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•■* '  s*^<r"**^s^*>-^-^—.-W-&   __?*—r '"' .11
* ■-..■ :---^m^mmm0m
■■ u----*^'*i^iLAi^-^i^_seta^_^'? :■«.->
ln<iustria.l Unity is .Streng-tl-i
The Official Orgran of District No. 18, U.M.W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. V.   No. 21
FERNIE,   B. C,  December 25th,   1909
$1.00   st. Year
a  -'■ ... ■..-;.■.■■-•• ..   ■'■:.,t "■- ■-■■....•..-   * ■.-.-•-■ S3
a* Cl
:.-   -■ ..., ;     * '.  c   „        , .-.,•-.,       *> -        •* ; ''.',■' v   •' »
ai" - ■■':" -      ■ '. ,'• -        '   " •- '" •'- -^Z^'~^~~>\."- /___>^     i—>_ i - BLa
a * „
Good Majorities Reported
-: Official Count Next   ^
^ ^—"Week
. The. annual election ,o£, officers
for District 18 TLM. WVof A; took
place last week and, according to
■ -. . • ■ *   *^
the returns, the following officers
were elected .by substantial'major-
ities:  <>        .    .
President: Wm. Powell, (acclamation,)
Vice-President: Clem Stubbs,
■  Secretary-Treasurer: A. J.. Carter.    ,
International Board Member,—
Charlos Garner.
The only change; it will be seen,
is that Charles Gamer is now the
International Board member,' in
place of Peter Patterson.    ,
Thc district board members for
the various sub-dislriefaro as follows:
1 :Nat Howells, Michel.  ,
2: J. 0, .Jones, Hillcrest.
U:*.John Larson, Lethbridge.
4:A. IT. Fox, Canmore.
The official count of ballots is
to be held in Fernio on December
Gates—McDonald f That John
B. Watson's letter re city audit,
also recommendations be referred
' * *•
to finance committee.—Carried.
Duthie—McDonald: That A. J.
Elfner's account be paid for electric light fixtures in city hall and
power house, amount. $88!83:—
Carried. ' 7 ' ■: ■ '   *
Gates—Cree: That,Bean Bros,
be paid $361 for material supplied
for the waterworks system.—Car-
ried. •*■ •
by be paid $200 on account re city
building, as .superintendent.—Carried.- * *v -. ..-*,"' v ■'- ■ -•"
■' Mr. J. Gray guarantees to repair
the steps" of the city hall in the
spring.      " ■ ;.
Cree —Gates—That the City
clerk reduce his staff by one, engaging , a competent book keeper
and stenographer eombift'ed.—Carried.
Cree-—Gates: That the city purchase for*use of city electrician
one Ferranti cyclometer and one
municipal meter seal nnd parts.—
Gates-Duthie: That David Paton's letter be answered in thene-
gative.—Carried. , ,
' Gates-Duthic: That Broley &
Martin be paid $6,505,] 5, balance
duo on contract re waterworks.—
Carried. ■-
Duthie—McDonald: That we do
Results of Local Option [Voting in
Manitoba at the Recent
A Michigan Miner Rescued Aftor
Being Buriod in Mino for
Many Days
Doings of that August Body, Now
Noaring End of Its
MimitoH of a meeting of tho nm-
uioipnl council of tlie corporation
of the city of Fornie .hold in tho
council cliiunbci'H December 21 nr,
Prosont; Mayor llorohmor, Alii.
Ooo, Cl.i1 oh, McDonald, Duthie.
MARQUETTE, Mich. Dee. 22-
Two firemen who were entombed
in the Negauneo mine a week ago
by n run of mud were vescucd last
Frank Condclli was found alive
and Potor Mundi dead.
Now that one man has been
found alivo tlio rescue work con-
tiimcH with renewed vigor with
the hope of Having the two minora
still entombed.
WINNIPEG, Dec. 22—Local option in Manitoba today "carried in
the following municipalities v by
the majorities stated:
Arthur ...   y . v ..   .'  50
Brandon \ .". \ i... .155,
"CarmanTown ..".... "76"
South Cypress ... 20
Glenboro "town  ..... :. 22
Langford  ... 7 .......... .-. 24
Soutli Norfolk '.   ..:  22
Oakland ... .. .7..;. 21
Roland Town .., ....206
Shoal Lake    3
Thompson ... •  30
Tt was defeated in the following
places tyy the figures' stated:
Boise'vain town -.. .',, 10
Daly ...   ..... 45
Dauphin town  ...   ...   ..... 62
Deloraine'town     3
Elkhorn town  '.... 57
Melita town ...,..'  34
Oakland town ...  .•  36
Oaksville .,  15
Rapid City 28
Roblin     0
Strathcona -. ."    5
Stonewall town   (10
Virdcn town  ..,  23
Wallace '..   9
Whitemouth ' 100
Victoria  15
Tlie liquor men failed to carry
the appeal aainst local option in
Train Was Travelling at
. r-High-Speed--One—1^.
Man Killed
Grappled with a Maniao Patient
Who Shot Hor Through tho
|■'■■i'>jT'ly.•■'•'•."-.,■''.'«' !.v-*;.''i.'-'('.';•.*■',■'*
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.-Ak a
whole family turned and ran in
panic last evening from a maniac
who raved in tlio delirium of typhoid fever und flourished a revolver, Mary R. Brown, a trained
nurse, 27 .yenrH old and slight of
Htatiiro, grappled at onco with thc
madman for lifo and almost loHt
Martin Sterling, tho patient,
Hiiddr'tily lumped from his bod,
fjrnblurq*; a rovolvor from n bureau
drawer aud ordered Miss Brown
from tho room. Tho siok man's
angry voice brought tho members
of tho family running. Thoy saw
the rovolvor and fled.
Tlio man firod and the bullet
struck llio nurse in lho right side
and plowed through to her back
biit sho grappled with Slorling and
wrenched his weapon away and
thon ensued a terrible Htrucfjle.
Surgeons who removed the bullet are of opinion thnt thc young
wiiiiam will live.
•..Minneapolis, Dec. 19—The G.* N'.
Flyer, northbound, and .drawn by
two engines about oiie hour overdue; and going at forty five miles
an hour, rolled off a broken rail
four miles east of Monticello, Minneapolis, about forty miles out of
Minneapolis at 7.30 o'clock last
The first engine passed over the
broken rail in safety. The second
engine and five ears went off the
George W. Hobrough, of No! 115
Magnolia street, St.1 Paul, fireman
on the second engine, was instantr
ly killed by being crushed between
thc tender and the boiler. The
escape of Tj. Robertson, of No, 194
Sherburne street, St. Paul, engineer of* the second engine, was mir-
The passengers received only a
bad shaking up.
Immediately after the wreck the
wrecking crews were sent from
St. Cloud and Minneapolis. The
first engine, with Harry Hamilton
of Melrose, Minn., ran on foilo
Monticello, whoro it took two of
the box curs off a side truck, took
aboard two local physieinns, Drs.
Motoalf and 11111 and returned to
the scene of the derailment of the
The passengers in the meantime
had taken engineer Robertson who
wont down with his engine, out
through the window of tlio cab,
He wiih unhurt.
Almost nt his foot wiih Fireman
Hobrough wlio waH mangled to a
Tho pdssongcrs on iho top day
couches then returned to their
sloc'iei's aud ono diner, yot stand-
intr on llio I nicks, for Hholtor from
tho cold, uh the ihormnmotor was
10 degrees bolow zero and n high
wind was blowing.
No diHo.imi fort was folt on account of the independent heating
systom on the euro.
Conductor W. F. Finnignii of
1783 Dayton avo., St. Paul, took
a roll cnll of the inemberH of the
crew nnd passongoro during tho
absence of tbe engineer, and found
nnne missing or injured.
Bet Piro to Wreck
• Fom« lime followinft the derailment, engine coals, fanned by tho
high wind, set fire to the express
and mail cars,* which burned rapidly, setting fire in turn to* a day
coach. Ah examination of the
engine, has proved it a' complete
wreck. , ' ' ,
. Relief trains were ordered 'ovut
from Minneapolis-and St." Cloud.
Passengers northbound got on the
St. Cloud train to-resume"' "their
journey.. Others returned to the
Twin Cities on a relief train and
arrived there early in the.morning,
Monticello were rescued by livery,
teams.,* -     „   - '■•
Emergency berths -were opened
iii the three sleepers, where a num-
ber.'bf people were housed to* await
, , fi* ■
the arrival of the relief trains.
The reservations ■ were, turned
over {o the women and children of
the party.    \ ' '■
The bulk of the passengers were
just returning to their homes on
the Great Northern between here
arid Winnipeg. Many had been
Christmas shopping in St. Paul
and Minneapolis and a solicitous
care;, for the presents for the ones
at home embarrassed the railroad
officials in moving everyone out
of harm's way when the enrs began to burn.
Passenger's Story
One of the passengers, \V, N,
Crozier, coal dealer of St. Cloud,
Minn,, said that he was riding in
one of the day coaches, the one
nearest to the baggage oar, lie
"We wore bowling along at ii
good rato. I had just looked at
my watch and settled back in my
seat when I felt a distinct shock
which sent me forward. I would
say thnt the ciys ran along quite
a piece before they came to a
slop, The lights in the car did
not go out at onco,
"There was hoiiiu confiiHion in
Iho coach and nftor ii while « few
of un dared tlio winter wind out-
Hide to hoo what had happened,
Wo liad no idea anything ho sori-
huh had occurred. Upon looking
ahead 1 hiiw tlm trainmen running
about. A passenger or two had
gone up abend of uh nnd thoy had
of it for points between Minneapolis and Winnipeg. Hundreds
of Christmas packages were lost
It was reported that 12 corpses
in the baggage car were cremated.
Tonight the number is iu doubt
but the -railway officials admit of
there having been several -corpses
' They- refuse absolutely to .give
out any  information to  identify
these bodies.     It is considered a
iniraele-th at-no -on e-\
the wreck;
-■ is -_-=*»*^ m'nn/1 "!»"».
¥ Cl.-*}   Ill j lii V-l-ill
A Young Hamilton   Man
Under  Suspicion
. Suicides
WINNIPEG, Dec. 22—As the result of a fire which started at 2.45
o'clock this morning in thc Met-
ropole hotel, 45 Ross avenue, John
Aleock clerk in the freight department of the C. P, It. is dead,
George Baxter who jumped out
of the third storey window-to the
sidewalk, was taken to thc hospital badly injured. .Miss.Hilda
Brown, a dining room'waitress, is
badly hurt.
. All the rest of the employes as
well as thc guests and the proprietor and his family escaped unhurt, The fire broke out in,the
kitchen whicli is situated in the
back part of the building. The
nlarm of firo. was given by the
night porter.
HAMILTON, Dec. ,22v—Josepu
Mitchell, who previous to his .appearance at thc police court this
morning,'was considered a respectable young man tried to commit .
suicide this evening by shooting
himself iri the head." Mitchell resides on Victoria avenue, and the
police suspected him of being connected with several cases of theft
He was arrested last night on
a, charge of vagrancy and, this
morning the police were, prepared
to lay several charges*
This afternoon he was allowed •
out on bail and the polive visited
his room and discovcrel a large
amount of allagcd stolen articles,
in fuel, so many that one wagon
would not contain thom all.
This evening at about 8.30 a
constable found Mitchell leaning
against, a fence with blood pouring (ail of a hole in his head from
a bullet wound.
Slur shows only means of transportation from third level in main
shaft. A rope tied*to boltoin ul" car
hoisted a bucket to Hi**-<m<* b'vi'l
This ropo could only bo li.*<l by
the minerH on the second level,
and wan no uho whon firo occurred
at* it was not attached.
PipeH and obstructions arc alleged to have blocked the main
piiKMigewiiy of lho second level,
The law requires that thi-; he kept
At the right of llm* third level
is hIiowd the 20 Tout movable lad-
Numbor two shows where HiS
bodies were found,
Number nine shows the main
shaft of the mine, the cage nnd
the tipple.
Number five shows the air shaft
ami number six the hoisting shaft.
These two shafts are said to havo
boon separated by a two inch par-
lit ion, The law requires ihal
they should be separated by I-KIO
Number eight shows where cage
Muck when the siding warped by
Ilie heat.
Arrow shows where hay wiih
thrown dan shaft  in  third  level
helped Engineer Robertson out ofjdor which led to the wooden Mair- and cross indicates where it, caught
tho cab window.
Jt was thou'discovered that lho
fireman was killed. I believe
tbnt unnicoiin said he wim stokitK?
conl in the firebox when llio ncei-
dent occurred. The tender hud
and the platform of the engine
wiih crushed iqi against the, firebox
so closely thai wo ikid not seo who-
ther it was open or not. The
road at thm point is surroundei
on both sides by ditches and had
tho oars run off into them there
would havo been a heavier fatality
and casualty list."
Tlio tracks woro cleared for tlio
usual traffic at 7.30 thm evening.
Gront qunntitioH of mail were de.
Htroyed iu the burned mail car all
I firo I'row a torch. PAGE TWO
Conducted under the direction of "Proletiaran"
Address all matter for this  page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
(By  Roscoe  A.   Fillmore.)
Wo hear a lot of preachers and
others nowadays declaring to all and
sundry that, socialism will smash religion. This argument is considered a
clincher by  the  religious  friends.
Now I would like to have a little
talk with some of theso people. And
1 will try hard -not to use any swear
My religious friends, let us reason
together. You say you believe in a
Supreme Power. So do 1. 1 call .that
Power Cosmic Evolution," you call It
God. I believe this powor Is responsible for the great changes for the better which have taken place even in
tbo short space of time of which written history gives us a record. And
right beneath our feet is the evidence
of history dating bade millions of
years, which proves that this power
has led us for countless ages from the
very lowest possible form of life to tho
high place which we humans at the
present time occupy. The power that
has done these things is known by
various names. Some call it God,
others Evolution, others Nature and
the American savage * called- it the
Great "Manltou. The phenomena of
Nature are the clothing of it, It is
everywhere visible. Surely you can
go thus far with me,
Like most religious people you, perhaps believe that this God, by a single
act or a succession of creative acts,
formed, the earth and all that is upon
■it. Well, let's suppose that he did.
Now do you suppose that a power
grand enough lo do all this woiild he
me.Tn enough' to say after the job was
done, to. the Baers, "Here are seams
of coal. They are yours to do with
as you please, and here are slaves
for you. Work them hard, mako
them go down into the bowels of the
earth and dig coal that you and your
ladies may be warm yourselves. At
the tiine when the slaves are plentiful crush them and bury them.in your
mines; for they "arc cheaper than the
timber. , They are' yours to, do with
as you' please."
