tho arbitrator
ordered lho company In pny Monro lilw
compensation slnco iim tlmn tliey lind
refused and to contlnuo paying during
incnpnnlly. Ho hold too, that, tho joint
commltteo had not boon legally form-
«d, and that It* doelidons warn not
. Tlin company appealed, or lu legal
language took a mated caro far tho
opinion of the Judge of tho Supremo
Court. It wns the argument on this
stated, case that cnmo beforo the Chief
Justice ah Saturday.
Mb Lordship confirmed the arbitrator's flndlngB In ovory respect, and Intimated his disapproval of tho Company's attempt by technical objections
to escape paying Mooro his compensation. *
Mr, ,Q H. Thompson1 of Cranbrook
appeared for the company and Mr. Ii,
P, Eckstein for Mooro.
Leadue Standing
Won Lost Pts
Michel      .1
i t i t i i i
Coal Crook
Fornio ..,
Dollovuo ..,
Coloman ..
Hosmer,    0
Frank    0
A longuo mooting will bo hold
Ilosmor on Juno Ilth.
Tho following is tho mako up of tho
Fornio football toam that Is to try con-
elusions with Uellovno at nollovuo on
Saturday 4th:
Coal: Tliaokor.
Half backs:  Mills,     Wardrop and
Forwards: Tlombrldgo, Wm. Thornton, S. Judgo, A. Carlloilgo, C, Appleby.  ■
HiicKh: Ilohlll nnd Mclflwon.
Hosorvos: (Jill and W, Gorrlo,
'   MtioHninn: J. Clark,
Fernio vt Coleman
The homo tonm, weakened by tlto
itbHoiico of Adamson and Manning put
up a Hplondld fight Inst Saturday, but
determination, no matter how, itKKroa-!
Hive, did not nvnll and nt, tho closo
ut lliu Kiiiuu t-uiu'w eum|hili_l tliu wt-
ihIkhIoii tliut tho hotter toam won,
Colemnn I; Fe»n!e 1.
So duiiliuiiH was Paddy to hnvo tho
mlHsliig players accompany tho team
Hint, ho rianowljr taM-jit-ii l-tung lull
bohlnd and It was only by a flootnoss
of foot which should, If put Into practice on July 1st at tho Dominion day
Bporl-s, ptaco lilm In front rank of
sprinters, provided howovor tho sor-
vIppb of th<> Inrnl P, V. It, trnln run
bo secured to paco him.    Ilo loft his
lint bohlnd an a nom-cnlr,    v
In addition to tho mutch ut Dollovuo
Frank nnd Hoamor meet nt Frank on
thn 4th.
' The,,Anglers' Association of Mlchol
are now making arrangements for nn
excursion that will bo open to nil to
Burton City to hnvo a solid week's enjoyment, when tho disciples of the
hook iind lino will be afforded overy
opportunity for Indulging In thla pleasurable sport, and thoso who are, not
anglers will be ablo to obtain othor
rocrentlvo enjoymont,
Negotiations nro under way with
the C, P. R, for a special rnto Including
faro meals and berth on tho bont, Al-
roady quito a numbor hnvo signified
their Intention to avajl themselves of
this trip, and tho commlttoo ln chnrgo
nro not allowing tho grass to grow
undor thoir ,f«ot In boosting tho af-
fair. Just us soon ub tho prlco Ib
flxod upon or nny othor Information
portlnontls obtainable we shall make
It known through tho columns of this
Negotiations For Settlement Broken Off-
70,000 Men Out
the refusal of tho oporators to adjust
lho scalp so as to equalize the different parts of the state.
President John I-I, Walker of tho
stnte organization of tho U, M. W,
is here In chnrgo of the mutter and
state officers will bo hero soon,  ,
Seventy two thousand men nro affected and will enter upon an Indefinite struggle' to obtnln their demnnds,
Tho -rvmrt hou****- horo Is dot-M to-
dny tbo ilrd nf .Dint; owlnir to or-lf-r
lit council, It being tlio King's birthday.
Tho Printers challongo all comors
nt basoball, for slugs "quoor," phony
nils or obituary notices,    Two of tho
chief culprits havo novor sinned boforo
with either but or ball, thoroforo this
original outbreak will bo a sight to
bring toni'H to n crocodile and If
"You lmvo roots to hoot
Prepare to shoot thom now,"
Tho pulpit at tlio Baptist church will
bo occupied on Hunday morning   and
ovoning by 1'nstor Spldoll.     In, tho
rnoinlnif tlio subject will bo:  "Con-
strained Ultennu-o," Kvonlng subji-ct
"Tho IStornlty of an Act."    Work  on
the now church building Is progressing nt n hiiIInfantory rate, and nn tlmn
will bo lost In completing tho Ktiniu,
Tho rout met. for llglilhig wnn lot by
a moot ing of tho building rommltteo
Ull   JUVnlKt) (iHIIIIIKt       i (IU UXUIH.-I. lu
l/i,- I.*.-*.''! hi llio iiwVAoi'hiiu un'yawl
artist lc mid will nld mnlcrlally in the
bnnutlfyhiK of tlm Interior.
Juno tlm M mndo nn oxroodliigly
boisterous entry, In fact. It. wn« morn
■ai' ii iiiiX.-i i. *.nk;   .>.i.,'..--k   il.ikk. k^>l*    Ot
thn month nf iohoh and brides, A
numbor of cliimueyii suffered collnpno,
but tho worni. damnKo was dono to the
roplne on the King Ed wnnl hotel and
nlno to How I-'ooii'h building. Mnny
woro Dw liuiulrlit.'i for tho nlroot wtrr-
iiig cart, but wo nro Informed that in
order lo njiortdo thin n driver nnd n
tonm of horses nro noodoil, and ns
thoro was dangor of nn outbreak of
flro tlmt an ounce of prevention wns
doomed better than a pound of cure,
or BjM'nlUng moro locally, hotter ***ir«ll-
bw a pound of dust than tm rom-v-ll-"-!
to suffer the ravages of (lie fire-
PKOR1A, 111., May j 26—All negotiations nro off botwoon tho Illinois Coal
Operators Association and tho Illinois
IT. M. W, A. The flnnl action wn*"
tnkon yoHtordoy, as tho conforonco
at Peoria resulted in a failure,
Tho coal operators Insist thnt tho
minors' union consont to their closod
shop proposition, which moans that no
union minor Hhnll work for nny operator not it mombor of tho Coal Oporators Association.
Hy (IiIh mootiB tlio operators Inlond
tn forco ovory mining compnny nnd in-
dopendont operator to Join (ho tiHiiocla-
When tho association thus coutaliiod
tho entire list of opnrnloi'R and thn in-
dependent oporators wero driven Into
lho nssouinllnn, the Oprrnton* Association would have tlio power to absolutely compel lh" union inliii'i'H to tuxepl.
nny terms which woro desired by tho
lliu uiiiun hurt loam. llnu. Uh'hi* independent oporntoiH nro ulwnyH iiiine
ready lo con-dilcr the d-i-slre-i of tin'
union tjiiiti UK- iii'-iuhers of the Opm*-
nlorw iiHHorliitlixi, mid therofori' IicmI-
IIIHi Itl OllltT llllll llll Mlili'l'llll'lll  Whl'l*'*-
by tlio union would bo used as a club
to forco tlio Independent operators to
Join the Operators Association,
Operators Ignore Law
Tlio second dr-tnll of dlsmnl betwi'i'ii
the operators nml the union Ih Mio ii- /if the npi'r/iliii'K to olifj' ihi'
Hinti." linvs wlil'li rcfjulro thnt thoy
should pny tlm shot lighters. The
operators InslM that firing tho shots
ln part nf lho work of mining coal nml
do not Intend to p-iy any attention to
tho rlhlmn ot tho union or lho lnw In
iho mutter.
Another It-'m of dlsaRrnomnnt   wns
A quiet wedding took place recently,
so quiet In fact thnt It was nlmoHt a
ense of stealing silently nwny, Arab-
like, whon our townsman, G, C. lUgg,
entered tho ranks of the bonedlctfl,
On account of leaving town Mm.
Wagget Is soiling off her entire stock
of millinory at loss than cost prlco, No
reasonable offor rotused. Salo commencing from Saturday Juno Uh, until
Juno 22.    Inspection Invited,        lip
An oxchnngo says thnt Mexican
mulos nnd ponies aro being Imported
Into Southern Albertn. It is high
tlmo thnt tho Alien Lnbor Inw'H provisions be railed Into requisition iih we
nro confident that our sinter province
contains a goodly number of tho braying nnlinnlH and they nro not all in
lho southern end of the l'rovlnco
W. It. Ross, ns solicitor for Kmlllo
Pacrnroio, who wns convicted somo
tliiK' nro by MiiKlstrnlo Whlmslcr for
selling liquor mIiIioiiI a license, up
pealed boforo Judgo WIIhoii iikiiIiihI
such conviction, on the ground ihat
ho wns net Ing a» iigopl for Pollock,
who liad a IIcoiiho. The rnsii wiih adjourned.
A disciple of tho sect of Agapomon-
Ites recently left the ahodo of Love lii
Howland-avenue, for the east on.,*,.
Mnnngor G. B. Boll of the Imperial
bank was a passenger on the Flyer on
Thursday morning for Spokane where
he goes for the purpose of accompanying his wife homo. Wo aro pleased
to note thnt she is convalescing rapidly.
First stop Is tnkon to form n press
club, Ih the bond lino In Mondny's Province, nnd thon In cups bolow, Tolling
tho Truth, appears, from which wo
fool that tho wording of tho hond lino
should rond "Reform," Instoml of
"Form," niul yot this might bo eonsld-
orod nt times douccdly bad form,
Address and Presentation
By Congregation to
Bev. and Mrs, Hall
The nrrnngomonl for Sunday trnln
sorvlco on the (I, N, hns beon Home-
what delayed booniiHo of need for confirmation from headquarters at St.
Paul, This iIooh not menu that 11
has been turned down, but Ih merely
temporarily postponing There In
one RoncoNsloii made howovor taking
effect on June 1th, that a wook ond
rato botwoon Fornio and IlaynoH Lnko
Iiiih boon granted, $1,70 round trl]),
Good from Saturday until Mondny.
Whnt. might linvo developed Into n
very oxponslvo roiiflngnulnn ou Wed-
nohiliiy wiih only pr-.i.-iitoil ny vigor-
till.-,   ....ii.Jii    wfi    lit.,    jini-*.   ui'   Ii'iiJ    i'in:
Dopaitiiiout, ('k'firlug tlii-.gruiiiiil In
pn'pnrnilon for tlw now p-vheiol building mndo It nct'cmsiiry to burn up the
rcfiiHc, and though    It. wum a   morn
M11 v 111 n 11 11) 1,4   r.l'illli'l)   \lu-   li-lnlii'   Wll 111
Hi) fniiiiod the fow sparks Into n huge
bill/.!' that tIioho oii the ground found
tlif-msf-lvcH utterly tumble to ropo with
tlm Hltii'itlon ami nt 13.-1-5 tho rutin*
brlgndo began an nnHlnught on tin-
firry element, nnd If wns tn-nrly tmir
hoars beforo llioy woro satisfied tlmt
nil diini'i'i- nf niroodlnt! li'i! •""•i*
(Ih-cIckI, Tli'inliH to Dw fill- nuoux
efforts of tlin department in* m«tn*lnl
diiuiiigo occurred. Anothor fcrent jar
tor was the powerful force- of :li«
flu-am nt water. A* an t-vldfrin- nf
iho nrt-n onvorml it may ho tifitotl f'rif
ihero wie over S.VjO feet of ho<n- hi
COURllUll   U'U\
Tho tlm" rnrd nf tho (',. P. II. will
b" changed on tlio nth of th!** iiioii'li
but nt tho present writing wo do not
know Kxurlly what tlto rlmngoH two.
Wo uiidorHliind Ihnl the train from
tin- west  will lie hnlf nn hour Inter.
llllll Will lllliKe 11 U,-,*, ItllH lllllll IH Of-
ti.imi) i.iitltlii ..--> toil. ,ti,,i «tf<>, li i.iv ,.
Ih (Ilie llllll) the iiiiil III HI, ihi e\-
pcetcd in iv:ieli !*Vrril» At r» m.
Tho'to figures nre not official. Full
di'tnlls will iipprnr In mir next Ihhuo,
A movement Is mi foot and cousld-
eniblo progress-, lin-.i nlrmdy been ef-
footod fn-ildrin- tnivunl-? tlio In.iMfuMon
of n lodge of luiirn.'itioiinl Order ot
f'.noil TV'inpfnr. In fm'" f-'rom p>-'
sent liuil j.'it lum. i'i"i.' i*. iiny ii'iir.ou
in bellnvfi UiIh temp, rum <■ Korlety will
be highly juieeensful, jihU'lng by Hie
number of I bono who bine Htt*iiittod
tbelr wtlllnsni-sf. to 1>- rr-i_»< wml-v•;:••.
If If f\fto?ir-,1 Ihttt Mr I'ntit titxpllni
iHovlncial onnintzer. from Nelnm, will
tii< lo-ro Hluirtly,
Thero wiih a lnrgo turn out to the
Soclnl ovoning at the Mothodlst church
on Monday,- tho ocoiihIoii being the pre-
sent at Inn of a nice silver «et of out-
lory, subscribed for by lho Ladles Aid
mid the h'pwoMli .Li-uguc. Thu moot-
Ing was presided over by tho Hov. Bobert Hughes of ('riiiibroi)l-, olinlriiiaii of
llio DlHtrlct bonrd. MIhh Diiwen Hang
a Holo nud MIhh lloooy mid Mr, A. T.
Cliixftin of Gronfoll, SiikIi,, a forinor
iiieniber of lie- eliiireh hero on a visit,
Kiing a duett, , The proHontattnn wan
made by Mrs. J. A. Ilrnloy, in a short
Hpeecli, referring in the oHteein thoy
Iuul been regarded wllh In l-'ernie, and
e\ielided bout wishes for tliolr labors
lu ilie new field to whleh they woro
railed. Mr, I). V. Moll mi lielmlf of
Dw Ti'UHteo iiotiid mid Mr. II, A, Wilkes ou behalf of thn Qimiloily lumrd,
Kpiilte III  feelllin  HTIll«   Willi   lefeii-nen
In die work ilniH' by lie* pattlm- ami
i wife while Htatloned at. Fornio, aud
I wished tln-m every mnreH^ m ineir
yii'i', t,\u\ni;.     Hi-,, h. ilUiiin.o on li'>
j llllll   Ot   Ilie  I 'l lllllll OOli (illlM'll  |ll fKl.llt-
«-d .-i i-Wx, r ritgi.r I'OVil :i-t :« ^nr.*ll udwn
ot eriiei.-ni, i^pi clnlly In Mr. Uull'n
Hlmnl   lor  rhle  rl-ihteiniiin-H!*'.      The
MIX.   Sllh,   lllMl   Ml>,s   llllll   llll   llll   \il1l-
rouver on TuoHdity nioriihiKs train.
Ferule'-*-  i-ontlngetit     to  Hie    groin
■itinn-i   fn   I'i'   lle|/|   I'l   .VeNotl   tl*'|-*»T 1*I»»"
Mondny tbo ,Mh, nnd open to nil tho
nmrl.-f!)' n from He* ln»>*rlor li innil-i
an fiillmi >>:
Suet. Klulnysmi
('.. II. IUiulion
John nml Ceell Minton
<*h1. f <f VitMti' t'lt-rU
Tho*t' rt-pri-ii'til Ilo* Knfitronx- tllflf*
nml A. W. Bl.vnid'-ll and II. (imild tin;
ClvlttllHW. -wi    '-IT*'- -
''<-   ':%
-*.*..! i'„*;.'
..-*.-; j-s. *--^i-,'*..;*.; .„,/.■, i>-.
■,<>:A>    :' - .
Seam of Eight  Feet Proves Extension of Nanaimo  Measures-
Thirty Years'  Labor, ■
After practically thirty years of intermittent scientific prospecting, and
' perhaps a larger number of misadventures and disappointments than
usually fall to the lot of 'even that
frequent victim of malicious fate, the
' coal prospector, coal thai is of practically the same character as that of
tho Nanaimo field has at last been
struck in quantities on Tumbo island,
and there is now every reason to believe tliat those who liave persistently adhered to their confidence in the
veteran Dr. Dawson's geological studies and his conclusions that the'Island
coal measures underlie also the island
lands in the Gulf will be richly and
deservedly rewarded,
The seam struck is of eight foot
thickness at 871 feet deep and further
* explorations will bo forthwith carried
on with an augmentation of the machinery, until the full extent of the measures has been established.
The fortunate present holder of the
properly is Mr. Arthur B. Hepburn,
now of Vancouver, one* of tho directors of the Dominion Stock & Bond
Corporation, who took an option on
the island properties about one year
and a half ago from a trio of Victorians,'' wlio' have held them during almost thirty years: Messrs. _. W. Foster, T. B. Hall and J. A. Sayward.
Not only is Mr. Hepburn's faith in*
the ultimate outcome of the diamond
drilling wliich has been steadily carried on during the past, 18 months now
' happily justified, but he at least sees
.   measurably near the day when he will
' recoup himself for the ?50,000 or more
*, than he has expended in the* prospecting operations, but also an ample,pro-
,*  fit which he well deserves.     His en
gineer, Mr. William Blakemore, M. E.,
upon whose ad vice he has persisted in
his expenditures, has every reason to
share with Mr. Hepburn's pride ih the
justification of their confidence in Dr.
Dawson's accuracy, the verification after many years of that expert's early
geological maps of the Georgian archipelago, and demonstration of their,correctness of tho Tumbo island district
as in the direct natural courso of the
Nanaimo Coal measures.
, Retains Property
Ti is Mr. Hepburn's Intention to refuse all of the several offers tbat have
already boon made for the Tumbo
island properties and the future disposition of the four claims which Mr.
Hepburn holds on Tumbo, with'six
on ,lhe adjacent island of Saturna will
await the outcome of complete Investigation of the extent and quality of
the discovered measures. Ultimately
the properties may bo sold, dr Mr
Hepburn may decide to develop the
properties himself, as he has abundant
capital for the purpose, expensive as
is the making'of a modern coal'mine.
Tho later developments of=the boring
which have been quietly carried on for
the- past few months has been" very
carefully observed by various wideawake investors and coal experts/ including Mr. Cloghorn, who represents
the Northern Pacific' ancl the Great
Northern railway in a still hunt for
Island coal properties; and a number
of these alert observers have already
staked the whole of Galiano island,
beneath which it is virtually certain
the coal measures extend. Other adjacent properties' and island are being
taken up as fast as vested interests
can be brought into line.'
Edmonton, May 20.
=\ ee*Q-iv»l-»lir__-n!ftftt-
ing today Premier Rutherford made a
motion, accompanied by a few prefatory remarks of. no great force, and
"Cushing seconded the same:
' That this assembly go on1 record as
loyal citizens,that a message of condolence be forwarded to the Royal family because of tlie loss sustained by
the death of King Edward. R. G. Dennett of Cnlgary delivered himself of a
most eloquent address wherein he dilated at length upon tlie many privileges enjoyed by those who lived under the Union .lack during lho reign
of Edward VII aiid Victoria, expressing
his pride nt the opportunity vouchsafed him to be associated with tho resolutions, etc, lu short it was a case
as our friends Hamlet says "Words,
words, words,"
Tho clerk having rend the papor tho
Rpeilker was nbout. to put tho resolution beforo tho house when C. M. O'llrlon, the Socialist mombor, nrose lo
his foot and'in strict conformity with
tho rules of debate, said: "Mr. Speak-
or, Yes", It is sad iu truth, nny more,
It is heart rending, I dou't menn lho
deatli of lho King, ns that was quito
natural, but nil this display of hypocrisy and hollow display of pretended
sympathy  (horo    the Speaker     and
many of tho members woro observed
to be shifting somewhat uneasily in
thoir clialrri.J     O'llrlon, noticing tliut
tho rotnnrl'H ho wiih making woro tiff-
er-tlng tho comfort of tho gnthorlng,
continuing, said  "Now don't got, un-
'■any, Mr. Speaker, I run not golti:_ to
oi'llIcIko tho dead monarch; lu fact 1
have a rei'iiiin innniini nf respect for
lilm, or ut lonst I may ovon sny admiration'for tlio excellent example bo
hoI uh of living well, doing little even
iih n King and by no nieans overworking liiiiiHolf at hin Job,"     Tliere wor.)
now decided rimibllugH imd the n.-st-
IcHsnesH made Hm-lf decidedly manifest,
but when lm dulil lm wlHlieil io mako
>m niiieiiilmeiit, all of the bfiiiH'eil rom-
pllii,ires   with   llio   million!   i.i   p.nii-i-
lueiiliny   pnietleo.l     were    emiipletely
thrown to ilie winds, and ii ■(.•••incd iih
Certain rules are laid down for the
government of all bodies and O'Brien
was perfectly within his rights when
he attempted to mo\:o_an__ameiidme_ t,_
it is' true that according to the best
authorities     the inconsistency or Incompatibility of a proposed    amendment may be deemed fit reason for its
rejection, but not for its suppression;
because in tho latter case representative government becomes a farce, and
we might just as well revert to an old
oligarchical despotism.     In the matter under consideration complete gag'
law was enforced and the speaker instead of acting with that Impartiality
which his offico calls (or, allowing thc
member from the Rocky Mountain constituency to put forth his amendment,
when it could have been soon whether
or not it was permissible, he put the
.question whilst O'Brien still had tho
floor,  thereby  showing  n  bias from
which he should bo free, and more
clearly domonslrating that whon    it
suits the purpose of those sticklers for
parliamentarism to ignore tliolr authorities thoy do not hesitate to do so.
