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 Industrial Unity is Strength
The Official,Organ bit District No. 18, U. M. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. V.   No. 18
FERNIE,   B.C.,    December 4tli,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
Reports   of   Outrageous
Voting in   Fernie
■   Riding      °
an d
. and
List of names twice voted on in Fernie riding:   '"
.   106—Charles Baker, Jaffray and El*
,    Ito.
247—Joseph Boyle, Jaffray and
2C2—Wilfred Bridger,    Jaffray
**    Coal Creek. *., ,
444—^George   Cleaves, ' Jaffray
,.   New Michel.' _   ■
' 1109—Win.-Hodson,  Coal  Creek
"        Fornie.
',.1443—Jesse Mansfield, Elko and New
l.r.27—John Millar, Jaffray "and   Elko.
17G5-*-Alex. McKenzie, Fruitlands and
Jaffray. l ,    •*
1902—William  Parker,     Jaffray   and
Coal Creeic, .
204S—Henry \Tas. Rendall, Door, Jaf-
• fray and' Fernie.
"2189—Wm. Dawson, Schofield, Jaffray
and Fernie. '
'* 2188—Joe*Schmidt,    Krag', and. Fer-
' nie,      '.',"'
2281—David H. Smith, McDougall's and
... Coal Creek.
:r 2555—John Walker—Krag and     Wal-
■■ ~a° *•' ■';.'■ . !. -*-""
;: 2622—Thomas Hugh Whelan, Elko and
,:,y    Fernie.-    *.*.
The election is over,and W. R Ross
'-•is officially returned as member fo>'
-Fernie We congratulate him on-his
". victory and wish him joy aiid satisfac-
' tion,'„bufe.' we, are' doubtful, .providing
.7J.here_s.tHl* .lingers In. his giant   ,and
The following morning Mr., McDon:
aid again appeared hefore'-the returning officer for information as to "repeaters, but was' informed that' no.
record ■' had been - kept officially * of
these law breakers. Mr. Eckstein
appeared and stated that he had been
employed by Mr. Ross during the
count, and as his client had been returned lie had nothing further to say.
Mr. Ross did' not appear. Two days
were consumed at some expense to
discover who had. been voting twice,
and no record was kept of these"
transgressors. The least Mr. Ross
could have done was to assist in the
bringing of those who had voted twice
before a court, and have them punished according to law. The fact that
he has taken no interest in so 'notorious an attempt to deprive the electors of this riding of their proper ex*;
presslon does not operate in, his favor. However if Mr. Ross is not
going to move in this matter he may
be assured that others haev more respect for the integrity of the' ballot
box and "ome of those who voted
illegally   • A be'.made an example of.
Correct  Figures
Fisher.   Harr. Ross,
' 315
Coal  Creek..
25 ,
Now. Michel
.    4
Crows  Nest
'    C'
Elko '.	
Baynes Lake
Corbin - ....
■ - 2
Harmers   ...
' 1
■  0
Morrissey ...
,     i
Trywood    ...
■   1
■    1
*  2
1    2
-   G
* 0
"  23
Waldo'    ....
'    10
Jaffray    ....
McDougall -7.
**    4
Fruitlands    '.
Dorr   ..
■ 17.
Michel   -....
159   .
'     54
- 3
Officers are Cordially Received in Alberta  Camps
And Spirit of Good  Will is Manifested-
Preparing for a Good Season
handsome bulk ono spark of manhood,
that he'con derive much of either out
of an' election which wa* sfu nuinifest-
' ly'corrupt as-this'.one appears to have
: been --..        *.!"'* ' 7  *
The large majority of votes received
by Ross camo as a surprise to those
who have attended his .meeting?, and
heard the feeble applause accorded
him, and the "strong demonstrations of
disapproval, but when we find tlmt 14
names were used twice and.one three,
times, wo become somewhat enlightened ns to the* reason why one who'ls
publicly disproved of should be privately elected. Ross' method of cam-
pnlft-nlng Is explnined by th'e results
before us, Whether or not he was cognizant of the underhand work perpetrated In thiH election Is a matter for
proof, and we must hold him guiltless
until lliat proof Is forthcoming; ' hut
his action at the recountls not conducive to allnylng nny suspicion In that
respect, Whon tho count started an
attempt was made to rush the boxes
through ns tlioy wore finished; this
woiild lino prevented an offlclnl recognition of ropentors nnd wns opposed by D. A, McDonnld, counsol for
llnrvington nml Fisher,
Tlio nel, provides for thc lists being
' gono over lo nscertnlii If nny voteri*
hnvo voted Iwlce. It vms flnnlly nr-
nuiBcd thai no o/flclnl decision bo arrived nl unltl tlio entire riding hnd
been HcnillnlHeil nnd ropentors denlt
with. According to the net candl-
iliitoK rouelvlnw votoH from repontorH
loso bol h vol oh cuiHt. Uiilortuiiiitoly
no provision Ih inntlu for (Uncovering
by whom Hiieh voton were cum, con-
Hoquontly thai purl of tlio act Ih
mi'i'o Hound nnd fury—BlRiilfyliiK nothing,
Howovor wlicn nil (lie IIhIh lind been
gone over nml thi> tlmt' Iuul arrived
for (Icnllnn* with iho ropoulovB, tho
roltirnltiK officer mnlnliiliiliii*: liml lm
lind uolliliiff to do with thoiio "lulolll-
gonl niul rcimnnlnK eltlw-iiH" (hoo Uio
Fro» 1'i'ohh) (li'diloil Mint W, H, Hohh
wiih to ho Iho elmlco of tho Kornlo
Local Option Vote . ,-
, The following figures show' that the
Fernie riling gave  qulte^t"-suSstaTF
tial majority for local option.
*'   ".*   ' '■'"" ..,',.       For Ag'st.     Spoil
Crows'* NesV .7':...
7'* X
Fernie   ..'■	
14  -
•      9
Harmer's Ranch
■ 0
Baynes Lake.... .
• 15
2 -
Coal Cre'ek.,. .l . .* .
Corbin   ....'	
Galloway   ....   .
3   ■>,
„    32
New  Michel   ..   .
■   , 5
'"' 10
11 .
Jnffrny .  v	
.    29
Trlwootl *,.",  	
.      1
Morrissey Jet. ...
.     3
660 '
OTTAWA, Doc. B.—Tho personnel
of tlio new Urltlhh Columbln court of
ApponlH has been uiiliouiicod. The
now court Ir composed of lour Judges,
Thoy nre Judgo A. Mtirlhi niul Judgo
P. A. Irving of tho pruHmit Hiiproim*
Court of llrltlHh Columbln mul \V. II.
dnllllii'r, ox-M.l'., nnd Mr, .1, A, Mite-
ilomilil, fornu'i* li'iuliM' of Iho Uburnl
linrly In thin provlnco. Mr. Muodumild
Ih nnmed iih clilof Justice, To replace
JudgoH Mart In imd Irving of lho Hu-
pionm court, Mr. V. II. (Ircfcory of
Victoria nml Mr. Dennis Murphy of
Ahlurolt an nninod.
Active^ organization work in district
18 has been proceeding at a good rate
lately. - Last week President Vowel!
and Organizer T. E.* James spent considerable time in. the southern Alberta
district. , The collieries of ■ the Diamond City Coal Company are now' in
readiness for' an. active'season',  and
as a number of miners are already at
work there, the organization,' or rather reorganization of the local there'
was thought advisable. The„Distriet
officers met with a most' courteous reception from Thos. Underwood,. the
President and General Manager of the
new company, and gave the District
officers every encouragement to go
ahead, and draw up a working contract and scale of 'prices to govern
the Diamond City workings. Both
President Powell and Organizer,
James speak *-in'the highest terms of
the property. It bears an excellent
quality of lignite coal, the plant is up-
to-date ,and complete, and the treatment of the miners there, we are assured will be humane and decent.
." General Superintendent 'Bramling
accompanied the district officers on
a tour of inspection of the* piant and
underground workings, and they were
given to understand that the mines
there were open to them for inspection
at any and all times.
* The prospects for a splendid local
in Diamond City are most encouraging. In a short time there will •, be
between 90 and 100 mon at .work, and
all will bo members of the U,. M. W.
of A. The number of the local Is
2178, and the president is A. G. Ench-
cliff, and the hustling secretary, P.
Kelly. n   '
President Underwood and his compnny nro Indeed to bo congratulated
on tho Bplondld property thoy have
ncquired, nnd the officers of DiBtrlct
18 appreciate tho courtesy extended to
thom, nnd nlso tho good working conditions Which will'prevail there.
Diamond City;' It mny be stnt'ed, Is
ftltuiiteil nbout ten miles from tho
city of LothbrldBO. A considerable
nmount of the stock Is hold locnlly,
nnd It will ho good nows. to holders
thnt n sharp ndvnnco wns marked In
tho prlco In tho Inst fow dnys,
New Local at Coal City
Flvo mlk'B from Tnbor. Altn., tho
RocltH Springs SootlofiH Company nnd
llio Albertn Conaolldntoil Compnny roconlly commonocd", operntlonn, nnd
lho onmp Ih now know iih Conl City,
Upon enloi'lug UiIh flold Dw officers
of DlHtrlcl  IS iiIho hnd n good vecep-
Organizers Brovey and James organized,, a new union in, Edmonton,
with an enrollment ,of some 60 ,members. . .■;;"-. °
, For'some time past" there has been
more or less trouble in this field and
the District officers-.felt that the only
chance of dealing .with the operators
in a satisfactory manner would be "to
organize a Coal Operators association
to meet with the miners officials, and
also to, come to ,spine agreement
among themselves /is to the selling
price of the product of their mines.
Several' invitations for such a conference were.sent out,■■ and at the first
meeting , some ' half.; dozen attended,
and.it was thought advisable to call
another meeting In *the hope that a
more representative ."attendance might
be obtained. : On the occasion of the
second meeting the attendance of coal
operators was at, zero, so nothing further could he done, in that line.'
International Organizer McCUiskey
is—also—doing— good—.work-in—this_seci-
tion.' ' ■   ' ■ "'-•--
Vice-President Stubbs, who has been
in this .countr-y-'.-fo-^ome--weeks, ,r. is
still working there.  '   • •'.
On Strike Now
Word comes from the" Edmonton
district that work has been suspended
in at least six mines around there,
mi account of the persistent failure
of the operators to come to terms and
give the men any working agreement.
The strike was not ordered by the
District officers, but it is understood
that the men have taken the matter In
their own hands.
Apparently the mon there hnve taken a most opportune time, as the demand for coal Is very great at present, and already one comany has
sought out some lenders of the men
nnd offered' to make concessions for
nn agreement,
The men have taken a decided and
firm stand in the mntter, nnd this In
itself speaks well for n successful outcome.
Off to Saskatchewan
From four to flvo hundred   miners
nro ongnged In the conl fields of Sns-
Itntchownn nt present, nnd hero nlso
there is room for improvement.
No CompciiHiulon Act Ih In forco
there and no Ulght Hour law Ik oii
tho statute IiooUh of the provlnco,
Seemingly It Ih not Dw intention of
tho govi-rnni'eM to do niiylliliig for
tho minerH of thnt province, In IiIh
recent Hjiecoli from llio llironn I'l'cni-
lor'Scoli Hpolo' of iilinoKt everything
o|ho under Dw sun. but not one word
Later Reports '
Reports "now coming in from the Edmonton district indicate that the min-
ers'had a very short rest. The operators have all expressed their willingness to sign up, and have done so oil
a term extending to lath of September
1910. A general increase in tonnage
rate was secured, and timbering prices
are also better. Trie day wage scale
has also been improved. - The general conditions are much better and the
men are to" be congratulated on the
happy outcome of their trouble.
Vice-President Stubbs of District 18
had much to do with the ending of this
trouble, and great credit is due him for
his shrewd and far .sighted work on
this occasion.
President Powell is at present, in
Coleman. He has been this week'.in
Hillcrest, PasslWg, Frank, Bellevue,
"Maple Leaf; Police Flats and Burmis.
Some matters of dispute are being adjusted in'Coleman, which were left"
the Scranton Correspondence schools,
is chairman'of the committee'!";'
. A mass meeting .will be held \in
Blairmore on'Sunday^' 7.
A meeting of the Fernie Liberal Association wiH be held at the committee
rooms on Monday evening at 8 p.m.
Wm. Kearns of the Saturday Sunset-of Vancouver, was in the city this
week and paid the Ledger a visit. He
was much surprised at'the outfit we
have foi* the production of the paper.
Young lady requires situation in
Fernie as nurse, or will take place as
servant in good family, plain, wages,
$30-$35 per month. Apply Ledger
Two furnished rooms to let with
electric light and bath. Pellatt- Ave.
Apply P.  O box 324.
For Sale.—Small sized violin cello.
Apply J.' V.\ Wright, Cox street, Annex.        0   •     '
F. H. F. McKitrick of thc- Lethbridge
Herald was in tho city this week drumming up business for his paper. He
secured a large number of new subscribers for that enterprising paper
"Progressive Fernie" and
How it Has Been
MACLEOD, Alta. Nov. 30.—John
Kulczychi, a Russian, was found not
guilty by a jury in the supreme court
lost night on thc charge of,murdering Angus Ruiav at Frank, Alta., on
July J7 last. A game of cards led to
a quarrel which resulted in Ruia being fatally stabbed.
Editor Ledger,
3 Sir:—I hereby advise you that application for transfer of liquor license
held by me in respect to the Royal
Hotel, Fernie, B. C, to John Podbiel-
ancik, dated May 14th, 1909, as published in the Fernie Free Press, dated
November 6, 1909, is null and void, as
conditions of agreement,* concerning
said transfer were not complied with.
This application of transfer was published without my knowledge or con-
sen t7    , '
per C W.   Davey,
The preparations for tho bazaar to
be given by the Ladles Guild of Christ
church on the 10th irist, are well advanced, and tlie public will have an
excellent opportunity, to obtain theii-,
most dainty and most useful Christmas presents. Much interest Is being
taken in the leading feature of thc bazaar, which is the drawing for the
handsome Mendelssohn piano, nnd the
tickets for this are fast being sold.
As tho, tickets for the piano drawing
nrd being sold at only one dollar each
this Is nn exceptional opportunity to
obtain a high grade plnno practically
as a gift.., His worship the mayor has
kindly consented to act ns chairman
of tho committee of gontlomon who
lmvo chargo of the drnwing. Tho pi
ano is at present on exhibition nt the
llelntzmnn plnno pnrloi'H where It mny
he soon nnd honrd nt nny tlmo. Ticketr
may be purchased from nny one of
the following Indies: MIhh Hooey, MIhh
Ponrson, Minn l-nnil*, Mi.ss Lovelace,
Mrs, Heck, Miss A, (5. llrown, Mi*h,
llnrvoy, MIhh llc-iiding, MIhh Irene
Smith, nnd nlso at the Hi'lntzmnn Plnno pnrloi'H,
Progressive Fernie, a book gotten
up by the District Ledger of Fernie,
Is the swellest thing in its .line that
has reached this office for some time.
It shows the marvellous growth of a
city in one year, for Fernie it must be *
..remembered, was wiped off the face
of,the earth by fire just one year ago
the first of August The publication
is a beauty, and the artistic work a
credit to the District Ledger. —Moyie
* •■■•    .
The city of Fernie deserves credit
for the progress it has "made since
it was fireswept in August, 1908.
The Ledger of that city has issued an
admirable publication, "Progressive
Fernie" to give the world at large an
idea of the splendid progress that has
been made in rebuilding the city. The
letterpress and illustration is'excellent and nothing has been left unsaid
or exaggerated in telling the* story.
It is another volume added to,th'e history of the making of western cities,—
Calgary News.
• * *
"Progressive  Fernie," the city that
grew in a year, is the attractive title
of a most admirable publication, the
work of the Fernie Ledger. - It is the
magical story of the wonderful building up of a wonderful city. The fire
swept that city on August 1, and it
has come into its own again in one
year. This .graphic story is delightfully told in picture and bright description, in the book which has just been
published.—Calgary Albertan.
• •*.,;
■ The Djstrict Ledger is deserving of
\    , NOTHIN' DOIN'.
^^f^^nia^ji^i^^imi'Nri ■».*
Hon,   from   Mimngor   Hullock   of  tho I hnd ho In offer In regard to k'ulHlntlnii
KnclcH  Springs  Compnny,  and    from Ml"" w«"W In nny way uiiiL-llurnu- Hi",
tho ofl'lelalH of tlm Albertn ConHOllil-jconrtltloiiH of tin- mliiers of Hint pro-
nted  Co.     Orgnnlzf'i' .Iiuiioh  got   tlu»' vlnc-o,
men together, nml wiih hiiccchhI'iiI In j Al prcHoni tlu-ro Ih n Liability Act
enrolling ilii minora hh chnrt.'r iiu-iii-'■>.' Ii'kIhIiiUoii lo Mint mul. In fore,
born, nml nppllcnllon htm boon miulo;''"' ■•■•■* nini'liliu-ry required lo get It
to liitormiiloiuil liciiilqniirioi'H for niln motion rwiulrcH ho much nummary
clmi'tor for lho Coul (Illy mmi. Tli-.!|.*'rHmiHloii In Mm- Hlinpo nf fi-r-B and
men horn Heloclcil hh lliolr prcHldmitJcohIh, thnt H Ih not, from n nilncr'n
V, r.connril, while H. Keith wiih •.if.di'iMHtniidpoliii, of much hho.
lo tho office of H.-crolnry, I    •■■»<•'••'•   " w«l ><'><•" •»•*'" ,,fflf,'lh
Tho coiuIIIIoiih In UiIh flow promts.-;In UiIh prnviiut*, nml it Htiong attempt
to Im Bood for iln* men migiiKi-d, mid |m 1)1 he made to rcm.dy nmll-rH.
lu the neiir fiiiiiro UiIh will iiih1ouI)Iim|.] *n *\|C0|a Valley
ly ho n lnrgo nml proHperoiiN ..•mnp.
Ilntlt PrcKlrffM Powell nml Orgnu*
I Mir .lumen ni* both thi'iin |>)iicoh Iim
prcHHOil upon iho men llm wei-milly of
nil llio inluoi'H Ih'coiiiIiik HiiliHcrihoi'H
ror Tho DlHtrlct Ledger in order tlmt
tlmy mmln lie lull*-* amwin.tfif in (.'..■
nffnlrs of their own dlHlrkt mul keep
in touch whh labor,mMi-vr** g-'ncrnlly.
A iiuinlior of now iuhik-h were milled
to tho Ledger Hut iih n rcnnlt.
Edmonton District
Condition*-! In this dlHtrlcl nro very
much bottor thnn they wore n yenr
nno, hut, Htill In mnny liiHtiuicp** they
nro yot deplorable. Tho uiIiioh nml
hoiiHcu for tho men nro In mnny cnHOH
ax \iii<U:j.*»lnil)le »**■ could ho. tmnRtn-ut,
nntl cnll for flwccpliiiv cluiiigcH nml
impi'ovu.l ''umllllom***'.
Minors i-ontompIfttliiK going Into
lho north country should bo careful
nt proBcnt. whero thoy locnio, nnd It
w-pnld ho hotter to dofor ontorlnR thnt
region until moro wutlMfactory rondli
[uu* cnUt.
Rev. W, l-\ Splil.'ll. thn now piisiiir
of (lio I-'ernli' UnpllHt church, occupied
tho pulpli nn Sunday evening, tlm
morning Kervlce being withdrawn on
nccoiinl of tlm opening of the Method.
odlsi church, .Miv Hpldi'll, in n 1'i'W
wordft,, voiced IiIh fcellngH In regard
to IiIh i-ittorltig on n new field,* lie
mndi! It ch'iir tlmt ho cxpi'cti'il , the
lu.nrty fnnpnnitlon nf nil the mcmbci'H
nml Hinted ihnt he did not feel it nee-
ohKiiry to nuilm nny Hpi-clnl nppenl for
I Wfirl-i'i'ii, lie iiiilllni'il briefly viii'Ioiih
pliiiHes of eliurcli work which lie In-
tended to Imiiigiinite, nml with tlm
help of the member*, u gnnil hi'iihuiih
«'orl( Ih looked furuiinl lo, Mr, Spidell him moved Into Hie houm* lnnnei'*
ly occupied hy I{e\. WIllliiniMoii nn
I'clllllt HVelllle, Ml*', Hplilell mid Utile dnuuhicr iim>mpnnli'il lilm from
Nlcoln Valley, tin- hciiI of trouble
for Koine llnu1, Ih to In- organized.