Or would he say .to the Rockefellers,
_iijiQj-g._Qi*Q_iiai>;os_of oil created—toi,
,your benefit. Take these slaves whom
I have created and compel them to toil
- long hours at the most arduous work,
Whdn they have become too old and
infirm, to work threw them on the
scrap heap; for there are many more
being born every hour of the day to
take their places. Make them create
mountains of profit for you. They are
yours to use as you think fit."
Or do you suppose that this God,
grand and great enough to hold millions of earths ln their places, would
stoop to say to Carnegie and Morgan:
"Here "are vast seams of Iron ore—
yours to exploit to the full limit. Take
the hordes of slaves who are around
you into the ground. Crush thom and
maim thom for thoy are of less value
than shore timbers. Bury thom by
thousands In your mlnos for (hoy are
so numerous that thoy cumber tlio
earth, Mako them dig out tho oro
and transport It to tho great furnaces.
Mako ,thom smell It, staining every
pound of It with their blood and sweat
—make thom' refine lt and mako stool
willi which to build groat warships,
railway systems otc. Don't be particular about safety appliances, for lo
lho slaves multiply llko rats unci will
ovor run tho onrth If you do not kill
off a few occasionally."    •
Xx'ti Intimil to destroy capitalism
bociuiH.i wo huto It; bocauso It has
dugrndod and brutalized uh; boefiimo
of lis cruelly to our class. We will
Inaugurate a system under which ov-
cry product Ivo worker will rocolvo tho
full value of IiIh loll, under which no
child will bo driven to llio workshop'
bnl will hnvo an opportunity lo tic
como educated, healthy nnd happy
All ihls wt> will dn hy Inking from
tlio financial plrnum their power lo
rob iih through lheir ownership of
i lm nm oral rcHourn.'H and machinery
of tin' earth,     That  Is socialism.
Ii is to feed Die hungry, Hot ho tlm
naked, minister milo those who arc
physically unfit to toll, lift the down-
troddi'ii nnd npprcKKoil and tnko from
thc opprcKHors tliolr power to crush
Immunity; if lo do this Is Injurious to
Hie religion of any mnn, then Dw
sooiii'i' iniHikind nays good bye to Hint
sort   Of I'i'llgloll  the  IimIH'I
this Is tn Miiuiili  religion  then  religion Is doomed and justly ho.    Ilut will
In i'oiicIiihIoii allow me to nnmo
from ('oinnide McKenzie: "We Hire
not what (Soil ye worship so long nH
ve dn not worship Mammon.
The American Federation of Labor
at* Toronto passed a resolution congratulating Canadians upon the freedom of speech allowed here. Canadian
papers naturally quote this resolution
with a great deal of pride..
It - is true that we have a greater
freedom of speech than is possessed
by thc people of thc United States.
In the United Slates capitalism is a
good deal further advanced than it is
in Canada; With tho advance .of capitalism, class antagonisms are increased. With the increase of cljjss antagonisms naturally comes the desire on
the part of the dominant class to prevent uterances of sentiment detrimental to Its interest. Suppression of
free speech is attempted and we have
the conditions presently existing in U,
In New York city police invade
halls a'nd arrest tlie speakers who utter thoughts that are not agreeable to
the class served by the.police. In Spokane four hundred men and women
have been jailed for speaking on the
streets. Fred D, Warren of the Appeal to Reason is under six months
sentence for offering rewards identical* with the rewards offered by bank
presidents and private detective agencies.   .
Along the Mexican border Mexican
refugees are flung, into .American jails
if they dare to tell the truth about the
Mexican conditions.
In Canada conditions are not so developed as in- the States for an attempt at the suppression of. free
Our Canadian west is filling up and
our plutocracy is too busily engaged
ill grabbing Canada to'turn tlieir attention to side issues. But when'Can-
ada has been grabbed and an attempt
is ma'de to give Canada back to the
workers thon the fight for free speech
in this Canada of ours will be on, in
■ Canada as yet-possess in large degree the right of public assembly'and
the right of free speech. When those
rights begin "to interfere or "seriously
threaten the incomes of our plutocratic
families then the fight will be on.
Even now the fight is oh in spots., In
Oiii'—lororn-ini'liicf i«i _ l_n*mii + i«QO_nn-or-i liq vp
mi—-Ui tS^t '(tiuuOLi iLii-Vjvuvi Cu— t-i-rn \.if~ uCL \ *C-
to fight' for ' the right of expressing
their ideas freely in public places-
Cotton's. ' *
union in existence today were wiped-]'
out tomorrow the labor question wpuld
still be present.
Some day war will cease, but if we
wait until that edict comes from a
so-called peace conference at Tlie
Hague 1 am afraid that patience will
he. exhausted.
Some day war will cease, but. it will
be" whon the organized workmen of
the world shall declare that thoy will
no longer go out and shoot down their
fellow workers in order to satisfy,the
greed, the selfish'hess and the ambitions of their rulers, no matter who
they may be.
In other words organized labor will
call a great universal peace strike for
who suffers mors than does the workingman, his wife and his children, dun
ing a time of International strife?
Another Theory as Regards the Effects
of Industrial Life Upon the
Softer Sex >■
45 Ste^m-Heated  Rooms:
Hot and Cold Baths
; The King Edward
Fernie's ' Leading  Commercial  Hotel
The-Finest Hotel in East Kootenay   ■'•
J. L.   GATES, Prop.
' The claim is set forth in a current
discussion of the.general average condition of wage earning women that
their "lot on the whole is not an -unhappy one..
Taking the caso of working girls,
the great majority of whom get married in due course of time, it is argued that there is no adequate basis
for the belief that they make less competent or capable housekeepers, wives
or mothers because of thoir industrial
On the contrary the latter has served to broaden and sharpen their intelligence, has given them a wider knowledge oS the world, and a more intelligent interest in general affairs, has
broadened their horizon and blunted
their (spites and prejudices. In a'
word their natural faculties have been
developed in a far greater degree than
had they remained at home or been
permitted to devote themselves to ease
and pleasure. With this development^
'all other things being equal,, they are
able to1 make a wiser and more desirable marriage than girls who*have not
come in contact with the practical side
of life. -.
As regards the healthfulness of the
116 : •   :   PAGES   : :   :   116
(Extracts from an address by the
Rev,, Charles Stelzle at the annual
convention of the Glass Bottio Blowers
of America, recently held at Milwaukee.)
You have been spending .several
days In „the discussion of the details
of you rorganlzatlon, and like the rest
of us*, you havo, become so engrossed
in these details that you may have
forgotten the larger nspects of this
labor movement of which you are so
Important a*pnrt. Sometimes the artist, becomes tired and his eyes are
dim so he sees not the beauty of color.
When ho reaches such a condition ho
lays down his brush and picks up a
procloiiH Blono whoso color novor fades
and looks long and steadily at It until
his sense of color comes buck. Thnt
Is what you nnd I nood. Wo nood to
got away from tlio smaller things of
life nnd obtain a larger vision and a
greater outlook so that our sense of
values may return to us.
A long timo ago ll. was Hnld: Tho
volco of tho peoplo Is lho volco of God,
and many a ncwHpnper had ndopied
the mollo, Tho nowspuor Iiiir not
nlwnys voiced tlio scntlnicntH of tho
people but the pooplo have always ox-
proHHi'd the will of God. If nny mnn
would know whut. Clod Is thinking
nhoiil, lei. lilm keep closo to tho pooplo. ■ Mr. Gln.lnl.iiio onco said;— "I
painfully rofleci, Unit, in almost ovory
Brent political conti'OvnrHy of Uio Inst
fifty yours, lho leisured cIiihhoh, the od-
uciiled cIuhhch, Urn wealthy cIuhhch,
iho ill loil cliiHiius, have been In tho
wrong,' The common pooplo, llm toll-
oi'rt, llie men of uncommon houso ~
to IhOHcwo owe n great debt of gratitude.
Twenty-five yours ngo a fumoiiH
Krcnch HtatcHinuu snld Hint llio social
problem Ih ii fad upon which hoi'Ioiih-
minded men Hhould waste no Minn. To-
dny no thinking mini will deny Hint
If to do ihe Konlul problem in tlm most m-rloim
of any whicli confronts uh. There
urn ihoiiHiiiidH of men who arc being
deluded by Uic vuln hope Hint If I liny
nm abollrili the lnbor union, tlioy will
have solved ilie labor i|iieHlli)ii, TIiohh
men forget Unit the labor union Ih not
the  labor (|iios!lnn.      If every lnbor
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in  advance.,    Price
50 cents.    Return   this order form   to The District
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
Aids Naturi
The iteel tucceu ol Dr. Plcrcc't Golden Meilicnl Discovery in curing weak nonmchi, wimcd hodie*-*, weak
luoln, and ohttinite and linftcrlntC cuui<li»- l« limed on
lho recognition of the (undamentnl truth thnt "Ciolden
V' '.' i! Ti'.'. .-■."''"■"]'" ".■;•;•''■("• Nxtn*-*. <«!l1i lirtily.hiillil.
in7rtU«iif'reptt*irinj[, muCcle-makintf materinln, in con-
denied and concentrated form. With thli help Nature
iiippllef the neceeiBry strength to the itomoch to digest
lood, hulld up the body anil thereby throw off lingering
obstinate coughs. The "Discovery" re-establishes the
digestive anil nutritive organs in sound health, purines
■nd enriches the blood, and nourishes Ihe nerves-in
limit esMMfihet sound 'vigorous health.
If your dealer often aomethlnf. "luet ne Hood,**
tt I* probably better POlt nnit~.lt w* hettrr.
nut you are thinking ot the cure not the profit, ao
there'a nothing "luet aa Hood" tor you.   Say ao.
fir, Pierce'i Common Sense Medical Adviser, fn Plain F.nglish; or, Medicine Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date
Edition, paper-hound, sent for 31 one-cent ■•■«$•.«> iover cost of mailing
•«!>,   Qolh-bound, 50 stamps.   Address Dr. P.. V. Vterie, Iluffslo, N.V.
wage earner, whether* young
or old, as compared with her stay at
home sister we are given some statistics whicli would seem to prove that
the advantage Is much in favor of the
The death rate for all females between the ages of fifteen and twenty-
four is 6,1 to the one thousand, whilo
that among women in gainful occupations betwedn these ages ranges
from as low as 1.9 up to .1.3.' „The
best showing is made in certain lines
of office work and tho poorest In domestic service.
From twonty five to forty four the
death rate for all females is 8,5 to tho
one thousand, while that for females
employed In gainful occupations Is
from 4.1 for stenogrnphers and typewriters to 5.1 for clgnr mfil'ors and
factory workors and 6,3 for bookkeepers, clerks nnd copyists.
From 45 to 64 the contrast is even
moro striking. Tho avorago death
rate for all women ut this tlmo of lifo
Is. 21,1 por thousand, wlillo that, of
working women ranged from 12 por
thousand for mill and fatcory operatives to 10 (or dressmakers ami seani-
sf.ro.sHes> und 14 for bookkoopors, and
olerks, What might bo callod tho
non-lndUHfrlul working women, consisting of domostlo servants,' havo tho
lonst show from tho health as woll as
tho social standpoint. Tliolr rtont.li
rnto botwoon tlio ages of 25 and. *M Is
14.2 per thousand, and botwoon tho
ngos of 45 and 61 is 20,1 por thousand.
This would soom to provo that kltohon
dnidgory- with Its lack of cluiorfiil
companionship nud its long hours mul
manifold duties Ih more deadly to tho
heallh by far tlmn tho unsunltnry at-
mosplioro of Uio olgui* shop,
It Is, tho conclusion of tho nrgiiinont
Unit lho (Muploymojii of womon In
oommorclnl nnd Indust rial"ocoiipnl Iohh
wlillo subject to n Rival amount of
(iIiiiho, has Uh bright sido, Credit Ir
glvon |o tho various iigpnoloH that have
fought with energy and hintohh against
Uioho iilniHOR, nnd no ono who knows
anything about, lho conditions of wn-
num workers and child workers Infnc-
lories, mills ami Hliops would proposn
n ninmr-niH n-luxiiUnn nf tlio vigor of
llio fight for fun hor rel'iimm, Tlio
Hlaiiiliii'il mill iii<i<<Ih to bo raised nil
iiloiig the line.
The ino.si Ki-rloiiK liiillctiiieiil ugiiln;*tt
the employment of women In IndiiHtrlnl
occupulloiiH Ih cited iih bolng Uh of-
foot upon thn vigor and Htiinilnii of future goiiiMiiiloiiH nud upon the birth
rati'.   "
Thc general blrih rnto Is iviTouHlng
nil over the civilized world nnd  tho
ihvl'UHI.! IH  IIIOII! UOIIi'l'ftbk! Ill  llll' ClllHM | "• ""*'■>
nt nttuwii xtliit Ufi ur luix'r In In' fin
ployed In public IniluHtrlnl occupni-
Ioiih. The mnrrlod wngo oimilng woman might not tn lw, except perhaps,
in certain exceptional ciihiih, ll Ih
urgfd that n womnn cnnnol HiiocenHfiil-
ly both ■•urn good wages in n luclory
iuul lnw mud rear children. Tlio om-
ployinont In factories of tnnrrf-il womon who linvo young children to ronr Ih
deelnroil moHt undoHlrnblo from every
point of view, hygenic, economic niul
Tin- ri'iiH'dy Ih pointed ont iih lit-lni*
a simple cue.     I'ny Dw hiitibiind    n
■Aim'.' iliiii will nimble hint to mle.iUiil.--
ly support IiIh wife and rem* IiIh child*
n-n without demnndlmc the nvmlHfunce
jof wife nnd mother,
>    It Ih now proposed In France nud
Uj'-rmany to pay the widowed mother
a pension nn thnt she mn remnln-nt
- Please reserve for me::.,.:.., copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at 50 cents per
copy, for which is enclosed $	
Victoria Ave;
Fernie, B. C.
Fernie Livery,,Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken "   J
Including Stump Pulling, Land Cleaving aiid Ploughing.    Let us
figure on your next job
*    •* •"-' r . 7 -
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Rizzuto Bros.
Total assets of over thirty million
dollars aro entrusted to tlie custody
of the Bank of Hamilton.
Your Savings Account Solicited.
J. R. LAW RY, Agent   '
. ■:"•        ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ',*,•'  \
A full' line of shelf and   heavy   Hard-'''
.-   ware in stock .together  with a  '
complete range of Stoves.
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique, and up-to-date lines.
.    0' -. Come in and have a look
_____       *        -        ''/'•''
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber  .
*' *>
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
Fernie, Branch
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of school) Pellatt Ave.
Fernie Dairy
delivered to all
parts of the town
Sanders & Verhaest Brothers.
