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 '■   "- - -   ' '    -ProviiH-i»U:LU)ravy;Juri(*--j7|Y
*, ■ - - jf a\.'    •   • -' -; ■, i-^ ■-   _^  "*
IndustrialVUttity is Strength,
i     \   7
The Official Organ.of District No. 18, U.M.W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL.V.   No. 22
FERNIE,   B. C, January  1st,   1910
$1.00 a    1 cer
Two Men   Swim for the
Shore--Third Main
Hangs   on
George Northern and Herbert. Cole
lost their lives, and Charles Mclvor
barely escaped drowning through the
overturning of their canoe on the West
Arm, opposite* Proctor on Sunday afternoon.^
All three men were employes at the
.-"sawmill'of A. B. Watts.
. The accident occurred at 4.30 o'clock.
The three men named, together* with
John.Chapman, took a canoe belong-
ft ing to the mill and crossed the arm
If "■*•-*.     to a lower point on the other side,
\) ■     J "where    tuere - ■ wa!^    *co    siifficieiUiy
strong  for . skating.      Chapman  was
landed on this ice and the other men
proceeded hack to the ■ place of Dr.
Devlin, where they procured some me-
-diciho for a sick man at the mill. They
crossed back to Proctor, delivered the
. medicine and then started again, for
the opposite shore to-pick up Chapman,
intending to return, to Proctor.
Just how the canoe was upset no
one knows. One theory is that the
•nose' of the canoe was thrown around
by a current *<with the result that it
was overturned. All that Mclvor re
•1 members'is that he was suddenly shot
into the icy water, the other men being at the paddles;" Cole and Northern, being good swimmers, struck out
for the nearest bank," which was the
farthest from Proctor.     Mclvor,' - who
to resume his former occupation, but
he thought he had better put in the intervening days in work at the mill
rather than stay in Nelson with Mr.
Head. This laudable purpose brought
about his death.  ,
The bodies of-the two dead men were
brought to Nelson on the Kuskanook
last evening and are at present at the
undertaking parlors- of the Standard
Furniture Co. awaiting instructions of
relatives. "*
It is probable that Northern's body
will find a resting place in the cemetery at Nelson and that Cole's will be
shipped to Campbellton, N, B.—Nelson
News.  ■      - "
I j could, not swim a stroke, clung to the
"'\ canoe. " ■-  ,      . ■
'""" ? Chapman; who was skating, observed
that' the canoe .was'.heading towards
him, and the next-time he glanced
toward the water the canoe was over-
[ turned and. tlie thre~e^m~en~"*weerTstrug--
To all sympathizers, friends and mem-
' bers of Industrial Unionism in   the
United States and Canada,    greeting:
Fellow Workers:
At the present- time in the city of
Spokane, Wash., a situation exists that
should bring the attention aiid assistance of every working man and woman that has a drop of red rebellous
blood within his or her veins.
In an effort to forever squelch our
organization in America the Chamber
of Commerce and,, other capitalist institutions in Spokane', are using methods that would* make a barbarian
blush with shame.
In our effort.to force from the city
of Spokane freedom of speech and of
press, we have incurred the enmity of
our masters, and as a result over, 400
men have been incarcerated in the jails
schoplhouses and military prisons, in
which they have been subjected to the
most inhumane treatemnt by the "shot
gun men and police thugs who are
guarding them. Men have their eyes
blinded, teeth knocked out, jaws broken and otherwise maltreated, while
women members -of our organization
have been, cast into prison with prostitutes and have been insulted - while
thus confined by these law and.order
gents called policemen.
'All officers ofthe I.-W..W. _re at
present serving sentences of 6 months
each on the chain gang in. Spokane,
being .forced to do so by gun men.
Three editors of our official organ,
The Industrial. Worker, have been ar:
rested, on flimsy charges, and are also
„ A mysterious fire occurred in the
basement. of vthe Fernie Co-Operative
store this morning. At abouti7.30 Mr.
James Lancaster, the secretary and
manager of the Co-operative store
came down as> usual. On' entering
the premises he detected • a strong
smell of smoke, and started to investigate. 4 On going, down to the basement he discovered that it was on fire.
-He Immediately gave*a hurried alarm,
and the brigade responded promptly.
The flames were confined to the base
ment, where a large quantity of oatmeal and flour, besides other groceries, are stocked, and the loss in that
part will be considerable, through the
firo aiul water. The smoke of course
penetrated to tlie floor above whero
the store is situated, and went all over
the hall and opera, house besides, destroying much stuff. The,mysterious
part is that no one was known to be
In the store or basement since nine
o'clock last night/and it looks very
much like an attempt at incendiarism.
Several openly expressed the opinion
that it was the work of some, fiend
who is not in love with the Co-operative store. That, of course,* is only-
street talk, but the circumstances surrounding the fire look very queer.
The damage done to .the Co-operative
stock alone will amount to, over two
thousand dollars, besides whatever
damage has been done to the building,
It is rumored that a strict investigation will be made' to try and ascertain
more particulars. - *
I )
glin'g for their lives. Marooned on'the
ice,, without-even a raft by way'of
craft, he was helplessUo render per-
.. sonal aid. He shouted at the top of
y 1 his lungs, however and attracted the
attention of a group of people on the
Proctor side of the water., * -
.A' mnn immediately put out in a
boat, and reaching the canoe took off
Mclvor, who was chilled to the marrow, and on, the^-point of letting his
hold slip.. He then followed the direction taken by the swimmers.and recovered the body of Cole with the aid
. of a bonthook'in shnllow water about
,,'./ ten feot from tho bank. The search
for Northern's body1'wns unsuccessful.
Mclvor was tuken to the shore lo the
residence of Dr, Devlin nnd given n
rubbing nnd hot drinks which restored
him to a normal condition. Unavailing
efforts were mnde to rosuscitnte Cole,
A number of men took up tho search
fnr Northern's body yostordny morning
nnd it wns found In shallow water and
raised with a boathook.'
Dr." Gilbert Martin, district coroner,
wont to Proctor on the Koknnoe yes-'
terdny afternoon, mnde nn Investigation and roturned to Nelson on tho
Kuskanook In tiie evening. Moro depositions nre to bo made by the coroner
today, 'but thortf seems . no reason
ito doubt thnt tho iipnottliig of the bont
[wns accidental. \
Tho men Were nppiii'ontly not under
Jio InfluenVo of.liquor.
Colo wns 21 yenrs of ago nnd hnd
boon employed nt tho sawmill for some
time, Ho was a single man, nnd his
peoplo live ut C'nnipbellton. N.I1. Chlof
Countable lllnck wired Ills fnthor John
Cole, Inst night respecting tho snd ne-
Northern wiih 23 yenrs of ngo, unmarried, nn KngllBlinmn, from Kelt or-
Ing, NorlhnmptiinHhlie, where IiIb par-
cntH, nged 80 yenrH, roHldo. He had
be-in In the woBt for throo yenrH, for
the greater pnrt of tlm tlmo bolng employed 'hy Frnnk I lend uu u rniichor
nonr Modlclno lint, For n Hliort tlmo
only ho hnd workod at tho Hawmlll,
LiiHt. woolc Mr. and Mi'H, Head cnmo to
Nelson fnr n visit, nnd learning of Hint
fact, Northorn cnmo lo tho city on Hat-
tinlny tn meet IiIh former eiii|'hiy**r,
reluming lo Proctor nn Sundny nitirn-
nine. The meeting reunited In nu ar-
■Jrangoonint being mndo for Northern to
return to Modlclno lint with Mr, Ilcml
sentenced to six monfErTFnTl\e~cH8iTr
gang, and .herded by thugs with shot
guns. The official organ was confiscated by the olice yesterday as It was
coming.off the press.* Hundreds of
men are belngslowly starved to'death
on (two slices of sour breadra day. , It
costs the city just- two' cents to feed
each prisoner a day. The men are so
Weak that they are unable to walk
across the floor. They could have better food if they would consent to work
on tho chain gang, but the great maj-,
orlty refuse to scab by working for nothing. These men are all sentenced
to 110 days each. They nre charged
with violence,*and violence means saying "Fellow Workers' on the streets
of the city:
Our hall Is being raided almost every
other night by tho polico nnd anyone
who*dares to mnko n speech on Indus-
trlnl unionism is Immedlntely arrested
nnd thrown Into jail, and then taken
off to the .chain and bnll gang or to
bread nnd water.
Scurvy has broken out, nmong tho
prisoners, and .thoir gums nro rotting
in their mouths ns tho result of n poor
allowance of s_ur broad, nnd thoy are
not. now nblo to oat thc small niorHGl
of sour bread which Is offered to thom
In the prisons.
.. This Is In Free Amorlcn! Tlio Chamber of Commerce is tho lnw, nnd thoy
nro tho economic power in Spokane;
Thore nro 30 editors, offlcem and
speakers in jnll charged wllh criminal
conHplrncy, Thoso of thom who havo
been tried hnvo been sentenced to six
months hnrd lnbor, except ono who Is
n girl 10-yenrH old, niul sho wns sentenced to three months, Thoy nre no
moro guilty of,nny crlmo limn nro tho
members of your union,
Out. of SOO porsoiiH treated In tho
omo^goncy hospital In Spokano in tho
month of November 081 of thom woro
niemboiH of tho I, W. W. Ah thoro
nro less than 400 members In tho jails
you will seo that many woro In for
tcontinent more Hum onco. ThlH will
give you Home Idea of whnt police bru-
"The mine manager—who did you
"When there is not. any checkweigh-
man,, can the miners get one. is it lawful to be without one?' I asked the
Man in the Moon.
"There is no law in these parts for
the miners, the owners of the .concern
are the law, of all things here,"
"How many hundred weight make a
ton?" I asked him.
'Our contract called for twenty hundred, but since the mines do not pay
the company takes thirty hundred to
a ton,' he replied.
The Man in the Moon on Ventilation
"The ventilation is rotten?    .Did I
hear you say rotten?'    ■   ■■
"Yes," he replied, 'and I say it again
1 have worked in more than one mining country, and I must say that this
mine has a good fan, but the manager
gives no thouht to details. The old
crosscuts are not blocked behind us,
sometimes as many as three, four or
five are left open."
"How can the air reach the face-
why not use brattice?'
"There is none to use, it costs money," he replied.
„"What do1 you use?" I asked.
"Sometimes we use the grain doors,'
he replied.   * •
■ "What?      Gran doors!"
"Yes, grain doors, I mean the railway car grain doors,", he replied.
"You mean old doors?' I said.
"I mean nothing of the kind," he replied sharply. "I mean nice, clean,
new grain doors, they are fine to handle, there are lots, of them in Winnipeg where they come from. They are
fine cogs, yes, sir, nice new grain
The Man in the Moon made a kick
about the large caves that fall through
to the surface. He was afraid that
it would disturb the main shaft and
sink the old dirty bunk house, and he|
hated to think of the many lives that
would then be lost. 'But he got no
' The* inspector of mines may be lost,
said a man.'for I have only seen him
once in the year, he may be dead, but
I hardly think so, for I have not heard
a report to. that effect, but still he
might have been in the mines twenty
times and "me - not see him; for the
smoke is so dense that you.cannot
tell a man from a horse or a horse,
from a tree." ,*' •       -      "■_'•■.
The overman at this, mine, said the
Man in the Moon, is under orders that
not an English.speaking man is to find
Worst Storm off Coast of
Newfoundland in
Many Years
ST. JOHNS, Nfld.   Dec.   29—Seven
Newfoundland    tehooners    and  their
crews of sixty  men  are  believed  to
have been loot in the Christmas blizzard,   while great destruction to property throughout the Island colony has '
resulted from the storm.    The' storm, * -'
which reached its height' on Sunday] **'-,
raged for six days, but today has abat- 7':
ed considerably.
All    telegraph lines in the Interior
of   the colony are down, nnd reports    ,,-.-
from inland points are slow In reach.-*'' '
ing here.     The town of Placentia-j*£_b °
flooded for three days *nnd the .'brin**
cipal    business streets of the /place
resemble an ocean beach, being; piled
high with boats, and floats wMch have
been cast  up by tlie unusually high
■The village of Black Head, three
miles from the city, wf»s almost swept
away. =
tality is and to what length our mas-
tors will go to suppress an organization
that they are afraid to see grow.
Twenty-eight of our members were
thrown Into a cell thnt wns nlr tight,
for 3C hours, with steam turned on until u grent. many of them fainted from
excessive hont. Men were forced to
stand In thoir own offnl. Theso are
but ■ a fow of the many tortures that
are being inflicted on working men
nnd women who nro bnttllrig for freedom of speech and press.
Wo havo several families to tnko
cure of while the husbands nnd fathers
nro serving long sentences, n Wo are
feeding hundreds of mon overy day
who are either going to jail or just
coming out, Sovernl attornoys have
been engngod to defend our men In tho
different courts. Tho cases will bo
taken to ihe' supreme court of tho U,
S. to determine whether this country
hns Hiieh n thing as froedom of speech
nnd press, or whether this bonsted liberty Is a Hhnm or--•••lot. To got n square
deal In nny of the local courtB Is Impossible, Tho capitalist IntoroHtH are
opposed to the industrial form of lnbor organization iih llioy know what
It, will menn to them when organized
to stnnd together.
Froedom of spooch and press Ih nn
Import ant. weapon In the linndH of tlin
working dims, nml if li cnn be don led
iir in Spokane It will hood bo denied
ub nil over the country, Education
nn Industrial tinlonlHin Ih Homelhlng
wo must hnvo, If wo ever expect to
become an  economic  power  against
the exploiting class. Let us safeguard
our weapons, If you nre in sympathy
with our fight for-froedom, we invite
you to assist us in evory way possible.
With best wishes to the members of
your local organization, we are, youni
for, industrial freedom,
* Central Executive Committee
Send all contributions to Fred W,
Heslewood, national organizer, I. W.
W„ Box 895, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
\s, ii. rowr-i.i-, imiumumvi'. hist, ih
Told by Tho Man in the Moon on
a cold night in December, 1909.)
"In that mine there." said the man
j in the moon, pointing with the forefinger of his right hand, "are 6 overworked horses, driven by 6 under paid
mon, nt the rate of $2 per day. They
commence work nt 7 a,in„ drop tools
nt 12 a.m., and restart at 1 p.m. finish nt G p.m. That Is one placo on
this earth whero tho Kngllsh need not
apply, Somo nine work there, much
to tho sorrow of the innnnger, a man
named Bill, who hover did a hnrd day b
i work and never will. I call this
clown Injunction Bill. Tlie other BO
or (iO men uro what, lio culls tho foreigners. The output of tlio mlnos
i nmounts to fiOO or COO tons per day,
Wltli proper up to dnte men nnd a fow
moro horses It could bo doubled. Thore
are some thirteen mon In UiIh mine
called day men, who get %'l a day for
ton holirH good hnrd work.
He Talk6 on Screens
"Thoy make four kludii or conl. The
compnny puyH for one kind, Hint is the
large or hi nip conl."
"Who gets tho slack?* I ii.-ik.-d the
num In tho moon.
"The company,"      .  ..
"Who gets tlm nut conl?"
"Thu coinpiiny."
"Who gets the largo or the lump
"Oh, tho miner gcti-i hoiiio uf il.'
"Wlio welglm thn conl whmi Dw Co.
wolgliiiian Ih Hick?1'
work here. If you want a man let
me know,*says the boss. * I am the
lord of creation, I can get a carload
of those foreigners any old .time from
Winnipeg; again I say, remember that
I am the great lam. • I pay as much
as any old Scott; I pay as high as
$2 per day to all the day men in the
mine. ,
"A good.tlmberman'Is worth as high
as $2 a day for ten hours work, and
the diggers if they give me thirty hundred weight of coal I give them twenty
or as near as my judgment will go in
the matter.
„The Man in the Moon says that they
work in the mine on Sundays digging
and,shooting coal, also filling, If the
shots are heard on the surface the
manager does not know of it. He
goes a hunting.      ,
Is there no Lord's Day net In tlie
Thore mny be, but the police do not
scorn to know of It.
•"Do you use timber' in this mine?"
I asked,
"Grain doors,' he replied.
"Do you use,powder?"
"I should sny so, for 2f>0 tons of conl
%\\ worth of powder, eleven kegs In
31 days. It Is good for Hie company
—they like men In the mines who use
lots of powder, fifi con's worth nf powder for 25 cents worth of coal. Oil
yes good miners these,"
Men of Canndn, thin mnn must lie
brought to know ihnt he Hhould ui.
leiiHt extend to oilier men the rlglH lo
llvo, Tills num Is only nn ordinary
man—nothing great or very wonderful
about blm lo those who know IiIh Ilk.
