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The District Ledger 1909-10-23

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■-Provincial .Library, juric'30. OD '•
•   -. **-*>'
*.'   v
W  Lts
industrial Unity is Strength
The Official Organ of District No. 18, 17. PI. W. of A.
'      7       J*- ■'     l(':--. *
'      7 /0> ^ ~-       ■ "
•*-;GF?t«    ..      - ■;*
Political'-V^lty.is Victory
VOI,. V.   No. 12
FERNIE,   B. C,   October  23rd,   1909
$1.00 a Year
FIREMEN   KILLED      o   ,   o
Terrible Death List on the .Transcon*
tinental Railway—Other,
The Commercial Hotel at Rainy River was burned.
George A. Ostrander, insurance agent at Plcton committed suicide by
inhallng chloroform.'      ■
Thomas Trebilcock of London, Ont.,
died on tbe steamer St. Louis while on
the way home from England.
„ A London crowd attempted another
demonstration'.before the Spanish em**
bassy. but were finally driven' off.
■ Stanley Bryant of Kingsvillo was
caught between a cable and a drum
on the steamer Ward Ames and was
killed.        ^.
A sanguinary battle between regular troops and' revolutionists., was
fought at Santo Domingo on Saturday. „
W. A. Buchanan M. P. P. of n Lethbridge, and Duncan Marshall M. P. P.,
for Olds, Alta., are to be' taken into
the Rutherford. cabinet:      • ■
• George Wells, who is held in custody
in Lethbridge on a charge o£ abduction, has made several attempts to
kill himself, failing in each instance,
however. ,
The sheet metal workers in Winnipeg have brought their striko to a suc-
—cessful—conclusion,—winnin&_.ai_ hu
crease of two cents per hour in their
wages.* ' ' .
David Reid wus drowned while- attempting to' swim to shore from a boat
that upset near Country. Harbor'1,' N.S.
* Two of his companions clung to the
boat and drifted ashore.
Tho case of Edward Bedford, who
says he murdered Ethel Kinrade in
Hamilton, Ont., was called In the Bow
street polico court, London, England,
but was adjourned for further evidence
as to identification. .      ,
A flro at Quebec destroyed tho Great
, Northern-'elevator, tho custom house
and a number of sheds on the wharves,
An Immense amount of grain and other merchandise was burned, nnd Fireman .leromle Povtin was thrown from
a laddor and killed;
The Investigation of lho chnrgo of
the U. M, \V. of A. against Mnnagor
Cownii and Snlosmnn Dick of the Dominion Conl Co,, of conspiracy to limit
conl supply began nt Hnllfnx. Very
littlo ovldenco was submit!od niul non?
of ll. showed conspiracy.
Tho toll of death In construction
work on tho National Transcontinental
rnllwny during tho Inst flscnl, yonr
wns 08, whilo 22 mon suffered HoiioiiB
InJurlDR. Tho fatalities woro for thn
most pnrt, cnused by dynamite, Most
of tho (load woro Itallnns nnd Swedes.
The election for district offiecrs arid
also for international officers of the
U. M. Wiof A. takes place on the second Tuesday in December, on which
day the mines are closed. The candidates for the various offices,in the
District aire as follows:
President: Wm. B. Powell, the present occupant of the post, returned with
no opposition.
Vice-President: Clem Stubbs, Belle-
nue; Robert Evans, Kenmare.
Secretary-Treasurer: A. J. Carter,
Michel; A. Hamilton, Corbin; J. D.
Perkins, Bankhead; A. S. Julian, Fraser Flats.    ,i *
International Board Member: Peter
Patterson, Fernie; William Ryan,
Coleman; W. H. Evans, Fernie; Clias.
Garner, Michel; Harry Smith, i Coleman; Frank .Crockett, Taber; T. E.
James, Edmonton. . ,
District Board Members, Stfb-Dis. 1
—John E. Smith, Fernie; Nat Howells,
No. 2: Yin Frodsham, Coleman;'J. O.
Jones, Hillcrest.
No. 3: John Larson, Lethbridge;
Jabez Raynor, Taber.
No. 4: Herb Fox, Canmore; Jack
Jones, Bankhead. " ••
According to constitution, tho ballots are being printed in the different
languages spoken in the district, and
will be forwarded in due time by the
secretary.'       "*
Personal   Mention
Protests Being Registered The World Over
And  Alfonso's   Life  Demanded-
Wild Scenes are Enacted-
Winnipeg Catches On
Bologna sausage is Germany's national dish: National dinner.       .&'
Frank Bean has been somewhat indisposed during the last week.       '*•*'
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bean of Nelson are in town with relatives,
Mrs. J. Brown has returned from
an extended trip to points in- the
east.  '    * • '
Ii. P. Eckstein is back at his office
full'of vigor after, a ten* clays sojourn
in the mountains..
We aret pleased to announce that
leave.the hospital.   ,
There will be'a special program at
the Fernie Opera House for Monday
night.'; Thanksgiving day.
"'.Mr. M.G.'Murphy,"General Travelling Passenger agent of the C. P. R.,
wns ln Fernie on Thursday.
The Funny Negro Minstrels was the
bill on Thursday night at tho Fernie
Opera houso. Considering the unfavor-
First class Board and accommodation at Falrclough's Boarding House,
170, ISO Coal Creek, opposite Football
Tho Lockhnrt trlnl commenced at
Nolson yostorday noon, and a largo
numbor of Fernie witnesses are in nt
C, 0. Demnure/. Is ngnln nt Mooylo
Lako experimenting with his propellor,
C. 0. D. is somewhat used up but is
moro confident than over of tho ultimate success of his Idem.
Thc ense ngalnst T. B. Struthers,
charged with incendiarism, was dismissed by his honor Judge Wilson on
Wodnesday nftor tho submitting of a
littlo ovidoneo.
Royal Onk Camp Ulli Modern Woodman of Amorlcn, will hold their noxt
meeting on, Thanksgiving Dny nt 8 p,
m. in K. P, hnll. Special nnd Import-
nut business nnd moro goat riding. All
neighbors come.
LONDON, Oct. 17—Spanish anar*
chists in London are openly threatening the life of King Alfonso, and are
boasting that he will not be permitted
to live the year out. Malatesta and
others of the more rabid anarchists
are actually inviting reporters to accompany them' to secret meetings to
listen to firebrand speeches. Some
of them have shown reporters laboratories with newly devised bombs,
wherewith they hope to- be able to
fake the lives of European monarchs.
The outbreak of Ferrerism which is
convulsing the continent reached England this afternoon, and evening and
London witnessed scenes duplicating
those enacted in Paris and other European capitals. ■ Following a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, 10,000
malcontents rushed" to the Spanish
embassy in Grosvenor "Gardens, by
way of Whitehall and Victoria streets
and succeeded in reaching it in spite
of frequent' charges by the police.
The embassy which was guarded by
a .strong forco of police, escaped'- any
■damage^1—*I-Iand-to-h and-f 1 ghts-occur-
red, missiles were thrown and sticks
and umbrellas were used.
Grayson's Fiery, Speech
A- demonstration occurred outside
Westminster cathedral where a' Catholic priest was-threatened. The police
were unable to stop the rioters oi- keep
them in check and not a single arrest
was made. Victor Grayson, tho stormy
petrel of parliament, made a violent
speech in Trafalgar Square this afternoon, iu which he announced the expulsion of tho Spanish ambassador
would bo moved In the house of commons Monday. His speech is the
strongest thing delivered from, any
rostrum in England. Ho sulci tho murdor of Ferrer wns a local outrage on
cosmopolitan feeling. "It meant not
only the death of ono grout worthy
man but. was an insult to the Intelligence of Europe,' he'said. "I believe
tho prlco of Ferrer's lifo will bo pnld
long hence. If tho bonds of all' the
kings of Europe weer torn from thoir
trunks tomorrow it would not. pny tho
price of Forrnr's life. Lot us mako no
mlstnko. If nil thoso heiuls woro rolled In tho duHt tomorrow wo should
iiot hnvo ono liko Forror's who, by his
nets ns n royal son, lost his Ufo for
tho peoplo of tho world. If I hnd lived
ln Spain this Inst week I should hnvo
forgotten I ovor nt tended n pence
Prophecies Calamity
"Do tho Spanish authorities think
or docs King Alfonso think, thnt tho
murdor of Ferrer hns killed the enlightenment of Spain? Calamity will
follow. Wo hnvo a responsibility horo
In London. Paris hns boon doing
things. Thoy are mndo of spiritual
chnropngno there. In-'London wo nro
smnll boor compnrcd to them. If wo
hnd only u hundredth pnrt of tho
spirit of our forofathors then) would
he more done thnn passing resolutions, It Is for uh to Htiy thnt the results of sueh n crime iih has been
committed In Spain, resound through
England. 1 will undertake to'sny that
If tho czar hnd boon kept out of
Urltnln: if we hnd shut the door In
his fnt'M Hiiylim:—Tyrniits like you
Ht Ink ln our nostrils; thoro would
novor have boon this murder In flpnln.
Whon wu find tho population willing
to acknowledge the presence of n
monster llko the czar, then Alfonso
Haiti: "I Know in,v iiiem. i v. iii tii-.u--.Jt
*> Vncr,
"King Alfonso munled nn English
princess and It Is HiiirgcHted ihnt King
Edward should have been nppronchotl
and nskod to uro his Influence in pro*
tiriil inn "unmivi i>» 1". **.*... il....,., ..**.
wiirrt ri «ln tin*1 papa's, ni lenst 1 I ope
so, and King Edward must have
known of the notation going on. That
being so, I sny.' whatever happens
within lho next week or month, tliut
crime lies nnt m the door of tho people, but at tho donr of King Edward
the .Seventh,
"The King hi advised by 8lr Edward Oroy, who In everything that Interests this country hns been a cow*
nrd and poltroon. In Canada, Ruisla
and Spain, Orey ha* proved that he is
merely a chip off the block of aristoc
ratic tyranny. It is the duty of the
Socialist party in parliament to demand than the*" Spanish- ambassador
should leave these shores. If he cannot walk away, then we. will move
him." "    • '
Fierce Fighting   ,.
The demonstrators then decided ,to
rush the Spanish; embassy,and headed
by a black, banner inscribed "To Hell
With the Murderer Alfonso," they
made their, way down Whitehall. Near
the war office 200 police charged the
line and succeeded in seizing several
banners, but the great wave of rioters swallowed them up. Several injured are here at the Westminster
hospital. The mounted police-made
another effort to'stop the procession,
but the check was only temporary and
the crowd, with'a dangerous temper,
rushed on, singing the.Marseillaise.
It was a battle eyery inch to Grosvenor Gardens, ) where"' the Spanish
embassy is located. Here the fight
became the. fiercest and hand to hand
fights occurred. The police attempted to make several arrests, but the
prisoners were rescued by their comrades. Police -reinfoi'cementskseemed
unable to cope with the mob of riot**
President Powell of District IS has
received most enucouraging reports
from -xhe Edmonton district, in which
locality International Organizers T. E.
James and A...C. Brovey are at work.
President Powell and the organizers
spent some time in this part, of the
district a month or so ago, and most
hopeful indications are present., At
a recent meeting over 150 men attended, some already members of ihe
U. M. W. of A. The busy season is on
now in the lignite field, and with* the
advent of more miners, District 18 is
keeping pace with organization work.
25 TH OF
Boy Orator Leads Off
The meeting was opened by Lawrence Pickup, tbe socialist boy orator, who said that Ferrer bad been
hounded to death by the Roman Catholic church because he had founded
schools of modern thought for the uplifting of people who were living in
darkness and superstition, taught by
the orthodox church.
A. Cameron followed along the same
lines, strongly condemning the'Spanish
government for taking the life of one
who was endeavoring to uplift tho people, He rejoiced that under the British fjag he had the liberty to express
his .opinions, and he maintained that
the same liberty should be enjoyed in
every part of the 'world. . '
W. Hemming referred briefly to the
career of Prof. Ferrer, and said the
■whole Christian church was to blamo
for the murder of that good man. The
church had always been opposed to intellectual freedom, and the pages of
history weer stained with the blood,of
many martyrs wlio had been killed In
the name of Christianity.
W. 1-1. -Matthews protested vehemently against the murder of Ferrer and
saidJ,hb_death of half a dozen useless
— ,    "»■	
Just at this time the Liberals of
Fernio can show true patriotism to
their district by uniting with-the
Conservatives in the support of W.
R. Ross. We do not think that the
majority of the electors of tills Hiding desire a Socialist to represent
them, which will certainly happen in
the event of a three cornered fight. —
Fernie Free Press.
Tlie election has scarcely been announced, and already the Tory organ
shakes at the knees and gets up the
Uneasiness Said to Exist in the Ranks
of Conservatives—Socialists .
Have Fine Organization
VICTORIA. Oct. *_t)—The British Cd*
lumbta legislature dissolves today and
nominations take place ou November*
11 and the elections on November '1W.
The announceomnt follows nn agreement signed between the government'
and   the   Canadian Northern Hallway
whereby the latter engage to construct*
GOO miles of railway from the Yellow-
white  feather.      Well,  maybe    they hoa(1    l)ass to' Vancouver within four
havo cause for alarm now—they certainly will later.'
Personal   Mention
• Sir Edward Henry, coramissisoner of
police was struck repeatedly, the rioters nearly unhorsing him. The inspectors struck out^yith their clubs and
charges were frequent. ' Finally with
the weight ,.of reinforcements the polico drove the rioters back to Grosvenor hotel. Hore they were dispersed, but. they came back and wero
driven* to Hyde Park comer, whore
they melted. It was Iho fiercest demonstration England has witnessed in
many yenrs.
The Feeling In Winnipeg
A demonstration of protest'against
tho execution of Francisco Ferrer by
the Spanish authorities wns ■ held In
Winnipeg Inst, night. Tho demonstration wns not marked by nny of those
scones of violence which have occurred In London and somo of tho continental cities, but was pcnceuble and orderly throughout. Thp proceedings began with a mooting at* tho corner of
Main stroot, and Stella avenue, whoro
a crowd of about 150 peoplo gathered,
nbout. hnlf of these afterwards form-
lug Into a procession nnd marching lo
tho market square; W. H, Hoop, president of the TradcB nud Lnbor council,
marshalled the procession, which gathered strength ns tt marched toward
tho city hnll, nonrly 150 bolng In tho
ranks by tho tlmo tho plnco of meeting wns ronehod. Tho procassionlstH
carried no bnnnors and woro not no*
compnnled by n drum, nnd beyond u
fow feoblo shouts of "Down with thn
Monarchy," they mndo no effort lo
attract attention, Tho parade passed
nround the city hnll to the north sldn
of the mnrkot plnco, whoro addresses
wore dbllvnred by a number of socialists and freethinkers and a resolution
condemning Ferrer's exocution iih n
Judicial murder was adopted. The
crowd which nusembled lo hour the
Hpocches numbered nonrly 1000, hut
thu liberty of free Hpooch wuh'not. In-
torfereil with In any way, tlio police
Ipnv'ng tin-'demonstrators to them
Agents of the Dominion Coal
Co, of Ciipn Ilreton N, H., nre
nt worlc trying to Induce mm*
>;in lii   W'ilk^.ili^iii: ,.i,\l ,iil,t.l
nntlirucltt- mlno towns to go
there nnd scab. District nud
local, offleers should exert
themselves to prevent thein
frnm necurlnir nnv men fnr
such purpose,
A striko hns fiecn on'In Nova flrotln nnd nt these mines
since July 0 with every pros*
pect of winning,
Don't go there nud try to defeat your brothers who are
fighting for the right to organize and bettor conditions of
Stay away. Dun notice will
be glvf-n In these columns
whon ihe strike Is won. Labor paper*, pk-an-t" ropy.
monarchs or a dozen parasitic popes
would not compensate in the slightest
degree, for* the death of one man'who
was trying .to do. good for his fellows.   *,
W.' D. Gumming- declared tbat a
more damnable,* fiendish or cowardly
murder had never been perpetrated
than the execution o.*' Fr.rrer ,,1-ut i'.
was only an Incident of (lie struggle
by tho governing class to keop the
workers clown.
It was for the same purposo that,
free-speech was denied to the citizens
of Winnipeg, nnd although thero was
no interference, with (hat meeting It
wns only bocauso tho whole polico
forco of tho city would,not be able lo
move tlmt largo audience.
W. 11. Hoop reminded tho nudlenot
that the privileges of religious frojdori
for which Ferrer had died, hnd boon
won for the British people four hundred yenrs ago,
Mo was followed by Ed, Stephenson
who movod thc following resolution:
"Ilo It resolved thai this assemblage
of Canadian citizens strongly protests
ngalnst tho judicial assasslnat-on ol
Frnnclsco Forrer, one of the mot*.', en
lightened and humnnllarian roformors
of modorn times by which momentous
crlmo every docont. conenpt nf justlco
nnd democracy Is challenged. Wo call
upon the governor general lu council
to Immediately forward In the SpnnlHh
government, nn expression of the abhorrence hy Cnnudlnns of this horrify*
Ing deed,.
The resolution was seconded by \V.
Bryan and' carried without opposition,
Other Hpcnkers nftnrwnrd addressed
tho mooting, which dispersed quietly
nbout 10 o'clock,
In Toronto Alto
"I think wo ought lo hold n mem*
nrlnl    service  for   Friuiclsco   Ferrer,
who" wns'murdered on the thirteenth
of this  month  by  Hpnln,'  snld    Mr,
Frank    IO, Coulter, of Portland. Oregon,    at  tlm outset  of nn nddreNH In
Xlon f-huiTh last ulght under the mm-
pices of ihe People's Institute, "Ferrer
would rniher be righteous nnd die than
I llvo nud nol be righteous, "lie merely
'preached liberty, preached Hint It was
better to die thnn  to rehiit   to force,
und his efforts In Mairelnuu wi>n< it li o-
gelhej* to prevent bloodshed." {
Mr, Soulier concluded lil« reference I
in tbo Hmmlsli unifi'Msm* bv ii pniyerl
Unit the blood of the mitriyi*   might (
spring into HoweiH of liberty unit ol
truth   in   ail   who   were   seeking   the
1-oiteurn-ut  nt. iln> uuitri.
W.* S. Stanley is In Rossland this
week on business.*
. Have some sweet potatoes under the
Stars and Stripes—national dinner.
Have some Irish stew at tho Irish
table—National dinner. Monday night
in Bruces hall.
-Mr. and Mrs. Arch. Mathicson of
Hosmer spent, Sunday in town with Miami Mrs. C. J. Digby.
The Rebe'kah's dance on the 2Sth is
looked forward to by all interested as
a good time is assured.
Don't fail to hear the boy wonder
violinist,at the Miner's opera'house,
npvt_A\Zr*rl*nf.g„nv   -ivrmlnp*     :*
The'North Western Telegraph Co,
will open an office in the .Eckstein
Building on the first of the month.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hurd were At Home
to-a large number of friends in the
Miners opeca house on Wednesday
J. It, Lnwrey, Geo. Boulton, A. A.
Shanley; R. II. Webb, A. I. Fisher and
othors wero at tho Loekliart trial at
Nelson this week,
Canada, the land of ihe maple, will
give n good Canadian dinner, also
roast beef and plum pudding. National
dinner, Monday night.
Robert. Walton wns one of Ihe pall
bearers nt„.F, ll. Sherman's funeral
last, week, in the place of Win. Hose,
as erroneously stnted.
A special meeting of (he Methodist'
church ladles aid will be held nt the
home of, Mrs. Gusty Friday, October
2!) at '! o'clock. Important businoss,
Messrs, Sorkie und Eschwlg of the
Northern hotel have dissolved partnership. It Is understood that Mr, Sorkie
Is trying to purchnse the Jules llurles
hotel at Hosmer,
Mr. (iclgcr, choirmaster of tlie Col-
borne street Methodist church of Lorn
don, Out,, died suddenly, and the choir
waited for his arilvol on Sunday morning, not knowing of his death,
years from date. The government on
their part guarantee the bonds and
take as security a first, mortgage on
the road.      , * ;
As far as Fernie is concerned the
exact date of the contest make's little
or no difference, All parties have
sized up the situation and the wise
ones have surmised for some time that
a battle of ballots would be on in the
near future,     <*
Encouraged by .the splendid showing
at the last, election, the Socialists are
early,in the field, and although tlie
campaign is only in its infancy, the
workers have the land well laid out.
It is understood that John Harrington
will be the standard bearer this time.
The Socialists can win if .they work.
They.have enough voters to do it and
all that remains is for* them to put the
votes in the ballot box.
