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ft ■;
i ■*p,Vrvvii'irt:*t*ol,-T«Ilt««**"**-»
intUistria.1 Unity is Strength
I  :*
, t
The Official Organ of District No. 18, U. PI. W. of A.
Polit-ica.1 Unity is Victory
VOL. V.   No. 15
FERNIE,   B. C,   November 13tht,   1909
$1.00 a Year
Nearly All Were    Workinjjmen
Who Were Starting out
for the Day
(Vancouver World)
, Helplessly swept from their seats,
half crouched for a spring that they
dared-not make, with a shriek of the
fear of impending death frozen on
their lips fourteen workingmen were;
hurled to instant death off a Westminster car at the Lake view station
hound out, at G.05 this morning, and
nine others were badly injured, many
of whom may die. ' A flat car, loaded
with lumber, which it is stated had
broken loose from its couplings to
locomotive car 503, a block up grade
from the station, sweeping backward
into the passenger car, had caused
the havoc.
The flat car came down the grade
. with   frightful   velocity.      Motorman
Thorburn   of- the 'Westminster     car,
which was well-filled with men who
-wore bound for work, with their lunches' and tools, saw his danger, yelled
to the passengers to jump, and tried
to, it is supposed, reverse his current,
"and""send- Ms-car~backwardr- but— it
was  too ~late.'*:   Just at  tho •'second
. beforo the crash came, whicli awoke
the entire neighborhood, it is* believed
•ho jumped from the car, but his,jump
.was-one second too late for the Rea-'
•per Death caught him'and tossed his
lifeless body to one side of the car.
Timbers Crashed, on Them
The heavy mass of limbers, twelve
by twelve giants, loosened from the
car nnd hurled forward by the terrific
forco of the impact, swept straight in
on the passenger car and. cut everything away before tt* leaving only the
floor of the car,     The helpless men,
who hnd no doubt heard tho strange
rumblings of approaching death, wero
swept, caught at the waist and above
by tho timbors, off the car wllh Hie
' dobrls  liko  checkers  off  a  checker
board.     The lop and sides of tho car
wore crumpled, together hy lho blow,
anil   thoso  with  n  muss  of  timbers
nnd shrieking men, were hurled    12
foot down  Inlo the gully at the left
sldo of tho Lnkovlow station,   Thoso
men. who had noi mot dentil or Injury
In (his wny*wore tossed oui onto Iho
right of way nt tho fnr end of tho car
nnd lo the sldo nnd Ihero burled under, lliu timber.    Juki how ninny wore
In the par could not. ho ascertained,—-
twenty-five Ih (lie osllninlo IjW  It   Ih
hnllovod thnt tliei'*,** worn none     who
woro nol hnillylnjuroil, (ir who could
crawl nwny from tho fast  reddening
No Women Killed
Ah fortune would hnvo It there wasj
not. ii .woman passenger on the enr,i
the occupants hid nn nil mon bound for j
work, I
Neighbors, nwnkcnoil by the oiuhIi,1
rushed to lho ncium nnd culls I'or help
woro sent lu by telephone by lho crow
of   the oloolrlc locomotive, fiOH, wlillo
othorH   phouoil for nearby physician's,
Pr. Htoro of Coilnr Collage nud sovornl
others    responded ns    soon uh tlioy
could and (Ild nil Hint   wiih powslblu
In roi lovo thn Injured until the nrrlvnl
1   of two (Irnudvluw earn,
In ono of I hoso fourteen dond bodios
wore plueed, laid out on lu.'.i.ii and
in the other the nine injured men including the-conductor of the Westminster car, who escaped death, and the
one car hurried to town to give its
ghastly remains to undertaker" and
the other to send its groaning inmates
to the hospitals.
Head Severed Entirely
Death had,boon frightful. The timbers crushed through human flesh ve-
j lentlessly, and tossed brains and blood
i far.on the1 sands and track. One man's
i „   *.
■ head is said to have been * severed
completely from his body, and others
were torn nnd mutilated umil the hand
of death . made them look like grim
spectres of former health. Dlooriy effects, lunches nnd tools covered tho
tracks and for hours after the accident
one little heap of effects, with a shopping bag loaded with parcels, blood
and gore stained, lay pat helically unnoticed by tho side of the track, waiting for the owner who could never
The dead mon were placed In the
right hand platform of the Lakeyiow
station ou boards and the injured on
the other platform, awaiting the relief
cars. , Pails of lard and bottles of,
brandy, were brought by willing hands
of women, who splashed through the
muddy streets for blocks to get* the
things that, would ease the groaning
men. With bandages and water they
worked soothingly over the injured
until relief came, which was fully an
hour after the accident.
The scene about the accident was a
jumble of timber and debris, much of
which was blood stained, \yorkmen
sent to wreck the' cars piled the debris
in the gully to one side of the track,
and cleared the path for,, the inbound
cars, which were not long interrupted.
Thc debris was set fire to and then
the locomotive cai* pulled the splintered flat car up the grade, while tlie
wreckers prepared the passenger car
foi* being moved'.1
• Owing to the early hour of the accident it was difficult to rescue the injured men, as the conductor of the
Westminster car was the only uninjured man in that car,*- so far as could be
learned.-. Consequently the men lying
in "the gully under lumber and car de-
"brTs* were. TefFlhei'e^scTeSmiirg^witir
pain for, nearly an hour before they
could be rescued.* One of the injured was taken into the home''of Mrs.
T. Marshall, situated'within a stone
throw of the accident, whore. .-Dr.
Store attended him,   *,
Almost Dark When Crash Came
• Mr. A. Johnston, who assisted in extracting the dead and injured from tho
wreck, was returning home from-his
work nt the time of the accident. Vie
had got off the cur which was in the
smash, and was proceeding south on
the Cedar Cottage road, when he
heard an awful crash,
"All ,was still for a moment,' said
Mr. Johnston, "then l honrd cries and
groans and knew that nn accident hail
taken place. ^hastened to lho scene
ns quickly ns posslblo going along tho
track. It "wns still almost dnrk but,
lho sight, thill mot my eyes wiih almost
Indescribable. A coldness passed
ovor mo llko a (lush, and for n momont. I stood paralyzed. Afterwards r
along with others who were now arriving at tho scene hognn to lift lho
tlmbor and wreckage off those who
wo saw woro pinned down. There
woro ko mnny cries for help nil nt the
some tlmo that we hardly know where
to Hlni'l, Tho lionvy 12 by 12 limbers
woro piled and seuitei'od all over tho
dond, which'took' the workers what
seemed Hho hours lo dour nwny, Wo.
took onl twelve bodies up to the tlmo
whon f wits forced to abandon lho
work of rescue through exhaustion, I
think Hint everything posslblo wiih
done by tbo-oonipnny officials.'
Others who arrived Immediately after tlio wreck loll much lho sume
story. Hov, Mr. Mndlll nnd hin fnmlly live directly opposite lho plnco lho
nceldout hnppeiH'd, Ills daughters
honrd llio crash, which shook tliolr
house, nud on looking out saw wlml
hnd  happened.     Tlioy ull  hurriedly
(IrOHIIOll    tllOIUl'olVOH    llllll    (IHSlHlOll     in
tin1 work of rescue,
Dend Oodles Held Injured Captives
Ci'orgo Scott, who lives opposite to
(Comliniod  on  page K)
-**&. *^<&'<!**0*<>-<i>--<>--^- "♦
All Socialists in outlying
points of the' Fernie Electoral
District are, requested to communicate with,,Mr. David Paton, Uox 101, Fernie B. (."*.,   '
A item fit to Split up
Vote Has Now Been
Thoroughly Exposed
*<?,'%j*Slr\   S>h-k^X^i^ry^^X^%^^^
For* some time rumors have been
prevalent as to the possible advent of
an Independent Labor .party. Tom
Biggs, the late miners secretary was
mentioned as the, standard bearer but
when approached refused to meddle
with it at all.       .,., >
Dame Rumor is seldom a lady of ber
word, and has many a time and oft
fooled a gullible public; not so In the
case of our Labor party; it'has been
bom, and tell it .not in gath, we sin
could blight or sorrow fade, it passed
away, and now exists as'a biitt and
jest of the entire working class of
Fernie riding.
The- prime movers in this attempt
to split the Labor vote are without
doubt to be sought in-the inner circles of the Conservative party, and as
an example of their intelligence and
knowledge of men be it known to all
the "unintelligent and thoughtless'
citizens' that they chose as the chief
of this' baud of disruptionists' a fellow
who has made a miserable failure of
everything he has attempted, from
singing a song* to "selling his class, by
no means excepting the building of
the -Miners Hall, whicli stands today
and his ruinous inefficiency—Thomas
Chippendale by name.
This fellow was angry because he
had not been considered when the
Socialist candidate was chosen.- lt
made him mad. We understand since
that other resent not being asked to
the nominating.convention. It does
not concorn us here; we are dealing
with tho Conservative—Liberal —
Independent.—Labor party.
Their objection to tbo Socialist candidate is that the Labor unions^vere
not officially invited.
Now mark what those offended
champions of Labor do. After associating witli all the prominent Conservatives, this Chippendale suddenly
disappoint from his wonted haunts
for iionio fow days. Tho Socialist,
party hearing of this, ancl connecting
tlio rumors with his disappearance,
woro Instantly upon the look oui. Inquiry among tbo fnlfhful in other
on nips brought lo light iho fact IhiiL
Chippendale, Iho champion of wronged and outraged Labor, was dnnetng
around wllh prominent Conservatives
In these camps. Several nieellnaH
woro hold and all wore hold In hcc.ici
and some bohlnd locked doors, and at
somo of thoso councils silt, prominent
Conservatives who nro nut boosting
Tor W. ]\. lions.
This oiu'sl I'roo .thlnkor, us be
calls hlmsolf, jealous of the rights of
Labor, and Indignant boon use trndos
uuloiiK bail boon slighted in the choice
of n ciindldiilo, socks lo sot lho mill lor
rlghl by furtively culling elnnillsilno
meetings In cellars, old burns und hiiI-
onn pni'lni's to nominate a CoiiHorviii.-
Ivo Liberal Independent. Labor limn
The Fornio Socialists finally got,
word nf u con vent Ion (?i lo be hold in
the pnrlor of the Waldorf hotel on tho
night ,of Iho Hth, Proceeding lhoro
wllh'somo other workorH, Homo of
wh(fii) woro members of the I. L. P.,
In llm old country. Whon (ho elmim
pious of labor found out that some
liiboroi's hnd got lu iilionil of thorn
tlmy wished to call the iu*'"(lii!',' off.
The Socialists however, refused to
movo niul Urn convention proceeded lo
(Ino worker who holds n card In dm
Jlrlllsh I, L, P, ehiillengoil Chlppon-
dale to produce his crodontlnls.. This
.... ;.. ;.,   !:.:..:... :..':. \ '■>  ■■->
Tlii* !. 1 party limn pyot.-rl.-il vb'or-
oiihly against tlm'namo nf his organ!-
*/ritIon bolng prostituted by such hhlu
nnd seek, hole In tho corner methods,
nud movod (hat iu (ho opinion of (his
...''..'.''." J,';?..*; J), J J •.••■.'■I'i" i mi *.i"0! ft
fit nnd proper porson lo represent tlm
workers lu Victoria. The motion was
carried without ono dissent ing veto,
lho vnllnnt Chipponilnln himself voting In tho affirmative
The following ovoning howovor tho
champions of lnbor woro again ta
work. The mceilnK of tho 8th It
Kfcins wns merely lo soled and Instruct delegates fnr a convention on
tho tub.
Although many workors of various
trades searched the entire town of
Fornio for this labor convention thoy
failed to find it. it afterward transpired, that If was held.in tbe parlor of
the King Edward hotel.
These fellows were so .jealous of
labor's good name that tbey had tb
bide in a saloon lo nominate -their
candidate.' * v
3 ' ft
The convention of the 9th decided
that hot having funds to run a candidate they would endorse Mr. Fisher
as the labor candidate and proceeded
immediately after tho election to form
an Independent Labor party.
The delegates who,. as the Liberal
organ, The Crow's- Nest Daily, says,
came from Michel, Hosmer, Elkmouth
and Fernie (which by the way is a
falsehood) then repaired to the ' fb-
eral committee rooms, and announced
their intention. Tbey were received
with cheers and tbe president A. D.
Macdonald wept' upon tbe shoulders
of Labor's darling.
The Crows Nest Daily next night,
came,out crowing extremely well over
having gotten hold- of a worthless tool
which had ° been, discarded by „ the
thoroughly ' disgusted Conservative
Indeed were it not pathetic it would
be real""liumoi'Oiis—to-reacl~wliat~the"
poor gulls who run that senseless
sheet have to say, on Fisher's receiving the endorsement of six men who
bad to sneak' in* and,but of a hotel
parlor in order'to hold a meeting.
There were over 30 at the meeting
of tho 8th wben Harrington was endorsed; we could well crow, over that
but we leave,, it to the Liberals to
flash this six man gold brick secret
meeting in men's eyes if it gives tbem
pleasure; for ourselves wo can afford
to chuckle oven (he swoet simplicity
with which the Liberals fastened upon
a tool which tbo Conservatives had
discarded as useless „nnil harmful.
The Liberal enndldnto, Mr, Fisher,
In a similar stale of simplicity, stretched out. bis anus at a meeting in
Michel on thc ovoning of the 10th,
and callod on till men to witness that
bo bad boon endorsed by tho great
Independent Labor party. Poor Fisher—ho has gril nud doubtless moans
well, but what sort of a representative would ho mnko' for labor who
could allow himself to ho gulled by
such n .Innns faced, numskull as Chippendale, Whon the Socialist esindi-
date got, to Chippendale I horo was
something doing, Ho dealt with
lilm without gloves and laid bare IiIh
hollow rotten heart for all mon io
boo, Aflor Harrington got through
Chippendale wiih jnvllod lo the platform to defend hlmsolf, which ho did
lu such nn uussilsfnclory uianiior tlmt
oven those hisly lunged, loud lnoiuh-
od liidlvldiiiilH whom Fisher Is packing
nil around
plied after gulping down  his Adams
apple several times:
"Mr. Harrington,.what I.say to you
.'md what I do are . two different
This is the champion, this fellow
without manhood without achievement
to commend him, that the Liberals
are so proud of.' The jeers and the
hoots which followed Mr. Harrington's
checkmate for .ever silenced the voice
of Labor fakirs in Michel and when
the tale is told elsewhere we can
hope to see tbe workers closing up
against ranks, and banding together
in a solid com pace mass against any
party which attempts to turn tbem
from tbo task historic development
has set them to perform—the abolition of wage slavery.
Judas bad the good grace to go and
hang himself; we cannot expect Chippendale to show that degree of manhood but we do desire doeply and
fervently that if be cannot see fit' to
remove himself from our 'community,
he will at least refrain from obtruding his disgusting presence among
tbe wage earners of Fernie riding.
, Thus the beginning and thus the
end of the great Conservative. Liberal
its—not party.
- Conceived in malice, born in avarice, bred in* treachery, lived for a
short period.in dark holes'and cellars
and died in ignomy—so, perish * all
John- Hulko has at last concluded
that, it is impracticable to successfully
run a union" in opposition io the United Mine Workers, and is now wisely
prepared to make tonus with District
IS.   '
John mol Secretary Treasurer Carter at Coleman on Monday, and discussed the probability of the men of
tbe new union being admitted in a
body to the United Mine Workors. It
is expected, all hough not settled definitely, that the whole of their membership will be initiated in tbe Coleman local ou Sunday, which will make
that local, Without exception, one of
the strongest In'tho District.
Formerly Resided in Western Canada—Went to States to
. Study the Art
A painful sensation was created in
the Creek on' Thursday-- by the news
of the death of Mr. David Atberton,
which occurred on the trackslde between Coal Creek aud Fernie. How
the accident really happened we have
not been able to ascertain," as no one
seems to know, or to even have seen
Mr. Atberton previous to his being
found dead. When found bis leg was
very badly cut, and whether be bad
been knocked down by the engine or
fell off the' train, is an'open question.
Tbe deceased when found' was up
against tbe stump of.a tree and appears to have crawled quite'' a long
distance from--where the accident oc-.
curred. Deceased was well known
in tbe Creek, and in Michel where the
previously resided, lie kept a boarding house in tbe Creek. lie was HO
years of age and leaves a widow and
three, daughters and four sons to
mourn his loss. The funeral will
take place on Sunday in Fernio.
The Socialist party are holding a
successful' series of meetings." On
Sunday evening last they held a well
attended one in the miners ball at Fernie where the working class candidate John Harrington, spoke, and Wilfrid Cribble of Toronto made his first
public appearance In this riding, Both
of thoso men wero shown perfect appreciation.
On Monday ovoning a mooting was
hold at Ilosmor, at. whicli W. Cribble
was the first speaker, nftor which Mr,
Fisher was accorded tbo courtesy of
tho platform and ul templed to dabblo
In economics, of which bo evidently
knows nothing, consequently making
a pitiable exhibition of himself. *\i'io,
Fisher had floundered about for half
nn ijoiir, UnrrJiigioii' took tbo floor,
and didn't do a thing to him, simply
making pulp of hi in, so much so (hat.
at lho  Socialist,  mooting at    Corhln
the following nigbt l-'lBlmr mndo no
nttoiupt til. economics and did not
whisper a word against Ihe Socialist
parly, but spun! bis I lino In abusing
the Tories and llicir railway policy,
On Wednesday a largo nmollng whh
bold n( Mlchol ami Fisher wuh thoro
again with his faithful,following iwho
pays llio riillroiul fan*?) and got'an-
io country with hhn, could | othor trouncing I'rnni Harrington, and
On Tuesday evening a meeting took
place, in the ,T.-,Beck Block to make
final arrangements regarding the
newly formed company of the .now
universal British Boy scouts, formed
in conjunction with the companies already existing In nearly all the large
cities of the Dominion. Several boys
enlisted and took the oath of-allegiance and loyalty, and H. A. Giddings
was promoted to (he rank of sergeant and T, A. Ingram to that, of corporal. Some ofthe objects of the
British Boy;Scouts are to teach boys
swimming, signalling by  Morse    and
SOMERVILLK, N. .1. Nov. 12— A'
victim of n hypnotic experiment, Robt.
Simpson''Is dead, and Prof. Arthur
l'j.fiton of Newark,-the hypnotist, is
under arrest and in a state of coll- •
apse today over the failure of his heroic efforts to revive his subjects.
Simpson was hypnotized at a performance in a theatre here last night.
After placing tbe man in a cataleptic
state, tbe hypnotist performed numerous tests in tbe presence of tbe audience to show the thoroughness of
his work. Wben tlie time to end die
performance came however, Professor
Evert pn found thai his work to all appearances had been all too thorough.»
The subject of the experiment could
not be revived.
In a panic the hypnotist called upon physicians,"who after laboring a
long time over Simpson, pronounced
him dead.* Notwithstanding this decision tbe man was taken to s. hospital
where Prof. Everton aud Dr. Long,
made heroic efforts to revive him. No
results   having   been   obtained   after
several  hours  of  work   Everton   was
arrested.*   * -
County    Physician   Long said  that
an-1 autopsy  will  be  performed "today *
to    dctermlne0the   exact   cause    of
Simpsons' death.   ,"
The crowd cheered as the hypnotist
who with a few passes put Simpson
in a rigid Htate, placed his head on
one chair aud his feet on nnother and
then stood on die' man's body. Then
clapping his bands Everton attempted to end the experiment ln the usual
way, but thoro was not tbe usual response. Simpson's eyes rolled and bis
Jaw dropped and he collapsed and
rolled   heavily   on  the  floor,  and   no
semaphore, ninbnlnncc work, niilllnr.y! sign of.life was afterwards nppnron!.„
drill, shooting and scouting, and also)    Everton said today lm was informed'
lo look al'ier I hoii* moral welfare,
All tho boys are enlhuslnsilc, and il
Is holiovod that, by noxt spring when
llioy are properly drilled aiid lu uniform, the Fornio patrols will compare
favorably with thoso of other cities.
Tho scoulnidslor, T. S. UulTell will bo
pleased lo glvo, full Information
any boyH who may ho Interested
who ooinempliUo onliHtliig,
Tho Foothills 1'uhllshlim Co
OU   SWollillg   IIH   pilHM'SHloilH.   It    IlilS   III!
quired ii paper at Michel, II. C. now.
that Simpson bad boon drinking before
iho experlnmiu.
The iiuihor'iles inter today granted
Everlou,  tho hypnotist   permission  to
call in iinollior professional hypnotist
from Newark to ninkn a last effort to
revive tlio young man, A third hypno-
to' tisl from Now York' wus sent for today
<ii'jb,\   dm   iiiiiuiiKcjimiii   of  tin'   (In-alro.
: Kvi'iiou uns niTiiiguoil today and Imld
| on ,'f ('bnrgo of minmUiughlcr to, await
mops*,  dm action of the grand Jury.
