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 l-j.^ —*rAZK*ySM*?#*'!!>^r»'x-.'-"
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, 1*1
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,*""* iy*'
l-   .      j -*4*
j Ind-ustriaag-Uaaltsr is StreouEtb^
~{PrQy:a--j;Jbrw;y -Ay JuriersO^OS i
VOL.TV.  No. 44 vi:
"- 7 ■■    " L y *"* ">
Tbe Official Ovfan of District Mo. 18, U. Pl.l'W. of A.
Political Unity is Victory
FERHTE,  B.C,    June 5th} 1909
$1.0Oa Tear
Black. Hand  Visits City
-And Makes Usual De-   i
mand-Is Arrested
But Escapes
'■' ..The Ledger received "«M>rd.-
thls morning that fta*nl*aa "hud
■hreeai caught at'EJDco. I***-* stat-,
ion agent spotted him .and the
police were-notified.; Me'"was
brought back to *fi» «c'lty rdn
the noon train.   , ',  "*"
■Rumore of "Black Hand" operations
lliave been rife for some time In 'this
•city again. Black Hand' work its *a
touchy subject here as about 'a .year
ago quite a number were rounded' up
-after attempting to carry on operations
. In our city.
Acting on information placed'lm their
hands, the provincial police along "with
, Chief Burroughs and Constable Gorman captured a man at Coal-Creek'on
Mondayv locating him in a Bltack-'at;
that place which is tenanted by'&'num-
ber of Italians.
The name given to the police Ib'
Joseph Raniera. He is a sohto'ffmm
ny Italy, about 26 years of age,'about
5 ft. 9 "in., smooth. shaven, ian'a ,<nif
courser dark complexion. He\w»s-f8*'a
dark suit.   ' „' ' -   *'       " t
A New Comer
Joseph is evidently a new ixHorer.-aB,
from reliable information he 3?as mot'
been around town or Coal Creek fori
more than two or three weeks.: ^Whether, he came, or was brought 3nere,'es-!
pecially for the cases In haua sis mot
known. '     ', ' j
•   ■*•*
Same.old System   . ,j
The citizens in this case mho tare
singled out for bleeding are^l-'Hixzu*
.to and Louis. Corrosella, and in letters'
*> . • . i
lt was intimated to them tbat unless
they saw fit to deposit a ceattalnKSumi
of legal currency at a stated .location
ofi short notice, things would limp-pen
tq.them that .would be toochorrible.to
mentfon.   -  , , ,--' V '" .'•'•"    *
Suspicion.was aroused in theimirids!
police were "called*, in* on lie* lease fat
' oncel      They proceeded to Codl'Creek
and in short'order, landed Jresuinably
the right jhan,- and, brought Wmiba*k
to town.  ',. N    ..    * ".     '    .'
Got*30 Days . /\
Raniera was brought up before TAfa*
' glstrnte Whimster on the charge. > bf
carrying concealed weapons, 'andv < oii
this score was given thirty days, Iii
which time the Black Hand portion-of
the case would be more thoroughly in*
' vestlgated. , .. 7
A' considerable amount of inc'rlmlii*
tttlng evidence was found In the shuck
which was Inhabited by a number of
Italians, Including tho prisoner, al
Coal Creek., It. was In audi ilhape,
howovor, that not much could be -used
against Raniera at tho time.
The city Jail is not finished yet, and
tho provincial police offlco colls woro
brought into use for tho safo keep-of
tlio man,
Raniera Escapes.from Jail
Tlio prisoner was lodged In Jnll safo
and sound, nnd as usual whon dinnor
tlmo cnmo King's charity was dispensed' to him.
It Is supposed now that ln passing
in -aiidiout of tho coll with dinner far
tlio man, tho jailor lias not aocuroly
fastonod 'tho locks, and tho Italian was
quick to notico tho fault and mnko
good ruee iof his chance.
' One roport has It that aB soon ns
Raniera *notlcgd that tlio lock had not
been pressed nil tho way In, ho iniulo
a Rort of long hnndlod hook out of a
slat In hit «ot ,nnd :a ;hook mndo from
wlro In the .aot, antl with this ronchod
through the Inn's and IiaHtlly romovod
tlio pad lock /nam tlio door, The off*
' leers woro away ut .dinner at tho tlmo
so 'nothing remained <tbr "Raniera to itbl
but to' vacate, wO&Sh !te d% in short
order, taking Iris ■o'Sal't rand'an/axe'riloifg
wlfh him-.  .   , ".,
He Was <Seen
It so happened 'that 'a painter who;
worked la the .-neighborhood had seen
'tho men being -put (ln .Jail in the wor*!
'nlng, -*wid whon ihe maw him 'leinflHg
the building with *an :axe, and no -xfft-j
leer ln -sight 'he 'immediately conclubV
ed 'that HOI Tvas mot iright. '
" Ward -waB mt aorica-i 'Bent to the nitty'
iKfllce offices'to the effect thai .'toe
:man "Bantera ihail'escaped-from 'the'
provincial Jail *and:h&*d headed 'down;
ttr'ou^h the (did recreation grounds tto;'
■"the Great ^Northern 'tracks.
"Constable' Gierke --was soon * after .'him:
-via horseibadk. As soon asithe >ex-
-prisoner motieed ithat, be waB being
'followed Ihe 'left 'the track-the mother
side of 'West Fertile 'arid todk <to 'the
woods In (the -foothills, where :It \wa$:
Impossible' tof follow * on. horseback  **
.Constable 'Clerke returned :and 'got'
every-avaHalJleloffleer'in townfand'ttoe
hastily fforme'd iposse were soon 'Im.1 a
'.on the ichase. 'The whole HtooOifll
dlstflet was covered, thoroughly, audi
word was sent both ways to cuz loflj
his.escape through any of the Tieniby\
towns where^he might have access ito
the.railways. . ."    •       .   |
The.HosmeTpolIce are also wonHilu-g
on-the-chase.   -   .      '■.,*.'■■•        i
By t ther time i the <offleers arrbseUiAt
the* spot'where he Is said to have-en-1
tered ' the -'woods 'Raniera ha'd,,;a .•good
start and.evidently was bound on-mak!
ing the best, of it. [ The searchers;I'd I',
vlded into; several 1 parties so * as Uo - bt»
able to thproirghly 'cover the, ground J
rThe old'lumber camps in that [■•district have • been thoroughly search ei!
and as:Uhe:.Waie^.vin^pdriver 'hi "so
faigh-il.',"Beenisi iinpossibie" thafTreTcarT
"cross at vaijyVi>laco ■ biit,the   regillaij
brfdges, and'-hellS'iipt,likely to tdke'-Mi
•cbarie'eat ^haf.;: ^J *.'.'• \y"x <  y   y
ytio effort Is -being spared to re-cap-
turothe man 'as; thepolice belleve'they
arei after a man^cpnnected with a bad
gang, one whom-*they consider "better
bfihihd bars than;at'liberty.
'As yet he, has'not been recaptured,
but the police -seem confident that
they will land their man soon.
And P-imetkally Beyond All Control-Serious Damage is
* V - '"a, \ -*' " K '
Rei^airiM-West Fernieites Had to Move-Riyer
Still JRiskig and Causes Much Anxiety
♦ ♦,,♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
,    MINER8 ♦
. — ♦
The C. N. P. C. Co. want ♦
about 100 good miners  (not ♦
daymen) for,Michel.     The ♦
company want the best men ♦
they  can  get,  and  any Idle ♦
men in the district who   can ♦
fill the bill should apply to, ♦
the Michel superintendent at ♦
once. - ♦
Local News
Tibia "BEfc 'RWiiT/la 'certaliily non "th'e
'rampage -tills -week. "    '   .     „   ■   ' I
.'At 'all times *a-"freshstream -with *>a
'rapid current, it haB been augmented
.. .    - , ■   M
'by 'Q*e ^anow :meltlng<on the 'mountain
Bldea, "^hlch'.haB]moved<bffrapIdly in
- the tpast few > days * owing to • the warm
■weather. .,,./,
fOld;timerBihave!predtcted'for wee ta
^nokthat'thereimlght be-something 4°
■ka' before-June-was aover; and to
certain <-degree i their prophecies *
been if ulf Hied.     *
E.'J. Watson, the Globe-Dean agent
wlio was so niuch-admlred In town by
thc .trusting policy-holders, -has-beon
-absent from tho city the last few days.
Several nro wondering why and whero,
He:had four dollars-still coming to
hlnVon the policy Issued to tho Ledger
for'^3,500, but. somehow ho, never called-for. the'amount, and maybe it Is
Just'as woll ho didn't.,        *    •
One; of the most disgusting ways ot
dls'-oslng of a doad horso, was wit*
nossed'Oii our stroelK this wook. An
unfortunate animal with (a broken Ior!
\vas'8hot at a tent off MaopliorHoa a ■«■■■
nuo iand the same ovoning a chain
was wound around tho nock of tho
beast, by which lt wns dragged by
two:teams of horses through tho prlii*
clprtl j-streots bf tho city, to tlio horror
und disgust of many Inhabitant's, par*
tloillafly women and chlldron. "To tho
horso lit probably made no dlfforonca,
but npponrancoB and nlcoty of doing
tilings count for a lot theso days.. In
tlie samo ynrd whoro the horso wus
taken .stood sovornl wagnnB nnd plenty
of .lion woro prosont to nm-vlHt In load*
Ing tlio 'unfortunate* bonsl, und saving
tho peojilo on tlio route introrsod ., a
slcUcniug    ntul Bomowlmt    amniotic
Our Conl Creek raw'j'ospondont writes: "Tlio .•njtl.fulnoBB of Uiobo
Rolomn wordB 'In Ihe mldHt of lifo wo nrn In dr-ntli/ cnmo homo onco
moro, In forcible manner when word rouched uh of the mul fatal nc*
cldojit to Tod Oldncro In No. C mlno, II. was hnrd to ImiiRlno, for
Just that vory morning our aorronpondont hnd it long con-yorHntlon wllh
lilm In which ho talked over aomo of Ills futuro plans, lie hnd boon
ropo riding, nnd hin district van vory low In nonio placo* nnd Toil bolng no tall, ho wno ovor six foot, ho had mndo up hl» mind to quit It,
On tho day of Ills death ho wob put on at boBB-drlvor In tlw* district
known i*.b tho Slope. A trip of cars had Just begun their Joumoy up,
nnd ho wan nltnndlnir to the "dmi*.'" bohlnd. It wn* whorllv nftnrwnrd
<ho was found undor a confused heap of can. Il Ib Biirmlnod Hint owing to tho bad adjustment of a coupling pin, thn flvo londod enra broko
away and caught him, without giving him n chance to got out of tho
way. He was nllvo when exlrlcatod, but oxplred boforo lie,waa got out
of tho mlno. Ills splno and sldo were tho sont of hin fatnl Injuries, It
waa In theso notes laat week wo announced his return to Coal Creek
from tho old country. We' believe hin parents llvo In -Staffordshire,
England, and the sympathy of hli followe goes out to them and to all
near and dear to htm tn thnt land. The funoral took placo on Thursday afternoon nil tho mines nt Conl Creek aUvndlng Idlo nil dny, nnd n
apodal train was run lo Pernio, The aolemn cortoge loft tho undertaker's parlors headed by tho Salvation Army band playing "Tho
Dead March fa Quit," with a flno muster of members of Qladatone local union following. The church of England burial rites were obaerved
and a lam faruwoll lu aa^idaucu with the ritual of thu union w«i
given to our brother at the gravealde,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Snow Fall Reaponslble
. jThe^snow.fall during the past winter
•was-Uhe deepest recorded for years,
-anti i in thei foothills and sides of the
mountains'very littlo snow goes away
•until'the'rains and heat* of spring are
conl hand; to ..help it out. ' This year
thei'spring-'seasorihas been backward,
and the rainfall not much, with the re-
■-suit'that the snow has hot moved out
as* rapidly'as in other, years.
JFor the last five or six days,, however, Old, Sol-has been getting in' his
: licks, and numerous small streams all
along the'river have grown to be min-.
iature rivers, all of. them adding their
quota 'to help.make-the Elk' river.. a
dashing/turbulent, treacherous, full-
fledged river. - . c.- - _ .'.
• -In the. Foothilla- '.'"'■ ."■*
7A couple of local men who'afe well
acquainted*■*with the* mountain trails
and paths in'this locality, made a trip
to.the foot of Mt. Fernie about three
morning that on the farthest rise, in
the. foothills arid'^on -ther. north 4:side,
there .were • plenty.* of .places where, ten
to'ni of'solfd-'snow *was stiU lying,-'and.
at that time it'had showed no signs of
leaving. In the Bame district now
there is no sign* of show, bo an enormous amount of water must have passed-off In a short time.
West Fernie the Target
As usual West,Fernie is the place
to get the worst of the flood. A Ledger man took a walk over on Thursday
and'had a mighty Interesting time too
making the trip,.across to the G. N.
tracks. . On going down the'hill by
the:skating rink It appeared that the
road, ran through a river about half
a mile wido. 'Tho*roadbed hore Is
belng'sadly undermined and fears are
expressed that a washout may occur.
On reaching tho bottom a family was
seen making a hasty exit from a small
tar-paper covored house on tho loft
handmldo of the road, which was. woll
night surrounded by tho water. Horo
was "Scotty" Jolnson doing a flno
stunt with a mnttross and -several
boxes piled, on tho side, of then rond,
'the laBt..fow trips bolng mado ,wlth
considerable difficulty through the rapidly rising wator, It looked first as
though houso cleaning wore ln order,
but on enquiry Scotty Informed us In
no uncertain way that "Ilo was goln'
to flit out;an yon wator was comln'
too noar.."
The rink Ib suro flooded and rondy
for tho froHt. Fnrthor, on tho road
two other rigs woro mot,* loaded to tho
top with furailturo and bedding, whilo
In one Instance the family mil Intact
on top of their worldly pobhohbIoiis.
Wa an ill Wind that blows no gn-nl
and tlio carters of tho city hnvo lotH
of hurry up «i11b from Wont Fornio to
movo household goodn to places of
Hiifoty, In nil probability Uioho rooiIb
'will hnvo to ho movod buck, so bus*
InoBfl but the cnrtn'H will bo.of tho return funi vnrloty.
Tho wator Ib nl! around tho np*
pronclieH lo tho Went Ferula hrldgo,
and stcpn woro then undor way for
tlio bringing nf sand tuigH Into uho for
stemming tho run of wnter around tho
nppronchoB. At. tlin fnr ond of tho
brlil'-'-'*** Iho temporary ottico ot thn HII,
Lumber Compnny wob well nigh nurr*
otindcd by wntor, nnd It could only bo
rcr.rV.c*! t;' thc hep etc? r.tifl jum;*** ~c
thort. -
*•     Kids Have a Holiday
The school hoiiHo In Wont Fernio la
Juat to tho right ns you pntiB over tho
brldgo, nnd  the youn-piers do not
,.„„„.     1   ,     0. -I     ,1     .11     .   ■     ..  I -. I, a.       ..    ,1
.,-*-.,•».   aV   a-«a..   a.ta>   aaaa   aa.{,(^. a*». a.^*   w.^a    a>a.a.
fact thnt they are shut off from tho
school by the high water. Upon tbe
nrrlval of Miss Newrlck this morning,
tyo moan her arrival ai near ns sho
could got, It was seen that to hold
school .was out of the queitlon. - Some
of tho older boys roads ill* gimde to
the school all right, and** Informed tho
toachtr that she could get Utore If
Bhe took bar shoes and stockings off.
However, sins didn't,
Word was sent" up town and Chairman Stanley and several members of
the school .board, came to the rescue.
They bravely forded the streams, and
entered the castle. Here, with undaunted courage:they secured all,the
means of imparting rudimentary education tb the'fbrty odd western hopefuls/ piled them high and dry, and
left them to their fate. .
Farther up this street several families are moving-out, preferring to be
safe, in case the .water' should .continue
to rise. a ' '■'-"', ' "'*'..
Bears in West.Ferniet-'. •'-■■
/People going through West Fernie
should be on their guard for to' .our
certain knowledge'there are wild' animals, bears, living there. Two were
seen on our'tri|jj;'unchained. We forgot tb mention'that they were cubs
and.in a cage.   '        \ .    ,-
Loads of Brick Stuck r<>
r -. *
Brick coming from the Fernie Brick
'yards are delivered through this way,
At present some", three or ■ four, loads
are stuck hard and fast in the water
and mud, in some cases the wagons
being down level'with the boxes.
■ Every, house has water works*-in<
West Fernie at present; if not city water, then another,variety7' Countiess
little streams are' running" through
.back yards, across--roads, ^everywhere
and anywhere, folio-wing the line, of the
least-resistance. ,7     ^   '■''.
"As yet -the Elk Lumber- Company
have not lost much lumber,, either cut
/ir in ..logs, although no doubt' much
stream.-*;"''*■*-*,. """•    '■    '      '7    /
The G.N. Bridge
,The Great Northern bridge, recently
completed, seems to stand the test
well. The danger,' as stated by
those who know, is •>hat the logs lu the
river above may come down in a body,
in which case the abutments of the ''.
N. Bridge and the West Fernie bridge
would, be given a severe test. The
round tops of the septic tanks are only
a foot or so above the water.
7 Great logs and trees, evidenlty torn
from the bank of the stream farther
up, can be seen coming down and under the bridge, at a terrific ^velocity,
huge timbers being tossed' around ln
the swirling waters like mere chips.
The river-front of the Annex Is also
being attacked,. In many places, but
fortunately as yet few houses are in
the low-lying portions.
; Lots of Sightseers
' There is a continual stream of people from the city on the road to and
from West Fernie, and the G.N. pro-
erty also affords a good view.     '•
Operations Hindered «
Work at the Elk Lumber Mill and
yards Is of course somewhat curtailed.
Many of the men are busy in various
parts of the property saving- timber
by placing it out pf reach' of the water. At this time* they do not seem
to contemplate any Berious damage to
their property. ■.       "
, A portion of the dump track of the
Elk Lumber,,Company.was washed out
into the river. -. .,'.'■
Highest in Years .
. .Although so far. as known no record
,7 /..Walk.the Fence ...
. JuBthere. the/Elk-iuraber^Co.- whistle bleV.'for'-i2;va*a!d''th,e-.-aieii filed out
of the big mill,works. A. number of
them proceeded'up a street, name unknown, thought,we believe Cabbage
avenue is applied to It, across which
a good sized creek was doing business.
An enterprising citizen had built .a
new fence along the side of his lot on
this street,~and without waiting for, a
special Invitation, all mounted to the
top of the fence In turn and crossed
the impromptu river.
In the Gardens
West Fernie prides. Itself bn - tho
number of gardens that are planted
there., iind certainly this prldo Is well
.founded, In ono lot,- rathor'low, an
enthusiastic gardener had a plot well
laid out, planted and ■ In ono cornor
above water, signs of lifo woro In
The rest of his garden waB under
water with the stream running at a
good rato. Horo and there could bo
seen little stakes sticking up out of
tho wator Indlcntlng what, variety of
seed had boon planted ln that particular spot. Whothor .this man will
roap what he sowed or not cannot bo
ascertained nt present,
Up Against It
Ono Irnto looking individual was in
tho act of making a hasty rolroat with
his household goods to high land, Ho
wan not In tho best, of humor, and hnd
a hard luck story that sounded llko lho
ronl thing.,
Last Biimmor ho had beon burnod
out, on August Int. Uo cnmo bnck,
and put up a shack as boat ho could,
but tho 40-l.olow wlntor had ovldonlly
found tlio crackH, nnd ho hnd boon on
tho vorgo of froozlng nil wlntor. Uo
hnd not figured on high wator, nnd
this now worry waH 1 axing IiIh pat*
lonco to tho utmoHt,
"Uuniod out, hnng noar froze out,
nnd now oh [mod out by tho rivor, Well
—1*11 bo !" Ho shuffled off un*
der the weight of a mattroBH, nri'l IiIh
Inst words wore swallowed up in tho
ronr at "tho wator. PorhnpB U'b JiihI
ns well, 'for wo don't think they would
look well In print,
—— *
Miners nnd.mlne laborers of 1
the U M. W. pf A. aro warned i
XtJ Mil'.,) iVtiAj   kl\*ui \ia; liiliidH «
of tho Nicola Valloy Conl nnd •*
Colo Co.    nt Mlddlosboro; a <
strike Ib on for recognition, •>
the mnnngomnnt being unfair *
Uo organized labor,     '' .-,
You will be notlflf-d when •
thli Company Is again placed *
tm the fnlr lint nt onr org-nnl- <
gallon, . <S>
various spring freshets on the Elk, It
is stated by old-time lumber men that
the'^water. this-year haB giadea record
that .'beats,, anything ■ tnt***-' has' been
,.- .'_.        - 4,' , ,. 4-r..4-4.^    .   -4.4   *4T.     >44*..4.,.    j
reached for. a good, many seasons.
,Coal Creek Busy Too
Coal Creek haB been growing some
too, and where.it joins the Elk,^aboxit
opposite the Elk Lumber. Co.,-mills,
the water is thrown' intp a se'etning torment.       ,. ,.
, A result'is noticeable in the city
water which today is, somewhat riled,
and not as clear as usual. * Thoautli-'
orities say this ln no way Interferes
with Its purity.'
, Some, damage Is reported ns having
been done by Coal Creek.
Reported Drowning
Somo boys wero playing around the
ond of tho West Fernie bridge early In
the week, and roport that a body, np-.
parently that of a full grown man,
was seen coming down the stream not.
far from tho edge. They cried for
help and ran to tho edgo of the water,
whore at one time lho body came bo,
closo that had grappling hooks boon
nt hand lt could huvo boon secured.
Word has boon sont to points along
tho river, but nothing has been heard
of thb body bolng found.
Another at Waldo
A report roachod lho Ledger tliut
two men c'roBBlng tho river at Waldo
hnd boen drowned. Authorities nro nt
work trying to find out who thoy woro
and attempting to locato tho bodios.
No dofnlls havo como through yot as
to particulars.
For a whilo on Wodnosday night the
wnter is snld to hnvo risen nt the*
rato of two Inchon nn hour. If no
log Jam occurs tho flood will probably
pass ovor with no vory hoHoiib damage.
List of loam ownors who havo kind*
ly donated tliolr toniriH mid wngnm*
free of chnrgo for thn purpoHn of
donning* up tho tttrw.tn on Civic holiday, Juno lull.
Wostorn Canndn WIioIohmIo Co. ilea,
Cody, Crowis Nest Trndlng Co., Tint A.
Mncdoiinld Co,, lllmito Bros,, Koruli*
Cnringo Co., V, Burns & Co., Klk
Lumbor Co., Fornio Lumbor Co., Frod
Ilandloy, Fornio Fort 8I00I0 Browing
Co., W. A. Hamilton, Thos. Letcher,
CrowB Nost Pobb Coal Co., P. Cnro*
H'-llu, Uouson - WlllfriKlinm, II, .Mc*
J.i'iA'-,  C/'K'.i - llitlllv)' lii,It; iluliabil
a sign for uso on hi'iidquartorti tout,
All ti'amstora nro r^qunutrd to report wllh their teams and wagons at
hendquartorn tont oppoHlto King Kd*
Hammocks, all shapes, makes and
prices, at Suddaby'a.
Bleasdell for souvenir leather goods
—Chatelanes and Ladies' purses.
Prepare for the first of.July, and
make lt a record sporting event for our
There is no use talking —the spot to
buy furniture is at the Trites-Wood
Odd Fellows Decoration service tomorrow (Sunday). Loial .aud vlsitihfi
brothers■ meet at K. P. hall at 2.30
p.m. sharp. All are Invited.
The Fernie Civilian Rifle association
will commence their season's shooting
on Saturday (today) at 2 p.m. at
their range opposite the Fernie Lumber Co. a.(-
"* Think* of it—a ball bearing sewing
machine with an automatic life guaranteed for ten years; only $31.50 cash
at the Trites-Wood Co. Why it's only
$3.15 a year.-
Drop ia at the Fair and treat yourself or someone else to a pound of
those delicious chocolate creams usually sold at 50c per pound. 40c while
removal sale lasts.       •■
June 9th will be a civic holiday and
general clean up day. The board of
trade are going to supply teams and
all citizens should turn out and help
clean up. '
The annual ball of the Ladles Benevolent society,-will be held on" Friday
June Ilth in Bruce's Hall. It is to
be hoped that this" function will be lib
erally patronized as the work done
by the ladies is of. a most commendable character. ...
