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The District Ledger 1909-11-27

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 Industrial Unity I,«b »*•••*«*■—~*"-; ■•--,   '   '■_•' -.
, ■    ...^.'   ■ ivrovinciaHJVrarr ^v. °" l
VOL. V.   No. 17
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
FBRNIE,   B. C,   November 27th,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
*, * . r- ■
» '
Grand Old  Party  Laid  Quietly Away-Last
Sad   Rites    Enacted on  Thursday
November 25th--How Cruel
In   British  Columbia  jesterday    it
wns' McBride, Richard McBride,   and
still more' McBride."
' \   In Fernie Riding it was Ross, Billy
■Ross and then more Ross.
Backed by all the monied-interests
in the province, the Conservative government yesterday swept the province
as though 'twere some checkerboard,
"leaving, according to telegraphic reports, only four" seats to be sat on
by two- Liberals and two Socialists.
Already cases of .impersonation are
reported, and locally a case is on to-,
■ day on this charge, while* in nearby"
places the. report also comes of the
, same kind of work.,
An immense amount of money must
have been spent by the two parties
who.,.seemed to have it, viz., the Conservatives and Liberals.     The' Socialists had no,money to spend outside of
absolute expenses,'for advertising and
hall rent, etc.    Those who worked for
them did so .because they wanted to.
n    \Vlien~tire~15olis~ciosed~at~8—o'clock*
last night a crowd soon began to assemble at Bruces hall, where voting
'had taken place, to hear the results
<,locally*. .   Counting was done In good
. time and when,the news was sent out
that Ross had carried the city by a
large majority, there was "joy in th'e
Tory camp, and tribulation in the  Grit
hive,  where they  had * figured  on  a
much larger vote for Fisher.
The city figures showed, Ross 316,
Fisher 210, Harrington 251.
Shortly after figures began to arrive from outside points in Fernie riding, and although several remote corners were not recorded, still by ten
o'clock the majorities were such as to
leave no room to doubt that Fernio
riding would-once more be represented
by a horny handed son of toll in tho
porson of W. R. Ross. ,
A goodly supply of brooms coal oil,
etc. were soon on hand and tlio faithful started off marshalled by thnt eminent statesman, A. A. Shanley.
Tho whole crowd seemed In the best
of spirits (sovornl kinds) nnd a bnnd
wngon landed with rooters proceeded
to make the night hideous by what,
tlioy presumnbly thought were funny
sayings nnd jokes, Possibly tho legs
wero run off nil the Tory horses in
town gathering In' votors, for n dozen
or so henchmen had to serve tlio purposo of oquostrlnii realities, nnd pulled thoir ■ horo around n fow of the
principal Ht reels. The returned M.P,
smiled complacently, no doubt thinking what easy picking thb dotcom had
On arriving at the Consorvntlvo club
rooms a sort of corn dnnco wns proceeded wllh Hoss an tho big tomnhnwl*;
In tho Chief's wigwam. UIh speech
of thiinkn to tlio electors wus certainly worth while—he thanked those who
had voted for lilm, he scoffed nt nil
who hnd other views, Wo extended
the big nilt to nil creeds and colors,
and wus a good fellow generally. After thnt Htimc person with a volco
llko the middle of Victoria nvrfliM**** on
n muddy day, stnrted nut to slug For
He's a Jolly*; Good Fellow. '. A'ftriV
wailing out the first few bars a few
oehtr huskies butted in, not necessarily
on the same key, but they all ended
about the same time. It took us back
to the clays in "Bruce"j when the old
charivari was in order. However,
Ross has a cast iron constitution and
stood the ordeal "well: After this the
usual hot blasts were turned on and
there was quite'a quantity of joy in
the air. ' , * '
Farther down the street a big sign
flapped ominously in the wind - A
stray- streak of light from a window-
across the way set forth in horrible
prominence the few sfraggley words
about voting for* Oliver, Fisher and
PROSPERITY. The crowd there was
nit—a rift in the curtain presented* a
sceen similar to illustrations, in The
Last Days of Pompeii. An oil lamp
sputtered away fitfully, a few chairs,
tables, .heaps of papers bearing rows
upon rows, of figures which had been
.ties—on paper. A stray figure peered out of a chink in ^he door,- then
launched out into the night, uncheered
unhonored and unwept.' From the corner of his pocket protruded the remnants of a paper—The Crows Nest
Pass Dally—which today is and tomorrow is—not. The literary world has
indeed received a severe shock in tho
demise of this prodigy of the Liberal
party,'but George Meikle prints an extra page at home now—thus Is evened
up an otherwise unsurmountable discrepancy.
The editor of the C. X. P. D. was
seen slowly wending his way out of
the rem" door of the Methodist church
the day nfter election. Methlnks he
wns weighing tho pros nnd cons of the
first vorso of Psalms "Blessed is the
mnn that wnlketh not Jn the council
of the ungodly, etc, At Inst reports
ho was nble to tnke nourishment and
sit up long enough to have tho bed
Tlio betting went on lively, nnd for
days before election enormous tunoimts
wero wngered oif thc outcome of the
contost. Of course thero were the
usiinl number who could bont the
races, forgetful of the fact thnt someone Is bound to loso. Sovornl prominent, heelers of Ihe Liberal party nro
known to hnve parted with the prlco
of a couple of hundred shaveR.
The Socialists frankly expected n
victory; It Is now almost certnln that
numorous enses of impersonation occurrod. at various points, nil of which
told, heavily ngninst Harrington.
Conl Creok workers probably did
tho best of nny enmp for their mnn,
nnd gnvo lilm n good 'majority.
The correct count In Fernie riding
i>;;#« *
KMCttlUBM   '^n** taammanrnml mnn i ■nm i m i r   i
Conl Creok 	
New Michel   .,,,
MeDougnU'h Mill
MorrlHsey   ......
't-HHi't.   I*.   -N*	
. 1)10
. Ill
.    M
,   fin
.    18
,    12
.    17
.    17
,. U
,.     10
Id .
North Bend: McBride 13, Henderson
11;- Campbell 16;
Kitchener: Schofield S; Oliver 1;
local option 4 for and 4 against.
Jaffray: Ross, Con. 47; Fisher 14;
Harrington 1. \
Barnet: Carter Cotton 16; Fares 7;
local option 13, against S.
Westbank: Dehart Lib. 13; Ellison,
Con. 12.
Peachland: Ellison Con. 24'; Dehart
Lib. 16;  Johnson Soc. '40.
, Rutlands: Ellison Con., 28; Dehart
Lib. 11; local option 26 for, and 7
against; spoiled 4.
Wigwam: Taylor Con. IS; Lindmark
13;  Kempster Soc. 4.
Lyleton: "McBride 47; Henderson
10. "
0 Illecillowate:' Lynilmand,' Ind. 2;
Taylor, Con," 5; local option* 6 against
■ Agazziz: ,McBride 56; Henderson
majority.    *
Parksville:   Brewster  24;    Morgan
30. ♦*""'■
Albemi:  Brewster 84;  Morgan 67.
Clanwilliam: Taylor Con. 4; Lindmark 2; Kempster Soc. 1.   *
Three Valley: Shaw, Con. 4; Vasey
Lib. 1.*-   •'-,.*•'
Clinton: -McDonald 29; Eggleson 12.
83 Mile House: McDonald 8, Eggleson 2.
Aldermore: Manson: 20; Kergin 18
McKay 15,
N'ecliccho: Callahan 12; Fraser 11
Jones Yorston 2.
Frazer Lake; Callahan 7; Frazer 7,
Jones Yorston 3.
Ten Mile House: Yorston 27; Fraser
25, Callahan 25,
Kltselnno: Manson 22; McKay C;
Korgin  5.
Hnzelton: Manson 70; Kergin 13,
McKay C.
Ashcroft: McBride 74; Hendorson
Port Simpson; Korgin 16; Manson 14
McKay 1.
Kltsumnlum: Manson 29; Kergin
4, McKay 0.
Wellington: Brewster 36; Morgan
Chowinus; Hnyward 4-1; Evans 20;
option 32, ngninst 28,
N'lcoln: McBrtdo 28; Hondorson
Chemnliius: Hayward 44; Evans 20;
option 24 for 28 ngalnst.
Creston! Schofield Con., 100; Oliver Soc. 37,
Port Moody; Manson Con. 78; Thomson Lib. 18.
Bamfleld: Brewster 11; Morgan 2;
option 11 for fi ngninst.
Armstrong: Ellison, Con. 205; Do-
hurt Lib. 89; Johnson Soo, ",;■ option
10 iigaliiHt 112, 20 spoiled.
Harrison mIIIh: Mnnson 13; Thompson M,
Now Westminster: 'Clifford, Con. Is
elected by 2117.
Rosslnnd City   complete:    llrndon,
Ducks:  Shaw, Con. 20, Vasey, Lib
eral 2. * *        . ,
* Cobble, Hill:. Hayward , 41:    Evans
Keonigs: Hayward 6; Evans io.
Wellington: Brewster 36, Morgan 35
spoiled S.
Harrison Mills: Manson 13; Thompson 14.
Langley Prairie:  McKenzie 43,   Oliver 48. *
Dungley Fork: McKenzie 69; Oliver 45.-
Yank: Caven, Con.' 21; McDonald,
Lib. 4, Fitch Soc. 3.
Fernie: Fisher Lib. 206; Harrington
Soc.:251; Ross,. Con. 316.
* Spence's Bridge:' McBride 11;  Henderson 3. ,
North Vancouver*. Cotton 227; Far-
ris 162.
Dorr: Ross, Con. 10; Fisher, Lib.
7; Harrington, Soc, '1.
Waldo:  Ross Con. 10; Fisher Lib 9
Harrington 3.
„ Ladner:  Oliver ,126; McKenzie 107.
Anuicas Islands: ,*McKenzie 16, Oliver S.     *    - *•
■ Coal  Creek:   Ross  Con.  49;   Fisher
25, Harrington 125.
Harpers - Camp: Callahan 9, Fraser
9, Jones Yorston 5.
Quesnel: Fraser 45; Callahan 45;
Yorston 20; Jones 19.
Lillooet:' Eagles 41;  McDonald 15;
local option 31 for.and 45 against.
■   Chilliwack, Abbotsford:  Cawley 6S;
Munroe 38.*
Clayburn:  Cawley 12; Munroe 9.
Aberdeen: Cawley 7; Munroe 19.
' Savonas:   Shaw 27;   Vasey 12;    1
spoiled. *;
Xaramata: Ellison 22; Dehart Lib,
Questionable Methods Reported and Arrests
Follow-Socialists  Put Up a  Clean
Fight and Are to be Admired
3, Johnson Socialist 3;  option 25 for
3 against. ',,*"'
.Albert  Canyon:   Kempster  Soc.  0;
2 for 3 against.
Clayburn: Brewster 40; Morgan 14.
Cumberland:   Carburger 126; -Man-
son 98; Forest 56*, Duncan 30..
Victoria City:*McBride 1269; Thompson 1113; Davey 1194; Behuser 1101;
Drury 1019; Huston 1800; Oliver 904;
Morley 991 ;•*Oliver Soc. 292; four Conservatives elected, " ' ,
' Chilliwack: Cawley 68; Munroe 38.
Clayburn: Cawley 12;  Munroe 9.
Aberdeen: Cawley 7; Munroe 19.
Savonas: Shaw 27; Vasey 12;   one
Naramata: Ellison 22; Dehart Lib.
3; Johnson Soc. 3; option 25 for and
3 ugainst
Spencers Bridge: McBride 11; Henderson 3
. Northfield:   Williams    70;   Stewart
17; Thomas 4.
Dewdney: Full returns'show Man-
son, Con elected.
Keefers: McBride 11; Henderson 0.
Westham Island: McKenzie 40; Oliver 3. .
East Delta: Oliver 31;* McKenzie
22.   '
Eburne': Cotton Bt; Farris 46
'.Richmond:  Cotton 42;  Farris 26.
Steveston: Cotton 75; Farris 37.
Hammond: Manson 46; Thompson
Websters: Manson' 15; * Thompson
Silverdale:   Manson J?;    Thompson
Prince Rupert: .Manson 809; Kergin
169,; McKay 109.
Courtney:0 Duncan 121;''Cartwright
24; Forest 36; Manson 46.
Victoria:. George  Oliver,    Socialist
Newcastle:   Williams,  Soc.  elected,,'heir o'v.-n making and profiting by e**:-
50 majority. j perienco,   ihey   will   probably   realize
Vancouver  10.30  p.m.   Indications!1110'1' lotion and cast  in  iheir    lot.
point to almost clear   sweep for   McBride Government, Conservatives will
probably  elect  38   members, Liberals
and Socialists. 2 each.  •
with the valiant few in that'eevr conquering fight for freedom.
are the constituencies! Well workers: It is all over so tains ihis political election is concerned,
but the campaign for emancipation
from wage slavery began as soon as
capitalism started, when ihe first wage
worker objected lo his condition, and
will centime as long as a single man
The followin
as represented in the new house
Cariboo   (2) ,,
Allien   Ci-.liyon:   Ki'iupHtfi'  Hoc.
Lliidiniirk,  Ind.   2;   Taylor,  Con.
Con. 238; Kiigllsli Lib. 219; Cusoy, So-.opllon 2 fnr nml !! eoiilrn
ClllllHt   100,
Groouwood complete: Jackson Con.
hy til.
(ilnelor: Tnylor Con,
The Man Elected to Again Represent
Fernie Riding
Jed way: Manson ll~l****ergihH>T3Tc**"
Kay 0. *
t Grand Forks: Miller 313; Paterson
68; Mclnnis '-77:,, -majority for Miller
236: -. •'<'.     :' .;«-   ' -'     .      M'
Vancouver: Bowser 5440; McGuire
4701; McGowan 4491; Watson 5130.
Tisdell' 5089; Senkler 4001; Wade
3980; McDonald 3911; Staples" 3350;
Campbell 3190; Kingsley 1793; Pettipiece 1387; Garvie 1237; McKenzie
1236; McGregor 1116.
Trail:  Schofield 190;  Oliver 79".
Phoenix: Incomplete returns give
Mclnnis Soc. 238; Miller 138 and Pat*
terson Lib. C8.
Slocan junction: Schofield 10; Oil
ver 10.
Snndon: Bennett, Soc. 53; Hunter
Con. 26; Harris Ind. .1.
Vnncouver: Complete returns give
5 straight Conservatives.
Hosmer: Ross, Con. 75; Fisher Lib.
46; Harrington 23.
Donmnn Island: Forest 10; Manson
9; Cartwright 12.
Mission Junction: Manson 117;
Thompson 70.
Port Moody: Mnnson 78; Thompson IS,
Pitt Meadows: Manson 25; Thompson 18,
Victoria: The final returns for Victoria elect tlio four Conservatives ns
follows: McBride 2670; Davies 2*190;
Thompson 2*179; Johnson 21 !>:.'.'
"Liberals: Morley 2233; Oliver 2077;
Huston 2058; Drury 2034.
Nanaimo city: Hawthorn 782; T'lnii-
tn *I62; rejected 68, spoiled 5,
Cochin: Hoss 2*1; Harrington II,
Fisher 4.
Shut ford: Con. elected.
Field: Iliiclinnun 25; Parsons 29.
Kamloops; Sluiw .''■*•>"; Vasey .100.
Princeton: (.'on, "d; Lib. 47.
Fuh'vl-'w:  Consorviiilvo    38;  Liberals S.
Olilnnia: Consorvntlvo 7;    Liberals
Chilliwack *
Grand Forks
,   „  'Greenwood
Kamloops •'
Vancouver •   (5)
Victoria (4)
Ymir •
Liberals: —
Another campaign is ovor nnd the
workors of this riding nnd of British
Columbia generally have declnred that
their present  enslaved condition.
Through   the   smoke  of  battle   wo
soo n number of tho spirited, Intolllg.
ont nud enlightened who still hurl
defiance* at the enemy and whose In-
donilnltahh.' courage Is not In the least
Impaired by the action of thoir fellows
iu once more bowing boforo tliolr
economic masters by placing their
nocks In tlio yoke nnd parading lliolr
abject slavery to tho rule of the en pi*
The position of this riding Is simply
disgraceful,      * ,
•mid no socialist who uinlersiuiidK his
lli'i'o we 1-i'wj n laigo Industrial po-f ,.■.■„,„ poMtloii *.*,;n In. dccelu-d bj ***u<-h
pulutlnii, clioHing ns thoir ri'prosonin-, ■••||)|*.|fcii7
the a corporation lawyer whoso only' -|-i,,. n.Vc*liitlo.i !•• on: wn must -'li-
clnliu to ihole support or suffntn.v * .|*.,,Vl-„. „, .u,.,.,., u |n|.-lllgontl,v, mak-
was tlio innniior In whicli lio lififl ■ |„K (|„. hln.ft of Mm now vwlfty ns
fooled imd inlsiopiciH'iiti-il ii"in - in iu tli.' |,|*ii|](.hij •■*, mny 1,,.-,
Imf"' ;    on witli ih- revolution'
The niimli'T nt lnbor iiiohkuiih lie)
hud assisted In hlnu,.*hi**i'ing sliice lie
or woman in this little world is
subject to the domination and exploi-
I tntion of another, through ihe capitalistic .ownership of tho meang of
life.    „.      ,. .
There are lessons to be learned by
our experience in political contests,
one important point being the necessity and urgency for a closer organization. There are many who vote for
Socialism who are not members of
the party. * Now, one • who believes
in-ouT~l5niiosoph"ynretr-does— not— be—
come a member of our party is negligent In his duty. If everyone who
understands and believes in ourmove-
m*.'i!'., -would join (the socialisl local iii
his vicinity, or where there is no local
would join the parly at large, it'would
be' easier to locate members and
comrades in an emergency.
A central committee meeting regularly, nnd an active intelligent comrade
in every locality, agitating and taking
obsorvatons, sending iu reports at intervals ns io the local situation, keeping informed as to changes In tho
voters list, nnd when a voter moves
to another locality to ' inform lho
comrade,   working along such   lines.
However we hnve gained In class
conscious votors, no comrade supported cnpltnlsni ns ivp/c-sonted by Boss '
nnd Fisher, Tin- message was cnrrlod Into districts whero it hnd not
beon honrd before, nnd some of the
seeds of clnss consciousness fell upon
fertile soil.
Everyone, onco convinced of tlio
rightoousnr-ss of propogunist, one
makes nnotlior, two make four., etc.
W-: are Invincible.
Hy tlio tlmo nnotlior election rolls
nround the old pnrtlos will oiniiHCiilnto
nud adopt some of tho planks in our
pin I form, nnd then n»k nil hnlf bilked
Socialists and wlshy washy reformers
io voto for I hem on lho ground Hint,
tlioy   uro  socialisl Ic
Anything thnt tlio masters can uso,
Is of nocosHltv.  not   In our Interests,
Llndliiuik, ii, (
MorrlHsoy:  Kohh 2; Klslioc 1;  llui*-|
rliigtou  1. {
t'liiyhurn;   HreWMer     in;     M»:w,!i
Okiiuiignn FiiIIh; Consoivntlvos 22;
Libs,  6.
