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The District Ledger 1909-12-18

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 Tfrf&f'r ~*??%t,*V£:
'J ti
* l?Pi*oYlucfai;fi'fe  ;
.** m.
' M   - ,
if, -.
tn*dust'rxa.r Unity is Strexigftli
The, Official Organof District No, 18, U. __. W« of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. V. 'Ho. SO'
: FERNIE,   B. C,  Oeecm&eir .IStfe,   1909
$£.00 a* irestr,
_   *
•■ ;;  °,   sions,/   ,,„
^     ^     -*   «   - *.."":
(1 For- Mio^-Christmas,, anil Xew Yearf
holidays*--;he Q.wadian .Pacific Railway
will make reduced rates.for thc-gener-*'
al public of fare and one third for the
round trip. Tickets on Safe for. the
Christmas December/ *J1, 22, ,*28, il
und 25, and for "Xew Yeor* December
28, 2.1, ;J() ami *31, and .lairiiary 1st,:
All tickets are good* to retuni until I
January F>* IS) 10. ,   '   •
^-T W>
Ran 600 feet oh the Ties
„    .  and   Rails  after
„ •  ' •   Jumping
CHICAGO,   Dee.   1G.-
;    Thu'following,were'tlie findings of
I the  independent   chairman   appointed
,   . at the joint conference which was held
,   ,7        '•(•sit Coleman ,'o'n December 4th,'an?l al
I ' "
The   .\lilwau-7v,li('n  tin-!,, following    representatives j
ames   Hewitsdn;
"o   Death' This'
a Driver, is Crushed  to
6rning--Quite. Dead
'"lie-? special on-1 the Northwestern road! w.c'''« .l)resP11l-:   ,    ' ,
•,.   ,       *■>   -,, *,, .   * ,    Colli operators:   Louis Stockett,  H.I
was  completely  wrecked  ■ today    at, w.,Me*.\eili and p. K. S. Whitesides. ' I
. noon, at,■Howard avenue iii the .cityf    District 1$ v:'M. W. P'-esideiu ?ow-
limits, two men losing their lives and !'■'•'•• Secretary A. .].  Carter and Wm.
When Found-26 Years
I Graham.
* „In tlie matter of dispute an'ent loss
ol^cpal between chute arid tipple. Tlle
olnternatipual Coal .and .Coke-* Co., 'of
Coleman, Alberta and 1*. *\l. \V, of
A., DistrictlS: •" .       *'.   ,,     ' *
That inasmuch as the contract miner lias complied with the'conditions of
his agreement--to wit, the'delivery of
coal-to the' chute—and1'that, the'company, has per-page 11 of the agree-
ifient entered iinto between,the West-
ern„ Operators Association and .the'-u!'
-the cause within half an hour, after-] *L.)y/ °f A-? ^ict lS,-does agree
■the' accident he' declares that, from °"-'ts ^ to handle all conl placed in
Ihe fact that*'the engine travelled (s'oo|chV c: he,n th,° >'^onsibi >ty of using
; feet over the ties and rails after it'had isuch'voh,de of «-""»spouation as shall
speed oi iony mnes or more 'ancrati
,,fhis speed it jumped the Switch ,io ly'v
..„ IS others being-seriously injured. The
entire train- of nine coaches jumped
the track and t'he engine and''coaches
,'    were cari-onied along the rails for»six
' •- hundred feet ik-fore the' engine'nirii-'
7   ed,turtle5, and  slid ajong- on its side
* f)
&xcv an embankment. Engineer llarri-
. man of Milwaukee was directly 'aecu,s-
'ed tonight by G, If: Ashton',    general
.manager of the Northwest road with
'* being responsible.      On Investigating j
over the ties and rails after it had i^'   ■    -, 0I   '■anspouauon as snan
»ed the jracfc clearly shows "Hhall,e,1.v.cr. 8a"1 T} '     x sh'*inkage
iman took the train along at a ff'1S mculo"\,t0 a"(1 '^voidable-in <
il of forty miles or more'and-at "j0   T8P°<" RlT 0t coa1' t0 th! Ulhi
oilier trqek ,froni .which it was derailed, , *      * .       *    '  '
•-\,   *:  -/-Kenmare N.'D. Dec. 14
'Eclkor Ledger:„       ^    7 7
,' Dear Sir.,.and Bro: '■*.'   ,,**•'
°. t'eg UT'stutc^ for the'-beheflt of*1* Dist,'
"iSiwe arrived at Roche Percee Pec.'12,
and* after'a brief investigation into af7
pie inheres in the company, and per'
contract the miner*, should not suffer'
iri consequence"'of any "failure, or. thej
part of the company to Carry'tbo eoal j
to the scales; and any loss (except as'
hereinbefore provided .for), sustained;
between 'the chute'and the tipple J
should be •"the*1 Company's.*'        " 'i
**' This is" my decision given this Gth
day of December 1909^ ,. *°    °7/- \ <»j
^   " y-      -       ". J.W. _ENNETT*     .*■*. 1
'--■        ' Independent Chairman
*> • ;
In the matter pf dispute anent-'the
'A-very sad accident happened $t Coal Creek this morning liy .which Joe'Hewitson. a driver in No.
1 north/'iost his life.      '     ,       '." ,       *•,•"'        ,''--*.     *■."'«       '•/    ,*
L, * * Details of the'*? catastrophe are very meagre, a-:- no one \vas around when the unfortunate man met
his death.     His companion,^who is commonly;known as°"Hobo'' John Jones discovered the body and ;nnt*?p<i
life was then extinct.   7;, ,   *    '   *   ••     * '        ' ,"   »<*'        „,
', t The surmise is. that Hewitson was getting* off his car and slipped under, as according to the doctor
his wounds point tcthat supposition. ■' Several ribV we're broken and when found-he had'all appearances of an internal liemmorage. .  \, ^ ,   *' ,      *> „
The unfortunate*.young man came here from Cumberland, England.    He was 26 yea,rs of age and
»a single man..    All those with whom, he was acquainted speak very-highly of his character, and as a
worker he was faithful to his employers,     ,     '..•*!' .,       *   ■"  -,        ,    '   ' « *■'•     '   ''
• The jury, which* was empanelled', viewed'the bady and have adjourned'until Wednesday, the 29th
instant.' • -«''■",.•      ','„,''■       * 7     \      '    ,-
t ' *The funeral will likely take place tomorrow afternoon' under the .auspices of Gladstone, Local
Union of .which the young man' was a member:7   '' "■   °, '
" Coming just at the festive season, of Christmastime makes the accident much more, painful, and
the loved ones at home will feel the shock far,worse on that account." _h the midst of life v/e,are in
death. '       I '       \;.  "        *',"'      7'0        - '    -' -      4
'   -OTT.AvVA. Dec, IS,*-—Atter Hie rnosr'
a. ,
jolMir ytmsple'for players    that  has
i ever been waged in professional hoc-j
•key.jhe Ottawa club tonight, stieci-ed-
!ed  in   retaining for jheir teaiu    ihe
services ot ■ Fred  Taylor. Frod.  Lake, j
■ Albert Kerr and ,Many Walsh, . tlieir
four slur men whom the I'enfrev.  **hiU
tried to hp-e away.,    ,        *. ,
The Creamery Town .spoils were*alii
backed by such a Ik.neh of men  ..of'
„wealt,h ami influ^nt-'-^fis Jj,uks IUu.v
*•'"." M„M,  O'Drien, 'Ainbi-oib-c* ()'!!) j.-n,
Thonlos Lowe'..\! 1'., and others deter
mined to get togethm-.a n--am i-apulil.-
of lifting ih... Stanley .-up, Last  wi*-~-k
ihey faile, din their efforts u> break, up
'the Otlnwa septette, but  today    ihey
surpassei! all previous marks and they
nl-amo within -..„ ace of getting all four.
•So'yrnf nv1K>,yn,r^ >eMerday h.-id n revolver .o the
*Tnvli^«ono'r        "S   •"        a,l!°   an,1,"«H' of Frnnlt I'hUlips.'th, w,-ll known
:   f> 0)  -joOO.. In ,oiip wiiuur. the men- Socialist, an'd Hied .•Aire, before b,*ing
■ti?-l?n*T"L'* "!Jhc,'5ifl,'cha"t8!^-lJoxu.re-1  by  Phillips  ai.d  a* com-
>mh  at  Itentrew,     Thej   also guar-' 1Hini()!1 am, thn)svil u/thl.    lom,-K
each a situauon worth §120ij
per annum. The men \\7re on tlie
verge-of  signing  this "mornfinr  at   a
Would   be Assassin Says
Phillips owes   Him
1 * *
,     NELSON, I). ('. Dec lT.-~.jo*,. Way-
7son appealed today'bofoi'*i> **\V."ll. li'ul-,*
'leek   Webster,  stip'endai'y   niauisirale,
iantl  was* eommiited   I'or  trial  ou  the.,
jchargf'of attempted, murder.      Way-
in   both   instaiict's
local -atheti* good* stoie   when otfi-'him raonpy  im(1  whci
'oue/l* f""i!   "'v   iU aml at; Payment Pliillips deni'<
once put an end.to tlie big coup that! \v„ „,*,-,-.   ,i»„  hn„„h,
At The Miners  Union Theatre
l*    The   carfi-idges
I missed fire."      ' ''
Wayson  claims that   Phillfps owed
en„ lie  demaniled
r,„nr. ,,,.*   •        ,-.,•,. - '—.• •>  ........i<« v.v.iicd the tUbt and
once put an end.tothebig coup that^vaypoi   then  bough,   iv revolver and*
Itentrew almost, had. ' ',     . •, ,      ,     -,   , , •
,.  ,    ,,•„,      .   „   ,   „    ,* cartridges   and., attempted   to  murder,
s chimed   luit Baylor, wbo has, ,>hmips 0I] nal»er atrPW ,,,,,,, S(,,n.;
8»en Ottawa Ins word to play, here, ;^f inun)s,, oxcitoment was <Wiwd.*-,
, ..d carried tne news »o, the .Ottawa, -j|e sUvf., ]w]ng r,(nvi),(17„ lhv. Unl„
jheadutiarters. tlnis-lerting them in on:01'Uht) a£fnil. •       '„
Hif !m7,(A11 ?R??™° Wils ° «.P«-w,':   Wayson'is a miner who has recenthr,
lot of bidding but Ottawa eventually;worll   Jn  Ulp  ^]wrh ■    "
I got them,-the terms not being stated
Taylor was "the first 10 cave in 'and* p.
then'Lake.'   Walsh and Kerr followed/"
suit when ir. looked as thontrh Renfrew'-    • 1 .1   .  ..- ,       *, .  *    .
,t*m,i,i ,*,-,,, „a,     . 7-. • ■ii''uA ,!,«t Wayson, aiiiutia other things
would not get ,a team.     Good posiuons; ,u...UKg(]
in the civil service helped the Ottawas
a lot;   .It is said that O.URwa,wi\fgive
each of the men in question ¥2l'O0. «
ipmgl t   statius t uu they; would .send (Hl ,,„, w       „ !,'ilJls(,u._      ,
west.for i.Hster Patrick and that they. ■,      *        	
would break up some of the .Montreal'   •> "    *?*" '"      '   .
in   the   Net herb y   Mine,   ifiul   -
ihas also lived at Slocan City ami Nel- "
on.      The case today crea,ted<(much
interest.      Phillips    in   -his evidence
ayson, a
;*c,used  him of keeping mftney sent
l*y the Sandoireommiuee of the Wes-
, tern Federation of Miners for the Mo-
1 yer aud Haywood dofene**-. the accused
"airs'wc"found tnarjne'Tmuers'ni*Hffl^'J^*^'^****f^mb'M5-:^*^ri-t^i
',part' are"It? darkness..', worlijng' under! Coal and Coke'Company' of-'Coleman,
deplorable c'onclitions, no regard beingT Alberta' aiid the" U. M.'W. of A',",'Dis-
o?)eerved ,to any litaited .hours' of work
'.underground;' in'fact=,some, men - are
working 12 "to 18 hours per .day.    '.On Hegulation Act of Albertn," as per"rile
investigating this condition the answer
we' received,v.;as that they had to.--'do
".this in order to/receive a-living wage.
We weri^.verj' much surprised in this
20th* century that this has to -be tho
case" in the'fair province of Sapkatehe-
trict IS
That comfol-mably to the Coal Alines
Hia-Mhat timber shall be. constantly
kept in each working place as near the
working face as prfietic-.able-^and that
in the dispute --involved it was acknowledged that it \Vas practicable to
deliver timber at the head or top
■of the..cross, cut omcounte.r entry, then
We beg also fo state l'rqni our-point! my flecislon is thnt Timber should be
.of.viev.; that at ibis day and ago those J *-*<-■ deliveied.
inhuman,    ri'ud'    (Hvcn   this   fith" day,   of' December
'particular- cases'" are
should, not be tolerated< by any, fair- j
minded  thinking man,  and  we  nlapj
found that there had' boen a custom;
of working on„,Sundny in Contravention
to the Domtnion I^Ords Day,act,   How-
evftr we found n notice at themino
mouth at  this lime    prohibiting  tbe
same, ho„wc h*t,ve to t'.j-a.w our own
-eoiH'luHlons ns to the condition'** that
osist-iin this* particular locality.     Wo
„wlll be able to g|vo a luvgor detail of
tho affair in"tho Saskatchewan district
'when*l write ukhhi. On nrrlvlup, at
Komnnro wc found the men nil locked
out of employment, over k reduction of
10,,cents per ton and also a 3ii cont reduction in tho day wngo scale, nnd of
H necessity tho mon could not "and
would not accept the snmo, Wo In-
1 endowed the management today with
a view of adjusting the tpiestion at
Issue, and while, nl. this writing ihevo
Is nolhing definite done wo hoi»e to
' report 11 very fnvornble answer 10 the
nicmberidiip of District IS,     Thoro In
Independent Chairman
—*^*—.—.  ■ 1, *
Miners hall selected "a manager for
their new theatre last "week. Out of
upwards of -10 applications -'Mr. John
Hutchison,-'formerly1 a resident in Fernie, was the one chosen., 7Mr.,Hut:
chison has for,the past five y.garss been
in ihe theatrical business, He promises many good things for Fernie, as
he possesses"the. knowledge of select***
ing the proper kind of entertainment,
at* all times. Witli such a capable
person as manager tlie future of the.
hall looks good. ' Mr. Roes, manase'r
pro teip, has already booked in several
fine attractions, among' them .being
The Allen Players, tonight in their
celebrated     nl tract ion—, ' "Sherlock
4!^qlKn_j^pa'n.-nJtjicniTinariA-   fnr I vespppt /Tbe rp*-*.i dents nf •'Fernie.  Coal
December 21st under the directorship
of Mr. C. .P. Walker or, Winnipeg: staging .the" well known Shakespearean
pUtyvAs Yo.u Lilt*?. It*-*.- -.The success, of-
iba Miners Opei'a -1'iouse' is -assured as
.they arc*, determined w give 'their
patrons notlimg hut, the- best of talent.
Arrangements--- have ' been made >• to
bring in a first class vaudeville show
once a week, commencing "in the new 1 intend to avoid the habit of curtain
year, iind many other-first class at-(raising at7l o'clock, as, it is fc-lr .thai
tractions will be catered for*. There j that is far too late, In all'cases where
will also'lie* a-m'ovhlg.picture'machine! practicable the curtain will be raised
of the latest style.installed. It m(*.;7ni 8 p.m. sharp., The .Ledger Von-
also be stated thatpsteam heating' is | aratulates the "Miners committee mi
being put in, so that by the New Yea,* j the excellenl choice It has been for-
the place,,will be conifprtablc in'evory j tunate in malcing fnr a r*i*nngut*,
up some, of the Montreal.,.
]teams in (-rder-to get a ftam together'
i that'v.-ould lift the'eup.    "  7      »°      " •, '-  - •
'"The" Renfrew club _ has $15;000 suli-'i    Vor KilIo (,liea,i, 7 hree, horses §300.
scribed towards hockey.    ,They havej.Aiply 3A»„Macdouald   Co..   -wholesale,'
po Iiope 05-getting it baCli in gati*.-,™   ar.x-ers
ceipts, but-are willing to spend   .any
■Creek and surrounding, districts should
feeljproud that Fernie can .boast of
sueh a1"beautiful theatre. The general
comment' from tlieaiJre managers, etc.
is that the new theatre is.* the* finest
ior tif!» and design, etc., • west bf
Winnipeg, and from an accoustic point
of view it cannot be beaten. We are
informed  thai* the management  fully
;:      ARE KILLED
Explosion   Occurs   With
AwfiJl Reswlt—Ovet"
Hundred Dead
VICTORIA, Doc. 10.—News arrlvod
by iho Monteaglo from Japan of a colliery tnigedy at Onotira colliery, Kuk-
uokn peifectuve, November 21 Involving lho loss of 202 llvr.s, Only 43 of
tlm miners oficnpoil nfter tho explns-
a great need of organlzutlon in theii')". Tlie mine Ib one of tho largest
stme of North Dakoin. ns thoro is noil" Soijlhern Japan, employing •17.r>n
mining law In this state at thin tlmt-, j ivJnurw, whose mini oui put Ih 4*1,000
iind I real'./.e that (here v.lll be none | ions monthly, A survivors story Ib
until the miners of ilie Rlnio are or-jn« followw:
piinized. Thei" nre now two or three! "I wuh working 1820 feet from tho
Ihoiisniid miners in thin suite. Con-J sluifi when the explosion occurrod,
Kcinionilv It hi.hoovoH Dw V, M. W, ol' l'«'i"K followed by dense bluck Hinolto.
■\, to make it stivniiouii effort In or-'The electric UglitH weie extlnRiilHlieil
giinlze tlie sanie. While our mem-. nnrt I bnmpncl Into miners niHlilng for
1 Hiiei-e nre ohiiervlng the el';lit hour1 rifely, ovmitiinlly being knocltnil unlaw In iiccordanc.' with tlieir t-miAtttu-". ro-iiROloim by n full, but whh roHC.iicd by
lion we feel iluitthe men of ihls pnr-;"»'' «f Uio miners und r-nrriod In tlm
tlmhir part nf Dlmrlct IK should lmvojFlmft," "
other coiiHidfiMtlmiH re jnlnli*iK lawn.1       The  oiicnped  nilnei'H  all  told  of
Af thlK linml tiannot give yon full <!••• tuinbllnK over dend liodlcii, Tlm niliui
tails, but these nre the conditions.     .nuiniiKeinenl gave $100 to (ho family
T, K. .IAMPi5, ,of t',K'" vi*nt(nii and Is providing food
Inteinnllionni OiKimlzer    !for the lioronvod,
ainouni in oijderto
cup.--    Money is no'object with Ren
puTro tmri3prTfi*c3*i'
•I ity.
W.   .1.   Haines.  accoiintani:'for   lhe
Fern if- Lumber company*!efi last week
frew, the0 salaries whlcLYhey "offered °n a '?'l,} tQ ^elaiuL '
Kerr, Lake, .Taylor and W*ilsh today-
being larger in propdrtio'n to the work
ancl'o'time fequired than those received
by the National and American Bv.seball
league stars. ■    *
„      •""   CHRISTMAS'1 SPORT *
Rifle 'shotting. , There will lie turkeys ancl sucking pigs to.be shot for on
the 2'tb inst, at Minton raheb one
mile south of 'Fprnie. Any rifle can
bp used from a 22 to a d pound cannon. Distance one hundred ,and two
hundred yards.
Delightful Evening With
Philharmonic Society
in Fernie
The usual Xmas tree entertainment,
will be held in the' Baptist c-hurelv oir
Tuesday December '2.S.'" 1 ''       ■'.   '
.Messis; M.ailjeson and .Macdonald of
Bankhead, were„in the ciiy,this week
repri'scntiiig   Bankhead   Local   1*.- M.
W. of A. ,   ,<• !>,'*'
ue are pleased to report,) hat 15i;nie,
P.odnian, who recently had io have his
leu ifmit'.itated* at, Spokane i.s doing
An; one knowing tlie whereabouts'of
Mnriuii itichunls, a miner,,will confer"'
a   favor   by   notii'jlng   See.   Rees    nt'
, fjlndstt iic Inutl or the iimnager of Hie
j Ledge;.;
,    The   Fernie  Fire  Departincm    will
' give  a  grand  concort    and  ' ball   in '
j Mnic'H, hull on' 'Tuesday Deceinber as,
jFroceds will be devoted 'to the fin*
In'ishing  of  recreation   room  of   new'
'flro hall.   ,
A front commotion was caused, at
2 o'clock this nfternoon by the clung'
Ing nf the fire bell, It was caused
by n slight flfo In tho basement of
\Vhimster's hardware store, Tho blaze
was, bowi'ver, extinguished beforo llm,
n   jili'imiriiieiil   111*1 Iveil,      ultlunigh   tbey
The Fi'i'iiii-'l'litlhuriiKinlo concert on j"""''' :* i,'t'(J1'<l run*
TiU'Kdiiy' .'veiling   proved   n   yery   di-j    Mi's.-.rs,  I'. A, Fnnpiharson  and  1',
llnhil'til, and tlnaiiflally we believe ai'*-)- Hudson lain of Fi rule. Il, (', desire
siii'ceHKful enterprise,     The full parly;'"  aunmiuce  to the  people of Tr.ln r
: ciunppsed   df  some   forty  voices  looii'it11"' ^l''lnliy I but ilwy liave lnny.".! the
! pan  inn].nil were fine.     Mrs. (I, f.'*""■«' l!"i*k iheaii'e and will open sunn*
jKiovoiiKon was very admirable as the'with the Allen ('niinmny on the nlt.bi
; .May Queen, nnd Mr. (Jtiinm'y and ,.\li',- of the' ii'.ili followed on Wednesday 1-. ■
j (-ilevenson   excelled   iheni.'.elves,   Mrs.'/'iiliiK   wiib  an  enili'ely   new   mo\lu^
■ II.   II,   Depew   and   .Miss   O,   IMerhon' l'i< Hire i-hnw.      ll  Ih Hie lunbliton nl'
j were grand and Mfhs l'lin at the plnno tho mnnagoincnt to present nolhing Inn
' t"ii" never le -icl 'n In>r 11 .i- i,'iv:iiii'.'.*e   ihe be"t nl model ate prices iiiiiI ns,-11 re
The meleiy desin ... lo ihatik   Mr,  M.lall of n  pli'iminil' e\ening.-   Tuber ,"-.d
' \ e|*i it-.fi.