Here's ah interesting item of news:
The Misses Euler have placed on sale
a group of, special dress and pattern
hats at a discount of 25. per cent. Come
early and get firBt. choice of. these
lovely hats. ■' ' ,  " '. •
Much   Evidence  Taken-
Progress is Reported
as   Being   Slow-
No Snap Job
-Coming "attractions at, the Opera
House: San Francisco Opera Co.;-the
Boston Grand Opera Co.;, The Runaways, The Message from Mars, Black'
Pattl's Troubadours.--, y ,.-  ,   „,,„
Tlie _ Canadian Freight ^ assoclatloii
has changed freight inspectors on tho
line, Jim Moore is switched to Revelstoke, and Fred Stlrman transferred
"Fat Whltmore Is again floating
around the platform on nature's means
of locomotion, after treating" tho boys
to, a gymnastic display on his little
yellow crutches for a few days. Baseball .Is fine sport, he says, you nail
the 'ball and get nailed.
R. A. Carswell got cold feot, and
severed his connection with the C.
P. It, and it is rumored thnt lie did
not run out "light," ns his funds wero
sufficient ..0 carry him" lo Nnnalmo,
He Is succeeded by F. T. Slssons who
hns returned to Fornio nfter tin nb-
sonce of 9 months. Frank snys Fornio
looks good to him.   '
Owing to the ntondlly Increasing cost
of fine Coylon tons such ns nro sold
to tho public undor tho brand 'Salada"
It hns boon found necessary to ndvnnco
the prices of these teas to tho grocor.
Consequently tho conHiimers will hnvo
to pny correspondingly Increased prlco
but undoubtedly they will bo willing
to do this In order to get, lho finest lea
the world produces.
Julius Nlcklous, tlio unfortunate mnn
who had to hnvo his foot nmputalod
ns tho result of mi accident, while at
worlc at tho Elk Lumbor company mill
died on Snturdny, not bolng hIitiiik:
onough tO'Btnnd tho Htrnln of an operation. The funoral took plnco on
Hunday, tho concourso lonvlng tlio Unp*
(1st, church for tho comotory, Tlio sorvlco wns conducted by lliu Rov. I. W,
Matters ln the strike situation still
remain unsettled.
The board, Messrj. Sherman, Maeleod and Chairman Grant, met it Lille
oniMonday and the evidence from both
sides was submitted. In regard to the
Bear valley seam the operators tiled
to prove that, this was one and the
same seam as the old No. one.
However the miners proved. that lt
was an entirely new seam and demanded that a new price be fixed. The
board decided to visit the mine before
concluding investigations. They * met
at Belelvue on Tuesday and there the
operators tried to prove by submitting
figures of the earnings of the miners
that a reduction would be fair, and
asked for a reduction of 26c per ton."
President Sherman ' stated that the
operators should submit a definite proposition and make some specific demand, as up to this time nothing had
been filed with the board as to what
reduction the operators asked. The
operators then demanded that ' tho -
price be 30 cents per ton for pillar
work, or a reduction, of 15c. at Bellevue, and at Hillcrest to be 35 cents,
with a similar reduction at Coleman. -
These prices to include all timbering.
These reductions, if granted,"would cut
the earning of the miners there in half.,
After taking all the evidence the board
adjourned to meet at Hillcrest Wednesday.
On reconvening and atter cross-examining, the miners clearly demonstrated that even underline present
conditions of mines at Hillcrest the
men ln room work were earning more
money. The operators through the
general manager tried'to prove that a
man could do as much work In one
hour lh a pillar as he would do in two
Board met at Coleman yesterday and
further particulars  will. be given- in
next issue.
The operatorij have,.bben stibpoened
to produce; all. their "books before the
;board' at" Maeleod" oh Tiidsciay.J-
Mr. Brooke, who has been acting on
the Conciliation board In connection
with the trouble with' the Nicola Valley Coal Co., arrived In Fernie this
week. He said that tho Investigation
board appointed under tho Lomleux- '
Act, by the Minister of Lnbor on the
disputes existing between the Nicola
Valley Conl & Coke Co, of Mlddlosboro and Its omploycos, better known
as Locnl Union 872 U. M. W, of A.,
camo to 11 termination at Vancouver
on Wednesday morning, but nothing
doflnllo ban beon given out yot on
doclslon  rendered.
The Minister of Labor appointed Mr.
T. O. Brooke, dlHlrlcl roprcsonintlvo on
bohnlf of'the man, nnd Mr. Thomas
Klddlo of Norlhporl, Wash., on bohalf
of tlio compnny, who ovcnlually agreed
on Judgo Lnmpmim of Victoria us Iho
Tlio first session wns hold by lho
board in Victoria on Mny Ifith, which
nftcrwnrd proceeded lo tho hcoho of
dispute nt MlddloHboro, whoro the
ovidoneo of both parties was hoard boforo u crowded 'hnll on onch occasion,
Aftor tlio hnnrlng of nil llio ovidoneo
the board proceeded to Vancouver to
sum up, nnd tliolr doclHlon Ih shortly'
expected to be mndo public,
Tho minors brought, forward somo
vory good rnRt-H nnd lmvo gnlncd all
publio sympathy in thnt hoc)Ion of tlio
country by tliolr stiind nt thn prosont
(Continued  011  |ingo 4)
wnrrt hntol it 0 n m   Wt,ttnr,*liny t,,,,r.     .
DUti. Tho commlttoo foci encouraged
by thn gonoroiiu mannor In which tho
team owners hnvo ronpondod to tlu?
call for cleaning up out city nnd trust
nil cltitcns will do thoir part by g«*
thorlng together In pllos iih Hoon ns
possible nil stone* nnd refiiHe In front
of their proporty In order to facilitate
matters nud thnt they will nlso r»*porl
st hcadquartf>r« with thoir pick, shovel
or rako nnkt Wednesday morning to
lend a band In gathering up ami ro-
niorlng (ho refuse.
Although It Is not oxpoctod Hint, "I'rogn-HHlvo Fornio" will bo In
Hlmpo to offer to tho public until Annum, ordors lmvo already started
to como In, for throo, four, flvo or hIx roplos, In almoin every ciiho It
being rnoiitloiif'd that, thu hookH woro to lm hoii! to "relntlvoH In tlio
ouBt." Those orders of ooiiiho will lmvo proforcnoo and will lie filled
flrnt. Thoro have boon tmiiveiilr hookH IbhiiciI beforo, but none lmvo
boon confined oh oxrlunlvoly to Pernio iih "PrugreHHlvo Fornio will
bo. l'hologmphor Spalding Iiiih boon a IniHy man iho InHt wook or
no, getting photos for ruts nf board of Irndu members, (Ity aldermen,
union mon, etc., and although Ills machlno linn Imd mnny novon* irlnlt-
no in siiil uoirig ihihiiiohh. AdvnrtlHors nre not hIow io nicognl/.o the
i>i.'ini:nni,l unit,,,- ut a Mii-i.*: uiveminent in tipticu in (IiIh book, and
uu In other tlilnw*, those nlgnlng tho first eontrnotH got tho boBt pool*
Tho prlco nt which the book Ih lo bo offered, viz,, 50c. pur copy,
will plnco one or more cojiIoh caully within the reueh of every ponon
u. S't.uitt Aiiti U.HU-.M. .in*, low pried jilnn" was ndopied with a
vlow ofi ensuring n wide nnd ready circulation, ullhough iBHulrig n
smaller numhor of bookH nt a hlRlicr prlco would bring Rlmllflr roturnB
to tho publishers. The Idea In, howovor, lo nfrord n monns whori-by
Fornio mny bo sbundnnlly ndvcrtlsed by n broadcast circulation of
C000 copies. Tho Idea Is to conflno tho ground covored to Fernio
nnd Imirnrdlflto frlbufnry rontros. We would uriv upon all parties
the need for ordering copies at onco. Six thousand copies may np-
ppsr to bo n Irtrfjo numhor, but plonu have already bccti uiudu for
placing tho bulk of thera, Mail orders will be cnrofully attended to
by addressing Tho Ledger. Fernie, B. C.
♦ ♦♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ PAGE TWO
. vi-
Leslie M: Shaw, secretary of the
United States;treasury under Theodore
Roosevelt made tbe following remarkable statement in an address to ' the
students of Chicago University
March l; 1907.' *' \
■ "When our manufactories grow'
ger than the United States then there
will be war, the bloodiest war in the
history of- mankind * *' * The time
is coming when the manufactories will
outgrow the. country and men by the
hundreds of thousands; will be-turned
out of the factories. . -That- of itself is
not so bad, butwhen.vwe realize that
we pay out'in-'-wages'as much as the
rest of the world put together, we begin to see'tlie seriousness of the situation."    . "_ yy '[;;   ;■ '.
"The factories are multiplying faster
than our,,trade, and we , will shortly
have a.surplus,, with no one'abroad* to
buy, and.* with':no one'at home to-absorb it.because the laborer has not
been paid'enough' to buy back "what he
created." * '        '
"What will happen then? . Why all
these men will be turned out of the
factories. Thousands of them—hundreds of thousands. * They- will find'
themselves without food,' Then will
, come the great danger to' the country,
for these men will be hard men to
deal with.
' "The last "century was the worst in
the history * of the ' world for wars.
I look to see this century bring out
the greatest conflict ever waged in
the world. It will be a war for "markets aiid all the nations of the world
will be in the fight, as they are after
the same markets for the surplus of
their factories." * * * One great source
of dangeHs in the unearned increment
of our wealth. I admit that I have
profited by that source myself but F
realize now, it is all, wrong. I remember the first time I was guilty of getting something .for nothing. I bought
a piece, of land in Iowa and sold it in a
the welfare of the peoplo we are abjectly poor'. ■ ".
. But, it is quite true that whilst
wealth and .welfare are decreasing,
productive power is Increasing; and
nothing but.the perversion of ,athl3
power to the production of socially
useless commodities prevents the apparent wealth from becoming real. The
purchasing power that commands luxuries In the. hands of the rich would
command true wealth in the hands of
all. Yet private (capitalist) property
must still heap the purchasing power
upon the .few rich and withdraw it
from the many poor., So* that,, in
the end, the subject of the one, boast
that private property can make the
great accumulation of so-called wealth
whicli it points so proudly to asUhe
result of* its power to scourge men
and women daily to prolonged and intense toil, turns out to be a simulacrum. With all its energy,'its Stniles-
ian "self help", Its merchant'princely
enterprise, its' ferocious sweating .and
slave"driving,'' its prodigality ' of
blood, sweat 'and'tears,'what'has' it
reaped up over and above the' pittance
of its'slaves?                7
Only a monstrous pile ,of frippery,
.some tainted class literature and class
art, and not a little poison and- mischief.    •■'    ' '     "
ward' political action' by labor organization from' purely'selfish motives. By
using their influence .over their not
over-bright fellow workers they derive
personal benefit by selling their serv-
icesto the highest bidder in either the
old parties. Suchmfen are traitors-to
their class. '
Political action Instead, of being a
menace to trade'unionism is, as conditions in Europe show It, most reliable
support. ,•'.'.
When the workers begin to "go In
for politics" we usualy see the capitalist class trying to dissuade them by
promises of reform, but If .when organizations declare for political action,
they'try to imitate the capitalists aiid
patch up the present system by 'palliatives,1' they had better stay as they
are. ' ' .
Their slogan must be "Unto the producer does the products of Labor bo-
long."' ( ".
*                 Proletarian
This paper is>ead by scores of thousands. . Many of the readers are probably members 'of unions. '" We ask
you then to do your duty to the members" of your class-in their great struggle, a Don't be a scab.
If there, is.-no' organization in your
trade call the men In your shop together and form one.'    ....      ""-  ,
Pay .'your dues promptly as a privilege and an honor.     ... , .
' Bear your "taxes ln this emancipatory
movement with.joy, and with thanksgiving.   • -■   -   -. ■        — ■
Ethical'principles are being.fought
out in these battles of- today and'hone
is more Important than the-'solidarity
of'the workers.:' ".'    " "'   - "
Steam heated,throughout.
,. -, ' - -       I- a •       ,1".      .
7 Hot and cold Baths.
The King Edward
Fernie's  Leading .Commercial Hotel
Rates $2.50 and upwards
, Machinery is to civilize the world in
spite of itself:
Political progress is to be a terrific
pace from now on.   ,. ,-•:   -*
- *    ■*-     -'*     '*..*"■-
The new order will give the superior
nah 'greater opportunities than he has
oday. "       , -'  .
Socialism is Industrial .democracy,' It
would put an end to the. irresponsible
control of economic interests, aiid substitute popular self government* in the
industrial'as in the'political world.—
Charles.Vail. " '    - '
There never was-a movement fo'* re-
orm that did not have lts.,beglnning
imong the' lower classes, among the
short time at ajarge advance. ~I ad-~
mit those dollars looked good to me
then.-' Now" I know that no lasting
good can come from, the possession of
wealth that Is not earned."'
No 'person will accuse the Ho.i.
Shaw of being a rabid "soap box" ora
tor trying to Incite the great unwashed to revolt but were any workingman
to make such a sattement in public he
would soon be landed In the "pen" as
Is the case In Vancouver, Winnipeg,
and Montreal.
What would you' think if, in case
of war between England and Germany,
the British government refused to take
advantage, say, of a perfect air ship
which if used, would assuredly bring
success to the British arms, but continued to "muddle through" with" antiquated and obsolete' weapons of
No sane person or body of,persons
would attempt to defend such a suicidal act, for in order to meet with any
measure of success it- is necessary to
meet an opponent with weapons just
as efficient and on his own grounds,
-if-posslble. •—?===y—s _j_
(By A Bernard Shaw)
It is sometimes said that during
this grotesquely hideous march of civilisation from bad to'worse, wealth is
increasing sldo by side with mispry.
Such a thing is otornnjly impossible'
wealth Is steadily decreasing with
the spread of poverty, But riches are
increasing which Ib quite another
The totnl amount of the exchange
values produced .annually Is lucre'is-
ing perhaps by lenpn and bounds. Hut
tho ncctiinuiitfon of riches, nud consequently of an excessive purchasing
powor ln tho handu of a class, soon
satlutoa that class with socially useful
wealth, and h,*Ih thom of faring a
price for luxuries,
The moment a price Is lo bn had for
a luxury, It acquires exchango value,
nnd labor Ib employed lo produce It.
A Now York liuly for I'mlnut**.-', having
a naturo of exquisite BoiiBlblllty, orders
nn elcttiuii rosewood nnd sliver coffin,
upholAtercd In pink Hntln, for her (lend
dog. „
It Is mnde; nud mcnnwhlU* a llvo
child In prowling barefooted nnd lnui*
gor stunted In the frozen gutter outside . Tlm exchange vnluo of lliu rof*
flu Ih counted purl of tho wttloiiul
wealth; but a Million which eiuinot afford food and clothing tor its chlldron
cannot be allowed to pin-m iih wealthy
bocatiBH It Iiiih provided a pretty
coffin fnr u ileuil dog.
Kxeliiingo value ltno]f, In fuel, Iiim
become bedevilled like ever) thing i*ln».*
and represents no longer utility, but
tin* criivIngH of liint, folly, vnully, gluttony, nnd mndncHH, technically descilb*
od hy genteel economists iih "effective
,t, ,,,..,,,• ■•
l.ir-iirl'*". tire
iiinchlnery for producing thom In not
m>cti-l wi'iilth; lul-ui* Hkllled only     to;
mnnuf not nre ih**m Ih nol. Koclnlly hho*i
fill; labor; the men, women nnd child*
" '   *,'     *,"'.'•''    "    1*1'*,if    1.1*    Tfl'-lfltH-I'll'
them nro uo nunc xolf tmpporili'g ilii.n
the Idle ilib for wIiobl* it.muaenn.iit
they nre kept uf work.
It Ih lho h-ihlr of rnuntliiK jih wunlth
ihe exchange value!. Involved In tl.cHC
frnriMftcrfoiiH rli.-tt rn«l«"N un tinwy the
poor im'  Nijii.iiig  iu  the   nild.M    of
pli'l'IV.     ,
They ate til.--- tint* In the 1*. I'l-si of
jileniy tit Jewel*, wivelti, lncoB, equip-
|m«i*. iii:il uur hon-i'-H; tint noi In (he
mul-1 t>( |il«Tiiy id looil.
J;:   .,■<•  Uui.l'i  i'i.i.I   .■!'■   it .*!-.*« il  tot
And yet there are workingmen who
strenuously oppose "politics' in the
union," they foolishly Imagine that
tho one time useful weapons of craft
unionism are just as effective against
the gigantic combinations of medern
capitalism as when they contended
against the individual capitalist employer and small firm; they maintain
"the introduction of politics Into the
union would result fn the dissolution
of labor organizations," and that the
struggle between labor and capital is
far remoVed from the political sphere;
It la purely an economic struggle—and
that* alone, ,0
Let us briefly review tha arguments
set forth nbove.
In the first place Is it u fact that
the' struggle between Capital and Labor Js one of economics) only?
Who runs the administration of the
different provinces and tlio country?
If not thc representatives of "vested
Interests", who then? Why do tho
Liberal and Conservative parties ox-
pend such large sums of monoy at
election times In order to gain political
Do thoy tako all this trouble bocauso of thoir "patriotism" and their
earnest desire to servo thc bost Interests of the peoplo? Of courso not,
Thoy ongngo In politico not from Iho
lovo of home and country, but for tho
ECONOMIC powor It givea thorn ovor
thoso who Imagine thoro Ib no con*
noctlon botwoon politics and economics, Ah controllers of lho legislative
machine1*, (he cnpitnllBtB enact laws-,
and enforce them io thoir own exclusive* mlvnntnge nnd ngnlnst thn Inter*
ostH of tho working clnsH,
If lt Is to their liilorestH to use tlm
police nnd rodronlH to "protect their
property" nnd give oworlH of military
lo hodluH of striko lirenkern —hciiIw,
(By Robert Hunter in -the Chicago
Daily. Socialist.)
Every social-order develops its own
ethics. Even in the same social, order there,-are. at ieast two codes, of
ethics. The exploiter has his. code;,
the exploited his.   >   ,. •   ■   "'
History shows unmistakable clearness that the ethics of the oppressed
have' in due course become the clomin-'
ant ethics'.'
Those who have fought against
wrong, injustice and'oppression have
naturally been tlie * wronged and oppressed,   , - "
Again and again in the history of
the world the lower orders, so called
have inipressed upon the world their
code of ethics..-
■ In the present'order a" new word has
been coined to express'the contempt
one class feels for those who betray
its cause.  ,      •    ... ,    .,    '
, The'oppressing class has tried to
glorify the term. Homilies have been
a great university has tried.to sanctify
It, but in the minds of millions and
millions today there can be no greater
reproach than.to be called by a fellow
worker a-"scab.'!..
When a man robs another he injures
one man, When a man is drunken,-Is
addicted to vice, is idle and shiftless
he injures himself more than any other.
, But the "scab"—he sins ■■• against
' A group of men come together mutually pledged to support one another.
Thoy are .struggling against great obstacles for better conditions of life for
themselves and their fnmlles. By sacrifice by the paymont 'of dues, by the
slow nnd nrduous work of organization thoy raise to decency and soil respect the mass of workors of the
Their struggle Is ns vital to. the
progress of humanity, as any battle
tlmt was ever fought, No war over
decided an Issue moro Important than
Whnt thoy sook for themselves thoy
seek for all mankind and no creature
Is so poor and holploss ub to booutsldo
tho horizon of thoir effort.
In tho midst of tliolr conflict men
suffering tho 8nmo ovlls and oppros*
sIoiib thoy suffer, go ovor to aid and
comfort the oppressors of tho workers.
Playing tho part, of Judas, thoy bo*
(my to (ho executioner (Iioho who aro
fighting for their snlvntlon nH for their
Tho Hcnli Ih not only condemned by
his fellow workorH, hn Ir nlno pushed
imldu nnd scorned ns sooii iih the conflict Id over, by tIioho Io whom ho
hoIIb hlniBolf,
Ilo Ih usod when It, nerves lho purpose of IiIh mauler to iibo him. Evon
though  ho  succeed  In brcnklng the
The great Ones of the «world have
taken this-.earth.'to themselves; they
live in. the midst of splendor', aud
superfluity.. .The smallest nook in
the-land is. already a possession .and
none.may itouch it or handle, it. :—
Goethe. ,   •
All great movements have -in- their
nception been marked b.y the abuse of
tthose'taking part in- them,   because
tme'y.have their start among the undesirables.      ',   ' "        "       '"'""'
Socialism is not, a dream but a cer-
tiintyof the immediate future. It, is
not half so dreamy as talking across,
tie seas without wires, or even talk-
ii ig across the sea' with wires.-'
A. Rizzuto'.
J. Crawford 7
In the past fifty years man has.in-
mted machinery which wrests from
n*.ture a great deal* more than can be
consumed, even if all who work live
s6';that they want for.no material
tiling. .,„ .'•        .   ,
Hither, ye blind, from your futile banding,
Know the rights and the rights are
won,    ■   *-•■ • **•  ••
Wrong shall die with the understanding;' ,;' '    _    '
One truth clear,   and   the -work'is
done.     ■,
—J. B. O'Reilly.
or If nends to iiho "physical forco"   to
quell "riotous Inborors," tho fact of; union of IiIh follows, In humlllntIng IiIh
llinlr political Hiipreiniiey enables Iheiiij comrades and In helping to fasten up
lo nccompllHh ilil8--ii'id moro.
They control the proHH, pulpit, endow
uiiiv-erHitlos, all (lie mediums* of education mul are luiublod to train llio public  infill!  tO  HOO  HQf'jIll  CIllldllfOIIH  jllHt
exiielly iih they wIhIi.
All UiIh enn Ihey do by "going lu for
Snxi' If politics are ho ndvniitiigi-nni-
io ,'n.- eapltallHti- :unl ■mieh n pe.v-.rli I
liiHtriiinenl to control   the   economic
on 1'ioin ngnln, and himself at woll,
the yoke of shivery, tlio opproiiKor Iiiih
no (lioiiKlil to glvo dim tlinnl'H for his
Tho hciiI) (h llko u.pltTO of wnslo —
UHoful io wipe nwny u iiiiIhiuioo nnd
ilion lined lo wnsh one's linnds of—-
then thrown nwny.
Ah n wrirl'lngmiin llio hciiI) benefith
wllh other woricingmen hy the ecu-
qiioHtn of unionism,     When    wngo'-
It is well that,, while we range with
Science, glorying in"the time,
City children soak and blacken soul
and sensciri' City slime?
Crime and hunger cast our maidens
by the thousands on the street.
There the master scrimps his haggard
:       Se"amstress*of"herrdaiIy-breadr"-"~
There a single, sordid attic holds _the
living and. the dead.
There   the smouldering „ fire of fever
creeps across the hotted floor,
In the crowded couch of insect, In the
warrens of the poor.
"  ■    •      —Tennyson.
There will be no trouble about, the
necessities of life when the working
class takes over the machinery."!They
will have all the best' food they need,
the.best homes than can be built, the
best schools—no child labor, no grinding toil—and. all the beautiful things
will be for every one.—By Eugene-V.
Fernie LiveryyDray &:TrahsfepCo.
■,-' ■ Contracts Taken-     , '•   .   x
'".: Including S£ump Pulling, Hand Clearing and' Ploughing,    Let us
,.,,,   •_-,.   .,t  .       figure oii your.'next job     ' * -■   -
:        . a .,'---,.:        - ":.>■' ,'.-. *       ,:'        *'      :    •'     ,   '■ '     -
Rubber "Tired; Buggies, New; Turnouts   . ,
Rheumatism causes more pain aiid
suffering than any other disease, for
the reason that it is the most common
of all ills, and it is certainly gratifying
to sufferers to know- that Chamberlain's Pain Balm will afford relief and
make rest and sleep possible. In many
cases the relief from pain which is "at
ent,' while iii old people subject tb
chronic rheumatism often brought on
by dampness or changes In the weather, a permanent cure,cannot be expected; the relief from pain \which-
this liniment . affords Is alone worth
mp/.iy times Its cost. 25 and 50.cent
sizes for sale by all,druggists.