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd
Phone 79      Baker Ave. P.O. Box ZVc.
Wlioloflolo Importora and Exporters
of Wines, Brundlou, Cordltiln, Forola;ii
mid Domostlc Wblsldoa ind Gins,
Jwiirgo Blook of Fornot Branca, Italian,
Hungarian and Gormnn Wlnoa, also
iVorwoRlan Punch and Aquavit, Door,
1'ortcr, Alo and Clgart^ ' *
AsontB for WaukoBha Arcadian Wii-
tor, Schllly, IJoor and tlio famous Eli:
Valloy ili-owIng Co, Ltd. Iloor, drauRh:
and 1'ottlod.
Special attention given to famil/
Our Motto: Puro goods and quicK
Iioiiih iuul caro for tlio clillilron, for
thn futiiiT. good of llio Htalo, nnd tlio
tlmn   Ih coming1 whon It will ho offl-
. ■■ >   A>        .,,,!. ..    ii..,*   ,,  ■——  —-"	
clitv cniinnt afford to linvr Uic diillpftl f«ml"nrlty of nnn who lm« not Rlvon
mui'li tlmo to tho oxpoHltlon project,
Big Saving
25 to 35 per cent*
You will save by buying Clothing from us,
Coinjiloto stock of Wintor goods, Call and
see us before you buy elsewhove.
Sweaters, 73c, Wool Sox 3 pair SOc
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1.25 each
of nintornlly Buriondorcd lo the m-cca
hIIU'k of wngo earning.—liuliiDtrlnl In
WINNIPKO. Docomhor 21.—Mom-
liorfl of tho delegation that wont to
Ottawa to placo the plans for Canada's
rtitr-ni-iilonnl Kvpuslflon hnfor*" Dw
Dominion govornment nro returning
rniiii »Ih> Ui iU> iuul ull luliiK cucour
aging reports of tho conference, despite tho apparently gomowhAl doulit-
fill *om> of Sir Wilfrid's reply to *hn
This Is attributed to the naturAl im-
owing to tho press of othor affairs,
Of course the matter was placed before Sir Wilfrid iu lho dlgoiited form
which lind hoon proparod by the dole-
been outlined by tho committee is a
big and complex thing, and it Is no
Ht range thing that Sir Wilfrid did not
grasp the proportion in Its entirety In
the glanco nf tho affairs that wns pro
li'i-ntod to him.
Ko far from fooling cast down by noi
receiving n fnvorablo answer out of
hnnd the i-.vpofllMon tMoRntpr trt<] Ihnt
tliolr i-xperleni* with lho Dominion government was exactly such ns they hnd
a right to expect and that no more definite nrmwor could hnve been expected than that which thoy received at
.Noxi io K.'clum'n c.uiil) -siuiu
Editor 1-ortgor,
Kir:—1 hfrvby nil visa yon tbnt 'ip-
plication for transfer of liquor license
hold hy mo in rospect to tho Itoynl
Hotel, Fornio, I), C„ to John Podlilcl-
nnclk, dated May 14th, 100!), as pub-
llshod In tho I-Vrnlfl Vrro Vrnn*, dnt.nl
N'ovombor 0,1909, Is null and void, ns
cuiidltloua of aurccment conccrnln*;
said transfer wero nol compiled with.
This application of transfer was published without my knowledge or consent.
Alberta Show
Case Works
Miiniifiictiiicis   nt
Calgary, Alta.
_______! *Att5_*S^*Hftt*HW_*.,_,
Public   Opinion   Assuredly    Against
The Fake Pole Discoverer-- \
Data Not Sufficient
COPENHAGEN, Dec. 22—A preliminary report was made by the examining committee at a secret session of
the consistory of the university today
and provoked" an animated discussion.
It • appears that the""data' so far submitted are not held sufficient to establish the explorer's claims.
The result of todays discussion was
a request on the part of the consistory
that the,committee continue its work.
The university body will leave to the
investigating "committee prope/ .the' entire matter of making public the result
of their Inquiries.
In the meantime it Is announced by
an official of the university that the
consistory will not make public any
communication based upon information received orally from the committee
at today's meeting.
, Popular opinion here seems to have
undergone a gradual change.;Prom the
beginnlnVof the controversy the populace of Copenhagen has been decidedly
pro-Cook. Patriotism has strengthened
-*this sentiment. Recent developments
however have been disappointing and
today the general, impression prevails
that Dr. Cook's paprs as submitted
do not constitute proof that he discov:
ered the north pole.
* It is learned that several members
of the university are exceedingly angry
over uthe rector's preliminary report,
one of them'expressing regret that the
university had- riot waited until Dr.
Cook's claim'that he had reached the
■pole had been'proved before honoring
' him.
Wants a Scotch Verdict
■  Dr. Cook's close friends said tonight
that the: doctor _ previous to despatching his polar data to the university of
Copenhagen, had written in private to
the rector requesting "him that }ri the
event of an adverse decision', he Dr.
Cook;* would not appeal from the find-
1 ing „of. the consistory.      His ■ instruments aind' three documents important
to the case, Dr. Cook pointed out,   are
"still at Etah, and it is possible"in view
of the fact that all .he evidence was
jiot- in th'consistory mlght.i^lnd-a verdict of not proven.      ., ■    ,
-   li\\. such event Dr. Cook.wrote,   he
" would fit out1' an expedition to go to
verdict of the consistory is hostile the
expedition for that purpose, will not
Will Get Records
'    ■ '
If the consistory finds in his favor,
Dr. Cook will further submit his data,
his friends add, to the authorities of
Geneva . and Brussels, both of which
have asked for an opportunity to examine them. The reports might similarly go to London although,on that
point Dr. Cook's friends say the doctor is' positive, because he never received an invitation to submit them
from the Royal Geographical Society,
the body ■ which in all probability, in
that country, would assume the task
of passing on them.
• Funds tfor the expedition to Greenland, should it be decided to make one,
have alrady been pledged by two of
Dr. Cooks friends who still have faith
in him and John B. Hammond has offered the use of his*yacht.
There, was a further rumor tonight
well, substantiated, but impossible of
positive verification, that Dr. Cook is
now within thirty six* hours journey of
Copenhagen, rady to appear personally before, the university consistory
if his* presence be desired. Thek'doctor
has so written to Rector Thorpe, his
friends assert.    ---.-• *    •-■    '*
Supposed to be a Valuable Asset
,   Growth of Municipalities,
instruments ;back -with him.     If „the
Is Here
With Good Will and Gdod Cheer;
'<. Let all People be Glad:
And all Grief Disappear:
Carol Forth the Glad Tidings
Wherever, You Go:
;,      Let tbe Whole Earth be Happy. -,.
Let Everyone Know
*" n . *
Royal    Crown   Soap
Is the Best in the Land
, . and <•   ' •     •
Golden West Washing: Powder
Is Certainly Grand!
While the Premium Department
Is at Your Command    ■ >
With Hundreds of Presents for Coupons   ■*   '
Design protected by Copyright
• The slogan habit is growing. A euphonious slogan is supposed to be as valuable* an asset to a city as it,is to a
proprietary article advertised in the
street cars, although it is not without
significance that the three cities which
have gone forward the fastest in recent
years—Los Angeles, Seattle and Kansas City—have.no trade marks.
Chicago started the game with Its "I
will." The idea has. since spread so
widely that nearly every city which
has a' commercial association has a
motto to1 go upon its advertising liter**
ature.' .. Boston**uses '.'Bigger, Busier,
Better Boston,"- "Buffalo Means Business" adopted after a keen competi
tion, so pleases the^Queem City that
Its manufacturers, many of them, use
it on their stationery. Rochester has
■ - tt
selected the stilted "Rochester Made
Means Quality," recalling-the equally
awkward "Worcester Made Invites
Trade." ■ The Syracuse' chamber although It has no'official motto, favors
"Syracuse Spells Success,' at times
using current slang for its purpose in
"If you're in Syracuse, you're in right.'
' Schenectady boasts that jt "Lights
and hauls the world," which ,is more
inviting that its invitation to."Skedaddle for Schenectady." Two cities
popular for conventions use the same
form in more euphonious language—
"Come to Columbia,' and "Steer for
Springfield.", Walla Walla carries alliteration a degree further in "What
Walla Walla Wants Is You.' El Paso
advises succinctly, "EI Paso the pass;
don't pass El Paso. '
The slogan which indicates growth
and prosperity is more popular. That
reminder to all tourists of its remarkable advance in population 'Watch Tacoma Grow,' is probably the best
known of all city mottoes. Dayton
calls Itself. "The City of 1000 Factor-
lies." Oklahoma boasts that it is the
"Fastest Growing City in the Fastest
Growing' State.'
, Chattanooga calls Itself "The City
that pays dividends."
. "You'll like,Tacoma" was so graceful and inviting a phrase that other
cities adopted it only changing •' the
name.' "Progressive" Fernie" is as
suitable a 'name as could be given to
our fair, progressive city, and let us
all unite in building her up till* we have
The Socialist vote for Vancouver
was 5890. ■    .
*   *   *      .
Two Socialist candidates have been
elected to the British Columbia legislature. '  ,
* * *
The Italians of Milwaukee have organized a branch of the Socialist party. ■ '
The Socialists of Ottawa, Ont., are
running a candidate for controller of
the city. '
* *   * »
Twenty Catholic Italian M. P.'s have
united into a political party to combat
* *   *       .
The Workers Cause is the name of
a new bi-weekly Socialist paper to be
published in Chicago.
■*   *   *'
The boycott against. Spokane goods
is spreading' and the Socialists of the
city of Sawtelje, Cal., have joined the
* *   *     ,
In Liverpool, England, two Socialists
were reecntly fined for speaking on
the streets. Th case has been appealed.
, The state office of Massachusetts
sold. during the month of November
2931 -■ due stamps, and -• has averaged
during jthe^y_ean_mor_than_^2G0Q_peii
In ihe bowels of creation,
Is the miner every day;
And working hard for his portion
Ah, to me a mournful lay;
Others* take the cream of labor;
This is far from being right,
And .working in great danger,
And with his dim safety lamp.
He leaves his home in the morning,
And his wife and children dear,"
And to the door she is going, !
So good bye John, and with a tear
And the children "on" the stairway
Saying also good-bye Dad,
The winner of the bread was^going, *
And they seemed indeed so glad,
And not a cloud overhanging,
And the sky was clear and blue,
And to the cage be was stepping,
But the future he little know,
Oh, the danger 'now was pending
While going down this place of gloom
And a narrow rope was holding.
May it be to meet his doom.
When he lands down,in safety..
Oh, the,, dismal sound is* there,
Then he-goes on his journey;   *
And sometimes impure air;
At last he reached his destination'
And for a whileMie takes his rest,
Before he takes any action
In a gangway or a breast.
At last he goes to his chamber,
And in hopes for to return,
And the coal is hanging over,
Oh, it makes my heart to burn;
And without the least of warning,
A wall of coal comes suddenly down
While In the act' of working,
And everything was overthrown.
And his lifeless body lying,
When the workingman came there;
Oh, the. scene indeed was touching, -
And what the miner has to bare;
Oh, the host today are lying
In every section of the land,'
And many a mother is mourning,
With* little children there on hand.
•  Wm. Penn
f*      T
B. E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Gen. Manager.     Reserve   Flllld      -       6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
rflTIWTPV   RIICTWrCC    Everv fai-ilitv afforded to fanners and
WUJ1IKI    _»U___J_,_3    ere for tKc  .runsnrtion of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection. ° *
RANlfTWi-i   RV   MAT!    Accounts niav be opened by mail and monies
UrtUIUHU  D I , MfUL depoaiu,d   01;   withdrawn   in this way with
equal facility.
L. A.S.  DACK,
Manager, Fernie.
Wholesale and Retail
trebled   our  present  size,
month. This is about double "the average of two years ago.
He-7-I .hope your 'husband's iQi
.eest ls.not-*isiom
'   -.)
Just come into our store and take
, a look around you will find a wide;
range to choose from.   We stock
Pickled   Lambs'   Tongues,   Pigs'
Feet and Tripe.                          °  •*•
*■■"                1
-    0
You   will    like    our   "Empress"
Brand of Mince Meat.
She—He is pretty dek; toe's.<imt
using swear words.
The 4*1 Heat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
We beg to announce to our many customers that we have removed to our old quarters next the Bank of Commerce pending the
-. ■» i.'    •**> v,,<.'tinJ^*
1 i
* ** 'i
Eastern Oysters
Olympia Oysters
Mince Meat
Pork Tenderloins
< Chopped Suet
Sweet breads
Saucr Kraut
Come early While there is plenty to choose from.   Do not put off until
the last minute placing your order.   Do it Now.
Dums &  i~o., meat  Merchants
_i r?'-'■*-''
'    !    ■ ,
■ ■>„.,        /'
%\$ Dtehrte! £ttytx
?1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe; through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that'prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes ' between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
■ior pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer" holds good for one month after* the
Tansaction causing the complaint;' that is we must
■ have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor'
A Merry Christmas and prosperity to .all.
-. The city have lowered tlieir power rate and are
going* to establish a reasonable rate so that there
will be no further.difficulty of getting the day power'started., ■ The city electrician is going to order
some more material, so that he can run a separate
wire service for power, and not have to interfere
with the lighting system. This is "a niovejn the
right direction towards "Progressive Fernie." The
rate should.have been fixed earlier, and perhaps
by this time more would, have arranged to take the
power.  ■' However, better late than never;
As Others See Us
Messrs. Cree and _*Jtoffatt have issued a beautiful calendar i'or 1910. The scene laid "In the
heart of the Rockies" is very neat.
How about civic elections'? Is everything dead
or are the people, satisfied to let things go along as
last year. Of course the present council are to be
congratulated for what they did. They made
some* fine improvements. But for what-they did
not do, some one else should be put in. Some'say
that a whiskey element is going tb run. "Well.
right at the outset we would like to advise them
to stay with their whiskey business and keep out
of the civic fight. Whiskey and civic affairs do
not get along well'together, and they would not be
able to get a corporal's guard to vote for them at
any rate.
While you are sharing in the usual Christmas
good tilings do not forget the poor and needy that
live around yon. Remember the Master said "It is
moreoblessed to give than to receive."
Can the persecutors of the Industrial Workers
of Spokane enjoy this Christmas? Possibly.they
are so enslaved of the god of Mammon that their
conscience is dead l'o,°the higher things or the call
of the men who produce all for them.-
In referring editorially, last week to the officers being elected again, we meant the President,
the Vice-President and the-Secretary Treasurer.
