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The District Ledger 1909-12-11

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*****B**a*e^iB^H-t-"**^r -u-t^^igahiaffltffia^M^
w^Jtta.'j.M^;*; tw'*. ^lA-ft-rf aJ
^t^'.—:^^^\I^'*aLi^ Jm
^ ,V/
Industrial Unity is.Strength.
The Official Organ of District No. IB, U. PI. W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
VCMU V.   No. 19
FERNIE,   B. C, December   litfe,   1909
$1.00 a IT ear,
, ...82.60
List, of percentages gained by the
candidates for pit hoss at examinations held at Frank, on November 3rd,
4th and 5th. *
Name and Address
George Kellock, Coleman
Jas. McKelvie, Hosmer*.
W.' R.   Foster,   Michel   .
George Rankin, Michel   .782.20
N.   Howells.  Michel   ..'.... "7.. .77.80
T. T, Moore", Ryemore *., 76.80
W. Slhoon,  Beelevue    76.20
Jas. Churchill; Frank   75.40
Thomas   Davies,   Frank , ...74.40
J. Prentice, Lille    '....ii..73,SO
WL Johnson, Taber   ...; ■ 71. SO
J. D. Thomas, Hosmer    C9.40
J..   M.   Stewart,   Fernie    67.60
.L  C.  Clark,'Blairmore '*. 66.00
A. Fox, Blairmore  . .* 66.00
John Bamling, Diamond City  ..G4.00
„   Failed
J. H. Oliphant, Beilevuc   .... ...5S.S0
J. P. Bushell, Coal Creek  ...'. .54.40
"*• »
Work, Fernie 	
Knox, Coal Creek
Editor'Ledger, 7 , .*,'_*
' Sir:—I hereby advise' you that application for transfer*of liquor license
held by me in respect to the Royal
Hotel, Fernie, B.-'-C, to John Podbiel-
ancik, dated "May 14th,, 1909, as published In the Fernie Free Press, dated
November 6, "1909, is null and void, as
conditions of agreement 'concerning
said transfer were not complied with.
This ■ application of transfer was published without my knowledge or consent, o    *     ,
„ per C W.   Davey.
Without Doubt One of   The Best Concerts Given
Fernie in a Long Time-Local Talent a Winner
All the Time-Little Folks do  Fine
•• President Powell and Organizer T
James left this week for Regina lo see'
the.cabinet there in regard to ihe
much needed Compensation Act. As
slated in last week's issue there does
not exist any compensation act in
that province at present,.and as members of the cabinet for Saskatchewan
previously pledged themselves to the
late President Sherman on ihe Act,
the present officers are trying to enforce that pledge. President Powell
spoke very* optimistically about the
outcome of their journey, and we feel
| sure that if at all possible these offi-
1 cers will be able to arrange a satisfactory Compensation Act with the Cabinet ministers.
S. 11. Work. Fernie   SG.8G
T. K. Knox, Coal Creek .: S6.57
,W.'"Maxwell, Pincher Creek  ...86.14
L. C. Stevens, Coal Creek : 84.SG
W. A. Davidson, Coleman .......83.14
John Shanks,  Michel    SO.57
H. S. Thain, Royal* View  80.43
■ 13. l7 Thome, Hosmer' 7-.79.57
0 Jas.''Darby shire, Bellevue  77,71
J. R. McDonald, Lille   77.14
James Crowder, Coleman  ..... .70.71
Sam Shone, Coleman   ,.76.00
R., H. Watson, ■' Diamond .City   ..71.57
L. E. Drummond, Hosmer  -.69.00
' A-.-W, Macdonald, Diamond City .65.43
R.,.I. Lee,o Grassy Lake  ... .59.14
"Thos.  A. -Spruston, .Michel, 57.71
JMir^rorrisT^TTilicresL-   ; mEjdtSo-
' A. McCulIoch, Lundbreck  .v 42 86
Fire Bosses
H..S. Kirkberg, Michel/'. 87.-25
.Thomas   Mather,  Taber   .\. 85.50
L. Parker, Maple Leaf" ,...83.75
. J. A. McDonald, Lille   82.50
II. Gatiss, Long Coulee  .77.00
A*. J. P. Smith, Lundbreck .. .73,50
-  G. Pickering, .Taber.-. 7 '..70.25
T. Tomson, Coleman    70.25
N, McDonald,  Frank' ..,.70.,90
W. R, Kerr, Coleman   67.25
Isaac Hutton, Frank    64.25
S. J. Barnes, Coal Creek  .... ..64.25
.D.  I.nmont,  Frank    64.25
II. Evans, Taber   ,...01.50
I " i-
' The Crows Nest Hockey League was
formed yesterday. W. II. Ross M. P. P.
and W. B. Buchanan M.P.P., were elected as patrons. O. E. S. Whitesides
President and O, Doberhoimer of Fernie, secretary. The first game will
be played on January lst between Fernie and' Moj'ie, and as Moyie has a
strong team it is up to the Fernie boys
to turn out and practice hard. The
league consists of Moyie, Fernie, Cole-
man and Lethbridge. "We trust that
the rink management will realize what
an important asset the hockey team Is
to the rink and the city, aud meet the
boys in a reasonable way, so that they
can get- the use of the rink often for
practices. This city supported baseball very liberally last summer and
now it is, right that hockey-should receive some backing.-
, .60.50
\V. McDonald. Royal View
Harry White, Frank   ....
Thos, Owen, Michel  	
11,   Sims,   Taber   	
John Scott, Diamond City
A. M. Queen, Lothbrldgo   45.00
P, Reid, Lillo, fiuit* after second paper.
Patron of Hockey League
The   Pixies   were immense.     The
whole production was wonderful when
you stop to consider, that the author
and trainer Mr. Milne, had only nine
days to work in.     It was one of the
best treats of a local character that
we have witnessed.     While it is perhaps unfair to„inention any names in
particular we cannot refrain from doing so.      Mrs. G. F. Stevenson    was
particularly   entrancing as   Prince of
the Pixies.     Miss Skilling as Angelica
was  grand,   Miss  Reading  as  Cholly
was superb, arid Mrs. Waterhouse as
Queen Titania was good.     In the fairies Little Clara Cody was superb and
never made a hitch through the entire
performance.     Dora Smith as Tiddle-
w'inks  was also  very    good. ,   Edith
Biggs sang a* song entitled "I    Can't
Forget you Honey' very sweetly; and
for* a youngster thc rendering was   a
marvel.     Aliss Olive Pearson made a
hit. with a song ,?The  Toy Monkey"
and was encored warmly;  she has a
lovely voice.  -- The Pixies were very
amusing in their varied costumes and
all   acted   admirably.      Miss   C    I.
Alexander presided at the piano and
played in her usual talented manner'.
The Fairy Host looked beautiful as
the curtain went up on the. first act.
Tlie stage effect was grand, and W.
A. Milno is certainly to be congratulated on the successful entertainment
that he provided at so  short notice.
It  is .marvelous   when  you   think  of
it.     Tho'Ladies Benevolent society is
venture, '  The Japanese Maidens and
the  Amazon  Guards,  composed*     of
Ferine's beautiful young ladies were
features of Hie entertainment, and  a
great  many  words  of  praise     were
heard about the able way in which the
two drills wero carried out. The following Is the program;
Prince Florimel, ruler of the Pixies,
Mrs. G, F. Stevenson.
Queen Titania, Goddess of Flowers
Mrs, J. N. Waterhouse.
Angelica, The .Fairy Exquisite, Miss
Annie Skilling.
Cholly Chrysanthemum, the   Dude:
Miss Sybil Reading.
The Pixies
'' finl'.or:  Albert  McBenn
tepllceman: Ronald Stewart
Major:  William Tully
Dutchman:   Murray  McLeod
Jew: Robert Minton
Canadian: Clifford Robertson.
Chinaman: William Skilling -
Chloe: Albert Dicken
'Mand:y:   Albert  Howbrook,
The Brownies:
Harry' Gallier
Wilfrpd   Biggs " "
Franklin Bonnell
Bert Vance '
Harvey Wallace ,<■
Henry  Johnson
Thomas Minton  "
Roland   Commons    ,
Arthur* Woodhouse
The Goblins
Alban the chief Goblin: Harold McFarquhar '
,   Vitr:  Hugh McLachlan
Litr:   Alfred  Munkwitz
File':  Cyril Glover
Kile:  Hubert Broley "
■ ,Bivor:  George Linn
Bavor:   Ernest  Westby
Grunt:   Mervin Buckley '
The Amazon Guards: A Drill:
'■Mesdames Sherwood Herchmer ;
' Harry' Depew
-L. A. Dack
W. M. Elley
The Misses Macil Stewart
■Muriel Whimster
Emily Pini
-Leslie Shaw
Lettie Shaw .   ■      -
Olive ,Pearson
Etta Kirkpatrick ' ;   *. -' '
Edith Rankin"
Th'e Japanese Maidens:
Maude Pearson
ael, Amy Wilde, Esther Volland, Evelyn Biggs, Rheta Hamilton, Lulu Giddings, Laurean Buckley, Ruth Wood,
Mildred McBean, May Xowrick, Nellie
Murphy, Edith Biggs, Hazel Marau
Clark, Clara Cody, Mary, Liphardt,*
May Carlson, Nellie Bcbb, Jean Cor-
san, Constance Bonnell, Estelle Mutz,
Evelyn Wood, Phyllis Mutz, Josephine
Mutz, Lilian Clark, Dorothy 'Williams,
Annie Williams, Hilda Newrick, Olive
Goold, Mary Alice Cole, Winnifred
Cole, Lily Abbey, Hilda Wilde, Phyllis
Chambers, Olga Follett, Marion Westby, Eva Young, Mary Dragon, Anna
Barrett, Olive Hood, Annabel Mills,
Gertie  Stewart.
Butterflies:    Hilda .Newrick,    Elsie
Wilson, Eunice Gliclden, Hilda Wilde.
STOP 3Y  THE  AUTHOR1-      *
TIES     ,"
In Fernie district in East Kootenay
attorney general Bowser has an understudy who has served the Crows Nest.
Pass Coal Company in the legislature
for two terms. He is known as Ballot-box Bill, by winning his first election through the ballot boxes disappearing, so that a recount* of the ballots could not be made before a county court judge,", The Labor men* of
the district could easily defeat him—
for he is no good.—Fort George Tribune.
Wm. Ingram has just installed a!
■very neat and compact lunch counter |
fixture in the pool room of his prom- • eral of Mrs
The news of the-death of Mrs. F.
Handley, beloved wife of Fred Hand-
ley, came as a shock to- the many
friends! ot Mr. and'Mrs. Handley in the
city yesterday. Mrs, Handley was
only sick for a short time, suffering
from pneumonia, and nothing seriGiis
was anticipated. ' However, yesterday-morning the* news went around
that she had expired, and the many
friends that she had made in the city
were greatly shocked at her demise.
i ii
The funeral will be*held tomorrow afternoon, under the auspices of the
Oddfellows lodge, of which order Mr.
Handley was a member. The Ledger
joins in expressions of sympathy for
the husband and family!1 The members of the llebekah lodge are urgont-
ly requested to meet at the K. P. hall
at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon,
the purpose of attending tho fun-
Handley, .who was a sis-
BUTTE, Mont., Dec. 10.—After dancing continuously for H hours and 41
minutes without nourishment, three of
the 53 couples that started last night
. « *
in  a  Marathon  waltz contest  to see
which pair could * waltz the longest
were stopped today by Mayor Charles
11. Nevln on the advice of physicians.
Six of the women contestants at the
end of several hours were taken to a
hospital, one suffering,from a ruptured blood vessel, and another from a '
muscular paralysis. Several ot,her female contestant's were exhausted nhv-
sically and all by three pairs had
ceased waltzing before officers interfered. These women presented a
fearful sight during the last, few hours
of ihe dancing, their bloodshot eyes
and bodies swaying, their male companions hardly being able to keep their
Nearly 500 spectators crowded the
hall where the contest was taking
Alice Tyldsley
Irene   Smith
Wilma' Hicks - " -
Jennie Cody      :   .■'*-.
Cassie  Cody
Leota Pollock
Rheta Todd
Grace Dudley
Laura Dudley
Olive Pearson
Prince Florimei's Page: Helen Herchmer. '
The Fairies:
Sunshine, the Stolen One: Elizabeth
Kathleen  Herchmer *
Tinymlte:  Clara Cody.
Tlddlewinks: Dora Smith
Rosebud: Edith Biggs
Daffodil:  Retn Hamilton
Buttercup: Nellie Beub
The  Fairy Host
Francis Carlson, Elolse Wilson, Doris Smith. Phyllis Hughes, Lilian Car-
tor, Mary Atulnlft, Mnrjorlo Carmlch*
ises. He will have cold lunches on
tea,' coffee, bovril, arid such. This
will come in handy during the co'd
weather -especially, and Mr. Ingram
is to be* congratulated on*his' enterprise. He now has one of the finest
all round sporting places in the country, having the pool, billiard and the
bowling alleys, and overy convenience
for his many patrons.
Toddy Roosevelt, is no longer the
noted huntsmen thnt he was. In Fernie we have a mnn who has him backed right out of Africa as far as getting the game is concerned. His name
Is Tishhouse, and the way he slaughters deer makes Toddy and his rhinoceros look like fifteen cents three
quarters spent. Ed says he cannot
help killing tho deer as they run right
Into.him and he merely does it as a
matter of self defence. He got nnotlior
five pronged beauty on Thursday last.
ter of the Rebekah degree. • The de* ,
nie lodge who has been called away,
and the 'members of the order . feel
deeply the loss!
.Mrs. A. M. Thompson
' The many.friends in the city of Mrs.
A. M. Thompson received the news of
her untimely demise with sincere and
heartfelt sympathy. Mrs. Thompson
was formerly Miss Ebbs of Nelson,
and came to this city only a few
months ago as the bride of Mr, A, M.
Thompson.- Her last illness was of a
particularly distressing nature, being
neuralgia of the jnw. Despite all that,
kind nursing and medical skill could
do she passed nwny on Monday morning, A sad coincidence is that tho
husband is now in Fernie hospllal suffering with a serious Injury to his
foot, Mr. Thompson has the sympathy
of the entire community In his mid
or not,
Tlie skating rink' is 'now running-
nicely, and as there is a nice sheet of
ice all lovers of skating should very
liberally patronize the rink. . It is
the intention of the management to
immediately instal a large electric organ to supply music for the skaters.
This organ is' all .the rage in the large
cities at present and will be very
welcome here, as skating" without ran-,
sic is like'a, Gaiician wedding in Winnipeg without a murder. The electric
■Qxsamenders  the same "music ' as  a
]- piece orchestra. The rink management have made the season tickets
very reasonable' this winter, aud all
inltMling siuiters' -should buy* a season
ticket' to help the good work, along.
The charge is gents $5; ladies $3, ehil-.
dren $2.
"Progressive   Fernie"   As Viewed  by  Others
"ProgroBslvo Fernio" is tho titlo of
n handsome souvenir booklet of the
II. C. mining city. Tho objoct. In to
demonstrate how quickly nnd thoroughly the place hns arisen from tho
(ikIiob of tlio firo of August I. 1S-08,
whon Fornio was practically wiped
out, Hut uh the Introduction points
out, "thoro woro no quit torn; no migration not In for more promising
Holds, ♦ * * * The ncqillHltloii of the
waterworks nud tlin olectrlc llfilit Ryu-
torn by tho city, entailing nn expenditure ultima!illy of $150,000, shows un-
mlHlukubly tho trend of public opinion, nnd tho confldonco which tho ratepayers an n wholo have In the fului'o
of Foi nlo-tho city of lionu-fl, Dw Pitts-
hui'K of Ciiuiuhi, tho IndiiHtrlnl booli'vol ver World
of r.outhonmorii llrlilsh Columbia.'
Tho booklet, which contnliiH ovor
100 largo sized |>u^oh, Ih In Itself "u
tribute to tho Importance* of iho city
nud of groin crodli to the publishers,
"Tlin DlHtrlct Lodger." A glance ovor
Iho nilvcrtlHliiK features will ho a ro-
>.!..'!: n   tn   t'i"   T'^vii'ii   (>n«t(>vnor—-
Toronto World,
•   *   *
Wo hnvo roeclvcil a copy of n hook-
lot   (loncrlbliiK   Fornio,   II.   C      Thin
progronnlvo town of the Crow'H Nest
,n„„i,.i. ino risen ranbllv from    Dw
liimbln Bhould sond for a copy.—Commercial, (Winnipeg.)
• * *
From lho offlco of tho Fornio Lodger conies nn nt tract Ivo booklet' Pro-
gicbslvti Ferule, which tells the story
of llio wonderful recovery of thb Pittsburg of Canndn. the IndiiHtrlnl beehive
of sotith-oastorn llrltlHh Columbln,
from tlio hnvoc wrought by tho flro of
lust year, Hod flnmoH form tho background of lho cover (IohIkii and In tho
forol'ionl, In green loiters are tho
wordH, "I'rogresHlvo Fernie," Tho
bonk Ih profum-ly nnd tiiBlel'ully IIIuh-
i nit oil. "I'i'oki'ohhIvo Fornio" Hhould
foal tlin flroH of local prldo mid patriot Ihiu In BrlllHli Coliinihlii.—Viincoti-
• • *
Progri'HKlvo Pernio, a picture book
lHKiied by tho Dlntrlct Lodger, rooordH
In descriptive iirtlck'H wllh nnnioroiiH
illiiHirutloiiH, tlio story of n your, Aug.