Be Sure and Attend the
Alberta   Provincial I
Calgary, July 5 to 10
Western Canada's Greatest Fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
$60,000   in Prize Money
The Great Historical Pageant    <*
Monday morning July Ht-h, worth going   A
around tho world to soc «
not I'oflnl ••'on'ltt,' Mn1' f,,r(-'-H of "10 c''1""'')'. Is H i»»t Coolt.-tli i mi- rmsi'il, hours sliorieneii, ■■u.c.iiiicx'
111,1*1, f.xx'M a'.niuiiiiil, lm  Uii4\ oi bun j/,*,-, hit.iin'i'W, i'<t\.(ink>> (luiibi tmiilliii')', Da.-
Iiohh 10 hold uloof from iioIIUch, j iiiiiii><-; mado i-J'ifo ho nho bttnitlltH, Bui j
Tl,'- iilnjrrtlon to polt»l<*ftl -so'l--.'.   »,y' tlu> ttonofltt, r«m<> lo him iih pi-milt's lo1
Mime "labor lenders" Is Unit politic*.
'nre corrupt. Well, what of It, Hi,
- «.f nm, to nil mti*ii- sun. ii"')'1'*.''. -./•
K.'iHlug      to  couiilenniici*     prillUc.i!
milf<> anil iniilitt ll cltmnor, pmir.iyei;/
iihhIhI   In milking IhcHe politics    cor*
liuil we refrain frnm unlng n Hlini jt
;i\e   fn   u.seftrl   wnrle   beeniiMt*      «, ti,.•
• vll dlAposed perron killed n man ulth/ in iiohIiIch.   ,
. ■ , . '     To   Hie   ihnilnhtfnl
toilny j
»V   <* **. *.*    .
othor i
'/lie fear lliUl "polillcf. In I hi; 1'i.imi *
V/lll  lend  t(>  llielr  ItllilOillK  In  liOllliup
but it (leliixltiii mul It* iiKiinlly the >*|(h);
n* irmli* (triaUiix-m of lioine iii(iiuli..-iii
i}*,ii'4!"i vt.eit, *•!,<. «.)'*ay.[.*r-1 ft-.'.' rc/fi-c !*-n
Hit? tiiienlf thief,
l'orMiiuilt'ly fow worklngnifn
,itt- iimii'li'i   H> 'tn'. t>XJa\ta,   i'xi,   i'.
hoii iIi'lcctlvoH, nx-coiivlc.ts nml
detipornlo chnrnclern miist bo employ*!
imI lo recruit strike brcnkcni, Out of!
Hie -ilum, dive ami lodging house theyi
M'li'ct   p*iiinllef.H  (|e«|)eriii|iieii  lo  hIiI|ii
iilifiiit  rtn* fount ry lo nerve as sciilis.
•UiIh Is  perhtips. ■
ihe iiio.st fi'jii'ful hlgi'i Iii tin* fiinn-,,-,1'-,
•if the -.w-ikeiH.      It shows thnt self
ii'.'api'iiiii'* woii'lnsnieii tut; miwllilii*'.
i'i utB.it their comnulca lit battle to,
f-xi' Klu- ctf-my. '
Co-Dora in the Golden Globe
Tho (-ri'oatisst Loop-tho-Loop Aot
I in tho world to-day
The Eight Mirza Golems
AcrohatH direct from tlio courtK of tlio
Shall of Persia
The Famous Navassar Ladies' band, Mew York  §
Howard's Dogs and Ponies
Rube Shields, the Comedian
C. W. Parker Shows
mul olliei' ItilcrrHtliiK IVahiiennny <»f which iiiiniot
lie excelled even III New Vtifk city
llifoilililtlon i-egiinliiiK l"*'v |-'>H*afliffel' lilt cm anil
»|m-( i.,1 t-xi,'ur..iiiit.-. I<> Dw ,".xUUi\iUn' amy lie nlitii(tu<d
from xtalfoii AkcijIk.   Kntrlei. close .lutie lnth
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£. I, RICHARDSON, Manager, Calgary
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parts of tho town
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Great Northern Rail'y
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Good Connection
To All Points East and West
Leave Fernie 1.35 p. m.
'        Arr. Spokane  11      „
Onlv H hours from Fernie to Seattle and Vancouver
Aye*r*§ Hair Vigor
Ingredients;  It^^^^^^r^^   .
Ask your doctor if there is anything injurious here.
* ' Ask him also if there is* not genuine merit here;
Does ma^t CoBo-r (the Hair
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;TH.**t; QL3JBJ.CT j.^
l'i -
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A pure grape cream of
tartar powder. Its fame
is worldwide. No alum,
no phosphatic acid.
There is never a question as to the absolute
purity and healthfillness of the food it raises.
The International; Newspaper Bible
Study club is for the purpose of promoting, in an unfettered: way: among
the masses a wider, study,of the Bible,
the basal truths of Christianity, and
the problems .which -enter into every
man's life. It is composed of all those
who join a local club and take up the
simpe course herein outlined, barring
only ordained clergymen. All,who have
not joined are warmly invited to do so
and to compete for the prizes. 7
' Persons may join theTclub at any
time during the -year,<v biit must of
course, answer the 52 questions here-.
Inafter explained, to' qualify for the
prizes, and back questions. may be
obtained from this office. 7
This paper has secured the right tb
publish the International Sunday
School Lesson questions by Rev. Dr.
Llnscott, which have aroused bo much
Interest elsewhere, and they will appear weekly. One of these questions
each week is to be answered in writing and upon these answers the prizes
are to be awarded.
This paper is authorized to form
a Local Newspaper Bible Study club
for Its readers and guarantees to all
who join and fulfil the conditions that
everything herein promised shall be
faithfully carried out.
■   ,-■ .   .FEItXIE    ■
•*; y y •*/••/y y •••.••/»•*/¥¥¥ 9 yi^^
t ■
Sunday School ■*?
fVT , On ike Lesson by the,Rev, Dr. Linscott for the International
Hi   Newspaper Bible Study Olub. "^
^tkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkki
■June 6th, 1909
The Power of the Tongue. James '3:
1-12-" , .',.'•*'
Golden Text—Whoso • keepeth his
mouth and his tongue keepeth -his
soul from troubles, Proverbfl "21:53..
, This chapter -contnmes the thought
of last week's lesson, based <on the
previous chapter.   . "
Verse 1—What class of persons are
most likely to want to rue,    or be
^masters,"   those   engaged   in" good
Itpj) rirc^or—thoss^who jneglect_*th em"?—
. Will one' who is in rapt 'love with
his fellows want to rule them, or' will
he judge. ^theni' harshly^ -*.    ,       ;,..
Unfaithful Christians always put up
a high staBdard ior .others; what effect will that have upon the standard
with which God will measure them?
(See Matt. .7: 1-1,..). '
Verse 2—How much of our trouble
and how much of the. trouble we malce
for others is caused by. our tongues?
If a man does'not do any harm by
his .words, Is lie '-very .apt to 'do .aiiy
JUNK'13, 1909.
Heroes of Faith. Heb.* xi:l-40.
Golden Text—Faith is the substance
of things hoped -for, the evidence of
things not *seen.. Heb.. xi:l..'
'Verses 1-3—In. what respects are
faith and hope similar'?'' . ,
. If a desirable thing' is possessed by
faith, does that give as much, or sim
ilar, satisfaction as 'the -possession of
the thing itBelf? 7
, What is the ground of our faith,
that the "worlds were framed by the
 ,-£   -,».4-,_jn,, . .   "   ■   '.
vrOiu-ui-uuu < ■ : —
■ Why do we admire'the men "of faith
-of-past years?'        > ■■ y ■ *
- Verses 4, B^Abe'l had a truly • religious nature; now was .this nature 'the
result of 'his faith -or was-his faith the
result of his nature'? '
Does this record mean that, Enoch's
translation was directly caused by a
specific act of faith, or that his gen-
'ora'l life .of faith made him such a
good man .that God translated blm
without denthi    '   •"'■'*   ' •   •*'    ''"'
Conditions of the Contest
1. Each contestant, or his or her
family, must be a subscriber to this
paper, In order to qualify for membership, in the International Newspaper. Bible Study club and this local
2. Each contestant ' in this local
club, must answer each of the written
questions, for 62 consecutive. weeks,
commencing for Sunday June 6, and
answers must be in possession of this
paper within two weeks of. the. close
of this period. ,,
. 3. Each question must be answered
separately arid the paper written on
one side only. No answer must exceed
two hundred words in length arid may
be less. Each answer must have the
name and address of the writer at,the
bottom' of the answer.
-, 4.M The answers must be delivered
to this office, and they will be collated at.the close of the contest- and
i .- ,
forwarded to headquarters for independent, examination by competent'examiners. The prizes will then be duly
awarded. - ' 7 ,
First - Series—Solid  gold  medal  to
each of the first five.     ,
.  Second   Series—A    sterling  silver
medal to each of the next five.
■ Third Series—A,   Teachers    Bible,
price *$5,50to each of the next five.
.Fourth Series: The book The Heart
- -*mm* ^^.mmtrn *, v^m*—m+^\m_f  j jr .  a WW— •*•>- — w^r V vw wl**>V#a4--   W •*
the next thirty five.
; Each medal will be suitably engraved, giying, the name of the winner,
and for-what it is-awarded, and in
like manner each Bible, and book will
be inscribed.
All who can write an dhave Ideas,
are urged to take up these studies regardless of the degree of their education, , as the papers are not valiied
from an educational or literary standpoint but from the point of view of
the cogency of their reasoned ideas.
If. a    man says hard  and unkind
things about his neighbors and intentionally; wounds tho feelings of othors,
* by his words is he necessarily a bad
Is tho control of the tongue the key
lo the control of tho entire man?    y
Verso 3—It takos nn Iron bit to control a horse, what la tho "bit" which
will effectually control tho tongue?
)n what ret-pect Is an unQoverned
tongue like a runaway horse.with a
broken bit, and what.are generally the
'results In each case? (This "question
must be answered'In writing by,members of the club.) " '
Verses 4-5—la   It nctunlly so, thnt
tlio toiiRiio   Is to the mnn, what tlio
milder Is, to lho Bill*),, tlmt Is,   does
the, tonsil o govern the Influonco of tlio
Ia It nocoHBiu-y ut nil times lo walel.
our , tongiioH, compelling thom to refrain from wrong words, nnd lo uso
right words: Jiwt nH tlio mnn nt tlio
wheo! of n ship roiilroln llio rudilor
with vlRlImit  wntchfulnosH?
Is tlio tonguo cnpnblo of anil Inn n
church or n nolgliliot'liood all ublnzo
with Hcniidnl, Jimt nn n rimlr-li rnny Hot
flro lo « oily?
. ,  ,.
VorHO G—-Wlint nro hoiiio of llie
many luiquit)***, wlilcli tlio tongue c,u
Cnn you rociill und mont Ion hoiiio of
llio mornl jinlson c-mlllvd by nn ovl'
,.-,-     •   ■      'BY-LAW NO. 87 -   '
A By-law-to raise the sum of JloiOOO
as follows, namely: The sum of .".9,400,00
to purchase 188 acres of -land adjacent
to the. City limits for public park purposes; and the sum of -J5.600.00 for the
purpose -of clearing*, improving and
converting the said land into a park
and recreation ground, and for the
construction ., of the necessary roads
and approaches thereto from the City
Limits.   ...
WHEREAS a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Fernie signed by the,.owners of at-least one-tenth
of the value of, the real property in the
City of Fernie, as shown by the revised
Assessment, Roll, requesting them to
Introduce such a By-Law.
AND WHEREAS for the .purpose of
purchasing a site for,, such park and
recreation grounds adjacent to the City
Limits lt will be necessary to borrow
the sum of $9,400.00, and for the purpose of converting such site into a park
or recreation ground, and for the con
struction of the necessary roads and
approaches thereto from the City Limits lt is estimated that;the sum of J5,-
600.00 will be required, making In the
aggregate the sum of $15,000.00, and
to issue debentures of the City of Fernie to raise such amount.
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole rateable land or improvements
on'real property of the said City of
Fernie according to the last revised Assessment Koll  is  Jl.m.BOO.OO;
AND-WHEREAS it will be requisite
to raise 'annually by rate the sura of
?1065.2S for paying tho said debt and
interest; ' !
AND WHEREAS this By-law shall
not be altered or repealed except with
the consent of the Lieutenant Governor
ln Council. i
NOW THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of Fernie enacts as follows:
1. It.shall and may be lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of the
City of Fernie to borrow upon credit,of,
the said Corporation by way ot debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any
person, persons, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same as a loan, a sum not exceeding the whole sum of $15,000.00 and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be,i paid into . the hands of the
Treasurer of the, said Corporation for
the purpose,and with the object hereinbefore recited.
■ 2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made, executed and issued each for
the sum of $500 as may be' required
for thc purpose and object aforesaid,
not exceeding, however, the sum of
$15,000, and all such debentures shall
be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date from the first day of July, A.D.
1909, and shall be made payable In
thirty years from tho said date in lawful money of Canada at the office of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Fernie aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signatures to the Interest
coupon's may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.-
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent
from the date thereof, which interest
shall he payable annually at said office
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Fernie aforesaid, in lawful money of
Canada, on the first day of July respectively in each year during the currency
thereof, and Ito shall be expressed in
said debentures and coupons to be so
payable.' ■    ■■    •
5. "It shall be lawful for the May-ir
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any'of
them at-" less than par, but ln no case
shall,, the said debentures or any of
them'be negotiated or sold for less than
ninety-live per centum of.their value,
Including thc cost of negotiating their
siile, brokerage and all other Incidental
expense.    ,, ,
6. ' There shall oe raised and levied
in  each .year 'during"   the currency ot
"sald=debenturesT=the=sui.i=-Oi.=a' i5u.0Q-a.o-
payment of Interest and the sum of
$315.28 for payment of said debentures
by rate sufficient therefore on all rateable land or Improvements on real property in  the said Municipality!
'7. t It.shall. be. lawful; for , the said
Municipal Council to , re-purchase any
of the said debentures on such terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either, at the time ot
sale or any subsequent time or times,
and all debentures re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed
and no re-Issue of the debentures so
re-purchased shall be made ln .consequence'of such're-purchase.
This By-law shall take effect on tlie
20th day of June, A.D.  1909
LONDON, Ont. June 3—-Ttie Ladies
Aid society of Asken Street Methodist
church, one of the largest in the city,
have unanimously passed a resolution . to the quarterly board asking
that they" issue a request to the ladies to remove the obstructing creations during seryice.
OTTAWA; June 3—The civil Service
association is~being urged by some of
its members to approach thi, government with a strong protest against the
increase of hours In that department.
Some of the more annoyed servants
are talking oh. the quiet of going on
strike and are quite serious about making the government capitulate. They
point out that they got Increased pay
owing to the greater cost of living and
that the increase of labor Is an imposition.
,f (~
B. E. WALKER, President    ,
Paid-up Capital   $10,000,000
Reserve Fund    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
nfiTIWTBV RTIQTtftiCC Everv facility afforded to fanners and oth-
IUUN1KY ISUMfllftb ers for the transaction of their hanking
business.   Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
RANKJNfr RY MATT -Accounts may be opened by mail" and monies
unillUllU D1 lUnili (leposited 01. withdrawn in this way with
equal facility.
H. W. TRENHOLME, Manager,' Fernie.
atlon and signed by„ the Mayor thereof.
3. The.said debentures shall, bear
date from the first day of July. A.D.
1909, and shall be made payable in
thirty years from the said date ln lawful money of Canada at the office of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce In
Fernie aforesaid, which said place .of
payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment ot interest, and the signatures to the Interest
couppris may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said, debentures ■ slyi.ll btar
Interest at .the rate of-five per cent,
from the date thereof, which Interest
shall be payable annually at said office
of the, Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Fernie aforesaid, in lawful money of
Canada, on the first day of July respectively in each year during the currency
thereof, and it shall be expressed ln
said debentures and coupons to be so
payable.  ■
6. It shall'be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell,the said debentures or any of
them at less than par, but In no case
'shall the said debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less than
ninety-five per centum of their value,
including the cost of- negotiating their
sale, brokerage and all other Incidental
expense. '
0. .There shall be raised and levied
In each year during the currency of
said debentures, the sum of $750.00 for
pavment ot interest and the sum of
$315.2S for payment of said debentures
by rate sufficient therefore on all rateable land or Improvements on real property in  the said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of the said debentures on such terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal
holders thereof, either at the time of
sale or any subsequent .time or times,
and all debentures re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed
and no re-Issue of the debentures so
re-purchased shall be made in conse-:
quence of such re-purchase.-    - j
This By-law shall take effect on the '
20th day of June, A.D.  1909. *
This By-law may be cited for all pur- ,
poses as the City of Fernie Fire Hall'i
By-law No.   85. i
Done and passed In open Council this ,
21st day.of May,. A.D.   1909. i
Received the assent of the people this'
  day of   1909. !
Reconsidered, and finally passed and ,
adopted   this   ...*r..   day. of       A.'
D.   1909.    .
Take notice that the above is a true i
copy  of 4the   proposed     By-Law  upon '
which the vote of the Municipality will
be taken at the City of Fernie on Tuesday, the 15th day of June, A.D. 1909, between  the hours  of 10  o'clock  In  thc j
morning and_8 in the evening, at the j
'coner Block.
'    * * City Clerk.
Fernie, B.C., May 22nd, 1909. •
Always a choice supply of Beef, Pork, Veal,
Mutton, and Lamb on hand.    Hams,
Bacon, Lard, Butter and Eggs
Oup Specialties
Fresh, Smoked and Salted Fish, always a good
assortment   Try our Mince Meat,
Saurkraut and Oysters.   .
The 41 Meat Market Limited
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Stores in all the Principal Towns in British Columbia and Alberta
Veal *
Salt Fish •'■'
Do pornoim wltli nil ovll tonniio al
wnyn    (Iruw iliuir iiit-imuiioi*    noiu
VorHfiu ..7*8—Mnn cnn <lo vory won*
ilnn1.!) tlilnpH In trnlnlni*. nutmatH nml
coiilrollliiK llio fore-™ of nature, bill
,..,„i,r,i "t'linn" tbn tinmnn iwiTniP pnr
doBlroy Hh iioIhoii;' to wliom miiy wo
niiply lo lmvo UiIh offoclunlly <lono?
VnrseH 0*12—If a tnnn uroh' IiIh
lonKuu bolli for liml nnd for Rood,
for "blt'HBlriK nnd cursliiR," iIoch UiIh
not ftaomp lilm ni a ntnlf h)'p*.rrlff*T
In It pris-Hlliln for a person with nn
ovll toriRiic, to be nt ,h<« tanxe tlt«*<
well plonslnR to God?
LoHHon for Sundny. .Inno 1.1th, lfH>!>,
Heroes of Fnith. Heb. 11 MHO.
"Verse 6—Faith Is sometimes based
upun outward evidence;, sometimes
upon' 'personal 'revelation' sometimes
upon intuition and sometimes upon
composite . grounds1; what moral or
spiritual qualities, therefore, are nee*
eBsary for becoming a- man of faith?
(This question must be answered In
writing by members of the cliib.)
-Why is^nltlj.necajBsni'y; In order to
plenso 'God?      *       *     .■.....:;;
'•"Verso 7—Wlrrit wns 'Ko'nh's'"*fnltli
b'nsod upon, nnd'whoroln was Ills'faith
.Versos. 8*12—Whnt , was tho differ*
o'neo, If nny, botwoon Abrnhnni's fnith
•and tlmt-of the Pilgrim Fathers whon
thoy loft Uio old country for the Am-
oiienn land of promfso?
1 tnke It thnt "Abraham nnd tlio.PII*
Brim fathers, whilo lii communion with
God, felt n drawing lo'go to the' rich
country In tlio distanco about whicli
thoy hnd honrd; that thoy.,took this
drawing to bo the voloo,of fiodi nnd
In thin fnith- thoy slnrlod out; what
ovidoneo Is thoro thnt thoir fnith wnH
truo, nnd Hint stich faith In nlwnyr*
dopcndnblo? .
Versos 13-10—Why Is' It that nil nn*
(Ions,nnd peoploH In nil llmoH ho far ns
wo hnvo any rucord',' bellcvo' in nnd
"doslro u better country, Hint Ih n
heavenly?"     •  -
Voi'seH 17-lt?—Olvo from memory llm
nccounl of Abinhiim orfurliiK np Ills
sou iHitnc.
Whnt Ih tlio pnrtlcnlnr victim, In
Abraham ouyyliiK lUid lu tho Hinttur
of offorliiK np [Hi'ine?     :
Would ll ho n virtue or n vlcu In
i.h*8(j days, If nny man Hhould do llio
snmo thliiK uk Abcahnm did?
Vcchos 20*31— Hupposo ,tho porsoiiB
...1.,.,..„....  "       .........    .'I      .,
..'•■•H' .Incnli. .In-^pph, Mo«i>h end Wn-
hub, had hff'n lurl-lup* fnith In flod,
In IIioho crltlcnl niomoiilfl of lliolr
liven, what would hnvo boon tho dlf*
forenco In the wkuIih?
IHiuti Jiillll 111 Vit/u vi.'n(t',in  Uirtiail  xxiv.
present lmppy. niul picture In rIowIiib
colon** the futuro?
VuI'hoh ,,2 "JO—Have men'distinguished for their fnith always boon noted
for Iheir booiIiiphh? _   .
This in a Ihi'llliiif-;' aciMiint of the
nxplnllm of the man of fnlih; give mo
nn nrrcflint of the nrblevfitif-nUi of men
noted for tliolr IntU of fnith.
lentna tor -Sunday, .lunr* 20th, 1909,
—Ito view.
LONDON, Ont,, June 3—Vincent, the
year and n half old -son of M. Famu*
lnrn, Dundas St., was seriously If not
fatally Injured Inst night whilo playing in front of .his 'father's laundry
by being run over, by a street car. At
tho.moment tho. father saw tho child
lying on. tho tracks .bleeding and cut
ho wont temporarily Insane nnd mnde
h de'spernte" attempt to attack the mo*
tor'man, threatening to kill him.
What would bo nicer to send East
to frlonds than a copy of'"Progressive
Fornio," Splondldly Illustrated, over
100 pages nnd only R0 **onts, Order
now nt Ledger—condy August 1st.   '
"In Fohrunry our dnughtor hnd tho
whooping cough. Mr Lano of Ilartlnnd
rocommondod . Ghnmboclaln'B , Cough
Romody aiid snid it gave his custom*
ers' tho host of satisfaction. Wo
found It ns ho said, nnd cnn recomm*
end It to nnyono having children trou*
blod with whooping cough," says Mrs,
A. Goss of Durnnd, Mich, For snlo by
nil druggists,
Tills By-law may be cited for rill purposes as tlie City- pt,Fertile Park I?y-
t-aw No. 87.
Done and passed In opon Council tills
21st dny of May, A.D. 1909.
Received the assent of the -people this
 day of 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted this    •.  day of >   A.
D.   1909. "*' ' -   *
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the propoBcd Ry-Law ii'ion
which the vole or tho Municipality will
be taken at the City of Kernlo on Tuesday, the 15th day of Juno, A.D. 1909 lis.
tween the hours.of 10 o'clock In the
mornlnR- and 8 In-tho evening,'at the
City Offices, Bltuato ln. .Tonnsun-Fal-
coner Block, -,'
Fernie, B.C., May. 22nd, 190
City Clerk.
F10 IIM 13    ,
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that thirty
<30) days after date 1 Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and -Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following- described lands situated In ,S.
E. Kootenay, British,Columbia, Block
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 1 mile east of 29 mile post of tho
present C. P. R, survey line and belnt?
the north east corner of Nat Babcock
Thence running* south SO chains;
Thence running west 80 chains;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running east 80 chains
to a point of commencement,    making
040 acres more or less.
Located' this 25th day of April, 1909.
NAT  BABCOCK,  Locator.
Fire   and  Accident
♦ From tho very Inception of
♦ "PcogniHslvo Fernio," tlio   r«
♦ sponso mot with from ndvoc*
♦ IIrocr Iiiih boon most oncoiir*
♦ Ing,   and   nlccndy   n   goodly
♦ number of oui' hUHlne*™ mon
♦ havo signed contrncts for the
♦ . Hi'cui'lng of Rpnco In this nimi*
*♦* bee, AlllioiiKh lho book is not
♦ duo   to   npiu'iir   for   Hovc-nil
♦ mouths   yet, ndvnnco   onion*
♦ nco now in, rfud of course will
♦ lmvo pi-fiui't-ucu in iil'iug.
'■*■*► . Half a do/en    photo   post*
♦ cards cost you 'Ac. D\e prlc***
♦ of 'I'logifHHlvii Foiple,' w)il«*h
♦ will cont'nlii ni'iny I Inn1', that
* niiiiini'i' ol wii'ti    vii'\xn    ,i,v
► Spalding the photographer. A
• copy    sent to friends In tho
' oust will ik-Jur'lbft Fr-nilf* Mro.