Known In Winnipeg
WJNNII'I'.d,  Nov,   ll!.- -Prof. Arthur
up onough  coumge
nol  mustoi
Immoillntoly ho wiih through declaring ho wiih a freethinker and did not
oxpocl money I'm* his flirty work one
of Ills foimor ('otixoi'viitlvn uiiHoelaloH
rnso to IiIh foot nud gnvo lilm thu He
The SoolnliHt riiiidldalo (hen asked
him (bin i|UO!dlnu
to j In nddllloii hud ll rubbed hi by a thorough o\ posit I*-.* of n Klliny deal in
which IiIh party had boon engaged
wllh a hunch of labor IViklrs, iiiohi
pi'onilimnl of which wan Tinnitus Chip-
pciulnlo, who for dm piml IS'iuoiidm
Iiiih oblulimd his livelihood from the
very men he now nticinpiii (o betray,
IliiiTlni'ioii Is going to ho  die    imM
II may gel Hn iohiuoIoh on l*'*Tiiie im.*;i.
■■•Lothiirldgo ilornld.
Noi ho, (Icorge Molkl.- of Mb-liel
lookml llko John It'ocl-i'lVllci- without
llio niomncli aoho when ho hnd pros*
peels of unloading IiIh slock (n trinl".
nml hnd |iI:iiih iindoi' way lo prim
paper lmro In |"!"> dllTeiviil liingungi
I'.voi'ioii, who l« alleged lo'lmvo onus*
oil tlio donili of a man by hypnotism
whh lonimrly a rcsldoui of Winnipeg
nnd Hi'vi'n years ago wus living on ,
Yotin.cs si root In this city.
Six yours ago In- wool lo Now Yu>k
n I and lu' linn hIiico hoi'onio. n profoHSor
i. (of hyimn.ih-.ui,     Ilo has a brother, the
Howovor-as  llm  shining   lights  from j Hov.  .Samuel   Kveriuii,   who is  pin-ior
t'olciiinii  fulled io conic through    on j of a liiipibu ohurcli in VuuiMiiufi*. nml
tff>l) Ih 11-i- sl/u of
W'oikliiginoii  of
big ouo!
"Did you not loll ino ihnt you m-H imuulmr for Fernli
pooled lo net ii winter's koop mil of
Iho Ciuisoi'vnil1.'! paii>V'
Chlpponilalo with his Imnd between
his Iohh Httt ior a iimini'iii ;th if m-iim-
loss, thon iIkIhk to his foot, IiIh face
(hit color of day, Iraltor written all
over lilm, oyos on tbo floor ntul knooi
hugging om h oilier for company,   ro
Tlm only
iho midoril*..
i'l'iiiio   mako
\s;ho  was
Tho profi
mtiriloil, lib*
holntt at tin
I'ornmrlv  in   Medicine  lint.
M'll't' III
t'OIISl.  '
. —•—
hbodlsh   ami     Ik
dn- picfi'in  ilum
.Melkle's 11'l-tiiH dio Llli'i'iiry DlgoM of]
Mlchol Is still* In the bunds ot' the,
I'lirmor pnucilo editor. Ah lo llm l-'oo' i
11ills* Co. coining to I'Vllile, lliorn ino
no well ffiiiiiilfil roiifiius to hollow
dial. lllu.T and t.illl iimic hluiT may I
•(•ivo for a lliu.', bui ll inln-h * iln- Tt*... \|isw •--, ICiitor hnvo huimmI ii-m
|lii).'llin; ilolluiH and common in'ioir (u, tl.< Ir n< w pi.■iidt**!'.'; «>n Vleini in avonuo
I run ii |i;i|mr ii^I'Vi'lili1. lu'lllmr of wli|t-!i i im\i dour in pici nfilcc    Tin*-,   ■.•.'mild
j M*(|I||mII0H llio al   pi'i'hOOl   la  llio  lllii.i If j |.c   pli'liv.l   In   ,*o*   : I •. • 11    <-ii.,l<i|l|i'!''   im
!/>f llm Foollillhi Company. j dull* mw 'innd.
Tut!I gll lialiani Socialiuti,
non Imports so sotio afllllatl
o no nlbi lorn Soclnllstn, vot-
and o non votantl sono conl-
Irilmcnlc Invlfntt a vlslioro 11
iliiarlloro gencralo del partita,
sllualo nol toatro dell'Unlono
dol mlntitorl, dovo potranno
avoj'o tin to lo Informnzzlotil
rlgiiardo al ptoKii'Hho fatto
durnntn ln prcsento mm-
pagna politlcn.
II Cmdldsto Soclallita rapp.
reientante gll opera! al Par-
lamento e  John Harrington.
Tin' opcnliif- of iho now Mi'lhodha
church Imi* boon postponed dll Nov,
:!S on neeotiul of Inability to gel lho
slriiciitie foiiipli.'lffl in llnu- for oiirlloi'
U'nie,      Kull   parlh iilnra   w~\t   Inmm.
I Tickets hold  for  tbo opining dinner
j Will   Stllllll   KOOtl   101    llio   l.ilii   l.iiio.
Kdltnr Lodger,
Kir: 1 horoby nilvlw joii Dial application for transfer of liquor Hccnsn
hold by me In respect to tlm Hoynl
Hotel, Fornio, II. (-'., in John Podblol*
nnelk, ilated .May Ilth, I'.ioti, as published In the Fornio J-'roo Pious, dated
♦ JNuu-mhi-r C, 130'.', h null and void, m*
♦ (conditions of agreement    eoncoriilnr.
♦ imml lium-ifi-i' we.ie uot toiupilcd with.
♦ iTIftls application of iraimfir was pub*
♦ Ijlslicd without my linou'leilcf or con
♦! sent.
♦ j CHA8. W. DAVEV A CO,
♦ j per C W.  Davey.
t^temr/mmMw,    -^rx^'w*wv*y.
fHE. OlSTfilCT LEDGER, FERNiS,    B. C.  NOVEMBER 13 1909
Comrade' Met a Berger, wife of Victor L. Uergor, is doing good work on
tho Milwaukee school board. She is
giving especial attention 'o the Mil-
wailkt-e Trade school which bas been
a source of great expense to die city
with very small results. Tlie boys
who attend this school seldom complete the entire courso ami tints tho
school is steadily turning out cheap
workers wlio compote with skilled artisans and trade unionists, much to
ih" disadvantage of labor unions. Of
con:so the manufacturers have no'objection to this state of tilings.- Com,
Mot a Ilorgcr, howe\er lias stirred up
a discussion on those tilings ami she
promises to romody tbem by, rcfund-
in's to the boys when they gradual *>
i-he price of their materials, thus living them a motive for sticking >o 'he
course until tbey finish.        ,.
Competition was in a very real and
definite sense the life of trade. It
led to the elimination of th'e unfit by
competitors more able to cope with
difficulties, more enterprising and
progressive and more responsive to
the needs of consumers.
Tbe vast improvements made iu (lie
methods of production and distribution were, in the main, made under tbe
urgo of competition's relentless demand for chapnoss and efficiency,
The theoretic economists made
very natural mistake of regarding a
transitory economic law as permanent.
Thoy did nol realize* thai competition
could only be the life of trade during u
certain-stage of its development, and
dial beyond Unit stage it could only be
deatb. "
Thore woro a few oeonoinisls,    die
percursors of (lie modern Socialist or*
Thoy are now paying $-l a mom It fori gani/.ation*, some of whom have been
their materials. This measure pro
posed by Mr.s l'orger lias been favorably passed on .by the committee and
will probably pass ihe board.      This
will mean a complete reform of    the| establishments, having given away   to
trado school.-' Here again is,the advantage of electing a Socialist woman
and a trade' unionist's .wife to tho
School Hoard.
To end this class warfare is the conscious aim of (lie Socialist movement.
Socialists aro not aiming, as many of
the people suppose, to overthrow die
rule of Ihe master-class merely lo
set up the rule of another class in its
place. ' It is not a question-of chan?-
ing the position of tbe classes, bm of
destroying - class rule onco and for
all. . Tlial is the •ultimate aim of tlie
Socialist movement of the world. Socialists believe that the present guerilla warfare, which injures most of
ibe" workers .and'their families, should
They believe that, wo should aim at
the permanent solution of the issue
upon which the classes divide in tlie
only way thai is possible, namely the
removal of the fundamental cause of
the division and struggle. That, as
we havo seen, is tlio system of private
ownership in the moans of production
and exchange and iheir use for profit.
This system of capitalism bus played
its pari—an important part.—-iu (ho development of society. Now it. is no
longer necessary lo the needs of social development.
Moreover it is plainly and rapidly
disintegrating, and it. Is, Socialists believe, possible to ond it without bringing upon society any of thehiinentablo
evils which follow upon attempts to
abrogate, or Inlerfore willi the great
universal laws o( evolution.
concerning matters of internal administration of European countries when
no British subject or no- question of
treaty rights is involved. In such
cases tho government do not possess,
and have no means of acquiring special information as'to the circumstances or a,s to tlie facts. This rule is one
obsered, so far as I am informed, by all
European governments in their dealings will) each other, and to depart
from il. would serve no useful purpose.
.Mr, Curran asked whether the •government bad noldnlorfdred in previous
cases. Would it not have been within
its right now in "preventing tbe judicial murder of one of Spain's most'"distinguished citizens?"
.Mr, Bolloc: Rubbish!
Mr. Grayson: In consequence of die
unsatisfactory answer given by the
right bon. gentleman 1 beg lo move
dial tbe house do now adjourn to discuss a definite matter,of urgent public
importance.  (Labor cheers.)
Not  an   Urgent   Matter
,   The Speaker: 1 must point out tbat
tbis is'hardly an urgent matter.       ,
Mr. Grayson: May I explain that contingent on this individual matter thore
is tbo matter of those who are now
being tortured" in tbe dungeons of Barcelona, acciised,of complicity in exactly the same business for which Scnor
Ferrer was shot? * Therefore I foci it
is a matter of most urgent public importance, and 1 feel that tbe spirit of
the bouse will agree with that. The
thing 1 want, to point out is that uioro
are persons who are suffering in Spain
and practically under a somonce ivho
will bo-shot unless this be reoogr.iv.cd
by tlie House as a matter r.l gront urgency.   ' rj ■
After further discuss-.in die Speaker
,asked: "Mas tbe lion, member the
leave of tho House? Has be the support of forty members?"
The   Labor  members  present    and
four Liberals arose.     The Speaker be-
jgan to count, "Fourteen, fifteen,   sixteen. * *• eighteen," he said.
S OCIA LI ST_a CXLV.LT_Y_J m tfm.     I    six. Cimysoii.lextnemd>i_oale...SDi*aiig.
almost entirely forgotten, wbo recognized this. Tbey pointed out that
when a certain stage of development
was   reached,   tbo   small,   ill-equipped
Steam heated throughout!
Hot and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading  Commercial Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards,
larger aud bettor equipped establishments, competition would be found lo
be boih useless and dangerous.'
Tbo ruin of small industries by die
greater efficiency of thoir larger competitors, was due to tbo ability of ibe
latter to economize at every point by
means of better machinery, more -efficient management, larger capital,.so
on. * .
IJut competition between large, well
equipped concerns involved,too great
risks, liven for (lie successful competitor it proved to be a costly bus-
incss'aud the captains of industry and
commerce found .that oompetifion
ceased to be a desirable stimulant* to
trade. :
Competition bas served its purpose
and ceased to be tbe life of trade.  -
This, book shows the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Tbe ago in which we live has boon
characterized by a tremendous chango
in the economic conditions of socloty.
During Iho greater part ol' the nineteenth century tho maxim "Compel I-
,tion Is tho life of trade." was almost
universally accepted nn being well-
ulght tt.vonmtlc, The introduction of
inneliino producl ion upon n largo scale
and the opening of gront foreign markets made possible the plmnonmiuil development, of Kiiglnnd, which country
remained i'or fully throo i|iutriors of
dio nineteenth n-iifury the workshop
of lho world,
I'lupiosdoimbly III" coinpi'iiliou induced by iho Incentive of gj-oni prof lis
which die now luduMi'lul condlilous
pr.'Si'titod wuh uu ull important fucior
in (lift development of iinlu.'iry nnd
common o whloh led I-'iikIiiihI io dial
position and, subsi'i|ueiill.v in llio In-
dusli'lal awakening of oihei* coiinirioH
ami dmfr chiillf-iii;.- nt' MuKhind's po*
nit ion
Tbe Socialists in Nashville, Temi.,
have been holding meetings on Sunday
afternoons at tbo wharf for years bur
tlioy weer. requested fo move on whon
thoy began /'(heir nicol ing iheir In-*-;!
Sunday. .. <,
Tho policeman had a petition with
17 names protest Ing that, the Socialist
meetings interfered with religious services hold on tho wharf, Tlie cause
of tbo kick is the fact ihnl. the'Socialists got the crowd when (here aro ri 'hi
moelings, the peoplo being more inter**
osled iu the hore now (ban tho here-
To koop down friction die' Socialist
speakers moved some distance, a wny
and took the crowd with tbem and had
a successful meeting. Some of (ho
speakers went io the custom'house,
and had it good mooting there. Tbo
Socialists novel* Interfere with religious moot Ings, bill the fact that people
prefer lo llslon lo a plan :o minim 1.-W!
lliolr prosont woes Ibiin io eo'isldor
suoiilnl.ons of (lie future !!f? i,i slgnifi*
to his feet and..turned toward tbe Unionists.
"Shame' shame," he shouted. "Cow-
,' ards, cowards." There was a buzz
' of conversation and through it came
an exclamation from'Mi,*.'Will Thome
almost incoherent in its rapidity. Tlie
words that, could bo distinguished
were "Signed the death warrant," and
"Sent to Heaven by chemical parcel
post," ' .   °
(Dully Mali)
Air. Viol or (iruyson, Socialist, vainly
attempted lo move lho adjournment, of
dm House of Commons on Tuesday In
oomioelloi) with die death of Honor
The IIoiiho was crowded when, ut
the close of "lui'rttliui tluio, Mr, Arthur
lloiidorson, clinlrimii) of lho Labor parly, asked lho forolgn Hocroinfy whut
slept*, II* any, hud boon taken hy the
miwrnim-iit to proven! the shoollng of
Honor (''error without trial lu a civil
Sir I'klwnrd Grey: Ills .Mnjesiy's gov-
onimoiif caimoi depart from die niln
noi to Interfere or io express opinions
Socinliism stands for the abolition
of die robbery of tbo .workers hy (he
* * *
Capitalism stands for tlio rearing
of palaces for the robbers and hovels
for the workers,
* * *
"I seo nothing to bo thankful for.
whilo one' woman or child Is left,
hungry on tho byways or highways.".
■—WIU Crooks' iit Winnipeg.
•   *   *
Tlio commission plan of city government sounds tho deathkiiell of
democracy within the capitalist
, *   *   *
Tlio worklngiuoii lmvo (lie numlmrs
and tho votes. It Is up to them l'o
8(o]> the plunderers who rob labor.
Tbo only thing thai nllows lho fool
worker lo bo robbed Is Iho fool
* * *
.Men ul present froipfondy llvo woll
and do no work, They cun llvo woll
bocauso (hoy rocolvo ronl, Inlorosl and
prol'll. Abolslli rent, Inlorosl and
'profit ami men will not lm ablo to live
Idlo lives.'
* *  *
The HiilTi'iigollcH of ,\ow York city
arc heckling dm cuiiilldntcH for mayor
mid aro adopting die tactics of thoir
lll'lllhll sisters,
Tho Socialist candldalo pledged
hlmsolf lo iidvocaio vol oh for wonmu
In cIcclloiiH,
« »  *
MIhh Mary MoArlhur, dm BukIImIi
woman nrgnnl'/or, Ih In (Milciigo. MIhh
.McArihur Is not in favor of dm alms
of tho suffriigollos. Thoy uro too limited. MIhh MoArlhur I'lgbiH for adult
human Hiil'frago, The fight of die
ladles  of  Creal   llrllaln   for   woman
ff'**!!',      I.'!   I.   .!    I!!..*.!*     ■,     •*.■,...    * '- ■:•     11
it.: .■(. ;.*i.j, i
too mir*
■Mention In In bev
•   •   *
A wreck on dm C, N. ll. nonr Rainy
Hlvor  resulted   lit  llio  dentil  of the
fli'iifiein   t|»il   1if.il*,,>,i.m \t   |<|i,i   ,.,,,.
oimr'n Implex It wos proven that tho
whole, crow of llm train had boon on
duly ror 2ii; hours. Tlm workers full
hi'iieutl) the Juggernaut of profit nnd
Individual gnln. Thoy nro worked
until tlmy can't stand and thou tlioy
nre killed at tbelr posts.
♦ » •
Canada is going to hnvo a navy tbat
will i-mit iwoiily million dollars. Twonty million dollars would go fl long way
! In uIvIuk every province a good Hot of
IhcIiooI bulldliigs Willi good U'lichci'H.
j Ilut dm patriot phimleron* of Canada
. want u navy in lo-lp wuhIo the roHour-
ces of Canada and the 'political henchmen at Ottawa look religious and say,
"So be It,'; ■
* * •
Women unionists in" Chicago arc at
present, stumping tho .stnto of Illinois
advocating tho passage of a law limiting tho "hours of female labor in factories lo eight hours, This law hns
been attacked on tho ground thai, it is
unconstitutional. It 'is said to Inforforo
with (lie freedom of contract granted
by the Constitution of tho United
Statos. Tlio court of first Instance has
held that the law is unconstitutional.
It is probable I hat. the hlghor courts
will upsot tho first judgment, A similar law passed In Oregon has been
¥       *       »
Socialism doos not stand for making
the workers divide up with tho drones,
Capitalism stands for that and that
*   *   *
The cnplinllsis say "Ulossod are tlm
mock, for wo can pick lliolr po-O't's
In poneo."
»   *   *
Anothor niorgor, This lime throe
car companies aro amalgamated with
u'capital of ton million dollars, This
is but dm beginning of llm process,
, ♦ * *
China Ih going to build eight warships, twonty cruisers, ton gun boats
and tunny torpedo bonis, China Is
developing along caplliillstic linos.
Hho |h developing hiirgoolso   culture
which Is biiHod on guns nml mui'dor.
♦ * *
The Trad.!, ami Labor .ounell Is te
upend several thousand dollars fn or-
gunlzuilon work, Lot tho organizers
lm well Imbued lu dm revolutionary
Hplrit and the money will ho well spool
♦    ¥    #
When u man Ih out of u job and his
..■ic   i, (•„, (ft,,,. ,i i    ii, „,   (., „,,i
■■I.    •' *■•  ■■"•**> •"  >■"■• .»--
io be 111 temper Mtowu, 111 lompor
loads to (putrrolIng nnd separation.
Capitalism wllh Its horrors of unemployment Is fast breaking up tho
homos that still remain to dm work-
i„,i   nr.i~.uli.
»   *   ♦
Socialism alms nt giving every man
a I'liatice to develop lho best, that Is
In lilm. Capitalism stands for giving n
fow rich persons nnd n few unscrupulous devils a clianco lo develop Iho
bust and tho worm dial ll In Uiotu al
tlm expense of everybody else,
Fill in this form and place orders in  advance;     Price
50 cents.    Return' this order form   to The District
Ledger/Fernie. B. C. o
Please reserve for. me : copies
ofirfPROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at 50 cents per
c°Pyj foy which is. enclosed, $.
incitvmz ib cka'ts foii postage:
anils and  Works    for a license  to
prospect for coal and petroleum ovor
(he following described lands, situate
in South K. Kootonay, British Columbia, niock '1503, commencing nt n post
planted nt or near ',\ miles nort'i ■/.■
the  International  boundary ■■ on  Sage
Thence running south 80 chains,
Thonco running oast.'80 chains,
Thence running north SO chains,.
Tlionco running wost 80 chains,
to plnco of   commonceriiont, making
010 acres more or less,
Locator] (bis 19th day   of September, moo.
Agont for
•IAMI-IS  UAVION, Locator.
Oct iB-fit w.rt.n,
NOTICB Is horvby given tlmt thirty
Ci!)) days nftcr dato I Intend'to npply
to tho Hon. Chief I'ommiit-t'ni.i-i    ol
NOTICI-: Is horoby given (hat thirty
CIO) days after .inlo I inlond lo apply
(o iho Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and  Works   foi' a llconso to
prospect foi' coal and polrolonm ovor
lho following described lands, situate
in South I-}. Kootonay, Urltlsli Coltim-
bin, Hindi* •ifjiiM, conunoiiclng at u post
planted ni or nonr ono milo soulh of
Noll Ibinlop's S. W. corner, and bolng
die H, W. cornor .Iiiuk-h Havens claim,
Thonco runnlnR oasl SO cIiiiIiih,
Tlionco running norlh 80 chains,
Tlionco running wos! 80 chains,
Thonco running soulh 80 chaius.
to placo of   cniuumneoinoiit, milking
OKI acros moro »r less. »
Located this I Dili day   of September, I!l0»,
Agoltl for
.IAMIW HAY UN, Local or.