The Man In Dw Moon Is one Ihnt
known him,
The Church of l-lnglnnd and HitptiHt
Clirliitiiins tn-f-K und concerth were
hold on TuoHilny evening, A large
innnlii'i' of young people were present
nt. onch nnd many children were mnde
happy by the proHents dlHtrlhiited lo
«r:cvTiirt,i,i. r.\ttTP,it  mar. ,\*«. i«
A *'
\ 1 1 I j    ' 8 g f j. - - . e i   ' I 2 * t e      j
LOCAL ■■ n " **' **• '*    ' •*. * » /* /, , = 'I 'm
«i,.i.hi.,■'•■J,' '•<"  ■■■■■     ■■- "!'• r,M :i 1,° M ■»'•- i n m !i 'its in 'it, 17 i
iii'iicvii.', Nn. tsi    ik** as ir> i_7 ;n a**, ;i ir-, -,n ;.-. u. i„ i; >, |F) ,,        ..     ,tJ
Hliilrmuro. No. a Hi 3   ,,.. Bt » 1 U 13 3 ,. ;t l U « < :) , ,. .,         :i           n
Ciiiiliiuiu. No. 13*T    137 « -- Ha 1 2 .. ISl "   77 '.' 1 .. 2 j'           	
C'di-liliill  No.  *iH33     12K 31 ■*■ IM* fl! 17 1Jl i Ifi lt'.f! JH ll f, ] i„ ,,            ,,          Ml          j,,*.
Cardiff   So,   _«7K     31 0 .. 20 4 IS 2 K fi a 1 at 1 .. i           	
"„•'!•'    *•'■•    '*■"••'» 7 I'll U 1 fl St! !) ,, j) i, * ail, 11.... Ill III
Kdninnfrin, No.  VI.'J U ■< •. 1 .. M ,, ., ,. ,, .. **
l'Vrnte. No. 2314     20ft Uf f* 4*1 127 -14 16 K0 117 20 i'i 31 211 \ js   .,      \\y, ■*,*;
I'-rank. No, 12«S   44 49 1 lis 32 IC « 9 21 ss 33 |] i,i t j:i ,,        ,y,         r,*.
Ilni-mor,  No.   2407     120 «-"< .. 1211 47 21 .. '.'. 33 6H 47 7 12 0 ,. jjr.           V,
imU-Tenl.Nu.luSb    *3 113 .. 84 172 13 ., I fi 7 1!I3 2 Hi ] » .,            ,.        jn            )(
KPnnian****-N. 1>. No. 2H.10 2 38 .. 22 12 0 .. 1 5 3 2 21 3 .. 1
LatlilirMffo. No.  574   .... 141 19 1 142 II 8 4 .11 21 7 r. 77 Hi 7 fi           	
l.lll".  N'a   12.1*1     M 47 4 48 411 33 8 2!i 23 23 25 20, *. 1; 3 ,,'          ..          S3           fit'
Mnplii l.t'i«f. No. 21.26 .... 2fl 2 2 IH h 1.11 it 4 ■* I 1 2 ...... jn l«
Mlchi-l, No. 2384    054 1«2 17 7J4 bl 4fi 04 S39 27 HI U 11 »fi 3 15 Uy         7i**i
I'dUHliurK.  No.   Ww.   .... 1 2U •• 10 S 3 ., 2 *' ■'■*                ' - S .. .. :-l r,
lloyitt  Cull.  No.  26»».... 30 * .. 2!> 7 3 ,. fi   ' S * 3 1" .. ,, ,.
Taber,  No.   102     2* 2 .. 15 0 5 .. IB 4 1 1 12 4 ..           	
Talior  No,   1»&»     *S 4» 2 97 21 H 2 2H 74 « •'■ " '- 2'S 4
'J'nttttH     MM *■*■■> <° 2J72 *■»<>» 347 114 13-5* f.7J 437 SH 2»3 3S» ,.', in-i ;n         m       ,;;;.         ,ir,i
Wr, 1h» Teller** ftpftAlnUil te conn I thr llnllnlw fnr tUr rUrllun «if lllttrl-M Offlerr**, Htrrtty rrrtity  llm I ifir nlmt e U n ritrntl  rr««,n! 11 f thr \(»lr»  mil  In
lUr illllrrrut l.*sv»l». thlMUttvlk         l,l..*U-»   J.VUi^S, ituVvkUjui. JtihUl'II   I.i ""•   »f ■•rnli-M -M Mir-*.   «.lfUM»    iMIrhrl.,
Miss Cassie Cody is- visiting friends
at Blairmore this wee-*- -     ,   .,
, Miss  Leota  Pollo-c--***  is  visiting at
Lethbridge this' weeV ,
Mrs. U P. EckKt?in left '
for Portland and Spline U
visit.     \ ,
Don't forget to send theT,     i   ...es1
to the Trites-Wood tomorr-/*" morning
at 10.30. •   ,      '*; -
.'"'Mrs. G. H. Boulton leaves tonight
for a visit to Ottawa anil Quebec. She, ,
•wiH'.be a few weeks air ay.    „ - -      -"
-~   -   T *   ■■■"
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Quinney return-,
ed on Tuesday from' Calgary where
Por Sale or Rent:  Three  Roomed -
plastered house with 'water. Good lo***'
cation, easy terms. Apply Palace Me'at -
Market. 2t31p
..The' usual services .will be held in
Chrisi church on Surday. Communion'
will bo held at the morning services
at 11. i     '
Tho regular meeting bf the Ladies
Aid of the Methodist, church will be
held nt the home of Mrs. Blundell on
Friday, January. V at 3,30.
The longest long dlstnnce message
on record was pulled off between
here and Cnlgnry, last week. George
is now wiser to the tune of 5.90.
The regular meeting of tho Ladles
Aid of.the Methodist church will be
held at the home of Mrs. Dudley on
Tuesday, January the 4th nt 3.30r
Tho firo department, desire to thank '
the public for their assistance In their
recent dunce.    They netted over $100
for the furnishings of thoir now apartments.
Tie sure to turn out tomorrow night
to see tho hockey match between Moylo nnd Fornie. This is tho first, lenguo
mnlch for the Herchmer cup, imd iih j
both are good tennis n fnst game isf
nshured. ■ '
The meeting of Glndntono Iocnl 11.
M. W, A, on WodncHdny wiih the largest meeting ever held In tiie hall, over
700 members being prenenl, A Balls-
factory meeting wiih held on all huch-
tions involved.
The Trlies-Wood Compnny are going
to glvo every youngKW-r In the city 11
bug of eniidy tomorrow morning nt.
10.10, TIiIh firm only lulled InHt
yenr in the iloiuiiioiiii on account, of
their llllhi'llleil  HllLte.
The,. Ilithohall League are going to
gl\e li dame In January under Die mis-
plecH of Ilie l.udlcK lloiu'volent Society.
The ohjin't Ih to 11 fine enough money
tu definy Hie expenses' that wen' not
|i:ild lnm k-'iihoh. TIiIh Ih ii worthy
mime, hii turn out imd intend.
Mr, J. II, Wenihiirlli, who haw been
uuii..-1-i. d with t)o> Hunk of Hamilton
lien- fo rlhe pnM two nr three yenrH,
Iiiih left the bunking ImiwIiush mid hurt
|-Mlie Into the teiiel'liiK prnfeHHllili lli'lir
Mouse Jaw. IH- left with IiIh wlfo
011 Wednesday eveitlni;' to eimiiiiencn
iluileH after tho holiday-*. Mr. VV'enth-
erlli had prevlounly left the lemhtiiK
iinifi'BBlfni in enter the Intuiting win Id,
**     ■,■«('.-
J H>
♦ S
r. *TJ«r*, V't iM'iii:-, tr+v. \«. I**
._ _.
•■.. <l   *'*W   I
•***!■ V '•*.
J '              if-'1,,
45 SteanvHeated 'Rooms
Hot and Cold Baths , .
The King Edward
Fernie's   Leading  Commercial  Hotel ,,
The Finest'Hotel in East Kootenay ,
J. L.. GATES, Prop.
^ *
A. Percy Chew in Winnipeg Voice:
Socialism stands for the complete regeneration and reorganization of society. And that. "it.may build up it
would destroy. "The whole'Structure
of capitalism would be deslroved. Nothing of its corroding influence that
■might conceivably influence'ihe bright
lustre of our new Co-operative Commonwealth may safely be permitted to
■ Moreover the security of the master
class is doubly .assured when the
workers do not doubt thai social conditions and inequalities are ordained
of God; under this delusion (hey will:
not si rive to adjust things more equitably, but will continue uncomplaining-'
ly in that, state into- which it has
••pleased God lo call them."
* With all that is i-ssentinl iu real religion socialism has little quarrel. Myself I d not believe in the immortality
of the soul. Hut 1 do not know without, a shadow of doubt that 1 am right
lh' this disbelief. Therefore if another
' should avow his convict on that when
we die wo d'o not perish utterly i am
in no position to call him a fool with-
7'out the proofs'of my case, iir my hand.
sXtnilary with regard to the idea of
I'^hjnlc that the conception ol" a per-
-•.'iis.iT.. diety, carefully and separately
liiadin'H* the lives of each of his ere-
un/i-es is untenable in the light of mo-
••"in seloncn..
Hut I caiifiol aifirm with certainty
ihnt such a being, doos not exist,
l mil I can dc this t am not justified
in denying to in-other that freedom of
'.!•<.irglit whicli- ] 'must, claim i'or my-
-   mil    it is f..r otherwise, with that
itrivance of cunning minds know,!
iijieological ;hrisUanily.     That is
of snow which,at once disists
e worl to the confusion of
'LA-h--*** destruction   of  their
ihe influence of the Christ-
has always been inimical
Ifare of the working class;
its , dictriiits have been    particularly
calculated tu insure the submission 'of
. the masses under the different foi;ms
of    exploitation    which have existed
" during, tlie Christian era. Slaves toil
—more cinntiui^p ■fll:i^nL,n[lu___10___.UI_
Because socialism is in its infancy
and the true principle of the socialistic movement has not yet tntlrely
emerged from' crude ideas aud passion, its effects are perhaps not understood or fully realized by many people.
We give below a brief summary of
what true socialism would accomplish
as set forth  by one  woll  acquainted ■ -    , ,
with the socialist movement and   its and tbey are all as mdigna.,^ at the
Montreal has had an investigation
of its rottenness in' municipal' affairs.
The'big interests did not need corrupt
aldermen just now. so the little bour-
geolsV-has been . allowed ' to-play at
reform  and  municipal    housekeeping
for a while. <>
**   #   *
Eight Montreal aldermen have been
named by Judge Cannon as "grafters, |
Briefly:— Socialism will accomplish
ibis: ''
11 will give every worker the full
value of the product of his labor.
It will reduce the hours of labor in
term applied to them as capitalists are
when dubbed labor thieves.
*   *   «
Sir Thomas Shaughiiessy wants lo
have Canada build a couple of Dreadnoughts and" rent  thom io Britain at
pioportlon  to the increased power of j a-dollar a, year.      Sir Thomas thinks
production. iit. Is a good  plan to inject high fin-
It will (-ntirely do away wiih child jance into statesmanship.
1..1   . ' '      ,     'i        " *    *   * i
la nor. io - .
It  will  do away with  the landlord j    in 1(104 the desertions from France's'
and the capitalist.
li  will' give employment io all who
desire it  at  remuueraiivc pay.
It will pension the old.
U   will, do  away  with  charity  and
gi\e the people justice,
, lt will  abolish  poverty,  want,  destitution and ihe poorhouse.
It will permit every member of society to develop the highest and best
thero is in him.
Il  will do away with class legislation,, * -       *.
It ■' will prevent all strikes and lockouts..  .
It will make" it possible for the people to make or reject laws for their
government, according to the principles of the initiative and referendum.
> , lt will do away with trusts by making them the property of all the people, to he operated for the benefit of
the wholo people instead of for the
benefit of a few.
'It will do away with the private ownership of street railways, coal mines,
iron mines, oil wells, gas wells'; Ihe
ships, the forests, the lakes,* the rivers
tiie canals, „the telegraphs and telephone systems.
It will make labor saving machines
a blessing to man kind instead of a
curse. C1 ■
It will eliminate not only the poor
idler, bur. the rich one, both of .whom
are now supported by society in'gen-
army numbered 231(5. In 1907 the desertions •numbered 3*187. Last year
thev numbered.still more. The French
youths are getting tired of'being war
slaves for the protection., of the privileged few.
* I.5! 'I"
In Spokane,the workers are arrested and jailed for reading the declaration of independence on the 'streets of
the city. The plutes,are frightened lo
let the American workers know that
the Constlutl'on guarantees them liberty and free speech.    '
* * *
The bill to do away witli the necessary two hundred dollar doposit, at
election times has boon knocked* on
the head and gently laid away to rest.
It would not do to'remove the disability. Why some penniless worker
might be elected and try to get back
through,legislative moans what he'and
his fellows have been robbed of by the
plute laws,
• * .*
The political state is going and the
industrial state is coming. Shall the
coming state be managed by!the people for the' benefit of the, people, or
shall it be managed by the few for the
benefit of the few? That' is thc great
question now before tho people of* the
various countries.
ioned at Red-Deer, hut'was reduced
in rank for the same cause which led
directly'to his death. „■ He was well
liked here and was.apparently a very
efficient officer, but^for the failing
of drink. •     '
■ He had been, drinking during    the
past week. ."■ '
Ilo went to hisbedi'oom in the barracks in Innisfall Saturday evening at
G o'clock. This morning when his room
was entered he was,found dead with
a revolver clutched in his hand. He
had placed Iho revolver in his mouth
and blown out his brains. His death
must have boen instantaneous,
Pen'hold Man Killed
A Mr. Johnson, a hardware merchant
of Penhold, passed through the town
on Saturday on his way to Markerville
lo visit some relatives. 'When/on his
way and some few milos west of In-
nisfail ho was overtakon by a runaway
team, which ran into him and throw
him under the'feot of thc horses. That
he was seriously ill was seen at once.
Ho was taken to the station and sent
to Red Door hospital. He died there
this afternoon.     ,*- .       .
The Tragedies Related
The two tragedies are related in one
respect. The men who ran into Mr.
Johnson one of-whom is named Coffin,
had borrowed Wilson's horse and were
driving it'. -, .. , •  ■.
It is1 believed here that Wilson took
the accident so much to heart though
he himself was not iri it, and knowing
that his loaning, the horse-would bring
down punishment, decided when under
the influence of liquor, to'take his own
life.     An inquest will be held today.
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd
Phone 79       Baker Ave,  P.O. Box 2P2
Wholesole Importers aud Exporters
of Wines, Brandies, Cordials, Foreign
and Domestic Whiskies and Gins.
Large stock of Fernet Branca, Italian,
Hungarian arid German Wines, also
Norwegian Punch and Aquavit. Beer,
Porter, Ale and Cigars.
Agents for Waukesha Arcadian Water, SclilHz Beer and the' famous' El.*:
Valley Brewing Co. Ltd. Beer, draught
and bottled.
Victoria Ave,
Feknir, B. C.
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Our Motto:
It will introduce a social and an Industrial system that will put an end
to rent, and interest and profit and
all forms of usuary.
It will do away with armies organized for -destructive purposes, and organize armies for constructive purposes.
It will remove the fear of want, and
poverty and" make the earth a paradise. ■      " ->
It will largely prevent crime and
criminals. ' '*   ,
It will encourage study, exploration, Invention and art.     •■>
Socialism is whnt everyone wants
just as soon as they know what it
The v<?ry reason that it Is opposed
by, so many at present Is thnt thoy
won't rend.
plus value, w'.ien the belief is firmly
instilled jnto their minds that they
will rdceive, hereafter, ample compensation for every misery inflicted on
them here below.   .
Occasionally members of tho capitalist class appear who are foolish
enough* or" courageous enough, lo tell
the world'this reason for this vast
expense in priests and churches.. Religion is losing its hold upon the working class. Parsons are exhorting us
to repent in "vain. We will not repeat for we do not see why. we ought
to.     We think it is thoir turn to re-
, pent now, having deceived" us for so
long, Dr. Goldwin Smith is one defender of capitalism who has rashly
revealed to us his Inmost soul. He
hos lost his faith in Christianity, and
I has been telling tho world so, It is
a pity he 1ms become a sceptic, for ho
is old and might easily have "wrapped
the drapery of his couch about lilm
and lain him down to rent" without
his reclining years being embittered,ltnc l0 ,IU,» ""'J1 ™™,H
by vain religious strivings and uncertainties. And he has given us the
truth In one passage at lonst: Clnsses.
whicli have hitherto acquiesced in
Iheir lot believing thnt. It was n divine
a ordinance, and that there would,lie re-
\ druH sand compensation In a future
state, are now demanding that conditions should be levelled here. Tho
nntions «unko with fear nt lho change,
The loadf-i-H of humanity, some think,
may even find It 'necessary to make
up by nu IncreiiBo in llio powers
government for the lost Influenci
However the workers need not be
alarmed ut this, for Just* as soon as
thi'y desire- It, thesii nnmo powers of
government may bo.cuiiliii'ed by th.nii
aud mado to subsrve their own ends,
There Is I lie weak spot lii the armor
of nipltullsm. The cnplUillstH hnvo
been foolish enough to glvo un Dw ballot, and we aro fast learning to use It,
hut In their Interests but III our own.
