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The District Ledger 1910-02-26

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'S X Provincial Wbra^y *3Q June 09
Vy-'r    \VICT_R1** B G
Industrial Unity fc is. Streng-tt**-!
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U.M.W.of A.
Political Unity is Victory
•VOI...V.   No. 30
FERNIE,   B. C:  February 26th,   1910
$1,00 a Year
DISTRICT 18 U. M. W.qfA.  7th
Attorney General Bowser
Gives His Reasons in
Fernie Instance
and so on. The Coal Creek club had
good rooms; men got drunk at', other
clubs, r There was no reason ' to believe that the fire in Coal Creek village originated from the.club. If it
did' it '-was' a- good thing' for he never
saw a more miserable'collection of
Hawthornwaite then moved that all
club licenses should be abolished in
the province.
The houso, however, was unconvinced, and refused to pass the amendment.
Determined   Effort    Being   Made
Crush Labor Union in
.     '  • • .    South Dakota     ,   >*
f I
VICTORIA,' Feb. 25—The * Liquor
act, having received its second reading, was" taken up in committee of Ihe
Provincial house.. _ *■
' Much mirth was aroused by an am-
endment of Mr.- Jardine's which in- effect would hand over the enforcement
of the act to'school trustees; .and by
au amendment of Mr. Brewster's to
take away from municipalities' their
./self governing powers and place the
same control in the hands of the provincial government as in the' case of
unorganized districts. 7   7
This refers to the powers of saying
' how many licenses shall be given, .of
fixing the. cost of'the license aiid of
requiring certain accommodation for
travelling public.
' .Coming from one who had'been complaining   that   the   municipalities in
British  Columbia  should  have 'more
■power"than they nowvpossess,it'gave
Hawthornwaite and Carter Cotton an
the various conflicting policies which
-   Brewster was advocating at one and
the same time..
Club Licenses
Mr.   Hawthornwaite . alleged    that
-. the attorney general had closed down
workingmen's climbs, and that, he had
left, wealthy clubs undisturbed, •
He had dlscrlmlnatecl between them.
He Instanced Fertile.
The attorney general, Hon.  W. J.
Bowser, said that thero had beoii no
discrimination.     He had given Heen-
, ses lo worklnginen's clubs and also
had taken away licenses from alleged
clubs that wore only bars in disguise.
,  He would glvo reasons for the taking
■ , away of tho license of tho club.     He
could give them a description of the
Fernie club;.
. Mr. Hawthornwaite:—"I wnnt to
warn the attorney general thnt if he
does so, I will (ilvo a description of
what goes on at fnshlonnblo clubs."
* The Attorney General: I nm vory
glad to hoar it. Y.\> want to know of
it. If the hon. gentleman has any
Information lo give I hope he will give
lt, Tho matter will be taken up by the
police and any club wrongly conduct od
evon though It bo the most aristocratic
ia the province, will be closed. I am
going to give n description of the Ferule club, and If lho hon gentleman has
nny description to give of any other
< hil) I hope ho will give il. We have
no discrimination to mako between a
worklngnufn'H club nud nny other kind
of olub,
'The Fertile cliih wiih composed In
" llio moHt part of a liar anil a supply of
boor, A real dub Iiiih rooms for recreation or lounging, billiard rooms,
card ttibloH, mngiizlueR, ii rending
" room, and ho on. In order to enter
tho Ferule club you had to leave tlio
liar room, como oui on lhe hi ronl nnd
go through nnotlior ontruiiec, TIiIh Ih
distinctly contrary to lho provisions of
tlio club IIcoiiho net. A oluh Ib supposed to he for tho uso oi* Iih ini-mborH
mid nut for tlio milo- of liquor to utrui.
goi'H. I personally tnke full ii-hik-iikI-
hlllty for tho dot-lug nf Dw club. Tho
rtrnpoiiHibllity for iiUowIuh a dub to
hnvo a license Ih placed on the attorney general by llio act, niul ho Is required to he peiHonnlly sntlHfloil that
it, wan a bona title club and not un at-
tempt, to evnde (lie lnw or lo enable
Honieotu* who ennnot got u IIcoiiho to
sell liquor in del unite ol uio 1111111011-
Hu proceeded to glvo joahons for Dw
closing at Ihe Coal Crook club, and
to mention well conducted clubs that
woro worHlngmcn'R clnlm.*   "
1*1     'II,It,  nil  ill-Vaii.  lA>   •li'OinmK'.i*.-*.'.,  XXI
doss suclii olubB with cheap booae Rolling Joints, or to allow tho lattor to do
business mnRquorndlng undor tho
namo of tho former.
Mr. Hnwthornwnlic did not fulfil hia
promlRo tn give a description of Improper fnnhlonablo clubs. Uo passed the
mibjoft up nnd tin*** ni torney ffonornl
had to go without the Information, bo
had Invited.
Mr. Hawthornwaite contented him-
Keif with humoroun remarks about the
F«ral<-- club having falloxl to came up
tn fh-» ntnmlan) of Mr. Rowsor In tho
TurkUh rug-) and magazines, lounging
rooms .lho quality of tho chnmpngne.
The following'is.a copy of thc card
which all persons seeking work at the
Homestake, S. D, mines,* are requested to sign: 0
Lead, S. D '.....19
I am not a member of any Labor Union and in consideration of my .being
employed by the Homestake Mining
Company agree that I-will not become
such "while in-Its services.*' y
A well known Coal Creeklte who is
by no means a prohibitionist after an
absence from work of three days, was
informed when he called out liis number at the lamp house that the pit-
boss wished to see him. "The following dialogue took place:
"What's the trouble this time, Bill?"
' "I've been sick."-
"Is that so?" .'.Then sarcastically
"Sure," handing it through the* wicket.
Upon examining it: "Why, what are
you giving me? "This is the, same
note you. brought .the last time you
were off!"
'■• "Well, and .why shouldn't it be for
t'same complaint."
Tho pitboss burst out laughing and
said: ,   '
"Well, we'll swap," giving him a
note to the lampman and keeping tho
one from the Doctor as It had outlived
its usefulness.
Nanaimo Firoboss Found
Guilty of a Serious
, Offense
Progress  Shown  for the Year--Affiliation of
■ •'' W. F. M. Heartily Endorsed-Much
Routene Business Gone Into
February 23.
(Lethbridge Herald )^
' The-seventh annual convention', of
the U: M. W. of A. district No. 18,
met in the Labor. Hall this morning
,at ten o'clock. President W. B. Powell
'presided.- There were about 30 delegates present.from the"various unions
of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and, North Dakota, the territory comprised in this district. The
morning's business was taken up with
the "presentation and discussion on
the erport of the credential committee.
The convention will probably continue
for the remainder of the week and it
promises to bring forward some very
important business.
Tho following delegates were present:   ,       ,        .     ■ '-*
President W. B. Powell.       tt    .
Vice-President C. Stubbs.
Secretary-Treasurer A. J. Carter.-
International Organizer A. C. Brovey
D.'L. Miller,*Taber.
Donald McNab, .Taber.
R. Evaiis, Kenmare, Nortli Dakota
Philip Lennon, Carbondale.
,' Frank Wheatley, Bankhead.
L. Hutchkins, Cardiff.
John Johnson, Coleman.
A. Sibborn; Lille.
NANAIMO, 11. C. Feb. L'3—Bocauso
lio "sinned off" nil iho plnces In his
district, of the Xortliflold mlno ns free
from kiis, when, ns a mutter of"fact,
he hnd not visited a number of tliem
nt all, Henry McMillan, flro boss In.
the employ of tho .Westem fuel compnny, Iiiih lost both his position nnd
Ills oorilflento, (lie first by siimtiinry
(UhiiiIhhiiI lhe moment his iw-ulool. was
nmilo known, the socond iih llm remtlt
of 11 goveriinieni Inquiry following re-
presentations mnde to lhe minister of
■ mlnos.
ll Ih the duly of the ofl'lclul known
un 11 flro Iiohh to every dny before the
nion nro permitted to outer I'or work
vIhII nil plnci'H lu a mini* where giiH
hns boen observed within the previous
\'i mont Iih, marking l hem with chnlk
iih ho imhboh to show thut they nro
Htifo, nnd reporting the Beetion denr ol'
noxious mid Inflnimntihli* khh when ho
ictuniH to thu pithead. lie U pro-
vldud with n Hiifoty lnui|) while prone
ctitlng IiIh search nnd on lho thorough-
ni'RH of IiIh InvoHtlgntlnn Dw lives of
liunili'oilH of men below ground limy
at nny momont depend, In view of
tho recent dlnaHler nt Extension (rifling I'i llll DO ni'liuun tt «M')  th Inn m ijv.'
]Ik)iD) ivudiMwH, anil MoMIH.iii, wiin
was chnrged with the ommlHslon mentioned on December 13 and 14, wna
hnllr-d beforo n special commissioner,
Oovornmont Agent ThoniHon, tho ciiho
,   , ,  1 1
W'CU.h     in-wi*-  .■*..'-•*     ./■>     '-iJ — i-.l'. .,     *.'.*,..,»*
Renting tho chl«f Inspector of mines In
llrltlnh Columbia.
Tho offence wnH proven by witness-
oa nnd hy tho admission of tlu» flro
boas himself, lie urging Indisposition
and tho presence of wnter In tho roads
of the mlno. The commissioner held
thniiKh. thnt If McMIUnn hnd not vis-
itod tho plnces ho certainly Bhould not
hnvo roportod thom an bolng frco from
gas, and although counsel for flrel-oss
pleaded for auaponslon for a period
InMcad of total cancellation nf hin cor-
(Iflcate, the commissioner refused to
accodc. saying It was Just that kind of
thing thnt led to explosion*.
Charles Burroughs, Frank.
James Burke, Bellevue.
.  Fred Itainor, Canmore..
H. Blake, Maple Leaf.
' Alex. Wickstorm, Passburg. *
Thomas Heaton, Lethbridge.        ,
■   John Harrington, Fernie.
T. Bullen, Fernie.
J. 0. Jones! Hillcrest. , „
, Nat Howells, Michel.
H. Fox, Canmore.
John Larson, Lethbridge.
February 24
Tho U. M. W. of A. convention opened, this morning with thc report c.f
Charles Garner, the delegate to the
convention of the Western Federation
of Miners at Trail in January.
He had placed before, that convention the desire oM.he U. M. W. of A.
for a closer affiliation with that body,
He had recommended to thom that
they co-oporalo with the U. M. AV. of
A,' iii an nppenl lo tho govornment* of
British Columbia for a bi-monthly pny
lnw and an amendment to tho Workmen's Compensation Act,
Ho had sent, out letters to lho local
unions in I!, C. asking Ihem to pass
these resolutions   nnd forward them
10 tho legislature.
Ilo folt sure from the spirit express-
oil at that convention thnt thoy could
always    get. the co-operation    of lho
Western Federation of Miners.''
I'nst President McKinnon of tho
Western Fodorntlon of Miners was
present ni the convention and spoke
to the delegmes on beliull' of thnt or-
niinli.nl lon,
ll was iKTURHiiry thnt the two bodies Hhould co-operate In order to net
tho noeoKHiiry loglslntlon piihhoiI by the
Tho condition of the Fernio Iocnl,
burdened wllh debt on account of
orccilnn n hnll, should be nn object
Ichhoii to tho other IociiIh. In enso
of trouble their money wiih kuiiI. lu a
wny thnt It could not be owed when
A reHolutlon was punned by the W,
F, M, tlmt 110 Iocnl union could erect
11 hull without the peiiiiIhhIoii of die
II would ho advisable for thin din-',
trict to onnct. n Hlmilnr nmulutlon.   It i
wiih to the ndvnntimc of labor men 10
hav" uh littlo  property nn poHHlb!***.
They could build lnbor temploH when
(hey theniHolvofi owned nnd controlled
, ,, 1 I .T-1 .   I
Ut.r'   tOUI<1   Ul    |ll UU^I.,tUi.. * ..:-   '  «'.|'..^
'.)•'- v.-1 re united nnrt hnrt thc ndvtnitlSi"**
of conlrolllni: the machinery or no<-
crnnient. In ordor thnt tho workln:;
clnsR get tliolr demnndH thoy nniHt
voto oh thoy would Btrlko, for thoir
each should enter the amount of compensation paid by.the district. This
was referred to the constitution committee.   '
A resolution was passed thai, the
convention appoint three trustees for
the District Ledger and that they procure an editor who would look after
the interests of the miners and Dw
paper so that they would not be compelled to get their printing done elsewhere.
A resolution was also passed allowing the district officers, if the finances of the district warranted it to exonerate the Michel local from the payment "of dues for three months to allow them to build a,hall and store,
when the indebtedness of the Fernie
local had been paid- up to the district. -.., ,_
A resolution was passed and ordered
to be sent to the Nova Scotia U. M.
W. A. officials and the international
officials congratulating the Nova Scotia miners on their struggle thero and
pledging their moral and1 financial aid
if necessary. The resolution also asked that the international board should
continue' the fight to a successful termination.
A resolution condemning the action
the decesion of the scale committee in
the agreement, signed at'Maeleod last
summe'r was referred to the grievance
committee.       ■ ''    :- '   \
11 The following ' Recommendations
were embodied, in '_-Resolution* to*be**
T'ntll   Mw,.i
to ncconi-
they would) never be
pllRh nnythiiiK.
The Indlvldunln of tho organization
howovor, Hhould endonvor not to lm
too radical, Members of organized
lnbor bodies must lenrn thnt they
could only nccompllHh anything pence*
ably. I'ntll thoy thoURht nnd acted
ns they struck thoy would remain In
tho Hftme condition n» thoy wore or In
n worho <inc.
The roBolutlon committee presented
a partial roport. A. resolution from
the Mlchol local asked thnt the ills-
In view of the fact that recent examinations of miners showed that
some of'them were carrying matches
into tho mines, wo reprint the following from tho Mining Regulations of
British Columbia. The regulations in
this respect should „be, and will be,
lu tho future, more strictly enforced
then ever before. The section, No. G7
dealing with this Is glven'lnthe three
languages most, commonly spoken iu
mining cnnips, for tho benefit of tho
mine workers.
i!7. No person shall try tho workings
or tho greaves for fire-damp, with a
naked light; and no person shnll smoke
tohncco, or take Into any mlno which
Ih worked with safety lamps, tobacco
pipes or tohncco for tho purpose of
smoking, or matches or any iipparnlun
for striking a light other than thnt.
approved for lighting shots, All persons mny bo searched for tobacco,
pipes and mutches, but the person
milking such sonrch shnll bo first examined by I wo of the workmen of llio
117. .Vessun pornnnii csiimlnnrn I
luoghl dl lnvoro od I luoghl scnvntl
colla luce liudn; 0 iioshuii persona
fiimera del tnbncco 0 prondorn seen
nolln inluli-rn uelln qiinlo Hi Invnrn con
Inmpo dl Hlcui'c/.xn pipe 11 liibncco «
tnbncco n flno dl Oiinnrc, ovvoro sol-
I'orlnl 0 (altrl nggoltl per pi'odurro I'uoeo
idlre qui'lll die hoiio approval I per lo
HpiirillO.        Till 10   lo     IIOI'HOIKI      pOHHOIl
cHser oHiimlnmo \wr tnbncco pipe o
Holforlnl, mn hi pen'onn fnclento tin
talc cHunillinxloiii) dove ckhi'I' pi'linn
CHiinilnulii dn due opiii'iil dcllu mill'
117. ZIikIiih (hoIwi iio*h|iiIo |iirzl'iuinit'
jii'iicoviii) iiiIokIii, nlolM) iiilc.itn kilo hi"i
plyny m idvni-onyin M'ollniii! 11 /.iiulnn
(iMiilin nosiiiio 1'iijcll'iilolin v/.int' i'njky,
iili'lm (loluifl */.n ilcoloiu I'njcoiiin do
nilostnosti, v ktoi'.(cli Nn roll! n Iio/|ioo-
iiohliiyini liuiipaini, n nlo j-mililky, nl-
i'JM» iuti /.;i|iiiln-j voci nu rolioiiio olnln,
vyjiiiim Iiitnk, iirciMiych pro /.iipiilenio
v*) lmSn>'cli liitok, Vnolky onuhy nnisln
Mn pivhllmtiit', *>,(• cl iiiajli pel i<olio
doliiin. fnjky a Svnbllky, avSnk lii
iiMilia Kiiicii icii jiii'/.iii'H, inn iiyl shiiiii
nnjprv pro/.t'otd ilvoinn ndxitnlkiuiii
pllcanls for positions. Each miner
who secured employment should get a'
certificate of competency from this
board, and in-no case was an applicant* to be deemed competent unless
he appeared personally before the'
board, and answered the questions put
to him in a manner satisfactory to the
That no person should be allowed to
employ a miner who was without a certificate of competency.'   *
That mine operators should be compelled to see ihat plan of the mine
be p posted in some conspicuous place
where all the miners might be able
to see'it and acquaint themselves with
That all companies ,be compelled to
keep a supply of oxygen helmets to
be . used in cases of emergency, the
use of which saved a number of lives
in the Cherry mine disaster.
The' debate on this resolution was
adjourned to be taken up at the afternoon session.
At the afternoon session of the convention of the U. Jl W. of A. yesterday
a representative of the Trades and Labor council addressed the convention,
welcoming . the mino workers to the
the labor unions in the city, He stated
that a company under the name of the
Lethbridge Labor Temple Company
had been organized, withra capital of
$75,000 and would erect a labor hall
oh "the present, site that would be a
credit to the city and the cause of organized labor.
The building he stated, would likely
bo completed iiext year. He invited
lhe delegates ut the convention to a
social evening tonight In tho Labor
Hall when refreshments would be provided and the delegates would be addressed by the Rov. W. 0. W. Fortune,
secretary of the Alberta Moral Reform
league on tho question of the liquor
traffic in Iho province,
Tho I'olkiwiiig commit tees woro named by the president       :
Leonard,    McNnb,  Wilkstrom,  Arlington nnd Sibborn.
Scale Committee:
1111111011s,   Burroughs,   l.enuon*   nnd
(inrnor, Burke, Billion and 11 onl on,
Johnson,    Pntiorson, Wheal ley and
Cn Officers Reports
Miller. Howell, McDonald mid Hue
li was deiorinlued Unit all rendu-
lions were to bo bunded iu by Ion o'clock Friday morning.
President's Report
I'roKldonl W, II. Powoll thon pros-
oiiled his iiiiiinal roport, He niiin.'il
Ihul, iho liiHlory of DlHtrlcl No, I.s
Imd boon iiumt oxcoptloiinl .since com-
ineiicliiK his term of offlco. Never at.
one llnu- hnd there boon ho mnny'of
II h iiM'iiilM'i's on Hlrll-o, He i-elWroil
nt hoiiio lenulli 10 Die Hlilko m IIIII'
croHl, qnoiliiH the finding of It. II,
(iiiiui, Hii* I'hiilrmnn of lho nitilii'iiiloii
comiiilitii' wlhch mot nt Miidi'od mi j
Jiily liih, ll<> had brought in ,<i repori i
nun tho inliio uiiH In 11 ii'iiui'KiU'i*' flu'! i
condition. There hnd up to thai time;
ln'.-n no filial '.-'ddoul lu It. The Co.
Imd boon running the nilno tit 11 Iohh,
nnd oxpeci-'d to mnko hoiiio money out
of th" plllnn*. Tho employes Hhould
help tho opi'ditom to overcome their
liimdlciip In opornllng Uio mine. Tlm
(IocIhIoii whh thnl Iho prlco of plllnr
Our Coal Creek correspondent writes
Well, the child Lawley benefit concert camo off at last and was a decided
success, both financially and otherwise
and the "special train provided by the
M. F. and M. together with the new
coach was well packed. The committee deserve every praise and encouragement for the way the concert was
gotten up ajid (carried through without
a hitch, and every artist did his utmost fo make it the success it was.
Tho following is the program:
.Prof. 13vans orchestra: Overture: —
Crown of Gold.
Mr James Smith, comic song: I'm
Too 'Lazy.
Miss Alice Tyldesl'ey, recitation: —
Tlie Road to Heaven.
Mr. Quinney:  Down the Vale.
Miss Cissie McCourt:- My Nightingale; encored.
Mr. Balderson:   My Old Shako.
Mrs. G. Stevenson:  Selected.
The Ghost of Jerry Bundler. A
•playet in one act, by the Coal Creek
Thespians.      Cast:
Hirst: Mr. Q. Finlayson
Malcolm:  W. Atkinson.
Beldon:  Mr. S. Horton.   -
Penfold: Mr. Balderson.
Somers:  Mr. J. Hewitt.
Dr. Leek: Mr. D. Ashworth.
George, the waiter: Mr. R. Fairclough.
Scene: Commercial room in a small
country town hotel.
This was very well given, every one
taking .their parts swell, .anif it was
well received.
J. T. Puckey, character comedian,
Mother Hasn't Spoke to Father Since;
encore: The .Tutor.-. lie certainly was
the source of roars of laughter with.
To the Attorney General
Will Tranquilli Home
be Enriched
his songsT       '   y-    ' —
•^ Miss Olive  Pearson;  The Giver of
Life; The Glow-worm.    '
Mr. Charles Claridge, humorist: The
Song Without a Name; encore: Don't
you Think thej- Ough.to see a Doctor?
Mrs.-Watson, selected, encore.