, Oct  Ifi'fil   \V,R,U.
Phone 79   .   Baker Ave; P.O. Box ZVl
Wholosole Importers and Exporters
of Wines, Brandies, Cordials! Foreign
and Domestic Whiskies nnd Gins.
Large stock of Ternot Branca, Italian,
Hungarian and German Wines, also
Norwegian Punch and, Aquavit. Beer,
Porter, Ale and Cigars.
Agents for Waukesha' Arcadian Water, Solilltz Beer ancl the famous EL:
Vnlley Browing Co. Ltd. Beer,'draught
and bottled.
Special attention .given to famil/
Our Motto: Pure goods and quicK
NOTICE is horoby given lluit thirty
(30) doys nfter dale I Intend to apply
to tho Hon, Chlof Commissioner   of
Lnnds and Works    for a llconso  to
prospect for conl and polrolonm ovor
the following doscrlbod lands, situato
lu South E, Kootonay, llrltlsh Columbia, Block -159il, commencing tit a post
plant od nt or near ,1 nines Haven's S,
W. cornor nnd bolng dm S, 1-3. cornor
Nnt Babcoclc's claim;
Thonco miming wost 80 chains,
Thonco running north 80 chains,
Thonco running east 80 chaius,
Thenco running soulh 80 chaliis,
to plnco of   eommoncomont, mnklng
(MA ncroH moro of loss,
Located this 10th day   of September, 11)00.
Agent for
Ocl   in-fil   W.K.H.
NOTI-UK Is hereby glvon that thirty
{."M ■■]:'.:.• aft.; .1;;!. ! Ii.!,;..'. !., .,;,.,!>
tn (hn'Hon. Chief Cnnimlnnloncr uf
l.tmilH nnd Works for n license to
prospoct for coal mid petroleum ovor
tho following doscrlbod lauds, situato
In Houth 1-:. Kootonay,' llrltlsh Coluin.
W'i   Ulnc-lr   1"(|"i   cnrnmoiiMn-.* >it  n i.***...!
planted at or near ,1 union Havens N.
W. corner and bolng Dw N. K. corner
of Albort Clark's claim;
Thonce running south 80 chnlns,
Thonco running wost 80 chnlns,
Thonco running north 80 chnlns,
Thonco running east 80 chains,
to plnco of   comrnoncomont, making
CIO (icivb more or Iors.
Located this 10th dny   of tioplom-
ber, 1009.
Agont for
Oct 16-U W.H.U,
|    NOTICE Is horoby given iiiiil thirty
| CIO) days nfior ditto I Intend lo npply
Mo llif> Hon, Chlof CoiiiiiilsHloiiftr   of
LnndH nnd  Works    for a IIcoiiho lo
prospoct for coal and petroleum ovor
iho following doscrlbod lands, sllnnto
In South )i. Kootonay, llrltlnh Columbia, lllock -iriO.'l, commencing at a past
planted at or nonr Honry Hugbey S. B.
cfivnoi- nud holm'* the S. \V. cornor nf
Noll llunlop'H claim,
Thonco running north 80 chnins,
Tlionco running oast 80 chains,
Thonco running south SO chains,
Thonco running west 80 chaliiH,
Alberta Show
Case Works
Calgary, Alta.
Fernie Dairy
delivered to all
parts of tlio town
Sanders & Verhnest  Brothers.
tre, ' a
to placo of   eommoncomont, making
(110 ncroH moro or loss,
Local od this 10th day   of September, 1009,
Agont for
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(H0) days aftor (Into 1 Inlond lo npply
to tlm I Ion. Clilof Commissioner   of
Lands and WorkH   for a IIcoiibo to
prnspocl for coal and polrolonm ovor
dm following iloscrlhml lands, situato
In Houth W. Knolonay, llrltlsh Columbia, Block .|f>y;i, cominoucliig nl a post
planted at or near Albert Clark's N.
B. corner and being Honry Ilughoy's a.
B, cornor,
Thenco running north 80 chains,
Thonco running oast, DO chains,
Thonco running south SO chains,
Tlionco running wost 80 chnlns,
to placo ol   commencement, making
<M0 neroB moro or loss,
Located this 10th day   of fioptom-
W, HlOtf.
Agent for
I1BN11Y IluaiiMY, I-oeulor,
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month?
Wm, BARTON, Agt tenrth at school) Pellatt Ave. T-rlE DISTRICT LEDGER, FERNIE,    B;°C. NOVEMBER 13 19Q9
To the Last Ditch-Have Taken
., * t . -•     "  ■ *
And There'll be no Turning
, Baek--A Finish Fight
- NEW YORK, Nov. 9 —The Central
Federated Union of this city endorsed
last night the.stand taken by President Gompers, Vice-Pres. Mitchell and
Secretary Morrison of the American
Federation of Labor in thc Buck Stove
and Range Company, and. declared by
resolution thai the sentence of impris-
* noment was unjust and that the three
A. F. of I.*, "officers had „not violated
their constitutional rights. ■ -
, Resolutions were also passed criticizing Judge Shepard, who gavo a dissen-
, ting opinion wben the United States
court of appeals confirmed tho decision. A resolution was put through
asking all bodies connected with the
A. F of L. to subscribe funds to aid in
the fight:
It was decided to ask that the entire
membership, of two* million ■ members
of the A. F. of L. be assessed to'help
die'fight'   ' ' ' * ,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.— President
Gompers , an Secretary Morrison of
the'American Federation Labor held
a conference last night with counsel
concerning the steps to be taken in
reference to an appeal to the Uniled
States Superme court from,the action
of the supreme court of apeals approving the jail sentence imposed by Judge
Attorney Ralston .stated today that
some time this week application would
be made to the court of appeals lo
stay the Issuance of a mandate. A
delay of perhaps a month will be asked
iu order to give sufficient time to consider what action shall bo taken to
secure a review of tbe, courts findings.
"Husband—Husband—Cease your Strife;
Nor Longer Idly Rave, Sir:
Though I May Be Your Wedded Wife:
I Am Not Your Slave, Sir:" -
„ Now You Just Mosey off to Town
And Hurry Back, You Sinner,
With a Nice Big Box
of   „•  ■
Royal Crown
Or you Won't Get any Dinner.
'Tis the Best Laundry Soap in the Land:
And the Premiums are Fine
And Carries a Party Into
Watery Graves—Not
Yet Identified
CHICAGO, Nov. 9—A huge touring
car lunged into the river at Jackson
boulevard from the east approach of
the bridge shortly after ten oclock
last night while the bridge was 'turned. A man-and a woman were seen
to come to*;,tho surface and float down
the stream, tbe man trying to save
the woman by getting ber on his back.
After drifting more than a block both
of tbem sank with despairing cries for
went down with the automobile is tlie
belief of the bridge tender and of
other persons who witnessed the tragedy: ■ '      '
The identity and number of the victims is still unknown. It was at first
thought that tlie automobile belonged
to James Cogriss, of Salt, Lako City,
Utah, who left the Congress hotel with
a party of friends a short time beforo
the accident, but it was later learned
that tho Congress party wore safo and
that lho machine belonged to .1. E.
Schcffler. ■     '
Tlio screams'wero.most, distinguishable as thc big car went over and declared by witnesses to havo ,, boon
thoso of womon, and tho conviction
was reached by them that, moro than
two of tho occupants of tho automobile
wero women.
Tbo limouslno prevented tbo occup-
antB bolng clearly distinguished (is tho
car dashed by.
Farmer  Lights Fire With
Gasoline With Above
WINNIPEG, Nov. 10—A special
from Warroad on the Canadian Northern railway's Winnipeg to Port Arthur line in Minnesota, says:
"One of tbo worst accidents recorded in Warroad occurred about G this
morning when Mrs. Nels. Jensen and
five children lost their lives. Mr. Jensen is not expected to live. ■
* "Mr. .Jensen was starting a the with
gasoline, which exploded. L. Gerrie,
who was passing at the time/-heard
the report and saw glass flying from
the windows. He rushed in and met
Mr."Jensen who'-was enwrapped with
flames. Taking his overcoat off he
succeeded in smothering' tbe fire but
not until .Mr. Jensen bad boon badly
burned.    *
"Hy this time die fire liad gained
such headway that. it. was impossible
lo get in and there being no ladder,
entrance to Ihe upper storey was impossible. Two of the older girls saved their lives by jumping out. of nn upstairs window, but the others burned
In their beds. Mrs. Jensen was sick
in bod the youngest child being but ti
week old. Tbo accident bus cast, a
gloom over die entire town,'
Sunday School q
■TIP   On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the I liter national
Tl    Newspaper Bible Study Olub. "
NOV. 14 1909
Paul a Prisoner in Rome.' Acts
xxviii: 11-31.
Golden Text***—I am not ashamed of
tbe gospel of'Christ; foi it ,is the
power of God unto salvation to everv
one that bolleveth. r.omans 1:1/
Verses 11:13—Where are the places
located which* are mentioned in these
verses? (This question must be answered in writing'by members of the
How long did-, they stay -xt. Melita
after their "shipwreck on that, Island?
■Which to the* average man, is the
hardest thing to do; to wail, or to go
on; to be compelled to rest or be compelled to work, ,lo have patience or to
Is it as "sinful to work wben you
ought to rest, as it is to rest when you
ought to work?
Here are two ships from Alexandria
and'. bound for Italy, , thc one Paul
sailed in and the "Castor- and Pollux'
NOVEMBER  21   1909
Doar Undo Jack:   It wos my good
fortuno lo spend a fow days.at a littlo
place called Cnrrog, In North' Wales,
situated in tho lovely vnlo of Clwyd.
My friends told mo that, If I walked up
a corlolnhill 1 would find a stream
tbat. ran up tho hillside, Not. bollovlng
such a thing posslblo 1 made Iho nt.-
(pialnlanco of  lho  said  bill  at , tho
earliest possible date, and hero found
thnt what hud boon told mo was quite
trim.     Against all thu laws of nature
I saw ii lovely stream gently flowing up
tho hillside,    All tho undergrowth had
n1 downtrodden appoaranco just like a
field of corn after a heavy galo   had
swept ovor ll.     I mado tiny paper
boats and placed thom In the water,
aud they all floated upward.     Pieces
or twig and bits nf wood all unlit*'!! up
the bill In the same way.     Tho hill
Itself was rather sleep.     The stream
wended Its way to lho top* and  far
away on Dw other side In sonic places
lho current wiih much stronger than
ndieiH.     Cue could do nothing but to
Htnnd and naze and wonder ut such a
strange sight.     No one In the district
hooiiik to bo ablo to explain the straiigo
phenomenon.     I thought ibis person-
nl exporlence of mlno might prove Interesting to your readers, and I hopo
in bear nf others who hnvo met with a
llko exporlonco and who cnn explain
(Vancouver Province)
Despondent and brooding over his
loss of a position as interpreter with
the American legation at Shanghai,
China, Hugo Webber, nged -It), this
morning committed sulcldo in his
room at !'!" Cordova street east by
hanging from the bedpost.
When Webber about noon failed to
ruHpond In repealed knocks al bis
door the door was forced. Ho wail
found fully drossod In a reclining
position against tho head of tho bod.
The polico woro Instantly notified.
It was found that Webber had deliberately strangled himself as If would
lmvo been Impossible for blm to havo
held up his body,
Two handkerchiefs of fine Chinese
Hlllt were twlHted Into a strong cord
mul one end was lied tightly nround
the man's neck and lho oilier was tied
to tin' bedpost,
Webber went to lho lodging house
about nvti weeks ago and won led and
fretted roiitluiiouiily over dm loss of
his ,lob at the legation which netted
blm WW a month. Iln told (bono lie
had nm*le Iri. ml.- with that. he. ami
his wife and child bad lived al Salmon
Arm where he was for u whilo In lho
[ fniiisWiro iiinuiichh,
ol   hvt itl.vi Until,
til-   XI, til,   il   JnMt««
M Or   ^OU^IIS   ctll-U   *^Oh**jiS
Troubled with a cough? A hard cold, bronchitis, or some
chronic lung trouble? There is a medicine made for just
these cases—Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Your doctor knows
all about it. Ask him what he thinks of it. No medicine
can ever take the place of your doctor. Keep in dose
touch wJth him, consult him frequently, trust him fully.
No alcohol in this cough medicine,  TC.AutrCo.,LototiiMau.
Aytf"t 1'tIU.  Safwnled.   All vendible.   Act directly on the liver.  Colly'ha*
Uve. Dow, only on« pill.  Sold for nearly ihty yuri.  Aik your doctor about U>em.
to' put into Melita *, one was wrecked
by so doing; while the other landed
and wintered in safety; was it providence or chance or skill, or any
other power, , that caused the wreck
of the one ship and the safety of the
Two young men, of apparently the
same ability, go* inlo the same, kind
of business, under similar clrcumslim**
cos, one of whom fails and tbo other
succeeds—how do you account for it?
Verse' 14.-—In Putcoli Paul found
Christian brethren and tarried with
tlAm seven days*—which today, answering from actual experience,' forms
tho closest -and most practical bond
of union and fellowship, when travelling, members of the samo church or
members of tho sumo fraternal society?
Verso 15—What relation in lifo is
thore moro .fraught with blessings,
aiid that Imparts moro courage, thnn
truo Christian fellowship?
Vorso IC—Real Christians arc found
in all trndos and professions, ami
among tho rich and the poor, anil
may bo some aro In prison; now Is it
Invariably tho case that, llko Paul
here, tlioy got. more comfort out of
thoir circumstances than do their fellows? '
Vorsos 17-22,-r-When wo aro ub badly treated as tho Jews treated Paul,
in bis own .country, is IL either wlso
or profitable, or prolific, to spook of
our enemies In as strong language us
tho facts warrant; or should wo out
of loving hciirlH mitigate their offence,
nil wo can, os Paul does horo?
Christians wero ln those days much
slandered, and woro overy whoro spoken ngalnst; nro real Christians still
spoken against?
Christ limit y Is now becoming popular—lit that mi advanttigo or a dlsail>
Should wo ever allow ourselves to
speak against or bo prejudiced ngaliiHt
any 'sect' or society of which wo
have not got accurate or first hand
Verso 2:l.—Wlial points would Paul
bo apt lo emphiislzit concoiiilng tlio
kingdom of CndV
Verse 21.--Would those who bcllcv*
ed Paul's testimony, be (lio religiously
honest men, and thom wim disbelieved, llio ivUglomdy dluhonesl men, or
was ll n moro matter of ovidoneo anil
of tho Intellect?
Voi'hcs Bi')-*i',i.—It a man uvch iu bin,
nnd his moral nut uro Is deadened anil
penciled do he docs not recognize
tho truth. Is ho as guilty as a mnn
who dellbeniUily rejects ll?
Is ii a law ol Cod that hiii oohiH'Hk
tho conscience nnd perverts tho Juilg-
mont, lionco can a man living In any
kind of sin, trust his Judgment on
personal, moral and nplrltunl questions?
Voi'v.*-".! 30-.1I. -Should overy Christian homo bo used for preaching and
luucldug the Kingdom uf God?
Lesson for Sundny. Nov. 2li>t, 11109,
Paul's Story of Ills Life. II Cor.
xl:2! to xllrlO.
•Paul's Story of His Life. II Cor. xi
21 to xii.10.        - '1    '
Golden Text.—He said unto me', My
grace is sufficient for thee; for my
strength is made perfect in weakness.
11 Cor.„xii:D.
Verse 21—Do you know any person
in all history* wbo had a better right
lo boldly tell of his sufferings than
Verses 22-23—Is there any lack of
modesty, or good taste in Paul, or any
other true man, giving a full account
of liis qualifications and bis sufferings
for Christ's cause?-1
What advantage is it lo be born of
good stock? °   ,-
What advantage was it to Paul that
he was a Hebrew, an Israelite and of
the seed of Abraham? .        '    - .
Is there any higher privilege, or
greater honor than to have labored
and suffered for the cause of Christ,
Does a true ministry, then and now
always imply much suffering and self
Verse 24-27—What is the best word
picture,, you can give, ofthe noble
hero who,- at the expense cf life long
and 'unparalleled suffering, gave himself up to the service of others? (This
question must be answered in writing
by members of the club.)
Read until tbe story of this bitter
and prolonged suffering is burned into
your memory, and then read the story,
ol'.iPaiil's grcai work and of the wonderful   love and grace of God to him,
and theii think of tbe sumptuous lives
of the chief priests who were in great
measure,   responsible for- Paul's suffering   and then say, after all, whicli
got ' the   most aggregate joy out   of
life, Paul or tbey? "
-  How many of these cruel sufferings,
to which Paul here refers,   are mentioned elsewhere in the    Xew Testament?   Give chapter and verse.  (See
Acts ix:24-25; xiv:19; xvi.22 en *^eq.)
Verses 2S-S*l.—Is Paul an oxcopiion
or is it the duty of all of,us io have
a great care for all the eliin-chcs and
to.,  be   in sympathy with' everybody,
weeping   with    those wbo weep, and
rejoicbig with those who rejoice?
N Which is the greatest man, the one
who  excels'in  education,  in  science,
in oratory, in statesmanship,    or the
one    wbo    excels in bis love for the
churches,    for  tbo  poor,  for  sinners
and in a heart that sympathizes with
all mankind?
Chapter xii:l-li—What is tho logical
or scientific value of Paul's experience
of heaven?
Wbat Is I be only real-proof of Cod,
of immortality and of the wisdom'of
the spiritual life?
Is it probable, or possible, that persons today may have similar experience of the unseen world as Paul?
Verses 7-10—Wbat. was Paul's thorn
in tbe flesh?
What is the greatest "thorn in the
flesh" that strong and healthy spiritual men have today?
Lesson for Sunday, Nov. 2Sth, 1909.
Paul on Self Denial. (World's Temperance  Lesson)   Rom,   xiv: 10-21.
B.  E. WALKER,  President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD,  Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
livery facility a Horded to I'aiiiicis  anil
ers. fin- the li-;m.*-.-icti<)ii  of   tlieir bunking
business.    Sales notes will be cashed or tuken for collection.
equal facility.
L.  A.  S.   DACK
Accounts may
deposited    or
be opened   by mail ami  monies
withdrawn    in  thi*-- way with
Manager, Fernie.
MONTREAL, Nov. 9— Firemen Mil*
loy and Holbrook, of No. 10 station
were killed and at least, three other
firemen injured by tbe collapse of a
wall in "tho fier at thc Holland Mattress factory between Windsor and
Cathedral streets tbis morning. The
building was an old five storey structure.   ,
Every Housekeeper
values the opportunity   to  save.
PTany a penny may
be saved by purchasing all your
Meat and Poultry at
our market,
Spring   i.i
to  tempi
Nowhere   can
choose   from.
Voiii-   orders  will
vou find
l'ork and llib  Hoast.-*
v.lllelV     to
riven    our    immediate
P. Burns Sc Co.,
Meat   Merchants
PITTSBURG, Nov. 9—President Lewis of the United Mine Workers of
America stated today that the miners
will make a stand for higher wages in
Jjig—gBllng- ■
He did not think there would be
any trouble iri" securing an increase,
as business was good and promised to
remain so.
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
*'    i
We beg'to announce to our many customers that we have removed to our old quarters, next the Bank of Commerce pending the
erection of our new building opposite the King Edward hotel.
1'?;-X\ ■-.:■>  ■  ii'.:w.■
(.*; ,* ,'■'*••'•- S/& *"c; ;■;' *,-' 'SifeH*.- •   ...
j7'7 ':'^t:,'4.>.'^mi'h 'H'V-?-* •
t•■■.•:     *-*i;f*..-*•- - :itv.i'';\i~ H,-:■'.■-v.-, „
>—.__^.. '-""• , t-WjA'-***     i .  __m ■■*■■,■*. ..   I1-.1.***
i V
Andy   Ha,miltcm
Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
k*mew*VL.mmmm4m«2tm«»0i>4» *Btmm*W)*i*m«»w*>*B»iaH&*
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot nnd Cold Water L. A,  Mllln, Mannt*jor
25 to 35 per cent.
You will , sn,vi! hy
(*oin])]el(! slock . ol
sec  us' hefoi'i; yon
huyiiifj; (Jlolhinjj; IVoin
Winlit jjjootls.    (.'nil
luiv i.Ihi'wIh.T'*.
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox 3 pair SOc
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Sltirts $1.25 each
Are You
Connected ?
Ave, you rr-fuly to rccoivn tlio power and light
from thc new system? Now is tlio timo to have
connections and wiring done. Wc can save yon
monoy. Wo havo all styles and makes of fixtures
motors and Reneratoru. Seo ur at onco. Tlie
power will bo on soon. Estimates and export ad-
vico cheerfully given.
