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 , il'roviiicial library .'Juno'30'.OS
.   •-... .. --..- v.--* **.,■■-■ -   .-
Industrial Unity.is Strength
•    "":'":bt\ j,.
'   '         -—-...
■(V!,/     -    *     ,
\  ly
°        Hi:
-*- ■*-,./ <
*■  V**,.
> <"   :   v*?
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
■•■•-C'-M,- e   7.     y
VOL. V.   No. 13
FERNIE,   B. CM   October   30th,   1909
$1.00 a Year
Hilliard Hotel and Opera
House Consumed—No
Loss of Life
. KMN0RA, Out., Oct. 28—The Hilliard hotel with the opera house adjoin
inging caught fire about 11.30 last
night and is now a heap' of ruins, tho
structure being almost entirely'gutted
despite1 the,efforts of tho fire brigade.
, Louis Hilliard is tlie proprietor, having built the hotel in 1898 on the site
of the old Hilliard hotel which, was
burned to the ground In the spring
of that year. It is thought that the
fire broke out through the 'scenery on
the opera house 'stage* becoming ignited.     A vaudeville company gave  ■ a
"* performance - here tonight and about
> 7 -**"
three   quarters of an. hour' after the
conclusion of the    performance ■ the
fire *was discovered.
There was a high wind, blowing from
the, south, and fanned by this the
flames quickly spread until the fire
practically enveloped the whole structure. The loss will be total although
It is understood that it is mostly ,cov-
, ered by insurance. The Hilliard hotel was one bf the best and most mo-
dern in town, and was situated in the
centre. ■ The opera house annex was
erected at considerable cost and it
capable of* seating about- six hundred
, people.     A large quantity, of the be
longings ofthe hotel were saved.
Fernie Oct.' 29 1909
Fellow Workers::
The Fernie Electoral Riding ' has
been for the past eight years a strenuously contested sent?' At the provincial Election the workers lost the seat,
by some GO votes through the Liberals
deserting their; own 'candidate at tlie
eleventh hour ancl supporting the present member.
The Fornie Free Press, the organ
of the Conservatives is at present
emitting frantic..squeals of the most
pitiful character for the Liberals'' to
again come to the rescue of distressed
It, is admitted that the seat must
fall to the' workers. The (-capitalists
will combine forces to prevent a con-
o.nnination so undesirable to them.
They have money .without end; wp
lack that'essential weapon to success;
We therefore ask all workers who can
afford to do so to send iheir contributions, however small, to Oscar Ertck-
son. Box -70, Penile H. C.       '
-The combined forces of capitalism
are arrayed against us; let the workers show that they too are ready to
obey the'call of. the class. _
Independent.of defeating the tyrant
capital at its-own1' game we can and
will.use your money to the following
ends: .   •■
,-* An educational campaign to show
our class the robbery perpetrated upon them by the present industrial system.
. As an example to capital of the political power of the class conscious workers. ,-
' In an endeavor to send a toiler to
fight the battles of the toilers in tlie
legislative halls. . '
•' Signed, ,6n behalf of the Campaign
Committee. ' 7"
Oscar Erickson   ■
. .,-;.,  Secretary, v.
♦ ♦♦♦. ♦♦•^■♦♦♦^
♦ :
Captured  Large   Number of, Seats.in
the Local Elections in Badon
■'REGINA,' Oct. 28—The ,, mangled
, body of a young man was foud lying
alongside the track near the C.-P. R.
water tank this evening. Thore was
nothing on tlie body by which It could
be rooognlzed and the head was so
badly mangled that lt was not recognizable. Although not definitely settled It is believed that, the young man
was run down by an extra freight' and
an enquiry is being hold at Moose Jaw-
to ascertain whether the train .shows
marks to bear thiB out,
■ Tho body Is that of a' young man
about 25 years, clean shaven with dark
hair, five foot eight inches .In'height
and weighing MO,pounds. At a late
hour tonight the body was bijou-, by
tho conductor and brnkoman of a C.
N. K. train. Thoy bollovo that the
body Ib that of Ingrain, who was a
si ranger with no friends In tho city,
lie Is Raid to hnvo a brothor In Winnipeg and steps aro being taken to got
word to lilm.
' DRESDEN, Oct. 24—The Conservative party in the Diet has been defeated by the sleeping victory of the Socialist*-;''at yesterday's election. Out
of-34 definite elections in the Diet 16
are Socialists while the Conservatives
have 14 and the Nationalists and Lib*
erals four.'
The Conservatives are entitled to
take part in only 17 re-ballots. * The
Socialists will take part ln 53 ballots.
The National Liberals '29 and the Radicals 9.
Rev. }lr. Spidell conducted the services both morning and evening at the
Baptist church on Sunday, delivering
two splendid discourses. At the conclusion of the evening service a meeting of the members was held at which
a unanimous call was extended to Mr.
Spidell to permanently settle in Fgrnie
as the pastor of the church. In' the
short lime that Mr. Spidell has been
in the city he has seen vividly the urgent need for men in his work, and tho
possibilities of Fernie Miave appealed
to him in a particularly strong manner.
The outcome of the meeting was that
the call was accepted. Mr. Spidell
left for the East early ^in the week,
to'make preparations for"moving his
family west before the advent of the
winter months. Seldom have pastor
and "people come into such pleasant
relationships on such short acquaintance, and the membership of the Baptist church are gathering their forces
for aggressive work. Mr. Spidell understands western life and ways perhaps better than any other man •■ who
could have been chosen. Born in
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in 1866, he
spent his early days in that land, com-,
ing to British Columbia, in 1888, where
for four years he followed with' considerable success the calling of timber
cruiser and mining prospector. Even
at that time he had his mind on the
ministry,'to which he always felt called, and in spite of alluring prospects,
he left in 1892 to study for his life's
work. He entered the Woodstock
College at/Woodstock, Out:, in 1892,
completing his course there in the
year 1890. Following up his studfes,
he entered, in 1896 Newton Theological
institution he remained until the year
1900. He was. finally ordained into
the ministry in 1900. His first pastorate was in West Townsend, Mass.,
from * which he turned to his 'native
land, taking up the work at Boston,
Out,, and' later at Ailsa Craig, Ont.,
in all of which fields he has met. with
deserved success. Mr. and Mrs. Spidell and their little daughter of three
yeai-s can be assured of a warm welcome in Baptist circles in Fernie, and
the Ledger joins In congratulating the
denomination in this city upon such
a happy choice as pastor as has fallen
to their lot.
H. G. Lockhart was honorably acquitted of tho chargo of theft of rollof
funds on which ho appeared at Nolson
lust week. * Tho jury considered tho
ovidoneo so ridiculous tlmt they did
not even havo to rotiro beforo their
verdict of acquittal was arrived at.
Tho caso aroused considerable excitement all over tho country and groat
intorcst was centred In the verdict.
Mr, Lockhart's ninny friends throughout tho IJuss wero convinced of his
linioconco all the way through, and
thoy wero doubly plonsed when tho
verdict was glvon in Ills favor. It Is
a regret labia thing that a man" can
ho placed In such an awkward and
oinlmrriisslnpi position as somo of tho
witnesses wero In this caso, and havo
no rodrosfi. It hardly scorns fair that
a dofondlng or.,a prosecuting lawyor
should ho nllowcd to vllllfy ono man's
ohm-actor in order lo bring ■ further
proof of anotliur's Innocence, and In
this enso thu roinarks of Mr, Lock-
hurt's lawyer woro corlnlnly uncalled
I for.
From tho outset It was Ovldont. that
Loci-hart, had not touched any of tho
relief monoy, and half of his wUhobhoh
wore not called at all. Tho fuel that
thn Jury gavo an liiHtautiiiiooiiH vordlct
of. ti(-(|ifl!lal was cijucIuhIvo ovidoneo
that he was an Innocent mnn, That
bolng llio ciiHi', it was very hud decorum for IiIh lawyor lo hlnclton tho
ollitu* nii'ii'H character the way ho did.
Tlm JiulRU'H ."omurkH   won-   pointed
On Thursday; November 25
you will have to cast a,vote
for the man you think can best
represent your interests in the
Provincial' House. The present system of robbing the
.workingmen to fatten the
■*<►' purse of the tyrranizng capi-
•**>■   talists and'grafters is getting
♦ worn out,   and   the1 workers
♦ have  at  last decided to  put
♦'. a stop to*this style of thiev-
♦ ing.   If you are satisfied, with
♦ your lot vote the old foolish
♦ way—if not.vote for Harring-
♦ ton and you can count your
♦ %vote as a vote to  down the
♦ present grafting.
•♦«-•*»♦♦•*•*-*»*♦ 4>*
A bud wreck occurred on the C. P.
R. near Hosmer last Sunday morning
when seven ears, which .broke away
from Michel, came dashing down towards Fernie at an awful rate, and
crashed into a freight that liad left
this city about 8 o'clock! The fireman, Alexander, was the most serious-
ly injured, although at last reports he-
is doing as well as oould be expected
at the local hospital. The engineer
and head brakeman were also more or
less injured. The regular and the
Flyer had to proceed to Fernie via
the G, N. tracks. The wrecking train
was soon at work and cleared up.the
debris., It was reported oh Sunday
that the brakeman who was responsible for the runaway train at Michel,
had left ■ tlie country. '■
Old Timer Badly injured
at BlaSrmore—Kicked
By,a Horse
BLAIRMORE,* Alta.,' Oct. 28—Last
evening the livery stable was the scene
of a very nasty accident, the victim
being "Old Mark Halloway," one of
the oldest of tho old timers' in this
western,country."   ,
Nobody being around the barn when
"Mark" arrivedlto put.,up his team,
he proceeded up in the loft to push
down hay for his horses, but pushed
it down to' the wrong stall. He how-
.      *     '      *
ever descended to rectify his mistake,
finding he had to take it from a stall
occupied,by a black mare whose heels
the victim had.1 repeatedly been warn- „, ....
—r—t—i j-—• i-T-re-—-- -^—LTJ_i&_^nan ers _are__bemg turned ov er to
ed about.   As was expected the roare^ -  * —	
MIOniCINI-3 HAT, Oct. 2K—W. Mooro
an Irishman, who fought through t'no
Floor war and afterwards camo to
Canada, was asphyxiated In a well 180
font deep ihls morning In Central purl**,
fl. Prlr.or find Frod Bool l lioroloall./
won I down lo aid lilm but woro them-
solves overcome and roticiiud wllh difficulty,
The liolu Ih not ovor two foot limldo
and tho body Iiiih not boon ri.covoro.1
nit hough grappling Iroim   aro boln-j! enough, but wo won't say anything
about lho Judgo—wo did that onco,
K-****.-*...".'   -<-"\,.i),,$„.^ ,
?"&,%'.*'>l ,.*" '.JiuU^ly
•i)t;;,'.'.x,n «■<■„
it,: i
■ ,•' «/,   <i
!♦„»,,■«„,, fc,j.-:1„rf*f,,.i^,i-,
I   ■        if' fr*-
■***>.#**_ rf A* *H**~*~,
4*M A**-t. <A***;rt  rf. *r #- r
•  ' y   - /<< y>*4*i'
.. **,*.- u
Tho following returning officers havo
boon appointed al. Interior contros:
Cariboo—John Stevenson, Barker-
villo. ,  „
Lillooof—C. Phalr.
Yala—Ulcliard A. Fraser, Nicola.
Kamloops—A. 1\ MoitIh.
Okiitiugun~L. A. Shatford, Vornon.
SlniUkainoon—Toseph A. llrown,
Orconwood—W. 11. Fleming,
flrinid Forks--J.lorborl C. Korman,
UovolHlolto—J. 1). McDougall,
aioi'iin—DonU St. DoiiIh.
Ymir—Robert 1'urduo, Trail.
Nolson—Ooorgo llnrsleiid,
lUwilaiiil—II, T, Evans,
KiihIo-W. tl. llobb.
Columbia*-.!. 0. Pitts, Golden.
Cninhrook—A, C, Hhimldimil.
Fornio-A. \V. Mleastlell.
lashed out with her*heels, catch'.ng
old Mark right over the .heart. Ho
was taken into* the Dan Drain's hotel
and' Dr., Malcolmnson. was summoned.
The victim Is-76'" years "of age which
tells against him, and he has peddled
vegetables every week, from' his ranch
for a long time.
Last night he was not expected t-o
live and made his will accordingly,
but this* morning some slight hope**;
are entertained for his recovery, although the chances arc small owing to
his old age.
Much sympathy'Is folt-'for the poor
old chap.
In Prince Rupert Fred Stork is op
posing the entrance of,the B. C. Telephone company into that city. In Fernie' Fred' made a bitter fight against
the same company in favor of a local
monopoly. The local company won the
fight but in time grew* tired of the
business and sold out. G. R. Naden,
the member from Greenwood, holds
the same opinion as . Stork.—Greenwood Ledge.
Fernie D. C. Oct. 30
To the Officers and Members cf Local
Unions District 18 U.M.W. of A.
AVe  desire to draw  your  attention:
loathe appeal which was sent out to
all.Local Unions'on the ,2Slh of Sep-j
tember, for assistance ou  behalf    ofj
late President  F.  II. Sherman.     - At j ■
this time we all know too well that I « ~	
the object for" that, appeal no longer j |\/|any    Lives " Were
Hut  there  is just as  much
TORONTO, Ont. Oct. 27.—Papers ln
regard to William Bedford, the self-
confessed murdered in London, England- of Ethel Kinrader reached, the
attorney general's department today
from the secretary of state at Ottawa.
necessity io**consider the matter in'rtj
.new light, and thai is to raise a fund!
for the benefit of the widow'audi
children thnt he has left to mourn
his loss, whereby we may show our;
sympathy in a substantial iii-uinor.   '
We do nol wish to,dwell on the
qualifications of .our lute esteemed
brother, as tho good work ho did for
the t.'crnbeis of district IS is too •*-,<. 11
known m need an.v couinipni. ln-t in-
cidonlly we •Aould ask yen to w.*ji5h
the good work with what "you may
think the bad, that he in' his duties
as District President v.'as instrumental
in performing In this District, and we
feel confident, that you will recognize
that this appeal js worthy of your most
cm most consideration.     , *
Whilst not In any way desiriiu; -o
d'etate as to what extent you shouh
meet this deserving appeal, we f3el
it oiir duty to point out to you what
steps have been taken in some of the
largest locals, and we think that, you,
will then take this matter up in the
same spirit, that Is: It has been decided to place a levy of one dollar per
member for this particular object.,
We would again appeal to you to
look on this request with a broad-
minded view, and if you have not already taken up the question, urge -you
to take immediate action .so that we
can demonstrate our appreciation.and
respects by rendering assistance to
the helpless ones that, he has left behind. ,. , "   .
We would advise that all donations
be sent to the' district secretary which
will bo placed ' to the credit of- what
shall be known as the Sherman Tes-
When Donaldson
Liner Struck
Inspector Miller of the provincial
force and largely upon his report after reading them will depend the decision of the authorities as to the action that will be taken In regard to
Bedfort. *   * *>
- HAMILTON, Mont., Oct, 29—Queen
Alexandra through a message received
tonight from Maurice Francis Egan,
United States Minister to Denmark,
convoyed her greetings lo Dr, F. A',
Cook and expressed absolute confid-
oiicocncc in his polar achievements.
timonial  Fund,     and  in  due  course
handed over,to Mrs. Sherman,
Yours fraternally,
W.  B.  POWELL, President
C.'STUBBS,. Vict:Pres.    *
A? J. 15ARTER, Sec.-Treas.
EASTPORT, Me. Oct. 2S.—A list of
:i£i persons missing and believed to
have been lost by the wreck of the
Donaldson freight steamer ,'Hestia on
a ledge nt (.'rand Manan yesierday,
wasjinade up.
It includes*, Captain Newman
First Mate D. McNair
Second Mate Phelan
Boatswain. Canning.
Carpenter Colwell   *
The names of the others are not yet
Beyond a shadow of doubt, in the •
opinion"' of ihe survivors and Grand
,-Mannn people, Captain Newman and
3*1 members of his crew who put off
in their boat after the steamer struck
the, ledge, are lost. All seemed certain that ,they must liave sunk by the
many dangerous ledges or were" up- •
set in the rough sea before the break
of day.
A search for the bodies was begun
today but it is more than likely that
none of the bodies will he recovered
here. The\lireclion of the wind was •■
such that anything afloat would * be'
carried to the Nova Scotia Coast.
It was learned that when the second
boat, which' capsized and threw the
occupants in the soa, righted, <-and
floated away in the darkness, one man
was seen on it. "','''
A recapitulation of "the steamer has
YORKTON, Sask. Oct. 28—Word has
just reached town of a fatal wrestling
liout at Shillingthrope, last wool*.
William Lakey, a farmer aged 70,
was wrestling with a member of tho
threshing,gang, when his Coot, slipped
and he fell to th'o ground with his opponent on top of him. Medical aid
was summoned and it wus found I hat
Lnkoy had broken his buck, and he
died four hours lator.
.MEDICINE HAT. Oct, 28-1,. Wig-
flold, a C. V. R. extra gang man, wording ut Howell, Alia,, camo Into Medicino Hat yusloi'day and at night laid
down to sloop on'tin freight shod Hilling, when llio yard engine cnmo nlon-i
and ran over lilm al. midnight.
Ilo died at tlio hospital two hour*
lator. ■>
lie rum-' tn Ihls country from
WASHINGTON, Oct. 2N—A practical
jnlto with an oppOHKiim as tlio chief
farlor Is likely tn gel hoiiiu prominent
pooplo Into troiiblo with tlm Hulled
StiitoH government, On the night of
Oct, Ifi a parly or about 2H well known
peoplo of Loosvlllo, La. placed an np-
possum In a packago In tho local post
offlco bulldliiK.i, The next morning
tho HUbimlliuiU'.rt oputicd (In; p». r..i*w
and found tlio oppuHUiu. Tho mall
In tho bin hail been chewed lo frag-
inoiitH by thu iiuliiiiil, Tho iiamcii of
tin* Jok'ii'H lmvo been obtained by iho
'k-piirunciit and iii-imu iiguiufci, u*vu*
will ho Instituted In tho near futuro,
LAPOnTB, Ind, Oct. 20-Harry II.
May, an In von for xvhn camo roconfly
from Now York, was killed today by
the accidental cxplo.ilon of a Hocrr.f
waterproofing compound mad In tlio
manufacture of artificial stono. Klnlcr
R, llnrdlnff, owner of a comont block
work* and to whom May had sold lho
pittvnl oji the compoiind, •*»• «*■*•■ v-mly
burned hut wll! reenx'nr.
Tlio uliovn lulereHllug pholo Is min
of tho miiiiy unique llluslrations to
bn found lu l'l'iiKi'iiHiilvii I'Vi'iil*', whloh
will ho offend to Hit! public In 1»'hh
than two wih-1-h time, Thn plcluru Is
from a photo ohtiiliicil by Kpnldliii! In
tlin vicinity nf J-Vrnlo. The book Ih
nliiiosf (.'oinpl'ili-d nud a few extra
pngi.H may bn ncccsHary to liii-linlu all
the eiigravliigM and nils, nu hand. It
will bo, howevor, when finished, thn
IiIrrohi fifty lontH worth uvor offorcd
if, •n,**. Vvn'" n'tMir* Wn 'i'i-iiiM m-riln
iir-'o fiii'lv ord-1'rn boIiiR plni'i'd at this
office, Many people aro buying ihom
and having thom kopt for ChrlstmiiH
HOiivnnlrH, and wo know of no belter
way tn k[vc your friends In thu cast
•) ihnrnni'h Itislrrht Into iho surroundings of this city ilum by hoiiiIIiir a
copy of Progressive Fornio.
OTTAWA. Oct. 27-MlnlHli'i- of Labor King di-nloH (Miipluitlenlly tlio re
port emiiiiiitlng from Vancouver to I In*
effect thai Uio goviMiinioiu lum r<*<**'lv-
i'd application for Chliii-si* labor lining'
allowed on llm Oi'llnd TrunU 1'iiell'l*'.