ThlH Ih the prcHeni intention ol' Dw
V. M. W. of A., both U,lHi.rl.l IK nnd
Km International,     It in though! thnt | llm oiihi.    Mr. Spidell will conduct tin
ST. PAUL, Dec. 2.—With the importation of strike breakers from Chicago imd other cities and the pressing
into service of other employees of the
road, the -railroads of the northwest
affected by the striko of the Switchmen's Union of Nortli America, which
went Into effect on Tuesday evening,
began their first real work lodny in
trying to restore normal truffle, conditions between here and the Pacific
coiiHt, Local wnrehousoH wore open
today nnd the roads nccopted limited
freight shipments to points in Dakota
and Montana. Despite'1 the efforts of
the Tiillrondfl there wiih no notlcenble
Improvement In biiHlneHS conditions In
the Twin CitlcH thlH morning. In Mlm
nonpollH nil the flour mlllB with the
exception of om> of the smaller ones,
were stopped, nnd the cohsiUIoii of
tlil.i Industry nlono threw nbout-."1)00
men out of employment,
It Ih stilted thnt the nilllineii will
Ioko $71*1,0110 a week III wages While the
mills nre ehmod nnd tlmt tlie Iohh of
IiuhIiii'sh to iho milling coiicciiik will
amount lo $700,000 a dny,   At the hond
of Ilie InkCK  Where the lilOHl   llllporllllll
IndiiHtrli'H iiie directly depcmlciii upon until* riimliiiniii*., n iiiiiiiiiu.iiiijii i/l
n few diiyn more ol' the present run
g.'tnl iDinlliinn will force 10,000 men
out uf employment.
llepoilH U'r re (iri lll'lleil thin in.) n
illU    llllll    Hi"    elliiie   lilillil.'llililifl      III
linlhyny Tmlium-M wuulrt* be mlleil out
in ilie iiffei'ii'tl leiThory but ilienc i,.-
ports could init he ti-iii'i<d"io nu niitli.'ii
Mc sourer,
Tlie H-Allclitlicll llppi'liieil In lie HMI*
hlfli'll Willi Hie lilt IIUI lull, however llllll
Wi-I'e  pnillfiillilly   |\l>:|i.'e*t   ul'll   Ibe   |'<*
porlu fiom iIn1 went of meii Joining ihe
liiill.i'   mill the Mellon of ihe Chicnuu
KWltcllllU'll III llelilllinlllig nil IIUTCIO'C
III   WIIHei-i.
the highest praise for the'every excellent souvenir number, entitled "Progressive" Fernie" which it has turned.
out. The book, which'is a large one,
Is published to commemorate the anniversaries of the Fernie fire. The
remarkable development of the city
during the year is splendidly shown
by* reading matter and illustrations
that are very interesting. The number is especially commendable as an
example of the printers' art. The cuts
print, paper and general make-up
leave little to be desired.—Lethbridge
• * • •
The* Fernie B. C, District Ledger
has issued an extremely handsome
booklet entitled Progressive Fernie,
which deals with the marvellous pro-
gresc made by that flourisnlny mining
centre since It was fire swept a little
over a year ago. The booklet is profusely illustrated with pictures In sepia color, which afford a striking idea
of the work which has been accomplished  In n twelve-months period.
From the ashes of the old town, a
new one has, as by magic, arisen,   In
every way superior to that which preceded it.      Imposing bank buildings,
warehouses nnd     stores  nnd    office
blocks illustrate the Importance    nnd
utope of Fernie's growing commercial
Interests.     Especially interesting arc
the pictures given in connection with
Fernie's chief Industry*—conl    mining
--which    shows the large scale upjn
j which the  iinmenfio coal  depositi of
the district nre  being worked,
'    Altogether Progressive  Fernk  liver.
;up to itb title and both the TJi'Hi'U
■ LeiJgcr r.nd the town itself ji*j to be,
'congratulated   upon  n   production    ni
every way credtt.il.Ic to .ill co.iccrncd.
:«-r<c(jir*.i Leader,
'I'l.ii .le'iiiiie llii'.'.i li t'oiiipnuy will
piny /n iln- Millets (ipi'rn houm' here
mi Mondny. nml i n**' ".In* "'eic I'liititn*
Ilie t'liJIili'll lo llll".!' ],ii|| MliM ItUMK.'ll
lli* l    W.'l'lv   lipi-lll;    111   III"'   Illl'.llCht    ll-HIIM
nl   hei  iiltllll)   ni. nn ie iii       lm imt
full tu ie-I- lit-r mi Monday. Thl:» Ih
;,i ' :, paid le. ;,] :\\ •', \> ■• :*"•* t-.w nfmid
lo |.*i iitiilil«'||.|  hi i   '"  In r cninpni'V In
llll"   lil-Hl,
by rnrofnl work much of tin* trouble
-•xibUiig nt om- num lii'iv.-.-vn Mi«* uinun
nml lho t'oiiipnuy can bu done nwny
Tlm offnliH all through the dliitrlct.
lire In much bettor shape thnu for
Home lime, ami miicn nl uiih l>, Dm'
to tho Hplenilld work of the prcHcnt of-
It in niOHt Hlgnlflcnnl Indeed thnt In
tho paBt week throe good compniilci
operntlnB In Southern Albertn Hhould
welcome tlm offlr-lnl'i of District IS
United Mlno WorkorH of America Iniu their camp:!, nml lm rendy nnd will
itlg   (O   Hlgll    UP   Will!   tllelU-HllOUlllg
undoubtedly that the operator* recog-
nlzo thnt In denllnur with the V. M.
W. of A„ they nro dwtllnK with a reliable organization, one -uhlcli    *lll
malic aud l;-."'t» tt confrncf.
JI'IVKCh   IllOllllllg   llllll   CH.'lllllf{  Oil   Mill*
Wo hnve i(.celvi'd ii copy of   "Tin ,
tillh'iel      ll-Xl        \ Hli-lllltlli llll I'.llll, |
liubllHlieil hy II, H. Hiillmiin of llerlln,
Out. |t contnliiH tlilrlcen Inrse ulieelH,
bemitlfully printed In colorn. HiiHpend-i
ed from n hIIIc cord. V.iwb niwttt excepi j
iho rover contnliiK n denlmi of n Hllib ,
with n lllhlfi fevt for ench dny In the'
month, nnd nt llio lower *'iul of the,
li.'ef   n   fnl'-ndnr   for  Mi**   montli   In
IlllUe   flglll'i'H.   Tlie   published   drulrrn,
nn nctlvo agent In each county or city'
to noil iho rnh'iidiir. lYI-cc 2Sc. <>nt:h;
mimplii copy nml price* tu ngmitH 1.'.
i nd*.      St-ml   for  *   <Oiiiy   to   II,   H,
llnllnwn, Horlln, Ont
'» '
FERNIE LABOR DAV 1009 BROTHERHOOD OF C. A C. •£■■■# ^. y'■-■'-
THE DISTRICT,LEDGER, FERNiE, these men were not paying ,ETAAO
,   Conducted under the direction of "Proletiaran"
1     "                                          I                                       "                                   .                            °  .         ■
Address all matter for this"page to "Proletarian" District Ledger    .
(New York Call)
It looks now as if France is about
ready to join in the procession led
by the German Empire and Great Britain.
The German financial reform, that
amounted to an annual increase of
$125,000,000 in taxation for the sole
purpose of increasing the military
and naval armaments, had fo Its immediate result the overthrow of Chancellor von Buelow.
That was a matter of great sensational interest, and every newspaper
the world over felt called upon to
make more or less pertinent comment
on it. ,,,
But the fall of Prince Buelow was
an altogether insignificatn incident as
compared with the series of electoral
triumphs by the Geman Social Democracy, which followed close upon its
In the north, as well as in the south
in eelctions for the Reichstag, as well
as for the diets of various slates and
the councils of municipalities, the Socialists have scored unprecedented,
and in several cases, unexpected victories. Nor has the tide exhausted
itself. n On the contrary every new
election adds to its force and to its
Our German comrades do not deceive themselves as to the meaning
of these successes. In their elation
they do not pretend that the new masses of their supporters are convinced
They fully realize that it is resentment against the new fiscal burdens,
and not aii understanding aud acceptance of the Socialist program, that
drives these voters to the support of
" the Social demc-cracy.
But our German comrades know
also that the same force which now
^rives~niF^wo"rinifg~masses~to "tiieiF
support will continue to operate with
accumulate intensity, for the great
capitalistic nations have accepted the
burden of militarism, not of tlieir
own free choice, but of necessity. And
they rely upon their unrivaled organization and their powerful press and
other educational facilities to turn
blind resentment into an enlightened
acceptance of the principles of Socialism.
The ' great disturbance set up by
the new budget In Germany was followed by a similar disturbance In
Great Britain. In the latter country
the ruling powers aro more amenable
to popular pressure than thoy are in
Germany, and in order to make the
enormously augmented military nnd
naval expenditures acceptable to tho
masses they hnvo grunted some measures of social reform in lho shape of
h workmen's compensation lnw (employers' liability act) nnd nn old ngo
pension law.
Those measures tho lords felt them-
koIvoh compelled 10 acquiesce In but
thoy rijfiisc to acquiesce In Ineronsod
taxation of incomes from land nnd
TIiIh refusal of the lords seems to
open n now era of pollt[cnl nnd soclnl
dlKliirliiiiice In Omni HrKiiln. And
every such disturbance In these days
cnn redound to llm nilvniiingo ot only
one pnrty, that of the nwakened working class.
Frnnce now folio wh In the footsteps
of (icriniiuy iind'England. There Is
proposed nn hicreuwed expenditure of
9-10,000,000 it year in Ihe new French
huilgi-i. Ami we limy be hiiid tliut
thnt propositi will be accepted, willingly or un willingly. In vuln do tlio deputies ili'eml to meet their couHtitiionts
In iln> cooiIiik oIctiIoiih, nfior having
voted for llio big Iih.tciihc in luxation.
In vuln does Jiiiu'ch ihumler In llm
Cliniiiber ngnliiHi llm llmlth'HH ntul the
wasteful competition lu „iirmuim.'iitH,
In vitlu tines lie propone mi AiikIo-Biix-
(iii*Fiiiiico-(ieiiiiaii  iii,Tcciiiciit   for  the
Hearst has always been boasting
that, he is a model employer of labor,
paying the highest salaries and wages
for the best wokr. This is course,
nothing more than enlightened self-
interest, supposedly a cardinal capitalistic virtue, for which no gratitude
ought to be expected. Is speaks volumes for the modesty of the workers'
demands upon their employers and
for the ease with which those demands
can be satisfied that Hearst's conduct
toward his employes should be regarded by him, and accepted by them, as a
valid claim upon their political support. But how differently the same
Hearst treats his workingmen in his
mines in South Dakota, where union
men will henceforth be barred from
Is this due to the fact that Lead,
S.Dak., is not a place for playing high
, (It was not what John Mitchell said
that made his speech on the boycott
resolution an - historic point in the
history of the American Federation of
Labor. It was the note of defiance
tbat sounded through the very'applause which his words received. It
was the expressed determination to
defeat and defy the efforts of the
courts to crush the labor movement
Every person who heard this speech
felt this impulse. It was the first
thrill of a coming conflict that may
weld the forces of labor into a compact
fighting force and force a fight that
no man or no set of men can stop or
I take this occasion to say that I am
most heartily in favor of the resolution as reported by the committee." I
rise in :no spirit of defiance, but simply
to say that I^will surrender no rights
a citizen.
I know not what physical or mental
suffering 1 may be called upon to endure, but no amount of such physical
or mental suffering will persuade me
that I have not the right to spend my
own money when I please and where
I please, and to say and write what T
please,, being responsible for the consequences of my statements before the
law, 1 deny most emphatically that
any merchant or manufacturer has any
claim upon my mind or my money,
and any attempt to create such a
claim through the subtleties of tho
law must be resented to the very limit.
I have heard that cognizance Is being taken of the, words spoken upon
the'floor of this convention, I wish,
therefore, to get clearly Into the record tlie fuel of iny determlnntion to
exorcise my full rights as guarnnteed
hy the Institutions of this country.
I may be scut to Jnll. , If I nm,
when I return from thoro I shnll declare ngnln that I Hhall not for myself pureluiHo nny of the products of
tho Buck Stovo and Hange Conv
1 mnki* iIu'ho HtntementH, not to tic
klo the ears of uny mini, but to public
ly doeJnm die "convlctloiiH that tiro
within me
This whole proceeding Hhouhl bo a
Iiihi lug lesson lo the working men of
tho United Stales nml Cniindn. If nil
men had been true to themselves nntl
io their union there would ho no non
union products .offered for sale, or
inniiufneiured, Working men hnve
been too much concerned with their
own nffnlis to lmvo nny tlmo or in.
tcri-'Hi for Dw brondor tlilngH Mint tiffed their fellows, If working men
will but realize tlmt I hoy nre tlm renl
employers of lnbor ami will curry their
prlnclplnH out then1 will lm non nonunion products,
I believe Mint tlm ilum will come
wlmn working mi'ii will domnnd Hint,
nil the goods limy uho shnll lie mndo
reduction of military •.•ximiiilliuriM.      ■'>' '»»'«"> •'•■'or*    M''-'1'-"""" nr« *•*•«■•
The .-iHJinious Uur.am- In military "» ««l»I»ly tmlnn gondii If thoy nre dn-
expenditure Ih -Hie, nn Jinm-H unyn, to niniiili.fi.     Mniiufiieturors will ho glad
Mm rlvnlrv hot ween (ir-nt llrltnln nml ■<> «"l»l»l>' ■•■" nierohnntH If Uny do-
jiimiid lho union nottdn.     Union men
h roofed Iii the cnpltnl- I""'-' >•**. sufflcloiitly IimIkkmI upon the
I repeat again that I am little concerned with what the consequences
may be to me, I propose to exercise to
the full the liberties and the rights
that are guaranteed to American citizens. -
I have grown up with pride in the
name of an American. When I was
a littlo child and my stepmother was
not able to buy the bread with which
to still my hunger nor the clothes with
which to keep me warm,, I have wrapped myself up in the old army overcoat and felt proud of the fact that I
was an American and the" son of an
American soldier.
I am not less proud today. I want
to live to see the word American stand
for all that is symbolized in that flag.
I want it to stand for real liberty* I
do not want it simply to stand for the
liberty to do'the things that I do not
want to do, but to stand for the right
to help my fellows.
f do not stand for the liberty enunciated by some of the courts in recent
decisions—the liberty of women to
work themselves to death. I dp uot
believe in the kind of liberty granted
by Judge Tuthill-'of Illinois when he
declared that the women of that state
have a right to work ten hours a day.
I believe In the liberty that gives to
every man* and woman the right1 to
live and grow and to,develop the best
that is in them. .
This litigation will have one good
.result. It will compel the people to
realize the necessity of working- in
concert. * It will teach them the need
of standing together in defense of their
rights. .
I once visited a German newspaper.
I saw there a man who seemed to be
little fitted for, the conduct of a newspaper. I asked who" he was and was
informed that he was employed there
to go to prison.    , ,       *.
Surely the time will come when organized .labor must cmloy some one to
ther-j was a time in the struggle of
Ireland for freedom when an Irishman
was looked upon with suspicion and
could not ..expect to be elected to any
office unless he had served a term in
prison. I hope that the American
labor movement had not reached a
similar- stage.
In conclusion I wish to express the
hope that the law may be so Interpreted that every man may feel that
ho has a square deal before the courts
of United States. ' *
Steam heated throughout.
Hot and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's . Leading  Commercial Hotel
; Rates $2.50 and upwards..
:   :   PAGES   • :   ■
' The rivalry
Ihi Hj'Nle/-!, Tlin ruling clasHOH In
(jteui Hrltnln dread the progress of
141.in,.hi *,ititiititi tti.t, .in in..it,.*.. ..,*,
il.ni't iiHi'liie'f:ir more than the Orr
man bnt tie ships. Conversely, llm
rullnir rliiHscH of Ormnny hnvo Hut
ilmlr lmnrtn upon rlvnlrlnx, or even
HiirpnftnlnfT, tho llrltlHh nnvnl power
,,,.:   :.* ..*...,.. •;, ■ -.*  ;   ..*•  .' '■'■".'•"
overcoming llrltlHh competition in the
foreign ninrhotH.
Ah Ioiik iih this commercial rivulry
fitnnnff tho great capitalistic nations
limit-; It is lillo tn tnili ot agrnoniuntu
for the reduction of armaments. Tho
(Upiinllst syaiem must follow its nnturnl course. By dolnp- go It Is becoming more nml in ore unbenrnblo to the
producing manses. Ami thus :|t ralncs
up ever rii-w I'liemU-s again**! Itself.
Thim does mlllUrttim sap ont the
siretiplh of nations. Thim does the
tiwiHt powerful weapon of (ho ruling
i.Iuhhi-h ami their ultimate rellnnco In
tlm*? of nwil Mirn Inlo a mntit powerful ■engine for Ilmlr destruction.
label, Homo few havo dono ho, but
It Is perfectly ohvlom that only n
vnrv taw hnve done thoir dutv.
If a man who Is nblo doos not do
useful work, neither shnll he eat. That
Is one of the foremost Ideals of social-
* *   ♦
Thero is no ethlcnl nor moral principle wrapped up in the right of any
prlvnlo   property   of whnt othor men
* *   *
Homes for nil tho people by leave of
no moneyed plute. Thnt Is ono of tho
Ideals of socialism.
* ♦   *
Govornniont ownership In of 111tlo
benefit so1 long as labor MiIovoh got
(hoii* rnko off In Mm shnpe of rout, interest, nnd profit. ,
* #   *
, Tho nvorngo mnn Is n pretty decoiit
porson If given hnlf a clmnco. But Iho
cnpltallst system turns men Into competitive hrutos.
*'   *   *
II Ih reported that Mm Llbernl cab-
luut Ih splitting ovor the nnvnl policy,
Tho more tho cnpltnllHt honchmon
Hcrnp ainong themselves mo bettor It
* »   ♦
Your Idea tlmt II Is proper for you to
pockot an much of oilier nion'B naming-* uh tho lnw ulloWH Ih un Idea which
CIIIh tlm world with poverty, hinrvn-
Mon, iIIhi'iiho and death.
* *   •
(iovornnmni ownership which still
allows Interest on bonds ami ptirchnsi)
prlco doos tint slop lho robbory, nnd Ih
not kih-IuIIhiii. Such government ownership twiiHforH Mm collodion of tlio
Kinfl  from lho prlvnto to tho public
* • •
(treat llrltnln hnH how'od tho necks
This book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and, deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Fill in this form and place orders in advance. Price
SO cents. ,. Return this order form to The District
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
Please reserve for tne. copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at 50 cents per
copy, for which is enclosed. $.
i Name
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B. C.
Fernie Livery^ Dray & Transfer Co.
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing. *> Let us
' figure on your noxt job     .,
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Rizzuto Bros.
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complete range of Stoves
Furniture Department
Our Furniture .Department embraces the
most unique and up-to-date" lines.    -
Come in and have a look-
of Its wage slnve to tho military burden of three hundred million dollars a
yenr. Laurier is trying to bow the
nocks of the Canadian workingmen
to a similar burden, Are they going
to stand for it?
" * * *
Moro and more the Canadian ministers are' dropping their dry squabbles and aro calling themselves Chris-
tlnn soclnllsts. Tn so far as thoy aro
■socialists wo welcome thom to the
fight ngninst (lie apotheosis of monoy
nnd tho degradation of mon and of
Capitalism producos tho snloon, it
Is now profitable to mako mon drunk
nml lo ruin tliolr, homos. Undor soclnlism thoro being no profit In the
tnnnufacturo nnd snlo of alcoholic ho-
vorngos llioy will conso to ho mndo
and sold.
Fortune Telling
TW* nnt t*Vt into eontiderttiMi the one eaaentlal to wom-
ea't h»ppjne»»—womanly health.
The women who nefleota her heelth ii neileotinl the
very loundetion of all food fortune. Por without heelth
love loiee Itt luitre end told It but droit,
Womanly Ineehh when loit or Impaired mey tfenerelly be
retained by the uie o( Dr. Plerce'i Favorite Prescription,
Thla Preacrlptlon haa, tor over QO yean, ."
been curlnd dethate, w**k, paln.wraeked
women, by the ttuaifretfe ot fttoaaanete
and thi* too In tiie privacy ot their hornet
without their havlai to eubmlt to Indelh
cat* queatlonlnia aatt ottenelvely repum.
nant examination*.
SJok women ere invited to eoniult Dr. Pierce hy Utter/rf/.
AU corretpondtnee held e* eeeredly confidential,   Addreee World'e Dlipentery
Mrdirtl AtfoeSetiofi, It. V, i'Urte, M. l)„ f'reeident, Buffalo, N. Y.
Da. Vtt*('.*.'. Chat f-Awar Docro* Hoot, Ihe People'* Common Sent*
Medktl Advtatf, tuewty «tvUci up-to-d-iie tiiiiiuu—100Q ^it.%, luuwtu i«
Plain Earful, hotte oi delicate qoettioMwMeh every women, tingle or married,
outfit to Know about. Sent frit, In plain wrapper to eny addreii on receipt of
31 one-cent itampi to cover mailin| only, or in cloth btndini for 50 (tempi.
SEATTLE, Nov, 30,—Tlioro seems
lo bo n decided difference of opinion
on lho liquor quostion In Washington,
Coh'IIU coimly hns gono wot, wlillo
Htovpiifl voted dry, Wfilthnm county
linn n blttor fight oil thnt will ho docldod today. A potltlon Is bolng
clrculnloil In Spolinno country culling
for n specinl olocllou on Jnnunry 25,
11) 10 to Hctllo tho Ihhuo, Governor
lliiys homo town wont, dry roconlly,
wllh tho executive'**! hourly npprovnl.