. W. R..Ross K.C, thc present Conser-'
vatlve member, announced some time
ago that be would run again. The
chances., are-that ultimately he will,
although it is' a well known fact that
o*lier pillars In Ihe Conservative pnrty
liave n longing eye on the seat which
the K: C'has filled for some time.
The Liberals are very much in the
shade witli respect to any part in Dw
campaign, nnd it is not known whether
they will have a man in the field or
November *i."> is not far awny nnd it
will be a short, sharp campaign, and
from hero it looks very much like
John Harrington, M. P. i*.
Mrs. Ci. F. Stevenson, Fernie's ever
popular vocalist,., litis consented to sing
al the Wiltrld Small concert at the
Minors Hall opera house next Wednesday evening,
A rifle team consist Inn of Messrs.
A. W, lileusdell. N. E, Suddaby. .1.
Minton, Lawrle, McBurney, Schnfleld.
It, Clork, I, O. Boullon, (S. I.. Pedlar, F. Flnlayson nnd others will go
to Creston for Thanksgiving Day to
compete with Hie local team of that
MVmV'&.i ^,V,,;fw;,,i?,:-■■.■;.■«■*■.*-■.177-
ifW^Wv^V/' * !,t^i<:> ■ r, .
F^^V.-?'i';i''v>4'*-'.-*:i,\iV* "'■■* ^''rj.&"
•\ new firm 1ms been formed to open
here in Hie dry mtndn and grocery
business. Messrs. Melli-aii & Wng*
get have taken a lense of the store In
the Eckstein building mul will open
up ou the 1st of November.
Th" Funny Negro Minstrels was the
j bill at ihe Kerii'i' Itpi'ia iiom.e Thufc.
j tiny evening.    In spite of the uiifmor*
nidi'  u-enther  a   t^nnil   rrowd     turned
i ut nnd it goml on.ti imnnce was wit-
•i»-i>f>-i il.      'Hie   1'iiit is   In   then   Jn--
Kllni* llllll »«.|i* Kiyy , As VMS J-,l*i<> ',!..
dmuliig.     The Hinging ,<ouli| he Im
proved upon.
• ' "■^ySS&t^''
**','- :*mMir& "
•* *    *.•-,** -fi
*'" ■ ^£S^'i'i  _^__
ys r
'  **■__   •**-**.-*£
j, *mxxetT**.T.es;ai ».z*>*..**#tm*Mrie*.w* r-.,Jt^r.
Conducted under the direction of. "Proletiaran"
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
ed attention of the sessions of the International   Socialist   bureau.  To  the
o0.000.0u0  toilers of .the  world    with
whom the bureau is in touch will   be
i canied the story of how Spain murdered Ferrer. Tlio power of Spain will
■ be weakened as a result and the name
! of Ferrer will bo remembered.
I Crush the Parasite System
Willi'   "Can   you    imagine the   situation?
i iloiii do Caslellane urged the Spanish
' ambassador at Parts to bring damage
■ '   '   ! suits against the newspapers of* Paris
roi*. Francis  in    behalf   of the King of Spain because  of  the articles  that   had  been
published.      Not   a   Socialist' In   the
j world should  rest  for a minute until
pie assassination, was Dw concensus j wo  *Jim!  m,8l,ed   lhe   sysl0111      n.'u
of opinion at the first  Ferrer protest j brings such parasites to the top.
meeting    in   tho   Unlcd . States,   hold i    "Alfonso   must now face the world
! forever in shame. The foundation of
| his throno is 1000 times weaker than
i it was before Ferrer died.
Ferrer's   Murderers
Rue Bloody Deed
Thai the execution of
eo Ferrer, prominent educiiior. l->  the
"Spanish government was pure au.l shn*
Thursday night under the auspices of
ihe Socialist party in the Assembly
hall, ISO Washington street.
"1 move to strike out the word 'legal,' " declared Barney Beryln. immediately after County Secretary G.'T
Fraeuckel. who "was presiding, ' had
read the resolutions, including,,Hie
terms "legal assassination," and "legal
murder." . ,
"You*, can't'legally murder anyone."
said Bevlyn in support of his amend
ment. "The purpose of the-'world today is to make anything*illegal that
does not aid in the progress of civilization. I'd like to see you unanimously kill that legality.'
Execution Was Unlawful
"If- thore ever was a murder thai
was not legal it was that of Francisco
Ferrer," said Dr. Axel C. Gustafson.
one of the principal speakers of the
evening, in support of the amendment,,
"the sentence and "the execution of
Ferrer were both unlawful."'
The amendment was carried unaul
_mniisly__;md the—rt_iolu_.Qn__adontc_.
with the word "legal" omitted. They
are as follows:1
"Whereas, the Spanish government,
't i
a relic of fifteenth century civilization,
has assassinated the great educator,
. Francisco Ferrer, whoso only crime
has been to establish schools for Ihv
education of the coming generations
of Spain, and
"Whereas, The imbecile king and
corrupt priesthood of Spain are enabled to rule and exploit. Hie poop]-»
only through the murder of those who
seek to educate the workers and their
children; nnd
"Whereas, This assassination Is nol
simply the killing of a single man hu|,
a blow al. oductiltoii, and progress
throughout, tlie world, since tho shot
ihnt pierced the honrl of 1*error was
aimed at the bruin of Iho masses of
Spain; therefore he It
"Itesolvod, Thn I. the Socialist pnrty
of Cook county, In mass ment Ing assembled, protest against. (Ills assassination and that we express our haired
of the use of murder as a political
weapon In the interest of Ignorance;
and exploitation, nnd that we cull up,*
on ihi' workers of the world lo respond
lo this attack by renewed energy and
greater devotion lo the work of tench*!
Ing and   nrgnnls-ilng the worker.-;    for j
Hie battle of freedom,"
Copies Sent to Europe
Copies of I In1 resolutions were sep:
io nil the newspapers "Hint would
publish thein," to the .Spanish embassy
nl. Washington und lo the iulei'liiitlon*
al Soelnllst buernu al Brussels, Belgium, 10 be fni'Williled I'l tlle tollers
and  rcvoliiiIcmisls ol   Spulu.
"Yesterday morning Ferrer wan u
son of Spain," said .1, Mnhloii llarues,
niiilonul hecrctiiry of the SnrlnUs.
piiity. in the I'll'.1 address uf Hie evening. "Tndiiy In* Is n world power. To-
nUlii  lie li.'l.iii/*-, In Ilie age'1.
"Feller |eH behind :.l)*),i)i|u niiiilents
who ivcoi',i'l/.e liln Iosh peihnp'' uioiv
i.ei'iily Hum anyone ei,*,e, The> I'', mini/,' Hie I'liuil tlmt  hill* liui'll wlllld) U'.*. II >
by    I'eiii'i*'!!  pai-Hliii.*,      The  working'
i liir,.**,  eveiyivlu'li*   HIOIIHIH     Ills   Hiking'
mi, h'Tiiii*-" lie wan lulling for Uiclr,
ll'len**.!!. Til'1    Wil|-l(e|'.*i    III'      IlOllie,1   ,      . . i ii
1        ' i Spain.  ( eremites describe*
Paris. Vlenii'.i, Tileste und iiimierouri1
oilier (Ilie*, i|M* m piult-nl  ,i'.',illli."*l  tlll.i
•lie **' 'i  e i-,'ii  in ' ' •
"We are the victims of popular ignorance, declared Barnes, and pointed
out how tho conscience' of the people
had been* aroused by the Dred Scott
decision and tlio death of John Brown
before the Civil war, and later by thc
assertion of Goorgo Baer, Pennsylvania
coal baron, that he had been divinely
appointed to superintend the digging
of coal.
King  Is Dead—Bury Him
"We must change the cry of 'The
King is, dead—long live the king,' tb
"The King is dead—Let us Bury Him,"
said Barnes.
"Tlie foulest and most" indelible
stains that ever disgraced the American press are tlie headlines over tlie
stories relating to the arrest, trial,
condemnation, execution, and European indignation over the assassination of Professor Francisco Ferrer,"
was Dr. Axel C. Gustafson's introduction to his address.   *
"When the treatment of Ferrer's
case by tho great American press bo-
comes* known, as jt must shortly,
among the thinkers and scientists bf
Europe—yes among tlie-masses and
their estimation of the United Stales
Press   Disgraces   America
"The press articles show thai the
writers know absolutely nothing about
Ferrer and that they have simply published all the calumnies and lies that
tbe Maura-Cierva ministry has disseminated lo prejudice1 public opinion
against the greatest educator of the
growing generation ever born,
"Ever since Ferrer's arrest I have
ransacked the libraries for all information concerning this wonderful mnn
to replenish my scanty resources but
havo been unable to find the least bit
of record of his life or work-, The various biographies and dictionaries do
not even havo Ills namo, and yet tho
whole of Europe Is in commotion over
his murder,
"At the beginning of tills century
Francisco Ferrer of Borcelonn made
up his mind Hint his country must bo
rodoomed from medieval despotism,
and (hut the mil lonal education of the
children was Hie surest means to that
end. This tusk was appalling,
Monks  Control   Education
"The monks absolutely controlled
the situation, even to deciding the text
books that were to bo usod lu the universities, The census states Ihnl 7-ln
of Hie people can neither read nor
wrlto, Forty per cent of the, people
are stale employes, ■ The premier controls nol only the greul offices of state
but every mayoralty, prefecture und
collei-iorshlp, und nn (heir nalarli-s are
small and usually in iiiti-iii'h ihey must
live ou plunder.
The army ou a pence footing iiiiui*
herH 11)0,1)00, wllh six cnplnlii generals,
III! lleuleillllll goiii-rillh. III) division gen-
ornlM nml Hit) brigadier generals--Ibat
Is one general for every :i"o soldiers In
lho army.
"Unrcelona and Catiilnulii afforded
l,'eri*er ii ground for iiperiiiloii. The
CiiiulfiiiliuiH are n hiii'dy vigorous ruee.
Napoleon said lie ne\er knew of u race
wltli greater powers of reslstniire,
Maiiiu Is likely io find that mil hnfiiri-
tbey get Ihrougli with him aud Ills
A Tribute to Barcelona
"lliii'i-i'loiin Is Ferrer'); imtUe rlty.
the , uiont beautiful und proHpeiiius in
ber as
"ilie home nf eoiii'leMV iiuvlimi nf Mm
Mlrnlig'TH, shelter nf the poor, the common centre of ull that  Ik sincere    in
Civil Trial Fruitless
"After his previous arrest Prof. Ferrer, notwithstanding having been in
prison for thirteen months was finally
brought to trial. * The Spanish • government had done its utmost to get
his case tried by a court martial, but
the'public opinion of Europe, as well
as the direct intercession of King Edward of England, caused' thorn to refrain. As a result not only was he
acquitted and found guiltless of ■the
charge, but the expenses of the trial
had to be paid by the government, and
the decree compelled them to return
the funds to Ferrer, which upon his
arrest thoy had confiscated. This time
they know fully that with a civil trial
whore evidence had to be heard and
the public admiited, they had not a
ghost of" a show-.of Ferrer's conviction.
"But before a court martial with
enclosed doors, with ho presentation
of evidence except that which was intended to convict him, with no power,
of rebuttal, the captain general, whose
word would bo final, .knowing that
Dom Antonio Maura would take away
his commission if he" allowed Ferrer
to escape, had no other recourse. Ferrers conviction was certain before the
trial started.
One of World's Greatest
:"You will not wonder, I know, if,
with facts like- these before me, I refuse to even attempt by facts, which
are irrefutable, to show that Prof. Ferrer had no part or share in the uprising af Barcelona: I consider that
Hie' mere effort in that direction, with
such a glorious record as he had reconsecrated and masterful devotion
to the elevation of the world through
rational education of the young, would
be to smirch his-clean and stainless
memory. I affirm, and history ' will
bear me out in this assertion; that
Prof. Ferrer was one of the, grandest,
truest' and most consecrated men to
the cause of liberty, justice aiid ideal
happiness that ever lived.
The-commotion-i n—EuTope—orei—hi s*
murder has'only commenced. It will
reach in deeper and deeper circles, all
the truest men and women in the
world until his marvellous educational
methods will become universal, not
only in Spain, not only in Europe but
even America will be enfranchised and
a now world witli justice, contentment
happiness and infinite hope of progress
will be established."
Crowd too Big for Hall
"Wheneovr a crime is committed, if
there is no one else to object, the Socialists will object," said County Secretary Fraonckel iu opening the mooting,
Tlie crowd that packed tho assembly
hall was so largo that many who came
in late were unablo to get within hear-!
Ing distance of the speaker,—Chicago
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* lJi-liic.e Kupert ISmpiro:—■ Socialism
wns the thorno nt n largoly nttonilod
inoutliift'ln Iln.' lilniiiress Tlicnlro lu.st
Sundny ovoning, tlio thoatro having
licon kindly lonnnd to tho -worklnginon
for tho occasion.
.Mr. .1, McKcchnic presided and tin.
Hponkorn woro Mr, Pnlvlok l)nl»y. V.r
.1. 1.1, King und Ur, Curry, the lalior
holiig tlie prliiclpiil Hponkor of tho ov-
Mr, Onloy recited in length lho
rlghtH which In-long to lho working
cIiihhoh, nnd Hlrongly oniphiiHlzi'd ihnt
li Ih only liy nnd ihroiiKh a syHtPiniirlc
and NiiHlnlno.l organisation that iny
I'liiluring iniproveni-'iit can b-** acconi-
„ Mr. King I'liilormii]  Mr. Haley's ex-
I pi'i-HHlomi,     Thn capitiillHl cIiihhi'-'h   nb-
tiilni'd their liixiirli'ii through llio ragH
und Kwoiil of lho pour,
It wiik only iliroin;h orgaiil/.alioii
Hint tlio wwlilim (Iiihki'h could hocoino
of British Columbia In iho Dominion
of Canada.
Thero pre other places that will rival
these in some respects, but at the
risk of.arousing a storm of jealous and
righteous' rivalry we believe it safe to
say that these are the two high points
In the lnnd.
At, first sight li would bo hard to
find two places apparently moro diver,-
gout In tlieir principal characteristics.
Ono Is exclusively urban, the other
largely rural witli small towns, Thoy
aro undor dlfforont. flags wltli different election machinery.
.Moreover when tho respective) move-
niunts are studied directly tho contrast
is apparently ascertained The Wisconsin niovomnnt Is popularly reported lo bo "opportunist," "conservative"
anil Its enemies sny compromising in
cliiirnctor.   * *,
Tho llrltlsh Columbia Socialists all
boast of their revolutionary, ltuconipro-
mlHlng clinrnclet*, nnd their enemies
call thorn Imposslblllsts. We Hhnll
not attempt to say whether any of
tlu>He nnilgi'H or oplthets arc deserved.
Wc are concerned only with tlio ro-
Thn Importunt fact Is that lu both
phiccH thorn aro roprosoutntlvi's of tho
Socliilliit party iu legislative bodies,
TIicho repreHontiitlvoH m-v feared aud
haled by the exploiters and looked
to with hope liml expectation by the
In neither pliiri* are tlioy sinudliig
n powor In Hie ieitl houso of tbe word
ii power that would be foil und also j one Hide miking, writing discussing. At
feared, j lentil these nre nol iliulr principal oe-
Dr, Curry ileilvored a lengthy and ■ ciiiiiiliiins, iuul ihe ninni lint thin they
eloquent inlilroHs.     H was largely ta- are   illiiuuMrlciilly    opposed on hoiiio
I,ell    fiom    Hie   hlllllilpllllll    111   hl'lel iv  j llll'llli'l il'lll   pnllllH   ih  (if   -,1'iy Jlllle   lm-
i:i;ivtjr. *l.<-ng liv- Dw inoilmu hi-IiooIh
were tb«- words upon his lips as ho
ilf.-il. I'lirer did nut live In vain nor
Iiiih he iH<-<1 iu vain.
lie Iiui nl Ihe lehilioilh lietWei'Il tho
e(llll|tler01H   llllll     the   eOliqileieil,     lh'J
master mid the sline, the feudal lor.l
aud  pi'iiMim, down  through  tho nxi>s
Id  Ihe   pl'eseill   llllio,  WllOII   ho  I'lnllliei!
ihero In Hiicl'i it ihjiiK as wago Hln.vry
I liln n^nlrlll, In- nam, In Jllnl ,».*> i|l|i*|
,;;,,' '., ,' .. .■*)■.<i')• ■■ ;j.-* mi) ." .-..' .';;
llllll   hliS e.el   e\|hted  ill  till' hlMoi',*.' of
Dr, Curry iiImo contended that    tho
workers of today could not seciiri' lho
*,■'.,,,** *>..   ,.,-..:   .,'*;>'■..,, *,».   *,*,, '.....I ,   >,i,,■.,,.*.
ihnl the pioiluiorB do not begin to obtain anything llko the value of what
; ihey producl',
1    The nicMlng concliideil about  UtMt
! iiYJiicU.
porlaiiee when bulb are dnlnii praeilc.
ul work.
The I'nlt'-il Mine W'oiliers of llrltlHh
Culiiiiiliia   look upon tlm Kocliillst par
ty as the political expression of their
organization, Their official organ,
The Fernie Ledger, shows that. - This
paper pays littlo attention to discussions of socialist policy and philosophy.
It is directly concerned with the* class
struggle and takes It* for granted that
the socialist, members will do what, the
rank and file of the workors wish them
to do. '        ■ ''
In tho local parliament tho Socialist
representatives are engagocl in fighting dny by dny, for tho measures that
aro demanded by (lie working class-.
Thoy undoubtedly have Lliolr opinions
on mnttors of theory and fight for
thom when needed; but thoy realize
that ihe fundamental fight is the clnss
struggle between capitalists and laborers.
Tho same thing is truo In Wisconsin.
Thoro nlso the trade unions as a mutter, of courso look upon tho Socialist
pnrty as thoir political expression and
look 'to its reproBentatlvoB to fight (ho
buttles for thom In legislative hulls,--
Chicago Daily'Socialist,   ,
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One hundred and thirty four mon---
classed ns vngranls—wore seized Inst
Tiiesduy by Sew York pollen and sent
to do six montliH each In the work-
Iiouho, Thoy wore not crlmlnali* or
proftiHHlonal crooks, bill tho vlciotm
product of a vIcIouh social system,
Tbo police admit thai lliu iinforliilinloH
woro not nvi'it charged nf the crime
of misdemeanor. Tliolr hoI'o oIToiich
oouhIhIoiI of hiiiiig poor, out of work,
und lackltiK friends in Tiimmniiy hull.
Tlmy wore guilty of that which iu our
Hiiflnl order U rngnrileil iih the crltun
iof crimes, thin of noli lier owning pro-
pnrty nor |)iiiiliie|ii« prnflln fnr lho
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Ferrer .i True Martyr j friendship.
■'Hi* mul wu.-i a (nro- fiom htari to,    • |u Uu**-,*.* eiivnoiih I'Viht tuiiiiil nis
finish,    iii- wiih permitted to fnco on'-jlmpo iu iiiH|iiniltnp. Tli.'<rn ho founded
iMti- v-tit-."-.-!      He dl«-i! nobly an all   bis Ksrueln Mndein.i,   ■•itientinp:   the
ilie miiis in.' mull ill'-* Ui< wiih a true  rhjjd »<, onllm; in hlc nut nml Incllna*
UniiH, leaving him free to InveHtlj-'iite
and aiding him iu IiIh pursitllH.
•'Jm-irer's hc.IiooIh in lliircelona at the
linn" of the recent  upriHiiiK lind ovor
"Perhnps   Victor, ll«-rgnr of Mllwau-' a ilioiis-nnd pupils.  lilt* kcIiouI books
i.ei., v.iio b'f; lm  Hiit «i|i»* Vn all'nd Di ■ i ,u.* i't/iiiiil .<U lint l/.iii.iu. Ui  I'mn.il. >..