J. T. Puckey: Don't. Touch me there,
Piano and violin solo: Miss Tyldes-
ley and Master Worthingtoii.       n ■
,   Pianists.  W.  M.  Elly, Prof,
violin   G.  Ramsay;   clarionet
Dr. Workman gave a short speech
on.,behalf of the committee thanking
the artists for their services and the
largo audience for Ihe way tbey had
patronized such 11 deserving Causo, A
special train was run hack to the
Croek nt 11.
A balance sheet in .connection will)
the above will be published ns soonas
If Hie Attorney-General in his reply
to J.  Hr llawihornwaite relative    to
club licenses, when under'discussion
in the House on the 17th inst., is earnest in his assertion that he does not
intend to discriminate against the Fernie  Workingmen's  Club,  let- him  demonstrate   by   his   actions    that   the,*
words he has beeii credited with express his honest intentions, and    he
must reconsider tho cancellation of the
license and restore it,      The following is the quotation from The Nelson
News: "The Fernie club was compos-,
ed chiefly of a bar and a supply   of
beer.      A  real  club  has  rooms    for
lounging, card tables, maagazines,. a
reading room, and so on -- * » * "
• Judging that this last sentence represents what the Attorney General considers  an   ideal   club,  we would   say
that he has, in brief, described   the
Fernie   Workingmen's   Institute ' and
Club.     For his edification,, however,
and that of others'interested .in   the
matter we give a few. explanatory   details: The bar is in the basement-of
Charged With Lessoning
Competition-Lowered Prices
HALIFAX, X. K. Fob. _ 1 --At noon
lotluy, lour mouths niter ihe <-oniim 11-
cciiiciit (if the preliminary cxmiiliinilou
General Mniinger G, ll, Cownns of the
(.iimborlnnd Conl mtil lliiilwny Compiiny, mul Hoiionil Sales As-ein Alex,
Dirk of lho Dominion Conl Cniupnuy,
won- put on trlnl lu the mipt-ouio sit-
ilinif by Sllpondiiry MimlHiriite Field-
Tie- charge 10 which ilo-y will hnve
to iiiisMei In iiim ih,*) did inUhplie
wl'h .Iiuiioh Hush nud others lo unduly
prov'nt or le|j(-.*n cMupoiiilou In ihe
production nud xnle ol' mnl In ilo- province of Nova Scot In mul to uiironsoii-
price 1 h.-roof In imio
Hiii'cooillng yours 10
Honl to the mombors of tho Alborta
nnd HritlHh Columbln loRlslnturoH now
lu session,
That a chnngo ho mndo In .the mining nets of (ho provlncca provonllnKJ
the omploymont of Incompetent mon
at, miner:., tin a safeguard to tho liven
of minora. Tho Rovornmont nhould np-
point a hoard of examlnors coiihIhiIuk
of an oxporloncod practical minor and
trict socrotary should lomie n monthly {'wo
roport nhoot to the loonl union* whoro month
othors who -xtimilfl moot onco n
nnd hold >-.urnlnnlloiiH for np-
l-ve-dd.'iit Vov.'i'U. In compiiny "Mb '
tho other ropvoHontnilvoK, hnd iinrnod
11 «iiInst tho dodslon, but to no nvnll,
Tlmy hnd later rocomnioudod nn In-
voHtimition by the Intcrnntlnnnl union
H-Xin    t.'tll    .-lilt     ,,.,.,,     ,,,,    ,1,.,    ,.,.mm,,,1    ,.,i,\
upheld iho finding of Mr, Cram.
Thoro whh nu over IncruniiliiK number of fiitnlltloH in tho mines, lie
HiiRgostcd that the convontlon outline
Home propoHnl to moot thnt situation.
Do advised tho plnclng of Hopnrnt-"
uccouiil to cover this litigation In Uo
mnKor of rnmpensntlon claims.
Amend the Act
In Inly of InHt year ho hnd boon
appiuiichod hy Mr. Wright of IMinon-
ton, who had asked him to formulate
n phut to nniend iho romponutUm wt
An nmoiidmont wns proponed thnt nil
11 lily eiihmici> the
nnd cont I11110 lu
dn tho hiiiiio,
Tho mimhiiriiio   wns   nsked by Mr,
*,,    Ul    I        t*   (- ,     , ' I    I   I
(or H\o ili.|.|*..(r,n !rj tli'mii'h \\^, ,,,*,,.,,*
ovory jiiryninn would hnve mi opportunity to lonrn thom, being, porhnpH,
Influenced hy thom. Ho nskod Hint tho
roiiHOiiH ho hnndod lo couiihcI for tho
Tho miiKistrnio wiild that, ho shared
this roiiHim and would nccordliiRly fylo
thn renHOns.
Tho minUiiitio xiiid Hint nil refer-
oiicoh to .Iiuiioh Hohh would bo eliminated In tho chnrgo to ho sent to tho
grand Jury.
Tho dofondntHK wore plncod on trlnl
nnd ball wns placed nt f','o*i*>
the Theatre building, and is separated
from the billiard and pool tables by a
partition, and this is in turn separated
from tho recreation room, where cards,
dominoes, bagatelle and kindred games
cnn'be Imlulged'in* -*.. '      , ■ .., -,- ••
Ascending the stairs the approach to
the nuilu entrance to the theatre is
reached and taking a sharp turn to
the right, and mounting another stairway WITHOUT HAVING TO GO
SAME BUILDING; at the top of the
landing the first sign to he seen on a
door is "Heading Room" for Members
Only." Hero can be found a supply
of curront literal uro,.. monthly magazines, .The Cnnadinn Magazine, The
Scientific American, Munsey, and the
usual run of similar mental food,
Among the,newspapers one can note
The Weekly Scotsman, The , Sunday
Chronicle, Reynolds' and oilier ' old
country publications; there Is nlso a
n-preseninilvo assortment of Canadian *
Stationery is on the table for the use
of Hie nu'iiibi.'1'.s, Passing oui of this
100111 we on 1 or the library which Is
stocked with, tochnh al works on sub-
Jnctri peculiar 10 the principal Industry
of tho locality, conl milling, also books
on other sciences, us woll as :i splendid
collect Inn of niii'l, worl.H of fiction as
woiibj bo found In any well stocked
Thoso nro the fuels, nud we defy nny
body to reftiio thein.
As priinl' of mi)' hniichi> of purpose
wo are perfectly willing thai u commit-
too of throe bo nppolntod, leaving the
Moleolliill oiillli-ly to Ibe liouorilblo Koll-
ilointin hlniHi'li 10 invi'siiniiie the mailer nnd If ilio> cnn point out any In-
iiccuniic Muii-iii'-iii iu the foregoing description wo sinud jvmly , to forfeit
.flOll for lh" henefll nf the Trallipilllo
To be sine thnl llioro can bo no possible iiilt'undorKtaiidlng we make thin
siutouieiii  Hint:
To (]0 from nny rooi-i that forms n
part or portion of the Workinnmcn's
Club one doen not have to go out on
the street,
There is a billiard table
There 11 n pool table
There it a reading room
There Is a library
There is a recreation room
j    There iu a bar.
' you mi-'H. niul menn »'l<-ii "'on l:'iv ;uw(
'do poHiiosi (Iui evolush" power of
Ignintim? or rcfiiHltiK llconsos, but do
I nnt dlMcrlmlnnto. this Ih nu opportunity
I for showing tho truth of your proton-
'.•l,.,i»,   irlitiili    I,,  „lir,,-i    ,,,,,.,,,,- il,,)r   run
will reiitoro tho llconso eiinoolk-d bo-
cniiso of a report which In the description of tho club lu question, was Itinc-
(Continued on pane ft.j
Tho maniiKomont of tho Grand theatre have Installed 11 now moving picture machlno. and hnvo nrrnngod for
onch, ! a Rtipply of tho Intosi films right from
Knch docfiulniit wns found competent J tho innntifnctiir-TH, This Iiouho Iiiih
to give hnll for the othor and ihls was; hocum d tho exi-luhi\o Hon Ire of these
dono. i fllniH.     Now fenturox will ln> iniroiluc-
I Ills honor siiiteil ihnt the application led and nil lho Intent Improvements will
I in hnvo tho defendants sent up on j In- rIvi-ii. Tho (irnnd is Meant heated
■ofhor clinrRoN wnn not trrnnrod, tho land -"wicniri-i all Uw mod<irn convon-
' reiiKonH holnir unitod In hi* review,      I h-neea. I?-?-..
■I    ''
»*,    '
Conducted tinder the direction of "Proletiaran"
Address all matter for this  page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
The laws Ought to Make it Easier to
Exist; not Harder.
The Socialist party of. America—the
Social Democratic party of Wisconsin
—will take up the fight against the
hunger tariff with might and main.
And we need not be deterred from
this because of the hypocritical and
lying cry.of the Democrats for a revision of duties.
•■ Senator Ben Tillman of South Carolina has openly confessed in „ the
United States Senate that the Democrats of the south are willing to join
the thieves of the north'in plundering
the people.
Material for our fight is furnished
plentifully by the Secretary of Agriculture, James Wilson, while he is
making an attempt to defend the meat
Of course Uio incredibly stupid figures published four years ago by Jas.
Garfield, special investigator of the
Roosevelt government, have been now
thrown aside. ,* Garfield in his report
upon the meat trust, claimed that the
packers made only one dollar on every
head of cattle and repeated other ridiculous nonsense which the hog barons gave him.
Mr. Wilson is' somewhat brighter.
He tries to put the blame on the middle man, the retailer. Wilson says
'that the "retailers have arised prices
of meat from 38 to 45 per cent, on the
average, and in some cases even
-.This, by the way, is an additional
argument to show the parasitic nature of the capitalist system, which
employs ten times more middle men
than are necessary for thc distribution
of the products.
. However this may be, the fact remains that the consumption of meat
is decreasing_ra.pldly__in_ the   United
States. The high standard of living
which was the pride of the country
for nearly two hundred years is rapidly going to the —Chinese dragon.   *
Moreover the vegetarian diet, .which
is so cheap and easily obtained in the
"European  and  Asiatic  countries,    is
very difficult for. us to imitate in this
Mr. Wilson, the Secretary of Agriculture, hlmself'takes pains to inform
us that during the last ten years the
price of corn and potatoes has just
doubled. According to this, either
the Irish or the South Italian mode of
living would be out of the question for
a woringman who is living in this
And since wheat has gono up about
-10 per cont—lho milk about CO per
cent—and butter and cheese ovor 50
per cent.—ll is impossible fov the American woringman to live liko the Hungarian peasants or yot like tho farmers of tho Alpines.
In other words, If this keeps on,
and Mr. Wilson promises us that It is
going to keep on, tho American working class will havo to emit eating or
else live on nils the samo as (he Chinese do.
. And to mako the case against, tho
hunger tariff stronger there comes lho
great authority. Prof. W, I). Guthrie,
and Informs us Ihat 70 per cent of nil
Amorlcnn families of tho pi-count dny
—tho fnmllloH'wllh small Incomes —
miffor from porpotunl lack of sufficient nouoi'ishment.
Now, what Ih the futuro to bring lo
Mr, James Wilson, secretary of ng-
, rlc.ulturo grnvoly assorts Ihnt lho production of agricultural supplies doos
not. koop pneo with tho growth of population, nud Hint, thn price of food Is
llioroforo bound lo rise contlniinlly,
„Thuni Is an immigration to our country of ovor n million mon, women nnd
chlldron onch your, And thn stool
IrtiHl. and lho packing trust would no
I her miss (ho oiillre funning class of
Amorlcn tliftn to iiiIhh (Iioho chonp
Mr. Wilson nlso tells us thnt entile
are dlmlnliililng.on account of tho big
rnngoti bolng taken up by (ho fnrms
und tho big henls of entile disappearing In ordor lo nuiku room for the cultivated crops,
tin thn other hnnd ho claims that
i-M.'ii \i till tin- ntib*n.d ,iini u'lu'i Unit
III the west Hhouhl ho tnki'li up by sot-
I lorn this would not bring down prices
of vlctunla.
Htioh  Hi'ltloments,  ho  miyjti.  would
llll-iNl   rt   (*,l<-rt'l    tin Mlrtftf   (il   1,1111)   Willi CM
nnd that, food would therefore go up
In prlco,
In other words no mattor whnt happens lt would cost more to llvo,
Wo uro told all this In *pltc of lho
ttwl that NclenllKiM nvwrt thnt rho
Mississippi valloy alono could raise
food oriniioh to IW-.-I i||,- Inli.ii'i'rin'.'; of
lho whole woild.
Of ooim-o, theif Is u simple wny In
which wo could stop this starvation
brought about nrtiridnlly by a handful
nf oharlis tha? ntftlk alWMH In human
form. '*
The nation could Hot pottsossloij of
(ho tniiitH. and ilum Rot porhoh«Iou of
all the nocessary means of livelihood
for the people.
But the capitalist* statesmen will
have none of that.
A very simple solution of the question at least for a while would be the
importation of foreign cattle, which
are now barred.
There is a great deal of cattle in
South America and Australia which
could be, imported to the United States
as it is imported to Great Britain.
At present the duty on a live ox is
about 27 per cent of its value—hogs
and sheep are also taxed in accordance.*
I understand that some farmers do
not fancy this sort of a revision because the prices of meat would* surely
take a tumble.' But the farmers get
the least profit of this tariff and they
must pay it out ten times over to the
beef trusts and we suerly cannot let
the people starve for the sake of a
few trust magnates.
And all the people, including the
farmers, ought to remembers that the
workingmen were not consulted when
the tariff was made.
The working class,was not represented. No workingman is in congress elected as a representative of
that class. Nor is there in congress
any other man who can claim that he
was elected to represent the working-
Only the various groups of capitalist exploiters, sparsely intermingled
with a few representatives of farmers, are represented in congress. Only
thes had any say in the matter of the
The Socialist party is not represented in congress, and of course there is
no other political expression for the
working class of America.
Therefore, among other,things, the
Social Democratic party of America
will  take up  the  hunger* tariff and
gressional elections.
The time deriiands this kind of an
issue. „ .   i>
It is a matter which concerns ■ the
material interests of the mass of the
people more immediately and more directly than any other question now
before the people,
And there is also an ethical side to
Even outside of the working class it
has ceased to be considered right for
any ono to mako all tho money he can
when ho thereby injures the people as
a whole.
Public opinion has undergone a big
change in this respect during (he last
ten years, thanks to the Socialist philosophy and to tho "muckrakers" who
hnvo tnkon up this philosophy, consciously or unconsciously.
However, tho Soclnllsts might go
just one step further In' taking up a
stand ngninst the hunger tariff.
. Tho conscience of the peoplo at,
lnrgo—of men and womon of all clnss
and standing—ought to bo aroused to
tho fact, that government, nnd lnws
should not. be obeyed nnd supported
when thoy do not mnko It harder for
tho people ns a wholo to live, but
on si or.
That iho Inventions ol! human genius should bo utilized not to destroy
the lives of men, hut In order to savo
In short tho tlmo should como when
even the trust magnates will renllzo
Hint iinnri-hy on top breeds anarchy
from below,
Thnt self proHoi'vnllon is (ho first
lnw of naturo,
That. It. might bo Just as dnngoroiiB
for n trust magnate to pnrndo on tho
st roots of Now York nnd Chlcngo as
I'or n tlmbor wolf lo walk pnst it enmp
of Cnundliin pelt huntorB.
Thoroforo, It. is iiIho lo tho Interest
of tho trust inngnnntos thnl Ihls question Hhnll ho solved right nnd solved
poiiconbly, uh (ho Hoclnl Diuiiocrntle
parly proposes,
Howovor, whether tho trust mug-
niitos renllzo It or nol—tho momont.
ihut only ono hnlf tho worklngmon
wnho up to iIioho fnelH, there will bo
a sudden end nol only (o tho hunger
tnrlI'f hut nIho to tho mont trust mid
lo tlio IruHtocracy,
Hut ovory render of this pnpor ought
lo remember; (Oven ri Iocnl oloctlon Is
imi auiipi) n i|U.!f,unu ot electing Ha:
host iiiiui- moaning a mnn who doos
not stoal.
Whoilior It b<! for nhlorinon, supervisor, ninyor, iiMHi-mhlyman. congress-
iiiiui, Kow'inrir or president—-your voto
ought to ho cast always for tho pnrty
that stnnds In Milwaukee, lu Wisconsin, lu tho Unitod Suites, and In the
civilized world for every mnn to hnvo
a right to work and llvo. For tho
p.'irly thnt wants the nn'.lon to own
tho trusts,
for tin; party whore every vote will
(oiiiit oven nn a proton!,
K<n* tho party whoro no official elected hns ever proven unfnlthful to the
Thai jinny 'nil! «l\c Mllnmilu-c   tho
1 h<-'s7 .idmloli'r'itlnn If ever find or nny
I cliy in America has over had, as n
matter of courso.
Loaded with fetters that clank
. And rot the limbs they lade— **
Earth's   truest   and best lie in dungeons, dank.
Contemplate the hell ye have made!
In your mines and plants of steel
The lives of workers fade;
And eagles scream and   the vultures
O'er the gory fields ye have made.
These dared to assert man's right
To wealth his toil'had made
They dared   to protest and to carry
, To the toilers in hell's arcade.
These were my brothers and, friends,
Comrades, tested and tried:
Ye have slaughtered them to attain
your ends
On the workers back to ride.
'Tis well! by right of power
Ye made'them wagedom's slaves;
The blood of dead slaves wills ye a
Of hate and unmourned graves:
When the sword of vengeance falls;
The deluge ye have feared;
In   your    palaces,    your    embattled
The    structure of    Peace shal  be
My children the architectss are;
They will your "rights" disdain.
By the power of might, 'tis a two-edged sword " •     , '
They will conquer the earth again.
The Real Issue is the name of a
new Socialist monthly published at
Portland, Ore.
for. two months' for criticizing President Gomez.
-   *   » . •»
The nurses of Berlin are asking an
increase of wages from ten dolars to
fifteen dollars a month.
* * *
The school teachers of Denver are
recognizing the solidarity, of labor by
uniting with the labor unions.
,, * * *
A fifty thousand dollar,, abattoir is
to be built by the city of Pittsburg
so that the city may have cheaper
»   »   »
Emil Seldel has been chosen by a
referendum to be iho Socialist candidate for mayor of Wisconsin at the
next olectlons.
'  *   *   *
Our Spanish comrade Pnblo Iglesl-
as is being* prosecuted for an article
entitled "The MnuriHts" In tho paper
"La Manna,"
* w     *
The machinists of Iowa arc calling
for publicly owned packing plants ns
lho only effective way of fighting the
high prices of moat duo to the profit
* i*   *
The Industrlnl Democrnt is tho
namo of a now Socialist weekly nt
Okhlnhomn city. Ils fifth Issuo ran up
to 5000 copies.
* *   *
Tho Pretoria, South Afrlcn, Socialist
society hns decided to run two Socialist cundldiitoH—coinrnilos ,1, T,* lOlgln
nnd J. Vi. Riley—for the Union olectlons.
* *   *
Tho Roumnnlnn pnrllnmont is considering means of combatting tho tin-
rost Browing ln the Labor movomont,
Roumanin hnd bottor try something
* • t
As iho LnboiitoH nnd Irish Notionalists hold tho balance of power In
tho llrltlHh pnrllnmont thoro are
stormy times iilioad for tho llrltlsh
si nnd patters,
* * ♦
Tho railways lu Chlcngo want (o
Introduce* a series of ntitomntlc machines for the siilc of papors. This will
do away with tho Jobs of about twonty
five hundred newsboys,
ii • *
The striking hatters of Hartford,
Coun., nntl vicinity are condemned
to n penalty of $22,000 for boycotting under tho Sherman anU-trubt
¥        *        «
'J he Apponi to RoiiHon'H hitter nt-
tnckH on Judge Potor Stongor fSrofls-
cup nro having effect. Already (ho
labor unions nro calling for InvestIga-
* »   •
Tho r'riltoif Mine Work-Til Convention In Indianapolis passed a resolution bucking Vn-A W.uau In his Unlit
for a froo pross nud reiuuring tho Judiciary for Its'attempt to strnnKlo a
froo press,
* *   •
Throo Immln-J nud fifty minor* «l
flwrry, *)7 ni Vrlnwxn; pu wumlor llio
W. F. M. find Dw V. M. W. nro fiRhtlnu
tholr profit hum Ing hnsios.
The state of Illinois has passed an
8 hour bill for women workers. Ritchie
a woman employer, is back of the suit
to have the law declared illegal. Mass
meetings ih Chicago and elsewhere are
being held to protest against the action of Ritchie. '«'
A strike is threatened by the engineers on the National railway of Mexico
and the government declare that they
will not stand for a strike. The days
of Diaz are about done. . American
engineers are a different proposition
than the former shooting of unarmed
* *   *
It Is being discovered by the labor
unions that the principal function of
many detective agencies is to break
up' the trade union organizations by
putting detectives into jobs, having
them join unions, and then, through
disruptive tactics to nullify as much
as possiblee of the work of the organization.
* *l  *
The I.'W. W. of Spokane are suing
the Mayor Pratt and the Chief, of
Police, Sullivan and others charged
with conspiracy to desroy their organizations through illegal arrests and
highhanded methods. Many .personal
suits will also be taken for false arrest. '
* *   *
The trainmen and employees employed in the Chicago yards of the 18
roads entering there are likely to go
on .strike. The bosses are getting an
injunction against the striking from
one of their vest pocket judges. * ■*
»   *   *
James Cook, the American engineer in Mexico, has' been sentenced to
two years and ten months in prison
for a crime, he knew nothing about.