We,had not sufficient returns to know about the
international and oilier board members':
in connection with the recent apprehension of
two of our citizens for haying used his voting pri*-
vilege more than once as called for by the law,
a very peculiar circumstance came up. It appears
that one of the culprits had been summoned at Elko, and appeared before Fred Roo J. P. and was
fined fifty dollars. Of course when he canie up
here the case was discharged as he had already
been dealt with on the, same offence. Now was
that not funny? No one apparently knew of the
charge, of the trial or anything about it. It
must have been one of those funny family affairs
among the Indians of Roosville. Oh, well, what
is the use. • If you are on the .right, side you. are
on tlie right side. , >
. Tlie large percentage* of-miners who voted Ross
in the late election showed that they desired Ross
asotheir representative. Why did they hot put
Ross in us their president and do away with Bill
Powell.     It''would have been just as wise.
•What is all this rumpus we hear about the city
'.police going, to gel fired?.    Who says that !au or-
gainzecn)aiKl_oE~biii,glars and~s7rfe~eracJcers viFitetf
the city and that the police knew they were here
and failed to get them? Is it only a. rumor or is it
a fact? ':' '     "    *
In a letter from Organizer James from Taylor
' ton, Sask., he informs us that thai part of the country, while at present under the very worst conditions as far as mining is concerned, is going to
be board from soon as*one of tho best coal mining
districts in district .IS. James also sends in some
more subs. ■ . .   - -*;j*-:**j
Matters have ben amicably arranged'at Kenmare between the District Officers and the com-
pany there, and President Powell writes that he
and Organizer James are now at Taylorton, Sask.
President Powell impresses very strongly the fact
that there are wrongs to be righted where .they
now are. One case in particular is where a" man
has been, unable to work for twelve months because
ol! injuries received'while slaving' for his masters
the coal barons—and he gets nothing.", The President 'and Organizer are taking this case' up, and
hope to. get something for this unfortunate, who is
only one of'many, such in this-part, where at present ho compensation law exists. 7We trust that the
government of'that province will awaken to'the
__. __..._.._-.._   ■ *.   I. 4 l*k   1*. **•>■<> -~1 111.- /Mill t\ ■*■*.-*, il fl rt J-t Alll J-1-J-1-1 1*1% /_ 4-    _ 1 1 i-Mll ll 1 /_
"p(j*->uiuli_uj.—tin**- \vuii*t-jiS-a_Ll_uO"."'>01ii_ tiling-1 dug 1 imc
to ameliorate-their "condition
It is with no*feigned pleasure that
The Western Catholic acknowledges
receipt of the booklet,' Progressive Fernie, sent us* by the ever progressive
editor of Ihe District Ledger! Not only
from an artistic, historical and literary
standpoint' is * it".alone specially attractive, but the lessons to be learned
trom "The City that Grew in a Year"
are such as must impress all readers
bf Progressive Fernie, with the feeling
that to be numbered among Fernie, citizens who have shown such sterling
capabilities m the solid reconstruction
of their city, is indeed an enviable distinction.' "
The Western Catholic is particularly
pleased of our own friends and subscribers who hold positions of-public
trust and confidence, among others we
may mention Rev. Father " Meissner,
Rev.  Father Travernier,  Aid.  A.-** H.
Cree, Mr. Eckstein and Mr. A. McDougall.- The one most striking illustration
in Progressive Fernie which particularly appeals.to the Western Catholic
is'the unique photo of ','Sunday Morning Congregation at Temporary Roman
Catholic Church." while on the adjoining page is illustrated the "Laying of
the Comer Stone of the new Presbyterian church."     The booklet is in itself the most glowing example of the
regeneration and constructive poSvers
of the people whom its pages present
to the reader!     "The Western Catholic" is proud of Fernie and its good
citizens and.we strongly,recommend
our readers to secure a copy of Progressive Fernie, which may be done
by application' to W. S.' Stanley, editor
and manager The District Ledger, Fernie B. C!—Western Catholic.
•   '•   •
Progressive Fernte
This is the very appropriate name
of a beautiful ..publication issued by
the Fernie Ledger of Fernie. B. C. It
consists of over 100 pages, 9x12 inches
heavy plate paper, lavishly illustrated.
While all that, might be desired in. a
handsome souvenir of a . live young
<ity, it* has an added significance in
showing the manner in which Fernie
has risen from the .ashes of the great
conflagration that visited it in August
of 1908. It is the scene of great coal
operations, and our readers will recall
the story of* Fernie's destruction.'' In
the short time of little over a'year
ruin has given place to a new city
more, attractive and more promising
than the old.—Industrial Index.
We are in receipt of a beautiful illustrated book called Progressive Fernie. It'presents in the most telling
manner the progress that has -been
made rn that town since it was wiped
out by fire on August 1st, 1908: Starting from its ashes before the cinders
of, the conflagration* had time to cool,
it is today a bustling town of splendid
buildings, both public and' business,
with numerous homes of splendid and
iM:e-t_eiitipAis.7tppe!ara_nce.   *  It  vivifies
Tea> acquires a flavor, under ..the peculiar;; climate
of Ceylon that * cannot be acquired anywhere else on
earth J The delicate-fragrance and delightful aroma of
will, please you.   Buy a package to-day from your
grocer.   You'll like it!    '   ,*•:■'"'
, The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers'
Hot and Cold Water L. A. Mills, Manager
the Elite Dancing j
;    Academy I
J '              Farquarson & Campbell   * *-
j      Under personal direction of J
C. * *.     Mr. & Mrs, P. A. Farquarson ,   ■■ J
j<    Iiessons front 7 to 9 Mondays J
I   •         .   and Thursdays J
On   .first   , class
business and rest*-,
dential  property.
Bar supplied with  the  best "Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
'Afc usual. President Powell sends in some more subscriptions for
the Ledger! 7 "' •*
Monsignoi- George Boulton, J. P. eily clerk, eto.
«ti.'„ lias been ordered by tbe oily council to use
tho 'ol'l'iical axe and cut bis office stuff in twain.
Keally wo feel very sorry for George, he will hnvo
to'work now. Tlio council aro to be congratulated
foi' nl lust awakening although it is a little lute in
the year.
What is Iho city going to do about Iho street
lights for lho outlying parts of the town? There
are several very hnd spols tlmt should be immediately supplied witli at least the thirty-two candle
power street lights, Why should one section ,receive more attention than another? Perhaps the
council can suggest so'ine way to ameliorate this
Then.) is also some talk of n reasonable lighting
rate being struck, The matter came up at the
•council meeting on Tuesday evening, but so far nothing definite Iiiih heen dune. II is said that the
city clerk is afraid to .send out last month's bills as
he is troubled with a slight tinge nf conscience.
(Of course we all hnve 11 little conscience at this
time of tho year.)
The Hlnirmnrc Kntorpriso rise** tn remark that*
there is not a steam laundry between the Kummit
and Lethbridge. That m right, and we can see no
no reason why Kuril io cannot urine to the occasion
Ullll  lie IIM; hpul  III  gui  iht* i.iuj-dl^.       Tin. Cin.1.,,1
aro very unHiitiHl'iii.tory anyway, und a ivasonuliie
priced steam laundry under good management
would he a good thing for the eity, besides afford-
',„,. rr/u,,l rotnrn<i lit the investors.
What have you done during the last twelve
months towards forwarding the cause of labor?
Think well before replying. Have you* attended
the meetings of your union and advocated for the
betterment of your brother union man? "Have
you bellied him in distress? Have you applied
the principle of unionism in all your purchases,
whore possible?? Have you boosted for union-
made goods and paid up your duos? Or have you
missed meeting after meeting, left the bulk of the
worl; for the other fellow, bought any old thing
whether you could have had union made or not,
kicked al what Ihe leaders in your union have
done, abused your union privileges? And last and
worst when election day came, did you throw your
manhood to the wind and voto for the man who
had been your worst enemy as far as unionism is
concerned? Tf you have done the latter go and
hide your head, for you are one of many of the
-ludas type. Start tho now season,with 11 resolve
to bo honest. That is the whole keynote of unionism. If you are honest you'must necessarily be
a good union man,
We wish our many rentiers a very Merry Xmas,
and a happy Now Yoar.
We thank all for the help that they have given
us during the past twelve months, Wo thank tho
many friends wo have mado forUheir appreciation?
We thank our enemies' for being such. They aro
11 necessity, and go lo eonslusively prove that we
must have been up and doing, else how' could we
mnko enemies. Wo nre truly thankful that we
have made some for it is a Hign that wo aro on tho
job, A ifi an or n newspaper that ennnot make enemies is a dead one, and cannot make friends, We
nre alive, and pride ourselves on tho fact that during the piiNl twelve months we have mndo hundreds
of frienda. Wo aro sure of this as our subscription list can testify. It is augmented every day hy
new subscribers, until now we havo the largnKt
mailing list of any weekly newspaper in this din-
We have adhered to the principle of a  free
press to all who could comply with the usual rogu
httioii of signing their names as a mutter oil good
faith.      t,,-ovrn«?'l hn*<**o  fni!'*d tn  \\x*n n'n  in thin- ,
the expression The Spirit* of the "West,
for only .western spirit could accomplish the wonderful reclamation that
has taken place within ono short year.
The book is home-production, printed
by the Fernie Ledger on .Its own
presses, - and is another ' instance of
the progressive spirit of the people of
the town".—Carman Leader,
k   k   k
We havo received a copy of Progressive Fernie from the publishers bf
the District. Ledger, Fernio, D. C. The
booklet is profusely illustrated with
views bf Fernio past and present, The
work is a credit to the' publishers as
well as to progressive Fernie.—Moos-
omin Spectator.
•   •„ *  ,
Wo have just received a copy of
Progressive Fernie, 'which is a work
showing the marvellous strides Ihnt
Ill-fated, if it can be so called, city
has made in a year. From a honp of
ashes it lum risen to a new city' hotter in evory wny .thnn before. As the
wrltor says:
A city that rose from a barren tract
of lnnd io tho status of n thriving In-
dustrinl centre In' ten short\yonrs; n
city Hint wns totally destroyed by firo
nnd In* nnotlior twelve months had put.
on nil Its former lmportanco and activity, Is ti city with a destiny' whose
greatness cannot bo measured or
wIiobg possibilities enn'not bo curtailed.
The publication Is "tin excellent ono.
Wo would wolconio moro particulars
regarding tho buildings that havo replaced tlio ashes, but all thoso Interested In tho vlssltudes of wostorn life
will find oxcollont reading In this publication wild to those who know Fornie
tho book will bo both Intorotslng and
vnlunble,—B, C." Dlilldlng Nows.
Cb      Pb      Kb
Low Round Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, in-
clusiev, , good tb return * within three
months.    " „  ,
Tickets' issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship Business will be' on sale
from November 21. and limited to five
* 7 months from date of issue ' ' ,
Finest Equipment.' Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars arid'
Dining Cars - oh all Through Trains.
Compartment - Library -;' Observation
Cars -> on "Imperial t Limited" and "At-
lanti^Expurgss"""^   ;*
3 Through Express Trains Daily
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome   Cafe Attached
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
Furniture Moving a Specialty   t§
Leave Orders, with \V.  Keay
PHONE   78  .       '
M,A. Kastner
Fire! Fire! Fire!
The anniversary of-.the great
fife of August 1, 1008, is drawing nearT Let us draw your attention to the fac2 that we rep-
' resent 14 financially strong, old ■
established and well ■ known
Board . Fire Insurance companies, also agent for the
Sun   Life    Insurance
-__ Company of Canada i
■**'MBW*aM*********HMaH*M.'*,^H^HIHHi >
, We have several snaps iii
Business and. "Residential
,. Property
,   in different parts of the city ,
.-1        . •'        ■,        "• ' ■
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out oh trial
Vo Charge ■
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.40, making
connections at -Toronto* for all points
East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at 18.15,   and the "Atlantic
Express" at '8.00 daily, making connec-
iions at Montreal for ail points East
Apply to the Nearest C. P.* R. Agent
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Lo. oyor Ia the namo of a now Socialist magazine being print oil nt Lo-
wUton, Me.,    In the      French lung-
* *   *
Goorgo Il.Vioobel will flnlBli a tour
or WIscoiiHln on December tho 3rd.
Ooobol has orgnnljioil two now lirnn-
clinii nml udilroBHod mooting'! In fifteen
* *   *
Judgo CroBHcup, who rovemed tho
520«,OO,00O Rtitndnrd OH flno h-i*** li"
Ih Hick of tlio nopuhllcnn party. TIiIh
hIiowh thnt tlio RoclnllHl rovolt Ih going Homn In tlio StntoH. ,
* *   *
The SocIrI    Domoerntlc pnrty    of
Great Britain hau put ItHolt on record
thnt whilo tho Lloy'd»Ooorgo budget Is
,   .   .       ,   , . .       .oppressive to the worKUUJiiuin, iicvci-
JjciiiT we trimwrn-rt Inoir ppiHtip-*, **;<". Hip wvinl re- ({.t.jt,us \bu Uiinintryd I-ords hnd no
reptui'le.     Wo lmvo orred, and mny pcrhupn err right to reject It,
mi in, if not vm would bft cither president of tho
United Stuti'H or Prime MiniHtur of Knpdiind. We
•in, lunirlllv "Ind ■*■.•*■> nre tioHhor  n<t the<*n two Imvi'
The Gift Makers
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, Tho Ledger stuff uro linppy this week »v«r tlm
roi.'fipl by the nimmgor of ft ohfipn' from Kri-d Hon
for one yenrH good luiik nnd ItnppinoHH, and ten
thniiHitnd dolliin*. drawn on tho I'liivcrnnl hank of
ProKperily, Klko branch. We have not as yet cashed tiie clionue, u:i wo nre looking for Ilie Pernio
branch of (he hunk. , W« extend onr best lo Fred,
tho fhnnijiion li»r and booster of the Hed Apple
country. The clique is ft very ne«t advertisement
and benr* t-wtimnny to the fm-t that Frod Hoo U a
wide uwulec husliies**: mnn.
more troubles than we have. We. are entering
upon unother NnnHoti, having but one moro isMiu
in thin, and we bcHponk fori the coming yenr a larger patronage nnd moro friend** and rcadera. Wo
do not henitate to nay tlmt had we the currency
we would give every Mihtu.rihcr $.r»l)0 as a Jvinan.
prennnt. Hut mtd to relate wr- know not wfi-^re
the ii(|Xt handful of victual*** m coming from, no do
not bother coming for your donation, you might
be siidly disappointed. Tho .sheriff might be iu
ahead of you. Hut enough of thi* foolishi-****-:--
otK'o, moro wo wish you one and all a Worry ^Xt-m*.