Auburn In KIiik county on Iho othor
hnnd, rofimod to hnnlnh tho million,
Mnny localities aro wrestling with tho
forcoH hnvo thn best of the nrgutnont
ns to tlio number of lownn carried no
Lands and Works , for a license to
prospect for coal and.petroleum over
the following described lands, situato
in South E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles nort'i t,,
the International boundary on S«so
■ Thenco running south 80 chains,
Thonco running oast 80 chains,
TJionco running north 80 chains,
Thonce running.west 80 chains,
lo plnco of , commencement, making
0*10 acres moro or less,
Locatod this 19th day   of September, 1909.
Agont for
Oct IE-lit W.R.R.
Pollock Wine Co. Ltd
Phone 79 Baker Ave. P.O. Box 2C2
Wholesole Importers arid Exporters
of Wines,, Brandies, Cordldls, Foreign
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Large stock of Fernet Branca, Italian,
Hungarian and German Wines, also
Norwegian Punch and.Aquavit..Beer,
Porter, Ale and Cigars,
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Valley Browing Co. Ltd. Beer, draught
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,, Special attention given, to famil/
Our Motto: Pure goods and quicK
delivery. *
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'm      tm*f meitfpm a**** ^eaa
" *****•r* tea*»i*■ U W(*
Scientific flimrican.
 If UlnutMlod WMkljr.  tmietut ett.
any letentina kvortul.. Tumi jet
rftjeM, partite pnptM.  few Ur
NOTICE Is lierohy glvon tlmt thirty
(30) dnys nftor dato I Intend to npply
Io tho Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and Works    for a license to
prospect for coal nnd potroloum ovor
tho following doscrlbod lnnds, situato
In South M. Kootonay, British Columbln, Block *1G08, commonclng at a post
plnntod nt or nonr ono milo south of
Noll Dunlop's 8.,W. cornor, nnd bolng
llio S. W. cornor Jamos Ravens clnlm,
Tlionco running oust 80 elinlns,
Thonco running'nortli 80 chnlns,
Tlionco running wost 80 chnlns,
Thenco running south 80 olmlns,
lo plnco of   eommoncomont, mailing
010 ncros more or Iohh,
Locntod this HUh dny   of September, 1001I.
Agent for
JAMES RAVES', Locator.
Oct 10-Ct \V.IUt.
NOTICE Is hereby given I hat thirty
(30) days nftor dnto I Intend to npply
to the Hon; Chief Commissioner   of
Lands nnd Works    for a license to
prospoct for conl and petroleum over
tho following described lands, situate
In South E. Kootonay, British Columbln, Block -1593, commencing at a post
planted at or near James Raven's S.
W. cornor nnd bolng tho S. E. corner
Nat Babcoclt's clnlm;
Thonco running wost 80 chnlns,
Thenco running north 80 clmlnu,
Thonco running onst 80 chaliiH,
Thonce running south 80'Chains,
to plnco of   eommoncomont, mnklng
010 acres moro or loss.
Locatod this 19th day   of 8*n*"loin-
her, 1909.
Agent for
Oct IB-fit W.R.R.
Alberta Show
Case Works
'Manufactiu'eis   of
Calgary, Alta.
♦<►♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦-*»
j Fernie Dairy
* delivered   to   all
parts of tho town
NOTICK Is hornby Riven tlmt thirty
(30) day* nftor ditto I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chlof Comnilnroimr   of
NOTIC'V, l<v hr-M-i-y slvcn Ihnl thirty
(30) days nftor dnto I Intend to apply
lo Iho Hon. Chlof Commissioner of
Lnnds nnd Works for a llcmifto to
prospoct for coal ami potroloum ovor
tlin   f**>llr*H'!?»fr   rifinf.vl\ii\tt   jn*n.1*,p     „11*i.nt/.
In Houth' E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4C03, commonclng at n post
planted at or noar Jamoi Ravonn N,
W. cornor and being tho N. E. cornor
of Albort Clarlc'n claim;
Thonco running south 80 chains,
Thonco running wost 80 chains,
Thonco running north 80 chnlns,
Thenco running oast 80 chains,
to placo of   eommoncomont, making
610 ncrei moro or lees,
Locatod thla 19th day   of Hop tern-
bor, 1000,
Agont for
Oct tSBt W.R.R.
NOTICE lu h»»roby glvon,Hint thirty
(30) iliiys nftor dnto I Intend to npply
to tho Hon. Chlof CoinmlxHlonor of
Lnnds nnd Works for n llconso to
prospect for conl nnd polroloum ovor
tho following doso'-Mbod IdikIh, Hltunto
lu South E. Kootonay, BrltUh Colum-
ii(n. T*i*r"*'l*r W, ornniwotirlnf' nt n print
plnntod at or nonr Honry Unghny R, E.
cornor nnd lining-tha 8, W, corner of
Noll Dunlop's claim,
Thonco running north 80 chnlnn,
Thonco running onst 80 chains,
Thon™ mnninr finut.h 80 chains,
Thonco running west 80 clmlnu.
Sanders & Verlmest Brothers.
■» ♦ ♦ ♦ »♦<►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦•«>♦
to place of   commencement, making
(HO ueroB moro or less.
Located tills 1 Ot tt day   of September, 1909.
Agent for      . -
NOTICE Ir horoby glvon that thirty
(DO) dnyH aftor dnlo I Intend to apply
to tho Hon. Clilof ConimlRHionor   of
LnndH nnd WorkH   for a llconso to
prospocl for coal aud polrolnum ovor
tlio following described lands, situato
In Boul It E. Kootonay, llrltlsh Columbia. Block .|/i9.1, commencing at a post
planted at or noar Albert Clark's N.
E. corner nm) being Henry Bugboy's S.
E. corner,
Thonce running north 80 chnlnn,
Thonco running omit 80 chains,
Thonco running south 80 chains,
Tbotinn vilnnlnn1 ■u'ru-it On nTintn",
to plnco ot   eomninnpitmont., mnklnR
<M0 acros moro or loss.
Locatod thla 19th day   of Soptom-
W, 1000. „
Asrent for
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fomie, D, G.
Why be without a Sewing: Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of School) Pellatt Ave. jSu^U^.'-'a-K-''^^ ■■yWai**J^0^-w*4^«^;Q»^^
WW w,tfnaj^ ^^^-^ ft-^ua^e
• *r.r-**'*r-;M':y.:ttr^^^^^ .
i ^;^i,*r^'a;*te\ajn^n^au**ai
■^F*a£^Av^iw±j**^s**&iMmA-. ..-*.
ifc'C^awa3i'»'i!r"-.,t«i \-t,..*iw*fc».*Ai*:-*.*A:-i-*ii-**i
-ve • w^waw rniw ir^*h•—»•"•#•**■■ ■»*■""•■*■•■■ »i»«e»f 1-»;*->■***«
J^^^^J■*^^^■^-■*^^'I^L^'^*^'"   '' " ^ "*''1   -*^*"^5
51   -'.*'
A   Good System Poorly  Worked—
C.P.R*  Agent Choice in
His Pilfering •
" PRANK, Alta., Dec. 1.—Ih the arrest
at'' Burmis the ;last of the week of
F. S. Partridge, night agent of the C.
P. R.,- there is alleged to.'have been
discovered a case of systematic stealing, the methods of which were as
clumsy., as they were bold and daring.    '
Partlrdge was formerly night agent
at Coleman, and it was while in that
position it- is alleged that the grent-
er part of his fraudulent transactions
* were consummated.    Partridge's, sys-
. tem of .working, it'Js alleged, was to
sell    a ticket to a given point and
* on the stub write the name of a station a considerable number of miles
shorter than the real destination. For
instance if a traveller asked for a ticket to Moose Jaw, he would'insert
Medicine Hat on the stub and pocket
the difference in mileage between the
two places.     This of course could be
■ worked. only in cases of tickets' sold
off the Crow line to which the ordinary
printed paste board tickets _arc not
provided, but for which a blank form
of book-ticket is used, the stub being retained by the selling office but
such instances are said to have been
of sufficient number for the business
to be quite profitable. ;, It- was, of
course. .'only\a matter of-time before'
the licet and the stub were bound to
be compared by the auditing department and there' in is the manifestation
-of both the clumsiness of method and
boldness of the' operator.        f   7 '
Another method of defrauding that
Partridge is said to have followed, was
in collecting for freight. It is said
that if he thought that, consignee applying to. pay.a" freight bill did not
know, the rate he would collect a higher rate than that charged and profit
by the difference. 7
'It is also alleged that Partridge was
in the habit of "robbing milk cans
shipped .to Coleman. A certain* caterer of Coleman received his milk supply from Cowley and for some time
had observed that he did not get any
cream on his milk on which" there
had previously been an ample supply.
One day oh calling at...the station for
his milk he caught7 Partridge in the
act of locking the' can, the lock of
which he' had picked. It. is supposed
he robbed the milk cans for the love
of drinking the cream,! as it is not
known that he disposed of it. ' "
„ The inevitable detection came some
time ago and it is said that for two
or three months,* by direction of the
auditor, Partridge's pay. cheque has
been held back,' yet in the face of*
that certain evidence that he was at
least suspected, if -detection had* not
actually comei he is said to have carried on his practices right up to
the time-of'his arrest He was transferred " some days ago to Burmis,
where he was arrested. He was taken
to Maeleod to await.trial ori several
different charges of defrauding the
C. P. R.
The Man in the Moon ;	
. Came Tumbling Down
-. And Inquired the Way
■ ,7 To the Nearest .Town;   ^
-   ,.\   Said He "I'm After   ':-
~Moi'e Golden West:
The Folks in the Moon -.'-. -
All Declare It's the Best,
., He Took all He Could Buy:
And the Premiums are Certainly fine."
.; Then Spread His, Coat Tail,,*.
-.. 7 ' And Sailed to the Sky
■",*   On a Bit of a Gale;   ,. .; *,
Now Watch the Old Moon Shine.
Golden West Washing: Powder
Makes Everything Shine. '"
The Premiums Will"Make"Your Eyes Shine.
Save the Coupons
Sunday School q
/TT  On the Lesson by the Rev. Di
Tl   Newspaper Bible Study Olub,
On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
, *
What will be'' the nature of .the 'reward which awaits the.Christian after
death? * -
Verses 9-12.—Is it a sign of weakness or of strength arid why, when a
Christian craves human company and
What is the moral quality of a man
who forsakes his friend when he is in
need? *
Are I' friendships rare, or plentiful,
which remain steadfast, and true alike
in prosperity and adversity, through
evil and good report, and how do you
characterize such a'friendship?
..Verse 13.—Upon which will a normal, right thinker put the emphasis,
on things for the body,,mind or spirit,
and  why?
Taking Paul's cloak to represent
things, for the body, his "books" "the
mind, his "parchments" the spirit,
please - say. what proportion of the
thought and energy .is-sent by the
average community upon these things
Verses. 14-15--Is there any reason to
believe that Jesus would have prayed
that a bad man may be,rewarded according to his works?
What should be the attitude of a
good man toward those who speak
evil of him? ,    <
Verses 16-18—What effect ought the
lack of co-operation of friends and the
opposition of enemies, have upon the
.work of a true and determined man?
Lesson for1 Sunday, December 19th,
B. E. WALKER, President
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and Englana
Every facility afforded'to farmers and       fl
ers for the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
equal facility.
L. A. S.  DACK,
Accounts may be opened, by mail and monies
deposited   or   withdrawn   in this way with
Manager, Fernie,
3 "H
*.'* j
Trampled to Death in
Panic at a Red Cross
Meeting   _« ..,
ed that - his client, would not be the
goat in'Mhe case;,that he was an employee, and did what he did under
orders. He said .that the sugar trust
is not' furnishing the money for his
MADRID,^ Dec. 2—Premier Moro has,
published ^in the official gazette the
text of a sweeping, bill for the reform
of municipal administration in Spain
tb take.the place of a similar measure
which ex-Premier Maura tried for two,
years to get through the courts of the
Paul or the Grace-of Giving. If Cor.
viii:l-15. '
. Golden Text.—Remember the words
of the Lord Jesus, how he said, it is
more blessed to give than to receive.
Acts xx: 35. ■
Are these words in the Golden Text
quoted from Jesus, hyperbolical, that
isna rhetorical over" statement, or is
it literally true that it is more blessed
to give than to receive, and if so why?
(This question must be answered in
writing by members of the club.)
Verses" 1-6—Is» it. according to animal nature, or to average human nature, to give to others _outside of kith
and kin? . *-'. ••
Is giving liberally," intelligently and
systematically to religion and charity,
always a "grace," that is, an inclination Divinely imparted? ' •
' What is the* relation ^between giving
arid loving?. '0   '   „ "
If we are in need or "affliction" ourselves,   will the grace of giving still
TOKIO, Dec. 1.—Reports from Osa-
"ka say that more than one hundred
persons weer killed in a terrible.panic"
at  the. general 'meeting of the Red
- Cross society in that city this .afternoon.      Several  hundreds were    injured and many of them will not re-
),. cover. '     ,, .*•■*.
More than 30,000 persons gathered
at the Tennojl to~attend the meeting:
There was only one door for either
exit or entrance to" the building in
which the ceremonies were held.
As tho crowd struggled to get in
and many' of those within began to
struggle to get out, a great panic ensued. Men and women lost their
senses . and in their wild fight hundreds were'injured and many wero
trampled underfoot.
. The crowd was so tremendous and
drawn from both directions to the
doorway (hat It was , Impossible for
the officers to restore order for some
time. '
When a man became frightened.and
began struggling ho was crushed by
the great crowd through which there
was no possibility of a person forcing
his wny. Tho result was that when
tho crowd was cleared there was Immediate work for tho Roil Corss society to do and tho agents of that socloty at onco took chargo of tho dead
and Injured.
One Employee of the B!q Trust New
Declines to ho made the
" MOW YORK, Dec. 2.~.TomoB V, II.
Tlondornagln docllnos to ho mado tho
"goat,** hy tho Amorlcan Sugar Refining company, known as tho Trust.
.Doforo his trial nnrt thnt of flvo oral,
whilo omployocH of tho compnny, nil
of whom nro chnrgod with defrauding
tlio Kovornmont hy unrtorwolghlng hu-
gnr, nro concluded In tho U. S, circuit
court, ho will tOHtlfy for, Iho government, Thin cnmo to light today tt*
n witness in tho tmgnr trim ciibo teu-
titled thnt $15 nud HomotltWH n little
moro w-cre pnld omployoot** to ho
crooked. Ilo nnld that tho mnn who
In hoiiio liiHlniicim hnd pnld thin corruption money wnn formerly miperln-
tondont of tho ''company'* plnst In
WllllnmHburg. In tho fnco of thli*. ton-
uniony (-ttiiiitarKait!** Jaw>cr aiiiiu;ii*u'-
country     :    7TI     '     ~y     "~_
Maura's bill like "that, of his predecessor, aims at demoralization of power, heretofore concentrated at Madrid,
but. is much more democratic than
that of the Maura bill, and promised
to at least give satisfaction to the aspirations of the local communities for
a species of real local self government
and it promises to please the Catal-
Mr, Elmer Willis, late lessee of the
Lyric theatre, Cnlgary, arid Interested
in a number of theatres in the west,
Is In Fernio arranging for the appearance hero for one night of each week
for the entire vaudeville company now
playing Calgary nnd the coast cities,
Mr Willis Raid on behalf of his syndicate, of which Mr. Kyle of Cnlgary Is
arrangements could be made he would
plnco for one night of every week during tho winter season this vaudeville
in Fornie,
Tho Empire Vaudovlllo Is afflliatod
with tho Pantnges circuit, of Seattle,
Spokano nnd other western cities, and
Is beyond doubt the highCBt     class
nnd most expensive of modern vnudo-
vllle, consisting of six big acts—whicli
includes ono, big fenturo act of extraordinary merit onch week, Tho perfor-
manco runs two and a hnlf hours nnd
If arrangements aro completed,   will
play Fernio' on a certain night wookly
with n comploto chnngo of acts   ench
week.     Thin is doiibtlesti the most,
ambitious attempt to provide the wch-
torn cltlofl with tho snmo standard of
vnudovlllo, ns the largest of thc const
citloH now enjoy, lu fact Identically tho
Bnmo,    If this offort Is orownod with
auceoHf* it menus a gront doal toward
tho Improvement, of Iocnl   nniUHoment
conditions for tho cities of (ho push,
nnd will plnco tho theatre mniingo-
mont nnd tho public In n moro Independent  poflltlon  lnn*smuch nH thoy
will havo ono night onch wook upon
which thoy can look forward to with
confldonco nnd plcnuuro without feeling that thoy aro taking nny chnncon
of being duped.    Arrnngemoiiln nro In
progress with,tho mnnngoment   commit too of tho now minors thoatro und
thoro Ih littlo doubt but what tho deal
would go through. In spanking of tho
thontro Mr. Wlillo nnld thnt without
doubt Fornio will pohbchr tho most
..   ...i   ■,„,!   r-it\nl   ri\nr\r.rri\v  nt\ntnr,tir\
thr-ntTo hr-twoon (Vlwuy    nnd Bpoknno.
"^-   *^. E*1--*?
May deep poverty, great joy and rich
liberality be in the same life, and is
such a combination natural or supernatural? ■•
There was great poverty and suffering among the Christians at Jerusalem,, and the liberality of the poor
churches at'Macedonia to relieve their
need Is what Paul refers to here; contrast'th-f'evil'at Jerusalem'with the
resultant good grace, of giving developed at*Macedonia, and say which is
the greater; that is did the result do
as much good or exceed the evil done
by the cause?
Titus it would appear was appointed
to present to the Corinthians the need
of the Jerusalem Christians, to take
up a collection, and to develop in them
the grace of giving; why Is there no
work moro noble, or duty more Imperative than for ministers and teachers to teach the peoplo the duty and
joy of giving?
Verses 7, 8.—Paul apparently assumes thnt a person mny abound "In
* * * nnd In * * * love." nnd not
abound In the grace of giving; but, Ib
ho right, for how can such a thing
bo poBSlblo?
Paul states that ho did not, urgo tho
grnco of giving by "commnndment";
is Jt therefore nny less tho duty, nnd
prlvllogo of ovory Chrlstlnn, rich nnd
poor, to abound In thin grnco?
Vorso 9—What should ho tho supremo motive and what Is tho greatest
Inducement to give llbernlly?
Whnt Is tho chief grnco In tho resplendent character of Jesus?
Did tho giving of Jesus Of hlmsolf,
nnd all ho hnd for us, Imply pormnti-
ont poverty for him or wns It tho nur-
oat wny to nil thnt grent wonlth Ib
supposed to stand for?
Whnt iIooh giving of all klndH flnnlly
result In getting moro of thnt which
wo glvo, thnn would bo poBBlblo if wo
kopt It? (Think of monoy, lovo, know-
lodgo, exporlonco, oncoiirngement, otc.)
Vorsos 10, 1l-~-Whnt Is tho difference In promising n niibscrlptlon to
religion or benevolence nnd not paying
It, nnd not paying your grocer or
, VorscH 12-1 i—Whnt Is the proportion
of our Income which tho Illblo dcinnnd***
of u« nH n minimum?
What nro Homo of tho mnny advantages of tho tithing By mem?
Vnrtw iri—Whnt r/»nRon !h thoro to
hpllnvo thnt W wo glvo systematically
to (lod'B cnu«o thnt wo ourselves shall
novor IncU?
Losson for Sunday, Dec. 12th, 1009.
Paul's Lnst Words. II. Tlm. iv:l-18.
What precisely, did Paul mean by
"Preach the Word?'    -
What, if any, reason- is. there to believe that.preaching or its equivalent,
can never be "out,'of season?"
* Why is the duty to preach and practice truth, honesty'! love and the presence of God never out of season? .     „
Why is every man under vital obligation to be always on the qui vive to
promote the temporal and eternal interests of his fellows?    .   ° ,
.'Verses 34—What    is the minimum
of Christian faith necessary for sound
doctrine  and  salvation?    (This question must be answered in writing by
members of the*club?)
Why is it that burglars, counterfeiters, gamblers.'liars, drinkers and
other bad men. and women, .often
persuade , themselves that they are
right? "       __,      ',
.When men do - not believe in; the
supernatural, that is, God, prayer, immortality, rewards and punishments
your belief. whether it is or not, a result, of some moral defect hi their
lives'?   "        -
Verse 5.—What are the chances of
success in any calling for a man who
will watch, suffer, work, and demonstrate his faithfulness?
Verse 6.—Which is the more desirable time, the day of one's birth or
the day of one's death and why?
How did Paul at this time know
that the day of his departure was at
Verse 7.—What can you say for or
against the theory that the better the
mnn the less he thinks of himself?.
State your views as to whether Paul
was guilty ot boasting here or whether It wns but an honest statement,
that he had "fought a good fight," and
that he hnd kept the faith?
Is God hnrd to please, or Is It possible for an ordinary honest Christian
to' plense God In nil things, and to
have tho consciousness that ho Is so
pleasing him?
