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The District Ledger 1910-03-05

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.,*. v.,,ic,,.,v*   „—i...,.««w»M(V-*wXn**[.,M*.,«,
Je ZIX i
-J«.sn.(!.  •J'i.'TJf-I' V"
Industrial! Unity fiis Strenartl-*
The Official Organ of district NoJ 18, U. Mi W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL, V.   No. 31
FERNIE,   B. C, Marcli 5tH,   19iO
$1.00 a Year
,•*.:) t i
.-, d*. Oi»t*iV*<_S?t;Jl wSw-wt-ri'irtt-rJi-Woif *-^ ntt*r*i.i*rtpn#+*+*^
■\C&\ '-i ••&&&*.
*      • ' *-**W    IV    A   -O <{";
•' fsy&wcs, raj,,.- •hv-^'K-.-'iv K^ssa^
, p,<".7'.',7,,^
*"""'- "' TAJN TERMS
H »■••» n.-su.**.  .-*-■
«1  - - J ■
The 'concluding Session of the U. M.
PAV. of A. convention was held yester-
^dajKaf teynqon.M-jjy'.hen ^ther.f remaining
M grievances and'j'otherimattera 'ot bus-
Mnesfc^wterejcl-^nedyup and the-.consti:
Itutlon as amended, adopted.   ■*,    - ,
8 On Monday the following telegram
-f, was forwarded by President -.Powell
Sto Sir ..Wilfrid' Laurler/ata'd' the!,'reply
, >hvas 'received yesterday aiid'-read'8-to
=*«Sthe convention:     ■  --''i .'i*'****'.   '*' yyi
I -|   , Lethbridge Alta., Feb. 28.
-ITo Sir Wilfrid Laurier,* „. -       •'„ ,-v
d        .  *  Ottawa i*'*1^'* ■>.*•.».+%•"<■* ^
■   | ',\Ve,:t^e delegates.of-District 18,.U.
|m. W. of A?,:-in"'con\'enHonI,assemi)leli"i
!..       ^representing, up ward's of'five thousand--
[\     |men and. believing--f rami prfess reports
I   ' r-ffkUs-tt      -t->m_i*     rrntrAnni-nAnf _ofl      Hn_t_i      art.
your..-government -■ has been ap-
' |klndred orpnizjitiops'_^
|of the* Combine -kw,-'empT_tfTcaliy pro-
„ *—.....—. .-■— -»..,. .».~u-~. ^ ,   ^
est d'informer nos collegues de langue,
etrangere des evchemehts d'importance
prenant place de temps a autre; Ies-
quels one ete jusqu'ici puBlies exclus-
ivcment,en,'a*iglais.^ ? Notre j. Intention
est dcvreniedier''a' cet*etat'de^choses,
dans la mesure du possible, et ceci est
not re. premier, effort, dans,cette voie.
Nous'"vou v prions ae.- nous 'accorder
votre sincere cooperation afin que
nous soyons a. meme de falre de be
.journal <votre~"organe official; une
source d'inforrnation par laquelle toils
nos abonnes seront tenus au cdurant
des'questions interessant Ies travail-
leu rs, npn^seulement dans ce. district
mais dans le monde entier.,
.  .'■ . - i ,t ., * .
Nous   nous proposons aussi.de tral-
ter d'autres sujets interessants;    ert
faiti nou(s..esperonsi>7avec    ie temps,-
faire dC'cette feuille'un agent educat-
eur de considerable importance.1
ViNotreibut.est, tout'd'abord -de cim-
enter Ies- liens d'amltie et'de fraternite
nationales et internationales, de telle
maniere,. que'jChaque.rnembreJde notre
pa'rti^se 'seiite imbu*!de "cet'esprit   de
solidarite qui    ne   connait   point   de
frdntleresV'et 'puiss'e^realiser qiie notre
'brdre a un seul objet un seul desir'
clever"et ameliorer'no's'confreres*saiis
ies a
*' Nous sonimesjarrives«aii,point »ou
-''■*-. t^.i,',141   _*i i.«.S.,.i)v.,.*.*3'r*.,
nous devons implorer votre indulgence
mais» apres~vous~ avoir-assure'que^ie
biit louable qui nous faitagir en soljd-
ifiant ^'organisation de. votre district
. -i "-
eft.l'ameljoration.de votreietat et que
nulle,,occasion    de    promulguer    Ies
, i   ';' ii.v;ii'/ ' 5 ,.
principles   de I'ordre ne sera perdue,
nous sommes certains que ('indulgence
derha'ndeeTnOfis sera accordee sans hesitation. } '   ."J
,,„ s ■ *.., -y ,'r,*.* x. i  y    :- J»
I JLa convention qui vient de terminer
son travail 'a Lethbridge fut marquee
par Je) desir, de tous delegues presents
de la rendre memorable. | " Quelques
problemcs-' tres" embarrassants * f u rent
Degislatures    Are    Petitiqned--Important   Changes
*■'*.••.■   *;.c        ',:,'■■"'•'.! ' .".'',?*,. .      ■
1    Constitution---Many   Reports   and   Resolutions
■',"";;., !'", _\dbpted"Prospects Bright For 1910 °
I? ^
^aRr^l^i^^a.ndJ'e.eLand. ,\ve...take„ this
-   opportunity of warning yonr-gpvern-
^nfent- tKat ^BUcfr'jactidn taking from* us
» );the' legitimate "right to  protect purj
"selves can otily result" tn our octh^
•'_ JlHeglUmt(Uy,^o^pfttf**jt^
; -inustl-aiSS^*miHt-do. _d,fcoiiedtly^ly. .Wo,
1;therefore ask' that, your■■ government
' will' not' consider .such,' an .unheard of
precedent under "any'' shape, 'form' or
heading. *.     ■
lrt.».«.■._«?«■■... W.B. Powell	
, President District," 18 U. M. W. of A.
• The following Js -a.copy.of.the i"eply.
■which wafe received' from the Prem-
'   'ler:
' ^V. B. Powell, President1 Dist. 18'.*''   '•-
i     U. M. W. of A„ Lethbridge:
., In answer to your tolegram of yesterday.; I * have,, to say thnt I am not
nwnr.e, thatj,tjij)...g.oyoi'nmeni;. has,;.beeii
appronehed to place labor unions and
"   'It lh"d i* e d' D. gn n i znt lo ii a "w 1th i ii' tii b scope
jof thecon-il)tne..Ia^.,If r8U0h„a .l-eauest
were miul*t?;,to iiBe;lt would;!), qur, duty
to Invito'tlie opinion of all labor or-
ffanlnnllons   on'. tho snmo nnd 'C-are-^
.fully consider tlio question 'from hlf
points of "view with the hope of ob-
.talnlng for. Its,solution tho .co-operation of nil law-nbldlng citizens.
"     WIlfi'Id'La'urlor.   ■'
The following roply at Dw wish of
tho convention was sent by Prosldont
Powell to. the Premier for his iifltnir-
■X •   ■ , t 'i,    t     •       i        '    i      'ii
.   Sir Wilfrid Laurier.    *
Yonr reply to hnnd,   This eonvpti-
' tloij Is rollovod liy yonr tnlogrnm tlmt
labor orgnnlKntloiiH will be consldored
Hlioulil tho cniiHo of our telegrnm mrc
tei'lali'/o, ,   .*'    •'*..,
W.B. Powell
•7)Mo*»t of.tho.dol-jgatoH In nt(«n-d.«nco
aV^tho convention!loft for,, tliolr ; vnr-
loi)N ihoijiOH bti tho daily trains'!; this
nibrnlng)'; j tlier,'dI«trIct,:pfficiTs leaving
fof Frunl'frvhVru&'n njjfi'eetniMit In'now
pah <JI n ar*i*J*>»> tj^oo i»,^t l» o-Vii cm .. b n d t opa ra t -
i a leur couleur ou.au.pays qui
;'svu-*naiitre.    -&''&,    '*!"-" Ji-'i'-i       "•'-
---*■'i      "i'-ii-\     :."i   '-..i,  ,    -
presentes, I'un d'eux lequel fut discute
a fond>oer- l-impfrrtance • de.'-.faire.uCon-
naitre a nos confreres d'autres nation-
aiite»7;ies questions liyant-rapport a
leur.IndustrieH'exploitation des houil-
teres, Ms:p«r cela Ies niettreCa/ meme
dlscuter lea matieres s'y rapportant
avec cqnnaissance de cause, et non
paa > eor-imb malheureusement ils le
tlrertt dans'lctpMse; iejsenftirf-negliflea
et meme Igndreo. ... .•:,''..
' II fut decide que,, des articles .pn
franoaio; . italltin et slovaque, et an
toute autre langue qu'il < nous sera
possible, d'lmprimer,„.devront.. paraltre
periodlquoment, et afln d'offrir aux
dlfferents locaux une opportunlte de
rendre .assistance dans le mesure de
leur pouvblr qu'iin correspondent special solt nomme par chacun pour
ecrire. dev petits articles dans Ies Ungues mentionnees cl-dessus.
II fut aussl decide* que la remuneration pour.leurs contributions sera la
meme que celle payee a nos correspondents'de langue anglalsei Maintenant
camarades rappelez vous que cecl est
votre-Journal,et que pour le falre reus-
sir; votre.aide est;abs'olunient'.necess-
aire,; nous sentons que ceci est' suffls-
ant pour vous indulre a falre tous vos
efforts afln d'orriver a un resultat si
desirable.'        ;
Done dans tout,,local, ou'II y a des
membres de langue franuaise pretsont
ia nomination immediate d'un correspondent, vous rapplelant toutefolu que
des sujets d'interet general sont
ce qui est requls.    	
•    (Lethbridge Herald Feb. 28): '    '
The convention'of"U.'M. W.' of 'A.
resumed their session's *at„the *L'abor
Hall this morning.' ' The '■' morning's
work "was the'considering of'recommendations from the constitution and
legislative" committee**?.""   7 -
The " 'constitution' was ■" amended
whereby all compensation claims will
be'handled,by tlu,''district Instead,"of
by the'local' unions' as''formerly. An
assessment of .five cents per month
per-member will be Imposed for a fund
for' thls"purpose'7'-' , ' tf ,.....!
■ ' MK Garner of'Michel stated'in connection ' with' this' motion that. in_ the
past' year,'over $15,000 had been'cqll-
ected lh compehsa't'loh 'at a"cost to__the
local of about ?50(j.'     /   ''",'''   ' ,',' '
'The" following'report* submitted by
the'legislative "committee was'uriani-
rnously adopted by the convention, and
'copies ordered'to"'be sent aVo'nce to
tlie'legislatures of'the different.' 'provinces hi "the" district. ,",,7,.'
The committee recommended that"a
copy of "the'following resolutions be
forwarded to. the Premiers, 'Cabinet
■Ministers-and-represen tatlves.vof,-min-
ing-'Constitueneles-'Of" the provinces
concerned. -    '      1
■ T:j'That'-w:e, therdelegates*'of;District
18 U. M. A^. of A. In convention assembled at Lethbridge, appeal to the Hon.
Premier; 'ah-f-legislati'vi. members of
the Provinces'' of Alberta and Saskat-
providing forv an.. examination of persons seeking employment as coal miners, similar .to - the .Acts: now, in force
iniB: .Ciand including a'provlsiori that
official records of questions asked and
answers given, shall.'.beikept by the
Examining Board,, which.records shall
,be.open to.Inspection upon.request.....
2: To1 make .certain amendments ..to
the Coal Mines Regulation/Act i'el'at-
ive to plans which" shall proytdeHhat
plans be posted'at-the entriaiice^lto
every mine, having all outlet's*4*and
roads leading thereto, cqnsplcuousiy
marked, .providing also that In addition, to the provision of .the first*, portion of sub-section 17, that at any time
Outlets arc changed they shall be lm-'
mediately poBted on such plan.
H. "That we petition tlie. legislative
assemblies of D. C, and Saskatchewan
for the enactment of laws relative-to
the establishment of rescue stations,
and thnt copies 6f tho bill already forwarded to thb legislative bodies of B,
C. and Saskatchewan, with a strong
appeal that ttiey be noted upon,' and
alfio that thiB convention strongly urgo
upon tho members of tho legislative
iiBsombly In Alberta, the Immediate
passage of tlie bill nlready submitted
to them.
4: That rule If)-—A. be amended by
adding nftor the word "Timber" nnd
Clay for Stemming.
' J>: That we appeal to the legislative
assembly, of Saskatchewan for the enactment of laws hvthe Interests of the
mine workers In that province, similar' to the' Coal' Mines Regulation Act,
Eight'Hour Bank to .Bank' Law, • and
the Workmen's'Compensation Acts pf
Alberta. ' ',.'' , •-
.",'6. That Rule 33 be amended by" the
striking out. of the four words "Chosen
from among themselves" and substituted therefore '"Nbt\necessarlly composed of Employees of the Company."
, [ 7. That .ive petition' the governments
*•■••.• "-,- RESOLUTION*
"Resolution unanimously adopted at
tlie seventh annual; convention of Dist.
IS,- U.' M.W, of' A.',' Western "Canada,
held in the City.of_ LethiJ_dge, Alta.,
Feb.'23,'l'910;: ;-":V "''   '   '*--'•
i1;- '-."■ -  ■ ■   'i  .*.  * .■ -
Whereas: The,,majority of,.the min-;
ers hi.Nova Scotia, a-wakened to'real-"
ize that a Provincial Unioii7>yas" unable' to protect their interests and to
achieve any success to ameliorate
their condition as wage workers? in
that country, so. as to secure to themselves a'full'arid'complete share of the
results of their-labor, which the Coal
Operators' of 'Nova'. Scotia deny them,'
■and-T -v r- ■ ■•* '■> ,■-.'..- ' r- *
■vWherea's:'. The said-\Mine Workers
decided-'' by a majority vote' to 'link
their* destiny and 'join their!interests
the so-called Labor Leaders of the P.
W. A. In their action, by continuing to
work and try to discourage our"brothers who are taking part in the modern
labor movement, which is rapidly uplifting , the wage working masses
throughout the civilized world,'by assisting" the local corporations to try
and lead the mine workers into defeat,
and, '    - -
' Be it Further Resolved':-That we appeal to'the International Executive to
continue the- fight until a successful
termination, and-that-a copy of this
resolution be forwarded to the International Executive Board and to Dis
trict 26.
salvation,' to; bring light. Into their
homes,1 hope to the hearts and aspirations of*modern -times, so. that' they
may be. able to enjoy, the rights and
privileges •-which helong to them as
mine; workers,-thug,.^teps, reaulted ln
the Coal" i Operators, "■'discriminating-
against*.them.,b>;,thro.wlng. them out
of employment andf refusing to recognize' the^iinjbn:-,'pf,'.their choice, Into
such'.a'nCextent ?,th'at''6ur International
Executive decided to; declare a strike
oh--July-6tn, 1910, which our brothers
responded to In ,a noble manner, and
. Whereas:. The so called' Labor' leaders of the Provincial Workmen's'Association are assisting the coal corporations k to defeat' the Mine Workers,
and try and prevont them from securing justice:'     ' '   ,
Therefore be it Rosolved: Thnt we.
the delegates of the Seventh Annual
Convention of the United Mine Workers of America, Western Cnanda, con-
griitulate bur brothers In Nova Scotln
In thoir, noble fight for their rights,
and the rights of all wage earners
throughout tho civilized world, nnd
here today we go on record that we
pledge our moral and financial support
if hecoBsaryi to bur brothers, until they
secure honorable and advantageous
ndJuBtmoniB of tliolr grievances, and',
Be It Further Reiiolved: Thnt we
most bitterly condemn the action of
of B. C, Alberta and Saskatchewan to
enact'a Two-weekly Pay'Bill.. *    "
' 8/ -That we petition the respective
governments of'the*provinces to pass
laws relative ■ to." the sanitary,, conditions," and (.government, inspection. of
blink, houses," cook shacks, and wash-
houses in all mining camps.   .
The afternoon session of the convention was.taken up ,'with. the .report
of:. the,, constitutional. committee, and
the committee on officers'.reports.,.
;. It was 'decided-to allow Article 1,
See) 7 of-the constitution;-in* regard to
the placing of names ion .the, ballots
the same as previously, each .name
ap*peai-ing-' at* > the-top * an -equal, num-
ber of .times. ■::"■ *■ *•- -....-.-"li:.-'-
'-"An amendment to'the'section dealing with/delegates,'to the convention
was carried whereby locals are^entltl-
'ed to1 send one delegate'for" each five
hundred members of fraction 'thereof.
'! -A'" fesolutldrt ■' that*'hcV'mdre. '^ilgree-
nients" be signed until „,the cavellng
system Is Inserted in all contracts was
left over till the next regular
convention oh account of the strenuous opposition opposition that would
be" made to introduclng'lt at the present time ,
The resolution stated that the company should.appoint one man, the miners one and these two choose another
and that these, three, men should decide In what, place the miners should
work ovory three months.
, It was held that this would do away
with favoritism from the bosses, and
give -every man nn equal chance for
the best plnces.
The remnlndor of the session wna
taken up with the report of the committee on officers' reports.
*.-■ Nostre presente programma'e di'in-
formare i nostri associati di lingua
straniera, che e nostra intenzione di
riprodurre di tanto in tanto gli avveni-
menti presenti, che. fino ad era sono
stati stampati solo jn lingua inglese,
e hoi ora abbiamo determinate di rime-
diare a questo stato di cose nel seg-
uente modo:
La vostra cooperazione sincera ci e
necessaria, affinche nol non solo div*
erreno I'organo ufficlale fra i lavora-
tori e specialmente fra i minatori, ma
saremo in grado bensi. di fornlre
notizle di generate inter'esse e da ogni
parte de mondo.
Nostro scopo e di sviluppare questo
programma affinche questa pubblica-
zlone sia agente non indifferente di
educazione. per fa classe opcraia.
Prlmo scopb e dl consolidare i leg-
ami di amicizla e di nazionale ed in-
ternazionale fratellanza, al fine che
ogni membro del nostro partito, sla
pieno di quello spirito di solidarieta
che passa ogni frbntlera, e che mostri
che il nostro programma ha un solo
fine"=u'n solo desiderlo, I'istruzione ed
il' migiioramento delta nostra classe
operaia'i senza conslderazione alcuna e
del colore e del paese nel quale' essi
videro al luce.
Noi siamo obbligati di domandare la
.vostra indulgenza anche   dopo *, avervi
assicurato che noi siamo spinti da un
ardente desiderio'di   .solidlflcare I'or-
ganizzazione del, dieciottesimo distret-
;to, e.iche noi non lasceremo mai per-
dere   I'occasione- e   l^opportunita     di
promulgare   i'gloriosi    principi ,della
nostra istituzione, e, noi, speriamo che
questa . indulgenza ci. sara .anticipata
senza esitazione.;    '--7v     -i   ~. - -
, La ..convenzione che  appena  ora e
finita in Lethbridge ha,dato origine in
ciascun delegate, a dei principi vera-
mente degni    di considerazione nell'.
attesa di renderli irrevocabilio. Parec-
chie, ardue questioni furo.no .discuase:
Una di.queste che attiroli piu alta
attenzione, fu la necessita di tenere j
nostri  lavoranti stranieri  ai,tcorrente
delle questioni riguardanti il loro lav-
industriephe ne derjyano ecc., affinche
essi siano h'ella pos'sibilita di dlsciitere
su quest! soggetti, e non, siano, come
per ij, passato tenuti nel buio e nella
ignoranza.'.'     ', 7  .
Fu deciso allora che una pagina in
.F^eeae,'*. iri-'Jtallano e. jn .Slavo, (ed
anche in altre lin'gue ,so poasiblle)
fosse stampata perlodlcamente, e affinche do »la posslblie fu deciab'di iceg-
Here un corrispondente nolle . llngue
gia dette e dl pagarlo nella steisa
maniera ceh ora noi paghlamo I nostri
corrispbndenti. Inglesi.
Ricordatevi dunque o lavbratorl che-
questo e il vostro giornale, e che per
ottenere un successo pbtitlvo del nostro principle, nol abbiamo biiogno del;
la vostra cooperazzione.
Scegliete adunque senza perdere
tempo, nella colonla o nel vostro -sir-
colo un Itaiiano che sia capace di sop-
portare questo posto, e ricordatevi nel
vostro Interesse; dl laaclare da parte
ogni Interesse e slmpatia personate,
ma solo scegllere colul che sleura-
mente potra proteggere gll Interessi
della .classe operaia,
FIREMAN *      .
ST. DAVID MARCH 1st.    ,
"Cymru nm byth."       •>
Oertd gormod or-olrn nr dywornod
cyntnu   or wythnos I cnl   gwyld   y
cen In.
MARCH 17th
• b
The City Fathers were all In their
places, and answered roll call with the
exception-of W. G. Barclay. - 'It was
deemed advisable to' practice a little
economy and a reduction, of one fireman- was decided upon until such time
as the 2*1 hour service "was'adopted.
Power, Water;'Light reports were
submitted and a lively 'discussion' ensued, which resulted In*the "passage of
one, but the .light! report was referred
back- to the committee in charge.'*"'
The question, pf. the obstruction ot
Thompson street resulted _in. the G. N.
being notified, that unless thc act was
complied with in futuro the.law,governing*, such cases .would be,,enforced.
The* fire chief was.instructed to at- *
tend toj ,tho,j removal, -.of. the,. Roma
hotel, complaint having been made by1
the tenants of. the, brick "buildings adjoining that it.was a standing menace
ed Insurance rate. . ,,.
Tliere -was considerable- correspond-
enrc: .inuch however, was tabled, as
It was felt that the,new council were
entitled, to. consideration, iand as a
matter of courtesy; have something to
begin ..their efforts on.: >,   *..,
The following names' have been mentioned as prospective candidates:, ...
Thomas, Beck ,
.8. P. Wallace
, R. Duthie ... .   '.
A. H.,Cree ,     ,.- *"-
F. Johnson ,
W. Scott ,      .  '     '
, C. J. Dlgby .
W. Morrison * >
We have Just learned that thore aro
nt least two who have reconsidered
the question and will remain in the
quiet shndes of private, life.
It litis been n source of deep meditation to pork pnckei-K how to retain tho
squenl of the pig. This has been solved by two young men of Albany N.
Y., who nre undor arrest for their efforts on hohnlf of commerc-e—thoy
used chloroform."
A ruRUliv*''general niofeilnV of. _iiio
F«nilu Donrdof Truilo wliriirf'holil'lir
the council olmnibei's on Monday ev<
enliiK. .Mnrch Tih,'«t*8. oVloeh-r '■■ This
--ht-i-tlng will bo the Inst heforn tho
ttnmml KiMienil meeting on Mnrch 24,
*A lnvirn' nt trill dnlipfi ■(« 1nnVi«it fnv nn
tho retiring offlcorB nnd nvc-Tiulv-n will
ifrobahly" ninlce somo reroniiunniln.
Ipns fortho romlng yonr, * It Ib gon-
ernlly (.oiicodyd that in order, to nil-
vaniM* tlio IntorPBtH of, this dUtrlct nn
A«*»oHnf'-»rt' llnnnl nf Trnrtr- nf "Rai-t
Kootenny (should lie formed,
"■H ' ji ■^^n
[U '*P0ZOR   '
*.-) 11*1*1*0 lfiBliodnrtto v |ionli'(liulJ km»-
Vf»» tMlhlvniulJ v I^'tlihrldK*' */.•• V|i5i'lkl*<
lUty \n I-'i'iuicunUi-J, TaliniiNkilj n
filnvniiKkoJ nmju lilt |MMlnul» Nkii-m
UntJinrivciiicliu (liijil»uviinhln, 'Ink mi
(I>n'«l*) wktot-leh mu MUvlnrtnkl l>rntin
unfutuivlt (l(i|H't«»vilt<iIil v Irh v«-ct clin
*kAv. Tortto enanjita Jc i»i*Kiirtn iihlo-
k*|ior lw narwdniij vimlrnki « mi
|tlU_ttMi|MMl|M»t» »wl v m-tkluli ktoriih
wtn tlknf
.",*  ■'   *"*■'.   ' ',   ' *■    ^,"
. '■'•* i-  '' i'T".   '.''.' *' ''■'■'•
'.   ,,'\ "':  ' i   ,■.. >     '■ •*>'.*'  . *■      '! ■■
'     "    'MAYOO OUT-'
A Btrlko of Mi-Mnnmb'-iH of Dw llro-
tln.Tlioo.1 of Locomotive Firemen nnd
ICInglnemeii oil tho-'N'orlliurii Pnclflc
nud (hi-iit Xortlioni Ih probable within
a Hhoi't.tlmo.