P. Kniidft-yn, secretary of tho Soolnl
Domocratlo pnrty In DonmnrV, wns
eleeteil Tnnvnr of (3opftnhnr-»n ftt" tho
inst oloctlons. Ho received 18 votos,
two moro thnn his opponotn.
* •   •
Victor Hergor is bnck from Europo
and doclnroB that tho most consorvntlvo lnbor lendors ^/rBuropo sro moro
m-llenl nnd clam conscious thnn tho
most   radlcnl of tho Amorlcnn trade
unionist officials.
• •   •
In Bouillon, Poland, tho polico hnvo
confiscated 1700 Polish Socialist oil
«ndor» for 1910 In tho ofttc of th Journal Oftjotn RobotnlMn. Tho cnlondor
Is klloMd io conlaln InstlxaMon to
cta.uu hitri-I,
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'id"-'* --. * «v,
«****■ . i^A, ,J v  A
vs*i!!K,&&lj*am&pxrmmr' "T—'   7 /?"
0* '
'LA 1
The Official Organ of District No.  18, U.M.W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C, December 25th,  1909
************************** ********^******)t**iiii^***** ■
. *
News From the Camps
From qur -own Correspondents
|,-    ,   COAL CREEK $
¥■ ir
A."slight blimp or blowout occurred
in the south.side of.the high line district on Monday night between half
past.nine,and ten o'clock but the.only
,damage.it did was,to burst but a few
more tons of coal.
The locker thieves have got started
again ln the wash house, three cases
in one day, two of money and one of
boots.*' This is certainly mean and
dirty work-and it should be. put a
stop to. '     .
.Alex Adamson was up at the Creek
for the week end and was a. little.disappointed at the Club not being open,
but he says he will come again.   .
Joe  Mitchell  is living up'  at th,e
Creek again. The  magnet  must    be
drawing him.     ••.'"■•     '    -,
.  : A dance will be held in' the club
- on New Years eve, Mow you yourt£
men and maidens and old ones too,
get your° dancing shoes out and let
- us have a" good time.
.Jimmie Seddon blew in from Michel
on Saturday to see the „ boys. Can't,
stay away Jimmie.
' Who stole Tommy's.bottle and music on the train on Saturday night and
put the bottle on the verandah.   *
Dr. Workman-has now taken up his
reisde'nce in the superitnendent's old
house just over the bridge. - '
I noticed quite a few grey hens getting stuffed-in Fernie oii pay night.
Go. light on the-hard stuff .boys.     ~\
Don't forget the benefit concert for
C. Alstead on the 27th. The tickets are
selling.fast.    '        _   ,-..,,"
Mrs. Joseph Simson and family and
a  friend  from .Coleman rwore up - at
Coal  Creelc Tuesday  and Wednesday
' visiting  their friends- and  old  neighbors.     ,,-   ■    :- -' '* .
Mrs~7YardTand. family7 left" here "on
Tuesday to Join her husband.and son
on the ranch down in Alberta.
It certainly looked strange tp the
majority'of men"at" Crc.'to" see notices
posted.announcing the funeral of the
late! Joseph* Hcwitson, when a good
many' did not know there had been a
fatal accident. Cjn enquiry we found
that Secretary Rees "was arranging to
have the funeral on the' Moriday, when
the'company stepped In and asked for
it to bo on Sunday, so as not,to lose
any work, regardless of what" the deceased's friends and companions
thought about it. How the accident
happened to the unfortunate young
man is a mystery. He had just been
woring in the mines about five weeks
coming in from the prairie for the
winter months. He ha!d been out.in
this country' two years, and comes
from a place.called Cleator, Cumberland, England, where his parents now
reside.',, A special train was run from
Coal Creek for the funeral, and had
it not been for the men of C. C. it
would, have been a. poor turn out indeed. The burial service was conducted by the Rev. Scott of C. C. in
the Methodist church after which the
Salvation Army band lead the mournful procession to the cemetery where
the last'sad rites were performed by
the Rev. Scott and Secretary Rees of
Gladstone local, of which deceased
was a member..
T. Morelarid has -been, appointed as
fire boss of * No. 8 mine and^ from
which mine a box car of coal has
been sent over the G. N. for steam
trial. This is .the first car of *--oal
out" of this mine and it was drawn by
sleighs to the box car.- '
We think it is about time the Coal
Company did something towards getting a coach or better accommodation
in the coaches'now in use for the ladies of Coal Creek, and. not treat" them
as if they were cattle, as on last pay
Saturday night it was something disgraceful both going and conilni? back
from ' Fernie. ' In going down the
coaches were so, full, and " so many
men were ■ standing on the platform
.that they' could not' get the doors shut
and ifi thb coach-where1 the ladies are
supposed to sit, men-.were sitting and
smoking, and had, not the manners to
stop or* get up and Vet "the ladies sit
down. In coniingLbacl_.to-_he-CrGP.k_
it was even worse,* men women and
children . all packed iri 'like sardines.
One lady aiid two children had to.
stand up the whole distance, and-some
wh"d'"'cali themselves men had not the
decency to-give them* a seat. It* is
a funny thing that the women of Coal
Creek cannot go to Fernie for a night
without being subject to insults on
the train. . It is time that the men
of Coal CreK topvk'thls riiiattei*. up with
the Coal company and get .something
like decent accommodation for the women and children- of the Creek who
use the trains.-'
Miss Gordon left on the 17th for her
home back east to spend her Christmas vacation.
The, smoker.iri connection with the
Club did not come off last Saturday
as was announced iri last week's Ledger on account of the -sad accident in
the mines, and also that the club had
not been officially, turned over*.to the
board of management, but it is all in
readiness now. It is a "two storey
building with a stone foundation, and
heated . throughout with a McClarys
hot air, furnace; the billiard and pool
tables have been supplied by Bruns*
wick Callendar Baulke Company of
Toronto together with a full equip
ment of cues, balls and marking board
and the card tables .etc, camo from
J.' D. Quail,of Fernie,,the piano from
W. M. Blly of Fernie. The board are
also getting a'.stock of new books for
the library, .both standard ,,and scientific also a number of pobular novels.
Those having books belonging to' the
club would , confer . a great favoV to
the board by returning' them as they
need them all in their business of restocking the library:
Engine and Several Cars Were Totally Destroyed by Crash
in Freight Yards
In some of the German towns householders are compelled to sort out the
rubbish in separate receptacles.
On the Alps is a hotel which to save
its guests the fatigue in lifting cups,
plates, etc., makes those articles of
papier mach'e. *   '
When a hen attains her third year
hei" laying capacity is at its best. She
will lay on an average from 300 to 500
eggs iu . her lifetime.
•■ " »'
REGINA,- 'Dec. '22—Eastbound
freight engine ' 610 crashed into
Ideal yard engine No.,2052 at the
east end of the Regina yards early*
this lnon-jingj- and as a result of
ind suav out3uo auo uoisinon 8i[i
out of business, five cars bf merchandise were littered about the
prairie, one car of stone was also
smashed up and a Canadian Northern caboose was destroyed by
fire. .   ..,   *   ■
' Engine No. 610 was heavier
than the yard engine and did'not
suffer much fronuthe impact, al
though the drivewheels were for
eed up under the firebox and the
cab smashed.    "   ■
No one was injured, which appears to be the,most 'miraculous
part of the accident. '  "
The engineer and firemen on the
engines jumped before the main
force of the collision. .Two men
in the caboose were badly shaken
up' and crawled out from under
the wreckage. . .
The stove overturned :and set
fire*to the caboose. . The city fire
department was called but was
unable to lend assistance on    ac
count of the distance from the
water mains. "The personal effects of the* men in the caboose
were, destroyed and arc said to include some six hundred dollars in
money.  ■
Fog is said to be the cause of
the accident.
To rent or for sale: Four roomed
modern cottage, 22 x 24, Victoria ave.
Apply to S. Jeilett*. King Edward hotel.    . 2t 11 p
■ Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West  10.00
No. 214 East  17.55
No.'236 Local East  .....   '3.12
No. .235 Local West   19.27
No. 7 West Flyer   10.40
No. 8 East, Flyer  ".  20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
7.13     ,
Arrives Spokane 8.30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a.m.
No. 251
If you WANT a thorough J
musical training, ( Pianoforte
or Organ ) then, call on James
. Cartilege, opposite Methodist
Church, who receives and trains
pupils and can assure intending
patrons of best attention being \
shown tnem. Parents please
James Cartilege
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pectus write     ^ A
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Peter James
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Rlffht Porton at Right prico ko to
Suddaby's r
Report  of the  Plans Carried Out in
Federal Forests During
1908 and 1909
namely Ihe distribution of coniferous
(rees. those it is proposed to distribute
at first being tbe white spruce, jack
pine. Scotch pine and londgepole pine;
to those it is hoped to add shortly the
tamarack or native larch. In the past
spring's distribution from the Forest
Nursery Station at Indian H-sad, Sask.
to 2010 applicants. New applicants
for trees to be distributed in 1910 are
2215. The recently established bran,
at Indian Head now takes charge of
all applications for trees, which formerly were baonded from Ottawa.
Exploration of the grear Northern
Forest Belt and its protection from
fire are emphasized by R. H. Campbell
dry and the risk of fire correspondingly great, but there were few serious
fires on Dominion lands. The cbief
of these were at Salmon Arm, Manson
Creek and White Lake in British Cc
a and in the valley of the Spray
:o   carelessness   of tourists: for
thers squatters on timber berths
part of a lumber company contribut-
one of them. In tbe Spray-
lire some 3,000,000 feet of tlm*
e destroyed; In the B. C. fires
feet board measure of timber
he Dominion National
_h a short description
vork of considerable
been the erection of a
ind the Buffalo park.
i the herd of buf-
M-etl  i
naj tspenditur, of oi
-i has been made .
; forests  of thi
i of l
t the prote.
Athabasca. Great Slai
The Pass   ISask.,1   and
north of Prince Albert.
Churchill river and  including Lac la
Ronge. the scene of considerable
The only method of (Ire
so far found practicable in the forested districts is a patrol by rangers, who
travel tbelr beats, put out small fires
and  summon  help  to put out  larger
ones, and warn campers and residents
or  the  danger  of  settii
neglecting fires in the bush. A special
patrol was maintained along the li
of the G. T. P. during the summer of
1908 and as a result no serii
occurred. It will be necessary to take
similar precautions along many other
lines of railary projected in the west
at present.
One of the duties of the rangers is
to post up fire notices -warning against
the danger of setting fires in tbe forest and setting forth tbe penalties incurred by those who do so      These
notices have been translated into Cree
and   Chlpewyan   and   distributed
through tbe northern districts     A
production with translation of that
Cree is appended to the report
The work of fire protection is p
baps the most necessary of all the
work of tbe Forestry Branch. The
importance attached to It can be seen
from the fact tltat the number of rangers was Increased from IT In 1907 to
82 in I90S. If, however, the work Is
done in anything like an adequate
manner, tbe system must be greatly
extended and much more money spent
for the purpose.
The season of 150S was exceptionally
e end of thc &
'□rest  Reserves
nued    In  1908 and ai
the total area of 10,
000,000 acres was completed. Bnlle
tin No. 6 of tbe Forestry branch (The
Riding Mountain Forest Reserve) b;
J. R. Dickson, asst. inspector of fores
reserves, gives tbe result of the sur
vey of the Riding Mountain forest re
serve (the largest of all) while tht
result of the survey of The Pines re
serve -near Prince Albert, Sask.. is
given in an appendix to the report.
On the whole the forests of these reserves are found to be in poor cond 1-
:ion as the result of the fires and tbe
careless cutting. These surveys ft
the basis for plans of management of
these reserves which are now being
prepared. Mr. A. Knechtel, inspector
of forest reserves, gives
of the amount of timber found on them
and other interesting Information
his report. Some extensions hi
been recommended to the reserv
One of these is a tract of some
square miles across the Saskatchewan
river from Prince Albert, composed of
sandy land, very little if any of which
is fit for agriculture. It is also recommended that the Cypress Hills reserve
i be extended; this bas been
be very valuable to ranchers
of Alberta for hay supply. The forests
Nest district of southern
Alberta were also Investigated by As.
Inspector McMillan and tbe results
published as Bulletin No 5 of the
branch (Forest Conditions in the C. N.
Valley. Alberta. The report also contains regulations for camping sites in
and  fnr  mining  claims
Of these parks
of  each.      A
magnitude ba:
wire fence at
which is to c
falo lately purchased by the Domini
vernment.     This fence is 74 mi
ig and nine feet high and  has
-ands of wire.     The parks include
e   St.   Lawrence     park   reservation,
which  consists  of  11  islands  and   a
small peninsula  in the St. Lawrence
between Brockv-nie and Gananoque. at
the property of tbe Mlssiss-
agua Indians.
and of the bulletins above mentioned may be had
free of charge by addressing R. H.
Campbell, superintendent of Forestry.
^Baking Powder
is the most efficient and
perfect of leavening agents.
No alum, lime or ammonia.
Sunday School SS f
ike is hereby given that the Led
ger will not be responsible for the ac
tions of those wbo read the followin:
Fennle, Fernie, is tbe town.
That is known the world aroucd.
As the prettiest little place.
Fernie's streets are wide and clean
Decked by spruce trees tall and green.
And the sidewalks are the best
That are found throughout the west.
Ah! the mountains are so grand,
Ajnd  such  beautiful   valley  land.
One just cannot realize
Unless they aee with their own eyes.
Hdw oft have I stood at eventide.
And   gazed  at  the  beauty  far    and
e seen many sights on land and sea.
Bnt none that eould be compared with
l tall.
not everywhere you'll meet;
Tbe price of goods is not too bad.
For they never will make you sad.
The quality, so good you'll find.
You will surely buy a. second time.
Newspaper Bible Study Olub.
cott for tlie International
December 26 1909
The   Birth  of  Christ.—Matthe-a
Golden Text.—And thou Shalt call
is name Jesus for be shall save his
people from their sins.
Verse 1.—Where is Bethlehem, the
rth place of Jesus'
Where   was the home of Mary and
Joseph, the parents of Jesus, and how-
id It happen tbat tbey were at Beth-
What was the probable nationality
of these "wise menr*
Verse 2.-—Is there any evidence and
so what Is It, which Indicates that
3d, In past ages bas revealed him-
■if to other peoples than those of
:wish origin?
Give your own idea of this scar that
saw which indicated to
Jewish king had been
objective or   only sob-
n the Spring and Summi
Tree Planting Division
Tbe spring of 1911 will, it is ex.
pected, see the introduction of a new
feature in tbe work of tree distribution
Ai. bow welcome  are those showers
We hope that they win last for hours
And when the clouds at last go by.
We  know the sunshine has come ti
And Mother Nature's garb of green.