On Tin-hiliiy I'Veiiiiig |ieci*mi.ei* ji|.i
I', I1'. '.Vallier nf Winnipeg, pi":!-iih
thin veil l*,iiov,ii Shiike-ipeaiean 'plnv
"A.- Vu.i Like ll" at the Mini;!-, Tina
',(. '1 hb- popiiPir play will nn ilnii'.t
In* giieled wltli u good liiin.," My
„ Theiiii Ih a good lime rissitreil all' ■■•,,,.*, niisnuderHliiiidlng Un- dale hue
wim Mlend lho Flreinen'M f'oiiceri am! was iiiiiiiiuiiii'd rnili.T late. V,'.- -i-n
dance 011 Deconlier J!S ne\l. The bet*. Inns, ut, muk-Ii Inr iln- piny l.eln.: -i
lot ,1 \c.c;il und miisilcnl Inlcjit will i -p|. u,lid .me, in, \\ all..*rs of Wliunp. ;■
lulu* purl In iho concert prut of the. ...,tid ,mi polliliii1, Inn Mn* bum. s-iii*-.
cniiid   iiierliiliinicnt, I,,,, .,;,],. .,, Mlt.-iu.tli 11'",
i W. Ulley Inr Ills many iiiiepiions und
, ab'o Hie i|..-i. nt tin. ie|,.||IU|i.ii lleiui/
1 man plaiiu.
:    Com.'  to  tin*  I'in ju.in',*   11.-1,1-1,   ; n,]
hcljl  lili-  botii  lilenj;   I lee,-i),ber 1IM||   III
llriiie'ii hall,
• ^1
'n '/
■■HfifcOiJiE tUbin ■*■»■> net
-. x*. -     *t    .my
*"-?•''   '
"Progressive   Fernie"   As Vie^/ed.
P VfhrfH* "0i^l», t5S
1'iORi'OHslvo Ffrnlo Ih thu title of 1111
I'xcoptloniilly well gotten up p.'tmph-
lot Iwuiod liy tlm IMHtrlct bodger of
Fernio, U. C      It  trouth of Urn big
tne* ni Dun niiiu'.i^ n-iin •>. ;*.■*.*> *.*..*..'
pIiowh tlm Immonsn dnvnlopnient niul
lcconmrnction of .tho town— n ioih-
plet(< r..'Hurr«i*llou wi» niay nay. In one
year. The town well deM'iviH tlm
title ;"l'i*ogri'KHlVf Foinlo." and tlm
piunphlnt Ik ono tlmt tlio bedttor mny
will be jifii.s.\ t.f totuptllns mid print-
ItiK.—liinlsfnll Pr<ivlni'i'. „
k   *   *
From ft lio-ip nf u»]wh tn n fully
juodein WfHtern ritiinillan city Is tho
recnnl mndo t>y rYrnlf dm ing Hi*' pan
fiftfi-n itiimtliH. and. lnw for a ti>w
burnt ernberK hor-' und thei". h\\l few
fintlil hco «lRn« of tho dinaMroiw fir.'
of AUKtitU. Ifttti*.
At conilderaMe expenio tho Fcmlo
Lodgor linn IflHiied n ^ook showing the
city nn It appeared shortly nfier tliu
fin- and how it IooI-m toduy. It l«
liandi.iniiely IllUHtruti'd with hnlf inno
ci'.iR und thn typographli'iil work Ih of
'ii.ll:"  ;'-■':} }:   v"'}')   "n*   if.  fjluirnrt
many -similar publication!) turned out
fiom dtlt'H ten tlmcH the nlno of For-
IiilercHiliiK uic tlio many vIcwh de-
Dieted In tlie* book and give the outsider n Rood Idea of tho tcrrlbln ox-
ptTlnnern nf flic plurUv r-IHzr-riH nf Hint
■ littlo city Immoillniely   Hrtcr tho flro
and nlno their ilrtermlnntlon to ntnrt
Mlfi- anew nnd hulld the city beautiful,
i—Toronto Tu'lpgrnm.
The Mlnt'i' Ih in receipt of n booklet
!entitled I'ro(?rcH8lvft    Komi",   which
j wji« gotten out by llio District IxmIrit.
Jit CQiitnlnu nu account nt tho rtxnflnn-
ration which more than a yenr !W
'.comjiletfly dectroyeil tli" town of For-
uiu nud how a belter nnd li(itii!**niucr{
city hat boon reared on the ashes. It |
nlno IpIIh how much moro pi'oiipnions|
now Fornio In ilum old Fornio. Thai
■niiMli-ntlmi bus n binte uiimber of pho-i
tognivuri'H iilwwlng lho city ai'ior Hie
flro nnd hItico It. wnH rebuilt, IiohIiIoh
groupH of loading rltlzoiiH and of ipoiu-
Iiimh of a number of orgiinlzatlotiH and
HoelolloH. It In a inoHt nrilHtlc pub-
Mention nnd icfleclH Kront eieillt on
Iho DlHtrlcl LodKor.—HoNRlnnd Sllu-
*   •   *
Through lho UlndnefH of (tin editor
of the DlHtrlct, I.odKor, Fernlf, 11. C!.,
: we ar" plenum! to rocolvo n ropy of
PrORn'SfllVfl  Fornio, Tho City    Thnt
(Irow In n Yonr.
It Torallfi tho grrft*; flro of ovt-r a
I yonr nrn, In whloh tho wholo eltv wnn
UlcHtroyi'd and several liven lost, and
[by pen aril plrturo Phnwn (ho marvel-
ourt  rapidity  lu  which   It   bus  iih'iiIih
HprilllK  loin  new  life, I
li Ih iiriiHiiciilly illiihiruied and is*,
hiitidHomoly gotten up, nud Ih a credit!
to the literary ability of tlm editor of;
our I'Hii'i'iiM'ii r.niiii'iiipuiriiy - a |u«-.i?.-
Ing slglit to look upon mid n valtmble;
hit of hlHiory all conililnod, iih well iihi
llliiHtratliiB tho progroHHlve, never-say-:
dio Hplrlt of the people who inhabit
tho rogloii around the Hocl-y Mount-
nltiR.—thn PlttHhurK of Cniindii.—Mine
WurltfiK .loin iiitl.
*   *   *
ProgrcHsive Kenii|i> ih Hie iiiiini' ot
nn olnlioruto and woll IHiiHtrntod book-
lot whloh has found it wan to The Cnpltnl from thi' proHK of the DIkiiIiI
Ledger of Fernio II. C It Is one ol
tho wnM <o*mplot-> puhllontlonH of lb'-
kind ovor Issued In tho went, isivitiK In
lirlof tin; history of the' city of the
moiintnltis "tlmt nmw hi n yi-nr." and
IjuhIiIoh being 11 work nl an mini Hum
piliiieiH Kiaiidpoliit, lis pageH I'tiuiitin.
a yt ar of tilMorj v, hii h has uevt-r bci u J
eiliiiilk'll ln vvi'sici'ii Canada, ami nol*!
dom In the world, detailing 1111 H dnoui
* •      * •        *.       ,        , , . ,
from lho ukIii-h mid ruins cotiHoipmni;
upon tlu* tlfJHtriictlnn by flro of pro-1,
K'roimlvft1 Fornio JiiHt nvolvo rnonthn;
lirovioiiH.*—SiiHkutuou Ciipiln], '■
k   k   k
ProgroHHlvo Kornlb, from tho proosoa
of   tint   For nlo  Ledger,   is  one  nf   the
hntidsomoHt tirnl Iji-Ht arriingod snuve. •
nil*  iind   iidv.rtls.liii-;   workH   tliut   Iiiih
i'M I' Miicbi'l illfs dt'VV-. Tlii- llllOKjglH-
Ul'' at Fi-'l'io I .'me liMi ,ifh-.. lie
ilie; of i.x t,tl)iil:i'),-i IiOU.'.i'.v and Its
lnisltn'iis nun nrn n-inarknlily flno und
tho accompany Ing toxt rends llko it
romnnco lontond of a rhnptor from tho
lilutory of ono of tho mont progressive
ollli'h of Hie West, Mai'leoil Adier-
Tin- title is 11(1 llilcllliiner ll the Immi'7.
I'lligri-HHlVI' Fei'llle, H'l-i'lilly l..,nleii ',
lllilli   Ilie   l*l*l|l|.'   t i.r 11 .1 1    I .11111*1    p.lv.-.
Ih nu Inilli'iitiun of the splrli of tbu7
eity. The colli epi Inn in 11 -.jm, il work,"
ill" work Ih the very best and K.-rnti-i
In to bo I'uiigtiiluhiled on Un- enter*j
prlHo Hhown In proilintug vmh a hmul-j
lonio hcok, ll tdls the t,iory of iln-j
i-ii-.tt fli'e ai..I tin- .. Ii.uliliiii; i.f ',!..
; milted city nml In llliiMi'iitcd by iui-,|
'lii"!')'!" vli-w:; of Feiiib' pn-.!  and pr"';
M'llt,-    Ml'dliille   Jlllt    TitlH-H. ■
*     *     *
'll.e I cilile Dli-.lliit  i.eigel   ilie, done,
. livif pi nud In a ImndKom"    bookl-r!
••iiHtlfil   Pro«r«*Hhl\i>  Fornie.  juhi   In-
, sued. It roptnlnH nn noi ount of tho
wninli*rtul grow ib in n >«.i«r ••( it i-n>
in-joil to tho ground by flro hi AiikmhI.
r.ins,  and  ilie great   Iniproti-iueniB n(
1 In' new cliy over th.' old niie.    The „
I'llblltatilili   j;,   plOhlsely   ij|i|,.,.'..;i d.   ,;,
a  \Mirii nf an  i>pogiapiiii idly and  ii
siieiili'il wdiinii'M for ihe  Ledger prim.
1   ■      . 1   -   -i'   III  .     t+''i'*    t  , ,
k   k    it
Af   nu   evidence   of   ihe   pln<U   mid
lll'tl   III   l||e  liM'l'llge  t'aill'.lllllll   (OIllllUI*
Inlty, llnu of Fernie's wundcrful ic*
jcovory from tho overwhelming devas*
jintloii caii'-i'il by 1I1.- grout i-oiit!ngni.
.'i'i.. '..•'..• imn.il* ,...*..,, ;,, ,» i,,i,,,,-„.
I iilile llliihiuitltin, A s|ilciidldly Kiit-
7-i: up -usiti-nlf album b;- il,: IJI..M1.
; J-orlKer KeiH fonh lii \t\lit form ih-
havoc AToiighi nnd recovery mirn-v",
yd. Tin- Look iiull in 11 ttiumpii ut
Jtlie printers nit and th" hplrlt man-
,Ifi'Htcd In Its prodiictloti Is vliHimui*
ilKib- of the (omitiuiilty the rtiutm of
l Iln- ri-iuHik-tliW' in nm tHr u» >,-fx,e—
lYorklon TiiTH-H. >--• ■•■&.
The Lethbridge Trades and Labor
Council is showing signs of an increased interest in questions concerning Labor, both national and international.
At the last meeting thoy adopted
tho following resolution condemning
the Spanish authorities for the shooting of Ferrar.
Whereas, we, the delegates representing organized labor, assembled in
session as the Lethbridge Trades and
Labor' Council, believe that Ignorance
is the greatest bar to human progress
and that the growth and spread of
knowledge is the only hope of future
humanity, and tbat those who devote
.their lives to the spread of knowledge
should be honored as social benefactors and their memories revered in
the hearts of all mankind, therefore
be, it
Resolved: That we regard the murder of Prof. Francisco Ferrer the great,
Spanish educator and founder of' the
modern schools of Spain, as one of
the most deplorable crimes since the
burning of Bruno, and a reversion to
the darkest days of the dark ages:
We regard it as a crime unparalleled
in history and future generations will
venerate Ferrers name while the
names of his murderers will be a
mockery and a byword ito the end of
history. ' _    •    .,
A circular from the "Canadian
Peace Society inviting the co-operation of all bodies of. organized labor
came up for' discussion.
The circular had been before the
council a, week* before and after a
strenuous debate was "tabled" for
one week, also a delegate gave notice
of motion which would introduce a
resolution which by its adoption or
rejection would place organized labor
on ■ record   so  far  as  Lethbridge   is
concerned as. to its attitude toward
militarism. The resolution in .question was:
Whereas the causes of all wars are
in the last analysis economic, and
that the producing class always bear
the cost with blood and treasure, arid
invariably they do not reap any benefit;  and
Whereas an ever Increasing number of working men, realizing the misery and suffering which follows in the
wake ,of all wars, view with suspicion
any attempt to promote a military
spirit by a class which invariably
looks upon the war's progress from
the safo environ of an easy chair:
Therefore, bo it rosolved that we,
the Lethbridge Trades and Labor
council do all In our power to mako
nil trades union organizations one
grand peaco society and that wo hopo
to seo tho time when the member of
any military body will bo refused admittance to any union.
And further bo It 'resolved that wo
do not endorse any peaco society not
having an economic nfflnlty with tho
wago oarnors.
Tho resolution* carried unanimously.
Tho debate fihowed the futility of
endorsing tho Canadian Poaco Socloty
It being composed of men \vliono In-
tores! h often clash with organized lnbor, nnd without Imputing ulterior
motives to Uioho promotera of peace,
It wiih Rliown that Lnbor itself, having everything to loso by war nnd
nothing to gnln, mum tnko tho Initiative toward univornal pence And
when workingmen rofiiRO.to bo droBH-
oil up In uniform;*, firmed and drilled,
nnd packed off to anothor country lo
shoot holes Into nnotlior similar hunch
of workers, then.wnr will ho mndo lm-
Tho TriuloH und Lnbor Council of
Lethbridge nro to bo congratuliitcd on
taking mich a definite Htnnd toward
iiillliuiiHiii, nml mny It he nu Inmnir-
tion to nil orffiinlzed labor to go on
"■coord IIHiiwIhi.'
(fly FiviiicIhco I-Vrrnr. who whh Hliot
In the forli'oKH of Moinlflii.-h, Spiiln. at
tho liiHtniico nf n*iioilonni"H. He died
a martyr for Progresn,
Tho Statesman: f nm powerful, I
have iiccuiniiliiti.'il groin    wealth;     I
have deeply studied all manners of
ways to increase my fortune, sometimes by the feeble light of an, oil
lamp, sometimes by gaslight, and at
others under a brilliant electric lum-
inant. I have scorched my eyebrows
while making my calculations,, and
when counting in nightly solitude my
golden coins. ' My money coming
and going, circulated - over the wide
world, and has returned to me with
ever an added Interest.
I am old, but I can wait for death
with tranquility.
1 have honors heaped upon me.
I am a senator, magistrate, a minister. Blessed be „God who has so rewarded my efforts!
Away from me beggar, and let me
, The Soldier: I have fought a hundred battles, I have watered fields
with blood. The noise of my arms
has filled nations with terror. I have
put thousands of adversaries to the
sword and have obscured the light of
day with the smoke of my cannons
I am old, but. I can quietly wait, for
death. My country In thankfulness
has decorated me with roses and rewarded me, with riches; I am a general, a king,, air emperor.,
Blessed be God, who has so blessed
my endeavors!
Away from me beggar,^ and let me
pass!  <t
' The Priest: I have read sacred literature, and at all hours have dedicated to the Lord my prayers and supplications. My* house is the house
of the Lord.,,1 havo lifted up my voice
in chants to the solemn sound of the
sonorous organ, amid richly carved
images and embroidered ■ vestments,
and my voice has resounded under the
high arches of great cathedrals. , I
am old and calmly wait now for my
death. - - -
The faithful, grateful for my pray-
g.*g have presented me—.with cop_es_
adorned with brilliants, with chalices,
marble palaces and endless treasures.
I am a bishop, cardinal'and pope.
Blessed be God who has so rewarded me.
Away from me beggar, and let me
The Beggar: I have descended to the
depths of the earth to bring thee
treasures that thou has drawn1 toward
thee by thy calculations, and hast
circulated around the world; I havo
crushed tho ollnes in the press to give
thee oil to light thy lamps, and have
extracted coal from tho deep mines to
make thy gas; with coal thou,hast
produced steam to drive the great engines 'that, have whirled thee on thy
travels, and have ■ propelled thy ships
over wido soaa, bringing thy treasures
and carrying thy manufactures; I
hnvo bored through groat mountains'
nnd hnvo levelled hills to please thoe,
and I have built thy bridges, made thy
docks and harhora; I havo robbed waterfalls of their powor and beauty to
nccumulnto thy brilliant oloctrlc light
In groat dynamos; I havo moulded and
cast, thy cannons, and tempered thy
swords, which havo given thoo tho
victory; I hnvo mndo linrnoss for thy
cavalry horHos; from sandy. wnstoB
I hnvo taken diamonds that adorn thy
chalice, from tho heart of tho sea tho
cornls that ndorii' thy vestments; with
my axo I hnvo felled IrooH from whoso
wood tlio enrver linth mado thy saints;
from Uio qunnioH havo I Inkon stono
to build thy cathedrals, 'and on my
broad shoulders hnvo I cnrrlod lho Inst
carving to adorn tlio highest 'plnnaclo
of thy Cioihlodompels.
Miner, woodcutter, ipinrrymnn, laboror hnvo I boon.
Without mo, what of thy ondciivors?
The hit of thy biiillo, the hIioh of thy
charger, the spur llioii urgent lilm
with, have I given to tlioo,
WHlionl nie thy wooden hiiIiiIh
would sleep In tlio dopt Iih of virgin for-
eiiiH, llm proud urclicH of thy cathedrals In Hie lientts of Hie moiiiilnlliH,
iby golden HiiiIIi'.-h In tlio bowels of
ihe oiinli, ovon thy himtciI IhmiI'h thou
invest to me, the piirohiueiil of the
past, the printing pn-HH of the pres-
I lmvo gheii nil to thee, iiiiil I have
Away from mo ye powerful and lot
die beggar punt.
The one,desire of the Socialists is to
see the day of emancipation of the
useful laborers.
*   *   *
The rewards under capitalism go to
the cunning schemers and not to the
honest workers,
* • •
Socialism will mean shoes and stockings and school books for the children
of tho present poor.
* *   *
"I have sworn eternal opposition to
slavery and by the help of God I'll not
turn back.'—Elijah Lovejoy.
■ ,    ,     *      *   *   »
Socialists rely upoh the desire and
will power of the workers transriiuted
into action to throw off the parasitism
of the capitalists. .,   ■
* . *   *
The monogamous family will,not be
done away with under socialism. On
the contrary Socialism will give the
monogamous family a chance to develop. . ,
„*   *   *
The plute Christian gets down on
his knees and thanks the Lord for putting him in a position   where he can
plunder the work of his fellow men.
- *. r
* *.   *
Socialism will mean that the idle
luxurious rich will have to go to work.
Their idle hands will be forced to do
useful work to the great improvement
of their morals.
* *   *
The class   antagonisms "existing in
society are bound to grow more,'pronounced uutiithe opposing forces face
each other in the final struggle and
the workers win.
* *   *       .    „
vey has compiled data which sets forth
that since 1889. 23.000 persons have
been killed and 60,000 seriously injured in coal mine disasters.
* *   *
Chile is at last building her own locomotives. The countries on which the
capitalists of Europe and America depend to take the surplus product are
falling them.
* *   »
It. is said that the copper merger
will earn thirty million dollars. This
means that thirty million dollars
which the workers, either mental or
physical earn, are stolen from them
by the labor thloves.
* *   *
Will It make a workingman Immoral
to get flvo tlmos tho pay he Is getting
now? Will It-make a woman Imm-
ornl to give her food, clothing and
shelter so thnt sho can llvo without
worry? If thoso things are Immoral
then nil ,'Uio political economists who
have taught that the homo Is tho basis
of tho stato hnvo boon teaching immoral doctrines,
„*   *   *
Tho, pluto prosa sometimes acknow-
lodgos that tho socialist doctrlno Is
flno In theory hut do not consider It
practicable, nnd droad an attempt to
put lt Into forco, As socialism moans
tho abolition of tho powor of the capt-
tnllsts tho pinto press unturnlly iIoob
not llko to think of II lmlnj? nut into
"I lmvo mndo up my mind that wngo
slavery Is the greatest crime of this
ngo, nnd that, tlio crying ovlls which
HiiiTound ub nil flow from that oiimo,
and rc'Kiu'dloHH of coi)KO(]iionciiH to myself I nm going to hho ovory pnrtlolo
of my tnwrny mul ovory atom of my
power to doHtroy Hint Institution and
otnniHipnto tho human   rnco."*~Froil
D. Warren.
*   *   *
Tueiity-tJioiiMiiid ox-Koldlcrs nro nut
of work In llm Unlluil Kingdom. Those
are men who nro anxious to work'but
no work affords. Lord HobortH, llio
pensioned liuuiier, nays that lio can
do nothing to remedy tho iHhhtiicc.