Tho Htrlliu vote hiu-i alinndy heen taken mul thn* qiKMtfon of Htrlklng enrr-
h»d hv nn overwholniliiiT mnllSvlfv Tho
one thing loft to be decided Is whnn
the Rtrtkn on tho roads will hn on 11-
od,;..       -,-., ' -•     ., ■     ';•
When tint Htrlku ordor lu, lnHiiwi It
will offoet probably all of the flromon
on Iho (Irout Northern ond NorTlmrn
Pacific nnd ul;oiit jo put,cent of the
(Mitfln^oin ou Hie Northern Pnclflc nnd
nbout 15 pur cent of the engineers on
tho (1.   N. ■.,*..     JI"
Admit Strike probable
Thu nrothtrhood ut LoiotuolUti Kn>
glneera hns no trouble'and will not he
uffw-Unl by thi« Htrike if It is itHlcil,
but, a imnll..percentage of the ohkIh*
cera on both tbe syitems ure afttllatfil
with tho locomotive firemen and on-
glnemni and the,.Btrlko order will affect these.      .   t       .*. ,
itwuibcv*'4,af Ihu'LucuuvuUvu Flrumun
Knglnc-mon In thin city today admit
ted thnt the strike wuh probalilo and
might be cnllfnl within a short time,
hut staled that tho definite date wnB
not. known here,
Several Days Yet '
Advices from Mliiuciipolia stntn that
tho Htrlku would bn culled lodny, hut
thlH Ih denied by Iocnl mombors of
tho ardor who ndnilt that n striko will
probnbly lw rullcd but thnt tho strike
order will not bo IhhiumI for Hovernl
diiys ntlonHt,
The houiu of work In (lie coal minus
of Di.'lKillm nrn ii'ntik'tcil tn nlno n dny
hy thu now Iuwh rocontlv pntnod by
tlio Uolglan 8onato.
Jt Ih only lu the largo mines that
mopluiiilenl nppllniiooa nvn nund nn-W-
ground, nnd the now lnw will either
Hhui many of thoHi* down or rompoi
ihem to adopt thono appliancoD; or It
may lie Hint Dwy will be absorbed by
the1 larger rompnnloN.
Ilut D\a undulating ehnrnrrer of tho
conl HonniN In many of the milieu wll!
mako It difficult to uso ronl cutting
machlno*; ho that the result of the
now law' with nlno hours work from
bank to bonk muat rt-dtrlct the coal
first 8l.\ nppoaroil beforo  Magistrate!
Aloxniidi't*. nnd  pleaded guilty, 1m:Iii>c !
fined -510 and costs, '
On tho  121 li of Fobruiiry a sonroh'
wns mndi- tu tho Michel colliery of
tho Crown Nost Pass Conl Company, *
with tho I'i'Hiilt thnt tho following iijimi
wore found with mntchoH niul hiiioIc- *
Ing mntci'lul in their pohhchhIoii iiniln'-;
M, Pletro i
I), Doplno
| ' .lohn Ciiiunilim-4
i    Phillip llliickn
j    Hot mm HiiiiHDii ;
,   poto"Miiii-)iiiiui* :
.lolni Sobriilgi-,, !
W, Piiiki'i'toii
':     aii-vo Milk i
|    T!ioh(> nn'ii npp'iiri'il at Mii.'ln'l   be-'
i fori* Mimhiiriiic Ali<xandi*r,     pleiulod > w,,° "'',,','
j'-fiillty nml wi'ii. flii.-il $10 ami costs, | »l <'h, i..ni'h.«I a highly dniminl.* .h-
I with th..* exception of Stovo Mak, who! iiuiiorlioiit by Ills roffroiice tn tin* m<
wiin nin.'ii $', nml costii.
On thn Tin of Fohi'iuiry tho following I'inployoH of thu c'idwh N'oHt PriHs
foul Cninptiiiy ut Oml ('i'i<nl< wi*n>
«onrclind undorgrotiitd nud found to
hnvo In thoir pnMHi'wiloii mntohoH' niul
HiiioKIng niiilui'lul: ';
A, C, Htuvoiuon
Lulgl Ventura "
.\, DoBtopnn
Ji'., Crt/l-ii. un , ,*.,..
.lohn Apploii
'   P<*i«*r K1IU
J, CIhhoii
Thoso men woro charged with a via-
wtiiou nt uih coiii   Mitn's Hoguliiiion
Act, nnd on ihe 'iH ot February,   theitlw, Asm'inbly today which    confoiH
 in> _; manhood suffrage on tlm pt-opln , of
_> * ****<*•_*_»♦_*»♦_-! *N,'0Vt' S(,°,|tt'
i ^,	
During tho month of January tho
output from Clyde shipyards amounted to 22.!i00 tons. TIiIh Is about tho
average for that month, but It Ih
somewhat significant that UiIh flguro
haH often boen oxcocdod even In the
"80b," which BiiggOHtB that Bhlpbulld-
Ing Ih not mnklng tlio progress thut It
should. Shipowners, especially (Iioho
who donl In cargo only, are suffering
from the offortH of low frolghtn, and
mull thoro Ik n miirked Impiovemont
In this direction thoro will be no de-
maud for now* tonnngo,
Moiintlmo. thoro |« n nood donl of
admiralty work on hnnd, but HUh only
iiffectH iihrmi hnlf (i doitnn ynrdK nut
of about fifty on tho rivor. Whilo u
fow of (ho hitler nro well omployod,
lho majority hnvo only mifflolonl Iiiih-
Iiiohh on IiuihI to hoop thlngH going;
othors iii*nIn hnvo nothing whntoior
on tho Hini'lvH.
Thoro l.*, hnwovor u moro hopoful
I'l'i'llnu umiiim Hhlpliitlliloi-M, th(> riuiHo
Ot whloh ciiii Hciircoly ho fnicod;  hut
tl'i'i'o nppom'H in ho nn oxiioi'lntloii of
coniildointilo now oiiti'iH holng plncod
| in Mio iiciir fut (in*.
j    Coul   iihl|iii)ii-ilH  hIiow  ii  hllght   In-
mi'inbi'i* from  fnlKiiry,   Mr,  llonnoii,; ni'iinn ut pi Icon whlo.h lmvo an upwurd
a l'l\o Iioiiih iloiuiticlntory, tciidi'iu-j.
lu tho '-'U-.'Hhtii- Ititcn trndo liiiHltioHH
ooiitlniioH fnlr. wllh  n  lnwlor ilomtnii?
Tho prim ipnl Inplc of iniucMiiiInn
il'i'o.iiilsiiiit Dw lirovliioo nf Allioriu fs
tlio dlwoloHiiroH    mndo by tho Jutiloi*
HALIFAX. Mnrrh Ii—\ frrtvpi-timnnt
ml   wok ilitioiltii:i,'d  In  tin*  Ilotisu of
KotmtioiiH cunni-i'teil with iho chong- j for fine goods thnn for the medium
!fih n( (ho (•'•'■'plu-iii* i*>tHi.nii iu nu mud lioiivy gnideti. For Hprlng dolly,
inilonintlciilly upomted onu, In which j ery to tho Unliod 8taiP» there Ih a
ho ftini.id thnt Dw flguro montloni'v! j veiy luigo amount of liiihlnunH to or-
wus in hi; JTS.OOii. nml thi' Hiking of | dor. For some littlo tlmo past, buy-
tho old HWltrh,     To (juoio "Wo iiHoor-; urn hum bi-ou ciidon<iorlng in nurdim--**
To Whom it May Concern:    *
Tako nolle** that I will not bo i»-
aponalhle for uuy'dehta coniractod by
my Wlfo. Kllznbeth King Dunlop ior
Fernl<» fl. C. March 5, lSlfl. **   -*
Word lias just boon n»colv-
ed from the .Supt. of Imml
grntlon thnt ho tuts nn on-
M»»lry from \V<nnUt, Ahordnre
Walea, asktiig for Information
about one John (.'happen, aw
wife Is anxious, nnd when last
heard from ho wm in Dw
♦ l     OTTVWA.   Minrh   I—ronduoinr  T
♦ ltt*yi]nM« nf -In' C, I», lt„ whoso Iwmlc
trondiici tn H-nciiIng pa*Hon«orH frotu
iho mihmo'-i'*>l car* In the rwout C, P.
It. wivcU m .-"punish river, oariiod foi
him tho Aliifi't modal, pnld u vUlr u,
tho parlinmoitt hulldlnir* intlny, nod
wa.s waniilj coiigratululed hy Sir Wilfrid Lnurlor nml n. h, nonleu.
iitllivit 11)11111 i'iniiiu> 11IHI lho lilMM'lioy. ■
gonornl wnn oppmioil to thnt oxpondl-1
ture, nnd tho K'Mitloiiutii who ropro-!
Bonted thnt tolophotio nyMom In hu;
piovlnro In coiinoutloii with tho hobo-,
tlntlons wiih mill tlmt If IiIh <ompnuy;
would put up *|!2rti*o fnr '*io r-sini'tinttrn
fuiulB of the uttonioy gencrnra oler- j
i hni, th» hill xxtmll ti« <vr 'hiDugh
tm $'.CMD, mul thoy I'imlil tiilvi' tho,
old Hwltoh hoard."
t'pnil Asking IiIh (-olloiigio* Mr. -"usli*
lug whoihor It wn» truo or mIko, th"
-•■■iiior memhor for Oak>:-. I'-plIod,
■■Suli-iirtiirhilh' trti.-,"
in wmi'-thing uiuh'i' -ijuoraiIonm. lit
which n ('oiiHldciiiblo IhihIiiohh coiiM
hnvo boon dono, but ho fnr ihoy IuiVf
hnd to conci'ilo the full ndiiiiii.*-'. In
thu south of SUotluiul iwiM-d mnmifno-
tiiii-iH Imvu bot.it fairly well omploy**d
all'l   a  ( oiuldi ', Mi:   litlliiiii i   of  Iiiuiiih
which hnd ln'i'ii lying idlo for Homo
uuii.tl.ii Intvi' .ih.iiu ln*i*i) |,UiiI'll in operation. The tiOHlery IiiikIiiohh of thla
dUtrlct l(- fully i*rnployod, and n«vorul
fncforioh nro i-lthor working untra
hour* or doiiblo shlftR,
l'/i>,ii)i''*).-., hiith luuuiif nn.I grMiL-rul,
I-T'*   I.'*-ii  fa!;!;   v,<.'lt v;U.iilo>od. Wui
Ail investigation will b» mndo into iu tho mnlillng nud nllloij trinlon thorn
Mi- whole traiiBactlon, I* "!U iimiii for -m-.'it ImpM-iomonr, - ^ r.**-^.;.  ..-   \,, *r
NISMES, Feb. 26.—The convention
hall Is large, profusely decorated with
red. ' A large streamer over the platform bids tho delegates welcome. The
other streamers bear such well known
inscriptions as: "They,who would be
free must strike the blow," and also
•"Workers of all countries, unite."
Along the walls are the banners,of
the various local organizations; one
of the banners is torn into shreds.
' "This one has been through the electoral battle; the radicals tore it to
•pieces," explained the organizer to
The morning session was presided
over by the Socialist mayor of Nismes
Comrade Hubert Rouger. On his right
and left were two, ex-mayors of the
city, Comrades Pierre and Vallette, the
last of whoiii was . removed. by order
of Clemenceau.
<* . Man From Belgium Speaks
" In* my capacity of fraternal delegate
"from Belgium I addressed the convention, trying to enlist their sympathy
lor the abolutlon df the*tax on immigrants; which confers a great hardship
upon jinany, Belgian workers compelled
to seek a livelihood across the frontier,' and tends to divide' the wage-
'e'arners'of"tlie'several nations.
In   the'afternoon after the re"adlng
of ''the parliamentary report,  --Herve
representatives are here to see'that
no such a,thing happens. I am not, in'
favor of the money remaining idle. It
should be use dto start large national
industries, such as the development of
coal'"mines; to further social reforms,
such as the building df sanitary dwellings. "Would that be stealing the contribution of the workers? The law
when it is presented in the Chamber of
Deputies should be amended, but it
should receive our support, it will be
a great power toward the furthering
of our ends.      ' ,   -'.
Must Vote
"There are three things we can do
—vote for the bill, vote against the
bill, or abstain from^yotlng altogether.
By. merely withholding our votes we
might accomplish the downfall^of'the
measure, but such a course would be
unworthy of a great political party,
and would be a powerful weapon to use
against us In the hands of* our ene*-
mies, I know there are some in our
ranks who are opposed to all law; ■ it
is for the convention to decide whether
or not they ,are. In accord with such
tactics." ''     ".,     ■ ,* ,' :
Here Herve protested.        ,-   '.*
"When the shoe fits let him put' it
dn," answered Renaudel and the delegates laughed.   •,
"The^only argument against our
support to the measure," said Renaudel finally, "is that the syndicalist' unions have declared against it, butthe
syndicalist .unions are opposed to all
political action, so'we need not;take
anynotice of their antagonism. .The
working class and its representatives
in the Chamber of Deputies should
strain every nerve to Improve the measure, but we should lend it our' support."    ° ' f 7
Comrade Groussler made a vigorous speech. He questioned the correctness of statistics'published iri l'Hum-
anlte by' Comrade Lafargue,. which
tended-to'show that the government
"made his now well known attack upon
, the representatives in the Chamber of
Deputies', claiming" that they had degenerated into a mere radical bourgeois clique, Those who have heard
Herve know his caustic manner of debate'.'* * For about an hour,he poured
the vials of his' wrath oyer •thei head
" of the deputies, and* at* the end he
announced that he was going to leave
the party. "You have asked for my
expulsion at every convention," he
siild; "very well, I am going,to accommodate you. There is no reason
why I should any longer confer upon
you a revolutionary character which
you do not possess." When Hervo
left: tho tribune a delegato cried after
him "Good-bye and many thanks to
you." .    -
Pension Debate
Tlie great, debate on tho old age pension bill took place today. During the
discussion the various factions of tho
Socialist'party clashed. Thero Ib in tho
first plnco the so-called reformist faction, led by Jauros and Vnlllant; tho
"rogulaiH," led by that grand old man
Jules (Juesde who unfortunately, cannot bo present at tho convontlon on account of lllnoBB,' nnd tho "Insurrection-
iBts," Iod by Herve.
The point of vlow of tho "regulniH"
was slated clearly by Comrade Mnrlus
AndroH, tho first orator.    Ilo claimed
that tho party Hhould not support tho
hill bocniiHo It. wns a bwIikHo tho gov-
ernemnt wnntod to porpotrnto upon the
working daHfl. In tho flrnt plnce, pnrt
of lho monoy for tho old ago jiuiihIoii
would hnvo to bo contributed by the
workorH thi'msulvoH, und would be deducted from their wngoH. In the hoc-
ond plnco, tho bill provided thnt. ono
hnd to bo OS yearn old boforo It bo
ennift uohbIIjIo to draw a poiiHlon, and
thlH practically mount that tliotiHiindB
of workers who hnd contributed to tho
old ago pension fund would novor benefit by lt; In tho third plnco, tho money
could he iihoiI by tho government to
flnniine caplttillHtle BchomoH.     For all
Uioho reasoiiH ho claimed that lho 8o-
cIuIIhU Hhould  not   ovon  attempt   tn
amend the hill but that thoy ought to
kill It outright,
Comes from Labor
Tho position of the reformlHtB wor
splendidly Hot forth by Comrndo Hen-
audol,     "It Ib truo," snld Rcnaudol,
"iiihi part oi mu muii«i> ii»» tu hu km
lilbulitl  by  Iht:   h'm'h'U'   1h( mrclver.
but we must not forget thnt the gov-
prnment Is going to conlrllmt-n a eon-
fildernble nmount." Horo Ilwinudol wnn
Interrupted hy n delognte who rrlod
.... .      .      ...       ..ii ...,,,
Vi luta-ili  tt.v'  nu>.>-n.....'. >■'. *.'-...  ,..,*.-■ -.
Ih robbed from our labor JiiBt the
aairio!" "True," said llcnauilcl, "but
thnt will bo the caso with any kind of
old ago ponlRon bill that might be
Introiluoed; If wo are going to occupy
thnl position we might n« well sny
right off that we do noi want any
kind nf hti old nuo pension Mil. that wr.
do not wish tn hw anything like Ddr
done." II
This tliriiBt aimed at the "Insurrectionist*," was reeolwil with great np-
"You any the nov-uium-jut v-llt «**at
tie part contributed by the worker*."
continued Henaudel,     "The gnrlfllUt
had^misappropriated money contriluu--
ed by the government employes toward
an old age''pension fund of their own.
"In 1908, 35 "million francs were "contributed, by the employes, and 98 million francs were contributed by the
government." „       u>        -' 7 J    __,.
.'. ' Minimum AB** ;'*'V-V?? '„•'
The, comrades "have been' . making
fun of the minimum age* of 65 .years,
which one has,'to.,attain before draw-
ing, a pension,"and 'have.'humorously
called the old ago pension law a "law
foi* "the pensioning", of the. dead'."., .
"Groussler,pointed out that with certain provisions. It was,possible for ,a
workingman to draw a pension at 55.
He, however, woiild have to suffer a
reduction. This, was a feature of the
law which could be amended. "Furthermore," said Groussler, "there are thousands of workingmen who do reach the
age of 05 nnd who would be benefited
by tho law. At present no less than
throb hundred thousand workingmen
of that ngo receive assistance. In England no less thon three hundred thousand workingmen of over seventy have
been benefited by the old ngo pension
law.* The syndicalists nro opposed to
tho lnw; woll, whnt of that? Today
tho most revolutionary nmong.the syndicalists are even opposed to nil collective bargaining botwoon working-
men nnd employers,"
Comrndo Albert, the next Hpeakor,
hIiiIoh" thw c-aHO very clearly. Tho
meiiHiiro Ib not nil that might bo do-
Hired, lt. Ih Hot quite iih bad iih Homo
would mill*1/1 It out to he. Tho fitnte Ih
to cnnrrlbnto botwoon Ilk" nnd ITS million fnini'H. This Is nbout threo tlmos
aH much iih Ih contributed by tho German government townrdH the old ago
poiiHlon fund In thnt country, In Hplto
of tho fact that tho population of Germany Ih Ofi per cent larger thnn that
of Frnnce.
Comrade Ileiinrd, necietnry of tho
Federation of Textile Workei'H and ardent mlliorent of (luoHdo, Hpoko against
tho law. , "The government,"' ho Bald,
"iiHkH much und given littlo, He on-
Inrged coiiHldornbly on this topic, and
hii Id that the worker wnnt nn old ago
poiiHlon law entirely financed by tho
government. He warned the fjoclnllst
pnrty of the wrath of the workers If
thoy allowed rcducllonu lo bu made
from their acnnly wages.
Characteristic Incident
Hero a characteristic Incldont took |
plnco. Whun Ki'iiurU wa* ruudy 10
dcKcend from tho platform, Kvituudel
got up and tnld, "What Is your con-
c'ltiBloii, rtoiinrd? ir no better luw can
bo obtained. Hhall the BorlullstB vote
iignliiM the ju'CHent project t
Then Hennrd remomburod   that' ho
wiih not only a RoclnJUt, but also the
represontntlvo   of forty thousand   organized textile workors, who want nn
old n«o pension law no matter how lm-
pirf'-'-f, nnd ho annwurrd: "Tho So-*?-
InllBt leprcsentatlvcs must vote for the
'M\x, but  they  must  do nil In their
1 power to have It ttmeinU'd,"
j    The opplsuae   ihat broke out when
j Hennrd pronounced thew word* waa
j tremendous. Itenard, when deneendlng
'thr.* tflbune *««» ghen nn o*i*1!on, Ou-
I j- fho  ropr^n^nffirlv-"*? frnni  flirt d*-
partment of the north—Ui«- Merve t*&
tion—ant Immovable.
(Xew York Call)
* Three dead,.nine-dying, ninety one
seriously injured, hundreds suffering
from bruises and cuts—such Is the record of losses in the civil Avar that has
been raging In the city of Brotherly
Love for four days past.   _
Besides the losses' In men (also women and children) there are also the
losses In material. Three hundred
cars are reported to have been destroyed or wrecked. This loss ;. '.vlll
fall not on the traction company; that
constitutes one party ^0 this war, but
on the city. '       *
. For such is this "sacred and inviolable rule' in all warfare between" capital and labor. The losses of Labor
naturally fall upon Labor; but'the
losses sustained by Capital*have to
be made good by the entire body of
citizens. ,' ''   "',
The company is, exerting all possible pressure to have the entire state
militia moved to Philadelphia.'' "Why
shouldn't it?' .The cost of maintaining the troops would fall on the entire
community, and not on the belligerent
people that provoked-the war. The
state'authorities, including Senator'
Penrose, boss of the Republican organization of the state, are reported to be
averse to bringing the state troops to
the city.
They fear that the entrance of the
militia would be the signal for a general strike.. ' r *'-•.''- .
-For the "same reason the general
body of business men are stated to be
opposed to tlie entrance of the state
troops. ' . * --- - '* * -* ' _;-- ' 7
duce .professional strikebreakers * to
take* the bread^out of their mouths,
and -imprison 'their' leaders/ set' upon
themthtrpolice and state constabulary
and militia. -
1 And" then the workers threaten with
a general strike. , ,  °   - r7_,
- Very noble,Indeed.- '''?.* "
It is a magnificent an Inspiring sight
to see one hundred thousand working-
men cease from work arid subject
themselves and their families to privation in order to give help to their fellow workers.' The solidarity of the
working class is its noblest trait,1 the
most indispensable condition for all
future progress;'   p      rf
But,---really, a 1 little enlightenment
would do no harm. •
' The right exercise of the ballot by a
united working class is much easier to
accomplish than a general strike, and
It does not' entail one tenth as many
sacrifices, not to speak of hunger and
privation.   "' ■ ■
" By all means let the working people
of Philadelphia strike altogether if that
be the best means of helping the carmen. But let them also vow to strike
altogether at* the ballot box at the
next1 fall elections. And when the
capitalists and' their political hirelings
learn that the working people-have
ceased to be political retainers, what
a change there,will be in their demeanor.' 7 ,
How eager, will they be to come to
terms with' their employes!
■' For there is'nothing that the traction companies and all other public
service corporations dread so much as
Independent working class political'ac*
tion. *7   '
■ 1^
Hot and Cold Baths'
45 jSteam-HeaWd":Rooms
, '• '-fa^fa-"   ' *'f MB-**ji_   ' "      ■     ' ■ ; -"  i'   **"-'*'--"•    '
S^^KKing;/Edward-;>-";; ':
r Fernie's  Leading^Gomme^^
£ "I-        ^-.. i.' * \.s
., S".-. '*, ■?■
'   «=l
vr'-The-Flhest-Hoton*ft^Eftt',ko5feVay"*'"" "       XC.^gAtesTPpo?;^'"*
a     ,-i ■"--•   -vjV  it i*   *""«
. u**\.t&~ ■-',>?■. it. 'i\ vss.»; ■   5    cji'j sav - & \™a * . ■
Ottawa is most unsatisfactory,    and
the attitude of the department of labor*
- ** •* - n
in trifling with the demands and requests of labor organizations is an insult to the Intelligent working classes'
in* Canada; too long.have such methods been resorted to, even the appointment of a minister of labor would seem
to indicate that his functions were how
to avoid creating any legislation that
is calculated to advance the Interests'
df the working-.people of our country."
;. "Therefore, belt resolved. that we
protest to the government on Its evident Insincerity In.*, advancing progressive measures calculated tb, advance the prosperity and happiness of
the people, and that the time has arrived when the' working class . should
vote for and support only labor representatives in" the federal parliament."
Southwestern Coal Miners and Bosses
Adjourn Without Results .',
1 QUEBEC-Feb. 28.—At the meeting
of the Federated Council of Trades
and Labor, strong resolutions were adopted in - regard to the . manner in
which the "interests of the. ■ working
whose Illegal arrest and confinement,
over night in jail* has put the city
authorities in a, very .bad light indeed,
is said to be opposed to the calling, of
a general strike,'one, the ground that
it is unnecessary, and, that it would
alienate the sympathies of the general
public. Biit he would"withdraw his
opposition, If the state troops became
a factor In''the contest.
