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'Provincial Library Juric.30 O&H'
Indvistria.1 Unity is Strength*
The Official Organ of District No. 18, XJ. M, W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VOL. V.    No. 16
FERNIE,   B. C,   November 20th,   1909
$1.00 a. Year
For'some time , rumors have been
prevalent in' the city that changes cf
an important nature would shortly be
brought to pass in connection with the
management bf the Coal Company,
The absence of General Manager
Hurd in eastern States centres', and
the fact that" it was known that his
-contract with the .Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company expired this month,
lent" strength to the reports, but nothing definite could be learned,   and
. those in a position to speak were very
reticent in regard to the matter.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦
<*> ♦
The Lodger office will be
open from 7.30 to 9.30 tonight to allow those who desire to purchase Progressive
Fernie or subscribe ,for The
t& + + +<Q.& + -t><*4X*<*> +
MR.   J;   D.   HURD .
Mr. Hurd Speaks
However, that the rumors contained
ft considerable degree of truth is now
substantiated by tho resignation of Mr,*
J. D. Hurd, the genial general manager of the compnny, v Mr. Hurd, when
questioned by a Ledger man on the
subject, fluid .thnt his contract with
the Coal Company expired on the Mth
of November, and tjiat aa ho considered ho could do better elsewhere,' ho
had not entered Into negotiations with
tho dtro'ctornte to renew or extend his
term here.
Mr, Hurd spoke feelingly of the very
many pleasant associations ho had
formed while In this city, of tho great
growth of tho place, of IiIh cordial relations with llio minors, nnd of tho
friendships formed In tlio offlco with
the heads of departments and lho clerical staff 'goncrnlly.
Tho niluoi'H, through tlieir offleora,
lmvo-a deep personal regard for Mr.
lliird, who Iiiih always Interested him-
soil' ln any manor pertaining to their
welfare, mid who lum always sought
to avoid unnecessary trouble in the
making 'if agroomonth, In evidence of
which lot It bo nnld that lho mines of
tho CrowH NohI Piihh Coul Company
worked continuously through Iho big
Btrlko of thu spring of IflOU, when tho
local 'company loft tlio Western Coal
Operators association,
llHpoclally waH ho Instrumental in
lending ovory nld to tlio members of
Gladstone Local union In thc erection
of thoir union hull In this city,      ,
As a citizen Mr. Hnrd was held In
Iho hlghr-Ht regard by nil classes, ami
in his capacity waH able to do much
to advance tlio'liiteroHts of Fornio, nnd
to this fiid ho gnvo of his tlmo und
moans unsparingly.
Tribute from 8tnff
Tho Muir of lliu t;o«J Com'puny iiuvm-
ed biiino (diitiibJi; tiAcii ot ■i*i'»*^i.*4,l,*ijff-
usBttry on tlio occiudon of tho doparturo
of their former chlof. nnd n handaomo
ciiho of Hllvor wob presented to Mr.
and Mm. Hurd by tlio momborH of tho
KWUl. Mt. iiunl 'ims *,X',t» •*•*. LatkU-
some gold wntch by "His Pernio
Friend*,' nnd Mr»s Hurd whb tho ro-
clplont of n handnomo Oliver purse, tho
gift of hor lady friend*.
Prom the Council
The following communlcatlona   av-i
self explaantory:
KKKNIK. Nov, 12^
J. D. HUUD, E«q„
Manager Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Fornio, ll. C
Doar B!r:—Somo dnyH ngo -while In
your office, I expressed my fooling au
Mayb'i ■ of the city of Fernie toward
you for the courteous way in which
you had treated the citizens of Fernie
during your term of office.
The members of the council'are as
one with mo in this matter nnd have
requested me to write you a letter
outlining their appreciation. The entire council and myself have been residents of the city for a great number of
years and have come in contact more
or less in an official way, with your
company, and it is the opinion of all
that, you have done a great deal til
patch up the unfriendly feelings that
have heretofore existed between ftthe
citizens and your company, and have
otherwise shown and assumed, business like dealings with the city.
Without going * into the matter at
length I again wish to express to you
the appreciation bf the council, and
particularly of myself and I trust that
your good offices will go a long way
in building up the town and I assure
you that. I believe they will,
I wish you every, success in-your new-
field of labor.
Yocrs very truly, .
: FERNIE, Nov, 12 .
J. D. HURD, Esq,, '.*•.-     ...V
* Manager' Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Fernie, B. C. '
Dear Sir: At a meeting of the council held last night, November -11, the
following motion was unanimously pas;
sed: "■ .  -'.
"Moved by Aid. Gates and Johnson:
That this' council exceedingly regrets
and that "they extend to him their appreciation of "his many courtesies during his office as geneal manager of the
Cwys.'Nest Pass'Coal Co.,-and that a
"copy'of. this .resolution be sent to him.
. '    '   - .   Yours truly
City Clerk
Tho Ledger joins with hosts of
friends in .Fernie and district In extending to Mr. Hurd every wish for
future prosperity, and success, which
he so truly deserves In any field to
'which he may be called,
Tho funds of the, hall havo beon
increased from $109.50 to $12*1.50 by
contribution of ten dollars from tho
J, II.'Ashdown Hardware Company of
Nelson and of $ii from T. Lebel & Co,
of Plnclior Creok.
Mr. Hiii'i'lngton, tho Socialist candidate will hold a meeting'at tho cook
houso Wnldo, on Friday evening. Nov;
10, and Mr, Flshor tho Liberal candidate on Saturday evening, November 20th,      *
Mr. Frod Manning of tho Revelstoke
Sawmills company was a Waldo visitor
this wook.
^•Tho Waldo whist club met. Wednesday afternoon nt Mrs. .Charlie Mc-
Nab's, Tho next meeting will bo at
MrB.H.H. Robs'.
A bnll was given by M. and Mrs, II,
H. Ross at tho cook house, > Lowor
Waldo on Tuesday ovoning, tho occasion bolng tho closing down of tho mill
after a successful season's cut, Waldo
and RnyiicH woro woll represented, The
music whs excellent and a most enjoyable tlmo was spoilt, At midnight
n delicious Hiippor was Hoi'veil, then
dancing was resumed find continued
until tho wee sum' hours of the morning.
Only five days more and the elect-
n - ■
ore of the province of British Columbia will have an opportunity of showing their approval'ov otherwise of the
actions' of the present government,
The railway policy seems to be the
only reason advanced as a reason or
excuse for keeping the McBride government in power another term, and
it has been so thoroughly riddled that
there is not enough of it left to make
a respectable siding out of.
Both the Liberals and Conservatives
are handing out the same, bread and
milk sop to the electors instead of
considering the real issues that are
being brought up from time to time.
The chief argument of both these parties seems to be abusive tirades and
It ,is pretty woll admitted that the
man who will have the big end of the
poll in this riding is John D. Harrington, the candidate of the Socialist
party who represents the workers in
every sense of the word.
He and a splendid band of workers
have made a thorough canvass of the
entire riding and support is promised
them from all quarters and from sections , where heretofore nothing " but
hostility was experienced. His practical and thorough exposition of . the
doctrine of ■„ Socialism has won biva
hosts of .friends and votes, and he is
doing much to clear up the prejudice
and hatred that existed in many quarters to the cause. *      -
He^ has met his opponents fairly
and squarely, at all his meeting extending to them the courtesy of 'the
platform and a perfect right to a good
hearing.   " ,,
'The rather sad end of the "Labor"
party and Mr. Fisher's claim to have
been endorsed by it form one of the
most amusing episodes .of the campaign, and the tenacity with which the
Liberals stick to the assertion that
their.man has the support of the labor
party. is farcical in. the extreme, - es-
ecially so_since the whole scheme has
been~laicfbare andTEeld lfp~toTidicure
by Harrington. "   ,
Even the stauncliest Conservatives
admit that-, the chances of returning
Ross are not too. rosy. Many of the
faithful Cons, felt that Ross had been
at Victoria long enough to have [ all
possible, chances to bring himseif. or
Fernie to the front, and that a new-
man should have been chosen to contest the riding instead of Ross, The
Conservatives locally are far from being united and well organized like they
have been in the past, all of -which
makes the election of their candidate
the moro uncertain. *
' In Liberal circles the faithful few,
(scarcely a corporals guard in number) aro sputtering around' and are
trying to make a noise llko a political
party. They seem to have plenty*of
funds, and no doubt the machine   Is
being well oiled. Mr! Fisher" is a
game fighter,* and when that is said
you have rounded np all his virtues.
As a representative of the working
people of this riding he would cut a
sorry figure.,, -He is net seriously-
considered by the' workers.
An old timer put the position pretty
clearly in the Ledger offico the other
day: "The Socialists have the votes
to elect their man if they only know
enough to put them in the ballot box
on the 25th." .And this they most
assuredly will do. John Harrington,
as a working man understands the
needs of his fellows, and his election
to Victoria.will mark a great step in
the right direction.       ,
, A Liberal meeting was held in the
school room at Coal Creek on Thursday night, November 18. Thero was
a very,good attendance considering
the extraordinary weather we had on
that day. Mr. McDonald of Fernie
was the first ■> speaker, and criticised
McBride's railway policy. He received
a very respectful hearing, The next
speaker was J. W. Gray, who spoke on
point of view and Gray stated his ease
admirably. fMr. H. Miard filled the
chair in a creditable manner.    *
♦ ♦♦♦•<>*^*«>^
♦ -    ' .
All.' Socialists in outlying
points of the Fernie Electoral
District are requested to communicate with Mr. David Paton, Box 101, Fernie B. C,
To'the Wage Slaves of Fornie Riding:
Periodically our masters, through
no fault of their own, but rather because forced to do so, submit their
servants to us for approval, using all
manner of tricks to persuade us that
their servants are ours, and that, their
life work is to attend to what they are
pleased to.term, our rights.
The fact that the Socialist .party,
the only working class party the world
over, is placing candidates in 1 the
field in opposition to the representatives of the master class wherever pos*
slble, goes to show that many'of, the
workers are awakening from that.hypnotic sleep in which they have endured so long and are now throwing the
gauntlet" to those "Identity of interests" champions who prate about the
mutual interest of masters and slaves,
administering the anesthetic, and all
the while the master .continues liis
skinning process, "paying no attention
to the wails of the sufferers.
For centuries our ciass has been
pleading for crumbs, but their appeals
always "fall on deaf ears,'until backed
up by an unmistakable voice that says
through its organization "Labor produces all wealth, and to the producers
all wealth belongs," adding to this the
slogan "Workers of the world unite,
you have nothing', to lose but your
chains and a world to gain."
The placing,of a candidate for our
approval, who for some time has been
busily engaged devising ways and
means.to prevent industrial derelicts,
as well as the widow's and orphans of
men who have lost their lives In the
industrial war, from receiving the little compensation they are entitled to
by law,"that they may continue a miserable existence, is nothing short of an
insult to .the workers, but the placing
of two of the same kind,.were it not a
-serioiis-gamei-bccomes-a-joke. ,_
♦ '      -   • ♦
Bruce's  hall  was the  scene  of    a
splendid function on Tuesday evening,
when'Mi-, and Mrs. Pollock,   assisted!  ,_
by MissLcota Pollock and Miss Cas* j
sie Cody In pretty Gheisha costumes, j Lj A0 RpPPIVFII A PAI I
were host nnd hostess to anumber of! ""^ ULULI IL.U H UHLL
their friends, dancing and cards being
the chief amusements of the evening.
Mrs. Pollock received hor guests iu a
beautifully aocorated apartment, her
gown' being a beautiful black lace,
with trimming of turquoise and jet.
Among those present were Mrs. (Dr.)
Anderson in pink satin, Mrs. (Dr.)
Barber in black silk chiffon and lace
trimmings. Mrs. (Dr.) Bonnell, white
■.-satin; gold trimmings; Mrs. Black,
pale blue organdie; Mrs. Blundell,
i-ose silk; Mrs Bell, organdie over'blue
silk; Mrs. (Dr.) Corson, black lace;
Mrs. Cree, pale blue satin and pearl
trimmings; .Mrs. Depew, pink silk ribbon trimmings; Mrs. Denison, black
silk; Mrs. Fisher, grey satin, sequin
trimmings; Mrs. H. Herchmer, pale
yellow oiie, lace trimmings; Mrs.' Henderson, cream serve and lace; Mrs.
Johnson, black voile cream lace trimmings; Mrs. Fred Johnson, Tuscan silk
lace trimmings; Mrs. Klauer^rose silk
trimmed with cream laco; Mrs. Keay,
pale'blue satin pearl trimmings; Mrs.
Kastner, cream organdie and lace;
Mrs. Liphardt, blue silk rose trimmings; Mrs. Lowry, white organdie over
Pink silk; Mrs. Mott, black silk; Mrs.
W. R.* Ross, grey satin; Mrs. Quail,
black voile, jet trimmings; Mrs. 0. N.
Ross,' black all over lace cream lace
trimmings; Mrs. Roaf, grey Voile, satin trimmings;,, Mrs. Stevenson, .cream
satin, pale blue' velvet trimmings;.
Mrs^Simisteiyblack silk;.Mrs. Samp''
Many friends in Fernie will hear
with sincere regret of the, intended
departure of Rev. Wilkinson, rector of
the church ,of England in. Fernie.
The Ledger understands that the
move has been made neecssnry primarily on account of Mrs. Wilkinson's .
health and it is hoped that a move to
the coast will be found beneficial to
It is'stated'that Mr. Wilkinson has
been called to a church in one of the
coast cities, and that he has, or will
shortly, accept the same.   '  .
behalf of the Socialist candidate and
he ■ certainly delivered' the goods in
great style, in fact-'his' speech was the
speech of. the" evening' and he was
cheered to the echo. The .Socialist
party certainly have, some good platform men and Comrade Gray is not
the least of them. The way .in'which
he dealt with the- equal opportunity
which every man'is supposed to'have
in Canada was great. Mr. Fisher
then gave an address, which consisted
ln the main, with the alternate policy
(re railways) of Mr. Oliver, His reception was rather*1 cold, fully nine
tenths of the audience being for Harrington, Mr. Fisher did "not attempt
to" refute any of the'arguments put,
forward by Com, Gray. He gave a
very fair speech  however, from  his
. It is hardly conceivable that in this
day and age the workers will continue
to send .the. avowed servants of1 the
masters to the legislative hall to enact
laws in our interests, and the duty of
evory man .who works should be clearly apparent.
Let us send as our representative
J. Harrington, a man who knows what
we want now, and what we' want all
the time, a man who t,is, pledged to
work in the Interests of, the workers
only, and.against all'things that tend
to lengthen the lease of life of a system that allows tho few to' keep the
many' in* subjection.
Yours in the struggle" for emancipation:
W, B. Powell, Pros, DHstrict "18.
C, Stubbs, Vice-President District 18
A. J. Carter, Secretary-Treasurer
Colemnn, Nov. lit iftOO
Editor Ledger:
Sir: (Hnd to express my appreciation of the Sunday school Lohsohs that
appear, weekly In your useful paper.
I hopo to hcc thu Ledger become one
of tlio lending pupers of tho .western
world. It Is a paper I believe that
mi Hit to bi» In tlm hnnd of ovory mnn
nlong the Pass, nnd pntronlzod oHpoc-
Inlly by ovory membor, of tho U. M.
W, of A. It Ib our own papor nnd It
Ib our duty to apply our (strongest
endeavors to widen Ub circulation nnd
to make It a boon and a real benefit to
our organization.
Yours truly
I'rcaUknt Powoll canv» In fiom t, (•
Edmonton district today, loavInK Vleo-
Pi'tirflduut Stubhu to represent Dlatrlct
18, Several conferences were held
trying to form an association with tho
operator* in adjust Brlevnnren, but so
far tho operator* havo failed to ro*
spend io any extent.
In accordance with the announcement in last week's Ledger, "Progressive Fernie" was placed on sale
Wednesday morning, and as predicted, the1 reception accorded the production by the public has been such
as to warrant the considerable outlay and enormous amount of work involved by this office In the under-
On all sides nothing but commendation Is heard, and several expressed surprise that'we were able
to offer such a book to, the public for the sum of fifty cents. The Ledger extends Its thanks to the business men of Fernie who, by a liberal advertising patronage, guaranteed a certain amount of the sinews
of war, so necessary In all kindred undertakings. As an Illustration of the ready snlei Mr, Brown, of
Bleasdell's drug store was one of the first to call for copies, and took twenty, a good armful. A few
minutes later he callod the Ledger on tho phone and Informed ub that when he renohed the drug store
he had only two left—the remaining 18 having been disposed of betwoon The Ledger and Bloasdell's
drug store, The Ledger Bindery presents quite n lively nppcarence at present, quite n force of extras
being employed to rush the work of binding, etc In this connection It hns come to our notice that several books were inndvertently allowed to leave tbe office with one run of sixteen panes Inserted the
wrong way. Any parties receiving such, whether from this offjee or any agency, will confer a favor
on the publishers by returning same to this office and receiving properly assembled and bound copies In
their stead.
A grent many Fernleltes have purchased the books and are holding thorn to send for Christmas pre-
sonts, nnd we know of no gift thnt would be more suitable and which can be procured for anything like
the price nsked—150c. Including a strong envelope suitable for mnlllng any distance.
We would ngnln mil the attention of the public to the (net that copies of Progressive Fernie cnn be
obtained at the following plnces at the snmo price—SO cents.
ftPALntNO'R ftTUniO
The unlversnl—and we use the word sincerely—circulation of Progressive Fernie   mny be gathered
from the fact that the first four copies bought were mailed from the Ledger office to the following destinations:
BUEN08 AYRE8, Argentine Republic ILFRACOMDE, Devonshire, Eng.
In conclusion—let us urge early purchases If you do not want to be disappointed. The number of
copies Issued was large but orders are coming in fait and so far we have not caught up with the great
demend. At first the sales were In twos and threes, now they are In dozen and twenty-five lots, exclusive of the hundreds that are being handled by dealers. Remember the priee is 50 cents at any store
and no person Is authorized to charge any more,     Above all things—ORDER NOW.
son, blue silk; Mrs! Turney," rose sat*
in; Mrs. Trites, cream embroidered
chiffon over satin; Mrs. F. White,
black silk; Mrs. Keith Whimster, blue
silk ribbon trimmings; Mrs. Wriglesworth, black voile satin trimmings;
Mrs. Potter, blue satin; Mrs. Dack,
all over lace dress; Miss Gates, cream
organdie; .Miss Alexander, cream lace
over silk; Miss Doran, cream silk satin, pink velvet trimmings; Miss Stewart, figured organdie, lace trimmings;
Miss Pirn, black lace; Miss M. Urown,
pale blue organdie, lace insertion;
Miss Rankin, cream voile and satin
trimmings; Miss Mott, black lace with
ribbon trimmings; .Miss Denison, pink
silk lace trimmings; Miss Kidd,
cream silk; Miss Whimster; cream
voile and lace bertha; Miss I, Smith,
pale blue silk; Miss Gourlay, pink or-
gaiKlio; Miss Ilannlngton, figured or-
gandle over blue silk; Misses Dudley
white not, over blue silk; Miss Reading
figured organdie; Miss Mclntyre, organdie oved pink satin; Miss Mnngnn,
cream silk; Miss Young,' white net lace
trimmings;,, Mrs. Clode, pink sntlu
lace trimmings;* MIbb Rudnicki, figured organdie ribbon trimmings,
Mrs, .ludson's orchestra supplied the
Mr. Wilkinson was well liked by all
denominations In Fernie, and was well
known In fraternal circles, being nt
one time quite prominent In Odd Fellow work. No successor is mentioned
nnd ns far ns can fie lennied, nono liln view.