Depew, Macdonald & McLean Co.
Urn I ted
Electrical Contractors
>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦
Ni*\l In I tin lii.M .Clinch Mini* \ i '.I !.. Villi.! in 11 i.i i I      A
Tho Opening mul Mmiifniiiiiijt of a
SnviiigH Dnnk Account is n duty ■Jlwit
everyone owcn, lioih to ilieniNelvcH
and to Uioho dcpciuleni on (hem.
Account Solicited. &.\—*&.*&ArVl.*~**.1*VfJZ  **•■• M
&l)t M&ivivt- &&$**
?1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to tho "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will.make
good to actual subscribers any loss inc;:rred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
".or pay the debts,of honest bankniffs.
This offer holds good for one mouth after the
transaction causing the complaint; that' is we must
have notice within that time. Iu all cases in writing
to advertisers say ."J saw it in The Ledger."
And his name was Chippendale.
When thieves fall out honest .men get their due
The two old parties are at war; it is the worl.'.*;-i■?
turn.     November the 25th will prove it.       .
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
And now it is British Columbia's turn to-gridiron that province with railways. There is a provincial election on and both political parties a*e
willing* to guarantee everything in sight.—CaU'/nr/
News. . . •    '
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«►♦♦♦♦ -ft--**.***
The editor is not responsible for ihe
opinions  of  correspondents:
Editor Ledger:
is to be sure of highest quality and value by op ti-
insisting on getting    „
< U Nl O*wTjgffi[ A B E Q>
The Calgary Board of Trade is trying to have
mail carried on the Medicine Hat and Cranbrook
Locals. The fernie Board"of. Trade should amalgamate with Calgary on this point aiid help the
good worh along. It would be a very great advantage for this city if it could be arranged.
At d'H-iioti times one hears a good deal of issues,;
Old party politicians come before Ihe electors and I
pivseiii scheitu-s ingeniously framed in order  *  to!
deceive  the  voters and  all met   (heir support    to
Iheir. respective parties.      They become suddenly
eiithusi.islic. over Ihe welfare of the public,    and*'
especially on behalf of the dear workingman
whom ihey discover'a
As will be seen in another.pari of the paper one
j Chippendale, who has been receiving a large salary
ji'or Ihe past eighteen months from the Gladstone
!Local, has turned traitor, and was trying lo bile
j tlio hand that fed him. 'In the labor ranks there
.are too many of the Judas', but invariably they go
Moo far and are. found out.   o
New Michel, Kov. IJth
Mr. A. Fisher, Liberal Nominee, For-,
nie, B C.
Deai- Sir: I will reply to your remarks 'at the Socialist meeting held
in Michel on Wednesday night, Nov.
10 in reference to letters I sent to the
Crews Nest Pass Coal Company in regard to the removal of Michel cemetery next week in the District Led-
"or. * *
I challenge, or defy you or any of
your followers in the meantime, whether they are Coal Company officials
or not, to prove that there is anything
not 'Uniighlforward and honest about
same. ~      ■ ,Q
Yours respectfully.
hereof a>duplicate of the certificate of.
Title to the above mentioned land in
the name of Thomas Bullen which certificate is dated,the 20th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A. „    '   „
District Registrar
Land  Registry Office,
Nelson   B.C.   Oct.   13,  1908.
Oct.l6-5t*   ,
For  it   ensures complete  satisfaction.      Black,   Mixed
Natural  Green in  sealed  lead packets   ,
only—never in bulk.
On first class
business and residential   property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
Secretary Michel Local union, Midi-*0'1 'dml,y sivo us the viBhL '•V1)c- "ol
The Fernie public school is already overcrowded, and a meeting of the board has been called for
iTuesday evening next to'consider ways and means
of relieving tlie situation. In spite of Ihe fact that
fr-1**', the government promised to erect a school in 'West
.Treat affection just before. Fernie (where it is very badly needed) and in spite
of the fact, that ovor four million dollars is lying
in the bank drawing three per cent (and proudly
boasted of by Bowser) we, are suffering her.e with
a vei-y much overcrowded school.' _ .This i.s aside
from politics, and we think' something should be
done at once to relieve, the situation. ■
election ajnl wlio Ihey promptly forget nfter they
have once morc-X'Uclired him out of his vote. And.
after election the workinginan finds himself' in
the same condition .•is-before—working long iind
hard for approximately a  bare living, or looking
foi' a chance to do so. finds'himself still 'at thehot-'        . • ■	
turn and ihe idlers still al the (op; finds JiimselCj i,, js generally conceded in journalistic circles
still bearing all the burdens of, society'and only;t|Kl1 whenever it be-deemed inexpedient to write
getting enough to* keep himself in condition l-V.,,, (,(|iloVial upon a subject that it is not advisable
continue bearing these burdens, while the capiia]-jl0 discuss in the first person, scissors and paste are
ist vampires, with tlieir attendant bloodsuckers.'useful auxiliaries, thus shifting the responsibility.
Ihe mosquito swarm of politicians, lawyers, graft-ibid in nowise affect ing the principle involved, as
ers aiid heelers are getting all* the rest, ; The Lib-it he reproduction is a tacit* endorsation void either
era! and Conservative parlies, those two wings of of moral"courage or ability, and in some cases of
1he same  bird  of prey.  Capitalism,   whose .only!both.       .*        .'      • -' ■     .      '
quarrel is as to who should have the job of holding! proi*. ],\V1X,V'H llnn*der iu Spain called forth the
the working class down while the Capitalists' skin ju.a).ty condemnation of peoples of all nations re-
lliem. have once more succeeded in blinding 1Iic;g„1.lu(.ss 0f political beliefs.. This man's crime (!)
workers eyes to the real- issue, the only issue ■*--,'consisted of an effort, to enlighten the illiterate of
Shall the workers own the things they work on'the city of Barcelona.by.the; establishment of mod-
and with, or ■ shall 1 he idlers remain owners ° of ■,,,.„ S(.h00]s niat permitted tuition of a -purely-sceu-
tlie.se things?
el IL C.
Michel.' I!. C. Xov.
The issue* is plain
undorstandin •>*.,	
and (.here -need  I)
lar character. ' '    (,
ie no  mis-;      ,c;0 anxious is our eoteni to east aspersions upon
 4t-hc->Soc-i id istr-pa-i--t*y—a n d-i ts-m&nibers-Ui at-he-pri nis
The. Socialist party of Canada is the party of; a clipping from The Catholic ■Registered includes
the working class, standing only for the, working it; under the caplion of Editorial Notes. In his zeal
class, and making its.fight on this issue alone '- to make use of any weapon for the purpose of cast-
The. mission of the Socialist party is to educate '■>»{*;• opprobium upon his opponents be has evidently
Ihe workers lo(,seiid men of llieir own class to the'^yoi'loofced the fact that at the first trial of Ferrer
J legislatures on the Socialisl ticket until they have'the King of England made an intercession, but at
enough there to legally transfer the ownership ()f! the later trial by court niarfial which culminated in
all the means of production from Hie idlers to his assassination pro!ests word'sent in from differtile, workers. ent scientific bodies of no political shade. That
John Harrington, „ 'miner, is the Socialist can- «(?»orn' H|j'ik'RS wore (lec]ared in other countries
didiile iu'Fcrnie ridiii"',                                         '     l*'s *' ,llfll'lc ()-! condemnation against a deed which
'*oes down in history as one worthy of medievalism
He stands I'or a system of society under which
the workers will also be the owners.
Opposed to him are two lawyers,- Ross, who is
duhbed Conservative? iind Fisher, who is styietf Lib-
end. The only difference between this precious
pair of capitalist mosquitoes is that J loss lias beon
in the Legislature and Fisher wants to be, while
Ross, having spent some lime at. the pie.counter,
wauls to ret uru. CiiiTy on a sham fight how Ihey
mny, they both stand for the present system of
society. They bolb si a ml I'or the capitalist re-
untitling where Im is—on the lop-—and foi'you workers remaining where you are at, present—at the
Can any thoughtful workingnuin be for a mom.
ent in doubt, as to which of these, candidates lie. will
vole for on November 2fi?
Ross wauls to go back (o (lie legislature; Fisher
would liko lo replace him (here, Iiui.. Ross would
sooner see Fisher there, ami Fisher would sooner
see Ross there than either would see Harrington. ■
nnd the old parlies will be up to any move lo keep
I his champion of the working class from going to
Look out, you workingmen for the scurvy tricks
the old pnrlies will be trying to play.
Already lhe Liberal party has worked ihe
dodge of gelling Ihe numitmlioii of a fake labor,
parly. This wn's well exposed at a Socialisl im*H-
ing in .Michel on Monday evening Ihe 10t li iiislnul,
when Chippendale, tlieir precious tool, was effect.
iiffliy iininnsked nnd exposed as Ilie traitor to his
elii*-.*** 11uii b" i-**, and *<al with hangdog look and
" ehiilhy face without a word In say iu bis own defence, vainly endeavoring to appear eomposeil,
This i7 Uu- first and last lime liml Mr. Fisher will proudly boast of ctidorsiilioii by this labor
* '.) pin ly.
*"*ill*l\ , tllll l\ i'l It Ih^lnl II Ul I IllIM' I Ullll^, 11 ,1 1411
l'i   ,\ OU.
Shall n working iiiiui, run by n working class
parly, .siniiiliiig only i'or the working chins, represent you at  Victoria, nr shall nm- of two lawyers
<   .      * , *        •    i  "       i i
iii I..i*,„ 11,^ ,*i j'..11" ■   ., , * ■ .,,,,.,.,     - *,.. * ,.,,,n
ei| in holding Ihe working c|n.-.s iu subjection, while
the nipilalisls rob Ihciii, ..represent ymi,'
If ymi know your own interest*- as members of
the working class, tin re is only one thing you can
do on the 'J.'ilh nf this mouth    im u, the polliuir
hnndi and vote for yiiui.--.clve**-. by vol ing for your
cliisM. but  pulling .soli)  ni i.i". i*|r|>o*Mle iln- ninne ,pf
.Inhu Harrington, your fellow worker.
The net md niiinbi-r of Ledy-vr-i printed this week
is 2J00. Is th/jt a good advcrti-iing mediumf
is proof positive that the working class is at last
becoming imbued with those ideas of solidarity
I hat must necessarily cause quakings among the
supporters of capitalism, no matter under what
garb they may he lurking.
Not. only were demonstrations made in,*Mont:e
Video. Argentine Republic, but throughout Europe,
nice! bigs'woro held by various bodies and rosolii-
1 ions carried condemning the Spanish bureaucracy
and yet tho workingmen of the Forme riding are
nsked to support an individual whose vocal organ
practically justifies 1 ho murder of one whose life
had been spent in Ihe interests of common humanity.
Kditor Ledger,   ' - *
Sir: In the preceding number of
yonr journal (here is an article which
I think every miner in this district
has read with interest, and more than
a little thought. It is head oil "Can't
Illume the Company." Krom whnt. I
can gloaii in the little evidence stated
in your article Ihe coroner's jury along
with the mining exports must be ignorant of thc law. laid 'down for (he
management   of mines-   or  otherwise I
lucii who go info u miners place, and
tell him to keep his. lamp back, and
be sure you don't let it fall. I niidt's
slate'if (lie miners only realized the
danger of gases iu mines thoy would
not jeopardize the lives of their
follow workers by working in gas.
.A MIXtiR.
Title to the south-west 55'feet in
width by 132 feet in depth* of lot S
block 2 of lot 5*155 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
Xotice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one .month after tlie first publication
are great friends of King Dunsmuir.
It is stated in your article of last week j
'that, owing to a cave in, gas being!
present'in the, atmosphere, and gas1
dust being liberate-] by the cave* in,
the sudden displacement of air creating compression causing the partly
charged atmosphere ■ to become dangerous, and- coming in contact with
naked lights, exploded.
In my opinion nny jury (hni comes
to such a verdict as Can't. Blame the
Company, after hearing the above evidence should undergo an examination
to test their faculties to see if thoy
are sane ov not. If (hat jury had taken the trouble to read the Coal Jlinos
Regulation Act, 1 think there would
have been a* very different verdict—
one that would have favored the widows and orphans and would show
more Intelligence and good- sense on
tlTCirirarn r~-    '—*~~. —-
Engine Refused
The management of the Pernio opera house deeply regret tlieir, inability
to give (ho special performance last
nighl which was caused by an accident
(o the gasoline engine'. This, however,
will .be thoroughly remedied tonight,
when an excellent choice of films will
i bo presented. •
Roland VV.   Wood
1) -I
Charles VV. Davey '<
I have seized and taken in execution
all the right, title and interest of the
said defendant's building, known as
the Royal Hotol and situate and being on* Lot,S Block JO in the townsite
of Pernio according to a map or plan
of the said town as made by T. S,,
JlcVettle, P.L.C., and duly filed. in
(lie land'registry office at Nolson, B.
Q„ as plan No'. 734, tb recover the sum
of -three hundred and fifty dollars
(?350.00) 'being rent, besides sheriff's
poundage, and all other legal incidental expenses, all of which 1 shall offer
by sheriff's sale on Thursday, the ISth
, i hour oi* 11. o'clock in the forenoon on
Fernie Opera House
I     : l _ :	
6   -.Business  Blocks,   Churches
Schools, and heavy work a
0 specialty'
I    — L-l	
#   P.O. BOX 153 FERNIE B.C.
g   i •-* .
«     rAgeilis for Edmonton Pressed Iirick
and   llmul   Point   Common   and a
©l'lTSsoil   lirlcl*:.       EsUniiilC!*.   fur- §
nished free ,, A
Prices 15c and 25c.
' But it seems the principle must be >
undermined.and'their motives wicked.  UlG l»'emisos lillow» as -he ^oya] Ho-
Wc liave nt lust coniiiletod our book "Progress-
i •
ivi! I-Vi'iiii.."     The original intention wntj tn lmvo
il. out by August 1st, lint .several lartfi* buildings
were incomplete., a ml \vft deemed it better to wait
tli/m ijft'X Ilie hook out willi only Imi!' of tint principal blocks in il.     We were also considerably delayed by photos, ciitH and copy i'or nds.    An under-
taking of this kind runs into mure time than is ever
calculated on,    However we have suriiiouuled nil
these dirficiillics and on Wednesday ucxl Ilie books
will he rendy I'or distribution,     We have a large
number nf advance orders and these will nf course
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of Ilie pritiler's art, nud besides eoiitainiiig a   very
jiiuc account of the great fire; a eumpelle nud in-
ileresling history of the coal and coke industry, a
[write up of I'Vriiir board    of lrade, and a sliorl
sketi'li of (he I'Vnil'e hospital, the book' is filled Up
j with" i/ilcresliiig cuts of all (lie principal spots in
jaiid around h'eriiie,     Meanly spots in and nround
the city have nol been overlooked, and Photographic!' Spalding has done some exceptionally fine work
I I'or us,     ('ImrclicH. schools, societies, sporis   ami
'•unions nre represented,     |i wns of eoni'se impossi-
Ible for u'i lo reproduce every  house iu the book,
and no douhl, many will be vexed that their particular place does not appear in the book, but  in
I In* majority of ruses fliey have only lliriiiM'hc-. ■■
Name, iis we slated ^through the columns nf the
paper that persons bringing us photos would have
their places reproduced. The price is ihe boo!*, is
.'iOc. nud i| is worlli more than double the money,  \ry to
II riuil-i'iii-i   lit!)   rliU,  iind   will   liiiil.i-  a   be.iUt.i'id J liii-nn
Christ inns present to send lo your friends,
book will be on sale ;i1 the Ledger office, ibe ilru*»
stores, nm\ also at Fred Armstrong'*-*, W, Iugnnu's.
('. Holmes, West  I'Vi'iii**-;    Spaldiugs imd    U.  I,
.1 line's Annex (ji'ocery.
Taking (he evidence, every working-
man knows that it conflicts' with tho
the verdict in regard! to Chapter 1,'IS
Section 82 Rule 1 C. II. R. A. states:
An adeuuat.e amount of ventilation
shall be constantly produced in every
mine to dilute and render harmless
noxious gases to such an.,extent that,
ilie working places and traveling roads
to and from such places shall be in c.
fit. slate tor working and passing
therein, Now, concerning an ' adequate nmount of ventilation. There
is a rule'In the act which only partly
governs what an adequate nmount. is
for what may bo niuadeqmite' nmouni
for somo mines is' fnr nwny below
tlio amount of air required for other
mlnos, therefore rule :".* in my opinion
does not give an adequate amount of
air for any" mine in D. C. beenuso thoy
tiro all generally gaseous mlnos. The
rule laid down by mining engineers,
such ns T, A. O'Donohuo M.13. F.G.S.,
nifties. that om hundred cubic fool
por foot thick Is required por man or
boy, six hundred foot' por horse niul
flfleon per lamp (per, inliuitb), Utile
1 nlso states:. And render harmless
noxious gnsos lo a fit stale for working nnd passing {herein. Now llio
evidence snys that the ntmoHphoro was
partly charged with kiih, but It docs
not. Hluto Ihe porcentngo. Now nil'
mining exports know (lint gns In a
initio, especially when It cnn he do-
loci od In tlio Iriivolllng roods Is an
olomont of great danger, therefore ovory procuiitloii -should bo exercised,
An regards gim being rendered hnrni-
loss Is tlioer one mining expert who
will sny gas travelling In a mine Is
linrmlcHs when It can be detected
with nu ordinary safety lump) No, not
one, because  tlle  porsoii   inulclilK  llm
I, 1909.
at Fornie,, B C, November
.Nl. A.'  k'aCTNER
Sheriff's Deputy'.
III the nintter of an .application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
M. A. Kastner
Fire !  Fire! Fire!
The anniversary of Hie great
lire of August 1, 100.S, is drawing near. Let us draw your attention io I lie. fact that, wc represent 11 financially strong, old
established and well known
Hoard ■ l'Mve Insurance coni-
, panics, also agent for the
Sun   Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
We have several snaps in
Business and  Residential
„in dillV-Tcnl parts of the city
'•.--.      °   n   .. r'    ",
•Mww n r«^-****--*i--i*»Jw**wii*-«*****w
New Oliver Typewriter
■   Machine given out on trial
■   , -     '■■,   JNo Charge
to    *   _., '■ k      Wo have hi Stock a full lino of* ''
0  Coal and Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
9 and Ranges
•f    We have also a full .line of Stove Pipes,' Elbows, Dumpers,- Fire
. shovels etc. , °
test lins to bo a very sltllful person lo   *!'
observe the porceiilago.     All mining! of-
www know Unit n decrease in tlm nl-l
mofplii'i'lc pronsuro lit often coincident ■
■.villi an inl'liix nf gas in mines, I.nyloH{
or MiutIiiIIu'h law stales :Thu volume* j
of n gnu varies Inversely us the pies-j
Klin', In face of the nbovo law Is it ,
sense for any mnn to say when a gas:
Ih linriiiless? j „
I wonder If nny num on that Jury I w,
I'i'iiil  rule  1!"  I'lnieeriiliig    barometer I
and lliermoineter, nml tlioiiglit nf thu!
IIM*   IIH',1    .III-   (</   lllOMllrf   Jll«'ll. |
Sw,   in*. n-K.iui!. iiiii- :i iurni'iiiiiil
liliiHiim;, ;
lu   M'ciiou   *.' of rule !i ii says ilia',
if tlm hii lit inlinuiiable gas Issued so,
freely thai  It  showed a blue cup on',
the tlunic of tlw safety lamp it shnll:
only be used.     Now, lu niy opinion,!
the InvestIgatlng board should cause |
n proper report     to be published lu \
r,nmi! of the lending Journals     und)
brim*; about  some ways   rim! j
by   wiih li  thci'.c  ma*,'.,'a<.-i\!i  In,
i,,,| mines can' lie eliminated, ]
'I her"   were   si'vcrnl   reciniiinemliti. i mb
Ions tiijidi) by the Jurymoti, one Ik-IukIS
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B -
I mmm
- ii
The Official Organ of District  No.   18, XJ. M. W.   of A.
Fernie,, B. C, November 13th,  1909
K:1 ■
ti    : ■-■.■•.$
■|   News From the Camps ■ jf
$ -— ,= j
* From our own  Correspondents . *■
t     *      COAL CREEK
* ' , *
«tt-kkkkitkiirkkkkkkk-k-kkAkkk ■k-Kkk
First class Uoard and accommodation at Fairclough's Boarding House,
J TO, 100 Coal Creelc, opposite Football
Tlie weather up here continues to
be of the early spring variety, lots ot
snow, sleet and rain—we get the three
varieties during the day time and at
night frost. The sooner tlio dry
frost sets in the better,—il is much
preferable to tbis.