On tin* othor hand the IMiilsIt Antl-
MIlltfirlHt association lmvo dotermlnod
io undortnko tlio tunic of finding work
116 : :   :   PAGES   :-f :   116
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,  etc.
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Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
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When You Think
Ol (he pain which many women experience -with evttry
month it makei the Hentlene** and kindnct* «lway» •»»oci-
•ted with wumunliuud teem to he olmott i miracle.
While in general no womon rebel* again-ir what the re-
firdi ii* a natural neccuity there it no woman who would
not (jjiidly he true from thii recurriwf period of pain.
Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Preacrlptlon make*
weak women etronf. and elek women
well, and Hive* them freedom from pain.
U vatdiillutiiin raiiultirlty, mibttucs Inflammation, heale ulceration and curea te>
matt weakneaa.
Sick women are invited fo tontult -Or. I'ierce hy letter,
frtt.   All  eorretpomlence strictly private nnd  tecredly
confidential.'   Write without fear and without fee to World'** Oiipemtry Medical A.ocmtioit, K. V. fierce, M. D., Pretidcut, Ruffilo, N, Y,
It you want a 1hm.iI**. llal U-.I*U alt nhuul •ai.uuh'* ducum, *u*J Low tu cute
them af home, tend .11 one-cent ttamp* tn Dr, I'ierce to ray cotl of mailinf
enfy, and he will *end ynu a free copy of hin great thousand-pane illintnifej
, (lominiin S«nie Medical Adviser—revived, up-to.dute edition, in paper covert.
fa h*ndvott-i nl<rtlA,intJitt£, IH ttjotp-t.
The Lulu1 Scnnicu have hewi on
«trll.'» for months nRiiliiHl tlio Lako
f'nrrlnrs' Aw-melotlon. If Ih roportod
Mint Mio hoHHPft nro ready In rIvo In.
;'            ■      J.     „■     .*•   '*t      ,1-nn,      tll-fl TllllllMI
ilollnm for linrk pny for tho timo thoy
woor out of work ami It looks an it
tho Iiohhoh won- on tho iimil lo pnylnff
ii|>. Thoro ni*i! Kii'iit tlmt'H comlnK
whon tho worki-rn will hnvo tliolr plun-
dorom Iwatou Into n 'llvl-lomlloss pxl«-
'bi.iiui, li'l ii:- I'Vpoiu- It ' The jilutcr
sny "If n thliiR Ih ii Hlmm lot n» koop
mum nlinnr ll iih wo riiIii our riclioi*
by n HyotomntlKoil Hlintn.'
*   I.   *
L'ikIci' cnpiuiliKiii Uiu iTiii'l iiiiiI unfit nro pr-oU-cloil nnd proHnrvod. Undor nncllrilHtn Mio criiol nnd unfit will
ho prnvlriml Tor hut not at lho cxpiMifto
of tho merciful and fit.
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Wliolcnolo ImportorB and Kxportorfl
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(-omplKo stncli of Wintop goods. Cnll ami
see un boforo you buy. elsewhere.
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox 3 pair 50c
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
4r.la.rmel Shirts $Jl«£6 eaclt
( „pltnllM<« inum nnt bo ronioundoil
with ropltnl. f'rtpltnl id noroMOry—
tint Dw fapltRlUt him-o'lf Is a ui-Moku
I'tidor cnpiinliHm th" ixihwh run lo-
Knlly lock out tho workorH. Undor sor-
Inllam It will ho thp workors who will
1m>   glvon tho right to lock out thoir
*   *   •
Out  of  fourtftn hundred convicts
Tho workorH wnnt ih«> right to work;jam jf-ar olght hundred  won? under Mm*„*..* i,Miin* rt„
*t,ir*. the rnplrnlHts fl«t.i Mr tho riRhi 'thirty yt-ara ot nKo, <»„»»».... U Urn,-!'*"»"""" ">"*"* wv»"'*"""" ^ "* **
,ft shir).-, tlnir the youni? Into criminal*..     ThU «*™« "hlcb nature him prwcrlhed for
•   *   * jyenr the proportion of youni? nlmltml.u nini'i use. it stops ihe smart ot a cut,
If a tiihiK Is a|l.A* taw-ansl erxnwa-aily. fib* *th*> of • burn ind the scsldlnf
Vert tr> ItfH'hon't Ondy Htme
Vent tn VortlH-m tf nir-1
'I r  land burning ngony of tho mora Her-
j I mis skin dUcnfios.
Znm-nuk will prevent-It.,,   Ulcers,     if your child suffers, try It.   If you
old xvQiind*, rold mm* nr nfiwrna rmni»>nrp th*  vlrtlm  dnn'l    wneto    time,
great pain as well as. belns very un-JUePend "P°n » iiw «»°u»»'>«» »' foo-
Hl|*',lltly. III. dill  till* fwillVJ  -iOlUOU Ut'il
pnrilrulnrly unpleasant.
Zunt-lluli in c«mpoutnI(.*(3 »i>e<cla]l>' to
remove such dlsflxuremcnta. I'urely
hcthftl in   b* «omiMHl(lon   */-am-Buk
'rile who dally una Zntn-IluU In this
rountry would not do so unless it was
real good! Fifty cents per hor, all
druggists ond stores or Zsm-'fluk Co.
Toronto, for price.
The sortaJUts say;
Widow Weeds—Sum* It's mlgthy
lutd tii Lt*. loft a widow,
McCarthy: Falx: An It's mesllf that
J.mws It ina'in. Didn't Han l>oolnn lave
me his? IUd cess to him!    ■
Alberta Show
Case Works
Mrtmifaetuit'i-N   nf
Calgary, Alta.
i 1
'•* '.
am*Afnkamr--4% -W:-*-'.
w;.*.i i> *•?■*'_
. jrtwr-^***'..^*-^** Didn't Like the Distinguishing Name
of "Scab" and Appeals to
■■.■.Mills-'1" of "Justice
* ." (Calgary Albertan)
Testimony    in    the v damage •' suit
brought by j." Galgettl against the lo-.
-'cal Plasterers,union was taken on Sat-
.  urday before Judge Mitchell' of" the
- District court.    The argument will be
heard some time' this week, Lawyer
Tweddie appearing for the prosecution
'and Lawyer Eaton for.the defence.
.Galgetti claims that the union had
.   branded him as a "scab",and unjustly
kept^ him out of work for. a number of
months. ■ * ,   ■      ' - . ^
It seems that Galgettl first won the
displeasure of the union.when, as plastering contractor on the Y. M. C." A.
building he employed two master plasterers, Mr. Donaldson and John A..H.
Lake, when according to union rules,
he should have, employed journeymen
on the work., . ,
'" Later he got listo trouble1 again by
working on an unfair job on the Line-
ham block, but'escaped by becoming
a contractor again, and thus getting
.outside the jurisdiction of the union.
He resigned from the union.
He   found it advisable to become a
* journeymen again,'' however, and on
January 19, 1909,,applied at the door
where a meeting of the union was being held, for permission to join. He
was told that he could not come in unless he paid the fine of $50 for scab-
i  bing,* and the regular initiation fee of
* $25.     He thought it unjust to be flh-
-  ed before.he had become a member of
the union.. -■
.   He was working at the time^for Jno.
Lake   at the Lyceum Theatre."    Mr.
Donaldson was working with him. The
.   day after the-meeting Donaldson'.told
*    Lake that he would have to'discharge
,    either Galgetti or, himself, as the for-
.   mer was under the ban of.the union,
Lake-did not want to be blacklisted,
as herput it, so he accordingly discharged .Galgetti. -    -
William Flett, the president of the
union, when placed on the stand, flat-
, ly denied that he* ever told .Donaldson
or anyone else that- he could not employ Galgetti any longer' or that the
Plasteerrs union had taken any such
Alex. McDougall, who had employed
•Galgetti* as plastering foreman prior
', ,to the°tlme that he went to work for
--•   Lake, testified that he had been told
by James Ferguson, a member of the
union, not to keep Galgetti-longer if
he wanted to keep out of trouble with
the,union, and that therefore he had
let Galgetti go. He says, that he does
not like ,to run an open shop where
he has to depend on union,men to do
his work. . /        *'       ,"
, Among other witnesses who testified
were Secretary A. G. Babcock of the
union and Fred Ferguson. Mr. Lake
admitted that he had been allowed to
employ, both union and non-union men
since the present case has been pending." -.* ■■•. •■
The Secretary of the' Trades and
Labor Council has received the following communication which is self-
explanatory: 7*
To the Officers and Member of Or-
-   ganized Labor in British Columbia
Fellow Workers: At the last regular meeting of Vancouver Trades and
Labol council I was instructed to write
you for an answer ,,to the following
1: Is your organization in favor of
the formation of a provincial Federation or Labor in British Columbia?
2: If so will you send a delegate to
represent your organizationat a convention to be, held in .Vancouver at
the call of a special committee having
the matter ih hand?   *
3: Will your organization be willing
if the Federation Is formed to give it
your moral and financial support?
In'the hope that- this important
question will be carefully and thoroughly discussed before a decision is
made, and that I,may, have.your ans-
w.er at the earliest convenience, I. am
yours,      .;        R. P. PETTIPIECE,
General Secretary
Address: 421 Eleventh avenue , east,
Vancouver B. ,C. ",
*■«■» ' ,v
What, Will You Give Her for Christinas:
The Neat Little—Sweet Little Thing,
A Big, Saucy Diamond—a Stylish Seal Coat,
An Auto-go-mobile—a Gasoline Boat,
A Necklace—a Bracelet—a Ring?
Well Whatever You Do Will Delight Her, You Bet,
Just Because it's from you—and you didn't Forget,
Por Making a Happy Selection:
Send a. Nice Box
■ ';    .       Of -'../
Royal Crown0 Witch Hazel Soap
,    A_ Elegant Present—and Fit for the Pope:
'Tis a Dainty—Efficient—Toilet Expedient    -
And Produces a Beautiful Complexion.
— Design protected by Copyright
One Man Loses Life in an
Attempt   to    Save
the  Horses    *
B, E. WALKER, President „
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and Englana
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or tuken for collection.
RANf-TIN-fr  RY   MAT!   Accounts'may be opened by mail and monieb
liniilVllsU  Dl   1HA1L deposited _,or   withdrawn   in this way with
equal facility..' " , • .
A     *'
Mayor of Lethbridge Passes Away on
Short Notice—Well Known   •
LETHBRIDGE, Dec. 15.—Wm. Henderson, mayor of Lethbridge,.died in
the city early this morning after an
illness of two weeks. He was one of
the most'popular and best known citizens of Southern' AlVerta and has been
a resident of Lethbridge almost since
the day that it began. He was the
proprietor of the Lethbridge hotel,
and was one of the wealthiest citizens
of Lethbridge.
Labor   Federation    Are   Up   in   Arms
Against-the  Steel   Corpor-
i> - ation
Boundary'Indians  Killed a,Squaw at
Kimball—The   Culprits" Got
'-•  .   •      Away '.""""
LETHBRIDGE, Dec; 15.—A despatch
from Kimball on the international line
atcthe head gates'of the A. R.-and I.
irrigation canal announces'; the fatal
shooting of an Indian* woman named
Mrs. Lazy Boy.;' The shooting was
done by^Indians who succeeded in getting away.' ;'
PITTSBURG, Pa. Dec. 17.—We are
desirous of helping the'Amalgamated
Association of Iron, Steel * and Tin
Workers iri their contest with the U.
S. Steel corporation and will do all in
our power in-order to accomplish that
That was about as far as Samuel
Gompers, president of the American
Federation of Labor,, who, is here for
the conference today'""on the situation
of the strike of the Amalgamated "As
sociation of Iron,- Steel and Tinplate
steel i corporation, would say when
and Tin Company, a subsidiary of the
Workers' against the American Sheet
asked for a statement relative to what
it was proposed to do.
There are about 150 delegates here
and Mr. Gompers said that it would
not be,right for him to discuss the
plans, unless-they had been presented
to the,conference. tt
* *» '
(Lethbridge Herald)
Fire broke out in'   one of the ■ entrances in No. 3 mine yesterday morning   about ten o'clock, and was not
extinguished until about 9 o'clock at
One , sad fatality occurred in the
death by suffocation of Fred Beres-
ford, the stable boss. In company
with a young lad he had gone down
to see if it were possible to get out
the horses some thirteen in number,
and was apparently overcome by the
smoke and gas as he was some three
thousand feet away from the fire at
the time he was found. The boy too
was also overcome but was taken out
and soon revived.
It was a hard and trying fight to
put out the blaze as the smoke and
gas rendered tt almost sudden, death
to approach it. Somo of the men had
a pretty close call. Tho superintendent W. D. L. Hardie who went down
with the first group of "rescuers, had
a narrow escape from a fate similar to
The thirteen horses shut up in the
passage way perished in the smoke
and steam.
Water was * supplied to the scene
of the fire by means of the air pipes.
Very little damage was done by the
fire. The air fans were reversed
when it was over and the smoke and
steam is being driven out. No .surmise ever, can be made of the cause.
The fire occurred at one of the entrances where a fire might be the least
expected, being entirely free from any
inflammable material and being a
place where there was plenty of air
and where men would not likely"loiter
about.. , , -   .   ■•
.o- An inquest is being held this afternoon on the death of Beres-
, L. A. S.  DACK,
Manager, Fernie.
She—The horrid thing married
him on his death bed just to get
hi* mosey. Could you love » girl
Wccthat? .     .,
He—You bet; wbatt her address?
If there were smiles for sale
At some fair market where
The rich, the poor, the low, the high
Might hurry with their change, to buy
What crowds would gather there!
Yet there are smiles enough
And-■each might have his share,"
If every man would do or say
One—just one—kind thing every day
To lift- some other's care.
r. ui
Wholesale and Retail
Just come into our store and take
a look around you will find a wide
range. to choose from.   We stock
Pickled   Lambs'   Tongues,   Pigs'
Feet and Tripe.
You   will    like    our   "Empress"
Brand of Mince Meat.
•i 7
« -
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and  Retail.Butchers
8     Back to our Old Stand
We" beg to announce to our many customers that we have removed to pur old quarters next the Hank of Commerce pending the
erection of our new building opposite the King Edward hotel.
:■:'• v* „■• r* *■•■
^Qb0^  !____■ ■______   ____n___y   _H____nf   ____n^fei
. Chicks
i                                ,
Eastern Oysters
Olympia Oysters
Mince Neat
Pork Tenderloins
Chopped Suet
Sweet breads
Sauer Kraut
Come early While there is plenty to choose from.   Do not put off until
the last minute placing your order*    Do it Now.
P.  Burns Sc  Co., Meat  Merchants i-** -r-**T£rr*j"*-~*''
s-\*. -■_■>•■ -ey*vxm vrr *"*^T
./ OffB l_rtV^Sb^fN?V^
■fl.OO a .year in.advance. Address" all communications to,tiie '•.Mariager'-'District Ledger, Fernie B. (7
Rates for advertising on application,
„ We believe,'through careful _ enquiry.-that all the
advertisements in this paper-are signed by 'truktwprtny
persons,* and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between*
'&4bseriber& and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.  ,        ; -,
, This offer, holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the "complaint; that is we inust
have notice within-that time'. In all cases in .writing
to advertisers say "I saw Jt in'Tlie Ledger."      '     '   «
*      ° '    <r  °'y  '      •  °  W.-S.'-STANLEY,
Phone ,48"; Residence 9 •■ Manager and Editor
'■    ^   ' •<S^ffi^>       ''' *  .
^^£sS£3-** ' -
time'aiid travel'to'look 4%r- ^ n0X expe-it your
officers td'be in a dozen places at'once. Remember
that'they are only human, ifith-eyhiake mistakes
help them along..' Don't knock. AmUlast but
not leas?l remember that .vou have'a District,Organ
—7»The District Ledger. " Send us the happenings
of your particular territory. -Subscribe,-yourself
and get others to subsi-rilse. ■ Remember that The
.Ledger is the best weekly paper iij the .country.' and
that it is the only paper that you can depend on
for reliable information in regard to°your Inusiness.
iit i**1 run in your interests. * ,     , ° * "7
The yot'ia list- party ihrough Jheir agent' have
started proceedings against several*men who,,it* is
alleged, voted at two places. ■' .Several prominent
men haye beeii summoned andTwe understand that
tlie cases come up hore ou Monday iwxt. The
Soeialistsare to be highly congratulated oi) taking
this stiiud.to ensure°'a clean ballot box.'. The Socialist party ha;*;-always; stood out" clear and.distinct
for a clean ballot box, •'•and iii all cases'they have
1*11,11 a clean fight. The,dirty work has' always, been
doncby, the Other sides, and" it is a reflection oii
both the Liberal and Conservative ^parties that' ;xo
'much dirt is ahvavs unearthed in their ranips.   Ir
I'"*,' ' '   -■ .
lis also a wvy grave reflection on Ihe (wo parties
I thai, very ..seldom "do we hear oLeitlier of thom pro-
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦;♦♦
The editor is not responsible for the
opinions of .correspondents:   "   , s
Editor-Ledger:    ••■.-.     "       "    ■'"   ,*
Tea; acquires a flavor ] tinder the . peculiar climate
of Ceylon that canndt be acquired anywhere else on
earth. The delicate fragrance and delightful aroma of
U(> your Christmas shopping early-'
*   Do not wait until theoilier fclbnv hah made the
best choice.    ,  ' *,.',.
Do not send your money away for presents, scenting anyone,for crookedness. Tluj reason7s
SpeniUt al hpiue whorell will bencficthe city in j very 'np|»i'rent. • iVith the parlies arc run so Cfook-
wliich„you live.     .*    . ,     ■ *       '   ,     i(,(| ,|(.lt j, js ., mx(w\- ,,■' t|u. J1()t calling the'kettle
black face, and so they gciicrally cry .quits.     Of
cousc if such a thing should ever hiippoii.that they
Do not forget that the local nnircliaiit has heavy
taxes to pay, avIu'Ic the outsider ha* not.
Don.'t abuse-the. clerks. Remember that at thin
.-.wi.son of the, year they'liave "troubles of J licit
own. ,      . ■ 7 „ ' •   !-,
I )(V IIOl   Order   a   ll:mor   of   i»iii.«   In   In.   ili.l ir/n'/./!
\vere to catch the labor or socialist at a crooked
deal"'they would both combine, hire ,tbe sin*u*tcsl
.law.vec in the country, give the judiciary n little
iv uot order a paper of pins to be delivered, j (ili|Ci an(x {\H, *KH)1. (.mi1nn. 'that' en-eil would* /to
Remember the poor drivers who have to work half! **„■ jt ym slafig.'**get his." In *the cases to ,be
tbo night through ,at this time."     " " ^ ' | brought, .'m he're we shall "see what we shalUsee.'
—. o - *   '. )|t* U'lj. men are innoe'ei'l so much Hie belter.      IT
'We1 publish,, on* page one'.another large  lot' of J not—well.        '"',-.       ' °      .   '
friendly references ihyt we have received from thej      ' , ••----    ' -       ',,'     <>    '
papers all over the country .congratulating^ oiij       W()nl ,im,yh,m Wesideni ■ fW(.]|   -al" Ken
the  production  of  Progressive Ferine.       We" fet' " .. *
thai Ave have deserved these, notices, as the book
i.s a credit to the city, aiid also to us* Very lew
realize, perhaps the amount of advertising this book
has given our eity-. The book .has been,sent broad-
cast all,'o\;e'r*the eotint ry." Jo England. (Jermaiiy.
Austria. Hungaryv Italy.' France. "Scotland. Ireland.