Where'er you look can there be seer
And as we look with dazzled eyes
Xmas.   Hampers
HAMPER NO. 1—$3.00—
1 Dozen Oranges
6 lbs. Apples
1 Box Bon Bons
1 Plum Pudding
1 lb. Grapes
1 lb. Table Baisins
1 lb. Fancy Biscuits
1 lb. Mixed Nuts
2 lbs. Cranberries
1 lb. Tea or Coffee
1 Bottle Native Port
HAMPER NO. 2:—$5.00—
1 Bottle H. B. Special Eye
1 Bottle H. B. Port Wine
1 Bottle H. B. Old Sherry
1 Bottle H. B. Old Scotch
1 Bottle H. B. Diamond Brandy
1 Box Fancy Cigars
3 Bottles Lager Beer
HABIPEE NO. S—510.00—
1 Bottle H. B. Special Bye
1 Bottle H. B. Old Sherry
1 Bottle H. B. Old Port
6 Bottles Lager Beer
1 Bottle H. B. Special Scotch
1 Bottle H. B. Special Old Irish
1 Bottle EL B. Jamaica Bnrn
I Box Marguerite Cigan* (25)
1 Bottle -H. B. Special Brandy"
l_3il OrdBrS Beceive.prompt attention
Lethbridge, Alta.
<  sweetest
I For surely
Fernie's songbirds sing thi
And their plumage Is _e □
Their equal I've not found.
And    I've    travelled    the   world half
Tbere a
There  are  many.
The prettiest tbat I've ever seen.
And 'tis said that when in season
That there isn't any reason
Why these streams aren't full of trout
For none have yet been taken out.
many,     mountain
the wise mt
born; was
jeetive 7
Were the wise men right in their
jpinion that Jesus was '"tiie King of
:he Jews," as they were in the fact
if his birth*
Verse 3—What is the evidence for
ir against the idea that it was
original intention for Jesus to 1
literal King of the Jews, as the
men had stated, and as Herod also
feared 7
Why should Herod and ail Jerusalem be troubled at tbe announcement
of the birth of a Jewish king'
Verses 4-fi—-What prophet is here
referred to, and where in the Bible
did     these   priests  and   scribes   quote
Did the prophet tbey quoted from,
and did these priests and scribes
think that the espeeted Chrisi
be an  earthly King? Why?
Vefse 7.—What is it which makes
diligent    study of a  worthy  subject,
her noble or ignobli
Verse. S-—How would yon  describe
man with the motive of Herod
sent these wise men" off on their
ission of finding Jesus?
What, if any, reason is there to he-
ve that there are those   today who
attend  chnrch and thus pretend they
earnestly seeking Jesus, who have
practically tbe same motive as Herod-
John, the forerunner of Jesus.—Matthew iii:l-!2.
Golden Text.—The voice of one crying in the wilderness; Prepare ye the
way of the Lord, make his paths
straight. Matt.  iii:3.
What were the days refer-
■  Fall i
I Win
I long to be a barefooted boy.
Just for an hour:  I'd shout an-d sing,
'Till my voice o'er Mt. Fernie would
echo and ring.
1 cannot tell thc reason why
But the tears came to mine eye
When I stepped aboard the train.
To come back to the dready plain.
But I'm thinking day and night
And  I hope that 1 am right
That I'll be spared again to see
Another  pleasant  winter  in    Fernie,
B. C
Before they find a plaw so gay,
Fernie, Fernie. fare you well.    ■
have thoughts I would mot tell,
it evermore within my heart
;e thoughts of thee which never part.
60   YEARS'
_ptib_ unfitly a rtetth md aucilpUanmiT
antoni* juaaruia cm-opinion fna -»b*ti«- mn .
frimt***. __q .tKM^HK[JRiaui*gtt»»
ijeeWwattj, -without C-JB*. tatfia
Scientific JlnKrfcan.
Absndaotoelr _naiat«dn>|klr> Xwiettito-
raUHpn ot_«H7 •aemWo Jonnjut.   Terra tar
^^_ti____""*,n'^tav"aU- Bt*mr
Verse 9.—If a man today would see
ie Christ, what "star" does he need
i follow to be-sure of being led to
;e yonr reason for yonr idea whether It is to the favored few only that
sends a star, or its equivalent,
pointing to where Jesus may ie found,
■ are all men similarly treated?
Verse 10—Mention same things that
always produce joy. and then describe
lat which produces the greatest joy
j mortals known? (This question
lust be answered in writing by me rums of the club.)
Verse 11.—What   is the ground for
ertalnty for the statement that those
ho   really   seek  Jesus   always   find
What   are the emotions which are
irred, the motives which are formed,
and    the deeds    which are done by
everyone   who really seeks and finds
Verse 12.—Is there any liability that
osc wbo live In the   presence of
Jems will ever be duped Into betraying Him ar his cause?
Is the day of the supernatural guld-
lce    of God's  children  past,    or is
there   reason to believe that it is.as
operative as ever?
Lesson for Sunday, January 2, 1910.
-John the Forerunner of Jesus.- Matt
ed t<
What are the facts concerning John
the Baptist, his paents, the time and
place of his birth, his early training,
the commencement of his ministry, his
characteristics and the nature of his
Where and what was the wilderness
of Jndaei
Verse 2.—What did John want the
people to do when he urged them
Why was it then and why is it n*
impossible for any person to enjoy the
favor of God without first having repented "
What did "John mean by saying The
Kingdom of Heaven is at hand?
Has the kingdom of heaven been .
tablished on earth and if so, wbat
that    kingdom,  and  who  are its  cit-
Verse 3.—What did Esaias (Isaiah)
foretell concerning John and where Is
the passage to be found?
In what sense did John 'prepare the
way for Jesus?
Verse -I.—Why did John dress in
such a plain way and eat snch simple
To what extent should good people,
today, take John for an example in
tbe matter of food and clothing?
To wbat extent does God care what
we eat and what we wear?
If all you know of a man is that
he is fastidious in the matter of dress
and an epicure in his food, how would
you be apt to rate him in regard to
personal piety?
Can men work as hard, think as
hard and accomplish as much or more
in all departments of life on a vege-!
table, as on a meat diet? I
Verses 5-6—How do you account for ■
the   wonderful   interest which John'
preaching.created? z
If John were the permanent pastor
of a church In this town do you suppose"  that he would be able t o co
stantly keep np such a great reviv;
as this story records?
What did John's baptism signify?
Was baptism    then, and is bapti=
jw for adults of any avail without
full confession of sin?
Verse 7—When a member of tl
church is not a devoted man fs he
any better or worse  than  any other
W,  R.   ROSS  K.C
Barrister   and Solicitor
Fernie, B, C. Canada.
L. P. Eckstein D. E.MeTaggar
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Barrister an
Office Henderson Block, Fernfe B.C.
Hours 9 to -1; 2 to 5; 8 to a.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
ioneer Builder and Contractor of
A. McDougall, Mgr
Manufacturers of and Dealers in.all kinds of Rongh   ;
and Dressed Lumber
Send us youp orders
Interesting   Information     From
the Department of the Inter-
of the gospel is no
truly good  man,    whose  word  Is
his bond how would you i-<
pare Trim  with  a  layman  of  similar
What is the tendency of the offi
of a pastor, or of a Bible class teach
making its incumbent a truly
noble and an all-round morally and
financially, trustworthy man?
Is a patsor of a church under any
greater obligation to he a truly devoted  man  than  his members?  Why
These scribes and Pharisees were
those    days    what    onr pastors and
church officials    are in these days.
How do yon account for the fact that
they were such had men?
8-9—What    are     the fruits
which prove genuine repentance?
(This question must be answered in
writing by members of the club.)
To   what extent does the fact that
num. has a noble and devoted ai
try recommend him to God?
Can any person be saved because of
his parents' goodness?
Verse 10—Is It the fact, and why,
that incompetent men fail and that bad
en always come to grief 7
Verse li—What is the difference be-
feen .the personal results of John's
baptism and that ot the baptism ol
the Holy Spirit from Jesus?
Verse 12—What reason is tbere for
the belief that men and women make
their own hell or heaven?
Lesson Tor Sunday, January 9, 1910,
■The j Baptism    and Temptation    of
_u_ attil. 111:13-17;  4:1-11.
Weak Throat—Weak Lungs
Cold after oiltf; cou**^
taking-cold habit? Better break it up. We have great
confidence in Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this work. No
medidce like it for weak throats and weak lungs. Ask
your doctor for his opinion. He knows all about it
His approval is valuable. FoHow his advice -at all times.
No akohol in this cough medicine.  TU^yerCo.,LotoeU.Maa.
In the annual report of the Depart-
ent of the Interior for the year ended
st March 1909 the superitnendent of
Forestry gives some Interesting infor-
regarding irrigated    farming,
and the extent of the water supply in
province of Alberta  and  Saskatchewan.
Three parties of two men each nave
Jen assigned to the work of stream
measurement  in  the .Calgary,    Lethbridge and Maple Creek districts respectively.     Their duties are to meas-
irea of each stream at some
suitable point to ascertain the rate of
flow at different stages of water, and
establish gauges which can be read
daily by some suitable person „	
-icinity who shall report the readings
weekly or monthly to the chief hydro-
grapher. In this manner a fairly ac
curate report can be obtained of thi
flow of tbe more important streams It
this province.
This is a very important work, noi
only in the interests of irrigation but
for domestic, supply for the tc
villages springing up so rapidly all
over the west, and for the development
of power. The observations must, however, be continued for a number of
years before really accurate and valuable results can be obtained in this
Irrigation has also, it appears, been
practiced, to a considerable extent by
individuals, there being over three
hundred small systems now completed or under construction; these will
provide for the irrigation of some 176-
OQO acres. These smaller projects are
as a .rule, in the valleys, where the
level land is easily irrigahle at small
cost, but it is pointed out in the report
that better results could be obtained
a large area irrigated hy the cooperative construction of larger ditches following higher levels. Doubtless such co-operation will eome" as a
greater settlement takes place, and
the value of irrigation becomes more
Bap Unexcelled
All White Help .
'-. Dp-to-date
Call in and
see ns once
C. W. DAVEY & CO.. Props.
The Hotel of Ferme
Fernie's _(_4_!g Coinniereial
nnd Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
tumber  Dealer
AH kinds of rough and. dressed lum Lip>
i Ave.        Horth _
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liq
uidator and Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
P.   O.   BOX 3
List of Locals District 18
Aahcroft Mines
Coal City
Edmonton City,
1058 ■
.. HfllereBt
Maple I_af,
Passburg .
Royal Collieries
Rache Percee
I Diatric Secretary Nov. 30 1009)
T. Grey, Aah croft Mines, Lethbridge. Alia.
T. Bradley, Bankhead, Alta.
J. Burke, Bellevue, Frank, Alta.
G. Kelly, Blairmore, A1U.
Wm/Angell, Canmore, Aim.
A. D. Altroy, Coal City, taber, Alta.
W. Graham, Coleman, Alta,
P. Lennon, Carbondale, Colcmaii, Alta.
J. Aplln, Cardiff. Alta.;
F. K. St Amant, Cardiff, Altai
A Hamilton,  Corbin,  B.: "C.   ,
C. F. Lanier, 154 Bellamy St. Edmonton:
A. S, Julian, 2 Frasser JTlata, Edmonton
V. Holub 127 Lome St. Norwood, EnJjoiiton
B. Rees, Fernie B. C. '
G. Nicol, Frank, Alta.
J. W  Morris, Hosmer, B.C.
,  ."J. O. Jones, Hillcrest, Alta. .     . -7 '
R, Evans, Kenmare,-N. ■ D. ;
M. Pilshack, p. o. 113, Lefchb^idgo,,Altai
J. T. Griffiths,.LlHer_:Frank, Alte,: ,_.?:_
P. Bonaccl, Maple Leaf, 'Beiievoe, Alta.
Chas. Garner, Michel, B.C.
A. Covatch, Passburg, Alta.
Chas..Smith, Royal Coll„ Lethbrldg-j, Alta.
1.. McQuarrie, Roch Percee, Saak. . 7*.
A. Shaw, Strathcona, Alia,   "
Wm. Russell, Taber, "Altai
B. Brown, Taber, Alta.
J. Roche, Taylorton, Soak. THE  DISTRICT  LEDGER, FERNIE;
Man ley & Lawrence
1117  Third Avenue
Seattle -      Wash
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Cents' Furnishings
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suiting's and
Worsteds, Serges
£in<_ Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
j Good  News
j  for Xmas.
Turkeys, Geese, Oueks, Chickens and all Meats Specially
.Selected for Xmas Trade.
Empress  Mince  Meat
Golden  Leaf and  Stilton
Oysters-and  Fresh  Fish.
Leave your orders with:
Calgary Cattle Co.
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W.E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
Taxation   of Mining Properties the
Chief Theme-How to  Get
Away From The Tax
(Nelson News)
A considerable portion of the tim
of the afternoon session of Thursday'
mining convention was taken up.with
discussion of the Question of
tion of mining properties, the subject
being introduced by Ihe following resolution, moved by j. C. Harris of New
Denver, seconded hy G. O. Buchanan,
lead bounty commissioner: That as.
the opinion of this meeting, the
present method of taxing mining properties is unjust, and tends to keep
iwners from operating Much properties, therefore the gov
Britsh Columbia be asked
the question of milling tajatlon, and
If necessary to appoint a royal commission to try to devise some more
scientific and workable system.
In support of his resolution Mr. Harris said taht he had lived in the country many years, and while not directly
interested In mining, he was indirectly
-being a rancher—dependent
sale of his produce to those interested
mining.     Under the present system
taxation a good claim and a poor
e pay the same tases.     Even If a
ne were losing money the govern-
>nt still collected the 2 per cent, tax
its output.    This was an injustice,
a mine was producing •ftOO.GOO pnr
ir. but just breaking even the 2 per
i tax, amounting to    $2,000, would
>an just that amount of loss on opei
on (or thet year, while an adjoining
property producing the si
but making a profit of $50,001) would
pay exactly the same amount-in taxes
and   would be left with 543,000 profit
It woiild be better to put on an asses
and tax an output, less the cost of
labor in extracting the output.    This
would not affect mines that were closed down. -
Mr. Buchanan, hi seconding the too
in. said he did so in order that tb»
matter  might  come  regularly  before
tlie emeting.      The matter had beenj
discussed several  times  in  the past
■he associated board of trade hadl
■6  upon  it.  dealipg particular! j
with the taxation of properties which j
closed down.    Since then man7
other properties had suspended. It was
"n tbe. interests of the owners o j
stockholders or of the public that the'
properties should be left idle.     It appeared to him that,a limit should b
placed   upon  the   tiine   that   a   min
light be closed down.