The,militia'is therefore, still kept'in
the background, But the' ctate constabulary, organized for, the special
purpose of dealing with strikes, is,being rushed to the scene of action.-
From the point of view of the men
on strike,' l we cannot see what there
Is to choose' between the state mllltla
arid the state constabulary. In fact
the latter nre by far the more reckless
In the discharge of their "sacred!" duty
—which is that of overawing*and'of
punishing strikers, '
In-order to prevent Federal intervention the union of the carmen permits Ub members to operate cars that
bear United Stntes mail. The company Is equally anxious to secure Fed-
ernl intervention, nnd Ib therefore trying to cntiBO an Interruption in the trolley mnll service.' It prohibits the
wearing of union buttons by tho men
nnd dlBClinrgcH those who persist. In
wearing them for thoir own self protection. Having done all It could to
make tho moving of the United States
mall a difficult thing, the company at
once proceeds to Herve notico upon the
post mast or that It cnn no longer assure the safe trnnnmlRslon of the V. S.
. The wholo business Ir but another
IlIUBtratlon of the nbsurdlty of Intrusting public functions to privato corpor*
ntloiiH, If nnythlng Ib a public function the meniiH of travel In a great
city nro. The only wny to carry on
this function Ih In the IntoroHts of all
tho eltlzenH, cnriiit-n and general pub.
He Ih for tho city to own ant! operate
Kb moons of travel nnd transportation.
But that In Hoclnllfiiii, cry the prows
lackoyH of all the traction compniiles
throughout tho country.
Hy no menus, gentlemen; it In not
even a beginning of snclallHm, no more
than the Federal poBlofflce Ib. It Is
nothing moro than ordinary common
sonHO applied to the btisliU'Hi* of society under capUnlUra.
But tho position of tho working peoplo of Thlladelphla, carmen and the
worKluKiiieii lit H-uuciai*, it, no h*» ah-
surd. They liuvu.lt.lu thoir powor to
elect a -municipal administration of
their own. In conjunction with thc!
workingmen of the rest of the Htnte,
in. y have it in iiu-ii iiooif \x> vo."u *.
matt- administration of their own,
Tlmy cnn control tho city police, tho
state constabulary and mllltla, and tbe
state courts. In control of these
they could proceed to a reorganltatlon
of nodfty In tho fntoroBfn of tho producers. Ilut the workers do not believe In politic!-,- nt nny rnfo tbrir lon.
ders do not believe in lndcpendeiit
working class polltlcn. Year after
year ihey hand over their great state
and their great city to tho band* of
plflndem* who taibW, on their aw-at
and fhofr lnbor, ro-*i*»ip>r<» fo rob thorn
of their most elementary rights. Including the right of aHBOCtallon, Intro-
classes are treated,by the government
at Ottawa, and -:the--advisability. *of
voting only, for, labor- representatives
was affirmed.* - ,The resolutions .-were
in part as follows:: (     '•--■<
' "Whereas, the'manner ■ of,, dealing
with legislation in^the Interest of the
KANSAS' CITY,,'Mo., Feb. 28.—At
a joint convention,of the;coal miners
arid operators and mfne owners of the
Southwest here*today the conference'
committee appointed to.consider the
wage scale for the next two years reported 7 inability' to, reach an agreement. The committee was "then dis-
'charged\arid the convention adjourn-
?*• -.   ■'"'■,.     ■   ."!,..-■ '
It is said that an amicable adjustment of the controversy is possible, at
a joint convention to be held subsequently.. ' '_.-.   yp& i N ■'*     , y
The present wage scale contract expires April'!.,   ";'   ,' ,*'
-  " --•    ,-*,   -ni*.,-*'    ** -   * -,**..-;-.-si,''j,-   '-i**;, ~*-,rv if***1. .1.-4 ?-^-_ - 3,- ?• *-1 H y-      .*•«$ *;■*,-'_
"■yicrbitML'AvBj'.,;;.&,..,.,;.'«'.». :fi '\ri%-j-tfs^mm. 6
. a,      : .,r.:^i «*,' svr„  :tlr..„rt,-.r      kh   X 11 f; « itJk #      S J=  I
^. . ■ t      '-,-.■       '*     ,-v-   '* *   ■,■'*   -*s*^,.-. "s.'','.'V   '' ' "'. '   "
: Feme Livery,; _)ray ^TfeiSfeCSrlCo.
--.-   ''',:;:-.•',,■„»■«: t-t'*-*,--*-'.*!: „ '!■ t '-i $  * * r ftsk??jr a  ■>
.Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Laiid Clearing and Ploughing.  v Let ns
 .*"-,*,'."*•>« .   itr/..r. ■   tJg-*-,":'',*,*!;
•figure on yburihext^job
' '    ""' ri   . i L:7i-;y- ?
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Rizzuto Bros,
working people by the government- at
Mberta Sho^r
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cloHcd from tho 14th to the 28th pt February, both
days inclusive.
Bv Ordor of tho Hoard.
James Mason*
(tunuiul Manager.
Toronto, January ,10th
John Adair,
Mgf. Fen de.
Advertise in The Ledger I :;
,. ol.JG_JLPJ3If^
ro:"*: ?'i\
;N^Pa«iS»§l!^^ Swept by a
pnowslide iQarrymg Ml Before It-
_\ i •stfsiv-r?-*"''-^ *•-•   ''',■'*.   ;. '■ !,     '    •-     ,'• "■"■■V
•iswp •**v*v'(»,.:'jT.'.£*-,!;\j?'*:
1   .ii-sI-.ttorvoJ Jjj-5-srt -sfj,,'710 t3.*:?,r>H •^^•*r-*a.-".t'j on'ia saoi-Mir-:.'*
'    -SSfiLbup -jfiyHsOX;? .-jit l{o{.K-S S'r^.iJ "it; >Y
43: «C-4£ t3"3-SgsJi«s.i£5i«&-sEjiW' £5.1 &»•>_. >
J     *  ,-7,,K   .„,„/--. •-.    '
, >\ WALLA' WALLA, Wash., Feb. 28—
AJ special from Wallace, Idaho',: says:',
■t <■
.'ft"With.a furious   blizzard blocking
':•   , t      ;-. '-.    ' *   ■
efforts of rescuers; progress ln-ecoy/
e'rlng   .those 'hufled'vin" last" night's
avalanche Is, almost Impossible.   Five
hundred men sent from this-city ,had
• only' recovered, 12 bodies at 3.30; a.m.
It Is practically certain that more'than
'-       .-.'j*-*..* * '*.   i .
100 persons have' perished. "  "
■"Mace"   is"divided    into two parts,
kh'bwnvas'''Upper [and■-;'Lower'-"Mace.*
The- catastrophe occurred -in Lower
i iy ■
Mace, -^where - are   quartered, Mahout
rj     <■; I ',* \ ;• !,; I, ,i      ' ,*■)-   v' {j ■ ,.'• *j   1 ;i
300 /miners,-'employed* In the'Standard
".■&, .-'A  ■•*.   V-' •■-•-*•       V.-     WVi'AA!*'
mines. ■ Most of them are unmarried
and live in the Hotel Standard. Meagre reports by telegraph indicate that
the hotel was in the path of the 'aval*
.*.**   ,[--■  ,'i   ',-.   -,    ,' ]     -i'i''   ;i    , ,**'  '',   TiM
. anche.
'   "Though first-reports of the dlsas-
,ter.,werethat the town of Gem, tocat*,
'edlalmlle„,abpye_. .Maco.;on_Jliersame
wheiroed.Tlaterl Jiews * "seqjnsii si° ln^:
_x-   ii&-£-'l£i.,'U''_lr.n VaiV'uii'ii'ni
.  , WAlifiAGBrlilaahor^eb.^S.^An
OT»1a$cS<@ wh}# ga^threaiftied^e
descended lastrnigh^j^MteJocl-:;
with, ,,-n^oa^, heard'/fjfffflllfc^- and
burled in.^^j'ts\patU,about..2^;iamillss,;!pr
abOUt,>7o-tSOUlB.i*;i:j;i.'j»*!..'A;J(-iijw *,-**,>>.„■.-;
not'beckhown jiinfil'spme. time, later"ln
filling.-1 the .canyon?:to -!a? depth -of
-toJ75___t'     " ...
a. j
b&en™'recbvere'dr'"'' Su'perlhtendentePaSi
coe of tho Standard Mine is said to
bo-*-' mlsslng,;;but a child of his was*
found alive. ' ;
^^ Hundreds.' of men we're' awakened-
byjflre^belJs^as soon, asUhe-.extent of,
the catastrophe became known. Special,., trains, were made up, the first
leaving for-Mace at 12,30 a.m., and
the second at three, 7 . »„■
-'•."Hardware- merchants opened their
establishments and shovels, picks, and
other impelments were had for the.
asking. .. ' , ' .-■
■> Every-able' bodied-man in -Wallace
has been hurried to .the scene .,	
The little town of Mace lies between
mountain "sides,'.a straggling line of
cottages.In.the creek bottom,:bisected
by-the* lines, of the Northern'''Pacific
and Oregon Railroad and Navigation
Company. ..;,■,- *.,'.°'-   >-,•   -•*.- ,-••
With, scarce, a dividing-line perceptible the towns' of Black Bear, Gem,
Mace and, Burke form-;a, large string
of houses "for six^ miles.";'* Mace,' has'
a1 population.off 100, all, with;.the exception of 'the* storekeepers^, ancf the
school teachers, in the employ of the
- ^Following is a partial list of the'
dead recovered;up to 2-a.mi %' \\ . *•
i'Edgar kit'trelVa'miher and hls„wife''
and two!babies.■:'(■!' . 'vi]l^;/lB,'i *
| ^Mck^Noye,l,,,„^lrsv, Lain,'., Mrs,, Fen%
hell, Edgar Pasc'oe, son. of,the Stand-j'
ard nAn.B*8| Superintendent i^InezxPas*;.
coe', daufehteroflthefsuperliitendent of'.
tSe mln'ev. *" * % %^~ *' ^ I
;"J-JH.. S. P.ascoe and his,.wife, are miss-;
ing, ahiT-b'oth 'of^them' ai:elJsiipposed:
to)be-deadr -■■-•-•?"- -■.-^•---■„■•-- -     .;
,^Tw'o box:cars,icontalning:.flfty sec*?
tion hands in, the employ of -.thei
Northern" Paclfic.v'were'standing on
the ■.■■.slde.vtrack-Twhen'i-the   sII_de_oc-l
curred. ^ f All ,of, thes^men, .it, .Is. fear-;
ed;=are"dead'7s''-'"'"' .-••;'*•"-•"■   --*'
Fifteen,. houses have been swept
away, according to latest. Information.
At the Mace boarding house the snow
is 30 feet deep and all of the flat, froni
the boarding house to. the end of the
town towards Burke, is buried beneath
the slide. . . . -,.,
" Never since Burke, another little
mining camp,, was- almost wiped out
by a landslide on February 1,1890, has
a Coeur d'Alene.town been so sorely
stricken as was the town of., Mace
As on that occasion the canyon was
filled 1000 feet .across by a grinding
mass of,trees, earth and boulders, 50
to.70 feet deep, packed almost-as
solid as ice. The warning was given
yesterday that conditions prevailed almost .similar, to, those,preceding the
Burke slide, but no one seemed to. take-
any heed..   -     ....   ,.-•■-■,,.
.Thursday.night.snow, and land slides
snuffed out, the lives of, three, prospectors and , a .woman,,at a <very,.smM]l
town on the Chicago,,Milwaukee and
Puget Sound, Railwaynnear.the.,mountain line..),,: , • ,..t i, .,'■:, --v
t All were in a;cabin at dinner, .when*
the snow descended..,, .,-,,,    ,fj
During.the, winter* ot 18S8,the.sno:v,.
piled high • in the .canyon side., Nev*:*;
since .has,,there 'been ..such a fall of
snow as this winter..-. --'   ,,.-„, .*,
(In' connection. wlth: the, abpve,i,'.t
may' be, stated that several; Fernie, residents.have; relatives in,this district,'
among them ' being. Mr. Jep Scott,
whose wife is at persent at Mace. Mr.
Scott was greatly relieved to receive
a'messag e'statihg^
safer * ~-.  «* *" * —■""""-'
■ Mr. .Tos-*ft-Whalen, a brother of'the
.Whalen brothers of this city, is a resl-
from hlm.{*\Iso,,fl-Kqrd has „been>eceived
of his escaped W""i;.**:''    . ..t
■    ,   ai-y-is-'^f 3       ~        '"' '  "'"      " '"' '
■-*.;.-; r.
" f>      -^UNITED STATES^   ,
'•   ,?',    -' •W «  ^ 'i--fVf ■" ■"■**■*■■'r^i vl-±     k.   .)
,New',-Ie'rsey"Supreme 'Court- awards
Anthony* si. Ruddy.,$250..as.a^ahre to
,,'edf Association of Journeymen Plurab-
'era, Steamfltters and Steamfltters
Helpers Local 'No: 11. of i Newark t> did,
riot1 consider him a -persona grata.
* Philip;a"* Graii,-Becretary of the Al*.
llei(i Tobacco' Trades "Association,*-who
hasT just- conip]etoii*a7it6ur' extending.
from1 -the?Atla^lo--,tb.|the ^Eaclflc, ,,re;
ported.to^tho Chicago meeting bf that
body thnt the "prbnlblUonlsts"' were' so
elated "at'tlip^Bliccesa \6f ;thelrv crusade*
a(iainst the ilquor traffic that tlio rioxt
mciye on tho board wiib to bo tho
"putting down of tobacco" so ,'tliat In
tho-iours© of a short time wo may bo
oojnpellod to drink Poruna', Nenrboor,
otc.'; smoko Klnlklnlclc and oub'ebs and
ciiow hay or baling rope.
^Ve acknowlodgo the courtesy shown
byi'tho Labor party thvough its socrotnry; J. Hamsny MacDonnld, of tho report of tho tonth annual conforonco
hejd at Newport, 1910:
^yo quote a fow oxtractH from this
vory Interesting document:
,"*\Vo regret to havo to record tho
loss of olght soatB, as follows: Wolverhampton (Wost.) Manchester,
(Squili-w<»flt) ProHlon, Clmtlmm, Sun-
ilorlnnil, GatoHhond, Jnrrow and Wool*
wlch. On tho othor sldo wo won
Boats nt Dorby, Wlgun and Enst Man*
Tho nioiiiboi'Bhlp of tho party at tho
lioginnlnnr of 1001) wns l,llll!,786, "This
Iihb now Incronsoil to 1,181,308. Tho
dilof accoflsloii of stroiiKth to tho par*
ty.during lho iinst uvolvo months Iiiih
boon duo to tho affiliation of 1150,000
momhoi'H of tli_ Minors' I-Yilornilon of
(Jiuiit Ili'ltiiin.
AIIuhIoii Is mado to lho llliilclifonl
iirt'loloH iim follows: "Wo rogrot that
Mivhllhituhfonl, whom) pluvious work
lum Idi'iitlfli'd lilm moro or Johs with
otifsolvim In tho oyos of tho public, linn
lout his nnmo to thnt most nbiturd nml
wloict'il oiitbuiHt iiKnlnut Qcrinniiy,
which uofompaiilwl tho nicont olect*
Ions.. Wo, omphntlcnlly dlsuoclnto
mirsolvi'H.rroiii nil hucii uuiiou.
Iiiii ixlllOtxlUh Mil, j.-J.' Ul Dw J*l'i»W*l'
Mr. Arthur Hemlorson M. P. chair*
mfl'iji'of Dw Ijihour party, rr-plylng In
Mr^Mnedoiinld'H unavoidable nhsonco
-owing to tho IHnOBn of his mothor*-
hHid tm viinuu.iwi tiwixx  y*x. riiUviv
r*\;j4?rii?_ •s.Ji^wji '1f"'"^A'- '■■&ii**' **.   ■*.*-■   *« ■*.**-'■■ w '*■*■■ ^>w4f-*
.would begln.to.know,the difference be*-:
^jween abus9'and''icrHiclsm.\^Mr.<''Tllf
ett;'1 excitedly:' "I did. not abuse M.r.1
. *-**-V*^  ^wf,wrw •■»(■• )**«•!• ■ n*%*V**w -..*^_i.«* 1-* »i-l -1—W   1J til'    It—.*- *^ •
Henderson or anyone else. I ^don't,
'want'■'his"blackguardisms''''Cries of.
Order! Withdraw!''rang through'the*
hall.; i'i Mr.' .Henderson, speaklngi out1
above thet din asked the chairman to
protect him, and ' refused'to proceed,
until tho delegate .who had used^ the.
word ''blackguardisms'' against " him,
hadi withdrawn,", ,f .'.,.•'-' ■■- ""■-... V'
"".The chairman_'declared that ho iiad:
not' heard'the''phrase)'biit liad*'"rib
doubt Mr.-Tlllott would-withdraw It.
Mr. .Tlllott; I want' your, protection .also,'and oii' that! "condition l"wlii; wltli-
drnw, I want to be protected from
Mr. Henderson: i havo documents In
my hands'thnt will completely vindicate mo ln the position 1 have tnkon
up. At tho last conforonco they endeavored to faoo Mr. Tlllott and mako
him provo tho tlssuo of misstatements
In his pamphlet, "Ib tho Labor Party
n Failure?" Mr. Macdonald was perfectly correct when he said that Mr.
Tlllott had made statements nnd then
run nwny from thom.
Mr. Hondorson quoted Mr. Tlllott's
lottor to tho "Times," December 28th,
1000, ln which ho mndo hlmsolf re*
sponsible for Buying thut tho Labour
pnrty committed not only a surrender
of principle, but n betrnynl of trust
and authority—("Bents hnvo boon
thrown nwny," Mr, Tlllott horo Inter*
looted)—-nnd thnt Iocnl organizations
have boen (llsruptod.hy.jho.ovorweon*
Ing tloslro of tho Labour politician, to
biivo his Hunt—(laughter)—and abandoning his principles for tho Liberal
niflss of pottngo, (Loud InughtiM'.)
1 "Jh! UiIh' orlticlsm or nhusn?" nuked
Mr. Ilohilorfion,
"Hotion," shouted n rtolognto, nnd
onco ngnln luiiKlitoi* rang tlnotiKh the
Tho cxotiiilvu, snld Mr. Hoiiili-it-oii,
ili'foinlml Mr. Mncilonnlil's action ho*
cniiflo thoy wnntod to sot up n standard
of itlsdpllnn, When llm sppnho'r «'nR
In lliu hunt of thu cuniiiulKii ho goi a
lotior from Mr, Tlllott, thouith !i<* hud
boon mnllgncd In tho pnmphlot, nulling
hin ovia-uicduii in inn un-cuou tiniit-
jriihini. 'illown ot .uutihlor.) ?1,-.
Tlllott oxplnhusl thnt tho rr-nson he
wrote* Mr. Hondorson wns Ihnt thn Lib*
ornls Issued lonflots ronromlng Mr.
lloiiftdrson's optlnlons, ii'nd ho wnntod
,Xl   tf.b^l,    'II Ulb*-.   K*.<   \)y.,.,V,.«   -t.il.,i*.      **y
had riot the1 courtesy to!reply7but I
can assure" him .th'at\hlsyteetbtal:^-7-"'
(Cries'.of ."Sliaihe". and uproar,*during
which*Mr. Tlilettiwas heard.toexplaln
that the question 'he"put to Mr."-Hen*'
dersdn'Mealt with temperance,;'and at
this point and facrimonious, discussion
was allowed'to "drop;) "''" 7 ' '*.,   '■ ■
Things-are ^booming In Granite
Creek, says the Princeton, B.' C.'Star.
Tho Columbia Coal niul Coles Co.. who
recently... acquired the coal ..deposits
stretching from ^thls place to. Collin's
Gulch'.'and*'the "North Fork; will lose
no time ln opening up tho property.-
As an earnestness of their Intention's
G. L, Fraser has beon engaged as tlie
manager, It was he who bo successfully opened up rind operated the International Coal and Coke Company at
Coloman, Alberta, and which he was
chiefly Instrumental In making ono of
tho grontost coal producers In Western
Canada. Ho bIbo opened up tho Royal Collieries at Lothbrldgo. ,
■Mr. Fraser has boon ongagod In the
mining businoss for the past twonty
five years, and ns his long suit Ib opening up coal mlnoB nnd makingl'a sue-
cosb of thom, wo nil look to him with
confldonco for the rejuvenation of
Granito Crook, Ko Ib accompanied
by W. O, Norrln, who Rorvorl under
him nt tho Intornntlonnl nnd wnn on-
gngod Inter ns engineer to thn McGllllvrny Crook Con! nud Coko Com*
pany, with which ho whh comioctod
from tho Htnrt,
WINNIPEG, Mnrch, a—Tho C. V, H.
will on Juiio 1st adopt tlin now book
of trnln rnlos prosoutnd by llio rnllwny
Othor sysloins nru nxpnrK'd to mnko
tlui sumo chnngo, Hy tho now order
ovory rond will hnvo tho m\nw signals
und nil trnln linnds will hnvo n ivgulnr
courso of Inst met Ion.
Tlio C. P, II. will nppolm liistrtinlois.
Iinmodliitfly to coniliict, oxnmlnntlons
ri'ganllng tniw rules. '''
Tickling^ In „ the
"Just a Iitt^;«ikllng In th. throat'', h that what trouble*
you? ButithaWon! CanTget rid ofM HpmcVerri.
edies don't take hold. You need something stronger—a
regular medicine, a doctor** medicine. Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral contains, healing, quieting, and soothing properties of the highest order. Ask your doctor about this!
No alcohol in this cough medicine,   fl:. Ay*? Co., Lt»e*n, aJmZ
LONDON, Fob. 88.-Tlint nssoelnt-;
Ion football hus an great a hold ns over
on thu Ilriiish sporting public wns evidenced hy tho big crowds whicli attended thc Innt Saiiirdny's games In
connection with tho second round of
lho Kngllsh cup competition. In nil
slxtfleh matches woro" playod, nnd thoy
nttrnctod nn aggregate nttendnnco of
aOD.ilia, which yloldod the splendid nv-
*Amy;o. of Mfi:,i.,
* The Aiton Villa, w«ns Derby tlo
\yuH Dm IiIkk-ji-L attiacUini, Dw numbor of peoplo who witnessod the Villas
splendid victory being 4.1.000. This
wns 13,5.15 In excess of the total pro*
mm at the rne-Mlnir of the London
learns, CJ't'lswi and Tottenham Hot-
ayuu, but ttio rocolptu at. the Iui
mcntlone*)) gnmo excoedod those at
Birmingham by USQ0,  ...
ry,. ....-, .;Np ■ ;.;."7.",7
.,'r. ■ ,    Not a,Soft Buttery Bar ,.-    * .-,
' "'.'      , That Wastes/Away
„'-'"      At an Extravagfant Rate,
■ Old Royal Grown^
-;'     Is a Solid, Substantial Cake
Of Honest—Mild—Efficient Soap:
7 That WU1 do More Work
Than TWO Bars of the Ordinary Mushy Kind.
'Tis Made Right in Sunny Alberta: *?
So It's Got to be Good! *,
And the Premiums are fine
Dci-iirn protected by Copyright   *
On the Lesson by the Rev, Dr. Linscott for the International
Newspaper Bible 'Study Olub.       ' .       .  .
Sunday School
* ....
•   ''       ■   March 6 1910      -    7
.* *.      .    . i ,-     .      i ',     .   J * " '     ',!,*'
Jesus, the Healer.     Matthew; S.  2-,
17.''*.     ,*,,'    ;,   '  ,".-.'  . ,./     '  , ..;.,.
. Golden Text. ,7 Himself took,oui* infirmities, and bore. our sicknesses.
Matthew. .8. 17. ....... :
, Verses 2, 4..., .What is the nature of
the disease of'leprosy? ., ,.,;*.,.--,,,
! How many points, of resemblance
"are ..there between - leprosyf. and. sin?
-' -;How, were,.lepers,treated,in..those
days? ,..-■ .,, ;-. ■•-,..,_'• .      *    ,■■  ■.,-.,..   ■
.'How;had,this leper propbably learned that Jesus Had the power, to :heal
them?". ...   -j. -.?    ... j -> ,-: ■, *,
i Did Jesus desire that this, leper
should* never tell who "had healed'him.
or that he should "*_eir the priest first,
andfthusgethis cure .officially, .rebog*
nized'--before*-.telling''any other-*'--person? _yyy_ *V7 y- _%! '   "*; i ■*.
rif^Gqd will' he, can.; do^,anything,, but
to how, many'of our, requests may .we
beiceriain;*itha't,"_e'w)il. say:' "I.'.will."