I.ot It ho ngnln repented thai Dw mission or tbo working cIiihh Ih to seize
the powers of government,
"Yes," Mr. Lloyd-Ge orge is reported
to have replied. "I havo suffered
from being misunderstood, but I
haien'.t suffered half as" much as I
would have if I had been understood."
—.M A. P. *
t '.*   ''J
♦ Fernie Dairy t
♦ ♦
delivered to all'
parts of the town
ICSS  for  sale:
Contracts Taken
•*■ -i -j       *■
Including Stump Pulling,'Land Cleaving and Ploughing.     Let  us'
figure on- your next' job   - \ •
O ,   ' s ...
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
-Rizzuto Bros.
Sanders  &  Verhaest, Brothers.
Proprietors "
<»<9-~»"»«»»»<»»»»»»» ♦♦♦
It   Is  peculinr  how  some  workors
Men need space to llvo, Men cannot
nfi'ord to occupy much space where
ihey hove to pny rent, Therefore In
the dl ion the race becomes deteriorated,
» * »
Tho Canadian siirplus Is $1(1,000,000,
The workei'H cnn bot their lives that
the pliitos will not nllow It to bo spent
in  giving labor n  chnnci! to employ
It sol I',
*   *   *
(Col I oil's i
Wc are often asked for n brief stnte-
mint of !. K'lallxtii* H"'"" I* » V,M'-V
fair one from the columns or n mm-
Hoclnllhi. publication. ■" K''"**VH *■'"
Influence* that .Hor lullm unit ut lou Ih
ItavlllU oil the edltoi'H rif Iioii-Koclul'
1st piipers:
The hopo of tho future lies In tho
Socialist movement, With tlie Sociullsi
movement, out of modern life wo would
be bonding strnlght for tho extinction
nf ilie human Hpeeies,
Do you notice how nil thn cnpllnllsi.
papers nrn tulklng nbout HoulallHin?
Hoi'lnllHin Is to Dm front In nil Uncivilized countries of the world and
will not go down,
■I.   *   *
rirst grew ilie fnmlly, then the
irlbo, then the iinlloii. Now the national bonds are dlsiippenrlug and the
gi'eiii struggle Is ('-.-using in lm national nml Is boroinlng » <"1»hh hIniggle.
»   »   *
Many opponents of SdcIuIIhih do-
dure Hint Dw Socialists want to
clmiiue human nntun-, This In Incur-
reel. rincliillslH want to hnve hum-
Illilly live ill llcrDI'dllliee wllh human
(Result of reading last week's vorsos
in the Ledger.)
For thee O deai:-,- Fernie,
I'll sing my song of praise,
For thou has proved so very dear
The coin I'm  unable to  raise,
Thy scenery is jtist lovely
Thy streets even so
And when I think of strolling out
I don't knowi where to go.
I'll praise thee long and often
For thou are worth the praise
And stay with thee till life shall end.
In memory of by-gone days,
I'll never part no never
From Fornles thriving town
For long I. tried—'tis useless—
I go further, further down.
I'm frozen In the winter,
The summer raised my Ire ■
I've never had a decent warm
Since  the  recent disastrous  flro.     '
Tho floods will como In spring time
Dut not lo swoll the grain,
And If I do not alter
I'll still remain the same.
There's front. uif-on  Dw windows
And Ico upon tlio door
Willi beautiful skating
Upon the kitchen floor.
Thero's icicles on the teapot
The spuds are frozen hard,
Whilo the motto "A Wrinn Wolconio'
Shows from n chilling card,
I'll stop my praise of Fornie,
As I'm reeling pretty slek,
No, 'tis not with though!fl of Fernio
Ilut rather the editor's stick,
' I know lie's not responsible
For thlH ruthor lengthy poom,
And rather than Interview tne.
I'd prefer he'd stay al home.
N.U. Will the editor please romoin-
ber the direct Ions given in tho last
two lines.
W. 8. Annex
The Opening and Maintaining of a
Savings Bank Account is a duty that
everyone owes, both to themselves
and to those dependent on them;
Your Savings Account Solicited.
Fernie Branch
A, full line of shelf and ' heavy   Hard-
wave in stock, together  with a
complete range of Stoves ,..,.
Furniture Department
Our.Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date, lines.
". Come in and have a look     •■*        .
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It the b«t ol all medicine* for tlw cure ol dloeaien,
disorder* and wcskncMM jieeiiillur to -women. It ii the
only preparation ol iti kind deviled by a rejularly fjradii.
*te<i r1iy«lc1«n-nn experienced and ikilled »peculi»t in
Uio dlieeser* of women.
It it ■ »afe medicine In any oondition of Ihe lyttein.
TIIE ONR REMEDY whleh contain* no alcohol
Imd no Injurlouii liobit-fornilntf drui* and whleh
create* no oravini for aueh •limulanl*.
TIIE ONE REMEDY *o food  that   Its   maktra
are not afraid  to  print  it» every Inftrcdltnt oo
Midi ouUlde   botU#-wrai»per  and  atte*t to the
tnithfuln.m ol the aama under oath.
It U .old by medicine dealer, everywhere, and ^f^^J^^a^
del It. Don*t lake a lubititute ol unknown ©ompontlon for thi* medieia* pr
5?oIn <So.moN." No coun«rf«lt I. a. <ood •> the genu ne ujUbe dnjg
who .ay* tomethinil elie I* "jw« e* (t«od a. Dr. P erce . U either mUtakt*
cr i* tryin* to d«<ire you lor hi. own M«tih b«ie6e. 8mJ» • m" «^?h-
tnmed. lie U trifllntf with your moat pricelea* pouewoo-your health-
may be yonr life itiell,   Set that yee ut teial yet* tui fir.	
Policeman  Shoots  Head
Off-Anothor Dloa
In Runaway
INNISI-'AII.. Dec 28—T\vo inwilli'S
which hud tlii.ii' Ix'Kiiiiiinu tn Imilxl'-UI
und won* In hoiiiu roiuoto wny Interwoven ntw wltli the (>th«r. mnrred tlm
ClirlHtnuiH Joy und Iiii|i|>Iiiohh of thlw
One dentil, Hint nt CiiiiKtiilili)  Wll-
Hon of the ll. S. W. M. I'., wlilrh wtin
ixtlMnrlirti-il,    luiii-it-m-d    mhiii-    tlin-*-
jabout mldiilnlit* wlillo tin- other di-uth
11 hat of Mr. .Tnlnmoii. IVnliold, whleh
wnH not no cloMcly it h nor I it ted with thi*
tc-liy. (-..•(•Hired    nt itcil  Deer hos|»Unl
tutor In the day.
I   CortHtnblo Wilson camo to thi* town
'a few* months ngo. Ho had heen stnt-
116 : :   :   PAGES   : :   :   116
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,  etc.
Fill in this form ami place orders in advance. Price
50 cents. Return this order form to Thc District
Ledger, hcniie, b. c. ,
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmithiat&d Plumber m
We can furnish you with estimates in
*** ii
I . anything in our line
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. <North of school) Pellatt Ave.
Please reserve for me copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at SO cents per
copy, for which is enclosed $.	
i.Ncumi: is cii.mt* rou tomtagic
25 to 35 per cent.
You will savo by buying Clothing from u's.
Comploto stock of Winter goorls. Call and
Hon us btsforo you buy oIhowhoro.
Sweaters, 73c, Wool Sox 3 pa.ii* 50c
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1*25 each
SVxt Ii) JIui'Iuim'h I 'miily Htm« N'-xt to Nwllu-rn Hnti-I
till!.*...   T   -.1.
Sir:—I hnrohy tulvlso you thnt application for Iransfor of liquor llcotmo
hold hy mo In rofipnct to tho Hoyal
Hotol, Fflrnlo, 11. C, to John I*odhlol-
nnclk, tinted Mny 14th. 190!>. ft» published (n tlw Furnlo FrcH) 1'renu, dated
November tl. 1009. Ih null and void, ub
conditions of ngrocincint eojic-ernln-***
nnld trannfor woro not compiled with.
TIiIh application of transfer was published without my kuowtedgo or concent. ,
Alberta Show
Case Works
Miuiufii-.tmfiM   of
Calgary, Alta. THE DISTRICT LEDGER,  FERNIE,    B. C. JANUARY 1 1910
ft     *
') V
Building of a Zinc   Smelter   in   the
*    Kootenay   Talked   of—Can
r   ,      Fernie Secure It
f ■;
fSr*.'    ■•
4; \
' ■". SPOKANE, Wash. Dec. '28—G. Weaver Loper of Spokane, managing direc-
-tor of the Lucky Jim zinc mines, one
of the fifty, mine owners in tbe'Kootenay district of British Columbia, interested iri the project to erect one of
of the largest zinc smelters in the west
at or near Nelson, B. C,'believes tbat
.the plain will be carried out successfully. Mr. Loper is a member of the
committee which drafted a petition to
the Dominion government, asking for
assistance. Other members are Jno.
Keen of Kaslo, B. C, chairman; S, S.
Fowler of Ainsworth, Charles Green-
estreet .of Burton and N. K. Beeston
of Nelson.
The movement, quietly under way
for months has been made urgent by
the rapid increase iri the production of
.Canadian, zinc riiines. A vast amount
of low grade ore, which-can not profitably be shipped far, is being wasted,
and with tbe growth of the Industry
the quantity is necessarily being multiplied' rapidly. .    ,
-It is urged by the mine owners that
an investigation be instituted at once
to determine the best possible    pro
cess of treatment. Up to the Dresent.
time relative merits of the, electric
chemical and the electric thermic process for the treatment of the ore have
not boen determined.
The mine owners say in their petition that,the smelter of the Canadian
Metal Co. at Frank lias been pronounced a failure, in a commercial way and
that its operation as a zinc smelter
has been abandoned, and that the' plant
of.,the Canadian Zinc Company, at Nelson has met a Similar fate!
They also say that 11,000 tons of
zinc ores with average contents of 50
per cent zinc havo been shipped from
Kootenay points during 1909, also that
the' development .work particularly on
the property known as the Big Ledge
on Arrow ,Lake indicates that-the supply of zinc ores in sight calling for
treatment is much larger than has
been supposed.
Speaking" of the possible success of
the mine owners in this movemnt, Mr.
Loper said:
"I believe-there is no question but
that the government -will back the investigation and at its conclusion contribute to the erection of the smelter." -     "   ■     •
Is Here
With Good Will and Good,Cheer;
Let all People,be Glad:
And all Grief Disappear:
Carol Forth the Glad Tidings
Wherever You Go:
Let tbe Whole Earth be Happy.
Let Everyone Know
Royal    Crown   Soap
■Is the Best in the Land
Golden West Washing Powder
Is Certainly Grand!
While the Premium Department
Is at Your Command
With Hundreds of Presents for Coupons
Dcsitfii protected by Copyright
Passenger   Train   Saved
by Boys—Large Sum
For Heroism
B.  E. WALKER, President Paid-Up Capital       $10,000,000
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, Gen. Manager.     Reserve   Flllld ,    -.      6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada,'and in United States and England
Every .facility.ail'orded to fanners and
cis for the transaction of   their.banking-
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for '.'ollection.
Pf       "
if - i
Hi    ***<  g!" ;'
T  ■
Act Upheld—First Case in Alberta Under New Act—Important Decision
by Judge Taylor
An important decision has been just
handed down by Judge Taylor in the
arbitration under the Workmen's Compensation : act between Allan Murray,
76f Edmonton and the railroad construc-
: tion contractors, Foley, Welch and
Stewart.     Murray was "employed as, a
■ carpenter on the G. T. P. construction
.While working on a trestle bridge he
was knocked off the structure-by some
' moving timbers and ■sustained injuries to liis foot.
:   * He claimed $9 a week since the. ac:
 *uiucmrijapi/t;ncu; ■ **■ ;	
.   .        Particulars of Defence
The respondents, Foley, and Stewart
denied their liability to pay compensation under the .act.'.contending that'as
contractors on the Grand Trunk Pacific railway company in the construction of that.railway they*were consequently subject to the exclusive legis-
latiye'authority'of the Parliament, of
That in pursuance of such legislative' authority, the parliament of Canada had made applicable to such work
the revisions of the Public Works
Health act, being ^chapter 135 of the
Revised Statutes of Canada 1906," and
the applicant came" under the provisions of such Act and received medical
attendance in pursuance of its regulations. The' Workmen's Comensation
act under which the proceedings were
taken, it was therefore held, did not
apply to* the Grand Trunk Pacific Ry.
Company or to the respondents as its
contractors. .       t      '
This ingenious reasoning was not
upheld by-the arbitrator, Judge Taylor,
■a"s~"the~foiioWiiTg"'ju"dgmehtr "given-6y
him shows:
What the -Judge Said
"In the matte'r l'am of the opinion
that the Workmen's Compensation applies. ...
"The Public Works Health act does
not in any way cover compensation for
injury that may be incurred to any
workman, It is for, the purpose1 of
compelling certain contractors or companies engaged in public works to properly care for the health of the workmen and make tho camps sanitary. It
is also for the purpose of compelling
them to have within reasonable distance of the* workmen proper medical
men and hospital accommodation., to
care for any of the workmen who may
become sick or, injured, as it is well
known that most of these works are
carried on at great distances from the
places where medical care or accommodation for the sick or injured is to
be had. '        ■*> . . .,
"The health regulations permit the
contractors or companies to levy a certain contribution from every workman
to meet the expenses incurred. This
no doubt in many cases reimburses
the company.for their outlay."    -
■ Act is not-Ultra Vires
"The"- Workmen's Compensation act
is for a different purpose. It is to reimburse, the workmen to a certain extent for his loss of time if he should
suffer* an - injury which incapacitates
him from work. He might not even
be confined to. the' hospital or* require
the doctors care.
"While in some cases the two acts
in any way conflict. In my opinion
therefore, the Workmen's Compensation Act is not ultra vires and does ap1-
ply to such construction works as that
in which the claimant, was engaged."
(Monetary Times)
The output of bituminous and lignite
coal in Saskatchewan, from March 1,
1908-to February 2S.1909, amounted
to 1G9.732 tons. Tho average' number of employees in the coal mines in
this period was 357, and of these 247
were employed under ground.
* Only seven accidents were reported
and of these 2 w;ere fatal, one of them
being due to carelessness in not following out instructions, while the other wns due to a fall of clay from the
coal face. In addition to the above
there were several minor accidents
which were not reported.
Coal operations in the province in
the last two years were fairly steady;
new and more modern machinery was
installed and a number of new mines
were opened.
Most of the new mines are small
and were opened for the supplying of
local demands.    0
The following figures will show the
general standing of the Saskatchewan
Mines in operation, in February 1909
—27.      '   -
Tons 'produced in twelve months—
Persons employed inside mines, —
2-17.    -'   "
. Persons employed outside v mines —
OLY.MPIA, .Wash. Dec. 28—Harry
Hunton, a 12 year old boy, saved a
heavily loaded Northern Pacific passenger train from a disastrous wreck
shortly past noon yesterday.*
Hunton and a companion of the same
age, Sam Burrows, were gathering
Christmas dec'orations along the right
of way two miles from Olympia when
they discovered a broken rail which
left an opening in the track several
feet long.
Knowing a passenger train was due
to pass soon the boys determined ,io
give warning.    ,
Hunton started up the track in the
direction of .Tacoma and Burrows set
out for Olympia both running at top
Hunton had proceeded a short distance when he found the train bearing
down on him* at the rate of forty miles
an hour. Seizing a handkerchief he
waved it frantically. For a time it
appeared that the engineer would not
heed the'signal but the train eventual-
RANKIN-P-  RY* MATI   Amounts may be opened by mail and mon
pill.II111U   DI    1HA1L (lepcsite,!   01* withdrawn   in  this way w
equal facility.       , ■      , '       •
L. A. S.   DACK, Manager, Fernie.
Wholesale and Retail
ly began to solw down and was brough'.
to a standstill Within five, feet of the
broken rail.
Passengers and engine crew lionized
the boy and took him on board * the
train. The broken rail was temporarily repaired to permit the passage
of the train and a wrecking crew was
despatched to the scene.
The railway company, presented the
boys with a cheque for $25 each for
saving them a terrible loss of life and
immeasurable expense.
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iiu; ■  "   ■ ■ =*,—;	
Fatal accidents—2.
Accidents  (reported)  but not fatal
—5. ,."'.'
Coal production is likely to .increase
in that province. -
Tommy came out of a room in which
his father, was tacking down tlie carpet. He was crying in a particularly
hard way. *
"Why! Tommy, whats the matter?"
asked his mother.
"P.-p-p-papa hit his finger with   the
_l*,a*mY*n£-.i» '1 r-o)-.l.-->'1    Tnw,*_*tr
"Well, you need-not cry at a thing
like that," comforted the mother, 'Why
didnt you laugh?"
' _ did," sobbed Tommy disconsolate. '
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
I     Back to our Old Stand
'vyu—na v
moved to our old quarters next the Etnk of Commerce pending the
erection of our new.building opposite the King Edward hotel.
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&!)* Bizltizl £^Jb0jer
"  ?1.00 a year in advance.     Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
' Rates for advertising on application.