When   tbo   members "stood   up   to
voto O'Brien sat, down, and upon arising lo speak ho wns mot with a' storm
of hoots, yells and thon lho cry of
"Out of order."     "No quostion boforo
tho house," was shouted from nil sides.
Aftor completely I rumpling upon tho
established usages of constituted bodies "llko hungry tigers clutching tliolr
poor proy," thoy suddenly cnll into requisition tho rules of ordor. TIiuho nro
lho lovoi'H of that much , vaunt ed, but
littlo prnctinoil llrlllsh fair play, and
Instead of giving tho mnn n ehniiro to
sny. what ho had to sny, tlioy show
Hint fair play that lho LnuoaKhiro collier Ih credited with when IiIh friend
was down, yelled "Who's dnlin nah?"
"Ahr Bill," was the reply; "(lion play
fnlr and lor 'lm up,"    A few niliiutos
later seeing that homebody wiih down
hn cries out. "W'Iio'h dnlin nuliV"   nud
when the reply cnmo "T'other chap,"
ho HrreaniH "TIiiiI'hii' might purr Mm
rih* yond 1)111."     Tlie Kergeiillt. shout-
ed "Older, Oriler," nml inlroiliioed llio
Lieutenant Governor who snld lu part:
"I   llltve   aeeeplei]   tiie   reslpillltlnil   of
ihe premier and havo railed upon Sifton to form a eiiblnel, ami limn lore
of a crowd of those, who, while charging Socialists, with a total disregard
for the common amenities, are the
moat ready to make infractions if
their hastily formed conclusions- lead
them to imagine that anything smacking of "disloyalty" is to be performed.
Chauvinism is a good term to apply to
these ultra-patriotic members of the
Alberta, legislature. '  '
* That Premier Rutherford was incompetent practically everybody * conceded, but it was not expected that the
Lieutenant Governor would include
the whole assembly in the same category;' as by his act in calling upon an
outsider to form a cabinet he most
assuredly does. No doubt some of
tliese gentlemen with their tissue thick
sensibilities may take umbrage at the
slight placed upon their capabilities as
statesmen! (Save the mark.-) Very
likely there will be some bye-eleclions
in the near future.
- Edmonton-May-30
The incident in the Assembly here
has certainly furnished splendid material upon "which the headline man
could exercise his Ingenuity, and he
has by no means let his light hide
under a bushel in this respect; nay
more, one may say he has cavorted
around proud of the juicy morsel for
attracting the attention of the reading
public. '   l
According to one of the reports the
leader of the opposition from Calgary
objected to the statement that the
"King was a man-who worked little,
an-Pate well," that is indeed strange
unless he felt that the.truth was out of
its element in the Alberta Legislature.
No one can, from the viewpoint of accomplishment, aver that the late King
did much work, in fact tho work of
reigning monarchs is largely ornamental, and. there is always a loud
blare of trumpets and much flowing of
ink lo persuade the reading public of
the arduous tasks performed.
That everyone unless a chronic dyspeptic, is fond of good living, when it
can be-indulged in is an undeniable
truth. • Then why make any objection to this part of'the statement?
Bad form! Hump! This may be the
case,according to the standards of
those'who have been educated along
the lines of humbug and chicanery, yet
riien of the type* of O'Brien have the
characteristic bluntness of .the class
from, whicli he springs of telling tbe
truth and this is theVmore noticeable
because of its positive directness.
Another shining .light of journalism
prates sententiously about " a street
crowd not bound by the rules of propriety might have handled him roughly?' Thlsls one ofTKe organs"5T"tlIe
"unco, guid" the Chesterfields,     who
Letters To    '-;;
The Editor \
■■' ?
Fernie B. C. May 30 1910
Dear Ledger:    . ■
If you find the enclosed, fit for the
waste paper basket kindly drop her in
gently, head first. - .    '
In' order to yecruit after the strenur.
ous exertions entailed in the production of the same, I have taken a short
vacation to the salubrious.suburb-of
Cokato. Should emergency arise, you
may phone the .Grand hotel, failing
this drag the river.
Thanking you in anticipation, yours
very ruefully and penitently,
The Prodigal
To Elko on the 24th
.Concerning the supervision In mines
in the first place there are not enough
fire bosses. ■ * In most mines the districts over which tbey have to travel
are much too large because they cannot get1 through the'places and make
'a proper examination in compliance
to the C. M. R. A.-before near quitting
time, and a vast amount of things can
go wrong (-in a mine in a' period of a
few hours.     *,
So in my opinion and to do the
bottom dog justice oiir government in-
' spectors ■ should see that such errors
are remedied, for I can candidly state
that such slaughter is no credit, but a
disgrace, before - all the mining communities.
Coal Digger
45 Steam-Heated  Rooms
Hot, and Cold Baths
The King Edward
Fernie's . Leading  Commercial  H otel
The Finest Hotel in East Kootenay.
J. L.   GATES,' Prop.
Remember my trip down to Elko?
Well say, I'm inclined to believe that
I do,
A sweet recollection or two.
It was a peach ot a day for an   outing.
So for once to lose sight of the snow,
I hit* the first'train bound for Elko, '
The land jyhere the pineapples grow.
The city with flags and with* bunting
Was bedecked in most gorgeous array,
And the crowds made you sit up and
Where tlie deuce they all came from
that day.
,» * .
I had heard much of the fame of this
.Eden, "-*-
Where nature holds wonders in store,
Where the sweet, spicy breezes waft
And tumultuous the wild waterj roar.
But now I am free to admit it,
At my may sneer or may
• .chaff, ,
The .sights to be seen down at Elko
Have Niagara skinned full a block and
a half.
There's garden 'plantations anil,, orchards,
Abundantly blessed by the Giver,
And the noise and ' the hum of, the
street cars
Is dissolved in the roar of the river.
And the Elk rushes down through the
canyon, (
Through the narrow , defiles of his
,. home, '.  ,
I hough ii rerinln number of members j ,|,.,,]U|*e HiIh House prorogued,
fearing to be outdone In Hull* dli-pltiyj    When O'llili-i- wnn -mlic-l what Ills
have the effrontery to talk about propriety, yet not only show the utter
shallowness" of their pretensions to
practice what they prate, but by making no mention of tho purpose of O'Brien's intended amendment bf which
he spoke after he had'been "squplch-
ed" by mere force of numbers, namely,
that he wished to couple the names of
the bereaved ones at Whitehaven in
Cumberland with the message lo the
members of tho Royal family, brand
themselves as "inis"i'epresentatives of
tho Press.   ' >
So littlo do these yelling tuft-hunters appreciate tho value of humanity,
and so obsessed are they by,their subserviency lo the conventional that
sympathy with tliem is a regulative
quantity entirely dependent upon tho
standing In "society" of tho one upon
whom'it is to bo displayed.
R. U. Bennett prophesied a great
reign for Georgo V. Why not discuss
thoso matters ln plain straightforward
muiily and humnn manner?
Monarchs nro liko tho rost 'of pur
common humanity, full of frailties and
living in tho environment of adulation
and hypocrisy nro necessarily subject
to tomptnllous which a commoner Is
not so likely lo moot with, and If tho
Inttor succumbs too, ho or sho Ib "Taboo", whereas a King is pormlttod to
contract a morgantlc niiirrlngo and ho
hns apologists Innumornblo both ln
press and pulpit.
In ho far ns is known tho solcctlon
of tlio snat. Hint tho now promlor of
Alborta will offer himself a enndldnto
for Ih not known, McLeod, Modiclnu
Hat, or Coalmine havo boon mentioned.
Why not hnvo the prosont lender of
tho opposition roHlKii and tluni tho
laurel wreath would fall upon the brow
of tliirliTopn-HHlbk' C, M.7 Another
thought: ContOHt tbo Uneky Mountain
division; perhaps howovor tho honor-
able -.-.eiitlfiuaii feiuH that while IiIh
name Ih Slfion now after the contest
ho might find that ho had Hiifferod nu
-•Union of tlm "f," and th-"r<*aft<*r would
j spoil bis hiiiiio "Kit on."
tie, --..,.
Half maddened,and covered with foam.
And the roar and the boom of,the waters    "
As Ihey hurtle and leap* o'er the falls,
Aro llko the deep, sullen boom pf Niagara
'Tis enchanting, but oh it appals.
'Tis an ideal placo for a picnic,
Or to take your best girl for  tho day,
Thoro's some sweet littlo nook to go
She might make up her;mind what to
say,- .
I must now make a noise like a quitter,
Bui just beforo I skldoo,
If you doubt what I've Bald nbout
I refer you to our friend,
Roo. ,
Fred Is the mayor of lho cily
You'll find hlm thoro most oftho time
Ills tales of tho placo aro enchanted
By veracity truly sublime,
And now I Bkldoo for Cockato
But by way of a parting farowoll
My Houl would linger round Elko
In preference to Fornio or "Michel,
Tho Prodigal
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C
Fernie Livery Go.
Building &, Excavating
Wood     for     Sale
Sole Agents for Fernie Coal
Prices   moderate   and   satisfaction guaranteed
" i.
F. G.'White,; ,
Manager *
Rizzuto Bros. '
Proprietors -»■
Reduction of Wages in the Cotton In-
■> dustry will be the issue
MANCHESTER, England, Slay 28 —
The result of the vote of the cotton
employers on the question of a reduction of 5 per cent, in wages shows
that eighty per cent of the master
spinners are in favor,of the scheme as
proposed.- ■ >
„ This probably means, a strike "or a
lockout as the employees have" declared that* they will not stand for. a "reduction. "- * - ■
Means   Health
Everybody wants health, therefore to obtain this yon can make
no mistake by tho purchase of
Allen Portable Bath
which can be seen by dropping
a caul to
P. 6. Box 320 Fernie
A full line of shelf and ■ heavy . Hard-"
ware in stock together  with a
„    complete "range of Stoves
Furniture Depa.rttn.ent
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up-,to-date lines.
- .      rCome in and have a look ■
J. E>.  QUAII,
Of    ,H*,T(J*lllHli(\V    llllllOSl     IfMU-lli'll       ill''
vi'i'gn (if liywlcrlit hh tlu-y yi'lh'il:
"Throw hlm nut; don't nllow hlm lo
pin It," iiiul a lot mort- i-cpiully g.'iitl*-"
■iiniilv nri-l iii-1'iilliirlv niliiiilni'v phniHi'H
for tluiHt'.who nre tin" Hi'll* Myl"'*l dis-
i-ipl-'H of l.nw umi Onli'i*. Wti'-n in:
••Inlim-il tin* prlvlliw of MiiifiidiiiK nny
nuiliuli   Ihiil < oijii f> bifon* tin- l.oii.-i,
aiiH'iniiiii'iii waH1 lm fiifnrtin'd his iiu-'H<
tlnui'iK thai hn wished to unit-.'- an i
aiiii'iiiliiii'iit win ti *by tin' motion could |
hiiw* bt-i-ti i-xti-iidi'i! or ittnplll'iiMl mi to*
"in,nV nml t li ii f In- would luivc rniml»,il I
Will) tlin llN'KWtl*.!' of COIIlloli'llCil to lho I
lloj-il finally om- to llm widows audi
orphans of Dw  l.'.o uilii-'itf  who lout |
till ll    llViri   il   flirt   lillVh   hl|lihl'l|Wrlll
piitii!''i!i<>!iiiim broke lis iiniiiiIuks 111111,1)10 Kind's ibiuli by an explosion at
ih., I'l-l.-n of "QtH'Hlloit" ii'i'ii' liiii-r-i \S'i.|||tiK'nn Ctilll.'n, VVhit.'linVi'ii, but
spi'iMil wllh oi In r n-iuiiii.i. nl a t'-it  thin  mi   nt t-oriitjioii    Iiiiiuiiiilly  wnn
l-'vi'ii fii'clitilo .Spain fmn begun to
throw riff tho cloak nf apathy,   mid
tlu« reactionary elcm-'.'iitH nro being ro-
.     .I.,,.. i     ...1 ,   ,
*   ,,,«.,' ,1   ...   . *.      ./... ,>ni *...*.«.*. *.,..!   ...
i-oni-lu-lvf'ly'  by Dw  l-f-rull   of
the i-V-clkm whk-li took place in Mini-
i rid on the Nth of Mny when the vet-
,0 ■ iiihi . oclnllst Pablo IglesiiiH bad the
distinguished   honor of ciitr-rlng the
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New Michel Store 24x50
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; t-itt of revolutionary Hoclnllfim.
I    Tlii' foi low I iik iit" tho number   of
votcH which woro nmt for tbo varloim
i (-andltl'it'-fl.
| Republicans:
i l't-rcii!  OnldciH    420711
, KH-'uoriio fi;_r-
i Snlilliis  ..-IU72
I I'l y Ar«M«Ki»  11-031
j Hminrio -10801
, 1lili-fci«ri  -fSi>i IiiLi*    lOTl'-'i
; Royalists:
| Jlnir-itcz do lu I'm-nii- 31191
I Zalrio  301 IC
Chnvnrvi , ,.31278
Pnrtron  .ftOftSl
1'i'UBl "20181
Guliao ,...30m
10(111 or Lodfior:
SlntlHtlct* of nccldonts) In mines
of Drlllsli Columbln nro boyond ono's
Tho numbor of fnlnl nccldonts nlono
Ih too moiiHtroiiH to iwrnv and such
Inhuman Hliuightor in a (Hhki'iioo to
inliiliiK hlHlory and to lho miporvlyon*
of tho nilntiH which nro nt prosont In
Whon I'c-wlInK lho hlHlory of inliiliiK
nud Ihu. Hi ul IhI Ion of'accident h, iUouk'
wllh tlm bin tllvldoiidfl Hint uro paid,
and ('(iiiipiiro tli om to tha Hinall wago*.*,
It piovoh without doubt Unit profit in
a miirdi'rnii*' ?.y-stcm.
Wo havo a C. M, It. A. In force
which Ih practically iKiiorod lu ovory
mlno, nnd tho ruloH which nro niitilo
puriioHi'ly for clImliintliiR nccldontn lu
inliioH, Hiifli an ninnlioloH In liaulnirn
ronilH, nml xtop hlochs which flhoiild
,      .      i        ,,      J ->        . ,   .,
,H    ,11... , .1   Ut.   .it,.   tUJ->   Vt    L , Cl jl    ..-.■w.Ui'*.*
Tlii". r- mil'-.', an- vi*ry7'fblnm tirtlicri-d
to c-ltlior through Ignorance or ncpll-
Kotwo I nm not lu n powltion lo Hint",
but ncvi'HliolcHH (In? fn-Rtn romnin nn
*. ■ i ii     .,       i           i r  .. ii,
■•■■         .*-" ■• ■ ■	
HprnttBlixj of Dw <*nrt* nro only a ilealh
trap, im i!i-*y arc vory often brcahliip
which Ih n Kn-rit douiont of dnnKor «r.
I he driven*.
And iih I'i'KunlH tho ropes and chaiim
—they may bu examined dnlly, but n
tine n poit Ih not recorded iu tlie
booUH wblr-li an- lcr>pt for tho purpono,
for at iln- prrseiit limn ropeB in nn
itnxafi! i-oiiilltlnn nfo nt work in most
of the iiiiui*.*. ht thin province, ami tis
long as this im-ratlve ayittira In In ox-
Ist.iice thn pri-nprvntlon of lifo will
only bo a Micondary thought with the*
money Rrniihcia. So tbo only clmnco
left for ihe wrtRrt ulnvo in to connlder
liln condition, und agitato educate and
llcsl iniilcrliilH only used
nml lli\st el-inn work-
initiislii)) I'liHiiri'H
A Good Job
JOE PALVO     How Poon atoek
Fernie Opera House
ri mt% it m a _t* tpt- iat
mat w \f I Jtf
A. Pizzocolo, Mgr.
of Canada
Quarterly Dividend Notice
Notico is horoby given tliat a dividend of Six Per
Cent, ])M' annum upon the pjiid-up capital stock
oftho Homo Bank of Canada has boon declared
for the Three Months ending Hint May, 1010,
and tho same will'be payable at its head ollico and
brunches on-mid nfter "Wednesday, tho llrst day of
Juno next
The Transfer books will bo closed from 17th to :11st
May, HMO, both days inclusive.
Hy order of the Hoard.
(leneral Manager.
.\t>nt] Olllce, Toronto, April lilst, 1010
John Adair, Manager, Fernie Branch
Lumber,   Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors
Roady to Supply
tho bnlldluK wunts of llio ontlro
community Ih how wo Inventory
Block at thla lumbot' yard.
Gutth Doortt, Window
Frame*, Nowol Ports, Ao
wo ulioiv a lint lino of. A vlplt
lo this offlco boforo building will
bo of Kri'ul uwiHtiuico lo you.
Prlc«» &tttlftfact<ory
Phono 93 P.O. Bow29
ornct aad VAUO, McP-KINSOH AVt* WP. O* M. OtPOT, rtPHItt	 HH
Many R^-asoris Advanced  For This
Belief-^Establishing Theory ,
On Basis of Fact    ■
That.there are sound reasons for
the belief that the natives of Northwestern America and those of Northeastern Asia are related and that the
■ results .of scientific studies which xare
being conducted on both sides of the
Beb*rlng' sea by representatives of American ana British scientific   institutions will go far to establish the theory
on a basis of fact, was tho statement
"of Mri J. A. Telt, one of the'foremost
authorities on Indians in the^ Interior
of this provlnco and coworker with
Dr. Franz Boas of Columbia university
who was ln Victoria on his way to the
Qulnault reservation on* the coast of
the State of Washington.-
Thore he will carry out a commiss-
' fon re -quiring him to gather hurriedly
for a work whlc hheolsnv. lUYMzaw
.*■ for a work which he is now preparing
*. for an institution, Information relative
"to the ancient tribal-boundaries, and
the areas covered by tho various dialects, of the Indians on that re'servat-
* ■ ion. '        .  •   ' ,     ."''■..
Indian Language in Asia
According to Mr. Telt a group of
tribes has been discovered on the
coast of Asia .who are linguistically
American, despite the fact that "they
are surrounded by other tribes distinctly Asiatic in their language. This
is one of the pegs,upon which the
theory of relationship is hung.
.    ,      Folk Lore ,
Recently Houghton, Mifflin; 'of.Boston, published for the American   Folk
. Lore society a volume by Teit oit the
traditions   of .the Thompson river In-
-   ,dians. '  Since writing tbtit he has.gathered - 300 ' other  traditions  handed
down from generation to generation,
some of which are identical with traditions of-other tribes and with traditions- of -some' of the Asiatic tribes, a
. fact which-has never yet been, satisfactorily explained. He is also at work
- "on texts of .the language of the Thomp-
'   son river Indians, and the Dominion
 -gnyornmn-nt-. will"  soon have, him at
work on a detailed map showing the
completed before long and will constitute" the last word in the, intimate
study of the Indians of the Pacific
Coast, their history, customs,' craft and
languages. '
The work is being hurried as much
as is consistent with accuracy,' owing
to the fact that within a few years
much of the Information needed will
bo past getting. The Indians are rapidly changing, traditions are no longer preserved, and tribal customs have
fallen before the advance of the white
man.. .Mr. Telt declares that all the
coast tribes have decreased since the
whites first camo among them about
1858, -
A few of the bands are holding their
own, a few are oven increasing, but
the vast majority of them are fast
falling off.