Bavaria. Greece, and.several other places, besides
being liberally sent hMhe United Staie^f "' We receive letters ajmost every day from ,people"" io the
east asking us to send the book along, and stating ?.',     •   ,. ..    ,   ■ ,'
, •     .      • ,' ., ,      r sident of the local am.
ihal thev have seen in such and such a nancr tjiat i ,,     ••     ' .   , , ,   "    *
,     ;*   i   i      i •'-    i    • r,„--   '■    -      ,. •       , •   i'Lviins AViuild be reins
thi" book, has been issued.      I his nr itself js* a bui ,     *• - ,       ,m
. i    ••,:..    , *    .   . . (*   « .   *   be  increased'..      Ihe t
ma re** that he'and Or;ti)i/.er .Janies have at last, succeeded in,, get ting a, satisfactory .agreement under
way Hi'cnv Oil December 14th they" met ".Mr. I'yttd
Smith, who. President Powell terms a "right .jolly
goodJ'elloAV, and .after a "shoi't confere.nee'arf'iingeil
16 nief't again later. That same cveningoa mass
meeting of the men, \yas". called '';and , the matters
taken .up as re(|uired/ '^fler tlie 'meeting they
nieplhe managei;7\lr. Siiiitli again, and'arranged
I hat" the men avIioiii he was fifter. iijimelv the Pre-7"'
mn-old friend Fighting 'Bob
Editor-Ledger: "   , -l     '   '
Sir: Tlie awful disaster at   Cherry,
III.,- has deeply stirred the, civilized
world, and,serves to remind ,ps of the
dangers'that/allmiiie Avorkers are .subject to in the production* of coal. •   It
is not my intention- io dwell on the'
Cherry disaster, or to blame, anyone
foi-'tjie cause of-it.     My-.thoughts are
directed   nearer home.*,-A ,(colliery
explosion, bump     and blowout Jiaye
been known' to occur in aud around
these parts of n. C-  The Cherry disaster reminds us to be careful or- they
may occur again.     We .maybe,told
that such accident cannot always be
prevented; but I**-maintain that .explo-'
sions and" bumps"*'can "be  prevented,
and that many blowouts, are caused
by a Avrong, system of working    the
seanis where,these blowouts geuerally
pecur.,    It'does not require any special knowledge to know that every mine
is worked for present or prospective
profits, and to,make each mine a,profitable concern as'soon as possible,is
the sole aim of all the colliery officials
from,the general manager down to,the'
driver boss, who tries to*' get- out  as
nnulCcoal in his shift ,as possible.   ,*
Now  this, haste  for  profits  is  the
main cause of, nearly all the terrible
accidents that occur so frequently* thc.
world over;     Ihave no desire to lay
a'charge of incompetence against the
officials in charge, knowing that 'they
are all selected to send ■joal),sooivand
plenty of it, or make room, i'or some-' '
ono who will.     My contention isiha't
'tho, before mentioned haste'"defeats, its
own object, by getting coal that1 would
bo J)est' left alone" until the mino" .was'
nearly worked otu. , As a proof of my
statements   nearly,.,all"  the   mines   in
Coal Creek boar wiiness, to tho truth
\Of„my words',     By taking this coal it
causes a wasfe of timberland a waste
of labor erecting it, and is then subject
to caves, "etc., as long'as the   . mine
lasts.      Try to imagine a retutsii air-
'way passing through these old , workings and a practical minor will have
no'hesitation in saying that something
requires doing to li'rotect. tho ih'e's'of
fhose.'ft'ho .labor underground.      Life
should he'more sacredi than*profits is
the opinion of yours respectfully,1
■•  *'•-,-*       ,      , r. b.=
* '■ '-'*•-■-?■** ■••■'•-■ - . J-
The Elite
-iKh       i
." ,. Farqi\arssn & Campbell '
Under personal direction of '
Mr. h Mrs. P. A. Farquar'soti ....
i-     s
I '
will please you.   Buy a package, to-day .from your
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The Waldorf tiotel
""';.' :; *. -"pERNiE/ B.C.' '•*,'■" ';7?
, , First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water    o, L. A. Mills, Manager
i- *•„- Lessons from. 7 to 9 Mondays, •* "
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DlXlN(i:.HOO.M   (y 'CONM'iC'TION
•.Hlvci'tist'ini'iiif'* I'or llio city, a'lid. wcjnisf  liial  tlu
<*"* '-ity  authorities,   tin-  iiicivhiiuls .and  al!  who-niT
uilercsiJ-d in tin* hiiuir of Kci'inc will p-ivc ns the
,," i-]*edjt for , llio prod net iort ;ni(|Jlio <!'o<.<!    Unit** is*
—- • -     ■''■*■■•    -    ■-■        * -     ... i,\... ■..'.   * *»   ■  ■ *   *'   *
'Tlioir iv;i"v>* *n
■i' to 1
da v-nicn  also' rccei vetl j
-   imuiiTl to aconuy q'i'iui ■in cttc-n-717—rnrn—mr-^fm-r
>  i-liauts. hiwyi'i/s. iloi-lois and oliicrs nui liclp tts7is
•a lo*,send'"their prinlin^' orders mvny-to .some seal*
Winnipeg [inn. yi*ho''have-just recently flooded the
'*'  city-with cheap' circnlars? oi* if Ihey prci'ei; to send
• tlioii*-lirdei'.s to ■Toronto'we are satisried."AVe just
purchased the printii'i"* oiili'it lm* <,mi* health,    and
niir health is fine.     The production of Progressive
■ Ferine'clearly'deiiionslrates that we have an u'p-lo**
!,   dale plant*. Ihal we Inive I lie proper met hods,1 that
. "'wc ai'o ontnvJy updo-dnle, in 11ie'lypoyi'ii|)liical ai't.
aud that, we can produce work'lhal caiinol he siir-
nl passed anywhere in the coiinlry.      Kur that reason
■  , \\;o should 'receive the palronap' of the people of
'   Ferine.      .".,'*
■The ^ily  authorities  made  a   vim'.v   wise   move
' wlieu  liiey  I'i 1 reed  Ihe  postoi'fice mil  * of Ihe    old
-luarlers. as ii   was a  place entirely  iiii'fil   for a
puhlic, oj'fiee, (If course much heal was caused
.over llie-affair, sonic rltiiiuiiiy Ihal 'thi'1 |Kis(iiiasler
had  heen discrjiuinaled jiif.'lin.s'l. and a*s one ocer
aniliitiouscori-espnnileiii lo the Lelliliviilyc llerajd
'•>|'ieal\s {iIn»tif  Ihe holels in leinporary luiildinc's, 11
few Words may not In* oiii of j>l,-irc, Holh Ilie N; 11'• -
anee and,', the  Uoyal  hole!  are doiim*' all "in  theii:
pow.,'1* lo c'cl   iheir new "ipiiii'ters creeled,      They
were lioth  colisiderahly delayed  ireilin*.'.nrriiiiifi'-
irii'ius  I'linli-r way, and are now i.lnin«r Iheir hesf
In lie in Iheir new premises,      For Ihal reason ihe
'•oitiicil have eNieudcd 'their time of removal, audi     ' Reporls s,iy tha 1  |),i
wisely so.     The cily is in daily need of good hnjri; Imi
recou'nition,, inacliiue  helpers  uvUin-_ ,^-1.00 a  dav     Lire's httle day Is; radii
,-  " i>   . -'   ,,   „        "        ,"*,--   '   *„•,, "'"     ■ .,, .' '.-1 tlie .mountain's, bro*-.*.'. the
wJierCjtlie old wage \vas $>.tn: ^  Ihe union wdl'g^t  ,? gieammg'red; the aba
full-i*ecoi>'niliolTai)d01hc right fo a "heekweighmaii ■■""   "'■'-- --"*-•• • -
if'it so,desiJ*c*s.  - fVesident Towell   aiul .Org'ani/.or
•fames have done good work.""aiuf leave tlien;,'„for
Saskatchewan. ,   i'rysident .Powell in ti'iecniidst of-
liis, trouhlcs "did  not Jprget  the„gran'(1 old rag, of
freedom.  Thc   Ledger,*.   lie   rolled  along  a   neat
little'bunch!'of five ■■now silks:
Several -people^ have spoken lo us about* (he
ward-.sysleiii.l'or the city since our'lasl issue, Tin;
idea meets with favor on *,ill sides, and we h'usl
that it will he carried'out. Fernie in civic administration so far has been allowed to lax in progress-
ivihie'ss. licl'us slartlhis ;vear by coming 10 Iln"'
fro 1 it a hil, and keep lip th'e idea of a Progressive
Ferilic, ' Vul in a good, honest.' progressive council, a good niiiyor w*lio ,is independent, and uot a
member of-a clique, and let'us push 1o the froni
during Ilie next twelve months.'
life's little day is* lading fast; upon
1 , wan .
e ^sinking, sun
shadows lengfli-'
en now-^lhe tw.ilight; hush' comes on
ajjatJe, and soon the-evening'star'will j
light uSoto thoso chambers dim.ivliere
C,      Pe
'     ''        '   ANNUAL
,Low Round Trip Rates-,,to    '
Ontario, Quebec and .Maratime
7 ''   Provinces "" - *^ y
Tickets'"611 Sale Dee. "I to f)ec. *.1L In-
clusief. good to return wirlun* three
months. ' ■ 7 „ .7* .', • ' 7 „
Tickets issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship Business will "be on sale
from Xovember 21 and limited to*five
''lnonths from date of issue
Finest*' Eciuipment. "Standard First1
Class and" Tourist* Sleeping Cars and
Dining" Cars. on all. Through Trains.
Qomp'artment.- Library-* Observation
Cars"., on'"Imperial Limited" ,'aiuK"At'-
n    l'antic Expuress." , •        .  ',
dreamless  sleepers are., y\nd -.when
ihe-curfew'bell is rung, that cal'.-j us
■all 10'resi, and Ve have left all earriily
things, at Azroal's behest.'O may some
trttthful mqiirner' rise and say of you
or me:-"Geo whin!  I'm sorry that he
is,dead!   He wa's.a Honey bee!   What
■e'er his. job'he did'"his best'; he, put on
all steam in every stum he had'to-do
'heVas .a"four-horse team", lie thought
that man was placed on caVth lo help
'his  fellow  guy?;   he  never' wore    a
frosty, i'a eo,  and   balked   at   wqoplng;
eyes; iho'hard luck pilgrim always got
a handout at his door, and any friend
could  help himsell'. lo all lie had  in,
i store;   he'tried to make his 'humble
home   tlie" gayest   son*, of  camp,   till
Heath,  the king -ol" bogies" came and
slugged  lilm,,|n  the lamp*'     I  -don't
believe 11 sfjunror guy 'oxjstoil In  Hie
land,  and   ilwiih,  wns  surely  off  his
bii^c" when   this*,  galooi   was  canned." I
,   „      , '  ■—Went, Miison,
3, Tln'ougli * Express Trains Daily
leaves .Winnipeg daily al 22.40, making
eonn'eciions at Toronto for all points
East and West Iheroof.'
.,The,,"lmperial, Limited',' leaves Winnipeg daily at'IS. 15,   and the "Atlantic
Express"..at 8.00"dally,*making connee-
'tions ai  Montreal ,for all pobitSaEast
"   " thereof.
Apply to the Nearest C, ,P,  R. Agent
for ful.l Inforniation
Wm. Eschwig*,  Proprietor r
New, and up-to-date
Handsome ° Cafe: Attached
•- ' ^   ' _   7 9
Mm in f I
Furniture Moving a Specialty • §
, Leave"()rder.s With Wf" Kc.'i'V
, ' ''    '
PHONE, 78   s v
1. A' Kastner
Fire !  Fire ! Fire !
'l'licanniversary' iii' the great
lire'of' August*",!. lUiS, i.-,'drawing- near. Let us draw your (it-
teiUion t<> tlle fact that we rep-'
resent M'tinaiiei:illy .strong, illd
cKtabli-shed and well- known *
ibmxd     Pjref    IiisiavttK-c-;" com- '
• iiiiiiies,'also ;ii*-'ent fin-the   „  ■
„     ' ' *
Sun „ Life    Insurance
-   .     -       .' -•'      i'n   ' '■      "
^Company of Canada"
.,' • •* -      •',?',     l
i '   We have several Minn*-*, in    *
Business * and   Residential
", -\",  *'   * "Property ,
iniiliiVej'enj. parts of*tlie city
Agent^'-'        .    ," '-  '    7"
New Oliver Typewriter
.."   MaCliine given out on trial „
,    ,J->   .   No tCharge ,; "    „*„ ,7"
IS    A
"y,     on what„to buy the wife1 for Christmas  v,«'
" ,     , o c *• , 1
A*  STEEL    RANGE   Oar holiday price Is ,..,"."..,.   ''SC0.00
A,-WASHING   MACHINE   The Win tlio market    5*10.00
lu'iiienibi'i' Iiiiil Ilie |ivi(ili'i'.s, nml inoVc espccinl
lv„,(llo |i!"iiil('Vs i'iii|iliiyc(| nl   llio, I.cilti'i'i*' office 11 iv.'     ' .  —   ,      "
cXcclloiM    jiiilij'cs  ol'  ciu'jir.H,   lici-J'.'Vhncnliilcs.'   miill'   HAVAN.V.MI. Ci, Dee,  IT,- Mrs,  ,\l,
,   , ,,    . , ,  ...       ,,    . •   1.    1   I* 11 Hunter, .who was beaten and lefi tor'si'
nrh.rl nny ul.l lliinii Ihnl .vou nwy Icel <li.W'«l|ll(Jlurtt, tho wmu. linK>- Mrs. Kllm K'
lo puss iilonu* nl  this I'esl ive. sciimmi.      This is    nnl (iHliblo "and her diniftliier uvre wm--
l ilmed. ui  Iheir Iidiuuk here 011 Frldny
1 afternoon,   died oNior Injuries y.'Ster-
Tlie \Vi\y liml  llio prisoners went, til   (lie post
I lie 'IIVl'I'IILO
uilicc, mud.' lli("n\'cl*ii(4c serine cnrpeiiloi' |ook Hlu
niie of .1, I'ici'poiil  .Moi'^'iin's cliui'i'li '(IniintioiiH,
Alilioimlr .she  hnd    rumdned    con-
SCloillH'SS  !«>VCIIll   lilllCH  Since  the   I I'll-
medy iln'**'«'niiiiiii'never Imd been aide
] lo  nlv.*' 11   coi'i'cci   sliilement   of » ihe
...   1    The |i'i|ice are eeiitluuliiK the search
/'I I'm' Hie neKi'o who, wim neen onteriiij;
>olh liiin iiiii! I'miry pluccil nl jusl Ihnl i-nnilit-IUn*   (irlhble home Khorlly before Hie
I'mik i.s now iTim*.
til oil* buil(lin*-'s,       llicii nicniii  110 laities "euler  ihe,
Imli'ls,  nnd  therefore  tlie  n|iproiic|iesl are   nut   su
noccsMicy as „\vjin Iht'.pusl Ml'l'iee,      ||' the hnii'ls'
wt'iv urn  iiiakiuji nny    le-yiiiinnli- nihiiiicc |u ^cl,
ill IA  llicii' new  IniihliliK's  We  would  lie Ilie  I'ii'sl   loj
• •all I'i if Ilie cdikIi'IiHIiiI ion ul' llicii* piescnl iiniil'leis'
bill  We realize Ijuil, llii'y,nfc iliiiiitf Iheir hcsl. Thej
posllllllslef «',!.-*>' |'C(|ttesleirt(i  I'llfse  his  llll ill lilie* lllld'
• U.ll.i' ,1 ilcce/il eiill'.'llicc, illld liei-niise he -,\'.|||'l lint |
-in llinl Ilie cii|iiieil pi'Oeeeilcil In K'nf il down, mid!
tiiev   were nirlil. ,
The I list net elections nfe o\ef and I he old ol'i'i
• ■ev. lm ve been rel nnieil by a ver\ laree imijofily
This .-.hows thai iln1 ineii hud fnith in the nhilily
mid enci'uy of the ineii who hnve been ill' llio helm
roi" ihe past twelve iiiiuitlis, We arc nlioiil In
starl nu anolliei' year's progress, und il heliouves
the entire iiieiiihef.slii'p of ilii'' distfiel lo hi- Up nud
•loin-,'. Wnteli I'X'vvy opportuiiity in -ret more
members for your,union,      lli'lp yimr district ol'I'i
' i'iN ithuij*, In 1 not Mny on'uy Irom ni"e! in*.**-.,
and llicii when sinnt'tliiii*.' 'is done stnrl litlkin-y*
nliDiil how you would hnve done il. AlUmd yoin*
i!ieetiiij,rs ami help your local officers' IJeniemlief
llllll the Mien whom .Vol! have elected hnve In shoid*
det  .1  ni)  Idi'j*,.  eiiH.utii i.f r« .--i-on .i'.dli',y.     [!<•
Illeltilicf llllll they life oil Ihe irtt iill tlie lime, Do
iiiit inn awn.v with (lie idea Ihnl il n n -ofi suap
tn he jii'esiilenl. viei'-|ifesidelil 01* siH'i-elniy nf (his
'•iNli'let, wh'wU corii[i<K«*s .*i lei'v laftre teffitory
•unl  uliieli  tieec<.Kjifi1y menu- a  l/Ji'-ti'* amount  uf
nund'-rs uere eoimulttcib
1    Hevernl siispecled 'iiojirgeH nre li-lns
I held by the police, t .
■'ceommndiilinu. ami     iveiv  Ilie council    lo    deal I i(.m lone njjo,    *
<*nrsluy  with ihe liolel men m iln,*, .ivimnl ii ttoidd,    , .
menu a iiiiich louder delny in the completion    ol'j      Kiiif: Leopold of Ilie lleln'inn.s dic<
Ami conl is ,sli|l Imififj*'.miiu'il.nl, I'onl (Vcok.
*      -  I     U'l.VNII'Kd,   Hei
li'iol' how! •?5lls'{,1'1"'*',wnii  I'Vfil'i'KH,  on  the (',   X
17,*- The  eiiHlernlfi''
I lien1 is iiolliltiii lil<c fiiivitllf 11 pill
luilldy tlm post office is foe Ils iinu*.
Il„   lllet   Willi   ll   HCI'lllllH   lldOllbillt,   Ji'H'!
iM'i'dliy iii'icrnnoii, tliree coiicIhsk Inilun'
nl three   Y\'
j (U'l'lllll'll  lit   ll   IKllllI   lillOWII   l\H
,,     ., 1       .11. .1 t       .       ..     ,i      'i   i ""'• h'tlf n tn\U' easi of I .con n
Don I lose I rack ol Iln- wnvD sy.Mem |of Ihe <*ily,nm| „ ,,„„, n|||(,H „|1H, ((f „ri(ni1n|li
council of Hill). •    Theie wnn' eighteen tniK.seni-'ci'M on,
' llio train, Hie majority lielin*' Aiium*!-1
,        , ,    '        , *       'enn settlers  who were on their way*
I hafily litmus nl h-Mut* ami 11 ijuod way to sliirl .,.„„, fo), (jj„.|H,„„,Hi A,„Kj „( ,|„, pi1H.;«»,
Ihe  New   Vellf  U'lilllil   lie  lo  pn,V   Up  yollf .silliSCfip-|s"UP*ei'M wel'enuire or Ictm llljllfcil bill ' op'
" , none serimihl), and nil  were nble to* •j*
« 1 nn Hi  when lliej  aii'.lred nt, \Vlnnl|ie.« ■
-   •  ■ 1 ni i.iin ihiH mm iiim;. (
\'i'vy  few  eil ies  can  boiisl   of lieilef stores,   or
ictter slocks than wo have iu lA-mii'.*     Al presold
hey life lit   llleif best   Hlnl Millie of tlle window dis*
I *     '     •       .11.  nl
Iiliiel.cncd eye   •)'
The Five IVexs c);iim> uo .if iii error in staliim'
tll.it lib- cii,\ co'tiin-i! h;\s pet nmde 11 fM.wer fat"
for eleelfiejiy, Now. wc never snid anything of
<t,.. wii-t h'e Mi.1 '-'riu. d'ty iiou'ec rate which Ihe
eity is so nnxious to start, nod which should have
Im-i-ii started nl  the first  is entirely prohihilivo,"
Of course wc were only <n'oiutr hy ihe fitrili'-"-' I'lir-'britlHen
i   Tlio liijiii'eil are;   ,Mrn, (', II, |tm;u,
1 llelliime, S/ihIoiK'Iiowiiii,
I'lil'iilwch iiiiiI hIiocI..
I',  I.,   Illllll|)lire>h |||u|  Wife, ;m  ilKetl
ciiiilile inivollliiK  from <'rnll(  lo lllld-
I son, Mle.lilHHii, brill coil anil iiiuilvuii.
.-),   i,,   i,,'nir\,   .te«-   mul   , mi,   lJ,.i.i.-,
.S'lihlt.  hllllscil,
Willinm   lliuluiiiiel.  I'ralk,    In'oheii
I„   ll. KIIhwoi'IIi, CrtDk, SiiHlmie'lii"
u 'in   tirnlsr"*.'
Mr.    I'.ial   U'aiiiei',  Cr.'ilk,  .Saskai-
ehevrini, Iii'iiIm('h.
Mr. Hurley lilt ter nnd yhihl, Criill,,;
Our New and Beautiful line' of Holiday Goods, full of the
Choicest Selections for the Christmas Trade is now,, ready
for your inspection. We have new novelties in nice but
inexpensive goods. We have choicer and more costly gifts
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nicest and most appropriate gifts for Little or Big, Young
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Toys, Books, Novelties
and Art Goods
Our stock is generous in variety and includes only goods of
approved worth and superiorty, Our very reasonable prices
will delight you. Don't put off till the least week or the last day
to make your Christmas selection-will lay any article aside.
Our Motto: The Most of the Best for the Least
ilished us hy the city elect ru-iini.
fate of iii' ceiils per U.w. hoilf,
le enve us ii]    •^,'H• "• "■ lliu^inon, I'Hine Albert, 'y
I lirulscH,, ' ' I *2
I    I),   II,  .li'iildn,   minim   N.  V.. ciiihIT*
^_ „^ „ {mul lirulm'H. 1
1    It, .1. II. Ci'iihiiin. Mlmli-H, X. V. fuf!
SlllltlitlU'  off   till-   electric   lipids     iit   •^,,il»     t lie**.!' | ami   lil'lllseit. \ "^
It,   (i. KolincH. Slineoc, Om.. Iiadlyj ¥r
dark iiiiifiiinjr.s is vef.v childish. Niin'-thifly is kooii;
orinufrli dtifini/ llio wnttef
miu'lil look (his up.
mouths.     Thi< council
Suddaby's Drug & Book Store
Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs
.Huylcr's fie Lowncy's Chocolates, New Scale Williams' Pianos
I., Voiiiir, Wliiulticir, iiilurerl Iniet'ii" *■
nlly. I A'
ss~i_ <9 :
*lit  fe'\_   »   ^ .._,,.* „_MU_*_I ^"""^
'   -VWQffffgpi
**W»l«»J"*fc*l*«»#ff   h
*^i.4 w
e* 0 I
Xtie  Official Organ of District  No.   18, U. I_. W.   of A.