1, 1H08, to Aug. 1. moil, In tho lifo of
the tou»*n of l-Vrnl-**, 11. C. Thai eventful venr boKiin with llio groat flro, tho
hires to which attention Is cnllod mo
tho "Hplrlt of Uio wohI," "burned out
AugiiHt I—doing buslncRR August -1";
"tho acquisition of tho waterworks
nnd tho electric light. Bystom by Iho
city, tho wntnnvorkH lindorliikliip Involving tho piping of water from Fnlry
Crock whoro an lmmonno proHHiiro por
innh Ih available from a stream iih
puro im cryHtnl, undefllod by clvllan-
tion"; and tho Inauguration of a civic
lighting and power plant. In a pro-
factory nrtlelo on "The city Hint grow
in n year," Fornio Ih Hlyled Iho city of
hoinoB, the PlttHburg of Canada, the
IlidtlHti'lnl beehive of HOUtliwoHtorii llrl-
iihIi Columbia. NiimeroiiH phot ok are
iirprodiiood showing the nil mi after
llio flro, lho hIIo dotted ovor wiih rollof lentH, nnd viirloim portloiiH of tho
city in hiiccohhIvo hiiikoh of Iih hiiIi-
Hoquout your uf pnmrcHH, .The ronl
Industry  Ih Illustrated  with lllustrat-
iRRiiod a magnificent illustrated book-
lot entitled Progressive Fernio, which
should bo In everyone's hands, As a
souvenir of the terrible flro Unit wiped out. tho Conl City last, year, as a
souvenir of whrii has boon done since
the dlHiiHtrouH conflugriillon to mako
Fernio tho flnosl town In lho Interior
It Ih unique, niul orders for this charming publication will bo welcomed nl
Iho offlco of tho Boundary Creek
TlmoB.*—(iri-enwooil Times, '
• * *
A finely Ilium rated book entitled
I roijri'Hslve Ferule Iiiih jiiHt been Is-
Hiied from lho office of the Fornio
l.edgoi', It gives a well written hlHlory
iof tlie rapid i'Iho of tlm flotirlslilriK
lltlli) eliy, of llio grout etitiiHtiopIn;
thai swept II off the fnco of tlio
oni'ili n Hllh' OM'i'.ii your ago, and of
lis Kwlfi leMiiTeriloii In a boiler and
Hliihler form tluni ever,     A vory In-
gothcr tho work Ih n credit to Pernio, j booklet published by The Fertile Dls-pio doubt  provo very valuable  iik    n
a  credit  to the  Lodger and  a' most | trict Ledger, lt coininomomtcH      tho j menus of advertising the ailvniitnges
Ions of Cruil Creek, of mlno trains, nf •toroKilnif doHcrlptlon Ih iiIho given of
i * ,
loading  operuiloiiH,   and  ninny   port-, tho conl mlnos, Pcrnld'H chief ludimtry.
rnilH nro given of nionihont of staffs'Thn publication Is a highly credllable
of dlfforont IndiiHtrloH, iiIho of mom- j ono to tho Lodger and a vnlunblo ad-
thrilling details of which nro still ro-iborH of tlio city council, bourn oi tnuicicwuiviiH-ii, mi  un; imm,- iwn-nn n*
cnllod wiih u shudder Uii*ouiihuu( Dw
Dominion, Tlio hook relates how In
ihnt i,hoit time, shoru-iiwl tor hulldiiiR:
opci'iiiionii mill moro by a lung winter
of almost unprecedented severity and
dlHiistrons flro of more thnn n yenr
ngo, Tho booklet Is tho work of tho
District Ledger of Fornio, mid tho publishers desorvo great credit for turning out such work, it contains splendid illustrntloiiH of Hie town .it the
time of'•tho fire nnd today, nlno cum of
buildings, pcenery, lendinu i-itUi-nt*.,
aw, A detailed ncrount Is Riven of
Uio IridtmtJlfcs of Pernio iuul the opportunities offering there. Anyone
Intcrosted In that part of British Co
condition in which It wiih left hy tho .snow-full, iilmoM tin* u»l tiii-iimito hi
former greatness nud Importnnco hnd
been regained. Tho object of tho
publication Is. however, not merely
hlstorlcnl*. It undeitiikoH to cnumeinto
nnd deal In detail with Hie oiilstniiil-
Ihk "fcfttuvoii wlil'-h hnvfi helpoil to
mnko Penile n city of unquestioned
Inipoituiico uiu! 'iiuudliiK In iioufhwesf-
em llrltlsh Columbia; nm) to show
thnt this city undoubtedly poRscsseii
ndvnntnijoH ns n mnntifnetiirlng nnd
distributing centre. Anion*? the   tm-
fooUiivii,;,tii .iiui uJi'h.i   > iii!.*>, i/!, -'.
lending hunker*-*, clergymen, officers of I k   k   k
commercial conipanleo, triwlow and In-'    Progressive  Ferule   Is  iho  title of
bor council, Brotherhood of Carpcnt-'nn elaborate ami very 'nil met Ive bro-
ci'H, staff of hospital, etc, reslilonceHjchuro of about one hundred pages, do-
111 plliliiiliilil cili/.l-iir., »i» i mm urn,, m niiiiii:  in   j'vii.i*.*   ....*.<   i*.,*,   i., !<....*,.>-.!
other buildings In courso of election, environments, Tho work Is from tin
Altogether tho publication gives a
most favorable impression of tho pluck
nnd onlorprlso of the "city thnt rose
from n bnrron tract of lnnd to Uio
sfnMi.i of n tlirlvliu' Industrial centre
In ton short yenrs; a city that wns to-
tftlly denfroyeil by fire, ntul In nnoihei-
tucho tnonUiH hud put on nil Its former Importance and notlvlty.—Whinl-
pt-K Free Tress.
Thc District Ledger of Komi***!, hns
creditable losilmoulnl to tho llvo and | demruetlvo
wlde-nwnke  eltlr-onship  of  Uio  town,
—Hosmer Times,
* •   +
The Hpoclnl number of The Fornie
Lodger has Juki come to ham!, It. Is a
most compi'i-liuiiKlvo book and It Ih
brightened by many bountiful Illustrations. The Lodger Is to bo complimented on the splendid work.—Coloniiin
• *   *
Wo have received a copy of a hand-
hoiiio booklol oiilltled Progressive For.
nlo, pi|h!lHhod by lho Dlsirlcl Ledger,
In "the Pittsburg of (''Hindu," It contains a iloliiilwl ivport nl' Hn. awiul
fire llnu wiped the oily out. of ex-
iMfiice over:; year ago, and lio.v It h;\,.
rinon I'i oui the ash,.-?, In a hctii'i' rutu-
hioreliil condition thnn over before,
The booklet besides conliiiiiing much
valuable Information In n work of art,
nud a grout erodll in Hie offlco It Ik
published   from,   In   wl-np,   write-up,
ill.If.t.     !.(;,        iHll.        ,!,,.,!      t.,1        t ,     ,        (V,.* >.. ....
lii • i j.'nibii tlrm" Hi:.' \m" nu-' fi'iv i-'-i-
in   western   ('iinndii,*  KiimIo    Kenton*
fire of August, lililS, and of Fornie as a manufiu-tiirlng centre,
tho vomarkithlo progress tho town has No better titlo for lho piibllcntiun
innde. since then In icbulhllng. A,could have been holwtcd than "I'io-
facy siory of the flro Ih given, with' (?i*ohhIvo Pernio," as Uh clii/.enH have
many good UluHiriiUonn, and lho work j proved themselves to be progrcssm-,
of restoration Ik a credli not only to;lo>al and optimistic, nnd uio looking
Ferule bill to thn wholo of Cuiuulii.- - lor gmii things iu iIn- l'iiiiiro.--Si'll»lil»
Toronto Globe. " j Record.
itr   *   * Mine you hoi n ,i inpy of Progress-
Pi'ogresslvo Ferule Ih out at last, li  Ive   Fernio,   ihe   hookl'-i   jusi   im-.twd
In a really eredlialili- production nud [ from the offlco of Hn* lilsiiict Ledger',*
well  wonh  the  fifty cents.---  Michel'No?    Well, hen.- It  Ih, Shouldn't  call
:'*,   "!• i
press of (ho Pernio District Ledger,
und tt is by m menus extravagant to
sny that from a typogrnphlcnl viewpoint.   It   could scarcely have   been
k   k   it
Editor l.eiluor:
Ileal   Sll :   1   beg  III  lie.■IKi*.'. ledge   Hie
receipt of your nolo of Ihe *.':inl lum,
:,tilling Urn* you hnv ferv,;u-.:-*.| n
■ •oiiipllmi'litniy    inpy    uf      Pi-iiL'fe.shlve
Penile* The liiinklei lias urrlveil, anil
I, shnll have plenum** lu milling    Uio
Sllllle   IO   111''   lib'!*,   nf   l)ie   f|o|ini't|||.'|it
The pamphlet more Hum dttrn en-illr
lo Hie city of Penile and lo yourself
Ar.\ i\Nn
*   ■*
editor of tlio
f . . ii, ,
Review Is In ro
,..„, ,.    ' , , ,,   r.t   ,
lidoli, just published hy die 1-Yrnlc
DUirlct Ledgor, ll coimlHts of Hfi
pageH, beautifully Ilium ruled whh
bnlf (one cuts. Typographically ft Is
nbo n Work of art mul reflootH great
exrelled In nnv of Hie Inrger metro-1 credit  on  the enterprising firm  who
r   a
k k k
The   Record   has   l'e< e|\ei|   f| (lilt   111''
office of Hie  Dlslrlei   Ledivr,  Ferule,
II.   C,   ll   copy   oliUtlod,     '■Pniiri.'SslV"
f      .  I     • 'IM I ,,. M. i      .1,,       ,   . ,  ,
one hundred  well prlm>-d |ing.*i!. ami
Is   II   fine   hl'.eeiniell   of   tvpogiaphii al
It a booklet UioiimIi, should they? It
I- a work of arl, a volume of hlsiorleul
nlerohi  nml Hn- best   lllnt-nati .| nml
1IMIHI   Up   Id   dale   I'tllde   honk   We   Ilii*,*'
Iuul the |i!>-,'imij.- ut *-ee|iu', for uiiiny
n day, nil In om*, nml ii Is n iieilll to
•ill I rine.'l-lieil In |i>* l>|-iii|i|i*llii|i. im
,'ldveltl«illi!' vnluo to Penile foes without hiiying, I I.i en limiting ui .-.mi, F<-|.
ilie. My the way if UiIh is your bleu
of ii lionldei kliiilly not If v iih In ml-
vnilco shoulil you e\er Heml iik ii bunk
und we'll have mir oifice door i-iilurg-
I        ',-■ I      .*   I-,. Tl,.    ..
+   **•   *
1    Progrei'slvi' Pernio In the HUe of nu
, Illustrator! book received by the Mme
jetiiry Tiiiioi:,      li   is biiiily    n  year
, since pernio was nlmoM wiped out by
* fin.     Iln*    \r\"i    III    miiTlKIIV    Ill-Ill"    esti.
: ui.'iii'd ut J.'i.o'JO.oou, mul since ihcn
' ihe entire io-ah hns Ih-i-ii rebuilt mid a
pollian citlcH. The book Ih replete
with liiiinlre/lK of' nrliMilc rroiiplniis.
nud indlildiial poi'lnilluics, togeHioi-
wltli n large number of scenic views
nnd Illustrations of tho varied Indus*
tiles  of   proKrchslvu   Pernio.      Alto
puMiKlt II.     It Is selling for r>o els.,
nnd  would  bo cheap  nt   double  thai
price,- CreMon   Hevh-w,
•   •   *
I'lOglohhlve pet Ilie It*. II HUe Well (Je
Hi'f\cd   inn!   worn   by   an   Illustrated
mt. Tho doHcrli-ilv.* matter contains, wiili'i-works ami electric i-yMem nc-
liiteroKtliiK iirllili-s on Un* hh-hi peo-'ipilreil i-tt u umi of $l."»o,ooo. The cliy's
nlo fire of August I,, Hn- con! In-j chief linliiHiry in conl niliilug nnd (lie
diiKtry,  (lie board of trnde, ho*.p|t:il,jf'ict ihnl tie" flro did uot perninneiitly
ct(.       lt   Is   prufll.'-cly   lllll' tllileil   \M'li,i|rC.e Joint;  in*,ii>   Iiiiui  tlle i*U>   ih IIIII-
over 'Mtt fine hnlf tun.- > i1'.*i!i\iiH's of'pje proof of Hi>-lr fujtla In ll as a (hrlv-
He- public bulldlm..**1, cent mtlle^, ol ' tw Imtutitnal reture. The Views nf
mciiih  of  the  fire,'  nsldi -wi"*,    and; present   daj,   Penile  r-f-i titllily  einplin-
pll.lllllii'tlt    IIHII   Of   IVllile,   The   win I;   sl/«- Un- fill t   (.f Stil t Ollilllg   I'iOiJ|K*ri( >*.
It  n  credit   to  Hie  pliblNlielh  Dili!   will   — Mlill.-till v  Time**..
I -*J*ltrf», PAGE TWO
Address all matter for this page to "Proletarian" District Ledger
(Cotton's Weekly)
The socialists are.often blamed because it is thought that under the socialist system manual labor alone will
be paid. The opponent of socialism
indignantly asks 'What about brains?
Should they ont be rewarded?" Certainly they should. There is not a
socialist but holds that useful brain
work should be rewarded equally with
useful physical labor. But useless
brain work certainly will not be rewarded. ' ,,
The average man earning his livelihood by his brain feels thai under socialism his work will not be rewarded. He opposes socialism because he
instinctively feels that his brain work
would be laughed at. The average intellectual worker is right in his opinion. .,* ■ ' '
Did you ever stop to think how useless under a sane system the work of
ibe' majority of the present intellectuals would be? The lawyer no doubt
considers himself an intellectual wor*
ker, whose works, not sufficiently remunerated now, would be less remunerated under socialism'.* The principal occupation ot* the advocate is to
prosecute or to defend criminals and
to participate in fights over property
rights under a system of private property. Under the socialist system
7he occupation*of the advocate will be
practically abolished.
Crimes are committed by men who
endeavor to acquire private property
(by illegal means. When the system
of private property -in the means of
production has. been abolished, ami
the necessities of life are at the command of all, crimes will cease and
lawyers will no longer be necessary
for the prosecution or the defence of
_\Vhen private property in all the
means of production shall have bean
' abolished, litigation over* the proprietorship of farms and of stocks and of
bonds and interest and rents will all
cease. The lawyer, will no longer
have private property fights in which
The Toronto Globe heads its article j it*     It never occurred to him that ca
on the opening o fparliameiu-,wit.h*the j pital punishment perhaps'might be a
"to particfpafe, and his professioiTwill
be abolished. Under Socialism useful
brain labor will be rewarded-but parasitic* brain work will get no reward
and the lawyer will have to turn his
•activities to some other line of en*
The notary lives by' the investigat*
ion and transfer of titled deeds to property from' one private individual to
another. When property rights havo
been socialized, the occupatlon-of the
notary will have disappeared. The advertising agent and artist who bend
their energies to devising attractive
ads for private concerns no doubt, consider that their work Is highly Intellectual and should bo rowardod. Wheu
these private concerns have been, socialized tho advertising agent and nrl-
ist will find that tliolr occupation Is
gone. In the snmo manner the civil
and criminal Judge, the demoglc politician, the stock broker, the real estate agent, Hie commission merchant
and a wholo host of brain workers in
lines of work which now bring incomes to thoso engaged In thoiu, will
find thoir occupations gone.
The  useful brain  workers  will  no
doubt be rewarded   undor socialism.
The useful brain workers have nothing
to four, The architects, the sniilliiry Inspectors, the Investigators on tlio ox-
porlmenlal I'linns, lho Inventors,   the
train despalchurs, the surveyors, Hie
geologists, and all  those engaged  In j
(Uncovering tlio secrets of nnt uro nud j
apply Ing their discoveries m satisfy-,
Ing the needs of huiiianliy will occupy
a fiir higher position in public opinion
Hum  Uioy do at  prcKont,
I'ndor soclnlism die useful brain
workorH will ho rowardod. On
(ho other Imml the useless bruin work-
cm who now stand so prominently In
Hie public eye Will  find  lliolr (icotipiU-
Inns gone,
These nieii will have an equal opportunity with oUii'i's to euru Hiolr daily
These  mon,
following, "The Rulers of Canadii take
up theii Tasks Again." The Globe is
mistaken. The members of Parliament
do not rule Canada. They are but
the monkeys with whose paws the capitalist cats pull their dividend chestnuts out of the fire.
* * *
The machine renders Socialism necessary.
' *   *    *
Frederick Engels declared that the
revolution would be a change from the
government of persons to the administration of things.
* *  *
The great mass of men and women
wonder why they are poor and the
politicians and financiers let them go
on wondering.
« * ii-
It takes as much brains to run-an
engine as it does lo be an advocate or
a doctor. But the narrow minded doctors and advocates look down on the
engine    drivers *as  socially    beneath
* *   *
The bourgeois capitalist cannot understand socialism. Of course he cannot, .lust as thc average man cannot
imagine death or annihilation just, so
the* average bourgeois capitalist cannot understand his own abolishment.
#      >H       ifr
Modern* society is so organized' that
the men who, do useful, work 99 times
out of a hundred shall live in misery.
Socialism will be an organization of
society, under which the useful work-'
ers shall have the full enjoyment of
the results of their toll.
*   *   *
The capitalists are not united., If
they were there would be little hope
for a change for the better in the
immediate .future. But the,capitalists are snarling over the division of
the * spoils. They are fighting each
other like wolves over carrion. Every
now and again a big capitalist goes
under and the fight among the remaining numbers becomes all the fiercer
huge injustice, that criminals are the
victims of society and not its destroyers, That commercial traveller reminded me of that much belauded R.
L. Borden. It never occurred to Borden
that perhaps capitalism is a huge injustice upon humanity, that the capitalist should be gently but firmly put
to work, and his power given to the
democratic organizations of the workers. Borden'can only get as far as
to discuss whether capitalists should
be allowed the privilege of support out
of stolen funds -, instead of private
graft. In other words government ownership by purchase.      »
Steam heated throughout.
Hot and cold Baths.
Th6 King Edward
Fernie's   Leading' Commercial  Hotel
Rates' $2.50 and upwards.
for "the added bones which are to be
i(t       •+        *n
Premier Briand of France made a
wild' onslaught on "the proposal to
adopt proportional representation in
France. The French socialists are for
the measure, The caltalist press hails
Briand as a conservative socialist,
which means that he has deserted his
party and is going to stand by capitalism: The French • chamber voted
to have Briand's speech placarded in
all parts pf Franco at a cost of six
thousand dollars, " „
In end by useful work
however, do not like iln* ihoiigln of
hiiiieiiderliiK Hie poHlHons which limy
now occupy.     (.'onseiiueiitly ihey do-
\'„\,-   Mil Ulllslll,   llllhl-epleiMllt    It,      .(ill!
lin-ii-iiil Hint MDflullhni Is a doctrine
of violence, of bloodshed, and of envy
nml of hiiired on (he part of tho un-
Whilo the Dominion Steel company
works its men 12 hours a day and 24
hours at, u stretch, while lho men on
tlui'G.-T. P. tire plundered.of their
potty wages by crooks and, sharps,
while mon are evicted from thoir poor
homes for refusing to work for the
conl company ut Glace liny, while as
avaricious a group of national plunderers nro squeezing tho lifo blood
out of Canndlan workers, talk not to
mo of tho liberty of Cnnudiaii subjects,
The boasted llrltlsh liberty is a lie and
a sham,
i|i      i|i      if
The Lemloux act was hulled as a
wonderful Instrument for tlio prevention of sirlkes, A strike has boon
going on for months at Capo Breton
und the Lnbor Minister does not go
nonr. Thi) men are divided and the
bosses can gel. scab Canadian labor,
Therefore iho Minister of Labor
'•|-iil!.*4 nuf of Hu- way. It' Ibe mine
owners wi*>i*o tie'd up completely In
their lul'iir ihlevlng operations lho labor minister would bo hiking to Hlace
Hay (o "conciliate' (ho workors back
to tbelr slavery. The lnbor ministry
Is a cnpllnllHl dodge lo proleci dividends,
*     41     ie
I lieiinl a commercial traveller dis-
, oiii.slng In a country liolel Hie r.ubjecl
i fit' life  Iliipi'lHOIIIUeul,  lie llllll  Htl'UI'k II
ilinmi! new bleu all bis own and ll was
j this, lie belli*',eil iliiii whoa a man
| wns condoiinioil in prison for life lie
; should he given lho privilege ol ebons
i Ing capital punishment Instead. The
! iniM'ller wits very proud of his Idea
'ami proceeded m unfold II and amplify
, Under capitalism the only reason for
a workingman to exist is to have, profits ground out of him.