."'What Iwas. it; that prompted -Jesus
to: grant the request'and* heal 'this
leper?' '""-.*;.' ,!". /.J; "**'^" ''! ':?y
,';'Verse .5—What was tlie position'of
a,centurlan,'and.if he-had been some
obscure person would Jesus.have been
equally' courteous ih his treatment of
him?.;';;;,'";, iig.:'.;,y/y," .y '
Verses 6, 7:'What benefit is'It, to us
today t'6.bring our sick ones-to Jesus?
'■ 'Sd'far"as:'the'records"'''ishow, Jesus
while In the flesh .healed ail the sick
ones'that were'brought to him,,Is that
sufficient,to prove that ho will'do the
Verses-8... 9: From the commendation, which* Josus afterwards.gave him
was- not this man', moro '-worthy than
he thought? S
-What nre the relative moral values
of thinking too much, or, thinking too
little of ourselves?
Why should not a mnn ho blam-
able for folly if not* for .iln, for having
nn estimate of himself, -whether for
or against, other than the facts warrant? :,.;,* ;
What was the ground for this man's
sublime fnith, and Is such fnith possible, for all of us, when wo pray for
spoclflc things?
What is tho force of the centtuian's
analogy botwoon obedience ronderod
him as o. general, nnd tho instant obedience of. tho laws of naturo to tho
commands of Josus? 'Speak the word
Vorso 10—Whnt ronson In thero to
bollovo thnt In ovory nation, and under overy form of error nnd superstition, men nm found who fonr God, and
thnt nil who do fonr him nro accoptod
of him?
Vorsos 11, 12—When It conies to n
nintter of porsonnl snlvntlon, whnt nd
(v.18) could it result disastrously ' .o
either the "ship or the' passengers, and
Is there, or not, any sortof danger in'
the' work to which we are directed by
God? * "•*     '   ;        ."';.;**>
Why are difficulties, such as wind
aiid waves, and other opposing- forces,'
permitted-in' the lives of all true and
,.         ,**,;' ■!
good, men ?    .".'.' ■   ; ,
Verses' ,.25,..,'26—Why could .Jesus
sleep, in "the .midst of such a storm,
with his disciples in such distress of
mind?'   "'"''     ' [        ",.'*"
.Why were* the' fears of the disciples
foolish and unfounded?-- . -   ,
What reasons i.,are *<* there for • or
against'the idea' that the ship could not
possibly sink with Jesus on board?. .
Did these'disciples do well tb rebuke
Jesus' -'See "Marie 4:38)" foi* what'was
Ouit-Ol— iuc"5icttLcaL_ Dn?ooing'a-ui.—i.ucir
lives'rand is*'this a mistake'if not'a sin
of frequent occurrence? -"" •"  "'     .,' ■_
Is there any reason to think that It
would have been better if they had not
awakened Jesus, and' If their prayer
had never been made?
^Vhen.we pray to God to change an
experience or. to alter'circumstances,
which he has planned for our help, how
would you characterize such a prayer!
• Verse 27,—Why did Jesus perform
this miracle?
, By what powor was this great miracle performed? * '
Which would be of the greater benefit to mankind for God to run the universe nnd'the affairs of men, on fixed-
laws or by miracles?'. *
Verse'28—What are tho chief char*
ecteristlcs "of the Devil, as Illustrated
by these two, who were possessed with
devils?    '
;, Can you give, examples of nny to-
day possossed with devils, or which
show similar moral characteristics as
'these two?
Vorse 29.—How did theso devils probably know Jesus?
How much virtue Is there In.moro
orthodoxy or In a proper Intellectual
ostlmate of Josus,    Soo .Tamos 2:19,
.If hnd mon know thoy aro on the
road to torment, how do you nccount
for tho fnet that thoy keep right, on tho
same rond?
On any view of the future life what
escape is there from the result of moral law? viz: That right doing produces
happiness, wrong doing produces mio*
ery, thut actions form habits that In
turn form character1, which procures
eternal destiny?
(This fiih.Hiloii must bo nnswered in
writing by members of lho club,)
Versos nrt-:l'.'—Aceordlim to tho Jew*
B. E. WALKER,'President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
COUNTRY" BUSINESS Eycry fnci,ity ttffoixled to f«"*..c«. and
* *. - * ei-s for the 'transaction c.f   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection. '   *'■
BANKING "BY   MAIL  ^ceoilnt*iJnay be opened by mail and" monies,
r f.~ .   ' '    '-     , ■ ■ deposited   or   withdrawn   ia this wav with
eqiml facility. 7    •
,   L. A. S.  DACK,  ;
Manager, Fernie.
You can get many kinds of Fish at our Store
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Fresh  Oysters
Salt Cod    .
Smoked Salmon
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*    '•- ° ■ ?
P. 7BURNS.*'& CO.,   Limited
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants .
The 41 Nteat Market Limited
M    ■ -. ■     ■ ,  '    ■ '    ,
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
*", We beg to announce to our' many"customers that we have "'re-
*-,-'*',.     *. *-.  *,-* - -. ' ,
erection of our new building opposite the King Edward hotel.
The Sense of Security
against   to-morrow
should he ample incentive  to   save  to-day.
Yen-   Savinfta  Account   Soltolted.
J. R. LAWRY, Agent
Fornie Branch
,„■..;■   „.,„,„„„., .nrn, ...„.„   w      ,.- , ,   ,    , fa fc
nnlnKo ( <    ho .low lmvo ovdi- tu>   ,„u „, „lllIlw.  ... ,      '.   "
,    ,„ ii        i     •       i ' oi'H or bwIikih rlOHh i'i'iwriU'(l7
(lentIlo, nnd whnt. .iwlvantiiKi? Ihih in
mnn from n Olirlstlnn fnmlly ovor onu'
who eoiiii'A from Dw fnmlly of nu In- -
fldol?      , ,     , , i
What In tin? roiiHoii for tho bollcft
tlmt muiiy lioHthtMi will ho hiivoiI In i
thin dny, nml mnny oIiiiitIi ii|i-iii1ioi-h •
Hliut out In tho dnrUiH'HH? '
Why did Johiih iiornilt iho ilovlln to
otitur thin lionl of Hwlnn?
filvn- soini' i,x,*ini|iloH of how (ioil In
ull nKt'H Iiiih iih<m| tlio Dovll to nc-'om|>'
llsh 111h nui'pom'H, ami miy why ln> iliv>«
,   Whut wiih I lii.< nliJi'Ct of ilioHt; iIiivIIh
Voiho i:j—Have you tiny roation toi
i In wiiiiiIiik to ontor thoHo Hwlnn?
bollovo thiit.thlii mnu'H t'nIU) nml Uh
VoHiiltH iii'u othoi' thim tyjilcnl of imihch !
thin nro conntniitly linn-ionlng In our j
inlrfHt ?    • • • |
>   Ver«e*  H-tT—■ Ooe§ Oxid today ttur-
popei to cure our tick mlraculouily like
thim catte, or are thete exceptional
and for a ipeclflc purpose? ;
'   (This qiiPHtloii numt hn nnnwr-rp-l'ln
'■AtllUiK \0  lli'.-niW<:l» ui  uur Uilu.i
Lcbhoii for Suniluy, March 13; Two
.MlRhty Works.    Matthew, «  23-24,
i    Why Ih It tint! Iuul mon iuul ilovlls j!
tnko a dolUlii in omiHlim pnln, nml Hint
Mnrch 13 1910"	
Two mlRhty Worltn. Matthew S:
Qolilon Toxt. What mntinor of num
U thU, thnl "V.-li lho whuU illlii tlm
not oboy him.    Mntthow 8,27.
VinrnPR 2fl, 21,—What In your Itlwi an
to whothor Joans wns llnhlo' to tho
Hamo natural difficultly and dlai>aaon
an wo aro, kuch an woarincti*, hoadacho
uc,iilLkuiiW. t'lc ami did he*, hiivu io
hattlo mralnat wind ami tldafy 7
An Ji'hiis ruvo onlor-* for this voynijo
limy nro ronlly "tonnoiiloil" whon thoy
nvn vnntrnlnr.il  fi'fim  ilrtlpn" n"!!*
■\i'i« thoro nnv tmlny i-irmnonnod with
ilovlln thnt .Tonus rnnnnt onm out? Why
or why not?
*' VorHOH ;i:t, ;M—Whnt action do hml
mon tnko today when tliolr unholy Iiiih-
tnonK Im liolnir nvorihrnwn hv mon nf
God 7
1-oHnoii for Sundny, March 20th, 1*310
A I'ai'nlyllc Forglvon nnd llunlod. -*
Mutlhow 9: 1-1.1,
Fernie Opera House
Every Night a choice Program
of Moving Pictures and Vaudeville, Best films entirely new
for the citizens of Fernie. The
Programme changes 3 times
a week.   Orchestra every night
The House Well Heated
Usual Prices.    Good order maintained
TOUONTO, Mnrch 3—Word rm-olv*
I'd nt Uo' <l''l>*uuii"iii oi' UiihIh, foi'i'dth
and mlnos tmlny thnt two proniiootliiK
imitloH had started out for tlio irroni
flay hoii of northorn Ontario, stntod
'thnt thoy hnd gono to pro»t>oot for
It U m'A Uu'. cu.il MHUuv.l.ii.l u-
HcmhlliiR that of fliul-atchownn haw
hi'on foil ml
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd
Phone 79      Baker Ave. P.O. Box it.'.'.
Wlioloaolc ImiiortoiH and IjxportorH
of Wlnoa, HrnndioH, Cordlulr, Foruhii
nnd Domoatlc Wlilsklo-j ind Olna.
I.nrgo itock of Furnct Ilrnncn, Itnlliiii,
i Ilwigarlan and Oorman Wlnoa, nlno
NorwoRlan I'unch nnd Aquavit, Iloor,
I'ortor, Ale and €lifnrn,
ARcnta for Wauli-ssha Artmllnn Wa
ii-r, HilillU Iloor and tho fnmoua Kir*
Valloy Ilrowlnn Co, Ltd. Iloor. drauuh*.
, nnd hottIod.
Spocml  ntt^ntion   Rlvon   to   fnmil.*
! trndo.
Our Motto:  Pure goodj and    qulc«
, delivery.
Central Hotel
A Motley. Dining Boom Proprietor
Open Sunday
K* i'i)Ililui' New nhil't'liloiliiln
Workingmen's   Trade  Solicited
eljje Biiitui &)ger
Published every Saturday morninv at its office, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie; B. C. Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance. An excellent advertising medium. Largest
circulation in the District. Advertising rates'on application.      Up-to-date facilities for the    execution    of all
kinds of book, job and color work.     Mail orders*receive
.... , •   ■ , *
special attention,     Address all communications to The
Districts Ledger..
Tlie author of this time-worn maxim must "have been
a plain, ordinary man, because In point of fact'every careful housewife knows it is not correct; new brooms, lilt,
new shoes, require a certain amount of usage before they
attain their best condition.
Following along this line of. reasoning we must ask
any of our many subscribers who are looking forward to
immediate, radical changes,  to exercise that  virtue to
which, neither sex can claim a monopoly, if we accept the
old doggerel:
"Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can,*
Never found in a woman and seldom in a man."
However, we assure all and  sundry that improve-
* ments will be introduced as gradually as practicable, to
the end in view that this journal, of wisdom (sic) may
; come to* be recognized-as the weekly compendium .'of
current affairs throughout the entire district. Primarily
this is the representative organ of the Mine .Workers,
hence lt is, its .duty to espouse their cause as a collectlv-;
ity, but .keeping free at all'times from being usedas a
vehicle to-promote selfish,--Individualistic interest.
Whilst this is our first aim, nevertheless we shall
also, recognising the necessity for solidarity among the
workers, pay especial attention, to aU matters affecting
the well .being of members of the .producing class.
" What other features we mayslntroduce, we will leave
time,-to determine; contenting ourselves with the fixed
purpose of acting well our; part.'   **. ', -*
huma'n-society, hence7vhy-w-iste-'effort-endeavoring to
remedy'the'faults of the superstructure when the' foundation is unstable?       ,*-.''
Until such time as the'majority fail to recognize this
fact we shall,have piffling attempts at reorganization
that must of necessity be.foredoomed, to do no more.1 than
merely improve the condition of a few units wliilst leaving the, prinae .cause.to fester as'lively as ever.
In the meantime for the,"edification of those who maybe good intentioned,''but refuse to admit the logic of the
situation, the following extract from the Saturday Sunset'
should,furnish,excellent food for thought. There is this
to be said of the honest reformer who is open minded
and not merely a visionary faddist that if he or; she will
keep constantly and consistently at the work with a mind
open,to conviction, the inadequacy of such efforts to cope
with the diseases of society will be~forced upon them,
and they must reach a conclusion that the "axe will have
to be laid at the root in order to obtain,victory.      -,.:
"The other day a*young girl of fifteen years of age ap-
ipeared before the police magistrate. It was -the'''girl's
iirst offense. Dut.it was one requiring treatment, and
not punishment. There is no place of treatment In Vancouver for fifteen-year-old girls who make ii misstep,
except.'the city jail. The city jail is the moral 'cemetery of all first offenders. Any jail Is for that matter.
Police Magistrate Bell is a man of sympathy and is wise
to the effects of h jail term upon a young girl of fifteen,
iind it was with great'reluctance that he committed her
to jail. J3ut tliere was nothing else to do. .The fifteen-
year-old girl is now, lira** place, where the-scum'* of. the.
earth' is gathered, where the foul language and fouler associations of the underworld are concentrated around her.
The chances tha/ she'will come7out of that place a moral
wreck are a thousand to one..,. A jail term for. ,a. young
girl is about certain mora!, damnation. ,: .
The spirit and intent bf the Dominion Juvenile Court
Act is the regeneration of youthful "delinquents?"That Is
why places of detention for children are made .a liecess-*,
nry. part of the* machinery, of. that act. Now,'British
Columbia is provided with an industrial, home for boys,
but-there is none for1 girls. That is why the magistrate
had to send a fifteen-year-old girl to her moral' destruction, all according to law: '       ', -   -  -
,' The -Juvenile Courts Act, 1910, the creation of Bowser the Great, does not provide forvthis discrepancy.in the
machinery of juvenile justice in Britlsh.,Columbia. The
Juvenile Protective Association wired and wrote . this,
great poohbah of the Cabinet and by dint of several'telegrams and letters finally got an answer from him, but
rot before he had made/a public announcement of it in
* , r-,?«<i<    -7
A g'i-eat sensation was caused at a?
meeting of the Sheffield CityfCouiicil^
when Mr..J. Pointer,7.1. P. moved an"
amendment, to a minute recommending
that,.in connection with the gift of,
Xoi-folio,park to the'city consideration)
should be given to the erection of a
suitable' memorial to the Duke bf Norfolk hi Fitzalan square, or some other
approved place, to perpetuate the gift;
It was;little short of a scandal, said
Mr'i'Po'int'eiv haying due. regard to all;
the circumstances and the age ' in
which they.we're living, that they now-:
should seek to perpetuate in the form
of--a monument, or any kind of such!
memorial, the memory bf a man 'like,
thc Duke ,of*' Norfolk. Sheffield had::
nothing to, thank the Duke for. The
gift of? Norfolk pari; was merely a' tech'-'
.nicality. What he gave was considerably less than what he took out of
Sheffield every year in the shape of
rent,1 all of which represented robbery.;
The only place for the statute of the
Duke was the refuse tip, added the
speaker. If such a statue were erected in Fitzalan-square he hoped- that
the workingmen" would gather in-their
thousands to resent the insult, pull It
to the ground aiid trample it in'the
dust. -.  •■-..* i   .
Sir William Clegg and Col. Hughes,
the.leaders of the/Liberal and.Conservative parties in the council, severely
criticized* Mr., Pointer's remarks,*' arid
the amendment only, received the sup-
,port.of five members.    •    '...,:
■ ■■■'   -,',  *'•*,*    ,    .. •    *,.. .
!' The recent establishment of "St. John's Ambulance
class at Coal Creek initiated by Mr. C. H. Ashworth, and
to which Dr. Corsan is giving his valuable assistance,
commends'Ttself to.the community . inaTmuciT'Trs""suclT
bodies of trained men around, the various industrial establishments may, by the utilization of .their surgical
knowledge,,not only mitigate the sufferings of their fellow,workers, but .even save life.. ..A case in, point recently came to our.kilowledgo where a young man whilst
at;hls work, in' one of the coal mlncB along tlie Pass received an injury to his legs aiid bled so profusely before
medical aid could be given that he succumbed; whereas
had any of his fellow workers possessed even a rudimentary, firstiiilil.knowledge, such a calamity would doubtless
have been averted and a widow and a family saved the
mourning of the breadwinner. ,      > ,
The employers who realize the advantages accruing
must perforce give .every aid to the furtherance of the
purpose of these classes, because not only do men receive excellent training whereby they, may help their fel-
the", press. .The Association asked,the Attorney General
to delay the third reading of the bill until it could be
amended to provide for a detention home for girls. That
eminent statesman replied that the Government would
take rio st'eps this session' and that such monies were tb be
expended upon "reproductive public works"—jails I'suppose. ' " , o '"■''■
Now, recall the great two hours' oration with which
Howser*. introduced his Juvenile Courts' Act, 191.0, the
flourish of trumpets with which he heralded the good and
far-reaching, results to be obtained from its. enactment,
and considered his position in regard to the girls' detention home. If Bowser is not revealed as an!'arrant hypocrite I don't kuow* the. meaning of the word. He took
presented himself, as.a philanthropic statesman, a merciful officer of the law. ,He besplnttered' himself .with
praise. Yet he/knew all the time that so far as lt applied to female juvenile offenders it was practically abortive. There is-something appalling in the consummate
cheek of* this man.
°* ■ Yet when the discrepancy is .called to his attention,'
and he is,asked for a remedy he Impudently tells' the
Juvenile Protection Association tb go to,'he is* going to
spend, the money on "reproductive public works." He
speak*-)' not only as Attorney-General arid Finance Minis-
tor, but for-tlio Department of Public Works as well, He,
the groat and only Bowser, Napoleon" of the government,
Is going'to Bpend the money. ■  , •
The jails; will become "reproductive public works"
without .cash .assistance. '. They will reproduce fallen
women frpm'.'.glris* of .fifteen. ,. They will make, of .first
offenders thb,:scarlet women, lost to self respect,,lost to
hope, driven to nlmost pure perdition because this two-
,, i.pot stntesman wants to make a grandstand play, and
lows, but in those provinces where compensation is paid I 81>end tho pub]lc fum]8 upon ."reproductive public works."
the compnnies will find it moro economical to support I       jf ever,a combination'of self-satisfied conceit   and
First-Alil chiHseH than It Is to pay for the time lost as a love of cheap aggrandisement were misplaced In a po-
result of their non-existence. isition of authority that man Is the Attorney-General of
„,,, ,    *,'.,.'     i        .,   , , ,.   ,      'llrltlsh'Columbia.     Ills answer to tiie Juvenile Protec-
- This may be justly termed practical human tar sm, i ,      ;,.,',    ,      ,    ■  ,',_, ..     ,    . „   -,
.'     ' ■ „   Itlvo Association, hnvlng in mind the matter In hand,
ns tho tlmo and money expended will be beneficial to all :„tampB hlm ng ft mm wh0 uttevly fnll„ t0 npprcc|nte i,|H
parties interested, • We understand that a clnss Is short* 1 rp-iionslbllltloB to tho public
ly to bo started at Michel, jmd would Biiggest that one bo      -."Go and send your brats to jail, I'm going to build
iiiHtltutod at Fernie, whero iin'cltlzciis, regardless of their 'brldgns where they, wll! make the most  votes," Is n
occupation who   can spare tho time would become mem- i"berBl l™1H»l,lon °< '"« Rn8WW ,0 *hlH ,n*"omnt ' ,,,?'
,   ,        . .    . quest,
born, iuul then thero would bo an excellent nucleus for' .
extending tho movement throughout Uu. Push, when a '.     7"
Trade-unionism has lost a' doughty
champion by the death of Mr. T. Sum-
nierbeli;"ex-Labor m. P. for'Sunderland. . Mr. Summerbell was seized
with, apoplexy1 on Wednesday night
while attending a meeting'of the Sunderland town council, and was removed* to his house in Vincent street in an
unconscious condition. He never rallied and died on the following day. -
Mr. Summerbell, -who' was forty-
eight years of-'age, was-the-.son; of'a
Seaham Harbor miner, and became a
compositor, early joining the Typographical association., He look' a great
interest-in the growth of-trade union
ism,- and has been for years secretary
of,the Sunderland Trades Council;;_He
became a member of the Sunderland
town council, and was elected chairman* of the Tramways committee. He
.was-*also on the,»pf the founders of ;the>
Laborers Vnion'pf Great Britain. \it •-
In. 1906"heTstoodias;Labor candidate
for Sunderland, with Mr. J. Stuart as
the Liberal candidate. They achieved one of ^the,finest.victories of that
election' ...turning .out "hotly the Tory
members liy more, than 5000 majority."
At the recent general elections.the tar.
bles were turned, and both Liberal and
Labor were defeated after a stiff fight
in which the personality and local in
fluences of the Conservative*' condid*.
ates had great weight. OThe amount
of unemployment prevailing in „ the
borough provided ample scope for the
Tariff Reform missionaries.    .**   ■■"',-
, v"'. ;> •; v ''i,.*\  k~-t    * \H
Fresh revelations'as to the unsanitary condition of'Newburn were made
In a report presented by their medical
officer, Dr. Hembrbugh, to the last
meeting of the Northumberland county'
council. In regard to overcrowding
according to the Yorkshire Post, mention was made of, the following Incidents.'       *'".'..*
At Carr's-row. a house with , two
ground floor rooms, occupied by father, mother, three daughters, aged four
to fourteen, and four sons aged two
to twelve.
' ■ Two rooms' of a back tb back house
occupied by a family of nine, and another house with a living room and a'
very small bedroom occupied by a family bf seven, ■ *'"; * •' " "7*
Two rooms with no through" ventilation, occupied by grandfather;' son-tn-1
law, four children under"'teii, and'- a
housekeeper with daughter "of nine.: '
; The living room: window does "not
open, arid the upstairs window is rarely opened .more than''an'inch, as It* Is
used to keep fourteen canaries in; it
is in addition a sleeping room for the
housekeeper and five children. At
School Bank,"Walbottle, a house of
two, rooms and an uhcelled attic is
occupied by father, mother, six * sons
of one and a half to seventeen Vears,
old, daughters aged nine and twenty:
five, a married daughter and hei* husband and a male lodger.
At High Pit six adults and five children  in  a two roomed  back-to-back
A Revelation in Tea Goodness
is a delicious and[fragrant blend of the finest Ceylon Tea..
Get a package from your grocer and enjoy its excellent qualities.
Black,- Mixed aad;Natural Green, 40c,.50c>t60c and -70o;per lb.,,—
■  .j   '■   '..-/y v --: ■ '•:■■''-■: ',*.«■        ' ,y y '■> *-v % .-^    *,-, * *■.,---.•,
The Waldorf Hotel
FERNIE,  B.C. ,     ,7
, First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot "arid Cold Water"'7   " L. A. Mills, Manager
. (Continued on page 5)
We Give Away
On first- class
business and residential, property.
'i   MATTER .OVER   WITH   US"' .
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & McrfFatt;
Bar: supplied with  the  best "Wines,.1
■ '   ...   , . Liquors and Cigars-
Furniture Moving' a Specialty
Leave Orders with W. Keny,.
60  YEARS"
Coi. maim 4c.
' Anyone tensing a -sketch md dMcriptton toay
enloklr oscwtals onr opinion pea whether an
invention li probably pat«iUbl*ACommuiilc*.
tlont atrictlr confldentfcL.HANDBOOK on Patents
lent tre*. Oidott agency for aeeurina
.. Patent* taken thronffh Muna 41
ijxiioinoMcs, without charge, In tne
k Co. receive
Stitttific HmrteM.
A nandsomelr Ulnatrated weekly. Largest elr-
" itlon ot any iclentlflo Journal.   Terms for,
iada, 13.75 a year, postage prepaid,*   Bold by
;0 86TBrotdaiy>
^ F fit, Wasblngtbn, TD.'<
The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain
English, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. DM.
Chief Consulting Physician to the If >alids' Hotel and Surgical Institute at Buffalo, a book o' 1008 large pages and
oyer 700 illustrations, in strong pai ir covers, to'any one sending 31 one»oeoS
■ stamps to cover coift of mailing only, or, in French Cloth binding for SO stamps.