"Wo hnvii received no rcqucul and ihe
mailer hns never been rniiHldered by
Ilie govi'iiniiMiil, which ho Htati-H hns
given un Intimation of any Inieiiilou to
(-hung.. Its policy.
All Koelnlht'i In outlying
points of Uio Feriilo Kli-cioinl
District aro requested to com-
munirnte with Mr. David Paton, Ilex 101, Pernio. II. C.
HUSTON, Mann. Ocl, lift- Prompted
by Jealousy, Irvln \V. Fletcher, !•!■
years old, a conductor In llm employ
(ll   tlltr   l*ii;..i,n,ii   i .....I,   .,'....'.   ....I   ! '-'.Vr ''-
bin uJfe P.i :dMee :wi'ft 1° lu Hi" tM»-
uilmniitH or Mrs.' Dlniia Habnurln In
Hainvln street late this afternoon and
ended tlm crime by shooting himself
through the mouth.
Vi.-,      I'l •>'•'•'•■ ■*'■■'     "'" '•'     '"   'tevliitt-v
Their two yonr old daughter was iu
tlm room at Mm tlmo of Urn .shooting
and wltnoKH-'d Mm affair.    Death wiih
Instniitniicoim in both ciihch. Tho child
tells a comprelw'iiHlvo Htory of   Mm
whole affair anil also wiyn Hint' Jmr
| mother had been Jiiiockcd down liy
• hor father on pro.vloiiK oooaslonH nnd
'■ Imd bijou bont on.
FAHGO, N, D.'Ocl. 28-Tlm CI. N.
northbound passenger No. !i jumped
the truck near Pinkie, Minn., flvo
milos east of Fargo this morning. 10v-
cryllilng but tho locomotive mid (lie
roar sleeper is in -tlio ditch and*, the
tracks are badly torn up. , The passengers woro In n panic, bin none of
tljein .wore seriously Injured In any
Tho accident, occurred about five
o'clock and an emergency train wus
sent out for the passengers but iln-
track wiih blocked for suvenil hours
and all tho twin city paper mail held
ing Captain Newman two boy'passen-
gers'w*3i-o'*iii thc,first boat, which wa?
successfully launched, but probably
they were also lost "-before daylight in-
rived.   ■ ,       ,. ,
The, second boat wns being filleu,
11 of the Ifi intended for it having lu-"
ken their places wlien the rope holdiu'.*-*
it in the davits bro]:'; -nm. nil «<_■:•..•
thrown into th,-; sea. ,
'Tlio four ■•members of tlie crew thus1
forced to remain on board succeeded
lu pulling two struggling mon from
the** wnter with ropes. •
These six men wore the ones taken
off lute yesterday afternoon by lho
Seal Cove lifo savors. Two more,of
the drowning mon were rescued by
Captain Newmans boat which had
righted Itself., Six men and boys wo'in
drowned at iho side of the ship.
Somo hope was enieruiined today
for this lone mini drifting at the morey of the wind nnd lho waves an Ui-s
boat  wus light,
Captain Newman's craft was hoavllv
loaded wiih Its 2S people,   '
i    ClIICACO,   Dot.   2X   I'hlllp   llnidy,
■    ! who cuum  finui  Toronto, (Jut.,    wnn
WINCH''".KTKll, Vn. Ocl. 2!i-While|Hhoi mul killed hihl ulght, and Mm.
running at fid miles an hour ihroiigli ■ Aiiiiii Vniillyok, 28 >i'ins old Ik under
the villa*"' of .Mlildloion iiuloiiiobil"' urroM < l*'nrg"d with iln- i-rlim-. Hardy
No, !,'.', id New York Heiald lour, was! who wns n hoarder in Dw VanHyck
wrecked and Mm ucciipniiiH narrowly {lionm. aimd-eil the women when In*
I'Hcitp.-il  Willi  llii'lr liven. ■well!  It) Uio kitchen In \vu>'li Ills oloih-
The collnpiie of n oar wlmH which'lm:.
mused Weill! tn lone (iiinml of llu- An iiidini*' In the pnlln* lie* wnniiiii
ini'.chliie huh ihe trouble ami the nir ran to ln-r vnom nud |iiim*hh*iI n re*
iliiHlied htio uiiiither min lilne ihnl uuii, wilw-i. Wleii i.iii* went tnto lliVrdy'H
Hiiiiulliig mt tlie road, Tim W«'ln inn : looin he i\< liilnn d: "Vuu vwnn i|np.
ehlim wiih badly wrecked nnd put mil', iic»«< Mint."
Ill   till'  race.   'I'lll.'  aillOtllDllllixl   eHOilpeil |      Tlien llpiili      >)l<     hi."!    iilln    ihllM.^tl
wllh a severe Hlutklng up, >iln> Iniiit.
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♦ !»troofii, mornlnn or evening.
i i.
*■*.'■*.. JI
*l  .. ;-i\
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
! Prof. Ferrer j
¥ ■ *
(By W. V. li, in Winnipeg Voice:).
It seems strange that so Importune
an event us the recent murder of Professor Francisco Ferrer by. the misguided govornment that holds sway in
Spain should be allowed to puss almost unnoticed iu the press of this
country. Such an event, should, have
callod forth world wide condemnation
upon the heads of those responsible
for so gross an outrage. Had it been
the execution of tlie least notable
among capitalists, what columns of
indignant protest would come from the
press. I3ut Ferrer is different. He is
only a crank, .lust one of those foolish
hated persons, who work their very
lives out for the moral uplift and Intellectual enlightenment of tho masses.
Hy'pursuing this noble course Ferrer
has rendered himself objectionable to
the ruling class' in that country. So
his work must be suppressed. Aye and
he*,hiinself, must be wiped out if the
powers of bigotry and religious hatred backed by ill gotten money and
political intrigue can accomplish it,.
Francisco Ferrer al the time of his
death was forty-nine years of age and
a native of the province of Barcelona.
Spain. In th'e - year 1SSC he was occupying the position of superintendent
on one of* the linos of Spanish railway
and had to, seek refuge in France owing to the abortive attempt on" the
Republican General, Villacampa, that
rendered the residence of persons in
Spain holding advanced political views
unsafe. During this period of political
exil£ he lived in Paris as the friend
and secretary df a former prime minister and party chier of the Spanish
Republicans,, - At* the "death of his
Spanish language and literature at the
Philotechnic association at Paris. ,It
was about this time that be' thrttw
o\cr his old belief in the utility of
armed force in revolutionary work,
and turned all- his energy and atto.n-
<*on to the establishment of a n hool
to form a model for the institutions
already started by tho Radical, Rational and Progressive parties In Spain.
At this time also one.of Ills pupils,
Mademoiselle Mounter became anxious
to convert her professor to Catholicism. In the.ensuing discussions' however, sho herself 'found salvation In
the Rationalism of her friend, Heing
without relatives she bequeathed to
Ferrer some house property In Purls,
producing an annual rental of some
llfi.iiOO francs for the purpose of providing hi in with the necessary funds
in carry out. his educational plans In
his native country. To tho faithful
dlschaige, of this trust his lunmnlnblc
death will over bear lesllniony,
The commencement of work based
upon the principles formulated by
Ferrer was mnile in Augusl, 1001, The
school opened wllh'110 scholars—12
girls and JS boys--and by tho termination of Mm school year this number
had boom increased to 70 A prlnllng
house was oslnbllHlieil, ond primers
and text books wrltlon, In simple Inn-
gunge woro printed and found a ready
accoplance in mnny m-lionlt- throughout. Spain, In a slion time tlmy oamo
lo lm rt'cognlzi'd by many as tlm
stnndard text book.
All was well, KucccKn ii|)|,*.!in,d lo
Im easy lo achieve but then arose the
demon of religious intolerance, bigotry und Inlelleciuiil Hliigiialion- tlm
church ol'llonm--and iu her IiiiiuIh she
hnld llm trump -.aril:*, of pnlitciil intrigue and Influence
For flvo years more the good work
went ou, and then occurred "Hint un*
fnrttiimti* iilteinpt upon Ihe life of
King Alfonso,  ClerliiiIIhiii liml now ui
ropo lo linng their enemy with,   For-] 	
i*"i* wim iiirested upon a iruinped upj    l!y loseph K. fnlmn: T
charge of complicity In the plot, Tlmithe   Philadelphia   Norlh
most iiel'iiilnus umilmdH were rnnn'riod' Ui'publlenii    orguii,    Imd
In in order to procure conviction bill' hearing Hie oapllou, "Is
without mull. He wnn hell! a primmer j pealing  Iim-lf?"
broke out—one of those.un-Christian
conflicts which will always be possible
until the capitalist class as a dominating powor ceases to exist., The
course of this unjust conflict is current news; not yet has Spain found a
way out of a war of injustice aud of
The more enlightened Spaniards saw
through the flimsy veil which covered
the proceedings and protested against
the unnecessary sacrifice of the poor
peasants' lives, for the gratification of
a greedy few. The feeling grew and
the workers of the land banded themselves together to protest against the
war, and to demand the cessation of
hostilities. Angered because their
rulers turned a deaf ear and ignored
their just demands some of thei more
venturesome resorted to acts of violence and revolutionary methods to attain theii" end.
As a result martial law was declared and under tho slightest pretext all
those who had stood' for enlighten-
faient and advancement wore cast into
prison. Amongst them was Ferrer. 'He
had taught the people to see what
were their social rights and duties;
he had torn down the blinds of ignorance: he had taught, a simpler and a
grander religion;- he had established
schools throughout the land; ergo; he
had been the chief instigator of the
revolution.' He .must be tried, yes,
and to tlm death.
One hundred schools founded by'Ferrer have been closed. The excellent
books published from the press of the
ISscueUi "Moderna have been seized and
tbe plant and machinery destroyed.
Reports received state that Ihe prisons
contain some nine or ten thousand
prisoners ranging from mere children
to old men and the land and people
of--Spain, iire rendered subject'to the
relentless hand of Uie successors of
Ferdinand 11. and Thomas de Torquo-
mada. At the last census in 190G out,
of a total population of 18,'G18,086
there .were 5,0S6,05C men and G,S0M34
women, almost two thirds, of „the pqpu-
i...;^..      y/l**"*    C!f-'.-l'J    _"• 0!tl-*_I'    !'0?.l7  „OV
write. "This is the slate of "affairs
which Ferrer strove to remove and
which his oppressors strove to preserve.- The first denouncement of Ferrer appeared in a .Madrid religious paper. This was followed by a letter of
the Bishop of Barcelona sent "in his
own name and in I lie name of all the
prelates of Catalonia, to the head of
tlm government as a respectful protest
on our part agalnsl the evils of Italy
of July last and against the individuals who, as ,wo maintain are responsible therefor; that, is lo say, lho partisans of Godless schools, the radical
press and the anarchist groups.' Unless I hose people are suppressed thero
can bo no ,i_ueo among the nations.
We appeal lo the.religious sentiments
of tho government to stamp them out,
and wo hope that Its love for (ho coun*
try and Its compassion for the mlsfor*
I lines which have overwhelmed thu
church will bring suppression' about"
— (1,'Acllon' Sepl, 8)
A baser or more envenomed appeal
could novel* be ninde thnn to tliolr
"religious senllnioiiiH," ft wiib llm Insidious master stroke of a ro vengeful
ecclesiastic, Thin npponl ll was which
condemned a Just man to death, and
placed another thorn In the crown of
Johiiw whom Ihey pretend to snrve.
O, ye priesth, yn havo rooted up tho
herb of liberty of thought; 1ml In
your donpimitloii you have shaken the
seeds from the plant und ore you can
recover Mmm Ihe heiml'lceiil wind of
progress will have scattered thom
iliriiuglioiii the hi ml ami ye .shall reap
ere long the luirvoHl of your'Iniquity,
Tho frli'tiils of advancement whilst In-
nmullng llio milliiiely death of Mmlr
coinnide will rejoice lu Mm thought
that what has mount <|outli lo tlm
body itmniiH new, life to I In; Haiiim!
Ferrer In dead, but his Spirit stir-
tion to the fact that-Taft is trying to
secure peace between the hosts of capital and labor by compromise, just
as in ante-bellum days men tried to
dispose of the slavery question by
trying' tb compromise when; as now;
the country was "part slave and part
free," and "cannot forever remain
so." ■ '
The editor might have quoted-, from
Lincoln lo the effect that the fundamental point at issue in the question
of the black man's servitude is tin
same fundamental point at issue in the
question of wage slavery, the attitude
that declares "you work and emii
bread and I'll eat it."  , '
But especially,might the editor.have
called attention to the following incident, which happened in 185-), less
than five years before the Civil. War
began. It was at a mass meeting arranged on behalf of the black man's
cause at which Lincoln was to speak.
The meeting was duly advertised but
no man came besides Lincoln, his. law
partner, Herndon and John Pain. Lin
coin's speech consisted of these words
"These are sad times and seem out of
joint.  All  seems  dead,  dead!"
This was in 1856, ..when Liiuolh
hoped tho slavery question could be
adjusted by, peaceable means. As late
as 1859, in his fourth'debate with
Douglas, Lincoln said "I do not suppose that in-the most peaceful way
ultimate extinction would occur ir. less
than a .hundred years at least.'
That was, two years before the - Jivil
War began aiid less * than, a de .ade
before the Constitution was,amended
lo make chattel slavery impossib.e.
A hundred years has not passed as
yet, and conservative editors arc now
drawing comparisons between 'conditions prior to the civil war and those
of the present 'day.
To every one wlio has spent some
years, in studying tlie social 'question,
and in carrying on the propaganda
for the new abolitiou, it appears impossible that' within four years the
great  change  to  which   we  look for-
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he oilier day
Aineileiin, a
nn editorial,
History Unfile   S'lllie   I hill I    I itllH      Mll'l'ol'itlgj      llegllllllllg       •Allll      III)      lllllllipill'tllll'.
boitll) ami iiioiiinl lortuve. and whhI limitation from Abrnltaiii Lincoln, ll
then discharged aflur having obtained|drow a piuullel beiweeii the iuIihIhIh
a veidlot or uequltlul upon e\ery| iratlon of I'ii-hIiUuiih lliiclmnan and
elijii'ire        llt'i   lllmrlv   I'lilnod      lie   rill'l'iifl       The  editorial   pnllllod   ll   IllOI'Ill
once continued his noble work, foiiiid-|io    the effect  that  after fifty yearn,
ing    new schools and publishing lni-| hlmory Ih repenting llHidf,
poitiint works and kindling iim spark j    The editor failed however lo carry
want may*"*!)? coiisuinat"e_~ MosT
Socialists have dedicated their lives
to the work of social regeneration;
and eevn though it may^come only
after a hundred years, "recalling Lincoln's words, 'will die satisfied that
ihey ■• have not lived their lives, in
vain. , '
To those, and their number is 1< gion
who expected a million Socialist vol-
ers in 190S, and who are grieved at the
thought that the two English Socialist
dailies are struggling for their *.ory
existence, who cannot penetrate to
the heart of the social heart eve*> so
well as did Lincoln in 1856, things* indeed scorn "dead."
.And yot to the calmest obscrvi • the
fact Is patent that the mass oi lho
American people are not only sleeped
in slavery, but I hat tho fow money
lords who hold sway In this Ian:! of
ours have a firmer grip than ever did
Ihe slave oligarchy of the South.
Tliolr rule Is much moro despotic In
tho face .of a greater general intelligence', '•    ■
Taft Is the modern lliichniian The
Drcd ' Scott decision of wage shuery
has-boon handod down. Prom nil
walks' of life men and women are
joining Iho Socialist movomont,'Tho
ranks of labor ul-n stirring for lho
inlghiy change, '   Will history repeal
This book shows the wonclerful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its  advantages,   etc!,   etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in. advance. Price
50 cents. Return this order form' to The District
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Come in aiid have a look
of iiiiowh-dgo not only In Spain, but
lu 'the HpniilHli  Republics across tho
FniHt ill ted lu (hulr (list uHniiipt to
wipe out lliolr hated autiiKOiilHl tlmy
walled piillontly for a fnrthor opportunity, Three short, years gave thorn
woalth of lh" land from Its rightful
dirty work of wi-ohIIIiik Dw natural
yet another and belter chum.o. Thorn
ilii> comparison to its logical conclusion, Ilo fulled in Indicate whal Is
the present struggle for human freedom, fie nlno failed to Indicate tho
cause io which Taft Is acting as Hncli-
aiinn acted toward the movement for
tlm isbolllloii' or negro slavery.
The oilllor also failed to show what
Taft's conduct may havo for Its con*
; nelplelices.    Ill   slioil    Mil)   editor   llllll-
weru ml mm In Morocco, rich mlnoH. plotoly Ignored Hie present hocIiiI
The rlKlittiil owiiera ot Hiiw monoy | movement Hiai Is beginning lo hliaii".'
pcitH wore Moors, an  Ignorant,    half this   country from coosf to conHi,   ns
clvlll/ed nice. So thoy reasoned why
could not Hpulu transport hoiiio of hor
Ill-fad and Illiterate pennantm to do the
It Ih nlioiidy shaking nonrly every In
portaiii  Hiiropean count ry,
The editor might nlno have ipiotod
own.ns and  place fi In tlieir hands? j from  Lincoln some thoughts more to
No hooinn thought of Mum done. Will jihe point,. Iln might kuivu ruU.-il uit..ii-
(,'iipliiillsiii works lho sumo whether
lu little tlilngH or in big, in ouo dlroo-
Hon or another, What. Ih tho rocldoHH
exploit al Ion of the natural i'hhcuii'coh
ol' the country by iiiiiraiidlni; c>ipllal>
Ihiu which lum now reached a point
where It iilaruiH lho iinlloti, but of a
piece with lho exploitation by capital-
Ihiu of the Individual workman, wIioho
"milnml roHourcoK" of health and
I'lierny and life are IicIiik stolon from
lilm by ciipitullHtTi In tho mad plunder.
nice nfter wealth? When enpllullHiu
ih iIiioiikIi with lilm he Ih ready for the
Hi-nip lieiip.
I-onl* at our wnrliliiwni'ii today,
with lliolr while, unhealthy taeon,
tliolr children eniHlieil of hoalih and
Hplrlt In the fearful ai'lnd. their wIvi-k
driven In helllHh dniilKory and Hplrli-
Iiihh, pi'oinnture nld n«o, f»ir)n ex.
plolied or their virtue and their purity, l.ooU at lho workei'H old at forty,
. i     i     i .,    t    , i        i »     m
i ,vi..ltl..L*; u,   .li|*lti.tl.    <'■/.>,*■> t*    ,..>....     ..!..
nm l;od CiVlUl.'-i'.i*
Homo day the nnl Inn will be Jimt nu
much alurini-tl over UiIh Hpollatlou ol
human life iih II Ih now coiiiIhk to ho
over llm Hpoilatlon of Kh mineral and
;;'..'.':■ r.,.,.";.'.,.',c"'** K';.'.,.,i!!;,.'!i !" w<;•)■!!■;»
toward that day, After uh the doliiKo!
And verily the dolum* Ih after thom,
the...International   boundary  on   Sago
Thence running south 80 chains,
Thence runnliiK east 80 chnlns,
Thenco running north"_0 chains,
Thence running west. 80 chains,,
lo place of    coininoncemont, making
C40 acres more or loss,
Located this 1Mh day   of September, 1909.
Agent for
•JAMBS HAVEN, Locator.    '
Oct 15-51, W.R.U.
NOTICI3 Is hereby glvon that thirty
(110) days aftor dato I Intend to apply
lo Iho  lion, Chief Coiii'iiilsslonur    of
LiukIh and   Works    for n  llceiiRO  lo
proHpod for coal and potroloum ovor
lho following described lands, Bltiuiio
in Soulh VI Koolonay, llrlllsh Columbia, Hloek *iri!).'!, commencing nl a post
planted al or nonr ono milo south of
Noll Dunlop'H S, \\\ cornor, and liolng
tho S, \V. corner .Iuiiioh Ravens claim,
Thonco running east 80 cIiiiIiih,
Thonce running norlh 80 cIiiiIiih,
Tinmen' running wohI 80 cIiiiIiih,
Thonce running houiIi 80 cIiiiIiih,
lo  place of    comnioiicoiiieiil,  making
(110 acroH more or lorn
Lociilod UiIh IIUli day   of September,  IIIIUI,       , ,
Agont for
.IAMHS  I1AVHN,  Locator.    ■
Ocl   IR-fil. W.R.R.