He was not preaching confiscation
but he felt tbat idle properties shoul
o  taxed  that   the  owners  would
either  have  to  work  them  or  allow
te be sold for taxes,  thus put
ting -them on the market again    fo
purchase  by those  who would  wor
them.      In  New  Zealand  where  th
lines were all held under lease ther
as a provision of this kind.
W. H. Alderidge said he understood
that the government has in mind some
.changes in taxation, not only ori min
ing properties, but also on timber,
lands, etc. Tbe present system was
hardly fair to a company such as he
represented for it was taxed twice, on
its mines and on its smelter. The government might decide to tax not only
claims and mines, but also all mining
plants and other such property connected with tbem. It might be all right
(o pass a general resolution on this
subject, but there was the possibility
tbat any new system of taxation introduced might be worse than the one
used at present, from the standpoint
of the industry*
E. Jacobs said he had some information whleh might be interesting, in
I!i04 a mining convention bad been
held in Victoria at which this question
of taxation bad been most thoroughly
discussed and a delegation bed approached the government upon the
matter. The reply of tbe government
had been to ask for a substitute which
would be satisfactory to the mining
Interests, and at the same time provide the funds necessary for tiie cai-
rying on of the affairs of the province.
The committee which had.the matter
in charge had been unable to suggest
a substitute, aud so no change bad
been made. In bte country from which
be came there were 'no crown grants
of mining properties hut all such were
under lease. When a property had
heen  worktd for a certain  time
ed by the minister of mining for it*,
continued inoperation tht lea1* relented to the goiernment Here the
imposition was d'fferent The pi op
erile*? were eronn grants To tonfis
cate them nould m<_n the destruction
Agents of tbe Dominion Coal •
-.. Co. of Cape Breton N. S., are ■
■ at.work trying to induce min- ■
■ ers of Wilkesharre and other ■
■ anthracite mine towns to   go' -
■ there and scab.   District   and .■
-   local   officers    should    exert -
■ themselves to prevent    tbem ■
■ from securing    any men for ■
■ such purpose. ■
A.strike has been on in No- ■
*   va Scotia and at these mines *
■ since July G with every pros- ■
■ pect of winning. •
Don't go tbere and try to de- ■
■ feat  your  brothers  wbo  are ■
■ fighting for* tbe right to organ- ■
■ Ize and  better  conditions  of ■
■ employment.
■ Stay away. Due notice will ■
■ be given     in  these  columns ■
■ when the strike is won. Lab- ■
or papers, please copy.
trade for havimg called the convei
and to the board of trade for the use
of its rooms and for tbe courtesies and
the hearty welcome extended to the
deleg t Tbis was untnimously od
It ii
competed that all the land in
ow^ied by less than" 8000
Paris has a club for young men
pledged to keep down their wives mil-
line ry bills*.
By using the microphone the inaudible tread of a fly sounds like    tbe
To obtain the best results from a
watch it should be carried and hung
up at night.
Between 80 and 90 ont of 100 persons
are more or less susceptible to the Influence of hypnotism.
Arctic explorers seldom return to
their natural climate without suffering
from colds.
On an  average each  resident      ot
Berlin spends one eleventh of his income on intoxicating drinK.
.  Saccharine is 550 times sweeter than
The Pacific ocean derived its name
from its calmness.
Automobile reigstrations iu London
amounted to nearly SSfillO last season.
Cuba's new president was beseiged
in  one day by three thousand office
e-to a
days after date I intend to apply
to Ihe chief oi Provincial Police for a
ral  of  tbe  retail  liquor  license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this lUh day of October. 1909.
Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V.
i tbe matter of an application for
issue of a duplirate certificate of
Title  to  the  south west   _  feet    io
—idth bj  112 feet m depth of lot 8
block 3 of lot 54*>5 gioup I, Kootenay
stnet map T3i)
Nollce 1*5 herebj given that it is my
tention to iss,ue at the es-piratlon of
ie month after the first publhation
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title to tbe above mentioned land in
ame of Thomas Sullen which certificate is dated tbe 26th of July 1906
and numhered 5906A.
District Regis ti
Land  Registry Office,
Nelson  B.C.  Oct.   I3.  190&.
stalled without loss ol time. The City
of Fernie electric light plant will be
running shortly and we will  be In a
position to supply light and power.
City Clerk.
f  1
poses, which he would have to accept
if anyone offered him that amount for
the property, or an assessor should
he fever has passed.
R   M       NSWER
Of the American  Federation  of
The following is ,->art of ihe unfai:
ist of the American Federation of La-
or. Many of the daily newspaper
eaders who bear as much about the
Unfair List" during these days may
be anxious to know what name*?
the A. F. bf L. "Unfair List"
Under these circumstances it be
■omes the duty of the labor press t<
keep its readers properly informed
What are papers published for if no
for the purpose of giving correct in
There*-** ■DOU*WotTPw«*-ws:B«u.,S*Me-
-i-Wre 3*_.pianNS39 - MftW* d-Eona
Mihagl-r -SUE-J5' H.X.. QO U<<>'ANO  QtVK
■' "tOPWilfiHT. iM&B-f THeTeW YORK EVEHMB TELEGMM (HEW. YORK HHttUl -50J. U ' *■*#* »
jfiELHSE JlfN*r*Ci
Located this 3rd day of September
J. RAVEN. Witness
NOTICE is hereby givea tbat thirty
(30) days after date I intend io apply
Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect fo- -"oat and Petroleum on tbe
following described lands situate in
South L Knot na> British Columbia,
Block -j 93 commencing at a post
milt, post of
th» pre=Pnt C P P sur ejed line and
being the north v>cn corner ot Nat
Babcock claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thonce running west SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
or commencement, making
Located tbis 2nd   day of Septerobei
J. RAVEX. Witness
■) thnt
; the n
>r of an application for
issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town of Fernie
(Map 734.)    .
Notice is hereby given that it is my
. the expiration of
month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate ot tbe, certificate of
title te the above mentioned  lot
the name of Michael J. Casey, John
Robert Hops and  William     A.  Ross.
Which   certificate   is   dated   the   5 th
day  of  October  1307  and   numbered
District Registiar
Land  Registry  office  Nelson,  B
in tbe matter of an application for
(he issue of a duplicate certificate for
Title  for  Lot   3   Block 2   Of lot   5-ii
Group One    Kootenay District    (M;
:35.) *.
NOTICE is hereby given that it
my intention to Issue at the expiration
ie month after the first publicati
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
Title to the above mentioned lot In
jame of Eder Harper which
ficate is dated the 19th of March 1906,
and numbered 7495A.
H. R. Jorand,
District Registrar
commencement, making
G40 a
N6TICE is hereby given tbat thl.:j
(30) days afler date 1 intend (o apply
to the Hon- Chief Commissioner of
Lands ai-d Works for a license to prna-
pect for loa! and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbi-a,
Block 4593. commencing at a posi
planted at or near 4 miles east of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R, surveyed line and being the south west
irner of P. A.. Farquharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains:
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
• a point of commencement/making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
Cigars: Carl Upman of New York
City; Kerbs, Wertheim fi- Schiffer of
New York City, manufacturers of the
Henry George and Tom Moore cigars.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Willing Co
Minneapolis, Minn.; Valley City Milling Co.,  Grand Rapids, Mich.
"Whisky: Pinch Distilling Co., Pittsburg Pa.
Clothing: N. Snellenberg & Co., ol
■biiadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange.
Rochester N.Y.; B. Kuppenheimer &
Co., Chicago.
Corsets: Chicago Corset Co.. mac
ufacturers KaBo and I a Marguerit
Gloves: J. H. Cownie Glove Co., Des
Moines, la.; California Gli<ve Co., Napa,  Cal.
Hats: J. B. Stetson Co.. Philadelphia
Pa., B. M. Knox Co.. Brooklyn N. Y.,
Henry H. Roelof & Co,, Philadelphia,
Shirts und Collars: United SRlrt &
Collar Co., Troy. N. Y.; Van Zaiidi.
bs and Co., "Troy, duett, Pcnborty
itnJ Company, Troy, .N.Y.; James R,
Kaiser of New York City.
The Ilutierick Pattern Compnny of
New York.
Cement: Portland Peninsular Cement Co., Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydraulic Cemenl  and Mfg. Co.,  Ullea,    III*
Stoves: Wrought Iron Range Co., SI.
Louis, Mo„ United States Heat.
IX-lrolt. Mich., Gumey l-'uiirtdry Co, nt
Toronto Ont.; Home Stove t
Brooklyn Watch Case Co,, Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, Ind.; Ruck Stove
Range Company, St. Louis.
Bags:  Gulf Bag Co.,  New  Orb
■La,, branch Rcmls Brothers, St. Louis.
Brooms and Dusters: Tha Lee Prom
and Dusler Company, Davenport, Ib.
M. Goellerfs Sons, Clrcieville, Ohio
Mefkle-Wiley Broom Company, Paris
Watches: Keystone Watch Coso Co.,
Of Philadelphia; Jos. Pahy, Brooklyn,
T. Zurtjrugg Watch Case Co., Riverside N*"- .1.
C, Wj Post, Manufacturer of Grape
Nuts and Postum Cereal, Battle Creek
Fibreware: Indurated Fibre Ware
Co., Loekport, X. Y.
Furniture: Ame'lean Billiard Table
Co., Cincinnati, O.; O, Wlaner Piano
Co.. Brooklyn N.Y.: Krell Piano Co,
ClncinncH 0; Derby Desk Co., Boston
NOTICE is hereby given tbat thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4a93, commencing at a post
planted at ur near 1 mile east of the
31st mile post of '.he present C- P. R.
irveyed line and being the south east
>rner of A. S. Farquharson's claims;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
1 a point of commencement, making
NOT'CE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 3D
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line, and being the north west
! corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence running north 80 cfcains;
Tbence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
Located this 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
Located this is. day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICB Is hereby given that thirty
130) days after date I Intend to
(he Hon. Chief Comtnlasion'
nds and Works tor a license lo
poet for Coal nnd 1'eirnleum on
following described lands situate in
South K. Kootenay, llrlltah Columbia
Block 4ii9S, cnmnieiielng at a posi
planted nl. or nt-nr 3 ni'H-s >-u_ of 3\
milo poRl nf the present C. P
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
the Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of
Lands and Works (or a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on    the
following described lands    situate In
South B. Kootenay. British Columbia,
Block    4583,    commencing   at a post
planted at or near 3 miles east of 30
mile post of tbe present C. p. R. surveyed line and being tbe north wost
corner of Nat Babcock claim;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running east 80 chains:
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running west SO chains;
to a pnint of commencement, making
S40 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
0. RAVEN, Witness
I  linr  nnd  I
nf Eiim
CK Is hereby given Ihnl thifly
!■.*■ afler dnte I Intend lo apply
mil"'to Ibe Hon. Chief    Com m I sh! 01 ior    of
'nsij Lands ami Works r<ir u llei:n»e to proa-
1 peel for C«»! and I'otrnleum on    Ihe
[following dene ri bed  lands    siiunlu  iu
;. Kfjotenny, llrltlHh Columbia.
id Ilnlajoli's claim;
TliL-m-v running notilb SO chnins
Tlienee running west SO chains;
Thorn'*.* running north 80 chains;      I lllock    -Ir.S.l.    eomtm-nclns
Tlience tunning onst 80 i_ninn; I plan'fd at or near 1 mile**. •
i a point of commencement, making {mile post of the present '_
iu ncres more or lesw. j vcyud  line* and  beliiR  it."  ?
irner of Nat Ilnbcock cl-.ii
J, RAVEN. Witness Tlience running a.
Located this Snd day of September
NOTICK is hereby given that thirtj
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Lands'and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situnte In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near -I miles east of 27
mile post of tbe present C. P. R. surveyed line and be'.ng the north west
cornor of P. A. Furnuharson Jaim;     '
Thonce running :ast 80 chains;
Thence running soulh SO chains
Thence  -unning' west SO chains;
T(--*nee runuin.v north SO chains;
uU of 2
Ing north SO chnlns;
1 point of c
3rd day of September,
NAT BABCOC;;, Agent.
NAT BABCOCK. locator
J. RAVEN. Witness
!S0 days after date I intend to apply
10 the chief of Provincial Police for a
transfer of ihe retail llouor license of
Simon Dragon to George Vincent of
the Royal Hotel. Gateway. B. C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct 16 Dec 17 G.V. TH_  DISTRICT  LEDGER, FERNIE,    E. C.  DECEMBER 25 1909
Ydur  Christmas Dinner
Queen Olives
Oyster Cocktail
Cream of Turtle
-<- ■■ i.
r ■!*'
Consomme a la Waldorf
French Sardines on Toast
Boiled Halibut with, Lobster Sauce
Kaviar. With Sliced Lemon
Fowl Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing ? _
Shrimp Salad with French Dressing ■
Potato Salad with Parsley
■    ,       "     - BOILED.
Boiled Spring Chicken -yv'ith Mushroom Sauce
Boiled Sugar Cured Ham with Champagne Sauce
'"    .       ENTREES
Braized Mallard Duck with Olive Sauce 7
Quail Patties a la Sambenoit "...
Broiled Lamb Chops a la France
Pineapple Fritters with Port Wine Sauce
Banana Fritters with Nutmeg Sauce
Roast Sirloin of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding*
Young Turkey with Cranberry Sauce Young Goose with Jelly
Baked Sucking Pig
French Peas    fl Sugar Corn
Mashed Potatoes       Steamed Potatoes
Asparagus with Butter Sauce
Raked Sweet Potatoes '
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.'
No place in. town just iike it.. Ingram's pool room.
Electric. Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.   .'.'■■   o ■
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Beef, mutton, pork,1 veal, hams, bacon, lard, etr.., only of the very best.
Phone 41-
- For a good comfortable smoke get
Oorenbecker's brands. * They are
home product.*.
Wanted: Nursing, over 20 years experience, apply to Mrs. J- Howbrook,
Fernie Annex, or box 336, Fernie.
Wanted: A good handy girl, who.
can do cooking, etc.. Apply C: C.
Found: A black pony. Owner can
have,same by proving property and
paying expenses to date. Apply lit
Ledgei*i office., -  ,">t
Furnished bonrdlng' house, for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. 0.
box, 213.
Furnished* and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric I'glu and biilh-. Apply B. S, care
Ledger. , 3tNP
For Sale:1 Ten acres good land covered with tamurnc and cedar, close in.
Apply,Ledger office. "      lm
You  furnish, the  Cook.     We  cat*,
supply the goods to make it.   Chocie ,   .
, Raisins, Currants, Peels, Nuts Etc.     ,
and Robin Hood Flour.