South Pi'iillcton:  Con. 39;  I.lbornln
Will*-   Water.   UeKuy   IT;
L,   E.   DRAKE
15, Kempster 10; local option 25 for!    Cnnihorland:   Cnrhurgor  126;   Man-
A.   I.   FISHER
The Liberal Nominee—He Fought
Hard Fight—But It'a Too Late—
400 640
Tho following are the bulletins ns
tlioy wero received by Bpeclnl C. P.
It. arrvlep nt tho Ledger Offlco, Wo
doslro ro nckiiowlodgo thn prompt nnd
courteous trentment of tho local auiff
of the tfl'-'zrn-ph offlco,
Hpiizxum: Hon. Illchurd McUrJdc 1,
Ikndorson 2.
Glacier: Tnylor Con., 2!; Llndmnrk,
Intl. 15, Kempster Soc. 10; local option 25 for, 1$ against.
entered t|ie house nt  Victoria showed
niiiiilhiiiknbly his elii',.i IciuiIiiks   nnd
wllOfie    tlllorotllS   lie   Hen im|    while   lie
was n jiieinber,
C'uiii'iii'e him with the Suilnllht can*
illiiule-   .1   »«i iii (iri   I'i.i'i   '<•;'!.   '!i<    iii
...       i   i     w   i.        -    i-     ..  c ilele.sli*.  lit   Iln-   people  e*,*|   lefli',**   Ulsil
lllondel: .Mclvny .., Keen 8, , '
IS iiKiilliHt. Ikoii !ifc:  I'orem fill:  nnncnn IKl. j    Sutidou: lletinott, Soelnllst 2u; Hun-1wl,l) 'llln*
Hovolstoko:   Tnylor,   -lii;   Umlmfirk,'    Victoria City:     Four Cijni-.'cvnflves', toy fnn.   I, ,    llnrrli.gti.n Ic n mnn wh..-.- ri.iinu'e
;W;  Kc-mpHtor 22. jelecioil. Ilovolsioko:    Tnylor,   Conservative,.ami nluliiy cli-ml*. .m<i|i*,u.it. .* Mm; of
Arrowhead:  Dohurt Lib. 0;  Klliunn i    RUvcrtnn: Hunter It; lleiinott    l»c;  clcctfil.. jlllv*   '»l'l"'""in***.
Con. 20; .lohtiHon Woe,  I;  option    -*> • i upduii i-i tm nwi *-•* un.<.... '.'. 1    ;   * "' """ run-wit ix-o eli-c*    Tlie mnniier In whleh lie uvuii-d nil
agmiim, II un. ,    al,n .*.;.,' .'..j.'.I'j, i'w.i i-i *• ni'v   i-\> >■' Med ; scientific subjects wnn a < tedii t;t lnw-
Uluclor:  Tnylor Con. 21;  Lliidninrk ,.,|, I    |.oulsi> Crook: Con. Ill: LlbornlH 12,i self nnd Ins clnnh,
fi!,-.**"im Hlillnir: .Minmon. Consorvnt-1 option 22 for nnd 11 nrinlnst,
ho elected. Viiinouvor; Allin: Hon. Hi*
Agnssl/,: Mnnson HV, Thompson 17; Con,, oleriod.
Iip'iu...   «i   *■'...    '■'■   :',  1»'..-tl..nM   t*-l:itnt-   MeKeti/le
New Uon\or: Hunter, Con. t",; ll«-u-' wr :;,
nott Hoc. Ifi; llnrrls Ind 17. j    Kiiderhj: KIHnon, Con., f»2; Dehni'l.!
CnHtlogur Jet:  achoflolil ilfi; Ollv-lill; Johnson Hoc. 17.
or 5. I    Lad> smith:  I'nrkor Wllllunin
JioNHlmul: llrndon, Con 23S; Kngllnh'Stowntt 211; Tliomns 17,
21ft: Canny Soc. Ifio. j    Xorthflold; Wllllnms "<>
(Jroonwot/il: Jacknon Con. 1*17; Me   Thomas \. ',    TLI.i t'-.- If onflt** 'o t..  -if. oh|-e« |.<s '
dnnnli*)  Lib    7*>. '    )|eill»y:  Hlinlfnnl fiS;  KlmhurM M. ihon for ihhtt; Individual*, who support-;
Suiihiiry:  M'Konjio 11;  OHwr I***1    I'e.'ulilaiid: Ijirnl option -**,"> for iiml*.*.! I'm      TI.i. amuui,
Lntest returns Qlve 37H for prohibition and 2772 against; majority for
Vr, KcmpMor 10; local ojnion fi'' 2.ri
IS uitulnst,
Vornon, Wontbimk: llolmrt Lib. IR;
Klllson Con. Vi.
Penchlnnd: Klllson Con. 8f.; Dohnrt
I.lb.- IH; Johnson So». 40.
Untlnnds. KUIson Con. 28; llolmrt,
Hli. 11; local option 20 (or nnd seven
Kelfors: MoTM-Jo 11
option I, ngninst 0.
Petmys; McHrfrto i'.
Morrlm: .Mcllrlde 57
Mlddlcoboro: Mcllrlde 24: Ilondor
non 17.
Bhuawap; Bhaw Con. 2<V, Vasty Lib
Hondorson 0;
Hoiiderion 4:
IlewleiHOj* 21,
(    Hut  Mio bliioiiy  and  pn-Judin-    of
'  '<JU,""'iKorifrrttli'iiiH  N  Htlll  with  us  -nnl  ihe
! number of mules who hiipp.tri.-d Mr.
*"'•  '*""   ,*• ■*.  '   .I...   .,,M„i.ei-   nf   l.llnt**   -.vliu
Jsuppnt-ted l-'mh.-r ik a [esuli of tln**-e
idoop   heated   i|Ufhliiilis.
■    Tlio fight  xx;\n iiy uo means <le.iii.'
innd tlio aniount nf nlli'ijed perjury and1
corruption In i>icMim.il>)c. j
Stownrt 17'
• 'l*-;   'fnd '
Southwest minster:    Mr-Konrlo lSfl-.jifc ft«.iin»t.
Oliver &«.    ,, Vittiw:  C.imi'l.*«f.  Hoss Con.
Ctovcrdah*:    McKciwIo  IS;    Olln-r'Fisher Liboial il'.T; Harrington,
.11. I IdlUt »77.
■ bat}l*'   f\|ii"l«le«l   here   ItH*  juit   bir   lltt-
"7S; 'ililnr, -and tl»-w wnrkem ««. ill In- t|» ' ...
Hoc* j first to find It om, but hi their* i«- The Socialist Csndidste, Who Fought
[inombf-r   Dwn   that ti.e l,i*h v,u% nt a Clean, Honest Fight PAGE TWO
Conducted under the direction'of "Proletiaran"
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
. Jim Ilawthormvaite is also re-
pork'd as saying* lie did uot \he-
lieve iir any government, whether
aristocratic, plutoe-ratiu or socialist. Those using this forget, to
add that ho believes .,in ."an administration." . This makes all
thc difference in the world. A
government implies a governed;
no man who understands, class
government can fail lo see Ihnv-
thormviiito's meaning, and people
who take parts of a man's spoae.h
and detach them from (hoRemainder iniis! either be ignorant or
malignant, and in either case they
are .sufficiently far from-I ruth fulness to warrant tlie utmost precaution on the part of society in general placing any confidence in anything ..Ihey say.
lie who would be .free himself
must strike the blow.   -
Ceaseless agitation, continuous
toil.-A'ducation on class lines; that
is the road and the* goal is freedom—the sweetest .consummation
man can know.
Some -men are writing to' the
press for advice as,*to, how to vote'.'
"AVe offer ours, conscious of its being disregarded—get up early, go
where the horse flowers freest, get
• good and drunk and forget it.
* If you don't know how to vote
. yourself nobody, can tell you how
to do it.
" If somebody tells you how to
vote aud you ..vote . accordingly,
that somebody gets two votes—
you get none. -
A vote for Socialism is a vote
for freedom. Your vote may not
do the trick, but without your, vote
the job will be more difficult.'
The world for the workers and,
work for those who would eat.   *
There stands between the workers and their produce the owners.
Law placed them there; law keeps
them thero and law can remove
Laws*are made by the people
who are "entitled to vote. The
workers have the numerical
strength to enact what laws they
may. Therefore what they get
in the shape of legislature is what
they vote for.   .-,
But voles won't do all, They
must go hand in hand with the
political movement and educational movement. The struggle is
not ovor when the vote is east —
don't forget that.
Slave:—A bond servant. A person wholly subject, to the will of
nrmflii'i': one who hits no will of
his own, lint whose, person and
services are wholly under the control of anolher one in tlio lowest
slate of life; n drudge,
Tis to work and have such pay
As just keeps life,, from day to day
Within your bones as iri a cell,
For a tyrants use to dwell.
This covers the condition of the
vast majority bf the working-
class. The position of the toilers
is not understood by those who
sit 'at the tables of the wealthy,
who, while they may.sweat blood,
have nevertheless some comfort in
life. "  '
However John Swinton. an eminent American journalist has said
"We are tlie vassals of the rich
men behind .the scenes. \Ve are
! he jumping jacks. They pull the
string and we move. Our lives,
our talents, our possibilities,, ar©
the property of other men; we are
intellectual prostitutes."
So that the worthy editor of the
Colonist must be extremely fortunate or very donee. But we say
these men cannot understand our
position; any more than we can
bring home to ourselves in the hey
day of youth the numbing and
most miserable experience of
friendless and fundless old age; or
we who have passed through the
fearful winters of some lands, but
few can, when basking in a tropic
sun, recall the horrors of that frigid zone, so that we again actually
experiencing them.
. Therefore we. cannot * expect
those who have not known them
to fully sympathize' with those
horrors." Similarly we cannot expect editors to realize-" how thoroughly we are enslaved to the machinery of production.
^TWo-caTinQt-all-gct^obs-.-- -Those-
who cannot get worlc are a constant menace to those who have
work, and they are the stock of
the whip and hunger is the lash
which forces us Xo our task.' We
are not sold, 'tis true, but we sell
ourselves. The bargain is none
the less binding because we "are
party to the sale, nor is tlie task
master less exacting though we
see not his face.
Political action is not necessarily
ballot box action.
■ • «
The historical mission of the capitalist socialist is to abolish himself.
» • *•
Montreal Is a city of churches, It
would bo better for tho workers of
Montreal woro all tho steeples sawn
off and tho churches turned Into modern Bchools.
* * *
A dotectlvo is n creature so vile and
low that when ho dies and goes below
ho will hnvo to get a ladder to climb
into holl..,
The Vietorii ('•■loiiist throws n
I'il bi'oiiijsf >)i)i) JlnwUiormvnite in
a telegram lind--- "Uproiiso yo
slnvos," The Colonist i.s nmre gentle with us tlinn some of its eon-
ti'iiipunincs, but ri'MoiiiK the wurk-
i'l*--* being culled slaves.
Shelly snys of Slavery;
Times are proseroiiH, . So say tho
[ilitio orgntiH. Thoro nro moro nulo-
mobiles nnd moro signs of ostentatious
lu.Mii) among men iiiiil woiiiuii who
llvo off the work of others, In tho
inonntinie n homelow** old mnn Robert
Irwin, sixty or snvoiitj- years of ago,
hung himself In I'olerboro, Ont,
* *   *
It will servo l.uurior right, If Iho
French Cuimdlniis who backed him
ngnliiHt tho rent of Ciiundn Hhould turn
on him und enst lilm Into political
oblivion. The French Cuiindliuis uro
lovers of ponce. Tlioy will not follow l.tiurli-r nlong tho gory path of
niIIU tu Ism,
* I*. '   *
Times nro wim!, The wonlthy lnbor
llilevoh lire oiiJnyliiK t)'oillNolVi?8 and
nil* looking forward in n Joyous Christ
mas time.', In the meantime the Socialists of Montreal are laying their
campaign*, to make the civic authorities look after the starving unemployed who are commencing to suffer this
winter. *    ".
* *   *'
Throughout, the ages the workers
have been oppressed and abused and
robbed. Ancl religion has been used to
enslave the minds of tlie worker's and
make them obedient to the desires of
the master class. A
* *   *
The times at present are fine for the
labor thieves. By so much are the
times worse for the working class of
this country.
* * *
The political action nnd the industrial action both have a place in the
social  movement.
* *   +
Socialism will establish the co-operative commcnwealth in the place, of
competitive private poverty.
•j.     *     *h .
Necessity is, the mother of crime.
Capitalism produces the necessity and
hypocricy lays the blame.oii the criminal. * "   (.   "
■ *   *   *
Let ■ the' little business man not
worry about socialism destroying his
business. Capitalism is doing that right
* *   *
The capitalist system evolved from
the feudal. The social system- will
evolve through revolution from the
capitalist. ...
* *   *
Is it not a silly system to work
under by which great wealth is given
to the few idlers and great poverty is
the lot of the many industrious workers?
* *   * -
Mankind need food, clothing, .and
shelter: in order to live. How foolish
it is to 'hand oyer these necessities to
be sold ** by private individuals for
gain.     - *   " '",-■'
Mai'se Pouliot, a pilot" of the Lower
St. Lawrence has had his license can-
colled because of old age and defective
sight. This worker in his old age has
"his job tal&h away' from him. The
worn out worker, is thrown on the
scrap heap after working all his best
years. D. McGlbbon, a Montrealer,'
has „ made a million and a half In the
past, couple of years through stock
juggling operations. The worker
suffers while, the parasite waxes fat
on him.
* • ■ •
The Hon. Mr. Hanna of Ontario Is
starting the hum "me treatment of p-is-
oners. The province will abandon
•lie ri nol Ice of placing ori-io.ien ui
striped suits and of cropping the hair.
Prisoners will bo allowed ti s*.j|n\v,
The average prisoner in jnll Is thore
through no fault of his own. He hns
been forced into crime to get tho necessities of life. The humane treatment of prisoners Is more pallntlvo. It
will need a revolution ln proporty
holding in order to abolish crime altogether.
• * •
The Canadian govornment has refused to give a license to tho United Wire
less Telegraph Compnny to build a
wireless station nt Port Arthur, Tho
government desires to retain control
of nil wireless communications. Consequently the govornment refuses to
nllow privato Initiative In (Ills' line of
ondoavor. Tlio government, howovor,
thrown opon the country to tho operation of rnllwny promoters nnd gives
thom millions ot dollara to throttle
tho trndo of tho country. It will bo
tho work of the socialist h to recover
from tho labor thlovoH whnt tho Mnc-
donnld gang and iho I.uurler gang gnvo
.1* i
116 ::   :   PAGES   : :   :   116
^v^,--;^..,*- ."*•*..,;*' -*.-,. - ::■ ,■ - w*i, >i^Mi&4%WmMim8a
I    Cornntdes eager to iioriuln* wlclll In
I public Hpotiklng   und lo curry on the
propngniulii  nl  the hiiiiio time might
do uh two law Hiudonis hnvo dono In
; Toronto.
i    TIioho follows Kin  ingot bor ono ovoning nnd iIIhciihhimI wnys ntul moans
of lonrnliig in Hponli In public, hit on
die idoii of Htnrtlng a (lobuiiiiK   club
of llii'lr own, HDoiii'fil lho iiildivmoH of
i various literary societies   throiiiir-nut.
Mlio city, dent lottors to tliem clutlloii-
. murf them in iM-titi*, nm-. iu Hil» •**.»->}
■have won tor tliomsolves   (ip-pot'iuiil-
Den that would not othorwlno     hnvo
conic tliolr way.     Thoy umuilly hit-
I niiKo to debute ul tlio rooms of   tho
iMinciy Duo iit-i*c|fi iHi-it i iiiiiirioii". »i
! that fulls they urn); tliolr own pnrloiH.
■ Ah llioro nro only two In tho club ihey
got tliolr frlondrt lo turn out In force,
thus ooiicenllfig (lie kIzc of tliolr club
with the high Hounding nnmo.
Tlior" Is no ronson why this nclioni'.**
could not bo w*oikod by .SoclnllstH ov-
A nolo to tin.' hoerotary o! UiIh or
thnt club containing a fornuil challenge
in dobnio, nud specifying thnt you nrn
propnrod to defend I he SocWilUt. Trndo
Tnion, pf*-fl*f<>    and nDwr progressive
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in advance. Price
50 cents. Return this order form to The District
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
Please reserve for me  .copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at 50 cents per
cofiy, for which is enclosed $      *
——— :  Name~
,      t Address
Steam heated throughout.
Hot and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial  Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards.
ViCTOitiA Ave.
,   Fernie, B. C.
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken 6,
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clonring niul Ploughing.    Lot us
figure on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Rizzuto Bros.
and forward movements Is all that is
required.   .
Following are a few subjects that
would lend themselves readily to this
Resolved, that the nation should
own the trusts.
Resolved, that the state should
guarantee overy adult steady and remunerative1 employment.
Rosolved that Socialism, though
feasible, is not desirable.
Resolved that the competitive wago
system Is responsible for tho great evils of child labor, unemployment, and
crime, also of intemperance, wars,
Resolved that tho Socialist movement morlts support. .
Rosolved that, tlio present Industrial
system is based on principles Incompatible with the teachings of Christianity.
As tho dobatlng season is already
oponod comrades should lose no time
In acting upon the suggestion glvon
D13ADW00D, S. D. Nov. 23.— Tlio
Homestako Mining Compnny today Issued n fltntomoiit notifying Its mon
that nftor Jiniunry 1, 1010, tlio company will omploy only non union mon,
but, tlmt tho present olght. hour shift,
and llio prosont iiculo of wiigoR will bo
rnnlntulnoil, Minors lmvo called a
nuiHH moot Ing In l.oud tomorrow nlghi.
Tlio oMinpiuiy employs over Siiuo niou
nt proHunt,
80  YEARS'
fjuMHHr Tn/iot Marks
^FFflf^   CopvnioKT« Ac.
Lands and' Works    for a- license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
In South E, Kootenay, British Columbia, DIock 4593,- commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles north o*
the International boundary on Sage
Thence running south 80 chains,
Thenco running east 80 chains,   .
Thence running north 80 -chains,
Thonce running west 80 chains,
to place of   commencement, making
640 acres more or leBS.
Located this 19th day   of September, 1909.
Agent for
Oct 15-Bt W.R.R.
A full line of shelf and   heavy   Hardware in stock together  with a
complete range pf Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date lines.*
Come in ancl have a look
j. r>. QUAIL
NOTICE Is horoby given that thirty
(30) days aftor dato I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and Works   for a llconso to
prospect for coal and potroloum ovor
the following doscrlbod lnnds, situato
In South E. Kootonay, British Columbia, Block 159:5, commencing at,a post
planted at or noar ono mflo south of
Noll Dunlop's S, W. cornor, nnd being
lho S. W. corner Jamos Ravons claim,
Tlionco running eost 80 chains,
Tlionco running nortli 80 chains,
Tlionco running wont 80 chains,
Thonco running soulh 80 chains,
to plnco of   eommoncomont, making
010 ncres moro or loss.