The period of adjustment is-proving
ment, and 25 separate verdicts" have
"been rendered. * The jury says, that
the mining laws of the state were broken* with the knowledge amd consent
of,the mine inspectors.
The verdicts were in three sets, one
set fixing the.cause of the death of
the twelve men in the, rescue party,
who perished on the cage in the'main
shaft, another set for.the.108 men
who were suffocated in the second
vein, and the third for the 51 men who
were trapped in the third vein, who
died of exposure and suffering from
The. verdict of the jury is a vindication of John Cowley, the engineer who
was in charge of tlie(cage on which
the 12 re'sciiers lost their lives.
The Acre Yield Competition at the
Alberta Provincial'Exhibition to be
held at Calgary, June 30th to July 7th
is .a new idea for an exhibition. The
following prizes are offered:
Winter wheat $100 $50 ?25 $15, $10 $5
Spring wheat.. 100   50   25   15   10   5
Oats 100   50   25 ; 15   10   5
Barley    .75* 40   25   15   10   5
Flax .... .'*. ,60 35 20 10 5 .
The average amount of grain grown
oh an acre must be shown, and will be
judged 60 per cent for quantity, 20 per
cent for purity, 15 per cent for quality,
5' per cent for acreage. The Exhibition company pays all charges on ex-
A Menace to the Empire
and Civilization Says
Teddy Roosevelt
hlbits originating in Alberta.     It is
faS^oT^rorsriZsrbut'^ i »* ™* ****** *
Sit beli-s that many of them will  ta. seen the quantity o  gnjlngrown
boundaries,of the tribes of this province.'*'    .   '* '
Rapidly Changing
■ Speaking of Dr., Mr. Teit
said that when the .researches *and
studies of all tlie workers 'now in the
field havo'been completed, Dr. Boas
will, write "his conclusions based on
1 the findings.     The .work should be
eventually adjust themselves to* the
customs of the whites, and develop
into useful and intelligent citizens of
this, country and of the United States
to tlie south. -       .
During his visit to Victoria this week
Mr. Teit was the guest of. Dr. New-
combe of Dallas road of whose work
among the coast Indians he holds a
very high opinion. He will leave this
evening for Seattle and on
at once to begin his labors.—From the
Colonist.     " "
(Bd.—Father, Meurice, who was so
long stationed up north in charge of
Catholic missionary' work, not only
wrote some very interesting and scientific treaties on the flora and fauna of
those little -known regions; he likewise threw considerable light* on the
ethnology of the people,, and being*, a
profound philological student, took
great' interest in the different tribal
tongues of-those who we're under his
caro. In order to show the close analogy between the Dene Indians and
the Asiatic lie compiled quite a, list of
words which phoneticaljy and iiiin-
on an acre In a pile by itself, and the
reader will realize what greate interest
will'be taken in a building where probably 100 such exhibits will be on view
from ail-over the province. s Some districts are taking an active interest iii
this feature such as the Lloy'dminster
Agricultural society who have already
secured six exhibits'from their district
for the contest. ,
- The other features of the exhibition
■promise,to be of more than ordinary
interest and tbe excellent music' and
attractions, low rates and special train
service will undoubtedly make the attendance the largest yet. The entries
close on the, 18tl'i of June.
LONDON, May 31—Quite unexpectedly Theodore Roosevelt today delivered what is considered by Englishmen
a severe arraignment of the attitude
of the nation towards Egypt'.,, Something picturesque was looked for from
the ex-president, but in view of his
utterances in Egypt in which he gavo
praise ln full measure to the .British
government for the development that
followed British rule it was not anticipated that he* would revert again
to the'subject, especially for the purpose of taking England to task on the
question.     ■>
aiity is the most broken reed on which
rightenousness can lean."
Duty to Stay
With reference to the Soudan Mr.
Roosevelt said he felt as be did about
the Panama canal, although it may not
pay, it was Britain's duty to stay there.
In his opinion the Soudan would pay
It was not worth while to belong to
a big -nation tinless that nation was
ready to shoulder a big task.
Unprejudiced Outsider
' He prefaced his remarks on Egypt
with the statement that he spoke as
an unprejudiced outsider, as an American and a real democrat, whose first
duty was to war against violence, injustice and wrong doing wherever it
may be found. ' .
He proferred his advice only on the
principles on which he had acted as
president when dealing with the Phil-
lipines, and he declared thai the present situation in Egypt.was a grave
menace to the British empire and to
civilization.       • '
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund , -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
rilTTMTDV BTT_TWI7 __ Every facility afforded to farmers and oth-
IsUUPUnl DUOlllDOO ,crs for the "transaction of tlieir banking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
R_]_irilir RV MATT Accounts may be opened by mail and monies'
DANiUIlU DI iUiilL deposited or withdrawn in this way with
equal facility. ' ■
l. a: s. dack,
Manager, Fernie.
PRINCETON, 111., May 30—The coroner's ury which began last November to investigate the cause of the
Cherry mine "disaster,, which resulted
In tho death of-265 miners in the St,
Paul coal mine, has reached an agree-
England Has,Erred
But with a frankness that caused a
stir among those who had gathered in
the   ancient Guildhall to witness the
ceremony of conferring the freedom of
the city of London upon him,    Mr.
Roosevelt declared that while England
had given Egypt tBe best government
that country had had in two thousand
years, yet recent events following the
assassination of Premier Boutron Pasha had shown that in certain vital
points the British government had erred,   and  England  must  repair  that
error if she wished to do her whole
duty. ,    '■ i
He. called attention to the fact that
the prime motive for England, taking
hold of Egypt was in order to restore
"Either you have or have.not the
right'to remain in Egypt and estab-
lishand keep order," he said.    "If you
_ucy —There's   a
hasn't a friend in the world.1
Lulu—Lucky dog I
man ."who
have not the righ_~aiid"have noFTli-
desire to remain and keep order then
by ..all means get out.     But if,. as I
hope your-duty .to mankind and your
fealty to your own great traditions bid
"you to stay, then maice the fact and
the name agree'aiid show that you are
ready to meotin very deed the responsibility which is yours.    When  a peoplo' treat assassination as the corner
stone of self government, It forfeits
all right to be considered worthy   of
self government.     Some nation must
govern Egypt and I hope and b'eliovo
that tho English nation will bollovo
and decide that tho duty to do so Is
theirs." ■
.    Indianapolis, May 27.
To the officers and 'Members of the
United Mine Workers of America:
Fellow Workers:' ,   ■
Wago contracts have' been negotiated and agreed upon ln Central and
Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan
Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and the
Kanawha,district of West Virginia, on
a basis in accordance with the action
of "the Special" National convention in
Cincinnati, Ohio.
The miners of Illinois are still idle,
their joint conventions having failed
to-reach an agreement, and- 70,0.00
men aro on strike. The Southwest
which includes Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, has failed
up to'this time,to reach an agreement
and there are 35,000 men idle in those
Districts. , •
In addition to the districts mentioned, there' are 1500 men who are still
idle on strike at Springhiil, N. S.;
15,000 men are idle in the Irwin district of Pennsylvania, and there are
4000 men on strike in Central Pennsylvania as well as 2000 men oh strike
iu Colorado and about 3000 on strike
in Ohio and a number ,of local strikes
in Kentucky and in other districts.''
The uncertainty in connection with
negotiating wage agreements for the
members of our union who are* now-
idle makes it imperative tbat some
measure be taken to protect their interests. The International executive
board has reviewed the "situation very
carefully and decided,to.levy an as-
sessmentof 25' cents,per week or $1
Wo have all tho choice cuts in Beef, Pork
Mutton and Veal, and can supply you
with anything you require in this line.
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
Our Butter, "Eggs and Cheese are  the
best on the market and arc sure to please
Fresh   Cured   Hams  and Bacon in Stock
P.   BURNS & CO.,   Limited
Phone No. 31
I The 41 Harket Co.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Now in Our New Stand
"   ■    *      , ,*--*   * *    .
We beg to announce to oiir many customers that we have removed to our new building across from King Edward Hotel
where we wili be pleased to meet.our old customers and   new
 .    i
No Transhipment
No Frost, No Drought
Nationalists Baneful Influence
Mr. Roosevelt dwelt on what he
called the baneful lnfluonco of tho Nationalist party in Egypt, which had
shown In connection with tho premier
und his asaastnatlon that .it was neither capable nor desirous of guaranteeing justice.
Sentimentally a Broken Reed
"You havo tried to do too much tn
the intercuts of tho Egyptians thorn-
hoIvob. Thoso who havo to do with
uncivilized pooplo, especially fanatical pooplo, must romombor that In
such a situation as that which faces
you In Egypt, woaknesfl, timidity, and
Bontlmontallty may causo Infinitely
moro harm than violence.    Sontlmont-
per month (at.the option of the local
union) on each and every member of
the organization who may be employed or at work on and after June lst.
The assessment is tb continue for a
period of two months.
Local'unions can lend material assistance in the way.of furnishing relief
if they'will, wherever possible, advance the amount of tlie' assessment
from their Local Treasury, and we
would urge that thoy adopt this suggestion iu order that we may hear
from them promptly. ,
There are prospects of wage contracts being negotiated with a numbor
of individual operators or companies
In Illinois and tho southwest. Wo can
take no chancos, however, in protecting the Interests of our membership.
You aro advised to act promptly,
and forward to tho national office tho
assessment heroin provided. ,
Our members will bo kept informed
through. tho columns of tho United
Mine Workers Journal from week to
week of tho progress mndo In negotiating wngo agreements ln tho Districts
affected and now Involved ln tho
Sond in all monoy to Edwin Porry,
International Secretary Treasurer, at
1101-1108 Stato Lifo nulliling, Indianapolis* Ind.
Fraternally and truly yours,
T. L. Lewis, President
Frank J. Hayee, Vice-Pres
Edwin Perry, Sec.-Treas.
Tlie  Opening and Maintaining ol a
Savings Bank Account is a duty that
everyone owes, both to themselves
and to.those dependent on them.
Your Savings Account Solicited*
Fernio Branch
Havo somo ton aero tracts of
Fruit Lands—stream moan-dors
right clean through tho property. I'm
making up a party on tho 20th Juno.
Don't buy a pig in a poke. Conic
and join tho crowd—seo whnt you're
buying and avoid being stung.
For Further Particulars Call or Write
P.O. B6x 48 Fernie, B.C.
:l   Be Up-to-date and Equip Your Works with
il Canadian General Electric Co. i
-(          ■■ —).
Induction Motors
Full Information and Quotations Cheerfully Furnished
«   Calgary Branch Office:      325 A Eighth  Ave,   West ^
Summer Wear
A  Complete   Range
raking powder
Your   choice   of
Hats from
BalbriggAn Underwear $1,00 per Suit and up
Dry Goods      KEFOURY BROS,
Si-it .it "•V*.—. im "''(inly ■*•-.'.■■•'
Ni »'. Ut *\'>.U'.ui. lluU)
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SI)* Mzttitl £tbtm
Published every Saturday morning at its office, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie, B. C. 0 Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance. Ah excellent advertising^ medium. Largest
circulation in the District.. Advertising rates on application. .Up-to-date facilities for the execution * of all
special attention. Address all communications to The
kinds of book, job and eoler work. Mail orders receive
District Ledger.'
J. W. BENNETT, Editor.
The growing sentiment of antl-milltarism is now noticeable in almost'every country in Europe. The trials
and troubles of the British recruiiinp; scrgean**. havo been
described at length by these "harpies' of lho at my who
with multi-colored ribbons, flying from their head gear,
and n braggadacio swagger lured unsophisticated yokels
to accept the "Queen's shilling."
That it Is by appeals to their vanity and not to any intelligent appreciation of the* merits of the case is amplj
demonstrated by the study of the birthplaces of those who
make up the personnel of many Scottish regiments when
the preponderance of those entitled to wear the kilts will
be found to be natives of countries outside of Scotland.
Today the great plaint of those interested in the upkeep
of Scottish traditions is"that although the regiments who
don the picturesque garb of various clans are quite numerous, there are noi more than two who have not a large
admixture of othors than sons of Caledonia. All the
dialects found between Giants Causeway and the Cove
of Cork can be found-in one regiment, tyid in the 42nd
better known as, the Clack Watch, for a comparison regarding diversity of lingual expression one may consistently make use of the stereotyped simile "a regular tower of Babel."
All of these facts are in themselves straws showing
the decadence of "local" patriotism, and indicative of the
waning devotion of those martial pursuits that in the
past have formed so thrilling a theme of song and story,
That it is the costume rather than the much vaunted
love of country that attracts was unanimously the verdict
of the recruiting sergeants in England, tacitly given of
course, when they declaimed so loudly against khaki replacing the brilliant red ,coat because of its deterrent effect upon prospective animated packages of food for
powder. # ...
The practical suppression by the
news* regarding the opposition in different countries to
consequence Canadians have been called "ingrates" to the
Mother Land. One crowd wishes to make a subscription
and buy a Dreadnaught, another, looking to the material
interests of the Dominion, consider that home industry
should be patronized. These- two factions, however,
find themselves confronted by un opposition both active
and passive that declines to be Inveigled into countenancing either scheme. *     .
Why "should"this country burden herself with the
expenses incident to floating junk piles in the shape of
batleships, cruisers, torpedo destroyers? Junkplle may
be considered a wrong term to use to these Leviathans
of the sea, but the inquisitive „who delight in looking into
the cost, life and final resting places of these monuments
to' m^n's stupidity, have only to investigate statistics
"and ascertain for themselves that the bulk of them are
declared obsolete and destroyed from time to time without performing any function whatsoever except furnishing a temporary abode for several thousand trained fighting men.
Canada requires a navy because of her unprotected
coast line, says thc protagonist of war.     Let us look at
the matter void of sentiment or prejudice.     If Canada's
possible enemy is the United States of what avail would
a navy be against a country that can readily make a land
If the opponent came from overseas It.would demand
a navy equally as great as Britainsto attempt to protect
the long coast line.      * " °
>. Canada can make progress by attending to her development rather than by expending the. energy and life
blood cf her youth merely'to keep alive the spirit of barbarism and butchery.
Mexico with twice the population of Caanda, about
one fifth tho area but with an extensive seaboard to^oth
the Atlantic'and Pacific oceans, extending from 15 deg.
to 32 deg. 30 m. N. lat and 87 deg. to 117 deg. W. long,
being satisfied with seven small vessels, the largest a
little larger, than the "Quadra," why should the country
that occupies territory to the north of Uncle Sam's domains undertake to saddle herself with a bill of unnecessary expense?
» Again the*people of this broad land have only to seo
thc conditions in Europe to reach a' conclusion that the
example is one to be avoided rather than imitated. If
theso peoples whose histories are principally made ,up
of ,the recitals of wars, are fast approaching a mental
stage that causes them to" deprecate the arts of war with'
all its horrors,, is it not tjie height of folly for a y<
nation not to beneft by such an experience?
, Monday, June 6th, Al. G. Barnes big
trained wild animal circus will'open a
week's engagement in this city and
from,, all  indications 'they, will draw
big crowds to ail their performances.
If is a long time since Fernie has had
a chance tp see a large.tented show,
and all of the exchanges from the.U.
S,  say that Barnes has the-largest
trained wild animal show in America.
Special mention must be made of the
sea lions.     There have been trained
seals; and trained sea lions, but none
quite equalling in: point of sagacious
performances   those  that* are   to  be
seen. with  Al  G.  Barnes ' Big  3-Ring
Wild Ainmal Circus.    It is simply another demonstration of the wizard's
superiority over rival    trainers that,
have followed in.his wake. The united
and individual work of these wonderful
creatures, so singularly ungainly   in
slippery shape by nature, so pitiful ou
land, and with but stunted flippers to
supply the place of hands, is the very
acme of both amazing and amusing action.    These amphibious creatures are
equilibrists, jugglers, musicians,   both
catchers, clowns and bareback riders,
catchers, clows and bareback   rlder_
giving undoubtedly   the most   unique
and  remarkable- trained  animal acts
ever produced. •
One of this collection, called Dick, Is
positively the only seat lion that has
ever been educated to mount and ride
on the back of a horse, maintaining a
perfect position and juggling balls, batons and lighted torches, while the
horse dashes at full speed around the
ring. To be seen only with the Al
G.. Barnes', Big 3-Ring Wild Animal
"   MARRIED  .
EGG—SHAW—On Saturday,-May 28,
George C. Egg of'Pernie, B. a,'and
. Constance H. Shaw of Montreal, P.
Q„ were united in the bonds of ^ holy
Best wishes    from all who ' know
The situation Ih Finland grows more acute daily and
the various efforts of the Russian
government to bring
these liberty loving people under the control of the bureaucracy and per contra deprive them of all semblance
M_d___no____atic_self_jrnv_-n*mQii*---*=«---- '
military service is a recognition of its development and a
realization that if the reports of outbreaks from time to
time be allowed free circulation the effect will
ily be antagonistic to the exploiting class.
The international Labor press is the medium of com-
municating information vital to the interests of the working class, and a forco in the promulgation of solidarity
that must be reckoned with both by its opponents and Its
beneficiaries, the former aro consistently fighting It, while
the latter aro too often apathetic in its support.     If It
were not for the existence of tho various representative
publications of Labor but littlo would be known regarding
their actions.    Full details of the imprisonment for four
years of Gustace Herve, editor of La Guerro Sociale, by
tlio French govornment,' would not bo furnished wero it
not. for the radical pross and vory llkoly brief mention
only would have beon made In tho official organs. When
tho Austrian Servian embroglio had almost culminated in
war and reserves wero being drafted, a large number of
nohoinluiiH and Ilungnrlans refused point blank to tak<>
up arniH on behalf of Austria, and nro nt present languish-
Inp; In durance vile bocauso of lliolr principles,   Tho rlotH
In various parts of Spain nt tho different ports     from
which roinl'onicrnontH wero being shipped to Melllla for
tho   Moroccan campaign,   woro protests on tho part of
{thoso who, nwnl(f>nlng from tlio hypnotism of past genor-
ntlons, reallzo liml war Is only prosecuted i'or tlio gratification of thoso desiring profit therefrom, and all tho
talk about llio "dofonso of honor", upholding tho flag,
freedom's i-ntiHO, aro so many cntclipniiny phrases that
have outlived lliolr iiHofiilnoHs.
The IncraiHO of Socialist philosophy In Oornmny with
Its com-omllnnl aiitlinllllarlHrii goes on npacc doHpllo tho
outbursts of rr.-nmiro from tho Knitter .stigmatising Uujko
biiI-JocIm ns "vut.-rluii'll-'H,' cl.'. Ii Is very likely than an
ImpiiHue may be roiiehrd In tin.' Kingdom of IViihhIii In
There nrn r.-poriH curri-iil that Dw army will bo ino-
blllzcil In Ihat year, which iiu-huh temporary dlsfninchlKc-
incut whereby a diminution of Dw Koclnllst vote may bo
iiffccicd and enntll-liiloH more favorable to IinpcrlnllHtlc
|iOlli'|f>H  f'lc'Ct f'l.
There Is iIiIh "fly In H.e ointment"--much
low't'i'H of the Kiilsei' jiihI iiiciiiIici-h    of tin
WOllM  lie lilr-fixeri   If llle  li'p-'""*r*lll'll l\
The latest move on the part of the authorities at St.
Petersburg is an attempt to"place the Finnish pilots under the control of the Ministry, of Marine; this is deemed
an injustice and an attack at the institution of those who
have   guided  navigation   through  Finnish   waters.      If
accomplished there is every   reason lo believe that the
parties interested will declare a general strike.     The
Finns are supposed to be strong on passive resistance,
but this will avail them little If tho henchmen of the
Czar determine to enforce submission, as they will not
hesitate to create excuses for bringing the military Into
uso through the aid of tho agents provneateurs, I. e„ tho
trouble creators.    The function of these creatures Is to
commit some overt act In such a manner that blamo may,
bo fastened upon those whom it Is intended to destroy.
Such tactics are not unknown In Canada, having boon
practiced by corporations whoso employees had decided
that tho conditions under which they wore working wore
not satisfactory.