* * * *
' Public ownership is only half the
programme of Socialism. The other
and more Important half is working
class ownership of the government of
the land.
* * * *,      -   •
If- the good of humanity should be
thc aim of good laws then our laws
are rotten and the capitalist is a le-,
g'alized criminal.
* *   *,
Political economy is an exceedingly
important .study, , for upon it depend
a knowledge of the nature, cause and
remedy of the great evils that afflict
modern society.    .*
* *   *.
"I' have worked for, the little masters; big bellied they be and rich.
I've done their desire for a daily hire,
and I die like a dog in the ditch.!'
Service's Song of the Wage Slave. ■
. '■   -    *   * - *
A Socialist is one who stands for
the extension of the principle of, public ownership to all highly organized
industries and their democratic' man-
ageemnt in the interests of the working class. - * -
* *   *
Any organization is revolutionary
ownership of the meaus of. wealth
production. And any organization ,is
revolutionary in method that seeks to
carry out its program through a working-class organization.
* *   *    '
Why should the master class want
chteel slavery? That, institution is
too vrude for, modern refinements.
Men are forced into just as horrlblo
wage slavery whole iur corrupt politicians babble of liberty under the British flag.
*       *       Hi
, The supremene court of Iowa has
decided that private concerns can legally rofuse" to serve a negro, On the
other hand the workers must not'refuse to patronize the.Bucks Stove Co,
That Is, boycott.     In the U. S, the
116 : :   :   PAGES   :  :   :   116
..This book shows the wonderful
growth-of the City of Fernie. in
one year,and deals exhaustively
with its advantages,   etc.,   etc.
ViCTOiii.v Aye.
Fernie, B. C.
now Ready
Fill in this form and place orders in advance. Price
SO cents. Return this order form to,The District
Ledger,, Fernie. B. C.
Please reserve for me   copies
of "PROGRESSIVE FERNIE" at 50 cents per *.
copy, for which is enclosed $..'.*;'.	
 _1_ ' -    ■ ■ j        Name   .
courts aro tho Instruments of the labor thieves nil right.'
* *   ♦
, The capitalists claims that he is a
hnrd worker, The burglar works hard
and tlio forger works hard, and the
whole class of criminals spend much
energy In following thoir professions,
Tho capitalists work hard lo enslnvo
the workers to build palaces for tho
* *   *
llyrno 13. Walker, president of lho
Hunk of Commorco is firmly convinced that. If llrltnln does not deal with
the problem of Uio .unemployed sho
will soon en tor on hor decay as a groat
mil Ion, ,Walker might havo added
Hist tho unemployed can only bo donlt
with through'sorlnllsm. Socialism Is
going lo solve llio problem of lho un
Fernie Livery, Dray & Transfer Co.
ice: for sale
Contracts Taken
^ * i
Including Stump Pulling, Land Clearing and Ploughing,
figure on youv next job
Let us
Rubber Tired Buggies, New Turnouts
Rizzuto Bros.
A full line of. shelf and 'heavy* Hardware in stock together  with a
complete range of Stoves.
Furniture Department
Our Furniture Department embraces the .
most unique and up-to-date lines. •
„        Come inand have a look
J. D.   QUAIL,
Tho Opening and Maintaining of a
Savings Bank Account is a duty thai
everyone owes* both to themselves
and to those dependent on them*
Your,Sayings Account Solicited*
• Fornie Branch
Andy   Hamilton
Tinsmith /and Plumber
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything* in* our line*
* m
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
t   /■»
/   4
Afraid of Lrhosts
Many peuple ure ufmid ol dhoti*. Few people
■are nfraitl ol ilcrm*. Yet the dhait I* n Uncy end
the derm U a fact. If the derm could be inndnified
to n kixe ennui to iu terrom it would appear more
lerrihlc  thnn  uny firc'breolhlnd  dra/Joii.1 wcrmi
lull l lie 4'cOlCit.u.      'i'lK*|  *IC it, Xltl **LU fl* Ut.C**»*""*M
the wnter we drink,
The derm can only proiper when Ihe condition
of the »y»tcm d've» it Irce ".cope to entthlUli  it-
■.(■If and develop.   When  there i« t deficiency of
vital force, linfluor, re»lle»tnc»», e mIIow cheek,
a hollow eye, when the oppetite ii poor und the
ileep it broken, it i* time to <u«rd  ad»ln»t the derm.   You ten
{unity the UJy »i*!n»t »ll i(crmt hy the me of Dr. Pierce « Golden Medical l)i»covery.   It increme* the villi power, cle«n«e» the
ttv-itrni of ringing iniritiritici, enriche** the Mood, put* the »tom-
•ch ond <>rt*txn of dl*£rtlion and nutrition in workln* condition, «o
thnt the derm find* no weik or tainted »pot in whicli to  breed.
"{Jbldtn   Medical   Uiaeovery" contain!  no  alcohol, whitky or
ImhiMurmin* drum.   All it* indrcdienti printed on  it» ouUide
wrapper.    It ii not • «ecret nmtrum but * medicine ot  jnohv
cowhimtion and wllh o record of  10 ytart «f turn.   Accept no
»ub»litute~llicre ii nothind "iu*t a* tovd,"  A*k your neid'jWn.
W'INN'Il'Kli,  Mnn,   Dec.  S.—Hxposl-
Hon  mutters  lire nl   llio  iiiohi   Impor-
iniu crisis of llii'lr oxIhIciipo, Tlio hint'
ili'h'Hiitlni) lum roup forward lo Oilmvu
m im'phoiii llio iiiKo in the Dominion j
Kovcrnini'iil fur Ith (Ii-oIhWiii upon   llie!
iri'ilJit   which   linn  beon   nuki'd   tit  the!
novoi'iiliionl, mul upon tliut    (IpcIhIoiij
ili'lii'iidrt iho fain of rniuiilii'H liitiTiin-'
iloiuil .'xpoHlllon nml Holl'lrk Ci'iitou-i
uiiil, Tin- i.-x|Ju.sltioii (ominliii-** Iiiim wi
pciiilod ii coiiHlilornhlo Hum uf niDiipy, |
und Infinite puliiK, to .not wmotliiT tlio!
iiioki coinplct Miinmui'y of Inl'oniiutloii I
mul a, thoioiiKh i'X|in.*snloii of the f-i.-l-!
Inp nt ovoi'v ttilnt'owlPil   ivivtv lownnl I
Dw pfolocl. TliniiHiutilH of nilloH lmvo!
Iicoii tnivolloil ntul iniiiiy Iioiivh hnvo
I n Riven hy mon wl'iOHo Hvph    aro
nisi-n over in widBlny buulm-wii uffiiiin,
lu onl-.T Unit Mir Wilfrid l.niiiloi* mul
i IiIh i:fiv«-rimn'!it offlclnln miiv \w thor-
otiKhly lul'oniicil upon I he alms mul tho
objecth nf lho I'-A'ponltion.
A HltoiiK ilplfKitUun Ih now nt Ottu-
wa lircHontliiK Dw ciiho of tlio oxiio-
hU Inn coininlu.'p mul tho outi-oiiio lu
anxiously nwnlted.
Fernie Dairy
delivered lo all
jiai'ts nl" tho,. town
-»   Sanders & Vcrhaett  Drothcrs,
X Proprietor*
>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fernie, B. C.
Why be -without a Sewing Machine when you
can get one for $3.00 a month ?
Wm. BARTON, Agt. (North of school) Pellatt Ave.
Pollock Wine Go. Ltd
Phone 79       Baker Ave. P.O. Box 26".
WUoIcboIo Iniporloi'H nnd IDxporlorn
of Wines, nrnwlioB. Cordl-ils, Foroltiii
nnd Domestic Whlslslos ind Gins.
Ijiirgo stock of Fornot llrnnca, tliillnn,
Iliiiigniinn nnd Gorman WIiiob, nlco
NorwoRlnn Punch nnd Aquavit, lloor,
Portor, Alo nnd Cigars.
Ab'outH for WnukoHha Arcndlnn W'w
lor, Hchlllz Door nnd tho famous Kir:
Vnlloy llrowliKj Co. Ltd. Hour, drnuKlu
mid bottled.
Spociul nUoutlon glvon to fnmil,'
Our Motto: Pure floods nnd   quIcKi
Inquest   Showt  That   It  was    Little
8hort   of  Murdor—Naked
LlfjhU Used
i 'limoNTO. Doc. )",---William Hold-
jlr.K. fiboiit l'» >omn of iiK-". wns found
;i1o,)(l in IiIh room l;i***t stlKhi villi the
'pus turned puilly mi Very llltli> Ifi
! Known of ihe muu.
CHKItltV. 111. line, n.—Ownorslilj)
of iho *Hi. I'uul mlno hy tho CIiIviiko,
Mllwniikep njid St, I'nul rnllrnnd, do-
(■■Inreil hv tho InPVKilrsttlni-i to iw n ill*.
iod Woliiilon of tho lnw, wns coiicIiih-
Ivoly PstablUlied Uirousli Dw tefltl-
mony of iiiiwDHiik wIiiiohsph nt iho
coi'iiner'H Jury.
r lt wns iho first mission of tho Joint
InvestIkmIon Iipbuii by tho stfUOH two
inlnliiK limn'dH mul rlio coroner,
The manner In which Uio offlnlnls
HWfiitcil the wlMioHfiPS inillciited thut
or up In Hi" kpi'vIpo of tho nilno corporations or the riillroiul,
I m mod In I oIy   nl'lor phiiiIiIIhIiIiih; lho
connection of these two corporations, i
ll x\ nn UlhClo.ijjll mill Uu* elt-lUI'IC ll|*ll
li,i,  iil.1,,1   ii,   .'itc in iii..' i.uii  ,')«;«, ii v, (iji
pled Unco iioeks hufoio lliu iIIhiisUm*
niul thnt  It  had linen Illuminated by
iiniiroti-'cted torches nftor tlio loss of
the olPi'trle curront.
25 to 35 per cent.
You will saw- l»y buying Clotliing IVoni us.
Comploto stock of Winter goods. Call ami
soo us beforo vou buy elsowlioro.
Sweaters, 75c, Wool Sox 3 pair SOc
Pure Wool Underwear, suit $1.75
Flannel Shirts $1.25 each
Vexl In UivIkhi'm I'n nil V Klnlii
V«vt lo Soilhi'rn lint 1-1
chnrtor of tho mine corporation early
iln the proc^dlnKB dtncloslnK the fact
I    i'n rte r » close cMiuiiiiiinon tiy Aiibr-;t|IR*j_ OVory one of Ihe flvo I n corpora i-
noy Seymour Stendninn. roproHontlnR|orB w<»ro officers of the Chlcneo, Mil-
the Unitod Aflno Workers of Amorlcn
It wns shown thni ono of iho torches
liutiK In (ho niniow phhsiiko way
iIiioukIi which enrs of hny woro hnul- dally.
Moreover It wns shown Hint It wns
tin* name Irom tliem? uiHiioloclfil ior-
the one desire Is to set exact Infor-iches that started   tho   conflaRrnllou
matloii tlmt will plnco the re<ron«Uil1-'thai cout TM lives and iWtrojvd Dw
by ror the niipalllm*: loss of life In thej mine,
mine on ihe shoulders of the man high-1   Attorney   Steadman   producod the
wnukeo and Ht. Paul rnllwny.
VlTTflmniO, Ike. ti.-The atvlke ui
the plant of tho Colonial Steel com-
pHiiy nl Munuuit I'h., hu»i* luue, xix:-
canloned by a demand of a ten per
rent Increase was brotitsht to an tmd
by tho men returning to work nt tho
old rate.
Alberta Show
Case Works
Miiliufititiiivi-w   of
Calgary, Alta.
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Greatly Taken With the Country and
Finds; Organization in a
Healthy Condition
*_.,.(Calgary News)
■ Mr. James M. Lynch, president of
the International Typographical union
was the guest of honor at a banquet
tendered him at Cronn's cafe last night
by Calgary Typographical'union No.
49.     Mayor Jamieson and Mr. R.'B.
Bennett K. C. and 64 of the craft at-
The menu was good,, the speeches
were witty and a jolly time was spent
by all.
■ The toastmaster was O. Horsfall of
the local union. ■ The toast to the
" "City of Calgary" was responded to by
Mayor Jamieson.i
"1 first visited'this country in 1883"
said he. "I was then employed in the
construction of the .C P. R. railroad
from Maple Creek to.Laggan. In September of- that year I reached the site
of what is now known as   Calgary. I
was struck by its location, at the conflux ofthe Bow and the Elbow.     Although I went east again I still had
the vision of the Rockies and I decided to come back.
"I   came back lo the west In 1902.
°The population of Calgary then   was
5,000, as compared with   the present
population of 35,000; My faith regarding the city of Calgary in'very much
stronger, than in 1883.-    Those   who
pass through Calgary confirm the be-
' lief   in the future prospects of ^ the
' city.   ,    ■ '
"I am pleased to reply to the toast
master on behalf of the city.
"The printer is a man who is a
very important individual in the community." Everything that is printed
of course does uot afford happiness.-.
The printer is essential. Of the making of books there is no end we are
told. Though I am not familiar with
the art of printing I believe that there
,is a species of vexation known among
the, craft as "pi." -However, gentle-
, men;, I can sympathize 'with you for I
too have troubles.
' 'j. D. McAra, accompanied on-   the
Piano by J. J. Young, sang a solo, after
:■_!_..1.1 „l,_+*l. .,rv«__fiTn nofclnnrl._{! it i gPE—Wfil'fi
 :,V,1IH,11-*.U1 vVJ-^*-*.*^*-. w—«.«.—-,.*..— --&-*	
'' given for the worthy president.
" In reply to the toast 'To Our, Guest'
President Lynch made a very'forceful
address on behalf of unionism, and
particularly the association of printers. He gave the history of the organ
/zation since.its formation'in 1852. It
was the oldest international union of
wage earners.
In his opening remarks he said: —
"Though I am the first representative
of the' I. T. U. to visit Sunny Alberta
you see that a good sized sample was
sent. We are doing good work. We
send thousands of dollars every year
to the association formed to combat
tuberculosis. We have a home for
the indigent ones of our association
at Colorado Springs. The institution
is  now  worth, $1,000,000.
"Though in the first forty years of
our existence we had to strike repeatedly to' Impress upon tlie employers our right-to insist on higher pay
just as the young unions do now, we
have at last, reached a stage where
we can negotiate on an equal footing
with the *' American Newspaper Publishers ■ association,' employing 20,000
of our members.
"A plan is now on foot to give a
monetary benefit of $400 'to ■ every
member having heen' in the union 15
years. , Just recently'there has been
the organization of a, correspondence
school to make . printing apprentices
experts in their line.'
He was deeply gratified to learn that
the local union- and the employers
had' just' signed a five-year agreement.
This will insure peace for at least
five' years. He- was struck by the resemblance of Calgary to Denver, Col.
regarding location.
R. ,B. Bennett, J. H. Woods and
others added enthusiasm to the occasion in their brief remarks.
Ted Knight"'sang several' solos and
recited many, humorous verses.
"You may break—You may Shatter
The Vase, if you Will. '
But the Scent of the Roses ,
. .Will Cling to it Still."" .     „   - ■
You may use Every Grain:
Throw the Wrapper Away:
But one Thing Will Remain:.
And for Many a Day
'   You'll Remember the Delicate Fragrance
Arid say
Royal Crown Witch Hazel Soap
,  Is a Dainty—Efficient—Toilet Expedient   „
And Produces Beautiful Complexions
Patients    Talked    While
Under the Knife-
No Pain Felt
B.  E. WALKER,  President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD, Gen.  Manager.
Paid-up Capital    $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
None But the  University
Commissioners to
See Them1
' WINNIPEG, .Dec. 8.—A. C. Smith,
for many years cuty' ticket agent of
the Canadian Pacific in this city, has
Teslgned^to-aec~ept"the™ageiicy— of-'-the
Western Rubber company with headquarters here. *. *
COPENHAGEN, Dec. 10—The north
polar observations of , Dr. Frederick
A. Cook reached here- today on board
the steamer United States.
Extraordinary precautions were taken to insure the safe delivery of the
long heralded data to the university
authorities. ..,   '
As soon as the United States was
tied, up at her pier an iron box containing Dr. Cook's report, and the
diaries in which his ■ original entries
.were made, was brought ashore.' The
box was closely followed by Walter
Lonsdale, Dr. Cook's secretary, who
had stood guard over its precious contents' since they left the land of the
explorer. Upon the pier Lonsdale had
two detectives who bundled the iron
box into a motor car. and then hurried off to the University of Copenhagen. Their' carwasx followed"by"a
■second-one.—; * .—
At the university the papers were
formally turned over to the author!;
ties there and placed In ' a strong
room where thoy will be guarded
closely until the committee appointed to examine tliem are ready to begin its labors. None but the commission representing tlie university of
Copenhagen will be permitted to be
present.  „ 7 ,
United States minister Egan was to
have attended the committee meetings
but will not be able to do so on account of the delay In the arrival of the
records. Mr.1 Egan leaves tomorrow
for the United* States. „
The coming of Dr. Cook's papers is
accompanied with signs of a revival
ofnthe Cook Peary controversy.* The
Politiken" asserts this morning that
the supporters of Commander Peary-
are trying to enlist the services of
Greenland explorers in the anti-Cook
NEW YORK, Dec. 9—Before an
audience of distinguished surgeons,
Professor Thomas Jonnesco, the Roumanian scientist, demonstrated that
painless operations could be performed upon patients while they remained
Instead, of rendering the patient unconscious with ether, Prof. Jonnesco
hypodermically injects stovaine into
the spine, at the same time administering strychnine to strengthen* the
Three children and a woman were
operated on by local physicians after
Doctor Jonnesco had applied the' stovaine.