Fernie, _JB. C, December 18th,
** ■   j
|    News From the Camps
* ■*."*■
From, our own . Correspondejtts^
On Wednesday    night    an accident
happened which was nothing short of
miraculous as regards the escapes of
tlie trains crews from death or serious;
injury. ■ An engine and.caboose pitch-;
work in Miller's counter 71 chute, A
cave occurred, buryina both men. Pse-
tak's partner msumgc'1 to.free'himself
and went to obtain assistance to get
Psetak out. ' The men worked until 8
p.m. before the mall was reached." He
was -then' found to be dead, death being clue to suffocation. '•  The funeral
************* ************ti.
understand his injuries are not of a
serious nature, and he is expected out
*-,_ui a few days.     Andrew had just be-
■Xkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklt-kA kkk i-xkk
• A largely attended meeting, of the
'".'. C. I. and A, A. was'held in the new
club on Sunday last, December 12th.
Mr.1 V.'. McFegan the president was in
:,ht-'chair. The chief business was the
election of officers and board of man-!
gun work having been off for a considerable time with typhoid. Verily troubles never come singly.  "
Since' the last Creek noies appeared
the^ following •   two   most,   important
events have happened:
. To* Mr.'and   Mrs.   Fred  Varlow,    a
-1 young* guardian of the peace. .
asemeiu.     Mr. McFegan was re-elect-1    To ai,._ alul Mrs   Williani Corbetl, a
ed president. Mr. W. II. tivans - viee-|son> a iaill champion in that.     *'
president.     Mr. '.I. Combe was elected;    \Vork is proceeding' al a brisk rate
secretary aud Mr.  1).  Mriitin was re-;on x\w 110W jaji_     Funuv,isn't it? Xo  o!7tho  aiuhorliies  of   Frank  to    the
-3d-head on, into a freight two miles; t00,,ace m *WdneS(lt n]a|rm0].e
from.Crows Nest on the Coleman side   psetftk loav(?s / wlfe aud  - clllldron
in- which  the  engines  were  smashed
and a few cars
who   are   recently   oui   from   the old
, .  .                          ,                            The  mine:-, were  idle oii
received nijiines, but not ota very ser-, Tues(]av and  Wednesdav on  ,hal ac.
iqus nature.      All  the others,  brake
One of the firemen' (,ounu.v
men and drivers escaped with a few
bruises and a severe shaking" up. How
the accident occurred is not known at
time of writing. The passenger due
nt S.45 ii.ni. and flyer at lO.'lO p.m. in
conseouence were thrown late some
1G" hours. '
The quadrille club held their first
dance of the season on Tuesday night
which was at tended by a nice crowd,
and all spent' an enjoyable' evening.
We would liko lo draw the nt tent ion
,. - . , lamp susceptible of being lighted  by
»";»j litis week.      Well we don't see wbat   ago*miring the heavy gaie the footpath    ^ workmen ,„ c,nso of ,,is lam]) bt.,llf,
toll-i that has to do with it. ,   We venture to. was blown over for about :,0 feet. Ihe  fiX,|nBulslK,rti lhll8 alTmdins a greater
'  0l!say  that   there'is not one case  in a  "'dis  winch the planks are nailed to
Messrs.  W. Larder,  \V.:ye.... wh •;-■■]•. Vim ]}l, direellv attributed' tlw. .cross  pieces  with  are projecting
- j inri-ii   im-*.   nccn   o'ji    iui'  une   since   tilt
held for a,number of years,     Mr. W. ; tlri.m     What's that?-    The club opens
Hughes was re-elected ns janitor ami: this week
9   Mulgrew' as bartender'.     The
.owing were elected ou tbe  board  ofisav  ,1,.,,   thprc -ls nol 01K
Wilson, W. Tinkler, W. Aguew. T,il0 ,he cll!i); Xo tll.lt „,„•■_ bc, ,lu,
U'akiam, C. Mc.Vay. C. Olarrulge and' ,-eason-;-there is. no reason for-It.
■'• Haiie.       "* *'*' I What's  that*.''     It   is  probablv  being
A grand benefit concert will'be held; lnlill t0 pi.ovi,ie ,iie Hoss supporters
t:* the club hall on December 27 in aid; with their thiitv pieces.of silver. Well
of Charlie Alstead. ^ Tbe concert Is; that is nearer the mark. '
heinc organized by tlie .board of man-!
■ ' The Verdict
That deceased came to his death
in whaVis known as Miller's counter of
Xo. 71 chute in the mine of ihe Canadian Consolidated Coal Company, formerly Ihe American Coal and Coke
Company at Frank, Aha., by being
buried under a fall of conl, dealh behig
due to suffocation: we nirther ffnd
that deatli was due to unavoidable accident, for whicli.no one was responsible; we, however, p-commeud that
; tin? said 0. C* C. Co. instal in lieu of
slorttd*-treasurer,  a  position  hc.'has;lleoc|  lias ,)0c.n M,   ,*or 'mi, silK.(, ,lK,  condition ol* the footpath between Uny.'the' safety' lumps now  used  a  safety
school  and  the' church.
I wn weeks
The public schools hero closed Kri-
asemen-f-of the club anil is sure to be; day  for th(? chrismnis liollrliivs.     The
, r**, great success.     Tickets will be on
:*iale this ..week and we trust that thoy
through two'or three inches and it* is
very dangerous to (lie general., public
and especially io the children when
ihey como oui of school. This ought to
be attended to "before any serious accidents occur.
George   McKay,   real   estate   agent,
of Calgary,   late   of   Michel,  come   in
ngtnsiien, tints anonuiig
measure of safely to the miners,
will have n large sale. This is a most
deserving case and we hope a substantial'sum will be]realized.
■"* The election took place on Saturday
Issi* for the position of. miners repre-
•-.-ntative on the board of examiners.
There were three nominations, viz.—
W. H. Kvans, Joseph Lyons and .Tohn
_v Smith. The ballot which was taken* in the old office of Ko. i) mine,
"/as open from two o'clock till six. The
r-sult was very unsatisfactory, only 0
r.:-.ni voting out of GOO or so. The place
c'.-.r balloting is somewhat out of the
way and the men would not lake the
trouble to go around -there to' vote! It
schools open again on tlie first Monday! town ou Wednesday..      Ho slates that
in JamiSry. j Calgary  is going  ahead   wonderfully.
The mines have only been doing mo-j' *■<■■■ ->!'s lotH there from S100 lo ?*.'::,000.
derately well of late owing principally i •■" expects to spend Christ mas iu .Milo iho air line and air iliukys freezing j chel. , ' '       , ^
up. No: 1 mine was also idle afternoon,     A    fatal _ accident .happened, here in   ,*)e do'(.i,i(,,ioU1)on,      Another consulia
shift on Wednesday"in conseciuence ofj tli«_old mine on .Monday evening. The  (jon w]n hp ll(?1(, t0m01T0U-;
, imiJSSKI.S, Oec; 17.--King Leopold
was reported as dying today, but- the
report lacks confirmation. It is known
tliat the condition of his majesty has
reached a critical stage, but death is
not at hand. A consultation of alt-
ending physicians was held this morning, when it was decided thai if there
was no sig nol'1 a, change for the bet-
i ler bv  tomorrow' an. operation  would
ness he sent "for his private secretary i
llaron Goffinet, who remained several ■
moments in the chamber. Immediately'.
following this mornings consultation;
tho king summoned a lawyer and a
notary with whom he had a prolonged'
interview, presumably in reference to
his will. Subsequently he received,
ihe papal nuncio who brought the,
benediction of the holy father and the.
Spanisli  minister.1; '   *.- .      y
Leopold's courage  and  fortitude  in ■
the face of deatli is a matter of great;
comment. His mind remains clear and
he    insists    upon   talking  about   the
affairs of the nation.     This afternoon
he summoned  his  youngest  daughter,
Princess Clemen line.
'   Yesterday the patient suffered a relapse and as day progressed he grew
steadily  worse.    Last evening,it  was-
announced that a'disquieting affection-
of tlie abdomen had appeared and that
dropsy of ihe legs has also set in. The
physicians   met   in   consultation    hist
night.      Towards   midnight   the   king
was said to have been slightly improved and to have liad some'sleep* The
court physician bad a consultation in
company 'witli other  physicians  after
•which, ihe  following   bulletin  was  issued :'
i Although the night passed quietly
I the king's condition hots not improved. I'uless an immediate change oc--
curs an operation will be necessary, j
Royal' Chaplain ' Laken remains at
ihe palace, prepared to administer the
last   sacraments."
JL^-SL __>__& <£&*
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Your Christmas Gifts.
We will show the finest
selection in the city y "
L, E
* •
T  Y  '
S   The     Leading    Drug
| 0
<5®-8R'»«lft'09<S»'®5SSi3_!^C&«SBi*saD *^<l&'©i«a«I>*e_ «»«Br> _»(S_«SO(_!>'«3
squeeze'wafer out of a stone nor can you buy for $300 a new*
piano that is TRULY worth S450.' If you believe that men
be honest with yourself when you select your piano for Xmas.
a big cave
The new club is now completed audi
the members are getting it in good!
shape. The real opening fakes place j
tonight (Saturday) when a ' grand j
smoking concert will be held. There isj
going to bo a.grand'time. "Will you be!
there?,     -    ■- ' ;
' .lack Harrington, Socialist candidate
in the recent provincial election, lias
started  working hi  Xo. 2 mine hero.
accident   happened   about   Jj.ir.     when*     Th(J   ]{iu„   slein . iutenniuontlv   last
ohn  Psetak and his partner were at I   |Rh(; ,Jul.,n_ on? ,)erl(ul  of w.lU(.rui.
further argued thai iho vast major-. Jack ,s ,ls'800d'a man at the coal face
did, -not know about llio election
"a.kiug"place on Saturday, seeing that
:■■;■.t notice was on the same land of
c-irri as for the monthlvnexaniinations.
These they cla\m, they never read be-
ostise it is just the usual monthly no*
"ice of examinations, ■ However that
r-.ay be we are quite mire .thai   more
as he is on the platform, Crows Nest
Daily notwithstanding. Ask' liiin what
he thinks of ICmpire and ibe dignity of]-
labor. _ ;
We hope that-tlio Coal Company will;
give    a  -little, more attention  lo tlie
.locker question.     It is time, that a few
hundred more were built.     The pros-'*
:-. cjoweveivthe election will have to
.-itand  now.  The candidates are.
^aiMiiue-kiiew oMhe vole being inU-|eUl blippiyis xcry inudoquaio.      Thc
=m nt*se=i**5=s (A-i g u s Lv=o-v-*9 rc=i^o-\*Ml^2 l-,=a u' d.-=i ii--i
some  places   there  are  two  or  three'
They are so small (bc-
warm friends .and the two losers are-';,, a jocker
quite satisfied congrati.laiiiig .ihe topj ing.' on!yv lm(,nde(1'ioY me m.m) tV.fi
man on his election. The vote was;; oms' cannot oominenc'e to dress mil
Smith 6, Lyons .*', and-Uveitis 0. :lhe 0ii!el..,s t'i„isiU!'a.-
•An accident occurreil nn Monday iu
-No. 5 mine when Andrew Paton was
unfortunate enough to get himself in j tiontlpn (it Fairclough's Uoardlng
b-?rv\;een the air dinky unci the timbers.i bouse, Coal Creek, ITJ.-ISO. opposite
H- was taken'io Ferule hospital. \Ve;ihe football  grounds:
First  class board ancl accommoda-'
If you WANT a thorough
musical training, ( Pianoforte
or Organ ) then call on James
Cartilege, opposite Methodist
Church, who receives and trains
pupils and can assure intending
patrons of best attention being
s'iowu tnem. Pa'-ents please
that it is belter to hjive bought a Heintzman & Co.
to have wishedoyou had
|     """7ames"caSiTeg^_"    |  $»»»»^»»»»»»»»»»»»»»^»»»»»»^»»^^
! • 3-.-?*i«*ffl9*^5S§*® *_5®«1S*5!_'J3i*SE:*®
'.   L*
~r"lrsv— t/"ra"s"S~7QTU"on—otore- carry-T^-
ing  a  Suitable  Line  of  Xinas S
• Goods'.       ~y §
Two  South  African* Scrips'   for §
sale at usual  price A
-North   Lethbridge,  —Lethbridge ' A
Alta, f
Piano than.
not the lowest but'the -CHEAPEST when superiorty of
quality is considered *    ' *-
Heintzman  Piano  Parlors—Miners Opera House Elock
Garfeutt Business
Stafford Block, Lethbridge.,
i •*«€w- tt '■': --i' **? 4S.*5E;4S!ta»*aaB@®f
Guarantees positions "to its-grau-;
nates. Thorough instruction in
Shorthand & Commercial branches.
For any information or free prospectus write '
Geo. J. Shmidt,
Principal Garbutt Business College
P.O. Box 1291     Phono 263
* * *. _
A i>ie: SecDiul  hum! hlnie*i-»
imw-iiiii'ii   ni-av the   ■"'I'linnl.
t i f ii »l 1 -"* lillUgl.l.
iL and i-x-
i      Peter James      j
■I I
■as* s* -® <s& c& •© <b» <© ® *a> *cs> est v—*
'i.. *-iiii|iIii,*. I'lii'ifiiniis >!iii|)|.|iii; ii
|.\.-*Jll'ii*il H.-J) ul iil'tlcli'." hii:- licc'll i-nlll'
.-'lit'il. All yi.ii liiivc ,tu ilii Is to Icuk
■ !> :!>*,* Iiiiui uf pi'i'Miii ui* relation in
a ' mn .yon u*|>-,!i in jilvi' a pri'Meai, aiiil
r.i.'l-i- >nii will I In,I :t lUt of sulcililc
Tl i*.-i'  lift-- iii-i* li   in  i• vt■ r.\11111- .'ii-*
;. il!iii   mil-   i-luii-.
Of the World's Most Handsome
t it i
nut  a
•i'i'iiii> ficn i'
I'uiu furl
NnjiUln ttlnu
lllllllll'l*   1111111111
llllll,!   'I'i'H.-i
I'li'liii'i.  llm.lv
I.inn i'
'I'oi   DNhi".
Unci.hm  lliu**.!'
'I'n?  i'riiln
I'nliil   lln\
.liMi'iilli1 ,\iili'|iil|ii'r
lli'iliiinli'iil   ln>
I'nihil'   llnv
•■lllllkl I'*.  **i|'|
Uli 'I'i-iij
I'lllill*   (lllii*.
ripe iiim'Ii
Will Iim  MiiIimIiiI
fntr I'm
riuiii'i'iii' rii»c
1' 111 > 1 >i*i ii Clli'iU
lliiiiilUiii'lili'l lln\
I'lirlm* I'l'iiiiiii'i
l.'iij'*. 0«n
Tnliiti'iii .litr
.-i i, t i
I'iiiiiiIiiIii I'i'it
Mm \ Inn vri
Miui'li llm
( Im ti f in*..'
IlllllUf  Sl'l
Suit1 iui in r
i'i..-  linn
Oi'iicll Ilut
(uiu  I'lirm'
lu>   'I'nil ii
I'hni t'nnl Minim
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lialu'ls  and   Seals   in   small   packages. Tinsel.   Hells   and   Christinas  Tree decorations
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li'Mllnl'   lli'slv
I in . iiiii*;  lint;
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lint   I'in   llnhlei*
'Hin r   Is illlc
'I'lllll'l    I'lIM'
I'lii.In   Knsi'l
l!in llnlin
Willi.   |Iii-.I,i-I
Moll'   Mnll
l'll|l< i*   Iviill'i-
I.I.Mr   llo\
llil.li;.-   •">■(
I nil    llnv
( Iuiir  I ii*..*
'I I'll t rlllnu   I  iilllfiil lilm.
** lm i ri '•.   llt'il'il**.!!''-.
Hen   Hi reriilliiii*.
\\ nlli-i
mn iiiiui.
Ulllrh     I'liv
I I'lll'l'   I'llxl'
".llllll.'*!'*.'     **>lllllll'll"i
•llll* lliu     lllll I'l
\\  I lllK4      »l III I' I'l III
Ul'l III 'II   - -
cl-?i   i ii   m~ .,1
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I nnl   llri'ilier
I'll Ini i<   I  i iiiih*
1'iiililitii*   I >■ rin
.lm I'lnti'i*.'
Hull. >   .lm*
I , I.   .   |!l
\ li ill*. I n   Klnu'
ii.uiii   mul ( iiiiui   ii "•
Cll-t \    I llllll*
•>,,*.   *   ■ liuil. i
1 '.. T I >•.'    *>l*l
Ulitner   I.lieu
I --.,11   lll'li
    v,,,. I
i n.nili">lli I.-
I i nrl
I ei'i >   I'nllt'r.i
I ni
Iln.,*  Iliml
":»©sb. \ *.T^^A^o^rA7amaarismmmmmm \
for thc. night Prcaont for thc
Right Porson at Right prico uo to|
'■ ■•■<**-
Found  Stark   and  Stiff in Open
Boat—Awful Plight of
Carferry Crew
ERIE, Pa., Dec. 15.—Nine men, frozen to death and covered with lee,
were towed here today, by the state
fisheries boat, Commodore Perry. The
frigid'' fetters that'bound them kept
eight of the men seated,. stark and
stiff, in the little yawl in which they
had struggled to escape the fate that
overcame them. The ninth one was
prone, he being frozen to the bottom
of the yawl.
There had been a tenth assenger
on this hideous voyage, for in the
yawl's bow was found every stitch of
elothing that a sailor man wears at
this season of the year. There Is little doubt that the tenth man, seeing
his comrade's eyes staring at him
through filts of Ice, went mad, stripped himself and-plunged to a' quicker
end in the waters, of the lake.
Part of Crew of Car Ferry
The nine glassy Images were of the
crew of the Bessemer and Marquette
car ferry No. 2 which had been miss-
• ing since a terrific wintry gale_ swept
Lake Erie last Tuesday. The Commodore. Perry with scores of other
boats had been searching for No. 2.
She had aboard 36 men, of whom six
were passengers. ~lt seems impossible that any of them could have escaped.
Said Captain Terry Driscoll of the
Commodore Perry .tonight: "A luavy
sea was running when we sighted tlie
yawl, and we had some difficulty in
reaching it.* As we made her out by
our glasses eight of the men were sitting up in the boat with their life
preservers strapped around their
shoulders. The ninth man lay in
the bottom of the boat, frozen to the
slat floring.*..    •
We did not try ,to take the nine
dead men abuard as we feared, that
the yawl would capsize-if our men
were to attempt to board her in the
water.'        '
Thousands of'-persons swarmed to
the piers. As soon as the^ fish boat
made fast a score of men with tackle
Bodies Identified
The bodies were taken directly" to
the morgue where the following identifications were made: *
, H. Thomas, second cook, Port Stanley, Ontario.
W. Ray' *
J.   W. Sovars, waiter
G. R. Smith, steward
F.  Steel,  fireman
J. Shenk, fireman o '
J. Hart, oiler
Charles .Allen.
The Christmas number of the Canadian Magazine is a splendid exhibition of the work that Canadian writers, illustrators and painters are producing. From cover to cover everything is high class and indeed a standard Is set that Is considerably In advance of anything that has ever been
turned out by Canadian presses. The
number is composed almost entirely
of short stories, sketches and poems,
and with the'exception of a critical
appreciation by Louis Vauxcelles, a
Frenchman, of the work of the eminent Canadian artist, J. W. Morrice, the
whole number is the output of Canadian writers and artists. The first
contribution is a short story by Theodore Roberts, with illustrations by
Fergus Kyle. Then follow short stories and sketches. There are, a series
of full page productions of western
photographs by Newton MacTavish,
and the reproductions of paintings by
J. W. Morrice are unusually fine. Altogether the number, is an excellent
Christmas souvenir with a fine cover
in colors by T. .M Marten.
raised tne" b0dics—t"o~th"e~"do"ck-"where*
waggons were iii waiting. Conneaul
Ohio, where most of the men resided,
was notified -by telephone, and in two
hours a hundred residents of that
place were here.
Mail  Robber Has Cold Feet and Puts
,     -  The Coppers Wise—Hid in .
,the  Ground
WINNIPEG, Dec. 17—An additional
sensation developed in the case of the
mail cars robbers today when Howard
V. Rowe,. one of the prisoners, changed his plea of not guilty to one of
guilty. He again.elected to have the
case tried by Magistrate Daly and it
will come up for final settlement on
Saturday. Not only has Rowe plead-
to Detective Parkinson of the Ottawa' secret service that was the means
of locating another thousand dollars
on his homestead four miles from
Springside, Man.