As he is' only a worker he is not big
enough for the*government to bother
The congress of French Socialists
has just beenheld at Nimes. By a vote
of ten to one the district federations
are left their.individual liberty to put
up or withdraw candidates. The members are urged*to reject the government's naval bill and the bill to tax
employers of foreign labor.
Battery Dan, the seven thousand
dollar New York police magistrate is
liable,to get the grand bounce for corruption. He has refused to* sentence
the little thieves and the law breakers
and Gaynor is after him. Dan's job is
not out until 1915 so Dan will probably lose thirty five thousands dollars
worth of job.
*   *   *.
Capitalist papers are beginning to
admit the Mexican horrors. This is but
a preliminary to annexing Mexico. Diaz
allowed himself to be used as a tool
to torture his nation into slavery and,
his work being done, the capitalists
are laying the skids to roll him into
, Ht—I hope your'IrasbtiKft __.
nesais notjerioua.
She—He b pretty cick; bet.qaft
using swear worth, ,    ,
Alberta Show
Case Works
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Hy Oid-iii- of tbo lhm.nl, Toronto, January Ulth
James Mason' John Adair,
(icnoral Manager. Mgr. Fomie.
Advertise in The Ledger
, ■BRrt'-WKN l&lKK'f'fl •
■^■Vi _'* !'''(!»iSP*'W!|'*'f1 ■^'feifeiWitiBWfcg^ i** •"
-- '.(r^*.* &t«* * f'il-^J*' THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE.   B. C. FEBRUARY 26 1910
■ :/!■ ■
Philadelphia  Strike B^fcomes
in: Reign of Terror
boys were shot and' probably fatally
injured, while several received less severe wounds today in riots which.followed the resumption of service by the
Philadelphia Rapid Transit company.
The shooting occurred in attacks on
cars in the northeastern section. Market street, the scene of the principal
disturbances is one of the busiest of
streets. Cars were stoned and two
policemen were roughly handled by a
mob of several thousand, persons. A
dozen arrests were made and the prisoners placed in a trolley car. This
,.was stormed by a moh and two prisoners escaped.    ,    ,
Preparations were made by the authorities to call upon the entire force
of the,state militia if the police tomorrow are, still unable to cope with
the situation.
President Murphy of the Central Labor union, still regards a strike of all
trade unions in tho city as inevitable,
which would call out 100,000* men, although Organizer Pratt is reported.to
be opposed to this move. A delegation of labor leaders left for Washington today to ask Senator Penrose, to
' use his influence for a peaceable solution of the trouble.
Members of the State Fencibles, an
independent military organization, 200
strong, were placed on duty today
armed with loaded muskets. They
were detailed in the Kensington mill
district in the northeast district, which
is a hotbed of union sympathizers, In
their first skirmish they wore badly
beaten liy a mob, which paid no attention to the drawn bayonets and snatched the muskets from the hands of
.the military.
Members of the Fencibles, according
to Mayor Reyburn, acted as though
In the raiUdistricts to wear their caps,
and to cut brass buttons off their clothing. At this point a group of rioters
captured a member of the Fencibles,
■ and carried him several hundred feet
from his. post whore they stripped him
of his coat, cartridge belt and gun and
throw them into a sewer.      .  .
,.Tho probably fatally injured boys
are John Hughes, 18 years old, shot In
tho neck, John Walter Stab, aged 15
years, W."E. Collins, aged 20 years,
shot in the groin, They were taken
to a hospital.
Tho former received his injuries In
the afternoon whon a mob attacked a
car at'Oermnntown avenue, below
Westmoreland Btreet, The second of
thoso was shot during a similar attack
In another portion of tho city.
As a retaliatory blow for the arrest
of tho national orgnnlzor, C, 0. Pratt
of tho Carmen's union, President Jno.
F. Murphy of the Central labor union
which claims a momborshlp of 100,000,
has communicated wiih tho presidents
of all local triuloH unions afflllatod
with tho control body, asking them
tho advisability of calling a goneral
Btrlko In sympathy with tho stroot car
Mr. Murphy oarly In tho day stated
that n general strike hnd boon ordorod
but ho modified this Inter whon ho an-
nouncoil that tho Question had boon ro-
force! to Iho various unions ln tho Control body.
Tho Contral Labor union last Sunday gavo tho oxocutlvo powor to call
u general Btrlko, anil whothor such
should bo callod, Mr.1 Murphy said rost-
od entirely with tho individual unions.
Aftor spending a night In a coll at
tho city hnll C. O. Pratt was glvon a
hearing In tho contral polico station
tcMlny and wan hold'on ball of $3000,
Ho was ohnrgod with inciting a riot
nnd conspiracy, Tho bnll on oncll
count wns $1500, Hall wnH promptly
A mnn wim klllod ns a result of n
riot at Fourth and Mnrkot street this
Tho mnn wiih walking nlong tho
stroot when ho wnu caught In a crowd
thnt was attacking two cars. Forccil
off tho Rldownlk ho wiib pushed tip
ngalnst a heavy wagon nnd foil undor
tho wheels.
Boforo ho could bo picked up his lifo
wn«i ornnhed out. Iln wnn nn elderly
mnn and has not boon Identified ns
yot. ThlH Ih tho second donth nn a
result of tho rioting, Ono mnn dlod
from honil dlseuso, following tho ox-
citomftU of nn nttnek upon n crowded
-street car.
February 23.—Incensed at the action
of the police in arresting Strike Leader Pratt of the Carmen's union, last
night the Central Labor body of Philadelphia ordered a sympathetic strike
of all organized labor in the city affiliated with the central body.
Some unions are against sympathetic
strikes and othors are against breaking trade agreements, but notwithstanding these conditions the radical
labor leaders say that- the order will
be generally obeyed.
If the order ofr a general industrial
war is carried out to the letter it will
mean serious consequences to the city,
which be probably felt in other places
a3 well.'1   *.,
Operators   Not   Anxious
For  a Strike—Too
Large Orders
, PHILADELPHIA, , Feb. 24—Two
dead,, three lying at the point, of
death in hospitals, and more than a
thousand persons injured, is the toll
exacted by' the reign or lawlessness
which has existed in this city for*
three days, and which may be renewed
today as the Philadelphia Rapid Transit company expects to have more cars
in operation than on any day since the
strike started.
Unlike the preceding day this,morning opened bright, with*, just enough
crispness in tho air to make one feel,
like walking, whether or not it was,a
matter or preference.
- The failure of the State Fencibles
an independent military organization,
to intimidate the strike sympathizers
in the northeastern section of the city
yesterday, was the basis of;a conference which was called for today between Governor Stuart and Mayor,
Reyburn. °
, Thus far the" rioters liave* mado the
street cars the special objects of their
attack." ' The northeastern section of
the city and Market street, under the
main scenes of their operations, In
the southern part of the city, where
on the opening day of the strike several cars were attacked and one of
them burned, all is how quiet.
Dynamite was used last night in a
carbarn in the north western section
where fifteen policemen were asleep.
Fortunately no' one was injured.
The fact that thc sympathetic strike
was not declared by President John
Murphy of tho Central Labor Union,
acted as a panacea lo the tired police
officials of the city, who were anticipating a strike of some 100,000 mon.
A movement is on foot however to
have sympathizers of-tho striking St.
Railway omployes parado peacefully
to the city hnll 100,000 strong, and In
that way show tho city officials tho
gigantic proportions of the threatened
T.hat the attacks of gangs on the
trolley cars In tho northern section of
tho city were In a numbor of cases Ihe
work of boys is shown in an nnto-mor-
torn Btntemont mnde laBt night hy one
of tho youths shot in yesterday's rioting.
In this statomc-nt ho said thnt ho
was omployod In a factory, On
Monday ho said throo of tho boyB of
tho factory formed themselves Into a
commlttoo, wont around among tho
other ernployooB and got boys to tho
numbor of 1G0 to agroo to moot and
mako a combined attack on trolley
earn, nnd on the mon who wore run-
,nliiB thom.
Mont hoys aro participating In tho
troiiblo through puro mlBchlovoiiHiicsB.
Thoy nro having tho tlmo of their lives
nnd Suporlntondont of Polloo Tnylor
linn iHHRcd nn official warning to tho
Moro thnn ono thousand persons nl-
roady havo boon tried for rioting nnd
Homo thirty olght hnvo boon Indicted
hy Iho grnnd jury,
Tho Ktoek of window glass In tho
city Hitltnblo for enr wIiuIowh ban boon
exhnusted- the company nnnoiincod today niul no moro broken windows can
ho replaced unlil more kIiihh Ih iiecui'-
A pollcomnn who was protcctliiR a
motoi'innu In tho operation of n enr,
tu It wuh piiHHlng north of lluunau-
town avonuo nt Wostniorelnnd Hlrool,
iinw boyH throwing stoiu-H at tho cm*.
Tho nnllenrrfnn opened ftre nn them
nnd ono bullet struck Hugh In thn
neck, Hugh Ih tho hoy who In the
nuto-mortcm statement to tho coroner,
Hiiid ho was ono of an organized gang
of 150 carpet mill employee who hnd
assembled to nttnek ni-enr.
PITTSBURG, Pa., Feb. 14—A quiet
poll of mine owners of the bituminous
and the anthracite regions since the
miners have demanded a straight ten
per cent increase before April 1, and
threatening to strike if their demands
are refused,'brings information out in
Pittsburg today that there will be no
strike, and that the miners will receive
at least a part of the pay that they demand,   '
From one of the most heavily interested of coal operators in the Pittsburg district comes the information, tonight that 'enough of the operators
have already agreed to grant reasonable advance to the miners to preclude
aiiy possibility of a strike on the 1st
of April."
This was made in spite of'the statement of the Pittsburg Coal Company
today that they would not,grant the
advance. .
The poll has been* going on quietly
for the week past and the result is assured.
Another joint conference between
the miners and operators is likely to
be called for March 1 within the next
few days when the matter will be taken up and the demands of the miners
met in part at .least.
About 300,000' miners will be effected by this and -Pittsburg operators
,wlio discuss the affair seem to be of
the opinion UiatTthe contTacTs_wHiclf
have been taken on in the past three
months for filling after April 1 are by
far too important to risk through a
strike, which would probably be participated through refusal on the part
of the operators as a body to grant the
demands of miners.
It ,* is admitted in Pittsburg irom
whsre tho poll has been taken that
there nre many large operators no*-, in
favor of granting even part of the demands, but confidence Ib expressed
that thoy will be won over and the advance already ■ under discussion be
made unanimous at the meeting to be
called ;
It cannot be found out whothor or
not It Is in the Intention to grant tho
full incroaBo asked by tho minors In
tho district.
President of Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
Interviewed at Toronto
Help Wanted
To Spread the Glad Tidings .n
All Over the West
And Bear the Good News
To the Worn and Distressed  .
.   That      .
Royal Crown Soap
Is the Best in the Land!
Golden West Washing Powder
Is Certainly Grand
While the Premium Department
Is at Your Command
Hundreds of Presents for Coupons
Do!,1rii protected by Copyright
jp^^Pf^^^^^^^NMf*.*^******* *********
Suggestive   *
Sunday School .
(TIP  On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International    *
(I   Newspaper Bible Study Olub.   ————■
k****kk*kk***k k kkkkkkkkkkk k-k*ickkkkkkkkk*k**k-kk**kkkk
February 27 1910.
'False and True Discipleship.   Matt.
7: 13:29.
Golden Text. Not every ono that
saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter
into the kingdom of heaven; but he
that doeth the will of my father which
is in heaven. Matt. 7:21.
Verses 13, 14—fn what sense is the
gate to eternal life narrow, and the
way to destruction broad?
What are the conditions for entering into eternal life? ■'
If a man repents of and gives up all
hisisins but one, why is it impossible
for him to pass through the. gate tha'.
leads to eternal life?
. Verse 15—Are there any false prophets in these days,-and if so, describe
Is a'pastor, or a Sunday school teacher, a false prophet if he preaches
what he does not practice?
Stops   Falling   Hair
Aytr'k Hair Vigor It composed of sulphur, glycerin, trulnln, t&Uun
diloilJ, upilcum, mt, alcohol*, water, and perfamc*. Not a ilntfe
Iftjurloui Ingredient In IhU lift. Aik your doctor 1/ thli is not to.
Follow hi* advice. A hair food, a hair tonic, a hair drifting.
Promptly checks falling hair.   ComrWtely destroy* aU dandruff.
Does not Color the Hair
j, fl. in* (to-rnvT. Ijmwii. Uw.
(Toronto Mnll nnd Kmplro)
A roprosenttitlvo of the Toronto
Mail nnd Kmplro saw Mr. Ellas Rogers proiidont of tho Crow's Nost Pass
Conl Compnny, ycBlordny on his return from British Columbln, nnd whon
Intorvlowod nbout roporls whloh hnvo
iipponrud In curtain newspapers re-
gnrdlng tho compiiny, to tho offoct
thnt lho Hill IntoroHlH hnd Huuurod
control nnd woro exorcising ouch control ndvoi'Holy to tho InlcroHtH of tho
smaller shnroholdors, Mr. Rogers snld
most emphatically thnt there Is not
ono word of truth In tills, hut thnt entirely opposite Is the ciiho, Mr. Hill
hnd not only pnld n. lnrgo premium on
tho stock ho originally purchnned In
tho compnny, hut hnd repeatedly como
to Its nsHlutntico since that tlmo with
finnitt'lnl nld; thai nt the precept tlmo
lho Groat Northorn Hallway Ih paying
n largo advance on tho prleeH charged
before Mr. Hill hnd nny Interest In thc
Mr, Rogers fnrthor snld that any-
thing whleh mny have appeared In nny
pnpor during IiIh nhHOttro In crltlnlsm
of thn compnny must lmvo boon Inspired hy some ono who Ib antagonistic to
. , I VI ,11,.*,
,..,.     ttt*,il..t,t-t*.t..... ,ti.    ,t...\t     ...Ut.     HI.I
•mine.*  nf the rnmjinny were RteniMly
At tho present tlmn the output was
ovor 1000 tons per day In excess of
what It wan ono yenr ano, nnd that tho
>r i V n >*  *t " i * *"■    ** »    Inft    **■■* r\ »•■» rt r*t\ v.* r,t*il    V *n   I    »..-*- i.
largely reduced.
ABked nn to tho prospects of a dividend Mr. Rogers nnld thnt tho compnny wan now on a profit-earning ban-
Ih nftor writing off all that wan noces-
snry to cover all prosont depreciation. Tho question of tho paying of a
dividend was one for tho board to do-
termlne nftor full consideration of
whnt wns In the best Interests of tho
The present management has only
one object In view, namely, that of
gtiitliiK Dw company on a permanently
sound operating ^jbnsls ns n coal minim? proposition,
Verse 16.—If a man is a good husband, a kind father, an agreeable
neighbor, charitable, honest and' industrious, but does not belong to any
church, what reason is there for us to
conclude that he is not a Christian?
Verse 17—If a man attends church
and prayer meeting regularly, and
takes part, in the services, but is
ugly and cross to his wife and children
what reason is there for us to conclude
that he is not a hypocrite?
,I-Iow would you class a woman, active in church and missionary work who
habitually repents stories, whether
true or false against the character of
hor neighbors?
Verse 18.—From the t teaching of
Jesus, how would you'* demonstrate
that a person may, or may not, be his
follower wlio does not delight to do
good, and having tho opportunity, Is
not actively engaged In doing lt?
Vorse 19—What Is tho law which
oporates, to eternally destroy tho hopo
and happiness of nil who persist in
doing ovll?
. Verse 20—What In lhe natural fruit
of n follower of Josus, nnd thnt of n
follower of ovll?   .
Verso 21-23—Josus intimates horo
that a man may bo quite successful In
religious work nnd yot be a worker of
iniquity. Show how this cnn bo possible?   '
How doos God regard n mnn who
prays, and yet knowingly commlttn a
Does God expect, and is it reasonable to oxpoct that ordinary morlnls
enn do his will In nil things?
How do you account for the self deception of mon, who according to the
teachings ef Jesus, will walk up to the
gate of Heaven thinking they are saved, but to be turned back as workers
of Iniquity?
(Thla question must ho answered In
writing hy members of tho club.)
Vui'boh 24-27.—Doi-a Jesus menn thnt
wn nro to do lltonilly nH his words
rend, In this sermon ou Iho mourn
or to take thom ns principle nnd do
nn ho did, form the personal acquaintance of the fat her, iuul thon do lil.i
will tu Iho tlnUillH?
If a man loves (Ind nnd his followH,
anil Is following JuHiiH In doing good,
nlwiiyn being true to tho voice-of God
In tils houI whnt room is there to believe thnt, that is building upon the
Impregnable rock?
Vcrseji 28, 29—Whnt Is It tlmt
distinguished tho icnchlng of Jesus
from that of tho scribes?
I.c'hhoii for .Sunday, March Gth, 1910;
Johiih Hie Healer.     Matthew S; 2-17.
What was it that prompted Jesus
to grant the request and heal this
Verse 5—What was' the * position of
a centurian, ancl if he had* been some
obscure person would Jesus have been
equally courteous in his treatment of
Verses 6, 7: What benefit is it to us
today to bring our sick ones to Jesus?
So far as the. records show, Jesus
while in the flesh ..healed all' the sick
ones that were brought to him, is that
sufficient to prove that he will do the
same today?
Verses 8. 9: From the commendation which Jesus afterwards gave him
was not this man vmore worthy than
he thought?
What are the relative moral values
of thinking too-much, or thinking too
Jitile_o_f.J2ui*selv,e_sJ? , _,
B. E. WALKER, President*
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada/and in United State's and England
fifltl}.T_ Y   RTIXTWE _ _    Evcr>' facility afforded to farmers and
-UUJIIKI    0UM_JIft5   ers for the trai^ction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
BANKING BY  MAIL Account.s,na>T he opened by mail and monies,
equal facility,
deposited   or   withdrawn   in this way with
L. A. S.  DACK, Manager, Fernie.
Why should, not a man be blam-
able fur folly if not for '.sin, for having
an estimate of himself, whether for
or agaiiist, other than the facts warrant?
What was the ground for this man's
sublime faith, and is sueh faith possible, for all of us, when we pray for
specific, things?
What is tho force of the centurian's
analogy between obedience rendered
him as a general, and the instant obedience ofthe laws of nature to thc
commands of Josus? 'Speak the word
Verse-1.0—Whnt reason is there to
believe that In evory nation, and under every form of error and superstition, mon aro found who fear God, and
that all who do fear him nre accepted
of him?
Verses 11, 12—When it comes to a
matter of personal solvation, what advantage did tho .low havo ovor tho
Gentile, nnd whnt advantage hns a
mnn from ri Christian family over ono
who comos from tho family of nn Infidel?
Whnt. Is the ronson for the hollof
that ninny henthen will be saved in
that day, nud mnny church members
Bhut out in tho darknoss?
Vorse 111—Hnvo you nny renson to
bollovo that this man's faith und its
results are othor thnn typical of niKeH
that nre constantly happening In our
Verses 14-17—Does God today purpose to cure our sick miraculously like
these cnseB, or are these exceptional
and for n specific purpose?
(This question must hn answered In
writing hy members of tho club,)
LoHflon for Sunday, Mnrch ill: Two
Mighty Works.    Mntlhew   8   'iVi-i.
♦ Miners will pleiiHo stay awuy
♦ from linul'liead iih men are be-
♦ Ing laid off.     N'o use mining
♦ hero looking for work,
.iV.fUlt     4141.       J 4 1*4 114 f
<■« (4*44*1--*.. tt
(1 olden Text. Himself took our In-]
flrmllleH and horo our sicknesses, j
Matt how. R. 17. I
Vorses 2. I.    What Ih the nature of'
How many points of resemblance
aro thoro between loproBy nnd sin?
How wero Icporn troatftd In those
How hud this leper propbnhly learned thnt Jesus had tho powor to heal
Did  Jesus desire    that this leper
should never tell who had honied him,
or that ho should   toll tho priest first
and thus get his two officially iy-cok- '
nliwd before telling any othor   per-!
win? I
If (Iod will ho can do anything, but >
tn how mnny ot our requests may wo!
bo certain that ho will say: **f will." j
L  E  NT
You can get many kinds of Fish at our Store ,
Fre6h Salmon
■*              Fresh  Halibut
Fresh Smelts
Fresh Herrings
Fresh Oysters
Salt Cod
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Halibut
Finnan Haddie
Holiand Herring
All these are choice stock and sure to please
0                                           '                                                                                                   l!
P.   BURNS & CO.,   Limited
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
'                                                        .                                                         r-      .
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Standi
H We beg to announce to our many customers that we. have  re-
§ moved to our old quarters next the Bank orCommerce pending the
Q.   erection of our new, building opposite the King Edward hotel.
Fernie Opera House
Every Night a choice Program
of Moving Pictures ancl Vaudeville, Best films entirely new
for the citizens of Fernie. The
Programme changes 3 times
a week.   Orchestra every night
The House Well Heated
Usual Prices,    Good order maintained
Reporter—And was your home
among those burned?
Homeltss One— Beteher life!
And don't kwgtt tn put In the
paper that we had seven engines
•nd three hook and ladders.
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd If
Phone 70      Baker Ave. P.O. Dox Zt.".
