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 *a*g*s*- >-.__a__*i »<-■*•_ »r--gm-**t*ra-^i,<i*n *h. jwb*m_ihi
Industrial UnityaisIStreng_lt
v. 7y
The Official Orgaa of District Na 18, U. M. W. o_*A.
Political Unity is Victory
VO_,,V.   No. 38
FERNIE,   B. C,  April 23rd,   1910
$1.00a Year
Fierce Explosion Which
Causes Many Sad
.    BIRMINGHAM,. Ala., April    21—In
the n-eighborhopd of 40 men aro en-
.tombed in.the'Mulga mine of the Birmingham. Coal and Iron Company, as
' the result of an explosion tonight, and
\ their fate'!*** not yet known. ,
The explosion was pf such force that
* - the flames shot up a great height from
the mouth of the shaft.     The cages
7in "the mouth'of'the shaft were    so
badly ...sprung by the explosion that
they„ cannot be used. The shaft is not
on fire and air is being^pumped into
7 the mine.     ,   "•"'     '       ,       ■   .
, .  Twenty-Five Dead
>.    BIRMINGHAM, April 21.—Word has
,*, . been received here that twenty-five of
the entombed men in the Mulga mine
, were, killed.   The Birmingham Southern-railroad hospital car will be sent
to tho| scene from Bessemer.    Ambulances were hurried to Mulga   from
' Ensley soon after the news of the explosion reached, that city.
..'   Mulga.is connected with Enlsey by
■:.one teleiphone wire over which;it is
„ ^impossible to communicate tonight.
„' ■,' Rescuers are having great difficulty
;'iri their efforts to reach the entombed
' men.
Remember, the date of voting is the
75th of May, and as we believe .that
^those/who pay the piper should select
*'ttie' "''time! .we will defer, comment o*_
Under the able supervision of Aid.
Tom Beck, Leclair is clearing up the
city park in fine shape assisted by 8
men (All human beings.)
* S. A. Williams formerly of Michel
but now with the ''Canadian Rand,'
headquarters at Lethbridge, was in
town this week on business..
For Sale:: A lot 50x132, all cleared,
with a five room house, nicely finished and painted, completely, furnished.
For sale at one half of actual cost.
See Lyons, Henderson Block.
We are pleased to.see our friend
Kirkpatrick is once ', again rambling
around the streets, and trust that now
the time is here for baseball that he
will be soon wearing the C C across
his chest: ".
,Two acres of land, 1 3-4 acres cleared, house 24x26 three board, stable 14
xl42 storey, chicken house 14x12 also
three board/- Price 1050 dollars;
$500 down, balance in ten months. Apply to E. Harper, McPherson avenue,
Fernie, ..B. C.
We are pleased to report that our
old. friend John Hunter°has so far
recovered from, his lengthy illness to
place .him in ,the convalescent class.
Johnny tells us that he expects to
start his spring planting in a few days
as he is a great lover of horticulture.
■ Just as* we, go to press we learn
that a young ,man has been brought in
from Coal Creek .with a crushed ankle,
and upon inquiring for his name, informed that it was Claridge. If this
be our, friend Charlie, and it is the
only one that we know, he. certainly
has our sympathy.
> The' members of Royal Oak Camp,
1415. .Modern Woodmen of America,*
will hold their next • meeting at ' the
K. P. hall on Monday next at 8 p.m.
There'will be a debate.an exhibition of
goat riding, and a social with Neighbor M.'-W. Elley at the-piano. All
neighbors pleasee attend. * •
Knox' Presbyterian church will be
opened'.on the 24th, - the' ,Rev. Dr.
Clarke, of Calgary, occupying the pulpit at both services^ 11 .a.m. and 7.30
I),m7"iThe choir will rehder,some spe*-
May Purchase Western Fuel
Company's Mines at
*"- suggestion i£r the present.** '7
',*•*: .; Fernie has ^decided to raise' $10,000
f/7.. for street improvements, $7,000 for
' schools, '-$6,000 • for,. electric light ex-
-..-■ tensions,- $1,900J6r..water'-'extensions,
7'*' 7$2J00.for surface, drainage'-and" $41,-
'""" 000 for sewers/v,jV" „',/ *" "*"..','*~7
I . Game* Warden' JoKh., Lewis' has. 6b'-.
j       ■   tallied one, hundred thousand eggs of
the Kamloops trout to be'planted in
1 the Fernie'district.    Thirty thousand
are to"bc planted in Silver Springs
Lake, Elko, and tho balance in Mc-
Bains Lake, 2 miles north of Jaffray,
These two points hove * been selected
becauso of their suitability for propo-
gatlvo purposos as they can be protected bettor than if planted in tho river.
Four splendid specimens 'of beaver
have also been secured by Gamo ^Vnr•
den Lewis for tho purpose of being
included in. the collection of-the Provincial Museum nnd, will shortly bo
forwarded thero.
On Sunday next April 24th, the now
Presbyterian church will bo oponod
and dedicated by Itev. J. A. Clark, M.
A„ of Knox church, Calgary, Mr.
Clark is ono of tho leading minlBtors
of tho church and all who hear him
will'no doubt derive a groat deal of
plensuvo and profit from his sermon.
Tho services will bo hold at tho usual
hours, Vnorrilng and evening, and in
tho aftornoon a spoctal baptismal sor-
' vlco will bo hold at 2.80.
It Is roquostod that all who havo
chlldron to bo tiaptlzod will bring
thom id this sorvlco, *
On Monday ovoning, 2fith, a dinnor
will bo glvon by-the Ladlos Aid Society. It will commence at 6 p.m.,
and contlnuo until 8 p.m., a(tor which
a progrnmmo of spoochoB and singing
will bo romlorod In tho body of tho
Thoro will ho a upoclal musical programme) furnlahod under lho dlroctlon
of J, N. Watorhoitflo, who will officiate
at Iho oloctrlcally operated Estoy organ and rondor appropriate boIocI Ioiib
half un hour boforo tho religious core-
monies enmmonco,' Tho following nn-
thomH nro part of tlio choral service,
"Tho I_rd Ib Exnltod," (J. 10. Wost),
"Groat and Marvellous," (Edmund
Tumor; "Radiant Morn,' (II, H. Woodward."
It Is to ho hopod thnt a lnrgo numbor mny find nn opportunity of attending both tho opening services and
tho dinnor. ' All nro wolcoma, Tickets for tho dtnnur 80c,
Rov. H. Grant, Patter Knox Church'
cially-prepared, music.-■■■< The new Es-
tey organ, operated by electricity, will
be "under the..care of Mr. ,1.A. Water-
house. ■ ■* ".".*■
, The first, pile in the repairing .oi
the. Elk* creek, was! driven • on, Wednes;,
day^morning.- *■■ The bank', is to be -rals-
'ed'about two feet "and a half* from the'
G.' N. bridge to the bridge ■ crossing
the track. The Elk Lumber company
it is expected-will saw off the stumps
and then fill in the .road and grade
with slabs,- sawdust and other material. ' The length of time for completion is figured about two weeks.
An elderly lady had a.very narrow
escape on Monday whilst attempting
to alight from the C, P. R. train upon
which her son, to whom sho had been
saying'good-bye, was u passenger. 1, In
her hurry, as tho train had started to
move she'got out the wrong way, and
was jerked to tho ground' with ono
arm perilously noar tho wheel. Fortunately she had only a fright and a
nasty shaking up as a result of her
J, F. Spalding, our progressive photographer hns installed tbe .most up
to dato photographic arc lamp and will
koop his studio opon overy evening
until 0 p.m. for tho convenience of
thoso unable to get their photos taken
during the day, Ho Informs us that
it Is Impo'sslblo to toll tho dlfforonco
In photos tnkon by this light and daylight and ho gun'rnntees to give overy
satisfaction. Ills studio Is ovoi" Muir-
bond's shoo storo, Victoria nvonuo,
nnd Is open on Sundays until 0 p.m.
On anothor pngo is "found an
account of thoo Bophrntlon of tho
sheep from thc goats, but. we are In-
formod on crodltnblo authority, that
tho woll known auctioneer, W. G.
nruco, does not intonil to bo Hopnrnted
from his hoarded wonder, ns ho In-
tonds to koop lho animal as tho nucl-
ous of an opposition goat ranch. Bo
caroful how you nppronch tho subject
or ho mny toll you to g to Goat
Mountains or MorrlHBoy'' (Bort Black
plonso noto) MorrlBHoy and .Carbon-
ndo pnpors plonso copy, \
A runnwny tonm from tho Forntb
Cni'tngo Compnny, aftor knocking Fred
Nandloy down , and Inflicting somo
nimty IivuIhon upon hhn, madly dashed
westward nlong Victoria avonuo,
whoro In its attempt to turn tho corner near thc site of (ho new Homo
Hank, young Wlillo Unddon of Mlchol
wnH thrown down and though nt first
byBtnndoi'H thought ho must hnvo. hu.
forcd hovoi'q Injury, on examination
It wits found thnt ho hnd had a vory
lucky OHcapo and was moro frightened
thnn hurt. Tho wngon thoy woro nt«
tiic/n'ti to wum omity unumged and ono
ot Dw hwao-j id***,- require/] over u do
r,oi\ stitches In Itn le«, but lt will pro-
bnhly bo nt work ngnln soon as thoro
woro no nrtorloB nffoctod nor bones
As a contral gathering point for the
vni'louH hodloN, oignnlzntlonB, otc., Fornio hns again clonrly demonstrated hor
fltnefls by tho noloctlon of It as the
mooting placo of tho ABROdatod BoardR
of Trado of Enst. Koolonny. Thoeo
roproBontntlvo bodloB from tho dlfforont towns nlong tho Crows Nost Pnss
tini diwtlnod to piny 11 vory Impmtiuit
factor In thn ndvorllslng nnd dovolnp-
mi-nt of iill uffiiliH ufr.'ciliiH tho muiiir-
Ini Interestb of tlioHu who nm llvliiti
within tho sphere of Influence, m. A.
Mncdonntd of Cranbrook, who It tho
provisional preAidrnt, lir,» h-uiu won)
horo thnt lho next mo-MUnir will lw
hold in tho City Council fhnmlior-*! at
ti o'clock tn the mnmiriff ot »ti.» STih
itiftt.. when thero will be a thoroMs-lt
vcntllnilnn of nil 'incutIons Irirldiiii lo
lhe wu'lfnre of thn district.
(Vancouvor Province)
VICTORIA, April. 22—The Western
Fuel Company, operating coal mines
at Nanaimo, has given an option to
the a Canadian Pacific Railway Company for the purchase of its properties for $2,500,000, according to report here today.
- Recently the, coal mines and coal
bearing areas of this company have
been examined in detail by Mr. Turn-
bull, an ore expert employed at the
Trail' smelter, W. H. Aldridge, man-'
ager at Trail for the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd., a concern * in which stockholders of the Central Pacific Railway are largely intevested,*wili be in
Nanaimo this week to make a final examination.     '   .       , .    ■      ,
It is reported here that the securing of the option, and the Indication
that the deal for the purchase of the
coal properties will be concluded, ' is
the answer of the C. P. R. to the purchase of the Dunsmuir mines by the
Canadian Northern Railway Co. The
C. P. R. has a contract with the Wel-
i -   '       1 -       ■ -
lington Colliery Company*—the assets
of which have just, been sold to .the'
Canadian Northern—which has still
several years>to run:'-7 , „   .
On behalf of the C. P.n R. examination   has recently'been made of the
Crumiri nel Black Hill—Com
inciamo a bollarli sui
. Liead.S. Dak..
Lo sciopero , si, svolge con
accanimento inaudito:   siamo
decisl'a combattere ad oltran-
za i crumiri italiani che amnion tano   ormai   a dleciasette;
Fra questi si distingue un ex
ufflciale    postale   :di.  Salto
Canavese (Plemonte) di noma
Savino Delro, dovuto tuggire
dalla patrla.,per, aver   fatto
troppo bene i suol affarl   di
' posta.
Non'contento di essersl mes'
'so lul; alla.merce dei capitalist!, questo indecente flguro
scrive lettere -all'est ed alio
ovest, 'nell' Illinois * special-
mente, nella speranza dl in-
durre altri disgraziati a segu-
irio sulla via del plu sporco
criimlrismo e'del plu turpo
tradimento. II poveraccio non
sa. che nel mondo civile
sono rarl gll uominl del suo
stampo ed ha 11 fegato di dire
. che noi siamo ignorant! a non
seguire le sue orme.;
.Che" la. morte ci liberi dal
perlcolo di diventar crumiri e
t'ruffatori.    Non   sai, sudicio
. cagnotto,  che, -nell'Iliinois    i
crumiri ed I serpenti ricevono
ugual trattamentd?  ■
.Italian!,   state   lontani   dal
Black Hill!   ,
Gli Unionist! Italiani
Several Plays That Game Off
Recently Were Brought
To Mind Again
by Mr. ,Johh'.'Arbuthnot, ■ and from
which shipments are now being made
from Boat Harbor. . .It Is understood
that other coal areas have also been
inspected,on behalf of tho same railway'company. ,,,,;*'•-c,'^;':*.'•'*'''
PORTLAND, Ore., April '21—Portland banks-have decided to accept all
Canadian ourrency at par. At a meeting of the clearing house lately it was
agreed to put Canadian currency on
an equalnbasls with United States currency in tho transaction, of business
throughout tho city. ' This' will fnean
that merchants generally will take Canadian* money at its face value.
Nothing like this has ever beforo
boen done hero. Canadian ten cent,
pieces becauso of thoir similarity to
the Amerlcnn dimo have always passed asc bolng equal to tho fatter coin,
but larger pieces, of the monoy have
boon barred from general circulation
and holdoi-B of the'monoy hnve had to
accept a discount to pnss it,
Tho general need of this chango has
boon folt particularly since tho running of tho Canadian Pacific Soo train
to Portland. Travellers and visitors
from Canadian points havo oxporlonc-
od much nnnoynnco on arrival to havo
thoir monoy rofusod by local dealers,
Portland Is tho only city, It Is claimed,
ho fnr romovod from tho Canadian
border to accept Cnnndlan curroncy at,
par. "
Thoro will bo no sorvlco In tho Baptist church on Sunday morning, In
view of tho fact that lho Prosbytorlan
church Is holding opening services on
that day. Sunday school will bo hold
as usual In lho aftornoon, nnd In tho
ovoning Pastor Spidell will pronoh on
"Tlmn Mnrklng EvontB." A cordlnl
invitation Is extended to nil.
Tho MIbbob Dudloy nnd MIbb Black
ontorlnlnod nt nn Informal dnnco nt
tho homo or Mrs, W. J, Blundoll on
WodtiQBdny ovoning, Thono proHont
woro: Mr. nnd Mrs. J, Broloy. MIhboh
liognn, Morrison, Wllkinii, Collins,
Hooy. Ituttnn, Murrny, OntoB, m-own,
Klrl'imli'lck, Mott, DonnlRon, Wlilni-
ntor, Mohhi'h, Mni'Hlmll, Mnvor, Mnc-
loan, Barclay, Tuthill, Pnrkor, Dohor-
olnur, DbvIb, Perry, Clatc», Brown,
GallbtiB, -Teffery, Mimnn, Doran, .Toff-
rloB, Folconor, McQunrrlo, WhlniHtor,
Uorrlgnn, Arnifltiong, Llphnrdt. Tho
hulloa woro nil Instofully gownod, and
wo rnfrnln from moro exact doncrlp-
tlonn licciuiBo ot an cyo trouble pro-
vontliig us from discerning tho various
The friendly game played last Saturday between-these •two7teams was
an excellent exhibition of Association
football,, especially so • when considering the natural stiffness of the players
resultant from a'long period without
practice.- The supporters of the respective crowds were . about equally
divided, yet those who were not partiz-
an blinded, but viewed the contest
lodged that honors' were;evenly. divided. . Corroborative evidence of, this
assertion is shown by the.score of 1 —
1, both, these goals were kicked in the
latter half. ., The. ajjiount realized $57,
was: equally' dlvided^Smong "the two
teams and is certainly .encouraging, as
it presages good attendances, and thus
the different teams can be certain of
getting, provided they 'play the game.'
We would suggest that once' the
Fernie players have been assigned
their - respective positions, after several try-outs have shown the capabilities 'that there' be no changes mado
unless* absolutely unavoidable, as combination play is the keynote ,of success. This ,is riot obtainable whon
thoro are too many shlftlngs of position. Coal Creok boys aro practising
steadily, and their earnestness of purpose is worthy of all commondation,
and should bo a stimulus to tho Fornio'team to utilize evory opportunity
with tho result thnt, whon tho Corinthians play in September the footballers of tho Puss may demonstrate thnt
thoy havo beon by no moans laggard,
Tho lino up was ns follows:
Fornio: Gonl, Adamson; backs, Mc-
Ewan nnd Bowhlll; halves Barr, Bradbury nnd Mills; forwards, Thornton,
Judgo, Manning, Thornton and Ward-
Cool Croek: Gonl, W. McFognn;
backs, McLetcher and Sweonoy; hal-.
vos, Parnoll, I-Iartloy and Jonos; for-
wnrds, Barnos, Joyson Brothers, R.
Hartley and A. Clair.
Thursday before hU Honor Judge
P. E. Wilson, the case of R. Dunlap
and J. Kitchener came up to elect for
trial. ■ Prisoners elected for jury trial
and were held over until the assizes
to be held in Slay. , No ball was asked for. • . , .   .   ■  1
Charles Chusak, an Italian was
brought up at same court on charge of
stabbing another Italian called Schrot-
ti at.Michel on Tuesday,evening, to
elect for trial. Accused elected for*
speedy trial and will- be tried, before
His Honor Judge Wilson. 7
The case of Martin Kosek came up
for hearing. Accused pleaded guilty
but also pleaded that there were extenuating circumstances. L. P. Eckstein Is acting as crown prosecutor,
and' Sherwood Herchmer for the defence. ■
*~. Accused's' counsel brought forward
evidence in proof of extenuation, but
while proceeding with first,. witness,
objection -was made by L.' P. Eckstein,
who stated,-that the whole of the,witnesses should be heard if the defense'
intended calling witnesses for defense.
Case adjourned., until next Tuesday.
A French Canadian with the Glengarry name of -Campbell found his
chosen name "Denis" very" appropriate when P. M. -Whimster fined, him
for purloining a bottle of" Irish from
the  Royal' Hotel.      Chief  of   Police
Make Merry at Michel May Second
-t—It will be a Red Letter day in every
Duck eggs for sale, $2 a setting.
Apply E. H. H. Stanley, Baynes Lake
B- C. 2t
Hillcrest notes received at 1.30' on
Friday, too late for publication. Will
appear next issue.
, "Note.—The by-laws will be voted
upon on the 5th day of May, not the
15th; our cotem made a "l" slip.
Emilio Picarelli enriched the, coffers
of the city the sum of $200 because of
his failure to obtain the. necessary license to dispense liquid refreshments.
- To 1,-et: New seven room house with
up to date plumbing fixtures, corner
Victoria avenue and Davies street,
two blocks north of the school. Ready
for May lst. Apply. J. M. Ledger
Office.        .
The films are certainly splendid, at
the Grand Opera house as a result of
the change of position of the curtain
and increased attendance during the
past week Ib an indication of tho public's recognition of this fact/
; Mt. Fernie lodge I. O. O. F. held a
well attended meeting on Wednesday,
night. One candidate had a first
glimpse into the mysterious surroundings'of the Three Links, while three
others defied fate and the goat and
got to the other end of the second degree. A number* of visitors were in
attendance, Final arrangements' were
made for the church parade on Sunday evening, when the members meet
at the K. P. hall at 6.45. Visitors are
invited.   "■
The,banquet in honor of the visit of
the president of-the Rebekah assembly
Miss Frances Bacom, was well attended. About 100 sat' down to lunch.
A splendid address was given by Miss
Bacom relative to the noble work of
the Rebekahs towards finding the furnishings for the rooms for the I. O. O.
F. home to be'ereeted shortly *in B. C.
Messrs. Sampson, Biggs and Puckey
assisted in their usual pleasing manner with "the",program, and Mr. Elley
Alas! My Poor Dog Tray
He Bit The Dust
And is Gone
Clerke who made.ifhe arrest, very pro-"
pei-ly'confiscated the bottle.   .
A comfortable homo for thn minor.
Tnblo board tho bent In tho city. Room
nnd honrd $2Ii por month, All whito
holp. E, Bnylor, Prop, 38 p
♦ N. Zlruk, nn omployoo of thu
-4" Elk Lumbor Co., wiih klllod nl
♦ 1„'I0 Saturday morning whllHt.
♦ nt. work on thn lowor floor of
♦ tlio mill.    Ilo wiih   nbout. 2!l
♦ yonm of ago nnd an far iih   Ih
♦ known iinmnrrlod. Tho  ciiiiho
♦ of IiIh donth Wm not boon do*
♦ tormlnod, An Investigation for
♦ tho purpoHo Ik In progroHH nH
♦ wo go to prcHB,    Ho hnn only
♦ boon with thn firm a short
♦ tlmo, nnd but littlo Ib known
♦ of his antecedents.
^ ti
/George. Parker of Toronto is. a guest-
at'the KingEdward hotel. This, gentleman is out in the west looking after
the Interests of the Harmsworths publications. Incidentally, .and ,-of far
more Importance to the majority, ho
is also, sounding the Fernioltes with a
a view to arranging a date for a gamo
between a team of feotballers from
here and the famous CorlnthlanB who
are scheduled to try conclusions with
the boys of Vancouver on the 1st of
Septomber. Thoy havo also beon
given a guarantee to play Nolson later
and would be, agreeable, if it can bo
managed, to play, here on the 10th of
September. Hero's nn excellent opportunity for an exhibition game thnt
would not only astonish tho visitors,
but would be a means whoroby our
own people could better appreciate'tho
caliber, of our local players, as wp
have no henltntlon in sn'ying thnt tho
Pnss contains' nn aggregation of footballers that will demonstrate thoir
ability to defend their laurels nobly
ngalnst tills ronownod club, or any
Wo would strongly urgo thnt tho
League tako thiB in hnnd nnd select
n picked tonm from nil of Its clubs nnd
thon hnvo n*t excursion irnm nil points
nlong tho Crow lino iih fnr oust, ns
Birmingham Dally Post: Mnny of
skolchoH of Frederic Vllllors wero
made undor tho hoot and Hmoko of
conflict., and lu their dash gavo ample
ovidoneo of tha difficulties and dang-
ors undor which 11 wnr cnrreHpondoiil
hns lo purniin his onlorpiiHlng career.
Mnur-hoiitcr Gunrdlnn: Mr. Frodorlc
VIlllorH, oldoHt nnd moHl. courtly of
wnr corospondontH, plonsantly ontor-
tnliiH un with plctun-fl nnd pr-i-nonnl
HlorloH from tho bnttlo flold.
Liverpool PohI: Vivid nnd IntiuvHt-
Ing In 11 high dogruo, being p'plotn
with Incident nnd anecdote nnd onllv-
<-uod by n quiet, humor which w-»h
lolling tliough unobtrusive, (Referring
to Frodr-rlc VIlllorH.)
Tho HcivlcoH In tlm Church of lOng-
lund noxt Sunday will bo iih follows:
Cnlolirntlon of tlin Holy Communion nt
8 u.m., morning prnyur mid sorpon ut
II; ovoning prnyor and Hormon nt
7.:i0, Evory moinbor of thu church
nnd nil who nro Inturostod In tho welfare of tho nbovo (iliurili nro roiiuoHi-
od to bo jiroiiont at tho ntinuul congro-
gatlomtl mci-tlng which will be held
Immedlntcly after tho ovoning Horvlco,
■ Hov. W. Al. Wnlton.
Vancouver has its horse,show; Chilliwack its famous hen conventions;
Nelson its fruit fair and had a visitor
dropped into the council chambers
last night he would undoubtedly have
reached the conclusion that the guardians of our civic affairs, not to be
outdone ih the matter of exhibitions,
were discussing the different kennela
which would shortly be represented at
a forthcoming dog show.