*• and tlio progrnflB of lho yenr'
► better thnn it could bo done
► In nfir ni'i.-.r xvnr, nnd If will
► bo profimely IIIURtrnt«il.   All
► I hone c'^'lvln** 'notice tn f-nll
► on   .SpJiMIng   hlajuld   net   m
► onco,
' BY-LAW  Na   St.
A By-Law to* raise 1115,000.00 for the
purposo of erecting a Flra Hall and to
puruluiso u silo iburiifoi'ft In tha City of,
Furnlt1. j,   .
WIIiOUKAS a petition haB been pro-
Hcntecl to tin; Municipal Council of the
Udi'punitluii nl' the City of l'Vrnlc; hIkii-
ed by thu uwners of at lount unu-lcnth
of the vnluo of the vtul proporty In tlio
City of Fernie, iih mIiowm by I he mvlsod
AHHCHHmciiL Koll, t'eiiiiexiliig ilium to
Introduce huHi n Hy*l.(iw.
AND WIIKIIKAK for tbo pui'iioho of
oniotlng a V\rv Hall and of purcliiifllng
it slit, tut- iho unid Flro Hnll In (Iir oily
of Fernio It will bo ikicphmiii'v l» borrow the Finn nl* $ir,,000.0(j ami tn Ihhiii*
iii'1'i'iit'iH'H ol' llm City nl Ki'inWi fur tlie f
IHiriioxu of 1'iiIhIiuc the milil iimniint;   -
AND Will-. I IU AH tint aiiiiiuiii of the
whole i'n ten hi i' In ml nr Iniiirovi'itiwilK
nn ri'iil propi'i'ty of tbo mild Clly or
Ferule i.et'nrilliig l" lho Inst revived A«-
HcHHinciii  iiiiii Ih **i,*::M,r,<)ii.(ii);
AND WIIMUI'IAH II will he re<llllHlte
to mini- iinriiiiilly by rale the mini of
I10IU..2K for paying lliu hii hi debt nml
ANI> W'll HI I HAH t li Ih Hy*luw nh(i1l
tint he nlliil'eil or I'etiejiled iixccpl wllh
lliu eminent of the Lleuteimiil (Sovi'i'iinr
In Cmiiicll,
NOW TllHltHHOHH, tbe Munleliml
Council of the (Nu'iHiriitlim nf the <Mty
of  Ferule clinrlta UK  I'ollnww:
1, It nIiiiII mul mny be lewful fur
tIn* Mnvnr nl' the (!iir)inriill'in nf tin*
(Mly <if Ferule in bnrrnvv upon creillt nf
the sjiIiI (*iii|i.n'utImi by wny uf ib'beu-
tUI'i'M herellilil'ter llientiuneil. ri'uin IIIIV
liel'Hiiu. liei'MuiiH, body nr liiidleH i'(i|'|iu|'-
ate,  wl.ii  may  l»- willing    xn mlv.ui
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(SO) days after dato 1 Intend to apply
to the lion. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for u license to prospect for coal anil petroleum on the following described lands situated In S.
H. Kootenay, British Columbia, IJIock
Commencing at a post planter! at <lr
near! milo' cant of 2.1 mllu post of the
present C, 1*. 1!. mirvoy lino, nnd being
tho south oast cornor of W. II; Darby
Thonco'running north SO chains;
Thenco running west SO chains;
Thonco running south 80 chiiliis;
Thenco running eiml. 80 chains
to a point of commencement,   making
040 acres more or lews.
Located this 2t*th day of April, 1909,
Beck Block
Room   3
J Andy   Hamilton
I Tinsmith and Plumber
W-.   II.   JMUUV,
Commencing nl a peat planted at or
noar I milo cuslof tlin'i'.'l milo post of
the pivHont C, V. 11, Hiirviy lino, nnd
being tho north wuhi curmr of A. H.
Knrqiihnmon clnlniH; j U
Tlnnee  running  **'1"'t  "0 chnlnn \A
Thoncu running hoii 111 80 obuiiiH; >j '■
Thoncfi running west M olmlim; '■..XX'XXKVI.XI'IKWXI-Si'i'XWXX:^
Thence running north SO chnliiH; |
lu ii pulnt uf cuiiiiiieiieeiiiuiil,    limiting, ,    * ..... .i
(I-(0 noreH more nr Ichh,
Located lhln ffilli day of April, 1909.1
NAT  IIAIF'OCK,   Agent !
., ' A.H.FAH0UHAHKON,  Lociitur
ComiiK'tifltig ut n  punt planted at nr
near 1 inllu ciihI uf ^;| mile print of ibe,
present (,',  l»,  ll, Hiirv«y line, nml l«-*;
hiH   the   norili   win!   I'nrner   ut   W.   II.
Diu'by eluliii; '
'1'lniice running wihI  M cluilim i
TheiKie riinnliig ninth HO ebiiltiH;
Theui'ii rtiniillig went   Kit cIiuIiih; l
Thence running kdiiIIi SO rlinlim;
tu a iiului uf (.'iiiiiiiii'iii'i'ment,    making!
fi'n  aeii-t-  nn.I e  nr   leM*.
Located thin 2Mb day nf April, MO!).'
NAT   IIAMCncK,   A Kim.       •   !
W. II,  DAHHY, I.'Ki.i'.r
We can furnish you with estimates in
anything in our line
the muni' iih a lunti, a nun imt uKreril-
Ing 1 li>> whule mi in ur Iiri.0uii.un nml in, Cuiiiir.eiii.liift ia a |i.,hi pluutxl 'it or
fiiiiHii nil niicIi xiiiiim hu rulKcil ur neiih'. , neur 1 mile ennt uf 'i'l inl'e |iuiU of the
ci) to In* pnld llllu Die bliuilf uf tbe ' liieKent C I'. II. HUl'Vey line, and be.
Tri'UMirer "f the miiIiI Cnrporatlini fur! Ing the imrih eiml curui-r uf A. H,
tin. |/iir|,t.mi nml wllh the ub'i'ct In le-, 1'iiniuhiii'nun iliiltn;
luln'iur.' rcclli-il, ,     Thi'iiee iiiiinlng vvii't  SO cIuiIiih;
'J,    II  Khali be lawful  fur the .Mayor I     Thence running KuDth  SO chnliiH:
tu  ■■iilixe  liny  lilllllber uf ili*tn*lil ill'i H  lu,      Tlu-iiei-   riinuhig i-iimi   mi  clialnM
be nunle, csi'i'iiled and Ihhiii.mI enrb l'ur'     'j'licnci- running imrth .10 cluiltin;
tbo   nu in   nf   tMHI   iih   nmv   be   renulveil i t ti   it   tielnt   fit ermilru'iu'.-lli'ilt.     milking
Inf   Iln-   |iiii|niM*   .mil   i.HJirl   ,i|,'ii .-.iui. ; ii^u   nt'ic*.   Iiim.'  oi    it ir,
mil' ».vi.|.iillnr    bnwevei*    tin*   tnnn     nf i     t ,'ieiitirt  tbln '.'Mli dtiv of April. MOO.
•II.'i.ijiiii,  nun  .nt  hlicu itriii'iituiiM ri..in | NAT   IIAHCUCK.   Ageni
" '-.MlfJI'llAIIHON,   Lnealnl
Tho Hotol of Fornio
I'ViiiIii'n l,t-it.l|iiK ('iiiiiiiici'cial
'I'lMII l.a|    IlilllhU
S. F. WALLACK, Prop.
be ceiilcd  with Ihe Hcnl  nf the Cerpur
♦ I
Singer Sewing Machines Co.,
Fomie, B. C.
I       ;
Why be without a Sewing Machine when you
ran wi onr for iflOO a month?
J. P. H0ULAHAN, Agont, opposite Conl Co.'s office. Pftllitt Ave.
lllll-   Ml|l|llif'l    Willi     Ull*    Ili'M     Willi'**,
"I,il|l|(llh   ,'lt|l|    1 'il/lll-a,
Bar Unoxcolled
All WMtc JIdp
ll,, . ,  A.,i
Ca'l in ami
soc us once
C. W. DAVEY k CO.. Props.
■Ml PA-m fvn
vi/i)t Sisfnd £e;%et
$1.00 a year ia advance. Address all commualc*-
tloas to the "Manager" District Ledger, Feraie B. C.
Rate« for aavertlslug ou application.
W* believe, through careful enquiry, that all the
advertisements in this paper are signed by trustworthy
persons, and to prove our faith by words, we will make
good to actual subscribers any loss incurred by trusting advertisements tbat prove to be swindles; but we
do not attempt to adjust trifling disputes between
subscribers and honorable business men who advertise,
nor pay the debts of honest bankrupts.
This offer holds good for one month after the
♦ransaction causing the complaint; that is we must
have notice within that-time. In all cases in writing
to advertisers say "I saw it in The Ledger."''
Phone 48;  Residence 9
Thc method of •id.iiiuislcrhig.the Siiiiila/ elo.smg
law in this city is rather unique, and fortunate'it is
that tlie Fernie interpretation is not widespread.
As a'basis for argument, it is admitted that all the
business stores of Fernie, including in this category
hotels, merchandise emporiums, groceries, confectionery stores, tic, pay taxes at the same rate into
the one common 'treasury; tliey are all competitors
in a sense for the floating currency of the community; they should therefore, he dealt with the same
when it comes to Sunday closing.
To particularize or mention names is unnecessary, for 'tis noticeable to even a casual observer,
that certain people in the city seem to be able to
keep wide open seven days in the. week, and offer
for sale every article in their store, not one whit of
which is necessary for the sustenance of human
life or the alleviation of human suffering. Here
again, side by side with these seven day graspers,
are drug stores, in which it is impossible to get even
simple remedies, or a prescription filled on a Sunday, no matter how urgent the case may be.* Time
after time, the medical men of the city tell us, have
people been put to needless inconvenience, to say
nothing of pain and worry, simply because the drug
stores won't keep open certain hours on Sunday to
fill prescriptions.
To limit drug stores to the filling of prescriptions, and to allow full scope to confectionery estab-
, lishments, is on the face of it, the veriest kind of
rubbish. ' , .
The almighty dollar must be paramount to all
other interests witli certain p\eople\in this city.. To
say nothing of the moral aspect of the_ease._l\vhich
be gained by prolonging the sessions, or by taking
evidence? ■ The whole thing at once resolves itself
into a sort of comic-opera, going through all the
form- and ceremony ,of a conciliation board, and
all the time knowing that tangible results/based on
a mutually;'--advantageous conclusion, were out of
the question? *'■" -.■.--•
- Again, at the Maeleod conference' the same
situation arose, only from a different source. The
operators stated explicitly that unless the findings
of ihe board coincided with their views, they would
have none of it. Could any move possibly be
made which would have a more disastrous effect
on the honest efforts of arbitrators toward an amicable settlement?
The miners showed that, even with this handicap, they would continue with the arbitration proceedings, though.under tlie circumstances, the dignified and proper course would have been to withdraw from arbitration proceedings conducted under such preposterous stipulations. ''     '
The over-bearing, dietatory attitude of the Operators can profit them nothing; it drives sympathy
into the channels of the men,,who by their manly,
and determined effort for simple justice hsivc won
the admiration and plaudits of a public, now seriously anxious to' see a settlement, and a speedy
renewal of operations. '„
The Ross Ambrose Construction Co. [
beg,to inform the citizens of perme
they are prepared to carry out all7
classes1 of work.    Heavy" Draying, v
Excavating,. Building and Cbncret-,
ing a speciality.   Estimates given on
all. Contract work.   ^11 work guaranteed satisfactory.
O.N.ROSS        TV
The Dominion Act to aid,in thc prevention and
settlement of strikes and lockouts ih mines and in-
dustries connected with the public utilities, chapter 20, clause 50 says "The board may with the eon-
sent of the minister," employ competent experts or
assessors to examine the books or official reports
of either party, and to advise it upon any technical or other matter material to the investigation,
but shall not disclose such reports or the results of
such inspection or examination tmder this section
without the consent, of both the parties to this dispute."'    ;   '
The operators consider the above all right   as
*■    ■ -' * **
long as'they are questioning the miners representatives, but as. soon as the* miners representatives ask
any question' touching on the profits derived;- or
anything of that nature, the shoe pinches, and they
claim that the question is irrevalent to the dispute.
This, of course, is in keeping with the stand they
have taken from the outset. "Grab all and look
for more." '
seems to them to be a dead issue, they are following
a killing game. , No man can afford to sacrifice
his rest day, and to force employees to do the same,
for the sake of cornering a small quota more of the
elusive dollar, nor can he expect to receive , the
full measure of public respect in so doing.
. 'Apart from the aspect of the question as regards the public and the seven-dayers, surely' the
officials who have these matters in hand can see
that the law as it is worked out at present, is such
that is guarantees neither a closed town on Sunday,
nor yet does it tolerate the open town idea. This
hit-and-miss interpretation of municipal statutes is
a fallacy, a menace to honest, business men, a nuisance to the public, and altogether intolerable for
consistent municipal government. .,
The Lomieux Act hns been weighed "in the bal*
nncc and found wanting.
Emergencies have arisen in connection with thy
arbitration and conciliation boards in District ,.18
which tho Act fails to cover, und which liave made
seHsions useless—nay worse than useless—a waste
of time.
When the operators and miners meet in session,
and at tho very outset the operators refuse to he
bound by the decision of the bonrd, what, then, can
It may He very interesting news for our men,that
while under oath at. the Conciliation Board Investigation President Stockett admitted that-In his
very many years experience in connection with coi'l
mining he had always found that the closed shop
benefited the operators as well as the miners. Yet
gentle reader, this great and glorious chief of the
almost defunct Association is holding out for an
But wait—another operator,on the same stand,
and under oath, made the statement"'in answer to
a query by a representative of tlie, miners "that
after years of careful study of the mining industry
he did not consider that men working under pillar
work ran-any more danger than men working outside. He could demonstrate it by the fact that
just lately a man,working outside got kicked by a
horse and received an injury to his shoulder!
And these are the Operators!
Some' people's minds arc very small, and their
intellects still smaller, but one of the smallest .wc
have had the pleasure of, "hutting into" is a man
who styles himself as "Observer" and writes in the
Lethbridge Herald, The abstruse manner in which
he writes is more than apparent. Speaking of thc
Ledger he says "if it is going to go over to the
capitalist class wc had better sell out." We advocated thnt the union men of tho city who were
out of employment be given preference over the
Chinks, The Chinese have not as yet joined any
union in Fernio, and ns soon as they do they will
bo entitled to somo consideration, but until then
we certainly won't give them any boost. Observer
might bettor his condition,by. some anti bilious pills.
They might clear one's gripy spots.
The Fernie^ Pressed- Stone &; Concrete
Cf t<| Sewer Pipe Company       *
, yi'"All kinds of concrete work done, excavating, sewer ditches, con-
- crete side walks, iron fences, and concrete lawn rollers, also-. - -
Fire Proof D wee It rigs from $1,000 up
; Over 70 different designs- to choose from'.Before building have
a look*at our designs and prices. * ■ ,"■ -7
P. O. Box 256        W. M.  DICKEN,; Mgr..      'Fernie, B.C.
Crows Nest Trading Co.
General Merchants
The   Store   of Good Values
Victoria Ave.
Fernie, B.C.
A No. :6
New Carey
Fop Sale
W. R.  McDougall
<»•»»•>•»■*• »»*»»<>»<»*»»■»<
1 I  SAY   TO
^v vvvww
Come and see or write for circular of what
jve. have to offer ih fruit' lands at Baynes
within 30 miles of Fernie. Lots of water,
sure markets and easy terms. 7 'a
Kootonia  Irrigated  Tracts
Y     D. .W. ; HART, (Agt. for Canada) BayiiCS, B. C    X
<> .0
Arbor Day, June 9th j
as Civic Holiday and Arbor Day for the purpose of cleaning up the "
streets of tlie-.City.  , ry '"',.'.'■'
All property owners, householders, and able bodied citizens.are
requested to assist in this work by placing in piles before Juiie 9
all stones and refuse which.may.be on the streets adjacent, to
their property /' - '■','.'     -7,  *
. AH citizens'are urged to co-operate with the1 team owners who
have kindly offered their teams for the purpose, of carting away
the refuse.   -.   '.-' ', ,     - -',        .""•'•
EVERYBODY LEND A HAND and report   at General   Headquarters opposite the King Edward hotel at 9 a.m.    June'   9th
Bring your shovel, rake or pick. ' * *   * - ■
By requeBt—
The Slaughter
Sale is still on.
Gall and get a
supply of your
summer needs.
Advertise In TKe Ledger
Local Nows
ProHldont. Sherman arrlvod In town
on Friday ovoning,
Lost: At. 0. II. Joyful dimco, a Bold
pearl homily plh. Finder return to
UiIh office,
Tlio Fat men and Coniniorclal Ilimn*
bill U'iim will moot on Mo'i.Iiiy night
nt the linuolmll ground*),
Don't. foi'Bct to prupiiro for 1st of
July HjiortK, Tlie Athlullc Association
mo h pur I iik ii'-ltlu'i' Hum nor monoy to
WIl)'*) It  U HIICC'JNH.
Tlio t-x'hool hoard has boon miKniont*
ed by tlio uluctlun of Ur. WrlKlinworth
who tahct tlio pla*''** of ("i, I,. J'odlftr,
who was iiliHont loo long,
0. Radium!, harbor, Iim. movod to
tho Qnoonit hoi el and sollnltH tho trnilt*
of hin mnny patronh to IiIh new Htnnd.
Soo his nd on anothor pawo.
**M f* II     .     Tl        .   II.   .     TT     ...        ri-n
ci] on tho trt under new mnnnfomont.
Tho Iiouho linn boon much enlarged,
and newly furnished and ought to dn
n good InmlnoNH. »
A mooting In cnllod for two o'clock
Hinn/I SO II      \t>M.<viaVj »      aa,      a Ll'      .\'ai^,,.,>. ■,'
hotel to form n city lmsolmll li-agno.
All oluhH Hhould Hond 2 reproHontnt*
Ivor so thnt a good tongue mny ho
(Continued from pngo 1)
tlmo;  rind tho fact  that, thoy woro
willing to, lie 1)oiiik1 liy tho doclslon of
tho board goos to Hhow Hint thoy wore
only looking for JiibIIoo,
Tlio operators rofimod to ho bound
hy Uio board ho this han broiiKht
mattoiH to a tli'tidlni'l' wllh no hopes
whatever for an i-iuly hoIIoiiioii! of
the troiiblo,
Tlio inlnoH hnvo been idle now nix
weokn nnd all nttoinplH to bring both
parties tneither havo failod up till tho
An Homo of thr ("rlev'iuu'OH of tho
mon aro direct violation,) of tho ngrco-
nioiil, Ihnt. Jiiih oxisli'il al ,1 hat mlno
hIik'o Mai-cli iHt, 100.', tho Nnlloiiiil
and District unions nro taltlng up tho
inatior, and will support ino lutai union in >.nf) i4ui.iJ,77 luHi.iiri, iuiDI
a fcutJii/flclory sullcniont ban bci'ii arrived nt.
Tho Kiitmon and Prlntors plnyod m
Also David Gray, IIowol John, Walter WllllttiiiK, David Crawford, who
woro momhorii of Diamond Vnlo Miners union Morrltt D. C.
Lowls Clark from Cherry, 111 No 2711
DlHt. 12.
I wlnli them to bo put an tho unfair
Hat iih thoy have boen unfair to organized labor horo.
. I'loaa'o nolo that a Hlrll-e ha* boon
declnred horo aiid warn all mon to
koop nwny from Nicola Valloy nn lho
Btrlko Ih on,
("orronpondPiieo to tho Lodftor from
MlddloHboro wiyn that tho company Ih
uofffyliiK iiiliiorHto Hot out of tho
hoimoH today within n day or two. 13v*
trytlitnB Ib quiet and the boj'H aro
f-tnmll'ifl- vat.
ISvoryono la confldont thnt wo will
win out,
Tho boyn woro camped on tho Cold*
Wnter river hot torn hut hnvrt hnd to
Kot nut on ncnoimt of IiIrIi rivor. An
It mined vory hard for n couplo ot
dnyH you will undorHtnnd tho rontioii
why Uio boy» hnd fo llvo In ramps.
Tho Company owns tho litriw board*
In-*; hniiHo at Mlildieiiboro nnd whon (ho
iniiililo filmled L'ja.yoi'thy nnd Sertu*
hlim, proprietor of hoarding Iiouho,
took tho hlankotd fiff thohoy'*» be-In.
so thoy hnd to do tho next best tWntr,
and niHtlod Homo tonta nud blankets
Harry Unworthy nnd Jnmca Hcrlbblnu
■mi- •,.!.,(, i,.. tU,s unfair Ilut n« th'T wor.*1
All kinds of
Give us a trial
Furnituro Moving a Specialty
Ia'lwc Onion-* with W. Koay
MUlilioHhoro, Mny 29 1000
Kditor DlHtrlct LodKOr:
Donr Sir: Ah I hoo In your papor a
real »rood trnme nt bnll nn ThiirHdny! notice that cortnln mon hnvo boon
night. The Finn won by a ncoro of 11, expelled from this lo«nl, and at *.nu
to 12. The folio win-j* were lho lln«*iipii,! hnd not nil the nnmon I will glvo thom) m.-rnben. of this local nt the tlmo tli*»y
Fats: Davey, 1st; White 2nd; MrM.ll*> to you: !'•*>''■* Div mill.:   liluiiUta   frum     tho
nn 3rd; WrlglcBworth si nnd p; Scott.;    potftr 8wuh nml hin three »onH, Tom j !">>».
r.f;  Hlbh.rt c.t:  Whelnn p and nt.;  Jt)hj. MnA pe)<>r jMM| rUq nU son ,n!    Hm»I».k Ihe other local! In tho dl»
l.loy.11 l.f; Utnti c* Prlntwi: flHlMplo*,      Th Arch«»M. Ml of whoml'H.-t will ho HiicfMnfiil «« Rot nRro^
inv, Quinlan 2nd   IttiHh 3rd   Htnnloy.    ,       , .   .,    ...m       , ,,,^        ...   i,«, ,,.„ a,ii«c„4.,««
oh;  MllWf.f. WAV llnekley <J;   holonged to tho Flfo and KlhroHH MIn-; rnenfn ^t^nrtory
Itnchnn n. ct: P. Kirkpatrick o; E. ,,r« A»»oclntlon. office Victoria «tre.,t. \oarstrnly.
Kirkpatrick r.f.
Imnfft-mlin«, Kilonhlr*1, Hcollnud
w. n nxm
k eomplote lino of samplos of
Fall Suitings and
Worsteds, Screes
and Tweeds
Up-to-date Workmanship
Moderate Prices
ll'll1"! II ■)    »  ""
People trade here because they know
the Satisfaction which comes from so
doing. Those who trade here find
everything Right     .'.     ,'.      .'..',
The Goods
The Price
The Service
We are showing a large variety of
Hair   Brushes,  Toilet  Brushes,  Clothes
Brushes and Military Brushes
These are splendid value and cannot be beaten for Quality or Price
N. E. Suddaby - Druggist
Agents for Spalding's Post Cards, Kodaks. Photographic Supplies. Wall
Paper, Toilet Ankles, Huyier's Chocolate*
J* i^*^^SS^^Sh^.%SSS^S^
Tlie Official Oreaa of District No.  18* U. M. W.  of A.
Fernie, »J C.,    June 5th, 1909
*K '
f*»¥-1* *t*¥*t* ¥¥■»■**•-»
j       COAL   CREEK     I
• *
- -tt
*  ' ■ - From our own Correspondent       -" ' |
William' Blaney, Edward Relph    and
• AV.  P. Caufield, the fresh arrivals are
from tho north of England.
Sam   Davies   has, never   been   well
since his bad attack of rheumatic l'e-
. ver.'AVlth the assistance of the local he
has.gone to the hot springs at Banff for
•Come out today nnd see the Coal
Creek boys-rub It Into Bellevue on tho
football park.
Maurice Campbell, Billy Cadman and
Arthur de Al'troy.aro amongst thoso
, -who havo pulled out. , ,
According to a handbill' Issued by the
C. N. P. E. L. and P. Co. the voltage
of our house light is to bu Increased
from 110 to 220. Men havo just finished putting up new* poles and wires and
connecting same with the new power
Danny Munroe of French Camp gave
an excellent musical evening on- his
splendid graphophone to a few friends
last Friday.
Mrs.Shanks-a'nd'two children,arrived
on Saturday from'the old country. Mrs.
Shank's husband, Jack who met them
at Montreal, accompanied them.1
Jack Jones haB been looking pretty
bum through a mild "feverish-attack.