Lands and Works . for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
thc following described lands, situate
In South E. Kootenay,' British Columbia, Clock 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near .lames I-taven's S.
W. corner and being the S. E. corner
Nat Babcock's claim;
Thonce running west 80 chains,
Thenco running north 80 chaliiH,
Thenco running east 80 chains,    •
Thonco running south, 80 tmalns, :
lo plnco of   commencement., making
0*10 acres moro or loss.
Locntcd this Iflth day   of September; 1000.
Agent, for'
Oct HWil av.r.r!
NO'I'ICIO Ih hereby glvon that thirty
CIO) dnyH ftfriir dato I Intend lo apply
to ihe Hon. t'hlof t'oiiiinlHsloner nf
Lands and Worliti for a llceimo to
pros-peel for coal unci potroloum over
the following doHcilliod lands, Hllimtc.
In Houth 10. Kootonay, British Columbia, lllock tiV.1.'), cnmiiicnclriK nt n poHt
planted at  or near ;t uiIIoh iioii'i i.
NOTICK In hereby given Unit thirty
(.'UH dnys after dato I liilond In apply
to ihe Hon, Chief ConiinlHHlonor   of
LiuiiIk and  Works    fnr a  Hcuiihi*-. Io
proHpeoi for coal and pntrnlouni over
(lie following (loHcrlhnd IiiiiiIh, hIIiiiiIo
In Knuili K. Kooteiiny, llrltlHh Colunv
bin, m-vl: !r**'", -oinmcnchis :il :i pt;.,!
pin ii tod al  nr near .liuvms Hn*i'on*-i M,
W, cornor nud being ilie N, W, cornor
or Albert Clark'H claim;
Thonco running houIIi 80 chains,
Thonco running wimt 80 cIiiiIiih,
Thenco runnlni' norUi oil oh-ilnn
Tlionco running ohhI, 80 cIiiiIiih,
to placo of   comiiiiiticoiniiiil, making
1)10 acriiH more or Iohh,
Local od this tilth day   of Heplom-
bur, loon,
AgiM for
Oct lC-fit  W.R.R,
NOTICK Ih hereby given Hint thirty
(30) dnyH nftor ditto I Intend to apply
io the Hon, Chief <!omtnl«Hlotior   of
NOTICIC Ih heroby given thai thirty
t:)0) diiyH after dato I Intonil to apply
to lho Hon, Chief CommlHKlonor   of
LiukIh and  Wor(to    for a  lleouso to
proHpoot for coal and petroleum ovor
tlin following described IiiikIh, situate
lu South K, Kootonay, British Coluin.
bin, lllock 159:1, commonclng at a poHt
plnntod at or near Henry Uughoy S. 10.
corner and bolng Ihe S, \V. corner of
Nell  Dunlnp'H claim,
Thenco running north 80 cIiiiIiih,-
Tlionco running oiihI 80 cIiiiIiih,
Thonco running houIIi 80 cIiiiIiik,
Thenco runnlnii west 80 clml'im,
lo plnco ol    coiniiioiicoiiienl, making
(III) nuriiH moro or Iohh,
Looulod (IiIh 10lh day    of Hoplnni-
her, I HOII,
Agent for
NHIL   DUNLOP,   Loonier,
Oct 16-CL W.R.R,
NOT 1(515 Ih hereby given thnt thirty
.70/   il»>,i ,ii1li   daU.- )  inujilii  io uppi)
lo lho Hon. Chlof P-r.nimi-c.lojjer ut
I*inula and WorkH for a IIcoiiho to
proHpoot I'or coal and petroleum ovor
lho following doHcrlhod londn, nltunto
In South M Kootenay, llrltlHh Colunv
).!'!    111,-y.V   KO')    r.n    i.   .      i ,
plniilod at or near Albort Clnrk's N,
K. cornor and lining Henry nugboy'H 0,
11. cornor, |
Thonco running north 80 cIiiiIiih,
Tlionco running eiut 80 clialim,
Thonco running south 80 chnliiH,
Thoncu running went 80 cIiiiIiih,
to plnco ol    commencement, making
(110 acres moro or leap.
Locnt'wl thin lOlh dny   of 8eptom-
*iw, 190ft.
Agont for
Oct 15 Pt W.R.R.
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•'!'■ -lh
The editor is not responsible for the
opinions of correspondents:
Editor Ledger:; ' "-•     ,
To the Editor of the Ledger:
, Sir: - Your cotem advocates a fusion
tickets of Conservatives and .Liberals.
I.presume that it is intended thereby,
to defeat the labor party,'under what-
' ever name that party may travel. The
Lib 3\ al party lias always claimed ide*-*.
tificatlon with labor interests. Whilst
somemay argue that this, claim is not
clearly established yet one of the basic
principles of Liberalism .is its support
of the laboring class.
Whatever views Liberals rpay take
in regard to a third party It'is ex-
-tremely" doubtful* If the time will ever
come when a fusion such.as tlie Free
Press speak of will take place. For,
tlie .Liberals to come out and fight
labor wojild be a serious blow to the
first, principles of that party. The
Liberals of Fernie may be numerically
weak, but weak as they are I" shall bo
much surprised if. they will crucify
their hopes by joining the Conservatives In this orjn any other election to
defeat a labor, candidate. ' •
,,   Yours faithfully,
Editor Ledger:
Dear Sir: The Fernie Free Press,of.
last week informed its readers: "The
gong has sounded" and the fight is on,'
etc. .Under its editorial notes it says
others things .which were received
with thanks by, every member of the
Socialist party of Fernie. Sure it is im*'
portant to have, a government' representative in .Pernio. "Hardly Iv Liberal,'
etc., is well, understood by the Socialist members... They are well satisfied
that" Conservatism and Liberalism are
identical,, hence their anxiety to have
a member who will represent their interests, as well as the whole of the
working class -in general, which is
more than can truthfully be said of
our present M. -P. "6 We are told to
drop all personal feeling, petty jealousies, party .strife. 7 Now Mr. Free
Press editor, the twov former we will
leave out of the discussion, the.latter
is the Alpha and Omega of our fight.
If we leave that out too, Socialism
would be- doomed. -The Socialists
want their party represented, the Conservatives ditto. We agree" with the
Free Press .lliat the election of a So;
we fail to see that it would retard the
development of the district. The Socialist party represents the working
class, ii-roersls,' una Hi'' v.-»i?.iiig class
"is the backbone ot this or-nny other
riding. Touching on the last phrase
* of the said editorial notes, some men
may,feci complimented if they are of-
' fered a drink or n. cheap*cigar, but if
there is a spark of intelligence or
reasonable tliinking power, no man
will let that (excuse the term) bribe,
rob hiiii of the vote, which is to his
best interest; ,, „
Speaking of the provincial government's expendituijo.in this district, It
would bo interesting to know tho exact nmount of Influence (hat* W. It.
noss used to got that assistance. Was
It not rather their ability to seo the
necessity of that assistance through
the .destructive fire. That is as it
looks to   *
Yours Truly
Socialists,, the intellectual degenerate
who holds the.reins of office in the
sheet alluded to may be justly, regarded as an atavistic. reproduction , of
Ananias graduated in geometrical progression since that marvellous, progenitors of falsehood passed, away. Were
it not so he woiild realize. tha,t his
strictures are inane as even the intelligent apologists for the'present system are reluctantly compelled tp acknowledge" the^force of, dally happenings
in the Kaiser's realm. Last week's
press contained the headlines "Saxony
practically a Socialist province" and
in the Daily News, October 25, Nelson
B. C, page four is the following item:
'"Cobourg,—The Socialists won another seat in the reichstag * * * iii
this city, which had been regarded as
a stronghold of the national'liberals."
These repeated successes in face of
gerrymandering1 and the' fulmlnatlons
of Divine sRlght'Bill "such as "Vater-
landlos" and other endearing epithets
stupify the supporters of the bureaucratic regime*who are-at a loss what
policy to pursue In order to down
their bugbear Socialism.
Crass ignorance is by no means
incurable, but any attempt to poison
the springs of truth should have the
emphatic condemnation of all right
thinking minds, and although we might
liko to throw the 'mantle of charity
over this inksltnging|Swage slave, yet
the position he occupies prevents, and
we call attention to the fact that his
knowledge of conditions in other coun
tries may be the result of ignorance
hence unreliable, but not so .with what
obtains on this continent, ' therefore
we should put a brawl on lilm whereby
vhe would be tabooed by every self respecting newspaper man.
There are Socialist locals both ' iii
Japan and Chill, in the former only
recently one 'of lis journals was confiscated by ihe authorities. In the
Argentine Republic there are Socialist
locals at .Tunln, .Tuctunan, Bahia, and
at other and smaller places, whilst in
the city of Buenos Ayres besides five
Socialist,locals, there are two publlcu*-
tions "La Vanguardia" if Socialist daily
"La Revlsta' Soclalista Internaclonal"
a .monthly containing articles which
for erudition and' cogency of reasoning
compare with such English publlcat-,
ions as "The.Fortnightly Review," the
English Review, etc., also there Is a
library kept up by the party and patronized by the working class, contain-
ing 5000 volumes.
Take the last two sentences and to
anyone who is willing to make a fair
and square investigation of Socialist
philosophy, but one conclusion can be
'reached and that is'that this'is the
jaundiced emanation of an intellect so
sadly atrophied as to" verge upon a zero
quantity, .'...'.„
Abuse is hot argument, 'tis true,
but when yoffknow lnsHaWJpfeTiaTe-d*
We're Certainly* Thankful
For Good Things Galore: -J
For the Griefs We've been Spared,
And for Joys by the Score:
For Blessings Received Without Measure.
We Are Thankful for Life *
* And All Things It Contains:
We Are Thankful for Pleasures
That Lighten our Pains  .
We are Thankful for Health—Strength-
And Especially Grateful
i    , foi; *
Royal Crown Soap
It Is Sure a Perpetual Pleasure
the Conservative government of B. C.
assumes the power to mortgage pos-
terlty forever. Is it not a fundamental principle, in democratic government
that the people can only be governed
with the consent of the governed. If
Mr. Ross wishes to earn eternal gratitude from his party, will lie kindly
explain this: If Mr. Ross is conversant with history he will no doubt remember that upon the occasion, of
William and Mary taking the throne,
the .English parliament handed over
the English crown, to them and their
heirs forever, also, but if he continued
his studies he would find that it did
not work out. ' We, today, viewing
these things,' think that political im-
bicllity has reached its apex on that
point; but in view ofthe situation in
British Columbia, we are obliged to
halt until we hear, further from Mr.
Ross. -* ,r    i
With a paternal feeling Mr.* Ross expresses his sympathy for. the unlet ter-"
ed0nien and boys in the coal camps;
and assures us that he has supplicated the proper quarters for remedy, but
that it needs HIM m parliament to
insure the additions of the necessary
machinery, to place this tremendous
reform in motion. I wonder if •'Billy'
ever read that before a snake swallows
a victim it covers it with its saliva.
He should" lieed the moral in Michel
well, and cannot afford to do so when
sick. This being so, it is dangerous
to the mining element that he should
"misrepresent" them In the next parliament, and for that and other reasons equally 'good he will be returned
on the 25th of .November, not to'Victoria, but to political oblivion, from
which he should never have emerged.
The workingmen of Fernie riding will
pay their, best respects to the Conservatives here, which in essence, is only
an.amalgamation of barristers and of
bartenders. ' Hoping I have not in*
traded too far, upon your kindness,'
I am, yours very truly,
,,     Secretary Michel Miners' Union,
meted out to the working man by the
institution of a park or some such
unnecessary expenditure. If you are
to ignore the poorer grade, do so in
matters that do not directly bear upon
their";dire necessities. If nothing is
done within the next few days to supply the Annex with water, either from
stands erected temporarily along the
line or from some other means which
may be decided on, the question of
seeking a government inquiry into the
matter will be resorted to, as, I presume that is the only course open
when a municipal body fails tb respond
to the appeals of the people. I am
sure,' if statistics were compiled to
show the number of cases of* typhoid,
if not all, directly the outcome of the
water question, and the deaths thereby, one would readily see the gravity
of the situation. \
The question of sanitation . too, is
just as'important. We find that only
certain houses in the Annext have
the scavenger making his nightly call,
while other places .still keep up the
old style dump pits. Coming from the
G. X. depot and turning to the left one
immediately comes across a foul smelling cesspool, an undisputed habitation
of the deadly germ of typhoid. These
I understand are quite common in certain quarters of the Aunex., These
should bo done away with at once.
"In conclusion I would say that we
are all aware-that diseases caused by
bad " sanitation etc., are essentially
contageous, and if it were only fo;*
the, reason that the inhabitants of
these low lying places have to intermix with the remainder of the citizens
this should be sufficient to warrant a
proper inspection and protection.   -
L hope the matter will receive   the
attention it deserves and that immediately. '•       .
Yours, etc.,
B.  E.
WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
a rhetorical club Is the only weapon.
f    •     "One of the U. & U's"
To tiie Editor of tlio Ledger;
Dear Sir: I havo been instructed by
Lizard Local General Teamsters to
wrlto und nsk you to publish In your
pupcr slitting that. .1. R./ Oruvott In no
longer 11 union teamster, also pull Inn
him on tho .unfair list. Trusting this
will*meet with your approval, I nm
youi'H sincerely, WM. LONG    -
Rec. Secretary
with ii
Ferule Oct. 2«.
,\n Intellect tliut Hclntlllatoii
brllllnlicy comparable In iho
hIIiiio on tlio river TImiuob, u proccsH
of roimonliiK (sic) Hint would •jmi'iily/.o
a 1-IolibOH, rout ft Hucoit nnd miliums
lho profundity of wisdom iiohhohhi-iI by
n chronic Uoldiunlto Ih u pnrtlnl tlo-
llticiitloii of lho diitrncW-r dlMilayod by
lho writer of divers itrtlcli.H In the
lin-t.li-.Hiiu of tlio Colomnn Minor,
On tlio flrnt. pun*** Ih ft hiikkchIIoii
Hint Coloman Hhould tnko nolo of do
niany'H civic iIohIkiih mul Incidentally
crltlclHiiiB tho Inirotuirrntlc niollimlH,
methods which uro tho direct outcome
of Teutonic inlllliulHin, twin brother
to wii'dld in amnion I win, yet donullo the
fact tlmt ovory Intelligent editor
knowH tlmt (lorninny Ih In thu lore-
front of niduciuiuii, in** ({un txxu t/u
cont of lllltonicy, also numbers uiiioiik
her clll-iews a vast propondcranco of
Michel, B. C. Oct. 27
Editor  Fernio   Ledger: |
Sir: As a resident and voter of the
Fernie riding I was somewhat struck
with the interview given W. R.  ,Ross
to tho Fernio Free Press, with respect
lo his candidature at the forthcoming
provincial election, and would respect-
fully reply to some of his statements,
lt would appear that  Mr,.Ross,   llko
othei'H of his ilk, Indulges In a lot of
blatant bluff, immediately prior to nn
election, with the hopo that ho may
successfully  mislead   the  "great  unwashed." It Is astonishing how at this
time Mr; Ross, with nn almost superhuman forensic foresight, would   appear   to havo 'nt his disposal a balm
for all the ills of human naturo, nnd lt
Is  astounding  that  his  fertile  heud
should only develop Into practlcullillty
lho momentous reforms In conformity
with a dissolution of parllnmoiit.    lt
would bo amusing, if It were,not and,
to(soo Mr. Rosrt trying to comfort himself Into serving two miiHloi'H.     Tho
fact that  Mr. Ross occupies tho   nt-
Wnoyship for Ihe Crow's Most  I'iihh
Conl company und must ot necessity,
thnt Is, If he  would  rotnln  his job
Kor\*.o thoir inloroalH, and at lho hiiiiio
tlmo ii it em pt reproHuntlng tho   mlno.
workorH from whom the Conl Company
rovenuoH nro derived.     Thnt would
lend nn nlr of vcrwiilllty to him If It
woro not ho glaringly foollHh,     Mr.
IIosh iih un hiimblo follower of   Mr.
Mcllrlde, tellH uh In IiIh Interview that
Ihe quoHtlon  before  the province Ih
clear cut.     If wo oxnmlno UiIh propo-
hKIoii carefully, wllh tho mengro    do-
tnllH to hnnd, wo would not be long In
dlHcovoi'lng tlm  l»nrty thnt  Ih clour
i:\M, nnd Hint Ih the peoplo of UrlllHh
The chief Ihhuo nl Hlukc Ik Hinted to
be un urniiigi'iiu-'iit with the Cimadlnn
Northern llnllwny. Hy D\\n ngroe-
niciit ihousMihdH of acros of the iiiohI
viiliiuble InndH In II. C nrn to bo
lmndoil over to Dw Hiiid Unllwuy Co.,
nnd not only Hint but to liiHiiro prow-
purity (for the rnllrond compnny) wo
nro iiIho Informed Hint Uioho UioiihmuIb
of ncvcH nre to lm hold exempt from
*■'„■,„   *«.|*n     Mr
Editor Ledger:
I read with much astonishment a
paragraph in your last. editorial regarding water in the Annex. Can it
be that the council has done nothing?
Surely* the excuse of want, of money
cannot be made Go to the' council
chambers and view the chairs tha
cost about $400—sleepy, dreamy sort
of things such* as a man of business
would cast aside if he wanted to work.
Go thence into the city clerk's office
and count the heads there'; examine
the pay roll and' witness .that Fernie
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and Englantt
rOTIWTRV   RnQTWEQQ   Kvcr>* *f««ilitv afforded to f.-mnoi-R and
IUU_11K_    ttU51Nfi55   ers for the tfansaction of   thei,. hanking
business.   Sales mites-will be cashed or taken for collection. , ,
R A 1_ ItfTKTft  RV   MATT    Accounts may be opened by mail and monies
Drtnrunu Dl mail a,po.silC(1 ()1. w5thdrawn in t,liM way-wilh
equal facility.
L. A. S.  DACK, Manager, Fernie.
-L'tlXultUI*,     t-.lt      i.  I '  * *
IIHi's ni h-..-* plfflp-ure, kindly nxplnln
to lho oleelorR of Dw Fornie Hiding
by whnt right, moral, loKnl 6r illvljio,
One Doctor—Only One
No sense in running from one doctor to anotherl Select
the best one, then stand by him. No sense either in trying
this tiling, that thing, for yout cough. Carefully, deHber-
ately select the best cough medicine, then take it. Stick
to it. Ask your doctor about Ayer"* Cherry Pectoral for
throat and lung troubles. Sold for nearly seventy years.
No alcohol in this cough medicine.  /.c.Ay»coMweiLMau.
vSytrotm-thlnii. that thlnj, for your conitlpitlon? Why not itldc tattit good
oldKm, UmUijkuUvt-AyVi Pffli? Atlc ywir _©dw if he vofrem* tkU *M».
and New Michel for the past year or
more, there has not been near seating
accommodation for the children, not
heeding the adults, and in education
as in most matters, il. is wise to start
at' the beginning, there is more likelihood of success anyhow. In both
schools tho children arc on double
shift, to uso a common term, In other
words there is not near enough accommodation for tlie whole of the'children
so that those who attend mornings,
stay away the afternoon to make way
for tlieir mates.' In Now Michel where
there is one lady teacher, there is np-
proximately eighty pupils, aud some of
them carry soap boxes to enable them
lo 'digest their lessons riioro comfortably. In Michel proper the public
school is situated en the buck step
of the Coal Company's hotel and Inn-
gunge falls mc to convey tho disgusting sights thoso children nro subject
lo. However, as rent collector for the
Conl compnny Mr. Hoss evidently hoos
no linrm In this, Ono foKturo Is how-
over, notlccnble, and thnt Is thnt nono
of Mr. IIokh' children hi tend thoso
schools, nor uh u mat tor of fact any
children belonging lo lho Conl Compnny directorate. It houiiis funny
ninybe, but" It Is so, thnt only mine-
workors children ntloinl, and nil this
wllh tho wonderful machinery of the
school net to prevent It, Surely Mr,
Hobs can explain them.' tilings —wc
nwnlt ids nnswor.