Poodle pursuer Green was not granted his request to utilise untagged Fi-
dos as targets lest his misses might
hit an object other than the one aimed
It would probably be, an excellent
plan if the lethal chamber were used
as a happy despatch for those canines -
whose owners do not, consider them
worth the value of a license, rather
tlmn have the poor brutes plugged with
lead: and by so doing prolong their
agonies because of the bad aim of
the despatches
We must acknowledge that our- cotem has a "horse" on us because of
our failure to see why a 'veterinary
surgeon should accept the position of
health officer for less than 900 dollars, unless these figures are in, some
inexplicable   manner: .connected
gramme the music was turned on and
those*'with tingling pedal extremities
were given an opportunity, to satisfy
their longing in that direction
only with humans, but also with the
...  .   -   - -„, ,-   ,   -      - -   quadrepedal, subjects of the previous
finishing strokes to the' unlicensed
bow-bow he could*also attend to the
sanitation on-behalf of the "feather-
less biped."
The farewell feature of the Lewtas l.'ITlie laying of granolithic, sidewalks
and'Tleid eanipiiigh was' given in the ,on Victoria avenue - would' ntotdrally
Methodist church on Tuesday last,
when the, Rev. John Lewtas delivered
a very entertnlning and instructive
locture aided by views thrown on the
screen from a powerful stereopticon
lantern, showing scenes.In tho Holy
Land and other points of particular interest-to Bible students. Possessed
of nn excellent, voice nnd gifted with
a, descriptive ability of no common
order, one • felt almost as an actual
companion with him In the places
visited. - Ho gave a very graphic
recltnl of a wedding at Jericho, painting ln vivid colors the Incidents of tho
■woird Rcouo, * commented upon tho
marvellous dexterity of, tho sword-
throwers who, whirling their scimitar
shaped weapons high in tho air would
catch them with such rapidity as to
opon wide the eyes of hlmsolf nnd his
companions. Tho photos whicli wero
pnrticulnrly nharp, woro nil tnkon by
n young English artlBt who nccompnn-
iod him on IiIb travels.»
WATEIIFORD April 21—Of all tho
Influences thnt uro'working for tho
improvement of Irolnnd, tho up-lo-dnlo
Ursullne nuitfl of Sllgo aro woll to tho
foro. All lho world knows Ihat Irish
girls are charming, bountiful nnd vl-
vacloim. But. hlthorto thoy havo owned to ono Rorlmifl drnwhack—n lack
of training In tha duties of ' home
To rid tho fair duuglitnni of tho Em-
om Id IhIo of thnt rcpronch, BtronuoiiH
menBuroH aro now bolng tnkon to Htl-
miilato appreciation of tho Importnnco
of tho domestic nrlB. So r-nthUHltiH-
tlcnlly havo tho Urflulln-i Niihh of St.
.loHoph hospital tnkon up the idea
Hint, thoir Hchool Iiiih bm-omo a rnvoln-
11011 In com plot oncHH of oqnlpmont nud
Hcopo of tmining,
meet with tho approval of thov.pedes-
trlanR, I1.1t it is for ttie owners of the
property affected to decided whether
it. shall be dono.
Maeleod is calling for bids for two
miles of cement sidewalks.
A sidewalk Is to bo built from
Howland avonuo to thc Elk Rivor
bridgo, tho Elk Lumber Company
supplying the lumbor gratis and tho
city paying for tho cost of installation.
Mayor,, Herchmcr's prescription, to
Dr. Clorko's, patients, whilo no doubt
accoplnblo to thom, Is, wo fear, a
breach of professional ethics and contra to tho codo for an unqualified practitioner either to administer or pro-,
scrlbo remodios, -ospeclally thoso not
contained In cither the TJ. S. or tho'
British Pharmo coplas, ,
Somo splendid feature films aro on
al. iho Fernio opora house this wcok.
Views from tho Life of Napoleon Ib
n splendid production, being of considerable historical worth as woll as
Intensely entertnlning. Othnrn of a
lighter voln nro nlso produced. Tho
UHiml turn In tho song and dnnco lino
wan nlso put on.
It Ih prohnbll thnt a numbor or oil-
IzotiH of this city on strolling along
Victoria avenue past tho school Iiouho
on .Monday, noted tho peculiar pobI-
tlon of tlio flog. It wiih I'civorBcd,
which Ih recognlzi-il tlu*' world over
uh bolng n hIrii of dlsiroHs, nnd II Ih
the duty of nny und ull uiidurHtaudlng
thlH to Iniiiiedinlely go to thn roHi.no,
Tlio Interpretation of tIiIh Hlgunl Ih
C. (J. I). Of coui-ho whilo thoro rutty
ho dlfforont wnyn or explaining tills
rndo, yoi wo hnvo It nn rollnbln In-
formal Ion of a gi-nili-ninu who hnn
Hcrvnd In llio inllltitry, Unit tho,, cor-
reel trniiHliillon Is "Como Quick Donr",
mul nnt. knowing wli.'Hior a revolt hnd
brokon out itinoiigHl tho liriyn, noct'H-
sliiiiInit tho now principal railing for
nlil, or wh-'ihi-r Homo of tlm lndy ton-
our lion) Iiiih no fnr fnlli-d to mnko
IiIh ol'flcliil report, which Ih awaited
with much iin.\li'i). Knolli to miy,
however, much to the dlniippnliitinont
of thoHo who wore ready nml iuixIouh
to do doughty ileedtf, the cuiiiio of UiIh
liiverslnn wiih llm net of llio boy who
ran II up mul In the hurry did not no-
tlie tho fluuV picullnr position,
Tliey hnvo combined Hclenco with
domestic economy, nnd nm turning out •■■".■'• ■'•«■•'. 1  «. .........■/ ....
BriuluntoH equipped with n wholo rnngo I Hiiivh icijiilied thn nld of n "itnllnnt,"
of usoful knnwli'dgo. from tlm man-"  '  '"'" "" ''"" '""'", '"  '"'
ngement of a dairy or n poultry ynrd
to tlio running of nu olecirlo powor
nml lighting plant,
So n Heparin-.' school Iiiih been fitted
up thnt Ih Hpiemllng Kh Influence ull
ovor Ireland.    When tin? pupllH ut the ;
convent hnvo grndiintod In gonornl od- \
non tion thoy havo Dw option of ron-
tlnn!..!*   fnr   fl   fnrltH1''     "nnr       -Invtttf.'
which attention Ih devoted entirely loi
homu mnnagomont.
I'onplo who lonkr-d for opposition to
Mich "modern" teaching 011 Dw part
of the convents of Ireland wore hudly
Alter N. .tiiseiiNH l"onvt'iiT lug-in to
touch experimental sclenco to glrlH,,
other convents Blurted to net up lub- ■
orniorlt'H nml qualified tencheru to enr- j
ry out the piounuiimo were engngeil. •
Ilut tho, Urmillne Sinters of HIIro re-'
main ttio lenders In the movement and
ibelr equipment  U ino*,* <(*inpli*t«\
Evorylhlng   Is ib    by the   niinn
lln*lltm-l-iO<i. I ln->     hi||ii'lllili-lid    1lie
(iiwnIiciIn, teach tlitlr> ims. rnUe pntil-
1 try on the lnte.il prd-dpl- •-. foiduct a
1 niticlilni- Intimlry, nU«- iii.->ni!ettoji In
7h.i trlctil etiKitie.-rii.-** h* tin n» tt up-
' (ille-si to their louver nnd |i-.*l.«  idam.
iiiMiil a hnowleiK-e nf tlr>'.^> tl.--.i_t.luK,
nml tnnVlntf, nud im'i.*irt »»u   nt'i ■• ttn
■.eiiilriR the econoiiHt-ftl tidinliilmratloti
■•if Dw hiichi-n ro ns tn pro-hue   tit"
t,f,t result* from Ihe f'wxl «ci|»j>U*f ■« "Jimmy McLean"—Polly Recovered V,
I -
■    '  '           .-,--''*           .'      -   .      ;        .                   , -   ' *  -    ■*■ *         ..'   -
and   Legisla|i©n
Items" for the Workers in British Columbia and Alberta ■■   ',
\     .
",°                                      '    "            '   '                                          Jt                                                    '                               .           .                 ' -D      '    -                                 "
Official' Circular from Head of Miners
To the United Mine Workers of America:
* In ordor that you may understand
tho situation officially, I desire to
state that an agreement to pay the
general advance demanded at the Cincinnati Convention has been reached
by tho operators and miners representatives of the Hocking District of Ohio
the Guernsey district of same stato
as woll as Eastern Ohio. The details
of the wage, contracts are to be, taken
up in'sub-district'joint convention, as
rapidly as they can be arranged.
Tho Southwest conference committee representing tho operators and
miners of.Districts 14, 21 and.'25 will
be in session Jn Kansas City beeglnn-
ing Monday April 11.
'. The Illinois * conference committee
representing tlie operators and the
United Mine Workrs organizations of
that state will' begin their joint conference April 11.
Iowa operators and miners representatives will begin their joint conference on April Ilth at Des Moines,
- The operators and miners representatives of Western Kentucky and the
Kanawha district of West Virginia are
meeting in joint conference in their
respective states.
The-Block Coal miners and operators representatives of Indiana have
signed an agreement with a general
advance in wages.
Contral Pennsylvania/operators, and
miners representatives have *been in
conference during the week, and the
latest information from there is to the
effect: that the operators wanted to
refer the .entire question of a wage
contract to arbitration.
The operators and "miners representatives of the Bituminous district of
Indiana held a conference and the operators offered to sign up the advance
in wages so that the mines could resume work pending the final negotiation of- the details of the contract.
This was.not agreed to by the representatives of the mine workers.
My advice to the mine workers of
the country' is to pay no attention to
advertisements for miners, as' an effort is being made in a fow instances
to deceive our members Into some sec*-
tions where strikes exist.
The outlook Is encouraging in nearly all of the districts.. . Evory. member of the organization should do what
he can to study the goneral situation
and to strengthen the organization in
every particular. Ench of us should
work for the success of the movement.     , ■   ■ -.
Yours very'truly
Pres. U. M. W. of A.
Moyie Miners Union    is in Favor   of
Joining the  United  Mine
Workers      ,
MOYIE, April 20—By a vote taken
recently the members of the,,Moyie
Miners Union expressed themselves
as being in favor of "amalgamating
with the United Mine Workers .of
America and thus becoming affiliated
with the American Federation of Labor. '
Il is stated that most of the unions
are voting in favor of this project and
whilo the total vote will not be counted until April 30 it is predicted that
the proposal will be carried by a large
and 31 per. cent as compared .with
1896. Hides, tallow, boots and shoes
increased 35 per cent, from 1890 to
1900 and 45 per cent from 1896 onwards. Building materials showed 54
per cent increase from 1890 to. 1900,
and CO per cent from. 1896 onward.
House furnishings 1*4 per cent and 15
per cent; furs 127 per ce,nt and 180
per cent., and liquor and tobacco 17
per cent and 20 per cent. There were
173 commodities which had increased
26 per cent in price from 1890,, to 1900;
and,40 per cent, from 1896 onward.
The Increase In grain, fodder, animals
and meat had been "higher than tho
average, being from SO * to 50 per
The' Labor department has" found
that prices bad increased from 30 to
'40 per cent in 20 years. The largest
increase of any period during that
time was in 1896-7' to 80 per cent.
Animals and meat had increased 48
per cent from 1890 to 1900 alone, and
had continued to increase. Fish increased 34 per cent from 1890 to~1900,
For the arrest of R. M.'Brooks, ' a
former member of local union 1306, U.
M. W. A. located* at Adamson, Okla.
He was elected treasurer of said local
and fraudulently secured over twelve
hundred dollars of their funds and
absconded. He is a coal miner by
trade, but has worked in the lead and
zinc mines of that district.
. The following telegram, sent out by
Sheriff John A. Harrison df' McAles-
ter, Okla., gives his description: - *
"Look out for and. arrest R. M.
Brooks, 45 years of' age; 5 feet 8 in.
tall, .weighs 170 pounds, light hair,
blue eyes; light moustache, Roman
nose and wears glasses; wanted for
embezzlement.' Wire all information
at* my expense.
° John A.' Harrison,
----'■■        ,       , Sheriff.
The Local Union has authorized me
to issue a reward of 5100 for his arrest, and any Information may be sent
to the undersigned or direct to John
A. Harrison, Sheriff of Pittsburg Co..
,   "Very truly yours,
"     ' f: W. HOLT,
Secretary Treasurer District . No. 21
U. M. W. of A., McAlester, Okla.
' 2:
' 9:
'   May
Bellevue v Michel at Bellevue. "
Hosmer v- Frank at Hosmer.
Fernie v Coal Creek at Fernie.'
Michel v'Coleman at Michel,-
Fornie v Hosmer.at Fernie.r
Coal Creek v Michel at Coal Creek
Bellevue v Coleman at Bellevue.
Bellevue v Frank at Bellevue. "
Coal Creek -v Fernie at Coal Creek
Coleman v Fernie at Coleman.
Coal Creek v Hosmer at C. Creek.
. June
Frank v„ Hosmer at Frank.     ., *
Bellevue v Fernie at Bellevue.
Bellevue v Coal Creek at Bellevue
Hosmer v Bellevue at Hosmer;
Michel v Coal Creek at Michel.
Frank; v Coleman at Frank
Coleman v Hosmer at Coleman
Fernie v Michel at Fernie
Coal Creek v Frank at Coal Creek
Coal Creek v Bellevue. at C. Creek
Hosmer v' Michel at Hosmer
Frank v Bellevue at Frank   -
Hosmer V'Fernie at Hosmer "  '
Frank v Coal Creek at Frank
Michel v Bellevue at Michel
Fernie v Michel at Fernie
Coleman v Frank at Coleman
Bellevue v Hosmer at Bellevue
Coal Creek v Coleman at C. Creek
Frank v Michel at Frank
Hosmer v Coleman at Hosmer .
Hosmer v Coal Creek at Hosmer
Michel v Hosmer at ■ Michel
Coleman v Bellevue at Coleman
Frank v Fernie at Frank
Coleman v Coal Creek at Coleman
Fernie v Bellevue at Fernie
Michel v Frank at Michel
* Coleman v 'Michel at Coleman.
Fernie.v Frank at Fernie
Fernie v Coleman .at Fernie'   "
Coming to the Grand Theatre
45 Steam-Heated  Rooms
Hot and Cold Bathe   '■
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial Hotel
The Finest Hotel in East Kootenay,
J. L.   GATES, P/op.
The elopement ©f a pair of lovers
by moonlight in the big musical gaiety
"A Knight for a Day," which comes
to the Grand Theatre' on Thursday,
April 28, is reported to be ono of the
most laughable situations ever seen in
comic opera.; Tho gentleman who is
the knight of laughter and song in the
piece helps his lady lovo, the 'servant
laily" get away from the first floor of
tho dormitory of a young ladies seminary, by moans of a ladder—after he
has taken her belongings, including a
trunks several packages and,a parrot
to the ground by the same route. The
courso of true love is not allowed to
run smooth hero any more than in
real life and the elopers are caught as
they are about to get away. The surrounding company is one typical of
the Whitney trade mark, and the chorus, which has been rehearsed under
tho direction of Gus Sohlke Is said to
offer some novelties in dances that
will mako even those familiar with the
noted stage director's inventive genius
sit up and take notice.
* It would not be a Whitney production without, an electrical, display of
magnificent grandeur and all those
who have seen it are of the.opinion
that it excels anything this .well-
known producer has ever given the
public. ,,The electrical pageants at the
end of each of the two acts are said
to be a happy comingling' of present
day electrical 0 science and modern
stage craft. '
"Marvellous effects in the stage pictures. Nothing more refreshingly beautiful has been conceived than some of
the, effects,' says the Boston Transcript in describing, the opening performance of "A Knight for a Day," the
big musical spectacular gaiety, from
the Tremont .theatre arid shortly* to
be seen-here. Seats now on sale at
Bleasdell's.   ' -        -■
Victoria Ave.   .
Fernie, B. C
Fernie Livery Co.
Building & Excavating
Wooid     for     Sale
Sole Agents for Fernie Coal
| '     Tl
Prices   moderate   and   satis-
., "' ' faction guaranteed
F. G. White,
Rizzuto Bros.
-a. ■■■■■
1 - .
ty. -■■■■   ..
i'»- *•'-■■•■' ■■■*■
' ..' am*l
r   maatt
J 7" 7       ■
i      '   -^p^*H»l>w»'-'-;*    ;.
■'■ "■ «      ■:> ■
President: Robert G. Duggan of Ta- " 7. Ono hundred shares of One Hun- in the company to the value of Ten
ucr, • dred Dollars each are to bo issued to   Thousand Dollars.
Vice-President: W. 13. Bullock," Man- R. G. Duggan in part payment of the. 12 The qualifications of director are
ager Domestic Coal,Company 'of Ta- purchase price of tho.lease of Beetion that he shall hold at least ono shard
be,., eight, nnd of tho plant nnd machinery   in tho capital of tho company.
Secretary-Treasurer: B. Smith, coun- In connection with"the workings thoro- 13, The following is a copy of the os-
clllor and merchant of Tabor. of, and the balnnce of the purchase   tlmnte of expenses In mining three
'   Managing Director: Robert G. Dug-   price being $25,000, Is to bo pnld to tho , hundred   tons of conl per day in tho
ga'n   formerly Manager of tho Great   said R. G. Duggan in cash. said mine, signed by practical miners
Western Coal Co., Tnbor Alta. 8' Tho e8Umnted amount of prelim-   acquainted with tho property.
Directors:    A.  L. Mitchell,    Town   lnary expQnB08 *g Flvo Hundred Dol- Taber, Altn,, April d 1910
Councillor, Taber; D. L, Millar, miner,   larBi Wo, the undorslgncd practical min-
Tabor; I-I., Duneomb'o, machinist; audi- <-,_' Tmo nmount intended to bo sot ers, certify that wo have carefully ox-
tor, J. F. Kramer, Agent C. P. II. ftf.-clo fov working capital Is Twolvo   nmined  tho  schadulo written below,
Thousnnd Flvo Hundred Dollara. nnd tlmt the snmo is a careful   and
AS&tT!> ]0> Th(, Memorandum of Association   consorvntlvo estimate   of tho profits
A twenty-five yoar lease of tho conl   0, tll0 company is an follows: that can bo obtained hy -working the
rights ot Soction Eight (8) ln Town- *_ Tho nnmo of tn0 company is tho mlno formerly operated by tho Oroat
ship Ten (10) Range 16 (10) West of   Eurol{ft Co[ll company, Limited. Western Conl Compnny on Section 8,
tho Fourth Meridian, In tho Province 2 Tho ]lGIul 0j.C|co oC th0 compnny Township 10, Range 10, West of the
©(..Albertn; nnd the plant, machinery wtlj ^ ftl Tftljor ln tl,0 pr0vlnco of Fourth Meridian, adjoining the north
und working)* sltuntod on tho    Bald   Alborln, boundary of tho Town of Tabor,
property, nnd mirfnco rights sufficient 3i T])'e 0*|,j00(H for which tho com- Hfltimntod cost of mining throo hun-
for tho oporntlonu   of tho   Compnny., ])nn'y )H 'oBtabllBhed nro: drod tons por dny:
CAPITALIZATION (n) To enrry ontho busltiOBH of conl Mining
Soventyflvo Thousand Dollars dlvld-   «nliilnff In tl.o Provlnco of Albertn.       Machlno cutter ....... .$78.00
od Into sovon hundred and fitly-BliaroB      <»»> To, nc.i-.lro by purchnso, lonno   loaders    1.0.00
of Ono Hundred Dollar.* Bach. <>r "^Ibo- <■«» f^n  «m1 e alms    Yardage  ,..      2.00
ItmsoH of conl hinds, nnd conl rights   Tlmbor       IB.00
Estimated Value of Plant, Machinery   and renl OHtato and to dlspoBo of tho   Extra yurdago and sett-
and Lease " Hnmo by snlo or othorwlso. Ing tlmbor     18.00
Tho OHtlmntod vnluo of tho proHont „  (c) To carry on tho 1)ubIhorh   of Haulago
"plant,  mnchlnory  nnd  workings    Ib   mining imd lho dovolopmnv. of mlnos   i„.|VOIfi     10.G0
Twonty-ilvo TIiouhiukI Dollnrs, nnd of   and tho production of mlnornlB, Cngom nnd holpora .,     0.00
tho lmimi nud good will of tho btiBlnoBH      I. Tho llnblllty of tho mombors   Ih   *pMH|,01-H        G.00
Ton ThouHiuid DollorH. tipoclolly limited undor Section fl'l of D     Mfln,
1. Tho ostlmntod cost of nddlllonnl   lho Companion' Ordinandi. Trnck Invorn        ."...     0.00
plant imd mnchlnory, trnckn, otc, to      n.   Tho cnpltnl of tho Compnny   Ih   q,     ,]t,',       """/^   jr»'.00
liicraiHo ilifp*niil|)iit, of lho mine to   $70,000, divided Into Sovon Hundred    "    "
Throo Hundred loim por dny Ih Forty   nnd Fifty fflmron of $100 ouch, "Pi-"8
ThouBiiiid DollurH »h But out on piw)     11. Tho Iuiihu from ,tho CoiiHolldntod   ''' "„. '      I'Z
i-lKlit. Conl Compnny to U. 0, nuggnn of tho   \>W n'"n :,',"     2-»»
2. Thn OHtlmntod profltH of tho mlno   mild conl rlghtf*, plant nnd mnchlnory,  Iv™',7     '',f'"
hn r.-nMod by thi* practical miner*,   Ih duW-d the lilth dny nf April, 1010,   "«'"™?n         '''
whom- iinmoH, uddii-Htu-H nnd occiput,   nnd Ih n Imbo for twonlyflvi* yenrH   ?",""^ VZ
lon,, urn HUliHcrlbod hIiowb a not pro-   from lho 12lb day of April, 1910, of   '»» J""'"'1 uml ho]m     "'"J
fit of $;i:i!i.0D por day. lho Hitld suction 8, township 10, rnngo   »    »' » ;;   «»•«»
3. Tin- Ii-iibq of tho uforonnld hccIIoii   HI. Wont of Ihu Fourth Morldlnn In   f;""n.^num'     r,n*ftn
olght, rntinlBlH of a lcnnn of tho coul   tho Province of Albertn, In <*onsldoi;u-   ""J1"1*, ;• ;,'''  ■■;"M™
rlKlHH for Alii iiltch of coal, tho aver-   Hon of tho mini of Thirty cnnlH por Ion   '",,'.".„'    I1R $'Z
ago thlckiioiw bolng throo foot and ton   upon nil Hcroencd conl mined by thb   Hw»tl»rig '       ,""
IIHIH'N, iiiiil It tUHiui-l iiium- i-mlni.i!.. ul icbbuv, ulid  i,:u  Wt   '.ini,  uf  Uic  ,»ili.
IL.' i w.3 undi-rV-lm- Dw vnlrt lnnrtr I" price of nil nut ronl mlur-rt upon thr- *ujd.iu
-1.000 noo tons, Hnld InndH,    which Hnld   rrnitnln nro 1« »   »"*»,n-« fnw   *!'»*w)
I. Tho conl mine Ih to bo oporntod ngreod to bo pnld on tho flftoonth dny ,otl" t0Hl I"'100   ___
with a vlow to kMiik prnutical mlnwH of onch month; nnd thom Ih contained ~
nn opportunity to IiivubL n portion of In tho Hnld Ioiiho a pjovIhIoii thnt It ***" (ln"J   Pror"    i.wu.»o
tln-lr I'liiiilngH In iln> «,on-:-i>,,n, i-ocolv- Hhnll bo renou-ublo for flvo ynni-H nt        Nnmo AddronB
mi! ilii-ri'troin     tlieir     in-rificiritonuic tin- i-iul ol \\w i*v\i«iny-in.i yi-nt it-tin, Virti-.!-, ijunavamw-c ,...,, Taut*.