Buck up Jack, you're worth a few dead
tin's yet. '
Messrs. Potter, Fernie city engineer,
and Kirkland, consulting engineer were
up here on business Saturday,
David Shanks came in trcm Scotland
on  Saturday.
The many.acquaintances of Tom Har-
o rison will be pleased to know he Is now
fire bpss at Frank,    a
Joe Dodd  has quit the camp and is
now located at Frank.      '  ■' *•-.     ', .
7  Sam Borland, an old bird of Scottish
persuasion'surprised us'with the entry
of his visage last week.
H. P. Ferguson' of the grocery department has quit Trites-Wood store. • His
successor Is Ernest O. McGlnnls,' -who
answers  readily, to  Mac.
JohnL. Hughes who .has long been
van assiduous worker In everything In
connection with the Presbyterian,work
liere, has gone to Stettler, Alta., as a
probationer to that ministry.
Dave White Is progressing In the hospital. He is now allowed out of" bed
every flay. -
John Macfarlane, the man who    was
• caught by cars last week in No. 5, can
Shake hands with himself as a fortunate
fellow.- He has been discharged from
the hospital and in a few days'expects
to be rid of his stiffness.
A special union meeting being called
for-Sunday afternoon last in Fernie   a
, special train was run from here. A special.' return  was also run,  arriving  in
about eight..   -   '
The new standard quoits have come'to
thc club and this week some lively en-
-.   counters have been witnessed. The for-
"niiuabieTBiiiy- Htrgiies~is—still- bei"i*niu~i"n*
"the. running but the edge has not-yet
.been rubbed off his keeness and you can
bet on him catching up. *.-i  -,,-■• -■-'-*•,•-*
Just turned the hour of noon'on Monday a rig, containing our *own- provincial, constable and Fernie chief of police
Burroughs, along with .City, Constable
Gorman, came into Coal Creek by the
highway. Leaving the. rig they entered
a shack which is tenanted by Italians.
Ono of them was arrested and a search
of the. bought brought' to light what
was considered to be sufficient Implicating evidence-to sustain-the suspicion
that some of the occupants were .In
league with the Black Hand. ' The officers of the law.took their prisoners and
, their find to Fernio whero the former,
along with another Italian arrested Jn
iM-i'nio Uu* previous night, was (retained
, on a'charge of,, conspiring to cmurdor.
We understand these men escaped from
custody on Tuesday, and hnvo not since
boen recaptured. As usual every sup-
posod loophole of escape from the dlH-
trict Is being carefully watched,' , and
' the police are on the alort. -Surely
thoro.Is a scrow loose Homowhcrc. If
the punlHhment of thc parties responsible for such an easy possibility of escapo' wore loft to Coal Crook peoplo,
judging from thoir oponly expressed
feeling In tho mnttor, future Instances
would bo few nnd far botween.
Mnrk St. John Sampson, brother to
tlio provincial police chief of that name
Im the now time keeper for Noh, 2 and
3 milieu. Ho has just como Into the
The fnrejvoll uormon of Nov. K. Curry
ln the Mothndlflt-churoh on Hundnv ovoning wen listened to very attentively.
■"Mr. Curry loft on Tuesday,
Mrs, Gibson, MrB. Bill Evans, Mrs,
•-Roberts, Mrp, H, KlngBWood and Mrs,
Tyson went to Fornio on a shopping expedition on Monday, On their return
Afternoon ton was taken at tho house
of Mi'H, Gibson. Our corrcupondoni, shy
un fl modest as ho Is would llko to know
fill the spicy little (littles that went the
Jack Appleby, Albert Orunrty and liar
ry Baker have taken tha shack vacated
by Oscar Brlndloy-at French camp.
A tonm of horson attached to a wagon
-becoming fltrtrted, galloped at a great
pnen down thn railway track on Tuesday morning and were not pulled In
until thoy got to Welili camp. Fortunately thoy had a clear courso and
no ono wnn Injured,
There In a large and strong -Moment
of tho Itoman Catholic faith tn Conl
Creek, They will ho glnd to know that
past efforts to have a church of their
own built hore are noarlrig realization.
On Tiiemlny two Catholic fathers from
Fornio, accompanied by. Clon. Huporln-
(undent t-ilmlMtur vlowmf huvituI hIioh ou
tlio MorrlHHey lu'imnn sldo nf Iho Creek,
Tho MistnoNM of tho Htork Ih llko the
King's hufllnoHR, tt keep cropping up,
On TiiPHrtuy tho Htork pnld a wolconio
vImH id tho homo of Mew, Tom tnnicm,
■nml crinferrsul upon Tom litniHclf tho
.dogrco »f roNpniiHlblltly of miliar lo n
flno Him and hole,
Through the fan belt breaking on
Tuesday morning the men in Nos. 2 and
3 were compelled to.quit work.
W. II. Evans had a successful business trip to Hosmer.
' Jesse Stackwood was feeling sick aiid
tired in Michel so he came to Coal Creek
to get his spirits revived. He is not
dead yet.
Mrs. Bladiow of Wales, Mrs. *Furenss
of Ireland and Mrs. McLeod of Scotland
formed a unique trio of visitors-Wednesday.    ""
Sandy MacDougall was through on a
business trip on Monday,
■ Joo Morris had a pleasant stay with
friends In Frank this week.
Mark Branch' continues improving
although he is still confined to his
BllPSimpson and Losh Rogan made
some. of the Whitehaven chaps staie
when they walked on to tho quolting
ground on Wednesday night. T.'iey are
right out from- the old country.
' The farewell social In the Methodist
church on Monday night in honor o'.'
Dan Willis and Mrs. Willis was a huge
success.,. The chief item In the proceedings was the presentation of . a
silver afternoon tea*service' to Mrs.
Willis and a-silver napkin ring to Dan.
Littlo Minnie Stevens carried the' presents on a. tray and placed 'thefn. on a
table, after which the Rev. Curry asked the honored guests to step forward
to receive them. The recipients returned- thanks, in appropriate ' terms.
Songs were sung by Misses Eliza Evans, Addle Jones, Maud Tyson, B.
Finch, Mrs. Booth, Messrs. Samson
and K. Corner; recitations given by
Misses Lilly. Tyson, Minnie Stevens.
Lilly Hall and Messrs. . Mercer and
Curry. The company sang an opening
hymn and finished with "God be with
you tell, we meet again," after which
the benediction was pronounced. Rev.
J. H. Martin presided and Mr. R. Corner was an ablo accompanist.
Some time ago the Coal Creek juveniles sent a challenge- to the Fernie
juveniles to play them at association
football. Our kids have entered into
the spirit of It right, along, and last
week end the match was brought off
at the Creek grounds. A 'champion
game was brought to a close with the
score reading Coal, Creek 3 goals to'1
Fernie 1.
Other kids wanting a game should
address    C.  C.  Box 34 Coal, Creek'.
Dave Bessett does not require his
black shirt.' The white one he was
last seen wearing in Fernie- Is now
black enough. .
.The Creek lias considerably, risen
this week and is rushing down with
tremendous force. The bridge at the
Welsh camp has been washed away and
one resident of. that district has suffered at least $100 damages. Mlels Islet
lived alone ln a shack rented from
Sam Fisher. On Tuesday night the water had burst the,bank owing to some
heavy, logs which had come down getting bloCKed and'forming a breakwater. It was making, rapid headway
through -the gravelly ground,towards
able to- sleep elsewhere that ' night—
which he did. Turning out at 4 o'clock
ln the morning he found the shack had
.been' washed ■ about 300 yards down
the creek. It was entirely broken up
and all Kis household effects were
washed  away. * .,
Jim Thomson "and Mrs.""" Thomson
from-,Michel came up on .Wednesday
and were charmed to gaze upon their
first grand .child and to find - their
daughter Mrs. Duncan • going on so
M. Macpherson was a visitor on'
,. An-accident happened up 47 district
No. 6 mine on Wednesday morning,
when Ike'Moore miraculously escaped
what Is horrible to think of. He was
helping/ with a boom when near a
bull wheel'he slipped and .his foot was
caught-by the,running rope. Luckily
for him tho ropo was running slowly
and It was soon brought to a standstill. Had this not been so his leg
would suroly liave been drawn "Into
tho wheel and probably torn clean off
from his body. -As It^wns'ho got off
with a badly sprained and bruised foot
and for tho prosont is conflnod to Ills
boarding house,
A notico Is posted up horo asking for
Information whloh will lead to tho discovery of cortaln tools which h,ava been
picked up and misappropriated In ono
of tho mlnos. Tho tools aro distinctly
marked and tho person who lias thom
must know he is detaining something
which does not belong to him, Wo
quite bollovo tho samo porson If caught
would pretend to fool hurt If tho name
"thief" woro appllod to him; but In our
opinion this form of theft, for theft It
In, Ih the dirtiest and most contemptible, Unfortunatoly the-practlco Is a
common one too, In all tho mlnos.
Mr, Frod Adolph wont to Plnohor
Creok on buHlnosn last wook.
Mr. J. D. Ayo went to Eureka, Mon-
tant on Saturday on bustnoHB.
Master Handford nartor ontortalnod a
number or IiIh littlo frlondH lant Friday
the oRcitRlon being IiIh eighth birthday,
Tlio tablo was beautifully decorated,
tlio color scheme bolng vlolot and white
Tho guoHts had a happy tlmo and do-
parted wishing Bruidforil nmiiy happy
blrthdayn, '   '
Hnvoral ofniir young pooplo atlonil-
od tho mntohod gnnio of IiuhmIi-iII lm.
tween Waldo nm! Cliituway, Wo under-
Htaml thru tlu, llntowny tonm Iiiih io-
tlroil for nrnctloo, •
Tho Wnldo j-oyn wore nttlrort in tliolr
now it'Hiilla' and looked quito fotch-
Wo nro ploiiHod to nnnnuncn tho
birth nl n ihiughtor to Mr, nnd Mm,
,luu Olim-iiH nnd iiIho thu hlrlli of n
son to Mr. and Mrs'. O. G/ Johnson.
It Is plain to be seen that the number
of settlers Is growing rapidly, and although those little pioneers have only
just appeared on life's,stage they are
fortunate in the;choice, of location.   ,
Mr. Fenson came in from Pincher
.Creek Monday and is now employed at
the Adolph ■ store.
Mr. J. F'. Fisher purchased a five
acre tract of D. W. Hart this week.
. A very sad accident occurred ->at
Elkmouth Moriday afternoon. Mr. Van-
valkenburg and brother in l,aw, Mr.
Campbell, were crossing the Kootenay
river on a private ferry when the turbulent waters caused the boat to overturn-and both men, were lost. It was
a unusualy distressing accident as Mr.
Valkenberg leaves a wife and young
child who is bereft of both husband
and brother. Sho also lost all her personal effects which wero in the boat at
the time. ■
Mr. J. S. Poston of Spokane spent
several days In' Baynes this week, and
purchased a tract of land from D. W.
. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hales Ross are rejoicing over the birth of a daughter.
The Adolph planer has been running
night shift this week to catch up with
bock work,
Mr. A. E. Ingham took ordors for
vegetables oh Tuesday and Is expected
on  his  first trip Saturday.
Mr. Ingham reports that his brother, Mr, Charles Ingham, who was here
last fall and, will be remembered by
many of our people, lost all his crops
in the recent-flood ln Kansas. ,-
The C. P. R. trains from Spokane
are now passing through Baynes, on
account of the loss of a railroad bridge.
/ Bellevue had Hosmer as their guests
in a league match on Saturday the 29th
of May.. The game was started at two
o'clock. The teams .were: Hosmer, Hutson, Climle, Oversby, Dickie,-Balderson
Berryman, Gordon, Weldon, McDonald,
Cornet, Symonds,
Hosmer was unfortunate ln losing the
services'of their crack centre at . the
last moment owing to his wrist being
sprained at the practice on Thursday,
but Berryman proved to be an able substitute.
Bellevue won the toss' and McDonald
kicked off against a strong wind. Play
was very- wild and was mostly at the
Hosmer end of-the field but good defensive tactics' by Hutson, Climle and
Balderson spoiled the well merited.efforts of the Bellevue front line. Hosmer
had one great chance of a lifetime by a
combined run by'Gordon, Weldon and
McDonald which ended In McDonald
shooting into Lindsay's outstretched
hands—hard lines  Indeed.   ,    ,
' Some idea of the game may be had
from the fact that when Bellevue forced eight corners in succession, but the
shooting was wild and Hutson was in
great form and was ,'easily the best on
the field."   't    ." ■    .'   -
- Hosmer goal had'a close call, a shot
coming ln from middle; the wind car-
_ried_-ithe„ball rlght_lnto_r.the_goal'_and
Hiitsori was injured in clearing with a
couple of Bellevue men on top of him.
Half time arrived'with no scoring be-
,lng done. '
.Second Hnlf     '        -! '
; Hosmer started well ln this half and
looked like carrying, all before them,
but Bellevue defence stood firm and
transferred the ball to tho other end,
15-minutes-from the start a shot was
sent Into Hutson and Instead of catching tho ball he punted lt with his hand,
and knocked.lt on to tho breast of Ad-
dlin and he forced It through and thus
secured the only'goal of the game. Hosmer forced two corners in quick succession but failed to Improve their position
and tho game ended in favor of Bellevue by 1 goal to nil. -   - *    .
Whon playing with tho wind Bollo-
yuo had two balls soia'hat there was
ho tlmo lost ln getting a ball which had
gono out of play, but tho second half
saw tho disappearance of tho socond
ball, and as the Bollevuo woro not too
scrupulous about kicking out, tho ball
was out of. play' most of tho second
J, McLoan of Coloman provod a dandy roforeo and not ono of his doclulons
wero challenged.
Bellevuo spectators ought to keep ln
mind .that a losing team nover kick out
to" waste tlmo, Some of their remarks
woro In bad tasto,
Tho local bolng throo hourn lato, an
Impromptu smoking concert waB got up
and tho following singers nmuHod tliom-
HOlven and tlio otharu iih woll; Moasrfl.
Chappell, Lindsay, Cllmlo, Gordon, Dan
Dunlop, Hutson and othorn.
Andy McLeod accompnnlod thn team
to Tlellovuo to boost for Ilosmor,
Hector MoDonald1 wah slinking hands
with his old frlond Constablo Bulgor at
Mlchol dopot.
Tommy Chambers camo In on tho Io-
cnl on Saturday. Ho uaya thoro Ih no
placo like Homiier,
George McQueen Bays the sumo; uo
oomo bnck hoys, and wo will show thom
that wo have a team that can win
IIoli Little, lho popular bllllnrd piay-
or Ih slok, nnd wont tnlo Jini-pltal on
Hunday,  "
Tho football bciye «ay that tlioy moan
to got among tlio monoy at Fernio on
July 1.
The team will sit-before Mr. Robson,
the camera-fiend" next Saturday before
the game with Coleman. Look pleasant
boys'. , -«. ..<      , .    ,    '
Mr. Stockett came back to town on
Friday.    •        •'...,
We understand that the miners have
changed .their abode and in future will
hold their meetings ln the opera house.
It's a good sign when a hall gets too
small to hold union meetings. The
school room'was not nearly big enough
so come on boys andbulld a hall of our
own. .We've nothing else to do these
days. Membership cards are now ready
for thofootball club.and we hope every
person will get one.
Billy Evans,'the popular mayor of
Coal Creek, looked In on Wednesday.
He reminded., us* of summer with his
summer hat.        '
P. Carosella was lii town on Monday.
A special meeting of the miners was
held In the opora house on Tuesday. Nothing definite was done but we hope
that the miners who have a kick coming will do their kicking at the proper
time and place. . .It don't do the cause
any good to holler out in hotels and in-
other,places. Wo wish to draw attention to a certain bunch of men who are
in town just now who think they are
going to run it. ■
'Mrs. Higgins was .visiting Fernie on
Jacky Jarvis who got his leg broken
some time ago, is progressing favorably. ,-•',.
.Dr. Higgles says Bob Little is doing
nicely. ..,'■•
. We.understand-that'A-. Metheson has
got the orders for supplles-from the district, which is" only fair.
We hope that, the'miners of Hosmer,
will do their best to- support the Lodger
the-paper which we.own, and which
helps us a mighty, lot. The price is only
tl a year. We will be pleased to rake
In as many.'dollars as possible.
Don't' kick boys, 'united we stand—
divided we fall.
Bob Alderson was with the boys at
Bellevue on Saturday last. Say Bob,
when Is it coming off? We will be pleas
ed with an invitation.
Visitors in  town this week were.
E.   Pulyer,  Calgary. .
Fred* Smith, Vancouver
W.  H. Dehong, Fernie      -     ,,
R. "W. Eldershaw, Winnipeg.   ;
,   P.  Jordan, Pincher Creek
W. Harvey, London.-,->"•—        : ■    -.■.,.•*■
C.  Watklns, Calgary.
■■* 7   * -. , >■
■c''"'   ELKO, ROOSVILLE   v ' ".
*    . -.    ' ••*:.-■■.'a     ,.
by having to do business with liars and
some by going to Sunday school.".
to state that he visited- Elko Sunday,
Nut (said.,* *;   ''    ,.■•■'*-    ..* ■
The antipodean edltorSjt-nay visit Elko and-'Tobacco Plaii.s-rdrr. their' return
from Yorkshire fthd England..
The Elko game association Intend to
put barb wire along the Elk river to
keep,.the ^rout from getting into the
gardens. ' ,, •*;
Mr. George F. Stevenson, the hustling manager for the Western Canada
Wholesale Co,, Fernie, was down to
Elko the other day and got a half-Nelson on n summer home and will movo
his family here from. Regina. Wofoel
confident ho will also freeze onfo it for
tho winter, , ' '
The Hetty-Holo-in-hor-Stocklng Sowing club Ib just like all other sowing
clubs. It mot the othor day, and
spont the wholo aftornoon playing
cards, singing, eating 'lie" cream and
cake and,chewing gum,
It was a beautiful day In Elko last
Lapsloy, tho Locklo shoo man, was
In tpwn tills wook singing that bald
hooded anthorn "Thero's Nothln-y Like
Thero aro times -when Its enfest to
bo lonosomo,
,,"Wo want what wo want whon - wo
want It," said a Fornio young man. So
ho camo down to Elko and got it.
Tho soil Is so good In Cuba that cabbages of flftoon pounds each aro common, says an Amorlcan pnpor, Tho soil
Is ho good on Tobacco Plains that
cabbagoH of twenty pound's, crich aro
moro than common.  *■'>•
W, C, Lonoy and family vlsltod Roosvllle Inst wook,
Quito a number af Elkoltes will visit
tho Seattle Fair this summer.
D,, C. govornment officials woro
thiol. In Rllco alst weok,* W, ft. noss
our popular and over refreshing M. L.
A„ was down looking over tho proposed site for thu new Connor vat Ive club
houso. He expressed gront ploasuro at
lho progress Klko wns making hut ho
woiild nol nay whothor tho government
hulldlngH would ho moved to Elko this
summer or whon, but his* ploiisant Hmllo
wns iih long ns n.farmor's* dronin In
hnrvoMt tlinv nl tho prosperity Klko wnH
enjoying uinlor Omisorvntlvo govern-
mont, nml ovon  tho Grits cmflrfi,  Mm
blessed. Come again Mr. Ross when
we're home and we'll' give you a royal
welcome with no country,rock in'lt and
show you Elko's latest attraction "Romeo's Rock'^ discovered by J. 'Johnston
last .Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs.- J. Desroslers was in
Elko Sunday from the Big Red Apple
Mr. Reading, the C. P. R. magnate
of Fernie, was in Elko Sunday shaking
hands with old railroaders, from the
Thunder Bay division.
Fred Roo, who spent last week down
at Roosvllle says the cattle on Tobacco Plains are one solid chunk of porter
house Kteak.
It's much easier to have faith on
porter house stoak and mealy. Irish
spuds than corn meal mush.
Charlie Klingonsmlth's rendition of
•'The Short Coke my Mo"llier used to
Make" would bring tears to an Elk
river sturgeon, said a Fernie visitor
Joo_ Stevens,  the   Potter Palmer    'f
Morrissey, Swinton and Morrissey June
Hon was In Elko this week. Jot has a
good thing and believes In .hanging on
to It like a bull pup to a root.-
Slnco Fernie screwed everything up
tight on Sundays and threw the screw
drivers away, the Lubesticns are peddling their wares In Elko and Kootenay
river points. 0
. Mr. Wakefield (no' connection with
the old Vicar one reads so much of.»
was an Elko visitor'Sunday. ?
■ A scientist says the most beautiful
among women are quiet. We offer no
comment whatever, Just simply mention it for any possible good that it
may do.■
Now's the time to use your nets boys.
The game warden won't be back for two
Miss Mary Jane Stackhammer came
In from the Kootenay this week with
a smile like the wrinkle of an old shoe.
She bought herself a box of Insect pow-
der^ She stated things were lively down
the Kootenay.
Mrs. James Robertson and son moved
to Waldo this'week.
Ifs getting so warm around Elko
now that a person can sit down on the
grass' without catching a cold. ' .,
', Drummer3 are gathering around like
chicken's at a spilling,of grain.
-The McBride Bridge' builders are here
building the waggon bridge above .the
falls near Juliet Basin.    ''
They say it Is an Eden
Where, milk and honey flow
Oh. yes it is the promised land
Where the Big Red apples grow.   ' .
The Elko Roosvllle stage leaves Elko
Friday mornings from June 4th until
D.W.  Hart, sales manager for    the
Baynes Lake Fruit farms was In Elko
this week. ^
' It Isn't so much knowing a wholo lot
as knowing a little a_nd_lLoJv*_t_o_us_e_U,
l 5? FRE0 ROO
B. C.
General Merchant
THATEN  DUO,  In their Qrttat Oomedy Aot,  »Tho Man Who Looks Llko Mo"
Fornio Opora Houto, Monday, -Juno 7th.  Prlco* 98 and 3Bo., chlldron 1B«
that counts.
" A sad drowning accident is reported
from Waldo of two men crossing* the
river.-No particulars. Constable Qook
has gone ot Investigate,,'.',,.. ,'„■ . .
'.Mr. .Tames McKee; supt.,of B.and B.
Dept. Cranbrook, passed through Elko
this week, He states there's considerable water passlnfj through .the culvert
these days. *   *'
C\ W, flmllh, Wh6 HfillH Jumb'and Jellies for a fernie whbleljftld llolisfe, was
in Elko this week wlth'liis blil'sallls In
cream,   fruits  and   fly  paper;
Percy Stow's address lo Baynos Lake.
.Jack Johnston of'tho Pugh and Livingstone Lumber Co., Dorr, R, C. was
In Elko several days this week. Jack
gets moro liko his pa every day.
, ■<■***.
Al Rlzzuto lost a valuable horse In
the flood. A foolhardy drlvor drovo tho
beast too far into tho stream and It
was swept away by the rushing water,
Tlio pictures at the opora houso arc
bettor than" ovor. The management
have Just Installed a now style machine which Js proving successful. Tlin*
ton Duo, comic sketch nrtlHts will appear In connection with tlio pictures.
Anyone In possession of a rellof tent
Is asked to roturn snmo, na thoy havo
to bo sont bnclc. Thoso tents wero
only loaned and Socrotary Ambrey do*
Biros to havo thom roturned at onco.