Located this I Oth day   of Soplom-
bor, 1900,
Agent for
JAMES 11AVRV. Locator.
Oct ic-r.t w.n.n.
quloklf Moortnli
lnv«nili*.n I) pro'
CopvniaKrs Ac.
       Ann' "
Bout opinion
f.ttynnti iKnrtlnj a tVoleli »ni1 dfierintlnn mty
■-■-••■—oortnln out opinion freowlmtl -
 (<prnh»tilf J)Manjkb[ft1.Comnv.    ..
lloinililotlfconndiinlf*!. HANOUOQK on l'«t«at#
reo wlmtlior au
1'itWii tiifi) '■ilirbtilfirWuilii'iV^roMfw
iwftol notttt, without cimrM, ia tbin
scientific American.
A h»nd»omolr Uluitrntod woekiy. fan-ait df-
culmliJii of »ny noloniina journal.   'J'ormi tot
Wnei' \ '■   7w' p,"Uu" WN*  Mi trr
NOTICK Is livrcby glvon that thirty
(.10) days after dnic- 1 Intend to apply
to th*** Una. Chlof ComMl**ronn   of
NOTICI3 Ih horoby glvon thai thirty
CIO) (Inys nftor dnio I Intend lo apply
tp tlio lion, Chief CotnnilBHloiier   of
LnndH and  Wiinm   tor a licunst, to
jiiw,',ii..t'i {,!,- iu.iJ uud piHluiwUtll xixm
the following described lands, Hltunto
In Soulh Vt. Ko<»tonn>", Hritish Columbln, lllocl; I.VJH, commencing nt a pom
plnntod nt or nonr Jnmos Rnvons N.
Nl , tullivl   rtltll   klUlliri  lliu   ,N.   'tm. lOtlll-t
of Albort Clark's claim;
Thenco running south 80 chains,
Thonco mnnln-i wost 80 chnlns,
Thenco running north 80 chnlns,
Thenco riiiininK onm 80 chnins,
tn plnrn nt   rommenrftmnnt. mnWmx
(HO ncros moro or less.       • .
I.oontod tjils Ulth ilny   ot Soptom-
bor, 1900,
NAT nAncoci-;,
Agent for
ALBERT CLARK, locator.
O-ct U5t W.U.R.
Phone 79       Baker Aye. P.O. Box 2CS
Wholesole Importers and Exporters
of Wines, Brandies, Cordials, Foreign
and Domestic Whiskies and Gins.
Large stock of Fernet Branca, Italian,
Hungarian and German Wines, also
Norwegian Punch and Aquavit, Beer,
Porter, Ale and Cigars.
Agents for Waukesha Arcadian Water, SchlitzBeer and the famous E1k
Valley Brewing Co. Ltd. Beer, draught
and bottled.
Special attention given to famll/
Our Motto: Pure goods and qulcx
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and Works   for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following doscrjbed lands, situato
ln South E. Kootonay, British Columbia, Block 4503, commencing at a post
planted at or noar James Ravon's S.
W. corner and being tho S. E. corner
Nat Babcock's claim;
Thenco running wost 80 chains,
Thenco running north,. 80 chains,
Thenco running oast 80 chains,
Thonco running, south' 80 chains, •
to placo Of   commencement, mnklng
640 ncreB moro or less.
Located this 19th day   of September, 1000.
Agont for
Oct 1G-GI W.R.R.
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that thirty
(.10) days aflor date I Intend to apply
to tlio lion, Chief ConimlHKloiH'i* of
LnndH and Works for a IIcoiiho to
protipoct for coal und potroloum over
tho following do.scrlbod lnnds, Hltunto
In South K. Knotonny, British Coluin-
bin, Block *iri9.1, commonclng nt a post
plnntod at or near Henry Btigboy S, E.
corner nnd bolng (lio B. W. cornor of
Noll Dunlop's claim,
i jii'iixi- iiiiiiuiiy nm i'n t>D i. it at a.i,
Thfiiit- I'Miiihn; i-.\A SO ch-ilns,
Thonce running south 80 chnlns,
Tlionco running wost SO chnlna.
Alberta Show
Case Works
jWanufactu'i'ei's   of
Calgary, Alta.
i        ~1
{Fernie Dairy
delivered    to   all
parts of the town
Sanders <& Verhaest Brothers.
Proprietors ,
♦*•*"»♦•*»♦♦♦♦*♦•*♦ +*++.
to place of   eommoncomont, making
(5*10 ncros more or less.
Located this 19th day   of September, 1900,
Agont for
NOTICE is horoby glvon that thirty
(30) days nftor (Into I Intend to apply
to tho Hon, Chlof Commissioner   of
LnndH and Works   for a llconso to
prospect for conl and petroleum ovor
tlio following (kiHcrlbod lands, Hltunto
In South E, Kootonay, nrlllsh Columbln, Block -inns, commencing at n poHt'
planted at or'nonr Albort Clark's N.
li, corner ami being Honry Btigboy'8 S.
13, corner,
Thenco running nortli SO clmlnu,
Thenco running oust 80 chains,
Tlionco running Houth 80 chnlnn,
Thonco running worn 80 chains,
to plnco of    cciuinioucuniunt, making
(1*10 hcn'oh moro or loss.
Located this 19th tiny   of Soplom.
ml,  iilvj,
Agont for
IIENRV nunnt-JY. Locator.
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernio, B. C.
Why hn without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of School) Pellatt Ave. THE DISTRICT  LEDGER. FERNIE.    B.  C.  NOVEMBER 27 1909
Wedding Party Hurled to Death by
Careless Chauffer's Uncalled
For Action
CUTHBERT, Ga„ Nov. 22—Three
persons are dead and two will likely
die of their injuries y.s.th" result of an
automobile accident here late last
night. •"
■ The injured are Miss' Mary Mattox,
aged 16, Coleman; Miss Helen Mattox,
aged 20.
The accident occurred as tho party
were ^returning from Cuthbert to Coloman. With.the purpose of beinc; married .lames Shepard and Helen Mattox
Accompanied , by Horace Shepard, a
brother of the bridegroom and Miss
Mary Mattax, a sister of the bride lo
be* obtained an automobile at Fort
Gaines late yesterday afternoon and
wero driven lo Cuthbert by Curtis W.
On reaching the point,ail the minis
ters refusgd to marry the couple on
account of their youth, neither of the
pair having as yet passed their 20th
. After being unable to secure the services of a minister the .party at once
left town.
'" Speeding along at the rate of' 30
miles an hour and while attempting to
light a cigarette, Williams lost control
of his machine while crossing a bridge
over the railway tracks and the party
was dashed to the tracks below, the
machine falling ou Shepard and. Williams: .
Williams neck was broken and his
deatli resulted Instantly.
The two She'pards died a few minutes afterward. Miss Helen Mattox
suffered internal injuries and will probably  die.' •*
Organized Labor Objects
to Any Change and
Rightly So
of   the
It was further arranged that the
next meeting of the Trades and Labor Council be given up for a public
meeting, for the discussion of municipal politics, that the meeting be ad-
vortised ' through thc press, and by
hand bills, that* it be held in the
Trades hall on Thursday evening, Nov.
25, to commence at half past eight
sharp, that all members of the present
council as well as aspirants to'municipal honors be invited to attend, ancl
that Brother S. W. Tuckwell preside
at the meeting.
by    ■ ■■
A Big Healthy—Hearty—Happy
Able Bodied Three-Pound Package
; *     of'
Golden West Washing Powder
Competent to do all Kinds of Cleaning;
Washing Dishes a Specialty;
Neat, Pleasant and, of Good Character;
Can Refer to Everybody Who Knows Me
Will Not "Sleep in"; Chew Gum; or "Talk Back"
Wages * no' Object
I Want a. Place in Your Happy Home.
Meet Me at.the Grocery Store.
B.  E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Elected to Highest Office
by Unanimous Vote ,
For  The Year
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Sunday School q
■fjr*   On the Lesson by the Rev. Di
711    Newspaper Bible Study Ohtb,
Linscott for the International
the   regular   meeting
-•    • ' (Lethbridge Herald)   •'
Trades    and Labor Council held last
evening at the Trades Hall, Bro. A.
Frayne in the chair, the following resolution was unanimously adopted.
' "We, the, members of the Lethbridge
-Trades and Labor council, having received at the hands of the Miners' union of this city their'complaint in ro-
 cn/\rti__tn i Vi s\ -tin/i/tii f niiflfitt^ii\ /iAiVn/*ii1 _
 ff1pt\^l.— \\J—l.ll'G—* trVj-Clll-—Ul Ut I 1H— -vWUlUjllJ-
passed by the Alberta Legislature 'ostensibly in the interests of the general
.public, on account of a supposed fear
of a coal.shortage, hereby .desire-'to
.place ourselves on record in unqualified disapproval of this action, on the
following grounds:
Firstly: The order in council is no-
. (liing else than.an attempt on the part
of the coal operators to invalidate the
Eight Hour Day Act, recently secured
* by the miners, after great   expense,
. mud   passed by the   Alberta Lcgislat-,
ure. ■
Secondly*. The said complicity of the
government in consulting the interests
of'the coal operators, without in any
wny consulting the interests of the
Illinois, wlio aro thc most interested
parties io the arrangoiuent. is contrary to the principles of democratic
government, nnd therefore, clnss legislation,
Thirdly: The assertion that the order In council was necessary, because
of ihe difficulty tho conl operators ox-
poiieiifod In securing machine men is
n puro fabrication, inasmuch ns tho
' wage scale, nffecllng'tliis clnss of lnbor
hns been reduced to such a minimum
(lint men will not accept the terms
offered, because they nve ablo to ob-
Inln better terms at other vocations.
Whon the coal operators are willing
to offor. n reasonable price for this
class of labor tho minera union will
bo nble to provide nil tho men llioy
can employ.
He it therefore resolved that wo do
hereby protest gnlust this order In
connell ns nn ntnek upon the rights of
organized lnbor, nnd donira to pub*
lldy express our disapproval nt thif.
attempt at clnss legislation, by having a copy of this resolution, sent to
Lieut .-Governor Hulyen, lion, \V. II.
CimhhiK, Minister of Public Works.
of the Albertn legislature, nnd the
Hon, W, A. Ihieliannn, tho local mom-
hor; and further, that copies of thin
resolution ho forwarded to tho local
press, viz,, The Dally Herald, Tho
Weekly Nows and tlio Labor Bulletin
with a ro'iuost that. It ho published.
De It further resolved thnt a copy
of thlH resolution bo forwarded to
tho Hi'crclai'y of each union affiliated
with thlH Trades Council, with a ro-
-pieat that they put UiouihcIvuh on
record on' thlH matter, and n statement of thoir• decisions he spread on
tbo minutes of tltu l'nutes ami Ln0uriiit)«"-)f.
In connection with the above matter
it may be said, that President Powell
of'District IS has been engaged in
fighting the, same matter for some
months' back.' As far back is riept.
1-1 th, the following communication appeared' in The Lodger ih this regard,
bearing the signature of the president:
,   (COPY) '•
Edmonton Sept, 14
Editor Ledger: •- , ••   ,.
Sir: Since writing you on the question of the order-in-council supsending
the statutes of Alberta,_*i908, regard-
jng_Lthe limitation o£_hours__o£-,_,wor.lc,
below ground, I have thought best to
send you a copy of the order itself.
, You" will not' first of ■ all that the
order recites tho reasons for which
thc act should be suspended. It begins-by stating that the,heavy crops
are responsible for the necessity of
working machine .men longer than S
hours per day, On this, point it is
my candid opinion thnt tho Canadian
Pacific Railwny is tho octopus stretching its tentncles even into the legislative halls.
Tlie next reason which seems to be
alleged   is  the   fact  that  there  is  a
reduction  ln  tho duty on coal going
into tho United States,     It would be
something deplorable if the fluctuations of   tariff should cause tho whole
province to bo affected to the extent
of repealing laws which have barely
been in  force.    If tho economic conditions nre disturbed by tin international arrangement, it seems that that
condition ought to' bo met. bv securing
a larger number of expert men   (and
which can easily be don" by a large
corporations by tho C, P, 'Ll liy paying tlio proper prices.     Lot the C. P.
It, and    the conl  ooralora, who cnn
well afford to 'do soi pny reasonable
prices innd plenty machlno men will b>s
available In this nnd other countries.
The snmo argument can be sot forth
to moot the reason alleged ln tho order that iv largo number of settlors
hnvo como Into tho provlnco",    This
Is a question of demand arid supply,
and if tho poulntlon Incroasos bo rap-
Idly, the powers that bn should havo
forsetm   tho   tendency   of tho times
early enough so ns not to allow tho
mon to be Idlo (lining tho grontor part
of ono Benson and not to ovorlax thom
during another,
Working a littlo all tho tlmo Is far
hotter thnn working a man to death
only a part of tho tlmo, TIioro legislators and largo companies hnviv a
grent deal of foresight when It Is a
question of gathering vottm nt, tho
tlmo of the election, or when It Is to
thoir own Interests financially, but
thoy care littlo for tho worker who
rocolves at all times thu minimum of
his earnings.
Yon will note tbat tho ordor rnoroly says that machine men aro exempted from tho operation of Uiu act.
Ah I said already In tho Interview
with Mr. Cushing, tho Minister of
■Public WorkH, ooin Mr, Julia-it ana
Jn; InU'n/i'L'lullou ol Dm ordor was mndo. by him ns giving tbo
n      NOVEMBER  28  1909
Paul on Self Denial. (World's Temperance Lesson.). Romans xiv: 10-
Golden' Text.—It is good neither to
eat flesh nor to drink wine nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth.
Rom. xiv:21.     -.
Verses 10-13—Is the Bible a "book
of rules in any sense, or is it a book
of principles only?
Principles never change, but may a
good rule undor one condition become
a bad one under another? Give examples,
There was a controversy, -in the
church at Rome between the Gentile
aud the Jewish believers about meats
and days; but in the eyes of God was
it-in any sense a moral.,issue, as to
which were right, those'who observed
certain days and refrained.from certain kinds of meet' or - those who es
teemed" all days ~ali"ke and ate aTl-luiuls
of meat fit for food.
Did one Christian in Rome have any
right"to impute sin to another Christian," who believed and therefore acted, differently in the matter of meats
and days, to what the objector's con*
science would, allow him,to act?
Does this commandment not to
judgo forbid us forming an opinion
concerning any doubtful action of our
brother; and if not'what does it forbid?
Today one part in the church thinks,
that renting pews is wrong, another
that any kind of games in tho church
parlors nre wrong, while others think
the opposite on these matters; now
has either party nny right to "judge'
tho other party to be guilty of moral
What should bo both the constraining and tlio restraining influoiico with
us, lu nil matters of conduct? Vorso
Verso 14—Doos God morally ostlm.
ato actions in themselves ,.*r the motives which prompt tlio ncions?
Glvo an example pf how it Is possible that ono. mnn may do a' thing
and ploaso God, whilo another may do
the snmo thing nnd commit sin.
How many outward notions can yon
think of that nro always wrong undor all clrcumstnncoH?
Versos .lii, HI—If your neighbor Is
vory 111 and your singing and piano
playing hurts him arid you refuse to
deny youl-solf tho pleasure of singing
and playing, whnt kind of a person
nro you?
If you enjoy and drink your glass
of wlno, whon you know wlno drinking Is doing vastly more harm thnn
good, whnt sort of n porson aro you?
To what extent should I deny myself nny plensuro tlio gratification of
which hurts my nolghbor.
No sensible parent will nllow anything In his family, however good It
may bo In ItHolf If It proves to bo Injurious to tho children, should ho or
not, apply tho samo principle to his
Vorso 17—Should our chief thought
be given to the needs of the body or
of the soul?
What does, the Kingdom of God preeminently stand for?   *
What, in the last analysis, is the
real wealth of the individual, the family, the ( community* and the nation?   ,„ . ■
Can the highest' good be enjoyed
if tbe Holy Spirit is not recognized
as its source?
Verses 18-20—What do wc need to
be in order to be" pleasing to God and
to good men?' - "
Verse 21—If we deny ourselves any
things we enjoy for the sake of others
what is the effect upon ourselves and
do we get as much, or more out of the
self denial as we would out of- self
gratification? (This question,, must be
answered in writing by members of
the club'.)
If all who drink wine, in moderation,    would   obey  the  principles   of
TORONTO, Nov. 23—The 29th convention of the American Federation of
Labor came.to a conclusion today with
the election of officers for the ensuing
year. Samuel Gompers was re-elected President by acclamation and was
■given a great ovation. The,full list ot
officers is: '
President: Sampel Gompers.
First vice president: James Dun-,
can. I
Second vice president: John Mlt-i
cliell. ~ j
Third vice president: .lames O'Connell.    *
Fourth vice president: P. D. A.
Fifth vice president: W. D. Hub-
Sixth vice president: J. F. Valentine. -
Seventh vice president: J.-R. Alpine.        ,, '
Eighth vice president: II. 13. Per-
Treasurer:  ,1. B.  Lennon.
Secretary:  F. Morrison.
In the' course of his speech, thanking, the members of tlie convention
for llic.hunor thoy had conferred'on
him, Pres. Gompers remarked thai the
decision of the Court of Appeals in the
District of Columbia affected two mil-'
lion members- of the A. F. of L. lie-
feides the three named in the indictment. He declared he would fetill
continue  to fight.
Every facility afforded to fanners and
ers for the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
equal facility.
L.  A. S.   DACK,
Accounts may
deposited   or
be opened by mail and monies
withdrawn'   in this wav with
Manager, Fernie.
self denial-in this verse, how long
would it.be before we would have total prohibition of the liquor'traffic?
Lesson, for Sunday, Dec. 5th, 1909
Paul on the Grace of Giving. II Cor,
vlll: 1-15.
Wholesale, and Retail
Just come into our store and take
Meats   *
Butter    *
a look around you will find a wide
range to choose from.   We stock
Pickled   Lambs'   Tongues,   Pigs'
Feet and Tripe.
■•   and
You   will    like    our   "Empress"
Poultry ,
Brand of Mince Meat.
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale, and  Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
We beg to announce to'our many customers that we  have  removed to'our old quarters next the Sank,of Commerce pending the
She—Do you think the hats are)
^becoming this season?
He—Yes; becoming worse
»<SS>*9B>''<9B<81><G2><Sk<SD<gd<>g9.4Et tS&GBi&®&eSaGII*-*%>€!S&tbGi&i3&
!'K**^-?r**:'i'*,'^"'-t,"-*''*i,'^4'^'^,''^"-'t'X''i',*t,'-''''-'t 'v'"**,V[V'^''A'-i"'*^'it'-'i*VV*VV*V*vl'*/;^
 '• '■""■ ■""-—--v
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith  and  Plumber
We can  furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
2       Electric Lighted
The Waldorf Hotel
Big Saving
25 to 35 per cent.
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot nnd Cold Water L, A. Mills, Manager
Vou will .siivi- hy
Complete stock ol
see iim  before you.
Winter goods,
buy elsewhere.
The Doctor's iirst Question
"How arc your bowels?" This is generally the first question the doctor asks. He knows what a sluggish liver
means.  He knows what a long list of distressing com-
Elaints result from constipation. He knows that headaches,
ilious attacks, indigestion, impure blood, and general
debility are often promptly relieved by a good liver pill.