Tho existence of a people wlillo under the domination of an abflolulo monarchy who possess cortaln prlv-
egos of a democratic charactor and rotnlnlng certnln powers of self government Is anathema In the minds of thoso
who bollovo In tho maintenance of absolutism, consequently llioy will leavo no stone unturned to bring tlJ._o
"insurgents" into lino or falling this endeavor to subjug-
alo Ihem by ropresslvo measures,
A fow Items of information rognrdlng this country
will bo quito lu plnco horo.
ll. Is a Grand Duchy on tho Gulfs of Finland nnd Bothnia, and was taken from Sweden by IliiHsIa and finally nnnr'xnd In 1S08, Tlio area Is l-l-l,_r>-l squaro miles,
wllh a population of about 11,000,000 In 1007, of whom
[ihoui, 2,fi.JO,('00 aro FluiiH, 100,000 Swedes, 10,000 IlUBHlnnH
7(ii)ii (lermniiH and I wo thousand Laps, loading a nom-
ndlc life In the nortli. Nonrly nil of lhe Inhabitants are
Tliere Is n university nt IIolslngforH, wllh 2.112 Htudonts
of whom, fi 18 nro womon.
The leading ornjiH (ire ryo, barley, oals, pola'oos.
Sawmills mid pnpor innniifncliirlos provldn (ho chief Industry and (he foreslB nre a great houito of wealth, Ini-
incline .-iiniitllicH uoliik prepared for export; dairy pro-
i> expoitcd,   Tlii'ii! aie «'."A_ miles of rnllwny,
Elko bank clearings for '.'Jay show
a large increase over the month of
May 1909.
Now the big .celebration is all over,
the prize and the printing money, all
paid, Halley's Comet a past occurrence
—we trust that the sun will resume
rising every morning in the  east.
Sid Newman and wife and Andy Davison of Pittsburg were Elko visitors
this week, and registered at the, Columbia, where ,"Ham", heavy on the
horn, mixes brain storms and pink elephant _cocktaiIs__ .—*. .—--
h I he fol-
■<-.- of i||i> woiMini;! unil a inerclinni fleet of 'Min ve
cIiihh could lie decreased In the UoU-lmlng, the feiir Is felt
liml more or Ichm openly voiced Dial In-iMf-iiit-li un (In;
HiipfinrU'i'H of llebel, singer, Atier ot nl know tin1 nioilvc
for I lie iiiiit-lll/.ntlou is I-i.-ciiuhc Dmao deprived of
'I'-i""-"" •■■" ••""■:; ■:   ,...  . .1 '..* *'..     „. ,t„,:,„■, ui.ii i in*-* ioiin oi govoiniiii'iit, gave wny on January   iHf,
....  ....I, .■.iivjiii-u:*.-',| ,,oii, io u imw coiisiuutioii Involving n -tingle elninihnr
Tmly "uiK-aNy Uchi elected by universal HUffrngo of both wxi-h,   Womon aro
likowlao ollf-jitilo for election lo tlio Chfimli'-r.     Finland
hhi'Ih, moMily small, of
which "IO!- nro slPiinicrs.
The country was formerly governed by the Imperial
I*'IiiiiIhIi Senate, of 22 members, with n Dlot ot fou
llie* j tales elected by tho people,
II'   OH-
The Colton hats are. all the rage in
Elko' and they are certainly swell.
All night rains and bright sunshiny
days, are no curiosity in Elko.
S. 3. Lewis, deputy gariie warden,
planted 100.000,000,000,000,023 young
trout In Silver Springs Lake, at Elko
this week. It Is like carrying coals
to Coal Creek. There Is no sport in
fishing in the streams around Elko
for they are full of fish just waiting to
be caught. Take in the Sunday excursion lo Elko and we will put you wise
to where the big ones are.
F. J. Deane of the Cranbrook Herald visited Elko this week, and the
way the Herald will boost Elko won't
bo slow. .
Thore has beon nothing In the papers now for a week about Teddy Roosevelt, but there'll bo something doing
when ho arrives in Elko next month,
you can bet yonr necktie,
Charles Klliiglnsmlth of tho Elk
Hotel Is buying up a sulphur mlno In
Jack Kennedy, Iho C. P. R. master
palntor and his nssistnnt, put Elko on
the All Red routo I ins \veql{.
C. E. Ayro, manager of tho North
Star Lumbor company, nnd his son
Charlie, loft for Spoknno on Wodnos.
Tho dog fight in Elko Inst Sunday
was overy bit ns good ns a vlllago
wake In county Cork,
Mr. Groonor of Fornio wns In Elko
this week, nrrnnging for building grn-
vol for tho Wostorn Cnnnda Wliolosnlo
Compnny. Wo hhowod him the best
In B, C.
Lnw Ih n funny thing In this node
of Uio mountnlns and wo expect overy
dny to honr of Elko being nrroutod
for Tllgnmy, hocnwio sho Is mnrrlcd
to health, wonlth ntul prosperity. (Ed.
Should bo trlgnmy.)
IliiHlnesH is good In Elko, nnd tho
green constantly pnsslng over tlio
cnnnlor Into llio cnsh box, und lho
morchnnlH smiling llko n snloon rush
register on a pny night.
The biggest celebration In the Pnss
will lnko plnco on Dominion Dny, July
1st, iu. Fernio II, ('.., when sport r of nil
kinds will be Indulged In. Footbnll
mntchcH, tmHOfinll gnmeH, ItiB-of-wnr,
fool races, long nnd short dlstant'en.
Iioho wo] moan oto, Wntch for further particulars.
A hat and drawn for. It is necessary,
to explain in detail as there was a
deuce of a rumpus about it afterward.
. These three were representing Leth-
-Dridg, Bellevue and Lille, and* the draw
<vas ,woii*',by Bellevue^ whose representative Bob Liy.ett, refereed. The game
which was very evenly contested, and
had to be played thirty minutes each
way, resulted in ,a draw of one -goal
each. During the game some of the
Lethbridge, supporters acted very _n-
sportsmanlike, and abused the: referee
for giving too many fouls against them
—even the women took-a hand and
such phrases as ','brute', "beast," etc.;
being heard on ajl sides. ' It was decided to play an extra ten minutes
each way to see which .would survive.
In this extra time" Bellevue outplayed
their opponents, making them appear
like a lot of schoolboys.
Only one goal resulted however as
the greater part of the time was spent
In hunting new footballs. The game
therefore resulted in a win for Bellevue by 2 to 1. We are sorry to say
that the arrangements made for the
footballers were ■ rotten. There was !
no penalty area marked out, no goal
lines and no side lines. ,  -,
In addition to this people were allowed to go on tlie field during the
game with no official of the sports to
keop order. The Lethbridge "crowd
made an-awful fuss after, the match,
and collected around the referee with
the intention, some thought, of mobbing him, but they only yelled and hooted,, and refrained from doing any
damage, being held back no doubt by
the thought that the referee' had quite
a lot of friends present.
' Mr. James Ashcroft in conversation
with your correspondent, who'had suggested that we play on neutral grounds
for $100, jumped at the idea and excitedly wanted to-- know If it could
not be made $500. Anyway, we all
adjourned for some refreshments, and
there was handshaking all around and
then there was an end to' the squabbling.
We have promised them a match In
the near future, perhaps on the 1st of
July. ' '
The second game was between Lille
and Cowley, which had to be abandoned on account of tlie ball bursting and
there.being no other available., Lille
had one' goal to nothing when the accident occurred.
Bellevue having --• beaten, the other
teams at various times and considering the good game they'played, Mr.
McMillan thought he was justified in
handing the cup over to Mr. James
Lindsay secretary' to be hold by them
ion in Tea Goodness
ie a delicious and fragrant blend of the finest Ceylon Tea.
Uet a package from your grocer and enjoy its excellent qualities.
-     Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, 50c, 60c and 70c per lb. —*
Electric Lighted «,,„„„ u    .   .
, Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
FERNIE,  B.C.    7
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water
Just unloaded, including Patent Wire Fencing°Wire
Netting, Barbed Wire and Lumbering Supplies, also
Carload Farm Implements & Carriages
In addition to the. above, ■ we have a full line" of
. Harness and tlieir.Parts.    Your patronage solfcited.
J. M. AGNEW & Co., ELKO,   B. C.
It was well filled with Mutz extra,
and kept on being filled until we left
for home. , We had no time to see
the other events for tho day was too
There was a bunch of Indians down
from Hillcrest to see the sports, including their chief, Heep Big Drink. '
We were unlucky on tho road home
as a wheel camo off near. Rock Creek.
Nobody was injured although the teetotaler thought of jumping out of the
rig. '  „
Cokely Bosely, who thought of buying a horso at Joe Veres ranch, had
(o borrow an axe instead and with its
aid soon had a stout cottonwood in
placo of tho wheel,
We arrived home after a most enjoyable day but oh, what a differenco
In tho morning,
„ Tho bridgo in front, of tho Dollovuo
hotel has been fixed at Inst. A government crew wero' working on it last
week and thoy took up all tho old
timber and repaid lt with somo now
three Inch plank, lt should last for
a whilo now.
Wo rgrot to say that tho mine Is not
going as' good ns could bo expected.
Tho outside night shift woro laid off
and so' lt stands to ronson that tho
company cannot pull ns much conl as
Fog Sale!
Interior  House
Including .Gourlay Piano ■
 /jiearlvjtiawJl ■—
Waterhouse  (Next Cree's)
• Draying
Furniture Moving a Specialty
formerly, which is_certaln!y-going to
hurt the miners some in this camp at
There is a rumor that some of the
Inside men.are going to be laid off.
On top of this we hear * that a new
120 horsepower compressor, a new,
dynamo for the fan, tlie' fittings for
a machine shop including some lathes,
and various othor things aro expected,
all of which helps to make the outlook
not too bad.    „
In the meantime would advise ail
miners, etc, to keep away from the
mines here.
Jlr. Dan Sinclair and Compnny*have
been awarded the contract to build a
now wnsh houso,
Work on this wns commenced this
week, Tlmo for it. Cleanliness Is
next to Godliness.
The biggest celebration in tho Pass
will tako placo on Dominion Day, July
1st, at Pornio n. C„ when sports of all
kinds will be indulged In. Football
■giatchos, baseball games, tug-of-wnr,
foot, rnccB, long and short distances,
hoso rod rncos otc. Wntch for further pfti'tlculars.
Leave Orders with "W. Keay
PHONE   78     '
Just around the corner
from Bleasdell's
Drug Store
Open Night & Day
u itw\, ri'i'M  "hiilil -. ij.i   i'U't.i).]j I-
l»ii  (awli'd lo a MictuH.slul Innuo,
D,o \,i-ad wo;m, "a «:i««n."
When Sweden nml Norway dissolved prirtiiorxlilp II Ih
Tint   verv   Penc'tll-.'   1 in-m-n   I..-   .l.ii
!h IIiiih tin-flrHt country to cnncnlo wonmn HiiffrnKo and
....   ...,.,.■, i,„i. n,,,,, ,t,f.A i.i.uixm, .nm  ii   ih iiuii'vvctf Oiy thai  it  linn boon
not read Labor'* p-ipeM thai the-*- xxm; a ■*-.!ioiik element I Kulued without n«ttntk>u.
nntonic the Jlngol»tlc«lly Inclined fnr u ri-Hort to a trial by j.      The l-'lmtfhIi troops only exist In imme, tho Diet Imv-
coml-iit thai wiih averted as a n-Mili of the eoufereiires! Ing veiled $'i,(u\o,otid per annum t{> tho HiiKslan treasury
between the wnrklritfmen's unions of the two count ilea [ In lieu of fiirnlulilng .IiiiiIhIi recniliH in tho nrmy and
deriding that their member* would refrain from so trtti-' onx-y, nod Vhdvd b,r- Ij'-r-n mndo a piirt of il.e Ht. reit .*•
jlildal a xxili:    Much prniMc was kIwii to the late KlnK| hurg military, -llMrlcl.
n-,/-,-ir .-ind (id t-iii mid dlt,il.ini.i.c> I,I*,l-.l> i-.i.iini'd In tlmt!        In ••ilii«-itt»»»f;i| matters thin country It- well to   the
cniitroven-y, l»*it lie wan inertly the l>eu« ox mnclilnn ufjfnre,     Prlnmry. freo and compulKory. nice 7-15, woll nU»
tl.e (oninwin wntf **otl*lrigniMi of the two fount fit* In- /-ended.     H*,
( '-■■ii.lHry Lyceums (half Ix-lnR ntalo rtnmod;
j "*» »«lionl* umi , ounlry high nchools for both rpxcb nlno
n    noada Ml lhe .v.lHM.  rr.titUntty of ,„,„ „,,,,   „,.,, »„„.„,,,.    >Speda| MhM^ (hm makft n
. .Iplf hae ho,rt rtt],,.t r„f#, r,vMla _0, lLu ^.^ ^ .^ ^^ ^fy ^ ninifnUnn. ,„ ,      „,,.
™««*«rl« ib. war fever, but U,I, prop***n,l». <hou*h j .|„„fW. „ wJ»ere thr, imlvontlfy i, located nnd both 'Mm
Most exIHiKhe, ,,„„ ,,„, mH w|t|| muc|l fayorj B|M| M ajwu a,jm|ut(1
Tbv   Hijlum.   riiuiimil   i.*!!!1.   Wiiile.-.-.'
C'owloy.on Vlcioila day.
Mr. McMillan of Ihe Cowley hotol
hns for a number of'ycniB put up a
nip fnr competition nmong tho foot-
w..'...   m^:>i„        Alumni;   luf   -t> iTllt^f t«   tl) /
recent yenrs hns bona riellovuo, which
lenrn on one orr anion mndo n draw
with tho Cowley toam, nml wero na
entitled to hold th,> cup for ft period
or six month-*-., since that 1ms
been In Its own town.
Tlm entries (IiIh year wero tho Sons
ot Krmlnml. bothhrlilt'o, Mile, ptt<it,.
burg, Cowli-y nml lum, but not lcasl.
Ilollovuo. The draw resulted as foi-
l«t 3. O. K v ruilovuo; 2nd Cowley
r Lille: Psfthurjr » byo. Kith t<^w
hnd Also n re-tire-tenrnlfr-^ to art ae if***-
fcroe. Por the first match bolween
fi, 0, V„ nntl nollovuo throo of llio
name* of the rt-fcrws w*re placed ln|
Provincial Exhibition
June  30th   to   July   7th,    1910
Large Prize List
Over $1,000  Oftered  for  Grain Competition
Best Music & Attractions
For Prize List and Entry Form write   i        ,
ii The Creston Fruit and |
:i Produce Association
llot'niloi'H plcnso Nolo tlmt mil-
om for Uio fanioiiH On-slon
HlniwIiorrleH now In
J A. Lindley, Box 27 Creston
Thr*' TonniM Honst... is b» _v nm) ] tm \mx, tt.jt|j
all tl*<* supplies fur the game.
Tennis Rankpfc ^v- stron«- «p-t»-iintc mui
Tonnw HijK 50c each ov ^.Wmloz.   Tcuui* XuU
N. E. SUDDABY'        Druggist and Stationer
Sooner or lator (IiIh cry will como
I'lh'ht homo to you. Ito preunretl
lor n.
Take out
a Policy
ui liihUiu >tme home in ease of
Fire. The premium la but a trlflo.
In fart the firleo of a cluar a day*
nil! huy quito an amount of Insur-
mice. 800 ur about tltlt.
Insurance and Real Estate
I -jjMu^rn-M. iMjii. i^.iiii"' ' r\.-f.•.','.' .'.V;--***V'."T'.T4' -■''' i^yjyy-rr:
a_atiB-ft ■mm-he'-j- m=
?]-/___— c U ____u *-- •'- iv* ti /ft,'-.,/!-
■ _
Tlie Official Org. an of District No.  18, U.M.W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C.   June  4th  1910
4AM^»»¥¥»»¥»¥¥»»¥»AMMMM*t^MM^ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥■¥¥¥¥•¥¥¥¥¥¥¥
« -. ■'•■-.- ' **f
News From the Camps
From, our own, Correspondents
t************ *k*i
A splendid and enthusiastic gathering of fellows hailing from the district
' of the recent awful.mine disaster   in
England marked Sunday ovunluj,' last
in thc club hall.    There was not one
present but who had lost near idative,
bosom friend or personal acquaintance
In the explosion.   , The object of the
-=-. meeting was to formulate means ' to
_et busy and raise a fund to help the
widows and fatherless in the sad bereavement, and dire destitution which
. has so unexpectedly befallen them, *-
Under the chairmanship , of -   Mr.
Superintendent Shanks, good business
was done in quick time.     A fund to
-be known as, the Wellington mine dis-.
aster fund will remain open until August 31 next. -, ,,     '
The gratitude of all, and especially
' of Cumbrians having home ties with
the scene of the disaster,, goes out to
those who so generously responded to
the efforts of the noblo and beneficent
promoters of the recent concert, also
•, to the Mayor of Fernie, for the amount
-collected   at   the memorial service of
ouir late king.     Still there was evid-
. eiice at this meeting that there are
many right through the Pass who'are
>    strongly in favor of something more
,- being done to help -alleviate the undoubted sufferings of these poor people. ,    This fund should be their op-
.-*   portunity and amounts, iio matter how
small," sent or given to Jno. Combe,
secretary and treasurer of the fund,
Coal Creek, B. C, will be gratefully
' received and acknowledged by him.
1   It. may be stated that no.expenses
will be charged against' contributions
.    to' the fund.-    This-means that overy
cent" glve~_j_ll_be_f prwarded—to~ths
distressed quarter.                    ■ .     ■   ,
,   The chairman of the fund is Mr. J.
Shanks, superintendent    of the Coal
, Creek mines, and the committee consists of Messrs. Isaac Halle, Wm. W1I-.
son, Walter Joyce,   Wm.   Bell, Wm.
Tinkler, George Vickers, Jack Cartnell
Harry McGuire,*  Jack' Chester,    Joe
Buchanan, Robert Beck, J. Southward,
1 Tom Beattie and Ed. Harrison,    who
have power to add to their number.
Any. of these will also receive donations.                        *
Men in the employ of the Coal Co.1
can glvo their check numbor and stato
' tho amount they wish to contribute to
lho socrotary of the committee or any
of tlio members.'
Born: At Coal Creek, on tho 28th
Inst., to-Mr. and Mrs. "Billy" Hughes,
a fino daughter.
Born: On the 29th Inst., to Mr. "and
Mrs. William Atherton, a   fine som
Martin Dooley arrived back from
the coast on Sunday.
A sad accident happened to T. Clare,
the Creek.goal keeper on Sunday morning. He was* working as a rope
rider in No. 3 mine and was riding on
the front of the car when going up an
incline, as is usual, when in some mysterious way he got caught by a low
boom and was dragged into the empty cars, sustaining severe injury to
his spine.. At first it was thought
that the back 'had been broken, but
on inquiry later in the week it was
found * that his back was not broken,
but the unfortunate _ young man was
in a critical condition. It is hoped
that he will have a speedy recovery
as he -was very popular among the
boys.        ' '. '   . -     •
Thomas Baird, who for the past
three and a half years.has been head
grocery clerk up here for the Trites-
Wood Company, severed his connection with that firm last month and is
leaving shortly for San Francisco. He
is to be succeeded here by D. A. Dick
who was formerly with the Hosmer
Mercantile Company. ...
Sid Horton, the popular Creek butcher, has gone on a month's visit to
see his folks in Winnipeg. He has
not seen his parents since°he left England a number of years ago. James
Maddison of the P. Burns Company
in Fernie is now* acting In the meantime.
An Italian named Pietro Alvesto, employed as a rope rider in No, 9 mine,
mine. . President Powell and Secretary Carter explained at length the position taken by the* company. ' The
matter was referred back to" the district Officers and scale committee, instructing them to again negotiate with
the Company, the men not feeling disposed to accept what they consider to
be a reduction on the present1 mining
rates. Until such time as an agreement is arrived at the men ln the
longwall will continue on company
work. The ■ general feeling, is ' that
rather, than accept a contract detrimental to their interests It would be
better to revert to the old system of
pillar and stall.
The Are You Crazy Company paid
us a visit this week* and drew an exceptionally large house, particularly
so considering the time of the month.
It Is a screaming farce comedy, and
one of the best tonics for a fit of the
blues that can be indulged in. The
general opinion as to its merit is contained in the one word "Champion."