Verse 8.—Wns the crown of right-
eousnepB that Paul wnB Bolng to re-
colvo a gift of grace, or a reward for
merit, nnd will it bo the snme enso
with nil tho faithful?
, (Lethbridge Herald)
New Klpp station'was the scene of
a .'fatal a accident yesterday morning
about eleven o'clock when Frank Pad-
get, the assistant engineer of the construction gang, met with a tragic
death: ,,
As far as can be ascertained at present the unfortunate man attempting
to pass in front of a moving train,
was struck by the engine and almost
the entire train passed over his body.
The.heajl and arms were severed from
the body, and the rest of the body
horribly mangled. -* ?
The coroner and jury which have
been sworn in, drove out to Kipp this
afternoon.to the scene of the tragedy.
No witnesses of the accident are at
preesnt known. .
STRATHCONA, Dec 2— It is understood that C. A. Curtis, principal of
the High school at Raymond, will be
appointed to the vacancy on the staff
of the Strathcona institute, caused by
the appointment of G. Fred McNally,
to the Wetaskiwin inspectorship. . Mr.
Curtis spent several weeks in Strath-
conaJast_summer at the Baptist "par-
Wholesale and Retail
Just come into our store and take   ..'
a look around you will find a wide
range to choose from.   We stock.
Pickled   Lambs'  Tongues,   Pigs'   ,
Feet arid Tripe.
You   will    like   our   "Empress"
Brand of Mince Meat.
■   '
"*   I
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
We beg to announce to our many customers that we have removed to our old quarters next the Bank of Commerce pending the
erection of our new building opposite the Kjng Edward hotel.
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith and Plumber
"We don't tolerate Fweddle, H«,
wears ready-made clothes."
"They ore deucedly vulgphP
"Not only that, but youhtVe toi
pay cawsh for them."
"That's deucedly vukah, Ml
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
Electric Ulghtod 8team Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot ond Cold Water L. A. Mills, Mnnoo«r
Children cough at night? Give them Ayer's Cherry Pec-
toral. Often a single dose at bedtime will completely
control thc cough. Good for any one with a cold or cough.
Good for easy cases, hard cases; good for acute cases,
chronic cases. Ask your doctor to tell you, honestly and
frankly, just what he thinks of this old standard remedy.
No alcohol In this cough medicine.  J,c.AyvCo.,uu)eU,M<ut.
A iixv liver nuke* a law boy.  An active brain demand* an srtlvt liver.  No-betUr
fi^X^yiMJBlVutlianAyM'iPUU. Aik your doctor about them. Hsknowi.
DECEMBER 12 1009
Paul's Last Words.—II Tlmotby. Iv
to 8.
doldon Toxt.—For to mo to llvo in
Chrlflt nnd to dio Is Rnin.    Phil. 1:21.
Versos 1-2.—When a minister In nu-
thorlty Klvt-a Instructions to a dovotcd
minister under lilm, concerning tho
work lo which hu U ii-.>'ioUil,*<l, tm> bin
words moro or loss effect nnl If he
calla God to witness? Why or why
Are You
Connected ?
Arc you rendy to rftcpAvf) t,hf> power and light
from tho now syatcm? Now ia tho time to havo
connections and wiring done. Wc can mvc you
monoy. Wo have all stylos and makes of fixtures
motor* nnrl fr*»*nprnt,f»r«. fl^ft nn nt one**. The
power will be on soon. Estimates and expert advice cheerfully given.
Depew, Macdonald & McLean Co.
i   Electrical Contractors
25 to 35 per cent.
You will .save by buying' Clothing from uk.
Comploto stock of Wintor goods. Cull ami
soo us boforo you buy olsuwlion.,
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox: 3 pair SOc
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1.25 each
Next to IIocIiom'h (Uwily Hloro
Sl'M t« NoiUll'lll Hotel
Total osiictH ol over thirty million
dollara aro entrusted to tho cuytody
oi tho Bank oi Hamilton.
Your Savings Account Solicited.
W,l)t Mzltiti £$b$w
51.00', a year in advance. Address all tdmmunica-
tions to, the "Manager" District' Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, wc will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting'advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
♦ransaction causing the complaint; that is we must
nave notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
.i   "/ ' ' * '*■
r'r ' ■"' ' W. S. STANLEY.
Phone.48;  Residence 9 Manager and Editor
The smoke of thc battle lias at last cleared away
and business is once more on the hum. It is
passing strange when one sits down and looks over
■tlie circumstances in connection witli tlie election,
as they appear after the fray, what strange things
and crooked deals you can discern. ' A few years
ago and a yian who would stoop so low as to vote
in two places would have been blacklisted all over
tlie country' as a crook. lie would have been
shunned by ail and looked upon as a man (excuse
the term) nol l'il to associate with. AVhat do we
find now? Why. in some quarters a man who
votes early and often i.s a hero—or as some say. a
very snfart fellow'indeed, li the same man broke
into your house in .the middle of Ihe night and
stole your treasures, would you call him a shrewd,
sharp fellow, or would you .hand him over to the
police, as the criminal that he is? But you say
it is different in politics, lt is not, and the man
who would stoop to sell his vote, vote in two places
or do any of the numerous tricks that were indulged in here is not fit company for the balance cf the
citizens. "We trust -ere this these miserable fellows
have been scourged by their conscience (if they
ever had such a-thing in their anatomy) aud have
seen the error of their ways. They are as base as
■the basest criminal.
As the happy Christmas season-approaches il
behooves us to give a wee bit ui* inforiinition to intending purchasers. In the first place remember
Ihe home merchant to whom you owe considerable
money for the last month's grocery bill. You will
have to spend considerable cash in order to send
presents to all the loved ones both here and abroad.
Jf you,do as you" too,often do. send Ihe money
away to eastern departmental stores the city in
12 months will be that much poorer.* , The merchant who has slood by you will be placed in an
his stock, to pay up the wholesale houses, to pay
off his indebtedness all over the city and country,
and the money will eventually come .back into circulation. Have you ever stopped long enough in
the daily gfin'd of yours to figure out just what an
effect that'would have on" you personally? It
means this, you will in. the end reap the benefit
personally." * How, you ask. By the mere fact
that as the merchant is paid so he will be able to
pay. and as he pays things generally in any. community improve, and in tin: general improvement
your case receives its portion.
■ You say i'n defiance to this that the home merchant charges you too much on this and that
article. So they do. , Every merchant in the city
puts his wares up at the highest price. AVhy ?
Because you have-forced*him to do so. How? By
running a bill with him for some time, and when
Katons or some other firm send you a catalogue,
picking out a good big list of things you1 require
getting together all the money that you can. and
sending away the cash for these things. "What
show has the merchant to make both ends meet?
lie has to pav a,high rent.     If he builds he has to
1      • ° (i
pay out thousands of dollars, for His building—pay
very heavv taxes, pay high wages for his staff of
help, pay for his light, his insurance, and hundreds of other things too numerous to mention,
and last but not least pay a heavy interest on the
large and heavy stock that he has put in to try
ami-please you. and wail, for your pleasure to* pay
him the bills that you owe him. Sit down now-^and
figure ibis all out and then cancel the order that
you had ready to send east and spend the money
at home, and let us one and all unite in boosting
out town, which by tho way is best place along the
able to believe that they would be
good workers, men who could be relied
upon at all .times—-650 votes for Socialism.' ': What could we not do if all
these men .were paying of the party?
Let us make the effort, comrades.^ to
bring the greater portion within our
ranks. It is worth while and can be
done. As a start, in this direction
may I ask'all Socialists in Coal Creek
who are willing to join the Socialist
party of Canada ,fo  send  in      their
names .and  addresses to  the  ender-
signed, who* will, wait upon them, and
give all information they may, need.
Thanking you in anticipation, I   remain, yours in revolt,
JOHN   E.   SMITH    ,
Tea grown at an elevation" of 5,000 feet and upwards, where
: soil and climate combine to give that delightful, fragrance   ;
■".   and delicious flavor, is used in '**-'■ 7
The few unwary individuals wlio*do read our
cotcm may have noticed that'they still harp on
some little pettifogging wo.uld be slurs on.the Socialists. They never-we're thc friends of the working class of Fernie, and we cannot expect any better from them. ■ However, they must concede the
fact that the Socialists hia<lc thc cleanest fight of
the three parties in the late political struggle. And
more than that the Socialists had the F. P. scared
till the last moment for fear that Mr. Marcington
was going to be elected. Well the gt ■••.1 •vovk
still goes on in spite of that sore head rag, and next
time they will probably have learned a lot about
tlie honest methods of the Socialists of Fernie riding. ■ . a-
The next, thing of importance for Fernie will
be0the municipal elections., Remember that we
waul several changes, in regard to the'personnel
of the council. Pick out some good honest "men,
men willi a good conscience, and men who will hot
worlc together in cliques, and then get together as
The friends (?) of the working class
profess to have some sympathy with
Socialism, only "Harrinstori* was    too
extreme, you know, and had such   .a
nasty way of saying things.     This is
highly creditable to Com. Harrington,
and should be proof sufficient to the
working ' class tl'iat he is the best possible champion  of their cause    that,
they could, possibly have had. If you
want to get a line on your own candidate ask the.other parties what  .they
think about him.     If they speak fav-
orably^of him then*keep your eyes open for he wants watching.     If they
are against him depend upon It he is
true to your class interests.     What is
good for them Is not good for you) and
whal is good for you is certainly not
Kood for thom.
Fisher: If returned as your member
to Victoria I shall use niy best "endeavors to-further the interests of the
people of Fernie, and shall be in favor of' all labor measures so long as
they do not conflict with the platforms
of my leader, John Oliver.
Ross: If returned as your member,
which I sincerely believe I will be,
I shall as heretofore have the interests of the people" of this province* at
heart, and will to the best of my ability serve all classes equally well, and
I hope to their satisfaction.
Harrington: There is in society two
classes, viz., those who produce all
and own nothing, and those wbo own
everything, and produce nothing, the
workers and idlers, capital and labor,
The working class produce all wealth
and to the producers it rightly belongs. If returned "as your member
I will at all times voice the opinions
of the only useful class in society, the
working class and the working class
only" »
Which candidate should have received the entire support ofcthe working
class of this riding?       °      ,      "°,
The Socialist party held a' very fine
meeting in the Miners' Hall on Sunday
last. The speaker of the evening was
John 'Turner, his - subject being Ihe
Evolution of Capitalism. Com. Turner
Its   purity .and. strength   make   it   <much.
more    economical  to use   than   other   teas.   ;
^-ii-a \*\i,
awkward position, as he has stocked up very hcav-
ilv lo be sure that he would have a large and as-
il—HIIIII-llllll-VLL-Ul-lllUlllT lil—im:
Fernie needs some real good, independent heiuls al.
her helm, and for that reason some of the present
! council should be shelved.
The stricture" in Ihe .Free Press'in regard to
the local option workers is rat her inopportune in
ivicw of! thc fact that Ihe riding gave a majority
option, and the city    of
lavor of 102.
, sorted slock for you to -choose froiii., What must
.he do with'the goods?     Tlie wholesale house will
not lake them,back.     lie has to carry them for
an indefinite period.   , In doing so he has to cramp j of   103 in favor of loca
himself financially.     In doing so he, is cramping|Fernie gave a majority
some other follow* financially.     It goes from 01
to the other, until the whole city is affected,     On  the general public judge for themselves
the other hand if you spend all your ready cash in  the opinion of our col em is not such as
Ilie citv Ihe merchant is in a position to get rid of'shadow tlmt of the general public.
, * o • j
.11 a=*i*. i — _
if1!does the Free Press not print' thc figures and let
to ovc*:'-
('•■eel Ins:
You have heard iihoul the stnigulo
now Knlm; on in Sweden. Yon know
thai Sweden, 111;'.- nil other el\ llbert
t-oiiiilili-K, luih im.'.-ii-il IliruiiKh .'in In-
iliislrlal crisis, I'orcln*; a ureal, mini-,
hor ol' woikern out of I'liipliJMiU'iH,
leaving ilium. ;, 11e■ 11- when mul children
dcHiluiii', nnd t li I i* fact was used hy
ilie employing cIuhh, the cIuhh wlio
owns iiiiiI roniruls llii! ini'iiiis upon
which Ihe people arc dependent for a
living-(in un (iportuiiliy to force Ihe
workers to siilunii lo their dictations
and enforce condllluiiH hy which ihey
could crush oi'naiii/.cil lnbor.
Iiiii'liig   i Iir.   Iiihi   I wo   years      the
Wni'kciH Imvi' I a thrown out hy lock
oiiih several times hy the Kinpluyci'H
AkhocIiiUoii, unlil nt Iiihi on the Und
day of August over 80,000 working-
men wore locked out, denied the Opportunity to Htipport tliomm-lvoa !>>'
their lalior.
Ah n proicHt uKiilnut Hie Inhuman
nml hnitiil trentiiH'iii nnd iih nn' nt-
lompi io forco i|n> Miiiiufiietui'orH Ah-
nodal Inn lo recognize th" i'IkIiib of
lho workers, Swcden'ii l.nbor Unions
ciillcil ii bow nil strike AukiihI I. completely tying up every Industry In the
lum) nml affect tin* un-i  r.uO.uiiii men,
Ariel' file Weeks of determined NtrUK-
i.»|i' nil thom' employers not belonging
io Uic .Mminfnctiirei-H iikhocIhIIoii uur-
n-nileied lo Dw lnbor unions, niul nil
am if io lliolr deinandM, tIiiih n.-ilue-
Iiik tlio number of 8trllmrn In HIH.OOO.
llio   Mitlggl-v   IM.nort   willing      i'i-
just ns much as it is for tlie workors
of Sweden,     Your duly Is clear.
While we do nol luiow Iho out como
of this KlrifRRle, wo do know that, whilo
this iiidiiHlrlnl war Is going on, und
long fiflcr ll is over, there will be suffering and deKtJui'.lon tn many a home
In Sweden.
And in the name of liumanliy, In tho
Ihe hanger*-* on of Ross practiced. If
we cniiiiol converl (he workers to
Soclnlism without recourse io the tactics employed hy Hoss and Co. we are
indeed In a fix. Howovor Ihls cloc-,
tion has1 Riven us ciiuhc for belief thai,
iho workers nro awakening to a con-
t-vloiifiiicfis of Iheir own strength, and
•.vltli a little extra educational    wnrlt,
mime of jiiHllce mul progress do wu| carried on riinongM iheni.we will, ore
nppenl to you io do nil you can to nld i another election lakes place, make
tl.ose HiifferliiB (he mom—iho wives j'he Conservative pnrty sit up and
and ihe children of the workers of; •*>'■»'■'■■• Th*,' position is narrowing
Sweden. ' jdown somewhat, nud tlio fight  Ik be-
Your for Iniernatlonnl solidarity.    |«oniliiR  I'.'-'cner  every  dny,  wiih   the
result  tlmt. the Tories  nre forced  lo
The Swedish Strike Relief Com.
Is endorsed by the foi-
This nppen
F. C. Skemp
Seei'otnry TronHiirci*
1'a I liters,   DocnniiovH  nn<
oi'H of Ainorlcn,
Margaret' Dreler Robins
I'ronldent Nat. Women's Tradi
Ion   League,
Clins. Moyer
President W, K. M,
Robert Noren.
the Insl resort, viz,, bribery, personation nnd corruption.     The fight  will
become a little more keen hi 111, because
Urothoi'liood of Uio   Liboral   party   will   of   necessity
Pnporliniik-i full 01"* of Hi" ItHorio position tbey are
Iln, and take'their stnudby the side of
I the ConHcrvnilvoK where ihey rluhtly
ITn.'liolniii*,.     Tlio   iHHiie   will   then be u
| clour ono between the workers on tlio
I ono hand mul Hie ldlci« on the other.
To  l Iioho  comrades  who  fool  sonin-
wlml down In, the month over iho ro-
"1IL1I11UI.'U_I11£>-&UUJ*J*JL—iir"a-ina*3Lv:i i^-=iii«ii*-
nor and showed a wonderful knowledge of history. The discussion was
even better than the address, reaching
a very high standard indeed. It is
really wonderful i,o hear these '.'minors' discuss scientific subjects in the
Intelligent manner that they do. Com.
Adams of Calgary was chairman and
ten new members joined the party at
the close of the meeting.
Low Round Trip Rates' to
Ontario, Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Doc, 1 to Dec, 31, in-
cluslov, good to return within three
months, '    ., ,.
Tickets Issued in connection .Atlantic
Sieamshlp Business will bo on sale
from Novombor 21 nnd limited to flvo
months from dato of Issue
I'inoBt, Kqulpinont. Standard Firm.
Chihs and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on nil-Through, Train**..
Compartment . Library • Observation
Cars on "Imperlnl Limited" and "Atlantic HxpuroBB."
The Elite Dancing
Farquarson & Campbell
Under personal direction of
Mr. &' Mrs. P. A, Farquarson
Lessons from, 7 to 9 Mondays    j
. and Thursdays ' J
On    first     class
' business and residential  property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
Miss Jeanne Russell, already a big favorite in  Fernie, who will  be seen at
the Fernie Opera House Monday  December 6th  in "the lively comedy.
Miss Temple's Telegram.
&mX&&&>&9&&&SS&(iB>&&&      LEDGER ADS PAY
_tj imriTi nt-ici m_n .»_n •rt_n_r?_n_
"Efinrniso'O"    lnHinornn"
M. A. Kastner
Fire !  Fire! Fire !
The anniversary of the fJ-reat
live, of August 1, 100S, is drawing ucni'i Let us draw your attention to the fact that 'we represent 11 financially strong, old
.established and well .known'
Board Fire Insurance coni-
p'anies, jilso agent for the
Sun   Life    Insurance
0        ,
Company of Canada
"We have several snaps in
Business and  Residential
in different parts of the city
NewOliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
'-ffl&^Sfti^'i'ggft^h taft gift jCSh^^aj&ffljft^fciffi&'S^'^fcdffM
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l'reHl.loiit  I), f*. of r.lilenno  l.*nlto»|! hhIl 'of llio elecilon, l«l. mo wiy liml
(iai'iiienl Worlci-TH.
Frnnk Buterworth
I'l-iiHliliiiii. Int. Ilrlclc, Tlle & Terra
CuiIn Work, Alliance
Fred W. Lee
Hoot ami Shoe Workei'H Jnteriiuilon-
nl union.
John A, Met*;
President f'un.i'i-itei'M I). C. nf Chi-
A. A.  Myrup
lluie In no roanon to feel ileHiioiuleii
f)n llio contrary llio futuro la full of
hope; we have milneil coiiiildenibly In
iiiiuibcrn, ami have proflicil quite a
lot lu cN|ierienei.., I.ui iih net lo
work wli|i n ki'o'iii-t ilelertnliiiitloii
than ever, ricienulned that we will
never re.-it until our tib-ala nre realized,
TIiIh election Iiiih hIiowii iih thai there
are ciioimh coiiinuli'H In tIiIh dlHtrlcl.
in keep a paid nrRnnlzer (nRltmor) In
^Through Express Trains Daily
leaves Wlinilpei,* dally at 22.10, mnklng
coiniofitloiiH nt Toronto for all points
ldiHt nnd West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg dally at 18,ir»,   and tlii) "Atlantic
ExpreBB" nt 8.00 dully, mukliiB connections in Monti'onl for nil tiolniH Kimt
Apply to tho Nearest C. P. R. Aflent
for full Information
Hitr Niipplleil villi   tin'  lit'Ht WIiich,
IJijitoi'M and Cifxai'H
The Gift Makers Great
Our New and Beautiful line of Holiday Goods, full of the
Choicest Selections for the .Christmas Trade is now ready
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nicest and most appropriate gifts for Little or Big, Young
or Old,   Do not fail to see our Special Attractions in
-JOHN l-OUBitLAfiO'lK, Prop.
lm. Tmih. II, and C, W, I. U.   of A.Ilk" field all tlio tlmo, nnd I for one
, ContrlbiitlonH can he hoik, direct toj would he pleiiHed to contribute   wiy.) DIN'INO  HOOM   IN  CONNECTION
Hei iiiiui   l.iiiili|iii.ii,     1-tHiiuiiiihH'UiHiU-* ■*'*".  •'■*'■-■■."   " i»iu«i«  ■*•*-■  ■•■-.•■> ■ ••-,.*      ••
.:(," .->'•./. l.lwli.t, Hu..], ii.   HmMh u/u ,'•'■'" '•■•■* '-ft firt;.- men io iln Dw -nino
ami oiKaiil^il uiplial. ami l.-i fiolni,* oiijulbulloiiH iiilBlit  for tonveiileine    be'tlie    alia   Is    ncconnillshed,      Surely
nm to tlw HwedlHh Hirlko ltelief i UiIh ouulit to lm onsy. CnnirnileH who
('oinmlttec, wllh hemlnnnrterH In -Hil-Jnre wllllim to contribute to an ornm-
ciiho, Plnliiiclal Hcerctnry, .Inn. l)awii,| IzerH fund hIiohM  eoniiiiunlciile  wUh
,        .,, , ... '.,,    „, 1,.,  ij i f',,.,1 fi,.,,, i.      ?r ,, ,i,,*it.-..