We wish you would talk with your own doctor about
this subject. Ask him at the same time if he approves
of Ayefs Pills.  Do as he says.     J.C.AutrCoMwlUJfcs'.
mrtchlno mon tlio opportunity of worlc-
ln« morn thnn elxht Iioikh ii day If
tlioy so wlHhoil, but they nro not obllii-
od io do bo, It would Hoera tlmt tbiH
(•n*^'v•.1.*''*l^tlf•l,. \n PfVYfipt I'tvl r-niico-
tiunnUy 1 would Ito of tlin opinion tlmt
It Ir unoloHR to rnlHn meet Intra of pro-
toat, but It Ih for tlio Unitod Mlno
Workoru of America district 18 nol to
work moro thnn eight hourH n dny,
nntl tf ibn onprntorn rnnulrr' moro conl
if tho demand is srentor thnu tlw Hiipply, then It Ib up to tho operators to
secure moro help nnd more experienced men which thoy cnn do hy pnyliiK
Kttlnrlofl, nnd then wo will hnvo economic conditions ndjuotcd hy rIvIiir n
larger number of men work to do, nnd
tluni help tho unemployed.
This is my order ne pn-Hbb-nt of Dw
United Mine Workeru of America, in
District N'o. 18. I would feel sorry to
bco nny man belonKliiK to tho union
accepting work for   more thnn olisht
Are You
-Connected. ?
Aro you ready to recelvo tho power and light
from thc new system? Now is the time to have
connections and wiring dono. Wo can savo you
mofiptr     Wp hnvo nil iiv]r"> n*nrl -mnl-rpo of flylnrpo
-* ■*,
motors and generators. See us at once, Tlie
power will bo on soon. Estimates and export advice chcorfully given,
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox 3 pair 50c
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1.25 each
.SVxl lu I'.iu'Ihiii'*. I 'iiiidj* Slurr
Vi At liiVl.lllnlli If i.l.-l
Tim S-nns-n of Socuri
niiuhiHt   to-mo :rro
Depew, Macdonald & McLean Go. \
Electrical Contractors
♦ »♦♦<»♦♦♦
«»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»»♦• THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,      B. C. NOVEMBER 27 1909
®!j* Sisktjci £t&%tx
$1.00 a year ih advance. Address all communications to the ".Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through ,.careful - enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this,* paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to provo our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business* men who advertise,
ior pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
♦ransaction causing the complaint; that is we must
nave notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
Prom all quarters of the Dominion are heard
reports of protest in regard to the military program
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Even in the oldest* parts
of Ontario and the Maritme provinces, where they
are immune from tlie western spirit of peace between' the men of all nations, come the same notes
of discontent. ■ Canada could not in any event produce a navy that would compete with any of her
possible enemies. Her defence lies in the North
Sea fleet of Britain. Any navy that Canada can
put on the water would stand about as much show
as one mug of beer at a German picnic.
The closing of the school here on ?*.:cou.it of a
number of cases of measles has * caused somewhat
of a tempest in a teapot. It* now appears that
the professional gentleman wh*. gave the order is
nn ex-official of the city. ai*.d at the present time
has no authority whatever to dictate upon such
matters. He overstepped his province altogether,
and the schools are to open on Monday as usual.
John T). Harrington made'a clean.'honest fight
from slart lo l'iijish. but he lost. However, his
loss must make'some of Ihe-workingmen of lho
<*i1y and district thoroughly ashamed of themselves
aud it certainly brands them as traitors. In a
tiirrc- cornered fight, such ,as we liad in Fernie,
Harrington, with a reasonable amount of support,
should have had an easy, victory, but whiskey,
which was predominant, is seemingly always a
tempter to the working class, and catches more
votes for the unscrupulous politicians than honor.
It is ever thus". Time and again we liave seen
the effect, and this election certainly had all others
backed off the map. Nearly every saloon and
hotel in the country flowed witli the deceptive
fluid, supplied, ho doubt from "friends and supporters of Ross and the McBride administration. However the fact that John D. Harrington was defeated (dishonestly) does not fur a moment dampe'i
the ardor of the Socialists of Fernie riding, and
already they are after new members and new supporters. The Socialist party does not wait until
a few days before, air election and then spring into
the political arena with claws outstretched, and
with policies of no end to gull the* ignorant and
easy going workers; it is always preaching and
teaching the doctrines of the betterment of man-
kind. - It is a doctrine of evolution, a doctrine.'
which improperly understood by the men it tries
to defend, would reach from pole to pole. It is
accustomed to defeat. but_ so far every.defeat has
meant a victory. The capitalist, parties are realizing-more aud more every day that Socialism has
come to stay ancl must be reckoned with.
The provincial elections yesterday will go down
~tii"~nnttonal—liisto nHu—vhe-sanie-eatcgoi'v—as—the-
Frank slide. *   *
Owing*to the fact that several persons have
challenged the right of the officers of District IS
to take any part in the elections, as they did in
sanctioning the candidature of John 1). Harrington, we reproduce in another column a resolution
passed by the last convention of District IS, which
is sufficient warrant for their action.
The workingmen of Fernie riding voted away
their manliness and honor yesterday for whiskey
and some false promises. They should now be
satisfied with what they get.
.Come to think of it, .'twill not be any great or
arduous task to be leader of the opposition in the
B. C. Legislature.      " ^
After all, what's the use of working men having
a ballot when they do not know how to use it for
themselves.   ,
The Free Press engine blew out as a protest to
the rubbish they were publishing about 'Vvy Ii.
Iioss—but to no effect.
There were all sorts of election bets up, but so
far we have been unable to locate any person who
lost money. ■
Once more the workers, the trade union men,
the ■men who are so sympathetic and so sincere* in
the union meetings, have been gulled by .Conservative money, Conservative whiskey and Liberal cigars. The workers could carry this riding with
ease if they stuck together, but the ''if" is what
they fall on.
Tlie mouthpiece of the capitalist class, oi' the megaphone of the
Conservative member,1 the Free
Press, lias seen fit to challenge'tlie
rights of the District Officers of
the U. M, W. of A. endorsing the.
candidature of .l."D. Harrington.
If'that worthy tool of, the old parties (ried to odm-i.V1,itself u litlie
in the labor movement,,it would
see the ridiculous position in
which it places itself.
It i.s our divine right, not as
'district, officers, but as individuals
to support one of oiir own class,
one who will combat nl ovovy turn .ship and operation and the deni-
11n* evcrgrowii'L*- lendciicy on thej o-.-ratic management of all those
pari of Ilie (leech specie) mnsler; means of production' and exchange
class, lo grind (lie workers down,!Hint are collectively used, that cv-
down, down. And niraiii. as Dis-1ery mini, and woman willing and
trict Officers, wc must  most em-i'dilc to work can have 1'i'ei.' access
phlltieiilly declare 11l ii
voicing tlie opinion of tlie major-j lull value o
. ily of mir meinbers when we lend!    The  motion  carried   with   onl.v
our support   lo tlie cause uf ihejoiic vote against.
is to profit by tlie activit/.' o!" th?
working class so long as a market
can he found where tiie product of
the workers can be disposed of,
Whereas: The -"Workers receive
in tlie form of wages only a small
share of what their labor power
with the aid of machinery produces, thus preventing them from
buying back out of the markets
the equivalent of what Ihey have
produced, necessarily causing a
glutted  market; therefore    be it
Kcsolved. that we, the United
Mine Workers of America, District
No. IS, in annual convention assembled, recognize and declare for
Ihe necessity of the public owner
we are only S to the means of life and get the
.I full value of whal Ihey produce.
only man that can ami will uphold*
7 ■
the interests of his class---!he Wor ;
•Ifi'l'.""*. '    The church will hi- formally opened
For the benefit <.f our would-lfi''1- Hun-liiy inornliiK, November *iSih,
critics   the   following     H'Sulul'lull
A vory large number of copies of this
book have been sent out since the last
announcement in the Ledger, and on
every hand wo have mot with nothing
but pleasant words in regard to our
undertaking, An,ad. elsewhere explains more fully where'copies can be
had, etc. Tlio following from the "local
press gives us a chance to see ourselves as others see us.
From the Crow's Nest Pass Dally:
"Progressive Pernio" has nt last
made its appearance and Is a credit
to the enterprise and workmanship of
the Ledger. It is neat and nl tractive, and contains slcndid specimens of
ilio engravers art, besides ninny ex*
icelleiuly wrltton articles, dealing with
the Industries and business enterprises
of the city and illsirlci.
From lho Fornie Froo Press:
"The long delayed issue of "Progressive. Fornio. publishe'd hy llio District
Lodm-r Is at lust, off the presses. Wc
have nol had time to peruse the printed mat ter carefully, hut from n mechanical and typographical standpoint
the number Is a credit to the offlco
Dial has produced It. The stock used
Is n handsome pule buff paper, which
passed both nl Ilie International
and District convention js repro-
t ('niiv---.itinn  report, sixth
mini convent ion, piiu'c 27) ;
by llev. (I'MiiTe Kei'hy ol' Cnlgary,
will.'M tin- tHIs-Ui'.'*!*, In the person of
II, A. Willies; will hand over th..
1,-i'ys.     The cciciunny of npcnlnij Dw
floors   10   flic   pllltlle   tllK'eN    place   III
Hi..'..) ii.iu., after which the dcillciit-|
jury service will be conducted within,!
:fnl)f-u'cd hy tlie iidminlsi rat Inn of ihcj
'"Whereas, ill 1 lit* light of I lie ill- i siicuiini-iil of Hie |.onln Supper. In iln* j
■ lu«triiil dept'csMi.ii Hint ha-, haunt-;***'**'i'i*ooii  a  choir  of  tin  voices  will,
'render the sticred ciiiiuitii. The Hulld-j
OPENING OF METHODIST CHURCH I H,,0WH off n,° '""HtrnlloiiH 10 ildvimt-
|ano, and kIvos a distinctive tone to
ilm whole publication, . We conui'iit-
uliito our eotoin on the excellent souvenir It hftn produced, We hnve had
hoiiio experience In hi'IUiii*; out special
numbers and can appreciate the heavy
work enlitllcd In the production of such
a hook. Wo trust that tin? District
l.ednci- may find Its task profitable as
well as arduous,
or in.ii'"
J Iim of the Ti'lllpli
Service iipi-iis at [
p.m.  hy the can
t'D ('.'Hindu ami AtiPTt '.*•.
Ilntn a  year,  millions of willing,,, .,„ fo„0(,(1(. ,„
worker-*, hnve been forced into iu-'intu,
voluntary idleness,    thereby    tlc-J    lu tlie evening in l,:w )■>-.,    Mr
Hied   lieeess   lit   the   lilt'.'IIIS  of   !ifi\' '*••'"'>  Mil uK-iili pr-u-h.      ll) .-oiilie.
Mnn   -.villi  this ncrvlce  there  wilM)
It   special  choir  Of  llttli!   Mll'Ili   illesscilj
XX i,i L i .f.,   .i    ....-■-     '!    (!'   "'-''"''.* |1U   vum,.,       .-.tip,  iloiitU   vt-lil  .I1.-.H  mUHi
rich who M'nrccly know I In* limiti,, „„|„,    Tin- uichi-i-iru will lm in at-.
250 Good Stories
The Yotiili**! ('oinpanlon itliotiinls lit
Ifitlri'liif! siorli-H nt adventure nntl heroism, Om- may describe un csiupe
from iifclilfiital peril, num lier a
ntrntiKf eiifi'iiiiler wllh wild ercaluicN
■"-man or beast,
Mnny of these kioiIch lire true us to
tui <r»,   .tt...   ./...,.    ...,*»...*-**   ...       .   .......
.n.d jiV.it i   '      \ --.core nr move nt '-wli*
Dim-leu will he p-.thll-.-hHl dut-lnr I'.Uflj
The Regina Daily. Standard says:
"We 'have made good, at least we
hope we have,' were Mr. Stewart's
words to the bumper audience that
greeted the Stoddard's last night. On
the openrng night last year there were
149 present, so it means something to
gain the public confidence and oood
will. The company and the show
are a credit to' the indefatigable efforts of Mr. Stewart and his assistants
and the repertoire is of the very best
class. ,
"The Man on the Box" is an up-to-
date comedy, full of ridiculous' sttuat-
ionsions brought about through two
clever persons playing the game of
bluff--The man having blundered' in
playing a practical, joke stumbles on
the romance of his life and proceeds to
bluff it out—and the woman suspecting that he'is bluffing determines, to
"call the bluff—but fate steps in and
gives him a chance to make good. After the tangles are all taken • out,
there is nothing left but the old story
of .love at first sight, carried through
all the stages with a very fair plot as
background, and with the accompaniment of good clean humor on all the
Mr. Stewart as the Man on the Box,
and the pivot of the play proved himself a versatile and clever actor ofthe
first order, and his winning personality made him plenty of friends in
the play, and scores in the audience.
Everyone was glad he stole that kiss
even the" lady herself, and he did well
to confine himself to one for Miss Leah
Stoddard as "Betty" was irresistibly
pretty and unconventional. There is
something doing all the time with the
Stoddard's and,, the acts were interspersed with specialties which alone
were worth the price of admission. It
is safe, to say. nothing better in this
line has ever been given in this city.
Archer and Garlow!* comedy instrumentalists, brought down the house, and
whether we quite enjoyed the jibe at
oiir classical tastes is neither here nor
there—we certainly did enjoy the style
and cleverness of their work.
George Llewyn, a somewhat different fellow did some good turns and'
was a whole show in himself.
The illustrated songs and the pianist
were in order with this first class organization, which/everyone should see
and hear. They play the entire week
with a. change 'nightly. At Fernie
opera house all next week.
is certainly an economical beverage,
1     yet this is all that
'"pT? A    costs.    One pound will make 220 cups
1 liiI\  of the purest and most   delicious   Tea
Editor Ledger,
Sir:—I hereby advise you that application for transfer of liquor license
held by me in respect to the Royal
ancik, dated May* 14th, 1909, as published in- the Fernie Free Press, dated
November 6, 1909, is-"null and void, as
conditions of agreement concerning
said transteiLwera'^oltco.mpliert with.
This application" of transfer was published without my knowledge or consent.
,   '      per C W.   Davey.
C. P. R.
Low Round Trip -Rates to
Ontario, * Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1 to Doc. Ill, In-
eJusiev. good to return within throo
months. „  ,
Tickets Issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship Iliislness will be on sale
from Novombor 21 nnd limited to five
months from date of issuo
Finest Equipment. Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping' Ours and
DIiiIiik Cnrs on nil Through Trains,
Compartment - Library - Observation
Cars on "Imperial Limited" and "Atlantic l-JxpuroHn."
SThrough Express Trains Daily
leaves Wlnnlpi-K dally at 22.-10, nuikliiB
connections nt Toronto i'or nil points
Em-it nnd West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg dally at 18.1".,   und the "Atlantic
Express" at 8,00 dully, miilclliR connections at Moutrr-if! for ull points Hast
Apply to the Nearest C. P. R. Agent
for full Information
**********if^)f *************
The Elite Dancing
Farquarson & Campbell
Under personal direction of -
,    Mr. &  Mrs. P. A. Farquarson
*     Lessons from 7 to 9 Mondays
I and Thursdays
...... .i. .
On first class
business and residential   property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
|   Furniture Moving a Specialty |
I  T—:—:-■-:«=. ft
•»    Leave Orders with \V.  Keay g
X PHONE   78 A
M. A. Kastner
Fire !  Fire! Fire !
Tiie. auniversavy of tlie great
(ire of August, I, 1908, is drawing near. Let us draw your attention to the fact that we represent M financially strong, old
established and well known
Board Fire Insurance com-,*,
panics, also agent for the
Sun   Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
Wc have several snaps in
Business and  Residential
Jn ditl'erentpai'ts of the city
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
*   No Charge
re for the
M'e have in Slock n full lino of
Coal and Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
and Ranges
Wo have also a full .line of Stove Pipes  Elbows. Dumpers,  Fire
shovels etc.
W    Ih-sI    Willi's, i   Ol
U|iplii**| wiih   D
U'lU'iv-** anil i'lu'ai'*.
Dl.Sl.Stl     1(1 MS.*)!     I.S     Xtt.S .**. 4.1. 4 it >.\
(ll      lill'ir     W *)'il llll     itit'
with    tin-     fiiiiiitlfss
in iitltlltion to ni'iuly 200 oilu-n*.— L'.'.dl       J0"" PODBIELANCIK, Prop.
.'''.'.i|;(ii'i  ii' ..i'l: i/t ii*.-- ft r. l-j'-.-t.     z
On Mimiiity .-v.-uIhk IYum ii iu S a ''"*"• Htnri"s '" »u ""'• '"> «w" ,l,,lt*1-
iml.il..' iiiiui. i* will b..j Hi-rvctl  In    the AikHIiIh Ik noi eouiitliiK thi-Ht-rlul stn-
1    '      I '■       1 -    ,   It.    ,.,,,1       ,,,||1      X...      ,   Ml*,
li;i!-"ii'i*iii   nl   Un*  i uiiii ti   n»   ..ii  i i*iiih,	
r,     .1.. . .i,.-|,,,i
to I'iml wum':,„,,. ,„,.„,   ,„„,,.,. „„. {.|,.irK,. ,.f ,|l(. ,(1.|sitb'i*..tl by old romimiiloii i-.-nd.-ri wtj
Iiiih    ii it'
able to llinr i'nilmv to I'iml wum1: ,„",,. ,',',"..,',','_ ,„„•,... „,,""  - - -■   '-" ■
•HUHT.***. of tlii- mt-aiis of |ii'i)(liji'tinli !-*i..h (,r (in- church.     At J» ii.iu.    Un-
to/i'lllJ-ltlV   lllt'lli:   illli) J public   llfdlltK   bi-KltlM   III   Whicli   Itii-'il
Wlii-rcns, tin- ili'iiiiil «if the up-!
pnrhmitv   ttt tin- vnllinu' wi-H-;.-**'.**.1
I<» ''iiffitj.'.' in useful l.ilinr ,s|»riiii.'sjII),ls,(
ir.itt. lit.- I'.i.-i \\„i\ ll..'* aiv;.u..> with:    rt.-
[ ntt
WhiUus i'b'iay w<' cxpi-i.-lcil to
tal;.' p.'irt. A iiilHi"«.)hiii.<4»i.H prof**:nun
;    h ■,■ I-!. •' ni* \i,i:it -itn] l!i**.,i-iii"i.nifi|
jH'otuii-i.l arc .nv'nil
i> j.m*it«- wuHvi-lu'iU, ■*
not  in i-11-..trv fi'iluT*-. iu    vivflHli'
ti.kii.ii.   \.