The patients withstood the operation
and conversed with the surgeons while
they operated without feeling the least
Dr. William J, Major of Rochester,
who attended the demonstrations as
the special guest of Prof. Jonnesco,
was so impressed that he invited the
Roumanian scientist to visit the west
and demonstrate his discovery. Dr.
Jonnesco accepted, and will conduct
a number*of operations,     c
Every facility aiforded to farmers and
ers for the transaction of   their hanking
Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
Accounts may be. opened by mail and monies
deposited   or   withdrawn   in this way with
equal facility, ' u
L. A. S.  DACK, o Manager, Fernie.   ,
*"*.   I
Sad Fate of a Fireman on the Canadian  Northern  in Saskatchewan
Spokane Authorities Determnied That
Freedom of Speech Shall be,
Wholesale and Retail
SASKATOON, . Dec. 5.— Fireman
Woods, who was.reported missing after "the, wreck at I-lanley, was subsequently discovered, suffocated, under
five tons of coal frord the tender. The
body was brought here today' and will
SPOKANE, Wash. Dec. 7—It. is reported that tho prosecuting attorney
and police authorities have decided to
arrest local socialist leaders in the
fight being made in behalf of free
speech in this city. ,
It is said that the charges will be
that of conspiracy.
' The Socialists are circulating an initiative petition to force the city council to adopt an ordinance similar ito
the one in Seattle regarding street
The police on Wednesday night arrested eight boys in the hall of" the
industrial Workers of the' World, on a
charge of delinquency for. associating
with free speech advocates. Their
ages range from 11 to 16 years and
Just come into our store and take
a look' around you a wide
range to choose from. We stock
Pickled Lambs' Tongues, Pigs'
Feet and Tripe.
You will like our "Empress"
Brand of Mince Meat.
The 41 Meat Market
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Limited S
be buried on Wednesday by the .Brotherhood of Trainmen.
all profess to be members ofthe Industrial organization.
•     Back to our Old Stand
We beg to announce toour many customers that we have removed to our old quarters next the Eank of Commerce pending the
erecALoj*LQf our new building opposite_the King Edward hotel.
As   Others   See   You
Many are Drawn few Expect it
You may be the subject of a sketch
The   Wizard of the Crayon will
draw his impression of some of
W      m m     » m „    *    *m*    ,*■*   jm     /am* j*%    anmm m ' *#   40% .*•■*• .0 0& ^t*  0tf    J^^ ■•O"     «
Fernie Opera   House
Popular Price.   Scats now on
Sale at Suddaby's
j. -_ Wi^^WTatS**^ «■
®ijje Meitul &tb%tt
?1.00 a year in advance. Address all communications to the "Manager" District Ledger, Fernie B. C.
Rates for advertising on application.
We believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we.will make
good. to actual subscribers'any loss incurred by* trusting advertisements that prove to be swindles; but wo
do' not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men> who advertise,
ior pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
♦ransaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Manager and Editor
As-it is very close to the animal election of of-
fie'ers for this District a few remarks may not be
out of place.     First of all remember that the men elect to fill-the responsible positions of honor
in your District must be men of worth, character,
and stability.     Do not put men into any of the
offices in whom you caunot put your whole trust.
After you have made your selection give your man
a helping hand.     Do not stay away from meetings,
■ and then after a few have reluctantly shouldered
the fnll responsibility grumble at the way they do
'ihe business.     If you see things amiss get up   at
your meeting's and say so, and then your officers
can see that you take an interest in the affairs
'of the district.      Remember that once you havo
elected your officers they are your legal representatives for thc next year.     So choose wisely and
Onr cotem rises to remark this issue "that out
of the sixteen names who were repeated at the
last election fifteen, were Socialists and the other
one doubtful." This statement is on a par with
many'of t!i<j Free Press and we leave it in the hands
of" our readers to diagnose'. a '
portunity of doing things that no other previous
council ever had.     "What trouble was it for them
to take over the waterworks? 7The Coal Company
had practically, concluded the deal before, Certainly
more has been done last year than before, but everything had to be got new and it was easier to get
it'1 than at any previous time. But there are several
things that have not been done and that should
have been done,     ln tlie distribution of city street
lighting more common sense should have been exercised.     One part of the eity is well lighted-, while
the rest is still in darkness.     The rates set by the
present council are extravagant..    When the municipal power plant was up for discussion before the
people voted' on it the council all spoke of the cheap
light and power that the citizens would get, and
have those rates been lived up to?    No.. "The pre-
sent rate is excessive in comparison with all other
places.     The day power rate, which the city is so
anxious to start, and which should liave been started' at the first is entirely prohibitive.     The   city
electrician says will be an easy matter to
lower the rate as soon as they see -where they get
off.     But is it a business proposition to ask a man
to spend hundreds of dollars in motors and fixtures
and then await the pleasure of the city in reducing
their power rate.     This is rot pure and simple, and
it is a reflection on the business ability of the city
electrician and the members of the   council who
would endorse such schoolboy tactics.
Another matter that should have been properly
done in sewerage, AVe have a sewer that is not
large enough to take off the ordinary sewerage of
tlie'city.'"When the rainy season sets in tlie drainage overfills this sewer- and in consequence cellars
arc filled, the streets arc not drained, and everything is in a mess. Now this council might have
done1'something in this regard before the winter so
as to be "in a* position to get rid of the drainage in
the spring. Some of 'them will say they had no
money.' The same old cry as was rcaised about the
water. But if necessary a bylaw could have been
put through, to cover this important matter. Thore
are several other cliquish things, but space will
not permit. Make some changes in the council
and'establish the0ward system, and see ..if the
change will not be beneficial.
(Winnipeg Town Topics)'
It appears that the Rev. Lashley Hall undertook
to tako. Ihe two newspapers of the city to task for
not reporting the opening ceremonies of the new
[Methodist church. , Well, for our part, we consider that if Mr. Hall wanted to have a half,column
or a column of matter inserted he might have
brought forth the copy. AVe* established a long
time ago a special church column; and requested
 I'HU --nniii»ii;i.->-*;ji.—liiu-Ojl-v~Lvl-i.niiij.-3ii—u.-,—>,-, in-v.imi-\>jj-
notices. and matter for that column, and none of
them had gumption enough to take any interest in
it. We always insert church notices free, and
have given as much space in the paper as we could
to church matters, ' One \cry good reason why we
missed the. opening morning service was the fa fit
that the Rev. Lashley Hall, came over to the show
at half past ten on thc previous' Saturday night,
and asked us to oblige him by printing him 1300
envelopes that he had forgotten to attend to previously, "We went, after the show was out, set
up Ilie job, kicked off the 500 by foot power, and
saved thc day for him, and we went from the office
at the every reasonable hour of half past one (Sunday morning;) AVe got n'othing extra for this
work. Jt was done as several other things have
been done, as a personal obligemenl. J fence Ave
consider Mr. Hall's remarks were entirely uncalled
", ''Thou fullest in trouble and 1 delivered thee."
—l'salin 81:7.
This city has outgrown the,village styles, and it
is now large and important enough to assume the
ward system. In the forthcoming ciivc elections
we would strongly recommend the adoption' of
wards. In that way each section of the city has
its representative, and that insures each portion being properly looked after. At present the majority of the-.aldermen represent one section,, and for
that reason possibly some of the outlying sections
are sometimes overlooked.
Written off hand with a dull lead
pencil so you'll kindly excuse roughness of the meter .
Hey! , . ■ :
Say!   * "
Doesn't it take your breath away—
The pace this old world sets today—
Flying , along on its right o'way. '
Well—   ' ,   .     ■
It looks like' speed.
The.progress We're making—
The records we're breaking— '   '-   .
The traditions we're shaking-
It does!
North' '    .* '
Pole! •'!
Found at last is the icy goal!   '     -*'   .
Blood and treasure have paid the
But whose the name we shall extol? ',
Peary? "
Cook? ' .    _        .
Glory enough- for two!
The thing that counts is the deed that
is done— ' . *
The valiant fight and the victory
They   spoil if all when a quarrel's be-
***, )
I think        ,
Don't you!
Never thought we'd learn to' fly.
Unless,    perhaps  in * the    bye   "and
But    the  day  of wings    is    mighty
Birds? .
I guess'wc are.
Across the channel and far away,
Yesterday's record is broken today.
Vacation trips In* Ihe future may
Take 'in
The stars. ,    :
Through! '
Except in closing a word to you*,'
When  the world moves on  arc you
moving, too,
Or standing' still as   the 'dead ones'
 : "  i*>    "   *
  t " * -a ( -i r
Tea acquires, a flavor under the peculiar climate
of Ceylon that cannot be acquired anywhere else on
earth. The delicate fragrance, and delightful aroma of
************y\f ************
will please you.   Buy a package to-day from your
grocer.   You'll like it!
The Elite Dancing
Farquarson & Campbell
Under personal direction "of
Mr. & Mrs. P. A. Farquarson
Lessons from; 7. to 9 Mondays
, (.■'    and Thursdays *.    J
kkkkkkkkk kkkc k
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
The Waldorf Hotel
1 *!   i
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
Hot and Cold Water L. a\ Mills, Manager
.   On    first     class
' business and residential  property.
Real Estate & Insurance
Cree & Moffat*
Bar supplied with  the   best Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Wm. Eschwig,  Proprietor
~. The new post-office mayriSe-:finisfiecT somo" Fime.
but at the present rate of things' it will be in the
next generation'. The present, hen coop is a most
disgraceful place, and the approach to it very dangerous indeed. You stavt,to go into tho office entirely unsuspicious of the fact that there is a neat,
little patch of snow and ice directly off the step,
and as soon as you touch this spot you slide. If
you happen to be a real good gymnast you land on
your feet, if jot it i.s more than likely that you
will fall into the outstretched arms of some demure
Fernie maiden who happens to he in search of a
picture post card from Hosmer. AVhy, does .-not
the department rent one of the numerous empty
stores and fix up a decent postoffiee until the new
place is ready? Or how would it be to start build
ing another.
Remember that it is nnt far off nowlo the nominating day for the civic (-lections. Have you chosen
some good, trusty, independent men to acl as council for the ensuing year? If not, get busy at once,
As lo the last council a few words is perhaps in
season. Several people asl<ed us why we were not
satisfied with the administration of affairs during
the last yenr. They told us that this council did
more actual business than any previous one; tliut
1lic city was in liHtiT shape than ever before and all
Hint sort of thing Well, perhaps that, is partly
right, but why? In this first place this council
started off with a clean sheet,     They had the op
The Industrial AVorkers of Spokane are having
a very warm time fighting for free speech. The
Salvation Army and other religious bodies are allowed to congregate and speak on the streets.
When Taft or some other bloated aristocrats visit
the city the thoroughfare is blocked, but when the
workingmen are'trying to hold meetings to educate
their class along industrial lines the mighty arm of
the law steps in and .says that, it is against the law
to block the streets, Well, the fight will go on
until Spokane is boycotted from one end of tlie
country to the other. If you are a union man,
remember the boycott. Remember that your fathers in days gone byo fought for freedom, and
then at election times forget it all and vote for the
parties that will continue to oppress you and
My pa he didn't' go to town
Last evening after tea,
But got a book and settled down
1 As' coint'y as could be.
I'll tell you Twas "offul glad
To have my pa about
-Tn--nnswp.r_nll-tlie--thLUgS_I_.had ;	
Been tryin to find out.
And so I asked him why the world
Is round instead of square.
And why the piggies tails aro curled
And why fish don't breathe air,
And why the moon don't hit a star,
And why the dark Is black?
And just how many birds there are
And  will the wind como back?
And why does water stay in wells,
And why do June bugs hum,
And what a the roar I hear in shells
And when will Christmas como?
And why the grass Is always green
Instead of sometimes blue,
And why n bean will grow,,a bean
And not an apple too?
And why a horso can't learn to moo,
And why a cow can't nolgh,
And do, the fairies "llvo on dew,
And what makes hair grow gray:
And then my mi, got up and gee,
Tho offul words ho said.
I hadn't dono a thing but he
■lust sent mo off to bod.
Trade Ilenlster.
C« ,P«  Ri
Low Round Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec and Maratime
Tickets on Sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, in-
clusiev, good lo reiurn within three
months. „  ,
Tickets issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship Business will be on sale
from November 21 and limited to five
months from date of issue
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Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Cars on all Through Trains,
Compartment - Library - Observation
Cars   on "Imperial Limited" and' "At-
1 . i.1 ^T T**l*.,.*.ini*%fin   »)
- New and up-to-date
Handsome   Cafe Attached
• -
Furniture Moving a Specialty
Leave Orders with W.  Keay
PHONE   78
MA. Kastner
Fire!  Fire! Fire !
The anniversary of the great
fire of August* 1, 100S, is drawing near. Lot us draw your, attention to the fact that we represent H financially strong, old
established and well known
Board Fire Insurance com-,
panics, also agent for the
Sun   Life    Insurance
Company of Canada
We have several snaps in
*> , -
Business and   Residential
in different parts of the city
Agent -*-■*-
New Oliver Typewriter,
Machine given out on trial
No Charge
3 Through Express Trains Daily
leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.40, making
connections at Toronto for all points
East and West thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" leaves Winnipeg daily at 18.15,   and the "Atlantic
Express" at 8.00 daily, making connections at Montreal for all points East
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Coal and Wood Heaters, Cook Stoves
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We have also a full [line of Stove Pipes, Elbows, Dampers,' Fire
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J. M.  AGNEW & CO.
ST. JOHNS, Nfld, Doc. 9.—Six days
ovordno on lior roRiilnr i-twango from
Halifax, N. S„ for I His port, the Red
Cross lino Btoanmr Rosalind arrived
here today. Cnpl. Smith roported tlio
storm tho worst lu> over oxporloneod.
Tlio passengers are woll ntirti the ship
suffered no duiiiitKt..
LONDON. )>(•<*. !i.'*--.lolin llmlmnnd,
llm lender of tin- Ii-IhIi pini> has for-
wiirdi'd n iiiiiiill'-'hio in T. I'. O'Connor,
president of tlw I'liltt'd Irish Ifai-Mi**
ot liri-Mt lli-lialii. who Is now In New
Yuri*. luldi'fHHi'd to tlif fili'iidn nf In
iu lllrniliigliiim, rend a paper on llm
(.atiiiillun I'ruli Industry. The mooilng
wns largely nt tended,
Hunk & Trust, coiiiiumy to Hu? extent,
of $115,001) Is (ihni'Rod against Uoliurt
D. Mtilr, (.'iiHliior, of tlm bunk, who wuh
arrested lust, ulght and held under
$12,000 bonds whleh ho wns'iiiiiihlo to
Muir,   ll   Ih  allogod.   look  $115,000,
bin. tho officials of Die lunik secured
NKtt't-'ASTU'J, I'hig. Dee. H—At Iho
iiii'ftInn of Hn' Clydi'ridalii lloi'Hu hocI-
Iiiiui In tlw I'nlti'il Stuii'H. di'iillnu wlilii|,*y »l"(*-*'-'"* llrltnln nml Ireland It wns [ s-H'iirltli'H of tlio prisoner lo tho ex
tlm llrltlnh political ci'IhIh.     Mr. It«-i|-; hii.i«>k Unit ii*nd« In ClyiU-Hiluh' during| u-m of ■J'
WlNNIl-KQ, Doc, l).—Mrs. II. M. Ilo.
well, wife of chlof Jimllco Howell, died
nt I'liKiulcnn, Cnl., hint ovoning, to
which plnco Bin* had gono for the benefit of her hcnllh. Chief .IuhIIoo Howell loft liiHt evening to bring tlm ro-
uuiliiH home
mond coiigiiiiiiliit.-d Mr. OVo u* onl"'" ."•"■"' I""' •■"•■■t< exceptionally good,
Urn Hii-n-hx of hi* minion lu Ann-rim '»"■'   ",,(l -11"- l,,,,,» •■xiihrtfil and tlm
mid    .'M.ii.smmI li!» Kintiiml" at    i|„.;'in.;-'In Ciininlii wns particularly good.
win-in n-miinih... of Dm Ami'iUiu ipli*, A.ninlliiK *o «'imiiillnn reports Hie do
io   In-l.n.d's appeal.     Tl..- manir-Mo, ■»*•■■'■  '"*  "lU *•-■"' »f '•",''  lim's"H ,H
*...,,....  -v...-,.,■   hie-   tl>..  •.Inmiliih     i-rin-l llUi-ly  In liicri'iiHi*.
fnnitliiu Irvlniid Ih-i'M at llm mmm idim* **
mon- crlticiil and morif hopctul.'
Then (iiiillnliig iln' broud prlnclplcH'' 	
of .lm M.-UKK1.. iMild. (.Hi. .UU.--U -I..-      WASHINGTON,   lb*.   9.-A
■ »-.■•■ c hous.-of Im-ilx nml Hm Iiouhii jliM»Utmt ««» >'<'l** •»■ Unlt.«<l fltntcH lm
o! loiniiir,!)",'    hi. iTiiiiltni'-Hi—"Ah
im*i*n H,c mo «n*iit L'ngllhb paith'H Jii
I,,,.1 munition  offlclnln  for nny  nmmlmi'H
111   til.'    I'.lill  I*.    I1.1t>lt   »li*A.«lll/.UUUll    "I.UIU
Hils imitist Un' IrUh parly hiiuiiIh nb-
holuii'ly lnilii,'|ji;tidc'iit. Not for '.Hi yenrH
hi.;*, Mich nn opportunity been offered
to Ireliiiid."