Mr. Elmer Willis, late lessee of the
'Lytic'theatre, Calgary, and Interested
In a number of (lienires lu (lie wost,
is in Pernio arranging for the appearance hero for one night of each week
for tin* entire vaudeville company now
playing Calgary and tho coast cities.
.Mr Willis null] on behalf of his synill-
cati), of which Mr. Kyle of Calgary Ih
the western niiinugi-r, that, if proper
arrangements could bi> made he would
place for one night of ."•v<*ry week dur-
Iiir Iln1 winter smison ihls vaudeville
In I'Vrnli',
Tin- lOnipIn* Viiinli'vIlK- Ib afflllat-*d
with thf I'liiitagriH i-lrciiit of Si'iiMb-,
Spokntii' iim) otlii'i' wi-Kiern citlcn, and
Ih  lt",voi)il  iloiilit   ilie  highest      cIuhh
Mrs, raiorson,' wife of George I'at-
oraoii, arrived buck homo on Thursday after a nip of n few months to tho
old country,
An ar-ideiil luippoiu'd io a youiur
man iinmud WolHtcnholmu. While lm
was coining over to Frank with liln
team he gni under lho wheels In soiuo
way or othor and sustained n broken
h'g; he Is In Un. hospliiil.
Cyclon   Kid   (who  fancies  that  he
can hex a Utile) will meet Clinrlle Ko*;,,,,,, miwl ,.*,. K|v„ ,*,• .,.„.,.,..,. v,im,,„
blllBOli of Colcjiilill In Ihe CiileiiiMIl op-1   ,,, . ,, ,    ,    ,,
,   ,„   , , ,,.   .. .       , , -Villi-', I'DIIH Ming Of K \  Mg lUlH-   Willi' I
era house In n In three minute roiiiu !,    ,   . . ,    ,.    , .
,,     ,,      .,      ,,      „.,   , ,,   , -Include), line  big lenlure lift  uf extra-
Oil   .Monday   the   ■.'i'lid.       II   he    gets I     .. , „„
,.,,   ,   ,,     ,, . , , :ordinary uifiii em-h week,    he iieifor-
whai .Tim IIiiitiiwb gave him he wnn'i . ,,,,,.
,„, ,   ,   , ,   . iimnce run*.* two ■im! h lm r  ioiim* nnd
catch much liniin. ., . 	
If  arrnngenieniH nre  coinplelei ,    w  I
Harry  Prior, n  renldent  of  I'Viml;,,
who 11. now working hIkhii 'jii     miles i
week paying IiIh wife n vIh!
piny Fernie on u ceruiln night weekly '
with ii nimplele chnngi- nt mil,    ench
week.      ThU   Is  doubtlcwi  the  ninM
iaiiihltloui. aiii-niiil in iinnlile the V.V!*-
... ...      i"""* cities with ihe Mime hUuuliinl nf
£ KMiiii.;.! KI....-K to ,'.,,.   Apply J.,,,, ;vllHl„!V,„(1 ,.„ ,„„ ,,„.„„, „f „„. ^
rf.ewnrt, lialmu avenue, ,,|H(. rooti*... ■,.■„„„ „,,„ (,llJoj. |(( f,(,,( ,„,.„„„,„>. „„,
"' ""''iBiime.     If this effort Is crowned v,lili
I ciiccnin   11   monim  (I   I'reltl   i|eti|   Imi'llril
♦ ♦■ih*" Improvi-meni of Iocnl   iiinimeiin'iit.
♦ leondltloin* for the nileH nf the pans,
Having accepted thc Lliu*nil ♦
rifimltifiilon     fnr the    Fernie *t*
electoral district I rcljiicst Dw <**»
vote and Influence of nil vot- ♦
er« In nu|iport 6t my candid- ♦
ature, To those of yn.i  who +
are nnt voters, Inchidlni; tlio ♦
Indies, I would make n n> iucbi ♦
for your InMiieine In my lie <*
half. **
Yours tintlilnlly ♦
Ferule II. f, Nov, K. I'Ml. ♦
and will plnco tlin theatre manage.
iti'Mit und the public lu :l iiiuk* iudi-
pendent position tniumuch tw Dwy
will hn\e one nli-'ht f.ah week upim
which they ran look forward lo with
confidence and pleasure without fee).
Ing thin they are taking any cliniu'f-i**
of being duped, ArrriiiRementH are In
progrcHH ftltli the mi'iingi-mci-i commltteo of the new miners Miciure and
ille-re Ih l.ttli* douU U* i,\..\\ th" d-';tl
| would co through. In spanking of the
'theatre Mr, WillU A.tld tUl v,Itl.uut
doubt Fernie will poksckh ihe mont
ttnniiiitt fliid riin.st moil'-riily e-julpped
theatre between Odfrary and flpok-
Conducted under the direction of t(Proletiardh"
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
The British Columbia elections will
be held on November 2a* Just before
the British Columbia session closed
the McBride government agreed ' to
force the province to guarantee the
bonds of the Canadian Northern Railway for six hundred miles at four per
cent. The question that is worrying
McBride is not the Liberal opposition
but the Socialist. McBride has been
a faithful henchman of the capitalist
class and the workers are waking up
to the fact that he has swung the provincial government to the support of
the lnbo rthlevi-s.
Will the British Columbians see this
sufficiently lo smash his govornment
at the polls and to elect a socialist one
Six hundred miles of railroad are to
be built in the province. D." D. Mann
will not build these. It will be working
men who shovel dirt and hew out ties
and drive spikes home. These are the
men who will build the line. "While
these men are building the six hundred
miles they havo to eat and wear clothes and be housed. Again D. D. Mann
will not raise one. grain of wheat nor
weave one bit of cloth nor. build one
single shanty for the men. Other
workmen will do all the work that
will be done to provide food, clothing
and shelter'for the railroad builders.
Where then does this D. D. Mann get
He comes in by the grace of the McBride government. McBride is going
to - use the credit of the province in
order that D. D. Mann may get money he never earned. This, money,, thc
provincial money, the money for, which
the workers of the province become
responsible will be handed over ' to
D. D. Mann. Mann will thereupon
have men build a railway c which the
same man guarantee as citizens of the
province." .lie will set other men at
work preparing the necessaries of life
to*keop the railroad builders alive.
^VlT^iTTfieT^Tl MfnTmlOlami "wilPoiwff
il. He will' have put not a cent of
money in it. He will not have done
a stroke of work. He will have done
nothing" Nevertheless, thanks, to the
'capitalist' trickery of McBride D. D.
Mann will own the road.
The workers will have got nothing
but a bare living. Mann will have got
millions. The province will be in debt
if the road does not succeed. Mann
will-lose nothing. If the road is a
success the province gets nothing. Mr.
Mann gets it all.
If Ihe province is to build tho road
■ and boar nil the loss of the undertaking if tho concern does not. succeed
why doos McBride let. Mnnu in on the
game at all? If the province is to
bear the risk why should It not got tho
profit If there Is'any? Simply because
MeBrldo Is n capitalist and he wants
to help the capitalists to comer tho
resources of the province, If tho
province Is going to be generous why
should ll. not be generous to its own
citizens and to ihe men who do the
If Mcllrlde wants lo build u railway
and then make*a present of it to someone after it has become a vnlunblo
asset why does he not give It.to tho
men' who do tho work? . Surely the
railway navies would be only loo glnd
to work on a railway whicli they know
that they are going to own lu Iho future.
But that Is not .McBrlde's wny. Mcllrlde Is going io make the Province
stand the loss If any and he Is going
to let. Mann have ull the plums providing tho plum tree bears,
Of course McHrlde will stump tho
country and saw llio nlr and tell what
n wonderful thing he Ih doing lu getting Mann to hulld a lino. Hut Mcllrlde
must know that such talk Is iioiik.'IIhc
when the province Is putting up Ihe
•money,      Still  .Mcllrlde having been
that multimillionaire easterners may
get them for..nothing? How long are
you'men who work in the mines and
the forests aiid on the railroads going
to stand for that sort of exploitation?
How the plunderers must laugh in
their sleeves at you sillies who will
let yourselves be taxed in order that
the plunderers may;, pocket the.taxes.
Even McBride himself must feel-rather sheepish at times when he thinks
what a flimsy game you will • stand
Men of British Columbia how long
are you going to stand to seo your,
puppet politicians give way your glorious province to glue the purses of
the eastern parasite money lords?
I ciin take you into Montreal and
show you paiaces which you liave all
sweated to build hero for the- money
lords. -     -
1 can take you into. Montreal and
show you men who are scheming to
further enslave you.
How long will you stand for the
McBrides who are the instruments the
capitalists employ to lambaste you into a deeper servitude?
—Cotton's Weekly." '
for.   ,    * ,
The,capitalist  search    for
has very' much to answer
In tiie Kingdom of Saxony there
were sweeping-victories for the sociali-
ists in the election .held on October
21. ' .They elected 16 members with
53 candidates still having a chance to
be elected. The last Saxon diet was
composed of S2 members of whom'-'only'
one was a socialist.
* * *
Four miners were recently arrested
in Glace Bay. These men had been
.lured to Canada by a-coal company
and had refused lo scab on* the strikers. A capitalist law protects scabs
with soldiers and jails the men who
refuse to scab, Our Canadian laws
are just as capitalistic and as antagonistic to labor as., they are elsewhere.
» » *
• Toronto receives half a million dollars from the Toronto street railway.
Toronto does not know just how-to
spend this money. Some suggest^ to
spend it on an art gallery. Why should
this not be set' aside to support the
unemployed to whom the labor thieves
will not give n chance to work.*
* * »
. Malse Pouliot, a pilot of the Lowor
St. Lawrence has had his license cancelled because of old age and defective
sight. This worker in his old age lias
his Job taken away from him. Tho
worn out worker Is thrown on tlie
scrap heap after working, all his best
yenrs. D. McGibboir, a Montrealcr,
has made a million and a half in the
past couple of years through stock
juggling operations. The" worker
suffers ■ while the parasite waxes fat
on him,
»   •   »
The Hon. Mr. Hanna of Ontario is
starting the hum-ire treatment of prisoners. The province will -abandon
'ho practice of placing nriioiier*? m
striped suits and of cropping the hair.
Prisoners will be allowed Vi smiiki'.
The average prisoner in jail is there
through no fault of his, own. He has
been forced into crime to' get tbe necessities of life. The humane treat-*
ment of prisoners is mere pallative. It
will need a revolution in porperty
holding in order' to abolish crime altogether.
i * * * -
The Canadian government has refused to give a license to,the United Wire
less'Telegraph Company to build a
wireless station at Port Arthur, The
government desires to retain control
of all wireless communications. Consequently the government refuses to
allow private initiative in this line'of
endeavor. The goernment, however,
throws, open the country to the operation bf railway promoters , and gives
Steam heated throughout.
Hot and cold Baths!
The King Edward
Fernie's   Leading  Commercial  Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards,
100 : :   :   PAGES": :   :   100
fife" Toronto World-is going~Tn"foF
a campaign of votes, for women. If
the Toronto World gees' the Ontario
government to grant, votes for women
it will have done a good thing. However it is very doubtful whether votes
for women will be granted. The capitalists want nothing that will interfere with tlieir profits.
* * *
Tlie Mexican goernment with butcher Diaz at the head of it, is going
to furnish free food to the starving
people. Thus declare capitalist' despatches. The government of Mexico
Is going to do no suoh thing. The.peoplo of Mexico can starve by tho thousands for nil tho govornment of   that
place cares.
* *>' »
The state railways of France show
a big deficit, The stale purchased the
roads from the labor thieves at: an enormous valuation and havo been paying Interest on a lot of watered stock,
Abolish lho rent and profit which the
labor thieves exact from a complacent
government an dlho deficit would disappear.
* * «
Kler Hurdle declares that the king's
crown may go In the melting pot. Hurdle Is getting revolutionary.     Good
old Kler.  "
* * *
The times are out of joint and Ilie
capitalist class keeps Its henchmen nt
■work passing laws to keep the tlniofl
out of joint,
* * *
The Laurier gang is the tool of the
capitalists. The Ilorden gang whine
around because the capitalists at pros-
ent will not let them do Iho dirty
* * •
Two hundred children nre forced to
attend Insanitary scIiooIh In Hi. Den
Ih Ward, .Montrenl,  Capliallmn cure-H
In politics Kiiiiwh how easy It Ih lo fool; IHU"   for Hn' Uf" "f "'*' children as
'long   as the labor thieves   get Iheir
the trade of the-country. It -will be
the work "of the socialists* to recover
from the labor thieves what, the Macdonald gang and the LauVier gang gave
1 hi' workers,     ■ ..    ,       ,
How long are ynu plain    men and;
women of llrlilhh ('uliiinlilii going to'
stand for Dw MHIild.'s and Dw labor j    During tin
Mile-ilng Manim?    How long are you'mliwrH  hnve
going to Htnnd for polliMaiis who lalti
your mon
blond money,
■*.   •   •
past   ten yenm   IMOOO
perished   In   the   I'nlted
Siati's through explosion**!. Ninety five
ev to build railroads lu older; p-'i* cent of these omiIohIiihh were pre-
The premier is the tool of the' capitalists.
The. cabinet is composed of capitalists;
The .house is composed of capitalists. .; . .     *
The men who own and operate the
daily and influential press, are capitalists. '
The men . whose word goes in all
matters of public policy are capitalists. ,       ,
That capitalists .will do nnythlng to
elevate or help the laboring masses Is
absurd. The history of this and till
other nations shows that capitalists
combine against the, workers In evory
way possible. Labor hns nothing' to
hopo for from them, Labor must help
Itself. It will never got relief so
long as It allows tho government, to
be run by the capitalists, When labor
lakes tho rolns of government. Into its
own hands It. will got some benefits
from tho government nnd not before,
That labor fools Itself injured and oppressed Is shown by Its strikes against
oppression. Thero Is only one wny
to rollof—finding out what the troiiblo Is and thon electing lo office men
who believe In the remedy. If labor
will nol do this It deserves no relief.,
If It thinks more of voting for parties
than It. does of getting Justice It Is
getting just, what It wants. If voting
tho old ticket over helped labor n bit,
If It ever helped 1.1mm the quantity of n
cent then there would be some shadow
of an excuse for continuing in vote lu
the future as It hnH In llm past. Hut
Iiiih It ovor received any hennflt? Xo,
l.alMir must read what Hh iniiHlei'H do
mil want li to read ami It will booii
find out why. Its miiHierfi do not want
It. to read .socialism. If it will read
a lioolt on MiIh HUbject It will lenrn
why Its masters want to keep It In
lunorance. Labor will get no relief
until It ilium Htinly snelnllHiu. It will
then know what to do nnd how to do
This book shows' the wonderful
growth of the City of Fernie in
one year and deals exhaustively
'with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
Victoria'-* Ave.
Fernie; B. C.
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
ice: for sale
Contracts Taken
Including Stump Pulling, Land .Cleaving and Ploughing.    Let ns
figure on your next job
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Rizzuto Bros.
Fill in this form and place orders in  advance.,   Price
50 cents.    Return   this order form   to The District
Ledger, Fernie. B. C.
Please reserve for me copies
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mmmtii^ -
**■ "t««i
H/i-V*,***" >*■*-, *V
,'■;    ,*-'»Wjli!(/?l<]
l:*'''*'. vil
Have you heard, Mr. Fisher talk?
Well go and hear liliii on Tuesday
night, He has no platform of his
own so must needs' talk Socialism and
Soclnlism according to Fisher is awfully funny doncherknow.
w     *     »
Have you noticed that tho Crows
Nest. Pass Daily (Fisher's) has never
once roportod anything Mr. Fisher hns
snld? Can It. he that, they are really
ashamed of what he does say?
* * *
Say, you workers! Mr. Fisher has
solved * the striko .question. If you
follow his advice yru win every time,
All yo'i havo to do Is io work stonily
for twi* years unci In Ihnt tlnie you
will bo able to aocumulat,p so much
saved lnbor (money) Hint you will
be able to go on striko for throe years
and-keep yourselves comfortable all
tlio time. -.Slmplo! Why It's dead
easy. Wonder you chaps never saw
ll. before,
* * *
SoelnllstH say Hint wages are bnsed
on the cost' of production, That Is to
say, what It takes to keep him In
working condition, I.e., Ills eosl of
subsistence Is, on the average.- what he
receives In wages,
* * »
Fisher says that the workors receive
In wages as much In two years us will
keep .thorn flvo, Who Is right. Am*,
worn on the Until.
* * *
SocIiiIIhiu will give lo all men the
fi'-M'di-iii to do their host and to accomplish tliolr highest ideals, Cup*,
nullum proven,h men from developing
the best Ihiu Is In thom.
Lands and Works    for n license' to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described lands, situato
in South E. Kootenay, British Columbia, DIock 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 3 miles nortY-j'*
the  International .boundary on  S.ige
Creek; " . , y
Thence running south SO chains,
Thence running east SO chains,  -
Thence running north SO chains, *
Thonco' running west SO chains,
to place of   commencement, making
G10 acres moro or less.
Located this ,19th day 'of September, 1909.
Agent for
..JAMES HAVEN, Locator.
Oct 15-Dt W.R.lt.
Pollock Wine Coltd
Phone 79 Baker Ave. P.O. Box 2C2
-Wholosole Importers and Exporters
of Wines, Brandies, Cordials, Foreign
and Domestic'Whiskies' nnd Gins.
Large stock of Fernet Branca, Italian,
Hungarian and German Wines, also
Norwegian, Punch and Aquavit. Beer,
Porter, Ale and Cigars.
• Agents for Waukesha Arcadian Wnter, Schlitz Beer and the famous Eli*:
Valley Brewing Co. Ltd. Beer, draught
and bottled.