(■oi'fi.r.-iifi*' of Hie International Hernial j thn International l.eamie of Kmliiiml,: Different Societies, Homo CJoal: It;
tut litiri'iiii. has u'ltiiesseil Mini" »f tbti, iAwWuw. vif Vtiibl. l'ii>|. Itiii.i.i*! u m H.iit*n»ll> lulmliU-il h> lUouo u.u.st,
hinncH In the tiipltiilH of Kuropc liu-i-j .li>un Is prciticloni, nml which counts, familiar with tlm Hoclnlint ntovcineiitj
<!(t,lal io Mi" i-xec-utl'iii of l-Vn-r. II •' huinlrcdK of thn forcrnosi thinkers and: in Anmiif-n thnt there aro two flpotHj
laxt iilnlii* He will Dwn lw ubl'.' t«*! vitcnttMn nil ovor tlm world nmoim Ituinn tin- rnntlnniif. wlion** the movomonti
Hhcjiilil have been In I'arJs or Vlnnnn: ini-nilmrR* ! I« '.*iiof.t fnnrod by the cnpltnlliit rlftBH
britiK l-ack noun*' real latin r,'Hitrdiin:: 'Tlwtn' are nnmo nl i-v* rt-AHOiiK lot inud imini valuw! hy tij*' aorVing tlaii.
th* rti-miMiitUaiimm. 'lb" WlUli.it ut IVi , it.t \t.uvUUUk; tlkiltKL.a-.UtU nud ainio'A tTUu..t* lv.u liliicc;. ah; Lliu l.'Lai.*i of U'ttl
ior will itoiibU<-H* ot-Mipy tho undlvM-;«v»-r Dw nmntur of K«inr, l«*«milii. United Stf.tc» ami th» provlnc**
Woman's Power
Over Man
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Good Connection
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, (j
'   _
■ i
■x fl
 _ ___ __ _  ■■ ; pf- ^
Questions You Should Know How to Answer
Candidates for examination held in
/Fernie B., C, on October 12th, 13th,
and 14th, 1909. „     "
First Class:
Leonard C. Stevens
•T. K.-,Knox
J. D. Thomas
T. A. Spruston .
Second Class:
Ed. Roberts ,
1 Thomas  Thompson
F. D. Alderson
Tom .Brace     .   "    ,
W. McFegan *
'    \V.  Wesnedge
N. Howells
G. Rankin
1-1. Massey
■ \V. R. Foster
W. J.'Macey
.1. 13'. Thomas
T. Biggs
John Bnggley
Third Class
11. S. Kirkeherg
W. Price
" J. T. Mawson
•W. Joyce '   -
. \V. Slienfield "'"    '
J. Tl. .Simister
F. 'Hutchinson
C. O'Brien '   '
T. McPhillips      '".      "
R. It Spruston        *   * .
Andy Frew,        *'.,'„'
■   SECOND CLASS—Continued from last
. week
1. Name anil describe the various
gases met with in coal mines, giving
symbols and specific gravities, where
• found and under what conditions may
they become dangerous to human life?
_. In a mine giving oi£ inflammable
gas, what portion of the mine is most
likely to be effected by a sudden fall
of the _ barometer, and whaf are the
dangers to be apprehended therefrom?
■   ;   -io
3. How many cubic feet of air would
be   necessary   to  dilute   and   render
.   harmless 750 cubic feet, of C H 4?—15
4. What are the constituent gases of
fire damp? * —10
'   7).' "What is meant by the diffusion of
gases?      From  what portion  of the
j_-mine_doJli_eJigliteiLgases more readily
* diffuse?* '    ' *   -      *  ' —10
6. How would you deal with accum-
' illations of gas' in .abandoned work-
'  ings? ■ y ,     • '   —10
7, "In pillar drawing "in a gaseous
mino what general systom of ventilation would you adopt to keep ,the
working places .clear?        ; —10
8.*Explain the principle of the safety
lamp and under whut conditions may
it become unsafe?;, —10
' !). The quantity of air in tho return
■ airway is 15,000 cubic feet per minute, yonr safely lamp shows a gas cap
of 1-S of an inch, what amouiu of
marsh gas is being given off in tho
mine? 7-lB
10. In 11 mine firo where gases are
generated,- how would you protect, tho
workmen from tho dangers   thereof?
I, Describe the various methods of
ventilation. Whnt is ni'-nnt hy 'ascensional vontilation. To whnt ox-
•tout, would you rely upon nnturnl ventilation? —15
a, In installing vimilliillon hy inn,
bIiow hy sketches how you would ro*.
vorso tho air current should occasion
roquiro it?       -s —1">
11. Explain thi) ad vantages of split t-
Ing the nlr, and under whnt conditions
would you limit tlio numbor of splits?
4, Tho totnl rubbing surface of ti
squaro nlrway Is 190,000 squaro foot,
ami tho length Is 4000 foot, tho quantity of nlr passing is 75O0O cubic foot
por minute, whut is thn velocity? —15
6. What, horso powor will bo roqulrod to vontllato a mlno employing 200
mon and 10 mules with a water riuiko
of 1,l> InchoB. Total offlcloncy 00 por
cont? --Hi
0, OoHcrilH) somo nyHit'iii of voiitlln-
tion which mny havo occurrod to you,
In your experlotu'ti, usIiik hIcoIcIiob if
nocoHBtiry, —-Hi
7. Doscrlbo tlio various mothoils of
IncroiiHlitK tho ventilation without. liv
erotiHliw tho power. —-IO
8. DoHctibo tlm various Instruments
used to dotormliiR tho condition or tho
mlno iiimosphuiu mid tho quiintlty
and proHHiiro of the vnulllntion and
especially o:*pliilnliiK llm functions of
tho wai or gunge, 12
I). Show by skotchos a kooiI overcast
and stopping suitable for wiuooitlni*-
nround? —1 fi
10, Vontllato tho plun Klvon, using
the conventional nlgu-i hlwuii, lid
I, Describe with sketches tho follow
ing systems of working coal: Room
and pillar, panel and long wall! and
state what bearing each system may
have upon efficient ventilation. —20
, 2. How would. you . deal with" gob
fires in each of tlie. above systems?
■ —12
3. Describe with sketches if, necessary the several methods' of safely extracting, pillars. —12
4. What are the dangers to be-apprehended from the use of electricity
in mines and'how would you guard
against them? > Would you instal electricity for any purpose'Underground
where safety lamps are used exclusively?     If so for what purpose?        ^12
5. Show by sketches; the various
cuppings \for, hoisting and haulage
ropes. What precautions are necessary to ensure against breakages in
ropes, chains and couplings?
, G. Describe the simple instruments
necessary to keep the daily gradient
and direction of the, workings and the
work, and work out the following:
A level is driven north G5 degrees,
west and the rooms north. The rooms
arc,25 feet wide and the*pillars 30 ft.,
what is the distance from centre to
centre of room on the level? 15
7. In a dry ancl dusty mine, what systom of watering and rolling stock
would'you instal? Under what conditions would you consider it advisable to prohibit the use of explosives
in mines?      ," t    • 15
-' S. flow .would you deal'with a creep
in the mine, and how would, you prevent its recurrence? In deep mines
what system would you use to prevent
it. , ,   "      '12
9. Describe with sketches the various
kinds of timbering in levels and
rooms? '' ]5
10. What general rule would guide
you in recovering a coal seam which
may be lost by dislocations and faults?
1. What-are the duties of tie fireman as set forth in the special rules?
„      <*• 'i*">
2. What are the duties of the shot-,
lighter as set forth in special rule 9A?
"" ' *.      ■      .;' 15
S.AVhat are the'requirements of the
Man Wants But Little Here Below
But Wants that Little—Clean;
He Likes Things Neat—
•   Bright, Fresh and Sweet:-*
And Here's a Tip, Irene,
To.Keep Things Looking Spick    Span
With Little Work—and Please the Man,
Golden West Washing Powder:
It Cleanses—Purifies—Beautifies
Save Coupons for Pvemitims
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(i(30) days afLcr'dato I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner    of
Lands  and  Works    i'or  a  license  to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following* described lands, situato
in South.E, Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles" norih ir
the  International   boundary  on   Sage
Thence running south SO chains,
Thence running east SO' chains,
Thence running north SO chains,
Thence running west SO chains,
to place of    commencement, making
G'10 acres more'or less.
Located this 19th clay   -of September, 1909.
Agent for
^ * JAMES  RAVEN,  Locator.
Oct 15-5t W.R.R.
act. as to bratticingand fencing in the
mine? ., ■       ■    10
4. What arc the requirements of the
general rules as.to the examination
and testing of safety lamps? 10
. 5. What are the regulations as to the
use of safety lamps, open.lights, or
matches and tobacco, and where safety lamps are ordered to be" used what
further precautions    are    necessary?
G.' What are the examinations required in a mine in which'inflamable gas
has been found within tho preceding
12 months, and what are .the requirements as to examination in a mine in
which inflammable gas has been not
found within tho preceding 12 months?
7." .What are the provisions of the
Act ns to the withdrawal of tho workmen In case of clangor?, 10
8. What aro tlio requirements'of tho
Act as to man holes or, places of ro-
fuge? 10
ll. What, are tho requirements of the
act ns to vontilation? 10
10, What aro the requirements of
general rule !) as to explosives and
blasting? '  20
1. Name and describe tho various
rosob mot with In coal mlnos, and how
detected. Glvo specif ic gravities, and
tho dangers to ho approhonded from
any or all of thom? .:    20
, 2, As a fireman upon going on shift
what Importance.) would you attach to
tho roadlng of tho bnrometor and
wator gaugo and why? 12
3, What goneral principles would
guldo you in ventilating:
(a) Pillar workings
(I)) Abandoned workings,
(0) Advanced headings In,a biibooiis
■I, Under what gonnral conditions
would you coiiHliler tho uso of explosives dangerous in a mino nnd oxpluln
tho ciiUHo and dimmer of windy shots?
^^1 w
.". .Mention tho dangers to which
safety lamps miiy become exposed and
undor what conditions Ihey may he
rendered tiiiwifu? 10
li. What are tho advantages of splitting the nlr current and to what extent may this principle bo coi'rled ad-
\anliig(iouHly and why? 12
7.Wliul. am tlm principles that, would
guldo you In commencing your duties
as a iiruiiiiiit or un"' iijiiuuii •*»'''» «i
iihut ymi ut Dm u-ulllullnj,* current
would you comnicnco your duties and
why? 10
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon.  Chief Commissioner    of
Lands  and ; Works ,-• for a' license  to
prospect for coal and'petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
bia, Block '1593, commencing at a post
planted at or near one mile south of
Neil Dunlop's S.' W. corner, and being
the S.-.W. corner James Ravens claim,
Thence running east SO chains,
Thence running north SO chains,
.Thence running west SO chains,    „
Thenco running south SO chains,
to place of    commencement,'making
010 acres more' or less'.
Located .this 19th dny.. of September, 1909.
Agent for
JAMES  RAVEN," Locator.'
Oct 15-St W.IU-t.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) clays after date I intend to-apply
lo the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
in South E. Kootenay, .British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing'at a post
planted at or near James Ravens N.
AV. corner and being the N. 13. corner
of Albert Clark's claim; '
Thence running south SO chains,
Thence running west SO chains,
,• Thence running north SO chains,   *
Thence running east 80 chains,'
lo place of    commencement, -making
040 acres more or less.
Located this 19th day    of September, 1909.        ■  „ '
Agent for
Oct 15-ot W.R.R.
NOTICE is hereby given that'thirty
(30) days after date 1 intend to^apply
to the Hon.  Chief Commissioner    of
Lands and  Works    for a  license  to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following describe-, lands, situate
iri South E. Kootenay, British Columbia, 'Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near Henry B.ugbey S. E.
corner and being ihe S. W. comer of
Neil Dunlop's claim,
Thenco running north SO chains,
Thence running east SO chains,
Thence running south 80 chains,
Thence running west SO chains,
to place of    commencement,  making
640 acres more or less.
Located  this 19th day    of September, 1909.
Agent for
NEIL DUNLOP,   Locator,
Oct 15-5t W.R.R.
f I **»*
B.  E.  WALKER,  President
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000.
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Every facility ail'orded to fai-inei-s and      t
ei-s  for the transaction of   their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or t.-ikcn foi- collection.
RAKfirTW.fi   RV   MATT   Accounts may bo opened by mail and .monies
DAJMUMiBI  MAIL doposilwl w with(lrawi/in t]lis wuy ,vilh-
equal facility.      ., ■     * -   ■,,
Manager, Fernie.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after duie-I, intend to npply
to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lands and. Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
in South K. Kootonay, British Columbia, Block 1593, commencing at a post j
planted at or-near Albert Clark's N.
I_. corner and being Henry Bugbey's S.
10. corner,
■ Thence running norlh SO chains,   *
Thence running east SO chains,
Thence running south SO chaius,
Thence running west SO chains,
to  place  ot    commencement,  making
040 acres more or less. "  '
Located  this lUlh day    of September, 1909. ' ,
Agent for
- ■„ •      HENRY BUG BEY, Locator,,,
,   Oct.  iv r-t W.R.R.
NOTICE is. hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon.  Chief Commissioner    of
Lands  and   Works," for a  license  to
prospect for coal ancl petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
-ill—South—E.—KQQlenav— British—Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near James Raven's-S.
W. corner and being the S. E. corner
Nat Babeock's claim;
Thence running west SO chaius,
Thence running north SO chains,
Thence running east 80 chains,
Thence running south 80 chains,
to place of    commencement; making
G40 acres more or less.
Located this  19th day    of September, 1909, ■
Agent, for
Oct 15-5t  W.R.R.
IN thc matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate; certificate of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town of Pernio
(Jlap 734.)    ^"-~
Notico is hereby given that it, is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above mentioned lot in
the name of .Michael J. Casey, John
Robert Ross and William A. Ross,
which certificate is dated tho 5th
clay of October 1907 and numbered
District Registrar
Land  Registry  office  Nelson,  B.  C,
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values the opportunity  to  save,
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ifivcn   our   iiiiniediati
P. Burns & Co.,
Meat   Merchants
The 41 Meat Market imited
. Wholesale and Retail Butchers
NELSON, B. C' Oct. 15—After .disposing of a brief list of civil cases*at
Rossland Chief Justice Hunter reach-
.nri 1i£n<£-_ iraci fli'rlo ir_ ai\i-l_iiflvt r„np*_i-1o ii_
■^VA -i.^1   \m. J   \**J\.\Jl  llllj U.A4U UU.Tl, --UCUUUJ-
his lordship will preside at the fall
assizes, civil and criminal, which will
commence on that date.
Tho principal criminal case is that
of Frank Kootenay, an Indian who is
charged with tho wilful , murder of
another Indian named Antoino Bap-
tiste, near Grassy Point on tlie Arrt w
Lakes on Aug. 15;
One, Lockhart, of Fernie is charged
with theft i'n connection with the
Fernie lire relief fund of last year.
About a dozen civil cases aro on tho
list, for trial, but. none of tliem promises to be of more than local Interest.
Back to our Old Stand     S
We beg to announce to our'many "custom ers "that we have removed to our old quarters next the' Bank of Commerce pending the
Andy   Hamilton.
Tinsmith and Plumber
I' '   -   " ■                                   I
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railing*. Hair
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We wllh you to poiUWely and dMtodly undmtwd tint Ayw « IEWr
Vfeor d«» not »ff«ct the color of the hilr, even to the illAtwt
d«_ret. Person* with th* whlt«t or the itfitttt *nd molt detote
IngrcdlenU: f^i^^^^^^u^
Show thli fortnule lo your doctor.  Ask Wm whit he think* of It
J. O. ATM OntfWFf, 1m»\1. llm —._•__■_____
ti, Under whnt conditions would you
cniiHliliJi* It iuIvIh,ililo to limit, the shot
frtig to n shift, when general mining
oimriitloiiH nre not curried on?       10
I), Mnkii onl nn ImriKlnnry report of
your examination iih fireman, nnd mon-
(Ion hIiiio Irrcgiilni'lty or iinuminl condition which you mny have cucounUir-
ed upon your riniudH? -10
10, Vontllato tho plun given using
thu cunu-iitioiiiil Migim Known,'        iv
In tho mattor of an application for
tho 1h"?iio nf n dnnltcnto rortlflcntn for
Titlo for Lot 3 Mock 2 ot lot GIGS
Group One Kootenay District (Map
NOTICB'In horoby Riven tlmt It In
my Intention to Ir«uo at tho expiration
of ono month aftor tho first publication
hereof ft duplicato ot the Certllleato of
Title to tho nbovo mentioned lot In
tho name ot Kiler Harper which certificate Is dated tho 19th of March 1900,
and numbered H%K.
H. R. Jorand,
District Rogtitrnr
Are You
Connected. ?
Aro you ready to rccoivo tho power and light
from the new system? Now is the time to have
connections and wiring done. We can Have you
•monetr     Wo rinvo nil «twlp« nntl rnnlreo of fivturen
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Strictly Cash
MRS.   E.   TODD
NOTICE is hereby, given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner^ of
Lands and Works for a,- license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E.*Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 1 mile east of the
31st mile post of the present C. P. R.
surveyed line and being the south east
corner of A. S. Farquharson's claims;
Thence running west 80 chains;''
Thence running north SO chains;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this lst day of September,
J. RAVEN.. Witness •  '
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south,80 chains o, -.
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or lese.  ,
Located this 3rd day of September,
1909. *  »        ,. ...    ,
J. RAVEN, Witness     r.   7
Sold only in sealed lead packets
At all grocers
40c. 50c. and 60c.  per pound
Fernie, B. C
■ts>ij* Stetriri £*%**
?1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to tlie "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application."
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this, paper are signed by trustworthy
persons,- and to prove our faith by words, we will make-
good to actual subscribers any loss Incurred by" trust-,
ing advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
Mbscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
■ior.pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
transaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
Sit! Don't make a noise, or you might*wake
the eouneil up to the advisability of getting good
clean, healthy -water down to the Annex and district, from where almost.cvery day a miner or some
other poor unfortunate is, carried to thc hospital,
suffering with fever. Every few' days a death
occurs, till now it has become so alarming as to call
i'or .some special "attention.      The fact that tlie
_ Jai*g__i__,iui-j_i_l4__^^
from this part of the city, where city water is not
available, leads one to suppose that the late JMecli-
ciil Health Officer was right in posting up notices
that the water of the wells in West Fernie.   thc
.Recreation Grounds and tlie Annex was unfit for.
use.     That was fine to go'lo a district whero no-.
* thing but 'unwholesome water Avas to be had and
say "Don't use il."     What wero the people to do?
Live without water?.     Sure; we. the city council
''  , of the city of 1-Y»rnic have mere to attend to than
ihe health of a few laboring plugs. "We must raise
officials' salaries, rush through park sites, power
.plants and civic buildings, but water, bah! That is
i\ moiv nothing.     ]l''tlu\people dn not want to use
the well wafer Hint we as an august and duly i|hnl-
ified body have condemned, let them leave it alone!
We have all Ilie water wo 're.ipiiiv at "Our." homos.
That is the fever situation in Ferine today in a nut,
shell.     II. would cosi approximately three hundred
dollars to have laid a pipe down to this district,
and loft an open tap where people who are paying
luxes to support tho city, could have got al least
pure wnter.
Would the aldermen give bad water to their
horses or dogs? No, thoy value them,'but men's
lives are cheap, the country is flooded witli men,
womon and children and they are a drug on thn
market, so let them go,
A civic olcotion will be on soon. See that you
put in two or throe, men that will pay more attention to the lives of workingmen and their families,* and do the other work after.
brought, into the limelight soon if a* move is not
immediately made to stamp out this evil.
The foreign members of the II. M. W. of A.
are the ones usually picked for these swindles, because of their ignorance of the customs of the country. ■ Left alone-.the Italians and Slavonians are
the most honorablejnon in the camps, but .taken
tlie.-way they are it is.no wonder they fall such an
,casy prey to these bestial vampires. "Old Fighting 13iill" the president ol: this District, as well as
the other officials, arc determined to see that the
foreigners get as square a deal as any others, and
for this reason are going to push a .very, vigorous
campaign, against this thieving policy, no matter
who the culprit may be—so beware.
Following is Manager Stockett's letter admitting
the fact of corruption:'     ,     '
' Hosmer 13. C, Oct. 16.
Win. Powell, President District IS'lL JI.'W. of A.
Fernie, 11. C.
Dear Sir: Hereafter the superintendent only
will hire all of the men, and I think it would be
well to send a letter to the local union* here, calling
attention to the fact, that tne employee who offers
or pays a bribe, is as guilty as the foreman who
accepts it, and that the Company hereafter will
discharge any employee-guilty of these,,offences,
and that if an employee is'so discharged, he will
not be upheld by the union.
This, with the other action I have taken, should
effectually break up the practice;
-Yours truly;
Lewis Stockett
Located this"2nd day of September,
. NAT BABCOCK,* Agent, -
;, P.A.FARQUHARSON,*- Locator
J. RAVEN, Witness '   .;*
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days-after date Iintend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situato in
South E. Kooteniiy, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles east of 30
mile'post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line and being the north east
corner of Edmond Boisjoll's claim;
Thence running south 80 chains,
Thence'running west 80 chains;
Thence running north SO chains;
Thence running east 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
1909. .  •
,, NAT BABCOCK, Agent,
J. RAVEN,' Witness
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and1 Petroleum on the
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block,, 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles east, of 30
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed lino and being the north west
corner of Nat Babcock claim;
Thence running south SO chains
Thence running east SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running west.80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less,
r-iocated this 2nd day of September,
1909.     ■.,"■'**
NAT BABCOCK, Locator     .