Wholesale Importer-*, nnd Exporters
of W'lnos, IlrnndioH, (nrdhil*. I-'on-hi.
nnd   Domestic  Whlst-lo**    -ind  (linn,
Ijirirn stock of I'Vrnet llrnnes, ItnllHu.'
llwiKftrlnn nml Uuniwm Wines,   nlso<
S'orwoclnn Puneh nm! A-iumit, Floor.-
! Porter, Ale nml (."Ij-.'uk. j
! Aconts for Wnukeshn Armdinn \\V i
i ior, Schlll*** Heer nnd the fmnoiis Kir* j
I Valloy Ilrewlni? Co. l.'d. Heer. ilrau-sh: j
1 and hotlled,
Kpoclnl   attention   irlveii   to   fnmil,*!
: tindo. |
Our Motto:  Pure goods nnd   qulcn
i delivery.
Central Hotel
A Hoslcy, Dining Room Proprietor
Open Sunday
Kv<rt)!Mti*; Nt w v><i;Cp i*. .intr
WorkliiKmbn-   Tnule   SoUclUxl
1 mm
Published every Saturday morning,
at its office, Pellatt Avenue, Fernie,
B. C. Subscription $1.00 per year in
advance, ■ An excellent advertising
medium. ■ Largest circulation in the
Advertising  rates on application
Up-to-date facilities for the execution
of all kinds of book, job and color
work. Mail orders receive special attention.
We do not advocate indulgence in
brain benumbing beverages but consider as a matter of principle that
there should be no favoritism in the
issuance of licenses, and that there is
a total lack of evidence io show any
more justification for taking away the
license of the Fernie Workingmen's
club than'ihat of any other like institution.    .
—'. ^»	
Local   News
Doctor Cook, who failed to prove his
discovery of the Pole, lost, his reputation, fell into hot water, has now been
located in Chili, from whence he may
attempt to reach the South Pole by the
Baron Munchausen route.
* •***■   *
John L. Sullivan, of erstwhile pugilistic fame is once again in tha limelight, but in an entirely new role; he
is out against the liquor traffic, which
' he will find has great recuperative
powers, and to administer a kuock out
blow will demand a greater scientific
knowledge than ho possesses.
* *   *
Tlie irnipresible Joseph Martin M.
P. for East Pancras, London, and erstwhile Premier of 13. C, is reported to
have caught* the Speaker's eye and immediately bellowed in such strident
tones that he disturbed the slumbers
of the back benchers,
i     *     *
According to an old story a food faddist decreased his horse's food one oat
per diem and just when the equine
was growing accustomed to this fading
diet, he faded .and died. The U. S.
government instead of trying it on
horses have, heen experimenting upon
soldiers, but the showing was a failure as the animated food packages for
powder were found to have been indulging in extra meals. Such lack of
patriotism in the interest of science
should call for a diatribe from the pen
of Grape Nuttery Post.
#   *   ,'t
The reasons advanced for the can
cellation of the Fernie Workingmen's
club "license that there were enough
vendors of liquor to supply all thirst
requirements doos not hold good   for
Coiil Creek, as tho Workingmen's club
there was the only dispensary. .
" If this were the reason foi* revoking
Ferula's  license    the  argument  was
equally as valid prior to the concession
ns It was siibser-uently'.     If, on the'
other hand it was annulled for reasons
as stated in The Daily News of Feb,
23rd, then the attorney general    lias
been sadly misinformed, and not only
should tho license be renewed but. tho
club L'oiupensntod for a loss equitably
chargeable to the mislnformnnt.   This,
however, Is not very likely to transpire. •>
, See the East Kootenay Realty,Co, ad
this week.     It means money to you.
We are asked to announce that there
>vill be no service in Christ church tomorrow,
For sale: Quarter, section of first-
class land within three miles of Pin-'
cher station, Alberta (virgin soil.) Apply Ledger.
if you want help of any kind phone
Co: The East Kootenay Realty Co.
For sale: R-ell organ, piano case, 11
stops. Apply Fred Miller, McPherson
avenue, north end.
M. W. Elley, the hustling representative of the Heintzman piano Co. was
in Toronto for ten days in connection
with the business of this district.
Born.—On February 24th, to Mr. and
Mrs. Jos. Grafton, McPherson avenue,
a soil.
Wanted: Apprentice for painting, 17
or IS years of age, wages $1.50 per day
of eight hours to start on. Apply P.
Duval, Box CO; Fernie.
The regular monthly tea of the Ladies aid of tho Methodist church will
be held on Tuesday, March lst at the
home of Mrs. Burns, McPherson ave.,
from 3 to C p.m.
Tailored suits for ladies are a strong
fashion favorite for spring. We have
them, also new pretty styles in spring
jackets. "We invite you to call and
see them.     The Misses Eulei*.
■If you want a job let us know. We
have all kinds of jobs waiting. East
Kootenay Realty Co.
The first rehearsal of the Philharmonic society will take place on Tuesday evening at eight o'clock at Elley's
parlors. It is hoped that a goodly
number will attend.
Service as usual in the Baptist chapel tomorrow.'Rev. Spidell will preach
at both services, in the morning at 11.
on 'The Christian's Burden," ancl in
the evening at 7.30 on "The Loneliness
of Jesus." Special music has been ar-
=raiiged _oi*=the=cvening7"inciUuing=a^se-=
lection by the male quartette. Bible
class meets in the afternoon at 2.30,
and children not connected with other
schools are'cordially invited. A young
man's class has been organized.
On Monday night, February 21st,
about, 50 members of the, Masonic fraternity attended the reception given in
the Henderson block by Elk River
Lodge No. 35 A. F. & A. M. (o R, W.
Grand Master JL N, Rich, who was
uiiiklng official visits throughout the
province., Me was accompanied by
IJ. Deputy G. AI. Arthur 13. Fenwick
and Wm. Hondorson, one of the Grand
Lodge officers, ' After an exemplification of thu work speeches were made
■hy the brethren mentioned and others
after which tho lodge was closed and
n repast prepared by the wives of several of tho members, which was done
ample justice to.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦4><fr»» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
<H><r<r&'G"ifr-**-&&&~A>~4>*$- <)>-«$>*>$.
(A i
The reasons why you should buy property Iri Fort George nnd buy quickly:
Bocnuue Fort Gcorne Is nearly nt the
geogrnphlcal centre of B. C. Because
it Is on the line of the G, T. P. half
wny between Edmonton nnd Prince
Rupert; because it will be the largest
city between Edmonton nnd Prince
Ruport, and the second Inr-gest city in
B, C. In a shortor time than any other
Canadian city has ever been built; because It yill be the hub or different
lines of railway; because it commands
the river navigation of B. C. Now, we
honestly believe that we are offering
you the renlly great opportunity to participate in the beginning of the last
great metropolis of North America,
Fort George is not the beginning of n
town; It Is the beginning of a city,
■"•"-I ttn* 'cicd.iticn cf a i'.-.i-l--j,-*-,l'„.
Prlrrr. of lots arc with!/) tench ui „)*)
classed, and terms very easy, Lots
$1B0; only $10 down and $10 a month.
Remember thla la the first cnll nnd the
prices will ndvnnce.
Can *no fcte ut.; we are open in the
evenings. .
Mi-. Fred ."Wilfred Armitage, a Hud-
dersfield- (Yorks) schoolmaster, was
drowned while skating on a reservoir
at Longwood, near Huddersfield. ,
* *   *
George Ralph Moore, secretary of
Honeywell Cotton Spinning Company,
Oldham (Lane.) pleaded gnilty.-tb the
theft of**over $100,000 at Manchester
assizes, and was sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor for twenty
* *   *
Sir Robert Ball, lecturing at Rhyl,
(Wales) recently pointed out the curious fact that we liad been led to thank
a perfectly non existing being for thc
discovery of the "Drake" comet, as
this was caused by the telegraphic
mistake of substituting "Drake"' ,for
* »   *
It was stated/during the hearing of
a case at .Wandsworth County Court
that, four puppies weer fed on "beef
tea and other nourishing food" at a
cost of 10 shilling and sixpence each.
"And," said Judge Harrington, "the
board wages of a domestic servant are
only half a guinea."
* *' »
"There is great risk of a strike or
lockout," declared,Thomas Burt, AL P.
This is because,of dissatisfaction caused by the operation of tho Eight Hours
Act; in Northumberland in particular
the feeling against the three shift system is very strong, and at present
10,000 out of a total of 52,000 mine
workers in that' country are idle.
* *   *
A movement advocated by the United Spanish War veterans is on foot to
raise-■ "The Alaine." Repeated' requests have been "made to Congress to
pass a bill in order to carry out this
project and as repeatedly refused.
This has naturally increased the belief
that she was blown up from the inside
and it is to counteract this theory that
has actuated the present agitation.
., *   *   *
Admiral Rodney defeated the French
fleet commanded by Comte de Grasse
April 12,* 1782. The present descendant of this historical figure is
named the Honorable George Bridges
Harley Guest Rodney, and doubtless
with,a view Lo aiding him to carry,
his telescopic, name with due dignity,
he has, besides his inheritance under
his father's will, a pension of $10,000
a year, that has been paid, by the
state since-the above date, 128 years
of. expiring is not yet. This is an old
aged pension, that should be dispensed
with. The above is only one of many
perpetual pensions.
* #   *
Probably many of our readers may
iiot be aware that plural .voting in
England is different .to what it is in
Canada, and that it is perfectly legal
as shown by the i'olowing achievement. Air, W. .1. Hayward, 73 years
of ago had a vote in Norwood, Ashford
(.Middlesex). .Alton (Hants), Newha-
veti (Sussex), Heme Bay (Kent), and
Leigh on Sea (Essex.) Leaving Heme
Hill'in the morning on a 45 h.p,''six
cylinder noiseless Napier car the elector was swiftly and comfortably driven to evory polling station. When the
mileage wns tolnllod'nt night it was
found to work out to 3*11, It wn s AH*.
Ilnywnrd's first trip in 'ii motor car.
The profession of this voter Is given
as "gentleman."
•;<    *    m       ',,
British residents in this country nre
vory often ln receipt of sympathy from
friends and relatives In the old lnnd
boonuso of tho Intensity of tho cold.
Tho tlmo Is now ripe for u display of
reciprocity. In vmious parts of the
British Isles tlio thermometer has boen
clone to the '/.ovo mark for, several
weeks past. Al Illnekpool (Lanes)
tho schools wero closed down becauso
of the ImpuHHlblltty of tho■ streets; motor earn were smiled iind horses hnd
to bo used to pull thom out. Traffic
on .Manchester ship ciuuil wim Imtlly
Impeded. At WlmrlVdalc (Yorltshln;)
farmers wore snowed up and unable to
got to mnrliet, (It wns nt tho Baptist church of UiIh village that, our old
friend Cnptnin Cuttle attondod whon
ho was nshoro,) At 'Otley (Yorks)
drifts wero soven feet deep. At At hor-
ton, ten miles from MnnchOHter, it
freight trnln wiih deriilled on account
of Ihe slippery condition of tho mils;
truffle on tho Liiiieimhlro and Yorkshire Hnllwny wns Htrnpondod for sovornl hours. There wore n number of
commit Ies. In Dublin tho weight of
snow brought down tho trnmwny llvo
wlros, elect rooming two horses, nnd
rondorlng n young mnn unconscious.
Ho was removed to tho hospital In n
precnrloiiH condition. Iu Snckvlllo 81,
Dublin, n cub horse wns killed from n
slmllnr cause.
Makers Union and that they are preparing for a general strike.
"We know we can be of service to
you, by furnishing you with union information, and also by detecting leaks
which may exist in your establishment
now,! ■ '    .
*'We can also furnish you with the
guards and strikebreakers, and perform investigations for you on both
civil and criminal cases.
"Kindly let us know when it will.be
convenient for you to liave our representative call."
The letter is written upon cheap letter paper with an imitation lithograph
head, denoting that the American Detective Company is one' of the cheapest spy systems in'the business. ■
. According to the letter head John
W. Weccard is the general manager
and Stanley H. Connors the assistant.
Weccard signs the letter.   '
The company claims to have offices
in. Chicago, New York, Pittsburg, Detroit, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, San
Francisco, U. S., and also in Hamburg
A Call man,'after looking through
all the directories yesterday, made a
visit to the office of the spy outfit in
Temple Court. Robert E. Seville was
the name given by the man in charge
after much hedging and effort to refrain from imparting that apparently
innocent bit of information to the news
gatherer.   '
"Can you give me the address of
your branch offices .in these cities?"
inquired The Call' man.
Seville, refused to give street addresses, but contented himself with
saying that offices were maintained in
all the cities named.
Seville said that he was'eastern district manager of the spy outfit, and
that the company is not incorporated.
He does not know that Waccara or
Connors are engaged in any other business than that of spying on labor unions, and they are both stationed in
Chicago,. ' ->
A Revelation in Tea Goodness
ia a delicious and fragrant blend of the finest Ceylon Tea.
Get a package from your grocer and eryoy its excellent qualities.
 Black, Mixed and Natural Green, 40c, 50c, 60c and 70c per lb. —r
Electric Lighted steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel   j
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water _    . L. A.  Mills, Manager
If you have eczema, ringworm-- or
any scalp sore, do not permit' your
hair to be cut off without first,trying
Zam-Buk. Mrs. David Mo'nteith, of
93 Bertrand street, Norwood, Winnipeg, says:—"My daughter contracted
eczema of the -.scalp, and this broke
out regularly for three years in succession. . It would probably have^ been
recurring yet each season had it' not
been for Zam-Buk. " The eczema first
started with an outbreak cf-little red
_w.atei-v nimnles. which - tm-npri into
large sores. Wc consulted a medical
man and tried lotions, powders, salves
and. all kinds of things but all in
"Each time the disease appeared her
hair had to be cut off, When this liad
been done three lime sa friend sug-
gctsed that as other things had failed,
I should try Zam-Buk, instead of again
consulting a doctor and going through
the old and ineffective program. I
ncted on this advice and obtained Zam
Buk. Almost as soon as this was applied ihe child experienced relief. Tho
itching and irritation seemed to he
soothed, and'in several places, after
some days treatment, Ihero appeared
markod signs of improvement so wc
thought Hint this time we would not
cut off tho haii-,
"Wo kept on applying Zam-Buk until
in it few weeks It was very evident
Ihnt a complete cure was being effect'
oil. In the end nil the sores wero heal
nd, the hnir over tho affected pnrtn
had grown again, and nl tho- present
time her sculp Is healthy and quite
I'reo from every truce of soro or cczc-
mn," The snmo healing virtue Is responsible for tho cure of ulcers, nb-
Recuses, running sores, cuts,   cracks,
scalds, burns, piles, abraisions, etc.
For children's rashes there is nothing
to equal Zam-Buk, as it is so pure. All
druggists and stores at 50 cents per
box or post- free from * Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for price.
East Kootenay Realty Co.
Johnston-Falconer Block
Employment Office in Connection Phone 65
(Now York Cnll)
Clonk nnd milt miuitifncluri'-n* whoiie
Just around the corner
from Bleasdell's
Drug Store
Open Night & Night t
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *♦♦♦♦
■ r#   *J*   *!'■'» »T.*i»--h,
■shorter hours, better wngi-H and dun
cent working condition**) about j mm ];,
hnve the chimco of their IIvoh now.
Tho American Dntcctlvo Servlro Compnny, With offli'OH In Room lliifi Temple Court hnlldlnK. offorn to pui aplr-n
ut work among the worki.ru iiml fur-
nlRh ndvnnce Itifnriimtfnn to' I-oki-ph
of the dolngH of ib,. cloak and suit
mnkera' unloni*.
The following )(.|it>r hnH been received by Adelmnit & Miller, No. Ul
Kaat Kth HI reft:
"No doubt you luivf. bt-on Informed
of the meeting u-iiirh w„„ ]101«] a few
dayK ago hy the oiif«p|f-s of Iho Clonic
Wm. Eschwlg, Proprietor
New and up-to-date
Handsome  Cafe Attached
Queen's Hotel
Undor Now Manocomont
Excollont   Table nnd
all white Help
Additional Table for
20 Moro Mon
Wa      IT b      Ki
Low Round Trip Rates to'
Ontario, Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1,to" Dec. 31, in-
clusiev, good to return within three
months. ,,  , , '
Tickets issued in connection.Atlantic
Steamship Business will be on sale
from November 21 and limited to five
■    months from date of issue
Finest   Equipment.     Standard   First
.Clgjss^and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars' on all Through Trains.
Bar supplied with   the  best' Wines,
Liquors and Cigars' *
, On    first    , class:
business and residential   property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & IVBoffatt
j Draying
Compartment---"Library - Observation
Cars   on "Imperial.Limited" and "At-
*   lantic Expuress."
3 Through Express Trains Daily
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.40, making
connections at Toronto for all points
East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at is.15,   and the "Atlantic
Express",at 8.00 daily, making connections at Montreal for all points East
Apply to the Nearest C: P. R. Agent
for full Information
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with W.  Keav ~ ?
PHONE   78 ,' jft
M. A. Kastner
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Tlie  anniversary   of- the great
"lire of August 1, 1908, is.drawing near.   Let us draw your at-
t-ention to the fact* that we rep-
, resent 1*1 financially strong,  old
established    and   well   known
Board    Fire    Insurance   coni-
piinies,--n]so agent for the
Sun , Life    Insurance
Company of Canada *.
We have several snaps in
Business and   Residential
in different pai'ts of the city
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
Vo Charge
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lending a skotch and description may"
qnlckly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probRbly patentable.  Communications strictly conlldcntlal. HANDBOOK on Patents   ,
sent free. OUlOBt agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
ipwtot notice, without charge, lathe
Scientific flmeilc.m
A handsomely illustrated weekly.  Largest circulation of any scientific Journal.   Terms for
Canada, $3.75 a year, poatapo prepaid.   Sold by.
all newsdealers.
DIONN & Co;361 Bfe»d^New Yor'r
Branch Offloe. 825 S" BU Washington. D. C. ,
We are going to sacrifice the balance of our stock of
Cutters & Sleighs to make room for our Spring stock
Buggies.   We have on hand
3  Cutters   -   1    pair of 2 1-2" Farm Bobs
We will sell the above at cost.     Call,and see them
J. Ml.   AG NEW & CO
ELKO, B. C     |
Headquarters For
Office   Supplies
Suddaby's Drug & Book Store
Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs
Huyler's & Lowney's Chocolates, New Scale Williams' Pianos
'./. i
•__________! /
'-, J
The  Official Org;a.n of District  No.   18, U. M. W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C, February 26tH,    1910
*************************** **************************.
News From jthe Camps
From our own Correspondents ,
*k***kkk***k**k**kkkkkkkkk kkkrkk******kkkkkkkkkkk***k
c _____ ___.'     *
The inhabitants of Coal Creek were
very much surprised, and some In fact
would hardly believe it at all, when
they heard of the daring.hold-up on
Saturday night about twenty minutes
to 12. Mr. J. W. Quinney of the
Trites-Wood office at Fernie, as is
usual on pay nights cr-nie up here to
take down to Fernie the'day's collection. 11 r. Quinney after having received the cash was being accompan-.
led.down to the train by Thomas Baird
when just on the west side of the new
post office two masked men sprang
.on' them with revolvers, ordering them
to throw up their hands, after which
the,robbers took everything they had
in their pockets from them. James
and Willie. Hall and James Fearing,
three youths, were coming up the-bank
about the same time, and gave alarm
to Constable Varlow, who proceeded to
the scene. When they got to the road
,,the robbers were leaving for the train
and' took'a shot at Varlow. Thinking
there might be something wrong at the
store Varlow went straight, there but
found it locked up. In the meantime
the robbers made for the train which
was just pulling out. ...Whether they
went to Fernie* or not is' a'mystery.
Fernie' was phoned to and the train
searched but no oiie was found. A
strict watch has been kept all this
week, but up to the present the" robbers have not been-found, but it is
supposed that they are' still in this
vicinity. - Mr. Quinney's "watch and
some letters.belonging ,to Tommy
Baird were picked up on the Sunday
morning not. far from the scene of the
 liold_i p, s__ *.
' Clark's moving pictures on Tuesday
night drew a large audience. .
Charles Gardner and Dan McDonald
feft on Tuesday to attend the convention at Lethbridge.
Pete Botchwich, the.lumberman who
was fatally injured in second west No.
3 slope" by being crushed' underneath
a loaded car of rock, was buried -* on
hurt, with the dinkey up at No. 5 mine
last. Saturday.
Thc well known figure of J. W. Bennett, was up here on the usual business
this week with the smile that never
comes off. ^
Born.*—At Coal Creek on the 24th,
to Mr.'and Mrs. Steve Stgala, a fine,
, Magistrate Booth had four cases before him this week for rowdism. Last
Saturday night after the train arrived
up here" there was a fight and in each
case they were fined $5' and costs of
the court.       '
Sunday at 11.30 by his brethren of- the |
Michel local
J. B, Turney of' the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company was in Michel on
a*business trip this week.
Winfield Mclnnes is again confined
to the hospital with blood poisoning
iri the leg. '
S. Mulroy has opened up a barber
shop in the" Home Bank building. /;
James Ashworth, general superintendent for the Coal company is registered at the Michel hotel.
John Oldham is confined to-the hospital with a badly, sprained, ankle at
All' the cots in the hospital are occupied this week.