Appeal Against Sentence of 6 Months
Imposed  on Them    In
I Spokane
'     ■JfOKANI''',   Wntdi    H"e.   fl--.liuiii<»
j Wilson nnd K, V, Poolo, cilltorH of the
slmirp' IndUHtrliil  paper  In  this city,    were
Hcnteiiceil   to hIx  months in  jnll  on
clmrgoH of coiiKplrnry,
Tin..* 'Mine-ilinl frnrii till1? ■JOlilelii'i'
llllll were rt'lcitHcit on -{20110 IioiuIh. The
cliarKcH nmilnsi the two men were
tin- outgrowth of the free speech
OTTAWA, Dee. 0—Trade eoiiihtlHH-
loimr Mlckerdlkc in llelfiiHl, Ireland,
HiiyH thnt tlm lleirnst IndiiHtrlnl dovol-
opnmut iisHoi'lntloii Ih iiithiikIuk to
hnve nu exhibit of IrlHh miuntfiK-Uirod
unifies for the Toronto oxulbilion
next year WrniiHo of the Ini'KO Irish
population In tho Dominion,
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ibe riciH'Mi dlni'itteh roportH contoni-
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country. Copies of the dlHputeh con-
minion Information .of tlmlr Intended
movementh have been uent to nil lm*
tnlrrMtlfifi officials nt porlH where Die!
] ItiilUuiH nrn  likely  to nrrlve,      wll hi    WINNII'KO, Dec -v—A larnc pnrty
' *i**'<-|'il lr,'it(ii'floMi tn wntch Incoming! of h'nli'hti nf f'olumliiH nrrlvcl  here
*   * i
lu the I "I'll*"* ' lowly. y.'NU'iiluy from MluiicnpollH nml    Ht,
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tend n blK Kiitlierlni* of tlm local Iv. V.
iimmhi-rti which look place UiU week.
"" w-w mi*ml)Vr« wcu; InlUaiid at tbe
WAfllllNOTON, Doc, K.--Tlm    two
Iiouhi'h of coiiKieHH coiionvod lodny for
the flrHt roRiilnr hchhIoii of tlm Hlxty
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WASHINGTON, Dee. 0.—The Blip-
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KniiiiKil • li** petition for n writ of cor-
tlornrl In the contempt ciiho of Hnmuel
fininpfTB, Ftnnli Morrlhoii niul .tolitt
Mltcholl, offlforB of tlio Amorrnii Federation of 1-rfibor. Tho offer! of the de-
elHlon will be to lirlnR lho entire record
In the Illicit'* Stovo & imnK.) tntm to
thu supreme court for review.
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.*.*: 'a^-haucva^
^i ■g-*4**jJ_.-i -—j XjWJ&ei'.l
„ 5A*_ij_*v
Tlie Official Organ of District No.  18, U. I_. W.   of A.
*y. «1
Fernie, B.C., December lltn, 1909
K¥ V¥ W ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥*M >
* -      — _____  _=_=    .*
* From our own Correspondents £
. »••••••••••**■<[■* ■»****» A » AA**fr»r***-^JH*riH*r^fr^^
News From the Camps   \
J. Wheeler has received the. contract
,   to build a rink hero.     The citizens
, texpect,to have a very strong hockey
,,teauu    They will be assisted by, some
of the best hockey players of the east
who-are at present working in this
The young men of Frank called a
meeting in the Imperial hotel this
week for the purpose of organizing a
quadrille club. At the close-of the
meeting it "was decided lo hold, dances
but the night will not be known just
yet. *.-.'■
"\V. H. Wetmore,, proprietor of the
Imperial, lias beon visiting friends in
Calgary for a week. ,
H. _. Holl of the I. C. S. called
here this week on his return trip from
the east,
*   "Mining classes arc now being held
., in tbo' miners hall and are well attended, twenty five names are now on
, - the list'..
The seven come eleven bunch have
, broken up the batch through the returning of Mrs.A.V. Lang and   her
daughter. ,       ,
', C. l-Iood, general fuel agent of Winnipeg has'been visiting here this week
accompanied by Roberts, coal analyist
for the-C. P. R. He speaks well of
Frank coal. '
except to the north where flood damage has not been, repaired. Both the
railroads will receive non-union men
from the east tomorrow and operating
officials say that the strike will be
ended on Wednesday.   -
OTTAWA, Dec. 3.—A board of conciliation and investigation has been
formed to adjust the differences between the Standard Coal Company of
Edmonton and its employees. The
members of the board are George F.
Collingham, chairman, Frank B.Smith
and Clement Stubbs. The- number of
men concerned iri the dispute is placed
at* 75.   -' -
' The New York Daily Call:—The
United Mine Workers of British Columbia look upon the Socialist party
as 'the. political expression of their
organization; Theii* official organ,
The Fernie Ledger, warmly espouses
the Socialist, party and has little patience   with  the  stormy" old   punish
Pres. Lewis
on the Cherry Mine
Disaster   .'.   .'..:
Our new hall is nearly completed.
A donation of $20 has just been received from C. C. Snowdon of. Calgary,
also window shades, a donation from
D.  N. Finnie, Winnipeg.
Dr. Saunders who was just able to
be about again after the recent accident, met with a serious mishap on
Tuesday night. His horse shied and
threw the doctor and his driver from
the carriage, inflicting a severe wound
ing* the driver. - '■
C. D. McNab left today for Cranbrook to bo absent for a couple of
'days. -•■•
The Waldo peoplo are enjoying the
sleighing, it being the first .of the
season. •
SEATTLE, Doc. 8.—The Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads
today lifted their embargo on freight,
It will be a source of much satisfaction to the theatre going public to
know that Miss Verna Felton and her
supporting company are going to give
us a return engagement hero on Friday and Saturday next, December J 7
and 18. This lime they are ■ going
to play in the .Miners Theatre. The
plays lo be presented here .will be,two
of the heaviest bills in the repertoire
of the Allen Players. ' On Friday evening they will give us a splendid
western comedy drama entitled "Jim
the Westerner." .This play'is something after .the style bf the great Wall
street drama entitled The Pit, wliich
caused such' a sensation a few seasons
ago.' The bill for Saturday • night is
worthy of special mention, For many
years 'the public have .been waiting
for a dramatization of Sir A. Conan
Doyle's -famous - detective story of
Sherlock Holmes. At last we have
it and tho Allen Players have secured
the original script of William Gilletts'
production of this famous play.' The
difficulties attending the production
of • a play such as Sherlock Holmes
were1 many and varied, but'Manager
ing a scenic equipment for this play
which has never been equalled in the
west. ' . The . management has purposely billed this .play for' Saturday
night." on account of the company arriving late on Friday and not having
the time to prepare the stage. The
curtain on both nights will rise at 8
o'clock sharp in-order that tlie peoplo
from Coal Creek will have a chance
to seo tho entire performance. Seats
are now selling nt' Bleasdells drug
By virtue of a warrant of execution,
issued out of the county court of
Kootenay,, holden at Fernie, B. C,
at the suit of:
William  A.  Connell    and   William
Scott, trading and carrying en business under the firm name and style of'
Connell & Scott, Plaintiffs,
Charles W. Davey,' defendant.
I have seized and taken in execution all the right, title and interest
of the said defendant's goods, consisting of liquors, wines and cigars at
Fernie.. B. C,, in the building known
as the Royal Hotel, situate and being
on Lot 8, Block 10, in the City of Fernie, B; C, to recover the sum 'of
Three Hundcrd and Fifty Nine'Dollars and Sixty Eight Cents ($359.68)
besides sheriffs poundage and all other
legal incidental expenses, al) of which
I shall offer by Sheriff's' sale on
Thursday, the Eleventh day * of November, A. D.-, 1909, at the hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon on' the
premises known as the Royal'Hotel.
Dated at Fernie B. C, November
3rd, 1909.    "
Sheriffs Deputy
The above sale is further postponed until .Tuesday, the twenty-third day
of November A. D., 1909, atithe same
hour and place.
Dated at Fernie B, C. November 18th,
M.  A.  Kastner
Sheriff's Deputy.
Roland W.  Wood
and \
Charles W. Davey
I have seized and taken in execution
all .the right, title and interest of the
said defendant's building, known as
the, Royal Hotel and situate and being on Lot 8 Block 10 in the townsite
of Fornie according to, a map or plan
of the said town! as made by, T. S.
M.cVettie, P.L.C., ancl duly filed in
the' land registry office at Nelson, B.
C„ as plan No, 734 to recover the sum
of throe hundred and fifty dollars
(5350.00) being rent, besides sheriff's
poundage, and all other legal incidental expenses, all of which I shall offer'
by sheriff's salo on Thursday, tho 18th
day of Novombor, A. D, 1909 at tho
hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon on
the promises known as the Royal Hotel.
Dated at Fornio, B C, November
11, 1909.
Sheriff's Deputy,
Tho above sale Is further postponed until Tuesday, the twenty-third day
of Novombor A. D„ 1909, at the snmo
hour and plnco.
Dntod nt Fernio B, C. Novombor 18th,
Sheriff's Deputy
Editor Mine Workers Journal: ,
** ' °
•■ On the night of the 13th of November the people of tbis country were
shocked with the news of the terrible catastrophe at Cherry, 111.     The loss of
over 300 lives in the mine at Cherry, 111., and the circumstances surrounding
the terrible death of our comrades is without a single parallel in the history
of mining.
' That some one committed a terrible blunder no one can doubt.     That
some   one's neglect   was responsible for the terrible loss of life is horrible
to contemplate.
As  the details of the awful calamity are gradually being brought tb light
we can but faintly imagine the terrible suffering of those brave men hundreds
of feet down in the bowels of the earth, making a desperate but futile   at
iein'pt to escape.
1 i c.
-* ' The loss of thc lives of the rescuers in iheir gallant but vain effort to
save the imprisoned men, was an act of heroism. No greater act of heroism
and no greater, sacrifice can be made than for one man to give up his life to
save his fellow man.
Words of sympathy, are a source of consolation to the afflicted. Real
sympathy must be furnished in the shape of, funds to take care of the widows
and orphans of the victims., A sympathizing and generous* public are responding nobly.     AVe still have a duty to perform.
Sympathy for the widow and orphan will not bring back the lives that
were sacrificed. Condemnation of whoever may have been, responsible for
the awful loss of life will uot bring relief from the terrible danger surrounding
the occupation of our people.
There, is an object lesson at Cherry, 111, that should appeal to the intelligence, the judgment and better nature of every representative of the lawmaking power of our country, state and nation.
We have appealed for years for such legislation and the rigid enforcement of the law as will protect the health and lives of the mine workers' of
the country.
There should be a National' Bureau of Mines and Mining for the purpose
of securing more uniform legislation for the protection of all classes of
•mine workers..
Among the things necessary for the protection of our people is sufficient
ventilation to keep the air pure. Limit "the number of men that can work
on a single air current. *' Provide indestructible doors to be erected where
air currents .are divided. Two openings in every mine, far enough apart
that one cannot be effected by the destruction of the other. In so far as it is
possible remove from the mines all dust and gas.-
P. *. -,.-.., . ,_*,-. ^tt~L..-^..~.l im.nn-l >.<■*,*—..'»r*,lllrl—1-.-***— X, plr»f,,l_ i nl nrincar.^-..
ing life. , ;, .'
In addition to this the mine manager and* every employe should be compelled to realize his individual responsibility in protecting his own as well as
the lives of those depending on his conduct.
' ' With my heartfelt sympathy for the victims of the Cherry disaster, I
remain, Yours, fraternally,
.*****<#. ♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦•*»•»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦
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Iiouho, Conl Crook, 179-180, opposlto
tho football ground***.
Chartered Accountant, Assignee, Liquidator nnd Trustoei auditor to
the Cities of Cnlgary nnd Fernie,
P.   O,   Box 308
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General Merchants
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v.* jj&7
«>S| •*
MIbs Vorna Felton, who is roturninff with tho Allon
Players on Friday and Saturday noxt at
tho Miners Theatre.    Soo nd in
this paper
Tt-woe Mark*
Comvrioht» Ac.
Anrons imdlnj e tttMi »nc1 dnierlpilon maT
Wlrtl* (UwruliT onr opinion frM>fi»tlier ~i
itntfrM. OMMt irtner f6r««curm(?Diu*nn.
Vtltnta iiim through Mann i-Vo, notlfi
Stietiiitic American.
A htsdiomelr Ulunnlad weaklf. tanrnut el*.
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' il
* Page six
Recent Elections in Germany are
° . ^ ,   ' ■
Very    Gra tifying-Inorease
Representatives to 25
BERLIN, New S—The elections for
,the lower chamber of the Saxon diet
"were concluded yesterday, when the
last of the 58 second ballots took
place. The outstanding features are
the overwhelming increase of tho Socialist vote, which has brought 25 Socialist deputies into the chamber, in
which body there was formerly but
one, and a corresponding decrease in
the number of the Conservatives elected. In the last chamber the parties
of the right held 47 seats out of a to-
' tal of 82, while in the new chamber
which consists of 91 deputies, they will
be able to command only 30 votes,on
a division.
The radicals have increased their
seats from three lo eight at the expense of the Liberals, who have lost
three. The extreme parties on the
left, therefore, have not only won 20
seats from.the right ancl the Moderate
Liberals, but have captured.all of the
-nine new constituencies into the bargain. Tlie composition of the chamber according to unofficial returns will
be*. Conservatives and allied parties,
30;, National Liberals 2S; Radicals S;
and Social Democrats 25. In spite
-therefore, of the dissatisfaction with
which the Democratic parties greeted
the introduction of the plural voting
law, its workings would appear to
favor their cause to an extent of which
its authors can have had but a small
idea. Tho greatest number of Socialist deputies hitherto elected to the
diet was I-i in the year 1895.
,' Effect of New' Taxes
Thc optimists who saw in the Socialist defeat in the Reichstag of 1907
tho beginning of a ne-w era have been
rudely disappointed by the recent
1 elections in Saxony,* Baden .and Berlin, to which must be added a gain
of three seats in the Berlin mounici-
pal elections which took place the day
before yesterday.
The Liberal press continues to attribute the results to the fiscal reform
and in support of this argument a Radical journal recently published a table showing the number of votes re-
ceied by Socialist candidates in the
Reichstag by-elections held between
January 1907 and 1908—that is to say
—before the beginning of the financial
reform did the Socialist vote increase
as compared \yith the general election
of 1907, while it increased in no fewer than eight out of 12 bye-elections
which have been held during the
present year.
The Free Conservative Post admits
that the Socialist cause has been
greatly strengthened by the introduction of increased taxation on commodities consumed by the 'masses and
by the reduction of the inheritance tax
while ultra-Conservative journals make
the most of the Socialist gains in order
to impress upon their readers the dangers    which any change in the three
class   electoral   system   would> entail
for Prussia. *
Beneath the satisfaction, which the
Liberals express at what they term a
well merited punishment which has
been meted out to the Conservative
party, may* be discerned an undercurrent of opinion that the action*of the
National Liberals in joining with the
Social Democrats in Baden resembled
that of a man who ,cuts off his nose
to spite his face. Since both in Baden and in Saxony the Socialists are
now in the position of being able to
turn the scale in "any division, a good
opportunity is afforded the party of
showing whether it intends ^o persist
in the negative attitude adopted in
th© Reichstag, or whether it is now
ready to lend itself in conjunction
with the moderate elements to the
furtherance of constructive legislation
on Liberal lines.
Boundary Copper   Companies to Organize
One Concern
Gas Tank Goes Up Killing
Many—Will Cost a
Trifle to Replace
PHOENIX, Dec, 9,—The amalgamation of Boundary copper producers
has been looked upon for some time
as n coming issue in the not distant
future, os lt Is believed In the mining
and smelting of such low grade ore
better returns could be obtained for
tho shareholders In the- vnrlotiB companies by consolidation of the management.
With thc acquiring of the control
of the Now Dominion Copper Company
by tlio llrltlnh Coluinliln Copper company, the feasibility of such a merger becomes more practical ns It only
remains for the Granby Consolidated
and Smelting company to secure 51
per ent of tho II. C. Copper shares to
practically control the copper mining
Industry of tho Boundary district, and
Ilum unlto the'large ''opper IntwfitH
of llio throe companion.
To this end tlio Granby company recently . made overtures to tlio "II. C,
Copper 'company for a cont rolling In-
Ii-i-nhI, offering lliom one share of
(Ininby for 10 hIiiiith of llrltlnlt Col.
tmilila. Thin wuh about *f|0 for Hliarcn
now h'-IHii*; for %", Tin- offer was re-
fiiKiil by the II. C. peoplo, who sny
tlu-y would consider an offer on a
Ii.'ihIh of flvo lo one, or $'jo per nhiire,
for tlm Hioi'li,
Thn Hi'IIIhIi Columbia Copper Coinpiiny Ik now n strong mid |irogi*ennlvo
company and Is prospering, and tlin
owikth who have Htoml by the pro-
,     .'(••   iVi-ou,,),   ,.,,,.r,,\   ../,.)>,»   r\f  una   nf|,|
ill*.wrc-. bi'llovn Mini thev an' about, lo
wi tliolr reward, and will lie dlwip-
pointed If tliolr nlbi'lt does not enter
the dividend rank In HHO. Prodii-;-
lion Ih now on a 12,000,0(10 Imsls, with
ii... i.i'iii.'iMiuy nf ir.(Hii'HiOfi pnunils In
HAMBURG, Dec. 9.—The explosion
of two gas tanks on the Elbe front
this afternoon was followed by an extensive firo nnd the loss of many lives.
The explosion was due lo a leak ln
the new gasometer. Escaping gas entered the retort house whore it. enme
In contact, with fire, causing a terrific
The plant was being enlarged and j
a large number of men were engaged'
MINERS    v,
The entombed.miners at Cherryi like
many hundreds more under similar circumstances, spent their time in various ways, some singing, some praying, And no doubt this was a new
experience to some of them. Some
weeping, perhaps not so much for
themselves as for thc loved ones they
never expected, and scarcely hoped, to
see again. Others expecting that,
their bodies at least would be recovered, spent part of their time writing
farewell' letters to those loved ones.
And, oh, the' pathos of these little
notes, scrawled on a piece of paper,
away down there 500 feet, below the
surface, with hope trembling in the
balance, and death apparently but a
few paces away from them!
Theso little epistles are more pregnant with the innermost feelings, than
any that can be written at any other
time or under different circumstan-
cesstances. It is* then that the writer
bares his heart in its fullness, and
shows all the finer feelings of .what
may have been, aiid often is, regarded as a rather gruff nature, but hidden away down below the coarseness
there lies all the finer qualities that go
to make true manhood, and womanhood."
"Nov. 1-1.
"Dear Wife and Children.—I write
these few lines to you and I think it
will be for the last time.' I have
tried to get out twice-but was drove
back. ! There seems to be no hope
for us. I camo down this shaft yesterday to, help to save the mens lives.
I,hope the men 1 got out-were saved.
Well, Lizzie if I am found .dead take
me to bury mo in Slrea^or and move
back. Keep Esther and Clarence and
Jimmie together as much 'as you can.
I hope they will not forget their father, so I will bid you all good-bye,
and God1 bless you all.