Ih«' h.'hf   Tin- Coiiip.-iiilon
lii it>* new C'linndlrui stilnsr-ribcd w|ll
find li nt special ntlvaiitiii*'(- lit xt'inl m\
wtrn thi- $2M for Mn' new l'.'ln vol-'
time, Not only do.1--. h<* Kd the IxAU-j
tlfitl "Ven.'linn* cal.tiibif for 1 f• 10 ]|th-l
OA'Ktllllf'i'l   ill   ttlllli'tll   ( lilf.IK  Jim)   KcM.'i
lint nil ilie Ihsiicu ol (he Companion I
I tor tin- nTiittlniiiK tick* of I'ju'j fivmij
It In .•-tppt«•<! t.'iti' the fKtiasion *wlU|lli>' Dm*- Dw substirlpUuu U received.1,
pii.tf tu it>- til,.- (if ihi- r-ifTMUanl *»»*-lTI-.'-  Vo«lb-»  *'om{>aRl«n.    I'ompaRlOD1
luueti'iil'. nf" fn fh-' hf-T'orj** of Pernf.- J HuUdlriir. I1a*ton Man*. )
' i :-
which the  necessaries ttt life urej•■*"'* '» «''l of tic huil.JiiiK fund, when
1 eoiilri 11-' •' pse-o-n-taMon of flnnim- «.ili be mnde
.,,.,.       . In romi.Tilon ther.-wirli,
iii bv j.mate iittuyiiltiaU, who .ir<
Wm. Eschwig, Proprietor
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fl—Actions and Reactions, by Rudyard Kipling*
C—Mr. Marx's Secret, by Phillip Oppenhoim
7—Thc Gentleman, by Ollivant
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vi ■
Tlie Official Organ of District No.  18, U. Tt. W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C, November 27th, 1909
************************** * * * * * * y y y *******
¥ ■■■'..'. - •"      -
|   News From the Camps
*. — **■'■*,     '    -—-*      ■ =====
From our own. Correspondents
♦   ♦♦♦♦♦
♦    ♦
*    ,       ■    . *+
First class board and "accommoda-
tiontion at Falrclougli's Boarding
house, Coal Creek,' 179-1 SO, opposite
the football grounds.
The notes, of necessity* this week
must he short; the elect ion having-;
taken up*most of the time of your
correspondent--all of it. *n fact. Well,
the election is over and we" are once
more defeated, but far from disgraced. That is so far as electing our
man is concerned. In the sense of
having advanced the cause of socialism we certainly did well, our vote
showing a very substantial increase.
The figures speak for themselves: —
.Fisher 25, Harrington 12*4, and Ross
49; there were four spoiled. This
is the largest vote ever recorded here
aud speaks volumes for the miners.
75 of ii majority over Ross and 99
over Fisher is something of which the
-workers ought to feel proud, and I
have no doubt but what they do. The
election was fought out in the'best
of spirit, and* everything passed off
intelligent iot of voters they brought
and it was really amusing to see the
ntellgent bunch of voters they brought
to the polling booths. Some of them
had been well primed with whiskey
before coming to vote and there is no
doubt but that if it had not beon for
the rig they would never have reached
the polling station. Some of them
were hi a disgraceful condition, and
the whiskey hill of the Conservative
association must have been a heavy
one. A man who will sell his manhood for a drink of whiskey is indeed
a hopeless case, and there are quite
a few who did it, It is hardly necessary to say that-they were not Socialists, o I have stated above that every-
, thing passed .off satisfactorily.    This,
—is—hardly— correct because there—wa
one feature bf it which was far from
satisfactory and this was in* respect
Mr, and Mrs. J. Morris went down-
to Michel on a visit on Saturday last.
* Mrs. J. Darbyshire is spending a few
days    in Frank  and  Blairmore with
Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood of Blairmore
will leave shortly for Lethbridge, Mr,
Lockwood is at present draftsman at
the cement works at Blairmore.
A social evening was held in the
Bapitst church in Blairmore on Wednesday evening,- tlie proceeds, which
amounted, to $22 from a collection be-
of hymn books for   • the
ing In aid
Mr. Smith occupied the chair and
tlie programme was:
Violin solo: Miss M.-Howard.
Vocal selection by the choir.
a  Recitation:   Mr. Rose
Song: Mrs. Lockwood
Reading. Mrs. JSargeant.     ^
Song: Mr. Barber
Duet: Mr. and airs." Lockwood.
Conjuring tricks by Mr. McGee.
Song: Mrs. Lockwood.- ;
Hat trimming competition for   men
Song:  Mr. Barber
, Violin solo: Miss M. Howard
Recitation: air. R. Rosaiider,
Song: air." Lockwood.   ,
The pastor in his closing remarks
thanked all the people for giving then-
services.' . '■
. T. Sandoni, dairy man of Bellevue,
was up at the police court for a hearing for a most.serious offence. He
was charged with having run a' hay
fork into a horse's side, belonging to
Frank Bosely of Bellevue, causing its
death. The horse, it is supposed, was
running at large,"' causing considerable nuisance to Sandoni, with eating
hay put down for the cattle. He is
out on $2000 bail.
to the ballots, only "100 of which were
sent up. We immediately pointed out
that these -were of no use for a place
with over 300 voters on the list, with
tlie result that more wore phoned for.
They did not arrive until after two
in the afternoon witli the result that
we wore without "ballots for over two
hours and had to turn men away, a
•disgraceful state of affairs, air. Syd
"Wnlloy was deputy returning officer
and carried out his duties in* a highly
creditable manner.
There has heen the usual farce carried on tn reference to special trains
running to Coal Creek this week and
tlio one on election night was certainly the limit, lt would ho as well
if the parties who arrange for "thoso
specials would also ninuo arrange-
ineiiis to pay for thom ov state beforehand that those riding will ho expected to pay. This will save trouble,
Poor Fisher,, what, a brilliant show-
ing he made, all that money etc., (especially the etc.) for a paltry throo
or four hundred votes, We aro nfrnld
ho Is nol. going to ho a success at. politics. Hotter try tho music halls for
whleh nuturo ■Intended lilm.
A big hump occurred in No, 2 mlno
on Tuesday. Tlie bump was folt In
the houIIi level most, high lino. Not
much dnningo was done, hut tho,bump
wns the largest sinco tho momeornblo
one of August .1908,
N'o, one mliu- was-idlo nil day on
WodiioHtlny, a big cavo ln being tho
Tho inlnoH hnvo dono vory had work
thlH wool? owing to various cmihoh—
break downn in machlnory being one
of tho prlnclpnl ronnoiiH,
Tho oloctlon him also kopt a largo
number of mon off work ninlnly ho-
chuho of tho ei-iv/y trnln hoi-vIimj referred to oIhowhore,
Coal Crook voted In n dlfforont mini-
nor on tho Iocnl option i-ueHtlon thnu
ii good many oxpootoil," Quito it
few wnrrt of Dw opinion that llm Crook
would voto vory heavy tiKuirml tho
Tho figure*! howovor only Bhowod
two of ii majority agnlnat tho nicamiro
(il to Ml.
' A very Hucc'-Hsful hiuuur wiih hold
in tho MothodlHt eliurcli on Tuomlay
InHt which wiih oponod hy .Mr, liomiuti
m i-iuniwuu uinewiuiiuu-iaf hi dooi.-..
.*. Tho,, hiiziuir wiih woll Htofkoil with nil
Mini.-, of wHfMl and tawy imlol-Ms
will.ii rocolvod a iviily salo. IMnmli-
.  iiu-ntK wore nlco ou unk*.     Wo undor-
«ItlIII!    II    hllllHUIIlUlllli        li.liilllfn    lull, |
boon rrnllzod for tho building fund.
•The funds for the hall liaev increased from $124,50 to ? 179,50, by a generous., contribution of $2"> from-the
Western Canada Wholesale Company
of Fernie, of $10, from J. C. Carrutliers
of Nelson and $10 from A. J. Burton
Saw works of Vancouver,- and $10
from .Mr. Hugh Gilmour of Vancouver.
The work on the hall is progressing
A masquerade ball will be hold . at
the,now hnll on Friday evening Dec.
17, to raise further funds for furnishing the hall. ,
air. Broadwood, who was very 111, is
ablo to ho about again.
Dr. Saunders is still very ill at the
Island Hotel,
In accordance with the'announcement in last week's Ledger, "Progressive Fernie" was placed on sale
' '      •*. "
Wednesday morning, and as predicted, the reception accorded the production by the public has been such
as to warrant the considerable outlay and enormous amount of work involved by this office in the undertaking. •"■.'*,' *
On all sides nothing but commendation is heard, and several expressed surprise that we were able
to offer such a book to the public for the sum of fifty cents; The Ledger extends its thanks tb the business men of Fernie who, by a liberal advertising patronage, guaranteed a certain amount of the sinews
of war, so necessary in all kindred undertakings. As an illustration of the ready sale, Mr. „ Brown, of
Bleasdell's drug store was one of the first to call for copies, and took twenty, a good armful, A few
minutes later he called the Ledger on the phone and informed us that when he reached the drug* store
he had only two left—the remaining 18 having been disposed of between The Ledger and Bleasdell's
drug store. The Ledger Bindery presents quite a lively appearence at present, quite ,a fcrce of extras
being employed to rush the work of binding, etc In this connection it has come to our notice that several books were inadvertently allowed to leave the office with one'run'of sixteen pages inserted the
wrong way. Any parties receiving such, whether from this office or any' agency, will confer, a favor
on the publishers by returning same to this office and receiving properly assembled and bound copies in
their stead.
- A great many Fernieites have purchased the books and are holding them to send for Christmas presents, and we know of no gift that would be more suitable and-which can be procured for anything like
the price asked—50c.  including a strong envelope suitable for mailing any distance.
We would again call the attention of the public to the fact that copies of Progressive Fernie can be
obtained at the following places at the same price—50 cents.
The universal—and we use the word sincerely—circulation of Progressive Fernie    may be gathered
... 'j i
from the fact that the first four copies bought were mailed from the Ledger office to the following destinations: ■"   - *.," **
PRAGUE; BOHEMIA                                                        PARIS, FRANCE
BUENOS AYRES, Argentine  Republic                        ILFRACOMBE, Devonshire, Eng.
In conclusion—let us urge early purchases if you do not want to be disappointed.      The number of
copies issued was large but orders are coming in fast and so far we have not caught up with the great
demand.     At first the sales were in twos and threes, now they are in dozen and twenty:five lots, exclusive of the hundreds that are being handled by dealers,    - Remember the price is 50 cents at any store
and no person is authorized to charge any more.     Above all things—ORDER NOW.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000   ,
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
,     D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook,  Fernie,  Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria..
. Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of .deposit.
THE   ___= __
The theatre goers who were fortun-
Stock Company at' the Fernie Opera
house on Thursday -were more than
repaid for their money. Miss .Verna
Felton as Zazanvas a dream, ancl will
not soon be forgotten.' She is a born
actress, wlio by study ancl care, has
brought herself up to tbe top notch. Tt
would be unfair to particularize on
any of the other characters. Ail wore
fine, all were good, and'manager Allen
certainly has the best. The scenic arrangements and detail were well arranged. Zaza was a masterpiece, and
while the election fever was very prevalent, yet not a sound could be heard
whon beautiful Miss Felton was giving
her idealistic reproduction of a clever
piece from behind the scenes. If you
aro a lover of high class acting see
the Allen Stock Company tonight.
Notice is hereby given that a Dividend at the rate of SIX PER CENT.
* PER ANNUM upon the paid-up
capital stock of the Home Bank of
Canada has been declared  for the
THREE MONTHS ending 30th
■ November, 1909, and the same will
be payable, at its Head Office and
Branches on' and after Wednesday,
the 1st day of December next.   The
transfer books will be closed from the
15th to the 30th November," both days
inclusive.      ,  "
Bv order of the Board.
General Manager.
.. Toronto, October 21st, 1909.
Fernie Upera House
November ,30th
1     Performance
Tuesday Night
C. A. Quintai'tl presents the Dramatic Event of the Year
Hortense Nielsen
Supported by Norval MacGregor and  her New York
Company in lenrik Ibsen's Masterpiece
Trites-Wood Company Occupy their
Fine New  Block
Samo Croat Cast aud Production
that packod Davidson Thoatrot
MilwaukoOf Wis. and Studobakor
Chicago,  last soason.  .',  ,\  ,-,
Anothor of Fornio's flno flvo proof
building lum ut Inst buun com plot ml
nu<l occ!ti[)l(.'(l--tlio Trlti's-Woad Co.
.Moving from thu old qunrten* to Uio
now win* iiucomiillHlioil IiirI wool; by
tlio stuff, inid although nine!) romnliin
to bo completed in tho way of flu Inns
iuul niTiuiKfnff kooiIh, -'ir*., still biisln.
chu Ih K'olng on uninterruptedly In Dw'
now niiiirlors,
Plfibj' ii ml Wnldo nre cortiiinly on-
tilled to ull credit for tho miunier In
which llioy lmvo rimlied tho work to
i.<oni|)]uti>lon. Tho iloL-omllntf Is nlso
ii cri'dliablo plnco of work, bciiip* exec
tiled by .J, II. Look. Tlio pltuubliiK
nntl lu-ntlnu' wun looked nftov by H.
The IttilldliiK Iihh n floor npfieo of
'iDxlU'i, Tlii!V biiHoiiieiit, whicli Ih tlio
fnll hIzo of tho bulltlliiH*. i-ontnliiH tho
IaviiIoi'Ioh, I'uniiu'os, nti**., nml nlno nn
biunt'iiso nron for storn Iiouho purposes j.^
—llft*lii. for whleh Is iulmltU'd by prism ■ J
windows from the strent.
Siind Point brick is used i'or tho
outside of the slrueuire, the IrlmmliijrH
being of Nolson miirblo. Pinto glnsH
extends ihe i-iulro length of tlio Victoria avenue frontal?*1, kIvIiik the firm
nn exceptionally fine row of windows
for show purposes,
Throo entniiires lead to tlio i;roeery
department, tho Kouts fumlshliiKs nnd
dress noods resectlvely. The offices
of the'company nrn sltiinlet) at tlio rear
und on tho second flat, uci-i-km to tIn-m
buhiK oblnluablo by a broad staircase.
The furniture i|i*prii'Uiii'iH Is nlso on
this floor. «|
The new home of tin; Trites-Wood I
peoplo Is seenuil to noiif In tlm wost,'
nml Is lndci.-d a iTi'ilIt io Ui<> city aud
to tin' firm now u-'-.-iiylni*; It...
the    Time   to    Order
pllioc and Tocket'Diaries, Desk Dud
Calenders, Canadia-u Almanacs. N.Y.
World Almanacs, Oflico Calenders
Call  oarly and yot your first choice
One night only Tuosday November 30; Prices—reserved aeats $1
75c; admission nriulto 50c; children 25c; seat sale on at Suddnbys,
Guarantee—Any person not .satisfied oan have money refunded,
+ i
The    Leading    Drug    Store
r*  ■    VT • " earn
Miner's Union Theatre, Fernie, B. C.
To Possess Either j>
Seat in the Legislature £
Mr. Jnmi.'H Dhrbyshlre, lato jwperln-
tt.mli-.m ut Ml.la'l mUw.1, htt« been
offered nnd ImH nreepted a poult Ion
us anpi-rUiUtitilenl ul lliuiiiU, Alu. IIu
will movo his family nbout the 1st of!
Divv-niber. when rh-v house which h<7
U btilldlnft la ready. j
: A^^*W*B«^i'.'i.-/*aj(*JP
C  A.
Special  Attraction
November  29th
Qtilniiiril submit,;
America's Greatest Emotional Actresn. supported by
and   her    famous
The world renewned Shakosperlan Actor
York Compnny of elQhtcen artists.
Presenting Men- Hermann Sundermann's Magnetic Success
" M A G D A"
A Heintzman & Co.  Piano
are the two foremost ambitions of twery true citizen of Canada.
The latter is v/lthin your reach even If the former is not. Drop In
and talk it over with
M. Willcrt Elley Dist. Mgr. Fernie
Helnt/mnn Piano Parlors—Miners Opera House DIock
{Garbutt Business
Open I
'flint most I'lii'lintitliiK nml ilirlllliin int'iidiicildii of moili-rii
t.'iti ■rnn.iuj Midi widi .ijiu'iiil hi.'H.iatioii ;it  Vlinnu, lii.ilin,
London, St. J'-'ifwIjiii'K. Saw
llllli, 111 It'll tilt'  lui'KiT ('lib1*.
York, ChlfiiKO, i'ir„ Imi'iiiK liml Ioiik
Price*,  BOc,  76o
I     I  I    I   '~        !■! ■1.11.    ,**,.■.,
nntl   tl.OO.   Plnn
nt  montdoU'a
Wanted:  A«*tlvi» ynwiK limn nn an-'.
Hintatit iinpruvt'i- or nii|>ii>titiri> to lii.-i
ftrcnnliousu,    ■u.tRcHt.blf    am)    flower ]
growing liU*!in'Frf. AMdy to K. II, H.
Hwuloy,  Ouyii-'* l.aki' 11. C. i
Itfv. P, \\\ Splil.-ll. thi" tww iv.-.ior
ni flu1 Jiaiitist iliiii'iii nni*.i'J (in, nmv-
nliiK niul will Kindlier 11**- j.i»rvb >m hj-
tnoi'tow.    .
Stnlford Block, LethbridKC.
Guarnntcei positions to its prnd-
ttfttes, Tlioroit[>)i instruction in
Shorthand *<■ Commerrinl branches,
For any infonnnlion or free prospectus write
Goo. J. Shmicfti
Principal Garbutt Busiiicf.s ColIeg;e
P, O. Doxiaoi    Phono 203
A  lii|<   Sci'dllil    ll.lllll
iii.w iiiii'ii in,ii tb.'.
llllllll*.     llHll^lll,
i ll.tliy."!,
Potor Jamos
Advertise in The Ledger PAGE SIX
And Thus Get Away From Paying Claims-
Each Life Valued at $1.08--Actions  . r
of Company Officials Said to
be Scandalous
CI1EKKY, 111.,' Nov. 21-
smiek with horror!
■All here are • thwart ed.  Adequate  investigation -on
i behalf of the "widows and tlie orphans
"My God! Can it be that the St.
Paul Coal Company will blow up its
mine to hide evidence'.'"
This is the question which i.s on
many   lips, jon .lips   drawn   thin   and
close together by sorrow.
AVhy do these men and women asl;
seems at. this time to be well nigli
impossible, It's dollars against men,
living and tho dead; dollars against,
boys, tlie living and the dead; dollars
atruinst babies, the born aud the unborn; dollars against the sorrows of
motherhood and wifehood; dollars
against life; dollars against death;
. dollars against humanity.-
CHERRY, 111., Nov.'21.—A wall of
glittering steel, the fixed bayonets of
the state troops, menaced-the miners
up and evidence for almost 51.000.000 [ (0(lay wh<jn ,he deniand ^r ,ho    re.
i opening of  the  mine'became  insist-
that bitter question? Tlie mine
in flames
peeled to blow up from a'-gas explosion
or  it   might   be   intentionally   blown |
it. might, be,reasonably'ex-j,
worth of death claims, as comensat-
ion for the living, the relatives of tho
dead, be' destroyed.