Hhnrn of the nctuul profits*. thor«'ln granted.  • David L, Millar  Taber
:..   Tho coul from this mlno Ih bo      Tho aHHlgiimPiit of tho Bald Ioiiho Willinm McClnro  Tnbor
will known thnt Uh (itinlilloH need not from H. O. Diiggnn to tho Burokn Conl John Cooper  Tnbor
!>i. i-numi-nited. Compnny I.lmlti'd, Ih datod tho IMh TliomnH Smith    Tnbor
«. The directot-H nro nuthorlzoil to day of April, 1010, nnd In n full nHHlgn-, Max Schut*? ..'  Tnbor
r.ommonrf*   htiHlucHB whon   $10,000 of mont of nil IiIh IntoroBt. In tho Hnld .lohn Ilutchlon  Tabor
Dw capital Ih mHiM-rlbi-d   uttd %l,:M h*imn lu mti«ldiTiillon of the payment K. .1. Duggan   Tuber
Ih paid tip. to hint of $'jr.,(i00 in cnah, nnd HhnroH Dnvld Wll-son    Tahor
.■ ■ ES
James Wyllo  :  Lethbridge
W. E. Bullock, manager Domestic Coal
Co  Taber
Hopkins Evans    Taber
Dated at Taber this 9th day of Ap- .
ril, 1910.
Tho following Is.the schedule referred to in Paragraph 2, Pago 1:
Spur track  $4,000
Shaft complete,   3,000
Tipple complote  2,500
Sidings on both sldOB of shaft,. 2,000
Cages and ropo   '..,,,.. 1,000
Ono hundred mlno cars  5,000
Development 3000 feet ontry.... 3,000
Rnils 1 car   1,500
Spikes, ties and lumber  1,000
Two  horses        300
Tlireo Ingor30ll machines  ....     900
Minors tools       200
Incidentals   2,200
Workhig capital  12,900
Preliminary oxpenses        COO
Present Plant
Doublo cylinder hoist
Ropo and cngo
Throo loco typo   bollors and   fittings
Ingoi'Boll-Sorgonnt comproBsor with
circulating pump nnd receiver
, Tlpplo weighing mnchlno
Wngon ncnlos
nincksmlth shop nnd tools
Hoist and tlpplo Htructuro
Holler aud engine Iiouhoh
Offlco building nnd fittings
Weigh offlco
llollor and timoko utack
Wntor tnnk
Shnft with Inddor way
18 nud 8 pound railH
47 mlno onr«
Flvo duplex pumps,
Fnn nnd onglno not limtnllod
Four Ingcrsol!   conl   cuttora com-
Five liornoR and hnrnoflflOH
Air pipes and flttlngm stonm nnd water plpos
Six new Bo1t« of car whoels
25 Hottn of minors tooln
Sundrlofl In Htoro "
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Orl-flnal Charter 18»*
■■• ":-"'"*"-'"- L.-sf:
hi_**i idi»1i__a—miruyfc:
An Effective Restriction and a
Painstaking. Examination—The^
Third Degree--No Favorites.
KV >
.; HALIFAX, N. SoAprll 18—A fair understanding of the effect the* new 1mm-
\igrati6n. act may be expected to have
-ultimately, upon the.standard of clt-
. ize'nship was to be had from the opportunity for observing the operation
"of the provisions' of the new act that
■ the past weelc afforded." o *
,During the week a total of approxi-
'mately 4,500, immigrants arrived from
the Old Country by the vessels which
" landed at Halifax,"   and as the effect-
' ive provisions of the new Act   which
passed the House just prior   to   the
Easter recess are being enforced under Order-in-Council, excellent opportunity was afforded for exemplification of the influence which the Govern-
-." stent's new policy of selection and re-
' striction as relates to the admission of
immigrants,   is destined   to exert on
the citizenship of the future,
' An Effective Restriction
As a large percentage of the citizens of Canada in tho years to come
will be people born lnvother countries
thnn Canada the effect, whether, elevating or lowering, which the introduction ol these people into the new
country^wlll have on the citizenship of
Canada will be determined by the care
exercised in choosing those who aro
. to be permitted to become our citizens. ,
Out of this patent condition "and to'
insure that the influence .exerted shall
be elevating,   the policy of selection
■ of,, the desirable and restriction of the
undesirable,elements was evolved.
As an instrument for the accomplishment of the results desired, the money
qualification provided for in the regulation under the Act' requiring . that
immigrants have in their, possession on
landing,*' twenty-five . dollars of their
own money,, was availed1 of. Its effectiveness was well, illustrated by, the
experience of the Htalifax'immigration
officials during the' week which saw
the first large bunch of immigrants
this season.
''* -* c
'Painstaking Examination
, • Of the total' number  of passengers
, landed by the steamships at, Halifax
.'during the week considerably less than
ten per cent, were _ Canadians return-
-ing from abroad. -   The rest with the
exception of a few who were enroute
. tj> ,the. United States, were* applicants
for original entrance into Canada. All
were subjected to a^careful scrutiny
from the first class to the steerage,
bub the steerage passengers in particular -were  all -classified   as  immigrants and who numbered 3500, .were
.painstakingly examined as to their fitness,for .admission, physically, mental-
" other respects, calculated to determ-
' ine. Whether they were desirable . or
undesirable. '
.. If tlie nrale immigrant was*able to
show he was going to settle on land
or: to ■ assured ..employment on a farm
*or if the female* immigrant' could satisfy .the inspector she was going to assured employment as a domestic or to
somo relative who could provide for
her; in short, if lt was clearly apparent the' applicant for admission was
desirable was tn no sense likely to
become a public charge, and had sufficient money to roach his or, her destination, Uio'< inspector conducting the
examination did not stick to tho money qualification. But lot the applicant
present, any^of'the aspects of being undesirable as a citizen of Canada and
lt became necesaryto'nieet the money
qualification evon to tho last cont, or
rejoction resulted,
The Beneflcal Effects
The benoflcial effects of tho rigid en-
' forcement of this policy is apparent ln
tho great Improvement lh tho class of
immigrants now; coming. Knowledge
that an Immigrant will bo sont back if
"ho doos not como up to tho murk is
apparently having its effect oa tho
steamship companies and other agencies Interested In European immigration, for instead of a horde of distinctly undesirables Booking to land, as for-
morly, (ho wook saw but fow among
tho arrivals who woro ovon regarded
ns questionable. As a wholo thoy
woro a flno lot of pooplo, pooplo with
flno faces, full of clmractor, splendid
physiques and obviously filled with optimism and enthusiastic ambition to
get , out and make good in' their new
country. In consequence the immigration officials had little''difficulty in
dealing with them and passed tliem
with extraordinary rapidity.
Out .of,-the whole 4,500 but twenty-
four were detained ,by the examining
inspector'for further examination and
of those but seven were subsequently
ordered deported.'. -■
No Discrimmination
As showing that there is no discrimination as regards nationality it may*
be stated that three of the seven ordered deported ;were English, who
failed to meet the requirements of the
Act. One was an Englishman, who
though apparently desirable in every
other respect, was absolutely without
funds/"and-he could not show that
he had friends or that was going to
work on a {arm; he was detained and
sent back. Another was a youth of
English parentage who was mentally
deficient. A third was an Englishman who developed locomotor ataxia
on the ship. He was amply, supplied
with funds but he had left his wife and
family in England and had no friends
or relatives In this country. It was
plain that sooner or later he would
become a public charge, and lt was
not difficult to convince him. that he
was much better off at home. The
other four'to be deported were all Macedonians , of very forbidding appearance-. They were hot going to farm
labor and had no settled idea of, how
they were going to get'on in Canada.
They had within a dollar or so of the
specified sum, one in fact came within
fifty cents of having the required sum
but it was so palpably apparent that'
they were likely to become undesirable, if they were iiot all of that already'
that* thoy were sent into detention and
will be deported.
Thus was the principle of restrict-
tion as now practiced by the Government exemplified; that,of selection of
the desirable was made just as conspicuously apparent.
; An Interesting Case
One young woman, robust and strong
leading a", little boy four or five years
of age presented herself before the examining! inspector. She had just $1.40
•and a railroad ticket, but1 she was able
to justify the inquisitive 'official that
the "lad'was the'ehild of a dead sister
who had been left to her, the only relative,,to" raise. -,, She was also able to
establish by documentary evidence the
fact, that "she was going'to an assured
position as a domestic. She was sent
tor-had taken steps to see, that/the
steamship company provided her" with
provisions for the-journey? She . was
going somewhere away out west, but
there' was not a doubt in the mind of
tKe-.immigi-ation- agent that she would
be an asset to Canada,'
Had,only $6:45
Again a strapping, fino appearing
mnn faced the inspector. Anxiety
Avas written,in every feature and his
haiid trembled so violently .he could
with,difficulty pass his health certificate to the official, so- foarful was ho
that he could not got through. Frankly, he confessod his shortcoming in
money matters; he had just $6.45, and
ho just as frankly admitted that he'
had no assured employment „to go to,
Ho had a woalth of feverish ambition
to get ii chnncG.to work in Canada,
however, and as he had a railroad ticket to somo farming community out In
Saskatchewan or Alberta, whero ho
snld ho was going to seek farm work,
and was Just tho sort of a chap that a
thousand farmers out ln that land
would llko to get a chanco to hire.
Tho oxproBslon of gratitude that camo
Into the fnco of that fine manly follow
when he was told ho was welcome wus
such as must, have mado tho rod blood
tlnglo in tho volns of tho inspecting
"That follow will bo working on a
farm tho day aftor ho goto off tho
train," obsorvod tho officials as ho turned to tho noxt applicant.
Plumber and only $30
A man and his wlfo fllod up to tho
_ime   )
Fifty Yoars
iho Standard
BARBS-Sl? g"URU£gf
Makes the food of
superior healthfulness
and finest quality
desk of the inspector. The.husband
had ?30. He said lie was a plumber,
and admitted he had no assured employment to go to. Being $7.50 short
of the qualification, he was clearly ineligible, but they were such fine appearing people it' seemed a shame to
refuse them admission. "
■; They were set aside for further consideration. Later the. agent himself
investigated the case and became so
assured that the man was so skilled at
his trade as to be certain of employment anywhere he might seek it and
as well that the couple were of the
sort to be genuinely desired,, that he
was glad to admit them. He was doubly pleased the next day on receiving
word that the man had secured employment at his trade without leaving
A similar case was presented when a
man who gave his occupation as, carpenter and joiner came before the examining'inspector.^ He had only $15
in money, and his''-railway ticket to
Brandon, Manitoba, and had no assured employment In sight. He, too, was
sent to the waiting bench by tho agent. The man .was such a fine specimen of craftsman and was so well endowed mentally that Jt was obvious
that Canada would be a loser instead
of being benefited by his rejection,
and as he was going to a part of the
country where the people In towns and
in the country are crying for carpenters, and had letters showing he had
friends in Brandon, he was also admitted. -,
Many of the immigrants brought
sums of money much larger than the
required $25. Some presented evidences' of having amounts running up
to $1000, and one family, a father and
seven boys, had an aggregate of $2,000.
The aggregate amount of cash brought
by the 3000 steerage passengers landed during the" week was considerably
above $100,000.
. East as well as West
A' notable circumstance in connection with immigration affairs for the
opening week of the season, was the
indication that whereas'in past years
immigration has been almost wholly
directed to.the West, this season will
see a considerable portion go' to Eastern Canada. Of .the immigrants who
came in last week a considerable number were" bound for Nova Scotia or
Ontario points to engage in farming..
The Nova Scotia government had ah
official in the immigration building
who ..was kept busy assisting and directing.jthose booked for that province
to their destinations.
Corsican" Friday morning, furnished a
fair illustration of "the manner of dealing with a large ship load of new arrivals. The regulations require that
the ship's surgeon must, during the
voyage across the Atlantic, make' a
general health inspection of the passengers dally and' must once make an
individual inspection of every passenger'. This the government is able to
enforce by requiring that- tho ship's
medical officer make affidavit that he
has made such inspections on penalty,
of refusal to permit the landing of the
Health Certificates
, Beforo tho ship is docked all second
and third class passengers are required to be provided witl^a certificate-of
health aiid tho debarkation Is permit-,
tod to proceed.' The first' class'passengers arc merely scrutinized as they
lonvo'tho ship for the purpose of detecting any porson who may have previously beon doportod, from returning
or coming back ns a cabin passenger,
Thon the second class passongers are
roqulred to fllo Into a largo detention
room from which thoy omergo slnglo
fllo and pass boforo a medical examiner, and examining Inspector to pass upon thoir qualifications for admission,
It Is with rogard to tho third class,
or stoorago passongors, tho Immigrants proper, that chlof Interest relative to enforcement*of the Immigration
regulations centres, for lt is among
thoir numbor that undesirables aro
llkoly to bo found. These aro likewise roqulred to pass Into ono largo
dotontlon room, from which thoy pass
first before tho Government medical
Inspector. Dr. A. C. Hawkins Is the
official In that lnstuucu and practice
nnd wido exporlonco onahlo him to
spot a siiRplolouR enso almost at. a
The Third Degree
If tho Immigrant passoR Dr, Hawk;
Inn lnspoctlon his health cortlflcato
from tho ship Ih nlampod and ho pnnfl-
oh on down a narrow luno to tho Immigration Inspoctor, Thoro tho applicant, for admission Is put through
"tho third dogroo." I*an«lr* _ up his
health credentials accompanied hy
tlm HtnuniHhlp company's ordor for a
rnllrond tlckot which Is tho evidence
roqulrod that tho applicant hns transportation tn dostlimllon, tho nnmo of
tho Individual Is found on Iho ship's
manlfflst. "Whoro nro you going?"
"What occupation do you prnposn to
follow?" and "Mow much monoy havo
you?" nro IntorrogntorloH tho applicant
is required to answer satisfactorily.
Horo and llioro If tho Inntioctor Is
dubious nbout tho koiiuIiioik-hh of tho
iu|iit.'t.omiuioini thu upin.ii.'Liii in (den
required to produce documentary ovidoneo of tho truth of tho nsowr tions ho
has mndo.
In coroh which tho Inspector Is not
Bfitlnfln-l  ii'ttli  11.0 fllnoua nf ihr, r\r\t,1).
cant to bo admitted ho or sho Is soul
to a dotontlon room to await further
examination hy tho Immlf-rntloii offlcor
who riotormlnoH whothor tho applicant
shnll como lu or ho rejected, or being
unnhlo to arrlvo at a decision satisfactory to nlmnolf and to Inmiro mrnlinf
riiy l*)Ju8'K\ ho calls In «, hoat-d to
hoar the enso, whoitt* doclslon Is final.
Few Final Rejections
There woro not moro than.** dozen
Inatancos all lold among tlie Cond.
nn's lnrgo numbor of pnnnonuorH whoro
a secondary -*>x.iiulnatlon by the agont
wan ucccmiary and finally, not a utiigtc
Song of the Suffragette
.'   "Husband—Htisband Cease Your Strife!
Nor Longer Idly Rave, Sir!'
Though I.May Be Your Wedded Wife
,1 Am Not Your Slave, Sir!
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•   With a Nice Big Box
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Royal  Crown
Or You Won't Get Any Dinner.
'Tis the Best Laundry Soap in The Land:
And the Preptiutns are Fine
,   Design protected by Copyright
Individual was rejected. Only one
was held for medical examination on
an unimportant eye affection. The
practiced eye of Dr. Hawkins singled
out among a party of Norwegians a
m'an0who appeared tb have trouble
with hls7eyes. On raising the lids
the inflamed condition suggested trachoma, an' Infectious eye disease for
which the medical examiner is obliged to be constantly on his guard. The
immigrant was held for examination
later, when it was determined the affection was conjunctivitis, not a serious ailment and susceptible of, being
cured by treatment. He was amply
supplied with funds, and was sent to
the government hospital, and when
cured will be sent on .his way to his
' After passing the final examination
of the immigration department the
immigrant presents his order for a
railroad ticket to a* railroad official,
who is on hand for the purpose, and
who, from the destination advises as
to the proper route to take, stamps the
name of the road on,the,order and the
immigrant then goes direct to the ticket office of that roa'd where he ,is
given his ticket. In' the' meantime
his baggage has been examined' by
the .customs officers he'recovers his
hand luggage, his heavy baggage, is
checked and he is ready to depart for
the. new home.    , '. .
1       -■'    i. ,t -
Convenient  Money Changer
', ° - , -
—In-lhe^immigratior_ building"is'Iocafc"
ed a broker's office "where the immigrant may have money from any foreign country exchanged for Canadian
money.     At a provision  counter he
may provide himself with food for the
journey at prices which tho Immigration agent makes lt his business to see
are always the lowest possible to be
maintained and warrant the caterer
continuing In business.
In the Immigration building also, are
rooms having accommodation for about
sixty persons, whore women, and children remain over night, they are made
comfortable by matrons in the employ
of the government, and if thore be
any rooms left after the women and
children are provided * for, ■ they, can
be occupied by the men, no change being made by the government for the
When a batch, of new arrivals has
been disposed of by the immigration
officials, and all arrangements for the
journey have been completed,, they go
aboard special immigrant trains'1 In
waiting near the building and in'due
time to reach' their various places of
■Thus does the government deal with
the people whom if invites to come to
Canada and become citizens, under the
provisions of the Immigration Act now
in force. That the policy, first of admitting only those to be desired and
excluding th'e others, and secondly, of
.encouraging a trend to the land, whilo
congestion in the cities ,is discouraged,
will have an important reflex in tlie
qualiity of citizens,those who do come
in will make, can hardly be opon for
discussion.    '- ^ ",      ,
of Halifax the past week will he enforced in like, manner by the immigration department" at all ports while the
immigration season lasts.
12TH, 1909.
Tho rules governing the late Agreement as amended shall be adopted:
Re Doctor and Hospital
In tho making of nny new agreements for a Doctor, a Commlttoo ot throo
lopresentlng tlie Local Union, and tho Management, representing tho Company, shall nicer, and mutually agree upon a Doctor, and after the Doctor hns
lieon selected, the Committee, thc Management and (lie Doctor shall then
moot nnd draw up a mutual agreement, which shall bo signed by nil three
Re Loss of Coal In transit between the Mines and Weighing Machine at Coleman, and the packing of Timber to Counter Gangway at'Coleman Mines:
Theso mnttors the Committee woro unable to adjust nnd decided to call
In an Independent Chnlrman.
The Prosldont of tho \V. C. Op. Association and tho President of DIhI, 18,
woro empowered to select Independent Chnlrman,*falling to agree, lo lm nppolntod by Mlnlstor of Labor, ns per Agreement.
In tho mattor of tlio dlsputo nnont loss of conl botwoon chuto niul tlpplo.
The International Coal & Coke Co. of Coleman, Altn., nnd District 18, U, M.
■W.ofA. -,"''.
', That Inasmuch ns tho contract minor has compiled with tho conditions of
hia agreement ,to wit, tho delivery of tho coal to tho chuto, nnd thnt thu Compnny, as per pngo 11 of tho Agroomont entered Into botwoon the WeHtci-n
Conl Operators Association and tho U. M. W, of A. District 18 dons ngi*r-o on
ItD pnrt to handlo nil conl placed In chuto, thon tho responsibility of using
such vehicle of transportation iih shall deliver said coal (loss shrlnkiiKO, Hindi
ub Ib Incident to and unavoidable In tho transportation ot conl) to tho tlpplo,
Inhoros In tho Company, nnd por contra tho miner should not suffor In con-
sequonco of nny failure on tho part of tho Compnny to carry tlio conl lo tho
scales; nnd nny loss (oxcopt iih hereinbefore provided for) sustulnod liotwccn
tlio chuto nnd tho tlpplo should bo tho Company's, •
This Is my doclslon glvon this 6th day of Uo-rt-nibor, 100!),
(Signed) J. w, BENNETT,
Independent Chairman
In the matter of Dispute anent the Delivery of Timber. The International Coal
and Coke Company of Coleman, Alberta, and U. M. w: of A., District 18,
, That comformahly in tho Coul Mlnos Itogulatlnii Art of Alborta, iih pvr
liiilo 16a (thnt timber Hhnll bo constantly kopt In onch working plnco iih muir
tlio working fnco iih prnctlc-nbl*-) and thut In thu dispute Involved It wiih ark-
nowlcdged thnt It wnn pr-if'Mriiblr- to deliver tlmbor nt tho hond or top of tho
f.rnflHcnt on countor ontry, thon my doclslon Ih that tlmbor should bo no do.
llvcrod, i, „
(jitm   -,/*><!*>  oui «■->.'   ui   *j,;i.t.iiiut:i,  t.iw.i,
I, llMU-lD
B.  E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England-
COUNTRY   BUSINESS   ^'^^'"tynffo^cdto'fnj-mei-sand oth-
." , 0is for the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
Accounts may be opened by _  _.
deposited   or   withdrawn   in this way with
L. A. S. DACK, Manager, Fernie.
BANKING  BY   MAIL *^*ccou.*|lt*may be°Pened bymail and monies
equal facility.
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, ,ones.
Total assets of over thirty million
dollars are entrusted to tlie custody
of the Bank of Hamilton.
Your Savings Account Solicited*
J. R. LAWRY, Agent
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Nt<xt to WIrwhiii Cimdj- Htm-. Sr\t to •"-.'■•itli-.n* Huli-I
Independent Chairman
Meeting held at Lethbridge, Alta,, on April 12th, 1910
Re Mlnen filling to make $3.00 per day at Bellevue Mine*, Wei,t Canadian CoH'ierie*. Limited,
Aftr>r lii'iirliiK Ii>Ucr from Mr. Cnulthur-1 wtntlnR thnt ho hni! tn-Ml'il tin;
mnttor, thi> cano wns wltlidrnwn.
Re Machine Men at No. 6 and No. 6 Mine. A. R. A I, Co.'t Mine, Leth-
bridge, Alberta.
Commlttf'-**- nilcil Hint the -mnttr-r of ntto pulit Mnrliliin Itmniopi wli-n
Inking plain of men liiyliin off, tlu* pntcilfu lien-lo In f-xlut-wu bu (-uiiflnii---l.
(in lipIibliiK tlurlnj** tln> contract. That tin- r-nnlnii'i upi-IIi-h to nil rip-vail'-n-
of Hip Allii-rlti Ilnllvny & IrrlpiHleni Cotnjumj*, Tliut thn rnto of Mnililii--
Itunnr.-B nt Compiiny work bo fixed at J'l.fiO per tiny; Ilclpcra 9.1.00 pnr dny.
Thnt tlio Compnny mako up tn tlin Mnrhlno in- n nnd HoIpr-rH In tlio employ on day labor tb Dm abovo rutt-n from tho Hot of January, Hi Hi,
A. J. CARTCr?, -Secretary.
lyUiirviiAiiwiy   ur    Int  Cl IY   Or
Vlfmic tnld' notico tlmt 30 ilnyn nftcr
ditto dny power nud Unlit will ho limliil-
CoiiHiimoiH ilctilrliiK to um- dny powor pll.-UX'- lllllll') upplUiitlon to tl|i< 1,11-
Ol'l ftlKllt'M.
Hat oh will bo Ktipplli'd on nppllcn-
City Clerk
Fcinlc, Mnrcli 21, ItHi-.
hu paid uj Jiiiih-h M. Kmlilnd, nt . ornlo
:iJ'.-.'i s.-i.'.J,  .,,',,)   ,,,','   .J.uii,-,   ,ih,uiirt[   (1,0
wild piii'tiii'i'slilp .-in- lo bo prcm-iiti-d
to thn Kiild JiiiniK M. Hnddnil. by
whom tho hiiiiio will li« -ili-ith>d.
Dntod nt Fornio, II, (!., tIiIh I_£tIt dny
of April, A   1). 1«»in
Non-nan Hadd.id
C. O. Coudtil
Jarnee M. Haddad
Oi. .".(.tl iifitT tli.- I Mb ..lny of April,
DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  'nil iIokh found riinnliiK nt. birrw nnd
, l.ii'i ':.»■; Uu I.Ik.i .'.ll! In: l(u;t!iui,tl.'<l ,tml
Xnik-u In hi-r-'hy kI-h'Ii iJi.-ii tin- pan-, di-t.tio>rd within Hiiro <|-*-.r dnyH of.
; lOTHhlp horotofore I'.vlst'iiR    ln-twi-i-u . mich niptnio iinl'fti clnlnioi] liy own
•IK Dw tjiuIoini-siH-il, as !iii-ii|iii-ifn in   or,
1 tlw ctiy ot Komi. In Dw Pf->\ ln<v or  M-v
, MlltlMll   (folUI-Jlbl-l,   hit*     tlllH  flitV   lH'i-11 i
j iloiMiUnl by muui'il i-nmii-nt. All di-bin ■
..Aklt^   Ul   lliO   Xttill   |l'Oll|i-[»>lll|l   ill.-   ill:
Tuna can ho pnKiiri'il nt Kornlo
-nil-.r Offi.\ Yam-. Kenny Mock.