• Pay  Cash   and  Just   Smile   *
W. Ji    B&UNDEEX      GiveusacaU
Are You      t
English Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce
Cold Sallaloose Pudding
Hot Mince Pie English Deep Apple Pio with Cream Sauce
Raisin Cream Pie Lemon Pie
Sour Mixed Pickles '      Sweet Pickles
Blue Label Ketsup Worcester Sauce
McLaren's and Canadian Cheese
Nuts, Assorted *   Raisins
Tea    Coffee    Cocoa    Milk
Assorted Nuts, Candies and Raisins
■-* \.
Queen Olives
'    * RELISHES       - -., C
Oyster Cocktails and Egg Nogs
Dressed Celery and Salted Almonds
Mock Turtle
Consomia Jardine
Broiled Lake Superior*Trout Boiled Rock Cod and Oyster'Sauce
Rushin Caviaree on Toast
n      .      r i i .
'   • BOILED
Ox Tongue with Fruit Sauce
Local   News
-_„. , R Q-AgT _— _ „__
Prime Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Spring Lamb and Mine Sauce
Turkey and Cranberry'Sauce        '   Goose and Currant Jelly
Mallard Duck* and Game Dressing
Mashed Potatoes       ' Sweet'Potatoes        Boiled -.Potatoes
,: Creamed Cauliflower and Sugar Corn
Sweetbread Paddles        '_,Asparagus Tips with Drawn Butter Sauce
Fillet ot Beef and Mushroom Sauce'
Pineapple Fritters and Sugar Sauce
Lobster and Mayonnaise Dressing Dressed Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes
Apple Pie        Lemon, Cream Pie      Hot Mince Pfe       Peach Pie
liockford Choose,     Canadian Cheese,     Cream Cheeso
English Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauco,     Shartruco' Pudding
Oranges        Apples
Black Tea
California Grapes        Stem Raisins       Mixed Nuts
Assorted Confectionery
Green Tea and French Coffeo with Whipped Cream ^
and Van Houghton Cocoa
Black Fruit Cake and English Pound Cake
Lndy's Fingers and Macaroons
Savon Hock Oyster Raw
Crenm of Lobster Soup
Gnmo Broth
Konnoboc Salmon Siuico Malt also
Baked Fillets* de Halibut Hollandaisi*. Potntoe
Celory eo Branch      Fresh Lettuce     Pickled Eggs     Spanish Queen OHvch
Boiled Cincinnati Jlnm aiid Chill Sniico    Ox Tongue Hituce Cfiovrenl!
I.ex of Mutton nu ('upon
Hot tea or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room.
For' hoys', aiid girls sleighs try the
Trites-Wood Co. *    -
Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee at Ingram's.
Mr. A. Cook left Fernie Thursday
morning for Winnipeg. »
Furnished rooms, bath1 etc. > -Mrs.
Miller, North End Macpherson avenue.  ' *    ,     , '    ' ,   ',       2tp
Wanted: Private board for miner
and little girl. Apply by letter to 999
Ledger office.
Just the thing early in the morning
or, late at night: a hot-lunch at Ingram's.
The Waldorf hotel will give the best
dinner on Christmas day. Do not
miss.it. -   . ltp
Home cooking cooked to a frizzle.
The Waldorf Christmas dinner has
them all cheated. ltp,
Mr. H. P. Woodhouse, C. P, R. yard
agent leaevs this evening for Medicine
Hat for Xmas.
Dan Cummlngs, baggage agent at
the C. P. R., is spending Christmas at
Calgary. '
If you want the best buy a McClary
Stove. They don't cost any more "at
the Trites-Wood  Co.
Furniture, - pictures, window shades
etc., a large and. well selected stock,
Buy the Standard ' Sewing machine
there is nothing to equal it on the
market today. For sale at the Trites
Wood Company.
A special Xmas. service will be held
at the Coal Creek Methodist church
on Sunday evening next at 7.30 p.m.
Everyone  welcome.
The Christ church Christmas tree
entertainment will be held on Tuesday
afternoon next in the basement of the
church.    All are invited.
Mrs. Jessie Couzens, mother of Mrs.
W. S. Stanley, is visiting with her
daughter for a few weeks. Mrs. Couzens arrived from Moose Jaw, this
week. i '
The tea, concert and dance to be
given by tho Co-operative society on
New-Years day is sure to bo a great
success. A varied program has boen
, Christ church will hold a Christmas
service on Christmas Sunday morning
at 11 a.m. On overy Sunday In futuro
the regular services will b'o held al
tho regular hours.
Mr. E., Bridge,'--pit boss at, No. J
south has resigned" his posltlc-V. Mr;
J, Wortlilngton Is undertaking tho duties temporarily. Wo understand Mr.
Bridge fs going to tho Nicola Valley.
All lovers of tho danco should bo
sure and turn out on New Years ove
to the danco to bo glvon by tho Woo
Scots at, Bruce's hall. A good tlmo
is assured and refreshments will ho
HOl'VCd, (1
The Baptist church will hold their
Christmas troo entertainment Tuesday
evening next fn tho church. Bring
all the littlo onos aB thoro "will he
something on for them If tlioy aro
members of tho Sunday nchool.
The Kootonay Telophono Company
Jwivn connected up their long dlHtance
with tho Alborta Horvlco, and you can
now talk to nny place nn the ARiortn
line. Cnlgary was cnllod up thlH
wook, This will ho vory beneficial
to Fornio, ,
Are you ready to receive the power and light
from the new system? Nov/ is the time to have
connections and wiring done. We, can save you
money. We have all styles and makes of fixtures
motcrs ancl generators. See us at once., The
power will be on sooa. Estimates and expert advice cheerfully given.
|  Dspew, Macdonald & McLean Co.*
_ Limited "       ' _
I Electrical Contractors a
t ■    - •> *    ■ "        '♦
♦•**•<»♦♦♦♦ ♦ .■•"♦♦♦^^♦♦^ *_***<*4>^* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Mrs. Waggot is reducing lier entire stock of Millinery consisting of Ladies' and Children's dre?ses,and
Ready-to-wear. Hats, Velvets, Ribbons, etc. at cost
and in some cases below cost.r „""'•''
Velvets, all shades, origidally $1.50 Now $1.00
Trimmmed Hats from           $4.50
Ready-to-wear  Hats from               $2.00
Children's Hats from              $1.50
■ >'   Newest Veilings all reduced to Cost Price j
Compoto of California FrultH with Whipped Crown
Duck Glblot Bantu uiiox ChnmplRonn
Punch n la llomnlno
Bluffed YounK Turkey a lu Oymor Cranberry Snuoo
llonioHtlc Cloouo (Ireeii Apple Snueo
8 King Street Wost
. Toronto   '■
VV. C. B. Manson
Fernie ; -   -    B. C.
of Canada
SOME of the most substantial
accounts in the Home Bank
have started with a deposit of just
one dollar. Having acquired the
' habit of saving, such a depositor
has saved from week to week until
he has had enough to his credit to:
take advantage of some profitable
investment. In all his dealings,
and as his wealth grew, this depositor has not forgotten the Home
Bank where he deposited his first
small savings. That is why the
Home Bank wants your first dollar. Full compound interest paid.
■- -- ■   ■-       -* f
Chicken flnlnd Mayomiitlw) DreBHliw
Mixed ricklcH Sweet I'lrkli-H
To in n to Ketchup
Shrimp Hulii'l Frnnf.li Di'okhIiik
Plcklcil Wnlntilt*
Wnr'-i.Kii.r Siiueo
Chow Chow
Prime Illlm nf Heef mi |iik llnrHi-rndlflh   ■■
lw\X of Mutton luiyitl   Mint   Huuco
I.t.Jjj   i.f W*il V\'.m\', rurrjint Jelly
f.nln  of VnnlHfin  Currnnl
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000 .-
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000    Rseorve ,,. .$5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON, ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres,
Arrowhead, Cronbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myle, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria,
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit,
linked Jlwpnt  PnlnfnPH
Wax Hcfitw
Tr'>nm Mnnhoil
Hwoot Com
Tho oolotlon for chockwolRliman fit
Conl Crook rqmiltoij nn followfi, tho
throo high mon holng oloctod: W, H.
Hvnim MM, J)nvo 1'aion IIM, Tliomns
Uplilll HO, J, K, Smith 103, ThomnH
SponrH r>8, ,1/ih, Clark 103. T, Wnko-
him G'-j, .Ioh, Uyonn 81.
TonlKhl iuul tomorrow niicht Vic
torlu Pownll, n noted slnfjor, ilnncor
mid i|iikk chiiiiKo nrtlHt will ho on at
HriiL'o'H hull hi connoctlon wltli tho
finnouH Clark movliiff plrturoH. If you
aro n lovor of a gooil thiiiK <lo not
mluH thlH treat,
b'prvlci'H will bn hold mnrtilni! ntul
cvpnlnff In tho IlnptlRt pIiuipIi on flui'i-
dny, Hpv, W. V, Kpliloll, will pri'iicli nt
hoth hoi'vIcoh, MnrnhiK: Tho Church
nnd Iih Reluiloii to Ilie Coinmuultyi
ovonlim: Tho Unlvoranllty of ChrlHt'H
1.1mliii.       iln;  iliKtii  <|>i<tii(.t   >.iii  ..in*-,
tu the pvenlm**.
The ChrlHtmnH ronrcvt kIvpii liy the
Mothwllst clilldron on WodiiPHdny ov>
(iniiiR wnn n HiiciipHH In iivory way.   A;     ,      „..,.,      , .., ■ j
Jiiwi mimbBr ut Mm littlo folks, par     ^M. Wfilloy, Hoclnllst, hn» Inltlntort
otitn nnd frlPiidH were jirenent, tho en-lfh lnv«tlRntUm of tho Milwaukee po-
.'.' .     .'  ...      .-'    .'.. .'.*.*:■    -•-•.■■' I T'l*.-.   11./.        \VMIr. thn o'lflfnlluf  fuinni'i nro
The Hrnwery sent alow? a bunch
of |?ood cheer to (he Ledger today,
which wiih appreciated liy tho.ie mom-
hern of the Htaff who aro Inclined to
bo clieorftil.     ,
....     ■■      .-.-.  ■■■-
11 iiiih KiiHpr-r CitilbrnHHon, editor of
(lie fiiirmiin fllmpIlccfmiiH, a Ratlrlunl
weekly Iioh b-fon Hent to Jail for fllx
' r I   , 1 fl ...!,,
iliumi,it t..i   i,.it .I........,.-. ,.,, i...   ..,.,..
;\"i>v.\ of the  mine tn  which Hovernl
hundred tnltn-rB perlRhed nt Hndbod,
*   *   *
Grows Nestt Tmding^ Co;
' General Merchants.    7
The   Store   of  Good Values
-   ,y *       '      it .     -yyy.r   7    ;      :   :--
Agents -"Bell Pianos"   *;
Sold^on monthly payments '-7
.—    "   ' " 1.       -.-■*■     ■*, ■   -     ■  „a,.
Victoria Ave. ■ Fernie, B.Q.
§ Headquarters for Everything in Holiday Goods
Ladies' Furs
Ladies'Lace Waists
Ladies' Neckwear
Silk   ha wis
1    and Drawn Work Liiien Pi-eces
f "
1 J.1
1 '■r
i Mefi's Sm6king Jackets
I ,'*■■ 1  i  .."■ * ■
9y.   .   Men's Dressing Gowns
Men's Umbrelks
7,- ' Men's Ties ■'"•>■ .■';
■ :\    Men's Gloves
'"  :  ' .Men's Tie
Pins and Fancy .Vests
All kinds of Toys and Xmas Cards
Trites-Wood Company |
^^^♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»♦»»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»/,
To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      »-   . 70c oach
!*♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* *
Ornngo Jelly
flrcon Applo I'lc
WhUlnyn Scotch Whiskey Jelly
l/'mon MeronRiie I*lo Mot .Mlnco Pie
Pumpkin I'lo        Hnspberry Jnm Tnrt
r-'rulf. Cnltn
Rlhhnn Cnirn
f'hnrnhln Cnlm
.S'u.ute.'.l KunlUU I'luiu I'uddlUK A lit, Cum.ac
Or»nK«'s ItanariRS Mal;*R« Orapoa Pear«
Bnow Apples Nufs SiiR/ir HnlslnH
Kngllth Drcnkfadt Tea
flreen Tc«
Chlncf.0 Flgd
Java Coffee
chief lUtriietlon  wuh Ilie service    of
fionff rendered by the children.
Johnny AnRUH Mncdonnld, editor of
tho ninlrmoro EntcrprUo wab n vlBlt-
or to our «Ity thin week.
Tlie marrlngo of Mr. Alfred Cook,
mhIjIit uf-the C. P. II, freight HliedH,
to Mian Minnie Onn of (.'nrltoit, KiiR.,
tnkc'H plnce on the 2f'th Inst, nt '/Aon
Lilniidi, WlimlpL-K. The liti-j^y couple
in«.-n<3 10 return to Pernio to Uilw uj)
their rculdonce. Mr. Cook watt tho
recipient of a number of presents, On
Wednewlny evenlnn nftcr (lio concert
Mm. J. Otidfy hnnded Mr. Cook a
thr-ty-ie a* a don-Mlnr from »h« Ijodle«
nld of the Mcthodliit church.
tryliiK to IiuhIi tho mutter up it looks
an though Wolloy, by IiIh oner«otle.
fiklll nnd handling on tho mnttor, will
yet put a big dint In tho police syBtom
of Milwaukee.
1 '1 * ■ *   •
Two lliauii&ncl member* of fb" 'n*
tein/iilonnl 8ei!men's union marched
through (ho nlro-Mfl of Sow York city
behind a band playlnur the Red I'lp.
Tho natlonnl comventlon Ib on In Now
York «n<J (ho Seamen «ro onterlng
viRorous protest* UKal"»t lho present
marltlrno lnwAIn their application to
■canien.    :■
McBean & Waggei'l
Havo In stock
Now Raisins,   Pools,
Currants, for tho
Xmas. Trado
      |||       . |||    ,.„ mi ■lriW-,| *-»—^ _ a. WH**"^*«m H.HWIIH1—MIWIWW
Try our special blend
Toa 30c lb.
"V/h«t • bright babyt   Con ht
umr ||
"Yei'm, he con toy 'Thank*
when you put a nickel in I..J
h«nd* -
Quits mndo to order: Twaedi, Wor-
ttedi, and Seroeit from $'!0 up to
*nn r,rt
T-.<, ...
Oeayer, Melton and Cheviot Ovurcoat-
fno« made to order from' $13.00
up-   ,r
Opposite New Post Office
Phone No. 70
Advertise in the District Ledge;
i te*.',*«  ^1 ■IHuix!,


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