J. RAVEN, Witness
Business  Blocks,   Churches
Schools, and heavy work a
Agents for Edmonton Pressed Brick
and   Hand   Point   Common   and
Pressod   Wrick. '   Estimates  .furnished free
i *.* * '
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following described lands situato in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 miles oast of 27
mile post of the present. C P. R. surveyed line and,being the ,south east
corner of Nat Babcock claim;
/Thenco running west SO chains;
Thence running north SO chains;.
" '7 "■ General "Manager.
Note the clalise "thc company hereafter will
discharge "any employee guilty of these offences."
Now, it seems to us that that is an unsidedown way
of doing things. Nine out of ten men who have
paid a" commission or bonus for their jobs have
done'so under a, misapprehension, and the foreman
is the one who is thc thief, and the one who should
suffer,' not thc poor dupe who thinks he is doing
\\;haf is right and necessary in ordor to get a chance
to, earn a scanty existence for his wife and family.
AV liter
is cheap, but workinginen's lives are
cheaper. This is()whaf you get for the votes and
honor you'sold last year in the civic election. Ver-
i „ wliirl-
* NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenaj-rBritish Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at, or near 4 miles east of 27
mile post of the present C.P. R. surveyed line and being the north west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80. chains
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day, of September
1909.        .     o
J.. RAVEN, Witness-
Fernie Opera House
IhnLsowclh a wind shall reap
In connection with the inquest held last. Friday
night lo enipiire into the death of Carlo Maucicus.
the verdict was otic of the most sensible that has
been rendered, and the jury should lie compliment-
i'd on their work,1 The president, vice-president
and secretary-treasurer of the district did good
work also, and obtained some good points, and
showed that they are always on the alert in the
interests of the workers. Too many deaths have
been passed off as "accidental" and no recommendations appended. This has got; to stop. The toll
of capitalism is too- strong.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days'after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situato in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4D93, commencing at n post
planted at or near the 28 mile post of
tho present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being tho north wost corner of' Nat
Babcock clnlm;
Thence running east, 80 chains;
Thonco running south 80 chains
Thence running wost 80 chains;
Thenco running north 80 chains;
to a point of eommoncomont, making
G40 acres moro or loss.
Located this 2nd   day of September
J. RAVEN. Witness
High Class
ov i ng
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
The  Latest
and Best
Prices 15c arid 25c.
| Beer
I       and
I Porter
§ Bottled Goods a Specialty |
We A. Kastner
\ •
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Thu anniversary of the great
fire of August 1, 1008, is drawing near.' Let us draw your attention to the fact that we represent li financially strong, old
established and well known
Board Fire Insurance companies, also agent for tho
Sun   Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
We have several snaps in
Business and  Residential
■   in different parts of the city
Cl   " *.     *
NewOliver Typewriter
. Machine given out on trial
No Charge'
Prepare for the Winter Now
We have in Stouk u full line o{  ;'
Coal and Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
and Ranges
"We have aluo a full line of Stove Pipes, Elbows, Dumpers,, Fire
shovels etc.
J. M.   AGNEW & CO.
r-'roin certain iiii'iirmiitiiin tlmt I In* District officers obtained they were alarmed in find that bribery ami corruption were practiced at Ilosnmr in
connection with the hiring of miners. A certain
i-nri'uiit. snake in thn grass semi-official, hns been
in the lialiil of holding up tlie innocent Slav* and
Italians, as well as n few Knglisli speaking people,
for a commission or bonus for their joh. This is
iis dirty a trick as one human being /if yon can
call such men human beings, wc prefer the name -d"
'vultures for them) could enact upon another. The
idea was tn net these innocent people to pay sn
much for their jobs, and the poor man, not knowing
he was being rohlied, was nn ini nt party to the
.sWIIIUli*. 10 (lie lliitjut ii,<i hi i iim t ii ««ij» «»iiK>i|
OII   tic"   lOlVlKIl   llielliiicln   XX \W   xiitl   Wll    i.iiuU       .111/
what the assessment was legitimate, and that made
the scurvy trick ail tlie more .■•mli mptibic.     Uiil
murder will out. mul through the work of the ever-
. ■ 1 1 .
W ill rill III   tli-i'ilni    <M 1 i»'v ..-*>,    *i*>n*<   *-*. ...1,1     -i.*..,*.    <*>,<•••
red handed, in, the following' letter will show.   Ilut
Juts tin 11 puny discharged him as he deserves?
Wc understand not. and that iu itself is a menace
♦u the future cleanliness of the system. They have
titl-'Mi tlw joh of h'trinv the men out of his handi.
Imt i.** that enoughT While he remains in tlie
employ ot the coinpiiny he still I ito* big clmll»:*-i» to
do corrupt and evil tiling-**;, aud a man t .M wim
•..* :i lieliherii'i'.v ;«•!» his luotln-* f*o)«r «d lii» legit-
imnte eitrninKs will stop at nothing. Hosmer is
not the only .amp when; Mich .•orrupt mill d.'is
The individual, a newspaper or organization
that could please everyone, would ho a revolution
to the universe, and entitled to more medals thnn
Alexander the Great, who conquered the world,
hut did not please it, Christ didn't please all;
we don't think you can; we know we can't, and
we know 'Iwere folly to try.
The iiuiiouiici.'ment has heen made that the II
('. election will he held on November 2f>. This
comes as im surprise to those who wntch with any
care the trend of public events. The political
arena in the Keruie district is rather disturbed at
present. The Socialists are iu the field, and from
past records, look like the winners this time. This
present member announced some time ago that he
would contest the riiliiitf nj?iiin, and he probably
will, but all is not seen on the surface.     Jt is said
11     i      < 1.   ,.  ,  .   .. 1   P 11,,.  ( ,*,,*,i**ii>**.,'l ice.  i\,\<>(•<'  li'li'O
««*,«.-.   ■'...-        ..■.,.. I ,
nn ';li')i'i)ix ''■■.■• ■•.■jrlJJimeji'tiiry hi.nnv*. and 11v.il ihi-rc
may be soiiiethiui,' dointf before, election time. We
shall see what we shnll .vr. hi U»e meantime the
workers are making a most successful canvas for
.1      o. ,.i.,li.-i   f.-iiiiliit.it,.    mikI  <iir,tvm.i.t*4  ;iti>   indeed
  * * * * ' L. k
NOTICB is horoby given that thirty
(30) days aftor dato I intond to apply
to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for n llconao to prospect for Coal and Potroloum on tho
following dOHcrlbeil lands nltunto in
South B. Kootonay, British Columbia,
Block 4503, commencing at a post
plnntod at or near 4 mlloB onst of 27
milo pout, of tho proBont C. P. K, mir-
voyod lluo and being tho south wost
cornor of P. A. FnrquhnrHon claim;
Tlionco running enst 80 chnlnn;
Tlionco running north 80 clinlnn;
Thenco runnlnir west 80 clmlnH*
Thonco running Houth 80 clialnn
to a point of commencement, making
010 ncre« moro or loss. ,
Located tills 3rd day of September,
P.A.FAUQUHAllSON, l/jcator
J. 11AVBN, Wllne»B
William .Jcnuiiins Hryan is touring part of the
west, and press reports show that he is meeting
frith splendid receptions. At last reports he had
n.it been able to answer the query "What is to be
done with tin: unemployed!"
The execution of Ferrer has by no monns settled the. battle of the workers in that dark Spanish
land, but nmiply at\M mvoi fuel to Hie cv<>r hum-
ttirtWy tactics are prHettneil, nod \A\wx» will lw. iu« dcaii'ii for freedom
NOTICK l« horoby given that thirty
(SO) days after dato I Intend to apply
to the lion, Chief   CommlBHloner   of
i.VOl.'lh nOiVl Viuf An ivij rt ii\.*Ci»i!«i i*vV •t».<u.v
poet for Conl nnd Potroloum on tho
following ilPRcrlheit InndR situate In
South B. Kootenay, llrltlsh Columbln,
Block 4.*03. commencing nt n post
ptnntcd nt or near 4 mlloo oast of 30
mllf post of tho prcHont C, V. It. «ur-
veyed line, end being .the north -vest
Mirn-'r of I*. *■   l-'Hi-'itinnnion clnlm:
Thonce running south 86 clmlnu
Thence running ea*t 80 chain*;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence ninning weal 80 chain*;
to a j-olnt of t-fmimx'nctmtM, isaWrsg
(71*7 ncn-is mom or f>\-*w.
Quality is the first thought here. The quality of our many lines of Drug Store goods
has created a reputation of value to us. AH
are carefully selected and of the best. Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Rubber Goods,
Sick Room necessities, and Nursery Supplies
Mail  Orders  Receive Our Best Attention
Suddaby's D^ug Store
Agent for Victor and Edison Phonographs
Huyler's & Lowney's Chocolates, New Scale Williams' Pianos
frtstefew******-**^^ .**
♦ f
Tlie Official Or •gran, of District No.  18, IT. PI. W.   of A.
Fernie* B.C.,  October 23rd, 1909
************* ************* ********t(**xrn
' ¥
News From the Camps
From our own Correspondents
kk*kkkkkkkkkkkkk~kkkkkkkkick kkkirkkk*kickickkk+kkickickkk-kk
f** ' "
*,-* COAL CREEK • i
■¥ * . .      .  *
tckk-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-A ***** * kk
Quite a crowd visited Coal'Creek on
Saturday to take in the great football
match, Coal Creelc vs. Coleman. We
hope they were, satisfied because we
were not by a long way. However
the* joke was on tho C. N. P. league
committee and we hope tliey thoroughly enjoyed it.
Vice-President Stubbs, Secretary-
Treasurer Carter and Board Member
Whitehouse were amongst'the visitors
to the Creek on Saturday'for the football match, ,
The usual pay night crowd visited
Fernie on Saturday night lo take in
the attractions of B. C.'s premier city.
The picture show was crowded and it
certainly, was a good 25c worth. Out
of the first fifty, who entered the opera house over one" half came from the
same place, Whitehaven, Eng. We
counted them, so we know. Of course
there,were the usual number on the
train going home who had imbibed too
■ freely of cold tea and peanuts, but the
behaviour was good.
We think we are entitled to a little
more consideration by the M. F. and M.
on pay Saturday nights,. Two coaches
for about 500 people is scarcely what
one would call sufficient. The company put notices up threatening to
prosecute any one standing-'on the
platforms. There was no other place
for them on' Saturday. We noticed
the conductor did not order them inside, same as he usually does. , The
reason was obvious that;-* there*was no
inside, .the coaches being a solid block
from end to end. It was tlie'' same
coming back. We look to see this
.remedied in the future.
■Rliss Florence Minnie Porteous •- of
"Boston, arrived, here on Sunday on a
, visit'to her cousins, Mr. ancl Mrs.'.I. Y.
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
The editor is not responsible for the
opinions  of correspondents: '
Editor Ledger:
what I call an insult to injury to the
public of Fernie. If those dear, little
things could only stand a little more
smoke and lett chat the public might
have a little more satisfaction from
our post office. If we just had one
or two men to deliver our mail once
per* day there would be no objection
to 'smokers or loiterers. Why don't
we. have telephone" outside the post
office, then you could call your name
out for mail as you pass-by and perhaps get a lovo letter which belongs
to someone else. x
, Mr. and Miss Errickson' of Fernie
visited, tlie Creek.on Sunday last and
were delighted with the-.place?
. .lack Harrington, Socialist.,candidate
for tho'.'Fernie riding at the coming
provincial elections, arrived1'" ln the
Creek op Tuesday night. Jack has
been organizing for the S. P.' of C. for
the past six months and looks all the
better for his outing, He expects to
start an active campaign in the course
of a few days, mantime he is' working
as a laborer on the new club hall building.
Anyone who haS been objected to
1n connection with the voting list and
who are still residing in this riding,
should communicate with ,t. K. Smith
house No. 172 at once.- horo havo
been two letters received from men
•..•In. .c-'.'e been objected io nViil aro
still residents, Aro there any others?
.We notice Howard Marshall 1ms returned to tho Creek and commenced
work again. That job at Frank did not
■ last, very long. ,      ,    *
Tho rain which we hrtve been having
this week hns Interfered considerably
with the worlc going on wllh the now
buildings, viz,, Trites-Wood Co,, thc
Club anil Supt. Hoathcoto's new residence. We aro nfrnld the contractors
Will ho n hit out ln their reckoning beforo the buildings are completod.
A iipoclnl train left hero on Sunday
aftornoon Insl for tho J|inerul of our
lalo brother Carlo Malicious.
Tho mnny friends of Chiirllu Alatond
will bo plenum! to know that hu In Improving rapidly and will soon be able
to loaye liospltal.
Work will commenco on the Improvements to the Methodist ministers
residence on Monday next, October 28.
Tho architects and contractor**) are
MoB8rn. Joycp nnd Vlcknrn. None but
union holp employed.
A grand concort la announced for
ThnnkHRlvIng dny .lit thn Mothodlst
First clnss Honrd and nenommodnt-
Ion at FnlrcloiiRh'H Hoarding Hoimo,
179, 180 Conl Crook, opposite Kootbnll
Coleman, Oct. IS.
Editor  Ledger: <• ■>■
Sir: The, seeming interest that has
recently been displayed in labor organizations by some of the newspapers of
this country, ami particularly in our
own district by the papers of the
Foothills .lobbing Co,, is now showing
itself in its true light.
The struggle of the workers in the
east has brought, out some' of the
pseudo labor leaders, who enter the
columns of that part of tho press
that is every ready to back up the
cause of the master class against the
slave, loudly declaiming against outside interference by labor leaders of
another country, and.against tlie International organization of the workers.   ?1 '   .
Such resolutions as have recently
emanated from that august body
know as the Canadian Federation of
Labor, readily show, at least to those
who know what that body is, the
purpose of such,a pus exuding bunch
of political ferunculi.
We are told by certain newspaper
men that if the officials of District,18
will officially denounce Socialism and
the Socialists, that we can havo their
supporf; seemingly entirely forgetful
of the fact that the ; miners in the
Rocky Mountain- constituency", chose
as their'representative at.'Edmonton,
C. M. O'Brien, a straight Socialist,
and. that in the last convention held
in'. Lethbridge they .adopted a Socialist
resolution—-with*— only-^oue—dissenting-
vote.     ' ■■■'-,
In. a coiivel-sation recently Mr. Barrett of the Foothills Jobbing Co., stat-.
ed to a miner at Coleman "If District
IS will place in' its constitution a
clause to the effect that they will
agree to .be bound -by tho decisions of
all chairmen of boards, appointed under tho Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, then we will fall in and support them.' , ' .,
'This is a raiher bald'way of ox-
plaining the position of the Coleman
Miner, and any and all who encourage and support it,
If the mine workers of district 1J
will agree to submit peaceably to the
dictates, of their * masters entirely,
they can got tho support of not only
tho Coloman Minor, but of overy member of tho master class throughout,
Canada, and would bo hailed by every
prostituted nowspnpor man in • the
country as the greatest and,most successful labor organization history has
ever seen,
Mino worltej's of District 18; If you
think you cnn fill tho hungry moutliB
of your families nnd yourselves, wllh
the goodwill of your masters, then
hurry up nnd plnco this clnuso In your
constitution, nml become the abject,
misorablo bIiivcb that mich muton**
would hnvo you be,
William Jennings Bryan, the idol of
the Democrats of the States, lias been
making a* lecture tour of western Canada, speaking; this .week at Calgary
and Lethbridge^, Needless to' say he
has crowded houses. Although unsuccessful in his ambition to be President
he loses none* of his oratorical power,
and impresses his hearers as a man
of wonderful endowment.
Tho mine luia boon Idlo here from
'Krldoy night until ThurBilny morning
•for the want of orders. The .shaft Is
working Htnnily.
Mrs. J. Derbyshire, who In now re-
Hiding at Helli'vue, piumi-d through on
TucHdny night's local hound for Mlchol
on a Mult.
The UHiinl examinations of mine
tmannKPrt), pit bouses and flro bonnes
will bo hold hero on or about thn ind,
Snl nnd 4th of Novombor.
Mrs, KoiiIbIi nml son of Michel paused through horo on Monday on a visit
up thc line.
Editor Ledger:
Sir: Will nnyono Inform me If thu
following rules, or rathor sarciiRtlc remarks of Miss B, today are to be
strictly ndhoroil to?
1: If you want to smoke get. out-
2: If you nro not. waiting for.mnll,
got, outside,    '
!1; She actually opens the door nnd
ordoi'H Ifi men, a fow ladles nnd child-
ron who probably cunt afford to pay
for n box to get outHldoln tho cold,
and return In hnlf on hour.    This Ih
Kenmare N. 1). Oct. 20.
Editor Ledger:
Sir: I have just received copy of
Ledger for lGth inst,, containing news
,of the demise (pf F. 11. Sherman, and
truly I enver received a greater shock.
Although knowing personally how he
has suffered for years 1 did not expect
such an early culmination in death.
Will you kindly publish these few lines
of mine as a testimony of the respect,
yes, and love, of dear old Frank, because I loved the man. I have been
by his side in many a fierce fight, political aiid social,'and that is'how I
came to know him as he was, and truly
he was a man worth knowing, and' if
In the unknown future it is possible 1
shall meet him again, I feel he will
be the same, old sincere, honest, unwavering, astute leader of the forces
of labor. Never was his moral and
physical courage brought out in . a
greater degree than it was when he
left his bed to take up the last fight
before the board of inquiry in McLeod
on May 20th, travelling through the
dangerous and difficult places of Lille
and Hillcrest mines to enter minutely
into the details of the cases to be' decided for or against the men he represented, iu District IS. *   ,*
My mind goes back to the first time
I met him iii Morrisey, when I* came
to the country first. There he was,
a small man physically, but a giant
morally, fighting the powers of capital
in its fiercest aspect as checkweigh-
mari, having to'defend himself against
the personal violence of a man who
was determined that the miners should
not have their just dues, and it is with
of its existence the *U. M. W. of A. in
Canada had such a leader as- F. H,
-Sherman. ,
His career on Lhis-earthy sphere is
at, an end, but the moral force and
lessons lie lias taught and left behind
lilm will .live forever in this country,
Now I' trust enemies and friends will
join to honor the dead hero, and the
needy living loft behind to battle with
this hard, cold world for mere existence. How his family'will miss him
■—such a father nnd husband, yes, seldom it is that we meet such a one, and
how considerate of others" failings, my
own personal ones, and thoso of others
as woll, i
When Frank Shermnn gnvo advise I
felt, it wns for my good, and hnd I
followed It mnny a time I should havo
boon a bolter man physically, montnlly
and morally today, and I know in tho
eternal ordor, of tilings, he will bo n
striking figure In somo other oxlst-
onco, whuiovor form that will take,
nnd when it Is decided how and In
whnt form n monument will he erected, to perpetuate his memory In Dint.
18 I will contribute my own mlto and
do my best.' to induce others of my
comrades |n Ihls cornor of the District
to do tho same,
Adieu, Frnnk Shermnn, thy memory
will live with mo whilo In tIiIh mortal
frnmo, and without detracting from tho
personal'respect I feel for the comrado
th.at fills his chair, may ho also turn
out to exemplify Ills departed comrade,
Yours In the utornnl fight,
Robert Evans
i ^
Two' members of the U. C. cabinet
havo resigned on the eve of the election, their trouble being thai they differ with Hoii. McBride on the railway
policy, The resignations have been
, On Sunday evening in the Presbyterian eliurcli the subject will be
Thanksgiving. A quartet, Mrs. Stevenson, Miss Skilling, Messrs. Stevenson
and Smith will sing The King of Love,
and Mrs. Waterhouse will sing The
King of Eternity.
The7 Musical Event
The Canadian Kubelik
Assisted by
■Under, auspices of the
Fernie Philharmonic Soc'y
PERCY S. HOOK, Pianist
Miners' Opera House
Admission.$1.00, 75cr& 50c
Plan at Bleasdell's, D.rug Store
In'the matter of an application for
the issuo of a duplicate certificate of
Title lo the, south west S5 feet in
width by 132 feet in .depth of lot 8
block 2 of lot 5455 group 1,. Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention-to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication-
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
Title to the above mentioned land in
the name of Thomas liullen which certificate is dated the 26th of July 190C
and numbered 590GA.
. District Registrar
Lund Registry Office,
N'elson  B.C.   Oct.   13,  1909.
Ocl. lC-5t
For the. position of janitor for the
Miners' Hall, Fernie. Applicants to
state wages required. All applications
to be in not later than Saturday. Oct.