Xmas. Hampers
HAMPER NO. 1—$3.00—    .,
1 Dozen Oranges
G lbs. Apples
1 Box Bon Bona
1 Plum Pudding
1 lb, Grapes
1 lb: Table Raisins
1 lb. Fancy Biscuits
1 lb. Mixed Nuts
2 lbs. Cranberries
1 lb. Tea or Coffee
1 Bottio Nativo Port
HAMPER NO. 2:— $5.00—
1 Bottio H, B, Special Rye
1 Bottio H. B, Port Wine
1 Bottle H. B. Old Sherry
1 Bottio H, B, Old Scotoh
1 Bottio H, B. Diamond Brandy
1 Box Fancy Cigars
3 Bottlos Lager Beer
HAMPER NO. 3~$10.00-
1 Bottio H. B. Special Ryo
1 Bottle H. B. Old Sherry
1 Bottle H, B. Old Port
G Bottles Lager Boor
1 Bottle H, B, Special Scotch
1 Bottio H, B, Special Old Irish
1 Bottio H, B, Jamaica Rum
1 iiox Iiiurguerilv Cigaia (25)
1 bottle H, h, Special Bnuuly
Mail OrdBrS Receive prompt attention
Lethbridge, Alta.
We unite because we must. It is
not a matter of sentinent er charity,
it is one of business. True, the blood
tingles on beholding the brutalities of
our industrial chaos, but while thie is
an incentive it is not the fbundatim
of our trades unionism. We are trade
unionists because there is no other agency, that will secure for us good pay,
a short workday, partial independence
in the present and some time, we hope
No other agency!   "'A bold    statement.     Can we prove it?
„ Problem: To secure the product of
our labor.
Not a school of economic thought,
and there are many, but acknowledges
the necessity of union to attain as will
as union to hold what has been attained. One individual cannot lift ten
hundred weight; ten individuals can
do so withease.,, History avouches
it. "All evidence and experience tend
to make the claim of unity axiomatic.     *    ,
In this instanec, then a union of
what? Of all classes? „ Landlords,
bankers; lawyers, manufacturers, merchants, wage' workers such as make
up a political party? No; the first
two exploit us—we cannot unite with
the^i. The tfeird is a tool of patronage, on sale; he will "tear a passion
to rags' for pelf—him too, we must
The fourth and fifth, fellow sufferers of ours, with them we would combine against the first but they will
not. -They think they can get moro
by keeping us( their patrons, down.
Are we left, then, to unite with our
fellow ...wage workers?
B_ut wait! We overlook the professions—ministers, physicians,* scholars;
editors. Capable-, men! Intelligent
conversant, select! But, while creditable exceptions, lukewarm"followers,
not leaders. They are men of bottled
opinions. ,
So,—wageworkers!     And they?
Robbed, deceived,- damned! Scoffed
at, shot at, jailed! Unanimous, of
course. Men of similar ideas, purposes and means? Hardly. Rather,
men of vastly different ideas, purposes
and means to be similarize'd in action.
Men—rprogressive, tardy, commanding
resisting, liberal, dogmatic, orthodox,
selfish, ardical, conservative. Opinions, all shades.' A union of all sorts
and conditions of men'.
Manifestly it is impossible to unite
these on any composite program. As
well talk of an equilibrium of faculties, as Andrews puts it, despite the
law of individuality. Impossible in
any event but for—self interest. The
powerful lever of mutual want, the
product of their labor. There is no
diversity of opinion on this. To se*
cure it they will combine on certain
methods within certain limits.
Such methods must necessarily be
simple, and the limits narrow, but
not incapable of expansion. They
will be as narrow as the narrowest or
as broad as,, the broadest. They will
be average with an upward tendency
due to the education .which must follow exchange of .ideas and contract.
TiieTtandard-wili-be—continually-advanced by the dishonest yielding to
the honest,in deference to that natural law, the sense of right; the enlightened will „elevate , the ignorant
the bark of Ihe radical answered by
the growl of the conservative, will
modify,both; the arbitrary, the resisting, heretic and orthodox, will temporize, agree to disagree .on cherished
views and work on common ground,
Any attempt to. overstep this limit by
force will result in lukewarmness nnd
break the bond of union. Conscience
will go on strike.
"It is safe to say that had it been
possible to enforce all the resolutions
adopted by the trade union we would
have "ull sorts and conditions' of organizations. ' As It is the Individual
is partly contented by his protest.
Tlio maximum of organization, of
universal variety In unity, can only be
secured by the minimum of coercion,
and no mattor what the organization
mny be, it can Accomplish but little
without numerical strength. Tho mass
will rulo despite tangents, Such is
tlie liberty of society, That Is not
progress which breaks from tho maRS
because of Iln turdineBB. It may be
magnificent and courageous, but. It Is
not war. Sooner at lator the rotreat
must ho mado. The folly of such Is
apoxed when tlioy attack tho masses
of tliolr follow sufferers, ns do some
nnnrehlsts, stuto socialists and others,
Tho moBt thoy can do Is to disrupt,
deefat union and thon lator, when wiser and exploded, get off tlio union
trnck, or back Inlo tho fold and teach,
If lliolr foolhnrdliioBS has not discounted thoir usefulness. This ability
to break should only bo exorcised at
a lime when coercion Is attempted.
So, thon, wo must havo union which
must ho numerically strong, which .of
necessity must ho of nvorago doslru,
and which will bo odnentlonnl, flexible
and honeu progressive.
Such is the lilgliost form of organ-
Iz/itlon (lint mnn cnn achieve, built
upon common ground, nloug whleh Its
pathway may he traced nnd Btich Ih tho
■—Trado Union.
Wo will sccurn the product of our
lnbor by llio pfogrosslvn trndo union,
Trndo unions two progressiva? Yes',
both proKresHlvo nnd slow, Slow bo-
cniiso tlmy hnve tho mnHs to educate,
nnd proRrosslvn bemuse of their odu-
fill Inn. During the pnflt deendo tho
trail*) union lias found common ground
upon ninny now Idcnn. Whether or
not llioy aro all correct wn will nol
now (lliK.'UHH. Suffice ll (a Hiiy the
ovld'-iipo flexibility, cxpnmilon, nnd
tlm pronrussivo tendency. Such arc:
....ii»«..'.:*..tl«'. y. v-*,.:ft*. :•.:■■•' IV.*-"■-.j-*,'.*' '■*•
b'n Iri-n-Unhln •mnnfipollen, -minus, mil-
ronds, teleumphs, telcphoncm, munlel-
pnllznflon of aimai cms, light, wntor;
abolition of land monopoly; abolition
of money monopoly; direct legislation, AiiHtrnllnn tonllot nnd others. All
111   llil-iw lirt'n; 'iiiV, Uftuv. *ui',7.i i.ivJ'j..-,
oil arid advocated, showing conclusively Its limits nro not fixed nnd It Is
ready—must ndopt. thnt which Is nc-
oeptublo to Its members,
Its present alms nnd methods nro
well known; It will ndopt othors Just
,xa noon ■»« tho. education It no widely
dlHHemlnnlcn levels down tho hills nud
fllln tip tlie cjnp fn thr mlnd« of Un
members, lis possibilities nro only
bounded hy Inck of knowlodRO nnd
tin- iiMi-unlonUt,
A pure grape cream of
tartar powder. Its fame
is world-wide. No alum,
no phosphatic acid.
There is never a question as to the absolute
purity and healthful-
ness of the food it raises.
DENTIST. ;        yi.
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block.,
Hours 9-12; 1-5; 6.30-7.80. Phone''72
:ernle   ..*.
B. C.
W.  R.   ROSS K.C.
, Barrister  and.Solicitor •
Fernie, B. C. .     Canada.
L. P. Eckstein
. D. E. McTaggart
Cox Street Fernie B. C;
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
, Barrister and Solicitor
A. fleDougal!, Mgr
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber .
Send us youp orders
(L ****************************](.*
■     ', ■    ■■ .-t
Sunday School
On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for thc International
Newspaper Bible Study Olub, <
xxi:17 to 22-29.
_._, __s.    	
December 1Sth 1909
Review.     t _      ■
Golden Text for the Quarter:—!
have fought a good, fight, I have finished my course; I have kept the
faith. II Tim. iv.7.
The following questions can be used
as a'nevr and complete'lesson as well
as for a review* of the eleven preceding lessons. ,        ' ,
The date and title bf each lesson aiid
where    found,  'the Golden Text and
one question from each of the eleven
preceding lessons follow:
October 3— -
Paul a Prisoner.—The Arrest. Acts
Golden Text. Thou
soldier of Jesus Christ.
'   u ,   —II Timothy ii:3
Verses 20-24.—In bridging the two
dispensations, is it • likely that God
so to speak, winked, at the apostles
trying to graft the laws of Moses into
Christianity, or was it God's plan that
the Jewish Christians 'should still
keep the law?
October 10—
Paul a Prisoner: The Plot. Acts
xxii:30 .to xxii:35. Golden Text: I
will say of the Lord He is my refuge
and my fortress, my God; in Him will
I trust.     Psnlm 91:2.
Verse 11,—There Is no way to tako
tho miraculous,out of the New Testament without destroying it,. Now ln
view of that fact, why did not God
rescue Paul, In this Instance, as Ho
did from tho prison.at Phillppi?
October 17—
Paul a Prisoner: Beforo Felix. —
Acts xxiv, Goldon Toxt: Herein do 1
exercise myself to havo always a conscience void of offenco towards God
and townril men,    Acts xxlvHG,
Vorsos 26-27—What was tho besetting sin of Felix, nnd how do you ostl-
niato the   character of a man who
wants to ho bribed to do right?
October 24—
Paul a Prisoner—Boforo Fostus and
Agrippa. Acts xxv.6-12, chapter 20.-*-
Goldon Text—I know whom I havo bo-
liovod, nnd nm porstmdod that ho Is
able to koop that which I havo committed unto lilm against that day,—
II Tlm. 1:12.
Vorsos 24-32—Why did not Fostus
nnd Agrippa both turn to God, Booing that thoy woro clearly convinced
of tho truth of Christianity and their
nood ot salvation?
October 31—
Paul a Prlsonor—Tho Voyage. Acts
xxvll:1»20. Goldon Text. Commit thy
way unto tho Lord, trust nlso In Mm,
nnd Ilo shall bring It to pass. Punltn
Verses 21,26—What reason Is there
to believe from this narrative that
when we fall to use, and It Is too late
Ito adopt God's best plan, he will still
graciously provide a good one .which
| we may adopt? (This question must
be answered In writing by mombors of
the club,)
November 7—
Pniil n Prlsi-mor; Tho Hhlpwrflok,
Acts xxvll:27 to xxvlll',10, Goldon
Toxt, Tho Lord reduomotlitlio bou! of
IiIh sorvnntH, and,nono of thom thnt
trust In lilm shall ho deBolntc, Psalm
Verses 33-as,—Mny praying nnd fasting, when you ought to bo eatlnfi and
working, bo as great a prnctlcnl crime
ns scuttling thc Bhlp?
November 14
Paul n Prlsonor ln Romo. Acts 28:
11-3!. Goldon Toxt: I am not ashamed td thii KOHptil of ChrUt, for tt la thc
powor of God unto Snlnvtlon to evory
ono thnt bclWtvotli,     Homunu UlG.
Versos 25-20.—Is it a law of God
that (dn deadens the conscience   and
perveits the judgment, hence,   can a
man living in any kind of sin, trust
.i    ■*
Ins judgment on personal, moral and
spiritual questions?
November -21:
Paul's Story of his life. II Cor. ii-
21 to xii:10. Golden Text:,,He said unto
me, my grace is suffic.^.t tor thee,
for my strength is made perfact m
weakness. II Cor. >:ii:9.     '    '"'  .
Chapter xii: 1-6.—What is the only,
real proof of God, of immorality and
of the wisdom of the spiritual life?,
November-28 „
' 'Paul on "Self Denial'. Romans xiv:10
21. Golden.Text: It"is good neither, to
cat flesh nor-to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother "stumbleth.
Romans xiv:21.
Verses 15-16—If you enjoy and drink
your glass of wine when you know
that, wine drinking is doing, vastly
more [harm than'good, what sort of a
person are you? '*, ■
December 5.—   7
Paul on the Grace of Giving. II Cor.
viii:l-15. Golden Text. Remember the
words of the I.ord.-Jesus, how* he said
It *is more blessed to give than to receive, Acts xx:35.   ' 7   ',
Verse -15—What reason is there to
believe that If we give systematically
to Gods cause that we ourselves shall
never lack?
December 12.—
Paul's Last. Words. II Tim, iv:l-,18.
Golden Toxt: For me to live is Christ
and to'dio Is gain. Phil, 1:21.
Verses 3-4.—Why Is it that burglars
gamblers, counterfeiters, liars, drinkers, and othor bad men and womon,
often porsunde themselevs that they
are right?
Lesson for Sunday, December 20th,
1909—The Birth of Christ. Matt, il:'
December 26 1009
Tho Birth of Christ.—Matthew li:
Goldon Toxt.—And thou shnlt call
his nnmo Josus for ho shall save his
people from their sins.
Verse I,—Whero Is Bethlehem, lho
birth plnco of .Ii-su-**?
Whore wnB the homo of Mary and
Joseph, the parents of Jesus, nnd how
did It happen that they woro nt Bethlehem at this timo?
What was tho prohnhlo nntlonnllty
of thoBo "wlso men?"
Verse 2.—Is there nny ovidoneo nnd
If so what is It, which indicates that
God, In past ngos hns revenlod hlmsolf to othor peoples thnn thoso of
Jewish   origin?
Glvo your own Idoa of this star thnt
llio wIho mon Bnw which Indicated to
them thnt a Jewish king hnd been
born j wns It objective or only sub-
Woro tho wlso mon right In the|r
opinion thnt Johuh wiih "'tho King of
tho .lows," ns thoy wore In lho fact
of hia birth?
Vorso 3—What Is tho ovidoneo for
or ii gn I ii nt tho Idea thnt. It wns God's
orlglnul Intention for Jouus to ho lho
literal King of tho .lows, ns tho wise
men hnd stated, nnd as lierou alho
tvwtxid r
Why Bhould Herod and all Jerusalem be troubled nt thf- announcement
of the birth of a Jcwlnh king?
VarsoH 4-0—What prophot In hero
leierr**- Ui, awi 'ttuxxtxi xu uns iiiulv.
did those prlostu and scribes quote
Did tho prophot they quoted from,
nnd did theso priests and scribes
think that the expected Christ was to
lie an onrMily Kirn?? Why?
Vorso 7,--What In it which makos
diligent otwdy of A worthy «ul>Jer»,
either noble or Ignoble?
Verse 8.—How would you descrlbo
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
, Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
, • Residence 21 Victoria Ave.
'   Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
a man with the motive of Herod when
he sent these'wise men off on their
mission of finding Jesus? - * * 0
, What, if any, reason is there to-believe that there are those .today who
attend church and thus pretend they
are earnestly seeking Jesus, who have
practically the same motive as Herod
had?,,     **,,,,
Verse 9.—If a "man today would/see
the'Christ, what "star'*' does he need
to follow to be sure of being led to
him?*, "'
/Give your reason for your idea whether it'is to the favored few only that
God sends a star, or its equivalent,
pointing to"where Jesus may.be found,
or are all men similarly, treated?
always produce joy, and' then describe
that which produces trie greatest joy
to mortals known? (This question
must be answered, in writing by members of the club.)
"■ Verse 11.—What "is the ground for
certainty; for the statement' that those
who really seek Jesus * always find
him? .
What arc,the emotions which,are.
stirred, the motives which are- formed,
and the deeds which are done by
everyone who really seeks and finds
Verse 12,—Is there any liability thnt
those who live In tho presence of
Jesus will ever be duped Into betraying Him oi*'his cause?
Is the dny of the supernatural guidance of God's chlldron past, or is
there reason to believe,that,il. Is as
operative as ever?
Lesson for Sundny, January 2, 1910.
—John tho Forerunner of Josus. Matt.
"Yes, I hnvo got money to sny that
Bluff McDougall is tho champion
Mnrnthon walkor of this country."
"I beg your pardon sir, for flitting
in, but I am rondy to back my wife
ngninst that friend of yours for nny
"Is your wife a wnlkor?'
,  "Oh, bog pardon, I thought you snld
Bar Unexcelled
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The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Cpnimevcial.
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S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds nf rough iuul dressed luniliei
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Chartered Accountant, Assignee) Liquidator and Trustee; auditor to
the Cities of Calgary and Fernie,
P. O. Box 308
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B. Evnns, Konmnro, N. D.
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!        ""•     .r. . . .., i, .  .,, ,      Tt... v.,.       kiln
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F. Bonaccl, Mnplo Leaf, Bellevuo, Aim.
Chna. Gnrnor, Mlchol, B. C.
A. Covntch, Passburg, Alta.
' Chas. Smith, Uoynl Coll., LothbridRO, Alta
L. McQuarrlo, Rocb Porcoo, Sask,    ,
A. 8lmw, Strathconn, Alta,
Wm. Kimsoll, Tabor, Alta.
■R. Tlrnwn, Tnbor, Alta.
J. Rocno, Taylorton, Basic,
I. *
:fy _wn«awJr*
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A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
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i-** * J 'v
, Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
(By William Blakemore, Member. of
Canadian "Mining Institute, . Green-
well. Gold Medalist,'North.of England Institute of Mining Engineers
in Victoria Colonist.)
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦'♦ ♦ ♦
***    ,"' '' ♦
Surface Works
On the subject of hoisting little need
be said, because practically the direct
hoist has not been superseded. Various
methods of applying a balanced weight
have been tried. The only one of any
importance Is that resorted to'in the
Koepe system, which has a return rope
from the underside of the cage; but
without entering1 into details lt, is safe
to say that this need not be seriously
considered at,present.
As to whether a steam or- electric
hoist should be used, depends upon
whether a natural water power is available for generating purposes. If. so, it
has been , amply* demonstrated that
whether for a single large mine or a
group of mines, it is economical tp
generate electrical power' at a" waterfall and to distribute it from one central station" It, will pay to do.this for
a number of mines where steam has to
be resorted to for generating electricity. On ■ all grounds it is" cheaper
and more efficient to have a central
station than to attempt to set up a
number of individual electric plants at
the several mines.
. If steam is used it may be said that
the day of low pressure has gone by;
and* that the best type of boiler is the
water tube,-with working pressure of
180 to 200 pounds. Geared engines
are going out of order as large outputs
are the order of the day, and there.is
probably nothing better in ordinary
cases, than the coupled engines, with
automatic cut-off, and a piston speed
of 250 to 400 per -minute. For hoisting
load, the most recent development is
in favor of compound condensing engines, and when the extent of a mine
warrants the outlay-the management
gets the finest hoisting' plant obtainable In this, ■ Conical drums, grooved
to suit the ropes, are being used as
they are easier on the engine at the
st^art and stop.:     The guides in the
be erected near the screenhouse, and
the fine, should be carried from the
screenhouseIn a conveyoi. The effect
of a good washer is very pronounced
and has resulted'In the conversion of
an inferior,unmarkatable coal* into a
first class article. It Is*possible to
reduce the sulphur by at least 50
per cent and the ash by "at least 75
per" cent,
Coke Ovens „
Where coke ovens are used It- is an
advantage to" build them as near the
mine as possible, without however,
coming so near that the mines will be
effected by the smoke and sulphur as
it passes in wiih the ventilating current; a distance 6f,1500 to 2000 feet
will generally Obviate this. In some
cases it is practicable to carry the coal
in a conveyor direct from the breaker
or washer to the coke ovens. Failing
this .* the simplest method is to haul
special hoppers' direct from, the' mine
over the ovens and charge°them from
the track. Where this cannot be accomplished owing to distance or other
considerations -there should- be a high
level and low ^evel track at the ovens,
and a storage bin between the two,
the bin to be charged on the, upper
track, and to feed a lorry for charging
the ovens, which may be worked ■, by
electricity .or steam. *   *
Maps and. Plans
A good manager -will want to see
upon his plans exactly what,is going
on in* the mine, and this necessitates
the employment of a competent surveyor'who will keep the .plans well.up
to date(i not relying in the slightest
degree upon the magnetic needle for
his underground work. An up to date
plan will show,by some distinguishing
means, haulage roads, airways, water
courses, working places, faults, with
their direction or rise oi* dip, the inclination of the strata," the level of
various points in the roads and-workings from a given datum,' the thickness
of the seam at different points, especially noting any variations and' thc
date of the last survey. In addition
to this' the manager will require , an
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape Breton N. S., are
at-work'trying to induce miners of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to' - go
there and scab. District and -
local officers • should exert,
themselves to prevent - them
from securing" .any men for
such purpose.  . '
A strike!has been on in Nova Scotia and at these mines
since July 6 with i every prospect of winning.
Don't go there and try to defeat your brothers who are
fighting for tlie right to organ*-
ize and' better conditions of
Stay away. Due notice will
be given    in these columns,1
when the strike is won. Labor papers, please copy.
The strike of the member's of Boston, Mass., Ladies, Tailors and Dressmakers' union for the closed shop still
continues.     The strike is now, in its
sixth month. "
* *   *■
One dollar and seventy one cents a
day was the highest wage received
by bricklayers and masons in five of
the cities of Germany in 1908.