A cavc-in occurred in Xo. 0 mine
in' tlie waste last Saturday morning,
which caused the mino to fill iip with
gas. The men were brought out and
at the time of writing tbe mine bad j silion. showing wbat, low down tricks
The place- was packed. Thc speakers were the candidate, John Harrington and Wilfred Gribble of Toronto.
Mr. Gribble spoke first and very effectually illustrated to the audience
thc difference between capital and
labor, and showed how the workers
were robbed and must continue to be
robbed so long as the system lasted,
and then pointed out in a clear manner the only remedy for the existing
state of things, viz., Socialism—it was
a splendid speech.
The chairman then extended trie
privilege of the platform to opposition
speakers but none were' forthcoming.
Mr. Harrington then spoke and treated "tbe audience lo a fighting speech
which was greatly appreciaetd by
tbem. lie spoke in scathing terms
of the tactics employed by the oppo-
Mr. Breckenridge, late of the firm of
Breckenridge &. Lund are starting a
.logging camp about two miles from
New Michel and are also clearing up
a site for a saw mill. They will be
employing ing about two weeks 200
men. ■ *■>
The Sparwood Lumber Company are
starting a logging camp west of Xew
Michel.' ■ ,"
Thc output of coal is increasing every day at the mines. They are now
putting out on an aevrage of about
2000* tons per day..    ,
not resumed work.
( Quite a number of Creekites journeyed to Fernie last Friday to take
in McBride's meeting and declared it
to be a perfect frost. There is :io
doubt that Hie Conservative party are
flogging a dead horse this time. The
Creek men weer much disappointed
that no opposition was allowed at'the
The output- of- the mines continues
to increase. lWe arc now approaching
something like old times. On Friday
last 2K'5 tons were dumped and this
week they are maintaining this mark,
despite the fact that Xo. nine Is
■ Have yoirbeen up the Kan Mill this
week? Well take a walk up at night
time. It-has never been in such delightful state as at. present. There
was an oil lamp put on Wednesday
night which helped some.
D. F. Mnrkland has been appointed
as an extra weighman I'or 'the .company on  the  tipple.
We understand-that Mr. Geo. Johnston was to leave the Creek Thursday
-tor'Hhe coast, Mrs. Johnston  leaving
they will resort to in order lo catch
voles. Ho then turned his attention
to Socialism and 'certainly delivered
the goods in great style. By this time,
Mr. Fisher arrived (9.30) and Mr.
Harrington after a fow more remarks
gave way to Mr. Fisher. Coal Creek-
audiences always treat Mr. Fisher as
a good joke, but il is safe to say that
tbey never were treated to a better
entertainment in their lives than Mr.
Fisher made of himself. He was absolutely laughing r.tock and his saved
labor proposition xx'o.i certainly a
masterpiece He actuallv told the
audience that he worked-hard, for two
years and stored up so much,saved
labor in that, time thai he kept himself during the nc>;t three years in food
clothing and shelter and 'paid for his
education out of it. Does Mr. Fisher
think- that,, the-working" class are idiots, that Ihey can be gulled by such
idiotic drivel as this; the -thing on
the face of it is ■ absurd and shows
what a low standard of intelligence he
.thinks the work.ers possess. Mr. Fisher spoke for ono hour; his object was
clear.'     He started at a quarter   "to
The smelter which was erected
some .five or six years ago has been
purchased by a company who will
turn the building into a cement and
lime works. Wc are also informed
that the Frank slide has been purchased for use in cement works, it being
thought cheaper to haul that than to
dig onl of the solid mountain.
Mr Holl of file I. C. S„ was around j
here with obis slock again last, week.'
He stated he would go'as far as" Edmonton and various places and wo.ild
be back here in about one month and
then he expects lo do a great business.*
Mc'Tavish i3r"os. dropped off the local Thursday morning.
Snow continued  to fall  hero    very
McBride  Government
Fight All The Way
And Then Some  ,
Alberui: Harlan Carney Brewster,*
Liberal, and Arthur David Norman,
Victoria: Hon. Uichard McBride, II.
B. Thompson, II. F. W. Boclinson and
Fred Davey, Conservative.
Liberals: John Oliver, II. L. Dreary
louston;  Independent*:  A.
and \V. K.
.1. Morley.
heavily during* Wednesday
day  which' indicates
arrived.      .    '
and Thurs-
winter  has
WILKESBARHl-:, Pa. Nov. 11.—The
loss of 1 if Coin the fire following tlie
explosion yesterday afternoon in the
Auchincloss colliery of the' Delaware
Lackawanna and Western Collieries,
at- Naiuicoke, reached nine today.
When tlie ninth body reached the surface today it was believed that all"the
men who had been working under the
ground at the time of the explosion
had been  accounted for.
With one exception all the dead are
Thc same day™ror~tlT^ourToumi*y;
A big crowd went down with the
special train on Wednesday to the
special meeting of the miners union.
,Tho mines were, off all day for the
meeting. . _..'-"'
, A rather amusing incident occurred
on Monday night last. A certain
Creek man went to work at Xo. f* on
the afternoon shift of that day, his
partner not being there on; tho occasion. He did not return home at. tho
time he ought to have done and his
.people became anxious as to bis safety. Enquiries at the lamp station elicited the fact Hint his lamp liad not
been turned- in. Two men therefore
took out. lamps and wont to the mine
in search of him. Thoy examined
' almost every place In tho mine but.
no I rnco of lilm could be found. Thoy
returned home about 1*.S0 ii.m. and
found that lho man thoy were looking
for had returned homo. It scorns
that tho man hnd not, tho timo with
him nml was 'actually sitting In his
plnco whon the night shift boss came
in ami told him that it whh pom time.
The man wiib •tliiuiilorKlruck and
would scarcely bollovo him, not dream-
ins it whh so Into. Howovor ho cnmo
out and turned In his lamp nt tho station about lii mlnutoH nfior iho other
men had gone In search of li'm, anil
when tho lamp mini told Iiim Unit t.vo
mon Imd went lo look for lilm. he
treated It as a Jolio, However ho
Is not iho first mnn who has boon In
n similar position,
Tom Uphill has boon elected lo tho
position of chcckwolgliiiiHti over tlii'uo
The wator Is still off up Dw Creek;
It is time snmeihhif? was dono in tlio
Mr, .1. Armstrong of Wliltuliiivon,
I'lnglanil arrived In tho Creek on Thob-
TrlteH-Wood Htoro Is now complete
nnd litis been opened for IiiihIiiohh,
A Soelnllst meciliiK wiih hold In
the school room ou Thursday night,
ten, ibe hall was then packed; before
he-had boen speaking .twenty minutes
tho people began fo leave. ,Mr. Fisher
continued ' to talk absolutely nothing,
and by the time he was through the
ball was half empty. His object was
not to give Harrington the chance of
reply until it was too late, Harrington did,reply however to those who
remained and neither the audience nor
Mr. Fisher will forget it in a hurry.
Jack Smith was in the chnlr aiid extended to Mr. Fisher tlie courtesy of
tlie chair which he .acknowledged after the meeting and' he had evory
right lo do so.
George  Oliver.
I).  M.  Eberts, Cons., niul
T. S. Brydon, Liberal'.
lSdcuiinialt: II. D. Ilelmken, Cons.,-
.lohn Jardine, Lib.
Thc Islands: A. 10. Mi-Phillips,' Con.,
Percy  Purvis, Lib.
Vancouver City: Fil'icen candidates
were put. in nomination here today: —
Hon. W. J. Bowser, Dr. (1. A. Mc-
ttuire,* A. H. B. Macgowan, 11. 11.'
Watt-son,* and C F. Tisdale, Con.
C. I<\ Wade, J. li. Scnkler, George
K. Macdonald Jas. Stables and .1.' B.
Campbell, Liberals.
W.  M. Mackenzie, H. McGregor
P. Pettipiece, Peter Gasvis and K, T.
Kingsley. Socialists.  „
Richmond: Hon. F. L.' Carter* Coll-
oti, Com, and ,1. W. De Farris, Lib-
ei al.   "        ' '  .   - * '
. Duncans:   W. H. Haywood, Conservative and John T. Evans, Lib.
JR. A. Crease, Liberal and J. H. Matheson,' Socialist.
Ymir: James Schofield, Con., .1. M.
Oliver, Socialist.
Slocan: Wm, Hunter, Con,, J. C.
Harris, Independent and C. M. Bennett
Rossland: W. R. Braden, Con., Dr.
.1. M. English, Lib., and G. Casey,
Socialist. =
Grand Forks: Ernest Miller, Con.,
D. Patterson, Liberal and John Mcln*
nes, Socialist.
Greenwood: .1. It. Jackson, Con.,
W. A. Macdonald, Liberal, and G.
lleatherington, Soc.
Cranbrook: W. A. Macdonald, Lib.,
Thos. Gavin, Con.
Dewdney:   J.  W.   Manson, Con.,  A.
I Thomson, Liberal.
; Ladysmlth: David James Thomas,
; Ind., John Stewart, Con., and Parker
j Williams, Soc.
: Revelstoke: Thomas Taylor, Con.,
I C. V. Lindmark, Ind.. Henry Kenistcr,
i Socialisl.
j Comox: M. Manson, Con., ,1. McKel-
! vie, Liberal, Wm. Duncan,' Ind. Con.,
Lias. Cartwright, Socialist.
Xanaimo:  A. E. Plauta
i Hawthornwaite, Socialist.
Atlin: Dr. II. 13. Young, Con., Thos.
\ Kearns, Lib.
Skcena: .Not beard from.
Fernie:  W. R. Ross, Con., Alex. 1.
isher, "Lib., John D. Harrington, Soc.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up .'. $5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead,  Cronbrook,   Fernie,  Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate fronr date of deposit.
Hockey League
j    A meeting will be held in llm Xap-
11. | aiice hotel on Monday night at S p.m.
T.; for the purpose of forming'a hockey
.league lo be composed of Lethbridge,*
i Maeleod,' Pincher Creek, Coleman,
! Moyie, Cranbrook and Fernie. The
| meeting is also called for the purpose
| of forming a city league. All hockey
i players and enthusiasts arc invited to
- lt was,thought, that four men were
caught behind the five, but when the
flames'were brought partly under
control seven bodies were found.
. Kaslo: Xeil V. McKay, Con., John
Keen, Liberal and W. .1. W. Fitch,
Socialist.     *,
Vernon: Hon. Price Ellison, Con.,
It. E. Dehart, Liboral and .1. Johnson,
Socialist. ,*••--.
Yale: Hon. Richard McBride,-Con.,
Stewart. Henderson, Lib.
Lilloot: W. R. Eagleston, Liberal,
and Arichie McDonald, Conservative.
■ Cariboo: H. Jones and ,1. M. Yor-
ston, L-ib./Dr. Callanan ancl J. A. Fraser,    Con.
Xew   Westminster:-  J.   ,1.   Johnson.
Lib.,   T.   G if ford,   Con.-,«and , Walter
Dodd, Labor, c
■   Golden:  .1. A. Buckingham, Liberal,
H. G'. Parsons, Con, -       , *
' .Nelson: Harry Wright, Conservative,
The lia'll funds have beon Increased
to $100.HO by a contribution of $10
from J, Plnlihnm for tho Imperial
bank, Tho building of tho hall Is
progressing rapidly,
Lower Waldo Is also raising funds
for tho erection of a hall and school
houso combined,
The chicken supper which wus to
have been hold at Uio Waldo cookhouse on Novombor 13 hns been postponed until thc hnll Is finished.
.1. F. Mi Plnkhnm roturned to
Cranbrook on Sundny nfter Home excellent, shooting, Wnlilo offers many
attractions for sportsmon,
Uov. Grant of Fornio vlsltotl Lower
Wnldo on Mondny. In llio ovoning
nnmo twonty six babies wore christen.
ed by lilm at Mrs. llnles Uoss'. Service was afloi'waiils held iu the cook
The Hov, FlowellliiR of the KplHco-
pnl church, Crnnbrook, will bo united
to come to Wnldo lntor In lho Honson
lo christen the children of fnmlllcs
belonging to Hint  church.
A moving picture hIiow wiih held nl
Hobs' cook Iiouho nl Lower Wnlilo
on Tuoniluy evening nml n eoiiHliler-
able sum wiih added lo lho fund for
tlin Hi'hnol house,
Wm.  Eschwig,  Proprietor
New and up-to-date
The Elite Dancing
F.irqimrsoii & Campbell
Under personal direction of
Mr. & Mrs. P, A. Farparson
Lessons from 7 to 9 Mondays
and Thursdays
of Canada
Head Office:
8 Kins: Street Wcs
Notice is hereby given that a Dividend
at the rate of SIX PER CENT. PER
ANNUM upon the paid-up capital stock
ofthe Home Bank of Canada has been
declared for the THREE MONTHS end- -
ing- 30th of November, 1909, and the same
will be payable at its Head Office and
Branches on after, Wednesday, '.the lst.
day of December next. . The transfer books
will be closed from the 15th to the 30th
November, both days inclusive.
By order of the Board. ,       ' .      ,
James Mason W. C. B. Manson
, *- '
General Manager Manager,    Fernie
Toronto, October 21st,' 1909.
0 For  one  -wreck  on
e c ia1j
Hy virtue of u wnrrnnt of oxmmtlon,
iHHiied out of the county court of
Koolciiny, holdon nt Fernio, 11. C.
ul. the Hillt of:
Willinm  A,  Council    und  .Wllllum
Scot I, irudtiiB nml cniTyliiK on biiHln-
okh under the firm nnmo nnd Hlyle of
Connell & Heoli, 1'lnliillfl'H.
(llmrloH \V, Otivey, (li-Tcmlunt.      ■    j'
1 lmvo Hol/cd nud taken in e.\ecu*|
Hon  nil   Die  I'lKlll.   Hlle  nml   Illlei-eM .
of  Hie  Htild   (lefemlrinrH  gnnilH,    eon-!
kIhiIiir nf lWiimi'H, wlm-H nml clKurH nt * _____
Kernle, ll,  (\ In the IiuIIiIIiik known]'
iih the llovul Hotel, Kit nut t- und helm;!''*'
nn l.ol S. lllock 10, In the City of l*N!i--|_£
nie,  11.   V,., to ii'cover    the Hum  of1^
Three lliimlerd nml Fifty Nlm* Doll j^,
iim ami Sixty ICInht Centn i*f*l*V,»,iiM ;,<►
I)(?hIi1oh Hlioi'lffH pnun-lnpe nud nil otheri«>
It-Kill IncliU'titiil f.xi»i-iis*.'K, nil of whleh. O
1   Hhnll   offer   bv   Hln-rlffH   Kiile    nil ***>
I Tliurmliiy,  tlin  Klevm-th  tiny  or  .Vo-i**"
vemtmr, A.  1)., Km1.), m the hour m
eleven o'eloek In the forenoon on Hie
I lircmlhi'S known as llio n«i).'il Hold.
Put ed  nl   Ferule  11.  C,  November
nl. IfiM.
Sheriff* Deputy
Hnv Kiipplicd with  the  IiohI WIiich,
Impiiii'H nml OiKiii'N
Furnituro Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders witli W.  ICeny
PHONK   78
Leather goods and_Souvenirs7at
a reduction of 207. This is a
good chance to buy Xmas Gifts.
We will lay them aside for you.
The    Leading:    Drug:    Store
♦ ->♦♦♦•*•«*••<»♦ «o
<>  To Possess Either
> Seat in the Legislature
A Heintzman & Co.  Piano
arc tho two foremost ambitions of overy true citizen of Canada.
Thc latter Is within your reach even II tie former Ib not. Drop In
and talk it over with
M. Willert Elley
HeintMiian Piano Parlorr.*
Dist. Mgr. Fernie
-Minera Opera House Uloek
It Clip  M.A.K.    , |
Tlio nlxiv.*) «nle Im Juneby postponed
until tlm (.•iRhtfPnth dny of November
A.   P.,   TOM,  nf  Dw nntne hour    nml
f>.-i'i-"<J nt V.-'rnlt, H  f, .Vov<*niber II
M. A. Kattner
Hliorlffti Deputy.
A'-entK of the Dominion Conl
Co. of I'upn Itreton N, S., nre
nt worlc iryliiK to Induce min-
i'r.i nt WUkesduuro nuil nllii'i*
uiiibrnelie mine towiiH to no
i iir; *..- iii'ti m mi, i'inii h t iiim
J-   : 1     i."**'* i '• iitibl     i ' i ,'
(hi mrehi "i to pievi'M lln-m
fiuni hi-THi'lm? uny men for
Miieli purposo,
A Ntrlke bin been (iii iii No-
\rt Hint til Ptid nl I bene mlu>'«
Mince July ii win every pros-
pi-ei of winnlim. ij
Don't ko there nml try lo de-'
fi-iit your liroilici'H who nre
fU'litini; for Hi« rlulit to oikiiii-
Ize iuul better (oihIIHoiih of
r-.tfiy uwiij. 11 ii- iKitb-f -Anl
In*''kIvoh iu Huso rnluniiiH
v>iiett,Uii- hWiU' >'■■■ WUI. l.,vli
or piipcrt-i, pirn***.1 <opy.
Runners for Syslrol
&  Little Hardy
ronl mini nf
also   loaders
wrisintvrrrtMMtWMiUf. iMftii
(.■■MP*— II IM  IIUIHI I  I II      Mill ■
Rock Springs Sootless
Goal Go,, Ltd.
UrM   <if  TllltiT.   ,
tr i
Ir ' .	
$,e&m€Dtto&><l9<9!I>m€a*B'&&>*Sto tS3SCS*ta^en-t»i»antitK«Ott
t   "    Pi* 11 A"* ft
*;f   UUIIO^ti
* '■ ^        Ktf.ffntd Hloek, Lfthbridi:*?.
Garbutt Business
(dS Now   Open
■Oi'.vnT.itto" jx'
i io i!"".  f',rr.i!-
Suatrs. Thn"rnii[;h iii'-.tnirtion in
Shortlinnd & Co.niiii:u'i«lbrnnclie«.
If,   .-   'ii'ii    M,fj-.M    ilir't-      r\r     (fffx    iiurii  -
4*  jji p< etna v/nte
A    A
UCtRTJ-rSt'7'JFXiZIi MTjm',wssstm
A liit;  SiM'iiinl   li
lli>\*>    i.pi'M   IH'III'
-tiiie   i"
n ft
o •#
College   ft |
I i l ii HI -
i li.'ll"
1) lll^ltl,    Ktilll   llllll   IA-
V Ceo. J. Chmltlt,
Q  Principal -fi.irbutt IJie.in
A  P.O.Box 1201    Phone 203 A ft
a»t9*Bk*9tmm*m»ota»a»mmm -«a»«Ki-»i»*«B<»*«»*«»*o»>«>*»'
Potor James
l"ive mill*-
j Advertise In The Ledger
Live, Eat and Sleep all in One Room
and are Glad to be Alive-Picture
The Scene, Gentle Reader
(Toronto  Telegram)
"Oh, it's beautiful tbe fresh air we
ijet here!"
The trembling old voice had a real
cadence of contentment in it. The old
trembling hands were fumbling witli
the rusty fastening of a wimlow tint
- gave the only light to tbis cellar home,
•lust one room, not too large for comfort, not so light as to hurl the eyes,
and with bed,, stove table and three
Vhalrs. It. wasn't so easy for tho poor
old wife to get. oui, but her "man" got
out, every day, thank ("iod! The "fresh
air" came in through a grating on the
street level, foul with dust and dirt.
There was a placo to get water iu a
dark comer at the back; and ber husband was out selling some little trinkets to support tbem.
Much  to   be   Thankful   For
Much    to be thankful for, bad thisj
woman, with her collar home, her 111-
health.'her patched miserable clothing,
but. ■ with a stoutness of heart which
would not let her sing tlie song of the
vanquished,- j
.  "Nice Bit of Meat"
"We   get   along   somehow—"   Hor
voice was still cheery but perhaps just
a little  ring of sadness crept  in the
■ words:
"We didn't have any turkey Thanksgiving, but I had a real nice bit. of
meat. I can't bako anything here"—
nodding towards lho little circular coal
stove—"but,it's just lovely how 1 can
fry' things.*
• "I've been in the hospital, twice
lately and my man is pretty well crippled up with rheumatism, but. we get
a little help and it's all right."
A'Pitiful Mother
■• In a low ceilinged room, large
enough to contain a bed and a chair,
lay a white faced woman with a new
born baby at her breast. A pitiful
mother, smiling oer and caressing the
little dark head, thanking God for the
child that she had brought into this
world. Opposite across a hall so narrow that, two' persons could scarcely
pass one another in it, sat two men,
her husband and a neighbor. A second
baby, lay in a carriage in  this room
Climb This Stairway
Stumble along this passage in the
darkness—such darkness that you can
hardly see your hand before you,
though ii is the brightest day outside.