.1. (iHKKN.
City Pound Keeper
at'ttp xl~ty*Ml.,-X**Jat4e^.-,eB.\p&*-& 4.
I t   Tf,
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(Edmonton Journal.)
Some idea of tbe gigantic extent to which labor is
becoming  organized  under  modern industrial  methods
is glveii by" the fact that President Lewis of the United
.Mine Workers of America was able on April lst to give
the word to 270,000 meii to lay down their tools and stop
work.    These men were not all the men under his com-
n o
mand by considerably over 100,000, but they were the
men affected by the wage agreement—or the lack of one
—in the Pennsylvania, Indiana and Southwestern,field.
Every man to whom the order was given obeyed.
The others would have obeyed also, had they been or-
dered.        -
In other words an army greater than Wellington or
Napoleon had at Waterloo, capable, of producing more
wealth per annum than the entire population of Caesar's
Rome, "and holding absolutely within their power the fuel
supply of an entire continent, have delegated to'one man
the authority to shut down . all the coal mines in the
United States and .Canada and* also most of those in
Mexico. -•.■■'•
And this is not all. - At the same-time (hat,there-
ports of the. negotiations between mine workers and mino
operators in. the bituminous; field clutter the telegraph
wires, there-comes through-the despatch that the "Western Federation of Miners and the United Mine Workers
have practically reached a basis of agreement and that
amalgamation* of -the workers of these two branches of
the mining Industry will follow as fast as the details can
be carried out.
... .When tiite. amalgamation ' is completed   'something
'' over~50^0~0"0^metalli"ferous. miners, smelter men-an"d*TKetaT
workers will have joined with the coal miners and almost
every mining "field"'in Unile_-',_fates,'Canada arid'^Mexico
-whether-.m^taUite^pus-or, coal, bituminous., or anthracite,
half a'mVllTon'ln all,' will have come'lunWr-the" sjvay 'of
one organization d*nd*6ne leader.    Here is a proposition
to make.the..thinker-.pause,,.,..;,„ *	
■Here is an"army of men _o
the building up of a one man power, as a superficial perusal of the article might lead one to surmise.
*. While" it is perfectly correct .that: the numerical-
strength of the U. M. W- A. is greater than the armies of
either Napoleon or. Wellington-at-Waterloo, still this is
where the comparison ceases as the modus operandi of
the industrial organization is the direct antithesis "of the
military body. These ■ renowned ' generals, while no"
doubt they took their staff officers into confidence regarding the execution of plans they, had formulated, yet
the rank and file were kept blissfully ignorant until they
were actually" engaged. - The' General commanding pos-.
sessed absolute control, his subordinates simply' doing
his behest; in fact one might liken him to a chess player who moves his bishops, rooks, pawns, etc., in* accord-"
ance, with his individual ideas.
On the industrial field the positions are reversed,
the rank and file by the referendum having as a result
of collective effort determined who shall be their mouthpiece, meet, discuss and decide how "he shall proceed,
and instruct him accordingly. There are cases where men
have arrogated to themselves the dictatorial attitude, but
nowa-days it is becoming more and mpre realized that
intelligence is nearer correct in the collectivity than in
the unit, no matter how brainy the latter may be.
*-■ The Nelson News in a recent editorial commented
upon tho expected coalition of the two gigantic organizations, the U. M. W. A. and the W. P. M., and called attention to this meaning two governments within the country. Not only will these two coalesce but It is only a
matter of a brief time when other unions will follow
suit. "     ,.      "
The present system has served its purpose and is
now inadequate to meet- human requirements, hence it
will pass away and make room for another and better,
plan, just as soon,as the, majority realize the truth of
this assertion, and not by an-y. Individual's discovery.
'We print on another page a prospectus of the Eureka
Coal Company, situated at Taber, Alta. This has afeature
which should, commend itself to the small Investor, and
that is the low capitalization. Again the recommendation of men who, being working miners themselves, io a
guarantee of its genuineness.' •' Here is an opportunity
for those yiho\believe in supporting home industry to put
their theories" 'Into' practice, and we certainly consider,
because-of'the ease with.which one can obtain positive
and truthful.knowledge of the progress made, that it is
by far a more desirable investment than sending' your
money io .foreign countries for the benefit of uninvestig-.
ated properties. Any of the gentlemen whose names are
mentioned will be pleased to,' furnish additional inforiii'a*-
tion'we are sure, provided the'applicant for same will
"'i   '     .-,   '        ■
not omit the   usual courtesy   of enclosing . a two-cent
stamp. -    ' ■   i ' -  ' '
■""'   ;'7 fVerhie, .April 20. yf_   *-;,"
To the Editor,.District Ledger,'*'^. "7
Dear Sir:   If "pot trespassing.*.\ too
much on your valuable space; "may I
be  permitted to raise my voice in'
protest against the iniquitous manner
in which the road tax is collected. As'
ho doubt; most .'of-the miners know to
their cost, the.city has sent th-r'police
around collecting this tax (presumably -with the ide%. that the policemen
will frighten most of the people into
paying.)     I don/t think I am expressing myself too strongly,in saying it is
a pure hold-up. '.As we are aware, the
mines* have, not .been working' very-
steady of late and it has been as much
as some could do to keep, the wolf
from the door, and on top of this the
police come around with a "demand"
for*this $2.00, not caring about' the
circumstances of the case, and J will
not go away'until they-got it.    I, don't
think that with {he present stoppage's
of the majority of the miners that they
have any $2.00 to throw away, in this
manner.    The climax will be reached
in the course of another month or so
when these same who have been taxed this $2 will be "forced" to pay, the
poll tax of $3.00. , This is collected in
a manner that, should not hold water
in a country that prides Itself on being
a civilized country, viz., Taken from
each man's pay through the Coal Company. "   But this will never ^be remedied until we have a, government of
our own.     The...very, fact that the
road tax is only imposed on those who
are.not possessors of an**/ city, property is evidence .clear" and plain'that
those taxed are not overburdened with
cash.     If the tax, Is. collectible from
everybody, why should miners !,who ln
some cases are not .working, be oblig-
,ed to pay this .when commercial travellers who produce nothing, but simply
peddle goods, come.into town.and escape having to, pay a, red cent.     Circuses are taxed,--**- miners are taxed—
why,.discriminate!. ^
Thanking 'you in anticipation   for
printing this, • '
Yours truly        ,,,'    *
*** .One Who Had/to Pay
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate bf the Certificate
of Title! to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright,. which
Certificate,-is dated the *22nd ,day of
April, 1908 and 'numbered 8527A.  •
-   H    ■    ;     " SAM'L*. R. ROE .     ,
• ■ )7 . District Registrar
Land, Registry Office,
.„ .-,'.. ...  . ,.*.Nelson IJ,.' C. *        ,.
'. " April 19, 1910
In* the matter of an Application for,
.   the issue of a duplicate Certificate
of Title to Lot T Block 57 Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)
-Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Arthur Wright,    which
certificate is dated the 28th. day of
January 1908,' and numbered 8128A.
District Registrar
Land Registry Office^  ■
Nelson B.* C.
April 19, 1910  -
The native purity and garden freshness of
is preserved by the use of sealed lead packets.
• Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 4Wo, 60c, COc and' 70c per lb. ^—>*
Sealed tenders will be received up
to 12 o'clock 30th April 1910, for the
construction of cement sidewalks in
the town of Maeleod. Approximately
two miles. Plans and specifications
can be seen at. the of flee of the undersigned.        .
, ■• By order
E. Forster Brown
Secretary Treasurer
Electric Lighted' ,7 Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
1 / *
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
. Hot and Cold Water L. A. Mills, Manager
vast numerically that
1 There is practically,no change at the. present.writing
excqpt' that-Colin Maeleod -of -Maeleod' has-been, selected
to'bfficate on _-ehalf of the Canadian Coal Consolidated
interests, while CJem , Stubbs', 'vice-president'*of blstriot
18, U.M.W. A:',"*will champion the workers, side of, the.
their numbers stagger the imagination, holding a position
In the industrial wo'rid by which tliey are prac'ticai'ly the
keystone, of the entire structure, organized to such per;
foction that a. word over the wire from their leader* is
taken as supreme law, and who are ready, if thoy belieVe
it necessary in order to establish their rights, to bring
to a doad stop the entire commerce and Industry of ono
hundred-million peoplo.      *,'■ " '    '
Tho ramifications of thc Institution are enormous. It
Ie many miles from Edmonton*to tho. Oklahoma* field, and
Albortans regard with a very detached interest tho un-
. ansumlng little UemB which tell ot negotiations in that
field, but when ono stops 'to1consider that tho,same organization which negotiates In Oklahoma today may be
negotiating In Edmonton tomorrow, tho proposition as-
flunicfl a dlfforont completion, and somo Idea of the extent to which tlio workers havo organized for mutual protection hi forced upon "tho most casual roador,
Bach different ago ln history has brought Its dlfforont problem which ovorHhadowod nil others, and unloss
. tho perspective Is altogether wrong, the labor problem la
the groat problem of the prosont ago and century. Tho
caso of the conl minors presents the caBO more clearly
than ha« any othor caHO thus far, but this Is merely bo-
cause thoy have travelled farther In thoir work of organization. Othor classos of working-men nro doing tho
sumo thing und doing It very rapidly and thoroughly.
Somo Hystom mii-at bo ovoltod by which Industrial war
cnn bo averted, elso the lndustrlnl world will bo In coti-
stnnt turmoil. Tlio lnbor loadors of tlio futuro mny not
bo all Mitchells or LowIhoh. Somo malignant trick of
fnto might bring forward 11 Dnnton or a IloboBplorro,
and thon lhe d'-ltigo,
Tho crown of glory awnlts tho -statesman who will
discover tlio Bymom by which tlio lnbor organizations
nntl tlio oapllulliUH can arrlvo nt the iidjiistmont. of thu
dlviHioii of the wealth proiluci.'d without recourse to the
wiiH'...ttul and ridiculous nn-tliodH of tho striko nud tho
Ami in iln litHt nuiilyslH, all this powor Ih doli-gauid
to ono man. Hy a system of referendum and ropi-pson-
tatjim llio minora plaro In Lowls' handH.tho powor to order a Htrlko If lio deoniH lt necessary. Ho Is doh-waod
to donl with thn operators woll nrgnuized. If lm docs
not got lho agreements for which ho contends Industry
HtmiH and tho ontlro community Ih thrown Into cIiiioh,
while tho miners nnd operntnrs flRht out a bnttlo from
tlio flloci ot whim 110 iiiiui, iji-Ii or pour, :h tre--,
t1' *»   *   *
TIiIh-odltorlnl Is culled from our Albertan i-ontompor-
nry because nf Its evident r<-coi**nltlnn thnt tho questions
alluded to urn nf vital Importmir.-o to tlio wholo of ho-
There nro nnnm of tho iikhMIIoiim, howovor, nilmltt'
Ing of vntylng InlorproHitlont*, bocaii-.o of Infiufflolont
oliiliorntlon, ln-tioo with 11 vlow to furnishing tbo fiililltioii-
ul Ififnrrnnilon wo mny mitlsf.v Dw publio iih to iho truth
of our ilodurtlr.iiH tliut tlio dotr-lripni'-iit nmong tlio work-
oiH ninrl<n 11 growth in ilcrnocnu-y tn contradUtlintIon to
lectied.,,. ,,, .*.
The Chairman has not as yet been se-
Under'the heading of*correspondence,1s a:lQtte,r from,
one who considers*, himself aggrieved because of tho im-
■* ',*, '*•' ■     v •■'   •        .■■*,
positippfund-collection of a $2 road tax, . He contends
that it'Is'his evident .belief that this,is due to our.local
Glty .Fathers.*.', However natural an assumption this may
lie, nevertheless ii is erroneous,    Wo called at tlie City
Police Offlco Immediately, on. receipt of tho communication, whoro wo wero courteously received, and Informed
that tho officers were simply,the instruments In.the'ox-
ocutlon of duties "outlined ln By-law No. 60, hence thoy
are freed from nny connection with being responsible for
tho enactment of Hho'.Legislation. 7 Our next trip was.to
tho City Hnll, whoro City Clerk Boulton showed ub that
this By-law Is in" strict conformtly with tho Municipal
Clauses Act, honco tlio pnus of responsibility, for the,
passing of *.thls •rnoasuro rests   with tho Legislative Asi
Hombly at Victoria.     Moral, If the people   of this constituency objoct to ouch laws bolng enacted, then It. is
only they who are, really responsible, and aB our correspondent hints, thoy cnn only get a remedy by putting
In a govornmont that will look aftor tho IntorostB of tho
workers.    Ar a pnrtlnl romody wo corlnlnly would nug-
gost nn amendment whoroby a man might do statutory
labor Instead of by paymont of namo, which at this time,
particularly with bo littlo omploymont at tho mlnos, ho
could do without flnnnclnl Iobb,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Corporation ,of,the ..City'.of Fernie Intends to proceed with the construction
of cement sidewalk'on Victoria'avenue
opposite lots 1*^5,* Block 6,' 1—10 Blk.
10;i—10 Block. 14, 6--10 Blo'ck,5, il—*
20 Block 9; 11—20 .Block 13, and that
it is the intention to have, the total
cost of-such sidewalks.'borne proportionately . by,-'the ""owners' of property
fronting, upon,sijich .sidewalks, and'to
obtain the requisite money therefor
by issue of Local Improvement Debentures,    o-       ,    .'.....•'    .       '-''.,.
Notice is also-hereby, given that assessments will .>be,.: made against'such'
property .so benefited:,by. such propos-*
principal and,Interest of.'such Debentures; : the crossings, will be; divided
pro rata among the; owners of,the lots.
* The owners-of corner lots .are. assessed; for..full .froAtWSe-,walk,.and,.two-
thjrds of, sldeaggrjwalk,.-the" remaining
third-being, divld-jd, among.the owners
of .ipside,.Jots.pro-r,ata.,'„ ,. 77. ,
; The term, of.-oayment of such Debentures has baen.>made for, 10 years
with interest .a,t f^ve percent (5 per
cent). .* .   -     ;.; ..,.,.'•'.,-' ■'.,''       ■,. •
If any owner.* or owners desire to
object to, tho proposed .work,'or any
portion thereof,} the requisite petition
or petitions should be filed .with the
undersigned within ten days from this
date.   * ,.     -•/'.,     ..''*.
,'    , ..        City Clerk   '
Fernie,'B. C, 'April 22 1910.'
It's a Mere
"■ * ' . '
what,we are charging for*- some
properties,compared to■ what they
are worth.   "
Just unloaded, including Patent Wire Fencing, Wire
Netting,*3 Barbed Wire and Lumbering Supplies, also
CarloadTarm Implements & Carriages
In addition to the above, -we, have a full line of,
Harness and their Parts.   'Your patronage solicited.
J. M. AG NEW & Co.
ELKO,   B. C.
, '   * '■ ■       ■" '""    '    11'  "       *
In the ' matter' 'of 'an  Application for
, the Issue of a.duplicate Certificate
- of Title to Lot 3 Block 57; Annex,
Town of Fernie (Map 734A)'
Notico is horoby jslven that; lt 1b my
Intention to issuo at tho oxplratlort rof
Real Estate Will;
Be Higher ""■■■■«
and you can't estimate actual values by'our low down'prices!* You're'
on the road to Wealthvlllo when
dealing with us. /-  ,     , '*'_''' ",'"'s, '-•
Insurance and Rekl Estats
**. . ■ ■ 0 • - -
77 777. "...
Just around the corner
from Bleasdell's -
-Drugstore ■'".
... '      i\tt\ ■   .    --'       v •■   -        X1
;Open" Night &, Night
Furniture.Moving a Specialty
- Leave Orders with W. Keay;
PHtONK   78
Bar supplied witli the best Wines,.
1,i,. Liquors ,and Cigars  ,.
pn   first
dentlal  property.'
7,.' vi -r.-.,.. •;'■:■■ •>•   ■•-'     "
/DROP. IN-AND  TALK  THE  .'■..,
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & MofFatt
7 Robrped House
7 roomed house with bathroom, lot 30 by 120,* on
MacPherson Ave. Cash
$1650, or .with furniture
complete, $1900,        Apply
Spalding's Studio
Victoria Avenue
Although compulucry migration of tho worker Ih well
Uncivil, still ono would naturally roach thu conclusion
that a plaguo hod utmclc tlil» constituency "whon It Ih
flguri'tl that practically ono third of its voting population
hniicd on tho rot urns of the last oloctlon, "had ceased to
I'osldo In the dlatvlct."
The publication of mich statements may "frighten
'"-.iilM iimny," nn it ffrfnl-nlv olx't"\ n Wndr fvo to tho
(•r.mm«nlt*y. We bttvo Xxonn prnctlcnlly "IMupr-n' with
lctti'iH from' Imllvlilualri who stato positively that thoy
have never been out of the district.
Funny, Isn't ll?    Funnier fltlll If It turns out that
ii i ,*-.i.ll.,,     .     .In i. -Ir. vi/m*'    !♦>    # %■* /■■    'n^tmr-    rtf   nno    f*'»-
Joctor? Wo Intend to contlnuo tho compilation of tlie
Homes of all who havo boon untruthfully objected to as
no Ion-Kin* icHldciilH In this district; also consider It an
excellent plan to reproduce not only the list but the
names of the obji-rtorB whoroby tho underlylnK motives
may In- arrived nt. ,
'lh _-i' Munili! be Home pnivlulon in tIn* Act. for tlm
punlfilmii-nt of (hose who resort to sueh ilpsplrnhlo tae-
idn In Hnir efforts to deprive a rutin of his Inallcnal-lo
tluht, ThuHe who nre Riilliy nre fit tmbjocm of the
li-jhti-oui. wrntli of nil, rcKanlk-.^ of tli.-ir political -atrip*'.
i      ,
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New Michel Store 24x50
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Cottage.   Apply to
New Michel       -       B.C.
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Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs Wall Papers
Huyler's & Lowney's Chocolates, Reache's Base Ball Goods.
wm I*
'*■ 7i".' ■/-,iy-.\    .,".-.»
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U. PI. W.  of A.
Fernie,, B. C, April 23rd,   1910
News From the Camps^   |
From our own Correspondents '
t ■ i-   ■ --     ■ a
$   ■ COAL CREEK ;  J     |
The self acting incline at No.^one
south has been extended another fifty-
feet, graded from top to bottom, double track laid, and the, drum moved
back to the entrance of the tunnel,
this week. A large force of men have
been engaged to, push It ahead. ThiB
mlno although fi has only been, developed 7 for about eight months has
gone ahead very rapidly on the pillar
and. stall system. The seam of coal
Is anything *. from twenty tb twenty-
five fleet thick, but at present they
are just working nine feet pf. it.. The
output, for "one day'at' preesht" Is 386
tons, which Is certainly very, good for
a new mine, yet the' company expect
to double this- shortly, as with the
double track.they, will be able to run
bigger trips. ,   With the* old* incline,
' they.could only manage'two car trips
and these having to be handled sometimes ,'with a horse or adinkey'-wheh
the cars were running stiff. They expect, to have it ready by Moriday.
, No. 5 mine'had a series of mishaps
on Tuesday. A trip of loaded ..cars
broke away in.the old -slope, which
ran'away,' knocking several sets of
timber out,'causing the roof to cave
in,'.which stopped that, district for thc
-' afternoon shift. Another cave in occurred in the main level district,'then
to finish matters the main air line,got
-broke, which laid the 47. incline and
new slope districts off for the day. .
-Mrs. J. Stevens and-her--daughter
Minnie left here on Tuesday morning
for'Calgary where Minnie will go into
the" infirmary fori a month to undergo
treatment for her ears,-as,' she has
been quite deaf since her severe -"ill-,
nesstwo years ago. -It is to be hoped
she will recover her hearing under.the
treatment as it will be a great blessing
to her "and. take a deal of anxiety from
.her; parents. .•.-.   ••'.■ v-i*..v*.'   ••<
Harry Baker, Charles Clarldge, Geo.
' Hunt, Teddy Coates,'  'Arknas-   Pratt
en'4 to.see the fight"between Burrows
and"> Robinson,--and-.hey-s***.*y**7th'at'al-!
though Burrows got the dcislon,, Robinson was the b^£'man.*■■'-"''•'' r7v"'""*'
dition to his house for the accommodation of his son William and" the
wife.      ..,*..
All the mines here were idle again
on Thursday.      , -
■ Don't forget the football concert in
the club hall on Saturday night. A
good programme of singing is arranged, and everyone can depend on having a real good time. A good football
club cannot be carried on without the
funds, and Coal Creek have'the honor
of being the champions of the Pass
now.    .
Mr. George Egg of the Scranton
Schools* was up here during last week
end.'*   ,. ,
We are pleased to hear that Ed.
Bridge (late of C. C.) has been appointed pit boss at Bellevue. „
- Mr. James ' Stevens of, Taber was
visiting th6 hoys at the" big. bach last
week end.'       "■'*.',
Coal Creek football team has received an invitation to play home and
home' games with Cranbrook. We
expect to hear of the dates being fixed iri due time.
Robert McAllister of. the Cbast district was visiting Mr. J. Shanks on
Wednesday.     - * "
Born at .Coal Creek on Sunday, the
17th, to Mr. and Mrs.'-.H. Marlatt,'. a
fine daughter.''..   ,.        J
Mrs'.'E. Bridge was up,to see"'.her
daughter, Mrs. Marlatt and the .new.
arrival on Monday. ' ■ ".
. It is just about time-some of the
sanitary authorities were-having a
look around the crimp and see if-some
better arrangements -cannot be, made.
There is-enough refuse and garbage
lying around to start, a plague and
some of the houses. are hardly fit to
live iri on'account of the/horrible smell
that abounds/ Alll.|iQuseholders„pay
$1' a month for 'saftlta'tlbn',' but "where
is it?     -  .• .„y ,,y;vV..*.. err
.: Our old friend W, H.-Eyans got out
for "a little walk in'the-fresh air with
!the aid of a walking stick l&st week.
He* is still looking, very;, sick but we
•jhope that he will improve as Spring
to;.take up his'old ^osltidriMriwhichhe
■was* always:so po£tila,r;r "; ,■*■■''.•'-*."-'■.;7"
; ; Our .old friend Yprkie.was up.^here
visiting the boys on Tuesday.  'Billy
_       ,  ,        says that the main point is not to
..fto.bert f;.orsytt\o. took a'trip down. worr*y . r ,-,■•",.,       ■■"•    **Y. >.■;; \ r,"
to.Blairmore las^aturdajfirve^   <* | Aijeftain y/nkgm^in^to
Alex,, Branch Jim airly&b$l^ went fj8hlng laat MoJiday dWn to the
camp from Michel
All the mines were idle up hero last
week end fromFriday."eVeningsll.-;p.
m. until:Monday eveping a^ll-, giving
the boys quite a long week end which
was. spent in gardening,--fishing,, and
tho popular game up here* at .present,
.football.    ;.    _ . ,      ,.     .   v ,
JImntle ;McLaughlln,'i8 pulling,"out
thiB week,for an extended trip to the
East Indies and then to tilsold home
In-. Scotland, after; being '/away: about
18 years/.    ' './'',
Mr, and Mrs, James Thompson, late
of- Michel arid Mrs. -Thomas Durtcari of
Passburg were, visiting up,herb on
■ Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. .Thompson
, and family Intend taking a six months
trip to Scotland shortly,
Wm. Aloifahdor left horo on Monday
ovoning for a trip to, his old home ln
Ontario, going round by Chicago and
St. Louis. It Ib 12 years slnco Billy
loft homo, so he will find lots of
changes In that part of tho country.
" 'Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howlng have
takon-up thoir roBldonco ln tho houso
lately occupied by Mr. D. MoVannol,
No. 175.
Coal Creok junior football toam
woro at homo to Fornio guys on Monday ovoning. Tho gamo resulted in
a win for Coal Crook by four goals to
nono, and wasn't poor Mulligan mad.
deorgo Booth and Sam Fisher woro
visiting thoir old homo up horo last
wook ond. Thoy Rro now working
nt Maplo Lonf.