On the reverse side of this letter,
written on, a leaf lorn from a note
book, was the; following from Walter
Waite*. '■ ■ *        0
November 14.
"We, the undersigned do not blame
any one for the accident that happened to pen us in here and we believe
that everybody, had done all in =their
power to relieve us. With best wishes
to all .concerned.'
The note was signed by" nineteen
Conducts Religious Service
High praise for fortitude-and leadership is accorded William Clelland.
Twice Clelland, who is a" staunch
church man, conducted* religious services in the hole. His favorite hymn
foreigners picked up, parrotlike, was
"Arise My Soul." "        '
Twice a day Clelland's rich Scotch
burr' arose in the dark cavern with the
grand,' consoling words1
Arise, my soul, arise;   ■
Fast falls the eventide;   ,     «,
The darkness deepens,
Lord, with me abide.
Twice dally Clelland likewise delivered a blunt, stout hearted sermon,
cheering up and encouraging the faltering men.
"Keep up your hearts, lads. God is
with us. Dont despair. Others have
been shut off from tho light of day as
we are and In God'B good time come
out alive.'
This is thc■ way one of his sermons
Is reported, at least.
Imprisoned with tho miners was a
live mule, which owing to a Slavic superstition, Is still alive.
William Lorlmer:
"Doar  Wlfc—I  nm  still  living  al-
HamBaking Powder
No alttm, no lime p&ospftates
As every housekeeper  can  understand,
burnt alum and sulphuric acid—the ingredients; of all alum and alum-phosphate     .
powders—must carry to the food adds
injurious to health.
Read the label.  Avoid the alum powders
Sunday School e
■fTP  On the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International
HI   Newspaper Bible Study Olub. ' ' •
*'■-..  i       ,- .        ■*"*-'
DENTIST.,'.  r<" 7,7
- r. f       .
Office: Johnson-Faulkner- Block., -.
Hours 9-12;'. 1=5;.6.30;?.30.''Phone 72
■ >•- . "'*     . -.
"ernie B. C.
W.  R.  ROSS K.C.
Barrister)  and Solicitor
Fernie, B. C. Canada.
L. P. Eckstein
D. E. McTaggart
Cox.Stroet Fernie B. C.
F. C. Lawe Alex. 1. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
•K ■ *
on the work. „  ; though lt Is now flvo o'clock Sunday
Up to a Into hour Inst night ten'; morning and there Is little hopo an
men are reported ns missingj*j10 black damp Is getting tlio best
dend. It Is almost certain that nH!0f us. Theor are 21 of us hero toot those are dead. Forty men woro j Rother. Dear wlfo, do not griovo;
dangerously Injured, of whom several; Wi W|]j meet again. God bless you;
cannot recover. The gasometer that I believe In Him and Ho will take caro
exploded was, the largest in the world J0f y0Ui yot Ho will tako caro of you.
having a capacity of 200,000 cubic me
iroB, Tho city appropriated $3,000,000
lor Hh construction,
Went to Climb a Ladder Which was
Not 8ecure—Died in the
I 'guess wo will meet ln a bottor land.
When you got, ovor this lot them know
at homo (Scotland). That is all my and God bless yon.
' Your loving Husband.
Glnonmo Plgattl, whilo bolng revived, brought out with a smile tho lot-
tor ho had written on tt ploco of paper on tlio fourth dny of IiIh Imprisonment, when ho thought Ihero was no
hopo of cflcnpe,     Tho lotor wnn nil-
OTTAWA, Hoc, 8.—Victor Chnrlnnd
an employee- of a local roofing compnny, foil from the roof of tlio Rawrt I,,|,OMOrt t0 h,H wlfo ftntl fr0(>,y trftnH"
Heart  rlim-i-h this morning nnd died \]M('l\ tnm ,hn ItnUt!u ******* M'
of hiH InJiiriiiH on Dw way to the )ioH-i*owft*
I   "TIiIh Ih  tho fourth  day (lint wo
Cliailand was !■.;'■ yearn of age and
a rcHldPiif of Ottawa, Mo ulnrtod to
jiKi'i'inl to Him (tabic mul tul'liiK hold
n't ihi' ladder, ninilo n mart. The
ladd'-i* was not I'nwK-ncd and tin- moment litv stopped ou It lie Kiartcd to
slid", There wiih nothing for him to
havo been down hero. Tlmt, In what
1 think but our wnlcboH lmvo mowvi],
1 am writing In tlm dark because wn
Iiiim* boon eating all Dm w,t; In our
safety lainpH. I also have eaten a
plug nf tobacco, hoiiio linrlt nml Home
of my nlwt'H,     t could only rlwxv It,
mwh on nn.) lie fell*.. Hide of|* ll0"" -v0" «"» ,'"m' lhlB' , VUn mi
nfrnld lo die,     Oh, Holy Virgin, lmvo
mercy on inc.     I think my time brm
(■nine.      \<m Know wimi in.*,  pii,*.. u,,
the roof to tho ground, a dlntnm*o ofi
DECEMBER 12 1909
Paul's Last Words.—II Timothy
MS,    *
Golden Text.—For,to me to live is
Christ and to die is gain. Phil. 1:21.
Verses 1-2.—When a minister in authority gives instructions to.a devoted
minister under him, concerning the
work to which he is appointed, are his
words more or less effectual,if he
calls God to witness? Why or why
What precisely did Paul mean by
"Preach the Word?'
What, if any, reason is there to believe that preaching or its equivalent,
can never be "out of season?" * ■
Why is the duty to preach and practice truth, honesty, love and the presence of God never out of season?
Why is every man" under vital obligation to be always on the qui vive lo
promote the temporal and eternal interests'of his fellows? _,,
-Verses'3-4-^What is the minimum
of Christian faith necessary for" sound
doctrine and salvation? (This question must be answered in writing by
.m e m b e r_s_o.f_lh.e_c | u b?1  ■ 	
Why is it that burglars, counterfeiters, gamblers, liars, drinkers and
other bad men and women, often
persuade themselves that they are
right? , .'
When men do not believe in the
supernatural, that is, God, prayer, immortality, rewards and punishments,
nfter death, ptc, give your reason for
your belief whether it is or not, a result of somo moral defect in their
lives?, *        *"
.Verse 5.—"What are the chances of
success in any calling for a man who
will watch, suffer, work, and demonstrate his faithfulness?
Verso C—Which is the more desirable time, the day of one's birth or
thc day bf one's death and why?
How did Paul at this time know
that the day of his departure was nt
Verso 7.—What can you say for or
against tlio theory that tho better the
man the less ho thinks of hlmsolf?
State your vlows' as "to whether Paul
was guilty of boasting here or whether It was but an honest statement
that ho had "fought a good fight," and
that ho had kopt tho faith?
Is God hard to ploaso, or Is It possible for an ordinary honest Christian
to please God In all things, and to
have the consciousness that he Is so
pleasing lilm?
Vorso 8,—Was tho crown of righteousness that Paul was going to rocolvo n gift of grnco, or a reward for
merit, and will It ho tho samo caso
with all tho faithful?
What will bo tho naturo of tho ro-
ward which awaits tho-Chrlstlan aftor
VorsoB 0-12.—Ib It n sign of weakness or of Btrongth and why, whon a
Christian craves hum**... company and
What Is lho moral quality of n man
who fomnUeB his friend whon ho Ib In
Aro /rlnnclshlpB rare, or plentiful,
which remain steadfast, ami truo allko
lu prosperity , und adversity, through
evil and good report, nnd how do you
characterize such a friendship?
Vorso l.'l.--Upon which will n normal,   right thinker put tho emphasis,
ou thlngH for the body, mini] or Hplill,
mid why?
Taking  I'liul'tt  clonk  to   ropri-'Hont
have fought a good fight) I have finished my course; I have kept the
faith. II Tim. iv.7. .,"  ' '
The following questions can be used
.as a new and complete lesson as well
as for a review of the eleven preceding lessons.
The date and title of each lesson and
where ■ found,    the Golden Text and
one question* from each of the eleven,
preceding lessons follow*. .
October 3—
Paul a Prisoner.—The Arrest. .Acts
xxi:17 to 22-29. Golden Text. Thou
therefore endure hardness as au good
soldier of Jesus.-Christ.
' .. ^ —II .Timothy ii:3
■ Verses 20-24.—In bridging the two
dispensations; is it * likely that God
so to speak, winked' at tlie' apostles
trying to graft the laws of Moses into
Christianity, or was it God's plan that
the Jewish Christians should still
keep the law? 7
October 10—
* Paul""a Prisoner: The Plot. Acts
xxii:30 to xxii:35. Golden Text: I
will say of the Lord-He is my refuge
A. McDougall, Mgr
Manufacturers of arid Dealers in all kinds of;Rough
and Dressed Lumber
Send us your orders
Barrister and Solicitor
Office Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
■ Hours 9 to 1; 2 to 5; 6 to 8.
Residence 21 Viotoria Ave. '
Pioneer Builder and Contractor of
'' Fernie
and" my fmTi7ess7"W~GollT_iirHin'rvv*iil:
I trust."    Psalm 91:2.'
Verse 11.—There is no way to take
the miraculous out of the New Testament without, destroying it.. Now in
view of that fact,''why did not God
rescue Paul, in this instance, as He
did from the prison'at-Phlllppl?
October 17—
PauL a Prisoner:   Before Felix. — j
Acts xxiv., Golden Text: Heroin do I
exercise myself to have always a conscience void of offence towards. God
and, toward men.    Acts xxiv: 16.
Verses 26-27—Whnt was the besetting sin of Felix, and how do you estimate tho   character of a man  who
wants to be do right?
October 2*)—
Paul a Prisoner—Beforo Festus, and
Agrippa. Acts xxv:6-12, chapter 2C—
Golden Toxt—I know whom I havo believed, and am persuaded that ho Is
ablo to keep'that whicli I havo committed unto him against that day.—
II Tim. 1:12.
Vorsos 24-32—Why did not Festus
and Agrippa both turn to God, soo-
Ing that thoy woro clearly convinced
of tho. truth of Christianity and tholv
need of salvation?
October 31—
Paul a Prisoner—Tho Voyage. Acts
xxvll:1-2C. Goldon Text. Commit thy
wny unto tho Lord, trust nlso In Him,
ancl He shall bring it to pass. Psalm
Versos 21,26—Whnt reason is there
to believe from this narrative that
when we fall to use, and It Is too late
to adopt Qod's best plan, he will still
oraclously provide a good one which
we may adopt? (This question muBt
be answered In writing by members of
the club.)
November 7—
Paul a PrlHonor: Tho Shipwreck,
Acts xxvll:27 to xxvlH.'lO. Goldon
Toxt, Tho Lord redeomoth tho soul of
his HorvontH, and nono of thom that
trust In lilm shnll bo dosolato. Psalm
Versos .'Id-US,—Mny praying and fust-
Ing, whon you ought to ho onllng and
working, bo as great a practical crime
as scuttling the ship?
November 14
Pnul a Prisoner In Home. Acts 28:
ll-Rl. Golden Text: I am not iiHlinm-
oil of lho gOHjiol of Christ, for It Is the
power of (Iod unto Snlavtlon to every
Verses 15-16—If you enjoy and drink
your glass of" wine when you {enow
that- wine ' drinking is doing vastly
more harm than* good, what sort of a
person are you? .     '
December 5.—   ■    . '
Paul on the Grace of Giving. II Cor.
viii: 1-15. Golden Text. Remember the,
words, of the Lord Jesus, how ho said
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts xx:35. "•
Verse 15—What reason is thereto
j believe that if we give systematically
to_G.od.S-cause that we ourselves shall
never lack? ,
December 12.—.' --
Paul's Last Words. II Tim. iv:l-18.
Golden Text: For me to live is Christ
and to dio is gain, Phil. ,1:21. '  ;*
' Verses 3-4.—Why is it that burglars
gamblers, . counterfeiters, liars, drinkers and other bad men .and women,
(often persua'de themselevs   that they
are right?
Lesson for Sunday, December 26th,
1909—The Birth of Christ. Matt, ii:
1-12.     *    „ ■ •
Bar Unexcelled
All White Help
Up-to-date „
Call: in and
see us once
C. W. DAVEY &.CO.," Props.
SYDNKV, IVr.  R.- Tin- nrl.lunilon
court Iiiih decided Unit it Ii.ik no Jur-
ii'lli'tlnn   to  Itit'Tveii-'  In   tin
For Coughs—Take This
Do you know a remedy for coughs and colds nearly seventy
years old? There Is one-—Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Once
In thc family, it stays, lt is not a doctor, does not take
the place of a doctor. ■ It is a doctor's aid. Made for
the treatment of all throat and lung troubles. Ask
your own doctor his opinion of it. Follow his advice.
No alcohol in this cough medicine.  j.tAyerCr>.,Lou>tU.M<nf.
In.        *■■.'■■   nulled tur l!   '-Wirljjij-  'l*J'l  it
Ih all  youi.s,      TIiIh  Ih  my will  and
ymi muni Vft'n it.     Ynu lmvo been a
good   wife.      .May   Dw   Holy   Virgin
miningJKiinnl yon.    1 hope this roneh'-H you
MIIIH'   *l|ll||-    llllll     ,'MU    ".a..    .'...-I    ...     '.'■•     I.-.  .
been very quiet down here and I
wonder what hns Ii'Torm* of our com-
nidi'H, Oond-by.i until ilea ven ahull
bring UH together.
"Giacoma   Plgattl
|5*jlv-jtrjr« Pfg.ift.'."'
--.Mine Workers Journal,
4WiH.*.iii    t * *
It :i lnw nt
Youcuinot i tcovtr promptly If your bow tit are comtlp»tcd. Ayef* Pill* »re gently !«•
ttlve; act directly on thellvtr Sold for n«rly ilrty years. Aik your doctor all about thctn.
TWI-.FJ). Out., Hoc. R--*Two sons.
iiimd h and 7 of Kdwnrd Kehoo of Ac-
ticnoliic, about fli-v mile* from here.
•*«'r»» ilio-Miiil >->-»t<u*fiUy v,UU«- alUUuit
on thin Ice.
HiltiKH   for tho body, his "lioolta" tho
mind,     IiIh "pnrchmciitN" tho spirit, j one mm uuiiu-tiu-..
jilenHo nay  what proportion    ut    ((■«--    W-ri-t-n .'.*■". !'!■■    I.
tlioiiRht, and energy Ik sent by    tliojlliftl hIii il';ml«n» ihe rnnariewo
iiU'i-iiKi- i.oiuiiiunny upon these thlng« p<-rver«H tlio JlidRinnnt. honco.
Vi-'iwH H-ir,--lH there any renson to
believe that .U'nuh would hnve .)ia>i*iii
that a Imd man mny bo rewarded no
cording to IiIb workH?
Whnt Bhould ho tho attitude of a
Kami mnn toward thoso who f-penfr
i-vll of him?
SVtac*. lC-lft -What .?ff'*''f. oiifrlif Dw
Inck of ro-oporntlon of frlendH and the
■.i|>l>(,hi,l«m of •.•uuinUiu, have upon Dw
work nf a truo nnd determined mnn?
I.*->i«in for aundoy, Pccombpr lflth,
Inhumane Treatment of Strikers, who
Are Turned out of Company
, Houses
LUDLOW, Mass. Dec. 6.—The elements last night and early today added to the misery of 300 persons evicted from tenements owned by the
Ludlow Manufacturing Association bocauso of a strike ln the company's
mills. With thoir household effects
piled on the Htreet, tho owners found
refuge in tho houses of frlondB, bfit
thero was no sholter for tho goods
nnd last, night's rain caused great
Tho work of eviction was suspended
today, but It was announced that on
Wednesday tho occupantB of sixteen
othor housos owned by tho company
would bo ordered to leave, On Saturday twolvo houses wero emptied. Practically all of theso tenants woro
Fifty Italian striko breakers wore
taken to tho mills today undor a
stjoug police guard,
The Hotel of Fernie
Fernie's Lending. Coiuirfei'cinl
and Tourist House
S. F. WALLACE, Prop.
Lumber  Dealer
All kinds of rough nntl dressed lumbal
Victoria. Ave.
North Fertile
C, W. Post, Manufacturer of Grape
NutB and Postum Cereal, Baltlo Crook
Plbrownro: Indurated Fibre Wnro
Co., Lockport, N. Y.
Furnituro: Amexlcnn Billiard Table
Co., Cincinnati, O,; O. Winner Piano
Co., Brooklyn N.Y.; Kroll Piano Co.,
Cincinnati O; Derby Desk Co,, Boston
Mobs. *
December 1»W
Golden Toxt for tho    Quarter:—!
cnn n
man living In any kind of hIii, tvum
bin Judiuwnl on pc-worml, moral and
. i .   ,.    n
V.JH, ii**,t*t.  i\i.\*. ..•*..-* •
November 21:
Pnul'ii Story of his llftv II Cor. II-
.1 to xll:10. Goldon Toxt: Ilo nnld unto
mo, my grnco Is sufflc.w.i tot then,
for my Rtrongtli is mado perfnet :u
wf/ikn^BH, II Cor. xllif*.
Chapter xll: 1-0.—What 1« thc only
r^'ftl pmnf of find, of Immorality nnd
tit Dm wisdom of Dw. spiritual life?
November 28
Paul on Self Denial. "Romans xiv: 10
21. Golden Text; It Is Rood neither to
Hit fl««h nor to drink wlno. nor any-
thins* wheroby Hiy brother ntumWeih.
Komans xiv:21.
List of Locals District 18
(Corrcctod by District Secretary Nov. 30 1000)
21 fill
... 1
231 ■»
x .'*■/
AHhcroft Mines
1 I frX
KdmontoM City,
Mnplo Leaf,
Itoynl CoHk-rle*
Itocho Porceo
T. Groy, Ashcroft Mlnos, Lothbrldgo, Altn,
T. llrndloy, Bankhead, Altn.
II. LovUt, Bollovno, Frnnlt, Altn.
a) Kelly, niatimoro, Alta.
Wm, Angoll, Canmoro, Alta.
\V. flrnhnm, Coloman, Alta.
P, Lonnon, Carbondalo, Coloman, Alia.
J. ApIIn, Cnrdlff, Alta.
V. V. °t   A.-miflt, fnHlff Altn,
A, Hamilton, Corbin, B. C.
C, F, Lnrrlor, IIM Bollnmy St. Udmonton
A. S. Julian, 2 Frnzor Flatfl, Edmonton
V. Holub 127 Lome St. Norwood, Edmonton
D, ItooB, Fornio B. C.
■ r,  viool   Ifrnnk. Alia.