Special  attention  given  to  famil/
Our .Motto:  Pure goods and   quick
Alberta Show
Case Works
Miiriufnctui'ors   of
-   Calgary, Alta.
Whnt   benefit   will  the  workers  of
1'Ollllt'    (I'M!*,.*    IIOIII     tin:    ..ulll,.,V     jiui-
U-i ?
Of  what   bcni'l'll   will  It   be  lo  Un'
wnrk-TH tiiiywhi*n'?     If tho Mellrld**
government hns nothing tn offer   tlu»
workers but Mil* Dwy are Ind 1 In n
,*,..   ..   ,i ..     . ,,,     ii
<l„, ..'   b . X.  *,».*. .■.       k..  . •        .       >    .    .w     ' ..   •
rige pensions?     Its n nood vote caich-
or and m-i'd not lie given for unmlicr
eight or ton years.     In England they
Inlked about It arid mnd"' promises for
20 years  nnd  after  Ir  did  come    It
nmoiiutpil to very liitl**. nnd did not
aff.xt  Dw system any.
• » *
Mr. MrDonald at Hon* nW-etltm   on
Tti'Ndny:   If you turn down Hie Me-
lirliK* Bincinnii'iii >i'ii will rcgn't It.
I.lrtli- rh"rat« like Dfi'so do nor scnr<*
Hn- workers uny lonm-r.     Tlu-y have
■rojifld'-nee In Ha-mHflvcH now.
60  YEARS'
Tiwot Marks
_     OMIONS.
AnrinD ■•ndtnf e iktteh and rtdiorlntl-in m»r
Qufolil-f airorluiir our opinion froo wfiotiior au
vicmtihi rtcn.i* {MiiiitetntMai. ViMiuMtM </u »-»ihiil»
lent fro*. Ulilmt «B«nc» tot ■•cunucMMMi.
J'«i*inii tiktn through Munn k VeTteealee
tfttt-X mAUt, without china, in tb«
Scientific America
 f lllimmed wd»Hr. MifMt ev*
njr irlaiuiflo )oum»l.   '1'ertni for
• fear, putuio propild,   Hold by
eultilno <>f
t^ntiU, IMS *1<t*r,
Mur —
til now*.!
NOTICK Is h.'r.'hy given tlmt thirty
(SO) doy« after dma I Intend to o|iply
to lliu Hon. Chief Cotntnlfnronor   ot
NOTICE la hereby given that thirty
(30) days after, dato I Intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds nnd Works for a llconso lo
prospect for coal and potroloum ovor
tho following doscrlbod lands, situate
In South B, Kootenay, Urlllsh Columbln, Block -150U, commencing at u post
planted nt or nonr ono mile rouHi of
Null Dunlop's S. W. cornor, and bijlng
tho S, W, corner James Ravens claim,
Thenco running oast 80 chnlns,
'   Thenco running •north 80 chains,
Thenco runnliiK west 80 chains,
Thence running south 80 chains,
to place of   commencemenl, mnklng
DID acres moro or less.
Located this 19th day   of September, 1H09.
Agent for
.IAMBS 1UVBN, Locntor,
Oct 15-5t W.U.R.
NOTICB Is hereby given (lint thirty
CIO) days aftor date I Intend to apply
,1 , , f'l   '      <■      r. , ,
,U     t-tti:     11 till.     V-44lCi     *wUfli4lil,-.,1«U.M,'t XII
l.nnil.* and \Vtirk.i for ti Uremic le
prospect for conl and petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
In flouth B. Kootenay, British Columbia, Blook 15911, commencing nt ri post
,i„..<. .1   ...   -,„   .,<•.,*,..   T    n  '\'
* >■■ *..*..,,   ...
W. corner nnd being the N. B, corner
of Albert Clark's claim;
Thonco running boiiiIi 80 chains,
Thenco running west SO clmltis,
Thenco running north 80 chains,
Thenco running enst 80 chains,
to place of   coinmeiicemcnt, making
610 ncres moro or lens,
Lorated ihls J9th day   or Beptem
bor, 1909.
Agent for
ALnBRT CLARK, Locator.
Oct 15-5t W.R.R.
NOTICE Is hereby given I hat thirty
(30) days after dato I intend to apply
lo tho Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and Works    for a lleonso to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described lands, situate
In South B.' Kootenay, British Columbia, Block ii><,)'i, commencing at a post
planted nt or near James Raven's S.
W. corner and being tho S. B. cornor
Nat Bahcoek'8 claim;
Thenco running west 80 chains,
Thonco running north 80 chains,
Thenco running enst 80 chains,
Thonco running south SO chains,
to plnco of   eommoncomont, making
0)0 acres more or less.
Locatod this 19Hi day   of Septom-
hor, 1909.
Agent for
Oct 1G-DI  W.R.R.
| Fernie Dairy t
dolivorcd    to   nil
purls of thc town
Sanderu & Verhaest  Brothers.
to place of   eommoncomont, making
610 acros moro or loss.
Located this 19th day   of September, 1909.
' Agont for
NEIL  DUNLOP,  Louulor,
NOTICB Ih hereby given that thirty
(HO) days after dalo I Intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chlof Commissioner of
Lnnda and Works for n' license lo
prospect for coal nnd petroleum over
thu following dOHf-rlhcd hinds, nltunto
In South 15, Kootonny, Ilrllluh Colum-
bin, Block 4003, commencing al a post
planted nl. or near Honry Bugboy S. B.
corner nnd bolng tho S. W. cornor of
y.{\\ \\\\\\pn'? '-imtv.
Thoiirn ruiinlnt** north R0 ohalns,
Tlionco running enst R0 chnlnn,
Thonco running boiiiIi 80 chnlns,
Thence running west SO chniitH,
NOTICB Is horoby glvon that thirty
CIO) days after dato I intern! to npply
to tho Hon, Chlof Commissioner   of
Lands nnd WorkH * for a llconso to
prospoct tor conl and potroloum over
tho following doHcrlbnd InndH, Hltunto
In South B. Kootenay, lirlilsh Columbia, Block -tr'il'l, commencing at a post
planted nt or near Albert Clark's N.
B, corner nnd bolng Honry Bugboy's S.
B, corner,
Thenco running north 80 chnlns,
Thonco running oast 80 chains,
Thonco running soulh 80 chains,
Thonco running woHt 80 chnlns,
to placo nl   conimonooiiiont, mnklng-
040 ncres moro or loss.
T.nnntrtd   1hl"   lOlVi   titty    nf   *0(>riln*m
bor, 1909. ■
Agont for
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. G.
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of school) Pellatt Ave. ...'■i-x\
An Effort to Meet Head of the Coal
Industry in Nova Scotia arid
The Possible Solution
of  the   Trouble
(Toronto News)
Before Mr. Tom' L. Lewis, president
of the United Mine Workers.of America,,, leaves Toronto an effort will be
made * to secure   a conference   with
Mr. James Ross, head of the Dominion Coal Company for the purpose of
ending the strike at Glace Bay.
,"I    am  enough  of an  optimist to
- believe that the strike will be settled
satisfactorily,' said Mr. Lewis to the
'.Further than that I believe thnt if
Mr. Ross would agree to a conference
with me directly and not through his
offiicals 1 could remove the prejudices
that have' been created"and we would
.soon have an understanding whereby
" the strike would be at an end.'
Wired for Information
Since coming to Toronto Mr. Lewis
has telegraphed to Glace Bay for information as to the present situation
to guide him in. negotiations that may
As announced in the News yester*
day ■ a conference was held between
Mr. "Lewis, Mr. Henry Bousfield and
Mr. Peter Patterson of the National
Board of the U.* M? W., and Mr. Dan
McDougall, president of the Nova- Seo-
- tia district of the TJ. M. W. These
discussed the libel prosecutions pending in Montreal and the condition of
the strike.
"The outcome of the proceedings at
the' trial will influence to a consider-
* able extent . our future moves," said
Mr. Lewis in reference to the confer-
"ence yesterday.     *        ,,
"''One obstacle in the way of a settlement is to convince the owners that
,,the.United Mine Workers are.not hi
Ci> Nova- Scotia to interfere with the development of the coal industry there.
That was one of the early charges
made against us that'we were working for the coal operators of the" Unit-
by a single instance" When tariff amendment was under consideration the
coal operators of. the central 'district
asked us to interference and express i
ourselves on the subject of a higher or
lower tariff. "   '
"For ' the United Mine-' Workers I
refused, taking the ground that we
could not interfere on behalf bf the
operators of one country when that interference might injure the interests
of the mine owners of Canada to
whom we were equally bound through
the existence of our unions among
their employees. We' have no policy
for the United States that,,we have
not for Canada; the loyalty of our organization is extended equally to them
(both.' -, '    '-
Should Live in Peace
Mr. Lewis suggested a possibility of
the two mining bodies in Nova Scotia
living together and being recognized
as dual organizations! This must be
decided by them, however.
"When In Nova Scotia I made an
offer to the leader of the P. W. A..,
the independent body, tha: even if
a strong minority—let alone .a majority—of the miners, boloii^ing -to the P.
VV, ,\ . TJ. M. W. and. nnaunipn .men
voted in favor of the U. M. W. abandoning that province,' we would have
recalled the U. M. W. charter, even
though it would have been a hardship
-for its members, but he refused.'
Speaking of the attitude of the leaders to legal proceedings, Mr.' Lewis
said: "We insist on our men respecting the law of every country and instruct our 'representatives to'be cautious not to violate this. We expect
them to go where they are wanted.
It was learned this morning that as
a result of the'second conference held
late last evening with Mr Lewis, Mr.
Bousfield left at once for Montreal
to surrender' himself as a warrant for
his arrest*on the charge of libelling
the Dominion.Coal Company had been
issued.  . , ,.'•*'
Mr. Dan - McDougall, head of 'the
Nova' Scotia union has. already been
committed.  ,' "* "
orous defence aiid express their expectation that there will be an.acquittal in
the -case.     ■ ' ■■
•To Spread the Glad Tidings
7        .   "All Over the West
To the Striving aiid Struggling, , '
The Worn and Distressed; .'
.        That-
Royal Crown Soap
"J'Is the Best in the Land!   ,\
.,..'   n *   .        - and ,*        -      '
Golden West Washing Powder
Is Certainly Grand!
. While the Premium Department
Is at Your Command
'"'    " Witli*     ■>     •
Hundreds ofF*rese ntsfor Dottpons
ties tions
Sunday School q
•flT   Oil the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
Hi   Newspaper Bible Study Olub. ,
*»*>■. *
NOVEMBER 21   1909
Many Qhanges Contemplated at Frank Mines
In Near Future
A despatch from Frank says:
"Wltli tho ratification in Frank on
Monday of tho reorganization of   the
Cnnadian-Amorlcnn   Coal  and    Coke
Company, what. Is probably the most
Important deal In relation to coal mining In Western Canada will havo boon
consummated,■ as  lt will .bring  into
tho coal Industry of this .country the
most oinlncnt coal mining  mnn    of
France ns well as a numbor of other
French   financiers   of almost   equal
prominence nnd Importance. Tho head
of tho now concern will be no loss a
poraon thnn MM. Maurice Tllloy, of
Paris, president, of Oslrlconrt mlnos of
Frnnce, director in tho Mines do Lens
of Frnnce and  member of, what, . Is
known ns tho Colllorlos Committee of
France, which formulates tho    laws
providing rogulntionH for coal mlnos
In that, country. MM. Tllloy, who hus
beon oloctod president of tho reorganized company, Is known as' tho coal
king of Franco, so Important Is IiIh
'Influence on tho coal Industry of that
Associated with MM. Tllloy uh officers and directors of tho new compnny
will bo: First, vice president, 0. L.
Llegnrt, president of tho old Canadian
Amerlcnn company nnd an eminent
financier! second vice president, Huron de Belllcize, director of Schwlti
bank of Purls; treasurer General a. C.
A New Name
Wllh the final consummation of lliu
reorganization'tha old Canadian-American, compnny passes out of oxlHtenco,
even lis to nnmo, us the now tompiiiiy
IH lilin-All ttu the t-'allaiJIiiii Coiinulldul-
ed Coal Company.    The capital of tho
new; company 'will be $2,000,000, as
against $2,5000,000, which was the capital.of-.the old company. The concern
is being Incorporated in London, Eng„
where the head office of the company
is.located,- - 7.
New General Manager
Alfred Mullor, general manager of
the Canadian-American Company who
wns appointed liquidator of,the concern will'bo appointed general,manager of the reorganized company.
flip plans 'for the improving and
further developing of the' company's
properly here, contemplates a wenson
of great"activity with the coming* of
| noxt spring and the expenditure of
several hundred thousand dollars. In
fact the preliminary work Is already
undor way and considerable will bo
accomplished yet this fall but the big
work will bo done next year.
* Ono item is tho building of iv battery of 200 Belgian coko ovens. They
will bo of tho most up lo dato style,
It Is the expectation of Gen, Man.
Mullor that by tho oxpirntlon.of 1010
the company will, bo In tho market
with output of, anywhero from 1000
to -.2000 tons of coal and BOO tons of
coko per dny,    ■
When the curtain rises on the first
act. of Undo Dnn'l or Tho Messenger
from .Inrvls Station, nt tho Miners union tlieatro ono night, Mondny, Nov.
22, thoro will come wafting over the
foot, lights tho sweot and wholesome
frngrnnco  of  n puro  Now  Wnglnnd
homo, tho sunlight of nn honest upright character, reflected in tho dear
old Yankee farmer, nnd mingled with
this  di'llKlitful  nnd  Inspiring ntmoti-
plmro of country   life, Is n .gennlno
strain of American humor, tin nicy of
the soil uh are lho chnnictern them-
nelves In "Undo Dnn'l" made ho famous by that eminent artist,   Harney
McCtiutoy. comou here  with  a  complete reproduction  nnd tin excellent
compnny.     All the fiimlllnr    seetieii
that have mini" the performance   ho
nl Intel Ive  In'the  past, will  bo  Heen
In their ehnrnetorlHile pIcturoHquonesH
' , »   ,     ,    . ,  „ ,t,ii.  lilr-li   Mi'"-.
iillU   bi.iU'ii    ii.)    ,i.i..i-'.-i.i>   '*•■!*.•:      lv
'•pod-ill h*'*" will be ln'trodnpoil rtuvlnK
the notion of tho piece,
Paul's Story of His Life. II Cor. xi.
21 to'xii:10.
Golden Text.—He said unto me, My
grace is sufficient for thee; for my
strength is made perfect in weakness.
II Cor. xii:9.
Verse 21—Do you know any person'
in all history who had a better right
to boldly tell of his sufferings than
Paul? -
Verses 22-23—Is there any lack of
modesty, or good taste in .Paul, or any
other true man, giving a full account
of his qualifications and his sufferings
for Christ's .cause?
..What advantage is it to be born of
good stock?
What advantage was it to Paul that
he was a -Hebrew, an Israelite and of
ttiebseed offAbraham?
Is* there any higher privilege, • or
greater honor - than to have labored
which is the. cause of humanity?
. Does a* true ministry, * then and now
always imply much suffering and self
denial?' •   *    ;  * ■
Verse 24-27—What is the best word
picture you can give, of the noble
hero who, at the expense of, life long
and unparalleled suffering, gave himself up to the .service of others? (This
question must be answered In writing
by members of the club.)
Read until the story of this bitter ',
and prolonged suffering is burned into
your memory, and then read the. story
of Paul's great work and ofthe, wonderful love and grace of God to lilm,
and then think of the sumptuous lives
of the chief priests who were In great
measure, responsible for Paul's suffering and then say, after all, which
got the most aggregate joy out' of
life, Paul or they?  .
How many of these cruel sufferings,
to which Paul hero refers, nro mentioned olsewhero In tho Now Testament? ' Give chapter and verse. (See
Acts ix:24-25; xiv: lfl; xvi:22 et seq.)
Versos 28-33,—Ts Paul an except Ion
or Is it the duty-of nil of us to have
a great cure for all tho chm-clios nnd
to be In sympathy with everybody,
weeping with those who woep, and
rejoicing with thoso who rejoice? ,
Which is the greatost man, tlio ono
who excels In education, In Bclonce,
In oratory, In statesmanship, or tho
one who excels In his lovo for tho
churches, for tho poor, for slnnors
and lu a heart that sympathizes with
all mankind?
Chapter $11:1-0—What Is Ihe logical
or scientific value of Paul's oxperlenco
of heaven?
What is tho only real proof of Clod,
of immortality aud of tho wisdom of
tho Bplrllual Ufo?
Ih It probable, or possible, Hint per-
hoiih today   mny   have Hlmllar exporlonco of the unseen world iih Paul?   ,.
V(*rnt*u 7.10—Whnt waH Paul's thorn
In the flesh?
Whal In Min greatest "thorn In Ihe
floHh" that Htrong.nnd healthy Hplrll-
mil men have today?
LcHHon for Sundny, Nov. 28th. Hmfi.
I'nnl on Mr Denial. (World'H Tom-
pernnee LesHonl Horn.  xlv.lO-'Jl.
it in* any sense a moral issue, asrto
which were right, those who observed
certain days and refrained from certain kinds of meet or those who esteemed all days alike and ate all kinds
of meat fit for food. •   ■   ■*■
Did one Christian iri Rome ha-re any
right to impute sin to another Christian, who believed and therefore acted, differently in the matter of meats
and days, to what,the objector's con*
science would allow him to act?'
Doe's    this commandment    not «to.
judge    forbid us forming an opinion
concerning any doubtful action of our
brother; and if not what does it forbid? ' ' -    ' ■
Today one part in the church thinks
that renting pews, is wrong, another
that any kind of games in,the church
parlors are wrong, while others, think
the opposite on these matters'; now
has 'either' party any right to "judge'
the other party to.be guilty of pioral
"wrong-?-     *-,-".       "—"      '.'-_ '.
ate actions in themselves or the motives which prompt the actions?   .
Give an ..example of, how it is possible that* one man may do a thing
and please God, while another may do
the same thing and commit sin.
How many outward actions, can you
think of that are always wrong under all circumstances?    "■•    ,,
Verses 15, 16—If/ your neighbor is
very ill and your singing and piaino
playing hurts him'and; you refuse to
deny yourself the pleasure of singing
and playing, what kind of a person
are you?
If you enjoy and drink your glass
of wine, when you know wine drinking is doing vastly, more harm •than
good, what sort.of a person are you?
To what extent should I deny myself any- pleasure .the gratification of
which hurts my neighbor.
No sensible parent will allow anything in his family," however good it-
may* be in itself if it proves to be in-,
jiirious to the children, should he or
not,- apply the same principle to his
neighbors? ...
Verse 17—Should our djief thought
be given to the.needs of the body or
of the soul?     '       . ■    ■    ,
What does the Kingdom of God preeminently stand for? .,   <■
What, in the last analysis, is the
real wealth of thc iridlyldual. the family, ' the community ' and the nation ? - ^ -.