Over 680,000 copies of thiB complel   Family Doctor Book were sold in cloth
•binding at regular price of $1.50. A'terwards' one and a half million copiee
were given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now .ready
for mailing. Better send NOW, before all ere gone. Address World's Dis-
fbnsary Medical Association, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y,
THE ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar ailments flood enough
that iU, makers are not afraid to print on its outside wrapper it*
every ingredient. No Secrets—No Deception,
THE ONE REMEDY for women which contains no alcohol and
no habit-forming drugs, n Made from native medicinal, forest roots
of well established curative value.
We are going' tol'sacrifice., the balance of our stock of
Cutters & Sleighs > to make ■ room|: for our Spring stock
Buggies.   We have !on hand. ,1';..,,'.'.}. '"...,'"    .. ,'' ,,   .
3 Cutters ,; -   1   pair of 2 1 -2" Farm Bobs
We will Sell, the, above .at cost. =■"■ Call and .see them',
J. M.  AGNEW & CO.
Konguc'could bo formed, cunt ems In-hilRod In nnd prl/UH
awai'dod. For hoiiio Umc p»Ht liullvldunl cIuhhch, have
tnkon up the mudy, hut 'co-oiionulvi* action wim decided
on on February a-lih, whon the St. John's Amhuliiiicii
AkkocIuiIoii wiih oiKiuiiztiil, ICuii (ii"y piiiHltlilii^, lit OUa-
wa, Out,
Fli'Ht Aid Corps have been iu exlHiencu for hoiiio time
|)iih( In tbe United StatcH, hut with u view to a hciUM'
A Cork ffenileninn lilew Into the offlco this week ori
a March breeze, nnd Htated that he contemplated locating In n town which Bhowed Iih appreciation of Irelnnd'n
jmtroii kiiIih hy (lofen'iiiR.itH election!- until Mnvf-h ITtli.
We iiHHtii'cd hlm that none of them were verdant one'*,
although no doubt they would Bport Dw preen on tho
day In (iiK'Htlon,
HyHtemliii'lloii tlie Amerlcu Hed ('iohh Society hnve taken \
the inatter lu linud, and will orKiinlzc cIuhhos tlirouKbotit 1 WIiIIhi ronllBliiK i)int In conweQuence of hiiow and
all the in I ii Ing commiinltl'iK, TIiIh work Im practically uu- rock wllilcn traiiHpoi'tntlou niattei'H Imvc been sadly coiii-
der Hoverniiieiit 8upcrvlnloii, an offlcern of tlie Medical , pllcnti'd. still we am.no reiiHon why our public hlghwnyH
CorpH of tbe l'. H. Army aro In cliniKe, nnny hui'Kcouh , Hhould lm blocked for nvcr.n (pinrter of an hour to the
are tbe uniplrcH In tbe iininifil conteHtH. 'uroni Inconvenience of the Keiiera) publle, ns wnH tbe
Valuiible Informiitlon will he finnlHlied hy cornniunl-'ume on Wodnciiilny of   the pro-jeni week at the G, \'.
cntliiK with the Amorlcan Hed Ciohm AhhocIiiiIoii, No, 'MX IciohhIiik.    If those ol-Htriictloiii* continue we think thnt
8title, Win and Navy lliillilliiK, Wiihlilnutoii, I>. C.
VeriiHtchiiKin. the Ki'i'in HuhhIhii iirtlHt, who was kill-
»id when the "JN-irapnvoluk" wiih dcHtroyed during the
HuKHO-.la|iiineH«« war, hii Id "What im IncoiiHlHtent creature
mnn in; be fnahloiiH wenponH for the dcHtrnctlon of life,
nnd then InillilH hoHpltalH to patch up Uioho wboin he linn
mutilated." I(
Wo will alwnyH applaud rneimiireM for the nmeliorn-
Hon of HUffering iiumaiilty, but never hesitate to condemn the nttempiH to promiilKiue mllltnrlam, no mmter
miller whntHOf-ver nulne It mny he ndvocuteil.
At the prcHCiit time the piuhh Ih full of iidwh relative
to Dw HiippreKHlou of the white ulnve trnfflp; international bodies me making liivo-itif-ntionH as to the best tneth-
odH lo he ndopteil In order to Ii-hhoii ihe horrora of this
nefarlouN biiHlnchH; hoclnl reform*-.*™ are hutment In de-
manrlB thnt some utepx -Hhould he taken tn mlHuntc th-.*
ovll, yet practically nil, whilst ndmlttliiK the deplorable
male of affair***, prefer to im iWikIoiIzIiik methods rather
thnn take the only <ouine. n rndicnl one, by nlmiiiB at the
caiiwiSlve root of iIiIh und kindred evils. We nil nek-
rnwlfdic* that there Is, NomethliiK htmlcally wroriir with
tiiiri would bv nil t-kcclk'iit mutter for our City Fathers
io take up, and. fnlllitK a remedy, thnt the matter be
referred to the Hallway ('oinmlBHlon.
Tho Privy Council of Orent llrltnln linn maintained
(lit-   llet'inlUII   Ol   (IIP   •viill.unaU   (.uullb     (iiat   Iln.-   fiuinilif,
V.uuilvi'i, ul Vt'hiii)i»u, Hun., mum W the))* btnnwo Dw
mm ot forty thousand dollar's tt* dmnnKCH for null-In.*:,
'Phis should oper the oyrn nl the p|umhor« to Ihe ffttt
that the cnpltnllHt government nnd cnpltnllst courts will
lnmhnnt.e tho workers nnd hoont the'caplmllntii, The only
,   ,   ,,     . . , ,       .     ,
X vuivu',,  ir *x>* x.,1.  '-tiXi. *.\ . a >.i%i' *i.*ti>■*•>*»i*  i.).^  ?,\i■.'.. ,.,i*\i..-. —,».
liCKlBlnte tho cnpltallHts out of their po-messlon of the
•mentis of production.—Cotton's Weekly.
We were JnborltiK undoi! the Impreaalon thnt ns a
result of the row caused by the Tnft-Vnle dispute the
'Labour Pnrty' of (Irent llrltnln hnd compelled the enactment of a law whereby trades union funds would not
be ntttii-li.-ilij-.'. If precedent be 'he (rr''nf factor In d**-
rldliiK Much mailers probably this is one per contra, and
1»» Intended to show "motherly" sympathy for refractory
l.oyH. This drain upon the funds of ihe plumbers will
ccmlnlv <au«e a leak (hat will tax iheir abilities to remedy If *h"y \wrn1nt in th* tint" wrtrn prn-"f|r«» of nilne;
capltitlli-tlc tools. I.e., th<« courts, Instead of the more c
feeihe ni.,', thi» bnllof,
Hey! There
your premises are afln*. A1'1" .vou
prepared for hiicIi an eniortfcnoy?
That's our -quoutlaii and which re.
fei'B to liiHurnnce.
When Burning Its Too
Late to Insure
Now It- the time. Oive us the
order and wo will write you a policy at once,
Our  Safe  Companies
Give Ample Security
Insurance and Real Estate
Headquarters For
Office   Supplies
!the depot!
Just around the corner
from Bleasdell's
Drug Store
Open Night & Night
(Ledger Ads Pay
Suddaby's Drug & Book Store
Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs
Huyler's & Lowney's Chocolates, New Scale Williams' Pianos
S|feM9i!t**t!*M^^ 'H   Vf-:r
.v'.KiilS _ ,H.^->i*^-!,T   i'
•:-. .IA ,
.C  ,-^V.*-10\N«?,-'tHV!»y  .'3_   j
v-    _   I*"-** JM*-**   "1 ,
\*   H   l   ' *   - *
'A ',*■*    '^.-'.-:
' ;■* :■.    ,-s' V
■ >    ■*••■-= i; I'tfj-'r: ?l; f ■**-"
•   ?vt i & >i ;•; '*
■*g -fa- pft
i *-   -t
* .   .
■■r^i ■ '^^^"ffi'.rf-i^~~
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U. PI. W.  of A.
i>>   i' - li'.
Fernie, B;C, March 5th,   1910
**************)**** ******** **********j********* **** * * *
■ _ , '..*}. *
•* * .       • •'-.'.*.- ' ■      *
I   Wews FronvWe Camps   \
X •••—   - '-•    —-— - 1;  "" -   ■   '■■"'-*'■■$
•*. 'From our own\ Correspondents ,i,,\..   *
■J -f.t_ r- •-:*: l :,•**•*:«;, v.'.]  A'Mt
.      -....5
***+W^A-^*-/VwA'^^^^**iWk^Hrfc,t irtrft
1 Albert Morgan returned from his
trip .to the old 'country ldst week.'and
has gone back to his old job on the
' dinkey. 7      ■
-The.govei'iimeiit" road was complete-
, ly blocked with snow last-Monday/and
Tuesday."""The t'ijtms'coniing from
Fernie had to drive up the track part
of the way. *•• '; '' ."'if. .'(.*■-
• Miss Mitchell, wljo has been-iln the
hospitalVfor.-16 weeks, is 'progressing
very favorably at present, and expects
to get home,shortly,-;     f\-%U    "'
, ."A practical-demonstration ofV;*First
Aid was-ield-'ln the. club' hall on" Sunday night. There was a fairly good
attendance; considering \'the .snowstorm that had been'- 'raging all day.
B, Caufield was the instructor and he
gave, some -very,,usefulinfpniiatlon \as
to how First Aid should be applied.
,*;It fs about time the Coal Company
. did something, toward-getting a water
system installed up here for lhe house
holders.' Every one!lias,to pay for
it the year round, and yet for the'last
three Weeks there has been but one
. ttt\) running to .supply, about thirty ,of
tlie houses, and they* have to pack it.
through anything,[from, two to three
feet, of snow. It is certainiya shame-'
ful state of affairs, and should be remedied. „ :i;;-7 ..; v.y ' " '
'.John Evans, took a trip down to
Coleman on Saturday, to;-see his brother-in-law, W. H. Evans, who had
taken a relapse.- We hope Jo hear
of hls:'W&ovCT^^^
iAnother social evening was held in
tlie club on' Saturday-night. Several
members 'contributed _onKB*aiid'-lmade'
the evening a, very enjoyable "one. •
-"The"''dlstri'ctJ ln„'NoV'jyiaineifiaiied.
the Deeps was closed down this .week
.,^^,-,-   r --.J*- J-*...-*..w-'T'--.w-  -   ,il*v-    "**-'       **'*-
throwing about sixty men out of era-
, pjoyment .jtemporarily. ^/rThese^^men,
wili; W-startjBd 'to wrk,in,'oth|f';mIi\*Mi'
as soon as-possible; ' *' ***■ •'■ '"*','-'"'
/No. 0 mine was closed .down, again
last week'*erid.'i   <•* 7'7-7 -r'M"    '*
'Ed. Coughlin was do*wn In Albetra*
last week "purchasing horsfe_*'fbr."flie
company. Twenty-five landed up[ here
this week.  .   ■■  .    ■.< *     *        *'-   ■'
(No. 5,mine was laid off last Monday
owing to the tracks being blocked by
snow. No. 19 Incline nnd the slope
districts'"were "workliig' lii" the" afternoon districts.'',' . *v..-.*, ■ '
, "There wris'a.arge attendance at the
lecture,,on(.Tugsday.night.,,.,.The subject taken up was "Fracture," and wna,
very .attentively listened to by .the
class. Dr. Corsan wns sufferlng'from
a severe,'cold, but managed- to- got
through the lecture nlrlght, with a lit-
tie assistance , from the nurse,; Svlio
showed,_h.o\y„the baudages. had to-be
put oh'.for the, different fractures. The
next'lecture'will be on Tuesday, the
8th, when the stretcher„exercises will
be gone Into. "'Tlie bandages and Instruction have,, arrived and will be
given out to the class next week.
AV. Shenficld'w'entlnto the hospital
on_Monday..with a bad foot, and-underwent an operation on Tuesday morning. He Is progressing very favorably
and we hope to see him out again
soon.     ..   .   .. „,   .' '   .,t
.lames Adams, a pusher in No. 1 S."
got his-*leg-severely crushed' between
the, bumpers, of', two. cars on ..Wednesday afternoon. He. was removed to
the hospital with the afternoon train
down.,...   '       : ;.  .     :&.   ,- >•'';•',
* Andrew Sutherland, the boiler , inspector, was up here last Sunday, examining and testing the boilers.
"There were five cases before the.
'Fernie' magistrate this week for having been found, with* matches in the
mine. This is certainly a very dangerous practice, and - these examinations should be made more frequently.
In,each case a fine'was Imposed.
! ■ What'are you going to.represent at
the masquerade? is all the'talk, up
here at pnesent. Remember the. date
17th;', March. Good floor and music.
Gentlemen:{$1.50,-*-ladies; free/./All.**-the
dancers/to, be masked."; \ ■• Refreshments
will be served. Floor master R. Hub-
bersty. j ^..Spectators 7yiihhe admitted
at 50c;each, so.let It be>a real Erlh go
Braught, jollification . without shillelaghs. ' '',;.,.-
"Mrs! Hiibbertsey' was taken slciClast
week, so has be*eri'staying with her
mother at Fernie these last few* days.
We„liope to".see her around in a' few
'days. . ..._  _ r : .:'.'„. °.. -■?
"jack Harrington arrived^ back from
t'he'-onvent'i'on at Lethbridge on last
^Thursday morning.
"Boni.T^-At Coal Creek on the 24th" of
(February to .Mr. and-Mrs. M. Michaluk
;      -  ■ --   i        • -'■• ,   •   '
a son,-- •    .   , ...      ,,*.*,*.,>,',
-A smoking concert will be-held in
the club on Saturday..night.,, All the
-iipjembers are welcome and a real good
itime is assured. ,
[ A large number of real estate,agr
lents, aro[ visiting up ,here at present.
ITho'y must find some-very eaBy.plck-
lings. "  '"' "  " *,,
, • A grand concert was given In the
iclub hnillaat Monday night, by the
[memberB of tho Salvation Army band
and friends, "-.vhen ,an .exceljont. pro;
'gram of songs, recitations,, nuiBlcalse'
lectloiiB, was rendered,, each artist do--
Ing his part wall. The/nudi'cnce was
vory"small owing,to tho,stormy weather.    ' '*, y • .
Rmiald McKay, better known as Dig
Red, rind Andy Lund, arrlvod up hore
The*'visitors'to' the'club'.tlils week
we're Josi Johnson, H. 'Quigg;' C.' (Min-
tbn, A. Paton, J. Smith,5 R. -Doods'on,
E.'Whale,-Robert Pdrtenlp.', -'' "-
i' Robert' Coates, brother to Teddy/arrived rhefe* from Newcastle,' England,
last week.'"'1'   ';     ■    *   '".'-.;•'■•■
Coal Creekites keep March 10th an
open date for "The Three Hats,'. Hand
bills will furnish full information.'
Cook.'.of Fernie,'-not he:of the'North
Pole reputation, • will be in charge.'.
Rev; J. H. White's lecture and lantern exhibition on. B, C. and mission
work, which was dated for Friday, the
4th of March at the Coal Creek Methodist church,, has been postponed till
Tuesday, March Sth, owing to the
doctor being delayed, on the way .by
a snow,slide., *,,-,..
, , Service In the Coal Creek Methodist
church, at 7.30,p.m.,on. Sunday evening. , .,A hearty invitation is .extended
'to all. D.'.W. Scott, pastor.
John Oldham is able to move around
Jack1 bier of Coal Creek drifted,in-
.'it ' - -  , '
to'camp this week and is working in
No', -j mine.'. .,' *,'■' ■    ,        ,.,...
Benjamin Hill has again,decided to
shake, the','dus't of Michel, from his,
feet,.* aiid take his; departure for. pastures'new. i y.-', ,.  ,      ■
"Uncle Benny'says, there is "Nowt'
dooin' 1'' thv'Pass." '     \ '   ' . , " ' .r* '.
'The moving picture entertainments
which''were held in Crahan's hall on
Sunday evening are a thing, of. the,
past. No doubt this is a move , in
the right direction^ and will .be greatly appreciated by the church going
fraternity,, as the holding of entertainments during the hours of divine
worship has a tendency to divert the
minds of the people, mbref especially,
the young, to things earthly.- instead
of' to things heavenly. There ought
to be a larger attendance at the dif*-.
ferent places of, worship now.
G. W. Cody, ,is.,rregistered at .the
Micliel'*hotel.'..'   ','".'.,!'.' ,  -
*Mr..and Mrs.V.Clarke, and family are
iu town."  7 '"'.',' y ,   .   7    ,    ■,,
James  Ash worthy general .superln*
union: have been notified that thegeiv
eral headquarters of the International
Ho'dcarriers and-, Building., Laborers'
Union   of America has been moved to
Albany, N. Y. "* .*." .. ;*. *,
■.- ' - - * *.*•■" i ',, ■
The question of establishing an old
age pension fund is being considered
by ' several of' ,the big - international
unions. The .old age'pension fund of
the International Typographical Union
has now been raised to the,sum- of
$218,000.       ,      ' ..
,* * •
The New York Central rathoad has
granted an increase of wages to; all
its trainmen and, conductors. This
statement was made, by J. P. Bradley,
representing Vice-president Smith who
said the exact, rate of Increase would
be fixed by compromise.
,,,''»   »   ■ ,
President Gompers has been directed
to initiate a movement for tlie.consolidation ofthe Amalgamated Society of
Carpenters and Joiners with,the,Uni-'
ted Brotherhood , of Carpenters aud
Joiners,-and torinvite the representatives of both organizations, to meet'not
late than June.l., -       ,    ;'.     ' > -,   ■
rection of a'further reduction at the'
-.beginning'df March7,
A month's notice would* have tb be-
given to the operatives, so that it
would,be April before,any crisis could
arise.,>" Unfortunately,-trouble is.fear-
ed'in the near future..
-. <-'      ',' ;,',..'    * *. *    i"     ■ -■-*-,'
•'An Englishman nanied Stanger has
been sent up for six months in Nelson
for" stopping teeth witli; chewing giim;
his certificate of proficiency .purport;
ed .to be signed by "Gall." It was'
scarcely necessary. . .,.,,       '    ,
■■ C.i A. Magrath must haveimadea
hot. speech in • Ottawa. recently when
he stated that Canada had as little use
foi'na navy as a buffalo coat would be
to a resident of—if'was not Medicine
Hat. . This gentleman should be "excoriated for treating this burning question so lightly ..,*.,   .   ,    .. .■.  ',    ,
! R. H- Marlow]
i'   Capital Authorized........ .$10,000,000
Capital-Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve... ; $5,000,000
.    D. R. WILKIE, President   .      HON. ROBT JAFFRAY,,Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden,'Kamloops, Michel, Moyie, Nelson,
Q,    Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
First Class Union Store carry-
. ing a Suitable Line of Xmas
, Goods.
Two,.South African Scrips    for
sale at usual price
The reasons why you should buy property In Fort, George ind buy quickly:
Because Fort George is nearly at the
geographical centre of D. C, Becnuoe
It is on the line of the G, T. P. half
wny between Edmonton and* Prince
Rupert; because It will be the largest
city between Edmonton, and Prince
Rupert, and the second largest city In
B. C, in a shorter time than any other
Canadian city has ever been built; because it will be the hub ef seven
lines of railway; because It commands
the river navigation of B. C. Now, wt
honestly believe that we are offering
you the really greet opportunity to participate In the beginning of the last
great metropoflt of North America.
Port George la not tha beginning ef a
town; It Ie the beginning of a city,
and the foundation of a metropods.
Prices of lots are within reach of all
, classes, and terms very easy,    Lots
$1(0; only $10 down and $10 a month.
Remember this <« the first call and the
prices will advance.
Call and see us; we are open In the
East Kootenay Realty Co.
Johnston*Falconer Block
Employment Office in Connection Phone 65
'teijdeiiTjfor the^jBrows .Nest. Coal Co.,
is"'in Mlclieh   '"' <!..",' ",'.*""
,, • ,* :   ii-ciili-iH*1'   '-;,'   '      :■- .
Clark's, moving - picture .and vaude-
deyliie on Tuesday night drew a large,
crowd notwithstanding the inclemency
of'the weather.' " ', , . (. ,„' ', _ .
T   Mrs, W. Whitehouse is confined,to
the house with a very serious Illness..
i,j        •     .,   .i * .     ...   .       • ,
1 The members of Michel local are go-
again.',"'' " ' ; '
Ing right ahead with the Co-operative
store.'' Tlie building' committee liave
been seelcted^'and just as soon as they,
decide" on' a .suitable. Bite, building operations will proceed without delay.
No doubt tlie store will bo of t great
benefit'to the citizens of. Michel, ,as
with, the increased cost of living and
the steady advance In the price of the
'commodities, of life and no addition to
the dally wage, anything that has a
tendency to lessen,the cost of..'living
should be appreciated. The,co-operative store should have tho financial
support, of every one In the town,.,'.
^C, ,11. Waggott Is .registered nt, the
Michel hotel,this week. .
Brown's ' "moving picture, entertain-
'mbiil - billed for Monday night was un-
nblei to show on nccount of the Flyer
being'late',  ' ,
* Joo Thomas, of Passburg, was visiting his many friends In the camp
tblK week.  '    , ...
Tho meeting called on Saturday evening for Ilie purpose of organizing an
ambulance class )\'nn woll attended.
Superintendent KniRer and Pit Hohh
SjiniHton were-proHont,und Kiivu-thu
proposition tbelr hearty support, A
lni'Ko number on rolled aH utudonts.   .
Tlie liiiDi) cabin In undergoing a
complete remodelling , Inside, , and
when complotcd will ho one of tho
most up-to-duto lamp cabins In the
vji'OHt. The Improvements wero much
needed iih there was considerable delay iu the giving out of lamps In the
John rormonl, who was Injured by
ii fall of rock In No. 0 mlno, cntiHcd hy
a enr hutting n prop nnd Itnoclilng out
the bridge stick, died In the hospital
on Mondny from the Injuries received.
On Wednesday afternoon he wus burled by the membere of Michel Local,
tho funernl procession Htnrttng from
his homo In New Town, Tho Jury on
Thursday returned a verdict Hint the
compnny Hhould tnlte meimuroH to porfect bridge sticks, to prevent recurr-
* i » ■»
141 it,   *Jt   tULM   UKt*.*VCt*l->.
Thoro wero nbout 20 nntlonnl or international   union*   in   the   United
r*. . . t i *       '       ./,-,.
•>t4.fc'i,nt    *,. *lr\* ,     »k«     ..Ht     HW'lt.!^,     .Wvh'.,,
more than 125,
Six countries have already aurecd
to send reprcit-ntatlvea to the International congress on child welfare to bo
Iwld Ju Washington In May of thla
*   *   *
Tho new scale of the Minneapolis
(Minn.) Hodcarrlera and ■Building laborers' union calls for an eight hour
dny at 3? 1-2 cents nn hour, a payday
at le»*t «very two week*, and double
pay Ixix btt-flliue.
Th.-   officials   of the    bricklayer
,      . '-■•'■£ ' '   '
(Continued from page 4)','
house with :no ,through   ventilation;
and a large number tof similar-houses
occupied by mixed families of nine,,
the nine in odd instances'-including a
lodger.   ,        ; _:,.;■;, .;.*.
■The report has been sent to the
Newburn,. council,-.for,' comment,,,-and-
Dr. Messer, their medical officer, in
his remarks .on it,, admits t;he. overcrowding, but says it is impossible jto
cioseTrhousesTon- any-~scale*r—-withou_
causing overcrowding.-,' The committee's report.was passed by, the council,
over, which the Duke of Northumbei*:
land presided, without.comment..    ,
;    ,    ...   *  . •"    ,* 7i
"\Vill the master cotton spinners insist, upon further, reduction ,lri the operatives' wages next month? This
is a question which Is .now.leading to
considerable,anxiety. . .        .. ,.
It will be.recollected that owing to
the depression in tradeian agreement,
to work short time was agreed to last
July, apd this has-been ln vogue ever
Since.,''' , ■   ';.;   ';
.This,the operatives coiiHlder In, the
light of a practical reduction in ..pay.
Certainly they have earned .less,. and
thoy, now hold that tho masters should
not,enforce a lower basis.- ' it. is only
12 months ago that the wages of the
operatives wore reduced by five,per
cent, but under the. Brodklnnds Agreement, ' whicli governs tho alterations
In wngcB-bctwocn the masters and the
workpeople, If will bo possible for the
employers to make a move* in tho tli-
New Michel Store 24x50
with outbuildings and
Cottage.   Apply to
New Michel :,    -       B.C.
A  Life   Saver
Is an appropriate name fov. the,
quick    action' style    of   HOT
WATER    BOTTLE   we   sell.