Kindly notify N, .Iuul ChilHteiiKcn.jlH too much plcum- Hint.- what Uu-y .i«e
Hecrelary, 2r»17 Hinw Htrcet, wlml ne-j prepared to nlvu inoiiiliJy to hikIi ii
tlou you have taken, Jfunil.     With a regular niKiinlzei' in
 m* 11 he field much could he ut'coiiipllhlicil
('(iiitimle I'Mltor {in placeii which we have not been nliln
Now Hint :the electiniiH are over   It ito alleiid lo beforei      We have iiIho
*,* (>
wlMi   nii<llmitil«li<'d   vlt'oi     and    tlio
hirlkiTH arc  deternillK'd  to  hold  out
to the liner end,
. Ml
Mi .1.     ill.**,     *4,,n,4-...»i        .*.» ..r,*-,. - ......
have world wide liifluenci) upon tho
Liilmr movement Iuih heen recoKiilzed
all over Murope nnd Labor unlonai ov-
ciywlnre have kIvcii exci-llenl help,
but it W. noi Miffl-h-nt.
We iliei-ffm-i* niipenl io Hie working
1-lans of America to do their tlmy toju m-r.-Hniiry t» net down to ihe mmalj.onm in contact with a liu'-si* iminbi'r
 ,,,!,..,I 1,.,1,/vr xi-nrh id firoimtfiiiiiln and oruanl/iitlon • nf SocIhIIhiw who are not tn»mhrr» of
ThlH fifilit  iiuihI  I"*' w"»  w'"b >'ot,rj    <,*JJ*'*fIiilly  rirfiaiil'/ihtlfin.     The time! iln* part,-.     It Im ne. e^my thnt them-
ifv.-Alvtiiiii-*".     If otKiiiii/eil     lnbor   Ih i lias mini' when the comtmleH
nuiHt I men Hhould be atiindeil to; they an-
fi!,*-.(  loiiilltiou of j mil ■*. fur the inil.lii^, am) when    tin
nia-hed in Sweden, caplmlfmii iiiIkIhih-iokiiIzo tlm|, Dw iiim  <omnium oi,ijiii» wr uw am
try u tiext in D,\* .oitntry,     ThU l«, nm • v** U organization.     We do tint (ntood  by ns  in n  flglit Hitch  as  we
;i'•.-;. ,v*| fiiel \.w>'-r <pn*Mon for ynii!iiw;iu orfrntilzntlon in Dw m'liHi' that  have juhi none throiiKli. It Ih reunon.
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_W Jl*t
mmmM :**— ****i~y***! Ji.'w* -rf;* JK**g*^*C'-*i'*-*«£j&X/**..h*gn.r**jj»^
w^w-re *u--i jrwt-syw'aiJ ■
,-r-, —r—TV-'fNrttt'..
^-)^rti*ia.-*l*.~<^Ji-^&t^z&-f ,V,*-ii-tMSM4..»Aa^
O .-■;*'. .«.N*
The Official Organ  of District No,   18, U. M, W.   of A.
Fernie, B. C, December 4tH, 1909
■ *■
News From the Camps   |
- ■**
From ii our own Correspondents
M* ¥ V ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥tf¥¥¥¥¥¥V ¥¥ tf-¥¥¥¥
.   1
The bazaar in connection with the
Methodist church, Coal Creek,' whicli
was mentioned in last week's notes,
was very successful from every point
of view. The proceeds from the
salo bf work realized $110.90. This,
with five dollars and ton cents from
■a children's tea and a donation of ?5
from Mr. Ashworth, the general manager of the Coal Company, made a
' grand total of $121. The ladles aid set
out to raise $100 by, this bazaar for
the building fund, so thoy. .exceeded
their expectations. "When the Ladies
Aid say they will do a thing thero Is
no moro doubt about it. They just
go and do it. They are to be congratulated on the grand success they
have made *'of.this, their first effort
in running a bazaar.
, „ What do you think of this for a vote
catcher used by the Ross henchmen
on polling day. If Mr. Ross is not
elected you will not get the license for
the new club. Brainy, isn't it?
The new club is Hearing completion.
We .understand the premises will be
ready by next week end at the very
Notices are out calling.for .the positions of janitor and bartender of the
now club.
* Nineteen district of No. 5 mine was
idle last Friday and Saturday through
-a breakdown in the machinery.
There have been a couple of ruri-
- aw'ays down No, 1' incline recently,
through the breaking of couplings.
The one on Monday night did quite a
lot- of damage to the track and the
structure. Morning shift on Tuesday
was idle as a' result.-.
Amongst the newcomers    to     the
Creek this week are Messrs. W. Shim-
nuns' and  J."Bigrigg.,'of  Whitehaven!
England.'   Both hue been in the U.
-_sl_-forJ_sQ.m.-i_tlgie.    •       ■   ' *    .  " '
Tlie .vote polled by. Harrington,   in
.Coal .Creek at the recent election was
more "than double that polled by .Com.
\V, ,1-1. Moore'in 1907.
,    Frank Landers' and  Thomas    Rat-
c]iffe, firebosscs at No.' 2 niiiio leave
. today for the old country.     It   is 13
yflars since Frank was home and he
will see a decided change over there,
especially  in  the condition  ot     tho
poor.      However their: many' friends'
wisli them a pleasant voyage and   a
right good lime-
Herbert l.anfenr and Walter Joyce
havo been'appointed firebosscs in No.
2 mino, filling lho vacancies caused
by the resignation of Messrs P. Landers and T, liiidelifl'e.
The notes this week will bo tho last
written by the present correspondent.
Owing to other business the wrltor
feels compelled to resign his position.,
The short time he has acted as correspondent has been quite an experience
for. him, having made many, friends —
and a few enemies, On the whole,
however, the experience has been a
pleasant one and the writer, takes
this opportunity of thanking the readers of1'the Ledger for having suffered
him, so long, without having written to
the editor demanding his resignation
before this. Some of the alleged* news
must have tried his patience .severely.
The,editor informs me that the circulation has actually increased during
the time I have heen correspondent,
which is passing strange. The writer
trusts that tho next correspondent-*-
whoever he may be—will be able- lo
lift the Creek notes up to the excellent standard of the rest of the paper.
First class* board and accommoda-
tiontion at Falrclough's Boarding
house, Coal Creek, 179-180, opposite
the football, grounds.
The.current issue bf the Canada Gazette contains notice of ah order in
council ■ establishing Michel ,-B. C, as
an butport of customs and a warehousing port, under the survey of the
port of Fernier The same order in
council closes the'port,of Kaslo.' The
changes go into effect* on January 1st
1910. _'; ■    _   "
—:   *■■*»	
SALT LAKE CITY. Dec. 3.—Threatened with eviction from the hotel at
which he has been staying with, his
bride, because-he. could not pay his
bill, Capt, W. A. Johnson, a well
known mining expert, took cyanide of
potassium yesterday and was found
dead in his room. Acquaintances say
that .Johnston was formerly, manager
of the Guggenheim 'mining properties
in Nicaragua and South Africa, and
made a brilliant record- in the Boer
war under the British flag. He is
said to have spent a fortune in mining
claims in Nevada.
9 ■     *, • -     ..
" ^ ;	
Statements   by Leading
Experts—Still  Lively
men should be buried alive iu such
a manner, and we as miners should
have more escape shafts in every mine
in this country,' and we should see to
it that the legislature of every state
where coal is mined enact a law" that
would make it criminal for any company to operate, a mine unless there
be more than two escape shafts, and
for the violation of such law that it
be'a criminal act.
When such disasters as the one at
Cherry will take so many of our men
and leave so many 'widows and hundreds of orphans, it is timecthat the
great American public help us as miners to have more protection of life
and limb. The scene at Cherry is
one that is Indescribable.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up r $5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead,  Cronbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
r  Revelstoke, Vancouver, and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
A very heavy, wind, * whicli was the
worst known here for some, time, got
up on Sunday last*and did considerable
damage. Four smoke stacks. Were
blown off the boiler at the.old mine
General Manager Mullor was away
at Winnipeg last week on a business
J. W. Bennett is hustling around
here this week. His feet must be sore
carrying that heavy burden.
W. B. Custon of Blairmore went to
Lethbridge on a business trip Thursday night.' •    ■
.1. Wilcox, late master mechanic of
the mines here is back in town.
Any one around Frank aiid Blair-
moi'e desiring a> copy of Progressive
Fernie can obtain tlie same at Watson's drug stores Frank and Blairmore.
VANCOUVER Dec. 3,—New candidates for civic honors are'announcing
themselves every ,day. Several of
the present board of aldermen • may
decide to retire, ..while* on the other
hand many will go before thp people
for re-election. The contest for the
mayoralty promises to be especially
Interesting. Li' D. Taylor has definitely announced that he will make -a
strong bid for chief executive honors
and Mayor. Douglas is again a candidate.
ST. JOHN, N. B. Dec. 3.— While
Mrs. J', W. Jamieson, about 45 years of
age was going down stairs this morning with a lighted lamp, the lamp exploded, her clothing caught fire and
she was burned' to death. Her husband, who is an invalid'was unable to
assist her. ** * ■ „
Mr, Birnie of the Raymond Birnie
Lumber company of Brandon, is a
Waldo visitor this week-.
Mr. Grey, representing the "W. I-I.
Malkin Company, Vancouver, is visiting Wnlilo this week.
HuCKtYiS I 3~i-UK"MuN i KtAL   ;
WINNIPEG, Man. Dcci' 3.—S. Pou-
lin and Grundy Forester, two western
hockey stars, have signed wllh the
Montreal Wanderers and will leave for
the east .tomorrow night. The Wan-
Tim date set for the masquerade i dorers also wanted Miller of the lil'd-
ball to be held at the new hall, Waldo, | mont on loam, but he will nol be ablc-
has been changed from December" 17; to go
to the 1 Gili. - ,
The funds for the hall have .bec'ii
Increased to $189.50 by a donation of
$10 from Iho W. II. Malkln Company,
Vancouver.  '
C. D. McNab returned from Cranbrook on.Tuesday evening.
Dr. Saunders Is able to bo about
afialn though he is jiot. yet fully rccov
oral,from his accident, Dr. Robertson Is still unending tho greater number of his patients for him.
The Cherry Mining disaster is still
attracting unprecedented attention in
the mining world. The following are
some of the statement by loading experts:
Secretary Perry of the U.M.W.
The Cherry, 111,, disaster emphasizes
very conclusively the necessity of remedial legislation that will afford adequate protection to the lives of the
subterranean toilers. There should
be crystillized inlo law by the several
state legislatures wherp coal mining
is carried on the following:
1. Escapo shafts or outlets at convenient distances."
2. Where material of a combustible
character in a large quantity is stored,
and also where mules or horses are
housed, there should be an outlet .between the point mentioned and the
face of the workings,-where- the large
majority of the men are at. work and
so oenstructed with doors so that the
olated in case of fire or other accidents that would protect the lives of
the men;.if this was carried into effect the doors could be closed and the
mine would be supplied 'with natural
ventilation, provided the escape shaft
had two compartments, one of whicli
need not be of very large dimensions.
3. A liability law placing the function of protecting life where it rightly
belongs—on the mine, owner. If this
provision would become -. effective in
all the,coal producing states the first
consideration, with the coal mine owners would be the protection of life,
property considerations would be* of
.sacQiidai-'umPflilance, .
i**.**.*- \.,..i
*f,:.*! ft.'
•^OW, -vrwwmrtmRtiinmM&ittetriiamiig^.. 'v/>.**?.
t^'*w*»«is*^^ttMu»is**^ •••<•■. *■*.'.*•' r- «•* i*!&xm&»!#iixmwm*s*im. ■■'■ .*■•,■•: &<■:-.:* •
 sty* .'v'!r.*-.*w*,Vfi*-*>;;,!to#;tf^^
*. **A  >*<.:■ '*. .".. \,,,,,
Denounced  Them
Quite a scene was created at the
mouth of the-'luiie by an Englishman
named James Weatherall, mino examiner at Ladd, .who has had a long
mining experience, and intensely prac:
tical at U.'-He denounced the action
of the rescuers strongly in the following language:
"I have been a miner for firty six
years and I never in all my life have
seen such a big blunder as has been
made right on this spot.- It was*,a
murder, that's all it was,, and you all
know lt.
"I have seen mine disasters and been
in them in England and Wales in the
old country, and I have seen them in
West Virginia and Pennsylvania. At
these disasters I' have seen mistakes
made in rescue work, but never before
have I witnessed such incompetency
as you all see here.
"What are the  officials doing?
"They are figuring and figuring on
saving loss in the mine,. They don't,
want to spoil that mine, but they do
not give a d—n about those murdered
men down there. It's the. worst outrage ever committed in this state.
What are, you going to ..do .about it?
Are you going to deliver the bodies of
these dead men into the arms of their
widows and fatherless children, or
are you going to stand by Uke as
many  dogs?.
" "If some one will'open that hole 1
will go down there in flve'minutes and
I'll bet that a hundred men will follow!     .        •       --, • *   *
"What are- ihe (\ficials nn,l 'experts
, jldnc now__to_geL-Lliei-c_J)"Q sli£S_oiit ?
of Canada,
YOUNG man will sometimes hesitate about coming
to a bank with a deposit of just one
dollar to open an account. Yet a
bank can have no better asset than
a multitude of small accounts
W. C. B. Manson   among ambitious and saying young
men.   The young man's dollar is
Manager welcome at the Home Bank and
full compound interest" will be
paid at highest bank rate.
8 King Street West
B. C.
"An agitation should' be commenced
in all sections of the country and cv-
,i?ry -jro-.T'.ire brought to boar oiv the
legislatures of the different states for
the passage of laws embodying these
suggestions as well as others necessary for tho preservation of human
life. And against most important of
aU, a law ought to bo passed either
by the "federal government or by the
different state legislations placing, a
royalty on every ton of coal mined,
or a reasonable amount, that would
provide ii reasonable compensation for
lho widows and orphans of deceased
minors. This principle should also j a
npply to other industries of a linznr-! X
dous character. " ■
Nothing. Where are they? They're in
their dining car feeding off the' fat
of the land while those crying .-women
are without bread in their bare homes.
It's a fine situation isn't it? 'There
is only one way lo go. We have siood
hack for four days and siven the officials and experts—God spare the word
—thoir chance. Now li is lime to give
us a chance, and if it Is not given us
we will take it.'        *'
4><£.<$. 4>&<&4i>&<&&4*^<Q'4'&<to"/_
Come to Bleasdell's for
 ■_** ~ ^^^	
:Your Christmas Gifts.
We will, sliow the finest
selection in the city
We lmat Hint the city aro lights
will bo tiirnod on noon. It Ih a pity
tliut thoy wero not properly nrrunged
for at, first, so that elllzons would
havo had tho,benefit of thom n« .*iooii
ns tlio powor wns ready for uso.
13d, TIslilioiiHo, with the .lop Scott
Tniisorliil combine, hnd a moHt sue-
ccsHful limiting expedition Inst woolc
In tho vicinity of Cokailo, Ho land-
oil on a 1100 pound buck door with
fatnl roHultH (to tlio (loor.) Aftor
denputoliltiB IiIh gnmo* I'.o threw tho
iinlinnl over IiIh shoulder, mul procoeded toward tlio city. Howovor ut
Cokato ho foil in with a wagon to
which wore iiitnchetl a couplo of
ii tho vicinity of flocknto, He landed In. Fornio. Whon iIi'chhimI 2110 llm.
wuh thu wdIkIH, Hil. Ih ileallng out
IiIh haul lo IiIh frlcndn lu tlio city with
it KctieroiiH hnnd.
<an*n,int\.imt».»■ '*.'.-■' >«"<• I'**•■' ■    -ft'tj-lt,"
«wi»,v-<( .-•..-.■*• ■•*•• •vii-.-.^i'-i.-.-i^.t'tt;
The Leadlno Character! In "The Pixies" at  Minera Union Theatre  December 8 and 0 under autpleea Ladle* Benevolent Society
Vice-President McCullough
I consider the disaster at Cherry as
tlio monumental blunder of the ages.
Tlio inlue workers should be proloele.*!
agalnstHiich criminal negligence which
Is the result of property being of a
greater consideration than the lives of
human bolngs,
William Scalfe
The Cherry Mining .horror is not
duplicated ln history, either In tho
handling of I lie fire or In fulling to
notify the entombed miners of their
dangor, or lu continuing to hoist coal
for two hours after the fire broke oui;
as I am Informed, without an effort
to got tho inlners out of the burning
Tho first duly of Uioho ln cliiii'Ro
wiib to notify every man In the mine
iih soon nH pOHHlble fiflor tho flro or-
Iglimted, No nintter how Blight It wiih
or what llioy tlinughl of their ability
to handle it, nml to continue to hoist
conl lu tho fact of Hitch u ilnnger, showed an titter iIIhi'okiii'iI of Itn coiiHcquon-
cos nnd a criminality tlio llke'of which
In unknown,
Ah to Uio work of the t'CHcue party,
Uh offleney could not hue been much
woi'HO. Tlin Hoiillng of llm mine nn
Similuy nlRlit denied tlio fain nf ov-
cry iiiiui iuul' boy In It, If uny were
loft ullvo ut tlmt iline. ll will be it
mlrnrlo If tlmy nrn found nllvo.   And
fi    y <**i!i>?
Mmtf      %
The editor Is not responsible for tho
opinions of correspondents:
13d 11 or Lodger;
Michel !!. C. Nov. I'll
1'jdli.oi'  Ledger:
PleiiHe find'enclosed a siiitenient of
voi.es accepted ai, Sparwood on li.-'lh,
Your statement In the Ledger Is incorrect, I wIhIi to Nny that on the
:.,V.li I did not leave ,Mk:*.i! at .VIO n,
m, for Sparwood to vote .for Hilly
Hoss, Yours faithfully
This Ih to certify that the number of
voieH and rejected ballots at. the
Hpnrwood polling place In the Ferule
elecornl district  was ns follows:
I'Yir A. I. l-'lHher mm vote, ami no
rejected balloth,
.1. I). Iliii'i'ltmton, two votes nnd no
W. II, Hohb, hIx voteH nnd no rejected ballot h,
E.   R.  J.   Forster,  D.R.O.
Dated at Sparwood, this 2Mh day of
November, A. 1), lHOfl.
§   The    Leading    Di-'ug    Store
*©*ro***»©.Q) •■•».©.«»•■» ■*»«©<•*»
i> " Have You seen the new styles of        y
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Mendelsshon' Pianos
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ICilltur Ledger:
Hli*: II. Iiiih oft on Htiuck me. as very
peciilli'ir that, In neither of the opera
Ihero nppeiiiH to Imut been too many j |„„1M.H j„ ,],*„ <• 11y the iiiniiiiK.-iii.'nt
cxportH nrnuml nml too few prnctlcal J „VI,„ t,*y |„ obtain or have order. It Ih
men mound. With nil their nppll-
iiiicch for rcRciu* work It iIoch not In
uny way hIiow their efficiency. We
num! In fill lire mend more time   ami
dlHuiiHtliiK Hnmetlmi'N lo intend n hIiow
and hnvo to Hit nnd IIhIiui to filthy
liiiigiiiiKi* from the rear of the njieru
house.      fn   tlin   l-'i'i'iile operu   hotiHi
monoy In work that Ih cnlculnled *»{ i-nwdylHin Ih very pn-vnlent nt i-vcry
Garbutt Business
Stnfford Block, Lethbridge.
Guarantees positions to its fjrncl-
untes. Thorough instruction in
Shorthand & Commercial branches.
For nny Information or free prospectus write
Qoo.J. Shmldt,
Principal Onrbutt Business College
P. O. Box 1201    Phono 203
Now   Open
A liig Sci'oinl   IiuihI Mni'i*  In
iiimv opi'ii  ni'iii' the Hi'liiiol,
(Iiimls Imiiglit,   i.nlil ami ex-
Potor James
pHiM'Ill   mull  Hi.i- I.UIKU* «»">*i   •i.'.»  "•" |N|iOW,    IHIU
uj.i/lliiiK <•*> tar n-'iihu; thin- who arc
Hi   lie'
,).l.ilih   'HUH,>•''  "'
,*i|ill'-l*'    !.."»      ■'•"  |
,* i ]i ■.   an* allfiwi*.!
to coiiKicgiite In the fiiillcry, hihiiIu-.j
e\ww. nxx-onr. leave their lint* on, on
do an th"}* pleiiHe. |h It nice for liidlen.
to nit  below und  m*e thin unseemly!
caught in Midi like *l**nth tnipH. I»'h
awful to think of thoso men going out
In thrt morning In pohhohrIoii of full
henlih mid wroimth, mul porhnpH with
, .   ,      ....      i    ..   ,i   ,.    ,,.in
.*.      -1, ,,,.•.*,-.      i.,.i.:     '.*,. ..... •-    . I\,i,lt,.*,     . ...    .*    .-.   * *■'    '* *»      "  r.    *'
novor ngnln open, while their wldown |jow m„j |M. expectornted upon? Tlmt
mid orphntiH nn; left lo tin'clinrlty of | jit1H |mppi*neil more thnu once I
n cold world, Juhi li-'miiH*- hoiiii.IkmI>*;,,.„„, ,i,at yrm w\\\ publUh UiIh letter,
blundered nnd blundered bndly. i,0 ,;mt  Hie ni.*iini«"iiient of the twoj
Samuel Paseoe I Louhc•*. will ■*■•• If tliey ennnot exei-i
The dlnntti-r h one of Dw wnrnl liiw***.e n Utile r'nminon hi-iiko, and either*
tlio hlBtory of our country, nnd In my;mul.e tl.ene ion-Hen keep-nilei nr mind*
Opinion hnd Dw tn"'1 ''•'"''1 n*nilfl«wl bv'it,,.!,, buck iheir niniiev. niul jn-lltelv'
tlio proper authorities when the fin- jM,u» ihem tin- -lour, Tliaiikiii*.: :•*>■!'
first   Rtnriod  overy  mnn  could  have;In lulMiine, I am il
boon trnvwl.     It Ih ii crime that our I A Patron of Both Houses
Ij     t.
y. /'>! ;
'   i 1      IV;
1/ I. il!