23rd. Address D. Reus, Box 361, Fernie
B. C. ,
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
transfer of the retail' liquor license of
Simon Dragon to George Vincent of
the Royal Hotel, Gateway, B. C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct 16 Dec 17 G.V.
*   ROMA HOTEL   l
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the retail liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
',>    '        Oct. 16<Dec. 17 G.V.
.Highest going wages paid. Apply F,
G. Waters, Elk Lumber Co., Lt*3., Hos
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized ..$10,000,000
Capital Paid Up $5,000,000     Reserve $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Cronbrook, Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
.   Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
of Canada
Head Office:
8 King Street Wes,
The Home Bank will extend
every assistance consistent with
good banking methods, to farming, manufacturing and business
interests. Do not hesitate to
-consult your Local Manager in
any matter regarding finances.
James Mason
General Manager
W. C. B. Manson
Manager,   Fernie
mer, B. C.
Dining- Room and Beds under
New Management.
First class table  board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Banquets Catered for
Sealed tenders-wanted for a brick
building for the.,F. O. Eagles, Coleman
Alta. Plans and specifications may bo
seen at the secretary's house; lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted. HY. GATE,
.Sec. F.O.E. Coleman.
Rates $1.00 per day       J
R. Henderson, Dining Ronm Mgr.    . A
The Victoria Colonist nro IhmiIuk ft
specinl numbor on November ttth undor tho miHiiU'OH of tho Nntlonnl Council of Womon of Cniiiiilii for llrltlHh
Columbln. The numbor will bo pro-
ftiHoly llluHtrntod and will he on snln
at loonl bookHloroH.
The Elite Dancing
Farqiinraoii & Campbell
Under personal direction of
Mr, &  Mm. P. A, Parqwirion
Lessons from 7 to 9 Mondays
and Thursdays
On first clas.s
business and residential  property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffatt
-.-■.■■ i—....
Furnituro Moving a Specialty
i    . . i .  ' .  ' i 7 ."' i       ■
lioiivo Ordoi-H wltli W. Keny
PHONE   70
School   Books
and School Supplies
I We   have a   full  stock
on hand at right prices
A. W.  Bleasdell    Phone 18
Fernie Opera House
WlNNirai, Out. 1U— H. J. McN'clUle
chlof clork to C. B. McPherson, Ronor-
al pnsawiRor tiRont of thu 0. 1*. H„ hat
boon appointed district pamonRor agent of tho Canadian Pacific for the
One Night Only -Opt  ?R
THURSDAY    EVENING,  >■■■/V**** l#»  4*VJ
The Four Act Comedy-Drama
The   Remittance
Popular Prices     50c, 75c and .$1.00      Scats now on sale
Never fall to satisfy critical musicians. These well known pianos
mny now be purchased in Fernie at the same wore rooms ns the
Heintzman  & Co. Pianos
Canndn's foremost instrument In the past, present and future,
A Full Line of
Vocal and Instrumental Music
will be on hand In n few days. Over 4000 different selections to
choose from,
M. Willert Elley Dist, Mgr. Fernie
Garbutt Business
Stafford Ulotk, -UHi-Jit-V-.
Guarantees positions to its grad-
nates,    Thorough   instruction   in *
Shorthand &,Commercial branches. D
Por any information or free pros- *p
pectus write
Qoo.J. Shmldt,
Principal Garbutt Business CoIIcrb
P.O. Box 1301    Phono 203
Now   Open
A tnyt, ."m-i iiiiil fiiiiiti Mnii* i.*.
now  upi'ii iii-iir tin' Scliiinl,
(in-ill*, linu(;lil,   miI'I anil r\;
I'lump*'!,  .
Potor Jamos
Advertise In The Ledger —p. .„.—-.—. .....—-.,».-.. —_,-.—■—■—^>^...
s_M*_.JM.'_^**i3i2r»a_—JU.. J.J-M1!
And by That Time  We'll
Not Worry About the
C. N. P.'s Output.
Ur. Elias Rogers, President of iho
Crows' Xest Coal Company, was in
Victoria on the 21st inst., _ to discuss
eoal mining matters with the government. He was accompanied by Mr.
J. D. Hurd, general manager of the
Company, and Mr. \V. R.' Ross, M. P.P.
"On nothing does the future prosperity of . British Columbia' rest to
such an extent as the proper development of the immense coal areas which
lie within'iho confines of this province,' declared Mr. Rogers to the Victoria Coloonist. "Up to date the com;
panics *-yhich have been doing businoss in the interior have been operating
under difficulties which have not been
encountered in other .countries, with
Ihe possible exception of Wales. Tlie
amount of coal in British Columbia, according lo the best surveys, is sufficient' to last for one thousand year's,
but the difficulties to be met with in
some sections, makes it imperative
that, every cneoiiragemeiii should bo
given io thoso engaged In the devel-
of the
A Yale Professor Would Prevent'
Waste of Vitality by Taking Greater
Care of'the  People.
(Industrial Index)
• The greatest waste in our country
and all over the world is not coal and
timber, but the life and energy of
citizens, says Professor Irving Fisher
of Yale College. It is a more important question, he asserts, that forest
conservation, the utilization of water
power or the redemption of the arid
lands. . ;
In his opinion it is a* matter of reproach that we, should lake more pains
in the welfare of livestock than in that
of human beings. He would have a
national health' bureau, * whose energies in part should be directed toward
providing bettor living for the people,
as a means of heading off. disease, and
in part redeeming us from present
physical  ills. ' «i
It.is more important thai the milk,
we drink should be pure, than the cow
from which it conies should have a
pedigree. It is just as vital that our
1*00(1 should be lree from injurious
ailiilt.eratioiis as that we should increase the area of cultivated land.
The regulation of women and child
labor, the enforcement of the use,of
safeguards in hazardous employment
and the improvement of tenement
house conditions are larger problems
than national expansion. ,
Tlio national'government, thu slates
and    llio  municipalilies,    he    claims,
opinent of the fields. Some of.the
mines are somewhat, gaseous and in
some sections subject to more or less
geological-disturbance, wiih the result should steadfastly devote their ener-
that as, experience has shown, the!'gies and resources to the* protection
mine operators have found what. of the people from disease. Such pro-
looks like a good workable area today,, lection is quite as properly a govorn-
is, by a fault, rendered useless. Then '■ mental  function  as  protection    from
foreign   invasion,   from 'criminals   or
from fire.
It is both bad policy and bad'economy' to leave this work mainly to the
weak and spasmodic efforts of charily, or to the philanthropy of physicians.
Through a systematic and constant
means of presenting facts to the people, everything pertaining to' their
health should be made a matter of
common knowledge. .lust ..as now
the department of agriculture supplies
specific information to the farmer in
respect to raising crops and livestock,
so-should a* department devoted to
health be able to provide every health
officer, school teacher, physician, cm*
of an up t.o'date steel tipple at Michel P'loyer and private family and individ-
and the installation of an air com-' ual with knowledge by which the dan-
pressor plant, together with other im-', ser signal could be promptly ■ raised
prov'emehts, which will materially in-*; against every enemy. The saving lo
crease the company's efficiency as a'tho poor of doctor bills aiid of time
producer. The output,at the present.jlos.1- from employment would in itself
"time' is about, three" thousand tons ay"many times repa"y tiro cosi-orrhis-form*
day, a great portion of which goes into- of public service. -. .
coke. Mr. Rogers says that in three \ -More legislation should be advocat-
years, .if thoy receive tho co-operation. cd'ancl enforced, he argues, to the end
of the government, they will spend that streets be kept clean, garbage pro-
annually five million dollars in wages  perly  removed, sewage  properly
again in the interior of th'e country
ii, is extremely mountainous and it is
extremely difficult, to prove ihe coal
by means of diamond drills."
The Crows Xest Pass Coal Co. is
expending money at the rate of two
million dollars annually in' wages;
aiid has spent in cash since operation
first began on capital account over
five million dollars. These figures indicate, what an important place an industry of that magnitude occupies in
the development - of the resources of
British Columbia. Just as soon as trade
conditions warrant it, extensive additions to the company's plant will be
made.' In the past year nearly 300,000
dollars has been spent in the erection
Broncho  Ran  Away
James Armstrong, a MacDonald farmer received painful injuries by a run-,
away accident on ..Sunday. He * was
driving a newly broken broncho and
the animal became frightened and
ran away. Mr, Armstrong was turned oiit and was badly cut and bruised.
* » »
Gored to Death by Bull
—Peter..Morrison, an East Gwilliam-.
bury farmer, aged 75, was leading the
bull into the stable whon the animal
turned on him, and knocked him down
and inflicted fatal injuries before he
could be rescued.'
* * *
Four Burned to Death
WICHITA, Kas., Oct. 20—Four men
were burned to death and one man
fatally burned .in a fire here today.
The men were asleep in the hay when
the barn caught fire. Thirty horses
were also burned to death. The fire
is believed to have been incendiary.
* * +
Switchman  Killed
FORT WILLIAM, Ont. Oct.- 20—W.
McCall, C. P. It. switchman, was run
over' in the yards on Saturday night
and lost both legs. The unfortunate
man died while undor tho influence of
chloroform, For a number of years
he was engaged as a locomotive engineer al Chttpleau, ^vherc the remains
will be interred. His ago was 25
years. ■
«• *  »
Took an Overdose
TORONTO, Oct. 20—Wm.v II. Thomson, aged 33* years* of .166 Lippiiicott
street, died at midnight, from an overdose of veronal sleeping powder, tinder circumstances not yet known. Deceased was well known in investment
circles, and had been in business selling municipal debentures.
* *   *
Machine Shop Accident
* COLLINGWOOD, ,Ont. Oct. IS.—
A serious accident occurred in the machine shop of the Coliingwood Shipbuilding Company, whereby a young
man named William Oliver, residing in
town, had both his legs broken and
one arm broken." "He was caught by
the shaft of the machinery and was
very severely injured, his clothing being torn into shreds b ythe revolving
shaft. ''.'.,
it    «    ii
Suicide   Epidemic             ->
 om__pr.-.n-iTnr>apiJU*r5 r\nr s>(\ rrii_
■P   ^^^ Made from
cream of tartar, derived solely
from grapes. All the ingredients
of Dr* Price's Baking Powder
are printed on the labels They
are pure, "healthful and proper.
When balring powders are peddled, or
demonstrated, examine their labels. You
will find they are not made from cream
of tartar.   You ■ " don't want them
/      .     DENTIST.
-■' Office: Johnson-Faulknei\Block.
Hours 9-12;  1-5;  6.30-7.30: Phone
B. C.
W. R.   ROSS K.C.
Barrister   and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox Straet
Fernie B. C,
F. C. Lawe
I. Fisher,
Fernie, B. C.
Barrister and Solicitor
Sunday School J
•np   On the Lesson by the Rev. Dv. Linscott for the- International
n    Newspaper Bible Study Olub. >
besides adding largely to the plant
and output, and putting itself in a position to supply„the markets along the
line of "railways in Rritish Columbia,
as well as the smelters in Mont,ana
and in the Coeur d'Alene section. At
present,, the company has about twelve
mines at Coal Crook and Michel, some
of which however, have not. yet been
developed to nny'groat exlent,
Mr. Rogers stated that the reduction In.tlie duly on coal recently made
by the United States will not be of
much benefit lo tlie producers ln the
provlnco for the present, at .least,
the duty was reduced from GOc to liic
per ton, but no reduction was made
on coke, which forms such an important part, of tho Industry of the province, The cornpunys product, Is a
high grade coking coal, und it. Is from
coke tliut thts compnny expects to
mnko money.
Fornie, Mr, Rogers Htntes, Is being
rapidly rebuilt. Tlin flro was u blessing
in disguise in thnt, Ihe town will ho
heller built and lho slnicliiros eroded
much moro substantial than thnn<j destroyed In the rocionl fire of n yonr
ago, There Is little chimco of such n
conflagration again visiting tho city.
Tho woods surrounding Kornln   lmvo
boon burned nwny und IiktciihciI
piiiturtluii is being provided. 11
Mining Record,
Vd nit her lm it country    cilitur
chase iii'iiiinil fur news,
llr.'foru I'd be n millionaire with wenlili
1 could not uhc,
I'd rut Iht lie u printer willi pnlclieH on
my brecclioH,
Thnn be u iniisier of nuance with nil
my tluuighlH on riches,
I'd rutliiT i>ui my inn-lust nieni, digest j
the Fiimi- with i'iiki', j
Thnn sit down to u royal fenm with a I
Htoiuiich like .lulin D'h; i
To romp und frolic wllh my lilds round |
our  cheerful   heiirlll, '
Willi llielr mother for the audience to
help enjoy the mirth,
posed of,, air pollutions of all kinds
: prevented and noises lessened. There
should be measures to prevent infec-
! lion being carried by flies, mosquitoes,
other insects and vermin and by prostitution.
Water supplies should  be guarded
! with greater care, the standards for
, milk purity rigidly enforced nnd foods
i exposed for sale should be inspected.
Clean slaughter houses    and dairies,
: sanitary regulation of shops, lodging
■ houses and even boarding..houses may'
properly como under the attention of
munlcipnl health bureaus, which mny
bo a brunch of the national    heulth
dnpn rt ment,
Tho dnrk und poorly ventilated tenement should be cllmlnnu.'l by 'nw,
and no one/ lie forced lo \)w. necessity
of living, amidst* surroundings where
tho germs of disease lurk nnd where
vitality is lessened by lack of light
and nlr,
Ho would lmvo school children nn -
dlcnlly Inspected and school hygiein
universally priu*t.l<*od. This wou'd
involve better protection against. tip
school epidemics, better ventiliillo.i,
light und eleiinlliiess of tlm schon'
room, the discovery nnd correction of
ndeiioIdH, eye strnln und nervous
strain genernlly, nnd I lie provision for
! piny grounds. •■ The principles of
j heulth und the things tliut. will develop
! sound, enpiilile lniiniin lielngs* should
j ho taught In nil common schools mul
'Ju every hlghor hint llyt Ion of lenrn-
1 illK.
Through11 these- und oilier menus
which lio points mil', Professor FlHhcr
believes that we could wll liln u whorl
time check the w't'iiiODt of nil wastes
which tho Amorlcnn ninloii faces ui
the proHonl, time.
OCTOBER 241909
Paul a Prisoner, before* Festus and
Agrippa.—:Acts 25: G-12; Chapter
Golden Text.—I know whom I havo
believed5 and am persuaded th.it he
is able to keep that which I have
committed unto him against that day.
2'Tim. ]•]_.*-
Verse G—Who -was this Festus referred to in this verse.
From ' the preceding five verses,
what had the Jews requested, Festus
to do?
Verse 7—On what principle can
vou  explain  the bitter  hatretl_which_
prefect of police here lias applied to
the minister of the interior for permission to apply for restrictive measures to the sale of certain drugs, on
account of thc widespread" employment
of these for purposes of suicide. , As
many as tweniy cases of suicide have
been reported in St. * Petersburg by
the police,' *
4     I,     *
Shoots Himself
■KOSTIllfllOJ, Sask. Oct. '20—James
Warrington, a homesteader living at
Kilwinning, forty.miles northwest, of
Rosthern, shot, and killed himself al
6 o'clock yesterday morning with a
rifle, It. is believed to be a case of
suicide, as, Warrington had been much
worried over money matters, Ilo was
dead, when si, member of tho family
wont, to the stable to Investigate I lie
»   *   *
On Trial for Murder*
TORONTO, Oct. 20—Tho trial of
Mrs, Mabel Turner for the alleged
murder of lho infant, child of Mm
Authors of this ally, begun here yostordny before Mrs, Justice iUngae, It
Is alleged thnt. Mrs. Turner, who
ndopt od the child in consideration of
$100, throw it out of the window of
a New York Central liy,
train nonr Nlamira Kails.
♦ * »
Faith Curiot In Trouble
WIOI.UNI), Ocl, 21 — 10.
Cortland, wns comlmtted
here, charged with neulecttng to provide medicine nnd mo.llinl iisslslnnco
for his diuighter, llulh, li yours of
uge, who wns 111 of diphtheria, whicli
Is aliened to bo tho cause of doutli.
Ileckiin Ih a faith curlst, Ho Is onl
on bull.
the Jews had for Paul?
Will a religious oigor, who is full
of hatred as these Jews were, stop
short of swearing to a lie to accom
plish his purpose?
Why*aro,not all persons Christians
who have heard the 'Voice of God calling them to repentance?*
Lesson for Sunday, October 31st
1909. - Paul a Prisoner.—The Voyage,
Acts 27:  3-2G. .   ..
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Victoria Ave.
". A. McDougall, Mgr .
_-__W____HW____w^^^^^MMB1^^^l^,,,^t---^-_--_-MM^-_,     *.
'      ' b ■
Manufacturers of and Deal-
ers in ali kinds of Rough,,
, and Dressed Lumber
t ■ , '
Send us your orders
Lumber   Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed lunibei
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
Act •
••   • October 31st, 1009''
Paul a Prisoner. -The Voyage,
27: 1-2(5. '
Golden Text.—Commitlhy way unto
the Lord; trust also in Him, and Ho
shall bring it to pass. Ps. 37:ii.
Verses 1-S—The -writer of this narrative appears to be' a companion of
Paul onliis journey—who was he?    *
Who were the-others that sailed
with, Paul?   *        '  ~
Should any Christian believe or ci'r- Prisoner Paul with such leniency?
culate a charge against any person
that he lias nol got ample proof
Verse S.~As a matter of fact had
Paul in any se'nse, broken, any Jewish
Which at this time were r'eally In
the most, unenviable, situation, Paul
or his accusers, and why?
Verses !)-12.—When ,n judge or u
mngistra.7 favors the prosecution,"
nnd makes harsh remarks ngalnst, tho
prisoner during the taking of the evidence, thus prejudicing the jury. Is
fit for a' judicial'posit-
What results are likely, to, follow,
when "a man of God is compelled to be
in the company of,criminals?
"Who was this man Julius, and what
probably    induced    him to treat tlie
Victoria Ave.
North Fernie
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18   U. M. W. of A.
Ashcroft Mines, Lethbridge No
—Thomas Grey,
Bankhead No. 29—Thos. Bradley
o Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Blairmore 2163—G. Kelley
Bar supplied with   the' best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
, Canmore
(Coleman). v
Park Local 1387.*^-W.
No. 2633—William   .Gra-
No.  2227—P."    Lennon
Cardiff No.'2378*
Cardiff No. 279-
Corbin No." 2877*
_Edrnonton_-City_-No_2540—A.  Matt-
—A.  Hammond.
■F. K. St. Amant
—A.  Hamilton
a mnn
lleekiin  of
for   trlnl
••ficlily.** ■
Where drciiH and Jewels fill1*." mnke
life n mockery. i
TIs true the print nm ensh h*oIh short j
and duns come In u hurry,
r, .,   it       l .....  f   II   ,,-  .1,...,,  ,,,,!   ti',.1      I,,,
*• *       i ,*.   *
lets the dtiiiner worry.
He nhvuys him u conscience clenr—u
disposition miniiy.   |!
Ilo known thnt  llfu Iiiih always Jobs
besidei) the chmui for money.
Por the moulder of opinion Is n happier iiiiui by fur
Tlmn the mnn who owns n pnlnce, n
yacht nnd prlvnto car.
And when ho rock to his reward he
knows thnt ull is wll,
While the man who miikes his wnnlth
his Rod mny somo day wnke In
h 1.
Hotelmnn Crushed
PITTSlM'ltfJ, Oct, 21—Willi his
hond crushed Cnlvln Mouse, proprietor of the Mouse Motel ut Hlcltes Iilllid-
iug, near her, wns found seriously Injured ni'iir his plnco of liuslnesn enrly
today mul died shortly ufler without
regaining ennscloiisiicHH, Me Is known
In have currleil u lurge sum of money
which Ik missing,
,.,..■*!•■■•,   lm.'   wno   nn   fnr   t\\o   fifth
on elmn'oH of chicken  HleiilliiK.
lliiio the ningistrute decided to
"Wc don't tolerate Fweddie. Ha
wean reody-rrude clothet,"
"They ore deucedly vul-jthr
Not only that, but you-liave to
pay caw»h for U*m"
That, deucedly vuJmIl bob
appeal to the hoy'H futhor.
"Now seo hmo, Abe," snld lm to the
dnrky, "this hoy of yours Iiiih been In
ermrt "0 Tiifinv Mnie« for steiillnir rlile-
kens tlmt I inn tired of seeing lilm
"Ah don' bltimo you, sir," returned
tho fnllier. "All's tlroil of hocIh' lilm
hero too,'
"Then why dont you tench lilm how
to net? ttliow him Dw rlnht wny and
ho won't he ronilnK liw."