Expert, Testimony Cheap
.Man and women ask bitter questions
at such limes as these. Then the troops
aro here. The miners are,away from
the mine. It i,s easy to buy expert testimony. There are gases which may
explode. The provocation of the officials is great. So reason' the men and
women to whom tragedy is a brother
and hardship a daily companion.
All   the officials, those*of the com
f *\";:   i  *    ' *'  . -       Vs*'<•■'• B
i%amBakin§ Powdcrl
5 .  • . ', *w \
Made from cream of tartar derived
solely from grapes, the most delicious and healthful of all fruit acids.
DENTIST. '     •''
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; 1-5;  6.30-7.30.  Phone 72
B, C.
W. R.   ROSS K.C.
Barrister*   and Solicitor
As a result of .the widespread indignation here the mine is to be re-'
opened today to search for bodies of
the dead. This is tho plan which -has
been announced/ Two United States
experts and some miners are to be
equipped with oxygen helmets, so the
story, goes, and venture into the mine.
Every one is angry' over the efforts
of th'e" railway to block investigation.
State Attorney Eckert< does not have)
'the confidence, of the miners. It h;
pany, those of tho country and those been proved that the payment of $165
* *' , , °   i ,*     *?
of the state are denying' that any of ;foi\ safety appliances.in the third level,
^them sent for the' troops*. the   lowest in the mine,   would have
Duncan McDonald,'president of District Number 12,  United Mine Work-
saved "160 lives.   '
The* county officials, charged with
ers of America! will protest to Gover- j the investigation of the death of, the
nor Deneen.      . '! miners at the St. Paul mine are being
"There.was no need for.the troops"
have misrepresented the facts in order
to induce tho governor to send . the
company need only blame itself.
■ There was no trouble brewing at-
(lie time the troops came. Their presence can only have an evil effect.
The miners will not be to blame, remembering tlie experience of the miners with the militia in the' past,"
Agents Force Settlements
The   story of a dynamite plot is a
dined  and  wined  by  the  officals  of
Railroad, while 260 soldiers are stationed around the mine to' prevent the
If there is trouble now the bereaved widows and relatives from
approaching the mound of wet railroad
ties and black earth with which the
mouth of the mine is sealed. The
motto of Property first and lifo afterward, is being -enforced.
Aroused to White Heat
The citizens of this littlo town which
is Inhabited almost entirely by miners,
arc aroused.io a white heal over the
pure fabrication,  liven A. J. Karllng, j efforts of tlie railroad to sidestep the
president of the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. I'uul railroad, admitted to ino
that, he had not heard of any such
plot. The city is filled witli privato
detectives and agents of the casualty
companies, Ghoul like those men are.
going   among tho women.   A shrewn
blame, mul it is doubtful if the troopers on tho ground hero oould hold
thom bncli if thoy marched in a body
to thei opening of tho sealed'niine and
removed tho water soaked tics which
wore placed over It, as some b'iive
threatened lo do It if lin effort is not
iriuii   .iukUii grief stricken womnn, a j mndo during Ibis afternoon to reopen
specious plea, faked sympathy and n
paltry chock and the signing of a re*
lonso! Tlintf'.-H a civilized scone!
' Tlio woman glances al hor dond. She
looks nt tlio tearful child at her kiioe.
She hows hor hond. Sh
first, Why bus her man been taken
from her? All her world and her faith
in Cod have crumbled, Sho looks at
the child; she looks at, the doad--and
sho listens to the claim ngenl, tho human ghoul,
Honeyed Hypocrisy
Thf chili]  Is the thing. Tlio mother's  In-art boats  I'or  the  child    and
food and shelter arc tp lie bought by
money. The wage earner is gone and j
wlici'i.  Is   thi--   monoy  in  coin"  frnin?!
Ah, tin.1 claim ngent offers money, of-'
fort* money and honeyed  words.     In J
„liiin u grout  corporation  kneels Hiip-j
pliant,      li  loves  tho widow  and  it
loves the orphan (u few hundred dol-!
lni'H worth).     Tbe poor, the poor nro
iilwnyH willi us, itinl nro nlu'iij'H beaten ni law.—-Hiiltn* take time iuul law-
the tomb.
While    mine   officials, experts and
wltainois are standing around declaring .that, lho .sealing of the mino was
absolutely necessary lo stive the lives
is bluer at i of the tivu In 'he dungeon. pnu-llonl-J
minors, who worked In Ihe min*\ de
dure that when tlie opening was co\
orod up all the men   below were wan-
toiily  murdered. Truo  the mine will
not   he destroyed  by  fire now,. And
of the In'ininiiR who nro down there-
ell lior dead from the smoke and tho
flumes or sheer fright—that is it secondary consideration,
Human  Lifo  Held Cheaper
When tlie mine, was built human lite
was held cheaper than modern stu'oty
(ippllniiccH, nml It will always bo held
nr ii socondary coiinldeiatlon bv such
corporations, when huik- and county
nffclnlH can bo bought off for a bottio
of wine or a promise of n good tiling
After an Investigation lodny conducted by men who nro not experts nor
The woman'officials, in nny way, It. is nn absolute
yei'H need  tlio money
looks in. ihe dead, she looks at tlie|corliilniy that the holocaust was tin
child, site lonl's at the ageni nud h|u.| result of sheer negligence and Impriic-
signs, sin* takes iho money. i'lcal economy on the pnrt of tlie mine
'I'lu' groat corporation lias t'Meinleil! owners.
Itti charity! i       These Facts Convict Company
Kvltli'itce Is being bidden. Tin* iroopH     The iolliiwing fuctH upt-nk for Hutu-
Iti'lllg  lli'l'o,   iniitlet'M  at'e   placed   ill   t||e   fches:
lutnils of Hie coiiipaiiy, Independent', The fire was started by an open
ItiW'silf-iiilnns   nie   ilnis   almost   pre-'tench In  the pasmigeivay ou tlie sec
..],   vf   tl.t    ..'..'.ll   if*
f.tin* ol the body U ■
.link io the Uiam of
} Lifo. A chain ii no
11 f o n i e r thin It*
weekeit link, the body
no itroti|(er than ill
■weakest organ. If there li -weaknet* ol ttomach, liver or lun£i, there ll ■
weak link in otic elm in ol lue-wiiic'ii may ump al any lime, YJutn \iiia Mz-ctiiici
" vfeakneaa" in rained by lack ol nutrition, the remit ol weaknetia or dlte-u*
of the itomac' and other orftuni of digestion and nutrition. Disease* and
weakneuei o' .lie ttomach and iti allied or*t«ni are cured by the uie of Dr.
Pierce'* (loliin .Mediual Diicovery. When the weak or dlaeated ttomach ia
cured, diteaae* of other ortfani whicli turn remote from the ttomach but which
have (heir ori*. n in ■ diteaied condition of the ttomach and
ether orient of dltfettinn and nutrition, are cured alto.
The a.rnttr} man hen a etron. etomaeh.
Take the tbove reenmmended "fileeav
ery" antt you may have a etrond etonu
itett and a etrontt body,
Grvi> n Away.—Dr. Pitrce'*Commoi» Seine Medical AdvUer,
new reviled I'.diti-jn, ii tent frtt on receipt of tramps to pay
evprnte of mailinK **lj. S-tnd 31 one-cent stamps for the
ivo-ok in r,*r*t covers, or M stamps for the cloth-hound volume.   Address Dr. It, V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
ond vein. Candles are not to be used
in mines; and would not have been in
this mine had it been cheaper to fix
the electric lights, which, as one of
tlie miners explained ""had been out
of whack for a month.'
Hay, or provisions .according to the
rule in most mines, is not to be taken
down in the shaft until after the miners have quit for ihe day. The hay
which caused the fire in the St. Paul
death trap, was being taken down at
I o'clock in the afternoon.
Incomplete Shaft the Cause'
With all these violations everything
would liave been all right had there
been two shafts leading to the third
vein, for then the hay would have
beon taken direct to the third level,
where it was'1 consigned to, arid it
would not have had to be taken from
tho hoisting shaft to the second level
and then carried through the passageway (where -it became ignited by the
open torch) to another shaft, where it
was to be taken to the third vein. Al
direct route would have averted the
fire, ' ...
Several months ago a second shaft
was sunk to the tliird vein' but it was
not equipped for use "as the men at'
work i'n the third level were not sending up enough coal." So >vhen the
fire broke out Hie men "who did not
send up enough coal" had to- either
be fortunate enough to be hoisted to'
the second vein and then transferred
into another cage, or stay down, there
A direct route would have saved 160
lives.    * '       -
$165,'Caused 160 Deaths
Theso 100 men were murdered for
approximately $165, the price'it would
have cost the coal company to rig up
tho second shaft for use.
Before the mine was sealed up "experts,' In oxygon helmets, were sent
down into the smouldering hellhole to
investigate, not rescue. Several went
down and took a look and came back
If theso "experts" had boon export
enough, niiricrs.sny, to take a lead of
hose, down with them and play it on
the flames at the bottom of tlie mino'
while tbey were down thoro looking
on. they might have subdued tlio firo
which now is beyond control,
Men who had worked in the mine
and knqw ovory foot of Its territory
begged to be allowed to done ono of
iho oxygon helmets and descend Into
the mine with leads of,hose, They
woro not expert enough to silently
stand by and watch and so tlieir of-
! tors wero turned down.
Sad Sight
Four peasant women brushed by the
ni my of paid i consolers yesterday and
stood on top of the eoverln*;* an,'
prayed, When an effort was mndo ol.
ronioyo them one of tho women went
Into hysterics nud threw herself on
tho ground and began clawing at the
sand placed over the ties like an In-
furlaletl animal,
"I know my mnn niul niy boy will
como up if you will lot thorn," who
wailed plteoitsly, "My John is not dead
for I know ho Is ullve,"
Newspiiper men and sightseers began to walk away with tears In their
eyes, while two of tlm "consllerH" led
the woman, torn with grief, from the
top of the death trap and walked her
down tin* railway tracks to tlio row
of littlo four roomed cottngcH on u Hldei
i rotul whoro gloom and sorrow iclgii. \
I    There me but a few here today who*
I have hopew of there being u live mop j
Jtal In the mine. I
that it was impossible to reach the
others althought they were in plain
view. ■
Twenty one miners were taken out
alive Saturday. ,
A Graphic' Description
A graphic description of the discovery of the men from the view point
of the rescuers was told by Father
Henry of St. Marys church. Father
Henry was down in the mine with the
rescue party. Ho said "Just about 2
o'clock ns we stacked up at a pile of
debris 300 feet,into the gatlery, Dave
Powell suddenly said:
"Listen, hoys!" A faint pounding
was heard. -
"My God!"''said Powell:' "I believe
that    soniE body is alive in there!"
0;I*.cr   men* said   'Xo,   impossible.
Xoborly could live down here for seven
Again came the muffled pounding
sound, .,,
Getting hold of the picks and axes
our men then began to tear down the
pile of earth'and rock. It took us several minutes to make headway.
"It was a wierd scene. The light
of our torches on our caps bobbing up
nnd down the place filled it with moving shadows.    *
"Now; let us listen again,' said Powell. Much to our glee tho pounding
sounds  became  louder.  A few  moro
digs and a little black hole appeared.
Two or three of us climbed ever the
dirt and yelled "Are any "of you alive
in there, boys?"
An. answer came back:* Yes.
'Our men pulled at .the ,dirt again,
and a large gap appeared.
* We'll save you in a' minute, boy.*,,'
vn yelled.
In faint heavy voices the men called
back,'"Yes, we are alive and you bet
we are hungry."
"I crawled as near the hole as I
confer DTdHn^iTs~y"ou;"^ren'nw'e~wiii"
get you out in a minute and give you
all the lunch you can eat."'
I could -nol see anything, for the
men were in total darkness, so I went
back,and prayed that God would make
the number to be rescued as largo as
By that lime (he hole was wider and
a dozen pairs of glistening eyes appeared, One of (he men inside called
out 'most of us are all right but there
is one poor fellow, Frank, a Frenchman, who is almost gono and I am
afraid that he will soon lie dead if he
doesn't  get fresh  air.'    ,
Soon witli" a shout we jumped in
,.iid mot thom. throwing ou*' arms
i*.ri'i.,i*ifl thoir neck:'. Their joy wic* inexpressible, They laughed and cried
. Wo wanted to eairy tho men lo the
hoisting shaft but they insisted tlmt
tlioy' could wall;.
Thoy wero pr**.et!oally blinded by
the torchlight. So wo throw blankets
over their bends and started to escort,
"My first concern was to get after
tho poor littlo Frenchman. I found
hhn outstretched on his back breathing his Inst, Holding ti torch over his
face 1 Raid 'Do you givo your soul to
Ho nnswoi'od 'Yoh,',,I administered
tho lust Hiicnuneiil and I*.* a nilnitlo
ho wns (lend.
An Act of Heroism
"At   the shaft occurred one of the
groat-ant nctH   of heroism   thnt I know
"Walter Wallo, ono 6f the rescued,
hearing thnt thoro wero niticrs alive
In another pnrt of tho mlno, throw
tlio blanket from his head imd shouted "Well I hen by Clod, I nm not going
out inn 11 I get thorn.'
We renionntrntcd* saying tlinl It
would nieiin IiIh tion tli and wo actually
hud to use forco to got him Into tho
It was iIIhcdvui'i'iI Unit tho men after
eating ti|i all tho food tliut tlioy liml lu
thoir dinner pallH had subsisted on
bark torn from the plinth that tire used
to Htipport  the walls of the mines.
Inspector Crawford after being down
lu the mine hnlf ant" hour reported
in a
They   were   loo
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein , D. E. McTaggart
Cox Stroet Fernie E. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
CRANBROOK, Nov.'24.—William E.Hall, son of Conductor Joseph Hall,
while working as brakesman on a west
bound train, met with a,cruel and sudden death just' east of Jaffray. As the
train was, approaching Jewell's savy
mill young Hall started forward over
tbe cars to the forward end of the
train to be ready for setting brakes at
the'Jewell mill. ' Just how the acci-
dent happened no one knows, but it is
supposed that with the snow aud the
slush on top of the cars the young,
men slipped and fell beneath the train
as the wheels passed over his shoulder
and side.
- When he was missed by tho train
crew a hand car and men were sent
back to search for him, and he was
found lying unconscious beside the
track. He was taken to Wardner and
an engine and caboose brought him to
Cranbrook in the fastest time that was
probably ever made between the ,two
' Dr. Green met him at Wardner and
did all that was possible under the
circumstances, and as soon as the special arrived in Cranbrook the unfortunate - young man was taken to St.
Eugene hospital, where ho died without regaining consciousness at six o'clock.
Fernie, B. C.
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to l; 2 to 5; 6 to 8..   ,
Residence 21 • Viotorla Ave.
A. McDougall, Mgr   ,.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
Lumber   Dealer
•Ail kinds q/ rough and dressed Iimibci
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
5Ir. Elmer Willis, late lessee of the
Lyric theatre, Calgary, and interested
in a number of theatres in the west,!
is-in Fernie arranging for the appear
ance' here for one night of each weel
season this vaudeville j f-rm's \\Xi, \
for the entire vaudeville company now
playing Calgary and the coast cities.
Mr Willis said on behalf of his syndicate, of which Jlr. Kyle of Calgary is
arrangements could be made he .would
place for one night of every week during the winter
in Fernie. t       j
The Empire Vaudeville Is"affiliated j
with the Pontages circuit of Seattle, j
Spokane and other western cities, and
is beyond doubt the highest class
ancl most expensive of modern vaudeville, consisting of six big acts—which
includes one big feature act of extraordinary merit each week; Tho performance runs two and a half hours and
if arrangements are completed, will
piny Fornio on a certain night weekly
with a complete change of acts each
wook.     This  Is  doubtless lho  most
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House'
Victoria' Ave.
Nortli Fernie
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18    U.  M..W. of A.
Ashcroft Mines, Lethbridge No
-Thomas Grey.
Bankhead No. 29—Thos. Bradley
I ,
i i    -.
Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Blairmore 2163—G., Kelley
"Unfair List" during these days'may
bo, anxious to know what names    of
F. of L. "Unfair List" con
Under these circumstances it becomes tho duty of tlio labor press to
7 keep its readers properly informed.
What are papers published for if not
for tho purposo of giving correct information?
Cigars: Carl Upman of New York
City; Kerbs, Worthelm & Schiffer of
Now York City, manufacturers of tho
Henry George and Tom Mooro cigars.
, Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
Minneapolis, Minn.; Valley City Mill-
* Cardiff No.
Cardiff No.
Corbin  No.
Edmonton   City
hews, P.O. 1314.
Park    Local    1387,—w'.
o ' '
, =*> 1
No.,2633—William   .Gra*.
No.  2227—P.    Lennon
2378—A.  Hammond.      ,'
279—F. K. St. Amint
2877—A.  Hamilton
No   2540—A.
Edmonton No.
2, Frazer Flats.
1329—A St.-Julian,
ambitious attempt to provide the wos-j Ing Co., Grand. Rapids, Mich,
torn cities with the same standard ol'|   Whisky: Finch Distilling Co,, Pitts-
vaudeville ns the largest of tho coast, -huri; Pa,
cities now enjoy, in fact identically tho j    cloth|nR.  x< snollenborg ft Co., ot
same.     If this effort Is crowned with, p|ltlndelpllIll ,,„,. ciothlora Exchange
success if means a great deal toward | n0(.,,eator NiYi.  K Kupponhelmor ft
fFernie,No. 2314—D. Rees.
'Frank No,  1263—Geo.  Nichol.
Hosmer No. 2497—J. W.  Morris     *
Hillcrest No. 1058—J. O. Jones
Kenmare  No.  2850.—H.   E.   Rhein-
Lethbridge No.  574—Mike Pilishak
■   Lille No. 1233—J. T Griffith
'Maple Leaf No. 2829—J.   Bonaccl,
(via Bellovue)
Michel No. 2334—Chas. Garner
<> Passburg 2352—Miles Isitt.
No. 2589—Charles
ho Improvement of local aintiseniont
conditions for tlio cities of tlio puss,
and will plnco tho theatre manage-
mont and tho public In a moro Independent position Inasmuch as thoy
will havo ono night, each weok upon
which thoy can look forward lo wllh
confidence and pleasure without feeling that thoy nro taking any chniiceH
of being duped, ArrnngoinontH aru In
progress with tho niiinagomoiit committee of tho new mlnerB thoatro nnd
there is little doubt but what tho deal
Co,, Chicago.
Corsets:   Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers  Knbo and 1 a Marguorilo
! Corsets,
j Gloves: J, II. Cownlo Glove Co,, Des
! Moines, In,; California Glc-vc Co,, Nn-'
I pa, Cal.
i Tints: ,T. 11. Stetson Co., Philadelphia
J Ph., E. M. Knox Co,, Hrooklyn N, Y„
Henry 11. lloolof & Co., Philadelphia,
Shirts nnd Collars: United Shirt ft
would go through, in spoaklii* of iho I Collar Co, Troy, N. Y i Viinandl,
thoatro Mr. Willis said tlmt without|.TncobH and Co,, Troy, Cluoti. Peabody
doubt Fornio will possess tho most
compact, and most modoriily ouulppod
thoatro botwoon Calgary and Spokano.