Somo of tho rosldontB of Pronch
camp aro making thoir bungalows look
roal nlcooutsldo with a much noodod
coat of paint, No gaudy eolorB olthor
you know—-JiiBt n protty green and
Jack Arhuclclo Is buBy putting nn ad-
Elk river. He had-been several times
before but never caught. anything..
However on Monday an unlucky" fish
happened to get on his hook,-and the
war-whoop "that Jack A7 gave* "would
have done credit to a Red Indian gaining his first scalp. Some people-get
water' on the brain, at present .Ja,ck
has'fish'on the braln.7 '•''■'
Rev. R. W. Lee of HoBiher will occupy the pulpit of, Methodist church
at-'tho' Creek' Sunday iriornlng-**'atad
evening. Services commonclng nt
11 and 7.30 respectively.... A. cordial
Invitation is extended to everybody.
Rev. Scott, pastor.
/    -'—•	
Abo Roberts of Corbin Is again back
ln camp looking ub healthy aB over,
Mickey McLean, president of Mlchol
Local No, 2334 has loft-for tho prairlo
provinces expecting to slay, for tho
roBt of* tho summer.    \ *,
Fred Barmls of No, 8 fan, went to
Lothbrldgo to visit his wlfo and family this week, *•
Potor B, NolBon. of Calgary, .ropro-
sonttng tho Rogal Tailoring Company
Is a guest at tho Qrcat Northorn.
S. M. Norton Is lu town this week
on a business trip and registered, at
tho Kootonay,'
JamoB Fleming of Phoenix B, C,
paid Mlchol a flying trip, this week.
Dick JonoB of Corbin Is ln camp visiting his many friends,
Thp bnBOball match on, Sunday was
a comploto surprlso to Old ,Town, as
tlioy roally oxpo'ctod to regain thoir
lost InurolH,' Tho only star run was
mado by IlarloH for Now Mlchol, whilo
Capt. EoHtorbroolt   Hocurod a three
bagger.    The score at the finish was
21, for; New Michel and sixteen for
New Michel Old Michel
White, c ' Davis
Easterbrooks p ..:  Frerichy
Barloss 1st..:  Easterbrooke
Rice 2nd ..' .; Low
Smith  3rd    Duddach
McLandiss rf   Grundy
McCool If .:  Taylor
Destabel cf .-..'...:* Weiss
Berry ss    Rich
The practice game of football on
Saturday drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. The game was fast from
star£ to finish considering the' condition of the grounds and it being the
first of'the season. The score was
four to two in favor of A team. Michel
will have a team In the league this
season that will have to be considered
as ,they have plenty of. good material
to select from. The teams lined up
as follows:   '
A Team „ B Team
:! Goal
J. Raynor  "... Sundworth
„. - ■   . Full  Backs
S. 'Moores  " T. Oakley
J. Mason  G. Millet
Half .Backs
J. Watson  ,.. .„  J.- Guest
Chas. Walker .. .'■.' J. H. Gorton
;s. Weaver *..... .Fred Pollitt
-.' ' Forwards     '■
R. Sudworth............. .>." Walker
A. Goodwin.*_.* ?'...':..S., Hampton
T. Carney ;... A. Clarke
A. Boothman .......Fred Beddirigton
.A. Allen' ... .\ .\ W. Sudworth
", Reserves: A. Almond, J. Littler, F.
McGowan) W. Guest, and J. Morris.
. Mike'Kelly, Michel's crack shot, has
left for his homestead at Red Deer. .
. The .dance held In' Crahan's hall on
Monday, night was" a- decided success,
and the attendance the largest in the
history of the camp. •  • ' '■?
•   Michel can boast of. having   ' the"
jjuietest'and''best- conducted-camp in
the Pass. ; , The mines were idle ori
Saturday. and-Monday, there being .a
scarcity of cars!. "When you come to
consider that there are, over a thousand men employed.in.camp, and;the
police records have only one arrest
to'their creditLfor the two. days of
play, and being the monthly pay day
at,that it speaks.well for the able arid
efficient manner iri which the hotel is
.conducted, and the respect which our
citizens have for-the .strong arm of
•the law.    ■' *.*    '•'.,-.. 7   ,.'.. ••
/•The camp was in complete darkness
breaking of; the .generator, and,  the
moving- * cloture-, entertainment,ibilled
for  Wednesday  night was unable  to
show, and a large crowd were disap-
pointe'd,-  §Hy[?y- ,   ■    yr\
rjC. W. Parker of-Vancouver was in
Michel on a business trip.;,
; jRalph Milne has, arrived in camp
from the coast* and;* Is renewing old
acquaintances.     . ,    . .      .    *'
jA. R. McDougall'of Corbin is visiting friends here,'''   ."-•>--•
•A. Wardrobe of ,Toronto;|s in Michel
on a business trip. '■
.There hajve been nb radical changes
made In the solitary condition of the
camp this last 'week.- The* citizens
expected when the Banltary inspector
mndo.hlB porsonnl Inspection that .the
Iriiprbvement would be bo sudden ns
to be noticeable) hut inBtead there are
rumors that thoro are two cases of typhoid fever ln "camp. This is,only a
forerunner of what may be oxpected
If tho sanitary conditions are not immediately looked after, and stringent
measures taken to avoid an epidemic
of fovor,
Michel is a fast growing town, as
thore has sprung up bo to speak in a
night tho "Hotol de Stackwood, moals
served at all hours, ox-tall soup a spo.
clalty, automobile mooting all trains
personal attention given to ladloB unattended by relatives or chaperon.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦ ♦,♦ ♦♦.♦'♦♦
♦.* Beware of two "strike break- ♦
♦ ers from Nova Scotia:       „. ♦
♦ ■ C: Smith:• Height 5 ft.   ,8. ♦
♦ in., weight about 170 lbs., light, ♦
♦ blue eyes, light. hair    arid a ♦
♦ large nose. . . ' ♦
♦i Jas. Harper, height 6, ft. •♦
♦.' weight - 180   lbs.,, dark  eyes, ♦
♦ dark hair and hare-lipped. ♦
♦ •   ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦
neyed to Michel-and Fernie for a few
days, thinking that matters would soon
When they returned lt was" to be Informed that there was no work for
them. Reason assigned was a stock
of coal on hand and no orders in view.
The result has been that many willing
,and able bodied miners are thrown out
of employment through one class owning the tools of production an£ distribution.' To' endeavor to name all
who have, had to seek other shelter Is
unnecessary. 'It. is to be hoped that
this cessation'is but temporary."
While the train from Corbin to McGillvray was making for ' the •" latter
point on .Saturday'last' the engineer
drew up in* time to "avert an accident.
A slight slide'from'a deep: cutting
was the cause of the hold-up which
was of short duration. * : ' ' ■ ■ "■
-That palatial residence known as
the bunk house is now' completely abandoned.     "',-'■-■
"Farewell; farewell, I will remember thee." ■>' ' •""
-. Rev, Johnson held divine service at
Waldo hall last evening. As he is to
leave us next, month for' a larger field
of labor the'ladies of Waldo are now
planning a concert, for his benefit- to
be held in the near,future.'
■ Quite a number, of .the Waldo people
visited Rock Creek, yesterday to spend
ihe day there. '; Mrs. J. M. Agriew
came in from'Elko arid' spent the afternoon with' Mrs. McNab.
.Times'are ■'busy.'r In : Waldo this
spring. The Baker :LUmber Co.* mill
is now running' steadily ij'ot'h night and
day. "' --' 7'-v-' h'-
: Mr. 0. Good of Spokane was a Waldo visitor last week''and'-spent Sunf
day,* camping, at'Rock,-Creek as the
:gireBt-of^P.har]f>H_Mp.NitlS._j:,_ 7_- -- ■
'.'P. Q. A. J. Carter is building an up-
to-date ice cream parlor in Elko on
Main street opposite , the flat iron
building."'   . * ' '-. .
All the-pink teas'and 5 o'clockers
held in,'-Elko' this week were supplied
by Fred Roo .with, samples bf Ram-
Lai's tea.   .    .    -, .        "    •
Mr.'George Hanbury. of Vancouver
arrived .in Elko on the,last two*boats,
and wili hunt bear on Wigwam and
Lodgepole' Creek along with Major
Shoot-em-Fast of, the Winnipeg Dragoons. "
, Red.Al,' the,famous detective of-Sea-'
ttie, captured the notorious Sam, the
safe.blower in.the old Hoffman house
on Monday night..- It was the,coolest
thing that ever happened in Elko. BUI
Leacey guarded the entrance while Al
went in and decorated Sam with the
necessary jewelry. It is supposed
that the Merchants Bank, which occupies part of the Hoffman House, was
the object of Sam's visit. Al and
Sami left next morning on a C. P. R.
west bound passenger and.once more
peace, reigns supreme. -
'J. A. McLean returned from the
coast after spending a pleasant vacation. He will resume his old position
as shipper with the North Star Lumber company here, and the way that
the lumber will .-move from now ori
won't.be slow.    '
J . S., Gusty. (gentleman and scholar) was shaking hands with friends in
Elko previous to taking his departure
to the Coast this week. ' '
.. One of the mail clerks dropped off
between trains and caught enough fish
to.supply the diners for a week.
, .Van Home was in Elko this week.
Teddy Roosevelt might, on .his ri*
turn1 to, the United States .visit Elko
and,South Fork in search of the soc-
iabie grizzly.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized ,.;. $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve .:. .., $5,000,000 ,
D. R; WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Merchants Bank of Canada
Capital $6,000,000    Reserve $4,602,157
President Sir H. M.AIIan'    Gen,  Manager E. F. Hebden
1 "
A General Banking Business Transacted; Out of Town'Accounts So-   ,
licited, Deposits or Withdrawals may be made by mail.
0 ' " :
Savings Bank Department
$1.00 opens an account; Interest paid at  Highest Current    Rates.
The Waldo .opera-house with an un-
estimated seating capacity, was crowded to its doors thii-week- and long before the curtain rolleif up the sign
J'Standlng Room Only?''waS'in ord6r.
A thoroughly" enjoyftbW'evening "was
spent" :arid'' several • *' liSiirs' borroive'd
from the1 morning of the'-'day* after. The
[Sutherland Stock' Go's'.'' * histrionic -, efforts were greatly 'appreciated; ■ and
they certainly are worthy of patronage. ■ They had a $l6b house and can
be assured of a bumper attendance on
their return next week; After the
play dancing was- indulged in, music'
being provided by members of . the
Sutherland band.-     „.*.i-* ,
Slnco last week things havo takon a
docldod chango horo. Whon I las.
wroto yop from horo everything was
humming industrially until a sudden
shortago of carB laid panic to tho
camp. On Monday evening when thc
midnight' shift woro preparing for
work tho whlstlo piped throo distinct
screams, tho announcement that
thoro was no work for thnt shift, On
tho following-morning n repetition of
tho previous night took placo, Tills
wns,tho signal for an almost comploto
oxodiiB from tho camp.    A fow jour-
Greatest Triumph in Typewriter History
New Visible Models of the
"T0*a1    V *
im     "* -""""
*v\ \           __y
i aese new models represent: the sum
total of more labor, more experience,,
more, accumulated   knowledge,   and
greater resource than all other typewriters combined.
That is why these new Remingtons-
have given,such complete satisfaction
to typewriter uses, and why their
sales have brsken all records since
the invention of ihe writing machine.
Remington Typewriter Company
818 Pender St; Vancouver B. C.
The Merchants Bank fit Canada, at
Elko installed ono of the largest safes
ln tho Pass with musical .honors. Alex
Blrnio called off for. the dance,
Elwell, tho real estate ''magnate of
Cranbrook was In Elko, this .week looking up business',     .    '(( .■'_''
The bnll, gamo oh Sunday between
Elko and Waldo :was \vpn by Elko 6
to 3. Thero was a big turn out to
witness the first professional' gamo.
in tho Pass this souson, and thoro was
Borne vory claBsy playing and a wholo
lot that was not classy," It was tho
first gamo; oyer played in Elko where
tho umplro'B decision wob never quae-
tlpnod, A big collection was takon
up and on a voto of both tbams tho
amount was divided botween tho um-,
plres Messrs. C. ICInge'nsmith, and J,
AiiBtln, ""*'  	
* J. \V. Falls of Nolflori spout Bovcral
dayB In Elko' this week looking up locations for settlors who aro anxious
to loavo tho Nolson district aiid movo
whoro thoy can gnrdon without tho
ubo of a 'diamond drill or hookH   and
ladders, " ,'	
Tho Sutherland Slock Company playod to a crowded houso In Elko opera
hoimo Monday night,     It, Ib hy far
tho host show that haa ovor plnyed
In Elko slnco Jlm   Thlatlo.boult took
tho gold euro throo yoarH ogo,    Tho
opon air concert glvon hy tho   hand
was much enjoyed and proved n big
ndvortlsomont,    Thb cornot solo wa-h
a littlo gingerly but proved hlmBolf to
bo a llvo wlrn nnd a IhibIihjsh mnn In
tho flnanon dopartmont of tho show.
Tho Bpeclaltlofl botwoon tho acts woro
woll  rocolvod,  nnd  tlio  SutlicrlntidH
can always count on a full hmmo In
Elko,    Tlio Butliorlnndu play anything
from "Lost In Ell<o" to "An You Mlco
: Messrs, Moaglier and  Pollock    of
■Fr-rnln plcivriij <u>|Mi  \!>\\tr\ nri-ntrmf  Wnl-
Hond humori'd pi-npla always enjoy
tho bont lioalili.     Gnimpliioss Hours
tho Rtomnch nnd cank-nrs tho voul.
, Mnutor   Ei'ih-hI.  Ayro,   North Star
pnrk, loft UiIh wooix for Cnlgary, whwi
ll",Villi Villi-!  \uv iittnilkVAto <iui)V|!,«:. itt Xt-
OBt Is ono of tlio bcBl littlo hnll piny-
oi'H In tlm Push, nu export flHlmriniin,
a whirlwind to run, and Un dollars to
doughnuts he'll mako hoiiio of ilic-ni
Hiltiny Albi'rtnnft hU up nml tnke notico.
MniiuKfi* Adiilr of tlm 11-imi, Hank,
Pcrnh', wits nn Ellio visitor Tuesday
mul wim >,:iat<i'!.ili>i.'d by licvciut of Dw.
llvo ouch. Xo; the Homo Hunk don't
propose opmnlnp up a branch here for
tho pri'Hi-m.
Mr. und Mm. C K. T)avl» l<-ft for ii
short visit to Whl»-'fi»li. Man.
=■ v. .'..,- .April 24 1910
Warning and Invitation.     Matt.
20-30. •
•. Golden .Text. „Come unto me all ye
that labor and are heavy laden and I
will give, you, rest.     Matthew 11-28..
■ Verses 20, 21—Have all sinners the
power to repent?    Why.or why-not?
What reason" can you. give for . or
against, the view that a sinner. will
immediately repent, on the presentation of the gospel, unless, he resists
his good impulses? ,   . ■
Why did not Chorazin and Bethsa-
ida repent under the preaching of
such mighty works!
. What is the woe which Jesm-i' pro-'
nounces upon the, unrepentant?
■ Do sinners now, or will they in the
future, suffer any punishment other
■than the natural ,:-i;esults;,L.of,,sia.,in.
themselves?.!   ; ■•■   .,•    • ,,.;   .*  * (>
Verse 22—Wili. there be degrees in'
the punishment' of'the lost, arid'if so
by What method do you suppose It-will
be guaged?
How and by what method are the
Just rewarded in this life, and will the
same method "probably be operative in
the future life7
(This question must bo answered in
■writing by members of the club.)
How far will the lowest man in heaven be from tho highest man in hell?
Verses 23, 24—If Sodom would have
repented under the Influences which
Capernaum rejected, doos that, or not
Imply that It Is simply a mattor of tho
strength of tho Influence whether a
Blnner repents or not?
If a sinner rejects under ono Influence and repontB under a stronger one
is It right to put the blamo of a sinner rojoctlng tho gospol upon the too
weak Influence brought to boar upon
Aro the Influoncce which could bo
brought to bear, strong onough to
causo tho most hardened Blnnor to re-
Vorso 2D—Why. or why not, aro cui-
turo, education and scientific research
any nocoBBary aid or hlndoranco to
spiritual discernment?
Why havo chlldron and thoso with
a child llko spirit,,a koonor spiritual
vision, than others with moro knowledge?
' Aro uneducated pooplo with tho
saiiio kind of moral character, moro
llablo to soo and yield to spiritual
truth than Hiobo who aro highly educated?
Yorkshire   Fire,   Home   of  New
York> Commercial Union of N. Y.
Employers'Liability, London Guarantee
* ' and Accident "  '         ■
Have you seen th-g.New
SpeciatPblicy maximum J
Insurance, minimum cost
--.'-.   * -      ■•-   ■'■ ■      .-,- !,..   :■:,-,
:CL7:Ev: LYQNiS   ■■&£$*$?*■■
!l- '-,
Mckenzie's seeds
The only kind suitable for
this climate.
The Leading Druggist Phone 118
One Night Only.   Thursday April 28
The Big Musical  Sensation
11 *    »r   •    *i  i    trt,  •      ■    *i\      "-n
"A Migm, ror a way
By Robert B. Smith and Raymond Hubbcll
See the Electrical See-Saw; The Falling Star Ballet; The Candle-
Light Girls: The Corsican Girls: The College Girls
Reserved Scats at Bleasdell's Drugstore,
Prices:-   $1.50,   1.00,   75c, tit _rfit^j»MT*Tnm«
> _■(-
'.fc V
:-t' 'i
». .-*<.-,
To Escape Mine
More Government Inspectors' Required-Men,
to Have Voice in Making Selection-Locked
Safety Lamps Made Compulsory in Mines
(By a Worldng Pitman.)
(From the Science and Art of Mln-
ing.) .
■ As this question is one of interest to
readers of this journal, we reproduce
herewith the views of a Working Pitman, as contributed to the Dundee Advertiser.
There were 1239 deaths: from accidents .n coal mines last,year, and of
that number 199 were credited to the
Scottish mines. The numbers in the
previous year were respectively 1,142
and 160. If one examines the figures
during the past ten years one finds
that the upward tendency "is so 'pronounced as, to be most, disquieting.
That the risk of life and'limb in mining Is greater than in any other occupation is generally agreed, and the
public is therefore content to regard
these fatalities as unavoidable. But
aro they? Is it not the case that
many mining accidents could be avoid:
ed if due care were exercised? I submit that it is. It. is'a-truism, confirmed and corroborated by daily experience, that want of care Is the chief
source of disaster. The unfortunate
• thing Is that, when one makes a statement of this kind It is immediately assumed that one Is pointing to negligence and misconduct on the part of
the men. As a fact, I allege that tliere
is want of care and proper precaution
all round.
Working Men Inspectors ' ■
„ It  is absolutely necessary    that'll
greater number of government inspectors should be appointed.     The, sug-
■• gestlon'.has been made that third-class
inspectors should  be appointed at a
salary of $20 or $25 per week, and the*
men  should have a voice in the appointment'of them.    Given that there
were three of these inspectors to one
chief inspector, and that they made
visits and thorough examinations when
'- and where they liked, there would be
fewer    accidents.'.    At    present, ,. of
course the,Mines Act gives miners the
power to appoint practical men from
"their own number, and at their own
cost,  who  shall  make  an  inspection
of the mine once a month, but,the provision remains practically dormant because the men fear that-an adverse report would result in prompt dismissal.
They would be removed, they allege,
on some trifling pretext, and.they are
right.     What is wanted therefore," is
to have government inspectors of the
third class,chosen from amongst   the
every corner of a mine, and'they would
■ not if they could avoid it, give warning
of a forthcoming visit.    .They would,
in1 point of .fact ensure that., pits were
kept in better order.    It may be urged
with truth that they would most probably  have  more sympathy with  the
iiipu than with the employers, but it
must be remembered that at present
the managers are. cliosen mostly from
the, managerial classes and that they
have leanings the,other way,     The
niain.,thfng is that .they would be thoroughly qualified men, "and that they
would do their work without fear or
favor. *■' ■*   ffirv' *V.     ■ '■ -
. -.ft- \.
■■■'•• ' :■«/*» .fl- , .. . '   *•    : '
•; iPnpKed Airways1., *
"_ut," Bajte,'sortie ono, "1 .understood
that only tli'6 miner himself, could be
blahiotl in any'way, Is It the case
Unit pits-tiro not kepi lii tho,best possible'order?" 'I shall hitor, say something concerning nogll'gence and caro-
lesflness-j.on tho pnrt,of the men. Moan-,
tln'jji, let'mo say a word about' ventlla"
r,tloi" and concerning colliery firemen.
Everyone knows that ventilation Is
most Important ln mining, ,* and one
hoq<1 not lie a practical miner to un-
d-or-ninnd how necessary It is to havo a
dupable, experienced,' highly Intelligent'man ns fireman.
Whnt about'ventilation? In order
thai) a sufficiency of air mny Iravfl
freely, alrwiiys imiBt ho of a certain,
clearly muted size. Must !!! I havo
Boon' mines whoro th,iy 'approximated'
to lho neuoBHary bIzo, und I lmvo hpcmi
moro whoro It, wiis noxt. to liHprmslblo
for u man lo uroop through tho return
air courso though ho wont on his stomach and crawled most, painfully.
Thoro is no wno of blinking thn facts.
To keop tho nlr courses at a proper
height and proper width would cost
money, and nioiiuy must bo saved
when posslblo. An Imperfect supply
of cbtirBo, Increases risks of explosions
of fire-damp, nnd of accumulations of
hlnck-damp, nnd It may vho argued
thut an explosion or un Idlo day by
nn accumulation of black damp moiuiM
loss or output and or profit, anil that It.
Hwiiis oxlinordinary thnt officials
-should risk perhaps tliouniuids In ordor
to Hav-- a fi«w poutulH. I agroo with
thin, but it Ih not for mo to offer an
Inexperienced Fireman
Aro fln-mon always tin* ln»m  awn
ihnt could lm hihiii'imI for thi'iiu    i**-
hponslbh) positions?     I n--'-d do no
more than refer back to the remarks
made by Sheriff Shennan on a recent
disaster, when he made it clear""that
mining officials had been appointed
underground who were not properly
qualified-to look after the welfare of
the men. The general*public'profess-
ed astonishment; miners merely shrugged their shoulders. '*• They knew only
too well that inexperienced men were
appointed because they were cheap;
that many, of these men had much too
great districts to cover effectively. A
fireman is supposed to examine all
working places, all roadways leading
to these places, and all air-ways. I
submit that the average fireman* has
to go much too rapidly through his district. He )s able to give the "faces'*
a fair amount of inspection, but he is
quite unable to give the roadways any-
thlnk like the,, necessary attention. I
refer of course not to main roads, but
to those leading Immediately to the
working faces. Given an inexperienced
man and a wido district and you have
increased' risk of accident. I liave
said that the inexperienced man (who
knows little of the nature of damp)
is secured because he is cheap; but
there are other reasons. He may be
a favorite with the manager for one
thing. For another, the Government
inspector may not. be anxious to go
through the whole pit, but he generally
asks to see the fireman's report book.
And it does not look well tb" have
every little accumulation of gas noted. An experienced man would notice, and record little accumulations,
(mere nothing and'hardly worth mention !), and the ' pages of the book
would not look at all pretty. ,v Hence
the desire to appoint a man who sees
gas' only when he plumps into a huge
body of it. . The wonder is that accidents are so few,/not that thoy do occur. An examination of each intending
fireman iii order to test his capability
is absolutely necessary if our lives and
interests are to be protected. If some
member of parliament would take up
this matter and carry it through successfully he would earn the gratitude
of all miners. * *   •
If it is possible to minimize the risk
of explosions in mines the yearly death
roll can be decreased very., considerably. I submit that it is possible and
easy. Explosions are largely due oh
ono. hand to negligence and illegal acts
on the part of the, men, and on the
other hand to naked lights where safety Ifunpsshould be used.    It is a mat
ter of common knowledge that the men
take matches into the mine andsmoke
where supervision is not of the very
strictest, that they occasionally enter
, places with an open light where they
have no right to be, and that now and
then thoy drill out a shot that-has
Uiissed fire ( almost'heinous and unpardonable offence.) But after all,
tliere aro many kinds of men in a
mine, and it Is always possible to find
foolish and reckless beings In any
company and any class. Besides, they
are .not set the bost.,examples at,all,
As an Instance of how officials occasionally play'with death I may re*-
call an* incident that came under my
own notice some years ago In' a pit
now'-closed, One section was found
In tho morning to bo filled with flro
damp, and every man' was sont. homo.