Phone 48; Residence 9
Manager and* Editor
The following is reprinted from an editorial appearing in .the Seattle Star, a capitalist sheet'. Any
comment on the same would be superfluous, as the
" article strikes direct at the point. We have no
record as yet of the editor being charged with being an anarchist: *        "      .
Witli what a complacent sense of superiority
we read of the general cussedness of the "foreign element."
We use,every inducement, every argument,
barely short of kidnapping and shanghai methods, to induce Europeans to come to the United
States. AVe support giant corporations and
steamship companies, whose life blood is a
steady stream of the peasantry of European
" They, come over in the steerage, spending
all or nearly all their savings in the passage,
as a result of tlie earnest endeavors of the
. steamship agents, who tells them "Yes, it is
really true that you can pick up gold on the
streets of the Uniled States."
The/foreigner finds that the closest, he can
come to picking up gold in the streets is a job
in a coal mine, a factory, a mill or a sweat shop!
He makes a bare living. He simply exists as
he did in Italy, in Russia or' in Hungary, or
any oilier place.
But anyway, this is,a free country.. That
was another thing that the foreigner had heard,
lie and his neighbors and fellow -workmen can
at least get together and talk things over and
and try.and .find out what's wrong with conditions. Caii he? "Well, hardly, if the ,(business
interests" don't like it. Being a foreigner and
unable to speak passable English, he finds' that
there is nothing in the free speech line. . He is
an anarchist., an; alien a, disturber, a conspirat-
7 or, an agitator, a foreigner.   *,
If he is out of a job he is a hobo.    , In. short
he finds that he has.exchanged a Cossack for
 a policeman. . "	
An exaggeration ?   Not at all.
Iii Spokane there are three hundred and fif*
ty   half-starved, and effectually clubbed "re
volutionists" in jail for trying to speak on the
public streets.
Twelve others—two of tliem women—are in
'jail for "criminal conspiracy"—that is for try
ing to break an anti-free speech law thai was
declared unconstitutional by the Spokane court
Little newsboys have been locked up and sweated by the police. The officers state that the
the boys were attending meetings of the revolutionists and "it is no place for them." The
revolutionists say that the real reason for arresting the boys was that they sold the Spokane
Press, a newspaper that has told the free" speeches' side of the story as well as the officials and
"business interests" side. "   '
Tlie police are now threatening   to arrest
, Socialist lenders wlio are circulating an initia
tive petition which has for ils objoct the passing
of a free speech ordinance ofthe sort in use in
several large cities.     A "prominent citizen
has offered to supply one thousand pick   hank's to volunteers wlio will drive the agitators
into the river.
Not all theso "agistors" are foreigners by
any nienns, Many are American born, ,but
enough are from abroad to make the phrase
"foreign clijnicnt" slick." Noun* of ihesc men
it is true, are ignorant and violent, and are beginning to see "red." Biit many others an
men of i-xpiTh-iii'i- tint] i-din-ntioii. These an
the leaders, They counsel continually "no resistance," and Hint is the spirit that lias ruled
their side of the contest thus far.
And so the fight goes on.
Meanwhile we, who have induced to our
shores those "agitators" who are foreigners—
lii-causr* our mast ers, the great, corporations,
need them to keep down the price of labor—
regard with I'ieivi* patriotic lintc the ''foreign-
ers wim conii' iiver ln-n> In break the laws of tin*
It. may suit the purpose of some people in advertising their own uprightness to east ri-l'lfi-tinns
it ' "l ('        , I      . I.i Hi. I f
,r,t     .tt-      il.t.i ■   i..,l      ".     "»*** I,**,     .1,.,     ....    ...I'      i*i,l  i .*.    iii
Div )\i.\ ni' Vxr.il it;)! h- ,Hi-Y:n't) In I'.-i:-! l!,.-,i „.,'■
iitteiiipt should be iiiinlt- to map political capital
out nf what is u purely moral, non-party ijueslion.
At a recent Social and Moral Reform banquet
Hon. Mr.. Motherwell expressed his deep regret
that the contractors for the parliament buildings
should have openely violated "the,*Lord's Day Act
by carrying on the worlc of construction on Sunday, and in the presence of the attorney general he
further expressed the hope that"those specially entrusted with the proper observance of the Sabbath
would take steps to lay a complaint before the Attorney General in order that action,might be taken
against the offending* contractors and preclude <j
possibility of a recurrence of the offence. This was
on Thursday. December 2.    .
'■ Before any action sueh as Mr. -Motherwell suggested was taken another Sunday came round and
again worlo was proceeded with on the buildings.
Thereupon the local Opposition* paper proceeded
to sneer at Mr. Motherwell and to call, in question
his sincerity.
On Wednesday last a formal charge*against the
contractors was laid before the Attorney General,
and without a moment's delay he issued a fiat,
rather not oiie. but two, one for each offence, and
instructed an officer of his department to conduct
the prosecution of the charge. This action was
reported to the Legislature the same afternoon.
The local opposition paper which is so righteously
indignant that the* Sabbath should have been broken, and which questions the sincerity of Mr. Motherwell, who likewise indignant, had a reporter in
the Legislature, biit not one word, is published on
the action taken by the R. N7 W. M. P. and the
Attorney General.
Mr. Motherwell declared that' action to punish
those who had openly violated the Lord's Day act
should be taken. That action has been taken.
Yet we are asked to regard Mr. Motherwell as an
insincere man.
The Opposition paper condemned the Government for inaction." sneered at the Commissioner of
Agriculture, and declared that the government ■
was indifferent to the breaking of the law, if not
actually a party to it/ The government gives the
lie to all this by taking action.
Then this opposition paper deliberately suppresses all mention of the Government's action,
and so far as it is concerned the public is allowed
to remain under the impression that Mr. Motherwell is insincVe, the government indifferent: in
fact that it i.s in sympathy with the breaking bf
the law. .      , -_ "
As between the two it is not difficult to reach
a conclusion as to which party -isfreally. sincere,
and the friend, supporter and sinceer believer in
the sanctity of the Sabbath.—Regina Leader.
The above article shows that in some'matters
of Saskatchewan a Lord's Day Act. But why is
it that it is meant to cover, or does cover only certain lines of trade. AVhy should the poor miner
be forced to work on Sunday, if othcrs"are arrested
if they do work?
Tlie government'of Saskatchewan is very loose
in several things. We1 had some experience of its
looseness in connection with tlie Globe Fire Insurance Company, and there are other companies
holding a charter under the Saskatchewan government that are very nearly as useless as the Globe
company was. ,     '
.But will the Premier see the reasonableness of
protecting the miners?     We hope so.
As Others See Us
Tn Saskatchewan there is nt present no Compensation law. A man working at,any trade there
is liable to get hurt for life without getting any
returns from the people who are responsible for his
accident, In the coal -mines this is especially
brought, to notice. At Taylorton, a young man
in the prime of life, but 27 years of age, was maimed for life, just twelve-months ago. The Company i'or whom he was working and who should
be responsible for his accident, have so fnr refused
to give him any .compensation for his injuries.'
In this same district, at the recent elections the
present member, He'll by name.' made all' sorts of
promises to the miners of what he would do for
them iu the way of compensation law, S hour bank
to bank law. better homes, better light, better conditions, etc, but so far they have received nothing.
The premier has also switched the question of doing anything in this regard for another -twelve
months. A system of mining inspection is eerliiin-,
ly needed in the province of Saskatchewan along
the same lines that are followed iu British Columbia. According to reliable reports the conditions
in some of the mines in Saskatchewan at present,
are deplorable. Ventilation is n joke: timbering
b farce, the use of powder entrusted lo tlmse who
are not en refill, and the general conditions iu which
thu men have to work are about nfc bad as could
be imagined. As staled before in this paper, in
n recent sjieeeh outlining the work that was to be
tindi-riaken by the legislature of Saskatchewan,
the premier expounded ii long list of public works
and legislation that wus to be undertaken, but not
one word had he to offer for the miners, who are
I •                  I         ,,     ,.              .   1!(!   ..
<• </* I..UJ-;   uuWm    'i'i,,,.    ii.i.it,. i
li.Kh ',i, ni.y .i.1' Iim Du'vr n.*.*iJ iu'inhi).
the west.      The voters will not be liable to forget
ilie (kitl »lie*y have received,
Progressive Fernie,' published at the
Ledger office in the coal'city is a literary aiid typographical victory. —
Greenwood Ledge."
* * *
The Herald is in receipt of Progressive Fernie, an illustrated booklet published by the Fernie District Ledger.
It commemorates the'destructive fire
of August 1908,'and the remarkable
progress the town has made since then
in rebuilding. A racy story of the
fire is given with many good illustrations, and the work of restoration is a
credit not only to Fernie but to tlie'
whole of Canada.—Nanaimo Herald.
- *   *   *        ., ■   ,
Progressive Fernie is the title of a
handsome, illustrated booklet issued by
the District Ledger at Fernie.' The
issue shows the miraculous progress
that has taken place in Fernie in one
short year.* The terrible fire occurred in August 1908 and the illustrations
show conditions as they are in August 3909.* Altogether the issue is one
which reflects much credit on the pub1
Ushers.—Portage la Prairie Liberal.
* *   *
The Fernie Ledger, has Issued a very
attractive, booklet showing tho progress than has been made In tho chief
coal mining town of the interior of
British Columbia since the great fire
of 1908. Within the compass of a
single year the city has risen from the
ashes of its former self and is in a
more prosperous condition than.at any
previous time in its history. The work
hi question was printed in the Ledger
office and bears upon its' face most
convincing evidence of the fact that
in the printing business and in every
other buslnss Fernie is thoroughly up
to date.—Victoria Times.
* »   »
The town of. Fernie in British Columbia, which a year ago was practically obliterated by fire, has again been
rebuilt', and has now regained almost
the full measure of its former greatness and importance. This at any
rate is the announcement made in a
large, illustrated booklet entitled Progressive Fernie,' which has just been
issued by the business men of that
community. Fernie is situated in the
rich coal mining country of the Crows
Nest Pass, and the booklet serves to
show that it is reaping great prosperity from the coal mining industry. It
is described as the city of homes, the
Pittsburg of Canada, the industrial
beehive of Southeastern British Columbia. The object of the booklet is
to show that the city possesses advantages as a distributing and manufacturing centre, and the letter press and
illustration's certainly, seem to.. bear
this -out.—Montreal .Witness.
-The District Ledger, Fernie B. C,
nas""our thanks for~a—copy—of-'Pro**"
gressive Fernie, a book of over one
hundred pages, wherein is contrasted
the growth of that flourishing western
town since the big-fire in August, 1908.
Many views are portrayed of the destruction wrought by the fire fiend, as
are^ also views of the progress since
made. The publication is a work of
art throughout, a really creditable
piece , of letter press and half tone
work. In looking over Its pages we
find a Westville boy portrayed in several places. On- one page we find
the individual photo of James Marshall, chief clerk accounting department
of the Crows Nest, Pass Coal'Co. We
also find him in a group of the clerical
staff of the C. N. P. 0. Co, We also
find him In another group as a member of the Fernie Board of Trade;
1909. James H, is a son of our worthy townsman, Mr. James Marshall,
Acadia stroet.--Free Lance, Westville*,
N. S.
* * *
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The Waldorf Hotel
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Hot and Cold Water L. A. Mills, Manager
C'  ,    I.,,* (-•I'.O**','*!'.
■■ri.viiin*-* nf
H will ho groat news Indeed to all
of uh to lenrn thnt tho Honnio llrltir
lliish will lw glvon lieor on January
plnco In BtroiiK and pi-mint.nit. Its chlof
exponent Is Pestle whoso droll phll
osnphy itiul witticisms nro nn oxroll
ont foil fo t|n< moro serious portions
i un1 lived up to so .-lowly thnt domes-
tli: lies nre ii pt to heroine siu-riflced
on whnt tlin "unco ftulil' consider tho
nltiir of ivIIkIoim duty.     In   Lnchlnn
jCiimiil-ell Ih shown one whoso heart Ih
it-Tat the Miner* Union Opora Viotiso.\overflowing with tender lovo for hlsi'"" iho play. Tlio company this season
ThU Si-oich ninieity iltiuiiii which wi."•■•■■ I--1 ■'•I' •*••*> duuKUt-.-i. >■•■. \w lit it mo-',is all that totiM Ik: ilcAlri.-d. whilo it
well combines several of Inn McLnr-i nwiu  ot  what  he  deems    rlKhteous j quartette of tbalo HliiBorH and William
,wn bu*\   U.iMi,     .-.loiU.-* of llff  lu, wr.'iMi, ilrlvi.-:i her from lily horn'*, nml, Mulkk, a Scutch Imi; piper, will add
Drumtoclity, Ik sure to ph-us.* nil thu- ■ n'j-iihkJIiik n«iiitn«i  liln fnlherly littt't-. to the Kern-rat iiiU-ulUniwnH.
ado Koere, especially our Scotch pop*.'Ion tries to make himself beld-ve that —
nlnfo, an it. Im full of the [iimosphon; Ditn mi was that of a just and a (.oil-     The Till en-Wood Corn puny and Hinff
prtment-'d Mr. Wrno.it* Hodman, a former member nf their Mntt, who U at
of Dw thistle, the heather, and   Dear f'*nrliiK man.    He t» transformed from
Auld Hcntland. The play Ih wonderfully 'an ascetic and literal hellever In lho
tru<Mo life In It* iletlriention of Scotch ■■f'nlvai-.Uili*: Ititerpretarlon of the aerip-j present und.TKolrii; treatment in Sp-o-
character,  toir-h  i'hara<:ier»    »»  may,, tuien .*> nu„ •who uiiiui M >.»■>••*. *>i>uii*, W;ui>\ <*Uh u tUttiUf fix i\tM.     The
oven now bo found In country towne*,; Kood in the Guidon Hnln,     All thin U{ recipient wImIio* to publicly extend tn
In Scollnnd, whom tho Cnlvnnliitlc dor.-'i * ery hetiutifuHy I rotiKht out In    thej tin* donoi» hl» t hunks for this much
trine* of redemption   ami damnation idny.     The ceiw-ly element  In  the: appreciated gift.
\ ;
Bar supplied with   the  best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Fornie, risen from ils ashes is today
one of the busiest, brightest, best built
and most progressive of the prosperous
cities ot the interior of nrlllsh Columbln, ProRresslvo Fornie, n handsomely
lllustrnled, cleverly compiled and woll
printed book of viows and letter press,
■just Issued hy tho Fornio District Led-
ftor, rIvob nn admirable Idea of tho
wonderful transformation that took
place within 12 months of tho great
disaster that converted one of tlie
most flourishing oltios of the Crow Into n heap of smouldering ruins, The
nmazliiK worlc that has boon accomplished by tho Indomltnblo citizens of
lho conl metropolis within so brief n
period Is graphically portrayed In tho
publication. Views show tbo city as
11 was boforo tho fatal August I, 1008,
lho HconoB of ruin and desolation that
tho devastating flro loft In Its wake
aro depleted, and finally, thoro ore Illustrations of tho handsomo city an It
(ixIhih today and of many ot Its most
noteworthy buildings. Tho book Ih
ii n.Mtuirkrtbh*) momonto of a chapter In
tho history of Fornio that can bo paralleled nowhere on thc four continents.
It tells a story of catastrophe and recovery that Is a credit to tho spirit and,
pot'Hiivorenco nf the west, and It Ih a
Houvenlr thnt. Is of Interest not In Fertile nlono, hut whorovor pluck and
iiiliniriitlon are ailmlred, The lllim*
trillions first attract tho attention of
those who make a curnory examination
of the publication, but tho letter promt
Is appropriate and oqunlly Interesting,
nud the advertisements which are iiIho
published give n vivid Impression of
the biiFilnosslIko and progressiva spirit
':f tl: ■ t-lt;' that 1" "'Ml nnrnfl TV-"."'
rnnslve Fomln.—Nolson Nows,
*(■?■     Fb     Kb
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Fire!  Fire! Fire!
The. anniversary of the great
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established and well known
Board Fire Insurance coni-
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mul n most onjoyahlo tlmo was spont.
.*.,.. i I ,        ■- 0      „
kJ'Ut'i.l'h     Vfc.V.     S:*I^W.k..ft     V.     •x,.,.i*:.,...     i-i.     *-(-
solid silver tea sot was mndo to Mr.
nnd Mrs. Woathorilt on behalf of tho
church on tho occasion of their departure from tho city.
Prof. Mynr announcos that ho will
stnrt next wook a French conversation and ruadlnn clasA, Three houro a
wcok Is tho timo and miccess Is wiar-
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J*tH*tt*HHHHHHHHHHH*HHl^^ _n_a
L* <.
The Official Organ  of District No.  18, U.M.W.   of A.
Fernie, B.C.)   January 1 st,    1910
yy»yyyvyy'»yyy**^*^y^AM^*»*»^MMf* •*****MMMMr-JM
News Front the Camps
From our own Correspondents
*ckk kick*kickickkirkirkkk*kirkk'kk kkkkickictrkkkkkkkkkk-kkickkkkk
the Ledger yet? If not, why not.