John R. McPherson left on the Flyer on. Saturday1 to spend a few days
with his brother at Coal Creek.
The skating races held on Saturday
night on the open air rink were well
patronized and the several events contested closely. - Bert* Davis won the
obstacle race"and Wm. Marshland the
half mile.
Garnett Groggeth is visiting friends
iln Coal Creek.
The general cry in the camp is.—
When will we, have'water? At pre-
Jack Appleby got his leg caught between the bumpers of two cars at No,
% south on Friday afternoon causing
him to take a rest for a'day or two
from work. -
Frank Henderson, Jim McPherson,
Jim-McFarlane and J. T. Puckey took
a trip to Hosmer last week end, and
all got bnck safe.
Frod Talbot blew into the Creek on
Alex and Tom Branch were up from
Michel for the week end.
A social evening was hold in the
club on Saturday night when n good
program of music and singing was
given by the members. Being pay
night, there wus not a very large nl-
Have you got your costume, yet for
tlio masquerado bull on tho 17th of
March. Gentleman $1.50 and all Indies free,' Refreshments will ho served; nil dancers to be masked until 12
T. Biuiuis, brothor of Ben Barnes,
returned to the Creek lust week from
.Mont mm,
A. H. Trllos nnd N. 13. Suddnby visited t.hn scene of the holdup on Monday nftornnon,
Jack Cunllff, driver boss ln No. fl,
got his leg hurl on Thursday with tho
incllno ropo,
Jack Harrington loft horo on Tuesday morning lo attend Iho district convontlon nt Lothbrldgo.
W. II, Kvnns was laid np all Inst
■ wook with a hnd attack of rheumatism.
It has ccrtnlnly pulled lilm down thin
tlmo. Ho Is thinking of taking a trip
lo Iho hot springs ns soon ns ho Is
Mr. Sutherland, Inspector of hollow
for II. C, wns up horo on Thursday on
Wo woro pleased to soo Frank Lnn-
dors hack from his throo months trip
to tho old country, Hopo you had a
good tlmo, ,
Frank West-wood and William Dun-
till; took i) trip down lo Mich'! Iiui
wook ond.
W. Hood got his log crushed botwoon
two cars up at No. 1 north last Saturday.
JanioH Wilson a diver In No, 2 mlno
got. IiIh buck hurt at work last Saturday night.
A youth named Lnrnor got slightly
sent, every one has to get a supply
from the Creek. ■
..The entertainment    given    by the
Wonderland Company    on    Saturday
drew a goo.d house.
Mrs. Lou Duncan of Passburg is visiting her father and mother ^in /the
camp. °    ,
Ralph Maddison Is registered at the
Michel hotel.
The masquerade   ball on    Monday,
the 21st, was tlie event of the season.
The costumes were the   finest Michel
has ever seen, . Misses Ruch and Hal-'
soil deserve much credit for a large
mount of work, thoy did towards carrying on   the   brilliant affair.      Tho
prize for the best Grossed lady   wns
awarded to .Mrs. Harness as tho Lady
Czar, while Jack Huston representing
tlio Italian Organ Grinder captured the
gentlemen's prize, and Walter Moody
as Happy Hooligan, who certainly acted and looked'tho part, secured   tho
first prize at the comic. The judges
wero Misses Spruston nnd Knox, and
Hallsoll acted as floor manager.   The
following Is a partial llsl of thoso In
Miss 11, Thompson: Nurse.
Mrs. Hold:  Jap. girl,
Mrs. Moody: Hod Hiding Hood.
Miss Davis: Littlo Ho Peep.
Miss Parson: Flower Girl.
Miss A. Parson: Piorcott,
Mrs. Barnes: Lndy Cznr,
Mr, Hoid:  Ills Satanic Majesty.
Jock Huston: Organ Grinder,    i
Walter Moody, Hnppy Hooligan.
,1. Nowotl: Ancient Vmy\.
W. Whipple:  Duko.
.Mm, J. Huddin: School Girl.
S. ilniwer: Monkey,
.1,< Mui'thi: Napoleon Honnpnrte.
Miss Ulsswlck', Fortune Girl.
.1. Hnrr:,, Miner.
MIhh Si, Cnrr: Danelng Girl.
Sirs, SI, St mot house: Huropoan Girl.
T. Crnhnn of Mlchol hotel Ih Installing n now furniico and rndlntors and
when complotcd It will ho ono of lho
flnost In tho west.
JiivIh Jliiniilor, wife and family arrlvod from Taher lust wook to work
In the camp. The hoys were glad to
see him, oh he will he n lower of
strength to the football team.
Mrs. Georgo Mm Is Is confined to
Hie Iiouho nt present with n very sor-
lOUIJ lllllOHH,
Tuesday night at the rink an exciting hockey match came off between
the rival parties for the championship,
of Southern Albertn,'viz.,-McLeod and
Coleman. McLeod came offconquerers
by five to nil. A special train brought
quite a crowd of visitors to town in
order to encourage their town team,
and bring home their trophy.
On the 22nd at the opera house a
big wrestling match takes place between Clayton Gould of Port Huron,
Mich., and Dick Gaskell of Michel, also
two fast preliminaries Walker vs Goodwin-and Frotsham vs Sudworth. Ringside $1.50; reserve $1; gallery 75c; to
commence at 10 p.m. sharp.
Tuesday night at the Denver colliery aJ Polish mines named Tom Pol-
ack' was slightly injured between the
dinky and the cars. He was taken
to the, hospital and attended to, by
Dr, Westwood and staff. We learn
since that he is doing as well as can
be expected.
. Mr. Blais has resigned as manager
of the Co-Operative society. Since
he took over.the control the business
has improved by leaps and bounds.
'We are pleased to see Mr. John
Unsworth back to town once more
after an extended illness. . *    .,
Owing to the illness of Mrs^Hill the
family have left for Victoria. Mrs.
Hill's friends trust the change will
bring about a speedy recovery and
that they will .be able to return to bus-,
iness. * "   *
Mr. Neil has been slightly ln-iispos-
ed owing to receiving a blow in the
face with a pipe.
The McGillivray Coal Company is
they have been busy hauling a very
fine" steam boiler to its destination at
the mines!
Mr. John Johnston is the appointed
delegate to Lethbridge this week. We
all hope that the district officers0have
been stimulated by their visit to the
international convention, and that
much good work will result from their
experience. It should be pointed ont.
that we sincerely hope that a better
spirit will prevail than Ihat which was
shown at, Indianapolis. Delegates to
conventions should he filled with tho
spirit of doing all"the good possible,
and not, as we fear is sometimes tho
case, spend hours and oven days to
give vent to their gratification by the
accomplishing of Iheir selfish ends nt
the cost of wasting time and the monoy of their f-Jllow men who have sent
thom to do business on business lines,
and not to wrangle one with another.
Wo do not want theso tilings to come
to pass ln District IS, May our ambitions bo of the very highest and
best thnt is within us, and lot selfish-
noss bo a hidden I'noior behind lho
spirit of good works nud the heel In
lerestfi of the workers who are repiv-
Routed nt theso conventions.
On'Tuesday night noxt nt the .U-
bating club a vory liiteicstlug dol'i.'l"
will come off on the question of a nnv,,'
for Canada, 'Sir. Cameron in his ■a-'H
"known style will lend off for tho affirmative, with Sir. Wm, Clogg us IiIh
nbic supporter. Mr. Wllllnms will
tnke the negative nnd will bo nblv supported by a friend who is well (.'quipped on the Important points. Seeing
that the Issue Is ti live one In the Dominion, we expect, n lively timo on
Tnosdny night.
Friday night nt the opora house a
grand hnll will he held under the auspices of the fire, brlgndc. P. G. Gnihnm
flro chlof; Alox. ISiiHton, secretary; reception commltteo: Sirs, H. n. nuchnn-
nn, Sirs, II. Do L, Martyr, Mrs. A. Paterson, Mrs. SI. L, .lolhlf, Mrs. P. G.
Grnhnm, Sir, Alex. Pnmoron. Tho
promoters anticipate n pleasnnt time;
quite a number of tickets havo beon
Issued to the towns people and probably many friends from out of town will
Black Hand Chief Given
Thirty   Years-Eight
Birds Picked
NEW YORK, Feb. 21—Lupo "The
wolf," chief of the Black Hand In America, Guiseppe Slorello, chief of Sicilian counterfeiters in (his country and
six of their confederates, wero found
guilty on the charge of making spurious money, and were sentenced Saturday night to hard labor in the federal prison at Atlanta, Ga., for terms
varying from fifteen years and $1,000
fine to thirty years and $1000.
The accumulated sentences and
fines aggregate 150 years and $7500.
■ Lupo; who is under sentence of 30
years for murder in Italy where he
was tried while a fugitive from justice
wept copiously during his- counsel's
plea for mercy, and had" to be supported when leaving the court room under
sentence.     Callichio collapsed in the
arms of two marshals, subbing "Not
just, Not just."     Morello fainted and j aggressive attitude
He pointed out the difficulty of successfully handling the districts of Edmonton and Saskatchewan unless financed by the international union. In
regard to the District Ledger the support " ihat this paperwas receiving
from the members was out of,all proportion to the membership of the district. It was the intention of the executive to set aside one portion of the
paper =for foreigners, Arrangements
were being made with Mr. J. W. Bennett to take over the management of
th'e paper.
Vice-President Stubbs
Vice-President Stubbs, in presenting
his report, stated that the position ofthe district at this time was very satisfactory. * Ten different agreements
had been signed since he had taken
In the Edmonton district there were
about* 20 companies, operating on a
small scale. Practically all these
mines closed down every spring.' In
order to maintain tlie organization it
was necessary to send in an organizer
every full.
Tho present position did not warrant
such a large expenditure there as in
the past.   "
He had asked Attorney-General
Cross to see If an act could not be1'
passed" to make it illegal to give or
take bribes in order to secure employment.
Secretary's   Report       ■ *
Secretary A. .1. Carter's report was
also read. He referred to the adverse
conditions with which he had been confronted when taking office.   -
The   financial   standing  had   never
been very satisfactory, and the union
was not in n position to warrant a very
Nevertleless the
Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000    Reserve $5,000,000
.   D. R. WILKIE, President ,        HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead,  Cronbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Micnel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
j A   Life   Saver
went into convulsions. All the others
sobbed bitterly.
The sentences, administered are as
follows :
Ignace Lupo, 30 years arid $1,000
fine;        y   '
Guispee .Morello, 25 years and $1,-
000 fine.   . '
Guiseppe Pelermo, 'IS years and 51,-
000 fine. '        '] ,''.'„
Ginovanni Callichio, 17 years and
egOO-fine, ! __,	
15 years- and $1,-
strlkes that hnd been held were mainly on the "strength of their own resources, and the district could congratulate themselves that they had
done so well.
The total receipts for the past year
had been $55,139.61, and the total expenditures $53,164.07 leaving a balance
on hand of $1,975.54.
Seven locals had been organized in
tlie year, and there had been seven ab-
jindoned. _____ _	
Is an appropriate name for 'the
quick action style of HOT
WATER ' BOTTLE we sell.
Ready the minute the water is
hot, acts rnore promptly than
any medicine, and so often really
saves life before the doctor can
reach" you. Several .sizes and
styles and all prices.
Vincenzo Giblio,
000 fine.   .-   •■     *■
Salvatore Ciha,   15 years and
000 fine.
Nicolo Sylvestro, 15 years and $1,*
000 fine.
As Palmermo was being sentenced
there wns a loud report from a flashlight in realistic imitation of a Black
Hand bomb, and for a moment' court
and prisoners alike'were visibly startled.
The judge in pronouncing sentence
was called to explain that he cherished no hatred of Italians, but on the
contrary from his dealings with 'them
hnd been led to trust tliem as quickly
and as sincerely as ho would his own
family, Nevertheless, he said thnt'
the evils of Jtnllnn criminality in this
country must ho stamped out. Sentence was pronounced on only two of
the six counts charged in tho indictment and suspended In the others,
Lupo, Morrollo and tho others convicted are eight of tlio'gang of seventeen, nine of which were arrested lost
November and aro now wiililnj; irlal.
It, Ir flinrged thnt they Honied nearly
$.'i0ll,noo of the spurious,'liml money,
which they peddled at 25 coins on ihe
'lolhir. To Lupo, the police credit
two murders In this country, one of
which wns the fninons Bnrrel murdor.
Comlto, printer for ihe gang, turned
hi ate evidence nnd will probably bo
placed on trlnl speedily. II. Is freely
predicted thnt If freed his lifo will
pny for the evidence ho gnvo.
The sum of $37,195.(50 had been expended on relief during the year,
He referred to tho Cherry mine disaster, due to, tn his words, "wilful
and criminal negligence." Tlio district,
should try to make some provision for
those who were now dependent on
them as a result of this disaster.
The Leading Druggist Phone 118
''(.'oiiiiiiiiiIpn  AH,   IM>7."     .CiiiiiiiIii.  Pro.
Wnoe (if llrlllNli Coliiinliln.
Xo.   SS7
A Poor Weak Woman
Ai ihe ii termed, will endure bravely and patiently
adonlei which a itronjj mon would live way under.
Tin* fort li women are more nut lent than thrv rm.ht
to be under tuoh troublci.
Every woman outfit to know thit the may obtain
the moit experienced medical advice frtt ef tknrft
and In abielutt tettfidtnci and privacy by writln-f lo
the World'i Diipeniary Medical Anoolatlon, R, V,
Pierce, M. D., l'reiid-snt, Buffalo, N. V, Dr. Pierce
hai been chief coniultinj phyileian ol ibe Invalidi'
Hotel and Surjlcat Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y., for
many yean and hat hid a wider practical experience
in the treatment of women'a dlieaie* than any other phyileian in thia ootiaiiy,
III* medicluett am wurld-fiiiuuui for their attouisliiu-t efficacy,
The noit perfect remedy ever derited for weak ind dell*
oete women U Dr. Pieree a Favorite Prescription.
The many and varied ty-m-Momi -M worn in'» pemliir ailmrntt are fully ee*
forth in Plain Y.nflbh in the People- Medical Adviier (1008 pa|ea), a newly
reviled and up-to-date Hdifinn nl which, cloth-hound, wilt be mailed frtt o_
receipt of SO one-cent atampi to pay coit of mailinf eely,   Addrete •• above.
DIST, 18 U.M.W.A.
(Conllnuod from pnge 1)
■   i       i    <      -,   i..i   v'"' I '   1"-M  *"     '*>
.*     HH"l,*   .     ...J,   ....       .     ...     •'-       ..-   »  .
MMhnflW church nt T».Ml(-vun Mondny I
evening, February 2Rth.     There will ■
also ho an exciting competition   for
ladles when two prizes will ho given:
1st for tho prettiest hnsket nnd Snd
fr..   t\,r,   TY,-vt   r,,'\it\*,t,t   X,r,n}rt,l     -\1r,ttart:
Burnett and Cameron will net us the
Judgt'S. Mr, \V. Chnppi'll will he th*'
nuciloiiwr. Dr. McKenzie will officiate In iln* chnlr. There will he n
special muslcnl programme. All nre
welcome; admission 2ric.
The boxing contest hint tiuturdny evening between C„ lliirrowH and petrie
and Cnrpon enme om lit favor of Hur-
row». He was to hem both men In
ten rour-ils but Cnmon only Mow! few
nnd Petri-- two.
The exnnilntitlon for steam fiigln-
■ecru will he held next Friday and Snt-
lirdny, r'elirunry *ih nnd Mh In »h»"
Frank hotel.
employers ho forced to hnvo their '.'in-
ployes Insured.
He suggested that thc Inspection of
mines be delegated io officials of Insurance companies, who would nlno
he In the government employ n« the
Itifuirnnre compnnles would he vitally
Interested In*the Hiifety of tho workmen,
It hnd heen decided at lhe IiihI convent Inn to wlthdrnw from the Tendon
nud   Lnbor congress.     It   wiih now
,.r.r.r f,.;v"    ((.il    t*ht<-    WTMf'V    111"    VC'I'Oll.
nldered nnd the district renew Its
membership with the congress,
lie had spent toiiHldernble time In
organizing unions in the north country
In the vicinity of Kdmonton.nnil hnd
found rnndltlnnq Hint were deplnrnhh-,
They were i-ven worse limn tho-***-- In
lie liml Interviewed the Albertn gov-
ermn-'iit In regard to the eight hour
lnw. The lnw hnd been upheld generally,   except In a few isolated nnd
p'TII'ile  riiKi-S.
In Saskatchewan
In SaKknti-ti<-wim   theri- hm) liecn m»hnn im,,
MrcntiouH   opposition to the union >■«-
pwially   from the Hudnon's Hay Cn,
Condithms In tliut province were ntrn
very bad.
Ther« wa* no (.'■.■■•lpeiin.-uloii At t. nn
,\V,W imnt la** uiid •> vi*i**y inii inn uiU.*
ln*K lnw.
Thlc  Is  in  cerliry  llnu   the  "• I0111*, on
MlllIeK nml Klevator Cuimm-iv. I.linll-
t>il," Is iiiltlir.i'iKi'il and 11<>t-n.•-■-d i') <'»!'-
ry un InislncKH within 'Hi-.1 I'i*'i\ Inco (if
Urltlsli Cnlumlilu, and tn chitv <>.u or
plT.H'i nil (>r nny o? tlio oIiJi'Hk of Ilie
Compnny to wllloll tlii' li'Slslnllvr fiuth-
oriiy of llm I.orIhIiiIui'c ol* Uriilxli Coliimliln   I'VU'lKlH,   *
Tin* liciuV office of llio I'onip.'inv Is
Kluiiit*" nt Uitlilirldw. In i'11' I'i-ovImci*
of .Uln-i'ln.
The illiiriinil of Uic cnlillnl of Ilie
Coinpiiny Is one luiiidreil nnd flftv ilion-
smiiI ilollui's, iilvldi'd Into one tlioii-iinil
five hundred hIiiiivh of one hundred
dollnrs ench,
The hciid offlco of the Compiiny In
this Pi'ovliU'o is Hltunto nt Ihe City of
1-VrnU'. iuul Sherwood llerchinei, .Solicitor, whose iiddreHs is l-Vrnle nfoie-
hiiIiI, Is lhe nttorney for Ilie Compnny.
Given under my hnnd nnd sent of
oflico nl Vlciorln, Province of nrlllsh
Cnlumlilu, UiIh Rlh dny nf .Immiiry, om;
thoilHiind   iilnn   hundred   nnd   Inn,
(l„ !•*,* N. V. WOOTTOX,
Itt-ulMfr»r of .lolni Sleek CoiiiiiiiuIi'n
The ohjeciH for which this ('milium.*,
hns hoen CNtnlillHhcd nnd  IIcciihimI lire:
(ii.)  To furry  on  nil  or nny of  ihe
llllHlllCHHCK nf mlllliiR und  Dm IlllllHIIIU-
turliiK of Kin In of nil liltidH und descriptions Inlo flour, nieul, feed .iod
other products;
(li.) To carry on nny or nil of the
liimlhCHHi's, wlinlcnnln or rctnll. of iirnln
wiirclioiisemen, und the huylnir, scillm;,
wnrelioiisiuir, Hhlpplntf, hiindllni;, nnd
Kcnorully dcnllng In Kriiln, flour, mini,
fund, slioits, hrnn nnd luuln products ol
nil kinds nnd deiirrlptliin, to hulld,
equip und openile Klutii or olher ele-
viltol'M, w.iiehoiiHiH und storehouses
nnd to curry on it kwiithI milling upd
cleviitor IiiisIiiohm nt I.cthhiidKi', und
elsiivvliifte ill the l'lovlinc 1,1 AlWltii.