'   '.I*s -
.    -fl:-;
!■* *
iri ■',
S   iA I
•■*,- ;
*;*¥ *l
'      - .ft
*.,      f* 1
- ^ ,'.*
,v a-
*    . -^'
.    ,i\
.      ,'iii
—. .    tmt* ——*
1.61 us oe
Your Waiter
V/o never tiro of holplnff othom when
they abk for cood Jod pnnuno. Vi'»
can tickle tho most exacting typho-
.firaphio appetite. Peoplo who havo
panakon of our excellent oervico
come back for a second serving. Our
lit'i-ta aro the most reasonable too,
end yo.. can always depend on ut fiiving your orders tho most prompt
and careful attention.   Let us submit our samples.
*» I
-*>-.** *...
1 1
 2 ^ =-—-i^_*^      ^=r*^^"r*:.*-^sv=«sM,«S^^
-   THE Dl,STRICT;.tnElJi3ERrTEfiNie, ,B.  C.  DECEMBER 4 1909;C ;-   .^7, L,T
One Hundred and Fifty Young People
in Comic Opera .on December
8th and 9th"
Mining   Convention   Called  for 15th
December-Important  Points
To be Considered
The Nelson board of trade has issued the formal call for the convention
on mining, to be held at Nelson on December 15, and the day or days following as necessary. While the principal discussions will revolve around
the subject of encouragement to the
zinc mining industry, the board also
wishes it understood that discussions
of general mining questions will be
welcomed and experts in the various
fields of mining are invited to come
prepared to contribute to the value
of the convention by expressing their
views on subjects that are of special
importance to their particular branches.
The circular letter, which has been
issued under date of Monday, November 29, is being sent to all the members of tho Canadian Mining Institute
of last year from this part of British
Columbia, and to all tbe board of
trade bodies in the district. Aiiy of
of the mine owners or managers not
receiving the circular can safely assume that the omission is an inadvertence for it is the intention to ask all
to co-operate in order to secure the
greatest amount of value from a gathering that ought to have a considerable bearing on tho welfare of the district.     The circular is as follows:
NELSON, B. C. Nov. 29.—Dear Sir:
It has been proposed to call a convention of mine owners and others interested in tlie production and marketing
of zinc ores, to discuss ways and
means of improving the marketing and
disposing ■ of the  products.
As you are aware, the presence of
zinc in ores, especially in the Kootenay districts (except in a few special
cases) has been a detriment rather
than a benefit to mine owners. At the
same time the only market is practically in the United Stales, the average freight being $10 per ton and the
- duty about the same, making a charge
of some $20 per ton to place the zinc
ores of this district at' the smelter.
It is felt that the time has arrived
when these conditions might be improved, and that somo action toward
by a conference of those interested.
In the first place in order to present
the question in all Its bearings it will
bo necessary to have some authentic
information regarding the present production of zinc ores, and other matters
in connection therewith, and this can
be gathered at such a meeting.
The matters which present' themselves as being worthy of discussion
if a meeting can be* convened are:
First—The establishment of a zinc
smelter in this country.
Second—The establishment of home
lnanufactories of zinc products.
Third—The asking of government
aid.for assistance in conducting experiments.
Fourth—The asking for a bounty on
zinc similar to that at present in force
for lead.
Fifth—The asking for the increase
of the duty on zinc ore products' such
as spelter, oxides, etc., which now
come into this country, principally
from the,United States, either free of
duly of at a low tariff.
The matters are put' before you
merely as suggestions, and with a
view to aiding discussions at the proposed conference which some interested have thought could be promoted with the assistance of this board
of trade.
It has therefore been arranged to
hold this meeting oil Wednesday the
15th of Deecmber, at 10 a, m., at the
Board of Trade rooms here, and if a
sufficient number so" attend the, railway companies will give special rates,
namely: if 30 or more attend, a-rate
of a fareand one third, and if 100 or
more a single fare for the* return journey.
While this question has been
brought io our attention principally by
those interested in zinc, at the same
time it is thought.that other questions relating to the general mining
industry throughout this district could
with benefit, be discussed at such a
meeting. .
Vou are therefore earnestly requested to attend this conference.
The reason for the short notice given "is the fact that the Dominion parliament is now in session, and the pro-,
vincial parliament meets on the *20th
of January, and any required legislation must be undertaken promptly.
——Kind!**' let—me hear from—you_at
your earliest convenience as "to the
possibility of your being able to attend.
Yours truly,
The Ladies' Benevolent Association
have completed '• arrangements with
Mr. W. A. Milne to prepare^ his well
known fairy musical spectacle "The
Pixies" for presentation at the Miners
union theatre here on Wednesday and
Thursday nights, December 8. and 9.
A gigantic cast of one hunderd and
fifty young ladies and children, all in
grotesque and beautiful costuming,
will take part, comprising the best local talent, available. Forty boys will
represent pixies, brownies, goblins, insects, pickaninnies and monkeys;
eighty little girls, glittering with
spangle, will be fairies, butterflies,
flower girls and pages; twelve young
ladies in natty military uniform will
give an intricate Amazon march and
drill; twelve other young ladies - as
Japanese maidens will give a motion
song and drill in rich oriental costuming, and four of the best soloists of
the city will take the principal parts.
Prince, Queen, Angelica and Cholly,
the dude.
Mr. Milne has recently presented it
in the following 13. C. cities: Victoria,
Nanaimo, New Westminster, Kamloops
and Hcvelstoke to packed houses- at
every performance. The press of
these cities unite in pronouncing it the
most beautiful and laughable * entertainment ever brought to the west, aiid
it will no doubt meet with the samo
success here. Rehearsals' have already begun and will continue every
afternoon and evening.
Made fn
cream of tartar; derived solely
from grapes* All the Ingredients;
of Dr* Price's Baking Powder^
are printed on the label They^
are- pure/ healthful and proper,
,* 7 . -        -    - •>     ^ •     .'   7 )- ,*.*-■
When baking powders aire peddled or
demonstrated, examine their labels. You
will find they are not made from cream
of tartar.   You don't want them
'■   '■'" r   7,DENTIST.1 " ""' >7 ''-,.'
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; 1-5;. 6.30-7.30. Phone 72
,W. R. ROSS K.C.
Barrister  and Solicitor.
Fernie*,, B.C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox Street
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex., I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
The Youth's,.Companion has long
been distinguished for its 'famous British contributions. - Tennyson and
Gladstone 'are noteworthy among
those of former years, and the roll, includes such names as Rudyard Kipling, Sir Edwin Arnold, Sir Reginald
Palgrave and the Duchess of Sutherland. During ,1910 the Companion
will be enriched by the, contributions
of many Hritish writers. Among these
are the Duke of Argyll (who will write
on the Scottish'and Irish clans, Lady-
Henry Somerset, Rt. Hon. James
Bryce, British ambassador to' the United States, Jane Barlow, F. T. Bullen,
Sir H, H. Johnston, Sir James Crich-
ton-Browne, E. W. Thompson and the
Rev. W. Dawson, 'who will write on
fruit growing in Kootenay.
Every new Canadian subscriber will
find it of special advantage to send at
once the $2.00 for the new 1910 volume. Not only does he get the-beau-
tiful  "Venetian"  Calendar    for  1910,
lithographed_in thirteen__colors,__<ind,
gold, but all the issues of The Companion for the remaining weeks of
1909 from the time the subscription is
The Youths Companion
Companion Building.     Boston, Mass.
Barrister and Solicitor
*. - _ •_ . • -  .I ,-
,.   A. McDougall, Mgr .   .. •- ■
"', -   - '»   - v
-'; % «        <■ -    - -
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough :
if* *•
and Dressed Lumber
' . '"•    ,        L l * '
Send us your orders
Gives Laborites the Horse
Laugh  in  Coming
Only Two Know Mis Destination—
Conflictingi Reports Given
•i , ■ ■
By Followers
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21'victoria Ave. '
Pioneer Builder and .Contractor of
. NEW YORK,* Nov. 30—Dr. Fred A.
Cook dropped completely from public
view today. Not even John R. Bradley, whose money was behind his polar
explorations,^.knows where he is tonight. Confiding in only one man
and perhaps his wife, the Brooklyn
explorer went' quietly and mysteriously away, leaving'behind him a string
_of_pu.zi*:led_and exasperated friends and
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2.—Tho President Is urged by petitions reprORont-
ing labor to Incorporate In his annual
nioss'ngo to congress certain features
of law for tlio extension of ilie eight
hour labor-law and for curtain chnn-
gen In tho mattor of Injunctions.
President (iompers of the American
Federation of Labor, submitted a number of mutters. The must Imposing one
of these was concerning the Issimnce
of Injunctions by federnl judges, particularly as they apply to personal
liberty and tliolr uso In the Holtolninnt
of illHpuii'K between employe™ ntul employees. He iiIho nuked exempt Inn nf
labor organizations from certain pro-
vIhIiuih of tlio Sherman nntl-truHt net,
It Ih hii Id, however, tho president
lm« practically decided that his mm--
Hugo to CongrcHH will mnko no detail-
oil recommendations regnnllng tho
Sherman Act, Ills ().-cIhIoii Is bnwd
Inrgoly upon tho fact tlmt thoro arc
pending In the Supreme court of tlio
United SiiiIch, and on their wny to
Hint highest tribunal a number of Important ciihcb Involving iho Interprc-
tm Inn of 1 lint law,       <>
■y. ■ y .*, - :-4c* ;,'-•■■   'it-.-;,*■-*'.,•--': ^•'',■*M''^'■'4•V^"j^^-~''^.'-•■*l*.,*s?■?^
**- "t -.-,* "vr   -   *   * .;."• ''.•"•*' 7'.** ->.',y\ v-f,'**v;,;.,l^>',v4fi-' 'i,-v>^ #»1
•   7^v;*•&..■'      -. '*■ - •' .f&-.'^.7;''V7ir--:**-^
* * .;iyT„ 'v.'- * 7* \. ■■;:-'-:-.-A- -•yy^^y^y^m^mm^
~* .*,    •     '.18   ■"*,   *■    *    ,*1 ■"'     1'* » • * '       . 7    •*■   *   ■> ,* J -   * { V*s> 1,  „<■■■}■ ^.'i****"!**! i*,>' *-j*!>v I'&i*
■•■   ■yyripit
si* .-'i ,'.i', C;*4.k-^^,.*
, *•**., .. »j>' -*.'*•,'.,***.•:■( 1
•...;;. Iy.vW; >!','M'$
'„- *>.; *-i •y'/l,f'ii>.:*y.
' "•■"''"-. '.-7 '\-"7 /, *■"''r'i'">
''.„-'     ',   —"■.'•}/ih,X. 1 < *<*i ,'*..'
'  '      1'       "1   '    •'.    *'.'.»      •>' v'"!,"*'
'\''.'-.'''.fyri'tya ■'•,'' 7.' ,••;'..'-••>'■' *.* ■'',''.,' '['V*,''),:
^i;:""'!',7^ '■'■"«'. '   '■'' ***'*V--£$^**^.^
■h,;x%)' .'>,'■-\.-i '   * .-'■'l'.K\ :*■.',..'.••■' *■•; •.■'•- ,*-, • ..,*••!<■.•■■ -«*''..':**i>V fr»
rUrtt-'.-r-;'-•',;--*r:**i*^!***-*.f-..^.V,;:■.*■■■■'',■*.' *,■ ■*■*," '■^,'Wt^W:':ii.'
LONDON, Dee. 2.-TonlK»it Lord
f.niiKdnwne'H renolutloii* io throw out
thc budKct whs carried In the Lordu
by a vote of 350 lo 7fi.
t^^i '***fc:
TX'.'..   'V.-.r'-i
Mine Elinore Olbion, nupportino Min Jemnne Rueeell In Mre. Temple's Tel-
eornm nt the Fernie Opera Hou«e Monday, December 8.
♦   ■♦   •♦
**_e.U\»t.«   U'-TiCc.
a* debate more acrimonious than that
of September last,'over the statement
that he had discovered the north pole
on April 21, 1908.   ' •>        ,
Chas. Wake, an Insurance man of
this city, appears to'be the only one
who knows Dr, Cook's whereabouts,
.and Wake is firm in his resolve to
keep his lips sealed until Dr, Cook
sees fit to let the public into his confidence. In lho meantime concern is
expressed over the condition of Dr.
Cook's health, Although some of his
friends claim that* he has not broken
down under the strain of leterlng and
preparing his data, an Intimate associate of the explorer said tonight that
Dr. Cook appeared to be ori1 the verge
of a nervous breakdown when he talked with lilm at his hotel In the Bronx
last Monday night. '  ,
This friend, who is a newspaper man
Issued a statement tonight, in which
ho quoted Dr, Cook as saying "If this
thing keeps up a few months longer
I iwll be In tho Insane asylum.
The puzzle of Dr. Cook's disappear-
mice began at 3 o'clock this afternoon,
At noon Henry Wellington Wnek, his
personal counsel, Issued a statement
explaining tlmt Dr. Cook sailed this
morning on tlio Cunard Liner Caronla.
Three hours Inter ho Issued a second
statement, withdrawing tho first, nnd
cxplnlnlng that,ho had boen Informed
by J. R. Brnilloy that tho doctor did
not sail on tho Cnronln. Coincident
with this reports wero circulated to
tho offect thnt the doctor had sailed
on the Hnvium. Captnln Knight of
tho lliivnnn responded to a wireless,
nfter IiIh vohhpI had loft tho port, an
"No 0110 on bonrd rcBcmblliiK Dr.
Cook. His nnmo is not on tho pnRS-
ungor list."
J, A. McCuhbln, tho purser on tho
Cnronln iiIho replied to a wlrolt-HH an
folIowH: "Unable to find Dr. Cook on
Cnroiilu." From oilier Koiirccs It wim
HiiggoHtod thnt Dr. Cook might bo nt
tho hotel Chnifont nt Atlantic City, N.
J„ na a Biicst of IiIh friend, C. F,
Wyckoff, On tho long distanco telephone the manager wild thnt neither
of the men mentioned wore registered
thore bill Mr, Wyckoff wan found after. Mo said ho knew nothing of Dr.
Coolt'H whercnlioutH, Still anothor hub-
gcutlon wuh that Dr. Cook might ba
with Cnptnin Oconto Comer, a frlond
at Mt. I'arnwiius, At East Madden.
U'orti caiuti faacilv from UUn pi\icv (tut
Captain Corner aald he had not heard
of Dr. Cook Intely and did not *xp*cct
to HCI* lilm,
Mr.   Wake, In admitting thnt   ho
Kliu-MR *wti(-IH .Vf. C/Olift ih, 0111-11 flint XX)
give liln nddreBH or to Account in nny
wise for the doctor's nuddon and odd
departure, Snld Mr. Wake: "In tVo
circumstances ho wa* nt perfect liberty to malm what plans he choonen.
Tn due Mrnn hn will irlve nn nrrnnnf
of himself and until then I hopo tlmt
ho R°1n the rout whleh he fhoronjjhl)'
-cuiMif_i in. uriJcM_uc_
-.jn v Tf—w I—Vt 1 1 G.11—« i *m—
Cigars: Carl Upman of New York
City;*Kerbs, Wertheim & Schiffer of
New York City, .manufacturers of the
Henry George and Tom Moore cigars.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
Minneapolis, Minn.; Valley City Milling Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Whisky: Pinch Distilling Co., Pittsburg Pa.
Clothing: ,N. Snellenberg & Co.. ot
Philadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange.
Rochester N.Y.; B. Kuppenheimer &
Co., Chicago.   ' t
n '
Corsets: Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers  Kabo  and  I a Marguerite
'OTTAWA,  Dec.   1.—It- is ^reported
that   Canada's official hangman may
have his official head cut off as a re-
suit of his non-appearance at North
Bay   yesterday morning for the hanging* of the Italian Sam Spanelll. J. D.
Radcllff of 54 Fern avenue, Toronto,
is paid $700 a year by the Dominion
government for the filling of this position, and he is supposed to either
officiate at the public executions or
send word to the sheriff of the county
if ho will be unable to be present on
account of sickness or for other reasons.     In the North Bay case Radcllff sent no excuse nor was the sheriff able to locato lilm, and was forced
In the emergency to hire a stranger
to execute Spnnolll,     At tlio department of Justice today lt, was learned
that the minister of justice was looking into tho nintter and that official
action would bo tnkon wllhin the next
fow dnys,
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Everything -■
Up-to-date ■
Call jn and
see us once
,C. W. DAVEY & CO., Props.
Corsets;—;—: ~^ r—1 ~—-■
Gloves: J. H. Cownle Glove Co., Des
Moines, la.; California.Glove Co., Napa, Cal. -
Hats: J. B. Stetson Co., Philadelphia
Pa., B, M. Knox. Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.,
Henry H. Roelof & Co., .Philadelphia,
Shirts and Collars: United Shirt &
Collar Co., Troy, N. Y.; Van Zandt,
Jacobs and Co., Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company, Troy, N.Y.; James R.
Kaiser of New York City.
The ButterJck Pattern Compnny of
New York.
Cement: Portland Peninsular Cem-
ont Co., Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydraulic Cement and Mfg. Co., Utica, Illinois.
Stoves: Wrought Iron Range Co,, St.
Louis, Mo., United States Heater Co.
Dotroit, Mich., Gurney Foundry Co, of
Toronto Ont.; Home Stovo Works, of
Brooklyn Watch Case Co., Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, Ind.; Buck Stovo and
Range Company, St, Louis.
Bngs: Gulf Bag Co., New Orleans,
La., branch Bomls Brothers) St. Louis,
Brooms and Dusters: Tho Loo Proom
and Duster Company, Davenport, In.j
M. Goollorfs Sons, Clrclevllle, Ohio;
Morkle-Wiloy Broom Company, Paris
Watclios: Keystone Wntch Caso Co,,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fahy, Brooklyn,
T. Zurbrugg Wntch Cnso Co., Rivor-
sldo N. J.
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Lending Commercial
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Lumber, Dealer
All kinds.of rough and dressed lum I icj
Victoria Ave.
North Fernie
C. W. PoBt, Manufacturer pf Grnpo
Nuts and Poatum Cereal, Battle Creok
Flbrowaro: Indurated Fibre Wnro
Co., Lockport, N. Y.
Furniture'. AmoUean Billiard Trible
Co., Cincinnati, O.; O. Wlsnor Plnno
Co., Brooklyn N.V.i ICroll Piano Co.,
Clnclnnntl Ot Dorby Desk Co., Boston
Reporter—And wu your home
tmone thoK burned?
Hemeleu One—Beteher Wet
And don't forget to put (n the
paper thnt we had seven entfnci
•nd three hook and ladders,
List of Locals District 18
Of the American Federation of
Leber   .
Tlio following Is pari of tha tmfalt
lief   t-f  iy*f\    A »vi •n*-*-*l/*i*n ■*■■•■)   t?*n InfnMf'l   r*9 T*».
bor, Many of tho dally nowspnper
readora who henr a* much about the
"Unfair LUt" during thoso days mny
bo anxloua to know whnt -qamee of
firma tho A. F. of L. "Unfair Lint" contain*. ' i
Under  theso clrcumntniiec*  it  be-
ranwn 1bt> duty nt Dw lnbor preen to
Tlio children am at school keep Its renders property Informed.
and Mr*. Cook has left tho Ornn'.atsn What aro papers published for If not
Inn. And como to (h« house of a friend ror tbo purposo of irlvJnjr correct in-
In this city. formstloti?
ABli(!roft Mines
Edmonton City,
* Hosmer
Maple Twcaf,
Hoyat Coltkrl^fl
Roche Percee
(Corrected by District Socrotary Nov. 30 1000)
T. Groy, Asheroft Mlnos, LothbrldRO, Alln
T. Brndley, llnnkhond, Alta,
11. Levitt, Bellovuo, Frank, Alta.
0. Kelly, Blairmore, Alia,
Wm, Angcll* Canmoro, Alta,
W. Grnhnm, Colemnn, Altn.
P, Lonnon, Carbondulo, Colomnn, Alta.