The legal lights foregathered here
this week to deal with the compensation case of J. Buscovltch who was killed away,back in February last in No.
4 mine. This is a contested, compensation case in which the company.are
endeavoring through their counsel W.
R. Ross K.C, tb have get aside on the
plea that dependents of the deceased
are residents in a foreign country outside of the British Empire.
L., P. Eckstein is engaged by Dist.
18 U. M. W. A. to look after their interests and those of our late brother.
The evidence was 'Completed. The
witnesses were'Joseph Buscovitch brother of the deceased, Martin 'Kahn,
who was tlmberman at the time of
the,accident,-Pete.Wayncuk, a driver,
Louis and Joe Povick, brothers-in-law,
all testified regarding the "sad accident. Robert Spruston, fireboss, - who
was on shift the day of the occurrence
was'a witness, on behalf of the Company.* ~ *•*   7
-Dick Armstrong, wno was seriously
wounded as a result of a fracas in, the
Prairie Village, is now on the hlgh_
got.sevefely-crushed in his loft side,
by being caught with the cars after
jumping off the trip on Tuesday.' No
bones.were"broken; he was removed
i.    ■ ■
to the hospital. ■
A start was made this week on the
new wash house. This will' be a
great boon as the one in use is very
inadequate.   .
Paddy King blew in from Michel on
Tuesday.      ■■•  ■   *■   "■
A special meeting of tho Michel local
was'held on Sunday last to hear the
roport of tho scale commltteo regarding the longwall question in No.' three
It Is too bad that the demand for
sausage is on the decline, but with all
the talk about the cost of high living
nobody has suggested the advisability
of trying dog steaks, and if the market demands cannot be met,, Michel
certainly will gladly dispose of, the
greatest aggregation of useless mongrels .that ever gnawed* a bone or bit
a bum. Carload lots supplied on short
The biggest celebration in the Pass
will take place on Dominion Day, July
lst, at Ferule B. C„ when sports of all
kinds will be indulged in. Football
matches, baseball games, tug-of-war,
foot races, long and short distances,
hoso reel races etc. Watch for further particulars.
The Anglers Association of Michel
are now making arrangements for an
excursion that will be open to all to
Burton City, to have a solid week's enjoyment, when , the disciples of tho
hook and line'will be afforded every
opportunity for indulging in this pleasurable sport and those who are not
anglers will be able to obtain other recreative enjoyment,
Negotiations are under way with
the C. P. R. for a special rate including
fare meals and berth on the boat. Already quite a number have signified
their intention to avail themselves of
this trip, and the committee in charge
are' nor, allowing the grass to grow
under their feet, in boosting the affair. Just as soon as the price is
fixed upon or any other information
pertinent is obtainable we shall make
it. known through the columns of this
paper.. -'
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of° New
York, Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers' Liability, London Guarantee
" and Accident  —
r<«««_ ____.«_ T!i__ Have you seen the New
uPeat WeSt" LUG fecial Policymaximum
vi«wi«_    wv vmv    -unv  insurance minjmUmcost
Henderson Block
Fernie,  B. C.
road to recovery and has obtained employment under government control'
for the next thirty, days. His new
address is Fernie.
Only one accident to report .- this
week which is out of the ordinary for
this camp. This was of a slight character, and It is to be;hoped marks the
end of accidents for a long time to
come. . ,
The dissatisfaction among tho men
regarding tho cemetery question has
by no means disappeared. The goneral feeling is that, the company Is acting In a very high handed manner,
still they should be praised for ono
act of thoughtfulness, and that is a
free grave was offered If lt would be
One Week XX June 6
The Largest and Greatest of all
Big 3 Ring
200 Performing Wild Beasts 200
Hord of Elephants, Soals, Ponies, Doers, Camel*
African Lions, Bengal Tigers, India Leopards,
& Russian Bears—all Riding* Arabian Stallions
The Canmore boys celebrated Empire clay in Banff. A football match
was played in the evening between the
Scotch and English. The best of the
footballers from Canmore. Banff and
Bankhead "were selected for the occasion. It was ahard contested samo,
which finally resulted in a win for
to two.' -   ■
The game started at. 7.15, the Scotch
team winning the toss. Tho Englishmen kicked off, aiid after 20 minutes
of hard and fast play scored the first
goal by a very clever,header' from
centre forward." Tills put more energy into tlie Scotch laddies and thoy
soon evened up the score. The next
goal was scored by the English and
came from a long, well directed shot
which camo In contact with tho goal
keeper between the posts. He tried
hard to hold it but was unable to do
so and It rolled quietly past him Into
the goal.
Tho Scotchmen broke away again
with a rush, doing some pretty work,
and carrying tho ball to their opponents' quarters ancl finally scoring another goal which evened up the score
at two all. '
From another break away tho Englishmen scored tho winning gonl. Tho
Scotch tried hard to oven up.but woro
unable to, and tlmo was cnllod which
ended a very good gamo of football,
Hugh Smith, who was at. ono tlnio
fire boss here, nrrlvod In (own tho othor day looking flno aftor his sojourn In
tho Eastern StnlOH,
A gamo of football was to havo boon
played at Canmoro on Saturday botwoon Banff iuul Cnnmoro, tho firm,
gnmo ot tho season for tho cup, For
some ronson or,,other tho Banff boys
did not turn up,
For tho pant throo or four days IjiihIi
fires hnvo been niglng in tho vicinity
For Kodak Supplies
 -Go TO*—	
The Leading Druggist
Phone 118
Only Real Animal Circus on Earth
10—Big Associate Attractions—10
Including Pharo*kh'i Daughter, Mlnitrel Maldt, Dig Side Show, Patlencfl, Widow Cottage, and other high clam Amusement Feature**-.
4 Daily Performances SISSJS
used for burial purposes. Here is a
novel departure, the company furnishing "free" quarters to the men who
have been killed while in their employ. A little,more-attention during
their life would not be out of the way
The sanitary. Improvements done by
the Company are certainly quite in order, and it is to bo hoped that they will
keep on with the good work; not only
that, but the residents themselves
will help, so that the camp may be free
from epidemics such as have visited us
In the past.  *
Quite a little excitement In New Michel on Tuesday when fire broke out
ln George Fisher's barn whicli was entirely destroyed with contents, consisting of oats, hay and feed. Fortunately
it happened in the daytime and his
live stock and wagons were all in use
outside. If Is not known how it originated and was well under way before
It was discovered. The house adjoining was only saved, after great effort.
The football match last Saturday between Moyie and Michell resulted in
another scalp being added to Michel's
belt, Moyie scoring one goal to Michel
two. The return .match will be played this Saturday when it is expected a
good crowd will go to the city by the
lake, so-that Michel will be afforded
an opportunity of taking a lesson' in
western hospitality for which Moyie is
so famous.
There is considerable coming and
going just now particularly among the
foreign element.
• Mr. Charles Bulger, took up a guest
for the government retreat house at
Fernie, who, had suffered from the
effects of too much Michel water and
Crahan's cordial.
Ernest Lapsley, the Elk river rancher, recently made quite a collection, of
bear hides, no less than three falling
victims, to his rifle and unerring aim
We shall soon be able to present an
appearance of a camp in wartime if
tho number of cripples of which there
during the next month as it has during the past one.
Thomas" Crahan of the Hotel Michel,
is putting up a valuable prize in the
shape of a first class fishing rod for
the biggest speckled trout caught in
tho locality. ■ -
We really think that another coroner
or a deputy! should be appointed to
look after New Michel, from which
the present incumbent is over four
miles distant, and the other attend to
Old Michel matters,
Basfiball fans are talking about how
tlioy nro going to ..hin Blalrcmore. We
shnll soe later, " /'
William Portor reports good businoss In* tho bowling line, and wo hopo
that practice will make somo of our
enthusiasts so perfect that thoy may
retrieve their reputation when pitted
against tho FornlcltOH tho * next time.
Mchnndors, the Now Mlchol barbor,
has opened an up-to-dato tonsorial
parlor noxt to tho Groat Northorn station, <•■
Maurice Burroll, our local socrotary
caught a nlco batch of seventeen speckled trout as a result of n day's fishing up tho Elk, Ho reports that tho
water la still too high nnd too dirty
for fly fishing. Beef is the only halt
nt prosont that Is offoctlvo,
Thoro Is a roport current, but whether correct or not I havo boon unable
to find out, Dial Knox, llio pit boNB lu
No, 8, Is likely to lonvo In thc near
Mlchd evidently hns many who bollovo tlmt May brides nro short lived,
as fow have taken tho fatnl Htup during tlio past month. Thoro nre' hov-
oral un<leruconBldenii!oii for tho month
if nil goes woll, only don't tell who
I hoy nro,
■Allmrt Bunt Inn Ih onco ngnln bnck In
IiIh old plnco In tho Company's office,
linvlng decided to break off connect-
Iomh wltli the C, I>. It,
Thoro Ih a new hiigmii.ti'iniiii now at
Old Mlchol nnmed Herbert Mnlhor,
who Ih trying IiIh lum.I at open nlr ex-
nr-'liio lui'lond of iHki'Iiii*. deep down
nmmiK lho conl,
.laimm Mi-1'c..'i- Ih dlulm* loom liiau-
iiK*'i* at Ilut Kootonay hole) and told
UH to way thnl  ho Ih uhli- to mill tliejj-~
lllOHt   I'llHtldlOIIH  IllNtOH   IIH  Well   IIH  till! !
plain oncH Unit out Iotn,    Como one, j
(■nine nil, «in'« Min iint <i-o'11 fan,i ••rn,
|    Dick Trurnn'H four wheeled voliW--. I
j Htlll Iiiih them nil or nt leiiHl hnd when ]
jliiHt Heen,    TIiIh   will bo vory useful j
I for {lulling uxctiruloiiH, when lt Ik to ho;
hoped tlmt lho hlm) wlteelH will not j
I reach  home  first  nr thev mnv  turn '
around and go hack. j
Tom Hampton had n onll.-r nt the j
rnrich recently nnd an lio did not llko
IiIh looks gave hlm n runted pill fi-otn
iho effecth of which ha rapidly Bank
lo onrth nnd now Tom Ih quite chm-ty,
aiid UlU nf htiovs iiiu llomi'iveli n few j
pointers on willing n book 'How lo got j
! i Ich by innkinit your own bear ttroano,''
llio U keeping the hide to nhow to his
• friends,
j   The blKKcut celelnailoii in lh-** Vann! of Canmoro.    Corporal McClarty wri.  Luiiu  cotiK^'Knilon,      Iln  lnnv«'H  for;    The I'1-.-rcki clebrntlou in lhe I'sihh
1!will lnko place on Dominion Dny, July j mil on Hummy ■•vimiIhk rounding up; l!<>"->?li<-rn, Mii-nltona, In ,-. few ij-/.).s.   uill litho pl-i-v on nonunion Day, July
Yos,  Pianos possess individuality
and it is that very quality which
lias caused tlie Heintzman &
Co, Piano to stand out clean cut
as a cameo against the Piano world
M. W. Elley, District Mgr,
an n n np a n □oooaopoaod
2--Big Attractions- 2
June 1st & 2nd
Claman Players
-.vlll "tiice t!ii> M-veii-ii-iliuV'-mil
HpllllliiK ft* ■'''•■
R, 0. Krazy?
Old e-iiiiiliv iiciiid-' will ivei-pilze H under
the title of "Void, Dirk nml Hi
June 3rd & 4th
Tin1' IllfW-"'   UH  """' Iraveiling
22-RiHRd Fight—22
Willi.nil iliuilil tlie KieiiteHl I'oxliitf •■mill",!
nu reriiiil,    I'n'M'iiti'd exnellv iim wIIim'smhI
liy the lM,ilililf.|iei'|iiloi's-Hi Kelt. '£ind
One Solid Hour of Fast anil Scientific Milling
1 Itit, nt l-Vrnio II, (.'., wh-n M>orln of nil
jkli.iU v.111 U> In-ltilKt--) in. Kootlml!
mntch"Ji, lianobnll game--*, tug-o.-wnr,
fool moon, Ion-*** nm! short rtlmnnros,
ho*, re-pl rate* tie. Watch for tur
titer particular*..
lho 1-oyH to fif-lit It. Ilo enlisted ni The n<-<wb> if Cnnmnro wbth lidu <", ',l-'',, ut, IVinU. II. C, v>li_u ni-ori* ol nil
lot of imwIlllriR wnrknrg ns tlioy do j cry mii < cki* |tl hl« now fluid of lnbor. ■ kind* will bo Indulged in. Fool bull
not lii-llftvn In fff-flitlnK bunn flrc« for) Tie' viie-tucy wilt be. flll«d by n llev.' innli'heM. lm«e)m)| Kimit-H, t-.iff-n.wnr,
the fun of It, Keiitb-mari from CnlRiiry unlit n ner- foot rnc-o*, long  Jtnd nhort   dUtanrm,
inam-iit nilnUtrr can be prodiift'd for j hoso tool rnco* otc.    Watch for fur-
the (hiirch, J ther pnrtlrulniH.
The Hov. FotW* preacht-d hi* far*-**"
woll nermon on Sunday evening to a MCC4-ETJMM<levftb<WMMUM_.-l>
*/-' „
Miners' Schools Im
np. rat^spejhe_value of Education-Every
Effort isMade to Make Employees of High-
e7¥en"taTfype---A Problem, of Languages
dealing with phases of the work with
wliich the men come in daily contact.
Gradually. the, problems, grow ■* more
difficult and involve the principle o£
elementary mechanics and mining seethe hard coal fields I tions. One half of the session is devot-
the hard ^ ^ ^ ^ sketchlng o£ machine
parts or practical mining problems.
In    its drawing course 'the senior
class starts at once upon the draw-
Lizard Local General Teamsters No.
1*41.' Meets, every Friday night at
8 p.m. Miners union hall.*' A. L.
Doles,'President; William Long, Recording Secretary.
xx ' (.
Offt^: Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; 1-6; , Phone 72
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd
and 4th Sundays at 2.30 p.m.-Secretary^'. A. Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.
■ One of the social forces at work today in the,anthracite region of Northeastern Pennsylvania is thc mine
school.1 The economic and sociological conditions in
are peculiar. Within an area
about five hundred square miles is
contained the entire anthracite supply
of the United States. Anthracite is
responsible for the large population
in this region. Directly or Indirectly
practically the whole population . de-
ponds upon the mining industry.
The need for labor has brought to
this region large numbers of foreign
immigrants,     They come from every
part of Europe, and there are some
of the mines in which from fifteen to
twenty languages are spoken by the
workers.     Naturally such a situation
■creates trouble.     To assimilate these
foreigners Is a problem, lt is generally
recognized - of  course,   that  the  real
solution! and it must be gradual, is
"    education.     The public schoools, libraries,  numberless , benevolent,     and
'   patriotic organizations, are all assisting in the work.
The mining company, the operator,
is leading in it. The operator is more
directly interested  in  the quality of
mine labor than anyone else. He sees
good coal going to-waste because the
men who are mining it are not,well
trained.     Sometimes he sees a life
lost, because the worker, out of ignorance or carelessness bred of. ignorance
has disregarded  the rules that were
designed for his protection.   He'sees
- what the real remedy must be and
he ha_ set about "to provide it by the
'- establishment of schools.        J        '•
■g;it**-^*t '**•* y. \A/*r>-r'
 r- 1 ■ ■■ _■ M (   VMVHII    »»   » «   ■-■—**—■	
general manager of the Pennsylvania
Coal Company,', It is.this committee
which has brought the government officials to take an active part in, the
instruction of mine workers and which
has increased the number of companies giving material as w;ell as moral
support. The Lackawanna, the Delaware and the Hudson and the Ontario and Western as well as many in-
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday, Miners
Union hall.    1). Hees, Sen.
B. C.
ing    of simple  machine  parts  with   dividual operator's encourage the Y.M.
which the members' are moro or less   C. A. work
acquainted.    Gradually   tho   drawing
is mado .more complex,   until at the
end   of the term each student, is capable of making an intelligent drawing
of an elaborate piece of machinery.
The'■■senior class course also contains
problems useful to moulders, machinists and miners.     Another branch of J
instruction is foundry practice.        ■  |
Frequent visits to the school  are I
ade by the superintendent of shops
machinery and by the various
heads    of the    mining deparement.
They   scrutinize the work of the students, and thus it is made obvious
to every attendant that the management is alive |o .the progress that he
is making.
A    change    in the  routine ' work
comes in tbe form bf illustrated talks.
Language Problem
In the southern district the Philadelphia and Reading runs special cars
in order to glvo the employees an opportunity to attend the meetings of
tho Institutes..;
Among the experts who have made
addresses for the benefit of the mine
workers are Dr. J. A. Holmes of-the
Geological survey, Col. B. W. Dunn,
cliief of the department for the safe
transportation of'explosives, and also
Prof. Monroe,. consulting chemist of
the Gedlogical Survey and Navy department.  .
One of the greatest tasks faced by
the Y. M. C. A. in this work, is to
reach the non-English .speaking miner. At a meeting in, Carbondale it
was seen that 100 men present did not
Every now and then some expert is   spcak Engi*sh; at a meeting in Potts
Formerly the English speaking and
' Teutonic ' races predominated in the
anthracite region, Many of these men
had been brought up in mining communities. Men who had had yours of
experience in the mines of England,
Scotland and Wales were attracted to
this country by the higher pay and tho
botter conditions of work, A number
oil llioni aro Htlll lo bo found In tho
hard coal fields, but relatively speaking, their part in tho production of anthracite" has become less and and loss
Now the mining industry has to l*e-
ly on a class of Europeans whose traditions and experience havo nothing
to do with mining.     Immigrants   of
Southern and Eastern Europo   have
filled' the region, whilo competent minors havo been discouraged from ever
coming hy tho lnw whloh demands two
years service in tlio Pennsylvania nn-
thnielto'region beforo a minors certl-
flcnio can bo grunted,
Thus Una arisen lhe necessity for
bolter training, Several of tho mining companion havo established school
Iioukoh which they conduct for the benefit of their employees. These employees, no matter In what branch of
mining work thoy may bo, arc encouraged to attend. Tho powerful Inducement Ih tho ultimate promotion sure to
follow faithful study.
Ono of tho first Hohools nslabllBhod
by Hits operators la that of the Philadelphia and Rending Coal and Iron Col
nt PottHVlllo, Pa, Tho attendants at
• It uro tho npprontlcoH nnd Journeymen
omployod In tho shops and Iho mlnoH
In tho vicinity of Potlavillo, Tho hond
of Iho H-nhool, ono of the muchunlcal
engineers of tho Philadelphia & Rond.
Ing, In n griiduiilo of Lehigh university.
Ili-cuuso of. tho iidmiHHlon of now
men overy yonr It hns boon found no-
e.ensury tn divide tho school Into two
sections, tlm Junior nnd tho Hf-nlor
Hunt*. Tlm Junior elniiH moolH on
curluln ovuiiIiikh In thu auditorium of
I Ikj main of flro building; lho H«tilor
oIiihm, whicli doi.'H iidvnnccd work, Ih
held in tho ilruwIiiK room of tho shop
at the school and lectures,on the subject with which he is most familiar.
These talks are informal and members
of the class are at liberty to question
the expert. .
The   practical value of tho school
has   been demonstrated   by its   results.   , Many, men who took advantage of the opportunity for instruction
have shown marked improvement and
have already been rewarded by promotion.     They'had the-ability and
the schools brought it out by setting
"their minds to worl*j.
... Recently the company established a
school for the employees of the collieries iij the Shenandoah division.    .The
session's.are held in ' a public   school
building  iu the  town.      This  school
mine workers for the examination for
mine foremans certificates. The head
of the school is the mining engineer of
the district.
; Very few'of the attendants.have had
[ha advantage of much'' educ&tion,
ville it was calculated that 70 per cent
of the men present were df.the noii-
English speaking races. In Scranton
there,have been definite plans for the
separate instruction of the Poles. At
one meeting in the Wyoming region
the mine workers were addressed in
three foreign tongues, Polish, Italian
and Lithuanian.
Thus the system of practical education spreads in the anthracite region.
Though its effects "will be chiefly felt
in the anthracite region itself, it,has
already brought about an improved
state in other places.