More Hopeful Reports
HIIMUY.  Ml*,   Nov.  2l.-~T-.vo    ex-
plorlng pnrtl-'H lu thc St, Paul mlno
lodny found  IiuIU-uiIcuim    which  l<*nd|,lm, ,i7 llf llu, llvl)IJ, lm.u wu.ru
thi'in to bclli'vi* that iniiny living men!r-i-it 1<.'iil  i-owiltlon
nro still hi the last workings.     Tlic|W(,uk (0 Btuiu, (hl) OX(lf„on of ,,phlK
koiiiijii-rs at .'• a.tu. win- ,t..*n* m |/.ih» moymi,
l.u   ii.i'u Hi.   n.iU'ii'ii in.') Dwlr ]..i.*.('!     wuiUiii CkUhd, >..'<.■ .tl ih'v i.unW
springs from (he fad liml where tboyori, „fter diluklng a bowl of soup, ap-
eKp..*rn..«l ux find a lai-irr> number   nf • ^,nml in bo rm„ Ul„ WOW0 ff)r ,,,H
dead men, none weri- seen,     Nearly j experience.
2nti uro still unaccounted (or.      ^   ^   i    Wl, mnA\, „,„ mm    of m,r „„„„.
' lUMi,     jit*:   runt-),,   rmi^ir,   *'t»   ua;   k^,*   ^.■.*.■-
the depths of the mine, they are pro- J B«rrountli»iI by nurses. "How the tlmo
Imlily too weak to nld In their own';WI,lU wt. ,,„„.*. kn0Wt Wir must, havo
eiicipe.     It wns nine days ago Hmtj ,„.,.„  uncotiHcioim for part  of     tlio
the fire oci-tirred nnd from that tlmo)
any possible Htirvivors have been without fnr><| nnd very little, If nny, water,
Their wily hfijm is In tlio roRMH'
party nbelli is working frantically to
reniovi* the timber*, dowl animals nnd
f-nrtli falls, which Mock the way lo
thi- (-tut wurkltie*. Four of the Hcore
or niOT-e of Imiu*. »*.*.n bin***, in th***
hlnt-lc dnmn w,r<> hn'etod.     It Is snld
time. I remember soon after wc
were shut In drlnUltiK great.nunntltlog
of the si^p.-ige from the gutter. After
thnt Minn.' of uh pulled off the hark
from (lie prills ntul chewed It. Wc did
not nnllze how serious wns our position. After tha seopago lind run dry
wc .begun pottndlnir the wall tn cfltise
mor«* tr> drop. Moat of ut thought
wi> ha.| bt(.t\ In the mln<? for -about 21
Royal Collieries
} mlth.
Roche Percee No. 2672-
-Lachlan Mc
Strathcona, Ed. 2155—A. Shaw.    '
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
Tabor No. 1959—Hop, Evans
Taylorton, No.  2648—H.   Potter.
Woodpecker    No,    2299.—William
•Hey, Glltnl She wanti me tef
3!i!J SSu/h^r*0'83 lnt0 vaud^
Of the American Federation of
Tho following Is .-.art of ;ho unfali
Hat of tbe American Federation of Lnbor. Many of tho dally newspaper
render* who hear as much about tho
nnd Compnny, Troy, N.Y.; Jtuiios U
Kulsor of Now York City.
Tho Uiittorlck Pattern Company of
N'ow York.
Comont: Portland Peninsular Comont Co., Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydraulic Comont and MfR, Co,, Utica, Illinois,
Stoves: Wrought Iron llnngo Co., St.
I.oiiIh, Mo., United RtntoH llo-iter Co.
;Detroit, Mich., Gunu-y Foundry Co, Ot"
|Toronto Ont.; Homo Stovo Works, of
llroaklyn Watch Case Co,, 8n(j Harbor
Indianapolis, Ind,; Duck Stove nml
Hnngo Company, St, Louis,
llagn: Gulf Unit Co., Now OrloniiH,
Ln., branch Homls llrothorH, St. Louis.
JilOOIIIhltllU i;ilt.n.l6.   'i".*v 1-t.c F. ,...ii
mul Umm-r t'.jiup*ui), Uhvii-z-jU, lu,;
M. (lonllorfn Sons, Clrclovllle, Ohio;
Merklo-Wlley Broom Company, Paris
MAUItl'lii   *%Kj wm,   *.,-,.*...  i...',.  f, ',,,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fahy,-Brooklyn,
T. Zurbrugu Watch Caso Co., Rivor.
sldo N. J.
C. W. Post, Manufacturer of Grapo
Nuts and Postum Cereal, Ilnttlo Creok
Fibre ware: Indurated Fibre Ware
Co., LoeUport, N. Y.
Furniture: AmeUcnn Billiard Table
Co., Cincinnati, O.; O. Winner Piano
Co., Brooklyn N.Y.: Kroll Piano Co.,
Cincinnati O; Derby Dc»k Co., Boston
Bar Unoxcolled
All White Help
Gall in and
see us once
0. W, DAVEY & CO., Props.
GT. CiVTIIAntNE3. Nor, Thomna
W. \V"rlght,|Kilwnrd ITurson and John
Dundns, nil young men employed in
tho papor mills at Merrlton, near here,
wero killed while walklm? on the railway Hack.
^ata|^y^|| THE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,   B.  C.  NOVEMBER 27 1909
Martley & Lawrence
. Proprietors    . if -
1117  Third Avenue
'Near Seneca St.
Seattle -      Wash
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship *
Moderate Prices.
To All
The selection Q_f_meatsJ_s_a__
very important point.     See
that you get the right quality
by dealing with the C.C. Co.
Our Meat Is Government
Calgary Cattle Co.
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
IN tho matter of an application for
tlio Issuo of n duplicate cortlflcato of
'Titlo to lot IB blopk 21 town of Fornio
(Map 73*1,)
Notico lu horoby given tlmt it Is my
Intention lo Issuo at tho expiration of
ono month aflor tho first publication
horoof a duplicato of tlio cortlflcato of
Mtlo to tho ahovo uiontlonod lot In
tho namo of Mlclmol J. CnBoy, John
llohort Ross and Willinm A. IIohh,
which cortlflcnto Is rtntod, thu 5th
dny of Octobor 1007 nnd numbered
District Roglstrnr
l.niid  Registry  offlco  Nolson,  II.  C,
In tho nintter of un nppllr.-ttlnii for
tho Issue of a duplicato cortlflcato for
Title for Lot 3 nioclc 2 of lot (i*l55
■Ornnp One Knntniinv filatvtet t\trm
NOTICE Is horoby given thnt It Is
my Intention to Ihhuo at tbo oxplratlon
of ono month after tho first publication
hereof n duplicate of tho Cortlflcato of
Titlo to tho nhove mentioned lot In
Uio name of Edor Harper which certificate Is dated the 19th of March 1000,
nnd numbered 7*195 \.
H. R. Jorand,
District HoRlstrnr
AMHERST, N. S. Nov. I-Allon B.
MrLmnn, Biipfrln»«-nd*»nt of tlio Gront
Northern Mining Company, at Clietl-
camp, Inverness county, was accidentally drowned nt Eastern Harbor
yesterday, He leaves a widow and
Warm Rains Swell Stream  Causing
Serious Damage-Traffic at a
Standstill Just Now
BELLINGHAM Wash. Nov. 24.—The
Nooksack river, "swollen by 36 hours
of warm rain in tlie foothills is over
its banks,, sweeping out bridges and
threatening-houses, flooding fields and
towns and imperilling •-. lives and the
crest of the flood has'not been reached. It. is expected that today the
river will, be at the highest point over
recorded and damage to the extent of
thousands of dollars Will have been
done, Ed. Galtios, his wife and
three children are marooned ,on an
island at Deming and are in grave
Whether thoy can be taken off in
bouts is doubtful and their house will
probably be swept away. Other ranchers all along thc river are marooned
aind* while they are'thought to bo safe
they will lose their all. The bridges
at Gallup Creek, Boulder. Creek, Bacon Creek and Connell Creek, all tributaries of the ..Noosack ha *.'••.*• been
swept out and railroad service '.o 'lla-
cier, the B. B.' i.r.d B. C   termiaus, is:
cut off
The town is completely isolated as
the country roads leading'to it are
under several feet of water' and cannot be used.
A despatch from Portland, Ore., of
the same date says: .'
7As the. result,of the stormra which
swept through Oregon during tlie
last few days Portland today is practically cut off from all points to* the
south, and reports coming in indicate
that thousands of dollars worth of
damage has been done by the elements. The Willlmette river is rising
at the rate of three inches per hour,
but unless the heavy rains continue for
a>nother twonty four hours there will
be no material damage by reason of a
high' embankment.
Tho Columbia river is full of logs
which have broken adrift from the
booms in the various camps along that
- By, special arrangement Manager
Taschereau has secured the. Rortense
Neilsen Company in "Magda" -for
Tuesday, November 30. To all lovers
of dramatic art this will be the one
great social events of the season, as
Miss Nielsen will bring with her a
complete production and the original
caste which made Magda such a pronounced success In all the large cities for the past two seasons,
The story lies in the sharp contrast
between the old and the new. . The
preparation for the return of 'Magda',
the prodigal daughter, to her provincial home, occupies an entire act, and
her entrance with an interest which
increases until -the great climax of
the last act.      ■'*,*"" 7
Colonel  Schwartze,  a  retired  lieu-
t^Tanl-colbnel^f^h^TGermah army^
who has ruled his home with a rod
of iron, has sent Magda out into the
world because she refused to marry
the man of his choice. When she
returns to her home, twelve years after, as a great singer and comes over
to see her parents'for the first time,
her father cannot get over the idea
that he must still dictate to her what
she shall do and whom she'shall marry. ■
The scenes are laid in a small town
In the province of Germany, The play
is Miss Nielsen's ample opportunity to
wear some magnificent gowns which
she had made for her by Worth, the
Paris costumor.
Tho cast of characters supporting
Miss Nielsen Is as follows;
Schwartze, Lieutenant   Colonel   on
half pay, Norval MacGrogor.
Chlldron by his first wlfo:
Magda,  I-Iortonse  Nellson.
Mario: Idalle Jowett.
Augusta, born von Wonlowskl, his
second wlfo, Hazol Boot.
Franzlska, von Wendloski, her sister
Voronlca Sullivan.
Max von Wendloski, Llout., thoir
nephew, Ed, KUroy,
Hofftordlngt, Pastor of St. Marys,
Wnltor Leonard, ,,
Dr. on Kollor, councilor, W, Charlos
Bookman, Profososr Emeritus, Edward Kllroy.  ,
Von Klobs, Mnjor Oonoral on half
pay, Earlc Wallace,
Mi'B. Von KlobB, Melon Groen.
Mrs. Justice Ellrlch, Julia Prlco,
Mrs, Schumann: Mnry E. Fitch,
Thorosa, innldBorvant of Schwartzo
family, Edna Mines,
To Organized Labor:
flrootlnn:™-Wo bog to advlao you
that tlio' controversy botwoon tho Boot
and Shoo Workers Union and tho W.
L. Douglas Shoo Co. of Brockton Mann,
Iiiih boon imltlod to our mutual Halls-
faction, All tho Douglas Shoo factories
are to oporato undor tlio union stamp
arbitration contract. Tlio factories of
the noughts Company In Brockton,
Miihh., aro to resume operations at
U'i> nvtnnil niir thnnks to orirnnl7tvl
lnbor for past fnorvs and wo will endeavor In tho future to merit your approval of our course.
Fraternally yours,
•fJenornl I'reiddenl
wonderful and mysterious herbal balms
by the use of which tlie manly athletes
of Ancient Greece, and the stalwart
gladiators of Rome ensured.the healthiness and ready healing of tlieir
Many are the attempts that were
made to produce a perfect, balm for
the skin, but only in Zam-Buk has the
ideal been realized. Since its discovery Zam-Buk has been welcomed in
mansion and cottage, and the people
of two hemispheres realised that they
have been placed in possession of an
absolutely unique cure for skip complaints.
The reasons for this triumph of science are simple and few. Taking a lesson from ,the ancients the proprietors
of Zam-Buk first of all wisely decided
that, the ideal balm must' be purely
herbal and contain not the slightest
trace of rancid animal fats or poisonous minerals. ' Thus Zam-Buk is^made
solely from rich and. pure essences ob-
tained from certain „ rare   medicinal
Hills Fast Mail  Has Maintained   the
Forty Eight Hour Run for
One Month
The Great Northern fast mail yesterday completed a thirty-three days' record in the maintenance of a 48 hour
schedule from.St. Paul to Seattle. Not
only has the train been able to keep
within* the time limit on every run, but
it invariably has been travelling under
the schedule about half an hour every
Officials assert that, the Great Northern fast mail is the fastest long distance train operation in the world
at present, and the record of the past
thirty-three . days is regarded as remarkable. "" It is pointed out that the
schedule maintained by the G. N. via
St. Paul is three hours shorter than
that maintained by the Harriman lines
from Omaha to San Francesco, the distance benig comparatively the same in
each case.
St, Paul is now the gateway for the
most of the mail for Western States,
Alaska and Oriental*points. There is
now brought this way all the mail that
originates in the states cast of the
Mississippi river and north of the Ohio
river. Much of the mail from this territory used to be sent by way of Omaha, but was diverted this way when
the Great Northern established its superior'service.
The government will weigh ■ the
mails in this district for three months
beginning in February, to ascertain
the basis for payment for mail transportation for tho next four years. It
is to get this contract that the Great
Northern'is maining its 4S hour service.—Pioneer Press, St. Paul.
♦ ' ■      . ♦
♦ .
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape Breton N. S.; are
at work trying to induce miners of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. District and
local officers should exert
themselves to prevent them
from securing any men for
such purpose.   ■
A strike has been on- in Nova Scotia and at these mines
since July 6 with every prospect of winning.
Don't go there arid try to defeat your brothers who are
fighting for the right lo organize and better conditions of
Stay away. Due notice will
be given in these columns
when the strike is won. Labor papers, please copy.
herbs, These juices and extracts
are prepared and refined'by ingenious
scientific processes and then' sp^skil-
fully blended that a unique, effective
and yet perfectly.natural preparation
for dispelling skin diseases.is secured. ,
Zam-Buk has an affinity for the human skin such as no ordinary ointment
or linameiit can possibly possess. Besides soothing pain'and allaying irritation, it possesses unique antiseptic
arid germicidal qualities whicli virtually chase disease °germsvout of their
hiding places In the skin tissues: at
the same time lt purifies the pores
and invigorates the natural functions
of the skin in a way that no other preparation can.
Zam-Buk solves In a porfect manner
the problem of always having handy
at, homo or at one's work an over-
ready and reliable first aid for cuts,
burns s.calds, bruises,'lacerations, and
.scratches, etc, Zam-Buk is without
equal for eczema, ulcers, plies, bad leg
ringworm, scnlp sores, festering sores,
sprains', stiffness, poisoned wounds of
all kinds, face sores, chafing, chapped
hands, cold sores, frost bltos, sore feet
dlsoased ankles and nil Itching, irritation and Inflammation.
Znm-Buk Is a dally nood In evory
housoholi} and Is sold by all druggists
nnd stores at fifty conts a box. Rofuso harmful and dangerous substitutes somotlmos pushed as bolng Just
as good. ,
ind a poit
She-Poor fellowf Wh»t,ftfioW
'yxr.uig uiiui havo on */<oul
Roland W.   Wood
, - ,. and
Charles W. Davey
I have seized and taken in execution
all the right, title and interest of the
said defendant's building, known as
the Royal Hotel and situate and being on Lot 8 Block 10 in the townsite
of Fernie according to a map or plan
of *the said town as made by T. S.
McVettie, P.L.C., and duly filed in
the land registry office at Nelson, B.
C, as plan No, 734; to recover the sum
of three hundred and fifty dollars
(?350.00) being rent, besides sheriff's
poundage, and all other legal incidental expenses, all of which I shall offer
by sheriff's sale on Thursday, the 18th
day of November, A. D. 1909 .'at the
hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon on
the premises known as the Royal'llo-
" Dated at Fernie, B C, November
11, 1909.
; '~~, "        M7^~K"AG"TN"E"RT~
Sheriff's Deputy. .
The above sale is further postponed until Tuesday, the twenty-third day
of November' A, D„ 1909, at the same
hour and place.
Dated at Fernie B, C. November 18th,
*•• ' M. A, KASTNER
Sheriff's Deputy
GO days after date I intend to apply
to tlie chief of Provincial Police for a
transfer of the retail liquor license of
Fimon Dragon to George Vincent of
the Royal Hotel, Gateway, B. C.
Dated this lGlh day of October, 1909.
,Oct id' Dec 17 G.V.
Officials Fear   That    Prisoner    Will
Make an Attempt on
His Life
WHITBY, Ont. Nov. 24.—Archie Mc-
Lachlin, who is in the county jail
here on a charge of murder in connection with the death, of his wife
and two babies, was so ill this morning
after his first night behind the bars
that- a doctor had to be called. It is
now feared that he will attempt' to
end his life.
TORONTO, Nov. 25— The report of
the provincial analyist who examined
the contents of the stomach of the
dead wife of Archie McLaughlin, under arrest on a charge of murder at
Uxbridge, was received by the aitor-
ney general on Saturday afternoon.
The report says that the discovery in
the stomach of a large quantity    of
strychnine "was more in fact than anticipated.
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
.Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd.day of September
J. RAVEN, Witness ,
♦,*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦■ ■<►♦♦♦♦•<•.♦
GO days after dnte I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal  of  the  retail  liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
'    Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V.
Applications for electric light met
ters should be made to the undersigned at once, so that same may b-.- installed without loss of time. The City
of Fernie electric light plant will be
running shortly and we will be in a.
position to supply Ugljl find power.
■<&""■  ■ City Clerk.
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the south west 55 feet in
width by 132 feet In depth of lot S
block 2 of lot 5455 group 1,' Kootenay
district (Map 735.)    ,
Notice Is hereby given that lt is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title to the above mentioned land In
the name of Thomas Dullen which certificate is dated the 26th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A,
District Registrar*
Land Registry Office,
Nolson B.C.  Oct. 13, 1009.
Fernie Oct. 29 1909
Fellow Workers',   '
The Fernie Electoral Riding has
been for'the past eight years a strenuously contested seat. At. the provin-
by some '60 votes through the Liberals
deserting their own candidate at the
eleventh hour-'and supporting the present member.
It is admitted that the seat must
fall to "the workers. The capitalists
will combine forces to prevent a consummation so undesirable to them.
They hnve money without end; we
lack that essential weapon to success.
We therefore ask all workers who can
afford to do so"to send their contributions, however small, to Oscar Erick-
son, Eox 70, Fornie B. C.
As an example to capital of the'politico I power of the class conscious workers.
Signed, on behalf of the Campnlgn
Oscar Erlckson
The opening of the new Methodist
church 1ms heen postponed till Nov.
28 on account of Inability to got the
structure completed In tlmo for earlier
flato. Full particulars next Issue.
Tickets sold for the opening dinnor
will stand good for the lator dato.