- Ready ihe minute the water is
.hot,  acts more promptly than
any medicine, and so often really
saves life before the doctor can
reach you.'    Several sizes  and,
.styles and all prices.       .
The Leading Druggist
In the mutter of on application for
tbo Issuo of ii duplicato Cortlflcato of
Title to Lots tl and S Wook 2 of Lot
iViOr) Group 1 iKontcnay District Map
731;, :*. '
Notice Is hereby glvon that lt Is my
Intention to Issue at* tlio oxplratlon of
one month utter thu llnit,publication
hereof a duplicate of tho cortlflcnto
of title to tlio above mentioned land
In the name of John I'odhlclaticlk,
which certificate Is datod tho Ulth
October UKi.t, and uinnboi'Cil KSOHA,
Deputy District Registrar
Lady Registry office, Nelson, 11. C,
January 8th, 1010,   ,, fillfiLPB
Queen's Hotel
Under New Manngtmtnt
Excellent  Table and
all wMKe help
Additional Table for
38 More Men
Wm. Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
lhe first appearance of our beautiful new Spring and
Summer Catalogue is bringing an avalanche of requests upon
us. Had it appeared earlier it would not have been authoritative with regard to styles. It will show .you the approved wearing apparel for 1910, as well as a!! the v&\\ novelties just
brought back from Europe by our army of buyers. Your address on a post-card will bring it to you free of charge.
Ledger for all kinds of Job Printing PAGE SIX
11 ^-i''*'^*•*■«.•■*■ ■""*      -" i-^• ivv       ta*(;**.i *V «„       '   ;„>-*y'"'"^
A Well  Known  Divine "Speaks "on
The^Subject-Views Not Shar^ :r
\ ,v, ed by: Otherv Spjeakeran ^ .;<i[(.
'I, A
' 'v- *>.'
' (Lethbridge Xews) , " -•
.The visiting delegates to the Miners convention, were entertained at a
smoker last night hy the Trade's and
Labor Council and Lethbridge delegates to the United Mine Workers o!
America. " . ■ ,  •
• In addition to ,a number of excellently rendered songs, eloquent and Instructive speeches dealing with prohibition and labor problems were delivered.
At the invitation of ihe Trades council, Rpv. Mr. Fortune was present, and
addressed the meeting on the, evils of
the liquor traffic and the work of prohibitionists. '■ He .believed ■ that tho
wqrkingnien now realized; that the
gauntlet had been thrown down by
Samuel .Gompers".and other leading
men, to the liquor traffic,* and they
were now lining up throughout the
country to .abolish the liquor traffic,
when the laboring man would come
into his own.
He painted word pictures of the deplorable conditions existing in most of
the lumber and mining camps In B. C
and the drunkenness, and' dissipation
that occurred when,the nien visited
* the towns, where' ',they were often'
drugged and robbed.- He painted "the
liquor dealers and ' bar. tenders ' as a
body, of men absolutely destitute of
honor, as social parasites robbing the
laboring man. of their harii earned
wages, and charged that it was a common practice*: for, bartenders'.to' -with-..
hold proper change and, to participate
in .TOlling.vmen.Joi'.,thelr.tni9ney. --•,.    -*.
He spoke of,"one-case as"having,oc-.
curred ln«_ethbri'dge*' "'btit-'refu-ied'Hb
gi-v;e names when asked to do so by
one of the\ audience,'"'who staled that
there were ^bartenders, present,,-, and
* member. *6r the" union, whose "charac-'
ter._the„reverend.;gentleman- had .im
He- Batd-LethbrIdge-was*under. "the
ruling'; hand bf .capitalists, ,the liq*.
and now owned"*"nouses am. horses.
How did they acquire these, not by
the, liquor sold over the bar but by,
drinki as it'  would be against their
• The ..rev. gentleman' also; gave the
usual spiel as to the baneful effects of
liquor oh the-health, and Its influence
on crime and poverty and said the aim
of the Moral Reform League was to
abolish the bar and treating, and after
this was obtained to stop the manufacture and importation of liquor.   .
Mv. ,\V. Syoionds, a, temperance man
followed, and gave an array of reasons
why he could not support the cause of
the speaker, that, by .their cogency,
and apparently uncontradlctory truth,
appealed strongly to the common
sense of his listeners. He took the
stand that the drink evil was due not'
to social' but to economic reasons
,The,-Moral Reform people did riot go,
to the root of the matter. The liquor
business was of such wide extent and
employed such vast numbers ot men
and capital that'it could not be abolished without the disorganization of
society. Unemployment in relation'
io temperance and capital- was also'
handled in V masterly-'manner but at'
too great'.length-to be-..given here.     ;
He contended that prohibition was
going to make0'.the 'working men's'
problem *. more .difficult* than it is by
throwing one. million men in America',
♦,    Agents of the Dominion Coal.,
♦ Co. of' Cape Breton N. S., are
♦7 at work trying to induce min-
♦ . ers of Wilkesbarr'e and other'
♦*' anthracite mine towns' to ' go.
♦ 'there and scab. 'District   and
♦ ' local   officers ! should" exert
♦ , themselves to. prevent   them*
♦ from securing    any men for
♦, *3uch purpose. ,.    ,..,. *   "
♦ A strike has been on in No-
♦ va Scotia and at these mines,
♦ since July 6..with every pros-
♦ pect of winning.
♦ '    Don't go there and try to de-
♦ feat your  brothers  who  are
♦ fighting for the right to organ-
♦ . ize - aiid , better, cond Itions .of -,-
♦ employment.
•*»,   „ .Stay away. Due notice will'
♦*, be'given .  In ..these columns.
+'■ when the strike Is won. Lab- '
♦ or,papers, please copy.-     ,   ;
♦'  * '  .'":i *' '• '-'•     7   "" "   ''
♦ ♦'♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦"♦"♦♦ *
the' management of the affairs of the
country, and it rested entirely with
them how .soon they were to attain
their goal.       '_ , ,        _„„...,,. 7
A vote, of itiianks to - Rev^-Mr.-ftFor-
tune and singing bf Auld La_g-\Jjjyne*
concluded proceedings.-;?., K4$ Jf^.'    ■
The'chair was "occupied by Pres. A;
districts; some of which had been
mentioned by Mr. Fortune, and' said
that if the rev. gentleman' would follow up his interest; expressed in words
by action'on'their behalf with the gov-,
ernmeht on their behalf he would se-
rure the respect of all. The rev. gentleman, might .be, sincere in his belief
that he was working In the Interests of
the. laboring man but he7vas on.the
wrong track.""'  They'could "hardly'be
lieve that the preachers were. sincere;
when*they.'were, always found bd the*
  D WMW. „„„.„.. _,wl „L „„1C1„,„  side of the*.capitalists',     Itjttfey-want
put of work/and that "the only way to"'; <-# abolish, ttejdrlife-, evil they should'
change "present' conditions was to'-Sejt to work^nd^brtish_the^cpndltlpns'
better the-environments of the men'l w^tf caused'rit^' rThey' couM^iiot'"^-.
and to take the profit out of the Hquoi-viPept'a.tSOod healthy hog, to live: in.some":
traffic.--,-The bar',was not;the greatest- "*'"'" •—""-— -*■**--* "*
enemy of the workingman,* but capital-*'
more questionable'methods.
He told of-ailiquor ;man at Lloyd-
minster who controlled 45 to"-70 homesteads, acquired by giving the men
$300 or $-400 to skip the country/after
having got deeply'Jn'.debt wjth*nie. '
chants, through the influence of* Hanoi.       , *'.-• --■- .'.». *.■ 7   -* :.
Although these men sell poisonous'
drugs over the bar, they will not al- J scribed the degrading Monditlongl-pre;
low the men who* dispense, them, to  vailing In many mining'ant'lumbering
*:     '    •   "-   i*      i .*'     :     - . -      •■: i..tiv..i-i-i.'"'"'':-7.
ism.,_   _.,,,. „ ,„., .... ^ :
\, Mr"! Tuckwell refuted the charges'
made'"against the bartenders? and said;
that in view.of the statements after--
wards,made that.all bartenders were,
compelled -to.,.be, abstainers,,.the .rob;*
bing'must have been done.by the'abstainers.---He- also-provided-therev.-
gentleman-'with some very interesting
figures"'wWch"weht to"prove"the fair
acy that prohobitionists were in. any
"way^nTore'ff^Se^Jfcp^tlie ~faffings - of
mankind .than those' wlio used liquor!:,
" Mr. R. Evans of Kenmare, "N. D. said
the drink traffic would never-be/elim--
Inated h>", prohibition.'He "saw-more
drunkenness,' where •' he came, from—a
prohibition district—than he> saw. in
Lethbridge, He spoke of tlie disgraceful .conditions under which meh.-were
conipelled'Jfo live in bunk houses^and
that the^social reform people .were, never' 'fouiid-In' these dlstrlctsl'').^^-^''
Mr. McKinnon of Rossland *arsb':_ei
- i*t.■-' '■ ■ -
of'the houses that men we're compel!
ed to live'_n.',.i»-:^-iliS"-!; ■'' ihy> ' !
.'President Powell described1 the con-
ditions^u^er^which a great,many of
the men |liyj5;;assworse ,*thari| those of.
savages.in Central Africa, and quoted,;
the, following places:" Pinto,! Canvias!
'City/.„Estevan,.. Roche. Percee, _sSa.sk.,';
aiid'White Star near" Edmonton. There
.wer.e.mInes.jvith.only one hole, and jf
anything happened, in these places
they- all knew -what, the ■ results -would-
be. . Operators were permitted to
the'governnient at Edmonton. Why
did hot the ministers and moral reform
people investigate these matters, all
of which were at the root of the evil
of "which they professed themselves
the champions.
,,." Mr. ...C. Stubbs of* Taber congratulated, the Trades and Labor Council of
Lethbridge, on'the position they had attained; ,-.'.^.Th'ey,- were moving rapidly
along the/road all craft organizations
'must follow. ;,*'The working classes of
'western Canada were rapidly coming
to-'recognlze.jthelr.' rightful position in
'l'ry>'lM' ;
Send a Copy of
U'*„|  ■■:••
jrti i f^i in
ir una       ir 1* 0%
Only 50c. a Copy and 10c. Postage
For Sale at Ledger Office and Usual Places
Fortunately for mankind labor cannot evade the struggle for. ^.emancipation..    . .„       .       .t .   ;;,,,..    .. v
No matter what the leaders may do,
or say labor Ms forced to go on'-with"
the fight.'-' '"' -' ' ''       "..   '"'"
v Even the railway workers may be
forced to engage in a mighty conflict.
And yet-these unions are',, it is said,
capitalistic unions.    ■ ■■•*
About a year ago the leaders of,
these* unions and the railroad presid*-
ents met together to' form -the American Railroad Employes' and Investors
Presidents and managers of the railroads sat down beside the presidents
and managers of the men "to cultivate ' and maintain a spirit of, mutual
interest for the welfare and prosperity
of American RAILROADS."
• The leaders of capital and the leaders of labor tried to cement together
Into one big brotherhood capital and
labor. ■ ' '_
■ No doubt' it helped to encourage a
spirit of hearty good fellowship between the bosses arid the union leaders.          *   ' *' '
No'doubt the association helped1' to
convey the impression to the public
that the railroads had at last got control of labor.
' No doubt it gave the. stockholders
a thrill of pleasure because the war between capital and*labor was over for
ever.**,. i, ; '; * > u.,. ' ■ .: ■ .
' And. yet after„ all the dinners and
conferences and brotherhood the fight
comes. ■(-   .        , ,. ' •■*.,.-', .',.i  y
,   It cannot be kept down. •. It-cannot
be ignored and suppressed. ...jtjs^.the,
inevitable^' irrepressible f conflict;
' Despite thej mpsticautlous, conservative leaders in tlie'world the men must
fight the bosses.   .-   ,„",..,.,.,-,,
r The men cannot suppress their want
:—they 'cann6t( ignore' their stomachs.1
| They "cannot-'forget the" needs'of their
'wives and children. ■"'  ,;  "■"   ■■'!'"**'"'*
;   The'only'way.* the labor'leaders 'can
settle the class struggle is to do away
with' the exploitation,;' the iri'isery' arid
'the poverty'"of-the 'Workers',' arid'1 this
they cannot'do!' '■-*-"-  _•■-'• ■, •'   "
' ;-' They can make all*'kinds of agree-
(satisfy the men, and the ;riien" must'
tfight'for everything they wahtt '-' ■'*
With'or without leaders they must"
strike. With or without hope they have
;to revolt. With or without' brotherhood they must struggle Inch by inch
to emancipate their class.1 •■•'*'' "''
* Mighty forces of evolution ' drive
Ihem oii; on andon'to their glorious
'destiny. "**"■ .*-•"'     - • ••'.
j, Man did not know that he was evol-
•ving from the ape. '■ The masses* of
^men today do not know that society
.evolves toward a nobler social 'or:
'der,-    "   '-'T,.      •     *.t"   '**'      .*■■'
j Thej- do not know that every struggle, every revolt and every battle,-no
matter whether It brings temporary
success or,temporary-defeat.'leads onward nnd upward.- *■ ' •'
All men want "peace, but tho workers most of all. ■'- They need each day
their wage, rent niust bo paid,- children fed. ■ Insecurity and want, tho necessity for earning eacli' day tho broad
for that day breodB'ln the worker a
longing, an almost dlstrossod longing
for permanent peace. >       ■      •       ■
Yet thero Is no peace. Thoro can'bo
ho peaco under capitalism, It cannot
ho bought by the bosses nor given by
tho leaders.
Compromises, treasons, corruptions,
nothing cnn guarantee peace.       >
Profit sharing In the steel works
failed to bring poaco. Welfare work
In tho cash register factories or In
tho Ludlow mills falls ta bring poaco,
Evon tho Lords with thoir flunkies
at Civlo Fodorntlon dinners fnll to
bring ponce. ,
Labor ennnot evade the struggle for
Its emancipation. Tho Irrepressible
conflict rooh on, For, as Lincoln onco
said, "no sonlnl order can endure permanently half slave and hnlf free."
|| Denounce^ ,b-||secretarj|of Child
M       3:*- LaborijCommitte'e
A,      & 74 ;_L__k, M '
■sail, V^.-jiW-y    £SST ^-dii*;!
An article in the current number of
a-j mpiithlyciugigiapinerdefending child
labor„in - the..sbuth. on, the.! ground, that
it isbetter-than exposing children to
the"*^ unsanitary Southern mountain
farms~\vas calledtti the" att'ention~ye_"
terday ., of the organizations. In this
city, .which, have been, combating the
child labor evil.",.'•',7.'7   ."/."
'.Owen R. Love-joy.goneral;secretary
of,,the,.national,child labor committee
said, it ,was becoming the fashion-for'
magazine space writers to use the ef-.
forts of serious.workers as the background , upon ..which to draw,-, their
stories. -' .   •■ •.■-.-      -, ,7       ., ■■   . ■;-
He also said that-the defenders-of
child ;labor;.in the south were. not
worrying, this committee so long'as
they were forced to admit that children seven'years old were tolling " in
the roar and-moist line of the cotton
from 6 o'clock in the morning to 6.35
at night. , .
The article Is a defease of mill employment , of children on the ground
that • the danger from hookworm Infection and other evils of the'country
life of the poor white in the South
are *- a more serious menace" to the
health and morals of children than
is working in cotton mills.
"Apparently the hookworm Lis .the
last morsel of bait tbe'Southern defenders',"of child' labor can.'dig iip,"
said Lbvejoy. "Formerly they' denied.'
the existence of child labor.' The facts
hb>ve'ver, were" proved against them.
Next theyurged'tha. southern industry,
could riot compete'with New England
without the toll of• infant fingers, and
charged that alf'the agitation .was the
cause of trouble stirred' up" by their
Northern'" competitors.'.1. The 'charge
was so''preposterous that'it'lias fallen'
in'the house'of its friends.1''' '""'"
' ''Then'we'.are told that' the,. south*;
eriumtir offered' tiie only chance 'for a
southern child'to. get an education.' The
statistics;' however,1 sh'owe'd*. that' "there
was'.a'laVger^p'erc'eritage bf illiteracy
in the! niill 'towns than in tlieJ'sta'tes at
large;r^'yy'iy 7;;.;''   ■1,i".",i-';-;;.V)'
"Aiid'_ow,'j.they are'trying' 'to','catch'
us by heraliiirig as their riew champion^
Dr. Stiles tlie'great'hbokwbrin'special-'
1st.  , ^     v:'r- ':'"; "' "/*-;; ■";_'
Lbvejoy'here "referred t'o'br. Charles
Wardell, Stiles, whose report'.''?to 'the'
government' on' his 'hbbkworm'lf indings.
is the basis of the latest defense" of
"i.       '!       .     ' .
jOttirf*. Jolmso^aullme^Block.  \
Ho^*6*:''&&_C3WvS'S. Phone 72
■_   sfejssr^ -r€?A  *m-$   ' ajlv." :
B. C.
•wr-R-r-Ross-KTc: —~
j.^v,Barrister,.. and;.Solicitor-;«,v-*3-i>i
Fornie, B. C.   -    •    '^, a.Canada.
7*   ■ ■ rf«%. . fr> •g'hu t  ^.-^1 :;•*,
L.-*P. Eckstein.
D. E. McTaggart
•I- • •/ \*'i "7VjH'Vi<i* ?,-*>N\-'i:\0
Cox 3tr«et
...   ..Hi ,    Fernie B. C'.
*    . 'V ' ■  .11  I      ,    01   .,*
F. C. Lawe
Alex., I.. Fjsher
LAWE A fisher .'','",.;':''"
•) ' ATTORNEYS   '
** * i i '     ' i .     f r
, .Fernie, B. C.   ,  - „ -
Drakemnn Killed and the Firemen
Mlulng—Traln Jumped
the Track
■  HALIFAX, Fob. 28—A hoWoiih tied-
donl joohuiIgiH^iit S.:ii).'tlili inoniing,
iiiear VoIoIrIiI   whon n* Wut' hound
I freight. Itii'huri**-.*,of Couduotor Halter,
jonll nVlvnV SIeI.Voi! of TriiroMumpe'd
iiihi) railH.
' BriiWorfinn I')avl«bn'hf fi-uro"wns kill-
f^ j. il.innil" MoLooil seriously Injured,
,/A|,  4;u-fiiinu  .MciHiior,    uuotlier Truro
^ ,l,lil,l, 1.1 UIMIli, (Jitf liiil.iiun dthi hU ia
illioughl now to hu burled under the
'wr*pekaBe. '       ■ ,,     ■ -    "
A wrecking.tiftjii with, nurses   and
jdoclom hnH left foi- tho scono of thn
, t»\0.i_H,
. , , fivbtues'nas.been;quoted "as sayi'rig'.that he preferred the cotton mill to the southern,farm. 7' '..!/
, "Wliat db"you;tiiirik of' th'at?"'Lbve-
joy'was asked'.."' ' 7 ":H\'\\'> '
' "lam 'glad'for Dr:" Stiles' 'that' .he
does not have to choose either'of these
occupations'."     -   '7 	
■Soriie bf tliV other; things''the" author
of the article found are really'interesting. For instance he. says, the index
finger'of more than one child ,was not
to be' 8een-**-lo'st in'tliemaciilnes—and
occasibrially a whole, ftand'was'-giorie.'
These; children woiit'twelve' hours a
day' ln':great' rooms,''the' windows of
which are kept'tightly'closed, arid'the
air of'Which,' filled'with "fine particle's
of lint, is kept moistened by' vaporizers; '' '' ■ "-* :: "">■ ■ '■'" *
' :The article says'that'"Soriie bf'these
children look tired'and III."    '■'"
"Because of a twelve-hour work day
In tho'mlll?" asked'|l/oyojby.' "No;
only because they are' hookworm' victims."   •        '■ ""■   • ■'■ •; ■;" ■
, "If thoso child labor advocates tliink
thoy can mako the American public believe that a 12 hour day, of cotton mill
slavery for n ton year old girl Is the
only salvation of the germ laden millions In tho south thoy are doomed to a
rude awakening,'
"The public cannot bo expected to
swallow the hook, worm and oil," Love-
Joy concluded.
. 1»AR|8, Fob. 28--flH8tnv<i lloryo, t,h»'
woll known hiitl-mllUarlst nnif Social-
int, nlno editor ni "Ln Dnorro florlnle"
Iiiih been sentenced (a four years In
tlie nenlif-ntlnry nnd a ono thniinnnri
trnnes fine for Inciting to miinlur.
Hervo prodtiri'd no Inns than twenty'
wltneaaei who all timtfled to tho brutality of the ixillcu.
Somo of <h« (alimony was of tueh
a ehnraeter tb;if Hia wltiin»(ii>« wr-ro
silenced by Dm tourt.
llorvo hns recently withdrawn from
.tlio Sotlallst party.
I ■ ■ *-'
Of the American F»d6*-atlon of
Tho following Is ;iart bf iho' unf alt
list of tho American FoJeratlon of Labor. Many of iho dally newspaper
roadors who hoar as much about tho
"Unfair List" during thoso days' may
ho anxious to know what, names of
firms tho A. F. of L. "Unfair List" coiv
tains,   .
Undor thoso clrciiniHtuiieoH It bo-
eoiiuiH tho duty of tho labor |iro88«o
koo|i Its renders properly Informed.
What* nro paper*'published for If nol
fpr tho piii'i'-oso of giving 'correct' Information T
! ClgniH: Carl Upman of Now York
City; Kerbs, Worlholm & Schlffur of
Now York City, manufacturers of tho
ttonvy Uuorgo and Torn' Moore cigars.
i Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling _o
Mlmionpolls, Minn.; Vnlloy City Mill-
Inir Cn nrnnd Rnplrln' Mleh
'■ Whisky: Finch nistlllltiK Co., Plttn'-
hurg Pn,
( Clothing: N.f Snollonberg '& Co., of
Plilliidelphln Pn.; Clothiers Exchange,
Roehestor N.Y.; H. Kuppouholinor _
Co,, Chlcnito.
CorsolH: Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers Kaho and In Marguerite
Gloves: J. II. Cownlo Olovo Co., Des
Molnos, la,; California Gbve Co., Napa, Cal,
Hats; ,J. Ii. Stetson Co,, Philadelphia
Barrister and Solicitor *>
,, .    ...      .,       ,      , ■ i
Office Henderson Block," Fernie B.C.'
'"  Hours 9 tb f;'2 to'; 5;" 6 to 8.-,
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.   "'
,'     '•     W; A;CONNELU ;'   --''
Pioneer( Builder and Contractor "of y
:     '■ ;:".•: ,Femie„  ;•     , .     ' ."'i-i,
'.'-.   t.i'i- *"'i . '  *.* i   "    '     ,   ''"*,    ,- '     'i ,' *'
S" *'. , 7 *i;ir-  .J        , ,i-n.-- .'  :'i    i': *.-    I.
WoLEAN l;;rLt(L;7
,-*oh ,;i -
S^ 'iAy, CONTRACTq-RV:  f!;     .'-•>-
Pa.v'E. Ml'Kriox Co.," Brooklyn N. Y.,
Henry H. _tbelbf'i&' Co., Phiiadb'lphla!
Pa.       .    - '->' ■   ■•'■' '''•,-
. Shirts and 'Collars: United S_iVt*"&
Collar' Co., Troy/' N. Y.;" Van Zandti
Jacobs and Co., Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company;; Troy,; N.Y.; Janies li".
Kaiser of New'York City."
, The Butterick'Pattern'Company bf
New York, .,
, ..Cement:' Portland Peninsular.' Cement Co.', Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydraulic 'Cement and 'Mfg."Co'..' Utica, Illinois. ■:•'■'
Stove's: Wrought Iron Ro!nge'Co„ St.
Louis, Mo.) 'United' States. He.-iter Co.
Detroit, Mich., Gurriej- Foundry Co, oi'
Toronto'Ont'.; Hohio,'Stove Works, of
Brooklyn, Watch Cane Co,, Sag Harbor
IndIanopolls,\lnd.; Buck Stove and
Range Company.'st. Louis.    '"     '
Bags:'Gtilf. Bag 'Co.,'Now Orloaiis,
La„ branch Bemls Brothers,' St. Louis.
Mo.*'     ; '■   ' -'     '• "   ■'-   ''
Brooms arid Dusters: Tho'Lee"nrwin
and Duster„'Company,'Davenport, la.;
M, Goellerfs Sons,'Circlevlllo,''Ohio;
Moi'klo-Wiley Broom Company, Ponu
Watches:, KoyBtone Watch Case .Co. •
of Philadelphia; Jos,*'Fahy;'*Brooklyn/
T. Ziirbrtigg' Watch Case Co*,' Hlvor-
Bide N. .T. , ■  *    .