On Sunday morning In tlio nnptlst
church Mr. Williamson will proncli on
tho subjoot "lleavon" nnd nftor tlio
service the ordlnnnco of llio Lord's
Suppor will bo obsorvod, In the evening Ilev.D, B, Hatt, Buporlnlonclont
of Missions will proncli, Mr. Pearson will sing u solo and tlioro will bo
spuclal music by tlio choir, After tlio
sermon tho ordlnaiico of, Imptlsni will
bu nilmliilHtorcKl,
I**"' l"l UPMH
wishes * to inform   his
customcis that lie has
mo*/ed   from   the  Star
I    Barber Shop to thc
and hopes to have thc
continuerf    support   of
their patronage
Indian Robes and Bead Work
, Souvenirs of The Great "West
and   Indian   Curios
 AND —
Real Estate That Grows
Big Red Apples
The Nearest Fruit and Farm Lands to the
Crows Nest Pass Mines
See Elko,  Roosville and
Tobacco Plains
'     ' AND
"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow''
♦♦♦♦♦•^^♦a,!*.^ ♦♦♦♦.■•►<JM*> ♦♦*»•»»»»»»» »»»»»»♦
Special Display
T HAVE now, oii view a "stock of Dress
* Hats in the* most .up-to-date styles at
exceptionally low paices. Some are trimmed
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Beads. A few» Block Hats witlrPhimes will,
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Also a display of Wash Dresses^ White -Mu's-*.      ^
Hns' Fancv Muslin's, Linen-* and Duck.   Some . *■ f'
are made in the Juniper style from .$5 to $7.00       4
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •
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Making Profit
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n rriii.oiiiil.lt> profit (in everj'-
tlil'itf wr riell. If Willi! not wc
won 111 clour up Kliop, Hut in I ml
you wr N«ld renxoiinltlr, Nome
ilrnlrm wnnt IiIk |i"iflln lint
tlim tlii**.' nrn MitlM'lnl wild few
Hiilrn. Wn run onr IminIiiohm on «
t!lffi*r«'iit IiiinImi niiiiiII profit-*
often ri'i>(*n(i'il, Wi* nrr NntlNfiril
nml our ciiHtouirrN lire untliiflrd
to nimii inoii'e*.' on kooiI ijiinllty
Homl*—-Mi a-icr'tliO'.iPn nii'IhIIimI,
Phone 17. Goods Delivered Free
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*•>♦*•>•*■><•■
Flowers   ior    PlantliiK
out, Stocks, Astcr.s, Bal-
soms, Pansics,   Daisies,    ♦
Margeurltcs, Fitc.
•j 30c  per   Dozen
MMM vm*******+wt0*-i****ii
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20 at'toH nt ftiuul lam! for
t>iili> riiv.-ii-i. willi (Yilur uiitl
Trtmai-.tr,   n--*,.* in,   j);:';, •».-•
rt'T'-,      ..|>|il)
Lodger Offlco
j   John McLachlan   *
rt "•.'.'v.   Ft:*.'!   C:-  ■'   ■-- *
♦ 9
IIiihIih'hn   lllni'kH,  I'liun-liUN
Hclioolh, mul lioiivy "work <i
i «  I. ii ii
Al/I'lll" fill' ICllllUllltlllll'll-salil Hrll-la
llllll      HlLllll      I'llllll     I'lHIMIIIll)     |H',j
I'li'M-xl    Ilrli'k.       IMIi'iiili-t   fin-.
■ lll*l|,'ll flY.'
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Rooms to Let
At H. A. Wilkes'
Opp. Fire Hall
An   All    Modern    House
Including Baths
^     Tiym for good PoUN-iiiir-,,   I'rlca**
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'■■     .■I-Imi-.itk     THU     HOSPITAL
t*JBHUtLmt9ti9t •di
! Whnt would l>« nicer to lu-nd Kant
to frlcndB limn n copy of '•ProKroMlvo
rente? Splendid.]- Illiiitrntt-d, over
HiO paif-M* and only CO c-ftttt. Order
bow at i^d(*fpr-*r«-«dy Aupime let PAGE SIX
Sporting Items \
Football, Lacrosse and Baseball.   Racing \\
Three games were played in the C.
N. P. football league on Saturday last
but the position of the various clubs
ou the league table have not been materially changed. Frank opened their
season with a visit to Michel, and
while they made a good showing they
failed to capture the points, Michel
winning by the only goal of the game.
Fernie came well out of the Coleman
match and improved their goal average1* considerably.
Bellevue just managed to secure the
points from Hosmer, winning by ,one
goal to nothing.
Below will be found the league table
showing the position of the different
clubs. Bellevue by their win over
Hosmer step Into 3rd place, but have
played two games more than Coal
Creek, whom they displace.
Play Won   Lost Draw
I Game Laws
Michel          4      3      0       1
Fernie   ,     5      2      0      3
Bellevue         4    ,2       1       1
Coal Creek    ....    2      10.1
Coleman          4    .1,3'    0
Frank        1       0       1       0
Hosmer    .2      0      2      0
Cowley         2       0       2       0
Goals Scored
For Against    Pts.
Michel '     9   '   3 7
Fernie    11      7 7
Bellevue   ..?.....   5,      4 5-
Coal Creek    .'   3      1      '   3
Coleman    5     10       .2
Frank        0       1      '   0
Hosmer     1       3 0
Cowley...'      16 0
Two points for a win and one point
for a draw.
- Fernie met Coleman on Saturday
last, and certainly added to their reputation, defeating Coleman by, 5 to
2. Fernie turned out in their new colors of white, and blue, having in the
' meantime been using Coal Creek colors. The game started.at 6.15 a.m.
and a good crowd was present. There
was a slight wind blowing, and Coleman, winning the toss, elected to play
with the wind. Fernie started and
touched to touch.     From the throw-
' out Coleman took.the ball, and with a
nice piece of head.work rushed on
the Fernie line, but Fernie relieved.
Several passes were made oneach end
At   last Fernie kicked to touch and
were first to make ground. Chambers
from a pass by Millet got away on the
left, but his centre was intercepted by
Fagan, and- play transferred to    the
other end, the Frank forwards invading Raynor's charge. Raynor .brought
off a fine save from a good shot by
Hutton. Michel forward's got away on
a dangerous run, but Barnes spoiled a
likely chance by getting" offside. Michel,.with the wind in their favor, had
the best of matters, and continued to
press. Whitehouse dropped the ball
into the goal mouth, but Smith cleared
cleverly amidst cheers. The Frank
defence were playing a good game, and
try as they would Michel could not
get through. Weaver broke away on
the left and rounding Cardale, drove
the ball^ straight for home, but Carson
brought off a fine save. Michel continued the pressure and from a free
kick against Carson for carrying the
ball Millet scored the first goal of tho
match. Shortly afterward half time
was called. Michel leading by one goal
to nil. -    ■ ,    "    -'
On resuming after change of ends
Fru .ik forced the pace and two corners
in succession fell to them, but they
proved useless as they failed to score
from either. Harrison' on the left
had a* fine run and passed to Waugh,
who shot past the upright from a
spendld opening. From the goal
kick Michel forwards broke away, and
Barclay shot over the bar with., a
good try.. Barnes was penalized for
fouling McGechie, and McFarlane hit-
the crossbar with a capital shot. The
visitors were playing a very good game
but weak shooting by the forwards
spoiled their chances. McQueen was
now penalised for rough play and
Fagah had hard lines in not scoring
from the resulting free kick. Michel
broke away on the right but McGechie
cleared, and Waugh, getting on the hall
passed to Hutton and a nice passing
run by the Frank forwards ended by
Harrison just.missing by inches.
Frank gained a corner which Mason
cleared. • A free kick was awarded
to Frank, for Barnes tripping up .McGechie near the corner flag, and McFarlane had hard lines with a good shot.
Shortly afterward time was called, no
further scoring being done.
Final result, Michel 1; Frank 0. •
On the general run of the play both
teams were evenly matched. While
.Michel gained the' points it .cannot be
Continued close season—Columbian
or Coast deer, duck of all" kinds and
Snipe, grouse of all kinds, Prairie Chicken, . Ptarmigan, • pheasants, quail,
Geese of all kinds, Black Game, Capercailzie, Partridges.
Birds living on noxious Insects, Robin, Gull,- Chaffinch, Blackbird, (English) Thrush, Linnet, Skylark, Swan,
eggs of protected birds—Continued
close season.
Beaver (until lst of August 1911).
Cow or calf Caribou, Moose, Elk, or
Wapiti; Deer (fawn) Mountain Sheep
(ewe or lamb.) Closed season.,
„ Bittern, Heon, Plover, Meadow Lark
'—Open Season January, February,
September, October, November, December.
Moose, (bull), Caribou, (bull) Elk or
Wapiti (bull) Hare. A closo season
is declared by Order of Council in;
certain districts. Open season September, .October, November, December., '
Deer, (other than Coast or Columbian), Mountain Goat—Open season:—
September, October, November and
part of December.
Mountain sheep rams. A close season is declared by order in council in
certain districts.—Open season, September, October and first half of November. ■ ,
Bear—Open season: all year with
exception of latter half of July and
the month of August.
Land Otter, Marten: Open season :'
January, February, March, November
and December.
North of the, 55th parallel onlyl.—
Duck, grouse, ptarmigan: Closed season: April, May, June, July, and to
middle of August.
Memo: Lieutenant Governor in council has power (by, proclamation in two
successive issues of Gazette).to declare a close'season for any animals
or birds mentioned in'Game Act in any
portion. of the province for any period. He has also power, by liko
proclamation, to remove prohibition
of killing Pheasants, Quail, Partridges,
Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Ptarmigan,
Duck of all kinds,,Snipe, Geese of all
kinds, Black Game, Capercailzie, Columbian or Coast Deer.
Bag  Limit for. one  Season
Illegal to-kill more than:
3 bull caribou' ,
5 deer '    .
2 elk or wapiti
2;,moose (or 1 in county of Kootenay)' .     '■- "„ ,7, ...   .',.,   .. .,-.   ;
5 to 3 mountain goat
3 to 2 mountain sheep of any one
on securing the ball from the line the
Coleman team scored, securing first
1 This braced Fernie up, and McEwing
got the ball and scored. Coleman scored shortly after. ' Several trys .were
made but when the whistle blew for
half time the score,was Coleman 2 and
Fernie 1.
On the change over a difference was
soon noticed in the Fernie players.
They soon took the ball to near 'the
Coleman goal where It was kept for
some time. McEwing soon secured tho
ball and scored the first goal after half
tlmo. From the kick out Fernio secured a corner, but the kick came lo
naught. After a bit of kicking to touch
a foul was given against. Fernie, but.
the kick counted for nothing. After.
a bit moro play a goal was given
against Coleman for fouling Cornell
right opposite thoir goal, Ramsay
took tho shot and scored. From llio
kick out Fornio again secured and took
It (o near (lio Colemnn goal whoro
Meowing rocolvod n kick In lho stomach; Colemnn relieved and with n
burnt took the ball so near tho Fernio
lluri that It lool-eil dunRovouR for n lit.
tlo wlillo but rollof soon camo lo Ferule who look llio Imll up Dw field,
whoro ii foul wiih glvon lo Fernio, but
lho kick wnnt. hlulr.'-Piny continued
nmir Oolninnn gonl nnd Dnvio Bocurml
and Hi'oroil. From n kick out. Kornlo
took the hull find sovornl players lmu-
'dlod, pnsNliijf lo Snillli'who, jiibI dribbled piiHl. llm Coli'iiiiin BoulkoL'pL'i* and
put thn hull Iliroiif-.il. Soon iift'-r'llKi
tlmu wnn culled wltli Ki'i'iile "> f,'olilu
nnd ('okuiiiiii 'J,
Tin-.* following plnyi.TH rnproHonlod'
floul, McDnnitld; Intel**-* llunmny, Ilo*
hill; rlKhl hnlf, MIIIh; conin!, Kluut'iir;
Iffi half lli'iidorwiii! Innldo rlulil I'm**
noil: uiKhIiIk I'lithl, Smith; ccnim for*
wiii'il. MhI'JwIiik; IiihIiIh !>'l'l, Diivl'.!,
oiilHldii left, Held,
'.ulfui'iu*. t'l'iilfurd; K'.'lly nud Mc-
(.iillucli*, IIihibIiciiiI. IIuiii-t and Hull;
Cm tin in nnd Kiiiiik'ihoii; I'imiiiiiiii,
Kiul'ili mid HiinifH.
Ilt'l'l'l'f't* ,1.   .IllllllHlllll,  I'Vlllll'.
Tlii'i'i* wiih fi lot nf foiilhiK "ii li'l'li
r.ldi'n which  iln* ri-l'i-ri-i' uliould  liuvc
The a'u|i.|,',it' pIny-TH .vcrc *|t hcavli.T
"'  f ■ ... '.iui (iiiim* Minn KphiI" nnd
b:\A I'll*-- of elmti.'i'H In tin* fli'Ht half in''
■■'•i-ii-', Inn tlu-lr hIhi'mIhk wiih very i'JT-i
nl Ic      Thi'>y iiidiilivd In '*''*' or ••••''»
Itith nf lieiidworl,, Inn  Un'.v Iiui' *f>'ii'
Ilium Ion, nml Hhould pr.iril.'i- hIiooiIih,
I ..fori.   mcKiIll"   I'Vlllll'   lll'lllll ,
For I'Vi-iili' nearly nil f In- players did
llii'lr sliiuv. but nii'iiUiui Hhould lie
Hindu of .MH'-'winu who plnyed it flno
Kitim*. iih did J'.i-.u'.iy. I'lini'dl wnn
not up to bin iihiiiiI foi'iii on j-hiinnliiy.
In Ihe liecoml hnlf McDonald In Konl
did nut have niurii to tin,
TIiIh fame wiih plnyed m Mliiel wt.
Matiirdny Iiihi mul nftor it -.plrlt'-il anil
'well (onti-ati-d -'iniie, MMiel mn '»u
wlnneis by 1 pntl lo nmhlin,,
Michel won ill.,' iohh mid FrnnU kW'lc-
<nl off iikiiIiihi a hU'dliK fo'eez.', Michel
said that they showed any marked superiority over their opponents, and,a
draw would have been a/more fitting
reflex of the play.    .
Michel: Raynor; Mason and Oakley;
McQueen,, Whitehouse, Barclay; Barnes and Gomme, Millet, Chambers arid
•Frank: Carson; Smith and Cardie;
McFarlane, McFogan and McGechie;
Petrle and I. Hutton, Waugh,'J. Hutton and Harrison. ■ ,,
Referee:'J. Caufield, Coal Creek.
sunken punts, for taking wild duck or
geese in non tidal waters.. .
To expose" for sale any deer, moun--
tain sheep, goat', elk, moore or caribou
Without head on.
-' To expose any game bird for sale
without its plumage on.
..  To sell or expose for sale any game
birds or animals during the close season. ''
To keep game In cold storage at any
time.     --.:-.. - *
- To trespass or permit dogs to enter,
on enclosed lands.
' To export from province and" deer,
alive or dead, the hide or any- other,
portion thereof, except under license
granted to non-resident.   .
To kill, take, trap or attempt to kill,
take or trap beaver, or sell, barter, or
have in possession untanned pelts of
beaver at any time during the period
of six years from the lst of August,
1905. -      . -    '
To take any trout under six inches
In length .'.*-"
A close season has been.declared-by
Order in Council for the following animals ln tho districts named:
Mountain Sheep:---All that portion
of the provlnco to the south of the
Canadian' Pacific Railway from the
Coast as far east as the Coulmbla river, from Revelstoke to the International boundary..
.Wapiti (or Elk) In East Kootenay.
Gamo reserves have boen made, one
situated between tho Elk and White
Rivers, ln East Kootenay; tho .other
on the North'Fork of Bridge River,
Lillllet district.
Victoria Harbor
Illegal to shoot or discharge a firearm within the harbor to the noyth of
a line drawn from Shoal Point to Work
Point or in Victoria Arm between
Point Ellice Bridge and the north side
of the Gorge bridge,
Vancouver Harbor "   .
^Illegal to shoot or discharge a firearm in ,that. part of harbor to the
south of a line drawn easterly from
Brockton point to the south east corner of District lot 274 (North Vancouver) and to'the west.of a Une^drawn
southerly from the said south east
corner of District Lot. 274 to the
north east corner of District Lot 184
on the south side of said habor.
.. Illegal to take bears by means of
traps south of the main line of the
C. P. R. ,
A new
IMF   d.   §U A"-peal.
lw SlCtl pIeasure-
The big
b 1 a c &
C»  P»  R-
a -■*.
Excursion Rates
■        ~      \*       7.    ~
to ":.*'. ■
. "Progressive. Fernie" will be Issued
on or about August lst. It will contain
over 100 pages of profusely illustrated
information about public life in this
thriving city. Advance orders should
be placed at once-. Price within reach
of all, 50c. Apply Ledger Office.
Now   doing business at the Johnson-
Faulkner Block..' Office hours 9-12.30
1.30-6;.- 7 -,.:..      :•-.•    ■-,  ,   '-,'
B. C.
W. R. Ross K.C.   , J.S.T. Alexander.
//     *,
Barristers and Solicitors.
Fernie, B. C. Canada.
Tickets on Sale Daily
-    .  |t May 29th to Oct. 14
Pinal return limit 15 days,
but not later than Oct. 31)
For complete Information soo Agents
. or write   '     .
J. E. PROCTOR, D.P.A., Calgary
F. C. Lawe
Alex. I. Fisher
Fernie, B. C.
, Offlco Henderson Block, Fernie B.C.
Hours 9 to l; 2 to 5; 6 to 8..
Residence 21 Victoria Ave.
Pioneer Builder and.Contractor of
" Fernie
-A. McDougall, Mgr..
Manufacturers of and Deal-
** -     ' '■'        7 ,.."*,.-.'    .'
ers in all kinds of Rough
*v>   -
and Dressed Lumber
■* -*.."-•, "
Send us your orders
E, A, Kummer
X. O. Kummer
Estimates Furnished
Billy Lauder, the pride of Calgary,
Kot his tliis week fromJlmmy Potts.
Tho end cnmo In the sixth via-the' sto-
mhch punch.
NEW YORK, Juno 3-~Accordlng to
a .despatch from Pittsburg, .Tlm Jot-
fries has at last, decided to fisht. Instead of Jack Johnson being his first
roil oppono'nl. 'tiie imdofoatod champion will bnttlo with nn unknown in this
city In a six round engagement June
ir*. It Ih lindens'ood that ,Teffrl**>B Is
to rocolvo $-1000 for his share. This
will bo tlio first tlmo In many years
(lint tho bollermakor 1ms nppoared In
public in anything but a sparring ox*
a   I* IX,
At llio.miino 11 mo It will onivblo tho
hIiiii'ph to koi a real lino on tho Gondii inn of (ho big champion.
LoHt. 1','C.
Stmt tlo          'lii
11       .Till
Spokano   ,,,,    2ii
ao     .r*r*i>
Vancouver       1!)
ur.      :*132
Aliordt't'ii         18
27       .'100
Tiirnniii         18
28       .111)0
■ "An lioiifih'tl HHs-pii of I IiIh lown wnn
HiiflYji'lii*-, from n HMveni nlinek of dys-
entry. Iln lold a fiiimil If ho could
tilitnln n bottio of ('Iminbnrl'iliif- Colic,
t.'lioloi'li nnd DIiiitIioo'I Ili'inody lie
Jft'li confident of liclHB ciii'ctl, lie luiv*
! Ing UHftl UiIh ri'iiu'dy In Uio wohI, Ho
wnH' told tlml I kept ll In Hloek nnd
Iohi no I lino In olilnliiliiH H, nnd wiih
'ntn:i|>U:> ■•iii'i'd." ,\\\)-.i M. .1. 1-eni-li,
driiRglHt nf Wnlcott, VI. For nnle by
till ilnigglntH,
species, or 1 in county of" Kootenayr
250' duck or, snipe.
i.       Sale'of Game.
Heron and Plover,   lst   September
tb ,last."day.- of February.
• Moose' (bull) hare, lst Oct. to 31st
Mountain -sheep, ram, lst Oct. to
Nov.  IB.    -■ , '
Mountain goat, "1st October to lGth
Deer (buck only, expect species that
are known as Columbian or Coast)
September 1st tb November 15th. On
Vancouver Island and islands adjacent
thereto, unlawful at any ,tlme to sell
any animals, young or old, buck or doe
of the spocles Black tailed deer.
'„ General penalty for each offence:—
Pino not exceeding $100 or 30 days
Imprisonment, or both fine and  lm-
prlsohmont'.  *   ', ,
' For'shooting mooso, wapiti, (Elk).
Caribou, Mountain Sheep, Mountain
Goats out of season, or In excess of
number allowed by this act, hot less
thnn $2130 or moro llinn $500,
For shooting any speolos of deer out
of season, or in oxcoss of number allowed by this act not. loss than $213 ov
mom (linn $100,
For Inking trout out of season— A
flno not exceeding $50,
For Inking trout by Illegal devices,
n flno not. exceeding $250,
Arrest, Search, Etc,
'Any coiislnlilci, ponce officer or any
pnmct wnrdon can nrrost. without wnr-
ntiil nny pmwin found committing nn
offonco ngnliiHt, tlio Gnmo Act, and
fum powni' to Honi'cb poi'HOim, vohhoIb
nnd convoyniicoH, nnd hIioph whoro llio
gnmo Ih untidily exposed for nnlo, nr
BtoroliniiHOH, wnroliouHos, roBlmii'niils,
IioIoIh or out Ing Iiousoh,
., . Illognl nt nny time-
To oxporl gnmo'blnlH or iiiiIiiiiiIh fn
tliolr ww Htiite.di' nny pcti'llnti or purl
of mi mo, except, beiir, niiiileii nnd lnnd
nil or nnd npliniilH or blrdn killed iiihUu*
llt'oiiHt) gninUid lo iion-i'OHlileni.
To kill or Inlto gaiiit) lilnlH tn' nnl*
ninlH of nny kind Importod for ncellin*
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
.(30)_clays after_t3ate I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner—or-
Lands and Works tor a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situated in S.
E. Kootenay, British Columbia, Block
4503,   .       . .       ,    ..    "
Commencing at a post planted at or
near ono mile .east of the-'present C. P.
R. survey line of 33 mile post and being
tho south ,east corner of Charles Vau
ghan's claim;
Thence running north 80 chains;
Thence running west 80 chains; u
Thence running south 80 chains;
Thenco running east 80 chains
to a point of commencement,    making
640 acres more or less. „„,.„
s- Located this 24th day of April, 1909.
CHAS.  VAUGI-IAN,  Locator.
Witness: Nat Babcock,    .   v
Commencing at a post planted at "or
near ono mile east of the present C. P,
R. survey lino at 31 mile post and being  the  north  west  corner  of S.   H
Jackson's claim.No. 2;,
Thonco running oast 80 chains
Thonco running south 80 chainB;
Thonoo running west 80 chains;
Thonce running north 80 chains;
to a point of commencement,   making
040 acres moro or.less.
-Located this 24th day of April, 1001),
S. II. JACKSON,    Locator.
Witness: Nat Babcook.
Commonclng at a post planted at or
noar ono milo east of Uio preHOnt 0. P,
n, mirvoy lino at 31 milo post and bo
Ing tho north enHt corner of John Livingstone claim; „„   ,.*
Thenco running wost 80 chains;
Thonco running south 80 chains;
Thenco running oaHt, 80 chains
Thonco running north 80 olmlns;     ■
lo a point of commonoeniont,   making
040 acres moro or Iosh. ■ ,,,„„„
Located this 241b day of April, 1900.
Wltn ess:-Nut Babcock
Commonclng n.t a post plnntod at <y
nonr ono milo cast of tho -ironout C. P..
II. Hiirvoy lino tit 84 milo post and bolng
tho north enst cornor of A, II, IJulioit'c
clnlm; , „.    ,   ,
Thonco running wont SO chains;
Thonco running houUi .80, chains;
Thonco running on«t 80 chains
Thenco running north 80 ohnlnH;
lo a point of .commonoomanl,   milking
tlio ncr»H moro or lo.w. .
Locatwl tills 3.th 'lny °f A''1'"' 1!)0!'-
J, L1V1NC1BTONU, Agent
A, 11, THJLI.OCK, Locator
WHiioxb: Nnl Hnbr.nck
NOTICE    ''
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after,date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chlof Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to. prospect for coal and petroleum. on the
following described lands, situate In
South East Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4693, commencing- at a' post
planted at or near 2 milo east of the
30 mile post of the present C. P. K.
"surveyed line and being the'north east
corner of W. J. Pearson's claim;
thence running south 80 chains; thence
running west 80 chains; thence running-north 80 chains; thence running
east 80'chalns.to the point of commencement malting 640 -acres more or
less.   ,. ' ''*- 7
Located this 7th day of April, 1909.
W did;
We nre firing away at the
old business
Lumber Dealer
All kinds of vbugh'and dressed lumber
Victoria. A Ve.
North Vernie
NOTICE is heretiy given that thirty
(30) days after date I Intend to apply-
to the Hon. Chief -Commissioner of
Lands andiWorks.-for a'license-to pros.*
peot for. coal and'petroleum on Hie
following described lands, situate in
South East Kootenay, British Columbia, Block 4593, commencing at a post
planted at or near 4 mile east of 29
mile post ofthe present C. P. R. surveyed line and being tho south wost
cornsvr'of Miss Lillian Eschwlg's claim
and marked-the south west corner of
Miss-Lillian Esohwlg's claim, thence
running oast 80 chains;' thence ' running north 80 chains;. th6nco running
west 80 chains; thence runnlng'south 80
chains to tho-point of commencement,
making 640 acres moro or less.