You have climbed the stairway, with
your heart sinking lower as your steps
mount higher. There is another stairway still—and above—somewhere in
tbe gloom, a voice is singing.
Choking, Stifling Smell    '   -
It. is in this tiny tliird storey room
at the top of the stairway to the right.
A kitchen—such a kitchen-— full of the
choking, stifling smell of clothes boiling in .soapsuds. These are, in a pan
on the stove and a young woman wbo
is stirring them, welcomes you courteously and '"shoos",.the three little
children oiif of tbo way. ■
Her Pantry
"Here's where I get water," she .says
leading you again past the stairway,
through a dark- little hall where above'
the stairs, a tap has been placed.
"Jusr- see whoro I hang niy dishes,"
sbe says. There is no cupboard, but
direct iy above the stairway near tho
lap a row of nails holds1 the few cups
and pans. .,''.,'
Their Home'
At the right is a bed room where the
family sleeps. And these (wo small
rooms and, the hall comprise their
home.      , '
The whole house contains eleven
rooms and six families.
QUILL LAKE, Sask. Nov. 9— The
preliminary hearing of Jno. Mesci, ac-,
cused of murdering John Thoburn, a j
homesteader, north of Little Quill lake,
Barbara Thoburn, his wife, and Mrs.
MeXivcn. Mrs. Tholmrn's mother was
held here this afternoon. The prisoner
was committed to stand trial. He wil.
be taken to Prince Albert at once and
will have to await* bis hearing at the
next assizes.
The preliminary hearing was held
before Dr. Buie and., W. L. Mackenzie,
justices of the peace.
Half a dozen,.witnesses were called
and enough evidence secured to commit Mesci.
The most important facts brought
out at the inquest this morning was
the medical evidence as to cause of
death. The gun with which the prisoner struck Mrs. McNiven and the
knife were missing but Mesci described where they could both be found, at
any time.
Tho first blow struck at Mrs. McNi-
ven had broken the gun stock. A post
mortem was held on the bodies in the
afternoon. ' *"
Is the most efficient and
perfect of leavening agents*
No alum, lime or ammonia.
DENTIST.   *   '        .„
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block,
flours 9-12;  1-5;  0.30-7.30. Phono 72
B. C.
W.  R.  ROSS K.C.
Barrister:  and Solicitor
Fernie, B, C.
A. McDougall, Mgr
P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
ECKSTEIN.& mctaggart
Does anyone know anything of Joseph Capharl? ■ When last heard from
by his anxious mother, Mrs. Ida Cap-
hart, Now Sheffield, R,D. No. 3 Heaver Co., Pa., he, was' at Lethbridge.
This was on thc ninth of October this
year. His mother is evry anxious about
him as he was ill and despondent at
that time and she fears that, he has
been ill and unable to write to tier
since then.
lie is seventeen years of age, has
light, ha ir, bleu eyes, fair complexion
and is 5 ft. 9 in. tall. lie \vas a member of the Y.M. C. A., at. New Brighton*
and "is not knowY) to have had any bad
habits. ,
Anyone, knowing of the young man
will confer a great, favor by communicating at once with his mother at
the above address.—Lethbridge* Herald.
Fear   of any  Up-rising Now J.Gone
and Peace Reigns Where All
Once Was Chaos
Cox Stroet
Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B.C.
^wFfch "wasinTTTlFlargcr, nTanTlnTtirSir
and beyond in a kitchen, where was
a good sized range, a table, a chair,
and a littlo standing room, another woman who had come in to "help,' was
Nearly a Dozen Dogs
In the little yard at thc back wero
nearly a dozen dogs, some of them diseased.' They wero but a few foot in
reality from Ihe sick woman's couch.
Their noise could easily penetrate her
resting place. Still more easily could
tho odors of thc meal being cooked for
them—not. always porterhouse si oak.
However, lifo had brought, her this nnd
she seemed to be content,, The three
rooms woro all I hat llio1 libu.se contained.
One-Roomed House
A few stops further on nnd another
homo. You have to go to the roar of
the stroet, lo reach It, this rough cast
houso with its one room 12 by 8, The
house nilgbl'huvo been thrown to Die
surface by an unpheiivel of the mud
oiit'iidc, so dirty was It, within find
Deserted Wife
,  Timer wusnt. much room to hung up
clothing, so It was lnlrt upon tho bed,
which with a table and tiny cook slove
up the greater pnrt. of the space,
A niollier—it deserted wlfo—and
four Utile children live here, sleepinK
oiillng und dressing In these eriunpod
Hnve $<t a Month
They .will nol cut. mueh however.
Tbey have the nnignll'leeui hiiiii of .til
ii month with whleh lo buy food, light*
Ing und heiillug material. One society
pays this and another given Hie $1 a
month which In needed for the rent of
the house,
Horse Stnblo nt Door
The children were not eleini of I'uee
or elolliltig-   liow could  lli«y he lu ri
place like thin?   On one n|i|«, nlinosl
nl Hie door Hieri' In a borne Httilile tu
everyday   line- nol    exactly n wivory
nolclihnr. HI Ml, k<|uiiIdi- mid hlin-kiH'HH |
everywhere  but   lm In  Hie nildhl  ol'j
Toronto Hie Hood- nnd
(Iooh not eoiinl miieli,     May wo hope
and prny these children will mow up
"V.utnl f'liiiiulluii cMIsh-iik?
WINNIPEG, Nov. 9.—Prospects are
bright, for an early and favorable answer ■ from the Dominion government
regarding its attitude toward Canada's
International Exposition. Two influential delegations went east last week
for the purpose of'conferring with the
prorincial governments of Eastern
Canada, and * the work that will be
done by these delegations will finish
the case for presentation to- the Dominion government in form as requested by Sir Wilfrid Laurier when the
matter --was first laid before him for
consideration. At that lime Sir Wilfrids! esired^oHmowM-he-feeliiig-of-the
country generally toward the Rxposi-
Miners  at  Frank   Have, New  Medical
Attendant— Formerly Came
from   Battleford
tion and thc executive committee has
been busy gathering information in the
several parts of the Dominion.   v
Mayor ,J. P. Pink of Cranbrook, IL
C„ approves of the Exposition in these
"I am very glad of having tho opportunity of-.saying a few words of encouragement for ihe exposition to'be
hold in 1!U2. I believe that you liave
made nn excellent, move, and it should
meet with the hearty endorsation and
approval of ovory Canadian citizen. I
believe that British Columbia is ono bf
tlio richest provinces in tho whole of
the. Dominion and your exposition will
be an ideal place for British Columbia
Id advertise her resources, and I am
sure that every citizen of our great,
province will tnke advantage of (his
opportunity nnd not. only give your
exposition support personally, but'by
sending tho vory best displays possible
to obtain, nnd I feel suro Hint lt will
bo possible lo secure some of this very
bost displays horo thnt, could bo secured any place In Dw. world,   '
"In conclusion I ngnln wish you every success and  will personally givo
you nil the assistance In my power,
",!. P, KINK, Mnyor
Cranbrook B,C.
FRANK, Alta. Nov.,!).—The employees of the Canadian American Co. who
work in teh shaft held an election
recently to choose a physician. The
candidates were Dr. de Murtigny of
Battleford,' Sask.. and* Dr. G. H. Malcolm son of Frank. The vote resulted
in the election of Dr. de Murtigny by
SO to ?,.- Dr., de Murtigny begins his
practice here the first of December,
hospital. ,
The employees of Ihe comany at
the shaft are all French speaking mon
being either French or Italian, and it
,was fell, j-hat (hoy should have a physician tb whom they could speak without, the necessity of an interpreter.
Dr. Malcolmson continues as physician
for the English speaking men in Ihe
employ of the company..
, 11AZELTON, IL* C. Nov. 9—The provincial police made a determined and
successful effort, to bring Indian troubles to a climax at daylight. Saturday
when government agent. Allison and
Chief Constable Maitland Dougall enlisted fifty special constables and at
once proceeded to the Klspiox Indian
village, eight miles north of Hazleton
under cover of darkness. Quietly
crossing the Skcnna river al five this
morning they caught the sleeping savages unawares. The ringleaders were
well known to the police and the first
move was to' secure a guide.'    This
done, a thorough,search,.was made of
i ' .
each individual house with tho result
that six   of   the ring leader' agitators
were arrested and brought to Hazleton
In canoes. - ,   .  .
The serious troubles in the Kispiox
valley started on Thursday" last when
Siwashes ordered Hugh Taylor, government telegraph operator, and family to vacate, their'home'within thirty
any attention to the command a shot
was fired over his head which liad-'lhe
desired effect.
Trouble has been constantly, arising
between the Indians of the above named villages and the settlers of crown
lands, the natives threatening the
livos Of the whites.
The prisoners are now in jail here
awaiting trial.
It is expected that they will be, sent
to the coast, i'or imprisonment when
convicted and it. is greatly hoped by
all concerned that this will bring all
uneasiness among the settlers to an
A strong guard is kept on the Jail
to prevent any attempt at the. release
of prisoners.
Barrister and Solicitor
.Office Henderson Block,.Fernie B.C.
Hours'9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to<>8.
Residence 21 Vlotoria Ave.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
Lumber   Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed l-umbci
Victoria Ave.
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
North Fornie
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18 ,U..M. W. of A.
A thirteen year old negro boy in the
soulh stoie a pair of shoes. Tho judge
condemned him to n whipping and to,
six months of attendance at Sunday-
school. Evidently in Ihe Soulh the
Sunday schools aro kept for the special
purpose of instilling into little negro
boys tho sacrodness of the property
rights of tbe lnbor Ihieves.    .
The Retail Merchants of Canada recently suggested it Hoard of Commerce
lo prevent unfiilr competition in tho
rot nil lino, The board would bo like
the honrd of rnllwny commissioner's
and would be controlled by Iho govornment, Tbo Retail iMercbaiit.s nre beginning to feel lho pinch'of tho big
department stores nml already are beginning to Hipionl.,
days or suffer consequences. On the
same, day the Indians seized the supplies and the entire camp'outfit, including several cases of explosives, of
tbe government road gang, at present,
building a road through thc Kispiox
valley and installing bridges from lltv/,-
cllou threatening the lives of the foreman, James McCully, and members of
the gang if they did nol cease work
immediately. '<■>
The Indians object io a road1 through
the reserve and (he settlement of their
lands by whites. Lively ltni"s were
experienced for an hour or more until
all Hint were wanted, were secured
and  put  In  irons,   "
Sovornl natives showed fight. Ono
jumped on u constable, endeavoring to
wreiich the rifle from his hands, but
wns promptly knocked down by I lie
butt end of u rifle in the bunds of n
big Scotchnnm. The Indian gelling
on his feet mndo an attempt lo osenpo
nud wns culled on to hnlt,    Not paying
Magistrates Deal Tenderly With   the
Victims of'Cruel  Want—Saved
from  Starvation   ,
LONDON, Nov.' fl—Three unusually
slow' starvation were related on last
Thursday to London magistrates.
Arthur" Davis was charged* at the
Southwestern Police Court with attempting to commit suicide by cutting*
the veins of bis loft leg with a boot-
knife,. He was discovered lying on
Wimbledo)i Common.
lie had been employed at Smitbfield
Market for twelve, years hut Was discharged •■>through slackness of work,
since when he, with his family, bad
drifted t.o' the verge of starvation.
■ His late employer lriving offered to
givo him 'wi.rk, Die magistrate allowed Iilta discharge.
A laborer nnmed William,Houghton
wns charged nt. tho Guildhall Police
Court with frequenting Wood street i'or
Ihe purpose of stealing from vans,
Detect Ivo Shtiard said when bo visited Boughton's lodgings he found the
wife and three children on the verge
of starvation. He bought food for thom
and he hnd mado inquiries nnd uscer-
tallied flint (wo former employers gnvo
the man excellent testimonials. They
woro very deun nnd Induslrlons peoplo
nnd willing to work.
Sir   .lolni Moll doall with him (is n
The Hotel of Fernie,
Feniie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House
Ashcroft Mines, Lethbridge No. 133?
—Thomas ,Grey.
Bankhead No. 29—Thos. Bradley
Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Blairmore 2163—G. Kelley
S. F. WALLACE, Prop. ;
1                                                    ..
Angell. .
(Coleman),. ■
Park,   Local  ,,136f.—W.
No. 2633—William   .Gra-
No.  2227—P.     Lennon
Cardiff No. 2378—A.  Hammond./
Cardiff No. 279—F.K. St. Am-inl *
Corbin Np.-2877—A. Hamilton    ,
No   2540—A.   Matt*
Edmonton 'City
hews,  P.O.  1314.
Edmonton No.'
Frazer Flats.
1329—A St.' Julian,
first offender and.bound him over. He
requested a Salvation arniy officer in
attendance to fry nnd get. the, man a
job ancl said that the woman should
be looked after and provided with food
until such time as.her husband could
get work.
Even Worse Case
A .constable who, gavo evidence at
lllghgate police court against Mrs. IL
Haggerty, twenty-one, of Antill road,
HoUonham, charged with peddling ou
tho street without n certificate, said
the woman who hnd a bnby in her
arms, was trying to sell postcards.
"Hor baby wus famished. We gave
It some warm milk,' he added in his
The woman's luiband snld It seemed real hard Hint his wlfo should havo
to sit al homo with two starving bnlrns
wlillo ho wus out. doing his best to got.
work. •:
Mr. Fraser Illack: "She must not do
It',' She will bo discharged."     '   '
He gnvo llio court, missionary money
for the uso of Ihe couple,
really purlmpsj<''u*dliig
Mrs, FrnucoK Hughes sued llio Can-;
niln Northern Hallway fnr iho denlh of
her husband. Damages alleged wiih ten
thousand dollars. The case wus hoard
In Mont renl, At the conclusion of the
evidence lho eomp/iny moved lo havo
llm ense dlsinlsHiid becniiHe no evidence hud been offered tu kIiow Hint
the platform mi which the decoiiHOd
whh killed belonged lo Ihe rnllwny.
Tlie Judge ut once dlHinlsneil the cuse,
Under ciipltiillHin the Judges are all
hound by red lnpe, They "glvo lnw arid
the lnw Ih rotten, Under KiicIiiIIhiii the
rnllwny companion will cense lo exist,
The Judge will not have lo decide whether n widow H||()l|ll| lie well provided
I'or or whether nlie hhnll Mnrve arid the rules of tweedledum
illld   IV.ecilledi e,        lllllllllllcn'-s'H     will
rule then   r\en among men und women,
. Fernie No. 2314—D, Rees.
Frank No.  1263—Geo.  Nichol!
Hosmer No. 2497—J. W.  Morris
Hillcrest  No. 1058—J.  O.  Jones
Kenmare   No'.   2850.—H,   E.   Rhein-
Lethbridge No.  574—Mike Pitisliak
Lille No. 1233—J. T Griffith
.   Maple  Leaf  No. 2829—J.   Bonacci. •■
■   (via Bellevue)
Michel No. 2334—Chas. Garner"
Passburg 2352— Miles Isitt.
Royal Collieries   No, 2589—Charles
Roche Pcrceo No. 2672—Lachlan McQuarrie.
Strathcona, Ed.'2155—A. 8haw.
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
. Taber No. 1959—Hop. Evanc
Taylorton, No,  2648—H.  Potter.
Woodpecker     No.    2299.—William
Klr\   J[/[*.i(4 /p   *sfi
I 'han His Stomach
.4 VC   XfJ.tr*,! a-   tO1   *—•«.</  u/iUU.
A Mrotifl mun i*. --.(roiii! ull over. No iu.ui cun he
ttronii who in Miircriiul from weak btoinuch with Its
consequent iridi(|i"iiion, or from home olhrr illsenno
C.' ','...  \'....::.'-    '   '  "'•  "• • r.t.:-i,i.ii *-.***.*r.in* ( u'litpf. tm.
pair* digestion and nutrition.   I'or when llie»loinuch
ii weak or dUejiteiJ I here is a Ions of llio nutrition
contained In food, which in ilie nourco of all physical
•Ircnjttli,   When  n   man "doesn't feci just rltfht,"
when he doenn't nleep well, lui* an  uncomfortable
feeling In the ntmnach after eating, ii tnnduid, nervom, irritable and deipood-
cnl, he ii loving the nutrition needed (o make strength.
Bitch a man ahnuld me Dr. Plerce'n (loftier! Meitlcal
Piacovery. ft curee tUttciiaen ot the etom.tclt unit other
orflanit nf iflrjeatltin nnd nutrition. It enriches the blood.
Invigorate* rite fiver, at re tit •*■**■■* the kidney*, iiuurlnltta*
the ncrvea, and tu (HVliS HL.il.TH HMD STfifiXUTtf TO
THRwnoui nnnv.
Yau can't afford to accept e utrtt noitrum a. e tubttilute for liiin non*
tkohallc medicine or kno*n eouronrtoN, not even though ihe urgent dealer
may thereby wake a little biMer profit,   Ingreil-'entii printcil on wrapper.
Dewdiiey    ■	
KHqiilniul!     ,	
Ferule '	
(ii'iuul  Fni'Ks   	
New   Went minuter   	
.*.. i.*.iiit   	
. Richmond   	
! IIOHHllllIll      .". . I W.
Snnnlch    11),
Or. A. 1), Morgan
bv. II. K, Voting ,
Dr. II. Callahan .,
.1. A, Fi'UKei*  	
II.   (1.    I'lll'HOII   '. . .
W. II, llnywtird .
Michael MiiiiHon ,
Thulium Ciivoii   .,
H. A, t'liwley	
I'\ .1.  MaeUenzIo   .
U', .1, MiiiiHou
11.   I).   Ilelinelieii,
W. II.  ItOKS  	
KnieM Miller ,.,,
.1. II. JliekM.II ,,
A. K. ,M''Phtlll|iN, ,
.1, I', s'hnw  	
Xe||   |.\   MueNuy
.llillles   Hell   	
T,   (lifforil    	
A, M. Milium ,,,.
,1.   Stewurl    ,.,..
II, C, HrowHlor ,
TiininiiH Kearns
llnrry .lones .,.,
.1. M. Yurslon .
.1. A. UiicUham.,.
.lohu X, lilvnnH .
.1. M. Forrest ,.
M. A. Mnctlonnld
C. VV, .Minim ,,.
John  Oliver  ,,,.
.lolni Jiirdliio ,,.
A. I. Fliiher ...
H, Mallei'HOi) ...
Alex. Muwloiinli!
I'i'Vi'y MiiitIh ...
II,  M. Vimey  ...
Hon    I'rb'i.   HlUeon
Hon. Tliotiiuii Tnylor
Hon, F, I,. ('lifter-Cotton
li, llrndeii	
M,   KbortH	
V     \X'    o|.,,if,,i.,l
lOUglOKOII    , . ,
,1, Joliuslouo
1 fl'M'-IIVI
II, llebnrt
,1,   Clll'twrlglil,
.1, lliirrliigloii
.lolni .MelnnlH ,,,,
(1, lleiilherliiglnii
.1, II, llnwlhormvniu*
Murker WilllnniH 	
I    It    IT AI lie wm
.1. \V. lion, FarrlH
lb: .1. M. KngllHh .
T, A. liryilon ,,. ,
(1. II. KnnipHlor
(1. CiiHoy
Bar Unexcelled
All Whito Help
Call in and
see us once
Hlieeiiu   .
Slocan   ,,
Vancou ve:
Viet ruin
Vale   ...
Yrnlr  ...
Hon, \V.
A. II. II,
Ur. O. A.
lunler   ...
,J, Downer
Mcflulro ,
11. II.
l\ K.
If. F.
Will HOII'	
II, McHrldo ,.
Tliompron ,..
W. lleli it Hen ,
IC,  .M.-llrlilo,.,
.liuiiiH Scliofleld
Fred Wido 	
.1. 11. Sonkler	
Clf-orKo Mnedonnlil
Aid. Campbell „>...
.IntncH   HUtbli'H   .,,
.folm Oliver  	
I). L. Drury 	
If. A, Munn	
\V. K. I fount on ..
HI nail Hendei'HOii .
C. M. Ilennolt .
M. T. KliiBBloy
\V.  Miu-konalo
M. McdroRor ..
1*. Harvey 	
H, M. I'ettlpleci)
HnorKfl Oliver ,
A. I-i Oliver
0. W, DAVEY Si CO., Props.
W. \Vrlnht. ImIwiuiI lltiimm nud John
UtindnH, nil yotmic mon omployod In
tlio pnper mills nl Morrlton, noar hero,
woro UIHuiJ .wlillo wnllcln*? on tho rnllwny trriclc.
Man ley & Lawrence
-   Proprietors
1117  Third Avenue
Near Seneca St.
Seattle -      Wash
P, Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer'
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
Complete in this Issue
A complete line of samples of •
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
a.*sid. Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
All kinds of
Fsresli   Meats
on, hand
Bacon, Hams, Fish,
°   Lard, Eggs and
Give us a trial
Fop Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta.