C. W. Post, Manufacturer of drape
Nuts ond Postum Cereal, Battle Creel*
Midi,       .,,■*','.
Flhroware: Indurated Fibre \varo
Co., Lockport, N. Y.
Furnituro: AmoMcan Billiard Table
Co.,' Cincinnati, O.; O. Wlsnor Piano
Co.,*-Brooklyn N.Y.; Krell Piano Co,,
Cltiolnnntl O; Derby Donlc Co., Boston
. Ki*f. \ttnn wilMIJMM-!"***'
A. McDougall. Mgr: *,7,
.^r^'H " ^ .VftVl
Manufacturers; of arid Deal-
,, \ ers in all kinds of Rough *
„ arid Dressed Lumber '
;*5 ■>***^'.'*|.! i ?,-k*:-:--t t '■■f*',!,--*^*,".- '"-■'  F
Send iis your orders
,;   Bar, Unexcelled:
■■■■    !i AH White Help
*;-■»,-! -1
■■: A  r1' •'■-  '•'
Call in. and
: vi'i
see us once ■•■■<'■
", iy\i   .;:  -r.'.y■■:'{, ,;
i,,:;? ".,-/,'   '  ..-" i;t,:. ■*■:   v' ,-
;i   ll:;'!.''/
; The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Conitiierchil
'!■,' and'Tourist House,
• .1 ■    • >'   ," .    •'.,'.,,   *.'* <-'•
, , S. F. WAllACE, Prop. ';'■
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed luniboi -:
"•'      ' . .'"'      i"      i'. ''.
Vlotorln Ave.       North Fernie :
-•   •     • •■  *...? i        «',
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Pernie.
P. O, Box 308
List of Locals District 18
Minora will pleas* atay away
from Rnnkhcad ns men are be-
UiH lultl oKI. No us-9' coming
ht-re loi' Ins; for work.
ABliorofl: Mlnos
4 St
UiMivi'r Ci*i?n|c,
IUnlrmoro   '
Conl City
rt f i ft «•
(.ai i/t/iduut-.;
rnriHH           ' *
Corbin             ''
Diamond Cltr"-' '
Edmonton City,
T<V1 moi/fnm
Maple I-oaf,
Michel        , t
, Fattbur-t.
lloyal Collieries
Jlocho Percoo
'laher •-
by nintrlq Socrotary Doc. 31, 1000.)
8eC, AND P. O. AODRE88
T. Grey, Ashcroft Mlnos, Lothhrldgu, Alta,
T. nradloy, Hunklioad, Alta,
J. C, MeNoll, Ilonvor CroU, Alta.
,, j, nurko,'Dolk't.'U(*i, Franh, Alta,
,0. Kolly, Dlalrmoro, Alta.
", Win, 'Angollj 'Canmoro, All*.
,y"i". Rollly, Coal City, Talior, Alia.
.WiQrobanii Coleman, Alta,
l', i^uimon, trtHjonuiin.', coifuiuii, Aitu.
, 'J.' 'Ai"03w,  CuidlU, Alia.
F.'K. St. Ariion't,' Cardiff,' Alta.,
' ' A. ilamllton. Corbin.* H. C.
Pat Kolly," Diamond City, liethbrldRO, Altn,
C, V. Lnrrlor, 1B4 Hellamy St, Edmonton
.*.    v..
V, Holub 127 Ixirne St. Norwood, Edmonton
D. neoa, Fornie II. O.
O. Nicol, Frank, Alta.
J. W Morrlf, Hosmor, 11. C.
J. O. Joiiob, IlillcroHt, Alta.
_l. Evana, K>onmaro, N. D.
M. PlUhACk, P. O. 11.1, Lethbrldxe, Alta.
. W. L. Evana, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
F. nonaccl, Maple Ijoat, llellevue, Altn.
\ Chaa. Oarn*r, Mlchol, n,C
. 0*car Carlson, Pnnhuig, Alia., .
sChaa. 8mlth; Royal Coll., 1,©thbrldg*«\ AlU.
Ii, McQuarrlo, Hoch Porcoo, Sask.
A, Shaw, Strathcona, Alta.
Wm, Hiuaell. Tab-sr, Altn.
E. llrown, Taber, Alta.
J. Rocho, Taylorton. Stulc.
1 1 j.*-**'"~-,v*'"r > i'- ■*        ~l       ."- .■*-****'. s-v * * > "".I*   '■_ '*        ' * * i
.,,.. THE. DISTRICT4-EDGER,FER!S|IEr. B.v-C.rMARCHf.5,-1910
1,   s '    i      J'-I'*) ft IV
-Wholesale Liquor-Dealer-**"-
-   4-   ri **3  •»*■ rf-' '     -/""'Si   .  " l
Dry Goods. Groceries, Boots and Shoes;
Gents' Furnishings        ...
fesW "" '"
0<>>'iSlt-*^*-*iC5l-'f.   ^a,*s»s-a"i:<>.**i..-l\v,t5.-
.sa -?>«*?«*■ tfS!_>s*-6*ijj^*jiV*
Jr"» -* \*f '*« /"» "J-*
"i*-"*. WO i*
■n,r.*vst i****-*"**
5 £•¥.-:,
;   «v ' v»i»* **> ■
«■*"■*> ."X-3--   -,'"tAii>^t.^-'V.-."J-_-&*. f^'-^'iS' i*1
-.'/ <j aa^uf.T-'-'-f*
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitin|s^and|
• \uj?   *
i ii"      , . -
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices   $ •$,
-    ,   l <&e\ I'i  .-„J^ .?m X
W«i*_ V-Xft*MJWr.^-n»-.|^JB,S-?(--_^t-
■    -     *"Z*t*r*tl*.<*t1-lr-rtSf***tZ*'''~X'*'-*^
:.*: s.
g*<      -"> fyi?* -f* *£"'-<^ "i"* -*,'
.2 ■***.;
.*asR£> *&*'-*& JS5 «^^'
. •*.   A,
i> :*.•.*-•*
•■    l-'j
• '    ,.-.•:'*
,  i;f-,7
-'V     .i
• 'v.  '.lo-
V v      /, s
AH things are equal but try our
And you will think otherwise
We carry the.world-famous «.'
Imperator Hams t..
'Marid-Ba&m^ ,j-
Pure" Lard3&Butter
,   Fresh .Eggs
r.   *S*VV
'i>? );>7
*•'"■ ?'
1. _        _l"x
T   «     ' •   ">■
^{'_     i-
**»*-,'_ --..
■;jj..-   i
Calgary Cattle Co.
i,: v" *i Phone 56„
100 tons of good
. •■•*.
j. „ w
Baled Hay
w; Er'BarEf CayleyilitaT
33 qS
Letter Hekds ;    j
feil Heads;:;:; ';\. V; '.'
, <-. ,^ ,   •-.'.'  .. -^  •• '*..■-■ -.■.***
^Statements     J    i' i   /
■'. ■ c ■   . -
Pnveloj)es;(air sizes)1'   ;"
'- '■-  \ r^';) t-/:n -.*:■'-.   vi-v, «\'V ..
, Business Cards  > ' 'yy _
•■ /,      ■  >    ..  . • ■
I*      " '■■>'. .y"'"-'5.     ,','*'*V>.
yifeiting Cards    . V
feociety aiid Club Cards
?*Ball programs
SVedding Stationery
feook^;3yt)rk2:::; t.C, '
i  ? * tf-.   J
This office .carries.the,largest stoc.
'-1   i   ;y*'*7'v.rr"?T ■   •.■.?!,    .;*-°> : 7 '-"*
■u   t of stationery in the interior,* „,„
n   I ' 7   ?>m *.*!ji» s-7*r>'j- *    \f. :-
■',-"-. w tv r
; f.*i' f
•I****!**-*''-"*'"**"'1 *■"*•• "*'
I «■
Fernie-Fort Steelis': ■'
Brewing l)o.,ttii.   |
- -  —        -,*,■><!• i-■j,, ■*, ' «>'*','f'*. -;jj|
■ t,'"i,j'
Hj.r* *>;™*.i* ,w ,.y.',v-t  S i7':7  f
»■■   ■ ■ * . ■■*'
♦    • .  • "
I 1—ii-, <r',*> M)   '-J
;i A DV E NT li RE^ # MI _ VPOLK^ POT-i!
♦   ■   .    ■■•.*■•»■
■7 ' o-.tiPiFr.
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Dining; Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Mctlo 25c,   Meal Ticket! $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
r:..'..*i r.f
*-*•*-. A * *• <- *i
i   .—:
; Fernie uairy
dcilivered    to   all
.part^ ofthe tpwii      ;
Sander* A Vcrhaett Brother*.
.      Pfoprfatore  ;,.
.     .   , mwpf!
flLlRIOHTlWBM/IYl^y'1'   '
FOURTH VBTI    jy^.*^«=^ii
i i / ¥ ten imvi.
*.,%V..    t„   •**&!"*>>*
I ■n3?JcoMPA*jr*_if'i^7'f»! ;'•
'"Companies vVc*, 1807."      Cunada.'iPro-
vince cf BrltUh Columbln.   ' '-,! ''
" ' *     - Ao,  r>57 :     ,
t* •&¥ltQ*MllKI*».\f »»__
"This Is'to* certify that the — Ellison
Milling and Elevator Company, Uinll-
eiJ," is authorized and licenBed to carry on business within the Province-.of
British Columbia, and tp carry, out or
effect all'or any of the objects of .the
Company to which the legislative authority., of'the Legislature of British Columbia! extends. ,,,,.;     ....     °
**-,  £ ' -1      .' «
The .head i off ice. .of .the company Is
situate at Lethbridge, in the.Province
Of Alberta.*      "'   ,
■"■ The'amount' of'the capital of-the
Company Is one hundred and fifty thousand .dollars, divided.into one thousand
five, hundred shares,.of, one hundred
dollars' each, ,    .        ,
f The1 head'office'of the Company In
this' Province is situate -'at the City of
Fernie, and Sherwood : Herchmer, Solicitor, .whose address Is _ernle'afore-
said, is the.attornej; for the,Company.
' Given , under my 'hand, anil, seal of
office at Victoria, Provlnco'of British
Columbia, this'8th day of January; one
thousand nine hundred and ten,. ,,.,
(L. S.) S. Y. WOOTTOX,,     .
. lU'Kl«(rnr of Joint Stock CoiiiimuleH
The objects for!.which' this'Company
has been established and licensed are:
. (a.)'To carry .on all or any of the
businesses of milling and the manufacturing of grain of all kinds' and'descriptions Into flour, meal, feed nnd
other products:   ,';',*
(b.) To'carry on any or all of the
businesses, wholesale or retail, of grain'
warehousemen, and the buying, selling,
.warehousing, shipping-, handling, and
generally dealing in.grain, flour, meal,
feed, shorts, bran and grain .products of
all kinds and .description, to build,
equip and operate grain or other ele-,
vators, warehouses • and> storehouses,
and to, carry*on* a general milling, and
elevator business at Lethbridge, and
elsewhere ln'the'Province of Alberta:
' ,(c.) *Tc carry on",business as wholesale or retail buyers, sellers and dealers in hay, oats,-.cattle, horses, sheep,
live stock and general farm and ranch
products of every kind, and to cairy on
any or all of the businesses of'farmers, ranchers, graziers,, stock breeders,"
dairymen, preserved meat;manufactur-
ers, canners, preservers, and packers of
all "kinds of provisions and products,
fellmongerlng. tanning, dealers In hides
fat, tallow, grease, offad ' and other
animal products: *     .,
(d.)rTo carry on the business of manufacturers' of arid dealt.'s, by whole,
sale or'retail, !n°artlc!es and 'products
of every kind-and nature whatsoever;"
(e.) To--carry on, the business -of
store-keeper In all Its branches, and
to buy, sell or deal ln, by wholesale or
retail, goods! stores,-' chattels - and effects of every kind, and- to transact all
kinds of agency and-commission business: ,.,,*■ .,•
' (f.) To'carry ori any' other business,
whether mahufacturlng'lor otherwise,
which may ,-seem'jto the. Company capable, of being conveniently .carried * on
in connection .with any of, the, above
businesses or' objects, or calculated, directly, "or 'Indirectly.''to "enhance -the
Alberta  Waterways   Deal   Receives
Another Jolt-Labor is Not
Protcected Enough.
' (Edmonton Journal)
If there is any * pther' particular in'
which the agreement between the provincial government' anil the Alberta
and Great Waterways could be assailed
in addition to those objections which
have; already been set, up by Messi s.
Cushing and Boyle, it has been dlscov-*"
ered by C. M. O'Brien, Socialist member In the house. > --,
Mr. O'Brien claims that the agreement does not sufficiently protect the
laboring men, who will be required to
work on the construction of the road.
" He announced to the Journal   this
value* or_to"j-enaer~pToniaDie"any oi~xne-
Company's property; or rights for the
time belng:7    ..." - * ',; , "
(g.) To erect, build, equip and operate flouror other mills', grain or otlier
elevators, .warehouses, houses, . stores,
and other buildings and works,*neces-
sary, or which the Company deems necessary ' or expedient', for* .any'of* Its
purposes: ■ *' ,il'7-
s (h.) To acquire and. take over, as a
going concern, If the company deems
It desirable to do so", the'undertaking
of'any oralTof the assets and liabilities* of Raymond'Milling and Elevator
Company, Limited:. .!•'.*•
, (1.) ,To .acquire and ..undertake the
whole or any, par.t.of the business, properly and liabilities of any person or
company ' carrying ' on * nny business
which this ' Compapy., Is." authorized to
carry on, pr, possessed of property,.or
rights suitable for tho purpones of this
Company; arid to;cnter Into partnership
or Into any Arrangement for shnrlng
profits, union of Interests, co-opsratlon,"
joint (ulventurc, or otherwise, wlt-h any
perflonor company carrying on or *rn-
ttaged In, or^about-to carry on or en-
gfino In. any business'oi* transaction
whicli this company Is authorized 'to
'engage or-carry" on, or'ariy luislnosR or
.[transaction'.capable ofMjelng conduct-
*ed so ns to,,,dlrect1y or, Indirectly, benefit this Comrmny: ' l
fJV To take or otherwise nc'iulre and
bold h1miW In.-.ii'n.vj," oihor company
having objects ""altogether or In pnrt
similar to,,.t]ione of .ttilw Company, or
carrying on any business rapnlilo of
being conducted so as, directly or Indirectly, to lionvflt this Company:
(It,) To enter Into any nrranisomcntB
with nny Government, or nny nutlioi-1-
tit's, iiiunlcll-ril, local, or otliei-wlKf, thnt
may scfin conducive,lo the Company's
oliJcctH, nr nny,, of them, and to obtain
from Miieli .Govor'rimont; nr nny other
nutliorliy, any rights, jirlvlleKcs. nnd
conccsKloiiB which the ,Compiiny may
think It ili'slrublo to contain, ami lu
enrry ont, exerclso nml comply wllh
such tiriMngomnntH, rights, prlvllegus,
nnd concexflons:',
(1,*) To pstnullHh nnd support, or nld
In th« fstnlillshmont nnd support, of
n«snri|ntlons, Institutions, funds, (runts,
nnd conviTilcncfs ralculnted to lK'iu'flt
omployiicK or cx-omployncs of the
Company, or tlio dependants nr connei'-
tions of such - person***, and to itrnnt
pension*-* or nllownnct»*«, nnd In rnnUe
liny incut h iiiwiiciIm Insunuici-N, nml tu
•Mibsrrllif-. or KiiiirnnteA money for olio-
rltnbl'i or iniiivolcnt objects, ur for nny
exhibition, or (or nny public, p-eneml
or, useful object:
■"m,** To promote nny compiiny or
companies for iln- purpose- uf stqulrlnif
nil or nny of the property nnd llAhlll-
lies of this Company, or fur nny other
purpose which mny seem, directly or
Indirectly, rnlculated to benefit Mils
(n.) Generally to purchnse, inke on
lemi', or In exdinnRe, hire, or otherwise iic-nulre any  real    and porsonnl
Jir<)|M'M>,   MIHl   till)    iltflll*   Ul    \lllXII\Hl*
v.-bli'li tbe Pomi'tiir.' mn" tlilnV -neix-n.
snry* nr convenient for the purposes of
Its business, nnd In pnrtlnilnr nny
Isn-J**, bu-tMlnits, fssomtntw, frsnebUes,
rnnrhlnery, lnnd nnd slnrk-ln-trnile:
(o.) To enlist runt, niter, repair, lm-
tirnve mnliitnln. develop, work, mnn-
age. uirry out or control nny r'-nfls,
ways, bnlldliiBS, -warehouse*", , S|*fiops,
stores, works or conveniences which
mny seem calculated, directly or In-
directly, to adyiince tho Company's Interests, and to contribute to, subsidise,
or otherwise assist or take part In the
' construction.    Improvement,   mnlnten-
| nncc, worltlnir. munmrenifnt, mrrylnB
I out nr control thereof:
\     ipi Tn llAisl 41 ill Jt;u! will, Um' ,iii -
neys ei' the Company not linmi'il«i'*l) ,
required,   mi   such   securities   nnd   In !
sarli >n«Mi<r as may from time tu time '
or otherwise, charged upon'all or any
of the Company's property, boih present
and future, Including its uncalled capital, and to redeem nnd pay off any such
securities: ' b
(r) To remunerate any, person or
company for services rendered," or to
be rendered! In placing or assisting to
place, or guaranteeing tlie placing of,
any of the shares of the Company's capital, or any., debentures or other securities of the Company, or In or about
the" formation or promotion of the Company, or the conduct*of Its business:
■ , (s) To draw, make.'accept, indorse,
discount, execute arid ,|ssue promissory
notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading,
warrants, .bonds, debentures, and other
negotiable ., or transferable Instruments: ,,' *
' (t.) To sell, mortgage, lease, or otherwise dispose of the undertaking, of the
Company, or any part thereof, for such
consideration as the Company shall
think fit, and In particular for shares,
debentures or securities of any, other
company having objects altogether, or
in part similar to' those of this Company:            -   ""              '       , ,-,  ' k'
(u) To obtain any provisional or other order, or.Act-or ordinance, for enabling, the Company ,to carry any of
Its objects into effect, or for effecting
any modification of; 'the Company's
constitution, or for any other purpose
which may seem'expedlent, and to oppose' any proceedings'1 or applications
which may seem, directly or'Indirectly,
calculated to prejudice the Company's
Interests: '   .      ,,.,   '..,   .  ,     ... ,.
,'   (v.')'To procure the, Company 'to be
registered  or recognized t elsewhere  in
Canada or*abroad:        '  ~' *•- v    '
7jw)  Toj_do all  or any of_thc; above
morning that he may introduce a reso-fl
lutibh "to cfiange the agreement to~ include   more'stringent  regulations  as
regards labor. *
In the first place he states that there
is no definite clause in the agreement
stating that union wages shall be paid
on the construction of the road.. Ther,e
is no clause, he states, fixing hours of
labor. ' "
* >
He asks* that a nine hour clause be
Inserted and that a union wage clause
be adopted.'
He further states that he vwill ask
moro stringent regulations regarding
the boarding of the men, and amendments to the agreement on several minor points.
' As far as tho wages to be paid on
the road are concerned the agreement
merely provides that the current rate
of wages-for any particular class of
labor' shall be paid. "    ,
This the Socialist member would like
to see transformed Into a straight union clause, compelling the company to
pay the full union wages in every class
of labor.. ■•■   •      ■ -   •■
Mr. O'Brien stated this morning that
he would have something to say on
the debate bn the question which is
now on in the house, and that he was
preparing a re&olution along the lines
referred to. He was not sure as to
when he would introduce the resolution-. . It is believed that he will support the government if these changes
are.agreed to . * "
Otherwise „it is expected that. * he
will oppose the administration and be
will support the resolution of Mr.
things either in the Dominion of Canada, or elsewhere; as prlncipals',Jngents,
contractors, trustees,, or otherwise, and
either alone or,, In" conjunction with
others:     "'   '   .1"'     '       ', . ' , ■"
' (x) -To do "all such'other things as
are Incidental* or conducive.to the.attainment of any of the above .objects:.
(y)J To amalgamate'with any..other
company having objects altogether or
in. partr similar, to those-of ^his Company:   " ' . '.  ,
(z) To distribute anyof the. property
of the;Company in kind''among' the
members; h ..-.,,.■' ,      •    •
, (aa) If,thought fit, to,obtain any Act,
ordinance or order,' dissolving the Company nnd re-lricorporatlrig Its members,
as a new'company for any of'the ob-
Jepts-.mpntloned .In ,thls memorandum,
or "for effecting any. other modification In the,Company's constitution:,    ,
(bb) And h Is' hereby declared that
the Intention Is that the' objects specified' Iri 'each paragraph ot this clause
shall, except where otherwise expressed In such paragraphs, bo In no wise
restricted ■ by reference to, or Inference irom, the terms of nny, other
paragraph or the name of thu company.
'■    '   J32-4t
INDIANAPOLIS, March 3.—A special general convention of the Mine
.WorUers_p_f North "America to be'heM-
at CineinnaU'March '14 was'called today:   ' '       '      ,-••;-
'This convention will.act' upon' the
conclusion-of joint conference1 of the",
central competitive field1 to be held
also In the city of Cincinnati on March
9th. ' '" '"','    -7 ' '
In tlie matter of nn application for
tho Ibbuq of a duplicato Certificate of
Titlo to Part (.ir; feet x 182 foot) of
Lot 0 Block 1 of Lot 5455 Group 1
Kootonay District (Mnp TiiD
Notice, Is hereby Blvun that'll., Ik
my Intention to Issue nt the cxplvutloii
of one month afler the first publlr.v
Hon hereof a duplicate of tho Certificate of' Title to the' nbovo mentlom'rt.
lot  In tho name of .It-sslo (Uddlnn**.
whicli curllflcattj Ih dau.il tU K'th of
July 11.05, nnd numbered ICCCD.
Deputy District Reglitrar
Lund Ruglstry Office,
Nelson, II, C.
Jnnunry Bl.llHO    5t M LrUi
(Too Late for last week)
C. D.'McNab'didve';into Jaffray on
Mondayvto attend "the, meeting of'the
R'K. Lumber Co. ' "\ ' ' '
• Tlie dancing class conducted by Mr.
Blrkof met as usual on 'Monday and
rWednesdny of this week,'
• Mr. J. M." Agnew-of Elko was a
Waldo, visitor today.       '    '   ■ ;'
Rev, Johnson held divine service in
Waldo hall on Sundny evening..
Mra. McNnb, who hns been confined
to the Iioubo for the past two weeks,
with an attack of Ia grippe, Is nblo to
be about again.
Thn Sunday school organised by Mrs
lioby Is quito a kuccchh. Il meets In
thf U'uldo hall and tho weo tola enjoy It very much,
Tho ball given by tho bacliolorn of
South Wnldo oil Frldny last wnn n decided huccosb. the boys doliiB nil In
their power to kIvc* everyone ti good
llnu.'. The hall was prutllly decor-
uti'il with fliiKs nml btintltiB. After mi
excellent (nipper lind been partnUcn of
dnncliiK wk« rt'Htimed it ml kt»pi "1> "ii-
til lute lu di*.' nionilntf. Thonv from
Wn Uio who won1 pri'Bfiil were: Mi'H.
Mfnimrild. Mii'. Dimn, Mr. find Mrs.
Kohfi-tRon. Mi'H, LyoiiH, Mrs. UhhIi,
I'Momsliiii);. Mr, nud Mrs. Wilcox. Dr.'
Ftoljoi'i.on, Di'. rifitindci'H, Mr. nml Mro
,j, HohcrtKon. Mi-twa, Smiley, Witiinlor,
Lowii* nud Powell,
by an Ad in the Ledger
bd' ilitcriiiliii'it:
,,,-      1,1   ,<* ,,....!-,. . ■
(q) To burrow or rsl*-*. or it-mrr thr* S
t.sym^rit «>f rn^.n*y In *in\, Tosriti^T •« '
the C.iin|i.ii>y shftll think fit. ami In I
psrtlrulsr bv i»t«» »»*(!*• of hnnd* or a*- j
benibre*. or debenture stock, perpetual 1
Plain Talks to Women
A little child ran crying* to her
mother the other day with a
natty flesh wound and asked for
There lies a more powerful Argument for
Zara-Bulc than even the scientists con brine:.
Tho child had had.Zam-Bult before*' and
know it eased pun and healed.