Located this 7tli day of April, 1909,
M. A. Kastner
, Fire, Life, Plate Glass
and Accident
. Insurance
Secretaries of Local Unions
DISTRICT 18". U. M. W, of A.
NOTICE Is horoby given that thirty
(30) days after-dato.1 Intcnd'to apply
to tho Hon. Chlof . Commissioner . of
Lands and WorlfB for a-licensq to prospect for coal and potroloum on the
following described lands, situato in
South East Kootonay, British Columbia. Blook 4503 commonclng at a 'pout
planted at or near 3 miles oast of
tlio 29 milo post of tho prosont C, V, Tt.
mirvoycd lino and bolng tho north oant
corner of S' .M, Mooro'H claim, and
ninr.«*d tlio north oast cornor of 8, M.
M'loro's claim, tlionco running wohI 80
chainB; thonco running hohLIi 80 clmlnu,
tlionco running oast 80 olinlns: thonoo
running north 80 chains to tho point
of eommoncomont, making (I'll novel-,,
moro or loss,
Locatod this 7tli day of April, lOOtl.
fl, M, Moore, Locator,
. Bankhead No, 29-~James' Fisher.
Bellevue No. 431—Fred Chappell.
1 • ti - ' *
Canmore Park Local 1378—James A,
No. 2633—William   .Gra.
Carbonado No. 2688—James Hewitt.
Cardiff No, 2387—A Hammond.
258,•*. Goorgo
City   No  2540—A.   Matt*
Commonclng a,
llUilH  I
it pnul jilfintc'il at nr
nitHt of tli ri proHiiut C
near throo in  , - --., .       .       ,
J',  H, mirvoy linn nl Sin milo post, anil
being  thi; Him ih  onm   t'ornor ol   Allen
Hloilwoll'H clnlm; ,   ,
Thont'c running wniil SO oIiiiIiihi
Tlioiten running nni'lli 80 clintim;
'I'lU'iioi- ninnliig oitHt 8t) chiilnH
Tli.!ii':o running Houth KO.ohnliiH:
In it pnlnl of cnmini'iifoinont,    mitklng
nil) ni'ii'H nvi'i' or It'HH
I.iiciiIimI thin until dny of A|H'II, mot..
,1. LIVINOHTON*'*, Agont
AI.IUI'J NTI'inW'.I.L, Lnoiilor,
W'lliifHH! Nn I Unliittitk
(Jommoiiulng ul n punt iiluntril nt nr
ni'iir 1 mllu ''nut of tlm i»r«m*nl O. i'.II.
Htii'vcy linn ul X3 milo iimtt, niul IkiIiik
111!'   Ill>!-I|l   XX'I'Ht   C'll'lll't'   (Jlllll'll'll   Vllligll-
•llllllll',      . .,„.,'
*  SO rihnlim
i    Tlio followliiKjiro cx|ii<11im1 from llio
i .Mltlillfhlitiro Iocnl union niul (•■'(•ti'lnv-
j I«*h urn wiii'iicrt ui'iiliinl Mii'iiK IIi'Ucm ll
i Wiivili'ii, inliii' Httpt,. Diivltl fli'iiy, I'li'o
' i . ■ ".    »     lfi.1,1      iifr-ditntfitit.     Tltfiiiins
.-'tntili, mttit-f, W. .Snillli. inliu'i', no fiil-
li'-l:imloii inliiC'i'H nt Hint, who nm iinw
I'xnclW frmii .Ml(l<ll«'*.lii''i'«i I»''iil union
ror lirciit'h of fnith, i'H*.. JuhI  liunlt'il
fiom tin' old cijiiiiiry, nn< lln« iuiiiumi
of lho  I'lv*"  iiifii  Hiiiniiionctl  on    llm
.•linrRii of hoiiHclircflltliiK nt    Mliltlli'h-
(.*>'Ivtv  iluy*.   iini'i-  itiitu   I,   iIn-   in,il. i*
••ll'il'il.   Ilili'tnl   tn )l|'|'l)   l<>  III''  .Sii|i|,   nl
t'rii\lin'lnl   I'iiIIi'i- fur it  t"in'Wii| uf niv
klitl'l    lll'i'llN"   lit    O.lllHll)'.    U.    I*.     j
luiixl iiihi i-t iIhv "' Mm* li'ii!).
SIMON iniAririN
i;.i1i-ivny ]*,,<',    Til
To hum -ilnor with iloi.a, To UU1 tloin*; h"Tii..ii.-"i;''niiiriliiK cunt .     ...    ,
fn>- hhlim nlnnn ' '    Tiiiuii'ii running miuili SO alinlnn;
im  luiitm nioun, ,    .('i,,,,,,.., ,.„imiiin' xvcHt 80 vimIiih:
To Inin.iiot, hiiiii'O or tnlco hy iiioiuih!    tiumich ninnllur north h(l l-IiiiIiiht
„    ,       ,   i,   ,  ...,,.    l,.,,.,,,,,,!  ....ii  „„.li) M  imlnl uf i.'iimimnii.i'mi'iit,
of kIhh, bull oil IIiioh, ilniKKOtl null nr ,.,,,„ „;.,,,.„ ll)IM.l, ,„. |,,HH.
oIIhm* ciiiitrlvimeiiu nny IjIhIh mont Ion*!   »■«>*■«••'« **•*■»« "t»«-!? J VSTi-j"1" -v^-^r. * *,J w ° "•
od In llio not, or to iiilompt to do bo, ]            tiu,\n, vaiio'iian,'i.<joni«i'.'
. To iiitcniiii  to IUI-.U i»*'■■■. '".- '».■..■.. ,w *■"■■ n"'T"r.te
i"lll\    l*.\|)lil,'al»t,l   )>0\l!Ml,   Ilt'l.   HClUf*.   llVltf'       I'limillfl.r.lni'   UfA'l-lOHt   plltntfll   ftt   OV
noi, or ollmr flovlro. ol'hcr thnn ImnV  ^!"Mn't':.v"{(n.;'V.1t:!'.' mi^'p^'n,,^',.^:
ami lino. rTln IoIcph of fiO Hannrn inllfH !;,^utJ!:;i.J"j.,1,l[i,„,,v<"" *<!on,<"''"'   s'   "•
oi* over. iK'tfl, hpIiio or rlrn-tr. nn*   nl*.'  Tiicnm iiiniiii'ig oiiHt.Hi) aliiiliui-
,       .    , v- * TIii-iick niiiiilng imi'ili so dm iih;
lowt'il, i    Tin.ni'" rimnliiff W''«i 80 i.'l)iil))s;  ,
,,. v, .. .. li. ....   a        ■ '"•" '"•• »'|i-i""      Tlwiu-i. running wntttli V0 iilialru.;
linini|*.,iil..a.»..  ii,   i.   iH.liii   iii   r.miii wi 4l.:,„.
trout. a    ' <"' l" tKTfH morn or lc*".    ..        ......
To buy or Hnll, or offor to buy or -,,,11,    '•"™'^XKAVM^^1/!' " °'
limitlfl of moiiiiliiln fllKiop, fillf or ivnplll h, .if. ...iacichON, Louator
Moijho, (.riilboii or tho tooth of wupill
or oik.
TO   soil   KVOIIHO,     (lllOltH,     UllOIIHIllltH.
liniirlo oliltil-on, ptiinnlKniii koi*bi*', Co-
limililnn or cofiHt    ili*er,   tiunll,   pfirl-
To 1.111
botwoon mio hour allot huhbci nml ,.,.«■ [w^™ "J'MX* of a.tII, 19«».
hour Imfore BimrlHo, j. i.ivisdSTONi:. Akvih
' A    11.   nVUUOOK,  l.ocaior.
Witiipvii: Nut llnbcock
NOTICI, In hortiby fjlvon tlmt thirty
C10) dnyH nftor tlatu 1 Intonil to npplv
to tlio linn. Chlof CommlHHlonor of
T.nnflH nnd WorkH fnr u HitonHo to iu'oh-
ppcl fnr emit nml potroloum on tlin
ftillowlnric tloHoi'lliftl InndH, nltunto In
8oul.li KiihI Knnlcnny, UrlllHh Columbia, lllock 4Mill, cnmmonoliiK nl a imni
pin ii ted at or iifiir 1 milo citHt of *.'(•
milo jioHt nf tlm iirnwi'iil C, 1', Ii. Hiir-
vi'S'i'd lino nnd IipIhk tbo nnrtliwi'iit
onriHM' of iirn. Kiln Mnckl«i,,H fliilin und
iiiiii'hml lliu north worn. -Minier of Mvh,
Mlln Iliicliloy'H olnlm; Uuuinn rnnnbiK
mjhI 80 olmliifl! tlu>nco runnliiK*'xnt'lli
SO oliniiiHi Uiciico runnliiK wnnt K'i
rluilim; thoiiun niimlnK'north 80 nlinliii
tn llio point of oninnuinoomont, iiiiiltliirf
(HO nnrnH mora or Iohh,
Liicut.-il tliln 7*1.1-1 dny uf April, 10'in,
AlllH. Kt.ltX 1IAOICI.MV l.iii.'iitiii-
,   Fernie, No.' 231*1—T.    Biggs
Frank,*No, 1263—Walter Wrlgley.
Hosmer No. 2497—J. W.  Morris
Hillcrest, No.' 108G—J, O, Jones,
Lethbridge, No, 574—Charles   Peacock,
Lillo No. 1233-
■J. T Griffith
2275  —
J.  11,
Property For Sale in
all parts ofthe
''■  city       ■,:.'
".  ' i i T)
Houses   For
R   E   N   T
? New Oliver Typewriter
Machine given out on trial
No Charge ,
Highest   Price   Paid   for
South African War Script
+++&G-4>+4><><i> 0**$-**><.o***>«>
1 Bronze Gobbler ami 3 Hens
3 White Holland Gobblers
Barred Rock nnd White Rock
■     Pullets
i Wliiicii'i: Nnt Hiiliciinl.
I tlniiimi'iiflfiK ut it punt pliintml ul or
mill' /.nc inliii -sunt nf tin' ini'Hunt P.. I'.
1 ll. Hiiiwv lino nl ill milo i"ihi nnd lie-
li.,,' il.   t.'.t'tli  wt'Ht enrnt'r ,\.   11.   Will*
, llll'la    I'lllllli; '....,,
■ I    TIii.iii-i* mn ii Iui** noil II) »0 oJm(n»:
1     Ti   rwtinliiir fitft   SI) I'lmliiH
I    Tin nrv'riiiwiInK (infill M i'IuiIiih;
n..v run.,*. IiIi-iIh or nulmnlH      Tlxuu-i* riinnlnK went till cliiilim,
nuy Kiuno iuiuh or nnimniH,,,, „ ))()jtlt lif commonecmeni,   mnklii!-;
To uuo bnftfilcK,. hwU'hI khiih     oi*
NOT I (J l,
NOTIOi'l Ih liuroby k'Voii,,liml (liln.y
CIO) '.Inyti nftor tJiilo I luii-ml tn uv.ily
tn l..<i Tion. Clilof CnniuilHHloiior of
I .nndm nnd Wor'tn for ri ItOainBo to pron-
|jm;t for cnrtl nnd potroloum «m tin1
fnlinwIriK   tU'nerlli.'il   IniidH.   xlliiitlo   In
Htlll til      1'lllHl      KlMlU'11,1,1 ,      l4>.Wia|i     aJa,.,...,-
hin, nioclc .r>fl;i, oumim-nolm** at u ptist
plnntetl nt. or nenr 1 milo I'tmt of tbo 'J'.i
milo poHi of tlio pri'Mi-nt C, I'. It. Hit"*
voyod lino and Ix-Iihi Urn (■oiilli went
t-i-rnor of .1, A. V'IhIkt'm olnlm, nnd
mnrkot llio HOHt".■*ivi'rt.tji»riit,i' nf 1, ,\,
VlHhot'M clnlm, thiuico runnlnir wml 80
1,'lutliiHi ihi*iu'o ruiitiliiK iii'Hb V0 cluvlivj;
tlionco runnliiK went SO dinln*!, thent-n
I'uuiiliii*; noiiili R" 'iiilnn in Hi'.1 iiiiil
uf iMiiiiiiifnci-t'mnt mnkliu*; "ill tnn-n.
mure or leet,
Lornled titlo "th dny of April, 160*).
T,   A.   KIHIlKlt.  Locator
Michel, No 2334—Charles Garner.
* Maple Leaf No, 2820—H, Blake.
Merritt Local Union, No, 2027—Chns
Middlesboro Local union No, -172—
W. H,  Brown,
METFORD, No. 2008: John Cumin.
Royal  Colllerels  No,  2508-*Gr*Ji*(je
Rocho Percee No. 2672—Lachlan McQuarrie.
Tabor No. 102—Wm* Russell
Taber No, 1050—J, W. Wilson
Taylorton, Sask. No. 2648— Joseph
TAYLORTON,   (8n»k.)   No!  2511); —
Jofi, Twist.
Kenmare N, D. No. 2850—H. Potter
Corbin No. 2877—W. Ryan
Passburg, No, Zio'i—A, *-jvy-«ru..a,n. ,
TASKER,' N, O.'iho. .28C3.- J. H.
WOODPECKERi No* 2200: William
I.owo. !
Get The Ledger
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In  Fernie  its
Hawthorne for
I ir Painting,  Interior
5 Decorating
Wood St. & Pollnt Avo.
+++<t>**M* ^a^O*«>*«>*»4»*^**>*«>
♦♦♦•♦-^•*1>«4> ■»*>•<>•<> ♦•<>**>**>*4»-**>**(k*
ll.-114141-iKi-   il,'llvi'i*i-il   tn   .my
piuinf tli.ti'Hy.
•*i ja a. a-jr.., KlWHt^XmhKtSi KJ !» "
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Remington Typewriter Company'
;.       ...       .      . (Incorporated)... ."..,«     "■    ,
New York and.
Remington Typewriter Co., I»t-d.
34*1 Pender St.   ■" ■ '' Vancouver, B.C.
Author of "The Prisoner of Zenda
.. „ ooooooooooooooooooooo
\ ,4. ,      **
k Coiiyrij^t.iaos.AttthonyHopcIIawkiM
A Savings Account
will help you to save.
Interest credited
*. .* a1 '        I
on deposits of $1.00
and upwards.
Suleiman's tower with' a'thrill of pleasure and followed Peter Vassip up tin-
■iiuroVf- stair with a delighted curiosity. The prluce received herrln the
iarge round room which constituted
the first floor'of the centra] tower. ;its
furniture was simple,-almost rude, its
massive walls quite bare save for some
pieces of ancient armor.. Narrow slits.
deep set. in the masonry, .served,for,,
windows and gave a view of the city
iind of the country around on even-
side. They showed the seething throng
on the .north wall and on the. quays.
' The distant sound of a .thousand voices
.struck the ear, ■*'
Zerkovitch and his wife were with
the prince, seated' over, a simple meal,
at which Sophy-joined them. Marie
had watched Sophy's entrance and the
prince's greeting closely. She marked
Sophy's excitement betrayed In the familiar signal on her cheek. But the
journalist was too excited on his own
account to notico other people. He was
talking feverishly, throwing bis lean
body about and dashing his hands up
and down. He hardly paused to welcome the newcomer: He had a thousand plans by which the prlnco wns to
overcome and hold down Slavna. One
. .. and all, -they, had the
same defect" They supposed the' absence of
the danger which they
were contrived to meet.
They assumed that the
soldiers would obey the
coid m a,n d a n t even
with the. sound of the
rifles which; had shot
Mlstlteh ifrrah 'in their
ears. •
At last the prince putted   Zerkovltch's  shoulder indulgently,  ■
"Well, it's good not to fear," he said
''We didn't fear the other night. Mile.
de Gruche and I, and all ended welli"
"Ended?" Marie murmured half under her breath.
The prince laughed. "You shan't
make me_afraid." .he told her, "any
more than Zerkovitch shall make me
trust Colonel Stafnltz. I can't say
more than that" Hie turned to Sophy.
"I think you'd better stay here till we
see what's going to happen tonight,
and our friends here will do the same.
If all's quiet you.can go.home to sleep.,
If not we, can give you quarters—,
rough ones, I'm afraid." He rose
from the. table and went to'a window.
"The crowd's thinner. They've, gone
Be was talking feverishly
Full coiftpound intorost paid on savings accounts.
JStart with ono dollar and add to your account as
you can savo. Make your remittances to Canadian or foreign points through through the Homo
Bank,      Choapest and safest way to send monoy.
W. C. B. Manson
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
W. ii, barker, tiayley, Alta.
IN THK mattnr of nn application for
Ihl** Immei of n. flu nil rial fl Cfirtlflrivin nf
Title -ter Lot H Slock 8 of lot    5,r,*j
.Group  one. Kootqnny    dlitrlot    (Map
NOTICIS In lioreby given tlnU It Ih
my lntoiitlori to lnuo at thn oxplratlon
af ono month aftor the (Imt publication hereof a .lupllcas of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned lot in
tlio .name of Eden Harper which certl"
fl-sato Ih dated the 10th of March 1005,
•ml numln-iuil ,*IDf>A,
ii.' n. johand,
Dlntrlet IteKlntrar
. ' ■■    ii  ■  ■    An U-tt
Dry Goods, Groccriei, Boot! and Shoei
Gent*' Furnishing!
gJMHMHW'.'li'W-'II.'.'.'.Ill ..i   III.li   ■ l l|
one quiet hour at all events."
.   An orderly entered and gave blm a
letter. „
He read lt and said, "Tell General
Stenovics I Trill receive him here at 2
o'clock." When the messenger had
gone he turned round toward the
table. "A last appeal, I suppose! With
all the old arguments! But the general
has nothing to give ln exchange for
Mlstlteh. My prlco would bo very
"No. price! No price l*** cried flcry
Zerkovitch. "He raised hU 'sword
against you!   He must die.*"
"Yes; he must die." He turned to thc
window again. Sophy rose from thc
table nnd Joined lilm there. looking
over ..tho city, Directly beneath wns
thogrcat gate, flapkod on either side
by'brond, niasHlve walls, which eteemed
to grow out of tbe waters of the rivor.
He was aware of her movement,
though ho hnd not looked round nt
her. "PVo brought you, too, Into UiIh
trouble—you, n stranger," bo snld.
"You don't tliliik I'm sorry for thnt?"
"No, but It makes my Impotence
worse." Ho wnve'd bis nrm toward the
city. "There it Js-horo nm I! And
yet I'm powerless!'."
Sophy followed his gesture nnd understood what was passing ln his mind
-the pang of tho soldier without Ills
armament, tho workman without hit-
tools. Their midnight talk Unshed
bnck into recollwtion. Sho remembered his bitter complaint' Under hor
breath nnd with n sigh sho whispered,
"If you had the big guns now."
Low ns tlio whlsnur wns bo heard it,
nnd It sccinod to shoot. through his
brntn. He turned slmrply round on
hor und ftnzetl full Into hor oyer-,* So
bo Btood n moment, then quickly turn*
cd to tbo tnblo nnd Bnt down. Sophy
followed, lior gnzo fixed on his face.
Zerkovltt'li conned writing. Ho Iuul
boon drawing up nn ther plnn, Both
bo and Murlo now watched tho prlnco
Moments went by In nllonco.
At last tho prlnco Rpoko—In n low
volco, nlmoflt dronmy, "My guns for
Mlstlteh! Mlstlteh ngnlnst my pinRl
That would bo n prlco-n fair prlco!"
Tho throo wit iillcnt. Tlio Kcrko*
vltchcs, too, lint! honrd lilm tnlk of tlio
gunn, How on thorn hung tho tranquil*
Illy of tho city nnd how on thorn might
linng tbo country's honor nnd existence.
Stenovics could give them If lie would
In rot uni for Mint Itch, but to glvo up
Mlstlteh wns n grcnit surrender. Sophy's whisper, nlmoHt Involuntary, tho
voicing of n regr-'t, litirdly even of it
distant nsplrntlon.'liiKl raised a problotn.
of conduct, a i-iiir-tHt-m of hli?h policy,
Tho prlnco's brnln wns busy with It nnd
iu>* iiuim (H'r|iieJ.r.J, tSopny nut wmuii*
Intf him. not llilnklnff now, hut wnlMriff,
coTisclonH only tlmt by what seemed nl*
most dinner* n now faco had throngh
lior boon put on tho situation,
Suddenly /.orkovltch brought his
clIncliMl Out down on tho (able. "No!"
he luiiioHt Khouio'l. "MHa'yi. iri.mt
you'ro nfrnldl"
"Yes. thoy'11 think that, but not nil
of thom. Stonovles will know hotter,
nnd RtnfnllJ! loo. They'll'know I do it
not Iwonnpo I'm nfrnld, but In ordor
Hint I novor nr-cd bo."
"Then Rl.-wivlii* won't ulvo thorn","
cried Mnrlo,
"I think ha iniiHl kIvo u.iythluK or
everything for Mlmtltch." Ilo wc nml
pared rc-til'M-Hly nhnut the room. Sophy still followed lilm with hor eyes,
but alio nlono of tho three offered no
j nrtrument nnd inmlo no suggestion.
inUCDTICC ill   TUC   I CnPCD I -h-'i-rtni** stood ftlll for a tnomont In
AUiCftlloC In   inc LCuuCn   <"i. thought, '.n™ .»»i»c» ci»r«v
He rcame quickly up to Sophy, took her
band and kissed lt
"Thank you," he said. "I don't know
how it will'turn out for me. The cess
Is too difficult for me to be able to foresee that For me It may be mastery—
I.always thought It would,mean that—'
or perhaps, somehow. It may. turn to
ruin." He pressed Sophy's hand, now
and smiled at her. She understood and
returned.his smile. "But the question
Isn't one of my interest My duty 1st
plain."       -.•"!■''      '■
He waiked quickly to his,writing
table and unlocked a drawer. He returned to the. table with an envelope in
his hand and sat.down between Marie
and Zerkovitch, ■>
The orderly entered again, announcing Stenovics. "Let him come ln here,"
said the prince. Ills manner grew
lighter, and the 8m He which had comforted Sophy remained on his face.
Stenovics came In. Ills nlr was.nery-
ous, and he. looked ht. the prince's three
companions with a, visible access of
embarrassment. 'At a nod from tho
prlnco the, orderly, placed a chair for
the general n'nd: withdrew. ...
"The same matter we discussed last
night general?" ■
„"Th(*re can be but one matter in the
thoughts of air of us now, sir.- Pardou
me; I,'understood your royal, highness
would receive me'alone" •
The prince gave a low laugh. "When
one bargains, shouldn't "one have witnesses?'-' 7 .       - ■   ' ,;   '. ■•
In an instant' Stenovics • laid hold of
the significant word. It made him forget his request for privacy. * Arl eager
light came Into his eyes., .
"Bargains? You're ready now to"—
"La nuit porte eonsell." .He drew a
paper, from the envelope, unfolded it
and handed it across the table.. "You
remember that a memorandum i sent
to you three months.ago ln my capacity
as commandant?"' :•,
Stenovics looked at the paper.; "I remember, sir."
' "It's Indorsed tn your hand?'
"Yes."    .,..   .,'.'•.	
"The Indorsement runs, 'Impossible.'
Rather curt, general!".
"The note was for my private usei
but your royal highness particularly
pressed for the return of the document." ,/        •     ' .   ,
"I did, and. after all, why use more
words than necessary? One will still
be enough, but not that one."..1
.'Tm not following you, sir," said Stenovics.
him.    "In our conversation.last night
again began to* rweil ta votaote trom
"the wall and from tbe quays. There
are times when a man must buy thc
present with a mortgage on tbe future,
however onerous the terms may, be.
It was danger against destruction. He
put out bis band and took from Zerkovitch a quill which the Journalist was
twiddling in bis lingers. He made a
'scratch and a scribble1 on" the paper
which the prince had taken from the
envelope. '' .
"'Impossible' has become •Immediate,' sir.",
"And 'Serglus Stefanovltcb* ..'Nikola*
Stafnltz,'" said the prince. He looked
at Sophy, for confirmation, and she
softly clapped her hands.