* *   *
The Central Labor Council of Oklahoma City holds open meetings with
ladies and refreshments and a general
good time. '
In Pasadena, Cal., the Women's Union Label League is giving a label
show, with illustrations, pictures; refreshments and have a general good
time.      '     . ,- •
* ■ *   *   ■
Thirty-four thousand members of the
boilermakors union will donate each
year a day's pay which will total'?7S-
000 per annum for a strike benefit
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
shaft should either be wire ropes with
tension weights or steel rails bolted to
the buntons; and as a matter of course
for the ropo working in the main
shaft a safety detaching hook will not
be forgotten.   ,
General Layout ' "
Tho most Important thing ln connection with surface works Is tho general
layout. Commencing with" the railroad tracks, those should be set on a
grado of .60 per cent., If straight and
If curved nt 0,75 por cent grade,
Thero should be ns mnny parallel
tracks nt the screenhouse or at tho
foot of tho breaker ns qualities or sizes
of coal to be londod, nnd tho grades
should continue bolow the loading-
point so thnt whon onco cars have
boon pushed up to the top of tho grid-
Iron ns this ,8crlos of tracks is woll
cnllod, thoy will fall by gravitation to
tho point whore tho outgoing train Is
mndo up.
Whoro this nrrnngoment cnn bo cnrrlod out no locomotlyo or evon horso
Is required upon tho surface rnllronds.
Screen House
In tho enso of n scroonhouso which
Is roqulrod, generally speaking, whero
domestic trndo In dono, nnd the conl
Is to bo divided Into n numbor of sizes
nnd qunllty, tho olovntlon nbovo tracks
need not exceed 30 foot, nnd the
shocking or oscillating screen with
rovorso shoots will mnko three or four
qunlltloB, Hay largo conl, nut, ukk nnd
flno. Whoro tho conl contains an
admixture of shale, Btono or othor
Ihipurlty, a picking I nblo will bo necessary; Ihlfl mny either ci-ohb lho trnckB
nt right niiglos or run ovor thom on
pnrnllol linen.
In llio en ho nf hnrd conl or colling
conl which dons nol. require lo he ar-
rnnged upon a dlfforont principle, The
bronker will ho nt Bitch nn elevation iih
in allow of u bin being constructed below to hold whntover quantity of conl
may hn dcHlreil, from whicli supplies
can ho dniwn lo lho curs from underneath. Huch bins vnry In cnpneliy
from 1000 to 5000 tons nnrt nrn of grout
ndvnntiiRO In case of breakdown In
the mine which would hinder the output, Where II Ib not possible to
mako Ilie addition lo tho mine nt the
'"   i    i''vn'.'.f"!'.   !*■"   i*1''''"i'   'I*"*1   ""t'one-
ho'ise  nr  thn   breaker
plant will be noeiiHHnry.    Tlin niOHt favornblo condition however, Is   whore
the grade of the level entering the
mlno cnn ho continued to the point
whero the coal Ih dumped,    Even ho
,,,,,, ,,        ,,     i ..i
•iiH.i.-CUlkJ   <ik.b..l-rh  k...-*.'*'.*   -*•-■ '-•» i. ••
at a tipple will havo nn Important and
far reaching bearing upon the offlcloncy of the HcreonhouBO, ns nothing
In do upt lo causo a delay as n poor
tipple, Tho foaturo governing UiIh
or courso, tho tonnage required to bo
Thc mont efficient for n large tonn-
nun In one In xvblrb the tub lifter emptying, tuna through tho tipple ntul Is
nlurned lo tho hnulngo track by menus
ut an elevator or creeper. This method avoids thn delay Incident to draw-
R. Henderson, Dlrlnr Rw* Mitr. | \m t\i0 lub back, nml cnnbles nn much
\irkkk*kirkirkkkir1rkkirkkk1rkkirk\^ MM tons a day to bo *pa«wd over ■»
,   ;*'liiKr<:! flpiiTc. !
If the coal U required for raking;
purposo*, ami contains Impurity, especially sulphur, ll may he ncmsary j
tu resort to a .washer.    ThU aliouM*
Femie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
estate plan showing-the surface of his
property, with all buildings, erections,
aiid water." course's ^marked' thereon,
and a third showing generally the contour'of the surface, so that he can determine easily the thickness of the
overlaying strata " at any one given
point.      •" -
. Reports and Cost Sheets
The foregoing article treats of(',the
relation between the manager and his
work.' There is space to refer only
briefly to his relations with the employers, and with his subordElnates,
The former-will expect periodical reports which should be full, lucid and
explicit, They will partake of a threefold character—tenchnlcnl, ■ advisory,
and financial. The former will give
particulars, ln rogard to construction
work and contemplated new developments, The flunnclnl will furnish all
Horns of cost and will deal generally
with tho finances of tho mine. The
designing of a good cost sheet is ono
of tho most difficult tasks which n'
mnnngbr cnn undertake, and although
lt mny appear to be rather, tho work of
an export, accountant It must„renlly he
tho production of the two, becniiso
every manager worthy of tho nnmo has
Ills own lilens, and cnn Impart valuable figures Into a cost sheet which
the man of figures Is ignorant of bocauso ho Is not a practical minor,, An
Idool cost sheet shows ut a glance the
cost In ench department, tho cost of
onch -separate operation in connoctlon
with- mining, tho cost of surface n8
dlBlliiRiilHlied from underground work,
the cost of material as distinguished
from labor, and tho cost of motlvo pow-
ed dlBlrllmtoil over the various do-
partment fl which use It. The advisory
\ BotlleOoods a Specialty
Dining Room and Bed* under
New Management.
First class table board
Meals 25c.   M«al TKle-sli** f 5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
X ■
1 •
sport -iiirtnla'ti nf , the pursunul nnd
Hhould glvo In a clear nnd concise wny
n rovlnw i»f the work allien the previous l'o-jiorl, with recommendation*-* for
tho futuro and In this tho manager
Hhould always bo careful to prepare IiIh
employers for nny Impending difficulty, wliollwr In connection with the
mine or tlie workmen.
Tliniii wan a lime when employers
wove np! lo treat initio managers very
cavalierly, Thai time Iiiih gono by nud
today tlie relntloiiH exlHlliig between
them iim geiiuinlly of a very mil ^factory ll|itiil'i\ due largely In thn belter
npptPi-lntlon of tlm responsibilities und
dniifieni of ll*e culling, nnd largely to
the fuel tlmt the urgent ner-esnltleH of
ntliiiiiK (luvelopiiK'iitH have produced n
bettor cIuhh of miiiingon-* whoso nlilll-
IIch entitle tliem t« respect.
A Free, Hand
Tlie mine muuoger In well nilvlhed to
i, i i ,,l-_,.,., ifi.U... lm* flvrol.' m-inn n
n convoying If top hnnd, nnd to refuse to nllow dl-
rcctniB or employers to Interfere with
him In mnttorH of detail, or io ma Ito
iliaiwl-.es too pre-nilm-nt In connection willi Iho nf fairs of the mine. Their
dutli'H roiuio when they have detormln-
.  ,      ,, .   . .... i i..,....,,.,
V \ \XX *|i*Jll*» j  J.k.*j. B*.**'*" »-"'-•'"-	
tions to Ihe manager.     It ream with
lilm lo enrry them out, and If he (alls
to do so thej' can get rid of him; but
the: manager who tolerates interference is signing his own death warrant
both with his employers and the workmen. The result which mine owners
expect from their manager can be
achieved only by a thorough system of
organization carried out with consistency and, singleness of purpose.
Although the important works referred to above have to-be carried out by
other men,, he will have to design
them and will, therefore, require to
exercise the wisest discrimination in
the selection" of his subordinate officers, and if he allows any other con-
-sideration than that of absolute fitness
to weigh, he will be the greatest sufferer in the end.     -.-. '
In the case of a large mine every
manager should liave an assistant,-to
share not his responsibility but ••his
work, and"such an assistant may be
a young man fresh from" a mining college, who whilst acquiring practical,
experience necessary to fit him for his
career; will furnish just that kind of
help that a manager stands the most
in need ci, and at. a moderate salary
too. ,
The next requisite is a thorough efficient and experienced under manager
who will spend the whole of his time
in the mine and superivse every department, reporting promptly to the
manager on any duties of-importance
coming under :his notice. -
Each section of a" mine should have
an "overman" as, however efficient
the workmen may be, it is found in
practice that it pays to have a "boss"
in* every separate section, not merely
to see that the men do their duty, but
to handle promptly and effectively any
of.,the thousand and one. difficulties
time to time. >
Examiners of working forces and
shot firers should be'also steady experienced men and in this department in
particular the .question of "character is
highly important because the duties of
the position are so, intimately associated with the safety of the men. It
has been found adv'antagous, to have
one.or two road, examiners .whose duty
is confined to the supervision of the
tracks and calling attention to the
road gang of any defect which they
Upon the surface there should be a
foreman at tho scroenor breaker, and
whero thero Is a coking plant a day
and night foreman at the ovons. In
nddltion, whether there are machine
shopB nt the mine or hot, a thoroughly
practical mechanical engineer Is necessary who should at least have a small
fitting shop to do repairs. His hands
will be "kept full In seolng that tho
machinery is In running order and
that tho wheels of the works are kept
Electricity "
I|i the enso of oloctriclty bolng usod
for any purpose, nn electrlcnl expert,
is necesHnry, In connoquenco of tho 11a-
blllty In nil electrlcnl appliances to get
out of order. Tlio mnnneor'H office
Bhould hn nt Ilie mino, nnd whilst Instating upon tho various heads of do-
pnrtmonts doing thoir own work, ho
should bo froquout vlsllu inside lo see
thnt IiIb Instructions nro cnrrlod out.
Hy thus coming In contact with tho
workmen ho will, In n,diplomatic nnd
ronBonablo way grnrtunlly ncqulro nn
Influence ovor Ihem which will not bo
without Its vnluo when ninttoi'B of dispute nrlse.     ''■
The Man ot the Helm
The manager who thoroughly under-
HtandH nnd Iiiih IiIh work woll organized, however largo Hie mlno, enn Hit In
IiIh offlco with liln finger on the piiIho
of every dnpnrtnient, and know by tho
series of reports which Hhould bo placed upon IiIh iI<*hI* every morning, ex-
nelly what Iiiih been done the jirevUniH
day, whnt the out put Iiiih been, whnt
neclilenlH, If nny, have occurred, what
hlndi'iinccH and the ciiuho, whal work-
men have been nliHeiit, whnt tnntcrlitl
Iiiih been nent out of tlm, wnrehoiiKo,
nnd what the actual coHt of production
In the mlno Iiiih beim iu the IiihI 'i\
lu thfH0 lliiii'H rill this Ih neccmuiry
If a mnn would be innster of IiIh work.
It rim bn done niul dono ennlly If
everything about a mino prnn-cdH upon
a mm hod; and when It Ik done, though
Hie nnvleilen, ri<H!>niiHllillltlf>K and the
rlHkB or the calling nre probably lieav-
It!I' U.lllt III HII) U-Jiel, Ulllunn il  in.1 (i'i.it
nl' n iiiiiiiiier, there In compoiiHatlun In
• he unllMfneilon with whleh a colliery
malinger enn regard the successful discharge of such mullirarloim duties.
u'litiMi ttinVen lilm nf nil men ihe most
devoted to IiIb calling nud Dw mom
unwilling to exchange lt for any other-
The retail clerks union of Evans
ville, Ind., is rapidly growing byap
pealing to other unionists to insist
upon union clerks waiting on them.
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal  of the  retail  liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct. 16,Dec. 17 G.V.
Iu the matter of* an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the' south west 55 feet in
width,by 132 feet in depth of.lot 8
block 2!'of lot 5455 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.) '
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title to the-above mentioned land In
the name of Thomas Bullen which.certificate is dated the 26th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A.
District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson  B.C.  Oct.  13,  1909.
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.,
Located this 3rd, day of September
1909.    -*
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described, lands situate lb
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, ' commencing at a post
planted at or near the 28 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Tlience running south 80 chains
Thence running west 80,chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more -or less.
.-Located this 2nd day of Septembei
J. RAVEN. Witness
A new bricklayers union has been
organized in Aberdeen, S. D.     ,
* '*   *
About11 85 per cent of labor in the
building trades at Hot Springs, Ark.,
is organized.
* * *
According to figures of 1907 recently issued, Spain has a trade union
membership of 32,612.   ■
* » *  '
Brewery Workers International-has
jumped In membership from 10,000
to 36,000 in 12 years.
* * »
A new union composed * of chauffeurs and helpers, was organized' recently in San Francisco and; is gaining in membership.
Boston, Mass., has another new
teamsters union. It will include only
the .men doing one special' line    of
work.      •    7
"    *   *   *
The total income,, of the Austrian
Woodworkers' union rose from ■ $10,-
000 in 1902 to $143,500 in 1908, the
expenditures from $7,500   in 1902, to
$155,000 in 1908. r;' '   <■»    ,
* *   *'■
At'the close of .the tliird quarter of
the current year the Carpenters' Union of Sacramento, Cal., had 564
members in good standing and" $10,-
000 to its credit. ,
* *   *
The Salt Lake Typographical un-
the session of. the International Union
for 1911. San Francisco is also in
in' the field with an offer.
  m&  ■*—
1 Applications for electric light met
ters should be made lo the undersigned at once, so that same mny b-* installed without loss of time. The,City
of Fernie electric light'plant will be
running shortly and-we will lie in a
position to supply light and power.
City Clerk.
• IN the matter of an application for
the issue of,a duplicate certificate of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town of Fernie
(Map 734.)
"Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Michael J.1 Casey, John
Robert Ross and William A. Ross,
which, certificate is dated the 5th
day of October 1907 and numbered
District Registrar
Land  Registry  office  Nelson,   B,  C,
In the matter, of an application for
the issue,of a duplicate certificate for
Title for' Lot 3 Block 2 of lot 5455
Group One   Kootenay District    (Map
■ ■**■**.«■> **-"=> f"*    ■ *••*•
Advertise in the Ledger
Ayer's   Hair  Vigor
Anything injurious here?
Anything of merit here?
Will It atop falling hair?
WiU it destroy dandruff?
Ask your doctor.
Ask your doctor.
Ask your doctor.
Ask your doctor.
Does not Color the Hair
J t*. ltt» rvvimifr. lr*«;i W«n»      I
i M*in_niiiii'ir,Mn_iir i~x~-
Of the American  Federation of
, , Labor
The following is *iart, of ihe unfaii
list of the American Federation of Labor. Many of the* daily newspaper
readers who hear as much about the
"Unfair Ll3t" during these days may
be anxious to know what, names of
firms the A. F. of L. "Unfair List" contains.
Under these circumstances lt becomes the duty ofthe lnbor preBS to
keep Its renders properly Informed.
Whnt nro pnpors published for If not
for the purpoBO of giving correct In-
Clgnrs; Carl Upmun of New York
City; Kerbs, Werthoim & Schlffer of
Now York City, manufacturers, of tho
Henry Goorgo and Tom Mooro cigars,
Flour; Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
Minneapolis, Minn.; Volley City Milling Co., Grand Hnplds, Mich.
Whisky: Finch Distilling Co., PlttBburg Pa.
Clothing: N. Snollonborg & Co., ol
Philadelphia Pa.; Clotliloni Exchange
Rochester N.Y.; B. kuppoiiholmor .-i
Co., Chicago.
Corsets: Chicago Corsot Co., mnn*
ufneturers Knho and I a Marguerite
Gloves: J. II. Cownlo Glove Co., Des
MolnoH, In.; California Gtove Co,, Nie
pn, Cnl,
IlntH: J. IL Stetson Co,, Philadelphia
I'n., 13. M. Knox Co., Brooklyn N. Y.,
Unary II. Iloolof & Co,, Philadelphia.
Shirts and Collnrs: United Shirt &,
Collar Co., Troy, N*. Y.; Van Ziuull,
Jacobs and Co,, Troy, Clnott, Peabody
and Compnny, Troy, N.Y.; .lames K.
Kaiser of Now York City.
Tho llutteilck Put torn Company nf
Now York,
Cement: Portlunil PenliiBiilnr Coin-
i«n( Co., JnekMiiii, Midi.; I'llea Hydraulic Cement and Mfg, Co., U'.lm. Illinois.
Stoves: W'rouRht Iron llnnge Co., St.
Louis, Mo„ United Biiili'H lle'it.-r Co.
Detroit, Mich., Gurney Foundry Co, »>i
Toronto Ont.; Homo Stove Works, of
n,*f.(-,l-t",,  W<i!i*.!.,  fn***,*. r'n    <3**if*> TTirlinr
IniHnnn-pnlls,  Iiui,:   Tluek  Stove    nnd
Tlnntce Compnny, Ht. LouIh,
IIhrh: Quit Hor Co., Now Orlonns,
Ln., branch Uomls Brothers, St. Louis,
TVenTni*! ntiil '(muter*• Th- Lee T**,',oin
and Duster Company, Davenport, In.;
M. flocllcrfs Sons, Clrclevlllo, Ohio;
Merklo-Wlley nroom Compnny, Paris
Watches: KeyBtono Wntch Case Co.,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fahy, Brooklyn,
T. /urbrufsK Wntch Case Co., Hlv-er-
side N\ J.
C. W. Post. Manufacturer nf drop"
Nuts and I'oslum Cereal, llultl© Creek
Mil 1;.
Fibre-ware: Indurated Fibre Ware
Co.. I.ocl!poil. N. V.
Furniture: Air.e*if«m I»llllnr«l Tt»bl«-
Ce.. < inMnT.nti. it.; O. Wihiu-k Ptmn>
Co.. llrwikljn X.Y.; Krcll Plain Co.
Cin'lnnnd O: |)i»rli'} Deik Co, llostor
Ma s-i-
NOTICE is .hereby given that it is
my intention to issue at the expiration
of one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
Title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of Eder Harper which certificate is dated the 19th of March 1906,
and numbered 7495A.
H. R. Jorand,
.      District Registrar
NOTICE is hereby given tbat thi.t>
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the„ Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands aid Works for a license to ps-c-s-
pect for '"loal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
Soufh E.- Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, coi_mencing at a posl
planted at or near 4 miles east of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R. sur-.
veyed line and being the south west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running wost 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September,
1909.*    * ■■-
- NAT BABCOCK, Agent,"
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOT'.CE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to pros-
NOTIUli! Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospoct for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following doscrlbod lnnds situnte in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing nt n post
plnnted nt or near 1 mile oast of tho
3lHt milo post of tho present C, P, II.
surveyed line and being tho south oast
corner of A. S. Fnrquharson's claims;
Thonce running west SO chaius;
Thonco running north 80 ohiili.'n;
Thenco running oust 80 chnlns;
Thonco running south 80 chains
to n point of commencement, making
010 acros mere or leas,
Located this I****, day of September,
,1. UAVMN. WlteefiB
pect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593,' commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 30
mile post of the present C P. R. surveyed lino, and being the north west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chnlns;
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, 'making
640 acres moro or'less.
Located,this 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(.'10) days after date I Intonil to npply
to tho Hon. Chief CommlHsloner of
LiukIh nnd Works for n llcenso to pros-
pnnl for Conl mid Petroleum on the
following di.-scrllied lands nltunto In
South 1-3. Kootonay, llrltlHh Columbia,
lllock 'I.V.I3, coinineiieliiK at a pOBt
planted at or huiiv 3 miles east of 110
mile poHt of the present C. P. II. sur
veyed line nud beliiK tho north east
corner of Edinond llnliijoll's claim:
Tlienre runnliiK south 80 ehnliis
Tlioncu iiiunliiK west 80 cIiiiIiih;
Thence running north 80 cIiiiIiih;
Thence running euHl 80 cIiiiIiih;
lo a point of commencement, making
610 ucroH more or Iohh.
I nniilr.il thin "nil rtnv nf SmMemher
J. HAVEN. Witness
NOTICK Is hereby Riven n,nt thirty
(30) days after dnto I Intonil to nppl)
to tho, Hon, Chief   CnmrnlRslnner   of
l-iinds and Works for a llcenso to proa
peel lor Coul nud I'etruli-um <m   tin-
following desrrlbed lands   situnte In
Houth IL Kootenay. llntlssh Cnlutntiin
lllock   4f»9!l,   ronimenflnu   at a post
plant nl nt or near 4 mili-s ''a*t of 2",
mile posl of the present C. V. It. rui*
vttyi'd line ami beliiR the north wont
comer of P. A. FAr«|tiliAi»on rlnlm;
'Klieme riiiiiiltiK •>■«»*. *•*•> tliaum*,
Tlienre runnlni! south 8<i chains
Tlience ruiinln* sent s<i flL-iln*:
Tlff-M*- rur.nln**-; R^r**!* «'> <!«•*-■ Ir-.i;
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt thirty
(30) days aftor dato I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chlof Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a llconso to prospect, for Conl ond Petroleum on tho
following described lnnds situate In
South E. Kootcnny, British Columbia,
Block 1593, commencing at n post
plnnted nt or near 3 milos cast of 30
mile post of tho present C. P, lt, sur-
veyed line nnd being the north wost
comer of Nnl Bnbcock clnlm;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thenco running cast 80 chulnn;
Thonco running north 80 chains;
Thenco running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
CIO ncres moie ur less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
J. HAVEN, Witness
NOTICK Ih hereby given thai thirty
(30) iliiyn after dnte I Intend lo npply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds nml Works for a license to prospect for Conl and Petroleum on tho
following tlcflrrlhcd InndH slliinln hi
South 17 Kiioteiiay, llrltlsh Coliiinblu,
Hloek I.V.i.'i, coiiiinciiclim at a post
plnnted at or near i miles east nf 27
mile iioh! of tho present C P. II, sur
veyed line nnd being the Teeth n.ist
enrti'er ef Vnt   Hnheorlr rlnlm'
Tlienre running west 80 chains;
Tlience running north 80 chains;
Thenco running enst 80 chnlns;
Thence iiiunliiK mhiiIi ku chnins
to n point of commencement, niak(n«
Titfl1 ncres more or lesn.
i-iOrflteiJ ihls 3rd dny of -September,
J. I1AVEN, Witness
60 days nfter dnto 1 Intend to npply
to the chief of Prat inr in) Police for a
tranxfor of the retail Unuor license of
F'rficn Prnficn to Cttxrpr Vincent of
Dw Hi-iv-il Here), Cntrwny, tl. C
DaU-tl ll.U 10th day of October, 19k*}.