Wi'ix A *** *'•■<■//>'<?P*-J«*i
The re-dlmovory of n secret thnt has
lain hidden in tho dual for 20 centur-
Id* Is an event full of fascinating interest, nnd Dw story of Znm-Buk, the
world-famed flrsf nl*! nnd skin cure
will alwnyn enlist attention. Znm-
ttnk Is Dw virtual descendant of tlio.se
By virtue of a warrant of execution,
lusiintl    Ollt    nf    tho    f.nnrily    rr,i,i>>       r-f
Kootenay, lioldon at Fornie, IL  C,
at tho stilt of:
William  A,  Connell    and  Willinm
Scott, trading nnd cnrryltiK en basin-
ess undor the firm namo and stylo of
Connnl! & Scott, Plaintiff.
Charles W. Davey, defendant.
I have sol-cod and taken In execution all tlio right, title and Interest
of tho snld defendant's goods, consisting of liquors, wines And clgnrs at
Forole, H. C, In tho building known
- -    — «
$    JBujilgage   delivered   to   any 4*
♦ part, ol* the city. ▼
♦      .   -   .      ' _._ *-▼
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «■»»■»■»■»■» »<»<»♦
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 459S, commencing at a post
planted at or near the 28 mile post of
.the present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence 'running south 80 chains
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north SO chains;
to a point of commencement, making
610-acres more or less.
Locnt.ed this 2nd day of September
NAT BABCOCK, Agent. n *
J. RAVEN. Witness
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
j Bottled Goods a Specialty
Dining Room an-a Beds under
First class table board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
*    tR. Henderson,   Dining^Ronm Mgr.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days aftor dato I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a llconso to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootonay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a 'post
plantod at or, near 1 mile east of tho
31st milo post of tho prosont C. P. R,
surveyed lino and bolng the soulh east
corner of A. S, Farquhurson's claims;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thenco running north 80 chah.-s;
Thence running enst 80 chnlns;
Tliene**} running south 80 chains
to a point of commencement., making
010 ncres nure or loss,
Locator', this I**., day of September,
NAT PA11COCK, Agent,
.1. RAVEN, Witr ors
MIRR MAniF TWO^,n50V  0.r "r.,'I! A LLC" riAVCfi*".
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) dnys aftor date I Intend to apply
lo tho Hon. Chlof   CoiiiiiiIhhIoiii.-t   of
LnndH nml Works for a lln-iiso to pros*
poet for Conl and Petroleum on    tho
followliiK di'scrlbi-d lands   Mluuto in
South E, Konicimy, Hrit|H|i Columbln,
lllock   4.1:1:1,   t'omiiii'iii'liig   nt n nost
plumed 111 nr iii'iir ;i miles mist of 30
nilli) post of tlm pri'soiit c. P. ll, Kin**
voyml iln<> niul IHug the nortli oiim
I'oini'i* of Ediiioinl llnlHJoll'n i"lnlrn;
Thi'iicf running emitli 80 i-hniiiH
Tin-lien running west so ilmln.i; '
Timlin.- running nortli so elinlns;
Tln-ni'i! niiinliiK ''iim S1' chaliiii;
to a point of toiiiiiioiKciiiiiiit, nmklnir
tji'l IM-Tr.-.  Iikim.. tw   Icsm,
.'..1. .a-..>i (mo .;,i\ uny ui .ii'picuiiKtr,
NAT IJAWOCK, Aj-icr.t.
.1. HAVEN, Witness ||
•   <• NOTICE
NOTICE is hereby given that* tlii.ij
(30) days after dnte I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands ard Works for a license to pios-
pect for "loal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situato in
South E. Kootensy, British Columbia,
Block 4593, con.mcncing at a .post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 27.
mile post of the.present C. P. R. surveyed line and being the south west
comer of P, A. Farquharson claini;
Tb-snce running east 80 chains;      "***
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September,
1909. . " '
J. RAVEN, Witness "        |
0   ... t
- NOTICE is hereby given that thirty1
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the, Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of,
xanas~an'a''WorH~fdFa1Tcehse to p7os-~
pect for Coal"aud.Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 30 ,
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line, and being tlie north -.vest
comer of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south SO chains
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80.chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
P.A.FARQUHARSON, Locator   ,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE is hereby glvon that thirty
(30) days aftor dnto I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for a llconso to prospect for Conl and Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbln,
Block ,4593, commencing at a post
planted at or nonr 3 miles east of 30
milo post of tho prosont C. P. R. surveyed line and being tlio north west
corner of Nat Babcock claim;
Thenco running south 80 chains
Tlionco running east 80 chains;
Thonco running north 80 chains;
Thenco running west SO chains;
10 a point of commoncemniit, niakln***:
010 ncres moro or less.
Locatod this 2nd day of September,
.1. RAVEN, Wltin-ss
ns the Roynl Hotol, situate and being
on Lot 8, Block 10, In tho City of For-
nie, 11. C„ to recover llm sum ut
Throe Iliimlerd and Fifty Nine Dull-
ar«i nnd Sixty Eight (Vntu ((-im.Ou)
besides sheriffs |ioiiiw1iik» nnd all other
Dated  at   Fernio  U, C„  November
Ilrd, 1 llnu,
Sheriffs Deputy
The iihove Mile Ih further pontpou*
ed until TnoHilny, the twenty-third day
logal Incidental umi*--u.-'.. all of v,|,|.U ol N„vemi,er A.'l), vim, Vl the snm,'
I  shnll  of for   by  .Sin-tiff's  sale,   on j }lt)l,r ,u„| ,,|„,.e
Thursday,  tho  Eleventh  .lay  of  No.!|-,BlM, m Fornl.! !». C. Nov.rinUr JMh.
vemlH-r, A. n., 19o:i, at the hour ofjjufin.
eleven o'clock In Dw forenoon on the
promises known as tlio Royal Hotel.
M. A. Kastner
Sheriff's Deputy,
NOTICE Ih hereby given thnt thirty
(301 dnys nfter date I Intend to npply
to the Hon. Chief CoiihiiIhhIoikm of
Lnnds nml Works for n lleense to pro*,--
pect for Con! nud Petroleum 011 Dw
following rieHrrltir-d InwU •.li.r.i,. !i,
Houth ]■:. Kontt-nny, British Coliimi-i'i,
Block 4.10.1, ronimenclriR nt n pout
planted nt or near t miles east of L'7
mll<« poif of tin: liniment O. P. fl. uur-
vi-joil line and heing the north wnnt
innmr of P. A. Fnrquliar»nn clnlm;
NOTICE Is hereby given Ihnt Ihlrly
(30) days after date I Intend to npply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a license to pros-
pofl for Conl nml Petroleum on tho
following described lands rdtuate in
South E, Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block I.Mi.i, coiiiinciicliiK ut a post
plnntod ut or near * miles ,'iw. of 27
mile post of.,iln* present'r, p, r. Hiir
veyed Hue ami lieinu the *r*etii e.int
eoiner nf  Vnr   nnlicm*!-  ■■l.,iin*
Tlienre runnlnu worn  so rhnln<*>:
Thence running north No chains;
Tlienre running enst so chiilus;
Tin-in c itiuiiii.K south So chains
to n point of (cjiniiicufi'iiient. ninkiiiK
•ito (n't<*n more or Iffn.
Located ihih .'In! dny of .Supiemlici,
.1. RAVEN. Wltni-K«
on- nntti wan IdlleiJ and three oth-
.is ».i:oii*-1> ilOir.-il hy ihe explimhiii
nf n lioll.-r In n N.-w Vorl*. Central
fn-lirhi   -."-intlne  «i.*ur  Tonftammla  last
*leMlrit» wmmmm
Be Sure and C
Fernie Opera House - - Special Engagement
Balance ofthe week
Thurs. Nov. 25
Miss Verna Felton and The Allen Plajers
Thursday Evening       -      f- - Za Za
Friday Evening -      -      -        The Truth
Saturday Evening    »        Tennesse's Partner
PRICES 25c, 50c, 75c.
Matinee Saturday at 2.30 p.m,
POTATO MATINEE—The child bringing the largest'potato gets $1.
Six Months
In Calgary
SEATS   ON   SALE   AT   SUDDABY'S   DRUG   &   BOOK   STORE.     PRICES,   25c,   50c,   75c
Arrive Fernie
No.  213  West   „  10-00
No.  214 East    17.55
No. 236 Local East .P.     9.12
No. 235 Local West    '-.-  19-27
No. 7 West Flyer   IP-40
No. 8 East Flyer   20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June G.
NO. 252
7.25   '
Arrives Spokane S.30 p.m
Arrives Seattle 10.15' a.m.
No. 251
For  sale—Mich  Cow. Apply to ,J, ,
Anderson, Cokato. H-P]
Furnished boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. O.
box 213.
'.Ten Cows and'a Bull for sale—M.
Tally, Fernie Annex. .,*16-2tNP
Agent wanted in Fernie for tho Pion
Clothes Dryer for outdoors. Liberal
commission. Write L. Arsenault, Edmonton, Alia. ' 3130NP
Wanted: Servant' girl for general
housework. For wages, etc., apply to
* Mrs. Adolph, Baynes Lake post office
B .C
- For Sale: House and 30 foot'' lot.
Corner Jaffray St. and Chipman Ave.
Lawn 30x40, other improvements —
$-100, easy terms.     Apply L. Robert-
Do it now. Buy the range fitted
wth semi-steel linings. Will stand 900
degrees more heat than any ordinary
ones, and you get it for less money at
the Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Oorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
They are still selling window sliades
from 30e up at the Trites-Wood Co.,
They do not give furnituro away,
but they sell it cheap at the Trites-
Wood Co. Ltd.
Try a case of Elk Valley Bottled
beoi*. 52.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone ,79. ,       *
First class hoard* and accommodation at Fairclough's Boarding    house,
HO—ISO Coal Creek, opposite to football grounds.
Sewing Machines the best .made
from $30.50 up* All ball bearing fitted
with automatic lift and fully guaranteed for ten years at. the Trites-Wood
Co. Ltd.     Come in and try one.
Local   News
shaw, Annex. ~~%l P
Furnished and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric light and'bath. Apply IL S. care
Ledger. , 3tNP
For Sale: Ten acres good land covered with uimarac and cedar, close in.
el B. C.
Apply Lodger office. lm
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, eta., "only of the very best.
Phone 41 *
Elk Valley beer popularity known
as Michel, always on top at the lead-
Advertising space on the new drop
curtain in the Miners opera house is
now available. ■ to arrange for .special position see D. Rees, secretary, or
address box 3C1, Fernie.
A sample order of Elk Valley bot-
Wd hoar will convince you of the sup*
Don't forget to visit the Delicatessen
table at Christ church bazaar December 10th. ,
The Fancy table at the Christ Ch.
bazaar can supply you with Xmas
gifts.  Dec.  10. '
The Maypole dance will be a feature
of the Christ church bazaar on Dec.
10th.    '
Wanted: Nursing, ovei* 20 years ex-
perier.ee,'' apply to Mrs, J. Howbrook,
Fernio Annex, or box 336, Fernie.
Stamped linens, .cushion tosp, fine
laces, holly and fancy ribbons,- for
Christmas trade"at rhe Misses E.ilcr.
The candy table will tickle your
sweet tooth. Christ church bazaar on
December 10.
Don't forget the, girls afc to be ,at
homo on Wednesday evening in Bruces
hall. Come tind bring, your friends.
Only 25c.
The Carpeiiers union are going to
give a smoker" on Tuesday evening
next in Bruce's hall. A good time
is expected. *        a
Found*. A black pony. Owner can
have same by proving property and
paying expenses to date. Apply at
Ledger office. •'t
Hortense Neilsen, the talented actress will appear in the Fernie   opera
house on Tuesday evening November
10, putting on The Doll's House.
If you -want the best—call for Elk
Valley beer,
Some of. the old country type    of
militant suffragettes have started on
the war path in Fernie, and two   of
them made things lively at Master W.
Bruce's voting emporium Thursday afternoon.     They demanded the privilege of a vote and gave some'sound
arguments in favor of having tliem.
Her von' Dickie Bowenski of the local
police force was highly    nonplussed,
when he was asked for a''pencil with
which one of the ladies inscribed the
following on the A. to L. table "Vote
for Harrington.'     This was the last
straw'  and    the two militants    wore
asked to retire. .  They came  direct
to the Ledger office and paid foi* the
only paper in the Pass.that is a friend
of the working class.
When thirsty, nothing but Michel
beer for me.
Do you know that you cnn buy heating stoves from $2.75 ,up at the Trites*
Wood Co., Ltd.
The Allen Players at the Fernie
opera house tire the very best
aggregation that have visited this
city so far. Tlieir acting is sibow.
the average and their opening play
on Monday night ensured the citizens,of a treat. The bill: li%n-
Za."7which will be played tomoi":
row (Thursday) is. one of theiv
strongest' castes.
Crows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants
hi*j*iuwjh«*'.'*i.'*m hiihbj *■*■**■*■■■■**■
The   Store   of  Good Values
Agents-"Bell Pianos"
Sold on monthly, payments
To sectire you** share
of tfee surprising bargains at the big Removal Sale of
Ahem, have yon tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
&■ McLean, phone 61.
For Sale: 2 horses, apply G. Morley,
Cokato. o
Suddaby has opened' a splendid toy
department In his basement.
Yon bet—the spot to buy furnituro
. Is nt the Trites-Wood Co.
No plnco in town just like it/ Ingram's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 01.
If you nro a particular smoker got
your smokes at Ingram's.
eriority over all others. $2.50 per doz
delivered at your door. Call up phone
79 and we will do the rest.
*' Manager wanted for Miners theatre,
one who can run moving picture machine preferred. Apply stating salary and giving wages to ,D. Rees, Box
'361 Fernie,'B. C. '    '
Furnished room with use of bath.
Victoria .avenue   $8.00  per  month,—
I Apply Ledger.   ,.
Wanted: A good general servant.
Apply morning or evening to Mrs. B.
F. Ambery, corner Macpherson avenue arid Jaffray street.
For Sale: Team horses, good strong
wagon and sleigh. For sale cheap.
Apply at corner opposite to P. Burns
Fernie, B.C.
Two small houses and lot for sale,
good location, Plastered nnd water
Installed, Easy terms. Apply J. S.
Gusty, care P. Burns & Co.       3t 20p
2 roomed shack to rent, Apply-Ji*******.
Stewart, Dalton avenue, nlso rooms to
vent. 3l ™
Don't, forget to ask for Michel boor
—the best beer mndo.
Miner's Union Theatre,  Fernie
Under  mim-ici'S nl' Lndii'.s  n-'i'ii'volunl. Society
Wed. & Thurs..  Dec.  8th &  9th
" Wanted^""Three off our men"fo"lceep'
batch in a partially furnished
house. Good accommodation. Terms
reasonable,'apply Ledger office. It27p
Mrs.'AY. J. Blundell and Mrs. Waylett will receive on Thursday, December the 2nd at Mrs. Blunder's home,
comer of Hanson and Howland
On account of the opening of the
Methodist church on Sunday *, there
will be no service at the Presbyterian church on Sunday. Sunday school
will be held as usual at 2.30.
Wanted: Respectable party or par
ties wanted to adopt healthy boy, two
and a half years old and t;lil three
ind a half years old. Replies to be
sent to T, C.'care Ledger office.
The Knox church girls will entertain
their friends In,Bruce's Hall on Wed-
ncHdny evening next. The girls have
proparod various forms of amusement
and can guarantee a good time to all.
Admission only 2i"c.
The Ladles Guild of Christ eliurcli
will hold a bazaar nflorncon and ev-
ening of December lOlli iu tlio base-
ment of the church., One of the lea-
tiroB of the bnzanr will bo the Japanese ten room where the ladies In Jnp-
nneso eoslumoH will servo ton,
Ladies' contH, suites and skirts, nil
high grade quality and stylo at lowest oasli prices. A cnll will convinco
you, Odd linos of Indies' and clilldrens
underwent' at half price, a snap, Next
door to post office, At tho Misses
For Hale: .Moving picture machine,
conipleie, nlso fiOOO foot of films, TiDO
largo poBlorH, 20(10 dodgem, DO colored
slides, ovorytlilng ready to start In
business; films only shown In S towns,
Prlco $200, or mnclilno and colim-d
slides for $.10, Machlno iiIiiiohI new. A
bargain, Apply William Hotlud, Michel
II, (',
MliiH .leiintii' HllHHidl presented foil-
hIii Kute to nn admiring imdleiici* lam
Thursday evening In Dw Miners tlw-
titi'o, The house whh packed and every-
OIW    Willi    Well    plellKI'll    Willi    till"    pro-
dud Inn. Miss lliiHsell is u very cup-
libit* ucivi'HH nnd was well HUpporteit by
tlio biilnnco of tlm conipaiiy,
Dry Goods
Horse Shoe Salmon
The Best Red Sockoye Salmon- put up
in  the world.    Every can guaranteed.   [
It pays to buy the best.  .    ■>
Pay   Cash   and   Just  Smile
Boots and
W. J*   BLUNDELL      Oive us acall
♦♦♦♦♦♦<►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦«'♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j McBean & Waggett
Everything     Reduced
for a few days longer
For Saturday
We>ill have a lull lino of all Fresh
Fruits on the market and in Men's
Furnishings wo hnvo an oxcollont
stock bought especially for the people, the Workingmen.
Suits made to your order, 14,50 to $28
Overcoats from 10 to $23
Trites- Wood Co.,Ltd.
Opposite New Post Office
Phone  No. 70
To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      - -      70c each
Commencing   Mon.
VEMBER   29th
■^I'i'ffy*'   a*. ,-.*-'-.-.*-**•
P,y W.A. Milne, author of "Aladdin" etc.,.   (liven  by
home  talent under the deasonal direction nf author
Ml IM (i hi|u- iuul lli.milf.il C''...»uv.<".\      ■••'•■••.•.•.-'.)'hi"      Mvl.'s,
Hr..wnli'K. (lolilillim. hiHi-ctH, l'lr|iniilmil.-», Mmiki-yK. Fnlrl.-H. Huit'-T-
flliii, l-"Iovv»-r t;iiK I'-WM. Atntir.oii (ImhpIx.  .Iii|»ihh'«o   Mul-lon*,  '-H'.
l„,,.,w.| *<■«.* ::.«■ aii.l 11; sub- np»n.   M   n\+tt*MV*   D<»*    Htorc
tn-'Klrinltifc Kriiliiy MoiiilinK. IW-i-.u.Uv *v.
{-HXmilltilttti    l**-t,li**Jl)
.Mil. W. I.. hTliWAKT l'Kh'htt.\Ts
PiiHlur-liitf IM-.} H..f Hip lU-tti-r Ktail-Tin- HlimmM nml Mc»t (.'oin.
"The Man on The Box"
^+4,*+++ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
Fernie Cartage & Construction Co
*^  —.—-
Prleao  lie, 60© »nd aoe.  Vlmn at «up«l«h»'«
Horteme Ncllion
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry out all
classes pt work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concret- *
ing a speciality. Estimates given on
all Contract work. All work guaranteed satisfactory.
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor    I
Advertise in the District Ledger


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