Mr. Hobs nientloiiH nbout the auto-
mobile rond nnd bridges liml ,ure to bo
constructed, 'provided of course, he
goes buck to Vlctorln. The thought
Hint the mine "worknm cnn run their
union through tho 1'uhh will most surely send thein Into reiilins of bowlldorcd
jdcllghl—-lifter this none cun doubt
but thnt Mr. Kohh Ih ii benefnetor to
Immunity, Slrungo nn it mny seem,
however thero Is ono moro littlo ox-
plnniitlon wo would llko. " Of course
IIh human nntun* *t be Jenlo-is nny-
how, but how dooi II come that by n
wonderful cohicldniil lho Crows Nottt
Conl Coiiijiiiny wlulied to lmvo n rond
mndo to thMr timber claims nud thoy
Imd It, und lt wuh built niul constructed by government workmen, and today
iIih Conl 'compnny hnvo u very much
bottor rond to tliolr tlmbor clnlms
thnn the cllkcim have for public rond-
wityn. ,Ih ll.liocniiKU Uio Crows Nest
I'nsH Conl Compnny nro nlso exempt
iruiii lii.Miuoii, il m<i> iiui '•',, •*•'•*'*
i.7 biinnt.-itl 11, 3.'JJl 31 .ilrihi-j iw thai It
Ih very convenient for tho Conl Com-
pany'g barrister to be tho local member. !
Amongst other things It Ih Mr.
ii\**6» wmhJ) ■»«. V.O** *!,,..«...,..*;;/ ....*.-!.•!:.
to oppose »h vigorously oh Is possible
nn Injured mlno worker from rncolvliig
his compensation money. In fact Mr.
Hoss hon taken tlio ponltlnn thnt tho
flompcnKatkm net does not cover
mlno work*f»m ilopnnilnnlB who mlfchl
happen to reside oiiuldo of Canada.
Family b-MrnyalH mnv bo prevalent In
tlio clnss that Mr. Itos» move. In; ho
should however confine himself to
that particular class, but a* tor tho
mlno workers, they havo no desire to
shirk their mora! responsibilities when
pays- extravagant salaries;' note " the
officialdom charactistics of the city,
and then do you wonder why It is
that necessaries go unsupplied.
' Verily we live in an era of municipal
tinsel and glitter. ' The poor man
pays the piper. ■* The "business" council looks carefully, oh yes, after the
luxuries but the actual wants seem to
be of secondary consideration. Ilut
have we not been told that a working-
man is good at football and out of
place in anything where business
conies in. Examine the magnificent
city hall, the extravagant fire hall, etc.
and sny, won't you, .that, we have a
gaudy showing. We poor fellows
cnn pay the cost while tho superior
'business' clnss cnn do the spending,
albeit that a few deaths from want
of water supply havo to occur. What
nre lives compared io an easy chair
at the council board? Why not supply pillows or cushions for the nether
parts of offilcaldom so that the poor
croaiurcR mny not. Buffer tho painful
contact wllh hnrd chnli'H, etc.
Hosmer B. C. Oct. 27
Editor**. Ledger:
Sir: Your editorial lasi week was
most 'opportune!'and will show the
.workers that no matter how subject
they arc to the iron heel of capital
there is one not afraid to speak out,
some„one for whom petty favoritism
has no lure. .The particulary petty
boss referred to, however continues in
business, and he is not the only one*
who stoops to low and mean actions.
We have a fire boss, who "rustles" he
culls it, the Italians and Slavonians,
and others if he can. Ho is in the
picture business, and you can imagine
his style of. moral suasion. In facl
he has made the boast that it is
worth $50 to $75 per month," and this
remark'was made to another shift, boss
who, 1 understand, is- going inlo the
matter will come to the notice of Bill
Powell, who can easily ascertain the
truth, for my days would not be long
in Hosmer if they know that 1 dared io
Yours truly,   •
Every, Housekeeper
values the opportunity  to save.   "
Ma-ray a penny may
be saved by purchasing all your
Pleat and Poultry at
our market;
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to- tempt' the appetite.
Nowhere   can   you find  such, ai variety   l<>
choose  from.
Your  orders
will   be   yiven   our • iiuiiii'tlinU*
P. Burns St Co.,
Meat   Merchants
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
Wct-beg to announce to our many customers that we have1 re-
,'moved to our^old quarters next the Bunk of Commerce pending the
Dining Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Banquets Catered for
Rates $1.00 per day
R. Henderson, Dining Ronm Mer.
Udllor l-odKcr:
Sir: I nol Ice in your last Issue Unit
stroiiK comment wns made In your editorial with roKiiril io the water situation in the Annex, and It would appear
tlmt although you sfroimly urRcd upon thoso responsible the importuned of
llio iiuitlcr, littlo notice, If any, lum
been taken of same,
' There is an old tlmo fiaylni; applying
to lnw, (lint tin-re Ik ono law for (ho
rich and another for iho poor, and I
am hi'KlmiiuK to think (hut these lac*
tics are dovchipiiiK iii municipal affairs so far im wo aro concerned,
Kor liistniici! wlml benefit, or properly
Hpi'iiklim, what  Immediate benefit  Ik
fEP •*flP**MP*'MP *Mw ******** Mew mawwat aaaf emjmtei
! Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
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l!u<Ut.V^ * *IIV   •.M**'*!'**'   trthh   1.'*$ bs.**   '•At..'*   I**.**..*-..*,   *->•»   **.«..>*•.>*.«
motors and generators, Sec us at once. Tho
powor will bo on soon. EBtlmatcs and export ad-
vice cheerfully given.
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\ Depew, Macdonald & McLean Co.
Electrical Contractors
iii UK'J M.l fipl « I.LI.l'i \
Total nHHc(H of ovei* tfiirfy million
dolkorH nro tMiIriiNtiMl to iiici cuutody
of iho Hunk of Uiimilion*
Your Snvin{tM Account Solicited*
J,  R    LAWRV, A0ent
Ftrme Branch i T5p3fc~^M^-3^aK2_;:KTto*3tert^p»^533CT*3an3^
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Startling  Bargains in
Ladies Suits
Commencing on Monday, 18th Oct., L will offer 30
Ladies' Suits ranging from $15 to $45 will be on sale
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Stray Shots
■»♦♦♦♦■»»♦■»♦♦♦ «►♦<>♦♦
Strictly Cash
MRS.   E.   TODD
Fernie, B, C
'&%£ Btelvid, £c&g*r
?1.00 ii year In advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B, C.
Rates for advertising on application. ',
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt lo adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and houorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
-This offer holds good for one month after, the
•ransaction causing- the complaint; that, is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
.During* "tlie life of this campaign- we'-would
urge the "unthinking and uiiintellicnt public" to
read Ihe sapient sayings of (his journalistic salon,
and realize*for themselves the significance of Pucks
observation:." What fools these mortals be."
"Sound thu loud timbrel o'er loch and o'er lea
The Truth is triumphant!     The Free Press is
free!       AVOW!
, Head, mark, lenrn, inwardly digest and paste
the editorial note's of the 22nd inst'. in your hat-
When the editor is away
There's the dickens to pay—
Mr. Ross says, according to an interview, that
,he will endeavor to enlist the aid of tlie government
on behalf of many of the children of these same
"unintelligent and unthinking," voters iind establish night schools. This is certainly a laudable
project 'and would have the hearty co-operation
of every citizen, both "intelligent" and "unintelligent" (unless peradventure it made a sensible
increase in his taxes) were it not for the fact that
coming at this stage of the game, and recalling the
pie crust promises of the past it has all the earmarks of a transparent bid i'or a vote that is essential if this gentleman is to be a reseated Bill, that
the "unthinking and unintelligent" parents may
possibly ask the question:  *     .*•
Js it not very likely that such a bill would meet
the same fate as did the'bi-weekly payment bill?
Receive the solid support of*both .Liberals and
Socialists, and also the only one Conservative vote
of YV7 R. Koss, whicli in itself should indicate to
any but a par-blind 'partisan that even his own
party regarded this as freak legislation and by
their condemnation showed their disapproval of
such measures? ■
Honestly it is to, laugh at" the remarkable
naivete of;thdsc who are classed as*intelligent and
certainly any unfortunate individual who is gulled
witli such pronijses deserves to be regarded    as
Whoever tlie temporary occupant of the cluiir
of wisdom may be he is certainly, entitled to, a
hearty vote of thanks from all members "of the
Socialist party because of his outspoken corroboration of tlieir contention that Liberal and Conservative are merely a pair of* blinkers on tlnit'old
horse Capitalism,
From thc viewpoint of the windjammers of Hint
dual label Lib-Con. (emphasis on "Con." in this
constitueney) tbe "unthinking" action of this pen
wielder and thought moulder is decidedly reprehensible and no doubt will bring* down upon his
devoted head the unstinted wraths (allopathic
doses) of those who are playing the game of politics, somewhat after the style of the Irishman' who
was.driving pigs, and when asked by a passer by
where he was Inking them to replied: "Cork,"
This'en used liie questioner to remark "Why mnn,. j
you're on Ihe way to Belfast," whereat,lie snid:
"Whisht will yez, I-don'l want (he pigs to know
where Ihey arc going."
Shades of .lohn Oliver nud .Stuart JloixloiVion!
Ilnw i'iui Ihey sally forth like Ooliallis of old, nnd
swinging high Iheir rhetorical slings*, smite in the
, si iim- plexus or some .other vulnerable! pari; tlinsi1.
had. wicked and office loving and holding Conservatives, when Hie "Shining Light" of Koolenny
joiiniali.Mii hns given away the simp complclely?
How cnn ilie niibli- Richard Coeur de Linn of
Dewdney become himself again on tlle public, platform, and with iirm outstretched nnd scorn finger
pointing, .li'.-lnhn against the wiles nnd sophisms
of Ilie opposition gang, when the snge of the Klk
"pnsilhely .slidi'.s that  limy arc comrades',1
"What can poor Dickey do then,'" Well he
might practice ihnt touching little imllad "Twixi
tweedlediini and Iwecdledcc" or else paraphrase
that old song of (lilberl and Sullivan:
"And every lny and irirl 1 lint's born inlo ,this
world alive
l> III Ilie Millie time || lif-lc Liberal llllll lll.Mi II
gl'i'nl   big   ■ 'oiJ>ei'\atiu'    KiiMnldnl
■I'.S. The Olivi'r chorus will vnriale Libernl for
"The intelligent nud thinking people of this
district have twice carried llm Killing against a
heavy Socialist vole, uinl enn easily do so ngniii if
Ihey .si mid united."
'mm       "          *'i       I       ill      . ,.:, i    I   :,    |.,,../,,   ..*•*,,.
i ... .->.     ...,,'«.■,   .,,,..,.   ,      ,,....    ,   ^ r      , ,
I.,.,.,.'! :  VM>   '^^   *■*,'"-'   -jaj.-l.'. t3". oi ■*=* rri.m Ibe
I*'. JM and ilMributcd at evi-ry meeting   *■*,*, lion; rep-
I'c.M'iitutive.s of iln: Con-Lib. Lib-Con. arc eii«agt-d
in n wind pudding contest of words! words!	
»>     i.  ,i • ..  ....  .1,   ,.,...,r.i-llv   .(.(.ild,  it   hiutlv
VV  ..i,w     .   .. *■    ,.... »*-■*-,** ."j •      .   ■
(.vmi will find il closely approximates imponderability) nnd this is the coii<-lnsion arrived at*—Unit:
Those wln» did not vote at the'last elect inn I'or
Iho present im-umbcid are both unthinking nml iui-
infelfitreiit. In the forthcoming clcctioii the "un-
thinking and unintelligent" people ol'this district
an- goiiiu lo fl»»vv tlw .lauiu headed gang Hint it is
high lime to i-U'tl one who will lend every support
to the 'ii-iit-tdligent ami unthinking" three working .-Iiim iv|ti*i-s.;utalives ut Victoria and thereby
unintelligent aiid unthinking minus the quotation
marks, .. '    °
The election of a Socialist in this
Riding means a severe blow to'the
future 'development of the district,
therefore Liberals and Conservatives
unite to protect, the growth of „ your
community. ;•
■**• *, *
The intelligent and'thinking people
of this district have twice carried
this .riding against a heavy socialist
vote and can easily'do so again, if
they stand united.- ' .
M      K      *F
Just at this time the Liberals of
Fernie can .show true patriotism to
their district by uniting .with the
Conservatives in the, support of W.
R. Ross. We do nol think that the
maiority * of the electors of this Riding desire a Socialist to represent
them, which will certainly happen in
the event of a three cornered fight.—
Fernie Free Press.        ,-■ .  .
Evidently the "Intelligent and thinking" "people referred to above had nothing to do with the production of
these ill-tiihed remarks,.because'their
"intelligence!' would have prevented
such nn exhibition of foolhardiness,
and their "thinking" apparatus would
certainly have forbidden the appearance of such sentiments in print.
The Free Press, on the eve of an
election, is having ono of its periodical
"Tory organ" seasons, when with the
election fever running past normal in
its,make-up, it proceeds to make a
great stand for the Conservative party
hoping thereby, to gain some few patronage crumbs which may be handed
out to such hirelings. .'
At nearly every other season this
same Free Press strives to assume an
attitude of indifference, nay even at
times smiling on the Liberals, and meting out to the Conservatives, whose
principles it is supposed to champion,
"that faint applause which doubly
damns."    •*   '
That some such frame up to defeat
* i - ,
the Socialist candidate is deemed necessary by the Conservatives is in itself a decided tribute to the Socialist
organization, and thb very .fact of the
Tory organ pleading for a fusion ticket
to win out in this riding shows a, very
decided weakness and a large area of
yellow at the very' inception, of • the
The reference lo fhe intelligent and
thinking people having defeated the
■Socialist__ca„didal__. QH-_fQi'm_r_oceas^
ions is on the face of it so..absurdly,
; AT     ALL     GROCERS
On first class
.business and residential   property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
In the matter'of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the south. west 55 feet In
width by 132 feet In depth of lot -8
block % of, lot 5455 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
■ . Notice is hereby given that It is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title to the above mentioned land in
the name of Thomas Bullen which certificate is dated, the 26th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A7
,' ' District Registrar
Land Registry Office,*
Nelson B.C.  Oct.  13,-, 1909.
■    '."  „, Oct. l6-5t
-   ■   -' y ' ■
Highest going wages* paid. Apply F.
G, Waters^ Elk Lumber C6., Ltd., Hosmer, B. C. c'
When Yo\i Byy
The. Home Merchants merit your
support, they are -She mainstays of
the-community. And when you
buy of Home' Merchants, buy of
those who advertise.'
Fernie Opera House
A word to yiv. Hoss on the subject of edueation.
We may say without reserve, si ml in all sincerity,
that any attempt to improve the education of the
children has our hearty co-operation, but to grow
solieitious so abruptly inclines one to think of the,
Latin quotation "Beware of the Greeks    hi-siri)*!**.'
Kifls."   . *    '
To those whose, knowledge of Socialist, philosophy is below par and their knowledge of the movement ditto,'we would call attention lb the fact
that Bismarck, with a view lo stemming the tide
of Socialism decided to give every aid lo education,
with a''result, that Frankenstein like the Germans,
who stand in the can of education, despite the "unintelligent and unthinking" editorial opinion, are
giving the Kaiser many sleepless'nights, and he is
already troubled with visions of what may happen
in 1012. Let the working class become educated,
either by continuation classes, night schools, or the
correspondence methods, thus equipping themselves
lo take complete control of industry and tlmn thc
exhortation ol7Mnrx ''Workingmen of all Countries
Unite," is no longer required because, if will be an
accomplished fact.
60 days after date 1 intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
transfer of the retail liquor license of
Simon Dragon t'o George Vincent of
the Royal Hotel, Gateway, B. C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
.     ■• Oct 16. Dec 17 G>.
.lust at present thu 1/ihcral press are calling tlu
Conservatives all kinds of things, and vice versa,
In the majority of cases the bombs hurled at each
other nre labelled with "Truth" and the receivers
of such are always nnxious lo clap on the cap, The
fact nf the mutter is thai both the Liberal and
Conservative parties have been swindling and beguiling the workers so long Ihiu they think they
have Ihem just where Ihey want them, However,
I lie old trick of Liberal labor has been used so much
thai Ihe simplicity is apparent to the blindest of
the workers. What we want is a Sncialisl out and
nut nnd,we are going to have one for this riding in
spile nf the combined nnd trembling forces of the
•opponents of labor.
The stiiiul we took on the water proposition
meets with the approval of all. In fact one of the
aldermen admitted Hint we were right. We are
here to look after the working people-the other
cIiihk cnn look after themselves, n
'!'!.* !V"* •!'•'■ M" K*u" •■' elect-wl will try iiiull'
yn;], Ihe -niti.mi.bUc road in \\\\* district will hd'
very iiileicsling indeed lo Ihe working man who
nt tin* piv.M-nt Mngc liib his own troubles getting
food enough for his family.
The civic elections will be next thing after the
provincial. Let's gel mil and sec tlmt two or
three of our own class nre put in this yenr just to
show what we nre mndo of.
childish as to scarcely call for comment, - This intelligent and thinking
gag is worn thread bare in this land,
and any attempt to contrast.one element, in the community against the
other, thereby hording all the working
people together under the caption of
"Non-Intelligent and Non-Thinking0
meets with so solid a resentment ' as
to foretell a dull sickening thud for
the perpetrators,
The merest knowledge of political
warfare-would teach'''an Intelligent
and thinking" newspaper that deals
for tho calling off of a candidatd, as
thc Free Press suggests to the Liberals, nre put through,'In the back room
and the bungling publicity given to the
movo in this riding cannot, be a cause
for congratulation.  '
However, tho working peoplo can
now have no doubt ns to the opinion
the Free Press has of tliem. * The In-
foronco Is too Blroiig to be missed,
The "Intelligent* and thinking peoplo"
have dol'oatod tlio working people--
therefore It's ns plain as mud that tlio
Froo ProHH snys tliat..,tlio Socialists, or
tlio political pnrty of lho working'pooplo, aro void of Inlelllgonco or powor
lo llilnk.
The oloctlon of a-Social 1st. In tho
ovont of n three cnrnoroil fight Is admit led,
The elocllon of llio Soclullst ciindl.
(lain Is Just iih cerlalii, bo thero two,
three or a dozen In Iho flold, though
Dw admitting of UiIh fuel would not
lio n vory palatable mouthful for our
Lot Ii be hoped Hint thn campaign
mny be coiuIiicUmI along mine clean
llnon, which will of eoui-HC Include Uic
i-llnilniitlwi of the Imiemlo Htylu of
ailacli so popular wllh Mio Fi'1") I'i'ohh,
If Ihe ciiinpiilgu Ih to bo one of dlrl,
Hie pimi record of lho Froo I'pchh will
provide plenty of iimnuuiltlou, Call
your style, Mr, F, [», whothor It. ho
flirty nml low, or clean nnd nliovn
60 days after date I, intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the retail liquor license
,io_r_the_iR oyal_Hotel_o£_,G af e-way,_B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct. 16 Dec! 17 G.V.
Sealed tenders wanted fqr a brick
building for the F. O. Eagles, Coleman
Alta. Plans and specifications may be
seen at the secretary's house; lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted. HY. GATE,
• Sec. F.O.E. Coleman,  ■
High Class
ov i ng
V "    ';      "
,       FERNIE
Business   Blocks,   Churches
Schools, and heavy work a
■-;   '  specialty"
-P.O. BOX 153 FERNI_Tbx;
Agents foi* Edmonton Pressed Brick
and ' Hnnd   Point   Common   ami
Prcssbd   Brick. ,   Kstinmtos   furnished free *
The  Latest
and Best
Prices 15c and 25c.
M. A. Kastner
Fire! Fire! Fire"!