Only a month' or two ago one of
the great mining companies in the bituminous district around Pittsburg established' a school modelled after* the
OneS-UliU™ai trail. <_du,r—*uiiuw_ .,	
the anthracite region,
ly to encourage its branch managers
to" go after the customers of other
banks. '   .*
With the sensible lessening of this
brand of competition is likely to be
a slight stiffening of the terms regarding rates of interest and escurity.
When the banker knows that any
one of half a dozen banks will be glad
to take a,certain loan, he cannot be as
particular as he would like to be In
regard to the collateral or security to
cover It. But when his funds are well
■employed and other banks are not
meddling with or canvassing for his
accounts he can hold out for the security and the interest which he thinks
he should get. ' **   '
Tho present cannot be described as
a period of stringency. „  The .machinery of credit' is not as yet working at
high strain in this country.     Rather
is liTa stage prior to that.     All the
wheels are turning or nearly all of
them.'   The banker has the same pleasurable feeling as the manufacturer,
all the departments of whose establishment are.working full time'on profitable contracts.    It is hardly within
anyones power to say when the strings
will tighten* to such an extent as to
produce actual scarcity.    A variety of
factors are at work;    and while we
have a good idea as to those which are
dominant at present, we know not now
which will give the color to the situation of several months hence.' Probably the most Important single factor
now at work is the movement of outside capital to the Dominion. During
1909 that proceeded .on a very large
scale, but apparently the requirements
of Canada's commerce and industry increased faster than tlie foreign moneys employed here accumulated.    Our
commerce.and industry are still rising
rapidly; and, there is thus foreshadow-,
ed a rapid increase in the commercial
demands for credits.    It is to be hoped that there will be no diminution in
the flow of capital into this country,
Amalgamated Society, of   Carpenters
» and Joiners:  Meets In the Miners*
Union Hall.   ■ A. Ward, Secretary.-
..Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
'"   Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
Typographical Union No. 555: Meets
last Saturday in each month at. the
Ledger Office. . A. J, Buckley, Secretary.  " -' ■  »  "        !;
Local Fernie No. 17 S. P. of C. Meets
in Miners Union Hall every Sunday
at 7.45 p.m. Everybody welcome. D
. Paton, Secretary-Treasurer.
W. R. Ross K. C. W. S. Lane
"    ROSS &  LANE   , ,   ,
Barristers and Solicitors
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTagga.'t
Amalgamated Society Carpenters and
Joiners:—Meet in Miners Hall every
alternate Thursday at'8 o'clock. A.
' Ward, secretary. P. 0>. 307.'
, * ■■"'" ■ ,
,. ,'A. McDougall, Mgr   .
Manufacturers of am} Deal-
ers in all kinds of Rough
' and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
• _
Cox Street
Fernie B; C.
Other bodies are requested to send in
their cards. 0
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
11 *>
Fernie, B. C.
In the matter of an Application for
..the issue of a duplicate Certificate
of Title to Lot 4 Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
" Notice is hereby given' that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first'publication
hereof a duplicate of the • Certificate
of Title to tlie above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright, which
certificate is dated the 28th day of
January 1908,-and numbered 8128A..
■ District Registrar
Land Registry'Office,
■  Nelson B. C. •
■. April 19, 1910"'      ,'.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
It is" altogether likely even if the
They 'are men and boys who would
.never go to the regular schools aiid
colleges and get a lohcnlcal education. Here they obtain the best substitute and their dally'worlc ln
and about the mines glvoB them pruO"
Ileal experience, which goes n long
way to compensate for the lack of the
college course.
Mining Laws
Tho course of Shenandoah school
lays' particular stress upon the anthracite mlno laws. Tho principles of
mlno ventilation nnd drainage are studied, Tho mon' aro carefully drilled
ln llio ru'los for hfindllng explosives,
nnd In nil tho othor rules made to pro-
The executive officer of one important bank said the other day that the
available funds of his Institution woro
fully employed; a high official of ano-*
ther large bank said that if tho bank
had tho funds to spare it could take up
over ft million dollars of fln-e-nuM'.'.im-
tlle accounts within a week.     Thuso.
statements, taken alons with lho fact j
or the steady expansion of the general
loan account of' all lhe banks', indicate clearly enough that, monetary conditions in the Dominion   aro passing
into a now.stage.     For tho greater
part of two years the banks sat waiting patiently for the time "when the
rising tide bf Industrial activity would
enable them to put their Idlo millions
to work.    During that, waiting period
„    thore was keon competition nmong tho
leel. tho lives of tho men ut work '" I bnnlccrs for   doslrnblo discount ncc-
lho mines. ,    ounts. The business man who possess-
Tho odueatlonnl system of I he I.o- e)l aWmy ftm*i n high rating nt Tlrnrt-
high Vulloy Conl two L(,,oot.B 0l. Dl,u-tt Wih much sought nf*
vi>-u-s ago, has already boon extended --     '*
stream continues at the same volume
as,in 1908 and 1909, that by fall the
hanks will be compelled to ask their
customers to go slowly, and a* situation
similar in some respects to that which"
existed In (1900 may result.- Should
anything happen to check the inflow of
British and foreign gold, it is quite
certain that om* industries would have
to slacken, since tho growth of the
bank deposits would be checked-, and
it has boon found that In the growth
of their deposits that the banks lmVe
found the moans of .increasing their
loans and discounts. Although somo
considerable increases of capital aro
In prospect it Is not to bo expected
that they will provido resources for a
very Important proportion of the now
loans that will bo demanded
In the  matter of an  Application for
the,' issue of a duplicate Certificate
of-Title to Lot 3 Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A) ,
.*  Notice is hereby given .that it is my
intentlon to issue at the expiration ot
one month after the first publico ilon
of Titlo to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright,   -which
Certificate is dated the 22nd day of
April, 1908 and numbered S527A.
',   " ' '    ■  District. Registrar
Land! Registry 0*^- -   ,
Nelson B. C. . ,
' April 19, 1910
Queen's Hotel
Under New Management
Excellent   Table and
all white help
Additional Table for
23 More Men
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Corporation of the City of Fernio intends to proceed with tho construction
of cement sidewalk on Victoria avenue
opposite lots'1—5, Block G, 1—10 Blk.
,10, 1—10 Blopk' 14, 6—10 Block 5, 11—
20 Block 0; 11—20 Block 13, nnd that
it is the intention to havo tho   total
Central Hotel
Best Table
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
_,. Everything
Call in and
see us once
_= iAiiir_nn_nirnr_i iTsi-fir f\  I
uunn ruuBi&UKnuIiv,"r*.'uiJ.        j
Everythiiii** Now luul.Uii-to-dato
Workingmen's   Trado   Solicited
Branches Tiuiflht
In tlio junior   i'limn '■>
.uiifcl-i.    bi  D.<   utoDwd    ot jin.Ui-u*'.*
by tho establishment of a socond
school. Tho first Is at Lout Crook,
and the socond ai Conlrnlin,
Tho school is opon lo all tho om-
ployoos from lho foremen down lo tho
door boys nnd tho slato pickers. A
boy of 10 or 17 mny ho soon sitting
next to n grizzled man of ITi or CO.
Tho two nro Inspired by tho snmo ambition, tho ambition to Improve thorn-
solves, nnd to learn Htlll more ubout
A strict record of performance Is
kopt and forwnrdod to tho gonornl
mniiagor et tho company periodically.
Othor things bolng oqtinl tho mon who
nro doing lho host. In tho school, and
mid hIiowIiik UiomHlvciH fit for lnrgof'
roHpoimlbllltloH In lliu work, uro pro-
niotud, •
Tho fihnlrmnii of tho Y. M.O.A, nn-
the wmlmnnco of th" operator***, a
factor In promoting cducnllon nmong
lho mlno workorH. It lum ttliirtoil u
iiiinpnlgn for tlm i'mIhIiIIhIuiii'IiI. of llio
mining IiihiIiuIIoiih th roi nth out thn
ri'Klon. Not only lliu* coul •■omimnU'H
hut. tho offloliiU of tho United Htnlon
nud Dw I'miiiHylvanlii Kiul-n govern-
in-'iiiH nro contributing lo mako Iho
mov'-inc-nt. u hiiccohh.
mm        ,!,;;!;'(•■.'.;*'.'.   of  Mw.   P    M    f     S,     IMI-
ihr-i-'lii' i-ommlttim l« W. \. Mny, tho
ltis just posslblo'that ln tho United j cost of such sidowalks borne propor
Stntos there may be seen a slackening, tionntely by tho owners of property
bt-aics. ™*> h-on and  fronting upon such sidowalks, and to
of commercial activity.    The hon and  no      b   ^ ^^
stool _ industry Is showing some signs obtain tsj ^ ^ ^hon.
of reaction; the Idlo cars of*tho street j, >   _
railways nro Increasing; and It Ib not
clear how soon tho tariff will bo rovto
ed. And wheat and cotton speculators
ter. Whilo his hankers did not go so
far, porhaps as lo pross him to borrow
thoy Bhowed unmtstakoablo pleasure
whonovor ho hinted that ho might lllco
n fow tons of thousands moro on his
annual credit,
Prom henceforth for a whilo at, lonst
thoso thlngR promise to ho a littlo dlfforont.    To bo suro thoro Is no fonr
thnt tho bunker will frown upon Hia
good customer whon ho oomoB alone-;
to opon up a lino of discount.    Each
bank will, In Its own Intorosts, ondoavor lo hold Its onllro clrclo ot good
clIontB all ovor at all branches; and
It will endeavor to Bupply thoir wunls
iih fnr ns It Is nblo.    Ilut ono can expect thnt tho cnmpnlgn for olhor bnnlc
accountH will bn proBSod loss vigorously.    Whon nn Institution hns It* funds
nil omployod, or whon its offlcnrs fool
Hint thoy hnvo not, lho monoy to talto
up lnrgo nnd doidrahlo accounts which
nro offorod to It, that bank Is not like-
have boon holding tho prlcos of thoso
commodities at. a level which served to
restrict exports, nnd thus tended to
destroy tho bnlnnco nt credit of tho
United States of tho International
trado movement,' Tho financial situation ,thoro has boon temporarily relieved by tho salo of securities In Bur-
ope, but It Booms that lowor prices ln
tho Ropubllo nro nood to correct tho
foreign oxchango situation; and It
would, not be surprising If thoy cnmo
lo pnBS.
If thoy do tho phenomena may ho
stylod "a dopresBlon," and n doprosslon
lu tho Unitod StntOB generally hns an
Notice Is also horoby given tlyit assessments will bo mado ngninst such
proporty so bonofitod by such proposed sldownlks ln ordor to meet , tho
principal and interest of such Debentures; tlio crossings will bo divided
pro rnin nmong tho ownors of tho lots.
Tho ownors of corner lots aro assessed for full front ngo walk nnd two-
thirds of sldeage walk, tho remaining
third bolng divided ainong tho ownors
of Insldo lots pro-rata,
Tho term of payment of such Debentures has been mndo for 10 yonrB
with Intorost at flvo por cent (G per
It any ownor or ownors dosiro to
object to tho proposed work or any
portion thereof, the rcqiitalte petition
or potltlons should bo filed with tho
undorslBnod within ton days from this
I date.
City Clerk
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Lending Commercial
nnd Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.1,
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor tot-he Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P. O. Box 308
effect upon tho Dominion. However,
wo hnvo Importnnt railway and other construction work, whloh will «° J p0rnlo April 82, 1010
forward regardless of condltloim
ucroHS Mo border. In, tills circumstance und In tho heavy Immigration
movomont Hob onr hopo ol prouporliy
for somo time to como,
Ledger Ads Pay
On first olisi
business and reil*
dentlal property,
Real Estate & Insurance
Croo & Moffatt
McLEAN CO., Ltd.
The Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
New Visible Models of thc
R e m i n g" t o u
Aft&id- of Ghosts
Muny people nro iifmid ol UlionU. Few people
ore ulruid ol ■Jerms. Yet the »hn»l Is n fanoy ond
lhe dorm In a fuel. II the licrm could lio mu^iified
to a f»i7.e ctpiul lo lt«i Icrrorn It would appear more
terrible than nny lire-hreatlilnil drnHorl, derma
can't he avoided. They aro In the air we brealhe,
flip wnter we drink. "      .
The derm can only prosper when the condition
of the nynlem ftlve* It Ireo ncope to eitablian  il-
neli and develop.   When  there i» a ifeficlenoy ol
vital force, Uilii-ir, re»llc»nM», • wallow cheek,
a hollow eye, when the appetite if poor and tne
,     tleep ia liroVen, it in time to *uard afaln.t lhe tern.   You can
fortify Hie hody utfttinU all tfernH hy the me of Dr. I'ierce i Oold.
en Medical l)i«overy.   It inereeice the viUi power, cleante* the
ay.lern ,.t cloMin( impuritlei. enrlchea Ihe Wood, pula lhe Horn,
arh and orjjan. of di<e»tion and nutrition) In working condition, »o
that the term timh no weak or tainted *M lu which to haul.
"Golden Medical  DUenvary" contama no alcohol, whliky or
hahlt-lormlnij drnftn.   All iu Intfeilltnti printed on  it. nuMde
wrapper-    It ii not a secret nontrum but a madlcitie or inown
coMK>mioN and wllh a re*ord of V0 yrern tf tern.   Accept no
auhitltute-thcre li nothln* " Juit at *ood." Aik your ncKhbort.
Notico Is horoby Klvon thai tho part-
norshlp horoloforo c-xIsthiR botwoon
ns, tho undorslBiieil, ns morclinnln In
tho City of Kornlo, In tho Provlnco of
llrillsh Columbia, hits this dny boon
dissolved hy mutual consent. AU debts
ir   (Vr* nntit i\n*rt*nr-,"«h(n nvr» In
Pollock Wine Go. Ltd
Phono 70      Biker Av«. P.O. Box 202
Wholosolo Importers nnd Wxportors
of Wlnos, Brandies, Cordial*, Forolgn
and UomoBtlc Whlshlo« tnd Olnrt.
Largo stock ot Fornot Ilranon, Italian,
Hungarian and Gorman Wlnos, also
NorwoKhm Punch ntul Aquavit, Boor,
These new models represent thc sum
.., ,,   ,r ...~..r i»i,«r.   nr,nrr  f»ynpH(-*ncp.
t,\)llfc_    to*    kkWI.-       i.w.wv*^      ..--J,. # r
more accumulated knowledge, and
greater resource than alt other typewriters combined.
That is why these new Remingtons
have given such complete satisfaction
to typewriter users, and why their
sales have broken all records since
the invention ofthe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender St. Vancouver B. 0.
V. prifl^n'linmonM.NTnMnrt.nt Vornln|Portor, Alo and Clgaw.
afolcild, nnd nil claims .»..* lho     A^u ^ »»»***
nnld partnership nro to bo prosontod
to tlio snld James M. lltuldad, by
whom tho samo will ho solllod. ^
•OIlUM HV, iii ^.. x'x.U k_i_ u-.*
of April, A. D. 1010.
Noi-man Haddad,
' C, Q. Coudsl
James M. Haddad
x:t*\lluu AW
tor, Schllta lleer and tho famous 151*
Valloy Brewing Co. Ud. Boor, draughf.
and bottlod.
Spoolal attention given to famll;
Our Motto: Pure goods and quick
Will ho In ft position to ship cholco
baled alfalfa, our -own growing, about
July 1st.    Book jour ordors now, or
Ut loast advlt* ub If you will bo lu tho
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Imporlal Development Co.
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Palpry Cattle
Phone 56
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co,, Ltd.
g '     " ■	
| Bottled Goods a Specialty
• t
• <
• (
• t
• k
Dining- Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c,   Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
R, Henderson, Diiilnf_ Ronm Mgr,
;«>♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Fernie Dairy  MITJC
, ilolivured    lu -nil
parts of tho town
II y a plus de trois semalnes deja
qu'une gfeye importante a eclate dans
le Borinage.
,. Commencee au charbonnage du Levant du Flenu, a.Cuesmes, par la cessation du travail des scleurie'urs, elle
fit bientot tache dhuile et embrassa les
charbounages des Produits a Flenu, du
Rieu du Coeur, du Couchant du Flenu,
etc., a Quaregnon et des Charbonnages
Beiges, a Frameries, La Bouverie et
dans les environs, soit en,tout plus de
12,000 grevistes.   '       , .
Cette greve eut put devenlr. beau-
coup plus importante, si les mineurs
des autres communes du Borinage av-
alent deserte le travail et sulvl leurs
camarades en greve.' Mals ils rester-
ent a la besogne malgro les nornbreux
appels qu'on leur fit, donnant pour motifs qu'ils ne feralent la greve que lors-
que celle-ci serait decretee par im con-
gres national et comprendralt les mineurs des cinq bassins houilliers du
pays.   - -  . .   .' -,
Inutile de'dire lesralsons que provo-
querent cet arret du travail," , Elles
sont relatives a. la .question des sal-
alres. . La derniere adjudication des
charbons de l'Etat'amena une augmentation assez sensible dans le prix de
vente des .charbons. Les charbons
vendus plus chers, n'etait-ce pas une
augmentation dans le taux des benefices des charbonnages?
Les ouvriers demanderent avec rai-
son de pouvolr beneficier sous forme
d'augmentation do salalre d'une part,
si minimo soit-elle, de ces profits. Ils
ne demandaieiit pas d'eu avoir la tot-
alite, mais une part quelconque, afin
d'alloger dans une faible'mesure, les
'charges^! lourdes, si ecrasantes, qu'ils
ont»a supporter-pour, vivre et'elever
leur famille.
Comme tout capitaliste que se res-
pecte, les patrons oharbonniers refus-
erent touto augmentation. Mieux que
cela: ils ne voulurent' pas avoir* ,de'
rapports, ni d'entrevue avec les del-
cgues des.syndicats,' dans le but d'ex-
amlner ot si possible, d'apaiscr le con-
fllf. 7,    '
. Somblable attitude de la part des
patrons est fort regrettable a tons*les
inor les ehoses et aigrlr les confllts au
lieu do les eviter. Pourtant, il faudra
bien qu'un jour les patrons acceptent
do discuter non'pas avec leurs ouvriers mais avec les delegues des organisations ouvrieres. En Angleterre, en
France, en Allemagnfr partout oil 11 y
a des .charbonnages, il en'est ainsl.
Les delegues patrons et Ies delegues
ouvriers se reunissent pour examiner
les questions do travail, de salairo et
autres, et II cn resulte tres souveut
quo l'nccbrd des deux parties se pro-
duit sur uno baso determineo et que
les confllts sont ovitos. II faut qu'll
en soit ainsi on fielglque. II faut que
les patrons comprennent qu'ils dolvent
compter avec lours ouvriors lours coll-
nborateurs, et quo lo temps est pnsso
ou Ils pouvnlont regner en mnllres ab-
solus otlmposor lour volonte.
Cortos, la grove 'hetuollo du Boi'In-
ago no nous donnora pus co resultat,
mals on pout otro corlaln qu'elle aura
poso lo premier Jalou ot quo dans un
o*-*pnco roliitheiiiont court, la question
801*11 pOHOO dlUtB  tOUtO HOII  lUtiplOUl'  Ot
couto quo coutu on dovrn la solution,
nor si l'on vout mottro fin a dos gre-
vos doBiiHlroiisos pour les patrons
conimo pour los ouvriors.
Quant, a In quoBtlou ilea snlnlroa,
hour no pouvoiiH dire dos a present la
solution qui lul Born rcsorvoo. Los
ouvriors obtlondront-llH satisfaction,
c'oHl-iMlIro uno augmentation do sul-
dlro'ou blon Horont-llH nbitttiiH? L'nv-
cnlr nous rnpprondra.
Duns tons Ies van, nous falsons don
vooux lxjur lour Irlomplio, Mills b'IIh
ochouoiit diuiH lour hit to, qu'ils ho por-
miiuk'iit bleu quo rorgnnlHiitlon Hyndl-
onlo nolldo, pitlsHiinto, Inobninlnblo,
leur donnora daim rnvenlr, nl olio est
blon rninpriRc, dn focondH ot provloux
Nona oxuniltioroiiH pltiH on dol nil s'il
y » lion In ki'uvo du Jlorlnngi.*. dims it it
I'l'.H'linlu numero,
Appel aux Groupes en faveur.des grevistes' de Bracquegnies .
Depuis ..cinq semaines, la vaillante,
population miniere de Bracquegnies
est sur la breche et mene-une lutte
heroique pour% obtenir du patronat inflexible un meilleu'r salaire en rapport
avec les condition's actuelles de la vie,
ainsi que des meilleures conditions de
travail. Elle ne veut plus que; desor-
mals, on ose potrer attelnte a sadlg-
nite et a ses oeuvres.