Tim Shannon paused before the
back gate of 34 Leicester Square,
kicked it open with ins foot, and
shifting the heavy basket of groceries
on his arm, mado his way across the
hac yard and into the kitchen;'
Mary Nevins; the Graham's fat cook,
was humming gagly to herself as she
polished the nickel worlc on the range.
She looked up with a smile of welcome
as Shannon entered,
A door on'the other side of the
kitchen opened and into the sunlit
room came a trim figure of a girl in
white cap and apron. Her oyes were
a deep blue, here hair of soft brown,
and her round cheeks glowed wiih
oAs she saw Shannon standing by the
table stolidly unloading the groceries
she slipped through the door,by which
she had entered and al Ihe same time
her eyes, the uplifted nose went the
fraction of an inch higher.
Shannon for his part, looked nt hor
unsmilingly. Although his bright eyes
brightened at the*sight of lier and his
pulses quickened, his lips set resolutely, . He hesitated looked away from
her, gulped miserably and looked back
again. "    "
"Good morning, Annie,' lie said.
"Good morning, 'Mr. Shannon,' she
replied with malicious emphasis. Then
with a shrug of her pretty shoulders
she slipped through the door by which
she had, entered banging it behind
"Tis a fine thing to be ono of those
heroes," he observed bitterly.
"Come out of*your riddle talk," advised Mary.
"Tis Conlin that's made the trouble"
said Tim. "Since he inched them two
crooks that was ransacking Xo. IS the
other night every girl on the beat has"
the glad smile for him; Annie 'with
the-rest of them. She was talking .to
him out in the alley last night when
I brought the lettuce. I'll have no girl
of mine chinning the cop on the beat.
It makes talk."  .
"And did you tell her that?" Mary
"Indeed I did," said Shannon with
finality., ~ l~   ~    ' ' '
condescension. "Aw, the fool - ways
of men with a 'girl, you ought to be
kicked.', *.
■"Maybe;" Tim admitted rather.savagely.    ,        • '       ..   ,
"That you had," Mary- went on with
conviction. "You'll come down fine
before over sho makes up with you
"Watch me," said Tim with a glint
of fire In his eyes,
He arose from thc chair and picked
up tho basket, lie crossed the back
yard and entered the alley slamming
the gate viciously behind, him. Uy the
window, Mary Novins stood watching
his stormy exit. ■
It was half past, three that, afternoon
when Tlm Shannon', his basliet. on his
arm again' camo down tho alley.
"Aw Tlm, tho trouble that. Annie's
ln," sold Mary Novins as Shannon
throw his burden on lho tablo. 'Tis
horsolf that's In a fair way lo lose hor
job hore!"
"Annlo In trouble?" ho ropeated.
'"Tis  on   nccount  of  that  Persian
kitien , of Mrs. Graham's," Mary explained. "Sure you know how choice
she is of it. Many'times has she charged us never to let it out of the house.
This afternoon just after lunch Mrs.
Graham went downtown and she left
word for Annie to comb the kinks, out
of- the kitten's hair."
"I'll not be going to all the bother
of cleaning up the hairs that gets
round,' says she. "I'll take him out in
the yard and comb him.'
"So out in the yard sho takes him,
and while she's at work with him along
comes a dog down tlie alley and begins to bark and before Annie knows
what happened (he kitten is on the,top
of Ihe fence and away. J
"She chases him down lo the end
of the alley and there he makes' a
break for the square. He runs into
the little park,In the centre of it and
up one of ihem big elms and there he
sits on ono of the highest, branches.
Annie was standing at the foot with a! here
"What are you doing up there?" he
"If you'd use your eyes a bit you
would see I was hanging on by the
skin of my teeth and praying this
branch won't bust off altogether," replied. Shannon.
, Conlin thought for ii moment. "I
guess there's no way out of it but to
call up the ladder truck from Fruit
street. Hang on," he added to Shannon.
"Don't be afraid I'll let go,' said
Shannon satirically.
A few minutes later when the truck
came into the square at a gallop the
lieutenant in charge jumped from the
side siep and made a hurried inspection.
"No use trying to raise a ladder,'
he said. "More than probably it would
jar the branch loose. Gel the lifemet.
Hello up there you'll have io drop in
the life net."
"All  right,"  said  Shannon.
Willing hands spread the net. In a
few seconds it was strelcliod invitingly beneath Shannons precarious post
lion. 7
., "Now, then,' the lieutenant called,
"come on! We've got,you!".
With extreme caution Shannon began lo lower himself down the swaying, ereeking limb. The men holding
the life net. watched him In amazement.
"What in thunder an.' you doing?'1
tho lieutenant demanded.
"I'll bring the kitten with mc," Tim
replied.      '"Tis for  Hint   1    came 'up
Panic    Stricken   Victims
Jump   From Windows
Breaking Limbs
now?'  Tim   in-
saucer of cream trying her best-to coax
him down."
.   "Is ■ she  out   I here
"That she is."   '
Tim hurried to the basement door
that o-pened onto tho square. At the
foot,of a large elm in the little iron-
fenced inclosure he saw Annie standing with a saucer ot' cream, held up
to the kitten.
Back to (he house Tim sped and a
moment later returned .with a long
slepladder. Without a word ho placed
it against thc trunk of the tree and
mounted it by dint of a good deal of
stiff work, and managed to swing himself into the tree. 'From here he then
worked his way upward and outward
to thc limb on which the kitien had
taken refuge. -
Far out toward the ond of the limb
the kitten took its final,stand. Inch by
inch Shannon worked his way thither.'
He had almost reached , his quarry
when there was, a crack—an ominous
snap. The limb bent down and then
Annie    covered    her face with her
hands and screamed. It was only when  mAG|STRATE
a reassuring voice ..sounded .fro.m_tl.r-J
IN the mnUor ot an application for
tlio Issue of n duplicato cortlflenlo of
Titlo to lot 15 block 21 town of Fornio
(Map 7IU.)
Notico Is horoby Riven that. It,Is my
Intention to Ihhuo nt the expiration of
ono month nftor lho flrHt publication
horoof a diipllcnto of tlio cert I I'l en I o of
titlo to lho nbovo mentioned lot In
the uiimo of Mlchnol J, Casey, John
Robert Hoss iuul William A. Kohh,
which cortlflcnto Is dm oil the nth
Ony of Octobor 1007 mul numbered
District Regis! rnr
Lnnd  Registry offlco Nelson,  n. 0„
In tho nintter of nn application for
tho Issuo of n duplicato cortlflcnto .for
Titlo for IM ii ninrk 8 nf lot  fill Mi
Group Ono   Kootonay District.   (Mnp
NOTICE is horoby given Hint It Ih
my Intention to Ihbuu nt the oxplratlon
of ono month nftor tho first publication
horoof n diipllcnto of tho Cortlflcnto of
Titlo to tho nbovo mentioned lot In
Uio nnmo of Edor Hnrpor which cortlflcnto Is datod tho 10th of Mnrch 100(1,
and numhorod 740GA.
H. R. Jorand,
District UoRistrnr
"Kitten be hanged!" the lieutenant
exploded.- ,     ,
IJut Shannon quite obvious lo all
threats and commands, calmly climbed
downward to a point where he could
reach Hie clinging kitten, lie stretched
out one hand, caught it by the neck
and then looked down. 1
"All ready below there!',he called
, From (he (op of the elm a sprawling
body shot out,'fell through the air like
a blurred brown streak and landed in
the life net.
''Here's your kitten, Annie," lie said
gently. "You'd better take, it'In your
apron for it's got the,, devil's own
Conlin stretched out. lis hand. "Let
me lake i'l. across the'Street for you,"
he suggested.
*■ "Xo thank you," said she. She turn-,
ed to Shannon with her most engaging smile. "Tim will do that for mo.
Come on, Tim.",
NEW YORK, Nov. S—Nine persons,
eight of, them workmen and one a boy.
perished in a fire which destroyed a
celluloid factory at 152 Columbia street
Brooklyn, today and caused a panic
among the employees which resulted
in ten workmen being seriously injured and a score sustaining painful cuts
arid bruises from jumping from tho
third storey of the burning building.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
Seven bodies have been taken from
the ruins and a search is being made
for the other two.
The factory was owned by William
Morris & Son.
The fire started on the scc.ou-.l floor
Before the alarm could be'sounded the
flames had spread to the stairways
leading to the third floor. With no
way to escape except by jumping the
employees became panic stricken audi
■fought frantically lo reach Ihe window.
Those who reached them first hurled themselves through the glass with
Stoves: ,Wrought Iron Range Co., St.
Louis, Mo., United States Heater Co.
Detroit, Mich., Gurney Foundry Co, o*i
Toronto Ont.; Home Stove Works, of
Brooklyn Watch Case Co., Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, .Ind.; Buck Stove and
Range Company, St. Louis. *
Bags: Gulf Bag Co., New Orleans,
La., branch Bemis Brothers, St. Louis.
Mo.  •
Brooms and Dusters: The Lee Proem
and Duster Company, Davenport, la.;
M. Goellerfs Sons, Circleville,' Ohio;
.Merkle-Wiley Broom Company, Paris
Watches: Keystone Watch Case Co.,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fahy, Brooklyn,
T. Zurbrugg Watch Case Co., Riverside N. J.
C. W. Post, Manufacturer of Grape
Nuts and Postum Cereal,. Battle Creek
Mich. „
Fibreware; Indurated Fibre Ware
Co., Lockport, N. W
Furniture: Ame'.ican Billiard Table
Co., Cincinnati, O.; O. Wisner Piano
Co., Brooklyn N.Y.; Krell Piano Co.,
Cincinnati O; Derby Desk Co., Boston
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
lo a point of commencement, making
040 acres more or less.   * *•"■
Located this 3rd day of September
J. RAVEN, Witness ■    '   *
♦•**♦•♦-*»♦♦•♦♦♦ ♦♦♦«►♦<»♦
It:imt-5*;,K'1''   delivered    to   .•impart of tlu" city.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty *
(30) clays after date 1 intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner, of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands * situate in
South K. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block -159fi, commencing at a post
planted at or near the 2S mile post of
the present C. P: R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Bal"-eock claim;
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence running soulh 80 chains
Thence running west SO chains;
Thenco running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
010 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd   day bf September
NAT BAnCOCK, Locator
J. RAVEN. Witness
top of the tree that she dared to look
"It's all right," she heard Tim saying. "The blamed branch has broke
off but. there's enough left of it. *'I
can hold on here for awhile yet but
I dare nol climb any farther up , for
fear lhat (he branch will give away
altogether."       ■   '
Annie lifted upward a pair of terror
stricken eyes, The end of the branch
with Tim 'clinging lo it. hung- straight
downward by what seemed to bo the
merest strip of bark and fibre. Below
him tho'kitten was clinging mid mewing plteously,
Tho girl started to run across tho
square, In her fright she bumped into
Conlin who had just inrnod the corner, In her nnxioty sho caught him
by tho arm.
"Quick!" sho cried bronthlossly, "bo
quick, for thoro Is n mail up in' that
tree! Got him down!" *
Conlin sped Into the Inclosure and
peeped up nt tho brohon branch. Ho
seemed to bo stuplfled with be-wild-
number'weer painfully cut. Ton * of!
them were seriously injured by the.
SO foot, fall to the ground. .1
It is feared that the death list will
bo,increased as the firemen progress
in their search of the ruins of the
factory, as a number ..of men who were
employed in it. are missing.
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Go., Ltd.
iHWBMBf.—■*";     *              "	
AMIIERHT. N, H. Nov, (--Allen N,
McLean, Hiiporliitendent of the Grout
Northorn Mining Compnny, nt Clietl*
camp, Inverness county, wiih accidentally drowned nt^uRtoni 11 arbor
yostordny. Ilo leave*!' a widow nnd
*   '   •'•-," ■ ■'r'ri\.Mii\' ■''•,< /■!"''!' **''''' "'■'*s".!' "'"''■:.   v * '■      '"'"■V*1'** ■"■   ''■     '""'
'* '."v "*• '*?','■■'';**?'''■<''''yyy'-'-i' '"■■*■.."••■■, /, ■.":." fjr.v*i «■'•■■ A;'■;,'•■•••, <■'/   *' >;
.,,,    . ':     7-1..'.'. '.!   i-r, .,.*   a i>*»*ki.{i,*»''' £.. .***', ..''.V*.;   'ft, :,•,,*» *i* f'fi,   j. »,*,'*>».   '-
Zam-Buk, by its healing power has
earned the praise of men and women
in the highest stations of life. One of
the latest prominent gentlemen to
speak highly iu Zam-Buk's favor is
Mr. C. IS., Snnford of Weston* King's
Co., N. S. Mr. Weston is a Justice "of
the Peace for the county ancl a member of the Board of School Commissioners, lie is also deacon of the Baptist church In Berwick'. Indeed in tho
wholo country it would be hard to
find a man more widely known and
moro highly respected.
Some time back he had occasion to
test Zam-Buk and hero is his opinion
of this great balm, He says; "I had
a patch of eczema on my ankle which
had boon thoro for over'twenty years,
Sometimes also lho disease would
break out on my shoulders. I had
tniton solution of arsenic, had applied
various ointments, and tried all sorts
of things to obtain a euro, but. In vain.
Zam-Buk, unlike ull else I tried, proved highly, satisfactory and cured tho
"I havo also used Zam-Buk for
Itching piles, and ll hns cured them
completely nlso. I take comfort In
helping my brother man, und If the
publication of my exporlonco of Zam-
Buk will lend other sufforors to try It
I should bo glad, For tho euro of pllos
or skin diseases I know of nothing to
equal ZnnvDuk.".
Znm-Buk nlso euros burns, cuts,
ulcers, blood poisoning, ringworm,
scnlp sores, chapped hands, cold sores,
und nil Bkin Injuries and diseases, Huh.
bod woll on the chest In cuhob of cold
It. relieves tho lightness nnd aching,
All druggists nnd stores soil ut GO o,
box or poHt froo from Znm-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for prion, II Iioxch for $1. 2H.
Everybody's Magazine Iiiih biinn sold
out to tho Ihittcrlrlc Company, n concern that Ih notoriously unfair to organized lnbor lu all parts of the
country, nnd n roncern ngnlnsl, which
tho Intornntlonnl Typographical union
has mado a persist nut fight over since
their refusal to grant (he olght hour
dny nnd union conditions, EverybodyH
Mnguzlno hnH nUulnnd considerable
prominence of lain by agreeing to
print tho articles of Judge Hen Lind-
sey ot Denver, who is showing up the
polR-ic-il v,-orruiitli)fi lu nl.ttn ulhwiH
there. It hns been snid that the
change* In ownership will mnkf no
difference whatever In thu publication
of tho nrtlt-ilen referred to, but it cer*
lvoutji 'oui iiiii'no a r.ihV uiiU'fiiui*' m
the snles of the magazine, iih union
men In nil purls of the country generally refrain from pntionl/.lng the
products of nil ronei'tns thnt nre bo*-,
tlle to the Interests of Lnbor.— V.k-
rhnn *?<*».
Many country merchants do not see
iheir way clear to advertise in their
local papers.
Whether they believe in advertising
or not they must admit that it is by
advertising that the catalogue houses
secure so much of the rural trade. *
The Moose Mountain Star puts the
matter in suitable terms when it- says
that if the people who trade at a distance are induced to do so lh rough advertising, by the same logical Gondii's i oi r"7tirose~verr"peopi rcotti u~iJe""hRi UT?"
ed by advertising to trade at home. It
is lho people who pay attention to advertising that are induced through
that very agency to deal away from
home. Naturally those are the people
wlio could read the home advertising
if they were'presented to'them right,
—Commercial,  .
$ Bottled Goods a Specialty ®
• •   .. -i
<<&«£» •!E»*a&€»6SP«-»'iJI!>'<S:-iiS)C&-SD*®i
Of the  American   Federation  of
The following is ;iai,-l of vhc unfah
list of the American Federation of Labor. Many of the daily newspaper
roadorswho hear as much about the
"Unfair List"* during those flays- may
be anxious to know whal, names ' of
firms tho A, V. of I,.' "Unfair List" contains.
Under these circumstances it becomes tho duty of tho lnbor press to
koop Its renders proporly Informed.
Whal. aro papers published for. If not
for tho purpose of giving correct. Information?
Cigars: Carl TJpman of Now York
City; Korbs, Wort holm & Selilffor of
Now York City, mnnufncttiroi's of tho
Henry George nnd Tom Moore cigars.
Flour: Wnshhurn-Crosby Milling Co
MlnnonpollH, Minn.; Valloy City Milling Co,, Grand  Hnplds, Midi,   ,
Whisky: Finch Distilling Co., Pittsburg Pn.
Clothing: N, Snellenberg & Co., of
Philadelphia. Pn,; Clothiers Kxchnngo,
ItochoHlor N.Y.; H. Kuppenhnimer &
Co,, Chicago,
Corsets: Chicago Corset Co., man-
iifncturoi's Knbo and Ln Marguerite
(iIovoh: J, If. Cownle Glove Co., Des
Molnim, In,; California Glove Co., Napa,' Cal,
Hats: .1. H. Ktot.Hon Co., I'lilliiili-Iphin
Pa., H. M. Knox Co,, HronUlyn N. Y„
Henry II. Itoolof & Co., I'hlhididphln,
Shirts nnd Collnm: United Shirt ft
Coilnr Co., Troy, N. Y.; Van Znndt;
Jiirolm nud Co., Troy, f'luott, I'oabody
nnd Compnny, Troy, N.Y.; Jihiiob U.
Kiiisur or New Yorh Clly.
The Hutlorld* Pattern Compnny of
New York,
Cement: Portland Peninsular Corn-
on t Co., .Ind'Hon, Midi.; Ulicn Ilydrnii-
ll*.    fl,*..,*,..,,!     n„,l     M(V      fl**,       VI'*"" !"
'-'    •      ..../>.'      ,   I    .  .',      1*<
j     Dining Room and Beds under     *
New Management.
.First class table  board    *
Meals 25c.    Meal Tickets $5.00
Banquets Catered for
Rates $1,00 per day
R. Henderson,  Diniiiu Room Mgr.
NQTICIi is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intond to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lnnds situate in
South E. Kootonay, British Columbia,
Block • 'infill, commencing at n' post
planted at or near 1 milo oast of the
81 Bt. mile post of. the present C. I'. It.
surveyed line and being tho south east
corner of A. S. Fnrquharson's claims;
Thonce running west 80 chnlns;
Thenco running north 80 chaius;
Thonco running enst 80 chains;
Thonco running soulh 80 chains
lo n point of commencement, making
tMO acres moro or less,
Local ed Ihls lst, day of September,
J. RAVMN. Witness
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty
C-iO) days after date 1 intend to apply
lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner, ot
Lands and Works for a license to pros-,,
peel for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South 12. Kootenay, Hritish Columbia,
Block .ir-fi."; commencing at, a post
planted at or near 1 miles east' of 27
mile post of the present C. P. It. surveyed line and being the south west
corner of P. A. Farrpiharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north SO chains;
Thence running west. SO chains;
Thence running south SO chains
to a point of commencement, making
G-10 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September;
J. RAVEN, Witness     '
NOTICE is hereby glvenclhat thirty
(30) days after date I 'intend to apply
Lands and Works for a license to pros--
pect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South 13. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block .|.**i[i3, commencing at.,a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of 30
mile post of the present C. P, It. surveyed line, and being lho north -.vest,
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running sooth 80 chains
Thenco running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thenco running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
G40 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
.1. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE Is hereby given that ihlity
(30) dnys after ilnlc I Inlond In apply
to tlie lion, Chief Ciiiiiiulssloner nf
Lands ami Works for n license lo pros-
pert for Coal nnd I'l'imlcuin on Ihe
following^li'H'Tlhed lands iiltnnlo in
South E. Knnl.'imy, MiHIhIi t'nlimihln.
Illiick ir*li3, (diiiiiii'IU'Iiik nl n post
pliinti-il in or iictir 3 miles east nf 3d
mile peiHi nf iln> pnwiii (', p, u mn-
viij'ed line nnd lining the north east
NOTICB Is hereby given thnt-tlilrty
(30) days after date I Intonil lo npply
to tho Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds nnd Works for n license lo prospect for Conl nnd Petroleum on tho
following described lands situato In
.South E. Kootonay, llrltlsh Columbln,
Block •lii!),'),' commencing nt n post
plnntod nl or nonr 3 miles east of 110
milo post of tho present O. P, R, surveyed lino and being tho north west'
comer of Nat. Babcock claim;
Thence running south 80 chnlns
Thenco running enst 80 chains;
Thenco running north 80 chains;
Thence running west SO chnlns;
lo n point of coiiiineiiceineiil, mnklng
010 acres morn or less,
I .nailed this '2nd day of September,
i non,
.1. IIAVKN, Wllnei-s
| NOTICl'l Is hereby given thai Hi lny
j (3d) dnys niter ilnie | Intend Hi apply
Jin Hie Hun. Chief f'niiiinlHKlonor of
! Lnnds nml Win lii tor a license in pron-
! peel for Coal ami I'etriili'iiin on   the
60  YEARS'
VICTORIA. II, C. Nov. t The pin
vlnclal government In offering n reward of $1,000 for Information lending
to tlio arrest, of Hie murderer of Snl-
vntor Andrea here, Tlu< two suspectb
are, hMlrvr-i) to br- hi biding In Van-
corner of Kilinoml HoIkjoII'h claim
Thence running suiith 80 cliiilns j
Tlii'iifi*"running wcsi So cIiiiIiih; ■
Thence running mirth sn dmliis; ;
Thence running enst Ko dinln-i;
In   n   m.ltil   nf   r*n»,,.,,   ,,.-,.,. ,.!•!     ,.,.,M, ,.'
din acres more or lum. I
Located thlH 2nd day ef September.I
1900. !