When You Think
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In handsome cloth-binding, 50 stamps. v    '
' 1 '»'
you nsked me to do a very remarkable
thing and to get this lady here"—ho
indicated Sephy-vto.do.it'too. You
remember? We were to think that at
night in the Street of the Fountain, In
the light of the illuminations, Serglus
Stefanovitch and Nikolas Stafnltz looked and sounded Just tbe same. I didn't
boo my way to that, and I didn't think
this lady would see hers., It seemed so
Stenovics wns In a Btraln of close attention. The paper from the envelope
crackled under the trembling of his
"Now, If wc hnd such a memory as
Ucutcunnt Rnstntz Is happy enough
to possess!" the prlnco pursued, "Or If
Colonel Stafnltz had taken us Into his
confidence nbout his quarrel with Cnptnin Mlstlteh! All thnt was not so Inst
night. Consequently Cnptnin Mlstlteh
must be tried and shot Instead of suffering some not very sovoro disciplinary punishment for brawling In tho
street nnd having a quarrel with his
superior ofikor,"
Stonovles marked every word and
understood the Implied offer, Tho offer
wns good enough. Stnfnltz, himself
would not nnd could not nsk that uo
notice whatever should bo tnken. Tho
trifling nnturo of tlio punishment
would ln ItRelf bo a great victory. But
tho price? Ilo wns to henr thnt In n
moment •
"Serglus Stefnnovltch-*Nlk6lns Stnf*
nltz!   Which wns It, gonornl?  It's only
_       chnnglng   t w o
yt •$ words, yot whnt
n  difference It
"Tho differ*
onco of ponco
tonight or"-
Stenovlcs wnv*
cd his hand toward tho city.
But the prlnco
In torruptod
"Novor  mind
60   YKAr.lV
JttirOM MtiAlpf «ikete!
gulokif •uMrt-iltT our op)
fh*>«ntl-in (iprobabl•*«•)((
_     OWIONt
Oo*»vnioHTi Ac
ib snd ■.MWtjJtlon met
„ urminlfl*.
on I'sisnU
okif MtMrttltf t
•ntlnn |«prohi»,.,,,.,.,.,,,tu...
ilitrlotlrtonfldanttiil, IAHDBOP ,	
tfrM. <Mut tf*neyY6r>«-*uru.fj>attnti.
■tenia uit-n .tnrtrath Munn,* w. rteelt
•Mnntief, withMitenarf.*-, in the
Scientific American.
,-X»U0i«!aallllj'UIt    ---•■■■
mUtlon nf any *
Oansaia, tt,ift, te
X lUliallKJalially WlUtKUia. IJOClly. , LalgCit df-
ulatton n? sny *«l*ntllt« toarttii,, Terms, fer
—J-"-r-\teu,po*i*ievt*p*Ux,  Holier
•mtou.u.0, .
He looted full at 8*4*
novice, nnd the get** thnt,"   ho  Hnld
eral'* eytt fell. rathor shnrply.
"That's not first ln my mind or I
Hhould hnvo loft tho tnnttor whoro It
rented Inst night I wn» thinking of
the tllfferonco to Captain MlBtltch nud
porlmpn to you, gonoral,"
Uo looked full nt Stenovics, nnd the
goncrnlV eyes fell. Tlie prlnco pointed
liln.llnger ucroBH tho tablo at Uio pnpor
unilnr Htenovlcs' band,
"I'm n liboral bargainor," ho uald.
"and I offer you a good margin of
profit. I'll chango two words If you'll
chango ono-two for you ngalnvt'ono
for mol 'ticrgi'i-i bieiuuovucli bv
a'lM'H 'NllitOf1* t'lufnlla' 3f ,ljupc«:iu)WC
StonovlcH gnvo ono Blight stnrt then
loaned bnck In hli chair and looked
pnst the prlnco out of tbo window op
poslte to lilm
"Mnko thnt chiingc, nnd we'll set Do
dctnlls nrtorwnrd.   I mmt hnve full
Rtm run toes.   1 mmt (ico the ordor nont
nnd tho monoy deposited ln my nnmo
nnd nt my dlxpo'*"!*"
"This nflernoon. nlr?"
"Wouldn't It Ik* well to rclpnso Cnptnin  MlntHfli from Hiilclinnii's tower
beftiro toulglit?"
"I'lit* iinint!.v U tliUlcult today."
"Tho ri'li'ti*"!- will bo ImpoMllilo to-
Agnlln r-fpnovl-Mi' eyes wnntlorM lo
lho window.' awl a -ullpnce follnwwU
l'<*rhtip*> be*ntx' thi> big Runs already lu
fKutlilnn. dominating tho city. Porrmpa
he lt*iti>nr*al to th»> hum of voIcm which
B. troops of the garrison and
their allies, tbe scum of tho
streets, thought that tbey had
scored a great victory and Indicted deep humiliation on the unpopular martinet who ruled and harried
them. They celebrated the event with
noisy but harmless revels, and when
Captain Ilercules was seen about again
-he submitted to a fortnight's, confinement to barracks with feelings la
which thunkfulness, though not gratitude, predominated—he found his popularity with them greater than ever.
Biit In the higher circles—the Inner
ring—of the party be served his reception vyas not. so cordial. • Stenovics
would not see, him.. Stafnltz saw him
only to.express'a most uncompromising
judgment on hi? conduct ,
Yielding In appearance, In point of
substance the  Prince 'of' Slavna  liad
scored heavily.   The big guns wore ordered from Germany. ■ The prluce had
.the money to pny for them, and they
were to be consigned.to him. „ Thos*
were  the. guarantees .which  he   had
asked from Stenovics.   When the guns
came—and he had agreed to make an
extra payment for early delivery—his
situatlonowould be very different With
trusty men' behind them it would go
hard with him if he were not master
of Slavna, ond he bad already obtained
•the king's sanction to raise and train-a
force of artillery from among his own
men in Volsenl aud its neighborhood.
The men of Volsenl were proof against
Mlstltch's bragging'arid the subtle indulgence by which Stafnltz held bis
power over the rank and file of tha
army.   They were true-to-the prince. .
The   idle, king's   family   pride   was
touched.   It was the one thing which
could rouse him.   At his son's express
request, and at that only, he acquiesced
In the release of MlstitcB and his satellite Sterkoff, but he was determined to
make his own attitude clear and to do
what he could to restore the prestlge'of
his family.   The prince said dryly that
the prestige would profit best of all by
tbe big guns.   The king was minded to
supplement their effect by something
and made his son grand master of it
There' was no harm in that and Stenovics readily consented!   He declared
that something more must be done for
the lady to whom his son owed his life.
To be made. keeper of the tapestries
might be a convenient recompense, but
was not honor enough.   Stenovics declared thnt nny mark of favor which
his   majesty   designed   for   Mile,   do
Gruche might most properly be hers.
FInnlly the king Instructed Stenovlea
to concentrate'all his ener-giea on tbe
matrimonial negotiations.   A splendid
marriage for Serglus with a German
princess would enhance and ntrength-
en the prestige more than anything
else.   Stenovics promised zealous obedience nnd withdrew full of thought
Tho order wns an ensy matter, nnd
honors for Sophy did no barm.   Tho
marriage wns ground much moro dell-
cnte.  It touched the "big stake" which
Colonel Stafnltz Imd so emphatically
warned the j.'i>i)ei*al not to piny on tho
bnd hnnd dcnlt to him by Mlstltch's
blundering,   But, with the big guns in
position nml the sturdy men of Volsenl
' behind then), would n good band ovor
come?   .
There were but three ln tho Inner
secret of thc scheme, but they wero
three of the longest beads ln Kravonia,
Connteiw Kllenburg wns a pious wo
mnn nnd of oxemplnry demon nor; but,
ns Mnrknrt told Bophy, women are nm*
hltlouB, nnd sho hnd borne tlio king n
son,   Stonovles snw himself cant nRlde
llko nn old glove If Prince Serglus camo
to the throne.    Btnfnltz was n horn
llHher ln troubled witters nnd throw a
skillful net   Twice lief ore lo the couA*
try's history Intrlguo hnd rondo rovolu
Hon and changed the order of succession In the house of Plcfanovltch. The
throe waited on chnnco, but tho chnnco
was not yet   If tho king wero nt. en.
mlty with IiIh son or If there wim fl
tlemlHo of Hit' crown wlillo llio prim?**
wns not on tho npot to look nftcr his in
roroRtn, thorp might Ilo lho opportunity
But now tho king wns nil cordiality for
his heir apparent; the prlnco wnn on
tlio spot; tho gun» nntl thoir Volnenlnti
gunncra throntoned to bo on tho spot
inn, oro long.   It wan not now tho mO'
mrnt for tho big Ntnko."
King AIoxIh was dcllghtei. with tilf*
now order, nnd tho grnnd maater'ii In
•Mlgnln  woro very hnndaonio.   In the
iciiter of n IIvn pointed nf«r Rt Michael
wlew tho drngon-n aymhol p-f-rhapa of
<"nptnln MlMltch!    Bnt the klnn had
not dono yet.   There wna honor for the
"rlnre'M friends too,   Mon shonld know
ihnt nrrvlce to the royal housa w»k
iiierltnrlrum In proportion lo tbe IIIuh.
ii'loiiN portion nf thnt Jioiiif.   7>rko
ttch   '-tin,*   f4\r*«-«rfl   end  ****  xeed.'
■Iievnller of the TroM nf Kravonia. Th<
wnalnn cont '/erlinvlleh th» pfiet of e
mi it aitlt. but for Marlf'a aak* ht» •■o*"«
he outlay pallr-ntly.    Then the klnp
mvInR refrenhrd himself with a draf*
'i'irh.J''2 aJn,?J J-fPl-K-*. ••■'.'vnfrht him
Suit of Clothes, $5 and up, Hats $1.00.and up,
,    ■ 0
Shirts 50c and up, Underwear $1.00 per suit
Kefoury Bros.
Temporary building.between Northern Hotel nml Hendei*K..n block
nltude the expectations of th(\ most
sanguine well wishers. 'Everybody
in Calgary Is getting in readiness for
a red letter week-'between- Monday,
July 6th and- Saturday July 10th, tho
citizens without exception, are expecting friends from the east and; outside
places. With every mail leading the
city hundreds of pamphlets descriptive
of the exhibition-are being sent out,
and evory mail that arrives in Calgary
contains enquiries regarding and expressions . of interest ■ in the Alberta
provincial exhibition, which will without doubt be Western Canada's greatest agricultural fair for the year 1909.
• Tho applications for space in the
different 'wildings and the entries *ri
all deiarnionls t- it.ence a keen desiru
on the part of stock men, merchants
and manufacturers to. compete for the
$26,000 lielng offered in prizes at the
Agricultural societies and boards of
trade throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan will again present one of tho
most interesting collections of district
exhibits ever got together. * So great
has been=the rush for space that a
large number of exhibitors will he
obliged to utilize large tents provided
hy tho cvVilhltlnn,    ' .     -■	
CO.,   LTD.
•Wholesale Liquor Dealers
Waldorf Hotel
Table Unexcelled
Much interest is being manifested in
the special hunter jumping, colnpetit-
lon, to take place on July 8th and 9th.
It will be one of the most spectacular
features of the exhibition, thc jumps
numbering 17, including bars, imitation
stone walls, fences, gates, sheep corrals etc. ■
A sensational loop thc loop act will
be given every afternoon and evening
by a young American girl named . Co-
Dora. She rides a motor cycle Inside a
huge globe, simultaneously with"  an*
...or girl and u man,     She seems to
ofy the  law of gravitation  as she
'hlzzes around on tho inside of   tho
lobe, Co-Dora Is tho only woman in
io world who has evory accomplish-
;1 this wonderful feat.
The C, W. Parker shows coming to
algary for the Alborta provincial ex..
ibltlon, nro acknowledged to bo A 1
i every respect,     Thoy are tho big*
ist. and bost shows ln tho west.   Tho
'Kiuiis-atlon embraces tho host., feu*
iros of tho circus,   stadium,   hippo*
I'omo, park and thoatro.
The days of tho Alborta provincial
•hibltlon ,-wlll bo designated as foi
Monday, July 6: Alborta Day.
Tuesday July 0: Farmers and Ranch*
■H Day,
WodiiflHrtiiy, July 7. Amorlcnn Dny,
Thursday July 8 Citizens day,
Friday, July ll: WoBtorn dny.
Bar" supplied-wif.H~i.he llnesiT
brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
(Formerly of Ccntrallllotcl)
Queen's Hotel
Bulk expressly for
It's a dandy, como and soo ir.
• & CO. Proprietors
(W, A, Robo, Manager.)
I chafed places,
-ire your feet hot,
sore and blistered?
If so, try Zam Buk.
As soon as
Zam-Buk is applied
It cools and soothes
injured smarting
skin and tissue.
Its rich, refined
herbal    essences
fienetrato the skin;
ts antiseptic pro- i
perties prevent all 1
danger of festering ^
or inflammation
from fcutb ur wi ■*-**»;
•snd Its  VifnHn3    i*si;t>nrt«
build up new healthy tUiue.
For itlna», iimburn, cuts,
burnt*, brum, ttc~ Jutt et
Molh-nn And It Invaluable for
baby'a earetl
CAT.OAltV. Altn., Mny 27- Alitor
Provincial Kxhlhlilon. — I'rfpnifttri
work KOCH on npiic,; nt the AllM-rin pi
vlnclnl Kxhlhlilon nffln-K, nml iih «l
tlm*** wltU'li will (■Input* lirf.ue Dw •
liblltlon wIkcIk am *ni immliig t
July Mb draws ■■hi.rlf-r. » bw«*mrH t
•mrnm. Mint Alberta's Miniinl httlli!.-
will bo n Hii.'ci'M.Mfnl nffnlr I hit'. ytr
fnr siirprtHstriK In tirillliuic.' nnd nu
Notice Ih horoby given that pursunnt
to the "CrcdttarH Trust Deeds Act
1901" imd nmoiitllng Actw, Hfirry M.
Tuiry, carryiiiK uu IhihIiihhh uh ii hiuj*
out) hnnd dealer, at tho City of Fornio,
In the Provlnco of llrltlsh Columbln,
did hy riof-il dnlcil tho 7th day of Mny,
UIO'J, iihhIkh unto Frank (J. Whilo of
tlio Hnli! City of Fr-riilo nforoHiilil, nud*
lior and nccoiiiitiint, all IiIh pm-minnl
pi-optii-ty, ivnl t?»tnli», crotlllH iind of*
fcclH which may ho tiolzcd nntl Hold
undor oxenitlon, for thti purpono of
paying nml mulHfyltiK ralnulily nml
inoptirtloimli'l)*, nml vvlllitiiit pitifur*
diii'i! nr priority ull tin1 r-ri'tllt'in* of
tin* hiiIiI  Unity  M.  Ti-ny Ihidr Jiut
AND rmili-ii Ih luutiby further nlvnii
that a nifittliiK uf tlu* trriUturs of thu
Hnld Harry M. 'IVrry for tin- kIvIiik of
■j.   iliriHtiluiih with ii'ftni'iifo to tlm (Uh*
pjjjfl   poHtil of thu cHtulit will bn hold al thn
ll'utnciiH of tlm   uiult'iHlmiiitl    in    thn
'   Crows NcHt TrudliiK Compnny Hulld*
Ihk, Vlitorln nvcuin', Fi'tnln, II, C. on
Tui'Hilay tho 18th tiny or Mny, limn, ut
W I ""'   """'   "'   """   •J'"'1''   >"   ••a'  "UtT-
\iA    i.i,i\ii.
A SO mtllee Ih h<M*i'liy iilvtMl tlmt (ill
poiHOtiH hnvliiK (InliriH hkhIiihI tho snld
Hurry M. Torry nro ri'(|iiirril to for*
wunl pnrtla'iilni'B of tho hiuhc, duly
Vi-rlfl-nl to I In' nHHl-*iii-f nl I'itiiIi', II.
(.'., (in or iiilin'i' iho Hi dny ol July
AND notico Ih hi-roliy (■Ivcn thnt nf*
tor thnt (Into tho nnHlKncn will pro*
ct'oil to dlHtrlliiilo thc prococtlH of l!in >■
t-Htntt* Imvliift ii'l'ititl only to thodnlmH
of which lie Hhnll then lmvo rocolvod
iintlri*, iind b" MmU not In* rcxpoiiKllilo
for the iihscih or nny pnrl thoroof, no
i!i.a!llliUl. tl,   Ul   <tU>    pt'lnOU   Ol'   pCtiiOUU
of wim!*.' il.'lit or clnlm In* nli'ill nut
ilnii hnve ri'iclvi'il not let*.
Dntid m Pernio li. c. this 7th dny
of Mny. l'J03.
j Sollcltora for tho AkhIkuco
fWj ■js^sssssasssssS^iS*!*!-.-
213 West 	
214 East  	
236'tbcal East-
No. 235 Local West
No. 7 West Flyer ..
No! 8 East Flyer ..
Arrive Fernie
.■'.'.'..a'.-.  '8.48
.,•..-..'.. 20.50
 , 20.08
"Change takes effect Sunday June 6.
NO. 252
10.55    .
OLSON ,     ..
No. 251
J^or sale—Two well situated lots in
the Annex. Apply L. P. Eckstein.
For'Sale: Two houshold propcrrties,
with furniture. Will sell property
either jointly or separately. For particulars apply Ledger office.
For sale: Pen of R. C, Brown Leghorns, also eggs for hatching. R. C.
B. Leghorns and Buff Orpingtons. —
$1.50 per setting. Apply T. Kynaston,
For sale: A shack 12x14; well built
and completely furnished. Price $200
cash. Apply ledger.
Local News
A new line of imported local view
post cards at Bleasdell's.
Sweet cream at Rochon's.
G. G. Moffatt returned from Cranbrook on Tuesday.
Potted Plants at thc Palm; ..
' Swing me Mary, swing me In one of
Suddaby's hammocks.
Magazines, daily and weekly papers
at Bleasdell's.
Don't you like the swing, 'tis a pretty thing, but Suddaby's hammocks are
I'll spot you ten at Ingrams' billiard
room to-night.
If you want to win the girl, buy her
a hammock at Suddaby's, You get your
value out of lt afterwards.
The cuisine at the Napanee is the
best in the city."
Fred Walters was at Spokane the
early part of the week and returned as
far as Sand Point bn Tuesday's Flyer.
Patronize home Industry and smoke
Crow's  Nest Specials and Extras -
Mr. Dubois, manager of the Elk
Lumber Company, was in Spokane for
a few days on business and returned
on Tuesday.
Beef, mutton, pork, veal, hams, bacon,, lard, etc., only of tbe very,, best.
- Phone 41.
Xfr. Rainsforth, the popul.T manager for Messrs. Plun/ett and Savage,
went to Spokane Dn Saturday and returned on Monday's Flyer'. _      J     •_
The most interesting place In'town---.
Ingram's bowling-alley.' "        '-.'--'-
Only the very best and purest drugs
used at  Bleasdell's. '-.> "
Th.) Ladies Aid of the Baptist church
will hold '.'up\r monthly fraternal tea ;i>'
the home of Mrs. Williamson on Pellau
avenue on Tuesday afternoon from .3
o'clock lo 6: ,        '      '     ',, ■
Garden and Flower Seeds; Clover,
lawn grass and timothy, grown in the
Northwest. The only kind suitable for
this climate. Take no other. Bleasdell's.
See Rochon, the,Kandy Kid.
On Tuesday afternoon next from 3
to 6 the ladies aid of the Baptist
church will hold, their monthly tea at
the home of Mrs. Williamson on Pellatt avenue. ,    s>
Prepare for the hot weather, and flies
by gettint} your refrigerators and
screen doors and window screens at
Trites-Wood Co.
A meeting of the Ladies Benevolent
Society will be held at the home of
Mrs. Gusty on Saturday, 5th inst,, at
3.30 sharp. It is hoped that there will
be a full attendance to discuss the arrangements for the forthcoming ball.
Prescriptions put up Just right and
no substituitoRs at Bleasdell's,
George Pedlar, the "really" editor of
the Free Press, returned to oiir fair
metropolis the early part of tho week.
George stuck with the book agent proposition until he unloaded his coal
claims and then he came home to
For'hotel accommodation the Napanee is the place.
J, H. Ashdown,,.known so well In
Winnipeg as "Tin Jimmy," the hardware millionaire, and late mayor of
that city, was In Fernie on Saturday.
Mr. Ashdown was very enthusiastic
over the rapid strides we have made
and what he says means something. .
For Sale—Frame warehouse 30x60
In rear of Todd's block. Purchaser to
remove building from premises. Apply
at J. H. Reid & Co. store. -•
' Some of the early birds, and also
some of the night watchers witnessed
a curious jphenomena in the north-east
part of the sky, a bright rainbow appearing about 3 a.m. on Wednesday.
We doubt if many people have witness
ed such a sight before in this part of
the country.
For a good comfortable smoke get
Dorenbecker'8„ brands. They are
home product,
4 roomed house for sale, Riverside
avenue, West Fernie, lot 80x120. Price
$1,225, reasonable terms. Apply box
271."    '     ' 2-t
Ladies' Benevolent
^.■,.,;,,.Society 0:
Annual  Ball
will be held
in    Bruce's   :
7.  Hall,  Friday  ..
June Ilth.
i. ■ *•
■      -V ' a
Gentlemen's Tickets
$2.00 Each
-.^KC^^Jj-a _   ;*-_
*,.:: ■■/(•;■>:
.We guarantee this to be the best
flour ever sold in Fernie.     Satisfac-
y   t '
tion   guaranteed   or  your , money. ■■'■
cheerfully refunded.  ,
TO LEASE!.—The ground floor of my
block now building. Apply L. P, Eckstein. . lm
Now that the proposed baseball and
recreation ground is nearlng co'uiplc-
tton in front of the C. P. R. depot, »n
which both the C. i\ R. and the M.
F. and M. railways combined tb put
same in order, lt In suggested tiat
both these companl",-**-* amalgamate and
put up a decent gtmcaB an occasion
for the opening of sume.
Every day is bargain day In Trites-
Wood Co   Furniture department.
"Progressive Fernie" will be Issued
ou or about August 1st. It will contain
over 100 pages of profusely Illustrated
Information about public life in , this
thriving city. Advance orders should
be placed at once. Price within reach
of all, 50c. Apply Ledger Office.
See Rochon, the Kandy Kid.
They're all talking about It. What?
Why. Ingram's bowling  alley.
Mrs. R. G. Drlnnan of Hosmer, left
for. Vancouver, on Tuesday morniitj-*,
where she will in future reside. She
was accompanied by her son.
The-e is nothing to equal the stock
of stoves and ranges both for quality
and "price at Trites-Wood Co.
The Napanee hotel Is prepared* to
handle travellers:and other guests,
: Balsams, Zlnlas, Wall Flowers, Verbenas, Asters, Dianthus, Stocks, Pan-
sles, Coleus, also celery and tomato
plants; grown by Kootonia Nurseries.
E. H. H. Stanley, Baynes; for sale
' See Suddaby's window for violins,
banjos,, mouth organs, etc.
W.J.    B&UNDEXti,      Give us a. call
Estate J. H. Reid Co., at the old stand.
. A large line of
Iron Beds, Mattresses,
t ' ,
Pillows and Blankets
: Baby ^Carriages
$26.00 now;......'...$19.30
$25.50now $19.00
$17.00 now  $12.25
$15;50now ...$11.45
Folding Carts
$2.70now  ......$2.15,
$4.00 now    ...$3.00
$4.30 now $3.25
$9.10now  ..'...$6.76
$23.00now ....: $17.20
Collapsible Carts
$15.00 now  $11.15'
$i4.00now . ........$10.40■
$13.00now $9.o0
$8.50 now ...........,$7.65
$6.00 now $4.45
Everything Must be Sold ..        Get First Choice
E. B. McDERMID, Liquidator. * *
Go to Rochon's for ice cream.
"Progressive Fernie" will be issued
on or about August lst.it will contain
over 100 pages of profusely illustrated
Information about public .life in this
thriving city. Advance orders should
be placed at, once. Price within reach
of all, 50c. Apply Ledger Office.
;   Go to Rochon's for ice cream.,
' ■ ' ' '*    ' .    a-
Is it worth your while to save vfrom
$5 to $10?" That is what happens "' to
every person' who buys a"<*McClary
Range at the Trites-Wood Co. It not
only costs less but you get a'heavier
and far superior article. to* anything
on the market. '',.*■*'
- 7* ■' ni'-■■' .• -7;".- *»• ■■--'i/h"."- '*'-*■'•■::
for Work?
0 ,
In Black or Brown
$1.00 and $1.25 each
. Best  value in town
Union  Made Overalls
$1.00 per pair
All-wool Cashmere Sox
25c  per pair
Trites-Wood Co. Ltd
Fernie, B. CV
■v*-:1-^:. *t 'v
if '
' t
July 1st, 1909
Wat       J
Prize   Money
Horse Races, Baseball, Football
H. W.   HERCHMER,   President
Ge K.   BOULTON,   Secretary
a    ^^^■■•Pl'BBfc


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