- Can the highest good . be enjoyed
if tlie Holy Spirit is not recognized
as its source? - ■>   .
Verses 18-20—What do we need to
be in order to be pleasing to God and*
to good men?
Verse 21—If we deny ourselves any
things we enjoy for the sake of others
what is the effect upon.ourselves and
do we get as much, or more out of. the
self denial as we would out of self
gratification? (This question must be
answered in writing by members of
the club.)
If all who drink wine, in moderation, would obey the principles of
self denial in this verse," how ' long
would it be before we would have total prohibition of the liquor traffic?
Lesson for Sunday, Dec. 5th, 1909
Paul on,the Grace of Giving. II Cor.
vlll: 1-15.
Bi E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, .Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund —    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Every facility afforded to fanners and
ers  for the transaction ,of   tlieir hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
equal facility.
L.  A.  S.   DACK,
Accounts may be opened  Dy until and iiionie-j
deposited   or   withdrawn    in  this way with
Manager, Fernie.
Wholesale and Retail
Just come into our store and take
a look around you will find a wide
range to choose from. We stock
Pickled, Lambs' Tongues, Pigs'
Feet and'Tripe.
You will like our, "Empress"
Brand of Mince, Meat.
What should be both the constraining "and the restraining influence with
us, in all matters of conduct? .Verse
12- * *■*'       . „-
Verse 14—Does   God morally estim*
The 41 Meat Market Limited
-.   Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Back to our Old Stand
We beg to announce to our many customers that we have removed to our old quarters next the E»nk of Commerce pending the
erection of our new building opposite the King Edward hotel.
, She—Did you ever* take youf *
auto apart to see -how it worked ?
He—No* but I've taken it apa*f*j
to.sfift-iuaiiitjiidn't work,
I Andy   Hamilton
I Tinsmith and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in        |
■■  I
$ ' °*       anything in our line       * -fj
•$ i
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water L. A.  Mills, Manaijer
Big Sa,vira|£
25 to 35 per cento
You will
see us be
.save by  Iniying Clotliinj
stock   of Winter goods,
f'ovc you buy ('Ici-wliH-i'.
.from  us,
Call and
Docs  Not  Stimulate
Ayer's Sarsapariila does not stimulate. It does not make
you feel better one day, then as bad as ever the next. It
Is not a strong drink. No reaction after you stop using it.
There Is not a drop of alcohol in it. You have the steady,
even gain that comes from a strong tonic and alterative.
We wish you would ask your doctor about this.  He
knows. Trust him. Do as he says.  J.c.Auerti.,Ltct}i,Mm
Vh»t are Ayer'i Pill*? Liver PHI*.  How long h»ve they been told? Newly ilrty
yurt.   Do doctor* recommend them?   AA your own doctor »n« nnd out.
NOVfcMHfcK ta  lw*
iMiii on ix\ll lAulu). IWurhY* Ti-m-
pornnco LcHBonj Hoiiiiiiih xlv: io*
21. '
Ciolduii Text.—It Ih Bond noltlmr to
ont flofih nor lo drink wliu* nor «ny-
Tiling *wiii'ifi-y t»i>' 4>iw.«v» •.i«..!»'*'*-
Horn, xiv:21.
VorHOB 10-1.1—In tlm Whlo a book
of riilon In nny Boni-io, or Ih It a book
of principles only?
PrlnclploH novor nlmiiKn, hut'mny «
good nil" iimlcr ono rnnillllmi b*>r-onn>
a Und ono undor another? Ulvu •!*»•
There waa a controversy, In the
church ntlHomn li*M*o«u the Ontllo
nnd iho .IhwIhIi lwllovom nhoiit mentB
nnd day*; but In the eye* of God wan
Are You
_ _ 'i,
•Connected. ?
Aro you ready to receive tho powor nnd light
from tho now system? Now is tho timo to havo
connections nnd wiring dono, We cnn save you
monoy. Wo have all stylos and makes of fixtures
motors and gonorators, See us nl once. Tho
powor will bo oh soon. Estimates aiid export advice cheerfully given,
Depew, Macdonald & McLean Go.
Electrical Contractors
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox 3 pair SOc
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1.25 each
Next tn ItiiclinirNi'lillily Hln»>
Ni'M In Nm I Iui ll Hnli'l
Tho Opeiiing and Maintaining ot u
SnvhigH Bank Account i» a duty Hint
ovcryono owch, i»oiIi to iliuiiiHi'IvuH
ond to Hioho dependent on tliem.
Your SuvingH Account Solicited.
Femle Branch UT-   t^■nr-"V-^^'^*>'^f•'■■'^C^'■':^Jl^r^i!>^■^^•■^■
®Ij* Mteltizi £tb$tt
?1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.' ■ ;
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our. faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer ■ holds  good  for  one  month  after    the
♦ransaction  causing the complaint;- that is we must
have notice within that time.     In all cases in writing*'
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
It is a common .statement by those who are supporters of the present chaotic confusion that Socialism
is foredoomed,to failure, utterly oblivious of the
fact despite proofs offered by such authorities as
the..one quoted that capitalism is sorely harried to
prolong its existence, and much like a .class of physicians in the United States:*\vho, upon discovering
a patient in an advanced stage bf tuberculosis, advise "him to go to California or Colorado so that the
percentage of mortality in their locality will not
figure too high. .The Morning Post with a solicitude that is worthy of the highest commendation
whilst espousing the 'scheme, emphasizes the fact
that Canada wants men not loafers . . . and hopes
that Lord Dundonald will see what practical steps
can lie taken immediately.  ° ,
The Standard—staid old .Standard—hearer .of
com more ia] interests,'"also endorses Lord Dundonald's proposal, remarking ihat it is a business
proposition, and as'Lord Dundonald says, if would
be ;i paying investment nn one hand and a means of
employing-She workless on the oilier." ,
Some limes*.the working'class is* lold that in
i order'lo aiueliorate'ils coirtlitioii, yole Liberal, an-
  |t.ii.hi-1* time be is urged lo .support, tli^Conservative
Realizing the v-isl  field in l-Vi'iiio niul district, i party, whcrens in'a, country lhat lias for decades
In1 Ledger intends shortly to issue a. daily paper.
illiTiiated between  the two. finds thai the
only remedy .that offers ilself i.s a deportation of
Plans ar" bring coiiipletrd for a  first'class
service, mul for specinl corrcspondi-nts a't various,11'0 worklcss.    "* ,
points in the district.      lt has been fell for some!        AVorkingmen, are.you so blind that you do nb
lime there was an'opening for'such an enterprise, jfiW "'rough n millstone with a hole,in il       *?
and the Ledger considers that  it
l*s liiai  m  is in ti  position
to successfully undertake the enterprise.
Xo doubt most, have hail th'e.. old conundrum
propounded to ilu-iii: Where i.s the best place to
have a boil ? "Wight on the back of the neck—of
■the other fellow." '
This may be used as a comparison upon reading
tlie following'whicli appeared* in the Globe of Nov.
Lord Dundonald Advises British Towns and Counties to Buy Estates in Canada
Tli is noble scion of an ancient house,. descend
ant of that brave old fighter, who, being chased
out,pf Great Britain because of political differences
and taking* charge of the naval forces of Chili aided that country to throw off tlie burden of Spanish
thraldom, actuated probably by sentiments- of a
like order realizing tlie approaching collapse? of
capitalism shows an anxiety to relieve, temporarily
at. any rate, his class of the result of this system's
manifestations, urges the people of. Great Britain
"instead of spending money on useless relief works
all'men should be emigrated under contract to
the agricultural communities for a specified'time."
Vole for Liberalism, and your class gets misery, poverty with all Sts attendant evils; voir for
Conservatism,and a like fate is the result, but now
thinkingooi' yonr own welfare, determined to make
(lie first steps towards emancipation, study Social
ist philosophy, and when satisfied that it is the gate
of escape give concrete belief'therein by casting a
vote ior John D. Harrington. .        "
Thursday, November 23
for John D. Barrington. . ,.
is polling    day—vote
. During.this very pleasing weather the residents
of "West Ferine will appreciate.-.tlie good roa'is of
Ross government.
Not-having received any reply - to
same I challenged him at his meeting
held' in * Michel * on Monday November
15th to prove where there'is anything
that is not straightforward and honest
about same, but" Mr,.Fisher is the same
as many "of his followers; he*' will
throw a dirty slur bur. when he is asked to prove anything he can*, only
wiggle like'.'a .snake.
The, following is a* copy of the' letter referred to:
J. D. HURD,     -   -
General Manager, of the' Crows Nest
Pass Coal,. Company:
...Dear Sir: I.beg leave to submit the
following-.tender for the: removal „of
Michel cemetery .-J do -hereby agree
to move the bodies in the present cemetery, tp tlie iiew-^site for half the-
ground' in the cemetery-. This is a
straight business proposition and ' I
am asking for no favors:
,    '      ■'   *.    Yours respectfully, '
Chas.  Garner^
■    •-*  ,      ,.        Michel B. C.
Surely I had as much right to put
in a tender as had "he following persons: James McCool, Mike .loyce, G.
I-'isliiT and several oilier persons. All
1 ask Mr. Fisher for is to kindly explain where ho got his information.
Wus it from the Crows Xest Pass Coal j
Company or did ho roi It second haml7
ed from Mr. W. li. Ross, the Consor-j
v/Ulve nominee because It is an evident, j
'     *0
fact ihul either hlmsolf,or some of his'
friends must have access lo the Coal j
Company  correspondence.
'AnSIiSusIy awaiting an early reply
because if Mr, Fisher's Liberal shcoi
The Crows Xest,Pass Daily believes
tIim a Coal Corporation lawyer cannot
serve the voters of this Constituency,
ii must also believe that person who
lias access to  tlie Crows Nest  Pass
Coal Company correspondence cannot
serve the voters of this .constituency
cither. *   >
Thanking you for your space ! 1 re-
inai'i       ' ■   '
Yours respectfully
M.clr-ei B. C.
The Elite Dancing
.,, Farquarson & Campbell
Under personal direction of
* Mr. &  Mrs. P. A. Farquarson
is preserved by the use of sealed lead
packets.   Black, Mixed or Natural Green
As yet the school board have received no intimation about the school for West Fernie that the
McBride—Bow-wow-ser government were going to
build. And the four millions are still in durance
vile. >. .   ...     •
During the progress of a Liberal meeting "jn
the Miners halkthe water pipes.broke in protest to
tlie twaddle being handed.*out. . Others say it was
such a dry meeting that"the water came to the rescue, ..while another ■ theory is that it,,was so frosty
that tlie pipes froze-' and burst.    * *,.-*',
The editor is not responsible^for the
opinions  of correspondents:
Editor Ledger:
Sir:  I listened with groat interest
lo Mr. Ross' speech on Saturday ninht.
Mr, Hoss' excuse is thnt he is n
party num. He admits it. Tie boasts
of it, Through courtesy lo his loader
he must do ns ho Is told. J Io is tho
servant, but who Is the master?,. Ho
is a puppet, liut-wlio pulls ihe string?
Is i( not his' constHuoiiIs who have
placed him In powor to look niter tliolr
interests? Oh, no, do not nniko nny
iiilsiHl-ij nhiuii thnt; ii hi,the linn. Mr.
MfUrldo. Doos ho, or Mr. Ross either
t-rcr tliinl" of the peoplo horo while
frnmliifj tlio laws of (lieland? Victoria
is a long wny off, "eighty milos out, at
sea." nnd wlio In I-'ornle ovor hoars
whnt Mr. Rohh Ik doing while at tho
hokhIoii? Hns ho ovur lold nny of his
followors what ho has dono whilo ho
wns llioro? llnon ho ovor explain lo
I hern how ho hi rives for tliolr Interests? It must hnvo crime, us n Khock,
to his denr frlond the worltingiimii,|
who on .Siiiiinliiy nielli liniono-| wlillo j
Mr. Wade rond off hill after hill lu the!
Interest of labor nnd to which
HoKB in every enso voii-d nny.
Let. us consider for n moment of
whut iiiliiri'HlH the coiiHtltuoiicy iH
mndo, up, Thoy consist of the Conl
Coinpiiny, lho Lumber compniiloH, mid
tln> worldiiKinr-i), and lo ench nf them.
Mr. Rons npiieiilH for support, Wlwit
hns ho done to inorlt I lie confidence of
any nf tliem except (ho Coul Co., wIioho
paid Ki-rvitin he Is?
Tnlro lho timber rjiiesilon, y Two
yean, uro wh"ii lh" mo'Ion crime up
111   the   house   In   extend   In   life   the
IIooiiho which now only iuiih for 'il
yenrH, how did Mr. Kohh mid Mr.
Mcllrlde treat tliolr frlendH of whom
ihey nre nn fond? Tliey voted w-rnlnHt
the   bill, und nn n political ilodK'1 to
ml   l,   ii     ,    p      til .
fer'ests, Hon. John Oliver. t -;.
And now for the workingman. How
Mr. Ross loves (hem! .Why he even
threatened to' give up his bread „ and.
butter rather than desert him. Ho,
would let. his family starve rather.than
lose his friendship. v
This sounds pretty well "at election
limes, but deeds not'words count (hose
days, Let him but mention one thing
lie hns ever done to. win him a single
vo'to from the man who earns his
hrend. Year after year, session after
session lie has voted ngalnst every
hill that has ever been Introduced info,'
lho house In the cause of Lnbor.
, Yenr after year, session nftor session, he hns boon n parly mnn. AVheii
his must or pulls the siring he must
jump, Whal doos lt matter if the
bonds of his own jmrllctilar friends
drop iiuo the brisket, lie Is not lo
blame., ilo has no more power thnn
ho hns bnck hone lo sinnd up. for, (lie
rights of anyone bin himself.
Truo ho did father lii'o hl-wookly
pay dny bill, but, -ns our Socialistic
|ihllnnoplior Mr, Turner aptly puis* It,
nick gave hhn tho nudge and said:
"Xowh your chimco; got In nnd play
lo llio grnnd stti.iil'ii' Kendo'; I'll soc
Mini no dnmngo is doi*/\«" 7\nd for
onco ho wns truo to his word, Iiui
what n boon, for that apology for a
nowspnp-'r, The Kroe Press, Now nt
Insl It hns something lo wrlto nbout.
.Mr. Hoss Imd dono Roinoililiig. What
praise ho dosorved, How truly fortunate wuh the worUlngmnii to have
such a i'('|)ioKoiitiit.ivo,
So much for the pnrty mnn. Tho
party man Is a curse to the community nml a Monaco lo the Still o. Wo
wnnt a member who will look nfior Dw
Interests of this district, u mun who
cnn, If necoHHiiry i*Iho above party pfil-
Wet* and vote foj* the good of the pro
vlwo In which ho iMii'im liln hrcml. Of
road building would mean for some of
tliem,* for-sawn bridge timbers, ■" ties
and lumber: * <• ,     "   ■     *
, The mill man "who is interested* in
timber leases will hardly favor supervision nnd interference by the Liberals
when the Conservatives promise him
a* perpetual lease* and a. free hand.
The worker on the* other hnnd has. no
timber,leases, no land grants which
will bo'benefited by new railroads, nothing to ."soil but his labor-power, which
commodity a capitalist, whether', Liberal* or 'Conservative, seeks to buy as
cheaply us'possible, The wage'worker and settlers along the line are men
who have been up 'igulnsr. such con-
djlibns elsewhere and hnve boen moving nbout for yenrs in an attempt to
outrun capitalism.'    ' ,
, They have come to tho conclusion
I lint* thoy cannot renialli In civilization
and oscnpo tho evil of foots'*'of .the evil
system, * Two thirds of the men hore
uro disfranchised by Job, hunting. .
Somo woro deliberately lofr off the
lists on nccoTmt of their radical views,
Hill everything works for Socialism,
The old parties are wenk, They have
nothing to offer tho worker hut booze
and flowery promises, and Novombor
'doth will Rliow n handsome Increase In
(lie Soelnllst vote through hero, ovor
any oleolion heretofore. Wo have
novor lost yet—wo'always win,.
Yours for tho revolution.
Tutti gli Italiani   Socialisti, '
non importa se seno affiliati
o ne alia lega Socialista, vot-
anti o non votanti sono cord-
ialmente invitati a visitare il
quartiere generate del partito,
situato nel teatre dell'Unione
dei . minatori,  dove  potranno 0
avere  tutto le  informazzioni ■
riguardo  al  progresso    fatto
durante   la ■, presente   cam:
pagiia politica.
7  H Candidate) Socialista rapp-'
■• lamento e .John Harrington.
*     ~- r
■*     Lessons from 7 to 9 Mondays     j
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held by me in respect to the Royal
liotel, Fernie, 13. C, to John Podbiei-
anclk. dated May 14th, .1900, -as published in the Fernie Free Prep,,dated
Xove'niber G, 1000, is null and' void, as
conditions of agreement concerning
said transfer were not, compiled with.
This application of transfer was published without my'Knowledge or consent, Y. '     ■        ••
, per C W.  Davey.
»r,   ♦*...*,
Md If or I.odgor:
Sir: Willi your kind jiormlfiHion allow ino to piibllHli the enclosed letter
In roforonco to my tondor In rognrd
to Mm removal of Mlchol coinotory,
tn got hor with (ho following roinnrltH.
My ro/iHon for iihIcIiik such is f Iiui on
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whnt use, In IIi>iivoiih nnmo, Is n self , ,   , ,.      '    ..
I oxpoHod Mu> corrupt prnotleon of tho
HO-ciillod lnbor pnrly for which Mr, A.
■.■mi \i,. \t(.T»f|(ti. npipnlniiwl n fnwtvy
coiiimlsHliin to look Into thoir grlovnn.
vnn, « moro riiHo to gnln time, N'oMiIiir
hns I'Vi-r lii-oii Iwnrd nt Dwlr report.
Tho bnnl'H still rofiiHo    to   mlvunco
.,,,, .,,,.*      ,..,      !.. ,,.,.,,..,,      I,,,11,11,,...*        tl-1'tlr.
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Mn- llouornblo Dick Httll Hiiiib'H nnd
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rcitii'oKKod tool? Who wniitH n mn-
cliluo to grind out "Ayes" and "Nnys"
whon told?
I .ol uh hnvo a hnilny innn, How
dlffori'iil wi'I'k thi' h'»i'(Ih of Mr. Ollvor!
who Hiiind up on IiIh I wo Iiouohi worlr-
tugiiinn'H Iokh and Hiiid "I mn no party
mnn. I Htnnd for my own tonvlctloim
nud my rm-ord Ih opon to ull," Mr.