"Ah hns showed him de rlKht wny,
sab," dccliirod tho old mnn curnemiy.
"Ah lin« Mittcnly -showed "lm do rlRht
wiry, hut he ttomtdiow keeps Kettln'
t'AUKlit I'omliiR wny wid dono chickens!"
When n Christinn is licensed of
wroiiK doiiitf, and is innocent, should
he insist upon his innocence or he pa-
lien), and silent, nnd wait for tho facts
lo speak?
Paul was no doubt, wlso In refusing
to ko to .lenisnlem but wns he oqiinl-
ly wlso In not. .insisting* that his trial
be finished at Cuesnreu, und In his
npponl to Cuesnr?
If you wero u minister to be tried
for horesy, which tribunal would you
rut her select, a projudlcod conference
or synod or general assembly, or
convontlon or a cqnimlttoo of scculnr
lilKh court .Indues?
Chap. 20: 1-11.—Who wns this A«-
.lippu ami what brought lilm" to Cues*
nren ?
If a mini's cntiHo Is Just will n
knowloilKo of tho fiiets nlwiiys help
Wlml ure lliu lcndliiB pointh here
outlined of Willi's dofonco before
KliiK ARi'lppn 7
Why Hhould lt ho thoiiRht n thlnt,'
Ini-rodlbli* with you Unit (lod Hhould
rnlHo the dend? Verse 8,
Wan I'uul any better when he persecuted nnd ('Mined ChVlstlniiH to ho
put to dentil, thnu thn .lows wore thon
In wmiHm.-- lo put him lo deuth?
Mow do you estimate PiiiiI'h char-
actor befi.ro IiIh conversion?
Voi'M'H I:M8-- Whnt points of ro-
semhlinice uro there between Paul's
conversion    and  tlmt  of n  Hlnner'H
today? ,,
Whv (Hit l'nnl «o freeuontlv describe his conversion?
What wns (lod's object, as hero
described In Pnul'a convention, nnd
whin Ih tiod'H objuct In ovory ton-
Verses   I'l-'.'il—Ih    ft   -nORsible;    that
some sinners uot a cnll from God fully
nn innrlf.fti1. aa PmiI'b and yot refuse
to comply und go on In tliolr sins?
What deference li there between a
man before and after he turns te Qod?
(Thli question mutt be answered In
writing by members of the club.)
Vithi'ii 21II2—Why did Festim Interrupt Paul and »ny he whh mud.'
Why did not KoiIhm and Agrippa
both turn io 'bod (wing that they
wen- dearly convinced of tho truth of
ChrlHtltinlty and thoir need of salvation?
is there any position in life, however undesirable, in which God does
not give his children special comfort,
even when in prison, and can you give
some examples of this?
Julius gave Paul his freedom •to visit, his friends when the ship touched
at Sidon; would it have been honorable of Paul to have made his escape
and not. to have-returned to the ship,
seeing he was an Innocent man on
Cun you tell, or point out on tho
mnp, where Sidon, Cyprus, Pnmphylia,
Jlyra and the other places hero mentioned nre situated?
When the winds nro against us, or
we are becalmed on the voyage of
lifo, nnd making but little headway,
Is if u hlndernnce or n" help to Ihe
soul poised on Clod?
Verses U-11—Why is the advice of
n mnn of (lod, othor things bolng
equal, more to bo trusted than that
of u noii-boliovoi'?
Did Piuil give the ndvlco for thom
not to proceed, but lo wlntor at the
"fair havens," from his human Judg-
men or from Cod's direction?
Why mny, or, mny not, n truo
Christ Inn always depend that tlio
judgments ho forms In tho gront crises
of life ns well us In ordinary affairs,
are  really  inspired  of Cad  and  can
'     u **
therefore bo depended upon? (Soo
John 14: 2G ol seq.)
Verses 12-20—When we are faced
with n great problem as to the way
to take or the thing to do, Is there
always In the mind of Qod the thing
we ought to do, and Is ther a possibility for us to find out with cor*
tointy what It Is? (Thls'questlon must
be answered In writing by members of
the club.)
Why is it that (iod seniellines leads
uh contrary to what, lliu elrciiniHlaiicofl
would suggest?
When wo aro IrroHlsialily drlvun hy
a "euroclydon" nnd appear nt tho
mercy of lliu wind nud Hen, Ih thoro
renson to believe that wo nro just n«
Hiife, und ns much In (IoiIh kooplug,
as when the south winds blow softly?
When lu hIi'chh and strain, In wind
land storm, and wo appear to ho drlv-
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Commercial
anil Tourist I louse
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
hews,  P.O.  1314.
Edmonton  No.
2 Frazer Flats.
1329—A St. "Julian,*
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Gall in and
see us once
0. W. DAVEY & CO,, Props,
Fernie No. 2314—D. Rees.
Frank No.  1263—Geo.  Nichol.
." Hosmer No. 2497—J. W.  Morris
Hillcrest No. 1058—J. O. Jones
Kenmare   No.  2820.—H.   E.    Rhein-
Lethbridge No.  574—Mike Pilishak
Lille No. 1233—J. T Griffith
Maple Leaf No. 2829—J*   Bonacci.
(via Bellevue)
. Michel No. 2334—Chas. Garner^
PaBsburg 2352—Miles Isltt. '
Royal Collieries   No. 2589—Charles
Roche Percee No, 2672—Lachlan Mc*.
Strathcona, Ed. 2155—A. Shaw;
Taber No. 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No. 1959—Hop. Evans   i>
Taylorton,  No,  2648—H.   Potter.
Woodpecker    No.    2299.—William
Hut-'jj'nKO  ileliveri'd   tn   any
jmi-tof the city.
<»•*♦«•♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
IiiK mio iliHiismr iuul ileuih, will Uiu
consclousiioiiH that (iod is with ub,
(jiilcktii or deaden our activities to
savo ourselves?
Verses m-20—Is thoro over any use
in crylnff over spilt mllltT
What reason Io thoro to bollovo
from thla narrative, that whon ,wo fail
to ubo, and It Is too lato to adopt
Hod's best plan, ho will still graciously
provide n good ono which wo may
What did theso pooplo miss, nnd
what did Dwy tiuffcr, fur haviui; failed
to uso Ood'fl first best plan for their
Losson for Hundny, Nov. Oth, 1909.
Paul a Prisoner—Tho Shipwreck. Acts
xxvl!:27 to xxvl»:l0.
itiatttoy <1 Lawrence
1117 Third Avemio
Moar Bonee* St
Seattle        -     Wash
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
Ho who honestly Bceka to savo another finds hlmeclf.
Tho preacher cannot be good for the
•whole eongre*_«llon-
nar Mi|iitlii-<1 with tho ibwht
In-niitl-H of Whit'H, Lio,iuii'*i
and CIkm-h
(Formerly of Ontrul llntr!)
I <1
Ledger Ads Pay 77
Immense Coal Areas in B*rC.  Figure
.   in Transaction—MilKoiis
CALGARY, Alta. Oct. 21—Within
the past few clays a deal has been put
through here by which a company of
German capitalists'-has secured possession  of  the  Kanaskls  coal   fields
near "Banff, and tho Brazeau coal field
in   the  neighborhood'   'of  Yollowhead
Pass. -       y
The price paid has, -.lot. been definitely stated but it is said to be in ihe
neighborhood of 510,000,000.
The supply of seam .coal in both
fields is regarded as practically inexhaustible and it is believed they will
form the chief source of supply for
the Grand Trunk Pacific as well as
a partial supply for the Canadian Xoi*-
Thern', '
The Canadian Northern is understood to be heavily interested with
the Gorman financial men in the new
venture ui;'■- one of the first moves
on tin? part of Mackenzie and Maun
interests will be to construct a railroad
fifteen miles In length from the Kan-
askis fields to the main line of the
C. P. R., so ns to "supply to that road
coal whicli has now "to be . brought
from the Crow's Nest Tegioii.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor * Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate" Prices
The Jealousy of Pepe {
{ An Adventure in the Pyrenees |
All kinds of
Fresh,   Meats
on.  hand
Bacon, Hams, Fish,
Lard, Eefffs and
Give us a. trial
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
ti, u. iMihu, wajfiujr, /tita.
(Concluded from- last week.)
"No, no,, don't go," she whispeher.*
"You'll be killed;., Pepe, must." have
managed to get into the house.' If
only father were here the villain—he
would never have dared to do it—no
"Where is your father now?" I ask-
ed..-      ,
"On an expedition," and he won't, bo
back' until tomorrow." "' *
"Never mind. I'm nol afraid of Pepe
and "
"But he won't be alone. He'll be
there with others in an ambush and
you "
, Pushing tiie girl aside I strode toward the..door and opened It. • There
was'nobody. At least 1 saw no one,
for it was pilch dark; but I heard a
creaking, which seemed to come from
the stairs, So like a fool I advanced
a step or two—and walked into the
trap laid for me.
In an instant I was seized by several
strong arms and in such a perfect man
ner—due to years of practice I suppose—that I had not even the chance
of a struggle.
A gag was clapped to my mouth and
my, revolver,wrenched froni_ my hand
and my arms pinioned, my ankles
shackled, and all with such lightning
like rapidity that within ten seconds
I was lying on tlie ground bound both
hand and foot and as helpless as a
mummy, '
As* for Juana, who had come running to the door, I could hear, though
I could* not see, thai, her manner toward me had changed completely.
"Pope, is that you?" .she asked anxiously.
t A man beside me. growled assent. I
expected an angry scene of jealousy,
biit,evidently the fellow was reserving
that for'a better occasion when he
should find her alone.
"Have you got him?" she continu-.
ed. ',,.*, v
"Yes, .we have him all right; but it is
not. your fault that he did not escape
from* us!" ' *,
i, She laughed. - "No, it's not.. I,did
not want you to catch him for I want-
00  YEARS'
Ce*»ri*tmwT« Ac
STiTfinflf-nirtlni ■ tketcto MdilMHirij.li'miMT
eklf MAtrUltTonr oplnlnit tt*e**r	
t'aienta taken llroufh MtlBB il
(prut tmtu, »iihoat tKgw, tn the
i*itb*Mb«r to
■yat-tklf MAtrtUliT ©nr optnlni
nmmtVMi l*prote«blrii«t*ni'i
IMMjtrtcflrriiiiflil-jiitCil.ll/U ...      .
_v_ tt**, liixm **mey tSr -Motrimr Mt
i>u u*ti» tiroufh 1IUB8 *JtlJa.-r«o»lr«
nn fmi-M*
Scientific Hwcricatt.
\.t-tttimm*irm<i*tnUdm**k\T. Vuvntttf
•piltMlon f.fjwf •<4-»ntlft« Jftnmu. T*rm. tot
ai*a-%i.aareer,pmatmf**v*U. tctitit
ed-father to dcTthat Don'FlciirhinT
hero tliough". I don't* want father to
be accused of murder."
"He won't be killed," chuckled Pepo.
"He'll kill himself, by walking over the
'Gai'ganla" (a precipice in the neigh-,
Drops of perspiration stood out on
my forehead as I realized tlie fate
that these cruel ruffians had In store
for me. ' <\
'"That's safer," agreed tho girl. "But
you'd better keep him until father has
returned, lie would also H!ro to s:c- thc
The wretched creature! So she
had been playing with me as well!
"It's too risky," said another.
"Oh, is that, you, Juana?" cried the
girl. ■ "Fathcr'U bo glad to know that
you sneaked into his house at,night,
with Popo. ■ ' Out ho will bo angry if
you do not lot lilm lake a part in the
despatching of thla miserable spy,"
"Ilut you needn't loll him anything
about It; and wo-shan't toll him that
you had fallen lu lovo with tho follow,"
sneered Pope. 7
•'Hold your Iohriio!" growled a no I lier Individual.
"Ih that you, Pneo?" said .luiiiia,
"Well yon all know my father. Cheat
lilm of tho fun his (laughtor hail in
Hloru for lilm and you'll boo what will
happen. Some of you won't bo feeling
happy soon."
In tho meant lnw I had been ruthlessly ailing on tho Hhoiildors of I wo
niuii ami a borne blanket wuh thrown
ovor mn and I was homo down tho
Htnlrn followed by othei'8 and Juana.
Wo croHHod the general room .and
mndo for \tlie door, thou out on tlio
Htroel, Anil I could hear Juniin'H last
woriln ringing in my onm as alio bolted tho door iuul turned hack Into the
"Oil woll I ilon'l euro what you do
with lilm. Ilut romi'inher my father
will be angry."
Thou ll wan Unit hopo pracilciilly do-
BOiied me. What u cunning, deceitful vixen tlm! tilii wiih, Never Hhouhl
1 .believe one again mid' I lieu I mulled
bit loily ui tlm li uny of that thought.
For curtain il was that these ruffimm
would never give nm the opportunity
of I turning man or woman again. They
iiuiiini lo liuii iiui over thai terrible
precipice nml when my mutinied body
wim founil—pcrlmpH wcel*n after—my
tit",iui Wutllll Mt) put tttMiti .in iik- it o*m
(.■I mi ui'i.lih id.
A moment more ami wc begun our
silent Journey throuiih the slrcotH of
tho village, Ono punt the Inst hutu
my captora" walk Hhnrpeiied iuul we
.*.<-.,,,   ,J,,   i,ii\>   Ik..,*   htt.,,,1,, I,   ... .....    ..
thn'ftnt-Kniitii lay, having already admired It and I lmuw Hint on tlio way
w»« would liavi* to paHH tlit* old rustle
of which niputloii had heen mado nt
lho prlnHt'M Ihal very afternoon, Would
thoy mnko away with nt-™ al oiire or
would Dwy delay my execution unlil
My r-pceillations were r.oon m-i nt
mat. HnltliiK nt tho CnBtlllo, lho men
ent tied one of lliu colls of the old niln
and tht.w* mo noiu. ton gently on nomc
bundle* nf utrnw In tlio rorner. Then
llioy tiegnn diHcunglng whether they
should despatch mo to (lie other world
immediately or wait until the return of
Juan's father should return. The last
words of the girl had evidently had the
desired, effect',, not that* it mattered
much to me for the ultimate end would
be the'same in, both cases—but "a man
likes'to hang'on to life if even by a
thread as long as possible.* Pope showed himself very obstinate wishing to
get me out of the,way as soon as possible. At last after mueh debating it
was decided to make mo'walk over the
precipice at noon on"ilie following day
.whether Juaiia's father.'had returned
or not.
The gag was now taken, out of millionth and I was warned that if I were
to make as much as a sound I should
bo instantly knifed. In vain I tried to
persuade them iliat. I was no police
spy and that they had been deceived
by Pope who was jealous because I
had chatted with Juana. But they
would not believe me.
"Shut up and don't whine," said one
bf them, "Take your fate as a man.
Whon you catch one of us we don't
plead for our lire?"
"But I'm not a spy.'    ■    '■'      "
"Pepe knows you are."      " • ',
"He's a liar and ho knows il well,
-* At' iho words Pepe made a furious
lunge'at me* with his knife, but was
stopped by Paco who said surlily:—
"Enough of that. We're not in the
habit of killing folk in cold blood'.
Pepe. Let tho* fellow have his say
until tomorrow; you can have yours
for weeks after."
With a curse Pepe retreated. As for
me, I saw it was absolutely useless to
continue defying them ftr prove I was
other than what I said I was, and so
I lay sullenly awaiting the hour*.of my
Shortly before dawn my captors decided to continue their march to a'cave
situated near the precipice,, and accordingly I was again hoisted on the
shoulders of- two men, having been
previously gagged. Strange tcsay
the thongs ancl ropes, with,,which I was
bound ancl which were eating the.ir
way into my swollen flesh caused.me
no pain;, at the'time. I was, however perspiring freely at ttie thought
—ever present in my mind—of ' my
approaching fate, and the. terrible,
mental agonies I was suffering seemed
to deaden my nerves to any sense of
pliysclenl pain.
It was already daylight when wo
reached tlie cave, where I was unceremoniously1 thrown down on the sand.
As far as 1 could make out the hollow
was either the mouth of an abandoned
mine or a cavo or. natural grotto. Tho
farther end was burled in thc deepest
gloom and tho cave seemed to extend
indefinitely into Ihe interior of tho
Of the ruffians who wore going to
make me walk tho plank within six
hours all but Pepo and Pacd—the latter probably remaining because ho did
not trust his companion—-wenl off to
the village to gel food and drink nnd
to reconiiolt.ro as to whoro Dw gon-
darmoH wore prowling on that day,
My two custodians sat Brooking nnd
yawning until tho sun rose and then
went outside to stretch tliolr llm Ik; and
gel. n breath of rrosh air. Thoy did
not so mueh as throw a glance in the
direction of whore I lay bound, gagged
nnd helpless iih a babe,
O'h, tho torture of I Iioho long Iioiii'h!
—or were they only minuted, The stupid things that crossed the mind for
a momont and then fled nwny, to bo
succeeded by Ihe realization of lho
Imminent dangor one Ih In!
Ah 1 was IIiiih ipilverlng nt the very
thought, of dfiiil.li. mul nl the mime limn
picturing my frlomlH nt Jaca Rhaklug
Iheir IicwkIh wlHoly when Iho iiowh of
my death—by "accident"— would got
to thom, 1 felt u light touch on tho
Hhoiilder fartherHi from the door ntul
hoard a volco wlilKpor—*'
"Don't move!"
It wnH Juana! Now I uiiiloridood
why Hhn liad firo!eiiiled to be ho Indifferent iih to my ciipiure, -it'll iuul told
Hie men that. hIic had boen keeping
me nt the Inn until hur fiiilii'r'H ret urn.
What a fool I hnd not boon to see it nil
before! And I alrto conipi'iilioiiileil
why hhe hail* ibivuieeinl ilium into
walling before Killing nm; ll wiih in
order that h1k< might hnve n good
chance to hiivo me wll bout in forming
the police which would lu nil probability hnve ineiiiit her fnilioi-'H ruin,
To think ihnt for an liiHtnui I   Hhould
(lilt* <- -tUIII/R-U   lll-l     '||||h  l>| UW,  Il-S(l IITMH
,:ijj'*   it'.lhk   ttllu-i)  ,lii.'it„t',
Willi a st ioiik kulf'' hIic huh ruling
thc thnmrx that hound \tw. nt Dw
nnnw Mum warning me not to make a
miivenieni,     Filially Ihe Iuul limb whh
'* >*.   »rt.,*,i    i    '.t ...*.,   ^t*it*.t I'll t>    ,*>|'t .'lllt.lr,,      t\
free mau. Ilut how jny nrms and
legK ached. At flint I'could not move
them nt all, and li wiih only after a
tlm<\ that in mo Hcemod ages, Hint
llioy holh Kceuicil numhlt'Hx. Ah for
the mix It wiih fhe Iiihi fhfnir she cut,
tluiH giving another proof of her wll
and ciiimlnu.
Finally nho UiniM a iciolwr into
my hand,
"Kill IVpo!" hIu' IiIhsciI Into my f-nr;
"tint Paco for ht< U a good man."
Her Idonn of tr.ttnd nnd !u4 may haw
liotnn primitive, Imi I wnn nnt tlwre in
argue that point with lur.     It w<-u
cleairly to me my duty to get her away
as well as niyself whether I had to
shoot down one man or two.
I motioned her to get back'into the
farther end of the cave—a suggestion
however, that-.she flatly refused to
carry out." Then I lay still for a moment or, two', enjoying the feeling of
returning strength.
Slowly I got on to my hands and
knees and crawled towards the opening. I had not made up my mind as
to how I was going to act when Fate,
which plays such an important part in
the lives and doings of men and women, came to my help. For Paco. got
up and walked slowly away.
."I'll just -io and see whether tliey
are coming," he remarked io his companion. ' -' ..,.,'
•■ Pepe grunted.
"Perhaps you'll not find him alive
when,you come back, yon idiot," ho
muttered to himself and a murderous
smile crossed over his evil face. ■ • •
Evidently he was waiting for Paco
io get some distance away; then he
meant, to come in and give mo a knife
thrust, lt was tim-8 to act. ' So I advanced-, cautiously,-' my eyes fixed on
the ruffian who sat a few yards from
Hie' mouth of the cave. I could not
havo been more than a foot from the
opening when I  paused.
"Shoot him!"., whispered Juana in
a hoarse voice behind me and it. then
flashed across me how much she hated
the man.
Just then Pepe, turned and saw me.
He shouted a terrible-oath and his
hand flew to his pocket for his revolver. We were so close to each other that it was a matter of first shot.