Oct 1« fkc 17 G.V.
J .:
.,.\"o. 2ri West   	
No.  214 East :	
•No. 236 Local East ...
'• No. 235 Local West ..
vNo. 7 AVe;st Flyer .....
' No.  S ..East Flyer 	
Change- takes effect Sunday
Arrive Fernie
Local   News
L. E.'Drake "of Bftllewu- took in Fev-
il ,
' NO.! 252
C.55 -
*     ,    TiSRXIB
«   ,-     MICHEL
■Arrives .Spokane^ S.30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 30.15 !a.m,
No. 251.
Dr,  and* .Mrs. Gladwin    of
were in Fernie oil Thursday,
D. J. Bluer of Cranbrook was in Fer- }'
pic on business Wednesday.'        "     i
P. ,J. Rogerson of Coleman ,\vas in'i
ilie city this week'on busii'iest-j. ,     ..      !
11.-A. Mel-Cowan of,.Cranbrook  was j
hi Fernie on biis'iuess»6n Tuesday.      !
' A. C.' Nelson, "sheriff of East Koot-':
. euay was in '\a\syi on,, Wednesday.      •
,  F. C Waiers, government inspector j
was up from' Hosmer"on Thursday this,
week. ' ".•*.. j;.
;    Today is pay day^and a larae. ams-int *
|of' ^the filthy' lucre wiih be    handed;
■ OUT,    ... ' ,  ' ■ . '   . I
♦-♦*-*>*****•♦•»<♦ ♦♦♦^♦•♦•'^♦^^•^^♦♦♦* ♦«(►♦♦■•%•>♦•--"
„.nk. on Monday.   ,''        '    .       .        **»
10 40 = ''
-77net    .1'! n. Thomas of Passburg-was    in
i,;,.. ? itKcrino  on   Monday.
"   „.;,, Mr. McCqlliim-of Cranbrook was in
! town on .Monday."    . . ''
1-1 -1. RobwU. of Corbin was in I-Yi'-
ini'-' on liti'slneSs on'Monday. 7
M: A. AlacDonald'k. C. 01 CvanbrooK
was in  Ifernie' on' court business    on
Thursday,    : '      ».
Tl?*.-'Trites-Wood temporary buiklin?
is being, rf moved, the operations com-
! meiK-iiia this week.'       •     "'■„.,
.__,__ _7__.„ _r^rrr===rr====^      Acl'iool   eloacd   yesu'vtfuv   for  Xmas.
7"Furnished "boarding house, for rem?, holiday and some of the pretty school
a .snaii, apph* ro Ross Brothers, P. O.  warms are leaving for, theii-homes,   .
>)0X .-*-,'*. ", *L .,,,        In retureiieo lo-a bn ter of rom IX D.
*'r.,"ri,T--h^ -.ml imfurnUhVd room to di(,,',! •*"'■ Coleman   would   Hi*   writer. to',bnoW (.0mitry Jo spend Christmas.
*u u*,n.-l an l.uinuim.hed .ooni   o ^ t(l m jjam<? as.„ mauer number.'of Sam  Phoenix,
rent ,1 modern house   ulepnoae.^U-e- Qf Rood,faith.      , -        ChHsRCl.a<u1o(rk „,„, Alf. Thomas.*
u*ic I_ht am} bath. Apply h. a.  care*,,    Atu.nwou mn i„ ,Xo.'!  norlh had
Ledger, ■*,*•**,
,j '-" Ybu.'Turnish'Vthe   Cook'.    iWe'-cats
; supply the goods to¥*make it".   Gtiocie*
, ".   -Raisins, Currants, Peels/.Nuts--Etc.
• n -and,Robin Hood Flour.
' • "■' Pay. Casfc' amir: Jws€/Smi7e _
iii-wiiwiii wiiBi 1 »■  ■■i».ii inn wi>ipiw iim iiiii — in ^       n nuiiii 111 ™"* *aaa^
W. J/„Bili.N"l>E-iE*    ,  G*ve,«s a/call
•J- ^ .   iy       ■ 1 ,   ■ '    • " . *t '     .T    •
^■<&-&t$-&^-&'-$-$-.Q.iS,*fr&4p.-&4Jr*&. ^.'^f-^-^^cts ■^■^'<**-^«!i>^<>^-^,S-'*i''ri
The ISiialish-^elnireh will hold regular; 7, '.—'-—-
1 services next Snndey at 11.30 and I'M-,
ip.m.     Svinday'sehooLas usual ut 2.30/'
TlHn*e*.\nll"be, a meeting of the hoe- p(
.key club-iii the i-onndl.ehambe,rs 011  S
iMonclay 'night at  S^o'r-loc-lc. All inler-'^*
•'ested arV inviie'd.   " "*      ,. ' '\
•!•■   Seven;! of, 1 lie miners InivK'reuirned  w
io  l'cutrn  on
For Sale:  'IV11 acres ?oyd land <*os*-|*(>i*)a Inrjte rave
'.•reil with ti-.nr.iKie and ceiinr, clo*e in.* shift to work.
Weib nsda:^ ou account
.which would not allow
The men employed at   Xo. 1'north
,on" afternoon ..shift   lmdvto  return 011
of nil* pipes sup-
' hoists being fro-
Ajiply Ledger office
Electric Fixtures, Depew. Macdonald
k McLean,u phone 61 *
.    Yoti bet—i he '.spot ,,to buy furniture
is at the Trites-Wood Co.
'' No place in town just like'it.    Ingram's pool! room. „ ,
■ Kleet'rif! Fixnires, Dept;w. Mavdotiald'
■*& McLean, phone 01'.
'if-you are-1 a particular''smoke*** §e'!-
your smokes at Ingram's. *„
Beef, mutton, pork, veal,''hams, ba-
■ con, lard, eth., .only of* £h*s vary best.
Phone 41 7 *
Do, it now. Huy tlie rang?.-/ fitted
wtVseini' steel lining.*-*. Will stand V00
degrees more heat tbiju ony ordinary
ones, and you met it for L-*ss money a!
1 h6, Trites-Wood ■,• Co.. Ltd.
For a, good 'comfortable smoke get
, DoVenbecker's    brands.      They
home'product,.     • ',.**"
, They are.*snll selling wiiuiow si.sdes
from SOc up' at the Trices-Woou Co.,
"Limited.* *,'<,,. . ■■
= They do not give t\u*uiture ajvay.
but they selL'it "cheap ni the *T/ites-
Wood Co. Ltd.
, Sewing Machines   ,.
■' frofti $30.50 up. All ball bearing fitted: eijjoy a good 'skate
Xith 'automflilc lift and fully guaran-l^n is expected to t
toed for ton years afc the Trites-Wood
lm      Workiucn ■.•niplo'-.i'd    inNos, 1  and
*.' imlin-'f's'.iit No. *". mien had 10 return
home oi) Mqndu*/nlVi'iipon on account
of a-jr pipe's byiuu frozen.   „
"The Cb-Ope\aiiv.' societ-v Intend tiiv-
ins a* lea. concert'ami' danee in ' ihe
Miners, hall on .launary 1st. IOH), '   A
eharae of *">0 cents will be made for
admission, '    „    „
' A beautiful cantata  will, he held in
UH*   Methodist   church   next
Jay .evening-'af S p.m.,    Xo0admiss.i,on
•,-j-iil he charged  liur a' collection will
jj.e ruken up.,   *, •,  . ',. ' *
;  ' The Creek people are beins? treated
So a 2,1-aml Bo'lieniian concert djihMou-
r'.ay. December i'7th.      SpeVial, artists
are appeaririK and Mr. Mark Guy St.
.lohii is sivjus special attention lo tlie'
program*.   ' The con e'en  will' start at
S o'clock.   ,    ■'
The. Fernie-Male Voice party, tmdei
Monday on account
plyinjr power to th<
zen7'' ■ ' t
.? Itohert Webb, the, genial "Hob" now
of the Colei&ui Physic 'Foundry. Is
the proud fat hei" of*: a bouncing baby
boy'.' ° Here's 'a mou'v- .Christmas to
you and your's, Dob,  v .,   *
■'Collips' & Co., tho expert decorators
have just, concluded a vty-y neat job
of, paint iiv
interior of   , *      --- ,„=
*     ' (S '
The  Fernie. W'orkinsiiuen s club are -^
holiiin-i 11 cimics-tournanient this week •§ ',
for tiie,ltiK''flt of their members-
Return of
■■A _
Miss Verna Felton.and •'
': The'Allen\rtayers • „
We(ilnes**jS u.,*y (asIy indeed.
Presenting two of the heaviest bills in their extensive .repertoire
Ull' .*.J*.t.;vi    .*     1 yj. .*     .'^ *■*■**    .;",*•' , *> ; . "  .
iiTJ^olJluhj.-1"^" w„{| *° Friday Wffht J "Jirft, Th© Westerner"
Sat'jfr  \ "     '. "SheVlbck'Holmes"•
SATURDAY'MATtKEE AT 2.30.« Prices'25, 15
Commencing'", Friday   »$j
liumbpy of prices af'e ofl'eveil and we
expect that several tables will be grao
ed witji'a turkey as"the0 n-**suli> "of
sain*?.   '*' ",9 ■ ■    '  '■     '  ,,
The f.e-lyer has receive'! some yery
p'retiy cards, for'Christmas. All styles
•1 in siock.-i n We print  your name and'
\eiK<i,,and supply them cheap. -...Your*
Curtain.Rises'at 8 sharp- Prices* 25,-50,. 75 .•.§
Seats on Sale at Bleasdell
thing ity
ers for Every', |
Goods I
♦ ♦^♦♦,^♦•♦•*^'^•*■^"^**^•^■^**^^■*>•^♦'-!*>'"*®,'^
Call-and is'ec,' 1   '
re • but there is room for a' few more good i tln-m.  "        * ^     ,   ' .   °\      , *)   ^
voices.     The party meet for practice J    g^-.-viees wi'll be held' ou Sunday 'at i §
(he able leadership'of Mr. .las. Cart-i ■ 'npp*,.ct.iafe"these,more than
ik-ae is makin*? steady progress,  rho, .      ,    ,,.,;...., .<-•,...
party, now nui'-'ber^about 25 members ' the-usual run ot cards,
in Brttces ball every Sunday at." fourj-j,] n.m. an'tl.T.'bO in the Baptist,church, j
o'clock'. '7, '        •    '   J Thc  pasto'f.' Rev.  W. F.  Spid'cll,  will i
J The-ice ifi in real nood coiirlition-for' pr,c-ach at both services. Aloriiing sub-f
toni-lu as the last two'days was cold*4ect "The Christlah'a'Dppendeiwe.Upon.j
I enough  to, fre^-a fresh  sheet:.1 -We Uesus/; ^veiling,, subject:- -'The .Place,,
ihope the management  will look after [the Deed, the Man.'   * Everyoody*. wel-J
.    -7" *     "]the younger-?onp}*satibn'and mate them(_come.        •    „-.,"',        "•       °,    ;,,    ;
he "best   made ! keep tlieir plaeeso that the ladies may!'    Fo,, Saie:  >ioving\"pic*ture. piacliine. |
(•complete, also yOOO f«et of films, 500;
; large posters, 200t? dodprs,-*;0 -colored I'
slides,  'everything ready fo,; start in:
before Christ-
toed for ton years ati the Trites-Wood|rt3%-       7,             '.Al   , *   ,.,v    ". t]ysl^' ^erythnig ready to,   stait m
On ltd ■   Come in and tw o'w          ",    Those, \yho. alt >"nued the play at tjie-     j Hlm? cnly gv.ow.,rin*S towns.
. Ly Ltd.     Come m a.ul tn o.u. ,        -^.^ ^^        ^^ were u,qared. ^  machine-'am7 colored
Wanted: Nursing over -jo years ex,*! tf)one of tl,e blfe, pla3;S"6f the Allen        ;* -; •           ^hjn(j alm0Sl"new,l A
.perience, apply to Mrs.,, J, ITo-vbrook, * rept.,toire..in ,*'.lim ilj-i'Westerner.   All   -»  - ,      ,                      -           |c      *
_p^.»;,....-;-„rv*   or >,.,,■ <>-.i<:. t,_,.,-,.>-•■   .-...,   „.. ...-.„.-a^ev,g'TciiiCrt   their   narts I U«i.§-?*-•*"• --*-PP'.\ ^' iinam Ko.nei. ..micii.i i
-   -   -               .               ■'«."..      „',-.„,i„n>.-i,.   -..s-,i\. it   wnnlrl  I.e.unfair  to: i-i. *-. '      '..***          ,      ,*-             !
Are you ready to receive the power and light
from the new'system?    Now-is the'time, to have
- connections'and wiring* done,
motors-and generators.     See us at once,.   '"The
We can save you
■ We have all styles and makes of fixtures
Ladies" Furs ■ ,
•': : >: Ladies' Laee\)Vaists  '•
"' .' ". .:• r  Ladies";Umbrellas
* - \\ Vs" '7* /.;., _ :!:mv"lies":Ne'(xlvwear
and -Drawn Work. Linen Pieces 7   ° §
narts! b.ars,ain. "Apply' William Rothei. .Michel j $-.'   , > .-power wil^be 'on soon.   •; Estimates -and expert ad-'
Do you know that you can buy heating stoves'from **fi
.wood "Co., iXa. ■
admirably, and, it would be-unfair id
- l -,    n* .,    "'nartif-i-larize ° at.-, all.      This    popular
i.i up a,t the 1 rites- P'1-'11--*"11 ''•*- ,-.„„„„  nnvio'c
1    y    ■•■     -    * | company will ,put on-Conan  Do>les
ffamouK plays'lonl?In, Sherlock Holmes
Wanted: .-.Respectable party or par \?lu\ jj* ynu enjoy something liood, be
ties wanted.to adont healthy boy, t.'.vojth^re.' "'",.' °   -*
ar.(L_a half years.,obi ami girl .three, .  v.iop" Serttr. he,.of the baseball in-
iiui 'a 'half, years old. Uetilics.*  'o  ih; mention, fame, ;.v.-tt'ing jealous of  ihe
. sent to T. C. care Ledger'Office. ! amount   of  pnbUcity  his  partner    in
Wanted:, A *e0od Imiidy.girl, Who!'..*ime was ,getthig,for his lulutliiB abil-
can do cooking.'etc Apply C. C. 1''^.. suirio.l ou, last Sunday with a
'Wright. ,*"■■
OTTAWA Dee: 1-1.—The three infant,
children of .Joseph Drainer., a Renfrew
county farinei\ living near D'Avey,, be-
tweeu1, Renfrew and 'Eganville, were
burned'to denUi yostordny niornjug in
a fire whicli destroyed   the   • Brazier
" ]-"ound: A black' pony. Owner can
have'"same by proving-'property, and
paying expen'ses to date. Apply at
Ledger office.- H
'To rent or for sale: Four roomed
modorn cottage, 22 x 2*1: Victoria nvo.
Apply to S. Jelle'tt,.King..Edward hotel' ", ' '      , 2t 11. p
j.rifle7a luufh ami,, a lnrf-.c sized'
intention,*    He' fired one 'shot, * and jhomt,;-. •; '.Mr, •Brnxier had gone to  ,a
tiie beast b*eing too large for such an nCia*i.i-,or'.s tnrm .and his wirVwfs in
"vice "cheerfully given.
iieBew. -l
rcliata ■ Ci
I ^ieiv:sy^nio3vin&-;Jackets- ,
■   . Oiwitetl' ,    i' y
<r5*^<I*><!^'->'-^*^'*^--^*'-^-®,-i^*4>'&'^>&  t&<fr<&'$-&1ti><r *«><3>-0"^*«>*<5»^«X>^
oberie.gf'nt!eman,,t\v() Indians were requisitioned to haul the. animal to* the
tousorial parlors. , nii,wev**>', io date
.lep has not seen either the Indians or
the animal', and he is now rn\vondering
whether he shot a gopher or a bloom-
Ins buffalo, don't you know.'      ,/   '',
th..' barn milking when, the house took
fire, presumably 'through the children
■ilayins with cgals from the five in the
kitchen stoye. When"dl3eoverod the'
fire had gained such, a headway Ihal"
neither tlie father not* mother oould,
force an enlrapci''. nThe. eldest child,
a boy,' was five yenrs of ri';-*e, and the
years and 1 month.
| isif--*---^^ imssmmmm&mEBsmmiimmssE, .^
.idle'.lack Wilson, son of .Indue P,*
Wl'lF.on of this city, nn Monday ev-
. ..Ing last at Nelson received tangihle
recognition of an aot of bravery per-
.'oimod by him on' the 29th-of Juno
Inst, In the shape of tho Royal Humane
Society's certificate, signed by Ills,
Roynl Highness llio Prince of Wales.
Young Wilnon.,lumped Into Kootenay
alio nnd rescued from drowning the
voting duughtor of Mr. and Mrs. H. M'.'
Stewart of Nelson. Ills not was reported to tlio tluniiino raolety und In due
course- their oortlfloato1 was forwarded
o Nolson for proHoiilntlon'to tho' young
iii.ru.- Ci'iinbiooH llorald,
.\ii\s. Waggot is Toducing hor ontiro stock of iMilli-
novy consisting of Ladies' and Children's drcsscvuid
Rendy-to-wear Hats, -Volvbts, Eil)hons, otc. nt eofet
and iii some cases IjoIow cost.   „
Volvots, all shades, origldally $1.50 Now $1.00
Trimmmod Hats from       .  '$4.50
Rcady-to-wcar  Hats from, ".   $2.00
Ohlldron'a Hats from,,    $1.50
Newest Vol lingo ail reduced to Cost Price
■ ■;•-• Men's Dressing Gown^-,   - -?-■..,., 7;
'' 'a7 -';::" •   Mf \k";' Umbrellas;
.'   , J ''} y •   Men's .Ties„'-7-*q - '••:■•   r:
'"■:';"/' ;: Men!s.v Gloves* - •■,
n 'n i», 1 - ■. i1" (
,    ■*"«        -.1' ' a *        '' -*m    mr*l • 'TBI"
. -,     , ■   j; .   ... ,   ...; ,    Mens Tie: ,
.'";''. 7 J'ius  and  Fancy Ves'ts     .   .;
AH;kind's S Toys and Xmas Cards
O^^O^ ^<}»^^<><»^^-^^*J>-*>/^<> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
Miss Venia Felton, who U returning with the Altai
Players on Friday and Saturday next at
the Minora Theatre,    Soc ad in
this paper
Miner's Union Theatre
Tuesday, Dec. 21
C. P. Wniiecr presents thc
English   Players   in
"As • '1 •
n     aw
>.    Line
of Canada
'poncrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      --*      70c ©acBl
»«.«•»«««»« r«v«'«"'"«'""«V"r,**"'*",*r,'"*w"
^^♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦<> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦♦^
O Kind Stroot Wont
OUT your money in the Home
*       Bank and carry a cheque
'^^v^iw^Kwss^a   hook in your pocket and you will
he surprised what a saving will he
made in your expenses. You will
then begin paying your accounts
by cheque and what is left over
W. C. B. Manscm   'n l^c Home Bank, at the end of
lh'1 ■mnn*h! mny gn into s\ ntwitxrie,
accoun! at full compound interest.
This balance will generally represent the amount of money you are
now spending uselessly.
Fornio B. C.
I ,   ' o        ' .,    . "|
fHcBean.fi Waggett
ft -  	
Wm. Yule and
Violelt Eddy
specially engaged
Siats on Sale at Bltasdell's
Prices $1.00, 7Sc, SOc
mm*******' mwmm
Imperial Bank of Banada
Capitol Authorised ....... .$10,000,000 i
C-*Hpltm Paid Up $5,000,000    Re»«irv«i $5,000,000
,,    D. R. WILKIE, Preildent        HON. ROOT JAFFRAY, Vlee-Pret.
Arrowhead, Crenbrook, Ferule, Golden, Kimloopi, Michel, Myle, NeUoil
Rcvelitoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on depoilte at current rate from date oi depoill.,
Have In stock
Now' R%nl*8lriiS(    Pools,
Currants, for tho
Xmas, Trado
Try our special blond
Tea SOc Ib.
iiiii mi ir ii i- -in  »m_m.._.»__hj__».
Suite mode to order! Tweeds, Worsteds, and Serges, from $10 up to
Beaver, Melton and Cheviot Overcoat-
Ingo made to order from $13.00
Opposite New Post Office
Phone No. 70
I at
Advertise in the District Ledger
"   " '  **  t i-
4t ■#fS*^%w.,
i'i' th -f^i.^
! "flM
'*-«1mim mtn-rm
•   ■      ""-u-xwm


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