The anniversary of the great
flro of August 1, 100S, is draw- *
ing near. Let us draw your attention to the fact* that Ave represent 14 financially strong, old
established and well kuown
Board Five'**** Insurance com-
. panics, also agent for the  -
Sun   Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
. '        *s
„ We have several snaps in
Business and  Residential
in different parts of the city
New Oliver Typewriter
Machine, given out on' trial
No Charge
Wc have* In Stock a fiill'llnuiif
Coal and Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
and Ranges
We hiivo also n full j line of Stove  Pipes,  Flliows,' Dampers,   Fire
i -. ' shovels etc. ■ **    .
J. M.  AGNEW & CO.
AKcntH of the Dominion. Coal ♦
Co. of Capo llrnton N. S., nro ♦
ut work IryiiiB to induce mm-   ♦
iih.,l[  W'iilvieltiiiiti i.ii,l  l.'Dta-    4r
Quality is the first thought here. The quality of our many lines of Drug Store goodfe
has created a reputation of value to us. All
are carefully selected and of the best. Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Rubber Goods,
Sick Room necessities, and Nursery Supplies
Willi .lolni llurrinulon ri'pri'M'iitiuK Komi*, llio
wui-l.iiiK cla:.:, cun 'h|)('!i<! upon i^lli"}? sm»Hliiii|»
lii'ltcr limn »t pnwiit, nnd Koiiiolliinir moro to llio
pi.inl Hum nut-Hii'ildl.- romlrt.
"WnrkfirM <»f llie World Unite"    John IIuit-
alii,-* tli.- hxx\ BM-Jlltman ewry opportunity ,».■«,.
Ukii,« .kl'l. »■ Uu cticuls" iulci-cil witli.iut pr-JK-fi-^ jiM-rfon, M* V. TV, nt, Thursday, November 25.
♦ iinlhmclto mine Iowjih to   go
♦ thoro ami tvnb.  District  nnd
♦ local   offlnorfl   Bhoultl   exert
♦ thomsolvoH lo iirovont   Ilium
♦ from wr-nrlnc    nnv nifn for
♦ Knell purpose.
♦ A Ht llko hint lioon on in No-
♦ vn Rent In niul nt Micro mines
♦ fllnco ;lnly 0 with ovory prou-
♦ -pect of wlnnliiK.
♦ Don't, ro thero nnd try to do-
♦ font your brollinrn who nro
♦ flKhtliiK for Uiu iIkUI to organ-
<+ 17.o nml hottor condltlonH of
♦ I'tniiloymi'in.
♦ Htny nwny. Duo notico will
♦ ho ulvf-n    in theso columns
♦ when the Hirllio l» won. l.nb-
♦ or pnpoiH. plcnHo copy.
Mail   Orders   Receive Our  Best Attention
Suddaby's Drug Store
Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs
Huyler's & Lowney's Chocolates, New Scale Williams' Pianos
<* The Official Organ of; District No,  i8, U. M. W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C,  Octbber 30th, 1909
************************** **************************
News From the Camps
From oich own Correspondents
■kk-kkkkkkkk-kkkkkkkk-rX kkk -i ***
An address was given in the Presbyterian • church on Thursday last by
a Mr". Whatmough, his'subject being
The Church and its attitude Toward
Socialism. While we do not accept
all that was said, nevertheless*the ad-
'. dress'"was an earnest and thoughtful
one. A discussion followed which
was most interesting and helpful. A
fair attendance was .present.
Mrs.. Walley and Mrs. Fawley and
baby visited Mrs. .1. B. Smith on.Saturday afternoon and partook of teal
'Needless tb say thai many matters of
*-*.,'' * ,
interest were discussed, which 'can
only be talked of on occasions of this
kind, '    *   '.
W. II. Evans, John E. Smith   and
John Harrington "journeyed to Fernie
on Sunday afternoon to atteud ihe special business meeting of the    Fernie
branch of the Socialist party.*   Thore
was a large attendance of members,
and the proceedings wero most    en*
thusiastic.     A strong working commit
.'tee was selected, and Dave Paton ap
pointed as agent for Jack Harrington
-- (the* right man in the  right place.)
Some useful propaganda is going,   to
be done in this (.lection   -i\!,'kh is ' tlio
.main consideration, but, we are going
to show our strength as woll by electing our man.     The campaign is   on.
Harrington  addressed his first meeting in the Miners hall on-Sunday ev-
'■ening. >-
-Monday last being Thanksgiving day
Mr. John McCourt. has built an addition to his residence, which will add
materially to'tlie comfort of the building during; the'coming'winter.
On account of the enormous increase
in the sales of the Fornio Co-OperatiVe
Society it has been found necessary
to advertise  for another  sjalesinan—
which will be found in another column.
Messrs George Monks, Henry Fox and
John R. Smith have been added to the
committee from Coal Creek,
Mr. Percy Heskelt of Dla^rnion.*- arrived liere on'Sat.unWiy and stayed over
Thanksgiving day with his brother,
.Mr. JSrwnrd Heskelt.
.Mr. W, McPherson of Michel spent,
tho week end horo with his brothor
Mr. J. McPherson tho woll known fire
Iiosh. *.,
i A grand Thaiilisglvlng concert wnH
given ui tho Methodist church on Monday October 251 h, Tho church was
packed to' Dw doors. Tho llev, D. AV,
Scoll presided and In his opening ro-
murks oxplninoil Unit, tho object of lho
trustees In getting up (he concert wns
lo ralso funds towards thn cost of tho
Improvement--! to the'inlnlstors rosld-
enr,*.*, Tho progriininio was an ox-col-
lent one rind was splendidly rendered,
inttny of lho Itonis lining dosoi'vodly
TIioho taking purl woro Miss Alice
Tyldsloy, Mr. M. (!. Siuujihou, Mr, Foh-
lor, Mrs, (i. Ilootl, Mr, S*. V-'Uloy, Mr,
\V." AlltliiHon, M •. >V. Jnyco, Mr. i.
Cnrtlldgo of Fornio, MIhh C. McCourl,
Mih. f). W. Si'ol.1, MiihUji* Worlllmgt.oii,
MIhh A. Joiioh, Mr, MIIhr. Tho iioconi-
piinlslH were MIhh A, Tyld.sli-y ami Mr,
.1. Curtlldgo.
Mr. Clcorgo Hiultli, Into of Conl Crook
pitHKoil tliroiigh Fornio on IiIh way lo
Mlchol on Monday ovoning, Clooi'BO
hnH lio-sn to Nuniilnio nnd iIooh not con-
Hldor II to In- lho imi'iiillHo It. Ih clnlm-
ml lo 1)0,
Three* uiiialour HporlHincn wont, out
hunt lug (n tho inountiiliiH IiihI wook
end, Tlmy woro Mr. Hyd llortnn, Mr.
A, dlnrrlifao nud Mr. 10, l.ymi, lho
lator HporlHiniiii holiig from Mlchol.
Tlio trio Hturloil off In up lo ilntn Hlylo
viz,, high hootH, kliuiid Hhoollng miIIh
otc, onclio niuii cui'I'IikI n gun nud it
ploiiilful Hiipply of iiminiiiiltloii, i\h woll
. iih n goodly Hiipply of provlHlonH, Tliolr
rriomlH niiUirully oxpuctod hlg UiIiirh
nf thunx nnd If npn*"i'Viinrp(i oniinl ttt\
nnythlng thoro i-oilnlnly ought to hnve
boon nl lenHi. n couplo of bourn iih woll
nn Hiiinllcr fry, Howovor thn IiohI lnlii
* HciionioH aft Kinig jjlwry, nml iholr
rrlnmlH rocolvod n gitovoiiH dlHiippolnt.
mont. Tho pnrtv roturned on Mondny
nlRlit, I'oolHoro and weary hnvliifj Hpont
two whole days on Dw mountniiiB, tlio
' only nnimni tlioy Hhot bolng a poor
Kophor which by ninu'itrnncci wiih too
young to undorHtnnil tho ovll Inton-
tions of tho grout liimterH.
An accldoiit which imglit lmvo had
norloiiB roHiilts occurreil on tho tipple
on Hnturdny nluht. A trip of vnrH
loft tlio track and went ngnlnst the
weigh cabin doing cotmt.lornblo dam-
ngu. Tha cars did nol striko with
any groat forco but tin- weight bohlnd
was such as to shove one side of the
cabin up against the other. Curiously
enough not a -window was broken.
Both weighmen ivere fortunately out
of the,cabin at the time of the accident.
Mr. and Mrs. Worthington and fam*'
ily visited their many friends in Michel last week end.
Billy Alexander returned home' (?)
on Wednesday .after having had two
months vacation.
A very enjoyable* evening was spent
at the home of Mr. and Mrs, E. Bridge
the popular mine boss of No. 1 South
to celebrate the wedding- of their
daughter, Miss Bridge, to Mr. Marlatt
of the T. Wood & Co. Mrs. Bridge had
provided supper to which a- number
of invited guests did justice, in spite
of the*dog having sat,down earlier in
the evening and demolished four chickens. Mr. Bennett of I. C. S. fame
added to the mirth of the* supper hour
by his funny stories and toasts.' Mr.
George Johnston and Mr. Atkinson recited. Mr. Ford, Mr. Claridge and Mr.
Horton sang. Mr. Marlatt did some
conjuring. Master Worthington gave
several selections on the violin. Two
or-three round dances -were indulged
in, in fact a more pleasant evening
would be hard to imagine. Great credit
is due Mr. and Mrs. Bridge and Mr.
ancl Mrs. .Marlatt for giving sucli a
pleasant lime.
A report was current in the Creek
on Wednesday that a well known
Creekite had gone off on the sly and
got married to a certain young lady
who hails from the States. Certain
it'is that, the couple disappeared on
that day and returned on the last
train' at night, We give the report
for jvliat it is'worth, not having been
able to ascertain as to the correctness
or otherwise at the time of writing.
However, the Creek youngsters took
it for granted that the report was
true;and turned up n( the parties con-
ceriieTrTcsillence,- armed with the us-
liiil implements of war.-with which
they created iy:terrible din. If there
is anything in the report the Ledger
begs to offer congratulations.
We'regret to'report the death of
Harold'William, the six months old
child of* Air. and Mrs. Alexander, which
occurrod on Thursday,' The funeral
took place on Friday, the Rev, D. W.
Scott officiating.        - ,  ! '
, On account of the election coming
on somewhat sooner than was anticipated Comrade .lacl*^ Harrington .quit
work'on tho club on Wednesday night
and proceeded to Hosmer on Thursday. He will visit Michel and Corbin
and , be back in Fernie for u specinl
Minutes of a meeting of tho municipal council of the corporation, of the
City of Fernie held in the council
chambers October .6  190f).
Present .Mayor Herchmer, Aid. Duthie, Johnson, Gates, McDonald, Barclay.     , ,' „
Moved by Aid.,Johnson and Gates
That recommendations of \V. W.
Brown' for second engineer and fireman be approved, the wages for engineer and firemen , to be- regular
Gates—Johnson—That W. W*. Brown
be appointed stationery engineer, ,the
wages to be $125 per mouth to take
charge when the plant is ready for
operation.—Carried. '   *
Gates—Duthie—-That the mayor and
Alderman Barclay be appointed as a
committee to interview the Coal Co.
re the'arranging to take over water
. Gates—Duthie—That, S. F. Wallace
be granted permit to complete Fernie
hotel subject lo the approval of the
building inspector.—Carried.
■•Barclay—McDonald—That, we "adjourn.—Oarried.       ' "
Minutes of'meeting held, on October
28th, with all members'present.
mooting of tho Socialist pnrty on Sundny ovoning.
An extra wolghnian nnd check-
wolghmliii will ho plncod on the tipple
on Mondny on account of tho continued Increase in" the output of,, tho
First, class Honrd iu\d accommodation ut. Fulrclough'H Boarding, House,
.170. 180 Conl Crook, opposite Football
Mr, N*. Fnizor, superintendent, of lho
Michel mlnoH, dropped off tho night
piiHHOiigor on Siittinlny, tho 23rd.
Mr, Albert nnHtlnn of Michel hns
I niton up tho position of accountant
lo tho Muplo Lonf colliery,
Mondny lmU bolng Thanksgiving
day, nil hIoi-oh woro cIohoiI, nnd Iho
initios woro Idlo. «*.
. Illiilniioi'o will, In lho coui'ho of u
wcok or ho bo lllumiuutnil with olec.trio
light Hiipplleil from tlio Comont Compnny.
Largo nudloncoH hnvo beon vlHltlng
tho Hchool Iiouho two nlghtH UiIh wook
to hop t lint- grim I hIiow oiiIUIpiI TJio
llonilltuiico Mini, which wiih n   grout.
A rpproHi'Uliillvo of Iho Kooieimy
lllvor Lnnd Coinpiiny Iiiih, Iioph conducting II  Hl'I'll'H t)f lllllHll'lltOd k'CllllVH
ln (h'< mliiiM'H hull on the In nil proposition nl iSnyiH-'H I.itl'i*, which wuh very
IntcroHtlng. ,,
J. W. Honnoll of tlm I. (1. H. wiih. In
lownlhlH wook uh pur iihuii].
AliL Duthie—McDonald—That- Aid.
Barclay and Gates be added to the
Water   and   Light .committee.— Carried,
Barclay—McDonald—That the city
watcr works be opened under tlie supervision of the city engineer.— Carried. *-'
Cree—Gates—That a superintendent
bo* appointed to look after the electric
light, waterworks and sewerage systems,—Lost. '
Barclay—McDonald-—That It. B. C.
Hammond be appointed city electrician nt a salary of $135 per month', his
duties to commence November lst.—
Gates—Johnson—Thnt Iho 11 Meat
Market be granted 30 days extension
In temporary,,building.—'Carried.
Johnson—Gates*—That tondor j of
Depow, McDonald & McLean for extension to rink proporty nnd park bo,
referred to water and light, commlttoo
will full powor to act.—Cnrrlod,
Gales—Johnson—Thnt Depow, Mc-
Doiinld & McLean Co. tondor for wiring power ho|iso bo luforrod to Light,
committee nnd coin mi I tea be nutlior-
Ized to arrange for heating power
Hureln'y—McDonuld—Tliiit an nd-
vortlBomnnt bo Inserted lu thn loonl
papers to, tho effect thnt, the oily will
bo prepared shortly to supply electric
powor nnd light, nnd I lull all purl Ioh
requiring hucIi service mnko application ko .Ihnl motors cun ho liiHlullod
without Iohh of tlino.—Carried,
fiiiii'H—.lolinHon--Tlinl wo iid.loiirn
to Tuosilny, Nov. '1,
Docket   Extremely  Light
Which Speaks Well
For District
The fall assizes court opened in the
opera house here on Tuesday. The
following petit jury was empanelled,
and from these the,grand jury was
picked: _
Robert S. Aikins, Cranbrook, • Morchant.
G II. Ashworth, Cranbrook, Accountant.
John S. Bean, Fernie, Fouiidryman.
,.Tolm  Blaney,  Fernie,   Clerk.    .
-•.Thomas  Chippendale,  Fernie,    contractor.
"Lester Clapp, Cranbrook, manufacturer. c
.1. R. Cole, Hosmer. *   ^
AV. A. Connell, Fernie. '
H. E. Connolly, Cranbrook.    ,
.G.   S.  Grossman, Fernie.,
 », c. i-i fcjii—i-.c u*c\. i\-;— k>\ an in wn.-. ■—*
ing another man of the same nationality.
The case against. Cooper was proceeded with before a jury but at the
close of the evidence for the Crown
His Lordship dismissed the case ,*s
there was no evidence against the defendant.
The, defendant Cooper, had sold io
Dunlap a ring with a diamond setting - and the prosecution tried to establish the fact that Cooper had
changed the good sotting for a spurious one after showing it to Dunlap.•
but. tliere wasi nb evidence lo conno ,t
Cooper with the change and he w«h
He was defended by M. A. Macdon-
jaid    of Cranbrook,* while the    crown
]w:is represented by 11. W. Herchmer,
The case of the three Hindus, who
were charged with theft was next
taken up.* The men were found'guilty
and sentenced to !) months each. M.
A. Macdonald of Cranbrook defended
and H. W. Herchmer acted for tho
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up ..... .$5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria. , '
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
of Canada
Head Office:
8 King Street Wes
IIMM      jiBI'l*'   ~~l r ■*■■ *ff""iY"—   |
Th** vr'.
." :v.!ll cf liv V:\bff ! ,ui>.i'"'V
pinned down nn Ffldnv, Oct
LONDON. Oct, _8,-~h'wnlor Awiullh
uiinoiincnd lu tho IIoiiho of Commons
Unit on Novi'inbor filh ho would movo
for tho I'pji'cllon of llio I louse of LohIh
uniondm.'iitH to tlm Ii'IhIi Lnnd IIIII.
Tlm Premier uluo Hint oil ihul tho
IIoiiho of CoiuinoiiH would adjourn on
Nov. 5 mil 11 Nov, li.'lrd, TIiIh pioolinloH
llio iioHHlhlllly of ii gem-nil oloctlon
before the now your. During the ml-
jotirnmi.iil of llm lower Iiouho llm hud-
gel will In' Iii Iho hiiuilH of tlie IIoiiho
of Lords,
William Dicken, Fernio.
Robert Dudley, Fernie,
A. McL.  Fletcher, Hosmer.
Cecil Garrett, Cranbrook,
■  Robert Gourlay,  Hosmer.
Richard Hertz,'Elko.  .
* W. J. Hicks, Fernie.'
Alexander Ingram, Cranbrook.
A. E, Ingam, Elko
Patrick Kennedy, Fornie.
Richard  Letcher; Fernie.
C, E. Lyons, Fernio    a
Jambs Millor, Cranbrook,
"A. J, McCool, Michel,
J.  L.  Mclntyre,  Fernio,
Archibald McKinnon, Cranbrook
K. C. McKlnstry, Cra'nbrook,
Archibald McLean, Fernie
F. D. Pattou; Cranbrook.
John  Podblolanelk,  Fernie
William  Rush, Cranbrook.
Charles R. Ward, Cranbrook.
F. (J. Waters, Fornio
• H. E. Weber, Michel
V. G. White,' Fornio
W. A, Wlddington, Ferule.
John Wilde, Fornie
William Wllmol, Fornie /
Frank  Worllihtglbn, Crnnlu-ook.
Grand Jury
II. li. Depew, Fornio.
It. Duthlo, Fornio
i-klward Elwoll, C run brook
J. L. fiiirtly, Fornio
1), J, JohiiHou, Crnnbrook
.1,  ll,  Luwry, Forulo
A. C,  Liphardt, Fornio
W. 0,  li.  Maimon, l-'oruli.
fl.  (I,   Moffnll. Fornio
.1.  ll, Mcllrldo, Crnnbrook
.1.  fl,   McCiilluin, Crnnbrook
11 II. Hohh, Elknioiith
C,  11.  Winter, 1-loHinor
The grand jury Inspected all tho
public liiHtltutloiiH and made HUgg*.--*'*
tions In Homo ciihi'h
Tho   docket   whleh   Chief    .IiihIloo
Hunter wiih pi-oHi-ntcd wllh wiih very
light nnd the cuhph did not IiihI. veryi
long, |
The grand Jury brought In true hills'
itgnliiHi Cooper for obtaining monoy,
under I'iiIho protonm* from u inerch.int j
ut Ciuubiook, iiiiiiicd I)iiii1;.|>, mul ul-.
ho In tho ciiho of iliii'o HIiidiiK Iiiiui ■
Ihe Hiini*' Hei'tlon, charged with robb-
*. o
The Home Bank will extend
every assistance consistent with
good banking methods, to farming, manufacturing and business
interests. Do not hesitate ° to
consult your Local Manager in
any matter regarding finances.
James Mason
General Manager
,W. C B. Manson
\ Manager,   Fernie
He—Do you think you could
learn to love me ? "
She—I think I could if you. had
money enough to spend to edu»
cate me.