IIokh HtnndH for cnpltnl (nnd IiIh roc
onl too Ih open to all) nnd oHpoclnlly
*ni"   t»nr**.   ..'(I1\   •••   frmllil   It tin   lv.ui
hnd IiIh turn nnd done nothing, dlvr**
nnotlior mnn a chance,
VourB otr,
.  unoi\MAt>Am3wni
Kditor Lodger:
.Sir: Tlio jmlftlcnl Hltiintlon on   the
lino from Wardner to tlnioivay —In
Hplto of tho rontontlonH of our oppon-
(runt. joiitH—lookH very royu for tho HorlnllBt
I. FIhIiki', tho Liberal nomliioo of tlilo
j riding hnd rocolv<>d tlio ciidorHoiuoDt
of, Flshor ni thnt tlmo through out
tho dirty iiiHiiiiiittioii for ino to piibliuli
tlio lottor which I hud hi-iiI to tho
Crnwxi N'l-Ht Piihh Conl (.'oinpiiny In ro.
fotcrico to tho romoviil of Mlchol com-
otory. I did not roply lo him at thai
11 tnn hut hoik him iho following lottor:
Svw .MlCllwl, .Nov. IJI f J t i^i I>il'.iii
Ml*, A. r'lHia-r, Liliurul Nominuo, Fur-
tile, J« C.
IAinr sir: I will ropty to your ro-
mnrliH nt the Boelnllrit meeting hold
lu Mlchol on WodiK'Bday night, Nov.
10 In rcferencr- to loiiorn 1 s't.t to tin-
Crown ,\«>Ht Push Coal compnny In rognrd to tlio removnl of Mlchol come-
tory next wook In tho nintrlct   Led-
J chnllongo or defy ymi or uny of
your folio.'.i-v;-> li. tlo u„ .Uiiiisn.-, vrl.i-*
Dwr thoy nro'Coal Company officials
oi* not, lo priivo tli.il Ui. i.* U unXhlitK
not ntr;il«htforward and lionost nbout
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up tlo-ot born boforo the U.'ih.   Thoy i'moio dourly concorn thom; who uro! CHAS- GARNER
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The Official Orgra.ni of District No.   18, U. PI. W.   of A.
t. *
• fl
1 \
i -i
Fernie, B.C., November 20tb,  1909
************************** **************************
* From our own Correspondents *
* "■ *
•k      '      -
|   News From the Camps
From our own Correspondents
•** ■*■*■■»
* ,    COAL CREEK *
* *
Xo, H mine was idle on Saturday
last owing io a big cave in in the
* tunnel. In No, 2 mine there was also
■ ■ an accident, fifteen loads and an air
locomotive going astray down in ihe
'deeps, causing a big "delay and doing
considerable damage—a bad day all.
Mrs. William McKay, who has been
laid up for two weeks with an internal
trouble, was removed • to Pernio hospital on Sunday night. , Mrs. McKay
is woll respected here iind her   manv
' ft
friends hope.'for'a  speedy and  safe
Quite a crowd of Creek people attended . the1 Liberal meeting in Fernie
ou Saturday night, and were delighted
with the showing John Turner' made
'on behalf of Jack Harrington, the Soc-
* ialist candidate. It is enough ' to
make the other parties turn green with
envy to see a common miner hold his
own against the best men. ' The Socialist party liave other men as good as
Turner. It is not a one man party as
Turner, effectively demonstrated. In
connection with this meeting an amusing incident happened. .- The chairman announced  that a  special  train
* -would leave for' Coal Creek at eleven
o'clock, for which a good number waited. They had not.gone very far on
tlieir journey -when the conductor, demanded 25c. fare, stating this was the
,   understanding with the Liberal party.
- Com. Evans who acted as spokesman
for the lot, advised them not to pay,
,so the conductor stopped the train and
asked them to get off: This they refused to do and told him to take them
Ifr-nck to Fernio if he liked'^he did. so.
On arriving* at Fernie they^irrrefuied"
to get out and also refused to send*one
■of their"numbers to the Liberal'.com-
." mittee rooms to interview the commit-,
* lee. However one of tho Liberal
henchmen went and squared matters
up with the result that the party were
landed in Coal Creek after midnight,
delighted to think that they had scored
one victory over the Liberals, and determined to go still one better on the
'-* 25th. *   ■
A special train was run from here
on Sundny In connection with the funeral of our* late'brother David Ath-
•erton. There was a fair turn out
in spite of the bitter cold* day Sunday
An effort is being made to have a
..special train run, to tho Creole on Tuesday night next after lho big joint
meeting. This Is to be the Ut hit of
the oloctlon, iind the 'miners opera
house will lio severely taxed, The
throo candidates will hrivo one hour
onch, The first, speaker will then
have ton minute's for a reply and the
soijoiid speaker five, Tlio candidates
will draw for position. .Mayor Uerch-
inor will preside.
The note which appeared in the
Penile local nows In lust, wook In
roforonco to a bazaar which Is to tnko
placo In tho Mothodlst church on
Tuesday next Novombor 2!1 refers to
the Coal Creok Methodist church, nnd
should hnvo appeared In tho Crook
not OS.
A CoiiHorvuUvo meeting was held in
tho Crook on Tuesday Inst and was
woll attoitdod, AddrossoB wore given
hy W, H. 1'tOKH, the enndldnto nnd Mr.
McDonald of Vnncouvor, subject Railways.    W. II. Kvntifl fipoko on bohalf
of the Socialist, candidate, and Hy.
Miard on behalf of the Liberals. Ted
English, was chairman.
An accident occurred in No. 2 mino
on 'iwj.'ay Novembe- lOtli when a
miner named John Dincle got his leg
badly bruised between two cars in No.
■1 left high line.
An accident occurred on tho tipple
ou Wednesday November 17th, caused
by a chain snapping and flying upward
striking Alox. Clover oh the chin, severely bruising him,    *
The writer of these notes hasactual-
ly been considered v.-orthy of notice in
the great (sic) Liberalv paper, the
Crews Nest Daily,'tho editor of the
said paper having taken the writer of
those notes to task for his report of
Mr. Fisher's saved labor, proposition.
Best of all, he puts forth no argument
in favor of Mr. Fisher,' bill resorts to
that favorite weapon of Ihe Liberal
party, abuse, Heu says that the Coal
Creek correspondent is probably like
Mr. Harrington, not fond of work,' or
words to that effect. Now there's argument for.you. However it is very
evident Mr. Editor that the editor of
the Crows Nest Daily does' not know
your correspondent or he' would not
make that statement. Your correspondent does nol mind a bit, still it is
something to be told he does * not like
work after working over Iwenty'years
at the -coal face—and still doing it.
Notice the way he couples Com, Harrington's name on, Now the editor
of the .Crows Nest Paper knows, very
well that Harrington is.a.worker and
only accepted the position; of organizer
for the Socialist party' of Canada after
extreme pressure and in. view ot the
fact that the elections were coming
on. However tho editor of the Daily
had better 'put up some arguments rather than abuse, because if it comes to
personalities he will cut a very sorry
figure. -Thexmost amusing thing
aBouF"! fr"5lTT~"Ed itor~is-tlT5~f S5t~t fiat"
everybbdy who knows tlie' editor of the
Crows Nest Daily knows perfectly well
who' the shoe fits. *, This man wrote
on behalf'of the Socialist candidate in
the last provincial election and even
spoke on his platform. In fact he
will wrlto and speak- for anyone who
will employ him, He has no principle
except the one of getting the dollars
and we must confess he is very strong
on that. Now the editor of the Crows
Nest Daily can go and rave somo more
and*he will have it all his own way
this tlmo bocauso wo wont trouble to
roply to him nnd besides the election
will bo over before the next issue of
this paper nnd the Crows Nest Dally
will consequently be out of business,
An accident occurrod In No. f) mine
on Wednesday November 17, when T.
Mnv.7.0 hnd his leu bnilly crushed by,a
car running down the slope on top of
An nccldont occurred on the tipple"
on Wednesday night when Jolin.DossI,
who Is employed ns a coupler, liad his
hnnd bndly smashed botwoon two of
the druwbrirs,
Don'r forgei ihe big meeting In tlio
miners opera houso on Tuesday, This
Is to he the best yet, Come and hoar
Ross on railways, Fisher on snvod
lnbor and Harrington on tho woild for
tho workers.
.lust wntch the Conl Croek boys,
how thoy voto on Thursday. Thoy
menu business. Thoy nro determined
tliut Michel will lmvo to piny m-cond
fiddle ngnln. Tho voting nl tho Dominion election wns Smith CurtiH (Lib)
2"; Clooiloov (Con,) 22; Davidson (Soc)
105. Wo will do hotter than tlmt ihls
Editor District Ledger: a
■ As an old resident of Coal Creek allow me space for. a few remarks, in
your paper.
There are several old time residents
of the Crows Nest district here and
we look forward, to the arrival of* the
Ledger every week withS eagerness
because not only are.we interested in
the doings of our former friends, but
we look upon your paper as the only
real, genuine and unadulterated champion .of working class interests in
East■ Kootenay, and,I for one think
that there should be no difficulty in
getting some subscribers from among
the quartz miners hor. 1 do sometimes see a copy in the union hall
but I am sorry to say that it is vory
often carried away before it has been
read by many, and this hi certainly not
very thoughtful, for'the wants of others although it. may be in one sense
looked upon as a recognition of tlie
paper's worth.
During the past week we have had
the speakers of the various political
parties discussing the pros and cons
of the planks of their respective platforms.
Saturday tho 6th the Hon. Richard
McBride accompanied by his faithful
man Bowser, came on here direct
from Fernie, and the pair' of them re-
igaled us with the glowing beauties of
their elastic railway policy, and during the course of his remarks the
Premier stated that he had the assur-
ance-.of the support of a thousand Socialists whereupon a voice from the
audience yelled out "Not on your tintype." This rejoinder so aroused
the wrath of the curly headed gentleman that he poured out a stream of
invective that might have been excusable in an irate Billingsgate fishwife
but was certainly unbecoming one
who is - supposedly the .first minister
of the, Province. The u?,ual courtesies of inviting the opposition • were
avoided, and we understand that like
tactics were eidvently pursued - in
This is evdently done with a v'w.w
to creating the, impression: that the
people of the interior are so overwhel-,
mingly Conservative.that the approach
iV/UCli. U-10-U.V-0,*3*
'Dr. King in his address thanked the
electors for the* aid he' had received
from them, and urged that they duplicate it by sending his colleague to
Victoria as his successor.
The meeting, then adjourned, some
of the - stalwart Conservatives who
had not had the, pluck to put a representative on,the platform, made up
this lack of courage by a display of
lung vigor on 'behalf of their candidate.
Cheers were also given for McDonald and Fitch.
Thursday afternoon John Oliver, the
leader of tlie Liberal party, spoke to
a large crowd for upwards of an hour
and by tlie aid of a largo map gave us
a losson in B, C. railway geography,
which was vory interesting, and whilst
disclaiming any oratorical ability, as
he said he liad not the advantage of a
i university education, but had gono't*)
j work in tho coal mines.of Derbyshire
I when ho was 11, he explained in ver.*.
'simple language all about the two
railroad policies, and during the course
of his remarks, beginning with the
incidents of October 1 Oth, charged the
Premier and the attorney general with
being deceitful and inconsistent, , in
fact placed Ananias in the kindergarten clnss in comparison; following he
painted their characters and described
incidents in their political careers in
sue!1 vivid colors tlv-it it seems almost
incredible to think that one who is
dubbed Honest John would associate
with such a pair of designing individuals and yet this same man who is>
inveigeling so bitterly against the two
Conservatives foolishly threw off the
mask of hypocrisy ancl was true to his
trust as capitalist apologist and supporter when he said "If the Conservatives had nominated a man to oppose
Mr. Hawthornwaite he did not think
the. Liberals would, have nominated.
Had n tlie Conservatives nominated a
candidate, he (Oliver) if invited' would
have been just as pleased to be present, and advocate his election over
the'' Socialist leader, for when the
welfare of the country' was concerned
he .was prepared to rise above party-
politics!" Nanaimo' Herald, January
11, 1909'.
This same Oliver now has the' language to denounce in bitter language
lhe-i)sciido_oi)positi_on_and appeals to
nal for such jubilation that opposition
is practically nil.
Tuesday night Morley hall was well
filled when M. A! MacDonald, the Liberal nominee, accompanied by Dr. .
J. Ii. King, ex-M.L.A. held their first
meeting at this place ancl the ■ chairman C. H, McKay in a pfew well chosen remarks invited the opposition candidates or their representatives to
seats on tho platform, despite the fact
thnt according to Conservative reports that thero are nearly 100 "votes
hore for their candidate there was no
one with sufficient belief In the righteousness of his cause to como forward.
J. W. Fitch, tho Socialist nominee,
accepted tho courtesy and made a
brief speech along tho usual linos, and
nlso recalled to the memory of the
aldermen some of tho horrible conditions Hint prevailed during tho construction of the Crows Nest Pass, and
stating that whilst thore was every inducement given to tho capitalists, very
scant attention wns paid to the terrible loss of human lifo.
Referring to platforms nnd policies
ho rend that of tho Socialist party niul
concluded his remarks by snylng that
thoro wns only tho only party thnt was
honest to tho public because lt did
not promlso to roproHont nil Intorcsta
but thoso only of tlio working class,
Mr, M, A. MacDonald followed, and
spoko for one and a hnlf hours, dealing with onch point, of tho railway
policy In a clear, lucid and oloquont
manlier and when he sat down one
folt thnt ho had punctured It ho :*ov-
orely thnt It hnd moro tho appoaranco
of n flno meshed solve thnn a policy.
C. P. R.
Low Round Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, in-
clusiev, good lo return within three
months. „   ,
Tickets issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship ^-Business* will be on salo
from November 21 and limited to five
mom lis from dato of issuo
I'inost Equipment. Standard First
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Dining Cars on all Through Trains.
Compart mont - Library - Observation
Cars on "Imperial Limited" and "Atlantic Expuriiss."
3 Through Express Trains Daily
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connections at Toronto for all points
'East and West, thereof. ,
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Express" at S.00 daily, making connections at Montreal for all points East
thereof.- ' ,
Apply to the Nearest C.  P.  R. Agent
for full Information
the patriotism (the last refuge of the
scoundrel says some -writer) of the
eelctorate to return him and his party
to power. One may call this twaddle
tho last squawk of a dying,party who
in their efforts to pull the wool over
the eyes of the workors sometimes exemplify the truth of the old saying:
"Give a fool rope enough and he will
hang himself,'"
Mr, Oliver informed * his audience
that so difficult was it to got labor of
any kind evon Chinese, that he had
not been able to gather Ills potatoes.
One might say parenthetically' that
had he dug them himself he would
have been doing productive labor that
would be far more useful than stumping through the province using a
straw flail against those to whom he
offered his assistance last January. ■
Owing to the flyer juming the track
Mr. Oliver was, delayed in reaching
Cranbrook. We would suggest that
this Honest John ask himself this
Why does my speech ot JanuaryJl-.
1903 and my arraignment of McBride
and Bowser during the preesnt campaign * resemble the spire of Chesterfield church? Please note .that ?f>0
will not be given to any charitable in**'
stiution for the solution.
The prospects botlfat the "Aurora"
and the "Society Girl' are very encouraging,    " *>
;  Thanking you,  and  also      wishing
our friend ,T. H. success.
i Yours very truly
Wanted: Active, young man as assistant improver or apprentice to the
greenhouse, vegetable and flower
growing business. Apply to E. II. II,
Stanley, Baynes Lake 13. C.
Thursday & Friday    |
NOVEMBER 25 & 26    f
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And The Jean Russell Company
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Thursday, Nov.  25
Tho Qroatoot LOndon Triumph
Friday,   Nov.   26th
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up ?5,000,000     Reserve ...$5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President HON. ROBT JAFFRAY, Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead,  Cronbrook,  Fernie, Golden, Kamloops, Michel, Myie, Nelson
Revelstoke, Vancouver and Victoria.
Interest allowed on'deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
of Canada
Head Office;
8 King: Street Wes
Notice is hereby given that a Dividend
at the rate of SIX PER CENT. PER
ANNUM upon the paid-up capital stock
ofthe Home Bank of Canada has been
■declared for the, THREE MONTHS end-
ing 30th of November,, 1909, and the,same
will be payable at its Head Office and
Branches on after Wednesday, the lst.
day of December next. The transfer books
will be closed from the 15th to the 30th
November, both days inclusive.
By order of the Board.
James Mason
General Manager
 Toronto, October* 21st, 1909.
W. C. B. Manson
Manager,    Fernie
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November 22nd      m
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Prineipnl Garbutt Business College
P.O.Box 1201    Phono 203
Potor James
Advertise In The Ledger PAGE SIX
0 *.i
Some 300 Miners are Caught
By Fire and all Given
Up for Dead
CHERRY. 111. Nov. 17.—Befor« the
fall of nlglu it seoms probable that
the fate of the SOO \\wn entombed in
the St. Paul mine will bo known. This
morning it was tbe plan of the state
mining officials, who have taken the
charge of the mine since the fire on
Saturday last to raise the cover of
the hoisting*, shaft and lower a cage
of rescuers to the Bird vein, where, if
alive, the men now '400 feet beneath
the surface, are waiting.    *,
Late last night the air shaft, the
only opening besides the hoisting shaft
was hermetically sealed. From , the
time of the descent of men to the second vein which was made by men in
buckets, a force of laborers worked
until near midnight covering up the
entrance with layers of heavy planli
and sand, Athwart the opening of the
hoisting shaft on the top lies * a pile
of plank three feet high and tons of
sand make the sail perfectly air tight.
All night a few.anxious men and wo-
- men surrounded the openings of the
mine. The women complained bitterly as the sealing of the shaft seem-
i .*>
ed "to cut off all air. While it was
true that the air would be shut off the
mining officials declared that the men
if alive, would not be affected by the
total sealing,--.except that it     would
probably put an end to, the fire still
smouldering in' the timbers and thus
"leave   mOTenRecessary"oxygen-for--the-
■ men.
David Ross, secretary of. the state
labor committee, who arrived here
yesterday declared last night it was
extremely improbable anyone would
bo found living. * Richard Xewham,
president of the state mining board
said it would be a miracle if anyone
Imd been spared.
Yesterday's attempts to send men to
the bottom proved futile because they
could not reach a foothold at the
entrance to the galleries, from the
buckets in which they woro lowered.
Under the direction of James Taylor
state mino inspector,, and Mr. New-
ham, (lie regular cage will be lowered
today.' It fits the shaft like a piston
and tho persons it will carry can step
from it Into nny gallery ^entrance.
Mi'H. Fanny Burke, wife of J. P.