Tho drawers from that section, and
from another, (In which work was permitted to proceed that day) drew to
tlie, top of the same "cnusey-brne,'' and
then to the bottom. Down one sldo
of tho "causey-brae" on the morning
to which I refer our drawers wero not
permit ted to go down. Down the
othor tbey followed tliolr trucks. To
walk down one sldo was highly dangerous; tho othor wns perfectly safe, a
couple of yards away!! Murk you,
theso drawers uhoiI opon lights and
smoked,us much ns thoy wanted to.
Aftor a run or two thoy re'tir-n-l lo do
more, nnd woro henrtlly abused for
throwing a second section Idle. Thoro
wim ns much flro dump In tho pit that
morning ns' would have blown ovory
man Into eternity If a light touched lt.
In thu face of un t'xiiinplo of that Itlnd
--one of mnny—and romemborlng
tlmt iiiuimgoi'H, overniun, firaiieu mid
othoi-H havo before now suffered
dontb through rorklrnsnoHS, Is lt any
wonder that, somo miners do at times
seriously offend against the law?
Locked Safety Lamps
What must bo done, or coiiiho, Is to
mako the Introduction of lockod safoty
lamps compulsory In all mlnos whoro
tlu-ro Is tho sllghti-st dnngi-r of an explosion,' Ono UH'i-ts niliioi'H who ar-
gun, with ovory appoiiranco of reason,
tho uno of nnfnty lumps malcuH It moro
difficult for itiliiuiK to t-xninliio tho
roof, nnd no Iiicioiihoh the dangor of
iii'ilili-ntu by fitlU. Hut tho facts aro
tlm other wny aboul, Mr. A. H. Stokon,
ii well known Inspector, reporth tlmt ho
.took n group of hIx mlnos wlii-ru can
dles had been used during eight years.
There were 13 deaths from falls'and'14
explosions,'resulting. in death to 46
persons and-'injury'to 15. ' As the-.but-
come of a very heavy explosion safety
lamps were introduced, and during the
next eight years, there were 12 deaths
from falls and * not a. single explosion
to cause injury or death. The figures
given by another inspector are not less
striking. „ In his district, in the course
of ten years, the number of safety
lamps In use rose from 1800 to 24,000,
and many more men were employed.
Yet there was no increase in the number of accidents from falls. Even allowing that more efficient,timbering had
an influence here, most probably It
had, there still remains overwhelming
evidence in favor of the assertion that"
the use of safety lamps does not add
to the risk of injury or, death from
falls.     ' * "      ■
Why, then, since the safety lamp reduces the risk of death from explosion
one the ono hand, without increasing
it from falls on the other, is it not
more generally adopted In mines where'
there is any risk whatever? The ans*-
wer is simple. The safety lamp is
heavier and much less easily handled
than the open light. * It handicaps" a
man at his work to some little extent,
and hence men prefer the other. They
expect am increase in wages when the
safety is Introduced, and this increase
tho owners are not ready,, to grant.
Once again tlie question of money—not
a huge sum either—stands between the
men and their safety. But' surely, I
have been told, the men„for their own
sakes, should be willing to lose a little.
No doubt I am a prejudiced person,
but I fail to see it. It appears to me
that there rests on {he masters the re*-
sponsibility of doing everything possible to protect their workmen, even if
it costs a little. Be that as it may,
it is imperative that something should
be done In the way of-enforcing the
use of safety lamps wheer necessary,
that there should be a fixed rule instead of leaving It an open question
whether or not they shall be,introduced. Any breach of the Ac.-'should
then be punishable,' not,by fines, but
by appearance in* court. Fines are
not effective; fear of the court has,a
much more'salutatory effect. But it is
necessary at present,,and will be mor.
necessary when safety lamps are in
more general use, to insist that the
conditions to be observed by the work-.
ers arid officials. At present they
are not, and will not until miners have
the same right to institute an: action
in court against managers or.employers ,as the latter have to raise one
against one of the miners for breaking
thc law.'
"■rt&r*' *■*-
r»   9**r\rr*tr>**
Over Man
"    f_J_W_tr~.
Woman'• mo»t Aloriou* endowment in Ihe power
lo BWiktn and hold Ihe pure end lioneit love o( ■
worthy man.   When abe Intel lt and htill lovei on,
. * -. .».„,,• i... 11 - . i        «i   i .
...    ,,..-   ...   .... ,   ■' - .      II.,,,-*   ».,»..   *.,..,.,  i.M. ^w4.k i^ul
ibe endure*. The woman who tud'era from weak--
netailenil derangement ol lier ipecial womanly or-
-finiirn toon lo»c« the power l» tway the heart of
• man. I ler -Jenernl health tufferi and the loiet
her food looki, her attraciiveneu, her amiability
and her power ami prentice an a woman, Dr. It. V. Tierce, of Buffalo, N.Y., with
Ihe atdiitance of hit tuft* of able pliyticlani, hii preieribed for end cured many
thnir-tiiniff nf women. He fm« rf<rviteij a iu.:c«s«(u( remedy for wonwn't ail*
menu. It i» known aa Dr. I'ieree'i Favorite Prescription. It it • positive
•peelfic for the v*eakne««e« and ditnrdera peculiar lo women. Il purine*, rr/u-
late«, alrenttben-t and befit. Medicine dealer* tell It. No ktant dealer-will
■dvite you lo accept a aubititute in order lo make a little Isrfer profit.
Dr. Pitnt'i VUaaaat ItrlMt rtreUlf a»*> ttr**ttk*a Staateck, Lh*t aad lUrmtt*.
i Timbering
; It is generally supposed, when' a paragraph appears in the newspaper telling how Robert Wilson met death by
a fall from the roof that nothing could
have saved Robert's life. I do not
say that in every case it is posslblo to
prevent falls from the roof; only a fool
would make such a statement. But I
claim that quite a fair proportion of
.the yearly number of deaths due to
falls from the roof aro not unavoidable.
They aer duo to inefficient tlmboring.
.Vow, I have known minora wlio wero
almost, crlmlnnlly negligent in the matter of propping becauso they were In
a hurry to havo their day's drag dono.
Thoy are due to inefficient timbering,
sufficient props until their "coals" aro
out, , Thoy thon rushed tho setting of
thom. I submit that hero again Is an
offonco that should never be allowed
to go unpunished. No mnn has a right
to endanger his lifo, and ho ought to
hnvo this fact brought homo to him
vory forcibly if ho is not at present
awaro of It. On the other hand, what
are we to say of officials who decline
to supply a sufficiency of props and
lids7 I havo ciultu a number of tlmos
boforo now timbered my placo—whoro
tlmboring was absolutely'iiocofisary—
only as a result of a visit to some old
working whero props could bo knocked
out, A complaint, elicited tho courteous retort that ono could "lift his
graith" If he liked. Onco again, tho
misconduct Is not all on ono sldo, although lho public seldom loam this. Il
Is worth remarking, by Iho way, that
most ot thoso accidents .through falls
from tho roof occur hot whoro It Is
actually dangerous, hut whoro It. Is
comparatively safo. A soft roof will
mnko both men and managers vory
enroful, and sufflclont tlmbor l»"pitt
up to proven! iiccldontfl. Whon tho
roof Is fairly firm and snfo tlmherliig
ht iiogloctod by ollhcr party or both,
und some ono Is Injured or killed by
a fulling stone. Thu moral Ih that
sufflclont tlmbor should bo set In all
plut-i's to prevent those unexpected
falls thnt do tho iliimngo. And officials Hhould bo ns open to prosecution
as mon,
A Cheap and Simple Appliance
Wo lmvo not yot. noticed onu form
of nccldi'iit Unit now oxaelu a umallor
toll tn human life thut was tho case
\„   ,'t.t:   lull)   liujt.   It,   ll'IIIJIi^   IllrttUty,
hut which ntHl (-nut-a not n fi-w ovory
year. I rofor tn cngn accidents. Whether thnflo can bo prevented or not Is
ii di'biitublo point, but thero cnn bo no
doubt that proven! Ioiih which claim to
prevent them Hhouhl bo tho mutlcr of
•win-in'- coin.uU'1 ilium, "i niy may min-
inilzo tho loss In human lifo nnd In
monoy. Compensation, Iohh of work,
nud wngos, diimngo dono to sides and
iniK'lilnory, the nmount lost in profits
—nil thono mean money. Probably
?2*"0,000 U the annual cost of shaft nc-
«ltli.-i-it» lo n>itUI> uilllciii-rt, surely,
tluiroforc, nn appliance which, It Is
claimed, will hold ciLiixit, v,U.*u wliullitK
ropwi break, should commend itnolt to
Iho carr>fti! consideration of mlno own-
■era. If llioy nre infill. nr<>t| by nothing
more, you mlghr mippoie thai tlu*
chimco of jiuvliiK money would appt-nl
to Ihem; yet, apparently. U rfoea noi.
"•■ Such a contrivance as I, have spoken
of' exists, and has been approved*, of
by those who have seen -.it in opera*
tion. / This -4g Mr. A. Hanley.'s' pat-i-
ent7*        .-■   a      "  ■_ '-.*■■-.
It acts like this; Two arms 'grip the
slide ropes, or the, wooden-.'or_ rail
slides, the grjp in ordinary working being almost imperceptible. 'While the
cage' is running the ajm remains in
anj'almost vertical position, and do not
interfere with its running.,-"The moment the winding rope breaks; the
weight is, thrown on the arms," which
at, once .assume an inclined - position;'
and.by gripping the guides firmly, arrest .the'cage. It can be'fitted - to
(/ages of "from 1 cwt. to 100 tons weight
and ,it costs only from $50 to, ?300. I
am-reliably Informed that the inventor,
is willing to~send ,it on, approval, and
to allow it-to ,ride 50 or 1000 miles on"
the guides before it 13 paid for. There
is therefore,, no uexcuse for the apparatus remaining untested by many of,
the'owners., "But why," I shall Ba
asked, "if there is'a possibility of this
invention saving both life and money,
is it not given a fair test by all colliery owners?", Once again, I do not
know.. Perhaps it is that a prejudice
exists against things new.
Yet another Invention is little heard
of. This is the "protection gate," thes
work of a" Lancashire mining engineer.
This gate will^not open by pressure
from the Inside. Its advantages are
obvious. Miners will not fall out by.
fainting, through jerking, or through
tho cage being tilted If. It catches on
the side of the shaft, it will prevent
men (there are always some stupid
men) from leaving the cage before it
stops at the top or bottom,.and from
darting on or off after tho signal to
descend or ascend.has been given. In
a word, lt will prevent loss of life, loss
of "wages and loss of work., ■ So much
at least is claimed for it. And remembering what cage accidents cost in life
and., money, is there vnot imperative
heed for, determining " whether these
tw;o inventions'.do actually meet' the
claims made foi- them ? That question
bears, its own answer on the fact   of
It.     ',;   .' ',,".■--' - ,
Provision for Emergencies
It* is necessary' to say a word regard-,
ing such accidents as are not preventable, "and it may be asked whether,
even in such cases, the" death roll could
not be lessened. I believe .that it
could. , For one thing, when a,disaster occurs, how long does it take tb
warn every man in the pit?'" In almost
every intsance much too long. ' I have
in my mind at the moment a shaft ac-,
cident that threw us idle one day, and
I- relate' what' happened theii because
it is significant of much'.', .Every man
was ordered to travel by the air, way
to an old pit, which served the purpose
of an upcast shaft, and up.which^we
were drawn. Although no time was
lost iri warning,,the men some-of them
did not learn of the accident until 30
minutes had elapsed.' .Suppose the
disaster had been oneasimilar to the
Hamstead fire.,. How inany "would
have failed to reach safety.? Yet it
%voUi"d"_"e"*airea"sy matter.tcTafrange a
signal that would warn every man to
make for safety. ' Such a code could
be so framed that it,could cover any
kind of serious accident, and_ it "would
save many lives.'" But the delay in
warning us was not all. ' The road
we had to travel was to half of us,
unknown. , In the panic that follows a
disaster would all of us have found
our way? , I very much doubt it,.
And again the road was In a* deplorable condition, and in places was nearly choked. Progress was thus very
slow. , .With death at our heels, would
everyone have found safety? Once
again, I doubt It, ■_"'*,
In every mine thero should be an
alternative road along which it is always posslblo for men to escape; but
thero is not] Where there is the men
seldom or-* never travel over lt, nnd
thus know It only sllghtlyor not at all.
You remember what happened in tho
Hamstead disaster, Men camo, to a
fow yards from safety, reached locked
doors leading Into.tho return airway,
and could go no further. Had they
got through those doors thoy, would
have, in tho,opinion of tho officials,'
havo rpnehod, tho, pit bottom boforo
tho smoko caught thom up,, , It ' Is
nocessary to havo returns properly
kopt, and to boo that mon travel along
them regularly, It is not always
posslblo to prevent nccldenls, but It
Bhould bo posslblo to thus koop down
tho donth roll, > Again, what provision
Is mado at most mlnos for great om-
orgonclos? Littlo or nono. I havo
strotchorand bandagoa; I havo also
workod In a mlno whoro thoro wns n
worked In mines whoro thore was nol
ovon a stretcher. Wo saw, hot so
long ago whut could bu dono lu caso
of flro by a band of willing and train-
oil volunteers with proper appllancea.
Thoro'novor Is any lack of voluntoors
but such things ns flro holmots nro
not known, A, rescue station for tho
imo of colllorloii In tho Lancashire
field was oponod In April last. Tho
coal owners In Laucnshlro havo a high
reputation for Ilborallty In mnttors
of this kind, and it would ba woll if
others would realize thoir obligation,
It Ih tlmo that, Hcotland was moving
lu thla niul tor, In tho monntlmo In
all this Ilrllluh flold efforts to savo
dying minors aro mndo only by othors,
who havo to show magnificent courage nnd havo unnoeoRHnrily to risk
tliolr own lives, Ih It bocauso Uioho
nppnratus cost monoy that limy aro
not Hccuriul? Or Is It moro ludlffuronco
to tbo Iohh of human lifo thnt Ih tho
A Word to tha Public
ino public response, whoro n groat
d].'yj.yU'.'* bun i:iil till many };i«*,-Jii'hm-
(th, and left many widows and orphans, Is Kouornlly prompt' and generous
but Nomotlilng moro Is wanted. Tho
most profound Impromilon loft by n
hoi Ions mlnlriK ncclilont Is thn fiwfuh
news of tho iinnrcoHsnry loss of lifo,
tho result of which ennnot ho obvlntwl
hy monetary gifts or expression*! of
sympathy. Morn definite knowlmltto
la needed of the causo of, nnd moano
of preventing, nccldenls, notably of
explosions. If experiments nro too
■j-tiHtly for Individual companies why
not hnvo n nureau of Minon, whicli
niiild nuike experiments, nud could
plnco at tho disposal of nil concerned
tho rr-nult of its Investigation?; In
other words, Dw nam ot Un nvnllnblfl
Information on tho subject? Surely
no ono will -.■rumblo at <*»tpon<M> wh^n
thero   h    a plain and clamant tired
it-i-rai-rtl I'n
(tizardjXocal General'Teamsters No.
||^J|if.Meets every Friday night at
^Jipln. Miners union hall. A. L.
/T3oles, President; William Long, Re-
;y cording Secretary. ' '■
Bartenders' Local No. 514: Meets 2nd
,,. and 4th Sundays at 2.30" p.m. Secre-
* • tary J. A.' Goupill, Waldorf Hotel.'
Gladstone Local No. 2314 U. M. W. A.
Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday. Miners
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Amalgamated Society of Carpenters
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•> , . ♦
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape Breton N. S.f are
at work trying to Induce miners'of Wllkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. District and
local officers * should exert
themselves to ..prevent them
from securing any men for
such purpose..
* A strike has'been on in Nova Scotia and at these mines-
since July 6 with every, prospect of winning.
Don't go there and try to defeat your  brothers  who  are
fighting for the right io organ-'
ize and better conditions of
employment. . '
Stay away. Due notice will
be given in these * columns
when the strike' is won: Labor papers, please copy.    ' '
for making every effort to prevent
loss of life. 'If the present terrible
waste of producing pow-er can be
avoided (and to a great extent it can)
no reasonable, expense or effort should
be spared. A catastrophe meantime
raises widespread horror and evokes
general; sympathy. I want to say as
plainly as I can.that this is not sufficient. To those who are" not. em-
your sympathy for the dead, and'the
dying becomes crystallised into a demand for. better methods of safeguarding the living an improvement will be
effected. . We miners understand and
appreciate the horror.you experience
on reading(of more toilers killedi-^do
you not feel more.horror at the very
thought that* some of those deaths
could have been avoided? .,.
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C. °
7, i-u-i'-UK flimlli- (Hiving to^uu I Sup.
piwo i.iulmnu, wife or somo member of
tbo fnmlly aiintiiiiis a out or a Imd
Borntoh, which font on or turns to blood.
S'tisoning. Ronult—off work I What
odd that moan-at piw day} Zam-Buk
prevents wounds, cuts or injuries
" turning the wrong way." Apply it
iijiineiiiutelv, and ft kljU the poison
and purls honling. --J"™-
' Thore is sii.
othor anpoct.
If you havo in
tho fnmlly, eo.
it -nm, ringworm,
uk-orntion, or
any ok in diiion-ini
try 55am.link y**\_
'flrst-don'tspond W,l*
monoy on expert- V'<«a_^
nieiitlngl You  J^»c^*"*v _
V}. __!!. M  ''\ /''    ,
IJuk event-   . /, na    ,   ,^y,
&i*Z< 4fiwedM\
mn <i cunt of * IJfl Pf i01 ff
thn other things.     l/U&UG'
Hoar those porions I—
Mr, A. M. Brookn, Wellington Street.
Stoelton, Ont,, snys i—•« 'If only I liad
got /am-Buk at flrst, it would have
■nvod me scores of dollars j ss well u
hours of agony." Mr. llrooks has been
on red of ootema. Ilo say s i—<' My neok,
cheat and body were coverwl wltb tho
terrthla dUnun, The Itching, burning
and smarting I sulTorod, none who hus
not gone through it oa i tell I Doctors'
lotions, salves and proscription* didn't
do me a bit of good | and from one
thing to another I piutied, only to find
them unoU*-.. With /.im-Uul» it was
dlil'erent, and without doing through a
ic/KH f-i'HJ, I v-»" *.,.X liia-V t* ioX. I*i*i*»
tr««tmi>n» with tlili froit hwrtlnr ti»1m h-Uil
Ifn I'lrM, *<nt nit tin fot gnaii ut th* (anil)!*
•i-tdMk, wlilMi hut h«t<5 uu In Its grip lor ovor
Un monllm IH
111! I huitfei'M nmltnk (»Ik* «rH flu**,
tnnttul el tryin* th* oth-r pr«|)»r»tloui, t
• mililhtviMvtilfiiyiitlltlokofuioni-/.'' ■»
i»y< Mn, It, K |Iik1w»I1, At 137 I'rovonohtr
Ax*,, Ht. Hiwllvo, Wmnlpcj'. Mm. Bmtwfll
iik<i ii cut tiuenr, v mrin liwiuma pmfttitiM, Inn*
M>'ll-"UUcUA*IW4tl«n»A<ll)llCAlONll. siwl
my whnli «nu toricd and thrahtitd vioUntly. I
_l!t*l In a doctor ind hi linerd It. You war
Immlm how I iulT«i*d,indilMpllt tb» doctor's
trutmtnt th* Hng«r irtln |*iUr*d, atxl |CI M
tad tint thiri-vt-vr idriiid ins to tro Into th*
boiplUI. I fe-uH, If I ddl, thtf woiild out It
off, in mfuicl, Ot,* dty wt mtit* adcU«d to try
Kim-lluk. W* Kit Mt tt-ir)thliif *Im ami t*i*
thi) h»lm • trl.J. H'nll, Ir, nn'r fnnV limit tnitr
iU-if to rinw cut tin iormc«i I Thtn. lilt Vy
hit, li b»t»fi tn h**l. ind In 1t» than thru
wmlii tront Ant *r*p)f*rt*y th* !t*m*!)u« the
fitum tu im)r\ md inrln-Uy b«*lthy. II only
All *».n Injuritt ind dl-HMi are eurid hy
y»m-U*>k, fc-Mwi.trtirl-M.*. itlmpl**1, uWn,
i tlto, InlUmid i**»l/*»iM, rtiti. btifi, K»lp »•*>»«,
fh»pt. Hit, r.nnm r*«l«t It* h*»li»f virtu*.
M* tun, til dmrrtit* *nd *tir*i, or I*** tt*e
1rtmr*m-aaXC.\.Tt.K*V*,1i*iti**- **_»»
tillmiuti* «. ,
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Nowhere in the Pass can be
We have the best money
, can buy of Beef,' Pork, Mutton, Veal, Poultry, Butter,
Eflgs, Fish, "Imperator Hams
and Bacon" Lard, Sausages,
Weiners and Sauer Kraut.
Calgary Cattle Go.
Phone 56
Fernip-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
Konkure'ricia a Obchodnik
Stare easy ininuly. A zrovna tak
nehodi se dnes ine porekadlo, toriz:
"Konkureneia je dusou obchodu." Kon-
kurencia panuje sice v nasom hospod-
arskom zivote viacej nez* kedy kol'vek
prvej,. ale sposovryoby zmenll ■ uplne
charakter zivnostenskeko zapolenla. ,,
k Prvej "v remesluickey perlode," bola
Konkureneia uzitocna, ona chranila
zakaznikov pred predrazovanlm a pod-
vodom a pridrzivalp. vyrobku a remes-
lulkov k spravnosti, urcitosti, k clstej
praci atd. To sa v ustave kapltali-
stlckej vyroby zmenilo. Pod slovom
"Konkureneia" vvrozumieva sa dnes
obohacovanio sa jednoho na ucet ostat-
nych. Ou a znamena, ze jeden druh-
elio odhadzuje s costy, aby si sam
svojlml* laktml prerazll zkrz mnozstvo
takych istych zlskuchtivcov priechod
a ze vsetko starzi a nohami. sllapc, co
mu prijile do cesty. ■ Konkureneia je
dnesnesmierne kruta, protl kazdemu
jednoltivemu. z nas a casom ucinkuje
zrovna tak kruto protl celej spolocnos-
ti, vediic Ic jejmu rozkladu, a ty'm k
poklesu ludskeho plemena. Toto musi
byt haslodkom, jestll sa nutia robotnicl
potierat sa az do Krajnosti, len aby sa
videlo, kto moze zivorita kto ma uplue
zomriet hladom..»A v tomto systeme
netrpia len namezdnl "roliotnici.
Tiez mali a prostrednl podmickatelia
pracedarci a obchodnici stavaju sa
obetou .tej krutej konkurencie. Lebo
kardz jednotllvy z tychto obchodnikov
je tak receno vo valke so vsetkymi
kollegami svojho odboru. On vezna zla-
dneho hroznijsieho nepriatela ako toho
s nimz kazdodenne, hlava vedl'a hlavy,
bezat musi'o zavod. Preto musi.pot-
om v zavodo, -v obchode byt zisk stale
zmensovany a vyrobu a'predaj zvac-
sovany. Po u ziva najnovsich zlepsenl,
aby sa usporila ludska praca a ine
vydanie, a plati sa co mbzna' najmen-
sie mzdylebo jedna sa o zapas na zivot
a na smrt--a "nech chert vezme toho
co' zoslano poslednym"!
Tato hrozna konkureneia zmensuje
zlsk ria, kazdom obchodom vyrobku,
ktory musi byt riahradeny vasclm mu-
ozstvom-vyroby a predaja.'. , To teda
znamena: chlm jetovar lacnejsi tim
viacej je treba Ijapltalu, aby sa-obchod
s uspechom viest mohol. A to ma za
nasledok, ze.maly tdvarnik a maloob-
chodnik, (prave ako samostatny. rem-
eslnick, Ktory v liojl- so strajami pod-
licha avypudeny je- zo svojej dlelne)
so s  vojim malym skladom alebo skle-
Dining Room and Beds under
, New Management.