They need the money, in the business.
We wish all readers of this paper
a bright, and prosperous New Year.
■ Alf. Smith,, a coupler in No! 2 mine
had his leg badly,,, crushed by being
caught with a runaway trip on Tuesday
night.      '   ' .'     -
A grand smoking concert was held
In the new club hall on Christmas evening. Owing to the absence of the
president through work, the chair was
taken hy W. Larder, better known as
Yorkle, who performed. his duties In
fine style. The following gentlemen
aided considerably introducing'a most
v, ■
*' .
")\. -;i
~ - '*' i
- i
r      •
\%. ■
enjoyable evening':: D. Archibald, "VV
Evans, J. Dooly, H. Baker, T. Davies,
J. Hewitt, R. Hiibbertsey, D.  Slavlh,
T. Davies, T. Steele, T. Sto'we, J. McFarlane, A.. Harrold, A. Smith, W. Atkinson, T. Douglas, J. Dodd, D. Mc-
o Gregor, R. Tucker, the Highland piper, and A. Allan, comedian from Ml-
.* chel.     The accompanists were M. J.
Hewitt, and B. Barnes.     The refreshments were supplied free by Mr. Cox
of the Elk Valley Brewing Company,
'■' Everybody  present had  a real  good
time... , .
Mr. James Finlayson, wife and family from Frank, were visiting friends
at Coal Creek for the week end. *
Mr. and Mrs. G. Crabbe entertained
a number of their friends to a.party
■   on Tuesday  evening  and  all  had  a
- good time.
H.' Fowler, a driver in   No. 9 mine,
'" had the misfortune to lose the little
finger of his right hand on the 23rd
inst. by. getting it caught between a
car and a post. •
Mr. Fullerton of Winnipeg, is now
j in charge of the company's warehouse
at Coal Creek.
Jack O'Brien pulled out last week
for a trip to the coast.
Herbert Lanfear and family are
again residing at Coal Creek.    ,
The first dance this season was held
'in the'dub Hall last Wednesday night.
The Company present was not a very
.lq*j"_*n_.rfn*a iMiriri cr t/\ f Vi_i clirkrf « ft-. Hi-* *a_
'AMI   Q\_ — \m< ilV    _r IT 111Q W   —VUV VJ**1_   *   V IIVllWU^'
but those who were there.had a,right
good time.-', The floor was just fine
and the music too. Piano, Mr. Clarldge;* violin, Mr. Foster.. Floor master; Mr.'T. Wakelem.   ,**
Among the visitors-at the Creek" for
■ Christmas were some old timers ih J.
\ Combe; T. Branch, J. Logan, T. \Leech
j W, Quail, T. Wilson,, N".,Duncan, A.
} Crulckshanks, A„ Allan, E. Purcell, E.
' Lynn, G. Smith.
|   - Yorkey took a trip back east last
Sunday night.
The concert for the benefit of Chas.
Allstead on Monday night was a grand
success financially, and the talent was
exceptionally good, as the following
program will show:. Musical selection
song, Minute Past Seven Last Night;
Miss Jones, song, Just Like the Ivy
I'll Cling to Thee; Miss Alice Tyldsley
The Choir Boy; Mr. J. Foley, cornet
solo; C. Clnridge, humorous song, The
Song Without a Name; encore, What
Would the Congregation Say?; Mrs. F.
M. Por'teous, song, Sing Me to Sleep;
encore, Love Me and the World Is
Mine; .Master Worthlngton, violin solo
Mrs. Elly, song, Sweetheart Days; J.
Puckey, character comedian:— Run
Away, Mounted Foot; encore, Yarns;
Miss Cissie McCourt, song, The Toilers; G. Finlayson, comic song, Patter,
a Different Girl Again; Miss Alice
Tyldesley, recitation,. The. Road, to
Heaven; Miss Cissie McCourt, The
Dear Home Songs; Mrs. Elly, song,
selected. After the program the president, Mr. W. McFegan, moved a vote
of thanks to the artists for the kind
services rendered also the audience
for their kind atronage towards such
a' charitable, cause. The board of
management was also heartily thanked. Mr. J. Claridge seconded ,the
motion. The sum received by the
concert was $131. The singing of God
Save the King brought a good entertainment to a close." The accompanists for the evening were  Mr. •> Elly
and Mr. Evans.        ' ** ■■   •■
v -i
•Don't forget the dance on New Years
eve. Tickets. Gentlemen one dollar
and fifty cents. Ladles free. Lunch
to.be served..    Secretary C. Claridge.
The boys at the big batch had a
fight on Christmas day (snowballing.)
^.Who harnessed the team that went
to Fernie on Christmas morning.
.George Smithis back at the Creek
again. - Can't stay away can you,
George.'   '   *."- '   . i     ■-
Entertainments and Christmas trees
were held in the Presbyterian . and
Methodist churches respectively last
Wednesday aiid Thursday evenings for
. (Too Late for last week)
The masquerade ball  held by
concert and every child rich or poor
will receive a present.
Percy Hesketh of Blairmore will .visit Goal Creek this week end to spend
Christmas with his relatives and
. A grand smoker, was held on Tuesday evening 'last in the school house
and all had a good time.    ■
Mr. Blair, an old timer through the
Pass, has taken up a position as en**
gineer.at the cement works at'Blairmore.
ladles of Waldo on Thursday evening
was a pronounced success in every
way. Lower Waldo, Baynes, Elko,
Jaffray and Wardner were well ^represented. ' * The floor was in perfect
condition and dancing was much enjoyed. At 12 o'clock an excellent
supper was served. When the guests
unmasked a ■ flashlight picture " was
taken. Following, are some of the
characters. represented.
Mrs.* Griffith, nurse.   "'
Mrs. Hart, Indian maiden.
Mrs.. Verhoef, night. .
Mrs. Joe Ross, Queen of Hearts.
Miss Smith: Queen of Diamonds.
** Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hales  Ross:   Uncle
Sam and Wife. '
Mrs. Charles McNab: Plain old woman.
Mrs. Walter, Robertson,   Dutch girl
Mrs. Gircrade: Night.
Dr. Robertson:   Red domino.,,
Miss Saunders: Greenaway girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Flemsburg, sailor
and lass. ■
Mrs. Roby: Flower girl.
Mrs. Dunn: Japanese girl.
Mrs. ..McDonald:'Dancing girl.
Mr. Walter Robertson:   Baby.
Mr. Dupont:  sailor.
Mr. Robertson: Highland * chieftain. '
Dr. Saunders: Red domino.
Mr. Booth: Green domino.
Mr. Joe Ross: Cavalier.
Mr. Pickard: ,Cow woman.
Mr. Muir:. Knight.   ,
Mr. Irvin: Double clown.
Mr. Bai-tgr:   Clown.
Mr. Roby:   Mephisto.
Excellent music was furnished and
dancing was kept up to the we srha'
hours of the morning. , .■*   "°    *
Service will be held "in the Waldo
hall on Sunday.
Mrs. Hugh McMahon, Newdale, Man.
back and-side injured.
Mrs. S. Dickson, Winnipeg, body injured.
■ The'cause as far as is yet ascertainable, was a broken rail,' the engine.,
having passed over safely.
Later.—B. Campbell of Lethbridge
was among those who were slightly injured. - ■■.''..
fr-i(_- nit 11/4(•<on_qn/l__ ■pia rt *•_ c .on*rl_ftirA*MirAtiA.
buC7uiiiiul \,*L— uiiu-«.i lUiluu-itliu-*^ t \m-x~j v/uc
had a good time.
. Quite a crowd of men went to Fernie
for the special meeting.-Tuesday night
and Wednesday. The mines were idle
ln order to get all the men,there possible., A special train was run from
the Creek.
■ -An Italian was fined ten dollars and
costs at Fernie, police court on the
15th Inst, for having stuck his lamp
"with a pick in No, 5, mine and not
reporting it to the'fire boss. This is
a very serious offence and men working In these mines cannot be too careful with tlieir lamps.
Have you paid your subscription to
Another smash up occurred at Bellevue this week' when a freight pitched
into the rear end of a standing freight,
smashing* the caboose and dismantling
the engine of the stack and" several
other parts. ' The front of the engine
caught fire and burned off all -the
wood work clean to "the engine.:, This
is the second smash at Bellevue In the
last three weeks. Fortunately no one
was hurt. ■
Mike Kindret of Passburg laid information against Billy Mosteca to the
police for assault, but later Kindret
withdrew the charge, Mosteca paying
the costs. '
Pete Morris also of Passburg was
fined $5 and costs for assaulting Jno.
Gregovich'of Passburg. '
Mrs. McFarland of Hillcrest laid information against her husband for assault. He was sentenced to two
months hard labor at Maeleod without
the option'" of a fine.
Carl Bansmer was committed. dn
the 27th, for stealing a horse belonging
to W. Chappehof Bellevue. He borrowed the horse to come to Frank,
but instead of returning he skipped out,
across the line taking the horse with
him. He was turned back by the U.
S. customs and arrested by the Mounted police at Twin Lakes. He was
sent back to Frank and was committed
by Mr. T. S. Belcher, J. P. He will
be sentenced later.
The Christmas tree which ought to
have been held before Xmas, will- be
held New Years eve' in the .church,
when it is "hoped that every child in
Frank will receive a nice present. All
tradesmen and the general public contributed generously to the scheme.
Mr. Somerton of New Michel , was
paying his brother,a visit'here this
week. '       ,*,",' ,; "'
The Hogmannay supper and dance
of the Scotch folk is being held in
Bruce's hall tonight (Friday.) A good
time is assured. Supper is on the
tables at 8.30 o'clock. The priee of
admission is gents $2; ladies free.
That beautiful Scottish drama The
Bonnie Briar Bush Is to pay us a visit
in the very near future. This will be
welcome news to all lovers of this
delightful interpretation of Ian McLaren's widely.read stories of Drumtoclity. The story is so well and favorably known here that It Is unnecessary to detail the plot. Lachlan Campbell, Postie, Tammas,' McLure and all
the other lovable characters will cbe
well, presented by a thoroughly capable company of players. An entirely
new* and beautiful,scenic production
has been built for this season, the for*
mer one having been destroyed this
summer in a fire which burned up. one
of the largest- storage warehouses in
New York city. The play will be given here on January 10 at the Miners
opera house.
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pupils and can assure intending
patrons of best attention being
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note.     7   "
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$ Wishing   all A Happy   and %
o \
% Prosperous New Zear         %
% .                                         ^             %
M. W. Elley, District Manager
(Last .week's Items)
Mr. and Mrs. Holcroft and George
Whiting of Michel-went tnrough here
on Saturday last on a visit to   Bur-
i *•>
All the children of the day school
were visited by Father Christmas,—
alias A, V. Lang—on Wednesday and
were presented with a bag of candy,
and nuts,    ,
Mrs. Darbyshlre and Mrs. Smith of
Burmis were visitors here on Thursday. '- ■*,
The Christmas tree which ought to
have been,held this week will be.held
on Friday next',when there will he a
MONTREAL, Dec. 28:—Part of the
Toronto-Winnipeg'express which left
Winnipeg on Wednesday night, was
derailed seven miles west of. Chap-
leau, .-.'■•'
, Several coaches in the'middle of the
train loft the rails, and two of them
turned over on their sides. About 20
persons received slight Injuries and of
these the following are said to be the
most seriously.hurt:
M, Moqull, Amsterdam, N. Y., back
D. A. McLean, Moosomin, Sask., internal injuries.
fR.H. Marlow |
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': .-ci'*
Grand Trunk Employees and the
Bosses   Chewing   the Rag
For Better or Worse
Call Issued i
OTTAWA"; Dec. 27.—For some time
there has been a dispute between the
G.!_. R. and its station agents and operators regarding the hours* of work.
A conciliation hoard has been appointed consisting' of .1. E. Atkinson of Toronto, chairman, appointed by the minister of labor; Wallace Necbltt, K. C.
representing the railway and W. E.
Lees of Toronto for the men. The dispute effects all tho lines east of Detroit.
Evening Citizen says: "it is stated
that a number of disputes as lo classification of excavation of tlie lake Superior section of the Transcontinental
railway have been adjusted as between
Mr. KellJhor of' the G. T. P. and Cl.
Grant, chief engineer of the' commission. This lias been done without, the
necessity of a reference to Coliingwood
Schrieher.' The third arbitrator was
appointed on November II. Other sections will be gone over in the spring.
The correspondence and oilier matters
relating to classification on the .Transcontinental-'will be the subject of enquiry when parliament luassembles,
bul it is. said thrift the altitude of both
the commission and the'G.T.P, will be
to sit tight, pending the completion of
tho work of tlie newly appointed arbitration board.
The railway commission heard a
long argument today on the complaint
of the '.Manufacturers association
against tlie new tariff on code messages proposed by certain telegraph
Tiie amalgamation of the Canadian
Krotherliood of Railway Employees
with the Canadian Federation of Labor which has been pending since the
convention of the latter held here in
September has" at last been completed.
, Final. arrangements were, made for
taking the railway men into the Canadian Federation of Labor at a conference held here between J. W. Pat'ter-
,son,<,president of the Federation/and
• A. R. Molscher, grand* president of the
■ Brotherhood.
' *- It is understood that the terms on
which amalgamation.is made are satisfactory'to all parties concerned. The
Edmonton team asking him to hold
Edmonton's cup dates open. Mr. Magee says that the Edmonton team will
most likely come. They will doubtless be given the dates of January 1
and 3 if they come.
Sittings  in   East  Kootenay  for    Year
To Come
January. 11th, Tuesday at Wilmer.
January    Ilth,    Friday    at   "Cran
■January  20:   Fernie
January 27:  Golden.*1
February   ,10:   Cranbrook.
February 17:   Fernie.
March 10: Cranbrook
March 17: Fernie
April 7:  Golden
April fl: Wilmer
April 14:   Cranbrook.
April 21: Fernie
May 12: Cranbrook
May 19:  Fernie
June 9:   Cranbrook.
June 16:  Fernie
June  23:   Golden.
. June 25: Wilmer.
September 1: Golden.
September 3:,,Wilmer
September 8: Cranbrook
September 15:  Fernie
October-13:   Cranbrook
October 20:   Fernie
November 3:  Golden.- -'
November 10:  Cranbrook-
November   17:   Fernie
December S: Cranbrook
December 15:  Fernie
Chambers will be held at Fernie on
Tuesday in each week excepting the
weeks', when ther is a sitting of the
court. Chambers in Cranbrook each
-Monday and all other days the Judge
is in town. . ' » ■
*   . P. E. WILSON
"railway mefrwill continue UTeir organ",
zation under the old name but will
pay a per capita tax on the Canadian
Brotherhood of Railway Employees—
numbering 3000 men—who are'mainly
eniplo>;«l_9n..the=Intercoloniiil and the
"other*"line's- of  Nova  Scotia.      Their
head office is in Halifax.
President D'Arey Magee of Lhe Ottawa hockey club received a' wire
from Manager Jack Winchester bf the
A big hearted Irish politician in a
To  the  Local  Unions  of the Uniled
Mine Workers of America, Grect-
,   ing:*
Yon are hereby notified that the
21st annual convention of the United
.Mine Workers of America will be held
in Tonilinson Hall, Indianapolis, Ind.,
commencing at 10 a.m. Tuesdav, Jan.
18,  1910. 7*        •   *     -
A careful examination of the following extracts from Article Five of the
Constitution will show the basis of
representation and the manner of the
election of delegates:
. Section 2: Representatives to the
International Convention shall be elected directly from Local Unions nnd
shall have one vote for each one hundred members or majority fraction
thereof, but no representative shall
have, or be,, credited by the Credential
Committee with more than five voles,
nor shall said Credential committee
transfer votes to any delegate nol, duly
authorized .by the Local Union, nnd
no pei son shall be eligible as representative who is not a mine worker
or employed by the organization, mid
is a bona fide member of a local union in the dist'rict which he is said to
Note: The term "Miner or Mine'
Worker" includes any one working in
or around the mines and a mem bur of
a  Local  union.
Sec. 3: No local'union shall be1 entitled to representation in the International convention that is in arrears
for '1'ies or assessments for two
months preceding the one in which the
international condition is held, . and
which'has not in every particular compiled with' the constitution of tlic.dis-
trict in which' said local union may
be located, or which has less than leu
members, and any,,mine within tin-
jurisdiction of tho United* IU ino Workers, having been* once organized for a
period of three months and allowing itself to become lapsed, defunct, or refusing'to pay dues or assessments to'
the organization, shall pay a sum equal
to three months dues and assessments
on all.members to the international
and district unions, before it can be
reinstated or reorganized, and must
be in good standing for four months
previous to the month* iii which the international convention is held .before
said local union shall be entitled, to
representation in the. annual or special
Sec. ,4. If it shall appear upon inves-
igation that any local union has lapsed
in order to evade the'payment of tax
or assessments, the international executive board" shall insist upon the
payment of-all- back taxes and assessments.     '        ,
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reliable Grape Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder
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Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
fulness of the food
/Vo A. lum      _^^^_____,_ fi° time
w       Tftosphaie
■ Office:'Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; 1-5;',6.30-7.30.' Phone 72
B. C.
W.  R., ROSS'K.C.
Barrister   and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein D. E. McTaggart
Cox Stroet , Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I, Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
Barrister and Solicitor
western city had just left a theatre
one night when he was approached by
a beggar who said:   - ,
Heaven bless your bright,, benevolent'face! A little charity'sir, for a
poor cripple.