Ic'.l   To   CHITJ-   Oil' llllHlnOHH   IIH   wlmle-
null' or retull hiiyeis, sellers mul dcnl-
oi'K lu liny, outs, entile, liorxrw, ulirrp.
live nioek nnd ifeucrtil fnrm nnd miieli
pi'odiK'tH of every kind, und to cm it "on
tiny or nl) of the hnslncKses of runners, rnncheis, Kinzli'is, muck iireiilet»,
il-ilryinen, pronerveil ment iiiiiiiufnctur-
ers, cuniiclH, pir.-irl Veil", Hint luichi'l» •>!
nil    kliid"    of   juovl'li'l.1     Iim!    pinrtuii'
fellmoniTcrlntf, tiintilntr, ilenlers In hides
fnt, tullow, ftrense, nffud mid oilier
.iiiliii.il jiiodiictf;
(il.) To eiiiry on lhe IhihIiicsh of num-
ul'iicliirers of und deuli.s, hy whole,
-ih* or rci.iii Iii nrtlcleu mn! tnnilio i»
of eti'i'V  lilinl und on I ui i'  itii/iisni'. 11 ,
(«-.)  To enrry on    iho litinlnesii    of
stole-keeper III fill IIH lifnllelies, nod
lo hiiy, n-ll or dent In. hy wholesiile nr
leiiill. koimIs, stores, chutti'ls nm) < f-
1'i'cls of every kind, und lo tiium-iei nit
kinds of n«i'iiej' und roinml«»lon mir-
if,i To iuny on miy oilier tiiicli ■<,
w'tn-tlier  tnmiiifiiotuiltiK   or  oilici wi-e,
l 'olop.kl
elevators, warehouses, houses, stores,
ami other buildings aud works necessary, or which the Company deems.necessary or expedient for any of its'
(h.) To acquire and tnke over, as a
-so'rifrr^oiicerr.T—If— the—company— dooms-
it desirable to' do so, the undertaking
of any or all of the assets and liabilities of Raymond Milling nnd Elevator
Company, Limited:
(1.) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of Llm business, property and liabilities of any person or
compnny carrylnB on any business
wliich this Compnny is mitliorlxed to
cniry on, or possessed, of property or
i-lKlits sultiiblo for the purposes of this
Company; nml to outer into partnership
ur Into'uny riiTniitfemont for slinrlnK
profits, union of interests, co-operation,
joint adventure, or otherwise, with any
person or coinpiiny cnrrylnK on or en-
KdgL'ri In, or about to carry on or cn-
KiiKi' In. nnv business or trunsnctlon
whicli this company Is authorized io
enKnKo or carry on, nr uny business or
trunsnctlon capable of belnn' conducted so ns to, directly or indirectly, benefit  this Compiiny;
(,1) To lake,or otherwise acquire and
hold shares In any other company
IiiivIiik objects iilto(.;ethcr or in part
similar to those of ihls Company, or |
carrying on nnv business capable nf i
being ('(inducted so us, directly or In- j
directly, to benefit this Company: |
(If.) To enter lino nnv urranKcmi'iit*- j
with nny (ioveriiiuent, or uny nuthorl- •
lies, tnuiih'lpiil. local, or otherwise, Ihnt !
nyiy seim ennilliclv'e in the Company's ■
objects.' or uny nf thein, nud to obtain I
from such Covi-riiineni, or miy other i
authority, any rlnhls, privileges, nud
cniici'hhlons which (lio Company may
think it desirable tn contain, ami lo
curry nut, exercise und comply wllh
such iiri'iiiiifeiiiints, rights, privileges,
nud ennccsHlnns: *
(I.1) To establish und Mijipnri, or aid
In the s'Ntnbllshinenl und support, of
iiKHocluilons, liistliiiitniiH, funds, trusts,
and conveniences eulculnled to benefit
employees 01' ex-elllplnyeCN of , tlie
('oinpaiiy, or the depend,mis or cniinec-
Hiiiin n,f such iiersons, and to Kinnt
pi'iihlniiti ni iillouiiiu i.'.. mul to in.itfc
piiyinontN towui'ds iusuiunceH, und to
Niilmerlhe or minrmitei' money for clui.
rltnble. or heiieviileiil fibjecls, oi tor any
exhibition, or for uny public, i;enernl
or   useful   nlilect;
(iii.*i Tn pminnlc nnv cnnipiiny or
coiiipiiulf'M lor the purpose ol iicqtilrlni;
nil or nny of the pt-i>i»-i'ty and llnhlll.
lies of UiIh Coiniiiiny, or for nny oilier
pliriiose Whicli mny seem, dlreetly or
Indirectly, calculated in benefit this
(ll.) denei'lllly In pui'chlise, take oil
leiisi . or In c-tchiiliKc, hlte, or oilier-
Wli;e acquire imv real nnd pei'sollill
propirty, und nnv iIkIiIh or prlvllfK**!"
which  the Coinpiiny  mnv  think  iiccch-
S,IO    'il    I ■ -11% fill* l.l    fn;    til"     I'll p'lU.-S   ll f
Its   business.     mul   In   im rt liiilut-  nny
j R. H. Marlow j
First Class Union Store carrying a Suitable Line of Xmas'
Two  South  African  Scrips
sale at usual price
North   Lethbridge, —Lethbridge
I-0€M»«!»4BI4D 8SiV&<m*m
Nevv Michel Store 24x50
with outbuildings and
Cottage.   Apply to
New Michel       -       B.C.
curliles nf the (.'niupany, nf lu or about
tlie I'orniatlnn or promotion of the Company,  or   Hid  cnliilllcl   nf lis  blisllli-t-s;
(s) To driiw. innkn. acci-pt, liulnrse,
discount, exeiMite and Issue promissory
notes, blllH nf i-xchl'inne, bills of Indian,
wiirrunis, bunds, dchuniurcH, nnd oilier
neifotlable or truuiiferiihle Instru-
(t,) To sell, niort(.n|,re. leitse, or ntllei-
Wlsi)  dispose  nl    llll'   liniil'l'tllltilll,'   nf   llll"
Compnny. nr nny purl thereof, for such
consideration' as Ihe fnnipiinv shnll
think I'll, und In piirtlriilnr for shares,
debentures nr securities of uny other
compiiny luivlni; objecdi nltiiK**tlit-r or
In pnrt i.liMllar in iliofct.- of ih|.i Coin,
lu) To ohtiiln nny pi'ovJhIiiiiiiI or other order, nr AM or ordinance, fur en-
nblltiK  ihe compnny  tu curry  nny of
IIH Objects Into effect, or for offeciliij*
uny iiindlflciitlou of the i.'iiinpiuiy'M
coiiHiltinloii, or for unv oilier purpose*
Wlllilll lllliy /■•'flit exped|el,|, mid to 0)1.
pose uny pi o.eidliiKs or iiiipltrnlloiii.
which mny seem, directly m* tmllrectly.
calculated lo prejiiillct,' tlie Conipiiny'tt
.mid., l.i.ll.llimi. inn. in. nt.-. fi-ntinlilH.-M,-v     '*■•'  T", l'i<»*"i«-  Hi"  -"'.ii.li.iiiy   t"  bo
inu.hllieiy.   lnnd   mid   sto.l<.|.,.t, l.de:     I l*"Kl«1er-d   or   recoKnUe.l   elHCWhere   tn
holl)   lo   ll
at.],- of  lu-lng  eonvenliiitly  iiinlnl  "ii
In i until' tion wllh any of the'    nlmvi-
blirlli.    li'   nr   l.bjlMS,   nl   inil llUitli).   i'.I-
r.'.tl*.    •''   linllrii tlv,   to   eiibaiii'*   M,i
vnlue "i ti, tender profllnl'le nny of *"'■
l-,,r;,j . .,. -  i't',|"tty  or   ?!-.-!.if  fi i   '1
tlru»-  I-nt":
Is- i  T" iri-rt, litilld,  efpitp nivj n,n--
ui*. fi'.'ii* <»r iithftr mill*, (train or oil • "
(ul T" i-olistiilct, all er. lepnlr, llll-
prove llllllllllllll ileVtlnji, Wotk, lllnll'
line, fiit'tv mil m cniitrol ii it v minis,
Wins, hhllillni^i", w uirltmiMi'. I'hnp'*,
Nini'i'h,  u'oikH  or  coiiveiileiiccs    which
lllil)      ^1*111     I .IH ll'.*U «*,     n.M'll>      "(      *i,
it'ii, "■•    i .  *..! i,   Mi   i*1, ,.-,. n«, ■■'•  In-
tei'i'Kls. mid In i null Unite fn, Mlbvlillse.
or nl lii>| wine lissli-l nr liilie pill I III lhe
i ■ i ■'im lli.v. !ni|,'.v. roi-i'.t ir:»lnl«*ii-
iiiKe,   w.ii'ldiiii-    nmiinirriiii'iii.   currvlmr
OUI    ol    lillitl'nl    till I ••<(( '
iiii Tn ll'. • ■•' nod ili-til with tt-'' UU'-
n>'i'- "I Un ("■ iiliiii". imi H!,:i.i 'll.it' le
|t*i|llll .||.     no     Mil ll     Sec>il llll r     llllll     III
such minim i n« nmv fiom tlim* to lline
be   ill let mllu d .
fljl To Imlli'll Hi i.il'e, ill M'llle tin*
I'ilVlllent nt lll.ilii ' ll* "Hi ll IlliUnnl il«
th>< Cntiip.m-, i-|,iui Citik fit. (tnd In
tmrtli'iiliir t,\ lhe i ■•*',< ut Imiiiln nr vli-
In tilui i'n. ni ib I*, i,11 11* • in' !» p-ipitiini
i.i- nlhifwlsi, iliiiiu'd ii|n.ii all or artv
,t". ll.i- 1'iiii.ii.a,.,,,,..        '• ' ''   ', '■'   ' "'
■lllllt    fllllJIt*.   Ii,< ll.lJll.j.'    l!"      .In lllil d   IU|ll-
tal, and In (.iiiiui and piiv iff nny us li
' > ii uiltli (-:
I      (r)   To   M-iiiuru nit-    :i--:    pil'"ii     oi
' I .I'llpllTIV    tnl     mlUil'     Mli.ll till      nl     lo
1 *!'   M.Ul**l.   tl,   {■'■■•,- *• V   ■ •■    " -'-.lie--,.   1.,
tiliiit-, nr uii.ii unlit Ini!  i'i   p'.ii nm nf.
(tiiiv */ii tb^ ubit'ei n* iii.- i-i*ioi'*iit v ■• i ti-
liltul, nr  nnv  'l»iri;«.iin-'« «r  nlfcitr' »• •
ni.y of tin* above
IiiiiiiIiiIiiii of Cun-
principals, mreuc,
nt' ntllerwlse, and
I,,,, r*H..i-       ..-111.
i Clililidll   nr nbrniid:
(wi  'I'n  do all   or
■ Ihltm's either In  the
! iniu. or elsewl.i ic, ii"
j colilliictors,  trustees,
7 to , ,    *
I nthcr**:
I), I     ,n   on    ,v,i    , il Ilii I     I i.11,K.-    ,1.1
■ iff   lliihhlil.il    •<!    ixlnlliilN"    In   il,"   ,il-
■ lalnir.i III   of  /uu'  nt   lie1  libiiVe  objects:
*,     tyi  Tn amiilKuiniiie  ulth  miv  nlliei
! cnuipmiy   hiivnm   nlijiclx   iiltn^i't lier   or
, III    |i.ll !    "llllll.II'    In    llii'M*   i,|     I!,|-   Cm*
l/l Tn illnll llllll, ,t 11V "f Ci" pl'i1pi*|IV
nf tin* Ci.inp.iiiV to kind iili,"liK tl<-
Mll llllll II
(nil) If Ili.iili.-h|, lit, to i,I,lulu nnv Aet,
nrillllllllie nr .il.ter, ■lUr.i.Vllii;  Un- Cum.
piinv uiilf it .|n.in Jim iiifiii; tt" iiii iiilu'is
ii« ,t   iiim   i'.in| iiii',   fi,|   imv   nf   the  nil-
nl    fnl
Mnn   In
II.■•  li.ti
rbd   In
.f df llnu  niti-   <>t lit r   moillflra-
t'*.    Ci.im..in'"«  «i ii-l I'litlnii -
Vi..1   !,   In   ' ■ ,.!.■,*   iln I ,it-\   li.ul
llllilll   I*   lliill   tin*  lilij< lit   »|n I I.
..nl,   v-'ii i!*-*i U'h  '*f   Ibiii   ilonie
Kl,li:l.   "Ml |ll    « Iill'    l^tlii'lHlM*   (*<|.|.ll».
id iii -'I \, j> iim'.i','..,-,. i •■ It. t.ij iviii*
l.rlliillil !■. |. (lllllll-        til,     lit      il).
l-ni...    lii*i*.    ill   |. nil*  <■!   .ii,;   .iilirr
. » ' ' '.*'., whhii
Miners'   Union Bring Awful  Charge
Against State Mine Inspection-
Was Case of Murder
TRINIDAD, Colo., Feb. 18—Trini-
dad Miners Union has issued a terrible
indictment against the mining officials
of this state, whom they charge directly with murder in allowing conditions
to exist in tho Primero mine which resulted in the recent loss of one hundred lives.
Iu a resolution passed by the miners union they made demands which
placed the governor of Colorado on
the defensive and have culled for several foreign governments to demand
a searching inquiry Into the conditions
existing in the mines of Southern Colorado.
The resolutions declare that the "explosion in the Primero mine which killed about 100 workers may be charged
with certainty to criminal neglect, am]
incompetency upon the part of State
Mine Inspector .lones, Superintendent
Kilpairick, the mine bosses and .he
management of the Colorado Fuel and
Iron company.
Colorado  state,  county and  village
officers, the resolution declares, are
in office" only to protect the interests
of the  great c corporations.    Xo  Independent coroner's jury can he secured
in Las Animas county, the indictment
continues, anil of sixty mines in Las
Animas  and  Huerfano  counties,  employing about' 8000  men,  not  one, is
safe.     Most of them are in as dangerous condition as the Primero mine.
The union,makes the following de-
, mauds—not requests—for the relief df
conditions which, it says, have made
the Southern Colorado mines too dangerous to work in.
"1.' From the governor of Colorado
to remove immediately State Mine
Inspector Jones and to appoint a practical miner in his' place, taken from
the rank and file of organized labor;
to order immediately an investigation
of the different mines in Las Animas
and Huerfano counties; all unsafe
mines shall be closed.
"To remove immediately the coroner
and to appoint an honest and indepen*
dent man in his place; or, if not pos-,
sible, to appoint a special committee
.consisting of practical'miners taken
from outside of Las Animas county;
this committee shall investigate the
Primero mine, give every porson the
right to testify before it, and shall
havo power to try the guilty persons
for murder.
"To make a member of Local Trinidad, Western Federation, of Miners,'
special state mine inspector for
Animas and Huerfano counties
wages shall be paid by Local Trinidad
W. F. M.
Foreign Governments Appealed To'
"To force the proper authorities to
grant, a permit to our organization
which gives our organization a right
to visit, the different mining camps
without fear of being crippled or murdered, To appoint a sanitary inspector to inspect the privately owned
moled villages and model houses and
which shall stop the mass murder of
iitrlo babies.
"2. We ask the government of Austria, Italy, Germany, "Korea, Japan,
Ll reece, Montenegro, and other countries, to investigate jointly the foul
and rotten conditions in Southern Colorado; to take measures which will
compel the authorities of Colorado to
enforce the labor laws, to prohibit the
truck system, and to make a dollar
100 cents instead of 90.'
Mine Boss Loved His Eease
In speeches made on the resolutions
members of the union declared that
the state mine inspector had declared
Primero mine free from gas and safe
to work with open, lamps only a few
days before the explosion which snuffed out every man in the mine except
two, and one of these died soon after
he had crawled to safety.
There were no safety devices in the
mine such as the law requires. The
mine boss, whose'duty it is to inspect
the mine and report daily on the condition of the workings, habitaually had
failed to visit that part in which the
men were working. He was usually
to be found in the main slope smoking
his.pipe and taking his ease. When
Sate mine inspector Jones visited the
mines he always did so in company
with one of the officials, and by him
was shown only such portions of the
workings as it was thought advisable
to have him see.  '    ■
The 'model houses' of the mining
town are described as absolutely unfit
for habitation,- no sanitary arrangements, being provided, and the streets
"If we had one great, class conscious
labor union and one great political party of the working classes in this country," the indictment continues, "we
would change this* horrible condition
immediately." We have -not sense
enough for that; we must try something else."
Copies of the resolutions and the indictment have been'served upon the
governor of Colorado and similar copies have ben forwarded to the representatives of the government, whose
subjects were killed in the recent explosion.        * i
The Western Federation of Miners
has taken the matter up and is going
to press it to a conclusion and demand
that the matter be thoroughly investigated and the blame placed where it
Lasted  40 Rounds—Took
An Awful Beating—.
Game Fighter
Old Time Parliamentarian Passed In—
A Staunch Champion
of Labor
LONDON, Feb. 24—Pete Curran, the
noted ex-Labor member of parliament
died today.
Curran had represented0 the Jarrow
division of Durham as the Labor candidate since 1907.
He had been chairman*of the general Federation of Trade Unions and
a member of the.parliamentary commute of* the Trade Union congress.
He was born in Glasgow in 1870,
though of Irish extraction.
He acted as Labor delegate to America, Germany, France, Holland and
Belgium at various times.
P. R. Freight Handlers Claim That
Present High Prices Call for ,
More Money
■or-in.-towirar"e"refnira_ilthy condit>
ion.   „  ' '
Children die as flies of scarlet fever
and other malignant diseases, and the
Colorado Fuel and Iron Company is
held to he responsible for the conditions.
Want Working Class to Awake,
Had there been any oxygen helmets
and a good ventilating system in the
mino half of the men Imprisoned by
tho explosion might have been easily
(Toronto* Telegram) '
The increased cost of living and the
difficulty they have to make both ends
meet was the chief subject of debate
at a meeting of the C. P. R. freight
handlers and checkers last night.
', The wages paid these men in Toronto is fifteen and sixteen cen,ts- per
It was finally agreed to ask ° tlie
management to increase their wages
20 per cent. With this end in. view
a petition was signed and forwarded
to. General Superintednent Oborne in
which he was asked to decide at once
in the matter.
What Mr. Oborne will do in the matter could not be ascertained on account of his being absent from the
The demand    on the part    of the
freight handlers is another'l>rarich of
*' ii    *
the many sections of the railway service seeking increased wages.
Applications before.the managers
for more wages are in from conductors
engineers, firemen, trainmen and now
freight handlers.
When some of the men were asked
what would follow if they were refused tho reply was that It was a little
early to predict. '
About1200 men are engaged in this
line of work.
RICHMOND, Feb. 23—His face battered to a pulp, his eyesclosed, covered with1* blood, and staggering helplessly about the ring, Battling Nelson was
saved from a knockout in the fortieth
round of.his fight with Ad Wolgast
today when Referee Eddie Smith humanely stopped an unequal contest.
Nelson, game to the last, stood iii
tlie centre of the ring, and though he
could hardly raise his hands begged to
be allowed to'continue. He was led to
his corner, heart broken.     ,
In the opposite corner of the ring,'
the new lightweight champion bf the
world, Ad Wolgast of Cadillac, Mich.,
was lifted to the shoulders of his trainers while the big crowd cheered!
Only once did Nelson have a chance
in the 22nd roiind. With a staggering right to the jaw he staggered Wolgast and before the round" had closed
he dropped Wolgast'in the middle of
the ring with a similar blow. Three
seconds were, counted before Wolgast
regained his feet. The crowd prepared to leave as the word passed from
bench to bench that another, boy had
fallen a victim to the Dane, but the
next round Wolgast was fresh and after that he slowly but. surely wore Nelson down. For 12 rounds before the
finish Nelson seemed bewildered and
his blows were delivered as though his
arms were stiff. From the 30th round
Nelson could hardly seenor hear. The
left side of his face had lost all semblance of its former contour. He staggered and hung on. In the -' thirty-
seventh round he was all but out. In
tho 38ih' round John Robinson, the
manager for Nelson wanted to ^throw
the sponge into the ring but he was not
allowed to. do this as Abdul the Turk
one of the seconds grabbed'the sponge
and threw it into the bucket. Robinson protested on the verge of tears
that his man ,was done. '
HAMILTON, Feb. 23—Two men are
dead, three are seriously injured, and
a, score or more are painfully bruised
by the result of1 a fire which' broke
out about 5.30 this afternoon in the
big plant of the Gurney Tilden Co..
stove manufacturers.
i * *
Henry Bawden, 85 King St., and Albert McCully ,287 Catherine street N.
were suffocated to death, their bodies
being found half an hour after the
fire. It is supposed that an electric
light wire' became crossed causing a
spark which ignited a quantity of chemicals in ,the laquer room, which is situated on the ground floor of the foundry. A burst of flame followed by a
cloud of dense suffocating smoke, followed.' The fire spread bn the ground
floor while the,smoke ascended in billowy clouds to the three upper'floors
of the factory.    '*,'.'
. The fire was aided in its ascent by
the elevator and by a flight of stairs
which offered it practically unimpeded
progress. Bawden .along with six of
the other men was working in the
grinding room, which, without a moment's warning,, became filled with overpowering smoke. . Some of the men
made a rush to the windows and Hob-
son Jumped and landed safely in a net
which was held below by the firemen.
His.wrist was broken. Others reached safety by ladders hastily raised
against the wall.
McCulley tried the same tactics and
was also overcome. When discovered later they were dead and an hour's
work by Dr. Anderson failed to restore,
any sign of life."
DR. WRIGLESWORTH, D.  D. &. '  ■
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block!
Houw 9-12; 1-5;  6.30-7*30. Phone 72
$6,000,000 Will be Spent for Ship Sub-
' sidies
■,*;,,,vTu^:.-> Jm
/"■■,«*■«■.!   >*"'P".    (V*  ,*'  >'
yhkwyy..  ■■,.
•jj«'>.w:Wi*i>i'., '*. ,•* ,',..
'    iUi^iA<
Helps to Advertise the City
Only 50c. a Copy and 10c. Postage
For Sale al Ledger Office and Usual Places
""When the" 40th round "came Referee
Smith asked Nelson if he wanted to
quit. Nelson, unable to talk shook
his" head. After 30 seconds of the
40th round had gone Referee Smith
raised "Wolgast's hand and the "new
lightweight champion of the world was
Wolgast outgeneraled and oulboxed
Nelson. . After the fight he scampered
out of the ring like a schoolboy, and
galloped through the mud to his training quarters. Nelson was .taken out
in the arms of, his seconds.,' As he
was carried through the crowd he was
cheered for the grit and gameness he
displayed, u
Referee Smith said: Wolgast fought
Nolson at his own' game and beat lilm
fairly and squarely. Nelson complained
at times of Wolgast's butting, but I
paid little hood as It wns simply a case
of one'battler getting the worst of a
game at which both of them were
equally guilty,
"Both mon fought the Bame, but ono
hnd youth, tho powor to como back,
vigor lifo, and all that goes wltli it,
while tho 13 years of fighting whicli
Nelson has gone through hns sapped
his strength and left him without the
old snap, dash nnd stamina."