Burke, chief clerk of the mine, has
organized the women of the little town
of Cherry Into a socloty to extend relief and comfort to those needing It,.
There is no destitution, A party of
nurses from Chicago who arrived last
night, today turned into comforters of
the families probably bereft.
Throughout, llio little hamlet are lots
of cottages In various stages of completion,
Knmllk'H of men entombed aro living
In lho small houses, mnny of them
Htil! Howling glfiHfi for nil the win-
It  seems likely  tlmt  mnny of the
'•oltagi'H will never be finished.     Un-
, ilui'iiil;-.-!*** In iieiirliy towns have h„n\\
notified to ho Ill readiness to remove
the bodli'H.
President Hurling of the ('hlctign,
Milwaukee, and St, Paul railway will
Hlinre the I-iii'IiiJ expeiwK nf ihe morn
needy* fnmllies at least and offorn of
aid have mino from the more pros-
perniiH Inlml-ll'iniK of Cherry,
Tlio KnlghlH of I'yihliiH Lodge, iim
morii i in port n it t oi'gimlxniloi) In town,
lind n membership of IU Iiiki •avmU;
today I here are only nix iiii'IhIh'i'h
the ri'iit are In the minted mine I'lilior
dead or dying,
l-'ioni Ilie Illlllel-H who were IVKCtll'll
on Saturday li was lennied thai another net of JierulKin wiih jierfoniH-il
by one of the men In tin; Hliafl below,
a man who is in all probability dead'
at the present time, lie was Walter
Wahe, an assistant foreman* in the
second vein.
■ "When we got io the elevator the
first lime," said Isaac Remulti, one
of the men who was fortunate enough
to reach the surface in the first cage,
load, "Waito was standing near,' He
refused to come up in that load but
said he would stay down and give the
other fellows a chance. I and Flood
tried to pull him into the cage, but
he refused to come. 'Let me stay
where I am,' he said, 'there are a lot
of other fellows who ought to get out
of here. Hurry up tbat rasi* and get
them. I'll try and do what I can
down here. Maybe- it ain't as bad as
* "When I asked about him after the
second load had come up, nobody
knew anything about him. It looks
like he was overcome by smoke and
died down in the shaft. He did not
have to stay down because he could
have climbed in the cage, the first
time if he had wanted to.'  ■
Mine  Caving   in
Several of the rescuing party returned from the second vein at 9.30
this morning. They reported that the
mine is caving in iu several places.
The mine still is on fire and it is now
known that more than 300 miners are
inside. Xone of the entombed miners were near the landing and it is
impossible as yet to explore more than
a few feet beyond the shaft entrance.
"If we had .been here Saturday we'
would have prevented the death of the
- i&&&
Complaint From Coal Co.
Regard in gr The New
Coal Tariff
A pure, wholesome,
reliable Grape Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder
The cream of tartar used in Dr. Price's Baiting
Powder is in the exact form and composition in
which it occurs io the Inscions, healthful grape.    <*.
Improves the flavor
and adds io the health-
fulness of the food
^fo Alum      '^^amm-U-*-*--'     flo lime
men'wHo-so ITTavely wentr"down~the"
shaft in an effort to save the miners."
declared President Richard Newham,
of the state mining commission today. "I and the other members
would have known rescue under the
Circumstances was impossible,, and
that it would havo been an almost
needless risk ot human lifo to have attempted it.  -
'Our object in sealing tiie entrances
of the mine last night was to end the
fire thus making it possible for a party
to enter the mine and pierce the
lower levels practically assured of
The party selected to make the first
descent today Included James Taylor
state mino inspector; R. Y. Williams,
of the United States Rescue station
at Urbana, nnd James Hand and
Henry Smith, ■ both of whom wero
among tho men who escaped on Saturday.
•Neither the minors nor the officials
think thero Is a chance* that tho men
.below are alive. Rumors that shots
wor.e heard beneath tho surface and
that. rnppingR on pipe liad been used
to Indicate the entombed miners wero
living, wore declared absurd, J, P,
Duck, chief clerk of thn St. Paul Coal
Compnny, omployod about tho.mino
for thirty years, iihhovioiI uo revolver
shot could bo hoard or felt upon tho
Other officials declared that the explosion of n thick dynamite would
servo, U It occurred to lesson ehaiieon
of the men  enfonibed.
Ofl'leei'H of tho local miners union
today notified President I.pwIh of llio
I'.MAV, A. tliut rt 10 Uvea had been lost
ln the St, I'uul Mine disaster, A rep-
reseiiiatlve ol'lhe owners of Iho mlno
today declnred that, lho loss of lifo
will be :nif».
President Lewis of the Mine Workers has advised the local union tlmt
J,',ado, the contribution of the nation-
ill body, will Inimedlnloly be plllft'il
in the iIIh|iiih1(Ii)H of the widows niul
nrpliaiiH of the rniiiu vIctiniH,
The eliaf! fn kh wi.mii down ii xi-roni!
time at ti,!H). lienrliw .Iiuhom Webb niul
State Inwpecior ■Taylor. II Ih wild
Mome bodies were Hoi'-n by WilllnniH
who went down the flrKt timo.
LUNDBRECK, Nov. 19—Tho Gal-
braith Coal Company of Lundbreck,
Alta., complained to (he Railway Commission against the new C. P. R. coal
and coke tariff which became effective on .October *1.
The case' was set for hearing at Regina and came up before Commissioners Scott and Maclean at Regina
on November iitli.
The officials of the C. P. R. were
present and but in a basis upon which
their rates were charged. The Gal-
braith Coal company submitted a
schedule - of comparisons of old and
n8w rates showing how hie present
rates discriminated in favor of the
Lethbridge mines and against.the mine
at Lundbreck, also at Bellevue and
other points in tlie Crows Nest
Pass. k
The decision was reserved. , The
rates in question affect the coal business^ both producer, and consumer
and the case is of the interest to the
Boards of trade in several of the coal
The Galbraith Coal Co. complain, in
the new tariff as compared with the
old one, there js a discrimination in
favor of Lethbridge and at-147 points
named there was an increase from five
to fifteen cents from Lundbreck.and
Pass points; at 20 points the rate remained the-same, while the balance
had a slight reduction in favor of
Lundbreck. —   "" — ■ ~~'
But from Lethbridge there was a
reduction from all the points'except
a few where the rafe" remained the
same. The general reduction from
Lethbridge was from 25 to 40 cents.
For example to Regina there was from
lundbreck a reduction of 5c, but from
Lethbridge a reduction of 30 cents,
of now a differential o£ 40 cents where
theer differential used to be 15 cents.
The difference in mileage from Maeleod is two miles but from Lundbreck
tho rate is $1.05 and from Lothbrldgo
90 cents.- The rnto from Lethbridge
to Crnnbrook is ?2.30 for 201 miles.
Prom Lundbreck to Crnnbrook tho rate
is $2.25 for 327.7 miles. West of
Crnnbrook.. the rato from Lethbridge
nnd Lundbreck Is the same.
This company also complained of tlio
high rates to A. R„ & I. points, and
claimed that as tlio C. P. R. are supposed to own a controlling interest In
tlie A, R, & I„ these rales nro out of
all proportion,
Tlio Gnlbralth Coal company wero
the only ones complaining beforo the
Railway commission but It Is a nintter that Is of vital interest to others,
Office: Johnson-Faulkner Block.
Hours 9-12; l-5;! 6.30-7.30.  Phone 72
B. C.
W.  R.   ROSS K.C.
• Barristen  and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C. Canada.
L. P. Eckstein f. D. E. McTaggart
Cox Stroet- Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe
Alex., I. Fisher
,   The following is taken from the Ft.
' i " 1 S3
William Morning Herald:
"There were three or four scenes in
last night's play, "In the Bishop's
Carriage,' memorable because of the
pitch of dramatic intensity reached,by
the leadin gactors. To one seeing for
the first time the dramatization of Miriam Miehelsons novel it was good to
discover that no liberties* had ^been
taken with the finest passages. They
were there word for word, even to the
quatrain'from Omar. The uplifting of a
girl's soul from a beggarly ■ thieving
point of view to the higher tablelands
of honesty, hard work) ambition and
love—that is the background against
which are sketched the details of a
fascinating play. How the heroine
came to be a thief she explains.* "Your
clown criminal dont jump,into the ring
because he's so full of fun he can't
stay out.   - He goes in for the same
Fernie, B. C.
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 tb 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave.
" A. McDougall, Mgr
.Manufacturers of and Deal-
ers in all kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
i *.
Send us your orders
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough and dressed lumbei
Victoria. Ave. North Fernie
reason the .'real clown does—he gets
hungry and tired like other men do,
and he has got to get food for his
stomach and clothes for his back and
a place to sleep. And it's because your
kind gels too much that my kind getg
so little it has to piece It. out with this
sort of thing," How she comes to fall
out of love with her early profession,
and out of love with her early pal is
the work of the actor to unfold. And
the work is done well. Whether In
stolen apparel or her beautiful jewel
bespangled evening gown, Miss Fel-
ton was fine. Mr. Irving Kennedy, as
her good angel, and her lover, could
scarcely have been improved upon, Mr,
Ayers would have been applauded at
every turn if he had played an amlabel
pnrt with sucii perfection ns marked
his villainy. Mr. Donald . Patterson's
versatility is most delightsome. Tho
mellow, jovinl character ho impersonates would have been much missed
from the play,'
Fernio Opera House, noxt woolc on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Advertise in the Ledger
Of the American  Federation of
The .following is nart of the unfaii
list of the American Federation of Labor. Many of the' daily newspaper
readers who hear as much about the
"Unfair List" during these days may
be anxious to. know what .names of
firms the A. F. of L. "Unfair List" contains.
Under these circumstances it becomes the duty of the labor press to
keep its readers properly informed.
What are-papers published for if not
for the purpose of giving correct information? *     ;>
Cigars: „Carl Upman of New York
City; Kerbs, Wertheim & Schiffer of
New York City, manufacturers of the
.Henry George and Tom Moore cigars.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby'Milling Co
Minneapolis, Minn.? Valley City Milling Co., Grand Rapids,  Mich.
• Clothing: N. Snellenberg & Co., ot
Philadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange.
Rochester N.Y,; B, Kuppenheimer <$;
Co., Chicago,
Corsets:, Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers Kabo and La Marguerite
Gloves: J. IT. Cownie Glove Co., Des
Moines, la.; California Glove Co,, Napa, Cal.
Hats: J. B. Stetson Co., Philadelphia
Pa„ E. M. Knox CoM Brooklyn X. Y„
Henry I-I. Roelof -ft Co,, Philadelphia,
Shirts and Colinrs: United Shirt &'
Collar Co., Troy, N. Y.; Van Zandt,
Jacobs and Co,, Troy, Cluott, Peabody
and Company, Troy, NT,Y.; Jamea R.
-Kaiser of New York City. ' n
The Butterick Pattern Company* of
Now York,
Cement: Portland Peninsular Cement Co., Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydraulic Cement and Mfg. Co., Utica, Illinois,
Stoves: Wrought Iron Rnngo Co., St.
Louis, Mo., United States I-Icalcr Co.
Detroit, Mich., Gurney Foundry Co, of
Toronto Ont.; Homo Stove Works, of
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of..
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18   U7M. W. of,A. '
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Leading Commercial
and Tourist House
Ashcroft Mines, Lethbridge No. 13S/
—Thomas Grey.
Bankhead.No. 29— Thos. Bradley
Bellevue No. 431—R. Livett.
Blairmore 2163—G. Kelley
Canmore    Park    Local   138?*.—W.
Coleman,'   No.,2633—William  .Graham.
Carbondale   No. 2227—P.    Lennon
(Coleman).     , "
.   Cardiff No. 2378—A. Hammond.
''Cardiff No. 279—F. K. St. Aimnt
Corbin No. 2877—A. Hamilton   *
Edmonton  City  Nou 2540—A.  Matthews, P.O. 1314. ,   '■* /
Brooklyn Watch Case Co., Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, Ind.; Buck Stove and
Range Company, St. Louis.
Bags:, Gulf Bag Co., New Orleans,
La., branch Bemis Brothers, St. Louis.
Mo. -     *
Brooms and Dusters: The Lee Proem
and Duster Company, Davenport, la.;
M. Goollerfs Sons,'Circleville, Ohio;
Merkle-Wiley Broom Company, Paris
Watches: Keystone Watch Caso Co.,
of Philadelphia; Jos, Fah'y, Brooklyn,
T. Ztirbrugg Watch Case Co., Riverside N. J.
C. W, Post, Manufacturer of Grape
Nuts nnd Postum Cereal, Bnttlo Creok
Mich.     *
Flbreware: Indurated Fibre Wnre
Co,, I.ockport, N. Y.
Furniture: Ame\icnn Billiard Table
Co,, Cincinnati, O.;" O. Wisnor Piano
Co,. Brooklyn N.Y.; Krell Piano Co.,
Cincinnati O; Derby Desk, Co., Boston
Edmonton No... 1329—A St. Julian,.
2 Frazer Flats.
" Fernie No. 2314—--D. Rees, , ?. -
Frank No. 1263—Geo., Nichol.
*   Hosmer No. 2497—J. W. Morris
Hillcrest No. 1058—J. O. Jones
Kenmare  No;  2850.—H.   E.   Rhein-
hart.    ,'
Lethbridge No. 574—Mike Plllshak
Lille No, 1233—J. T Griffith
Maple Leaf No. 2829*—J.   Bonaccl.
v*       (via Bellevue)
Michel No. 2334—Chas. Garner
•  Passburg 2352—Miles Isltt.      *,
' Royal Collieries   No. 2589—Charles
Roche Percee No. 2672—Lachlan M&
Quarrle.       .   ,     .
8trathcona, Ed. 2155—A. Shaw,
Taber No, 102—Wm. Russell
Taber No. 1959—Hop. Evans
Taylorton, - No.  2648—H.   Potter.
l* ti mue iWh
Honored by Women
When a woman tpeukx ol her
oilenl tecret mffcrinrf tlie
truiti you. Million! lmvo bellowed tlii* mark ol confidence on Dr. It. V. Pierce,
ol lJmiuio, N. Ii. I-Aciy
where there are women who
hear witneu to the wonder-
working curtntf-power of Dr.
Tierce'* Favorite Preaerlption
—which tavei the tufftritit *tx
frtm pale, and tucceufully
drapple* with wamnn'i weak-
nene« and ilubhorn  ill*.
No woman'* appeal •**•* ever mitdirreted or her confidence miiplaced when *he wrote (or advice, to
the Wtm.i,'. I)i»fHN»A»v Mioiut. Ahocution, ur.
R. V, Pierce, Pre«idrnt. Buffalo. N. Y.
Tin Pttrf*'* PUmant 1+IIHt Indue*, mild natural bowel ntetumenf eece * daf^
Columbia ,,,
Cowlchnn ..,
('raiibniolt   .
Ohllllwnclt .,
Dowdnoy ...
KHi|iiliiinlt   ..
Urn ml Forlm
(ll'ftillWOOll     ,
KiunhmpH   .,
Now Wi'Hlml
Niiunluio ,.,
.NcwcuMie  .,
.Vi I'.s./i,   	
Okanagan ,.
It»v'flHtohi> .
Richmond   ,,
ItOHHllinil ...
7iiVnlilt.il    . . , .
Vancouver  .
Vancouver  .
Vnneniiver  .
Vancouver  .
Vntifouvfr   ,
Victoria   ....
Victoria   ....
Victoria  ....
i t t » t » ■» < i
• i • * * t i
* » t i i i
t   t   *  *  i   I
* •   t <   t   »
•   »   I   (   »   i   # t
»   t  I   t   ■  •   »  t
(   I   (  I   (   t  «   I t
»   t   •  *   (   t  *   t t
i   t   t   •  i   I   I   i 1
» * t i i r * t i
» t > t t • i i i
* i i i i i i * i
» * » i i • i i t
I   •   I   t   I   I   . (Ml*)
I   »   1   t   t   t   t   I I
1   *   *   I   t   *   .   I   * t
f   t   *   I   *   t        • I
«   ♦   I    1   I   t   P   t »
I   I   *   *   I   i   t   I   I   I
' < * t I t t i
i t i t i  t i i
i I « i ( # i < «
' t i t ■» i » i t ♦
■ t » « i i * » i
Dr. A. D.' Morgnn 	
Ur. H..I*;, Young ,	
Dr, 11, .Callahan	
.1. A. FniHcr 	
ll, G, , Pan-on   	
,W, 11, I lay ward 	
Mlchnol MaiiHon 	
Thorium Cnven  	
S, A, Cnwloy	
V, J. Macken/lo 	
\V, ,1, Maiifiou 	
II,   1).   lU'lnielion	
\V, H, .Robh 	
HrrioHt .Millor 	
.1,    11,    .liK.llKOn    ,,.
A. V., MclMiIlHpH...
,1. V, Slim-.- 	
Nell   F.   Mtiekny   ,
.lumen Ih-11 	
T,  (J If ford   	
A. K. I'laiita 	
.1,    -il.:*,*,;.11	
Slimy   W.'JaO.J   	
Hon,  Prlco   KIIIhou'	
Hon. ThomnH Tnylor	
Hon. F, h. Carter-Cotton 	
W, lt, imiden 	
• *» J'll illi'VlMMIIM.f         •••...
J,. W. Slmtfonl	
11, C. IJrowHtor 	
Thomas Kcnnm ,	
Harry Johoh 	
.1.  M,  Yoi'Hton   	
.1, A, Iluekham	
.Inhn N, lOvnitB 	
.(, M, Forreat 	
,\l, A, Mncdomiid 	
C. W, Munro  ,	
.loliii Oliver 	
I   I  ■   4   t   I   I   <   t   I   t   I   t   f   >»   •   t   •   >>   •   I   t   I   •  •   I   •   I IIIII        t
John .lardluo 	
A.  I,  KJhIh'I*   	
I). Pntiei-Bon  	
Alex. Mncdonnld  '.	
Perry PucvIh	
II, ,M, ViiKoy  	
i t i i i t t * t i t i t i • • t t t • i t • i • I <- »        tiiti-ft
M. HnRleRori  	
,1, ,1, .lohiiNlono ,,."	
■ « i j ■ » • i i
No.    2299.—William
■ i i i t i i  i i
i i i t i t • * * ■
J.  Cnrtwrlght	
• ii<i**i*iit •)**<
iiiitttitiit titiitiitiiiitpiiiii1
iiiiitiitii* ft**i*i*i*iii»»itti**t*
*iiii*iii*>* ' iit*iii(iii(ii»»iiiiii*
i i i > i i t i « i • • itii*i*ii(t*iir*t**iiii
J, HnrrliiRlon 	
John AIcIiiiiIh 	
(1. IlentherltiKton  	
*<ifi*it*itt       it|t*it(t***itt*i***iti
ttltlttttl** I   I  M l  I  I   M  I M M  I   II I I  I  I   1,1
**llll»*ll** ttf***tt****f<*t*<t*lt(l
l   I   I   * *  *  *   l
R A. freniii'  ,.,
E. U. Dolinrl ,..,
i*tii*ii        itttttt
i i i » r » i
i ***** '
Willinm Hunter	
Hon, W, ,1, IlowBor 	
A. II, Ii. McGownn  ,	
Dr. fl. A, Mefliilro .'	