.The politicians gave the man some
coins, saying:
"Aud how are you crippled, old
"Financially, sir,' answered the beggar as he made off.
Sunday School q
■|TP   On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for. the International
HI   Newspaper Bible Study Olub.   "■—-"r—-i
January 2nd  1910
Xmas.  Hampers
HAMPER NO, 1—$3.00—
1 Dozon Oranges
6 lbs. Apples
1 Box Bon Bons
1 Plum Pudding
1 lb, Graposs
1 lb, Table, Raisins
1 lb, Fancy Biscuits
1 lb. Mixed Nuts
2 lbs. Cranberries
1 lb. Tea or Coffee
1 Bottio Native Port
HAMPER NO,'2:-$5.00~
1 Bottio H. B. Special Rye
1 Bottio H. B, Port Wine
1 Bottio H. B. Old Sherry
1 Bottio H. B. Old Scotch
1 Bottio H, B. Diamond Brandy
1 Box Fancy Cigars
3 Bottles Lager Beer
HAMPER NO. 3—$10.00—
1 Bottio H. B, Special Rye
1 Bottio H. B. Old Sherry
1 E-Llk II. Tm, Old rwl
0 BoliJw Lu^i* Beer
1 Bottio H, B. Special Scotch
1 Bottio H. B, Special Old Irish
1 Bottio H. B, Jamaica Rum
1    T^/**-,**   T\ffov»*rvn*AviJfr\   f1\f*r\v*tt    fORS
*.     *4-v.*     i.Uuo-^uwt'.ov     V n-£***,*••• * •>      S1-'" /
1 Bottio H. B. Special Brandy
Mail OrdfirS Receive prompt attentinn
Lethbridge, Alta.
'Sec. 57" All newly organized''locals
must be organized at least, 'three
months, and have two months dues
paid prior to the month in whiclMhe
International convention is held before they will be entitled to representation, unless said new locals are composed of members fronv aid locals in
good standing at time of orgniiiznlion;
the fact that a new local is composed
of members of an old local must be
attested by the district'Secretary.'
Sec. G. Representation Bhall bo bused
upon the average memberhslp of the
Local union for the last'three months
upon which payment has boon mnde,
previous to the month in which the
International convention Is held,1
Delegates to the International convention shall be'elected at nny regular
meetings after the call for the convention has been received niid a notice
shall be posted at. tho mlno nl. least
three days previous to such mooting,
stating that' delegates nre to be elect-
| ed. Delegates to* tho internntional
; convention shall receive n majority
volo of the mombors present nt'meeting whon such delegaloH nre elected.
Sec' 7. Any member of lho,Unitod
, .Mlno Workers of Amerlwi uccopiliiB a
position other than that of n miner or
nilno worker shnll not be <*]|(*!lik. to
net ns rcpreRonniilve to any mil) dis-
diet, district or International convention, or roprosont tho Unitod Mlno
Workers In a central body or State
Federation of Labor convontlon, whilo
holding siu.li position; but nccoptlng ft
position with l.ho United Mino Workers or nny othor affiliated orgnnlwitlon
shnll not bo const rued ns mnklng a
member Ineligible' to net as representative,
■ Ht'ii. S, Tlm books of iliu Houreliiry-
tronKiiror shnll bo oloHml for tho yonr
on November !!fl nnd no creiloiitlnlH
.sh'nll be received after .lnnimry 8, nor
j Hhnll uny dolcigiito he entitled to n sent.
, In Dw Intermitloiuit convention iiiiIohh
'. tliolr local union wiih Iii good Rtnmllnff
'nn l.loeoinbor 1, preceding tlio (Into
j upon which lhe imniinl eonvonllnti Is
• held,
!    Rec. 0, nelogjitcH lo tho Jnlei'liiillnwil
7'oiivt'titloii Hhnll lie pnld rnllrenil fare
; in iuul from tlin r-riiiv'-utlon on iln* following IiiihIh: HcIokiiIck shnll roproHeiir
jflve IociiIh If Hiiid IdciiIh r-niituln not
more thnn HOO inomlioi'H,    Whim them
I nnt .'On iiiiJinliiTh In dim Iocnl urn ItiHH
! number than five Iui-iiIh, mich IociiIh
!h|wiI1  be (-nUtled  In send ll dflcgiU'*.
| iind uny Inrnl tinloii Htnmti-d one nr
mol*-' miles from nny other Iocnl union
Khali lie cnl It led io Hem] it repremmtat-
he mul  Hhould  there be move than
flvn vnion In nny one loenl or itroup
j of locals, tlii'y Nlinll lw eiititlcil   lo a
i* i |-i f .'..' Ill ii .* 11 »    Mil   (Jii    fl,,ti'fl.t-,flill  uiu .'it
Ill-is iih provided for In UiIh constllu-
tlnn. The Kxeciiilve Honrd ftlnill hnve
power to Invy en the members tn crtrry
om the nbovn previsions iirnvliloil hii ir]
l.'vv lie niT'f'smivv,
Hec, 10. When* nillrond rcrlll'IcatoHi
cnimnt lio obtained hy iJelenaicB ntt*'
I'lfdlu*-' the Inti-riiiiilnnii) Convent Inn
tlii-y shnll furnish ren-lpm fnr Iln* fnn*
Delegnt-'H lo the con vent Ion Hhould
bn elected sufficiently enrly in <*iiiil*I<-
lliu Hecretury of the local union to forward th" duplicato creili-iitlnlH In time
tn reiich Dw Intermitiniui! sccri-iinyM
off|e« not Inter tlmn .Inntinry », It'll).
N'etrotlntlotis nre now beltm mnde *o
KiTur-"- Kpednl rntf-H of trniiHpnrlntloii.
liiHirutiirniH to (lclcKiiti's cniicnrniiiK
Dw purHlftRe of McltoU w||| ln> public
cd In lhe I'nllrd Mine Wnrknrfl .Iiwr-
nnl together with the rnlea olititliu'd
nt various hotetn.
T. L. Lewi», Pro«ld«nt
Edwin Perry, 8«c.-Tre*».
"John1, the forerunner of Jesus.—J,Tat-
thew' iii:l-12:.<,
■ Golden Text.—The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare ye the
way of the Lord, moke his paths
straight. Matt, iii:3.
■ Verse 1.—What were the days refe'r-
ed to in vese l ?   '    - ■
What are the facts concerning John
the Baptist, his paents, the time and
place of his birth, his early training,
.t h e_c om m en ce me n t_o f_h i s_m inis|ti___hjs
characteristics and the nature of his
preaching? , ...
Where and what was the wilderness
of Judae?
. Verse' 2.—What' did John want the
people to do "when he urged them to
repent ? -  ,-
AVhy was it then and why is it now
Impossible for any person to enjoy the
favor of God without first having* repented?
What did John mean by saying The
Kingdom of I-Ieaven is at hand?
Has the kingdom of heaven been established on earth nnd if so, what Is
thnt * kingdom, and who are its citizens?
, Verse 3,—What did Esains (Isaiah)
foretell concerning John nnd where is
the passage to bo found?
In what sense did John prepare the
way for Jesus?
Verse •I.-**-Why did John dross ln
such ii plain way and eat such simple
To what' oxtent should good people,
today, take John for an example In
tho matter ot food and clothing?
To what oxtent does God care whnt
wo eat nnd what we wear?
If nil you know of a man Is that
ho Is fastidious In tho'mattor of dress
and an epicure'In his food, how would
you bo npt to rnto him In regard to
personal piety?
Cnn men work as hard, think ns
hard nud accomplish ns much or more
In all departments of life on a vegetable, ns on ft meat (llet?^ ,,
Voi'boh li-ll—How do'you .account for
tho wonderful Interest which John's
pronchlng croatod? i.
If John wero tho pormnuent, pastor
nf a church In this town do you suppose thnt he would bo nblo t o constantly keep up such it great, revival
iik this story records?
Whnt did John's hnptlsm signify?
Was hnptlsm then, nniTis hnptlsm
now for adults of nny uvull without a
full ennfoHBloti of sin?
Vei'HO 7—When u mombor of tho
church Is not a, devoted mnn Is ho
nny better or worse thnn nuy other
If a minister of-the gospel Ih not n
truly Rood mnn, whoso word in as
good iih his bond how would yon com-
puro him with u liiymnn of similar
Whnt Is tho tendency of tho office
of n piiHtor or of n llllile clnss ii>n<ii«i'
i\h to mnlilim Hh incumbent n truly
noble lyiil nn nil-round mornlly and
flimndnlly, trustworthy mnn?
Ih n pntHor nf n eliurcli under tiny
greater obllgntlon  to he a truly ilo-
I'dinil   \*o n 11   tll'ln    b)o   mowbovu'   Whv
lor whv nnt?
TIii'no scribes and phnMces were nt
those dnys wlml our pastors and
church officials nre In thone -lay».
Mow do you account fnr the fact thnt
they wero such Imd m<*n?
V*...-* -CC -W.'ui sr: ihi f-u't?
which prove genuine repentance?
(This question must be'answered in
writing by members of the club'.)
To what extent,does the fact'that
a man has a noble ami devoted ances*.
try recommend him to God?
Can any person be saved because of
his parents' .goodness?*
Verse 10—Is it thc fact, and why,
that incompetent men fail and that bad
men always,-cpme to" grief?
Verse 11—What is the difference between the personal results of John's'
baptism and that of the baptism of
rliA. I-Tnly  firm-it   fi*nn*|   Tpgnc?
Verse'12—What reason is there for
the belief that men iind women make
thoir own hell or heaven?   (%
Lesson for Sunday, January !), 1910,
—The Baptism and Temptation of
Jesus; attM. iii:13-17; 4:1-11!
Office Hendei-son DIock, Fernie B.C.
" Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
■ Residence 21 Vlotoria Ave.
'ioneer Builder and Contractor of
- - "     Fernie
In, what sense do good men live by
the word of God?
Verse o—Did Jesus ' go bodily into
the city, and if not, what did take
place?   '•-■'"''
,Whnt are the reasons to believe that
the mental temptation would be as
powerful as if it had been physically
performed?- '-.■-.- ' '
■   Verses 6, 7--\Vhat does this second
temptation' appeal to? -    -      '  -  -
Are there any exceptions to the rule
that a man of God, will never go con-
January 9 1909
The Baptism and   Temptation
Jesus,*—Matthew ,3:13-17, 4.1,11. '
Golden Text—In..that he hath suf
fered being tempted, lie'is able to" succor them that are tempted. Heb, 2.18
Verses 13, M—Why did Jesus want
to be baptized?,
- -What reason is there for the opin
ion that John's refusal to baptise
Mesus was a reasonable position to
Verse in—Is baptism essential to
salvation and tf not, what is Its purpose?
Repentance seems to havo beon a
necessary stop to John's baptism, did
Jesus need to repent?.,
Versos 10, 17—What evidence is
there thnt any person but Jesus snw
tho opening heavens, the Holy Spirit,
or thnt they heard the voice from
If a fow^of thoso iii'osont, who we're
spiritual, saw nnd honrd these things,
Is thero nny elvdenco to show thnt the
multitude did nlso?
'Verso 1.—Why did tho spirit lend
Joruh Into the wilderness?	
Whnt rensons nro there to bollovo
thnt temptation wns or wiib not, esson-
tinl for tho spirltunl development of
. Is temptntlon necPHsnry or n part
of God's oducntlonnl process for nil of
iih, Give yonr rcnnoim for yonr belief?
How much virtue would there be In
doing, right If there were neither temptation nor opportunity to do wrong?
(This quostion muat be answered In
writing by the membere of the club.)
Verso 2.—Why did Josus fiiBt, nnd
whnt Is the general effect, of fiiHtlnn*
upon spirltunl life?
li' ChristIihih follow tho example nf
JesiiH In the mutter of fasting, whnt
results would you uxpuct would probably follow?
Give n ivftHoned opinion an to whether Jeiiiis would iirohnlily feel the
ptniKH of hunger during the ecHtaoy of
the fiiHt?
Whnt are the HiiiIIh of Iho ruin llllll
react lou Renernlly follows exnltntloii,
mid stiite whether Jesus wns likely
pausing Ihrniigh thin reaction when lie
wnn nn hungon-il?
Verso :i—To wlml pnrt of the iuiuir«
nf InmiR did the rlovll ninke hl« flrsi
Oive your iciihoiik lor your opinion
iih to whether physlrnl temptiitliius are
nt* mimcrouH or dniiiicrotH as nplrltunl
Vi'VHn 't—-What would hnve been ihe
.v."'."'.'! "■.'.",■."■' "f ■!"' "'■' " '""ii" tiii'
mnde bread out nf Hlones?
trary to God's established laws? s
-   What is it' to tempt. God?" * •     *,
Verses 8-11—What, method did the
Devil adopt.-to. give Jestis the most
extensive view df his kingdom?
What    are the "kingdoms    of   the
world, which the Devil controls?
"'   How, could   the  edlval  havo  given
Jesus what he promised?
Do angels always minister'to those
who successfully oppose the Devi-1?
Lesson for Sundny, January, IGth,
1910,** • '   .      *   ,  .    .   >
Tho eginning of the Galilean Ministry.—Matthew 4:12-25',
"John!" she exclaimed, jabbing her
elbow Into his ribs at 2,17 a.m., "did
you lock tho kitchen door?' ;And
John, - who Is inner guard, and vvas
Just then drenmlng over Inst evening's
lodge meeting, sprang up In bod, made
the proper sign nnd responded ."Worthy Ruler, ou rportals are guarded,"
Oh, lie hit the right title even If he
was nsleep;*—Presbyterian,
. Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
An/eno londlnu a nkfltoh nnd doaorlptlnn ratty
qnlflklf Aioortnln niir opinion, froo whothor an
Indention Is Probnlilr *0>}tqntiih-jn, Communleiu
■ajltfroe. Ulrioit nuonoy for (oourynrjmtontii.
I'ntQiiu tnkon tiiroutfli Munn A Co, i
. reaolve
j'ntQiiu tnkon tlirouuli ..„....._ ,
iptmltiotlct, irlttioutointriroi In tbo
Scientific fltticricm
„  .  .iiuntruiuu wuutr.i'fi   JjHrffOflt OlN
culnilon of any uoloiil.illo Jouriml.   Torms for
Qll,M*»v!'H,]i'(ly°ar«pontuuo prapnlil,   Hold by
Almndsomoly lllimtratuil vrooMy.
culnilon of any uoloiil.illo jo
C»imil», IIUIT a y *—-
■ll iiowwlofilurn.
aoiDroidwiiy, New York
Iniiion, I), O.
r»no' offlno, hi JT SU WmliliiKion,
A. McDougall, Mgr.,
l1' i     n
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
R 0 Y A L
______a***m____y'»*^^ ■
Bar Unexcelled;
All White Help
Call in and
I ' ' m
see us once
C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
The Hotel of Fernie      ■
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed luinliei
Victoria Ave.
North Fernie
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator nnd Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie,
P. O,
Box 308   "
_ ■
Weak Throat—Weak Lungs
Cold after cold; cough after cough! Troubled wllh this
taking-cold habit? Better break it up. We have great
confidence in Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for this work. No
medicine like it for weak throats and weak lungs. Ask
your doctor for his opinion. He knows all about it
His approval is valuable.   Follow his advice at all times.
No alcohol in this cough medicine.  /. c. Aytt G>.,Lowell,Mau.
Alw-tytkecp a aoo4 laxative In the house. Take a dote when vnurcolilflntcometon. Whrt
It thc bat laxative for llib? Ayer'i PUU. Aik your doctor lilt opinion. Let him decide.
AHhoroU MIiiob
lii fill
I!l«7  ,
Conl City
ninmoml City
Edmonton City,
I'M mon ton
J _(•
Nnnlt* honf,
Itoynl Colllorlos
Hocho Percoe
21T.S  *
List of Locals District 18
(Corroctod by DlHtrlo Socrotnry Hoe. 31, 11)011.)
T. Qroy, AHlicroft MlnoK, LothhrldRO, Altn,
T. nrndloy, Dnnldionil, Altn,
J. Ilurko, Jlollovuo, Frftnk, Mia,
O. Kelly, ninlrmoro, Alta.
Wm, AiikoII, Cnninoro, Alta.
A, 1), Altroy, Conl City, Tnbor, Altn,
W. Ornlmm, Coloman, Alta.
P, Lonnon, Cnrbondulo, Colomnn, Altn.