Wolgast snld: "My fight was, llko a
training bout,, Only onco did ho both-
or mo and that was ln the 22nd round.*
Nolson hurt mo "moro by butting that
gnmo of his than anything olso ant] I
folt funny for just, a few hocoiuIb, I
cn'nnot say anything as to my future
plniifl, but I nm roady lo glvo deserving lightweights a ohnncc."
When NoIboii wns nakod to talk ho
"I nm sorry llioy cnllod tho fight off
whon thoy did, r think I could havo
Htayod tho 45 round**, but I have no
rnrnplnint. to mnko,"
ROME,, Feb. 23—-Premier Sonnino,
iu announcing the policy of the government in the Chamber of Deputies today, said that it was planned to devote
■$6,000,000 to the subsidy'of Italian
shipping.     "■
.Bills would also be introduced creating departments of'railways and of
labor; providing greater assistance by
the government in the rebuilding of
cities and villages destroyed by the
earthquake; establishing a co-operative bank for working people with an
initial capital of $3,000,000, and making
more stringent rules for tho control
of foreign insurance companies* doing
business in Italy. -  -
It was also proposed_to_V_educe_tlie.
B. C.
Barrister   and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox Street
F. C.1 Lawe
Fernie B. C.
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, 3. c.
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
term of compulsory military service
from three tb two years.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
. Fernie
"      o
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/ ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
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see - us onee
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Throughout the West There is a Tendency to Reduce the Hours in
Day's Work
OTTAWA, Feb. 24—Mr. Victor Dub-
reull, fair wage officer of the Labor department, gave evidence this morning
in re the movement for an eight hour
day beforo tho special Commons committee.  ',',..
He stated that there was a general
tendency to a reduction of hours of labor, especially in the west and that ln
British Columbia and Alberta the
building trades and others already had
the eight-hour day.
Tho following loiter from Colomnn
nppourod In lhe Lothblrdgo Hornlil :
Editor Lothbrldgo Honild:
I)onr Rlrr—In your paper published
on tlio Ulth hint, I notico n roport of
how AiiRiimino Cnrotu nn omployo of
llio Inlornntlonnl Conl and Coko Co.,
mot, hin donlh, HtiUlng tlmt. owing to
lilm going an tho wrong olrto ot tlio
cfti'H to couplo on ho mot with Ihe no
cl'loni, ami giving tlio ImprtiRHlon to
thu riMiHiiH* public thnt In making that
mlnt'iKo lw lout Iim, litu,
I wIhIi to contradict, thono atato-
mentB ns they nre not true, aa all thu
coupling In generally dono from tlio
chuto sldo oxcopt ou lho Hidings, owing in Uiitc nm being room on tlio
oppoHltn Hldo hh llioro In a ditch nil
along thnt Hide to drain tho wator off
thn mlno.
It. Ih iiIbo much lowor on (lint Hldo
owing to tho pitch ol! tho Bonm, making If morn fliingoroun on account of
thoro not bolng room onough to couplo
on Dw chute aide. Therefore ull tlw
coupling Ih gimnrnlly dono from tho
chute sldo. Cnrotn -did not mnko nny
mlstako on lho Hldo, nH thnt. in tho nld-n
lio nlwnyH coupled on l|ofor« ho mot
hi* -ikftth,
Yours truly,
Of the American  FHexatlon of
Tho following Is *»arl of the unfaii
list of tho Amorlcnn Federation of Labor. Many of the dally newspaper
readers who hear ns much nbout tho
"Unfnlr List" during thoso daya may
bo anxious to know what nnmos of
firms tho A. P. of,L. "Unfair List" con.
Undor those clroumstancoR It bo-
comes tho duty of tho lubor pross to
koop Ub roadors proporly Informod.
What nro pnpors ptibliahod for If not
for tho purposo of giving correct In-
Cigars: Cnrl Upman of Now York
City; Kerbs, Wortholm & Schlffor of
Now York City, mamifncturorB of tha
Honry Cloorgo and Tom Mooro clgam,
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
MlnnonpollB, Minn.; Valloy City Milling Co., annul Rnpldn, Mich.
WhlBky: Finch Distilling Co,, PlttBburg Pn.
Clothing: N. Snollonborg & Co., ot
Philadelphia Pn.; CIothloi-B TCxolinngo,
Hoohofltor N.Y.; H, Kiipponholmor &
Co., Chicago,
CorBotB: Chicago Coraot Co., mnn-
ufncluroi-H  Kabo nnd  In Mnrgucrlto
Coi'BOtB, -i
Gloves: J. II. Cownlo Cllovo Co., Dos
MoIiiob, In.; California Qbvo Co,, Napa, Cal.
Hnln' ,t. ft, ptolnor
Pn„ R M. Knox fin
Co,, Phlh
, TtrnflWyn N. Y
■ *?    1.11.
In tho mattor of nn nppllcntlon for
tlio Iur-iio of a duplicato Cortlflcato of
Titlo to Lots 0 nnd g niock 2 of Lot
r>4l>r> Group 1 Kootonny DlHtrlct Mnp
Notico Ib horoby glvon thnt It In my
Intontlon to Issuo nt Iho oxplratlon of
ono month aftor llm firm, publication
horoof a diipllcnto of tho cortlflcato
of ililo to tlio nbovo montlonod land
In tho nnmo of John Podblolanclk,
which cerllflHito (8 datod tho 13th
Octobor 1903, nnd ndmborod 2803A.
Deputy Dlitrlct Regiitrar
Lady RculnUy office, Nolson,. H, C.
January 8lh, 1910. 6115LPB
Henry H.Roelof, & Co., Philadelphia,
Pa. .
Shirts and Collars:' United Shirt &
Collar Co., Troy, N., _.; Van Zandt,
Jacobs.and Co., Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company, Troy, N.Y.; James' R.
Kaiser of New York City.
The Butterick Pattern Compiiny of
New York,
Cement: Portland Peninsular Cement Co., Jackson, Mich,; Utica Hydraulic Cement and Mfg. Co,, Utica, Illinois.
Stoves: Wrought Iron Range Co., St.
Louis, Mo„ Unitod States Heater Co,
Detroit, Mich.; Gurney Foundry Co, oi
Toronto Ont.; Homo Stove Works, of
Brooklyn Watch CttBO Co,, Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, ind.; Buck Stovo and
Range Company, St. Louis.     ,
Bogs: Gulf Bag Co., New Orleans,
Ln„ branch Bemls Brothers, St. Louis.
Brooms and Dusters: Tho Lee Prwin
and Dustor Company, Davonport, In.;
M. GoellorfB Sons, Clrclovllle, Ohio;
Morkle-Wiloy Broom Company, Pans
Watches: Koyslono Wntch Cnso Co.
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fnhy, Brooklyn,
T. Zurbrugg Wntch Caso Co., Ulvor-
sldo N. J,
C W. Post, Manufacturer of Grape
Nuts nnd Postuin Cereal, Battle Croek
Flbrowaro: Indurnlod Fibre -ware
Co,, Lockport, N. Y.
Furniture: American Billiard Table
Co., Cincinnati, O.; O. Wlsnor Plnno
Co., Brooklyn N.Y.; Kroll Plnno Co,,
Cincinnati O; Dorby Desk Co., Boston
The Hotel of Fernie *", :
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
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uldator and Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie.
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Mnplo Loaf,
Michel   '
Itoynl Collieries
Itocho Porcoe
T. Groy, Achcroft Mlnos, Lothbrldgo, Altn.
T, Brndloy, Bankhoad, Altn.
J, C. McNoll, Uonvor Crouk, Altn,
J. Durko, Bolk'vuo, Prank, Alta.
O,'Kolly, Ulalrmoro, Alta.
Wm, Angoll, Canmoro, Altn.
T. Ilollly, Coal City, Tabor, Alia,
W, Clrnhnui, Coloman, Altn.
P. Lonnon, Carbondale, Colomnn, Alta,
J. A.pUrt, Cardiff, Alia.
P. K, Fit. Atrmnt, Cardiff, Alb.
A. Hnmllton, Corbin, n. C.
Pat Kolly, Diamond City, LotbbrldRo. Altn.
C Y, Larrlor, 164 IJolloray 8t. Kdmonton
A. 8, Julian, 2 Prozor Plats, Kdmonton
V. Tloliih 127 T.nrm» St Nom-vto-1, w-J*??-?.-:*;-
D. Roob, Fornio B. C.
O. Nicol, Prank, Alta,
J. W MorrlB, IIoBmor, B. C.
J. O. Jonos, HIllcroBt, Alta.
IL Bvana, Konmaro, N. D.
M. PIlBhack, P. O. 113, Lothbrldgo, Aim.
W. L, Kvnns, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
P. Bonaccl, Mnplo Loaf, Bollovuo, Alta.
Chan, Garnor, Mlchol, H. C.
Oacnr Carlson, Passburg, Alta.
Chaa. Smith, noyal Coll., Lethbridge, Alta.
1 h. McQuarrlo, Roch Porcco, Sask.
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purrs of tho town
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"It was a shameful trap," he said,
"on the part of my people. The doctors were very careless In their diagnosis. To shut me up In a place like
this was really too, bad. In a very
short time, however, , I expect to
"Oh, dear," she thought, her eyes
dimming, "they all say that! To think
that the poor man will never, never,
never leave! I am so glad—for you,"
she said aloud. "You will be overjoyed."   ■
"Oh. I—yes. But do you know this
.snnitariutn is not so bad?"
"Do you c mean," she said gently,
surprised, "that you will—er—have
any regrets in leaving?"
"No." he snld. "not exactly that, of
course—not regrets so far as concerns
myself, for It is so humiliating to be'
committed, you know." He paused.
"But." «he went on, "even in asylums
one makes friends, and—one regrets—
for them."      ' *   °
He looked down with a tenderness
nnd a pity be couJd not hide, and she
blushed, nnd for a moment there was
silence. Then she said, with an obviously (-.trained laugh:
"We are friends, of course. Mr. St.
John. What an awful existence it
would be here if one had no sympathetic friends! But you must not re-
arret so much on my account. In a
very short time I think my-friends
will take me home."
He choked a groan before she could
hear It.
"The poor little thing!" he thought.
"They all say that. And that decent
young fellow, the doctor, ussureo me
her case Is very puzzling and her
friends fear incurable. I am so glad
for you." he said., "Would it not be
jolly if we became friends in the
world as we have been when out of
the world?"
Then be blamed himself again.
"If she really,likes me," bethought,
"and I think the unhappy child does,
I should never had said that It is
cruel, brutal, to put such thoughts in
her head."
She was looking at him with the
tearful smile we % essay when we encourage one who does not realize that
death is near.
"It would be nice—very nice indeed."
They were silent again, each sorrowing for the other.
—There *jrere many-other-pftlents"
strolling on the lawns or sitting^inthe"
summer houses, patients of all kinds. -
Miss Tracy arid St. John'stood to-
s-ethcr. silent now and unostentatiously observant. A , sturdily built (all
the attendants were that) man was
fiiking n patient to the Iron barred
house. lie did not do It violently. He
did It us ono may see a policeman oc-
fiiPlonally escort a quiet prisoner wltb
n light touch on the captive's arm
nbovo the elbow. The patient wns a
little excited, but there wns no dis-
inrhnwp nt nil. A visitor might never
have noticed It. The strange thing
wns the unnnlmous backward withdrawn! from the nttondnnt's path of
the patients encountered, the .look of
fright or dislike on their faces directed not nt the captive, but nt the guard.
"How thoy all dread hlin-instlnc-
tlvoly. It seems." snld the young woman who "expected to leave soon." "He
Is polite enough and not 111 looking,
"A mnn of grent experience In his
peculiar worlc, I'm told,1' snld St
John musingly.
."It's his oyo nnd mouth thnt do it,
I fancy,"
"A thoroughly 111 disposltloncd mnn,
wllh a plausible exterior," snld Rt.
John,   "I believe hlrn cnpfiblo of it."
"Of murder? Do-oh, what nro you
talking of, Mr. St. John?"
St. John looked vory uncomfortable.
Miss Trncy looked voxedly embarrassed,
"I heard some rumor of n strnngo
'death In the Institution just before I
fiinie, I wns thliMng of It. Were you
here? Hnve you heard anything of
Ho wns n little enger.
"How could I be bore? We cumo on
•lie sniiie dny.   Don't you remember?"
"Ah, true!"
So tlmy watched tho attendant out
of xl'tht and turned to go Inside them-
They slinolf hands, although there
wiih no reason for It. Thoy would
meet nt the dinner table ln°it fow minutes, but--they shook linndH, and thnt
"Tn awfully snd." Ht. .lohn pon-
•'er. d, "So sweet n face, seemingly ho
liiiolllveiit. I wish—oh, pshaw! What's
the UH> of wluliliiu? TIicnd things nro
tint »o he rotiioilled, I wonder If-shc'd
give nie a photograph."
MUh Trncy went lo her room Hlowly.
"I nm Hilly in lie ho affected by nn
ordinary ciiho. There are thousands
like him, ltiit-oh. donr; oh, dear! If
I'il known 1 wiih tn hnvo this sad experience I would never have consent-
nd lo come—novor!"
| Tlioy lind no opportunity to meet
, .ii'i..-.: -fur M-\t'rud »i.i,\s. I't-rhitpH they
j might have ui/idc opportunities, but
I llicv did not. TlinihtloHH It nocurrM Ia
I en-It of tlione tw<i'lunatics Hint it was
| lho wlner thing l" stifle nt once any
' frlend«.hln whloh nnoh t-hmiolit Hl-Mi*
i lo t-nuso i\nfWnn pnln In tho future to
Hie other.
days, and so did the attendant It waB
strange that they both so markedly
preferred the company of the sanitarium people to that of their fellow unfortunates. The young house doctor
thought Miss . Tracy charming and
never was abrupt with her.
"Very puzzling case," be mused.
"Now. why does she dwell bo on that
recent death? It seems to excite her
too. That's morbidity, I'm afraid; bad
The doctor liked St John too.   St
' John's  friends ■ acted  very  nicely in
sending him new books and boxes of
cigars.   The books were well chosen;
the cigars were unexceptionable.
"Like all these paretics," he pondered, "in the first stages you would
not think there was anything much
wrong with the man, but it is a little
singular that he should .be so interested in that unluqky death also."
As for the attendants, Miss Tracy
hnd flowers and littlo things and could
teach the .women' quite a number* of
new fads In hairdressing, and so forth.
For the men St. John's cigar box and
full pocketbook sufficed to make them
extremely courteous. The man with
the wicked eyes and mouth benefited
most, however. It was wonderful
what a lot of little things he could do
for Miss Tracy. .It was strange that
St. John should find anything In the
man"to talk about with common interest.        ,
Just once the two lunatics met. It
was just before bedtime in the music
room.' He had sung to her accompaniment. When she rose to say good
night he almost whispered to her:
"I expect to go to New York tomorrow."
"I'am so glad for your sake," sho
"And—and you—you have made my
stay almost tolerable. Is there nothing you will allow me to do for you?"
"Oh," she answered, with sprightll-
ness, "I shall not be long in going myself." \     '
"Poor, poor little dear." he said to
his pillo.w. "It breaks me all up to
think of her staying here incurable."
•Miss, Tracy packed her trunk, and
tears dropped on silk and linen indifferently.
"Oh." she murmured. "I do so wish
I had never come here. 1 can never,
never forget tho sad. gentle way he
used to look at me."
There was lively work next afternoon in the building of the Gazette. A
young man sat nt a desk apart in the
reporters' room, and he scribbled and
he scribbled. By and by the managing editor came In and looked over tho
busy writer's shoulder and told him
that he had only nn hour to finish up
in. Then the great presses began to
clatter, and in a little while the" first
edition of the Gazette was ready for
the street, with an enormous black
scare head on the front page.
And in the office of the Morning
= t!ingrand^there, at a retired desk, a
young woman sat. and she scribbled
and she scribbled, nnd late at night
the presses began to rumble, nnd In a
little while the first edition of tho
Jury was ready for the street, with
an enormous blnck scare bead on the
front page. .,
The Gazette and the Jury were within a few minutes of each other ln getting ont. A copy of each paper wns
hustled Into the ofllce of the other, for
rival editors wntch ench other's work
with entlike Intentncss. And the Gazette ofllce rend with dismay that the
great asylum mystery had been solved
by tho indefatigable efforts of n Jury
reporter, while tho Jury night staff
tore Its editorial hair over the flaring
boast of tho Gazette that its "specinl
commissioner" hnd given to a waiting
world tho flrst nnd only enlighten-
meut.of tho famous crime. There had
beep no time for one paper to lift tho
news from the other. How hnd tho
expected scoop been spoiled?
Tumultuous wns the wrath In tho
two offices. Miss Tracy wan explaining to her managing editor, with tenrs
In ber eyes, that she could not understand nt nil, nt nil, how the Gnzctto
had*got hold of it. In tho Gazette office Mr. St. John stormed nnd sworo
nnd snld that for the lifo of lilm**lio
could not understand how the Jury
hnd got almost the snmo story.
"Good henvens!" shouted St John
suddenly, nnd he dashed out to tho
Jury ofllce. Thero he found n friend,
with whom ho conferred. Tho two
lunatics were in I rod need to ench other
nnd n minute or two nflerwnrd wero
nlono together.
Thoy lunched n gront donl nt Ihe
Iden of two reporters on the hiiiiio
Blrnngo assignment, never suspecting
each other, but I heir laugh wiih not
very loud. The tender pity for each
other of yostordny was still In mind.
"The attendant Is arrested," snld St.
John. "Vou did not get It nulto right
The patient ho poboned when nursing
hint wnn mi old enemy. It was nol,
done llirough trouble arising between
them In the sanitarium."
"Oii. bother!" she said. "It doesn't
matter. We've done our nppolnted
work Let's tnlk of something more
plea mi Ml."
So tlioy did, and when ho was about
to po nwny ho snld:
"Y'ni wild once we might bo friends
In the world iih well ns out of the
world Will we lift friends, dear Mis*
She looked nt Iiim fin smilingly, yet
nn irt'inti'lruHy, that be pot his arm
nrnO'vl  lier
"Will you bo more than friend, dnr-
uii • i   no \mhm|H'|-|'i|,
•■Vi'-." ulio wild, nnd It W*S quite
t\v uu-wiiit utter, when soro* «nc>
fin were honrd fipprnaehlnp, tint she
JiMiH'Ml nwny and hold np a warning
And the  Poor Dear Girls Didn't Enjoy It a Bit .
"Aren't   you   afraid   to   go   home
alone,   girls?    If  you'H   wait  just ,a
few minutes John will be home, and
he will be glad to go over with you."
Thus   spoke   Mrs.   Smith   to   three
young   ladies   who   lived   200   yards
down lhe road and wbo were about to
leave her house after an evening call.
"Oh.   no,  we're not  afraid!    We'll
just get out our hatpins, and then If
any one comes for us we'll give bat-
lie."   This wa3 from tbe youngest of
the  three, and she flourished a long
nnd   dangerous   looking   pin.   finally
jabbing It Into an imaginary foe.   The
uvo others, look their hatpins in their
hands,  and   the  three,  bidding  good
night io their hostess, made their way
down the path to the gate, all on the
ilert and in readiness to repel attack.
Thoy were as brave and bold as ever
warriors were.   They turned from the
front yard Into the road and started
j toward home.
vGIrls. that's that?"
The three stopped and listened, but
only  for a  moment.  ' Away back on
tbe rond they could hear the footfalls,,
of a man.   They went on at a rapid
walk.   The footsteps of thc man grew
nearer, and they could  hear that he
was   walking   more   quickly   than  he *
hnd been.
The girls walked faster.  -
The man walked faster.
The girls almost ran.
■ The mini was coming nearer, and he
almost ran.
The girls broke from their wnlk'and,,
scurried rapidly on.   They were but a
little distance from  their front gate
Then. oh. horrible! The man began
to run after tbem! They did not, ,
have the strength to scream out. It
was all they could do to keep on running. The villain was almost on.them
now. but they were just a few feet
away from their front gate. They
;jrot to the gate, opened it, and their
pursuer was upon them. They would
probably have fainted, but they
oau-iht a glimpse of the man who,had
chased''them, and—it was the brother
of t wo of them., *
"Well." said  he. all out of breath,
••you're nice ones to run away from
me that way.   I was going to stop in
at  Mrs. Smith's to bring you  homeland then I saw you starting out."
The girls did not speak just then,
nor for  many  months did they 6ay
anything of the fact that two of them
_ji..iii/]_!!e-ver—afterward—find-, their— hat*—
pin's.—Detroit Free Press..
The Root of the Trouble.
Crnb'shaw was too crippled with.be
rheumatism to leave the house, so his
wife went to the doctor's to get something for him.
"So your husband would rather have
a mociieine to tnke internally for his
rheumatism," remarked the doctor.
"Why does he object to the liniment?"
"lie doesn't," replied 'Mrs. Crab-,
shaw, with n-'weary sigh. "You see,
doctor. J object to It, because I have
lo do tho rubbing."—Ilnrpcr'H Weekly.
All the Same.
" "What   Is   llio   size   of  your  Jnrge
men's handkerchiefs?" asks the shopper.
" "They nre just the same size as thc
small men's handkerchiefs', madam,"
explains lhe affable sales person. "The
size of the mnn doesn't mako nny difference in his handkerchief."—Judge,.