H. H, WnlHon	
V. K: Tlxilnll  	
Hon. It. Mcllrlde 	
II. B, Thompson 	
II. K. W. Ui-hiimm ..
Prutl Dnvey  	
Hon. It. Mcllrldo....
.lames flcliofleli]  ....
J. \V. Dell. Fnri-ls ...
Dr. .1. M. KukIIhIi 	
T.  .1.   J'Vrlo.i 	
I   »   I   i   1   t   I   I   I
I  •  M  M I   I t»(l*«*t«(l
Fred Wado 	
J. ll. 8i*iil*ler 	
CleorKO  Mncdonnld    "	
Aid. Campbell	
.Tnmcn StnblCH	
John Oliver .'.'	
D. it. Drury .,,	
H, A. Munn	
W. K. Houston  	
Stuart HenderHon .....
.1. H, Htiwthornwalto 	
P-nrVov willlni-nq  .   	
.1. tl. Mntlienon 	
•   **l»l*l*ft******* MIMtllllllMtll
Q. II. Koinpfltor  ,	
HMIIMM   Hllll   M |Mni»M"Ur«H
O. Casey	
C. M. Bonnott  i	
li. T. KliiKHloy	
W.  Mackenzie   	
M. McGregor ...
P, dnrvtiy	
It, P. Pettlpleco ...'.	
UeorRo Ollvor 	
«(**f»*l        |f*«**t(»fttff*-***t«*t|(|»<if'l
ii iii imnu i i ii
A. M. Oliver
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Gall iii and
see us once
0. W, DAVEY & CO., Props.
ST. CATHARr.VBfl, Nov, O-Thomnn
W. Wright, Edward Ilursott and John
Dundna, nil young men omployod in
tho paper mills nt Morriton, noar horo,
woro killed .whilo walking on tho railway track.
<. ■rt II   •
•'   !.
' Man ley & Lawrence
• -r- ' Proprietors ■
1117 Third Avenue
Near Seneca St
Seattle^      -      Wash
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gents' Furnishings
New Sensation in Free Speech Fight
is Serious-End Seems More
.   Distant Than Ever ,,
A complete line of samples of   •
Fall Suitings and
1 -*1
Worsteds, Serges
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
• , Co.
AU kinds of     *
Fresb.   Meats
on  hand
Bacon, Hams, Fish,
Lard, Eggs and ,
Oive us a. trial
For Sale
100 tons' of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta,
(Spokane Press)
Today the bitter fight being waged
by the city government, on ono. side
an* the I. W. W.., socialists, labor
organization and Western Federation
of, Miners, has developed * even , more
serious phases, and the end seems to
be more distant Una ever.
The Western Federation of Miners
has' declared a boycott on the city
of Spokane.
It is rumored that a Citizens Alliance
is being formed to aid the police and
that money has already been subscribed.      '  ■
Superior Judge Hinkle turned down
further writs of habeas corpus on the
ground that they only wanted to raise
Local labor organizations are. forwarding the initiative movement . to
compel the council to adopt a street-'
speaking ordinance,'
Indications are that' tomorrow will
bo twice as lively as last Saturday,
and that next week will be the most
exciting of all.
This is the situation today in Spokane.
The first installment of Spokane's
great cost of-warfare* against free
spee.ch^ and free press is due Her
merchants, property owners and .her
taxpayers will have to.unite to meet
it. Spokane, with her every • single
product that goes to 'make up profit
for her manufacturers and meieh-inis,
has been boyeotted.__.by* the Western
Federation*, of Miners of the entire
Couer d'Alene district, representing
approximately 5000 consumers of this
city's goods. *■
Spokane itself has been stamped a
"scab" city. .
,; * The meaning of this startling
movement, to Spokane and her. merchants cannot be figured in numbers
of. nil en: It must be figured in dollars.
It means that practically every .bit of
*ti*adQ lia3=[)aQn=hlQ(*jJrQf1=l)At_vv*3ftn^S,)0'r=
kane and the Idaho hills, for not only
will the sturdy, miners tighten their
purse strings to this city, but they will
carry the word on to all friends outside their ranks.
It may mean fortunes   lost to Spokane. ' The resolutions as adopted at
Burke, Idaho, and bearing the seal of
the union that,signs them, follow:
The Resolutions   ,
BURKE, Idaho, Nov. 10. 1909.—The
Members of tho Western Federation
of, Miners and Workers of the "World:
Fellow Workers The attempt to strangle the right of free speech and the
right of assembly on the* streets by
t,he government of Spokane, Wash,,
and its beneficiaries, is on to a finish.
The nntiiro given rights of tlie militant
and all other workers of that city are
our rights. The fight is.our fight;
their success* or defeat is pur success
or defeat and deepest concern. Blood
was spilled for the right of free speech
and free assembly. It was written in
the constitution of the United States
by the blood of the working class, and
by the same force and fluid, if necessary, it shall remain an inalienable
right., Lives there a man so dense
as to not feel and protest against the
dastardly attack of*the organizedVgov-
ernment of Spokane upon the liberty
to speak, to act and to think in unison?
"Workers of North. America, we call
upon you to use the weapons now ir-,
your, hands. Get out the hammers ancl
knock the .city of Spokane—she's the
enemy of mankind. A government of,
by and for those who have ancl toil
not.- Boycott her every product, aud
knock every commercial resource.
There is no coward like a commercial coward. Be it*resolved:
"By the members of the Western
Federation of the Miners of the Couer
d'Alenes that all patronage of Spokane
goods or articles of trade be with
drawn until such time as all opposition
to the inalienable right of free speech
and assembly by the workers is recognized by the Spokane government and
its, beneficiaries;
"That we pledge to the Industrial
Workers of,the* World all the moral
and financial support within our power:
■ "That we call upon the ' workers
everywhere to join the Industrial Workers of the World to the end that
there be no lights burning, no wheels
.turning in any institution that stands
in defense of* such- attempts to strangle human liberty—that stands in moral fear of-the light dawning upon the
mind-'of.the great proletariat of the
"That, we call the attention of the
j.voi:kei:s_to_th_e.Jafit_that it is not the
Hills Fast Mail Has Maintained
.Forty Eight, Hour Run for
- ;*    One Month
The Great Northern fast mail yesterday completed a thirty-three days' record ih the maintenance of a 48 hour
schedule from St. Paul to Seattle: Not
only has the^rain been able to keep
within the time limit on every run, but
it invariably has been travelling under
the schedule about half an hour every
day.1'.,,    V*   '   '\
Officials assert that the Great Northern . fast mail is the fastest long distance train operation in the world
at present, ancl the record of the past
thirty-three days is regarded as remarkable. It Is pointed out that the
schedule maintained by the G. N. via
St. Paul is three hours shorter than
that maintained by the Harriman lines
from Omaha to San Francisco, jhe distance benig comparatively the same iu
each case. .
St. Paul is now tlie gateway for the
most of the mail for Western States,
Alaska and Oriental points. There is
now brought this way all,the mail that
originates in the states east of the
Mississippi river and north of the Ohio
river. Much of the mail from this territory used to be sent by way of Omaha, but was diverted this way when
the Great Northern established its superior service.,
;The government will weigh the
mails'in this district for three months
beginning in February, to ascertain
the basis for payment for mail transportation for the next four years. It
is to get this contract that the Great
.Northern is maining its 48* hour service.—Pioneer Press, St. Paul.
Agents bf the Dominion Coal <
Co. of Cape Breton N. S., are -
at work trying to induce min- /«
ers of Wilkesbarre and other <
anthracite mine towns to   go «
there and scab.   District   and «
local   officers   should   exert <
themselves to" prevent   them •>
from securing    any men for •>
such purpose.          ,., <
A strike has been on in No- ••
va Scotia and at these mines <
since July 6, with, every pros- <
pect of winning. «
Don't go there and try to de- <
feat your brothers  who  are ' «
fighting for the right to organ- «
ize and better conditions of «
employment. ••>
Stay away.* Due notice will «
be given    in these columns «
when the strike is won. Lab- «
or papers, please copy.   ' <
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
transfer of the retail liquor license of
Simon Dragon to George Vincent of
the Royal Hotel, Gateway, B. C.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1909.
Oct 16 Dec 17 G.V.
handful of militant workers in Spokane
that the government of the city ancl all
other parasites are after, but the militant working class movement of the
world. Remember fellow workers that
from the strangulation of free speech
or the right, of assemblage at any time
or place is but a step from the pracl-
pice from which despotic Spain hurled
a Ferrer. Rise, then in your united
strength, trample in the mud and spit
upon this city ordinance that denies
these rights. 'Upon what meat has
Caesar fed that he has grown so
•'Coeur d'Alene District Union. No,
11 Western Federation of Minors. L.
A. Reese, Secretary Treasurer; Wm.
Coggin, president:.
Roland W. Wood
Charles W. Davey
, I have seized and taken in execution
all the right, title' and interest of the
said defendant's building,, known as
the Royal Hotel and 'situate and being on Lot S Block 10 in the townsite
of Fernie according to a map or plan
of ,the said town as made by T. S.
McVettie, P.L.C., aiid duly filed in
the land registry office at Nelson, B.
C„ as plan No. 734, to recover the sum
of three hundred and fifty.dnllai-s
($350.00) being' rent, besides sheriff's
poundage, and all other legal incidental expenses, all of which I shall offer
by sheriff's sale on Thursday, the 18th
day of November, A. D. 1909 at the
hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon on
the, premises known as the Royal Hotel.'
, Dated at Fernie, B;C, November
j.u ii no !      .   •-   ■	
*7   ' Sheriff's Deputy.
The above sale"'is further postponed until Tuesday, the twenty-third day
of November A. D., 1909,* at the same
hour ancl place,
Dated at Fernie B."C. November 1Sth,
Sheriff's Deputy
60 days after date I intend to apply
to the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal  of the 'retail liquor license
for the Royal Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October,'1909.
Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V?
Uncle Dan'l or The Messenger from
Jarvis Section, dramatized from the
novel of'that name and made so popular in the theatrical world by Barney
McCauley a few years ago, will be
the offering at the Miners Union
Theatre, one night Monday November
22. lt is said to follow the text of
the boolc very closely, the climaxes
sensationally thrilling and the ending
logical and happy. Humor permeates the tragic atmosphere and modifies
the serious moments of the play. Vividly realistic are scenic reproductions
of sections of Boston and rural sections of Maine, where the action of
the play takes place. The company
engaged for the preesntation of the
play is said to give it a ainstaking interpolation and realizes the author's
intentions to the minutest detail. Several pleasing specialties are introduced and a splendid orchestra is carried
by the attraction.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦-*<■►♦♦♦♦♦
Baggage,   delivered   to   any
part of tlie city.
Femie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co,, Ltd,
Thence running east 80 chains;
' Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running .west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 3rd day of September
' '  NAT BABCOCK, Agent,      ■
J. RAVEN, Witness      ,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner1 of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal aiid Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near the 28 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line and
being the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;,
to a point of commencement, making
640 acros more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September
J. RAVEN. Witness
Applications* for electric light, met
ters should be made tn the undersigned nt once, 'so that same may hi installed without loss of time. The City
of,^Fernie'electric light plant will be
running shortly and we will be in'a
position io supply light and'power.,.
■'    G. H. BOULTON,
' City Clerk.'
Fernie Oct. 29 1909
Fellow Workers:' ,
The Fornie ■ Electoral Riding has
been for the past eight* years a strenuously contested seat.    At the provin-
IN tho matter of nn application for
tho Issuo of ii diipllcnto cortlflcnto of
Titlo to lot 15 block 21 town of Fernio
(Mnp 731.)
Notico Is horoby glvon Hint. It Ib my
Intention to Issuo nt tho expiration of
ono month nftor tlio flrHt publication
horoof n duplicato of tlio cortlflcnto of
titlo to tho nbovo mentioned lot In
Uio nnmo of Mlclutol J. Cm-nay, John
Robert now*) nnd Willinm A, Rons,
which cbrliflcnto Ih dntoil llio Gth
dny of Octobor 1007 nnd niimbored
DlHtrlct. Registrar
hand llQRlutry offlco Nelson, n. C,
In tho nintter of nn application for
tho Ibsuo of ^duplicate cortlflcato for
Titlo for Lot'» Block 2 of lot BIGS
Group Ono   Kootenay DlHtrlct   (Map
NOTICE Ib horoby glvon that It Ib
ray Intention to Issue at the expiration
ot ono month nftor llio first publication
horoof n duplicate of tlio Cortlflcnto of
Titlo io tho above mentioned lot in
tho nnmo of Eclor Hnrper which cortlflcnto Ib dated tho 10th of Mnrch 100C,
nnd numborcd 7405A,
H. R. JorancJ,
District Registrar
FRANK. Nov. 17.—An evidence of
tho attention tlio conl flold of tho Pass
Ih nttrnctlng nhrond Ih Hiippllod by tho
personnel of the lnrgo numbor of applicants for ovurmuiiH payors who were'
oxnmlnod nt tho recent examinations
held horo by Chlof Conl Mlno Inspector Robert Llvlngstono nnd tho commission appointed for the purpose,
Thoro wove l>8 applicants for ' tho
various grndoH from fire boss to mine
mnnngor, nnd tho nppllcnntH cnmo
from nil ovor Cnniuln nud held I'l rut
class pnpoi'H for Iho different provlucoH from which they hulled,
Tlio fact thnt bo lnrgo n numbor of
(.•mnpoteut conl nilno ninnngers ciuno
to one pxnmlnntlon In UiIh dlfltrlct to
secure pnpei-H, Indicates, nppnreiiily
tliut tho Piihh Ih coining In bo looked
upon abroad na a evry important field
In which the development of the nonr
futuro will hold mnny pohIIIoiih for
enpnblo men, It nlso notes thnt bin
development. Ih lit prnsress now ns
n goodly percent ni*?** of those who pnss-
ed tho oxnnilnntloiiB will obtain po»l-
ttlrttl,    ill    il.ir     *>«l.««lt^*
And it Iv- :i fuel enry nf nulnenM
ration thnt the pinna of the enmpnnleili
now operating eoiitemphite nn nggro-
Kiite mil-put before the expiration   of
1910 that will not be inenBined by ton
»i i .... .    i.     ,.i ,, ,1.,.,
applied It It has brought about a cure
nnd I recommend it to nil mothers."
Miss Cnsslo Petrie, Victoria Mines
Cnpo, Breton, Nova Scotia, says; "For
n long time I suffered from pimples
and unsightly spots on my face, and
hearing so much nbout Zam-Buk, gave
It a trial. It hns now1 removed the
eruption niul I' would heartily recom-
mont. il for pimples nnd skin dlsenHOB."
MIhh A. Uourgue, Notre Dnmo, Kont
County, N. B, Hiiys: "For monlliR I
suffered wltli n running soro on my
leg, and although I tried sovoral ointments nud snlves, nono did me much
good. The soro would Just hcnl over
and then break our ngnln. I was advised to try Zam-Buk nnd obtained
hoiiiu, toegUiur with mjiuu Zam-Buk
sonp, I carefully wiiRlied the noro,
night and morning, with the Znm-Buk
sonp and thon nppllod the bnlm. A
few weeks of tIiIh treatment complete-
ly honied tho soro."
Mr, JoBeph Kofltyuk nf Woodrldge,
Mnn„ Hnys; "I hnd eczema on my fnco,
iieck nud braid ho hnd that I wiih unable to lonvo my room. Several doe-
tnt'H fulled tn do me any Kond, nlthotiKli
I spout large huiiih or money, tfnni-
Buk hns effected whnt they frilled to
do nnd I nm now cured."
Znin-Buk Ih the flni'Hi known cure
for Rkln dlHPiiHOH nnd Injuries. It heuU
tilth, burns, brulscH, nb«<:oHHt'H, ulcers,
eczema, Hcnlp HorcH, bad leu, inflamed
pnfelieH, poisoned Horns, ItiHect HttiiKH,
blisters, sore feot, etc. It nlso i-iires
piles, All driiKKlKtK nud Ktort-x ki-U
nt SOf* n bnv nr nost free from tlu*
Znm-Hiik compnny i.Toronto, for price.
In the matter of an application for
tho Issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the south west 55 feet in
width by 1112 feot in depth of lot S
block 2 of lot 5455 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 7115,)
Notice is hereby-glven'that lt is my
Intention lo issuo at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of tho certificate'of
Titlo to the above mentioned land In
llio name of Thomas Uullon which certificate is dated the 2(!tii of July 1D0U
and numbered 590HA,
II. il, .TORAND, ,
District Registrar
Land Registry Office.
Nelson   B.C.  Oct.  13,  1909.
by some GO votes through the Liberals?
deserting their own candidate at the
eleventh hour and supporting the -present member.
It, is admitted-that the seat must
fall to the workers. The capitalists
will combine forces to prevent a consummation so undesirable to them.
They have money without end; we
lack that essential weapon to, success.
We therefore ask all workers who can
afford to do so to send their contributions, however small, to Oscar Erlclt-
son, Uox 70, Fernie B. C.    *
As an example to capital of the poli-
.tical power of, the class conscious workers,
Signed, on behalf of the Campaign
Oscar Erickson
Porter i
g —: : : §
• Bottled Goods a Specialty *
NOTICB is hereby given that ihi.'.j
(30) days after date i intend to apply
to. the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Ilands ard Works for a license! to pros-
j pect for -"ioal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate In
South E. Kootei'if.y, British Columbia,
Block 4593; coiLincncing at a posi
planted at or near 4 miles east of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line aiid being the south west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thonce running east SO chains;
, Thence running north SO chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains ■*
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or iess.
,   Located this 3rd day of September,
J. RAVEN.-Witness
_^      ^......g  .wum  mm  ocus unuer      *
c »t.    ...    ..- =_ at
Dining Room and Beds under
TNew"Manag'emenE 1"~ :—
NOT'.CE is hereby' given that thirty
(30), days after date I intend to apply
to tiie Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of
First class table  board
Meals 25c.   Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
Lands~a"nd Worksl!ol-~a~liceiise to pros-
pect for Coal and Petroleum on tlie
following described lands situate in
South'E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block '4593, commencing nt a post
planted at or near 4 miles east of'30
The opening of tlie new Methodist
church hns liOr-.ii postponed till Nov.