The Elite Dancing *
Farquarson & Campboll
Under personal direction of*
Mr. &  Mrs, P. A. Farquarson,
Lessons from 7 to 9 Mondays
1    and Thursdays
Furnituro Moving a Specialty
l.i'iivp Oilier* wltli W.  Keny
School   Books
• *. »
and School Supplies
We   have a   full  stock
on hand at right prices
A. W.  Bleasdell    Phone 18
PHONE   70
Wanted !
Never fnll lo ontlsfy critical muslclnnn. These well known pianos
mny now be purchased In Fernie at the same ware rooms as thc
fnmbus '
Heintzman  & Co. Pianos
Canada's foremost Instrument In the past, present nnd future.
A Full Line of     »
Vocal and Instrumental Music
will he on hand in
choose from,
a few dayB.     Over -1000 {'liferent selections to
<>   M. Willcrt Elley Dist Mgr. Fernie  j>
N. )0, Snddnliy wiih n Wnldo vlnltor
on Frldny.
MIhh Ulnck of Fornln cnmo down lo
lm nrnifint 'ii tlw tmll nml rnnintTioil
to visit with lior friend, .Mm. Iloliy.
Tlio lmll glvon liy tho IndlcB of Wnldo to nilmt fiiiidH for tlio orof'tlon of n
hnll wuh it pi'onomiciid huccohnh, Tho
proceodB nnicmntltiK to fD(),2.ri lmvo
boon plncod In tlio tronmny nnd building will bo commenced nt onco,
Mr, Tlalncnn, lho mill Hiiporlntondnnl
loft on Monday, Ho will visit tho
southern stntcn, nnd thon tnko up his
•abode in Vancouver. Mr. Frank Bal-
Rcnu, IiIh son, loft last wook to nil end
lho. university lu Missouri.
Jk. .'  1    -..   .■'■*■,.•.■■:■-  r.   I-.■..■:/",.■■*■•
...,**.;.'.-i.:''V. ,i\ ,'\,:a^:,i '''■'Ar-.-y-.tftUfSiii* {'.'.vi •■>.'<£•'• »f
Runners- for Syskol
fir  Little Hardy
coal mining
also   loaders
Rock Springs Soolless
Goal Oo,, Ltd,
EL.6 AN,     .ALTA.    J |
Five mil*"* west nf TmIx'i*.      I|
j Garbutt Business
Stafford Block, Lethbridge,
Guarantees positions to il.i' graduates.    Thorough   instruction   in
CV,f..**)>,.•,..fl Pr f*fi'»inrirril[ >%r*lnrl*.**.;
For any information or fre« prospectus write ■!
Goo. J. 8hmlcJt,
Principal Unrbult Business College
P. O. Box 1201    Phono 203
Open j
<•  Ih
pi*li  mi*ii)
• (he
■*i UK'
II \\i
Potor James
Advertise In The Ledger
So    Says    Jos.   Leache's
Evidence—Saw Doctor
With the Body
DETROIT. Miclh Oct. 26—Chauffeur
Joseph AV. Leach yesterday at, the examination of Dr.' George A. Fritch on
the charge of manslaughter in connection with the mysterious death" of Miss
Mabelle Millman testified that he took
the physician to Ecorse creek In his
automobile and that Dr. Fritch threw
into the creek three sacks' which they
had brought from his office.
It was after Leach had made a
confession to the police several weeks
ago that Dr. Fritch was re-arrested
in connection with the death of Miss
Millman. Leach testified thai on
August 27 Dr. Fritch telephoned to
Airs. Leach that he wanted to see her
husband. Leach accordingly wont to
see the doctor.
He testified that Dr. Fritch told
him he was in trouble, that he want-
zed a friend to help him. Then said
Leach, Dr. , Fritch asked him if he
knew of- any deep water readily accessible.
"Have you.been killing somebody?"
Leach asked.
"Yon are not supposed to know."
was the answer, Leach said. Lead*,
then arranged to come back lo the
doctor's office  later in  the night.-
When he returned according to his
testimony, Dr. Fritch brought out to
the automobile three sacks. Then
they drove to the. physician's house
where bricks were secured and placed
in the sacks by Fritch.
Leach said that the doctor stood on
the running board of the machine as
they drove" over the Rouge bridge and
opening the door of the tonneau he
lifted out the sacks and threw them
over the railing into the river below.
The ' dismembered sections of the
• body of Miss Millman were found In'
Ecorse Creek and the lower Detroit
river in three sacks which*had been
weighed down with bricks.
After Leach had testified in the po-
lice court that on the night of August
27th he drove Dr. Geo. Fritch from
ihe physician's office lo Ecorse creek,
three ' sacks, which they had taken
from his office. Dr. Fritch was held
for trial in the recorder's court on the
charge of manslaughter by means of
a criminal operation in connection
with the death of Miss Maybolle Mill-
man, of Ann Arbor.       '
Dr. Fritch's bail was fixed at $10,000
with two sureties,
• Call for Provincial Convention:
Dear Fellow Sunday School AVork-
ers: ■ ' ,
Time and Place
The Third Provincial Convention is
to be held (D.V.) in the city of Nelson
November 2-4,  1909.
A splendid programme is being arranged. Questions of vital importance in the modern Sunday school will
be discussed and every school in the
province should be represented.
Mr. Marion Lawrence, general secretary International Sunday school association, will be present and take
part in each session. Mr. Lawrance
is the leading Sunday school expert
in the world and it will be the opportunity of a life time to hear him speak
and catch his enthusiasm.
Mr. E. O. Excell, the great singing
evangelist, will have charge of the music throughout the convention, and
this ensures the best possible results
The following are delegates: Members of the Provincial Hoard, Pastors
and Superintendents of all Evangelical
schools and each school can send one
delegate for each fifty of the enrolment or fraction thereof.
The. Sunday school friends of Nelson
will provide free entertainment for all
certified delegates. 'Full directions
as to when names should be sent in
will be given later.
Railroad Rates
The usual reduced rates will be
granted by the railroads, viz., 100 present, return free. AVe hope to have
one hundred at the" convention.
Important matters -will be presented
to the convention for discussion. We
therefore suggest that much prayer
be offered by all woikers for this convention, and that all pastors, superintendents and district officesr put forth
special effort to secure a full delegation from all schools,
On behalf of "the provincial board.
General Secretary ,
Japan's Foremost Prince
° Bites the Dust-Went
On Purpose
HAURIN Manchuria, Oct 26—Prince
Hirobum Ito, former Japanese president general of Korea, and probably
the most foremost statesman of Japan
was assassinated here Tuesday, afternoon by a-Korean, who had followed
him here for the express purpose of
killing him.
The motive of the assassination was
revenge. The assassin was arrested
almost * immediately on his arrival
here, and just as Prince Ito left the
railroad car at the station the attack
was made upon him.* The venerable
statesman, accompanied by the Russian minister of finance, Mr. Kokov-
soff, was starting to inspect the guard
of honor drawn up along the platform
when a pistol shot was heard.
Several more shots were fired in
(piick succession, the buliets striking
the prince in the .back, and he fell
where he stood mortally wounded.
The assassin was promptly seized.
On being1 questioned he said lie was a
* "I came to Harbin for the sole purpose of assassinating Prince Ito to
avenge my country,' the slayer told
his captors. He also said he had a
personal account to settle with the
great Japanese statesman who during
his stay in Korea had ordered the
execution of several, persons closely
connected with the assassin.
»»»¥»¥»¥¥■¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥*¥»■¥¥»¥¥¥■» V¥¥V»»»¥»»V¥V¥»¥»¥¥V»»¥V»V
$ ■       -•■*,- -''        >■ - . *
_ - ■ *•>•
•7*        :■'^^■'■^^^^^■^^^^^^^■^^■•^'^"■■■■■^■^■■■•"■■'^^^^■"^■■'^"^'^"^■^■■■^b"""
I    Sunday    SchOOl^Questions   I
#Tr   On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Newspaper Bible Study Olub.
krkkrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkrkkkkkkkkkkkktk
TORONTO, Oct. 2G—Grand Jury in
presentment to Air. Justice«' Magee
said ln part:—"We recommend,that
consideration be given to abolishing
of trial by jury in -casse where capital punishment might apply in order
that evidence may be weighed by the
men most' capable of judging guilt or
otherwise of accused, thus .furthering
proper ends of justice."
' TORONTO, Ont., Oct. 20—The estimated* cost of ihe reconstruction of
fire proof buildings of the burned
section of the parliament buildings is
$250,000. '"      y   a
. The announcement was made by
Sir James Whitney at the conclusion
of "today's cabinet session.
She—Did you ever take your
auto apart to see *how it worked f
He—No; but I've taken .it apart
lo.&fi6.h_wiLdMn't work.
TORONTO, Oct. 2G—Walter Blytho
who'killed his wife, was found guilty
of manslaughter and sentenced (*o 18
years in penitentiary on Saturday by
Judge '.Magee, Blytho had at a previous u-ial been sentenced to bo hanged. His defence was that--he was
drunk, .
Take Notice, thnt I have received objections In writing tb the following .list of names being retained on the
Voters' List for the Fernie Electoral District.
And take notice that at the Court of Revision to be held at the Court House, Fernie, B.C. on the 1st day
of November 1909, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, I shall hear and determine the same and unless you or some
other Provincial voter on your behalf satisfies me that the said objection Is not well founded  I shall stride your
name off the said list.
Adamson, Alexander,. Coal Creek lis
No. 111. Miner.
Hnlloy, William. Coal Creek lis, 1117,
Hanks, .lames, Cnnl  Creek  lis,   112,
Unrdfty, Mutlu.w, Coal, Creek Iih 192
Hush, William, Conl Creek Iih!  lfi'l,
Iiorrldge, Arthur, Coal Creek Iih, IiIO
llerlotix, KllPine, Conl .Creek Palmer
IldK. Iih. Minor,
Mullen. Willinm, Michel Iik, No, 207
Mullock. Willinm  K.,  Mlchol,  Miner,
Munn, Thomas, Conl Crook, No, I'.ifi,
(.milium, Win,, Conl Crook Minor,
Cillllpbell,   Mnili'lfi",   (.'mil   Crook   Iik,
ir.:i Minor.
Cnnipboll, John Willinm, Conl ('rook
Iik. I.T.i, Liinihorimiu.
Cumiiboll, Daniel, Cnal Crook lm i:l!i
Ciiiuplioll, AnmiH, Coal Crook 1'iilinor
Ild. limine Minor,
Cliipliinu,  .Ioiiiih,   Mtohi'l   lm   No,   I,
CIoiikIi.  Kdwiu.  Mlchol  lm.  No.  121,
Comidon,   Mnii'hnll,  Conl   Crook  lm
2.I" Clork.
•Crniui,   John,   Conl   Crook   lm,   l!i:t,
Criinli), TliomiiH, Conl Creek I'rilmer ■
bdS. Minor.
W.  H.  WHIMSTER, Registrar of Voters for Fernie Electoral District
Albert, Allchel house No. 8,
i\4\   I   ■/*>•>***> *■*        ,        '•*' ■ t < j        «   •	
1-iiivln. Miindinll, foul fi.*,.|, lm int.
Tierbl.shlrc, .InmoH, Co:il Croek. h*.-.
215, Miner.
ni..i.   yi'.ii,. •■   xi, ii.r.n'in
Dixon, ClmilcH, Coul Crook, 1'iuloi-
wood bd«. Iik. Minor.
DlrkHMi, John, Conl Crook. West
Krid, TonniHlor.
Dodd, Jo-soph, Conl Crook lm 221,
Duncan, Thomas II., Coul Crook, lm
184. Minor,
FlnlayKon, .Turnok, Conl Croek lis 172
Cainbold,  Frnnk,  Miner,
Gibson, Conl Creek lis IHO, Minor.
Gorrlo  James,  Conl  Crook  lm   121,
Gorrie, David, Coal Creek hotme 121
Grant ChnrloH F.,' Coal Creole houso
li'ili, Carpenter.
Grant Robert, Michel Iih,—
Groyson, Xormnn, Con) Creek, bii]oh.
Iliirrold, Willinm, Coal Crook Iiouho
l.'l, Miner,"
HoinlorKon, William, Coal Creok lm,
I tin, Miichiiiist,
lluhy,  Norniun,  (.'mil   Creek  Iiouho
l.'il, I'.li.clu'inlih.
Jhilflimon, Joseph, Conl Creek Iiouho
I!i7, Minor.
Jiiiiioh,  John,  Conl   Crook   I'ulmoi'H
lldg, Iiouho  Minor.
.lonoH JXivId, Michel Jioimo 27, Minor
I,iimh, JniiieH (),, (.'onl Crook house
I7(i, Minor,
LuiiKl'iwd, William, Mloho). Co. Ililw,
Iiiuiko, Miner,
Llewelyn. William, Coal Crook Minor
Lowm, David, Coul Crook hnimo 201
Muwu'll, Willinm, Conl Creek Slew-
iiiih lull;. Iiouho, Curpoiitei1.
Millor, John l'„ Coal Crook HtownrtH
I Id j.-**. Iiouho, KiikIih'I'I',
Mllnor, ltnlph, Michel Iih, S5, Minor,
Morris, Albert. Coal Creek Tnylor'ii
1  , *,,   li,.„    !.** ,,-i-     I'l,., v
MeFoi'iiii, Alo-v , (Vml t'vi.eli hnn«f*
Mix, Minor.
McClcliio, .lumen, Coal Crook, hoime
UH. Minor.
McNeil,"JoHopli, Conl  Crook  Iiouho
1fl1    fieri-
O'lirlon. .InmoH, Coul Crook Iiouho
HI, Hope llidor.
I'oiuulor, Goo, Conl Crook Iiouho I.VI
Itldynrd, Willinm, Conl Crook Iiouho
220, Minor,
Sontt, Willinm, Michel, Minor,
KhorroHh. William, Mlchol hntmo 11
Duncan, M„ Cunt Cn-'-k. hour" 17,i 'Cnrponter.
Mlnnr. j    Smnllnor, Willinm. Michel Iiouho 2M5
KvaiiH,   David,   Mhhe]   lm  No.   121., Miner.
Miner. *,   Hmlth, John, Mlchol lionw 40, Minor.
f-YtrtAn. Janu-B. Coal Creel h« 2*10!    Htelle David. Coal Crook houiic 32.1
Miner, , I Minor.
Vicker/ William, Coal Croek house
11)3,  Carpenter,
Vicker George, Coal Creel* house I'lfi
WatKon, Adam G., Coal Crook Palmer Md. house, Minor, ,
Waugh, Andrew, Conl Crook Mnoloyt-
Md, hoime, .Miner, *■
WIIhoii, George, Mlchol hoime No. fl
Wright, Willinm, Mlchol Poloim Mils.
Miner, <■
Revision May 3rd 1909
Cuinnilim,   Harry,   Michel   Konieiiny
hotol, Cnrpenior.
Collntor,  Charles,  Mlchol  hniiHo   I fill
Cnrmolo,  Nicole, Mlchol Iiouho    Id,
Ilnt].*r, Gooi-'io. Mlehol New Town,
Contractor ,
Dlgby, '..vnrtH'. Mlchol, Kooioiniy He*
lei, Cnrpoi.tor.
Do Allroy, Arthur (',. Conl Crook lm,
l.\ Minor,
FIuiwIoh, David, Michel hoime 7**.
I-Vrimo, Kmliico, Michel, shuck •!-■**,
GuoHt, James, Mlchol Iiouho i.'l, Mb
I.nwrclln, Hnlviitoro, Michel hIiiioU :|i|
l.nwrelln, 'I'lionum, Michel house ISS
llllli,^    rMiMi-li r>      Ml'*|-i'l Vonli'll'l"
hotel, Minor,
Moon, Robert, Mlohol Now Town,
Moiuelbeitl, Andy. Micliel Iiouho 8s,
Mornor llonrv Conl Creek llndsiinn
Hti};. Iiouho, Minor.
Moore, John, Cool Croek Iiouho 17,
MorrlH, JoHOjili, Conl Crook Iiouho 117
Parker, Levi, Conl Creok, Minor.
Phllllp-i, Thomim, Conl Crook hoimo
No. 173, Minor.   ,
Prntoro, TurkL Mlchol Hhnok No Wi
HoiibI, Francisco, Mleh-1 shack 52
Kortarelll. TukrI, Michel Blint-k 174
October 31st, 1909
Paul a Prisoner.-The Vc.*.age, Acts
27: i-26.   . ■■
Golden Text—Commit thy way unto
the Lord; trust also In Him, and He
shall bring it to pass. Ps. 37:5.
Verses 1-8—The writer of this narrative appears to be a companion of
Paul on his journey—who was he?
Who were the others that sailed
with Paul? , '
AVhat results are likely to. follow,
when a man of God is, compelled to be
in the company of criminals? '
AVho was'this man Julius, and what
probably induced him to treat the
prisoner Paul with such leniency?
is there any position in life, how-'
ever undesirable, in which God does
not give his children special comfort,
even when in prison, and can you give
some examples of this?*
Julius gave Paul his freedom to visit his' friends when the ship touched
at Sidon; would it have been honorable of Paul to have made his escape
and not "to have returned to the ship,
seeing he was an innocent man on
Can you tell, or point out on the
map, where Sidon, Cyprus, Pamphylia,
Myra and the other places .-here mentioned are situated?
When the winds are against us, or
we are becalmed on the voyage of
life, •■ and making" but little headway,
is it a hinderance or a help to the
soul poised on God? -
Arerses 9-11—Why is "the advice of
a man of God, other things being
equal, more to'be trusted than that
of a non-believer?       *,■'■•
Did Paul give the advice for them
not to proceed, but to winter at the
"fair havens," from his human judg-
men or from God's direction?
AVhy • may, or may not, a true
Christian always depend that the
judgments he forms in the great crises
of life' as well as in ordinary affairs,
are really inspired of • God and can
therefore be depended upon? (See
John 14: 26 et seq.)   ,   -
Verses 12-20—When we are faced
with a great problem as -to the way
to take or the thing to do, is there
always in the mind of God thething
we ought to.do, and-is ther a possibility for us to find out with certainty what it is? (This question must
the club.)  , ■ ,'
Why is it that God sometimes leads
us contrary to,what the circumstances
would suggest?
When wo are irrcsistably driven by
a "euroclydon" and appear- at the
mercy of the wind and sea.' is there
reason to believe that we are just as
safe,' and as much in Gods keeping,,
as when the south winds blow sojtly?
When in stress and strain, in wind
■and storm, and we appear to.be driving into disaster and death, will the
consciousness .that God is with us,
quicken/or * deaden our nativities to
save ourselves?
Verses 21-26—Is there ever any uso
in crying over spilt, milk?
What, reason is thore to bollovo
from this narrntlvo, that when wc fall
lo use, nnd lt Is too' late to1 adopt
God's host plan, he -will still graciously
provide ti good one which wo mny
Whnt. did ihoRO people miss, und
whnt did they suffer, for having* failed
to use God's first bout, plan for their
Lesson I'or * Sundny, Nov, 9th, 1009.
Paul a Prisoner—The Shipwreck, ActH
xxvll:27 to xxvill:10.
feet the saving of the rest of them?
"Here is a case of casting away a
boat to save a ship; ■ what principle
does that suggest in human life?
Verses 33-38—There are two tilings,
at least, possible no.matter how great
the' distress; one is to wring your
hands and bemoan your fate and give
up hope; the other is to be cheerful,
and s.e- how best to save the ship;
which is the better and how-can it be
AVhy is it" that the courage and
good cheer-of one man can save an
entire crew from despondency and
May praying and fasting0 when you
ought, to be eating and working, be
as great a practical crime as scuttling the ship?
Why does God generally need our
help when he would save us from any
Impending calamity? (v 38.)
A'erses'39-44.—To a truo man is it
always so, that after the flight comes
thc day, after sorrow comes joy and
after so called defeat comes the victory?,"
Does,God in these days, even save
a family, a business, a community, or
a nation for the sake of one man, as
he saved the passengers and the crew
of. the ship for the sake of one man
—Paul? (.    ,
Julius prevented the killing of the
prisoners for the sake of Paul; is
there any analogy between that and
the saving of sinners for the sake of
God told Paul that all hands should
be saved, and the ship lost and this
is what, happened; speaking from your
own experience arc all God's promises
equally dependable, whether of-a general character as in thc * Bible • or
given to the individual soul?