Depiiis cinq semalnes, il y a a Brac- de 1300 enfants qui souf-
frent de la falm et a qui les parents
ne peuvent donner que des paroles de
consolation. , ■
Devant une te le situation, la Federation des mineurs du Centre a decide
de falre un vibrant et supreme appel
aupres des groupes pour qu'ils versont
chacun leur obole, pour permettre a
ces vaillants grevistes de pousser la
lutte 'jusqu'a la victoire.
Donnez; camarades, et faites en sor-
te que les gros sous de la classe ouvri-
ere fassent baisser pavilion aux billets
bleus, de Ia gent capitaliste.
Donnez! Donnez! Notre victoire c'est la votre. ,
,N. B. Adresser le montant des sous-
criptions au citoyen Vital Limbourg.
Brasserie cooperative "Le Prdgres" a
Bracquegnies. * ;*
La Reprise du Travail Votee
A une reunion des ouvriers mineurs
de Lracquegnies tenue jeudl 12 mal,
a la Maison du Peuple, les grevistes
ont vote la reprise du travail.-'
Ce qui a alnone cetto" decision, c'est
le nombre assez consequent d'ouvriers
non syndiques qui ne trouveut point cle
quoi subvenir a leur existence.
Ce sera une lecon pour ceux qui* s'el-
oignent des associations,' en, meme
temps qu'un stimulant pour nos camarades, afin d'amener tous les ouvriers
dans1 les syndicats;*     .* r
Comme les mineurs re'steront environ trois semaines sans recevoir" d'ar-
gent du charbonnage, nous faisons appel aux amis des' autres ■■ communes
pour qu'ils -organisent*des collectes a-
fin de venir en aide aux malheureux
exploites, victiines de l'arrogance rationale—*.——i •———. ^	
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.♦ ♦♦.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
,♦ ♦
♦ .   _               ■   — ♦
♦ Homestalve -Mining Co. roz- ♦
♦ esila obezhiky, V ktorych tvr- ♦
♦ di ze jej spor   s Banikmi v ♦
♦ South Dakote   je   urovnany. ♦
♦ Nenechajte sa touto falosnou ♦
♦.zpra'vou sviest.    Zadny Banilc ♦
•'  nesmie u tejto   spplochnosti ♦
►   vziat roboty bez"toho, aby si ♦
■ .na     chelo    nevypalil    meno ♦
-   "Skeb. ^
Preto pozor,   nerobte   ske1 ♦
•   ba. .         ' '+
Ernest Mills, ♦
' taj pokl. , ♦
>,- Western Federation'of Min- ♦
ers. *♦
qui a personnifie l'intolcrance meme
preche la tolerance;
Et la bonne iecon qu'il donne a ses
lecteurs cathollques peut etre avant-
ageusement repetee a des lecteurs so-
cialistes, car malheureusement, dans
les camps les plus avances on trouve
encore trop souvent co terrible, fleaii
qui a fait couler larmes et tant
de sang—l'intolerance, ,
Les compagnies de mines de la region anthracite se plaignent de la che-
rte des millets. En 1901 elles pouvai-
ent acheter uri excellent mulet pour
$1*15. Eu 1907 le'prix avait deja'monte
a §210 et maintenant on ne peut plus
les obtenir pour moins de $300. Et
cc n'est pas tout, ,cela' coute an moins
40 pour cent plus cherpour Ies nour-
rir qu'en 1901. <s*
Ces quelques .lignes extraites d'un
journal quptidien nieritent l'attention
des ouvriers'mineurs. Depuis une di-
zaine d'annees le prix de tous ce qui
est necessaire a la vie a augmente
presque dans la meme proportion que
Ie' prix des mulets.*' II est meme probable que c'est a cause de cette augmentation que" les* marchands de mulets ont aussi augment^ le prix de leurs
betes.  .* ■
BY It. P. P.'
(L'Union des ,Travailleurs,) ■'
Le jury charge de faire une enquete
dans la terrible catastrophe de Cherry
111., ou 2G5 mineurs furent asyhpxles,
vleuit enfin de rendre son verdict. II
declare quo les lols de mine etaient
vlolees au su et avec le consentement
des'tnspecteurs de mines.
' Cela veut simplement dire que la
compagnio et les inspecteurs
alement coupablos.
Si quelques mineurs s'etaient enton-
dus pour cnuser lu mort d'un inspec-
tour ot d'un patron, on los auralent
condamnes n mort. ' *
Nous no sommes pas partisans de la
peine capllalo domnndons pns
la mort des inspecteurs ot des patrons
mals pourtnnt, si ia lot etait la memo
pour tous, los Indlvldus qui ont cause
la mort do 200 mlnours afln do falro
plus do'profits devraient danser un
moment au bout d'uno cordo, Aussi
nous demanilons: "Pendra-t-on los crl-
nilnols?" Et l'ocho ropond "Non." Et
c'oat pour cola quo nous dlsons quo. la
"Juatlco bourgeolso est uno justlco do
classo pour Inquollo nous n'avons pns
lo molndro rospoct,
*^lres'l)"irvrierirne sont pas seulemenf
des acheteurs, ils sont aussi des
marchands." lis ont a vendre
leur force-travail. Ont-ils augmente le
prix de cette marchandise dans les me-
mes proportions qu'on a augmente le
prix des mulets on le prix de tout-co
qu'ils doivent acheter? ' '"
Non, bien loin do la!
Les mineurs—et des mllliers d'autres ouvriers sont dans la meme situation—'ii'ont pas su s'entendre ot s'unlr
sufflsnmment pour obliger leurs patrons a leur payer uno augmentation do
salairo proportlonnee a raugmontatlon
du prix des mulcts,
Los' eleveurs ot marchaiids du mulets no sorit pas si botes quo les eleveurs et marchands do forco-travall.
Et voila pourquoi les mulets ont plus
do valour que les anes.
Both Edmonton and Calgary.'central
bodies are out to grab the 1911 convention of the Trades and Labor Congress
of Canada. ' Either town will fittingly
care for the annual gathering of Canadian unionists. ?•
* *   *
Organizer O'Dell of the Boot and
Shoe -Workers union Is in Winnipeg,
and will come on through to tlie this*
province before returning east for the
purpose of boosting the organization's
label. Mr. O'Dell will likely wind up
his western trip at ,the Fort William
September convention of the Trades
and Labor congress bf Canada. It's
a great, place for organizers.
+   *   *
What Is"the real difference between
gentleman of leisure,.and persons without visible means of support.
A, S. Wells, presidentof the Regina
Trades and Labor council has been appointed the western Canadian organizer for the Amalgamated Society of
Carpenters and Joiners.
* *   *   .*
Prince Rupert's* population is computed at 5000 with 1219 names, on the
voters list. Wage workers are keeping pace with organization and., they
are fully alive to the value and necessity of political action. President Poole
of the Typo, union is among the. live
ones and* doing good work. •   -
*       *       :!-
.Iim'Hawthornwaite says "Don't get
discouraged,* get mad instead," Sometimes it's'not a bad idea to get the
other fellow vexed too. While there's
fight, there's hope.
* *   * ,
According to one-estimate the toll
of railways now being constructed in
Canada that the order of civilization
may be' spread is two lives per mile.—
Mrs. Charles Garnett'.
__, --   *   *   *
ipo union, all of whom walked to the
cemetery in a, pouring rain, Patterson
was a native of Alloway.-Scotland, and
leaves a mother there.
*   * **
The ballot last week showed tliat
the Winnipeg printers very generallyt
supported the administration of the
International, the vote being overwhelmingly in favor of James "M. Lynch
for president, J. W. Hays for secretary
and George Tracey for vice-president.
W. R. Trotter and W. B. Simpson were
elected as delegates to the Fort Will-
lam convention of the Trades and Labor Congress of Canada. President
Ed. Smith and Secretary' Treasurer J,
C. Bleakln wero elected as I. T.'U. delegates to Minneapolis.
*   *   *
W. J. Bartlett, secretary of Winnipeg Trades and Labor council, writes
as follows: "We are making fair progress here. The painters have practically won out their strike. I havo
organized the gas workers at the gas
works. What do you think of the
latest idea of sending a representative to Britain to run as a parliamentary caniddate? I think we had better
clean up our affairs first and get represented in our federal and provincial
houses first.    Well, cheer up!"
James Hodsoll, secretary of the- Toronto Painters* district council No." 30
writes:."I am instructed to write1 your
body that the painters of this city are
still on strike, and they ask the support of your organization. I am pleased to say that- we have made good
progress, and we hope to continue to
do so with tho hearty support of.all
organizations. Considering thc increased cost of living we have not received any increase for the past .seven
or eight years. Our wages hae been
30 cents minimum and we are, asking
for an increase of. 5 cents.
*   *   *     ,.   , ,
* Secretary Andrew Boyd' of Port Arthur, Ont., Trades and Labor .council,
writes: 7We.-cJ.aiMi_0 be numbered
among .the live ones. ' We have almost
all the unions ih town affiliated with
aldermen las^ year, but only made a
good showing. But we will do better,
next time.'
* *   •
Probably having heard of the way
Vancouver bakers do things the bakers of Fort William are organizing and
have applied to the international ■ for
a charter. At present the men state
that they work on an average of 12
hours a day .and get no extra pay for
But as soon as the bakeries are unionized the men will work'eight hours
a day and get paid extra for' their overtime.
* *   *
*.       (*
When the Trades,, and Labor Congress of Canada convention* took placo
at Victoria four years ago the provincial executive was not asked nor did
it give any grant for entertaining the
delegates. ■ But only a few days ago
the provincial executive voted a' grant
of $1000 toward the entertai>inient of
the visiting members of the Canadian
Manufacturers association during its
convention in Vancouver In September
next.' The government will also tender those Important visitors a recei)-*
tion at the parliament buildings during
their stay,in the province. „ Tho precedent will prove very handy for-future parliaments in British Columbia at
no distant date.
8nnderu A Verliaeut Brother!.
60   VBAI-tS'
Hull   ,
lu-rtnu   ...
tiomwiwilr*-'!.—..™..,.".-----j-.?_,-„,_„._ -
■•nt <fMu OMMt *fenrrm*i^iittM^l*^*.
ijrfi UlsUW*, -MillMiUtcluvi*-/, lutUu
Sciewiiiic Jimericait.
A h»«wl*»oi>i»lr UI-Kf-u-'J w*Mir« I-jr-rMt **-
cultilon otjuir •rt»niino Journal,   ttmi for
_l *«««_>•»«_ 	
Ledger Ads Pay
I,oh mliii-um do llriicqui'KiiloH, dmift
III ImHHill llll COIIIIII, KOMI  CM fil'.'VO do-
ptilH do iimiilir-'iiH.'M Hi'iiiiiini'H, Hh
liitli-ni pour nm* cuum* Junto, mwroa
ontro IoiiIi-h: lis voiilont profiler do In
llilllliHil  qlll  H't'ht plOllllltO  (lllllH  ll)  pi'lX
do vend* don (.'liiirlirl'iH'M nt falm Connor
lo I't'KlllIo unique* ot  oillcillX quo IIOHO
Mir MIX  llopillH Hi  iUllgU'lll[)8 ,
Noiih iiii roliiioioiiH imH pur lo prow-
out, Ioh dctiillM et Ioh poilpotk'H do In
iituxv. ).«.',» jour iijujx .sacliilihies quo*
(lilit'iui eu pin lout cout-Uiii'iiii-'iif ol not*
(inilii d«'H tin Iron ivK'Oin-. inliili-roH sci'.'t
ll'IJIlH   nllliil   HII   COIH'.'Ifll   llcS   IIHIIMlriJK
liH-lik'iit-t qui ho iirodiiltumt a llnu-iiiie-
gnloH ot dniiH Ich onvlroiiH. Au urn-plus
ln Podcrritlon dr-ii inlnourH du briKiiln
du Cfliiiru t-Ht hiiIhIo do co confllt ot
l'on salt par fxpcrlciico quo loruqiio
luw imiU dn ti-iic h-aUiu yoctuptjiu il«
jquelqiio <Iiobo, on pout flro ccrlnln
qiui 1,11 Kii.i liluii i*i |iiii|ii*.!iiiiiiit Iiiii.
II o«t Inutllo do diro quo noim fu|g.
ot)* do* vocux pour If irU-mplir* tomp-
lot do noa tun Ik hi IiUU', ol quo .v'oni
awa la pliiii oxlronio nntinfu<-tlon quo
nou» v«>rr*lori» Is gfrni cajiltnlUto etre
okiUm-fe do <H|iltulcr.
MitlH rn nttondnnt, r*oni*{*«)n« a -rc-iix
ijul luttciit. pi-iiHona a leurti fomnu-a et
a li-ur-t ontanu.
SI I'idoo do tolernnco olitlt. plus re-
pnnduo dans lo mondo olio rondralt d'-
Iminensofl Borvlcos,
Nous parloiiH bonucoup do tolornnco
ot nous noiiH croyoiiH iijipiiremmoiU
(IIhpciihoh do riipplKiiior.
SI l'on vout niOHiiror comblou do pro-
gros 11 roHto a fulro u cot'to Idoo pour
qu'ollo passo dans nos moours 11 mifflt
do Jotorit'H yous sur l'olnt nctuol do
notro Kocloto, Uuo formidable oxplo-
Hlon do Inline HOinblo IoiiJoiii'h proto n
Delator pour rnmpro los rolutloiiH, lirl-
Hor Ioh nml!en, bonlovoi'Hor Ioh fnmll-
Noiih hoiiiihoh tou,|niii'H pn.-tH u iiohh
I'omotti'o hoiih Ioh youx IoiiIoh Ioh nil-
homh (pio iiohh pourrloiis avoir do iiiiui*
dlvlHor; oppoHilloii dim i'iicch," iihiiiko-
iiIhiiio dim iuIImIoiih, oplnlonu polltl-
I'lilH, Klllh ton Utii'MK do dlKCUI'llo tl'lll-
olKiioiit cliii(|iio Jour do lour pulHK.*iutu
(•iihK'h, pnrilH, fact Iohh ho llvront uno
biitiilllo furloiiiie. Noun noun liorlu-
hoiih dniiH un initlrldiiiillHino fnrouclio.
Xouh n'ndiiu-ttoiiH put) qu'un liomini*
tt i'l   (iilinf   iiillX li.t ill    I'1"'*   Ili'l'H   p<li»nu
i*|j-(' lijj _iijjui-li- J'Mujjji-. .N'oiJ.'; j.j-jJj-
(jiioiiH oiilniKeu!:i'iii''iil do iomjioi'I pour
l'oiiliilon d'niilnil. Ut lVilurAtlnn d«-
i-nnt avoir jinur offot do nnus nldor n
iiohh Hiippnrtor Ioh iiiih ot len mil ith,
Tohh coux f|ttl to cotnliatloiit, ho div
leHtoiil ft. cHwitliiil do no niilrc la font
mi nom d'un Ideal, lour Idonl,
L'ldonl, lo vral (>t lo bel Ideal no h.
rnlt-Il pnH do jioum aiiiior out id iuhih et
«'Ht-ei> on illnifiiiinut nos ndvorfinlreH,
ill Ioh liloKnaiit ot Urn liiiniHlfciit quo
riiiils lour forrms I'i'oonrinllie rpio tint rn
but om iidMo it ijii'Hb (li'vralciit b<
poi'inmlvrn? Sons poson« a la vorhi,
•hoiih n« ci'MK-iih do nous reclntner d'ol-
l«; U prfnilero vertu n'eat-tllo pait la j
puro ft slmpl-" -flrtrltf?
Noiih rorirfxiulsoii* ft nrllrl<» d'un
Journal liUliolI'luo "U'Kvho da New
ilodtord." It )' a Uf" d'o*nonr up avc-
nlr plu* houi'.-ux l>our notre pauvr-a hu-
mttnilo quand un organ-**- d'une r«ll£ion
Slovacl prosim vns perocltujto tilito
pnru radkov toto bolo v Mcslaca aprlla
21io Roku 1009 jedon nhslh Krnjanov
Bol Zablti .v .Mlclinlskoj mtijno numoro
fi Crows Nost Pnss Coal Companyln n
vhdou Kiinohnl y ataroin krnjl ao slrot-
ami Joniu mono bolo a Kzruz. Kom-
panya nekse tejto vddovo vlplatit kom-
pn-.isnson n v/tilu'toto pravo do vlsok-
■oho fiiidu British Columbljo n* probujo
vihrnt nn llhlo vechuh zo cl cudzlnoc
mozo 5!ndnd KoinponsiiBon od tojto
kompnnljo nk ho poknllcl nlobo
I jo v ninjno ked Jo on njo rodnkom
tojto krnjlnl nk kompnnlja vlllrn toto
pravo ta krnjnnn morkujto bii lobo no-
dostimeto od konipiiulji* zndnti podporu
kiiom vain torns vlHvotllt nto hiho oIjh-
nlill touto kompoiiRnHon chvo mnmo
tenia. Po volkoj tazobo n trnponl jhihI
ziiHtupcl v ixirliinioiito to Jout llnwtli-
orinvnllo, WilllnniH al Dnvldson obHiihll
proniiH lo to pravo tnko lebo v tomto
ciiho boll tjo drulijo dvo Hlrunl v pniin-
miHito un roviiii to Jont. obi dvo Htrnul'l
mnll Jodimko lilnHov a hii Hpollliovnll
na iiiihIIi ilolofiiitov takto hiho oIikiiIiII
till ^l.'Ofl Hto tolarov l(ompoiiniitloii-~-ii
po ciiho piobiivall podvlHlt. an $2000
ilvo iIhIo alo la KuvorniiioiiHka pari In
bulii mocni.'jHa ink huh1 iiiiiwII optiHilt
Ton finknl ktorl prod imm an pravoll
na l*oiiipni)lokoj Htraiio Jo ton Into WM,
Hohh Idoro ho vlvollh do piiiIiihioiiiii
•/, Fernio II, C, on za into doHtava plat
alo kolli-ri vl-ilnv a Hlmtam ndoliorjo
kiJHdli lilrdin v Hi a rom Krnjl ale loin
priivo koiiipnnlja vihra Slovacl Uratn
liovovi' iill'.niiiu nlo "iivil pro (u-lia -, I v.
ajio evn vam I rf .m lohn tn to Jo vellui
Calgary, Alta., unionists, took advantage of th'e Amalgamated's jdbileeing
session and invited carpenters from all
sources to be present. T. M. McKinnon, chairman, R. Boulas of the Brotherhood, C. W. Good Henderson of
tho Plumbers ancl E. Howell, secretary
of the central body, "addressed the
meeting, the aims and objects of tho
trades organizations being emphasized,. A. C. Sanders,' a now organizer
for,the Amalgamated, was afforded a
splendid*opportunity to reach a large
number of non-union carpenters, nnd
at the conclusion of his remarks some
■JO applications wero filed. Concluding, Mr. Sundors,. referring to tho local
situation: "At this rato before July 1
whon tho new schodulo comes Into effect, wo will bo in good condition nnd
possibly bo Iho moans of avoiding a
strike, which is not doslrnblo by either
sldo. Othor meetings will bo held,
of whicli duo notice will be given,"
* *   * *-
Workors Hhould, on election day, Croat o more Mllwuukoos.    .
* *   *
Wago workors Homotlmos Instinctively ilo tho right thing. For Instance
(ho dally press lamonts Unit "In spite
of tho attractive futuro which tho engineering branch of tho nnvnl service
opens up for young CnnndlmiH not ono
application 1ms boon rocolvod for ad-
nilHsion Inlo tlmt branch of lho mivy,
and vory few applications hnvo boon
rocolvod from hoye to ontor the ox-
ocutlvo brunch." In othor wordH the
workers nro determined that tlio-su
who want war Hhall do their own
* »   *
CarpontniH nt Fort Goorgo, H. C,
reeolvo $7 por day, IJut Uio cost of
living Ih llknwlso IiIkIi and pioneer eon-
ditloiiH prevail.
«       *      ¥
A cynical friends who happened lo
j;n to ehunih on .Sunday iih iihiiuI now
Iiiih iiii objection to file, lie wij'h
thai what tlio preacher enIN the Hold-
on rule i-iliotild lie luhollod the (io'don
l'!.\eeptliin boenilHo hii few pooplo live
Up to It.