J, Aplin, Cnrdlff, Altn,
F. K, Si. Aiiinitt, Cu,Titla, Alia, ,
A. IlumlltoD, Corbin, ll, C.
Pr.t Kelly, Diamond City, UthbrldRe, Alt->
C. P, Lnrrlor, Ifi I nellnmy St. Rdmonton
A. 8, Jnllnn, 2 Prnzor Ilnti*, Kdmonton
\,  uxi'ixxii Ui ijUfim bt, i>utt>i-)Uil, JuiUiiKiiluii
D. Ilccs, Fornio n. C,
a. Nicol, Frnnk, Altn.
J, W Morris, Ilosmor, I). C.
J. O, .'ones, Hillcrest, Altn.
H. Evnns, Konmnro, N. U.
M. Pllslmelr, P, O. IIS, Lflflihrfr!^,
J. T. Griffiths, Milo, Frank, Alta.
F, Donneol, Sfnplo Lent, Tlollnvii^,
Chas. Garner, Michel, H. C.
A. Co-vatch, pasiiburK. Altn.
Chas, flrnlt;., Royal Coll., IxXhbrlrtRe, AHn
L, McQuarrlo, Hoch Percee, Hank.
A, flhsw, Strathoona, Alta,
Wm, Wnntttdl, Tnbor, Altn.
K. Drown, Tabor, Alta.
J, noetic*, Taylorton, Bask.
I *,i ij-jl>-"' rt w
E- ■
7 Hotel
Man ley & Lawrence
1117  Third Avenue
Near Seneca St
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods. Groceries, Boots and Shoes
.„   ■'     " Gents' Furnishings
Massing  Troops   in   Siberia-Fear a
Second Scrap With Japs
Over Manchuria
fe V,
11 *
A complete line of samples of.
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
_tsid. Tweeds
e\ -     , *■'
Up-to-date- Workmanship
Moderate Prices
■^■rag*******.*.'     _J<i.     i.J ' _'_'j.
VICTORIA, Pec. 28,—Russia is now
massing troops in Siberia, according to
statements of travellers from North
Manchuria and* Siberia published in
Shanghai newspapers received by 'the
Holt, liner Ningchow which arrived
today from Liverpool and tho Orient
with a large cargo of general merchandise. ■
Half a-million troops arc said to
be encamped in llio vicinity of Lake
Baikal and fifteen submarines are
said to have boen sent to Vladivostok. The rebuilding of the Amur
railroad, 1530 miles long at a cost of
$1;50,000,000 is being-hurried owing to
representations of Russian officers to
the effect that there is-menace of a
second war with -Japan in consequence
of the struggle for dominance in .Manchuria, which one returned traveller
has dubbed the- tinder box of the Orient, lie says the Siberian border is
the scone of great activity by, Japances
spies and Vladivostock and Harbin papers make complaints that the Japanese ,gunboat Hiyei has-been scouting
the coast, _ Chinese newsapers allege
that Japanese intrigue is growing at
Peking and statements are also published that the recent atfacks by-Hung
Good  News
for Xmas.
Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Chickens and all Meats Specially
Selected for Xmas Trade.
Empress   Mince   Meat
.Golden i Leaf and Stilton
'    •    Cheeses
Oysters and-Fresh  Fish.
i_eave your orders with:
Calgary Cattle Co.
Phone 56
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape,Breton N. S., are*
atwork trying to induce, miners of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. District and
local* officers, should exert
themselves to prevent them
from securing ..any men for
such purpose.
A strike has been on in Nova Scotia and at these mine's
since July 6 with every prospect'of winning.
Don't go there and try to defeat your brothers;who are
fighting for the right to organize and better conditions of
employment.   .
Stay away. Due notice will
he given in these columns
when the strike is won. Labor papers, please copy. ■
•♦•♦♦■♦ <>• ♦ '♦* •*■•> ♦'
Thuntz brigands on the railroad coolies building the Aiming .Mukden railway; were engaged, by Jap troops and
as railway guards. ' \. ? '
China has sent, several squads of cavalry to guard thc road, Japanese correspondents at .Port Arthur toll of
touching scenes iu connection with the
visit of General and Countess Nogi,lo
unveil the great monument erected to
the memory of the Japanese troops
who fell in the attack on Port Arthur.
Countess Nogl ascended 205 , Meter
Hill In, a'heavy, downpour of ram, to
bid farewell to the soul of her son,
Lieut'. Nogi, who was killed there.' She
ihon went to Nahanan to take a similar farewell of her younger son who
fell there.
~ News was brought from' Ningchow
of sensation during,a murder trial at
Tokio. Tsunkeichl Asama' on trial
for alleged murder ,of four Japanese
denied an alleged confession made a -j
circumstantial * statement of tortures, from   a   recent    issue
of himself,   his wife and children* in* Workers Journal:
brutal manner by the Tokio police un-|
der which he made a confession.   ,       j
** The  Hochi-,Shiabun  says that. it . is I
considered  that  Asama   is   innocent
and that the whole case is a fabrication ofthe police,
♦ ♦ ♦
is reproduced
of  the    Mine
[i 'J*
100 tons of ft'ood
Of the  American. Federation* of  ',
The following is ;mrt of the unfaii
list of the American Federation of Labor. Many of the .daily newspaper
readers 'who hear as much about the
"Unfair List" during'--these days may
be anxious to know -what names of
firms the A.-F. of L. "Unfair List" contains. .       ,
, Under these* circumstances it becomes the duty of th'e labor press to
keep' its. readers<■ properly' informed*.
What are papers published for if not
for the purpose of giving correct'Information?     ■"_'■*
Cigars: Carl Upman of New. York
New York City, manufacturers of the
Henry' George and Tom Moore cigars.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
Minneapolis, Minn.;- Valley City Mill
ing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.'-
. /Whisky: Finch Distilling Co., Pittsburg p&:
Clothing: -N. Snellonberg & Co., ot
Philadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange.
Rochester N.Y.; B. Kuppenbfelraer &
Co., Chicago.    '        .
Corsets:* Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers Kabo and I a Marguerite
Gloves: J. I-I. Cownio Gl'ovo Co., Des
Moines, la.; California Gtove Co,, Napa, Cal.
Hats: J. 13. Stetson Co., Philadelphia
Pa., E. M. Knox Co., Brooklyn N. Y„
Honry H, Roelof & Co., Philadelphia,
. .Shirts and Collars; United Shirt &
Collar Co., Troy, N, Y.; Van Zandt,
Jacobs and Co,, Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company, Troy, N.Y.;  James.'R.
Kaiser of New York City.
The Buttericic Pattern Company of
New- York., ■   ■
Cement: * Portland Peninsular Cement Co.,'Jackson,-Mich.; Utica Hydraulic Cement aiid Mfg. Co.', Utica,- .Illinois.     . ■•■'
.Stoves: Wrought Iron Range Co., St.
Louis, Mo:, United States Hen ter -Co.
Detroit, Mich., Gurney Foundry Co', oi
Toronto,Ont.; Home Stove Works,.of
Brooklyn Watch" Case Co., Sag°Harbdr
Indianapolis, Ind.; 'Buck Stove and
Range Company, St. Louis.
Bags: Gulf Bag Co.,-New Orleans,
La., branch Bemis Brothers, St. Louis;
Mo. *    v     \_"  •
.Brooms and Dusters: -Tha Lee Pr-vr-m
M. Goellerfs Sons, Circleville, Ohio;
Merkle-Wiley Broom Company, Paris
Watches: Keystone Watch Case Co.,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fahy, Brooklyn,
T, Zurbrugg Watch' Case Co., Riverside N. J.     ,, r'
C. W. Post, Manufacturer of Grape
Nuts and Postum Cereal, Battle Creek
Fibreware: Indurated Fibre Ware
Co., Lockport, N. Y.
Furniture: American Billiard Table
Co,, Cincinnati, O.; O, W[lsner Piano
Co,, Brooklyn N.Y.; Kreli Piano Co.,
Clnclnnctl O; Derby Desk Co., Boston
"Let, one man stand at my right
hand," Horatlus quoth, quoth he. "Let
ono abide at my left side and keep
tho bridge with mo; Three men; I
wot, can make it hot for'caitiff foes
like these'; and when we write about
the fight we'll share Uio royalties."--
• Springhiil N.S ,
The strike in Nova Scotia isa subject of interest throughout the entire
field of the U. M. W„ and some reference to the fight and.the.'inen wlio are
conducting it may be of interest to the
readers of the Journal.      , -    ,
For many good and sufficient reasons the miners in Nova Scotia took'
a referendum vote to determine whether they would amalgamate with 'the
United Mine Workers of America, or
continue under a remodelled P. W. A.
There was a substantial majority in
favor of amalgamation, and I believe
the' result .was accepted by the great
majority—I mean .the majority of the
minority, if you will—and that it was
generally* agreed that the transfer was
to be'made forthwith. \But the powers that be got after the weak ones,
with the result that a number were
induced to break* faith with their, fellow members and go back on the vote
du'strial conflict.
The mine employes at Springhiil,
who were organized in two lodges of
the P. W. A., had voted almost unanimously for amalgamation..They stood
on their principle as honorable men
should do, and were organized into local union No."469, U. M, W. of A., by
International' Board , Member refer
Patterson in December of 1008. Shortly
afterwards several locals were organized amongst the Dominion Coal Company's employes,, then almost- Immediately the company discharged over 1,:
000 men, who,had asked for nothing
from the company, but had quietly affiliated wltlv a union of their, choice.
The corporations snt up aiid took not-
lee; they could see that If tho Unitod
Mine Workers got a foothold In Nova
Scotia they would shortly lmvo to con-
code to their employes a little more of
the wealth which they were' accumulating out of the toil of these men,
and would have to agree to many little
improvements in the general conditions
connected with industry.,     " *,'
The operators, together with their
hand maidens, the lawyers and mili-
tary, national, provincial and municipal servants, have arrayed themselves
against the United Mine Workers in
Nova Scotia with the sole object of
crushing unionism, to enforce the open
shop and then "dictate whatever terms
they, please' to the men who work in
their mines.
Capitalist writers constantly preach
that it is a fight between the two rival organizations, the P. W. A. and the
U. M.- W. of A. It is nolhing of the
kind. Can it be pretended for a moment that a few hundred P. W. A. backsliders, whose membership has been
swelled during the last half year by
scab labor forced into its ranks, whether they wanted it or not, is the only
thing fighting the U. .M W. at the present time?
This is not merely fi fight between
the operators and.workmen in Nova
Scotia. It is a bis and.far reaching
attempt to strike a blow at unionism,
particularly international unionism.
However I iim pleased to see* that
thp'-international unions are alive to
the sii nation, and that there is something behind the striking miners in
Nova Scotia which the local corporations had not figured on.
The military was sent post haste to
Cape Breton on the merest pretext,
and against the mayor of Glace Bay's
declaration that nothing had occurred
to justify this stop. It is well known
that these soldiers had received orders
long before the receipt of the final
despatch. I wonder if the operators
had insisted on'the miners taking a reduction, locked them out. because they
refused, then tried to bring in" scab labor, and tlie locked out employes appealed to tlie government for military
to protect tlieir rights, .would the government havo responded so readily—
or at all?
Circumstances often arise to justify
such a request from workmen, but
you will never* see it granted till tho
wage earners become wise enough to
go into parliament and do their own
legislating.      -.,
In Nova* Scotia since the strike began, some queer things have been
done under the name of the law which
makes one curious to knotv how much
freedom there really is in this free
country after all.
If two men stood on the streets of
Glace Bay talking together they were
apt' to get run in for unlawful assembly. Many were whisked off for little
else. Women were prosecuted for making the simplest remark.s , One man
who stood at his own door waiting for
the doctor* to visit his sick wife was
summoned—for nothing except to
please the Dominion Coal Company'.
Three thousand strikers organized * a
march from Glace Bay to Dominion.
There was'not a single case of row-
60 days after date I intend to apply
to.the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal ofthe  retail liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V.
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September
1909.'      ' •        " '
■  NAT BABCOCK, Agent,
J. RAVEN, Witness    .     '    *   "
In tiie matter of an application for
the issue of aduplicate certificate of
Title to the south west 55 feet, in
width by 132 feet in depth of lot 8
block 2 of lot 5455 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
.' Notice is hereby'given that it is my
intention lo issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate o£ the certificate of
Title to the above mentioned land in
the name of Thomas Bullen which certificate is'dated the 2Cth of July 1906
and numbered 590GA.'
, I-I.  R. JORAND,
District Registrar
Land  Registry Office,
Nelson   B.C.   Oct.  13,   1009.
Applications for electric light met
ters should be made tn the undersigned at once, so tlmt same may hi installed without loss of lime. The City
of Fernie electric 'light plant will bo
running shortly and we will be in a
position to supply light and power.
■   G. H. BOULTON,   "
City Cleric.
IN the matter of an application for
the issue of a" duplicate certificate of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town of Fernie
(Map 734.) '        "
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above mentioned lot in
the'"'name, of Michael J. Casey, John
Robert Ross and William A. Ross,
which certificate is dated tlie 5th
day of October 1907 and numbered
District Registrar
Land   Registry  office   Nelson,   B'., C,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon.0Chlef Commissioner of"
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands' situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at 'a post
planted at or near the 2S mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west SO 'chains;'*
Thence running north 80 chains; "
to a point of commencement, making
610 acros more or less.'
Located this 2nd   day of September
J. RAVEN. Witness      „     ,
NOTICE is hereby'given that iiiii :>
(30) days afler date f intend io apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands ard Works for a license to pios-
pect for Soal and Petroleum on the
following described lauds situate in
South E. Kootonay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles east,of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed lino and being the south west
corner pf P.'A. Farquharson claim;
Thence1 running east SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Tlience running' west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 cHains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres, more or less. " ~    -'
Located this 3rd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
In the matter bf an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate for
Title "for Lot 3 Block 2 of lot 5455
Group One Kootenay District (Map
735.)'   '„'
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my intention to issue at the expiration
| Bottled Goods a Specialty
. ii	
■ e
• t
• t
• t
• t
• i
Dining Room und Deda under
, New Management.
First class table board
Mertln 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Ratet* $1.00 per day
R. Henderson, Dining Ronm Met,
Advertise in the Ledger
.<r-r^<'-J>h-M^J*&~ ^ ^
^{K*^^^^>^- ^
"antmtx. ini if m uff tm m*<rra3Su» ate wu iiutf em -* ■*»
vei-al bands" of music led the way with
a marshal.ahead carrying a union jack
on horseback. .,,
When the procession reached the
border lineua friendly councillor rushed forward shouting to President, McDougall "For God's Sake Turn back;
they have orders to shoot you in. the
legs." He referred to thc soldiers
who were drawn up across the streets
to block the procession.
Right here, I am informed, stands
a temple erected to the glory of God,
the Creator of all men, and thc authorities'had placed.,two Gatllng guns on
the grounds of the sacred eiRfice—■
what for? why, to mow down thoso
peaceable marching, men If yon
please, , '
How much do you suppose those n.u-
thbrittes cared for God, or the union
jack or patriotism? Thoy don't caro
the least bit for thoso things, but push
it down the throats of tlie toilers when
it suits thoir purposes. I nm a bit
of a patriot, * myself but I want to ho
saved from tho kind exhibited by those
soldlors of tho king on tho occasion I
refer lo, Tho controlling forces of
Canada .have been' playing a gnmo'of
hnttlcdpre and shuttolcock hetweon
(JInco Hay and Montreal (1000 miles)
during tho last fow weeks, with President McDougall, Harry Boimfleld, Peter Patterson and other Inlorniitloiwl
men, presumably to koop them off tho
fighting ground and harass tho organization. Tho specific chargo Ih ono
of criminal llhol, Tho accused Is
suppoHi.'d lo lmvo snld somothing In u
press notico nbout tho conditions In
tilace Buy which tho conl company In
taking exception to. The ciiho cdiiich
up iiKiiln imxt Mnrch.
If the ahovo ciiho contnlns n mil't'lc-
tent biihtH for a chargo ngalnst I'. M.
\V. men thero is little doubt that tin*
U, M, \\\. lmvo onough of uroiuuls to
put 75 per cont of tho editors of Novn
Scot lu and dozens of other pi'opli- Into
tho linndH of the law for precisely similar roiuioiiH,
Through It all tho United Mlrn*
Workei'H In Novn Scotia are HiiindiiiK
firm us n rock. The morn tlmy nrn
prosecuted ami perHeoutf-d Dw mon-
determined nn1 they to flghl until fnlr
play Ih miici-di-d to them by Dw opiT-
iiIiivh, Slii'lnglilll mliii'H have Ineii
tied up Holld for Hoveiiteen weeks nnd
mil a mail dreams of koIiik to woik
without a ii'iisoiialile KHtl-'iu-.-tit with
tin' union and tlio company. IVH'i*
I'littcrsnii or DlHtrlct IS, Harry Hoiih-
Meld, District II. Con. Kellllier, Dist.
2.*i, Vlcn-Hn-Blili'iit K. C, McDougall mid
I'ri'Hlilept T. ii. l.owin have done nood
work down lierc nnd llio fuel tlml
tliny  were Helei-ii'd  to  carry  on  llio
WOl'll III  -No-ill ftl'l-thl In It KUUUIn.:.; lii
their ability and  I runt u or*t lilii'.-sn    In
lh«' hlt-h position tlwy hold In the organization,
Every tine of tliem Ih popular here.