J. \V Morris, Hogmer, I). C.
J.O, Joncfi, IIIIlcroBt, Alta.
II. Uvnns, Kcnmnro, N. D.
M. Pllshnck, P. O. 113, Lothbrldgo, Altn.
3. T. GrIfflthB, Lillo, Frank, Alta.
V. Bonnccl, Mnplo Uat, nellovtio, Altn.
Clms. Garner, Mlchul, IV C.
A. Covntch, PaiiRburn, Alta.
Chan. Hmlth, Hoynl Coll.. Ltttlibi'ldgo, A1U,
L. McQuarrlo, Iloch Porcoo, Sask.
A. Slliaw, Strathcona, Alta.
Wm. Uiiia-Ml, Tabor, Altn,
E, llrown, Tabor, Altn.
J. Roche, Taylorton, Husk.
ii__________i_l b^egSf&i-t&ukv
itKSEiasi^iwM „
«.^»*^^.««*-- *K*»*^««lJ****^,*^.*R"- '
Manley & Lawrence
1117: Third Avenue
Near Seneca St.     ,
Seattle -      Wash
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
A complete line of samples of
Fall Suiting's and
Worsteds, Serges
' a.i_dL Tweeds
.Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
j Impo
To All
• The selection of meats is a
very important point.*' See
that you get the right quality,
fc       0 y~ ucuilug- w Ini- tile-V7.V/;-\^u.—
Our Meat Is Government
Calgary Cattle Co.
For Sale
100 tons of good
Baled Hay
W. E. Barker, Cayley, Alta,
■■ *** .  -
Campaign   Grows  Hotter  Every
Dayr-Socialists   Poke   Fun
.--.,    ■ ."      , * ■  ' «
at Old Liberal Party ,
LONDON; Dec. 9— The campaign is
growing hotter every day. Mr. Balfour
the Conservative leader, is still confined to.liis bed with influenza and
cold, his customary failing, but his
party is like ' that of the Radicals,—
working at fever heat. ■     *    ,
„• Everything points to the bitterest
and most determined fight since home
rule election in 1885.*
Two factors which are bound to
have a dominating effect are lack of
funds of Labor * parties. Mr. Henderson, M. P., chairman of the , Labor
party in the Commons admits. that
he 1§ bound to withdraw candidates
because he is unprepared with the ne:
c.essary money.
This wiir save some Liberal seats
froiii a three cornered fight. The Nationalists are likewise crippled to such
an extent that it Is- declared that if
tho tariff reformers put up candidates
in' many Nationalist seats the party
will be brought to the* verge of bankruptcy.
Very galling to radical leaders is
guerilla warfare in which their budget
allies' among Socialist leaders are Indulging.
Mr, Victor Grayson, M. P., ridicules
the ministerial denunciation of Lords
when he says:   . .      .,      *°
"Who are these men on Liberal
benches? I can't tell who ai^e going
to be Dukes. (Laughter). Some .have
bought *' their peerage and paid ■ for
them in advance. (Laughter.) There
are other Liberals who * call Dukes
plunderers but they themselves sweat
and exploit workers.
Radicals are working hard and are
waiting anxiously for Friday's great
ministerial gathering in Albert hall,
when it is hoped Premier Asquith
will devise some policy against the
Lords which will bring his party en*
thusihstically in line. At present the
leaders are at variance.
The rank and file of " radicalism
fiercely demand abolition of Lords.
They are quite ready to see England
become a one-chamber country.
Sir Edward Grey, speaking on Saturday, took quite another line0of argument. . -
Instead of weakening the Lords he
would strengthen if. by making it elective and hereditary. This attitude
reealls.Jhc recent declaration of thc
king:     ,7
■ "I am not content to remain only
a hereditary institution in this country," and suggests grave possibilities
beyond even the present political crisis.
► -.** ♦
Agents of the'Dominion Coal
Co. of Cape. Breton N; S., are
at work trying to induce min-'
ers of Wilkesbarre and other
anthracite mine towns to go
there and scab. District and
' local officers should exert
themselves to prevent them
from securing any men for
such purpose. .
A strike has been on in Nova Scotia and at these mines
since July' 6 with every prospect of winning.
_, -Don't go there and try to defeat your . brothers who are
fighting for the right to organize and better conditions of
employment. .
Stay away. Due'notice will
be givea in these columns
when the' strike is won. Labor papers, please copy.
as do, the coal mining nations of Europe under much "less favorable conditions, and the tragedy grows all the
It is time for drastic action and a
hope like that offered by the present
finding should be grasped with thanks
and gladness by every man engaged
in operating mines,' and his laborers
should be given the benefit of its protection.—Edmonton Journal.      "
WINDSOR, Dec. 10—Joseph McLaughlin, colored, was fatally . crushed
yesterday while moving ;a piano into
a furniture' store. He slipped on the
steps which were covered with* show
and the piaiio toppled over and killed
him.    '
Solutionis Believed to be
at hand to  avert
If it. did not get cold, in the winter
2000 of those who meet., death each
year in the mjnes might live.' Had it.
not gotten cold in December 1907, the
mine at Monongah,' West" Virginia,
would not have exploded, and the 361
men who met death might have been
Fernie-Fort Steele
Brewing Co., Ltd.
* _.
? RottlBd Goods a Specialty
■ i
RA    ww    ■        N  ■   ««*   mmm mmm  m
Dining Room nnd Beds under
New Management,
First class tabic board
Meals 25c. Meal Tickets $5.00
Rates $1.00 per day
R. Henderson, Dining Ronm M|fr.
Advertise in the Ledger
Had it not'gotten cold the explosion
at the Darr,mine would not have foi*
lowed 28 days later, and 238 more men
might still be enjoying, life. If it
did not get cold the great succession
of mine explosions that follow each
other each winter would never take
This is the newest fact developed by
scientific students of mining conditions in America, says William Do Puy
In The Technical World. From lt has
beon deducted the actual cause of the
great, majority of tho disasters that
occur in mines, and upon it Is to be
bnsed a treatment of mines that will
prevent, the recurrence of these.
Government, exports of the geological survey some years ago became Impressed, with the'fact that the disasters occurred for tho most part in tho
wlntor, usually tho early season, Thoy
know of no reason why this should bo
so, nnd scientists abroad who had studied this clnss of disaster for a hundred years longer than thoy, woro
ablo to throw no light upon tho question. Thoro woro the moro facts as
shown by thc dates of the explosions,
Claronco Hall,, Walter O, Snelllng
nnd H. W. Chumborlnln of the technological branch, wore sont Into tho
field lo find tho connection between
season and (llHiiutor*. It wns about
this time that the throo explosions of
Decomhor 1908. occurred, with n not
slaughtor of Gil!) men. TIiohh mon
gave their undivided attention to the
i wo grent explosions nt Monognh and
Dnrr. Hoth of Uioho mines wore worked with a fine looih comb lo nsccrlaln
whut was iho cause of tho explosions,
No conditions ihnl existed woro overlooked, Willi nil tho (lain In hand
a cnni'liirtlon Iiiih beon reached, Two
ycni's have been f*|n,iil In determining
whnt hor or not thnt conclusion wiih
corrci'i und If correct, what It all
Thi'HO experts   now Htiitn thai   both
these  OXplimlnilH.   (IH   WC'll "IIH   llm   vuhI.
majority of nil others ihnt oiVur nm
from coal iIuhi nud not kiih. Tlioy nay
that this conl diint fill* tin- min" when
It In exceedingly dry, which Ih ncn-
ilcinlcnlly correi'i. Tlw mine gets
oxcoedlngly dry during cold wont her.
nnd for this there Ih n Hclentlflc ex-
plnnntloii thnt Is tin* point ,ln ' the
wholo nintter.
V   .  | ll    .1    *     t       ,  i, ,     , t   l It.   .m'Iik  *   iw*.
\ *. .............    ..... . t ■   ■'
cp",?,IH"« \\x iill ni Ini nc nfiovntlnim, Mr
nlwnyn rnntnlnn grent iinnniltiPH nf
molHturo, hut warm nlr tnrilcH moro
thnn does rold nlr. In thn summer
tlmo tho warm nlr which Ih forced In-
tn   tin.    tnlnn    lo    oliiinilfinMv    mrilitlll'i'1 i
laden. It 1-ccomoH cooler underground
nnd Ih more llliely to doposit ImoiHturc
tlmn to tako It up, The mine retnltiH
at leant a normal nmount of tho molHturo,
But whon tlio cold weather comes
on thc procoaH Is rov-urm-i]. The cold
nlr with n tPmpornture. of 30 degree*
or lens contains Utile water. Ah It
m1vnncen through lh" mlno It always
grown warmer, demands "more moisture nnd PxtriwtH this from tho side*
and lop and bottom of tho mlno.
When at last this air comes out of
the mine it is from 20 to 40 degrees
warmer than when it entered and it
carries* great quantities of moisture
which, it has drunk up while underground. The mine is just that much
drier for the air having passed
through. ■■ .At a single mine where
the air entering and leaving was
carefully analyzed it was found that
this--current was daily sapping the
mine to the amount of 50 tons of water. . The"1 same is. true of every
mine of its size, and the amount is
greater or less depending on- the size
of the- mine.       "
When the great fans have driven
this drying current of air through a
mine for a few weeks it becomes as
parched as Sahara.
It might be supposed that if there
was water on the floor of this mine
that this would be drunk up and that
the balance of the mine would remain
moist. But this is not true, for" but
a small proportion of the air would
come in contact with the water, whilo
ever atom of it calling out for moisture and« extracting it from whatever it
comes in contact with.
The activities in the dried and the
parched mine naturally cause the pulverizing of the coal and fan it Into
the air. Finally tho danger point is
reached, for the mine Is full of this
dust. Then a blast Is .set off and
with, It. tho conl dust Is ignited. If
it Is a busy mino ovory pnrt of it Is
filled with the coal dust and ovory
part of it suffers from the explosion.
This was truo of tho Dnrr mine when
it exploded with the exception of entry 21 which was low, filled with water and moisture Indon.
In tho first fow weeks of tho cold
wonthor'ouch season the moisture Is
exhausted and the mines placed In a
condition that Is rlpo for explosion.
In theso first wooks tho explosions nro
most likely to occur, hut. thoro Is danger until the warm nlr of spring again
brings tho dampncsH,
Having arrived at thoso conchiHlons
tho  government   experts    have  beon
busying"themselves with methods of
preventing the absence of .moisture.
Many operators had been before them
in ,a desire to keep down the eoal
dust, but most of the methods were
ineffective. Water had been introduced into the tunnels .and great portions
of the mines had been sprinkled. The
efforts were helpful,.but it was impossible to reach all the exposed surfaces
and the process was complicated and
the task of sprinkling was an endless
The experts have devised a far better scheme, which is through the in-'
troduction of steam. The escape
valves of the, machinery about a mine
will furnish steam enough to moisten
it, and if this is not true the necessary
amount can be generated without any
great expense. This' steam can be
led along and released at' places in
the mines in which tho air is getting
warmer and'drier. It can be released
in whatever quantities are necessary
to keep down the dangerous dust aiid
the air may be kept in any desired
Coal dust explosions will become a
thing of the past and the death rate
in mines will be lowered 50 per cent if
this is done.
All of which seems so simple as to
be academic, yet the idea is new, and
all the great scientists of the world
working, along these lines have been
stumbling over it for. years without
grasping its importance. It has been
proved and exemplified a thousand
times since being established. At
Pittsburg is an explosives station now
maintained by the government.forthe
purpose of developing just such scientific facts as these. There is a great
steel chamber which for purposes of
experiment, takes_thti_.plac^-ot_th6.
mine. Into this chamber were Intro
duced the conditions which would pre
vail in a mine' under normal conditions of moisture and temperature. Explosives were set off but the coal dust
failed to respond. The cold air of
the outside was turned into the explosive chamber, heated exactly as it
would be*In a mine, allowed to circulate until it had absorbed a great
deal of moisture, and the explosives
experiment was repeated. The coal
dust acted as so much powder. The
reverse conditions were created. A
condition of coal dust that would readily explode was produced in tho pro-
scree of great dryness. Then air
was circulated through the chamber
and Into It. was put steam, The material In the chamber became moist,
the coal dust disappeared and tho explosives woro discharged with no unusual results,
Such is tho history of the" finding
of a simple fact that soems destined
to play a great, part In tho task, of tho
making of the mines snfo for the mon
who work In thom and lessoning the
frequency with which tho greatest, tragedies of the nation occur. In tho
past eighteen years 2.1,000 men havo
died In tho mlnos In this country, and
tho number slnln auntially now is
twico ns gront as It was in I8!ui. This
country kills three'times as many men
out of oach 1000 nl work imdorfiroimd
60 days after date I intend to apply
to.the chief of Provincial Police for a
renewal  of, the  retail, liquor license
for the Royal -Hotel of Gateway, B.C.
Dated this 16th day of October. 1909.
Oct. 16 Dec. 17 G.V.
'  Of the American  Federation of
' The following is part of Oie unfali
list of the American Federation of Labor. Many ot the daily newspaper
readers who hear as much about the
"Unfair List" during these days may
be anxious to know what names of
firms the A.1 F. of L. "Unfair List'! contains.
Under these circumstances k becomes the* duty of the labor press to
keep its readers properly . informed.
What are papers published for if not
for the purpose of giving' correct information?
Cigars: Carl Upnian of New York
City; Kerbs, Wcrtheim & Schlffer of
New York City, manufacturers of the
Henry George and Tom Moore,cigars.
Flour: Washburn-Crosby Milling Co
Minneapolis; Minn.; Valley City Milling Co., Grand, Rapids, Mich.
■ Whisky: Finch Distilling Co., Pittsburg Pa. o    '   , ■
Clothing: N. Snellenberg & Co., ot
Philadelphia Pa.; Clothiers Exchange.
Rochester N.Y.; B, Kuppehheimer &
Co.,  Chicago.
Corsets: Chicago Corset Co., manufacturers" Kabo and I a Marguerite
■ Gloves: J. H. Cownie Glove Co., Des
Moines, la.; California Glove Co., Napa, Cal.
Hats:'J. B. Stetson Co., Philadelphia
Pa., E. M. Knox Co., Brooklyn N. Y.,
Henry H. Roelof & Co., Philadelphia,
Pa. ' .
Shirts and Collars: United Shirt &
Collar Co., Troy, N. Y.; Van Zaiidt,
Jacobs and Co., Troy, Cluett, Peabody
and Company, Troy, N.Y.; James R.
Kaiser of New York City. '
The Butterick Pattern Company- of
New York.
' -Cement: Portland Peninsular Cement Co., Jackson, Mich.; Utica Hydrau-
■lic-Cement-and-Mfg-Gon-Uticai—Illinois.- ** ' ,
Stoves: Wrought Iron Range Co., St.
Louis, Mo., United States Heater' Co,
Detroit,^Mich., Gurney I'oundry Co, oi
Toronto Ont.; Home Stove Works, of
Brooklyn Watch Case Co., Sag Harbor
Indianapolis, Ind.; Buck Stove and
Range Company, St. Louis.
Bags: Gulf Bag Co., .New Orleans,
La„ branch Bemls Brothers, St. Louis,
Mo. ,
Brooms and Dusters: The Lee P-room
and Duster Company, Davenport, la.;
M. Goellerfs Sons, Circlovllle, Ohio;
Merkle-Wlley Broom Company, Paris
Watches:' Keystone Watch Case Co.,
of Philadelphia; Jos. Fnhy, Brooklyn,
T. Zurbrugg Watch Case Co., Riverside N. J.
In the' matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to the south west 55 feet "in
width by 132 depth of lot' 8
block 2 of lot-5-155 group 1, Kootenay
district (Map 735.)
Notice Is hereby.given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month* after tho first publication
hereof a duplicato of the certificate of
Title to the above mentioned laud in
the name of Thomas Bullen which certificate is dated the 26th of July 1906
and numbered 5906A.
.   ' H. R. JORAND,
-, District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson   B.C.   Oct.   13,   1909.
Applications for electric light met
ters should be made to the undersigned at once, so that same may bi installed without loss of time, The'Clty
of Fernie .electric light plant will be
running shortly and we will be in a
position to supply light and power.
', City Clerk.
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less, o        "r, -
• Located this 3rd day of September
J. RAVEN, Witness
■a     NOTICK
IN the matter of an application for
the Issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to lot 15 block 21 town of Fernie
(Map, 734.) .-.   -       .
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the certificate of
title to the above mentioned lot-in
the name of Michael J. Casey, John
Robert Ross and William A. Ross,
which certificate is dated the 5th
day of October 1907 ' and numbered
District Registrar
Land, Registry  office Nelson,  B.  C,
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certificate for
Title for Lot 3 Block 2 of lot 5455
Group One Kootenay District (Map
735.)    "
_ NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my intention to issue at the expiration
of one month after the first publication
hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date 1 intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner , of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum oh the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or" near the 28 mile post of
the present C. P. R. surveyed line an"d
being, the north west corner of Nat
Babcock claim;   *. „   '    '
Thence running east SO chains;
, Thence running south 80 chains
Thence running west SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
610 acres more or less.
Located this 2nd day of September
J. RAVEN. Witnoss
NOTICE is hereby given that thi,i>
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to'the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands aril Works for a license to prospect for "oal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 mileseast of 27
mile post of the present C. P. R. surveyed line and being the south west
corner of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;"
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running south 80 chains ='
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located-this 3rd day of September,
1909. ,    -
J. RAVEN, Witness'
Title to the above mentioned lot in of Eder Harper which certificate is dated the 19th of March 1900,
and numbered 7495A.
H. R. Jorand,
•'" i.    District Registrar
"My baby had a rash somo-*n
thing liko eczema. It caused tho
child groat pain and made it very
restless and ill. Tho rash sproad vory
quickly, and I was at a Joss what to
do noxt, for all tho romodies I tried failed to
givo the littlo ono ease. A friond strongly adviood mo to
try Zam-Buk, and I did. That proved good and gavo tbo
baby oaso vory quickly. I wont on with tho treatment,
and by tho timo the third box was usod, all traces of tho
rash had gone."
,;^ b.*j0 liUn. J. ilccjiyf, ui Auruc*, aiiu tuMiv-e ut iimClivi* couiti
mnltf- ■pri*-'.1-''lenity the* nam. nWitemcnl, If j'c.'ir t-liihl juuVru irom toi-tjj-
inj- ni<*li, eczema, dialing, or ony of tlin nutnorouu skin troubles to
whicli yonnjf childron aro victims, npply Znni-Huk.