»    •   *
(lorjiiany hitm ci'lnhllKlit'i! Iiifliniar-
Ioh fov the oaio of children In Ihi public. HflionlH, anil thoy have tihown that
lho llllll- expom*. a tu pulling tin- tiotll
lu order Ih far Iohh than that* Iohi lit
toothache and iIIhohhc, and thai the
«■ u.-,\ ut iu-opniK iwitn in ordor ih more
11lum roinpoiiKiilcd im* |,y tho gcnoral
voeh pro VHnlklJ nidzozoiiieov toto U-'iim-.„..,,,}. ()f „j( ):J|,|lln „_
* ♦   ♦
Pretddoiit   KaiiiiK'l   _(JUi|ii:rs Is busy
T.lilj HlK   Dill    III    .Mil    iiiiil    HhhCMHIII.',    Ilie
us. ,We also have the Ministerial Alliance, and we are now after the farmers. Have also taken ,the first step'
towards a weekly newspaper. In short
we carry the town were it not for, the
weaklings in our ranks. That reminds'
me that we ran four candidates for
He—I hear that Miss Da_be*fl -
-the artistvhas given up painting. 1
thought she was wedded to hej
She—She was, but she got a db
vorce on the ground*, ol. non«
List of Locals District 18
Corrected by District Secretary up to May lst, 3 910.
F. Whoatley, Bankhead, Alta,
, J. C. McNeil, Beaver Creek, Alta, v Plnclior
"J, Burke, Bellovuo, Frank. Altn,
.  James Turnbull, lllalnnorc, Alta.
Wm. Ashton, Burmis, Altn.
Wm, Angell, Canmoro, Alta.
T, Dornloy, Conl City,Tnbor, Alta.   "
W. Graham, Colomnn, Altn.*
G, M. Davies, Cnrbondalo, Colomnn, Alta.
J. Aplln, Cnrdlff, Aim,    '      '   ,.
F. K. St. Amniil, Cardiff, Altn.
Pat Ciiuiglinn, Corbin II. C.
Geo, Dobunii, Dliuiiond City, I.elhlirldgo.
C. P. Lnrrier, Ifil Bollnmy St.-Kdmonton
Illclmrd Thompson, l^rnzor Flats, Edmonton
N. Bollogay. 209 Hnmllton St., Edmonton
I), noon, Fernio B. C.
G. Nicol, Frnnk, Altn.
J. W Morris, Ilosmor, 11, C.
J. O, JoiioH. IlillcroHt, Altn.
II. Kvnns, Knnmnro, N. 1),
L. Mooro, P. O. 113, LoUibrldgo, Altn
W. L, Rvnus, Milo, Frank, Altn.
F. Donned, Mnplo J.enf, nollovuo, Altn.
M. nirrell, Michel, I), (..
Nell Dtiueaii, Piistrhitig, llellovue, Altn.
Oscar Chi'Ihoii, PaHsbtirg, Alta.
ChnH. Smith, ltnynl Coll., I.olhl.ridge, Alta.
li. McQuarrlo, Ilneh Porceo, Sank,
A. Slmvv, Stratiieoiia, Alia,
Wm. KurhoII, Taber, Alia.
K, Ilrmvii, Talier, Aha.
J. Iloelte, KhIoviiii. SiihI(.
NO.   ,
Beaver Creek,
•09  ■-
Coal City
Cnrbondnlo   •
Diamond City
Kdmonton' City,
Kdmonton         ,
Kdmonton ■
J] merest
Mnplo Lonf, "
Police Pints
Itoynl Colllorlos
Ilocho Porcco
Stent hconn
vn nn limit' ohdiwivnl vo Vaneoiivir
lento lyzdon tal; eiidzo/.eiucl poiuo/.oto
,,-l.n    II I.,',    I-I-.- -...    „   J...-.I. .....   ■
toto vihrut o tojto vochl builoiii vam
dalej plnnt do till «-ns -topHliivnni vim
vornl prniel.
inoiiiberHhlp of On.' Amorlean I'odornt-1
lon of Labor to pay IIiioh ImpiiHod by 1
lhe Pulled SintOK eolirlH. Fred D. !
Wan ni hired tin lawyera, ploadod bin j
own niHo, refused to pay n flno and ;
Merchants Bank of Canada
Capital $6,000,000   Heccrve J-1,002,1.7
President Sir H. M. Allan     Oen.   M,*in-ig-»i' E. F. Htbrien
.'.  C;,.;.«!  T....i'r,',.,j   i '.<llu,n-Uu,   uui ul   Ivaii MCuuuiflk t>y-
llclted, Dftpnultn np Wlthdrnvinln may he wade h;/ w?H
Savings Bank Dopa.tmcnt
$1,00 opens an account; Interest paid at lii-jhetit Current    ti.ttvu,
ELKO BRANCH !i r.  n wir.Kqnw   m;,
Hlmll noo
i] th" riwrt In Jnll htm.
what wo Hhnll hoc.
i'or  Un- Iiiih   Mine   Wliiiii|n.'K''I'M't'i
union No. t'.U hast oleetod W. H. Trot-
tento rep.-sell! ll at tlie torivoiuioii
of Uio Tnitli« umi I.ftbor <'onBr<HH nt
.   *   *
William PautTMrn of «h<» W'liinip'-K:
Tilbuiio tlio't I«h(,  -vl'-'ok from double
piKiimonln.     Hin fiiii-rol wen -utein'l-'
ctj by nlmoBi every member of the Ty- i
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
CapltHl Pnld t'p 15,000.000     Reserve 15.0O0.OO0
D. R. WILKIE, President HON, ROOT JAFFRAY, VleePrei.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloop*. Michel, Moyie. Nelson,
Rtveliloke, V**i.*.0-jver -»rni VicloriA.
Interett allowed on depoiitt at current rate from d-ite of deposit,
FERNIE BRANCH CEO. I. 8. DELL, Man»-j«r fn**
B.C. JUNE 4, .1910
I ■>
The Socialist Local intend to hold
an *oe cream social at Coal Creek on
the "Oth of June.
Dr. Douglas Corson, who has been
holidaying'for the past five weeks at
the Coast, is back again. .
Wanted: Employment to clean offices or do housework by the day.
Mrs. V. Ely, Cox street, across the G.
. N. track at Recreation grounds.      lp
Methodist. Church Ladies Aid Monthly Tea will be held at the home of
.Mrs. James Broley on Tuesday June
7th, 3.30 to 6.
The Ladies Aid of the Baptist church
will hold their monthly tea at the
home of Mrs. J. Robertson, Howland
avenue on Tuesday the 7th.
Clarence Baylor, who is staying at
tho Gill Boarding House had the misfortune to lose the index finger of one
hand as the result of an accident
while at work at the Elk Lumber Company.
G. J. Bury, general manager of the
Western Division of the C. P. K. leaves
Winnipeg on-Sunday for the purpose
of making an official tour of inspec-
- tion. „ It is expected that Fernie will
bo included in his itinerary.'
Lost: One bay mare, 3 white feet,
wall eyed, about U% hands, S branded on hip; white stripe down face. Finder will be,rewarded upon delivering
animal t'o J. E. Riley, West Fernie.   p
■ • Sydney G. Horton of Coal Creek,
better known as "Butch" left on Tuesday night's Flyer for Winnipeg where
he will pay a visit to the old folks.
That fickle jade Dame Rumor has it
that he may return with a partner.
We are instructed to inform the geii-
\cral public that the 41 Meat Market
Co., as a corporation has positively no
.connections with any other firm of
butchers, and is an absolutely free and
independent concern, of which Sam
Graham is manager of the Fernie
Creston: R. L. Heathcote, paying
teller of the Bank of Commerce here',
has" been transferred to Fernie'and left
for that place last Sunday. His position in the bank has been filled by T.
S.'Keath, formerly in the Cranbrook
branch. Mr. Heathcote's residence in
Creston made hini' many good friends
who wish him luck in the coal town.
.Fernie Construction Co. v Cranbrook
. School Trustees.—This suit   which is
The Store of Good Values
Our regular, everyday prices together with the „
day's special offerings will make Saturday a day of
money saving* opportunities for you. Space will
not permit us to detail all items, but all, departments share in the money saving"event. Are you
interested"? ■   . -
Alberta Government Creamery Butter
35c Per Lb
Large Size Packages Orange Meal
Per Pkt 20c
Cheaper than Green or Dried Apples, 3 Lb tins Preserved Apples,
Per Tin 10c
llaconochics Jniported Kippered Herrings
Per Tin 15c
1 Lb Glass Balmoral Jams   ;
20c Each
Lowney's Assorted Chocolates     .
,v  .    Reg" 50c Lb; Special 25c     y ;"
,-    Birds Custard Powder Imported   . „
Per Pkt 10c ,
British Columbia Pure Cane Sugar
.,, 20 Lb Sacks $1.30
Hood River Strawberries.
Per Box 15c     t,v
Fine Quality B'C Rhubarb
" . '   ,        5 Lbs for 25c
. The men's fur-'
. nishings    that
' we are showing
*.*. are    certainly-;
swell.   See the
new bows   and
four   in hands;
every man who
.„ pretends to be
. a good   dresser
will want some
' of them.
♦♦♦♦♦ ♦•♦♦♦'-■
To* the person baking the best
loaf of bread from Seal of Alberta Flour we will give:
1st prize: 98 lbs frue
2nd prize: 49 lbs
3rd: 24 pounds   ->\      ■ -.
Bring along your bread on
Saturday       . _>
♦♦♦♦-»<»•♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
' What You Are Sure to
Get From Us
Special value in Women's Chocolate Dongalo An-
.cle Strap Slippers, suitable for house or street wear
■■ Regular $3, selling Saturday for    , ;
.-...-   $2.15 pair
Childrens and Misses Dresses made of English
Cambric, and Andersons Ginghams,,all,good fast
colors and made up in a large variety of styles and
patterns. Suitable for ages ranging from 2 to 14';
1 l-Airnlnr *1 HZ •*-_ <fc9
1 regular $1.75 to $2,
Special $1.35
Ladies nigh. Gowns made of fine English Cam-"
brie,,trimmed with embroidery, insertions and edgings.     Also trimmed with fine Val. Lace and Insertion.     Long and short sleeves, and sold regular
i'or $1.75 and $2, ■.-.,'
. Special $1.35
Is, the Best of the, Best Groceries at
'i ' * ii
a Reasonable  Land-ofr Liberty Price
"   mmam-m%-aammm-aaam*mwam^
-    *. ' 1 i
Try our made-to-measure Clothing--
The best in the land. Our guarantee
is .""A Satisfied Customer or No Sale"
The Cash Merchant Opp. Post Office
ises out of the contract,for the erec*
, tion of the public schools. The plain
tiffs make a-claim for a considerable
sum of-money which the trustees re
sist on ttie ground that the plaintiffs
were guilty of a breach of contract
—Cranbrook Herald!
A,.rumor was afloat this week that
an aeroplane agency had been opened
in Fornie, but investigation revealed
the fact that It was a canard, still we
aro pleased to announce that we did
discover that our colleague Mott, we
mean D. V. is now the representative
, of the Ford Automobile, and, soon the
merry chug!*chug! with its accompaniment of oodrlforous exhalation •'will
scent the desert air."
Some time ago we reported that Inspector Belcher had decided that tho
West Canadian Collieries Company
* were, guilty on two charges for'breaches of the law which resulted In tho
tragic, deal li of a youth named Michael
Angela Vnlplola at Bellevue. Wo did
not, know at, the time whnt punishment,
had been moled out; wo have bIiico
boen Informed that u flno of approximately nine thousand cents (cents,
mind you) or ?i)0 has been Imposed.
"Oh that humim life should bo so
cheap, i
And "coul should bo so dear."
Tlio funeral of the veteran lumberman Archibald 1-olU.h of Crnnbrook,
was numerously attondod and among
tho contingent Unit went from Fornie
lo pay thn IiihI. tribute of respect woro
Mr. Frnnk Dubois of lho 151k Lumbor
Compnny, who was nccompniilud by
his wlfo nnd child; Mayor Horchmor,
A, Krnpfid from Trlwood, S. McOougal
of the Fornio Lumbor Company, Malcolm Mo.MIihiIh of Iflllcrnoulli, S. F, Will-
laco of lho Hotel Fonilo and W. 11.
.Imi (iriiflou will lonvo on Saturday
mornlni*. June tlio Ilii with n crowd of
|inm|M'i*tlvi' punhnseru for llurloii City
•win-re ln* liii« t\ hnlf unction of mug-
nine*'iit fruit lund that ho Is pulling
on iln- nmi'k.'t in hiiiuII inwln at prlri-H
i'iiiikIiik from $-10 p,«r tww iipwunlH on
ii'iiiih in Hull -mit'huHi'iK. This pro]--
f<rly Is only hnlf a mile from the town,
Hie noil Ih firm i'Iiihh, ilcurlng Ih eimlly
iif-rntiipllHlifd mid It Ih well watered,
Already it number of I'iihh roBldeiitH
1 ,,  lifMu.lii   Hwli. fntn.-r. 1-mttir..'  In  tlin
Vlr-lllll v nml eti||«llle|-nlllt» VI'OKI'eHH Iiiih
liei'ti mado.
Our values in Trunks, Travelling
Cases* etc., cannot Toe'duplicated.
Bags, ,* Suit
Men's Gauntlet Mule'Skin Glove,'soft and pli-
ahle,- but possesses extra good wearing qualities.
Special 55c    *
SUITS   and
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York and English
° Cloth and Styles
T3 A MTnB TTTTVT   Rooms 2 and 3, The A. Beck Block
Advertise in the District Ledger
Quite a number of the .Frank baseball fans took in thc ball game at Hillcrest on Sunday between Hillcrest and
Blairmore, the score „was 13 to 7 in
favor of Blairmore. , -
Tom Burns arrived back from Calgary last Friday with free samples of
Calgary joy water. Tom takes over
the opera house hore next month. He
has some fine attractions'hilled. Juno
5th Henry ,Tyo.presents the hit of tho
hit of the season "How Do" or Why ho
said good morning to tho bartender.
Mr. and Mrs. Fowlor arrived back
from High River last Saturday morning,
Frank can now boast of having tho
finest street b In tho PaBS. Our mayor
Mr. Wellor Is to bo congratulated on
tho good work, Oh you Jako!
,Bort l-'arcnuw, night operator for
tho C. P. U. loft Monday for Lothbrldgo for a months holidays. Van
Dlko has It that ho will not return
|    "Corprol" Cooper of tho Il.N.W.M.P.
has been transferred to McLeod,
Mr. Dompsle, manager of tho Maplo
Loaf milieu mado a ImbIiiobh trip to
Spokano this week,
.Tiifk Lyons Ih donoratlng tlin Big
"SmlthH" at Uio Minors hotol.
Clarko'H moving picture show Wed-
noBilay night was lho limit. Charllo
l>ut on tho bost ptcturos this wook ovor
R-u'ii In Frank. MIhh McKiniinn'H Hinging is nxcollunt. Tho hall waH crowded lo thu dooi'H.
According lo tho Crimton llnvlow,
Arthur OltHI Hiiyn thut uiiIohh llio
young peoplo of that thriving fruit district forHWuur Hlngln hlosHcdiioHti imd
tnko unto tlK'iiiH--lv(-H pui'tnoi'H lio, Ulio
Ol hollo will find IiIh (H-i-iipntlnn gone.
Kximiplo Ih buttor than prncupl, mid
should our ailvlri- lm followed wn
would willingly loud llio cotillion nt
iln- wedding dnnco of our Irlidi celebrity.
Pedigreed Airedale pupt and o*"own
«.tnri/ fnr «t.ili» frntn hfnt MnfiW In America. C. W. Mitchell Box 02, Rov-
elstokei D, C.
Servant wanted, apply to Mrs. D. V.
Mott.' '
Hot tea or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room.
Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee at Ingram's.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
.Plain sewing wanted by   Miss   B.
Blaney, P. O. Box 102, Fernie.   ■
Just tho thing' early in tho morning
or late at night: a hot lunch at Ingram's.
Thero Is no use talking, tho spot to
buy your furniture and stoves is at
the Trltos-Wood Co. Ltd.
Do you know they sell refrigerators
—•yes sir, and thoy aro cheap at tho
Trltcs-Wood Co. Ltd,
Eggs for salo from pure bred Buff
Orpington. Apply T. Kynnstoii, Block
j07. Annex Extension,
■ Lost: Ono camoo brooch, findor will
receive reward if returned to Mrs,
For estimates In lathing and shingling write or call on Ilobt. Wright, West
Fornio. MP
Halloy'fl Comet is coming, so'aro the
files. Bottor get screen doors and
window nercens at tho TrltoB-Wood
Co, Ltd.
Houso for Salo with 2 lots In Wost
Fornio; 5 roomed Iioubo, wator. Kn-
(julro of IS. Harper, McPlifBon avonuo.
For Sale: Team of Iiovbob, good general pui'poBu animals, prlco $18G. A.
MacDonald Co., Wholesalo ClrocorH,'
If you lmvo any building to do 'twill
pay you to hco A. McLonn, phono 107,
Ilo IteopH till kinds ot building material
In Htoclr. -lflP
For Hunt! A hIx rooniod Iiouho with
wntor ovor filiilc and tollot InHldn, noar
MiitliodlHt church, $lfi a month, ready
iHt ,Juiu..    Apply" Walter lliimmhlo.
For Rulo: A lot r.0xl32, all cleared,
willi ii flvo room houso, nicely finished mid painted, completely furiilHliod.
For wile nt ono half of actual ronl.
Hoo I.J'oiih, IIciuU'l'Holl Block,
To rent or,to ho]], Tlin (llll bonrd-
liiK lioiiHti, c-i'ntnlnliig 11 rooms and a
,..,,*■,»    i i nu
tVl.*,!     I. .-|l.4.Jii,>.ti.U     Uittlltf,     , „.i,\t,..,        ....
'unli-il nn Velbl iivciinc.     Apply nt Dw
Ham Irvine, now of Tabor, formerly
n Fernie resident was In town this
week Buying "How dy" to IiIh many
„ , , i
ft|  fc....>M.,.
It Id going to lie pretty hot. How
about bamboo HhniU-K for your verandah, Thoy have Ihem In nil hIzob,
nnd llio prlco In the HiiialloRt tiling
nbhiit. the mnt thn Trltos-Wood Co.,
llotinehold furniture for utile, including Iron beds, dnuhl-n and Blnglo, dreH-
not*, IN-nlnmilnr range and lirnu.. A.
II. Kennedy, McPherson avonuo, bolow
Ilogers kin-el. f
Two acrcu of land, 1 3-f, acros clear-
i-d. Iiouho 'UxM threi* board, Htablo 1-1
xll 2 nlorey. chlrkfin hoimo 14x12 nlno
thro-.' board. \'rn:» txt'M doUum',
1.100 down. imtAnco lp ten month*. Apply io H. Harper, McPhoraon nvenu .
Fernie. R C.
Garments Are The Universal
Choice Of Well Dressed Men
Simply because the man, who knows anything
about the finfe art of tailoring, knows that
Fit-Reform garments are the epitome of
perfection. ,,
Fit-Reform has won its proud position of
leadership—not because it is perfect in any
one detail — but because it is absolutely
perfect in every detail.
Every Fit-Reform Suit
—is created by Canada's foremost designers
—is made^of fabrics selected from the best
mills of Great Britain,
—is made on the Fit-Reform system by skilled
Fit-Reform was first in the field, and is to-day
a houDcuulu Yv_rd in every cily and town in
Canada where good clothes are demanded.
New Wash Suits
Beautiful designs handsomely trimmed in Ladies' Wash Suits and Skirts
Children's Straw Bonnets
Dainty  Chic Headwear for the baby
just arrived
Ladies' Shirt Waists
Ladies' Black and Colored Japanese
'   Silk Waists    ...    $3.00
Black Taffeta Silk Waists #3.75
Linon whito Tailor made Waists 3.75
We are constantly, receiving new ftyles and
effetfs in Fit-Reform Suits. Let us show
you the latest arrivals. $ 18 to $35.
Men's Japanese Grepe Shirts
Colors Whito, Blue, Champagne and
thoroughly -fast color, special 75c
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.
Sole Agents in Fernie
Shoes Fop Everybody
Special Lino at Special  Prices
The Trites - Wood Co.
—  Phone 49 	


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