* Chap. 28:1—Where is the island of
Melita where this ship wreck occurred? •■      "'.      "'
.Averse 2.—Are uncivilized people before they have had experience with
white men, generally kind to strangers?
Verses 3-4.—AVhen an accident, or
sickness, or other natural calamity,
comes ■ to a man is if any sure sign
that he. is a sinner? ■'
*-• Arerses 5-6.—If- a poisonous viper
should fasten on a good man's ..hand
today God would probably not prevent
the   poison   from   taking' effect; " is
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that a fact to be regretted or otherwise?     *   '       *
Verses 7-10—Is there always "a
silver lining to every dark cloud?"'
Are there any-circumstances i-'
which a good man' cannot help his fel
Lesson i'or Sunday Nov. 14th, 1909
Paul a Prisoner in Rome. .Acts 2*.
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(.5. T. It: station hero took fire last
ovoning and burned to the ground with
most of tho contents. The cause of
lho fire is unknown, It Is thought to
have started in the heating apparatus.
Tho building was ii.compnrntlvcly new
one and the damngo will bo heavy,
P.nil a Prisoner—Tho Shipwreck,
Aci.3 P7.27 to 28:10.
(loldon Toxt: The Lord redoeiuelh
tho soul of his BorvnntH, nnd none of
Ihom tlmt (rust in him Hhnll bo desolate. Ph. 31:21!.
Versos 27'29~-Why does Got permit
storm and stress sto come Into moat
lives, and cometlmos permits them to
continue until all human hopo lo abandoned? (This question must be answered In writing by members of the
What Ih llm ChristIuii'h anchor
which never i'iiIIh hhn, no mnitcr wlml
diiuitiT his ship limy he In? iHi'i- Hob.
VorwH :iii-:W—Arc nil tiod's prom-
Ihck of help or dcllvoruiu'o cniulltloiuil
or iih* Minn' of Hii'in absolute and un-
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peptic "is fit for treason, itrataftems and spoils," Tho msn
■who inen to ihe front for his country with t weak stomach *
will he a weak soldier nnd s fault tinder.
A sound stomach makes for food citizenship as well u for
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- Theatre on Wednesday November 10.
The'attraction was secured at great
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Lethbridge and Spokane. -   Fernie is
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for Miss Ethel Barrymore, and is the
-   play that made Miss Barrymore famous as* a star.     With-it she.,had,-a
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management  have given  it a scenic
production superior to anything ever
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lUNHftCw .*'»**-'• New York
(By Ralph Hpry, Barbour in ",The
Western Home''Monthly.)' - .
They sat in a; third story window
of Hollis. Her name was Grace; his
was Hugh; they.had other names hut
those don't' matter. They were cousins—in, a way; "the connection was
difficult to trace offhand; he couldn't
have done it nor she. Her mother
would have explained at once, but at
present she was conversing with his
mother at the other window, and when
two mothers get together on Class day
evening they dislike being interrupted. The room belonged to Jack' and
Billy. Billy was, Grace's brother. Both
hosts had class day duties and ever
since noon they had been coming and
going with flowing gowns and i*ak-
ishly tilted hats, very red'iof face and
rather breathless, hut infinitely important, .Tack's mother said they made
her so nervous she didn't think she
could .last' out the dny. Just now they
were absent and as a result the study
was very quiet and peaceful The gas
gets were turned down to mere pinpoints of yellow flame. Over by the
door the cut glass bowl and tumblers
caught the light in their facets' and
glowed wanly.
Grace sat on the window seat propped up with innumerable cushions.
One bare'arm rested upon the sill, and
the palm above it afforded a nestling
placo for her chin. None had ever
calledsGrace pretty; it would have
been sacrilege. She was beautiful, with
a beauty that embraced not only ideal
regularity of feature, but life- and
warmth as well; it was no wonder
that the nian at her side' loved her;
he* would have felt himself "disgraced
if he hadn't. * ° Ho had loved her since
he had been a first year student in
the'law school and she had been a
pink and laughing aiom of hjumanity
in ridiculously long garments- that
were forever getting in his*way any
time he went to' take her in his arms.
Just when his love had changed and
-intensified—to—the— secrct-adoration-ot
the present he 'could not have told;
he believed it" was that never lo be
forgotten, moment, when glancing idly
into the ballroom of tho summer hotel
he had, seen her swaying over the
floor in Jack's'arms. He had-stolen
away, into the darkness and counted
bitterly the.,'years separating him and
Jack. , Afterwards ho had steeled
himself to see her,, surrounded at all
times by suitors, realizing the4 hopelessness of his caso and doggedly repeating to himself, llko a litany of
renunciation, that so long as sho was
happy, thp rest didn't matteiy During three years ho had found lt necessary to repent It very often, sometimes without much conviction. Tonight, seated beside her breathing in
tho ch'nrm of her presence and feasting" his oyos recklessly upon hor faco,
tho, litany, had entirely lost all its'effectiveness.
Bolow thom spread a paradise of
soft, swaying lights and stirring and
sighing branches, a fairyland'of joyous 'sound and changing colors. From
their novlo thoy looked down upon
thousands of many lined lanterns nil
dipping and trembling In the broozo,
whoso ranka crossed and recrosHod In
beautiful goomotrlcnl proclslon, The
nlr was filled with n goldon hazo Unit
Hoftonod dislanl outlines and with tho
laughter and chatter of many .voIcch
mlnglod with tho strains of music.
"CIiihb Day whh rathor dlfforont lu
my tlmo," tho mnn was saying with it
touch    of regret  In  his deep  volco.
"Things wore a good deal simpler
I hon, Wo had ono hnnd instead of
throo.' And wo didn't light iip ovor
thoro buck of Wold or In front of
Hovor. Wo hnd n lot of old fashioned
Chlnoso liuiioniH nnd a lot of buekotK
thnt caught flro ovory now nud I hon
mid Hinollod awfully, lint wo wore ru-
I hor hnpiiy. Tho danco won lu Massachusetts then nnd thi' old building
usod  to shako ho wn. could scarcely
kOOp   HlOp*        \Vl>    llllll    fll'OWOI'ltH   tOO,
you know, After thai wn wont hoiiio
to hod. II wiih ii groat donl simpler
draco mul—prliiiltfvtt— hut II wiih awfully Jolly nnd comfy."
"And how many centuries ngo wiih
"Twonty ymirH," ho iitiHworod. "Tonight Is a Htirt of an iinnlvorHiiry you
"Only twonty yonni," Hho rupoiitOil
with i\ irncn of Irony. "To honr you
CouhIii I High, ouo would think you
worn HiioiiUliig of things thnt Imp-
prinud In nnothui* existence!"
"It wnH itnothur existence, my dunr,"
lm answered ruc-1'ully. Hho lifted hor
hnnd wllh a 111 tie gesture of iri'lin-
lion And,, smoothed hor blnoU hnir
from hor forolumd. "I roall-zo that
fact vory clnarly tonight," ho addod.
' In tho contro of tho ynrd tho hnnd
had started thc Uluo Danube waits;.
Tho man^ loanod forward until tho
upward thrown light from thu myriad
BwayliiB lanterns hathod his faco In
tho mellow radiance. Tho music
stirred old tnomorlf** nnd prosonf. ri*v
KrotB, and tlio! fooling of molancholy
which hail haunted lilm all tlio ovon-
fug    grew uudilctily    BtratiBcr    and
brought a crease to the broad' forehead and a little', droop to the firm,
well formed mouth. He turned to
see her., warm with the glow and clear
cut against the dark drapery at her
back. Her gray eyes were looking rather dreamily down from under her
half closed lids, and her lips, wont
to smile in curves, were thoughtfully
straight. Hugh thought he had never seen her more beautiful, and he
knew that, he had never found his secret so hard to keep. He turned his
gaze'from her by a supreme effort as
the last strain of music died away on
the soft night air. Grace gave a little sigh and faced him.
"Wasn't it sweet?" she, asked,
gently.   ; "
--"Yes," he replied. "..They played that
twenty years ago."
She gave a little laugh that didn't
sound quite true. ,.
"Oh, hear,"' such a doleful Cousin
Hugh as itjs. Did the music make
him sad? - Come now tell me all
about it; who was she?" v
"She?" . - " *
"Of ' course! The giri of' twenty
years ago;" the one you think of when
you hear ,the Blue Danube, - ,1 fear
you bachelors * are a sentimental lot,
"There was no girl twenty years
ago," he answered gravely. She shook
her head as though she was not at all
sure. **.*■"■■'
"Is the memory too sacred?" slie
asked in a mocking whisper. "Very
well, he shan't be teased." • Then,
turning again to the window. -'Isn't
it beautiful?" she asked.
"Very." H.e fancied he detected
something of boredom in her tones.
"Perhaps you'd rather dance, Grace?
I've a card for Beck you know, and
I'm sure your mother would trust you
to me unchaperoned."
She shook her head slowly without
turning. "No, I don't believe I .care tb
dance tonight.. But don't, let. me
keep you: Jack said he would* be
back at - nine."
"."It's a quarter of," he said holding
his watch to the light.' "If I am not
boring- you too much I will stay until
he returns."
slim, cool hand on his. "What is it?"
she ased wistfully. ; "You're not—the
Cousin Hugh*that I like tonight."
■His hand trembled under hers, but
he answered steadily, though; "I'm
sorry, Grace; don't mind me please,
It's just that I'm feeling so awfully out
of it tonight. 'Perhaps when you
get" to forty three you'lP understand,
though I*, hopo you won't my dear. I
think I„am a little jealous, jealous of
those big happy youngsters, and of
Jackespecially,     May Ismoke?"
She nodded and watched him light
n cigarette. "Jealous?" she echoed,
"Yos." fie blew a cloud of smoke
out of the window nnd watched It
molt, into tho golden hnze. "Yes, I
am Jealous1 with the sour jealousy of
a middle aged party of forty throe,
whose hnir Is getting thin about tho
temples, who has a bout, now and thon
with tho rhoumatlsm, who can't danco
nny longer, who don't know enough
Blnng to talk to u protty girl, who has
no business to be horo1'at nil getting
inoroso and grouchy, but Hhould bo
hack In town priming up for tomorrow's law suit. .My' dear, I nm a
back number nnd tonight I realize 'It.
thoroughly for tho flj-sl* time, I hnvo
hoon trying hard to docolvo my-el:
Into thinking that I am still-'a nny
young l.o^hnrlo, but tonight It win I.
do, Gnico'; ,I'm shown up In my true
,"Ah„ plensn don't!" she cried. "It
IAn'1 ho, .Hugh Dear, You'ro nol old
a hit; you're lols younger thnu .somo
of lho boyH I've met hero today; It
Isn't yenrH nlono, Cousin Hugh. And
you dnnco boaulifiilly—"
"Mko a hear on a chnln!"
"And anyone might have a touch of
"Two weeks nl might of It Die IiihI
"And girls don't like slung: nice
girls, nl leiiHi,     And iih I'or .hick—"
"lie's lho host follow In lho world."
ho Interrupted henrllly. "Ah clean nnd
lieallhv and whole hoiiIoiI iih tho old
college ovor turned out. If I nm
Jealous  of  hint   It's  hoenuso*—"
"After it moment of hIIoiiit, "ilo-
oiiiisu'--  she  prompted.
"Uucausu I'm ii regular old dog iu
tho muiipor, ("nice, h<-**iuse • • i,-h
good for'i no,"
"Good ti rtuiio? You men',* nhom
Undo Nat's taking him Into bus-
"No, no thnt, The fact l« that I'm
noi sine that I have any right tu Hiiy
anything nbout It. .IiihI shut, me up if
you like."
"IJut I don't know whnt you nro
talking about," sho said" despairingly.
"Don't bo mysterious, Hugh, "Whnt
good fortuno?"
"Woll, porhaps I am making a fool
of myself, draco," ho answered linens-
Uy. "lint I galliun-d from souii-tlilng
your mother snld this aftornoon thnt
—II was niiilorHtuod'—Huttlod***—dial Ih
--you undorstnnd?"
"Not   tlm lonsl hit In the world."
"Why that you and Jack wore to ho
"Ah! To bo married, Hugh!"
"So mother said that, did she?"
She' glanced toward where the two
older ladies, hidden' from her sight,
were still talking sibilantly at their
window. She smiled, but the smile was
"I don't think she quite told me,"
he answered judicially, "but she gave
me to understand it."
"I see." She turned back to the
window and lantern gemmed twilight,
without. „"Well she was—premature
Hugh." ;
"I shouldn't have mentioned it 'anyhow,"- he answered slowly.
"I'd rather you didnt yet," she said.
I 'don't quite see why that should
make you jealous?"
"Don't you?" he asked in tones
that sounded tired' and discouraged.
''Well, ever since you were two or
three months old,and I used to carry
you ih my amis* and pretend-I didn't
like it—I've always felt—felt a sort of
proprietorship, considered myself a
kind of self appointed guardian. No
one likes to have his occupation taken
away of course, and after you are
married, why then I shan't have any
purpose in life, you sec, I suppose
that's why I can't help feeling a little
jealous." •"       ■
"Is-that all?", she asked.
"All?   he   faltered.   "Why,   I   think
i "Oh," she said. She was looking
out of the window. He watched her
a moment in silence, then stirred uneasily and turned a troubled gaze to
the green banked stand whereon the
band was still, sending forth the rollicking two step. A minute passed'r
He drew a deep breath, sucli as a
swimmer draws before he plunges into the'-water.
"No," he-said gravely, "not all-
Grace—I lied to you, there—I—love
you.", ' , '
He thought there was a tremor of
her shoulders, but his sight for the
moment, was untrustworthy. At all
events she did not turn, but only asked after an instant and very quietly,
"Much, Hugh?' ,
"Very much, little girl."* His .-voice
trembled. "Perhaps I shouldn't have
told you, but.it can't matter, can it?
You won't let it trouble you, will you?
I. think the lights and the music and
your beauty, dear are-to blame. Heaven knows I tried hard enough to*keep
still, just as I have for three years
past, but it would out. Well, my
dear I' want you to be, happy, that's
all I ask. And—don't mind what I
liave said; try to forgel.it all Giiace,
try." 7 '•'     ~    !    ''■-"'
"I'm afraid I can't" she answered
softly.       ', "7,
distressed: "It's; all my" fault, you
know., Aiid' besides, after a while—
perhaps I- won't mind, very much, Any
liow I am old enough—"
- "Oh, stop!'' she cried in a sudden
passion of anger. "If you-say old
to me again—I'll--*!' His look of
amazement and idsmay turned her
anger to soft laughter, She clasped
her hands in her lap and leaned toward him. "Cousin Hugh,' she said,
severely, "you have dinned your age
into my ears until some times I
wanted to scream—or pull your hair.
You are not old and if,you were do
you suppose thnt I'd care for a mom-,
ent—if I ,loved you? You are forty
three nnd I am twenty one—almost
hut If you wore eighty and I-' loved
you and you nsked me to marry you
I'd sny yes! Do you understand? Yes
"Thank you," ho said simply, "I
think now Ii*nm glad that I have told
"So.nm  I," sho answered.
There wnH something in hor eyes,
a look (hat wiih almost a challenge,
that sent the blood rushing to his
honrt, He seized her IuukIh.
"Grace!" ho stammered hoarsely—
"If It wasn't for Jack--" ,
The d6or opened noisslly. lie drew
bnck with u sigh. The rosy glow had
faded from the room, .Tank wiih he-
aide them "and was loaning over hor.
"It's all right!"- Ho laughod ex-
ullnntly. "I've been and gone and
done It Grace nnd—and It's all-
"Oh, Jack," she cried. "I nm sib
glad!  When? Whore? How?"
"Ten nilmiloH ago, botwoon Ihe
Yard nnd the (lym Ilorray!' Ilo
wrung her hand and md/cd Hugh's
und Hfjiioozod II madly and hurried
across to whore Hilly Imd Joined the
IndloH ni (ho other window, Hugh
turned ll bewildered i;iuo upon draco.
"I—I don't   unileiHiiiiiil,"
"Don'i you?" hIio asked, with elaborate riu'eloHsiioMH. ".luck Iiiih proposed to Muilgo lllllyiird nnd she Iiiih accepted llllll.' Hhn Mii'liod her oven
"Then-then!" Ho seized her hands
again, "Union did you mean whut you
mild, dear? Did you7 Thnt you wore
Kind I told you?"
Hho nodded her hond, her hiiuds In
M«   irotnbllno*
"I enn't bollovo ll!" he whispered.
"Are you sure, denr? If you aro only
sorry for mo—If Ii'h only that thnl
She turned her I'neo to him, and
Mio Hnfl ulnw of Ihe Inntoni mnde
her oyos wonderful, Wllh u littlo
gaap he Hmod toward her and dielr
lips mot.
"If I wero only younger, denr. for
you—only u little younger!" ho murmured Ineoliorcntly,
"Hugh! Hugh!" Sl»- hiughoii wi-fily,
happily. "Don't you liiidorHtniul If you
were younger you wouldn't hu the man
"God MfHs you, d- *.ir." ho whispered.
With clasped hands, silently, thoy
sat looking through ilia window Into
Chronic sores which cause trouble
by. "breaking open" may be cured.by
Zam-Buk, as well as recent injuries
and ' diseases. If you suffer from
some old * sore—hidden perhaps, but
none the' less painful for that—don't
dally, apply nature's healing essences
as provided in Zam-Buk. Mrs. I. 13.
Ashton' of 111 Vickers street, Fort
William, tells how valuable Zam-Buk
is as a family balm. She says: "We
first used Zam-Buk for cuts and for
bruises etc., and found it. so satisfactory that my husband started using it
for a chronic sore. • For a long time
he had been bothered with an*old soro
on his leg and had used various preparations, yet nothing had permanently cured it. He began applying Zam-
Buk balm and was very soon agreeably surprised to notice a great improvement.
"It was only a matter of a short
time before Zam-Buk liad thoroughly
cleansed the sore of all foul matter
and healing commenced.' It was now
some months since tho sore was completely closed and there is no likelihood of it breaking out' again.
"Since then my baby, eighteen
months old, has been cured of eczema
on the scalp by Zam-Buk. This eczema
came in red pimples, and if rubbed or
scratched, formed into, sores. The
child was very fretful from the irritation of the scalp, but whenever Zam-
Buk was applied it seemed to bring
the geratest relief. , Frequent applications were effective in clearing all
traces of the disease .from the baby's
scalp In a short space of time. I feel
it my duty to.give the credit where due
ando I cheerfully recommend Zam-Buk
to all sufferers-from chronic sores, bad
leg or eczema." ' ,      ,. ,
Zam-Buk is nature's own healing
balm; being composed of purely herbal essences. .11 is a sure cure for
eczema; ringworm, ulcers, cuts, burns,
bruises, poisoned sores, chronic wound
bad leg, piles, festering* sores, chapped hands, cold sores, frost bite and
all skin injuries and diseases, Druggists and stores everywhere sell at SOc
a box. or post free for price from Zvx-
Buk Co., Toronto; 3 boxes $1.25. You
are warned against harmful imitations,
represented  to be just as good
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I, intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for aMlcense to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 1 mile east of the
31st mile post of the present C. P. R.
surveyed line and being the south east
corner of A. S, Farquharson's claims;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chaius;
Thence running east 80 chains;,
■   Thence.running south 80 chains
to a, point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this lst day of Septe"mber,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to* the Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on   the
following described lands    situate in
South B. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block   4593,   commencing   at a post
planted ait or near 3 miles east of 30
mile post of the present C. P. It. surveyed line and being the north east
corner of Edmond Boisjoli's claim;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west'80 chains; u'
Thence running'north 80 chains;
Thence running east 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
"   Located this 2nd day of September,
1909. ■     •
J, RAVEN, Witness
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
1909. n
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE is hereby given that" thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum oii the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing „ at a post
planted at or near 3 miles east of 30
mile post of the present C.P.R. surveyed line and being the north west
corner of Nat Babcock claim;*
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
An alert little five year 'old was
visiting a city park 'with her mother
for, tho first time. She liad noticed the
beautiful red and white swan boats,
as they passed through in tbe. morning,    and "her  mother  had  promised
nrey~sliouTd - come back~beforo ThT
shopping wus done and have a ude.