Xam-lluk Iiiih tho Rreat tn«rit of lieing puro. Whon you put an
ointinont on to your clillfl's nkin it finally f-etH Into tho blood through poren iiwr ni qnrely tn If vim ruit H int/> the eliili-l'a Pt/iinivli Mn
don't you seo how important it is lho Imi in should bo puro ! Zam-Buk
U inaaa from puro horbal OMftncca, It contfllni no (inimM fnt, no
mineral coloring, no poisonous, burning antiseptic Ik soothes quickly,
and honU surely. Hond uo lo, stamp and wo will miiil you trial box froo.
The most, "cussed", the most abused man iu any community is the labor
If he refuses to take nn advertisement because the firm or Individual Is
not oxnetly fair with evory labor union
tlmt firm or individual begins hammering,
If ho tiiUns nn nd from some.individual or firm Hint Is unfair to even
ono union man, thou again thero Ih
It nmkoH no difference whether tbo
editor was In l.tiioninee of*tho trouble
or not.
If he lakes an neilve purl In any
eli'dlon, city, county or si uic, ugly
things ure snld nbout him. And If
he falls to tnlii; nn net he pint the id-
(illlt   Is   tl|IO  Hllllie.
li Ih ilniuued it' lie does nnd dimmed
If lie ilon'ti on nil proposition!.,
lie nniMt feed every hnbn whenii he
eniucH to town, help 'every drunk to
mint her drink, and rIvo enr to every
iniiii't* trouble and nervo on every
committee npnolnied, He mum lie ||*<*
prline honsler fnr every movement
whleh comes for th<> betterment of
the community.
Ven, verily the life of n lnbiir editor Ih one of MiiiHhhie nml plcnsnni
things,-■ KiiKiiin .loui'iiiil.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following described lands situate in
South B. Kootenay.'British" Columbia,
Block -1593, commencing at a post
planted at or uenr 1 mile oast of the
31st mile post of the present C. P. It.
surveyed lino and being the south east
corner of A. S. Farquharson's claims;
Thonco running west SO chains;
Thonce running north 80 chaius:
Thence running oast SO chains;
Thonco running south 80 chains
lo a point of commencement, mnklng
GIO acres mc-re. or less.
Located this *•*■■, dnyof September,
.1. It AVION, Wlteeph
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief- Commissioner of.
Lauds and Works for a license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on. the
following described lands situate in
South E. Kootenay, British Columbia,
Block 4503, commencing at,a post
■planted-at- or-near_4~nilIesi"east—of~30J
mile post of the-present,C. P. R. surveyed line, and being the north west
corner(of P. A. Farquharson claim;
Thence running south 80 chains
'Thence running east 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;'
Thence running "west 80 chains;
to a point of commencement, making
G40 acres more or less:
Located this 2nd day of September,
J. RAVEN, Witness
NOTICK is hereby jsiveii thai thirtyi ■
r;!D) dnj'H nfier dine; I intend-in apply I
t.o Ilie lion. Chief   CommlsHlonor   ofj,j
Lauds and Works for n lleeime to prospect ior Coal and Petroleum on    tboi"
following deHcrlbed InndH   sltiinie In,'
South K, Kootenay, llrltlsh Columbia,,
lllock'   -l.'li;!,   comineiielnu   nt a post;
plumed nt or :i miles e;iKi of ;!<»
mile pom of the preKciit <„'. V. II, surveyed line nml being tbe north cusi
corner nl' Kdmoml Holsjull's clnlm;
Thence running hoiiiIi SO chiiliiri
Thence running went S'i cIimIiih;
TliClleii minimi- imi'h Mr cIiiiIiim;
Tlience running -'itM M chnlux;
to ;i poll.t of inmmi-ie. ■ iiji-n!,
•Iln lure,! moi e or b'.-'j.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply
to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for a license to prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum on tho
following described lands situate In
South E, Kootenay, British Columbln,
Block '1503, commencing at a pOBt
planted at or near 3 milos east of 30
milo post of Ihe present C, P. n. surveyed lino and being tho north west
coiner of Nat Babcock clnlm;
Thence running south 80 chains
Thonce running onst SO chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running wohI SO cIiiiIiih;
to n point, of commencement, making
040 ncres more or less.
i    Located this _nd day bf Soptenibor,
(IKAVENIHMIST, Pee. H.—Tho first
NOTICr; Ih hereby given thnt thirty
' CUM dnys nfier dnte I Intend in apply
to Un* lieu. Chief   Ciimiiilimlimer   of
', LnndH niul Works for n lleeiiHe to prospect foi- Conl mul Petroleum nn    tlm"
.following deiicrlbed IiiihIh    Kltimte In
t Snillli E. Kniiteiuiy, llrltlHh Columbln,
Hloi'K    ).'.!•,),   coiiiiii"in ing   nt a poHt
■ pliuiied at or near I inlleti en*: of 27
7i.!lc i.n... U Dw pn'.<,!,. f.   P. II. sur
, Vi-JeiJ   line   uti-l   lii'Ing   111*    -i'i th   e.13t
Located UiIh ".'ml dny nf Septcnibcr. corner of Nnt  imbrm-li clnlm'
I ono.
HAVEN, WIiiiohh
Thence ruiiiiliii! west sii chnlnn;
Thence running liortli SO clinliifi;
Thence imining ensi so clmlm-*;
Thence running mhiiIi fji.i clmlm*
/■"Am-TluV li»e-ur«for
■KitiM, titan, bloud
.■niioni'if, ibrrtMi,
He. WhfT«i«r ch«
•Ida l» Injurt-t or AW
c;uci 2,m. I!„. will
Vr* mm sn,1 will
h'lL Alt <iraf(l*u
• cd Horn, ;„ ctnli
W, tit tat prif* fr-sn
Zim-Butr Ci,, Ter»
nnt.).   jfurli.jj.
'•eil  ni   FninVllii"  \V.\y   Ppnnci":  1,'iV'*'
nn   Pniunlny   iiltiht   nbout   7  o'clock, I
when   Mary Gill  nged   1.1  years  aud
her brother aged  it yenrH lout  their
Tl.,..'    ii-,..-..    .l-.n!.  ,r    r..,     ,),,     1..1-,      t.
compnny with a number of other of
the   young   people   when   Hie   fee   let
NOTICE l» hereby given that tlilily]
(30) days nfter date I intend to npjil.v:
\d *.* .*.* ■•  e *,*
Lncnti'd ibl
i P.ii'iO.
-id dny of Peplfinber,
t..\,   VV llllt'.-.-*,
LnndH nnd Work* for a license to nrcw-,
pect for Conl ami I'eiroleiim on    ilie;
tbem down, together with MIhs   Mary j following cloHciibed liuids    hImiiHc Inj NOTICE
.Itmei, nml Cyril Gill.     Cyril (iill man-. South ).. Kootenay, Hrltlih Columbia, i 	
ai'i'd to get out ami imsli-t. MIck Jones j Block 1.10.1, commcnelni; at n pontj U*' -liiyi* aftei date I intend lo apply
mid iiImi his HlHter on in the Ice, but jplnnted nt or near 4 mllen nt '.'Tito the rhb-t nt Pro\liirlnl Vein,.,, fnr a
the iiiifoiiiiiiiite    gli) broke   il.riuiub Imlle post of lho present C, V. It. ».iir-J Trnt,Kf.-r of the ret
iMnvin before sl.e not to the hIuu
Mnph CHI, the fnllier Is a faun
Sparrow Luke.
Tie,* fuiii-ial will t.'i-M- plac on Tiii'N
dn;' from Hi, Paul's church, Graven
veved line nnd being the north
«f |corner of P. A. riirc]iihnr-*mn rInfrn:
|    Thenco runnlni; earn SO chnlns;
Theme rtuinitiK .souih fib (hulw,
Thence running w»;« 80 chains;
Tlience running horlh SO chain***;
all llf|itor Hi-ens-.; of
Million   InitKOII   Id   Gi-DIK1*   Vlllc-elll   til
H<e lloynl Motel, Gateway, ll. C.
Jfafcrl this Mill day of October. 190*.
Oct 16 IVc 17 O.V.
.I**": I
$ i
' ■*?.
*   "  I-
n,       .*!,
-    ?■
■-   ■
i *
" 7,1
'-  •*!
-v.^;^^-^-^^-^ yy Y<„|- ,i,M— R, TIME TABLE
Arrive Fernie
.. 10.00
No.  214 East	
.. 17.55
..    9.12
..  19.27
No. 7 West Flyer 	
.. 10.40
.No.  8 East Flyer	
. 20.08
Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
No. 251
6.55   m             FERNIE
7.13                , HOSMER
7.25                  OLSON
7.50           ' ,   MICHEL .
Arrives Spokane S.30 p.m.
Arrives "Seattie 10.15 a, in".
Furnished boarding house for rent,
a snap, apply to Ross Brothers, P. O.
box 213.
Furnished and unfurnished room to
rent in modern house. Telephone, electric Pght and bath. Apply B. S. care
Ledger, , 3tNP
For Sale: Ten acres good land covered with tamarac and cedar, close in.
. Apply Ledger office. lm
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone Gl.
You bet—the spot to buy furniture
is at the Trites-Wood Co.
No place in town just like it. Ingram's pool room.
Electric Fixtures, Depew, Macdonald
& McLean, phone 61..
If you are a particular smoker get
your smokes at ingrain's.
Beef, mutton? pork, veal,,hams, bacon, lard, etc., only of the very best.
Phone 41.
Do it now. Buy the range fitted
wth semi-steel linings. Will stand 000
degrees more heat tlmn nny ordinary
ones, and you get it. fur less money at
the Trites-Wood Co., Ltd.
For a  good comfortable smoke get
* Dorenbecker's    brands.      They     are
home product.
They are still selling window shades
from 30c up at tlie tritos-Wood Co.,
They do not give furniture away,
but they sell it cheap at the Trites-
Wood Co. Ltd. „ 7 .
Sewing Machines the best made
from $30.50 up. All ball bearing fitted
with automatic lift and,, fully' guaranteed for ten-years at tlie.Trircs-Woocl
Co. Ltd. Come in and try one.
_ Wanted: Nursing, over 20 years "experience, apply to Mrs. J. Howbrook,
Fernie Annex, or box 33G, Fernie.
Do you know that you can buy heat
ing stoves from $2.75 up at the Trites-
Wood Co., Ltd.
Wanted: Respectable party or par
..ties wanted to adopt healthy boy, two
and a half years old and girl throe
■ind a half years old, Replies to bo
sent to T. C. care Ledger office.
* Wanted: A good handy ■ girl, who
can do cooking, etc, Apply C.C.
Bengough, the great cartoonist, will
be in Fernie on the 16th. Wait for
him.    ' ' ■ "
Blair Letcher' left last night for Arn-
prior to bring Mrs. Letcher and baby
Mr. and Mrs, F. C. Lawe leave tonight for Ottawa for a few wecksvisit
to relatives there.-
Frod Adolph ofthe Adolph Lumber
Company of Baynes.was in the city
during the week on business.
P. Kennedy left for the east today.
We tried our best to elicit the information as to the results of the journey
but Pat was noncommittal.
John B. Watson, auditor for the city
of Calgary and Fernie has located at
the hotel Fornie, and will accept aud-,
its, etc.     See his card on page six,
Tho Christmas tree in connection
with thc Baptist Sunday school will
be held on Christmas Eve, December
2*1. A splendid "■ timo is being arranged for.
For nny information about the latest directoire style in overcoats seo
Cornelius Adolphus Rothschild ■ Van
dcrbilt Whelan. lt has Danny's Searchlight looking like the Michel Reporter.,
If you want a good hearty laugh be
sure and be present at the performance of the "Three Hats" December
17 at S o'clock, to be given by local
talent in ■ the basement of the- nc-jw
.Methodist church.
Tlie Ledger has received some very
pretty cards for Christinas. All styles
in slock. We print your name and
verso and supply them cheap. Your
friends will appreciate these more than
the usual run of cards. Call and see
Do not miss Arthur Shirley's great
■comedy entitled the Throe Hats, to be
given b> the Fernie Entertainment Society next Friday, December 17 at S
o'clock in thc basement of tho new
Methodist church. A collection will
be taken up to be devoted to thi?, gymnasium fund,    * .        *'■
Mr. Clark has put on some extra fine
shows at Bruce's hall. Mr. Clark
obtains the latest and best films and
besides that has some clever vaudeville, which help's fill in the time, and
altogether makes a very pleasant evening. Any who have witnessed the
Clark show are loud in tlieir praises of
For Sale: Moving picture machine,
complete, also 5000 feet of films, 500
large posters, 2000 dodgers,' 50 colored
slides, everything ready to start in
business; films only shown in 8 towns.
Price $200, or machine and colored
slides for $30. Machine almost, now. A
bargain. Apply William Rothel, Michel
The Great Bengough will be in the
city on December 16 and give his famous illustrated lecture.
To rent or for sale: Four roomed
modern cottage, 22 x 24. Victoria ave.
Apply' to S. Jellett; King Edward hotel. ' * ,//' 2t 11 p
Found: A black pony, Owner can
have same by proving property and
paying expenses to date. Apply at
Ledger office. ' - et
Remember that Progressive Fernie
will make a neat and cheap Christmas
remembrance to send away. Only
50c and ten cents for the postage to all
parts. i
We understand, the Fernie Philharmonic society are going to give a real
treat to the music''lovers on December 1-lth. Whatever it is it will be
good, we can assure you of that. '
Royal Oak Camp Ml 59 M. W. of A.
meets on Monday the 13th inst,, to
elect all officers for 1910. Every
neighbor should attend and give their
opinion • and vote and boost ^for the
Fernie camp.
Services in the Methodist church,
on .Sunday December 12, will be conducted by Mrs. (Rev.) Lashley Hall.
Morning at II; evening at 7.30. Adult
Bible class at 2.30. Strangers welcome.
The Mason and .Risen Piano company have just opened up a fine new
show room in one of. the stores in the
Todd block. The very large and select stock on exhibition is a credit to
many places larger than Fernie, ' and
no doubt many of the popular pianos
will be dispose'd of. See their ad on
another page.. We now have two
fine piano stores in this city.
Harry Quigg, "employed at Xo. 2
mine,' Coal Creek, was injured on Fri-'
day. Quigg, whose duty it is to attend to trips of coal coming down incline, wns at landing when trip gave
wayi lie was caught by same, receiving injuries resulting in a broken
leg. This was the' last trip for the
shift and in a very few minutes Quigg
would have been outside. . Another
minor accident occurred in No. 1 during (he week.
Messrs. Taschereau Bros, have taken a temporary lease of the new Miners theatre, and last, night opened
their lease with a fine exhibition of
moving pictures. They' promise to
run a! strictly orderly house, and to
procure none but tho best films. They
have mado arrangements to have a
cameraphon'e picture show in future.
This will be a new thing for* here and
as it is proving successful all over
the States,-should "prove interesting.
■■' The school board met at the city
hall on Thursday evening,before the
ed several matters of importance, instructions were given tohave llio temporary school in West Fernio prepared
ready for opening after the Christmas
holidays. As" there are 157 pupils
from this' section of the city thi-s will
be appreciated, The board intend
to still keep after the government until
they fulfil their promise and build the
new school in West Fernie,
Horse Shoe Salmon
The Best Red Sockeye Salmon put up   -
in the world.    Every can guaranteed.
It pays to buy the best: ■
Pay   Cash   and  Just   Sxstile ,
W. J.    BLUNDELL      Give us a. call
2 Nights
Commencing:   Friday
_ December,   17
Return  of
Miss Verna Felton and
The Allen Players
Presenting two of the heaviest bills in their extensive repertoire
Friday Night   "Jim, The Westerner"
Sat'y       " "Sherlock Holmes" *
SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2.30.   Prices 25, 15
\r Curtain Rises at 8 sharp   Prices 25, 50, 75
Seats on Sale at Bleasdell
I Mean &-. Waggett
. ; . . '
We have a full line of first class Groceries; Buter and Eggs Fresh
Every Week.
Bananas, Celery, Apples,' Oranges and
Lemons,   Pears—just   intoday.
We carry a full  range of Men's Fur-
'   nishings.       Sweaters,   Underwear
and  Heavy • Shirts and  Mackinaw
Clothing a specialty.
Suits   made  to   order:   Tweeds,   Wor-
n   steds, and Serges, from $16 up to
~,     $28. W. ' "
Beaver, Melton and Cheviot Overcoatings'made  to   order from  $13.00
Headquarters for Every- ]
thing in Holiday Goods
t. i
Ladies' Furs
Ladies' Lace Waists
Ladies' Umbrellas
Ladies' Neckwear
-     .   ;  ." "  Silly, Shawls
and Drawn Work Linen Pieces
Opposite New Post Office
Phone .No.. 70 f
1 <&«&&>(2St4f!itte&ewe&<me&&f&(&meg.e&ix$tt
Men's Smoking Jackets    , ■  ;
Men!s Dressing' Gowns    ,;
,7 Men's - Umbrellas,
Men's Ties
'*> • .
Men's Gloves
' Men's Tie
• Pins and  Fancy Vests
All kinds of Toys and Xmas Cards
Advertise in the District Ledger
Is $60.00 to $150.00 worth Saving ? If so do
not hesitate to attend the Big Seven Day Sale
of Pianos now being run in Todd Block by the
Wo have just received a full carload of Canada's Finest Pianos at Fornio and havo oponod them up for display at our storo in tho Todd Block.    All thoso instruments aro oithor our own colobrated mako
—THE MASON & RISOH—or standard high class pianos mado for our exclusive salo and distribution.   , For soven days wo aro going to givo tho citizens of Fornio and vicinity
The Piano Opportunity of a Lifetime
Wc arc going to givo discounts thnt actually count--aro going to savo our purchasers from $60 to $150 on ovory piano sold.
Prepare to be one of tho early buyers and got tho pick of thc bargains.    Every Instrument sold during salo backed by our unlimited guarantoo.
Tho fact is that wc aro thc largest piano concern in the Dominion.    Every resident of Canada is familiar with tho namo of Mason & Risch, and thoy arc nlso familiar with tho gonuin.onoss of any article
f    ,11      ii J    .1.1 **i>ii*.M*, <Wrx\
On  Saturday,  Dec.   11th  at 9  a. m.
Wc will inaugurate this great sale—thero will bo but seven days of these sacrifice prices—srIo closes at lti p.m. SATURDAY, DECEIuEEK, 1G
Wc will make ond arrange payments to your convenience, and mako dolivory whon you dosiro.
The Mason &  Risch   Pta^
''-Wrswirt**-^^ (*rf»*i4yjg|


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