.Mill    M»tv    'M<flf.MMI'^r>^,,llt    t,f    Ull'litt'lfH    i'i
sure tu meet wllh parked Iiouhcm,
There is ri rumor Hint Itrnlher Put-
leiHon would not lie rxliinilliR io THsl.
IS, Thnt Is lint true, He Ih here for
ihe oiidinlznilon and (lie .sterling scrv-
|c»;h which he together with llnrry
JlmiHfl-'ld, Con. Kelllhf-r nnd the other
leaders iiu-«ii rendered to Novn .Siolln
hereof a duplicato of the Certificate of
Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name* of Eder Harper which certificate is dated the 19th of March 1906,
and numbered 7495A.
H. R. Jorand,
District Registrar
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a llconso to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Bloclf. -1593, commencing at a post
planted nt.ur near 1 milo oast of tho
31st milo post of tho present C. P. It.
surveyed, lino nnd bolng tho south oast
corner'of A. S, Farquharson's claims;
Thence running wost,80 chains;
Thonco running norlh 80 chaius;
Thonco running onst 80 chains;
Thonco running south 80 chains
lo at point, of commencement, making
010 acros moro or Iosh.
Located this Is' day of Scplombor,
1909.     ,
J. RAVEN, Witness
. NOTTCE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the,, Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on * the
following described lands situate iu
Block 4593,* commencing at a post
planted at or near'4-miles east of 30
mile post of the present C. P,. R. surveyed line, and being the north.'.vest
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;   .
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thenco running north 80 chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
610 acres more or less. .
Located this 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Inlond to apply
to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for a IIcoiiho to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described InndH situate in
Soulh E. Konlenny, HiIHhIi Columbln,
lllock *ir*9,'l, commencing at a poHt
plnnted at or nenr 3 miles oiiHt of 30
milo pout of the present C. P. R; surveyed line nnd being the north eitHt
corner of Eilmiuid HdIhJoH'h clnlm;
theme niiinluj; Kinitli 80 clinlus
Tlience running west 80 chalrm;
Thence runnlnir nonh sii fliiilnii;
Thence running onHt Ho chains;
In n point of commencement, milking
(110 norcH mure or Iosh.
I.oenteil iIiIn Und dny of September,
******* <,>.*»•*/     ■LMVii^UJi*),     l.'A«   *J*
.1. RAVEN, \Vlfi.err
NOTICE is hereby glvon that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
lo tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospoct for Conl and Petroleum on the
following described lnnds situato In
South E. Kootonay, British Columbia,
Block 45911, commencing nt a post
planted at or near K miles east of 30
milo post of thc present C. V. R. surveyed lino and bolng tlio north west
corner of Nnl, Babcock claim;
Thence running south 80 chnlnn
Tlience running enst 80 chnliiH;
Thonco running north 80 chains;
Thenco miming west 80 chains;
to ft point of eommoncomont, mnklng
010 acres moro or lens. "
Located this 2nd day of September,
,T. RAVEN, WltnesH
,„    NOTICE
\'r,n'if.i'  i     *    .   \ .    ,.i,    ,.   .1 , ,   ,1 I..,*
(30) dnys after dnitr I Intend lo apply
lo tlio Hon. Chief Commissioner of
LnndH nnd Works for a license to pros
pert for Coal nnd Petroleum on tlm
following described IiuhIr situate In
Soulh E. Kooieiiay, llrltlHh Columbln,
Hloek    i'l'J'.'',   commeut'lnc   nl a poM
NOTICI-' Ih hereby given Hint, thirty
CIO) days after (Intel Intend to apply
to the Hon. ("Iiluf   ComtiilHsloimr   of
Lnnds nnd Works for n IIcoiiho to prospect for ('.ml mid Petroleum on   the
following described liuulii   tiltunte tu
South E, Kooieimy, HrltlHh (".olumlila,
Hlo.'k    I■"■.••'.,    mmiiieiiclrii!    nt a post,
plnnted nl or nenr I miles ens! of '-27
mile pom of the present f.   P. IL mir
veyed line und being the "fnJh e.ist
corner of Nnl  Hnlicock clnlm'
Thence running west sU'clmliiN;
Tlience running north HO clmlim; „
Tl.' ■*•    '"'.■.''•■"•■ •■""■ fi <'i"iii.i"
Thence runnlni- uniiih SO r-lmlns
to n point of commencement, mnkln*
CIO acres more or loan,
Locnted this :ird day of Kepti-tnber.
,i,tk   l.,ius «* i»,  i'".*--,   "*,
HAVEN, WltnesH
i'i) day* niter i|.ri,n* I iin»inl io »ppl>
will henr fiult In their own respective I planted nt or nonr < miles enst of 2"! t„ t),,„ ,i,|(f f,f Provincial IMIU-j for tx
•llutrlrts.     Tlierffore, 1 sny io the il»H-:j*m.-|r. p0h| <,' n,,. present C, V. It, r.ur-
trlcts represented by these men onlhej v<tytl,, ,(||r, ftn(l ,)Pl(1K t,ic nor,j, wo„t
International   bonrd,  thr-t.   nie   KtmA, f (). ,, A  KaniuJ)arii0n t^\m-
renins why yon should lw prmid of y rh ,
them o* Novn Scotln Is proud of ihem      ' , .,„,,,
,<y(|V. 1    Thonrt. runnlni** south SO rhnlnsi
William Watkfrti, *    Tlience running west 80 chslm;      j
Sec. Ijjtul union    150!    Thence ninnlnR north Se chnln*;     •
iraiihfer ol Dw rclnil llijuiir lli-enw of
Simon  Dragon  lo i!eori{*>  Vincent  of
On*. Itoynl Hotel, Ontewny, II. ('.
DM**-***! thin 16th day of October, !»■».
Oct ii IWc \. O.V. *?'*5^«i*ittj^
B. C. JANUARY 1 1910
-*  i .
, Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West '. 10.00
No. ,2_4 East   17.55
No7236 Local East     9.12
No. 235 Local West  19.27
No. 7 West Flyer   10.40
No. 8 East Flyer   20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
No. 251
Arrives Spokane 8.30 p
m. .
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a.
Sale.—Small sized violin
J. W. Wright, Cox
street, An
., o
0    '
' Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes'at Ingram's,
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product. 0
Wanted: Nursing, over 20 years experience, apply to Mrs. J. Howbrook,
Fernie Annex, or box 336, Fernie.
Wanted: A good handy girl, who
can do cooking, etc. Apply C. C.
Found: A black pony. Owner can
have same by proving property and
paying expenses to date. Apply at
Ledger office. 5t
Furnished * boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. O.
box 213. ♦
,_ Furnished, and unfurnished room to
reht hi modern house. Telephone, electric I'ght and bath. Apply B. S. care
Ledger. , 3tNP
For Sale: Ten acres good land covered with tamarac and cedar, close in.
Apply Ledger office. lm
John Tod.hunter was in the city over
the Christmas.
' The Colonial Tourists tonight in Academy Girls.
If you saw the Rajah you'll see the
Academy.Girls. .   ,
. See Academy Girls tonight, funnier
than the Rajah^
George Pickering of Wardner was
here on • Monday.   ,
Miss Ross of Blairmore was visiting
here on Wednesday.
Miss Gogland of •* ■ Hillcrest was in
Fernie on Wednesday. .
Mrs. J. B. Roalf gave a children's
party on Wednesday afternoon.
. Charlie Klingensmith of the Elk hotel, iri Elko,'was in Fernie on   Tuesday.
Ed. Stubbs, a well known character
in the Pass, died in Fernie today of
heart failure.
Pretty Girls, Clever uomeu'.ans in
Academy Girls. New Years Eve, at
Miners Theatre„,
•Buy the Standard Sewing machine
there is nothing to equal it' on the
market today. For sale at the Trites
Wood Company. • *"-
'The next meeting of the Ladies Benevolent'Society will be held at the
home of Mrs. Klauer on Saturday, Jan.
8th, at 3.30. '       '
The mines were idle on Wednesday,
the miners having a meeting hi the
hull at 2 .o'clock.
George Doyle, who was local manager for P. Burns, but who. is now at
Lethbridge, spent Christmas at' Fernie. ,
Miss Alexander, gave a dance on
Christmas eve. A large number were
present and a most enjoyable time was
Norman Broley left for the east on
Tuesday night.     He goes to Toronto
3. F. Wilson, of Coleman gave Fernie a visit on.Tuesday.
Miss Davidson of Coleman gave Fernie a visit on ^Wednesday.
C. J. Lewis, "game warden of Elko
was in town on Monday.
Hugh Mclnnes of Elkmouth gave
Fernie a visit on Monday.
The best musical comedy company
en route, Colonial Tourists.
If the Rajah was good last night Academy Girls tonight is better.
Tonight Academy Girls by the Color-?-
ial Tourists at the Miners Theatre.
W. A. Oakes and wife of. Maple
Creek were in the city on Tuesday,
A. J. Burnside, manager of the'Bank
of Commerce at Warner, Alta., spent
Christmas in Fernie.
120 laughs in 120 minutes. Colonial
Tourists in" Academy Girls tonight at
Miners'  Theatre.
The Colonial Tourists established a
reputation last night in Fernie with
the Rajah; tonight Academy'Girls.
The miners expect to have the steam
heat installed in their fyall the latter
part of this week or next week. **
, You  furnish  the" Cook..    We  can
,, supply the goods to make it.    Chocie
Raisins, Currants, Peels, Nuts.'-Etc;'
and Robin Hood Flour. °
Pay  Cash   and   Just  Smile
J       W. J.    BLUNDELL      Give us a. call
Grows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants . ,
The   Store  of Good Values
;   Agents—"Bell Pianos"
Sold on monthly payments
Public notice is hereby given to the
"lectors of the municipality of Fernie
that I require the presense of the said
electors at the City Hall, on
at 12 o'clock noon (1 p.m. local time)
for the purpose of electing persons to
represent them in the municipal council as Mayor arid Aldermen.  •
Tho candidates shall be nominated
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*♦ ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>• ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
in writing, subscribed by two voters
to meet.Mrs. Broley who is'returning of tlie municipality as proposer ^ and
from Ireland.
Local   News
: Hot tea or coffee served at Ingrams
pool room.
For boys and girls sleighs try the
Trites-Wood Co. .   *
' Always ready: ham sandwiches and
coffee at Ingram's.
Furnished rooms, bath etc.     Mrs.
"Miller, - North End Macplierson
nue. ;**
Wanted:--' Private board for miner
,and little girl. Apply by letter to 999
Ledger office.
Just the thing ekrly in the morning
or late at night*, a hot,lunch at Ing*
If you'want the best buy a McClary
Stove. They don't cost any more at
the Trites-Wood Co.
Furniture, pictures, window shades
etc., a large and well selected stock
get our prices,     The Trites-Wood Co,
To Let: During the winter, my rest
donee, furnished. Apply L. P. Eckstein. ,i
Wanted:. Woman for household work
Mornings 8 till 11; afternoons 3 till 5.
Wages $30 per month. Apply Miss Barclay, residence near English church.
The tea, concert and dance to be
given by the Co-operative society*on
New Years day is sure to be a great
success. A varied program has been
All lovers of the dance should be
sure and turn out on New Years eve
to the dance to be given by the Wee
Scots at Bruce's hall. A good time
is ■ assured and refreshments ^will be
Mrs'. W. Coles and two children re-
iunied to the old country on Friday
last, Mr. Coles having received the sad
news of the death of a sister through
burning, and the illness of his mor.lic.".
H. H. Ross and Miss Ross of the
Ross-Saskatoon Lumber' Company, of
Wardner, together with Mr. F. W. Adolph of Baynes Lake, weer visiting ln
Fernie on Monday.      " '    ,
The employees of the Crow's Nest
Trading Company, store received hand-
year, the total aggregating" $500. This
company has always given generously
to its employees. „
The first of it* series of informal danby the Ladies' Benevolent Society will
take palce ln Bruce's hall on Wednesday, January 5th. The entire ar-
rangeemnts will be in the hands of the
following committee: Mrs. Bonnell,
vice-president; Mrs. H. Johnson, Mrs.
Liphardt, Mrs. Henderson and Mrs.
Amhery. Music will be supplied by
Mrs, Judson. Gentlemen's tickets: —
$1.00, ladies 50c„ to bo had at the door
of the hall,
seconder, and shall be delivered to
me at any time between the date of
the notice and 2 p.m, of the day of
nomination, and in the event of a poll
being necessary such poll will be opened on *■ „
At the Council Chamber in the City
Hall, of which every person is hereby
required to take' notice    and govern
himself accordingly.
Must be a male British subject of
the full age of twenty-one years, and
not disqualified under any law, and
have heen for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the Land Registry
office of land or real property. *.* in the
city of the assessed value of one thousand dollars or more, over and above
any registered-judgment or charge,
and who are otherwise .qualified as
municipal, voters. '.*'-■
Must be a male British subject of
the full age of twenty-one years", and
Connected ?
Are voir ready to receive the power and light
, from the new system? Now is the time to have
connections and wiring done. We can save you
money. We have all styles and makes of fixtures
motors arid generators. See us,at once. The
' power will be on soon. Estimates and expert advice cheerfully given.
Depew, Macdonald & McLean Co.
Limited *
Electrical Contractors
Millinery Snaps
Mrs.. Waggct is reducing her entire stock of Millinery consisting of Ladies' and Children's dresses,and
Ready-to-wear Hats, Velvets, Ribbons, etc. at cost
and in some cases below cost.a . v
Velvets, all shades, origidally 51.50 Now $1 .OO
Trimmmed Hats from .*               ■   $*.50
Ready-to-wear. Hats from      .-■   $2.00
Children's Hats from... -.?.     •   $1.50
• fewest Veilings all reduced to Cost Price
not disqualified under any law, and
have been for-the six months preceding the day of nomination the regis-
terd owner, in the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property in the
city of the assessed value of five hundred, dollars or more, over and above
any registered judgment or charge,
and who are otherwise qualified as municipal voters. ti
' Given under my hand,at Fernie, B.
C., this 31st day of December, 1909.
Returning Officer
A Happy   & Prosperous
New Year to You & Yours
',rA***A*K.**™m-i»>*e*i«iw'.'". <r,
T tlu* close of another yoar we take this opportunity
of thuiirdnn' our cnistniners 'unci friends for their continued piitronii^e, The year's business lias been the biggest
in our history, all departments having broken nil previous
records and made the above result possible. Our constant
endeavor has been to supply the highest <|unlity of merchandise nt,
the lowest possible cost, , We purolnw for cash from the iimiiufnc-
hirers, and as we have no bad debt * or the heavy expenses of a
credit business are ablo to piaeo within your rcndi the best ijiiality
of goods for the least amount of money, Owing to the steady
ol'oiir business wo have already outgrown the building erected
last year and are now planning for an extension and addition to
punbl-' ih In moro sahisfnotorily ciitov fo your future re'-uiremonts.
Urn ctinlmm'.:*, u/.'.'ig.'jjj*! i)i:iu)i .'ai' iJjeJj- jA'ilrojj.'ige ,'iiSd elVer ojiv
assurance that they have received in exchange the biggest and
best values in Hritish Columbia,    To the many who we have not
V -1  «l...  i.i.i.i.i'liniiti' iil'oiilM'iiiir    xvi, li.riV*  Ifif<ivn'/l  ft, en fllllll*'' dlivip"
*%<*:*   *..*.'.    > >*|***.i   ■■*     ,'  r,. ....... (; a
the coming year, and iu conclusion would say that tlieir loss has
been very considerably more than our gain would have been.
Respectfully yours,
The Crow's JVest Trading Co*
SOME of the most substantial
accounts in the Home Bank
have started with a deposit of just
HMDOFFioBi one dollar.   Having acquired the
a King stroot Wert    habit of saving, such a depositor
has saved from week to week until
he has had enough to his credit to
take advantage of some profitable
investment. In all his dealings,
and as his wealth grew, this depositor has not forgotten the Home
Bank where he deposited his first
small savings. That is why* the
Home Bank wants your first dollar. Full compound interest paid.
W. C. B. Manson
Fornio B. O.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up ......$5,000-000    Reserve $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook, Ferule, Golden, Kamloops, Mlehel, Myle, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria,
Interest allowed on deposits at current rote from dnte of deposit.
♦♦♦♦ * ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«;
!    To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      --       70c each
Fernie Opera House
A. PIZZOCOLO, (Lesser)
Every Night a choice Program
of Moving Pictures and Vaudeville. Best films entirely new
for the citizens of Fernie. The
Programme changes 3 times
a week.   Orchestra every night
The House Well Heated
Usual Prices.   Good order maintained
McBean & Waggett
Wishing our many Customers
and   Friends   A  Happy  and |
I Prosperous New Year and de-
' siring  a continuance of your
esteemed favors* we are
Yours very truly*
Advertise in the District Ledger


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