Zam-Buk works in two directions. Prevents worse results from a skin injury or
skin disease (such as festering and
blood poisoning) while it repair! the
&2m2ge already rlnne 7am-*. itk \m
entirely herbal, is pure, contains no
trace of animal fat or mineral coloring.
Surest and quickest known healer.
Mr. W*itnrArlimi,177IUilir»*fA*rii., rwiilu. Ia • f##' ****** tern link
Stratford, •»>•;-" My k-b, WIIIImd,
while plkying iMrafootnl *»tx.ut ihe Uek-
>»nl, cut. In* ISttU loo ui tin* ilmrp edge
ot a iiiwr* oi tin. Tbo toe wee cut ftt tht
finiloiDltamt alrao*t tetertd treta the
loot. My wild hurriedly buthH H with
warm wtt«r, afterwurdi »pplyln*l »8-w-»
lint thickly inrM-i with Ztm-Iluk,   Tha
blood, etaed anil wothM tha pain, and l(iiuu4iurN,l0i!t<««,wf<i«i tf** lm lUw
pmvMtunl inft»t»a*tU>nix^w>t»Miu>-^,^c»,T'^'^Ui>U«v«lfc«-
biDvd th* wound lonicoly Dm* iiv *« n
WM ablaonca mora to aialxxit, •> -1***0
U trcurhU il»u*s« witli'iiit tlm nlvli*-"!**
lnoonv«ni«Dta. Not only U Znm l'*ik
T»la»bIalorwonodi»nilcuU.I>ot,ii nl-.*
an tmbro-eMfo*-*, I hex-e eUx l«uuil li
alT-Mtiva for rhtumntlo palm."
Ci«i.ftaV «arM tutt.lrtinn, *' •«**. *\tt%w* m,. _...,_,..,-.-,,-J,
■:&'.:y*y.r ..;-..
c^Jv^K>*-uV^^y^v*j'iF*''--i;'' • *-  i1-*5*.-1    ->' li*. « ■", > -i^ ■-*. *. V\*fV-*o '-lii*-"?.'- ->-*>5*J V-i"1'"
*1 ^i"i->fli?J?V'*^5 ^v-.f A*:'■-*-,' i.' v*'i;''f '-li: ** ,- tVi K-J *^"   '"^-.i"'^   **" **■«* V -v- v\   i     " "
-•■-'•-'i-j-.tf A*.%.,
■\V-'   ^-:':- " w *".   ,C'
.-;*?" _ic?.i'V-''ft'V-*'!.-s ,  V ^l\V -*,t:'5V-V'*'*^5'-*''.tr.'S   -,-
7;' «*7 ■>.-.,. *>'. Arrive Fer'ale
No. 213„West  10.00
No. 211,East  17.55
No! 236 Local East .,v..*.' •  9.12
' No: 235' Local %'est i-. „.'. 1...,., 19.27
No. S East Flyer 	
.. 20.08
. Change takes effect Sunday
June 6.
' V >'.
NO. 252         .   .
No. 251
6.55           •-. ■;• FERNIE
7.13       ' . a   HOSMER   -
7.25                   OLSOX
7.50                 MICHEL   "     '
Arrives Spokane 8,30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a.m.
Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee ar. Ingram's.
If you want help of any kind phone
65: The East Kootenay Realty Co.
Don't forget the cash discount on
furniture at the Trites-Wood Co.
See the East Kootenay Realty Co. ad
this week.     It means money to you.
Hot tea or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room.
Stoves, the best in tho liml .ar the1
Trites-Wood Co.
Good Second Hand Helntzmaiv piano
for sale.    Apply Ledger Office.
"Window shades, all sizes f:fam I'Oc
each up at the Trites-Wood Co.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
. Buy your furniture and stoves at the
Trites-Wood Co. They sell the goods,
cash or credit.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only, of the very best.
Phone 41
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
"For sale: Bell,organ, piano case, 11
stops. Apply Fred Miller, McPherson
avenue, north end.   t        •
For Sale: Ten acres good land covered with tamarac and cedar, close in.
Apply Ledger office.'      -   ' -      -' lm
Just the thing early in the morning
or late at-night:'a hot lunch at Ingram's.    I'' •*■-.'• ,-■    J.       ■■''!,-        *
A quantity of first .class prairie hay
for. sale at a reasonable price: Apply
to J. H. McConkey, Cayley, Alberta.
'"' Wanted:'" Experienced -general servant. ', "Apply/Mrs'.''J. R. Lawry,, Victoria avenue:'1 ' 2tp2S
For sale: Quai-ter. section of first-
* class land1 within three^ miles „of Pincher statlon^Albefta" (virgin soil.) Ap-
- ply Ledger.      J". '          ;     ',
Shoe.repairing business for sale: —
■ Singer, machine and all tools.'   first
class, opening. Apply Box 170, Clares-
-holm) Alta.
If you*want a job let us know. We
have all kinds of jobs waiting. East
Kootenay Realty Co.
7,We sell the Standard .Sewing machine, the best in the world at a price
which means-a. saving to our customers of from $10.00 to 125.00. Conn; In
and try one at the Trites-Wood Company.'
Gill Boarding House. A comfortable
home for the Miner. Table board $5.00
per week; meals 25c; room and board
by the month, $23.50. All white help. E.
Baylor and J. Ford, Props. 2tp
Wanted; Apprentice for painting, 17
or 18 years of ago, wages $1.50 per day
of eight hours to start on. Apply P.
Duval, Box 60, Fernie.
Tailored suits foi;,ladlos are a strong
fashion favorite for spring. Wo have
them, also new pretty styles In spring
jackets. We Invite you to call and
see them.   ' The Misses Euler.
To Rent; Cottage with bath, furniture, shade's, nnd curtains, range and
heating stove for sale at bargain, Apply F. White, Coal Office,
'The Trumpet of.Keremeos has ceas-
ed to blow^but*-,whether killed by a
cold,or a'hot blast we do not know.
All members and intending members of the Philharmonic Society are
urgently- requested to, attend-the. next
practice to be held March Sth at S
y.m.'. in Eliey's Piano. Parlors.
In the city league bowling games
Friday night tlie Clerks took the
Burns company, into camp by some
,4S7 pins; and the Commercials had it
,on the Waldorf by 267. ."
-Archdeacon Beer .of Kaslo will
pi'eaeh at both services of Christ
Church (Anglican) tomorrow. (Sunday.) A congregational meeting will
he held after the evening service,
We understand that our old-time
friend, Fred Simpson, has returned to
his wonted haunts' greatly benefited
by'his sojourn in California. Welcome
back io Cranbrook, Fred.*
Many friends of Mrs. George Barton
will be sorry to learn that she has
been indisposed.' Later reports'are
to the effect that she is iiow making
favorable progress' toward recovery.
John Gregory, who was admitted,to
the hospital on Thursday with a
bruised back, received whilst at work-
in Xo! 1 South Coal Creek, is resting
easily and it is expected his recovery
will be speedy.
The fire department responded to
two-calls during the week, the first
one was ai Duval's paint .shop, near
the hospital, and the other.on Friday
at Ship& McKenzie's bakery. In both
cases dainagetwas" slight. *"
Miss Irene McLaughlin of Toronto
arrived in .town on .Wednesday, and
has,been engaged by the Misses Etilei;
as milliner, and attended the openings
at, Toronto and.Winnipeg.., '..-The latest
ideas lii millinery will be shown'at
their spring opening'Easter week.
"Remember March, the ides ••-of
March', remember," ' Tthis Is Shakespeare's advice but ours is, mark on
your calendar, note, in, your diary and
impress on your* memory that the
Summers. Stock Company v-,'111. return
to Fernie. March'21.   7 ,*.
There is" a scriptural injunction
against putting old wine,,in new bottles, that is peculiarly applicable to
the city P. O. "We refer to the furniture, not to.the inmates. Postmaster Johnson informs us that the, wooden fixtures etc., will be-installed*in
■*due™"time. •■     —       **         .
Report has It that Bob Edwards of
Eye Opener fume is to be C. P. R. ticket agent at Nelson. Wo uro at. n
loss whom to congratulate, Nolson,
Dob, or the C. P. R.
A, I). Gun was elected mayor of
Sydney by TAT, majority--too had his
first Initial wna not W because we
could lmvo th-'ti felt mire a good report
would have hnvo been hoard lator,
Wo regret to chronicle tho death nt
Fort George of thnt old fluht'-r John
HoiiHton, who '-fin JtiHfly hi; tunned
one of tho hlstorl-.* figures of m*w.s-
])iipori|nm, nml mi" whom' mini'.' ■muni*
n\or l»? linked with the birth and
jimwth of N'i'Ihou,
After the usual amount bf talk and
still more talk;1" the' - City'■"' Bowling
League.'ihas, at-,last "kicked off its';
swaddling clothes, and now reviels inr
the long pants of an ' accomplished*
fact. , Already two games liave been'
rolled, and the excitement and.interest^*
displayed bespeak a splendid'season's"
sport.-        * '. '   , i *   ""
The schedule herewith appended will
show that the games are going, to-be
thick and fast, and little* or no time-
is given for the lathering'up process,
or the Vtin-canning" of the, unfit;   ,  -,
Patriotism sure ran riot with", all
other motives or instincts in the headfr
of the team styling themselves Dreadnoughts, * and the way in which they,
poured a-broadside into the "dead-'
wood" of the Kootenays, would Indi-'.
cate that they have more real power
than Sir Wilfrid's navy has yet* evidenced.
' The Kootenays,."consist In" the main,
of the employes of the. Kootenay Telephone Lines, reinforced by a couple
of the bankers.
The- "Burns," team represent; the
well known liver and sausage firm of
the same name.
The Clerks and Coal Company, as
their names indicate, represent the
wholesale and retail clerks of the city
and the clerical staff of the Coal Barons!' ' ^       -
The Waldorf hotel is the only hostelry represented.. <■
.The- contestants- styling themselves
"Commercials" are noted foi" their
good looks, and is headed by Gillespie"
and King Edward Paddy.'     -•■ ■
The Printers need no introduction to
the bowling public, as their numerous
defeats have' 'already made them fa-,
' " Schedule ■
- The first game to be called'at 7.15*
sharp:- 7, '    "
., * March
2: Coal Company*' and Printers.
Dreadnought .and Kootenay. .'   j
\' -I; Burns and Clerks.   ,,    ,,,"„'  7
„    Waldorf and.. Commercial.-
7:«Clerks.and Waldorf o    ;   f
Commercial and Dreadnought,
9: Kootenay and Coal Company,    .
. .. Printers and Clerks." , ■ ■■■■
'11: Burns "and Commercial.' .'•'•'    '
' • .'.Waldorf and Kootenay. -   ""    n,
■14:-Dreadnought,and Printers'.7. 7
* ' Coal Company* and- Burns. ■-   ';
16: Clerks .and Dreadnought. **." '•
. Printers and Commercial.'"" " "•
IS:' Coal Company and Commercial. '
>     Kootenay and Clerks.   ■-* ■  *-' * ''"** '
21: Burn's -and'Kootenay:,""
.Waldorf and Printers.' ,, ^ '       *
23: Dreadnought and, Burns.     ■...-'
■»,» »»»»-»
••BVsv*.-'--n"S •^stoj^i-V-t.r. *-■:,- - '''; "•'«■ •^■^wW'fe't^^*Sl^^1^-.,t"ii*«A''i^-^ig&C. t-ti&<£&$:'sQ
\_: jTDTST.    A iMOJMEIfT  j
1    -*-^\7 " '^\ "-.      7'  '     *' **.-"'''I
Drop itVand *;t"ry a "sample 6^der#^i\%-J
, * ;    ■ ',-   J!   -U,   •*»    ■**•''* v,   V *< -v,  x'*«'i *»- . *''   V.i   *,*   *i   ▼
of Griffin's ^Ham   or^Brealcfas't \' "*
Bacon.   You'll enjoy it.
Pay,, Cash.^and *.-^ttst^^mile^,,s*
•---j'-^'-?       *t yi
♦ W.J.    BtUNDEUi     Glve'us-af;ca.ll^    J
♦ -    ■ ''■;>,*"5*f    »:;-''_' $"K*a;-eSK_   >lrJ'     t&U .cs?i;,*    rV.'v. i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦-»♦♦♦♦-»-*»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦>.♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦,*»♦
■> ;■)*, ~ • *, itf ■ •- if  *';■*. y,
•**"**♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•'
\1850  to   1910
.♦'  •"■"■■■■■HI"-"   '       " ■_____MMmMia_.'i«;
■'    ,       M."W. Elley, Dist. Mgr:^';^.: fy\ "l-h<"
of unparalled progress in the manufacture
of highest grade pianos has won for. ."Ye *,
bide. Firm"  of  Heintzman & Co. an inter-     J
national reputation.     You can secure,.one „■■-♦
of thes efamous instruments at the'most   "*
reasonable  price,   and if desired,  on  easy
terms, at the     .        ' 4   •* <■„ '* ■  .
,   tr>? *•*■*>*<■•* tnSt^'^.r^*,-.lr^r,.£Me^f^'t;3r^.jirr^eili^.ir^, j^ k&.1M->*| «w^iu>.k
-a^V'*.*. VJ(^-*-i1.-*»r_,*--l.**->t-^-+A****'.  -_■■ ai*.i,■„■_'*ft I -3 j, - .    „.w „iS> mm
Grows Nest! TirMdiWgfiCdi
.. .*•%:;      _•._ e*„*i;-*sii"j ..OjKv,.     .=   W
"■£ Vf.'tf'fy
General Merchants
""v\*y 'ii'.
'The^r Store   of -Good Values
'      4 \   x '
fAgents- ^Bell ^Pigftibs^ *■:-:-»
■M ' \   -i-fi'-i, "   .* i'i..-.,',-L.'i'::*..\';.:,;,iD    ■' -
t:'^sr#'   Sold on'monthly payments    *
% — -      * ■■■'ii • * V- <■. J   .
tm.        1~*.
^VictcSria*:Ave.'" |;  :-iu>Fe_inie^B;'.Ci
;i? i-yyj.i'- k '."ii,- ^i^y'i-i ^ • '
♦ ;
Grand Theatre Block^Femie, B. C.
*\   j:-X.. ;;,.   \    >  -,,*•■ -.'*j    *.Ti
■-.-'  ,"i j ,*,.(* ■
• 7 Roomed House
7 roomed house with bathroom, lot 30 ,by ,120, on
.MacPhcrson' Ave. Cash
$1650, or with furniture
complete, $1900.        Apply
Spalding's .Studio
Victoria Avenue
For Sale Cheap
,   9 Room all Modern House
Lot 60 v. 120 feet ft fenced. Electric Litjlit Fixture*, Hot & C6W
Water, alio Oath. Owner will let
go at a bargain and on rtrj reasonable termv.
Apply Box 161     - Fernie
The Ladies aid of,the Bapltst church
will hold a bazaar on Tuesday, March
22, when there'will be a sale, of home
made wearing apparel, both Inner and
outer, laundry bags, etc. Place of
meeting and further details will- be
given later. ,
Rev. Spidell will occupy his pulpit In
the Baptist church on Sunday,' both
morning and evening, Morning subject "Characteristics of a Worktng
Church." . Evening subject "Does the.
Church hot Attract Men? If Not,
Why Not?]' The male quartette will
sing at'the evening service. Seats are
free, and a hearty invitation is extended to all,
Ray Martin, the man who .was accused of stealing a draft at tho
Queens hotel at the end of .lumuu-y,
and forging thc name of the owner as
endorser,'wus found guilty today, ond.
was sentenced to two years hard hitior
at Now Wefltmlntser. The dnmago suit
brought by Wm. Smith against a bar-
Lender named Clrsaflo for hitting
Smith over tho head with an empty
whiflUey bottle, was also disposed of,
the plaintiff guttlugjudgment for $230
and costs.
Mr, .John H, Dnvls, district superintendent of the K, T. It, Co., Is spending
a few day**-. In town In connection with
Ilelloo matters, nnd Informs ns that
It In the Intention of tho company
early in the Spring to havo construe,
lion gangs working throughout tho
Pan*,.iih tlm constniii.1*,* Inei'mihlng
numbor of Hiil'scrlbon* nn-r'esHltnioH additional wires. Mon-over It Is ex-
piicti'il that communication will be opened up with Spoldine In the not fnr
ilUuiit t'litiire, Local -system* aro
being Installed nt llomni'i* nml Michel.
J-.li', Pr. White, Kiipei'lnti-iudetit of
MIhsIoiih, will lie pieanlilug lu tho
Mfthoillsi church, Kuiulny next* at 7.I10
'p.m.. nml .will be ghlng nu lllumlunt-
ivil lecturo with 120 alliles, from Daw-
hoii to Victoria ou Mondny nixlit ul 8
p.m. Silver collection, Dr. White l«
.i nun ut oi.e- 6f ilu'riiM lour plotn-or
(iilnHloimtli's im llrl'ti'sh cnlumlilu over
half u' contury u«o: Dr, Whito hlm-
i.eff. ns n tiny, iini-i! to go nbout. In In-
ili.iii iiui(i>'!i with the Iudiutii* up aud
ilnwn th" i nn si, eiiinplug out regularly
nii<J i Hiking Chinook   like n nnt Ivo.
I'*-,-.   Me'ii   Minn   ii.iili' ,il   tit,:  \iL V, *lti X-,
,,■   J.''i'     i .'•:.  „•■' .*it"i   iji'.i.'igi-.'.  ln  It
thnu Dr. Whlro.
The ini'mlieiH of .Spokane, Teilipl'.'
No. 07 "lii Mabnrii;*. O. O, K. K. Din-
mntlr order of KnluhtH »)f Khora«ann»
the social ntul mil-Hl-liary organization of the KnlghtH of PythlriH purpoKe
paying a visit In tlin nonr future to
Dw oiirtih of Ci'ftllbidok, wlion tyron
will bo glveti an opportunity lo bask
hi lhe suimlifno ofglnrtnoHH. regale
!ii"iiini'Hi'H at the hhrlnu ol' Moiuiih,
nml nfter travel ding tho torrid truck
of Tilbuinllou lm wm'-tirtcil lo u liuvwn
of rent and recuperation. ThU Ih
tt'-Tt-iy a txnw ot warning* tl». faith-
ful *a|H iw-'lvo mon- aucurntc information In the near futuro wlwn U U
fxtyi't-tod that mill*1 n nuniti'r of weak-
t-m niter kni-Alxilge v.l»l v..*nil Uieli
a«y w«i*ianl \.o lho bai,.u.u lmw.
TT7 ijoal Company' and "Waldorf T^~y
25:-Clerks and Coal Co.      *■■•;■
i ■* *     n
*;, i Kootenay and Commercial.
28: Commercials and Clerks . ,-  ', • -,
,' Kootenay' and Commercial   .
'30: Burns and' Printers.       ';  '
Dreadnought and Waldorf. ■*...•
,    April
1: Waldorf and .Burns I
Coal* Co.,and Dreadnought.'",*.
The first fixtures to be played cikme.
off on the 2nd between the Dread-,
noughts and the Kootenays,' and lt was
"Dread'*ful what the navvies did to the
Hellooo, chap's!    The'figures tell the
tale, and herewith submitted:
Clarke    '.'. ;   181   125   170—470
Bruce . ,..     115   191   140—446
Macdonald   ..,,..    Ill   152   171—434
Covert*.     140   155     97—392
Sbaw     122   134   110—366
Baldry        140   111   114—365
-   ,*    - ' 2479
*     \              - KOOTENAY
-La-Valle  110    116 162—388
;Mason    ......:.. 112   :93 149—354
VMovrison  ■....'. *. 93   118' 132—343
•Daniels   i...:':.. 99   118 118—335
'Pollock    '.'  114    103 114—331
Coryell      104-  134 84—322
'.'"—!, , f '     2073
t Majority for Dreadnoughts 406 pins.
Printers vs. Coal. Company drew"a"
'large crowd on Thursday night, and
'excitement .was not lacking. The game,
of last week .when the; Prints grabbed
the Coalers,- had put the latter on the
move, but the result was the same in
:the first-league game.
.'i. Pat Cunningham elbowed hfs way'
through the crowd, and-located in the
front pew at 439. , The-rest^of,..the.
pinners, walloped out about their usual
strings, wlth-'the exceikion of Klauer,
who sits hard and fast on the. back
seat, and-r,efus'es.to move to the front.
";■ The Printers bowled low, but at that
they had 149 margin, and their stock
promises to go to par soon.
-■: --.'.'''PRINTERS.*'-,      : , ....
%allace    .,.y.'i.:.  152-122' 142—416
McLeod        159   .123   122—404
Whimster       ,123   135 •" 140—398
Buckley •*;; '.- ."vl50 -120   "07—367.
Woodhouse *; ....    131'.   88 , 126-^345
Btonloy   ...:....' 124   >, 112-318
" 2248
,.i j >'! .-;     t*      -V ,; <',' i ; I • s - >
. "Cd/KLCO. "y^y "*-."-
Cunningham ....140 165 134—439
Browfl' )y:.i.]jy) 139;: ;91 '122-^352
Kirkpatrick^.:"..    112 "ilo   121—348-
Tuthill        113   122   11.3—348
Pei ry'    .* .*■.-;' -^05;: 122v ;1'19—346,
Klauer   .?'. ' 101 " 82 ' 83—266
,*"?. ■:>'.■•• -;*ris1*!
'   Men s• lined Mitts 50c"^';----^"^£;- ^pair*"
;AMen's Lined Gloves*; o0c '^'"'^'"' '■ l>y'doc' piiirl'"-
' Men's'Shirts &,.Dmwei>s 7ooy ■■% :'"SOceach1
8 is
it-'  zA.
' r1,      '_*'
ia? j\
I    7(i.t|)»2099
So we picked 'em by 149 pins.
Your    Job    Printing
i -.•:« i ; ,*,.' ■!*,,     • ;    ' ,'m, JO' i '-,*-' ■  "
■ "'■1 orders  for  me
Will be opeii' in a
few days in the old
Bank of Hamilton1
Building, on Pellat   --•
Avenue, Fernie;
-.*".-'"■•*).■j.:i:r.,;'^.""',*?:v-.,;'■ r, .-"•'...":.,'
W; S. Stanley
: Special U|:-£'o-date*'-Line
Men's SuitsJ l|ur Clie|1$10
*, 5>;§
rtfi)iUd ^,'D"i^A   :$VJ-l
, Ladies Black Cashniere Hose s|-j:!(1f20c-\;pair!B'1
; Lafdies Umbrellas   1|   '"-.   .^-^;-75c eacli 'v .
- Ladies Black & Cqloi|JElasticJBelta 46c.each^rt
,. *..   "gy.' %'f.i-:^ji"i*.-,,*4»i<' EF,-v*t,*,rf'W*''"-.'-S-'-"r ^■i»*'**KP-*3^V',^vi»*
' i -. •    V        -_ - '    -   * '■.-•-
■f-lf- A^« *.t .-r- VIM yir'W'V.'S ?•+• i tev-jitt I
t- ^.t* «<; --f Vi'
r .'jj  -       •   ,    >- *m
a ■'■>   r s"f "SrS'.'*1* i   '»;?„*_'
Special heSv|li_ie
Dress SkiilslTcm^MSjgSCSO
■ar-ts.*. .*■ Wi'iS"^*-.■>•;. '-gr"'-
Heaps of other bargains all
•v ••.-■,■.'.■•;. r   oh display" T"'^" K\.
,. ,.   i      . , 'it
,-, y,,yiiy-'-A
Real Estate Insurance
Plate Glass
i »";■•
I can offer yoii exceptionally
good values ih Vancouver, Calgary, and Lethbridge. Call and
investigate for yourself
Fernie    P. 0. Box 31  I Henderson Block Dp Stairs      Phone 5*
Trites-Wood Company
,'i    -',/''•*   iv '-',-'''■. %        '.'.-'.;"■'"■«        ','   ■■-   ,'    "• ..■•.r.^t; i'i' -w --'" V'-*1"
1 Moving" Picture
. * 'i - *
Up-to-date Films  Illustrated   Songs
Prices: Adults, 25c
Children 10c
Your Portrait Enlarged
An offer never made before
See for yourself what is offered you free.   Then
decide as you like.
We have the best values in Men's Furnishings,   Suits
made to measure from $16 to $30
-    * i        '    .      '
, Next Salvation Army Barracks
SUITS   and'
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York and English
V      Cloth and Styles
PAMT-TlD TTTM   *<«tm, . mil 3. Th« A, B»eW Dlnek
Advertise in the District Ledger


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