J. Aptln, Cardiff, Alta,
V. K, St. Amant, Cardiff, Altn.
A. Hamilton, Corbin, U. C.
C. F. Larrler, 154 Bollnmy St. Edmonton
A. S. Julian, 2 Frazor Flats, Edmonton
V, Holub 121 Lome tit. Norwood, Kdmuiitou
I), Hces, Fernio It. C.
C. Nicol, Frank, Alto.
J. W. Morris, Ilosmor, B. C,
J. O. Joney, Hillcrest, Alta.
It, livans, Kenmare, N. IX
M. Pllshaeh, P. O. 113, Lothbrldjco, Alta.
.I.'T. Griffiths, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
F. Bonaccl, Mapto Unf, Bolloyuo, Alia.
Chas, Garnor, Michel, B. C.
A. Covatch, Pansburu, Altn.
Clias. Smith, Royal Coll., Lefhhrfdgo, Attn
L, McQuarrie, Iloch Porcoo, Sask.
A. Shaw, Strathcona, Alta,
Wm. Kussoll, Taber, Altn.
E. Brown, Taber, Alt*.
.1, Roche, Taylorton, Bask,
'   i
'i > *^u*A^?P.VU*a**4Mavus.:
PE^fta»tf<s*ri»*>«^fcafcygrtgj^iMO<E<»fry<sKWT^w^0w3^Jjs.^^ , , f |l|t   B)
*,',^fi   .cL.*,,**........™..*'. .
Manley & Lawrence
-**   Proprietors   ■
*■ 1117  Third Avenue
Near Seneca St
Seattle \     -     Wash
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
A complete line oT samples of
Jail Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
»    -       ,
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices   -.-
To All
*  The selection of meats Is "a -
very important point..-. See *
that you get tho right quality
by dealing ,with* the C.C. Co.
Our Meat Is Government
Calgary Cattle Col
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W, E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
Work Train Crashes Through Small
Bridge Near Vancouver Killing Some Thirty Japs
VANCOUVER,.B.^C. Nov. 30— Between twenty and * . thirty    Japanese
-----* «
were   killed early this morning. when
a-.work train went through a fill In
on the Great Northern between Vancouver and New Westminster. No
white men v-ere killed, the engineer
and firemen jumping, and the caboose
was not in the wreck.
The train left Vancouver shortly' before 6 o'clock, and it was dark and
raining heavily when the accident occurred: Rain had been jourlng heavily
yesterday and today and the flood
loosened a fill In oyer a culvert. The
engine had got over safely when the
pull from behind was felt! On looking the engineer and fireman saw the
whole,fill in being swept away, leaving an-unsupported gap 40 feet below the track. The fireman in jumping, landed on the. moving eaVth and
escaped only,, by a, miracle.
The'Japanese were in a box car be
hind 'the*engine. The locomotive fell
backon this, cutting it in'two, -and
many' bodies were badly mutilated.
This-afternoon 17'dead Japs were laid
out .on the bank of the stream,* and
portions of the bodies of others could
be seen In the wreckage. There was
no chance of escape! the, locomotive
coming in on one side and eight flat
cars following the box car were piled
ln on top. Those who Were not killed
were, drowned.        -    -■*>
The owl express due from Seattle In
Vancouver, shortly after 7 o'clock, was
due to have crossed the same piece of
track but was held at New Westminster till the track was cleared. Had
the work train not come out the owl'
would In all, probably have , gone on
through, and not being a heavy train
the damage and loss of life would have
been much greater.
Trains out of Vancouver are cancelled. It will be' a day or two before
traffic can be resumed.
*»• .*   '" '•"   :,. -.."
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape Breton N. S., are
at work trying to induce miners of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. District and
local, officers .-should exert
themselves to-prevent them
from securing "-'--any men for
. such purpose.   . '
A strike has been on in Nova Scotia and at these mines
since July 6 with every prospect of winning. *      .
Don't go there and try to defeat your brothers' who are
fighting for the.?ight to organ-,
Ize and better ..conditions of
employment.    *£t
Stay away: Due notice* will
be "given in • these columns
when the strike is won. Labor papers, please copy.
How Zam-Buk   Brought  Relief
■ Mr. Julius Glacier of-Denbigh, Ont.,
says:'-"I was so tortured by piles that
I could not get 'ease whether" lying
down" sitting or standing. The ailment robbed me of strength, of appetite andpof all desire to live! I had
suffered.so long and so acutely that I
came <to think there was no ease for
me, but one day I found out that I was
"I was told that Zam-Buk cured
piles, • and that*1 this" balm was altogether different to ordinary*ointment,
scores of which I had proved • useless
for so bad a case.as mine was. I got
a supply of Zam-Buk and began to use
It regularly.   '*,.,' ."   *
—^Without—going—into unnecessary.
detail In a few weeks I.found myself
cured. I owe'my cure to Zam-Buk entirely, and I trust my experience will
be the means' of leading. other sufferers'to try-"-this'great'herbal balm."
' Nothing need be added to this plain
powerful testimony save one .question
—if you suffer like Mr. Glacier did,
why not get relief, from the same
source as he did?
Zam-Buk, tis ho truly says, is "something different' to the ordinary ointments and salves
decision .met with the unanimous approval cf the spectators. * ' "
Powell was the favorite at odds of
10 to S and he was- backed for thousands. It- is conceded that Wolgast,.
after his showing against the Califor-
nian, is the legitimate opponent for, the
champion Nelson... The fight tonight
was remarkable for the terrific clip
the fighters maintained and the disinclination at any time to break ground
or shirk punishmeut.*'
' Wolgast opened the battle as if he
intended to' make a run away fight of
it. He fairly dazzled ,* Powell with
his speed and. his aggressive fighting
at close range was a revelation. Tiiii<«
and again he drove right, and left
short arm blows to the body and jaw
and kept his arms going with such
pistonlike regularity, that Powell* was
all at sea. The" men fought almost
continuously at close range throughout the entire battle and while In this
position Wolgast"sent smash     after
-smash on—-tho-^Csllforulau-'s^aw and
soon had the blood' spurting' in torrents' from Powell's nose and mouth'.
One round after another was a repetition of the*,other, with .Wolgast Invariably holding the upper 'hand- at
all times. ' ,
"Canadians need not go far afield In
a search. for a good family journal
whilo we have such a publication as
It Is a powerful. our own Home Journal. I know that
combination of healing and soothing the Ladles' Home Journal has a wide
herbal essences. No mineral astrlng- circulation  In  Canada.  It  Is  a  fine
ents  or  poisons;   no  impure  animal
fats. ■    '      - -
It is a proved cure for Inflamed
areas (as In'piles) erysipelas,- eczema
ulcers, sores, abscesses, 'cold cracks,
chapped hands, burns, cuts, scalp
sores, and * nil skin Injuries and diseases, It is the most suitable balm for
children's rashos, All druggists anil
stores at SOc box or post froo from
Zam-Buk Company, Toronto, for price,
Feniie-Foit Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
SAN, 'FRANCISCO, Doc. 1.—Ad. R
Wolgast of "Milwaukee wa.* gl"en tho
decision onr Lew Powell al the end of
20 rounds of furious, nnd nt tlmos
bloody fighting, Wolgast had tho, hot'
ter of lho fighting from start to finish
and his whirlwind rushoH and nggres-
filvo Infighting provotl a combination
that tho local fighter was unablo lo
moot, Roforoo Jack Welsh" gave'tho
verdict to WolgnBt Immediately nftor
tho closo of the final round* niul tho
production, though to me, tiresome ln
its bulk and Its many features. The
Homo Journal covers quite as many
topics In less space.' It Is keener, less
prosy and very well written. The
covers are an artistic delight, and are
equal to thoso of tho Saturday Evening Post, which Is fino praise. Joan
Graham, tho editor, Is one of the finest women journalists'in Canada, a
woman whoso writings havo beon appreciated in the Now York press time
and tlmo again, whoso work Is known
nnd npprnisod In the Southern Statos
and to .whom the Now York Sun has
moro tha nonco roforrod In a most
comllmcntnry manner. Why, thon,
do wo not patronize our own wares?
Why has It boon said of Toronto-
ami you know how I lovo my own city
—that sho has novor yot approclatod
hor own magazliios and publications?
This I do not bollovo—yot I hnvo
hoard It said—and you may depend on
It, It was hotly contradicted."—("KH"
In Mnll and Umpire.),
.SEATTLE,-Dec. 2.—Freight service
on the transcontinental lines In -the
Pacific Northwest is practically at a
standstill today because of the walkout-of the switchme.-i last night following orders from the ehad offices
at St. Paul. The Northern Pacific
and the Great' Northern are the hardest hit as they are the only transcontinental lines that employ large numbers of switchmen. In the northwest
700 switchmen obeyed,the order.-
The "effect of the strike was' felt at
once on the lines running out of Seattle. No effort was made to handle the
freight trains, other than those carrying livestock last night. Though passenger trains were enabled to. leave
on time only because the terminal superintendents and yard masters made
up the trains. •'   *
HELENA, Mont., Dec. 2.—One hundred and fifty six men are reported
out today at important railway points
in Montana in compliance .with the
strike order of the switchmen's union.
Members of the trainmen's union have
remained generally bn duty. Local
freight is being refused by three roads
under, orders from headquarters,* but
the" trains were moving last night ex-
were tied up'and at Great Falls where
traffic was at a standstill. Passenger
traffic has' uot been interfered with
as yet. ■*-•"■*•
,* —        ■  .^*»
TILLAMOOK, Ore. Nov. 30!—The
steamer'Argo has probably foundered
off Tillamook with all hands aboard.
At two o'clock this morning she was
seen to send up rockets to signify
that the vessel was again ln distress,
and then her lights went out. At dawn
she was nowhere to be seen, ' The
steamer Oshkosh which has been remaining by, cannot cross the bar until high tide, and It'Is Impossible to
communicate with her on account of
the life saving boat having boen
smashed,     i
It Is possible that the Oshkosh ro-
moved tho remaining passengers iuul
crew before.the Argo foundered but
until the Oshkosh arrives at Tillamook
it. wlil he Impossible to ascertain the
fato of tho persons on hoard tho
Tho boat cnrrlod a crow of olght,
none of whom wero taken off yesterday, It Ib not known how many of
tho passengers woro still on hoard
hut there would probably be six or
olght of thom.
Tho Argo wns blown 'ashore yostor-
day and three jmsscugers were drown-
oil while (hoy wore being Inndod from
a lifeboat.
The Argo BiHToeded In floating herself and as waiting off the Tillamook
bar to be brought In when »\w din*
LONDON, Dec. 2.—The cabinet met
in Downing street ac noon today for
the purpose, of .discussing the form of
the Kings speech proroguing the parliament. All of the members with
the exception of Sir Edward Grey,
Secretary of State for foreign affairs,
were present. „ '  -
The cabinet remained in session until two o'clock. Meanwhile the crowd
waited outside cheering the ministers
and at the same time hoping for a
suffrage outbreak, which however failed to materialize. The House of Lords
convenes at 4 o'clock.
•While the government has not announced whether it proposed an adjournment or the prorogation of parliament, the reports are to the effect
that the latter course is almost certain.
_ It is believed that Premier Asqulth
will see King Edward tomorrow:
Both ,chambers will hold .short sessions on Friday for the reading of','the
King's speech.
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal  of the retail liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V.
Bear Hunter Now Offers a Big Reward
■*-       to  Catch  the  Culprits
SPOKANE, Wash., Nov. 30—Tom B.
Hopper, veteran guide and bear slayer of Spokane, who has killed more
big game in California, Washington,
Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British
Columbia during the last 35 years
than any ten men In the country, has
hit the.trail to punish the miscreants
responsible for the poisoning of three
of his hounds, valued at $3,000. Two
other dogs of the pack ate of the poisoned food, but Hopper succeeded in
saving their lives. Hopper was with a
party of eastern sportsmen on,a bear
hunting exedition in the vicinity of
Valley, Wash., when.the animals were
killed. The party was driving along
the country road when the lantern
went out and Hopper stoped at a farm
house for oil. Shortly afterward one
of the party called attention to the
dogs, „but before aid* reached them
there of the animals died. Hopper has
posted a reward of $500 and has en-
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the soulh west 55 feet in
widtlj by 132 feet in depth of lot 8
block 2 of lot 5455 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title ,to the1 above mentioned land in
the name of Thomas Bullen which certificate is dated the 26th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A.
■     H. R. JORAND,
District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson  B.C.  Oct.  13,  1909.
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September
J. RAVEN, Witness
..11 J
Applications for electric light met
ters should be made In, the undersigned at once, so that same may bt installed without loss bf time. The City
of Fernie electric light plant' will be
running shortly and we will be in a
position to supply light and power.
City Clerk.
IN the matter of an application for
the'issue of a duplicate certificate.of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town'of Fernie
(Map 734.) ;
Notice Is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above' mentioned lot In
the name of Michael J. Casey,' John
Robert Ross, and William - A. Ross,
which certificate Is dated the 5th
day of October. 1907 and numbered
District Registrar
Land  Registry  office  Nelson,  B.  C,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to. the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in^
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block ,4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near the 28 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;
, Thence running east. 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;   ,
to a point of commencement, making
C40 acres more or less.
. Located this 2nd   day of September
J. RAVEN. Witness
listed country officials and officers of
the Humane Society to aid him in the
NOTICE ,    ,
In the matter of,an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate for
Title for Lot 3 Block 2 of lot 5455
Group One Kootenay District (Map
735.) ,
NOTICE is'hereby given that it is
j Bonn
Bottled ;Goods a Specialty
Dlnlnpr Room and Bedt under
New Management
ggga-i l-l. J. -iim JH-UJJiaaM
• (
• t
• t
• t
• t
• t
• (
• (
■ «
• t
• t
First class table board
Meali 2Sc   Meal Ticket* $5,00
Rates $1.00 per day
R, HenderMn, DIsUf RsiubMit-
Advertise in the Ledger
Roland W.  Wood
,and i
Charles W. Davey
I have seized and taken in execution
all the right, title and Interest of the
said defendant's bulidlng, known as
the Royal Hotel ancl situato and being on Lot 8 Block 10 in the townsltc
of Fornie according to a map or plan
of the said town as made by T. S.
MoVettle, P.L.C., and duly filed In
the land registry office at Nelson, B.
C, as plan No. 734, to recover the sum
of three hundred and fitly dnllors
($350.00) being rent, besides sheriff's
poundage, nnd all other legnl incidental expenses, nil of which I shall offer
by sheriff's sale on Thursday, tho 18th
day of November, A. D. 11109 at tho
hour of 11 o'clock In tho forenoon on
the premises known ns tho Royal Ho-
Dated at Fornie, n C, November
II, 1009,
Shorlff's Deputy.
The nbovo r-mlo Is furl lior position •
ed'imi 11 Tuesday, the twonty-ihlrd dny
of Novombor A, I)., 1909, lit the snmo
hour nnd plnco.
Dated ut Fornio 11. C. November 18th,
Sheriff's Deputy
my intention ,to issue at the expiration
of ono month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
NOTICE is hereby given thal'thKt>
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands ard Works for a license to pios-
pect for 'loal and Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R. sur-„
veyed line and being the south west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
. Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80' chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains * ■
to a point>of commencement, .making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
. NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days, after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
.Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on   the
following described-lands situate In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block   4593,   commencing   at a post
Title to the above mentioned lot - in planted at or near 4 miles east of 30
the name of Eder Harper which certificate is dated the 19th of March 1906,
and numbered 7495A.
H. R. Jorand,
"     District Registrar
NOTICE is horoby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a llconso to prospect for Coal and < Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate in
Soulh E.' Kootonay, llrltlsh Columbln,
Block 4593, commencing nt a, post
planted nt or near 1 mile east* of tho
31st, mile post of the present C. P. R.
survoynd line and being tho south east
corner of A. S. Farquhnrson's claims;
Thence running wost 80 chains;
Thonco running north 80 chains;
Thonce running east 80 chnlns;
Thenco running soulh 80 chnlns
to n point of coiniiioiiccinon*, making
010 ncros iikto or loss,
Located this "•■**, ilny of September,
.1. HAVEN, Wlti-oas,
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line, and being the north west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south 80 chains   ,
Thence running cast 80 chains;      o
Thence running nortli 80 chains;   *
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
610 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day ot September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
Hy vlriuo of a wiirrnnt of execution,
liiHiied out nf the county court of
Kootonay, holden nt Fornio, 11, C,
nt (ho milt ot':
Wlllliiin  A, Connoll    und  Willinm
Scott, tHiding mul currying en biiHlu-
nflfl under tho firm nnme nnd style of
Connoll & Scott, Plaintiffs,
Charles W. Davey, dcfeiidunt,
I hn vo siilzod nud taken In uxur.ii-
lion nil tho right, title nnd Interest
of tho nnld dofondnnt's goods, consisting of liquors, wines mid clgtirH nt
Fomlo, B. C, In Iho building known
nn tho Roynl Hotel, nltunto nnd being
(III I Ml *>, inner, tu, in (*.'•*.• tJii,! ui ii'i-
jjjc, B. Cm If J'HC.i'i** Dw i-uni nf
Throo Hunilcrd nud Fifty Nine Doll-
nrn mul 8lxty Eight C'onts (I3B9.68)
bPHldoa sheriffs poundiiRo nnd nil othor
legnl Incidental expenROB, nil of which
,.,,.. I /*.! I,*. .      I ....
A**,^.h*.      *,,„>»•-■.        Wj*        *...*'.*,,»-    ,       - »*. •'.*
Tlnirmlay, tho Eleventh day of November, A. I)., 1009, nt ilie hour of
(.•lovon o'clock In tho forenoon on tlio
premises known ax tlio Itoynl Hotel.
Dated ttt Fernie 1.1. C, November
.Ini. 1909.
Sheriff** Deputy
The above nubi U further post pore
Ml until TiK-mlny. tho twnty-lhird day
of November A. 1)., 100*9. at the anno
hour nnd pln-m.
l».<ii.*.l ftt rVTi*il*> 11. 0. SoT-nnb^r ISth,
NOTICH Is hereby given thnt thirty
(30) dnys nfter dnto I Inlond to apply
lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
LiukIh nnd WorkH for n IIcoiiho to prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum on lho
following dcHci'llicd hinds situate In
South 10. Kootenny, British Columbln,
lllock ir-93, commencing nt n pout
plain ml nl or uciir 3 in lies oust of 30
milo pon'i* of lho pi'CKcnt C, 1'. II. surveyed line nnd being the north cum
corner of Edmund HoIhJoII'h clnlm;
Thonce running nnuth R0 chnlns
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 rhtiliiH;
Thonco running oust 80 chiilim;
to ii point of conunoncemeiil, making
010 ncres more or Inns,
I.ocnli'd this 2nd dny of September,
tNAi UAl»(.,(A*iv, AK«nti
r.MWSlt .JJDJS.JOU, hoiu'nr
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days nftor dato I Intend to npply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Conl nud Potroloum on tho
following duscribod lnnds situate In
•South 10. Kootonay, Hritish Columbia,
Block •lii!).!, commencing at a post
plnntod nt or near 3 miles cast ot 30
milo post of the prosont C, P. It. surveyed lino and being the north wcbI
corner of Nnt Ilnbcock claim;
Thonco running houUi KO chnlns
Thonco running ciihI 80 chnlns;
Tlionco running north 80 cIiiiIiih;
Thonco running west 80 chnlns;
to a point of comiiioncoiiioul, mnklng
11*10 ncroH mon.' or loss.
Lofatcd (liln 2nd dny of September,
J. HAVEN, Wll iiohh
NOTIC-IO Is hereby given thnt thirty
(30) ilnyri nfter ilute I Inlond In npply
lo the Hun, Chief ('mnmlKHlonnr of
LnndH nnd Wnrltu for n IIcoiiho to prim-
j pod for Coal nnd I'otroli-uiii nu lho
I following doHcrlbed InndH situate In
.South 10. Koutcii-iy, HrlUali Columbia,
Hloek " ir,9:i, comiiiciulng nt a post
planted nl or near l mlhm nniit of 27
mile poHt of tho present C P. II. »»r
veyed lino nnd being Mi" 'l,pnth imhL
corner of Nnt Ilnbcock clnlmr
Thenco running wont 80 clmlnu;
, ......
I J-.*.'*...!.*,   iul.ll.ftf,   ttu.t.t   OU   ,...,*.,.&,
Theiii o running o;w* ?G ch-Mim:
Thonce running houIIi R0 chnlnn
(n n point nf commencement,1 making
flIO ncroH more or lenn,
Located thin 3rd dny of September,
, «■ *>n
Tha A-maton Guards in a Military Crill In "Tha Plain" al Mlntr* Union Thtatrt Daeambtr 8 and « undtr tht
11 Auiplcit of tha Ladles' Denevolent 8ocl «ty
M.  A. Kaitncr
Sheriff* Deputy.