,T, RAVEN   Wlnie**;
•following di'Hiiiiu'd hinds   uKunte in
TrMDC Marks
GoPvmaHTS 4c
M.riTfi>ie*iietttfign*ti*ir},*nitttii.rtlfitlin m»r
oultiwly Mimrtnw ""* npinmn fr(nii»lifiiii>r *n
Inm-mVm ti Prohiii.lrr»t«nf«l.|A, C«nimmilf-v
tion* >l rid I r rnnnd-Kitl r«t HANDBOOK '<n i'lK-i'MI
■je'lf fr. ft. IH'tf.t *..-*.nrr f.'1*' »iifilltnttt'^,l'r,l..
I*>fi*.i!« tiUin tlir'iui/h Munn k Co. racslvt
tptttal twtkl. Without lliurK*, in liid
Scientific fliitcrlcnti.
A htntlwmtilr lllu>!mt«l w-Mtkly, T-nruMt tilt.
Jalnlnn nfjuij »*"i«nili!*» Jour-nut   'jwrnn for
■,*i.Ml», 11,7*> ■ j**r, jm*\ms* preiMlfl   Md by
•II aim*Ar_[m. 	
Hfnuwb un**, SbHHL. -Wubtofioft, l>. U .
NOTICE Is hereby gl\.*n Hint thirty
(30) days nfter dale I intend to apply
In the Hon. Chief   Cemmlshloner   of
, Lar.d.i ami Wovka fi,r ,x lius..-,.. u. -..it...
I pent fer Conl nnd Petroleum nn   the
l riilluwit!.; tL*.*.i.ilLi il  I.hmU    i.i>wiii>-  >u
jKniilh E. Koolenny, llrltlsh ('/.luiul.la.
I Hloek   4T.f»3.   commencing   nt a jmit
| plnntoiI.nl nr nenr I miles ewit nt 27
j rnlle post nf the present V„ V. K   sur-
South E. Kimicimy, lirltNh Columbln,
Illiick I.VI3, .iiuiiuencli'i! nt u post
plnnleil ai nr near | miles enst oJI 27
mill' post nf iIn,' piv-ii'in i. p. R. »ur-
viiyed Hue iuul being tlie >-oeih n.nit
coiner nf Nat ISnbcoilt clnlm'
i*iii.ii><• iuniting xxvfi mi iiiiiius;
Thence i mining mirth so dm inn,;
Tli«-t.n- riiti.li.g twt Sft ib.-iln.*,;
Them e iiiiiulm; i.niiih so chains
to :i point of cnmrneiu cinenl. inaklnt!
ll'lll   ill tl H    llllll.'   Ill'    ll-Mi.
Located this 3rd day uf Heptenibei,
NAT H.MJf'OCK, Loinioi
.1. RAVEN, Wll liens
WINNIPEi;  .■.;, ::  -Fi-,.,1 olsen, .i
«.'U[H llti-l     »i)il.ii)|'    Ml ;i building    Ht
tti» nirii'T nf Main, awl nm] ('o|li>K>n
au'iiue. fell fifty feet  from n ftaiffoitl
i vcyed line :nn3 being tlie north ttv.-,s )**!,r.*f,j,i>- uit<>rii<Hiri .ind »as ii-Maiiilv
!comer of V. A. r.iniut'iauwu tluliu,,     .kill*-4.
I lit
THE   DISTRICT   LEDGER,  FERNI-S,    B. C.  NOVEMBER 13 1909     -
Arrive Fernie
No.  213  West     10.00
No.   214. East    17.55
No. 236'Local East      9.12
No. 235 Local West     ^9.27
No. 7 West Flyer  10.40
No. 8 East Flyer- :  20.OS
Change lakes effect Sunday June 0.
NO. 252 No. 251
G.55 FERNIE 11.05
7.13 HOSMER 10.40
7.25 ■   OLSON 10.32
7.50 '     MICHEL 10.10
Arrives Spokane 8.30 p.m. ■
Arrives Seattle  10.15 a.m.
For Sale: 2 horses, apply G. Morley,
Manager wanted for Miners theatre,
one who can run moving picture machine preferred. -Apply stating salary and giving wages to D. Rees, Box
301  Fernie, 13. C.   ,
For sale—Mich Cow. Apply lo J.
Anderson, Cokato. Hp
Furnished boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Rocs Hrothers, P. O.
box 213.
Ten Cows and a Hull for sale—M.
Tally, Fernio Annex. 1G-21NT
Agent, wanted in Fernie for the Pion
Clothes Dryer for outdoors. Liberal
commission. Write L. Arsenault, Edmonton, Alta.' 3t30NP
Wanted:  Servant   girl for
Wanted: Active young man as assistant improver or apprentice to the
greenhouse, vegetable and flower
growing' business: Apply to E. II. II.
Stanley!' Rnynes Lake D. C.
■ Furnished   room  with use  of bath.
j Victoria   nvenuc   $S.f'0   per. month.—
i Apply Lodger,
Wanted*. A good general servant"!
Apply morning or evening lo Mrs. li.
V. Ambery, corner Macpherson ' avenue and Jal'fray street.
Mass Meeting     ., ,
A   mass  meeting  of  the  Gladstone
local was held on Wednesday, nnd In
consequence tho mines were idle. Business in ('pnneelion wllh the new hall
general land also to arrnnge prices for No. 1
housework.    For wages, etc., apply to
Mrs. Adolph, Ilaynes Lake post office
n .c
For Sale; House and 30 foot lot.
Corner Jaffray St. and Chipman Ave.
Lawn 30x40, other improvements —
$400, easy terms. Apply L. Robert-
shaw, Annex. 21 p
Furnished and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric light and bath. Apply D. S. care
Ledger. , 3tNP
Ahem, have you tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?.
Electric''Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.
You bet—the spot to buy furniture
is at the Trites-Wood Co.
No place in town just like it. Ing*
, ram's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Don't Oforget to ask for Michel beer
—the best beer made.
If you want the best—call for Elk
Valley beer.
When thirsty nothing but" Michel
beer for me.
Do you know that you can buy. lieat-
__ing stoves from $2.75 up'at the.Trites-
Wood Co., Ltd..   _     —
For a.good comfortabje smoke get
Dorertbecker's brands. They are
home product()
They are still selling window shades
from 30c up at the Trites-Wood Co.,
. They do not give furniture away,
but they sell it.cheap at the Trites-
Wood Co. Ltd.
Try a case of Elk Valloy Bottled
beer. $2.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone '79.
First class board and accommodation at Ffiirclough's Hoarding house,
179—180 Coal Creek, opposite to foot
bnll grounds.
Sewing Machines the. best made
from $30,50 up. All ball bearing fitted
with niitomnllc lift and fully giifiran-
teed for ten yenrs at lho Trites-Wood
Co, Ltd.     Come in and try ono.
Beef, mutton, pock, veal, hams, ba
con, lard, etr.., only of the very best,
Phone 41
Elk Valley beer .popularity known
as Michel, always on top nt lho lead
ing holds.
Do it now, liny I Ini range fitted
will semi Rleol linings. Will stand ''00
degrees more heat Hum :*ny ordinary
ones, and you get ll. fnr less money a'
Ihe Trltes-Wonil Co., Ltd.
Advertising space on Ihe now drop
curtain In the Miners opera house Is
now available. To nrrnngo for special position see I). Rees, secretary, or
nddrcHH box 3(11, Fernie,
A sumple order ef EIU Valley bottled beer will convince ynu of the sup
nrlorily over nil oiln-n*. SlL.'.O per do;:,
delivered nl your door, thill up phono
79 nnd wn will do the rind.
north was taken up.
Out of Town
Secretary Treasurer A. .1., Carter
was at, Coleman on Tuesday,on official business. On Wednesday and
Thursday he was at Lethbridge; returning to Coleman on Thursday evening and to Fernie on Friday. , He report's success and progress,
Big Meeting
John Oliver, the Liberal leader, and
F. C, Wade, K. ,C, will occupy . the
boards at the miners hall tonight.
Opposition. candidates have been invited. Ladles are cordially invited
to be present.
In New Stand
The Misses Euler have moved into
tlieir new premises on Victoria ave.
next door to post-office. They would
bo pleased to see their customers in
their new stand.
Special Edition
Mr. J. X. McDonald of the Calgary
Albertan staff was iir the city this
week, obtaining some data for an illustrated number the Albertan is going to issue. Fernie will be made
prominent in the edition.
Grand  Bazaar
A grand bazaar is being organized
by the members of tho Methodist
church to take place on Tuesday Nov.
23rd.   - The proceeds will be utilized
Lots of Ginger
We* received a -very spicy letter
from some one called "Citizen" which
we will be pleased to hand over to the
health officer or chief of police, oil
relates to a derelictiou of thoir duty.
A Meeting ■
President Powell and Vice-President
Stubbs are holding a meeting with-(he
operators this afternoon at Edmonton
to try and arrange an agreement for
that- district.
Gone into Groceries
R. II. Marlow of Lethbridge has
opened a grocery and confectionery
store in .Lethbridge north ward and
reports that he is doing nicely. Mr.
Marlow was.a member of District IS
ll.M. W. of A,
Old  Resident  in   Hold-Up
Registered mail sacks torn open
and scattered letters found Wednesday on the Cariboo road in' Hritish
Columbia, near the scene of the express mail stage holdup on .Monday,
threw light on the extent of the daring robbery. Twenty three .letters
were taken,from'one mail sack and a
smaller number- from each of the
(hr'ee others,
Money orders and express orders
were thrown away, the robbers contending themselves with taking the
cash found, which at a conservative
estimate was $5000.
The belief is growing in the neighborhood of the holdup, that William
Haney who with his brother unsuccessfully held up the Canadian Pacific railway train at Notch hill last
spring planned and executed this robbery, states one report. After "* the
killing of his brother at Ashcroft in
a duel with a police officer, Haney
probably escaped into the Chilcoten
wilderness and remained in hiding.
Wm. Blakemore, at ono time manager of thc C. N. P. Coal company in
Fernie was iu the stage coach when it
.was held up, He is now .editor of
the Victoria Weelc, and gave a very
graphic account of the hold up.
f a
residence..    Full  particulars will
given next week.
e saimon
The Best lied Sockcyc Salmon put up
in  tlie  world.     Every can guaranteed.*
It pays to buy the best.
1 *- V    .
Pay   Cash,   and   Jvist   Smile
♦       W. J.    BIVUNDESCX      Give us a-jgall
0-*-»*^*<M>*0. <?"$>-<&-($-&-fr-&-&<a.-i$i- ♦♦•«>*Ov* ♦♦♦♦♦••^•^•••^OO
Suddaby has opened a splendid toy
department in his basement.
Jep Scott, has taken over* the Fernie
hotel barber shop and Is now kept
very busy counting his kasli.
W. H. McClusky from district 22,
Wyoming, arrived in the city on Monday and visited Coleman and Frank
this week on official business. '
Fernie Oct. 29 1909
Sunday Services
Rev. P. Alt'. Peterson, who is an
appointed missionary of the Swedish
General conference of America and
the western board of Bapilsl missions
(English) will conduct a service for
the Scandinavian-people of Fornie on
Sunday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock in
tho Baptist church, ' Mr, Peterson is
to preach in English'at the morning
and 'evening service of the snmo
church,     Everybody welcome.
A Good Show
The Juvenile Bostonlnns plnyed to
two full houses (his week nt (ho Miners l hen ire,' nnd (o sny that thoy are
n treat Is pulling It. very mildly. Thoy
are the best aggregation Ihnl play at
Fernie and (heir sweet young voices
and pretty faces of tlio girls haunt one
for days and days. A return engagement will be expected,
Good Company
The mnnngeiuont of the Fernie opera house hnve silcceeded In booking
a series of arl Isles belonging lo I lie
Slur Knli'i'lnlniuent Course, coining
from Walker's Theatre, Winnipeg, All
(be companies are I'l rut clnss and al!
havi) high repiilulloiiH In Wlnnlpjeg
anil Ihe east,
is  November
Fellow Workers:
The Fernie EledoraFRufing lias"
been for.the past eight years a strenuously contested seat. At the provincial Election the workers lost the seat
by some 60 votes through the Liberals
deserting their own .candidate at the
eleventh hour arid supporting tlie present member.
It"Is.admitted that the seat must
fall to the workers. The capitalists
will combine forces to prevent a consummation so undesirable to them.
They have money without end; we
lack (hat essential weapon to success,
We thoroforo ask all "workers who can
afford to do so to send tlieir contributions," however small, to Oscar Elicit-
son, lldx 70, Fernie T). C,
As an cxnmplo lo cnpiinl of lho political power of the class conscious workers,
Signed, on behalf of tho Campaign
Committee,  .
Oscar Erickson
{Continued from page 1)
the scene of the wreck, was just, sitting down to breakfast when the accident occurred. Seen by a World
correspondent he said:
"1 heard a crash, jumped up, lit a
lantern and hurried to the scene of
the wreck, whicli I could see dimly
outlined nearby. Tlio top of the car
had been torn off by the lumber and
this had forced the men into a very
small space, it seemed not more than
a couple of square yards. Moaning
and crying and occasional shrieking
added to the horror of the scene.
"It must have been quite twenty
minutes later before we could get
enough of the lumber off to liberate
any of the poor wretches. I shall never
forget, the ghastliriess of the scene
when we did. One man, badly hurt,
was lying unable to stir. -• A dead
man was across his chest and another
dead man across his heck. The eyes
of another poor fellow were full of
clotted blood—not his own—so that
he could not see. They had all been
jammed "into one"! solid mass, whore
the dead, dying and injured lay helpless."
Employee Gives Version of Wreck
According to one B. C. E. R. employee the accident occurred in the
following manner:
The interurban car on the Vancouver Westminster line leaving here at
6:10 o'clock this morning was preceded by a ^freight motor hauling a
flat car loaded with lumber. Just past
Cedar Cottage the coupling 'between
the freight'motor and the lumber laden flat car broke and the flat-car at
once started back towards the city.
As' was demonstrated when' the work
train left Central Park a few weeks
ago, a car coming citywards, if it does
not jump the curves, will travel with
constantly accelerated speed* until it.
terminus. * This was shown this
morning and the lumber laden flat'
car struck the passenger car with such
force tliat.-.tho lumber war. catapulted
thro.igh it; smashing the liuma-- bodies it came in contact with'in a horrible n.anner. . .
The fifteen dead were found mostly
pinned under the lumber many of
the bodies being smashed almost out
of  human  semblance.
Tho officials of the company seen
this morning have no explanation of
the affair to make- other than' tho ono
given above and that is that the coupling used to hitch tho heavily laden
flat/jar io the motor was not strong
.enough .and broke. .The motorman
of the passenger ear liad the advantage of going up bill, but .he did not
see the approaching runaway iu timo
to start a race away from it.
Killed and'lnjured
The following bodies have been already identified by articles found on
■T.  Bowes, Gra'ndview^ ,
R.  S.  Lyons
T,   Farmer
J.  F.  Stevens
W.  Stevens
J-/ H. Crowther, 112 Sixth Avenue
William Johnson, conductor
T.  E,   Holland
George Thorborn, motorman, 110
Odium Drive
S.   M.  Mitchell, 241  Keefer
A.   S.   Wilkinson,  Williams  St.
Harry Dayton of Ross & Howards
Thomas Tuttle or Turtle
Charles Harris, extra conductor,,—
died in hospital.
One unidentified man.
F. Carty of New Westminster,
George Trawford
W. Harris
Thomas Jackson
-  J. W.   Rushton
C. W. Carlsen
Robert Forsythe
W.  T.  Hains     „
M.  Zimmerman
Grows Nest Trading Co.
.s "-•-,General Merchants
The   Store   of  Good Values
, Agents - "Bell Pianos"
Sold on,monthly payments
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
Thoso dnys politics occupy I lie
minds of a great many Fernie people,
but there are a few sensible folks who
are beginning to realize that Christ-
miiH Ih only n few whorl weeks off and
are wondering whal In send tliolr
The first date hooked I frlendu for presents. A suggestion
17 when lho Casscls- we have lo offer is Ihls. Send thom
IVrclvnl Co, will appear. Future i1iik-H||| photo of yourself or family. There
are as follows:
Ungllsh Opera Klngem Dci'i'inher
.li.h'.ii: Mnile Ulg.'iii-.-* .liinunry <•
To secure your share
of the surprising bargains at the big Removal Saie of
Dry Goods
Boots and
Formerly  Manager,of  Bank of Commerce   Here—Lately  Trans-
' ferred-to Winnipeg
«8&*t*»«©***iBJ'*a&9B ■©<3ft',©*©CBi*3E>5!n.'! ^19t&*&mti&t&^<^T&W>mt!S?i*,
I        Fernie Opera House       |
l.'d-erl Mell-le f'oiiccrl Co. Miirdi 10
Tl omiis Cluirlei-! Woii-ni, April   I
Hear  ihi'se  dates  In   nilud  as  dm
eiu-'iigeinenlM nre No. I.
lis iiolhlng thnt (hey would nppreclntc
I j more, or Ihul would come moro reus*
nimble   In   priee   In   yon   Hinse    hlll'd
I linen.     Al Spalding's studio you will
find all the lalesl and mosl up lo dale
j mounts and  the excellent   qunllty or
jlils  work Is io well  known to need
l comment. -■'■■■■ ■•>
Presenting an Entertainment of   ,
agio, Nilrth and Music
Wednesday,   November  17
Scats on Sale at Suddaby's
vo&v&isf&ta*. <&*bmm mmt^.:^4»*9*m^^mt*j»mmmm«t&m^!s
Everything      Reduced
for a few days longer
\ Trites:- Wood Co., Ltd.
>>4>^*4>4>-&4**<9i <(jf>0"4> <8>*<!>*OM><0.*<>^*<>-<>*<>*^*^**|J|^^
Concrete,Fence Posts
.7 foot'long'.    --       70c each
To the Public on Wednesday, Nov.',17
Beautifully Illustrated With
Scenes in and around Fernie
before and after the Big Fire r
A Suitable  Gift   to a   Friend
I Only 50c for 116 Pages
Mail Orders will receive our best attention <
Vote for
John Harrington
On November 25th.
!     W. M. DICKEN - - FERNSE
0-**-<$>--*<><J>'**> ♦^♦♦♦♦♦O'**©'*'©' ♦•♦♦■♦•♦'♦•^■<►♦<>•♦♦♦•«> ♦•^•4»
Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
The  Socialists'
A vote for Harrington is a vote
for the Workers,
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
■beg* to inform thc citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality. Estimates given on
all Contract worlc.   AU work guar-    ,
anteed satisfactory.
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor
00 ilnyn nftor rialo 1 lnK-nd to npply
to tho chlof of Provincial Polico for 11
(rmiRfor of lho rotnll Huiior IIcoiiho of
Hlmoii DrnRon to Qcoreo Vincent of
Uio Itoynl Hotel, fintowny, 11. (J.
UaIiiI llvin iCtli tin v- nt Oofolior, 1100
Oct 10 Dr.'i! V, li.V.
ii'iiuv/iil  of  tlio  niliill  lliiuor llcotmc
I'fic Mm 1 loyal Hotel ot Onlowny. IU*.
iJllN.'ll tlllM Hit'll I1H.V III Ol.UMii.i,  i.ivi.'',
Ofit. 10 1)0*.. 17 (},V.
r,t) dnyn nflr-r dntn I Intonil to npply
to the chief of Provincial Polico for a
ApitliculloiiH for eloriiW* litthi mol
iciK Mm-iil'l ho rami" to Mio undorHlRii-
cil :tt once, HQ thnt unnw wny )).• in-
Ktnll-.ri without Iohh ot time. Tlio City
of Kcrnlo electric Unlit plant will !»••
running shortly om) \v*» will hn In u
poult Ion to supply Unlit nnd powor,
(I. fl. IIOUI.TON,
City t'.b't*,.


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