We could hardly have missed al that
range. All I remember is that ther.e
was a sharp report and I saw my intending murderer fall.   „
"Run!".said Juana as we both hur-
vit'.d out into "the blvding sunlight,
"into the bush." ,;
We had no time to lose for we could
hear Paco coming back lo the cave.
He walked sharply and there was a
dangerous look on his face, as we
could see.from behind the shrub'from
where we * were standing.
"lie. thinks you have bee"i killed ...
he would have run," said Juana. With
that she crawled swiftly away and I
followed her.
I paused again.for a moment to look
behind me and saw, Paco come up to
the cave, start at the sight of his dead
companion, and then looking around
lie espied me. " Again there was a
report and I felt a stinging sensation
in my left arm. I was just going to
shoot when— '   .'■>
"Paco, it is I!"-cried-Juan and she
-SlPOd-.ui)iboldly._j .,,-.,    .
- The man lowered his weapon, with
amazement written on his face.
"Yes. Pepe was a liar. This man is
no spy."
"That's what' you say."
"Well if lie had been a spy would
Pepe have been so eager to kill him
in cold blood and risk tlie gallows for
his hastiness? He was simply jealous of him because I spoke to him,
That's all. And a nice lot of fools ho
made of you fellows!"
Paco stared ai  her.
"And what, are you going to do now?'
she asked after a pause,
'"'If it's as you say a love quarrel,
I'm with you and so are all the boys,"
replied Paco. "I had my suspicions
nil along,"
"I know you did." ,
"lint, by heaven," he went, on "if that
man woro to breathe a word to tho
police " r
"He Ih no spy I tell you," said lho
girl fiercely, "Won't you believe mo
or do you want a bullet through you
like your friend there?"
This bluff ovldontly hail tho desired
effect for Paco shrugged his should-
"Lot lilm promlHe," he .said.
„ NnodloHH lo say 1 gavo tho doalrotl
iiHHiiranco gladly*—the moro ho oonsi-1
orlng that lu no case could I have
breathed a word 'about the affair on
nccount of Juiiiiu'h fnllier,
Then I must have fn In tod for when
I opened my o,voh I was In my bed In
the Inn and the vlllupc doctor wnn attending to my wound, I got rapidly
well lu the brnelng nlr nf tho mountain
and mnile many friends iimongHl Uioho
who had prevloiiKly Hiinpecto mo, Although I could never be poi-minilcd i-.
Join them on their i-xpedlilmiH, tliolr
miiuggllng yariiH Inlun'Hied mc ureal-
ly, anil I lenrnl Hint limy Imd a code
of honor ainong llii'iinu'lveH Hlrleti.**'
even I linn that which nilch most law
II bill I UK pei'HOUH,
Ah for Pope It wiih iiitnnrod-— mul
by tIioho who.knew oIIi«ii<wIhi>--IIiiiI Ii-
had been hIioI by u Fr-'imli eiirblnt'.-r,
mid then* the mutter dropped. An
for the Hci'vinii in the inn who hnd admitted I'cpe lu Hccrcl, Hlu> dlHiippenred
iuul it Ih jiiHt iik well I'm her Mini nln*
did I'or Jiimia would hnve hnd n lion*?
In pick wllh her.
In view of the numerous cures which
Zam-Buk has worked when all else has
failed, there is little wonder that in
the end the doctor attending Mrs. J.'
P. St. Denis,, of 305 Thompson street,
Winnipeg, should tell'her there was
nothing but Zain-Buk could cure her.
The result* showed the far seeing wis
dom of this practitioner, and having
been completely cured by Zam-Buk
Mrs. St. Deiiis gievs'her experience for
the benefit ofothcr sufferers.
She says:' "Eczema started on ojie
side of my face and' nose. At first
my nose felt sore, similar to -what
one feels with a bad cold, °I '.paid no
attention to this thinking that it would
pass away in a day or so, but to my
surprise it got worse. The nose then j
became swollen and hard and turned \
a purplish red,' as well as'part of tlie
cheek on that side of my face.
"As Ihe disease developed pinipk-s
and ulcers broke out/then the skin
cracked in places and peeled off in
flakes leaving my faco and nose raw
and sore. This condition reacted on
my general health and I became very
111. I could get no sleep at. night because ot' the ii-rilation.and the pain,
and my.face was in such a shocking
condition that'for two months I did
not,,,go out of the house. I applied
remedies which were supposed to be
good for skin diseases but in vain.
"My doctor' also treated me, but
without effect, until one day1 he said
that the only tiling whicli would now
be likely lo cure me was Zam-Buk,
"Acting on his advice I procured a
supply and found that even the first
few applications had a.soothing effect
on tlie sores. 1' loft off everything
else in favor of this balm and applied
it liberally every day to affected parts.
In a remarkably short time, considering.the obstinate nature of my disease
we saw traces of improvement, whicli
encouraged us to persevere with the
Zam-Buk' treatment. Zam-Buk reduced the discoloraton, then the hard
swellng .began'to'show traces of leaving, the'sores*seemed .less angry and
in about three weeks time most of
tlie sores were healing nicely. To cut
a long story"short I continued wim
the Zanj-Buk treatment until my face
was cleared completely of. all traces
of the troublesome and painful ecze
'. Such was the experience of Mrs. SI
Denis, and scores,of other sufferers
could tell of other experience. Zam-
Buk is nature's own healer, being composed of pure herbal healing essences,
animal fat or mineral poison. • It is a
safe cure for cuts, laceratons,- burns
eczema, ringworm, poisoned wound,
festering sores, bad Jog, and all skin
injuries, and diseases. Zam-Buk, is
also a cure for piles. Druggists and
stores everywhere sell at 50c. a box,
or post, free from the Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, on receipt of price. You
are warned against cheap and harmful
imitations sometimes represented as
"just as good,"
The union shop improves the environment of those who labor, thereby
enhancing Ihe qualify of citizenship.
High wagos and satisfactory condi
tions of employment are Uio direct
result of organization, Unorganized
wage earners nurse grievances; organized  wage earners  remove  ihem.
Of the American  Federation of
. The following Ih ,mri of Dw unfali
list, of the American Feileratlon of Labor. Many of tlie dally newKpnper
I'oadei'H wlio hear as much about the
"Unfair List", during thoso dnyH may
bo anxloiiH lo know what hiiiiich of
firms the A, F, of L. "Unfair List" con-
taliiH,  ,
Under Uioho clreuiiiHlnnceK It becomes the duly of the lnbor press to
keep IU rciiilcis proporly liifonuud.
What are piipei'H published for If nol
for the purpose of giving con*"ct Informal Inn?
HlgiiiH* Curl Upninii of New York
(3lty; KeibH, Worilu'liii & Scliiffer of
Now York (.Ity, iiiiiiiiifncliirilrs of tlio
Henry (ieorge anil Tom Moore clgai'H.
Flour: WiiKliliui'ii-CroKby Milling Co
Mlniii'dliollH, Minn,; Valley City Milling <'.>„' (ii'iiml iliipldK, Mich,
WhlHlty: Finch DIhiIIIIiiu *.'", IMHh
burg I'n.
Clothing: N. Hiicllciihi'r-; ti t'o,, of
I'hihiilclpliln I'a.; (.IoiIiIci'h ICxchiingo,
Rochester N.Y.; II. Kuppeiiliehner &
Co., Chicago.
Coi-hi-Ik:   Clilm-io Cnnii'l   Co.,  iiiiui*
Some of, the Persons on National Payroll Have Been' Drawing Salaries
For Fifty Years—One Man Inherited Pension Which Began' Six
Years Before He Was Born—Abolished Offices Account For Many.
A blue book containing the-names
of the,nation's pensioners who have
nt one time or another held office in
the civil service shows that there''are
some lucky individuals, wlio have
been drawing pensions' since the
fifties. The civil service pensioners
draw between tliem £644,616 a year,*
ami the amounts vary Irom the £1,700
received by retired ambassadors like
Sir Horace. Rumold and Sir Edmund
Monson down' to the £1 2,s. 6d. a
year received by. Mr. F„ Mornn, apothecary in Dublin Castle, whose office
wns abolished in 1874.
The ages to which some of these
pensioners live is astonishing. Men
who retired on tlio ground of ill-health
or old age back in the fifties still
draw their annual stipend. There is
one man named W. Learmonlh, who
nnnears to have inherited a pension
whicli began six years before he was
horn. Pie was Lord Chancellor's
messenger in the Supreme Court of
Judicature,' and Hie entries against
his namo are: "Retired at twenty-
seven; causo, abolition of fees; pension commenced on Jan. , 11, 1S32,
succeeded to compensation May C,
1°«5." This individual .also draws
£47 12s., ns a "commutation annuity," and since 1879 another £24
JX as a-"commutation annuity" from
tt-*-1' National Debt Commissioners.
Then there is a Mr. F. R. Brande,
whose office as moneyers' apprentice
in the Royal Mint was abolished in
1351, when -he was twenty-two. He
lias drawn £150 a year compensation
allowance since then, or £8,550 in all.
Biit'as well as this, Mr. Brande put in
forty-four years' service as a clerk
in ihe Mint and retired in ,1891 at
the aige of Gl, with a pension of £311
2s. 2d, a year, his salarv having been'
£466 13s. 4d.
There was another nineteen-year-
old moneyers' apprentice named H.
Finch "when the: office was abolished
in 1861.    He, too, draws £150 a year.
W. M. Carpendale, a clerk in the
National Debt office, retired in 1354,
at the age of 28, on the' ground cf
"ill-health." He still draws a pension
of £32 a year.
*■ A' curious pension granted in the
same year is that under the heading
of "Slave trade services" to a storekeeper at St. Helena, who still draws
£43 a year because his office was
Since 1862 Henry Mills. * formerly
lower turnkey ,at the old Queen's
Prison, has drawn £4 9s. 9d. because
his office was .abolished.
In the report there are numerous
instances ol men who retired thirty
nod forty years ago on the ground ot
An instructor in mat-making at
Pentonville Prison has drawn "£22
18s. lid. a year since 186G. An inspector of fisheries has drawn £367 a
year since ,1867.
Thc great majority of the prison
pensioners seem fn have retired because of bad health, and there are
hundreds of cases given in thc blue
Whon the tolls on Chelsea bridge
were done away with in 1879, J. J.
Browning, the collector, was given a
pension of £17 Is. 2d., which ho still
A very large pension that has beon
paid for many vears is that to Sir
T, G.-Fardoll, M.P. for North Pad-
dington, whose office an registrar in
the Bankruptcy Court was abolished
in 1872, when he wns 38 years old.
Ho hold office for four years at a
salary of £1,000. His compensation
nllowanco hns been £666 13s. 4d. a
voar for iho last thirty-six years, or
£24,000 in all.
Anothor active pensioner is Sir
Coiirtcnay Tlbe.rt, tlie clerk of tho
House of Commons, whoso salary is
£2,000 a year. He drawn £1,000 a
yoar pension in respect to tlio office
of Parliamentary counsol, wliich lie
held for flttoen yenrs,
Thc names of n numbor of pensioners aro givon whoso service in office
rangod from thirty years to lho forty-
■"-■ven years of O, May,' a laborer nl.
TTnrnplon Court, who retired al the
i'bo of 74, and the fiftv-fivo yean of a
British mnsonm nltendant,
One of lho moit curions pom-doim
I" tho report is thai under the Trisli
Civil Service, Tl is £64 3r, 4d, triven
in T. Moriarity. a "Rononohal" at
Dublin Cnnflc, whoso offico was aboj-
i**,b<*d in iron.
Hero is a list of distinguished jkiii-
sinners j
Lord Ci-miicr. £900; Sir TTcnrv
TVnmmnnd-Wolff. £1.700; Sir V„
■"ft'lr-l £1.700; Sir Norman T.ockvor,
T-'O; Lord Welliv, C 1.5*11; Lord Sim-
•''•H-tnii, .CI JWI: Sir K. Nrndford, £WM;
•"•*!■• Tloborl Andorwnn. £400; Sir Dip-by
PiVrift,. CI. 000; Lord Dunbovrio,
CI,inn: Sir VhH Kliifrsivil,-., £200,*- •
London FxpreBs.
England's Qldeat Castle.
MiUiclu'sliT Cn-.H" in -iiiiil lo be on«
nf Dw oldest iiilmhili'il lmu--.es iu Hrl-
hin. It 'v.ir '.Id in King irnnry'a tlmo,
[••i it it|i|M'nr4 I-ti Imvi' lii-i'ii tlm Ho.
ini'.iirt wim Hint milled itJ huge gray
I'llHTs to rlitfi-ltll tln> puH-nige of the
11•- *r Mule riiiinint' li.-low i(u wiilli-
Plum iln pr-reli mi I In nil: riot fell il
* fiiiniwiiN the (wintry frujii the hill,*)
I i llm .shore, n |io,t|t)im of iminoriRe
li ipnrtnriff tn near to tin- -Wrier. At
Mic linn*' *il Ilie N'oriiuiri irivriHJon tlin
(ertri'M* was given to the IViiiiIh-sIohh,
inf.- Went-
-. //
■■ 6'
Old Fashioned Dinner Bell Revived—A Dish Rack.
A New Gridiron Promises to Revolutionize the Art of Broiling Steaks.
It Is Easy to Clean and- Can Be
Taken Apart if Desired.
That all softening.
Overpowering knell,
' Tho tocsin of the sou! —   -
Thc dinner bell.    .
Ot mission oak and brass is the, dinner bell seen in Hie illustration. ■ Fashioned like the old "town bells" used
in the villages during colonial days and
by English and French peasants to
tall town meetings, it is odd and attractive.
The lone of the brass bell Is deep
and rich.* The slightest pull on the
leather thong suspended from li will
make it ring long enough to call any
ordinary hungry mortal to dinner,
In a mission furnished hall this
would add a qualm and artistic touch.
Another new household invention la
tho chop rack. How often has the
polish on a iliniiiL: table been ruined
by an unsightly mark made by tho
contact of a hot dish!
Some servants are so careless they
never seem to learn'that'hot dishes
will mark a table unless a thick mat
is placed tinder tbem. Now the shops
show a dish, rack mado especially for
a fbop dish, biit which can be.used for
1   diamond
ins   for   h
iii it.
."'Ivin   Tal'i*    no   notice,   dulling.
i"n th i-i" M Im blind   vnu l-tinw
••v...*.    \',.i    »,•.(.
'ui.n b'iitil
iilar.liirt.'i'H   Kiibu nml   Ln   .Maiguei'lit
Cill'Ht'lH, j »h'1   IlllV"   held    it   ever
.Iuiiiiii'h fnllier wiih Ji'toimoly proud j    UIovch: .1. II. Cownie (Hove i.'o,. Ileal loi'istf '•"ft'Mrt.
of his daughter when lie heard ull tlie; Mouk-h, In.; (,'iillfoiniii (Hove Co., Na-I „ ,   ,      	
, ''        , . .,  , ' tint   Tnn   Wind
Mi-uuiiiii i(ivuuwiit.iu-irumiu> mm. ,|m. i-U. |    ,...„.,;,,.,   oh    ,,„„,    ,,,,
Tlie kooiI mini was iiIw.i>h singing her:    Hutu; J, ll, Hlotimu Co,, I'lillndflplilaj ,n  **,y ..ngfigemciit rliiR
praise* l« mi protnnM.i Wcau.-tf in m« , P.i.. I'.. M. Knox Co,, liH-oMyn N. V.,
,11c Iuul found his filtuie miii In law. Itul 11leiuy II, lloulof & Co,, Philadelphia,,
.Iiiiiiin  know dIIii'I'wIki* for I Insl   nn! I'a.
nun* in idling 'iiim* 'ihm i mul n  norm ,    mhiik and ('mhiih;  I unci) Mini  -v
In Madrid, TIiIk did not uffeci her ro 'Collar Co,, Troy, N. Y.;  Van Znnrlt,
gard for nn*. nntl when a year later Khei.lucobK and Co,, Troy, Cliietl, I'eiibndy
wroio Informing me tliui hIm* whh go.Wind Couipaiiy, Troy, N.Y.; .linni-n ll.
j lug to marry Paco, kIic added fpiiiintly (Kaiser of New York Cli>.
j "If ynu Kfc mi objection." The HutterM* I'aitein Ctinipnny of.
'     T hope my HIM" \vr<hUn\r riff k.'i'H*   Sow \'nrl;
I fled hor on that m-ore. j    Cement:   Port laud  JViiliiHtilnr C«,'in-
(  *»-      ~  7'tit Co.. J:ul.:;t;ii, MIcli.; l'(Ii*a Hjifiaii
i    Wlieii Uic win* iind daimhrui'H of alllni. Cement an.I .Mfg. i"o., IKIcn,   III-
union  men driunnd Hie label on nil' Inols
tliolr .purcIniKcn,   then   will  iinionlum j    kIovch: Wniiiglii Iron llrtnge Co., Ht.
any other' purpose desired, which
holds the bot dish one inch from the
table, thus precluding any possible
harm to the table from heat.
TIicracli___o_._ii__d-_v_loli, -hy_thi'--
way, Is a good substitute for silver.
It never becomes tarnished-and if rubbed with jn hot, damp cloth and dried.-
quickly It shines like new sliver. The
rack Is fashioned so ns to make it
easy to place the dish or to remove lt.
The handle at the top Is to use when
carrying the hot disli to the table.
As chops should always bo served
piping hot, this is Indeed a solution of
the -quest iou of how to obtain the best
A grooved gridiron that Is among the
now things of Hie season promises to
revolutionize the art of broiling steaks
or chops.     0
The now gridiron is provided with n
rest that tilts lt In such a way that the
grooved iron on which' the chop or
Bioak rests Inclines toward the bnck of
the stove and terminates iu a little
trough, into which tho gravy finds Hh
way as lt courses down the grooves.
In this manner not a drop of tlie julco
of ihe meat Ih lost,
The cleverest part of the device Ih
the way In which Hip (Ire Is allowed
*■ ■ ^
to gel: at Hie ment while at the same
Hum being deprived of Its drlpplngR of
gravy. A wirles of sills In Un; Hides
of the grooved cliaiinels, ut a height
which, while permitting the cooking
to proceed, precludes the possibility of
Uu,' gravy escaping Inlo Hie lire, miiki'
of Hie new gridiron mn perfect n cooking utoiiNll iih the old line, but with lho
mlviinliigc of preserving [be Juice of
Hie iiieiit, The gv'iiAcil part Ih removable for piirpiwi'H uf cleiiiilng, nnd tine
gridiron can be used apart from it If
it Is ilcslrod.
Blanket Oath Robei.
If y./.i Imvi* a friend who Ik going tu
be mnrrled nnd ynu want (o mnkn her
Hnriii' ilniiily peiMiiital Hiliitr build her u
biitli robe out nf n t<lll; blanket,
The   lillllll.et*)   are   sold   III   Ulf   Hllnp*
nt I'l'iiHnnnlile prices. They arc widely
Hlrlpfd In pliil. and blue, vlolot nnd
bnlf. blue nntl white.
ttlll,     llf    tl.'*,t'*ll     f*l II      I,.,    'wit.tl,'     f) p,*.*.,".**.**
for ii InoMt liluiiMHt rube. Lnrt'f arm*
hnli'i*-. are cm, iuul Mpiarc Hleevim nn«
.-irr.ingcd iu wiib I In* back ntul front*.
T'le utrip''*1 eni-*" ;■" acr'*""* In ordrr to
give m pn'>d Iniig tt» Hie blanket. The
nliri"* nre hound with four Inrhfs of
.    ii.      in   ,
of Ollf of Ibe Ml'ipes.
InillaiiiipollH,   hid.;   iluck   Slow    mul
linage Cruiipiiny, Si, l.nulx,
HiigK: (iulf Ilnif Co., .Vew Oil.•and,
1*11., biancli Ilfinih Hioilirii,, at. Lotili*,,
ItrooniNauil iJiisiri** Tl*. I.t .• V>-.t<in
and Hunter Company. Ilawnpnti. la.:
M, d.nt'lliMfw Sons, Clrclevllle, ulifo:
hnve n-ci-k'Ml nn Impi-ton that can |,oiiln, Mn., Halted sinter* Hfil.-r Co. ■ MfrUlo-Wlley llrooni Company, Paris
r,nt bo *,l*ft-j->i>Ml ■*•*>• all Dxn InJunMlonii|iviroli. Mali., <Iiimh-*i Joundry <"u, •w'1-''-
or nthor nhntrvetlntu rx,'r dovlneri hy • Toroitfii Our.; Horn.' S'rni- Workn, of|    VTiUvri.-a: Iv- imh.: UVul; C'.i *  *"u..
jgrttdy mc-n. j liroohlyn Wnlth Cane Co,, 8«f Uarbor,nt Philadelphia; Jon. Fahy, Hro.il;lyn.