" First class table board
Meals 25c, Meal Tickets $5,00
Rates $1,00 per day
R. Henderson, pining; Ronm Mer.
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦•%
• f
Fernie Dairy
dolivorod to nil
pai'tH of tho town
pom a^malynTvyberom tovaru atd,\na-"
sledkom maleho. kapitalu tlaceny ' je
vel' kotovariilkom ku stene a musi op-
ustit pole.      *  • 1
Muzovia uspechu
'A kto su ti, co maju dnes uspech?
"Penaznf kraldvla.vel'kb prie mysel'-
nicl, zeleznictii ma'gnati, kapitani pree-
myslu." Ti .ktori nezdedill svoje mtl-
iony po rodicoch, ako ku'pr. Gouldovci,
Astorovcl.a Vanderblltovcl, lchz otco-
vla a dedovia,majetok tychto rodln
zlodcjstvom a podvodnjmi spekulacio
ml naliromadlll, su vo svojej povohe
vachsinou surovel ktory nevynlkaju anl
dusevnyml schopnostaml, ani dobrym
vychovnnlm. Taky'm chlapom bol
tiez zakludatel "dynastlo" Gouldovej;
Astorovoj a Vandorbiltovej. Su to vzdy
ludia, ktori liomaju viacej vedomla a
dusovnych schopnostl, nez obycajny
remeselnlk; obycajne maju Ich mono],
nez prlemorno vsdelany robotnlk.
Alo tlto "prlo myslovy kapitani su
obdarenl nesbycajnou liltavostou, ktora Ich stavla So IsteJ mlery do kate-
gorio (odrudy) tygrov a ltrokodllov.
Povodzrae .o krntko. Pomocou vol.
keho kapltnlu a konkurencie je mnoho
menslcli obchodnikov,a tovarnlkov tak
prltlncovnno It nilru, ako prvej romes-
Intel, a tlto monsl podnikatolla mozu
sa konecno povazovat za staslnych
ked olulrzla zaraostnanlo vo velkotov-
nrno nlebo vollto obchodo, volkokaplta-
llstom, ltdo potom v potu tvaro pom-
nliaju tomuto zdvojiiasobnovat jo'ho
prljmy. Alo I tychto "Blastnyoh" jo
Tynto sposobom mlzno stredny stav
vine n viae Soclnllsticky Bplsovatol
Gronlund prirovnnl trofno torajsl spol-
ocensky porladok ' 8 rcbrlkom, Jehoz
prostrcdno drovcla sa jodno %a Uruh-
ym vyliuimju.
Tedii I nuilotovnrvlk a maloobchotl-
nlk obssora tia po svojom,    "Vykuplto-
lovi", strednia trieda rada by sa udv-
zala co'trieda, ale pre nu mala nadej:
nabu'de pre hu koneche ziadhej zach-*
rany.  . .   ,
Tato trieda ako byvala trieda niek-
dajsich remeselnikov zasvatena " je
svojej zahube.
Buducnost pi'inalezi strojovej velk-
ovyrobe a rozdelovaniu vyrobkov a to-
varni vo velkych rozmerov. Talc vid-
ime, ze cisto individualisticky vyvim
"majetku."'" Ktory urobil konkurencny
a mzdovy system zakladom nasej spol-
ocnosti, viedol len k tomu, ze suk-
romne vlastnictvo urobil pre ohronmu
vacsinu ludu nemoznym.'vlastne, ze ju
o jej majetok olupil. •
Jedna desatina obyvatelstva Spoj.
Statov a dues snad uz este menej, vlas-
tni devat desatln, vsetkelio narodneho
bohatstva tejto zemo, ako je pocht Ludu z roku .1890 vide. (Podobncei Kan-
ada na tomto1 stupnle sobe stojl.) Ale
od roku 1890 suatredovalo so bohatstvo
v ohromuej miere, bohatstvo vohrom-
nej miere od krlse v rokoch 1893-97.
Dnes nenl zladneho znacnejsleho
odvetvia priemyslu, ktore by nebolo v
moci trustu alebo monopolu.
"New York Herald" plsal v januarl
1899: "V poslednych slestich mesla-
coch bolo vyse sto velkych spolocnosti
inkorporovano. -Tie vladnou ohro-
mnym kapitalom, v celku $2,717,768,-
000 ■ D'la vypoctu "United States Investor" bolo od januara 1898 dojuna
1899 zalazeno celkom 487' trustov, z
ktorych 439 vladlo k'apltalem $7,370,-
783,383. Od „ tej doby, rastu trusty
ako huby po dazdi. . A nenl pochy
bnostl, ackolvek mnohe z tychto trustov povstavaju leu' z podvodnej spek-
ulacie a nie z prurodzencho vyvlnu pre-
emyslu, ze vaccina sa ich udrzi.
, I ten najhlupejsi musi konecue poch-
opit, ze tie hromady zlata, striebra a
cennych papierov ktore dnes majlte-
lom davaju moc nad vyrobnymi a do-
praynyml prostriedkami, * rozhoduju
tiez o torn, ako draho name platit ma-
so, muku, uhlie, kavu, odev a.t.d. alebo
inymi, slovy, ako zle a ako dlho, alebo
vlastne kratko sit mame.
Sustredovania kontroly jediio tlivyr
mi osobami ide tak rychle, z_e do ned-
avna "Svobodu1 hasho naroda je tym
vazne 9hrozena. Priemerue platy, spol-
ecewske svobbdy a'neodvlslost pracov-
neho obyvatelstva v prlemysle a pol-
nom hospodarstve su-r-v porovnam so
vzrastom bohatstva a celkovej vyroby-
stale v poklesku.
To znamena, ze, ackolvek mzdy su
jskutocneji yac'sle,_pr_edsa7s_u7l)ome_rne_
dnesnych- >pomerov* a ich nasledkov-,-'
vychovanayome plemeno, proti ktore-
mu Vandali^X Vandali boli divy narod, ,
ktori v V stoleti po kristovi na svojem
tazeni di.Tallanska Rimstrasne spus-
tosili.) v piato'm'stoleti boli botovi an-
jeli'. Zestli to tak dalej pojai, bud-
eme mat v kratkej • dobedva harody.
Zeden bude velky na pocet, polocivilis-
ovany, hladom a biedo** zmoreny, deg-
enerovany.(zvrhly)—druhy na pocet
velmi maly, ale presiteny, "precivills-
ovany" a prepychom, pozitkarstvom a
vystreadnym zitim tiez zvchly. Aky
bude nasledok?
Jednoho dne stane so nieco hroz-
neho. Tie milllony vyhladovelych
vzburia sa protl tym tislcom presiten-
ych bohacov.      *   -  ,
Potom moze dojst k desnej katas-
trope.' Kapltalistlcka trledea bude
muset'Iiroziio pykat za svoje zlociny a
hriechy a vinneho i iieviniieho stihne
trest. *,(
, Taka rovolucla bez jasneho a moz-
noho clela znstavila by clvilieaciu, ne-
prlviedla by lepsle pomory, za to' -kle
vrlila by ludstvo nazaddo barbarstva.*
Preto nezmeskajme dbat vystrah de-
jln. Je vsak otazkou; Co mame ro-
blt„ aby sme tento osud.'tu zkazn od
nas odvratile?        -" *   .
Kazdy cestne smyslejuce a Inteligen-
tni clovek mal by si povedat. Stoje a
vsetek pokrok vo vjinu prostriedkov
vyroby nemozeme a nesmieme znislt!
Nasa clvilisacla nema, nesmie a nem-
Nasla civillsacia, ludstvo nesmie'a ne-
moze byt vizene zpat do starovekej
zatemelosti a da stredovekej biedy.
i (Pokracovanie.)
_ — .-.-^i "
Bratia a- krajania leras ku vam prik-
rachujim z previn prjepisom z Angllck-
ej reci na Slovenstku. Utih Nbvinah
cbvo maju meno District Ledger tlac-
ene vo1 Fernie.B. C. Buden Kazdi, tiz-
den spisovat pouchne vechi to jest ako
sa yedje ,po tomto districkte A. O.
pravoh tejto provincie o majnoh. a o
inih vechah teda slovaci kupyite tjeto
novini lebo chvo vajchey bude bdpred-
aju na tjeto novine -to vacej bude v
nihnatla'clieno. Po'slovensku teda
teras zachneme ako sa odbava zhodza
v, Anglichkej Rechi to sa zachina takto
Kazda shodza je Rozdelenaa na mnoho chastek menite.
•1: Otvarana shodze ■
2: Z volanjia uradnikov'
3: pre chitanja minutov  -.v ostatnej
skushena Rebotnickih otazik a nie vechi ai abi bol tlacheni v sekih Rechah
staro krajskth a abi takl vihodili kazdi
tyzden.     -.
(Pokrachovani na druhi tizden.) .
nizsie nez prvej.
Cena cloveka a moc Bohatstva.
. Zvlaste spatnou strankou tohoto. zla
je, za vlastnictvo majetku tvori tu na-
jvasciu, nle-11 jedinu moc ve spolec-
uosti. Cena cloveka odhaduje sa dia
dolarov a^centox jeho bohatstva. Van-
gllckej reel * charakteristlcky oznacuje
sa to ; asl nasledovne: Flllp Armour
ma 15 millonov dolarov ceny; ale od
tej doby, co Bvoje bohatstvo vydal a
zreformoval sa, poklesol velml vo svojej ceno a teraz ma sotya jedon mlilon
dolarov ceny. Naprotl tomu t John
Butler, vynalezca, a Otto Souborh, bas-
nlk, nemajuupluo zladncj ceny, preto
zo nevladzu zladnym lcapltalom.
Soclalna Revolucla
Bohatstvo,' obycajne "penlazmi" oz-
nacovane, Je teraz vsomohuclm., Ved
vydnnim castl svojlch ponazl udrzuje
bohac svoju nobezpecuu moc.
On ma nionopol (vyhraduo pravo)
na to, co by vsetel radl mall, a to Jo
co robl joho volu tak nebozpecnu. On
vystavl svoj check (poukazku) nn Istu
-snmmu penazl a vymenl za to vsotky
dobro iilobo zlo vocl, ponkych luzl. Za
taky chock podkuruju mu vsteel zap-
rcdancl: vodatorl, knazl, umelcl, zur-
nallsti, zakonodarci, sudcovia, pravni-
el atd.
Vsotko jo mu k sluzbam. Kupi r1
aan vino a zony, pochvnlu casoplsov
alobo rozhodujueo pravo. V obsadzp-
vanl uradov a mlost na vysokych slcol-
aclil Vsado mamo toho dokazy, v
kazdom nioste* a stato.  •
Kedzo sa teda konkureneia v dnos-
nej doho v coldm prlomy Hlovom rucliu
oRvodclla, co vollka cliyba, tu jo Joj
panstvo, lcclo Ba Jodnn o povolomo ver-
ejnelio moiiopolu, dvojnnHobnym neHt-
astlm, ponovac tloto vorojno monopoly
dia Ich povahy maju byt v moci Btat-
nej aclho oboencj,
Vsetko toto ncniozo takto 1st dlho.
Clvlllzovanl ludla nobudu to tropot, a
■ Sec. 1; Le District Ledger sera l'or-
gane offlciel du "District 18 U. M. W.
o A." et paraitra le vendredi de chaque
semaine. *I1, sera Fintermediaire de
circulation- des nouvelles interessant
Ies mineurs et le public en general;, ef.
publiera de temps a autre des articles
sur tons sujets interessant les membres de l'organisation; tels que des
renseignements, techniques, touchant
les questions minieres, les circulates
officielles et les .bulletins financiers,
II sera aussi un agent ediicateur tut
service de nos confreres de langue et-
rangore; dans ce but des articles im-
prlmes dans les principaies langues
del l'Eurbpe paraltvont periodique-
ment.    ''"".•*'
Section 2:. Le comite de direction
consistent de l'executif du ■ District,
que,aura le pouvolr d'engager ou de
congedler le redacteur ou chef. Si
l'une, des parties a l'intention de rom-
prele contrat il lui-faudra* notifier 1'-
aut e (rente jours a l'avance.  ,■
Le,comite de direction sera directe-
ment responsable a" .-organisation en-
tiere pour la bonne administration du
journal, et ejlra des fiduciaires choisis
parmi son nombre. Ils exigeront aussi
que l'editeur fournisse une .caution
suffisante par l'entremise d'une compagnie contre la malversation.    ■
Section 3: En cas ou l'editeur ne
veuille pas accepter la- responsabilite
entrainee par la publication de certains
articles d'un caractere officiel; le secretaire du District aura le pouvoir de
decider si oui ou non les articles en
question peuy'ent etre publies.
Section 4: L'editeur aura pleln pouvoir d'accepter ou de'r-ejeter toute cor-
respondance proces verbal ou autre
matiere n'etant pas d'un caractere officiel. II surveillera la redaction et la
composition du journal, et aura charge
de tout autres details d'administration
incombant a un redacteur en chef.
Section 5: Les officiers de chaque
local se chargerbnt de faire nommer
un correspondant suffisamment capable pour envoyer chaque semaine les
nouvelles , de sa localite .au District
Ledger.' Ce correspondant recevra $3
par colonne pour telles parties de ses
" L'hon. M. King etudie d'abord l'aug-
mentation ,du cout de la vie durant
les dix dernieres annees et les serieux
effets de cette augmentation pour les
classes' ouvrieres.'.-Cette augmentation
d'apres Iui a etc de 30 a 40 pour cent
sur presque tous„les articles de con-
sommation domestique affectant spec-
ialement les revenus de $2,000 par
annee, et au-dessous. Elle a ete
simultanee en Canada, aux Etats-Unis et en Grande Bretagne.
10.V  OF THU
lly-Lmv  Xo.  101"
A lly-I.iiw to rnUi- Ton TNoiikiumI i>„1.
Iiim (V10,0(HMM»-for Strvrt linprovc-
meiil I'liniONi-N hIIIiIu iho aty of
WI1KUEAS a petition has been presented to thu Municipal Council of tin-
Corporation of the City of Ferule sisn-
cd by the owners of at least one-
lenth of the value of the real property
n the City of Kernio, as shown' by the
ast revised Assessment itoll requesting   tlienj   to   introduce    sucli   a    By-
ANO ;WHERBAS. * for, the purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to bor-
t!":'hf.,!» ,or. Te.n Thousand Dollars
($10.0000) and to issue Debentures of
the C.ty of Fornio for the purpose of
raisins  the said sum:
AND WHI3KEAS tlie nmount-of the
whole rateable land or Improvements
or real properly of the said Citv of
I-ernie—according to the last revised
Assessment   ltoll—is   $2,060,395.00:
AND YVHERICAS it will be requisite
iv.-?,sn 'lnnual'y *»»■ ''ate the sum of
Interest-     ' pay*"**r tho sal<l*'lebt and
ANI) WHKIIEAS this Uy-Luw shall
not be altered or repealed except wltli
the consent of the Lieutenant-Governor
in council:
. ,_n_V ^-l:;i'',U^K0Rli' . the Municipal
Council ol Uio Corporation of the'CltV
ol  1-ci-nle enacts as follows: '  '
nil1 -.V shal], a'"l may. be, lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of the
Ul-y,.o-t- Fernie to borrow upon the
credit of the said Corporation by wav
of Debentures hereinafter mentioned
from any person, persons, bodv or bod-
paid Into the hands of tho Treasurer or
the said Corporation for the purpose
and with the'object hereinbefore ive-
cited:  •' ■ «= "7
2: It shall be lawful for the' Mawir
to cause.any number of Debentures to
be made, executed or issued, each ior
it-nnnJ_ of Ftve »un«lreil Dollarg,
($n00.00) as may be required for tlie
purpose and object aforesaid, not ex-
cecdirif* however, the sum of Ten
Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) and alL*
such Debentures shall be sealed with
the seal of the Corporation and Hl-=-n.>,i
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of Nine*
Ihousand Dollars ($9,000.00), and all
siK-n Debentures shall be sealed with
the seal of the Corporation and signed
by the Mayor thereof:
3: The said Debentures shall bear
dato from the fifteenth day of- May,
and shall be made payable in*30 years,
years from the said date in lawful'
money of Canada at tiie office of the
Canadian .Bank of Commerce in Fernie
aforesaid, whicli said place of payment
shad he designated by the said Debentures, and shall have attached to them'
coupons for the payment of interest
and the signatures to the interest coupons may be either written, stamped,
printed    or lithographed.
I: 'flie said Debentures shall boar Interest at the rate of, five per cent
(a per cent.)■ from the date thereof,
winch Interest shall be payable annually at the said office of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce in Fernie, aforesaid,
i_ lawful money of Canada on tlie
fifteenth, day of May resnectlvclv in
each year during- the currencv of " the
said Debentures, and It shall be expressed ln said Debentures and coupons to be so pavab!e:
.r.: It shall be lawful for the Mavor'
oi the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said Debentures, or any of
them, at less than par, but In no caso
shall the said Debentures or any of
them, be negotiated or sold for less
than nlii.-ty-iive per .centum of their
value, including the cost of negotiating
their sale, brokerage, and all other Incidental expense: ,*
6: There shall be raised and'levied
III each year during the currencv of
said debentures the sum of $450.00 for -
payment of interest, and the sum of
$188.17 for payment of said Debentures by rate sufficient therefore,on
all rateable land or Improvements'or
real property    in the said    Municipal-
"7: It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase anv
of* the said Debentures on such term's
as may be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either at the time, of
sale, or any subsequent time or times,
and all Debentures so re-purchased
shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-Issue of the De-"-,
bentures so re-purchased shall be made
In consequence of such re-purchase.:
This* By-Law shall take effect on* the
Fifteenth day of May, A. D. 1910.
'This  By-Law  may  be cited    for all
purposes     as     the     City   ■ of     Fernio
Electric Light Extension By-Law 1910.
Done and passed In open Council
on  the ISth day of April,  A.  D.,  19)0.
Received   the   absent'' of   the   people
tills       day  of	
A.  D. 1910.
Reconsidered   and     finally     passed
and adopted  this   day of	
A.  D.  1910.
Xotlee "
Take notice that the above Is "a triie •
copy of the proposed By-Law upon
which the vote of'the Municipality will
be taken at the, City of Fernie on .
Thursday, the 5th dav of May, A. D.
1910, between the hours of ten o'clock
In the morning and 8 in the evening,
at the City Hall.  .   ,   .   •
a. ir. iiouit.m.   , ,
Fernie, *B. C. April IS, 191Q.
■ • o
8ind«n A Virhaett Brother*-.,
*T*.  T
co Ycanc
List of Locals District 18
AtXTOB*i*tti1at Biket
„€te*lf wetrulr	
(hTMivm it
Slekif «ie*rtil
' llonnif
J-tcnt-l uEmi fhmor
$tf cntil ic flmricaii.
A Sir-A-iKWtlr fflMUttM WMkly. lata** aa*
—- vw»
n.Mi*«4-T, flew York
Ledger Ads Pay
Doavor Crook,
Conl City
4: Raport od Horih Kornitov
5:  Raport. od Kornitov Zalobi
6: ,Starje otashkl '
7: Movjo otashki
-8:Neusporjadenje otaskl
9: Llstl,   - ,*.
10:  Zavjerania shodze.
Nush teras bratia Slovaclii toto si
za pamatjte zo' ked neh bl ud ksel stat
a rospravat. o. dacliom to neh vtedl
stane ked sa otvori na to ta caska
shoidze inach bude ncsluhani a zaprosl
pi-edsedu te] shodze a ked mu pred-
seda dovoll tak zacline rospravat a
ket bl ksel slovo podat toto slovo sa
po Angllchkl vola (motion) moshin to
slovo potom prodseda prodlozl pred
clielu shodzu a ket us kazdi ud nilsll ze
to tak budcudobre tak sa predseda opl-
ta (are you ready for the question) po
slovenskl state list vseel hotovl na ota-
sku a udova vseel odpovedu (titles-
tion) olaska) potom predseda povjo
(all in favor signify In tho usual manner) Vseel udova ukashto ItukI pravjo
do lioia ktorl ktisu abi to slova ostalo
pravorn potom lied us predseda pocltn
pocot hlasov povje (contrary). Oprotl
S^ovu potom Vsochl tl ktorl bu oporto
tomu Slovu maju prnvu Ruku hore z
dvihnuUi tak bratia odbavajau sa Vsetko Angllchko shodze od mnjmesjo as
do najvache] teda si toto za morkujto
lebo btiilom na drulil tlzdon vaccj o
tojlo voehl rospravat teras kod us toto
znato idom vam dacho napiBat o Kit-
porto 7 moj konvonvljo dlstrlctu 18
ho spojonlh Havjnrov Ktora bola tlor-
znna od 23 ho Fobruvara ns do 1. ho
Donmclm      Delegatl      .   Mnl lilasl
Dans le cas'ou ce bulletin de faits
divers n'arriverait pas pour deux sem-
aines consecutlves le secretaire du
Local sera" Informe de ce manque de
Partout ou la chose est possible l'on
nomniiera des correspontiauds Francals, Italiens, Slaves, Allemands et de
toute autre langue qui pulsse etre lm-
primee avec les* caracteres a notro
disposition; lcsquels correspondants
de langue etrangere seront retribuoa
de la meme raanlere que ceux ecrivant
en Anglais.
Section 6: Chaque secretaire fourn-
Ira une listc aussi complete que possible des membres de   son local;  les
clnssant par nationnlites.   Le systeme
de cartes do souscrlptlon sera adopte
et les cartes vendues aux locaux; leur
prlx pour lo present etant $1.00 pnr an.
Le travail   d'lmprcsslon do chnquo
Iocnl sera fait a 1'lmprimcrle tlu Ledger et. s'il arrlvo qu'une dispute s'el-
eve au sujet du prlx doinnndo, la question sera soumlso au coinlto do direction pour enqtieto ot roglomcnt.
John O, Jones, Hillcrest
Herbert Fox, Canmore
Jno. A. McKinnon, Rossland
W. F. M.
Jno. 0. Harrington, Fernie
W. B. Powell, Pres.
A. J, Carter, -Secretaire- Tree,
(Corrected by District Socrotnry up to Mnrch 7
T. Bradley, llnnkhond, Altn,
J, C. McNeil, Henvor Crook, Altn, v Plnchar
J. Durko, DclU-ruc, Frnnk, Alta.
0, Kolly, lllnlrmoro, Alta.
Wm, ApkoII, Cnnmoro, Altn,
T. Dornloy, Conl City Tnbor, Altn.
W, Ornhnm, Colomnn, Altn,
G. M. Dnvlos, Cnrbontlnlo, Colomnn, Altn.
J. Aplln, Cardiff, Altn.
r»    T-"  ni    i..«.i   f,i..tt'f    -itin
. .   *.*. .... *t«*....,., \........,, .......
11, P, Up, Corbin U, C
Pnt Kolly, Diamond City, LothhrldRo, AUn.
C. F. Larrlor, 1G4 Dcllnmy 8t. Kdmonton
Rlclmrd Thompson, Frnzor Flats, Kdmonton
N. Bollogay, 209 Hnmllton St., IWmontoa
fl   Vtioa   Vornir, Tt   C.
Cl. Nicol, Frank, Alta.
J. W Morrlfl, Hosmer, D. C.
J. O. Jon ob, UIIIcroBt, Alta.
It. K\'an«, Konmaro, N. D.
L. Moore, P, O. 113, LothbrldRO, AHr
W. Ii, Evnna, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
K. IVonnccI, Mnplo l^af, nfcllovuo, AUa,
M. Blrroll, Mlchol, II. C.
Noil Duncan, }'«»«burK, liflle-vue, Alta.
Owor Carlion, Pawburg, AUa.
Chas. Smith, Uoyal Coll., Uthbrldee, Alta.
h. McQnarrlo, Hoch Percco, Husk,
A. 8haw, Strathcona, Alta.
Wo. «UMdJ* Taber, Alta.
E. Drowft, Tali'-r, AUn,
J. Roche, Eatovan, Saak.
Diamond City
Edmonton City,
Edmonton        ,
Mnpl« Loaf,
Polico .lata
IRoyal Collieries
Jtocba Porcoo
HoHmor, J. Pnttoraon .....