'..Shortly after dinner they stood on
the bridge over. the lagoon watching
the boats below and listening to the
cry of the barker as tye tried to induce
the passing crows to patronize his
swan boats,
'But, when her mother started toward
the boat landing little Elsie declnred
very vigorously that she did not. want
to go at all, and as her mother urged
her, broke in tears.
This sudden fear wns so dll'feieiil
from her former eagerness that hor
mot her*, could not understand It until
she noticed the'boat mans call. "
Ho was crying: "Como along, como
along—ride clear around the pood-
only five cents for Indies and gouts—
children thrown In!"
By W.  Thomas  W'throw,   wllh  no
apolo'Uos io Taft,
The shudes of night wore falling fnr..
Ah through Ihe workers world   there
A    monstrous  shape,    wllh   fearful
And uioiiniuliioiis avordupolso,
Who purposed hy his wisdom gronl
To save' the sinking ship of slate,
Though grent his size, IiIh   spine wivi
Two   words alone ho dared in spenk:
"God Knows"
Upon  his nuiKslve brow there mil
A look of wlHdom, smug nnd hit;
Six foot above Ihe floor ho rose,
A towering muss ui adipose,
lliu when he got IiIh Jaw unhookod,
lie fulled io not lho pari ho looked;
No ringing ineHHiige did he niter
Mul    only    stood lu hIiuiiio nud nun*
"(Ind Knows"
llot'oio  him hiii  n  mighty thiniiu,
Who    HtniKKl.'.l      with    ti'liimplmiii
Whoso bucks wero IhmiI, whose forms
Wl'l'l'  gfltllll,
And fnecH senrred with work'and wnnt
Ami  when    Ihey    ericd "Oh c4-11    iih
i ruo,
Winn shnll we Iiii|iI->i*h inoriiils do','"
Flushed    from    ihnl   I'm I.    hofiiddlod
'* brain i
\',,   ,,i,r....,.,.   I*,,*,    il  '   ...„,.,('     ti,,,,,
"find Known"
Oh blind, delude*! inoriiils!  when
Will principles insieiid of men
Govern      the world    from    Reason's
111 nine
And yield lo every iiiiui liln own?
When will we wake and refine lo yield
Tribute lo fonlH, who scepters wield?
When will the race (is imtnhntid find
And claim the onrth for till mankind?
"God Knows,"
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend tb apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for'a license to prospect for Coal and' Petroleum on the
following described, lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing .at a post
planted at or. near 4,miles east of 27
mile post of-the present C. P. R. surveyed line and being the north west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence; running south SO chains
Thence running north 80 chains; i
to a point! of commencement, making
640 acres more or less. /
Located this 3rd day of September
19097 .. j.   , u '
'■    NAT BABCOCK," Agent,'
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend.to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worksfor a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands , situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near i miles east of 27
mile post of-tho present C. P. R. surveyed line and being the couth e;ist
corner of Nat J3abcock claim;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains,
to a point of commencement, making
040 acres more or lesri.
Located this 3rd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
■ NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days aftor dato I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of
Lands and Works for n license to prospect for Coal and Potroloum on   the
following described lands   situate .In
South 10. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block   4593,   commencing   at. a post
planted nt. or near the 28 milo post of
tho prosont C. P, R. surveyed lino and
being the north west corner of Nnt
Bnbcock claim;
Thonco running cast 80 chnlns;
Thenco running south 80 chains
Thenco running west 80 chains;  •
Thenco running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, mnklng
610 acres moro or loss,
Located thin 2nd   day of September
•    NAT BABCOCK, Agont, ,
J. HAVEN. Witnoss
NOTICK Is hereby given (hat thlity
CIO) days nfter dnln I Intend to npply
lo lho. lion. Chief Commissioner of
Lauds nnd Works for a license lo pimped, for Coal nud Pelroleuin on tho
following doHorlheil InndH Hllunlo In
Houth K. Kooieniiy, llrltlsh Columbia,
lllock ■i.*i!i;i, comiiieneliig at u posi
plnntod ni or nonr | miles oukI of '11
mile poHi of the proHoni <'. |», ll, uur.
veyed line nud being Ihe sunlit wesl
enrner of l». A, Kiiniulmrsnii claim;
Thenco running enst SO chnlns;
Thonco running norili K0 chnlns;
Thenco running wosi Nil chains:
Thenco running mm)It SO chnlns
to  11   polllt   of  COlnillellriiliioliI,   IllilklllK
(110 acres more or less,
I.ot-uied ihiu ;:nl day nf September,
1 IliMi.
?»  -1  V MffjTMt l|»"OV     T ri* • I*****
,1. IIAVI'IN. Wlinc™
Of the  American   Federation, of
flKTTYSIIIMUi, IM., Oct. US -After
a run of 12n miles from Philadelphia
iho New York Herald and Allnntn
Journnl good Muidw automobile cole
((•slants arrived here ihls afternoon
nnd wh) lernniu until tomorrow,
VflTiri." l*j li,.i*i<l>i' r>iv..r,  ii,„.   n.i.i.*
I.'10) days after dnte I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lniiils und Works for a IIcoiiho to psos-
peel for Conl ami petroleum ou the
following described lands Hltunto in
Houth K. Koolenny. llrltlnh Columbia.
Hloek ■i.'.n'i, commencing ut n pout
planted nt or near 4 miles, cunt nf :',o
mile post of the present V, 1', ll. hill
vcyod Hue, nud bolng tho north "vest
cornor of |». A. Farquharson claim;
Thonco running south SO chains
Thonco running oasI 00 chnlns;
Thonce running norlh 80 chains;
Thenro running west 80 chnlns;
The following is pari of \!ie uiifaii .
list, of the American' Federation of*Labor.' JJany of ■ the. daily newspaper
"Unfali^ List" during these days may
be anxious to know what names of
firms the A. F. of L.' "Unfair List" contains; '
Under iheso circumstances it bo-
comes ihe duty, of: the labor press to
keep Its'readers proporly informed.
What aro papers published for if not
for the purpose of giving correct information?
* Cigars: Carl Upman of New York
Cily; Kerbs, Wert helm & Schiffor of
Now York City, manufacturers ofthe
Henry George and Tom" Moore cignrs.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co,
Minneapolis, Minn,; Vnlley City Milling Co,, Grand  Rapids, Mich.
Whisky: Finch Distilling Co., Pittsburg I'n.
Clothing: N. Snellenherg &' Co., of
Philadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange,
Rochester N.Y.; 11. Kupponliolmor A
Co., Chicago.
Corsets: Chicago Corset. Co,, man-
ufnclurers Kuho nud La Mtirguorlte
Gloves: J, II. Cownio Glovo Co,, Des
Moines, In.; Cnllfornln Glove Co., Nil-
pn, Cnl,
lints: .1. 11. stetson Co., Philadelphia
I'a.. 10. M. Knox Co., Brooklyn N, Y.,
Henry II, Itoolof fc Co., Philadelphia,
Khlrls nud CoIIuch: United flhlrl &
Coilnr Co., Troy, N, v.; Van Hunilt,
.lacohH and Co., Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company, Troy, N.Y.; Jnmoh It.
Kill Her of New York City,
The llutlorlek Paltorn Company of
New York.
Cement*. Portland Peninsular Cement Co., Jiioknon, Mich.; Ill lea llydinu*
lio'Veine-ii nnd Mfg. Co., Utica, Illinois,
Hiiives: Wrought Iron lliinge Co,, Hi.
LoiiIh, Mo„ Uulieil Sinlex lle-il.u* Co.
Del roll, Mich,, (iiuiiey l-'nuwlry Co, nt
Toronto Onl.; Home Sieve WorkH, of
Brooklyn Wfiloh ("hho Co., Sag Harbor
ludliiiinptills, Ind,; lliuk Hmvo nnd
llnioo* riiinfiiiii,*., Si, l.oniri,
I high: (iulf Mug Co., New Orleans,
l.;i,, I'i.iii-h i'.i'ijiih hio!heim, Si. I.oiiIh,
HrooiiiHiiiid pui.irr.**.' T|.. 1 .•■■- Pr-.i'in
and Dusier ('iniipnuy, linwnpoii, In,;
M, (oiellerfrt Sons, Circlevllle, Ohio;
Merkle-Wlley lirnom Company, Purls
WiiIcIiok: Keystone Wntch Cnne Co..
of I'hlliidolpliln; ,1ns, Kit by, Brooklyn,
T, ZiirhnigK Wntch Cnwe Co., River-
hide X. ,1.
C, W. Post, Manufacturer of drupe
N'lllH nnd Pom mn iVrcjil Msilitc ('rent
Fibrei*.nie; I/iduiiHed Fibre Ware
Co., I.ookpoit, X. Y.
Furniture: AmclMin Milliard Tnblo
Co., Cincinnati, (>.; O.. WIhiioi* l'liino
Co., Miooklyn X.Y.; Krell Piano Co,
CliiclitiiHil O; |h*ihy Desk Co., I lost on
'  .
I.OXDOX. Oct. 20---The Time*, my*
ihnt when :i succti^or u* |>T| fjr^y
Is named he will be mk'-ri from the
Illenib'-IS of the  picneld  illblnct.
I'll THE  DISTRICT  LEDGER    FERNIE     B    C    OCTOBER 30 1909
No S13 West
do 214  East
do „ 6 Local East
_,o "j-. Local IV est
\o    S £
t Fljei
Art-he Fernie
20 ->0
10 40
■"i OS
Local News
Chan_t takes effect Sund*i> June 6   Will  Receiv*
  '     Alls   I   H
I   TIMETABLE ilH !■•*-(.< it <?
No   2 1     id
FcrNin i oa
i Warner
nsid-_   of Wai
Lt ft*: nds ir
bri_d  Irish    T\ at
s at Cranbrook this
■  ek o
He  Came  Back
Harrj Hjndlei is back m town
is assisting liis brother 1 ri d in
cartagi   business
Attending Court l
Iir \shnorth o Ci mbrook wis
tonn iliirni-, tie neek irtendiiip
■sui   enn      ouit     iltnas
From the Village
II   r   Cwnioilt   repi  senuu_
Cranbrook II laid   na-> ip  tht tu
Horse Shoe Salmon \
The Best E*_d boekeje  Salmon put up
in   thc floild      L\erj   cm guaranteed
It ]j i\ -5 to buj the best
Pay   Cash   and   Just   Sx_ule
W. J.   BZ.UNDELI,     ***** m«_ ■__ cau
Tlir    Hi*,
ijloci       ni
Hornets   Nest
1     Alt is not a
?iif m local Con;
e valuing light tries,
iiuis „ is hUd
:   Bought the Outfit
Th*     tock   of    '
* ( bf tn   purciusKl   I
*, .o_, ,s ti.tr
i  block   Uatth  for
I Back to Work
ifs    McC"a
I ost   Bunch of k is   Iin(l*»i mil be
rp-nirdedb*. rtlurnfne to I ollocl  Wine,'
Company 11
Agent vfinled u -crnie loi th*" Pion
( lo'hes  Drjer for  ouidoors     Liberal
(.omnii!.=ion    Write  1     -\rsenaull    Lii j Monthly Tea
monton     Vila (  *i\P]     The      ugular   tuonthl
For Sate Houst ind i foot lot , -uetbodist Ladies Aid will be held at
Comer Jalft-a*. and Chapman stre-ts. i tin. home of lire Hamilton McPher
Lawn Os-**0 other improvements — j son aienue on Tuesday "••.o-iember 2
?400   eas>  terms       -Vpplj   f    Robert   from    „o to 6 and in thi
Grocery clerk  wanted.      State
perience and send references. Wa)
(75.00.      Apply bos  164 not later tl
Ahem, have yon tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
Electric Fixtures. Depew, Macdonald
£ McLean, phone 61.
No place In town just like it.    Icg-
Electric Fixtures, Depew, llacdonald
& McLean, phone GI.
If you are _ particular smoker get
Four smokes at Ingram's.
Don't forget to ask for Michel beer
' —the best beer made. *
Furniture for sale. Entire lot of
household furniture. Apply to Mrs. A.
A. Gillespie.
If yoa want the best*—call for Elk
Valley beer.
Tou will find the best values In
cooking and heating stoves at the Trite
Wood Co.. Ltd.
When thirsty nothing but Michel
beer for roe.
t For a good comfortable smoke set
Do re n Becker's brands. They are
home product.
They are still selling window shades
from 30c up at the Trites-Wood Co.,
Try a case of Elk Valley Bottled
beer, $2,50 per dozen delivered.
Phone 79.
Nothing to equal the furniture rallies offered by the Trites-Wood Co.,
First class board and accommodat-
on t Fa c ough s Boa d n bouse
IS B0 Coa C eek oppos o foo
ba 1 -rounds
me hod   and s n   ng
Meet on Monday
A meeting of the Fernie Trades and
Labor council will bti held on Monday
nigbt at 7.45 sharp in the Ledger office. All delegates are requested to
be on hand promptly as business of
Importance is to come up.
Waiting for Stacks
Everything is now in readiness to
supply the .city with an electric light
and power service with the exception
of the smokestacks for the pi
house. These are expected to arrii
the course of a day or two, and the
current will then be turned on.
iw being installed, and
add much to tbe beauty of the place.
Some good shows have been secured
by Manager Rees, and when this house
opens officially- with
vill n
Missionary Movement
orget the Laymen's Mlssion-
ng In Bruce's Hall on Thwrs-
•mber 4th. Afternoon eonlm-
at 3.30. Public
meeting at night at 7.30 to be addressed by Mr. F. W. Anderson, Mr. C. E.
Manning of Toronto, Dr. S. Gould of
Jerusalem and Mr. H. M. Ciark of
Good Company
The Kerry Gow company played
The Remittance Man in the Fernie
Opera house on Thursday night. The
show was real catchy and good! The
company are going to play a return
date on November 10th with four additional members, and should receive
a buttpe hous as the' o I 'i wo
h of pa oiiage They go f om he e
o \e on and hen ba k o e hh d e
o open ne v Lyceum hea e he e
on   he 1   h of No embe
>li  ol  thc  idnatli-u  R-iul
at Crjubioolt   and foini
Commerce  -itaff here   n
in  om  elm   on   Mondaj
M A Macdonald barrister has
been appointed arbitrator in the set
tlement of j dispute in tbe supieme
rouil between Brolev jnd A arun con
tractor*, of Feinie and the Penile Ri ll
Company over the construction of the
Ferme  rink —Cranbrook  Herald
New Firm He l
D C McMillan of the photographic
firm of Smart S. Mc Julian leaves on.
Monday foi Edmonton to dispose of
his studio there He will return to
remain permanently at Fernie. The
firm are making arrangements for a
good i-tudio and will mate a strong
bid for business as soon as they are
settled. *""
A Quiet Day
There we-e no Thanksgiving services of any kind held here on Monday
and although the shops, newspaper
offices and other business places remained closed, building operations
proceeded as usual, as the season is
drawing to a close. In the evening
grand dinner, national in character
is (riven in Bmces hall by the ladies
of the Presbyterian church. There
: five tables, English and Canad-
American, Scotch, Irish and Ger-
and each of these was laden with,
the favorite dishes of the nation. The
decorations were quite striking and
each nationality was well represented.
The arrival of the Haggis was quite
feature, a Highlander carrying' the
dish was preceded by a piper, and the
hearts of all Scotchmen were thrilled
the pipes pealed forth. The Rev.
Hugh Grant, the pastor of the church
pronounced . the blessing at the opening of the dinner. Fully a hundred
hungry people were unable to get
seats and had to go away disappointed. ....
t nothing slior
;  Pos   i
Elk Val ey  b*
as &  che    alna
e hod     App
po k   vea
1 y of thc
L  Smai
a         known
a     he   ead
T eat
one abyAasrWfi
he bo wonde at he r
i  fu   new opera hous h
is a a Pe cy Hook ga
s   se ec on   on   he p ano an
men hold the
member will o
little Torv fla-.
us lines thorough I j ami
ll up but nhen b cim
onfreres in back room
<. is a Pharoili iihn
[ih The upshot of the
that the Ross heii-h
fort and the present
mrp more shoulder tho
id lead the corporal s.
Tvkj Very Valuable Horses Were Also
npsirovea   in  the Conflag
ration on Saturday
PRESCOTT Oct Cc 2tr—Bv a fire
which broke out,in J. Hollingsworths
stable at the end of Mayberrys grocery on Jiain street, John Flynn, nncle
of the well known horseman, was
burned to death. Two valuable horses
were destroyed, one valued at $2,000.
the property of Flynn, and a blood
mare belonging to Sam Davidson. It is
thought the fire originated from the
explosion, of a small coal oil stove
which Flynn kept with him at nights
when he slept in the stable.
Only about two hundred (lollars in
damage wa§ done to the stable. An
inquest on the man is going on tonight.    .   .
'   :   TENDERS
Tenders will be received up to 5
o'clock p.m. November 5, 1909, by the
undersigned for the excavation of
basemeiii for Home Bank of Canada
Particulars may be obtained at the
Home-Bud It of Canada. Fernie, B.C.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.      ■;
-, Tend-jr must be accompanied by
marked cheque, for 5 per cent of
amount of .tender.
W.   C.   B.   MANSON
The baft of the Revelstoke Sawmill
compauj at the coiner of Lishth aie
nue md Eighth street west was
blown open earb jesterday morning
and upwards of $185 in. cuirency ob
talned About 7 30 a m the robber*,
wis discoieied and the manager Mr
Ferguson   phoned the pohc
Detectite Sergeant "Vutt and Officer
Mcha> were detailed to make an n
-.estimation but up to the date of gi
ing to press no clue of the culprii
had  been   found
Thi*? morning Chief Mackie made
personal inspection of the scene c
the robber!  but was unable to locate
The safe was completely shattered
bj the charge used and fragments of
the steel were hurled into the ceiling
of the office.
"Neighboring residents heard the report of the explosion, but the police*;
man ou that beat did not apparently
happen to be close enough to hear the
. Chief Mackie, who has just returned
from * the holiday trip to Edmonton,
said that be had not as yet received
the constable's report.
The cracksmen had large chances
to escape before" the policemen >
set to work on the case. In the haste,
of the rifling of the safe the robbers
had carried away the money, drawers
and all.
The entrance appeared to have been
effected .through .the window of Mr.
Ferguson's private office. — Calgary
News.* '    ;.
Applications - for  electric light  met
rs should be made to the undersign*
I ot once, so that same may b; installed without loss of time. The City
Kf Fernie electric light plant will be
running shortly, and we will be in
position to supply light and power.
City Clerk.
Kits Janne Rusaell, now starring In Ethel Barryinpre'a London and New Yor'tc auccea-f "Cousin Kate,, which
-. '  will be seen here shortly.    '-.■'■. _
Crows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants
The  Store   of  Good  Values
Agents—"Bell Pianos"
Sold on monthly payments
Victoria Ave
Fernie, B C.
Xo secure your sliare
of tlie suarp-rising: bargains at the big Removal Sale of
Boots and
Everything      Reduced
for a few days longer
j Trites-WoodCo.,Ltd.,
I V -*:
f    To The Electors
♦ ■ ■ - ■
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long       --       Voc each
| Fernie Cartage & Coritection Go.
iThe Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
beg tojnform the citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry; out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality. Estimates given bn
all Contract work. All work guaranteed satisfactory. ,,..■..,:;.,..'-:':... '_.
O. N. ROSS, Sole  Proprietor-,
WoTniav-r;tiraot^Ji-lpinB^ere Vhen >;
Ihey ask for good job printing.  ; We
can -tickle the most exacting typho*- y
'grapMo.appetite;" ■  People who hiy?:
partaken  of our  excellent service;;
come hack-far: a second seryinfr- ■ _ Our Jtt
prices are the most reasbnaile too,: «
Bid you can always depend on ue giving yourorders the most W™&\
and oweful attention.   Let us submit our ^mples. :   '


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