NOTICB In heroby given thnt thirty
(30) dnyH nfter dnto I Intonil to npply
lo tho Hon. Chief CommUalonor of
I^indB nnd Works for n llconso to prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum on the
following described lnnds nltiinlo In
South 10. Koolcnny, llrltlsh Colnmblu,
Hloek 4M3, coiimenelriR nt n pout
plnntod til or nonr i miieli enst of 27
tnllo po*t of lho prosont C. P. R. surveyed line and being the north weM
corner of P. A. Farrmharson claim;
Thenco runnl-iK east $0 chains;
Thence rniinlna south 80 chains
Thonce running west 80 chains;
Thenco running north W chains;
NAT HAHCOCK, locator
J, HAVEN, Witness
do (lny* after dnte I lntitirt to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for n
transfer of the retail lhjuor license of
Simon  Drngon to (i'eorg(» Vincent of
the Itoynl Hotel, Onteway, 11. C\
Dated Dili Ifilh day of October. fS0».
Oct 18 D*e 17 O.V.
i   _
\ 1:7
t   IT,
Arrive Fernie
213  West    10.00
214 East  .7  17.55
236 Local-East .'     9.12
235 Local West    19.27
No. 7 West Flyer  10.40
No.  8 East Flyer    20.OS
Change takes effect Sunday June 0.
NO. 252
7.-50      *
■     FERNIE
"     HOSMER
MICHEL „    '
Arrives .Spokane 8.30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a\m.
No, 251
Furnished boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. O.
box 213.
Agent wanted hi Fernie for the Pion
Clothes' Dryer for outdoors. Liberal
commission. Write L. Arsenault, Edmonton; Alta. 3t30NP
Wanted: Servant girl for general
housework. For wages, etc., apply to
Mrs. Adolph, Uaynes Lake post office
B .C'
Furnished and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric 1'ght and bath. Apply B. S. care
Ledger. , 3tNP
For Sale: Ton acres good iand covered with tamarac and cedar, close in.
Apply Ledger office. lm
Ahem, have you tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61. t   .'.
'You bet—the spot to buy furniture
is at the Trites-Wood Co.,
No,place in town just like it. Ingram's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone Gl. '
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc?, only of the very best.
Phone 41
Do it now. Buy the range fitted
wth semi-steel linings. Will stand 900
degrees more heat thnn ony ordinary
ones, and you get it for less money at
the Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
They are still selling window shades
from 30c up at ..the Trites-Wood Co.,
Limited. .
Furnished room with use of bath.
Victoria avenue' ?S.f'Q per month.—
Apply Ledger.
Two small houses and lot for sale,
good location. Plastered and water
installed. Easy terms. Apply J, s;
Gusty, care P. 'Burns & Co. -      3t 20p
Don't forget to'ask for Michel beer
—the, best beer made.
Don't forget to visit the Delicatessen
table at Christ church bazaar December 10th.
The .Fancy table at the Christ Ch.
bazaar "can supply you with Xmas
gifts. Dec. 10l
The Maypole dance will be a feature
of the Christ church bazaar on Dec.
10th.     ',
' Wpjiued: Nursing, over 20 years experience, apply to Mrs. J.' Howbrook,
Fernie Annex, or box 336, Fernie.
When thirsty nothing but Michel
beer for me.
' Do you know that you can buy heating stoves from $2.75 up at the" Trites-
Wood Co., Ltd.    ,
If you want the best-
Valley beer/'
-call for Elk
Local   News
. They do not give furniture away,
but they sell it cheap at the Trites-
Wood Co. Ltd. .    "   "
Try a case of Elk Valley Bottled
beer. $2.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone 79. *    ,
Sewing Machines the best made
from $30,50 up. All ball bearing fitted
with automatic lift and fully guaranteed for ten years at. the Trites-Wood
Co. Ltd,     Come in and try one.
Advertising space on the new drop
curtain in the Miners opera house is
now available, To arrange for spec-
,'ul position see D. Roes, secretary, or
address box 301, Fernie.
A sample order of Elk Valley bottled beer will convince you of the superiority over nil others. $2.50 per don
delivered nt your door. Call up phone
79 nnd wo will do tho rest.
Maimger wanted for .Minors lliontre,
one who cun run moving picture machine preferred. Apply stating snl-
nry and giving wages to D. Roes, Box
.'Hil  Pernio, li, C.
Elk Vn'Iley boor popularity known
as Mlchol, always on top nt, tho lead-
.. Bengough, the great cartoonist, will
be in Fernie on the 16th. Wait for
him. ' ,       °
The candy table will tickle your
sweet tooth. Christ church bazaar on
December 10.
Found: A black pony.' Owner can
have same by proving property and
paying expenses to date. Apply at
Ledger office. - . ' ."*t
The Christ church bazaar can even
supply you with a piano. Dont fail to
gel a ticket for a piano drawing. Tickets one dollar.-
Services will ■ be held as usual in
Christ church on Sunday, next. Service at 11 a.m. Sunday school at 2.30
and service at 7.30 p.m.
Don't fail to get ii ticket on . the
drawing for the new .Mendelssohn piano to be donated at the Christ church
bazaar,on December 10th to the lucky
ticket holder.
Wanted:* Respectable party or par.
ties wanted to adopt healthy boy, two
and a half years old 'and girl three
and a half years old. Ueiilios lo be
sent to T. C. care Ledger office.   •
Seats are now selling for the perfor-
mance of "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" at
the Miners opera house Monday," Dec.
6th. Miss Jeanne Russell and an all
star cast. A complete production is
carried including a six piece orchestra.
The Ladies Guild of Christ church
will hold a bazaar afternoon and evening of December lOUi in*the basement of the church, One of the features of the bazaar will be ti:e Japanese tea room where the ladles in Japanese costumes .will serve tea.
For Sale: Moving picture machine,
complete, also 5000 feet of films, 500
large posters, 2000 dodgers. 50 colored
slides, everything ready to start In
business; films only shown in 8 towns,
Price $200, or machine and colored
slides for $50. Machine almost new. A
bargain. Apply William Rothei, Michel
B. C.
"Mrs. Temples Telegram" will bo
the offering at Miners Opera house
on Monday. This comedy was written
for laughing purposes only, and if
you have the blues and want to get
rid of thom do not miss seeing Miss
.lennne Russell and Compnny In this
witty, sparkling comedy. ' Seats nro
now soiling at $1, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Do not miss seeing1 "Mrs. Temple's
Telegram' at the Miners opera-house
Monday, December 6.
The,,Great'Bengough will be in the
city oii December 16 and give his famous illustrated lecture.
The regular monthly Ladies Aid tea
of the Methodist church will be held
at the home of Mrs. R. W. Wood on
Tuesday afternoon, December ' 7th
from 3 to 6.
Oh! you kid! Take me to see "Mrs.
Temple's Telegram at the Miners opera house Monday night, Dec". 6th.
They say that Canada's most popular
actress, Miss Jeanne Russell'is seen'at
her best in the role of Mrs. Teriiple.
Perhaps one of "the funniest comedies ever written will be produced at
the' Miners opera house Monday night
December 6th, by the Jeanne Russell
Co. "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" is
the title. Seats are selling fast. "
■ Clyde Fitch's biggest success, "Mrs.
Temple's Telegram" will be produced
by Miss" Jeanne Russell and her capable supporting company at the. Miners opera house Monday night, Dec.
Oth. Prices $1,, 75c, SOc, 25c. Reserve
your seats early.
Do not fail to see "Mrs. Temple's
Telegram" at the Miners opera house
Monday night. December 6th. Miss
Jeanne Russell, ever welcome in Fernie, will be seen as Mrs. Jack Temple.
All the other parts are in capable
Rev. Mr! Spidell will have charge
of.both services in the Baptist church
on Sunday. In the morning the subject will be "The Christian's Abounding' Joy." The evening subject will
''be "The Unanswered Call." Services
at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
We have received a copy of the Fort
George Tribune, the latest newspaper
prodigy of John Houston. v As is customary with his undertakings it is
neat and attractive. As an evidence
of the growth of the place the Tribune puts up- the argument that, the
women there have commenced to wear
corsets.,. Next thing the men will be
smoking cigarettes.
Charles H. Clark, late of "Rossland,
is in the city at present in connection
with the moving picture business. Mr.
Clark has shown in Michel and Hosmer
andawas greeted with bumper houses
in oach of these places, and he has
with him an A 1 lot of films. He gave
a show here last night in Braces hall,
and all who were present report a
treat. The vaudeville and singing were
features worthy of notice! Ho gives
another show tonight.
The joint committee of District No.
IS   Miners   and. Operators  meets    at
♦♦♦•<>♦♦-»♦■»■» ♦-*»♦♦♦♦<•>
on 1
...The Best Eed, Spckeye' Salmon put up
in; the. world.    Every can guaranteed;*.
It.'pays to buy the best.   ' '      . *>.-
Fay  Cash   and   Just   Smile
W. J.   BLUNDELL      Givers a call
<»*■»♦♦♦■»<■■» <tr$+>^+<>+++*   +*~Q.++K,'*> <&&&*^&+-++-**
Dec.    6th
Miner's Union Theatre,  Fernie
I'luli'i- uiiK|)ii-cn nf  L.-ulh'*, Itciii'volcnl  Society
Wed. 8?; Thurs,  Dec.  8th &  9th
Return of the Favorites f
Miss Jeanne Russell   f
And The Jeannne Russell Co. 8
in the latest New York Comedy   Success:— a
Mrs. Temple's Telegram"  §
Two Hours of Solid Fun—Sixty Laughs Per. Minute.
Same Metropolitan Cast.  Magnificent Scenic Equipment ,
Spectacular Effects—The Jeanne Russell Special Orchestra.
Prices   75c, SOc and 25c.   Plan at Supdaby's *
Coleman today to adjust disputes that"
could not. be settled at the previous
meeting, which was, hold at Maeleod,
R.-. W. .Bennett is chairman of the
committee. , Sec. Carter left here to
attend the committee. Pres. Pow.ell
and Vice-President Stubbs are already
there, International Organizer W.H.
-McCluskey left here for „thc meeting
last night.
Both "Dad' Bleasdell and N. B. Suddaby have the finest assortment of
toys is has been our pleasure to be-
.hold. No store in the largest cities can
boast of a larger or finer assortment
than our stores here. Mechanical
toys for the youngsters, beautiful presents for Ihe sweethenrt, for your wife
(or for that matter* for "the other fellows wife) are in abundance, and lt
will not bo necessary to send away
for anything this year. Patronize the
homo merchants who keep up the
town.    ,
Tho Stoddard PlnyerR, who havo
hold Iho boards at the Fernio opera
houso tlio entire wool*: have made
many warm friends In our city. As
players they are number ono, overy
member of the compnny being nn artist, rind lioslilcs liml. they nre n very
respect able coinpiiny," Tho weather
on lho opening night, .Mondny, wiih ro
Inclement thnt bul vory fow woro able
to lie proHcnt lo wIuichh that, beniitlful
piny, "Tho Mnn on the llox,' and flir
liml ruiiHnn Mnnngor Slcwiiri Is p.olng
lo repeal thnt nucconfl loiiluht, Tliny
pu! Uiu piny on Kplendldly, and If you
wnni id enjoy ii uitii'lu of huui'ii be
miie nnd mMi'ihI, They have *'Oiii*i
exiiptluiiiilly fine t.pec!iilM*'H lo fill In
between the netn, ko Ihnl llii-i'i* In lio
ilrcKomi' wiiIiIiih*. Thin iil'lernnon
ihey will pn*..eiii nu n innlliice "The
l'mlMi Pi'lesi" nnd lluiHe who Kuw Uic
pmdiiellon on VWiliiewliiy, iiIrIiI were
iiini'ii ilum ilclliihioil. li Ik rnther n
pity liml whenever n wood conipnny
milieu  here I hey  receive poor  pillnill-
NEW YORK, Dec. 3.—The fight for
the heavyweight championship of the
world between James J. Jeffries and
Jack Johnson will- be held in California in the .vicinity • of San' Francisco
on July 4, 1910, and will be staged by
Tex Rickard of Nevada,and John B.
Gleason of San Francisco. Their bid
of $110,000 and two thirds of the moving picture privileges to the contestants was formally accepted during a
stormy meeting at Hoboken N. J. this
up and signed there tomorrow. It
is believed that, the fight will represent more .cash than any other fight in
the history pf the prize ring.
Thomas-.J. McCarcy of Los Angeles, whose bid was considered highest
by many, made a game race for his
Pacific Athletic club, but his cause
was without hope. James Coffroth,
by virtue of his control of the two
basic patents on moving pictures, had
decreed against. McCarcy and his ally
Eddy Graney of San Francisco, and
the fight was given to Gleaso-n and
Rickard, who it is conceded by sporting men, have an understanding with
Coffroth, a surmise strengthened by
the fact that Gleason and Coffroth
have shared in tho bids, McCaroy
and Grnney estimate that the net value
of the moving pictures will amount to
nt least $200,000 and may be worth
$100,000. Rickard and Gleason declined to estimate,
WINNIPEG, Dec. 3—The climax of
a ?.r>000 robbery occurred last night
when John'A. Barnett, a railway mall
clerk residing in tho Fairfax block,
wns arrested charged with tho crime
II, Is the Hoquol of Uio dlHiippeuvitiii-.'e
of n package containing ?.r»0S.r» from tlm
nuillH on Urn Cnrninndiiy brnnch of tho
Cfinndlim Xorlliern oil November 1st.
Tho police round $1000 of tho stolon
money yoKlenlny morning, but ndinli
tlmi ih" iM'nlilein of solving the nis't*.-
lerloiiH niTiilr Ih puzzling them. Mur-
licit took IiIh niTCHt coolly, employ-id
a lawyer nud wiih today renmndod for
n woek-, 111k Kiilnry In HM per,dny
nnd lie hns been in Un> Herylei, for n
yenr. Tin,. detect'lvoH of Uio case,
lIk- rnllwny nnd Dw imjhIofflco ilcpnrl-
nieni im* iniilnlnlnliiK' utinom hIIcdch
in rflHnrd lii ■tlm ciiho.' Tlioy admit
however liml  Hcvernl pemoilH lire In-
Big Home Talent Opera at the Miners
Union Theatre, December 8 and *=
9—Auspices   Ladies   Bene-
volent Society
For the past ten days one hundred
and fifty young ladies and children
have been holding daily rehearsals.of
the big fairy extravaganza, "The Pixies," under the direction of the author,
Mr.. W. A. Milne of Chicago. It will
be given at the Miners Union Theatre
on Wednesday and .Thursday nights,
December 8 and 9, for the benefit of
Grows Nest -, Trading* Go.
?.:-"-,■     7       General Merchants   .
The   Store   of  Good Values
*       Agents V"Bell Pianos" - ~
(    *.-"'.. '■ Sold on monthly payments.. ...**.
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
To secure your share
of the surprising bargains at the big: Removal Sale of
Dry Goods
i,':,,., in thin ni mt there were hd! volvcd In lho robbery nnd tliut. u
ln.-i-y i-liiyi*: Uic bwt iwiv nr iIii-mm.number of UicflH of cijuul Inturcdl lmvo
weekH Unit the peoplo Heeiiicd lo Ih-hI-!occurred recently 111 tho hoi'vIco which
line nliinii comliiit oui. Iiui If you:have nm been oxpliilned. The huh-
wi.nl to be miro of nil enjoyable, even.. u*-eMton Ih (Iiui rill lmvo biwit iwniull-
lliu clinic out tonight,
[ted by the nnmo kiiiik.
■y. <"••'
'-*i **
Hv W.A. Miliit', imtlior of "Alarldin" etc.,.   (liven l>y
Home  tiih-iit under tlio personal (liroctioiiol'/uitlior
150     -      YOUNG LADIES AND  CHILDREN IM GAST     •     150
All In (irotcKi|ii(; and Beautiful Costumes, H-prem-iitim; TUIck,
lliifAiiieji, i.im.Jiiih, li.M'tU, ri«.i..iijli4i.l«.:, .MuiiLc;;;, I'alili.':;, Iliif'-T
f lh h, Flow-r Ulrl«. l'ai;i'H, Am a/.on UihinIh, .Inimtu-Ke Mnltlcn*, c-tr.
ir>m\ taagj imm
y^tfiKmi&em^Em '"•$
r**»«*.rvffl ncnt.« 7.V nml fl: haI<» opona at
licsrinnliiK Friday Morning, Ive ember 3
nicaxdr-ll h  DniK    8tor«.*,
'■.'"'yVrtt't*, '■■^>^'t^^f*(*^\SrX. VA,
\r?ut^\."-r'--tt?iy*;-"\ 7 * ■'• *"' '•-.    *
the? Ladies Benevolent Society. "Forty
boys in grotesque _ costuming, will represent pixies, brownies," insects, goblins and monkeys; eighty little girls
in tinsel and lace, will be fairies, butterflies, flower girls and pages; thirty
young ladles will take the leading
parts', and will give a series of drills,
dances and marches. ,
It tells the story of the kidnapping
of a sleeping fairy by the wicked goblins, a terrific bnttle between the pixies arid goblins, the final defeat of the
goblins, the restoration of the stolen
fairy and the wedding festivities of.thei
Prince and Queen. This story is told'
iri erse and Introduces forty musical
numbers, embracing solos, duets,
quartets, choruses, drills, dances and
It hns been presented during tho
past sixteen yenrs In all tho larger
cities throughout thc States, Great
Urlhiin, Australia nnd Cnnnda. At
Victoria, Nannlmo, Now Westminster,
Kamloops nnd Ilovolstoko, lt waa
greeted with .packed houses nnd the
pro$B of these cities unito ln pronouncing lt "the most beautiful and laughable entertainment, ever devised for
An excellent cnsl, him boon secured
fioro nnd the young pooplo havo enter.! Inlo it with nn enthusiasm tlmt
spell:** buccohh. 'Director Mllno has
expressed hlnmolf iih dollghloil wllh
llio tnloiit Miown by the entire cnm.
The principal pnrls nro tnkon by
Mrs, (I.■I*', Htevenson, iir Prlnco Klor-
liucl; Mi-k. .1, X, WnlciiioiiHR iih Uio
Queen Tliiinlii, MIhh Annie rilillllug uh
Angelica, find Minn Sybil Ueddliig, iik
Cholly lho Dude, Nnch will bo heard
In Hovnrnl roimlng dueiH and hoIoh. An
'Amazon march and drill, In nnt ly
"wild wohI" uniform, will.In- given by
ftlcmlmiu'fl Hlierwood llcrchnior, Do-
pew, h. A. fi, Davit, FAloy, imd llio Min-
kch M«c|l Htownrt, Muriel YVIilniHliir,
Kllllly, Hin, I.chIIh HIiiiw, Let tin Moll,
Olive, l'cin win, , lit tn Klrlipntrlclt and
liillth Hnnl'ln, TIiohh IiuIIoh oxociiik
clKlity military wolutliwis on the double quick with lho precision of voter-
niiH, nnd novor fall to win Hovoral on-
coich, A .IiipiinoHO Hpoclnlty, a hour
anil dance In rich hrlnntnl roKtiimltm,
will bn glvon by Mnuiln Ponrson, Alleo
TyliloHloy, Irene flnillh, Wllmn IllckH,
r  '     r     '    p. i,*   t .,**,in  iv.1
bul*', Tlhetn Tnflri. Urnco lludlov'1 Lnn-
rn Durtloy, Amy NIkkh and Ollvo Pour-
Ilut nflor nil iho chlof Interest con-
tcin In the hoHtH of children, whh tliolr
I     1.1 .      ,„:r„.nr,.,tyr,'   f'ir'f.»       ntlll    •UllCOIl-
,, . f J,,   , , -
hl-Iouh grttco. Tho grotoBfjuo mala-
up nnd Kldo-HpllttliiB nnllcs of thc pixies, brownies and goblln«, novor fall
to cmiHO ronrs of lnunhtor. Undor lho
vctornn .llrectorohlp of Mr. Mllno lho
younger memhora of tho can nccomp-
lUh thc apparently linposiublo, Tho»o
who hnvo wltncaaoil thn rohonraala
nre wildly onthimlnmlc and a rare
trout la In atoro for tho two packed
houses which am sure to groct lho
comical "Plxloa.*
Hoata aro now on aalo al HIeaadoH'B
driiK atoro, and nil aro advUcd to
mftko thoir roaorvailona a* tarly an
possible aa not a aeat will be left.
Everything      Reduced
for a few days longer
ii '
Trites- Wood Co.,Ltd.
To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      - -      70c each
'****+-o <-><*» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦^♦♦' *^*^*»
i eTmmtmi^
McBean & Waggett
For Saturday
*•**-   ' 'tl    -I ..    Ill- fl      ll'- T-i 1
Wuuiii JiuMj ii iim iniu ui .iu i.<c.->li
Fruits un tlio nmrkotniul in Alciih
FurnisliingH wo havo un oxcollont
stock liuiight especially fov tlio pco-
vt\p tlie WnvkintMiHMi.
Suits made to your order, 14.50 to $28
!| Overcoats from 10 to $23
mamanaaammammt nun mi mmww uj»i hwi'l
Opposite New Post Office
Phone  No. 70
Advertise in the District Ledger


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