The Gentle Art.
"I'm going to hnve one of Ihese artificial figures mndo to have my new
gowns lit toil over." states the flrst
lovely damsel.
"Gttlng loV" smiles the second. "I
thought you Iuul ouo made overy time
you got a now gown/'-Chlongo Post,
Mr. Elephant Treats His Throat.
Harper's. Weekly.
The Practical Kind.
He (Miviigelyt—Sci another Judgo has
docldod Uic hiiiiio old tiling--a wife'**
il.Mit in M-an-h hor htiHbuud'w pocket.
Sho (Muavoly)- Don't say "sutne old
ililni'" I am mir" Unit I* a matter lit
which thoro Im socking after a groat
donl of i li'ing''.- Mlnnua-jKjll'i Journal.
Art Valutt.
AriM-l   would  like to paint that
nld  HiimIiuiiiIp of yours.    How much
would you charge me far two hours a
■u.i,**   mi   iiiih;
V .i-i.. :■ CV ,
ynu i an kooj
■i " *;■, :■• ■*! In "i.'j <3_j «
the   horso.- I .Ireriidc
"It ymir frlond came in he'd think
:||v   III id," Mill »||0.
"Two iiinntl'"--:" ho answered, Uoft.
I>r. Holl found these two of his residents particularly Interesting In those ! In-;, as the door opened.
WMMWT. IM*. IT.TME StW.TOSt mm. UlttStd WW TOM HtftllO CO). U *4» ftrurrtl
•miilSC lukC 7-
Increase Your Business by an Ad in the Ledger
In iii.- iiiiiUt'i of fin applied!tnti lor
I tho tone of a dupllratc Certlflcnto of
1 Title lo Part  <r»5 feet st 132 fool) of
I !.ol C, lllock •» of I/>t f.-jr.:. Group    I
| Koot' r.;i> IHatrlct (Map "iVD
!     Xnilro l«  hereby -rlvfo  tha!   H   !■
| my l-ntr-iitl'-n lo Issue at the expiration
of one month alter lh** first pnhtlrv
Hon liorrflf a duplicate of llio (Vrti'i-
tnti' o! Till" lo thr- Alim-*" monrloi. i|
lot In the name of Jet-ii-** c,iddlr.e-<
v.|i!t!i ii-iiiliriiii* ih Miiii'it iho 'nib of
July iim, and miml.eiod ifMD.
T. M. UUWMAN     i
Deputy District Registrar ,
IjiiiiI ItCRl-try Offir.i.
.Vrbion, II. C.
January .11. t5!'.l    *.i .7,1 I.I'K ,
HAN r'KANcisro. Y-b. 21- The tile; '■
Iii'lit belwoon .jff/ilcN /imi .Jiihfi-wnri In
'n T.ttc-o plflf*. bf-tntt- •?,'■ irin-i-lnay A»f- '
Th* Old Maid Stags.
P.-itiouie   When    jour   nlntor    wa*
juiiiiifi'i itii-.t niv  stie liiifd To hoc nn
up to dnto num.
I'liirloe-SIio'h   petting   to  that  ag«»
now when she'n content to iwo nny
kind of n man!-Yonkers Statesman.
JiNf»li?- ***tm'w*n**t ...-
b il-- dub nt ul.uii **ijffin Is tlw man-
■ii-.T If u-.-v- nrr.inird ■■*.!; .; f..u;
•A«< Kk iijto. The r<m thai thlfi olub
is In rf it.t- lUht from -it!.- l.'.:,j.» r.f
■stfp.-r-t'tior* <aii!n'd HI.V.x.'d ar-d i**li-a-
rnri it»« cnmo lo nu iiinlorHtautlhiK by
uJmh il..- i n!i!i>i lift-art n th»- h«-*ivy.
"•• U!.*.. i.'.i\ i.t.* -.'.i**.*.'•*■ l..-ii«<- th*. < juh,
iilr-n-tfm did tint nm-nd tt,.' rfitiftfrnrrt
oinl tin ri'iiMiii K i.'h'*ri t,xi hin nd*
n-r.'f n
^•h~ _iiU-v.'t*>i^a»-vjf^t^*.j* wi
Arrive Fernie
,No. 213 West    .'  10.00
No.. 214 East   '....:.. 17.55
No, 236 Local East  '.    9.12
No. 235 Local West   %... 19.27
No. 7 West Flyer ........ i... 10.40
No. .8 East Flyer  ..'.  20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252 No. 251
6.55 FERNIE 11.05
7.13   . HOSMER 10.40
7.25 OLSON           . 10.32
7.50,   * MICHEL "   10.10
-   Arrives Spokane 8.30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a.m.
Coal Company Rollers Taken Into the
Printers' Camp
Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee at Ingram's. j
Don't forget tho cash discount,   on I
furniture at' the Trites-Wood Co. j
" Hot. lea or coffee served at Ingrams *
pool room. ■   ■
Stoves, the best in tlip lind at the
Trites-Wood Co.
Good Second Hand Heintzman piano
for sale.    Apply Ledger Office.
Window shades, all sizes f:oni SOc
each up at the Trites-Wood Co.*1
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Buy your furniture and stoves at the
Trites-Wood Co. They sell the goods,
cash or credit.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, ba-
* con, lard, etc,-,.only of the very best:
Phone 41.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
For Sale: Ten acres good land covered with tamarac and cedar, close In.
Apply Ledger office. lm
■   Just tho thing ewly in the morning
or late at, night: ,a hot lunch at Ing-
1 ram's. .
A quantity of first class prairie hay
for sale at a reasonable price. Apply
to J. 11. McConkey, Cayley, Alberta.
Wanted: Experienced general servant. Apply Mrs. J. R. Lawry, Victoria avenue.'    , 2tp28
Shoe repairing business for sale:-—
Singer machine and all tools, .first
class opening. Apply Box 170, Claresholm, Alta.
Wanted: Will purchase outright, or
sell on commissioii Lethbridge city
property.     Write R. V. Gibbons and
* Co., Box 638, Lethbridge, Alta.       * lt
We sell the Standard Sewing machine, the best in the world at a price
which means a saving to our customers of from ?10.00 to $25.00. Come in
and try one at the fi-iros-Wood_Cc__.
H'mi'Punk!   '
' More Pickin _.
Easy pickin's too.
A good crowd of spectators lined up
at Ingram's Bowling alley on Wednesday night to see the game arranged
between the Printers and the Coal Co.
office staff. Enthusiasm was at zero,
and only towards the end did the
noise approach tho rumpus of last
winter when the two newspaper offices
made the game famous in town.
The game was started sharp on time
and until the end was never in doubt.
From tho start it was seen that the
Coal Company had no more chance to
win than they had to grab the baseball
championship last summer,
■ Tuthill scared up the best looking
score for tlie exponents of King 'Coal.'
Pat Cunningham, the Marathon bowler, with his hop skip and strike, was
the second rung man, and was closely
followed by elongated' Kirkpatrick.
•Porry was strong In facial expression
and motions, but was rather weak in
delivery, Brown bowled something
after the style of John Volume, but
of course lacks that dignity and peculiar style that thc aforesaid John V.
lends to the game. Klauer may be
thankful that'he is not bowling for a
living, else he would 'have to eschew
more things than meat.
An abhorrence of publicity and an
extra' supply of modesty forbids mentioning the brilliant work of the newspaper bowlers., However to tho junior members of the team, Woodhouse
and McLeod, must fall the lion's share
of the credit.. Advancing years and
general disability' are telling hard on
some of the older members of this
once great organization.
The figures are hereby'requested to
tell the story :
Woodhouse       173    119   155—447
McLeod        162    147    127—436
Stanley .:     146    138   133—417
Wallace    ?.    139    112   146—397
Whimster        141    121   110—372
Kennedy       125   105   119—-349
790 2418
Coal Co.
....    127
....    132
...    123
Porry 7	
....    124
....    128
A touch of the real'western life bf
by-gone days was given to our usually
quiet and law-abiding district last Saturday night, when J. W. Quinney. and
Thomas H. Baird of the Trites-Wood
Store, were held up and robbed at Coal
Creek, while on their way to catch the
late train,to Fernie.
Saturday, last was pay day at. the
mines, and a good sized wad had gone
over the boards to the Trites-Wood
store at the Creek where many of the
miners run monthly bills.*
As was his custom, Mr. Quinney
went up from the Fernie office to aid
in the carrying down of the swag to
the head, office In the city.
Thomas II. Baird is chief clerk of
the grocery department, and was to
accompany Quinney and his wad to
lho city. ' About 11.45, the two men
left the store for the station "a distance
of some 200 yards, through one of the
main thoroughfares of Coal Creek.
When about twenty yards from the
store, and directly opposite tlie Provincial cold storage''plant two men
stepped out in true Jesse James style
and with shooting irons pointed in tlie
approved direction, invited the Trites-
Wood representatives to throw up
their lunch-hooks.
One of the victims was inclined to
treat the whole matter as a joke, and
attempted lo push past the hold-ups.
He was soon made to believe that it
was no pink lea or croquet party he
was mixed up in, and on reaching for
his own revolver, was soon disarmed
and compelled to submit.
The robbers were not long in going
after the wad, and were rewarded by
a haul of some $1200 in'cash together
with a large amounts in' pay checks
and other notes.
.Messrs. Quinney and Baird were
then given the tip that it was up to
them to get. back to the Company's
store and make a fresh start. This
request was also accompanied with
the usual leverage found,in a look into
a revolver in the hands of someone
else. •*
The train was at this time moving
out to Fernie, and the get-rich-quick
chaps lost no time in boarding same
—which they did just in the nick of
time.    *
As the men ran for the train, they
passed' Constable Varlow, who had
been told that there was trouble at
Trites-Wood store.     By way of salute
:. Drop in and try a sample'order,
of Griffin's Ham or \ Breakfast
Bacon.   You'll enjoy it.
Pay  Cash   and   Just   Smile
W.J.    BLUNDEtL      Giveug_acall
•^•♦-^♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦^■» ♦•»-»♦♦■•»»♦♦♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦•■***► ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ <• ♦ ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j Can't   Play?
▼ v *
I    Then  buy   a   Player Piano
We have the best made and at the
lowest prices consistent with superiority of quality. Drop in, and try
them.   Open evenings.
M. W. Elley, Dist. Mgr.
Grand Theatre Block, Fernie, B. C.
Gill Boarding House. A -comfortable
home for the Miner. Table board $5.00
per week; meals 25c; room and, board
by the month, $23.50. All white help. E.
Baylor and J. Ford, Props. 2tp
For sale: 1000 tons of A 1 Alfalfa,
and cultivated blue-joint hay equal to
the best timothy ever grown at $1G
per ton on cars at Lethbridge.'Quotation good for one week only.
Hyde & Saunders, Box 112, Lethbridge
Your    Job     Printing
orders   for  me
"Will In1 open in a
fow days in tin: old
Iiiink ol' Hamilton
]>uil<lii)!j;.  on   lVllal
Avunilt',   iM'l'Ilic;
.   751    709   797 2257
Majority for the Printers 161 pins.
The same evening a meeting was
held to organize a city bowling league.
Several teams are entered and signed
up already, and a good season's sport
is assured. A suitable trophy will be
procured by Mr. Ingram to be the property of the winners. Several other
prizes will be given for*, individual
high scores and for high averages.    ,
At present it seems that the following teams will participate in the schedule:
Coal Company
Bankers and Clerks
Tliere Is some talk of the curlers entering.
A good season's sport Is now assured
and nu Impetus will be glvon to a
good, clenn pastime.
W.  S. Stanley
,1, S. Gusty for over five yenrs the
manager for J', llnrns Co,, left    this
week for Calgary, to be district malinger for the I', l.hiriis Compnny ln Hint
| Incallty.     Mr. (lusty (luring his stay
i lu town 111(1(10 n host of friends by his
i I'li'iiu  business  methods,     nnd  frnnk
1 conduct.     Mrs. (lusty has been n lend-
i Ing worker In  the Methodist church,
holding the position' of prosldont  of
Dw l.iulloH nld.     Before lior do|mriuro
tin- ladles of the church, n* a ion nt
the holm.' of Mrs.  Wilkes, pr.-Konted
Mr.s. I'tihiy with a silver ia.-..'iijle dish.
Tin1 Ledger wIhIios Mr. nnd Mrs. Oiwly
ovory success In lliolr now field    of
wostorn lifo.
SUITS   and
and up made to your measure.   The
latest New York and English
Cloth and Styles
PAMTHU TTTM   Room*  2 mid 3, Tlie A, Burlc Work
For Sale Cheap
9 Room all Modern House
Lot (iO x 120 loot and fenced. Klectric
Light Fixtures, Hot imd (lold Water,
also Bath. Owner will let #0 at a
bargain and on very reasonable terms.
Apply Box 990 Ledger Office, Fernie
The ingl^ymen~took~"a_shbt  at the
copper, but went wide. '   .
All efforts to stop the train were
of no avail as by this time it was a
good distance out on the way to Fernio. The Fernie police department
was at onco communicated with and
Acting Chief. Bowen' and Patrolman
Gorman acted as a deputation to meet
all comers from the Creek on the 12
o'clock train, A careful search was
made of all leaving- the train, and
the yard was also gone over but no
trace of any suspicious characters was
lo bo found, Chief Samson of tho
Provincial Police and Constable Johnson joined the force and went, at once
to the Creek on a special engine, and
began to work at once on the caso.
Tho theory at first advanced was
that the men must hnvo jumped off
the train near Fernie mid walked biuk
io the Creek. Various other Ideas
wero put forward as to how the escnpo
wns made and many wild rumors were
honrd, but lhe fact remains thin to
date-tho robbers aro nil to the good,
nnd made a clean getaway, and have
maintained Ihoir advanlago.
It is thought that thore woro othors
Implicated In the nffnlr, who wore In
readiness lo como Into the mix up In
ciifie they woro needed, hut In Iho
inoniitlnio aiiied simply as guards to
warn the active participants.
Arrests Mado
Two minors, ono of whom had boon
working at Coal Crook nnd lho oilier
ono al. Michel, were an-ostod by Chief
Samson nt Jllchol nnd brought, tn this
city on tho ohargo of bolng connected
wiih tho rolihory.
However, upon their examination
both nf the mon woro able to glvo a
satisfactory account (if thoir movements prior to nm), nt. tho time of tho
robbory, mul wero i-xoiicrntiMl nud ills-
All those who mo working on tho"
cane nre agreed Hint Iho porpotrntorH
of (ho flood mum hnvo been very I'ani-
.■Jllnr with tlio doings or tho Triton-
Wood more, und the llmo when tho
big wild wont down to Fornio monthly.
Tho audacity of tbo scheme was no
doubt Its I'honf foul ure In bringing It
10 n HiicooHHfnl Ihhuo. ft wiih ii bright,
moonlight night, nml liio rohhorH tool;
nilvnnlngo of tho Hhndows afforded.by
tho Jnll building, Tlioy woro muHkod
and on thai account n good doHcrlp-
11 .       r ,, ,     ,        , . .    ,
-..',. ,/.   ........ ,.> ,,,,.,1  ..j utii.tm.
Moniitlmo Ihe police are actli-ol; ;it
work on tlm ciiho, rind claim to havo
rluoH now Unit will uhlmntoly bring
I lie gullly ones to IlKht. H
7 Roomed House
IO.UI',1.. -     .J.  UHIi. l]|—WWW
7 roomed house with bath-
room, lot 30 by 120, on
MacPhcrson Ave. Cash
$1650, or with furniture
complete, $1900,        Apply
Willi- '",'       .1 _._JL"-ULi_.l
Spalding's Studio
Victoria Avenue
(Recited byl>Miss Alice Tyldesley at the Lawley Benefit Concert,)
How is the.boy this morning? Why do you shake your head?
Ah! I can see what's happened—there's a screen drawn round the bed.
So! poor little Mike is sleeping, the last long sleep of all;
I'm sorry—but who could wonder,'after that dreadful fall?
Let-me look at him, doctor—poor little storm-tossed waif!
His frail barque's outo'f the tempest, and lies in God's harbor safe;
Didn't you know his story?     Ah, you weren't here, I believe, v ^
When they' brought the poor little fellow to the, hospital Christmas eve.
'Twas a raw, cold air that evening—a biting Christmas frost—
I was looking about for a collie—a favorite dog I'd lost.
Some ragged boys, so they told me. had been seen-with one' that night
Tn-nnp-nf_hp._l)!-idge-i'.ecesses,-SO-_-hunted_left_au(L;r.igliL :	
I fancid the place was empty, but, as I passed along,
Out  of the darkness floated the words of a Christmas song,
Sung iii a childish treble—'twas a boy's1'voice, hoarse with cold,,
Quavering out the anthem of angels and harps of gold.
I stood where the shadows hid me, and peered out until
I could see two ragged urchins, blue with the icy chill, °
Cuddling close together, crouched on a big stone seat—,
Two little homeless arabs, waifs of the heartless street
One was singing the carol, when the other, with big, round eyes-
It wns Mike—looked up ln wonder, and said: "Jack, when we dies '
Is that the place as we goes to—that place where ye'r dressed in white?
And has golden harps tb play on, and it's warm and jolly and bright?
/'Is that what, they mean by Heaven, as the misshun folks talks about,
Where Ihe children's always happy and'nobody kicks 'cm out?"
Jack nodded his hend assenting, and then I listened and hoard
The talk of the little arabs—listened to every word.
Jack was a Sunday scholar, so I gathered from wbat he, said,
And sang In the road for a living—his father and mother were dead;
And he had n drunken granny, who turned him Into tho stroet;
She drank what he earned ,and often ho hadn't a crust, to eat.
MIko'd rt drimkon father nnd mothor, who sent him out lo bog,
Though he'd just got over a fever, nnd was lame with a withered leg;
Ho told how ho daren't crawl homeward' bociiuso he lind begged in vain,
And his parents' brutnl fury haunted his bnby brnln.
•*'   , "      ■
*'I wish I could go to llonvon," he cried nn ho shook with fright;
"If 1 thought ns thoy'd only take mo, why I'd go this very night.
Which Is tlio wny to llonvon?     How d'ye gel. there, Jack?"
Jack rllmhod on tho bridge's coping, and looked at tho water black.
"Thnl tliuio'H one rond to Heaven," he said ns ho pointed down
To whom tho cold, dark wuter surged muddy and thick nnd brown.
\"it wo was lo fall In there,Mike, we're dead; nnd right, through thoro
Is tho place whore it's nlwnys sunshine, nnd the nngols has crowns to wear."
Mlko rose mul looked nt the wntor; ho peered In the big, broad ulream
Perhaps with tho chlldlHh notion ho might catch tho golden gleam
Of the fnr-off lnnd of glory.     Ilo lonnod right ovor iuul crlod—
"Jf thein nro tho gnton of llonvon, how I'd llko to bo Inside!"
llo'd stood but n momont looking, how It lmppoiiod I ennnot toll,
When ho nooipod to loso IiIh hnlunco, gnvo a short .shrill cry and foil-
Foil over the narrow coping, and I hoard his poor hond mrlko
With ii tluni on tlio Htonowork undor; then n|>liinli In llio wnves   wont. Mlko,
Wo Ih'oukIii him horo that ovoning.    For help I hnd mniiiigod to uhout—
A ljcnit put off from tho liuidliig, nnd thoy drugged his body out;
I ltd forchond wns cut and bleeding, but a vestige of life wo found;
When (hoy brought him horo ho was hcuhoIchh, but. slowly   tho child   cnmo
*   .-
I'cnmo horo on Christmas mornliiB—Uio ward wiih all bright and gay
W'.Mi Till"'!1 'O"   "\'f""!\, rttxii hnll;', i\\ hiMieiv nf Plii'lntf-inn Tiny
And tlm pntlniHH hnd elonn, whito unrmeiitH, nnd n fow In n room out thoro
Iind Joined In n fihrlfllman aorvlco—thoy wore singing n ChrlHtmnH nlr.
Thoy woro Kinging n ChrlHtmnH carol whon Mlko from IiIh stupor woko,
And dim on IiIh wnndorlnn HoniwH tho Htrnngo Rurrouudliwfl broke
II..I*    I.     , .,   II,.   I.s   ..,• „.r....X.r,.r,.X   IV,-,   lr,t,i   X,,i   X,r,rt   X,n,,yrl   ffr,,,.   JnjO;
The song, nud the whlto-robed angels, tho warm, bright Heaven camo back.
"I'm In Heuven," lio whispered faintly. "Ych, Jack must lmvo told mo truo!"
And ns ho looked nbout him cnmo tho kind old surgeon through.
Mlko gazed at IiIh faco for a momont, put. IiIh hnnd to IiIh fovorod head,
Thon in lho kind old dootor, "Plonito, nro you Clod?" ho snld,
Poin* little Mll-.e!    'Twaa Heaven, thla honpltnl ward, to him  ■
A lm von nt warmth nnd comfort, till tho nickering lump grow dim;
And lio lay like ft tired baby In n dronmloau, gontlo rest.
And now ho Ih »nfn forover whoro nucli ns ho nro boHt.
Thb* Ih tho day of scoffers; but who Hhnll Kay that night,
V.'bcu Mlko aaked luu toad tu Heaven, that Jack dtdu'l tell Uliu vlaUt?
TwaH the children'* .Toau» pointed tho way to the kingdom come
For tho poor littlo tired nrnb, the wolf of the chy slum.
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