T. Ktirlirugg Wntch Crin<» Co., Klvor-
iddu S, J.
C.  W. Pont,  Mnin/fiii'tiircr of fJriino
NiiIh ntul I'oNiiiiu Ceieiil, 1 Initio Creek
i rilucuui.'; lmluialitl Flliie VV'nru
jCrv, Uirkpttrt. N. Y.
1 Kiirnlitire: Amen Iran Illllltird Tahiti
jCo., Clnclnnnti, <),; o, WIkiiit Piano
Co.. llrookljn .V.Y.; Kr.-H Piano Co.,
'Ctuduiutl O, U«iU> IK-.-W Co.. B...iWui.
i goaiajC&KaJs^Btiami8£&»»SM
,:    C. P. R. TIMETABLE
Arrive Fernie
No. 213 West     8.48
No.  214 East    17.55
No.  236 Local East ..'.     8.48
No. 235 Local West   20.50
No. 7 West Flyer  10.40
No.  8 East Flyer   20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
G. N,
NO. 252
10.55   *
No. 251
FERNIE                      1.00
HOSMER                  ;' 12.35
11.50    '
OLSON                       12.27
MICHEL -                  12.05
Local News
For sale: Pure bred Irish Water-
Spaniel pups. Apply to B. F. Lester,
Hosmer, B. Q.      .   .
Furnished House .to Let. 6 roomed
cottage. Apply Ledger Office.
Ten Cows and a Bull for sale—M.
Tully, Fernie Annex. 16-2tNP
Furniture for sale: Entire lot of
household furniture. Apply to Mrs. A.
A. Gillespie.
For Rent: The upstairs portion of
the Palace Meat Market, Victoria avenue. Would be suitable for lodging or
boarding house purposes. For particulars apply to P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
For sale: Team of horses, apply to
A. Macdonald Co., wholesale grocers,
Lost: Runch of Keys: Finder will be
rewarded by returning to Pollock Wine
~ Rev. AY. F. Spidell of Ailsa Craig,
Ont, will preach in the Baptist church
next Sunday at 11 a.m., arid 7.30 p.m.
Mr. Spidell's morning subject -will.be
"Where one Man Went to Find Gold,'
and his evening subject "From a Tent
to the Mayor's Chair." Seats free.
Everybody welcome.
. Word has been received .in.the city,
as was rumored last week, that Charles
Fife, who has been ticket agent'here
for the last five years, had been offered and accepted the position of District-passenger Agent, with headquarters at  Calgary.      Mr.  Fife's    many
The Hosmer Times gets quite chesty
over the fact that the Flyer stops in
that place for coal. Trying to attach- prominence to the burg from
this fact must be somewhat after the
same principle as extracting honey
from a vinegar barrel.
R. Henderson who is well and fav
orably known in Coal Creek and also
in Lethbridge, has taken over the
manageemnt, of the house department
of the Roma hotel in this city. His
advertisement will be found in another part of the paper.
Horse Shoe
;/The Best Red Sdckeye Salmon put up
in tho world. Every can guaranteed.
It pays to buy the best.
*,' .        ■ - "■' *
Fay  Cash   and   Just   Smile
W. J.  BLUNDELL    Give "s a cal1
♦ »»♦«>.»»♦♦♦♦♦»♦•■■-
Ahem, have you tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLeaii, phone 01.
No place in town just like it. Ingram's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61.
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at Ingram's.
Don't forget to ask for Michel beer
—the best beer made.
Furniture for sale. Entire lot of
household furniture. Apply to Mrs. A.
A. Gillespie.
■ ■*■
If you want the best—call for Elk
Valley beer. '
You will find the best values in
cooking and heating stoves,at, the Trite
■ Wood Co., Ltd.
When thirsty nothing but Michel
beer for me.
For a good comfortable'smoke get
: Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.   o
They are still' selling window shades
from, 30c* up at the Trites-Wood Co.,
- Tho ladies , of the Presbyterian
church are holding a Thanksgiving
dinner Monday night from 5.30 to 8
o'clock. The dinner will be national
in character. The different nations
represented will be England, Canada,
America, Ireland, Scotland and Germany, and the dishes will be characteristic of each. Tickets 50c. •   ,
Who  Has  Been  Appointed  Travelling
Passenger Agent C.P.R.
friends in Fernie will regret that his
promotion necessitates his removal to
another centre, but all join in wishing
him the success that he deserves in
his newer iind larger field of work.
His successor here is Mr. R. Hay of
Belleville, Ont.    '
• The installation of the boilers and
engine at the municipal power house
has been completed and the. erection
of the smoke stack stands between
the city having light; and .the present
darkness. The plant will be a credit
to the city. ■ The coming of'the light
will indeed be a welcome change to
those who have had to revert to the
age of lamps and lanterns;
The funeral of the late -Carlo Mau-
cie'us, the unfortunate Italian who
was killed at the coke ovens last, week
was,held on Sunday afternoon to the
Fernie cemetery. The Italian ."band
was in attendance and rendered some
most suitable selections. . A number
of U. M. W. of A. members were also--!
in attendance, of which body deceased
Try a case of Elk' Valley Bottled
beer. $2.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone 79.    -
Nothing to equal the furniture values offered by the Trites-Wood Co.,
First class lessons, given in the Pianoforte (German method) and singing
(pure Italian method.) Apply to Mr.
H. G. Evans. Post, office, Fornie,
' Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41.
Elk Valley beer popularity known
as Michel, always on top at the leading hotels.
Up-to-date billiard and pool room for
sale, Easy terms or to ronl to responsible party. Enquire J. Selglo, Now
Advertising space on the now drop
curtain in tho Minors opera house Is
now available. To arrange for special position see D. ltees, secretary, or
address box 3G1, Ferule
Only a few moro loft. Sowing machines, ball hearings, fitted with automatic lift, gunraii'teed for ton years,
Nothing bottor on tho market, $30,50
ut tho Trites-Wood Co,, Ltd,
A Ramplo order of lilllc Valloy hot.
tied boer will convince you ot lho sup.
erlorlty over all others. $2.50 por do/..
delivered at your door, Call up phono
' 7fl nnd we will do tho rent.  *
"was a member.
The manner in which the cars of
coal are chasing each other * across
the big steel tipple at Coal Creek is
a matter for congratulation to' all concerned. The figures are growing every day and the 2000 ton per day
mark' is well within reaqh now.- This
means much for both miners and the
company and business men as well.
The new^seams opened up are showing
a fine quality of coal, easy of access,
When the output of the mines'reaches
a sufficient volume extensions to the
coke ovens in the Fernie yards will be
proceeded with.
For Fine Millinery
Go   to   the   Misses  Enters
A   large stock, to choose from.
Beautiful hats for all pocketbooks.
■ We have the reputation that for
stylo and beauty this store1 turns~
IA. out Hats that,are equal to any-1
thing you can find in larger cities.
Latest Novelties in
Ladies' Wear
New Voile Skirts,. Suits, Not Waists, ta Coats
aud Silk Rain Coats at specially low prices
Grows Nest Trading Co.
/ "v-f General Merchants
The   Store   of Good; Values
V   Agents-"Bell Pianos" .-> *
Sold on monthly payments
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
To secure your share
of tHe surprising bargains at tHe big Removal Sale of
School reopened, on Monday afternoon, under the principalship of Miss
Hogan, a very able teacher., Things
wero far from satisfactory at the
start, but in a short time everything
will be running smoothly again. There
has boon an unprecedented delay in
getting the school finished, but when
completed It will be one of the best
schools in the Province.
Mr. F. X. Holl, the .well known representative of the Scranton Correspondence Schools and the International
Text Book Company, was in Fernie
and made a pleasant call at the -Ledger office this week. . He intends to
thc Pass. As usual,.lie is full "of enthusiasm for the. work he represents,
but finds time to enlarge ou the fine
points of Socialism..,
Fred White, tlie popular ball tosser
of the Coal Company team, has af last
come to the conclusion that the slate
of single blessednesFi has no more
charms for lilm, and has passed ovor
to the gorat army of benedicts. , He
was happily married on September 20
lo Mlsa Collins of Edmonds, Wash.,
and ln company with his bride, returned to UiIh city on Sunday, where thoy
will lu future rosldo. Many Fernie
friends Join In wishing Mr. and Mrs.
White a long and happy life.
Day Was Beautiful and a
Large Number^Took
in the Trip
The pulpit in the Bapltst church'
on Sunday evening was filled by Rev,
Spidell, who returned from the cast
with tho Rev. Williamson. . Mr. Spidell isMit present the pastor of the'
Ailsa Craig and Denfiold Baptist
churches, where he has been most successful in his work, In his address
on Sunday evening he mado a short
reference to his previous acquaintance
with. 13. C.,,having been' a timber cruiser and mining prospector here some
twonty years agb, As u speaker the
rev, gentleman lias a most pleasing
manner,* and delivered a splendid discourse on gospel linos. Tlio Baptists
of Fernie, are hoping to impress tho
importance of lho wostorn work on
Rev. Spidell to such an extent that he
may be prevailed upon to consider a
call to the Fernio church.
Sunday last under the auspices of the
Kootonia Fruit Lands Co., was a decided success. The weather was Ideal
for the outing, and the train service
splendid.' '"' The party, left tho .G. N.
depot about 9.30 a.m.,. giving them a
sufficiently long time to thoroughly
inspect, the • irrigation system! and
tlie tracts now under cultivation.
The residents of Baynes Lake, to
a man, proved themselovs to be royal
entertainers, and nothing was left undone to make the visitors feel thoroughly al home for the day.
Rigs .were provided and all desiring
to do so were driven ovor the tracts,,
and the various points bf interest in
connection with irrigation wero minutely explained.     The wai or for this
 ~     I,.     l^.»..»l.i      *,•„,...-.     TIaaI.     n..r.r.l.
Mr.) J., A'*. Tormey, Baynes Lake, B. C.
Dear Sir: After making a trip down
to Baynes Lake and looking over your
irrigation plant it would bo no more
than right "to congratulate you upon
the great prospects in store for your
property, and to say that I believe you
have made no mistake either in accessibility, location, or the quality of
the soil.'' It will certainly be the
garden spot .of this part of the province; 7 °   -
'Respectfully yours
*•''. (American Consul)
Dry Goods
, ' '     ' 7'7   •.' *    "     ~x    .',
Boots and
To supply and liistnl lientlng apparatus for Hteiini hoatlng lho Minora
Hull nnd Oporn House, Purlloulurs
••an he obtained from 1). flees, liox !Ml
to whom temloi-H must bu nddroHHw',,
not. Inter than Oct, 211, 1000."
John Harrlnglon, ono of tho ablest
exponents of the SoclaliRl doctrine in
the country arrived In Fornio on Tuos-
day. John or "Jade" as he Is fanill-
Inrly known has been asked to stand
for tlio Fernio riding, and has como
hero lo look over the. fluid of battle,
Ah yet, however, It Is not definitely
staled whether ho will bo tho standard bearer or nol, Whothor or no,
llarringtrii) Ih an able mnn on tho platform, imd In Alberta insl your cunie
within an nee of getting the sent, lie
is a bom fighter and lias studied Hoc-
InllHiu from A to 'A.
Although tho building season Is, for
I his yonr, drawing to a close; nn Jm-
monso nmount of outdoor work Is being riiflhod to completion, all of the
buildings being of a most substantial
nature, Among tIioho nt present In
the courso of erect Ion and Hearing
completion are:
Triton-Wood Block
Fornio Hotel  Kxt elision
Nupnuoe Hotel
Hoynl Hotel
Kings lintel
King Mdwiird extension
Imperial linnli
Bunk of Hnmllton
Provincial buildings
The llout office—pardon
11 Meni .Market
Flro Hall
Presbyterian church
Methodist eliurcli
ItosldoH these a large number of
residences are about completed.
Uov.  I, W, Williamson, tin
pastor of Hie llnpllsl church here, re
turned  from  Dw east   ou  Saturday, |
whero In* Iuul hern iihuuiik u ciiIiwik
lor Mini* Un iln  .-ii,i'imii n)' Dii' Jirii'
purpose jsi'* brought from Rock Creok,
where a splendid .dam of a ■ most sub-
slant lal character has been erected,
some four'miles from the tracts to bo
Irrigated,, A Rplendld head of wator
is tlius obtained, and there apparently
Is no possibility of a scarcity at, any
tlmo, The work of constructing ihe
•flume and ditch was an undertiiklug
of no small proportions, and entailed
a largo outlay of money, Just boforo it roaches lJuyni's, tho wntor has
to crosR .tho Cjroat Northorn, and to
accomplish this It was necessary lo
hulld tho flumo somo 2f>, foot high,
Tho fertility of the land undor cultivation, snmo of II, with no Irrigation,
is quito romnrkablo, and tho various
tracts producing this year show that,
much greater things will bo riceomp.
Ilsliml lu tho near future,
Considerable* Interest was shown lu
tho Kootonia Niirse.'los, tho property
of Mr. 1-3, II. II. Stanley, whoro n flno
showing of hot Iiouho plants of all
liliubH.** to bo soon, nil uf Ihem being
particularly strong and thrifty." On
this proporty another extension to Ihe
glnsH houses 100x^1) feet Is bolng put
up, for tho growth of vegetables.
All diiHlroiis of doing ho, woro driven
to tho Kootonay River, and thoro   n
! splendid launch wnn lu waiting, and
jn delightful trip was mado on tho
no i ,.|Vol*.
I    llnynos Lake wns mint lior contro of
;tin-Tent, ami boating and fishing wen;
i Indulged in by iniiuy.    RefroshiiieiilH
leci'iif i w'*'''' provided nl the club Iiouhc, and
every courtesy was extended to the
visitors by tho officers or tlm coiiipiiuy
..;,'.   ; ■   ! 1* n'"   ef   ll*\;'\w>,« •■
those tours
Mr. J. A. Tormey, Baynes Lake, B. C.
" The Baynes Lake irrigated tracts
should not be looked upon as they are
but what irrigation and ^cllmatie will
make of them m the very near future.
The project is gooa and its * future
looks very promising to me.
J. F. Rudinicki
"',, * .,:■ *   ■•*»
Mr. J. A. Tormey, Baynes Lake, B. C.
There is no question us to the   future of the Baynes Lake district. 0The
tremendous production tho land Is capable of .without irrigation and an already created market for fruit, vegetables and dairymen's products mako
the future of the place assured.
Geo: F- Stevenson
Secretary Pernio Bd, of Trado
•   *   *'
Mr, J. A. Tormey, Secretary Kootenay
River Land Company Baynes Lake
B.' C.
Dear Sir: I wish to thank you for
tho many courtesies shown to myself
and'iisBoelatOB on tho occasion of our
visit to Daynos Lake laBt Sunday. To
say Hint I was surprised at tho amount
of work your company has accomplished in a short space of timo does not
express it, You lmvo certainly shown
tho truo wostorn gait In having
brought water by flumo ■ and ditch
from Rock Creek to Irrigate your
I bollovo that It will only bo a short
tlmo now bofoio you will hav*.' the
gardon spot of lho country, will tho
people who are fortunate enough to
locate on Uioho Irrigated lands will not
only carve out flno homes for themselves but will also mnko n lucrative
living from tlio products raised, as
tlioy havo a ready market at tliolr
doors,   ■
Wishing you nil success In your on-
lurprlso. I inn
Youi-h* truly,
J R. Pollock
Pros. Fornio llonrd of Trade
Everything     Reduced
for a few days longer
X . , ,l '
Trites-Wood Co.,Ltd.
+♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ <►♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦
i    To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      - -      70c each
T  hi
Wilfrid 6. brnatl, Violiro-U     ^ Percy 0.   Hook,  Pl.ini.it
These two nrtlHlH, lo«ether with Mrs -tienrge l\ Hliivmixnii, t-Vruli-'s popular Hopn-iKi, will give a ncltal in th«- Miners Opi-nt biinse on WYilrH'Hdiiy Oct.
UTih, und'T tin- tiiiHplci-s of the l-Yriili* I'lilIhiinnoiiU- society, In IiIh short
tiiiiiihal cinreor IVrry Hinall has earned ii wonderful name ns un Inli-rpn'ter
of Home of Un-fiiietil woikii of the niftsiein. nud Urn iriMoi ur>< ujiMlniii) In
thflr prtilsf rtf his work, I'.-rcy rt. HimW** liUi.Ll .itul ucuiuiliiiuh.r, (•: **>l-o "
well kiifiwn f-iittirtnlm-r.^nn-l Dw ivenlliK should undoubtedly be n niosi enjoyable one for munn- linliir, p.'oplc
church here, He left on Wi'ilncKilny
inoinlw-; for iln- •rouMt to cnler upon ■ I'Vnili* lu good time,
Iik work as gceiiriil sccretnry for the1 Mr. Tormoy has gone to llosinor,
II. (', Hundny Hchool nsHurlnllnii. On1 Michel anil othei towns In the Pans
'lui'Htoi**. i-miiiih <ii .. «».;.-.; ;.*;■*: :>. "*"* :""'■•■■*• comurv to deliver his lectin. naptlHt church, lie gnvo n most ;<»r<'»* on the Itiwnes lund.
iiitcresllng itmnint of IiIh trip io the! The followlng'letti'rH to Mr, Tormoy
oiisi, irncliiK his.Itinerary from Wln-jft'im Fernloltos show iho opinions of
nlpeg to Fort Willinm, Port Arthur and j tin* land held by ilieiu:
thenco to Owen Hound nud Toronto., near Mr, Tormey: I wns very much
From Tornnfn ho vlslti-d Hamilton,* pleased with the appeaiiiiicii of llio
Paris. Htnitford, Anllxu Crnlg, Di-n-; irm-t of land I lic-ughi from >uu lu
fli'ld, Parklilll, Fm--.ui, Hnrnlii. Wallace-' V.KiX. The clinrnctcr of the sf,',', with
burg, WliHlM-r, (..'li/iihiiui, Onervllli-, >oiir n-wly Installed irrigation sy»-
Ht. Thomas, thi'iico bnck to Toronto, j leni and the Ideal cllninlo to my tnliid
He next look In OMuwn, Smiths Falls i mukr li a perfect spot in raise fruit
and Montreal, Thf vacation s.-n-wu ,anil t.>K*-!nbli*H. I »m negotiating to
luif-rf.'-n-d -waily with hi* trip. Mr. I liavi- the laud cleared mid broken tit
WTIII.imion m."f mnny Inquiring friendsionn-.
of hVrnlfli-'M, and returns with about] *       Your* (rtlihtiilly,
llouu for the building fund. i Doufll*)! Coroan
A young prolinilonor wns preaching
his Irlnl sermon In ti church In one of
llio liiliind vOI'ikch of Scotland, Aftor
finishing the "dlscoursu' Im lennod over
tho pulpit and engaged In silent player, nu net which rather surprised Uio
coiiuinirnlloii, who worn inincciiHtoinud
The I'.tuni trip wns mnde, leaving I to such procedure.     Suddenly     tho
young prt'iiclior toll, somcinii! slapping
lilm ou the shoulder, nnd ou iiimfng
uroiiiid he beheld tho beadle, who
"Hoot, torn, man dliuia la' ll sue
liliiclilo lo licrt, Yo'll niiiyho duo bettor' next time,"
- - "OH
Unyiies ut   I o'clock, nnd urrlvlng In
Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
•—t^aaBaamaaaawmmaetaaasnam mm ii,,wiu__i.iiRi«-i|iU-*«iii.,|iii,w.1 n-uimu ox-m mi
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality.   Estimates given on
„ all Contract work.   All work guaranteed satisfactory.        ■.
O. N. ROSS, Sole irropriei.o_.
Homo poor wnuilorlng souls under
uiiprunuiiiiivibli: namcu occupied the
stage nt tlin opera house on Monday
nlglil. The iiutlli uuliM of llu: lirl
gnde stated that the first pnrt of the
programme would be for Dw children.
Ho must hnvo forgotten to knock off
when the first part whh ended for the
play al) thitiunh, with ibe, rxcciiDon
\>i ili« tuiikli lui'iAlci'i*, war, kindergarten gone mad.
Let Us Be
Your Waiter
Wo never tire of. helping others vhty
they ask for good Job printing. We ,
can tickle tha most exacting typho- #
graphlo appetite. People who have
Lrtaken of our excellent service
come back for a second serving. Our
pr.cea are the most reasonable too, -J
.,„, you can Hwaya depend on us.glving your order* the moat prompt ^
»nd careful attention.   Ut u. atibmit our aamplw.


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