28 on account of Inability to got lho
structure completed in tlmo for earlier
I'.ate. Full particulars next Issue,
Tickets sold for the opening dinner
will stand good for tho Inter dnte,
¥      R. Henderson,  Dining Romn Mgr,
jj-lmile post of tlie present C. P. R. sur-
-***■ corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south SO chains
Thonce running east SO chains;
Thence running north 80 .chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
CIO acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September,
1909.      '
.1..HAVEN, Witness
NOTICI* is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to npply
to the Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of,	
Lands and Works for n license to pros-j
pect for Coal and Petroleum on    thej NOTICE
following described lands   situato ini — „
South 13, Kootenay, British Columbia,]    NOTICE Is hereby given that-thirty
Block   4593,   commencing   at n postl^0' $nya nfUM' (ln,° l hilcnd to npply
planted at. ur near ] milo east of tho;*0 ""-' •,,on* Cll'*'f   Commissioner   of
AMHERST, N. 8. Nov. t—Allon E.
McLean, fsupcrlntcnflent. of 1he Great
Northern Mining Company, nt Chott-
■ramp, Inverness county, wa* accidentally drowned at Eastern Harbor
yesterday. He leaves a widow and
By virtue* of a warrant of execution.
iHsiied out ol the county court ol
ICootonny. holden at Fernie, 11. C,
nt the suit of;
Willinm A. Connoll and Willinm
Scott, trading nnd currying cu business under tho*firm nnmo nnd style of
Ah a household remedy, useful  In
einerRonclps, such as nre always nrlH-
ing In nny home, and pui'ilculnrly so | Connell & Scott, Plaintiffs,
where (bore nre children. Znrn-lhik ta i nnd
without equal. Hen- an- some opinions!   Charles \V. Davey, defendant
of ita merit: j       i have Helsto-i and talien In ex«;ru-
Mr*. Hallidfiy, WroxHer. Out., (.ays:
"! have proved ftim-nuk unequalled
for cuts, sores and di«r>a«i->s of    the
tion all the right, title and Inier.'hi
of the said dt'f.uulant's boo.!*, ton*
tciailnn; of liquor*, wln^s and H-rar* at
skin.    In every caso to which I hare Kernle. II. C, in the bnlldln«* known
■list milo post, of tho prosont C. P. R..
surveyed line and being the souili east
corner of A, S. Furquliiii'soii's claims;
Thence runnlni,'.west 80 chains;
Thonco running north 80 chains:
Thence running east 80 chains;
Tlionco running south 80 chnlns
j *o n point of commencement, making
010 acres nvre or less.
Locate1 thi:i "■<*, day of September,
.1. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
CIO) days after (Into I Intend to npply;
m the Hon, Chief   Commissioner   of.
Lands und Works for n license to pros-j
neet for Conl nnd I'etrnleuin on   ihe'
lollouiim rf.'K-illfud lands    siiiiiiio  in j
•'oiith K, Kooienny, British Columbln.'
lllock    -Ir*i»:i.    (■nmin.'iicliig    nt n post
lilnnti'd nt or near .'I mlb-H enst of lie'
milt! post nf the present C. |». |{, hui*-'
veyed line nud being the north east,
•orner of 1-Mmond llo|s|oll's tlnlm;      j
Th-'iifc running south Ht rhnliu*-
Theiiro running west m cluilns;
Thence running norili 80 chnlim;      i
Thenco running east t>o chalno;
<i fl  point  of coniinenconieiil    mnklnir
'Ilo ncres more or Ii-hh. ,
l.i>cnu-d this li11■ I day of tt»|-toinlifr,
MMJ'I, |
NAT UABCQCK, Ag..-i.t.
Lands and Works for a license lo pros-'
poet for Coal and Petroleum on tho '
following described lands situate In
South ]•:. Kootenay. British Columbln,
Block *|"i!i!l, rriinmenclng at a post
plnnted at or near II miles enst. of 30
mile post, of the present C. P. R. surveyed line nnd bolng the norlh west
corner of Nnt Babcock clnlm;
Thonco running south 80 chnlns
Thence running enst 80 chnlns;
Thenco running north 80 chnlns;
Thence running west SO chains;
lo n point of commencement, mnklng
tile acres more or less,  ,
Located tills 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, WUiiosh
Dated  nt
Kid, I'.'.r.'.
Fertile  H,   (;„  November
M. A.
ns the Itoynl Hotel, situate nnd being
on Lot 8, Hloek 10, In the City of For-
nie, B, C, to recover tlm sum of
Three Hunderd nnd Fifty Nine Dollars and Sixty El«hl Cents ($;ir,y.«S> J T|„, above mile U further postpon-jpect for Conl and Petroleum on
besides Hherlffs poundiiKc nnd nil other7.,| mitll Tnes-.l/iv  die twenty-third ■l-.yjrnllmvirir: rt'w*--|f..-.*1  lnnd*'    *l"rr*   *r*
.South E. Koolemiy, Hritlch Ciiliimliia.
Sheriffs Deputy
NOTICE Is hereby given ihnt thirty
{'■'<» days nfter date I Intend to apply
lo ihe lion. Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a license to prospect for Conl arid Petroleum on the
following described binds situate tn
Smith K. Kooii'iniy, HiIukIi Columbia,
l.lock 4.V.I,',, <-oiutu"iielng nt n post
planted at er near t miles chi". of \>l
mile poM of the pn-seiii i.   p, |(, mir
Veyed   ||||.<   ntul   being   Iln-    "i'i 111   e.e.U
corner of Nnt. Ilnhcoek elulur
'Jiic'iru tunning wc.it ,mi (.liiiins;
t ie l..'* . ..uiiiiin ten i i'i   V; i ii.uUr,,
TliriH t,* niiiliiiiH east h'.i i hains;
T!.-!,.«'«> r-M.nfiii; --v.it1< «.i -.La!*-*.*
EDMONI) llolS.fOl.I. i.on-,w>r> *' l"jlll! *'f 'euiiiieiu.tueiii, mnkliiK
HAVEN, WltncHi*
i im.-.
NOTICE In hereby given tlmt thirty
(.10) days nfter dnte I Intend to npply
lo the Hon. Chief   Commissioner   of
r.ands nnd Worlc? fnr n llreii-,**. ,,■> p*-*-*..*
i!t» ncres nini'i
.1. HAVEN, Witless
or les'i,
<t II    ll.l.l    111    1*11 }11 llll.Ml ,
legnl Incidental cxpi-i.M-s, nil nf \*.hli ll',,*? \oviiiil-er ,\. ]),. 1 ••*••■, at the rnnw
I  Hhnll  offer  by  Sheriff's  sale    on j |10lir .ind jd,,,*,..
Thursday,  the  Klei-ntb  day  of  No*, i).„,.,| :iI j*vtnii< H, (.'. November ivth,
venibor. X, D.. l*"'".'. nt th'*- hour of; ■,.,*,*,,
eleven o'clock in the forenoon nn Dw' m, ^_ Ki.ttr.er
premises known as tho Roya! Hotel.! Hberlff-i l>.*pni\*.
Hloek 4M',1, romrnencinis at :t pern
plnnted nt or near 4 miles •v.'Hi nf 2"
mile pout "f tin* preiiei.t (*, |». it. Mir-
x*y,-,\ !!«<*• ftr-il L'-lnsr l!.<•- r.ftrili t.-m
wrfier nf 1' ,\   r'nrt\tihitrion rhtw
Vl'TfiRM    ,V*~ "?:    H-mi-i •■  tb u.
Oilier,   a   .S<K J.-'llM   HlUOli-   (ii'OUe   Hell,
u prmuhs.-'it Liberal uoil.'T in the
li.*at of iih aruutiieitt at tie- LIIhtjiI
i.iliy tumuli!, i>h>..-r vjih taken ntul
tb:<>•*-., ",*',.'.;, ib.-i.xi i»,.* italt*. fa m
Mi., hnll
U] A.IH A~*..JJW!W*r.
k UiHaim-.inumui.wj
Fernie Opera House -- Special Engagement
'■■.'" 1'1 ' ' * *** V
Fair Three   Nights
s Verna Felton and The      Pla
Opening with  the Great Comedy  Drama  Entitled,
An  Adaptation  of Miriam  Michelsor's  Novel   by That  Name
SEATS   ON   SALE   AT   SUDDABY'S   DRUG   &   BOOK   STORE.     PRICES,   25c,   50c,   75c
Arrive Fernie
No. 218 West    10.00
No.  214 Bast   17.55
No. 23G Local East     St. 12'
No. 235 Local West    H-.27
No. 7 West Flyer   10.40
No.  8 East Flyer  ..:  20.OS
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252 No. 251
C.55 FERNIE -> 11.05
7.13 HOSMER 10.40
7.25 OLSON 10.32
7.50 MICHEL 10.10
Arrives Spokane 8.30 p.m.
Arrives Seattle 10.15 a.m.
For sale—Mich .Cow, Apply to J.
Anderson, Cokato. ltp
Furnished boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. O.
box 213.
Ten Cows and a Bull for sale—M.
.Tully, Fernie Annex. 16-2tNP
Agent wanted ih Fernie for the Pion
Clothes Dryer for outdoors. Liberal
commission. AVrite L. Arsenault, Edmonton; Alta. 3130NP
Wanted:^Servant" girl for general
housework. For wages, etc., apply to
Mrs. Adolph, Baynes Lake post office
B .C      ,
For Sale:  House and 30 foot   lot.
Corner Jaffray St. and Chipman Ave.
Lawn   30x40,  other  improvements-* —
$400, easy terms. .   Apply L. Robert-
"^ha*wr~ATmex: ' —.—-■«—2 Up.
Furnished and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric light and bath. Apply B. S. care
Ledger. , 3tNP
For Sale:, Ten acres-^good laud covered with tamarnc and'cedar, close in.
el B. C.
Apply Ledger office, )P1
***-*********^^--. ■ ,u i    _  -i i   i     i •      r - - -■ -1
' Ahem, have you tasted Michel beer?
Isn't it good?
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone Cl,
For Sale: 2 horses, apply G. Morley,
Suddaby has opened n splendid toy
department In his basement.
You bet—the spot to buy furnituro
is at the Trites-Wood Co,
No place In town just llko it. Ing*
• rnm's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone Cl. ,
If you nre n particular smoker got
your smokes at Ingram's.
Don't forgot to ask for Michel beer
, —tho bost beer made,
If you wnnt tho best—cnll for Elk
Vnlloy boor.
When thirsty nothing but Mlchol
beer for ino.
Do you know that you can buy heating stoves from $2.75 up nt the Trites-
Wood Co., Ltd,
Do It now. Buy the range flU'-d
wth semi steel linings. Will stand <*00
degrees more heat than nny ordinary
oni'S, und you get It for lc"*s money at
the Trites-Wood Co,, Lid.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker's brands. They are
home product.
Theyare still selling window shades
from 30c up at ilie Trites-Wood Co.,
They do not give furniture away,
but they" sell it cheap at the Trites-
Wood Co.'Ltd.   '
Try a case'of Elk Valley, Bottled
beer. $2.50 per dozen delivered.
Phone 79.
First class board and accommodation at Fairclough's* Boarding house,
170—180 Coal Creek, opposite to football grounds,
Sowing Machines the best 'made
from $30.50 up. All ball bearing fitted
with automatic lift and fully, guaranteed for ten years at the Trites-Wood
Co. Ltd.     Come in and try one.
Beef,' mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41.
Elk Valley beer popularity known
as Michel, always on top at the lead-
Advertising space on the new drop
curtain in the Miners opera house is
now available. To arrange' for spec-
■al position see D. Rees, secretary, or
address box 361, Fernie.
A sample order of Elk Valley bottled beer will convince you of the superiority over all. others. $2.50 per'doz.
delivered at your door. Call up phone
79 and we will do the rest.
Manager wanted for Miners theatre,
one—w.ho^can^iun^m^ang_.pjclure ma*
chine preferred. Apply stating sal*;
ary and giving wages to D. Rees, Box
361 Fernie, B. C.
Furnished room with use of bath.
Victoria avenue, $8.00 per month.—
Apply Ledger.
Wanted: A good general servant..
Apply morning or evening to Mr?. E.
F. Ambery, corner Macphe-t-'Bon avenue and Jaffray slre'et..
For Sale:' Team horses, good strong
wagon and sleigh. For sale cheap.
Apply at corner opposite to P. Burns
stable. 2t20p
Two small houses and lot for sale,
good location. Plastered and water
Installed.' Easy terms. Apply J. S.
Gusty, care P. Burns'& Co. .*'   3t 20p
Private sale of furniture at ♦
Church of England    rectory, ♦
daily from 11 to 1; 2 to 4; and ♦
evenings 7 to 9. ♦
♦   *♦*♦*♦*•<«.♦♦♦   ^   ♦   A*.   +,
Local   News
Trades and Labor
A meet Ing of the Trades and Lnbor
Council will be held In the Miners
hall on Mondny nt 7,30 sharp. All delegates are re'iucsied to be sharp on
time so that business can be rushed
Sunday Services
Methodist church Sundny services.
Pastor I.ashley Hnll. Morning nt 11:
"Prospect nud Retrospect," Evening nt
7.1)0 VMfo's Work." These will bo
the Inst services held in tlio prosont
•■■iiipni-itry * structure. On Sundny,
November 28, the new church will be
opjeni'd by Rev, George Kerhy of Cnlgary. Full nuiiouncement next Issue.
The government estimates contain
$11,000 for an armory for Fernie, in
which to train men to shoot down the
strikers, etc.
And He Came Back
Billy Forsythe, he of the big smile
and ,glad hand, walked in this week
from1 his coal and gold claim's, looking
every inch a westerner of the first
degree, with a luxuriant crop of whiskers, which he has since parted with
for a handsome figure. His whiskers
speak well* for the climate where he
was sojourning—in fact they grow hair
on door knobs out there. ,
New Partner Admitted
Rumors of changes in the Free
Press have been common talk for
some time, but events took an unexpected turn this week, ^when John R.
Wallace, of the dollars and cents department, introduced a young man into the circle of magnates. However
the newest acquisition will not figure
seriously in the business for some
time, although atv present he figures
very, largely in the domestic circles at
the hearth of John R., who became the
proud'iather UTisi"we"ek~o'f"th"e~youngest-
newspaper man in town. The fond
parent claims that already his offspring shows signs of cutting teeth,
and that he is' bound to be a great
maii is foreshadowed by the strong
facial resemblance he • bears ' to his
father. ..Congratulations, .John—your
son sure has a worthy dad.
Oh, You Copper!
'Tis an old saying, ancl one generally
accepted as true, that clothes don't
make the man, but we^have also heard
that fine feathers make fine birds,
However, 'whether Chief of Police
Clerke looks better as such or as porter for Hotel Fernie is' still an open
question, However, he proved beyond
a doubt this week thnt he possesses
the bearing and other necessary qualifications to act In the dual capacity
in so far as head gear is concerned.
By a strange turn of fate his nibs the
king of coppers, In this muddy town
was caused to parade the streets with
the Imposing title of "Hotel Fornio"
on the front of his official'headgear,
whilo that, portion of his official toga
usually adorning his crock rested serenely In tho aforosnid hostelry. The
peace of tlie city wns not disturbed,
nnd nt. Inst, reports the greatest damage wns thnt. caused by a littlo mis-
plncod dignity,
Cousin Kate, In which Mias Joiine
Russell will be seen nt the Miners
union Ihentro on Tliiirsdny November
2fi, is the play which brought Miss
El hei Barrymore Into pronilnence as
a star, Miss Russell Is enrrying nn ox-
1 ^Lw WeW VLw Wm ^k\W WfWD WI -HP -W ^-W^-V *^ ** ^* ***
act duplicate (Of the scenic production
used at the Hudson Theatre, New York
ancl also has her own orchestra  for
musical features.    It will undoubtedly
be the most pretentious dramatic event
of the season. Arrangements have been
made to receive the full election returns by special wire.  ,
The program at the Fernie opera
house tonight will include some of the
best subjects'' ever shown here, 6000
feet of film will be shown including:
In the Golden Days; .Electric Hotel;
Dangerous Members of Bostocks circus; Elephants in India; Up to date
Burglar; Our Heritage; Constructing
a Battleship; Yale Sunday; The Eleventh Hour. .,    '
Miss Jeanne Russell, who will be
seen at the* Miners union theatre in
Cousin-Kate, should occupy a   warm
spot in the hearts of the Fernie people. At the time of our 'great fire her
Co. was playing in'Edmonton and Miss
Russell, anxious to do something for
the relief fund, donated her services,
her company, and her time, and at a
great deal of worry got up a huge
benefit concert which netted the handsome sum of $701, every penny of
which was turned over to Mayor McDougall, which was forwarded to the
relief committee. As this is her first
appearance here she,will no doubt be
given a royal welcome.
Crows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants
The   Store   of  Good Values
Agents-"Bell Pianos"
Sold on monthly payments
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
■»■»♦■♦♦♦»♦■» ♦^♦♦-•♦^-OH-fejl^
Horse Shoe Salmon
The Best Red Sockeye Salmon put up
in the world. Every can guaranteed:
It pays to buy 4he best,
■"     . *      ' - •
Pay   Cash   and  Just   Smile
W.J.  BLUNDELL     oive us.a. ca»
Your Last
To secure your share
of tlie surprising bargains at the big Removal Sale of
McBean & Waggett
Dry Goods
Ctothing -_
Boots and
For Saturday
Everything:      Reduced
for a few days longer
Wo'will havo a lull line of all Fresh
Fruits -on tlie market and in Men's g
Furnishings wo have an exeellcnt
stock bought especially for tho people, the Workingmen.
Suits made to your order, 14.50 to $28
Overcoats from 10 to $23
Opposite New Post Office ,
Phone  No. 70 §
To the Public on Wednesday. Nov,  17
Vote for
Beautifully Illustrated With
Scenes in and around Fernie
before and after the Big Fire
A Suitable Gift  to a  Friend
Only 50c for 116 Pages
John Harrington
On November 25tli.
Mail Orders witt receive our beat attention
Tlie Socialists9
A vote for Harrington is a vote
for the Workers.
mm —P*l Pl| JL
To The Electors
Concrete Fence Posts
7 foot long      - -      70c each
| Fernie Cartage & Construction Co. f
The Fernie Cartage & Construction Co.
beg to inform the citizens of Fernie
they are prepared to carry out all
classes of work. Heavy Draying,
Excavating, Building and Concreting a speciality. Estimates given on j
all Contract work. All work guar- I
anteed satisfactory. 1
O. N. ROSS, Sole Proprietor    |
Advertise in the District Ledger
. M
Trites-Wood Co., Ltd. \ I


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