Michel, Charlos Qnrnor ....
Michel. 1), J. McDonnld ...
Michel. Nnt HowoIIb	
Colemnn, Jno, Johnson	
Lille, A. Sibborn	
Frank, ChnrloH Dui'rows ,,,,      2
Dollovuo, Jnnius Durko       3
Illllcrest, Fred Haynor       3
Mnplo Lonf, IT. liln Ito        1
I'nBHbiii'K, Alox WHkHtrom...      1
Lothbrldgo Tliomns Hunton.,      3
Tnbor, D, L, Millor       1
Tnbor, D. McNnb        3
Konmnro, It. Hvnna       1
Cnnmoro, IMillIp Looiiurd ..,,      3
Uimltlionil, L. IIuckliiH        1
Cnrbontlnlo, Potor U'linon,.      1
Fornio, J. D. HiirrliiKton ....      f>    '
Fornio, T. Jlullon        4
T'-niH /nclinitino cho nn clnllo nn
tojto Convoncljl Dclngiit llnriliigton
dnl olsvo nhl znkorirlilll roRiilnmo pin-
vn o pnrntkn n nbl (-nt'linll nn ruportc
spoclnlnolio Itomltii ktorl bol vlvoW'iii
nn obzornnl OrKtinii Huport Jo tonto Ml
vnsl knmltl ilnvnllupmo nbl Dolo nrt-
Ikulo boll vlozono do Conmitucljo tojto
orKiinnziu'iju poilin /.nuliaiku.
DlHtrlct Dcdgcr itrikulti 20 to
Soc. I: Abi bol DlHtrlct Unor offlf-
Inlnlm orRiinom District 18 lio U. M.
W. of A. n huilo vldavnnl kazdi pfttok
,, i,n*.,l*M<! ll'r/l»it ohiiflir, ^n tlninlifiril nro
U.0 seal of the Corporation and signe*
by the Mayor thereof: 1
3:  The  snlrt
date   from   the
("El 8ociall8ta.")
NuH t>s Hiimnmonto gmtii miisnr <d
roclbo dol numoro oxtrnordlimrlo" tlu
osto vnllonto luclmdor en pro dol pro-
lutarlndo conmemornndo. hu nntriulu
vlgoslmoniilnta on In lldln porlodista.
Ojnln quo tongamos In oportuiiidiul
dontro do poco do extender lon dobl-
tins follt-ltucloncs n nucstros compnn-
oros cnstollniioH n causa tlo la irons-
formnclon on dlnrlo do ostn publication tlomocrntn, "Tho District Lodgor,
Fornio, I). C, Cnn,
La Greve des Mlneurn en Nouvelle-
Ecoiao a'etendralt a toute la Province
(lloec Day, N. S. IT.—II est Oil quo
li'H mlniMii'K mils nnt l'intention do
tenter d'otondrn In grovo n louto ln
M. H. Me.MulIuiigh, iint-lwi vlt-i-pn**-
Nidiiiit doti mini'iiiH mils, ol Poter I'm-
Kirson, membro d'une union Intornnt-
lonnlo, pniii'iit rot to Hornnliio pour In •
vi-riu-HN, oil Hh piiNHi-roul itui'lquo
t<*!iipn> pul« Uh ho rondront a Plcton
ot n Ciimbi-rland. Un» vlnoiiri-UBf
rnrnpngno d'-irKiiiilsnllnn Horn fnlt <lnn«
cos trois comtoH. do concert nvec Ioh
.Vflliilillh Hill*.      iltiU M\LiJxi\ih*ll t:i ,laa,
I), MrU-llan dojiK'UK-nl tm Cap lire-
tnn pf-ndnnt l'nbaenrp do Patterson et
iU. MfCullmiKh: nlors qui- Md. nnnn
tli.'nt, n Sydney MIne», uno Herlea tlo
Debentures shall bear
r-v.-.T ""'-•" .v"- fil'teentli day "of May,
1910. and shall be made payable in 10
venr<_.i'•*•_■__♦ i__.._,i i«*A ,_,__.,...
money of Canada at the office of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce In Fernie
aforesaid which said place of payment
shall be designated by the said Debentures, and shall have attached to them
coupons for the payment of Interest
and the signature!*, to tho Interest coupons may bu either written, stamped,
printed-   or lithographed.
4: The said Debentures shall bear in
terest  at   tlie   rate   of   five    per   cent
(.i   per  cent,)   from   tho    (Into  thereof,
which Interest filial) be payablo annual.
Hnna_ }f% f"ild offlf° A*r l,,e Canadian
Bank of Commerco In Fernie, aforesaid.
In lawful money of Canada on the
fifteenth day of May respectively In
each year dm-IiiR lho currency of the
said Debentures, and It shall be expressed n said Debentures and coupons to be so payable:
,.r :n} H,'.R,n,.bc lnwl',ul for ,he Mayor
or tbe said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said Debentures,' or anv of
__Vi' n- lei»H thnn par, but In no case
shall the said Debentures or any of
them, bo negotiated or sold for less
than nlnely.flvt- per centum of their
value, Including llio cost of negotiating
their sale, brokerage, and all other Incidental expense:
il: Thero Bhall be raised and levied
In each year during tlio currency of
said Df'lieiituri.s tho sum of $fiU0,00 for
PKH^"i of 'ntfrcHt and tho sum of
$872.30 for payment of said Debentures by ram sufficient thoroforo nn
all rateable land or Improvements or
"■nl property    in the said    Municipal-
.,7"; ,TJ "!la,y bo lawful for tho said
Mfinlelpal Council to ni-purcliase anv
of tlio said Debentures on such terms
iih may lm agreed upon with lho legal
holders thereof, either at the tlmn of
sale, or any mibst-oiiom tlmo or times
■ ii"!' '^'I'V'-'nreH so ro-purelinsi'il
shall forthwith he orincollod and de-
stroyed,   and  no  re-Issue  of  tho    Dc-
mntiiroB so ro-piirclnisnd Miall ho made
In conHCfiunnco of such ro-piirchiiHc:
This Hy.Law shall tnko effeft on tlio
l'lflefMitli day of May, A. 1), 1310,
Ihls lly-I/iw may bo cited for all
purposes us the City nf Fernio
.Struel. Impi-iivi-im-iii Uy-Luw lllld,
Doiu: and piiHHoil ■ in npun Council
on tho 18th day of April, A,  p., l'jio,
Mtet'olvod   tho   nsseiit   of   tlie   people
Ihls       -w of,.,....
A,  IV 11110, '       	
Ileciinsldoi-pd   and     flnnlly     passed
\' l/Ao  '"iy    	
.„  . !ViiHt-i»
Tnkn notion linn llm ahnvo In a truo
iiiliy of tho proposi'd Uy-Luw upon
which llio voto of i Iui M ti ti Icl iiii 1 Ity will
be inlion in the City of Kmnlo on
Tlitirsilnv. tlm r.th dnv of Mnv, ,\. p,
liiin. between tlio Iioiii-h of ton oVIni.'k
in j hi. "J ;i in n g imd 8 In Uio eviinltut,
nt tho Cily Hiill,
('. ii. iifiiihoii.
,,  ,.   .    .,    , City Cli-rlt.
l-Vriil,,!, H. c. April IR, lillo,
( (llll>l»U*«ri(»\ Ol** Till*; t'lTV tir
ll»-l.nw Nn. till
A ID-Linv to ntUc Mur Tlioii»riiul Hollar* IVII,(lllO,fiei Inr thr Portione ut
i>ttriiilliiK «bf l:trrlrli> l.lglil NytHfin
iiuxx In o|M>rnllun In tlie (ll> or I'cr-
<i ii If.
\\'lli;i:i:AH ii tiellilon Iiiih lieni pro.
wenli-il In thi" .\fiiiii<*lpit| (■min-il „t Uu-
Ciiiiiiiialluii uf the City nf l-Vm!., sign-
i-d by tin- owni'iN of ut Irimt mn:-
lenth of the valii'* nt tin' ri'iii propeiiy
In the City of I .<-'ii|->, uh t>li'iwn by tbe
lam ti'Vlseil AuKciiHini'iit Hull ri*i|ii(-ii|.
Inn   Mii-in   in  liitrinlm.1-    mkIi ,,u    liy-
',\NP Wll Kill-!AS, roi- Ibe imrpoHfn
iifori'siilil, Ii will ho ii,'i'i-MMai*i' in lini'-
i-uw tin* sum uf Nine. TlmiiHitiul pollnis
(l9.0nii.6UI  ami  to Insimi  liiilii'iiluriH of
... -..J.    •'.     .   : ...tl.    tu.     .....    ,,m|iij,*,    ,,.
nilsliig the said mnn:
A.'ii,- \\ ili;ii,'..\S a,. ..iii,i„i.i >,,' ;,,^
wliolf. inleiibln land or linpnivetni-ntu
nr i en I |irn|ii>riy ut tlio mild Cily of
l-'.rnlf—ac-i-iirillnir to lhe li*-»t 1,'vlmil
i\**iNi'F<.ini<iit  itoll— -U  *tM,f,,,ivii,un;
AND WMKIIIIAM It will be ri'i|lll«lt«-
to inlsii uiiniiiilly by rato the sum of
jliI'l'U"  C<,r ixiylng  Hie mild  ,1.1,1    ami
Does not Color the Hair
ln_r«dl«nl_ nt Avcr-i HalrVtt'or
S«l»lMf,   D_tw» flwiHi (hil aw* *****/. eai
ftlltaf hair. Cuiti m\***i~ *mt>tltxi* *t ttato.,
Oimrtn. Ovtthm, Iwiltag. twd U> tho hilr Mb*.
Qulnln. Aitroitf tonic uiXtutxic ittmulnni.
S-UlomOiUfW.  (nunfOntauWl tnrH*tl»» «(«_».
Caeaktm, Imtchim tclKMy el -tfut-b.
S«ff. SiteulMtlMk. DtMMtUttaiatttdltlt^malL
MteM. StiMttlMtuUMMk.      Waltr. PtrfuMU
Show thi* formuta to your doctor. Mt hlm V turn U a iM« trsjartouu bitrtikrA.
Aik firm H he thMi h ytr'e l_f> Vigor,». miAf frwn Ihu formuU, h tbt hett fttpo*
nlUx, you could uu for <_Ha< hair, or for dundniff.  t«t hrm dtttd*.  H« kaowi.
J. O. Me Otmturt. I»»»ll, Uu*
1   A^7J \vim:i:kah   imn Hy-;..iw -.imij
not bo alti-rcil nr repi>nl«>d exi'pi with
the •r.-oriMMU "f Ihf l,|fMitfri.int--'ioV('f'ri<ir
In -f.'oiinrll-
NOW, TUI',lti:i'«>l(i:, Iln" Muiitrlr.nl
Cniini'll nf tin' ("oi-puiiiiliiii of the City
nf I'Vrnln <iifu(n iih fullows:
I: It Hhnll, and mnv X»: lawful for
tin' Mayor of tlu- i'.,ipuriiHon ot tin-
City   of   FernU-     to   hor. iw   npnn   the
l.li'.il    lit    tl.l-   .'•■I"!    l'**.»*    !..''■  .1.    t'l     *.:i
nf l)ftifnturcH lii'iriti»(i.-f ui(<iiiliiiii>ii
from any xirrnim, t'»t*.i.n.», in.ilv or lm<l-
!■ • 'iirniiMti-, ',v!;u *l-,..- !-■ ivllllllir f-i
mlvanr^ tin- *iitn>- ns« n |.,;n*. ,1 mini n»'t
im .*.,illng thn wim!*)- *iiiti "f Ntoe Ttimi-
fiiml Piiltiir* H'J.iiiii'iyn m,.t i.i * mine
ill niln* mi nil; nl <>r T«*ilv, 1 li b<*
l,;,lil into thi1- bniul* f>t the Tr>*Kiir.-r of
il,,* «rtM Corporation for M> t,nrt"i'"4
iiiiil willi the obli 11 lierrltitii-lKi'1 r>*-
• H*.|-
*.': Ft nhtxll be lawful for i!»- Mty-'r
■ i ,:it|..,. nn)- niimb'r '>f tt,-t..;it-r,-' tn
' i ••  inrnlft, i\ni\ti,i  nf  l*»iiii,'l,  ,-tirh  fur!
;«i,i«  num  «f    riv«-    Iluniltfl     l»..i|f r j. j
11.'imi on)   iim  may   In    i. niiti •'•-';  fir  rlu«
0   . Hy-LnwXo, 100      '-y ■ /'
A_ Ily-I.nw  ioj-iilse  l*<7,0t>0.00     tor    iui-/'
—^I!fiiri',«we   ,,r~   -Koimi rueiinl*; It      »Viini
School   In   the  Fernie  Annex    ,i\lthln
the City of Ferulei
WHB11EAS a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Corporation ot the City of Fernie sign- "
ed by the owners of at least one-
tenth of the value of the real property '
In the City of Fernie, ks shown by the
last revised Assessment Koll requesting.* them to introduce such a By-
Law: "   ,
AND  WHEKEAS,   ' for  the purposes   '
aforesaid, it will bo necessary to bor- •
row the sum of Seven Thousand Dollars ■
11**7,000.00)    and to issuo Debentures of
the City of Fernie  for, the purpose of
raising  tlie said sum:   '
AND "WHEItEA.H  the amount of the
whole   rateable  lnnd   or  Improvements
or  real  property    of tho eaid City of '
Fernie—according to  tlio    last  revised,
Assessment   Holl--Is   *}2,060,3!)C,00:
AND WI IK HI-: AS It will  bo requisite .
In  raise annually  by  rato  tho sum  of
$!iC0,GI   for  paying  the said  debt and
AND WHEREAS • this Uy-Law shall
not be altered or repealed except with
the consent of tho Lieutenant-Governor
In Council:
NOW, THEltEFOHH.    the Municipal
Council of tho Corporation of tho City   •
of Ferule enacts as follows:
1: lt shall, and mny, bo, lawful for
llio Mayor of the Corporation ..of tho ,
City of Fernie to borrow upon tho
credit of tho said Corporation by way
of Debentures hereinafter montloned
from any person, persons, body or bodies corporate, who may bo willing to
advance tho samo as a loan, a sum not
exceeding the wliulu sum of Seven
Thousand dollars ($7,000) and lo causo
all sums so raised or received to bo
paid Into I lie IiiiiuIh or llm Treasurer of
ihe sulil Corporation for llio purposo
niul with the object horolnlioforo recited:
**; It shall bo lawful for tho Mayor
to. causo any numbor of Pehnnturoii to
bo made, executed or Issued, each for
the* sum of Flvo Hundred Dollars.
($500.00) as mny bo required for tlio
piii'iioso and objecl aforesaid, not ex>
1'ni'dlng, however, Hie sum of Seven
Thousand Dollars ($7,000.00) and all
such DiiIiotiI ires shall ho Healed with
the seal of the Corporation and signed
by the Mayor thereof:
!l; Tlio snld liobcntures shall bear
dato from tho fifteenth day nf May,
HMO, und shall be matin payable In in
years from the snld dnto In lawful
money of CiiiiiiiIii itt Ilut office of the
Canadian 1 limit of duniiu'rco In Fornie
aforesaid, which said plnco of p-ivim-iir
shall he designated hy tho Haiti |)i<bi>n-
liil'CM, and shnll have attached to them
eiiii|iiuiH fnr tlio payment of Interest
nnil the slgn.'itui'i'H to the liitei'i-st coupons may be either written, Htani|>ed,
printed    or  lllhogrnphi'il,
■I: The sfiltl lii'beiiiiii'i's shall boar In-
ti'ti'St ul lhe rate nf five per cent „
l.'i po-,' (till.) from the dale tlli-linf,
will, li Interest Hhnll In' payable aiumnl-
ly at tin* snld otrii-i- nt lho Canadian
Ihnili nf f'tiinmi'i'ci) In I'Vi'iilc iiforr-salil,
III lawful limiii'V nf CiiiiiiiIii on tin-
flfli'i'iilh ilnv nf Maj' ri'iipi'i-ilvely In
••neh vein- during the i iil'l'i IICV of tho
snld Pi'lii'iiluri'H. mul ll ■ shall lm ex-
Iiicni'iiI  In  cnl'!    I ii-bi'iiiiiri-M  niul  c.-mi-
ill,US   lo  be  M)  I'll % It lili':
r,: It xhiill be lawful fnr the Mnvnr
of lh>' mi ill i"hi |niinl|iiii to ii.'K1'! lull'
lllld sell thi' hlild Pi-lii'litiltt-s, or nny ui
them, ni less tluni pnr, but In tin i'Iimo
sluill thi- it,ild l)itbi'iiiiiii'H nr, any of
them. In- ni'goilnti'il nr Mild'for li'sx
iliiin nlin-l\-five ii.t iintiiiii of llii'lr
v.iliii'. Ini-liiillnif tlin I'nsl nf negotiating
their stile liriilcr*nu,-r. niul nil nllicr In-
clili'iitnl cv|ii'iifi«.:
I,; Thi-ri- shnll be riilHnl and levied
In each vi-iir din log tlio <'iin>*iii',v nf
Hiiid Pi'lii-nitiri-H Iln- mih,i of $:i!,ii,ii(i for
iniviiii'iil nf liiti'i'i-yt, nml the sum of
fiilu.fll for iiiiviiii'iit nt mu 1.1 Peben. t
tmi'N bv riil'* milfli li tit lh<-|.-f>>li' nil
nil l Menhir liunl nr iml>t ,>•<•.■ tm-i11 *> nr
i  , ,,      i,   I,,     .ii    «i,,„i,.i,,,,i
•'      *l| 1   ;,"      I,      I   ...   t i,l ',   ,-    >|.„ . ;,l,1
Millllfl|i|il I'numil In ri'-imrcliiisi- nny
■ if lhe mill In 1,1-riliii. t- mi mob tiilii*'
•in mnv be iiKl'iil nii'iti willi tbe lignl
l.i.lil, in il.Mi,.;, .'.'.>,, ht (',, 'In,- <-f
► file, or nil*" «iili'ii*<ii:i-ii* tlnn' nr llini**.
niul fill Peln.ntuii'i mi j-i'.jiiirrluiHi'il
sbiill   forthwith   In-   cuiicclli'd   arid     ile-
*■!,-,t. .-,1      *^C,l     Hi,    I ,-   |.'*'lif,     of    t ll l>       11,'-
liotllliii-*- *n ti*-|,llli'iiiui*il slniit In- liuiiln
III i'.m.*i'lucni'i- of sue'i ri'-puri'lui*'-.'
Thi* liy.Law *hnll inWn effect on the
I'lflofiith dnv nf May, A. P. 191ft.
ThU  Ilv-J,aw  limy   In-  elinl     for nl) ■
puijioseM     nn     t|u<     Cliv     of     1-Vrnl"
Wnnl Hi-Iiiiii| lly-l«iw  I91ii,
I nn." iuul iiimin'il In opr-n ChiiihH
nn   ll.e  1Mb  ilt,v of  Apt II.  A.   P..   I (Mil.
Hi i't-|VI'i|    Ilie    »ll"».-'lt    nf    till'    peopll'
" I-  ' tin-  „f .
A.   P.   Hi!*'.      -
Itecivniild.'riil   ntul     flnnllv     pinccil
ti'.-.A   hdniilMl   llili         it,'iv   nf. .    ...
i A.   P    tWHi.
'Pikf tintici- that ti,e ainivi' i< a iru«
. t,\,v -.I »li.- |,n,|.,.«. 1 Pv.I.aw upon
wliich tin- viite of Hi- Muni. Ijintlfy will
b.» iiih^n <T '*" I'liy r.f l-Vml.» on
Thiiin.lftv. ihr Mb  .l.tv  of    Mny.  A. P.
i*t\'X.   t*t«'lf'l   Iflr*   hi-HIf«   t,r   t,v,   oVIi-H-k
in tin- ir.i.tr.lnK .uul s in tl,.' rvrnlniC
-ir  n-,. fffr Mil!
tl. If. Ilmillnn.
I'lty. Clerk.
iviiiic. n. <*. Apri: i«. 'ui". *n*
""   ia
■ r<
- *> ]'
B.C.-APRIL 23, 1910,
The editor is not responsible for the
opinions  of  correspondents:
■,.--, ,j.'
Fernie, April 18,
Editor Ledger:.
Sir: As you recently called; atten-„
tion to certain needed improvements
in our postal arrangements I am venturing to''send you enclosed copy of
letter addressed by me" to*"' the postmaster' general, which speaks for itself. The government may. be rich
enough to do whatever may be necessary without having to wait indefinitely.
„ Yours faithfully,,
W. Lashley Hall
., To the Postmaster General, Ottawa:
Sir: May. I ask If anything can be
done to improve local arrangements as
regards post office here?
, I do not know whether .many communications have been received by
you, but from a gront numbor of cases
—many of which have .come under my
own notice, nnd some of which have
appeared !n the local press—thero appears to be a general feeling that
something more Is needed to meet pub
lie requirements, either In the way
of increased accommodation or Increased help, or both.
, "When the new post office was opened it was hoped that tliere would be
an end to the necessity to lose so
much time in getting business done.
But again and again it is found necessary to wait, and wait even to se-
. cure stamps.,
• This is sometimes due to the staff
sorting mail, and while this is in progress we understand "that no other
business can be done for an hour or
two. But is this business? Are the
public to wait until mail is sorted before being able to secure stamps? This
has happened times without number,
in fact R is'the general experience.
Then on pay days—once a month—
there is a congestion with , postal
banking business; or again if one happens to want a monoy order or secure
a registered letter, one may have to
wait half an  hour.     There  is  only
o one wicket for said money order business and registration.
Or again, if one happens to want
stamps, it may be that one will have
to wait in line while a score of people
are securing mail, who have no letter
. boxes.
Now all this would seem to .be not
. the most expeditious or accommodating to the public.
, Today I had a notice in my box of
a registered letter. I had some friends
leaving1 ori the' morning .train,' and
some letters had come to him addres*
sed in my care. I was not sure that
* the registered letter was not his, for
he had had a wire about the sickness
of his child in the States. I, however,
could not secure the letter on account
of the press of persons,securing money orders (pay day. Saturday;)
In this case tho othor wicket where
mail is served was for the moment
unoccupied, button applying there' I
was Informed that I must apply at the
noxt wicket; and when Informed that
I should, have to wait half an hour
was Informed that registered mall was
only dealt with thero. -
Now there ought to be at least three
wickets. One for monoy order business; ono for stamps and registered
mall, and one, If not two, for general
delivery. In times of pressure thore
ought to be two wickets for monoy'
orders, or even three, and two for
general delivery.
Tho amount of business clone Ir vory
largo, and tho department ought to
consider the needs ln this respect, I
am suro that it tho notico of tho do
partment is properly callod to tho situation somo Rtops will bo taken to remedy this unsatisfactory condition.
■ If thero Is Insufficient help, tho Department will be able to ascertain
what Is required.
Somo timo ago whon (llfisallRfactlon
had become very acute, In tho old
building'lompornrlly used, a professional Rontlemnn doing business In Ilie
town nildrossftd himself Io mo In tlie
poBt .offlco, and I mndo suitable answer ns to thn need of romodylng*
things. 11 Ih reply was: Who will boll
tlu- cat? That I« who would undertake what was a public duty but what
might soom unpleasant to privato Individuals on account of Inter-relations
of IniBlnoHH, otc,
Perhaps you will lift this whole nint-
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V(C-..!*■**!... *.-
ter out of a question of any private
dissatisfaction into that of a proper,
and impartial arrangement for the
better meeting of the public needs.
Whether due to insufficient help or
what; inquiry would ©licit that a great
deal needs to be done to place our post
office upon a satisfactory footing for
tho prompt despatch of business.
It has been suggested that collecting
boxes should be placed at either end
of tho city to facilitate mailing of letters on account of tho size of the town
and also thut individuals at each end
of the town bo licensed to sell postage
stamps. This would remody another
I remain, yours faithfully,
W. Lashley Hall
Plonso umlei'Htand that I am making no complaint with regard to the
postmnstei' or his assistants, becauso
I do not ltnow enough of tho internal
arrangements to speak to good effect
on tills bc'linlf.—.W. h. H,
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Phone No, 49
., *    1 *« **•


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